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File: 1436895438181.jpg (83.25 KB, 750x465, image.jpg)

No. 137479

Previously on KKKrazyTV >>127490

Kaka is apparently moving to Japan with Taco-chan to get married and achieve her kawaii dreams. But the haters are stalking our precious Nippon vegan Bambi princess again! Will she ever be able to live her perfect Mother Earth anti-cruelty life in peace?!?

No. 137484

Kiki is my favorite Kardashian

No. 137485


No. 137488

The bitch is nuttier than jar of peanut butter

No. 137492

> they have withdrawals
FFS woman get a grip. Imagine Cathy going to FBI because there are people online laughing at her daughters.

Girl. I'd love to hunt you down in a sunny beachy Florida as a rich obsessive stalker hater instead of working and having adult responsibilities in another continent, thoughx

No. 137493

Alas another meltdown after she has revamped that godawful Lilkitten.com website. TOP KEK

No. 137495

>People not liking your ugly boyfriend video = being stalked now?
The whole rant smacks of deflection. I wonder if it's just the reaction to the video or if something bigger happened.

>I think in her mind being stalked = still famous and relevant.

This would make sense, especially since she brought up feeling 'like a Kardashian'.

No. 137497

I don't get it what happened exactly? Did PULL do something cuz I didn't see anyone here post her address. Lol kaka really lost it this time.

No. 137498

She can't flaunt Taku to us anymore because we've seen how unattractive he is.

No. 137499

Lilkitten is a failure because of the obsessive stalking haterz

No. 137503


He was never a catch in the beginning, he would only be a catch to desperate weebs who want an azn boyfriend.

No. 137506

File: 1436896654059.png (15.33 KB, 593x120, dS.png)

YOOOO she originally wrote 'last month' then deleted the Tweet and changed it to May.
She was meant to be in Japan last month?
Did she forget her own lies for a second?

No. 137507

No. 137509

that was meant to be for OP with the links

No. 137511


No. 137512

omg you guys she deleted the blog entry about getting married and going to Japan?

No. 137513

Oh god guys I'm sorry, I'm a fucking failure D: please forgive me, kami sama

No. 137514

Fuck I wish I had screen capped the original tweet.

No. 137516

We should really be linking the tweets (along with YT vids, blog posts etc) so that we can get them archived and catch things like this.

No. 137518

I wonder if she's faking the whole mental breakdown to get attention off of that and to have an excuse to be off of social media when she's supposed to be in Japan.

No. 137519


No. 137520

I think she's embarrassed

No. 137521

Alright guys in case you haven't noticed she has deleted all photos and chats with Taku, all videos with Taku, all posts referencing Taku.

But she's afraid of HER OWN safety?


No. 137522

Did anybody save her last video (the black and white one) with snaggletooth taco-chan? I was saving the vid to watch this evening for a good laugh but it's gone. Should have watched it when I had the chance

No. 137523

I mean, about how everyone think her bf is ugly and shit

No. 137524


Yeah I'ma say basically they either were not together to begin with but she's pissed bc so many people think he's ugly, or they broke up.

I'm dying laughing over here.

No. 137526

File: 1436897339209.gif (112.4 KB, 200x200, giggle.gif)

what a weenie

No. 137527

Wait wait holy shit…


I want a video of Taku and Venus' ex discussing crazy gajin girls.

No. 137528

ikr can Manaki and Taku hook up with a translator and give us details.

No. 137529

Or maybe taku found out she was posting videos of him?

No. 137530

or maybe he found out they were getting married

No. 137531

You'd think she'd just delete the videos then, not absolutely every single mention of him.

No. 137532

when do you guys think we'll start hearing "abusive relationship" tweets?

No. 137533

she deleted all the Taku videos off of her yt

also the yt link in the op is wrong, it's:

No. 137535

thanks anon, easier to see it's a rotten tooth in this lighting. kaka always seems to date dudes with bad hygiene. after her break with jake wolf, she said he had stank breath, and from the look on her face when they kissed, she was probably telling the truth for once, lmao.

she always seems to end up with smokers despite having always been preachy against smoking.

repostin' 'cause 2slow4auto-sage

No. 137536

Timeline anon here. Updates on Takupocalypse.

>Instagram now has no photos of Taku at all, even from Japan.

>LilKitten removed blog about going to Japan/marriage goals.
>Youtube videos are either privated or deleted, can't really tell as I'm no YT expert but they don't show up on her page.
>All tweets referencing Taku are deleted.


this was just posted.

I vote this.

No. 137537

This is hilarious. So distressed with strange men coming to her house but needs to fix up her lies first.

And no, PULL did nothing. It's strictly against the rules to post personal info etc.

No. 137538

Normally I'd be pissed that trolls fucked over everyone else's enjoyment of watching a lolcow, but I honestly don't think ANYONE did anything to her? I think the only two places that even care about Kiki a little bit are here and PULL and I highly doubt anyone is doing anything to her irl. She is just embarrassed her sexy japanese boyfrendo turned out to be an uggo

No. 137539

It just seems weird timing that she'd hide everything about Taco as soon as we criticised his appearance? Hell, we made far ruder comments about the reasons he must be with her etc. It seems she's totally done a 180 from bragging to being ashamed of her bf (if he is/was ever her bf) PURELY because of that one unfortunate screenshot. smh. shallow as a puddle. Can't say I'm surprised.

No. 137542

It's gone already, that was fast!

No. 137544

File: 1436898027819.png (16.29 KB, 545x141, lel.png)

She deleted the original Tweet again, and added in 'friends' this time.
lel Kaka, you don't have any friends.

No. 137545

File: 1436898042192.png (18.19 KB, 575x167, keekers.png)

That's the thing. No one did anything. She has fabricated this whole thing. Suddenly in the few hours since she posted that video that got a lot of negative feedback on how her bf looks, she's being STALKED.

i gotchu.

No. 137546

It might be another Jack Cash situation. He thought she was just a booty call and then finds all these creepy videos/meantions of him on her SM.

Who knows if he understands that much English though.

No. 137548

She was whining "MY BOYFRIEND SAID I'M GROSSSS" in her recent video so he knows she referred to him as "boyfriend," but I'm sure he probably thought it was more like a casual boyfriend.

Either way I'm pretty sure she's just embarrassed he ug.

No. 137549

*mentions damn autocorrect

No. 137551

That seems very likely. But then, the thought that she went into a flying rage over lolcow calling her boyfriend uggo seems likely too

No. 137552

Yeah I'm pretty sure they were just sleeping together. I mean it's just speculation but there's literally no chemistry between them lol… he was just an accessory in her videos. Maybe she planned this little bitchfit to get out of the wedding hole she dug herself, kek.

No. 137554

Could it also be because of the down votes she got on the video? I doubt it was just lolcow down voting it. It was a pretty cringey video.

No. 137555

The milk is so tasty and delicious

No. 137556

How convenient that she's going to stop posting stuff about him when she's supposedly moving in with him in Japan.

No. 137559

File: 1436898760239.jpg (95.47 KB, 640x784, image.jpg)

because it was all just MR. NOBODY

No. 137560

Did anyone save said video to their PC? I missed that sweet sweet milk

No. 137561

File: 1436898871529.jpg (19.97 KB, 355x398, tmp_19760-14368762457892343212…)


No. 137562

I can't wait until she tweets her boyfriend would have broke up with her because he couldn't deal with the haters and stalkers. It would fit so well.

No. 137563


No. 137564

lmao, so she can't stand everyone not thinking she has a hot Japanese boifurendo to the extent she deletes all mention of him?

No. 137565

File: 1436899073633.png (162.7 KB, 417x431, lel.png)

>wants to protect her FAMILY, friends, and boyfriend.
>leaves video up of Scott's 4th of July BBQ.


nice try.

No. 137566

hahahaha I hope she hires someone to run around outside her front yard creepin.

Sorry your little sister is more famous than you, Kiki. Keep feeding your delusions.

No. 137567


No. 137568

File: 1436899421785.gif (481.27 KB, 457x256, dunnlaugh.gif)

She's so, so dumb and transparent.

No. 137569

She'll probably just (very conveniently) say she can no longer post pictures of him and they're keeping their relationship ~private from now on because of ~stalkers. Then she'll try to gradually phase him out while she desperately searches for a new nihonjin meal ticket.

No. 137570

I think two likely scenarios happened

No. 137572

I two likely scenarios happened:

1) she was never with Taco outside of Jaoan to begin with and this is her clever way of phasing him out so everyone forgets.


2) what i think is most likely, he told her to remove all mentions of her online since they were both embarrassed that people realized that Taco is not a sexy bishounen

No. 137573

you know, i kind of figured she'd take the vid down when she saw people ragging on his appearance, but nobody could've predicted she'd blow up like this. how sad that she's so ashamed of her boyfriend after some anon comments. if she really cared about him, she wouldn't give a fuck what other people thought. just goes to show!

also i kind of doubt this mass deletion is because he finally found her videos. it's way too convenient to assume he found them in the timeframe between when the vid was posted and now.

No. 137574

Jus the fact she has to keep up with her own shit is proof none of that's going on.

has life threatened
tweets about it
"Oh let me change that so people think I have friends"
"Oh and here because I was supposed to be in Japan around that time"

So obvious.

No. 137575

File: 1436899809560.png (531.71 KB, 459x645, kardashian.png)

No. 137576

>also i kind of doubt this mass deletion is because he finally found her videos.

Yeah, I agree. I think she's just ashamed that people realized he ain't cute.

Waiting for the vegan BBQ video to be removed.

No. 137578


No. 137579

Within an hour of lolcow posting that sexy screenshot of Taco she's taken away all evidence he ever existed. Kaka has been dragging out this Taco shit for weeks and weeks, isn't it a little coincidental that within an hour after the sexy screenshot was shared, Taco (in theory) just happened to stumble across her creepy YT and dumped her ass?… in all the time that could have happened, it happened shortly after we pointed out he was uggo and she got downvoted more than usual on YouTube?

I'm not sure he gives a crap / can follow what she says online anyways. Look at that face, he just looks happy to be getting some gaijin action. I think she probably knew it meant nothing and now it seems like she's throwing him away now cos she's in too deep with the lies and she's embarrassed because he's ugly. But that's just my 2 cents.

No. 137580

No. 137581

I love you guys hahahaha

No. 137584

File: 1436900596376.png (1.07 MB, 993x676, kakakardashian.png)

No. 137585

Wait, how do we know they've broken up? She still references him in her tweets about the deletion. I mean, I wouldn't be surprised that Taco wisened up and dumped her ass after seeing those videos (and let's be real, he's a gaijin hunter. No way in hell he's monogamous LOLOLOL) but it still seems like they're together…

I also missed the post about her going to Japan and getting married. Did anyone get caps?

No. 137587

Honestly I don't really think he's ugly, he just has fucked up teeth and was making an unfortunate face in that screenshot.

It is fun making kiki chimp out though

No. 137588

We don't really know, we're just going off of speculation based on past behavior

No. 137590


I wonder what the fuck happened now.
I'm kind of loathe to place the weight of the blame entirely on the negative comments towards Taku, but then we also know she's mentally unstable…

Nobody here said anything remotely threatening towards her, not PULL.
She's amusing to watch but nobody gives enough of a fuck to actually track her down IRL.
I'm also calling bullshit on the whole "strange man invaded my house" tale as we all know she'd have been posting about it nonstop to milk it for all it's worth when it happened.

No. 137592

how many of y'all even downvoted the video? i only watched and didn't even see any of the comments put up, even. i have such a low tolerance for her bullshit and she sounds nonsensical even alone, much less when she's trying to make conversation with someone who can't speak english


count me among the deceased after seeing this, a++++ anon

No. 137593

Yep, just proves he's only an accessory to her ethereal crystal Kiki no nihon facade. I guess she was getting off imagining all the weeb girls being jealous of her nihonjin boyfriend and is ridiculously mad it's not the case and she's actually just yet another weeb desperately fucking an uggo for a visa.

No. 137594

File: 1436900853468.png (733.67 KB, 957x618, gloriousvisa.png)

We don't know they broke up, it's just speculation. They might not have, and they might not have ever been together to begin with.

I'm not sure if anyone got any caps of the tweet or blog entry saying she was going to Japan to get married but it's on this instagram photo


No. 137595

I didn't even watch the video before she put it on private

No. 137596

Yeah, the caps are somewhere in the last thread

No. 137597

Ugh. That photo. Her face is too mature for that kind of kawaii bs pose.

No. 137599

The blog post basically said they're moving in together to test out if marriage would work.

I think it's scenario 2. Even in the video comments one of her ~fan~ addressed his appearance.

No. 137600

Anyone cap some of the comments before she deleted?

No. 137601

File: 1436901270249.png (26.16 KB, 588x191, lolol.png)

the shade

No. 137602

can't you guys even read the last thread

No. 137603

File: 1436901417677.png (652.98 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-07-14-15-14-22…)

Did she delete the commemt about the stalkers coming to her houae last month? Its still showing up for me. Oh kaka caught in one of your lies. How did they stalk you if you were in Japan?

No. 137604

I don't think it was capped but

No. 137605

they were such a hontou ni kawaii couple desu… kanashii desu 。・゚(゚⊃ω⊂゚)゚・。

No. 137607

she did, but I guess it still shows up for you.

I like how she keeps implying strange men are coming to her house as if the people who frequent these websites are not teenage girls and twenty-something year old women. I'm dying.

No. 137608

File: 1436901682392.png (224.93 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-07-14-15-17-45…)

Here is a screenshot with the date and time.

No. 137610

it has to be men because then she can pull out the old "men don't leave me alone and always try to touch my bubble butt" self compliment.

No. 137611


No. 137613

She needs to just drop the Kiki Kannibal persona if she ever wants to grow up and move on.
She brings all of this shit onto herself.

No. 137615

File: 1436902099804.gif (1.2 MB, 540x304, wink.gif)

I was wondering why some of you are saying she was in Japan last month? She said she was back in Florida in June and was even at Disney World Orlando the last week of June, just moving back to Japan soon (probably "this week.")

No. 137620

What if she ends up breaking with him because he's not an ikemen

No. 137621

File: 1436902744062.jpg (59.93 KB, 636x348, 1434060514598.jpg)

No. 137623

I think we all know she planned on doing that once she secured her visa.

I'm dead.

No. 137626

She said people were coming at her house last month. Then changed it to May.

But taking in account what you said..

… It's all so confusing.

No. 137628


Even so, she changed it to May.
If she arrived home in June, she would've been in Japan in May.
Eh I give up trying to keep up with her lies~

No. 137629

File: 1436903484410.png (15.81 KB, 576x108, homeagain.png)

According to >>129171

Dakota said she would be leaving at the end of March, which coincides with her abrupt hiatus from social media.

She suddenly came back May 31 and confirmed she was in Florida June 7, pic related. Then she went to Disney World Orlando so she was likely in Florida all of June at least.

Then last week she said she's moving back to Japan.

My guess is she changed it to May so she could be like "my parents said this happened but I was in Japan so I don't know for sure!!!"

No. 137630

File: 1436903522704.jpg (271.82 KB, 1271x1457, image.jpg)

No. 137633

So what do you guys think is next for Kiki?

No. 137634

No. 137635

Kiki already seemed to break down 2 days ago! When she ranted about violating boundaries and that red headed girl that she blocked

No. 137637

File: 1436905240410.jpg (309.69 KB, 1765x1200, Untitled-2.jpg)

If these two morons do ever ending up shacking up and breeding they had sure as sure shit better birth the next lolcow apostle.

No. 137640



No. 137643

anyone have caps from the comments of her last video where people were asking for a vlog with dakota since they both live in japan now?

i think honestly it was a combination of people thinking taku is ugly, people still mentioning dakota, and the fact that now she has to maintain this lie that she lives in japan again.

it's all very conveniently timed.

what is she even going to talk about online if not her japanese boyfriend? that's like all she's been getting feedback on for the past few months.

i agree with the other anon that said if she really cared about her safety she would change her username or drop off the internet. she's so concerned for her safety yet she hasn't done anything to hide her details from anyone.

No. 137647


So PT really was half Japanese the entire time…

No. 137648


Pulling a Quirky

No. 137678

What's the red haired girl's Twitter?

No. 137682

File: 1436908013821.jpg (35.71 KB, 590x105, D.jpg)

Bitch your fucking Twitter name is "Dakota Koti", I don't think we're the ones that are obsessed.

No. 137684


"Concrete jungle"

Yeah and if you kekkon #pray4taku kaka you'll be living in concrete jungle land for a while gurl

so say ta-ta to disney, walmart and white trash u ignoramus

No. 137689

With all of her obsession with "hate sites" she could start a band with Raven. OH the chimping that would happen would be the most entertaining.

No. 137699

I actually thought Kikis bf looked cute in the new vid. But honestly it was hard to get a real idea with the vid being only black and white. But at least he had a personality. Though I really feel that with the language barrier.. he had no clue she was uploaded the vids that she made.

I almost feel like kiki is taking advantage of the poor guy. And its probably for the best she hid all the vids of them together.

No. 137705

there was a video of him right
i missed it so i hope somebody saved it
i would find it funny that now she is hiding him after people found out how ugly he is

No. 137712

I find it even funnier that she went on a huge rant on tumblr about her beak, inner beauty, how you shouldn't follow beauty standards, etc pretty recently but hides her "bae" because people think he's ugly and he has a snaggletooth.

No. 137726


PT and Kirsten look legit related in this pic.

No. 137749

I hope she comes back soon.

No. 137750

she isn't going anywhere.

No. 137762


she will when she realizes that the people making fun of her life made up 99% of her yt views and ad revenue on her site kek

No. 137773

The thing is, Ms. kannibal, this isnt 2006 and there arent loads of "haters" as you so endearingly refer to them. Most of us here just want the lolz.

No. 137774

This pic is so right
I love u

No. 137799

This tweet looks like her changing her mind about leaving the Internet. lol

Because we all know she can't stay away.

It's funny, she keeps claiming shit right and left, like people stalking her without realizing she's the prime source of her own drama.

She will never learn to just fucking stop tweeting certain things/bring up stuff that feeds our entertainment. I guess that's why we love her.

No. 137806

I'm disappointed, but to be honest, I get it. Whether or not her remarks about getting irl-stalked recently are true, just seeing imageboard threads shit talking you is psychologically draining. It goes without saying that a lot of /pt/erodactyls here are sandy cunts who just make nasty remarks without actually contributing anything interesting to the discussion. I really hope she doesn't actually leave, I was looking forward to seeing how this whole marriage fiasco worked out.

No. 137808

What happened in the video though? Why he call her gross?

No. 137811


She the fuck up.
Just where the fuck do you think you fucking are?

Kirsten is the unrepentant queen cunt of this website and she deserves everything she gets until she makes a concious effort to own up to her lying, her scamming, her plagiarism, and fuck, just everything,

No. 137813

Yeah but we have to lick her asshole sometimes so she continues making delicious fresh milk for us.

No. 137814

>psychologically draining
funny, kiki uses that same term alot…

No. 137815

I'm almost starting to agree with the britfag anon who was bitching about American semantic attitudes last week. Isn't it simply remarkable how more than one person can make use of the same ubiquitous phrase?

No. 137826

She made a hideous fake "orgasm face" and he said gross

No. 137829

File: 1436922537419.jpg (654.72 KB, 1460x2067, the-world-of-kanako.33154.jpg)


I am watching a Japanese movie right called The World of Kanako (Kawaki) by reputed director Tetsuya Nakashima and at 00:52:22 it starts playing that plagiarised music track that Kirsten stole from that Russian DJ, but I don't think it's the Russian DJ's version, I think it's playing Kirsten's plagiarised version!

No. 137830


I'm gonna cut down the section from the movie and upload it to Youtube.

I've never been the one to find shit like this so this is bizarre for me.

No. 137831


btw the way this is hilarious because if this was actually Kirsten's original track and the production team used one of her tracks without monetary compensation, she could very easily sue them, BUT SHE CAN'T BECAUSE WE OUTED HER KEKEKEKEK

No. 137832

Found her second yt channel by searching through "Dakota Venus"'s interests :


No. 137834

taku really isnt ugly. he just has fucked up teeth. they're cute.

No. 137836



Just in case the start time doesn't function when embedded, it's at 3:49 (it didn't work, start at 3:49).
Also I just finished looking and this song doesn't seem to be officially credited anywhere.

This is interesting as the movie was released in Japan in June 2014, and Kirsten went to Japan to shill her music in November of 2013.

I think somebody legitimately stole "her" track and placed it in the movie, not knowing it was already plagiarised.

I feel like somebody should contact the original Russian DJ.

No. 137837

>agreeing with britfag
>simply remarkable!1!!
ha, okay.

This is juicy. I'm sure she'll see this– maybe she'll say it was "featured" in the film, kek

No. 137838

>fucked up teeth

No. 137840


Well when she does eventually try to claim credit not am I going to spam the fuck out of Twitter and Tumblr with timestamps of this being posted prior to her posting therefore proving that she does lurk here once and fall, I'm also going to spam the fuck out of both with links to the Russian DJ's original works proving that she's a filthy thief and plagiarist.

I know Cathy and Scott lurk here for sure so I'm wondering, are you proud that your daughter is so low and lacking in morals that she has sunk to ripping off little-known artists for personal financial gain?

Are you proud that your daughter is a thief?

Then again, the track "Lucid Dreaming" is still for sale on iTunes right? Maybe we should go remind the original artist that he has a valid lawsuit on his hands.

No. 137841


My bad the tracks name isn't "Lucid Dreaming" (though that one is plagiarised for sure too).

Can anybody remember the name of the track?

No. 137842


nvm it's "Opal Rain" and it is still for sale on iTunes.


No. 137843

i don't think he's cute, but his fucked up teeth kind of are. i like messed up teeth. lots of people do, japs included.

No. 137844

>anon finds a bombshell
>peeps still discussing whether Taku's snaggletooth is attractive or not

No. 137846

So I guess the music department is responsible for this? I think the movie version has voice samples added.

No. 137849


I would expect so.

I've messaged the original artist about it on Facebook with links. Will post responses when I recieve them.

This DJ Aleksey is actually represented by a music label (WMA, http://www.wmagmc.com), so if he so chooses he can have them sue both Kirsten and the producers of this movie.

