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File: 1510521450958.jpg (365.18 KB, 2048x1827, 1507454591779.jpg)

No. 462983

Previous threads:

In the course of the last thread:
>When asked in a private message about Raven's wellbeing since her profiles had been deactivated, Josh replied, "I don't wanna talk about it."
>The next day, when asked in private messages by several farmers what had happened, Raven replied with copy pasta saying that "Josh had stepped aside" and that she was "keeping as much stuff deactivated as possible" to fulfill her promise to Logan to keep their relationship off of the internet. She then says that they filmed a video about their reunion and includes a screencap.
>Dorian's Lovely Fiancee stopped by one last time.
>The buyer of the "unwanted gift" S8 on TradeMe left negative feedback stating that they have not received the phone and that Raven has not replied to several emails.
>Meanwhile, she continued to slash and burn her known internet presence but created several new Facebook accounts (notated below).
>Each time the thread languished it would be revived by rampant shitposting and suspected selfposting.
>After the thread locked and exactly a month after she was due to have arrived in Couchland, she (re)launched her Patreon account with the goal to raise money for Lasik surgery in New Zealand, stating that most future videos will be Patreon-only because of the haters. She tinkered with her primary Youtube account by reposting a very old video and making a large number of old videos public again including those about Logan except the videos about their break-up. Her playlist about Josh remained private.
>Farmers agreed to delay creating a new thread and starve her of attention until she presented milk. During this hiatus farmers utilised tempcow.
>A week later she posted two videos on Youtube to promote her Patreon account and launched her vid.me account where she posted a video to deride the haters and accuse two of her Facebook friends of posting private communiques on lolcow (the first two entries in this summary).
>Despite stating, "The video of where I've been and what happened to me will be uploaded on or around the 1st of the month on Patreon, and a week or so later here" to thwart the haters from getting free milk by rescinding their pledges, she posted it on Youtube two days after making that declaration.

* closed accounts
~ new account created during Fatchelorette
https://www.facebook.com/Official.Raven.Sparks (community) *
https://www.facebook.com/Vv.Raven.vV *
https://www.facebook.com/blood.upon.my.soul *
https://www.facebook.com/crisp.black.kiss.upon.my.skull ~ *
https://www.facebook.com/you.were.born.to.die.like.this ~
https://www.facebook.com/0nly.the.blind.follow.me ~
http://www.facebook.com/the.moon.follows.me.home ~
https://www.facebook.com/gorgeous.gothic.ghouls (community)
https://www.facebook.com/Goth.Boys (community)
https://www.facebook.com/Ravaged.by.Raven *

YouTube and Videos:
https://www.youtube.com/c/RavenStarblood (current)
https://youtu.be/gwAiXPmMoJQ (unlinked video about being cyber-bullied by a fake website) *
https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLj9C5ZUyNC5_kBK2A8-93hEIOfQ2F0S9g (10-part "My Story") *
https://www.youtube.com/user/LeonbergerLoverNZ (her pets and Ryan's dogs)

Archived Leaked Videos:

Social Media:
https://www.instagram.com/the.crimson.queen *
https://www.instagram.com/modified.doll *
https://www.twitter.com/starbl00d *
http://starbl00d.tumblr.com *

Image Galleries:
https://www.flickr.com/photos/bloodbathory *

http://www.mywedding.com/ravenandlogan/stories.html *
http://www.mywedding.com/ravenandlogan/galleries.html *
https://nz.linkedin.com/in/raven-sparks-7451a1a6 *
https://nz.pinterest.com/vvravenvv/wishlist *
https://about.me/x.raven.x *

https://www.etsy.com/people/ravensparkss *
https://www.depop.com/starbl00d *

Joshua Manning Bradley:
http://www.facebook.com/joshua.bradley.3133719 (fake) *

No. 462987

Channel non intro, intro

In which she outlines her Patreon plan.

No. 462988

Well, hello there!

In which she explains her Patreon plan in more detail.

No. 462989

How to use Patreon

In which she rants about the haters, declares that she will never return to lolcow, and shows off her new Kat von D and Sephora cosmetics.

She has visibly gained weight and is wearing Josh's military ring.

No. 462992

File: 1510522629105.png (556.96 KB, 1280x555, Screenshot_2017-11-12-13-34-18…)



In which she derides the haters and accuses two of her Facebook friends of posting private communiques on lolcow (the first two entries in the summary).

No. 462994

I know she's always looked bad, but she looks especially bad in this video?

>I've known about lolcow for about 6 years



No. 462995

What happened to me?

The grand reveal!

>I most definitely wasn't going to release this yet, but as suspected one of my pledges on Patreon was from the hatesites and has given away my links. The dumb bitch canceled her pledge right afterwards so I'll be blocking her/him/it. Hey! You done fucked up, dips hit. You didn't stick around for the juicy shit. So you gipped me $5,big woop. More importantly, you verified what I already knew and now I most definitely won't be releasing my content until after you've all been charged.

No. 462996

samefagging but I know lolcow was created when StaminaRose imploded, but has it really been 6 years if you combine both lifespans of each site?

No. 462998

File: 1510522890928.gif (996.01 KB, 500x250, Friends1.gif)

No. 463004

She is HUGE. She is way fatter than I expected her to be in one month. But hey, she and Josh said in >>462995 that they have already been to Taco Bell twice, had pizza and went to Aubreys, also two times in the movies which I guess involves a lot of buttery popcorn.
She is also cooking breakfast and dinner everyday… do we remember her cooking vids? YUMMY grease.
Oh, Craven, you old, saggy, floppy, fat mess. I missed you.

No. 463008

File: 1510523688554.jpeg (83.07 KB, 666x758, 1507749049516.jpeg)


In the "Exposed!" video she swears up and down that she would never, ever lie to her friends and followers and that even when she is testing people she suspects are from the hatesites she tells only the truth.

Then what was this?

No. 463010


Her arms are bulging around her bracelets and her cheek studs are sinking into her face.

No. 463012

Spoiler about where Raven is below:

US with Josh. LMAO

No. 463013

Judging by the facial hair (on Logan), it was around the time he bought that really ugly bear in the mall with the travelator.

No. 463014


Transcript anon here.

Shall I post the subtitles? The video is over 70 minutes long which will take a long while to edit and proofread. Extracting the subtitles and stripping the html is automatic, but the timestamps for each line must be removed manually as I currently don't have a computer with which to write a shell script, and punctuation must be added since the subtitles are auto-generated.

No. 463015

File: 1510524693039.jpg (75.56 KB, 1201x443, OTP.jpg)

No. 463016

File: 1510524787412.png (Spoiler Image, 970.22 KB, 1093x823, thepatoflove.png)

HAHAHAHAHAHA Josh: there's no couch, we don't even have a couch

Also, an hour long? Fuck. I have to watch this laugh riot later.

No. 463018

She won't take that vid down. If it's too much trouble for you, don't do it.

To other anons, I got this "resume" from KF (credit 666EVE666):

She's in couch land, the space around her looks very messy. Josh says he's been losing sleep since Raven arrived. The blinds on the window are bent and broken. They have their own place, they don't own a couch, and are not in a hotel room. Talking about haters going crazy while she was gone, she's not jealous of his ex-girlfriend, Josh reached out to Dorian and Dorian refused–much to Raven's dismay. Josh and Raven talk shit about Dorian because he was talking on lolcow.

Josh hasn't got his tattoo for Raven yet because he will when HE wants to, on HIS time because there is this thing called BILLS. Raven demands Josh tells the audience what her tail bone and the back of her head feels like, apparently both are very weird. Josh said Raven could gain or lose 100 lbs and he wouldn't care–she's beautiful no matter what!! He even lets her leave lipstick marks on him in public and doesn't wash them off.

Raven talks shit about Dorian's girlfriend, calling her a cunt, pretentious, and that she needs to shave her armpits because she looks like a lesbian. Josh wrote to Dorian from his own account apparently, it was NOT Raven–her and Josh type exactly them same guys. Raven makes sure to let us know that Logan doesn't want the sluts that keep hitting him up, so don't even try it sluts!

Josh says Raven doesn't need to work if she doesn't want to because he makes enough for both of them, if she wants an online job that's fine. People there don't find Raven weird looking, but then they got stopped for pictures at a store the other day? And NOBODY is mean to Raven, they think her tattoos, hair, and outfits look amazing and she doesn't look old AT ALL. Josh's family is very accepting, Raven has most of them on her FaceBook friends list! They don't eat fast food (then list off all the times they had fast food).

Their relationship isn't based on sex, and Josh watches ZERO porn. Not even on the couch (that they don't own)! Josh has a lot to offer everyone, Claudia is a LIAR and Josh has NEVER cheated before. EVER.

Josh on Dorian:"One day, he will need her (Raven), and she won't be there for him", and he "doesn't want to be his fucking step-daddy". Raven IS NOT a bad mother because she didn't work or tells her kid she wishes she had an abortion. She just doesn't want kids, if she made Dorian she wants NO MORE KIDS. SHE'S NOT A BAD MOTHER!!! ("I don't want another Dorian, I don't even want Dorian").

Raven is convinced Dorian's girlfriend makes him evil, she thinks "the pussy must be awful good". Raven is totally NOT jealous Dorian's girlfriend who sleeps with other guys outside of their relationship. Both Raven and Josh talk shit on Dorian's relationship and his girlfriends hairy armpits.

Raven is NOT FAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A fake Emily Boo account apparently emailed her and it was SOOPER pathetic. She's only adding people she knows and trusts to her new FB account. The mattress she's sitting on at this point looks like it has no sheets on it and is just straight up on the floor, no box spring or platform. She's rambling about how beautiful Josh is.

Josh is leaning/laying on her shoulder throughout most of the video, Raven keeps rolling her head on his in an affectionate (cringey) manner. The last ten or so minutes are her saying that the screenshot of her saying she's pregnant is just her gaming profile and she never logs on to that profile and never talks to people from that profile, so it's totally a fake screenshot.

The entire video is basically Josh and Raven talking about lolcow and Facebook. Raven goes on about the haters and how all they want is attention (lol) and demonizing Dorian, his girlfriend, and Claudia. Then at the very end she says her decision to be offline has not been influenced by ANYTHING :lol:. She only made this video bc lolcow found her secret FB profile that she "didn't even try to hide" tho

Raven: "If we ever split up, your never gonna get away from this."
Josh: "We're never splitting up."

No. 463019

im only 16 mins in, is there really any time in this when shes not refrencing lolcow or talking to lolcow almost directly?
holy shit

No. 463020

File: 1510525009485.jpeg (73.4 KB, 607x487, EEBE5A78-9899-41EB-A961-E73336…)

Ray ray, you had no one fooled with your shitposting. We all knew you were going to Couchland no matter what. KEK

And she claims that Logan will never trust anyone ever again or be able to move on, oh please. That man is only what, 21? He’s young and will eventually recover from all that toxic brainwashing. The anon that posted her convo with Logan wasn’t being a good friend, but I doubt that’s enough to make him swear off talking to another woman ever again.

No. 463021

Take note that "the other topic" she is talking about is Dorian. She will release an entire video dedicated to shittalk her OWN SON.

No. 463022

What happend to meeee? Was tough to get thru mang.
No information pertaining to "what happened to meeee?" Just a lot of prompting Joshua to say she doesn't look old or fat IN PERSON, she looks LESS OLD AND FAT than he thought she would, so that's nice. Explaining multiple times she hates Dorian because he's a piece of shit and some day her child will need her and she can't wait to not be there for him to which Joshua agrees it is best for a mother to not be there for their child and she is NOT jealous of Dorians FUCKING SLUT BITCH girlfriend because she apparently speaks like she has cerebral palsy, drinks coffee and is NOT beautiful, like she is. So that's not creepy at all.

The rest of the video is regurgitating farmers comments, some that were said and some that she just made up ( thanks for the shout out tho). BTW, she admits being here and reading along the day people realized she was posting and some of us we're baiting her with "Logan is hawt" but she swears it wasn't HER posting, because her hands were all over Joshua's wiener. Which is a pretty weird fetish but masochists gunna masochist.

All in all, we don't find out anything that has happened to her, because nothing has happened to her. Should have titled the video "Same shit, new puppet".

No. 463023

File: 1510525257563.jpg (32.07 KB, 300x100, 1436979384796.jpg)


Compare to pic related.

No. 463024

oh man, it's funny for a few minutes but the non-stop addressing of lolcow rumours is just cringey.

Like, no one here is actually going to go purely off what she or Josh says, and it's just very overly self conscious. Like what does this dude think of having to talk about what people think on a site that you could just… y'know, not look at?

No. 463025

They also laugh at pics of an anon who messaged Josh. Josh laughs like a fucking retarded monkey at pics that don't look half was bad as raven licking her deflated tit. I love this couple. They're disgusting.

No. 463029

I LOVED how she mentioned the library, tho. I had to pause the video, my sides were killing me.

No. 463030

Now that she is confirmed to be in the US, would contacting the buyer whom she scammed on Trade.Me to let them know be in violation of the rules?

No. 463031

YES. Exactly.

Please give timestamp, that's hilarious.

Also quote of the video "I'm posting here making a video for my fans, not for fucking lolcow" haha

No. 463034

Does she talk about being happy to be in the States again?

Anything about the US or how she feels about finally leaving or if she misses NZ?

Just complaining and bitching?

No. 463036

Wasn’t it still Maximum Faggotry 6 years ago?

No. 463038

Yes indeed it was. I almost forgot about MaxFag.

No. 463039

Leave them alone. They know they were ripped off, and I'm sure they've already contacted their bank or credit card company to report it, and received a refund thru their financial institutions fraud claims department. It's a common thing. They were already savvy enough to ask her questions, trying to see if she was scamming in the first place.

If it were me I wouldn't want some stranger weirdo contacting me over this shit.
If you can't stand it, maybe contact the website and let them handle it from there.

No. 463043

poor guy looks trashed already. like, more trashed I mean.

No. 463044

The first moment she showed him on camera he looked like a hostage lmaoooo

No. 463045

The tail bone and skull deformities. lol

So now her tailbone Joshua- "feels weird, I dunno" Raven- "like it's not in the right place"

Oh, we thought your tailbone had an injury, but now it's very prominent. So, like a tail?Does it wag when you're happy, and try to tuck between your legs when you've been caught pooping on the floor or eating out of the garbage can again?

No. 463046

File: 1510527157963.png (338.46 KB, 1242x2208, 4a207b6f486ca98f88ab3f8b089048…)


She won't take the video down…until she dumps Josh in 5 years!

If pic related is genuine, then was the video >>441499 she made moaning about her regret over splitting up with Logan and gushing over his undying love for her a fabrication and part of a long con on the hatesites?

No. 463047

"They were saying that I got left by Josh at Taco Bell." I DIED. hahaha. Christmas comes early, anons. If no one donates to her Patreon, she'll eventually post it anyways. And if she doesn't who gives a fuck? We'll just go follow Mariah's thread or Onsion. This woman doesn't seem to understand that we aren't obsessed we're fascinated by a train wreck.

No. 463051

"JOSH TELL THEM THAT EVERYTHING THEY SAY IS NOT LIES. THAT YOU LOVE ME. THAT YOUR FAMILY LOVES ME. THAT I'M SHY. WE DON'T EAT FAST FOOD. WE DON'T HAVE A COUCH. YOUR BROTHER ISN'T RACIST. OMG JOSH TELL THEM. TELL THEM. TELL THE HATERS. TELL THEM YOU'RE NOT SHORT. YOU DON'T ABUSE ME." I think it was ONE comment that said that and they pretty much addressed every episode. This is one of the most hilarious, cringiest things I've ever seen.

No. 463052

Library talk is in Exposed vid >>462992 in the first two minutes of it.

No. 463054

(Replying to tempcow comment)
>When Raven called her a "trailer trash crack whore"?
I don't mean that part (which the user told us anyway, and Raven couldn't remember - so many whores) but rather the claim Raven makes that she confronted the person repeatedly. If this anon was a dedicated traitor who posted Raven's Logan-bait here on lolcow, surely she'd also post caps of Raven going ape at her? Why the sudden dedication to Raven's privacy? The chance Raven even hassled the right person is low. Another anon said they got the same copypasta, how many of those did she send out? Did she attack the wrong person or attack no-one at all?

I have felt in my gut she left, great to see it confirmed. Hooray for Dorian tbh! And Logan too.

No. 463055

So, I got about forty something minutes in before I decided to give up since it started to repeat at that point.

Blah blah blah. Ravey Gravy and Joshie Poo forever. "The pastttttt guys!" The past doesn't stop getting brought up because they're super shitty things. You didn't do some mild shit, Raven. That's why it won't be let go. And since you never let it go either.

The shit with Dorian is the stuff that mostly annoyed me tho. Because the shit Dorian said is all shit Raven herself has admitted to in the past. She has admitted exes have abused Dorian and shit she has done to him makes her an abuser, as well.

Hell, some of the shit she admitted to he had said "I don't remember that" which would, for anyone with any fucking sense, would take that as an out, but no.

And along with her constant attack on him makes her a shit person. Dorian didn't say anything really bad, he just went "yeah, that happened as she said it did". He literally just sat here and comfired shit she has admitted to in the past. Honestly, as much as I enjoyed reading it – him posting here or not was all just shit we already knew because of past screen shots and videos Raven herself has put out.

A normal, decent mother would be like "I know what he said, but he's my kid and I'm disappointed but what's said is said". He's not a backstabber, he's your child. Stop talking shit about him like he's an ex roommate.

No one who isn't pure trash is going to see that as anything but emotional and verbal abuse on a child she allowed to get abused and who she did drugs in front of and treated like shit over the years. The comments she makes aren't that of a good mother, it's from someone who doesn't see her child as her child but as someone who sees the life she brought into the world as a burden and a constant source of annoyance. She is clearly the abuser and the guilty party here, by her own words, screen shots and videos over the years.

Although, I wish Raven could see this and think "damn, I am a horrible mother" when she will obviously come back to read all of this (which we all know she will because she can't stop herself).

I just cannot even begin to fathom, as a parent myself, saying this shit about my own child. Especially a child she has admitted to abusing and let being abused. But of course, that's all in the past so it somehow doesn't count.

Guess Edmund Kemper isn't a murderer anymore, it's in the past.

No. 463059

There's so much to talk about here, but I just got so angry about the Dorian stuff that I had to comment on some of it. I am fuming.

1. Didn't she say half of the awful stuff about Dorian, including the abortion comment, well before Lovely GF was in the picture? But apparently Lovely GF is the reason Dorian is sooooo awful. He's never been like that until her!

2. Their relationship won't last more than a few years. Good coming from you, Raven, when your longest relationship was with Logan and you said that it was going badly well before you guys broke it off. You are clearly the arbiter of great relationship advice.

3. This fucking smug little asshole sitting there giggling while his partner is talking about how she wishes she never had her son and how she made the abortion comment ONCE and what's the big deal? These two truly deserve one another. Congrats.

Fuck man, I am so angry. Fuck these two.

No. 463065


Transcript anon here.

I found a site that strips the timecodes. Full transcript coming soon!

No. 463066

Damn so she's been following all her own shit for 6+ years. Never knew she could be that pathetic.

No. 463069

I don't think her talking about regretting splitting with Logan was fabrication tbh. She probably wants us to think that, but I have no doubt that as her trip was closing in on her she was feeling some regret.

You know she had no where to stay when she finally got over there. The only reason she's posting videos now is because a) her thread died here and b) Josh was able to scrap together enough money to get some shithole they could play house in.

No. 463075

I'm confused. So did she change her mind about staying with Logan or was that all just to throw us off? If that's the case, why?

No. 463079

I think Doe Deere is the best example of how to be a cow, quit putting your shit out there and then eventually get forgotten. Her shitty line, Lime Crime isn't as popular as it used to be, but you don't get any of the Xenia drama. Any cow could do the same. You simply stop producing milk, stop being a venomous bitch, or shut the fuck up on social media. Raven seems to think this proliferation of hate is because of lies, but no way is that possible.

She claims to have lied about staying with Logan (poor guy. she cucks him into going along with her dumb scams)so she could have time with Josh and "start over." Except she comes online after only a month and shit talks every comment ever made on lolcow with her retard of a boyfriend, while he giggles like a faggot. I'm guessing she did it to starve us of milk thinking that we'd be desperate for her patreon garbage. I wonder if the only person who subscribed to the 30 dollar tier was Ryan?

No. 463132

I'm finally trying to watch the video and his voice just makes my skin crawl.

No. 463143

I'm the one that mocked up that fb status and I think I'm actually going to die laughing, holy shit.

No. 463150

That’s exactly it, now she’s no longer married to a teenager, she would have to do new shit to maintain her attention here.

She might live on in /snow/ if people still want to see her bad tattoos, her inevitable weight gain, or hauls of Walmart toys, or her fast food complaints, or her views on abortion, but to stay in /pt/ now requires effort, like bitching about Dorian and lovelygf, breastfeeding lifelike dolls, broadcasting relationship drama, scamming people.

No. 463164

In the video she said it was a “game” she played for her own amusement, because her life is pretty empty I guess.

No. 463165

File: 1510547952034.png (529.89 KB, 1242x2208, 5EA2F875-1FDE-4872-AB9F-D23B9F…)

She is either bad at math or thinks personal drama counts. lolcow isn’t that old, when it started Dakota was Pt material and was new to Japan. I think 2014 is when the first Raven thread here started. But she already had married Logan, had a falling out with friends over it, got called a pedo, etc. She forgets that a lot of drama was from her talking shit about people she knew not sites like this.

Anyways she is milking the video hard. She is not smart enough to realize it shows on YouTube, it wasn’t unlisted or anything it is in my sub box as it was minutes after she uploaded it.

No. 463167

File: 1510548242949.png (2.11 MB, 1242x2208, 11E45824-66C0-4A45-BBED-84D051…)

Taking this screenshot from raven on fb which shows that she lurked kiwi for their responses to the video. Nothing from here because we were not here for a bit when she made this comment. Take note that she actively is reading for reactions. Hi raven!!

No. 463169

File: 1510548313815.png (760.87 KB, 1242x2208, 7023F75E-7559-4453-8789-8E2DC0…)

Yet she cannot tell the difference between them and us like always. So close yet so far.

No. 463178

I love how she says she has no control over Josh's account but earlier said that he shared/she read every one of his messages. It's one or the other.

No. 463183

Drinking game for the hour long video

- every time lolcow is mentioned
- every time Josh rolls his eyes

Actually that’s it, or you’re going to pass out before it’s over.

No. 463194

Lol every person that checks her videos has adblock on and I doubt THAT many people checked her videos. 300 my ass.

No. 463205


Didn't she say something about Dorian being lazy and not helping around the house about a year or two ago on facebook? That's probably more lies about him.

No. 463209

That's real rich coming from her, the same person who does exactly that. I doubt that she's ever even swept the floor before because "muh tailbone".

No. 463228

I'm 20 minutes in and I want to die. For someone who claims to not care about us HAYDERS she suuuuuure has been giving us alot of attention the past 2 days.

No. 463231

i wat he’s like 2 min of the video and holy fuck josh looks like he’s wasting away from stress already.

also we totally called the hotel thing lolol

No. 463233

He promised he was gonna fight the hayterz with her but I think that changed since he works a lot and said a few times he was really tired from it. Incoming "Josh works a lot, doesn't have time for me and doesn't wanna check lolcow with me and make videos justifying myself to them wah wah"

No. 463235

Dorian's situation is pretty chill now. His awful mother has left the country which is a pretty sweet outcome. He's in his first serious relationship; he has access to free mental health care and a supportive welfare system while he picks up the pieces from his terrible upbringing. He lives in a safe and pretty progressive, well-off country.

When Raven says he's going to need someone to depend on one day, yes that's true. But even if she were present in NZ, she wouldn't be there for him. In fact, she will never be there for him, thus her words have no power at all.

No. 463237

File: 1510568690337.jpg (397.6 KB, 2880x1800, couch-palace.jpg)

depression palace highlights. sort of looks like an airbed on the floor? living the dream.

No. 463246

"we don't even own a couch"

Like that's something to brag about lmaoo
Topic should be changed to Floorland

No. 463251

he keeps bloody sniffing. ffs someone get him a tissue

No. 463252

>nasty as fuck carpet
>dingy and dinged up walls
>mattress on the floor

She's a couple of months and a few cats from living the American Luna dream.

No. 463260


Transcript Part 1

Okay, so it's been a really long time. I think it's been, it's been, by the time I release this, it'll probably be almost a month since I've been seen online, and I have a reason for that. I've got a video that I made, it's actually…I think I've got like two or three videos. They're super super long, but I'm probably gonna release this one first before I release those ones just because this is the better one. The other ones are gonna be really really bad, a lot of shit talking, a lot of drama, bullshit, but as you can guess I've been absent because I've got crazy amounts of stalking going on and lies, and the other video we'll get into that.

But everybody is wanting to know where I went and where I am and what happened and if I left, because there's a lot of debate going on online on whether or not Josh and I broke up, me and Logan got back together again, I'm using Logan, I stayed with Ryan, I'm in New Zealand, I'm hiding, all that bullshit. Anyway, I'm gonna answer some questions in this video. I'll try not to make it too long, probably will because all my videos are long anyway.

[pans to Josh]

J: Hello. There is no couch. We don't even have a couch.

[she runs her fingers through his hair]

R: Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. So, so, so obviously I made it to Josh.

J: She sure did.

R: I sure did. [adjusts camera and sighs over his hair while petting it] So, so um I want to let you talk a bit about all this shit because I did plenty of talking in my other video. You start off with our meeting. When I got off the plane and you saw my fat old ass waddling towards you, did you run in the other direction?

J: No, I ran towards her.

R: So we were not able to have it recorded because it was just a long rush, rush, rush.

J: It was late at night, it was around midnight…

R: It wasn't midnight, was it? It was like 10 o'clock, 11 o'clock, but it was rush, rush and we were fucking tired, and we just, we couldn't, we just…all we wanted to do is just get together, get home, and just get to know each other and spend time together and stuff like that so…

Can you describe in your words our meeting? Because I think I did on my video.

J: Well, I was waiting at the airport for about an hour, and I heard her flight was uh…had just landed, so I was getting ready. I was just sitting there. We wanted her to come up to me so I wouldn't see her walking out, so when I did I jumped up, and I was so happy, and I hugged her for like five minutes straight. She wanted to let me go to do…she had to go do something.

R: I was sweaty and stinky.

J: I didn't care though.

R: Can you just go away! I'm hot and gross!

J: I didn't care. I just kept holding on to her. It was a good five minutes or so at least. I was really happy. I was shocked. She was more beautiful in person than I thought she would be. You really are.

[exchange meaningful glances]

R: Did you think that I was disgustingly fat?

J: No, of course not.

R: And old-looking?

J: No. Nowhere close.

R: So you've seen me obviously without makeup on right. Now what are your thoughts? We're addressing everything that lolcow has said, by the way, in case you're wondering.

J: I love her with or without makeup. I actually prefer her without makeup. I prefer that better. She's more beautiful that way I think. I know her style and all this. We've went around town. We have our own place, by the way. We don't even have a couch here.

R: We don't own a couch. And we don't live in a motel room. A motel was just a backup idea because it is extremely hard to find a place to live, and so the timeframe we were working with was really short, well, he was working with was really short, and so getting a hotel room was just a last-ditch effort. Oh, can you explain your other house and why you didn't want me there, because there's a lot of confusion about, "Well, if he has a house…" They think you owned it. I never said you owned it. But there's a lot of confusion as to why we couldn't just stay there.

J: I didn't own it. My mom, she originally got it, and I was staying in another place, and for reasons…for personal reasons I couldn't stay at that place, and so I moved back in with her for a few days, and she ended up getting her another place, cuz she wanted me to be on my own and I wanted to be on my own. And the water was…the water was bad. There are always problems with the water. The place was falling apart, and it's in a bad spot. I mean it was big, it had rooms, but there were holes in the walls and stuff like that, and it was real drafty and breezy, and it was in a bad spot in the neighborhood. We had people ridin' by on four-wheelers, loud trucks every night, stuff like that keeping me up, it was just in a bad spot. The water especially, the water was bad. It wasn't always bad, most of the time it was really bad and it was…it was messing up my skin which has healed since then.

R: Yeah, they were like, "What's that all over his arms? Are those moles or are they track marks?" [Laughter]

J: No, those weren't track marks. Um god, um you know, I'm sure you don't put track marks on the outside of your arms.

R: They'll say, "Well, of course he would know that cuz he's such a meth head."

[she plays with his hair more than she plays with her own]

J: Everybody knows that, I'm sure. It was just…it was just a place I didn't want her to stay. I didn't even want to stay there. I'm now getting me a new place. This is it, and we're enjoying it. I was lucky enough to get this place. The person who owns this is a good friend of mine so I got really lucky. I was very fortunate. And it's nice. It's still a work in progress, but we have clothes, we have everything set up for the most part. We need a few more things.

R: We have the essentials, we don't have a couch.

J: We don't even need a couch anyways.

R: And um…and I tried to explain many times why you were on the couch over there. It was because you had given one bedroom to your brother and the other one was, what, for your mom whenever she visited. Not everyone is materialistic or like me who needs a lot of stuff. He doesn't own hardly anything, doesn't care.

J: I don't need stuff. I mean, I have an Xbox and TV and all that and clothes and shoes. That's all I need.

R: The whole living on your mom's couch, doesn't have a job…

J: That was my couch.

R: That all came from his ex.

J: Yeah, she's jealous, spiteful, vengeful I guess. That was a toxic relationship, and nobody at lolcow even knows. All they saw was "couch." They ran away with that for fucking weeks.

R: They're still going. It's been months.

J: We don't even have a couch. I could have brought the couch here, but I didn't…we don't need a couch. It's still there. Lolcow, there just…and I've seen them myself. I've seen people messaging…in boxing me worrying about her, "Oh my god, where is she? I'm so worried. I miss her." And I say, "I don't wanna talk about it." And, what, 25 seconds later we saw, we saw it posted on lolcow.

R: We were together when he was getting the messages. He would show me, every message he gets he shows me. "Look at this, look at this, look at this. Message requests. Somebody trying to add me." And the reason he didn't want to talk about is because he knows it's lolcow. He doesn't want to talk about it. I mean, it's it's a no-brainer. It's not…they're the ones who ran away with the whole "we're not together" thing, so we decided to fuck with them and run away with the whole "we're not together thing" for our own privacy and enjoyment.

J: And we would always see messages like, "You know what Raven, you're not making a fool of us" or something, "We don't need you and blah blah blah." I was like, yeah, fuck 'em, all right. All they do is talk about Raven. They were, there was a few days when they were like, "I'm bored, Raven's not here, and I'm bored…"

R: "I'm just gonna go look at her old shit from 2009 and lie."

R: So I know it hasn't been long, but how is our relationship?

J: Great, great. Right?

R: Yeah.

J: Ok. We don't abuse each other. I haven't laid a hand…I haven't laid a hurtful hand on her.

R: Everybody thought that you would kick my ass and be real abusive and angry, and that you're, you're an idiot, and you deserve everything I'm gonna give you because if you're stupid enough to be with someone like me, knowing what a horrible person I am, you deserve me to shit all over me.


No. 463261


Transcript Part 2

J: For the record, I know for a fact that Dorian is full of shit, full of shit. He thinks he's big and bad, going to people who accept…accept him, but I'm sure they all talk shit behind his back.

R: They did for a little while. They said, "Oh, if what…if what she said is true and he refuses to work and do this and do that, then maybe she has a right for being angry or she's justified." But now, I don't know, he's a golden child because…by the way, for those of you that don't know, my own son went to lolcow, him and his girlfriend, and spewed a whole bunch of lies about me. He fed into all that shit, trying to say there's a restraining order against me and that's why I didn't mention his name in my last video. I didn't mention their names because I was trying to take the high ground, and I didn't fucking want to talk about them because fuck both of them. They're in the past. I have a new life. I don't need all the drama or the bullshit from them. If he's gonna be like that he's no son of mine. And I got more into that in the other video but I…I don't want to make this video a downer. This is just to fill people in because it's been so long since I've been around.

The reason I went offline wasn't actually because of the haters, it's because we have a new relationship here, a new life. We want time together. We don't want to be like, I'm gonna come over here and jump online. I want to come over here and be with him. I had said I was gonna get offline. We're gonna for real life. We don't get to do much cuz he works a lot, but we still go out every weekend. We've gone to the movies, what, twice.

J: At least twice. We saw "It" and "Annabelle." That was kind of shitty. It was alright.

R: I mean, we spend time together. Every…every moment we can we're together, and um…everything is just great. We don't ever stop touching each other. We're very physical, we're very complimentary. I mean, all through the day I can't even count how many times you say, "I love you, you're beautiful, I love you, you're beautiful, I love you so much." And you know, we just…we're very, very close. We have a lot in common, lots to talk about…

J: More than I thought we would have.

R: And [strokes his hair] I'm super happy.

Can you talk about the tattoo, cuz they're using that as why…oh the look on your face when I told you about the ticket.

J: I wanted to address that myself.

R: It was, it was…hold on, cuz it's a little group of things. It's the look on your face, the fact that while you were in the passenger seat you would have gotten fired because you're not supposed to be on your phone, and you were talking to me on the slick…on the sly, being on drugs again, and why you haven't got my name tattooed, and that, that, that just proves that you don't love me enough, and that's why you didn't want me to come here because I wanted it more than you ever did. You never showed, and a look on your face said it all.

J: Well, the look at my face was a tired look. Ever since we met I've lost sleep. There's been many a time…there's been many a time I've went to work driving nine, eight, nine, ten hours on three, four hours of sleep. My own choice cuz I love talking to her so much. So that look wasn't "Oh god, what the fuck." It was "Yay." But I was tired. Yeah, I was in the passenger seat because I was continuing to be trained. I can be on my phone anytime I want to. I can do whatever I want to while I'm working. I'm on my own hours. It's whatever time I get done is what time I get done, that's on me, so they have no idea what the hell they're talking about. They would…they think they do, but they really don't.

R: They're wrong about everything.

J: They're wrong about everything. It's just with…

R: All the people that they think were me talking on the site were not me. Like, I'm, I'm sitting here watching these comments come in, "Oh that's Raven, that's Raven, that's Raven, that's Raven's friends." It's like, no it fucking wasn't, you know. I was reading it. I usually don't read it. I usually don't sit there, but this time I was because the debate over where I was was just, it was too much, it was funny. They were going batshit crazy.

J: "I saw, I saw her with Logan." You obviously fucking didn't.

R: They've been attacking each other like rabid dogs because they don't know where I am. Oh, so tattoo.

J: Oh yeah, the tattoo thing. Well, it's a little thing called bills. Bills have to be paid. That's how you know you're responsible. I'll get the tattoo whenever I want to, whenever I feel like it, whenever I can.

R: That's much better. Whenever you can.

J: That's what I meant, that's what I meant.

R: Yeah, cuz before that it was trying to get sorted and settled, get ready for me to come, you know.

J: It cost a lot to move, and it cost a lot for us to keep up with.

R: Yeah, it was just bam, bam, bam. It was…everything happened so fast. And it was like, he knew the time was ready for me to come, it was just, he needed a place is all, or else he would have wanted me here a lot sooner. It was just trying to get approved for a place and get a place.

J: If anything I would have kept her and the old place until I got…

R: But you didn't want me there.

J: I didn't want myself there.

R: I still haven't stepped foot inside that house because it's apparently so bad nobody wants to let anybody inside. Yeah, so I mean, it wasn't like that. And whereas $50 or $100 might not be a lot in New Zealand for tattoos, here it is, so you know that comes out of bill money and things like that. And he was just trying to organize and get our life ready, or his life ready for us, and the tattoo just wasn't important. Maybe it was important to me,  it wasn't essential.

J: That can wait. It can wait.

R: And I spent a lot of money over there, yeah, but I still had money to come here obviously, and I…

J: More than enough.

R: Yeah, I bought stuff there, I brought stuff here, I bought him stuff, I bought me stuff. I like to buy stuff, so fucking what. It's my money, you know what I mean. None of the money I got from anybody went into the bullshit. It went into the fucking bills. And they're talking shit about me because I said I don't want to take your money. And I brought stuff [he kisses her shoulder] so that I didn't have to live off of you, and they're like, "Oh, but she could live off of Logan, and you could lay on your ass and be a lazy bitch and, and…" I'm not lazy. Like, I clean every day and do dishes and…

J: I know, I know what you're doing.

R: Oh, this goes on to what Dorian has said as well about how I lied about everything. You felt my tailbone. What does my tailbone feel like?

J: Like, uh, there's something wrong with it. Like, uh, like if you had no ass it would hurt you, like it…I don't know how to explain it, it pokes out.

R: You can feel it.

J: You can feel it obviously. I know that it pokes out.

R: It's in the wrong place.

J: Yeah, it's not in the right place at all.

R: What about, like, the back of my head?

J: Yeah there's a dip there or something.

R: That dent. Everything that I can prove and have proved. Oh, and um are you a feeder? Are you trying to feed me and get me fat?

J: No. That whole thing is I don't, I don't really care what way she is. I love her no matter what. I think she's beautiful just the way she is. She can gain a hundred pounds, I wouldn't care. She can lose a hundred pounds, I really wouldn't care.

R: So happy. I'd been pretty sick if I lost a hundred pounds. And then there goes lolcow, "You could lose two hundred pounds and still be fat, sausage fingers."

J: That's just not true. They're idiots. They're just losers.

R: It's a really ugly picture of me, shit that's not true based on lies, twisted truths, fucking bullshit bullshit bullshit bullshit all around.

Yeah I've said this shit that I've said to Dorian, I'm not gonna deny that, and he deserves every bit of it. He still does. I'm not gonna take that back. He's a fucking asshole and so is his girlfriend. She's a fucking cunt. I hate both of them. And it's not because I'm jealous of her. Have you seen her? I'm not jealous of that. If I wanted to look like a fucking lesbian or a fucking little boy all I'd have to do is shave my head.

J: And not shave your armpits.

R: [mocks Dorian's girlfriend] She's pretentious. Oh my fucking god. I don't want to talk about them anymore. I really don't.

J: One thing Dorian, shave  armpits. That's so gross.

R: Oh what about the message that was sent to Dorian. Was that me on your account? Tell them how much control I have over your account.

J: Zero control over my account. Zero.

R: How many times have I said we write almost exactly alike? So they couldn't even tell the difference. They thought it was…What he did was, he wrote to Dorian and he said, "Dorian, who the fuck do you think you are? You don't go and betray your mom like that. You don't do that." You know, he basically scolded him.

J: I know the truth, I know the truth about the whole thing. He's so full of shit.

R: Yeah, and you know, it wasn't like we were trying to get him to be like, "Daddy, Josh is my daddy." We weren't doing that. It was just, Josh said hi. They'd already spoken, they'd spoken on cam live and so he added Josh. And then Josh said, "Hi, Dorian. Dorian what's up?" And Dorian never answered. I said, "Dorian, I raised you better than that. Just say hi back. You don't have a conversation. Just say, 'What's up?' That's it." And he refused to even just say hi. And I said, "You know, that's just so rude." That's it, end of story, that's all it was.

J: And that didn't even bother me. It was the fact that I saw the lolcow thing. He was, guess he was, he was so sad that his mommy was going away, and if that's the case he could've…

R: Oh he wasn't sad, he didn't care, he wanted attention, he wanted attention. And when he posted on there he got so much attention. "Oh, thank god you're away from that monster, blah blah blah."

J: It was coming from the same people who in the past would put him down. So there you go, Dorian.

R: And the same people that uh pretended to be Logan's best friends so that they could hit on him, and they're all trying to fuck him. He knows all of that. He's not gonna talk to you or add anybody. He's, he's still pissed off. He's over the whole thing. And anything I've done or talked about him he knows, and it's with his blessing, because the more people think I'm with him the less they will bother him, and so it helps him, it saves him, until this of course. But knowing that I'm with Josh obviously…


No. 463264


Transcript Part 3

J: [looks at camera] They're gonna be like, "Oh my god, they're the same, they're the same height. How the fuck is that going to work?" I'm slouching.

R: "He's not over six feet."

J: I'm pretty sure I am.

R: Where does my head go to on you…

J: Right here. [measures to the center of his chest] Something like that.

R: Yeah, but all in all we've just been sitting back together and watching the drama, watching the friend requests and the message requests and…

J: Stephanie Gardini.

R: Oh yeah.

J: Is that her name? Stupid bitch.

R: Yeah, "I'm so worried about her, I follow her all the time." And then…

J: I don't want to talk about it. Then 20, 30 seconds at most…

R: Not even a half minute later, "Guess what…"

J: "Guess what, I just got the scoop" or whatever.

R: Yeah [shows screencaps] and oh, they're on it because he changed his cover photo. Like, oh no, you're not allowed to change your cover photo?

[shows screencaps of "girl who was trying to hit on Logan under false pretenses, writing to Josh because his cover photo changed. She never even replied to Josh."]

