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No. 890025

A new thread was overdue so decided to make one to chronicle the shenanigan's of the now second place Ostrenga sister. for unfamiliar farmers see https://lolcow.farm/kiki

previous thread >>>/pt/818510

last thread:
>Kiki continues on her quest to find love. recent conquests include:
>Hottie bugatti >>818572
>Some russian >>830001
>Sweater fag >>840038
>Drug dealer >>845927
>Cosmic cowboy >>848262
>White guy with dreadlocks >>851598
>Homeless surfer (more on him later) >>865088

>Writes and publishes a recipe e-book about how to put almond milk, an overpriced fruit and bananas in a blender. Page layout designs are new age geocites website level of busy >>826633

>More waxing eloquently about being raped >>838327 >>837347
>Bad self induced haircuts >>827974 >>840395 >>854900
>Announces New music project called deathxbyxdopamine, never releases any music and abandons it within 5 months >>834670
>Went back to school, supposedly full time and claims to also be working full time >>844318
>Creates tiktok profile @mmmkikikannibal, posts 3 vids and quickly abanbons >>847708
>makes unintelligible joke about periods. then proceeds to facetime a few people while covered entirely with fake blood, joke lost on all >>849470
>Posts about Neighbors dad being a peeping tom, claims neighbor responded that he couldnt control himself because shes so attractive >>853348 >>853426 possibly the same neighbor supposedly breaks into her apartment to try on her amazing vintage wardrobe. LOL he cant help it shes a dainty fair skinned trampoline athlete with a toned booty flaunting her goods! >>862436
>purple prose about being heartbroken >>855488 >>859323
>Falls for and messages a Matthew Perry catfish on hinge >>856017 quickly unmatches with him because hes just too pervy for her >>856896 >>856895
>multiple posts about how her toxic exes keep reaching out to her because shes so irresistable. Not this guy though he recognizes her exceptional comedic and acting talents in this totally real message >>877100
>Now claiming Jared Leto gave her his number and hardcore pursued the ethereal Orlando beauty she is when she was 14. >>873030

24 year old surfer boyfriend who lives in a van saga:
>New boyfriend who draws on her ass with sharpie >>865088 >>865095
>Takes him to get a tattoo in what looks like a pawn shop for his birthday >>866734
>Just kidding guys hes abusive and emotionally unavailable just like all the others! >>875766
>Posts cryptic hospital photo about being such a fragile sick bean even morphine isnt helping with the pain! >>869043 Continues to humble brag how much pain shes in by posting a photo of an opiate sticker on a random pill bottle >>869062

>In a 17 page Instagram story she finally reveals the reason she was in the hospital was due to complications from an abortion >>882474

>Also reveals that about a month before that she was in the hospital for a kidney infection caused by her hobo of a boyfriends dirty dick. It was so severe that she had a fever of 103.9, her lips turned blue and she almost died!

>On February 8th she finds out shes pregnant, but mean abusive boyfriend threatens her life and coerced her into getting an abortion. Abortion pill caused so much pain she couldn't stop retching and heaving, but mean old boyfriend and his texan mother berated her and dumped her on the side of the road near her obgyn clinic literally bleeding everywhere! She was in labor for 12 days and on day 4 had to be rushed to the ER by ambulance.

>Always the fragile victim, a mean brown nurse slut shamed her by telling her “shut up you did this to yourself!” and didnt give her morphine (despite posting before that the morphine wasnt strong enough for her pain).
>Since her abusive boyfriend bailed town, her neighbor (possibly peeping toms son?) picked her up from the hospital while shes still bleeding everywhere. Later goes to her follow up appointment and, in typical sperg-chan fashion, doesnt skimp on the gory medical details and photos of blood clots

Twitter @mmmkikikannibal
Instagram @mmmkikikannibal
Youtube @mmmkikikannibal
tiktok @mmmkikikannibal

No. 890028

File: 1661774033707.png (1.47 MB, 750x1334, CCE432C5-86E2-41B8-95CE-52B068…)

Is this the same hobo she claimed was so abusive?