No. 137850

are you sure it's attributed to Keekz and not him in the credits?

No. 137854


It's not attributed to "anybody", there is no information anywhere as to where this track has originated, therefore it's almost 100% that it's been included on the sly without consent or monetary compensation to the original artist.

No. 137857

I don't think it was stolen.

But I could see Kiki selling it to them as background music, and knowing that she plagiarized it not wanting to have her name attached to it in the final film.

I'm sure she planned on eventually mentioning that but now it's out there that she stole the song. It's a Japanese film so I'm sure she was all over that.

No. 137858

I think these are old reposted videos.

No. 137859


Good lord I never considered that…

If this is true, she is lower than I initially thought.
True scum, without talent or conscience.

No. 137865

I sense a juicy lawsuit incoming. Thanks for acting so fast, anon.

No. 137866

LOL this aside, it takes quite a while to catch up to the amazing milk that happened. Fuck I'm still reading the timeline anon post. We need an update.

No. 137868

File: 1436926565227.png (16.18 KB, 577x125, 22_45.png)

did this ever actually even happen

No. 137870

In retrospect I think the person who tipped us off with the kirleios profile was Dakota…

No. 137872

Was it ever explained why Keeks disappeared for 2 months yet? Maybe working on her Taku fiction plan?

No. 137873

Wouldn't that be amazing? I would love if it came out in the end that Dakota was secretly dropping bits of info to continue the downward spiral that is Keeks because she can't stand her like everyone else.

No. 137874

It was way too specific to be random. In most of these threads the best leaks always come from someone super close.

No. 137876

so like honestly…

we know this bitch has no friends, especially none she would tell about her international dating profiles. not irl, not online.

i suppose it could have been a fellow member who happened to stumble upon her profiles and knew who she was and what lolcow was which isn't impossible but it's kinda a stretch.

i feel it's more likely that it was someone at least somewhat closely associated with kiki in some way or another.

idk man this theory isn't all THAT crazy. dakota pretty clearly tries to distance herself from kiki, i wouldn't be surprised if she is trying to get her to stay away from japan.

No. 137878

"got sent" = went on lolcow on her own free will and saw us pulling up kirleios and random japanese friend profiles and the possible name of her hotel.

No. 137880

The only thing I can think of is when people were trying to find him after her language exchange profiles were posted. And with people posting her address last time she was in Japan, Jrcock was going out of his way to find out where she was. I think he even posted a video tour of a room in the hotel she was staying in.

It seems plausible. Iirc the person just posted her username and seemed to have left after that. If it was one of us, I feel like they would've explained how they came across it and stayed to talk about it.

No. 137881

>Iirc the person just posted her username and seemed to have left after that.

Don't forget the timing, Kiki was putting up all kinds of Japan fiction and trying to look important.

No. 137882

As much as the sister quarrel theory is interesting, it could just be a tactical move to avoid being associated to the huge internet history attached to the name Kiki Kannibal. It's easy to find her dirty laundry, including the racist things she has done and said and the awful scene era pictures.

No. 137883

I don't think Dakota wants her sister in Japan riding her coat tails while pretending to be scouted as a model. Leaking this stuff helps that agenda.

No. 137888

I am digging this familial dissent theory.

I don't know what it is with these sisters but Dakota today I feel I can relate to and I 100% support her in her kawaii endeavours if it means getting her the fuck away from her family.

Kirsten on the other hand I find utterly repulsive, more repulsive than Mira, more repulsive than OC, and that is saying A LOT.

Everything Kirsten does seems to function as a repellent, and it creeps me the fuck out how she parades herself as this pure, vegan, animal-loving angel or goodness and charity when behind the scenes we can see that she's a hateful, spiteful, lying, conniving, repugnant, obsessive, false, thieving little slagbank.

No. 137890

Timeline anon here posting an update to >>129171

>June 26th, posts an over-filtered screenshot of a text from Taku showing off new Sailor Moon goods she had delivered to his house and him saying he loves her…even though he was just in Florida. (LAST POST FROM PREVIOUS TIMELINE)

>July 1st, posts video of her leftover jewelry collection…boring.
>July 2nd, posts a self ask on her asklilkitten tumblr, indicating most other asks are probably self asks as well. >>130502
>July 3rd, posts a "summer juicing" video. It's pretty clear she's running out of Taku footage at this point.
>July 3rd, considers doing ASMR (through self-asks) and changes name of jewelry video only to change it back after realizing that was a horrible idea. >>131730
>July 4th, tries to cover up her self-ask…finally. >>132410
>July 5th, has some kind of breakdown >>133008
>July 6th, huge rambling rant about plastic surgery despite her various shoops contradicting her opinions >>133291
>July 7th, suddenly announces she will be returning to Japan to try to see if it's worth it to marry Taku >>134039 and >>134055
>July 9th, makes a post half-implying she's currently in Japan (and also hanging out with Dakota, lol) >>135249
>July 10th, she also got her bf (not fiance) to stop smoking! >>135938
>July 10th, her 4th of July video, only really notable as it's still up despite the fact that it mainly features Scott and a pixel version of her house, even though she's so serious about protecting her family. >>135939
>July 10th, she was on her period and she wants us all to know that TAKU KNOWS AND CARES >>136111
>July 11th, posts a passive aggressive tweet after a fan suggested she double date with Keekz and Taku. Proceeded to delete all relics of her conversation with said fan. >>136421
>July 11th, clear that she's suddenly starting to mention her sister the famous and kawaii Dakota Rose out of nowhere for fame points >>136469
>July 13th, posts new (old) vlog of she and Taku (now deleted) >>137287 and as it turns out, Taku is ugly af >>137352. The video gets a lot of dislikes and a lot of people (including fans) say her boyfriend is ugly. THIS ANGERS HER.
>July 14th, Kiki deletes every photo and video of Taku or mentioning Taku under the guise of being stalked >>137430, treated like a kardashian >>137450, having people show up at her house >>137452, and may leave the internet >>137468.
>July 14th, Under the guise of wanting to protect Taku and her family she decides to remove all personal media >>137545 She does not remove any content containing her family members (aforementioned Scott BBQ video) and we know she has no friends.

It's interesting to note that her over-filtered text messages and such are completely untraceable and really don't really have any bearing on whether or not Taku is safe. None of it does. We can't even figure out his full first name, much less his last name. She's honestly done a pretty good job of protecting his identity to where we can't find any traces of him online.

It's also worth noting that while Kiki likes to go on and on about stalkers and harassers, it's never stopped her from posting before as long as most of the haters were just jealous. Now it's pretty clear that we're not jealous – even her fans think her boyfriend is ugly.

I don't have caps, but her fans also requested vlogs of her and Dakota since they are both now in Japan. I don't think Kiki can handle the fact that even her fans are just residual Kota fans when it used to be the other way around.

Basically, I think she's so embarrassed and pissed off that none of us are jealous, she's decided to pretend Taku never existed.

My theory is that she will marry him for a visa and dump him and possibly drag him through the mud after that.

(slightly different version of what i just posted)

No. 137891

I bet she'd be one of those mother's who would kill/poison their kids for the sympathy and attention.


ilu timeline-chan.

No. 137892

Has anyone contacted the Russian DJ yet? I want him to sue Kiki so badly. No more frivolous trips to Tokyo with mommy and daddy's money after that, lol.

No. 137894

And then when she gets caught doing it she'll post a huge self pitying, rambling blog about how it's totally not her fault and she was just trying to be a good vegan earth conscious health mother~~

No. 137895

I think somebody did a while back, and nothing much came of it. Though, I'm pretty sure he's aware.

No. 137899

he might be more concerned if he found she was selling his work as her own to film companies.

No. 137901

Ugh I forgot to mention all this shit with the movie. So much happened today!

>July 14th, a random anon >>137829 discovers her infamously plagiarized song "Opal Rain" has been used in a film sequence >>137836 with seemingly no credit to Kiki or the original artist of the song.

No. 137902

>July 6th, huge rambling rant about plastic surgery

I thought this was to imply she was happy with her looks but her sister is unhappy and had surgery.

Also why does Taku's text look like it was made in photoshop or ms paint?

No. 137904

>I thought this was to imply she was happy with her looks
You can interpret it that way, but yeah the basic idea was that she is happy with her looks and no one should get PS, even though she shoops herself constantly and even erases some of her features.

>Also why does Taku's text look like it was made in photoshop or ms paint?

It's actually not a text, it's from LINE messenger. She probably had a pale theme over it (in another text she has what looks like the My Melody theme which is light pink) but she proceeded to lighten it even further and add stupid cherry blossoms and shit as she feels she must do for fucking everything.

No. 137910

File: 1436932028033.png (143.79 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2014-11-29-11-06-24…)

found caps
(in English)

No. 137911

File: 1436932094861.png (126.51 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2014-11-29-11-03-00…)

with reply in English

No. 137915

File: 1436932185080.png (23.95 KB, 879x172, stolen song.png)

annnnd a comment on Kiki's EP, I believe. Though, I have no clue what it says.

No. 137917


He's calling her a "fucking pussy" and tells her that he's tracking her.

No. 137918

Yo. DJ Aleksey speaks pure Russian. Send the message in Russian. I had sent him a message in English (about Opal Rain kek) but he didn't reply. Sent it in Russian, and he did.

No. 137922

Well I'm late as fuck, someone already got my caps.

No. 137923

Me too but that's probably because I'm a weeb with a busu kawaii fetish.

No. 137926


I wonder if Admin-sama could check the kirleios anon's ip address to see if it's from Japan

No. 137928

Lmao this guy was calling her out on stealing his song

No. 137946

Damn, today was double milk delivery.

Kaka breakdown on the fake fiance and her plagiarism exposed.

No. 137978

Underrated post

No. 137980


it's not the snaggletooth that bothers me, but the rotten one right next to it. imperfection is one thing, nastiness is another.

i don't think admin-sama would get involved because she doesn't even when people are like "that post wasn't mine! compare the IPs to prove it!" plus if it was kooter, she would surely avoid tipping us off in the future.

No. 137999

Just noticed she's turned off anon asks on asklilkitten, kek.

No. 138000

Tbh I don't think he's THAT ugly? He's sorta on the lower end of the spectrum of average. The rotten tooth(honestly I can't see well, and it's a bad pic so I'm going your words anon)is nasty, but I thought snaggleteeth we're thought of as cute or something?
Something along the lines as teeth not being some japanese people top priority unlike in the west. Because dental care is expensive or something? Idk. If you look at some regular street snaps or candid photos of people, you'll see a lot of yellow crooked teeth and they don't care, much worse than his actually. Plus he was a smoker, so smoking + lack of care = rotten teeth.

Now, if Kaka really loved him enough to get married, she would stick by him no matter the opinions. But hey, at least he probably(?) wouldn't spent time with her crazy ass anymore.
Now as long as she doesn't PULL a Venus and bad talk the dude for no apparent reason (except for the teeth lmao erryone can see that), this situation is just fine, dandy, and hilarious in my book.

No. 138001

Dental care isnt expensive there
Its cheap
But not all countries want giant fake pearly whites like America

No. 138007


Overall, the Japanese don't care about their teeth. They find crooked cute and blackening them as a sign of beauty or marriage in some areas. It's an odd culture. I hope kaka knows what she's in for lmfao

No. 138013

Americans don't all have "fake" white teeth, stop thinking everyone in america is like a hollywood styled dingbat. there are americans here with just as bad teeth as anyone. What I don't get is that Japanese people ooh and aww over clean straight teeth when most of the time they'ed only need to practice proper oral hygiene. Even Africans in the middle of nowhere have straight white teeth and all they use is tree branches.

No. 138014

The point, Japanese have a lot of money but only use it for "shopping" and other materialistic unnecessary things, health last.

No. 138017

>the rotten one right next to it
It could be just a small tooth shoved back so it seems like a gap.
Seriously, I think the guy has his cute angles, especially with styled hair, but all in all he looks average. I don't care about teeth and think straight, bleached teeth (American ideal?) look kind of unnatural.

No. 138021

File: 1436965350140.jpg (55.58 KB, 380x380, KILL IT BEFORE IT LAYS EGGS.jp…)

I apologize for nothing.

No. 138022

i didnt say all americans have it, but it seems like america is the only one with the beauty ideal involving ridiculous chompers

No. 138023

nice theory
kaka keeps going "Omg someone is leaking all my info, my hotel, AND MY ADDRESS IN FLORIDA"

and who is the only one, we know for sure, has that info? kota of course

No. 138027

Hahah what? My oral hygiene is spot on mate, but i still had to pay $5k for invisalign. How your teeth grow has nothing to do with how many times you brush and floss. On that note, in japan most people actually carry a toothbrush on them, as it is common to brush after every meal, and crooked teeth are more sought after as it gives character or some shit. Relax yo' eagle ass murica.

No. 138029

Oh and Africa is a continent you damn ignoramus. Branches? Sit your ignorant racist ass down and Google before spewing your uneducated splooge all over the place.

No. 138030


Shut the fuck up you bloated PULLtard and take your PC bullshit elsewhere. Nobody gives a fuck about your shilling, you sound like a fucking Tumblr blog kek

No. 138031

Goddamn Murricans are always so defensive.

No. 138034

im mad that she still hasn't answered my question about her stealing of pixel art hahaha

No. 138036

I emailed the artist asking if she had permission but I never got a response.

No. 138037

Ha, no way would have Kaka had this meltdown + deleting spree, if people would've been praising Taco's stellar good looks instead of telling the truth. This is seriously entertaining to follow.

No. 138038

It seems to me he didn't go beyond insulting her. I don't know about costs for advocates in Russia but since he'd clearly win the case the costs for his lawyer should be paid by Keeks. So why didn't he initiate anything yet?

No. 138039

It CAN be cheap, but mostly pricey. But even so, a lot of them spend all their money and go into debt for university degrees instead. Plus I guess people care less for braces since it's totemo kawaii uguu with yaeba.

No. 138040

It baffles me people are too lazy getting free $. I'd gladly help him but I don't know how.

No. 138042

This is the future of America too haha.

She deleted the blog entry on lilkitten about dealing with stress. I wonder if it's because all the photos were not hers.

old video for old time's sake.

No. 138046


definitely looks like a rotten tooth in this pic >>137419

No. 138048

Really though, you actually get so pissy you have to wail "pull!!!! Tumblr!!! Fuck you for knowing things!!!" Just because one single person pointed out that your assumptions were wrong. Maybe if the fact that you stereotype whole continents weren't mentioned, despite that being the exact thing you were bitching about yourself you wouldn't have been so blinded by your teary eyed, or should i say star spangled eyes, you would have been able to understand that yeah, maybe you do need to educate yourself a little. I am all for seeing the actual tumblr ~mah triggers~ gang chilling the fuck out, but basic human decency, and the ability to read up on a subject is not a horrible thing, contrary to what you might feel right now.

No. 138051

One of the songs she had up on soundcloud was reported and subsequently removed for violating copyright, but it was a PULL user who finally did it after some time went by without this guy making a move against her. So it was that easy to do something like that, but he wasn't the one who did the action. The language barrier really worked in her favor, I guess.

I know for a fact that two people had told him what she did, and he responded both times but did nothing. I doubt the third time's going to elicit any action from him, either.

No. 138069

look, their baby even has fairy wings wat a beautiful sight

No. 138074

>>137832 Bam, taken down.

No. 138075

I asked her a question about how her and Taku met a while back but she never answered. I'm actually really interested to know what the whole story was. I was actually kind of surprised she didn't want to answer it.
I think she only replied to compliment-oriented asks (that were not anon), and then her own self-asks on anon. She's so paranoid.

she's watching. Hi Keeks!

No. 138076

Even a fairly 'fun' video still has a whiney description about haters libelling her. Good old Kaka.

No. 138078

Hi Kiki, I know you're watching and I got to tell you that you NEED to make it in Japan. Like seriously, just do it like your sister, angles, kawaii desudesu clothing, no speaking videos, and marketing yourself as "ningyo Barbie's sister". Plus you're tall, skinny and stuff, you could maybe even do better than Dakota.
Learn some japanese, speak when you're asked too, and you should make it there.

No. 138079

wait, what happened to her "curvy-outfits" OOTD video– did she even post that?

No. 138086


>plus you're tall, skinny and stuff, you could maybe even do better than Dakota

>you should make it there

No shade but I can tell you don't know much about Japanese pop culture.

Being tall and skinny is not the default for success in Japan as it is Western society.
Western culture covets the elegant, slender and alien in appearance, whereas Japan rewards youth, softness and femininity.
Kirsten is way too hard in everything for her to ever be successful there. She literally looks like a yamanba, and I don't mean the fashion trend, I mean the original yamanba (i.e. mountain hag).

I've seen a couple of threads commenting on how Dakota has gained weight without realising that this is exactly what Japan likes. Definitely not obesity, but girls with a softness to them as it's reminiscent of children.
When you see those rare advertisements for diet pills and the like displaying Photoshopped images of horrendously skinny skeleton-women, you have to understand this is an absolute niche, hardly anybody actually wants to look like that.

In Japan youth is king. It's the basis for their entire pop culture over there. Kirsten looks like a hard-faced angular witch and she's only getting older, and that aside, she doesn't understand when to shut her mouth. She will never make it in Japan.

Dakota, nasolabial lines aside, does actually looks young. She looks soft and sweet and girlish (even if she has a black humour), and when she makes appearances on talk shows she smiles and she laughs and she covers her mouth whilst she does so which is a very, very traditionally feminine Japanese action.

Can you fucking imagine how Kirsten would behave on a talk show?

No. 138088

File: 1436978560656.gif (89.94 KB, 254x244, tAPVYT.gif)

god save kaka's horse face and five head

No. 138091

Holy shit dude, great job

No. 138097

Wow. If she looked like your shoop she'd actually be youthful-looking and might have a chance in Japan.
Hell, she even looks more like Kota that way and would even be able to sell herself as the "original Barbie Elf Goddess".
>Everything my chubby, dumpy little sister has she totally learned from me desu~ :^)

No. 138101

That shoop doesn't look like kota at all lmao.

No. 138103

You can be thin and have a softness. Japan probably doesn't want chubsters for modeling.

No. 138105

File: 1436980403963.jpg (55.51 KB, 750x437, image.jpg)

Whoa. Her secondary account was reported. Did it contain any of her stolen music?

I don't know much about Youtube but I doubt that's what it would look like if she was the one deleting it.

No. 138106

yeah…America idolized the muscular/slim body type, Japan does love super skinny but un-toned so they still look "soft" Kota is a bit chubby for typical Japanese standards. She probably gets away with it cus all americans are fat lul

No. 138112


Yeah you can, but Kirsten is only thin, and not even the good thin either. She looks awfully boney.

No. 138114


Nah, I reckon that account didn't actually belong to Kirsten and she was the one to send in the copyright claims.

She probably only discovered it after it was posted here, kind of convenient how it got taken down less than a day after it was posted here.

Hi Kirsten. Thief.

No. 138117

Looks more like Kota than the original Kiki does, anon

No. 138122

He was never her boyfriend. He was some one night stand gaijin hunter and she used him thinking everyone would be jealous of her nihonjin boifurendo.
Then everyone started making fun of his looks and it made her look desperate (you always looked desperate kaka) so her ego got hurt and she baleeted everything and blamed it on the mean stalkers.

No. 138134

As I said before, it wasn't a second account, it was just some person reposting old videos.

No. 138137

She doesn't answer questions that are too similar to previous questions. She was just going to leave it at "we met in Florida and all the people who say otherwise are just haters spreading rumors!!!"

>Can you fucking imagine how Kirsten would behave on a talk show?
Oh god…

Nah, I still think that he was/is her boyfriend, I think she's just butthurt people aren't jealous now and it's painfully obvious she looks desperate for a visa since he's not bishounen.

No. 138144

Honestly she doesn't even need a smaller forehead, she just needs some bangs.

No. 138151


and she probably won't ever

No. 138165

Maybe it will. All there's left is juice recipes and outfit/make up stuff for her yt channel. Someone already mentioned the voyeuristic nature of yt - so her only way is to flood basic content until someone likes her (just like Mira).

No. 138167

HAHA no it doesnt. Delulu.

No. 138178

About what? Are you Kiki or something? You look like a witch and barely like you sister at all, sorry

No. 138180



I don't think it looks like her either.
>inb4 Are you Kiki or something?

No. 138187

File: 1436991459440.png (664.63 KB, 699x384, kaka's house.png)

ooo kiki im standing outside yo house

No. 138188


No. 138189

i also found scott's number do you guys think i should call him?

No. 138191

File: 1436991784794.gif (1.5 MB, 400x225, wiggity.gif)


No. 138193

No. 138196

I don't think so, could be related to his job so he doesn't always have to drive long everyday plus Cathy and Kiki sure would've got rid of "Ostrenga" knowing how overdramatic they are.

No. 138197

I'm not for showing up at random's houses but are you a strange man? Bonus if you are.

No. 138198

Nah, no reason to. You'll just scare our cow away.

No. 138200

yes i am a 36 year old hispanic man and i love watching her sleep every night. I tape a camera on a pole and record through her blinds and watch it when i get home.

No. 138203

well, I'm a 37 year old Hispanic man who loves to watch her sleep every night. I have binoculars so I get real time vegan action.

No. 138204

Inb4 you're Kiki trying to get this site down by posting her info herself.

No. 138206

How is stalking treated in the US?

Here the one of the things the police will tell you is to NOT contact the stalker. Not even indirectly (i.e. informing your followers via twitter what's going on). Because this way the stalker will know they have some control over you and - as they are propably mentally ill - will understand it like an invitation. ( i.e. 'I tried to contact her 100 times but the 101st time she wrote about me on twitter! I'll keep it up.')

So Kiki, if there is someone actually stalking you, why are you describing it on twitter like this? You even showed the stalker what you tried to do about it (contacting the FBI) and how it didn't work.

No. 138207


>idiots not realising this is a screencap from Google Maps

Jesus, how old are you and how long have you been on this site?

No. 138209

I was wondering when someone was gonna figure it out

No. 138210

It doesn't kook at all like her OK. Wtf.

No. 138218

I can answer this.

I was recently stalked, received text messages from a person who had information about me, my house, my workplace, etc. I contacted the police took it very seriously and they were arrested within a matter of days. I don't even live far from Kiki, though I don't live in the same state.

