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File: 1661773385747.jpg (476.61 KB, 2560x2501, mosesriver.jpg)

No. 890025

A new thread was overdue so decided to make one to chronicle the shenanigan's of the now second place Ostrenga sister. for unfamiliar farmers see https://lolcow.farm/kiki

previous thread >>>/pt/818510

last thread:
>Kiki continues on her quest to find love. recent conquests include:
>Hottie bugatti >>818572
>Some russian >>830001
>Sweater fag >>840038
>Drug dealer >>845927
>Cosmic cowboy >>848262
>White guy with dreadlocks >>851598
>Homeless surfer (more on him later) >>865088

>Writes and publishes a recipe e-book about how to put almond milk, an overpriced fruit and bananas in a blender. Page layout designs are new age geocites website level of busy >>826633

>More waxing eloquently about being raped >>838327 >>837347
>Bad self induced haircuts >>827974 >>840395 >>854900
>Announces New music project called deathxbyxdopamine, never releases any music and abandons it within 5 months >>834670
>Went back to school, supposedly full time and claims to also be working full time >>844318
>Creates tiktok profile @mmmkikikannibal, posts 3 vids and quickly abanbons >>847708
>makes unintelligible joke about periods. then proceeds to facetime a few people while covered entirely with fake blood, joke lost on all >>849470
>Posts about Neighbors dad being a peeping tom, claims neighbor responded that he couldnt control himself because shes so attractive >>853348 >>853426 possibly the same neighbor supposedly breaks into her apartment to try on her amazing vintage wardrobe. LOL he cant help it shes a dainty fair skinned trampoline athlete with a toned booty flaunting her goods! >>862436
>purple prose about being heartbroken >>855488 >>859323
>Falls for and messages a Matthew Perry catfish on hinge >>856017 quickly unmatches with him because hes just too pervy for her >>856896 >>856895
>multiple posts about how her toxic exes keep reaching out to her because shes so irresistable. Not this guy though he recognizes her exceptional comedic and acting talents in this totally real message >>877100
>Now claiming Jared Leto gave her his number and hardcore pursued the ethereal Orlando beauty she is when she was 14. >>873030

24 year old surfer boyfriend who lives in a van saga:
>New boyfriend who draws on her ass with sharpie >>865088 >>865095
>Takes him to get a tattoo in what looks like a pawn shop for his birthday >>866734
>Just kidding guys hes abusive and emotionally unavailable just like all the others! >>875766
>Posts cryptic hospital photo about being such a fragile sick bean even morphine isnt helping with the pain! >>869043 Continues to humble brag how much pain shes in by posting a photo of an opiate sticker on a random pill bottle >>869062

>In a 17 page Instagram story she finally reveals the reason she was in the hospital was due to complications from an abortion >>882474

>Also reveals that about a month before that she was in the hospital for a kidney infection caused by her hobo of a boyfriends dirty dick. It was so severe that she had a fever of 103.9, her lips turned blue and she almost died!

>On February 8th she finds out shes pregnant, but mean abusive boyfriend threatens her life and coerced her into getting an abortion. Abortion pill caused so much pain she couldn't stop retching and heaving, but mean old boyfriend and his texan mother berated her and dumped her on the side of the road near her obgyn clinic literally bleeding everywhere! She was in labor for 12 days and on day 4 had to be rushed to the ER by ambulance.

>Always the fragile victim, a mean brown nurse slut shamed her by telling her “shut up you did this to yourself!” and didnt give her morphine (despite posting before that the morphine wasnt strong enough for her pain).
>Since her abusive boyfriend bailed town, her neighbor (possibly peeping toms son?) picked her up from the hospital while shes still bleeding everywhere. Later goes to her follow up appointment and, in typical sperg-chan fashion, doesnt skimp on the gory medical details and photos of blood clots

Twitter @mmmkikikannibal
Instagram @mmmkikikannibal
Youtube @mmmkikikannibal
tiktok @mmmkikikannibal

No. 890028

File: 1661774033707.png (1.47 MB, 750x1334, CCE432C5-86E2-41B8-95CE-52B068…)

Is this the same hobo she claimed was so abusive?

No. 890030

File: 1661774110054.png (2.89 MB, 750x1334, ADCB0519-E96D-46A3-B1EB-E3AAC9…)

Never change Kiki.

No. 890054

>syringing your flesh pocket with probiotics
is that even a thing?

No. 890056

are they smoking a bong in a car

No. 890060

Everyone joked about her shacking up with homeless but she really did that, and did much worse than expected for even her, huh.

She and Koots truly aimed for the stars and failed to launch at life.

No. 890085

It's really unfortunate that someone as pretty as her decided her goal in life is merely to fuck literal hobos and then post about how it went wrong on Instagram, get some goals and dreams gurl

No. 890089

Yeah. Makes me think she has chronic BV or yeast infections. Makes sense given the raw dogging of unwashed van specimens.

No. 890102

Shes gonna be 30 in a matter of weeks and all she has to show for it is a sense of humor that never grew beyond vagina and period jokes and a homeless boyfriend with a dirty dick. She was claiming to be working and going to school “full time” but I’ll believe it when I see an actual degree.

No. 890159

File: 1661898603198.png (2 MB, 1080x1915, Screenshot_20220830-170638.png)

Imagine spending 3 weeks being mad that ig flagged her unfunny meme repost

No. 890160

File: 1661898653997.png (291.42 KB, 1080x2150, Screenshot_20220830-170701.png)



No. 890171

The way she nonchalantly talks about the beheading/torture videos reminds me of her spergouts here when she posted gore. This makes me believe she actually seeks out gore videos to watch them for entertainment.

No. 890177

yeah it's not really unheard of. a lot of edgelords always brag about watching gore or not being bothered by them for entertainment. most of em grow out of it when they gain the self-awareness to realize they sound like psychopaths.

No. 890178

Karen Kannibal would like to talk to the manager

No. 890508

File: 1662269763059.png (1.86 MB, 1170x2532, 78FE28DC-BFDA-4C88-ACA8-40B408…)

Nothing sadder than complimenting yourself and bragging about it on social media.

No. 890509

File: 1662270124689.jpeg (1.81 MB, 1170x2020, 2FA4EE3E-87B3-475F-8E5A-A70B67…)

Oh and adding the caption for those who are curious in her tits post : “fighting the feminine urge of forming a band solely comprised of the local musicians I’ve fucked”

Then there’s this masterpiece. Publicly announcing how desperate you are to drive 2 hrs for D? You’ve truly lost it, keeks.

No. 890526

>being picky
Sure, Jan

No. 890532

Driving to Escondido for dick is not being picky, it's being desperate

No. 890639

Admitting to driving for some cock is like. Something you should have to be waterboarded to volunteer.

No. 890654

File: 1662402001992.png (Spoiler Image, 669.13 KB, 1075x573, Screenshot 2022-09-05 at 20.17…)

I'm new to the thread, but did she have an abortion?(unsaged, spoonfeeding)

No. 890655

File: 1662402092926.png (395.5 KB, 772x636, Screenshot 2022-09-05 at 20.19…)

She made another IG account too

No. 890878

How're you picky, but driving +2 hours under 105 degrees for dick?

No. 890884

biology anon. she's hitting her peak libido

No. 890923

Honestly Amtrak would take 3 hours and at least has ac. It would have been easier.

God himself (Himself? Idk) would not have gotten this out of me. Even Guantanamo interrogators would have just had to kill me first.

Kind of sad to see the fall off. I remember all of the efagz stuff/MySpace and I knew she had no “readily apparent stage talent” at that point, but it is still shocking.

No. 892130

Happy late 30th to Kiki.

Let that sink in!

No. 892283

She should be banded from dating apps, for the sake of her future “abusers” and “rapists”. She should probably be banned from instagram too. Then she’ll finally have to deal with herself.

No. 892679

how is banning kaka gonna help her? anon? you good?

No. 892831

She's 30 now?! She truly peaked at like 17. In looks and "achievements"

It's like the people who peak in high school but she never went to high school.

No. 893010

Sorry for OT but where is the newest Dakota thread?

No. 894233

File: 1664958614957.png (3.31 MB, 750x1334, B7282467-38EE-4BB8-8FEF-8302E2…)

Back on the same old shit, she never learns.

No. 894239

Is that the dirty dick hobo again?

No. 894344


Lmao, no. But of the same breed as per Kiki's lack of standards

No. 894357

If the chest was more full I would have thought it was a cali surfer lesbian myself.

No. 894388

cheap scratcher tattoos. disgusting. did he get these in prison? she is turning into a dirty hobo herself. she obviously lets these degens raw her. what an STD ridden dog

No. 894391

Her “date” can’t even afford wet wipes???