Fuck my life. And then that Stephanie Gardini says that I called her a trailer trash whore and all that. I recognize her pictures, but I would have never said anything about her. And if you guys knew who she was you would talk so much shit. She looks like she's got fucking AIDS. She looks like a diseased whore. I never knew her before, but I know now. [shows pictures over canned mocking laughter and music]

They're all exposing themselves. Oh, there's another girl. I fed her a story, only her, that me and Josh broke up and I was staying, and she wrote, "I can't say who I am because she knows." Yeah we know, and especially because you're the only one I've ever told, you dumb bitch. All those screenshots are in the other video, everything, all the…

J: We have all the screenshots on our phones and laptops.

R: It just shows that they're desperate, they're losers, they're attention whore hungry fucks. They think I'm being an attention whore by posting on my own YouTube. I'm posting here making a video for my fans and the people that are watching, not for fucking lolcow or attention. If they want to come and spy on me, they'll spy on me…

J: Oh, they will.

R: Oh, they do. Do I shut down all my accounts cuz I'm just trying to streamline my life? I really don't want all that shit up, there's no reason for it. I'm not using it. I'm here with him. I'm only gonna be updating. I want to keep my circle very small. I want a new life. I want to try to fix the mistakes I made before. He's not bothered by lolcow, but I don't want to, I don't wanna take that risk. I don't want them to become a focus in our life.

J: You don't got to worry about that.

R: [she cups his chin in her hand] I know I just…I'm not gonna let anything ruin this, and so I just…I delete stuff. But I have some accounts I play games on, so I logged in once to get a store link that I had on my other account. I was logged in maybe five minutes and then I see, "Oh her…this account's online." What the fuck? And then people…ooh you look sexy…people um, have commented on my YouTube, and I haven't accepted all, only some comments, and nobody would get notification if I accepted comments, they'd have to go and…[he strokes her arm] what are you doing?…they'd have to go and refresh and check all my videos, all the comments, to see what's new. And they've done that because they screenshot and talk about comments that I've just accepted or accepted a day or two ago. So they're going to all my videos and checking. Like, what the fuck? That's extreme. The shit that they've done is really extreme. And they say that I need them and I'm an attention whore. I'm just living my life and they're stalking my every move. This round is the only time I've haunted them and just checked and checked just because it's funny, cuz they've been so desperate to find me, like they've been going fucking batshit crazy. So it's worth watching their debates and their polls.

J: They're even making stuff up like, "I saw her here in New Zealand…"

R: When I was doing right here. "I just saw her." No, you fucking didn't. "Oh, that's Raven posting." No, it wasn't…

J: No, it wasn't…

R: Because my hands were on him.

What else? There was something else, um fuck fuck fuck. I don't remember. Oh my god, it was important too. And then they said I killed Marmalade.

J: Yeah, I know what happened that day. I mean…

R: Yeah, I wrote as soon as it happened. Oh, your dog. I got bashed because I shared the photo of your dog. It's because I hid it from you at first because I didn't want you to have to see it, and they're like, "Oh, she hid it from him so she's…she has to get attention from everything, doesn't she? He doesn't even know." It wasn't that…

J: I didn't know but she knew..

R: Yeah, well, I told you that I made a post, I just didn't want you to see it so I blocked you from it.

J: …because you said they were saying, "She hid it from him so he doesn't even know…"

R: They were saying like, you didn't know at the time and I was only posting at the time to get attention for myself.

J: I know the reason behind it, the same reason my brother did it.

R: And because I said I don't even like dogs. That made me sad. Like, why did she even need to say that? I said it because it showed that it was like a shocking event.

J: Because it was fucking unreal. He ended up dying in the next morning, by the way. I got up to go to work and he was dead. I couldn't take him to the hospital, the emergency vet, they were closing and too far away. I had to go to work in a few hours. I was up to 2 or 3am, wasn't I. I had to be up at 6:30am. I got no sleep that night. And that was a terrible thing. He was the youngest dog there, and he died first. He should have outlived all those dogs. Man, that was sad.

R: Those fucking people.

J: They're just cruel people, that's what they are. They're just unhappy with their spouse and their jobs so they need…they find the need to go ahead and make other people…try to make other people feel like shit.

R: Um, what about me working?

J: What about you working?

R: Um what are your thoughts on me working or not working?

J: She can work if she wants to. She doesn't have to. I make enough money to support us. I've told her if she wanted to there are plenty of online jobs that she can do. She can type stuff. She can uh…I have even done uh…you can type out subtitles for movies. You get all the movies in early. Fuckin' you can do that. You can type instruction manuals. That make good good good money. You make your own hours.

R: How did the people here react to me? You know they're gonna burn me at the stake and call me a witch and everybody here will hate me because I look so weird.

[Those were your words, not ours.]

J: They're all polite. Like, we've had many a conversation with people just interested in her look. We went to the mall, and this tattoo artist, she took a picture of us in front of everybody. I kind of felt like a celebrity for a second. That was weird.

R: It's weirder for us to go out and somebody not to talk to me.

J: Yeah, we're always, we're always getting talked to.

R: Always.

J: Always. When we're gonna get food or groceries or whatever, she always, we always get talked to.

R: And nobody's ever mean.

J: Nobody's mean here.

R: They're very accepting. They think, oh, my hair looks amazing, my tattoos look amazing, and my outfits and all that, and I don't look ridiculous for being my age and looking the way that I look. Like, because they say, you know, I look so saggy and rough and old and…

J: Oh, she doesn't.

R: …you know. How do I look in person?

J: You look ten times better in person. I say eleven times better. [she pulls a face] I saw that face. You look great. You look beautiful. You really are. [he snuggles her even closer]

R: And I guess lastly, how is my attitude and person like how…what kind of person am I offline? Am I weird or bad or
mean or manipulative?

J: Nah, we get along great. We laugh, we laugh a lot, actually. We have a lot of common. She's sweet, she's so sweet. Dorian's a dipshit. But she is so sweet, she really is. There could be two sides to every person maybe, but I'm not worried. I'm not worried. She's very sweet. She's, I don't know, she's talkative. We're both talkative. We laugh a lot. We watch movies. We talk about us, ourselves, our lives.

R: Except that in public, in public I'm super shy, so when, when I don't say anything to people in public it's not that I'm being a bitch or I'm rude. I smile at everybody. I hide, like I hold on to his jacket and I just…I've got massive social anxiety. I'm really fucking shy. And you can tell I'm not rude though because I'm smiling. I look right at them, I smile, I wave. I just, I'm just shy. Some people are shy. I'm just shy. I'm not rude or mean, I just…Oh, your family.

J: Oh yeah, what about my family?

R: What about your family?

J: We're not racist, for one, or sexism..?

R: Sexist, racist and sexist.

J: Oh my god, idiots.

R: And um, what does your family think of me?

J: They love her. They were accepting right away, just like I told her forever. I told her that they would be. There was one day she texted my…she was texting my mom and my sister simultaneously half the fucking day which is a good feeling for me, and I know for her.

R: His mom always says, I love you, how are you doing? His mom's real sweet. They've all, they, they asked him for my Facebook and my phone number so that they could keep in contact with me cuz I didn't want to impose and add them or whatever. But his stepdad, um your mom did, didn't she? Your sister. Your brother I had already had on my friends list. But yeah, they've got no problem with me that I see. We're already talking about what we're gonna do for Thanksgiving. We're gonna go to his sister's house and have Thanksgiving dinner.

J: She's gonna cook what she wants, and they're gonna cook what they want. We already have it all planned out.

R: How much fast food do we live off of?

J: None. Rarely. We got a pizza the other night.

R: And I did get my Taco Bell the first night. I love Taco Bell.

J: We've eaten…that's about it. I think, uh, Taco Bell and that pizza.

R: And then we got Arby's once because I really wanted Arby's. And Wendy's once.

J: That was it. We ate at Taco Bell twice, but that's it.

R: Because we were going to take your brother, we were on a long trip.

J: The what, the night, the night after we got here, well it was the night we got here, we spent like, five, six hundred dollars on groceries. That was a lot of money. But we still have that food. We're still eating off that rood.

R: Yeah. And I make him dinner almost every night, and I've made him breakfast, and you know, he comes home from work and there's dinner made or being made or already ready, and yeah, so I'm enjoying cooking stuff, and everything I cook he loves. And I can't eat much of it at all, so usually it's just like, uh I can't eat it, will you eat it, and he doesn't like leftovers, so I'm kind of like, I'm struggling with trying to cook smaller portions.

J: I like some leftovers, but it just depends on what it is.

R: I haven't lived off fast-food and gained a hundred pounds or anything like that. Just…

J: We're doing good, we're doing good for ourselves. Like I said, if she wants to work she can, she doesn't have to, she doesn't have to, that's it.

R: Not going to control me or anything.

J: I'm just saying I gave you the option. I gave you the choice. I don't have a problem either way. I mean, it's so much easier than what people thought it would be like, you know, abusive. Yeah, apparently I'm a druggie, Jesus Christ.

R: You can't string two words together, I can't understand you.

J: Right. They're just…uh…just…they're stupid. They're just afraid that she might be happy, that's all.

R: I don't know why. I don't know how it affects them, you know.

J: It doesn't, it doesn't. They're…I guess they need to be the center of attention on that site. They say you need to be a center of attention though, you don't.

R: And like, they said that I rewoke my thread because I posted on my YouTube that Logan and I had split up and I cheated on Logan with you, you know.

J: I've known logan since we started talking. I've talked with Logan plenty of times, months ago.

R: You knew when we started dating, and it wasn't an issue.

J: No, it was not at all.

R: And if I was cheating, Logan…Logan's not the idiotic pussy-whipped child they think he is. He's a pretty strong-willed guy. He wouldn't just roll over and be like, "Okay, she cheated." No, he's not like that. And he wasn't raped. I didn't take him from the cradle. I mean, what the fuck. He was, you know, he was young, but he knew what he was getting into. He wasn't a fucking child. And I don't care what anybody says. Two people should not be punished for being in love. But we were, and it's fucking bullshit. And now they say that I ruined his life. But you know what, lolcow ruined his life because now he can't add anybody, he can't be friends with anybody,. They're talking about trying to fuck the Raven out of him in person.

J: I couldn't believe that when I saw that.

R: Yeah, like they want to fuck him.

J: They wouldn't dare, they wouldn't dare.

R: And so now he has to be on his guard for like, the rest of his life. He's so depressed. He is depressed now because he's like, he's got no future. He can't make a move without having to second guess, and that's…now that we're not together he shouldn't have to live like that.


No. 463265

she looks fatter already kek, look at those cheek piercings sinking further and further into that ugly mug

No. 463269


I will post the second half later today.

No. 463272


Correction. When they mock Dorian's girlfriend, it should have read

J: One thing Dorian, shave her armpits. That's so gross.

No. 463276

GOD is she delusional.

>they said that I rewoke my thread because I posted on my YouTube that Logan and I had split up and I cheated on Logan with you, you know.

Are you divorced, you cow? Were you divorced when you started this shit with Josh? No? Then sit the fuck down and shut up.

>he was young, but he knew what he was getting into. He wasn't a fucking child. And I don't care what anybody says. Two people should not be punished for being in love. But we were, and it's fucking bullshit. And now they say that I ruined his life.

A 16 year old is not capable of understanding what marriage entails. YOU SOW. You are fully aware of this, you just don't care, because everything is or has to be about you, you, YOU. If you didn't ruin his life, you definitely blighted 5 years of it, 5 years hwen he should have been out with his friends and acting like any other teenager. Instead he had to support your lazy, entitled ass because MUH TAILBONE. Fuck off. God you're disgusting.

No. 463277

The irony. A man sat next to that shebeast is calling another woman disgusting.

No. 463279

great work anon

No. 463281

I used to get so pissed off at the way she talked about Dorian. Now I'm just like whatever, you can't hurt him anymore, just makes you look like a shit cunt being so desperate to slag him off all the time.
Also, raven, you're doing a fantastic job of not caring about the haters. You don't sound bothered at all. Good for you.

No. 463286

Yeah not bothered at all. That's why she posted an hour long video of convincing her haters she's happy and answering all our questions. Nice! When is the next Q&A? I have a couple of questions about you abusing your son and publicly admiting it in your posts and then saying Dorian is full of shit. Lemme know in the next video watchuu think of that Raven.

No. 463301


I'm sure she's talking about a pilonidal cyst. They're pretty common and they can get inflamed.

>Risk factors include obesity, family history, prolonged sitting, greater amounts of hair, and not enough exercise

They're filled with hair. It's like having an ingrown hair in your ass that keeps growing and fills up and it's disgusting and…yeah. Sounds like Raven.

Here's what you do: get it removed. Tailbone problems end forever.

So glad to have you back, baby rapist!

No. 463302

At this rate, Raven will be so fat within a year that she won't be physically reach her armpits to shave them.

No. 463303

Her eyes match the carpet.

This is a shitty horrible rental. It's never a good sign when your rental house in Bumfuck, SC has the sort of carpet that hides repeated vomit and blood stains.

Living the dream, Raven?

No. 463305


I'm so fucking happy right now. I can't even get mad. I smiled like an idiot through the whole video. New Zealand! You're free!

Raven is a tard but seriously I can't tell what the hell the carpet or walls look like. I nitpick as much as the next anon but I'm sure this apartment (or house or whatever it is) will look as retarded as her old place in NZ before too long, filled with tacky glow ithe dark fuzzy tarantulas and shit.

This was my major point of contention with this bitch, but I'm very grateful that Logan is finally out from under her. Praise the lord. Hopefully over the next few years this kid will get a chance to mature emotionally, instead of being stunted by Raven's constant manipulation, child grooming and molestation. The guy's been mommied all his life and hasn't ever had the chance at a true romantic relationship. I wish all the NZ crew the best.

It looks like Josh hasn't slept in months. He's never been a good looking dude, but my god does he look worn out. Those circles under his eyes! They were never that dark before. Having that harpy yacking at you into the wee hours of the night and then having to get up and go to work, all while she's still slobbering frantically on his dick as he runs out the door? Dude is going to be a husk in a month.

gg Raven, gg

No. 463310

hes definitely on drugs the sniffling the twitchyness looking so worn out lol have fun gravy im guessing more than one drug to probably meth and coke

No. 463311

It's halarious how super dooper fuck yeah PUMPED she gets when talking about her haydurrs. She might as well start bucking around the room scream mooing and clanging her bell.

Seriously Diana, what in the fuck? lmao

No. 463339

Right?! I was honestly so happy she left and finally Logan, Dorian and his gf can be safe. She is definately not going back! Raven, can't wait to see what the years bring us

No. 463341

I mean if her being gone from the internet for a month will always bring an hour long video of her answering our theories…. then damn, hope this happens every month! Welcome back Raven!

No. 463362

>R: Yeah, like they want to fuck him.
>J: They wouldn't dare, they wouldn't dare.

lmao did she actually get rustled by thirsty anons saying he was hotter in her dress than she was? i wonder how much she thinks of him hooking up with young pussy now that she's gone…

No. 463369

Part of me really wishes Dorian and Logan could rekindle their friendship just for epic chimp out it would cause

No. 463431

I wish for the same thing, both because of the aforementioned shitstorm and also I think Logan could use the support and understanding from someone else who knows exactly what that cow is like. Like a specialized PTSD support group for two.

No. 463439

Nah. Dorian said that Logan tried to hit him in an attempt to play daddy. It's best if they just keep their difference.

No. 463450


No. 463457

When Josh was talking shit about Dorian's girlfriend saying stuff like "oh she looks like a boy and needs to shave her armpits yadda yadda" All I could think about is how this 35 year old man was creepily talking about a 17 year old and what she does with her body. Sorry for blogpost but I found that disgusting.

No. 463459

anyone else notice she addressed all our other shit but NOT the fact she stole $800 from someone who wanted to buy her phone?

No. 463489

You're killing me, anon. That's all I'm ever going to see every time the milk is flowing here

No. 463493

Yeah I noticed that.. And I found it highly peculiar that she's so quick to deny eeeeeeeverything else, all the other speculations down to a tee, with screenshots of our comments even. But not even a single word mentioned about that..

No. 463505


it absolutely IS disgusting, this piece of shit loser telling ANYBODY how they should look is a fucking joke

the fact that he has an opinion on a teenage girl's body is repulsive enough, the fact that he feels like it's his business to say it out loud, ON CAMERA, is just gobsmacking.

i shouldn't be shocked though - perverted pedo men like him are fucking filth and should be put down

No. 463531

It's probably best for both of their sanity to leave each other in the dust. There's only slut rot that connected them and now that it has finally vamoosed they are free to forget and move on to happy lives.

It was the only thing I was hoping to get an excuse for considering it was our main shit to hate her over for the last month, but Raven fails to provide as per usual. She's so predictable. lel

Like an even more garbage version of Onision. Then he's all "I ain't a sexist or whatevurrr". I love how retarded he is.

No. 463543

the fucking irony is so beautiful though. like she and Josh are sperging so hard about people telling Raven she looks old, or haggard, or fat, or whatever. she gets so fucking butthurt over it, and as per her MO, she immediately does exactly the same to someone else without realising what a giant steaming pile of hypocritical shit that makes her.

not to mention that the people she attacks are invariably not deserving of it, unlike her. Lovely GF doesn't air her dirty laundry all over the internet or post fucking hideous nudes everywhere, or call other women sluts and whores in a public forum. if she wants to have hairy armpits, or anything else for that matter, that's her business. Raven is fair game because she literally puts allllll this shit out there as though she should be praised for it.

she is so fucking blind to her own hypocrisy, it's always impressive.

No. 463552

imagine if she made 'valid' criticisms of LGf.
"Look at this slut, treating D like a human being and loving him. What a giant bitch, supporting him into education and a brighter future! I can't believe what a cow she is, treating him so decently. I bet one day he gets sick of all that love and support and feels like being abused and treated like absolute shit and that'll be his tough luck because I won't be there to do it."

haggard fat old cunt.

No. 463557

I just find it funny also about how she talks about how people should come to her channel for the "truth" and all lolcow does is lie lie lie. What she doesn't seem to realize is that she is someone that needs to be called out on her behavior. If she turned shit around we wouldn't criticize her so much but I really do believe she's a genuinely bad person. I also find it funny how she downplays the fact in her "exposed" video how she apparently sent someone a picture of her dead cat and how she didn't think it was that bad to do that. That is not normal behavior.

No. 463586

A grown man insulting a teenage girl because his fat goblin of a girlfriend doesn't like her is probably one of the most pathetic things I've seen this year.

And okay Josh, we get it, the old house tooootttaaaallly was your living situation until you were oh so gracious to let your brother and mother live there. So kind you gave them the rooms and slept on the couch. The couch you insist you own. Not only do you own it, YOU LEFT IT THERE. You're so far above that couch that you don't even own one anymore. Fuck couches, right? Hell I'm sure you won't even look at another couch for the rest of your life. Couches are beneath you. Not literally because you don't own one. That's how wrong the haters were for calling you couch boy. God are we embarrassed.

No. 463607

She might as well start bucking around the room scream mooing and clanging her bell.

Fucking top kek!!

No. 463611

>J: Oh yeah, the tattoo thing. Well, it's a little thing called bills. Bills have to be paid. That's how you know you're responsible. I'll get the tattoo whenever I want to, whenever I feel like it, whenever I can.

>R: That's much better. Whenever you can.

>J: That's what I meant, that's what I meant.

he’s so completely and utterly cowed by her. you can tell he’s terrified to say the “wrong” thing so he’s probably been on the receiving end of her psychotic attitude since she showed up already.

No. 463613


Yeah, she corrects him endlessly. He'll be trained soon.

No. 463616


Transcript Part 4

R: Oh, and um, how much do I hate sex? Cuz apparently I hate sex.

J: She hates sex scenes in movies. She loves sex. So do I. We both love sex, as we both know.

R: With each other, not with the other people. I'm not repressed. I don't like sex scenes in movies that don't belong there because they don't belong there. A movie, you know, it doesn't need it, it doesn't need sex if the movie or the show is good enough, that's all it is.

How much stalking of other girls have you seen me do? Like, because Dorian said that too, I sit around all day and I stalk other girls like, "Ugh! Look at that bitch, look at that whore, I'm so jealous of every girl out there." I'm not like that. God, he's so full of shit.

J: I know. And he knows it, too. That's the thing, he knows it.

R: "I can verify that she copies everything that Emily Boo does."

J: "According to my calculations I can verify…" No, you cannot. Emily Boo. Pfft.

R: Nothing we have, except for one thing, is the same. Oh, and a pair of leggings and I think a dress that I got first. You know, lots of people have the leggings, lots of people have the dresses, lots of people have the same color hair. She's the one who helped me dye my hair in the first place because we were on good terms until they started stepping in, you know. And just like, what the fuck? Two alternative people can't share the same interests? What the fuck is that all about?

J: I don't know. Lolcow is just…they're uh…they're pathetic. I've seen with my own eyes. They stalk, stalk, stalk her.

R: And lie.

J: They stalk her. 23/6. 24/6 I'm sure.

R: "Where's Raven? I don't know where she is. Let's make a poll. Is she in Couchland? Spilling over Josh's mom's couch?"

J: That was my couch, my couch. I don't even want it anymore, we don't even need a couch right now. Just one less thing to bring over here.

R: We're just happy being in bed. For many reasons. [laughs]

J: For more than four, I'll tell you that.

R: Anyway, I know our relationship is not based on sex.

J: No, it's not. And I was just thinking. They're going to be like…

R: "All they do is fuck, fucking whore, he's probably out fucking everybody else. Let's see how much porn couchie's watching."

J: Nah. Try, "Zero." Not even on the couch. Claudia just said that…

R: She's jealous.

J: She's jealous. The whole video with, "I wish I could punch her in the fucking face," I don't take that back.

R: Yeah, because they were like, "Oh my god, that means she was set up, poor innocent beautiful Claudia, and she didn't know what was happening…"

J: She knew exactly what was going on.

R: You made threats to her that she should have called the cops on you for because you abused her.

J: [mockingly] "Oh no!"

R: She tried to ruin our relationship because she couldn't understand that two people could meet and fall in love and be close. It does happen. She decided to post that he was cheating and he has nothing to offer.

J: I have never cheated. I'm not even worried about that, nothing like that.

R: And he has a lot to offer.

J: Oh, yeah. I think I do, too.

R: You know what, it's uh, it's all about finding the right person that you, you, that's worth it, that inspires you to do more and be better, you know what I mean? Like, I wanted, like I've said it to him, I wanted to come back home for so long, but I can never get my shit together and do it. I didn't want to do it without Logan, but we could have made it if it was that important, but we didn't. And um, you know, he [Josh], he could have gotten a better job or whatever…

J: I'm very happy with my job, it's a good job, it's a laid back job, it's good money, good benefits, blah blah blah.

R: And he could have done whatever, and he just had to find the person that just gave him the will to, to do that stuff, and he found that in me for whatever reason.

J: Cuz I could have stayed at the house I was and have him not come here. I'd have been fine working the job I was at, just going day by day, week by week, but I wanted something different, I wanted a change. [they kiss] And it was a change for the better, I'll tell you that.

R: Yeah. And his whole family sees how happy he is.

J: They're all happy for me, so, that's all that matters. I don't care what some anonymous momos, which means morons by the way. "What is does 'momo' mean?" [she laughs] What the fuck do you think "momo" means? It doesn't mean "idiot." "Retard." Idiots. "I wonder what 'momo' means?" Yeah, oh well. Now they know.

R: He doesn't care if I kiss him and leave lipstick on him. We'll go to the store and he'll have like, red smears all over here and here, and he's just like…

J: I don't give a shit. But , just the whole…I really want to say something about the lolcow and Dorian thing.

R: Go ahead if you want to say it. I've said plenty in my other video. It really makes you mad.

J: It does, but I know there's really nothing I can do about it. He'll learn, he'll learn one day. There'll be a time when he'll, when he'll need her, and she won't be there for him, and I don't blame her. I don't care how that makes me look, I know what's going on, I know what's going on. I'm think I know what will go on, maybe.

R: Cuz all I've said to him was, "Don't lie to her." I encouraged them to be together. I said, "I'm happy for you. Treat her right." All he did was lie to her. He turned me and her against each other. And I said, "Get a job because I'm not always gonna be here, and you can't survive without an education or a job." And apparently that makes me the world's worst mother because since I was in New Zealand I wasn't working. Forgetting all the times that I raised him as a single mother and I was the one who worked and took care of the family in the States the whole rest of his life. None of that mattered, though. And then, you know, I got, I got pissed off at him and I said the abortion thing once. I fucking went off on him that last time…

J: They need to drop that shit. I mean, oh no, so she said she should've had an abortion. Big fucking woof.

R: Now, now, you know, I don't want kids. I don't, if that's what I'm gonna reproduce, or I'm gonna spit up, I don't fucking want kids. I don't, I don't fucking want…

J: That'll show up on the fucking thread. Watch. Wait five minutes and, what, sixteen seconds…

R: "She said she doesn't want kids, that fat cow with her barren womb said she doesn't want kids, thank fuck for that. She doesn't deserve kids." You know what, whether I do or don't, I don't want kids, I don't want another Dorian, I don't even want Dorian, I don't want [Josh laughs] I don't want to go through giving everything you have to a child that's gonna be a backstabbing bastard like that. I should have left him in El Paso with his dad instead of having him, you know, risking everything and taking him everywhere with me because I didn't want to leave my kid behind because I missed him. No, I'm a bad mom, right? I've tried way too hard for that fucking ungrateful shit, and you know what? It's not even him, it's her. She will be pushing him to do it because he, he was never like that. He wasn't that kind of vengeful person, not until he got with her. The pussy must be awfully good.

J: Who, by the way, openly admits to break…threatening to break up with him if she doesn't get to sleep with other guys or cuddle with them or whatever. Get the fuck out of here.

R: I'm so jealous of that.

J: He'll learn one day. She'll fuck him over and he'll cry.

R: Might not be this year, might not be next year, might be five, ten years down the line, but a relationship like that is not gonna last.

J: I don't think it'll be even five years, that's not gonna last. She needs to shave her fucking armpits, too. That's fucking disgusting.

R: You know we're gonna get slammed for that. [mockingly] "Women have a right to have hairy everything."

J: Okay, well, I have a right to my opinions.

R: "What about, what about Raven and her disgusting…" or Craven or Gravy or whatever they call me and my disgusting eyeball that looks like hair.

J: But it's not hair, it's not hair.

R: And why would I have to get a touch-up on a tattoo that's less than a month old? Because it's in your armpit and it fades, you know. Duh.

J: "What's a 'momo'?" [they giggle] That's a fucking momo. They just try to be clever and say Craven, Gravy…

R: They act as if I'm the fattest person on the face of this earth.

J: She is not fat. Idiots.

R: I'm not skinny, but I'm not like they say I am. He's skinny. And sexy.

J: They have been wasting their own times.

R: Well, they were waiting for me to come back online because I crave the attention so much. The only reason that I'm actually gonna upload this is because they found my profile that I wasn't really trying to hide. I mean, I made a new profile and he made a new profile to lock them down so that we only know, like, we only have people we really trust on there and nobody else, like a close friend and family profiles is what it is, that's the only reason. And they found it, and they're gonna be debating and talking, and the thread's gonna get renewed all over again, so I figured, "Fuck it."

And I was emailed today by another company asking me to review some stuff so I'm gonna have some video reviews and I'm gonna get paid for it [he kisses her shoulder repeatedly] so I'm gonna have to release videos anyway, so I figured, "Fuck it."

J: They'll get over it.

R: No, they won't. It's been, it's been over six years now, and now this is gonna follow you the rest of your life, too. If we ever split up you're never gonna get away from it because they're just gonna add you to the list.

J: I'm not gonna split up. Let's see what reason you would split up.

R: Lolcow or porn or other girls.

J: So you're saying lolcow, right? Don't worry about that.

R: No, those are the reasons that ruined my last relationship.

J: Well, don't worry about those.

R: I mean, other girls didn't, uh, he didn't fuck around with other girls, it's just…

J: I know.

R: Lowcal and porn. He hated having to justify everything. We're not, we're not gonna be spending our lives justifying everything. If we make videos together it's just because we're together and we like being together. This is the only justification video, which it's not even that, it's just addressing everything that's been happening in the last, like, month.

J: Idiots. I just want, I dunno, maybe they'll get bored one day. [she shakes her head] Or they won't…

R: You're new to this. They won't.

J: I'm ot that new to it. They won't get to me. They won't wear me down. I'm uh…

R: You're a man.

J: I'm not saying Logan's not a man, but I mean, I won't let it get to me. It won't wear me down. I'm not even worried about that shit. Oh god, so they said, what, I slept on a couch. Oh, okay, I did. [frantically wipes nose] I was, I mean, I wasn't even sleeping on it for that long. It was my choice. I gave up two rooms, so, it was my choice.

R: And you were still all-American handsome before you ruined your looks with drugs.

J: I used to smoke weed, I don't even smoke weed anymore for my job.

R: I do have to thank Claudia for your beautiful hair though cuz she…

J: Claudia wanted me to grow it out. [he shakes his head]

R: Yeah, and he wasn't used to it, he never…he grew it out but he always kept it tied back, and so with me, I'm like, take your hair down, so he's not used to feeling it, so a lot of times too he'll be like this so that's why he's shaking his head around because he's not used to it, but now he is more used to it.

J: I do keep it clean and I am a clean person. Idiots.

R: …greasy, dirty. They tried to say once that you, or you'd go like this [touches hair] and then [sniffs fingers]. You never did that. You never fucking did that.

J: Even if I did, I wasn't smelling my hair. I know my hair smells good. I stay clean. I would scratch my nose, maybe.

R: Well yeah, yeah, probably, cuz you do that a lot. But he showers every single day, even if it's like early in the morning or late at night, he showers every day, brushes his teeth twice a day, he's a really clean fucking guy. I was, I actually, I said, what, yesterday, no, a couple days ago, I said you don't even have like morning breath. I have never smelled bad breath on him, BO or armpits, I don't smell anything on him ever, no stinky toilet, nothing.

[they laugh]

J: I wonder why. The walk of shame. Don't tell them about the walk of shame.

R: You just did.

J: They can just play around with that one.

R: No, he didn't shit his pants.

J: Shut up.

R: Well, they'll say what the walk of shame would have been because you shit his pants.

J: Nah, it's something else.

R: It's something simple, just the walk of shame is walking to the toilet to take a shit. You're embarrassed and you don't want the other person to know you're gonna go take a shit and it's like, oh no, I don't want the other person to know that I'm going to take a shit, and then it's like, you take a lot of shits. [laughing]

J: We have a good time, we're always laughing and talking.

R: But yeah, so uh, so no, he's very clean and he doesn't sniff his fingers or anything like that.

J: Nah. Where do they come up with this shit? [from watching the videos Raven accidentally made public]

R: Like, that you're a druggie, and that uh, I control all of your accounts.

J: No, she doesn't control one of my accounts.

R: But I control the other ones? [laughs] No. You have two accounts and I don't control any of them.

J: Yeah, she doesn't control anything of mine. She doesn't control anything. I don't know why it would matter, it'd be our business…

R: Because I'm manipulative and I have to have control over everything and you aren't man enough to speak for yourself, it's all me, because that's how I am apparently.

J: Nah, it's not how you are.


No. 463618


Transcript Part 5

R: Oh, and we've got doggies here. He has two dogs. And sometimes this beautiful big white dog will come. I really want him…

J: He's like a wolf.

R: But he keeps leaving. He's fucking gorgeous. He comes here for a couple days and then he leaves for a day or two, then he comes back. He could put his paws on my shoulder. He's all white, white and kind of cream, but he's…he looks like a wolf.

J: He does, he has the face of a wolf. It's pretty cool.

R: Yeah, I love that dog. He's so fucking pretty.

J: He's big, he's long, too. I'm sure he's full grown.

R: And I've got no problems with his dogs. They actually love me, too.

J: Surprisingly fast, too, cuz…

R: Within like a day.

J: Within like a day, the first time they met her they were fucking all over her.

R: You know animals know people are good or not, animals can sense, they don't always…

J: One of those dogs took a while to get around my brother.

R: Over a month, you said.

J: Yeah, about a month. And they came up to her right away. And I was like, huh? What?

R: He lay down, put his head in my lap, and now they come up to me. Sometimes, like when I get out of the truck, your boy comes over to my side more. They, uh…

J: Oh, and speaking of truck, I love how they…lolcow found out that I rated, I gave Saluda One Sales a five-star rating.

R: Oh yeah, they were googling him.

J: Oh my fucking god, I could not believe my eyes.

R: They were so desperate to find info on me they started googling Josh…

J: And I accidentally rated a place on my route for work, I [unintelligble] with maps, certain places I need to know where I'm going I type it in my GPS, and then it'll have say take a picture of so-and-so, and I accidentally typed the five-star rating and it disappeared, and I didn't think nothing else about it. About a week or two later I found out that it was being used to spy on me or whatever.

R: Trying to say that you just bought a car, so yeah, you and my fat ass are gonna be driving all around, so that's proof that I'm here cuz you just bought a car. Like, wow.

J: I couldn't believe it.

R: That's some crazy, crazy stalking. Like, it really is.

J: That's a whole nother level of stalking.

R: Yeah. And then when I shut down my accounts, cuz I used the links that they share to know what accounts I have cuz I don't even know what accounts all I have up, I use their links to know what accounts I have [You're welcome!] and I was going around to shut them down because I don't need them, I don't want them up, and I've shut down what I can or what I care to. The other ones it's just not worth it because they've got shit backed up so many times it's kind of, it's not even worth the struggle trying to find out the logins anymore. And they're like, "She shut down her this and this and this and this and this. Oh, and then that and that and that's gone." And the only way they'd know that is that they were constantly checking and refreshing all of links to see if they're still up. Like, what the fuck.

[she fondles his hair]

J: How does it smell? It smells pretty good. It mells like Mane and Tail. It's growing pretty fast, and it's grown a lot since we met. It was probably half this when we met, I'd say. Not half that, say it was about right here.

R: No, it was to your shoulders.

J: It was?

R: Yeah, cuz you said that you were gonna stop when I hit your armpits, and it was like at the top of your shoulders.

J: Yeah, you're right.

R: So now we can cut this video off. I think we've addressed everything pretty much?

J: I'm trying to think. I don't drink, I don't do drugs, I can't do drugs with my job. That's about it.

R: You see any problems with me at all?

J: Nah. Nope.

R: Cuz you live with me and you're new to me.


R: I keep forgetting that the phone cuts out at like an hour or just under an hour, so actually the last 10, 15 minutes of the video isn't there, so we're gonna…we left, then we came back, and it's obviously late and bedtime, as you can tell [looks at his face]. So I'm gonna backtrack just to the end so he can finish the last question I was the middle of saying, and then, and then we'll just stay by him.

So last thing I had said was…well, the last two things I said was, what do you think of me in person because you're new to me in my life and now you know me? And then I'd said, do you have anything else to say? And that was it.

J: She's really sweet, and you're really sweet in person, more sweet than I thought you'd be. We laugh all the time, we're always joking around and laughing. We talk about serious stuff sometimes. We're still getting to know each other. We do laugh a lot. We have a good time.

R: We had a whole chunk of the video where we just start cracking up about something stupid, I don't even know what it was, and all that's gone, too.

J: We do have a good time. We enjoy each other's company.

R: But everything's just streamlined, it's just, we get along so well in every, every aspect. And since you look so beat and tired, did I force you to finish the video?

J: No, you didn't.

R: Cuz that's something I'll get accused of as well.

J: I wanted to.

R: I said, we don't have to do this today, we could do this tomorrow. I literally just said that.

J: I wanted to.

R: [smugly with a huge grin] Because he enjoys being on camera.

J: Yeah, I do.

R: You're so tired. And so, yeah, so it sucks that we lost so much of the fucking video, but is there anything else that you want to say?

J: Just, kids, stay away from lolcow. Idiots.

R: The debating right now, the debating right now, and where I am still, and what a horrible person I am for using this person, using that person, and they're…they got my URL for my new Facebook which is an Acid Bath lyric like most of my quotes, URLs, screen names, they are all Acid Bath, always Acid Bath lyrics, like "sex and sex and sex and death", that's from one of their songs. "Rape me with your eyes", that's a lyric from another song from another band, a song that was supposedly written for me. And you know they're just quotes from songs I like, and they're always used against . "Why is she always talking about sex?" They're like, "Has she ever mentioned that she likes Acid Bath because it's an Acid Bath lyric." I've only ever always said Acid Bath is my number one favorite fucking band of all time, so that shows for people that pay attention to everything they actually pay attention to nothing.

[We have discussed it in at least two previous threads. You weren't paying attention.]

J: Seems like.

R: But um, I'm gurgling now. I hate having to add on to videos because you lose the whole flow of what you were doing. But there'll be more videos to come.

J: We'll make them. And we know to keep them about 45 minutes.

R: That sad, that we should have to say that, keep them down to 45 minutes. It's bed time. So I guess just say bye.

J: Bye. We enjoyed it. It was nice to be on camera.

R: So again, stay tuned for my other videos and the video coming after this one and whatever else we decide share. No matter what we share we're sharing cuz we want to you. No matter what we say it's cuz we want to you. We're not being tricked into it, and we're not too stupid to know who the fuck is fake and who isn't. We know who's fake, who isn't. It's just a game to us to see who is stupid enough to fucking…what do they say, "I'm sincerely, I'm sincerely, I'm sincerely worried, I'm sincerely concerned about her." I'm so fucking sure.

J: That's just how it is.

R: Oh, well. We have each other at least.


No. 463622


Transcript Part 6

[cuts to Raven alone]

God, my work is never done. Every time I think that I'm finished adding to my videos there's more and more and more and more that comes up that I need to add to. I woke up this morning and there's like this huge debate going on on lolcow now saying that I had a conversation with some random person saying that I was pregnant, fuck I'm pregnant, or something like that. Uh, for one, the conversation that happened happened on a profile that I do not use that is deactivated. I know the profile picture, it is not a profile I ever write anybody on. I don't know why they thought, probably because they mentioned that I log on that profile to play games and it is my gaming profile, but I don't really log on, and when I do log on I don't talk to anybody. God, it's been since the beginning of the year since I've actually used that profile. I had started deactivating it and just kind of keeping it because I had gotten banned from that one. I had a ban for some reason or other, for fighting with somebody or some shit, pussies reporting me, so I had made other profiles while I was on the 30-day ban. By the time I came back, like, everybody had forgotten me and there was no interaction on my posts or anything, and it was kind of like, well, why bother using it if everybody's talking to me on my other profile? I'll just keep this one for games and I'll just keep to myself. So the only thing I would do was occasionally post memories when my memories would pop up, but I definitely wasn't active on it. So they said that on this faked screenshot between me and, I don't know, there's not even a picture of the other person or anything, not a blocked out picture, it's just a conversation with no bubble on their side which is really weird, and it said that I said I'd been offline because I was pregnant. So there's is a debate going on about that.

And then aside from that, I got an email today from Emily Boo. Now I know this is not Emily. I haven't double-checked her email but I will, and I'll put a screenshot here. I know that they did blue tentacles at something something, but there's numbers behind it. I'm pretty sure Emily's email address doesn't have numbers with it. I'm fairly certain. Emily would be the very last person to message me asking if I'm okay, how I am, oh my Instagram is gone, my facebook is gone, and my youtube is almost gone, which it's not. Only the Josh videos are gone for the meantime you know, only they were gone, "were" because by the time I put this up I would have probably re-released them if they are good enough. I'm not sure cuz you know, early days of relationship are kind of, a little embarrassing sometimes, and I don't know, I'll see If I'll put them up, I might. But yeah, she would not be concerned with me, she would not be concerned on where I am and how I'm doing. That was like, the worst thing they could have done was to pretend that Emily gave a shit about me and was writing to see where I was and how I was. And to the extent of making a fake hotmail account similar to her real hotmail account just to try to contact me. Like, the desperation is unbelievable. So I just wanted to add that little thing in. It's just like, every day it's a new surprise.

They're gonna have a field day when I come back online, and they're gonna say, "It's because she's such an attention whore, she can't survive without attention, she needs it so bad, blah blah blah blah blah." And that's definitely not it at all. I have added people that I know and trust to my new Facebook account, and a lot of people have actually denied my request because with a different last name and no profile picture they don't know who I am, so I'm finding it a bit hard to reach out to the people that I need to reach out to let them know I'm okay.

And the ones who had donated money, they all know where I am. They've known since I got here. I…I wouldn't do that to somebody who had donated money for my trip and then just vanish and not fill them in. It's their money, of course I would. The first thing I did when I got here was to tell people I'm here, I've landed, everything's fine. And then when we got Internet I fully caught up with all of them. The only people I haven't done that to are the people that are just fans or just followers to which I've already explained, you never know if that's a lolcow or not. So I'm not going to go out of my way and expose myself before I'm ready and stress myself out or what the fuck ever, have my new fledgling relationship ripped apart before it's even got its hooks in. I'm waiting till I'm ready. So I've done it. And they can't stand it. I can stand it. I'm fine.

I…I have a great, great life with him. I'm so fucking happy with him. He is, he is beautiful. There's a picture, there's two pictures of him I'm completely fucking obsessed with at the moment. They're screenshots from the video. I don't know which video I'm going to attach this to, ours or my own, but probably ours because I think it's slightly shorter, but it's from the video of us together. I took screenshots from it, and I'll put them here. But fuck! I'm like, obsessed with the way he looks. He is, he is…Wow. Like, I have it as my background on my phone and I just…I look at it and I'm like, holy shit! He wants to be with me. Like, he's in love with me. Holy, holy fuck!