No. 138220

Whistles magically
Snaps fingers

Sticky? Ohhh, Sticky? Where hath thy gone?

No. 138228

who remembers Sceney Sceneable? lol it was like a rip off of audrey kitching and kaka

No. 138233

first few mins of this sceney ep lol if kaka still looked all bat shit emo that would be her

No. 138235

anyone rip the videos she took down of her bf? I never got to see them.

No. 138239


Because they were embedded instead of the links being posted they were unable to be archived.

Next time we post important videos like that which are at risk of disappearing we need to supply a link too to ensure archival.

No. 138243

damn. i always save lolcow videos, but i wasn't around to catch those. at least some anons got screencaps of her super handsome japanese husbando :^)

No. 138297

File: 1437012652473.jpg (374.08 KB, 450x674, 5261093233_b7acc8a840_z.jpg)

Wait, I was the anon that made that post. WHERE did I say Africa was a country for one, second. They DO use branches for oral hygiene its the same routine they've used for thousands of year. What is your problem I don't get it.

No. 138299

File: 1437012751960.jpeg (12.43 KB, 275x183, images-2.jpeg)

I rest my case. Point Japanese don't care about oral hygiene simple.

No. 138300

File: 1437012863073.jpeg (8.76 KB, 194x259, images-3.jpeg)

Africans Use a tree branch that they claim makes their teeth sparkling white. Go read a book

No. 138301


Because she's probably some Tumblr autist that likes to profess all this hyperbole to make it seem like she's educated in a specific subject when the reality is she doesn't know shit all.

Also how embarrassing for her.

No. 138307

Ghanaian here.
Literally where is this happening? Don't just say "Africa" I've never heard of this shit lmao

No. 138310

By "branch" you guys mean those chewing sticks, right? It's not like they are just random twigs

No. 138311

you could have put this all in one post.

this is all off-topic.

No. 138312


When I was a kid, a Nigerian friend's mom let me try one from a pack she'd picked up the last time she was home. Like a thick matchstick with something sour inside.

No. 138313

The reason why I think it's Kota is because not only does it make sense as she visits here, she's the only one with something to gain by speeding up the truth coming out.

Pretty certain she's been tipping us off but knows how to mask her IP with a proxy.

No. 138314

Oh my god, will you guys just shut the fuck up nobody cares anymore.

This is Kiki's thread, not Japanese/African oral hygiene thread.

No. 138315

I would like to believe this. I would love to know though.

No. 138323

agreed. if you so desperately want to talk about tooth brushing habits among different peoples, take it to /b/
or alternatively just shut up because no one cares

No. 138324

If this is the case then why would she refer to him as her boyfriend on Twitter? Surely he can see that and if he insisted that their relationship was a one night stand and to delete the videos of him, I doubt she'd continue to call him her bf after that?

No. 138325

How would he have found her twitter? It's obv nearly most of the videos are recorded secretly, too.

No. 138326


Africa branch anon isn't the one that started it to be fair, it was that Tumblr fuck.

Hell, you're probably Tumblr fuck, all salty and burning from getting schooled.

No. 138327

if he knew her Youtube he'd know her online name was Kiki Kannibal and a quick Google will give you her twitter

No. 138328

Was never a sign that he saw her youtube either.

No. 138330

then how would he know there were videos of him online that he could demand for her to take down?

No. 138332

Didn't she link all of her shit on that dating profile someone posted..?

No. 138335

Her deletion of all her media was just simply too perfect timing for the cause to have been Taku finding out. I personally think they're dating, she's just mad he's ugly. I don't doubt he knows about her internet popularity because I can't really see Kiki going through life NOT talking about her stalkers.

No. 138339

No, she would never ever tell him her online alias (although I do agree with what the other anon said, that she'd most likely tell him her stories about being stalked/harassed for pity). The only thing she said on those profiles is that she makes music, but she didn't share her soundcloud or anything.

I highly doubt he found out, she's just salty because people think he's ugly.

No. 138343

I agree with both of you. People just want to believe what they want to be true since it's a more dramatic situation than what likely happened.

No. 138344


>dat google maps angle

wasn't that their old home though?

No. 138349

yeah, that makes more sense. i was just a little confused because there are like three different theories at play

No. 138353

Thinking about it though, he could really easily find her online though. All of the pictures on her language exchange accounts were pictures she's posted on her social media, he could easily do an image search with those pictures. But he wouldn't really have any reason to.

No. 138356

are you done?

No. 138357

And you'd think that Kiki would likely name drop Dakota, right? Then he would easily be able to find her account through her.

No. 138362

File: 1437023771872.jpg (65.44 KB, 343x1024, 4chan_5b3e83_5527622.jpg)

>here is a different culture's way of oral hygene, as you see it works quite well
whoever this anon is, please kill youself

No. 138363

all she really needs is bangs and to stop that stupid gyaru droopy eyes bullcrap because it isn't working for her like it does for kooters (that and kooters doesn't even do it that droopy either) she would look 100% better

No. 138376

Yeah, she looks nice with bangs I think. Actually, her best looks was when she had that bob imo

No. 138381

File: 1437031093731.png (327.16 KB, 500x499, keekz.png)

Something like this?

No. 138386

such an improvement. covers up the horrible eyebrows too.
i think it'd look better if it were straight bangs though.

No. 138390

File: 1437036593552.jpg (4.3 KB, 147x90, images.jpg)

No. 138394

Someone really needs to find out who Taku is - I want to know if he even knew about his marriage

No. 138395

What do you mean "find out who he is"? Don't we already know who he is?

No. 138397

wasn't self-posting banned on /pt/?

No. 138398

The only thing we know is that his name is Taku and how he looks like, could anyone manage to find him somewhere online?

No. 138401

YAS omg it looks great. I love it.

No. 138403

Two days and no new updates.

Feels bad man.

No. 138406

I think this is what Kiki was referrencing to. So don't act like we haven't been trying to find out info about him.
Not that I am against it. I was just suprised how everybody acted like we havent been looking him up!

No. 138413

This could be another 2 month disappearance while she regroups and reatrategizes… Boo :(

No. 138414

hopefully she comes back as someone less irritating

No. 138417

i wonder if she'll actually try and improve herself and her life while she's gone or just .. madly refresh these threads until she can't take it anymore and has to upload something online to prove that we're all jelly haters.

No. 138421

File: 1437047979161.jpg (17.17 KB, 324x332, jnjn.JPG)

oh sankyuu

No. 138423

File: 1437049144271.jpg (18.79 KB, 307x212, 1421194410018.jpg)

>i wonder if she'll actually try and improve herself and her life while she's gone

No. 138433

To anyone who's seen the vid was he actually consistently ugly? It's pretty easy to screencap an unfortunate expression, probably more so than a flattering one. He doesn't seem to have a horrific face aside from shark teeth.

No. 138434


if rin matsuoka was real, he'd have teeth like that i bet

No. 138435


He wasn't the greatest…

No. 138439

Eh. He looks attractive enough then. There's so many boring perfectly plainfaced 5/10s in Japan that she could have ended up with so I don't think his looks are anything to tear her down for.

No. 138440

Yeah, just an average-looking Japanese guy with a gross tooth. I don't think people would have insulted his appearance if she hadn't played up their relationship so much. It's like, we all know the two can't communicate enough for her to have any idea of his personality so his looks are all she's got and THAT is what she's bragging about?
Plus it's kind of the nature of the board to shit on anyone and everything associated with lolcows, so there's that.

No. 138441

Correction: I don't think people would have insulted his appearance as much
Didn't mean to contradict myself with that last statement.

No. 138445

He looks cute in some of her videos, the tooth is eugh but idk the one who has to like him is her, not us. We only laugh because she pretends to make it look like he's the love of her life when they have been together for 6 months or so and she's thinking about marriage.

No. 138447


u wish

No. 138448

Definitely agreeing with their relationship being laughable and ripe for milking. He's not a confirmed cow and most likely knows nothing about Kaka's shenanigans so I guess I just feel bad for him until we get to know more about what's going on. And boy do I hope that day comes soon~ I'd love a big scene like what happened with Venus and her bf.

No. 138450

honestly wondering now, how many of you are still in this "he knows nothing about this relationship" boat? i used to think that but i've jumped ship after the last video.

No. 138455

I'm in the "he sees her as a gaijin 'girlfriend' but nothing really serious and either has no idea about the marriage stuff or uses it to keep her interested" boat. Like when he said aishiteru, he knows what to say and do to keep gaijin girls orbiting him. I wouldn't be at all surprised if he started scouting for new weeaboo chicks the moment Kekek stepped on her plane home.

No. 138456

its sad because this powerful earth goddess mother doesnt realize her own "strength" is her demise

No. 138468

It must be why, the 4th time she does smthg like this. you really believe that gon' happen?

Though I want her to come back ssoooooon. Like the 2nd time, she made a video about not being on social media and that lasted a week or so.

No. 138479

And every time she comes back, she's even worse than before. lol

No. 138483

And on a stalking "haters" spree, I wonder if she got an archive like that for Taku too and how he would react finding out about her crazy stalking of the whole internet.

No. 138518

File: 1437076122720.png (92.95 KB, 462x301, kek.png)

I just noticed that Ellen DeGeneres is following her.
Has Kaka ever mentioned it?
I thought she'd try make a big deal of it.
She's not following Kota!

No. 138520


lol her and kota dislike icky dyke lesbos remember?!

No. 138565

I'm pretty sure Ellen is following her bc Cathy was harassing her to do it on twitter. I think it was around the time her and Kota had that kickstarter.

No. 138581

They hate icky lesbos except when it suits their needs. Kiki had a video up on her channel about postage stamps that she saw on Ellen's show that raised money for animal shelters or something like that. So while she might not approve of Ellen's ~lifestyle~ she probably has to be somewhat nice about it because Ellen is also vegan. The video and all others from that time (her shop redesign, the Peta protest, etc.) have all been privated. Did that happen a while ago or was it part of this recent locking everything meltdown?

No. 138603


His name might not even be Taku, when Kiki started mentioning him se called him "Takun" in kana, which normally is a pet name for names whose first character is た (ta), Ta-kun or Takkun. Of course with Kiki and her shit Japanese skills, her writing it as たくん the way she did isn't surprising. AFAIK Taku isn't a even real Japanese name or a part of one. His name is probably Taka or Tarou or something similar.

No. 138606

Ellen also follows 37k other people. She's probably one of those celebs who randomly followed a bunch of fans back (like Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber do).

No. 138610


fuck ellen

my friend has obama following her

No. 138625

Could Taco's real name be Takuma? There's a Japanese racing driver called Takuma Sato.

No. 138626


ot but how did she get that opal-looking light in her room?

No. 138627


dont start anon otherwise you'll have all the japanese know it alls pull out their books and educate the forum

No. 138628


Could be a filter?

No. 138630

She has a projector

No. 138631

So…question. Other than when she was talking about gross lesbo dykes in a video with Kota when she was like 15/14 has Kiki ever said she doesn't like gays/lesbians?

No. 138633


It could be, but there's no way of really knowing unless Kota anonymously drops in with a link that leads us to some info about him. I mean, it's a real Japanese male name and he is a real Japanese make, so yeah it's possible his name could be Takuma.

Unless you're trying to imply Kiki is dating a Japanese racer, which I doubt. She would milk the fuck out of any guy with any kind of fame.

No. 138688

Bah, there are at least 10 names that start with Taku

All this dumb speculation is a waste of time

No. 138690


No. 138693

don't know why else she wouldn't be shoving it in everyone's face that ellen is following her and has never even mentioned it at all (as far as i know). i would be excited if she followed me on something. she's awesome. and kiki always needs to brag about fucking everything
she's probably the most famous person who is following her right now since she doesn't even have that many followers to begin with

No. 138695

File: 1437100629959.jpg (42.69 KB, 660x450, sato_2.jpg)

Taco-kun looks nothing like Takuma Sato.

No. 138722

Kiki unfollowed Kota?

>theory about Kota leaking shit intensifies

No. 138733

oh shit

dakota pls, give us information. despite everything you know we all like you more than kiki. [

No. 138738

File: 1437105316263.png (164.82 KB, 800x1280, tmp_22339-Screenshot_2015-07-1…)

No she didn't.

She did, however, follow a bunch of animal-rights-whatever accounts.

No. 138739

yeah, where did this come from?

i don't think that anon was insinuating kiki was dating takuma sato, i think they were just kinda naming one popular japanese person they know with a name that has "taku" in it.

No. 138786

Besides supporting Kota's non-apology for her pedo lesbo comments Kaka hasn't come across anti-LGBT since her Stickam days. She doesn't seem pro-LGBT either. Her actions don't show a person who is supportive. No RT during #LoveWins when most people were RTing or changing their avatars. She can't show support but she can call out Miley Cyrus and Ariana Grande for being bad Peta role models? For someone preaching about cutting bad influences out of your life to work on yourself she likes to tweet out a lot of negative stuff.

No. 138810

this person is actually attractive and has relatively good teeth
definitely not taco

No. 138812

Lmao, only following 7 on Twitter and following 0 on Instashit. What a fucking narcissistic cunt

No. 138824

Literally all of her followers are either farmers, PULLtards, Dakota residual fans or nostalgic people who remember her from the scene days. Only the above groups of people could be "stalking" her, none of which I've seen make any threats to her recently. NO ONE has made threats here, neither have they on PULL, Dakota fans normally kiss her ass, being her sister and all and we're left with people who used to know her from the scene days. Why in the name of ever-loving FUCK, does she not let go of two thousand and fucking six/seven? It would help her so much to get rid of that 'Kannibal' shit and start again. She rambles on about how she's so enlightened. No, sorry. You haven't let go of the past and literally everything you do is centred around YOURSELF AS A FAMOUS PERSON, WHEN YOU ARE NOT.

If she dropped all that she'd actually have friends, but fame and attention is clearly more important than lasting relationships.

KAKA, WE KNOW YOU LURK HERE, OKAY? NO ONE IS ACTUALLY WANTING TO HURT YOU. Stop claiming people are out to hunt you down, no one cares enough to do that. Most of us just like drama, and you give us it. It's like a Z-List celebrity magazine, really. If you expect the entirety of the internet to bow down before you and not to give you negative comments on your videos, you may as well get the fuck off the internet already - opinions will be split.

I miss the 2012 Kiki who did all those recipe and make-up videos. Was convinced she would continue that as she started again recently but again, she just can't be bothered and would rather start dramu.

Trend-hopping nobody.

No. 138827


Just to add, at this point she is just fucking retarded. I had hope in 2012 she actually changed from all that negative stuff but literally all she has done this year after apparently having an amazing time in Japan is now take everything back and "deprive" (lol) us of an insight into her personal life.

I at one point defended her on PULL, a whole fucking lot actually, and tried to be friends with her, but I've realised as soon as she sees that anyone so much as knows about any of these "hate sites" and references them, she'll block and delete you. Kiki, problem here is that unfortunately the people who are your "fans", are all people who found out about you through these sites… If you continue with the 'Kannibal' bullshit, you're ONLY going to be associating with "us".

She doesn't even talk to anyone where she lives in Florida, has admitted that numerous times, only talks to people who know her as 'Kiki Kannibal' through social media, except now apparently everyone is a horrible jealous stalker. What she means is all her followers are jelly stalkers. So she tries to escape to Japan through 'Kirlios' or whatever, fails and AHH WOMAN JUST GET OFF THE INTERNET YOU FUCKING CRETIN.

No. 138829


…And good luck to her finding an actual career where her employer won't search her legal name to perform background checks before hiring. Damn idiot. Her parents actually fuelled this and have ruined her life. Dakota only narrowly escaped because she really was just in the background of all the drama and you could argue that Kiki had a massive negative influence on her, which caused her to say the racist, homophobic stuff. While you can forgive Dakota because she made a public apology (to an extent), there is NO hope for Kiki unless she completely reinvents herself.

The reason she can't reinvent herself? She has no real-life friends so would have zero followers, would be embarrassed about knowing no one in her hometown, so won't ever do it. She'll hold onto the irrelevant "Kiki Kannibal" forever.


No. 138831

"Let's cat fish her!" that didn't work,"here's her address, go get her!" men show up to my house yelling 'Kiki Kannibal' in May. - Kiki.

YES, BECAUSE THIS SO HAPPENED. If it did, no doubt they would be back here raving about it. It didn't fucking happen. It happened in 2007 or 2008 or whatever the fuck - some retarded scenesters with nothing better to do. Not this May. No one pretends to be her online either… Everyone is aware of her real Twitter etc because her profile is verified, same with YouTube. I don't get why she keeps pulling random statements out her ass.

No. 138833


Sorry just realised cat fishing would mean someone pretending to be someone else and talking to her. I'm tired, plz forgive. Has anyone here actually done that?

No. 138844

she should do something with her guitar skills instead of making/stealing horrendous dance music, i think Kiki might actually suit the "rocker girl" kind of persona

she absolutely needs to drop the weeb act as well. Kiki, you're never going to be Dakota. why not carve out a new identity for yourself? i actually don't believe you're totally one-dimensional, but you're portraying yourself that way now

i do kind of hate the fact that this girl has her parents' resources at her disposal but instead of attending university she just goes on impromptu trips to Japan to do nothing. it pisses me off

No. 138848

didn't she display her adress over her company? why kaka why

No. 138850

I don't think she's particularly pro- or anti-LGBT, I think she just doesn't care about anyone who isn't her. IMO the main reason she's so outspoken about veganism is because it supports her image of an ~elf crystal moogle of mother earth~

No. 138854


Exactly, on point. Maybe even a mix between rock and kawaii shit? She doesn't suit the innocent thing at all. Neither does Dakota but she does it a lot better than Kiki ever will. I feel the same, but her parents want her to be famous so desperately that they'll do anything to fuel that. They think that because Dakota kinda got there Kiki will too, because she's the taller, skinny one, right? It's pathetic that they don't care where they get famous, as long as it's somewhere. Maybe she should try India or something…

No. 138855

>Farm Sanctuary


No. 138858

Kiki the Bollywood star? i'm liking it
now how do you spell Kiki Kannibal in Hindi…

No. 138862

The sad thing is she probably has that as an option… After the Los Angeles failure.

No. 138864

She really did mention a guitar teacher but apparently she gave that up in order to have long-ass nail-claws. Goes out to show how devoted to music she is.

And yes, same here. She could do just so much stuff with all the opportunities money brings, it's a waste.

No. 138867


Exactly and with her follower count aswell, but she is STRIVING to gain jap fan base. I doubt it would have worked for her in back during 2010 tbh. Kota with less back story, it worked I guess and features ect

Kiki should just go back to school and work her way up to something, do music on the side but she half-asses everything. One minute she's a vegan spiritualist talking about mushroom powder, then a model, then a musician, then a designer… fucking hell kaka make your mind up!

No. 138869


Pfft, kaka will never change. You know I first found out about kaka in 2006, I was on IMVU and I remember the emo thing was pretty fresh and rising. Kaka had pictures all over the place, I did wonder who she was but meh. I had no idea who kota was until living doll era when I saw her old pics, immediately I was like "OH HER!" lol.

That's when I found out all the drama about kaka/kota on every site known to man. People's personal experiences with them, danny ect and nah, kaka will never change. Even in 2012 I knew she wouldn't change, I could tell she was trying to rip off her sister because of their sudden style change and kaka looking similar to kota. It's all bs.

It'll be hard for her to find a proper job, just type up her name on google and pages of her life right there. It's nothing to be proud of.

She should just go back to making make up videos, juice videos or something. At least those were KINDA decent.

But nope, she wants a piece of that tarento too lmao

No. 138870


Plus, kaka needs to realize that it's easy to expose her now. She could get away with it back in 2005/06 due to the lack of tech/truth sites and her bs hidden under the covers lol. Now, she can't hide and kaka knows this.

No. 138871

If you think that's bad, she only started following those other accounts like this year. Before that she was only following Kooter.

Someone asked her once why she didn't follow anyone else and she said she didn't care what anyone else had to say, lawl.

No. 138873

I genuinely think she only followed Kotex because she wanted rid of all the "negative influences" in her life, so unfollowed anyone she wasn't close to. She was always on about how people suck her into negative things and with her "change" came getting rid of all those people.

Like I get it, she does have a right to do that and I understand how you may want to clear out your friends/following lists on various sites but by doing so she's isolating herself from making new friends. She just shows and proves she has no friends because y'know, personally I'd tend to follow my friends on sites like anyone else… Unless I had none. She acts like not having friends is a choice and led her to become this higher being but I honestly think she just doesn't get on with anyone and is confused so tends to isolate herself. It's probably a mental disorder.

No. 138875

Her parents conditioned her to be this way and to see herself as the most important person on the planet. It just doesn't occur to her that we're all equal at all, she doesn't understand how to form friendships, nor does she want to in the slightest. That may be a reason she cares so much about only animals and doesn't give a flying fuck about humans. Everyone is disgusting apart from her in her imagination (I'm a veggie btw so yes I love animals dearly, but I love people too, unlike her).

No. 138876

When has she ever used that guitar? I've only seen her use it 2 times, the first time she was showing off in a makeup tutorial and the second time she was literally pretending to play it.

I definitely agree that she'd suit a rocker girl persona though. In one of the earlier threads I said she should copy Courtney Love, it would be perfect for her because:
1.) She doesn't really have to put any effort into being good at singing/guitar.
2.) Courtney's style would actually suit her a lot.
and 3.) 90's/Grunge is in right now.

When did she say this?
Last time someone asked her why she doesn't follow anyone other than Kota she said that she "doesn't collect people" and that haters would stalk anyone she follows.

No. 138878

What if she's severely mentally ill, so when she sees negative comments she interprets them as death threats? What if she links negativity to people trying to kill her straight away?

No. 138881


I wondered this as well you know. The pair of them, kota and kaka. I did at one point think they could both have some sort of illness, obv they wouldn't be able to see it. We can though.

Kota not as much… unless she is milking barbie face as her persona and its just a fuck about then okay. But if she actually believes she looks that way, something isn't right. I doubt kota as much, I see kota more as socially awkward with little fashion sense but striving to be successful in nippon.

Kaka is the biggest worry, I truly do think she has something wrong with her tbh.

