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File: 1595790583051.jpg (108.31 KB, 720x1280, fujobitch.jpg)

No. 1013078

Tobi is a shitty artist and a fujoshi in her mid 20's that acts like a whiny bitch and hides behind her BPD when people start calling her out for her shit hot takes. Criticized Shannon/Creepshow art when she's basically the lovechild of Shannon and Holly Brown. Also was a camwhore at one point. Annoying "UwU soft baby" personality when is actually loud and catty.

Got attention for her Creepshow Art video which would come back to bite her in the ass when people found out she was no better.

Started getting backlash when she said she was a Shane Dawson and Gabbie Hanna fan. Made a short screeching video talking about how drama channels were bad for calling people (mostly Shane) out when she is one of those drama channels. Recently getting alot of hate for dying on the hill of defending her love of Yaoi to the death.

YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCemsRuIZdXXSaUbmxE7qnTw
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/tobimajestic
INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/adimaiart/(shit thread)

No. 1013094

Don't know whether or not this thread will die within a week. Just wanted to not put this dumbasses's face in other threads too much.

No. 1013124

File: 1595796102157.png (115.08 KB, 547x608, wtf.png)

This is literally the saddest and most hypocritical shit I've ever seen fucking hell.

No. 1013139

File: 1595798433113.jpeg (74.8 KB, 636x510, A0BF1A4C-C880-4799-AE5B-4C28AE…)

tobi's old art account on twitter, @adimaiart. drawing "hard bdsm" of a 16 year old character

No. 1013141

File: 1595798501530.jpeg (107.15 KB, 825x861, 632975A1-6B40-4500-8881-9AE7F3…)

more fetishizing of gay men despite tobi receiving tons of backlash for it

No. 1013143

File: 1595798696929.jpeg (107.94 KB, 820x536, 2DFD772C-100B-41CD-A4F5-1B093A…)

tobi claiming the hashtags on the "hard bdsm" pic were not meant to be taken sexually (because bdsm doesn't equal sexual content, obvi /s)

No. 1013145

I swear her baby talk makes me wanna die.

No. 1013150

BDSM by it's very definition is a paraphilia making it sexual by nature but, oh no it's okay if she does it. She's such a damn hypocrite.

No. 1013156

>m-muh fetishizing of gay men and drawing porn of anime teens
This is literally a Twitterfag containment thread.

No. 1013157

anon it's hypocritical because she called out creepshow art for drawing loli art or some shit in a vid on YT, then turns around and does the same thing

No. 1013161

Dipshit, right now she's calling out a "pedophile" for drawing underage art when she stans someone that has had pedophilic tendencies that involve real life children and has drawn someone underage with a hashtag that relates to a sexual kink. Fuck off.

No. 1013168

File: 1595800569589.png (394.38 KB, 481x479, iyami.png)

>she stans someone that has had pedophilic tendencies that involve real life children
>has drawn someone underage with a hashtag that relates to a sexual kink
Teenage newfags, I swear. Either say what it is or don't say what it is. This ambiguity and ~potential pedophilia that I can't clarify for some reason but is so predatory~ is Tumblr-callout-post-tier.

No. 1013170

I'm not about to about to list all the shit Shane Dawson has done because this thread isn't about him. There's threads on Twitter with screenshots/videos showing him; Groping underage fans, telling underage fans to twerk for him, having underage girls send him lewds with his name on their body, kissing underage girls, and more pedophilic shit. You have screenshots above you showing Tobi is being hypocritical. Either look shit up yourself to verify it or stick your head back up your ass.

No. 1013171

File: 1595800983247.jpeg (365.5 KB, 750x814, 19F8FCE2-2045-4FF6-8429-D432C8…)

ok then here's tobi accusing someone of being a pedo while she herself drew underage characters like the person she's calling out. it's just hypocritical at this point

No. 1013173

This. I don't even understand why she warranted her own thread outside of artist salt, she's just a catty Twitter nobody who drops edgy takes. Literal tumblrina tier vendetta drama with the "b-but she drew CEE PEE of a 16 year old anime character!" spergery.

>this isn't about him

No. 1013174

Your reading comp is in the negatives. This thread was made because no one wanted to talk about her in the artist salt thread. I could give less of a shit about Shane but, she's calling out people on being pedophiles and kiddie fuckers while ignoring the person she stans and made an entire screaming rant about having those some qualities. She's a bitchy ranter that got alot of attention from her Creepshow video and gained an audience for it. If you're going to make shit takes, you're going to have people call you out on your retardedness. Doesn't matter your following size or lack there of.

No. 1013186

this chick has no milk, you could've just posted her in the art cow gen


No. 1013189

She's a shit person but, I agree she doesn't really warrant her own thread. Don't be surprised if art cow gets tired of her either though.

No. 1013195

To be fair, most people are sick of hearing the same shit about her. She's nothing but a discount Creepshow and nobody wants to hear about either of them.

No. 1013198

Agreed. Unless she gets into something really serious she's just another catty cam-whore. The selfie above is even airbrushed just like Creepshow's. She and RacistUncle would probably get along well.

No. 1013283

File: 1595828304210.png (564.25 KB, 607x438, whynot.PNG)

I don't think Tobi is particularly interesting enough to deserve her own thread, but I do think she is incredibly obnoxious. One person will have a different opinion than her, and she'll make 20+ tweets about it, plus a Youtube video talking about it. She's incredibly hypocritical, constantly talks like an "uwu baby" despite pushing 25, and over reacts to everything. She can never be wrong, and if she is, she will never concede that fact. She cannot step away from the computer. She pushes blame on her BPD, never takes responsibility for herself, and always repeats the same behavior no matter how bad the last call out was. This behavior isn't anything new or unique, but it still grates on people nonetheless.
She embodies everything about the twitch camwhore personality type that only becomes more and more prevalent.

No. 1013323

Her refusing to admit when she's wrong is really annoying. Even with the Kimba thing she said she still stood by the video despite being presented with solid evidence. For someone that said she's trying not to react to things so much because it's bad for her bee-pee-dee, she sure reacts to random people on twitter a fuckton.

No. 1013404

File: 1595866094477.png (680.78 KB, 1300x1900, fromartistsalt19.png)

For context:

In her Kimba video, she:
>Babbles the first 5 minutes, completely off topic. She continues to do this at random intervals. The video is originally 14 minutes and could be cut down to 5.
>Calls out a specific commenter for “pulling out their keyboard and typing out a comment that I already know how is going to be worded"
>States The Lion King is a complete rip off of Kimba the White Lion many times
>States that her evidence that The Lion King is a rip off is two videos that YMS debunked directly in his video on Kimba
>When Disney says that TLK is based off of Hamlet, she states, “Really bitch????” as if TLK’s Hamlet inspiration isn’t obvious
>States that TLK is closer to Kimba the White Lion than Dinsey princess movies are to their original fairy tales
>Claims to have watched KWL movie at some point, yet doesn’t know that the comparison videos show clips from different Kimba series, movies, etc.
>States that Tezuka did NOT take TLK as a compliment, and that his company only stated that as a sign of defeat. As if she would know how the company or Tezuka feels more than the company who worked with him or the company itself.
>States that Tezuka’s company has “a stronger case to sue Disney than Disney has had to sue anything period to any lawsuit they’ve ever had for copyright”.

>Says that this is her first analytical video, and tells people to bear with her if it’s bad. Then she proceeds to have a complete meltdown on Twitter because people told her her her video was bad.
>When someone tells her politely on Twitter to check out YMS's video for more information, she refuses and says it's a waste of time. The person gives her a summary of his points, and she refuses to read or acknowledge them, doubling down that TLK is a rip off.
>Turns comments off on her video because people were telling her to check out YMS’s video on Kimba
>Changes her description, doubling down
>Claims to have received “death and rape threats” on her video, despite her never showing these comments. Nor can you find death and rape threats on videos that were actually covered in YMS’s video.
>Eventually deletes her Kimba video and all her Kimba Tweets. She makes no statement on how she was wrong.

No. 1013462

I hope to god she doesn't get into more analytical videos because if that's how she reacts then it's no wonder she likes Gabbie Hanna considering she can't take criticism either. Someone in the Artist salt thread also brung up that she probably only received like 1 bad comment if any at all and blew it way out of proportion and had a bitchfit. It's sad she can never admit she was wrong.

No. 1013533

There is no good way to view this.
She says that Shoto is 18+, but she hasn't drawn him to look older, nor has she put that Shoto is aged up in her post. She also denies that this picture is sexual [>>1013143]. However, if she's trying to defend herself by saying that he's an adult, then she clearly knows that it is sexual. Also, no one has stated that BDSM = porn. BDSM = sexual in nature. Sexualizing a 16 year old who is probably more than 8 years younger than you is weird, even if they are fictional.
More than that, Shoto is abused by his family in show. So if this picture is not BDSM, then is it supposed to be of him being abused. Saying, "Hit him harder" and tagging the post with "BDSM" is therefore making light of his abuse, and sexualizing it.

What has happened here is that she made a sexual drawing of a 16 year old anime boy, and instead of just owning it, she denied it and deflected, because her tik tac brain can't process that she could possibly be wrong or that different opinions than hers exist. However, she didn't realize that by denying it, she was implying something far worse.

No. 1013561

B-buh anon it's not wrong if she or someone she likes does it.

No. 1013761

File: 1595913402554.png (62.78 KB, 625x510, 284720.png)

>draws BDSM of Shoto Todoroki
>states that her BNHA picture isn't sexual or porn
>changes her mind and says what she drew was CP, but it's not as bad as benthelooney
>now is saying that what she drew isn't cp? and that defending a cp artist under any circumstance is disgusting?

Also if you don't want your porn account getting out there, why make a public tweet about it? Why would you even pretend that having a porn twitter, onlyfans, pornhub, etc. is private, anyway? The only information we get from it is your weird baby fetish and the fact you were born in 1994.

No. 1013786

kek what? tobi screeches at anyone who even has a mild dislike for sex work or things that are sexual in nature. she’ll write huge essays over it. she mentions often about how she is a tiddie streamer. yet when someone finds her porn accounts, she acts all coy?

No. 1013807

File: 1595927685962.png (319.97 KB, 1080x1935, Screenshot_2020-07-28-04-02-47…)

She's also sending people threatening dms from her porn acc and promptly blocking them. Regardless of what you think about the underage art, this is just so petty and childish. Literally no one is scared of or gives a shit about your teenage fanbase Tobi.

No. 1013808

File: 1595927724844.png (549.53 KB, 1080x1521, Screenshot_2020-07-28-04-02-51…)

No. 1013816

How stupid do you have to be to dm people from an account that you don't want getting out there, then proceed to get mad when someone "leaks" your account that you shouldn't of been using in the first place?

Also what a fucking bitch >>1013808 This reeks of, "I got five whole views and now I'm better than everyone else, and when I make a video on you it will WRECK YOU!!11" like stfu and just make your video retard. if these people are actual pedos and making pedo art then stop wasting time dm-ing them and spamming twitter reeing.

No. 1013881

Are they actually calling hentai "child porn?" God thats gross

No. 1013902

both of them are gross, but benthelooney's drawings look way more aged up than tobi's ever did. All the characters have huge breasts and hips that they don't have normally. by tobi's standards, if benthelooney just stated that the characters were 18+, then she wouldn't care.
>>1013881 and yes, she's referring to hentai of cartoon characters as cp instead of csam, prohibited images, etc.

No. 1013924

File: 1595954731910.png (124.94 KB, 591x326, 8888.PNG)

He actually does. I think the main problem with his art is that the characters' faces remain drawn the same, so they still look like kids, despite having adult bodies. The fact that benthelooney is drawing the characters with huge boobs, hips, cocks, muscles, pubic hair, etc. is indicative that he's not attracted to minors, though. If he were, you'd see a lot more flat chests, less curves, no pubes, etc.

No. 1013931

Did she not even look at his bio or did she and just ignore it. Either way her subs will lap it up.

No. 1013933

File: 1595956555956.png (226.03 KB, 738x676, tobi.png)

Fucking christ she really is blaming them for "leaking" when she's the one that dm'ed them from that account in the first place. Why didn't you just dm them from your main???

No. 1013938

File: 1595957264870.png (205.6 KB, 745x823, ss.png)

Let me guess, the issues are her bpd and she can't handle listening to someone telling her that her idol she's watched for 10 years is a shit person?

No. 1013943

Apperantly this whole thing actually stems from a discord she was in with Ben and some others? She has some kind of retarted vendetta against them.

No. 1013964

sounds about right for a borderline

No. 1013975

If she does make a vid, it's going to be funny to watch it play out. The other dudes are saying they have receipts of her blackmailing or someshit and will release them if she really makes a video.

No. 1013981

nah. this whole thing will probably be really anticlimactic

No. 1013983

I have the feeling she'll pussy out of making a video altogether.

No. 1014049

I thought she was going to be better than creepshow… But creep isn't even milky enough for her own thread. What the fuck.

No. 1014064

File: 1595973909361.png (250.28 KB, 1280x1440, jfc.png)

Well this is officially a shit show. She's mentioned on her channel multiple times that she's is/was a sex worker so it's not like this big secret. If she wouldn't have dm'ed the dude, she probably could have saved herself from this.

No. 1014129

File: 1595982010500.png (188.6 KB, 1680x830, 009584.png)

>I wouldn't of cared if someone found my account, if it hadn't been a friend.
So this a total vendetta, then? She doesn't actually care that her account was "leaked".

Also apparently they're calling this revenge porn? Even though revenge porn requires that the pornographic images to be private in the first place, not published on public websites.

No. 1014144

She's just pulling stuff out of her ass if she's calling this revenge porn. 1. The op that posted the image of the dm never even made mention that it was her NSFW acc in the first place just that it was an alt. And 2. By the time people could click on the acc it was already priv. If they had posted a bunch of her nudes it would be a different story but, even then if it was from her onlyfans it still wouldn't be revenge porn because she would have already made them public herself. She's just mad someone called her out on her bullshit. One of the people involved already said they're ready to make a response if Tobi does make a video.

No. 1014284

Does she give anyone else major Madame/Princess Ash vibes or is it just me?

No. 1014458

File: 1596052205197.png (64.2 KB, 623x564, pedo.PNG)

this really bothers me.. drawing underage cartoon characters with huge tits and ass is not the same as being attracted to actual children. it can still be considered gross and immoral, but it is nowhere on the same level as being an actual pedophile.
idk, unless tobi has hard proof of bentheloony hitting on minors or liking prepubescent bodies, than her case seems pretty flat.

No. 1014461

You'd think someone in their 20's would know better than to go around calling someone a pedophile. Then again, she has the mentality of a teenage girl.

No. 1014924

I don't know much about benthelooney, but I definitely wouldn't mind someone on Youtube combing through his shit and making a video on him if he was legit drawing children. when he draws Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi, the characters look properly aged up. they're taller and have adult bodies. however, his dipper has child proportions 100%, aside from the massive cock.

the problem I have is that I don't think tobi is the person to do it. she's overreactional, she makes really stupid arguments, she blathers on and on, and her research/investigative skills are absolute shit. she is not the person to do a serious, investigative video on a potential pedo.

No. 1014995

The issue with Tobi doing a video on him would be she very clearly has a vendetta against him. Ben's profile says all character are 18+ but some of his drawings look…yeah no. Sure, there might be a discussion to have but, Tobi would very clearly have ulterior motives.

No. 1015032

File: 1596164647186.png (38.7 KB, 601x323, petcovid.PNG)

Imagine losing your pet to Covid and then having this dickcheese being insensitive about it.

No. 1015048

Jesus christ she's so abrasive. A simple "Oh man that sucks that a dog died". A pet catching covid is alot more rare than a human and so not everyone is going to know the proper precautions to take.

No. 1015092

Actually if you look into his thread on KF,he has actually drawn porn of minor characters looking like minors.He apparently kept it on his pixiv account but they got removed only because it was uncensored.I don’t wanna show them myself because they are that disgusting.

No. 1015232

thanks for the info. I'm pretty sure we've just been going off of what tobi has mentioned doing her video on, and she only talked about his twitter so far, so that's where I looked

No. 1015326

Went and found where they're mentioned on KF.
https://kiwifarms.net/threads/benthelooney-ben-tannehill.29859/page-30 (drawing properly aged up characters)
https://kiwifarms.net/threads/benthelooney-ben-tannehill.29859/page-119 (drawing characters as loli/actual kids)
also as >>1014924 mentioned, he recently drew dipper on his twitter, and dipper was very clearly a child.

No. 1015330

Honestly, because Tobi has the larger audience she's more than likely going to have the winning side in the end if she makes a video on Ben. Ben sounds pretty gross ngl but, if what other people in the chat are saying is true, they would have to have some pretty damning evidence to get her fanbase even slightly to question her. The whole "is drawing minors morally bad" question is nothing new and won't die anytime soon because it's such a polarizing subject.

No. 1015358

you don't need to put in any effort to have the winning side when your competition is drawing lolis. most people hate that.
I don't personally want ben to "win". ben seems pretty disgusting. but I don't want tobi to be seen as this "morally perfect uwu baby" because she's clearly a stupid cunt who pulls shit like this >>1013404 and this >>1015032
Just because you're talking about disgusting people doesn't mean that you're a good person, but her audience is probably kids and stupid adults, so they won't get that.

No. 1015382

Yeah, Ben is nasty either way I just wish it was someone else calling him out instead of the girl who vehemently defends Shane Dawson being a creep to children while calling out someone that she has a personal beef with.

No. 1015453

Looks like the videos are already starting to come out so, we'll see if that Mineraru/MintySh1t person has actual blackmail shit on Tobi or if it's just a bunch of bullshit within the coming days.

No. 1016279

I'm pretty sure she deleted that one post in her community tab where these screen shots are taken from >>1014064 because I can't find it and before it was deleted I think she also deleted Minty's comment. She's probably trying to hide shit because her post about making a video on Ben is still up.

No. 1016336

File: 1596408837758.png (64.75 KB, 1165x236, ytss.png)

That's exactly what she's doing

No. 1020222

File: 1596958316367.png (504.37 KB, 1034x739, oof.png)

Well, this aged like milk. I do genuinely feel bad for her though.

No. 1020223

File: 1596958772796.png (74.58 KB, 1026x412, oof2.png)

Same anon but, she probably won't make a video on the Yaoi bs or Ben.

No. 1020786

I understand putting off the yaoi video, because that's less important, and I understand that it's really hard when a pet dies, but isn't her whole point that Ben (and whoever else in the video) are pedos? Dangers to kids and society?
Being a pedophile isn't just the average petty drama. It's really important. And if it's important, why would she put off making a video on it? If she isn't well enough to do it, she could pass it on to a friend to do it.
It's just really weird to me. It would be like knowing that a Youtuber raped someone, but put off making a video to get the word out because your grandma died. Obviously the death is important, but wouldn't you feel morally/socially obligated to get the word out as quick as possible?

No. 1020811

File: 1597078682155.png (502.91 KB, 2000x1800, #notshannon.png)

>I'm not like Creepshowart!!!
>I'm not different and I'm just like these bottom feeders uwu

No. 1020911

File: 1597092027981.png (270.34 KB, 1800x1150, 9876kj.png)

ffs, she reacts to the stupidest shit ever (pic related). why does she even bother? i swear you could bait this bitch with anything, and she'd take it.
>triggered over people that dislike how she draws faces
>replying to people who obviously do not give af what she has to say
>nonsensical, long ass replies giving information no one wanted or cared about
>"it's just my styllee" uwu

No. 1020923

File: 1597094434932.png (42.38 KB, 885x263, 394c3pk.png)


>creepshow’s “apology” video wasn’t really an apology

>creepshow is shit and she doesn't edit or script
>omg what’s wrong with you?! how could you even IMPLY that creepshow’s pictures are airbrushed or filtered in any way?!?!?!

omfg this fucking retard. Tobi hates creepshow for daring to dislike her husbando Shane Dawson, but gets offended because people call creepshow out for airbrushing/filtering her selfies. Tobi, you’re so transparent. Everyone knows you’re only offended because you airbrush/filter the exact same.

No. 1020950

Don't know how the thread missed this video. It's decent. He calls Tobi out for her hypocrisy.
So far Tobi has not responded to this video or this one >>1015453

No. 1020972

Kind of tinfoil but, if her Ben video is part of the ones she's throwing out, she's probably using her dog's death as an excuse to not do it anymore because she knows she'd be calling someone a pedophile over art. Not saying what Ben draws is good but, calling him an actual pedophile is really brain dead.

No. 1020976

No wonder she likes Gabbie Hanna so much because she can't take the slightest bit of criticism without outright taking offense to it or responding with a passive aggressive "uwu :33333". Her photo is very obviously airbrushed just like Shannon's are. Kinda wish I could access her OnlyFans just to see how shopped her pictures are there kek. She's probably a skinnier Momokun.

No. 1020977

She's said before that she's not going to respond to things because its "bAd FoR hEr BEE-PEE-DEEEEEE" when she just knows she probably wouldn't be able to provide any valid counterpoints without throwing a massive bitchy temper tantrum.

No. 1021749

You can still find porn of her under her other account name on Pornhub, Reddit, Google, etc. Her main thing seems to be humping teddy bears, step-sister porn, with an excessive amount of ahegao faces. One thing creeps me out, and that is sometimes she seems to be dressed childishly (small cutesy dress, kitty backpack, kitty ears, etc.), but that's just my opinion.

No. 1021848

maybe she doesn't want people to see her porn accounts because she's embarrassed she has a daddy/step-daddy fetish

No. 1022062

File: 1597278437574.jpg (Spoiler Image,9.39 KB, 301x167, ew.jpg)

Pardon the bad image quality but, fucking hell am I sick of camwhores trying to recreate the ahegao face irl. It doesn't look good on Belle Delphine and it certainly doesn't look good on her.

Also her pornhub link for anyone curious: https://www.pornhub.com/model/aelita-mari

And one of her videos (5 views kek):

No. 1022103

File: 1597283789740.png (Spoiler Image,165.29 KB, 751x616, onlyfans.PNG)

If you really want to go down that route, there's more on her Reddit. Her Reddit also has her new OnlyFans on it.

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/AelitaMari/
OnlyFans: https://onlyfans.com/kittenslurpy/videos

She refers to having a "BDSM switch" as a part of her BPD on her Twitter (so I guess this is just roleplay time instead of serious mental problems), and it's clear from her posts that this "BDSM switch" likes thinking of herself as an "uwu baby girl" doing sexual things for her "daddy".

No. 1022110

I have to wonder how many subs she has/had on her only fans. She's not ridiculously ugly but nothing really special imo. Also peep the pink wig and elf ears on her Amazon wishlist. She really is off brand Belle Delphine with the personality mishmash of Shannon, Holly Brown, and Madame lol.

No. 1022120

Ew she doesn’t have the cute small, anime face belle has. This looks like a middle aged mom trying to be sexy

No. 1022163

File: 1597296750396.png (Spoiler Image,372.33 KB, 950x330, vs.png)

Tobi ahegao vs Belle Delphine ahegao.

I think both look stupid, but at least you could argue Belle looks like she's getting off. Tobi just looks like a cross-eyed pug coming to greet you after you've been at work all day.

No. 1022173

I hate both but Belle is actually doing it right by having he eye roll up instead of just going crosseyed.

No. 1022766

Wow, she's REALLY bad at acting. This feels so fake I can't imagine even the most desperate of weebs actually getting off to this.

No. 1022768

The starts pulling the ahegao and moaning after touching herself for like 2 seconds. I get that the only people who watch this are desperate men who've never interacted with a woman in their life, but couldn't she at least try to make it somewhat believable? Judging from her mannerisms, she seems like someone who's never had sex before (or even an orgasm, for that matter).

No. 1022830

Yeah, I don't think this would appeal to people who have the ahegao fetish, either. People describe it to me as "the idea they're in so much pleasure/been fucked so hard that they lose control of facial functions". Basically getting fucked brainless. But in Tobi's porn, she's incredibly gentle and starts pulling ahegao after barely five seconds of masturbating.

No. 1022833

File: 1597414578266.png (381.32 KB, 599x2617, idontownelfears.png)

wtf is this? what are these two chucklefucks doing? fail trolling each other?
why would she respond to this? why even bother? and wtf is her response?

No. 1022834

File: 1597414607156.png (29.86 KB, 595x336, idontownelfears2.png)

No. 1022848

Considering that other guy never actually said any of this, I think she might be projecting.

No. 1022925

I can't tell which person in this Twitter thread is more retarded.

Also, I honestly don't think Tobi made much money on OF. She constantly puts up hundreds of nudes for free, while barely ever promoting her OF. She seems to care more about attention/compliments, than actually making money.

No. 1022945

File: 1597430412323.png (Spoiler Image,579.15 KB, 610x412, fromreddit.PNG)

I went to check out her Reddit, and this was posted yesterday. It genuinely had me laughing. She looks like such a fucking moron.
How is this supposed to turn anyone on?

No. 1023000

This is why her whole "I need to stop replying to people so much it's bad for my bpd" is bullshit because she uses that when she can't reply to people who are being actually critical but, she's perfectly fine with replying to trolls.

No. 1023006


Beginning to 36:10 is just her talking about her dog so nothing interesting. 36:10 and on is about video topics she was/is going to do.

>Straight up calls Benthelooney a pedophile and says he follows MAPs and his followers are MAPs (can anyone confirm this?)

>" 'They're drawings so it doesn't matter' Sorry no, fuck you child porn is porn of children drawn or otherwise. Don't bring up the definition it doesn't matter"
>Talks about trent can literally calls him a beta cuck unironically.
>Talks about her love of yaoi and tells people to get over the fact that she likes it.
>Doesn't care about people's opinions right now because her dog died

Called the fact that she was gonna use her dogs death as a way to not make videos on the topics she was talking about. So in conclusion she's just a whiny bitch who's just as obnoxious on camera talking as she is with her sprites. Don't know if she'll upload anything milky anymore but, this saga of dumbshit has ended. I do have to wonder if she'll respond to >>1020950 eventually because it's getting alot of traction.

No. 1023030

File: 1597441120754.png (331.97 KB, 801x1163, 09876543.png)

So after her dog died, she has time to respond to ALL of this shit: >>1020811 >>1020911 >>1022833 >>1022834 (and the pic)
But she can't be bothered to make a video exposing someone she thinks is an actual PEDOPHILE?
She can respond to every single stupid troll, fail troll, and people with different opinions. She has the mental capability to do that. But it's just too hard to expose people she believes are actual pedos on Twitter? How does that make any sense at all?
I agree with >>1020786 . How does she not feel morally obligated to make a video on people she believes are pedophiles? Or hand it off to a friend?

I think she backed herself into a corner, making claims she couldn't be bothered to back up or defend, and when people started coming a knockin' for proof, she ran away like a pussy bitch. What good does it do to have strong opinions and get into arguments with people if you can't be assed to defend them when the time comes?

No. 1023034


>I think she backed herself into a corner, making claims she couldn't be bothered to back up or defend, and when people started coming a knockin' for proof, she ran away like a pussy bitch. What good does it do to have strong opinions and get into arguments with people if you can't be assed to defend them when the time comes?

That's 100% what she did. She makes a bunch of claims and then when the time comes to actually show proof and explain what she's talking about she scurries off with her tail between her legs screeching about how she's right and everyone's wrong in the end. She acts impulsively but, when the time comes for her to actually take a measured look she freezes up and rather just admit she might be wrong she just goes "Fuck you, I'm right, shut up." What a petulant child.

No. 1023124

Didn't she do the same thing to Creepshow though? She full on called out Creepshow of calling people out with no evidence but now is doing this.

No. 1023196

That's why she's no better than Shannon and is pretty much her doppleganger. She did the same thing with the Kimba situation and threw a bitch fit towards the end saying she still stood by everything she said and that YMS was a zoophile. It's like it's impossible for her to just admit that she was wrong about something. I would dread knowing her in real life because she would be exhausting to be around.

No. 1023197

File: 1597465243175.png (29.6 KB, 603x297, nohope.PNG)

she's already exhausting to be around
and the most interaction any of us have with her is checking her twitter once a week

No. 1023205

The difference between Creepshowart and Tobi is that Tobi somehow is even more obnoxious. Despite Shannon's vast amount of flaws and annoying behaviors, Tobi has rocketed far past Shannon on my list of people I don't like.
Shannon at least pretends to care about some criticism and pretends to accept when people think she is wrong on occasion. She responds to dumb things, but not always. She also has half-hearted attempts of being more modest and self-conscious.

Tobi ALWAYS responds to negative feedback, regardless if it's dumb or not. She ALWAYS thinks she's in the right, even when she's arguing about opinions where there is no right or wrong. She ALWAYS thinks she's "wooow so much better than you!! uwu" even if the person is trolling or genuinely trying to have a discussion with her.
Tobi blames her BPD for overreacting to things. It's not her fault she types out fifty responses over the course of a week to one Tweet, it's her BPD's fault! Her BPD makes her do it! Of course!
I have never seen someone so obnoxiously full of themselves; so confident in their own stupidity; and so stubborn to never accept they're wrong, even when what they're arguing against is literal facts that are not debatable (Kimba).
Seriously. Fuck Tobi.

No. 1023219

This. Also Shannon is atleast watchable for me. Tobi is just every highschool mean girl trope turned up to 10 on volume in a "UwU soft baby trenchcoat". She knows she can't really lose against trolls but, people that are critical of her? She wouldn't be able to come back with a smart response even if she tried. Funny how your BDP can disappear so conveniently when you want it to.

No. 1024595

She stans someone who kissed a 12 year old on the mouth at age 21. This bitch is a grown ass woman and genuinely cant take off her rose colored glasses to see why thats an issue because she suffers mad retardation my guy

No. 1024620

>'my guy'
>bumping an almost-dead thread because your dumb ass doesn't know how to sage
>still being completely vague
you're the exact type of tumblr tard they're talking about, dipshit

No. 1024630

File: 1597707147382.png (676.08 KB, 1187x2182, longresponse.png)

>Hi, I'm Tobi, and I can make videos on random comments no one cares about, but when it comes to making videos to expose pedophiles, I just can't be bothered!

Also notice how she cuts out all her responses when she posts this comment on Twitter. She doesn't show how she goes on a rant as long as the other guy. Then she pretends, "oh, teehee, whut a fwunny wittle comment! I didn't even care! It was soooo funny!"

All she's trying to do is hide her cunt personality from her audience, and they're stupid for falling for it.

No. 1024676


>"Lol look at how unbothered I am by people by constantly replying to them and showing their comments lol I could care less."

Sure Jan.

No. 1024749

That dude literally never said anything about Tobi or anyone being a whore, but in Tobi's second message she's screeching "you don't understand anything!! you're just calling me a whore! it's not like I'm posting nudes willy nilly!!!" (even though that's exactly what she does on her Reddit)
This is some level 10 projecting.

No. 1024777


>I’m providing a service. You can only see my nudes if you pay for them

>Posts hundreds of nudes on Reddit for free, where there is no adsense or direct way to make money

What is this girl on?

No. 1024907

>>1024620 Ive never even used tumbr.Also who cares I'm gonna stare my fucking opinion so deal with it. Tobi's a peice of shit she,she deserves a thread maybe seeing how many people think shes a moron will knock some sense into her. (Saged,prick,sorry btw new here)

No. 1024950

stop arguing with past posters that (most likely) don't even look at the this thread. you're just going to get trolled.
also, tobi will most likely never see this thread. this thread's sole purpose is for people who want to shit talk an annoying cunt, not to teach her a lesson.

No. 1024964

I honestly wouldn't be surprised if she does find this thread eventually if she hasn't already. Shannon and RacistUncle have made no secret of their lurking in lolcow threads and Tobi being their watered-down clone wouldn't make it too far fetched. I doubt she would make it known though, because if she were to make it public that she knows, it would draw more people here.

No. 1025003

She's a narc, that posts photos of her butthole and hairy vagina for free to get any sort of attention (all while bragging to be a successful SW, that allegedly makes big money). She's bound to find the thread, cry about how people are slut shaming her, pwn the haters by saying how she's selling nudes for money (despite also sharing them for free on reddit), say something retarded and then blame it all on BPD.

I can't stand Shannon, but I kinda respect her putting minimal effort into her shitty videos, Tobi's videos are over edited, and I can imagine her being so proud and smug about, spending 5 days editing a single video, only for it to end up looking like shit. In the newest video, she expects people to understand what a Russian woman is saying… in Russian, while distorting the subtitles. She also makes fun of people using e-girl services, all while being one herself. Really odd.

No. 1025975

File: 1597894670111.png (864.08 KB, 1024x676, charms.png)

Ah yes, because your teenage fans will totally be able to buy something that has the word "dom" on it. Also concerning her knowledge on Resin; I'm not sure if she's just talking out of her ass and thinking she's 100% correct again or if she's just really misinformed. But resin you get in craft stores can be harmful to you just as much as the kind you get in hardware stores. Castin' Craft in particular is sold in Michaels and the fumes are so strong it'll mess with your head. This is her thinking that autism is a mental illness all over again.

No. 1025977

File: 1597895013049.png (302.65 KB, 769x864, oof.png)

And the bad takes just keep on coming kek.

No. 1025990

File: 1597897651883.png (920.82 KB, 1191x1827, resinshop.png)

It’s sus to me that she mentions her dog’s medical bills when selling resin keychains. That may very well be what the money is going towards, but it feels manipulative to mention it. It feels like she mentioned it just to help get her resin shop off the ground.

>>1025975 She sold out, so, guess somebody is buying. They’re clearly all just made to be things that represent her/she likes. I wish there was more creativity and style behind her resin designs.
>Also if you’re going to mention her opinions on not ventilating when using resin, screenshot and show the Twitter thread.

>>1025977 I don’t really care about this.

No. 1025993

File: 1597899567085.png (273.52 KB, 1500x966, resin.png)

I wouldn't put it past her to use her dog's death to push the resin shop honestly. Here's the ss of her talking about resin and alot of it is incorrect.
Gloves are mainly used because alot of resins can have harmful chemicals that can be corrosive when they come into contact with your skin. The artists dying statement does seem like a stretch but, it's not out of the question to apply the chemicals to long term health problems. Safety measures with resin don't depend on the amount but the type you're using like urethane vs epoxy. And Castin' Craft (a resin brand sold in Michaels aka a craft store Tobi you dumbass) literally says it can cause cancer on the packaging. She's trying to equate things like art resin across all types of resin and saying all the stuff you buy in craft stores is harmless. UV Resin, Art Resin, and others are pretty harmless but still should used with caution because you're working with chemicals and things like CC are absolutely toxic and should be used with proper ventilation.

No. 1026205

Someone should leak her onlyfans so she stops making money

No. 1026206

There's no way I know of to see how much subs an OnlyFans acc has like a Patreon but I seriously doubt she really makes any sort of viable money from OnlyFans. The random vids uploaded on porn sites have like 5-15 views max and she also shoots herself in the foot by posting her shit to Reddit. Not really worth leaking.

No. 1026248

File: 1597955566452.png (38.7 KB, 601x355, 298955.PNG)

Does this rub anyone else the wrong way? I know it varies greatly from person to person, but for me, it would take me at least a month before even considering to get a new pet. It's only been two weeks since her dog died. Anyone else have experience with this?
Also I thought pet shelters don't let you get a new pet if yours has recently passed?

>>1026205 sage posts without new information/drama/milk

No. 1026257

Eh. Some people form strong, codependent bonds with their pets and struggle to cope with the sudden void left by their death. It’s also why people will get a new puppy when their old dog starts slowing down/getting sick, to avoid ever having to deal with that void at all. It’s not at all uncommon or even unusual, really.

No. 1026272

That does make sense. Though I do feel like filling the void of an old pet with a new one isn't the best practice.

No. 1026353

I can understand this tbh. I've had dogs pretty much back to back because I was lonely after having to put them down. I haven't had more than 1 at once because I can't afford it but getting pets back to back after loosing one isn't really uncommon.

No. 1026436

File: 1597977808897.png (480.79 KB, 1175x1280, betterowner.png)

Saged because this isn't as drama-y as other posts, and it's more nuanced. I'm sure most people would be upset if someone commented this on a similar video. But the way Tobi overreacts gets me every time. Once again, we can't see what her response was, and I highly doubt it's something calm and logical.

The person deleted their comment after getting a response from Tobi, only for Tobi to plaster them on Twitter so that any particularly rabid fans of hers can go after them. I know it's a shitty comment, but choosing to expose random people on the Internet to your fans over pretty petty things isn't what I'd call taking the high road.

It's also hypocritical since she said something I would consider far worse >>1015032

No. 1026455

File: 1597979385194.png (86.59 KB, 853x515, hypocrite234.PNG)

Very hypocritical

No. 1026515

I honestly agree with Tobi on this. Even though it does seem like the pot calling the kettle with her saying >>1015032, the girl that posted that comment is honestly really shitty for saying that and I feel bad for Kai's video being lumped in with that comment. Though this does go to show that she is aware of Kai's video and surprisingly seems to think it's criticism and not hate which begs the question if whether of not she'll address it but, I can imagine her pulling the same shit she did with YMS where she disregarded him because a few people supposedly left her bad comments with his video mentioned.

No. 1031461

File: 1598900692535.png (1.17 MB, 736x5181, 333.png)

What’s happened this week:

1. Tobi has really been in uproar on Twitter about the Bella Thorne joining Onlyfans drama.
What I find funny is her sending out 35 tweets as of today (yes I counted), then choosing to make a video on it, then leaving immediately from the “sex worker community”.
She does this every time. She gets upset by something, spouts her very radicalized position (she’s never in the middle on any issue), makes a video about it, then shuts the door behind her as quick as she can so she doesn’t have to hear the moderates and opposite radicals.
Also, she acts as if she speaks for all sex workers.