And um, I mean, I appreciate him so much. Everything he does. He opens car doors for me. He'll bring me stuff in bed. Whenever we go to the stores, like, "Do you want anything?" Like, he's such a giving, sweet kind person. He's everything. Like, he's just head to toe, inside and out, he's everything I've ever wanted, and he's so much more than I could have ever hoped and dreamed of or expected him to be.

And um, yeah, so I…I'm not gonna let anybody or anything stand in our way, and so I've just wanted to be offline. That's all it was, has nothing to do with…with anything. And you know, give it enough time. I know it's not a lot of time, but it's enough time that he and I have gotten to know each other a bit. We've kind of gotten into our daily routine. He's been exposed to lolcow, he knows what they're capable of, what they're gonna do, what they have done, the extent of their stalking. He's not fazed by it, that's the important thing, and now we can just all move on with our lives. And it's time to let other people know, you know, how things are going. And then like I said, I was contacted by some companies to do some reviews which of course I agreed to, and to do the reviews I'd have to make videos anyway, so I might as well just start getting ready to come back online. Tone down for sure, but back online you know.

He really liked making a video with me. He definitely wants to make more which is pretty cool. We both talked a lot so that's kind of…we've got to get used to letting the other one talk. I'm used to making my videos myself and just blabbing, and it's weird for me to be on a video with somebody else who also likes to talk, and so we've got to kind of…I've got to learn to pull it back a little and let him get some words in. So forgive me for over talking on him. Sometimes they're talking when it was supposed to just be him, but as we make more videos together we'll get into our groove and we'll kind of, well, we'll figure it out.

Um, I don't really want to add more to this video, there's already been way too much added on constant constant constant. It was just the Emily thing was just so mind-boggling that they would fake being her to reach out to me just to find out where I am and how I'm doing. Like, just leave it alone. How can you possibly sit there and try to say that it's me who wants your attention when you do this stuff? You know, it's not me that wants your attention. I'm just living my life. You are taking everything and running with it. So many lies lies lies lies lies. I can count on one hand the amount of truths there are there. And it's just, as soon as you guys get told something you believe it. You don't question it, you just run with it. That's so ignorant and it's just, it's just a classic sign of a bored little mind who doesn't have the capacity to think for themselves. It's just like, "Ooh I heard this, it must be true. Ooh she had her son take pictures of her vagina." That's the only thing, one of the only things Dorian told the truth about was that he never took nudes of me. I don't know who the fuck started that or said that. That's fucking disgusting. Lolcow's run with that for years. "Oh, he had to take close-up photos of her nasty flappy vagina." Dorian has never been around me naked so uh…That's fuckin' sick. I don't know who the fuck you think you are to start something like that, but a rumor is nothing without people to follow it, and all you got to do is go to lolcow or kiwi farms and they'll believe anything you dangle in front of them. So, I just want to get that all out of the way. I will talk to you guys later. Looking forward to making more videos with Josh. I am head over heels for him, super stoked, super happy. And thanks for watching!

No. 463630

Its like he only picks up things here and there and then comments on the last thing he heard her say.

No. 463635

It’s just odd to me how she really doesn’t see anything wrong with her parenting over the years and completely blames Dorian for his recent actions. She said “fuck you” to him… Ugh honestly I have really selfish brothers who are dicks to our kind mother and take advantage, but the situation is the total opposite. Raven was an incredibly unstable, unmotivated and abusive person while “raising” Dorian. She’s really going to let this be the last time she ever saw her son. She out of all people knows what it’s like to be deprived of parents, even her dad who was abusive to get mom she still wanted to see.

The way she talked about Dorian just baffles me. I shouldn’t be surprised but damn, she really went that low.

No. 463639

YT fan: “sucks that Logan is second guessing himself though. He does deserve a future.”

Raven: “Yes he does but because of their meddling, he won't ever feel safe even holding a conversation with anyone. they've cut him off from having a future, even meeting someone in person.”

Whyyy is she so hell bent on believing he’s like permantly damaged? Not only have the majority of threads supported him and genuinely felt bad for his situation, but he’s only 21! He will for sure be okay again and will find a new girlfriend. Raven just refuses to accept he’ll ever be with anyone other than her. eyeroll

No. 463641

She really fucking waffles on. She overexplains everything. Like who cares why logged into your gaming Facebook account, no one is going to think “why did she log into that account if she said she only uses it for games” because it’s easy to infer and it doesn’t matter anyway.

It’s usually a tell for when someone is lying but why even lie about this kind of detail?

No. 463643

Lol, oh Raven… Logan will be just fine as long as he never mentions you again and pretends you never existed. Anyone that finds out he slept with you would be absolutely repulsed.

No. 463645

Right? Even if Dorian was a shitty person like she claims he is… Can you fucking blame him? Raven, you yourself wrote through what kind of shit you and him had to go through (and it's 99% your fault btw) so why are you acting surprised that he's damaged?? You are from a fucked up family and you also live like trash, eat one burrito for 3 days, etc. It's not like he was raised in a normal household where he could see how normal families act. You married his friend who was 16 years old!! No matter how much you "luffed" one another it's still traumatising for a kid that you married his fucking underage friend.

Raven is just mad that he finally has someone normal in his life who is reprogramming him from all the abuse that was his whole life.
You have no right to speak up about his gfs appearance, you filthy cow. You're delusional.

No. 463656

File: 1510648804529.png (48.96 KB, 800x239, Screenshot_2017-11-14-00-31-54…)


She didn't just say, "Fuck you" to him. She didn't just say "I don't even want Dorian."

No. 463673

File: 1510651285552.png (41.45 KB, 640x355, IMG_6133.PNG)

Who the fuck is Karol Ann

No. 463674


Different Josh. Middle name Manning.

No. 463679

I don't think so… that Josh Bradley looks a lot like our itches his butt and smells his finger Josh. Also, I find it hard to believe Serial is a legit middle name. Age is off, but meh.
How many Josh Bradleys could live in a tiny town? Probably tons.

I bet it's nothing.

No. 463691

Serial is a totally normal middle name, why I know eleventeen men and four children that have it, and it's gaining popularity. I can't believe you didn't know that.

repeatedly committing the same offense and typically following a characteristic, predictable behavior pattern.

No. 463700

File: 1510655266242.png (1.04 MB, 750x1090, 21B85596-2CC0-43B3-947A-046783…)

Dammit, we’ve been outsmarted once again by Graven. #momos

No. 463701

what is this from?

No. 463706

Raven? No, there is no Raven here. Only Bessie.

No. 463707

I died at the momos part kek

No. 463709

>doesn’t like sex scenes in movies

lol of course she doesn’t. no doubt she’s insanely jealous of the actresses’ perfect bodies and dick-checking joshua to make sure he’s not getting a boner to them.

No. 463712

>R: You see any problems with me at all?

>J: Nah. Nope.

>R: Cuz you live with me and you're new to me.

Throughout all of their videos together she says things that are, on the face, self-deprecating and intended to elicit reassurance, as if she is coming from a place of low-esteem.

But in fact she says these things to manipulate him into subservience, a type of codependent grooming.

No. 463715

File: 1510659121431.png (800.68 KB, 720x1280, 1510626963657.png)

This was posted in thread #6 a few hours ago.

So clawlike, both of them, befitting her conception of how healthy relationships develop.

>So I'm not going to go out of my way and expose myself before I'm ready and stress myself out or what the fuck ever, have my new fledgling relationship ripped apart before it's even got its hooks in.

No. 463718


>R: You knew when we started dating, and it wasn't an issue.

Should be

R: And Logan knew when we started dating, and it wasn't an issue.

No. 463721

She can't promote herself as an "internet celebrity" and publicise such personal information without expecting criticism.

Talk about wanting her cake and eating it too.

No. 463725

File: 1510662229853.png (21.94 KB, 800x113, Screenshot_2017-11-14-04-09-53…)


And what happened to the huge haul look book she so enthusiastically promised before she left NZ?

No. 463726

File: 1510662306652.png (340.78 KB, 759x629, Screenshot_2017-11-14-04-13-20…)


The screencaps she was gushing over like a teenager.


No. 463728

File: 1510662332074.png (327.8 KB, 753x618, Screenshot_2017-11-14-04-13-25…)


No. 463730


Could they be in a studio apartment, so no bedroom, hence no need for a couch?

No. 463732

File: 1510663060693.jpeg (21.11 KB, 332x443, 2E923CF9-ED60-46CC-BF17-7CAF5C…)

anon pls

No. 463733


Here's the video in which she drags him. Regardless of whether it's true, doing it in public is tactless.


No. 463734

What about Logan's Facebook message in response to an anon, saying he was unhappy Raven was using Facebook as she'd agreed to close down all her online accounts? So she still has control of that account. And it nullifies everything she's been saying about why she took a break from being online.

I look forward to your gibbering excuse for that one Gravy.

No. 463735

This looks airbrushed af lol

No. 463736

File: 1510664638762.png (2.17 MB, 2064x980, Screen Shot 2017-11-14 at 10.5…)

Seeing this video again made me realize how fat she is now. I know this video is from 2016 but she wasn't that fat before going to floorland.

No. 463737

File: 1510664681844.png (787.75 KB, 950x617, Screenshot_2017-11-14-04-58-27…)


>R: And I make him dinner almost every night…and everything I cook he loves.


No. 463738

yeah she was pretty small after her weight loss surgery. blown away how she was approved for that, it was pretty obvious she’d steadily gain it all back

No. 463739

Good question but do we know that screenshot was legit?

No. 463744

File: 1510666479539.jpg (263.6 KB, 1242x1905, 1495687045121.png.jpg)

uhm she was never "small" anon. Less fat? yes, but never small or anything close. Though in her deluded mind she was "anorexic skinny" before and thinks this is too big for her kek

No. 463746

samefag but i find it humorous Josh and Graven are disgusted by and making fun of Dorian's gfs "hairy armpits" when Raven has TATTOOS on her underarms that actually fucking resemble hair - the badly done eye with the eyelashes, and the tarantula. At least she can just shave her hair off Ray Ray, you're stuck with your shit ink for life ;)

No. 463747

File: 1510666801862.jpg (104.23 KB, 720x480, The-Gourmet-ham-720x480.jpg)

Oh man, its like a Christmas ham.

No. 463750


This actually kills me, she can't bring herself to admit she was ~cheating.~

Raven! You are ~still married to one man while you are fucking another,~ ← That is the def of cheating, btw. And in fact skipped continents to be with him. FFS, just stop lying to yourself. It's OK, we're good with you letting Logan get on with his life.

No. 463751


>stretched to breaking point

>oh these are too big …

she's unreal

No. 463753


Transcript anon here. This is a genuine correction.

No. 463755

I am amused by the fact that she chose vid.me as her new platform. How many of her followers will not remember her account name and will stumble upon the two accounts which host the reposted leaked videos?

No. 463757

File: 1510668734196.jpg (12.15 KB, 275x500, 1507342373919.jpg)


>R: And sometimes this beautiful big white dog will come. I really want him…he looks like a wolf.

No. 463762

You're doing God's work, Transcript Anon. Thank you for taking one for the team. (I honestly had difficulty sitting through even a few minutes of this tripe.)

No. 463765

Good Lord, that ring looks its cutting off all blood flow on Josh's hand.

No. 463787

Where do they live that wild dogs are a thing? She mentions him owning 2 dogs (but one is “his” dog so one may be a siblings) but there is one that just shows up now and then?

No. 463792

It's probably just a neighborhood dog, or something. wild dogs aren't really a problem around here as far as I know (although a coyotes have been in upstate South Carolina on occasion, it's getting pretty cold though)

No. 463831

I've said it before, but wild, rabid horses couldn't pull me from a gorgeous, progressive, paradise like Christchurch for the misery of Saluda, SC. Maybe a place like Ashland, OR, but not Saluda, fucking hell.

Sage for headshaking

No. 463843

Two words, anon. Taco Bell.

No. 463861

File: 1510689929821.png (28.11 KB, 750x259, IMG_3074.PNG)

So I'm pretty close to raven and would love to give Our Lady a welcome to the wonderful state if I ever happen to come across her. I know she's lazy and doesn't travel much but do you guys think anything would bring her up? would the state comic con do that? could you guys think of things she'd possibly be into where she would travel? Do I just need to spend a day in Saluda at the mall in hot topic with a net?

No. 463870

File: 1510690504150.png (103.98 KB, 640x1136, IMG_6177.PNG)


No. 463875


OT but dogs don't 'instinctively know goodness'. What they do sense is calm. If you're a good person with nervous energy, some dogs get stressed out by that. Raven is calm about being a fucking awful person, so dogs think 'Eh, lemme get a scratch from this shit.'

Sorry, but I get triggered every single time I see this. It's like an old wives tale or something and it drives me nuts.

No. 463883

sage for talking about Raven's stupid beliefs.

this really fucking gets me too. so many people will say shit like this. if animals really knew a bad person, no one with a pet would ever get abused/killed/whatever by someone close to them. of course animals don't know inherent "goodness".

No. 463885

Obviously that was her.
I mean doesn't it seem pretty strange that all these different people kept showing up with screenshots and weird stories "proving" Raven was in NZ? I don't think there was anyone posting "proof" she was in the US, was there? A lot of us decided she was, just from how everything was playing out, but no one was like "yeah I saw her and josh at the mall here's a screenshot" or whatever, right? Plus she admitted to being here and reading along when we were baiting her with wanting to fuck Logan, but swears she wasn't posting because her "hands were all over" Josh. Mmmhmmm. A few of the Logan is gross posts were so painfully obviously Raven.

I think she was here the whole time, tarding the fuck out over herself.

No. 463894

File: 1510692726366.png (176.67 KB, 640x1136, IMG_6178.PNG)

He's really super into dogs. He's in a bunch of dog groups, he posts about dogs in non dog groups, and he started a group for stray dogs in Slauda, but nobody gave a shit.

Maybe he's one of those people who finds dogs needing homes takes them in and sells them like a dog flipper or whatever.

No. 463895


I caught that too. If she read those Logan baitposts, there's no way she could have kept herself from responding to Logan baitposts. Of course she'd interrupt sexytime with the Neanderthal to post here.

It was so painfully obvious the Logan posts were bait, and I don't think anyone here is that much of a tosser that they would have bothered to get so heated over them.

Pretty sure she enlisted the library on that one because she was also crowing about how we were 'attacking each other.' Nah, Raven, it was just you doing that. Thanks for the temp ban, Granny!

No. 463898


Well, at least there's something good about the guy. Just don't pay too much attention to the ones in your new place, because Fatty is going to get jealous and they're going to go missing or somehow end up with antifreeze in the water bowl.

It's not a proper antidote, but you can prevent it from doing fatal damage by giving the dog vodka. No lie, look it up. It can save your dog's life. The moar you know.

No. 463899

High five anon, I got temp banned for a week, how much time did you do?
We shouldn't have gotten anything in my opinion, posting about wanting Logans penis was a punishment in itself.

No. 463900

why would you even want to smell her irl?

No. 463901

Only so I can describe the stench to you in detail fellow anon

No. 463902

It honestly surprises me the mods did nothing while Raven was clearly selfposting and trying to get everyone to turn on one another.

No. 463903

File: 1510693565963.png (178.82 KB, 720x1280, 1510627289950.png)

Super tinfoil but in a few videos raven shows her phone to the camera. She also had her phone set with one of those hideous fonts. An anon bumped the last thread with this image. Is she stupid or what?

No. 463905


I got a week too!


No. 463906


I think she was just smart enough to get the library to report the Logan posts. I don't think mods actively look at the stuff they're banning, maybe I'm wrong but unless it's like a Keeks type thing they probably just mod and move on.

No. 463909

I know, right?
Where in the rules does it say we aren't allowed to fuck with the cows, especially when the cows have stampeded into our house? Why is that unacceptable, but cow Grannies telling the great farmers of our land how to post and what we can and can not say, blatantly causing in fighting totes acceptable?

I legit wondered if Raven had gotten an admin position, because that shit was bizarre.

No. 463915

I reported all the granny posts, yet the grannies got off scott free. Bad times man.

No. 463917


She is pretty fucking stupid. I think most of her downtime was spent in this thread. Her vaunted yet highly overrated writing skills, whereby she's able to perfectly match the style of others was well on display.

No. 463918


I hear you, but sage, nonnie.

No. 463943

No mention of the sold phones (TradeMe) she had gifted to her by “fans” in the new vids. Tsk tsk, Ravey.

No. 463945

I was one of the ones that said it was obnoxious, but didn't report since there wasn't else going on anyways. Kek at your results, anons. Forgive me.

No. 463960


She's also conveniently leaving out our continual criticism of her being a child groomer and baby fucker. I guess she thinks it's not so bad to fuck little kids. I mean, he's an adult now, so how bad could it have been for him?

Always has been and always will be a nasty pig, is our Raven.

No. 464007


Which account was it? The 9.Dum.Spiro.Spero.9 account, which used the same profile pic, has been deactivated/deleted.

Since she runs so many accounts we really need to include URLs with screenshots.

No. 464009



>R: And if I was cheating, Logan…Logan's not the idiotic pussy-whipped child they think he is. He's a pretty strong-willed guy. He wouldn't just roll over and be like, "Okay, she cheated." No, he's not like that. And he wasn't raped. I didn't take him from the cradle. I mean, what the fuck. He was, you know, he was young, but he knew what he was getting into. He wasn't a fucking child.

No. 464013


They are most likely living in or around Columbia to be close to FedEx Ground.

No. 464019


Except for the part where you were cheating emotionally, and he had to live with that, and the part where you're cheating physically while still being married to him.

Logan was groomed. Because she groomed him, it can't be anything but baby rape. Nice try, though

No. 464022

Her patreon is dead for 2 days, does she even know how that works? Bitch better earn that money. If I was paying, I would be pissed.

No. 464042

Raven - I mean what 16 year old boy doesn't know what they're getting into marrying some psycho twice their age, with a kid the same age as they are? It happened all the time in the 1800's and laws that say a person must be 18 to enter into a legally binding contract without parental consent are real stupid and soooo momo, huh Joshua Hahahaha

Joshua- Uhummm, yeah, the 1800's were better times. He knew.

No. 464064

modding has been patchy as fuck for a while. that being said, all that bait was so fucking cringey.

it doesn't seem like she does know how any of it works. didn't she say she'd put videos up there then (youtube/vid.me/wherever) a few days later, thus defeating the purpose of the patreon anyway? She's so low effort with everything else, I can't see her giving a shit about this or even keeping it alive for very long.

No. 464066

I feel like staff numbers have been low? It has sometimes taken days for action, I don't think it reflects a policy as such.

No. 464079


She said that some videos at the $5 will be made public, and videos at the $30 will never be public.

No. 464080

File: 1510715329860.png (346.71 KB, 511x443, tfw_she_actually_came.png)

Saged for boring commentary but

In the "what happened to me" vid I like how Josh ruined Gravy's reveal in the beginning by sniffing so she couldn't hide him any longer; you know that bitch would have rambled on and on otherwise.

And all throughout the video, the way she stares into the camera while Josh is answering questions or prompts on his own, she has the look of an actor who knows the other actor's lines and is just listening intensely for any fuck ups. Just as we rehearsed, motherfucker.

The sudden edits are delicious, too. She probably went back and removed all the times he sniffed his finger on camera kek

No. 464093

ah thank you. I'm already feeling the loss. /s

No. 464102

ngl this is a cute pic of him, i'd get catfished. logan was still cuter tho, downgrade.

No. 464106


Stop derailing with faggot infighting and talk about Raven, fuckin' momos.

No. 464108

my favorite part of the momo thing is that anons were thinking he was talking about fellow /pt/ starlet momokun. i mean, if he read here and he's into sloppy fat chicks, what do y'all think the chances are that he jerked it to her pics before the fun police got there in person?

No. 464116

well, they both have Hank Hill asses and do shitty cosplay …

No. 464121


anon that pic is filtered to shit

love yourself more

No. 464127

why you think i said catfished? that's the kinda pic you fall for because it's not that he's obviously fake, that's just the choicest pic he's ever taken. then you get there and you can't even spot the mfer across the bar and you peace when you do lmao

No. 464131

Sometimes people select fonts like that for dyslexia reasons but on closer look this font would just fuck dyslexics up more so she honestly picked it for aesthetics.

No. 464132


ur right anon i'm sorry for being mean

No. 464137

Speaking of hank hill ass, did any of you catch Gravy’s smile when Josh was talking about her tail bone and he said “it looks like it would hurt if you didn’t have a butt” or some shit like that, lmfao.

Raven, since I know you’re reading this. Your fat and your ass isn’t nice, don’t get your hopes up silly lard.

No. 464138

You’re* mah bad

No. 464151

its ok boo u was just lookin out for a girl. tho we need to save that pic and compare every few months to chart his progression into haggardness like a faces of meth collection. bets on whether he gets into tweak out of sheer tiredness with how much this bloated-corpse-of-robert-smith lookin witch is gonna demand. has he heard of what she considers 'poverty'?

No. 464155


>bloated-corpse-of-robert-smith lookin witch

I love you anon

No. 464186

seriously though, how do all these ugly, mean cows get devoted men like that? logan was kinda cute, young, and devoted to her. so many of these cows catch men that are under their thumbs, while all i see around are mras and fug af dumbasses with their evo-psych, uncaring bullshit

No. 464196

the men are very damaged

No. 464204


What you need to understand about people like Raven is that they have a spidey sense for weak-willed people who they can slowly break down and mould into their doormat.

She's just like any abuser, really. She reels them in by showering them with love and devotion and then slowly turns on them and before they know it, she's running off to America to go and fuck the guy she's been emotionally cheating on you with for months and she makes you buy her an ugly-ass 200NZD teddy bear as a souvenir.

No. 464220

I can't understand the appeal of Raven, but she definitely has a predator mentality about men. I've seen women get men half their age, while they're horrid, shriveled prunes. However, with Josh, he seems to have the same judgmental disgusting two faced attitude so they might actually match in personality. Logan really doesn't count because he was a kid. Not only a kid, but alternative/goth/whatever. That identity as a teen comes with the idea of isolation so when you see someone that's alternative you tend to think you can develop a connection based off of superficiality. Afterward, Raven simply groomed him.

Speaking of Logan, Raven mentioned the friend that was here talking about him even though multiple anons told her not to. She then freaked when Logan blocked her. Raven tried using that as an excuse as to why Logan is depressed and can't trust people. Uh, maybe it's because his wife of five years cheated on him, left him for another man and jetted off to another country? Hmmm? Maybe that could solicit feelings of mistrust and depression rather than some rando he talked to every now and again?

No. 464233

Naaaah, anon. It's all our fault, remember? Every wrong in her life is our fault, the hate site.

No. 464303

I said it in the last thread and I'll say it again: dudes with a fetish for alt chicks will look past ugliness/plainness and weight etc because it's rare to find and the style is enough of an attraction. Imagine beer goggles that only show hair/clothes/tattoos/piercings in clarity and the rest is blurred. Imo it's similar to dudes with yellow fever who'll marry an uggo because she's Asian (see the yumi king thread).

Also some dudes will just do anything for the pussy and by the time they get it, they don't realize they bit a big rusty hook for that bait

No. 464305

Meant to reply to >>464186

Pls don't crucify me, first time here on mobile

No. 464333

You don't want the sort of dudes she pulls.
Logan doesn't really count because he was a child when she nabbed him and she molded him into a cuck, but the rest of them are weak, insecure, pushovers. Most women want a guy who is ambitious and has his own set of ideas and values who will protect and provide and be a real partner in life. Those type of men want the same in their partner and would run far and fast from our mangy cow.
I mean, they live in a shed.
No thank you.

No. 464365


Are you saying that Raven posted these herself? Because she didn't, I am not Raven. I have that font because I like it. I also posted the Facebook screen shot on an old thread, my first ever lolcow post actually. I've never been on here before until a week ago. I had lolcow open in incognito because I feel kind bad being on it. I actually used to watch her videos. I watched them for years. She was married to her ex and wasn't even with CJ yet, that's how long. I was a teenager and thought she looked cool. I stopped because her and Logans split, altho a lot of what she did/does and says botheres me. I thought what she did to him was wrong and that it was messed up to be romantically involved with somebody via the interwebs. Logan deserves so much better and I hope that he finds somebody that's good for him because he is a cutie.

No. 464372

I was in the same boat as you. I watched her for years. I started posting on lolcow super recently. I never really liked her but I found her entertaining. After this last breakup between hear and Logan I straight up don't like her. So I get where you're coming from. I wouldn't have even known about lolcow if she didn't broadcast it in every single video.

No. 464397

I think the first video I saw was either the spider queen or redivided makeup ones. When she got with Logan it was super shocking how quick everything happened. He's not that much younger than me. Let's see, he was 16 when they got together…. I think I was 18 or 19? And by that time I think had been watching her videos for a little while.

No. 464460

File: 1510798097146.jpg (201.81 KB, 1616x1022, gravy.jpg)

New video on Youtube. I seriously thought it was the start of the animal hoarding again but it's just the 'Exposed' video with a new title.

No. 464461

Learn to sage and that no-one really wants to hear your life story or how 'shocked' you are, Gravy.

No. 464481



>My next few videos are going to be drama/hate site filled catch up videos, as I had recorded a few different videos while I was gone. After everything is out, I'll get off the topic and onwards to much better things!

Sure, you will.

No. 464486

At the person who posted that screenshot, Raven posted your account's full name. Might want to delete it.

No. 464489

File: 1510802510976.gif (496.09 KB, 500x374, giphy.gif)

The nose, the dead hair, the blotchy eyebrows and make up.. she reminds me of madam mim here

No. 464493


She is already so bloated and fat that her nose looks triple sized. She will be back her old weight in two seconds.

No. 464494


No. 464495


I've got something to share with you. I was laughing so hard I like, lost my voice.

So when I had my downtime and I was gone I haunted lolcow. I didn't want to post online, I didn't want to be online, and I knew they were looking for me. It was actually drawn to my attention because I was getting messages before I shut everything down saying check lolcow, and I knew that they were like, actively talking about me. And Logan was getting lots of messages, and my ex was getting lots of messages, and it was like, come on.

So I went there and it was just, the stuff they're saying was so fucking, just extreme and so stupid. And then they got bored because they didn't know where I was, and they started faking screenshots of me saying that I'm pregnant and um, I was with Josh and he left me for someone at Taco Bell or the library or something stupid like that. And like, I mean, it's just, it's just outrageous is what it is, the stuff that they are saying about me.

And there was one girl I had been talking to before I shut my account down. Now, I always suspected she was lolcow. I wasn't a hundred percent sure, but I just got a feeling, so everything I've said to her from the start of our conversations to the end was knowing that she was part of them and it would end up on the site at some point or other,. So I was always really careful about what I said, and that includes how I felt about being bullied, how I felt about being stalked, everything I did, everything I said.

The one genuine moment was when my cat was killed and I was flipping out. I was like, oh my god, I can't believe this happened. I was like, I was in shock and disbelief, and I just I lost my fucking mind. She was like my baby, you know? And there was two people I was talking to, someone who was like a brother to me, and I was like, oh my god, my god, this just happened, you know, just that, that feeling, and I sent him a picture. And then she happened to write me right then and I was like, like, I need someone to talk to, oh my god, this just happened, and I sent her a picture, and I'm just like oh my god, my god like, because I just didn't know how else to express my disbelief and I wasn't really thinking, you know. I mean, I didn't think there's anything wrong with, with it at the time because I was just out of my fucking mind. Just, that's the last thing I ever expected to happen. I was like, I was so miserable that day. And that was the only genuine moment was when I was panicking and really depressed about what happened to her.

Aside from that, I told her something, and she is the only one I told, the one and only person that I told. [screenshots of chat in which Raven says that she stayed with Logan which were posted on lolcow, screenshots of chat with Jill Spivak] And sure enough, it shows up on lolcow, and I just confronted her about it. And I was like…She was like, "Huh? I'm not on this site. What are you talking about?" And I'm like, I'm not a fucking idiot, so don't treat me like one. You are the one and only person I told this to. I told a handful of people that I wasn't sure about different parts of where I was and what had happened. I told her the main part because she's the one that I've been talking to the longest and the most. She's the one I had the highest suspicions of, so I did tell her more than I told everybody else, and that is what showed up. The other, the other stuff from other people that I told her the people wasn't the same kind of topic, so it couldn't have been anybody else. I told them different things about different situations I was going through. Her I told the big stuff to, and it showed up on the site.

So I showed her screenshots of it, and she was like, I don't go to the site, if I went to this site I would tell you. And I said, you know, you're not even adult enough to admit that you've been on there shit talking me. And I said, you know, how does it feel? Does it make you feel so much better about your life to go onto a site like that, to pretend to befriend somebody and talk to somebody just to go on a site like that and fucking shit post about them? I said, is your life that much improved? And she kept denying it and denying it.I said, I told you I'm done with this conversation, I'm not humoring you anymore. I'm not fucking stupid. I know the one person I told this to goes and posts it on lolcow. Don't fucking talk down to me like I'm a stupid. Idiot. And then I fucking blocked her. And my message is, you know, I might not catch out everybody. There's, there's her….her name is Jill Spivak or some shit like that.

And then there's a Stephanie Gardini as well. And she swears that I talk so much shit about her and all that. I don't even know who the fuck that bitch is. [screenshots of Stephanie's account and of her chat with Josh asking about Raven to which he replied, "I don't wanna talk about it."] But she was caught.

Other people have been under aliases or haven't given themselves away yet, so I might not know who most of the people are, who 99 percent of the people are, but if you're like the one percent that gets called out, the least you could do is just man up and admit it. If you can go behind somebody's back and go to a hate site and shit-talk them, then you know what, the least you can do is be like, yeah, you know what, I did it. When you get fucking called out, don't be a pussy bitch like her. I mean, come on. What's the point? And betraying somebody. If you're gonna fucking lie about it later. I'm not stupid. I test everybody, everybody. Unless I know who you are like, face to face, or I've known you for many many many years, and I've fed you information that has never shown up on the site, you're a suspect otherwise, and I'll feed you shit here and there, here and there, just to see if it shows up on the site. That is my own game. It is what I do. And that is how I find out who is lolcow and who isn't, because they're, they're here on my page to get info on me and to betray me. They pretend to be my friend, get close to me, betray me, and then they go post it on the site. So it's unheard of for them to have dirt on me and not post it on the site. I'm not saying I feed them false information, but I feed them stuff that I know the site would love to hear, you know. I talk about Dorian or Logan or, you know, if I'm working or, you know, little things like that, and it's stuff that they would, they would love to hear. And most of the people I've been wrong about. This one I was right on the dot.

So yeah, if you're gonna fucking betray somebody and be on a site like that, fucking man up, stand behind your convictions. It's bad enough you do everything anonymously because you don't want to be called out, but if you are called out, fucking man up, man. Don't be a pussy bitch. Come fuck on you're nothing but a joke. Ha ha!

No. 464502


>I told you I'm done with this conversation, I'm not humoring you anymore.[snip]. And then I fucking blocked her.

and then jill spivak breathed a fucking huge sigh of relief, her skin cleared up, the birds started singing, and the whole world just felt…. brighter <3

No. 464506

Did you guys see that she posted pictures of matching shirts she bought with Josh, with that clown from IT?
In this video you can also see that she did almost the exact same thing, with Logan.
What the hell even?
kek gravey, Get some new ideas, jeez.

No. 464512


Sage goes in the email field.

Please post screencaps of the matching Pennywise shirts for keks.

She applies the same formula to every relationship, and her relationships have a 5-year cycle, like a malignant BPD locust.

No. 464513


The heady five-year narc relationship - just like onion!

i was wondering about her ability to pull men, and i can see that she has a good nose for insecure dudes to groom, but her other ex? the fat one with the hair that she was staying with prior to jokes-on-you-we-don't-even-have-a-couch-land, what's his damage? is he insecure or can he just smell the mental illness on gravy?

No. 464518


That would be Ryan Cradock. He appears to be from a financially comfortable family and more than a bit spoilt. When they were together he used money from his parents to support her before she even moved to NZ, they lived in a good-size house with a pool in the suburbs owned by his parents, and she used money provided by his parents to woo and support Cj.

When they split she unleashed no end of vitriol about him: accusing him of assaulting and raping her, holding her captive and restricting her interactions with other people, verbally abusing her and Dorian, and criticising his intellect and hygiene (see the screencaps in the first thread). Her tune changed completely and she deleted those posts and videos after she got together with Logan and Ryan began supporting her tattoo, toy, and clothes habit.

No. 464526

File: 1510813842372.png (267.47 KB, 648x645, 765680989869.png)

I know how to sage, but in my total laughing fit i typed it in the wrong field.
Sadly I can't find the image she posted anymore, and I didn't think of grabbing them cuz I didn't think I'd find this. But I'm quite sure it was this image on black shirts.

No. 464544

Dear Raven, OMG! Your title to your newest YouTube vid is SO on point and SO FUN! Like omg, it was idek how many seconds of pure “just for fun” I’m SO happy I can never get those seconds back of my life.

No. 464552

man, that was some trivial bullshit. imagine if you were paying for that on patreon.

No. 464558

File: 1510820558607.png (58.08 KB, 800x396, Screenshot_2017-11-16-00-15-09…)


The video has been removed from both Youtube and vid.me.

No. 464561

File: 1510820753971.png (211.14 KB, 632x614, Screenshot_2017-11-16-00-16-33…)


This isn't Patreon content. She said she would continue to post reviews and trite shit on Youtube.

No. 464568

I didn't mean it to sound like I thought that it was. Pardon any misunderstanding.

No. 464569

must be the pms of screencaps but I'm sure she'll say the haters got to them. community strike on youtube then?

No. 464573

It's so funny she always says she's going to stop talking about the haters and never truely does.

I've followed lolcow/encyclopaedia dramatical and PULL (although I don't follow the last two much anymore) for years. I've read a lot of threads but always skipped past the raven one, no reason, just never clicked on it. Anyways, one day I was just surfing the net and decided to type in 'lolcow' in youtube to see what would come up. One of Raven's videos popped up and it was aimed at lolcow and kiwi farms. I clicked on it and came across the most self centred, chubby goth chick I'd ever seen. Lacking any sort of self awareness in some aspects but being over apologetic in other ways to the point it was annoying as fuck. This is basically how I found Raven. Sage for blogpost, but Raven, this is how you get found out. Quit posting shit online if you can't deal with critics. Hell, 90% of the YouTube community is vapid narcissists, but they don't air every bit of dirty laundry or scandal that they have. They especially don't make giant video responses to haters or make large biographical videos complete with cheezy music about themselves marrying 16 year olds. If you came forward and actually admitted you are mentally ill and made an effort to make videos with decent content without dragging your previous relationships and leaving miserable toxic shit all over the Internet, people might quit bullying you. But that won't happen because nothing is EVER your fault. So keep deleting and making more videos to your haters, because they are the only audience you'll ever have. You are far from a celebrity, and the more you carry on about haters, the more they appear, you fucking idiot. Either look up the 'Streisand effect' or get working on some new content. Or don't. Just keep doing what you are doing and be your miserable self, we all find it fucking hilarious.

No. 464581

I think she just likes any attention, good or bad. Knowing that she's special enough to have hate threads- hey everyone, I'm that special. She noted the creation of the new thread here too.

No. 464587

File: 1510827959605.jpg (243.63 KB, 2132x1296, ravey.jpg)

called it!

No. 464589

(well sort of. it was her use of the person's name, the rest of the video is still intact I think).

No. 464590

does this bitch not realize that she doxxes herself and that doxxing the "rats" is not right?

No. 464599

I believe Josh when he says he only used to smoke weed, I think he just got uglier naturally from lack of sleep, from natural aging and also weed use over a long period gives you dark circles around the eyes.
I do however, think he is a bit slow mentally. His movements are strange and he mumbles half the time with bizarre facial expressions. I think he's just a bit of a dumb inbred. Also lol at Raven thinking he's taking her side over the Dorian thing. He's only doing that, you cow, because it makes his life easier that he never has to have any contact with your son. Notice how quickly Raven said she didn't want children after meeting with Josh? Online they talked about it and said they would deal with that when the time came. Suddenly when Raven is with Josh, 'WE DONT WANT KIDS'

So basically, Josh likes that Raven has a toxic relationship with her son. It means he doesn't have to play dad or provide for another mouth to feed. He also, despite what Raven thinks, does not want a child with her and never has. He basically humoured her until she got her fatass over there. The man is thick as custard and she's almost as stupid as him. Perfect match. Let's hope they never breed.

No. 464603


yeah, this. her 'fan page' was a joke, her relationships are always a trainwreck and/or a tyre fire, and she couldn't keep a friend if she paid them. she's admitted she's been reading along for as long as she's been talked about, she bumps the thread if it seems like it's dying, and now she's fully indulging her stunted-development self with all this teenage girl bullshit. everyone else in her life comes and goes, where we are a constant, and something she can set herself against so she feels badass fighting the haydurrrzzz.


he's definitely not quite right. it would be easy enough to write off the shit he says as just 'dumb hick' but the finger smelling and weird little tics make it seem pretty definite there's more to it than just that.

No. 464604

File: 1510833565371.png (70.84 KB, 800x513, Screenshot_2017-11-16-03-56-40…)


I went to dig up the links to those videos, and this happened.

Vid.me anon, did you save the videos?

No. 464605


The second vid.me account is gone, too.

No. 464613


i saved the josh reveal vid in case she deletes, it's my albatross to bear ever since she nuked those ally vids and the milk was lost

No. 464614

It is a classic raven vid where she names the person she hates and calls them whores because she has no vocabulary. Raven was always ok with doxing people she hated on.

No. 464646

she deleted the video? wtf

No. 464648

it got taken down because she used the girl's name. it's up again now >>464587

No. 464675

Hah! A+ to whoever reported it. I'm sure she's pissed af right now about it.

No. 464690

Say goodbye to that gastric sleeve, Gravy.

At least those filters cover her nose.

No. 464707

File: 1510853891971.jpg (369.92 KB, 1276x1796, kek.jpg)

Scratch the other reply, I was actually able to find it after all hahah, the shirts are eerily similar..

No. 464715


christ, is that the only necklace she owns? she's tacky and i hate her.

No. 464722

But guuuyyyssss Josh is so spushciaaaaaaaalll, he is different from all her 20 ex-husbandsssss, he is loved with a love that is more than loveeeee.

Yeah, right.

Also, her instagram is back on

No. 464739

She literally says the same thing about all of her exes lol. God she's stupid.

Listening to Josh talk makes my iq drop. Thanks anon for the transcript.

No. 464747


Matching shirts, matching tattoos, matching hair…

Taking BPD possessiveness and idealisation to new heights (or depths).

No. 464750

File: 1510868727174.png (261.94 KB, 329x511, Screenshot_2017-11-16-13-42-06…)


Underrated post. Nominated for the next thread OP.

All the more funny because she made Logan model mermaid blankets.

No. 464799


It's really honestly not Raven. Like, with out even revealing myself it's hard to prove that. But if you want to think it's Raven, go for it I guess.

No. 464801

Raven - "I hate spiders"

Covers herself in spiders and spiderwebs permantly, also decorates home in giant plastic spiderwebs and giant furry spiders.

What a poser.

No. 464803


Also what do you mean by sage?
I feel kinda dumb for asking but like I already said, never posted here before.

No. 464807

No. 464811


Ah ok, thank you.

No. 464812

Pot smoking doesn't give you dark circles.
Smoking cigarettes can. But I think lack of sleep is the cause in this case. He looks exhausted, not just the eyes but he can't sit up and he slow blinks like it's ninight time.

He really doesn't look normal for his age. I'm older than him and he looks haggard. That's the face of some hard core hard drug use and / or a close and personal relationship with Jack Daniels.

He's a junkie of some sort.

No. 464813


From >>404236 quoting the leaked video in which they discuss having kids:

At 9:30 Josh says, "If you can't give me kids, that doesn't bother me" but that if she did get pregnant "that would be pretty amazing."

Raven spends the next ten minutes recounting her reproductive history in all its gory detail, taking the opportunity to criticise Logan for his reaction to her miscarriage.

No. 464814

Speaking of junkies, the local Hot Topic is swarming with new Funko Pops for Raven!


No. 464827

Graven looks like she is Trans.My work mates and I actually thought she was a dude.Fuck looks like she slipped out of the abortion bucket herself.Yuck what trash! Why is she is fixated on lolcow.Talks about it non fucking stop.Go live your basic life Graven.You remind me of the Asian Granny in the Cat in the Hat movie Mrs Kwan! kek

No. 464835

Because we’re her only viewers. That’s why her patreon didn’t work out, we don’t need to pay for her milk. She’s constantly busting at the seams to spill her life story and every stupid detail of her past/present.
Sure farmers care about what she produces, but she isn’t our life. Instead of her living her life and moving on, she is determined to find out who we are and to prove us wrong.
It’s kind of sad the amount of time she spends making these long winded videos and making up stories to get back at us.
There’s a reason she is here, there’s plenty of “vloggers” that no one gives a shit about and is totally off our radar.
You’re a cow ravie, you’re a cow.

No. 464847

No career,no money,no owned home,no car,no savings,no education.What a catch you are Graven.

No. 464859


Learn to sage.