There is a lot going wrong in this image

No. 894392

you could get hepatitis just from looking at this pic

No. 894816

It’s so funny she doesn’t even actually live in LA yet pretends

No. 894826

Grotesque. She's pretty much announcing her HIV/Hep status if she lets this hobosexual hit raw.
What a broken person she turned out to be.

No. 894835

Lmao she doesn't? Where does she actually live?

No. 894856

She somehow turned out more broken than I expected.

No. 894913

she’ll blame everyone else, and certainly her parents didn’t help, but she could have simply… found a job

No. 895061

Trying to bump CP off front page.

No. 895632


no caps but she posted about looking for love addiction services in the LA area. good on her tbh

No. 895764

no goals, no aspirations, no future, just fucking homeless dudes until she gets a sexually transmitted or bacterial infection. how does this bitch make money? lol(no sage)

No. 896103

she doesnt, her parents fund her life

No. 896393

File: 1666788992456.png (424.88 KB, 724x641, Screenshot 2022-10-26 at 23.55…)

Do you whores think that Taylor Swift looks likes kiki?(moid)

No. 896396

No. 896420

When I saw the video thumbnail it actually did remind me of Kiki a bit but because of the styling. This is what Kiki looks like in her head but in reality she looks like a washed up crackwhore.

No. 896448

Her parents are poor and always have been. Spergchan said she was on disability so it's probably that.

No. 896546

If her parents were poor, they would have downsized and sold their 750k McMansion.

No. 896552

Doesn't the house belong to the grandparents though? They were leeching off of the grandma.

No. 896601

File: 1667003272666.png (1.79 MB, 1080x1921, Screenshot_20221028-171911.png)

"why buy the cow when you can have the milk for free" - pastor youth, purity ring ass mentality

bitch you're fucking hobos but thirst follows is where you draw the line?

No. 896604

It wasn't theirs. It was the grandma's. She's dead now but housing is cheaper in Florida than a lot of states (up until recently anyway) so it's a good place for poor people.

You must be new because it's a well-known fact the Ostrengas were/are poor.

No. 896611

It's called common sense ffs

No. 896623

The house belongs to Cathy and Scott and the zestimate is hovering around 750k. Since it’s in a decent area of a major city, it would probably sell for more than the zestimate like most houses in Florida have been. It’s a seller’s market here.

I’m not gonna post screenshots cause I already got banned for asking if I should on kota’s thread kek. But if you wanna find em, I posted about how I found the info on the kota thread.

No. 896644

Bump to get off CP.

No. 896684

You're wrong and delusional.

No. 896689

She got knocked up by a homeless surfer bum who was oh so abusive. Every other guy she's posted on her social media is equally scummy and dirty looking. Any sane person would take one look at them and say no but she lets these scaggy hobos raw dog her and suddenly she's seeing red flags? She'll be posting about her next abusive potential and her heartbreak in a week.

No. 896705

Of course it's under their name now that the original homeowner, the grandma, is dead. House is probably already all paid off thanks to grandma.

No. 896737

Not to mention the value went up recently because America is having a housing crisis, especially Florida, where housing went up by a ton. That's why I said they're wrong and delusional.

No. 896744

bump don’t scroll (CP)

No. 896919

File: 1667419255259.png (736.21 KB, 1080x1900, 20221102_150058.png)

Looks like she's abandoned the pure natural uwu fairy goddess look. I hope so. Blonde with bangs looks better

No. 896938

this look good in the picture, and she looked good with it back in the day

but I still feel like she'll ruin it with the sideburn mullet haircut
and all-white clothes

No. 896962

in what world does this take 10.5 hrs from her natural colour…

No. 896965

I’m hoping for a scene Kiki comeback era. It’s having a resurgence amongst zoomers on TikTok. Maybe she can finally find herself somewhat relevant again?

No. 896996

Why is she always posting pics of her with makeup smeared like she's cried? Take some uwu vegan fairy makeup remover and wipe your damn face. It'll take 15 seconds.

No. 897004

She crying over her 30th homeless man that didn't wanna commit & how deep of a person it makes her. If I was a normal dude that saw some chick posting selfies of her crying, I'd run

No. 897005

Yeah I feel like a short blonde bob with some edgier clothing would look so nice. Black would make her eyes pop and make her look more mature.

No. 897033

at 30 she def should be out of her posting crying pics phase omfg how does she not see how pathetic she is?

No. 897040

I would think she was crying over the hairstyle result itself? Idk sometimes 13 year-round girls cry when they make a drastic hairstyle change, and that's Kiki's mental age, so.

No. 897088

Histrionics retain the emotional maturity of 5 year old spoiled brats their entire lives.

She scares all the men away because she’s batshit insane and not pretty enough to compensate for it, the juice ain’t worth the squeeze.

No. 897089

Lol this. Light brown usually takes one 45 minute bleaching session to take it to bleach blonde, maybe two at most. That’s like 2 hours tops. Holy shit she exaggerates everything.

No. 897092

It’s so funny how she always orbits these laidback free spirit hobo skater/biker dudes, yet scares them off with her HPD and inane unfunny ranting EVERY SINGLE TIME. This is like the 30th time she has managed to completely repulse a moid and make ghost her within a week. She blames it on their ‘commitment issues’ or ‘attachment styles’ to absolve herself of the fact that she is an annoying insufferable cluster B mentally draining sperg.

She will never be the laidback fun nice hippie surfer/skater chick these guys wanna be date and be around. It’s worrying that even dumb ass moids can quickly see through her bullshit and decide to bounce.

I’m starting to think her breath or pussy stinks or something, it’s genuinely not normal for 30 guys to ghost you within a week or two in a row.

No. 897098

>>896965 also hoping for a scene kiki comeback too, a lot of people still reference her old photos as inspo and yeah the zoomers would eat it up. She could do a comeback with that cause everything else has failed

No. 897106

I don’t think it would work as she looks her age now. I also think it’s only having a relatively small resurgence online among teenagers, like gyaru. She would look really mentally ill and outdated irl if she were to try scene again now, because she is no longer youthful and only kids can really pull it off without looking like weirdos.

That said the bleach blonde suits her way more than her natural dishwater grey-brown hair.

No. 897111


Agreed, old people in scene is cringe. She wouldn't come back to anything but being mocked.

No. 897130

This is why I hope she tries for it. I’d rather watch the scene desperation train careening down the tracks as opposed to the hobofucking std adventure she’s been on.

No. 897131

it's either that or fucking std-filled hobos much younger than her, posting abortion pictures, etc. I think the zoomers would fall for it.

her hair is stringy and thin, so maybe bleaching with low volume developer (takes longer) or the stylist needing a break from the 30 year old asking for "LOTR-japanese princess elf hair"

No. 897139

That hair looks totally fried and damaged. Considering how thin her hair already was, it will likely start falling out from that much bleaching.

No. 897212

File: 1667671340534.jpg (202.17 KB, 1241x1232, 1667511110154856.jpg)


No. 897253

She's too old for this hair color. She's not 17 anymore.

She's going to end up looking like a washed up old hooker.

No. 897291

File: 1667752874956.jpg (Spoiler Image, 328.12 KB, 1076x1913, Screenshot_20221106_113813_Ins…)

Kiki why don't you also address how sheep need to be sheered regardless cause overgrowth will kill them? (Hopefully spoiler mark works, on mobile)

No. 897292

File: 1667752895991.jpg (Spoiler Image, 398.4 KB, 1077x1913, Screenshot_20221106_113818_Ins…)

No. 897293

File: 1667752992287.jpg (526.53 KB, 1080x1898, Screenshot_20221106_113828_Ins…)

>>897292 didnt mean to spoil the previous image too, oops. At least actual animal product can properly break down unlike 90% of shitty "vegan" products that are just straight up plastic. Clearly big brained per usual

No. 897295

a lot of peeps probably don't know? does this delusional whore think she has that many new followers? guarantee her whole follower list might have new @s but they're all the same people who followed her for years. they're for sure aware that she's vegan since it's been her personality forever. it's the one moral "i'm better than you" stance she tries to take. the single thing she has that makes her "special" but it really just makes her insufferable lmao.

she already looks like a washed up hooker so this is fine. i think she looks like the tiger king.

No. 897314

Uggs are made of sheepskin, not just the wool. They don't survive lol

No. 897315

File: 1667765765998.png (794.3 KB, 819x1671, Screenshot_20221106-171359.png)

lol she has been making veganism her entire personality for 22 years

Image related: she's a full blown red flag. Imagine being straight up with some girl and you end up in her stories

No. 897316

File: 1667765842986.png (1.47 MB, 1080x1918, Screenshot_20221106-171339.png)

lol sure is not your combo of big nose, large forehead and receding hairline

No. 897323

The first message he sends is "honest and perfect" because now she's got another emotionally unavailable std filled hobo to fall in love with. I can't believe she's 30 and posts this kinda shit.