Funny, their brother is mentally ill aswell. Must be an ostrenga trait lolin

No. 138883

I think Kota's awkwardness points towards her being more self aware. She seems afraid she'll fuck up so she doesn't know how to behave. Kiki is incapable of seeing the fault lying with her, and has no self awareness at all. I honestly don't think the thought
>Maybe it's me
has ever crossed her mind.

No. 138884

He's autistic, it's not a stretch to think Kiki is on the spectrum as well? I don't think Dakota is, I think with her she was surrounded by a crazy warped family and needed to get away to heal.

No. 138885

She had her 15 minutes of fame and no "reinvented" version of her could prolong these. I don't care what she does style-wise but she should drop the "living to be loved by others" farce and do what she really likes. Not popular with your music? How about keep doing it bc you enjoy it? Not getting popular hits with juice and supplement videos? How about keep them up bc it seemingly is what interests you? Also I get the feeling in reality she wants to color her hair again but sticks to her natural hair bc of her new image.

No. 138886

It's because Dakota grew her hair out first, so she can't change that aspect because as long as Dakota has longer and more natural hair than her, she's better than her. Bet she was so happy when Kota cut half her hair off recently. Now Kiki is definitely better! She's so ill it's unreal.

No. 138889

How ironic would it be, if Kiki actually wants to be Dakota, is obsessed with her, and revels in the fact that she's the only person who will look even remotely like her? That's why she was only following her on Twitter?

No. 138891

What if Kyler Ostrenga has killed Kiki and is using her dead corpse as a prop for his social experiment and she's actually dead in all her videos?

I heard him moaning at some point in Scott's BBQ vid. He must have been telling Scott to hide the puppet strings.

No. 138892

I don't think she's autistic at all. And I don't think she has anything really wrong with her naturally, I think it's her lifestyle and the way she was raised.

I think that really is the case. Kota was the first one to be vegan, the first one to grow out her natural hair, the first one to mention gaming/Final Fantasy, the first one to go on about loving Sailor Moon/majical girl anime, she was probably the first one to get into kawaii fashion, and we all know she was the first one to be interested in Asia/Chinese/Japanese.

No. 138893

Is Kota still vegan?

No. 138894

She says she doesn't like meat, fish, eggs, and milk, but I don't think she's on a strict vegan diet since she has eaten non-vegan things for work plenty of times.

No. 138895

for a while, when she disappeared the last time, i thought, she might actually turn her life around and do something meaningful/start being an adult. but she never did.
jfc, what's wrong with her.

No. 138896

Ugh I've been spending too much time in the Ally thread I just read that as strenght lol

No. 138900

Kaka needs to try being rokku gyaru. She could maybe style herself like Sakurina or something. She still has the Japanese style inspiration, but she can wear more harsh make up (which, tbh, she kind of needs.)

No. 138903

> Also I get the feeling in reality she wants to color her hair again but sticks to her natural hair bc of her new image.
Where did you have that impression? (JFC, because I kinda do think that with the "copper/blonder/whatever" hair dumbness)

No. 138908

Exactly what I was thinking! Can't let her own little sister be better in any way.

No. 139097

Now that apparently Kota a small scandal going on in Japan, I wonder how Kaka will react? I bet she's laughing her ass off, but I wonder if she'll say anything about it?

No. 139111

I don't think she'll say anything about it but if she does, she'll probably just bring it back to herself and the way haters are always bullying her family

but I do think she's secretly happy about it. I think Kiki would like nothing more than for Kota's Nippon career to go down the train so she's forced to move back to Florida and live in her older sister's shadow once again

No. 139119

I think even if the scandal affected her current career she could still do something, anything else in Japan and keep living there.

No. 139125

hell, forget wanting kooter to be back in her shadow again, kaka's probably just desperate for company again

nobody else puts up with kaka besides the fuckboys who've just wanted her for tail

she shuts down the few people interested in befriending her because of her paranoid delusions

speaking of which, did anyone see that redhead girl on twitter sent kaka a picture she said she'd commissioned to have drawn to give to her in japan because she thought they'd meet up? sad

No. 139126

Nope, deets please? That is sad.

No. 139147


Kiki will milk the hell out of it if she says anything like "poor Dakota! My haters and stalkers are so vicious they've contaminated everyone that is friends and fans of Dakota with hate and now they're bullying her again! The hate is spreading!! Don't let it happen. Watch my videos (like and comment and subscribe) and visit my website to know how you can lead a more joyful pleasant life!!"

No. 139148

File: 1437171705595.jpg (60.07 KB, 521x517, soz.JPG)

No. 139161

File: 1437172175258.jpg (110.52 KB, 507x338, 80709404.jpg)

No. 139174


I went on her Twitter and couldn't see that Kiki had even replied to any of this girls messages to her…? Was my Twitter messing up or is this redhead girl deluded and just messaging kaka repeatedly without even a response?

No. 139176

It's a cute picture but her comments make me feel weird.

No. 139180

we were talking about her in the last kaka thread. kaka and this girl had exchanged a few tweets; the girl then said she was going to be in japan, and wanted to coordinate a meet-up with kaka.

but then kaka went on a tirade and blocked the girl, writing tweets like "if you associate with anyone who uses hate sites, i can't meet up with you." kaka deleted the tweets later

that's why you see the girl upset in the third tweet down

No. 139181

They were talking but Kakz deleted all her comments because of (insert reason), anyone know?

No. 139188

I used to talk to her through email as well and she fucking ignored/blocked me after I showed her how I defended her on PULL? Like actually made an account to defend her shit? I only then later realised she does this to everyone and hmm sad that the only people who know her are either from PULL or lolcow.

No. 139193

No. 139202

yeah, a couple days after kaka went on a tirade about this girl, there was something similar that happened with another person on twitter. kaka blocked someone who claimed she'd sent an e-mail to take down kaka's encyclopedia dramatica article. she was frantic about being mistakenly blocked for only defending kaka.

i think it must've been like your situation; doesn't matter what you said, she just sees what site you're on/who you're conversing with and assumes you're a hater. she could see someone arguing with a hater~ in her defense and still block the person just for talking with them probably

No. 139203

It's literally just us talking about random crap and then she all of a sudden stops. Don't have caps as this was in 2013. Then I tried contacting her again and got ignored.

No. 139209

She does it to everyone if she even remotely senses a "threat". I was so polite to her and the second I asked her if she knew about PULL, showing that I was strongly on her side, she ignored me after going on about how if she's ever in the same country she would give me a shout.

No. 139217

Just adding but she told me stuff like if I was ever in the USA to contact her so we could hang out, then abruptly pretended I didn't exist anymore. It was when she invited people to email her about one of her videos, something about bullying or some enlightenment in 2013, can't remember now.

No. 139244

Kiki assumed they were from PULL and then did the whole "can't talk to anyone from hate sites" thing.

No. 139252

Jesus, where did I say that Taco is a millionaire ex-F1 driver? I was just commenting that such name as Takuma exists because some people earlier were saying that no name in Japanese contains the word Taku.

No. 139284


No. 139288

Kaka always goes off on people for no reason and then deletes her tweets because ~love and light~. It's happened many times.

No. 139378

>azn husband
>posts about yaoi openly
>massive weeb
>idolized other youtubers
>commissions several lofi chibi pics
Lol, I'd ditch her, too, if this was something not entirely one-sided.

No. 139379

The Dakota thread is maxed out, I'm on a mobile so I can't make a new thread.

No. 139390

done it

No. 139557

Did anyone message Keekz and tell her one of her songs is in a Japanese movie yet?

No. 139585

So what do y'all think is next for Keekz
- Marrying Taco and moving to Nippon?
- Remaining in Florida and continuing to do nothing but post selfies and preach about veganism?
- Abandoning her weeb persona and moving on to something new?
- Quitting the Internet?
- Something else???

No. 139587

Planting orchids

No. 139588

I don't get it is this a reference to something?

No. 139589

nah, she has me blocked. I think she has a lot of us blocked

No. 139590

Plus, she probably already knows now because she lurks like a fucking psycho

No. 139594

i dont think i can handle another two month dry spell.

this is depressing

No. 139604

She blocked me on Instagram for correcting her baby-level Japanese

No. 139625

So she said her and family tried to report her "stalkers" to the FBI and they ignored her and will do so until it turns into murder. She really, really has severe mental issues. This is all she's talked about since she was 14 to 16 years old, it's so pathetic that she makes herself out to be the victim every single day and that the world is out to get her, while trying to get attention from the same "stalkers" who follow her. She puts herself out there and wonders why she apparently gets "stalked". Felice Fawn was a total idiot but had the sense to get off the Internet and remove her presence so good on her. Kiki however will never do this and will keep "threatening" to leave the Internet, only to come back in a few days or weeks with "modelling" pics or some other new scheme she's trying. She only disappears when no one gives a shit about her magical return or what the fuck she's doing. Taco is literally a project.

No. 139626

Narcissistic Personality Disorder?

No. 139653

I still have her on Instagram and Twitter and to my suprise she hasn't blocked me yet!
Do you hear that Kiki, Im still here.. watching your everystep, you paranoid victim scum ;P

No. 139655

She's blocking every possible ~negative energy~. That's exactly the kind of people quacks cater to.

No. 139691

She will never quit the internet.
I reckon she'll keep the same weeb persona because Kota, but she'll stay in Florida. I don't see her bringing up Taku much again.

No. 139718

I would bet cash money she's looking for a new Jap guy to latch onto, so that when she goes back to Japan with Scott, she can pretend it didn't work out with Taku (bonus points if she claims he abused her somehow) and this handsome new Jap guy was there to sweep her off her feet because he was so overtaken with her exotic skeletal beauty and fell in love at first sight.

No. 139720

Yeah, she won't leave permanently. She doesn't have friends or seem to go out much at all so the internet is pretty much all she has.

She's entirely caught up in everything anyone says about her on the internet - this is made very evident by how quickly videos/links/sites/tweets/pictures of hers are taken down after anons on here post them. It's like she devotes almost all of her time to lurking her threads on here, on PULL and probably searching around Tumblr and other sites just keeping tabs.

She tries to make it seem like she doesn't let the 'haters' get to her and that she ~surrounds herself with positivity~ but it's so goddamn clear that she's utterly paranoid and encourages herself to let it affect her by actively seeking the hate.
I also think the whole "I can't leave the internet because people will hunt me down irl" thing is bullshit. Like another anon said, I'm fairly sure no one actually wants to physically hurt her. We are just here for the keks. If she well and truly stopped trying to be an ~internet celebrity~, publicly showcasing herself and her (uneventful) life online, people would get bored, give up and forget. Alas, she craves the attention and thus continues to provide us with fodder.

No. 139727

Keke probably checks PULL and Lolcow every morning right after her enema. God knows we are the only things keeping her online presence relevant these days.

No. 139736


It's no life to live tbh, most girls her age are living it up/travelling/studying and having fun.

Kaka is just in her lair, festering away behind her laptop and being weird.

No. 139737

I'm really sad about this hiatus because I sent her an ask that I really wanted her to answer and thought she might, but now it looks like she never will :(

No. 139745

I sent her one and she never replied either, we should keep a tally of how many she hasn't even bothered to answer (all of them). Notice how "Is that your real hair color?" appeared on Koti's Tumblr a few years ago and wasn't asked by an anon, and now Kiki has the same question and it's anon? What a fucknugget.

No. 139747

Same anon, that was me who said that. All she has to do is delete all her profiles and leave, no one would care. Like I said, we're here for the tasty dramu and as long as she provides it, we'll keep posting on here. She's just a total exaggerating idiot and it will never change. Three years ago I thought she did manage to start new but was obviously wrong. She's a fucking loser and we're just going to keep laughing. She has no actual fans, just people who follow her for the fucking LOLZ.

No. 139752

It's literally so goddamn sad that she has so many people posting shit about her on here and PULL and she's just not getting it. For example, I don't have that shit, like many others, 'cause I don't have about a million half nude photos with my sister taken by my dad and I don't think I'm famous. Her family is entirely batshit insane and she's just a normal girl who could do quite well for herself but prevents herself doing that because she's chasing something 100% unattainable. She has more of a chance of being a model in the USA but it doesn't occur to her in the slightest.

My fav. moment was when Scott tried to sell Kiki's jewellery/apparel/whatever the fuck and music to Charms. For fuck's sake, how desperate can you get. You'd think Cathy and Scott would be responsible enough to fucking make a living with their own jobs, but nah they've gotta use their daughters to generate profit with the KKK.

No. 139754

…And can anyone just imagine their own father phoning random people referencing "The Kiki Kannibal Corporation" while making threats? There's nothing more pathetic. I'd be more respectful of a smelly, homeless bum. Her parents are bloody nutcases it's just unreal and I can't believe after all these years they still fuel her childish bollocks and won't give up. She's almost 23 and she has done literally NOTHING. She tried to do her guitar and piano stuff a couple of years ago and she was actually getting somewhere… She also did a cover of a song called "Bang Bang" where she sang and it was actually very good. Now we don't see any of that because of the weeb crap/paranoia. She'll never make anything of herself because she cares way too much about what the "haters" think, even though she brings all of the negativity onto herself. I give up giving a shit about her.

No. 139762

One more thing that comes to mind is that Cathy, Scott and herself need to go through some serious therapy. I can't help but feel sorry for Dakota for being dragged into this awful mindframe where she always feels inadequate (she stated that she compares herself often to other girls on her old Tumblr) and I doubt anyone else can be blamed other than Cathy and secondly, Kiki.

I mean, they both got taken out of school permanently, and I know for a fact it wasn't because they got bulled, because why would they both have been taken out? They could have put them to a different school to get away from the bullies and that would have been it. I had a similar situation where I had to drop out of school at a young age, but guess what? I fucking repeated the year where I didn't know anyone and didn't give up. They got taken out to fuel their parents' quest for them to have internet/real life fame. Restarting their education would have been the normal person's answer but nah, they allowed them both to become awful racist, homophobic cunts.

Good for Dakota. I get the feeling she realised what she was doing was making her unhappy and planned her escape to being a model years ago… Probably when she started to grow her hair out. Happy for her because in a way even though she lied about the Photoshop and about a billion other things, lets be fair, she mentioned she rarely sleeps and it must have taken years to master Photoshop and AE so she did actually gain many skills and use them for profit. I remember her mentioning on her formspring that she likes being in the background with Kiki as the centre of attention… She totally had her little plan, worked behind the scenes and it worked.

No. 139764

I think people make dakota out to be more of a victim and Angel than she really is. She was friends with charlotte, most people who are friends with her are messy.

No. 139769

Are you trying to imply it's unusual to compare yourself to other girls? I think it would be weirder if she didn't.

No. 139770

Exotic Ms. Skeletal and Jaw Meat.

Bless the kiki/kota saga.

No. 139771

I doubt she was really friends with her if they fell out over a set of VW horns…

I just think Dakota is all fucked up and continues to act awkward because her parents, along with Kiki, have taught her to be solitary and view herself above others when she doesn't really feel that way, as shown on her blog. She's just insecure because of how she was brought up. Not defending her, just my opinion and the point is I think Kiki is a cunt and influenced her.

No. 139773

It's not that in itself; it's because she has a combination of doing that and the mind frame of having to look better than all other girls, which is supported by all the insane shooping she does. I'd say it's pretty normal to compare yourself to other girls your age but not constantly… I kinda get that for a few minutes when I see a really stunning girl but if it's not just a "passing thought" I suppose that's when it's a problem.

No. 139796


Off topic but Felice left the internet because debt collectors are after her. She owes alotttaaa money.

As for Kiki, if she's so worried about stalkers, she can easily change her online persona (drop Kiki Kannibal - it's time to grow up girl) and make her shit private. Then she can choose who follows her and whatnot, she'd have full control! Her recent rant about forgiveness seriously made me laugh, because she still hasn't forgiven the h8erz from the Myspace days. Like can you imagine the weight that she's carrying, still having crap from years ago hanging over her head? MOVE ON, KIKI. Practice what you preach!

No. 139803


No. 139813

Kiki is such a penis, a bigger penis than Venus.

No. 139814


Why does she owe money? curious?

No. 139817

Has anyone seen that in the chat someone showed up and I'm not sure if it's Kiki or not?

No. 139819

Probably a troll.

No. 139822

Maybe it's Laura Southworth or whatever her name was, haha.

No. 139830


Careless spending, when she was living at her friend's place, Maja, she racked up a huge credit card bill. Then Fel decided to become a ~gamer~ and she bought hella expensive TV's and gaming accessories and shit. She lives in the middle of nowhere now, and Maja has debt collectors show up at her place looking for Felice.

Felice also owes a bunch of customers money, from her many many scams/online stores.

No. 139831


haaaa shame!

No. 139909

Felice was the best lolcow. I seriously miss that stupid cunt.

I really want people to find her secret blog. You know she has one.

No. 139914

That's what she uses her FB for but you won't see shit unless you are irl friends with her which is the only people she accepts there.

No. 139931

Kaka's Jane Doe lawsuit has been withdrawn recently because of a conflict between the plaintiff (Kaka/Scott) and the lawyer.
https://myeclerk.myorangeclerk.com/Cases/Search Enter case number 2014-CA-010662-O.

No. 139951

Her Nancy Sinatra cover was just her singing over a karaoke track, though. She didn't create the music herself. I didn't care for her voice either. Too tryhard attempting to sound unique. I could see how other people might like it though. She's not a terrible singer, she just does really pointless things like trying to sound like CocoRosie and adding effects to her voice that really take away from it. It's some confidence issue. Her Kiki Mimieux stuff got negative feedback all over and she abandoned it as fast as possible to go this dubstep route so there's no room for bagging on her voice anymore. She's still not confident enough to try on her own if she's stealing music of lesser known musicians and putting up video game "remixes" so she has a long way to go. She hasn't really ever done her own thing. If she did I think people might give her a little credit.

No. 139961

File: 1437262845206.png (141.29 KB, 827x1057, download.png)



>Jane Doe’s identity, residence, and citizenship are unknown at this time. OSTRENGA

intends to seek immediate discovery from the various website hosts, to determine the
identity of Jane Doe.




No. 139963


So this is why Kirsten remained so quiet about knowing of the existence of lolcow, she was trying to collect evidence but then we rumbled her and now her case if falling apart due to a conflict with her lawyer.

No. 139970


>"okay court is in session as being presided over by the honorable Judge Schneider"

>"today we will be examining Ostrenga vs. Doe, you may present your case"

>"Er yes, we wish to bring punitive damages against an individual who my client believes to have perpetrated a mass stalking campaign against her 10 years plus. We are seeking damages in excess of $15,000 as well an court finalized injunction"

>"Very well. You may present your evidence"

>"Well Your Honor if you'll turn your head towards exhibit A. you'll see some printouts of some "mean comments" that were left on a Mexican fashion blog in regards to my client's "crispy hair".

No. 139976

She tried to sue Laura Southworth. TOP KEK

No. 139977


This is amazing.
I bet the lawyer was like "…You can sue a bunch of anonymous people on the internet for saying mean (and true) things about you."

No. 139979

God she's so desperate to sue somebody, Jesus.

No. 139980

What does KEK mean?

No. 139981

File: 1437263866160.jpg (199.55 KB, 838x925, sadsad.jpg)

No. 139982

And did anyone actually go on the chat thing and see the shit that was put up there? Seriously if it was some troll confess your sins now plz.

No. 139985

She's the goddamn stalker! Jesus Christ man what a hypocrite. Understatement of the fucking century.

No. 139986

lurk a little more

No. 139989

Are you telling me to lurk a little more or does it mean that? Sorry I'm as retarded as a seagull on acid.

No. 139990

She seriously thinks Hilary had anything to do with this?

Pretty sure Hilary has better thinks to do Keeks, like reel in that $$$.

No. 139991

This is so funny.
She's so creepy tho

No. 139993

Wait, is it really withdrawn, or is the lawyer still asking the court to let him go?

No. 139994


Wait, see what stuff?

No. 139995

She has actually gone nuts, as if she hadn't before. She has lost the fucking plot. Such a sad girl. She's gonna be 95 saying some robots were spreading defamatory shit about her.

No. 139997

Go on the lolcow chat, someone under kiki's name apparently posted some shit and I dunno if it was actually her. They were asking to take down the posts about them on lolcow.

No. 139998

No, I'm telling you to lurk a little more because your newfag is showing.

Kek = lol

No. 139999

OK from what I understand now, the case is still OPEN. She's out to get all of us. Oh noes.

No. 140000

No I've been here quite a while I just haven't been on 4chan or anything. I googled it it's ok thank you.

No. 140002

File: 1437264834819.gif (971.26 KB, 366x229, ydh.gif)

No. 140003

Well what could she do? Like there is no damn case. Plus we're not all in the U.S. so US law can't do shit?

No. 140004

What does that gif mean? Where's it from? TOPKEKZLOLZ

No. 140005

She can't do shit

No. 140006

What a coincidence that Kirsten and her lawyer had this conflict the same day she flipped and deleted all of Taku's stuff and claimed she was leaving the internet again.

Think she called him up going nuts trying to get him to sue another imaginary hate figure and he dropped her like a hot banana?

No. 140008

I think she deleted everything because of some legal thing. I don't know US law so don't have a clue what that is. How the fuck is she going to sue anyone when they're not even in the same bloody country as her? What a fucking dope.

No. 140009

>Kiki trying to disguise self as anon and gather intelligence for lawsuit

No. 140010

Heyyy, maybe that's what really set her off. Didn't think about that huh.

No. 140011

Sorry but her parents are thick as shit if they paid a lawyer anything but a single peanut for this absolute retarded… Thing. Where is her case? She said before she had studied law. What a dumbass.

No. 140012

Nah I'm the one who posted that cause I'm a bit slow, I just posted about her not having a case… Because she doesn't.

No. 140014

File: 1437265468844.png (46.04 KB, 692x322, Capture.PNG)

Did she really get to have all camgirls under the name "Lil Kitten" taken down to ~*~*purify*~*~ her brand? I bet you they don't even know that Kiki exists and she just threw them in to get taken down as well.

Pardon me if I'm missing something big though, I'm kinda drunk.

No. 140016

I just couldn't resist.

No. 140022


Man even when she's "quit the internet" she's still providing fresh milk.

No. 140024

She wants a piece of document from the court to send to these websites so that we feel threatened and take down all ze bad things we wrote about poor little Kaka.