No. 464866

Maybe alcohol then, but I reckon he's just a bit retarded, not an actual junkie. Also, long term pot use can create dark circles or bags, that isn't a myth.

No. 464893

don't even worry about it, that anon is just being a dickhead.

I'd agree that it's sad how much time she spends on this, but she's such a cunt and her life is so empty, I think it's kind of nice she has something to keep her busy.

No. 464899

I was having a bit of fun anon, no need to be salty. Our newfriend >>464799 needs to read https://lolcow.farm/info and https://lolcow.farm/rules where they will learn the art of sage, and how/why not to blog.

No. 464903

>patreon didn’t work out
Has she even given it a day? Surely the idea is to look after your patrons, make it grow like a garden? It seems like she's instantly given up.

No. 464932

I'm always salty, that's why I'm here. It spilled over from a couple of other threads I watch that get a lot of 'hi cow'. my bad, sorry anon.

As if Raven ever puts any effort into anything. A lot of people don't know how to do a successful or worthwhile patreon, but they're trying to get the money. with Granny, it was always about making a point to us.

No. 464940

No harm done, I was trying my hand at a meme.

Raven seriously thought we'd each sign up, a bunch on the $5 tier and a handful on the $30 tier? I mean, really.

No. 464941


And how many of her friends and followers, even hatewatchers, are interested in her drama enough to pay $30?

No. 464942

Well that Taco Bell isn't going to buy itself.

No. 464947

Fucking kek!

It sure ain't.

Of course she touhgt that, she thinks we're so thirsty that we cant wait a week tops for her to let the milk floweth forth, that we would not have the patience. But we do.

Also who does she think she is? $30, seriously? That's a lot of money, from $5 to $30? That escalated quickly.
If it was like $10 it might be arguably okay if one can't wait for the milk, but even that is a stretch.
She just wants to have her Taco Bell and eat it too.
And let's be real, it's not like Ryan wasn't gonna give her the $30 a month anyways.

No. 464985

anon, don't you know? She's the OFFICIAL Raven Sparks. Not one of those cheap knock-offs, like Emily Boo. $30 is practically giving it away! /s

No. 465012

Let's not forget that she said she would TRY and make ONE video a month for those who pay $30, da fuck?! All of her subs look like trash or kids who are obsessed with a goth granny, no way that they have that kind of money monthly for her "offensive" video lol.

I follow some much bigger youtubers on Patreon and they have from 5 to 15 dollars. And Gravy is asking for 30? She's delusional.

No. 465019

> "not every video is gonna be lolcow related. i just recorded lots of those while i was offline" (Sure, Craven)

> Bitches about having to remove the names in the screenshots. Call us hypocritical because we put ugly screenshots of her but don't let her doxx us.

> "Haven't been to lolcow since I got on patreon" (SURE, CRAVEN²)

> 4 to 6 drama filled vids on patreon are gonna be released after the cards are charged.

> She addressed the phone she robbed in NZ. "It got lost in the mail and the guy got a refund". (SURE, CRAVEN³)

> Happy to be back online.

> Got a $2 engagement ring, Josh asked to marry her.

> "Josh feels like a pseudocelebrity" (KEK, WHAT?)

No. 465028

what a great life

No. 465029

>”You’re going to miss out on all the good stuff!”

Lmfao Raven, you are so dumb. We can easily live without watching your tween grade drama the second it hits the internet. She sounds so dumb whenever she says, “I knew she was lolcow!”

Ray Ray claims that she doesn’t need people to look up her drama on the farms and yet, she keeps bringing it up??? She’s got to be mentally retarded because no one can be this unintentionally stupid.

This comment fucking kills me because of how true that image is.

No. 465030

File: 1510904488542.jpg (343.93 KB, 2139x1334, craven.jpg)

can we talk about these incredible digs though?

sry mate, reposted it.

No. 465039


I just need this to be a quick video to say I know my recent uploads have been all lolcow lolcow lolcow. Why are you paying attention to the haters, why don't you just ignore them, yada yada yada yada.

I recorded all of my videos before I came back online. I recorded them as the shit was happening and I recorded my thoughts on it. I recorded what was going on. I recorded my own retaliation to it etc etc etc etc. Me and Josh both experienced all this together because they were trying to get to him and then they talked so badly about him. They trashed the fuck out of him and they don't even know him, so, so much for not attacking innocent people, right? They say he's not innocent because of something he did which is going to be talked about in one of those videos.

But um, yeah, I'm not gonna be making videos about those fuckheads. They don't deserve it. The most recent one I made was one where I called out those two rats, and more specifically it was about the first one. If you caught her name, good for you, because the pussies didn't like that I exposed them the way that they exposed me, and they instantly reported the video, so I had to blur their identities which is like, wow. I've almost got no words for that it's so goddamn hypocritical that they could put my entire life, every photo of me, ugly screenshots, links, my relationships, everything out there. But oh, lo and behold, if I expose one or two of them for being a rat hiding on my friends list pretending to be my best friend, be still concerned about me, just writing to make sure I'm okay, check in with Josh to see if I'm okay, etcetera etcetera. Oh heavens no, they cannot be exposed for who they are, but I can be exposed for what they think I am. yeah who that is. Wow. Anyhoo, so that's the most recent video I made.

My videos are not going to be about them. I haven't actually been to the site since I came back online. I did the Patreon thing and I shared the link to where I've been and I saw my views go up to and I was like, hmm. I've got seven patreons, no way are they gonna watch it times. I bet one of them is fucking lolcow. And I went, I checked, it wasn't a lolcow, it was on Kiwi Farms, and sure enough the bitch grabbed my link, shared it on the site, exposed that I was here, and ran away from my Patreon. She's gonna miss out on the good stuff so, you know, you might want to come back again.

That one was gonna be released to everybody anyway, so really you didn't really do anything to me. I was going to release…this is the public one that was going to go to everybody, the "Where have I been?" The drama-filled ones I haven't released yet. Those are gonna be released after cards are charged. So yeah, only fucked yourself, dumb shit. You only showed me that I was right and that they will go to my Patreon. So yeah, thanks for the heads up, not that I needed it. But I'll be damned sure I don't release any sensitive information till after you've been charged. Then you cannot do anything about it. And if you try to get a refund, all I have to do is write to Patreon, show them the links to lolcow, show them what they've done, and it's not gonna happen.

So yeah, my videos will be released. I still have about two videos coming out. I've edited the same video down in two parts. One of them talks about really bad shit that's Patreon only, and one of them talks about when I first got here, my initial reaction, how the flight was, all that stuff I didn't show, and our first meeting, everything from my words before I recorded that video with Josh, and that will be released. That's all from the same video, but I cut it into portions because they're really really negative stuff I was talking about. There's three parts to that. One of those parts is pay china only because of this that I say. The other two will eventually be released to everybody. And there's a lot of talk about lolcow, Kiwi Farms, that trolls talking about the accusations against me etc etc.

Like the the phone and how apparently I robbed this guy which, by the way, I did not. And by the way, by the way, he got a refund, by the way, by the way, by the way, it was lost in the mail. I went there, I showed pictures of the phone at the post office etc etc etc, so I'll put a picture here because y'all are fucking stupid, lolcow getting involved in shit that doesn't actually involve them, trying to make me out to be this horrible person again. I'm like, I need that tattooed on my forehead, horrible person. Fuck off.

But yeah, since I've gotten all that out there's no need to keep going over and over and over it, so there's a lot of repetition in the videos that I will upload just because I was making them when I didn't have internet, I didn't really have anything to do. I was talking about them and everything, I didn't have internet but I had a little bit of data on my phone, so just to clear that up. And yeah, I was talking about the stuff they were talking about me. And now that that's over with, that's over and done with.

So after those old videos are uploaded, I'm gonna move on to other things. So please don't worry about it. You guys are so fucking cool. There's so many of you that have been supportive and just so goddamn sweet. I'm like, wow, I, I really missed you guys. And seeing these comments it's like, wow, I feel so welcome and wanted and cared about. It's an unbelievably great feeling. And the support for me and Josh is just like, oh it's, it's beautiful.

I'm going to show you guys this real quick since I'm on camera. This is the engagement ring he bought me. Isn't that beautiful? It's actually not the one I wanted, it's a it's an opal. This isn't the design I wanted, the design I wanted, it isn't opal, but she got the orders mixed up, so in the meantime while she's correcting the orders she let me wear this one, so I get to decide if I want to keep this one or move on to the one I actually did order. But it'll be like a week or two before that comes in. But I thought that was the sweetest thing. And then he asked me to marry him again, and it's like, cool. So there'll be more details on the wedding stuff as the time comes up for that.

For now we're just enjoying each other enjoying each other's company. He feels kind of like a pseudo celebrity. He's, he's like, overwhelmed by the support. He's never been in a relationship like this where there are followers and haters and trolls and stalkers and fans and things like that, so it's all new to him. And I tell him about the comments he's just like, wow, so many people, like, wow, and you've never done anything for them, you've never sent them anything or or done anything for them to follow you or like you. And I'm like, I haven't actually done anything. Like, I, I don't deserve all this, you know. And he's like, wow, those people are really nice. And then, you know, he is a really nice guy, he really is.

And just thank you guys for your support, thank you for being here, thank you for watching, thank you for not forgetting me when I was gone, thank you for understanding, especially those of you that I misled in other ways and said I didn't go just to see if you were lolow. You guys are awesome because you obviously either were not lolcow or you didn't have time to go to this site. But I like to think that there are some people out there I can trust, and I appreciate it. You've got no idea. This will all be over very soon. I will title my new videos "Onwards to better things" and you'll know from that point on it will not be lolcow related if you want to skip over the drama, so that just a heads up for those of you that are just really tired of hearing about it.

The reason I talk about them, to put it as simply as possible, is I don't like having my name out there being slandered the way it is. There's people out there that follow me, there's people out there that look me up, and I don't need people that don't know me finding sites like that, reading this shit about me, and thinking for a second that it might be true. I've got to stick up for myself to a certain extent. I can't just sit there and let things that are that bad be out there and have shit that horrible thought of me. It's not good for my future, it's not good for my self-esteem, it's not good for my potential friendships or networking or anything like that. It's just me trying to set the story straight for the people that are smart enough to realize, wow, that's a hate site, they've got nothing better to do with their lives, I can see very clearly they are obsessed with her, they can't live without her, all they do is talk about her, and yeah no, I don't believe that for a second. So at least I get my site out there and I get the enjoyment of being able to be like, look how stupid they are. You know it's just me. I enjoy doing it, I really do, so it's enjoyment for me.

This ran over just a little bit, I'm very sorry about that. I'll try to cut it, see if it's ten minutes, around minutes. I'm trying really hard to shut the fuck up. But I will see you guys soon. I'm gonna go make dinner for Josh now, and take care. I will see you around, hopefully soon, and better videos. Love you guys so much, you are fucking awesome. Please remember to go to my vid.me and follow me if possible and subscribe to me. And I've reopened an Instagram account which is in my about, and I've reopened my fan page which is going to be more share stuff, not personal stuff, so you can check that out as well if you want to if not it's all good guys and take care.

No. 465040


Can confirm that engagement ring sells for under $10 wholesale. .925 silver with a synthetic stone.

Sage for former jewelry store owner fagging.

No. 465044

She's legitimately spent more time bitching about her "Internet haters" than unpacking or decorating. We are her life.

No. 465049

File: 1510908415793.png (712.95 KB, 1242x2208, 8198EA0C-F426-47C5-AD26-E3AA08…)

>I knew she was lolcow
She says this exact sentence too many times for it to be a mistake… she doesn’t get that it should be “from lolcow”

She looks manic in this video. Good for us, she is pretty bothered by the video report and if only 2 videos in her “fans” want her to shut up about drama not sure what else they expect her to make.

Anyways her other fb Is one- year? Likely what she was using when offline but still reading lolcow and kiwi all day.

No. 465051

kek Nz post do not refund that quick Mrs Graven Kwan. And sort your frizzy fried hair out.I bet floor boy Josh loves coming home to listen to you talk about lolcow and kiwifarms as soon as he walks in the door.Other than I think you look like trash it's your shitty BPD personality I can't stand.You remind me of the type that would harm a child if left alone with it.As for sex offender look alike floor boy Josh,he just gives me the creeps.

No. 465067

Why would her "fans" care about her drama videos?

No. 465068

Why doesn't she ever wear a bra?

No. 465072

>I did the Patreon thing and I shared the link to where I've been and I saw my views go up to and I was like, hmm.
Is she that stupid? Really?

No. 465073

>a relationship like this where there are followers and haters and trolls and stalkers and fans and things like that … it's all new to him.
Remember how Josh was drawn to her because he thinks she's sort of a celebrity? Maybe that's why she talks to us so directly right now. She really needs to feel like people are following what she does and to be able to show that to Josh as proof of her worth.

No. 465075

put 'sage'in the email field, Nonnie.

No. 465081

I honestly give Gravy and Couch about 6 months before they start to despise each other and then they'll stay together for a while just to prove us "hayders" wrong

No. 465082

because only whores wear bras?

No. 465087

>Raven spends the next ten minutes recounting her reproductive history in all its gory detail, taking the opportunity to criticise Logan for his reaction to her miscarriage.

That's funny because in her "story" about the two of them on her wedding site, and in response to comments on her YT videos, she praised Logan and the way he dealt with the miscarriage. Bitch will twist any situation when it suits her to make herself look like the helpless victim.

No. 465091

And that's one of the many reasons it won't work. Yeah it's maybe all new and exciting now to him, all the "attention" but he'll get used to it and it will all be meh to him soon enough. And then he will be over Raven. Especially if he is soo tired from work. Can you imagine coming home tired and your gf wants to talk about negativity only and make you help her make respond videos? I mean… are they 13?

No. 465098

Josh is out all day and Gravy's on her own with just the internet to keep her company.

No. 465142

Only us as company.

No. 465160

and whoever she sends semi-nudes to.

No. 465168

File: 1510932540327.jpg (63.61 KB, 948x382, gravy.JPG)

Even the comments are telling her to stfu

No. 465175

She doesn't like her name slandered but then proceeds to make videos explaining in explicit detail every part of her life? What is it exactly that we are making up? That's what I feel she doesn't understand. If she would stop oversharing to the point of disgust and getting so butthurt about lolcow this thread would die. She takes it so personally. We aren't saying anything that isn't true. All of the shit we say here is stuff SHE SAYS. If you go on the internet and say that kind of stuff why would you expect anything other than people criticizing you. Can someone please explain this to me because I'm having a really hard time understanding. Sorry for blog post but my mind was just blown by this video.

No. 465178

This is my favorite video yet! Raven is such a moron.

>The reason I talk about them, to put it as simply as possible, is I don't like having my name out there being slandered the way that it is. There's people out there that follow me, there's people out there that look me up, and I don't need people who don't know me finding sites like that, reading that shit about me and thinking for a second that it might be true.<

proceeds to make five videos directing all her viewers straight to lolcow fucking kek.

Also, dem titties so saggy they don't even make it into frame.

And Gravy, at the very least move all your shit out of the background, you lazy bitch. Put some effort in!


No. 465186


I had carpeting like that at the apartment we lived in when I was five.

In the seventies.

No. 465190


Dumbass. You put yourself on the internet. You tell us everything. You drop your own damn dox. Sensitive information? Like how many burrito supremes you picked up at Taco Bell? We already know everything there is to know about you, you dumb baby fucker, etc. etc.etc. and anyhoo.

lol didn't have anything to do? Shouldn't you have been fucking and sucking your new true love nonstop?

Look at my engagement ring! Listen to me bitch about how it's the wrong one!

She is high off her delusions. Raven, you're a fat garbage troll and no one actually likes you. We all hate watch you.

As if the drama will ever end for you, Diana. No matter what name you use, people will always know that you're a woman who groomed a child to be her fucktoy. We'll make sure of it.

No. 465194

Is she crying about the unfairness of having to remove her dox? Raven, you moron, we don't post videos on youtube about you because they would be removed too. She's honestly too stupid for words. The fact that Josh is excited for a piece of infamy is also very funny. This website and kiwi farms is a pathetic piece of the internet, it's not a media outlet. I did see Emily Boo on several buzzfeed, etc. websites about alternative lifestyles. That's about 100000x the amount celebrity. Oh and it's positive. You don't have to be garbage to get attention.

No. 465208

LOL, even Josh doesn't understand why she has fans. 'You havent done anything for people to follow you, these people are really nice'.

No. 465231

that's a really good point, anon. she needs to maintain that image and that's all she's got to do it … how sad.

No. 465263

how long before she tattooes "DAMAGED" on her forehead? kek

No. 465275

>>averages 3k views per video
>>considers herself an e-famous celebrity

No. 465279

Not to mention that most of those are from us, and not everyone here is subscribed. She is not even that big on youtube.

No. 465282

well, she did get mentioned on Buzzfeed that one time … Oh. Nvm

No. 465284

I really thought she would do a rant back when it happen. Like, she told everybody, she doxxed the buzzfeed intern, she made a video about it, and posted on facebook and "nothing"….

No. 465286

>'can dish it out but can't take it'
>heavily moderates her comment sections
good job gran

No. 465310

Raven and Josh are so pathetically stupid. They deserve each other. She is so fucking dumb she still doesn’t understand that SHE is the Lolcow and we are the farmers that watch her. Josh the retard is so not bothered about the couch that he doesn’t even have one now. And she completely missed the whole libray reference.

You Tube is Raven’s narc supply and reason for life. She had no friends because she has alienated nearly all very single person she has come in contact with. She has to reinvent her back story constantly so nothing is ever her fault. It would be sad if it wasn’t for the devastation she has left behind her, kind of like a deranged saggy elephant rampaging through a jungle.

In the previous thread there was a video where we could hear someone sniffing in the background. Could it have possibly been Josh? He is a serial sniffer.

No. 465321

Can't believe the mess behind her. Disgusting.

No. 465354

Nothing to do with hypocrisy Raven! Its about following YT TOS and if they think you're breaking it then they can take your shit down.

You're more than welcome to try and take lolcow down huehue

No. 465369

>kind of like a deranged saggy elephant rampaging through a jungle

fuckin kek i'm dead

No. 465425


Is the vid.me anon still reading?

No. 465440

Second this.
Dear vid.me anon, please tell us you're still here, and that you still have the milky vids downloaded?

No. 465469

lol, "Addendum".

Next there will be "Post script to Addendum", "Epilogue", "Re:re:re:re:Addendum"… this is all she ever talks about, and the only people who want to hear her talk about lolcow are us.

And the triumphant tone of finding out that the only people interested in her are actually phishing for drama. That's sad, Raven. If I found out someone I thought was a friend was actually getting dirt on me, I'd be sad, not bragging about it.

No. 465476


The dirt was lies, despite her saying


>I'm not saying I feed them false information, but I feed them stuff that I know the site would love to hear, you know.

No. 465483


Shipped? ALL that shit? from NZ to USA? Wooow that will be expensive..

No. 465499

Dunno man, just box it up and ship it by post or one of the private postal services. Certainly not the $7-8K she want's to grift out of Josh. Say $1K max if she really takes a lot of garbage?

No. 465512

havent checked the threads for a week or two and i just saw the news she made it to the crackhead and i am laughing and like wtf because if any of u recall in the last thread i posted that i had a dream (nightmare) of this exact outcome. fucks me up a bit thinking i can see the future but nah raven is just a predictable cow.

No. 465554


Do any Acid Bath songs contain the lyrics "one year"?

No. 465557

File: 1511005391854.png (717.04 KB, 720x959, Screenshot_2017-11-18-03-37-05…)

Presumably the front door of their lovethatwasgreaterthanloveshack.

She is already claiming the stray as hers <3.

>>463757 kek


No. 465568

>I don't even like dogs

No. 465569

I thought this bitch said she doesn't even like dogs? I guess she changes her mind if they're either the very small cutesy types that can be used as an accessory or the ones that look like wolves as in this case… Just wait until this stray dog gets run over, she'll be plastering its corpse all over the web like the disgusting attention whore she is

No. 465575

smh she lies about even the smallest things.
personally, I am looking forward to it biting her.

No. 465576

He is beautiful but he doesn't look like a wolf at all. And it's funny how she's attached herself to this animal to prove to Josh that she likes dogs now since he seems to be a dog lover (his only saving grace). If he is a stray I hope that Josh takes good care of it. I mean Raven will say it's hers and take pics but it'll be Josh actually caring for the animal. She's incapable of being a responsible pet owner…poor Dorian. Raised by someone who can't even look after animals.

No. 465581

I have a bunch of the videos saved from before she left nz. The playlist about Josh, her recorded conversations (Ugh, he's so beautiful, etc,) a couple of the "my story" videos. Sadly, none of the recent ones she has deleted though. tbh I forgot about her. I can't grab them until next week, but I can try to load them somewhere if they're still wanted. I'm not the original vid.me anon.

No. 465788

good one, anon!

No. 465790

What's the bet the dog is nourished and is just wandering about, visiting people. They'll steal it and lock it in the one room they have? Yikes.

No. 465833


Agreed! No stray is that healthy and good looking. He is friendly and not a feral animal (feral animals tend to be more healthy looking because they can survive but they wouldn't go near people)

Raven just stop with the animals. Focus on your podunk ape of a man… though I caution you not to smell his finger when he offers…

No. 465900

File: 1511092095315.jpg (158.33 KB, 1054x1081, craven.jpg)

Hoarding: Project Columbia is underway, with"a cute gift from Josh".
Ideal for the 40+ woman in your life. The video is just ten seconds of her modelling it in the hovel.

No. 465902

Im not the biggest Raven regular so sage in case this has been brought up before. But is that a fucking drainage grate in the middle of their carpet?

Also do they only have one room, or is Raven skulking in her bedroom like a tween?

No. 465903

> is that a fucking drainage grate in the middle of their carpet?

No, that is a vent that delivers hot or cold air (depending upon the season) to the room. So apparently whatever hovel Rave-on and her Neanderthal are sharing at least has central heat and air.

No. 465904

Oh, my bad. Non-American here, I've never seen central heating like that. Would a hotel rent an empty room without a bed? That seems skeevy as hell lol.

Ngl this is a perfect place for her, i feel a little bit of joy knowing she's trapped somewhere crappy, in a town she doesn't know, with nobody local except her Neanderthal. Karmas a bitch lmao

No. 465905

Those vents are pretty common in trailers.

No. 465907

>Those vents are pretty common in trailers.

Yeah, that picture reinforces my belief that they are in fact staying in a trailer.

The carpet quality/type is along those lines too.

No. 465909

They said Josh's friend owns it.

Does the outside image support this? >>465557
I'm not familiar with them.

No. 465913

File: 1511100877402.jpg (198.02 KB, 1200x900, mobilehome.jpg)

I think I answered my own question by googling images. It does look like the mobile homes I saw in search, the vent, carpet, outside cladding, door and step. Pic related,

No. 465914

Haha it really does look like they're living in a trailer.

No. 465915

Why does she mention Emily Boo so much? Does/did she know her irl? I don't know much about Raven before Logan.

No. 465917

As someone who was trailer trash until they hit their teens, you can tell just from >>465557 that it's a trailer because of the cheap siding and the white skirt falling apart underneath the steps. The skirt is there to cover up all the cinderblocks/stuff that's keeping the trailer in place and you don't really find that on houses. Considering how beat up and cheap everything looks, it's not a nice modern trailer either.

No. 465919

lmao she's finally become the trailer trash we always knew she could be.
video bawwing about how it's a real house in 3, 2, 1 …

No. 465922

I've seen some nice statics but that looks rough everything looks so grimy.

No. 465923

cue her insisting to Josh that they have to move to a "real house" asap.

No. 465924

good call.
"stupid haters, we're just staying here for a little bit while our REAL place gets fixed up extra nice."
off-camera meltdown at Couchy

No. 465925

>I don’t even have a trailer or a couch momos

No. 465932

No. 465935

I can't wait for her to make a rant video about how we are soo OBSESSED that we searched for DAYYSSSS and finally found out she lives in a trailer lol.

No. 465936

she was messaging emilys husband while they were married and sent emily horrible messages and laughed when her baby died. emily hates her and has and will never meet her

No. 465940

YAS, was just about to point this out! At first I thought it was an old, run down house. But I noticed the skirting, the vents. Also the porch is obviously one of those cheap wooden ones they just plop in front of the trailers, not connected at all to the building.

God, how fitting that they live in such a run down trailer. They're both trash.

No. 465941

Ah thanks anon she really is a cow. Is there anyone she hasn't treated like shit?

No. 465972

File: 1511121672325.jpg (559.14 KB, 1280x1416, maxresdefault (2).jpg)

And not even a nice one.
This is what Raven could be staying in versus what she's probably living in right now.

No. 465979

In short she's jealous of Emily, copies her in every way and wants to be her badly

No. 465999


Are you fucking serious? Use your head, nonnie. It's forced air heating. Drainage in the middle of a room that isn't a bath, lol.

No. 466006

Yeah momo use your head

No. 466008

It's almost like people live in different countries with different heating in cooling systems

No. 466044

She entered an online relationship and got engaged to CJ when he was still married to and living with Emily and then did her typical 'she is my enemy' bullshit. She bought him a ticket to NZ and he never got on the flight hahaha She was still married to Ryan at the time and met and started to groom Logan not long after the aforementioned flight

No. 466074

and Raven copies her tattoos and clothing to this day. totally not obsessed though.

No. 466096

in b4 this shows up in her next video, "lolcow is SO STUPID they thought there was a drain in the bedroom of my house that is definitely not a trailer????"

No. 466101

It's almost like that floor is covered in carpet. So naturally there's a drainage pipe in the middle of it. For black mold growth purposes. Sorry but no countries have carpet+drain combos, it's not a fucking shower.

No. 466102

You should keep feeding her crap so she can make infighting claims!

No. 466103

Stop ree-ing at that anon about it. Some countries don't do forced air heating. I knew what that vent was but I have never seen a trailer in real life so I needed that part.

"They tried to find pictures of my trailer but joke's on them!!". She'll say this even though we just posted generic images.

No. 466104

"this carpet is new!!"

No. 466108


Emily and Cj (Carl Jaggard) are known for their appearance on an episode of "Snog Marry Avoid" in England. She made a video about being on the show and about their relationship in which she obliquely talks about Raven.

Raven has made several videos and written screeds about Emily and Carl and his betrayal. She prostituted herself and spent Ryan's parents $ to woo Carl, including stocking her freezer with his favorite coffee. She got a tattoo of his name and bought wedding rings. In the first thread is a dump of chats between her and Carl in which she drags Ryan and brags about spending his parents money; the conversations are nearly word-for-word the same as those between her and Josh.

Emily and Raven were amicable for a while. Emily sent her hair bleach and clothing (Raven purchased a dress from her on Depop), but they hardly seemed to be true friends as Raven has claimed since.

No. 466143


god, shut the fuck up already.

No. 466166

i count two assblasted cunts in here and ravens gonna have a field day with this and i can't even blame her

srsly tho yes it's a shit trailer but that is kind of stupid i hope she mentions how dumb you are in her next vid kek

think about it should you respond or shut the fuck up for the sake of lolcows image will you give gravy ammo or?

No. 466168


Anyhow. I'm interested in what Raven will consider the 'offensive' content she'll create for those thousands of people lining up to become $30 a month patreon subs. Isn't that basically everything? The mind boggles at what she'd find offensive, as far as I can see her whole life is one long list of gross offenses, one after the other.

No. 466170

No. 466176

I'm surprised she hasn't changed her hair color again (and then do her usual claim of it's actually something she was thinking of for ages before that other bitch did it)

No. 466180

I think green suits her. Like an ogre or a sea hag.
I have never seen one of those vent things either lol, the other anons seem to be getting really angry with the anon who thought it was a grate hahaha who cares?
>>466166 A simple mistake isn't ammo. I don't give a fuck if she thinks we are stupid for a grate in the floor, some anon made an ignorant mistake because they are from another country. How is that one mistake ammo? Compare it to all the dumb shit Raven has ever said and it's quite tame. The only ammo she'll have is that you are getting so worked up about this kek

No. 466182

This is so sad. I thought it was sad Lainey was wearing a carebear onesie as a mother of two children, but this loser is over 40 and dressed as a carebear holy shit hahahaha

No. 466189

>you are getting so worked up about this kek

is that like the same thing as when someone responds by saying they're not worked up, they're just amused by you acting like a cow? or like how all of us don't totally actively follow our favorite cows, we only read the site while we're taking a shit? everyone in this thread is acting like an autist tonight and needs to discuss the cow instead of shitting up the thread.

sage for shitting up the thread

No. 466190

No. 466201

File: 1511162088794.jpg (69.69 KB, 351x380, sigmund-and-the-sea-monsters_0…)

No. 466202

Looks just like her

No. 466203


What with all of her tentacle tattoos.

No. 466204

Josh is a meth head redneck who lives in a trailer park who does not even own a couch?
Raven is now a certified whitewashed asian trash, congrats.

No. 466208


These need to be shopped together.

No. 466212

She claims to like mermaids so maybe that comes into it. Too bad she's more like a seahag instead. I also think tentacles or octopus tattoos can look interesting but her tattoos look tacky.

No. 466216

She said she's fucked up her hair. She's actually wearing a wig over it that's the color she was aiming for.

No. 466225

File: 1511168461015.jpg (171.51 KB, 1152x2048, 23593665_1949744265267213_4514…)


She dyed her hair green but wore the wig only in the "How to use Patreon" video. But at the rate her hair is breaking and thinning from bleaching it too frequently, she will be wearing wigs fulltime soon.

The original "Exposed! / I found a rat!" video is back up. She says that Youtube decided that the screenshots are not in violation of the privacy policy.


No. 466228

File: 1511168971093.jpg (65.34 KB, 421x640, 18992-2738-21220-1-secrets-of-…)

No. 466230


Holy shit I own this actual comic book.
sage for no1curr

No. 466232

File: 1511170854578.jpeg (102.22 KB, 600x461, 870AEB87-F3C0-4D92-AF92-1CEF56…)

googled sea hag and this popped up, even has the same wide ass nose hahaha

No. 466236

Jesus, all her piercings are crooked, and her nose is HUGE.
No amount of makeup will ever fix that.

No. 466244

Shoop Josh's head on the monkey omg

No. 466245

Omg next thread pic lmao

No. 466250

thats scarily accurate

No. 466256

so she's becoming a goff margo palermo?

the comments under her videos are always a trip. people are so fucked, how could you sit through even one of her videos and not realise how irredeemably awful she is?

No. 466263

File: 1511180169016.png (1.98 MB, 975x750, C26AADCD-74C5-4AF4-AF0F-3987A6…)

I tried lol

No. 466264

Hahahhahahaa fuck

No. 466266

fucking kek! top job, anon, that's perfect.

No. 466273

This is amazing

No. 466280

File: 1511186278071.png (274.58 KB, 563x319, Screen Shot 2017-11-20 at 13.5…)

those split ends!

No. 466281

She's really looking old an haggard in the newest milk

No. 466287

aw yea bois 35min of "junkfood heaven" buckle up

No. 466294

>it's a fucking great microwave

No. 466296

"7 suitcases of shit"

At least she is self aware

No. 466298

"So, it wasn't like I've EVER moved in with somebody and been like here, pay for me, take care of me, do everything for me….The closest when I went to New Zealand with Ryan….so that's when, um, you know….he pretty much foot the bill for everything…"

Lol at immediately contradicting yourself, Gravy.

"The only option I had was a salad or lasagna. So I chose lasagna." Shocker

"And I had, uh…my cushion smells like, um, cupcakes, so, the smell, like, relaxed me and stuff."

(15:11) Reminisces about her first meal at Taco Bell

(17:30) Wanks on about being a local celebrity

(18:20) Trying to tell a story but can't remember which fast food place it took place at. kek

(18:30) Wanking on about how hot Couchboi is and how everyone wants his dick.

>(19:00) Couchboi's sister text him "she was really proud of him for, you know, having this job, and for, you know, getting this place, and like, getting his life on track again."<

(20:15) How Couchmum feels about Gravy. Note - Couchmum likes Gravy better than Claudia (no one is buying that, Raven)

(21:10) "I've said it before, I don't like dogs." Tries to provide proof as to why she now likes them (does not mention her past animal torture - please ask Josh what he thinks of this, Gravy)

(23:15) Talks about why America is better than NZ "America is outrageously cheap….People that live in America don't realize what you have"

(24:42) Has already wasted money on cheap shit she doesn't need

(26:31) "I can appreciate what good this country has" i.e. Taco Bell and XXXL sizing

(27:17) Is paying 500$ a month for rent

(27:34) Logan is living with his mom

(29:30) They do laundry at momma couches' house

(29:56) Is going to show a few of the useless things she's bought, but will have to make a separate video to show the rest of her useless shit haul.

(30:15) She bought a Jack Skellington chap stick that smells like pumpkin spice lol! Basic goth bitch.

No. 466302

Is it just me or the end bit of the video with the dogs was added on in a rush to prove the dogs will approach her/that she likes them? She likes them that she doesn't use their names just calls them big and little dog.

'I'm being responsible!' this is how she explains the lack of purchasing of halloween crap. Then promptly shows us two lip balms that are jack skellington and malificent themed. Responsibility lasted all of a minute eh?

No. 466307

Yeah and the part where she says she doesn't know why the part of the screen is black lmao bitch it's clear you're holding something over it so we don't see what kind of trash you live in.

No. 466312

There is probably a mountain of dog crap in the section her phone case is covering up.

No. 466314

She talks about how bad she smelled and how greased her hair was. She must be disgusting.

Their first interaction was Raven tapping on Josh and calling for attention. Fitting. He was looking down at his phone, not looking for her at all. Pathethic.

No. 466333

I liked the part where she mentions that she doesn’t know if she’ll open the lip balms. I’ll never understand why she buys crap that she will never use, oh yes she’s a hoarder that’s why.

No. 466335

Does she really think anyone will fall for her "other videos will be on patreon" lol she'll be uploading stuff and begging us for views in no time.

Ain't no one paying $30 for your "drama" kek

No. 466338

>"I don't want to be a burden to Josh. I want to start my new life properly and not come over here with someone I hardly know and be like 'feed me, pay for me, buy me stuff, take care of me'"

lmaooo this bitch actually just admitted she hardly knows Josh, yet she flew all the way back to the US for him? Which is Gravey, are you two soulmates that are sooo alike, or do you hardly know the guy? Keep your story straight ffs it's embarrassing

No. 466340

She just keeps talking about trolls and lolcow. At least with Logan he had the self awareness to realize that she could ignore all the online shit and discouraged her from going to the site/talking about it. This can't be good for her already poor mental state if she's going to be home all day and Josh egging her on.

No. 466345

Awww, that's too cute!

No. 466346

But in Raven's deluded mind, Josh egging her on = standing up for her against daa h8errrzz. They're both so fucking childish

No. 466347

File: 1511208051625.jpeg (555.11 KB, 1241x2205, 1B908565-82DB-4299-90F1-4D4D65…)

Raven commented on a post where a new mother who struggled to have a child had to deal with an MRI. She was told that she was ok to breastfeed until almost the time to do the MRI when she was then told that the dye is toxic. Mom didn’t want to stop breastfeeding so wanted to reschedule.

Clearly Raven cannot sympathize with wanting to keep that mom/baby bond breastfeeding gives.

No. 466354


those swamp noises in the background kekeke

she truly is the trailer park swamp troll queen of saluda

No. 466361

File: 1511211204784.jpg (29.71 KB, 471x461, 9ec2488b4df18573ca3ab7d0870c17…)

>>Basic goth bitch.

No. 466367

Seven suitcases. And we know what was in most of them - we've seen her trash. And this is just her stuff for now, she has more stuff coming later. It's all just garbage. It's not stuff that will help Josh out with costs for her, it's toys and makeup.

I moved countries three years ago, and I brought two suitcases (a carry-on and a hold bag). I didn't have anything shipped after either. Not saying everyone should be like me, but just putting in perspective how ridiculous SEVEN suitcases is. And now she's bitching about how many suitcases she had and how expensive they were. Bitch, come ON. That was your choice, you don't get to whine about it now.

I also love how she talks constantly about how little she can eat and how almost every video she has to mention how one thing (burrito, lasagna, whatever) lasts her for ages. Raven, we can all see how much weight you're putting on. The proof is in the fat pudding.

And the smell of cupcakes relaxes her. Fucking kek.

No. 466380


noooo do not drag ursula vernon into this, she draws a lot of fat characters but even though they're fictional they're more well-rounded people than raven will ever be and none of them are disgusting like her lol

No. 466387

kek she probably wants that kid considering she's a pedo and all…

No. 466407

Not only seven suitcases, but she STILL has shit that needs to be shipped over. Like good Lord, what in the world else do you have that you can't get in the states?

No. 466412

it's absolutely insane. and we know she brought nothing of value for their daily lives because their trailer is still empty and they're buying shit from Walmart to fill it up.

how much makeup, shitty clothes, and overpriced toys can she possibly have?

No. 466431

Having that many suitcases means she got help from one of her ex husbands, Likely Ryan, who would have dropped her off to go see her run to her 5th husband. Such a whore.

No. 466445

It's kind of wild how impressed she is by Walmart. Is Target too high end for her? I honestly don't think I've ever heard anyone go into such raptures over the one store where you're guaranteed to find at least one person walking around with their colostomy bag hanging out of their clothes per visit.

Glad she's so happy. I think.

No. 466449

File: 1511224196694.gif (964.01 KB, 500x254, gyo.gif)

>looks like Thor
>like Thor

Either that bitch was blind or Gravy is full of shit. I'm going with shit

No. 466451

Yep, Ryan most likely took her there and he probably helped her with the last-minute costs too. There is no way Raven worked out all the weight of the bags and pre-paid the right amount.

No. 466464

Like shes probably bullshitting about how every single time she gets stopped and asked about if her tattoos hurt, or questions about her wonky as fuck piercings? If this rando girl mentioned thor i bet it was in a negative way, or a backhanded compliment like you look like a cheap thor.

No. 466470

Damn, I know Raven is a shitty person, but his bf seems so fake to her and that saddens me. It’s obvious he only wants her for sex and the reason he follows her lead is for the pussy. I wonder what will happen when she stops being the novelty goth sex toy for him.

No. 466473

she's getting her claws sunk in, by the time he wakes up he'll be trapped. but Josh isn't Logan, he has a history of cheating and doing what he wants.

No. 466474

Isn't she from El Paso? I don't know how that city is, but I've heard it's a rough town. Maybe she grew up in the white trash part and she's used to that kind of life and living in SC might actually suit her.

No. 466521

File: 1511232480479.jpg (58.66 KB, 500x679, thors-sister-whor.jpg)

she misheard what the girl said

No. 466525

she's definitely bullshitting, people might point and laugh and that's about it. it's part of her much celebrity, so unique, wow schtick

No. 466542


Is there a Walmart or big shopping center where she was at in NZ? A lot of people get surprised by Walmart when they've not been to one before or in a while.

Target is just Walmart with the prices slightly raised. They're both big shopping centers with trashy people. Target just gathers a "but it's classy! Unlike Walmarttttt" being surprised or amazed by either is embarrassing if you've been around them.

No. 466551

no walmart in NZ. big shopping centres, sure.

No. 466561

To be fair, when my own boyfriend had shoulder length hair, he was called Thor a few times (his hair is blonde) It's just one of those stupid compliments that make no sense. Kind of like how any girl with blonde hair and pigtails is referred to as Harley Quinn nowadays. Having said that, I think Raven is totally bulshitting people's reactions and is trying to woo Josh with her 'celebrity status' and talk about herself more than is warranted.

No. 466579


One week in America - how my flight was and other things

Note: The offensive chunk was cut out and will only be uploaded to Patreon. The part where I address what the hate sites have been doing is also going to be a separate video

Hi! Hey guys! Wow, by the time I upload this it would have been quite some time since I've been online. This is gonna probably be a long video because I've got a lot of explaining to do, a lot of questions to answer, a lot of things to talk about, so please bear with me. Not all of it's gonna be pleasant. And, as a matter of fact, a huge chunk after my initial explanation here is gonna be really miserable. Not miserable for me but miserable as that I'm gonna say a lot of nasty things. And you know what, I don't regret it, I'm not gonna regret it, and I'm not gonna take any of it back. It is what it is. And the people involved deserve everything I say about them and then some. So don't worry lolcow, I haven't forgotten you. Of course I'm gonna talk about you as well. But let me get on to the important stuff first.

Firstly I'm very sorry for my prolonged absence. I moved, obviously. I'm in a different place, and I wanted to enjoy my life a little bit and take some time away from the internet which is what I had kind of said I was gonna do [adjusts camera] which is what I said I was going to do. So I did that, and then I kind of saw that lolcow was going absolutely batshit frantic looking for me. Like, they were like rabid dogs. And I'll get more into that in a little bit. And because they were going so batshit crazy I decided, well, I'm gonna stay offline a little bit longer and let them run around and drive themselves crazy. They started turning on each other, second-guessing each other, accusing everybody of being me. Like, they were just losing the fucking plot and losing their shit, and it was hilarious to watch. People that I suspected as being lolcow outted themselves. They were outing themselves left and right in absolute desperation to find out where I was, so it was kind of a field day for me, so I just sat back and I watched it and focused on having a real life here.