2. She continues to not understand why people don’t like sakimichan, because sakimichan has “pretti wendering, so it can’t be bwad!”

3. She got mad at an rp account for using a gif and not crediting the artist, despite the artist’s name being in bold white on the top left corner of the gif

No. 1031532

Is she 100% leaving the camwhore community like shutting down her Onlyfans and things like that? And good GOD I hate he personality. There's a difference between being blunt and just being needlessly abrasive to the point where it comes off as you just being a bitch. Her responses to people also just go to show how immature she is when faced with someone over the age of 16 and with common sense. Someone being a troll? 1000 word essay calling them a dumbfuck. Someone writing out a well thought out response to why she's wrong? "You sure"

No. 1031593

File: 1598920974638.png (143.57 KB, 1339x358, onlyfanspayout.PNG)

I doubt it. Now that she can, she puts several ads on all her new videos. She posted a screenshot of how much she made weekly from OnlyFans, and it's much less than minimum wage (a 9-5 minimum wage job pays around 290 per week at $7.25 an hour in her state). She also plugs her art and Etsy shop quite a bit.
I don't normally call people money hungry, but she's either that, or strapped for cash.

No. 1031601

I really have to wonder what desperate demographic she attracts to pay even that much per month. She's too bitchy and catty I really can't see her attracting the /pol/ incels that RacistUncle has orbiting around her, her viewers on Youtube seem to be teengirls hovering around 15 with a small minority of the few 20 somethings that also follow her on Twitter that were willing to buy those trashy ass charms. what she makes on OnlyFans can only really be classified as extra spending money at most.

No. 1032236

File: 1599040796927.png (418.43 KB, 1403x1214, bpdcanthandleit2.png)

Comments from her new video about the Bella Thorne OnlyFans drama.
I'm very frustrated with her constantly mentioning her BPD. She flippantly states that she has a problem (BPD), but she does not go out of her way to fix it. She does not actively avoid things that can trigger BPD symptoms (such as drama). She does not avoid certain places on the Internet where she is likely to encounter people that can trigger BPD symptoms (Twitter). She doesn't limit her usage for any platform. She just goes, "lol, I have BPD. oh well I guesss XXDDDD"
It's not funny. It's a serious problem. She should know this. Most people who have a mental disorder don't understand that they have a problem, but Tobi is fully aware of her BPD and its symptoms, yet she does not try to control it at all.
She also flippantly mentions that she has an eating disorder (bottom right).

No. 1032498

I wonder if anyone else is ever gonna call her out on her bs with the BPD thing. I saw plenty of people doing it in the comments of Kai's video but, I wonder if anyone will ever have the balls to outright say it to her. She'll probably just curse them out tho.

No. 1032545

Low key, i would totally sink balls deep into that e girl! she's hot, i dont know what you guys are talking about. i just found this after it was sent to me and this whole thread is highkey boring lol.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1032576

kek, wtf is this?



at least you saged

No. 1032583

bro, this is all lame. she's literally queen. You guys sound like you're jellies.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1032622

File: 1599091118661.jpg (17.32 KB, 313x313, bait.jpg)

No. 1032625

Looks like Tobi might have finally found this thread kek.

No. 1032652

>You guys sound like you're jellies.
Yup. This is the type of UwU bullshit Tobi would post lol

No. 1032670

I don't know if it's Tobi (it's probably just some rando, tbh), but if it is, it would be a shame that someone cow tipped her.
>i just found this after it was sent to me

No. 1032753

Honestly what would she even do aside from just troll in here? I'm not gonna say she's not stupid enough to expose the thread to her subs/follows because she 100% is but, she said one of the reasons she was mad that her camwhore twit acc got leaked (which she did herself so we're all clear) was because she had young followers here and all of her shit is posted here related to her sex work. All she can really do is either seethe behind ehr screen or just fuck around in here.

No. 1032757

It's not so much that she would be able to "do anything". Just imagining someone going up to her and being like, "Ha, look at this thread on you. Take that bitch!" is so cringey. Like it's so lame to try to poke someone into seeing their thread. And Tobi is exactly the kind of person to assume that every poster here is the kind of person that cow tips. It makes deflecting any criticism against her so easy.

No. 1032768

True but, people will do that regardless of what it is if they hate you enough. Some girl literally posted "I wish he had a better owner" on the vid of her talking about her dog dying.

No. 1034597

File: 1599436484166.png (334.83 KB, 505x1605, Patreon.png)

So Tobi opened a Patreon. This is pretty normal for Youtubers, but, I remembered what anon said about >she's either money hungry, or strapped for cash.
If she can make money from it, good for her, but she really just seems to be trying to milk every avenue possible.

No. 1034600

She definitely doesn't make enough money from OnlyFans or her Charms so this is logical progression. I wonder if she has a normal day job because I can't see any of this being viable living wages.

No. 1034788

>Art commissions
>Etsy Shop

I would say I respect the hustle, but she doesn't hustle very well. Instead of pushing what she already has more, she covers it up (OnlyFans from her wide Youtube audience). Instead of offering more expensive, more detailed, or offering limited time deals on her art commissions, she makes an Etsy shop. Instead of expanding what her Etsy shop produces, she makes a Patreon.

No. 1034793

File: 1599493449832.png (216.62 KB, 1366x484, CSEM1.png)

>saying a csa survivor is a pedophile or a retard for not considering drawn csem to be actual csem

No. 1034827

Wow, imagine calling a CSA survivor stupid just because they don't agree with your rhetoric. Fucking hell, what kind of nerve do you have to have.

No. 1035045

File: 1599517908793.png (51.28 KB, 649x501, consent.PNG)

The commenter's point was that you shouldn't use the term "porn" because "porn" typically implies consent, and you should instead use CSEM because children cannot consent.
Ffs they are so retarded.

No. 1035448

Yiike. Are yall for real trying defend kids being drawn s**xualy??? That person is fucking dumb. Also where did tobi call them retarded?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1035471

File: 1599591917348.gif (911.18 KB, 308x200, Here We Go Again.gif)

No. 1035485

kek. Imagine being so stupid that you couldn't even see that the original commenter wasn't defending kids being drawn sexually. All they did was ask Tobi to not refer to it as porn, but instead as CSEM. This isn't because the commenter thought that child cartoon characters in pornographic situations was good or okay. It was because they believe that the word porn implies consent, and children cannot consent; therefore, people should not use porn to refer to sexual content of children.

Please go to the doctor to get checked for autism because you're clearly retarded.

No. 1035879

tbf "porn implies consent" is a pretty retarded take.

No. 1036008

Whether you agree with what they said doesn't matter. The point is, the person never said they are okay with pornographic kids characters. To say they were trying to defend kiddie porn or that they were somehow okay with it is a strawman and blatantly false.

No. 1036083

I think the original comment was just worded really badly. Tobi is a royal dumbass and just jumped right to conclusions but, the original poster could have worded it alot better.

No. 1036105

I think the comment makes sense on its own just fine. The comment could be expanded and rewritten to be better with better punctuation, but you know that Tobi would still have an autistic bitchfit on Twitter misunderstanding what they said, even if the comment was written flawlessly.
Tobi and her fans on Twitter said that "Child porn requires consent" was a direct quote from the comment. They are so stupid that they couldn't even read that it doesn't say that "child porn requires consent". It says "It's not child porn. Porn requires consent." That is completely different.
If Tobi stopped to think for a minute, she'd realize that it doesn't make sense to assume that the person thought that drawing cartoon children sexually was okay. If that was the commenter's point, why would they want it to be called CSEM? Something that literally stands for child sexually exploitative material.
This comment may not have been written perfectly, but Tobi reacts the same way, misinterpreting what people say, even when the comments are well worded.

No. 1037211

>Why do you feel overly compelled to defend these disgusting perverts?
>I refuse to cater to people who think it’s okay to draw this shit
>If you think that drawing children or children that are drawn in a sexual situations is okay (etc.) you’re fucking dumb, you’re a pedophile, you support pedophiles, you have no empathy and you don’t fucking care, or you’re fucking stupid straight up
>I don’t give a fuck if you’re a goddamn survivor or not, that does not mean it’s okay for you to say that this shit, that there’s nothing fucking wrong with it. You are fucking dumb
>i don’t give a shit x20
>it’s not okay for you to think that’s it’s okay
>You’re a fucking dumbass you’re stupid x30
>There’s no place for you in my community, get the fuck out
>If you defend pedos then you’re as bad as them

This would all be well and good…
If the comment was one of the many actual comments defending pedos.

>>1036105 Hit the nail on the head, anon. There were many people voicing different opinions in her comments, all with good wording, and she reacted the exact same to each of them. Nice to see people calling her dumb ass out, at least.

(I put in the last comment because it made me laugh. “You’re a dumbass idiot bitch cunt fuck! What?! How dare you call me a ghost!!!”)

No. 1037213

File: 1599877898377.png (867.2 KB, 841x5569, Comments.png)


These are some comments from the video

No. 1037453

Wowwwww this is such a fucking bad take it's ridiculous. And the way she's been replying to people is just ridiculously childish holy shit. I'm glad people are calling her out. She'll probably delete this video within the coming coming weeks and throw a huge bitch fit about it on twitter or in her community post. I believe Kai Weiss even said in his comments that he'd be making a video on this one too.

No. 1037546

I love how she's still on the whole "Those were just old edgy jokes" When Shane kissed, groped, and spit gum into underaged fans' mouths along with asking them twerk for him and send him lewd pics with his name on their bodies. But sure, jokes.

No. 1037968

This dumbass. Why didn't she use her conversations with MAPS on Twitter for this? Why did she have to go off and say "how dare you be okay with cartoon porn!!" on a random person that didn't even feel that way?
Better yet, why didn't she just make her video on BentheLoony, who according to her, is an actual pedophile? Why go for some a minnow when you can go for a bass?

No. 1038372

She used her dog's death as a cover up for not making the Benthelooney vid because she knew she had little to no actual evidence on him.

Also I just realized the main reason she's licking Bella Thorne's ass on the OnlyFans shit is because she herself makes an abysmal amount off it so of course she won't be affected. She isn't relevant enough on there to be affected kek.

No. 1038906

This person made a decent video criticizing Tobi 2 months ago. They said that Tobi should try to be more focused and less rant-y with her videos in order to avoid bias. They say in their pinned comment that Tobi never responded (the video was originally unlisted and sent to Tobi).
We can assume that Tobi has either not watched the video, or she did not agree with Lyra's arguments, because Tobi continues to make rambly unscripted rants that get her into trouble.

No. 1038909

File: 1600126678449.png (332.02 KB, 873x1959, Lyra Comments.png)


Some comments from Lyra’s video. The first is her pinned comment.

No. 1038910

File: 1600126772347.png (665.88 KB, 904x4418, Community Post Comments.png)


This is just some old community post replies. The first few are her defending Shane.

The next ones are people saying why they dislike Shane. I put these in here to show that she has been well informed of Shane’s actions for months now. Even though it’s been two months, she has decided to not do any research on it. If she has done research, she has still chosen to support Shane. This is important, because you can’t argue that she’s just “in the heat of the moment" or having a “BPD episode". She’s had a very long amount of time to calm down, cool off, and rationalize what people are saying and what she feels.

The very last one is her saying that she was “disappointed in Shane” and she doesn’t watch his content any more. If this is true, she has not made any statement recently that her view has changed. She has not replied to any Youtube, community post, or Twitter comment saying that she no longer likes or supports Shane. This is the only comment I could find stating anything like this.

No. 1038960

If she hasn't responded to Kai's video which has over 70k views at this point I doubt she'll respond to anything at this point. She has no issue responding to trolls, but she will very rarely respond to people that give her valid critiques. While hearing her say >>1038910 in that very last ss is the first time I've ever seen her actually make note of not wanting to support Shane any more it is so fucking annoying how she has to bring up her BPD at every chance possible.

No. 1038961

Considering how she pretty much never admits she's wrong I don't think she'll ever make a Tweet or Community post saying anything like that kek.

No. 1038972

If she does genuinely feel disappointed in Shane, but continues to defend him and say things like this >>1037213 , would it be possible that she doesn't stan Shane any more, but she's just too stubborn to admit that she may have been wrong?
Or is it that her opinions just flip flop to whatever whenever, almost randomly?

No. 1038992

She's just too stubborn to admit she was wrong. This is the same person that absolutely refused to admit her Kimba video was wrong despite taking it down and then called YMS a zoophile to add a cherry on top.

No. 1039042

I think she understands that her position is wrong, but she refuses to admit it, even to herself.
For example, remember this? >>1013139 >>1013143
As soon as she was called out, she changed her original position. First it's BDSM of Todoroki. Then it's "not sexual nor drawn to be sexual". Then her opinion is "he's supposed to be an adult." Then her opinion is "if you think it's kiddy porn, you retweeted it and distributed child pornography." All in the same breath. She has no consistency. She just throws shit at a wall.
She knows she was wrong, but she forgets what her original point was (on purpose subconsciously). She changes her point to be more reasonable after she's already said stupid shit. Then when people call her out for her original point, Tobi has mentally blocked what her original point was, and Tobi acts like they're ridiculous for calling her out for doing/saying stupid shit because she forgot she said stupid shit.
It's like she can't remember two sentences ago. It's like she can only remember the Tweet directly above her, and not the 50+ long thread.

No. 1039291

Shane Dawson tried to solicit oral sex from Fred when he was 15 and Shane was 20. Anyone defending that and bitching about cartoon pedo porn is next level.

No. 1039648

Oh god really? I keep hearing more shit about that fucking nonce and it gets worse everyday.

No. 1041968

hey Guys! im the youtuber who helped expose Tobi and sent alot of info to these channels after she blackmailed my friend my video on her and the situation will be made and it should be out by the end of the week! this girl is so damn cringe and I'm tired of her on her high ass horse.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1042343

Thanks for the heads up? But you really should keep yourself anonymous

No. 1042381

So Omnia and Kai collabed to make a vid on Tobi. It's a pretty solid video showing pretty much everything we've already said in here.

No. 1042436

You’re a cow yourself, stfu with the namefagging and constant attention whoring M1nty. No one cares.

No. 1042518

File: 1600674123400.png (808.76 KB, 603x3787, Todoroki Age Up.png)

>I didn't know he was a kid, but he's aged up

So yeah. She just confirmed that she drew him as his canonical age, then said that he was "aged up" later.
If she didn't know, fine. Why not just say that and take it down? Even if she lost access to her other account, why did her reason change? Her defense flops all over the place.

No. 1042521

>"he's not being sexual"
>Todaroki has very obvious hickies on his neck

Yeah sure, lol okay.

No. 1042525

no 16yo in a history of humanity has ever had a hickey unless being abused by a pedo, this is known

No. 1042542

lol wut? that wasn't their point at all

No. 1042555

>I didn't know he was a child

Yeah I call bullshit or you're just that much of an actual dumbass. You'd think someone that preaches how drawing NSFW stuff of minors being so bad would actually look up the age of a character she's been requested to drawn in a
NSFW manor especially if you're unfamiliar with the show or characters.

No. 1042681

This is stupid, no one is a pedo for liking 16 y/o anime boys. All the weebs calling this out probably used to beat it to Edward Elric or some shit lmao.

No. 1042741

No one has argued that she's a pedo, anon.
The point is that she's a hypocrite for being stanchly against any sexual drawing of a minor, then she drew a minor sexually. Then instead of just saying, "oops, my bad", and taking it down so her morals are consistent, she gives a various array of different reasons to excuse why she drew it.
We're talking about it because it's hypocritical. We're talking about it because she can't take criticism nor form a coherent argument to save her life.

No. 1042967

File: 1600750839920.png (459.37 KB, 729x862, zee.png)

Maybe this account isn't so bad after all kek.

No. 1043020

File: 1600761222808.png (184.1 KB, 597x455, reaction.PNG)

Not much to say here besides Tobi is once again reacting to something that she really shouldn't even bother with. Just give it up, Tobi. It's not worth it.

Also I had no idea this character was part sheep. The only animal part they have is their ears, and those aren't exactly clear what they belong to.

No. 1043047

I saw someone in the comments of Omnia's video say they looked like a knock off of Chii from Chobits which made me laugh. The fact that people are still giving Zee the time of day aside from all the evidence pointing to them being a troll is hilariously sad.

No. 1043557

File: 1600843155530.png (59.87 KB, 541x603, hmm.PNG)

Tobi's decided to make a response video. To what specific claims against her, she doesn't say. She doesn't say she's responding to anyone specifically, but maybe she will talk about at least one of the videos on her.
It would suck if her video is just word salad, like her comment replies are. I wonder how closely she will stay with a script.
Maybe she'll drop the whole "listening to criticism is bad for my bpd" now. Or maybe she's just doing this because people keep pinging her on Twitter about what everyone has been saying for literal months.

No. 1043563

The whole "defending myself" leads me to believe she's going to only focus on the Todoroki thing and not bring up any of the other criticisms other than glossing over them for 30 seconds max along with her throwing passive insults at various people.

No. 1043676

Peep the comment down below saying "We'll support you no matter what people are saying". Goes to show just how brain dead her vapid fans are.

No. 1043977

File: 1600895702782.png (58.64 KB, 649x477, apology and clarification.PNG)

I guess Tobi won’t be apologizing for the Todoroki thing? Or Shane? Or the trans chest thing, responding to troll comments needlessly, etc? Since those were the points mentioned in the video..

There are only two things in the video that could have been “cut up”. Either Tobi’s going to be defending herself against what Tobi said to Omnia about Shane (since Omnia showed a DM of what she said about it), or, Tobi’s responding to the “milky tiddies” thing, since screenshots of those comments were shown.
Since Tobi said dm’s, I’m pretty sure she’ll respond to her Omnia DM about Shane Dawson Which is just.. why?
All the DM shows is what Tobi already said publicly >>1038910

If she defends herself against their point that she responds to troll comments too much by trying to argue that the comments were really bad or they deserved a response or something else that's going to be so stupid.

And I guess she’ll defend herself against their other points. This video is going to be a slog, isn’t it..?

No. 1044220

File: 1600921903540.png (639.81 KB, 1202x2629, omnia and tobi 1.png)

Well this is officially a shitshtorm.

Imgur link for those curious: https://imgur.com/a/L9iHUpH

Normally I would agree that using private screenshots is wrong, but the Shane DM didn't show any private information.

Who would you tell super private information to within three days of speaking with them? It's not like they're close friends. If Tobi is just hashing all this information out so casually, is it really that important?

Also if it's such a private story, why tell it to a random person that you have only had this one conversation with?

No. 1044224

I really have to wonder what the fuck her video is going to be about then.

Why the fuck is Madlibbs getting involved in this like Tobi isn't an adult that can handle this on her own? And honestly Omnia really didn't do anything aside from provide more context because Tobi and Madlibbs claimed she "cut up ss". That original message about her vie3ws on Shane Dawson was fine on it's on and really didn't need more context. This is just going to end up as a screaming match on both sides in the end. Oh well, good milk atleast.

No. 1044225

>omnia: you know what's sick? when someone deflects all criticism given to you
>random commenter: You wanna talk about criticism? You should have blurred some shit on your screenshot
>Omnia proceeds to take the criticism and blur the private stories from the imgur screenshots

At least she isn't a fucking hypocrite.

No. 1044229

File: 1600924297439.png (47.02 KB, 605x495, 09087.PNG)

Right on cue, anon..

No. 1044235

Calling it right now that she's going to focus on the fact the Omnia didn't blur out the personal parts at first and use that as an excuse to say all criticism in that video against her was invalid because of it.

No. 1044248

File: 1600928957243.png (56.79 KB, 618x529, pedo 1.PNG)

This makes you wonder if >>1042525 and >>1042681 were Tobi, Madlibbs or one of Tobi’s friends. Tobi’s the only one spinning the narrative that drawing sexual Todoroki means that she’s a pedo.

No. 1044268

There's a good chance that it was. Not once in the video did they ever say Tobi was a Pedo.

No. 1044307

File: 1600941773626.jpg (Spoiler Image,167.71 KB, 1080x1110, level1000kek.jpg)

Maddlibs is part of that "quirky not like other girls lookit how progressive I am for being a chick that likes big anime tiddy" artist clique that surrounds Tobi that also includes FuschiaButters, Miss Zizi, and Nessiemonster. Nessie and Zizi from what I've seen have never outwardly gotten involved in Tobi's bullshit aside from Nessie who just replied to Kai about Madlibb's upcoming video not being about Omnia and she and Zizi are fairly okay. Tobi got FuschiaButter to make a video on BentheLooney before they took it down because it was "too stressful" which was around the same time Tobi made her video about her dog dying so call it tinfoil, but I'm pretty sure Tobi told Fuschia to take it down to avoid potential issues for calling someone a pedo out of spite. VanillaToasty could also be classed with them too. They're the one that was also vehemently calling Ben a pedo before being exposed for liking shota art and going on private for like 2 months kek. Overall a bunch of catty mean girls.

No. 1044503

File: 1600968867819.png (459.22 KB, 603x3021, 66767.png)

It's the battle of the commentators that draw.

Tobi says her video will be out this afternoon or night, so, we'll see how it goes.

No. 1044517

File: 1600970254315.png (22.28 KB, 696x167, nawniicommentonifitsdrawn.png)

I wonder if people are scoping Tobi now for her response video to make commentaries on.

No. 1044773

Ah boy. Here we go.
Kai Weiss made this video responding to the Twitter drama.
Summary of his points:
>No one called you a pedophile. That’s a stretch.
>We don’t think you’re a pedophile. You’re only a pedophile by your own logic
>Omnia never went behind your back. You were never friends. You had just met.
>You say that your opinion on racism was not fully formed, but you never made that clear in private.
>If you don’t think you’re allowed to speak on racism since you’re not black, why did you speak about it to Omnia, someone who is half black, when she didn’t ask you about it?
>All Madlibbs, Tobi, and Nezzie have done have subtweet. Just be about it if you’re gonna be about it.
>They made a baseless claim, then ran from any potential reply that could refute it

That last statement hit home about Tobi. We’ve been discussing that here for ages.

Kai made and released his video faster than Tobi made her response, kek.

No. 1044778

Man she's really gonna die on this hill huh? She's gonna have to make a well thought out video and not a screaming rant now that she's really catching the attention of bigger commentary channels.

No. 1044779

I really thought Nezzie would be better than that but, goes to show how you can twist your own morals when it comes to your friends.

No. 1044927

I knew Tobi from her early chaturbate career under the name KiriFawn which comprised of her pretty lazily playing FF13 with her ass to the camera. Also had a Me! Me! Me! dance cover video on a channel previous to her current one that got decent views. wouldn't be surprised if all of that got scrubbed by the time she started working under the AleitaMari name.

No. 1044934

That's sort of interesting.
Why do you think she switched porn handles?

No. 1044938

Apparently she didn't have access to the account after a point. Something to do with a Ex owning it or a manyvid's video group (Natural Talent or some kind of name like that) having control over it and her income off it. Came back to Chaturbate after a break under the new name.

No. 1044953

So here's Tobi's video. Tl;dr- It's shit and nothing of value was gained aside from her misinterpreting shit.

>Prefaces it saying two people, we know it's Nezzie and Madlibbs, are saying Omnia lied and manipulated and they're making they're own videos on it.

>Says she doesn't support what Shane did in the past but still calls his stuff "jokes" instead of bringing up what he's done physically with minors.
>Stupid 10 min sperg about Pewdiepie that no one cares about nor asked for
>Says Omnia messaged her first and shows a screencap for a completely unrelated subject back in June. Pretty much shows everything Omnia already released showing nothing to help prove her point
>Still insists they called her a pedophile.
>Defends the Todoroki picture bringing up Ben as a strawman. Insists he was aged up and thought he was an adult. Says it was nonsexual despite tagging it NSFW and BDSM
>Still whining about how they didn't DM her first
>Says she's trying to help her BPD by blocking certain channel despite the fact that she constantly replies to trolls trying to bait her.
>Sperg about her BPD saying she's changing
>Saying Omnia once again was manipulative despite showing the 2 dms that only applied to the video she was making

So overall just a whole lot of absolutely nothing and just a waste of 45 min. She didn't address the "big milky titties" comment nor anything else people really had an issue with. She just spent around 30 minutes talking out of her ass and playing the victim card and spent the other 10 minutes talking about Pewdiepie for some reason.

No. 1044963

Da fuck i didnt put this.
some one was posing as me or some shit dont give a fuck about her like that lol
only think i hate her for is the blackmail but thats it.

No. 1044965

Same anon, forgot to mention she also mentioned Lolcow in the video so she definitely knows about this thread kek.

No. 1044966

I made a summary of points in the video, and you beat me to it. Oh well. Just consider this a list with more specific things that Tobi said directly.

>Two friends of mine are going to be making a video later on Omnia’s video because “apparently there are several inconsistencies, and lies, and manipulated manipulated messages she has in her video”
>This video is not for the people who want me to get on my knees and beg and cry and say how everything I’ve ever done in my life is wrong, and “ I’m so sorry :’( . Every single view I have is bad. Instead, I should just adopt all of your views.“
>This video is for my fans.
>The video that was made against me was very sneakily made
>It's scummy that they had a long conversation with me, acting nice to make me feel like they were on my side.
>Good thing I gave my side in those DM's, or who knows what you would have tried to twist to make me look bad

Shane Dawson:
>I don’t really agree with how I made that video on Shane/Tati/Drama channels. My BPD took control over me. But I still don’t support cancel culture.
>Your prefrontal cortex doesn’t stop growing until you’re in your 20‘s. People change from when they’re younger. If you apologize and show change, holding someone’s past against them is dumb.
>I do not support Shane’s past jokes. I don’t support his jokes towards children. I don’t support his racially charged/insensitive jokes. I support the person he is now. A changed person. When things happened with the Tati situation, I was disappointed. The person who was at most fault was Tati. Shane made an apology, and I believe it was sincere.

>Omnia said I was the first one to message her, which is false. (Shows receipts)
>Omnia was the first to bring up the Shane thing and ask for clarification
>(Shows the rest of the screenshots which have already been posted)
>Omnia didn’t show (Screenshot from the Imgur album). This is where I agreed with her. It's a lot easier to make people look bad when you don't have the full conversation.
>We ended on a good note.
>She accused me of being a pedophile. She went on the Internet and basically said I was a pedophile so that would be attached to my name. You’re scummy. (21:00 minutes)
>She said that my work and BentheLoony’s work was the same, but I’ve never drawn any underage characters with their dicks out fucking somebody else underage etc. etc. I’ve never drawn anything like that so nice fucking try.
>I find it stupid, lazy, and very sneaky how you asked me about Shane, the yaoi thing, and my perspectives, but you never DM’d me about the Todoroki thing.
>Omnia set up a vague point for mob groups and spiteful people to take and twist and infer that I draw child pornography. “But Tobi, people wouldn’t do that..” YES THEY FUCKING WOULD
>Omnia basically almost slandered me
>My DM’s were open. You had every chance to ask me about this. Why didn’t you ask me to clarify this?

>I didn’t understand how tagging posts works
>He’s aged up. I know he's aged up. I looked him up, and he looked like an adult. I know that he’s an adult NOW, but I didn’t know that back them.
>You tried to frame it as if I knew Todoroki was a kid when I drew him. That is bs and stupid.
>I would love to delete it, but I can’t. I can’t get into the account.
>The picture isn’t sexual. It’s a dark piece about abuse. I just used NSFW tags because I thoughts that’s how tagging worked.
>I did not know Todoroki’s age. You insinuated that I drew him with the knowledge of his age. That is false.
>The Todoroki’s point was a bad point. It was a stupid point. It was a lazy point.
>I want a private apology because it’s not okay.

Hiding Behind BPD
>There’s a difference between using BPD as an excuse and as an explanation
>I didn’t get much Youtube attention at first. When I started getting more hate comments, I thought I would be ale to deal with it.
>I wasn’t expecting that much attention from my Creepshowart video. I couldn’t deal with it. I had no coping skills for Internet medium.
>People told me not to be on the platform because of my BPD. That’s stupid.
>When you have a mood disorder, social media isn’t a bad place. You just have to learn how to navigate it.
>I have taken some steps to avoid triggering BPD. I have blocked all beauty/commentary/drama channels. I have friends that come to me to tell me when I’m going too far.
>Most improvement happens behind the screen. People haven’t seen me in my teen years vs now.

>I do not delete comments

Addendum about Twitter:
>Omnia is constantly trying to misrepresent me and take things out of context
>Omnia updated her video description with a list of Tweets that me and Madlibbs have made. This is an example of her actively trying to misrepresent me, trying to skew the narrative, as well as put words into my mouth.
>She came to false conclusions from my Tweets (shows Tweets and discusses what Omnia said)
>I was not going to leak our DM’s.
>Libby and friend are making a video combing through Omnia’s video and are going to show every time she lied or tried to spin a false narrative in order to “ruin me”
>I feel manipulated and betrayed.
>I didn’t do anything toxic. I’m proud of myself.

I guess the video gives more perspective, but it doesn't really say anything that anyone wanted to hear. It's not a hilarious shitstorm, and it's not exposing Omnia as some master manipulator and showing things that would completely change our minds.

No. 1044969

Her fans are already kissing her ass in the comments so now we have to wait for the totally not biased videos Maddlibbs and Nezzie are going to make and what Kai and Omnia will say in response. This is a real shit show.

No. 1044975

File: 1601012439839.png (320.2 KB, 1204x1112, Kaicom.png)

Posting Kai's comment on her video here just in case it gets deleted.

No. 1044977

>The picture isn’t sexual. It’s a dark piece about abuse

So >>1013533 called it a month ago.
Tagging a picture about abuse with BDSM, "hit him harder", and other sexual things is pretty gross imo. Don't know if anyone else agrees or cares.

Tobi states that she didn't watch BHA, and just drew the character because someone requested it. Yet she knew the character was abused?
The hand of the character off screen is also not the skin color of either of Todoroki's parents, who are his abusers.

This is also a bit tinfoily and a stretch, but, the hand's color is the skin color of the icon she used for her old Twitter account. The icon she also drew.

No. 1044978

Also isn't tagging something with BDSM and then calling it "abuse" and not sexual even worse because you're implying that BDSM is abuse and not something done between two consenting adults which is what the BDSM community is constantly fighting against.

No. 1044986

I agree with both. It really isn’t a good look, no matter how you slice it. I know neither Omnia nor Kai brought up either of these points about the Todoroki picture, but it would have been nice to Tobi do some self reflection outside of the reasons stated by them. You’d think she’d realize one of the two. Especially the second point, since she’s super sex positive.
It also doesn’t make sense when she says that she thought how tagging worked was that you put every single possible thing that could relate to the picture in the tags. She didn’t tag abuse, or dark, or dark art, or any tag that you would expect? She only tagged the anime/manga itself, fanart, and sexual tags. Like if you tagged every single thing possible relating to the picture, why didn’t you tag what the picture was actually about..?

The point about the dark-skinned hand is a bit interesting. I have never watched BNHA, but I've only seen fair-skinned characters from it (I assume they're all meant to be Japanese). If this is an AU, does anyone who watches the show know what character could be "abusing" Todoroki in Tobi's picture?

No. 1044989

She made this whole video, mostly directed at Omnia/Kai's video(s) [I'm assuming], but she never put in audio clips of them talking about their points? Isn't that potentially very manipulative, since many of her fans may not have seen the videos and would just go on her word, and the people who have seen it might be a bit fuzzy on the exact details?
Like Tobi could say Omnia and Kai said whatever. And Tobi even gets some very obvious things wrong.
Like her saying that Omnia called her a pedo, when Kai was the one who talked about Todoroki, and that wasn't even his point.
Tobi says that Omnia said that Tobi was the one who DM'd her first. Tobi then shows screenshots showing that Omnia was the first one to DM her. In reality, Omnia just said that, "about a month ago, Tobi reached out to me." Their first DM's were months before the DM's were Tobi started the new conversation. Omnia never said that Tobi was the one who DM'd first.
Like, by Tobi's on logic, Tobi is guilty of the same thing as Omnia. Twisting what she said to fit her narrative. But that's going to happen when you don't use direct quotes/clips to make sure what you're saying is legit.

No. 1044996

This would probably explain why so many fans are confused in the comments. I have a feeling she didn't put any footage of Kai/Omnia's videos because she wouldn't have been able to twist it as easily. She's basically going source: trust me bro

No. 1045040

So according to the comments I've been seeing and keeping up with, the videos we have coming up are going to be by:

Kai and Omnia collab again
The Hot Box
Mari Akustu

Minty's might be the more interesting one because apparently she has evidence of black mail from Tobi, Fuschiabutters, Miss Zizi, and more. It might be a huge vendetta video but we'll have to see.

No. 1045044

Looked up the name "Kirifawn" out of curiosity and came across a bunch of videos of her hairy vag. This is way more hard than what's on her Reddit or even what I've seen from her OnlyFans.

Link: https://rec-tube.com/search/kirifawn/

No. 1045233

File: 1601063833430.png (6.54 MB, 2615x1751, fgifhf.PNG)

Look so I found out the "hard bdsm" of a 16 year old character has been posted on one of her accounts used to promote her sex work.

No. 1045234

File: 1601063879090.png (1.94 MB, 2395x1660, iuuidf.PNG)

No. 1045239

I feel like she kind of missed the point about people saying she shouldn't be posting videos or be on Twitter. I haven't seen anybody say exactly that, but I'm sure they exist. Most people I've seen have said that she should take a break in order to recoup herself, or limit her exposure to social medias. Both of those are valid points, and I wish Tobi would have acted like those people existed, instead of acting like every single person was telling her to get off the Internet entirely.

I agree that she shouldn't have to get off the Internet just because she has BPD, but, does she have to make drama videos? She makes divisive drama videos, divisive replies, and divisive tweets. These things are the sort of things that attract triggering responses. Hate comments, troll comments, parody pictures, rant video replies, really stupid people in general, etc.
Even people without disorders can become overwhelmed by this sort of thing. Even if you have great coping skills, you can still get overwhelmed by this sort of thing. If she can deal with it, then good on her. But I don't think I would put myself in that situation, because it seems like it would make me less healthy than I could be.

No. 1045256

Last Instagram post was April 11, 2020. Her last post on her Adimaiart Twitter was on May 20, 2020. The Todoroki picture was posted to her Adlita_Mari Instagram and her Adimaiart Twitter on the same day: Nov. 7, 2019.
She never posted sexual stuff on her Adimaiart Twitter, because it was supposed to be a separate art Twitter for her. But she posted her art and sexual stuff on the same Instagram?
There is other art on her Instagram, but it's before all the sexual pics. The Instagram looks like it was a normal personal Instagram before it was turned into a porn Instagram. Even so, why post an art piece when you already have decided to transition your Instagram account, and you have two separate Twitter accounts for porn and art?

No. 1045266


In hopes that simps will buy her artwork.

No. 1045271

This is from kai weiss's most recent video on Tobi.

No. 1045273

File: 1601067250614.jpg (268.5 KB, 1080x1003, Screenshot_20200925-165146_You…)

No. 1045281

File: 1601068859532.png (224.82 KB, 600x2122, kaihunter.png)

Not sure what we're supposed to say about this. Sage posts that don't show new/especially milky information.

I don't know about you, but these kinds of Tweets/replies really annoy me. Worse than any ass-kissing could.

No. 1045413

"Be careful not to pull a Pentagrin"
How the fuck is that even comparable. Pentagrin went after someone with ACTUAL malicious intent with evidence that was actually cropped and cut up and even after being presented the truth still ran with it because she had a vendetta. Tobi and Omnia didn't crop shit and when released the full dms Tobi threw a bitch fit. Also, if Ponder were to catch wind of this, which I don't doubt because she follows Nezzie, She would more than likely rip Tobi a new one. I doubt she would touch this though.

No. 1045419

File: 1601086295103.jpg (548.32 KB, 1080x2049, Screenshot_20200925-221005_Twi…)

So apparently Nezzie is not making a video. Howevee Madlibbs is with some other unknown person.

No. 1045424

I'm gonna guess FuschiaButters since they also made that video on Ben before they took it down. Also nice plugging your ears there Nezzie.

No. 1045430

To be honest I kinda don't like butters. I mean she grew off of being in videos with other people rather then her own.

No. 1045439

She's just another mediocre commentary channel that can't even stick to her own shit because she like Tobi hid behind stress or some shit with taking down her Benthelooney video.

No. 1045482

Kinda sad that the only rational person on Tobi's side in all of this is Hopeless Peaches. She was one directly mentioned in the blurred out private info and once Omnia blurred them out she was fine with it.

No. 1045681

The Hot Box made another video about Tobi. Honestly I think this one is far better then his first one. Seems he's taking it all more seriously. Also thank god someone broke down her 45 minute bullshit session into less than 15 minutes.

No. 1045756

His point about Tobi zooming past what she said and focusing on what other people say reminded me that bpd often causes people to have manipulative behaviors. It's not necessarily a purposeful thing, but not accepting blame and always focusing on what others say instead of what you said is definitely manipulative.

No. 1045763

The like to dislike ratio on her response is lol. Either she has alot more of Omnia's viewers watching her vid or even her own fans are tired of her shit.

No. 1045770

File: 1601148866882.png (162.13 KB, 500x347, omniavtobi.png)


Tobi's video seems to be doing worse overall. I wonder if length has something to do with it.

No. 1045815

Length probably has something to do with it, but I'm pretty sure most of it is because the video itself is just useless. Alot of people seem to have watched it all the way through though. Also Tobi seems not to know that alot of people will judge a long video based on it's first 10-15 minutes. In the first 10 minutes she just made her views on the whole Shane Dawson situation much worse and by 15 minutes she was into her useless Pewdiepie part and going on to lie about how Omnia cut up dms. Her Creepshow video is 30 min long and within the first 10 minutes she explained who Shannon was and already had gotten into several valid critiques of her. Her tone was much more even, her thoughts alot more organized, and the biggest thing: She actually showed clips to back up what she was saying. She purposefully didn't show any parts of Omnia and Kai's collab because alot of it was about performative activism and also she wouldn't have been able to dodge the trans comment. She may have some fans kissing her ass, but alot are actually still saying the video was shit.

