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File: 1443736914075.png (681.41 KB, 589x590, Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 5.53…)

No. 187661

Previous thread: >>174775



Short recap:
Kiki is relatively quiet right now, which could mean she is not in Japan anymore, if she ever went back at all.
She didn't mention her wedding again and hardly talks about Taku anymore.

No. 187662


Plus, the person is vegan, living and Japan and speaks English. She should make friends with people like him, not tell them that they're wrong. Is that a new picture? Her account is still private.

No. 187663

Kinda new, she posted it about 2 weeks ago but deleted it because we pointed out that they're wearing winter coats and it's not that cold in Japan atm.

No. 187665

Taku Is so freakin cute

No. 187666


Either you're Kiki or you have some pretty serious yellow fever

>implying the two are mutually exclusive

No. 187667

I think that anon meant the picture in the post they linked. But it says in the picture it's 35w old.

No. 187672

What exactly was she eating and why isn't it vegan? Gelatine?

No. 187675

it's strawberry mochi. honestly, most mochi is vegan as it's just rice flour, water, and sugar. unless you are one of those who think sugar isn't vegan because of the way it's processed. so i don't know what that guy is talking about.

No. 187681

So, someone on pull found this vk that definitely seems like it belongs to her:
I wonder if she has any other social media we don't know about. Part of me feels like she probably has a weibo since I'm pretty sure Kota had one that got a ton of attention.

No. 187684

What was the evidence that it's 'definitely' her?
Don't want to use PULL.

No. 187686

That's kind of poor word choice on my part. I guess it wouldn't be definite. I've just never seen a catfish link the real person's social media and only promote the person they're catfishing. The catfishes I've seen catfish because they get something out of it and this only benefits her.

No. 187688

He's butt ugly

No. 187690

There are so many fake and roleplaying accounts out there even just for Kiki that are in it purely for attention.
Who knows what's going on in that person's PMs anyway? Privately this person could be claiming 'oh I'm the real Kiki, you should believe me cos I link to my real accounts and fakes wouldn't do that hehe. I just don't link to my VK from my other sites cos I want to keep this for my personal stuff ^_^'

The real question is why anyone would pretend to be 2015 Kaka.

No. 187691

Well the guy has been a vegan for 18 years, and is also able to read ALL ingredients on food. Kiki just Google translated some words like "meat" and "egg" and winged the rest.

If he says it isn't vegan, then I believe him. Probably referring to a minor ingredient that Kiki doesn't even know what is

No. 187692

sorry i dont keep up on the kaka threads but lol at her fight with mira a while back:

found it going through her twitter.

No. 187694

he kinda looks like his breath stinks, but to each their own i guess

No. 187695

File: 1443746395388.jpg (90.11 KB, 336x500, tumblr_kv4dvcm0iG1qzebjto1_400…)

Taku looks like a dollar store version of Sakurai Sho

No. 187699


Oh my bad, I read it as "35m". Thank you!

No. 187703

ok, no offense, but what could it possibly be? maybe honey, maybe gelatin? possibly, but these are not common in mochi, especially store bought. mochi is largely vegan.

No. 187708

You could, you know, actually ask the guy.

No. 187712

No. 187714

I feel pretty sure that at this point kaka is eating dairy/animal byproducts on a daily basis, but either doesn't know or care or is just lying about it so she can pretend she's proving how vegan friendly Japan is.

No. 187727

Yup. She ate that bean mochi once, which contained bean paste that is definitely not vegan

But it's Kaka, so she refused it (and probably deleted the photo already)

No. 187753

File: 1443767399272.webm (2.83 MB, 640x640, mmmkikikannibal-20150908-0001 …)

I think they broke up, Kiki's deleting Instagram posts again and it seems like she's erasing every post about Taku now. Her post count went from 504 to 498. I saved this video before it was deleted.

No. 187754

MUH PRIVACY!!!!!!!!!!

No. 187757


Can't wait to hear about what an abusive asshole he was and how badly he treated her! Lol he probably only asked her to try actually learning Japanese or suggested he get a job (or a life). I wonder what excuse she'll come up with next to stay in Japan.

No. 187759

Hope she's wearing her "~rose quartz to help with heartache~".

No. 187790

INB4 the $200 or-so dollars Kirsten referenced Taku slipping her to go shopping with was him actually giving her one of those little Japanese compensatory packets they give girlfriends they're about to break up with to try and get rid of her kek

No. 187807

>INB4 the $200 or-so dollars Kirsten referenced Taku slipping her to go shopping with was him actually giving her one of those little Japanese compensatory packets they give girlfriends they're about to break up with to try and get rid of her kek
Lol is that really a thing?

>implying though he ever thought of her as an actual girlfriend and that it wasn't all in Kiki's head

No. 187809

Not to get too off topic with my mochi autism, but red bean paste is actually usually vegan. It is made from boiled red beans and sugar. Occasionally it is made with honey instead of sugar, but if you're buying store-bought (which this most likely is, let's be real) it's probably just plain white or brown sugar. If it were made more jelly-like, it probably still wouldn't have gelatin, as agar is more common in Japan. Just saying. You would have to go out of your way to find nonvegan mochi premade because it is a simple recipe to begin with. Mochi is vegan for the most part unless as mentioned before, you consider processed sugar to be not vegan.

That said, I don't doubt she eats animal products unknowingly because she's an idiot and she definitely doesn't eat healthily, but just because some Japanese guy who isn't holding the packaging says it's not vegan doesn't mean it's true. Japanese people don't know the ingredients for every single thing sold in their country. They are no different than any other group of people in that regard. The piece of mochi she is holding clearly has a strawberry as filling and seems to be just regular mochi other than that. It COULD be made with honey, and it's unlikely, but it's not like some random guy from instagram would know that any better than us.

God, this. I don't doubt there's going to be something about how he "refused" to go vegan even though she claimed she was OK with him not being vegan. I don't understand how someone can be that preachy about animal rights and still be "OK" with their boyfriend eating meat.

I think she'll also have a lot to say about Japanese dating norms and Japanese people being emotionally closed off and it was unfitting for her empath soul.

No. 187811


Lol she was OK with it because she's a thirsty bitch who trolled language apps for a husbando so she could go to Japan like her sister

No. 187818

Don't forget that he sexually assaulted her

No. 187819


Yep, giving sums of money in lieu of expressing emotion publically is a big part of Japanese culture.
There's hundreds of scenarios in which it's expected, such as a break up, you're expected to give 1 months rent as a gift to your landlord when you move in (key money), you give money to the parents of victims if a relative of yours has injured/killed them (and this is totally seperate from compensation, they regularly give their kids little envelopes of like, coming of age money, if you pick up a girl and take her to a hotel a lot of guys leave her money even if she wasn't a hooker.

It's a strange custom.

No. 187837


It was weird to me how she made such a big fuss over him smoking and how she got him to quit (if he ever even smoked at all) but she was fine with him not being vegan.

No. 187851

Too lazy to add part three huh?

No. 187857

Her post count is now 429. 75 pics gone in a day? Perhaps she's changing a part of her internet persona again and trying to remove all traces of anything from the internet that contradicts it in the slightest amount. Because she already went on a deleting spree of Taku pics before and she didn't have 75 pics that referenced him since then so…

No. 187861

damn i want some milk

No. 187863

I bet he probably just got sick of her, I wouldn't be surprised if he didn't even know he was her "boyfriend" and she was actually just a foreign friend/fuck buddy that started hanging around a bit too much.

No. 187864

this is exactly what i've always thought
he could be a pushover too. and i feel like kaka could be manipulative. maybe she started saying he was her boyfriend and he just went along with it. kinda like how she told him to say he loves her in that first video and he just follows along..

No. 187866


No. 187867

Kirsten was always photographing her and Taku within hotels right, never actually inside a Japanese home?

Who wants to bet Taku has a girlfriend/wife and Kirsten was his gaijin slut on the side?

Kirsten is deluded if she actually believes the guy was ever going to marry her. Japanese, men in particularly, very, very, very rarely marry outside their race. They are fine to date a foreigner but when it comes to settling down they will go native almost every time.

No. 187868

but oh anon they're ~sooo in luv and want to get married :)

No. 187876

Lmao of course she deleted the strawberry mochi pic I posted

No. 187877

Could be 100% off but if he does have a girlfriend.. What if she went looking for rings / found evidence of him buying a ring hence the marriage talk.. And it turns out its for his other girl. Kek

No. 187878

that to me says it actually wasn't even vegan if she had to go so far as to delete it. if she was so sure it was then why would she

No. 187880

Ha, she's so lame.
She could at least try to be subtle about sperging out over every negative comment, leave it a couple of days before deleting.

No. 187907

I'm pretty sure he can't wait for her to go home whenever he's there so he can smoke again

He probably does it at home too, and changes clothes + showers before meeting kiki

No. 187912

I'm sure he'd have to smoke when Kiki is being especially annoying or he'd probably blow up at her.

No. 187914

File: 1443820457406.png (183.95 KB, 1233x748, 1443736914075.png)

Jesus fucking christ her kana is atrocious.

What was it she was saying a while back about "haters barely even being able to grasp plain form whilst she's busting out keigo~*".

God fucking damn Kirsten if you're going to lie about something at the very least learn. your. fucking. hiragana. holy shit are you kidding me. she is writing her い like a pair of perfectly mirrored brackets and don't even get me fucking started on her balance.


Translate this Kaka you cock, should be easy for you right.

No. 187916


That comment was actually two weeks old when I posted it yesterday which pretty much confirms she lurks here

No. 187918

She can easily find another guy she not super old yet

No. 187919

I got bored and decided to Soundhound some of "her music" on Soundcloud and surprise, surprise, the song Kato is pretty much a direct rip of a lesser known artists work called Factor Risk and the name of the track of Flashback with some shitty effects added on top.


Think I'll go file a DMCA now. More and this and her account will get closed permanently. She is scum without remorse.

No. 187920

wow, it really is.

No. 187921


We need to go report her iTunes for all the tracks she is directly infringing because she has made money off of the sales of her plagiarised albums.

It would not surprise me if every single one of her "pieces" is plagiarised.

No. 187922

me either. she has no talent. we already know this.

No. 187924

Oh wow, surprise sur-fucking-prise, another stolen track!


This bitch is fucking evil.

No. 187925

I think it'd be best if we messaged the original artist's first to see what they do (and so that the DMCA actually goes through). I regret filing a DMCA for DJ Alexey Kapitonowww but not really since it got deleted.

No. 187926

File: 1443823211220.gif (36.68 KB, 667x813, 1443806692440.gif)


Keeks is gonna get fucked up they're an active artist on Soundcloud with 8705 followers and are signed to Digital Empire Records.


When they see that she's been making money off of their shit they could very, very easily sue. At the least it will now be removed off Soundcloud, iTunes and Youtube.

I hope Apple bans her account.

No. 187927


Oh shit I filed a DMCA for DJ Alexey Kapitonowww too when we first found out, and I just filed one for Factor Risk.

No. 187928

Yeah, I was referring to the comments here, not the Japanese guy's.

Scum without remorse, scum without brains.

No. 187933

>INB4 all tracks mysteriously vanish off the face of the internet

No. 187934

Love, light and plagiarism minna! ^__^

No. 187936

What if Kaka saw that Japanese guy who's a crazy vegan in Kota's thread and is now going for him? lol

Can anyone who follows her figure out what she's deleted? I feel like she probably deleted a bunch of Japan related stuff since she deleted all of Taku.

Ehh, it's not that big of a deal imo. I'm just surprised she at least knows hiragana. (I know it's really easy to learn hiragana, but this is Kaka we're talking about.)
It doesn't seem like she knows kanji though. I feel like she'd write the kanji for ai if she knew how to.

No. 187937


It's not a big deal at all for people who are beginners in Japanese, I also made the same mistake when I first began my study, but it's the fact she claims to be able to speak in full keigo yet can't even write literally the second hiragana you learn after あ correctly and it really illustrates just how full of shit she is.

No. 187939

So how many tracks can we confirm she's stolen now?

No. 187945

The worst part is she hardly even tried to hide the fact that it's someone else work. I think she's gotten away with this for so long that she now thinks she's invincible. At least she seems to have gotten more ballsy.

No. 187946

I think what pisses me off the most is she specifically seeks out lesser known artists in order to get away with it. It's extremely skeevy to plagiarize as it is, but to do it to other struggling artists? Fucking sick. (How Buddhist of her.) I'm so angry that she keeps getting away with this. If Michelle Phan can get sued just for using segments of popular songs in her videos than this bitch deserves to be taken all the way down.

No. 187951

File: 1443829364030.png (835.12 KB, 1054x627, aedjds.png)

I cannot believe she does this!!!
It is almost exactly the same! It's unbelievable!

No. 187952

Wait, what? Is this a new post of the exact same old post she made?

No. 187953


Kaka has Ka-ka-kracked.

No. 187954

Just a screenshot I saved a while back when she first went to Japan this year.

No. 187955

Should've specified:
I cannot believe that she is stealing other people's music.
It's amazing that she has not been caught yet.

No. 187962

What pisses me off is the sheer shamelessness in this. Literally one second in a its absolutely identical to the original track. I hope she gets laid out for this.

No. 187963

right. she couldn't have remixed it even a little bit???

No. 187965

There are times when I start to feel a little sorry for Kiki and then I see shit like this.

No. 187971

File: 1443838481963.png (836.35 KB, 955x615, kakainzhongguo.png)

Hey guys, I went a scrolled through Kaka's instagram to see if I could find anything off the top of my head that she deleted. She still has most of her Japan videos, but none of them feature Taco. However, she did forget to erase this caption from 12 weeks ago:
>New blog post on lilkitten.com showing new pictures, preparing for going back to Japan and marriage ❤️

Also, she deleted her "in China!!" post after it was called out, lel. No new pictures on her instagram otherwise, though.

No. 187975

File: 1443839448850.png (494.06 KB, 471x635, kaka.png)

She deleted this and the "You are mine" poster with the Chinese characters on it, however she still has a bunch of stuff that she "wrote" in Chinese on there.

What I did notice was that she deleted her picture of the meditation/tai chi or whatever in the woods. In fact, she deleted most of her pictures from her "Second time" in Japan. All that remains is the attached pic. Before that, she also deleted her Disneyland pics. So, no more mentions of Taco, but plenty of pics of Tokyo Tower outside of her love hotel/apaato.

Other than that, I can't really see much that she deleted; it was probably just anything outside of her "aesthetic". She still have 1 billion selfies of her on Dakota's bedsheets, and shooped pics of her "huge booty omg".

No. 187987


That's not い, it's a sloppy け. She wrote "あけるよ". Also if she hand wrote that either on a physical pic or in an app, it's still not bad looking. You should see how illegible handwritten kana/kanji can be even when written by native Japanese. In fact, gaijin often have better handwriting because they practiced it more to make it look perfect and less like chicken scratch.

No. 187988

It's あいしてる tbh the い is fine but the あ is kinda wonky. You're all being really nitpicky

No. 187989


Ahh, I see it now. I was thrown by her し and て being so undefined and blending together I just read it as け. I hardly noticed the い until I looked at it again, since it's so much smaller than all the other characters. Damn, Kiki, how do you screw up some of the easiest hiragana on the alphabet like that??

No. 187992

>you're all being really nitpicky

God forbid we discuss anything that doesn't have your golden seal of approval, anon. it's not like this is a board for discussing lolcows or anything.

No. 187993

She probably forgot to write it and had to squeeze it in after having Taku proofread it for her, lol.

No. 187994


We're not this is basic fucking Japanese, the kind you learn in the first week.

No. 187998

Yes you are. Seriously, other than her sloppy handwriting only illiterates or people just trying to find something wrong will complain about this. It's like saying everyone's handwriting looks exactly like typewritten font, people are going to fudge it a little. Who knows if she actually wrote it or copied it off Google translate but if you can't see that it says あいしてるよ go study Japanese some more.

No. 187999

Yes you are. Seriously, other than her sloppy handwriting only illiterates or people just trying to find something wrong will complain about this. It's like saying everyone's handwriting looks exactly like typewritten font, people are going to fudge it a little. Who knows if she actually wrote it or copied it off Google translate but if you can't see that it says あいしてるよ go study Japanese some more.

No. 188001

Calm down. You have literally no reason to be this mad. Omg, some anons pointed out Kiki's shitty handwriting, how dare they! Clean the sand out of your vagina.

No. 188006


Did it occur to you even once that we wouldn't give two fucks if Kiki didn't claim she was so ~Nipponese keigo fluento desu~? This is a thread for shitting on Kiki, don't get mad when it happens.

No. 188011

I bet she originally wrote "ashiteru yo" but then got corrected it's actually "aishiteru yo"

No. 188017


If you knew one iota about the language you'd already know how anal the formal Japanese teachers are when it comes to this.

If I wrote my moon like that in an exam I'd lose marks for sure.
Are you the kind of fucknugget that also believes you should get to be liberal with Kanji? Fucking kek I'd love to see your homework.

No. 188062


Oh ignore them anon.

I'm sick of the japanophiles either it being weebs or people who claim they're "Normal" and learning Japanese.

It makes me not fucking want to learn Japanese sometimes because of all that white aidoru weebs, drama and shit that goes on.

No. 188068

They're like the HAES of languages

No. 188082

since i don't know japanese all i can see in the photo is taku's ugly face
don't be distracted by her bad japanese from his fug anons

it actually looks like the bottom photo could've been a better photo of them so idk why she chose to take a photo of only the top ones

No. 188083

samefag but i forgot to ask why does it look like he's wearing lipstick? her lips aren't that red

No. 188136

saturation and poor photo quality.

No. 188145

あぃしてる u 2 kiki-sama

No. 188148

or hes trolling her which is equally great

No. 188188

This is a weird question/scenario maybe. Is it possible that Kiki's "songs" that she's plagiarizing are just a bunch of sample packs put together and the original artists are doing the same so they sound alike? The reason I'm asking is because one of her songs sounded a lot like the dubstep breakdown in Hyuna's Bubble Pop but that was the only part from the song that was similar. It would have to be a big coincidence probably, for her to end up with a song that sounds like other artists almost exactly but it's something I've been wondering.

How does she live with herself and not feel sick about this? She steals other people's work that she could get in actual legal trouble over, and then she gets compliments from her few stans on Twitter about it. But it's not even hers work. Why doesn't she want to be praised for her own efforts over stealing from people? There is no better feeling than working hard on something and being told others like it. How is she not barfing and shitting herself when people tell her how good her plagiarism is? I don't understand.

No. 188202

She's deleted a few more IG posts.
So she's been on social media but hasn't updated anything..
So mysterious Kaka

No. 188204

i didn't consider that, but then, a lot of the time they are pretty much the same song from beginning to end. and also, that alex guy seemed pretty pissed when he found out about the plagiarism. i think he might have just not replied if it was something like this, or even just straight up said, "i got my samples from x, she probably did too."

No. 188222

That's why it would have to be a pretty big coincidence for all of the samples to be in the same order and tracks to have approximately the same length, and it isn't like she hasn't taken things to try and pass off as her own before.

No. 188223

She probably doesn't even think about it.

I've never claimed someone else's music as my own, but I've done similar things and the thought of it being morally bad never crosses my mind. If it does, it's just a shrug - who cares. Whatever is the easiest way to achieve my end goal.

I imagine it's similar for Kiki, in this situation. Her end goal was fame/money, not recognition of talent (even if she liked the attention). It was faster and easier to copy or steal than do her own thing.

I can't imagine how you would do that and feel that guilty/sick/whatever over it. So I don't find it hard to fathom her doing it without remorse. Some people are just less sensitive about such things.

No. 188234

I didn't mean it should make her sick on a personal moral level, actually. I meant more along the lines of there always being the threat of being caught and finding yourself in legal trouble which could happen if enough people call her out for what she's done. It's easy to see how she doesn't give a fuck about it on a moral level because she's done it in the past to varying degrees. She's a massive hypocrite with the way she throws her fake corporation around and uses copyright claims to get things she disagrees with taken down but it's easy for her so it doesn't matter. Maybe she doesn't care because if she's sued for damages she'll just declare bankruptcy again.

No. 188237

>Maybe she doesn't care because if she's sued for damages she'll just declare bankruptcy again.

That's not a "get out of jail free" card. The only reason they got away with it with the Cespedes family is because they probably didn't know that they could have put a lien on all the Ostrengas' future income and assets for the amount of the settlement/payout of the lawsuit. A record label would definitely know that and there's no way the Ostrengas would pull that off against a real lawyer.

No. 188254

That was when Kaka was still a minor so her parents would have had to declare it, right? Now she's a legal adult so they could come after her directly and then she could declare it for herself right? Either way she'll find a way to get out of it because she always weasels her way out of her wrongdoings.

No. 188256

I think you highly overestimate her intelligence. Kiki is helpless without her parents spoon feeding her money, doing everything for her and escorting her to and from Japan every time her tourist visa runs out. Kirsten is perfectly helpless, and Cathy and her dropout legal school loopholes wouldnt stand a chance against an actual, certified lawyer for a label.

No. 188263

You're reading too much into it. It doesn't take a genius to find a loophole to exploit for personal gain. Plenty of people who do that aren't very smart but they find their ways to manipulate. Maybe she won't get out of it but she'll try her hardest to find a way because that's all she knows. It's only hypothetical since no one has even sued her for it so none of it can be said with absolute certainty. It's just probability of what she'd try to do. Her past shows she's a lying schemer who never owns up to her faults so it's not like she'd suddenly start. Everybody knows she's helpless. This bitch still lives off of her parents and couldn't attend college without Cathy and Dakota being on campus with her.