No. 897342

opening with 'i'm emotionally unavailable' in any sort of new relationship, romantic or platonic, seems like an up-front excuse the person is making for treating you like shit and throwing it back at you like 'i was honestttttt'

No. 897452

Bump - CP on main page

No. 897514

File: 1668107140518.png (4.02 MB, 3854x3265, Screenshot_20221110-160430.png)

> "I can see that being your natural hair color"

idk, I'm an asshole but this should count as bullying

No. 897518

The fact that she still talks like a retard

No. 897536


On the last thread ppl were discussing were she peaked in her looks and someone posted a pic of her with this white hair as her most beautiful era.

She's actually making life decisions based on what is said here. Why am I surprised? This is spergchan afterall. She just keeps creating new lows for herself. It's like she turned 30 and accepted her role in life is to barely get by on her tugboat money and fuck as many bums as possible. Remember when she was claiming all those years of bleaching her hair had put tOxInS in her body. I guess if youre getting raw dogged by whatever is biting on skid row it doesn't really matter anymore.

No. 897545

I don't think that had anything to do with it. Since olaplex every other bitch goes through a post-breakup platinum phase.

I also remember her saying hair bleach and skin products got toxins inside her body lol it's such a shame she gave up youtube

No. 897710

You'd think she'd grow out of this vegan bullshit by now or just live her lifestyle without trying to push it on other people. Clothes and shoes made out of animal products last longer than the plastic chinese bullshit. Leather and suede can last for decades if taken care of correctly.

I doubt the homeless bums she fucks are vegan or care about any of this shit kek.

No. 897806

She'll never set those standards for the bums she fucks. She was always preaching about how the guys she dated in her scene phase were uneducated, did drugs, and smoked and they weren't any good yet she still fucks crusty guys who smoke and do drugs and are obviously smooth brains jsut like her.

No. 897897

I don’t think it’s us. She’s just desperate to be the chick she was 15 years ago when she was cute and teenagers made her feel like she mattered.

No. 897974

File: 1668529956106.png (698.98 KB, 1080x1883, 20221113_153111.png)

I wonder if this is the emotionally unavailable guy she posted about earlier. So cringe that she posts these guys on her story after they bang. I'm assuming she has family members and coworkers that follow her? Constantly harps on fuck boys but posts her next body count for the week. No self awareness.

No. 897979

it’s funny dakota is in and out of japan doing weird modeling shit and kiki spends her daily life fucking grimy california homeless surfer trash

No. 897982

File: 1668534587800.png (1.37 MB, 1080x1915, Screenshot_20221115-144902.png)


lol she probably paid for his apple cider n donuts

No. 897983

>still taking pics of people and posting them online

Whether it's Taco or whoever she has 100% not grown at all, and now that her looks are fading and she dyed her hair to keep up it's only going to get worse.

No. 897992

Tbh I'm impressed at how well she hides that beak. It's not even that bad of a nose but the way she hides it throws me off in photos that aren't taken by a potato

No. 898002

Kiki is a prime example of someone who peaked at 16

No. 898132

with her tardbux lmao

No. 898145

This color is amazing on her

No. 898199

idk why kiki is letting her self spiral so low ya'll are gonna h8 me for saying this but she could literally get signed at any modeling agency and make $$$ like… tf kiki just be a nice person, stop. following this thread n live ur life and stop focusing on bummy guys ok bye

No. 898200

She's not ugly by any means but she's 30 and 5'4 so that ship has sailed. She might have had a chance as a teen but she focused on bangin scummy dudes and community college

No. 898216

first I thought it looked great, but she also kinda looks bald…? That's still way better than natural, hope she goes for bleached brows and leans more into looking like an alien

No. 898241

the resemblance is uncanny and i'm not talking about dakota fanning

No. 898250


It's leaning more toward looking bald. Her baby fine hair was already so limp that it looked glued to her scalp. It reminded me of gollum. Making it transparent didn't help. You can tell it looks like ass IRL. Since she got it done she hid for the first week after, and now she only posts very few careful angles of it.

On another note, her latest ig story where she's screech/laughing like a lunatic at nothing while pretending to play the piano made me cringe into my shirt. She really believes she's the most talented, most original human to ever walk the earth. She's accomplished nothing. Did she even graduate from a community college in 15 years?

You guys called it, peaked at 16, and zero self awareness. Her two true personality traits. It's scary to know her next plan is motherhood when she couldn't even sort her own shit out first. Now she's just going to pass it down. I wish she could realize how average and predictable she is.

No. 898257


Her, ALONE, laughing maniacally at herself being bad at the piano was so weird. Sounded like in the Stickam days too. Very Joaquin Phoenix's Joker moment.

No. 898264

looks great keeks!

No. 898265

kooter hasn't had a job in japan in years

No. 898269

Koots just recently had a job… I think she probably just gets really small jobs that go unnoticed because they aren’t advertised online or on her profiles.

She just needs to let her bangs grow a little and lighten them brows and she’d be set. She’s currently giving simple jack vibes. I really feel like the two sisters have really given up these past few years, like the realization finally kicked in after 10+ years that they’ll never be famous. Kinda makes sense why she’s spiralling.

No. 898284

File: 1668803226570.png (584.03 KB, 1080x1922, Screenshot_20221118-172403.png)

Ok nana let's get you to bed

No. 898313

This is something an autistic 12 year old would announce on some shitty battle royale to a bunch of strangers. I know she never grew out of being "xD so random" but this is a whole other level.

No. 898468

Fucking kek anon. Im surprised the family hasnt tried to claim copyright infringement. (Don’t worry, I’ll see myself out for that)

I hope she never has children. She’d put her daughters in situations set up to get them hurt just so she can prove that everyone’s a predator and she’s a victim.

No. 898841

File: 1669300241787.jpeg (5 MB, 3087x4116, 5BB271DA-068E-47DA-AB55-968AAD…)

Oh how the mighty have fallen. Is this really what she chooses willingly to hook up with. Oof, no wonder she never shows his face in pics. ( sorry for the collage I didn’t want to double post ).

No. 898886

Kiki is an attractive young woman living a carefree life in LA fucking Cali surfer boys, bleaching her hair and whatever else. Ya'll wish you had this lifestyle, jealous bitches lmao(bait)

No. 898891

hahahaaa i looked this up too. i'm glad you posted it, cos fucking yikes.

No. 898893

having casual sex and frying your hair isn't admirable

No. 898901

He looks like Berry Oakley from the Allman Brothers

No. 898904

File: 1669330547140.jpeg (33.03 KB, 612x408, CBB48B6E-DE4F-4C19-B51B-525718…)

>be kiki kannibal
>peaked at 16
>30 years old, no ambitions, no goals, no life
>unmarried, childless, old and haggard
>failed “social media influencer/public figure” that nobody knows or cares about anymore
>no eggs.jpg
>younger sister is more successful than me
>not relationship material, nobody wants to wants to wife up or make as a girlfriend
>fucking homeless surfer dudes that don’t have any plans on marrying and gets slapped around by them
>gets a literal fucking severe kidney infection from dirty junkie dick that killed my fetus and made me possibly infertile after getting purposely pregnant to trap them
>is secretly having an early midlife crisis at 30
>still single

No. 898911

yes to most of these things but subscribing to the no eggs meme, as a woman… moid brainwash successful

No. 898912

Imagine thinking being child-free and single means failure or that 30 is “old and haggard”, get the fuck off this board with that misogynistic bullshit, handmaid

No. 898915

whoops, are you 30? sorry about that, go have some kids nonna stop being offended

No. 898921

Gottem, nona. Being 30: not even once. Have fun being a young woman forever and finding a man to give you purpose. Just make sure you keep those eggs moist so you don't lose your value.

No. 898961

this is more of an attack on kiki anon. she is very desperate to have children, evident in her ig stories.

No. 898994

File: 1669375455549.png (1.8 MB, 1080x1912, Screenshot_20221125-082151.png)

It's so funny when a rando thinks Kiki is an independent, sexually liberated boss girl when she has to smell used men's socks to make sure who it belongs to

No. 899019

she's so hypersexual on social media. is she going to have an onlyfans era

No. 899024


Highly doubt it, with shit like this

No. 899044

Those stick and poke tattoos are hideous. Kiki is so vain, how does she always end up with these guys that purposely make themselves look as ugly as possible? And of course her and that guy post some anti thanksgiving vegan shit yesterday. And she's bragging about smelling some homeless guys socks like?? How do brag about eating all clean, treating your body like a temple and then let these std hobo infested guys leave stinky socks in your closet. Jfc.