Obviously I'm with Josh. I made it to America. I've been in America…[picks at the corners of her mouth] mouths cracking up…and not in a hotel room. We have a fucking house. We live in a two-bedroom, two-bathroom. There's…that's Josh's bathroom back there. That's a walk-in closet there. That's Josh's shit back there. And this is, you know, our bed that I'm on here. And then his shoes and lingerie and shit over there.

So, let's see. I will firstly answer what I know everybody's gonna want to know, and that is how did my trip go, how was the meeting, how are me and him? Me and him will make a video together, just, he's at work right now. I've got no internet. I'm bored off my ass, and I thought it would be a good time to make a video. Today is October 17th, so I've been here just over a week. I arrived on Friday the 6th, so I've been here, how long have I been here, I've been here a little while…um I know I've been here, this is heading towards the second week. Wow, time passes really fucking fast.

So the trip over was pretty uneventful. I was really tired. I hadn't slept beforehand. I made a series of videos on the way over, goodbye videos, and then just videos thinking, you know, how is my life gonna be, how am I feeling in the moment. I'm probably not gonna upload any of those as they're kind of private, I guess.

But I had trouble with my packages…not my packages, my suitcases. Um, I, I was trying desperately to fit everything. [coughs] Sorry, obviously I haven't talked for a while. Um, I, I had loaded up my suitcases, but I hadn't weighed them. So now when I weighed them before leaving they were all overweight, and so I took out about a suitcase's worth, but I still had too much stuff, so I had to actually add an additional suitcase, so I came over here with seven suitcases. Seven suitcases of shit. And that cost me a lot of money. It cost me 915 New Zealand Dollars to bring over. And I was like, holy fuck, that's a lot. But I was already at the airport, there was nothing I could do. I mean, it's gonna be a while before I could send for my stuff. This is everything I've got to live, live on, so it's worth it to bring the shit over.

I don't want to be a burden to Josh, and I want to start my new life properly and not come over here with someone I hardly know and be like, feed me, pay for me, buy me stuff, take care of me. It's not fair on him. With Logan and everybody else I've been with I was actually the one who had money first. They moved in with me, I took care of them, and then in the middle somewhere they ended up taking care of me. So it wasn't like I've ever just moved in with somebody, been like, here, pay for me, take care of me, do everything for me. The closest was when I went to New Zealand with Ryan because I had just lost everything, I had nothing, I had no money, I had nothing, and so that's when, you know, he pretty much footed the bill for everything. Well, not him, his parents did, but that's when, that's when that happened. Aside from that, no, I've actually been the one to take care of everybody, and I don't care what anybody says, that's how it's always been, so it's no different now. I don't want to come here and make Josh take care of me, so I have my own stuff.

Anyway, so the first flight was, it was actually pretty good. The pilot was really good. It was a smooth takeoff, it was a smooth landing. The layover was alright, it wasn't anything extreme. The 16-hour flight was boring as all hell. It's different flying a long flight like that now that I've had the surgery because I can't eat, so I slept right away because I hadn't actually slept. It took me six hours to do my my luggage, to get it ready to go, and I couldn't sleep all day, all night, couldn't sleep during the three-hour flight. I couldn't actually sleep until the 16-hour flight, so that's…when I woke up spent the whole day up, spent the whole night up waiting at the airport, had a three hour flight, had a five-hour layover, then I was able to sleep, so I crashed out.

I woke up after they had served dinner. I didn't know they were gonna serve dinner, like, as soon as we took off, so all I had, the only option I had was like a salad or lasagna, so I chose lasagna. I only was able to eat like two or three bites, and I asked him to put it in a cup, so they put in a cup, and I just basically snacked on that the whole 16 hours, that was all I was able to fit in, that and I think it it came with a piece of, like, garlic bread stuff, so I had that.

And I got a whole row to myself so I was able to lay down and stretch out, like, they actually arranged it so I could have the entire row to myself which was fucking amazing. I laid down, stretched out, and just waited and waited and waited and waited. And then I had uh…I landed in Dallas, and then I had another three, no, five-hour layover, something like that. And I was exhausted again, I don't know why. I guess I didn't sleep too well on the plane because my tailbone was hurting, my back was hurting, and I just felt, just rough, you know. And so I was just really eager to get off the plane, get the last flight done with. That was the shortest flight of them all. I did film the whole takeoff which was pretty cool. That was an itty-bitty bullshit plane, though. It was so small. I mean, it was like me and a person…like me and a person next to me and then an aisle and then two more people, and we were, like, crunched together, and I just kind of laid my head on the window and like dozed off. And I woke up, and the chick next to me was talking to me. And I was super nervous. Like, I get off the plane, what's it gonna look like, it's a tiny little airport, how am I gonna find him, I don't want him to see me coming before I'm, like, all tidied up and clean. I just want to get off, go to the bathroom, tidy myself up, and then come out where he could see me because I knew that I looked really rough. I had put a wig on because I knew my hair would be a fucking greasy hot mess from just 30-something hours of flying, and it's just…I was just fucking done. And so we were talking about that and the move and all that stuff. She was really nice.

I got off the plane, went straight to the bathroom. She said, around the corner there's an escalator, you're gonna go down the escalator and there'll be the baggage area so he might be around there. And I was like, okay, cool. So I've got to go, and I've got to go down the escalator, and I spoke to him. I called him up and I was like, okay I'm here, I'm in the bathroom, where are you? He said he was by the baggage stuff so that matched with what she said, so I'm like, cool, I'll come out, go downstairs. So, grabbing all my shit cuz I had my laptop and I had a…I had my laptop, and I had a backpack, and I had my purse, and I had my cushion that smells like cupcakes cuz, you know, the smell, like, relaxed me and stuff.

And I walk down the hallway and there was no escalator, I was already on the baggage area floor and I was like, oh my god. And, and in the distance, cuz I can't really see, so in the distance I see people and I'm like, oh my god, he's probably watching me walk towards him. I was mortified. What do I do, what do I do, I can't turn around, I can't stop, I'm just gonna put my head down and just keep walking. None of those people were him. And I get closer and I see a guy sitting on a chair and he is, you know, he's on his phone, and then he's doing this, like shaking his head, that's what Josh does, and I was like, that's him. And I walked up to him and I was like, hey, hey. And he didn't hear me because it was really loud in there. And I dropped my bags and I say, hey, and I tapped him, and he looked up and his eyes got big and he was like, [gasp] my baby! And he jumped up and he grabbed me and he hugged me. He's like, oh my god, I can't believe you're here. And I was like, oh my god. And he had his hair down and everything, and he looked so gorgeous. I was like, holy fuck, wow, cuz you know people online could look a little bit different. I was, I was a mess, I did not look good at all. But he was like, you look so much more beautiful in person than I thought you looked online. Like, he was, he was floored by me somehow in person. He like, wouldn't let me go. He kept hugging me, kissing me, and, and I like…Instantly when I got off the plane all I felt was humidity. It was like stepping into a sauna. It was so hot, and I had a scarf on, I had a hoodie on, I had a wig on, and I had a big long heavy dress on, and I had tights on, and I had boots on, so I was sweltering. And I actually, like, pushed him away, like, it's hot, can we go outside please, I can't breathe in here, let's just…can we get my stuff, I just want to go outside. And he's just like, well, I just can't stop hugging, and he just kept hugging me and hugging me. And he was like, oh I'm so happy, I'm so happy. He was, oh my god, he was over the moon, it was amazing.

And in person he looks so much different than he looks online. Like, I thought he was gorgeous online but in person, cuz, cuz online he kind of looks like a big guy, like a big kind of tough looking guy, but in person he's actually petite, like, he's really daint…I call him dainty, and he's like, oh shut the fuck up. But he's, like, dainty, he's got little bones, he's skinny, he's little, but he's tall. Like, my head only goes up to about here on him, and so he, like, could put his whole head on my head. And he has to bend over and hug me. He's like, oh my god, you are so fucking short. And I'm like, oh my god, you are so fucking tall. And he's just beautiful. Like, he is, he is gorgeous in person. Like, I thought that he was gorgeous before, but he is so fucking gorgeous.

And every single day he tells me that he loves me, he tells me I'm beautiful. I take my makeup off and he's like, oh my god, look at your eyes, you're so beautiful, you are so gorgeous. And then I put my makeup on, he's like, oh you look so nice today. And it doesn't matter what I wear. I came out last night after a shower and I had a big fuzzy huge bathrobe on, and he's like, oh look at you and your bathrobe, you look so cute, you look so nice. Like, he has a compliment for me every single day. And he just, like, he he goes into a store, do you want something to eat, do you want something to drink, do you want something, do you want something, do you? Like, he's always offering me something. Like, he is such a fucking sweetheart.

And any way that he was online he is not in person. Like, he seemed sometimes kind of overbearing, a little overprotective, a little jealous, because I was getting comments and messages. And sometimes online it would say I was online when I wasn't online, and we'd argue about that. Like, you said you're asleep, why does it say you're online? And I'm like, I don't fucking know, I'm not online. And we'd argue about that because I wouldn't be online but it would say that I was. And in person he's not like that at all. He is such a sweetheart. Like, he is so fucking sweet. He just hugs me and holds me all day long, all day is just spent, like, kissing and talking and everything else.

And like, anything I cook, you know, he'll eat, he'll try. Like, I made him ramen with, like, egg and pork rinds because he had never had that, and my mom always made it like that, and he demolished the whole bowl. And I've made him spaghetti and sausages, and made him French toast, and made him eggs, eggs and chorizo, shit like that.

I did have my first meal at Taco Bell. And I've gotten mocked for wanting Taco Bell, but you know what, I fucking love Taco Bell, and I'm not gonna be ashamed of it. I don't care, I loved it. Taco Bell was amazing.

We went to Walmart, and the first night I bought, I bought us the bed, I bought us pillows, sheets, mattress topper, filled up the fridge with food, pots and pans, silverware and all that stuff, because he had gotten this place and he had paid the deposit and all that stuff. And he took us out to eat and everything, so he's, he's been paying for the food every day. And then we'd gone out two separate times to buy stuff for the house cuz there was really nothing here, so we're still in the process of filling this place out, fleshing it out. And while things are really cheap here, when you're buying big-name stuff like that it gets a bit expensive, so it's gonna take some time. So I'm not gonna do a tour because there's nothing to show at the moment.

It's just a, it's a big house, not huge. It's a good sized two-bedroom, two-bathroom, and it's got, like, a deck in the back, like a big deck. It's got a massive fucking yard. It's got a deck and stairs in the front, and it's by the road. You could probably…I don't know if you can hear cars going by. But, um, I'm happy here. It feels like home. I'm so glad it's got two bathrooms, two full bathrooms, so I've got a tub and a shower, he's got a tub and a shower, toilet, toilet, you know. Mine's by the other bedroom at the other end of the house, so, so that's awesome. It's got a nice big open kitchen, big living room, ceiling fans in every room, central heat and air. I mean, it's, it's got everything.

And um, the people…so I haven't been out that much. We've gone, we've gone out, we've gone to, like, Walmart and other stores, 7-Elevens and places. I try to get out and go into as many stores as possible because I just want to look at everything, you know. I don't even feel like I'm from here. I feel like a stranger in, in America. It's been so long, everything seems so different, and every place we've gone to I've gotten stopped. Every single place. And they're either like, oh my god I love your hair, oh my god you look amazing, oh my god look at you, oh my god I love your tattoos, did they hurt, oh my god you…do piercings hurt? Like, everybody here is so nice, so so so so nice.

The worst reaction I've gotten was at Walmart one night. I, I was bored so I sat here just fucking with makeup. I did, like, all this green shit on my eyes, green lipstick, shit that people here probably wouldn't have seen. I had just dyed my hair and it was green green green. It is actually green, it still looks kind of blue on camera but it is green. But it was, like, tree green and shit. And these two girls walked by and they're like, tsk. That's about it. And everybody else has been super nice.

And then we went to Taco Bell, no, was it Taco Bell or was it Arby's? We were out with Josh's brother and nephew, and we went to another Taco Bell in Georgia because we travel back and forth to Georgia sometimes. And this girl was there, and she's like, she told Josh, oh my god, you looks like Thor, Thor's so sexy. I was like, yeah, yeah he is. I don't think he looks like Thor, but my friends have said he looks like a Viking cuz he's so tall and he's got that long blonde hair and those blue eyes and, um, and she was just like, mmm he's so sexy. And I'm like, yeah. And josh is, like, crazy uncomfortable with it which was so fucking cute. But uh, he is a handsome guy, he really is.

So his nephew talks to me a lot. His brother had already talked to me cuz he was on my friends list. His brother's cool with me. His sister texted him a really nice message saying that, you know, she, she was really proud of him for, you know, for having his job and for, you know, getting this place and, like, getting his life on track again. Because I guess if something means something to you, you'll find the motivation to do it, you know. And sometimes if things don't mean enough, you'll tell yourself you, you want to do something but you won't actually do it. You need the proper motivation, something that you care about enough. And he cares about me enough, so he's done everything that he just kind of laid around not really doing before. And we've all been there at some point in our lives, I know, and so it makes me feel really good that he's just busted his ass to get everything so that we could have this life together, get married, and all that stuff. And she said that she, she's really happy. She hopes my life is going well as well. Like, she's, she's supporting me as well. I haven't met her yet. She's the only one I haven't met, she's like a nurse, she's really busy and stuff.

His mom I've met. She was actually texting me or facebooking me on my flight date, wishing me well, asking me how I was feeling, saying she hopes the flights go good, and she's catching up with me here and there. And then I met her in person. And as soon as I saw her she came up to me and gave me a big old hug, and she's like, so good to finally meet you. And, you know, she asked for my number so I…I'm like, looking at my phone case down here but, like, my phone's up here…she asked for my number so she has…because I have an American number now so she's got my number. His sister's got my number. And so I'm texting his mom. And, you know, whenever we go over there she'll be like, love you guys, love you. And he's just, like, wow she's never acted like that, she's never interacted…like with Claudia, his ex. She wasn't that close to Claudia. She tolerated her but she didn't say I love you, she said I love you, like, once, and that was, like, a year in. And she says that, you know, to me and to me and him, and wanting my number, wanted to talk to me, and we have a lot in common. And so it looks like everything's gonna be so great here. Like, his family accepts me.

Even his dogs. Like, I've said it before, I don't like dogs. Various things over the course of my life have made me not like dogs. I used to like dogs. I've tried having dogs. My little Skellie, I loved him so much. And then, like, the Leonbergers were all right. They weren't my dogs, though, they were my exes. I've had dogs in the past that I've loved to death. And then we had the little fucking bitch that attacked my Marmalade, and she just, she just kind of turned me against dogs. That, and then the neighbor's dog just was always barking and barking and barking and barking and barking and barking and barking. It just…I just get tired of noise. I don't like noise and I don't like barking. I'm like, fuck dogs. But Josh had, like, five fucking dogs. Then there was the one that got shot with an arrow and died. And he's still really upset about that. But he brought two of them here, and they like me. Like, one of them he warned me, he said, you know, he's really shy, he didn't even let my brother come near him for a month, you're probably not gonna get close to him. Second time I saw him, like, cuz the first time we just dropped something off and I didn't really…I wasn't out of the car, but the second time, which is the first time I was out of the car, he came right up to me. He comes and puts his big paw on me and lays down on my lap. And I always go visit with him and sit with him and pet him. And then there's a little one that even Josh didn't like before cuz he was like a little asshole, kind of real skittish as well. He comes right up to me, too, they all do, they're all, all over me. And so those two are here, the little one and the um, and his big boy. And so I, I go out there and pat them, make sure they've got food and water and everything. We just brought them here yesterday but they're doing really good, like, they're really, really happy here. And it's like we've got our own little family, you know. Everything's, everything's just amazing.

And the prices here are outrageously low. Like, I had gotten used to the prices in New Zealand, and some stuff I was like, that's really cheap. But compared to here, it's nothing. Here something's like $7, you're like, what $7, you know. Over there you're like, whoa $7, that's cheap. It's, it's like night and day, you know. It is, it is so different and, you know, I've gotten mocked so much over the years for wanting to come back here, oh America's a shithole, America this, America that, you should be happy to be in beautiful New Zealand. You know what, having lived a substantial amount of time in America and then New Zealand and then now coming back to America, people that live in America don't realize what you have, you don't know what you've got. Yeah, your president, the president might be shit, the cops might be point…going crazy. Then there's, you know, there's the shootings and things like that. Those all fucking suck. Every country has got its problems, I know that. But it's beautiful here. It's big. Everything is big. I'm not living in exactly a big city, but it still, it feels like a city, it's a…you know, there's places that are open late.

I mean, I bought a can of hairspray that's fucking about as long as my arm and it was $3. Like, what the fuck. And, oh, I've got these two cool things, I, I should go get them, I'll get them in a second. They're Lip Smackers. Because it's, like, Halloween time here. I haven't even been focused on Halloween because I'm so happy with Josh. I just, like, I don't care about Halloween anything, I haven't even walked down the Halloween aisles. I saw this in the makeup section when I was going to go get, like, deodorant cuz I don't like the deodorant I had to bring over. I like sprays or gels which they don't have gels in New Zealand, but I can't bring aerosol, so I had to make do with what I had, and I wanted to update so I got deodorant and I found these which is cool. But everything, they've got, like, Halloween everything, they've got Christmas everything, they've got like so much stuff. The sizes are so big and the prices are so cheap. Like, it's just…I'm, I'm…my mind is boggled at the moment.

Like, I haven't even gone crazy on fast food like people think I would have. He's like, he's used to living on fast food, so he's like, where do you want to go to eat? And I'm like, we've got food at home. Like, I want to make steak, I want to make lasagna, I want to make, you know, real meals. And he wants, like, he's adjusting to it. Whatever I make, he eats, and he loves, loves my cooking. And we've got food, like, the whole fridge and freezers full. We actually have too much food and it's overwhelming because I know I can't eat, I can't eat it at all. But it just goes to show, like, god dammit it's so cheap. And the variety, the variety of stuff here. Like, you guys just don't understand what you have, you really don't, a lot of you don't.

And I don't care what you say about New Zealand. I would never go back there. I'm, I'm happy here. I might not be a native-born American but I am an American, and I never want to leave America again. You know, I can appreciate what good this country has. I can also see what bad the country has, but it's not enough to sway me and make me want to leave, not at all. It's just, you just don't know, you know. I mean, I get mocked, oh you want fast food over healthy food? You can find healthy food here, go to a fucking health food shop, there's fruits, there's veggies, there's shit like that here as well. You know, going to a shithole country where everything's extremely overpriced and you can never dig yourself out of a hole, it's not worth, you know, it's not worth living there for healthy food that you can't even afford anyway, living in a place that you can't afford to live in.

This place here, two-bedroom, two-bathroom, I can't even tell you how big the fucking land around it is, five hundred a month. You know, a month, five hundred a month. We'd pay probably about 650, 700 a week in New Zealand for a place this size. You know, how the fuck can you manage to live on that, and you can't.

Logan lives alone…well, he lives with his mom, but he pays rent and everything. But he doesn't answer to anybody. He doesn't have me over there or anybody else, and he still has trouble. He doesn't have many bills, you know, and he still has trouble. It is so goddamn hard to survive. You can find a 55-inch TV here at Walmart, Panasonic 55-inch for not even 400, it's like $373. What the fuck. Do you how much that shit would be New Zealand? Then there's a 60-inch or something, I mean, it's even bigger, and that's about $700. And I showed that picture to Ryan. He said over there that would be about ten grand. You know, you can't justify the fucking price increase. I got milk, gallons of milk, not just like a two liter or three liter, I have an actual gallon of milk. At Walmart it was a dollar seventy four. I can buy three litres of milk in New Zealand for like almost $6. I mean, fuck me up the ass. It is so goddamn cheap.

I'm, like, in heaven here. I'm, like, this is the best thing I've ever done. I am over, over the moon with just being back home, being here, being with him, having this life with this person that loves me so much. He goes out of his way to right any wrongs he does, to tell me, to hold me, to hug me. When he comes home from work I hear the door open and he's like, where's my baby? And I jump up and I run and we hug each other. And it's, you know what I mean? It's like, it's the kind of life I've always wanted. Like, someone that interacts with me and talks to me and that appreciates me and that tells me I'm beautiful. And, you know, he doesn't care if I have makeup on, don't have makeup on, gained weight, lost weight, he doesn't care about any of that.

We go the laundromat, we're all husband and wife, fucking folding our clothes together. And then, you know, we do his mom and brother's wash, too, because we wash it at their house and then take it to the laundromat to dry it. And, you know, everything we do is, is so husband and wife, you know. And it's just such an amazing feeling to actually have that for the first time. Even though so many people have wished bad of me it's just great to actually have it.

I'm gonna pause this. I'm gonna show you those two things I've got. And then I've got to make a separate video for the other shit because it turns out this is 30 minutes and even I didn't want to upload a video that long. Be right back.

[cuts to kitchen]

Okay, so I found these Lip Smackers in the makeup section of Walmart like I said. This is a huge chapstick. So this one is pumpkin spice latte flavor. I'm kind of, I don't really want to open him, but it's pretty cool. And this is the first one I found, Maleficent. So I thought that was so fucking cool. These were, like, about five dollars, and I was like, [shows the back of Maleficent] whoa, that is so fucking amazing. That's the back of him. And they had, like, Ursula and other ones, but I didn't want to, like, buy all of them. If I found a second one of these I would probably buy them and open them, but for now I just kind of want to keep it closed. This is blackberry magic flavor. So these are, like, the cutest things ever.

And there's so much Halloween shit here. It's like, oh my god, I would go crazy, but I'm being responsible. And every money…all the money I've gotten is going into, like, we bought that, I bought that microwave back there, fucking nice microwave, right, I'm pointing at it over there. That microwave was only, like, $53 or some shit, and it's a thousand watt microwave, like fifty something dollars. What the fuck, you know?


No. 466580


So I'm gonna cut it now. Josh is, has just texted me, so I'm gonna check and see what he said. He might be home from work, so if he is I will do the other part of my video at some other time. If he's not then I will make it once I get back to the bedroom.

[cuts to outside on the deck with the dogs]

These are Josh's doggies. This is the big one. You guys are having fun out there, weren't you? You're having fun out in the yard. This is the little one. You guys doin' in the woods? Aw, I know, I know you're having a good old time, huh? Yeah. I don't know why half my screen is dark for some reason. That's part of our yard. Okay, okay you guys. I'll pet you, too.

No. 466581

File: 1511251488391.png (812.19 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2017-11-20-23-52-58…)

Why are the floor air vents positioned in the middle of the rooms? Typically they are positioned about six inches away from the wall.

The stove is missing a rear burner and all four burner drip bowls.

No. 466582

It's 500 a month, ofc there's gonna be fucking vents in the middle of the room, it's a hell hole.

No. 466583

File: 1511252025890.jpg (37.48 KB, 732x520, Floor-Duct-Location-in-double-…)


Typical ductwork layout in a double wide mobile home.

No. 466585

Why is everyone so obsessed whether she lives in a trailer or not? They're super common in the US, it's not really a big deal.

Raven has done far worse than living in a trailer. Fuck, she's doing far worse now. It's bordering on derailment with people fighting about air vents and what kind of home she's in. She's not living on her "I barely know him and have never met him irl until two weeks ago" boyfriends mothers couch, so it's a million steps up from that shit.

No. 466587

Well anon, is actually kinda funny.
She told everybody that they would be living in a motel while Josh fixed their "dream house" for them.
But now she lives in a trailer park, by the road, in a asbestos filled hell hole, with no couch…
Also, trailer are super commom among white trash redneck people, like Mr. Momo himself. So yeah, everytime I see those vents, I laugh.

No. 466589

Fucking chill, it's okay if you live in a trailer, anon.

It's a shithole that they had to quickly snatch up because Raven would have been on his ass(and probably was) if he didn't get something fast. But seeing as how they've been planning this for a "while", they should have had plenty of time to find a better place.

Hagraven likes to brag which is why people are on her ass about it.

No. 466590

>>466579 Thanks for transcript.

>So his nephew talks to me a lot.

Ewwwwwwww, creepy how couchboy's nephew gets first mention in family connections. Stay away from him Gravy.

No. 466596

isn't Mr. Momo's nephew like… 8 or something?

No. 466597

Goddamn, this woman is such a fucking gasbag! I mean, bad enough she has to go into minute detail about even the dullest bits of her life, but she repeats every fucking thing three times!!

Bless the anon that is transcribing these videos. Because not only can I not watch the damn things, but I can’t even read the entire transcript. Listening to her blather on about herself bores the shit outta me.

No. 466598


TBH, it's better than motel living. Most of those live in motels are sketchy af and super gross. There's one in the town over that is actually legitimately scary. Meth labs and all. I think the local news just hangs out over there waiting for a story because it's on the news damn near every night.


Nah. I live in a house. I have lived in a trailer before tho. It's not a big deal. Some of the trailer parks around here are super nice, not the one I lived in (which was just okay) but some of the other ones. There's one sort of nearby that is actually lovely. Manicured lawns, a park, etc. looks better than some of the HOA neighborhoods tbh.

Trailers on land are really common in the south. I can't speak for her trailer as we haven't gotten a lot of pictures yet. It's not strange down here to spend good money on land and just plop a trailer on it either for the time being or forever. Most people living in trailers in my state don't live in parks, but just a trailer. As parks cost way more than owning your own or renting away from one. Lot fees and maintenance and paying for the privilege of having a maintenance team on site, etc etc.

I just don't think her living in a trailer is the worst she's done or is doing. She's still shit talking her kid, still stirring up drama and still obsessing over lolcow. Plus we all know damn well she isn't going to be contributing to this online relationship gone too damn far.

She could be living in a lot worse. As from what we've seen so far, it's really not that bad. Especially since older trailers are usually falling in by this point and hers seems okay.

No. 466600

nah anon it's trash, face it. stop being a library friend.

No. 466601


Oh, I forgot that anyone who doesn't agree with people clearly trying to derail the thread from actual drama are somehow supporting Raven. Oops.

No. 466602

The way she talks about Josh being more ‘boyish’ looking irl is so fucking creepy imo. Even the way she constantly pets his hair gives me the heebie jeebies. I can’t even tell if she’s trully a cho-mo or if she’s just so damaged to the point that she really thinks she’s still a child. She seems to think that acting like she’s shy will make her appear cute/quirky, which I find comical considering she’s in her fucking 40s and looks haggard af? Gravy, leave that shit to 15 year old girls who can actually pull off being awkward/cute, you stupid ball of grease.

I think it’s fucking hilarious and I grew up in a trailer, lol. Let the anons joke around, it’s not like Raven wasn’t already trailer trash before moving into an actual trailer, lmfao.

No. 466604

>And I get closer and I see a guy sitting on a chair and he is, you know, he's on his phone, and then he's doing this, like shaking his head, that's what Josh does, and I was like, that's him. And I walked up to him and I was like, hey, hey. And he didn't hear me because it was really loud in there. And I dropped my bags and I say, hey, and I tapped him, and he looked up and his eyes got big and he was like, [gasp] my baby
So romantic! Wow! I travel a bit for an LDR and one of my favourite things is not only my own airport reunion, but watching everyone else's as well. But goshdamn this is a new one. Can't even stand in a designated spot for his love of a love that was more than love with like a big sign or whatever. Nope. Raven deserves this level of romance lol.

>like, they actually arranged it so I could have the entire row to myself which was fucking amazing.

eheheh no bitch you got really lucky and maybe were on a quiet route. and Idk but like Raven is sounding in this video like one of those really awful demanding passengers but that's not unsurprising.

No. 466605

>like, they actually arranged it
>like, they actually gave in to my constant demands and bullshit, and let me spread my blubber
Such a celebrity, eh Josofa?

No. 466607


>I had my laptop, and I had a backpack, and I had my purse, and I had my cushion that smells like cupcakes

Of course she exceeded the carry-on limit.

No. 466611

>shaking his head
lmao sexy ticks

No. 466612

shake your butthurt anon or get away from the library

No. 466613

Doing God's work, Anon. Thank you!

>as that I'm gonna say a lot of nasty things.

Wow. I know I am shocked!

No. 466617

Yeah, I have been a little leery about the trailer comments because I can see how it would come across as kind of elitist, but I think the gist of it all was that Raven was going to live like a queen in a palace in God's country with Prince Charming (and cheated on an dumped her husband to do so), and she's living in a shitty hellhole in Podunk, USA with a guy who smells his fingers and looks wasted/ stoned whenever we see him. The contrast is kind of… interesting.

No. 466626

Did you read the story section on her and Logan's wedding site? She met him when he was just 15 and was gushing about him and his body "this was no kid, he looked like a man!" or something creepy along those lines. Pedo much?

No. 466635

File: 1511278696301.jpg (81.39 KB, 958x960, 23658408_723021224555059_15408…)

profile pc flashing the tattoo of the boy youre married to but cheated on with a redneck who you are gonna marry while still married. marriage number 8? does this bitch not learn?

No. 466636

those cankles tho

No. 466638

what is the point of this picture? was she trying to be sexy? she just looks awkward and what kind of squat is that?

No. 466639

she looks skinny here

those arent cankles tbh. too much definition in her calves to be cankles

No. 466640

raven get lost, josh is gonna be home soon

No. 466641

>she looks skinny
are we looking at the same pic?

No. 466643

umm have you not seen her other pictures? she doesnt look like a lardass in this one, just like a normal sized lady in terrible dress.

tf, you guys seriously don't see that that's a comparatively flattering photo of her? she looks like shapeless mound of dogshit. she actually has a waist here.

No. 466645

>because they were going so batshit crazy I decided, well, I'm gonna stay offline a little bit longer.

Pathetic. A 40 year old woman who alters her behavior to elicit responses from an Internet gossip website. Nothing new but at least she admits it.

No. 466647

Yup, this. Usually the ducts cut straight across the mobile home since its just horizontal building, while houses can have more play room with putting them in out of the way spots.

No. 466649

can we move on from the trailer shit? we've established she traded down in every possible way, let's move along.

No. 466650

>(19:00) Couchboi's sister text him "she was really proud of him for, you know, having this job, and for, you know, getting this place, and like, getting his life on track again."<

Tweaker confirmed?

No. 466655

i thought the same. What 30 something doesn't have their life together?

No. 466657

And if getting off his mums sofa and going to live in a trailer with his Internet girlfriend who's still married is "getting his life together" then what on earth was going on before?

No. 466684

how long until he gets tired of work and ravens successful youtube career is the only thing feeding them? well, at least US is cheap, right Raven?

No. 466695

I agree that she went way out of her way to pose in a way that hides her giant gut, but "skinny" is a stretch. Her legs look massive and lumpy.

No. 466696

maybe he was just a lazy neet.

No. 466703

'skinny', for her, i shouldda said

No. 466715

lol there's absolutely no definition there. My legs are muscular and defined. This is not even close. Maybe get off your lard ass and learn how to work out and you'll get there someday, or just continue to look like a rotting sack of potatoes. Lol, your choice, Raven.

No. 466719


In the >>404705 "omg he is beautiful" video in which they were Skyping while he was preening in the mirror she exclaimed, "You actually look really fucking young right now!"

No. 466722

>you know, like, and, like, you know.. like

Jfc why does she talk like a 13 year old? Get to the fucking point and learn some vocab Raven you dumb fat sack of shit, listening to her is so jarring

No. 466724

File: 1511291868375.jpg (311.92 KB, 1962x2048, 23511363_1949614421946864_4317…)

Her new profile pic for her community page.

The glare from that cheap Walmart polyester microfiber comforter.

No. 466725

No way will she let Josh get bored and quit! How else will she fund her hording of useless crap? Her yt won't stretch to feeding them AND useless crap. And she won't be able to get a real job if he looses his job. People will continue to stop her every 5 seconds to 'compliment' her 'look' she'd get sacked in a heartbeat.

No. 466726

File: 1511292186348.jpg (79.1 KB, 960x960, 23519246_1949744678600505_3806…)

The new face meld pic. He is even more subsumed than in the last one.

No. 466728

File: 1511293044056.png (224.73 KB, 800x736, Screenshot_2017-11-21-11-33-02…)


Her engagement ring.

No. 466740

File: 1511294401962.png (1.12 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-11-21-20-58-16…)


those trotters

No. 466742

I can't figure out quite what is going on with her feet. It looks like one of her shoes is growing out of her calf like some sort of sequin covered tumor. I guess she put a white filter or something on it to make her skin goffic white, but there's no contrast and it looks really weird, and not in a cool and interesting way.

No. 466756

I think it's a mixture of crappy filter and weird positioning. Her foots like bent into her leg.

No. 466760

whats bad about cheap engagement ring? it looks nice imo.

No. 466766

when you shoop your ass and it still looks flabby

No. 466770

Raven, a 15$ ring is shit no matter how shiny the costume jewelry is. I don’t think she needs diamonds but she could have gotten a goth ring in black or whatever.

No. 466776

Imo the importance of the $ when it comes to an engagement ring is the quality, a 15$ Walmart ring will begin to green within a month or so, and the stone will probably fall out a few months down the road as well. The metal will bend overtime as well. You don’t gotta drop thousands of money, but for something you plan on wearing for the rest of your life it should be of good lasting quality. That being said, we know this relationship won’t last longer than the ring so who cares kek

No. 466798


lmao I was just gonna say that! Why bother dropping all that money for an engagement ring that'll last when the relationship won't?

No. 466803

this is like the couch all over again.

>I own my own place

>lives on mom's couch

>I'll treat you like you deserve

>$15 walmart ring

wait, the second one is accurate, my bad. gg josh

No. 466858


>This is the engagement ring he bought me. Isn't that beautiful? It's actually not the one I wanted, it's a, it's an opal. This isn't the design I wanted, the design I wanted, it isn't opal, but she got the orders mixed up, so in the meantime while she's correcting the orders she let me wear this one, so I get to decide if I want to keep this one or move on to the one I actually did order. But it'll be like a week or two before that comes in.

The silver Celtic triskele or triquetra knot ring with a center stone is a very popular design, made and sold by a large number of companies and jewelers. The examples I found all sell for under $50. I matched her ring specifically to the one sold at Walmart (and other large retailers) based on the four-prong setting, the proportions and bevelling of the knot, and the size of the stone which is clearly simulated (synthetic).

If the ring she wanted was ordered from the same company that produces and/or sells the opal ring, then her ring is likely also a less expensive mass-produced silver ring.

.925 silver will not turn green; it will oxidize, but the oxide wears away when the jewelry is worn continuously. It is a soft metal that will scratch, ding, and wear down over time, faster than the karats of gold used for rings.

Raven says that the seller will allow her to return this ring when the ring that she ordered arrived. Does this mean that the seller will resell the returned ring? A silver ring that has been worn continuously will show signs of wear.

Sage for former jewelry store owner fagging.

No. 466867

Did anyone not notice she said they do their wash at Josh's mom's house BUT take the clothes to the laundry mat to dry them. WTF?!? First who wants to carry wet fucking clothes, but who is so dead ass broke they can't buy a second hand dryer for $100 so that they don't have to carry wet clothes to the laundry mat. I'd just wash and dry my clothes at an laundry mat rather than try to save $5 and haul wet ass mounds of clothes from one place to the other. That's some hardcore white trash shit right there.

No. 466869

Looks to me as she is going to poop, and the shit is running against her tits to see which one hits the floor faster.

No. 466877

Maybe that's a 'Murican thing? over where I live, it's common not to have a dryer. But anyway, how is it saving a buck by washing at mom's house, hey still have to drive there etc? Plus them taking every person's washing to the dryers. It's probably more about encouraging dependences on each other than any practical purpose. It'll all end in tears one day with Raven accusing them of being ungrateful for all the times she folded their smalls.

What I notice more in terms of 'lifestyle' is they have a broken stove, a fridge that looks like hungry wolves have been trying to get into it, and no furniture beyond an airbed, a microwave and some halloween chapsticks.

No. 466898

Josh was looking for a place to live in Lexington or Columbia to be close to work. Those cities are 33 and 50 miles away from Saluda, respectively. Unless his mom has also recently moved, are they really driving that far to wash their laundry?

No. 466935


>a broken stove, a fridge that looks like hungry wolves have been trying to get into it, and no furniture beyond an airbed, a microwave and some halloween chapsticks

don't forget the cupcake scented cushion, anon

No. 466936

I know some laundromats let you run the dryers for free.. in some areas it;s not totally uncommon to wash your stuff at home in the tub and then take it over to the free dryers
source: i'm white trash

No. 466948

Hahahaha oh man I know someone who has the same engagement ring and their broke trashy fiance got it for like 50 bucks… Jfc, don't spend less on an engagement ring than you would on a date… then again, Ravens date nights are probably taco bell and torrents cause I doubt they can even afford Netflix hahaha I'm dying.

No. 466960

And so the hoarding of shit begins with chapsticks kek.
What 40 odd year old buys this shit that is for teenagers?
Mrs Graven Qwan is going to be fucked if old couch boy dropped dead one day just please god do not let that troll back in to my country!

No. 466963

Hilarious how she talked herself and Josh up because deep down she knows he looks like a crack head.How he is much more beautiful in person kek kek kek and how he can't get over how beautiful she is KEK KEK

No. 466992

Goddam I pay $1 for 10 minutes. America really is the land of the free.

How did I forget the most important cushion.

No. 466995

File: 1511338522165.png (1.06 MB, 1136x640, IMG_7845.PNG)

'I don't know why half the screens covered' well gravy it looks like theres shit all on the porch. You do nothing all day clean it

No. 467028

File: 1511342803387.png (1.2 MB, 1136x640, IMG_7854.PNG)

Having a shit. Holy fuck she's been in America a month and has put on so much weight and aged 10 years. She looks unbelievably awful

No. 467029

File: 1511342816772.png (1.2 MB, 1136x640, IMG_7853.PNG)

No. 467035

her cheek piercings are great because it doesn't matter what angles she tries to use, or how she tries to hide it, you can see the weight gain immediately because the bars are now far too small and actually look painful.

that being said, it shows everywhere. her arms especially look huge to me.

No. 467038

Week 1 in America Part 2: Responding to many accusations and insults

Transcript in process!

No. 467039

The very last addition to my videos/responding to hateful accusations

Transcript in process!

No. 467042


No. 467046

>"And I had, uh…my cushion smells like, um, cupcakes, so, the smell, like, relaxed me and stuff."

There are better ways of getting your cupcake scent fix, Raven. You could’ve just waited to get to the states and bought a bottle of “Fantasy” since it’s easily accessible and cheap at only $10 a bottle. Probably wouldn’t go for that since it has that prep Britney Spears’ name on it. But hey, it’s better to buy a $25 bulky ass cupcake pillow instead! Who needs space when you’re a hoarder?

No. 467047

File: 1511345841477.jpg (17.57 KB, 656x133, dumbasses.jpg)

kek what the fuck do people think we are? Some kind of super genius cult that revolves around making Ravens life hell? Because I'm pretty sure she does a great job at doing that herself.

No. 467048

So she's skinnier in America because she's eating more, and she was fatter in NZ because she was starving herself.


No. 467051

>it's not my account!
>I use it though
>no address
>someone stole it from the counter!
>fuel crisis!
>too busy!
>I put the address though
Oh, she totally scammed that person. Maybe they got their money back anyway (hopefully) but not through her efforts.

>I haven't been on welfare!

>I got off it
Why does she even do this?

No. 467056

The way she is talking about still having her "claws" in Logan is fuckin vile. I hope he watches that video and see how fucked up it is.

No. 467059

kek it's wannabe goth miss piggy, jfc the state of her. Even fatter face and arms, you can see the fishnet top digging in. It's going to be glorious as she continues to pile on the weight, keep scoffing down that Taco Bell Ray ray

what the actual fuck is that thumbnail pic?

No. 467060

she looks like shes farting in the tub lol

No. 467061

sage for obvious reasons but I'm laughing at how she's amazed everything is so cheap in the US. Everything is cheap because the minimum wage is shit so pricing of stuff reflects that.

Although I doubt she has a concept of how money even works because she's never held down a job before outside of hand jobs.

No. 467063

lol or some kind of grotesque creature emerging from a swamp…

No. 467067

File: 1511350722645.png (2.1 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2017-11-22-11-36-26…)

She's asking people to help her name the breed of wolf dog on instagram. Beautiful dog though, shame all he has for company 'every couple of days' is her.

No. 467071

We were right that she forced Logan to stop talking to that girl. Poor guy, getting cucked across the world.

No. 467073

Logan needs to relocate his testicles. Not by going full mgtow or anything but she's never coming back. It's easy enough to reduce contact down to very little, the choice is his.

No. 467077

On her week one part two video the commenter who was screenshotted earlier has commented saying lolcow already screenshotted my comment. Her 'fans' come here to nose, you would think raven would of learnt if she didnt draw attention to this site people wouldnt look. I didn't know of here till i was reccomended a video of her, watched and it was about lolcow. Stupid girl.

No. 467078

The way she talks about Logan in her part 2 video is fucking disturbing. She's so controlling, please please block her Logan. People on lolcow aren't "sluts" who want your dick, we don't dislike Raven for no reason. We dislike her because she's fucking abusive. The way she talked about him was textbook abuser, it breaks my heart Dorian and Logan had big parts of their lives ruined by such a vile witch.