No. 188269

In that scenario, she (and the other people) still comes across rather uncreative. There's nothing original nor artistic of putting existing sample packs (that are made to sound decent together - regardless of order) together in an order and calling it song. Any monkey could do that! And I'd find it odd that any self-respecting musician would only use sample packs from one certain system and nothing else and don't attempt to add their own thing to it. But, then again, that's assuming Kiki respects herself and , by extension, her musical integrity as much as she claims to.

I think this scenario is pretty unlikely given the number of her songs that sound extremely similar to other songs - there is clear, conscious and consistent ripping-off on Kaka's part.

>>So I don't find it hard to fathom her doing it without remorse. Some people are just less sensitive about such things.

The thing is, she claims to be an uber sensitive ~indigo child~ with love and compassion for all beings, so, you'd think if she were accused of ripping off another's work, she'd be devastated at the thought of passing off another's creativity and expression (an extension of their being) as her own and would be blowing up Twitter about it. But, her nonchalance (or rather radio silence) towards it is further giving herself away.

No. 188294

If she were a "sensitive, empath, and compassionate anything. She wouldn't whore her self on social media so much and obsess over herself. A sensitive person will shy themselves away from criticism therefore avoiding attention from others. Also, imo how can she even post those horrible pictures and videos of animals being mutilated and tortured? Her tweets are littered with bs and gore. it's so morbid imo. It makes me sick to my stomach.

No. 188377

along with the instagram posts, her twitter posts of taku are mostly deleted too

No. 188444

File: 1443980253067.gif (2.21 MB, 760x565, RainDrops.gif)

If her and Taku have actually split, which seems incredibly likely at this point, I can legit see her heading for a proper mental breakdown.

Everything she tries ultimately fails after so short an amount of time because she doesn't understand the value of hard work; she thinks she can just lie and cheat her way to success with no repercussion.

Everything she touches turns to shit and dust because she is rotten inside.

No. 188456

she is the reason why karma is believably real
which is funny cause she preaches about karma all the time
definitely one of my favorite lolcows. the lols never end

No. 188467

Omfg, that picture is beautiful. It should become a banner when the breakup is confirmed.

I can also see her having a mental breakdown. I think she's so quiet right now because she's already having one and doesn't want to look stupid since she made the relationship look much more serious than it actually was.

When do you guys think she'll come back? I feel like she's gonna be quiet for a few months like last time she came home from Japan.

No. 188476

maybe since she was leaving he broke up with her. that would be a good chance to break up with someone.

No. 188482

Keeks, come back and post more ~inspiring videos for us~, we all miss your posts desperately.

Yo, you better make a banner of this because it is beautiful.

No. 188486


I'll remake it to banner dimensions later in that case.

I really want Admin to do something for the site when it becomes confirmed that they've broken up, like when you load up /pt/ the sad Batman music begins playing and there are tears falling down the screen for a day or two.

No. 188492

File: 1443984629378.gif (204.53 KB, 300x100, RainDrops.gif)

No. 188495


imho, a b/w rain background could look more sad and dramatic hehe

No. 188500

This is beautiful. Hopefully it will bait her into posting again if she see's it, she won't be able to bare everyone thinking her kakkoii boifurendo has kicked her to the curb and she's back in her swamp while Dako lives it up in Tokyo.

No. 188503


I already shut down the PSD file :(

No. 188506

Has her insta always been private?

No. 188507

She keeps switching between private and public. She goes a few weeks on private before making it public again for a while, and only really makes it private when she goes on a pic-deleting spree.

No. 188555

Still waiting for the kiki x kota meltdown. I was so hype when she tweeted that bitchy ass tweet about to out her. Kota must've put her ass in check real quick though. Or bribed her lol

No. 188556

which tweet?

No. 188558


The old ass one. Where she said something like "who wants to know about your favorite living doll" idk. I can't remember exact words. She basically said to ask questions about kota.

Anyone have the screenshot?

No. 188574

No screenshot but I definitely remember this. She deleted it eventually.

No. 188575

she deletes everything eventually though haha

No. 188597

I screenshotted it and put it in one of her old threads. She did not use the word living doll

No. 188600


Bitch didn't you read where I said I don't remember what she said. Clearly those weren't her exact words. You got the fuckin' jist of it, tf. Stop being petty.

No. 188604

why are the farmers so aggro lately?

No. 188606


Holy fucking shit you need to calm the fuck down.
Is your healing crystal mother moon cycle or something?

No. 188610


Don't worry about them. There's some cranky anon that has been so contrary and trying to start arguments with everybody else and they're not subtle about it at all.

No. 188617

Yeah, I think they're in the Kota thread too. Someone in there is insisting Dakota is 30 because PULL says so.

No. 188638

everyone's on their moon cycles rn

No. 188642

I believe she said "your favourite model", but yeah.
Makes it even more ridiculous imo; I don't think ~Dakota Rose~ is anyone's favourite model (weeb living doll wannabes don't count). She's barely known.

No. 188645

File: 1444027225048.png (2.62 MB, 2637x674, 1413597089232.png)

No. 188647

File: 1444028099166.png (395.48 KB, 1376x824, 1427284634371.png)

Because you all were asking.

No. 188655


Lol, I am on my "moon cycle" as a matter of fact. But still, you were being petty and you know damn well you were and I clearly said "idk". Petty. I'm over it tho.

Not me, I haven't argued with anyone.

Lol that's also not me. That shit was fucking retarded and they're prob just trolling. Who tf would believe dakota is 30? That makes no sense. Plus, I love dako chan.

Thx bb. I needed to know what it said for sure. It was bothering me since petty-chan called me out lol.

No. 188662

Platinum blonde kaka was the purtiest. She needs to go back to her true form. Bleach blonde asshole jerk-dick.

No. 188674

Does anyone have the deleted videos with Taku they'd be willing to upload here?

No. 188691

Hi Rima.

No. 188692

Isn't Rima banned from posting in /pt/? Plus she finally stopped responding in her thread, so I'm pretty sure she's gone.

No. 188694

so much sperg

No. 188696


Nobody cares you disgusting hamlord.
Get the fuck out.

No. 188731

File: 1444047795065.jpg (1.74 MB, 3116x3116, tranquility and jasmine tea.jp…)

posting some aqua aura quartz for all of you. calm tf down and drink some jasmine tea.

No. 188737

thank u anon, I recieved ur soothing energies, my soul feels at peace now.
sending posi vibes to u all~♥

No. 188738

….im not even fat tho…wut. nobody cares that you dont care. So stfu cracker.

Also, who the hell is Rima? You guys are fucking crazy. Im literally just a random ass bitch. You hoes always tryna accuse people of being someone. Wtf.

"Hi anon". Bitch, bye.(race comments only permitted in /b/ (6 hour ban))

No. 188743

Holy shit you're annoying.

No. 188744

lol everyone look at this mad nigger(race comments only permitted in /b/ (4 hour ban))

No. 188746

Why are you typing like a jigaboo, sperglord?(race comments only permitted in /b/ (4 hour ban))

No. 188748

"Hi Rima" wasn't literal. You're acting just like her.

How can someone be this retarded?

No. 188749

Leave her alone guys, she dindu nuffin.

No. 188751

File: 1444053093015.jpg (298.88 KB, 1000x667, soothing energy.jpg)

ok guys bring it in.

No. 188755

why do they both seem to have peaked looks-wise at 16-17?

No. 188765

You are fat and underaged b&. Now GTFO.

No. 188766

File: 1444059745431.gif (1.75 MB, 700x394, Shaq-.gif)


>she dindu nuffin

No. 188767


Why does that list Dakota's age wrong; we all know she's not fucking 19 kek

No. 188799

go away racist chan

No. 188804

That's when Kota's shoop skills were at their finest

No. 188826

Lmfao maybe kiki is pregnant

No. 188835

I could almost believe that was dakota at 11 but the pictures for 12 and 13.. no fucking chance.

No. 188841

File: 1444078148083.jpg (90.24 KB, 960x960, 10421393_10153189751755888_810…)

So I saw this in my FB feed today and reminded me of kaka

No. 188843

Please keeks just come back already! I miss her craziness, she's my favorite cow. ;-;

No. 188844


From HD tweens to low-res adults

No. 188846

They probably meant the age that Kiki and Kota were claiming to be at the time.

Go away SJW chan.

No. 188847

That's hilarious.

No. 188866

File: 1444079793386.jpg (213.23 KB, 500x760, Untitled-1.jpg)

K well, another point regarding Dakota's age, this is a photo of Dakota uploaded in the year of 2008.

According to the year she claims she was born it would make her 13 in this photo.
According to the year on her police records and numerous interviews and highschool information, she would be 15.

Which do you think is more believable.

No. 188870


if only she knew she'd be crowned the kawaii princess in years to come at that moment lol

reckon she'd have became a living dolly sooner?

No. 188882

no wonder she is so grouchy
and delusional

honestly if she is as hardcore vegan as she says, and the only recipes she posts are, like, juice, it just proves she is malnourished
and/or white trash that eats out for every meal
(hence the constant whining about few vegan choices in tokyo)

No. 188883

this is beautiful

No. 188885

You're on the wrong thread and most people here think she's at least a couple of years older than she claims.

No. 188886

She's not whining about the few, Kaka made it out like every restaurant in Japan, traditional or not can cater to vegans. Her vegan food choices aren't crave worthy either.

No. 188892

I think the pictures are kinda selective. Because on Kota's 13 year old one, she could probably pass as 23, which probably isn't true at all. Especially since she looks young at 14. Something to take into consideration is that they were shooping when they were young + heavy make up is bound to make them look old. I'm pretty sure during their scene days they wanted to look older than they were.

If you compare the both of them by their corresponding ages (imagining Kota without any shoop), the difference isn't too much.

I personally don't think Kota's age is too far off, at most 3 years older than she says she is but I think it's a stretch.

No. 188911


i agree, its like their whole life summed up in one

No. 188912

Did a mod remove Rima's ban? I didn't think it was possible for anyone else to sperg this hard.

No. 188927

whose rima and why do you guys keep mentioning them

No. 188934

File: 1444101547981.jpg (15.32 KB, 292x215, image.jpg)


No. 188946

Don't start, anon.

No. 189317

>388 posts on her instagram

Holy shit guys, she is deleting stuff like mad.

She still hasn't posted anything new on instagram nor twitter. She hasn't updated her various blogs for like two months now. what's good, keeks?

No. 189376


Remind me how many post were there before?

No. 189378


Can anyone who follows her tell us which pictures she deleted?

No. 189422

I follow her, and I made a note earlier >>187975 that she had deleted all references to Taco and most of her pictures from her 'second' trip to Japan.

Unfortunately, it's still difficult to tell which posts in particular she has deleted, since I didn't memorize them or anything.

Her "meditation/tai chi" posts and all pictures/videos with taco in it were deleted. In fact, her only mention of having a boyfriend is 13weeks ago, when she posted "New blog post on lilkitten.com showing new pictures, preparing for going back to Japan and marriage ❤️"

Otherwise, she only has her videos from her 'first' trip to japan. Almost nothing from her 'second' trip. Which honestly leads me to believe that she was in Florida this entire time, tbh, and only went to Japan once.

She's deleting a lot, though. It might just be a lot of older stuff. I'm not sure, it's hard to tell.

No. 189426

>"New blog post on lilkitten.com showing new pictures, preparing for going back to Japan and marriage ❤️"

I haven't been keeping up but she really made posts about getting married?

I thought it was just those tweets that could go either way.

No. 189429

She made a tweet about her blog that hardcore implied she married Taku, but upon reading it only said she was moving in with him as some sort of "practice" for being married. She never posted a ring, never claimed he asked her, she just said that and posted about shopping for wedding dresses (which she bawwleeted when Dakota did that wedding dress shoot, epic lol).

No. 189430

Didn't she also write about it on her blog?

No. 189431

Literally all she wrote about marriage was that she was moving in with Taku to see how well living together would go as practice for marriage. That's it. Never once did she even imply he said anything about it, or that they even discussed it.

No. 189432

So now the Japan thing is obviously not working, what's gonna be next Kiki phase?

No. 189436


She might go back to making jewelry/accessories or her music, but whatever she does it'll more than likely be back in Florida for sure.

No. 189450

Didn't she make tweets that implied she and Taku were looking at rings together?

No. 189453

Nah, she only talked about looking at wedding rings online herself.

No. 189469

I don't think she was there this time, but there actually was proof she was there the last time. She went to this meeting about Uniqlo and their sweatshops, there's a video of it somewhere on youtube and you can see her in it.

I think she's still gonna go for Japan even after that. She just won't let Kota be.

I bet you she's already made new accounts on language exchange sites and is already looking for someone to replace Taku right now as we speak.

No. 189473

>"Which honestly leads me to believe that she […] only went to Japan once."

Where did I say she didn't go last time? I just don't think that she went a second time, anon.

No. 189478

Because the last time wasn't her first time there.

No. 189479

Someone on pull shared some pictures that Kaka deleted, here's the link:

No. 189480

No, there was this one tweet that Taco gave her a ring for her birthday?

No. 189482

File: 1444210259700.jpg (54.24 KB, 500x500, 488011377186509171_13455835.th…)

Sorry for posting again
I noticed she deleted pictures where her face looks really mature like this one here. I wonder if she's gonna start doing alien baby shoops.

No. 189486

When was her first time, then? I thought she was just lying about it/posting pictures taken from google images.

No. 189487

Can't believe I'm saying this, but thank you PULL.

No. 189488

I think it was exactly a year before the last one, so December/January 2014. She went there with Scott for only a week to supposedly visit Kota but all she really seemed to do there is go around name dropping her and trying to promote her music. (if you're wondering how it seemed that way, it's because everyone who posted pictures with her went on about how she's 'real barbie doll' Dakota Rose's sister, lol)

No. 189489

December 2013*/January 2014

No. 189490

File: 1444213018625.png (1.35 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

This is also gone. I have her instagram saved from the beginning til about the start of July.

No. 189491

I've got most of her photos saved and this one caught my eye, I don't remember it. Is this even Kiki?

No. 189492

File: 1444213444724.jpg (104.65 KB, 612x612, d4e05e88202211e3b10a22000ab692…)

>>189491 Shit, forgot the pic.

No. 189496

I like this selfie. Shoulder length hair fits her better.

Alien babz shoop kaka would be top kek

No. 189498

Ahh, I remember now. Is that where those candid pics of her looking like a foot are from?

No. 189499

I don't think I've ever seen this picture before.

I agree and like it as well.

Yeah, lol.

No. 189500

This is random…why delete it?

No. 189503

File: 1444216178471.jpg (52.29 KB, 600x450, BUlNtrfCUAAwd70.jpg)

I think she went to Japan two times.

First one was with Scott, she only promoted her music and was on some radio or something idk. Pic related, it's from that time.

The second time is when she went alone but met up with some sugar daddy/Taco, which I think was just some random gaijin hunter looking for easy pussy. Back then, Kiki posted some videos of her walking around Akihabara etc. Kota's blog post (japanese) confirmed she would go back to the US around february or march (basically when her tourist visa expires). She later deleted the post.
Kiki continued to pretend she was still in relationship with Taco, lied about him visiting her in US and then her going back to Japan with him. Her evidence became to vague to be believable and it's probably just old pictures from her second visit. The evidence being OP pic, where Kiki and Tako are wearing winter coats even though it's still pretty warm in Tokyo (she pretended it's a recent pic).

No. 189504

I guess because some vegan Japanese guy told her that it wasn't vegan and we brought attention to it in the last thread.
She deleted some other really random things though, I guess because they don't fit her aesthetic anymore.

This is what I think as well.

No. 189508


Yeah, she's only been twice. She ain't in Japan now. Be funny though if she made a new video where she's a little good girl tsuma.

I somehow cannot image kaka as a housewife.

No. 189513

In case anyone else was confused, Kiki has claimed to have gone to Japan 4 times total.

>The first time, there is proof via candids etc. She mainly name-dropped Dakota and talked about her music as the other anon said.

>The second time is when she was called out on stealing images from Google. She also claimed she went to China at this time. It is generally believed that she did not leave Florida during this time.

>The third time is when she went earlier this year. She went to a conference about sweatshops (for some reason…ironic considering most of her wardrobe is from Taobao) which is documented on video not posted by herself. It is suspected she was there to visit a sugar daddy. She also does have a lot of video footage and photos from this trip leading us to believe it was legit. Taku emerged onto her social media in March and then disappeared, despite her later claiming to have been dating him since the end of last year.

>The fourth time is when she went this summer to live with Taku. It's split in the beliefs whether or not she went there as her photos seem to be old and there aren't many. I personally think she did go there, but not as long as she has led us to believe, and Taku was not a part of it.

Looking through these photos, it's interesting. I can kinda understand why she would delete >>189482 and some of her other selfies as they don't fit her current physical image as a kawaii earth goddess, but a lot of the other ones do fit said image. I wonder if she's gonna break away from that now and do something else. For some reason I can't see her dropping the veganism/love and light shit. It would be too drastic at this point.

Hope she comes back soon.

No. 189561

I wish she would just go back to bitchy blonde/Heidi montag persona. That was the true Kiki and the best Kiki

No. 189570

where is this video of her at the sweatshop meeting?

No. 189573


I think she's the one on the right with the ponytail. You can sorta make out the ugly earrings.

No. 189574

thank u anon

No. 189578

Jesus those gigantic, ~kawaii~ earrings with a business suit in a professional setting? That lack of self-awareness.

No. 189579

god she's actually so fug lol

notice how a couple of those times there was actually proof and photos vs. the other times she "went"

No. 189587


lol these were the times when Kaka used to boast about *~how naturally fluent she is~* but it's more like actually SD-san dragged her in there and kaka got bored to death during the conference.

No. 189589

I actually think she went of her own volition to try and prove how ~cultured and unlike all the other weaboo's she is.

No. 189607


I got that impression too.
Jesus Christ, if she just had the humility to admit to herself she only really cares about the shops, scenery and restaurants like most tourists, she could've had a lot more fun over there than she would have by forcing herself to attend an hour long meeting when she probably doesn't even understand much of what they're saying in the first place.

There's nothing wrong with going abroad to have fun rather than to pretend you're some kind of human rights activist. We all know she doesn't genuinely care about anyone except herself.

Get your shit together, Kiki.

No. 189633

I think so as well. This was also around the time she was claiming to be "interested" in China.

No. 189659

Nah, I thinks he was pretending to be interested in China long before this. Around the time she got called out for having pictures of Chinese places on her instagram thinking they were from Japan.

No. 189663

I feel like this is a screencap to a video. I think she says something about Beyonce and shakes that dress around.

No. 190064

Is anybody else positively GAGGING to find out what has caused this latest meltdown?

What could it be, what could it be?

Taku has broken up with her?
She discovered her shitty brand of veganism has caused her to enter early menopause?
Dakota signed some big modelling deal and she's salty af?


No. 190076

File: 1444321878320.jpg (71.47 KB, 358x477, GaggingWoman.jpg)

Idk if I'm gagging to find out. Curious tho.

No. 190082

Maybe they broke up and she found out she's pregnant? Just a wild guess here.

No. 190086

Naw, she'd have blasted that kind of news everywhere/tried to shotgun wedding him.

I do think they broke up, or something along those lines, though.

No. 190094

If they have broken up I'm going to go cook myself a big, sugary slab or super-smug-pie, and I'm going to eat it all and get really fat, and then the Ana-chans will come and stab me to death, and that will be the end of me, but at least I will still be super-smug.

No. 190095

Put me $50 on he found her social media and was like

No. 190107


Put my money on she went to Japan like once for a week, fucked a guy then turned it all into some wild delusional fantasy.

No. 190115

Maybe her hairline receded another 1/4 inch

No. 190150



Though my favorite fantasy is still that Anon's theory that she was a side fuck, he was checkin' rings to wed his real girl, she found them and thought it was for her only to realize the ~truth~.

I mean, it's not plausible but I'd be so pleased.

No. 190171

Maybe she is just working again on getting PULL down. I know its kinda a lame theory but it's possible!

No. 190179

File: 1444335079296.gif (494.1 KB, 300x230, The-Golden-Girls-Laughing-Thei…)


The deletion of all the Taco-Taco material kind of coincides with a break-up tho so my money's on this one.


No. 190195

Her silence says it all.

Everyone is laughing at you, Kaka. Your sister is living the dream while you're sat at home making up a fake trips to Japan and fake boyfriends, desperately trying to compete. You're a complete joke.

No. 190207


I don't think kota's life is the dream at all tbh… it's catalogue modelling and weird tv appearances… but it's a lot better than what kaka's doing.

No. 190208


fuck even venus is having more of a party than kaka tbh

No. 190209


I love the theories. Keep em coming guys! Winner gets a piece of baes popcorn

No. 190212


if she was preggers… she'd probably have it just because its have japanese

she'd be keeping it secret and years later throwing it back to japan for a modelling contract cos "big aunty oba-san kotakoti goddessu has contracto and big connection ~"

No. 190213

No. 190214


Oh god no please never breed. It'd be a repeat of Cathy monstrenga and fucked up fame hungry kids all over again.

No. 190215

While I do think Taku broke up with her, I think she's gone because she's busy creating new content to distract everyone from the fact that she's not in Japan and Taku is gone when she comes back. That's what she did last time she came back from Japan since making everyone think she lives there failed.

No. 190216


Only except it'd be a hafu and living in Tokyo. God help the companies who would have to put up with its bitch of a mother.

It'd be like Venus and Margo.

No. 190217


But what could it possibly be? Her content stinks worse than farts.

Her pictures are crappy, she's hardly original, she doesn't have a "model look" and nor does kota except she fits the kawaii mould. Kaka's attitude sucks and she's a cunt.

She's nothing left to latch on to. She messed it up for herself when she was younger and she was old enough to know she was making a tit of herself on live cam. Serves her right, she doesn't deserve attention.