No. 1045847

I went to check her social blade and looks like she's lost around 1,300 subs since the 19th and lost 400 subs alone yesterday. Sure that's not James Charles level, but her channel is still small and I can only see the unsub count grow from there.

No. 1045850

File: 1601155974194.png (91.87 KB, 904x623, apology.png)

So addressed the trans comment. No matter what you think about trans people she is still bringing up her fucking BPD in every "apology" she makes for fucks' sake.

No. 1045893

Where did she post this apology?

No. 1045905

Posted on Twitter. This Tweet: https://twitter.com/tobimajestic/status/1309930100683616256

How are we supposed to take her seriously when she acts like she types with one hand? Was it not worth the effort to put it through a quick grammar/spelling checker?

No. 1045909

She only posted it on twitter? The place where she's crafted her story for pity points? Youtube is where everyone is calling her on her shit. Her twitter followers have only gotten her twisted side of the story so she's getting a lot of positive support there.

No. 1045918

I looked to see if she had maybe posted a pinned comment on her response or community tab and she hasn't. Not to say she won't soon though, but that Twitlonger was posted hours ago and she still hasn't. I'm glad Kai and Omnia don't seem to be getting alot of hate.

No. 1045928

She's getting a few people patting her head on it but there are people telling her it's a poor apology.

No. 1045929

Same anon: She just posted a pinned comment to her video a few minutes after I made this post. I swear to god she's lurking in here.

No. 1045934

File: 1601161124789.png (13.89 KB, 757x134, pinned comment.PNG)

Sage your posts.

Post images of what you're talking about so others don't have to.

She mentioned knowing of lolcow, but she referred to it as "like the burn book from Mean Girls", so you wouldn't think she'd take it too seriously.

No. 1045940

Amusing if she is lurking. Also sad if she is. It means she's so painfully delusional or just that bad of person she can't self reflect. Be it BPD or just plain narcissism the past few days has been a shit show for Tobi and has opened a lot of people who didn't know about her bad behavior before's eyes.

No. 1045941

If she wouldn't be taking it seriously she wouldn't have mentioned it in the first place. Also good job letting your fans know that a thread on you exists Tobi.

No. 1045955

File: 1601161915570.png (107.76 KB, 848x525, Screenshot_6.png)

Her dislikes are catching up to her likes on her I don't even know what you'd call this sorry video. Not an apology or addressing criticism. Her piss poor defense while trying to shift anger onto Omnia video?

No. 1045956

File: 1601161982354.png (120.28 KB, 1080x735, Screenshot_2020-09-26-18-10-43…)

Anyone else notice she quietly took "Yaoi Addict" out of her bio? It might be for aesthetic purposes for halloween, but I don't see how that would make a difference kek.

No. 1045961

File: 1601162089245.png (63.27 KB, 819x593, bruh.png)

Preserving this response before she deletes it.

No. 1045974

So, fucking Prison Mate Luke made a video on her which I did NOT see coming holy shit.

No. 1045983

I'm not really convinced Tobi deletes comments. She's right that a lot of comments get hidden due to the spam filter. Also you can only see a couple comments when under "top" comments. You have to go to "newest" to see them all. Also if you're blocked/banned from a channel, no one will be able to see your comments.
I haven't really seen any solid evidence that Tobi deletes comments. The Hot Box stated in his video that she deleted his comment. He also said he got comments that said their comments were deleted. He doesn't show this by going to commentpicker or whatever, so it's a bit of heresay.
The comments might be deleted, or the comments could be filtered. I haven't seen enough evidence to prove that Tobi does delete them.
But if Tobi wanted to clear her name real quick, she could find people's comments in her filter section that thought they got deleted to prove them wrong.

No. 1045994

If you go back up the thread to these posts you can see these >>1014064
>>1016279 >>1016336

and I can confirm that I saw the post in real time and when I went to check back about 30 min later the comments were gone. I don't know if it's what you meant.

No. 1046019

That's a good suggestion. It's hard to prove that comments get deleted, so I understand why you're skeptical. But since comments have been shown to disappear, the onus of proof is on Tobi to show that they've been filtered out or the channels are blocked or whatever.

No. 1046047

File: 1601167488619.png (2.27 KB, 219x74, kek.png)

Yeah she's fucked lol. This is the first time a Youtuber bigger than her has called her out and probably won't be the last. I'm surprised Shannon hasn't tried to hit back at her now that all of this has come out.

No. 1046071

I think Shannon tweeted the other day that she wasn't going to talk about this and deleted it. I still watch her and have her tweet notifs on, and she definitely mentioned tobi

No. 1046072

Do you remember what the tweet said?

No. 1046077

I'm trying to find it because she definitely deleted it, but it said something like she knows about what is going on, but isn't making a video because she doesn't want people to think she is deflecting. It came off as I don't like Tobi either, but if I talk about it I'll look bad.

No. 1046091

That's probably for the best anyways. I wouldn't be surprised if Deangelo jumps on it.

No. 1046094

With Luke making his video, Madlibbs and the other person really should cancel their own videos lest they look like grade A Tobi simps.

No. 1046098

Shannon being aware of her means D'Angelo is also aware of her. They are friendly and I wouldn't be surprised if she is getting her friends involved. Edwin went off on Tobi on stream before

No. 1046104

Holly Brown pretty much had her entire reputation destroyed when D'Angelo made his vid on her and his channel was alot smaller back then. If he were to make something on Tobi now, having over 1 mil subs, her ass would be grass. Since Ponder is friends with Nezzie I wouldn't be surprised if she also knows about this by now.

No. 1046167

I think today is the day Tobi realized she done fucked up and no one is for her manipulative behavior.

No. 1046196

She's getting a few ass pats here and there and I know the rest of the FruitCakeClub are probably brown nosing her behind the scenes, but most people aren't buying it.

No. 1046203

Omnia's follow up video is out. It's long. Seems like she's combing through Tobi's whole video to clarify shit.

This woman has saintly patience for that. I could barely watch Tobi's video all the way through bit this girl went through dissected it, recorded commentary and edited that shit.

Honestly I just feel bad she had to listen to Tobi's UwU voice for that long.

No. 1046214


Watching it atm and will post a tl;dr in the end.

No. 1046231


She actually plays audio from Tobi's Response to give better context unlike what Tobi did.


>Opens with her apologizing for the petty quote tweets concerning MadLibbs and Tobi

>Says she wasn't just faking being nice and being nice and disagreeing aren't mutually exclusive
>Reiterates the fact that she didn't say she messaged Tobi first. She only said she reached out a few months ago
>The "she messaged me first" messaged were for unrelated Creepshow things back on June 28th
>Says she told Tobi that she shouldn't feel like she owned her an explanation, but Tobi gave it anyways
>Talks about the messages about Shane and says Tobi was contradicting herself by still defending him
>Says she didn't need to include the DM of Tobi agreeing with her because it seemed likes she was distancing herself from Shane at the time until Omnia saw Tobi still defending him in her comments
>Reiterates the fact that Tobi lied about supporting Shane publicly
>She and Kai never called her a Pedophile and that by her own logic she's calling herself a pedophile
>Says the Todoroki picture was not drawn "years ago" it was uploaded less than a year ago on Twitter and Instagram
>She doesn't know who Benthelooney is and she was never comparing them
>She never planned on making a video on Tobi until she found out she lied and that's why she didn't go back to dm Tobi about the Todoroki picture because she didn't trust her
>Shane's apology was not hers' to accept
>Mentions the fact that Tobi didn't talk to Atozy or Shannon before making videos on them so she shouldn't expect the same for herself
>Tobi couldn't have aged up a character she didn't know the canonical age of
>She tagged a bunch of NSFW tags instead of tagging it as "abuse" like she claims
>No, you're not getting a private apology from either me or Kai
>She released the dms because Tobi said she was lying and didn't claim that it was the entire dm conversation and that it was only the most relevant parts
>If the private story was so important why did you tell it to someone on the second time you've ever talked to them


>Tobi originally had another tweet under this one: https://twitter.com/tobimajestic/status/1308948454387965952 That said "I also tell them in DMS they posted that I wanted to keep it private" That she deleted

>Tobi deleted it because she lied about it and never once did she specify in the dms that she wanted the story to be kept private
>She never indicated that the story shouldn't have been public at all in the original dms

>Warns MadLibbs and the other person to not make their videos

KAI'S PART (starts at 50:22)

>Very obvious that Shane wasn't "really tanned" and was doing blackface

>No one is trying to cancel you. We want accountability
>The pre-frontal cortex shit isn't an excuse to still do stupid shit in your 20's
>Only took accountability of her wording for the Pewdiepie comment and says the apologies weren't for her to accept
>MadLibbs also participated in the false Pedophile accusations
>You can't age up a character you don't know the age of and the contradiction of already knowing how Instagram tags worked
>If the drawing wasn't sexual and supposed to depict abuse why did you caption it "Hit him harder" which she also omitted from her video
>May not have replied to tweets but still liked and blocked people
>Tells Nezzie there's no way to call the video shady if she didn't watch it
>They don't want to talk about her anymore and just want her to take accountability and stop lying
>Tobi didn't address any of her other controversies

So they cleared up somethings that might have been interpreted wrongly and just explained their points more clearly along with dismantling all of Tobi's "callouts". What is really of note is the fact that she deleted that other tweet where she lied about saying she wanted the dms to be kept private. That's is really fucked.

No. 1046239

Omnia also addressed that what Tobi was doing to her was gaslighting and that's mentally abusive AF.

No. 1046257

That would be amazing, but no, he definitely isn't.
Learn to sage. You don't need a username/email. Be anonymous.

No. 1046258

Yeah no he's not. The biggest person that would ever touch this is maybe Spoctor since he has over 200k subs. Ponder might even though she has around 60k. I was surprised enough when Luke did.

No. 1046267

>Tobi: Omnia lied and cut up DM's.
>Omnia: Releases DM's to give full context
>Tobi: WOT. How could you do that?? That makes no sense and was completely unprovoked!

>Tobi: Subtweets about Omnia, accusing her of lying, cutting up DM's, and saying that she is a pedo

>Omnia: Reacts angrily
>Tobi: Why are you mad? You're acting so crazy right now??

No. 1046357

File: 1601213236228.png (32.56 KB, 713x354, Screenshot_10.png)

Everyone disliked that.

No. 1046482

File: 1601225430827.png (149.7 KB, 1080x1152, Screenshot_2020-09-27-11-50-38…)

Everyone REALLY disliked that

No. 1046490

File: 1601225881312.png (179.95 KB, 1080x1141, Screenshot_2020-09-27-11-56-09…)

Might be tinfoily, but this seems like it's aimed at Tobi lol. The timing is just way too coincidental and with how she's been replying to Kai and Omnia, yeah Peaches is probably sone with her shit.

No. 1046507

File: 1601226961286.png (96.89 KB, 592x862, rough.png)

Hopeless Peaches often replies to Kai/Omnia on Twitter and agrees with them, so I wouldn't be surprised if this was about Tobi.
I wonder how Tobi is holding up with almost everyone against her. They're brutal.

No. 1046601

When she made her video on Shannon, Shannon lost 1k subs but immediately bounced back. In less than a month, she is losing more than Shannon and has a worse reputation.

No. 1046628

She's honestly hated way more than Shannon at this point. Tobi's channel only really started 6 months ago so she's sinking her Youtube career before it can even begin. Goes to show that if she got into drama this early that being a Youtuber is not for her.

No. 1046639

Smart career move for her would be just to go back to making her sub-par Belle Delphine nock off porn on Onlyfans and just selling her art commissions silently on Instagram. Nobody wants to listen to her shitty opinions or UwU baby voice anymore.

No. 1046658

Agreed. Just post your art to Twitter and Instagram and continue your failing porn career. She's not good at commentary because she can't take it herself.

No. 1046929

I have a hunch that Madlibbs and whoever the other person is are going to quietly just cancel their videos. Why would you even bother at this point? Omnia and Kai's latest video has much more views than Tobi's response despite Tobi having more subs and the reception on Tobi's response is so damn bad it would just make them look really bad as well. Either that or they upload their videos, they also get massively disliked, and then they pull a FuchsiaButters and delete it citing their stress. Madlibbs already seems to preoccupied with whoever the fuck she's planning on talking about soon so it really isn't worth it.

No. 1046973

Oh god Tobi has a Tobi clone defending her now. She already cursed more than Tobi in the first 2 minutes of the video. Haven't finished but honestly this person seems as trash as Tobi.

No. 1046980


6:20 - "Kai confirmed that only two screenshots of the DM's were shown, so that literally means there is context missing by your own admission"

Uh.. no? Just because she only showed two screenshots doesn't mean context was missing. She showed Tobi's relevant opinion. Tobi agreeing that she understands why people don't like Shane Dawson changes nothing. Omnia's and Tobi's discussions about everything else change nothing.
Showing more would not add anything. It would not change anything. Everyone would still feel the same.

No. 1046989

Wonderful another Tobi/Creepshow/Madame clone. I made it to the end and alot of it really is white noise. The rest of the DMs wouldn't add any additional context, they still didn't outright called her a pedophile even if the implication was there and even said they didn't view her as one and it's not their fault if any says she is, Tobi shouldn't have told that story to someone she barely knew I don't care what anyone says. Overall just another catty art tuber that swears more than they actual make valid points.

No. 1046991

Kai and Omnia didn't say "If you didn't want it to be kept private why did you say it" they said: If you thought it was such a private story than why did you tell it to someone you barely fucking knew dumbass.

No. 1047034

Fuck, this person's voice is annoying.
I think there are good criticisms that can be applied to Kai/Omnia. This video doesn't do a good job of it.

7:46: "Attempt to gain her power back. Okay. Sorry. That choice of wording doesn't sound right and is a big red flag to me. That's showing your true colors in the situation."

It was already explained in the last video by Omnia/Kai that Omnia felt threatened and slandered by Tobi when Tobi said she cut up DM's and said she called her a pedo. There is nothing strange about the wording. It doesn't imply that Omnia/Kai wanted to get back at Tobi or harm her. Harsh Opinions (HO) doesn't explain what colors this shows, only that "people don't say things like this".

11:35: "You never said directly, 'You are a pedophile.' You were very underhanded and still implied that. You literally said that she is no better than the people she complains about."

Again. No. If I said a rapist is just as bad as a murderer, does that mean I'm calling the rapist a murderer, or implying it? No. I'm saying their actions are just as bad. Not that they do those actions themselves. I never got the implication that Kai was calling Tobi a pedo from his original video. I don't think most people would think that Tobi is a pedo, as Todoroki is 16.
HO also glosses over the fact that Tobi called someone who was NOT a pedophile a pedophile, simply because they disagreed with her definition of child porn and CSEM. HO states that even implying that someone is a pedo can have serious repercussions, but HO glosses over how Tobi directly states that anyone who disagrees with her on her views on drawn CSEM are pedophiles.

16:00: "What gets me, is the fact that both of you said, 'Oh, if it was really private, why did you say it?"

HO's statement about how Tobi would expect private DM's to be private is fine, but she really misses Kai/Omnia's point. They ask why tell a stranger something that was deeply personal. Ho does state that people often share more private thoughts/feelings with strangers when they're trying to be friends, but that doesn't explain why Tobi would send something extremely private to a stranger their second convo. HO's argument only makes sense for the 'telling Omnia her opinions' part of the conversation, not the private story part. HO fails to find any fault with Tobi's behavior. Opening up too quickly is a fault, as is assuming that friendships are more than they are, etc. It shows a problem in understanding normal social behaviors, and it shouldn't be ignored.
HO also acts like it was weird that Omnia was acting friendly and kind to Tobi in DM's, when Omnia already explained that she had no intention of sharing the DM's until long after the conversation ended, and she felt lied to.

18:45: HO thinks that Kai was saying that it was unusual for Tobi to share her opinions in private. This is wrong. Kai thought it was strange for Tobi to share that "extremely private story"

19:00: HO goes on and on about how Omnia/Kai cut context and that they shouldn't have cut context from the beginning. HO does not show what context was cut or how it would change the point Omnia was making. She does not show how it would change public's opinion.

20:00: HO points out that Omnia/Kai were shit talking on Twitter, reacted to Tweets that weren't about them, and she said that they acted like they never did anything wrong.
Omnia and Kai have both taken responsibility for all of these claims, and apologized for them. They also deleted their Tweets on it. There's not much else they can do.

21:00: HO states that Kai is a hypocrite, because Tobi got her friends involved in her drama, and Kai was getting Omnia involved in.. his..? Despite Tobi directly targeting Omnia, and Kai defending her because it was a collab they did together, so both were involved. MadLibbs was never directly involved.

23:00: HO repeats her point about Kai/Omnia jumping the gun after Kai says he jumped the gun and they had poor judgement in that situation.

24:00: Repeats her opinion that there's nothing wrong or weird with MadLibbs getting involved since Kai/Omnia brought this to a public platform. Calls him a hypocrite.

28:00: "You let your friends speak about this for you." HO calls Kai a hypocrite.

30:00: "Omnia agreed to let Tobi say what she said in DM's and didn't stop her at any time." HO thinks that Kai's point is that Omnia felt forced into hearing Tobi's opinion..?

31:50: "Omnia encouraged Tobi in the DM's to say her opinion then turned around later and questioned why the fuck she would do that."

Omnia did ask for Tobi's opinions. But, Tobi gave her private stories out of nowhere, and nowhere did Omnia ask, plead, or try to pry to find those.

32:00: "It's weird and overdramatic for Omnia to say that she released the DM's to gain her power back. What power did she lose??"

36:00: The only part of the newest video by Kai/Omnia that HO addresses, and it's a clip that's a few seconds long that was cut out. Kai publicly states in the comments why it was cut out (they got comments about it, took what people said as criticism, and cut it out), and HO acts like it's somehow shady or makes them look bad. How does realizing that you may come off poorly, and cutting out one aggressive part of your video make them look terrible? At worst, they look petty. That's it.
HO discusses this, and states that she doesn't believe them at all. She claims that it was planned because they uploaded it early, then changed it within an hour..?
HO goes on to say that the comment that Kai replied to saying that the part of the video was cut out only came after the part was already cut out, so they couldn't of taken it as criticism.

40:00: HO claims that the aggressive cut part of the video destroys both of their apologies, and that it proves that they stand by their tweets.
HO claims that Kai/Omnia are the ones who have "turned the situation into what it is now."

So yeah. She says both are to blame, but mostly focusses on Kai. She doesn't really provide detailed or well-explained evidence for her points, and many of her points are repeated through the video.
A really boring video to sit through.

No. 1047048

You deserve an award just for sitting through it because I couldn't make it 2 minutes because she sounded too much like Tobi just minus the baby voice. Why she got so hung up on "I'm taking my power back" is really fucking stupid.

No. 1047061

File: 1601280620040.png (45.51 KB, 598x333, Tobipromotion.PNG)

Same anon.
Honestly I wish Youtube had a 3x feature, because 2 fucking times speed was not fast enough.

Also of course Tobi promoted this video.

No. 1047075

May i copypast that long comment with timestamps on harshopinioms video? I kinda wanna so ppl how stupid those reasonings are.

No. 1047090

I don't know if that would classify as cow tipping so I wouldn't advise unless you heavily modify/cut it down. No one can really stop you so whatever.

No. 1047231

Someone already did

No. 1047256

File: 1601308838044.png (34.99 KB, 1194x147, hoss.png)

Well shit. I don't know if she's actually deleting comments, but if she is, she really is Tobi 2.0 UwU personality removed.

No. 1047340

This video seems to be trying to say that both parties are to blame, and that both are as bad as each other.
Being unbiased and equal does not mean that you find both sides guilty.
Kai/Omnia did stupid shit. Most of it involves being petty or overly aggressive, and them just not explaining points thoroughly with enough evidence.
Tobi has so far: everything in the Kimba situation, including not doing proper research, turning off comments when people told her she was wrong, refusing to listen to people on Twitter, changing her video description, etc.; overreacted to a majority of things/reacted to every little troll; refusing to accept different opinions about yaoi on Twitter and lashing out about it; threatened to make a video on someone she knew in private DM's because they were supporting someone she didn't like; drawn a sexual picture of Todoroki and refuses to acknowledge it (again, why does it matter if Todoroki is aged up if it's not sexual? also, you can't age someone up if you don't know their age and draw them in canon); claimed everyone that has a different stance on drawn child porn as her is a pedophile; went after an innocent person in a video who just thought that drawn child porn should be called CSEM; got angry at someone on Twitter because they didn't write out the artist's name in their post of a gif they used, when their username was in bold, visible white on the gif; claims she has an eating disorder very flippantly; claims that she can't do certain things due to her BPD (like make follow up videos, etc.), then goes on to say that you can do anything with BPD as long as you have proper coping skills; rambles on in every video despite having a script; thinks the only reason people don't like Sakimichan is because "she draw sexah ladeh", and she only likes Sakimichan because "rendering so good uwu"; supports Shane Dawson in comments (acting pretty aggressively most of the time), but claims that it doesn't matter because she understands why people don't like him; didn't address the milky tiddies thing in her video. made a twitlonger about it full of misspellings. claims that her BPD lashed out (she can't seem to say that her BPD is herself, she acts as if it's separate); claims that Kai/Omnia called her a pedo; claimed that Kai/Omnia were liars and cut up DM's (both of these fueling a fire that didn't need to exist).

There's probably more. I don't remember everything.
I understand that Harsh Opinion's video was dedicated to critiquing Kai's video. Why act unbiased then? Why act like the video was balanced? You're clearly not going to present both sides and judge them equally. You're focusing on one for the purposes of critiquing that one.

No. 1047396

File: 1601319529310.png (187.01 KB, 606x474, threatening.PNG)

It's just hypocritical coming from Tobi.

No. 1047596

Tobi acting like she isn't the textbook definition of a high school mean girl that never grew up

No. 1047604

I don't care if someone else thinks it's wrong for Omnia to threaten making a video on MadLibbs, but Tobi can shove a sock in it. She did that with her own friend. "Stop supporting Ben or I'm gonna make a video on you" bs.
Stfu Tobi.

No. 1047656

File: 1601345369413.png (204.99 KB, 952x896, Screen Shot 2020-09-28 at 7.10…)

No. 1047748

It's sad that Creepshow is too afraid to touch Tobi because of 1 critic video.

No. 1047789

I'm glad she isn't because it would give Tobi just more reason to fire back and bring up all of Shannon's shit and also I doubt she would be able to cover Tobi properly.

No. 1047900

Madlibbs made a video on Akumu and she claimed that claim the Discord call recordings were "highly illegal." In many places, while showing a one party consent law. Also I find it funny she is bitching at Akumu being a transphobe when she defended Tobi. Who we known was accused of being transphobic.

No. 1047920

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Td6T5OZhYQ MintySh1t released a video on Tobi. I should note she is mutual friends with OneManShowOff who is a white knight of Ben. OneManShowOff is the person being claimed that Tobi blackmailed.

No. 1047938

Lol, Tobi truly is a sexworker. She's been fucked over royally

No. 1047990

Newfags, I swear.
I think Minty explained the situation better than the other Youtubers covering Tobi, and Tobi herself.
Good points about Tobi being a hypocrite and being so mad toxic she can't keep friends.

No. 1048017

File: 1601409425867.png (158.16 KB, 602x1353, npdbpd.png)

A misguided well-meaning individual who doesn’t understand mental disorders.
>Tobi acts nice in reply DM
>Quote Tweets it aggressively so all of her fans can go defend her

Also Tobi has as much right to talk on disorders as the next guy. NPD and BPD are different, but to act like they have no overlap is just stupid.
Tobi also goes on to speculate about the Tweeter’s friend’s symptoms. Having BPD doesn’t give you credence to speak about someone else’s BPD, if you think that speculating about mental disorders is disgusting. If Tobi thinks what the Tweeter’s friend did was disgusting, why do the same thing?

No. 1048157

I always assumed she was surrounded by nothing but yes men that refuse to call out her bullshit because they're scared of her yelling at them.

No. 1048395

Theres alot of dislikes accumulating on this video so not everyone is falling for it.

No. 1048475

Kai made a video refuting this and it's pretty much all my thoughts summed up. He talks about how Harsh seems really misinformed on the whole situation, is talking on Tobi's behalf despite complaining about Kai talking on Omnia's behalf, how Harsh pointed out the petty title of the full dms while also naming her screenshots things like "Kai's bullshit", and how Harsh has no authority to say she's "ending this drama" and how that was really over dramatic and cringey to say.

No. 1048565

Nawnii made a video on this, and I’m so sick of this. I’m not going to make a giant summary this time. Someone else can do that. I’m not even going to bother watching it. I skipped to 5:12, and Nawnii’s point is that Kai implied that Tobi is a pedophile since Kai said Tobi was just as bad as the people she was insulting, and those people were “pedophiles”.
I’m so sick of these dumb fuckers. Tobi was not criticizing pedophiles. Tobi was saying that everyone who disagreed with her was a pedophile. She said that a CSA survivor who merely wanted to not call it child porn but instead CSEM was a pedophile.
So no, Kai and Omnia did not even come close to comparing Tobi to actual pedophiles. Because Tobi wasn’t talking about actual pedophiles.

No. 1048568

Just watched it. Funny how drama channels LOVE using leaked dms until omnia does it. Then it's magically not okay.

No. 1048576

A majority of the new comments on this video are saying stuff like, "You're missing a lot of information.", "I love your videos but you're missing information.", "This video is biased. Go do research beforehand.", "Nawnii I love you but this is garbage.", "This video felt similar to Harsh Opinion's and was quite biased."
Etc. etc. etc.

Decent video by Kai. I think he could have said more about what Harsh said, but he did fine.

No. 1048593

File: 1601494275558.png (32.1 KB, 849x242, omnianawnii.PNG)

Does anyone want to watch this? Why is it so hard for people outside of Kai, Omnia, and Tobi to know what's going on?
Yeah, none of them did a particularly good job at explaining the situations. But that's what research is for?
They're just adding to the misinformation and garbage fire that this is.

No. 1048937

I am curious why is some of the art YouTube establishment the kind of people defending Tobi?

No. 1049043

I'm so glad the comments are calling he rout on what a bad video this is. Seriously, if she had watched Omnia's video she would have the answer as to why they didn't talk in dms about this.

No. 1049046

File: 1601533487910.png (326.01 KB, 645x2506, nawniiharshopinions.png)

Maybe Nawnii’s video is so tiresome because she got her points from Harsh Opinion’s video.

Also Tobi liking Tweets that defend her, say watch HO’s video, and acting like she apologized and her video totally wasn’t a shitfest.

No. 1049070

>Why didn't you handle this in DM's?

There are so many arguments to refute this.
>Tobi performs actions publicly and acts differently in DM's
>Tobi's actions go beyond personal drama, including hot button issues, like racism, transphobia, if yaoi is fetishizing gay men, and if porn of fictional minors matters. These topics go beyond any personal beef Kei and Omnia could have with Tobi.
>Why can't Kei and Omnia criticize Tobi for her public actions, but Nawnii can criticize Kei/Omnia for their public actions?
>Why can Nawnii make a response video to Tobi (part 2, I assume), but Kai and Omnia need to "settle things in DM's" if they make response videos?
>Why does Omnia or Kei have to go to Tobi to address this in DM's? Many people have been commenting these points/Tweeted her these points and Tobi rejected them. If Tobi refuses to accept the points publicly, what is going into the DM's going to change anything?
>Seriously who the fuck hits people up in the DM's before making a video unless it's extremely small?

Sorry, not everything can be settled in the DM's. Anyone who talks to Tobi in private chats either kisses her ass and never disagrees with her, or they are no longer friends with her.
It should tell you enough.

No. 1049079

File: 1601537238985.png (349.6 KB, 620x1775, nawniitweets.png)

I don't know if I'd say that.
I do kind of feel bad for Nawnii, because I thinks she means well.
But making a video criticizing Kei or Omnia or Tobi at this point is really tiring. More people would probably have been willing to hear Nawnii's full side if her videos came out a lot sooner, but after 3 videos from Kei, 2 from Omnia, 1 reply from Tobi (and all her relevant videos), I'm pretty sure we're all sick of watching through this shit. I know I'm personally all worn down, and I don't give a fuck what some third-party has to say about what Kei and Omnia did, because in comparison to Tobi, it's always going to be petty and inconsequential. I hate that people act like "everyone is to blame!" and that what Kei/Omnia did is equal to what Tobi did. It just isn't.
Plus, Kei and Omnia have already addressed the criticism thrown to them, apologized directly, and deleted whatever people have had issues with. You can continue to criticize them for the same thing, but what is the point?
We continue to criticize Tobi because her video didn't apologize for shit and she dodged everything. She continues to try to dodge everything by promoting videos that criticize Kei and Omnia. Tobi pretends to be sweet and innocent and that Kei and Omnia are just so horrible for their petty actions.

I'm sick of seeing people focus on Kei/Omnia. Yeah, they did stupid stuff, but I just don't give a shit because I'm tired of seeing Tobi deflect from her criticism by shoving criticism of Kei/Omnia in front of her for the audiences to focus on instead.

For Nawnii: people don't think you're biased because you're nice. People think you're biased because you make points that have already been addressed, acted like Tobi apologized, and criticized Kei/Omnia for things they've already fessed up to and apologized for.

No. 1049147

Guys, now hopeles peaches thinks of making a video.

No. 1049149

So is Hopeless Peaches finally burning the bridge with Tobi? We all know Tobi does tolerate those who speak against her and that Hopeless Peaches has been siding with Omnia & Kai. That and her one tweet clearly stating to not blame mental illness on all your bad behavior.

No. 1049151

Nevermind. Just looked at Hopeless Peaches twitter and I think she's gonna puss out and do the whole, "both sides are wrong" vide.

No. 1049152

File: 1601551558663.png (47.51 KB, 729x325, peaches.png)

Considering she said this I think it's fair to say Peaches is done with Tobi. That being said, I don't think she should get involved because so much misinformation is already being spread around thanks to people like Nawnii and Harsh and I really just wish this shit would die at this point. I fucking loathe Tobi, but this is turned into nothing more that a huge dick measuring contest of who's more morally right.

No. 1049153

Nah, she switched sides. She tells she is neutral but lately has had convos with tobi's friends on twitter lmao

No. 1049155

Once again, Tobi is getting away with being a giant piece of human garbage.

No. 1049159

Sage if you have noth8ing new to add. Also where do you see she's had convos with Tobi's friends?

No. 1049179

Honestly at this point I really do hope Ponder Sprocket gets involved because she doesn't care if you're friends with her, she'll still criticize you without any sugar coating. She also hates misinformation.

No. 1049372

That's not really true.
Besides, I'm not sure this is her territory anyway.

No. 1049384

Lets not forget Tobi was gonna team up with Toasty Vanilla for a video, and she did NSFW of sailor moon, a minor(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1049398

Do newfags just not read the rules or something?
Sage your post. Put sage in the email field. Be anonymous. If you make a claim, provide screenshots of it.

No. 1050109

Well, Ponder said she is taking a break from YouTube.

No. 1051114

If it's not her, it'll be "Spoctor Theory" the reptile dude… that'll be something.

No. 1052808

File: 1601975253987.png (46.93 KB, 779x466, zizi.png)

So another one of Tobi's yes men, Miss Zizi decided to do this childish shit. Here I thought she'd be the one to stay out of this. This is on Harsh Opinion's video.

No. 1053189

Looks like Thumin made a video about it after all.

No. 1053245

She's the biggest thus far to cover this and probably gonna be the biggest one yet.

>Up until around 25:00 She basically covers everything that's happened so far but, she does bring up the fact that Miss ZiZi and FuschiaButters both called Kai and simp which I didn't see before

>Brings up that HopelessPeaches is being really two-faced first happily going along with Omnia and Kai before switching up after watching Harsh Opinion's video and invalidating Kai and Omnia's apologies to random people in comments
>Omnia say Peaches comments about her and asked her to stop commenting on their behalf
>Omnia and Peaches going back and forth with Omnia ending it with telling peaches to stop spreading misinformation
>Peaches being a hypocrite for saying she was tired of the drama while constantly commenting about it
>Chastises Tobi's friends for invalidating the criticisms she's received because they're her friends
>Reiterates the reason why Omnia didn't reach out to Tobi by DM because of Tobi's history of lying
>Says it's stupid that people are asking why Omnia didn't ask for permission to release the dms when she was being accused of cutting them up in the first place
>Wraps it up with her saying the art commentary community need to do better

No. 1053315

I'm glad she's calling out Peaches now. Peaches seems like such a leech.

No. 1053332

File: 1602027848810.png (15.21 KB, 604x124, Creepshow.png)

Shannon commented on it kek

No. 1053444

She and Nawnii both have that "I just want everyone to be happy I'm on no one's side UwU" bullshit going on. People who constantly try to be "neutral" often run into the problem where they look either really two-faced or really inconsistent.

No. 1053548

File: 1602052567924.png (353.38 KB, 1207x1260, Tobi Likes and Milky Tiddies R…)

Tobi liked the Tweet of Miss Zi Zi saying that the drama is stupid and the only part that involved her was this one comment.
I also have some Tweets of Tobi not really understanding the criticism about the milky tiddies thing. Or maybe she's trying to justify it and brush it off.
Like she says she's not transphobic because she wears a chest binder? But she doesn't do it because she's trans, she does it because it's more comfortable that way. So it doesn't really make sense why she would mention it?

No. 1053916

File: 1602101927489.png (96.43 KB, 1206x586, littlebitch.png)

Lol she's backing down like a little bitch now.

>You could have asked me if I was friends with Tobi

>We only talk every few months

Oh yeah it's not like you're both constantly corresponding with one another on Twitter or are part of the same discord group. Sure Miss higher ground morality.

No. 1054017

File: 1602115191798.png (1.68 MB, 1202x4163, Zi Zi's Likes.png)

“Why you mad bruh?! Its just a joke bruh!!”

Yeah. We know it was a joke. That doesn’t suddenly make everything okay. Is she like Tobi, and she thinks if people see the rest of the conversation, SUDDENLY everyone will have a different opinion? Because it changes nothing.
The point is that we didn’t think it was appropriate for her to pile on with her friends on Kei/Omnia, and that it’s just generally immature. I don’t like the fact that Kei responded to Zi Zi’s comment, but I dont think that makes Zi Zi’s original comment okay.

She also acts like, “You think Tobi and I are friends? Wtf??!” as if it’s unbelievable. Zi Zi follows both of Tobi’s Twitter accounts, and Zi Zi is part of that whole clique with Madlibbs, Nezziemonster, and Fuchsiabutter. You can find Zi Zi liking many Tweets from Madlibbs, Nezzie, Fuchsia, etc. You can find Zi Zi interacting with them. Tobi does the same thing.
It’s not unreasonable to assume that you are friends or acquaintances with someone you follow and interact with publicly.

You can also find Zi Zi often liking Tweets and interacting with MangaKamen, someone who was criticized for jumping onto Kei/Omnia along with Zi Zi.

There are honestly so many interactions/liked Tweets between all of them, it would take too long to compile them, and the collage would be unreadable.

No. 1054121


I think the most interesting part of these ss is that Zizi is not only following VanillaToasty, who's been ousted by their little group for being just as bad as the creeps they like to go on about, but Shadman. Really? The motherfucker that had to flee his own country and draws porn of actual real life minors? Why is everyone in this dumb clique a hypocritical dick in one way or another.

No. 1054149

File: 1602138310010.png (702.6 KB, 599x3820, CreepsMcPasta.png)

There’s also this. Tobi following and actively defending CreepsMcPasta, someone who is currently being investigated for child pornography charges and is allegedly a pedo.
No one knows if CMP is a pedo or not. So jumping onto the “He’s 100% not a pedo!” wagon is just as bad as jumping onto the “He’s 100% a pedo!” wagon at this point.

Regardless of that, Tobi just looks like an absolute moron here. She argues over something that doesn’t really matter in terms of the larger pedo case, and in the end Tobi acts like she won some grand victory, despite the fact that nothing was proven. Then, based on that, she was going to make a video defending CreepsMcPasta.

No. 1054156

Making a video defending him would be the worst possible thing to do at this point in time because of how much heat is on her. And her defending someone that could have possibly done something inappropriate with a real minor when she bitches about drawn shit so much would just end up with her getting dragged. This looks like it was a month ago and I haven't seen her speak on it since so I doubt she'll do it. She's dumb enough to try though.

No. 1054158

I don't know how long Tobi has followed CreepsMcPasta, but if she has followed him for a long time, this could be another situation like Shane Dawson where she aggressively defends him to no end, just because she liked his content/personality in the past.

No. 1054196

So this is coming out. Looks she might be a former friend so it'll be interesting to see how this video goes.

No. 1054212

This all feels like it's dragging on for way longer than it has to be

No. 1054322

From the way she's talking it looks like she might actually bring something different, but we'll jave to see. I'm kind of tired of hearing about the same stuff at this point.

No. 1054590

File: 1602190206068.png (89.46 KB, 538x981, Simp Comment.png)

It's interesting that she has opinions on the Sakimichan video.
The Sakimichan video was bad, to be fair. Most of it was acting like people didn't like Sakimichan for the sole fact that "She draws BOOBIES!11!!1!"
People in the comments discussed that they didn't like Saki drawing underage characters, aging up underage characters, and Saki liking Tweets they considered racist. If Tobi wanted to argue those points, that would have been great, but she went with a strawman instead.