No. 899051

she got triggered from seeing the sock (probably thought it was from one of her abusive exes), and had to smell it like a a human scenthound to find out whose was it

I think the top is worse with the cut off bits she did herself at 13. Like, bitch download SheIn.

No. 899140

She has a father and a brother…I don't mean that in a creepy/gross way it's just the facts. I mean.. she does have men in her life (NOT IN THAT WAY & NOT LIKE THAT), just saying.

No. 899142

It's really disgusting how her mom&dad pimped her out to predators/child molesters on myspace. The night she was molested/sexually-assaulted/raped- SURPRISE! SURPRISE! IT WAS UNDER HER PARENTS ROOF! WHEN SHE WAS A CHILD! I can go on&on but that shit is absolutely unbelievable. How didn't child protective services NOT STEP IN?!

No. 899147

> Doesn't want men she's interested in following thrist traps
> shows off booby shirt to dudes following her

No. 899148

Florida and USA in general happened. Kiki/Kota vs Mama called the cops on each other once during a fight and nothing came of it.

No. 899150

Are you having a stroke

Again? We been thru this same boring stale discussion…

No. 899163

40 will hit her like a ton of bricks. She hasn't invested into anything except exploiting her pussy. Imagine purchasing boob tape with your welfare check

No. 899165

when I saw >>898886 i remembered some of the fucked up shit kiki airs on Instagram (raped 2x or more in LA, forced abortion that lead to infection etc), and my first thought was if that's a case where she should be in a conservatorship"… But then I remembered that.

What a fucked up situation.

No worries anon! She'll be just fine recycling diy edgy 2013 tops she made herself, the welfare check tape is just for when she's feeling fancy

No. 899175

Sure. If giving a fuck about people and actually caring is-AAHH I GUESS I AM HAVING AN ANEURYSM RIGHT NOW!!!

No. 899189

You have a mental catalogue of unwashed hobo feet funk, keekz. But yeah, tell everyone.

No. 899254

File: 1669593185367.jpeg (683.75 KB, 1170x2004, B6FDC1B5-BDE5-4BE9-8B6A-85386F…)

Anyone follow whatever she does on Twitch? Looks like she has a schedule and everything.

No. 899297

A while ago she streamed for like, less than 5 min. Sounded and looked like Stickam, with the retarded laugh

No. 899320

kek why does she have the same icon as grimes did at one point?

No. 899327

that would require actual effort on her part, and we all know she is lazy af and expects everything to be handed to her. A shame really, because I could see her doing moderately well on OF if she actually tried. Also, I kinda remember her dogging on one of her ex-scene friends for going into the porn business. I believe it was Hillary Haywire//MyCherryCrush.

No. 899328

lmao manifesting pregnancy by rich man

No. 899375

Going by her stories she doesn't do anything except "disassociate" and lay around her "depression bedroom" 24/7. She and Dakota must watch Taylor's vlogs and just rage. They could've gone the same path but they have shit personalities and thought their looks would be enough to get them by forever. Taylor's husband is an ugly big headed frog looking asian, but at least she married rich. I'm so curious to see how these two antisocial freaks end up

No. 899401

They both don't seem capable of long term relationships or friendships. They've become niche hasbeens who still believe a future of being rich and famous is just around the corner.

No. 899406

File: 1669801811254.png (678.93 KB, 1080x1783, Screenshot_20221129-211551.png)

> Going by her stories she doesn't do anything except "disassociate" and lay around her "depression bedroom" 24/7

She's also a nut conspiracy theorist, anon.

No. 899485

File: 1669861282792.png (167.56 KB, 1080x1646, 20221130_201736.png)

What the fuck does this pick up line even mean? Also of course she falls for it.

No. 899523

imagine posting compliments you receive

imagine posting compliments to yourself

No. 899542

holy shit this is like when she used twitter to compliment herself with weird "XYZ meets ABc" humble brags.

She either sent this herself or the guy picked up on her retard way of talking

No. 899568

I actually find it real easy to believe she found some guy stuck in the same era of retard she's in. He's probably early 30s lives in a car and uses these lines on all the girls who think they're indigo special babydolls. In a couple weeks we're going to get another heartbreak story of her smeared makeup because she's got a dirty vagina from raw dogging all the time and he didn't want to commit because she's an easy lay.

No. 899629

File: 1669924323572.png (791.07 KB, 1080x1923, Screenshot_20221201-154503.png)

God himself couldn't waterboard this out of me

> "This is TMI but we need to talk about it"

Nobody else is fucking unwashed cock like you, Keeks, that's why nobody talks about it

No. 899639

Girl really thinks she has to tell us not to fuck homeless dudes without protection LOL girl it’s just you…..respect yourself for just a moment.

No. 899643

Lmfaooo and there I was thinking nonnas were just exaggerating with the rawdogging and UTIs from various hobos.

No. 899662

Rofl "God himself couldn't waterboard this out of me"
OMG SO RELATEABLE GURL, everyone's almost died from rancid bacteria cock(sage your shit)

No. 899676

lmao anon her last 4 boyfriends or more have all been homeless, dirty looking dudes that she admits to fucking without condoms so there is no exaggerating. it's straight from the horse's mouth. it makes me laugh because her and kooter were both such homophobes but i guarantee there are same-sex couples having much cleaner sex than this nasty skank.

No. 899694


Her unique blend of stupidity, arrogance and delusion is truly something to behold.

I'm really starting to believe they were raised as feral backwoods florida hillbillies. Their behavior and critical thinking is just too bizarre. Fucking 30 years old and you can tell she's patting herself on the back while typing that gross shit out and thinking she just unlocked a huge secret about ass washing. Somebody a few comments up said her breath and pussy must stink and this shit proves it. The delusion she has about thinking she's a fairy alien barbie vs. reality has to be mental institution worthy.

"I've had my fair share of jizz" she makes me sick! Somebody get grandma to bed.

No. 899697

Or she could like…use condoms? Jesus Christ she is so disgusting I’m gagging

No. 899698

There's no way this isn't a form of self harm what the fuck

No. 899699


The things she thinks are flexes….. Kiki, they’re not even paying for you to be their dumpster. Fucking at least charge them the price for std treatment or stop crying about nearly dying cause you choose to sleep with garbage.

No. 899700

She claimed in some hour-long video that she's allergic to latex lol

She's doing it for free, and she's notba "sex with no strings attached" hoe (even then gagging on unwashed dick would be embarrassing). She wants actual relationships with semi-homeless dudes.

No. 899717

File: 1670002873843.jpeg (29.03 KB, 640x241, 4FF295BB-1AA5-4A61-9085-AE91A0…)

Me every time I try to read Kiki’s turbo sperg tangents

No. 899755

They're homeless, anon. How are they to pay her for her services?

There are latex-free condoms out there or she could just tell them to wash their fucking dick. She can't even blame them entirely for her infections, because she knew it was dirty and it came with a chance of infection but she still went for it. No normal gal sees/smells dick cheese and shrugs it off before sex.

She's been raunchy since day one… I will never forget that time she waltzed around on camera with period blood dripping down her legs thinking it was cool/funny.

No. 899761

You just unlocked a memory of Stickam teen Kiki saying she had had Chlamydia, and a recent YouTube video saying she almost had unprotected sex with someone who had an incurable STD…

That's easily 15 years of STD's and infections. Fuck.

Don't blame it on the Rockefellers, Kiki.

No. 899768

the way she's just going on about this proudly like yeah i chew their smegma as a vegan cheese appetizer though. no one should know this about her. absolutely no one!

No. 899838

Anyone remember the Kira Kira Kaka in Nippon Era where she had a whole box of expensive latex-free condoms and lube shipped to her and Taku so she could preach about her kawaii cancer-chemical-free sexxytimes?

No. 899842

LOL i remember that

She was an entirely different person - especially her taste in men

No. 899897

She probably only got the condoms because Taku probably refused to stick his dick in that now confirmed dumpster smelling vag unless they had protection.

No. 899976

File: 1670216942420.jpg (281.65 KB, 1617x1163, taku interpal profile old.jpg)


sage for complete autism. i went digging into kikis old threads going back into the nippon glory days and found takus old interpal profile that was posted 7 years ago.

his user was "matsu0331" and if you google it today, on the first page a rakuten review profile comes up

here there's a review for a mask he bought online last year - it says he bought it for his 9 year old son…..so if it's him - which it probably is - who would use the same random user name - taku would've had a toddler around the time he was supposedly with kiki in japan.


No. 899977

File: 1670217001088.jpg (105.67 KB, 1404x725, takus review.JPG)


the review post from rakuten after searching his user name in google - matsu0331
saged for complete autism speculation

No. 899978

same fag
maybe that's why they broke up coz she was indeed the side chick and she found out about his kid and/or japanese wife

was a nice trip down memory lane with a few keks on the way

No. 899984

Wow, what a twist to the end of Taco's story!