No. 190218



Taku + Dakota = Takota.

You know it to be true. It's destiny.

No. 190220


Friendly reminder that Dataku / 打宅 translates to….. "hit home" :^)

No. 190221

Good luck Taku, Dakota isn't going to be with a fugly snagglechan. That's Kiki's gig.

No. 190222


No, but it's nice to dream eh?

No. 190225

This was mine…
I know not likely but how good would the milk be?!
"Men leading a double life, haters lead a double life..they can't handle my shine, kira kira princess model from Mars sailormoon gif"

No. 190226


idk, if Taku has broken up with her I kind of get the feeling this might be it for Kirsten; permanently.

We all know this bitch is insecure as fuck, and there's only so much of a beating you can take after so long.

Perhaps the beast hath been slewn?

No. 190227

Does anyone live in Japan here? If so, could someone just like throw up that asian mocking video with kota and kaka on there pls

id do it but you gotta be in nippon to do that

No. 190228


on girlschannel*

No. 190229


Nah, she'll never give up searching for fame.

No. 190231

Nah. She's never been one of those "I wanna be Japanese!!!" girls. This is all a phase. She'll be over Japan by the time Kota has to pack up and leave if she isn't already over it, especially if Taku is out of the picture.

I think so too. Only thing is, she's gotta be out of ideas at this point. Maybe she's looking for a new song to steal that we won't instantly find to be plagiarized.

I don't think that video is unheard of in Japan amongst people who actually keep up with Kota. Kota isn't famous or anything but I've seen that video referenced on things like girlschannel if it wasn't actually already on girlschannel.

No. 190236

File: 1444346527517.png (21.64 KB, 773x591, ss (2015-10-08 at 07.21.01).pn…)

Well, well, well!

Charlie Brown is still up though.

No. 190237

File: 1444346531295.jpg (52.66 KB, 500x500, large.jpg)

Yeah, she's pretty much done everything. The only thing she hasn't done yet is write a book, but I think that would take way too much effort for her.

I still think she's gonna try going down the alien baby shoop route, she has already deleted pictures where she looks really mature and has already post some alien baby pictures before(pic related).

No. 190238

Though I'm sure Taku broke up with her, my theory is that the group's we reported her too for plagerism probably got into her. This is pretty similar to the lilkitten scandal and I await her freak out about the LIES the hate sites made. The only difference is that there's actual proof out about her music being copyrighted. She has to find a way to cleverly blame us for her own wrong doings.

No. 190239

alien baby needs to die already
like, i seriously think "famous" people who still do alien baby do it ironically and to get lulz from the tons of copycats who wanna be famous but look like utter shite

No. 190241

File: 1444349375207.jpg (10.67 KB, 250x293, 250px-Voldy.JPG)

No. 190243


don't worry anon, vegan fair trade organic flavored condoms are our saviors~

No. 190261

They mention it in the thread, and countless other ones.
People are aware of it, mostly on Girls Channel.

No. 190267

She could always go back and try to capture the Tumblr aesthetic and become popular there. She didn't put a lot of effort into it before. There's always a new aesthetic for her to latch onto and try to fit in with for instant fame.

Anybody know the origin for the spoken part on Charlie Brown?

No. 190271

I wonder why famewhore kaka never went apeshit over one of "her" songs being used in a Japanese movie. Everything we know about her and her past behavior suggests she would have shit herself with glee and plastered it everywhere while pretending to be so ~humble and flattered~ with dollar signs in her eyes.

No. 190355


>anybody know the origin for the spoken part on Charlie Brown?

They're her own samples, i.e. she recorded themselves.
I'm a Japanese student and whilst I can't remember exactly what she was saying in it (and I'm getting ready for uni now so don't have time to sit and listen to it), the Japanese she was speaking was absolute nonsense buzzwords.

No. 190358

She's busy deleting posts on her Instagram again…

No. 190375

Thanks, for some reason I thought it was from a viral video.

No. 190408

You mean yen signs, lol.

No. 190420

tru story all men are easy, no matter what age you are. personal standards are the variable.

Did you drop out of hs and learn how to make this in college before you were adult? It is beautiful. Ooh I see the actual banner size below. Nice, nice.

This is going by the magical unicorn ages they claim, right?
No way she was only 14 in skunk haired days. I really feel Kiki is my age/probably older, possibly 2 years older. Turning 25 next year. & Dakota is ~2 years behind her. So that bumps her up a few from what she's claiming.

If that's not the case, their parents are horrible for giving their daughters access to the internet, slutty clothing, & makeup at young ages. Someone had to drive them to the mall and CVS. I feel like they said their parents even took some of their 'creative scene' photo shoots? Still would gross me out being 1) their parents 2) underage

because they're really like +2-4 years each. and most people on these boards act like being over 20 is close to death (kids once you get closer to 30, if you didn't fuck up severely, you'll realize it's not bad)

In the Kaka 19 and Kota 16 I'm guessing they shared access to a nicer camera. Seems to be their best photo qualities and cleanest shops each. Definitely time period of best Kota shops. Then she wanted to cater to Japan, so shit got weird.

No. 190421

okay so this thought popped into my head last night,
remember when she was saying how she got some japanese food as a gift from her teacher and was complaining about how it wasn't vegan? i'm not sure if i'm recalling correctly but wasn't that strawberry mochi as well?

No. 190449

Yeah, it's not vegan. Sage because slowpoke. I don't know if it's from her teacher, though.

The white ones usually are, but coloured ones contain food colouring, which are tested on animals. Natural food colouring (e.g. betroot) is not that bright and I'm 100% certain that her mochi contained regular food colouring.

No. 190456

that's funny. i'm hoping someone can dig up the post about her complaining about her present she was given. i totally can't remember if i'm recalling it wrong.
i missed the part about it being the food coloring that isn't vegan i think.
what else is she consuming that isn't vegan? hahaha. so dumb.

No. 190475


The gift her Japanese "sensei" sent her was ankopan. She didn't even know until se bragged about getting it on IG and anons here pointed out it wasn't vegan, then she posted a Line screen cap of her telling her sensei it wasn't vegan and calling him a bad teacher.

No. 190485

File: 1444424216391.jpg (70.04 KB, 640x640, 1415915692746.jpg)

here you go anon

No. 190489

File: 1444424409855.png (23.97 KB, 517x323, 1425290525357.png)

also found this gem from a older thread

>but being vegan in japan is the easiest thing ever guise~~~!!!

No. 190493


I can't relieve she said that shit to someone willing to help her with her Japanese and sends her gifts, how fucking rude. I can't find a Japanese teacher who isn't a perv or wants to switch to using me as an English tutor for shit and she acts like this? Dafuq.

No. 190530

like restaurant food and snacks don't have high MSG in US lol. it's just as hard.
just cause it's ~asian food~

No. 190561

Also judging from the text above "type in 416", it means that Kiki actually went to the person's apartment and got lessons there, so it has to be a female.

I can't believe she actually said warui to her teacher, like seriously I know she is/was learning, but wow

I would not let that shit fly even if I were japanese

No. 190565

That'd be like an English student calling their teacher a cunt (and not in the cheeky way).

No. 190569

Someone might have a screencap of it but actually she got called out for talking to her teacher that way because it was rude of her to. She got all heated and disputed that her teacher is an older man and people shouldn't tell her how to talk to him because he can take it. She said he had attitude or something like that. She's such a child. She can never get called out on something graciously.

No. 190574

I honestly think Kiki is autistic or otherwise mentally/emotionally retarded. She can't do or handle anything by herself, it's like she really is still 11-12 years old mentally.

No. 191012

i remember that.
someone said quite simply "kiki someone gave you a gift, you could have just quietly accepted it."
but she went apeshit about "Why should i have to accept something that clearly goes against my beliefs!?!?! MY SOUL !??!??! is in animals!!!! and this food is destroying me!!!!"

No. 191014

Why the fuck is there someone in every goddamn cow's thread accusing them of being autistic
not every socially inept person in the world is autistic, there are other issues and disorders that cause problems too

No. 191015

I remember she was also suggesting that she's a Buddhist when she said it goes against her beliefs. Even though, if I'm not mistaken, a true Buddhist would kindly accept the food and eat it because they don't like letting things go to waste. (correct me if I'm wrong on this, I just remember someone on either here or pull saying this when it happened)

No. 191031

You sound autistic.

No. 191041


Maybe anon wants the autistic diagnosis all to herself

No. 191044

Some of them do but some of them won't. & some Buddhists are just not allowed to eat meat during certain times of training and other times it ok.
There's also a story (probably untrue) that Buddha died because of meat poisoning

No. 191046

Anyways i don't think buddhism says anything about veganism, just vegetarianism

No. 191094

Nah, she didn't suggest she herself was a Buddhist. That was just her defense, that a Buddhist wouldn't eat it because it went against their beliefs so they shouldn't expect her to when it goes against hers too. The difference is even if it does go against someone's belief, most people would just accept it and then pass it on to someone who actually could enjoy the thing they're not able to. Except that won't happen with Kaka because she has no friends to share it with and she's not going to pass it off to anyone else, either.

But let's think about this for a second. Instead of getting all defensive over someone calling her out, and looking like a complete asstart she could've said exactly that. She could've said yes, I know it's not vegan, I'm just showing what I was given and I'm going to give it to my brother. Then she would have come off as a kind, generous person. Instead she's just an asshole, like always.

No. 191176

Not the anon you're replying to but, she was constantly instagramming and tweeting pages from various Buddhist books and texts (most of the time, as a passive-aggressive measure towards "haterz"). She doesn't have Buddhist in her Twitter descriptor, but I wouldn't say outright she wasn't suggesting or trying to put that idea of her as a Buddhist across on her social media because it was fairly obvious that she was.

No. 191178

Only talking about what she said when she got called out for being rude to her teacher she never said she was Buddhist. She used it as an example. It's something childish she did before. The time she refused to believe Samantha Bestwick really died she held on that it was her belief and trying to get her to change it was like telling a Jewish person they couldn't be Jewish anymore. It's a flimsy argument. If she was suggesting she was a Buddhist with her flowery text pictures then it didn't come across well. You can read philosophies without specifically following them or subscribing to their ideology.

No. 191183

I was watching a j-vlogger video earlier today where they were talking about how in Japanese food places they won't even give you extra packets of sauce or take the onions off your burger and it just made me think of all the bullshit Kaka was spouting about the chefs being "so excited" to cook her her own super special kira kira vegan meals.

No. 191192

File: 1444573873974.jpg (91.6 KB, 951x541, sdadas.jpg)

>has had her account 4-5 years now


>has had her account 6 weeks


No. 191193

I wonder if when in an argument (because we know for fucking sure they must have had some real bust-ups relating to Kirsten's jealousy and Dakota's seeming unwillingness to promote her) that Kirsten has ever pulled the "YOU WOULDN'T EVEN BE FAMOUS IF IT WEREN'T FOR ME, NOBODY WOULD EVEN KNOW WHO YOU WERE" card.

No. 191194

>those profile pics

the fivehead sisters

No. 191196

Fair enough. But for someone who hasn't said she's one, she does pick and choose parts of their ideology a fuck ton. Seriously, 80% of the the books she has taken pictures of and put up on Insta are Buddhist texts which is odd for someone who apparently isn't one nor doesn't follow them. The rest have either been generic self-help, the healing powers of music or shit about Chakras. She has actually posted more Buddhist texts than New-Age or self-help ones (take a look at any of her fan accounts that repost her instas and you'll find the majority of the texts are Buddhist). Now considering how "careful" (in her mind) she is about what to put up on her social media that it best reflects her "online persona" (or whatever she's trying to be this week), do you really think she's not trying to put across that idea on her social media on purpose? We're talking about Kaka here. If we we're talking about anyone else, I'd agree with you, but this is Kaka we're talking about - everything she posts is calculated/there's nothing natural about it.

No. 191200

Samefag, she's also obsessed with Japan in which Buddhism is a majority religion. Is it really that far-fetched to suggest Kaka is Buddhist IRL (and doesn't want to say it outright on SM) or is even aligns herself with their ideology even if she doesn't call herself Buddhist?

No. 191226

Kooter is actually interesting in comparison to what's-her-face tbh

No. 191230

One thing I've noticed lately is that "those" old videos of Kiki and Dakota have been cropping up on YouTube and don't seem to be getting taken down in a hurry. I wonder if Kiki is so salty that she lets them stay there in hopes it'll hurt Kota's popularity.

No. 191239


one has a fan base and the other no longer does lol

No. 191240



i was on skype to my japanese friend for a few hours today and i told him the story of kaka and kooter because we were on the topic of gaijin in japan who were popular aside from him saying kota's japanese was awful and boyish he found out about kaka too

he almost died when i told him kaka's bf was called snaggle-chan

snaggle-chan tho

No. 191251


don't forget her tweeting about going to the local temple

No. 191280

I don't think you understood me. I'm not arguing she might be trying to imply she's a Buddhist now. If that's what she was getting at it isn't coming across very clearly because there are people out there who could read into it the same way. It looked like filtered text pictures to prove she's deep and she reads as if that is such a rarity anymore. In that one response she didn't declare she was Buddhist, either. It was a defense. If she's really trying to imply she is then she needs to do it better because it didn't read obvious enough. Her actions don't exactly align with Buddhism, so it's not hard to see how someone wouldn't think that about her.

It'll never not be funny that as soon as we called her bf Snaggle-chan she went on a rage to hide him.

No. 191297

File: 1444599682761.png (100.11 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2015-10-11-23-39-18…)

No. 191319

which is really saying something cuz kota is boring as hell

No. 191330

I feel like this is some shit Kiki made up and put on UD so she can reference it later.

No. 191484

that's totally fucking believable actually

No. 191536


Definitely this. Otherwise why would some random made up sounding word be a compliment? And it has almost no votes.

No. 191669

my dear farmers…google "etherealmew" and thank me later…user on pull found her.

No. 191670

File: 1444719179465.png (175.21 KB, 855x456, Capture.PNG)

This pretty much confirms that Taku is out of the picture and she's hunting for new dick.

No. 191671

File: 1444719393462.png (451.79 KB, 1366x1235, screencapture-www-interpals-ne…)

Sorry for double posting, here's a better screenshot from pull.

No. 191672

File: 1444719524055.png (432.39 KB, 1365x1856, screencapture-phone-worldfrien…)

>Looking for…
>Marriage partner

No. 191677



No. 191679

>Miami, Florida

Well I suppose that answers that question.

No. 191681

I thought she lived in Orlando?

No. 191683


jfc she's fucking thirsty for that japan visa

also lol at

No. 191685

File: 1444720731541.jpg (55.99 KB, 337x367, 1311626491256.jpg)


>kids: I can't wait to have them

>religion: buddhist/taoist

kaka pls

No. 191691


Well there goes the whole "she never actually said she was Buddhist" argument.

And epic kek at how she has to tell everyone what a loving, caring empath she is.

No. 191692

>What Makes Me Upset Or Frustrated?
>play boys
Keeeek. So passive aggressive.

No. 191693

Kiki is probably one of those girls who jumps into bed with a guy & thinks that means they have a relationship. News flash, kaka: you're a pump & dump. Nothing more.

No. 191694

45kg? hahahaha ok kaka

No. 191696

Isn't this from before she met him? I remember a screenshot like that ages ago. It was said that's where they met

No. 191697

Never mind, I saw that she's using a new username

No. 191698

>level 2 Japanese
>level 1 Chinese

Oh Kaka.

No. 191700

But she took that profile picture after she had already met Taco.

Also, I don't think she admitted to them meeting on the website did she? I thought she said that they met at school or something iirc

No. 191701

also lol at her using pics from Taku era on this new profile

I feel bad for the next guy she'll catfish now #pray4allJPdudes

No. 191702

Why would you doubt that?
She's skinny as fuck.

No. 191706

Of course she wouldn't admit that

No. 191712

I believe it. Come on, have you seen Kiki? She's flat chested and has no ass, and her thighs are the size of Dakota's arms. God help us all if she decides to be a thinspo queen.

No. 191713

I'm surprised she hasn't deleted (self)asks about taku in her tumblr

No. 191714

She's not gonna meet a guy who will give her a marriage visa on sites like those- at least not one in her preferred age range. Maybe an ugly, older man with a normal paying job, but not the rich, handsome SD we all know Kiki wants.

No. 191715

she should try go after manaki's dick

No. 191716

Is it just me who thinks she may be trying to go for white guys who are studying Japanese as well this time around? I think this because she's saying "let's study Japanese together" and doesn't say anything about language exchange. Though, I guess saying something along the lines of, "I help you learn English if you help me learn Japanese," in Japanese would be too hard for her.

At least she's being a little more realistic about it, I think she put her level much higher last time around.
I know last time she put Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, and I think some other languages in the "Speaks" section and then 2 languages in the "Learning" section.

I was just about to say the same thing.
If she were to lie about her weight, I feel like she'd make it a little higher since she wants people to think she's got curvy thighs and a bubble butt.

No. 191722

Dis bitch can't even form a proper sentence in Chinese. Level 1 my fucking ass.
>notice how she now admits she never went to China
>graduate degree
Also, is she really only 5'3"? Or is she fudging that as well?

I really love how her "marriage" picture is her profile pic on her fuckbuddy site. lmao.

No. 191726

File: 1444724441555.png (125.61 KB, 508x597, 1434512799820.png)

>Also, is she really only 5'3"? Or is she fudging that as well?
I don't know but she said she was 5'5 on the last profile.

No. 191727

She can't even into pre-intermediate Japanese.

Hell, she isn't even decent at basic.

No. 191730


I'm still not entirely convinced that this isn't Dakota popping in and out of these threads with Kiki deets in order to get her off her back and out of the picture.

No. 191731

File: 1444724984855.jpg (394.44 KB, 1532x1324, 1434512999995.jpg)

No. 191732

File: 1444725014726.png (7.76 KB, 1157x473, 1444719524055.png)


Kiki gonna start pokin' holes in condoms.

No. 191734


*vegan condoms

No. 191735

that was me, I don't know who was the first anon who told us about kirleios, but I'm definitely not Kota - I was just browsing on pull when the new post popped up and decided to share the news

No. 191736

anyone noticed how kaka doesn't mention the musician/dj/learning korean thing anymore?

No. 191737


Can you link to the post? I want to know just how they managed to find her.

No. 191739

different anon, they just posted screencaps but never explained how it was found


No. 191740

Probably because:

>she's not a real musician

>the closest thing to DJing she can do is loop a playlist
>she was never learning Korean (or "Chinese", or whatever else).

No. 191741

No. 191742


Or the ~modeling~ stuff either. Now I guess she just wants to be some spoilt trophy wife.

No. 191743


Thank you very much.

Never thought I'd actually say this, but good job PULL. Guess those guys are good for something, certainly beat us to the punch but we're too busy tearing each others eyes out over racism and perceived weight.

No. 191744

They probably just found her while browsing through users since she was online not too long ago.

I think she was just trying to make it harder for people to find her this time.

No. 191746

>I think she was just trying to make it harder for people to find her this time.

and failed miserably kek

>uses the same profile pics again and again and overuse the E word

No. 191747

Kiki joined interpas 11 hours ago. When was the post on PULL made?

No. 191748


No. 191749

It wasn't an argument. If you're that same anon keep giving yourself asspats. On her IG she never outright said she was a Buddhist, she implied it. It's what Kaka does. She heavily implies things but never actually says them so that when she gets called out for fucking up she can backpedal and act like people misunderstood or assumed too much. Her Kirleios profile had her religion listed as none. She's claiming she's Buddhist now, congratulations. You're right on the internet!

She needs to use never seen images next time. Anyone could reverse image search her pics and find a lot of information about her.

No. 191750

I made a fake worldfriends account and didn't have to enter much info to find her.

- Female
- Japanese (language)
- 23-23 years old

Boom, she was on top

No. 191752

File: 1444727382086.gif (198.45 KB, 366x408, output_Zw6QXe.gif)

No. 191754


it says 2 hours ago

No. 191755



No. 191756

This should become a banner.

No. 191757

whatever happened to the kirakira bottle cap?

it went to the trash bin?
or she gave it back to taku's parents?

No. 191760

Did she have a blog entry about going to Japan to live with Snaggle-chan to try preparing for marriage or was that only on her Twitter? Her health and beauty page is useless now that her healthy videos were marked private on YouTube. This girl can't do anything right. She should've kept her relationship private. Then no one would have even known about this fallout. Thanks for being a retard, Kirsten!

No. 191765

File: 1444728510118.gif (30.58 KB, 300x100, output_Exm24o.gif)

Ask and ye shall receive

No. 191766

I cannot for the life of me understand why she just doesn't come out and apologise.

Does she not realise that this witchhunt is being fuelled entirely by her dishonest actions and lies?
Kirsten doesn't appear to be the brightest spark but even she knows that plagiarism is wrong, not to mention the hundreds of illegitimate DMCA's she's sent out, amongst other things. I don't even recall her coming forward and apologising even once for her all the cruel things she said and done on Stickam, and back then she actually had an alibi, i.e. "I was a teenager, I said and did some dumb things, I was wrong and I want to move forward with my life now".

I know for a fact that I would become vastly more disinterested in her if she just came forward, apologised, owned her shit, explained why she did wrong and then slinked away.
Dakota did the same thing I'm pretty disinterested in her now and legitimately want her to succeed. I only check her thread to look at photos because even with all the editing I still think she's cute.


I'm screaming.

No. 191768

Kaka apologize? That's a good joke. I don't think Cathy or Scott ever taught Kaka and Kota to apologize or own up to their mistakes. Neither of these girls have ever apologized for their past. They've just tried to hide it. Kota hides it better to fit her persona these days, but Kaka is still the same soulless asshole who plagiarizes and steals other people's hard work while sending out DMCA claims on any content about her that exposes what a cunt she is. Instead of just apologizing and being a better person she tries to bury it.

