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File: 1481876661231.png (679.56 KB, 1027x661, Spoonie LU cool pic LOL.png)

No. 215012

Previous Thread: >>>/snow/197138
Robyn Laura Brown (currently @bujospoonie on Instagram) is the epitome of an attention-seeking, sick role-obsessed person with Munchausen By Internet (see below for more info). People with MBI either fake illnesses or exaggerate/deliberately worsen existing illnesses for attention. She has a laundry list of alleged mental and physical illnesses and conditions which may or may not be legit, and has been caught in countless examples of lies and inconsistencies. She is a frequenter of chronic illness/spoonie communities online for nearly every vague, questionable disorder, especially the "trendy" ones. She sees doctors constantly and blows the tiniest of issues into mountainous "crises." Virtually everything she shares is related in some way to her illness and suffering.
Some of her hobbies include: taking selfies that showcase her alleged illnesses, disabilities and medical paraphernalia; making "pill art' (spelling her screen names out in meds); taking pictures of random people on the bus and ranting about how they are glaring at her for sitting in a disabled seat or how much they trigger her, how much she loves work, collecting braces and finger splints, making her illnesses worse, creating more drama than Lifetime, collecting medical alert necklaces, bracelets, wallet cards and used EKG stickers, fucking with her wounds to keep them from healing (she kept a laparoscopic appendectomy wound open for MONTHS) while claiming her body is shutting down, and ranting about social injustices toward young people with disabilities.
Robyn has a litany of social media accounts with multiple aliases and profiles on Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter, going back years. All are sickness-oriented, and she seems to change them whenever she has some sort of "crisis" or people catch onto her bullshit. She lives in the UK and works for the NHS as a ward clerk in the maternity dept. She's in her late 20's and engaged to her fiance, Zak (who seems to avoid mentioning her on his Facebook account).

More info on MBI:
From Dr. Marc Feldman, who first described Munchausen By Internet in 2000:
"…the advent of online support groups, combined with access to vast stores of medical information, enabled individuals seeking to gain sympathy by relating a series of harrowing medical or psychological problems that defy comprehension to misuse the groups.[1] Communication forums specializing in medical or psychological recovery were established to give lay users support in navigating often confusing and frustrating medical processes and bureaucracy. Communities often formed on those forums, with the goal of sharing information to help other members. Medical websites also became common, giving lay users access to literature in a way that was accessible to those without specific medical training. As Internet communication grew in popularity, users began to forgo the doctors and hospitals often consulted for medical advice. Frequenting virtual communities that have experience with a medical problem, Feldman notes, is easier than going through the physical pain or illness that would be necessary before visiting a doctor to get the attention sought. By pretending to be gravely ill, Internet users can gain sympathy from a group whose sole reason for existence is support. Health care professionals, with their limited time, greater medical knowledge, and tendency to be more skeptical in their diagnoses, may be less likely to provide that support."

No. 215106

What are those ribbons on her arm for? I'm a nurse and I honestly judge when patients come in with attention-seeking tattoos (semi colon, etc). It's ALWAYS the drug seekers/malingerers. It's VERY rare for someone to come in with a tattoo like that who DOESN'T crave drugs/attention/our time.

No. 215107

I guess you're new to Robyn lol. Welcome to every nurses worse nightmare.

No. 215129

Welcome to Robyn. The Munchiest of all Munchies. She will do blatant attention grabs and skip accounts when someone calls her on it. Any malingerer you've met that you feel is awful, I assure you Robyn is likely much, much worse. She's the prime example of Munchausen by Internet. Dr. Feldman should take her as a case study.

No. 215182

Her Tramadol is ER, not IR. She holds up the box in her third introduction video here. >>197196

Besides, the easiest and legal way to obtain it is through a doctor, they hand the shit out like candy. No point in risking jail time to rob her for one script that they can legally get elsewhere like she did. If she was advertising Oxy or something similar, then yes robbing is a real risk. Otherwise yeah someone would likely just swipe the bag and try their luck if it's a complete stranger on the street.

Interestingly, she also admits to taking two a day. That's one of those meds you're only ever supposed to take one of in 24 hours. Doubling ER meds increases the risk of OD (and seizures in this case) since it has a longer half-life and therefore stays in your system longer. Wonder if she's actually doing it or if she's lying. If she is doubling up, she needs to either tell her doctor or her doctor needs to be fired.

No. 215205

File: 1481923532154.png (965.91 KB, 750x1334, IMG_0290.PNG)


Funnily enough this came up next on her most current facebook

No. 215216

Dumbass hope she gets mugged. it's not normal to boast about how expensive your drugs are either

No. 215218

What a fucking moron.

No. 215224

it costs her nothing, she gets free prescriptions

No. 215226

She's probably basing it off the general price it'd be if she wasn't getting them for free.

Either way, that is definitely not a normal response. Like, I have a panic disorder, it's not something you casually lolemote away in a Facebook post. That shit is crippling.

No. 215227

Why do you think she is getting them for free? I had to pay for my prescriptions when I lived in the UK; they're not provided by the NHS unless you're unemployed/on disability etc. Is there a reason she would be getting them without having to pay?

No. 215228

she did a post on one of her many tumblr accounts about her meds costing almost £1000 a year then a brag post on IG about how she gets meds free now because of the epilepsy she doesn't even have.

I guess her next move will be applying for disability living allowance or whatever it's called now.

She's a parasite.

No. 215229

Robyn brags about how she gets her scripts for free because of her epilepsy diagnosis. She's been getting them for free for at least a year I think.