No. 140025

they've probably had those names a lot longer than kiki's had her fail shop.
It's a pretty porny name in general tbh.

No. 140026

No. 140027

No. 140028

File: 1437266205457.png (49.11 KB, 913x513, LAWL.PNG)

No. 140029

No, this is the girl she stole the name lilkitten from who became a stalker hater in Kaka's eyes because she politely told her that Native Americans aren't Indian on instagram.

No. 140033

Oh man I just realised something.

Remember when he little stalker cache was first discovered on her websites files and she found out that we knew about them and was all "idc lol it just makes it easier to link to now that you've archived it ;)".

She wasn't actually happy we'd discovered it, she just couldn't remove the files from her website otherwise all of those links in her case evidence would become broken lol

No. 140035

>A successful lawyer sits in his office
>He is about to finish up for the day when he receives an email
>his eyes skim over the title
>he sighs
>"jesus fucking christ" he mutters involuntarily
>he pours some nearby scotch into a glass in preparation
>it almost overflows
>He reads the first paragraph
>glass is half empty…
>he rests his face in his hands

Seriously I don't know how to end it, but I felt compelled to write the first part.

No. 140036


I have no idea but the Kannibal/Ostrenga saga is undoubtedly THE best drama to ever grace the internet.

PT will always be our queen, but she's been fully milked and now she's just sad and depressive imo.

I want Kirsten to be crowned our princess; the fucking party never ends with her and her cuckoo family.

No. 140037

File: 1437267299636.jpg (17.72 KB, 250x170, Kiki's lawyer.jpg)

No. 140039

guys im under cover atm with a guy i think may possibly BE taku

if its him, if he's the dude then i'll unlock all personal info ;)

until then… let me do my thing

No. 140042

File: 1437267701669.gif (1.89 MB, 400x225, crazy.gif)

No. 140046


just u w8 kaka

No. 140050

kek I work in a law firm. PRETTTTYYYY sure the 'disagreement' is the ostrengas not being able to cough up legal fees.

Lawyers don't give a shit about how dumb the cases are as long as they are being paid.

No. 140051

Best gif

No. 140053

That sounds about right kek

No. 140056

Looking forward to hearing what this is about

No. 140057

File: 1437268811995.jpg (107.53 KB, 1148x507, Gandalf-the-white-gandalf-2509…)


Run Shadowfax, show us the meaning of haste!

No. 140061

This, also anon stalker(s) wouldn't pay his fees even if he managed to win an impossible case.

No. 140068

File: 1437270279410.gif (1.27 MB, 500x281, hairflip.gif)

No. 140069

God, seriously. I'm so excited.

>inb4 it's some random Japanese dude and not even Taku.

>inb4 anon is lying to us to get us riled up.

No. 140075

maybe kaka needs to stop buying ugly taobao shit and pay her lawyer

lol who am I kidding this narcissist

No. 140077

File: 1437271062379.png (123.21 KB, 694x575, temporary injunction.png)

No. 140089

File: 1437271285431.jpg (22.65 KB, 184x621, 34.jpg)

Stumbled upon this photo.

No. 140090


im waitin for this asshole's reply

sigh sigh sighin'

No. 140092


You know, 20 years from now when kaka is worn out and still on the internet gazing at her glory days from 2006

she;ll come across these monstrosities and just grab her revolver and blast her brains out

No. 140106

No. 140108

yeah, can you give us some vague insight to let us know why you think it's him or something idk, how you found him maybe?

No. 140128


iirc kaka once boasted on twitter about going to raves to spread awareness about veganism/healthy lifestyle or some bullshit like that?

No. 140129


she's 3 hairs away from being bald jfc

No. 140137

if this doesn't scream "attention-whore", than I don't know what does…

No. 140138

kek, maybe it's Dakota giving us more deets

No. 140139


The links aren't working for me.


I am shocked these are the only people Kaka is trying to charge for "defamation".

By the looks of the folder that was leaked last year, it looked like she was going after a bunch more people but who knows.

No. 140141

There are an absurd amount of pages of people who are supposedly defaming her. The links didn't work for me either, but you can still search the site and get her case.

No. 140142

someone bannerify this pls

No. 140143

she got that lebron james hairline

No. 140157

That's because the only conflict it could be other than not paying the bill is that there is no case. All the details that the alleged "stalkers" had were things she posted on social media on her own. I think that paired with people bullying her boyfriend made her just delete fucking everything. She probably half-realized there was no case against pretend stalkers if the only things she can claim they knew about were things she posted.

I'm sure she will find a new lawyer who doesn't know the history of this shit and try to appeal to them to take their case, but until they drop "kiki kannibal corporation" or anything related to the name "kiki kannibal" 1. no one will take them seriously and 2. people they try to appeal to will always be a quick google search away from the truth.

they're all a bunch of idiots.

No. 140159

I know this is fake but oh god I want it to be real

No. 140162

File: 1437277319906.gif (980.1 KB, 300x100, 143727609584440.gif)

Here u go anon

No. 140163

it's perfect

No. 140164

File: 1437277501671.gif (1.57 MB, 400x225, wut.gif)

No. 140165

No. 140166

please believe, anon.

No. 140167

Beautiful. Added.

No. 140169

FUCK I wish I would have had this one instead. She looks so much more crazy.

No. 140170

there's one in the banner thread in /meta/ as well

No. 140171

File: 1437278073050.gif (137.62 KB, 500x281, wutdafuc.gif)


No. 140176

File: 1437278470469.gif (634.05 KB, 300x100, kiki-crazed.gif)

No. 140177


No. 140178

Admin this is beautiful.

No. 140182

Can you slow down the animation a tiny bit?

No. 140184

But, that's the beauty of it anon. She looks like she's tweaking

No. 140186

All the banners have been added, even the semi-duplicate ones.

No. 140187

Lol, fair enough. I just had to stare at it for a long time to actually read the text. :P

No. 140188

I luv u admin-sama. So punctual, so anti-verbose. Admin-sama must be german.

No. 140190

Idk if this is old news, but she completely got rid of kikikannibal.com. If you try going on it, you just get redirected to lilkitten.com

No. 140215

lol anyone noticed kaka is wearing kota's kreepsville horns

No. 140235

Stupid question here but like what was the point of linking to tumblrs/blogs that she already took down? Her main problems are PULL and lolcow. Why would she not just focus on taking down these two sites? Like it just seems unnecessary and obsessive all of it

No. 140237

Because whatever mental disorder she has, it forces her to take care of it ALL

No. 140239

Kiki has lost it seriously sometimes I don't know how she is so jaded. Like, she wanted to be a public figure. You are fair game to be gossiped about. She's literally trying to sue people for gossip.

Like I think she's slow or mentally ill. Any logical person would understand this doesn't make sense. If I wanted to be a youtuber, Internet model etc I know I'd be faced with gossip, criticism. That's why you think before you put yourself out there. I understand she got sucked into it as a kid but fuck a lot of scene kids went on with their lives and no one remembers them or stalks them.

This is just too stupid for me. I'd really like to have an honest conversation with her and just be like, stop. You know? She can claim she's being harassed, bullied, stalked but man grow the fuck up. A lot of people have it worse and dealt with it. Even the stalked anon had it taken care of. I know she lies to be a victim and it's sad. It seems like she actually believes her fake stories. /rant

No. 140261

I don't think she's slow, but she's definitely mentally ill. That was established many years ago.

No. 140271

I've started to realise that posting here is like making fun of a disabled person, because that's exactly what she is. She's mentally ill.

No. 140293

>That was established many years ago.
Like, what mental illnesses exactly are we talking about? Also it can't go beyond an attempted diagnosis.

No. 140298

well, she is not asha tier mentally ill.
it just seems like she has a faulty personality.

No. 140391

Probably either narcissistic or histrionic PD. Or both.

No. 140440

In WoW there are two factions and chat between them is filtered.

"Kek" and "Bur" are the two ways the game "translates" LOL to the other faction.

Then I guess it caught on. Kek

No. 140447

? i scrolled up to friday in chat and didn't see shit

No. 140485

It was basically just someone saying "TAKE DOWN MY THREAD AND MY SISTERS THREAD THIS IS SLANDER" etc etc the usual with Kiki's name. Not that interesting.

No. 140486

I think she has some delusional disorder, Like legit delusions of grandeur. Bitch literally is convinced she's a special indigo child or whatever it was.

No. 140494

This new fit has me 100% convinced there isn't any hope left for her. It appeared to be looking up with all the new dericious milk, but the bitch can't handle anything, I s2g her parents have practically ruined her. She's far too old to still believe she's too good for a job, too good to withstand criticism, too good to interact with people. Tf is this bitch gonna do now? She's so far to her own ass it's like she's a human ouroboros.

No. 140539

Thank you, at least you're not a buttmunch like that other anon. I don't play WoW so wasn't aware.

No. 140547

Someday she will be all on her own. Then what is she going to do? Without her mom & dad to support her.

No. 140551

I know what you mean
add to that, her need to constantly be the victim and her spewing divine wisdom (forgive thise that have hurt you!!!) only to contradict herself in minutes

No. 140554

>I-I'm not new!! But..what does kek mean?
Okay summerfag

No. 140557

You need to leave.

No. 140566

Google is hard.
>you guys say kek right gaiz? am i cool yet? do i fit in now?? XD

No. 140580

it won't be for a long time. like pt, she will be living with her parents until they die.

and then she will probably get the house and inherit all their debt, so that'll be cool.

No. 140583

You sound a little sad. :) It's ok, continue to sit on your spotty fat ass and play World of Warcraft while I spend literally a second on this forum while on the bus. Nutsack.

No. 140585

You need to die.

No. 140588

It's cool, I forgive you for living in your mom's basement at 35. My heart is open to your pain. All you had to do was share your thoughts and it all gets better. Luv 4 u <3

No. 140590

WoW fags stop derailing this thread just because someone doesn't know what "kek" means, for fuck's sake get a grip.

No. 140592

Hate to say it but I've known and been fucked over by Kiki before you even knew who she was, dipshit. Hence being here you utter cunt.

No. 140593

Insecurity's a bitch. Tell your mom I said hi, was nice seeing her last night. She needs to lose lay off the burgers and fries though.

No. 140594

The board does it automatically. See the '[Archived Copy]' that appears when you mouse over any link in this thread.

No. 140595

Love u <3

No. 140599

I already grabbed the popcorn. Please, go on.

No. 140603

Stop spamming the thread, 12 yo butthurt samefag. Please ban this retard, admin-sama

No. 140605

You ride the bus for 3 hours?

No. 140606

No, I was the one who said to stop derailing it. Stop derailing it and take your shit to /b/ please. We're here for the Kaku dramu.

No. 140607

Stop derailing the thread, how many times do you have to be told?

No. 140608

lol kaka been paying kelly to scrap PULL's thread of her and her sister


No. 140609

>and then she will probably get the house and inherit all their debt

i lol'd. thanks scott and cathy! bad enough you didn't teach her life skills.

No. 140610

Deets? Where do you find that out?

No. 140611

Stop derailing dumbass.

No. 140613

that was my first time posting in here but ok. nmp you're assblasted about some wow players.

No. 140614


PULL right now

No. 140616

Stfu already you cuntlords and stay on topic, no one fucking cares about your WoW kek asswank issues.

Kiki is totally gonna be living with her parents until they die, it happened to Cathy so will probably happen to Kiki.

No. 140617

Oh what the fuck? Is that why everything disappeared off of there or was that something else?

No. 140618

>half assed mom jokes
Confirmed for 10 year old retard.
Lol get a load of this mad newfag. Cant handle the heat, so you had to samefag. Babby's first time on the chan huh? Kill yourself.

No. 140619

i thought that was just speculation? the PULL thread on it still just says they don't know why kelly did it.

No. 140620

>stop derailing!
>contributes to derailing

No. 140621

>stop derailing!
>contributes to derailing

No. 140622

As I've said, stop making this thread about your problems with another anon or you'll most likely be banned. There is no need to take it personally either, you're arguing with someone you don't know. Calm it down just a notch, you're on an anonymous site. Please get back on topic because you're dragging this shit on. Take it to /b/.

No. 140623

I never said i wanted the derailing to stop. Try again

No. 140626

Tell that to the bus lady. They literally shit up the thread with samefaggery.

No. 140628

Basics of not derailing/avoiding posts by summerfags and newfags that don't keep lurking:
- don't reply, it only ~triggers~ more replies
- don't breastfeed; meaning don't post info and links that got already posted, don't explain things that you can easily google

No. 140633

I don't think they "literally" shit up the thread Sir, I don't see how someone can take a dump on a website. Now how about contributing to the topic at hand? That being Kiki and her fucking insane parents?

No. 140634

Not to mention it's mostly Kooters and Kaka thread that are currently in the process of attempted derailment atm. Interesting. It's a gloomy Sunday which makes a drop of milk seem as tasty as a full glass.

No. 140635

Yeah, it's because of Kota's uproar isn't it? I wanna see what Kiki thinks about it. Probably happy tbh 'cause she thinks she's the next Popteen model when they scrap Koko.

No. 140639

When will Kiki return from war?

No. 140641

it must've at least been a sweet consolation to her so soon after her own embarrassment

No. 140642


>it's a gloomy Sunday which makes a drop of milk seem as tasty as a full glass

We hath a poet within our midst dear Farmhands.

No. 140643


They aren't sure why Kelly did it. Right now they are just speculating.

No. 140671


No. 140675

File: 1437355486568.jpg (210.74 KB, 640x964, image.jpg)

In case anyone was curious as to why Kiki and Kota's subforums have vanished from PULL

No. 140677

File: 1437355566105.jpg (229.62 KB, 640x988, image.jpg)


lolz keeks, you can't just vanish from the internet quite so easily.

No. 140678


The poet speaketh the truth tho tips fedora

No. 140683

It was incredibly pointless for her to get their threads deleted off of pull. I feel like pull has been pretty much dead for a while now, they pretty much don't care about her anymore, and there weren't that many juicy threads on her on there anyway (and all the juicy things that have been posted about her on there, I'm positive you can easily find them somewhere else on the internet anyway).

No. 140701

Actually the Russian DJ didn't original make that track either. I Believe I heard that track before on a preview somewhere.

No. 140722

I want more info from the anon who thinks they found Taku. A hint, a pic, something!

No. 140730

i'm pretty sure this was fake

No. 140740

aww, what a cocktease.

No. 140741

What if that anon was kiki

No. 140742

Holy shit the PULL meltdown is hilarious.

No. 140744

Fuckin' Kiki. I'm going to make so many Kiki banners just to spite that nasty cunt. I need fresh ideas.

No. 140745


He made that specific track years ago so the preview you heard was probably his.

No. 140755

Has her case been removed? I can't find it by searching the OCC court records.

No. 140759

I am no poet, just a simple wee farmer tending to thy cattle.

This PULL thing surprises me a little. Do you think Kaka payed off Kelly?

No. 140761

Maybe she threatened her.

No. 140770

Hm, if that were the case, you'd think it would get taken down a long time ago. She's been threatening pull for ages, getting images removed, constantly trying to take it down. Bribery is the only thing that makes sense to me, unless she found a legitimate way to blackmail Kelly which sounds silly to me.

No. 140793

File: 1437367017541.jpg (7.84 KB, 300x100, pray for taku.jpg)

No. 140794

PULL had become a cantankerous, festering SJW hive that needed to have the puss squeezed out of it once and for all, but even so a strike against PULL is still a strike against us all.

I expect this will be visited back upon Kirsten in the future. Electronically of course.

>inb4 she screams we're threatening her physically

No. 140798

She can't do anything about lolcow though.

No. 140803


Indeed, because fortunately our Admin isn't so fucking retarded that she hands out full administrative privileges to any old member like PULL does.
Hell, I even got offered an admin position shortly before the OC drama and the forum went to shit completely.

Has anybody overruled the idea that Kelly was actually an Ostrenga the whole time?

No. 140809

That's funny, I requested to admin several times and they ignored me completely. OG too. But whatever, they obviously know what they're doing, right?

I doubt Kelly is an Ostrenga, cause she would've had that shit done with looooooong ago. She's just a weak little bitch who caved.

No. 140810

also lolcow's domain isn't located in the US. kaka can't do shit

No. 140814

yeah, i'm actually surprised.
is kiki even aware that this site even exists?
because it's strange for her to go on a tyrant against a pretty dead website at this point, other than a few SJWs

No. 140815

she's well aware

No. 140817

She listed a few lolcow URLs in the most recent lolsuit.

No. 140828

Someone linked our archive of her website on Tumblr and tagged it with her name. She probably found this site before that during a vigorous session of Google-ing herself, but that Tumblr post makes it pretty certain that she knows.

No. 140874

She also posted a screenshot of lolcow on her twitter. With the name blocked out of course.

No. 140877

Nah, Kelly wasn't an Ostrenga. She was just a normal girl. Brown hair, brown eyes, very average etc.

No. 140886

File: 1437395026873.jpg (140.65 KB, 750x1101, image.jpg)

Different anon here

This one? (From December 2014)

No. 140888

File: 1437395436856.jpg (129.77 KB, 750x1037, image.jpg)

Browsing through her tweets is pretty nostalgic. Nothing but drama, lol

No. 140890

File: 1437395750113.jpg (67.81 KB, 750x555, image.jpg)

While we await more and new juicy sauce from the hot dog queen, let's take a trip down hypocrite-memory-lane.

She tweeted this before posting TONS of Daniel shit all over her Twitter

No. 140904


sage because OT

I recently learned that you don't actually inherit other people's debts. If collectors come knocking you can tell them to fuck off.

I know this spoils the potential milk but I thought it was an interesting fact. I always thought debt would be inherited.

No. 140911

Wait, really? I didn't know that either. Here I am, learning something new on the farm. Thanks!

No. 140928

i forgot sextortionist used to be a thing

No. 140929

>I expect this will be visited back upon Kirsten in the future

if only we could say the same of kelly, smh.

it's really a shame to think this could've been prevented if she was removed as an admin earlier. who gives a fuck if she did a lot for the site in the past. once you stop being active, it's only fair that the admin or mod status be forfeited. i've seen enough people with mod powers turn on boards to know that's a good preventive measure even if something like that can't be predicted.


No. 140970

File: 1437412065552.png (1.63 MB, 1600x900, burnbook.png)

Guys. This scene is too perfect. It's really Kiki.


No. 140972

someone should tweet her this, KEK

No. 140980

Fugly slut

No. 140987

what was ur pull name?

No. 140990


Yup that one. She also used the screenshot from PULL as seen in


and then tried to throw in a few printed out threats from 2009 to make it look like "we are such terrible people" lol.

No. 141000

So why do people still hate Kiki?

No. 141006


Not revealing that for obvious reasons, but it was OC herself that offered it to me.

No. 141009

I don't know maybe read past two or three threads

No. 141010

I still dont get it. Maybe I am autistic and stupid? Explain please

No. 141012

Go read past threads, you fucking newfag.

No. 141013

File: 1437417309134.jpg (78.55 KB, 626x583, troll.jpg)

No. 141014

Are you for real?
Actually read the threads, or read her Encylopedia Dramatica page if you want some kind of summary of her shitty antics.

No. 141018

I still dont get it. She did things in the past but that was a long time ago. What did she do now?

No. 141024

She still does the same.

No. 141026

in case you actually mean it,

off the top of my head: she's a total peter coffin on twitter.

other than that

- she tried to sell cheap shit way overpriced (for example in that jewelry onlineshop, or later that tao bao wing rucksack).
- copies music/art(for her old website) without the artists permission.
- makes up stories about being sexually harrassed in japan and being stalked at home

and there are so many little things that make her even more of a lolcow, like the sockpuppets or sending herself asks on her blog.

No. 141029

…are you fucking serious

No. 141031

File: 1437419851538.jpg (38.83 KB, 407x405, umadbro.jpg)

No. 141032

It's probably just Kiki trying to use an imageboard for the first time.
Casually trying to blend in and get info.

No. 141035

What has summer wrought

No. 141036


Wow how fucking stupid are you…

No. 141038

Go back to 9gag

No. 141039

Kiki please

No. 141040

2006 wants their memes back

No. 141041


Lol I was using the memes to call


a troll but okay.

No. 141045

we got it. we just didn't like it.

No. 141047

Pfft… It's either a troll or a very invested follower. They're like kids: ignore them and they'll go away y'all.

No. 141058

I assume you mean mod position then because oc was never an admin I believe.

No. 141070

OC was an admin.

No. 141091

holy shit, they must be stupid for making her a fucking admin.

No. 141107

Yeah, it was a big mistake on their part. I'm not sure who else were admin at the time she was put in charge, I think just Lain and Kelly? I'm missing someone, I'm sure.

I'm still pretty peeved about the Kiki/Kota threads. I wish Kelly would come and explain herself.

No. 141137

Maybe Kelly's account was broken into? :P

No. 141146


Deletion logs show the activity originated from her IP address.

It's an unmitigated fact that it was Kelly at this point, we just don't know why.

No. 141258

Why doesn't another mod just remake them? I never joined PULL so I would t know how active it is, is it really dead?

No. 141321

That's hundreds of threads full of caps, that's nothing that you can simply repost.

No. 141328

At this point I'm really hoping that there's some massive conspiracy. Something like the Mostrengas got to her and somehow convinced Kelly to join their side and delete everything on there about Kaka and Koko. Just before dropping Kelly and leaving her to take the full blame.

No. 141331


I meant remake the boards so people can post on them. Even without the Koko/Kaka threads on PULL we still have a fuckload of caps, archives and saved pics out there.

No. 141337

That just shows how unprofessional the management of PULL is. A proper website would actually bother to make backups of their data on a regular basis

No. 141359

What has that to do with unprofessional? It's not like if it was on an own server, with freeforums you can't make backups unless your site is few MB small.

No. 141362

That doesn't work as long as the host still didn't fix all the bugs that came with the deletion and that probably won't ever happen, moving to a different host is already in the works but takes a while.

No. 141365

Ah, so it's even shittier than I thought

No. 141373

Well, it was started by catty teen&twenty-somethings to gossip about other girls on the Internet, soooo

No. 141397

Yeah. Most of the people who were in charge at the time are no longer active. So really we have no one to blame. And to be fair, none of us had any clue she was going to do this.

No. 141873

Let's get back on topic, this is a Kiki thread, not a PULL thread.