No. 191769

Kaka really needs to stop uploading her pictures on these language exchange sites if she doesn't want anyone finding them. She doesn't even need them because the Japanese guys on these sites couldn't care less about how you look as long as you're foreign and not a landwhale.

I remember on that lilkitten tumblr she did kind of admit to acting like an asshole on stickam but I think she deleted/edited it out of the post. Iirc, someone asked a question that had nothing to do with the scene days, then she went off on a tangent about haters, and she mentioned that she used to act ~negatively

No. 191770

I'm 160cm/5'3 myself and I've always thought she looks taller than me.
Maybe she just seems taller in pictures because of how thin she is. I dunno.
It's hard to say whether she lied about being 5'3 or about being 5'5, she could have lied about being shorter to seem ~kawaii uguu~ or taller to seem more ~moderu~
She lied either way though.

No. 191771

Fuck, I accidentally hit "New Reply"
anyway, she said she used to act negatively bc the haters were negative towards her or something like that.

No. 191780


Kota did apologise properly in her original post on her old blog, but Cathy or whoever has since gone back to it and edited it multiple times so that it's basically less of an apology and more of a poor cover up.

I wish we had a copy of the original because it's so wildly different to the one that's currently up.

No. 191795

The original just got posted in Dakota's thread.

No. 191799

I can't get over how embarrassing she is. She had NO interest in Japan before it became Kota's thing. Just stop being a jelly bitch and have your OWN dreams and ambitions! Stop trying to ride Kota's coattails and steal her thunder. It's like she sees Kota as competition instead of being happy for her own sister. Just find your own hobbies for fucks sake.

No. 191802

Requests the person to be "nontraditional"! Guess somebody doesn't like to adjust to different cultures ^o^

No. 191803


To be honest anon, neither had an interest in Japan. Neither of them cared , Dakota only likes what Japan can give her meaning cute things and popularity. Kiki never cared hence why she wants to be involved with Japan now.

Many people have an interest in Japan, there is no "ew i like it better than u" which idiot otaku fuckers are doing these days. Dakota couldn't speak an ounce of Japanese in her first interview and probably only read Japanese on a note she had above her camera during that cat ear video before her debut in Japan which got her that interview (she's taken that video down but you could see her chin wiggle tons).

Dakota liked some anime and cute kawaii things before Japan though I believe. But she didn't know enough about the culture I'd say, just cute things like most otaku. Only now because she lives there and is in the public eye does she HAVE to make an effort with learning the language and getting involved with shit she probably doesn't find interesting. She looked bored to tears in that "Japan in motion" video around two years ago… but maybe it just wasn't her thing seeing sights and stuff.

Dakota is definitely in it for the pop culture as are many otaku and weebs thus foreigners. It's not a bad thing but I do not think neither kota or kaka were fully interested in Japan until Japan took interest in kota as a "rearu barbi dorru."

No. 191806

she's online on interpals now

No. 191812


i take it, it didnt work out with #pray4taku then?

No. 191813

Probably deleting her shit after seeing it here

No. 191815


whats her profile

No. 191818

Not that anon but I went searching. Can't see her full profile cuz I'm not a member but


Kek. The username.

No. 191819

I made a fake account to look at her profile and so far she hasn't deleted anything. I don't think she'll be deleting anything soon since she needs to find someone to replace Taku with first.

No. 191821


Lol I dare someone to pose as a Japanese guy, slightly loaded and porn star pretty ;)

No. 191823


"Wow you so beautiful, you are like barbie!"

"I remember you from myspace day"

"I am Japanese American but now I live back in Japan with family for work :)"

"Your Japanese so good! How you learn?"

"You have Skype?"

"Aw what happened to last boyfriend? You are so beautiful :("

"I love white women! White women is best I think so"

"Yes yes white women desired more than Japanese woman in Japan you know?"

"Reary? You could be model! I know company for model"

"Are you interested?"

No. 191824


say this to her and she'll have a fucking field day

No. 191827

File: 1444744410999.jpg (52.51 KB, 540x811, shutterstock_74421586.jpg)

Fucking lost it at "reary"

No. 191829


dont laugh guys

kaka needs some nipponese tlc

she's gettin a lil ronery ;^)

No. 191834

Yeah. Her Japanese really isn't as great as she thinks it is. She's definitely not "level 2 Japanese", especially with mistakes like よろしくお願いたしいました.


Let's study Japanese together? Let's enter video chat
Nice to meet you, I'm Kiki. Yoroshiku onegaitashimashita. (wrong) Let's study Japanese together. I want to learn Japanese… Japanese culture is my interest. ( added an unneeded particle at the end ) Let's enter video chat together. I'm excited…
Favorite Games
>Final Fantasy! Let's play together?
>The arts of healing, meditation, romance, science

No. 191836


I think she's just using google translate tbh.

No. 191839


That's the same kind of non-apology Kiki made when she got called out for making fun of people with disabilities. I wish someone still had the video she made where she invented a fake disabled classmate and made it sound like they were so jealous of Kiki and that was supposed to excuse her behavior. I don't care if they ever apologize for themselves. That's something adults learn to do and until they ever really do without it turning into "I'm sorry I did this but I only did because that!" we'll just know how stunted they are.

No. 191840

I think it's half google translate and half her trying to speak it on her own. Even google translate wouldn't fuck up Japanese as badly as she has.

No. 191846


Yeah, I know, it was me that posted it.

No. 191848


>to be honest anon, neither had an interest in Japan. Neither of them cared , Dakota only likes what Japan can give her meaning cute things and popularity

That's not true at all though. I was around during their Stickam days and am around the same age and Dakota was always legitimately into the whole weeb culture and owned a lot of anime plushies and Japanese-themed décor and items. Kirsten used to make fun of her all the time for it on cam.
It was also Dakota that played WoW and Final Fantasy VII (she was a legit geek, hence her learning to shoop at a young age and learning HTML), and Kirsten watched her play through FFVII and is now using her knowledge of watching Dakota play it as a ploy to pretend like she's this huge fan of the series when she's never even played a single one of the games herself.

I genuinely believe Dakota has always had an interest in Japanese sub-culture and fashion.
Kirsten on the other hand is a big, lying fake. She has no real interests of her own so she latches onto her sister.

No. 191849

Please for the love of god somebody make a fake hansamu ikemen profile and catfish her.

No. 191858

As much as I'd love for it to happen, I don't think it'd work out. She's way too paranoid and she most likely won't talk to anyone who isn't willing to video chat with her.

No. 191890

how do we know this isn't just someone pretending to be her? Isn't it odd that only a few hours passed before someone found her?

No. 191901

Fair. Let's look at the evidence against it being legit.

>Height is different than last profile

>Miami, Florida when she lives in Orlando (could be to make it harder to find)
>No pics that haven't already been posted on social media
>Graduate degree (I guess it's not beyond her to lie about something like that, though)
>Made a short time before being found.

The most glaring thing is the fact that it was found so quickly. It could be a coincidence, though. I feel like if someone were pretending to be her they would mention her music and modeling since it's such a joke.

No. 191903

you forgot
>language level is a little more realistic

No. 191904

You're right, though I wonder if she would have been humbled ever so slightly after living in Japan and realizing how bad she was at it.



No. 191911


I already said she was somewhat interested anon? But she wasn't REALLY that interested until Japan took notice of her and Bravo offered her that contract.

Before that she was aiming towards friggin' China and didn't even know Konnichiwa was Japanese hence the mocking Asian video where kaka had to actually correct kota's jap.

They like video games, kawaii and the usual otaku bs. But again neither of them really cared about Japan until Dakota gathered popularity and Japan wanted her.

No. 191912


Most people are interested in what Japan produces and what it can offer tbh. It's just that kota is one of many and was lucky enough to be a living doll which looked genuine enough to pass first before Peachymilk or whatever the fuck latched on to that bandwagon.

Kota is using Japan and likes what it gives. Kaka likes Japan because of kota's popularity and hopes it can give her the same special ass treatment.

No. 191913


It wasn't really an apology, it was just a quick post. She isn't going to make a video because that'd just draw in attention so the post was a safer option and less people probably saw it anyway. Half her Japanese fans have no idea she made a post about that I'll bet.

Like everything, it's brushed under the carpet.

No. 191914


But people will stick up for kota now because they believe she's "reformed and nice" now.

We barely even know her personality nowadays. At the end of the day, tbh who cares. She's boring.

We're all basically just in it for kaka and her lovely tasty milk ;D

No. 191916

I guess this time kiki has to keep all her hatred for herself. She bragged about Taku being the perfect bf ever now she cannot openly say he was a player/rapist/abuser/whatever.

No. 191920

Hmmmmm what a surprise the Kiki-isPurrfect Tumblr hasn't been updated at all recently and all of the posts relating to Taku have vanished.


No. 191926

lol! so obviously it's her. hilarious.

No. 191929


she forgot to delete the room service pic


No. 191935

She's going to make it seem like he never existed.

Then latch onto some new Japanese guy. Probably an ugly and/or old one who will give her a visa marriage and spending money. But she won't post photos under the guise of "protecting his identity" – maybe a few vague (possibly googled) photos insinuating he's a 20/30-something ikemen.

No. 191937

Sure she can. She could just say she was blinded by love while he was taking her on a whirlwind romance through Japan and she ~didn't truly realise~ the abusive tendencies or cheating until something suddenly opened her eyes.

It can't be that hard to lie about because most of the time people walk on eggshells when a girl reveals that she was abused, and anyone who questions it is dragged for "victim shaming".

No. 191939

File: 1444763371392.jpg (27.17 KB, 500x375, 2Audrey_and_Brendon--large-msg…)


Haha if she was remotely smart, you'd think that after her myspace era she would know firsthand how true fanz of anyone don't delete pictures of their old relationships. Like fucking ever (pic related bc nostalgia/audrey pitching ended up so hilariously more successful comparatively speaking to kiki)

if she wasn't so dumb she would use it to create drama and not make her fan page look so obviously hers; and if she went to ALL the trouble to fabricate a relationship she should milk it so people can see she can still be in a relationship and be stable and mature enough to handle a break up.

all this proves is how much of a little brat she still is. she also can't even provide drama for the fans she so desperately wants. How does a former myspace queen not remember how the internet works, even if it was 10 years ago?

No. 191946

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't remember her ever expressing an interest in science specifically well…ever…except for astronomy, but that is one small aspect of science. Possibly throwing it in there as bait/to push a "Beauty + brains" type of idea?

>>Graduate degree
Either she's lying or she's confusing graduating with a degree (which could be possible with her considering how cagey she is about her "private life") with a graduate degree. Or it's a fake profile completely, like you said.

The fact that it was found so quickly, makes me think that it was her who posted it. I mean what are the chances of finding her profile under a name like that so soon after it being created? You'd have to be constantly googling combinations of words that she uses to come across those profiles. There's something fishy about that.

No. 191948

Samefag: even when you Google Reverse Image search the images found on the interpals profile, the profile doesn't show up in the Google results.

No. 191951

Kiki is lazy though. So lazy, in fact, she can't be fucked to create anything on her own. lilkitten, her music, and even her style. She has no sense of creativity what-so-ever. (Despite claiming to be an InDiGo ChIlD.) She got stuck in the scene Myspace rut when everyone else from that era was moving on and finding their own sense of style. Kiki just isn't cut out for e-fame. The fact that she can't even handle the criticism that comes with it is testament to this. Most of the others hardly acknowledge their drama.

No. 191954

File: 1444764952021.png (506.36 KB, 458x750, tumblr_le7vsnp9671qecnmao1_500…)

Kiki should give up the kawaii thing. It doesn't work for everyone and it's a stupid weaboo thing anyways.

No. 191956


We know her 2-3 fans are gullible as fuck and willing to asspat her without any further questioning. But kaka already played that card many times before and she's so goddamn transparent about the kekkon visa thing, I doubt someone else could believe her this time.

No. 191958

Her features are too sharp to be cute. The soft look doesn't fit her at all.

No. 191960


IIRC she called herself a ~science student~ that time she argued with cynicalkitten about native indians. Hopefully someone still have screencaps of it

No. 191962

>>My Ideal Match
>>100% honest

Tbh expecting someone to be 100% honest with you is unrealistic. It's fucking rich Kiki expecting that of others when she has her track record of glossing over the past to make sure she's the innocent victim in every story and scenario.

Damn, I never saw that! I really hope someone has screencaps! It sounds lulzy.

No. 191964

File: 1444766066491.png (18.39 KB, 665x123, lol kiki copy paste 3.png)

No. 191965

My feelings exactly. If she did the whole IG mua thing she'd be a hit. She has mature features and, let's be honest, a pretty good jawline. With the right makeup skills she'd be quite popular. Dakota has the features for kawaii aidoru baby face. For now, of course. The dfference between her and Kiki is that Dakota's face will grow older and Japan will get tired of her. If Kaka could get her shit together and try something that completed her more than she could be pretty popular. Maybe not Michelle Phan/Kandee Johnson/Batalash popular. But she could make some serious YT monies.

No. 191966

File: 1444766210592.png (168.61 KB, 500x750, kiki followers 1.png)

This was the comment she's replying to. This is what Kaka classifies as someone trying to ~rip her down and belittle her~

No. 191970

Thank you! I hadn't seen this. Jesus she's ridiculous.

Honestly I don't understand the relevance of shoving "science student" into her comment when it had nothing to do with science (it seems more like a sociological thing/social science which isn't science science). Like if you're an undergrad in any discipline, surely there is an aspect of research in it (be it finding critical articles/data for essays/projects and such) and, being a member of an institution with article database access, they'd all have access to the things Kiki talks about, no? It's not exclusive to science students. And it's hilarious, Kiki is trying to bolster her argument with this: she actually sounds like a teenager in this. It seems like she did max one science class in a general undergraduate degree and is trying to put across the idea that she is a Science major when she's not. If she were a science major, her internet "arguments" would actually have some resemblance of logic and reason in them. Anyway I digress.

That follower was actually trying to help. So much for Kiki the ~caring, compassionate empath~. I guess it all goes out the window if her ego is even slightly at stake.

No. 191971

dear kiki
reading about astology on wikipedia and franctically googling your own name do not equate to research

No. 191974


thank you anon!

lol @

>I come back with empyrical research

1- I doubt she knows what empyrical means
2- ctrl+c ctrl+v isn't research

>they deleted their account!!

more like you blocked them

No. 191975


The saddest part is that the pic you just posted has been shooped to hell.

No. 191977

'Science student' thing aside, the person says 'not trying to be rude' TWICE and Kiki still takes it as someone trying to give her shit. Everything is an attack to her.

The overly-cautious tone of the comment also shows what a reputation Kiki has now. Everyone knows she's nuts and the few that dare to say anything other than a compliment to her feel they have to walk on eggshells (and even then they still get ranted at).

Kiki is so lacking in self-awareness that I bet she sometimes wonders why she doesn't have any friends.

No. 191991

I remember from way back in the stickam days that she wants said on live "The sun is the densest planet on Earth" I remember because I died laughing

No. 192006

In her last trip to Japan (early this year) she tweeted about studying something about hearts or the brain or something? Basically implying she was studying that in school. Even though she later made it painfully obvious she was just there for language school.

No. 192008

lmao you don't even have to be a ~science student~ or have access to anything besides a 3rd grade history class to know that shit

No. 192039


My first thought was how do we know this isn't a troll? Also I was afraid to say anything because I know Kiki lurks on this thread and I couldn't put it past her to claim it's a fake account when it isn't.

Maybe she wouldn't because it draws attention to the fact her and snaggletooth broke up.

No. 192094

By Kooter probably. Kiki passed it on to her and said please make me look like Angelina Jolie. I hope Kooter got paid at least.

No. 192140

Just wondering, is it just me who's been lurking the accounts of the guys who have been commenting on her profile/pictures?
So far there's only one guy who could possible be the next Taku. I think he could be because he's traveled a fuck ton so there is a possibility he may have some money.

No. 192161

Post pics

No. 192190

If Kiki was smart (lol) she would just hint on Instagram for a new Japanese boyfriend. Guys who speak English on there and use English tags that appeal to weebs (and are sometimes actually pretty good looking) would be willing to meet up with her in Tokyo, and we know her parents will gladly send her to Tokyo (to get her out of their house I bet). If she could only keep her legs closed for longer than few days she could easily get a Japanese husband. Buuuut Kiki is a desperate slut who doesn't know how to keep a man, so.

No. 192234

If she reads here than I would like to ask here. Why Asia? What can she possibly get from it. She's too old to model now shes quit any chance of and acting career in the States (which I thing she would have been very good at) the music thing seams to have died so kiki why try to copy 100 different people? Just be an authentic you and everything in life clicks into place. No shade you just need your own identity

No. 192242

I highly doubt Kiki would stand a chance at modelling in the USA tbh

No. 192245

Da fuck is up with weebs and modelling

Is it to feel good? Is it for fame?
jfc, get a real job already

No. 192250

In order to model you need to be able to actually "model" things, not just be a pretty face.
Kirsten is not a pretty face and her ugly, angular features would draw attention from any garments she wore.

Japanese popculture models are different in that their faces are supposed to function in tandem with their outfit, but Kirsten is nowhere near cute enough to pull that shit off. Like, can you imagine her in Popteen? God help us.

Kirsten get a real job you slut and stop leeching off of others.

No. 192251

It's a nice thought but Kiki has never had her own identity, her whole life she's copied others. I doubt she even knows how to create her own, original identity.

No. 192266

that's what I'm saying though you don't need to create what you already are if you're true to yourself you don't need to fake.people watched her live shows before because she was admittedly rude and crass with a don't give a f* attitude and while that may not be her personally anymore that wasn't an act she did feel those things at that time it was real and that's why people watched her. fake personalities read like a billboard you cannot see them.

No. 192305

Why help her, she is a cunt.

No. 192324

isnt not even just weebs though….
it's this fucking new generation man. Instagram accounts with 99% selfies… everything is me me me. its abhorrent and i am not looking forward to the future run by millennials.

No. 192325

not to mention when anyone is actually honest with her, those people are just 'jealous haters'

No. 192336

honest people who just try to help her out or compliment her. blocked

No. 192354

I know :/ it sad though that she can't take criticism constructively and make life better for herself. I feel bad for her that she may be struggling and if she sees that as an insult then she can't call herself an empath. I guess I just have empathy for everyone wether you think "she's a cunt" everyone has the ability to change for the better and she need to be given a chance without ridicule and having her past thrown back at her. She just has to want it and she can't hold other responsible for her actions forever

No. 192357

it's even worse that she claims she's an empath. if you look up the qualities of an empath she is pretty much the opposite.
i wish she would drop the whole i'm a good empathetic spiritual person who does no wrong. because she's sooooo far from that and it makes her even more unlikable.

No. 192489

Has she had her little snaggletoothed , seven head halfu baby yet ?

No. 192494

Guess you couldn't be fucked to glance at the rest of the thread. Snaggle is gone and Keeks is looking for a new visa husbando.

No. 192526

Just because they are broke up doesn't mean she couldn't be knocked up with his snaggletoothed spawn,salty cunt.

No. 192531

You guys think Kaka would ever get an abortion? She just seems like a girl who would.

No. 192535

Doesn't seem like the enlightened indigo supervegan thing to do.

No. 192536

Nah, she seems like the type to have a baby for a guy in hopes that it'll keep him tied down to her.

No. 192540

Idk, I kinda think she would keep it and develop golden uterus syndrome. She'd make the spawn out to be the most special child ever created and she'll be the most special mother in the world. She would probably also try and get some pity points because the daddy wouldn't stay with her.

No. 192542

Her Nippon anchor baby

No. 192568

only america has anchor babies. its the most retarded thing

No. 192571

> kiki is bitchy
> seems like the type to have an abortion
> people that have abortions are bitchy

No. 192584

Ok let's not get all SJW logic mode nitpicking off topic shit, here.

No. 192596


be honest tho kaka would, she is defo the type and would boast about it on youtube with her feminist followers backing her up


No. 192613


No way, she would deffo have the kid and raise it vegan and act like the women you see on Sanctimommy, everything to do with her kid would be all natural organic vegan if if you don't do the same than you are a child abuser

No. 192624

perhaps you missed it….

No. 192635


she's nuts enough to feed the poor baby with almond milk and tulsi smoothies

No. 192639

Where'd you get the bitchy part from? You can't just make things up like that. Maybe trying forming an argument beyond 'ugh'?

No. 192718


well, we can all tell who here had an abortion

No. 192726

Her ig isn't private anymore!

No. 192731

File: 1444883885873.png (8.73 KB, 284x84, screenshot-instagram.com 2015-…)


aaaaand forgot to delete this caption lol

No. 192735


No. 192736

So none of you could ever find taku on sns? Was he always referred to as taku? Anything longer?

No. 192739

Wow, she gained allot of followers on instagram

No. 192741

I personally always thought his name was more likely to be some variant of Taka, because when Kiki met him she only referred to him in kana as たくん, which is a common nickname for the name Taka. So maybe nobody ever found him because they were searching for the wrong name. Kiki herself even said they met on a language exchange app.

No. 192743

Aw probably bought them or did one of those "get 1000 free IG followers now!" Things. She hasn't posted anything new in weeks and she keeps deleting shit, you don't gain followers that way.

No. 192745

File: 1444888264286.jpeg (136.95 KB, 640x1090, image.jpeg)

I think she might have possibly used apps like this to find him when she got there the last time. Unfortunately it goes by location so I can't search in Japan, but maybe some brave Tokyo anon could join up and browse?

No. 192746


LOL that app description:

>I want the bitches of matchmaking!