No. 215232

Ah ok, thanks.

No. 215235

Which is ridiculous considering she doesn't even have a formal diagnosis of epilepsy. I hope she gets fined for nhs fraud.

No. 215238

Yeah unfortunately she has a medical exemption certificate for epilepsy, I wish she actually paid for them, then she would actually be giving back some of what she's taking. I bet she's the type of moron whose killing the NHS by getting paracetamol on prescription.

No. 215239

It's been a while since her fishing for an epilepsy diagnosis started. It's possible that she's conned people into giving her one by now, especially since they'd likely need some kind of proof to give her access to free scripts. The UK disability system is well known for being god awful and denying or providing the bare minimum of benefits to people with genuine conditions, so them demanding proof would make sense in that context. Between then and now she'll have had plenty of exposure to the NHS system from the inside to know what would work.

No. 215255

She commented on one of her backlogging instagrams when someone questioned her, that she got an 'official diagnosis' by now.
Even though every test always comes up 'normal'. But wait – the seizures are getting worse the more medication she takes, how strange?! Oh, sweet sweet #spoonielife

No. 215258

File: 1481930494219.png (332.09 KB, 750x1334, IMG_0289.PNG)


Robyn once again believing she is the centre of attention and the world revolves around her and her super serious medical complaints.

No. 215262

how is standing on a bus risky when you have epilepsy? if she really believes that then surely she should never ever stand up in case she falls and gets a boo boo.

No. 215546

I'm assuming it's in case they fall and get a concussion from smacking their head on the seats or floor. It's a pretty confined space and injuries are a higher risk in confined spaces versus, say, going to the store.

No. 215679

don't get me wrong, i understand the risk she's getting at. i've had seizures on buses myself and even though i was sat down, i ended up falling into the aisle and getting hurt. but it's just one of those risks, not something to whine about. i'm surprised she doesn't wear a helmet…
imagine it. it would have all her chronic illnesses listed on it.

No. 215686

File: 1481934450391.jpg (19.18 KB, 225x263, IMG_0342.JPG)

Robyn's individuality would be lost behind her big skull protector. At least she wouldn't have to moan about people not letting her sit down if she was wearing one of these

No. 215688

Omg pls Robyn start wearing a helmet that would just be the cherry on the top of the munchie sundae lmao

No. 215718

Sounds like a great gofundme christmas gift.

No. 215721

''Tis the season, right?
Omg if someone actually ordered her one and it doesn't fit on her giant melon head.

/Sry for sounding like an idiot I'm on a lot of cold medicine

No. 215749

She could glue a mohawk onto it.

No. 215778

the language here is interesting - she outright calls it "collecting" which is pretty close to "hoarding" in my book

I just pictured a helmet with bright red chunky braids hot glued to it…ugh

No. 215785

LMFAO I love you fam! I wanna buy her a helmet so badly now…becuz ~*FALL RISK*~ Robyn! Think of it! Spoonie protekshun for your super cereal kronik illnussez! Attenshun seeking at its finest!

I feel a meme coming on…

No. 215791

I thoroughly enjoyed Robyn and that feeding tube pageant munchie cow whiteknighting Robyn in her previous thread. My mum was in stitches.
"I'm genuinely sick!" lol

No. 215830

>passive-aggressively hoping someone notices your sticker instead of speaking out loud like a grown up


No. 215836

Of course! It's the Robyn way!

No. 215906

File: 1481979761821.jpg (56.23 KB, 225x259, robs.jpg)

There isn't much of a difference to her normal hairstyle either anyways. It might help her hide bad hair days – another plus?
She could also decorate it with her ECG sticker collection and trade with other munchies, yay!

No. 215908

I love you anon. This is perfect! Top fucking kek

No. 215912

Omg yes beautifully cringey

No. 215915

'collecting' is Britspeak for 'picking up'. still, the connection is valid.

No. 216232

Is anyone else watching the almighty 'recoveringindeed' shitstorm on the munchie thread, the drama is real.

No. 216326


This is incredible, thank you anon

No. 216360

Absolutely i am, I wish the farmers would sage, its going to hit its limit. If that really was Chloe's mother posting, she's an idiot and should've gone to bed when i posted the "go the fuck to sleep" pic over an hour ago. Oh well.

No. 216481

Just caught up in there, holy fuckfest!

Maybe Admin-sama will do something about all that WK chimpout derailment. Don't worry about it reaching thread limit though, I already have an OP image picked out for the next one. :)

No. 217209

File: 1482143955305.png (890.15 KB, 1043x659, robyn 10.9.14.png)

While working on the Epilepsy Saga, I came across this post. I wonder what happened that day with her doc? We can only imagine. Her poor docs.

By the way, I am planning on posting the whole Epilepsy Saga on Christmas Eve since a few of you said it would make a great Christmas present. :)

No. 217211

Bless you anon. Looking forward to it.

I'd love to know what happened at her doctors that day. I wonder if it's mentioned on any of her facebook accounts?

No. 217231

Not sure if it was mentioned on her FB. Maybe the anon who has been posting screenshots from her account can check for us?

No. 217245

Can't wait

No. 217291

I've tried to find some mention but there's nothing.

No. 217302

lol, it sounds like one of those doctors tried to tear down her fantasy.

No. 217411


The facebook I've been screenshotting is literally just this year, I can try find an older one, whether it's public or not I don't know

No. 217474

File: 1482182460415.jpg (6.86 KB, 275x183, 2016-12-19-16-16-42--100827757…)

Lol, she should get right on buying one of these online, like all her medical braces, canes, crutches and wheelchair. It would make her 'invisible illness' much more visible than all that other shit combined.