No. 141907

File: 1437524897923.gif (937.84 KB, 337x244, dansu.gif)

Anyone got any updates on Kiki? Taku? Fond memories?

I'm thirsting for new Kiki content.

No. 141914

What is she doing?

No. 141916

modeling tips

No. 141933

I really think we should take the time to update the ed page.

Also, kinda ot, but didn't she have braces? If so, what did her teeth look like before jw? And isn't it a little hypocritical for her to go on about not following beauty standards and shit if she got braces?

No. 141943

She did https://mobile.twitter.com/mmmkikikannibal/status/100999681949184001

But I can't even put it against her tbh. It's not like, getting lip fillers or a nose job.

No. 141947

File: 1437528653707.jpg (17.5 KB, 320x184, image.jpg)

Kiki before braces if anyone's interested! Her upper maxillar changed a lot.

No. 141949

File: 1437528753460.jpg (32.35 KB, 443x332, image.jpg)

Another one. (Her upper lips used to be turned inward and now they aren't anymore)

No. 141951

…so if someone got lip fillers or a nose job you would hold it against them?

No. 141956

I think it's the same since it's still considered a cosmetic procedure. I don't think she can really preach about loving your imperfections and not following beauty standards if she got her teeth fixed for cosmetic reasons.

Her teeth really didn't look bad at all. I was expecting her to have really jacked up teeth since she seemed to hide them.

No. 141960

I can't dig up photos now, but she was missing teeth too

No. 141962

In the US a lot of parents make their kids get braces even if you don't really need them that much. Mine did. In fact, all of my friends had them at some point. It's such a social norm here that nobody really considers it a "procedure". Idk how it is viewed other places though.

I agree, that thing needs some serious updating. So many wonderful things to add.

No. 141963

Especially in middle-upper class towns and families… One person gets somethign done and suddenly that kid/parent is like omg you should totes see the orthodontist it's totally ~not a ripoff

No. 141966

Ehh, it still doesn't seem to bad. I'm probably just saying this because people have incredibly jacked up teeth where I live. I'm pretty sure a lot of the people I know would say her teeth were perfect.

I live in the US as well and I don't think I've ever met a single person who's had braces. Majority of the people I know have been told they should get braces, but they just don't have the money to.

No. 141969


In the UK nobody gets braces unless there is a real medical need.
Occasionally teenagers will request them for cosmetic purposes but even then the family will have to be middle to upper class as they're damn fucking expensive.

I'm trying to get some now as I have severe overcrowding and it's costing me a couple of grand bloo bloo

Because of my overcrowding I should have been given them on the NHS but these days they will overlook cases such as mine as a cost saving measure. Cunts.

No. 141972

Insurance covers braces for free until 18. Only a person who doesn't have insurance pays the full 1k.

No. 141976


Yeah, and who can afford insurance? Only the upper-middle and upper classes.

I was born into a working class family and so I'm shit out of luck even though I was supposed to be entitled to free braces because of my overcrowding.

No. 141977


Also mine aren't 1k, I'm paying 2k ;__;

No. 141978

If you had a job that provides it then you would be fine. I have accident ins for 8 through aflack and ins is $200 a month, I'm not "upper-middle class". Also haap ins is much cheaper than bcbs You can get it much less.

No. 141979

My family wasn't upper (or even middle class). My parent never finished highschool, I lived in a trailer park and I still somehow got braces.

Dentists will make it seem like you NEED them in the US. My teeth were always strait, but I had a bit of an overbite. I didn't really need them but my parents still felt like it was necessary.

No. 141992

Not that anon, but if they kept spouting crap about accepting yourself for who you are and natural beauty I would. Otherwise no.

No. 141995


Er, it didn't work like that in the UK Anon. Jobs don't provide insurances as incentive. It's not the done thing.

No. 141996


You sound like you're from the US so why are you even debating this worth me? Braces are way cheaper over there.

No. 141999

No. 142003

mine as well. And my teeth moved part of the way back after, even with wearing my retainers
(sage bc off topic)

No. 142004

Yeah, braces in the USA are FUCKING expensive as shit. It's just more important to have them over here I guess. Idk where these other people are getting their info from about American orthodontics. kek

Did Dakota have braces too, or just Kiki?

No. 142006

US fag here and ine were also in the 5k range and for three years… but some of my front teeth actually grew in incorrectly so I kind of needed them, tbh :/

No. 142012

Anon you replied to (moi) is also from the US. It seems like braces are cheaper in the UK, how strange.

No. 142016

Some of you seem to be forgetting that $5000 =/= £5000.

No. 142025

I know it doesn't. $5k is, like, £3k.
Still more expensive.

No. 142031

File: 1437538840413.png (12.42 KB, 559x121, 00_55.png)

So basically braces cost a maximum of $340 USD in the UK versus $5000 USD in the US

No. 142066


Uh, no Anon.
Just pointing this out now as a Brit because it seems like you guys have this impression that the NHS is really efficient and true to its word but if a doctor/dentist thinks it can get away with not having to fork out some NHS £££ on a treatment they will wave you away with lies and excuses.

Getting braces on the NHS as an adult is like… it's so diffulcult its like not even a thing, and even if they DO agree to give you them which usually involves months of pestering them you usually face around a 3-5 year waiting list during which they hope that people will get so fed up that they pay for private, which they usually do.

I could take a picture of my teeth right now and guaranteed every American in this thread will be horrified at how I was not given braces as a child when that image you posted quite clearly states that braces on children are free when there is orthodontic need.

Well friends, the NHS fucking lies, so yeah, braces do usually end up being extremely expensive, from around £2500 all the way upto £7000.

It's like I went to an NHS dental teaching hospital with severe pain from my badly impacted wisdom teeth. I've had x-rays on them 3 years ago and they are literally sideways in my jaw but the 'veteran" dentist that examined me looked in my mouth for 1 minute and told me my pain was probably from grinding my teeth from stress and sent me away with a leaflet on how to not grind my teeth.

Now I know this is bullshit because I'm a fucking mouth breather. The only time my teeth grind is when I'm stuffing my maw.

Pain got so bad I eventually paid private, got some x-rays done and wow, surprise, surprise, my impacted wisdom teeth have dug holes into the sides of my molars which are infected.

Fuck the NHS. NHS dentistry in the country is a fucking shambles.

No. 142069


Also sorry for the tl;dr but I want people to know that it is not as straight forward here as it sounds.

Some people get really lucky and obviously it depends on your location and whether you get a compassionate dentist or a money-grubbing fuckbucket but overall NHS dentistry in this country is at an all time low.

No. 142070

who the fuck cares about braces? all these shitposts should be removed

No. 142076

That's pretty shitty anon. Wish you could've had the opportunity to get braces as a child, I bet it feels awful to have your mouth feel all busted'n shit. I feel pretty grateful that my parents made the financial sacrifice for me early on.

I think we can all just agree braces are fucking expensive anywhere you are.

No. 142086

Jeez, not that anon and I had braces and I find the braces talk boring.

My parents were poor and had no dental insurance and still put all 4 kids in braces. I had lower ones because literally one tooth was slightly crooked. I'm canadian but I'm pretty sure most Americans thinks not fixing your kids' teeth is borderline abusive, as well. so most people get braces.

No. 142089

No. Wtf. Why is there a discussion about braces in the KIKI thread. This thread derailing is what people are complaining about in the survey in /meta/

Take it to /b/. Stop being a fuckwad thinking this is a good place to go OT. A little is fine but this has become the entire last few posts.

Not even >>142070, just agreeing

No. 142094

Oh, get your head out of your ass grandma. There's nothing going on in this thread rn, so it migrated a bit talking about Kiki's braces. Don't blow a fuse or anything.

No. 142099

No, you've now gone to debate the cost of braces in different parts of the world. There is now nothing about Kiki for it. Just let the thread rot for a bit if it isn't exciting, plenty of other threads are stale too.

No. 142125

Different anon but for the fixed appliances I would have been 3k, but I picked clear so it was 4k. Where are you getting them done so cheaply at (area in UK)?

Not sure if I'm just being presumptuous but are they a reputable clinic and not just an inexperienced dentist, rather than ortho, doing it? Because the shitty ones I went to for quotes were doing 2k ones and my shitty dentist who didn't know what he was doing and admitted it offered to do it for 2.5k, and loads of sites online saying "get straight teeth for cheap!" 'cause it's all bullshit, just letting you know I would do your research before jumping in.

No. 142126

A lot of insurance plans don't cover orthodontic treatment unless the insurance was taken out after the issue occurred in the UK. It happened to me so I'm 4k out of pocket because the NHS just wanted to remove all my wisdom teeth and call it a day (I was having recurring infections due to impaction) rather than move the rest with braces to make more room and my insurance policy didn't cover it.

No. 142128

I meant "unless the insurance was taken out BEFORE the issue occurred".

No. 142135

Jesus fuck, can you guys stay on topic already? If nothing new comes about kiki then just don't fucking post at all

No. 142137

This, I had two impacted wisdom teeth on the lower jaw and they just wanted to put me under, remove them both, then the top ones as well "because routine y'know, and you won't have to come back" despite having no issues with the top ones. I asked for braces so I didn't have to face the risks of tooth extractions (fucked nerves and all that) and they just choose the retarded option so I left. The dentist was so fucking angry as well because I questioned it. I've had even private dentists drill holes that weren't needed and shove fillings in to practice on. I even got told I needed a root canal when I was a kid and refused to have it done because I didn't believe it. Turns out the dentist had slowly been drilling into the same tooth every visit for no fucking reason and then ran away to Greece…

Btw for anyone wondering the NHS never do braces for anyone over the age of 18 - if your teeth are fucked you have to make sure you ask before you're 18 or they'll refuse and tell you that you should be able to afford it yourself.

The NHS really are cunts, unless you find a good ortho clinic who accept both NHS and private patients.

No. 142138

Shh calm down, you don't own this topic.

No. 142144

This. I shouldn't have to rummage through tedious nonsense about dentistry just to find news of, or just a mentioning of Kiki, in Kiki's thread.

No. 142145

It's in the Kiki thread because Kiki had braces, and we were wondering the prices of them in the US, because they were supposedly bankrupt. Then someone started comparing prices in the UK, then we concluded that they're more expensive elsewhere, so perhaps she was able to afford them with her part-time income, or her parent's income (it's not a huge expense apparently). You get the point now?

No. 142146

Also we were discussing whether braces are really just a cosmetic thing - I actually remember why she got them when she did. Her upper canines were impacted and she needed them to pull them down, and a lot of the front lower were just a bit squint. There was actually a medical reason for it, so yeah probably partially cosmetic and partial medical need.

No. 142156

Wow guys thanks for bumming me out! I thought there was new stuff about Kiki… piss off to another thread could you? Stuff nobody gives a shit thread..

No. 142163

Only if you piss off to a therapist to let you out your aggression - stop making it other people's issue. It's not our fault you are absolutely gagging for Kiki to fuck up and have nothing better to do. Why are you so defensive over this topic? Do you own the internet? Sit down you little shit.

No. 142172

Not that anon, but how is it stupid or seeming 'defensive' to expect discussion on a thread to pretty much almost exclusively be relevant to the topic? It was to start with and then you guys completely went off track with no mention of Kaka for a good ~30 posts.
All this text and the only thing we got from it was "Did Kirsten have braces once?" "Yes".

No. 142183


That fucking sucks Anon but even so I'm actually kind of relieved that somebody else knows what I'm doing talking about.

I'm finally getting braces now, paid for by myself, and my dentist lady is a lovely Sverige lady who's decided she's actually going to save one of my wisdom teeth and turn it on its side into its proper position yay

The other one is trashed sadly but still, good outcome for me.

No. 142184

That anon, I am not gagging for Kiki to fuck up, but I do expect that when I see there was something posted in the Kiki thread that it will be something about Kiki. If you want to know stuff about Braces go google it.

No. 142185


It's called having a D I S C U S S I O N you degenerate.

No. 142186

Could u please use your brain for once? Its called Relevance and Braces are not relevant here at all, dingus.
U need me to open a braces threat in /b for you or can u handle it?

No. 142219

As if they'll listen to you if you can't even spell.

Inb4 SAMe FAgGinG

No. 142221

PS - Braces are relevant… We were talking about Kiki's braces, you fucking genius.

No. 142223


You're welcome to use make one but nobody is going to use it.

You don't have to go and make a new thread every fucking time a little offtopic banter starts to occur. It finishes quickly and will case altogether once the drama resumes.

This is not sodding PULL, we don't need a protocol for every damn thread ask stop trying to make some.

No. 142227

That's a relief, glad it will be sorted. Weird how the NHS are determined to remove wisdom teeth instead of fixing overcrowding, which is the core of the problem. Just a tip - the clear fixed braces are not normally worth it (I've got them) because they're a lot bulkier and the metal ones are cheaper with smaller brackets… They're better. Figured I would share because that's about the only regret I have about choosing the ones that I did.

No. 142228

Well I dont want to pull the samefag card but it's a little weird if nobody post for over an hour and then suddenly 5 replies pop up within 5 minutes :P Besides don't point out my spelling mistakes you are no better! Anyway last time Im answering you about damn braces. PS No we werent talking about kikis braces at all, but nice try bending the truth to fit your pathetic agenda!

No. 142231

Yes >>142223 because these:
And so on are ~so relevant~
Wtf does the nhs has to with Kiki who lives/lived in America at the time? Anon isn't being rude to tell you guys to move the discussion someplace else? This is how autosages happen and we have to make new unneeded and unnecessary threads.
Make a Brit thread or something in /b/, please? Since you said the other anon is aggressive.
If I were to be a newcomer to Kiki's shenanigans, I don't want to wade through random talking about their healthcare problems. If Kiki is dead for now, allow her thread to die out.
When New info comes along someone will revive the thread, but that can't happen if it's automated because it won't reach the front page.
This anon, >>142099 , who I assume is the same anon who you guys called rude is right.

No. 142232

I wanted to add on, just because Venus wears Bodyline, does that make it a Bodyline general? No?
Just because OC claims she's schizophrenic, does that make it a mental health general?
Just because Aly has a terrible ED, does that give anons the right to show their powerlevels, and reveal their whole backstories? (We're anon fora reason guys.)

No. 142233


Thanks Anon, I was planning to get the grey metal ones anyway since they're the cheapest and I'm on a limited budget x

(also the NHS is reactive now as opposed to proactive which is cheaper at the present but turns more expensive as people that would have otherwise needed treatment grow up and develop all sorts of problems that could have been fixed in youth)

No. 142235


Okay I see your point.

I'll make a Britfag thread on /b/ in a bit.

No. 142248

Isn't it easier just to say kaka is fucking off her rocker? That narrows it down enough for ya

No. 142261

I'm not better? How the fuck do you know? This is anonymous, didn't you know?

No. 142430


No. 142454

File: 1437596520971.gif (485.19 KB, 250x170, i don't dip out.gif)

nothing new yet, huh?

even her fans are pretty boring. only a few of them tweeting anything at her and it's all the same "i wish you would come back, those haters are so mean!"

pls come back kiki.

No. 142482

She gone and no one cares.

No. 142522

Her last break was quite long too so nothing unusual yet, as long as she is living of her YouTube income she will have to come back sooner or later anyways since I doubt she will try to get a job.

No. 142545

hopefully she spends her "Internet break" in a sanitarium

No. 142574

she's my favorite lolcow, so I'm always sad when she has these little tantrums.

But, she can't stay away. It hasn't been that long of a break anyways.

No. 142575


She has one of those faces I just wanna punch

No. 142576


Nah, she's like Chucky. The bitch always comes back.

No. 142577


"Go ahead and do it, I'll be back. I ALWAYS come back."

Kaka right there

No. 142655

This is how I always imagine her breaks. She flips the fuck out so her parents call the psychward and they lock her up

No. 142657

Nah man, they spend the entire time victimizing her and sheltering her from The Outside Worlds Evil. They'd never encourage get to get help.

No. 142711

File: 1437620739177.jpg (25.38 KB, 300x300, img-thing.jpg)

Kiki looked so much more lively and FUN when she had her platinum blonde weave era. Now she looks like a boring sick granny with limp dishwater hair and doily gowns.

Praying that she comes back from her "break" with a better look for herself. Step your game up bitch I might even stan you a bit.

No. 142720

that's her natural color and I like it. platinum was cool too

t. kiki fan

No. 142725

File: 1437622005865.jpg (111.98 KB, 1199x701, fake.jpg)

how come her lashes in the photo are so black compared to her hair color? And they look so fake too, as if she was wearing mascara…liar!

No. 142733

She wants for everyone to think she's always been special it's either edited or Cathy put makeup on her since she's been dressing her children like prostitots since they became potty trained

No. 142734

not nice to say that about children tbh

No. 142737

To say what? That their parents dressed them like prostitutes? They did. And they photographed it all too. Please.

No. 142740

Why? It's not like anon said they were prostitutes, she wasn't even blaiming the kids. It's not like it was little Kaka or Kota fault. Most kids just do whatever their parents tell them to, even if it doesn't seem right.

I wouldn't be surprised if both needed to go through deprograming like ex-cult members before they ever got psychological help. Their parents really fucked with their minds in a similar method that cult leaders do.

No. 142743

They're probably close to her hair color in all actuality, maybe a little more brown towards the base, but I highly doubt they're straight-up black.
(pulling from the fact that there's ~Irish blood~ in my mix of exotic whitebread and that we both have the same natural hair color.)

No. 142744

her lashes are too clumped

No. 142745

lashes are too clumped to be real*

No. 142810

This was her best era since switching from her scene thing:




also right after:


she started to fuck up. Why doesn't she go back to that? It's like she's keeping her personality back to be an innocent weeb. She had something before and her videos were interesting, but she goes on about how everyone harasses her and all I can feel from the recent videos is negativity. She's copying Dakota so much now when the videos I linked above were working so well for her.

No. 142819

File: 1437647228053.jpg (182.79 KB, 500x903, image.jpg)

This is heavily edited and they could use obvious improvement, but see how much better she looks with eyebrows? These aren't even blended very naturally and they still make her so much better. It balances out the five head. Fiveheads are only high fashion when you look good.

No. 142827


She looked like jeffree star in this era idk her face looks trannified

No. 142838

she looks good now tbh but sometimes she goes kawaii and thats ugly because kawaii is never truly kawaii irl

No. 142839

File: 1437649603715.jpg (362.04 KB, 1208x604, kirsten.jpg)

Her brows there are kind of drag queen-esque, but I do agree that styling and filling them in would frame her face a lot better.
That, a fringe of some sort and some layers to give some volume to her current limp mop is all she needs really. A colour change could help too.

No. 142842

kind of gives her a zooey deschanel vibe
an improvement at least.

No. 142843

double posting like a fgt but having mentioned Zooey, I think keekz could give the twee aesthetic a good go. (but she'z 2 quirkee)

No. 142845

damn those are some of her worst brows ever on the left
maybe she doesn't want bangs because Dakota has them i guess

No. 142846

im all about accepting natural beauty tbh but the layers and bangs are a great idea and dying the eyebrows darker to match her natural haircolor would be a great idea too.

No. 142850


am i the only one who actually does not find her pretty? whether scene or kawaiikaka?

No. 142853

It stated first and foremost that they needed obvious improvement lol.
They are too spermy there, and the tails are too long and round, but drag queen or nah it still probes that even with horrendous eyebrows she looked better than she does now. The fact that she spends so much time on that droopy eye style and none on bringing color to her cheeks or her brows is just retarded.

No. 142855

Not many of us find her attractive, but beauty is subjective and there's always room for improvement. I can't speak for all but I think most of us just note that she has potential to look better. That said, I've always been partial to the tranny look so I don't have too many negative opinions on her good ol sceenie weenie dayz.

No. 142857

I never found her attractive at all tbh.

No. 142919

I think she's somewhat pretty, but she does have quite the fivehead.

No. 143128


These were good.

Still, it was when Kota wasn't as famous as now. It's like, The more famous Kota is, the more boring Kiki gets

(I had my hopes up with the BBQ vlog. It was, smthg different. Idk)

No. 143190

Someone should tell her BBQ'd food has toxins in it so she needs to take her antioxidant pill. Because of the coal charring it.

I remember she used to use make up brands (Tony Moloy, or Moly not sure cba Googling, being one example) that had parabens in them and she was claiming to be "all natural". I don't think she actually knows what she's talking about a lot of the time as the stuff she uses tends to be garbage if you're going for a natural lifestyle.

No. 143614

She retweeted two tweets 16 hours ago, so she's still lurkin'

No. 143625


I've never really found her physically attractive. She has always had a bitchy face but it's even worse today than it was back then, it's almost like her real self is starting to shine through her skin.
It's amusing that she professes love and harmony when her face looks like she's ready to shank you.

That aside, because of the veganism she looks pale, drawn and angry. Not even a good pale either, like a pallid, sickliness.
It's like, I'm a vegetarian, but you can easily be veg and get all of the nutrients you need.
Vitamin D is a big one that vegans needs to watch out since they no longer consume eggs, butter, cheese or milk, children reared on strict vegan diets have been known to develop rickets because of this.

I have never met a vegan that didn't look ill and like they could collapse at any moment.

No. 143635

Meh, I have some vegan friends who look perfectly healthy. But I believe there is "smart vegan" and "dumb vegan" (aka kiki and venus)

No. 143638


Idk I have a friend that's a nutritionist and she has really instilled into me how dangerous a long-term vegan diet is for humans.
Apparently most vegans will not encounter any problems within the first 3-5 years but it's after that point that the body will begin displaying signs of malnutrition.

Speaking of, anybody else noticed how thin and lank Kirsten's hair is since she became vegan full time?

No. 143652

and she looks older

No. 143666

I get what you mean and I believe you are correct, I just don't think all vegans end up looking like Kiki. idk

Kiki reminds me lf Wendy from Breaking Bad

And her hair is repulsive. It looks super thin, dry and damaged. I can hear the tangles stuck in a hairbrush just by looking at it

No. 143672


Oh I don't think they all are going to end up looking like Kirsten, and whilst I admire the sacrifices that vegans make I think there's only so long you can keep it up before your body eventually becomes depleted in minerals and it begins having a negative impact.