Lol wow, yeah I can see kaka using this. No reviews but it's by a Japanese developer and seems to be aimed at Japanese and English speaking users only.

No. 192756

Who let grandma post on lolcow?

No. 192761

I'm a different anon, but wtf are you trying to achieve with that?

No. 192813

LOL I posted a comment on her Insta from my own non-suss account asking her how she and Taku-chan are, and that we miss her..

Anndd she deleted it and blocked me.
What if I was a genuine fan? She's so rude.

No. 192814

I saw that comment and wondered if it was a farmer lol

No. 192825

What a cunt. This is why you have no friends, Kaka.

No. 192829


Fucking kek this is why I just silently observe her.


No. 192837

She even managed to spell Final Fantasy wrong, oh kiki.

No. 192838

Well, she only really forgot the ー to extend the ジ.

No. 192839

i don't understand why she doesn't just make all her account private permanently or just leave the internet altogether. i know she's e-fame hungry but what's the point if she won't even let people follow her or comment without getting blocked anyway?

No. 192847

File: 1444933983267.png (32.07 KB, 591x259, kaka.png)

I literally just posted on her Insta that she won't get a spouse visa so what will she do now… then she posts this 5 mins later.

No. 192848

is she saying she got an entertainment visa?

also doesn't using a translator and it coming out in perfect english usually mean they used a translator in the first place? cause whenever i translate japanese with a translator it comes out as some word salad

No. 192850

Yeah. I highly doubt that actually happened, why would someone sponsor someone who's never performed live, made tracks for other people, etc? I know Kota was given an entertainment visa when she had no experience, but that was because she had hype around her, no one gives a single fuck about Kaka in Japan.
And not for this,it's super basic beginner Japanese here.

No. 192851


Sponsored Enetrtainment Visa huh? For a serial plagiarist?

No. 192853

it's probably the same kind of lie as how she was supposedly getting married.
she just types nonsense then it never happens then goes on deleting sprees

No. 192854

>everyone laughing at her for being ditched by her meal ticket and her obvious, desperate attempts at getting a spouse visa
>suddenly announces sponsored visa but says nothing about who is sponsoring her or what the hell she is actually being sponsored for.

Oh Kaka, you're going to have to try a bit harder than that.

No. 192855


yesss sponsored visa to perform stolen music lmao

No. 192856

Tbf I could see her not sharing that info even if she did actually get sponsored. She knows that people from here/pull who actually can speak Japanese would contact them about her.

No. 192858

wouldn't they contact her/bother her either way? ask who the sponsor is and how?
she wants the attention.

No. 192863

True, but if she is "entertaining" it's not like she'd be able to keep what she's doing secret/only available to people who's social media profiles she's scoured and archived.

No. 192867


Kyabajo Kiki.
Calling it now.

No. 192868

Because if all her accounts are private, nobody can see how perfect and beautiful and empath goddess she is, duh.

No. 192870


I would bet money Scott and Cathy pressured Dakota to hook Kiki up with one fb her industry connections who is also an Anglophile so Kiki can get work/visa. She's gonna pull a Kooter and marry her way into a career.

No. 192896


>she's gonna pull a Kooter and marry her way into a career

Dakota isn't married.

No. 192899

Wait, don't you need a degree to get any kind of visa in Japan? I thought she was a dropout.

No. 192903

Maybe some Japanese television channel is going to do a reality show about balding white trash that lives in Tokyo

No. 192910

you can sign up for language school to get a visa. the programs are often BS but its only a few thousands dollars and you can stay like 2 years or more

No. 192911

i know right. ESPECIALLY japan. they arent exactly arms wide open when it comes to letting people in. i dont see why they give entertainment visas out willy nilly

No. 192920

Yeah, you definitely need that. If I'm not mistaken you need a bachelor's degree. But they do seem to make exceptions if they want you enough considering Kota has one and there was one guy I saw on a forum who has one that doesn't even have his ged.

No. 192921


so she can go back and entretain us with more hilarious bs

No. 192922

Not publicly.

No. 192923

Kiki never fails to deliver delicious milk.

No. 192936

>entertainment visa

Why not, there'd be enough people willing to pay good money to see a reality TV/yt show about kaka being in glorious Japan, being a perfect empathy vegan Goddess Princess desu~
I know I would pay for that.

No. 192945


It's cheap but I laughed so hard, thank you anon

No. 192949


I'm sorry? Entertainment visa? Implying she does anything to 'entertain' anyone besides us farmers laughing at her chimping out on Twitter and running her own fan blogs.

I've never seen her 'entertain' in the normal sense. Twitching around spastically in a wolf hat in your room to stolen music is the closest she gets to the entertainment industry.

She's not even in Japan, we know this from her language app profile. (Did anyone find anything else on this?)

No. 192957

Speaking of her language exchange profiles, the fact that they're still up is further proof that she doesn't have a visa imo.

No. 192977

Did Kota have an entertainment visa or a work visa? Bravo signed her and brought her to Japan but I always assumed it was on a work visa. What's the difference, technically speaking, between the two?

No. 192993

Judging by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Kota would probably be on an entertainer visa. It looks to be one of the many subcategories of Japan's work visa.

If Keeks really wanted those indigo points she'd claim she's on an artist visa.

No. 192994

More types of visa for the Ostrenga on the go.

No. 193004

A normal work visa requires a BA or higher.

She has an entertaining visa, which is used for models, artists, etc.

No. 193024

Next time we hear of Kaka'so special vegan restaurant needs think of this song

No. 193126

I was thinking about this the other day Kiki wants same to be an entertainer and get recognition for what she does but she isn't playing to the strength she i an avid vegan enthusiast and supporter. why is she not making a name for herself as a vegan blogger. YouTube videos,ebooks ect she could make a big name for herself online or even a detailed vlog show on how to live and cook vegan in japan it would help out a lot of people and even though I wasn't really a fan of her beauty videos I loved her recipe ones I'd totally watch a japanese vegan blog

No. 193127

Because it's actually really, really difficult to be a vegan in Japan, and acknowledging this would shatter the illusion kiki has been working so hard to create.

No. 193133

I don't think she can cook for jack shit. She probably buys some vegetables at a grocery store, and eats them bland like a fucking rabbit. And she doesn't even care because she's a fucking weirdo.

No. 193134


Except kaka's just vegan for ethereal indigo elf points and wouldn't share with an open audience her ~~precious secret tips~~. As Vegan Revolution pointed out, veganism isn't an exclusive club for her to control.

Even if eventually goes that route, all she could feature are smoothies and vegan junk food. I doubt someone would take advice from a balding sickly looking 23 yr old.

No. 193141

Other than what all the other anons said, she's just way too lazy and wants immediate results. She has tried doing the vegan blogger thing twice before, but she quit because she didn't become famous immediately. That's also why she quit on being a musician, a beauty guru, and a vlogger.

I don't think she can either.

No. 193153

this… like she is clearly passionate (albeit to psychotic levels, but then again many bloggers have their neuroses…)
like if you are truly passionate about something, and if you are also rather fond of yourself, it should be pretty easy to consistently write blog posts documenting your super great magical life

No. 193165

she copied some of those recipes online. i've posted before at least one of them she even stole the photos from. i just searched the exact name she used for her recipe on pinterest and found it.
she is a plagiarist in everything she does

No. 193166

She could emulate other youtube stars who have make paying careers out of vloging show people what it's like to live in japan and if she's truly fine with not shopping herself she wouldn't have to edit so much and just be real. It would be easy for her if she wasn't so lazy

No. 193167

Yep, I remember the 'watermelon lime refresher' or whatever it was called, that one at least was copied from another blog. She stole the exact picture of the smoothie the original poster used and everything.
She can't even come up with something original that's as simple as a fucking smoothie recipe. Out of all the possible combinations of fruit+veggies+whatever, surely she could create something that tastes good and is worthy of a shared recipe.
But nope, too lazy and uncreative for that. Gotta steal someone else's and take all the credit. Just like she does with everything else she 'creates'. She's so pathetic.

No. 193168

smoothie recipes are the easiest fucking thing and she can't even be original with that.
pick a few types of random fruit and more often than not it'll come out good. blend them. take a photo of it after you made it. done. if any other recipe is similar its a coincidence.
but when she straight up steals the other person's photo and name it's obvious. also it was like the easiest recipe ever with only a few ingredients. she can't get anymore unoriginal.
i don't see her ever going anywhere EVER with her "creativity". i don't see her going anywhere for anything in general.

No. 193171

Smoothies are retarded anyway, people think they're "healthy" but it's usually just an excuse to drink a bunch of sugar.

No. 193176

You're the fruit-fearing anon from the fat thread, aren't you?
Come to shit up this one too with your tedious blather about how all fruit is ~candy~ and ~evil~?

No. 193177

Wtf are you talking about? Are you ok?

No. 193183

And those tweets have already been deleted. Damn, did her "sponsored entertainment visa" already get revoked?

No. 193186

Lmao. I guess she deleted them because her parents don't have the money to take her back and she hasn't found a desperate guy to pay for her ticket/everything.

No. 193197

File: 1445016490849.png (555.06 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-10-16-13-20-51…)

On another thread some anon was saying how fruit is bad for you. I forget which thread it was.

I see see the tweets but twitter on my phone is weird. Here is a screenshot in case she claims she never said she recieved an entertainment visa.

No. 193198

jeez she always does this. probably she someone "endangered her privacy" or something so she had to delete it all and run away again

No. 193200

Is there proof her and Taku broke up

No. 193204

She deleted all the posts about him and she's back on language exchange sites looking for new dick(her profile literally says she's looking for a marriage partner/relationship).

No. 193211

No. A BA is required for a normal 3 (now 5) years working visa. Entertainment Visa doesn't require it.

No. 193212

Lmfaoo i wanna see hahaha taku looks 19 im pretty sure his parents said hell no

No. 193221

Here it is >>191672
Also I just noticed on her profile she also says she's looking for a travel companion(aka someone to take her places and pay for everything) lol

No. 193223

I think that anon was probably referring to a McDonalds smoothie or something.

No. 193224

File: 1445020672260.gif (223.76 KB, 480x304, yess.gif)

>Taku's face when finding kiki's profile again

No. 193225

Wow they really are over she really liked him too lol oh well

No. 193229

are you sure these are her real accounts tho….. i mean really. its not hard to make a fake

No. 193233

"b-b-b-but he told me aishiteru!!! i mean yea i let him put it in my butt, but…"

No. 193239

>>193233 lmfao did she ever say she like it in the butt in curious lol i doubt it since shes such a child

No. 193242

Kiki is like PT in the sense that she jumps right into bed with a guy and does whatever she thinks will keep him around, problem is she's such an obnoxious screeching cunt that no guy can stand to be near her once he's blown his load a few times.

No. 193245

They haven't been taken down yet and someone keeps logging into them, so I'm not sure anymore.

No. 193250

I wonder why she's calling her tourist visa a sponsored entertainment visa? She saved some money and might be going to Japan for several weeks, but it's so low of her to pretend she's going to be there on the entertainment visa.

No. 193254

Kiki needs to go back to school and get a real career

No. 193268

>obvious joke was obvious

No. 193269

why is no one calling this anon out for talking like this? go back to pull you fucking retard.

No. 193271

Can you even imagine Kaka having sex? She was boasting her condoms on Twitter but she seems so weird about sex that I doubt she even knows what she likes so she does whatever for the guy. She probably doesn't even know how to flick her bean. It's not vegan.

No. 193276

Not all of us get mad about everything here

No. 193280

>>193269 awwww cry me a river

No. 193281

Yeah, I can. Not sure why others can't, to be honest. Like >>193242 said, she's definitely the type of girl to jump into bed with whoever. She acts like she's all innocent because it's her image, but she's a kawaii poledancer talking about her booty and wearing bondage gear all the time. Though I guess she doesn't do pole anymore.

No. 193283

Did she ever really do pole? The videos on her IG are all from the same damn day, same span of time, and some are even uploaded twice.

No. 193285

Oh, I highly doubt she did more than the basics before getting bored. She used to talk about how she went to the gym a lot and was not like other people her age because she liked to eat healthy and go to the gym. But we know she never leaves her house.

But she still played it up at the time because I guess she wanted to be a sexy angel or something.

No. 193292

Did she delete her pole vids?

No. 193299

No they're on her Instagram.

No. 193419

Uh.. did she delete her instagram or did she change her name?

No. 193424

Nope, still there, just checked. Maybe you got blocked?

No. 193461


You probably got blocked. Her block list has to be three times as long as her actual followers list by now.

No. 193463

But it doesn't include me :^) I'm still watching you, Kiki.

I'm amazed she's gone so long without updating her instagram. Maybe she's really having a mental breakdown.

No. 193479

Haha, so I got blocked for following her. Adequate reason. She really is quite paranoid, isn't she?

No. 193480

I think she's just too ashamed, proud and/or delusional to admit that her life isn't 100% sparkly exciting rich positivity guru crap. She does not post anything she can't either brag or go on soapbox rants about, so I suppose she just has nothing going for her at the moment.

No. 193485

She has to analyze people's profiles before allowing them to continue following her. She must have found something on your profile that was 'suspicious' or something that triggers her alarms (whatever the fuck that may be, it's Kiki so it could be anything).
She's paranoid as fuck. I don't get why she doesn't keep her profiles on private and have a 'request to follow' thing. Then she would be able to check everyone that follows her or sees her shit so much easier. She can go about blocking certain people but her accounts are public so we (~the h8urz) can still see fucking everything.

No. 193492

I'm following her too and sometimes leave bullshit ass kissy comments. She's way too dumb to ever figure it out.

Try and find me, Kaka :)

No. 193547

Now shes gonna block everyone lmao

No. 193548

you guys are going to trigger her into making her instagram private again

No. 193558


Good let the bitch fade away. Maybe she'll actually go and fucking do something with her life.

No. 193564

That will literally never happen unless she conned some guy with lots of money into marrying her.

No. 193565

which will also never happen

No. 193573

I love watching her narcissism and paranoia conflict with each other. On one hand she wants to block almost everyone and make her profiles private but on the other hand there is no point to her having an online presence if barely anyone can see it, which means less people to kiss her ass.

No. 193574

it's amazing to me too lol it's so fun to watch.
and it seems like her paranoia just gets worse and worse

No. 193595

Even if she does, there are people following her so if she goes private they should be able to see it. What she posts could easily be leaked.

No. 193617


Is it even paranoia at this point when at least a solid percentage of your followers are secretly decriers lel

No. 193650

Hahah the "aishiteru" thing. Taco was throwing it around so easily, it was obvious he was looking at her as his gaijin fucktoy.

No. 193657

I'm starting to think this is Dakota again. Remember Koots linked the other profile Kaka had? That was impossible to find unless you knew her personally.

No. 193658


ikr… kota must stalk here in her spare time… im sure she does ; 3 ;

oi kota

stop blurring your photos and tell us more about your pathetic sister

No. 193659


im dyin

No. 193660


I bet danny is looking down on her and shaking his head like "u slutty cunt"

No. 193670

Do you think Danny would be smiling right now if he could see Kirsten today.

No. 193675


Danny probably would have overdosed or got locked up for kiddy fiddling by now if he hadn't an heroed

No. 193679

I would be laughing my ass off personally.

>I might be dead but at least I'm not balding and don't still live with my parents!

No. 193680


I'm convinced everytime she gets shagged'n'dumped, it's just Danny's sweet revenge

No. 193688

I made a post awhile backing directed at her since I know she browses. I told her to ditch the ugly straight bangs and hair and go for more loose curls/volume.

AND BEHOLD: she has.

So Dakota, thank you for fixing your fucking hair, it looks much better.

No. 193744

ok guys but how does anyone know its actually kiki. like since now it is public news that she uses these sites, and she still gets fakes made of her on every other social media, who is to say this is real. i'll hold my breath till someone chats her up

No. 193745

The timing matches up with the breakup tho?

No. 193753

It sounds A LOT like Kiki, including the dumb Japanese

No. 193755

we don't know 100% that they broke up. It probably happened, but that's not definite either.

It makes us look stupid if we automatically believe some account is hers when anyone could have made it. i'll wait for more proof.

No. 193760


Because aside from lolcow and PULL who is even checking for her on these sites? Who would care?

No. 193761

yea exactly.
so anyone who reads this thread or pull could just make the account

No. 193762

No. 193763


If it was the product of either site it would have been pointed out by now. Kaka would've got the profile shut down.

No. 193806

And if she couldn't get it shut down, she'd probably rant about it on her Twitter about how ~haterz~ are so jelly they're trying to sabotage her relationship by making it look like she's looking for someone so she can cheat on Taku. She never misses a situation in which she can make herself out to be the victim.

No. 193956

it's gone. 2 days and she already deleted it

No. 193960

Obviously lurking and saw we found it and probably read farmers suggesting someone to pretend to be a Jap guy and chat her up.

No. 193967

>>193670 lmfao karma gets her way eventually

No. 194028

Which one are you talking about? Her WorldFriends and Interpals accounts are still up - just checked…

No. 194169

I was talking about the entertainment visa tweet is gone. I think there was a miscommunication.

No. 194174

Probably because she realized how much work it would take to keep that lie going.

No. 194175

so if kota has two bedrooms as shown in her video, why didn't kaka ever just stay with her while she visited japan even before meeting taco?

No. 194178

I still wonder why she is chasing Japan. Like kiki come on you had like no interest in japan before dakota found fame there. What ever happened to your LA dream? Your music? You need to have you own experience not copy and hope for the same result cause I will not happen

No. 194186

I'm wondering as well. The only thing I noticed that she deleted was a comment on her interpals profile from a Japanese guy who wanted to chat with her. (he could possibly be the new Taku and she deleted it just so the "haters" won't find him)

Plus, she only said that to rub it in the face of the farmer who told her she wouldn't get a spouse visa. She probably thought that she'd be able to talk her parents or some idiot into paying for her to go again.

No. 194187

Btw the Kota thread maxed out a couple hours ago and I don't see a new one, is anyone gonna make one or nah? I don't care to personally.

No. 194283

>>194187 theres probably like ten threads about her already

No. 194334

the stupid thing is, if she really were concerned about her privacy, wouldn't see be, well, more private?
she can still have all the language exchange accounts but she doesnt really need to upload all those pictures of herself.
i mean honestly damn even if you simply set the gender to female on those sites, without pics, people still talk to you.

No. 194374


but no one would notice her super awesome ethereal vegan kirakira tenshi fashionista self~~

No. 194393

File: 1445287987700.png (298.32 KB, 500x392, tumblr_lfg4yaeKk11qecnmao1_500…)

I wish she kept up this phase, i feel like even now it would be trendy and she could go off of it more then just the kawaii desu shit.

As much as I want kaka here in LA, she would be dime a dozen. Hundreds of thousands of girls are into health love light vegan and dress similar but not all kawaii just trendy. More like above^^

i would if kaka goes though deep feels of nostaglia, like going through her scene hay day photos for hours and what not. I bet she even misses stickydrama a little just a little

No. 194415

I thought she looked great when she cut her hair. It looked thicker and fuller and healthy. Now she has limp, stringy hair that looks greasy and pasted to her head. Unfortunately, can't nobody tell her that because she thinks people are saying it because they envy her hair and want her to chop it off so she won't have it. No Kaka, it doesn't work that way. People are capable of growing their own hair and getting extensions, they don't need you to be without it to do that.

No. 194422

I genuinely like this and also her trashy bleach blonde phase. The ~kawaii angel~ look doesn't suit her in the slightest. But she'll never take 'haters' views into account.

Maybe now that her pretend relationship with Taku is over she'll latch on to a new trend and get a makeover? We can only hope.

No. 194428


What's funniest is that we know she reads these threads and would NEVER do anything that she knows would please the people here i.e. change her style to a more flattering one so really at the end of the day the only one that's sabotaging her is herself.

No. 194429

File: 1445293379613.jpg (73.47 KB, 411x319, kikidune.jpg)

>I bet she even misses stickydrama a little just a little

I don't. She really seems to have no self-awareness.

As gross as it sounds the flattering pictures of any era were mostly taken by her MySpace Terry Richardson of a dad. When left to her own devices, she winds up looking like someone from Dune.

No. 194447

She looks like a crossdresser

No. 194498

she looks like she's picking at her butt

No. 194512

To be exact she and her family live in Wintergarden. (but yes orlando)

No. 194513

Nigger no one can be this new kota has always been a weeb.

No. 194554

File: 1445326993509.png (162.91 KB, 646x459, Capture.PNG)

She privatized everything on her Interpals profile and added Korean to her languages.

No. 194555


If at first you don't succeed, jump on a newer bandwagon.

No. 194556

Hahahah what a fucking liar.
Kaka, just knowing 'annyeonghaseyo', 'saranghae', 'kamsahamnida' and 'oppa' doesn't mean you speak level 1 Korean.

No. 194561

Oh boy, here we fucking go

No. 194562

remember when kaka said she lived next to some baseball player and proceeded to show pictures of her and tacos 'apartment' ? its definitely kooters lol, same furniture, same cat on the coffee table

No. 194563

No. 194564

File: 1445334583938.jpg (6.53 KB, 275x226, nicetrykaka.jpg)

No. 194566

She is so fucking pathetic.

Poor dakota.

No. 194567

haha, after the video tour of kota's new apartment, it became obvious whose apartment it really is

kootz should just completely cut ties with her family

No. 194568

Are you sure Kiki actually posted this and claimed it as hers? Anyone have caps?
I'm pretty sure only Kota posted this. In the corner it even says "Dako's Living Room" in Japanese.

No. 194569


Urgh, that's embarrassing.

Poor Dakota. Imagine having a sister like that who you feel emotionally obligated to help out even though she seems intent on dragging you through the mud with her mindless actions.