No. 217553

Oh, it's from the older one? I will have a look.

No. 217558

some other spoonie needs to post wearing one and she'll need it. She seems to copy that hypermobleguy or whatever the trans boy who actually has EDS and is actually confined to a wheelchair.

No. 218133

File: 1482263604024.png (2.18 MB, 750x1334, IMG_0288.PNG)


Super severe hand injury

No. 218145

>something unknown
Lol ok

Look how fuckin excited she is, its so disgusting.

No. 218152

His was going on around the time I first followed her. The cut to her hand was a straight line, very like a self inflicted razor cut. She bitched for weeks about how serious it was and how A&E didn't take her seriously enough. It coincided with a knee injury which apparently was caused by the same seizure (which happened while she was alone in the bathroom and not witnessed by the doormat)

No. 218168

Does Robyn have that hideous smirk in every photo because she's really that cocky and smug about faking illnesses or is she trying to make everyone notice her super severe disabling microtia?

No. 218183

It's her attempt to fake a "fake smile". Backfires since all it does is make her look smug as shit and like she doesn't give a shit.

No. 218184

what i would pay to see one of these "seizures"

No. 218185

File: 1482274624201.png (229.64 KB, 750x1334, IMG_0287.PNG)


Same seizure, same minor injuries, same injury, 3 days later.

No. 218187

File: 1482274686660.png (929.47 KB, 750x1334, IMG_0286.PNG)


Second post of the day- much dramas at minor injures, super severe knee damage

No. 218188

I can't stand how stoked she sounds every time she gets to go to the doctor

No. 218190

Uh. Sprains and dislocations are very, very different things.

No. 218197

Oh yeah she fully gets a kick out of seeing a doctor

No. 218203

THANK YOU anon posting from Robyn Brown account! I don't have access to that one and wish I could comb through for all her epilepsy-related or munchie behavior posts in general! If you have the time/inclination, please keep posting and I will include them in the Saga.

No. 218571

What's being evacuated? I can't understand that first sentence. Ugh just the fact she's taken a pic of a fire engine makes me rage, visualising her crazy face stood there snapping pics with glee!

No. 218618

On this trip to A&E they suggested her wound wasn't serious enough for them and sent her to the walk in centre / minor injuries unit (which working in the NHS she should have had the sense to do herself.) It was the minor injuries unit that was evacuated.
If I'm right, she wrote a letter of complaint to A&E complaining about being treated so poorly.

No. 219903

This annoyed me so much, how can she claim that injury was an emergency. It was a superficial incision which she clearly done herself if you ask me. "Something unknown" bollocks you could easily identify the item which cut you so specifically. To claim as well, tell me how that is life threatening in anyway!

No. 219911

She kept whinging about how because she has epilepsy she should have arrived by ambulance because she had injured herself during a seizure but she did the NHS a favour by getting her dad to drive her.

All she really needed to do was clean the wound, put a dressing on it and maybe see her GP or a nurse at her GP surgery the following morning. Her trip to A&E was a waste of time because they didn't even stitch it. Of course, she fucked with it for days, stretching it open with those grimy sausage fingers.

No. 219912

Seriously! "Sprain" and "dislocation" are mutually exclusive terms. As soon as something dislocates, it's not a sprain, period.

I don't even get why she'd mention the real diagnosis. Obviously she wanted it to be a dislocation, so instead of trying to claim a sprain and dislocation are the same thing, why not just say it was dislocated, period? Did she knock herself stupid during her definitely not fake I swear seizure?

Why would she even need an ambulance? It's not like she was about to bleed to death.

No. 219919

File: 1482417245338.png (679.48 KB, 720x1280, wp_ss_20161222_0007.png)

She sounds like a petulant brat who can't get her own way.

No. 219921

File: 1482417316103.png (248.75 KB, 720x1280, wp_ss_20161222_0009.png)

I've got some screenshots for you epilepsy anon.

No. 219922

File: 1482417344752.png (359.88 KB, 720x1280, wp_ss_20161222_0008.png)

No. 219923

File: 1482417392361.png (651.23 KB, 720x1280, wp_ss_20161222_0010.png)

No. 219924

File: 1482417442401.png (535.82 KB, 720x1280, wp_ss_20161222_0011.png)

No. 219926

File: 1482417508672.png (686.05 KB, 720x1280, wp_ss_20161222_0006.png)

This just made me laugh. She's admitting that doctors have accused her of faking.

No. 219929

My best friend died from SUDEP, so watching Robyn milk this epilepsy dx now really burns my beans more than anything tbh.

This is another epilepsy thing I remember from my friend. If he had a seizure he didn't want an ambulance called unless it was BAD, and if he was injured, he wanted to just be driven to hospital like normal. Ambulances are expensive yo. I've heard this from other epileptics too, to not call ambulance unless it's really really bad, because so many ambulance rides add up rather quickly. We're America tho. Since Robyn's got her healthcare probably paid for by the government since NHS, she probably doesn't care and feels no qualms about wasting resources and money.

sage cos semiblog

No. 219936

Sorry to hear about your friend. I also lost a friend to epilepsy. Status epilepticus, never regained consciousness. Scared the life out of me because I was in the process of having my own seizures explored.
Sage for blog.