Every vegan I know, Kirsten included, is daily gobbling down a tonne of supplements to replace the ones they're not getting from meat and dairy products, but everybody knows you can't substitute a supplement for the real thing. Eventually your body is going to start catabolising it from your tissues and bones.

No. 143677


Didn't she stop dyeing it? That probably adds to it looking thin and lanky. My hair's going through the same because I had to quit peroxide.

She should just cut it every once a while and invest in some good hair goo.

No. 143686

She looked sooo cute with shoulder length brown hair. But now that she has longer hair than her sister aka her competition, there is no way she'd cut it. And all the "anons" saying her hair looks nice and healthy gag

No. 143700


Man, she looks 100 times better with these old eyebrows.

No. 143702

File: 1437758100750.jpg (204.31 KB, 750x1105, image.jpg)

Check out this lulz from Kiki's old Tumblr


No. 143704

File: 1437758151536.jpg (259.11 KB, 750x1049, image.jpg)


>>I remember back when I was 15-16 years old whenever someone would attack me I was so vicious back. I was spewing what the haters were throwing at me right back to them. I realized very quickly that, that is what those types of people wanted… for me to become like them, for me to become angry, hateful and vicious like them

Hasn't changed one bit. Fucking lol.

No. 143705

File: 1437758179293.jpg (199.72 KB, 750x992, image.jpg)

No. 143713

More lulzy stuff she said 4 years ago, which aren't true & proves she hasn't changed at all.

>>I have learned how to not become angry or irritated and look at things in different perspectives.

>>I then took some deep breaths and realized that I shouldn’t be upset with any of these people.

>>There are so many people dead from this type of abuse. I don’t want to end up dead. I don’t want others to end up dead.

No. 143714


>I don’t want others to end up dead

Oh man if there was a button that Kirsten could press that would delete PULL, delete lolcow and kill every one of us instantaneously you know for a fact she'd fucking push it lol

No. 143721

>I'm still hopeful that I will one day find-bump into some genuine people to share my life with and have fun with.
Is it dumb for me to feel slightly bad for her since she has absolutely no friends and she knows it?

No. 143722

File: 1437759326319.jpg (74.2 KB, 475x480, image.jpg)

Damn, her real nose is massive… No wonder she abuses lightning in her photos.

No. 143728

That's not what her real nose looks like. Her real nose is skinny and sharp, you can see it in that Blackberry Smoothie video and in the candids.

No. 143729


Nah Anon her nose still looks like that, you just cam't see it easily in her videos because she amps the contrast in her vids so far down that her schnozz blends into her cheeks.

No. 143730

File: 1437760882805.jpg (93.24 KB, 982x448, Untitled-1.jpg)


My picture didn't post for some reason.

No. 143731


You do realise that most people get their Vitamin D from sunlight, right?

You might be thinking of B12 or Iodine.

No. 143732

meh i think vegans can swing a few different ways:
1) sickly and pale as you said
2) ED patients going "look i eat food!!" but stil adhering to a super restrictive diet
3) chubbychans pretending to maintain some semblance of health (dont forget, vegan junkfood has just as much if not more calories than regular)

No. 143733

They still look like 2 completely different noses to me.
Her nose bridge still looks skinny and sharp compared to the left picture. The only thing similar in those pictures is that her nose is still crooked in the left picture.

No. 143737

I think it's because one picture was taken with a 2007 webcam and the other, a HD camera with better quality. I've found this kind of thing makes a difference

And also she's standing much closer to the webcam, which only widens her nose.

No. 143738


>you do realise that most people get their Vitamin D from sunlight, right?

That may have been the case a 50 years ago, but due to rapid developments in technology and the fact that laborious work has shifted from outdoors working in the streets or fields to indoors where we slave away at desks we are no longer obtaining enough vitamin D through sun exposure alone, especially if you live in a colder climate (we don't all live in warm countries with few clouds Anon).

Most people in my country are getting up for work in the morning and travelling there in semi-darkness, staying in all day working in darkness, then by the time they leave again it's starting to get dark again. I have friends who in live far in the northern part of Sweden and they tend to only get 3-4 hours of decent sunlight a day if they're lucky.

This is why companies are now being pressure to add vitamin D to breads and cereals, and excess to milks, butters and cheeses because rates of rickets are beginning to soar.

No. 143739


Then you're not looking hard enough.

Light from a monitor or lamp is illuminating her face in the first photo, casting light across the full bridge of her nose and accentuating it.

The second one has been filmed in poor lighting conditions so barely any light is touching the bridge of her nose and having it the impression of it being thinner.

No. 143743

Vitamin D is not that difficult to get. Most vegans lack B12, but you can easily take a supplement.
There's tons of perfectly healthy, non-crazy vegans out there, you just don't notice them very much.

No. 143744


Why are you taking this personally? I never once said that all vegans were crazy.

Let me guess, you're vegan so you're taking this discussion as a personal attack?

No. 144182

File: 1437842349822.jpg (100.07 KB, 1136x640, image.jpg)

Keeks was making a strange face in one of her videos so I wanted to share it.

No. 144186

Kaka makes strange faces more often than she makes normal ones, e.g. >>140042 & >>140164

No. 144229

she's clearly practicing for them sugardaddies

No. 144238

Her stupid eyemakeup makes it worse.

No. 144240

She also has some contouring, in the recent years she and Kota have been hella contouring sides of their nose.

No. 144250

It's part of her oh-so quirky legit personality

LOL my Tumblrina side was hella annoyed at this video, when she kids started talking about the sign-holder job. (Some people legit need a job, Kiki)

No. 144256


o god gross omg

No. 144481

She tries so hard to talk and act like Tyra Banks

No. 144490

you sort of feel bad until you realise that the main problem is probably herself & her obsession with pushing everyone away/finding fault in everyone.
Also her mum is probably fucking awkward if she brings any friends over.

No. 144511

File: 1437870773605.gif (43.21 KB, 200x200, tyra-shakes.gif)

yess she's like the cheap white trash version

No. 144546

File: 1437874427359.jpg (62.63 KB, 640x508, image.jpg)

Gotta say guys, I'm loving all these new Dakota's Sister banners! This shit had me dying!

No. 144619

Tyra is cheap too. She tries to act like she isn't ghetto when she is.

No. 144701


Tyra looks evil, idk what it is about her but shes so off and reserved

her and kaka have that in common at least

No. 144708

I always thinking pretty much the same. They're beautiful, lolcow!

No. 144724

Haha me too. The banners are hilarious and amusing.

No. 144860

every time i see this thread bumped i think it's new kiki news.

No. 144922

And yet you do the same

No. 144931

Both the Kiki and Kota threads are being pretty quiet lately, it makes me bored and sad.

So, is she just gonna pretend Tako doesn't exist anymore? Even if she still plans to marry him for a visa, she'll probably not post or mention anything about him again now that she knows he's not as attractive as she thought he was.

No. 144968

At the time I posted that it was actually on the top already so whatever.

I think she's going to make a random post about either their breakup or their marriage. That's gonna be the next post whatever it is.

No. 144974

lol @ her websites keywords btw

No. 144976

I feel like, since she never was attracted to Asian guys and only got involved with one because of Dakota being in Japan, she doesn't know what is or isn't attractive when it comes to Asian guys, so when we finally got a clear shot of him and said he was fugly, she suddenly realized her prize catch wasn't anything special and now she's hiding him.

No. 144978

Every self centered attention whore who takes selfies with a decent DSLR thinks she's a ~*model*~.

No. 144984

I realize Kiki had some level of fame with her scene days, but could you guys imagine how she would be now, with all her paranoia, if she actually got work as a model or something? If she got even half the attention of Kota? She reacts this way when we make fun of her bf, imagine how it would be.

She can't be talent if she can't even maintain her social media without this kind of bullshit drama. If she's closing it all down and deleting everything every few months because someone said something mean, people will forget about her and move onto the next gaijin model.

No. 144989

I feel like her behavior online is half the reason she's never even become an alternative model, she just can't handle anything that isn't asskissing and telling her how exotic and beautiful she is, and she literally can't ignore anything else. We're dealing with a girl who legit thinks she has a right to sue strangers on the Internet for talking about her negatively, even if it's completely true.

No. 144992

>>144989 again
I just wanna add this, I honestly feel like the only way Kiki has any chance of a normal, healthy life is if she's declared a defendant adult, taken away from her parents and put into some intensive, long term therapy and treatment for her paranoia and delusions. Kota is an ass, but no doubt getting out of the Monstrenga dungeon worked well for her, even if she is letting herself go. But anyway my point is, Scott and Cathy should not be allowed to care for anyone. Kiki and Kota might have actually had a shot at good, happy lives except for them.

No. 144994


No. 144996

That's why Kota is way more likable than Kiki. Kota knows that Japan isn't interested in drama like this.

The biggest cultural "rule" in Japan is to NOT get involved. If someone says or does something you don't like, you ignore it. Even if it's at your workspace. Unless it's something serious like actual assault, and not just trolls online.

Kiki is so full of drama. She shits her own drama, chases her own tail and blames other people while playing the victim.

If this wasn't how she was like, I think she'd be so much further in life, maybe even a model somewhere. But she's just stuck in the past with what I'm guessing some kind of weird mental illness that prevents her from seeing reality (any guesses?).

But on the other hand, she does provide us with milk, so can't really hate her for it. She's just messed up in the head, and I think seeing her own sister successful in Japan made things so much worse for her.

No. 145020

>stuck in the past with what I'm guessing some kind of weird mental illness that prevents her from seeing reality (any guesses?).

I think it's just what comes from being groomed by shitty, fame hungry shameless white trash like Scott and Cathy since birth. They probably convinced her that she's so perfect and gorgeous and fame worthy that everyone is out to get her, rape her, and tear her down any time she leaves the house.

Kiki is far more delusional that most "errmagerrd, erryone is stalking me cuz I'm so e-faymus!!!" Snowflakes. She has breakdowns over anonymous opinions of shit that shouldn't even matter to her. She never leaves her house, and apparently she can't do anything without one or both of her parents. She seems codependent as fuck, with no idea how to be functional outside of her own little bubble at all.

I'm not a shrink so I don't want to armchair diagnose anything, but I don't think it's anything she was born with or predisposed to, IMHO I think it's just what her failure parents have done to her.

No. 145023

She reminds me of those girls who get abducted at a young age and then live in captivity for 10-15 years with their captors and become completely docile and controlled by them. Isn't there a word for that? I want to think Stockholm Syndrome but idk if that's the right term for it.

No. 145056

i think dakota was more self aware about how crazy her parents were
and kiki is there still believing that they are perfectly sane and everyone else is crazy

No. 145094

As much as I despise Kota for her past sheningans and current shit (still photoshopping, still trying to make people believe she looks like her photos, her try-hard TV performances, etc etc), I'll always think it's cool as shit that she managed to just ignore the haters (aka us, lol) and the negativity. She might be depressed about it, but at least she doesn't put it out there. Kiki is just batshit insane.

tl;dr, I prefer Kota because she can keep her shit together, while her sister is just mentally losing it over and over again.

Even though they grew up together, I feel like Kota is different and smarter than Kiki (although they are both stupid as fuck).

No. 145110

>>I'm not a shrink so I don't want to armchair diagnose anything, but I don't think it's anything she was born with or predisposed to, IMHO I think it's just what her failure parents have done to her.

Yeah I don't mean like a condition you're born with, I just meant that she must have developed something from all the trauma and shit she put herself through. I think she just refuses to let go of her old persona/alias because she would be no one, and her current fans are people who have followed her since her scene days. She's not gaining any new fans because she does shit all, so new people won't know who she is. She just can't stand her younger sister doing something in her life, while she's living in her parents' basement doing whatever she can to stay relevant.

No. 145118

I don't understand why she won't change her usernames though. Her excuse on lilkitten was that you cant change your name most places but twitter and instagram, her most active media other than yt, you can and not lose any followers. She wouldn't have to let go of anything but "kiki kannibal" which she clearly wants to anyway.

No. 145187

It's because Cathy & Scott are probably her most avid supporters.
Kota apparently constantly got shat on by her mom, was put down as the 'fat, ugly sister' for most of her childhood, and I think originally developed her eating disorder/bdd to cope with this.
Kiki has constantly been held up as the gold standard of beauty and success in the family, without ever having to try for it. Cathy is probably Kiki's most avid fangirl. If she turned against her own mom, not only would she be biting the hand that literally feeds her (as well as buys all the expensive crap she wants in order to show off) but also would be isolating herself from the one person in her life who's still telling her that she's got a chance marketing herself as a blogger/'e-celebrity'.
she wasn't wrong to compare herself to Kim K. she probably thinks that one good scandal is all she needs to launch her career into the spotlight & then reel in the fame and fortune…
but she's far too prideful to ever actually make a sex tape. at least for now.

No. 145192

apparently constantly got shat on by her mom, was put down as the 'fat, ugly sister' for most of her childhood
I've heard this a lot but is there anything close to proof of this?

Kiki peaked at age 6-14 because she had a more mature face on a child while Kota had a fat round face. When they lost their baby fat, Kiki just ended up looking manly and old. It's obvious Kiki knew she was hotter back then (and still thinks she is now kek) but did their parents actually treat Kota like shit?

No. 145193


I've said this loads of times before but I was friends with somebody who was friends with Dakota and Dakota used to talk to her about how Cathy was mentally, and occasionally physically, abusive towards her and that Kirsten and Scott would just stand by and pretend nothing was happening.
It got so bad that Dakota very almost moved in with this friend to get away from the abuse but then like a month later she got her break with Bravo and left for Japan.

Also I'm sick of people coming into threads and saying "where da proof, where da proof" because I must have told people this like 7 times already.

No. 145208

I know that Kiki has called Kota fat and ugly on stickam before.

No. 145233

Wasnt it charms who said that

No. 145245

It was

No. 145280

please. how the fuck are we supposed to know what you have said a million time when you are anonymous? of course people are going to ask for proof. everyone's tired of shilling and shit

No. 145290

> I'm sick of people coming into threads and saying "where da proof, where da proof" because I must have told people this like 7 times already.
well, where IS the proof?
saying something over and over (on an anon imageboard no less) doesnt = proof

No. 145295

this makes me feel like an oldfag for saying it, but the subject of abuse was a huge 'reveal' when charms finally made her exposé posts about Dakota on /cgl/. this anon isn't the only one who remembers.

No. 145309


Yes, it was her that told me but in a bit more detail when I asked her about it like half a year later.

Charms never actually told /cgl/ about the physical abuse though, only that Cathy was "awful" and verbally abusive. When she told me I was astounded and got a wave of troll's remorse.


Well maybe if you weren't such a fucking newfag you would have been around when all the caps got posted to /cgl/ in the first place.


No. 145328

holy shit fucking retarded newfag
this shit is such fucking old news

No. 145344

This shit is kooters 101 material. I was pretty newfag a while back ago and even I have seen this shit posted. Even on PULL. Gawd. You suck even more than PULL users. That's a lot of hard core sucking.

No. 145609


You'd think this would be incentive for Kota to give a fuck about her career enough to do some cardio and stand up straight, but I guess not. She'll probably end up marrying some older gaijin pussy hunter to say in Japan just so she doesn't have to go back to her shit parents.

Beside that though, this is the Kiki thread. Take the Kotachat to the Kota thread.

No. 145695

she retweeted some stuff, so maybe she's pulling herself out of this little tantrum and post soon.

No. 145701

despite all the lolcow stuff i have a little respect for Kota for making her own career through self-promotion and moving countries at a fairly young age
both of which Kiki has failed to do

No. 145721

Anticipating dat Taku breakup.

No. 145733

Kota's promotion was all done by Scott and Cathy, the second Dakota started getting attention on Tumblr for her hobby shooping they saw dollar signs. They set up her website, and assumed the role of her management as if she were a big model and behaved accordingly to get her work. Yes, it was all fake, but they knew what they were doing. They knew how to make it seem like they were legit and professional.

No. 145735

They paid forthe website, I don't think that they 'set it up'.. it looked like a mangled template for the longest time. I think if anyone has coding skills in the fam, it might be the brother, but if Kiki's website was any indication then none of them have an eye for layout/design.

No. 145738

or they could've just hired someone to do it

No. 145747

As long as they've been maintaining sites for their business ventures they've all had pretty default layouts. They use templates but insert their own artwork. Like the last Kiki site that had all of Kota's weird art on it, they just insert the graphics into the templates. Not too difficult.

No. 145758

Either way, it wasn't all her by herself. If it was, the sheer amount of work that went into getting her living doll image out there to be noticed by Bravo in the first place, and not to mention correspondence and setting up the travel arrangements and documents- her parents had to have helped with a lot of it, if not all of it. Unless you expect people to believe an uneducated shut in with almost no social skills and zero life or work experience managed to pull all of that out of her ass, only to settle for niche catalogue modeling and D list variety TV in the end.

No. 145765

File: 1438064495893.jpg (46.24 KB, 480x360, image.jpg)

No. 145838


I believe Dakota built the site herself. She's displayed some tech knowledge in the past and those kind of websites are not hard to construct. I started building my own aged 14.

No. 145914

File: 1438095320605.jpg (118.62 KB, 500x756, image.jpg)

Do you think Kota made that weird art all herself? I didn't think she was so advanced at art during that time to do it completely her own.

No. 145927

The girls themself yes but the backgrounds and such are stock images with filters.

No. 145930

man wouldnt it be awkward to be the friend, watching a mom hit her kid

No. 146160

She made it all herself but cut some corners. Not sure if it was on Tumblr or another site but someone made comparisons between some of the poses in her weird art and pictures she had traced or been inspired by. She probably traced them, added her own touches to make them fit her art style and then tweaked with the coloring, highlights and shadows, etc.

No. 146165

you know what i do feel like dakota made some of these because a lot of artists put a piece of themselves in their work and if we look at the cheeks on this girl…

No. 146170


Backgrounds are stock images, probably pulled from Google, but yeah I believed she did the art of the girls herself. They're actually not that good to anybody that works with photoshop, but I get that if you're not really arty they probably look advanced. Her anatomy is fucked.

They bear an uncanny resemblance to the way she used to shoop herself. Girl obviously had severe issues at the time.

There was a Japanese interview conducted in her apartment where she had some of her sketches lying about wasn't there?

No. 146171


Also, dat pillow shading.
First sure sign of an amateur.

No. 146173


Yeah, I saw that video too. Her drawing style hasn't changed at all and I have a feeling she'll be using that disasters for her clothing line.

fuckin' burn it

No. 146246

Can I just ask… what was the artist kiki bought that painting for kota's birthday called btw?

No. 146248


Audrey Kawasaki.
Her technique is great but fuck every single one of her girls have the exact same face, even the rare boys.

No. 146424

Why do yall keep talking about her "clothing line"? She isn't going to have a clothing line. She just said she would want one in the future, which isn't going to happen. How many times does this have to get repeated?

No. 146478

File: 1438166807192.jpg (122.19 KB, 500x811, KND_MUGGO_SHOT._SHOP.KIKIKANNI…)

Been there, done that. They already tried with their KND Kouture apparel that was hideous and then tried it again with those bat shirts. If she ever wanted to do something of her own she would probably come up with something to distance herself from Kiki.

No. 146485

>everyone's tired of shilling and shit

Don't use words when you don't even understand what they mean

No. 146514

No doubt she looked at Kiki's high cheek bones for the facial features.
The art is strange but I like it.

No. 146515

File: 1438185464178.jpg (202.72 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

One of Kota's drawings in the background. I like her coloring technique. I would like one of her drawings but I don't think she draws much anymore.

No. 146516

Her art is fucking disgusting and not the least bit aesthetically pleasing. Leagues worse than any Tumblr shit.

No. 146546

Kiki looked her best in this era

No. 146561

she looks so hot wtf is wrong with her now
jesus christ

No. 146565

yea, now she looks like a deflated balloon.

No. 146569

I agree. I can't look at it for more than a few seconds because its ugliness is so unsettling. Don't quit your day job, Koots.

Platinum hair and bold makeup really suits her best. Sure it's a little drag queenish but let's be honest, Kiki might as well be a drag queen with her features and personality. She needs to find another subculture where being loud and obnoxious (both inside and out) is trendy rather than trying to force herself into this serene mother earth crystal persona.

No. 146572

random but i was looking at OP pic and was thinking "wow does FBI really cover things like this?"
well the answer is no not really…

> She needs to find another subculture where being loud and obnoxious (both inside and out) is trendy
dragqueen it is then, for ms kiki

No. 146621

does some kind anon have the link for that video? i tried looking for it but can't find it anywhere. i'm interested in the drawings too!

No. 146851

Her forehead was smaller too.

No. 146866

File: 1438221614707.jpg (403.19 KB, 2400x2228, knd1.jpg)

When she had her own style it suited her quite well, then she she began copying kooters every move. Seriously kota started growing out her natural color, then kiki did. Kota started wearing asian fashion, keeks followed. It doesn't suit her at all and she just looks like a dull blob

No. 146872

I don't get why people keep saying Kiki is wearing "asian fashion." She's not, at all. She's just trying to emulate an angel or some shit.

No. 146876

Perhaps they mean Asian fashion as in clothes purchased from Asia (Taobao, Alibaba)

No. 146877

She used wear kawaii taobao shit like kota, just look at her old outfit vids. Recently she changed to this "ethereal angel moon goddess" shit.

No. 146885

I agree with you. She's plain and boring. Don't forget to mention that limp, lifeless hair she has.
When you watch her YouTube vids, like Learning Japanese with my Cat.. You can tell she isn't a happy person–at all. Just faking it like she always does.

No. 146886

That sad part is that if you look at some of the pieces individually they don't look horrible she just can't coord.

No. 146893

File: 1438223513695.jpg (18.8 KB, 224x201, image.jpg)

Did you guys see this pic before? Sorry if it's a repost

No. 147098

I don't think so! good phase of hers though, growing out the platinum hair

No. 147126

File: 1438264616822.jpg (18.55 KB, 224x201, image.jpg)

Found another. I think she looked better with just platinum blonde hair. But growing out of the phase isn't bad.

No. 147150

File: 1438272362537.png (433.08 KB, 600x450, 144157267.png)

No. 147151

File: 1438272452040.png (430.1 KB, 600x450, 144156688.png)

No. 147152

File: 1438272473032.jpg (57.16 KB, 409x545, 529036_295887150484157_1147587…)

Is this Kaka?