No. 194570


she actually never claimed the pictured apartment was hers, someone posted it in an old kiki thread because someone mentioned dakotas furniture looking cheap. kiki only ever claimed to live next to a baseball player, no pics though

No. 194571


she actually never claimed the pictured apartment was hers, someone posted it in an old kiki thread because someone mentioned dakotas furniture looking cheap. kiki only ever claimed to live next to a baseball player, no pics though

No. 194607

i dont remember her posting the pic.
i do remember saying she was neighbors with a famous ex baseball player, until someone pointed out that "if you are so concerned with your privacy you shouldnt post things like that"

No. 194610


i remember this and last time it was posted someone mistakenly thought kiki posted it saying it was her apartment but kota did post it. the same as you're doing right now. stop spreading false rumors and post an actual cap for proof.

No. 194620

File: 1445357935881.gif (556.35 KB, 400x279, tumblr_mxz8c36Rci1rko1qvo1_400…)

No. 194935

I wonder how much money kiki got

No. 194982


Yep, kaka nor venus could find fame in Japan. So now they're going to try and aim for Korea! It doesn't matter as long as they have cute and can be adored because they're white kek.

Isn't it harder to be loved and famous in Korea? Japan seems to be soft with kota. But Korea… after that kimochi thing, they booted kota and kota wanted nothing more to do with Korea.

Plus many girls have surgery to look like dolls so the doll shit isn't even new.

No. 194985

Why does she keep lying?
The "I got scouted bitch" tweet and the entertainment visa tweet both deleted. Just face it fame without a marketable Talent won't work. I feel like she should just go back home to the USA and try to live a normal live. She would probably be happier

No. 194989

>kimochi thing

Kek, just Kimchi anon.

No. 194991

File: 1445459256713.png (38.9 KB, 122x144, everytime.png)


I was thinking the same. Also, imo Korea seems to be more nationalist (is that the term?) regarding idols and media, like, they prefer worship their own people rather than foreigners. They're not ashamed to openly criticize and ridicule them, unlike Japanese people.

Just imagine Kaka walking around Seoul all dressed up in white grandma nightgowns and bondage gear trying to get noticed.

No. 194992

What's Dakota's talent then? Lying?

No. 194994


keeping her mouth shut

No. 194995

File: 1445460333972.jpg (253.17 KB, 1208x1249, image.jpg)

I don't think koreas beauty standards are super high. As long as you're not super fat they will love you (if youre white). I think they have a chance as long as they don't say anything offensive.
This chick lived in Korea and she said she got told she was soooooo beautiful and would be asked if she was a model all the time.

No. 194996


It's not really a talent but she hast hat whole "rearu baabi" thing going on.
It's her "gimmick" and you need a gimmick to be able to survive as a personality in Japan.

No. 194997

File: 1445460385590.jpg (341.93 KB, 1247x1260, image.jpg)

Face close up

No. 194999

File: 1445460524765.jpg (204.46 KB, 774x1090, image.jpg)

Face without all the ps

No. 195000

although her eyes look weird af her nose/face shape is really nice and probably up to korean standards
i can see why she would be liked there

No. 195001


>I don't think koreas beauty standards are super high


>as long as you're not super fat they will love you (if youre white)


South Koreans are notorious above all the Asian peoples for being the ones with the highest standards, and, arguably, the better sense of fashion and style.
Also you're mistaken if you believe they're the same as the Japanese in that they'll pander to and worship you if you're white.
They're not like that at all and will shit talk the fuck out of you if you're not immaculate.

>This chick lived in Korea and she said she got told she was soooooo beautiful and would be asked if she was a model all the time.

Well yeah, but not because she's white.
Look at her, she embodies pretty much all of the South Korean female aesthetic ideals.
Small, oval face, pale, dewy skin, long, dark, glossy hair, a slender bod, (seemingly) long legs and a sloped nose.

No. 195002

She would actually be pretty if she would stop doing creepy eye make up.

No. 195004

Agreed. She looks like what the plastic surgery clones try to achieve in Korea.

No. 195007


lol woops

No. 195008


I don't find it cute but in Korea I guess they like it. But everyone differs I suppose plus she's tall so obv the model comment.

No. 195009

She's spoopy but she's quite pretty.
Being considered pretty in Korea is as easy as 1, 2, double eyelids

No. 195010


I know, she looks no different than the celebs there. All the same, all as boring, all as pale and lifeless.

No. 195013

nightmare fuel
and this girl often posts about her self-esteem issues.
i wont pick on her for that, but its sad really, if she thinks this is cute

No. 195027

whats her ig?

No. 195028

The only "famous" foreigners in Korea are only famous for being foreigners. Even Brad from Busker Busker isn't much of a celebrity by Korean standards and Busker Busker is HUGE. Usually their success is accidental and they tend to play the role of stereotypical American/English/German/African ect. Venus and Kaka can't fit those roles. (And they're also not male which puts them in an even harder spot.)

No. 195036

Totally agree. A lot of anons have no idea what they're talking about.

>They're not like that at all and will shit talk the fuck out of you if you're not immaculate

Sweeping generalisation of course, but yeah. The huge difference is that Koreans will tell you to your face that you 'need' to lose weight, change your nose, etc. Often it's not even meant in a terribly rude way, it's just what happens.

Yeah, not much hope for women on TV still. Certainly not Kaka.

No. 195045

My friends family are Vietnamese. They told me I gained weight. I asked later and apparently that's a good thing. I guess that means that you're "healthy". Most Asian cultures are just brutally honest. And 9 times out of 10 it's not meant to be hurtful. It's just cultural differences.

No. 195046


No. 195048

Yeah I never understood how she always would say she had low self esteem and felt ugly but took selfies 24/7 and talked about everyone saying she was so beautiful all the time.

No. 195121

Exactly. South Korea does NOT have higher standards of beauty than any other e. Asian country. Every superstar there is manufactured in as little as 2 cosmetic procedures. Nothing drastic, just bigger eyes.

No. 195122

Bitch, every Asian ethnicity will tell you you're fat to your face. Nothing in your cheap ass bloodline makes you an exception to that lmao

No. 195123

You are describing the condition of the 21st century

No. 195125

Haha, Kaka finally deleted the Tweet thanking the girl who wished her luck with her 'entertainment visa'.
So Kaka's been online but not posting. How boring.

No. 195128

I'm wet

No. 195129

How do Kiki breakdowns look like?

Is she screeching while tearing down pictures of Dakota?

No. 195130

I don't know, I just imagine her wildly applying gyaru makeup and cheap lace fetish gear, taking hundreds of selfies, then crying and hitting things when none of them are kawaii enough.

No. 195131

No. 195132

I knew somebody was gonna post that video lmao

No. 195139


No. 195140

I actually picture her freak outs to be something like that kid that shoved the remote up his ass when his mom cancelled his WoW account.

No. 195143


OH MY GOD. Can someone please make a GIF banner thingy with kakas face over this kid throwing his tantrum? Put like, Dako posters on the wall too kek

No. 195144


That vid was staged btw.

No. 195145


No. 195146

While not a talent or maybe it's is but making herself look doll like was a marketable product. Companies could use her image to make japanese girls buy products so that they could be sweet cuite dollies too. It all come down to how much money you can produce and without having something worth selling be that a talent or a style. there is zero point trying if you have nothing to offer

No. 195155

Ha yeah they do. Every time I visit my family they don't even say hello, they'll just tell me I need to eat less.

No. 195433

and when you do eat less, they go "whats wrong with you? are you sick?? eat more!!"

No. 195434

can you just imagine her (or any cow) when they are deleting stuff?
"yea that will totally fool everyone. this tweet NEVER exsited EVER!"

No. 195438

I honestly think it's part of kiki's narcissism. She goes on ego binges and posts all this shit feeling indestructible, then she lapses into low self esteem and deletes everything/tries to hide/lays low

No. 195501

she sounds fucking bipolar

No. 195562

kiki and pixyteri are actually incredibly similar, it is scary.

No. 195564

Never stop looking for snaggletooth taco, we need to know what kind of dead fuck kaka is in the sack

No. 195568

Can someone dump all snuggletooth photos we have so far? I have a great idea that'll help us find him

No. 195574

It's hard for me to explain the difference between bipolar mania and narcissistic cycles but it's pretty different. Idk people can Google it though there's a few conflicting sources

No. 195631

Lol you don't need to explain it to me, ' e lived it

No. 195632

I second this

No. 195651

File: 1445589713270.png (89.53 KB, 302x195, Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 12.0…)

I'll post as many as I can but it won't be all of them.
Hopefully some anons have caps or a few of the videos she deleted with him in them.

No. 195652

File: 1445589734008.jpg (85.67 KB, 429x329, 1435171646312.jpg)

No. 195653

File: 1445589751494.jpg (30.59 KB, 275x275, 1435035626967.jpg)

No. 195655

File: 1445589771656.jpg (83.9 KB, 640x640, 1427862779888.jpg)

No. 195656

File: 1445589793160.jpg (7.24 KB, 268x275, 9k2LOeP.jpg)

No. 195657

File: 1445589872770.jpg (7.32 KB, 245x275, lRIQrFI.jpg)

Really wish they'd add the feature to upload multiple pics in one post.

No. 195658

File: 1445589911703.jpg (1.25 MB, 1900x1836, 1434500188324.jpg)

No. 195659

File: 1445589933415.png (193.07 KB, 358x199, 1434589202506.png)

No. 195660

File: 1445589959257.webm (618.17 KB, 360x360, kak.webm)

No. 195661

File: 1445590013875.webm (3 MB, 640x640, kiki.webm)

No. 195667

File: 1445591001414.jpg (29.31 KB, 583x588, j.JPG)

'n that's all I got.

No. 195674

File: 1445591625985.png (74.17 KB, 612x401, studying...right.png)

This one seems… different from the rest. I know Kiki posted it, saying it was Taku, but the hair types are not the same at all. (Unless this picture was of him when he was 16? But even then, it doesn't look like him.)

>pic is just some kiki nonsense while we wait for her to come back from having another mental breakdown

No. 195676

Actually, I retract that. The nose and lips look almost 100% the same. Maybe I'm just imagining things.

Thanks for all he pictures, taco-anon.

No. 195680

So gross. Congrats on your "prize" Kaka. The one that got away.

No. 195682

That tooth though…

No. 195684

File: 1445592611405.png (860.85 KB, 1617x1163, HOLY FUCK.png)


Name: Takuya
Age: 29
Birthday: 0331
Online alias: matsu0331
Job: Self-employed/Owner
High School diploma

She's a fucking liar.

No. 195685

File: 1445592634307.jpg (14.62 KB, 240x320, 8051837.jpg)

No. 195686

File: 1445592651719.jpg (40.42 KB, 240x320, 8051125.jpg)

No. 195687

File: 1445592669525.jpg (15.67 KB, 240x320, 8053595.jpg)

No. 195688

File: 1445592681270.jpg (23.42 KB, 240x320, 8051122.jpg)

No. 195689

File: 1445592692840.jpg (30.14 KB, 320x320, 8053266.jpg)

No. 195690

File: 1445592704937.jpg (22.08 KB, 320x240, 8051856.jpg)

No. 195691

File: 1445592738578.png (108.26 KB, 1065x1427, ss.png)

No. 195692

File: 1445593020871.jpg (59.87 KB, 720x960, I FOUND HIS FACEBOOK TOO.jpg)

No. 195693

File: 1445593116729.jpg (61.17 KB, 720x960, 2560_233575290140184_119461449…)

No. 195694

File: 1445593136873.jpg (67.69 KB, 720x960, 1452457_233575316806848_738658…)

No. 195695

Good fucking job!
How did you do it?!

No. 195696

Amazing work, hats off to you dear sir!

I kinda feel bad for Taco, he seems like a decent person… and successful, running his own businesses. And then getting involved with Kaka. Nobody deserves that.

No. 195697

I'm honestly surprised no one found him before me, I just signed up to that website and searched "male, 23-29, tokyo, english language". He showed up on the first page!

And his facebook implies that he doesn't have many friends, and his only real friend is his brother (who is probably around the same age). I think they are running the business together (it's a cafe)

No. 195698

>What Makes Me Upset Or Frustrated?
>lie, for example…cheating
Interesting, Kaka had cheating/playboys for this question on her profile too and I thought it was a passive aggressive dig at Taku, like he cheated and that's why they broke up.

>What Would My Friends Say About Me?


No. 195699

Wow, he looks so different here.
His eyes look a lot smaller.
Also shit, he's 29. Thought he was a lot younger.

No. 195700

File: 1445593800492.gif (494.77 KB, 450x257, 1421521325955.gif)

slow claps

Anon, you are the best. Truly.

That's really nice, I didn't know he helped out handicapped people? Honestly surprised that Kaka never mentioned that for Taco points.

>being with gf

This surely cannot mean Kaka, right? No way.

The cheating stuff! It's so weird.

No. 195701

>usually too drunk to think

No. 195702

Someone should just message him and ask him straight up about Kiki

Let's not troll him though, guy seems genuinely lonely

No. 195703

Christ, he's only 50kg? That's insane.
>Drink: Usually too drunk to think
Ah yes, as evidenced by the vids of him being completely passed out after being hammered on a date with Kiki.

No. 195704

It's one of the options from a drop-down list, like on the rest of the profile (well most of it)

No. 195705

I want the milk so bad but I'm afraid we might scare him off.

No. 195706

Yeah, I noticed that too. A girl who is 170 cm and 50 kg is considered underweight and he is a guy..

No. 195707

That's pretty standard BMI for a Japanese guy

He has no muscles but he isn't scrawny

No. 195708


No. 195711

I understand, but I still thought it was kind of funny tbh.

No. 195722

This is my favorite part. Kaka has had boyfriends who use drugs and drink a lot all the while condemning those actions herself. But it's okay as long as they stick their dicks in her.

No. 195725

It's ok because he's Japanese

No. 195726

This is the prime example of chuuni style

Everyone except 16 year old girls hate it

No. 195730

detective-anon here:

Forgot to mention that he lives in Hitachi Ibaraki which is really far from Tokyo (2-3 hours by car, depending on traffic. Even longer by train). This easily explains why they stayed in a hotel. (kiki would never stay in Ibaraki, because then she couldn't go to Shibuya daily dressed as a slut to complain about men hitting on her)

No. 195731

I did a quick google search on his username and seems the thing about him helping people with disabilities is legit.

No. 195733


I wonder what he would think of Kiki if he saw her video making fun of disabled people.

No. 195735

We don't know why they broke up but he seems like a decent guy

I feel bad for him, he just wanted someone to be with. But Kiki just wanted a ticket to Japan.

No. 195740

Oh Taco, I'm sorry about Kimi.
He seems really nice, makes me hate the balding bitch more.

No. 195741

No. 195751

I want somebody from here to start dating Takuya, but the thought of his cock having been inside of Kirsten before… shudders

No. 195755



Take a note from Kota, kaka. She kept her mouth shut and no one knows anything about her. The reason why everything about you is a search away because your whore your life online for scraps of attention.

No. 195757

is it just me or is his account gone?

cause LOL if we got Kaka to contact her ex about them crazy stalkers!! I TOLD U TAKUCHAN, you're in danger! Also proves she monitors the thread hourly.

No. 195760

Nah, it's still there.

No. 195761

No. 195763

Thanks! I was on interpals, heh

Now its only a matter of time before kiki has a breakdown.

No. 195765

File: 1445608209009.png (103.01 KB, 607x571, themwhitegirls.png)

I think this guy has a fetish

No. 195770

File: 1445608872443.png (12.97 KB, 513x213, takuya.png)

Guess that dismisses the idea that he never considered he and Kiki to be dating.

No. 195771

Aw he's an Aries. I know horoscopes are just for fun but I've never met an aries I didn't like.

No. 195779

Omg he sounds like a really nice person. poor snaggle

No. 195781

From his FB cover photo, I would assume that [removed] Cafe is the cafe he was talking about in his profile? Here's the website [link removed] no mention of helping disabled people though.
Also note all of the meat and dairy products. Kristen couldn't of approved of this?

No. 195786

It might be a sort of lost in translation thing

If I remember correctly kaka doesn't care if taku partakes in non vegan things so I doubt it'd bug her

No. 195788


She literally couldn't care less about veganism if it happened to get in the way of her visa

No. 195790

she has such a bulbous head and her limp, dead hair is atrocious
i can't decide if her coontails hair is worse or this shit here. at least her hair had some semblance of volume and covered up that bulging forehead or her's

this. he's a 16 y/o weeaboo's wet dream. kiki needs to grow up, fix herself and then think about dating someone instead of searching for her bishi husbando visa ticket.

No. 195791

i would argue that korea's beauty standards are much higher. koreans place an even higher value on appearance than japanese, and they are not subtle about that. cosmetic surgery is hyper-normalized there; even encouraged.

anecdotally, i've experienced koreans being much cattier, much more vain, and much more blunt than japanese. koreans are also bigger on calling people out, internet sleuthing, and shaming people on the internet, which would obviously cause problems for these photoshop abusers. it really is a different culture as compared to japan. but what do these weebs care about so long they can be pretty white princesses uguuu in ~kawaii asialand~

with that being said, i would love for kiki to try and breaking into the korean net for fame. would be hilarious watching them tear her a new one

No. 195792

FINALLY someone found him!
i want someone (ONE person so we don't scare him off) to contact him so bad.
i wonder if he knows he's been posted all over her social media. someone could always say that they recognized him from her instagram or twitter or something.

No. 195793

File: 1445614024008.jpg (153.39 KB, 564x582, 1419098985454.jpg)

well done!

couldn't agree more. it's not his fault, that kaka made him public.

No. 195795

Oh goodness, he's not the slightest bit attractive at all. I feel so bad for laughing but I can't help it.

No. 195798

if he was on the first page that means she didn't search far before choosing him lol

No. 195816

File: 1445617408002.gif (447.66 KB, 500x319, giphy.gif)


No. 195817


No. 195818

No. 195821

Im in tokyo now
I'm thinking about writing to him

No. 195824

Hoping thid sparks a meltdown from Kaka hehehe

No. 195826

Also where are you guys finding his Facebook?

No. 195827

Searched his full name on Facebook

Takuya Matsu = Takuya Matsumoto

No. 195831

Someone should try snooping and ask him generic questions without actually mentioning Kiki.

"When was your last relationship? Was it serious? Why did it end?" etc.

No. 195832

i'm sure he gets a decent amount of messages right (idk how popular these sites are)
so i don't think it would be weird if someone just started chatting him up and asking questions like that

No. 195837


So Korea is lolcow?

No. 195838

I think that's a good idea. Or maybe someone could mention something that relates to her (like veganism or something) and see if he opens up about her.

Has anyone actually messaged him yet?

No. 195839

I already sent a request on FB but I don't know, maybe he doesn't use it frequently?

No. 195842

Wow, his brother is so much more attractive than him.

No. 195857


Ah god, they're that type of gook.

Definitely gaijin pussy hunter type material this is.

No. 195866


Good for him. Dating/marrying Kaka must be emotionally and financially draining.

No. 195868

i bet that started around when he met kaka

No. 195870

where did you see that? i googled the username and looked in english and japanese results.
it might not be the same guy just because you search matsu0331

No. 195871

also its possible thats just his hometown. maybe he is a student or works in tokyo. just another possibility. how else would she meet him?

i think he is musician or something?

No. 195879

I don't know which one is taku but the one with his hair out of his face is decent looking

No. 195881

The one with the beanie is Taku. So, ew, you find him attractive?
He looks so much older than he is. And snaggletooth lol.

No. 195886

No wonder why she was able to get the chefs to use new utensils, it was taco's fucking restaurant

No. 195889

Yeah. Taku looks like he smells like a smoker.

No. 195894

Posting relevant Taku links for the lazy:

FB: https://www.facebook.com/takuya.matsumoto.5682944
His brother's FB: [don't post his brother's information]
His cafe's FB page: [removed]
His cafe's website: [removed]
Worldfriends profile: http://worldfriends.com/member/browse.jhtml;jsessionid=49130BA7E2DF030A8ABD3E343F4D1B5A?action=profile&profileId=4990812&p=2&purl=/photolist.jhtml?action=listNewProfile&index=15(don't post information about his family members or employer)

No. 195898



Agreed, he looks like he needs a good wash!

No. 195900

No need to post his family, yo

No. 195901

Holy shit, I don't check lolcow for a week and this thread turns to solid gold! Ducking be awesome.

In a way I feel like this is Kiki's own fault- nt only for trying to show him off and posting his face everywhere/where she met him, but also by being inactive and making us farmers bored enough to dig for him. Stupid Kiki.

But for real though, someone should make an account and let him know Kiki was posting about him and maybe even link him to the Japanese truth page for her and Kota. I feel like he deserves to know about her in case she goes back to Tokyo and tried to hook up with him again (and you know she probably will, desperate as she is).

No. 195902

i want to believe in the head canon that it's kota who's dropping all the hints about keeks. some of the things anons have found are just so fucking good

No. 195905

For the kirleios accounts, sure, maybe it was Kota (the delivery was too abrupt and succinct) but ethereal mew and Taku's accounts were found by basic searching, they were both on the front page of search results.

No. 195908

what if someone sent him those crazy "getting married" claims? theyre gone now but screencaps exist in old threads. Could help if you know Japanese too

No. 195909

File: 1445633481880.jpg (40.23 KB, 400x300, mountain-witch.jpg)

Someone just be up front and ask him if he dated the mountain witch Kaka.

No. 195910


From his profile it looks like his English is pretty decent enough to follow Kiki's tweets and caps, despite her claiming he didn't speak English (which we all knew was BS from the start), so Japanese probably wouldn't be necessary. But definitely caps and links for sure. If someone could be kind enough to drop pics and links here in case someone wants to make a throwaway account to reach him on. Idk shit about computers and I don't want the Monstrengas stalking me or I would do it myself.