No. 467080

I think she likes to feel important and famous, and bragging about 1200 comments exemplifies that. She certainly was waiting on edge for that nw thread to be made. I'm sure she imagines no fan would jump ship.

No. 467083

I wouldn't have known about lolcow or kiwi farms id she didn't mention them every 5 fucking seconds. She's trying to get her fans to be her personal army and not realizing it's backfiring on her. I mean, that one girl who she "knew" was lolcow? Yeah nice work Gravy

No. 467084

Probably a husky. Gravy too stupid to fucking google dog breeds.

No. 467086

These videos are the gift that keeps on giving. When she screenshot "Fatchelorette" I almost choked.

No. 467087

spot on, anon

No. 467088

When she was saying "he LOVESSSS me, not LOVEDDDD, LOVESSSS ME" omg Raven, you have a dumb guy next to you and you still go on about Logan? And saying how he was depressed because of her. You can tell she is fucking enjoying it.

No. 467089

Right? She made how many, 2-3 videos ONLY about us and answering our questions lmao. I mean she can just tell us directly to send her questions on FB so she can answer them in the next video kek

No. 467090

I'm wheezing
She's talking about Dorian being a porn addict and always bringing porn to the house and him being the reason it's talked about by Logan

No. 467096

My dream speaking panel would be Raven and Margaret Palermo giving a talk on motherhood, how their children are pure evil, and why they are 100% totally not narcissists at all.

No. 467099

TBF NZ is ungodly expensive, getting stuff shipped to an island at the end of the earth ain’t cheap. My in laws are all kiwis and they were stunned at how cheap stuff in the USA was - except when they were in nyc and sanfran, that was just like home. The shit wages and cheap land help keep things cheap in the south.

No. 467103

>Claudia's not a very nice person< says the hag who filmed herself harassing and bullying her.

In your next lolcow video, will you please explain how, exactly, your Ugh video shows Claudia being a "not very nice person"?

No. 467106

File: 1511362136916.png (3.82 MB, 1334x750, D1CC0C6B-69B0-4789-A5CA-2B9BCE…)

Hey Raven, since you’re so bored because you don’t have WiFi and don’t work, why don’t you up the clothes you have on the floor (which I bet have been there since you arrived) or at least make the fucking bed you’re sitting on, you filthy fat fuck slob. The fact that you think ANYONE would be jealous of a lazy disgusting slob like you BLOWS my mind. Who in their right mind would look at you and want to be like you?!

Lmao, PLEASE the only thing you make me want to do is
1. Vomit
2. Clean my house
3. Scrub the shit out of myself, because looking at you makes me feel like I’m the one who’s dirty.

No. 467111

>>Wait, was it the library or Taco Bell?<<

That is Ravens eternal question. And she included a screen shot of the "that blowjob was worth a tortilla at best" status!?

Holy fucking kek, Christmas came early anons.

No. 467118

She goes on about how her ex made her take naked photos. What about now? Who is "forcing" her to take near nude photos all the time now? Fucking hypocritcal bich

No. 467119

agreed. this is the only fame she has, so she clings to it hard. loving that she's finally desperate enough for it to just sperg on and on and on …

Oh this is just fucking glorious.

No. 467126

She literally said she hates her because she have us info about the couch and we stick with it. She hates her because she gave us info about Josh (which was true).

No. 467127

People find it funny because Raven acts like she's a Queen and out to be treated like one and dreamed of Josh letting her live in pampered luxury and where does she wind up? A run down trailer in the middle of nowhere. They don't even have furniture or the ability to wash their clothes. Fucking Luna Slater has it better off than Raven right now and that's hilarious.

No. 467128

as an aside, why wouldn't we stick with it? seeing her go from smug about trading up to panicking when she realized she'd been had was priceless.

No. 467131

The house she was living in in NZ was so nice compared to this, she's a fucking dickhound.

No. 467132

I love that in one part of the video she says she tells lies to A LOT of people because they might be lolcow and then later she says "I never lie!! Why would I???"
lol ofc we believe Claudia more than her, ofc we believe Dorian and his smart gf over her, who wouldn't?

No. 467133

She says she hates us SOO much and then goes on to talk about how she reads other threads here and how she's not even the worse. How in every theard them mention her lol
Diana, you're so silly

No. 467136



Week 1 in America Part 2: Responding to many accusations and insults

Published on Nov 22, 2017

There's just the offensive video which will be uploaded for Patreon only left, and then the rest are non-hate site related (finally!) Thank you guys for all of your support and bearing with me!


So, since I had vanished for so long lolcow has been out of their minds looking for me. Like, they have been going so goddamn crazy. I've never seen anything like it. They're like feral dogs or some shit. I made a little list here just to kind of…cuz there's so much I want to talk about, but I want to be careful and not talk about too much.

Okay, first of all they found and checked on a Trade.me account. They think it's mine. It's under dot raven dot, but it's actually not my account. It's an account that I used, but the owner of the account and the address and the information, none of that's mine. So they found that account. They found everything that was bought and everything that was sold. They even had a running tally of how much stuff was bought and sold from that account.

I sold my S8 and my S8+, the broken one, and the person that I sent the S8 to never got it. He says he never got it. I went to the post office, I sent him a picture of the package, I sent him a picture of the package and the tracking number, I sent him a picture from within the post office. I left it on the counter as I was instructed to do. I was told, it's kind of weird that there's no address on this, it just says pacemakers or place makers or something like that, but that's all I was given, so I wrote down exactly he gave me. When I paid for it they said, that's weird that there's no address on it, but maybe the people that are local to them will know, maybe there's only one store so they'll get it. I was like, I don't know, this is all I have. I left it on the counter like I was told to do and I left. So he says the tracking number doesn't exist. The only thing that could have happened would have been if somebody had grabbed the package. I would not have ripped somebody off like that. There's no fucking way me, who complains all the time, would have willingly ripped off somebody like that. I actually sent the fucking parcel to him, and I don't know why he didn't get it. I left the country soon after that. I tried writing to the post office. They had that uh, what the fuck was it called, that fuel crisis, and every time I called, because I was missing packages as well, every time I called I was told, you know, well, with the fuel crisis things haven't been…things aren't being shipped at the same time, some things are taking longer, some things, you know, I don't know, you just be patient be patient be patient be patient. Like, fucking hell, there's nothing I could do about it. They just told me wait be patient wait be patient. Um, the tracking number hadn't updated, like, at all. My tracking numbers for the stuff I was waiting for hadn't updated at all. So I thought it was the same as that. I answered him, I told him it was sent out, this is what I did, of course it was sent out, I sent you pictures. And he kept writing me like, why won't you answer me about my package? And I'm like, I answered you, I've told you everything, I've got nothing else I can possibly tell you, when I call the post office they tell me there's a fuel shortage has screwed up some of the packaging and the mailing or whatnot, and give it some time give it some time give it some time and then wait. And I did what they said. And then I was distracted with my own move and my own stuff. But I definitely sent him that motherfucking phone. I sent it to him. I sold it for less than I wanted to sell it for as it was. He won it fair and square. We spoke about it. The only delay on it was that he wanted the receipt which I was trying to find, and that's for the warranty information. I gave him that IMEIM, whatever, the code for it, so he could see that it was a perfectly fine phone. It was unlocked, errr it was not blocked or blacklisted or breaked or anything like that, everything was fine. Took it in, mailed it out, sent him a picture of the package, of his address to make sure I got it right, sent a picture of it on the counter, and then I left. That's all I know about it. But lolcow has taken it upon themselves to say that I robbed him and they are going to help him bring me to justice, so they are trying to contact him and give him all my New Zealand contact details. That's how far they're going. They want to contact Logan's mom and Logan and Dorian and everybody else to find out where I am because they didn't know where I was.

They had a running poll to see where I was, who thought I was where. Their thread reached its 1200 limit within three days and they had to start a whole new thread. But then they say so often on there, we don't care about her, we're not talking about her, this is just…we're just biding our time, I mean, we're just bored. Seriously, you're bored so it's over 1200 posts in three days? Right. Please, you're in denial. Just stop already, it's…you're embarrassing yourself, seriously. They've gone so far as to look at my videos and see if I've approved comments. They've had to go video by video to see what comments are new because I've approved some comments but not all comments because I know a lot of the comments are lolcow, so I've left it while I've been in, on my hiatus or whatever.

They've written to Josh. They've written to Logan. They've infiltrated Logan for a very very short time when that stupid little slut, she really thought she got to him but she didn't. They…to amuse themselves they've gone digging on the internet. They found, they found my sister who is like notoriously private. She doesn't even have the same last name as me. They found her. They found my dad's memorial which I didn't even know was online. Then they're debating over why I'm from Germany but it says my dad's from Indiana. That's my stepdad. I call him dad cuz he adopted me and he was like a father to me. My real dad is a piece of shit that I've got nothing to do with. So, I didn't even know that shit could be found and viewed online, but they found it and they viewed it.

They know all my last…almost all, there's a couple they're missing…but they know almost all my last names. They've got a list. They've gone and found websites that I didn't even know still existed, shit that I didn't even know was still online from like 2009. They're digging up shit from early, like my early early early life, my early online life, and bringing it up and sharing it and using all that against me. But they don't care about me.

They're also trying to get me for benefit fraud because they think I'm on welfare. I wasn't on welfare. I wasn't committing welfare fraud. I didn't lie about anything. I was on welfare when Dorian was living with me. We were both on welfare and we were both, you know, listing expenses and rents and bills and things like that. And then he left. And without his help I couldn't do it because that was where my income was coming from that I had listed. And without income I can't cover my bills. Without being able to cover my bills they're just gonna be questioning and questioning and questioning so I got off of it. I haven't been on it. I haven't had any money. Any money I've had has been from selling my own stuff, people giving me shit, or little jobs here and there. None of it has been sexual. None of it has been hand jobs, blowjobs, fucking, prostitution, webcamming, none of that shit, nothing fucking sexual.

They've brought up the fact that I don't like sluts and whores but I have naked pictures. I've explained this I don't even know how many times. When I was with my ex he…I wouldn't say pressured me, but he wanted me to take naked photos. He was into that, he liked it. He was my husband at the time. He made me feel like I was beautiful. He told me, oh you're so hot, you're so hot, I like it when other guys say you're hot, whatever. So I did it for him. That was something between two married people that has nothing to do with anybody else. Normally I would not have done anything like that on my own. I don't approve of it, I don't like it, and I don't like my naked body. I did it when I was with him. This was back again, 2007, '08, '09, something like that. And I've tried to get the pictures removed. I photoshopped them heavily so that's not even my body. Everything has changed from skin color to areola color to vagina color to the sizes of stuff, everything is edited, so that is not even what I look like. It was a lapse in judgment because I felt this pressure from him and I didn't care. I was in the frame of mind where I was like, everybody does it, I'm never gonna get away from here, I'm depressed, I just want to die, my life sucks, fuck it, I might as well, there you go, I didn't care, so I did it, I didn't care. I care now, I would not do it now. I don't…it's not that I don't like sluts and whores and I hate all women, it's not that. I used to be like that. I am not like that anymore. I don't like sluts and whores that try to break apart my marriage or my relationships or whatever because fuck those bitches. But that goes for male and female. If you want to still think I'm the same as I used to be, the problem is with you, it is not with me, as I always fucking say.

So they're going crazy trying to get me for benefit fraud, trying to get me for Trade.me fraud, trying to get me for everything and contacting everybody trying to find out…

Some of these bitches have written to me, and what they didn't realize is that I was feeding them a line. I faked screenshots, I faked videos, I faked a lot of stuff, and I said it only…each story to one person, and I let them believe that I said it to a bunch of people, so I knew whenever they posted on lolcow exactly who it was that was betraying me. And then I would go on and act like I didn't know and feed them more bullshit which they fed to lolcow. So I'm looking at you, what the fuck was your name, fuck I don't have your name. Oh, and a screenshot here just for you. So bitch, I knew all along you were fucking lolcow, you stupid fucking cunt. Seriously, um, oh my god, people are so stupid. I've said before I'm aware that anybody I talk to, you could be lolcow. I'm on guard and I throw out feelers for, like, everybody. I tell them all a version of things unless I know them a hundred percent, I've known them for years, I know they're not lolcow, they've never betrayed me, I've never seen anything I've told them pop up on lolcow. That is the only time I don't test them. Otherwise I test everybody. I throw them something irresistible that the rest of lolcow would love to know, and I watch and I wait. That's my own little game. And they expose themselves sooner or later.

So they also talk about Logan being under my control because there's this girl that had added him and he had added her and talked to her. And then out of the blue he blocked her and she doesn't know why. Well, I'll tell you why. Because I found out you're lolcow, you fucking bitch, and as soon as I found out I told him, and I told him, block that fucking cunt, and he did. So yeah, I guess he could say he is under my control and for good reason, because I'm looking out for him. I went back and I saw more comments from this fucking bitch trying to get questions from people to feed him, so she was trying to betray him and get dirt on our relationship and things like that. And that's not what a friend does. You might have shown your true face by holding up a sign for him or whatever. But um, the only reason he talked to you is because he was depressed about me because he loves me, loves, not loved, he loved me, and he was depressed because I was leaving and he didn't know how to handle it. And you wrote him at just the right time so he wrote you back. And he was liking having a conversation with somebody to get his mind off of me. He didn't like you, he didn't care about you, he was rebounding. He's never been in a real relationship, he was rebounding. And now he's never gonna let any of you guys back in no matter who writes him or his mom, messages, adds. He's done accepting anybody.

And we still have a connection, and he knows, you know, that what we had was real. You guys like to think I had him from the cradle. Are you fucking serious? He was 16 years old when I got with him. Yeah, that was young, but it was hardly from the fucking cradle. I hardly raised him, and I did not groom him. He is who he is, he does what he wants to do. And if you can't accept or understand that two people of different age groups can love each other, then you've got issues, because what we had was real. He might move to America, he might not, I don't know what he's gonna do. Um, he wanted to go to school. I said, go ahead and go to school, and if you're gonna meet somebody you should meet them in person, meet them face to face. And then, you know, warn them about lolcow because whoever you meet, she's probably gonna have internet, of course, and a Facebook, so just tell her, warn her ahead of time, and you guys have got to keep your relationship private.

You know, I support him, believe it or not, in having a relationship. It would hurt, I'm not gonna lie. I kind of can't picture him ever being with anybody else, but I know he will, and it's only right that he does. It is. He has a right to move on with his life, and he has the right to be with somebody, somebody real who could care for him and love him, not lolcow who's gonna milk him for details, someone who will respect the fact that we're going through this. Me and him, we're in this together now, and he's always gonna have a shadow on his back because of me, and it really fucking sucks and it's not fair on him. And the reason that I did the whole fake, fake out thing that I'm still there with him or whatever was also to protect him, because the more people thought I was there with him the less they try to write him and get to him because they think, oh fuck, he's under her control. I didn't like the bad-mouthing he was getting, he didn't deserved that either. But the whole thinking he's under my control, he's under my influence, he's never gonna get away from me, I'm there with him watching everything he does, has stopped people from trying to reach out to him and get to him. Whereas knowing that he's on his own, you'll think just like that stupid little bitch did, that you matter to him and you're gonna get in somehow. You're not getting in, trust me. I've shown him plenty of screenshots. I've shown him everything you guys have said. I've shown him little fucking thirsty whore, I've shown him everything you've said, and yeah, you're not getting back in. I've even warned him you'll probably try to make a fake account to get in or a separate account to try to talk to him. It's not gonna work, so give up. I'll keep my claws in him as long as I have to to protect him from you lot.

Moving on…oh, they also think that to get money what I've done is I've taken out a bunch of loans and credit cards. This goes along with the whole scamming thing. I haven't done that. I did try to get, like, loans and credit cards for my ticket and I got denied left and right and rightfully so because I would have left the country. And stupid me couldn't think of a proper lie so I was like, I want it for a flight. And they're like, well if you're gonna fly away how are you gonna pay for it? And I'm like, I didn't think about that. So um, yeah, that didn't work for me.

So again, anything that I fought has been from buying and selling my own shit or gifts. I'm not gonna name names, but one person sended…sended…oh my god, what the fuck, one person sent me about $800. Another person had sent me fifty. Another person had sent me about 400, 500. So I've gotten money. First thing was I paid ticket, paid for the ticket, had money for my baggage. Everything else came afterwards. Everything else was from me, on me. I did not use any money from anybody else for tattoos, for snacks, for food, for anything aside from what I said it was gonna be for. Because believe it or not, I know you don't, believe it or not, I don't scam people. I'm open and upfront about what I'm doing with the money, where I've gotten that money from, yada yada fucking yada. So there's that. No credit, no credit cards, no benefit fraud, no ripping people off, none of that has happened. So feel free to keep wasting your time, please. Please.

All lolcow does really is age shame and fat shame. Now, I know I'm not the skinniest girl. I'm not skinny, I'm, I'm average. I've got pajamas on here so it's bulking me out a bit, I just wanted to throw on a different top for the top. I'm still roughly about the same weight I was when I was in New Zealand, I think. Oh, I've lost a little bit because I can eat consistently here, I can actually eat. There's a variety of food I cook for Josh, and I eat when I cook for him, and it's a more, yeah, it's a more consistent diet than what I was on. What I was on before was frozen cherries day and night, and occasionally I'd have McDonald's or something if I wanted some meat or whatever. But I wasn't cooking. I've already explained all that, why wasn't, but cherries. I was basically starving myself and so I was…I'd eat the cherries, starved myself, when I'd have fast food my body would just go, keeping all of it, and so that's what happened.

But like, they like to say that Josh's ex Claudia's so much more beautiful than me, she was a catch, oh he downgraded, why would he even turn away from her and go with me, and all that shit. Um, she's like twice my size and they don't fat shame her, conveniently enough. They only fat shamed me. And they age shame me. She's, uh, close to my age, she's maybe one to two years younger than me, but she doesn't get age shamed.

She was not a very nice person. She lied. She's full of shit. I fucking hate the bitch, and I can't wait till she sees me and Josh. One day she will see us together and I'm gonna be like, come here [mimes kissing Josh]. You know, I'm gonna, I'm gonna rub it in that bitch's face because of what she did. Her and Josh were together for two years, three years, something like that. I think for the last year they were engaged. They fought constantly. He told me all they did was fight. She was a fucking bitch to him, and finally he said, you know, all we do is fight, I can't do it anymore, I don't want to be with you anymore. And she didn't want to break up with him. But I mean, what is she gonna do? She can't keep him. They kind of had a falling out. After they cooled down they stayed friends. They kept in communication and they talked from time to time on but not very often, just kept in touch, hey how are you? That's about it, as people do.

And about seven months passed, and then he and I met. And as soon as we met we hit it off like BAM, faster than I've ever had. And I move really fast. I have a history of having fast relationships. This is faster than that. Day one he told me he loved me. Day two he asked me to marry him. Four months later here I am, you know, and it just worked out for us, that's just how it's happened. It's worked out for us and everything's great. I wouldn't have it any other way. Sometimes life works out like that. I mean, you know, everything I thought I felt for him, the love that I thought I had for him, that's nothing compared to what I feel for him now. So just because the love isn't the same doesn't mean it's not love, it just means that it grows and blossoms from there, and that's what's happened. We loved each other, what we knew of each other, what we felt from each other, but it's just grown exponentially since then. Especially being in person, it's grown so much more since then.

And she couldn't handle it, so she try to say that, oh you live on your mom's couch, you don't have a job, you don't have a car, you don't do anything, blah blah blah. And lolcow ran with that, so that's why they say Couchland, I'm living on a couch. You know, he was motivated to do more with me, and she couldn't handle that either. She couldn't believe that, knowing me for such a short amount of time he could have loved me, so she accused him of cheating. Lolcow is not interested in the truth, so they ran away with it. And she gave them ammo that was false, that they can't get off of, so that's what happened with that. And I fucking hate the bitch for that.


No. 467137


They also like to sit there and say that, why don't I contour my nose to make it smaller, the big black heavy eyebrows I do just accentuates my sagging jowls, and my old face and my wrinkles, and fuck, I look so rough. Oh, and that the only people tell me I look young is because I dress like an idiot and because they're just lying to me. So I would like you to tell me who has made up the rule that once you hit a certain age you have to dress a certain way? It's society that puts that pressure on people. There's no, you know, set steadfast rule that you have to look or act a certain way because you are a certain age. That is fucking bullshit, and I will never conform to that. I am who I am and who I have always been. I don't contour my nose because why should I? For one, I don't like contouring, I hate the way it looks. I always see when people are contouring on and it just looks like…I know it's ironic for me to say, but it looks like too much makeup. I don't like it. Two, I don't know how to contour and I've got no interest in learning. Three, I was born like this, I'm not gonna go get plastic surgery and have to contour my nose down because you don't like my nose. Noses are ugly in general. If you look at anybody and you just kind of separate and you just look, you just stare at their nose…noses, are ugly. I was born with this nose. Love it or hate it, there's nothing I can do about it. I'm not gonna go and get plastic surgery. I'm not gonna go and try to contour and hide it. I'm not gonna change the way I like doing my own makeup because you don't like seeing my big black heavy brows or my lots of panda eyes or whatever. I generally make up this way because it's how I like it. I dress this way because it's how I like it. I don't care if you think I look like a ridiculous 41 year old mall goth or whatever, and I should grow up. You can't fake the surprise you see in people's faces when I tell them how old I am, eyes gaping, disbelief in their face. You cannot fake that. I've seen fakeness and it's when I was fat and I'd be like, oh I'm so fat, and they're trying to be polite and they're like, no, but you know they're lying and I knew they were lying. You know, I've gone through the whole fake, fake polite lie thing before. That age thing I've heard most of my life, well, pretty much my entire adult life I've heard it. I hear it from Josh all the time. He's seen me with makeup and without makeup. He says my skin is remarkable, I look very very young, especially in person, in person is so much different than on, on camera. And he sees no wrinkles, no nothing.

And, you know, lolcow, what they do is they'll go to my videos and they'll get screenshots of the most unflattering, you know, faces and stills, and it's like, you have to go out of your way to take unflattering screenshots of me. It's bullshit, you know. Looking up, they're like, oh, you know, I've got wrinkles when I look up. Doesn't everybody? You know, I don't have Botox, I've got a movable fucking face.

They also don't believe that my tailbone miraculously stopped hurting. They don't seem to understand that when you go through weight loss surgery you lose muscle. You lose everything substantial along with the fat. So what had happened was, I lost my tits and I lost my ass, so when I sat I was only sitting on bone, on my tailbone, because I had no ass to lift me off of it. I gained weight, I've got meat on my ass again, it lifts me off of my tailbone so my tailbone no longer hurts like it did. It still causes me pain. It is hurting me right now. I can't sit for long periods of time. I can't be in one position for long periods of time. And I can't sit on my tailbone. But it does not cause me the excruciating pain it used to. I don't care if you believe me or not. Look up, go to Google and look up tailbone pain weight loss surgery, and you will see many many people talking about it. It is a thing, it happens. I don't fucking lie. I'm not Dorian. I don't need to lie for attention.

Oh, they also pick on me because I don't paint my nails all the time. I've got cheap nail polish and as soon as I paint my nails it chips. I'm not concerned. I don't care. Who the fuck do I have to keep up appearances for? Nails aren't that important to me. If they're important to you, I think you need a hobby. Oh wait, you have one, it's me.

Anyway, lastly I'd just like to say I don't care if you like me or if you don't like me. I know where the source of your hatred comes from, and it's because I have people that like me, I have people that follow me. You try to say, no no Diana, we don't like…we don't hate you because of that, we hate you because you're a narcissist, you're evil, you're a pedophile, you're a kiddie groomer, you're abusive, you've done this, you've done this, you've done that. All of that is just lolcow's opinion. None of that is fact. Not one single bit of fact. It's all their opinion or their opinion on how they think I should live my life. Every single thing that they talk about does not impact them or affect them in one iota, one tiny meager bit. None of what I do affects them, none of it.

So they say my thread was closed until I posted and I woke it back up again. You know what I did? Logan and I split up and I made a video about it and I posted it on my YouTube. Because I did that, it's my fault lolcow's started talking about me again. Um, excuse you. They would have had to have been watching me to report on it. I can post whatever the fuck I want. I'm not gonna stop posting for them. Now, lots of people obviously like me. Lolcow can't handle that. They've said it before.

I saw one comment, it was, it was pretty awesome, actually, it gave me great insights. They said, how the hell does she keep landing these guys, it's not fair. So that leads me to believe that they're also jealous because I do find these guys that fall completely in love with me, they are completely dedicated to me, they love me, they're dedicated to me, they want to be with me, and lolcow can't understand how someone like me, apparently, can get guys consistently to love me or want to be with me. I don't know how I do it, I don't try to. I just know that I've been very fortunate in my life to find friends, friends that are like family, fans, followers, and guys that would almost do anything for me. And they're intimidated by it, they hate it, and frankly I don't really care what they think of it.

I don't want to have the same mistakes in this relationship that I had. Josh, he honestly doesn't care about lolcow. He's not fazed at all. He thinks it's fucking hilarious. He loves to fuck with them. And we sit back and we've watched their comments and then we've seen him getting messaged. He showed me, he shows me the messages that he gets, and I'll tell him if he should answer or not or what to do or not or whatever. I don't have control over his account, but I do have the wife control of telling him delete this person or remove this or do that, let's fuck with them, and he'll do it for me. So I have wife control, I don't have physical control. And so one girl wrote, oh I follow her and I blah blah, I'm so worried about her. And I'm like, oh yeah, tell her this, tell her that, whatever, and he did, okay let's go to lolcow and let's look. It wasn't even a full 60 seconds later that that bitch posted, and I'll probably put it here. So we had a great laugh over that. So he likes it, he thinks it's funny because it's so ridiculous it's funny. He comes up with shit on his own, like, oh we should do this, you know, we should do that to fuck with lolcow. And so, you know, that's pretty cool.

I do want to show him, though, because he is so beautiful, and when we go out and just do stuff it's just…I just love being in America so much. I just, I just love it here so much, I would like to show some of that. And if we go out and we go to, like, the fair or we do things like that, I'll want to show all that stuff, too. So those are the kind of videos you can expect. Maybe updates here and there, maybe still, I still have fashion shows I need to do for you guys, look books or whatever. And I've got, like, video…Like, I've got this [holds up a 15 color collection of lip stains] that I'm wearing one of them, that's why I have this here. But I kind of want to try on some of these and some of the other makeups that I have. I actually got this because of this Devils color that's nowhere else, but I'm kind of disappointed because it turns out this is a very orange based red which is not nice at all. Something called Devils, I guess Devils does fit, doesn't it, how orangey red, I don't know. But um, you know I'll be doing some stuff like that here and there.

I knew everything I said and did was going on lolcow so that was my way of fucking with them. I just…I'd post misleading information here and there just to keep them confused and it worked every time. It was like, you know, it's like fishing, you know, throw something out and they fucking jump right on it. They're very very very easy. Like, I know what they're gonna say to everything I've said here. I know everything they're gonna say. And it's just ridiculous how far some people will go to bring other people down while judging other people for doing nothing more than living their lives. How about you try something interesting? how about you try to get offline? Back away from my life and live your own for once. Let's try that, shall we? Let's try the live our own life game, and see how that works out for you. My life is my life, and you can't have it, as much as you want it, you can't have it.

And as much as you like to lie about me and make me out to be this horrible god-awful person, it's just not true, it's not. And I don't care what you say. You guys are fucking batshit crazy. Look at the lengths you have gone through to try to find me because I've been offline for a while. You can't live without me. Look at what you're doing. And you are in such denial. You're like, she thinks we care about her, she thinks we care about her. 1200 posts later, we don't care about her. Another 1200 post later. There's about seven threads about me, each thread is limited to 1200 posts. That's just on lolcow, and that's just on one topic. There are other threads and other topics out there about me. And then there's Kiwi Farms as well. And you tell me these people are not obsessed with me. They will stoop to any, any level to talk about me. They will make up so much shit to make me seem to be the worst person on the face of the planet. But they don't care about me. It's all in my head, right? I don't think so. You're delusional and you all need to fucking be locked up. Seriously. Let me live my fucking life.

Or, you know, continue to sit back and dedicate all your time because, you know what, you say you don't take time, it's just toilet reading. But then if you read further you see all these links, links that I don't even remember having because I make links over time and I make…I would make different Facebooks because Facebook would delete me and so I'd like to have a backup in case that happened, you know, at the time that's what I did, but uh, I deactivate because I don't really want that many, you know. I tried to have one for friends, one for family, one for games, you know, shit like that. It just didn't work out. I like making accounts. I don't like keeping accounts. But they've gone into accounts that I didn't even remember having made, just old old shit, you know, for what? Like, to spy on me? For what? Honestly. And they have lists so long of everything I've ever had, and they've said, I might like research, but fuck, this was a lot of work, god damn, this was so much work. And they've even talked about how hard it was going through and researching everything they can find on me. So on the one hand they try to say that they just talk about me, toilet time, it's nothing really major, I don't matter to them. But on the other hand they'll talk about how hard it is to locate every bit of dirt on me that's on the Internet. Which one is it? You guys have been called out for lying so many times. I don't lie. I live my life and you're threatened by it, so whatever, whatever.


Hey guys, hey guys! I keep saying it, I really need to think of something else to say when I first start recording…I'm like, where the fuck is my camera? Um, here's an addition to the video. There's some stuff I forgot to add last time, there was just so much at once, there's no way I could have possibly said everything. This is just a very very short very quick out on. But I'd like to say lolcow and Kiwi Farms or whoever also are trying to say that I have killed Marmalade. Yeah, there's a debate going on where most of them believe that I actually kicked her head in or I was the one responsible for killing her, and this is because I posted a photo of her. Now the reason I did that wasn't because I was an attention whore, I wanted whah whah poor me. I was, like, in shock. Now, I've seen people that I know and people that I don't know posting photos of their animals after their animals have died. [cut] Sorry, Josh called me so I had to answer…Anyway, as I was saying, I've seen people that I know, people that I don't know posting photos of their animals, oh my god my animal just got hit by a car, oh my god I just came out and I just found my dog dead, or you know, whatever, and they'll her pictures their animals before they, before they bury them or when they first find them. So I didn't think what I did was completely out of the ordinary. She was really bloody, um, so I tried to add a black and white photo. And there was a couple of people I sent the photo to because, for some reason in my head, I thought that they would think I was lying, and so I was like, I'm not lying, I can't fucking believe this, look at this, what the fuck is going on, what the fuck just happened. It's like finding your kid dead or something, oh my fucking god. And I sent a couple of people who wrote me right at that moment a picture of her. Not because that's China whatever but just because I was in shock myself, and I didn't think anything was that different because I've seen people, you know, taking and posting photos of their newly dead pets. I was like, it's a bad picture to have, but it's, like, literally the last photo I will ever have of her. So it's kind of, you know what I mean, like, it's kind of my way of feeling like I was there for her because I wasn't there for her. Logan was the one who was there for her. I missed, I missed the whole thing. I couldn't come for her, I couldn't be there for her, and I took a picture, and it is what it is, that's it. I didn't fucking kill her. The boot that was next to her was Logan standing there because he was trying to take a picture, and he was still, like, in shock, and he couldn't do it so he asked me to do it, so I did it.

Secondly, it's…this is days and days obviously after I've made the first video because I, I'm still not uploading yet, not until a while's past. But now that they can't find me they're googling Josh and they found…I've been here 11 days so far, and they've googled him and found that he left a review at a car place a month ago. So apparently him leaving a review of a car place a month ago means that he recently bought a car now within the last 11 days or, you know what I mean, so that he and I can go out and I can ride around being fat and going to Taco Bell in his car. Oh god, they are so fucking stupid, they really are. They have got no life at all. If they can't Google me, they'll Google anybody that knows me, now they're googling Josh. Jesus fucking christ, what a fucking laugh, what a joke, it is such a fucking joke.

They also like to make fun of me and mock me and say I've got haters and they spell it like, don't quote me on this cuz it's really hard to be illiterate, for me, but they say "h-a-d-u-r-r-z-z-z-z" or something like that, you know, you see how people spell "haters" wrong. I actually don't use the word "haters" as much, as such, I use "stalkers" which is what they are, although they are haters as well because all they do is hate on every single thing I say or I do in my life. They don't like that I blab and I go off-topic. Oh fucking well. How about you stop watching my videos? There are other people out there way worse than me. And I showed Josh some of these other people. I'm not gonna name names because I'm not lolcow, but I showed Josh some last night, as a matter of fact, and he just sat there like, why aren't, why aren't they picked on? And he's like, sweetheart, you're nowhere near on the level these people, you don't deserve it, they're just, they're just against you, you don't deserve it. And I was like, are you sure, like honestly a hundred percent, living with me now, being with me, have you seen anything, anything, any truth in what they've said? I don't, I don't mind because, I've said it before and I'll say it again, I use them as a learning experience sometimes. I've used…

When I went through my surgery and stuff I used a lot of what they said to turn it around and try to fix my life. And then you've got to kind of reach a point where you can take some constructive criticism. But other stuff is just pure unadulterated hatred, and so you've got to learn to separate hatred from non-hatred. Like them acting like I'm the fattest person in the world, throw that whale back in the ocean. I know that I am NOT fat. I mean, I'm not skinny, I'm, I'm average. You know, I don't sit down and have fucking rolls everywhere. I'm not that big for what they're saying I am. Sausage fingers and shit. You know, my fingers aren't, aren't little. I mean, fuck, what are you gonna do? They don't like my nose, they don't like my face, they don't like my hanging jowls or whatever, they don't like anything. Nothing I say, nothing I do is gonna change it, so I can't focus on that. All I can focus on is, you know, the things that I can change about myself that I deem necessary to change. I tried some of that, I tried some more of that, some stuff failed, some stuff was good.

But Josh says he can't see anything wrong with me, nothing. Not physically, not emotionally, mentally, none of that. He's completely happy with me. And you know what, that's, that's what matters to me, so that's what I'm gonna stick with.

And lastly, I've had people commenting, messaging, messaging me, messaging Josh, some people frantically looking for me, and most of those, I'd say, are lolcow, Kiwi Farms, stalkers, "hadurrzz". And other ones are genuine people that have been following me for a while that are worried about me, and to you, I might have said this in my other video but I'm gonna say it again, I'm really sorry if, if you are one of the ones that is honestly worried about me or that has been really worried about me and you've been really really wanting to know. As you can see from this whole video or even if you go onto the site and have a look at the, the stuff that they say, the, the ups and downs, the lies. They're attacking each other because they don't know who's telling the truth, who isn't. People are on there accusing me of going on there talking. Just all kinds of bullshit. Like, nobody really knows what's going on, all they're doing is talking shit. And like I said, with Dorian adding to it and that stupid little bitch adding to that as well, they take their word as gospel when those two are the last two they should be listening to. And they've made me out to be just the most awful, god-awful human being on the face of this fucking earth, and that is just not true. So with the amount of stalking and lies and, you know, twisting and mixing lies with the truth and everything else that they're doing, there's no real way for me to tell who is friend and who is foe. There are some people that I know I can trust, but that came from years and years of testing them and talking to them or, you know, if they've been there for me and I haven't seen anything I've said on the sites, things like that. But for everybody else, whether I'm nice to you or not, whether I write to you or not, they come on they act like they're so concerned for my well-being, oh I've watched her on Instagram and YouTube for years, I really care about her, can you please tell me if she's okay? Like, they act like…they are sickly-sweet, my best friends ever, and they're so worried about me because they're my number one fan and, you know, all they want to know is that I'm safe, and they're lolcow. They pretend so hard that they give a shit but they don't, they only want their next new bit of gossip. So I can't just trust anybody and just go on and be like, hey, I'll pick you and you and you and you, don't worry, I'm okay, and I'll ignore the rest, because there is no way of knowing. So I'm sorry that the honest and genuine people have to be lumped together with that fucking scum, but there's nothing I can do about it.

That is why I've got my new Facebook locked the fuck down. Nobody is getting in. Don't even bother trying to add me because you're not getting in. And the only thing that will be released publicly about my life is whatever is on video, whatever I choose to share on video. And don't worry, I'm not gonna be removing my videos anymore. Whatever goes up is going to be going up. I take them down when I do my disappearing things, take it down because some stuff I don't want up there, some stuff, you know, like this time I took down all the Josh shit because I really was trying to throw them off. This is the most interactive I've personally been with them and on the site as far as taking down what they've talked about, actually checking back with what they've said, yada yada yada. I don't normally do that. Usually I let them just do their own thing. People come to me because they need my reaction so bad they've got to go out of their way to comment or post, check lolcow, go to lolcow, how about you check lolcow, go over here, look at what they're saying about you. Like, they can't just leave it, they need me to see what they're saying about them so they can have more shit to talk about which is just fucking pathetic. And usually I don't do that, I ignore them. Like, I don't care what they're saying. I don't want to see. They come to me and make me look, want me to look. I don't look. This time though because I am so bored and I'm having so much fun watching them just stumble over each other going crazy, this is the time that I've looked. Aside from that I don't. So um, yeah, there's just, there's just no way of knowing friend from foe, so I'm very very very sorry. But I'm here now and I will post whenever I think of something to post, something that's worth it, because I'm still not gonna do just random fillers just to have a video. And I will see you guys probably in a video with Josh next cuz I promised him he could be in a video with me. And I'm so looking forward to that cuz, oh my god, he is so fucking beautiful! And I'll see you guys around.

No. 467142

she sounds so bitter and riled up. poor Gran.

>You can't fake the surprise you see in people's faces when I tell them how old I am, eyes gaping, disbelief in their face

she's so dense lmao

No. 467154

File: 1511374082043.jpg (242.15 KB, 1033x578, Screenshot_20171122-180615.jpg)

Yeah you guys! People are in disbelief when I tell them my age and they're NOT lying, I can tell!

No. 467155

she looks so bad in this video. Why did she upload it?

No. 467158

Cos she can't resist making her 4th (?) video about us.

No. 467160

You know youre fat when you have a fat forehead/bridge

No. 467168

Absolutely 100% has nothing to do with the fact that they're in utter disbelief that a woman in her 40's is so fucking tacky. Raven you retarded bitch, no one said you have to "dress a certain way at a certain age" Hell, look at Michele Lamy, the badass artist and muse for Rick Owens, she dresses ~*goffik*~ but she does it in a cool way, unlike your embarrassing Hot Topic hodgepodge. You tasteless embarrassment.

No. 467171



The very last addition to my troll videos

Published on Nov 22, 2017

Most of this has been said before, but there's also a lot of previously unknown information spoken about here


All right, so I'm going to address some things here that really need to be addressed. Well, they kind of don't, it should be a no-brainer for so much of this. But as this is my life, I'm gonna have to address this bullshit.

So first of all, this pregnancy thing. Somebody faked a screen shot, a conversation with me saying that I said I was pregnant. Okay, first of all, not only do I not want kids. But secondly, I damn sure wouldn't tell a random stranger if I was pregnant. And thirdly, I wouldn't tell anybody actually. That screenshot was fake, as were the rest of the screenshots saying that I left Josh or, or I got left for somebody at the library…it was a library or Taco Bell or something like that, it was something ridiculous. They've proven that they can fake screenshots. Somebody's faked a fucking screenshot. It's, it's a fucking no-brainer.

They are also saying that I faked miscarriages, that I faked pregnancies and I faked miscarriages. I don't know who the fuck you think you're dealing with, but I don't fake pregnancies and I don't fake miscarriages. I've had every miscarriage I have ever said that I've had. As far as keeping my dead babies in a jar, I was given my babies after my surgeries, my DNC and my ectopic surgery. The doctors did that. They said they always offer the tissue or the baby back to the parents so that you can properly bury your baby. What the fuck is so wrong with that? I got little wax encased blocks with my babies' remains in it to bury. Logan and I had no home of our own. We had nowhere special that we knew our babies would be safe, so therefore we were told just to leave them in the freezer until we knew what to do with them. We had no fucking idea. I'm damn sure you're not gonna throw my babies away. Whether they were alive for long or not, they were still alive, they were in me, they were growing, they were something that could have been. They were children we could have had together. And it was very hard on us to lose those babies for whatever reason. And when we were given their remains, of course we're gonna keep them. We're not gonna just say, oh, this is just the remains of our babies. Pfft, trash. Who the fuck does that? So we were given these two, and they were in a brown bag, sealed in wax, in hospital sterile containers, little little things. And they were left in the freezer until came a time when we had somewhere to bury them. End of story. I don't keep babies in jars, and it's nothing sick or disgusting to be ashamed of. They were my babies for however long they were in my body. And the doctors in New Zealand offer you your returned tissue so that you can bury your babies.

As far as the whole Dorian causing me a miscarriage thing. Way back when I first lost the twins. I've also explained that. I didn't say a hundred percent he did. But, you know, when you go through a loss you always question, you look for answers wherever you can. It's part of the grieving process to try to put an answer to why. How did this happen to me. You try to just look for something in your world that makes sense. And I was reading online different things that could cause it, blah-blah-blah-blah-blah. Wondering if I did something wrong, wondering what the fuck could have happened, cuz I felt so pregnant. Everything was going along swimmingly, and then suddenly they were gone. And it mentioned drain cleaner, poisons, things like that. Well, conveniently right before I lost the babies we had had a stopped up drain. We filled the sink full of drain cleaner, and next thing was Dorian's turn to do dishes. I asked Dorian, did you scrub the sink before you did dishes, did you clean the sink at all? He said, no, he did not. So every dish we were eating off of pretty much was covered in drain cleaner. He didn't even rinse it down. Come a couple days, a week later, whatever, my babies are dead. In my grieving mind it made sense. If you can't understand that, then you're a fucking idiot. End of story as far as that goes as well.