No. 219938

File: 1482418797681.png (929.78 KB, 720x1280, wp_ss_20161222_0012.png)

>> picked to have

No. 219940

Yeah my friends and family all know that unless I'm seriously injured (as in head injury or broken bones) or the seizure hasn't stopped after five minutes / I've had multiple seizures without regaining consciousness then there is absolutely no need to call an ambulance. All that will result in is me being pissed off and a wasted call out for the ambulance.
We don't pay for an ambulance call in the UK but the service is over stretched as it is without people like Robyn using them for the spoonie points.

No. 219943


yeah, i gave my work instructions on what to do if i had a seizure and i specified "do not call an ambulance unless i ask for one, or if I am severely injured, turning blue, or not coming out of the seizure within approx 90 seconds"
like the hospital isn't going to really do anything if i have a regular seizure, there's no point in even going. the only time i went to the hospital after a seizure was after my first one at 4 years old, and after another at 18 when i just did not feel good after and it turned out i had an infection which triggered the seizure. they almost sent me home that time too until i vomited everywhere.

No. 219944

i work with severely disabled kids and have probably witnessed hundreds of seizures, only called an ambulance once.
status epilepticus is my worst nightmare as a support worker.
literally going to a&e for a seizure as a diagnosed epileptic is pointless as fuck unless you're still seizing/have an injury they can actually deal with.
robyn doesn't know how fucking lucky she is to be well and have mild if any actual epileptic seizures (more likely med induced)

No. 219945

I've ended up in A&E a few times due to clusters of Tonic Clonic seizures and a couple of lengthy seizures that were triggered by infections and I still felt like I didn't need to be there. Sometimes, if you're out in public or with someone who doesn't know your medical info or whatever, an ambulance is probably gonna be called. I think anyone with seizures has dealt with the irritation of waking up to a paramedic prodding and poking and asking questions at some point. I bet Robyn would love that and would happily get rushed to hospital rather than say "you know what guys, I'm fine. I just want to go home and sleep". And even if she did sign the refusal of transfer form I bet she'd keep it and glue it to a special area in her hallway to pose in front of for instagram pics.

No. 219947

This is exactly what I mean, and you're dealing with kids. She's a grown woman supposedly and she still needs an asspat from medical people for getting a booboo during a seizure. I went into a Tonic Clonic seizure while using a treadmill at the gym once. I was bruised to fuck but I just sat and drank some lucazade and then went home lol.

No. 219973

File: 1482426056239.jpg (47.92 KB, 600x592, bioshock.jpg)

Sage for ot, but how do you yanks feel about us limeys and our free health service?

are you guys, like jealous at all? Or do you feel the NHS provides some kind of sub-par quality healthcare? I'd be interested to know

No. 219980

It would be nice to know that we don't pay out the ass for health insurance just to get basic preventive care.

No. 219997

I was just thinking about this, but honestly the thought of Robyn trying to have kids is really terrifying. She fakes a lot of her illnesses and purposely doesn't let her wounds heal, imagine what she might do to a kid?! Ugh that's a scary thought. She'd be the one constantly posting that her child is sick and in the hospital, meanwhile she's putting chemicals in their milk or something.

No. 220001

Id rather have the NHS than worrying about how much a hospital stay will cost me, tbh.

No. 220006

This was my first thought when I saw her posting about trying for a baby. Can you imagine the pregnancy? She'd be at the hospital every few days about something "serious", would have the worst morning sickness imaginable and would probably find a way of inducing eclampsia.

No. 220013

I'm honestly so jealous!!!!!

No. 220015

No offense to you Brits, but it really bothers me when people complain so much about the NHS. I'm sure it's not perfect, but I know multiple people (with families) who have lost their homes due to medical bills. I'm sure the NHS isn't perfect, but losing one's home because of an appendix or broken bone isn't a serious threat in the UK.

No. 220018

**I'm in America, i should add. A coworker's sister lost her home because of dental bills. One of their kids had a bad accident and needed dental surgery and extensive work done. They ended up losing their home and car.

Be grateful for the NHS!!!! There are families who would do anything for basic healthcare here.

No. 220019

I would tongue-fuck Donald Trumps sweaty asshole if it meant we could have publicly funded healthcare. Raise my taxes, idgaf. My uncle had to have a bunch of his bowel removed and now has a colostomy bag because he ignored his symptoms of cancer because he couldn't afford the medical bills. He basically had to be forced to see a doctor by his brothers, and by that point he needed major surgery to remove the tumor or else it would have eventually killed him. That sort of thing shouldn't happen in a wealthy, "civilized" society.

So yeah, I'm jealous.

No. 220020

I fainted due to heat stroke and begged my coworkers not to take me to hospital. They did anyway and I am now $16,000 in debt.

No. 220023

There are people who would rather die than burden their families with massive amounts of debt and loss of their homes.

My friend's grandmother straight up refused medical care for her breast cancer because she knew her daughter would lose the house (they lived together).

No. 220024

Story time, i apologize for blogging. Another American anon here.

I worked in food service and had a coworker with a heart condition WHO WAS DECLARED DEAD FOR TWO MINUTES told us when she was hired "If I pass out, DO NOT CALL AN AMBULANCE unless you can't resuscitate me with the defibrillator"

We obviously would have called the ambulance regardless… but it's so scary and fucked up to think that someone would take that kind of risk. We just have TOO MUCH TO LOSE by doing unnescessary shit.

No. 220025

same tho

No. 220028

Another fucked up thing is that EVEN WHEN SOMEONE HAS INSURANCE, it often leaves you with a 10-40% copay, meaning you have to pay 10-40% of the total cost. I have AMAZING insurance because I'm still on my parents' plan and my dad has worked for ages, yet every ER visit is $400, each doctors visit and medication refill costs money. It all adds up.