No. 195912


Lol i just sent him this (via anon account obv)

No. 195913


Well duh, to make herself look fluent in sushi language and like he's her little illiterate pup

No. 195915


If the new utensils thing its true, I'm glad Taku gave her the boot before kiki's princess complex bankrupted his business.

No. 195916

Bonus points if you link him to Dakota's IG and ameblo and shit. Show him the kawaii white moderu gaijin little sister of the balding old screeching hag he stuck his dick in.

No. 195920

I wonder why she never posted any pics of that to "prove to the haterz" how easy it totally is to have Japanese restaurants cater to vegans. If Taku really did do that for her in his cage she could have just not mentioned it and played the facade out. Funny how the only stuff she tries to prove to us is her relationships and nothing else.

No. 195921

someone should also send him this


OT, I'm surprised they haven't take down this parody.

No. 195923

Soooo is anyone gonna actually do it or nah?? Cmon farmers, don't be scared!

No. 195924


I sent him both videos and a link to kota's ameblo

No. 195925


What else did you say? Can you post caps of what you sent him? You could blur your name/picture out of course.

No. 195926


It's on a fake fb of mine. I just sent him

Old kiki/kristen leigh ostrenga (video link)

and I put down the other video and link him to kota's blog (kiki's little sister)

No. 195927


kaka has no way of hiding this shit, it's there and it's real.

No. 195928

You should also send him caps from the video she posted of him passed out drunk in his underwear with sharpie all over his face. Japanese people love that shit.

No. 195929


Oh okay! I'll find the vid and pics now and then send it to him :3

No. 195930


Thank you, based anon! Keep us posted for when he replies!

Meanwhile we need to gather more shot for this farmer to send to him, caps of the shit she posted about him, her talking about marrying him, going to a love hotel with him, drawing on his face in bed while he's drunk, etc. I'll go back in the old threads and grab some stuff, everyone else feel free to dump anything they have saved, including videos.

No. 195931


those Halloween pancakes look cute af

No. 195932


ask him how was Disneyworld

No. 195933

Not to forget the Kiki and Taku in Roppongi video, where he danced in underwear. Was he aware of that going online?

No. 195934


I sent him the video of kaka and him mocking asians, the second video, also I've sent him screen caps off her (as pics obv) where she's talking about marriage, I've linked him to kota's IG & blog, I've also shown him her older videos too. I sent him some caps of Danny and that story. OH and yeah I sent the body doodle video, I'm trying to find the nude (well underwear) taku video. Oh yh and I sent him that screen cap of them holding hands in bed, taku behind her and kaka.

No. 195935


I'll do that now as well as the underwear vid

No. 195936

Do you think Kiki wouldn't have mentioned Dakota in the whole length of time they dated? lol.

No. 195937


She would have just said "My sister has DONE SOME modelling in Japan! :)"

No. 195939

No she wouldn't. She's probably talk about how famous her sister was in an effort to make herself seem more special.

No. 195940

Either way, she would have somehow made the topic of the matter all about her.

No. 195941


I'm going undercover on Interpals guys, Taku's fb seems dead af. So I'll try mooching up to him over there instead :3 posing as a cute strawberry blonde ~

No. 195942

I feel a little bad. He didn't ask for this.

No. 195943

Can I see the underwear dancing video? It's for….for science.

No. 195944

Didn't ask for what? Do you view this as harassment?

No. 195945


lmao i agree

No. 195946

I have it on my HD - What's the best place to upload it?

No. 195947

Damn, fuck if I know, I'm techtarded

Farmers, pls

No. 195948


don't forget the jack cash episode.

Damn, I'm really glad Taku scaped from her grubby claws.

Aside being an obvious gaijin pussy hunter, he seems to be a normal dude. Or at least, to have a more fulfilling life than Kaka.

No. 195949

Yeah. They broke up. He probably knows shes fucking crazy. It sucks to be ganged up on by a bunch of internet randoms just because he dated a crazy girl. He seems normal. Just my opinion though. I'm not going to stop anyone.

No. 195950

I think gradually releasing information/gradually talking him up would of been the best approach, and only by one person.
This balls to the wall, 0-100 approach is kinda creepy, or at least might seem that way to the person. We're just so starved for milk that we end up taking the shit route. That or we're autistic.

No. 195952


No. 195953

Wouldn't you want to know if said crazy girl posted videos of you in your underwear?

No. 195954

I would like to see the milk this creates but I imagine this seems creepy stalker from takus perspective

Can you imagine if some randoms sent you a bunch of pics/vids of your s.o or ex, of them + their dead ex and of yourself?

I'd be fairly weirded out

Also any msgs to his fb probably go in the 'other' inbox

No. 195955

Kiki and Taku in Roppongi Tokyo
Et voilà: https://youtu.be/t2rPUBLNQH8

No. 195960

Thank you!

No. 195963

Farmers should merely observe, but not intervene.

No. 195965


That's why you send friend requests to ask his FB friends before you send the messages.
If you have connections it'll go straight to his inbox.

No. 195969

Honestly, I think he's pretty cute and has a nice body. That snaggle tooth isn't always apparent when his mouth is open, only when he smiles wide—and you can definitely fix that shit.

And damn, kiki's hairline is sooooo bad.

No. 195971


Ah yeah, he's probably boned them too kek

No. 195972

It's weird that she never boasted about him being a ~super successful entrepreneur~

No. 195973

message from the owner. watch from 8:30.
he's playful and open-hearted they say.

[video removed]

No. 195975


looks quite nice tbh id probably eat there

No. 195981

Well his teeth are definitely worse than we thought.

No. 195982


that fucking cackle

No. 195983

He also looks way older in this video… damn Kiki, this is what you were bragging about?

No. 195984


No. 195985


It's like… his teeth are wrestling each other for a spot on his gums

No. 195986


someone please link that video where he's in his underwear? ;3 i need it

No. 195987

No. 195989


o shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh u

No. 195993

Well she was posting lowres pics that she ran through filter after filter of him where his teeth were hidden and you could see his style so the teens following her on IG would be totes jealous. She landed her a fiiiiiine Asian prince. Fucking lel. It's obvious she knew he wasn't perfect and she was ashamed or else she wouldn't have tried to hide him.

No. 195995



She really was desperate for visa. I mean I think it's cool he's a manager and stuff, he's got a nice caf don't get me wrong. But jesus christ… some people will fuck anything to get what they want.

Imagine those fuckers on your pussy? You'd be leaving Japan with a clit like swiss cheese.

But then again, you're not looking at the mantel piece when you're poking the fire are you ;p

No. 195998

File: 1445644227413.png (23.18 KB, 553x125, image.png)


I don't think this is creepy, as long as 10 anons don't jump on him all at once. It's not like we're asking him to tell us about Kiki (which I don't think we should) but it does seem like a good idea to let him know that the girl he met online is an unstable narcissistic psychopath who was using his nationality to get attention online at his expense, implying he spoke no English and acted like a goofy swagfag.

No. 195999

File: 1445644292800.jpeg (236.78 KB, 1366x870, image.jpeg)

Someone send him this one, it's my fave Kiki pic

No. 196003

Contacting him might seem wrong, but he deserves to know in case she comes crawling back

I hope you sent him a friend request too, because your message will end up in a spam folder if you're not friends, so he'll probably never see it

No. 196006

Taco vids here


if someone posts em to PULL…let em know the farm sends their regards.

No. 196008

I'm kind of embarrassed with how some farmers have jumped straight into spamming taco with kiki related links and pics. One person should have been assigned to befriend him, slowly extracting milk about kaka. Now all you've done is freaked him out with your spammy messages… he'll most likely never reply so even if he does see anything he's not gonna reply like "I knew she was a bitch! insert milk here" he's probably just gonna be extra vigilant with people asking about his ex or past relationships, which I think would have been a much better approach… at least at first. Oh well hope this proves entertaining anyway rofl, I wanna see kiki's breakdown.

No. 196009


it's not like 23-yr-old-balding-granny Kaka look any better than him.

No. 196011

I think he is cute..he just needs to fix his teeth. Sending him a hoard of videos and pictures right of the bat is stupid af lmao people are so dumb.

No. 196013

It only seems like one or two people doing it though.

No. 196014

Agreed. Where did anon who reached out to him send him stuff? If only fb then we can hope it's in the spam box/he isn't an active user, which seems to be the case.

No. 196016

one or two is too many, honestly. everyone really should have sat on it for a while and decided what to do with this info.

No. 196017

I do too.

Like I get if you don't find him attractive, but he isn't fugly. I honestly think farmers just spew that shit to get on kiki's nerves since she lurks, and guess what, it worked.

No. 196018

They hungry af anon. And fucking amateurs too.

No. 196019


Okay, has anyone sent Snagglechan messages filled with URLs linking to kaka being terrible to his worldfriends/interpals/whatever? if nobody has we might be able to take a more subtle approach outside of Facebook lel

No. 196020

yeah, how many of you are from pull? this is some pull shit.

No. 196022

Fair enough. Can't really blame the anon who found him if they're doing it though. I'm not involved, I just want to see any potential shitstorm that ensues.

No. 196024


Understandable because the drought is real, Baldstrenga hasn't chimped out in too long. But at the same time, we need to use our brains and not act like morons so we can harvest the best milk. Like just think, a bunch of people on the internet who you don't even know send you nothing but links to your exes Twitter and videos. That's creepy as fuck, creepier than the obsessive ex! Come on farmers, don't be weird

No. 196028

I'd be weirded out too. Then super pissed to see my practically nude ass dancing on the Internet for anyone to see.

No. 196030

I'd be weirded out but it would make all the sense in the world when I saw what some creepy bitch was doing behind my back.

No. 196034

Copyrighted already by kirsten ostrenga.

No. 196035

she's lurking so bad.

No. 196037


Same.. I actually feel kind of bad for him. More embarrassed on Kiki's part though. I bet he's hella confused.

No. 196038

No. 196039

Kirsten, are you shivering?

No. 196040

Everybody say hi to Kaka!

No. 196041

I keep saying someone should have sent this to one of those gossip mags and cause a ~scandal~ but apparently dakota is too irrelevant even for that.

No. 196042


No. 196043


Somebody make a new upload of the video on YouTube bit don't link it here and don't name it as anything that has to do with Kirsten and then send it to Taku.
It will be unfindable.

No. 196044

File: 1445648305203.gif (5.19 MB, 480x270, lmfao.gif)

No. 196045


good idea.

I agree we should limit how many people send him stuff. He might get freaked out if too much is sent to him.

No. 196048

Knowing Kaka lurks these threads tickles me, especially because I feel like if she can read all this shit and not defend herself then she must know it's somewhat true. I know she's experienced with internet drama and thinks that the best way to combat it is just ignore it all and spam DMCA take-downs, but I don't think I would have the self control to do that if people were spewing total bs about me. Maybe it's just me, but I get furious and indignant as hell when people say untrue things about me…but I'm quiet when the criticism has some truth to it.

Kaka it's not too late to be a decent human being, just stop being so fucking fake, lazy, delusional, unpleasant, and unlikable…especially if you want ~fame~. Try to make amends for things in your past instead of covering them up, stop depending on your parents or trying to jump in on your sister's success, stop changing your identity every month. You're a really bad liar and incredibly transparent so just chill w/ it fam.

No. 196049

pretty sure this is kiki

No. 196052


It's a shame you can't duplicate youtube videos and have about 38332832083283203 of them. Kaka would be spending DAYS trying to copyright them.

No. 196054


Hi kaka! :) I send #pray4taku videos and pictures all about youuuu ~ also a page about Danny too <3 :3

No. 196055


I mean we could work together to make multiple videos. It would take longer to get them taken down.

No. 196057


Lmao, well it's going straight back the fuck up tomorrow. People are going to ALWAYS upload videos of these two twats till the day kaka and kooter's tits hit their knees.

No. 196059

This is just a theory but I wonder if most of the food Kaka posted is special made food from Taco's restaurant. I can't find her post of the pizza but it would make a lot of sense.

No. 196060


I know but it's 2015, YT should allow us to duplicate them or something. But yeah, let's all start uploading the videos fuck tons of times and make it harder for kaka ;D

Also DON'T use kaka's name in the title or tags. Always try using kooter's name and Japanese captions (alas gooks find the vid of them both) kaka is failing to learn Japanese so let's make it difficult kek

No. 196061


Anon you have one filthy mouth and I love it.

No. 196062


i thought that too tbh

"i wonder if he made her vegan pizza"


No. 196063

I don't think she's lurking here yet. Trust me, this found is huge enough to freak her out enough for largest meltdown of 2015.

I'm gonna go ahead and guess the video was automatically deleted due to tags/desc/title etc

No. 196064


"hey just to let you know this person posted questionable videos of you" and stop any further contact would be the best approach imo



the butthurt is real

No. 196065


I do the exact same shit.
If somebody is running around telling untruths about me I cannot fucking control myself and ape out.

No. 196067


She knows it's true. That's why she's getting everything copyrighted. But people are ALWAYS going to upload videos of them both, regardless and she'll be constantly worrying about it till whenever she's forgotten into thin air.

It's her own fault.

Anon, she won't listen. It's too late for her, she had fame and abused it. Now it's all coming back on her, biting her right on the ass and her sister is doing well in life but even though kota is doing alright, people still think she's a liar and say shit about her too.

It's their own fault for dicking around on webcam. I know "buh kids make mistakes tho xo" but they were old enough to know "nigger", "rape lol", "disabled people tho", "fatties are just-", "asian people lol beaners", "she ugly", were obv hurtful. Plus other dramatic lulzy shit too they did.

Mostly kaka than kota tho.

Kaka is the worst.

S'yeah. Serves her right and I know snaggle-kun sees all her shit.

Then throws up and screams into an oblivion like Brian did in FG when he slept with a tranny.

No. 196068

meant to quote >>196024

No. 196069


and I hope*

No. 196070


She has posted pictures of lolcow, she knows this thread exists.

No. 196071

File: 1445649724818.jpeg (43.4 KB, 832x448, image.jpeg)

Kiki claimed on YT that she had Taku's permission to post videos of him on her channel. Pic related

Once someone has established a conversation with him they should ask if he knew she was posting him all over the web, as if not show him this.

No. 196072


You type so much like I do and pretty much described me in this post that I'm not entirely convinced you're not me posting from an alternate reality…

You sound familiar though.
Were you a fellow seagull?

No. 196073

gone too

No. 196074


Oh gosh, I can only imagine such delicious milk. It will be a bountiful harvest this year.

inb4 kaka calls us creepy and obsessed when she literally made up fan fiction about her and snaggles kawaii adventures for months

No. 196075

"ダコタ・ローズ // ダコタと妹キキ人種差別
Video ID: TxChKFqgDS4
Claimed by Ostrenga on Oct 23, 2015"

No. 196076

No further proof needed that she's lurking.

No. 196077


Anon how new are you?
Kirsten has knowing about this place for over a year and even Tweeted about us.

No. 196078


Are you guys from PULL…

No. 196079


That's why I also created a worldfriends account silly ;3 undercover as someone else

but im not giving much away now, not until i get anything back or info

kaka is lurking guys

No. 196080


>he also explains to other people about veganism

b-but isn't japan the magical vegan paradise where you can demand chefs to change ingredients and new utensils?

No. 196081


LOL and i love how she didn't report the venus angelic video tho kekekeke

No. 196083

Kirsten must be legitimately shitting herself right now guys with the rate she's pumping out these DMCA claims.

She's scared and she's DEFINITELY trying to hide/prevent something.

No. 196084

Did kaka ever post pics of food at the "vegan restaurants" she never named? Wonder if they were in this restaurant.

No. 196086

How would it even work though? Most of her highlights are archived on here in past threads, we don't need to post them on YT to get people to see them, there are plenty of other places. Even if she managed to DMCA everything, there are copies of copies of copies to put up again and again as long as she keeps trying to bury it and pretend it never happened. Te inly way she's gonna get away from her past is if she gives up on being an ~internet celebrity~ and gets into some serious therapy and learns how to be a human being.

No. 196087


posted a few, mostly desserts

they're still on her insta

No. 196089



we could be preventing her of her one way ticket to living the life of riley over in sushi land guys!!!!

this is kaka's chance u c! if we tell snaggle-face then it means he dumps her, like kicks her to the curb for good! no marriage, no visa, stuck at home, no dako-lol-no sorry i meant no modelling contract and NO FAME!!!!

No. 196090

She posted a pic of some food once that turned out to be stolen (lol) and she posted a vegan pizza recipe, but that's it. Oh, she posted a pic of a screen page for a restaurant menu that said "vegan options available" in Japanese. I think she also posted a pic of the storefront of that one popular vegan cafe in Tokyo that's aimed at foreigners.

No. 196091


Didn't he already dump her tho? She went from "moving in with bae to prepare for marriage" to deleting every trace or mention of him from all her accounts. My guess is he just got tired of her obnoxious screeching and her princess complex. Or maybe she pulled a Gutterface, pitched a fit and moves back in with her parents when the guy suggests she get a real job.

No. 196094


Never know, could secretly still be in touch.

But still… kaka is trying it. They'll be some other poor helpless kowai-sou japanese guy in a year or two.

How long is kaka going to keep this going tho?

Fgs kaka just go in big brother, shag a rapper, go on a reality tv show (you're good at being a bitch and a total cunt so you'll fit in), get into porn, find yourself a sugar daddy. Do it the easy way kaka, or try to. That's what you're best at.

No. 196095

His restaurant seems to do pizza so that could have been there.

No. 196099

File: 1445651131921.jpg (6.94 KB, 184x274, images.jpg)


yeah probably kiki thought he'd let her laze around the house and spend Taku's entire paycheck in useless trinkets

No. 196101

Do like, tacos worldfriend account is suspended and I can't find his fb? I haven't seen anyone else post about this yet this new or?

No. 196102

No. 196103



I just logged in on the fake account I made, he's visited my profile and now it's says suspended?


No. 196104


No. 196105



so so weird

No. 196106

Do you think Kirsten somehow threatened Taku, or…?
What the hell is going on this is amazing!

No. 196107

Unless… it was kaka pretending to be taku as bait to lulz us?

No. 196108

Did Kiki get Taku's account suspended so that he wouldn't see the links….?

No. 196109

hey you know you have to be 18 to be on this site right

No. 196112


Er yes? I'm ABOVE 18 my dear anon(don't file frivolous reports about people insulting you)

No. 196114


Kaka gettin scuuuured

Shhh, do not start stuff, just investigate what happened to taco.
Maybe kaka had him assassinated?

No. 196116


No. 196118

File: 1445652039060.jpg (112.94 KB, 377x427, images.jpg)

No. 196119

maybe accounts get suspended when theres too much traffic going towards them? idk, it seems really unlikely that kiki could get his account suspended that quickly with little reason.

No. 196120


I'm betting she did just to cover her own ass.


How does WF work? Usually on most sites a suspended account means someone else reported it, and deleting it yourself just says deactivated.

Anon who messaged/added him on FB, are you still here? Has he added you or messaged you or anything that you can tell?

No. 196123

Nice, anon.

No. 196125

Good god that's horrifying

No. 196126

It says suspended and not deleted?

Suspended means it was an action created by an admin, and admins only suspend accounts if they're reported for something…

Kirsten really is hiding something big this time guys holy shit.

No. 196127

Not really, WorldFriends is pretty good at suspending accounts that are accused of harassing/spamming others with "ey lets fuk u wan c muh dik" type shit, all she has to do is email them after she reported him and claim he was saying shit like that.

No. 196128

Lol no, never had him on any account to begin with, but I thought you could see the profile at least?

No. 196129

>the plot thickens

No. 196130

But how could she get his FB deleted too?

No. 196131

Taku's brother's FB is still up, maybe we can contact Taku through him.(don't involve family members)

No. 196132

Not that anon, but his facebook was visible to me less than 30 minutes ago and now it's friends only.

This means he's online and doing stuff.

No. 196133

Wouldn't you need some form of proof? They wouldn't just suspend an account because one person complains, would they?

No. 196134


they can do so without any proof? um

No. 196135

He deleted it I guess. Kiki might have had him suspended them messaged him why on fb and said the evil haters were stalking him

No. 196136

He's the one that suspended it from public

> you may choose to suspend your Profile to hide it from public search in Suspend My Profile section.

No. 196137

Photoshopped it?

No. 196138


nope, his family shouldn't get involved

No. 196139

So then maybe he doesn't want people to find him

No. 196140

That makes a lot more sense. So does that mean you can still view it from a direct link to the profile?

No. 196141


No. 196143

If anyone has copies of videos or other content they want hosted without being taken down, please join https://chat.lolcow.farm/r/meta and provide a link.

Preferably under 500 MB in size.

No. 196146

I don't think she's lurking here yet. Trust me, this found is huge enough to freak her out enough for largest meltdown of 2015.

I'm gonna go ahead and guess the video was automatically deleted due to tags/desc/title etc

No. 196147


There's a link ITT but idk if it's direct. I don't have an account so it just goes to the login page for me. The screencap here has his username thought so maybe you can type it in to go directly to it >>195684

No. 196150


Did you seriously just copy pasta yourself?

No. 196151

kakas online on worldfriends right now, no doubt trying to clean up the mess shes made lol

No. 196152


And she KNOWS we are here, she's proven that pleanty of times

No. 196153

The damage control shall commence

No. 196154

I don't have an account either, so I keep getting the same result. I don't want to make a random account and visit his page because he'll probably just become suspicious and block automatically. Anyone have a genuine account they can view his profile with?

No. 196155


I don't think anyone will do that, Kiki will probably stalk you forever if you do.