As far as me cheating on Logan. I did not cheat on Logan ever. I never cheated on him. I loved him. I love him, I loved him. I love him in a different way now obviously, but there's still love there. I love him for everything we've been through. We went through a fucking lot together. But I would have never cheated on him. He, he violated our relationship. He…you guys know already because I'm being stalked, being stalked mercilessly. So he…I caught him watching porn. He knows I'm completely anti-porn.

And by the way, on the topic, it's not that I hate sex. I hate sex and nudity in movies. It's not necessary. You can show that two people are in love or that they have had sex without having to show all the gritty details. If you want to see something like that you go and you watch porn. If the person you're with is okay with porn, then obviously there's nothing wrong with you watching it. But if you're in a relationship with somebody that doesn't like it and that's, that views it as cheating, then you shouldn't do it. Or if you know it's gonna be an issue in your relationship, it's something you should talk about and work through together. You don't go behind their back and do shit, because obviously it's gonna hurt them when they find out. It's completely logical. I don't agree with porn.

I was willing to do anything he wanted. I loved him. You know, he was my husband. I'll do whatever you want, you don't need to go to porn, and he did anyway. I didn't know about it. I um…his gmail or his, uh, his Google was attached to my computer, so I logged in and I was able to see everything he had looked at. And he usually deleted it. This time he forgot, and I saw all this shit, all this shit. And it wasn't boring guys fucking girls, it was it was other stuff. And gaping. He likes big gaping holes. I don't know why, that's just what he was into. And I just saw gaping gaping gaping gaping. And I was like, were you fucking looking at porn? And he was like, yeah, I'll admit it. And I was like, I thought it was just a one-off. And it wasn't a one-off. He had been doing it for years, years and years behind my back.

Even knowing Dorian was doing it. And I, I caught him so many times. Like, god, Dorian, why do you need to watch so much porn? But he wasn't…I wasn't dating him so it was different. It was just kind of like, god, Dorian, you know, get a girlfriend kind of thing, not a, oh my god, you know, how dare you. It was totally different. But it was still brought up quite often cuz anytime Dorian had access to a phone or computer or whatever, just miles of porn, nothing but porn, porn fucking addict ever since I can remember. It was either in magazines or books or videos.

And Logan knew. Porn was always a topic in our household because of Dorian, because of my fears, because of my baggage, my issues, because of my ex's doing that behind my back. And I said, you know, to me personally porn is cheating because you're looking at another person, you're getting horny for them, you're desiring them, you know you're feeling these things that should really only be feeling for the person that you're with. This is my opinion, not everybody else's opinion, this is just the way I feel about it. I'm not saying this is right, this is just how I personally view it. You know, if, if you're looking at somebody, some other girl and you're like, damn her pussy looks nice, wow, look at that, and you get hot and horny, you want to fuck her, that's cheating. You're feeling these things with somebody else that should only be for the person that you're with. And I've told him that countless times. And he always used to scoff and turn his nose up at it.

Turns out pretty much the whole time we were together he was looking at it. So I felt like that was a huge betrayal, completely stabbed in my heart. And when I found that out it was like my whole world ended, like he violated our marriage, you know. He had been betraying me for years and years and years. It was like everything I thought I knew, I didn't. Like every, every part of him I thought I knew, I suddenly felt like he was a stranger to me. And we tried to get through it. I went through this massive grieving process. Like, I went batshit crazy for a little while, and I couldn't cope. It was like I, I went on one hand fucking his brains out to just crying. And it was just…I was so confused, I didn't know what to do. I offered, you know, if, if you really need it maybe we can watch it together if that's what you need. And he's like, no, I don't want it, I don't need it. He said it was the biggest mistake he ever made and he regretted it. And I'm like, I don't even know if I can believe you.

So many times he wouldn't get his snoring fixed, you know, or looked at. Because he snored, and not just a little bit of snoring, it was like sleep apnea, like he'd start choking in his sleep, and I, I couldn't sleep. I'd be so worried something would happen to him, and so, like, I'd stay awake to watch over him, make sure he was okay. And after a while it got so bad, like, I couldn't, I just couldn't be in the same room as him. And we, we slept separately. I didn't want to sleep separately from him because he was, he was everything to me. And um, late at night I'd be cold and lonely in this big ol' super king bed. And then he'd be, like, in another room. And I'm just like, you know, I'm married, I love my husband so much, and we can't even sleep in the same room, I can't even roll over and just hold him and hug him. And it was such a sad thing. And I would tell him that all the time. And meanwhile he's in the other room watching porn. You know, I mean, how the fuck is that supposed to make me feel?

I lost a whole bunch of weight. He didn't notice, he didn't acknowledge. A lot of things tore us apart, made us drift apart, and these are things I've never spoke about publicly because it was nobody else's business. I was not a fan of doing what I did with Ryan, and, and just spouting our, our business to everybody who ever could hear it. This was between me and him to work out, and it was really hard, and it was really sad. And then later on it switched to where he felt like that. He really wanted to be with me and in the room with me, and all I could think was, yeah, how about when I felt like that? How about when this is what I was going through and I was alone and he left me alone in the room while you watched porn? And now you want to be in here with me because you're lonely? Doesn't fucking feel good. And I was, I was resentful, and I was bitchy, and I knew right then when I felt that and I didn't feel any sympathy for him that our marriage was over.

And we did talk about it, and we were just kind of hanging on to threads of nothing, and we were both ready to give up, and we both did give up. That is when I started kind of looking at other options-ish, not really until we actually did call it quits. We did fully call it quits, and I got his blessing to move on because he was trying to be selfless. He was like, I know I fucked up, I know I did all the shit to you, I…it's the biggest mistake I've ever made, if there's anything I could take back that is the number one thing I would take back, I'm so sorry, you didn't deserve that, I know that it ruined our marriage. And he wanted me to be happy, move on. He knew the thing I wanted most in the world was to come back home, and so he told me, find somebody in America, if possible, and make your plans, and you should go, you should go home, I know it's what you've always wanted, and you deserve that, you weren't able to go with me, I wasn't the husband that you, you deserved and you needed, and now it's time for you to have the life that you wanted.

And then I just met Josh out of like, out of the blue, and, and this thing I wasn't even looking for turned into this…blossomed into this beautiful thing, and here I am, you know, that's just how it happened. And, and Logan was…he was ok with it at first. Then he got kind of angry because…not angry, but I guess hurt, because he would hear me and Josh talking and laughing. I mean, I would close the door and put headphones on and try to spare him hearing me talking to somebody else, but he still heard me laughing and he saw in general I was really happy. He said, I've never seen you so happy, it just goes to show I guess I wasn't the right one for you because I never made you laugh like that. And I was like, I'm pretty sure we've laughed together. But he's like, no, I can tell, you know, it's not the same. And he just kind of realized that…I don't know, we loved each other, but it was different. Like, we had no base for our love. Like, we had nothing in common and we couldn't talk. I don't know why we loved each other so much, but we did. It was just the feeling that was attached to nothing. I can't really explain it.

And for a while we kind of were really at ends…at odds with each other. We, we fought. We almost hated each other. We were doing really bad. And then we separated. We moved out, went our own separate ways, and as soon as that happened it was like, I miss you, I really missed you. And I'd see him sometimes. He'd write to me pretty much every day. And then as things calmed down he started missing me more more more and telling me, I thought I wanted this, I don't want this, I really regret this, this is so hard on me, I feel like my whole world has just ended. And he would have taken it back and tried again. So it's kind of…it was borderline between this was what was best for us, but at the same time it was really hard to let go.

And I've moved on. I still, I still think about him, and I worry about him. I don't want anybody to hurt him. And he's really depressed. He thinks that he's worthless and nobody will ever look twice at him. And he sees this shit lolcow has said, and he feels like he can't trust anybody, he's gonna be alone his entire life. So he's paying for being with me which he shouldn't have to.

You know, we had our own relationship, we had our ups and downs, we had our problems. We always came back together. We wanted to be together. It was our choice, not my choice, not his choice, it was our choice. And there was a lot more to it than just he was watching porn. I mean, he was neglectful in a lot of other ways, and I was clingy in a lot of ways. And we were, we were two totally different people who wanted to be together. And we tried and we tried and we tried and we tried, and it just it didn't work for us. It could have maybe if it wasn't for all the outside influences, if he was a little bit older. You know, there, there's a lot of maybes there, but for the most part overall we had a really good relationship. There was no name-calling, there was no hitting. You know, there was a lot of love there. I don't know what the love was based on, but there was a lot of love there. But end of story there, I did not cheat on him. I would have never hurt him like that. And you can believe what you want about that.

As far as Dorian, Dorian, all he has done is tell lies. Basically the only thing he's really told the truth about was that he did not take naked photos of me. I don't know who the fuck made that disgusting rumor up, but he never took close-up photos of my vagina or whatever. Sometimes he would take photos of me when I was dressed up and I'd get embarrassed, because the only one I wasn't really embarrassed in front of was Ryan because in the end I didn't really care what he thought of me, so it was just like, take pictures, it was like I was taking pictures of myself. A lot of times I'd use, you know, a selfie stick or a timer or a remote control for my photos. Or I would get smart and I would make a video and I would just sit there, you know, you know, pose for the video and then I take screenshots off the video, and those would be my pictures.

When Dorian was younger, and I mean, in El Paso before we moved here, I had him take some photos, but what I did was I'd set the camera up, and it was a proper camera, not a phone. I'd set the camera up and I'd say, leave the camera right here. I'd turn the viewfinder to me. I'd put a blanket over his head, turn sideways, I wasn't naked and I wasn't, you know, like mostly undressed, I was just, I was shy. And I'd say, when I say when just click click click click click click click. And that's what he would do. He wouldn't look and he'd just click click click click click. And that's how I got some of my early photos. I started trying to do that with Ryan as well because that's how I would have people take photos of me, it wasn't just Dorian. But he said no right away, he wasn't down for that. And he wanted to look at what pictures he was taking, so it turned into that.

As far as posting on lolcow goes, I didn't post on lolcow like they think I did. You can go and you can do an IP search or whatever you do on every single post that you thought was me. I guarantee it will not show up as me. It was not me. I watched and I laughed and I used that to know what they were up to, what they're currently looking at, what sites I needed to delete, etc etc. But I did no posting on that site, none. As far as I know I was banned a long time ago back when I did post on the site, like, fucking ages ago. I was tricked into posting on the site to defend myself and I did. And then I was, like, completely fucking mocked and laughed at, which is also why Josh doesn't go to the site to defend me or white-knight me, because he won't even get a word in edgewise. He'd get one sentence in and then they'd ban him. What's the fucking point, you know, it's what they want is for me to go on there. So yeah, I was always banned, and I just…it's not a site I would want to post on, so that wasn't me. I don't know who the fuck was on there. But some of the stuff was really funny, really really funny. I mean, Josh just sits here like, what the fuck is going on?

And I think, I think that's about it. I think I've addressed everything I really wanted to address. Except for the fact that if they keep saying that I'm an attention whore and I need them I need them I need them I need them I need them. I don't fucking need you. You need me. Yeah, you have other people on the site, other people you talk about, people that apparently are more talked about than I am. But I am one of the top people. If you search my name on the site I'm everywhere. Even threads that aren't about me mention me. All the time. Full of lies. Everything is lies about what a horrible mother I am, what a horrible this and a horrible that and a horrible everything. And none of that's fucking true. But you run with it because you just want to believe that you have a right to tear my life apart, and you fucking don't. All you are is hating on lies. The only thing that's been true is the shit I've said about Dorian because he's a little shithead. That's it.

Um, I'm not scared to speak my mind. I'm not scared to say what needs to be said. I'm not gonna go hide behind a fake screenshot or write shit down instead of speaking my mind. You guys have followed me for so long, you should know this by now. If I've got something to say, I'm gonna fucking say it. I don't need to sneak around and hide it or pretend to be somebody else. I'm gonna fucking say it, and I'll stay in a video that shows my face.

My son is an asshole. He is no son of mine. He joined your ranks and lied just to get fucking attention. Fuck him up his stupid ass. He can kiss my ass and go right to hell. Take that with you. You can have that. I'm not ashamed to say that. I tried to raise him right. You don't know because you weren't there. You only know what you've read or what you've heard or what you think you've heard from other people who are lying. You haven't been there, you don't fucking know. I know for a fact everybody that's met him in person hates his fucking guts except for his little friends that are just like him. Everybody else hates his guts.

Whereas everybody that's met me in person, aside from maybe one percent of people, if that, like me. So what does that fucking tell you? You know, online everybody hates me because they read all this bullshit about me. In person nobody's got an issue with me. I have people from El Paso, old old old friends that have, that have been on my side for almost 20 years. I must not be that bad of a person if I can still have that many friends. And these are people that used to hang out with me and that know me. It's called real life, not fucking lies on the internet.

I don't need you to justify or validate my life. I live my own life. I post what I post for other people. I don't post for lolcow. Lolcow just happens to be there because they're thirsty for details about my life. They want to know everything that I'm doing, so they take whatever I post on my own site and they say, oh she needs us, it's attention. No, it's me being on my site posting my own shit. That's all it is. If I wanted attention as you say, I'd go on your site as me and be like, hey you're wrong about this, you're wrong about that, hey I want to talk to you about this, hey don't hate me please, or something. I, I'd be there as me talking to you. But I don't at all because you don't rate in my life at all. I don't need you. I don't. I do what I do because I want to do it for my own site and my own fans, not for you fuckheads. That's about all I've got to say about that.

Thank you guys for watching and listening. I'm really gonna cut with the lolcow shit. Like, I've just had so much to say because I've been gone for so long, and they've been going rabid, just talking talking talking talking. There's just so much stuff that they're bringing up from the past and just falsehoods that I felt I needed to address. But I want to move on with my life and not acknowledge the stupid fucking shit they're saying. I just don't want people that I know going on there, falling into it, oh, well, I had a look and oh my god, I didn't know she was that bad. You know why you didn't know? Cuz I'm not that bad. Cuz it's all a fucking lie. Use your fucking brain.

No. 467173

> He likes big gaping holes.
maybe that's why he was with her for so long

No. 467175

Graven you really don't understand that ANYBODY can get ANYONE if they have low standards.I love it how wound up she gets when talking about lolcow.Nothing more hilarious than an angry old Asian!(spamming, racebait)

No. 467178


Don't be racist.

No. 467179

Stating some one's heritage isn't racist

No. 467180

Raven you are a form of entertainment because you are a train wreck not because we are obsessed with you it's because you,your choice of partners and your life are hilarious.It's hard to believe there are actual people like you.No education,no job,no money and a very high opinion of yourself for achieving nothing in your life.Your life HILARIOUS!

No. 467184

Different anon, but yeah it does come off like that lol because bringing up heritage like that is unnecessary af. “Nothing better than an angry old Indian.” These types of phrases with wording like this always sound intentional.

No. 467185

File: 1511379114058.jpg (266.6 KB, 750x478, breakfast-at-tiffanys-mickey-r…)


>Nothing more hilarious than an angry old Asian!

Racism is so fucking hilarious. Or should I say "hirarious" since I am of Asian descent?

No. 467186

She just had to mention that ONE post, but didn't mention the million other ones that say that she has those partners because they're dumb. Not because she is soo amazing or beautiful.

Raven, you yourself said all your previous partners were BAD. They cheated on you one way or another. I would rather have ONE good person interested in me than 10 really stupid and bad ones. All your exes abused you (you said it yourself) and Logan was a stupid child that ofc couldn't give you want you wanted. No need to feel good about youself, trust me.

No. 467187

Raven: “Because believe it or not, I know you don't, believe it or not, I don't scam people.”

Also Raven: “I did try to get, like, loans and credit cards for my ticket and I got denied left and right and rightfully so because I would have left the country. And stupid me couldn't think of a proper lie so I was like, I want it for a flight. And they're like, well if you're gonna fly away how are you gonna pay for it? And I'm like, I didn't think about that. So um, yeah, that didn't work for me.”

(So basically she would have scammed if she could have, what a hypocrite)

No. 467189

Oh and forgot to menton Josh. Maybe he hasn't cheated on you yet, but we can all agree he is dumb as bricks. Good luck?

No. 467190

I’m Asian too tho lol, I just found it unnecessary to mention someone’s race like that is all.

No. 467191

LMAO yes I was dead at that point. She is soo stupid she doesn't even understand she is exposing her own damn self.
That and all the other stuff, nothing was digged up, everything was right there on your channel lol.

No. 467193

Guys this is lolcow. Please stop being babies. If someone can say "look at this fat cow" then they can say "that stupid asian" too I guess. Get over it.

No. 467194

“He was 16 years old when I got with him. Yeah, that was young, but it was hardly from the fucking cradle. I hardly raised him.”

So she admits she did partially raise him.

No. 467195

Did you notice how she was glowing when she was talking about Logan probably NEVER trusting anyyyyyoneee ever again? I was on the floor
She is really pathetic

No. 467196

“That stupid Asian” etc. is actually totally fine and not rude bc it’s simply pointing out someone lol. What an irrelevant example.

No. 467197

Ikr? It’s like she has an actual mental issue. “I would never scam!!” “So I totally would have scammed if I could have” lmaoo

No. 467199

Please don't take anything said about Raven as a reflection on you. Are you Raven? No? Then it's not about you.

Some posters are Asian. Some posters are fat. Some posters are goffic. Some posters are old. Some posters have armpit tattoos that also look like hair. You don't see them tripping out because this thread isn't about them. Relax.

No. 467201


Are you honestly unable to parse the difference between mentioning someone's race as a descriptor and saying

>Nothing more hilarious than an angry old Asian!

No. 467202

stop derailing the thread, snowflake.

No. 467203

Shut up Raven.

God, she looks horrible. She's all bloated and her skin tone has no life in it. It can't be just the Taco Bell. Maybe the shed has black mold or the well water has some lethal parasites.
She looks like she's actually dying, which I know, that's her look, but she looks like she actually actually for reals is.

No. 467221

Stop infighting and accusing each other of being cows.

No. 467234

She bited so hard into the "fuck Raven out of Logan bandwagon" bait that she is still hanging from that thread.

No. 467239

I love how Raven aaaaalmost gets it when she starts saying how we "conveniently" don't talk about Claudia's weight or age, but we talk about how old and fat Raven is.

You're so close to the truth, Gravy! So close, and yet far too little self-awareness to get there. Let me help you out:
Raven, we don't dislike you because of how you look or how old you are. Plenty of people are overweight and plenty of people are 40+ and they don't even have a thread here, let alone multiple threads.
We talk about you because you are a narcissistic, rude, mean, dramatic, dishonest, manipulative, hateful person. That's why almost every person here has a thread. If you were just how you are, living your life and being a normal person, sure some people IRL would laugh at you, but you wouldn't have "haterz".

So yeah, we don't make fun of how Claudia looks because, even if she isn't a nice person, she hasn't broadcast that publicly online. You, on the other had, are publicly awful to people constantly, and so your outer ugliness is fair game too.

No. 467240

I just wanna make clear that there are a few different anons who discussed the race thing. Like that last anon was once again not me. It's not just some snowflake who 'tripped out' k. Anyway, moving on.

She's gained weight for sure. I don't get it… After such a major surgery like she went through, why would you ruin the results and over-eat again? Why even go through with the surgery if you don't intend on sticking through with the lifestyle change? What a waste of time, energy and effort.

No. 467241

I thought she was totally over lolcow. That's what she told that commenter a week or so back. Shes going to lose a lot of watchers over this.

I did enjoy watching her actual rage during that last video though. Absolutely lovely. The existence of this site doesn't get to her but she is actually raging.


Luna lives in a literal drug sty with an actual dying person laying amongst the trash and filth.

I wouldn't call Luna in a better situation, by any stretch. Holy shit.

No. 467242

especially when your surgery was funded by the NZ government, a country you talk shit about constantly. hope she realizes that she would never get surgery like that for free in her beloved US.

sage for sperging about NZ.

No. 467252

Jfc I'm listening to the latest video while doing some other stuff and even I'm getting tired of her mentioning lolcow so much.

No. 467263

In the "very last addition" video (yeah right, Rayray) her eye are so droopy and weird looking. They look like undercooked friend eggs, it's grossing me out.

No. 467278

>You know, if, if you're looking at somebody, (…) wow, look at that, and you get hot and horny, you want to fuck (him), that's cheating. You're feeling these things with somebody else that should only be for the person that you're with.

Sooooo… you cheated on Logan with Josh, no further ado.

No. 467311

in her typical style, she started out admitting it, changed the dates around, decided it wasn't really cheating, and then just retconned the whole thing. and that's after the 'sponsor' that fell through.

No. 467362

We don't talk about Claudia because she isn't part of the story anymore. And the only part she was involved in was when Raven duped her with that fake Logan account.

No. 467369


>There's just the offensive video which will be uploaded for Patreon only left

What else could she possibly have left to say? How many of her followers does she think would want to fill their ear canals with further vitriol?

>Okay, first of all they found and checked on a Trade.me account … It's under dot raven dot, but it's actually not my account. It's an account that I used, but the owner of the account and the address and the information, none of that's mine.

How did we find that account? Did she post the link on Facebook when she was moving out of their shared home?

How was it not her account? Is she trying to get by on a technicality, ie. it was under Logan's name? Everything bought and sold was hers and she administrated the transactions.

>They found my sister who is like notoriously private.

TBF, posting her sister's name and info did violate the rules.

>They've gone and found websites that I didn't even know still existed

OP anon here. Finding the sites I listed required a few simple Google searches.

>I was on welfare when Dorian was living with me … without his help I couldn't do it because that was where my income was coming from that I had listed. And without income I can't cover my bills. Without being able to cover my bills they're just gonna be questioning … so I got off of it.

Isn't the point of welfare to help you pay bills when you have no money?

>When I was with my ex he…I wouldn't say pressured me, but he wanted me to take naked photos … That was something between two married people that has nothing to do with anybody else

But you made them public.

>2007, '08, '09 … And I've tried to get the pictures removed.

With your lengthy history online you could not have been so naïve.

>I photoshopped them heavily so that's not even my body.

Not enough that they are unrecognizable.

>Logan … warn her [about lolcow] ahead of time, and you guys have got to keep your relationship private … he's always gonna have a shadow on his back because of me, and it really fucking sucks and it's not fair on him.

You are the cow, not Logan. We have no interest in and no intention of following him ever again.

>I did not use any money from anybody else for tattoos, for snacks, for food, for anything aside from what I said it was gonna be for.

But had you not used your money for extraneous purchases, you would not have had to rely so heavily on donations.

>Claudia tried to say that, oh you live on your mom's couch, you don't have a job, you don't have a car … And lolcow ran with that … And she gave them ammo that was false

She didn't give us that "ammo", you did when you leaked the "Ugh" video. We have had no interactions with her.

>They don't seem to understand that when you go through weight loss surgery you lose muscle.

You won't lose a deleterious amount of muscle if you consume protein and exercise throughout the weight loss process.

>I saw one comment … They said, how the hell does she keep landing these guys, it's not fair. So that leads me to believe that they're also jealous

One comment does not represent the group, and the person who made that comment was ribbed for it.

>I don't have control over his account, but I do have the wife control of telling him delete this person or remove this or do that

That is still a level of control many people would find invasive and overbearing, but if he acquiesces, then so be it.

>I'd post misleading information here and there … It was like, you know, it's like fishing, you know, throw something out and they fucking jump right on it.

The literal definition of "trolling."

>I would make different Facebooks because Facebook would delete me and so I'd like to have a backup in case that happened

Which is in clear violation of the TOS.

>And I will see you guys probably in a video with Josh next cuz I promised him he could be in a video with me. And I'm so looking forward to that cuz, oh my god, he is so fucking beautiful!

She objectifies Josh to cringe-worthy levels.

No. 467373


>Somebody faked a screen shot, a conversation with me saying that I said I was pregnant …

>And it was met with skepticism and quickly called-out as being fake.

>That screenshot was fake, as were the rest of the screenshots saying that I left Josh or, or I got left for somebody at the library…

The first screenshot in which you said that you left Josh was of a chat you admitted to writing.

The screenshot about the library was obviously a joke and intentionally posted as an example of the ease with which screenshots can be faked.

The great majority of us do not approve of shitposting.

>And it wasn't boring guys fucking girls, it was it was other stuff. And gaping. He likes big gaping holes.

If you love him so much, why do you publicly humiliate him by disclosing such personal information to the very people from whom you want to protect him?

>As far as I know I was banned a long time ago back when I did post on the site, like, fucking ages ago. I was tricked into posting on the site to defend myself and I did.

If you changed IPs since then, you would no longer be banned.

Did she post here? I know she made an appearance on KF two or three years ago.

No. 467375

Congrats to Logan for watching porn for years and knowing Raven hates it. Best thing he did in that relationship is to do it despite her.

She routinely mixes up things. I don’t think she was confirmed to post here ever. She has read and screencapped stuff since the faking death era, but not banned. She isn’t smart enough to understand that the 2 sites work differently.

No. 467376

>And it wasn't boring guys fucking girls, it was other stuff. And gaping. He likes big gaping holes.

Poor Logan. She rants and raves about how she wants to lolcow to leave him alone yet she continues to disclose extremely personal information. There was no point in spilling that specific information. She enjoys the fact that she has permanently damaged him for life and still has control of him. She never loved him, she loved/loves the control she has over him. The only person that will be damaging him further, is you. Not lolcow. I'm curious to see what happens when he gets a girlfriend that isn't going to stand for him still speaking to her and he'll ultimately cut her out of his life for good.

>When I was with my ex he…I wouldn't say pressured me, but he wanted me to take naked photos … That was something between two married people that has nothing to do with anybody else

Yeah, except it's not as soon as you hit the upload button. Take responsibility. I find it hilarious that you stand in judgement of other women that you are quick to call other women "sluts" and "whores" yet here you are posting provocative photos even as recently as this week. Can't have it both ways, Gravy.

No. 467394

> he likes gaping holes

Of fucking course he does, Raven. Did you not gather that by him marrying you?

No. 467401

archive anon here, can someone give me a newfag tldr. someone suggested I archive this cow's media, but I'm not sure who she is.

No. 467410


Sums my ideas of videos. Special shout out to transcript anon because fuck. I can't listen to that god damn garbage and rambling. Hell, I skim through paragraphs because she speaks like an idiot. The rambling and over explanations are a good indicator of how much she lies.

I especially feel bad for Logan. She claims we made him depressed, then proceeds to brag that he's depressed because she left him for another man. THEN she talks about being jealous of him getting someone else. How is that respectful to Josh or Logan? I can't even. She admits she has her claws in him to protect him while the windbag proceeds to talk about an embarrassing porn addiction to justify her cheating. She married a teen and wonders why he watches porn? Because he's just a kid.

I love how she opens up a direct dialogue with us. Overly compensating on how much she doesn't need us and how obsessed we are with her that she's mentioned in every thread. Oooooooookay, Raven, if you want to believe that, go ahead. It brings us delicious videos and content. We're just a group of people with varying interest in your life. One person here wonders how you manage to get gross men to buy you a Walmart palace and you get excited. Yes, there are women here that are grosser than you Raven. But probably still better people in general.

No. 467414

For anyone who doesn't yet know, Archiveanon has created a fab system for archiving all of a cow's videos as they're posted. They also host it themselves. This has been targeting Onision so far: >>>/pt/466122

They posted an open call to add another cow to the archive and I suggested Raven, there isn't much video volume with her but purely because she plays switcheroo with videos at times. Videos do get lost or pulled down.

Could an experienced anon with the right words introduce our archivist to what Raven is all about?

No. 467416

Diana "Raven" Sparks is a 40+yo "goth" from the USA.
She used to live with her ex-husband, the childbride LOGAN, on NZ (Logan was 16 when she, already 36+yo, married him).
Raven and her child bride met when Raven's son, Dorian brought Logan home for a playdate after school. Dorian is her only son from a casual sex when she was younger. She married 6+ times, Logan being her last legal husband. Dorian is a year older than Logan.
All her marriages ended with cries of rape and abuse, her never being the guilty part. With Logan, he "cheated" on her by watching "gapping porn".
She hates nudity and sex, but have a series of nude exploitation porn in the internet, that she blames on her ex-husbands (especially on Ryan, the one before Logan, who "saved her" from killing herself in the USA and took her in in NZ).
Upon discovering Logans porn, she decided to cheat on her and found a 'new' husband, in USA. That one being Josh, a 30+yo redneck who used to live in his moms couch. Now he bought a trailer, and they are living together.

Dorian came to the farms and told the truth about all the abuse she put him through while he was a kid. She repeatly said she wish she had him aborted, and continues to say he is dead for her, and is no son of hers. In the process, she slut-shames his 18yo girlfriend.
She is obssessed with fellow youtuber Emily Boo, who's ex-husband she tried to snatch, but he tripped her into getting a tattoo of his name and vanished. All that doing, while married to Ryan.
There are a lot of proof of animal abuse. She sold her kittens babies to buy fast food, and confessed to murder small animals while in a satanic cult in Texas.
Also, she faked her own death once, to "fool da h8durzzz", but could not stay dead for a long time, since she is such a attwhore.
In NZ, constatly would make rant videos about food and prices over there, while ebegging for money, all of that which went into nasty cheap ass tattoos.
Also, while in NZ, she had a weightloss surgery paid for by the government, but now is eating Taco Bell once a month, getting all that weight back, but claims to be "skinnier".
Now that she is in USA she created a patreon, so she could 'keep the h8derzzz at bay', but she is still posting everything on youtube.
And if anyone wish to add, feel free.

She is a BPD narcissistic, rude, mean, dramatic, dishonest, manipulative, hateful person (thanks other anon for that description) who loves to stir up drama.
The main reason having an archive would be cool is that she knows about us, and about Kiwifarms, and almost all of her content are milk directed to us.
Whenever we comment something in this site, she makes a video addressing the most stupid trolling and bullshit - anything.
She also doxxs herself all the time, leaks her on sensitive info and, whenever we start to make fun of her for something, she deletes that content.

No. 467422

File: 1511416265699.gif (1.5 MB, 540x250, 079e1761-665f-462f-a2fb-52e8cb…)

Raven is TRASH. Who goes into detail about what kind of porn her husband was into? So embarrassing, does she not realize it paints her in a bad light too?

Also, she looks haggard as fuck in plain daylight. Very last time she'll talk about lolcow? Sureraven.jpg

No. 467423

Wow that really sums everything up pretty well. Someone should save that and include that in the next banner or something.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure he’d be gutted if he knew she shared that about his sexual interests. Like why share that? It could have been anything even totally vanilla and plain, but why tell people about it? That’s really private and personal, and just, wow. Can’t imagine if an ex shared any sexual preferences of mine publicly, that’s just fucked up.

No. 467426

it's sort of a compulsion for the borderline/narc to say disturbing things and to deliberately break boundaries, it destabilizes others. She's seriously undermining him here, and I think she'll be trying to have an effect on his future life / sex life / romantic life for a long time. Even if he never answered his phone to her again she can keep putting this TMI out there. He probably STILL trusts her which is insane.

No. 467434

File: 1511418820335.jpg (65.73 KB, 690x318, 1zv5ue.jpg)


>>only 1% of people who met me hated me, everyone likes me!


Which one is it?

>>if i was really an attention whore i'd go on lolcow as myself and be like: "hey, you're wrong about this, you're wrong about that" but I don't!

Raven! Raven.
You'd get SMASHED on this board. You'd be confronted with the truth that's been exposed about you here and you're smart and conniving enough to know that it is in your best interest to stay away from that kind of confrontation, because the amount of dirt we have on you is quite frankly staggering. Remember the time that you went to kiwifarms to defend yourself? You've been doing this shit for 40 years, and you still haven't learned to keep your lies straight.

You're a self-serving cunt, but most importantly: You're dead wrong. You're always welcome to come here and be flooded with screenshots and saved videos you deleted

No. 467444


her voice is so whiny god

No. 467472

This "everyone loves me", along with "I never lie" is incredibly hilarious kek

No. 467479

Someone should tell Logan that Raven spilled the details on his gaping fetish. She thinks we are toxic cunts that have ruined his trust and put all his details online. Wtf did you JUST do Raven?

No. 467480

nice write-up anon.
one small correction: he hasn't bought shit lol. he moved from his mom's couch to his brother's trailer.

No. 467484

I thought it it his friend's trailer?

No. 467486

Right? But not only that, just their whole relationship. I would HATE if my ex or current bf just started to talk about our relationship online, every detail. I bet if Logan could choose, he would choose to keep EVERYTHING quiet,from the start. She's such trash and only cares about herself. >>467479

No. 467488

he's suffered enough. and I am fairly sure that despite the 'he hates social media', she does stuff like that counting on him seeing it.
also, she spent years using his accounts to impersonate him, including to his family. She also used his identity in the great fake death scam of '14, and for fuck only knows what else. but yeah, we're the ones who ruined his trusting nature.
wonder if Claudia has started getting messages from any socks with Josh's name on them.

No. 467493


Hello, archive anon!

I am the OP anon of this and the previous two threads. I am confident that I have tracked down all of her video accounts. I am also the transcript anon.

The two vid.me archive accounts which contained precious leaked videos were recently closed. They have not replied to queries asking if they still have the videos saved. One of those anons also saved the unlinked video (birthday 2014) listed in the OP.

A third anon >>465581 replied saying that they have the leaked videos and others which she has deleted.

There is a lengthy thread for her on Kiwi Farms as well.

She turned 41 in September. Logan is 21 and 9 months younger than Dorian. Josh is 35 and will be her fifth husband.

No. 467494

File: 1511441067749.png (2.07 MB, 1435x2141, Screenshot_2017-11-23-12-41-30…)

Goes on and on about how she is done with lolcow/kiwifarms etc in her last video. Can't resist mentioning 'the hate sites' in an instagram post though. Just one last time….

No. 467501

She also mentioned Logan will have trouble trusting if his mom adds him on FB. Da fuck? Can't he just ask his mom if that's her profile? Like who does she think we are?

Also yeah, goodbye "hate sites" but in one of her videos a few days ago she said she will never stop addressing the hate and lolcow because "I have to defend my name. What if someone googles me and sees all this?" so yeah. Raven will be 60 and still making videos talking to us.

No. 467502


Transcript anon here. I felt icky posting what she said, knowing that it would be archived in the amber of the internet. But I knew that the subject would be discussed regardless of whether I posted or not.

Raven, by disclosing what should have been kept private, you are doing far more damage to his future than we are. You told Logan to tell future partners about lolcow. Did you consider that his future partners might at that point hear or read what you said about him? This isn't the first time you have made such disclosures about him, but it is certainly the most egregious.

And only minutes prior, you had said in relation to your photos and Ryan,
>That was something between two married people that has nothing to do with anybody else.

Your lack of insight, consideration, and propriety is astounding.

I'm surprised your followers haven't called you out as they did when you posted screencaps of text messages between Dorian and his gf.

No. 467503


Sorry to delete and repost (grammatical correction).

When did she say the bit about his mom?

No. 467509

I think someone should as well so he could do something to take this shit off the internet.

I also think that we should stop discussing him and maybe even have stuff about him taken off of here. He never wanted his personal life out there on the internet in the first place so I think the least we could do is let him have that.

No. 467513


Your optimism that he could have the internet scrubbed is endearing.

No. 467514


operation restore logan's reputation!

No. 467519

Raven:fuck you lolcow, I'm going to protect Logan! How dare you stalk him and release his details online!!!
Nek minit online
Raven: oh and he likes gaping holes

No. 467529

This land whale can't take responsibility for ANYTHING. I'm surprised she hasn't tried to blame Lolcow for being a shit mother to Dorian "Even though, like, you know, Lolcow wasn't even around at the time, like, they stopped me being a good mother to Dorian, you know"

No. 467549

bless you

if you guys have those videos, I'll host them. but I'll go ahead and add the links in the OP now.

No. 467552

I've just noticed she actually has a link to her HOT TOPIC WISHLIST on her YouTube page, jfc you can't make this shit up.

No. 467554

File: 1511461486368.jpg (84.47 KB, 1098x336, TraaozM.jpg)

samefag but double kek, raven BRADLEY when she still has her and Logan's wedding pics in her banner. What a whore.

No. 467574

Jesus what is with her and rushing into marriage? She's not even divorced and she's already using rednecks last name.
My bets are that Josh will never marry her. He will avoid it till his last breath, like the tattoo.

No. 467575

File: 1511465346802.gif (565.17 KB, 480x270, giphy.gif)

No. 467576

All she has to talk about in her life is hate sites. Maybe stroking her red neck's neanderthal face or dressing up in Walmart lingerie and taking pics of her beached ass. Me thinks we'll be having more conversations to come, Raven.

No. 467578

File: 1511467006433.gif (16.03 KB, 275x92, 1454785139430.gif)

No. 467580

The funny thing is it's had the opposite effect - she was probably hoping it'd make him look bad but it actually paints HER in a bad light, for 1) revealing his fetish that is extremely personal and 2) it's almost as though she's admitting she has a gaping hole (or two, kek)

No. 467582

An old video for those of you interested in an overview her family and relationship history without having to endure a lengthy monologue. She shows photos of her all of her exes.


She had already changed her surname on her Vv.Raven.vV Facebook account within a few weeks of meeting Josh.


Lolcow and KF have been a primary topic of her videos for years. Scrolling through her videos, I can't even count how many videos are dedicated to us. I'm surprised she hasn't created a playlist.

No. 467583


Where should I put the videos? I'm assuming it was her that got the vid.me accounts taken down, so that's a no go.

No. 467585

post em unlisted on youtube, I'll snag em. or alternatively you could use archive.org or something similar. or even a filehosting site like mega.nz, sendspace, etc.

No. 467586

She will never stop talking about us. Can you imagine this bitch actually sitting down and having a normal conversation with her 10000th boyfriend/husband? I sure as hell can't. I bet she just whines and bitches about da haterzzz to all of them.

No. 467588

File: 1511469325084.jpg (38.85 KB, 492x321, uploady.jpg)

Good deal, thanks anon. I'm on shit internet so it may be a tad. I think I might have a couple of the Q&A's or some shit. I'll comb through again.

No. 467597

Sage for sperg, but I'm 4 months pregnant with my first child and I can't imagine being so vile and vicious that I would ever talk about my baby the way she talks about Dorian. He didn't ask to be born Raven, he didn't ask for you to be such a shit irresponsible waste of air, all he ever wanted was to be loved and kept safe. You couldn't do that, or more like, you WOULDN'T do that. Everything that has happened in your life has been down to the choices you made, not the people around you, you. Logan was a child, Ryan was a wet blanket, now Josh is a guffawing fool who probably thinks you're his one way ticket to being a YOOTOOBER.

I hope Logan can get himself some therapy and meets a young lady who will put a smile back on his face. Dorian will be fine. Ryan might finally have some spare money that he doesn't have to spend on your sad ass.

There. I feel better now. I'm gonna go and sleep before the baby kicks me awake again.

No. 467607

Bunch in random order playlists posted up now.


Couldn't find part 1, 2, and 4 of her Q&A, but at least there are the transcripts for those.

No. 467620

File: 1511477861202.jpeg (483.57 KB, 2048x1367, 1C1192B2-FBAC-461B-8B8E-04D5B4…)

Thanksgiving photo! The most left couple is Josh’s sister and her husband from her caption. She tagged them but I’ll say now to leave them be unless they are relevant.

Josh looks like he is strangling her though.

No. 467632

Nothing says "true love" like a sleeper hold.

Shhhhhh no tears Gravy, only dreams

No. 467635

God this bitch is such a hobbit. Look at how stumpy she looks. Having said that, her face doesn't look that bad in low lighting.

No. 467637

Congratulations on the baby, I'm sure you'll be 1000 times better as a mother than Raven could ever be. Bitch can't even look after cats. As for Logan, I can't see him getting therapy although he really needs it. I do however think that once he gets into a new relationship/sleeps with someone else, he will move on. Because she's his only lay, he's still a cuck to her. Plus all her contacting him online isn't helping. He needs to drop all contact from her toxic ass to truly move on.

No. 467646

I get what you mean. I didn't mean it in a 'he needs a supportive gf' type way, just more to the point that he only listens to Raven because he's only had sex with her/she's known him since 16. If he got laid, he might not be such a slave to Raven and realise not every relationship is tattooing names on bodies, airing dirty laudry. But I agree with you, some time to recollect and hang with his mates his own age would be good for him. A long term relationship is the last thing he needs.

No. 467647

I find it funny that she can't take responsibility for anything. She started to admit that things might have been different if Logan was a little bit older, but no no no no that doesn't make her a pedophile guys. He was 16, old enough to know better! Which one is it Raven? He was a man? Or he was a kid that 'couldn't take the heat online'.
Keep your story straight Raven you fuck.

No. 467649

I don't think Logan is a lost cause, many people have had fucked up first loves. Sorry to blogpost but I had an older boyfriend at 16 who shared a lot of traits that Raven has, I survived and believe Logan can too.