On a side note, I couldn't find Kai's response >>1053548 to Zi Zi's comment. I guess he deleted it?
It's kind of annoying to me that Kai/Omnia criticized Tobi for reacting to every little thing, but you can find them replying to people that they shouldn't bother with. Zi Zi's comment looks bad on its own. The way Kai argues with her makes it looks like two kids who only keep arguing because they both want the last word. It reminds me of the petty Tweeting, and I don't like it.
That being said, Kai did delete it, so hopefully he's learned.

Zi Zi on the other hand has not deleted her comments and is only defending her actions on Twitter >>1053548 . So she looks pretty bad.

No. 1054839

I think the Simp comment Kai replied to came from a different video because you can see the difference in the comments. On Harsh's Opinion video she commented "Kai is a simp" meanwhile the one Kai replied to just says "Simp" so it might have been on one of his own videos which makes sense he would reply to it there. That also means Zizi is blatantly lying by saying she only posted one comment. It's obvious she has a lean towards Tobi in this drama and just refuses to admit it and tries to seem morally superior by saying "I'm on no one's side this should have been handled in DMs". She knowingly added fuel to the fire with her comments and then just goes "It's just a prank bro" when she got called out.

No. 1054884

File: 1602228594840.png (94.66 KB, 389x1184, SimpOnKaisHarshOpinionsRespons…)

You're right. My bad. Those comments were from Harsh Opinions' video. The comments in the Tweet are from Kai's video responding to Harsh Opinions.
Also, FuchsiaButter is here too.

No. 1054893

>Both comment simp
>Both obviously simping for Tobi

Talk about pot calling the kettle black.

No. 1055022

File: 1602254739595.png (507.42 KB, 1034x679, creepshow.png)

Translation: "People are comparing me or calling me worse because of my recent drama and I don't like it so I'm gonna take it down"

No. 1055029

This is fucking hilarious. She made the one successful video that actually made Creepshow take accountability for some of the bullshit she has done, only to be worse, and then have to take it down. I am shocked at how stupid this is.

No. 1055033

I know Shannon is probably sitting back and laughing her ass off at this along with all the other drama Tobi is in. She commented on Thumin's video and I know Tobi is probably seething about it kek.

No. 1055062

Did anyone archive it? I would like to see it mirrored in Creepshow's thread >>>/snow/1053928

No. 1055091

I didn't, but I am pretty sure plenty of the art commentators have it saved. I doubt anyone is going to reupload it.

No. 1055229

File: 1602274952189.png (65.46 KB, 869x594, ZiZiContinue.PNG)

Zi Zi keeps responding. This screenshot is from today, October 9.

Not only that, but Zi Zi made this comment
>>1054590 on the same day as she made this Tweet >>1053548 , which means she actively engaged in more drama after making that Tweet.

And she is currently still actively engaging in it.

No. 1055480

Saged because not really milk. This has nothing to do with current drama. Story is from Tobi’s young teenhood, so skip this post if you don’t give af about that. Just some petty points.

>Starts the story by saying fuck Holly

>Tobi gets upset that the girl she was fucking (Holly) crushed on a guy (Neal) and was obsessed over him. Tobi says as a speculation that Holly was pretending to be straight, when she was most likely just… bi
>Tobi states that she knew that Neal wanted nothing to do with Holly. Later Tobi says that she doesn't understand why Holly wanted Neal because she loved Holly more than Neal.
>Acts like Holly would care that she started texting a new girl (Emily) online, acting like Holly would get upset at her if she found out and saying, “You can’t get mad at me for smooshing after this other girl when we’re not exclusive.” “You didn’t lock me down, I can do whatever I want.” Etc. Not realizing that’s hypocritical.
>Becomes obsessed with Emily after two weeks, constantly talks about her to her friends, constantly brags about her
>Intentionally brags about Emily in front of Holly to annoy her.
>After Tobi gets with Emily, Tobi stops talking to Holly and states she stopped having interest in her.
>Gets into a stupid teen argument with Holly. Holly states that Tobi can’t be dating Emily, because she was dating Emily. “Everyone laughs at Tobi.”
>Texts Emily going crazy because Emily never mentioned that she even knew Holly
>Emily states that Holly wanted Emily to talk to Tobi so she’d stop being so aggressive towards Holly. Tobi follows that up by saying, “When we were alone, Holly was the one who went after me.”
>Has Holly come get her in the woods, then fucks her that night.
>Tobi texts Emily. Holly’s phone buzzes. Tobi realizes it was Holly the whole time

You were the side ho, Tobi. Get over it.

Seriously though, this seems like the kind of thing a normal person would casually forget. Tobi was 14, now she’s 26, so it happened 12 years ago, yet she still seems angry about it. Like it’s just so awkward, because Tobi acts almost like a female incel over Holly. Phrases like “she was probably just trying to pretend to be straight”, “Neal didn’t care about her at all”, “Holly always went after me” just give off a bad teen vibe. Like I know this is a story from when she was a teenager, but she still sees the story through a teenage lens.

No. 1055735

As someone who's Bi, people saying "they're just pretending to be straight" Is just a creepy as the incels that say "Lesbians just haven't met the right guy yet". Calm down James Charles they were probably just an experimenting teenager.

No. 1055851

File: 1602355033091.jpg (117.71 KB, 1154x784, sailor moon.jpg)

I'm surprised this hasn't been brung up before holy shit? It's way worse than the Todoroki picture because it's implying you can see Usagi's ass and vag. She is 14 and only ever gets as old as 16 in the manga/shows. I don't see any mention of her being aged up either.

No. 1055969

File: 1602366276089.png (393.92 KB, 1007x615, lookatthetags.png)

Dude that's not all.
You can also see her drawing BDSM. The same kind of BDSM gettup she drew on Todoroki. So she is 100% lying when she says it isn't sexual or actually BDSM.
You can also see her tags. She did not spam every single tag possible, which is what she said she used to do.

No. 1056006

File: 1602371486045.png (5.06 MB, 880x10484, Webtoon.png)

I found a Webtoon created by Tobi. I know it’s hers because the socials on the Webtoon have art on her already known socials. Also, there is art of these characters on the Aelita Instagram. Some of the Webtoon pages have art from her Aelita Instagram. Etc.

In the comic, Tobi is an elf boy and is in a BL relationship with Marz. One part of the plot is that Tobi is jealous of Marz’s friend because they spend so much time together.

There’s probably more to it than that, but I don’t feel like wasting my time to read it right now.

The screenshots are: Images of the account, the socials at the bottom of the Webtoon’s pages, showing the same characters on Tumblr and Aelita Instagram, Deviantart that was linked on Webtoon. Then there are images from the comic, showing it is BL. Showing Tobi is jealous of Marz friend. Showing Tobi hurts Marz physically as a result of this.

No. 1056020

File: 1602372994688.png (427.18 KB, 890x2125, BPDPost.png)

>Been in therapy since late teens. Has medication for BPD
>Doesn’t know all the symptoms of BPD and how they effect her

Shitty therapist. Smh

Is it really a good time for a mental health PSA? She has to know this looks terrible on her. She has to know that it just makes her look like she’s trying to pass off her actions as being caused solely by her BPD.
She’s known that she’s had BPD and been to therapy for it for 6 to 10 years. Yeah it’s shitty to tell someone to just control it, but part of therapy for BPD is learning how to control it.

This is a terrible time to post this, especially if she means it in earnest. She’s so stupid, ffs.

No. 1056624

So I called it when I said Madlibbs was going to cancel her video and she pulled a Tobi and brung up her mental state. She didn't apologize for the "farming for content" comment and the other person is appearantly still making theirs, but atleast we don't have to worry about her potato face popping up.

No. 1057171

"I want to clear up a couple LIES drama channels have been pushing"
1. The collab wasn't going to be with Nezzie

Everyone already knows this. It was an incorrect assumption people made due to Nezzimonster getting involved in the Twitter war. I don't even know if anyone said that Nezzie was making the video with Madlibbs in any of the videos. If it was, it was only one, and I can't even find it.

2. I didn't delete any Tweets in the spat with Omnia/Kai

Who said this? I don't know a single video that criticized Madlibbs for this?

The video is still coming out, but only by Madlibb's friend. Since we don't know who that person is, they could just drop the video entirely and we'd never know.

No. 1057177

I hate how all of the comments are praising her and saying she is being so adult about this when she said that the Omnia and Kai were predators.

No. 1057211

I already said they were gonna drop their videos and now that Madlibbs has I think the other person will too and we just won't know about it. Why would you even bother at this point? Only a few people are on riding Tobi's ass about this and are only using the DMs and the story leak as leeway because that's the only thing they can use. No one will dare touch the other things people have issues with because they know they can't defend that shit, but they'll screech about the DMs and the "private" story until their lungs give out. Someone going over the full DMs to try and disprove things would be useless at this point. What would they even talk about or try to spin that hasn't been disproven already?

"Omnia lied because she reached out first"
She never said Tobi reached out to her first and Omnia sent a completely unrelated DM in June.

"She was acting friendly to Tobi on purpose and then betrayed her and it's scummy"
She was being polite and cordial like a rational adult, that doesn't mean she was trying to gain Tobi's trust to backstab her later on or was even trying to be friends with her in the first place. Would people rather her send a DM to Tobi saying "Hey you're, disgusting and I'm making a video on you" and then immediately block Tobi like Tobi did to Trent?

"Omnia cut up DMs"
She showed the two most relevant ones to the situation. The rest of the DMs were either rendered invalid by Tobi's later actions or a bunch of other shit that didn't apply to the situation at all. This isn't like there was 1000s of messages. They only talked twice.

"Omnia cut out the part where Tobi said she was done defending Shane"
You mean the part were she later lied by still defending him a month later, thus making that DM invalid?

"Omnia could have went back to ask for clarification through DMs"
Tobi has already shown to lie in private convos why should anything she said be believed at this point?

"Omnia released a private story"
Which she immediately blurred out once it was brung to her attention and that Tobi shouldn't have told to a stranger in the first place.

There's nothing someone can say that'll defend her because everything has been talked about already. The only relevant video I see still coming out would be this one: >>1054196
. Anyone else would just be repeating what has already been said or just making it worse like Harsh Opinions and Nawnii and spreading misinformation. Anyone else thing it's weird that the supposed other person making a video is being kept such a secret? Just sounds really fucking sketch.

No. 1057238

I mean I wouldn't be surprised if the other video defending Tobi doesn't come out as well due to how died down the drama is now.

No. 1057454

File: 1602575652140.png (2.03 MB, 891x7564, CommentsSummary.png)

Tweets and comment thread from those Tweets:
>Tobi continuing to post comments she doesn’t like on Twitter in hopes people will go after them
>Constantly liking Tweets about BPD health. Retweeting/Tweeting about BPD and talking about how she’s putting in effort to get better.

I don’t even care if she’s genuine or not at this point. I just want her to stfu about it. ffs

Comment thread with Maia:
>Maia: I think you should address your main controversies. I think you're taking some good steps, but there are some fans that kinda feel like you're brushing things under the rug that you should reflect on.
>Tobi: I did. I told Omnia I agreed with her and said I don’t support Shane in my video. I gave a “non copy and pasted sounding apology”. I lashed out because of my BPD. I’m not using my disorder as an excuse. Stop assuming that just because people with BPD don’t say it publicly, they don’t feel ashamed. Educate yourself about BPD.
>Tobi (again): I know I’ll slip up eventually. I wish I just said “I’m sorry I had a BPD episode” to the people I fought with. But I was scared. Educate yourself on BPD. Don’t say, “You need to reflect” or “Do better.” or “You can’t keep doing this.”
>Maia: I understand your BPD causes you to lash out. You said Omnia was a pedo in a Tweet. Your decision to lie is what people are asking you to apologize for. It’s not impulsive or lashing out to leave a video up for weeks.

>Tobi: I never, EVER, said Omnia called me a pedo. I never said I would leak DM’s. I said they were cut up and cut out of context and nothing more (downplaying/minimalizing), and then she flipped out and leaked our DM’s (blaming/gaslighting: look at how bad Omnia is. she was totally over reacting). She leaked a private story. TOBI RELEASES THE STORY THAT WAS BLURRED IN THIS COMMENT. Omnia over reacted and posted the DM’s (blaming/gaslighting). Over sharing is a symptom of BPD. I did not try to attack Omnia. I did not @ her on Twitter or make the first video (blaming). She framed me like a pedophile (blaming/accusing). She told people I still supported Shane after I told her in DM’s I didn’t. I showed more context than she did. She went after my friend (blame).

Fuck I hate Tobi. She is so manipulative. And she’s too stupid to realize it. She’s too stupid to ever realize in her own mind the full picture of what she’s doing.

No. 1057557

I really do hate this bitch. She still refuses to admit any wrong doing and is still spinning and is still spinning the narrative that Omnia somehow left out crucial information and framed her as something. Also, I fucking knew that story wasn't as sensitive as she is whining it is because now here she is fully saying it in a public comment section which I'm gonna screenshot in case she ever tries to bring it up again. And yes Tobi, you are still using your BPD as an excuse because if you weren't you wouldn't feel the need to bring it up everytime you post about something you're apologizing for. She still has this stupid victim mentality and refuses to change from it.

No. 1057893

Nawnii deleted her video on Kai/Omnia. Interesting

No. 1057920

File: 1602621037643.png (480.79 KB, 603x2062, NawniiTwitandPost.png)

These are Nawnii's posts about it.
I bet it would be confusing. All the people who actually know what's going on are upset that she didn't make a well-formulated video and don't want her involved. All of her hyper-fans just want her to continue making videos on it.

No. 1057928

I'm glad she did take the video down, but I have to admit her twitter post about it seems like she's going "People are being mean to me so I'm taking it down". I was closely monitoring the comments on her video and unless she was getting really bad dms or she was deleting some heinous comments, most of them were just saying they were disappointed and she should have done better research. Also shut up Peaches, you're the most flaky/shady person in this with how you're constantly trying to play the fence sitter.

No. 1057930

File: 1602621956333.png (172.7 KB, 840x1290, OnlyJesp.png)


OnlyJesp commented and explained what her video was going to be about.

The video seems like it's going to mostly be about VanillaToasty supporting Shadman.

The Tobi part is going to be about how Tobi liked and recommended a yaoi with POC slave rape.

No. 1057931

I pretty sure Madlibbs, Tobi, and the other members of the FruitCakeClub all cut ties with Toasty after he was exposed during the BenTheLooney drama. Which good on them because Taosty is an actual dick, but Tobi herself is still a massive hypocrite.

No. 1057935

File: 1602622469368.png (30.1 KB, 603x261, TobiFollowsToasty.png)

I don't know how much they associate, but Tobi does follow VanillaToasty.
And I'm pretty sure no one else in the FruitCakeClub does.

No. 1057936

Why am I not surprised. I don't know if Tobi still considers him a friend or talks to him, but birds of a feather flock together.

No. 1057949

File: 1602624098664.png (159.19 KB, 600x1753, FruitCakeClub.png)


I checked. Madlibbs does not follow Vanilla Toasty. Nezzimonster does not follow Vanilla Toasty. FuchsiaButter follows Vanilla Toasty. Miss Zi Zi follows Vanilla Toasty.

So Tobi, FuchsiaButter, and Miss Zi Zi follow Vanilla Toasty.

Vanilla Toasty is included on both Fruit Cake Club Twitters that are followed by several people mentioned before.

No. 1057958

Zizi also follows shadman so honestly she's probably no better than Toasty. Madlibbs publicly said that she cut ties with Toasty. Fuschiabutter I have no clue and really could care less about since she's just a carbon copy of Lily Pete but far more annoying.

No. 1057972

File: 1602625400725.png (81.94 KB, 602x795, VanillaToastyFollows.png)

Vanilla Toasty follows all three of them back (only those three), so it seems fair to say they are on friendly terms, at the very least.
I don't care about any of these people either. But it's important to note how interwoven all of them are. It's not just Tobi that is following Vanilla, but many of her friends are, too.

No. 1057975

It seems like Madlibbs is the only one out of them with enough sense to cut ties with him. OnlyJesp's video will probably shed more light on Toasty so only time will tell. Akumu is probably enough of a cow to warrant a thread of his own, but his video on Toasty was actually pretty decent.

No. 1058003

File: 1602627435736.png (1.52 MB, 2220x2000, 28586E55-2462-4692-967C-534860…)

An ex-friend of Tobi was talking to her the same day she drew that Todoroki drawing.

Doesn’t sound like an “abuse piece” to me.

No. 1058021

Any idea of who the censored ex friend is? And is any one gonna point out she said "Blonde kid"? KID. Seems like she had a general idea of their ages to me unlike the lie she keeps trying to spin where she keeps saying she didn't know his age.

No. 1058028

Holy shit. Where was this?

And assuming that the screenshots are real, Tobi is such a scumbag for lying straight to everyone like that. It would prove how untrustworthy and manipulative is. Case closed.

No. 1058834

Tobi is still steadily losing subs losing around 100 a day. She's lost almost 3000 since the whole drama started and I'm surprised to see it's still going down as I thought there would be a surge of people unsubbing and then nothing else but she's still slowly losing them. I wonder if it's because people are just tired of her content or all of her subscribers are still learning about the drama.

No. 1058835

Same anon but I also have to think her deleting the Creepshow video is really gonna hurt her channel seeing as that's what was probably bringing people in steadily.

No. 1059217

Nawnii's always been biased, this shouldn't really come up as a surprise-

No. 1061205

Shit talking me? Don't be another kiwifarms, trolls, dumb enough to fall for a troll. Anyways, stay tuned. I've got a video in the works on Madlibbs and the entirety of the FCK and that circle.

No. 1061277

No one gives a shit Akumu. Go back to stalking randos online and bitching about Fuchsia.

No. 1061290

Truly a galaxy brain moment for you. If this really is akumu you've stepped up your stupidity since the madam nonsense. (Also sage your shit if your gonna "troll" us)

No. 1061437

1. You're a boring troll that no one cares about
2. You're someone named Akumu who has been mentioned so infrequently in this thread that I don't even know who you are despite reading all of it.
Either way, stfu and go away. You're not even worth messing with.

No. 1061619

File: 1603109148733.png (330.54 KB, 1282x1775, jdskj.PNG)

So Hopeless Peaches is not addressing Thumin's video because of her "mental health." and is no pulling out of social media.

No. 1061620

File: 1603109194262.png (109.86 KB, 1205x940, jksd.PNG)

No. 1061664

Ladies, ladies, he's just upset the ashley thread on kiwifarms is basically dead and his first waifu failed to notice him. Please don't engage the disabled scrote, especially when he's making his bait so fucking obvious, let him screech in the corner till he tuckers himself out.

No. 1061868

Akumu is like 16 and thinks hes an anime villain lol
This train wreck gonna be hilarious

No. 1061876

I really hate to be suspicious of people when they say they have mental health issues but the fact that everyone in tobi's circle is pulling this card and putting off talking about it is really…not so coincidental. Like mental health issues and all a "Sorry I goofed and was an asshole" tweet isn't much of an emotional labor, but whatever.

No. 1061878

And thus the cycle of "My mental health is bad wight now so I gotta take a bweak" continues. What's with all these people posting dumb fucking comments but when they get called out on it they suddenly feel like they're about to have a mental breakdown and have to take a months long hiatus. Tobi, Peaches, Nezzie, and Madlibbs all have pulled this shit and it's really annoying.

No. 1061970

For starters, if you're falling for the shit. The only ones who've stepped up stupidity with you all. A 4chan ripoff, doesn't scare me. Put your info in, but don't be running your mouth as trolls, its just feeding into this. If you all are good trolls at all, its pretty obvious, I really don't see how else it can be obvious. Step shit up. You guys could get your info way better. If I was a boring troll no one cared about, these spergs wouldn't lose their shit like they do. Also, no. I never did anything for Madame to notice me, I provided the evidence, and the logical facts about it. I also don't recall claiming myself to be an anime villain? Some of the craziest delusions. If you're gonna talk shit, at least, have some truth to it.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1061973

Its a common trend for them to pussy out or disown a video, deleting them too, when they get slapped around. They can't stand by any of their own words and the moment it goes bad, they drop it. Soon enough, Madlibbs will just do it again. They ALL do it.

No. 1061980

File: 1603146309570.jpg (243.29 KB, 1905x1011, tobiart.jpg)

Ignore him. In the mean time lets talk about how wonky Tobi's art is. I didn't think someone could be on the same level of stiffness as Holly Brown and yet here we are.

No. 1061987

the ground is wonky looking af. the left side is fine but then the right side curves upward??

No. 1062010

Is anyone else pretty sure Tobi made this thread about themselves? They're pretty obsessed with SW cows, could be they were missing out on the *~attention~*

No. 1062021

Nah. It was made by someone in Artist Salt. People got fed up with hearing about Tobi over there, so someone asked how to make a thread and made one.
If you think Tobi was actively involved in Artist Salt as a casual participant, then okay. But it seems she only knows about Lolcow in passing because she has a thread.

No. 1062158

File: 1603161028575.png (758.77 KB, 602x1576, facialanatomy.png)

She has clip studio. Maybe she uses the 3D models? If she doesn't trace them, maybe she tries to copy them too closely? That doesn't explain the wonky ass perspective, though.

I’m sure some people like this, but to me, it always bothers when she draws 3/4ths view faces. Sometimes she can draw them fine, but a lot of the times I feel like it just looks awkward. The last one looks the best, and it’s the most recent, so maybe she’s improving?

She also has a tendency to give her characters the most dopey-ass expressions. Her channel icon is an example. Her eyes stare blankly, and her mouth hangs open. Like what expression is that even supposed to be? She just looks stupid.

No. 1062693

Her faces look really squashed especially in 3/4.

No. 1062739

Surprised no one has mentioned this here yet. Prison Mate Luke made a follow-up video – talks a lot about MintySh1t's video as well as the fact that Peaches, HO, Nawnii, and other art commentators have been dog-piling Omnia and Kai.

No. 1062740

Hope she's prepared to get her newest video ratioed again kek. I'm pretty sure one of the reasons her response was received so badly was because he made a video on her.

No. 1062774

I saw she took the "Yaoi Addict" out of her name, but didn't even notice she took the fists out of her dn. Atleast she's not trying to be a armchair activist so blatantly now.

No. 1063160

File: 1603309851134.png (80.45 KB, 366x849, nezzie.png)

This is Nezzie's whole sperg about how she was "dragged in the Tobi situation" and how people are getting mad about who she's friends with. No one gives a shit that you're friends with Tobi. People are upset because you refuse to listen to the opposite side of things. It's so funny how all of Tobi's friends/people on her side are suddenly crying about their mental health once they're confronted with the fact that they might be wrong. At this point an entire thread for the FruitCakeClub should be made because all of them are hypocritical bitches that make commentary on people, but can't take it themselves and cry about their 50000 mental illnesses.

No. 1063211

Damn. That's disappointing. I may just be grasping at straws since I like Nezziemonster but I think the rest of that friend group may be applying pressure behind the scenes that Nezzie isn't "Doing enough for tobi" or something because the general public opinion is that tobi fucked up so idk who would be putting enough pressure on Nezzie on the other side of things to make her think its "a lose lose situation". Also Nezzie no one shoehorned you into this you decided to compare omnia to madam without understanding context and this guy wasn't even @ing you so wtf???

No. 1063311

I feel like Nezzie and Tobi's other friends are getting fed her sob story and twisted narrative behind the scenes and aren't doing any further research so they're being adamant about dying on this hill. I feel bad because on one hand people are using guilt by association which isn't always right, but on the other hand you hang around with trash you're gonna start to smell. You'd think someone that collabed with Ponder would know to look at all the evidence presented. People are always subjected to have underlying biases when it comes to their friends and it's just eye-rolling to see so many people whine about their mental health because you can dish it but can't take it.

No. 1065529

Only Jesp's video on Tobi and Toasty.

I watched the whole thing, but I can't really remember any specific points. Maybe that's because Jesp's voice and how Jesp phrases things is very odd, and it kept distracting me. It can be grating and hard to understand.

I remember that Jesp talks about Tobi's, "It's Still Wrong if It's Drawn", "If You Have Boobs You're a Whore", and "Lumistarbun isn't the Only One at Fault" videos. At the Jesp talks about Tobi Tweeting some kid that's not comfortable.

No. 1065802

Jesp's video wasn't really about the drama with Kai and Omnia.

>Starts with the "It's still wrong if it's drawn" video

>Goes over the comment at the beginning of the vid and how the comment wasn't defending drawn CP but just asking her to use the correct terminology.
>Brings up more of Tobi being a hypocrite with her Todoroki drawing and also recommending underaged Yaoi to her underaged fans
>Calling the CSA survivor a pedophile and stupid is really scummy
>Moves onto the Sakimichan video
>No one @'ed Sakimi because they didn't want her to be harassed and they censored her name because people might be triggered by the content she draws
>Tobi censored the name of the OP at first but didn't again the second time they showed the tweet
>OP Was critiquing how Sakimi's art has declined due to how fast she has to produce work and also her same face syndrome.
>Goes over how the whole "Cal-Arts" style is not only stupid, but was coined by John K. A confirmed pedophile who was being petty about Disney artists.
>Basically Tobi either missed the entire point of the tweet or twisted it in usual Tobi fashion.
>Briefly talks about the Lumistarbun video and how hypocritical Tobi is considering her own actions.

The VanillaToasty part starts are 44:00 in

>Toasty and Tobi both bitched at people for liking/drawing underaged porn while Toasty himself followed Shadman at one point.

>Toasty and FuschiaButters used to have a NSFW discord where they let minors be admins and share porn of underaged characters.
>Toasty had another NSFW channel and didn't remove someone because they were uncomfortable with the chat
>Toasty is just a gross hypocrite that would fully show NSFW to minors even though they would ask him to stop
>Toastys a piece of shit tl;dr

Tobi comes back in at 1:06:10

>Tobi's dumbass comment on the whole trans thing and how stupid it was.

>You can't age up characters you don't know the age of
>Doubts it was "vent art"
>Tobi was in a kid's DM's being an asshat which resulted in the kid blocking Tobi. Tobi also started calling them a homophobe because they brung up the fact that they didn't like Yaoi.
>Tobi just needs to work on a few things.

No. 1065813

Tobi needs a whole new personality.

No. 1066063

File: 1603414612489.png (105.6 KB, 614x874, Jesp Peaches.png)

>Peaches gets herself involved for no reason
>Peaches says Omnia/Kai are sus and their apologies are fake. Omnia and Kai leaked all of Tobi's personal information.
>People criticize Peaches for getting involved at all and for spreading misinformation


First.. how would Peaches know when anyone says that? I thought she was “gone from social media FULLY”.

Second, if Tobi is abusive to this extent, why would you not share what she’s done? If it’s personal, it’s personal, but Peaches goes around telling everyone that Tobi hurt her. Wouldn’t it benefit people to know how Tobi acted, so they can avoid falling into any traps that Tobi set for Peaches?

No. 1066168

File: 1603432359844.png (245.94 KB, 842x1400, Peaches Community Post Oct. 23…)

Oh come on anon. Everyone knows that “getting off social media” is code for “I’m saying I’m having mental issues because of all the backlash, and I’m hoping saying this will make people leave me alone, but if it doesn’t I will see it and I will respond.”

Seriously though, if she’s really having mental trouble, she needs to commit to stepping away from social media. Stay off her Peaches accounts. Stay off Twitter in general. And she can’t have her friends fuck it up by telling her mean things people say or Tweet (if they are). She doesn’t have to disappear from the Internet, but maybe she should use Youtube logged out of her profile (possibly in Incognito), so she doesn’t get recommended videos on her, and so she doesn’t see how many comments she has on her bell.

There’s a whole world outside of artuber drama bullshit. Maybe see what that other world is like for a while.

No. 1066404

Honestly Tobi is a manipulator at this point, you can't even make the argument that she might be in private because she constantly shows it in the public. That comment about the trans thing where someone just simply asked her to not use that term? She flipped out and said they were in the wrong and were reaching and then turned around and blamed her BPD. Omnia was nice to her in DMs to be polite? She was being fake intentionally. Even the Shane shit she blamed other people for still being offended by "jokes that were years ago" and said they were stupid. She constantly frames herself as the victim and puts the blame on her mental issues which is all emotionally manipulative.

No. 1066438

Peaches is so full of shit. She just wants everyone to stop talking about because the internet caught her being two faced and petty and she doesn't like having that look. She prefers to be everyone's innocent sweet heart but you can't pull that look off when you jump fences when you think the other side of the argument is winning and you're on the sinking ship. She looks bad right now because she did stupid petty shit. Sorry Peaches you're not an innocent outsider you're one of the mean girls talking smack in the bathroom. Deal with it.

No. 1066464

File: 1603480728242.png (445.24 KB, 825x2376, More Peaches Responses.png)


>I didn’t watch Thumin’s video
>I was going to apologize, but then Thumin’s video came out, and now I can’t apologize without looking racist
>I told Thumin people were calling me racist. But people are still doing that. (I guess Thumin was supposed to fix that??)

>People are just criticizing her for spreading misinformation

Does anyone know what mythical video Peaches is talking about?

No. 1066515

Has anyone actually seen anyone else calling Peaches a racist?? I can't find comments like that in Thumin's comments, Peaches comments, or anywhere on twitter. I sear people take 1 or 2 comments that they might have gotten and blow them way out of proportion. You shouldn't have gotten involved if you didn't want to be criticized, Peaches. Your back and forth fence sitting bullshit is what ultimately caused this and now you and Nezzie both have to grow a pair and face the consequences of what comments you left no matter how much you try to distance yourself from this or cry about how you're not involved and how bad it is for your mental health. Let this be a lesson to any other Artuber that gets a big head and tries to pull fuckery like this: You are not exempt from criticism and play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

No. 1066599

File: 1603491492049.jpeg (205.42 KB, 1125x758, 4F9E70D4-FCCF-4532-9AC6-9EB034…)

Am I reading into this or is Hopeless Peaches extremely overdramatic and annoying? She’s the type of person who posts on Twitter to get her fans to coddle her, worry about her, or pity her. She says she’s leaving social media, but comes back just to see if anyone is still talking about her. It’s super cringe.

No. 1066603

No namefagging and sage your shit. Nezziemonster did the same thing. They're both equally as melodramatic.

No. 1066605

Read the rules:
This has been mentioned many times: >>1046257 >>1049398

And yes, it is very annoying. She said she was leaving social media, only for her to not leave social media, so she can "leave" social media again.
Guarantee she will be back.

No. 1066836

File: 1603518202768.png (107.45 KB, 613x993, fuchsiabuttersrage.png)

And friends like you are why she’ll never get better.

No. 1066841

I have BPD. I acted absolutely insane in my teenage years. I had some of the same problems that Tobi does.
In my opinion, the only way to get a Borderline to ever admit they’re wrong is to confront them. And you can’t back down. You have to know you’re right. You have to make good, logical arguments. Because with BPD, it’s very easy to nit pick every little thing and have all these manipulative behaviors to turn the focus off of yourself and onto others. Everything the BPD person says has to be shut down.
“But they called me-” No.
“They leaked my-” No.
“They lied-” No.
“I’m not supposed to say anything when they-” No.
“My BPD made me-” No.
“They flipped out-” No.

They will try to argue every single thing. They’re better than them. They have a right to be mad. They did blah blah blah wrong. It doesn’t matter.
Unless you make them confront the fact that it doesn’t matter what other people did, it doesn’t matter if you have a disorder, it doesn’t matter how you phrase it, you are wrong. You did something wrong. You are to blame. You alone. Not your switch. Not your BPD. You. Your BPD is you.(nobody cares)

No. 1066845

What a disgusting thing to say. Blaming people for her mental issues? Do you tell people you’ll commit suicide if they leave, too?

Why are these people rock bottom retarded? What did Fuschia think was going to happen from Tweeting this? That two or three of their followers would agree? All it does it make Tobi look worse. A+ friend you got there. They care so much that the backlash is affecting your mental health, that they Tweet something that will get you more backlash and further hurt your mental health.

No. 1066886

They're not blaming her for her mental illness they're blaming her for her behavior. Apart of dealing with BPD is taking accountability for your actions after an episode. Different treatments for different mental illnesses is a thing. You can't treat everything the same way.

Is it Tobi's fault she has BPD? No. No one can control that. Is it Tobi's fault when she refuses to acknowledge her bad behavior or make any effort to be better? Yes, yes it is.

I've suffered from depression most my life. I know someone telling me not to be depressed is not gonna make me magically undepressed. I also know that the only times I get better are when I decide to take actions to help myself. I have to want to pull myself out of the hole. I have to make the efforts to find help and try to get a handle on my depression. Nothing changes until I try to do something about it, I just remain depressed.

Like in most things in life nothing happens until you do something. Be it get fit or try to get yourself in a place mentally. Medication and Therapy are all tools to help someone help themselves. You have to want to change in order to change.

It's why depression and other mental disorders can be so hard to combat. You can have all the help in the world but if you don't want to help yourself you'll just fall right back into that hole.

Tobi doesn't try. She wants her BPD crutch. She wants to hide behind it rather than do the hard thing and apologize and try to be better.

No. 1066915

File: 1603539243832.png (16.33 KB, 598x187, eheheh.PNG)


It's pretty low to blame your health problems onto other people who literally have no responsibility over your mental issues.

It would make such a big difference if tobi just turned off the internet for once and focused on herself, but instead shes fixated on other people and other peoples opinions which she shouldnt.

Being someone with mental health issues, it's not hard to take care of yourself and better yourself, having to blame it on others won't change jackshit, and only worsen the thing you are trying to fix.

Im not so sure how tobi thinks this will change anything what shes dealing with, but im pretty sure pointing fingers at others and telling strangers on the internet that they are at fault that you're mentally unstable is just toxic and unhealthy in general.

anyway, kinda ironic that she retweeted this, considering shes the complete opposite of that. You sure you're doing good tobi? are you really being nice?

No. 1066942

Wasn't it on Fuchsia's discord server (now nuked) that Toasty's creepy shit started?

Also the people trying tell you to stop being friends with her are looking out for your reputation. No one's implying they "know her better than you" they're just telling you it looks bad. That just by association you look like you condone her behavior.

No. 1066966

I swear Toasty is taking the drama not seriously as Akumu was the person to make the video on him and the community has gone hard aganist him after he defended Madame.

No. 1067038

Lol Fuschia you dumbass Lily Pete clone. Tobi's subs are tanking and pretty much anyone with half a frontal lobe would be able to tell you your friend is a hypocritical bitch that's in the wrong but go ahead.

No. 1069055

File: 1603831371234.png (725.88 KB, 1159x1980, tiring 1.png)


It's just tiring at this point.

Going back to your old ways (as if she ever left) of replying to everyone who doesn't need a response is stupid. Tobi, stop acting stupid.
It's exhausting for everyone.

She just uses the same arguments, over and over again. I genuinely believe she is too stupid to understand the points people are trying to make against her.

No. 1069057

File: 1603831439904.png (2.9 MB, 749x8323, tiring 2.png)

No. 1069101

File: 1603834095915.png (2.08 MB, 876x6094, youtube tiring.png)


Fuck, there's more.

No. 1069176

Tobi's down to 41.7k subs meaning she's lost almost 4k lol. Going down down in an earlier round.

No. 1069475

jfc Tobi's doing that thing where she's inappropriately throwing in emojis like those dms to that minor on twitter. Like using uwu and ^^ doesn't make you seem softer or likeable and feels really tonedeaf to the criticism the comments bring up. idk why she does this it's really creepy

No. 1069779

File: 1603921636681.gif (727.21 KB, 500x281, giphy.gif)

This has probably been the fastest I've seen a YouTube channel rise and fall.

No. 1069938

Down to 41.6k now. She's loosing like 100-200 subs a day. I wonder how many she'll lose before it's all said and done and how many until she says something else about all the shit she's in. If she keeps loosing subs at this rate her subs could be halved in 3 months. Loosing a couple hundred subs is nothing to channels with hundreds of thousands of subscribers but Tobi was still under 50k when all this happened. She still gets abysmal views compared to her videos like her Creepshow video.

No. 1069999


>"I wasn't hostile"
She's utterly delusional. wtf.
She thinks people who criticize her for the trans chest comments are just "spiteful" and have a "shit point"
Way to show how ingenuine your apology was.

No. 1073244

So to catch everyone one up; Mari Akutstu made a 2 hour long video mainly talking about Tobi's points when it comes to minors drawn sexually as well as her bad mismanagement of her BPD. She went off on tangents a few times, but it's fairly decent.

No. 1073246

Lyra also made an hour long video pretty much going over all everything that's happened in chronological order. She brung up all of Tobi's friends and the Sailor Moon NSFW art.

No. 1074643

Just A Robot released a video with MangaKamen and Butters claiming the drama was dumb: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=djUDaHM1nPw

No. 1074704

cause using manga and butters after both had gotten involved looks VERY unbiased like damn JAR the vid would have more credibility if it was just him

No. 1074975

File: 1604525296568.png (218.33 KB, 857x1652, CommentsonJarVideo.png)


I went to the comments before watching the video.

These comments do not bode well for the video at all. Mostly because they are saying, once again, points that neither Kai nor Omnia made.

Again, these stupid pedo allegations that no one made. It has been clarified. No one thinks Tobi is a pedophile.
Can you even find a single comment saying that? My prediction for this video is that they haven’t.

And Nawnii is here, saying she may make another video.
No. Fuck off. We were monitoring your comment section, and for fuck’s sake, all anyone was saying was that they were disappointed in you.

No. 1075041

File: 1604529603601.jpg (294.16 KB, 1080x1327, IMG_20201105_002918.jpg)

Mangakamen has made a statement post the JAR video.