No. 196156

I have one and I can't find him in the search anymore

No. 196157

true, i guess anyone who does go onto his account should make sure they don't have any real personal information on their account, i have no idea what kaka is capable of

try the direct link here >>195894
he made his profile private so that it cant be viewed by search

No. 196158

So he's suspended his account from public view. He either got freaked out by the stuff that was sent to him, someone sent him a message or link to here and he freaked out, or Kiki messaged him and told him something.

Oooooorrrrrr Kiki made the profile of him? A bit of a stretch I know but,I'm wouldn't put it passed her.

No. 196159

He made himself unsearchable, his username is matsu0331. So try worldfriends.com/matsu0331 maybe?

No. 196160

Plot twist they never really broke up and kaka is still latching onto him.

No. 196162

The direct link says it's suspended too.

No. 196163

This plot be thick

No. 196164

I guarantee Kiki just told him some ~haters~ from her ~internet famous~ days are trying to ruin her life or something.

No. 196165

File: 1445655346739.jpg (64.79 KB, 750x815, image.jpg)

He's still there. Just gotta Google "matsu0331" and click while logged in

No. 196167

>dat pic

you are killing me, anon

No. 196168

Anything different on his profile then? Or did he just leave it alone?

In other words caps?

No. 196169

Holy shit guys, spamming him with links and videos about Kaka was definitely the WRONG way to go about it.
You're going to fucking scare him off.

Maybe Kaka made the profile pretending to be Taku, in an attempt to get contact details/personal info from Farmers trying to contact him :/
Or she has his password for some reason lol.

No. 196170

It kills me how often farmers just talk about shit and don't post caps. ffs

No. 196171

He deleted his facebook too though.

No. 196172


We didnt spam him, sperglord, one person messaged him on WF and FB.

Kiki didn't make an account for him, she's too much of a jealous cunt to do that, and even if she did she would have it say he's married and make his bio all about how much he loves and worships his kawaii Kira Kira princess from Mars model musician wife. I doubt she has his password either because of she did she would have outright deleted it.

No. 196173

Proof? He could have just hidden that as well.

No. 196174

Seriously tho, post and document this shot, not talk about it

No. 196175

Sage my ass

No. 196176


Fucking right? That's the only thing I miss about /cgl/, people knew to just screenshot and post caps and not just talk about shit. When I was scrolling through older Kiki threads earlier 95% were just text.

No. 196177

File: 1445656735757.jpg (69.37 KB, 768x1024, image.jpg)

This is all I get when I click his fb, so we have to search it

No. 196178

It's not deleted, just hidden or you're blocked.

Post a shy of exactly what you sent him? It might have been something you said.

No. 196179

I'd much rather see proof over speculation and eye witness accounts, since they tend to not be true

No. 196180

I'm not logged in and I never added him or spoken to him, so some who did have him would have to look because it looks like he set his accounts to private

No. 196181

Feel free to make an account and post caps yourselves you lazy bitches.

No. 196182

i think that's because you're not logged in.

No. 196183


>no u!!!

Fucking millennials, they have no idea how chans work.

No. 196184

>"omg guise don't spam him!"
>ask for caps from the one person who messaged him
>"omg make an account and message him urself lazy bitches!"


No. 196186

File: 1445657335703.jpg (43.97 KB, 763x900, image.jpg)

There I logged in and it's the same this again
Happy? Holy shit you bitches need to calm

No. 196188

So if anyone who DID talk to him or had him added please post caps of what you sent or talked about, or if anything hanged because obviously he was either scared off or someone told him something

No. 196189


>"ew wtf anons expect me to follow through with shit? omg that sounds like work ugh fuck them"

>get mad when you get called on it
>tell everyone else to calm down, trying to pretend everyone else is mad and not just you

Girl, you're not cut out for this shit. Next time don't volunteer unless you're down to finish what you started and let the bitter leftover seagulls and 4chan transplants handle it.

No. 196190

He's not listed as a relative on his brothers fb anymore either.
Since kakas online she probably messaged him and told him to set his stuff to private. I can't imagine how awkward a conversation that was.

No. 196191

Lol that wasn't me, I was the one who posted >>196177
It was directed at the lazy cunt tho

No. 196192

I wonder what she told him? I dont wanna believe he's just hiding from us to protect Kiki, I mean if anon sent him the link to the racist video of her and Kota and the one where she's drawing on him with a sharpie in his skivvies passed out drunk, I can't imagine a Japanese person not being upset about that.

No. 196193

This is why we can't have fun things

No. 196194

I can't imagine how weird that was, and how upset and scared he must have felt if that's the case.

No. 196195

He must feel embarrassed, violated and understandably enraged.
Kiki must hate herself.


No. 196197


A 29 year old business owner, passed out drunk in his underwear in bed with a racist white gaijin drawing shit on his face in a marker, imagine if that shit got around to people who know him? He could lose his business. So it makes sense for him to delete his profile and social media, he's probably doing damage control to protect his cafe.

No. 196200

Has kaka updated anything herself? Or deleted shit? I can only imagine what he must have said back to her she's probably doing some damage control herself.

No. 196201

File: 1445658303310.jpg (152.66 KB, 729x1154, image.jpg)

Detective-anon here,

It looks the same as when I found him, the text is just placed differently on mobile

No. 196202

Omg brilliant somebody post pics of taco in his underpants to his restaurant site(taku did nothing wrong)

No. 196205

I'm also >>196165 but didn't get to post screens until now, sorry anons

No. 196206

Go away kiki

No. 196207


fuck off

No. 196208

No, the poor man doesn't deserve to have his life ruined over a cunt like Kiki, calm your tits

No. 196209

Fuck yourself jelly hater

No. 196211


Why the hell would we do that? What has he done to deserve it? Kiki is a nasty racist ugly vapid cunt, this poor guy is just some ugly Japanese guy chasing white pussy, he has no idea about her and the shit she's done. If anything he's another one of Kiki's victims.

No. 196212

It's okay, at least we know he's just set to private now.
So he probably got scared off or Kiki said something I take it.

No. 196213


If I dated a girl From another country I met online and then had random strangers send me videos of her mooching my culture and posting compromising shit of me, the first thing I would do is lock down all my shit and then ask her WTF she's trying to do to me and who the fuck she really is.

No. 196214


*mocking, sorry. But yeah I think by now he's asking Kiki what the fuck is going on and she's spinning some sob story about how nothing is her fault and she was raped into posting racist videos with her sister and uploading videos of him in bed with her.

No. 196216

File: 1445659041792.jpg (21.55 KB, 386x163, image.jpg)

Oh I can only imagine that she's on the bad end of a shit talking right now.

Btw, might only be me but the lolcow banner hasn't changed for me forever now, it's been this one for like an hour? Lol

No. 196217

I really hope there is another Twitter meltdown incoming.

No. 196220

I don't think it changes unless you navigate to another page or manually reload the current one.

No. 196221

I was all over the board, it's changed to pt now, it was just funny that each time it reloaded it was that one

No. 196222

i leave to go to work and last thing i was saying was for one person to calmly strike up conversation with him and i come back to find some idiot just spamming him videos and shit wow

No. 196223

Nobody spammed him ffs

Just a bunch of idiots saying "omg don't spam him" and then "omg stop spamming him" and then "omg shouldn't have spammed him.

Which is why I agree with everyone ask I for caps of the messages that were sent to him, so we would know how much shit was actually sent to him.

Buuuut fucking kids these days can't organize and cooperate for jack shit and get mad when you ask them to do shit.

No. 196226

well the person who did it was so idiotic that they didn't even post caps so i wouldn't be surprised if they sent him a bunch of bullshit

No. 196227

Maybe it's Kaka freaking out to try to keep anyone from messaging him.

No. 196228

Well if that's the case we can't message him now
But I'm pretty sure someone would have messaged him, so if they could just post it already goddammit

No. 196232

I kinda wish we could have a thread solely dedicated to the re-uploading of all the pics and videos just so that you wouldn't have to fish through all of them because lazy

No. 196234

I second this, like an image gallery to skip over all the text crap that clogs up a thread, but I imagine that being a pain I the ass to code and keep maintained

No. 196235

Maybe we could talk Admin-sama into making an archive page for top lolcows? And new content would have to be voted in so it's not just filled with irrelevant or repetitive shit.

No. 196236

Doesn't /cgl/ have something like that?

No. 196237

File: 1445661085236.jpg (25.38 KB, 815x184, image.jpg)

Saw this on PULL

"I haddd to make an account when i saw this :D I've actually made a fake asian guy account on interpals before out of boredom (only to get suspended a few days later :c) and Kiki messaged me. I showed it to Kontrakoti and we decided to keep it a secret just to see what happens but for some reason Kiki stopped messaging me and deleted her account soon after~"

Pic related

April 2015?
Isn't that when she had just gotten back from fucking Taco?

What a slut, wow

Maybe that's why his profile says he hates cheating

No. 196238



So much quality milk in here today, omg

No. 196239

That sounds good
Maybe? Honestly never been there.
That can't be real, can it?

No. 196240

They were dating from Nov 2014, she talked about him way after April 2015

He probably just deleted his FB/etc because he wants nothing to do with her anymore. Poor guy.

No. 196241

Why not? We all know what a lying piece of shit she is. Especially now that it's proved she met Taco on a dating website, which she denied

No. 196242

So how long were they dating again? Almost a year-ish?
That's pretty thirsty man, she's just dick hopping in Hopes it'll get her away from her failure of a life

No. 196243

File: 1445661583474.png (265.91 KB, 1440x2560, image.png)


I found this in an old thread, so November 2014 sounds right for the timeline of her+Taku. Soooo yeah Kiki is a sloot, but we already knew that. She probably messaged every Japanese guy listed between 20-35 in Tokyo she could find.

No. 196244


We still don't know if they were dating for that long though. I still think they were together for maybe 3 months or so and Kiki was just playing like it was longer, like she kept posting about him and going back to Tokyo to live with him and all the while sending him messages like:

>Taku-nyan? 大丈夫ですよね?I miss you! I'll be back in Tokyo soon, 私もあなた会いたいだよ!!

No. 196246

Even worse if she was playing the field with him and others.
She probably knew he wasn't that serious about her

No. 196247

File: 1445661986492.jpg (140.25 KB, 768x1024, image.jpg)

Lol has anyone read the last post on her site?

I bet she's real tired of the Internet game now

No. 196248


It's possible she met up with a couple of guys while she was there, that would explain the sumo thing and the foreign work conference thing, but those guys probably didn't lay it on as thick as Taku or let her recor them so she figured that meant he liked her the most and could use him for a marriage visa.

No. 196250

His facebook said (before he deleted if) in a relationship from Nov 2014, which is around the time she was in Tokyo (and where the Roppongi video was filmed, they were in coats)

No. 196251

That's old, she made that post when Dakota made her Instagram account and started getting shitloads of likes and followers super fast, Kiki got buttmad and posted this.

No. 196252

Welcome to a month ago

No. 196254


If you scroll up and look at the caps of his profile, it says he's looking for a marriage partner. So my guess is Kiki send messages all around to guys and finally got lucky (she thought) with Taku who apparently wants a token white wife.

No. 196255


So then it's possible that she was looking around on the dating site, found taco and a few others, was chatting and dating a few but taco was the most serious (ish?) about their relationship.

He seems like a lonely guy who just want's someone to enjoy his life with (albeit a gaijin chaser) so maybe he found out about kiki's other guys on the side and just dropped her, feeling betrayed?

Then someone messages him with the racist videos and him in his underwear and just lost it at her.

No. 196258


That emoticon looks familiar. ;3

No. 196260

No. 196262

The voting part would make things complicated. As would actually ensuring all the content posted is relevant and useful.

There are 2 options:

1. Link a ZIP of images and videos, which I can extract and host at https://archive.lolcow.farm. I can possibly add a gallery feature to this.
2. I was thinking of setting up a Wiki or something like it. I doubt many people would actually use it, though.

No. 196263

File: 1445663723777.jpeg (80.23 KB, 640x640, image.jpeg)


This all also fits the timeline from when she called her "Japanese teacher" a bad teacher for sending her a gift that wasn't vegan. It's around the same time she got with Taku in Japan, and the part where it says "be there at 12:23!" And then "ok, type in 416" implies she went to an apartment complex. But, she only started mentioning Taku after she got chewed out for this and deleted it, never mentioning it or a Japanese teacher again. So it was probably another guy she met on WorldFriends that she boned.

No. 196264

can someone repost the video or link me to it i missed this

No. 196265

The first option sounds okay and easier for veryone, though I'm pretty sure pleanty of us would use the wiki people would just have to be willin to contribute and moderate really.

No. 196266

See >>196006
It's still there I believe

No. 196267

That makes sense, Taku probably caught or saw some of her texts and figured out she was cheating

No. 196268


She must have had a few boyfriends at that time. I don't believe all the gifts she posted around this time were from Taku. Plus she posted those screencaps which we know were from her kirleios profile now where she was talking to guys and fighting because they were fapping hentais or whatever she called them.

No. 196270

File: 1445664321693.png (12.66 KB, 577x134, image.png)

Oh Kiki, you have foretold your own fate.

No. 196271

>because they were fapping hentais or whatever she called them

Haha, what? Are there caps of that? I'm scrolling the old threads and o haven't seen anything like that.

No. 196272

she got all the videos I had of her and kota deleted off my channel! now i literally can't upload shit bc "copyright" bullshit but guess what kaka they're still saved to my computer and there's many other websites i can upload them to. also i find it really funny that you go through this thread you literally have no life or anything going for yourself and your sister who used to be less attractive than you is way more attractive than you. YOU'RE WASHED UP

No. 196273

Tbh her whole Twitter account is like one big "I did horrible things but it's okay I forgive myself and I will own up to it all ONE DAY"

No. 196274

When was this now?

No. 196275

File: 1445664718632.jpg (38.72 KB, 640x640, 10727461_275864359279214_43805…)

No. 196276

Lol the last few attempts at hiding her past

No. 196277

Lol no it's not, it's all "I never did anything wrong, others just try to tear me down because they're jealous but I'll still shine despite them because I'm an indigo empath and they're just jelly haterz"

No. 196278

So who knows moon because that just looks like Kiki laughing at dick jokes

No. 196279

File: 1445664854111.jpg (34.73 KB, 640x640, 10724591_1492640007657260_5529…)

I think the part about fapping hentais was her comment when she uploaded these. You can tell from the icon and text this must have been from that same account and around the same time.

No. 196280

Oh man, how could I forget the jellyhaterz
Those damn jellyhaterz, all jelly and translucent and full of jelly hate

No. 196286

It's great when people who are beginners at a language try to act like someone not to be fucked with. She called him yariman thinking it has the same emasculating tone as bitch and then decided to show off her big language win. It's as silly as calling a man a prostitute as an insult. Good one, Kiki.

No. 196288





>That wasn't me
>That was my friend, my friend's english is better

No. 196289

i feel like he'd be handsome if he just got those teefs fixed

No. 196291

File: 1445669755858.png (831 KB, 1440x2288, tmp_30849-taku255201928.png)

Oops meant to post the one with the time cropped out.

No. 196292

So his age changed. Is that it?

No. 196294

Is it saying he's Chinese, older and involved in a relationship?

So like, still dating Kiki or someone else?

No. 196295

His age, location, status etc

No. 196296

So he's like, 9 years younger, living somewhere else (Malay?) and is involved.
And also Chinese?

No. 196298

>>196291 the plot thickens..

No. 196299

This is getting thicker thank scraps' swollen dick

No. 196301


He's trying to make himself harder to find via search by age, language, location, and marital status.

No. 196302

File: 1445671356092.png (5.45 MB, 2815x2110, 1433029003858.png)

>thicker than scraps' swollen dick

No. 196303

Okay I really want the anon who sent the messages to post what they said because this is weird af

No. 196304


I don't think that's gonna happen, I think that anon won't be posting anymore either, just lurking.

I think anon sent him a message that had a gruff, accusing tone and then both the videos of Kiki and him paired with that and a less than fluency in English made him think he was being attacked for dating Kiki. The anon probably said some shit like

>"hey, just to let you know the girl you've been dating is a crazy paranoid psychopath liar kthxbai"

And now anon knows it and is hiding the evidence. It should have been handled better, but 75% of lolcow users suck ass at this stuff so it got shot to shit like this.

No. 196306

I love u

No. 196308

Little does he know his profile is being shared amongst a community of people that all have the direct links and don't need to search him.
I feel bad for him, though. I don't want him to feel unsafe or freaked out. He doesn't deserve that.
Kaka on the other hand…I hope she's shitting herself.

No. 196309

She's not, though. She's been caught so many times stealing the creativity of others that she could be sued for and if that along with her shitty diet doesn't give her watery diarrhea nothing will. She'll just spin it to justify what happened. "See! I told you the haters want to ruin my life! MUH PRIVACY!"

No. 196313

File: 1445675427460.jpg (143.9 KB, 935x600, smug.jpg)

i know this has nothing to do with the current kiki situation, but kota looks so smug here and i just love to think that she's aware of us finding out her sister's shenanigans

No. 196317

smug? it looks like a tumor is pressing her eye out of it's socket

No. 196318

File: 1445677945713.png (579.31 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

wtf is going on with his new profile pic?

No. 196323

Random OC that can't be searched and doesn't have his face in it. Another attempt at hiding himself.

No. 196324

No, I totally get the reasoning behind it, but like I wanna know what the fuck is going on there. Shit, put a pic of a dog or some weeb game shit

No. 196326

Yeah the picture is strange as fuck

No. 196327

Any farmers in Japan fancy checking out [removed] Cafe?

No. 196330

Performing a ritual to rid himself of Kaka's bad vibes.

No. 196331

Probably just went through his phone gallery and picked the first picture he had on there that wasn't of his face. The picture seems odd to us and obviously for a profile pic but there's probably some uninteresting context behind why he originally took the picture that we don't know about and shouldn't really care about.

No. 196334

I totally would if it wasn't so far from me.

No. 196341

It's not even in Tokyo prefecture

No one sane lives where his cafe is

No. 196350


Lol I agree, it's like kota's hidden message as if to say "ur getting closer :3"

No. 196353

Eurgh, I actually do speak MoonGo at an N3 level.
If you guys that sent him all this shit on a whim had just bloody waited I would have happily approached him for you and conversed with him in his native language and got deets out of him.

Fucking amateurs.

No. 196355


Oh fuck off with your attempt at humble bragging. His English is probably way better than your Japanese. No one currrs

No. 196356


Then you should have came into this thread a little bit more early, then shouldn't you?

Now piss off.

I hate these "I can speak Japanese better dan u" cunts on the internet. Whether tumblr, here, youtube or even friggin' Takeshita dori with it's army of weebs. They annoy me.

No. 196357

File: 1445686903843.jpg (125.87 KB, 750x836, image.jpg)

Lol, which one of you did this?

At least there is no doubt now that she will see it. Let's pray this causes a meltdown of its own dimension.

No. 196358


Lol well it wasn't me. I've just woken up, it's 12.46pm in the UK so naw.

But kekin' at whoever did

No. 196359


>VEGAN special pu pu platter

Fuck I giggled and snorted like a damn 12 year old.

No. 196360

New theory: Kaka was sponsored by taco (by [removed] Cafe) for the entertainment visa, she tweeted about it, then:

1) Things got salty between them (for some reason) and he changed his mind, she went back to WorldFriends
2) It was rejected, so she said fuck it, dumped taco (Venus/Manaki style) and went back to WorldFriends

The timing is impeccable. Only 7 days since her visa brag tweet (which was recently deleted), less than that since she signed up to the dating website again.

No. 196364

She never had that visa.

No. 196365

OK…why are you guys trying to ruin Taku's reputation? This is really fucking stupid but at least it could have been done without plugging in his full name and business. Jesus Christ.

I honestly don't think that anon was humble bragging (completely, anyway). A softer approach would have been way fucking better than this. Now everything is on lockdown and we're not getting any milk.

No. 196367


These are probably the cunts the spammed him and are now attacking anybody that criticises what's happened here.

No. 196369


Actually no anon, you're wrong. I only saw what was happening last minute but it does get pretty irritating when you've got the "I can speak this language better than all of you!" ass in the room.

Again, you should have stepped in when it was all happening. It's not our fault you're gutted and missed the commotion. Get over it.

No. 196370


lol this.
I'm not bragging, I just mentioned the N3 thing because saying I outright speaks Japanese would be untrue and imply I was completely fluent when I'm not.

Still, anything I did would have been a damn site better than the mess that has occurred in this thread.
I miss the /cgl/ days where everybody functioned as a single unit and cooperated in cultivating drama.
There are too many newfags on here who simply don't understand how to handle so delicate an operation.

No. 196371

right. everyone and their damn dog "speaks japanese". its really meaningless nowadays

No. 196372


So basically what's happening now, day after if that people are getting bitter about mentioning Taku's name, if it's not that then it's the "I wanted to message him first! Now look what's happened" or just making daft accounts with kaka's bald head.

He would have found out anyway somehow in all honesty, it's an open site and someone would have cocked it up as usual. Plus kaka can see so she would have alerted him.

If someone had found him before posting his profile, created an account or even used their own and messaged him just normally. Got to know him ect and milked deets out of him. THEN IT WOULD HAVE BEEN BETTER TBH.

But nope, people rush in and post shit.

No. 196374


I've been here since this entire thing started, and I didn't step in because that idiot announced that they were spamming him with links to vids and shit and I already knew it was too late.

Why are you so pissed that I'm a Japanese student? If you're so insecure about your own level in the language don't sperg and take it out on me, go fucking study you spaz lol

No. 196375

aka drinking his brains out at a 'non-gaijin allowed bar'

man i feel bad for the poor guy now.

No. 196376


So many goddamn amateurs on this board. Probably underage refugees from PULL who don't know how to cultivate this shit properly.