No. 220030

Yeah. Jealous is an understatement.

If we had anything like the NHS, life would be less stressful. Like REALLY less stressful.

I have a munchausen friend in real life and she straight up doesn't care about how much debt she's in because of medical bills. She mooches off other people and is hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt (she's only 24). It doesn't matter to her becasue the thirst for attention is greater than the fear of losing everything.

No. 220032

i don't care how shitty it is, ANY free basic healthcare would be amazing. My friend's teeth are rotting out of her face because she can't afford to get them pulled. And that is LITERALLY NORMAL HERE.

like anon said above, it really bothers me when people complain so much about the NHS. At least it's something???

No. 220035

My family is genuinely frightened because Trump is elected. The only reason i'm not dead is because of Obamacare.

No. 220038

it's perfectly normal here to not have access to basic healthcare.

once i tried explaining the NHS (my dad is british, mum is american… we live in america) to my american friend. She couldn't comprehend haha.

No. 220040

Of fucking course. I live in a state that accepted mean ole' "obummers" medicaid expansion and it's the reason why my mother treated her breast cancer. Otherwise she'd lose the house and she specifically refused medical care because my Dad had just lost his job. We dragged her to the hospital where they said they'd help financially. She's alive today because of expanded financial assistance.

And to get on topic - I'm pretty convinced my former roommate fakes her "disorder" Claimed to have MS, short term paralysis and a variety of other imaginary disorders that have costs thousands. She does it for attention and I've noticed her faking symptoms. She's married and her husband is pretty much bankrupt trying to pay for care for imaginary symptoms.

No. 220044

I love my free European care. When I hear my peers say they would prefer to live in the US, I just don't get it. I had one extensive stay (3weeks) in a psych ward, and the whole thing cost me like a fucking hundred euros. I know I would be under so much debt in the US.
Too bad leeches like Robyn mooch out of it, tho.

No. 220052

US should stop contributing so much to NATO. maybe then they'll stop criticizing the country whose tax dollars make it possible for them to spend on national healthcare without worrying about how they're going to pay for national defense

Also, robin is a disgusting leech.

No. 220070

I'm under a specialist neurologist hospital here in the UK and the treatment I get is incredible. The NHS is incredible. I was born 3 months premature because my mum had preeclampsia and my dad always says that if it wasn't for the NHS he'd have lost both me and my mum. At the time of my birth, he had just been made redundant and was searching for a new job. If they'd have had to pay for the medical treatment we both needed, I have no idea what might have happened.

No. 220071

An American friend of mine who now lives in the UK and has done since the 70s was telling me about her sister in America who had breast cancer. She says Obamacare saved her life and without it she'd have been bankrupt. We really are lucky in the UK.

No. 220092

I genuinely don't understand how anyone can criticize Obamacare. It's a step in the right direction. I would be DEAD without Obamacare.

No. 220093

UK anons- I'm genuinely curious. Since your healthcare is free, how do you think the doctors deal with people like Robyn? Do they tell her to get the hell out and allow for sick people to get treatment? It seems like they wouldn't have time for her shenanigans, especially since she's not even paying…

No. 220095

Brits- you are so lucky to have the NHS!!!!!!! Even if it's not perfect, it's 100000 times better than what we have here in the US. Even if it's not great at times, remember that in the US you can literally lose your house over a broken bone.

No. 220101

It's complicated and something I've been reading up on since discovering Robyn. From what I can tell, their hands are tied. They have to treat the presenting symptoms regardless just in case. If they are without doubt that the illness in faked or self induce then they can confront the patient and direct them to psychological services (each hospital has a psychiatric liaison team). Information about the patient including description and known aliases are distributed to local hospitals.

No. 220107

It's the same in the UK too - Had a friend have an epileptic fit at my house whilst my mum wasn't around, ambulance driver was pretty pissed off when he arrived, as was my friend when he woke up.

No. 220113

In my experience, some paramedics get pissed off with dealing with a seizure from a known epileptic who didn't need an ambulance but in comparison, the last time my friends witnessed one of my seizures, panicked and called an ambulance, the three paramedics (one rapid response and two from the actual ambulance) were more than happy to have a simple call that didn't require a transfer to A&E. In fact, one of them had some fun flirting with a traffic warden while the others did my obs. I guess it depends on the time of day and the individual paramedics.

No. 220167

The NHS isn't free. We pay for it through taxes,so people like her are wasting taxpayers money. They're also draining the NHS to the point that certain cancer drugs won't be prescribed to some people in certain areas of the UK.
I get what you mean though that it's free as in you don't get billed. So over here people like her stop really ill people getting life saving drugs.

No. 220178

I have nothing bad to say about the NHS, even though they misdiagnosed my broken leg once, accidents happen. People who sue the NHS are dreadful people, how can you sue somewhere you don't have to actively pay for (yes I understand we passively pay for it each month, well those of us that actually work). They also saved my life when I lost 1/3 of my blood earlier this year, it's not perfect but it's always there when you need it.

No. 220210

sage for ot but one of my parents is a gp here in uk and they has lots of munchies. here tho due to shared med records you can refuse referrals pretty easily. the gp surgery my parent works at locks referrals for munchies except for 2 week rule (suspected cancer). but it doesn't work cos munchies seek out attention anywhere and everywhere. if they don't get attention from gp they'll call out ambulances etc. ambulance service do have houses they do not send ambulances to though under any circumstances due to misuse. you can also be prosecuted for having too much police/ambulance use here too bizarrely.
the codeine addicts here are the worst (in my area). they're the ones that kick in the surgery and threaten staff. munchies simply go for treatment elsewhere.