To think we thought it ended with Kaka pretending he was in Florida and with her at Disneyworld or something.

No. 900007

File: 1670244453245.png (748.55 KB, 1080x2170, Screenshot_20221204-182451.png)

> "I Neva watched it"

Imagine complimenting yourself and lying while you're at it

No. 900008

File: 1670244763039.png (359.93 KB, 1080x2137, Screenshot_20221204-195613.png)

Part 2: Imagine wearing the most bland, depression room smelling top, to try catching dick at fucking erewhon of all places

Holy shit anon, nice find! That explains so much about the taco era.

No. 900037

i remember her making a video where she said the relationship ended because he was hiding a huge secret and she didn't know if she'd be able to talk about it

No. 900061

Does veganism rot your brain? "Neva, da, got dayum, doe, scurred, foreva, dey, n" A normal person can take one look at her grammar and recognize her retardation immediately. She's doomed to "dirty biome dick" due to being a card carrying retard sponging off the government.

No. 900071

This was a very specific era of net lingo that most people moved on from but Kaka peaked at that time and has never had any friends beyond that to help her evolve.

No. 900072

see, that's how you realize she could be an influencer with some relevance but chooses not to
> Story time: ex scene queen moved to Japan 1/3
> Story time: he had a BABY??? baby emoji shocked emoji Part 1/7
> story time: LA boy gave me a WHAT? sick emoji part 1/5
She could milk the shit out of it on TikTok

Her brain is stuck in 2006

No. 900084

lol she's out here telling everyone for free on her ig stories instead of using it to make bank. if you're going to suck scummy dick you might as well get some coin.

No. 900116

File: 1670307234587.jpeg (224.81 KB, 1400x1050, 5D6B7CF8-C9DE-48D0-9AED-DAA101…)

>I neva watched it
>U brought da receipts

No. 900128

File: 1670321114247.png (1.16 MB, 1080x1914, Screenshot_20221205-205858.png)

Weirdest "I'll call corporate" ever

No. 900145

all this over some incel murderer’s BROTHER…what does she expect them to do? “Sorry, you can’t use our app because your family member committed a crime.” Dating apps (and men tbh) are sketchy at times but it helps to up your standards to like, guys with jobs and homes.

No. 900156

how would she have even found that out? unless the guy was like straight up coming out and saying he supports the brother why does it matter!? it honestly seems like a straight up guy kinda thing if he was like "hey just so you know if you google my name you'll find out my brothers a murderer and like i dont condone that shit" and idk what kind of guy but a mass
murderer himself would say he supports some mass murdering brother? but like maybe she really is just dodging a bullet here but why tell your whole following this? she can't read men at all.

No. 900170

She's acting like it was a registered sex offender with a fake profile on Hinge. Like, yeah, it's sucks. That's why you don't give personal info online, so you can block him and move on. There's literally nothing Hinge itself can do about the guy's brother

Also, "the amount of times I've been SA'd by guys I met on Hinge is insane." First of all, how many times? I'm genuinely curious. 2nd, it's never the victim's fault but you have to realize you need to stop using Hinge if you've been SA'd by guys from there multiple times.

No. 900184

This girls life is tragic and fucking sad… all these guys make taco look the most normal relationship she’s ever had… she’s always talking about standards and in the same breath dates bums that offer her absolutely nothing. As she learned nothing from her sister?

No. 900185

But why does she brag about her ran through pussy

No. 900186

Just show us anons That she’s hot and desirable unlike us uglies

No. 900188

I’m sure after Dakota heard her abortion story she was high key embarrassed to be her sister and I’m sure her parents don’t feel any different what shame..I would’ve had respect for her if she would’ve left the relationship and actually had the damn baby.. she probably caused so much damage by that abortion.. it’s likely she won’t be able to conceive anymore..I was actually very surprised she was able to get pregnant considering her shitty diet and how skinny and underweight she is… I must’ve been going at it like rabbits 24 seven(learn2sage)

No. 900190

is this pro-lifer bait or are you actually retarded, you believe the bullshit about abortions making you infertile? It's not true. Why would you respect Keeks for keeping the baby if she had no intention of changing her lifestyle? Letting hobos she met on tinder look after her newborn isnt respectable, she can barely look after herself and best case scenario it's taken off her. Worst case scenario she recreates her own pedo upbringing and uses her kid for money/fame, just like her parents did.

No. 900193

Ah, yes Kiki, it was definitely Hinge that caused you to be assaulted and not your own shitty choices in men

No. 900274

The LAST thing this woman needs is a baby. Having an abortion is the most resectable thing she did. The only shame is that she's still fucking with these men who don't give a shit.

No. 900283

Let's not forget she aborted because she was on birth defect causing antibiotics (for a kidney infection from the same stinky cheese dick that impregnated her) during the entire but short 5-7 week conception/formation. She's way to vain to have a 2 headed scaly bird baby. She admitted in that ig post she would've probably kept it other than that. She's even incapable of loving a "toe headed", blue eyed, angel face baby if she had one, a deformed one stands no chance with such a shallow monster. The woman is a psychopath. Her parents must have worshipped dakota for her baby cherub features and white hair, and kiki was their dishwater blonde, average punching bag. Why else is she so in loathe with herself and trying to find a white blonde, blue eyed hobo to procreate with so she can try to repeat history. Her iq is too low for her to realize she needs to do a lot of inner work on herself first and foremost. She would rather put on a spiritually enlightened hippie personality than put any actual accountability on herself.

She recorded a dude harassing her yesterday and put it on her ig stories. She was feeding into a predators trap so scary easy. " I'm a girl all alone" she was laughing and encouraging the behavior because it was feeding her histrionic disorder but she's lucky she hasn't been murdered yet. She told him "I'm a girl all alone" WHY would you say that?? Shes in one of the crime ridden cities in the states. And she was laughing and gave him a "burner number". engaging him 100%. She could have said my 245lb boyfriend wouldn't approve. Or anything to make herself more safe. I almost feel bad because she seems like an abused, homeless puppy at times, but then I remember what a horrible person she is so it's just her karma.

No. 900293

Oh Jesus how retarded can you possibly be to think the RIGHT thing for Kiki to do in the case of a pregnancy would be to go through with it? Having an abortion is the most compassionate, selfless, and respectable decision Kiki has ever made. I’m sure her family and sister are proud of her for not breeding.

No. 900297

It's not like you've lead to Danny's death or anything,Kiki

No. 900299

> Her parents must have worshipped dakota for her baby cherub features and white hair, and kiki was their dishwater blonde, average punching bag

Au contraire, anon. Kiki was the MySpace star, Dakota was the chubby sidekick.

No. 900304

File: 1670444693132.webm (5.54 MB, 1080x608, 10000000-485658190324290-25987…)

lol this is hilarious, her Casey Anthony ass voice, "i gotta assess you out", "is this some eyes wide shut typa shit?", "I'm just a small gorl uwu" she actually speaks IRL like the retard she is online

She was lowkey bragging he was stopping the traffic with his car and keeping the conversation going. I get playing nice with weirdos, but just give your fake number and end the convo, don't tell the guy you're all alone, you dumb bitch.

Plus, "sex trafficker vibes". Yes, because all sex traffickers make sure to attract as much attention as possible in public.

She's a narc kek

No. 900310

it’s scary to be reminded that she goes to sleep every night acknowledging that she fucked some emo dude and watched him fall to his death. imagine you had a son and he turned into a emo, austin jones scene tween groomer and he dies jumping off a roof trying to run from the cops

No. 900337

God her whole personality is showing us all that she has sex and men find her attractive. It’s really sad.

No. 900367

While we're on the trip down memory lane, what's the long-haired actor guy she shacked up with during her LA health influencer Lilou Vos era up to nowadays

No. 900370

Sounds like she’s attracting fags, maybe they mistook her for a tranny

No. 900371

File: 1670465050355.jpg (132.07 KB, 1050x1500, 1670345618498102.jpg)

Her parents are to blame for why keekz is a cum-dumpster & is a dumpster-fire of a human being living her bio-hazard type life.

No. 900373

Biome nazis are a trend I didn’t expect. A bit late now keeks, you’ve swapped spit with just about every homeless junkie in LA.

No. 900374

I genuinely think her pussy stinks irl. That’s the only feasible reason I can think of as to why so many dudes bounced almost immediately after porking her. Even if you’re as annoying and insufferable as keeks, most manwhores will at least put up with that shit for a while. Meanwhile Kaka got ghosted by like 5 different hookups in a month. That’s definitely not normal. Maybe she has an extremely grotesque looking vagina or butthole, but I’m leaning more towards the bad smell.