No. 1075049

File: 1604530016605.jpg (108.15 KB, 1024x709, nessa_fanart___casual_swim_by_…)

Hope his own stuff he's working on is his shitty art.
If you think the drama is so dumb why did you get involved?

No. 1075065

His comment thread with Kai was referenced in Thumin's video, and apparently it made people go aggro on him. Too bad he decided to collaborate with JAR and Fuschiabutters, who both misconstructed the argument to shreds. Not only did they brush off the Todoroki image but aggressively ate out Omnia for releasing the DMs along with the quote-tweets even though they apologized long ago. This quote from JAR makes me cringe the most.
> Todoroki isn't a child. He's 16. Old enough to drive. The age of consent in most states, is 16. Now I understand a few of you might say "That's the whole [it's not a pedophilia, it's a femiphilia] argument". Fine, fine, I get that, but she didn't draw porn of him. I don't like the movie Cuties, but it isn't porn. Suggestive? Yes. Inappropriate? Yes. But it isn't porn. Also, she did it one time. Just once. Jesus christ, get over yourselves.
Talk about purposefully ignoring context. No wonder his comment section is so spergy.

No. 1075187

File: 1604544022973.png (3.49 MB, 836x20401, HugeJarCommentsCompilation.png)


Here are comments from Madlibbs, Kai Weiss, Nezzimonster, Omnia, Miss Zi Zi, Only Jesp, Mari Akutsu, and Lyra, in that order.

Madlibbs complaining that Omnia/Kai petty-Tweeted them.

Nezzimonster complaining they were involved when they involved themselves.

Miss Zi Zi just says “Simp”, again.

The rest are arguing points made in the video.

OnlyJesp said she was going to make a response video, and JAR said she might want to think that over.

Also it doesn’t matter if your video was in the works for a while, Manga. You’re talking about drama. Drama changes and evolves very quickly. If you can’t keep up with it, your video is worthless. You’ll be behind with old information and old criticism that has already been addressed.

No. 1075301



>Jar: It doesn’t matter that Tobi drew BDSM of Todoroki because it’s not porn and he’s 16, which is the age of consent in most states. Plus she only did it once

>Tobi draws porn of a 14-year-old character
>Jar: Sailor Moon is not a loli, so I don’t really care

I don’t understand why Jar argues this. Is his point Tobi isn’t a pedo? Because no one is calling Tobi a pedo. The point only comes up to show that Tobi shouldn’t make blanket statements about people, especially being pedophiles. It also shows her being hypocritical.

Does Jar not realize that he’s a pedophile by Tobi’s logic? He’s defending people who draw underage characters. Tobi said anyone who does that is a stupid pedo.
(I'm not saying Jar is a pedo. I'm showing an example of why Tobi's black and white thinking is harmful. Not everyone that disagrees with her is a pedo, but that's what she said).

No. 1075324

File: 1604562274893.png (1.47 MB, 1279x2955, B60140FA-7D35-4A4A-A80F-C2D604…)

This is JAR’s response to Omnia’s comment on his video. Omnia didn’t really say much but I fact-checked her on her claim that that “limp-wristed” and “weakness in argument” comments were made by Butters, so she’s not wrong. JAR is looking stupider and stupider the more this is drawn out.

No. 1075336

File: 1604564811520.png (551.69 KB, 873x3392, JarCommentsHighlighted.png)


I didn’t believe that Jar actually said that. But I went to check, and he totally did. (I highlighted three parts for the next point)

He claims Omnia misrepresented what Harsh said, but Omnia literally quoted Harsh. Jar claims Harsh didn’t say that, then Jar says the “actual quote”, which is just what Omnia already posted.
Why does Jar think the first part of what Harsh said changes anything? It doesn’t suddenly flip the context.

And then Jar says that Omnia is crying wolf about people cutting context from her? The only part of Omnia’s comment that was about context was the part where she said that Madlibbs did subtweet her, so she believed other Tweets were subtweeting her as well.

An no, Jar, what Tobi was talking about wasn’t loli. She at no point said it was about loli. BentheLoony doesn’t even draw loli. Tobi said any minor. Tobi said you are a pedo or a pedo supporter if you defend someone who draws underage characters. She didn’t say you are a pedo supporter if you support people who draw loli.
At best, her wording is utter shit, and at worst, she literally thinks anyone who disagrees with her is a pedophile/pedophile supporter.

>Jar: Sailor Moon doesn’t count because she’s not a loli

Ffs this was never about lolis. If BentheLooney is our reference for what is child porn, Tobi was mad at people who drew fictional underage boys. Fictional boys who are, in canon, underage. Not lolis, which are super old but look young.
But Tobi did not say “if you support people who draw children sexually, you’re a pedo supporter”
Tobi did not say, “if you support people who draw lolis, you’re a pedo supporter”
Tobi said, “if you defend people who draw minors”. And Tobi got mad at literally anyone in the comments who provided a different opinion from her. If Jar commented on her video, “16 year olds are legal in some states, so that’s okay. And it doesn’t really matter the characters’ age, as long as they aren’t a loli.” Tobi would have told him to fuck off.

>Jar: It doesn’t matter if you apologized. I’m still going to call you out for it.

Why? What good does it do?

No. 1075347

File: 1604567391785.png (241.38 KB, 855x1510, Yourejustasbad.png)

Let’s not forget this.

>Kai: Tobi, by your logic, you’re just as bad as the people you criticize

Commentary channels: Oh my gosh you’re calling her a pedo!!!!!!111!

>Tobi: You’re just as bad as pedophiles or worse if you disagree with me

Commentary channels: Silence

No. 1075351

> Miss ZiZi just says "Simp", again
When will this woman learn her actions have consequences… Goddammit. Also, ironic that JAR is all up in arms about Omnia ever daring to be upset regarding the race comments considering the fact he repeatedly made race-related jokes in the video at Kai's expanse - even sometimes imitating Tobi's retarded demeaning baby voice. Yeah JAR, sure, you're not riling up shit… keep lying to yourself.

No. 1075353



JAR is just moving goalposts.

“Tobi didn’t draw porn of him, so it’s fine.”
>Tobi draws porn of a minor
“Tobi didn’t draw a loli, so it’s fine.”

wtf..? I thought the problem was that it wasn’t porn? Now that it is porn, the problem is that it isn’t a loli?

No. 1075355

> Tobi apologized, it wasn't very good, but she did. But it doesn't matter that you, Tobi or Kai apologized. You guys still did bad things I'm still going to call you out for it.
Is he seriously equating taking responsibility for not blurring a single dm immediately and apologizing right there and then with a 40 minute video that started by threatening the people who critiqued her as well as sugarcoating all her actions? harassment is just as bad as a petty tweet now, gotcha. He's reaching so hard to put the two parties on a level playing field when it doesn't exist by forcing the "race card bad" and "pedo accusations bad" buzzwords onto Omnia and Kai.

I honestly still believe he was the worst person to collab with on mangakamen's front, but I understand why. JAR has a bigger channel, an impressionable audience who already have no knowledge of the drama and trust his content. I don't wanna allege anything but I feel as if the framing was purposefully done like this.

No. 1075356

I honestly agree, he's just jumping from one argument to another to cover his ass and his audience is eating it up.

No. 1075363

JAR will morph any argument to suit his needs.

“Well, at least Tobi didn’t draw porn. Oh, she did? Well, at least Tobi didn’t draw loli.”

This was never even about loli. Tobi said, “If you think that drawing children or children that are drawn in sexual situations is okay or you do it, you are a pedophile, you support pedophiles, you don’t have empathy and you don’t fucking care, or you’re fucking stupid.” Where was loli mentioned? Where was age of consent mentioned?

Kai’s point was that Tobi’s blanket statements weren’t going to fly because they were extremely broad and lacked any nuance. However, just to suit JAR’s white-knight needs, there is nuance in her argument. There isn’t. That’s the fucking point. Jfc these commentators are dense.

No. 1075370

He still needs to justify how disagreeing with calling drawn CP CSEM makes you a pedo by Tobi's logic lol, move those goalposts faster boy

Actually, I wonder if anyone brought up age of consent in the original "Its still bad if its drawn" video's comment section. If Tobi clapped back to that with her cookie cutter "waaah pedo", JAR's fucking circuits would snap.

(Reposted because I'm dumb and forgot posting rules)

No. 1075412

My disappointment in the art commentary community keeps growing by the second. Why is Tobi the hill these big creators want to die on? Also I'm getting real sick of the creators saying "this drama is dumb" drama is inherently stupid saying it's stupid doesn't mean it doesn't matter and you can just dismiss it!

No. 1075419

How can these people be so self-unaware? They act like people who think they’re biased are just ridiculous, rabid haters, who are stupid and don’t understand any of their points.

But like, JAR waved away the two drawings Tobi did of minors, and gave her the benefit of the doubt. Then he made a conspiracy theory that the reason Harsh Opinions and Nawnii got hate on their videos was because Omnia/Kai have a Discord chat, and Omnia/Kai sent their fans after them. He said this with no evidence.

JAR gives benefit of the doubt to Tobi, which is not given to Omnia and Kai. This was the same in Harsh’s and Nawnii’s videos. It’s not about approaching the matter calmly. It’s not about criticizing Kai, Omnia, Tobi, or whoever. It’s the fact that Omnia/Kai are not criticized with benefit of the doubt.

For example, in Harsh’s video, she assumes that Omnia purposely made that threat and removed it so only Madlibbs could see it. Even when presented with evidence otherwise, with Omnia/Kai explaining why they removed it, Harsh still made this theory against them. Yet Harsh gives Tobi the benefit of the doubt when Tobi says she didn’t know Todoroki’s age when she drew him.

No. 1075550

Not gonna lie, I wouldn't really blink if the current commentary community gets overhauled. The most competent creators on this topic have been really small ones and it's depressing how hard the rules are bent by well known names just for some girl they played minecraft with. It seems JAR's obscenely brainlet logic has reignited the flames and big names have commented on it (like Nawnii who said she might make another video on it), so unless they get a eureka moment they'll keep fighting tooth and nail for the right of the onlyfans lamb.

No. 1075554

> "b-b-but anon!!!! you can never appease these victim cults! black man spongebob image funny!! it doesn't matter if you apologized I'm still gonna sperg like you brushed it off and completely assume your intent!!! you must be OMNIA THATS WHY YOU DISAGREE WITH ME!!!"
I'm glad people are seeing how shit JAR's arguing etiquette is in action.

No. 1075565

Holy cow this is barely about Tobi anymore lmao.

I really hate commentary channels on YouTube. I can just imagine Tobi slowly backing out of a room with all these guys arguing and raging.

No. 1075684

Have you guys seen the commenter smutmasterlovelydeath or something? They don't have a video but they act like Tobi. They constantly keep saying that they are not onntobis side but curse out anyone who is with omnia in the comments and screams how omnia and kai are tearing the community apart. When someone pointed out two ppl alone can't do that they screamed and said how they "weaponized the race"

No. 1075745

File: 1604612116293.jpg (107.35 KB, 1068x437, IMG_20201105_233059.jpg)

I've been lurking the comments and yeah, the name is "YourLocalSmutMaster LovelyDeathxx" (pretty cringe if you ask me). They've been responding to that broken clock Akumu, refusing to check Lyra's video for proof on the sailor moon image, as well as snapping at Omnia as she's responding to JAR with a "POINTS CONTINUATION" nobody saw coming. They said they're a part of the community yet I never heard of them or saw their comments on any video besides this one, so I'm betting on "misguided JAR fan who eats his garbage takes with a side dish of acid". Unrelated to thread.

No. 1075781



Yeah, we know about them. You can find them sperging at multiple people here >>1075187
Dude responds with college-length essays.

Their response to Lyra is laughable. Lyra tells him that Tobi drew underage porn of Sailor Moon, and he's like "Are you going to post proof of it?? No one is going to take your word of it."
Then Lyra tells him it's in her video at 10:14.
Then LovelyDeathxx complains that Lyra didn't post the link. Twice. He whines that he shouldn't have to go through her videos and the evidence should be "provided up front"
Lyra repeats that all he had to do was go to her channel, look at the Tobi video, at the timestamp. Deathxx acts like Lyra never said this, and that Lyra needs to post the link.

Dudes a fucking idiot.

No. 1076027

The other point he keeps bitching at Lyra about is really stupid too. He keeps bringing up the fact that Omnia is a shitty person for not asking permission from Tobi before showing those two DMs about Shane and when Lyra brings up the fact that Omnia was not not obligated to do that nor was Tobi even mad about that in the first place, He spergs on about how bad it is to HIM that Omnia didn't do that. If you look through every video made on this Drama you'll find him being a whiny bitch baby in the comments.

No. 1076250

He's on every single video about omnia and kai bitching about ppl criticism. Lol, he acts very triggered.

No. 1076617

well, Prison Mate Luke made a video on JAR's video. gonna be summing up points in a while.

No. 1076620

File: 1604701507173.png (91.23 KB, 800x1326, JARcomment.png)

JAR also commented on the video, saying he will make a second one. Looks like this matter won't end any time soon.

No. 1076680

Imagine wanting to die on the hill that is Tobi's hairy ass. Watching people defending Tobi has been more annoying than watching Tobi defend herself.

No. 1076850

File: 1604719814013.png (100.16 KB, 1280x720, jarandtobi.png)

Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

No. 1077807

File: 1604820529255.png (53.82 KB, 871x409, CommentonPrison.PNG)

I liked this comment from Prison Mate Luke's video. I didn't really think about it, but it's true. Tobi is against child porn, and age of consent laws do not apply to pornography.

Also, >>1076617 and >>1074643 , please put the link to the Youtube video in the "Youtube" line underneath "Choose File" next time you post a video. That makes the video embeded.

No. 1077818

This is the dumbest part of JAR's video and comments because he doesn't realize that his personal gross opinions don't apply to the drawings. The only reasons those drawings where brung up was to show Tobi's hypocrisy. It doesn't matter if you personally find them bad or not, it only matters in terms of Tobi's own mentality and how she contradicted it. I'm pretty sure Tobi probably has the same mentality as JAR in that the underage shit is only really bad if it's blatant Loli/Shota. But she'd never admit that outloud because it'd make her look less virtuous.

No. 1077832

File: 1604827021472.png (980.68 KB, 827x6970, JarReplies.png)

I collected a few comments from JAR.

JAR really doesn’t understand that saying that the Todoroki drawing isn’t child porn is defending Tobi. Like you’re defending what Tobi did. You’re saying it wasn’t wrong. You’re saying it’s not wrong because it isn’t porn, and it isn’t loli. OR, JAR is saying that Tobi is not a hypocrite because Todoroki is not a loli. Either way, that’s defending Tobi.

I guess by “Luke took things out of context” JAR assumes that Luke purposefully only chose parts of the video that were not admonishing Tobi to respond to. But I don’t think this was some grand manipulation tactic. It’s just Luke trying to pick out the relevant bits and respond to them. What would be the point in showing the entire video if he only wanted to argue a few specific things? Of course, I am assuming what JAR feels, but if JAR feels like Luke purposefully only chose parts of his video to manipulation his audience, JAR would be acting a bit paranoid.

It seems like JAR thinks that Luke was taking things out of context by responding to each person (Fuscia, Manga, JAR) separately. As in, treating each of their arguments as separate from each other. But Fuscia, JAR, and Manga don’t share the same opinion on a lot of the drama in the video, so I don’t see how it’s a problem. Manga doesn’t agree with Tobi drawing underage characters. JAR defended it and continues to defend it in comments. How does Manga not agreeing with Tobi change how JAR feels? They have almost the opposite opinion.

Also JAR didn’t know that Fuscia was close to Tobi. Like??? Have you been paying attention at all? Done any research?

JAR doesn’t bother responding to good, logical comments (like the response by jamieee). He just says watch the video and dips out. Why? What’s the point?

JAR also copies and pastes responses. I thought this was really funny the first time I saw it, but if I’m being genuine, I don’t know why he bothers.

No. 1078096

"I didn't know Fuschia and Tobi were that close." You can literally just look at Fuchsia's twitter. Did Fuschia just randomly DM you or Kamen asking to be in the vid and you didn't think anything about it? If so, actual fucking dumbass.

No. 1078140

File: 1604874825213.png (318.02 KB, 737x795, fb.png)

This is why you shouldn't have included Fuchsia in the video JAR. She's a hypocritical Tobi clone that's so far up her ass she could probably see what Tobi had for dinner 2 days ago.

No. 1078176

At no point did Kai or Omnia refer to a disorder they have as the reason they misbehaved or acted stupidly.
The only people who have argued for Kai and Omnia's mental health is Prison Mate Luke (latest video) and possibly Thumin.
And just because someone thinks that Tobi uses her BPD as a "scapegoat" doesn't mean they don't care about her mental health. That doesn't mean people want Tobi to fall into a deep depression or hurt herself. It just means people want her to give a solid apology without mentioning her BPD.

Fuchsia is so unbelievably stupid. Kai and Omnia aren't the reason the drama started. Tobi is. Tobi acted poorly, so people made videos on her. If Tobi hadn't acted poorly, there would be nothing to make videos about.
I'm not sure what kind of apology Fuchsia wants, but they clearly want more than Kai or Omnia can give. Fuchsia acts like they want Kai and Omnia to fix the fact that people don't like Tobi now, but that's not their fault.

No. 1078197

Plus Omnia and Kai only mentioned it like, three times, mainly in passing. Meanwhile, Tobi brings up her BPD every single time she’s caught in even the slightest bit of controversy, going on and on about it as if it’s holding her hostage and making her lie and do awful shit against her will. There’s a stark difference between those two parties, and the fact that everyone defending Tobi thinks it’s just a black-and-white, “these things are equal to each other” issue proves how idiotic they are.

Not to mention, from the sounds of it, Omnia has Kai and her other friends to hold her accountable. Meanwhile, all of Tobi’s friends are yesmen who double- and triple- down on defending her even when it’s clear to the stupidest person that they’, and Tobi, are in the wrong.

No. 1078204

Omnia and Kai just gave Tobi critique on what Tobi has done and Tobi is the one that decided to lie, spread misinformation, and continue to say they made false accusations against her. Tobi, Fuschia, Madlibss, and Nezzie can all go piss and shit in a corner while crying about how bad this situation had gotten because Tobi brought it all on herself by being a fucking twat in public and then crying victim when she got called out on it. The entire art commentary community needs an overhaul like an anon mentioned above. The literal only way I can see this truly ending and shutting people up is if Ponder were to make a video and even then I'd be worried she'd be biased because she's friends with Nezzie. This whole drama is so retarded because commentators just can fathom that they might get called out on their shit.

No. 1078234

>“Other than Butters, none of us think she’s just as bad”

Too bad Butters is in the video, right? This comment criticized the video for thinking Omnia/Kai are just as bad as Tobi. Fuchsia is part of that video. JAR acts like people shouldn’t criticize him for defending the Todoroki drawing because MangaKamen said that he didn’t agree with Tobi drawing Todoroki that way. JAR acts like Manga’s points and his points are they same. But if FuchsiaButters makes super biased and stupid points in the same video, suddenly Butter’s points should be considered separate from his own?

JAR, you made a video with an extremely biased person, who admits that they are biased. Why? Butters admitting that they are biased does not solve that problem. A biased point, will, and always will be, biased.

No. 1078258

This entire video is a shit show and JAR's response is gonna be even shittier.

No. 1078356

I don't think Ponder would be biased she's called people out before and have become/stayed friendly with them regardless of the issue. Then again I also thought that about Nezzie, JAR and Mangakamen and look at what a clown I feel like now. Although I'd rather Ponder take care of herself first then jump into the issue since she's expressed discomfort with how well known she is nowadays and isn't even sure she wants to continue the channel and burnout from tackling this dumpster fire may just make things worse. Especially disappointed in JAR for saying Luke "took things out of context" instead of just taking the L and Manga's fake legal bs in the vid was downright embarrassing.

No. 1078370

Ponder is biased towards her friends, but I don't think it matters one way or another. I doubt she's ever going to touch this drama, and even if she did, it wouldn't suddenly stop people from having different opinions. If she takes our side, Jar, Manga, Nezzie, etc. are all still going to feel the same way. If she takes Jar, Nezzie, and Manga's side, there's going to be videos made against her, and the cycle repeats.

No. 1078375

Because Ponder is pretty respected in the ACC she might be able to shut most people up, but I doubt she'd touch this drama. She was able to become friends with Atari and Icyhazard after she talked about them so who knows if she would be biased.

No. 1078729

Love how ppl are raving abt secret discord server without providing any links or proof.

No. 1078826

overhaul anon here, fully agreeing with you. Ponder may have biases, but she's got something that the other commentary channels defending Tobi don't have - an ability to acknowledge when she's wrong and the ability to forgive people who fucked up. She ripped into people who made horrible videos on spoctor like atari and when they showed real incentive to improve, she encouraged them to. Unlike Just A Regurgitation she would very likely forgive Kai and Omnia for what mistakes they made because they've already apologized and made incentives to improve. Hell, Omnia continues to apologise, even while responding to JAR, she's determined to see the faults in herself and atone for them yet these people keep picking at the scabs. Her videos have actually improved a little since the initial callout video, she is much more level-headed when she talks and less petty overall and I'm sure Ponder ( if she ever decides to touch this flaming mess of garbage), would respect that.

No. 1078886

So Kai and Omnia made a response to JAR's video. He'll probably tackle this video when he responds to Luke too.

No. 1078893

The art commentary communities immediate way to "stop the drama" is to make more videos about stopping the drama, then make another video about someone who wants to stop the drama while claiming theyre hypocritical, then another video comes out and theyre calling out another two fucking people. then again, it isnt even about tobi anymore. then it goes back to tobi. then it goes to nawnii or harsh opinions. honestly can these people just let it the fuck go? this is getting really old now

No. 1078894

Kai and Omnia were more than willing to let this drama go. JAR, Kamen, and Fuchsia are the ones that opened Pandora's box again a month later, once again spreading misinformation. I don't blame Kai and Omnia wanting to clear it up considering how much of a bigger channel JAR is. Jar is just reaping what he sows at this point.

No. 1079135

Damn this is depressing. The "identity politics" bit from JAR was really hard to stomach not so much because of what he said but how he said it. His tone was very "I don't give a crap what your reasoning is I just think your outrage at social issues is stupid". Never occurred to me how much of a antisjw edgelord he is until then.

No. 1079149

He's always had an "holier than thou" attitude, but it just got amplified over time.

No. 1079163

I just want to state that Tobi believes that Todoroki is a child. She mentions it in her “Addressing My Controversies” video at 25:15 - 25:22 and at 25:24 - 25:32.
Here are her exact words:

>“I didn’t know who the character was, and I assumed they were an adult, because they looked like they were in their early twenties. It didn’t look like a child, so I didn’t know it was a child."

>"I know that now, but back then, I didn’t. So you trying to insinuate that I drew this person with the knowledge that they were a child is bullshit and stupid."

So I don't want to hear JAR's stupid "Todoroki is 16" and "Tobi was talking about lolis" arguments any more. JAR, you are actively misrepresenting Tobi's argument to suit your own narrative.

No. 1079181

He's also putting words in Tobi's mouth by saying "She probably meant Lolis not teenagers" Tobi never said Lolis, she made the blanket statement of children which means anyone 17 and under. He's just trying to justify her actions which makes it very obviously and sneakily biased along with Fuschia's inclusion. Also him not considering 16 year olds children is fucking weird and suspicious as fuck.

No. 1079272

You and I are thinkin' the same way, anon. Everybody's gotta get the last word in and sound like a saint while doing so.

No. 1079460

Anyone else think we should just make an Art Commentary Community thread once this one hits post limit? Tobi will probably get boring after this and that way it'll be for all people involved in the art commentary community. (JAR, FruitCakeKlub, Kamen, etc.)

No. 1079717

File: 1605058509207.png (121.84 KB, 736x660, jar.png)

I love how JAR never responded to this kek.

No. 1079796

Yeah the first time I heard the clip of him saying sixteen isn’t a child and doing that whole justification with the age of consent laws I had a major “yikes” moment. Dude is giving off major onision vibes.

No. 1080537

File: 1605149059070.png (276.46 KB, 629x1700, TobiPeach.png)

Tobi.. Tobi
People who make Tweets about wanting/trying to kill themselves do want attention. They want to have it proven to them that people do care. But it’s never enough. Even if people are able to convince them not to do it the first time, the suicide-ee will continue to do this. Over and over. It’s an unhealthy pattern of behavior, and it shouldn’t be encouraged.

Stop acting like abnormal behaviors of mentally ill people are okay just because those people are mentally ill. Odd behaviors are indications that something is wrong.

No. 1080710

I know peaches can't stand Tobi so I really have to wonder how she feels about this and what even happened between them. Also, yes Tobi, Peaches does want attention.
She knew what she was doing with that "Goodbye" tweet. Way to look like an ass and bait your followers into thinking you offed yourself. Posting shit like that is not only bad for your followers because it scares them into thinking you're about to be dead, but it continues a gross cycle of seeking attention in toxic ways, getting it, and wanting more. Peaches has continually said she's going to "take a hiatus/break" and comes back a few days later. Wash, rinse, and repeat. The internet is bad to her mental health along with things in her personal life, but she doesn't take the initiative to actually distance herself for atleast a month or two.

No. 1080851

Nezzie did it too when people tried to talk to her about the kai/omnia situation after Thumin's vid. She even doubled down like an hour later saying "I wasn't just talking about leaving twitter". Like I feel bad that's how awful things are for them but I wish they'd really just take an actual break until they're in a better mental state instead of subjecting their fans to this kind of bad behavior.

No. 1080880

File: 1605191409798.png (37.54 KB, 842x324, JarEdited.PNG)

I don’t understand why making videos is JAR’s standard. Just like the loli argument, no one argued that everyone is making videos on Kai/Omnia. They just said Kai/Omnia were being ganged up on.
Like, by his standards, no one is being ganged up on. But JAR’s not arguing his standard. He’s arguing with Thumin’s. Thumin set the standard that a bunch of creators with large followings leaving negative comments, making misinformed videos, subtweeting, etc. was dogpiling. You can’t change the standard that was set. You have to argue within it as to why you agree or disagree.
Saying, “The standard for dogpiling shouldn’t be making Tweets, subtweeting, leaving comments, etc. It should only be determined by who makes videos.”, doesn’t change the argument at all. It doesn’t add anything. Like great, you think the standard should be something else. How does that challenge Thumin’s point at all? How does that make it okay that large creators were jumping in to defend someone’s actions that were less than stellar?

No. 1080895

File: 1605193209975.png (77.2 KB, 796x508, MangaKamenComment.PNG)

This is stupid, too. Omnia and Kai being criticized for things they didn’t even do. Kai and Omnia never agued that Manga, Fuchsia, Nezzie, Madlibbs, JAR, Harsh, or even Tobi, was racist.

Thumin was the only creator that brought up Manga, and she never argued he was racist. Thumin’s exact words were, at (34:37 – 35:06) in her video,

>“Now, another creator, who happens to be friends with Hopeless Peaches, by the name of Manga Kamen, also involved himself in this drama by commenting and debating Kai in his comment section, as well as leaving various different nit-picky comments on other videos regarding this drama. Mind you, Manga Kamen is a very big channel with around fifty-six thousand subscribers.”

She mentions him a second time in her conclusion at (38:43 - ). Her words:

>”Seeing large creators like Hopeless Peaches, Mizz Zi Zi, and Manga Kamen, leaving passive aggressive comments on Kai’s significantly smaller channel for fairly criticizing Tobi, is truly perplexing. You do realize how intimidating it can get to have half of the art commentary creators ganging up against you as a small and up-and-coming creator?”

That is literally all she said about Manga. Her only point with bringing him up is that larger creators are ganging up on Kai and Omnia by doing things like leaving comments, making Tweets, subtweeting, liking Tweets, etc.

Manga is pinning blame on people for things they never did.

He’s also minimizing. “Do they deserve to be dragged through the mud just because they left one comment?”
Tell me one person who has only left one comment, because we have well documented here, everyone who is criticized for dogpiling on Kai and Omnia have continuously involved themselves with this situation. They continue to make Tweets, comments, and they like Tweets involving the situation. They promote videos that criticize Kai/Omnia.

Also, it’s just bullshit. This video wasn’t talking about how people got wrongly accused of being racist. Did the video show Nawnii being called racist and call out the people doing it? Did the video show Manga being called racist and call out the people doing it? No. It criticized Omnia and Kai. That’s it.
If the purpose of JAR and Co.’s video was to lambast the people who are taking what Omnia, Kai, Thumin, etc. say and twist it to fit whatever point they want, they didn’t do that at all!

No. 1081519

File: 1605281618723.png (25.94 KB, 904x388, nawniivid.png)

so here's a funny, Nawnii unprivated her Tobi video [which was privated shortly after her "apology" got recieved poorly] thinking nobody would notice and turned off comments. Guess it'll make it easier for her to claim people were accusing her of "racism" if nobody can verify the comments by themselves. these people will do anything to not be a "coward"

No. 1081629

I'm honestly suspicious of the whole racism claim. Nobody until now has actually shown evidence of the whole "they called me racist" thing besides the fact that… Omnia and Kai are not white and that somehow, this means they abuse the "race card". There isn't even proof they deflected the criticism levied against them. It's almost as if nobody's doing it.

No. 1081973

Lol what a bitch move to turn of comments. Nawnii is so damn spineless. She apologized and privated the video, but when JAR mentioned her in his video she made a comment claiming she was being called racist and that's why she privated it and not because she was spreading misinformation, and then once again when Luke released his video she ran and deleted that comment. She and Peaches both need to grow and backbone and just stick to one narrative and not flip back and forth like a dying fish.

I haven't actually seen any comments calling anyone racist either. They're sperging about Kai and Omnia using the race card when it could be said that everyone else is using the "people are calling me racist" card over a few people calling them out on their bullshit.

No. 1082149

Yeah idk where anyone is getting racist. The closest I've seen is that some people point out how sus it is that Kai and Omnia are POC and every bigger channel dogpiling (for the most part) are white. But even then that isn't about people being racist it's more about how quick white people get triggered when race comes into it. Then again since JAR, Tobi, Fuschia, etc. all seem to be boiling down the minors thing into "Kai/Omnia called Tobi a pedo!" I don't expect a great understanding of nuance from them.

No. 1082198

File: 1605373144951.jpg (151.76 KB, 1080x925, Adobe_20201113_170426.jpg)

Agreed, I think I wouldn't be surprised if it turns out they were lying regarding these claims since Mangakamen's harassment [which people said was due to his comments on the Tobi situation] was already attributed to his GameGrumps video.
Besides, I've seen a couple of tweets from Spoctor saying he will be making a video about people who he has been in private contact with (attached above), and knowing he follows most of the commentary community channels involved… Might be too tinfoil-hat'y of me, but people are already speculating that it's regarding the JAR video on Tobi.

No. 1082202

Actually, remembering that JAR called comments that used vocabulary limited to "sus", "not a good look" and "honestly disappointing" the 'worst hate comments' he has 'ever seen', I wouldn't put it past him to lambast anyone mentioning race as a "victim cultist" calling him racist. For god's sake, man pretended quoting the same thing Omnia quoted but with a couple of extra prepositions means he exposed her for "misrepresentation".

No. 1082284

File: 1605384002921.jpg (274.75 KB, 1080x936, IMG_20201114_215901.jpg)

Actually in Nawnii's apology she stated she would only unlist the video and not private it, then went back on her word without telling anyone. I was talking about it with some folks and was gonna link it to them but hit the "this video was privated" wall, and then we all proceeded to take the piss out of her apology. People like parading her around as a sensitive uwu so soft person but she's quite two-faced and manipulative, making sadboy-tier tweets after posting an apology that practically said "I'm sorry my opinion offended you".

No. 1082286

Yeah spoctor is making a video on Tobi. The initial tweet replies are a fucking dumpster fire holy SHIT (also mangakamen calls people racist, in today's news) https://twitter.com/SpoctorTech/status/1325459145697488898?s=19 nawnii literally tells spoctor "these are some dangerous waters", we really need a commentary community thread after this one hits post limit…

No. 1082483

Oh man, if Spoctor makes a video on JAR's with his following being over 300k, this entire community is going to go up in flames and cannibalize one another. Spoctor is friends with JAR,
Kamen, and pretty much any other big name art commentary channel. I don't see why that message/comment would be aimed at Omnia/Tobi/Kai because to my knowledge he doesn't even know them. That message is probably why JAR is starting to backtrack on including Fuchsia, has gone pretty quiet, and why Kamen has started to remove his involvement altogether. Get Your popcorn ready boys. This video is probably gonna cause the most shit thus far.

No. 1082741

Omnia has officially reached a higher sub count than Tobi. Well deserved, considering how shitty of a person Tobi is.

Spoctor tends to be a reasonable person though, so I have a sliver of hope for this upcoming video. Harsh also indicated on her community tab that she will apologize for her video on the Tobi situation, but I'm not sure what exactly that will entail. I guess we have a lot to look forward to.

No. 1082749

File: 1605423743005.png (82.94 KB, 1042x391, ho.png)

Sage your posts if you're not adding any new info on Tobi and post pictures of what you're talking about. Harsh's tone of voice makes her sound like a Tobi clone so I can only hope she'll actually apologize and address things unlike what Tobi did.

No. 1084642

Tbh I have zero trust for big cc ppl since all of them would rather defend each other than give each other criticism

No. 1085252

File: 1605681987888.png (40.89 KB, 732x408, tobianita.png)

Tobi, why the fuck are you quoting an Anita tweet from 2019. What is the point of this aside from going "BAWWWW MY BROTHER THOUGH". Did you just want reason to bring him up lol.

No. 1085437

Tobi also references a friend who apparently killed himself while quote-tweeting Hopeless Peaches above, who already went on multiple platforms to claim that her interactions with Tobi caused her mental health to decline (in video embedded around 11:55 Jesp talks about what Peaches feels about Tobi and Peaches gave her support to the video in comments). Not to defend Peaches here as she did fuck up majorly, but it takes a new type of self-absorbed to make someone else's mental health about you and your ancedotal experiences (and also act as if having one friend who literally offed themselves makes you an expert on how to properly help suicidal people).

Btw nobody posted this video yet so here

No. 1085538

yet another monotone voiced commentator eyeroll

No. 1085703

anons and anons, spoctor's video is premiering as we speak. Looking so far like a good talk on the situation.

No. 1085705

Yeah watching it now. Pretty decent so far. Actually brung up the Sailor Moon pic which is already more than most people have done.

No. 1085732

>I know two more videos are going to come out
Me: Two?
>One from JustaRobot
Me: Fair enough
>And one from TheNamesJunkie
Me: Nooo

No. 1085954

What's the deal with TheNamesJunkie?

No. 1085958

If you’re asking what video he’s going to make about the Tobi situation, I don’t know.

If you’re asking why the negative reaction to him, every time I see a video from him it’s always terrible.
He constantly misunderstands/misrepresents the arguments people make. He likes to cut context and misinterpret things to make himself 100% right. He never sees anything with nuance. And if you use hyperbole, fuck, he won’t understand it at all.
He acts like there is always a clear "bad guy" and a "good guy" in every situation. That all arguments are either "right" or "wrong". Again, no nuance.

He could agree with my opinion 100% and still make a terrible video.

Plus, what on Earth could he say that hasn’t been said already?
I understand why JAR would make a video, because he wants to defend himself and clear misconceptions. But Junkie? He's just another bandwagoner that won't have anything new.

No. 1086362

I don't see why Junkie would need to make a video. JAR I can understand so he can actually own up to his shit, but what input would Junkie be able to provide that hasn't already been talked about?

No. 1087659

File: 1605938902138.png (417.78 KB, 738x634, peaches.png)

Okay, anyone else find this really fucking creepy? Peaches has said she had a falling out with Tobi and it was really bad, but for some reason Tobi still follows her/ Quote retweets shit about her or from her? Like what is she hoping, Peaches somehow starts talking to her again or she wants to look good? Fucking weird.

No. 1087713

I don't find it creepy, necessarily, but if I were Peaches, I'd be pretty upset. I would wonder why someone who I had a falling out with kept bothering me. It would be very weird. It's obsessive, like Tobi can't let it go.

I'm 99% sure it's a result of her Borderline. IF you ever hear someone talk about being in a relationship with a Borderline, they always mention how they will get into horrible fights, but then a few moments later or the next day it's like it didn't happen at all. Borderlines' minds just don't work the same way.

Just more proof that Tobi doesn't understand basic social behavior and cues, I guess, and that her therapist failed her.

No. 1087723

Fuck me.
She’s gone to therapy for borderline since she was a teenager, and she’s now 26. Yet none of her therapists thought it was important to mention the obsession part of the disorder? The part where you act crazy as fuck and need to learn how to act like a normal fucking person?

Or did she just ignore that part?

And she hasn’t realized by now that when you get into an argument with someone, they stay upset at you? Like I know arguments are different for borderline people, because they don’t stay upset. Their emotions change all the time. But it doesn’t take all but two braincells to realize the way you feel and act is outside of what is normal.

You need help, Tobi. Get a better therapist.

No. 1087744

I did find the quote tweeting strange, especially since Peaches has gone out of her way to say that she dislikes Tobi immensely post what happened in the drama and most likely won't be tempted into making amends by Tobi breathing down her neck.

No. 1087758

>>1087723jesus christ. She crosses lines and personal spaces repeatedly and is uncomfortably over shary and friendly with ppl but the moment ppl do same to her she goes fucking ballistic.

No. 1087760

I thought bpds hold grudges forever? Guess I learnt something new today.

No. 1087779

They do, but they don't.
If you do something that makes them upset, then they will remember everything you did in the past and hate you.
But they typically get over arguments very quickly. They will forget about all the hate they had for you. Until you do something that makes them upset again.
This can also work in reverse. They can hate you until you do something good, and then they will think you are perfect and can do no wrong.