No. 220223

Is it true doctors have special codewords, acronyms (?) for peole like spoonies? The ones I remember are TTFO (told to fuck off) and LOBNH (lights on but nobody home). Always wanted to know if it was real or a myth.

No. 220238

Oh i know it's not free like that.. We pay as much in taxes, but it still costs $500 to go to the dentist.

No. 220269

It is 100% true. Though I never heard TTFO lol

No. 220284

My favourite is fecal encephalitis.

No. 220323

yeah they do but that's mostly a&e drs to other a&e drs and nurses. GPs and practice nurses all know which ones are the ones to avoid/addicts/munchies etc. shows how much of a pain they must be when most practices have 10000+ patients

No. 220351

Google came up with these
ATS – Acute Thespian Syndrome (the patient is faking illness)

ATSWWT – Always Thinks Something’s Wrong With Them.

PRATFO – Patient Reassured And Told to F**k Off.

No. 220379

Oh it's definitely true.
This. Medical slang is only used between professionals. No one would never speak to a patient that way. It definitely isn't exclusive to the ED though.

No. 220385

People don't bitch about Obamacare, they bitch about having to pay for insurance, which keeps getting more expensive. So the thought is, "I have to pay a hefty insurance bill every month, but insurance won't cover anything until I've already spent $X within a year, and I never manage to spend that much, so why the fuck do I even have insurance? Oh, right, because I'm forced to."

Now if you get really sick of have an accident, Obamacare's awesome, because you're not going to go bankrupt. But the average person isn't worried about that. That's why so few people had insurance before they were legally obliged to.

Obamacare is absolutely a step in the right direction, but without a public option, the average person gets nothing out of it other than a smaller bank account balance.

And that's why Trump, who kept claiming Obamacare was "an absolute disaster," is now pivoting and saying his magical replacement for Obamacare will cover everybody (though he's failed to elucidate how). But buying insurance won't be mandatory. He'll get rid of the part that's face-fucking people, but won't have a public option (muh taxes!), but it'll cover everybody. Somehow. Trust me.

sage for weird political rant at the end

No. 220388

So it looks like our Munchie Qween has abandoned her @bujospoonie account already? She never posted more after the first 3 pics.

No. 220426

FUCKSAKE. her phrasing really makes you wonder (well, wonder more anyway) doesn't it?

>literally going to a&e for a seizure as a diagnosed epileptic is pointless as fuck unless you're still seizing/have an injury they can actually deal with.

Well she did get that cut on her hand as a result from the seizure, but unless her GP's surgery was closed for the day, isn't that something her GP could've dealt with? I mean to me as Amerifat "cut on hand" seems more like a "go to doctor/immediate care" problem than a "rush to emergency room" one.

I'm a bit jealous, and maybe when I was studying there I should've actually used it more, but my biggest issues at the time were occassional random heart flutters and asthma attacks (and since I'm white trash who never went to doctor as a kid except on shot day, i don't even know when's the right time to go tbh and am frightened). Figured better to not waste doctor's time over stuff like that. But I liked the system of just being registered at a surgery based on where I lived. Here my insurance company wants me to pick a GP based on what's in their plan and I'm kind of lost at that tbh. Also here you MUST have insurance or you pay a penalty, but thankfully I work for a huge company so I get insurance thru work. I feel so terribly for people stuck on the healthcare marketplace in the US because I've had to deal with that before and it's a clusterfuck and usually very expensive.
I've heard some bad things about the NHS tho too like when my BF's brother needed gallbladder surgery, instead of getting the surgery right away they just let him stay sick and in pain and blissed out on morphine for months instead of getting him surgery. Their mum had to threaten to take him to a different hospital to get him what he needed.
I also worry about your nurse situation there, because it seems like a lot of nurses are from outside the EU and are going to be in trouble with all the newer, tougher visa guidelines that your government puts through, but that's a different story for a different time. It's just scary the idea of possibly losing so many nurses because they're just as integral in saving peoples lives tbh.

Her and the one "anorexic" munchie from NJ who's posted about possibly being pregnant a few times. Like they'll both turn MBI into MBP so fast if they've got someone who doesn't know any better in their care. those poor kids!

No. 220456

I'm so jealous of you lot who have the NHS. :/

No. 220873

Many American patients are jealous of those who have socialized medicine like the NHS.
Many American clinicians are not enthusiastic about it because our current system is more profitable.

No. 220874

Getting a cut on your hand is clean and patch it yourself unless you need stitches. Only an idiot wastes an emergency rooms time with a cut that isn't a threat to life or limb.

No. 220939

File: 1482586861359.png (134.63 KB, 749x1118, IMG_0361.PNG)

Not even sure if cow but had to post



No. 220940

File: 1482586915142.png (978.85 KB, 720x1280, wp_ss_20161224_0001.png)

Wonder of Robyn will get one of these for Christmas? She could attach her medical alert tag to it and really draw attention to her special snowflake self.

No. 220941

Image isn't showing.

No. 220947

It is for me anon. Not sure why this happens, some people couldn't see my jonzie pics in the other thread either, but some could.

No. 220957

HAHAHAHAH thank you anon this made my day. Wtf I guess she is so fat she is diseased at that point.

No. 220963

Yeah I had Probs with those too. I looked up spooniecorn on instagram and think I know who you're talking about anyway.

No. 220973

File: 1482595538671.png (552.07 KB, 720x1280, wp_ss_20161224_0002.png)

Is this really a good time to take a photo?