No. 900376

Men literally fuck car exhausts, raw liver, livestock animals and newborn babies. Getting super gonorrhea from couch-surfing hobo scrotes looking for a free meal and place to crash for the night is NOT something to brag about.

These dudes would literally fuck an obese tranny landwhale with a mustache just to get a place to sleep.

I genuinely cannot believe how mentally stunted a woman must be to publicly brag about hooking up with smelly user loser tinder scrotes at 30 and posting creepshots of them all over her social media before they ghost her the next day.

No. 900439

tbf I'm glad people are talking about this because I had no idea dicks could smell bad until I actually encountered one (and the guy took good care of himself so it was just the natural stank)

No. 900440

girl have you ever smelled a man. they just smell bad as is and don’t bathe unless they’re forced to.

No. 900452

What sort of hillbilly pigsty-living hobos you two been fucking?

No. 900464

NTA but there are some men out there who just naturally smell fucking disgusting. Had an ex who just fucking stank all the time, even right after a shower (he was washing properly with a rag and washing everywhere, I watched him cause I didn’t believe he was bathing properly kek). God he smelled. He smelled worse after a shower than my current partner smells after going 2-3 days without bathing.

Everyone has a natural body odor to some extent. Usually its men whose natural body odors are unbearably disgusting, but it certainly isn’t exclusive to men.

No. 900520

lmao she was milking this for her huge ego, she gets off on this shit

She's 30

Bad parenting ducks you up but a lot of adults own up to their actions and change

No. 900552

I legit couldn’t even get thru the whole thing, her voice is HORRID. You can tell from her psychotic teenage style giggling that she’s LOVING the attention. It’s embarrassing as fuck that she’s 30.

No. 900579

She loves the attention - that was straight up flirting, followed by saying he was a sex trafficker as soon as she was alone

She loves attention and being the victim so it was a perfect match

No. 900594

who posts this shit? getting hit on as a girl is a boring experience that happens to all of us. how is this important at all

No. 900608

File: 1670684319771.png (483 KB, 1080x2147, Screenshot_20221210-094621.png)

LMAO imagine her being hit on with her beak, special needs bangs, decade old clothes that have never been properly washed, thinking she's special

No. 900609

This. Maybe an anon can dig out the old pics of them together but Koots looked like a troll beside Kiki whenever she wasn't photoshopped to oblivion.

The parents always doted on Kaka and even made her a little fake corporation because they truly thought she'd be famous.

It's so obvious she rarely ever gets hit on. She's literally shacking up with homeless and even they don't want her.

No. 900625

File: 1670698805782.jpg (75.75 KB, 480x960, 1m8sbf.jpg)

>she'd be famous
No. lol. They thought "myspace FAME" was legit 100% real tinsel town-marilyn monroe-esk -tier FAME!

No. 900629

File: 1670699284791.jpeg (10.13 KB, 320x237, images (5).jpeg)

Kiki always looked like a man in a wig (picture for reference), Dakota always had half of her face on camera like a good sidekick

You see shit like >>900608 that's supposed to be a good angle. IRL she's a Florida 5 and a minus-whatever in LA so you know she must be losing her mind over that

No. 900632

File: 1670700127931.jpg (28.79 KB, 348x480, x_b2afe0c4.jpg)

Did she get work done? Is that photoshop?

No. 900633

File: 1670700201448.png (503.48 KB, 448x745, 167069995218586942.png)

>randomly came across this site

…for those who feel like taking a trip down memory lane..

Here ya go.


No. 900634

File: 1670700260347.jpeg (174.28 KB, 500x375, 56B51C39-5806-44DA-974D-080D21…)

Good sidekick= looking like a hobgoblin to make keekz look better by default.

No. 900636

File: 1670700660729.jpeg (424.93 KB, 600x811, E0E951E5-D94F-497E-A04E-E43939…)

Even when kooter was peaking/doing her alien shoops, she was still second tier to keekz looking like a hooker in borrowed clothes. Imagine this being your glory days. I’d be so fucking embarrassed.

No. 900637

File: 1670701229836.jpeg (205 KB, 348x500, 91A45A6F-C1C7-4D2F-9704-2CB7F3…)

Those tops were hideous then and they’re more hideous now. I couldn’t put my finger on what she reminded me of but it’s fucking Margot wearing Venus’s old clothes vibes. Same desperate psycho energy.

No. 900638

> Peak the shirt
O wait THOSE were her raver days?

No. 900640

"Mathew Lush" looks evil af in that pic-those crazy eyes!

No. 900643

File: 1670702850784.png (453.56 KB, 396x533, 167069995218586942 (2).png)

Her parents were just looking to score some MOLLY on the side while they pimped-out&sex-trafficed their child.


No. 900648

She says it like she was a 3 days no sleep popping LSD hallucinating dragons raver, not a 13 year old going to raves with mommy and daddy

No. 900664


Now I see why she's been hiding her hair. The ends are a different shade. I bet she was dying her hair all that time pretending it was her natural color. She's trying to hide the length which lifted a different color than the new growth around her face

No. 900670

Her life and looks peaked at 17 and she has never gotten over it

No. 900671

It’s weird I used to think she was soooo pretty when I would see her back then but now she just looks kind of average to slightly above average. Most of her beauty was just makeup. And she had such a horrible personality that it automatically cancelled out anything good about her appearance anyway.

Also retarded sidenote but I want one of those retarded diamond necklaces lol

No. 900672

Was he fat by any chance?

No. 900673

No she hasn’t had work done except braces since then, her features haven’t changed and she still has her same toucan sam beak, though she lost some weight around her face after becoming vegan and it aged her a lot and made her look haggard.

No. 900674

That haircut and style is doing absolutely nothing for her. She needs to go on one of those makeover programmes and actually learn to make herself look presentable.

No. 900675

Eating shrimp is murder but she still gets abortions LOL yep that’s a typical vegan for you. Somehow I doubt it was her first one either and she probably pops morning after pills like skittles. I’m not even pro life but at least be consistent with your bullshit ‘harm no living thing’ beliefs.

No. 900686


I hope op answers, I was wondering the same thing for own research purposes. I'm collecting data about sewer bodies.

No. 900693

File: 1670749218783.jpg (170.92 KB, 1000x1500, MV5BOTlhYTVkMDktYzIyNC00NzlkLT…)

>sewer bodies
Omg. You know.

This is the apocalypse. Jesus.

No. 900694

File: 1670749652050.jpg (74.72 KB, 982x499, 1670649785754281.jpg)

Pls tell me that her & her family are working with the government to bust pedo's and BTFO them! That guy who tried to was killed cuz he got Chris Hansen-ed by the police before he could touch her. This is all starting to break my mind. It's all too fucked up.

No. 900698

sorry this is a huge cope. not saying kaka isnt a huge mess and failure at 30 but to deny that she is pretty is a denial of objective reality

No. 900701

She wasn't dying her hair mousy brown. It just looks yellow-ish with bad lighting.

I have seen at least two people with hime hair that looked good and they were both on social media/models. Everyone else, including those white triplets, looks like straight up retarded weebs.

kek ok anon, you like men in wigs, that's fine

No. 900704

File: 1670766398190.png (509.7 KB, 1080x649, Screenshot_20221211-104440.png)

Beak gone

No. 900705

File: 1670766455849.png (475.94 KB, 1080x642, Screenshot_20221211-104458.png)

No. 900706

who does she live with? surely she doesnt live alone in an apt in beverly hills, how could she afford that with no job

No. 900707

File: 1670766578290.png (440.14 KB, 1080x648, Screenshot_20221211-104540.png)

No. 900708

I think she probably has a job, no roomies because she's a schizo, and spends all her money on overpriced erewhon/whole foods shit (what plenty of LA natives make fun of), but I doubt that's Beverly hills. Like, in the other thread she was crying throwing up over a neighbor looking through her windows in what looked like a bungalow in the city outskirts

No. 900709

what job is she qualified to do that would allow her to live independently in any part of CA most service workers live in their car or with parents

No. 900712

lol that's why I said outskirts

A good few threads ago (right after the Lilou vos fiasco) she mentioned turning down entry level jobs that paid $15/hour. In the last thread, she was whining about working/being a full-time "science" student so maybe she caved in, got an entry level job, and now her wage + parents pay for $19 smoothies, pseudoscience scam courses, Richard-Ramirez-victim-level housing and food (nothing but matcha and herbs).

It's not like she's using purple shampoo or olaplex or has more than 5 pieces of good clothing.

No. 900715

She looked older as a teen than she does now

No. 900716

File: 1670774875158.png (695.74 KB, 1080x783, Screenshot_20221211-120218.png)

I beg to differ, Lauren Handy.