Hopefully one day he's strong enough to just block her so she has no means of contacting him, go out and make friends Logan, you'll see how she treated you and is still treating you is not okay.

No. 467667

I can’t believe what I’m reading, Raven giving unnecessary details about Logan’s fetishes. Who the fuck does that.

It’s bad enough she plays their relationship off as one of “age difference” instead of the reality of an adult (a parent too) predating on a teenager, as if it’s the same as her dating a 60 year old, and then she gets bored at the usual 5 year expiry date despite “what we had was real”, but now she violates his trust one more time by this. How can she defend this?

You know what, good luck to Josh, I hope she doesn’t disrespect and fuck you over like Logan, because no one deserves this shit, no matter how dumb they are. I can’t even read more of her shit; she’s a nightmare and it’s not even funny anymore.

No. 467682


that poor innocent family. they won't know what hit them. and when her and caveman break up, they still won't see the back of her. their business will be paraded all over youtube by that disgusting waste of DNA :(

No. 467689

I feel like they have an inkling of something not right. It's on all their faces in this pic.

No. 467697

Kek at her actual skin tone. Not like there's anything wrong with it, but she filters shit so heavily she's this pale goth when she's got a medium skin tone like most women. It actually looks better than the filters, but Raven does whatever she can to look like a disgusting pig.

I kinda wish anon would have blacked out everyone but Raven's and Josh's faces. Family is normal and probably don't have anything to do with the poison that is their relationship.

No. 467698

the more I look at that photo, the harder I laugh.

No. 467700

Agreed. Also the name on the certificate in the background. But I think despite Raven labeling people in this thread as "stalkers," it's understood that these people should be left alone

No. 467702


All four parts of her Q&A are on her Youtube account.

No. 467758

File: 1511504317614.jpg (108.46 KB, 1280x720, 23926574_1953045384937101_8254…)


Raven posted these photos on her public Official Raven Sparks community Facebook page.

No. 467761


>grown man with a Family Guy shirt

No. 467766

File: 1511507793569.jpg (15.4 KB, 210x213, 23755560_724104724446709_74716…)

fucking kek

No. 467780


kek at the idea of the diploma on the fridge being a much-respected high school diploma from someone in this family

new OP pic pls

No. 467781


Family Guy shirt and the whole family watching Meet The Spartans in the background

No. 467791


Josh's sister is not the topic of this thread.

No. 467802

and there's nothing wrong with feeling proud of an achievement.

No. 467806

Actually, his sister looks like a lovely woman who at least went for it and got educated. Let's not be stupid here, we are better than that.

No. 467820

Honestly though, WHAT IS HE DOING.
Just lay an arm around her like a normal person would

No. 467824

This picture is both hilarious and creepy. The chokehold pose could be due to their height difference.

What amuses me most about these recent videos is her fixation with lolcow. She repeatedly talks about people being obsessed with her, yet she's just as fixated on her thread. You can tell the recent extra attention is like an early Christmas for her. And Josh is eating it up too.

No. 467837

That's fine if she posted them there, but this is a gossip site. Let's at least keep Josh's family out of the thread. They suffered enough with him being a loser, crashing on their couch and probably always bumming a dollar off of them.

No. 467845

Even as someone who has been in abusive relationships, I find it hard to understand why Logan hasn't blocked her and cut her out. She cucked him and broadcast his very personal information to the internet. It's clear she has no intention of going back to him, and she's not even a decent friend. Why he doesn't quietly cut contact with her is beyond me, even considering the inevitable sperg out she'll have. I hope he learns to respect himself enough not to bow down to her anymore.

No. 467857

Raved did a marvelous work grooming Logan. Honestly I don't think that he is "dumb" for letting Raven do this to him, even though he is an adult now, she scarred emotionally him since he was a teenager and we all now that men are more emotional immature than women. Also, she is even trying to aisle him from his own mother controlling his accounts from usa, how psycho is that.
The truth is he probably won't cut any contact with Raven unless he get's help from friends or family to stop the abuse.

Josh seems like is going to the same steps but I really doubt that Raven is going to shit on him like she did with Logan because Josh knows that Raven it's psycho. He didn't got the tattoo and he will never get one because he is astute.

No. 467864

File: 1511545202746.jpg (10.31 KB, 240x342, 2017-04-08_lif_30142510_I3.JPG)

When Wolfgang Priklopil killed himself after Natasha Kampusch escaped, she went to the mortuary and burned a candle for him. She requested a picture of him to keep in her purse. The man had literally starved, tortured, and raped her whilst keeping her in his basement for years. If you think about that it's pretty easy to see why Logan is still in touch with Raven.

No. 467867

> picture unrelated

No. 467889

Hi Raven! Didn’t take you too long to reappear here.

No. 467890

raven is publicly a complete cunt to people, this is the place to discuss that and ponder musings like 'why does she so often resemble cuts of meat?' How does one draw inspiration from a rolled rump roast?

No. 467897

It's a repost from sperg-chan. Staph responding.

No. 467930

That's Fritzl…

No. 467990

Logan is not on the internet much as far as well can tell. He may not know that much of it and may believe what she tells him. The poor guy is probably still sharing his meagre wages with her.

No. 467992


kek at you; get the fuck over yourself

No. 468099

If you look at the original pic ( >>467620 ) you can see that it looks like the neckline of her dress is cut almost to her navel. Maybe he’s trying to keep dem saggy titties out of the picture, kek.

No. 468104

Why is she wearing something so low cut to a family thanxgiving meal anyway? every one else is dressed casually comfortable

No. 468106

No. 468107

File: 1511601649276.jpg (30.84 KB, 306x430, 054081D40000044D-3547992-New_i…)

this is priklopil.. your pic shows josef fritzl who raped his daughter and held her captive also in austria.

No. 468112

Her tits are so saggy they hang below her elbow.

No. 468113


I don't see it…?

No. 468121

File: 1511605840113.jpg (32.14 KB, 1044x227, mallgoth.jpg)

Right here anon. No surprises, the wishlist is like operation copy Emily Boo as she has a load of Disney Maleficent and unicorn shit on there

No. 468124

File: 1511606623291.png (590.5 KB, 663x595, Screen Shot 2017-11-25 at 10.4…)

really thought that was emilys fatter older, uglier twin

No. 468127

kek she wants to be emily so badly

No. 468139

Hmm. While the dress is a bad choice for a family dinner, to give Raven some credit (ugh, it just started raining frogs), it's probably that she was trying to give a good impression. Overall, she looks halfway decent, and I think that dress is actually pretty cute. Just too formal for this particular ocassion. If she hadn't scribbled all over her face, chest, legs, and hands with permanent marker, I'd say she even looked pretty good. I also never realized she was so short.

No. 468140

style by emily boo
tattoos by vicky shingles
please-stop-saying-shit sleeper hold by Couchy and Co

No. 468146

To be fair, her poor dress neckline is just trying to sit where it normally would on her saggy ass breasts. No wonder its almost in navel territory

No. 468149

Does she even have anything that looks remotely casual though? And doesn't look as though it's come from a 13 year old scene kid? Because all her clothes fall into that category, mall goth hooker, or Emily Boo rip offs

No. 468162

I agree, the dress is actually pretty cute. And the cut could be easily handled with a camisole or one of those “Cami Secret” things, but for all her blathering on about being “a prude” Raven has no concept of modesty as it relates to herself. Not even when she’s going to a family function.

No. 468167

yeah, she has goff tshirts galore including that recent his n hers pennywise purchase.

No. 468174

Maybe I'm mistaken, but aren't those white color contacts supposed to be harmful for your eyes? Especially if they're the cheap lenses that you buy for Halloween costumes?
I don't imagine Raven to be the type to get a prescription and care for them properly.

No. 468195

I can't tell if she has the mesh or not but I work in a haunted house where some of the actors have them. They're fine to wear (even the generic nonprescription ones) if you get them from a good site and follow the care directions like not using them for extended wear. They just advise you not to drive while wearing them.

Knowing Raven though she's probably not being hygienic with them.

No. 468225

She wanted to claim that the trolls were the reason behind their breakup, but now the fault is entirely on Logan and his porn habit "ruining their marriage." She's spent their whole relationship building him up, but now that she has a new shiny boy toy to play with she'll happily tear him back down. What a fucking sack of shit.

No. 468229

lolza at her latest claim that people like her irl and it's only the internet she has trouble with… how quickly she forgot her life in christchurch, where almost everyone hated her…IRL

No. 468231

Raven, Fyi

You could get a million subs overnight but as long as i can still laugh at you, I'm good!

No. 468236

Of course we are mentioned, and even thanked. So much for that LASSSST video kekekek.

No. 468249

She's not really grasped the concept of not feeding the trolls, has she? Raven, you are my toilet reading, nothing more.

No. 468257

She's so aggressively unattractive I feel sick just looking at this bloated land whale

No. 468258

She is just… something special.

Fist she thanks us for all the support, for making her get rid of "bad" people in her life, for making her money yada yada, so yeah, THANKING US. I guess you're welcome? I guess we're not the ones who ruined her marriage anymore, eh?

She also mentioned how she hasn't had a Christmas since 2014 because it wasn't important to Logan. When in her previous videos, she said she didn't have a proper one because they were broke. How she would always get everyone gifts, but NO ONE gave her anything for 3 years. Mmkay.

She also says "Even if Josh only got me one thing… that's cool… I mean, I know he will get me a lot more than that…"
That bitch, presents is the only thing that matters to her, clearly.

No. 468259

I don't understand, why the need to keep on bashing Logan? First his porn needs and now this. But ya know, she's trying to protect him from us, when you're the one he should be protected from, Graven.

Just let that man go already. Stop talking about how bad of a husband he was, geez. Aren't you happy wish Josh? Why the need for such negativity then? Can't wait for videos like that about Josh in a few years.

No. 468261

Yeah totally. It's not like Logan didn't support her fully for five years, bought her a $700 computer, and a $200 bear….oh wait. He must have run out of money from buying her pointless stuff all year that he couldn't afford to buy her anymore at the end of the year.

No. 468263

Right? And let's not forget she also had a son with her who didn't have a job, so Logan was feeding 3 people. She is soo ungrateful.

No. 468271

Old…catching up.

I love the fact she doesn't get that the library/taco bell/dog fisting are jokes. Everything we said whilst she was fooling nobody by playing secretive she took dead seriously.

Jokes, Cravy. Like your life. And it reminded me,,apart from that really mannish "unhunh" single snorting noise she makes, has anyone ever heard her laugh? Did Siouxsie's raddled granny from the bad side of the family miss out on the sense of humour along with the looks, conscience, personality, charm…

Unhunh. Unhunh. Needs Cravy's massive splattered conk to make that sound (or a passing cross-channel ferry.)

Josh has a face like a smacked arse. Nuff sed.

No. 468276

Good point, I don't think I have heard her laugh. Maybe a bit of a snigger but not a proper laugh

No. 468280

all her assessments of other people are about how they make her feel

No. 468281

she's psychologically abusing Logan across the ocean. she still needs to control him by making him feel bad. she cannot deal with him forming new friendships or relationships, or feeling good about his family. look how cucked Ryan has been, she wants that for Logan as well. she's gone forever so it is now his choice to end it. he might be too groomed to do so right now though. I remain convinced he sends her money, no matter how little. and he would have been the trademe account holder I guess?

No. 468282

>they make me feel special

No. 468283

She forgets her own lies but they're clear in her videos. This one she babbles on about logan not getting her any Christmas presents there whole relationship but she's said in many a video that he always used to buy her killstar and restyle stuff for Christmas but would give them early (the restyle bag she went on to make a video about how crap it was)
Stop trying to make logan out to be a monster when it's so clear that you are! How many failed relationships will it take you to see that YOU are the problem? Where are your friends raven? Real life ones? Emily tried to be your friend and she's so lovely and even she couldn't hack you. Josh's family tolerate you! Give it time sweetie,give it time!

No. 468285

When I hear her talk about how close she is with Josh's family and how much she likes them, I just worry about the inevitable fallout when their relationship sours. She's already done a good job of exposing them to her "haters" and "stalkers" already.
Also, her idea of Christmas is so materialistic. It's not just about receiving presents, Raven.

No. 468287

same lol good to know someone else does this too.

I think she's keeping him as a back up because she's aware that her new relationship isn't going to last.
You can tell with the tattoo thing he's already refusing to follow her plans exactly the way she wants it after the honeymoon phase is over he'll start saying no to her a lot

No. 468291

I think she's keeping him as a backup source of support and attention. She's greatly pained by the idea he might form a primary relationship with someone else and wants to prevent that at all costs. His happiness matters not to her. But she's not going back to NZ. I don't see him going to the US either; she can't support him there.

No. 468294


"If you run into an asshole in the morning, you ran into an asshole. If you run into assholes all day, you're the asshole."

This is something Raven will never understand. She hasn't just met every shady person in the world, she is the shady person.

I honestly think if she could realize this, she would probably be a lot more likeable. She won't, but it would change her a lot.

It's a shame for her too. She's got a few years with Josh before it's all rinse and repeat as it always is. And then what? She may be able to wiggle out maybe two more boyfriends (doubt it). She has nothing to keep herself alive. She has never done anything for herself and always has to have someone around. She says it isn't money and we'll just pretend that isn't bullshit, but she has never been alone. She has never been on her own, taking care of herself. Does she even know how to?

I've taken care of myself a good portion of my life and I still fear what it would be like to do so without my partner. To be alone and not have someone I've shared so much time with. How does she plan to do it when she has a slew of past relationships that has held her together? What happens when she is fifty or sixty and having to find her own home, her own food, transportation, etc.

Her YouTube channel is not enough to support her and eventually watchers will get bored. Then what?

She needs to get it the fuck together.

No. 468296

This is so spot on.

Every relationship has a honeymoon phase and she thinks this will last forever. He will soon stop catering to every wish she has, because that's just how it goes.

Jesus fuck that previous anon is right, her whole point of Christmas is to receive gifts. What about just spending time with loved ones Raven? But I guess that impossible, since you probably never truly LOVED anyone but yourself.

She has more prerecorded videos which I'm sure are full of the same ol' "lolcow did this" stuff, lol. But at least "you're done" huh Graven?

Wonder if she's release that Dorian video she mentioned? Or was her and Josh trash talking him and his gf it?

No. 468307


I will get the transcript finished later tonight.

No. 468311

>"Naked photos were back with my ex when he pressured me into them?"

This ugly troll… LOL If they were from being pressured into doing them, then why the fuck does she post them all over the internet from her own accounts? She can never keep her lies together.

Raven, why is your go to insult "whore" when you were a literal prostitute in the past? Pot, kettle black.

>"Lolcow has helped me improve my life and they make me feel special."

That's just… sad. I'm still waiting to see what she'll do to actually improve her life. She's still hateful and crazy as fuck, eating unhealthy shit, has no education, no skill and no real purpose. It's not healthy to despise women and be that jealous of them either, Diana.

I really hope Logan's family can undo all the brainwashing he's under. That kid has been groomed and abused for years by a woman who preyed upon him and is older than his mom. It really sickens me how she's enjoying still having her claws in him. She's never going back to New Zealand so he might as well throw all her stuff in the trash unless Ryan is the keeper of her horde.

No. 468317

File: 1511673544880.jpg (13.87 KB, 319x114, banner.jpg)

Maybe it is time to remove the "Logan banner"?
He's been through enough, and I don't think we should keep exposing him?

No. 468318


fuck, man, he was groomed by this bitch from the age of sixteen. of course being sexually abused has an effect on the way he responds to his abuser, especially when she didn't just treat him like a partner, but also like her kid. think of logan as being stockholmed if you can't wrap your head around it.

sage for depressing shit

No. 468322

I'm good with that. For real.

No. 468326

she just loves Joshuas mom, i mean, she just relates to her so much, shes a lot like Raven you know? she relates so much to Joshuas sister, she reminds her of herself i mean she's JSUT LIKE Raven! boy oh boy she loves Joshua soon much, he's just like her, but only the female version, and he knows all the 80s songs she knows, unlike all the men before who didn't know any of those songs and only pretended to like them after they broke up. i mean his family is so perfect, they're just like her, so non judgmental, and she doesnt have to try at all, they just love her no matter what.

I'm curious what she likes about these people, other than that they're just like her. and that they love her so much, anything?

what happens when she realizes they aren't actually her, they're actually their own people who won't always think or say or do things just how she likes? when they relax around her and no longer go out of their way to cater to the new girlfriend?

yer gunna have a bad time.

No. 468330

Soo I guess Josh doesn't mind that she still has relationship videos up of her with Logan?

No. 468332

sorry for delayed respone anons, been a rough weekend. the archiving has been automated, currently making a mirror of everything on the youtube channels with videos present.

sorted content the best I could. feel free to give me links for other stuff (screencaps etc) that you want hosted. I'd prefer if you have alot to zip it and upload to a hosting site to make it easier, but whatever works. I'll monitor this thread as I can.


she has a new video btw

No. 468334

you're a legend, hosting-anon

No. 468336

y-you too.

sorry some of the videos display as "new," I moved some older content into the folders and forgot to save original dates recursively. I have the flag for marking something new as set for 3 days, so in 3 days time everything that should have a "new" flag on it will, and the rest will have expired.

No. 468337

Oh! See, I thought when Raven said she bought them a bed, mattress topper, pillows, sheets, pots and pans, silverware, you know "all the big name stuff like that and it was pretty expensive" the first night, see, I thought oh, well thats good that she actually came with money. At least she did what she said she was going to do and take care of the basics.

I don't know why she isn't good at lying yet. You would think with as much practice as she has, and with how old she is she'd be great at it.
How could she let it slip the bed is not a BED, its an air mattress, and they only have 2 plates, 2 bowls, and a few pieces of silverware nothing else? They were in the process of buying furniture for the house, really filling the place up, but oops, reality is they have jack shit, aside from a dining room table and chairs his sister didn't want anymore. BUT! The bills are paid. (So she says. This time)

Why lie? Who are you trying to impress? Us? We know you're a garbage person. We know you won't contribute to a household to make shit happen. We know you would rather sit on your broken tailbone all day then find work. We know Joshua makes just enough to barely scrape by. Just be honest. We know you, bitch.

A CouchLand with no couch? What is life?

No. 468340

kek Love it!

No. 468342

an air mattress? that can't be good for her tailbone. kek

No. 468347

lovely, thankyou for your efforts!

No. 468348

she turned up with that phone money. notice she never denied keeping the money, only said that the buyer got their money back. some other entity had to wear that cost.

I mentioned noticing the air mattress several times here, maybe she's being specific because us mentioning such details piques her.

No. 468356


Josh snores and talk in his sleep, she can't sleep. Does this ring a LOGAN bell? How long untill they are in two separated bedrooms and couch-gone-mattress boy is watching porn?

Also, "Josh's dogs" keep barking.
"I don't even like dogs".
How long until she pulls a marmalade in that poor dog?

No. 468357


Happy Thanksgiving!

Published on November 25, 2017

Happy late Thanksgiving, everybody. Sorry I'm a day late making this, but I figure if anybody out there was celebrating Thanksgiving they would've been gone yesterday anyway, so it's kind of not really too late.

But I had a great day yesterday. Josh and I went to his sister's house, and it was like a big family thing. It was his sister, her husband, me, Josh, his mom, his stepdad, his brother, and his brother's girlfriend. So, you know, immediate family and stuff.

And there was so much food. I made ambrosia salad. There's lots of different recipes out there. This is actually a New Zealand recipe that I prefer that I got from Logan's mom, but it's delicious. I made my mashed potatoes, which everybody always loves, and I just made some corn. Because we have a problem with our oven and we can't cook in it at the moment, so unfortunately I wasn't able to make a turkey, because I was supposed to make the turkey this year. But there was also turkey and ham and rice and pasta and a macaroni and cheese pie that his sister made that was really, really good. And we had brought a pecan pie and bread and ice and drinks and potato chips and stuff. I mean, it was, like, so much food, most of it didn't even get eaten, so we each brought a plate back with us and stuff.

And we all just kind of sat around talking, and it was just really nice. Like, it was, it was really, really nice. Because I can't eat a lot, Josh is like, hey, you know, everybody, don't be offended but uh, you know, don't be offended if she doesn't eat cuz she had, you know, she had surgery, she can't really eat a lot. Like, he was explaining for me so I didn't feel uncomfortable which is really sweet of him. But I guess he forgot, like, his mom and his sister and I had already gone out for lunch and his, his sister and his mom took me out to lunch, and I had to explain to them then I couldn't eat, so it wasn't really an issue. And his mom was like, oh, it takes a lot more than that to offend us. So that was really, really sweet of her. And nobody really cares, like, about anything petty like that, you know. Like, they're really, really just accepting and loving, and it just it feels so great to be in the midst of all that.

And so I have a couple of pictures. We didn't really take many. His mom took some at the end. Everybody was kind of in a rush because his sister to go to work and stuff. It was just kind of like a last-minute thrown-together thing. So I'll add the pictures at the end of this. I don't like cut out in the middle.

I had made a post on Facebook. I was just originally gonna share a stupid photo, and then somehow it ended up being this long thank you post. So I'm gonna go ahead and and say it here for those who are only on my Instagram and Youtube or only on my Youtube, because I don't know how many people follow me in all three places. But I'll try to remember what exactly I had said.

Sorry if I look, I look really beat, but I didn't get much…I haven't got much sleep for the past, like, three days. I'm like…I've got, like, bags under my eyes, just half my makeups falling into the bags under my eyes, so it just doesn't look very good at all, it kind of looks really shitty, but it was worth it. One of Josh's dogs is just outside just barking and barking non-fucking-stop. And then Josh snores, and he talks in his sleep, and he kind of does this [motions with her arm] and then he elbows me in the face. So I don't really get a lot of sleep here, and so I'm just like, ugh. But um, anyway…

So firstly, of course, I want to thank Josh just for being everything I could have ever wanted and more. I'm not going to go too big into detail here cuz I actually have a separate video that was pre-recorded that's just…it was the one month anniversary of coming here and my thoughts on everything and how life was, so I'm gonna upload that…well, I'm gonna release it in a couple of days, probably. But uh, I'd just like to thank him for, for giving me this life. And I mean, it's not a perfect life, like we're not rich, we don't really have anything here in the house. Like, his sister gave us this table, so there's this table I'm sitting at, with some chairs yesterday. They…I don't know where they got it from, but they had it there for us. So we have a table, but we don't, like, have a couch. We don't have proper bed, we have an air mattress because it was all we could get on short notice. You know, we've got, like, two plates and two bowls, you know, things like that. Like, we really don't have anything. I've got a lot of stuff with my stuff in New Zealand, but that doesn't really help us here. So um, you know, we're still kind of getting our life together, but considering we threw everything together in only a couple of months. The most important thing is that we've got a roof over our head, and we've got plenty of food. Bills are paid. We've got power. We've got water. You know, all that stuff, and so it is a good life.

And we have each other, and so that's what's important to focus on right now. And he has given me this amazing feeling of being loved and wanted and, you know, he makes me feel beautiful and accepted and smart and funny and appreciated and just everything that I've ever wanted. And like, we could sit there…I could sit there, and usually when I'm getting ready I'll, like, listen to music and stuff, and I'll have my 80s music or my freestyle or my oldies on. And everybody I've been with has always been like, what is that you're listening to? Or ugh, they don't really like it. Or they like it after we've broken up or something like that. But while I'm with them they don't like my music. And Josh is there like, like, he's singing along to it. And I'm like, do you know this song? And he's like, yeah, yeah I grew up on this stuff, too. And even though he's ten years younger than me he still knows enough of my music that I could sit there and, like, listen to my stuff and enjoy it. And he's like rocking out to it next to me. And it's like, yeah, you know, wow, you know all this stuff. And I can show him, like, TV shows and movies, and he's like, wow, that was a really good movie. And like, I mean, everything just clicks with him. And it's just, I'll never, I'll never get over this feeling. So I have to thank him for, for just giving this to me, this, this relationship I've always wanted.

And everybody that sees even a picture where I'm just, you know…They…they're just like, you looks so happy, you looks so happy. That's, like, nine out of ten comments. And it kind of takes me a step back because I never thought I actually looked that unhappy before. But I must have, because if it's such a noticeable difference, if it's such a noticeable difference now, I must have really looked pretty miserable before, and I didn't think I actually looked that miserable before. I thought maybe, you know, because when I was with Logan, when we first got together I was happy, so, I don't know, maybe I wasn't as happy as I thought I was. Well, maybe it was just a stress of having to justify everything from the start that just kind of showed in my face. Or, I don't know what it was, but I didn't think it was that noticeable. But apparently it is, which is kind of like, it's good and it's bad. It's like, whoa.

Moving on, I'd like to thank Josh's family. Just, you know, especially his mom. Like, me and his mom, like, we're kind of, like, this [crosses fingers]. Like, we don't, we don't talk a lot, but whenever we see each other, like…I love her. She's so cool. And whenever we see each other we're just like, oh hi! And give each other a hug and stuff. And she's, like…we are just so much alike. And she's so easy to talk to you and just get along with. And she's just like…I see so much of myself in her. And I don't know, I just love being around her.

And his sister's really cool. She, like, she works a lot, she works hard, so we don't get to talk as often or see each other as often, but she's still really cool. And every time I see her I just, I just have to have a giggle because, not long before I met her, Josh and I watched "Freeway". And I swear, she sounds and looks in person so much like Reese Witherspoon in "Freeway", like, but um, smarter. You know how, cuz Reece, in that movie, she was kind of like, like she can't read and she can't write and, like, she's illiterate and she's just kind of, like, this, this dopey but clever but dopey girl. But um, the attitude, that spunky, feisty attitude and the way that she talks and kind of the way she looks, and she's little, like, she's just..I'm like, oh my god, it's Reece, it's Reece! But his sister is just really cool, too, and she's really thoughtful and everything. And, you know, his brother…and his brother's usually with his girlfriend. I've seen them a couple of times. And they're both really nice as well.

And it's just like, like when I'm around them I don't feel like I've got to prove myself. You know, with Logan's family, with my ex's family, with, with all the other families I've always felt like I must dress nice, I must look nice, I have to watch what I say, I have to be really polite, I have to keep my mouth shut and just smile and just be seen and not heard, kind of. And if I do say something it should be worthwhile, I've got to prove myself, let them know I'm a good person no matter what I look like, don't let them judge me or see anything bad in me and be very, very careful and let them know I'm not, I'm not here to cause trouble, and just, you know what I mean. Like, it's so much anxiety to kind of fit in and, and have them see that maybe I could be a part of their family, maybe I can be somebody to them one day. And, I don't know, like I'm, I'm married to or in a serious relationship with their son so, you know, accept me, love me, take me, you know, that kind of, that kind of thing.

And with Josh's family I never had to do that. Like, from the moment I met his mom in person…cuz, you know, we kind of wrote, kind of didn't. The day I flew over here she was asking me, you know, how was my flight, where I was, was I nervous, and she's excited to meet me, and so that was really nice, that was a good icebreaker. When I met her in person she came up and gave me a hug and it was just, like, instant, instant acceptance, and I never had to feel like I didn't belong. And they were like, you're you're part of our family now. And they're so happy that I'm with Josh. And they think I'm the best thing that's ever happened to him. And I've never been told I'm the best thing to happen to anybody or anything. And they just love and accept. And you don't ever have to feel like you're not good enough or you want to prove yourself or, you know…Like, they don't care what you look like or your past or anything like that. Like, like I've never been in a situation like that before, and it's such…just a mind-blowing feeling. It's just like, wow. And I, I have to stop myself, I'm just gushing, and be like, thank you for letting me be part of your realm, like, all the time, cuz I'm sure they probably get sick of hearing that as well. But, but that's how I feel. Like, oh my god, like, I feel like I'm a part of a family for once, and it's just amazing, it really is.

This video is gonna run over because it's a big thank you video. So, I know I'm trying to keep most of my videos under ten minutes. This one will be over, but it's for good reason. I'd like to thank my closest, closest friends. There are too many to name, and I really don't want to leave anybody out. I tried to tag a few people in my facebook post and I felt really shit because, like, I have probably around 200 people that I know follow me consistently, that have followed me through the years. I know all their names and all their faces, all that, but I don't know how many of those are real. As far as real people, there's still at least 50 that follow me and that have supported me and that I've been there, and that's, that's quite a lot of people to try to remember, people you've never met who have, who have been there offering support, and I just don't want to leave anybody out. So, you know, if, if we've talked, you know, if I consider you one of those people because I would have told you before you're always there for me, you're like family to me, or you're one of my closest friends, you mean a lot to me. This is to you, you guys that have been there over the years who honestly support me, who are there for me, who have put up with me during my good times, my bad times, just me not replying to messages, you know, things like that. I, I can't even thank you guys enough. I know I don't offer anything back in the way of friendship to anybody. Because all the stuff that's happened, my financial situations, etc, etc, I've never given back the way you guys have given to me. I don't have the ability to, or I'm not in the proper mindset to. I know that anything I write or I say, if I trust the wrong person it could fall into the wrong hands, so writing people is really hard for me. Plus having been isolated and depressed for the greater part of ten years, I haven't really had a lot to say. You kind of sit around at home and you don't do anything and you've really got nothing to talk about, and so I know I've been very lax. But so many of you have never given up on me. You've seen me at my worst, you seen me at my best, you've seen me rise, you've seen me fall, and you've been there the whole time. And I don't feel like I deserve that from anybody. But just the fact that you've been there is, like, it's just amazing. And I want to thank all of you guys for just being here for me. And how for different many ways you have, because some people have done different things and some people have done other things.

[gets distracted by her hair] What the fuck, I have one piece of hair that's long, my hair's getting curly, and fucking…I guess it's not just one, it's just all curled up. Well, that's nice. Anyway…

Lastly, but certainly not least, I would like to thank all the hate sites and the stalkers. And I'm actually not being sarcastic here. 100% I want to thank everybody that stalked me and that's hated on me and that's gone to lolcow and Kiwi Farms because, for one, when I originally was reading the site and when I was a sappy sucker I did take bits and pieces of what you said and I used that to make myself into a person I can be happy with. I did use the negativity and I turned it into positivity. I fixed what I could fix in my life. Some of it still fell apart, and for that I'm not at fault for, I did what I could do, I did the best that I could do. Other things were just petty, stupid shit, you know, things with the way I look or whatever. I mean, I'm not gonna worry too much about that because I shouldn't have to. It's up…it's not up to anybody else what I look like, it's only up to me, and if I'm happy with it, and, you know, potentially the person I'm with, but to a certain extent. You shouldn't change yourself for anybody. But emotionally and what I've done with my life, how I've reacted to things and people, I've taken bits and pieces of what they've said and I've used it to become a person that I can live with, that I am happy with, and that I am proud to be, whether they see that or not.

On a sidenote, on one of my videos I had mentioned that there's this Stephanie girl. You'll remember her. If you don't remember her I don't want to say it because they actually watched my videos and they reported them for, oh no, giving away their identity even though they steal my identity and my videos all the time when it's fucking…it's so, it's so sad…But she had said that, oh I talk shit to her, I called her trailer-trash, crack whore yada yada yada. I didn't even know who the fuck she was. Um, I actually got into one of my old profiles and I saw a message from her, I saw the message from her, and it was nothing like that. Like, she can't even tell the truth. Maybe she is on crack. [screenshots of direct messages and lolcow post] But her message to me was, why do you hate nudity and movies when you dress like you do, I'm not hating on you, I'm genuinely curious. And I've been asked that about four or five, six times that week, and I was really fed up with this, so I responded pretty badly. I didn't call her names, I just cussed a lot.

Sometimes if I'm feeling really good about myself I might take a photo that makes me feel really good about myself. Or, on the other hand, if I'm feeling really bad about myself I might take some photos so that I can feel good about myself. But that's, that's on me. And I'm not naked, you know. Naked photos were, again, back with my ex who kind of pressured me into them. It's not something I would do on my own or I would ever do again. I'm not naked in my photos.

[gets distracted, brushes her shirt] Oh, I've got makeup on me and my hair, and I'm really sorry.

But anyway, like, you know, I don't want to see nudity in movies because to me, it just ruins the flow of the movie, it's not necessary. You can have a sex scene without having to show anything or, like, go, like, five minutes into people humping and thrusting and nipples and pussy and ass. I mean, you don't need to see that. Go watch porn for that. Like, you know, I know sex sells, but fuck, you know, it's not necessary.

And that's all I said to her. And either she blocked me or I blocked her, I don't know, but there was no conversation after that. I definitely never insulted her. I never made anything about her personal. I didn't even look at her profile. It was nothing like that, so I didn't know what the fuck she's gone on about. I guess she didn't like that I said that for whatever reason. And she decided to go on a crusade against me and join lolcow and just do nothing but talk shit about me. Well, that's on her because she's full if I can shit. So yeah, whatever.

But back to what I was saying, I do thank them for all the views and the exposure I've gotten. I mean, I've got almost three million views on my YouTube and I only opened it in 2015, and that's pretty good. I get so many subscribers, views, money, fans, friends, support, all of that from them, because of them. I'd be like this little nobody, unknown nothing if it wasn't for them, so I do sincerely thank them. It's like they've, they've helped me improve my life, they've given me great people in my life, they've helped me get rid of the bad people in my life, they've helped me expose people that don't deserve to be in my life. They make me feel really loved because they dedicate so much time to me. They must really love me. It's a love-hate thing, I know, I get it. But uh, they, they make me feel special. Just, end of story, they make me feel special. I know any move I make they watch and they hover on, and even some of my greatest fans don't even do that. Like another part of my notification, notification squad, but they do it on the sly. It doesn't matter, they're still there though.

There's this one girl that commented on one of my videos, and she told me, like, a few minutes later that they've already screenshot and shared her comment on their page, and it was like, wow, just…I just want a face palm, you know. I mean, like, wow. No shame, they've got no shame at all. They should be ashamed of everything that they are but they're not. But that's okay because I can see the good, even in them. And they have given me some good in my life. Because of them I'm somebody. So, you know, thanks for that.

Christmas is gonna be good. I've…with the last YouTube payout it was like 220 bucks or something like that. And I got Josh's presents. Like, I'm…I keep talking about this only because I'm so happy. I didn't think I was gonna be able to afford to get him anything this year and I was kind of gutted because this is our first year together. There's something that I was making him when I was in New Zealand, and it would have been like a hundred New Zealand dollars, so I couldn't do it and I forgot about it. And I, I got an email notification about it like two days ago and so that's like 40, 43 bucks, that is about fifty dollars US, so I'm gonna try to get the money together for that hopefully before Christmas, and then I can give him his last gift, cuz that's like a highly personal, awesome thing. So I was able to get him, like, like, ten things. He got one already because it was a shirt that was fucking cool and I didn't think it would fit him so I gave it to him early just in case it didn't fit. I didn't want to have a Christmas present be too small, but it fit perfectly, of course, but I still count it because it was a Christmas present, just early. So I was able to get him ten Christmas presents this year which is pretty good, if I do say so myself.

I've got a great idea for his sister, we'll see if he goes for it. And I've got an idea for his mom that's kind of iffy. I think it's a good idea, but then it is, but it isn't…I don't know she watches my videos, so I'm not gonna mention it here. And he'll come up with an idea for his sister's husband and his brother. And he's gonna be getting me some stuff. And we're gonna try to go get some Christmas cards because I always have to have cards. No need to have a tree because whenever I get my stuff I've got, like, four trees, so I don't want to buy another tree, so we're not gonna have a tree this year. But hopefully we'll have a good dinner and presents. And I'll have the first real Christmas I've had since 2014, because I haven't really had a Christmas since then because it wasn't important to Logan that it was important to me, and so there was no Christmas every year. But I still bought them presents, but nobody got me anything for, you know, three years or something. So that kind of sucks. But it's all different now. And now, even if Josh only got me one thing, that's cool. I mean, I know he, he'll get me more than that, he, he's already told me he's not gonna let me go this year without Christmas, so what matters to me matters to him, and that's the way marriage should be. So I'm, I'm just I'm like, in cloud nine here.

I will see you guys next time with a much much shorter video. Yeah, I'll see you guys around and take care. Love you guys. Not as much as I love Josh. And uh, yeah, I'll see you next video. Bye!

No. 468359


Idealization which is part of splitting (black/white thinking) due to >>467578

No. 468362

>No need to have a tree because whenever I get my stuff I've got, like, four trees, so I don't want to buy another tree

Spends the money she could have used to buy a new tree on shipping four trees from New Zealand.

Makes sense.

No. 468365

Oh that shit really pisses me off. "My ex pressured me into them" SO WHY ARE YOU STILL DOING THEM NOW THEN? Also she had those kinds of pictures from waaaay back before Ryan (the ex I assume she's alluding to pressuring her?) - she's full of shit as well as looking like it

No. 468367


Yep, seconded.

I don't advocate for cow-tipping, but I kinda hope Logan's Ma reads here and realises we really don't have anything against him. His friend was an idiot for posting here of all places, she should've accounted for how Logan feels about here because all he knows has been filtered through crazy then screamed at volume. For hours. Followed up by demands he make us stop.

First love hurts hard in an equal relationship and after one like this he'll be damaged. I've wittered on before about how Cravy has entirely separated him from a type of social discourse that is a mainstay in his generation, and it's an evil thing to do.

He'll get over it but we all thought we'd hurt forever when our first love went tits-up. So maybe we should draw a line under Logan and focus on TLTIGTL with the finger-sniffer. Apart from anything else, Cravy wants to shit-talk Logan and it'll piss her off if we refuse to be diverted. I like pissing her off.

No. 468368

>proposing to haul four christmas trees across the world

thanks for the transcript as always, anon!

No. 468390

Instead of just buying a cheap walmart tree, lets spend hundreds if not thousands on brining them here :D Ray Ray is soo smart you guyz!

No. 468400

File: 1511707431554.png (470.75 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2017-11-26-06-38-11…)


This is the screenshot of her message to Stephanie.

No. 468436

File: 1511714034454.gif (663.47 KB, 480x324, 1493580080690.gif)

>I never said she was a crack whore
>but idk maybe she does crack

No. 468447

and she thinks her facebook friends want to see her naked body on their feed? why is everything different for her? maybe models post naked pics to feel sexy in themselves too but when they do it theyre whores apparently

No. 468587

Sounds like projection as a self defense mechanism to me.

No. 468615

I can't believe she's already bitching and moaning about TLTSLTWMTL snoring.

Separate beds when?

No. 468624

remember currently they don't even have an actual bed

No. 468641

File: 1511748650774.png (Spoiler Image, 9.92 MB, 1242x2208, BFCEEC0C-473A-46C9-8674-AE59C3…)

>I'm not naked in my photos
Ok but what about all the recent naked photos like the tattoo ones? Pic related is recent, more recent than when she was with Ryan who “forced her” to take nudes.

There is also that photo when she got that stomach tattoo in which she was kneeling and also pretty naked.

No. 468644


He will be relegated to the couch when they get one.

No. 468651

> gream by gay

No. 468658


In the message >>468400 she said she takes photos to show her weight loss or "because I need to show tattoos or blood."

But those photos are half naked.

No. 468692

I thought it said 'dream by jay' for some reason. Tacky af.

No. 468696

fucking kek

No. 468697

don't forget you can buy a phone case with a bleached blob wearing basically nothing in the middle of it.

No. 468728

Yeah, if she wanted to show that tattoo se could be standing, wearing a string bikini top and fully clothed waist down.
But this is Diana-I-hate-porn-and-don't-post-naked-pictures-of-myself-Sparks, ladies and gentleman.

No. 468733

Gream by gay??

No. 468739


It was done with such a heavy hand and the lines are so thick and close that it will be BLOB BLOB BLOB in short order, if not already.

No. 468757

New video up, I can't even finish it.
I don't know how Josh can stand her constant pawing at his hair and never ending shallow "yer so hawt" commentary. He's extra twitchy and clearly uncomfortable being on camera, so she makes sure to direct all the attention to him. How about you stop pointing out physical features in him? What do you want him to say? "Thank you" over and over and over? How about you include him in the dialogue so he's not standing there looking like he wants to go for the gun? We know all about how spiffy you think he looks, and that's great. But honestly, he's really not some great looking man and you fawning like a lunatic brings out his not great looking-ness.

No. 468760

For those of us who can stand to listen to it, and our heroic transcript anon, here's the video.

No. 468761

God she's ugly. I really hate to call people that but she's ugly inside and out. On top of that she looks like his mother or grandmother, not his fucking "fiancee" jfc

No. 468762

She filtered the shit out of him in the pictures in the end. What happened Diana? Trying to remove his beard shadow and make him look younger? You fucking chomo.

No. 468764

I was just thinking this, in the thumbnail he could pass for 18 honestly… but that’s because he’s probably 10x more filtered than her

No. 468765

you gotta finish anon! they go out for tacos or something

No. 468767

Oh lord have mercy. When she said they were going to do a kiss test lipstick video, the look is disgust on his face and him saying 'no' had me laughing so hard!

No. 468775

If someone sent me this with no sound and told me the guy was a hostage, I'd believe them.

No. 468776


A quick hello with Josh

Published November 27, 2017

We are about to go to Walmart to get some stuff, and everybody wants to see Josh. [pans camera up and down Josh] Look at all t