They're in a constant roller coaster of love and hate. No inbetween.

No. 1088512

spoiler alert: it's a trainwreck

No. 1088550

Alright, let’s watch this trashfire.
It’s 57 minutes long
Oh, damn it.

0:00 – 3:30: Apologizes for the title of his last video being bad, being late to the drama, including Butters in the video, the chaotic editing, and using the black Spongebob (it was an old inside joke that came across poorly).

3:31 – 13:15: Explains how he originally saw the drama. But he has changed his mind. Says he was misinformed. Didn’t know about Tobi calling Ben a pedo or what she said at the end of her dog video.

13:30 – 14:05: JAR says he’s okay with Luke and is fine with criticism.

14:06 – 14:40: JAR says he’s always late to drama. If he was early, he’d be called out for jumping on a bandwagon. So he’s doomed if he does or doesn’t.

14:41: Starts talking about Prison Mate Luke’s video

17:20 – 17:40: Argues that leaking DM’s is leaking DM’s. If he were in Omnia’s situation, he would of just asked Tobi to prove how she was taking her out of context, or ask Tobi for permission to leak the DM’s. Leaking DM’s isn’t illegal; it’s just kind of a dick move. JAR says he doesn’t think it’s super bad.

18:15 – 19:25: Harsh wasn’t just writing off Kai and Omnia. Kai doesn’t explain how he was taken out of context. Harsh doesn’t call Kai a simp, but he does call him a white night twice. While that’s sort of the same thing, her video is more than just “calling Kai a simp”.

19:40 – 20:08: A whole bunch of people didn’t gang up on Kai and Omnia. Only Harsh and Nawnii made videos, and the rest didn’t. The Tweets don’t really matter much, since they do 100x less than videos. Most people aren’t even going to see the Tweets. But if you keep this up, eventually your wish is going to come true.

20:42 – 21:00: Most people were calling Thumin out for being “racist” from the can of worms comment. It was poorly worded, but Kai made it sound way worse.

23:00 – 23:31: You (Luke) left out the part of Harsh’s video where she talks about the Shane Dawson situation. [shows clip where Harsh says, “I don’t even want to talk about the Shane Dawson thing because that was a train wreck]. Yes, Harsh said she didn’t want to talk about it, but that’s not her ignoring it.

25:30 – 25:55: Tobi apologized for the transphobic thing, though she went back on it. But Butters is okay with Tobi. If a black person’s opinion is more valid than a white person’s on Shane’s apology, than a trans’ persons opinion should be more valid than a cis person’s on what Tobi said about the trans stuff.

26:50 – 27:00: I don’t think Kai and Omnia are worse than Tobi. I just thought that they got away with a few things that not too many people were bringing up.

28:15 – 28:30: You’re right Luke. Butters shouldn’t of said that, and I kind of regret letting her in the video.

30:25 – 32:24: I should of worded my statement better. Oh, wait, it wasn’t my statement. It was Kamen’s. Luke cut out the part of the video where Kamen said how he thought Tobi could word herself better.
You edited that out to change what we said. Go fuck yourself.
I’m pretty sure Tobi’s logic was about people who drew loli and shota. I don’t think it’s her logic. Tobi shouldn’t be doing it, but I don’t see much of a problem with it. {{Anon: We’ve been over this >>1079163 }}

35:25 – 36:15 : Tobi drew it twice. Wow, so much more than one time. Sailor Moon is 16 now, not 14. If you did basic research you’d know that. I don’t see this as a big deal because these characters don’t look like kids to me. I care a lot more if someone draws shota or loli. A 900 year old loli is still a loli. A 16 year old with abs is 16, but the age of consent is still 16 in most states.

38:34 – 39:00: Luke cut context again. I (JAR) said, “This is legal stuff.” You disingenuous asshole. {{I, anon, would just like to point out that the way JAR said it in his original video makes it sound like he’s saying that leaking DM’s is “legal stuff”, as in, it’s stuff that has to do with legality. And since Manga argued that it was illegal, why would Luke assume that JAR thought it was legal? At best, the wording is extremely confusing.}}

40:28 – 41:00: This is the third time Luke cut context. [Shows a clip of Manga saying he talked to Kai and believes them a bit more, but it’s still shaky]. JAR says that they should have been more clear that Kai apologized. {{Anon here. I feel like JAR misses the point here. The extra clip JAR shows doesn’t change anything. They still chose to bring up Omnia’s threatening clip, despite already knowing it had been apologized for. That was Luke’s point. They couldn’t let it go.}}

41:40 – 41:50: JAR criticizes Luke for not showing the clips where JAR and Co. criticize Tobi. Says Luke twisted things.

45:00 – 45:18: “Uhm, Luke, honey, did you forget to edit this part out?” [shows clip of JAR saying it was too much of a conspiracy theory for him]. When I say it’s too much of a conspiracy, I’m saying I don’t think that’s true. I just brought it up because other people were bringing it up, and I don’t agree with it. {{Anon: Who? Who brought it up? Why don’t you criticize them specifically? The way JAR presented it in the video, it seemed like JAR was the one who created the idea. If someone else was saying this, JAR should of directed his point towards them.}}

46:00 – 47:00: Hopeless Peaches didn’t make a video. We talk about Tobi negatively. And Tweets barely get any attention. As for Madlibbs, she was pretty much dragged into the situation. {{Anon: You know how I feel about this one. Madlibbs got herself involved by saying she was going to make a video with someone, then pussed out. She also Tweeted about it several times, and she’s made plenty of Youtube comments. She got herself involved. JAR, don’t be stupid.}}

49:40: Kai is a professional victim. Whether he’s using the race card or “a bunch of big channels are ganging up on me”

52:07 – 52:00: I understand I might be a little biased because Harsh and Nawnii are my friends. But I don’t think either of them were being biased towards Tobi because at least Harsh called Tobi out for a few of the things she did in her video.

53:30 – 54:10: JAR’s theory on how the drama got “out of hand”. Tobi did bad things. Kai/Omnia called her out. Tobi’s friends defended her. Some of those people were in the CC. This plus Omnia saying to not get involved, it made the CC defensive. They jumped in too soon. Since a lot of people hated Tobi, anyone who said anything bad about people who didn’t like Tobi would be labeled as a Tobi simp. Even people who weren’t involved, like Manga.

54:40: All I want Kai and Omnia to do is to word things better.

These are the main points JAR said. There’s probably some stuff I missed. I didn’t quote everything he said, so if there’s an argument you want to debate, go to that part of the video and watch for a few minutes before and after the point to get full context.

In my opinion, JAR acts as a collective when convenient, and he acts separate when it’s convenient.
I said 16 is the age of consent? Well Manga said it wasn’t okay for Tobi to draw it.
Fuchsia criticized Omnia and Kai for things they apologized for? That was Fuchsia, not me.
Manga said it’s not legal to share DM’s? But I said it was “legal stuff”.

JAR also seems to get hung up on semantics. He seems hung up on how the arguments are said, but not what they are saying.

I agree with JAR that people shouldn’t be called racist or pedophiles over criticizing Kai/Omnia, but JAR’s first video didn’t focus on that. And his second video didn’t do that much, either. JAR could of made a video on why people were calling people racist, talked to Kai/Omnia to get their view on it for the video, and stuff like that. But he didn’t. He just lashed out at Kai/Omnia for people taking things the wrong way and making points Kai/Omnia never said.

No. 1088712


Blaming that Kai is a victim is rich coming from a guy who can't handle "worst hate comments he has ever seen"

No. 1088737

JAR "I have no problem with Luke or criticism"
Also JAR "Luke cut context and twisted my words and is a disingenuous asshole"

Does he not see the contradiction there cause that seems a bit reactionary for someone he has no problem with.

No. 1088814

Also, no one called JAR (or any other commentary channel for that matter) racist. JAR is the one who called Kai/Omnia “racist” and “racist black woman.” He loves to point fingers at a problem that doesn’t exist while simultaneously creating it.

No. 1088974

Reminds me of daft pina disclaiming that he "doesn't hate Jaiden animations" but then goes on to bitch and moan about her bulimia and diagnosing her with random mental illnesses lol.

No. 1088993

He prefaced the Luke part with saying it was outdated and was recorded before he talked with Spoctor. Why wouldn't he just delete that part altogether or just re-record it after? Was he just too damn lazy to? The section leading up to that was actually decent, but then he fucked it up by including that Luke part. Also, I don't know if he realizes it, but he's still making excuses for Tobi by saying "she probably meant loli" When Tobi never specified that in the first place. She said MINORS which is anyone under the age of 18. That was Kai's original issue which was that Tobi was using a blanket statement of "minors". She didn't say loli. JAR's personal views on drawn minors has nothing to do with it when the whole issue was Tobi's views making her a hypocrite in the first place. He should have just deleted the original Luke part he left in and re-recorded it all with his new knowledge of the situation with Spoctor after speaking to him.

No. 1089151

Tobi actually never said minors in her "It's Still Wrong If It's Drawn!" video. At 1:31, her words are,

"If you think that drawing children or children that are drawn in sexual situations is okay, or you do it, or you consume it, or you're like "it's technically not CP. It's okay, because it's like, drawn", you're fucking dumb. You are a pedophile, you support pedophiles, you have no empathy and you don't fucking care, or you're fucking stupid."

HOWEVER, she is still a hypocrite. Tobi drew two children sexually. One in a "sexual situation" (BDSM), and one in full blown porn with her pussy hanging out.

16 years of age is a child to Tobi. She confirms that she thinks that Todoroki is a child here >>1079163 . That means, Tobi thinks 16 years of age is a child.

No. 1089284

My bad, I said that because children and minor can be used interchangeably. JAR is still a dumbass because Tobi never specified "lolis" She just said children.

No. 1090550

File: 1606246850474.png (25.46 KB, 586x128, tobi subs.png)

Tobi is officially only 300 subs away from dipping to the 30,000s. How low do you guys think it will actually go? Her video views are abysmal too.

No. 1091887

File: 1606364582070.png (33.03 KB, 618x396, HopelessPeachesTobi.PNG)


This is a little creepy, tbh.

No. 1091953

Omnia made a retrospective on the whole drama.

No. 1092049

Jesus fuck, I think Peaches is a two-faced asshole, but for the love of shit Tobi leave her the fuck alone what is wrong with you.

No. 1092581

File: 1606455983968.png (179.11 KB, 878x1116, comment.png)

Looks like Tobi has been taking her toxic behavior to harass a whole new community in VR chat. This comment was on her latest VR chat video.

No. 1092648

File: 1606470811475.png (25.14 KB, 1124x147, tobicom.png)

Not surprised she's doing this, I saw a few comments scattered throughout the drama talking about how they knew her in high school and how she was incredibly toxic even then. I can't confirm if they were true, but I'll honestly believe it at this point. And this reply is probably an omen for the future of what's going to happen. Mark my words: She's more than likely going to turn on Nezzie, Madlibbs, and FuschiaButters one day and they're going to be looking like fucking idiots when it happens because all the warning signs were there.

No. 1092649

I’m not sure if people saying they knew her in highschool are legit, but we do know for a fact that Tobi was toxic as fuck in highschool >>1055480 . From the look of these comments >>1092581 , it seems that she literally hasn’t changed a single bit since she was 14.

And I agree. No one, not even ass-kissing losers who agree with Tobi 100%, are free from her wrath. Because she clearly isn't managing her BPD properly if so many people are coming out about these same, exact problems. And BPD people don't discriminate. They will switch on you and hate you, even if you are the biggest ass-kisser in the world. That's just how it is.
Unless Tobi kicks herself in the ass and betters herself, nothing is going to change, and she's just going to lose even more friends.

No. 1092656

Agreed. Them enabling her bad behavior is what's eventually going to comeback and bite them in the ass. Fuschia is already toxic in their own right so there's that too. I love how Nezzie compared Omnia to Madame when Tobi is basically the lovechild of Madame and Creepshow with how she's handled things exactly mirroring what Ash did. Both fucked up and did dumb shit and after getting called out owned up to nothing and tried to continue on as normal only to bleed subs, getting majorly disliked on every upload, and barely get views. Hope the camslut shit is profitable enough Tobi because it's gonna your main source of income pretty soon if it isn't already.

No. 1093561

File: 1606556635947.png (313.74 KB, 543x546, Quackity.PNG)

As.. a contestant?

It's not even remotely close to milk, yet I can't help but wonder how it'll turn out.
Will it be super cringey? Awkward? Or will it be really boring?

I dunno. Maybe it'll be a good opportunity to see how Tobi acts with other people when she's in a romantic competition.
If she's actually interested in the dude, it could turn out… a little crazy. But she could also just be doing it to boost her own stream, and it would turn out boring.

No. 1093579

I wouldn’t normally say this, but, isn’t this kind of situation the thing BPD people should avoid..?
A competition that is rooted in rejection and judging if you’re better than other contestants?
Aren’t those BPD triggers that can cause spiraling…..?

I’m not saying Tobi can’t handle it (it’s just a “reality” show, after all). I would assume Tobi doesn’t care about the competition or Quackity at all, and she is just going to have a bit of silly fun.
But, still, I don’t know if this is the best situation to put herself in.

No. 1093891

File: 1606602786529.png (1.8 MB, 1920x1080, stream.png)

Omg I tuned in just time to see all the girls introduce themselves and Tobi's was so fucking bad kek. She keeps rolling her eyes and her introduction went something like:

>"Yeah hi I'm Tobi and I do digital art and shit and, yo don't interrupt me (at the dude hosting and she laughed it off as a joke), I may seem like a bitch, but I promise I'm not. I like cartoon Network Shows because apparently that's a fucking personality trait haha, also Quackity I have high standards so you better not fuck it up."

All the rest of the girls looked so confused and low-key disgusted and even the host was taken back for a sec. She tried to be playful I guess, but her tone of voice made her just come off as really catty and bitchy. The contrast between her and the person after her (AngelicTV) is night and day. She keeps making little jokes like "How can I divorce you for all your money" so I don't even wanna know how the rest of this stream is gonna go. She doesn't seem to realize that her catty attitude surrounded by all these much nicer girls does not work. You might be able to get away with that with your own catty friends on your tiny Youtube Channel, but here you stick out like a sore thumb.

There's also another sex worker in there (The Mia Malkova chick she's a porn star) Who wasn't afraid to admit it, but Tobi's introduction was right after hers' and Tobi didn't mention her sex work at all KEK. I think she got intimidated.

Also, considering she's on this stream, and the comment right here >>1092581 I think it's safe to say she 1. Is really desperate for a bf which is both sad and funny, and 2. She acts like a teenager around people she likes (obsesses over) instead of an adult.

No. 1093896


Yikes. Tobi was the first one out. Quackity rated her in the bottom three, then she got the least amount of votes in chat.

I was kind of hoping to keep her on, because she was super awkward and cringey.

I don’t know if she actually cared about losing, but her defense was, “I’m the only girl here that acts like a bitch.” and I was just like… maybe don’t make that a personality trait..?

No. 1093900

File: 1606603316426.png (47.73 KB, 754x545, tobialex.png)

I was just about the post that she's gone lol. Imagine being so fucking boring you're the first one out because even the chat didn't like your bitchiness. Also this comment from her twitter makes it seem like she has a princess complex. I don't see her being in a relationship with anyone with how toxic she is.

No. 1093903

Oh my gosh, that Tweet is what she told Quackity during her introduction, and it backfired hard.

When it was revealed Tobi was out, Tobi said she chose “love” and said she wanted Quackity because she thought he was energetic and they could bounce off each other really well.

Quackity actually kind of impressed me (I don’t know who he is at all) when he said something along the lines of, “You introduced yourself by saying not to bore you. I’ve shown you I’m here for the long haul. Who’s to say you won’t get bored of me in the future?”

No. 1093909

File: 1606604250582.png (317.91 KB, 1720x1440, Trending.png)

This might just might be some freak coincidence, but I think she's lowkey trending with Shane Dawson because she was first to be voted out??? Here are some of the tweets I found.

No. 1093914

I agree with being “impressed”. Though to be fair, the red flags of Tobi are super obvious. Tobi’s introduction was all about her needs, and Quackity not boring her, and what he can do for her. Any adult who goes dating knows that is a horrible way to introduce yourself and will turn off your partner to you. Most people are looking for someone who is willing to give a little, not someone who will never compromise. It’s a huge red flag, because to the other person this indicates that as soon as they find someone better or get bored of you, they’ll dip out.

Another reason the chat probably didn't like her was because she kept talking. Like, any opportunity to talk, she tried to fit herself in there. It was the other girls' turns, and Tobi clearly didn't know when the appropriate time to speak was.

Also, is it not weird to anyone else that a 26 year old woman was going after a 19 year old male? Tobi’s not a pedo or anything. I hold true to that. But I really don’t see the appeal of someone who would clearly not be in the same mental space as you and would be so much more immature.

Though Tobi does act like a teenager, so it makes sense she’d want to be with one.

Yeah, I'm pretty sure this is about her. TOBI started trending when she got kicked off. I'm sure she'll blame the chat and still be obsessed with Quackity, even though she wouldn't of been able to been voted off at all if Quackity himself hadn't put her in the bottom three to begin with.

No. 1093915

No it 100% is. If you type in "Tobi Shane Dawson" There's a ton of tweets calling her out. She probably just released Pandora's box on herself without even realizing it.

No. 1093936

File: 1606605906750.png (181.15 KB, 740x857, reply.png)

She has started to reply to tweets calling her out. And so it begins.

No. 1093940

File: 1606606325529.png (779.5 KB, 616x4585, SpiralBegins.png)

I was about to post the same thing.

Oh, yeah, Tobi also went on in the stream about VR chat mutes and how she was a sub in bed, and it was super awkward. Like, the host laughed it off, but everyone else just kinda felt awkward by it.
Quackity didn’t even know what VR chat mutes were. So it just hung in the air.

Also, Tobi keeps acting a little too desperate. Like, “if you wanna reach out in DM’s.. you know”. In the words of a stupid musical I keep getting recommended on Youtube,
“Why hasn't it hit her?
He doesn't want to bang you.
Somebody hang you.”

No. 1093960

File: 1606607955043.png (735.12 KB, 592x4766, twitterblockalready.png)

Oh my gosh. Tobi is already blocking people. KEK

>>1093915 Yeah. Her going on the show has just exposed more people to her and her controversies. And she was the first one kicked off, to boot.

No. 1093983

Apparently people in chat started bringing up her controversies and that's mainly why chat voted her out along with her piss poor attitude. This is blowing up really fucking quickly I have to wonder if LOH will release something about them allowing her on lol.

No. 1093992

I was watching the chat. I never saw anyone bring up her controversies. Even if they did, the chat was going by too fast for it to matter.
No, I think people really just didn’t like Tobi herself.

Everyone else when they’re nervous: gets all shy and stutters and talks meekly
Tobi when she’s nervous: acts like a complete bitch, tells cringey jokes, and overshares personal information

No. 1094065

File: 1606615295458.jpg (121.75 KB, 720x1560, qrt.jpg)

And to the surprise of absolutely no one Tobi is already acting like a teenage meangirl towards the other girls in the stream. I don't know what the fuck happened in the stream, but she deleted this tweet and reposted it without calling someone a bitch. This woman has such an unlikeable fucking personality it's no wonder she got voted off first.

No. 1094069

File: 1606615896003.png (63.6 KB, 743x708, minx.png)

Minx just ratioed her kek, everyone get your popcorn because this is gonna be good.

No. 1094105

Tobi actually streamed herself sending the original tweet around 2:13:45

What a fucking bitch to do that infront of your audience.

No. 1094228

File: 1606628322284.jpeg (424.65 KB, 640x1090, EC78FE4A-E9CE-4050-B9A9-D89D8E…)

I honestly don’t know why she thought it would be a good idea to appear on that show it’s just bringing more attention to her shitty behaviour than anything, almost every positive tweet about her has people replying to It mentioning the fucked shit she’s done, she’s most certainly going to have a massive fit about this and play victim

No. 1094233

Incoming screaming rant 2.0 in 3…2…

No. 1094245

File: 1606628986419.jpeg (124.17 KB, 640x811, 4064EE40-72F6-4935-B45E-E15391…)

Saged for samefag but looks like she’s already playing the victim whilst promoting her video that barely addressed anything and made her look worse also sticking to the defence that has been proven as a lie and she herself has contradicted multiple times, she has no self awareness whatsoever she’ll most likely pull the BPD card with most if Twitter calling her out for her past shit and her behaviour on/after the show

No. 1094246

I imagine everyone being linked that video of her response clicks on it, see's the like to dislike ratio and immediately clicks back out. How dumb do you have to be to link your heavily disliked response with people calling you out in the comments. Yeah, I'm sure that will really get "your side" out there Tobi you dipshit.

No. 1094291

I can't believe she uses the disliked to hell and back response video that everyone points to as bad as her defense.

What does she think by posting it people will start liking it and cancel out all the dislikes?

No. 1094299

I've seen a few tweets of her saying she was "atleast able to get herself out there" so it might seem a bit tinfoily, but I think she went on there because she was desperate for some dick even though it was just a game show, but also because she knows her sub count is dropping and she knew she needed to try and build more of a following. It's sort of worked because her Twitter following has grown, but her videos and streams still get mainly disliked.

No. 1094309


I skipped around her stream. I’m pretty sure any time she walked up to someone new she mentioned being on LOH and being the first one off. Anything to make yourself feel better, I guess.

>13:36 - 13:51: Legitimately, me and Blushi live in the same state. We live in the same city. She lives 30 minutes away from me. We’re gonna fucking hang out. Well I don’t know if we’re gonna… she seemed down. We’re gonna DM after the show.

Assuming she is closer to people than she really is. Assuming the relationship is more than it is.

>50:37 - 51:00: Someone tried to cancel me for drawing sexy Sailor Moon. Like three years ago, I drew a sexy Sailor Moon and people are like “that’s child porn”. And I’m like, uh, okay, I guess that every other NSFW artist who likes anime is a pedophile because they’ve all… You don’t think none of those bitches drew aged-up versions of their childhood crushes?

Denying that she drew Sailor Moon without aging her up. Trying to shift blame off herself.

>15:40 - 15:43: Ofelia was eliminated. I don’t care.

>15:52 - 16:05: “He’s actually terrifying”. No he’s not. He’s a little bit of a beta. He’s definitely one of those people who tries to puff up his chest and act bigger than he is.

>26:58 - 27:18: Tobi walks up to two people in VR chat. The two people are in the middle of a conversation, and she tries to butt in. They ignore her completely and continue their conversation. Tobi walks away and says, “Boring…”

Yes, Tobi. If people don’t immediately pay attention to you, they are boring. Of course.

>51:10 - 51:19: I’ll be real, Blushi’s kind of personality usually pisses me off, because I don’t like really cutesy, nice people.

>53:14 - 50:23: I love her. I’d lick the floor that bitch walks on. She’s so cute. So is Andi. I love Andi. I love her energy. She doesn’t make me bored as fuck.

Tobi seems really judgmental of other people. Look at how she talks about them.
Like it’s obvious that Tobi would hate people who haven’t even done anything to her, just because they act differently than her.

Whenever she says something mean, she always follows it up with, “I didn’t mean it. I don’t know why I said that.” Like if you’re going to insult someone, at least commit.

>31:22 - 31:37: No, it’s because people are going to try to bring up past controversies that I’ve already addressed. And trying to link videos that are trying to call me pedophiles. People are legtiamately, actually, the videos are just like, “You’re a pedophile.”

>33:45 - 34:12: If you’re new, there’s going to be a lot of videos on me, talking this and that. That majority of all of it is old stuff that I’ve already addressed. And a lot of the people tried to twist things out of context to try to make me look like a pedophile, to make me look transphobic, or that I support Shane Dawson. Which, I’ve literally put in a video saying that I don’t, but people continue to spread that around.

>34:25 - 34:30: “Canceling sucks”, Yeah. It’s just a bunch of fucking 12-year-old bored people that have nothing better to do.

Saying that all the videos on her called her a pedophile. Again.
She acts like no one has a good reason to be upset. She acts like she never did anything that would make people feel like she’s transphobic or supports Shane Dawson. She acts like it’s all just stuff that’s 100% made up with no reason as to its existence. It’s gaslighting.

>34:43 - 36:02: Rants about people going to her friends and telling them Tobi sucks

>2:00:30: “Fuck you bitch”. Awe, somebody wants attention. I’m living rent free up in your brain, aren’t I, sweety pie? laughs like a dolphin Here, I’m gonna help you out, and go ahead and kick you.

(The person was joking)
>2:00:56: ”jk I love you.” Girl you can’t do stuff like that in the middle of a controversy. Can’t do stuff like that. You have to make sure you let me know that you’re joking, okay? […] You got to make sure you say jk afterwards.

So it’s okay for Tobi to act bitchy towards other people as a joke, but when other people do it to her, she wants to ban them. I cannot believe how she doesn’t see that’s exactly how people see her when she acts bitchy to other people. They don’t see it as bantering. They barely know you.
Also, that’s really toxic. People who say horrible shit and then say, “It’s just a joke!! Why you mad??” are the fucking worst. Tobi is the worst.

>2:03:17: I’m man, because they’re bitches. They’re fucking assholes/cunts. No, get fucked. I don’t care how many followers you have. You’re a stupid bitch ass cunt. How fucking dare you.

She gets mad at people for playing up drama on a drama reality TV show. Only because it’s a person she “loves”.
Also Tobi is saying this despite NOT WATCHING THE SHOW. She says at the beginning of the stream that she isn’t watching the rest of it because of “ADD”. How does she know how anyone acts. She doesn’t! She’s just getting overly defensive of Blushi because she “wuvs her so much!!”

>2:14:00: Tobi goes to Twitter and shows off Tweets she made. And she goes to Blushi’s Twitter. Calls Minx a bitch again.

She deletes the Tweet, but like.. She’s called all of them bitches and insulted them through the whole stream. What does one Tweet matter? Is she too stupid to understand that she’s been stupid and rude this entire stream?

No. 1094313

I genuinely hope Blushi ignores her. She seems like a nice person and Tobi the absolute last person she needs to be associating with. You never made mention of Sailor Moon being aged up so shut it. She's such a #NotLikeOtherGirls pick me bitch. She tries so hard to put down other girls when she has competition and it's honestly really sad.

No. 1094320

File: 1606638890808.png (377.42 KB, 1121x652, qoq.PNG)

>Minx is so my type

All she did was act like you, Tobi.

No. 1094343

Why do I feel like the "I think she's straight" was a cover for knowing she didn't have a chance lol justaminx is openly bi

No. 1094377

File: 1606652278985.png (313.79 KB, 500x927, here she comes.png)

Sage for not being actual milk but I was bored.

No. 1094385

I laughed at this. Which is more than I should of.

I don’t know about Blushi. I watched her devolve on the stream. Everyone was just bantering and making jokes. Everyone was asked who they thought chose host, and most people chose Blushi. Blushi kept acting super confused and asked why everyone was attacking her.
Like, she seems sweet and all, but she also seems really dumb.
Blushi was getting hurt and offended by people playing the game. No one insulted her. They just said, “hmmmm. I dunnoo! The person who chose host could be Blushi. She does talk about her Minecraft stream a lot.”

Like getting hurt and offended is exactly what Tobi would do over the same thing. Only Tobi wouldn’t cry over it. She’d get aggressive and start attacking people and lashing out.
Way too sensitive.

No. 1094407

That is legitimately stalkerish of Tobi. Idk if Blushi's address is public info but to drop how close you are to her location and then aggressively say you're gonna hang out would be a massive redflag.

No. 1094415

File: 1606659046168.png (75.62 KB, 356x383, notsure.PNG)

Blushi doesn't mention what state she lives in on her profiles. Maybe she mentions it in stream, I don't know. I only assume that Blushi told Tobi her address as a fellow creator.
We know Tobi lives in Indiana, so Tobi revealed the state Blushi lived in. Potentially the city, if we find that one day. It's not a huge dox or anything, but if I was Blushi, I'd be kind of upset that someone I trusted revealed information that I did not make public, and that I only gave because it was one creator to another.

I dunno how close they are, but it can be assumed that Tobi and Blushi have only spoken 1-3 times. Like slow your roll, Tobi. How do you even know if she has time to hang with her going to college and streaming?
And what if Blushi is the kind of person that is just too shy and weak to say no?

Also, don't you have any adult friends you want to hang out with? It seems like Tobi doesn't have anybody in her life. Especially since she played 200+ hours of VR chat in three weeks.

No. 1094449

Honestly after Spoctor's I thought shit would die down and Tobi would just fall to obscurity and slowly make a come back after everyone forgot what a raging bully bitch she is.

But then she goes and blows herself up with this new LoH drama and exposing her fuck ups to a whole new audience of people. Freakin' Tobi is basically canceling herself at this point.

No. 1094659

I thought she would fade back into just being bitchy, but boring and we would just migrate this thread over to a Art Commentary Community one, but now I don't know if we should do that or make Tobi another thread once this one hits post limit.

No. 1094664

File: 1606683360014.png (46.18 KB, 746x347, wtf.png)

The jokes write themselves at this point. I'm fully convinced she cannot apologize without mentioning her BPD. Like she is physically incapable.

No. 1094746

File: 1606689408948.png (740.17 KB, 607x2541, backfire again.png)


That backfired on her.

No. 1094759

I don't think she realizes how big of a Hornet's nest she kicked this time. The twitch community is far more ruthless than the ACC and will continue to drag her for god knows how long. Especially with someone as big as Minx? Yeah, I hope you're ready Tobi because you're about to get ratio every turn of the way.

No. 1094784

File: 1606692003609.png (25.32 KB, 740x207, minx.png)

Minx also has BPD oh this is just too good.

No. 1094785

File: 1606692093599.png (895.61 KB, 611x4140, minxretweetandlike.png)

Yeah, Tobi screeching about Minx (the one most likely of all to fight back) was a stupid move.
Omnia made a Tweet that compiles a few highlights from Tobi's stream https://twitter.com/ragingbi/status/1333167850312364033.
Minx and Boze replied, Minx has been liking Tweets bashing Tobi, etc.
This is probably why she's been getting so ratio'd. I wonder if Tobi will start trending again.

I'm actually really interested to see how the other members of the cast react.

No. 1094805

From what I've seen it's just Minx and Boze so far. I would love to see how Blushi reacts to it though I feel like she's too nice and would just ask everyone to stop fighting.

No. 1094810

File: 1606693431155.png (719.95 KB, 613x3840, CastOpinion.png)


Actually, a lot of people from the cast have reacted.

Boze made a “response” video (it’s a joke laughing at Tobi). https://twitter.com/bigbossboze/status/1333179245435097088

Ofelia liked a Tweet against Tobi. So she’s seen it too.

Kaceytron replied to Omnia’s Tweet. She’s against Tobi. Kacey thought Boze’s video was funny. Kacey has liked several Tweets against Tobi.

AndiMV (the person Tobi said she hoped would win and that she loved, second to Blushi) replied to Omnia’s Tweet.

Amity called Tobi unprofessional and ungrateful. Amity liked several Tweets against Tobi.

The rest of the cast haven’t made any Tweets in 8+ hours, so they’re probably busy.

Who wants to bet that Tobi is now going to see these woman as “backstabbing females”, like she said on the LOH stream?

No. 1094823

She's either going to go on a rant while streaming or make another video like her Shane Dawson one. Wonder where Fuschia, Libby, and Nezzie are now? Your friend is getting fucked by an entire community, but they're silent as fuck. Real quick to go after Kai and Omnia who were smaller at the time, but now all the huge streamers are calling her out they suddenly act like Hellen Keller.

No. 1094827

File: 1606694800588.png (10.31 KB, 563x119, unlisted.png)

Tobi unlisted her stream where she talked shit about the other girls. Unluckily for her you can still watch it thanks to this link >>1094105 I'm gonna assume she'll private it soon so someone might want to archive it.

No. 1094833

File: 1606695416807.png (52.39 KB, 618x497, Andi Likes.PNG)


>14:00 - 14:12: Everyone still in that chat. Vote for Andi or Blushi.

Guess that makes Andi liking this Tweet hurt an awful lot.

>55:11 - 55:40: [to her roommate] I got voted off first. It’s cool though, because I met some other girls who were really cool. I actually like them more than the person we were fighting for. And one of the girls actually lives in Indiana! And I can go hang out with her! She’s super cool.

So Tobi did tell everyone that Blushi lived in Indiana. Great.

Tobi said on stream that JAR and her have been talking for a while. 56:22 - 56:30
>Roommate: Do you know who JAR is?
>Tobi: JAR? Yeah? He made a video on… I know.
>Roommate: I was surprised by that.
>Tobi: No, I’ve been talking to him for a while.
>Roommate: I was surprised he made a video at all.
>Tobi: The situation is so fucking stupid. Like people are getting pissed by it.

Tobi says Omnia “fucked up so bad”.
>56:35 - 56:45: It’s the fact that she fucked up so bad.. [looks at the audience] ….I can’t talk about it, I’m streaming.

No. 1094962

The sheer lack of self awareness in saying Omnia "fucked up so bad" while tobi proceeds to basically bury her own career in the same fucking stream is just so…amazing? I guess. Yeah, amazing in the worst possible way.

No. 1095013

Tobi's down to 39.8k subs. Break out the Champange boyos.

No. 1095019

Damn like a few hours ago she was at 39.9k

She's picked up paste on the sub bleed. I wonder what her next big brain self sabotage plan will be.

No. 1095021

any new videos on the whole love or host thing? I don't expect anything from Omnia, looks like she's distancing herself and just sticking to Twitter

No. 1095023

I went and looked her up and looks like Hot Box made a video not too long ago. I don't know who else would make a video on her right now. All of the Art Commentary Community are trying to steer as clear of her as possible. Considering it involved a bigger name streamer like Minx I wouldn't be surprised if non-art commentary channels pick it up.

No. 1095026

haven't heard of that guy in a minute. Looks like he's trying to get her attention, he has a meh take at the end but looking at the comments he seems to get that and he says he's deleting it, so I guess he's still chill

No. 1095047

File: 1606723267375.png (55.3 KB, 559x620, Screenshot_14.png)

This lack of self awareness is honestly just getting super sad. She really does use BPD to justify being a toxic ass piece of garbage. She has no desire to be better or to treat people better. She sees herself as brave and woke when really she's just hurting people with BPD.

No. 1095049

Unbelievable. I think hot box said it in his vid but doesn’t she realize by doing that she’s giving a bad name to other people with mental illness? Especially like you said people with bpd in this case

No. 1095051

I swear every time she uses the passive aggressive cat face I die a little more inside. You're not cute Tobi, you're a loud mouth bitch.

No. 1095069

File: 1606728473623.png (1.93 MB, 603x13293, manymanymany.png)


What’s wrong, Tobi? Aren’t you going to reply to everyone who said this to you? Oh.. right.

I can understand why that one Twitter user thought Tobi had NPD instead of BPD. BPD is usually punctuated by extreme guilt. BPD people will do something overly aggressive, then they’ll feel extremely guilty. Tobi doesn’t seem to ever feel guilt. She only feels “embarrassed that she let her BPD get to her”.

It’s annoying. It makes BPD people look stupid. As if we can’t fix the shitty part of our personality. As if all of us act like total retards and don’t know how to compose ourselves, especially around people.

Tobi got mad, and she didn’t even watch the LOH stream. She just got word that Blushi was upset, and she freaked out. Tobi clearly lets her BPD control her, because she acts crazy and angry at even the smallest of things. If Tobi has been trying to change since she found out she had BPD (a minimum of six years ago), then these small things wouldn’t matter to her anymore. At the very least, she would understand to STOP STREAMING IF SHE WAS FEELING ANGRY. And she would not focus on what was making her angry, but calming down from the anger.

Tobi knew that her "BPD was raging", but instead of leaving stream to compose herself, she continued to focus on what was making her upset.
Tobi is stupid, and she doesn’t care.

No. 1095081

>Ppl keep talking about what I've done and not about what I haven't done i.e outbursts on twitter

Uh, that's because you still do outbursts on Twitter what the fuck are you talking about. Why is she acting like she doesn't regularly bitch at people on Twitter and that somehow this is a rare occurrence?

No. 1095148

Tobi missing the point yet again. No one is saying her apology sucks because she has BPD they're saying it sucks cause she's saying "I'm sorry but I have BPD so you have to give me a pass this time". Not realizing that an apology (even from people with BPD shocking) isn't "I'm sorry but-" or "I'm sorry and-" it's just "I'm sorry". Her apologies are always clearly about making herself look better and not genuine regret. If she regretted it she wouldn't try to excuse it and "educate urself sweaty =3" every time. At this rate how long you guys think till she slips below 30k?

No. 1095156

File: 1606744158640.png (101.35 KB, 886x1274, Bleed.png)

Yeah. It's apologies 101. You'd think Tobi would know this, being 26 years old, but I guess she hasn't given many apologies in her lifetime.

At the rate Tobi's losing subs, she could be down to 30k in four months. That depends on how many of her subscribers are active, how many see drama videos, how many even remember they're subscribed to her, people that subscribe to hate watch, etc. If someone makes a good, well-explained, and detailed video, Tobi's numbers could dwindle faster.

Though I'm not sure we should be watching her sub count, as she doesn't get 40k views. Her viewership is about 4-5% of her subscribers. Every video she does gets disliked bombed.

She's basically like Onision. Everyone hates her, but she has a handful of braindead fans that keep engaging with her for some reason.

No. 1095167

File: 1606745206437.png (11.38 KB, 660x600, Deactivated.PNG)

Tobi deactivated her Twitter. Kek.

What's the matter, Tobi? Too many people calling you out on your bullshit?