No. 890030

File: 1661774110054.png (2.89 MB, 750x1334, ADCB0519-E96D-46A3-B1EB-E3AAC9…)

Never change Kiki.

No. 890054

>syringing your flesh pocket with probiotics
is that even a thing?

No. 890056

are they smoking a bong in a car

No. 890060

Everyone joked about her shacking up with homeless but she really did that, and did much worse than expected for even her, huh.

She and Koots truly aimed for the stars and failed to launch at life.

No. 890085

It's really unfortunate that someone as pretty as her decided her goal in life is merely to fuck literal hobos and then post about how it went wrong on Instagram, get some goals and dreams gurl

No. 890089

Yeah. Makes me think she has chronic BV or yeast infections. Makes sense given the raw dogging of unwashed van specimens.

No. 890102

Shes gonna be 30 in a matter of weeks and all she has to show for it is a sense of humor that never grew beyond vagina and period jokes and a homeless boyfriend with a dirty dick. She was claiming to be working and going to school “full time” but I’ll believe it when I see an actual degree.

No. 890159

File: 1661898603198.png (2 MB, 1080x1915, Screenshot_20220830-170638.png)

Imagine spending 3 weeks being mad that ig flagged her unfunny meme repost

No. 890160

File: 1661898653997.png (291.42 KB, 1080x2150, Screenshot_20220830-170701.png)



No. 890171

The way she nonchalantly talks about the beheading/torture videos reminds me of her spergouts here when she posted gore. This makes me believe she actually seeks out gore videos to watch them for entertainment.

No. 890177

yeah it's not really unheard of. a lot of edgelords always brag about watching gore or not being bothered by them for entertainment. most of em grow out of it when they gain the self-awareness to realize they sound like psychopaths.

No. 890178

Karen Kannibal would like to talk to the manager

No. 890508

File: 1662269763059.png (1.86 MB, 1170x2532, 78FE28DC-BFDA-4C88-ACA8-40B408…)

Nothing sadder than complimenting yourself and bragging about it on social media.

No. 890509

File: 1662270124689.jpeg (1.81 MB, 1170x2020, 2FA4EE3E-87B3-475F-8E5A-A70B67…)

Oh and adding the caption for those who are curious in her tits post : “fighting the feminine urge of forming a band solely comprised of the local musicians I’ve fucked”

Then there’s this masterpiece. Publicly announcing how desperate you are to drive 2 hrs for D? You’ve truly lost it, keeks.

No. 890526

>being picky
Sure, Jan

No. 890532

Driving to Escondido for dick is not being picky, it's being desperate

No. 890639

Admitting to driving for some cock is like. Something you should have to be waterboarded to volunteer.

No. 890654

File: 1662402001992.png (Spoiler Image, 669.13 KB, 1075x573, Screenshot 2022-09-05 at 20.17…)

I'm new to the thread, but did she have an abortion?(unsaged, spoonfeeding)

No. 890655

File: 1662402092926.png (395.5 KB, 772x636, Screenshot 2022-09-05 at 20.19…)

She made another IG account too

No. 890878

How're you picky, but driving +2 hours under 105 degrees for dick?

No. 890884

biology anon. she's hitting her peak libido

No. 890923

Honestly Amtrak would take 3 hours and at least has ac. It would have been easier.

God himself (Himself? Idk) would not have gotten this out of me. Even Guantanamo interrogators would have just had to kill me first.

Kind of sad to see the fall off. I remember all of the efagz stuff/MySpace and I knew she had no “readily apparent stage talent” at that point, but it is still shocking.

No. 892130

Happy late 30th to Kiki.

Let that sink in!

No. 892283

She should be banded from dating apps, for the sake of her future “abusers” and “rapists”. She should probably be banned from instagram too. Then she’ll finally have to deal with herself.

No. 892679

how is banning kaka gonna help her? anon? you good?

No. 892831

She's 30 now?! She truly peaked at like 17. In looks and "achievements"

It's like the people who peak in high school but she never went to high school.

No. 893010

Sorry for OT but where is the newest Dakota thread?

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