No. 220978

I feel sorry for whoever have to take a look under that paper gown

No. 220983

Epilepsy saga anon, when do we get our Christmas present?

No. 221009

File: 1482600592072.png (724.98 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1831.PNG)

Sage for off topic but did The Onion visit this thread & get some ideas from Robyn? Would love to see her start storing her pills in an old confectionery box ..::

No. 221023

That's amazing. Robyn if you're reading this please do it and post it online.

No. 221031

File: 1482606535298.gif (203.71 KB, 360x360, tumblr_inline_nvjo5xRBUJ1sm4fa…)

dont know whats more disturbing:
the fact that she felt the need to take a photo at the gynos office
those awful toenails

No. 221760

Fear not dear farmers, I did not foresake you! My sincere apologies for not posting this earlier today. In the words of Admin-sama's awesome banner, but said in Santa's drawn-out voice:

Epilepsy Saga incoming…

No. 221769

No. 221790

File: 1482743595657.png (56.16 KB, 645x377, epilepsysaga1.png)

THE EPILEPSY SAGA: In research for this case, I found it interesting to learn that while people do fake seizures (there are even medical slang terms for these illustrious patients' exploits: "feizures" for fake seizures and "status dramaticus" for fake status epilepticus), there is a big gray area in the 'pseudoseizure' category and a lot of cautionary tales among medical professionals regarding calling out a faker. Medically, the term 'pseudoseizure' has been used to describe convulsions which do not originate via electrical disturbances in the brain. They may or may not be indicative of fakery. Most are not. Due to negative emotions and implications resulting from factitious incidents, this term has come to be viewed derogatorily, and for this reason, clinicians consider Psychogenic Nonepileptic Seizure (PNES) as a more apt term for seizures not due to pathological electrical activity in the brain. There are organic (physical) causes and psychological ones of PNES, but only a small number are manufactured consciously. The definitive diagnostic criterion for epilepsy requires a positive EEG, and in Robyn's case of course this has never happened. It is possible that treatment be initiated for suspected epilepsy, but in Robyn's case I just can't believe that her psychological differential would come back unremarkable. As readers, we do not know whether Robyn's doctors have diagnosed her with PNES, and she could very well be converting the term to 'epilepsy' for her self-supposed legitimacy. Do to the diversity of causes and presentation of PNES, this is an area in which a patient with factitious disorder has latitude when it comes to believability. For people like Robyn, this characteristic is obviously appealing.
See the following article for more information on epilepsy, pseudoseizures and a cautionary tale from a physician to other clinicians: http://www.jailmedicine.com/pseudoseizures-the-right-approach/
Two things he points out regarding factitious disorder patients and those with genuine pseudoseizures are 1. these patients are often relieved to not have been diagnosed with epilepsy, and 2. confronting factitious patients often has negative results; they will just try harder to 'prove' their symptoms are real.
This article discusses differential diagnosis and profiles of PNES patients:
There is this overall message in the literature, as well: when in doubt, treat as if the episodes are real. Very appealing to Munchies.

Regarding Robyn, her euphoric ejaculations about her diagnosis and medications are, frankly, suspect-as-it-gets. Let us begin a review of her fucktardery.

PART 1: February 21, 2013.
Pic related. This is the earliest record I can find of her discussing her 'fits.' This screenshot was captured from her original Facebook page. I posted this picture previously but am including here for the sake of completeness.

No. 221796

was waiting for your saga, bless you

No. 221803

No. 221804

File: 1482747874346.png (705.54 KB, 1043x659, epilepsy 8.22.14.png)

Epilepsy Saga PART 2: August 22, 2014.
The next mention of seizures, and referencing the event on >>221790.

No. 221805

>> relieved to not have epilepsy.
As a pnes anon (my seizures are triggered by stress and migraine) I can vouch for the relief I felt to be told that I didn't have a life threatening condition. My first concern was that I was "crazy" but when my neurologist explained it all to me I was just happy to know I had a diagnosis that made sense and wasn't dangerous.

No. 221811

File: 1482750839442.png (940.07 KB, 1364x654, epilepsy

Epilepsy Saga PART 3: August 22, 2014. Success! She is always so happy when she sets out for an appointment with a specific objective and the clinician says whatever she hopes to hear. In this case, she wanted to begin the 'diagnosis journey' and scored some prescriptions for diagnostic tests.
It is interesting to note that she mentions her doc saying her migraines are related to her seizures. I researched her migraine history and it is entirely plausible that she took the headaches as far as she could for #spoonie attenshun points, got bored of it and escalated her symptoms to seizures. Over the course of her years of known social media presence, she has consistently followed this MO: She has spurts of very active, intense attention-seeking drama, then as it wanes, emphasis and escalation of posts regarding a new symptom or exacerbation of a previous issue begins. I find it interesting that she used to blame her headaches on her sooper seereeus allurgeez, but the desired diagnosis and blame factor this time was epilepsy. I have researched her allergy saga as well but will not include it here because this bitch is long enough already!
Because she has correlated her migraines to her alleged epilepsy, however, I have included some of her migraine drama in this saga.

No. 221813

Robyn needs to be nominated for some of the Lolcow Awards 2016. If you agree, the thread about it is here. >>>/meta/3654
I nominated her for favorite cow and best new cow!

No. 221814

File: 1482752388057.png (729.18 KB, 1043x657, epilepsy 8.26.14.png)

Epilepsy Saga Part 4: August 26, 2014.
She's "nervous" about a motherfucking EKG?!! Oh no a new ~*scary medikul proseedyur!*~ Wat? You lay still for 30 seconds with stickers on your chest. That's it. Jesus fuck, the hyperbole!