No. 1095185


Tobi addressed why she deleted her Twitter at 1:40 here: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/820739003
She also talks about her BPD a lot. I didn’t watch the whole stream. Here are a few highlights in the first ten minutes:


“Why did I delete my Twitter? Uh, because I almost tried to kill myself this weekend [drinks from mug].
Actually not kidding. Sooo.. it wasn’t worth it. Soo [laugh].
Yeah. Don’t worry. I’m okay. I’ve never ever.. I’ve always had extreme emotions of I just want everything to stop, but it never got into suicide territory. It just never was. A lot of people who have Borderline Personality Disorder can feel that way. But, it doesn’t go too into that thing.
Um, so, I started having thoughts about, I would always be like, but do I actually, want to end my life? And I would think about me going through with it, and I’m just like, ‘oh, no no no no no. like I don’t want things to stop. I want to know what happens tomorrow. Like what the fuck.
But this morning, no this weekend. I started being like, well I don’t really care any more. And that, scared me. And I was like FUCK NO. And.. there are other things that are going into it.
There are things that are happening in my personal life that are really weighing on me. Things that have happened in my past as a child that have been weighing on me. But Twitter is slowly becoming a stressor. Because I’m slightly addicted to checking it. Which isn’t safe for me. And it’s starting to become unsafe and very scary.”


“It got to a point where I didn’t really think I would care if I did it. THAT scared me. And Twitter is becoming the biggest stressor that I can cut out and still function. So, uh, I deleted it.
The people who I talk to, who are my friends, I have Discord for. If they don’t have me on Discord they’re obviously not my good friends.”


“I just had a rough weekend. I’ve had a rough two months. And I had a very scary moment this weekend. And I made a decision to delete my Twitter because [leans very closely to microphone] I didn’t want to kill myself. [laughs] It was becoming the biggest stressor. There are many stressors, not just online, trust me. Half of it is and half of it is other stuff that I can’t control right now. But Twitter I can control. By deleting it.
I have something called Borderline Personality Disorder. And I would actually like to do a stream going over a lot of the videos talking about it. Because it’s really not talked about a lot, and the experience I went through recently really showed me a lot about it.


{Someone in chat says, “Streamer there are mood stabilizers for borderline out there [she doesn’t read the rest]}.
“I’ve heard about the stabilizers, but, sadly I cannot take them. Because they interact with another medicine that I take that serves a bigger purpose. And it’s for my ADD. Which makes me function, like work, like wake and attentive. And I’ve taken the mood stabilizers before and it just fucked with me really bad. But um, it’s not too bad though. Uhm, I just need to be better about stressors in my life.
But I’ll keep that in mind, though. Maybe if I get a doctor again. Because that was back when I was 13. So like, maybe there’s new stuff now.”


“It’s.. it’s hard. I think the hardest part, is like… It’s like, oh my god. People just like don’t understand…. Bro I didn’t know until like things like this happened with me. That like… I didn’t realize.. I didn’t really research BPD too much to realize how much it actually fucking affects my entire life. It causes.. it’s a directly line to my binging disorder. It’s a direct cause.. to… like… why I…… there’s a video that like talks about it. And it’s like a video that you can give to friends to tell them like things someone with BPD wants you to know as a friend. And one of them is ‘FICTIONALIZED ABANDONMENT.’ And real abandonment. And it’s like… it’s not real. I’ve done this with my two best friends that I’ve met online. And I’ve done it to them. And I’ve done it to so many people where you go….. It was just saying like random things people with BPD say when they’re scared somebody is going to leave them. And it’s like…. ‘Are you mad?’ And I’m just like, Oh my god I’ve done that!!! I’ve done that so many times! Every single person I’m always like, Are you mad at me? Are you mad at me? You haven’t talked to me in like two days, are you mad at me? That’s what I think. And they’re not.

So yes. Tobi has been diagnosed with BPD for 13 years, and 13 years later, she didn’t even know that BPD was DEFINED by having a fear of abandonment. Anyone saying her therapist failed her, there’s your proof.

No. 1095195



>“Why did I delete my Twitter? Uh, because I almost tried to kill myself this weekend [drinks from mug].

Actually not kidding. Sooo.. it wasn’t worth it. Soo [laugh].

>And I made a decision to delete my Twitter because [leans very closely to microphone] I didn’t want to kill myself. [laughs]

No. 1095292

I dunno if it’ll be a “detailed video” but I’m in Hot Box’s discord, and he said he wants to cover her twitter being deleted, so there’s a chance. Also he’s apparently aware of this thread lol

No. 1095319

Did she say in that stream that she hasn't seen a doctor (I assume she means therapist or maybe a psychiatrist) since she was 13? And after saying she was thinking of suicide she "might" get one. JFC tobi, people are telling you you're being toxic, you're having public meltdown, you've acknowledge you have stressors to deal with, and just admitted to suicidal tendencies. Therapy. Isn't. Optional. At. This. Point.

No. 1095350

As long as he makes sure to show everything he's talking about on screen. He'd also have to be careful, since talking about someone else's mental health on Youtube is a mine field.

Yeah. That's what she said. She may have been talking about a pychopharocologist specifically, because she was saying that they didn't have any medicine when she was 13 that wouldn't conflict with her ADD medicine.
It's unknown if she's ever actually had therapy, or for how long.
To be fair, Tobi also said at around 11 minutes that she's got no cash and she's having trouble with her job. So it's likely she couldn't afford therapy, even if she actively wanted it.

No. 1095406

So we've moved onto YandereDev levels of "Stop or I'll kill myself". Classy. To be fair, she's alot more calm and subdued in this stream so it's quite possible she did try and off herself. She needs actual therapy if she's getting to this point.

No one is surprised at that lol. Her Youtube gets abysmal views and I'm sure she isn't getting a constant flow of commissions. She only really has her Only Fans and I went back to her Bella Thorne Video around 10:20 because she shows her payouts week by week. Looking at the month of July, She only made $571 (don't know if that's net or gross since idk if OnlyFans already takes out taxes) which isn't even enough to cover rent in the most shadiest places in the country. Average rent in Indiana is around $902. Her Twitch career is now dead due to her own bitchiness and her name is tainted on there with alot of bigger creators now. She's gonna have to start looking for work elsewhere because her chances of making online with her personality? Non-existent.

No. 1095415

She never mentioning how she tried to kill herself. She only mentions that she had a thought that she didn't care if she died or not, and it scared her. So I'm not sure if Tobi actually tried to commit suicide, or if she was exaggerating.

Tobi has a real life job, though I don’t know what it is. She mentioned having trouble with her in-person job specifically. We can assume that her online stuff is only for extra cash.
I assume she doesn’t make a lot of money if she feels like she needs to make money from the Internet to survive. I wonder what her level of education is, and I wonder if she has an education-specific profession, or if she just has high school/AA level work.

No. 1095625

Honestly with how she acts and her level entitlement it feels like her parental figures never told her no. I wouldn't be surprised if she wasn't still partially supported by them. She definitely has spoiled princess vibes. Doesn't help she also acts like the female version of an incel.

No. 1095904

I’m not sure. It could be that they never had to say no, because her parents may never have been there.
It’s hard to say, because we know she has BPD, and we know she’s had it since she was a child. It’s unlikely that she was born with it, but it’s unknown what caused her to develop it.
Either way, I’m predisposed to believe people with BPD do not have a good home dynamic.

No. 1095951


It’s rough, because I want to have empathy and care about her health, but that’s the whole cycle, isn’t it?
They make you feel angry, and then they make you feel guilty. And then they do it all over again.

No. 1095977

Idk if anyone saw it but hot box made his video and says something like this. He says it’s easy to humanize her and she’s not hopeless but that doesn’t excuse anything she’s done. Can you imagine if Tobi ever actually talks to him? shit would be hilarious content, she’d probably make him go apeshit after

No. 1095996

I honestly can't feel sorry for Tobi. Like she saw the tank in channel and what does she do and any monetization she has? Shell out the cash for a VR set up and new computer? It's self inflicted.

No. 1095997

Someone in her stream said she has over 270 hours in vrchat like that’s what you’ve been doing with your life? Not, idk, fixing yourself?

No. 1096007

Tobi said and showed it in this stream >>1094105 at 40:24. She said she only had VR chat for three weeks, but she had played it 243.1 hours.
For anyone who's curious, that's about 11.4 hours per day.

However, let's assume she made a mistake, and meant 4 weeks instead. At 4 weeks, Tobi would have a total of 672 hours. If she works 40-hour workweeks, she'd have 512 hours. If Tobi sleeps 8 hours a day, she'd have 288 hours of free time left. Tobi spent 240 of her 288 hours playing VR chat. That means Tobi spends 83% of her free time playing VR chat.

Now I don't think it's fair to say she should be spending her free time "fixing herself", as that's not something that can be practiced. It's not a skill, like piano. You practice controlling your mental disorders when situations arise that trigger them.

HOWEVER, it's still A LOT of time dedicated to a video game.

No. 1096009

She's hype fixated on it and it's not healthy but she's a grown woman so what can anyone do? She might just have to reach rock bottom before she actually sees there's a problem and decides to work on herself.

No. 1096530

This is what makes me question what her actual real life job could be because even if she was working from home how would she be able to sink this many hours into a video game everyday? She either works like 3-5 hours a day or doesn't actually have a real life job and makes pennies and mooches off of her roomates.

No. 1096683

It is technically possible to have 8 hour workdays for 3 weeks and still have enough time to play a game for 240 hours.
If Tobi had 40-hour workweeks (8 hours a day), and she only slept 6 hours every day, she would have enough time to play VR chat for 240 hours. Of course, she would have 258 hours free time, and that would mean she spent 93% of her free time playing VR chat.
However, if Tobi slept 8 hours a day with the 40 hour workweeks, she would literally not have enough time to play 240 hours. She would only have 216 total free hours not working or sleeping.

I assume that Tobi does have regular 40-hour workweeks. However, she would have to spend almost all of her free time playing VR chat to get those numbers. Plus she mentions having job/money troubles, but she went through the effort to buy VR chat, VR setup, and a new laptop.

So is she mooching despite her job?


No. 1096856

That also brings up the fact of like personal hygiene or cleaning and how she would have the time for that, but don't really wanna get into that. What's more clear is playing VR Chat for that long kinda makes it seems like she has no irl friends.

No. 1096869

Yeah. Anons have mentioned that she seems like she has no real friends before >>1094415 .

How could we not think that? Tobi got so obsessed with Blushi and the idea that they were actually going to "hang out in person." It makes it seem like something that is a rarity to her.

And there is no way that she's been entertaining guests with 240+ hours in VR chat.

No. 1096884

I hope Blushi blocks her if she hasn't already. Judging how she talked about her in her stream saying shit like "I usually hate those types of personalities (referring to Blushi's) but I would lick the floor she walks on" It's equal parts fucking creepy and also reeks of someone who would be potentially manipulative/abusive in a friendship.

No. 1096887

I discussed this with a friend before when we were trying to figure out how to describe Tobi. We came to she was the female version of a neckbeard/nice guy. A female incel if you will. A lot of her personality quirks and how she treats people she's attracted to lines up with their behavior if you just shift views to the incel being a woman. Even her vocabulary like betacuck and the use of the word alpha line up with how incels talk.

No. 1097020

We call that a legbeard dear anon and she fits the bill 100%.

No. 1097026

File: 1606892749415.png (Spoiler Image,293.31 KB, 744x838, eyebleach.png)

Last thing I expected to see when I looked up "Tobimajestic" on Twitter was that someone had drew porn of her.

No. 1097038

The best part is, the incels don't even want her. Maybe they would like her for a moment, because she will force herself into their circles, but the moment she starts sperging about being a bad sex worker and does her shitty UWU voice, they will hate her.

No. 1097141

Oh yeah, she definitely fits the bill (see >>1055480 where Tobi claimed someone was just pretending to be straight because they didn't want to date her).
The way she was 'so attracted' to Minx, but turned on her the minute she hurt her waifu Blushi.
How she was 'interested' in Quackity and went on a dating show for him, but when she was rejected, he's a 'beta cuck' and 'puffs his chest out and acts all that' and 'I actually prefer the women on the show to Quackity'

No. 1097436

I think it's so funny that I haven't seen a single tweet from Tobi's friends/defenders - they attacked smaller commentators when they criticized Tobi, but where are they now? They were willing to defend her drawing CSEM but not her being a bitch on Twitch? kek

No. 1097443

It was easier for Tobi to get them to attack smaller creators. She probably asked them to make their original videos and comments to defend her, but I think all of them lost subscribers from doing that. Now that she's in shit with bigger people? They know better. She has literally ruined her own friendship army.

No. 1097458

Their entire group are a bunch of brown-nosing, overdramatic, "lookit at all my mental illnesses", idiots that would do anything to stay in Tobi's good graces, but they're not stupid enough to try and go after someone as big as streamers like Minx and Boze and their rabid fanbases. Even Fuchsia who's just as impulsive as Tobi and curses like a 12 year old that just learned how to has kept quiet on the whole thing. Kai and Omnia were easy targets. They went after the smaller fish and now are actively avoiding the sharks in the water.

No. 1097497

Omnia @ing minx and boze like "welcome to the tobi marz hate list" just hit different, and people were posting her original video on Tobi after she was off the loh podcast. They may lost the battle with the cc but from the looks of it they won the war.

No. 1097617

File: 1606954237876.png (442.83 KB, 843x963, fuckoffpeaches.png)

I don't think Tobi asked creators to help defend her. It seems a lot more likely that she was upset at certain comments/Tweets/videos, and she ranted to her friends about them. And then those friends went to go defend her honor.
You can see this in her bitchy stream. >>1094833 marked it at 56 minutes, where Tobi starts ranting to her roommate about petty Internet drama as soon as he walks in, because she forgot she was streaming (literally what she said).

It is interesting that no one, not even Butters, defended Tobi on Twitter when she was getting comment after comment telling her to stop using her BPD as a shield. It's exactly the thing that they would have stepped in to defend her from, but they genuinely ghosted her Twitter.
I'm curious if their friendship rotted and they cut each other off already before it even happened.

Bonus? >>1062158 I found a new face to add to your collection.

Also here is Hopeless Peaches' comment on Hot Box's video.
Keep flippin' Peaches.
Also wtf are you doing here? Why are you watching drama videos? Why are you further involving yourself in the drama by commenting? Wasn't your mental health so wrecked you "tried to commit suicide"? What are you thinking?

No. 1097862

Looks like Peaches opened Pandora's box with the Tobi drama. People in the comments are coming out with what Peaches did to them.

No. 1097863

File: 1606975972805.png (91.18 KB, 853x559, Screenshot_7.png)

One of the comments on Luke's Peaches video. The Tobi Drama has seemed to have shook the hornets nest for Peaches,

No. 1097864

If you look here >>1066836 Butters defended her using her BPD when the Kai and Omnia situation was hot, but hasn't said shit about her using her BPD this time again. I thought atleast ONE of her friends would subtly comment on her deleting her twitter but I haven't seen them see anything lol. I agree with them defending her. I don't think Tobi outright asked them, but I do think she was probably feeding them twisted information behind the scenes and they just took it and ran with it. And peaches is just constantly trying to appeal to what ever the most popular side it in the moment so she can look like she's trying to get along with everyone.

No. 1097877

That channel has over 1mil subs holy shit. Looks like Shannon/Creepshow went through something similar with her? Bloody hell Peaches is actually a snake.

No. 1097965

File: 1606996190299.png (3.22 MB, 604x21812, waytoolong.png)

These Tweets consist of the new Tweets Peaches has made responding to Luke’s video, the full threads shown in Luke’s video, Tweets in the past showing a constant rate of subscriber growth, Peaches frequently mentioning how she has been “slandered”, etc.
The Tweets are newer at the top, oldest at the bottom. Prison Mate Luke’s video where he said Hopeless Peaches was a baiter was on Nov. 6.

Also, notice how Peaches never refers to anyone by name? It’ almost like she doesn’t want to draw attention to them, so people can’t research what they were saying about her.

Also also notice how Peaches said the situation was over and resolved, yet continued to constantly Tweet about it and say she was slandered.

Interestingly enough, people have been commenting on Luke’s video about OnlyJesp’s ties to Hopeless Peaches. And Hopeless Peaches made this Tweet (it’s below the edgy Sanic one) supporting OnlyJesp and saying that OnlyJesp wrote the script before contacting her.

There’s also Peaches self-diagnosing herself with BPD.

No. 1097974

Peaches made a community post about this. I clicked on it to see the comments, and the page didn't exist.
She deleted it.

No. 1097977

Anon, she also deleted her comment off of Hot Box's video >>1097617
It looks like she's going on a delete spree.

No. 1097984

She knows she fucked up. Now she's trying to hide the evidence.

No. 1098079

File: 1607013197592.png (107.28 KB, 599x1033, moredeletedpeaches.png)

Peaches deleted a lot of her newest Tweets that were found in the top anon's post.

No. 1098137

What she views as slanderous towards her seems kinda warped. In one of her older community post she mentions being accused of being racist and being harassed. One of the "race accusers" replied back and included the original comment she accused of harassing her. Hopeless replied saying that the comment is calling her racist and transphobic. I'm sorry but how are you going to be an art cc on youtube if comments like this set you off.

No. 1098146

File: 1607019827122.jpg (284.9 KB, 1053x962, SmartSelect_20201202-200227_Yo…)

No. 1098148

File: 1607019882652.jpg (669.86 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20201203-113107_Mes…)

No. 1098150

File: 1607020038055.jpg (657.54 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20201203-113116_Mes…)

No. 1098154

File: 1607020206389.jpg (586.44 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20201203-113126_Mes…)

No. 1098158

File: 1607020310462.jpg (236.58 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20201203-113149_Mes…)

No. 1098163


It seems we've had a small influx of new people, you being one of them. We've gone over this many many times in this thread, but I'll say it again for all the newfags.

Read the site rules: https://lolcow.farm/rules

Sage (put sage in the email field) when you don't have any milk/drama. Posts that are not saged add new information the the situation.
Other than that, do not put anything in the email field. Leave it blank.

Comment threads like the one posted here are better spliced together into one long picture (pictures can be clicked on to be enlarged. don't worry).

If you make a claim, always post images to prove it (unless it has been deleted and you can't).

As for the comments themselves, I don't know what you originally commented.

Being a suicide baiter is worse than being a racist or a transphobe?
I don’t know abut that, Peaches…

No. 1098307

Can someone just go ahead and make an ACC thread so we can stop talking about others here and once this reaches post limit we can move to talking about Tobi over there because now that her Twitter is gone the milk might dry up.

No. 1098335

So far all of the 'others' we've talked about have been in relation to the Tobi drama specifically.

The Tobi drama keeps adding to itself in surprising ways.

But it's already been planned for a long time that the next thread will probably be a cc or acc thread.
Whoever makes it should probably link this thread as the original, even though this one is dedicated to Tobi.

No. 1098421

You can find part of the community post in Artist Salt 25 >>686639

No. 1098865

File: 1607081961258.png (129.82 KB, 603x959, camilletweet.png)


Since this thread is going to be turned into a general cc/acc thread, I'll post this here.

Camilacuevaszuñiga / @Camilacuevaszu has made a call out post of Hopeless Peaches.

This is her Tweet: https://twitter.com/Camilacuevaszu/status/1334628477035802626

No. 1098867

File: 1607082042064.png (2.26 MB, 665x11196, camillegoogledoc.png)

No. 1098906

I checked Tobi’s Twitch to see if there’s anything new.
Here’s the stream I skimmed: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/824653001

At 24-25 minutes in this stream, Tobi tells this story: If Tobi leaves a plate beside the sink for ‘a day’, one of her roommates will pick the dish up and put it on her computer desk. Tobi says she hates passive aggression, and it made her so angry, that she threw all of the dishes away and replaced them all with paper plates.
At 26 minutes she says that this guy doesn’t even pay rent. I don’t know why she doesn’t kick him out, or talk to her other roommate about it.

At 31 minutes Tobi said she’s moving out of this place and she’s moving in with her dad for a few months so she can pay off her credit card debt. She also mentions that her parents have never made her pay rent, and that the only time her dad tried, Tobi told him no, and he didn’t try any more.

We learn her parents are divorced (obviously) at 33:30.

So >>1095625 and >>1095904 , think you were right about that homelife.

She seems a lot calmer in this stream. Maybe better. I know she acted like people were weak if they couldn’t handle Twitter, and she acted like to deal with BPD you should face things and not run away from them, but I think it’s much better to cut things like Twitter out when your disorder tends to lean on the obsessive side of things. You’re not weak for doing it.
I just wish she did it not in the wake of getting backlash for terrible actions.

No. 1098911

Man I am floored. Like telling your parents, "No I won't pay rent." as an adult. I'd be fucking homeless if I tried that shit.

Like my parents wouldn't throw me out if I had no money but they would expect me to contribute in same way if I was making an income as an adult.

No. 1099221

Lol I still live with my foster parents and they would actually laugh in my face if I were to try and not pay some type of bills. If you're an adult and have a job you need to contribute to the bills if you're living with someone else. Doesn't even have to be rent/mortgage it can be utilities, but you should still be contributing some type of help or else you're just an adult leech.

No. 1099268

I love how you can see small little glimpses of Peach's true personality when she's put under pressure like this. That "I just want everyone to get along" sweet girl personality is starting to break.

No. 1099418

A small youtuber peaches lied about and got outcasted from his community…

No. 1100986

Honestly? This video was super light on evidence.

You have Creepshow's word on what happened, but who the fuck can trust her?

Luke says Peaches mentioned him by name, but nowhere in her Tweets >>1097965 does she mention him. Luke doesn't say she deleted the Tweets that mentioned him, and Luke doesn't show any Youtube screenshots that prove this, either.

Luke says Peaches was telling people that Luke was upset she didn't, but the comment he shows only kind of vaguely relates to his point.

Luke says Peaches was telling people that Luke wanted her to commit suicide, but he shows no screenshots of this.

Luke says that Peaches accused her of saying that she didn't have a mental illness, but again, the screenshot he shows only vaguely relates. Peaches says that she was not faking suicide, suicide baiting, or any mental illness at all. What Luke got out of it was a bit of a stretch.

Luke says Peaches called him a hypocrite, however she doesn't? Again, the screenshot kind of connects, but kind of doesn't.

Now I do agree with some points. Peaches saying "you have been following my every move", when all Luke did was see her comment on JAR's video, is manipulative. Peaches says she hasn't been involved with the situation, but Luke brought up the JAR comment to show that Peaches keeps involving herself. Peaches didn't listen to this, and instead said that "you brought me up in a video not even remotely about me." Acting like she didn't do the thing that was making people upset in the first place. People got upset at her for making comments and flip flopping. The JAR comment was another example of this. Peaches acts like it's completely unreasonable that anyone could be upset by this.

When Peaches said, "So you're upset I apologized and agreed with parts of your video?", that gave me really bad vibes. That is manipulation at its finest.

Peaches saying that "she doesn't want to have to make a video if she doesn't have to" is also manipulative and scummy.

No. 1101036

lmao peaches alt needs to stfu.
All of the points and evidence you mentioned not being shown are easily findable or literally shown in Lukes video like her saying that luke was upset because she didnt die, thats shown literally in his video in 2 separate comments she made. Peaches mentioned luke many times on her community post too and unless she deleted them they should be easily findable. Anyone who has the ss please post but like damn the bias in ir post is sickening.

Its not just creepshow that peaches did all this to. Its avrona, Creepshow, Luke, Kai, Omnia, Lady Freya, Camila and even her OWN FANS on her discord!! I saw a dude called Niko call her out too so for u to sit here and dismiss shit aint it.

No. 1101037

File: 1607261629448.jpg (135.44 KB, 1057x570, Screenshot_20201206-144247.jpg)

Nawniis comment on Prison Mate Luke video about peaches antics.

No. 1101048

I’m not Peaches. I’m just someone who doesn’t blindly believe what someone says, even if I don’t like the person (and believe me, I don’t like Peaches).
It’s not my job to present the evidence for the accusations made by Luke. That’s Luke’s job. And if you want to defend him, then you can’t say, “well Peaches did it”, and never show it.

“Luke was upset I didn’t die” was never was said. Peaches was upset that people were attacking her “because she didn’t die.” Is that still wrong? Yes. Is Peaches manipulative for saying it? Yes. But it’s not the same thing as, “Luke wanted me to die."
Luke should have made the point, “No one was attacking you because you didn’t die. People are upset that you publicly Tweeted out something so people would give you sympathy/pity.”
Again, Peaches is in the wrong for making these comments. But Peaches isn’t in the wrong for the reason that Luke gave.

You call me biased, but you’re making claims that you don’t even have evidence for. You hate Peaches so much you’d blindly agree with anything anyone says about her “just because they said so.”
And to be clear (again), I hate Peaches. I don’t watch her channel. I think she’s stupid and has an annoying voice. But I don’t care who is getting accusations thrown at them. The accusations have to be backed up by evidence.

We have evidence that Peaches is a bad person. Flipping on Camila for no reason and causing her to get so much hate >>1098865 , threatening Luke with a video >>1097862 , suicide baiting and using mental health as a get out of jail free card >>1061619 >>1066599
, and manipulative behavior (as I have described in this post and my original post).
All of these are solid points. But Peaches saying that Luke wished she died? Peaches mentioning Luke by name? Nah nah. Evidence not given.

No. 1101074

This is dumb. We all know who she was talking about when she spoke of the person she said accused her of suicide baiting. Sorry you're not able to fill together basic reading context clues but the evidence is out there. He even supplied DMs. You can make the argument of, "He wasn't mentioned by name so benefit of the doubt blah blah blah!" but at this point you are just being a contrarian and that contrarian attitude is what exploded the Tobi Drama and got idiots like JAR making shitty misinformation filled bias videos on the topic.

No. 1101091


Yeah, my point was never, “Peaches didn’t talk trash about Luke.” I agree that Peaches did. My point is that Luke said something he couldn’t back up.

If I was being a contrarian like JAR or Harsh, I would discredit everything Luke said and act like Luke is some kind of monster for making mistakes that are lesser than Peaches’.

I think Peaches deserves to be called out. But I think Luke’s video is a mixed bag. There are good points in there. But he also makes a lot of claims that aren’t backed up.

Peaches denies accountability for her actions when she says things like, “people were just upset because I didn’t die.” or “So you're upset I apologized and agreed with parts of your video?" She’s purposefully misrepresenting Luke’s points to herself so she can feel right. Instead of Luke calling this out, Luke makes the point that Peaches said, “Luke wished I committed suicide." which is untrue.

Luke also makes the point that Peaches is constantly using her mental health as a shield. We know that’s true because we have posted screenshots of it, but Luke doesn’t show anything for this. How do you think that looks to someone who isn’t familiar with Peaches, doesn’t browse lolcow, and is just watching this video because they are subscribed to Luke?

It doesn’t matter if the evidence is somewhere else. The reason the Tobi drama exploded was because the information about Tobi was in bits and pieces everywhere. People made videos that had a lot of flaws. People made videos assuming the audience already knew everything. Tobi deserved to be called out, but a lot of the videos on her weren’t well made. That’s what lead to CC people trying to step in, because they weren’t engaged with the drama. They just saw these so-so videos.

As is, Peaches has an easy out for her fans because Luke’s arguments are only half true.

No. 1101097

To be a contrarian, anon would have to say an opinion that most people disagree with.
It seems most people on Artist Salt agree with them.
Most average lolcow users don’t give a shit about this petty drama. The only people who agree with you lurk on this specific thread, which was made to keep shitty people off the actual threads.

No. 1101798

>Most average lolcow users don’t give a shit about this petty drama. The only people who agree with you lurk on this specific thread, which was made to keep shitty people off the actual threads.

The entire Artist Salt thread is dedicated to people bitching about what could be seen as petty drama and small art quirks they don't personally like while hiding behind anonymity because they don't have the cojones to post their opinion publicly. People in the Artist Salt thread already have a gigantic hate boner for Shannon and will pretty much knock down any attempt to even slightly give her the benefit of the doubt. I don't like Shannon, but Peaches has a pattern of doing bullshit like this as seen with Omnia, Camilla, etc. so I'm more inclined to believe what she says on top of being able to find evidence of Peaches doing this over and over again. I wish Luke would have atleast linked a Google Drive or something showing all the screenshots and Shannon should do so as well, but I doubt she would be able to due to her part being pretty old, but people who say "This is petty" Just say that because they're personally not interested in it. The entire existence of the AS thread or Lolcow in general could be seen as petty. AS has an obvious bias against Shannon so anything they say is probably coming from a place of malice.

No. 1101849

File: 1607302443345.png (42.66 KB, 738x297, libbs.png)

To step away from the dumb infighting because we're all dumb fags posting anonymously in a message board; Libby seems like she's still salty about Tobi kek.

No. 1101911

File: 1607306483091.png (1.8 MB, 615x4724, ButterBreasts.png)

Yes, Butters, blame everyone attacking Peaches, and not Peaches herself for not leaving social media when she said she would. If Peaches genuinely stopped when she said she was going to stop >>1061620 , then this would of never happened.

Also, maybe this is coming from a place of ignorance, since I am not trans,
but why does Fuchsia sexualize their female self every opportunity they get?
I’ve never seen any normal sprites for Fuchsia. It’s a girl in a bikini, or a girl with mummy bandages barely covering anything, etc. Fuchsia is constantly Tweeting about their boob obsession. It comes off as more of a fetish than anything. Like you don’t want to be a girl. You want to be this overly-sexualized huge-tittied girl.

I included the last Tweet because I have a feeling Butters no longer feels that way about Creepshow now that Creepshow has come out against Peaches.

No. 1101915


My dumb ass confused Madlibbs for Fuchsiabutters because their icons are extremely similar.
Fuck me.
Everything I said about Butters applies to Butters. The first paragraph is for Libby instead.

No. 1101940

I wondered if anyone else noticed this too because it's fucking weird to me as a girl. I have a feeling Tobi got the "big milky tiddies" comment she made from Fuchsia because of how much Fuchsia says it. Fuchsia's obsession with huge tits is really weird and I swear they must tweet something about "Big milky tits" atleast once a week.

No. 1101942

File: 1607310152351.png (172.34 KB, 605x1470, libbstweets.png)

What is Madlibbs even getting at?
>"having a brand new spectacle every month isn't coincidental"
Then what is it? Yeah, people are going out of their way to find drama and people who are acting nutty. But if those people didn't involve themselves in drama and act nutty, then there would be nothing to say on them.

No. 1101949



I don’t follow Butters and didn’t know she did this.
It’s such a weird thing to say.
I have never once, as a woman, referred to my breasts as “big milky titties”. I would also never Tweet about my breasts, especially not once or more a week. That’s just weird.
I guess that comes from not obsessing over them as sex objects and actually seeing them as a part of my body.

No. 1101953

Oh, maybe the art community and especially the art commentary scene is just filled with a bunch of actual terrible people and you're just mad your bestie got her ass handed to her due to her own shit personality and attitude.

The milk part makes it really seem like a fetish because it brings the whole lactation thing into play. I hate to say it, but Butters seems like a dude that just likes the idea of having huge tits.

No. 1101963

Nawnii is probably just as bad. She and Peaches both have that fence-sitting faux sweet girl bullshit going on and Nawnii has already shown to flip-flop like a fish out of water with the Tobi drama. She made a comment criticizing Tobi on her Pedo-rant vid, then she made her misinformed half-assed video, took it down and apologized, then made a comment on JAR's video saying she might put it back up, then quietly deleted that comment once Luke made his video. She's just as inconsistent as Peaches, but just hasn't (to our knowledge) done any of the back-stabbing that Peaches has done.

No. 1101973

File: 1607312337144.png (1.25 MB, 612x3519, mommyandmilk.png)

Not only the “milky” part, but the “mommy” part. What adult male refers to anyone as "mommy"? It all comes off as some weird degenerate fetish. It’s really creepy. If someone interacted like this with me, I’d be uncomfortable.

I’m just saying, I wouldn’t want to hang around someone who was obsessed with lactating mothers. Imagine a girl being obsessed with “swollen leaky daddies”. I just…. no..

I agree. Nawnii seems exactly the same as all the others. The only difference is that Nawnii doesn’t throw rage parties on Twitter. For the most part.
Other than that, Nawnii flips back and forth the exact same, and she doesn’t understand criticism the exact same. She caters to whoever's voice she hears the loudest.

No. 1101977

Okay, I already thought the "milky" part was bad enough, but this is just ridiculously fucking creepy. Keep that shit very far away from me. I'm not even a prude and I like big tits, but this is just unsettling and fetishistic as fuck.

No. 1102119

Honestly madlibbs disgusts me. This tweet seems to be about peaches and tobi. It doesn't matter if these ppl have hurt and send ppl to hospital. And she certainly doesn't seem to care when it's madame or someone else but when it's one of her buddies they are pure Angels Who Can't Do No Wrong.
She doesn't care that cuevas got to hospital or that Tobi blackmailed others. Nope, only THEIR mental healh matters. Not those they have wronged.

She's disgusting and i feel sick i supported her.

No. 1102122

Of course it is. Butters is a classic case of men lying and saying they're trans when they just want to be a living fetish. It's creepy as fuck and I hope most women see it for what it is instead of trying to be woke and accept a man who'll do nothing but push himself into women spaces.

No. 1102136

Jonathan Yaniv vibes anyone?

No. 1103064

People have posted this on the Creepshowart thread and Artist Salt 25, but most people there think it’s petty and worthless. This thread seems to care about this specific drama more, so I watched the video and here’s Creepshow’s side:

0:33 - I didn’t come out about this sooner because I thought I had did something to deserve it.

3:00 - Peaches was my real friend. Not just an Internet friend.

5:40 - Peaches took her “Draw Like Creepshowart” video down, then put them back up after Luke called her out.

6:30 - Peaches would always talk about a specific creator who she never named who apparently had a million subscribers, and she said that this creator was trying to destroy her. She would say how much she wished she had a platform like Creepshow’s so she could defend herself.

7:47 - I would ask Peaches who the creator was, and she would never tell me. She would just say they were someone I didn’t know and they were huge. Peaches would constantly talk about the hate she was getting, but never show me it.

8:20 - One time, I was so upset that Peaches was getting hate, I went to Twitter to name search her and find it. There was only kind comments. There was no hate. I couldn’t find anything negative. I went to her latest upload, and her upload before that, and her upload before that, and I couldn’t find any hate. I went to her Instagram, but I couldn’t find anything there either.

11:00 - I told Peaches I couldn’t find her hate. Peaches got upset and told me that they were all through DM’s, and she had never screenshotted them. Peaches told me that the fact that I even went to look for her hate proved that I didn’t believe her, and it proved that I thought she was lying to me, and I was a bad friend. {Anon: If this is true, this is manipulative as fuuckk}

12:10 - The supposed creator who was “trying to take her down” was Camila.

12:30 - 14:30 - Talks about how Peaches used Camila for clout by at first collaborating with her, then saying that this huge channel was taking advantage of her.

14:40 - Peaches did this to me. I offered Peaches a spot on my channel. She posted the video. The video flopped. I don’t know why it flopped. The video was fine. But it did. And it was fine. I didn’t care that the video didn’t do well. But Peaches always says I care about it a lot.

15:40 - After the video flopped, Peaches didn’t interact with me. She didn’t like any Tweets, she didn’t leave any comments, it was radio silence. I thought things were fine, and she was just busy. Later I asked her what was up, and Peaches said that I was furious at her because the video didn’t do well. Of course I wasn’t mad. I never said I was.

17:00 - I told Peaches I wasn’t mad. Peaches said that DaftPina had told her that the video she made for Creepshowart’s channel ruined Creepshow’s channel, and Creepshow was probably mad at her for doing that. She said that DaftPina had done a channel review for her, and he stated that I was probably very angry because she quote, destroyed my channel.

17:26 - This made me really not like DaftPina. But now I realize Daft probably didn’t say that, and he probably just said the video objectively didn’t do that well.

18:20 - I said in my PK video that I didn’t really care about PK’s Hazbin video, and I wanted to talk about PK showing his asshole to his minor fans. Peaches DM’s me and told me she took offense to those statements and thought it was very rude. I explained what I meant, and everything was fine.

19:00 - Then came my Jacklyn Hill video. I don’t stand by that video any more, but that’s not the point. Peaches didn’t like the video. That was fine. We had a normal back and forth in the DM’s. Peaches said she knew I meant no harm [19:56].

20:00 - Peaches soft blocked me then Tweeted how she was so emotional and needed a mental health break. She was shaking in anger because of a conversation she had with someone. It went from, “I understand your intentions. You meant no harm” to her shaking in anger over what I said and her getting physically sick over it.

22:00 - Before Peaches says these Tweets weren’t about me, several of our mutuals went to Peaches, and they asked who these Tweets were about, and Peaches said they were about me.

23:40 - Peaches would subTweet me, and when people confronted her on it, she played dumb.

24:00 - Peaches Tweeted about “not wanting to be called a Creepshowart clone”, but Peaches was the one who started the joke. She called herself 4Kidz Creepshow, and she called me Peaches after Dark. She went out of her way to copy my content. {Anon: Frankly, how Creephow talks about this, sounds like Peaches was skinwalking}

26:00 - Peaches was telling people that I brought her to tears over the Jacyln video. But as you saw from the screenshots, nothing remotely like that happened.

28:50 - Peaches told people (Tobi and 5 others) that me crying and being upset that people were afraid of me in my response video made me a bitch.

No. 1103079



This is Peaches response to Creepshow's video, and I assume the rest of the things said against her that have been posted here.

I didn't realize she made a video, so I'm gonna watch it and give a summary later.