She's mourning the clump of cells her hobo bf forced her to get rid of. Remember she claimed she was bleeding all over the doctor's office and checked herself out to be treated by her herbalist? She made up such a horror story she probably agrees with your backward, anti-choice POV, deep down.

No. 900720

ayrt, I’d known the guy for a number of years before we started dating long term. I actually dated him for a couple weeks in high school when he was a stinky but skinny bean pole. Then years later he was still just as stinky but also fat.

I think he may have lost the weight but I know that motherfucker still smells horrendous even if there’s slightly less surface area from which the stench can emanate. His main hobby when he wasn’t being a rapey sex pest or eating tendies was smoking stinky ass hookah for hours a day as though he was a professional chimney impersonator. stinky scrote also wanted to do pee play and recreate terrifyingly violent porn shit like “skull fucking” and wanted me to sob so he could jack it to me crying. I’ll stop and get a diary now sorry for the blog nonnas

No. 900722

She never looked young, but cope lol.

No. 900723

Jesus Christ nona sorry but what were you thinking? No woman should ever have to date a stinking porn addicted scrote with tonsil stones and crotch rot.

No. 900724

Kooter was young and still developing, her features were still very squashed in and troll-like at first because she was still a kid but she definitely became prettier as she matured and her face evened out. She has better features overall than Kiki and also took better care of her skin and stuff, not stunning but definitely had that whitebread slavic girl look that Asians obsess over. Kiki just kind of looks like Florida trash plus she has an insanely large forehead and hooked beak nose, her eyes are too close together too. She pulled off the quirky scene style decently but the only thing she really had going for her is that she was thin. She’s just a very average woman who happens to be slightly thinner than most American women. Not being obese in America puts you at like 75th percentile.

No. 900728

Nonna wtf.

Lol yah. She hides her beak now. ATP she should embrace looking like a man, having cringe unfunny humor and start posting like morganpresleyxo

"Trailer trash" is right, but I think not being a landwhale only matters in states from the Midwest and shit.

No. 900768


Omg Nona I'm sorry. Unfortunately that type of guy seems to be the majority. Glad you are now with a better smelling partner <3

No. 900769


I swear she got the tip of her nose shortened and thinned out. You never see her nose looking this big now.

No. 900773

No idea how old Koots was in those old pics but I thought she was close in age to Kaka?

Maybe that's how it became beak-like? It probably grew out weird after she had a refinement.

No. 900778

It’s called facetune

No. 900782

File: 1670841025324.png (199.08 KB, 325x716, 167083757224735462 (1).png)

Holy shit. That website is like a internet ghost town time-capsule AO COOL! HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE!!

No. 900832

she's still buying into the pseudo science and "spiritual guru" shit. People who fall for that have delusional disorders and a god complex. they enjoy thinking they are chosen, enlightened and special when they're just gullible and below average.

No. 900845

Dude, in every single picture and video? I would just permanently go into debt for a nose job, straight up.

Cathy believed her and Kota were indigo children, Kiki always believed she's an actual empath, I'm surprised she hasn't joined a new age cult yet.

No. 900982

too narc to follow a cult leader, yet too executively dysfunctional to lead her own cult

No. 901132

File: 1671133963989.jpg (383.93 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20221213-165724_Ins…)

She will pop up pregnant again…

No. 901140


Nobody says this type of shit to someone they have been talking to. There has to be some kind of buildup.

Kiki is into cream pies and breeding, there's no other way

She's gonna get pregnant or have another infection

No. 901157

i doubt it. it’s just words of nothingness. kiki is an ugly tramp yet gets the strangest texts ever about somebody wanting to knock her up or marry her and take her off to europe. i’ll give thousand bucks to a homeless man if she actually was able to find a smelly surfer mcgee on hinge or tinder or any of these sleazy hookup apps and marry them.

No. 901160


You have a point. What is up with every one of these dudes sounding exactly the same? They all want a contract of no legal responsibility for the child? They all beg and plead to impregnate her? Ime horny guys don't even think all that far. Pregnancy just happens if either party is irresponsible. Is she really able (subconsciously) to keep recreating an identical dysfunctional bond with anyone she meets or is the psycho talking to herself.

No. 901182

if she was born in another time she would have been one of charlie's girls for sure

this has to be a humiliation kink where she just humiliates herself at this point

No. 901193

File: 1671198029298.png (1.08 MB, 1080x2013, Screenshot_20221216-103959.png)

She would be slipping some weird "you look like got meets final fantasy" compliments if that was her

She just finds lowlife hobos to shack, and hints on her impregnating kink

No. 901198

Scrotes are really just typing all their dumb thoughtless selfish shit out in the open now instead of keeping it inside their head like they used to. She definitely humors them too since she uses men as some form of self harm.

No. 901239

I mean it wouldn’t be out in the open if keekz wasn’t obsessed with proving that she’s sexy in the eyes of lowlifes and hobos. I’m sure that dumpster fire of a man wouldn’t have sent that if he knew it’d be blasted all over insta.

No. 901250

Has she been wearing these same tops for like 10 years now??

No. 901263

It's hilarious to me that someone who has been in and out of college for half of her life according to her has no degree to speak of and is dumb as shit. She never says anything intelligent, just spouts some fufu fake medical fairy nonsense and is weirdly proud of taking dirty unwashed hobo dick. Her occupation is literally being a cum dumpster for these people. I thought she would've had higher standards and respected herself more from the persona she tried to project on Stickam.

No. 901280

The best we can hope for at this point is that she has rendered herself infertile by keeping her pussy infected since she was 14

No. 901282

have you read like none of the other posts? she literally had an abortion recently.

No. 901285


It's never been that serious. At this rate she probably has a raging case of chlamydia rn.

No. 901374

No, she definitely didn’t have a nose job and I have no idea why people even say that. She still has a downturned beak. Webcams in those days just made everyone look strange plus it’s also looking down on her from an angle which emphasizes her already quite hooked nose and makes it look wider and even longer.

No. 902031

I don’t understand why she is still in LA.

She has no friends, no job or a relationship (besides fucking junkies) there. She doesn’t even seem to like it. Nor does she actually do anything there too

No. 902066

You're right she does have nothing. But she's in LA. That means a lot to big losers. A big loser in LA feels way more important than being a big loser back home.

No. 902157


She seems to be making la girl her whole personality. She loves mentioning the neighborhoods her scrotes are from, oh and dont forget erewhon! She eats at erewhon everyone!! But you never hear anything about fla anymore. She's so polarizing, which is common for the mentally ill.

I guess even the shithole that is California is a step up from the cesspool known as Florida. But keeks will always be Florida white trash in our hearts.

No. 902188

Not her whole personality, but she fits with narcs that went there for stardom and got in new age scams

Now all she has going for her are complaints about the traffic and the dating pool

I really wish she'd vlog a day in LA for her, walking around looking like trailer trash

No. 902207

File: 1673289315840.jpg (319.76 KB, 1400x933, GettyImages_1215182349.jpg)

she fits in perfectly

No. 906433

File: 1673354113788.png (1.34 MB, 1080x1908, Screenshot_20230110-075302.png)

She would not last a week in NY, because NY does not give a single fuck (plus how the crazy rent prices). She'd have her fake empath shtick kicked to a curb

ATP she might be better off back in FL or in Chicago/Illinois (doesn't she have family there?)

No. 906458

File: 1673384156881.png (3.06 MB, 1080x1911, Screenshot_20230110-141526.png)

Bitch just buy a good vibrator, how many kidney infections will it take for you to chill out lol

Sick drawing though

No. 906465

we don’t want her in chicago

No. 906488

This is basically it. She failed to start, it's been years since she tried with those acting classes, waterbottle name and hooking up with hobos.

Keeks would get laughed out of everywhere much worse in NY than she was in LA. Her dad probably couldn't afford to get her a cheap apt there anyway. She'd become Kaka from the block in Brooklyn.

No. 906524

File: 1673463149938.png (1.09 MB, 1870x1600, Screenshot_20230111-155019.png)

lmao >>900128

"Let's see what happens!" Haven't you seen enough?

No. 906539

she has to have some kind of brain damage at this point because wtf who would keep doing the same thing over and over? she should be in therapy. she is the issue and she needs to learn not everyone who fucks her is in love with her. i would bet most of the hobos she bangs aren't.

No. 906564

This woman is pathetically thirsty. I'm so embarrassed for her. 99% of her posts are regarding how badly she wants a relationship. Like, damn girl.. Do you do anything else besides act retarded and scout for dick? You are mentally ill. You are the problem. Get professional help now. I fucking cringe watching her post pseudo enlightened spiritual guru shit. That makes it really easy for predators to see how weak minded and gullible she is. You will surely attract the next twin flame with that shit.