No. 147153

File: 1438272569715.jpg (58.74 KB, 500x500, photo.jpg)

No. 147154

File: 1438272643047.jpg (29.77 KB, 480x480, 374027_212491368821941_1737469…)

No. 147155

think she. she loves her (dakota's) floral shoes
and that leather jacket

No. 147157

File: 1438272819678.jpg (92.24 KB, 600x450, x_eb8bb4e7.jpg)

No. 147158

File: 1438272874173.jpg (77.68 KB, 600x450, x_9d8b8982.jpg)

No. 147159

File: 1438272921105.jpg (113.96 KB, 883x395, 459300_296279017111637_1147587…)

No. 147160

File: 1438273100239.jpg (54 KB, 365x500, Dakota-Rose-Twitter.jpg-3.jpg)


No. 147162

File: 1438273293351.png (286.39 KB, 241x544, 1g.png)


No. 147163

File: 1438273334113.png (302.77 KB, 284x545, 1s.png)

From her old shop

No. 147164


Where are you finding these? I've never seen them before and I've followed her since the Myspace days :|

No. 147165

I'm a girl that likes girls and what I find utterly unattractive about Kirsten physically is that because she's thin she believes she's attractive by default.

To a girl like me her body is repulsive because she looks like a malnourished little girl with this haggard old witches mug.
I think about going down on a girl like Kirsten and I'm imagining the sharp tendons of her inner thighs rubbing up against the side of my head with her hard, boney pelvis pushing against my forehead.


Soft, chubbier girls that can take some punishment and still roll around kissing and giggling afterwards are best girls.

No. 147171

Nice try, Kaka.

No. 147174

File: 1438274891139.jpg (45.69 KB, 409x545, 139102020.jpg)

No. 147176

File: 1438275052280.jpg (54.3 KB, 600x450, 255809223.jpg)

No. 147177

File: 1438275140481.jpg (70.53 KB, 482x480, 225504_105227909563885_1000023…)

No. 147179

File: 1438275215527.jpg (12.26 KB, 320x240, 374519_292837234122482_1147587…)

No. 147180

Even though she was extra bitchy back in these days, she was way more interesting. She used to have a personality of her own. Rip in pieces myspace stickam keekz.

No. 147183

File: 1438275968421.webm (1.77 MB, 640x360, HUMAN KITTEN - YouTube.webm)

No. 147186

File: 1438276611361.webm (3.43 MB, 320x240, Emma UK - YouTube.webm)

No. 147187

My bad, I thought this has been removed from her YouTube. I'll upload other videos.

No. 147189

I hope she gets some rest outside of social media and learns to live offline. It may even be the best for her mental state.

No. 147200

This one >>147160 isn't Kirsten.

No. 147201

i have a question about her music in some of her videos she has like clair de lune playing but she remixed it with cats meowing did she ever release it anywhere??

No. 147355

No. 147359

guys do you remember taku lookalike on that friendsinjapan website?

well i messaged him undercover lol and when i mentioned kaka he got defensive and stopped messaging me


No. 147360

Where are the screen shots

No. 147361


I'm bi and I too think they're nice, not fatties but girls with a little meat. Those are nice girls…. I have to agree

No. 147362


I'll get them in a sec, I'm gonna keep pestering the fuck out of him

No. 147391

well this literally reads like a tumblr post

No. 147396

Uhhhh…..OK? Do you have to put down thin girls just to put chubbies up? Fatty logic.

No. 147397

nice blog, fatso :^)

No. 147398

What the fuck no one cares you insecure fatty

No. 147399


The thin girls put the fatties down to up the skinnies

fatties put down skinnies

it's never ending jfc

No. 147402

I know why can't fats leave humanity alone

No. 147403

You have no idea how anatomy works. You've never went down on a girl in your life, mate.

No. 147406

I'd rather not smell cottage cheese in bed but to each their own i guess

No. 147418

is it…vegan bubble tea?? sounds yum

No. 147426

How would her pelvis be pushing into your forehead…?

And how sharp do you think tendons get?
I'm pretty sure even Ash's wouldn't hurt you that bad and that's assuming the girl has her legs clamped around your head and not just, y'know, spread.

No. 147429

Exactly. They're just a landwhale trying to pretend like other people give a shit about hambeasts.

No. 147496

Some of those pics I've never seen before. Thanks Anon for sharing.

No. 147506

File: 1438309993995.jpg (23.65 KB, 200x328, image.jpg)

Those goofy glasses.

No. 147536

File: 1438312811579.png (76.41 KB, 320x240, gross.png)

No. 147544

There's a banner in this somewhere…

No. 147546

File: 1438314538028.png (65.85 KB, 320x240, craycray.png)

No. 147547

No. 147591


I'm 5'7" and 132lbs, hardly a landwhale.

Are you some Auschwitz mode dame convinced anything above 90lbs is obese? Kirsten DOES look unpleasantly thin in terms of sexual activity.


Clearly you've never gone down on a hungry skelly.

No. 147596


It's been 7 hours, DELIVER YOU HOAR

No. 147600

File: 1438321675766.jpg (42.73 KB, 300x100, Banner.jpg)

No. 147605

It's good, but I feel like it should be a jab at her desperate need to seem like a perfect kira kira elf godessu with that gross face and drool

No. 147613

I wish I had a better picture of Taco, it would give the image a totally different meaning if I could have him leering over her shoulder.

No. 147619

She should be pale kirakira desu.

No. 147634

I wish I could find a quote of her slut-shaming or something…
Cause you know, it looks like she's spittin' up jizz. I think that'd be great

No. 147635

Yeah, that's what I'm going for. Anyone let me know if have anything.

No. 147637

*if you have anything.

No. 148229


I'm calling bullshit on this, sorry.

No. 148270

File: 1438392204325.jpg (47.31 KB, 320x480, image.jpg)

I know this isn't the Kotex thread but I noticed Kaka & Kotex never had good bangs, ever.

No. 148275

File: 1438392590299.gif (7.38 KB, 601x62, butiful.gif)


I tried having a look for something and I couldn't find anything but man this was so funny I had to share

No. 148281

Probs cuz Cathy was the one cutting/styling their hair lol

No. 148659

Yeah lol I'm surprised they even let Kotex dye her hair blue etc at her age.

No. 148732

are you really surprised? scott and cathy let them do so much shit, i would think the hair dye is the least outrageous thing going on back then

No. 148796

I wouldn't even say they "let them," I'm pretty sure they flat-out encouraged it. I think those of us who followed the Sceenie Weenie (we're probably like 20+ I know I was 12 at the time) remember at least a little about how NUTS their childhood must've been if this is what they were doing at our age. And we thought it was the coolest thing. There's a reason a lot of scene kids were obsessed with Kiki–she was our age and allowed to do things any caring parent would never allow lol. The over processed hair, the piercings, the heavy makeup, the skimpy clothes. They groomed them that way. They literally made their children into their sources of income.

No. 148936


Cathy and Scott pulled them out of school right around the time they hit puberty to focus on making them internet famous. By comparison dying their hair and caking them in makeup isn't shit.

No. 148949

Yeah that's true.

No. 148950

Very very true. This is why I enjoy the discussions here

No. 148960

At the time I was so mad that my parents wouldn't let me dye my hair/get choppy scene layers and piercings at 14, I thought they were being so lame and overprotective.
Now I'm so thankful they didn't let that happen.

No. 149179


Surely Kaka has mentioned their mum letting them dye their hair even as kids. I remember seeing hella young photos of them where Kaka had pink hair and Kota had green.

No. 149185

I do know some people who, while I'm sure they love their children very much, are librul hippies to an extent that they let their kids do whatever the fuck they want. And what said kids usually end up doing is drugs.

No. 149210

>she was our age and allowed to do things any caring parent would never allow

Kind of this. But not just allowed, encouraged and funded to do it. While most of us had shitty cameras shooting with friends they were shooting with adults and Koots and the time to be doing post processing, even if rudimentary.

No. 149256

Does anyone have an archive of Kiki's buzznet posts/photos? She changed hers to private so we can snoop.

No. 149257

*can't snoop

No. 149878

Oh yeah. While we ran around at 13 trying to emulate their pseudo professional photoshoots, we were too young to realize how fucked up it was that a 14 year old girl was half naked in 20 lbs of makeup and hair extensions getting photographed by her own father. All Kiki and Kota did was stream on stickham and post weird photos that I now realize we clearly coordinated by their parents. Who the fuck says "let's pose my sexualized children with Jones soda and lamps"?

No. 149879

File: 1438573235105.jpg (47.67 KB, 500x333, image.jpg)

Who do you think this guy is in the pic? Danny?

No. 149939

I always had assumed they had friends who were slightly older just hanging out with them and taking pics. Had no clue it was orchestrated by parents, because the point of what they were doing were things parents would never let.

No. 149950

I think I was too focused on "no fair, they can do it, why can't i??" at the time. After all, I was 11 when I was first like ~wow these girls are so cool~. I guess I was too young to think about the mechanics behind everything. I actually feel a twinge bad for the girls who emulated Kiki that had reckless parents as well cuz most of them are now 25 with full sleeves of hello kitty and cupcakes and shit they got at 16 years old. Embarrassing.

No. 150229

i was always wanting those cut out plastic jewelry they made when i was young. i'm glad i was smart enough to know they were too fucking expensive and found cheaper sellers of the same exact thing
also because cathy is not my mom so i knew i couldn't get whatever the fuck i wanted

No. 150727

Yeah same here. Not sure how she got away with charging so much money & most of the time the jewelry arrived broken & the buyers weren't refunded their money.. Just given a bunch of insults & blocked.

No. 150729

File: 1438654931315.jpg (35.87 KB, 500x375, image.jpg)

Have you guys seen this pic before?
I stumbled on it & wanted to share.
Huh, glasses can make anyone appear a little smarter.

No. 150839

File: 1438663702920.jpg (253.99 KB, 599x816, shotsfired.jpg)

Kiki has fired shots at Mira!

No. 150842

Holy shit kaka is fucking INSANE…Mira didn't even say anything bad about Dakota and even Insulted her own appearance in comparison to Dakotas

No. 150844

it's finally happened omg

No. 150845

Right? Mira is annoying as fuck, but seriously, Kirsten?
She literally said "I don't care if she edits her videos".
She's fucking loopy.

No. 150847

File: 1438664544983.png (16.96 KB, 590x110, kekk.png)

holy fucking shit guys, it's raining. The drought is over!

No. 150848

Also it might have been said already but Kaka has taken down her YouTube.

No. 150850

Can't wait to hear Mira's reply.

No. 150851

Oop, sorry guys, disregard that.
It was just OP's link that isn't working.
Her YouTube is still up.

No. 150884

Mira wasn't even hating.

Holy fuck Kaka can't even be friends with her fellow cows because she's so self centered!

No. 150885

I think Kaka is singling out Mira because Mira actually got to Japan and married while Kaka couldn't?

No. 150887

> 1 year ago
Jesus christ, did she scour the internet looking for any "hate" she could find? Get a fuckin' life Kirsten.

God I think Mira is annoying af but Kaka is just crazy. I am convinced she is messed up in the head. She really needs therapy and maybe a trip to the nut house.

No. 150888

YES the return of Kray Kray Kardashian

No. 150889

Honestly, I think she had it already saved in her stash of PROOFS!! and HATER SCREENSHOTS!!!

No. 150890

That's what I'm thinking.

No. 150910

this is amazing. truly beautiful.

No. 150914


No. 150917

File: 1438672228524.png (70.27 KB, 589x442, 1.png)


No. 150920

File: 1438672389212.png (34.34 KB, 584x217, 2.png)

No. 150923

File: 1438672647910.png (68.62 KB, 587x465, aa.png)

Kaka is online too

No. 150924

File: 1438672724879.png (33.29 KB, 588x220, bb.png)

No. 150925

lmaooooooooooooooo shes really lost her shit completely.

No. 150928

File: 1438673117892.png (61.11 KB, 589x327, dd.png)

Yeah, she's paranoid as fuck.

No. 150930

File: 1438673364394.png (34.34 KB, 581x241, gg.png)

I don't mean to fucking spam the thread, just want to get all of Kaka's tweets before they disappear.

No. 150934

You're doing God's work, anon.

No. 150937

Mira isn't really fighting back but kaka sure is fucking full blown batshit

No. 150938

Kiki is really being unfair about the situation– I hate to say it, but I actually feel pretty bad or Mira. She apologized several times, but Kaka is being too self-righteous.

No. 150942

File: 1438673987763.png (68.95 KB, 587x438, mira.png)

Another shot from Mira's replies for context.
She actually tried to take the high road here imo.
Good for her, but she's reallyyyy playing with fire trying to make friends with Kiki.

No. 150944

She must be up late searching the web for more haterz to add to her lawyer file. I think hate is the only thing that keeps this crazy witch alive

No. 150946

Am I the only one who thinks its pathetic how Kaka was apparently stalking Mira's twitter or something for her to have noticed her tweet like that? So obviously even though she "left" she's been silently stalking and building up to another mental breakdown.

That's some serious crazy showing there, Kaka.

No. 150948

File: 1438674449049.png (117.16 KB, 592x572, krazy.png)

No. 150949

mira tweeted at kaka, duh. damn some of you fools are blind as fuck and can't follow for shit lol

No. 150951

I can picture her sitting at her Mac pulling out her hair over any thing said about her that isn't kissing her ass hence why it
Looks like she is balding.

No. 150952

bet u cum to that huh?

No. 150953

like the time kota apologized and u fucks still groping on , ok lol

No. 150954

damn, chill

I feel like she's almost back pedaling a little because of her aggressive tone.

Yeah Kiki, we jack off to your bald spots.

No. 150955

lmao why when someone disses your bs its automatically kaka? aw don't cry

No. 150957

Kota didn't really apologize for anything. Nobody cares about Dakota, go to her thread, ok lol

No. 150958

Okay Kiki

No. 150960

ps stop leading the thread astray with slanted info - omgzzz kaka was stalking mira11!!1 fuckin open ur eyes and look at the bigger picture dumb ass
fuck some of u try to slant info to get ur rocks off on kaka

No. 150962

nice comeback,
ok ur like 5
go eat some more twinkles and vomit ur feelings

No. 150963

File: 1438675103694.jpg (91.4 KB, 441x750, image.jpg)


No. 150964

I can't read what you've typed. Calm down, and maybe come back when you're finished typing like a sjw having a panic attack.

HNNGGGgg baldyyy

No. 150966

lmao why when someone disses your kaka you're automatically defensive? aw don't cry

No. 150967

it's funny how Kaka was just super active on twitter like 15 minutes ago, right about when we got this confused little sperg in our thread.

No. 150968

You sound salty.

No. 150969

check my IP dumb fuck
damn this thread is so fucking lame now
correlation doesn prove causation damn
all u are fuckin paranoid

No. 150970

File: 1438675651052.jpg (520.48 KB, 585x1044, mira00.jpg)

No. 150972

Take your meds, psycho! Nobody cares about your IP

No. 150974

Well, type coherently next time maybe.

No. 150975


No. 150977

I don't understand the ass-kissing. Why exactly is Mira trying to be on Kaka's good side so hard?

No. 150978

maybe sees her as a connection via Kota?

No. 150979

cuz no one wants to be on ur side LOL

No. 150983

Damn kaka why don't you focus on Mira licking your pussy and you would stop feeling so bitter

No. 150984

Yeah, maybe. Kiki's a horrible route to get to Dakota though but she probably has no clue how crazy the cunt really is kekk

No. 150988

File: 1438676997501.png (51.42 KB, 587x325, awsosad.png)

Not very zen of you, Kaka.

No. 150989

She's literally just describing herself in these tweets.

No. 150991


LMAO this shit sounds like its kotex. girl don't you have some shit tv show to sit in the background of?

No. 150993

i want to know what contribution this bitch is currently making

does she realize the only people who watch or pay attention to any of her shit are like 25% living doll/dakota wannabees and 75% farmers and PULLtards making fun of her ass

No. 150994

>inb4 "u pedo lesbians are so fuckin paranoid check my IP"

No. 150997

No, it totally does. I wouldn't be surprised tbh

No. 151002

I want to know as well.

Isn't she supposed to be in Japan right now with her bae? Someone should ask her about it. I wonder if she'll pretend she's there or make up some bullshit excuse as to why she isn't there.

No. 151003

Backpedal faster Kaka. Push yourself right back up that hill lmfao

No. 151005

As much as I think she looks nice here, she needs to invest in some wigs, and stop stressing over small shit.
I'm sure Kotex doesn't care about Mira says, sarcastic or not. So why should she?
Her hair is already thin, so maybe if she stops stressing more hair wouldn't fall out.

No. 151007

i can't believe how fast she seized out on mira she must be REALLY traumatized. with this whole outer persona of goodness and light trying to completely deny her own laughing stock of an existence. at any mention of her, dakota, and something just IN RELATION to something else that is negative she flips her shit.

pls keekz i hope you're going to therapy.

im second guessing she visits and whiteknights lolcow. maybe PULL back in the day but i don't think her little head could handle it.

No. 151008

the main drawback of this style is that it really emphasizes how androgynous-looking kiki is, she could easily pose as a drag queen

No. 151013

File: 1438679033149.jpg (32.03 KB, 400x400, B1BFb55V.jpg)

tbh she should play up the androgyny thing. why the hell not.

she reminds me a lot of stella rose stclair. except stella is infinitely more interesting.

No. 151014

File: 1438679135803.jpg (61.01 KB, 768x1024, image.jpg)

Her eyes must be green as fuck she reads this site probably hourly

No. 151015

I definitely see the comparison with the arched eyebrows and long thin nose
to be honest I'd like to see Keekz try a style that doesn't involve an entire container of eyeshadow and 5 pairs of false lashes

No. 151016

I wonder if she's reading it right now as I type…

No. 151017


No. 151020

u guys have literally been sayin her hair is balding and fallin out for years, i think shed be bald by now
salty hoe

No. 151021

Get some Rogain or a wig you balding bitch!

No. 151022

tbh when I first saw her I assumed she was transgender.

I think it would be really interesting looking if she did do the whole androgynous thing.

Most likely, I bet she keeps her threads open 24/7.

No. 151023

idk what she's getting at here.
She's the one constantly giving 'hate sites' views from her crazy stalking/screencapping

No. 151024

I love this
>They're all jealous haters with no life and contribute nothing of value to anything!
rhetoric. 'cause I for one am living it up.

No. 151025

lol really and what exactly is Keekz doing?

posting videos and photos online while living off her parents and having no real career goals outside of becoming a Japanese housewife

yeah i'd take my life over hers any day to be honest

No. 151028

Right? It's really laughable how she insists we all have no lives and will amount to nothing, while I'm over here working my ass off pulling in that $$ and going to school for my RN AND enjoying my life, friends, and family. To me she's just a train wreck that I can't stop watching.

But. What can she say she's doing/ has done? Besides a long list of failures. I don't think being the reason your ex is dead would look good on a résumé, js Kaka. I would feel sorry for her, but I know she deserves all she has coming to her lol

No. 151051

Man, Kiki is such a douche… ignores her fans begging with compliments etc for responses for weeeeeks, but if someone writes to her that she can start a fight with she immediately responds. She's so blood thirsty its pathetic.

No. 151053

"They're paying for their own behavior by having really crappy lives, mental states and karma"
"We're living our lives"

LOL she scours the internet, for god knows how many hours a day, for any sign of hate towards her to get it removed. That's no life, Kaka.

No. 151061



It's funny when you as a farmer, are working two part time jobs, study at university, go to language classes on the side, run an online store to make extra dolla, has got trips booked for next year with pals, has happy family, has good life and you get told by this slapper "u got no lyf"

kaka pls

No. 151063


You know what makes me laugh, now that kaka's two minutes of fame is over she's just like any other girl on the web. Now that the scene era has passed, she has nothing left to cling on to and gets jelly cos there is new girls, prettier, talented and more interesting who shit on kaka

kaka u have been forgotten let it go pls

No. 151073

File: 1438691103817.png (190.85 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-08-04-08-23-25…)

Not sure Mira will see this but..

No. 151074

This whole situation confirms it.

PT is our eternal queen but Kiki recieves Lolcow of the Year 2015 award.

Congratulations Kaka

No. 151097

I really enjoy when our lolcows interact with eachother, it's like a magic moment where their stupidity and craziness rise to the heavens and you realize how their lives are sad af.

No. 151103

i didnt check on kaka after her freakout, assuming she would actually keep away, but no.
oh kaka. what is all this dumb shit (goofy asian men) )you a retweeting

No. 151106

Some girl just said she liked kaka's sound cloud and asked if she would make moar music and paranoid kaka blocked her

No. 151166

File: 1438704097176.png (422.6 KB, 597x583, uh.png)

Why is Kaka suddenly retweeting a bunch of Japanese comedy shit from TV shows
Is she really trying to copy Kota and get a gig on these types of shows

No. 151169

i can just hear her ingratiatingly voice go OMFG ROFL LMAOOOO then a shrill cackle before drifting into the cosmos

No. 151175

Is she hinting she's in Japan now? In bed, watching TV.

No. 151181

you just described my new nightmare lol

No. 151203

2015 wishlist is Kaka also interacting with PT

No. 151205

Kaka will never be a genuine person
She loves animals but doesn't give a shit about people at all
Her parents didn't teach her the consequences of her actions and she has a 1 track mind kek!
At first I felt bad for her for being bullied but now I see what a horrible person she really is. Empaths have "empathy" for all life. Not her and it's too bad her followers cant see what a truly ugly person she is inside.

No. 151209

Kuckoo is a nut but this is Mira's comeuppance for trying to stuff her big Shylock nose into other cows business so she can attempt to befriend.

I've seen her before trying to weedle her way up to Kirsten on Youtube and Twitter and it's P A T H E T I C.

No. 151212

adding on—- she has no hope for real employment and no wonder shes scared for her future.
Then freaks about every little thing someone says kek kek kek no modeling for her or being a movie star because they're in the tabloids all the time for ridiculous things and they don't freak out like she does.
But she might get a job bagging groceries at a thrift food store or something but who knows. Well farmers I can say that kaka will forever be one of our favorite lolcows….
im thinking of making a tabloid and uploading it here for our amusement kek kek should I?

No. 151214