No. 1103083

File: 1607455970654.png (642.88 KB, 900x4757, SomePeachesComments.png)



I also screencapped the top comments since Peaches likes to delete things. And thus far, all the creators we've talked about in this thread love to claim that they're getting "the worst hate comments they've ever seen!!!"

No. 1103169

I'd refrain from posting anything Creepshow/ACC related in Artist Salt. They'd much rather sperg on about coomers and vendetta posting and they hate her too much to actually take a minute to look at what's being presented. Just save it for this thread and the upcoming ACC one.

Kek, it will never fail to make me laugh that JAR thought comments like these were so terrible because he's so far up Harsh Opinion's and Nawnii's vags. I urge him to go look at Alinity/Pokimane's comment sections if he actually wants "Some of the worst hate comments he's ever seen"

No. 1103212


Omnia made a video too.

No. 1103234

File: 1607467877345.png (61.51 KB, 826x537, peachies.png)

Oof D'Angelo Wallace commented on Peaches response video. Her video is not going over well. Seems like she took a page out of Tobi's play book only this time people are disliking it way faster then Tobi's. It's like everyone expected the heel turn from Tobi because she was pretty open with her terribleness and everyone got a slight peak at it at some point, but a lot of people were blindsided by Peaches.

No. 1103259

File: 1607469823870.png (135.35 KB, 828x1195, nawniiiiiiiii.png)


As time goes on, I like Nawnii less and less.

Just fuck off Nawnii.

No. 1103268

Remember the anon above that mentioned that the entire ACC needed an overhaul? Yeah, we might slowly be seeing that happen.

No. 1103276

dear god. It's convoluted because creepshow art and prison mate Luke made convoluted accusations. It all amounts to waaahh peaches hurt my feelings because we were kind of rude to each other and subtweeted each other and now we've been calling each other a bitch behind our backs. Disappointed that Wallace would actually take this seriously enough to call to Peaches to "apologize". There's nothing here that peaches did that Creepshow also did in return. If anything they both need to own up to hurting each other and get professional help.

Especially when there are no screenshots even showing Peaches saying any gossip. Just rumor. This is hideous lmao

No. 1103277

although in fairness. at least peaches did own up to hurting creepshow and appologized for that in the video and is getting professional help.

No. 1103278


>Peaches: Tobi was not inspired by me to make her Creepshowart video. I was one of the last people Tobi talked to about the situation. Tobi talked to multiple creators about it, not just me.

>Also Peaches (41:20): I asked Tobi for permission for these DM’s, but she does not wish to be involved.


No. 1103279

so neither of them wanted to be involved in each other's video… learn to kek

No. 1103280

I'd say a decent amount of anons agree about Creepshow. See >>1100986 , >>1101048 , and >>1101091 .

Creepshow is untrustworthy, and there isn't any proof to her claims.

However, there are claims that have actual proof (those with Omnia, Kai, and Camila). I assume Peaches will respond to those in her part 2 video, so we'll see how it goes.

No. 1103281

literally this. why are acc fan children crawling all over this thread ew. creepshow art is a nutjob. Who in their right mind is taking her word with no caps

No. 1103282

Creepshow has her own thread for a reason because she has her own load of issues, but all this started because Peaches has a pattern of constantly crying about her mental health and then pulling a 180 a few days later and someone finally called her out on it as well as saying how stupid a drama is while actively engaging in it and trying to appeal to the more popular nrrative at the time. She has also been shown to actively lie about things like she did with Camila which is funny she didn't bring that up in this first part because that's by far the most shittiest thing she's done imo. The rest of the things she's done to Shannon are more or less hearsay and both are untrustworthy in my eyes so I'll just chalk it up to they both did shit to each other although because Peaches has shown to lie alot and no DMs of that time exist I'm not sure who to believe in that part. Camila was able to show screenshots DMs of how Peaches lied and we all saw how she was trying to talk over Omnia and Kai. They're both shitty people.

No. 1103283

If I have to explain why that's funny, you clearly haven't been lurking here for long enough.

No. 1103286

same anon but I agree. Her respose to more definitve screencaps from other users are more needed. But extremely cringe if other users like luke and creepshow try to use her sepearate issues with them to justify their tinfoil.

No. 1103288

>She has also been shown to actively lie about things like she did with Camila

needs caps. This is an image board not a youtube comment section.

No. 1103290

No. 1103292

Don't feel like posting all the images because there's quite a few, but here's the link to the google doc she made:


Forgot to mention Peaches all did shit to a Youtubers called Avrona that's been talked about since all this started. Like, I know everyone on Lolcow hates Shannon with a burning passion, but considering all of this I am willing to atleast hear her side of this and take it with a grain of salt.

No. 1103294

>Peaches has a pattern of constantly crying about her mental health and then pulling a 180 a few days later and someone finally called her out on it

She did apologize for that very clearly in her video in cases where it's actually true that she cried about mental health then failed to log off. She also made it clear when Luke used bullshit examples, such as Luke claiming that fucking suicidal ideation is a fake for sympathy. When people have a mental breakdown like that they are allowed to put out a cry for help and get stable before engaging with the drama again. It doesn't absolve her from being accountable once she's stable again. And she never claimed it should render her above critisim. That's a motivation Luke projected onto Peaches long-term struggle with suicidal thoughts.

Luke was a twat with this half baked scheme and pea brained take on mental health discourse. The criticism goes both ways lol.

No. 1103305


>And she never claimed it should render her above criticism.

While I do think Luke blew his part way of proportion and Shannon is using this an an opportunistic way to underhandedly get back at Peaches, it's pretty eye-rolling to see someone suddenly get all up about their mental health when they're being criticized for something even if it is by mere coincidence. Not to mention none of this would have happened had Peaches just took her hiatus when she said she would. I know she somewhat addressed this in the video, but come the fuck on. Just learn when to shut up and leave things alone. She really does need to address the shit with Camila though because it's pretty scummy.

No. 1103315

That still doesn't show them agreeing to anything. Just talking about a drawing / sketch idea. Proof means actual proof. Not a tumblr callout with two weak cut off caps and a long testimonial about mental illness. All of these kids have severe mental ilness.

That has none of the groundwork agreement showing or any of peaches or camillas words before and while the drawing / collab was happening and what would be done with it.

No. 1103317

I can tell you're not from Artist Salt. At least they know how to sage their shit.

I agree that Peaches apologized in her video, and I am interested to see where she goes from here.

However, Luke did not say that Peaches faked suicidal ideation for sympathy. Merely that she suicide baited. Suicide baiting does not have to be fake. You can be genuinely wanting to kill yourself, and still bait people to give you sympathy. It’s an unhealthy pattern, and it’s already been discussed here before >>1080537
The faking part of the discussion came from Peaches >>1097965 . Luke’s point was that Peaches used her mental health as a get out of the jail free card and for sympathy. Not that it was fake.

For example, we are always criticizing Tobi for using her BPD as an excuse/get out of jail free card. That’s not us saying that she doesn’t have BPD. She obviously does.

I agree with this. Watching Peaches constantly go back and forth from, “I’m fully gone from Twitter!”, to “My mental health can’t take this situation so I’m not going to respond to it”, to coming back to social media and involving herself in this stuff is ridiculous. I hope she’s learned from this situation now that she’s been called out for it, but only time can tell.

No. 1103324

The fuck are you talking about dude. It very clearly shows Peaches making an attempt to lie about Camila not crediting her when 1. Her signature is very clearly displayed on the poster and 2. She was credited multiple times.

No. 1103325

yea it's annoying but it's what happens. all these people have intense mental illnesses. coming under fire en masse is stressful. Without fail, when something like this happens, the person under fire will be triggered and have an episode.

It doesn't make that manipulation. It's life. When they become stable they will still have to reckon with the criticism where it left off. It's typical twitter teen logic to still think that someone having an episode during a huge impolsion of accusations is manipulation.

No. 1103332

>Luke did not say that Peaches faked suicidal ideation for sympathy. Merely that she suicide baited. Suicide baiting does not have to be fake.

Semantics but suicide baiting means to try to trigger someone into suicide or self harm.

Maybe it's just me but If you genuinely want to kill yourself because you feel overwhelmed, dogpiled and slandered / triggered. Its more than ok to express that.

When it's a pattern, the solution isn't to make a video saying it problematic and manipulative to be open about having an episode when you're fighting.

The solution is to make a video saying we don't have to give them accolades and a pat on the bum and say all is forgiven when a person has an episode during drama. All you're required to do is understand why they went offline and be ready to talk again when theyre stable. That's it.

Remember that peaches has a history of being gaslit and when she was open about being groomed her family blamed her for it. Those scars are probably triggered by situations that involve multiple voices ganging up.

It also explains why she would say she's leaving twitter and jump back on to defend herself again. People who have been bullied by parents as children can't stand to know their name is being slandered and the truth (or their idea of the truth) isn't being heard.

That at most is just an explanation for why she is probably triggered by being dogpiled and jumps from wanting to self harm to wanting to defend herself. Yea i get it's annooying, but to me it does make sense.

The criticism about that being unhealthy and unfair to her ctitics however is good. And she has apologized and pledged to do better with those hot and cold reactions. We can only wait and see

No. 1103339

that's the only part that seems to hold up. She exaggerated about the signature being and issue or being under-credited on deviantart. But there are no screencaps showing if she ever asked camilla to fix her signature. No proof of agreements they made about how she would be credited.

Camilla could be telling the truth but objectively she hasn't shown hard proof. My issue is less with Camilla, who may be honest about much of this. Just that there is no clear evidence and for most people to make up their minds at this stage without proof is bizarre.

I'm waiting for more info.

No. 1103343

Not tryna be cheeky, but is this that one commentator that went on that long spiel about mental health in their video about Luke or whatever? Because Luke made a good point that making posts like the melodramatic "goodbye" can scare others. You want to reach out for help on social media? Make a post saying something like "Hey, I'm in a bad place mentally can I DM someone about it? and not a vague and cryptic "Goodbye". It's your job to manage your mental health which is why even though Tobi is an absolute garabage person, she made a good decision to delete her Twitter because she admitted it was bad for her mental health.

No. 1103347


>If you genuinely want to kill yourself because you feel […] Its more than ok to express that.

This is not something that you express on an online forum. If you are having genuine suicide ideation, what you need is not a bunch of your underage yesmen to give you blind support. People that don't know you and could never know you. If you need support, you go through your support system. Family, friends, relationship partners, therapists. Peaches has a boyfriend. Peaches has friends. Peaches has therapists. I agree that it's perfectly fine to express how you feel, but it should not be on an online forum, ESPECIALLY if you are in the middle of a mental health crisis.

>the solution isn't to make a video saying it problematic and manipulative to be open about having an episode when you're fighting

This isn't what Peaches did. Peaches wasn't open about her struggling. She posted that she was going to kill herself and then logged off. There's a difference between having a healthy and honest discussion about your mental health, and making unhealthy posts about it. Peaches clearly wasn't (and probably still isn't) ready to make healthy discussion about this.
Is calling that out in a video helpful? Probably not in this case. It leads to her getting dogpiled and ratiod, which can make her feel worse. But it could also make her search for help and support in places that are not the Internet, which would be good. So it could be good or bad.

The rest of this post is kind of armchairing. I don't know what causes her to do what she does. All I know is that it's unhealthy, and she should be told that it is such.

No. 1103833

I see the saltyest vaginas from the artist salt thread have unfortunately arrived. Oh well it was fun while it lasted lol

No. 1103968

Well this sucks. RIP.

No. 1104018

Can y'all just make a separate thread for Peaches at this point? Maybe in /w/? This is hardcore derailing the thread just because Tobi is marginally related to it from the sidelines.

No. 1104024

As has been stated before, this thread has been repurposed as a general ACC thread. The next thread that will be linked here will be labeled as such (ACC #2 or whatever). That thread was going to be created when this one reached max posts.
It's messy, but most people on lolcow think ACC drama is shit and petty anyway, so I doubt it matters if the threads don't have the neatest beginning.

No. 1104025

File: 1607553267409.png (207.06 KB, 738x688, jesp.png)

Even though I think some sperging idiots from Artist Salt occasionally do pop in here to express their honestly overblown hate for Shannon, I don't think that's what all of this was. Considering how quiet it got after >>1103343 brung it up, I think they're right and >>1103339 >>1103332 is this person right here who made some of the videos in this thread. The insistence on "waiting for more info" and long winded post about mental health kinda tips it off. And even if it isn't, it's still fucking stupid to be defending Peaches so vehemently when she's the one that got herself into this dumb bullshit in the first place.

Peaches isn't really all that milky enough to warrant her own thread imo. Tobi has pretty much dried up for the time being too so this thread has just become an Art Commentary Community thread in the meantime until this hits post limits and someone can officially make an official one. Unless someone wants to go ahead and do that now.

No. 1104044


Yeah, as anon pointed out earlier >>1103317 these posts aren’t saged. If these people were from Artist Salt, they would already know the rules (after 25 Artist Salts, they better).

Though to be fair, the Artist Salt thing is 95% just a joke. It’s not really meant to be taken that seriously. This thread originated from Artist Salt, so obviously some people in Artist Salt care about ACC drama.

The Jesp theory is an interesting one. These pro-Peaches anons showed up at random (aside from the original anon way up top), and they were clearly not regular lolcow users (not saged). I wonder if someone was talking about this thread in the DM’s and people came to argue.
They, >>1103332 and >>1103294 , definitely saw Peaches video, because Peaches was the one who argued that “suicide baiting” means to trigger someone into suicide, and Peaches was the one who argued that Luke said she was faking suicide. Peaches argued it for the first half of her response video, maybe more, even though no one said she was faking her mental health issues or her suicidal ideation.

(Also why is everyone saying that Peaches inspired Tobi to make her video on Creepshow? We all know that isn’t true. People were making videos on Creepshow before Tobi. Videos that Tobi used in her video. Tobi also made a video on Creepshow before her “famous” Creepshow video. Tobi had her eyes on Creepshow before even talking to Peaches.)

No. 1104056

I haven't lurked ITT in a while, so I missed that development. Cackling irl @ Creepshow's biggest critic getting a thread and the drama dying down to the point where the thread is getting repurposed to talk about more interesting people, meanwhile Creep's thread is reaching the post count of this one. Seethe, Shazza!

No. 1104067

Peaches or someone close to her might lurk in here and could have started bitching to someone else about it prompting them to come here and play devil's advocate. Jespicius is another one thats pretty sketchy to me so I don't put it past her and in the comments of her video on JAR and Luke, Peaches was thanking her so it looks like they're on very good terms with one another. Both her and the anon above both have said something pertaining to "out of context" screenshots and how they're waiting for more info. Someone sounds like they're pulling a Fuchsia, Madlibbs, and Nezzie being biased towards their friend while being happy to commentate on others. It's probably just tinfoil, but similarities are there.

No. 1104224

Kai made a video about Peach and it's the best one so far because he doesn't just say what he went through, but outlines everything else others have delt with. Anyone who's confused on whats happening I suggest you watch this because it actually cleared up some of the Avrona stuff I was confused about.

No. 1104229

I'm honestly amazed at the rapidity of these people producing ""content"" on whatever target right after the other. Like the tobi thing hasn't ended yet they already found a new topic to milk

No. 1104246

Hot Box actually made a pretty long video breaking down her "Addressing Allegations" video part 1. God the fact it's only part one.

No. 1104278

I’m the anon who made the unsaged posts and argued in defense of peach. I’m a regular but I was stupid enough to think that my epic debunking saga here was worth going unsaged. Like it was some groundbreaking new shit. That was legitimately dumb in hindsight and I kind of took a break because I could see i sounded stupid. My bad.

I’m not big on art community YouTube though so i never heard of peaches until Creepshow tweeted about her. But I do follow the Creepshow cow board so yeah I think creepshows complaints on her are absolute garbage. Others have some legitimate grievances. Just that the anger of the fans supporting Luke’s points is out of proportion.

With the Camilla thing the anger would be justified if confirmed but I still think the proof is lacking. there is no caps of their actual agreement on sales and crediting to see if Camilla broke the agreement or if peaches lied.

No. 1104280

I thinking the same thing, anon. They'll just cannibalize each other in the end. Milkshakes all around, bring all the farmer babes to the yard. Only a matter of time till someone feels slighted in some silly little way.

No. 1104283

>Also why is everyone saying that Peaches inspired Tobi to make her video on Creepshow? We all know that isn’t true. People were making videos on Creepshow before Tobi. Videos that Tobi used in her video. Tobi also made a video on Creepshow before her “famous” Creepshow video. Tobi had her eyes on Creepshow before even talking to Peaches.

I’m fairly sure that was one of creepshows main accusations against peach. CS tweeted that HP fed lies to tobi and that it was proof of HP going around ruining CS’s reputation. I believe she made the same argument in her video. It’s never been proven tho and makes little sense as stated in the quote

No. 1104338

I wonder who will all jump on the bandwagon this time. Every commentator seems to be in agreement that Peaches is in the wrong so far. I really have to wonder how Peaches will respond to everything at this point, her second part will probably have to be like 2 hours long.

No. 1104343

Kek. That’s pretty funny, dude.

I wish Creepshow/Peaches had all the dm’s, so we could see the truth. It’s obvious that either Peaches or Creepshow (or both) is misremembering exact details. Going back through the dm’s could clear up so much confusion. I want to believe Creepshow, but she talks out of her ass so much, she’s ruined my ability to trust her without direct proof.

I’m hoping Peaches has dm’s with Camila and can show them off. I’m perfectly willing to hear Peaches’ side (in fact, I’m waiting for it before making my call on if anything is true or not), but if it’s just like her first part (fighting semantics and missing the point), then I’m afraid it’s not going to do much to convince me.

No. 1104346

Peaches’ video gave evidence for the last two points from this post >>1100986 that Luke didn’t originally have proof for.
Peaches says Luke was claiming she faked her suicidal ideation/mental illness. [It’s one of her main arguments. But Luke said the exact opposite. (If Peaches wanted to address comments that were telling her this, she should of addressed them and not Luke)].
And Peaches calls Luke a hypocrite. Directly.
So I rescind them

No. 1104557

Honestly at this point it seems like Creepshow haters are siding with Peaches despite all the other creators coming forward because they dislike Creepshow. Sad to see it.

No. 1104565

For that to happen Creepshow would have to reactivate her Twitter. As long as her account is disabled, nobody can access DMs they exchanged with her. Maybe that's exactly what Creep wants and she'll reactivate only once everything has blown over.

No. 1104571

Peaches deleted her old Twitter, so the DM’s are completely lost. Unless Peaches only deactivated her old Twitter, and she can somehow reactivate it, those DM’s are long gone.

I think people have good reason to distrust Creepshow. She’s done a lot of shit, and she has been proven to stretch the truth and completely misremember events to suit her narrative.
And I don’t think there’s anything wrong with people being hesitant to believe accusations made against Peaches. I think it’s a good thing that people want to be sure before judging her guilty.

I think Kai’s video is good about laying out the current evidence. I’d recommend this video for anyone who only saw Luke’s video and is unsure.
My only gripe about the video is that at the end of the video he goes for the “Peaches is white so she can’t have an opinion on racism” argument, which is honestly just stupid. Everyone can experience racism and discrimination. The way Kai talks about it makes it sound like only black people can have racism against them, and only black people can have opinions on racism since it’s an issue that only affects them. If Kai had said, “You shouldn’t tell other people what is racist. That is theirs to decide.” That would have been a better argument.

No. 1105177

This was a more fun video.

He talks about how Peaches puts on an "uwu persona" and uses that to manipulate people. He also talks about and shows Discord messages from a server Peaches was in that is for people with 10,000 subs and less.

I don't know if she's a psychopath, but I do know a lot of people like he describes, and whenever you go against them, they go bat shit. And they get mean.

No. 1105250

I think Peaches going around and telling strangers about her being abused and groomed so lackadaisically is pretty cringe.
There’s nothing to be ashamed of from having these things done to you, but talking about them so casually to strangers is off behavior. She has therapists, friends, and a boyfriend, so there is clearly no lack of people she can vent her feelings about these events with.

It’s like… instead of talking about your hobbies, and your interests, and your work, and other people’s hobbies, etc… you talk about your trauma instead. As if it’s something to bond over.
But telling someone your trauma isn’t really a way to bond (as Kai pointed out in his video). It’s only going to get you pity.

The whole thing really only adds to Luke’s sympathy baiting point.

No. 1105768

After all of this and knowing how much of a liar Peaches is I have to wonder if the "terrible" thing that made her cut ties with Tobi was really even all that bad or if it was her fault too. I can't stand Tobi and think she's ridiculously toxic, but I wonder what actually happened between them.

No. 1105774


I’ve wondered this a lot, too.
Tobi had BPD, and BPD is known to make you have arguments. But you typically only get into those arguments with people that you become close to and are no longer in the ‘obsessive love’ phase. That typically takes a few months.
How long were they even friends? One month? Two months maybe? With Omnia >>1103212 , as soon as they had one disagreement, Peaches was gone. And Peaches stopped talking to Kai over it, too, even though he had nothing to do with it.
I really cannot see Tobi being able to do that much to Peaches, because if Tobi blew up at Peaches or even had a simple disagreement with her, Peaches would leave immediately.

And Tobi doesn’t seem to be in her “switch hate” BPD state, were she hates someone who has ‘wronged’ her and talks about them a lot (like Omnia or her roommate or her crush’s crush when she was 13), so it really makes me think that Tobi didn’t even have time to get to that point.

No. 1106366

This one was just funny.

No. 1106467

A friend of Peaches made this video. So that’s obviously not starting off on the right foot. He also goes on to make the same arguments Peaches did in her video, which is also not good.

>Luke: It turned into me being this awful person. Who was throwing around accusations that were ruining her career. Even if you went to her social or her Twitter, you could see she was gaining subs. Which is funny because you say I called you a liar for no reason, but there you are lying about the effect I had on your channel for no reason.
>Scrittus: Okay, so, he’s claiming that she painted him as a horrible person, that made her lose a lot of subs, and then says if you look at her socials, she was gaining subs.
>Except if you look at Nov. 7 and Nov. 8, literally days after he posted his video on the Tobi drama, on the 6th, Peaches lost subscribers. (says at 11:23 that Luke either did no research or purposefully omitted this FACT)

This is so stupid it hurts. Losing 200 subscribers that she immediately gained back on Nov. 9 is not equivalent to “ruining her career”.
Luke is right in the fact that his video, overall, had no effect on her channel. Luke didn't argue that Peaches didn't lose any subscribers. He argued that he didn’t ruin her career. If anything, this just proves that Peaches greatly exaggerates negative things that happen to her.

In their DM’s, Peaches said, “Sending people to mass unsub and comment how I am a liar and a suicide baiter… because I didn’t go through with my attempt…. is very upsetting”
People didn’t mass unsub. 200 people is not mass unsubbing.

(Also I want to point out that Peaches says she doesn’t care about subscribers/numbers, yet she noticed this loss of subscribers: 100 subscriber loss for two days. This is such a drop in the bucket compared to her sub count, and would be hard to notice unless she was checking her numbers daily.)

>Scrittus: So basically, if someone is suicidal, we’re going to side with the guy who says she’s just doing it for attention?

We’ve been over this. Attention seeking behavior in suicidal people is not uncommon. It’s an unhealthy pattern of behavior that shouldn’t be done or encouraged. It’s also inappropriate to make ‘goodbye’ style Tweets.

>Scrittus: Explaining your actions is not always supposed to be an excuse. What’s next? Are we going to tell someone with clinical depression that they’re just being lazy because they can’t get out of bed? Would you shame a grandmother with Alzheimer's because they forgot what they were talking about? Are you going to admonish someone with Tourette's just because they accidently swore? Or they have an annoying tick? No! Because they can’t help it!

Peaches is not being criticized for being suicidal or having mental health issues. She’s being criticized for discussing them inappropriately and using them for sympathy/bait. Peaches can’t control the fact she’s depressed. But she can control the Tweets she makes and the Youtube comments she makes.

(She can also try to control her thinking patterns. For example, thinking that people are upset with her ‘because she didn’t die’ is wrong, and it’s an unhealthy mentality. Unhealthy mentalities often make your illness harder to cope with, and should be worked upon by the person who has them to try to improve their health.)

>Scrittus: The reason we don’t stigmatize mental illness is to prevent people like Luke claiming it’s not real.

Excuse me?
When did Luke claim that Peaches didn’t have a mental illness?
This is an argument that Peaches made. That suicide baiting = faking mental illness. The fact that her friend is making the same exact argument, does not bode well for what she’s saying behind the scenes. That’s blatantly false.

>Scrittus: Tell me how Luke is in the right here. He’s the one who started this drama with his ignorant claims in the first place. Now all he’s done is double down on his claims and allow people to harass someone with genuine mental health problems. Guilt free. Did Peaches need to wake up in a hospital with a stomach full of pills for you to not jump on her and say she was not using it for attention? That’s what Peaches was talking about. Luke claimed that Peaches was a liar because she didn’t go through with hurting herself.

No, he didn’t. He said she used her mental health problems as bait and for sympathy. She can’t use her mental health problems for sympathy if she doesn’t have them.
Luke never said that Peaches didn’t try to kill herself. Luke never said that Peaches doesn’t have mental health problems. Luke never said that Peaches was a liar over this Tweet.
What Peaches said would be bad, regardless of if she ended up in a hospital or died. For one, it shows her not going through a proper support system. For two, it encourages Peaches to use attention-seeking methods to bring herself out of depressive episodes (which is bad, because it will never be enough. Ultimately, it does not solve the problem).

>Scrittus: Peaches is only in the wrong if she was not actually suicidal. And she is.

Scrittus says that Peaches made a mistake making that Tweet, then he says that she’d only be in the wrong if she wasn’t suicidal. While yes, it would be much much worse if Peaches was completely faking her mental health problems, what she did was still bad. How she thinks about things is still unhealthy. How she treats other people is still bad.

>Scrittus: She’s only in the wrong here, if she’s not trying to get help or therapy or medication. And she is.


>Scrittus: What has Peaches lied about? All of the evidence of Peaches lying has been her telling the truth. 100% the truth. Every single point Luke has made trying to paint Peaches as a liar has been factually and provably false.

The part where Peaches said Luke came after her because she didn’t die.
Saying that she hadn’t been involved in the drama at all since her apology to Omnia (which Scrittus cut out)
The part where Peaches said Luke sent people to mass unsub from her

>Luke: She even called me a hypocrite for being upset that she lied about me. Unlike you, I don’t need to make up stuff to look better.
>Scrittus: What is she making up about herself? Her crisis? Her condition?

The lies, moron. Whether you agree that Peaches was intentionally trying to make Luke look bad or not, you cannot be so dense that you cannot make the connection between, “Peaches lied about me” and “Peaches made stuff up to make herself look better”. It is so obvious to anyone that Luke was not talking about Peaches’ mental health here that I quit.

That’s where I stop the video, because I have given this guy way too many chances to make good arguments.
Look, I agree with the fact that Luke’s video is fundamentally flawed. But when you make arguments like these, I can’t side with you. I can’t come to care about what you have to say.

I agree with >>1100986 about the first half of the video being on shaky ground. And I agree that if Luke had made better arguments, then less people would be siding with Peaches.
But fuck, Scrittus’ video made bad arguments. A majority of them were emotional appeals and nothing more.
Plus, now that people have come out (like Camila and Omnia and Kai), Peaches has been caught lying. She has been caught doing different things.

Also, to give one note of credibility to Creepshow (even though I, too, find it hard to believe her entirely), Peaches did the same thing to Tobi. Creepshow claims that they were friends, they had a disagreement, and then Peaches went and talked trash about her despite acting friendly towards her.
What did Peaches do to Tobi? They were friends, they had a disagreement of some kind, and then Peaches went all around Youtube saying that Tobi had caused her great pain and Tobi did something absolutely horrible to her (Peaches was even going to make a video on it at one point). And then when Peaches got in trouble, she went to Tobi to try to get screenshots from Tobi as evidence in her response video, despite publicly admonishing Tobi the whole time.

Honestly, the fact that this is the mentality of one of Peaches’ friends, makes me feel worse about the situation. It makes me see Peaches more negatively.

No. 1106470

File: 1607868420384.png (19.85 KB, 869x111, peachesscritus_comment.png)


lmao of COURSE Peaches comments in to give her approval

(also the amount of people in the comments who get so easily swayed or "convinced" to be on Peaches's side now just because of this one video is hilarious)

No. 1106471



You got to be fucking kidding me.

Of course Peaches saw this video that only has 200 views. Of course it’s one of her friends. Of course she thinks it’s good just because it’s on her side, despite making shitty arguments.

There are good arguments to make against Luke’s video. This guy did not make them.

This is stupid ass.. Tobi shit.

No. 1106474

>If Luke wanted the drama to stop, he wouldn’t of made a video.

Ignores the fact that Peaches said she was going to make a video first

No. 1106482


At this point I'm just anticipating Peaches to literally do a Tobi and promote it on her community tab or twitter.

Wouldnt put it past me to assume she's (in Tobi's words) "heavily promoted" it in her discord server either

No. 1106554

File: 1607882913764.png (344.9 KB, 830x1900, ScrittusSpade.png)

This dude seems too emotional and too close to Peaches to make logical arguments.

Also it seems like there's going to be a new video with new evidence from Peaches' Discord. I'm interested in it and hope everything is shown in full.

No. 1107139

File: 1607949097626.png (1.72 MB, 486x3012, PeachesArt.png)

(not milk)

Well, since we’re talking about Peaches, might as well throw this in there.

People keep talking about how much they like Peaches’ art (for example, Hot Box saying she has talent as an artist), but I really don’t get it.

It’s an extremely generic westernized anime style. There’s not any unique lineart. There’s not any unique coloring. She’s doesn’t use interesting perspectives or complex compositions. A majority of her art is just pretty girls.

Everything in her art is just… okay. It’s passible art, but it’s not something I would say I like.

It’s like she wanted to go for that clean, manga/anime look, but couldn’t master the details of it, so she leaned into cartoonism.

No. 1107317


I’ve been mostly on the side of trash Peaches thus far, but am I the only one who thinks Omnia exaggerates a problem that isn’t really there?

Omnia’s whole first point is that Peaches lied about their DM conversation. Peaches said that Omnia said Peaches called her a victim blamer in a weird analogy. Omnia acts like this is an outright lie, but it’s not a conclusion that’s unreasonable to come to. Like Peaches took it in bad faith, but it’s not an outlandish conclusion. (screenshots in 2/2).

Omnia compared herself to a crying child. In that situation, the child would be a victim because the child could do nothing to defend itself. Then Omnia said Peaches was blaming the child for having their toy taken away. Thus, “victim blamer".
At 11:30, Omnia is like, “Where did I call her a victim blamer??” And I’m like.. You gave an analogy.. which analogies are typically up for interpretation.. Why are you acting like your interpretation of the analogy is the only one that exists?

It’s also just a bad analogy to begin with. Omnia isn’t a child having her toy taken away by a bully. A child’s only defense is to cry. Omnia’s an adult that had many avenues in which to defend herself. While I disagree with Peaches and think it’s fine that Omnia leaked the DM’s, there’s also nothing wrong with the perspective that Omnia shouldn’t of used those two DM’s in her first video in the first place, and should of just used easily accessible public information. There’s also nothing wrong with the perspective that Omnia could of waited for Tobi to show her proof in her video, and then make a response video debunking it.
There are multiple avenues to solve the problem. And having a different opinion on which is the best avenue to solve the problem isn’t some sin bomb.

Omnia tries to persuade Peaches to her side, Peaches isn’t interested, they end the convo. Then Omnia keeps pushing.
Omnia acts like just because she says, “Oh, your perspective is valid. I understand why you see it that way.” that means that’s how she was acting. But if she understood Peaches’ perspective and understood why she felt that way, she wouldn’t keep pushing Peaches to agree with her 100%. Omnia says she’s okay that Peaches doesn’t choose sides, but Omnia keeps pushing Peaches to take her side.

When Peaches agrees with Omnia, but doesn’t comment on her analogy (this is after Peaches ended the conversation), Omnia says, “I noticed the point flew right over her head.” (11:48). But just because she doesn’t comment on your analogy when she’s trying to end the conversation doesn’t mean she missed the point. Omnia acts like Peaches has to agree with her to “get the point”.

Peaches: “I’m literally just saying don’t leak DM’s.”
Omnia: “So don’t scream and cry in reaction essentially. I got it.”
Peaches: “Well no, ofc, not, you’re an adult. Not a toddler.”

This is obviously tongue in cheek. She’s making a joke to make the point that Omnia is not like a child that had her toy taken away, but an adult who has many options to solve her problems. This flies over Omnia’s head, and Omnia then goes on to explain the analogy, missing the fact that Peaches already understood her analogy and is done with the conversation and clearly won’t agree with her opinion.

Peaches asks why Omnia is being so defensive, and Omnia again acts like this is an unreasonable conclusion to come to. But Omnia keeps trying to defend her actions to Peaches, even after the conversation is over.

Also, it hurt me when I read:
Peaches: “I don’t understand why you’re making an argument again."
Omnia: “I’m not arguing. I’m making an analogy.”
I think that’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard Omnia say. Oh my gosh.

At this point, it becomes obvious that Peaches has been trying to be nice and hold her tongue throughout the conversation because she starts bringing up problems she has with what Omnia did. Peaches’ feels like Omnia was inadvertently calling Tobi racist because she brought up her race in her video. Omnia acts like Peaches is “flipping her shit” and “it came out of nowhere”, when Omnia has continued to press someone who has been clearly trying to politely dip out of the conversation this entire time.

At 13:15, Omnia says, “I love how all these white women are telling me when to speak on race or not. The caucasity in the room is intense.”, But she completely misses the point. She doesn’t understand why Peaches is upset. Peaches is telling her that if she wasn’t calling Tobi racist, there was no point to bring up her race. If she wasn’t calling Tobi racist, why bring up her opinion on racism/racial insensitivity/whatever.
You can disagree or agree with Peaches’ points, but Peaches isn’t acting crazy or flipping her shit here. She’s discussing problems she has with the content of the DM’s and with Omnia’s video, which is related to the topic they were already talking about (leaking the DM’s).

Omnia then claims that Peaches went on an on, ignoring the fact that she herself also kept acting like she had to have the last word.
Peaches ends the conversation, and Omnia keeps it going.

Omnia then says she’s not trying to sway Peaches, which is complete bullshit. The entire point of making the analogy was to sway Peaches to her side. The whole point of Omnia continuing to say her opinion is to sway Peaches to her side. Why would Omnia make the analogy if she wasn’t try to sway Peaches at all?

At 14:20, Omnia says, “I’m deadass validating her opinion and saying if that’s what helps her sleep at night, then so be it.” , But that’s a contradiction. “Your opinion is valid.” means her opinion is valid. “Whatever helps you sleep at night.” means her opinion is invalid. Omnia acts like this in the DM’s too. Invalidating while saying she’s validating. I can understand why someone would get frustrated trying to deal with her.

At 14:58, Omnia says, “Can someone let me know if they saw me calling Tobi racist? Because I stared at those DM’s for a solid minute, and I can’t see it anywhere.”
It makes Omnia look really stupid that she can’t connect the dots that Peaches wasn’t talking about their DM’s, but what Omnia said in her video/in her DM’s with Tobi.

The video transitions from the DM’s to something else, so that’s where I’ll end my complaints (I did watch the whole thing, twice. I’m just ending my discussion here because I wanted to focus on her points about their DM’s)
Also, no, I’m not Peaches, and I’m not Peaches’ friend. I got all of this from context clues from the conversation itself. I take issue with the video because at worst, what Peaches said was petty. It’s all so trivial.

Honestly, this video just makes Omnia come off as really dumb. As if she can’t read basic social cues.
I’m also kind of upset, because Omnia continuously pressed Peaches to agree with her until Peaches blew up at her, then she gaslit her acting like Peaches was “flipping her shit” even though she wasn’t and she was clearly reacting to being pressed over and over again, and then Omnia makes a video so that the whole Internet can join with her against Peaches. It seems scummy and abusive and manipulative.

No. 1107319

File: 1608041615099.png (2.23 MB, 703x4436, OmniaPeachesDMs.png)

No. 1107351

I agree to an extent anon. Like I think it's a fine style but it's not something I would say is unique. I think the people who are saying it's really unique are those who are super into the anime style.

No. 1107376

I guess if all you stare at is anime, a more westernized style would look unique.
I dislike her art because Peaches has amateurish/intermediate skills. She just doesn’t have something yet.
I don’t think her art is beautiful or she has great artistic skills. A lot of people in Youtube comments always talk about how they love her art, and I just can’t see anything lovable about it.

No. 1107391

File: 1608048676334.png (119.21 KB, 858x528, JustStop.png)


I didn't expect Just Stop to comment. But now with this comment, it just shows how stupid and pointless this video was. This video didn't show anything to prove that Peaches is a bad person. The first half was a mutual disagreement that doesn't fucking matter, and the second half is just the fact that Peaches edited Manga's (without JAR or Fuchsia being involved yet) original script early in the script making process. Wow. Groundbreaking evidence.
I will gladly say fuck Peaches any day, but FUCK this video man.
I felt bad that Peaches stopped talking to Omnia and thought Omnia was in the right, but after this? I think Omnia is just as in the wrong.

Also Nawnii is here, because of fucking course she is.

No. 1107427

File: 1608051757648.png (570.15 KB, 874x1969, DidntRealize.png)

I went to look for comments to see if anyone was voicing similar thoughts (they were), but I also found this (top).
I didn't realize that this is the groomer video thumbnail. That is kind of fucked when you think about it. Why would Omnia do that?
Like I think that Peaches is a sympathy baiter, but what she went through was still damaging, bad, and hurtful. There's tons of art of Peaches, and Omnia could of made her own. There was no reason to use the groomer thumbnail.