No. 906585

File: 1673611019527.png (1.07 MB, 1616x1600, Screenshot_20230112-104617.png)

Taylor's chipmunk face is living off elbow-san money with a baby in tow while Keek is making up this shit up and posting 50 instastories a day

Must sting

No. 906599

this just shows she has no friends to show this stuff to. it's so fucking embarrassing posting these sorts of things and she does it all. the. time.

No. 906602

Technically, she has Kooters if she wanted to send someone as a laugh

She posts this shit as a flex

No. 906610

Her self esteem must be rock bottom. She laps up hyperbolic compliments as if she's some hideous fat chick who's never even talked to a guy. If she gets her shit together now, she could still nab some rich older guy, ensuring a life of neethood. But instead she's donating her vag to the homeless and diseased. noble.

No. 906632

why tf we’re most of our replies deleted? god the owners here are shitheads

No. 906641

She always did that, all the way back. The difference it was on Twitter, now she's making this shit up on the gram

No. 906649

File: 1673717538132.png (1.39 MB, 1080x1897, Screenshot_20230114-123138.png)

No. 906651

File: 1673728491472.png (440.79 KB, 1080x1921, Screenshot_20230114-163353.png)

lmao my guy saw her clusterfuck ig and still sought her for an open relationship

Married men are an upgrade from homeless though.

Still no proper picture of this bleach job. It must be fried.

No. 906653

omfg he's obviously trying to get her into a 3way because he knows she's slutty how is she this dense?

No. 906688

How she posts these for validation is so sad

You’re not hot, keeks.

Are you patrolling elementary schools in Glendale to fuck dads or something?

No. 906728

File: 1673875829185.png (625.34 KB, 920x1629, Screenshot_20230116-093826.png)

> Peep the missing chunk of convo where he found out she's vegan

No. 906729

File: 1673875878847.png (303.52 KB, 896x1195, Screenshot_20230116-095134.png)

a real winner though, the fact she carried a Convo with him speaks volumes

No. 908071

Her bio on IG now claims she's a writer. This one might suit her, chaps. She always did like to make shit up.

No. 908161

> Kiki kannibal korporation
> Musician/Dj/music engineer
> 2012 YouTuber
> 3 months in Japan for god knows what
> e-commerce store (lilkitten?)
> Actor/Patreon
> Recipe book/Self fanfiction "writer"

No. 908265

Was she really 3 months in Japan? It's so hard to tell because she only had a carryon, literally two outfits and didn't go anywhere or do anything.

No. 908283

I reckon she went to an university, and some anons guessed it was a 3-month language course, then she got sexually harassed by a Aussie student who the aussie females students supported.

That was it, i guess

No. 908302

File: 1674453633198.png (5.15 MB, 2500x1647, image.png)

her latest fanfic is just… pls why has no one posted this yet LOL

No. 908303

File: 1674453944991.png (4.25 MB, 1744x1756, 11image.png)

imagine being proud of your DV jfc

No. 908311

File: 1674471119323.png (Spoiler Image, 1.8 MB, 1080x1324, Screenshot_20230122-160359.png)

I don't think it's DV otherwise she'd be throwing a mega pity party lol

No. 908312

File: 1674471421378.png (Spoiler Image, 1.62 MB, 1080x1340, Screenshot_20230122-160421.png)

Very edgy, keeks

No. 908313

File: 1674471481372.png (487.6 KB, 1080x1333, Screenshot_20230122-160346.png)

That's what she meant by "writer" ig

No. 908315

TOPKEK is she posting her self harm pics ? like a teenager on twitter? girl, youre 30.

No. 908316

Looks like an accident lol she just took the pics while an overworked health professional stitched it, and posted on IG with the "poetry"

2012 tumblr teen vibes lol

No. 908339


Wtf, is this really preferable to just bumming it at her parents place back in Florida? Did they kick her out or something?

No. 908345

The parents seem to have given up and probably just send enough money for basics. She's like 30 and banging dirty homeless dudes for quite some time. Maybe she will go back to Florida like Koots did.

No. 908351

lmao what in the diaryland

No. 908370

File: 1674604928207.png (639.71 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20230124-172942.png)

She really needs to let go of the stripes and her first rape/relationship, just revisiting past trauma. Also don't the new age fags believe you attract the shit you watch?

No. 908378

Kiki's in her Jenny Schecter era. Wait until she starts writing about her morbid diathesis and variety meats.

No. 908384

My God you'd think being 30 she'd stop retraumatising herself. Then again this is Keeks we're talking about.

No. 908422

She mentioned a new influx of followers, she's just re-victimizing herself for them

No. 908574

File: 1674861787970.jpg (69.78 KB, 1178x495, IMG_20230127_182028_248.jpg)

sorry this is technically OT, but i have a friend who keeps getting anonymous messages about dakota. she's never reblogged anything about her in the history of her blog, and she doesn't really have many followers, either. what do you think, could it be her/keekz? really weird.

No. 908611

Eh, probably or their mother, sounds very boomer-ish, "stop hating on dakota rose living doll" it's been a hot minute she stopped resembling a doll

No. 908622

this is soooooo 30 year old who's never had a job

No. 908980

File: 1675439800799.png (600.98 KB, 864x1211, Screenshot_20230203-124059.png)

barf. and your hair is brown, Kiki.

No. 908992

Wonder what happened to her yellow fever

Also wtf with her wanting kids?

No. 908997

Kiki as a mother is a frightening thought.

No. 909004

I think if you replace kids with "tax deductions/welfare checks" then you'll find your answer as to why the lazy bitch who doesn't want to work a job like a normal productive member of society wants kids. Just like mama and papa Kannibal.

No. 909038

She just wants one because Taylor has one

No. 909040

she said she wanted them back when her foreign language friendfinder aka dating profile was found though

No. 909055

Her impregnation fetish is showing. Also funny that she wants kids but Taco was hiding having a kid from her so she claims. I guess she only wants em if they slither out of her disease infested crotch.

No. 909083

I wonder if that fetish is related to the woo stuff she claims to believe in. I firmly believe she would harm a child by trying to raise it vegan and not feeding it properly.

No. 909087

she's a "fruits and almond milk in a blender" vegan, anti-vaxx, and has a thing for always being a SA/DV victim.

Can you imagine how vulnerable her kid would be

No. 909138

She's not built for parenthood in any way.

She's subconsciously wanting to right the many wrongs of her own traumatic childhood through having children of her own. Doesn't work that way - never has and never will. Heal and accept yourself.

She would fuck a child up tremendously. She's as unstable as I've ever seen, and she can barely keep herself alive.


Kooter had white blonde hair as a baby. Because of that kaka wants to find a blue eyed, platinum dude to increase her odds of her precious "towhead" that she's obsessed with. The fact that she is that obsessed with her imagined child's appearance is already a huge waving red flag.

No. 909322

What is it with ‘empaths’ calling everyone they date narcs? If every man you manage to attract is trash then the problem is you.

No. 909323

Why did she black out her messages to him? Doxxing people for not being vegan psychopaths, classy Keeks.

No. 909324

Waiting for her nazi phase

No. 909417


No. 909504

projection and assists in the narrative they are the fawn. every self-titled empath i've ever met is the actual narc

No. 911497

File: 1678895065133.png (293.68 KB, 1080x1213, Screenshot_20230315-101337-355…)

lol she posted like, 10 desperate selfies

No. 911504

Did she finally go back to blonde? Good for her, the mouse brown was so unflattering. Gj keeks

No. 911506

Microdosing shrooms? Would explain the tweaker crack whore angles. Kek

No. 911513

I'm hoping for 2023 keeks scene girl photos!

No. 911518

File: 1678908075707.png (271.47 KB, 1080x605, Screenshot_20230315-101148-492…)

This shit is so embarrassing, not even OF, it's myspace meets will suck your dick for $10

No. 911724

lol her nose looks like a small penis. nobody is fapping to this.

No. 911910

This was the first thing I saw when the page loaded and I thought she finally started doing porn.

No. 912393

File: 1680026355002.png (641.48 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230328-142749.png)

So she's been in FL in the last 2 months because of that?

My exact thoughts, those pictures reeked of SW

No. 912474

She sure is thirsty in general and for fame. I guess that's one way to become a star. Sad.

No. 912476

It has work in it, she'll not touch it with a 10ft pole

No. 912512

I'm so confused about the hand injury. Was it self harm? Did she do it twice? She posted a pic of it on stories again a few days ago. Is her life really that boring and uneventful she milks a booboo for 3 months?

No. 912523

It was the same, she just needs the attention. I am confused why a 30 year old would go back to her parent's house in another state because of a hand cut.

I get it, I love my ma, but I have a job and 3 months of rent due, I can't just fuck off to another state for 3 months

No. 912664

kiki doesn’t have what you have- a job

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