No. 221818

File: 1482755308147.png (947.76 KB, 1043x655, epilepsy

Epilepsy Saga Part 5: August 26, 2014.
No heart disease, so let's have some more fatty crappy food! As much as she eats shit like this and her beloved Dominoes, heart disease could be her next diagnosis quest, or the beetus. They are just boring ol' common illnesses though, so it's doubtful that either would bring her any munchie pleasure. The irony is, a run-of-the-mill food/overweight-related illness will probably be her ultimate downfall, not her sooper speshul spoonie illnesses.

No. 221819

This is the best saga to wake up to after Christmas. Thank you, anon.

No. 221824

>tagging a Burger King meal with #foodporn

Thanks kind anon for posting another part of the saga!

No. 221828


More like "pretty nervous the test results will all come back normal and nothing will be wrong with me :("

No. 221833

File: 1482758136139.png (1.03 MB, 1043x659, epilepsy

Epilepsy Saga Part 6: August 26, 2014.
The BK Aftermath, Part 1.
This was posted a short time after her Burger King #foodporn (kek) post. I can't imagine why you feel #ill (gotta tag it!). B-but, dat #spoonielife! Nah bitch, it was the food. You eat like shit and make yourself sick.
But wait, it gets better…

No. 221845

Well in this case she truly picked it herself

No. 221848

I put her forward for best new cow as well. Go Robyn!

No. 221852


this is her FIRST ekg? if she is as busted up medically as she claims she would have had at least one a long time ago

is this the same day as the seizure? because my "spoons" run out immediately after a seizure. if my "spoons" run out i certainly don't have enough energy to take a picture and post on instagram.

No. 221865

those leggings and shoes do her no favours. god this bitch riles me

No. 221877

Me too! It's looking good for Robyn hahaha

No. 221883

>biting my nails in anticipation

No. 221888

I'll never understand why "spoonies" want to make their illness define what they are. I'm not epileptic, but have two friends who are and known others in the workplace. They've always "warned" other they're epileptic and what to do if they have a seizure. They've had seizures and get on with it. Only one had a grand mal in college and was sent to hospital, but he's got shit loads of other disabilites.

None of them bang on about it. I fear having epilepsy because I used to fear having a plain ol' anxiety attack in public, let alone a seizure when I'm by myself, so no way am I undermining the condition. These people like Robyn though. Why do they think they're so fascinating? Same with other conditions. They're not exactly raising awareness or giving any reassurance that the problem's manageable for someone recently diagnosed.

/rant, but spoonies and enablers piss me right off.

No. 222016

Bless you anon, I haven't been well enough to bring back the EDS saga so this is a wonderful Christmas present.

No. 222087

In the UK, a GP would not order an "eeg test". If a GP suspects a patient is having seizures they would probably do some basic blood tests and yes, an ECG and refer to the "first fits clinic" where a neurologist will take a history, do some basic neuro obs and then arrange an EEG and MRI. Robyn is so full of shit.

No. 222090

Agreed. After a seizure all I want to do is hide under a blanket and sleep.

No. 222265

File: 1482799763195.png (722.85 KB, 1042x641, epilepsy

Epilepsy Saga Part 6: August 26, 2014.
The BK Aftermath, Part 2.
Fucking Robyn. Eats shitty food and makes it a ~*spoonie krysus desu!*~
She professes suffering with a brutal migraine with light aversion, yet apparently had no problem going to 'celebrate' (she always has some symbolic excuse when she posts her cheap junk food) with a big meal at her beloved Burger King, complete with sitting in a brightly-lit area.
No. Just no. Migraines of that severity are crippling. You would not be going to optional locations, and you absolutely would not be anywhere near a celebratory mood. FFS, at least be consistent, Munchiechan. You've been at this for years and yet you still screw up your own storylines.

News Flash: Your GI symptoms are because you EAT. LIKE. SHIT. Also, you took laxatives. Honey, they cause intestinal discomfort.

No. 222285

I'm in no way defending Robyn but to be sure, migraines manifest in different ways. I often see it posted around the board that you have to stay out of the light etc. To blog for a sec, my migraines sometimes involve me becoming manic, confused, talkative and needing to eat asap. Just for clarity around this issue. We all know Robyn's fake as fuck though.

No. 222334

If you're having a migraine bad enough that you're averse to light you wouldn't go to burgerking for anything. You don't want to eat in that state.
Hell, moving your head a little causes so much pain and nausea everyone I know who's had one says they'd rather die than do it again. She either had a little bit of a headache or she's 100% lying. Migraines aren't a minor thing you just have whilst going about your day.

No. 222338

it fucks me up so much that not only would Robyn go to Burger King with a ~crippling migraine~ and light sensitivity, but she'd also take a selfie in the middle of a fucking sunbeam. yeah, no. pretty much every anon who's had a migraine can confirm the last thing they want to do while suffering a migraine is take a selfie in front of the window.

God this bitch really steams my broccoli

No. 222340

She flat out claims light aversion though. And light aversion is defined as a need or drive to avoid light for whatever reason. Which is obviously not happening at all when she's got a bright light shining in her face with no indication of wincing, straining, etc. Light sensitive migraines suck ass and she can't even fake those well, let alone use related terms correctly.

No. 222341

Right? She's such an idiot about how she fakes her dire health.
You'd think someone so obsessed with being the sickest person ever would spent 10 minutes on Wikipedia to get the symptoms right but I suppose those 10 minutes are better spent making sure she's gotten her daily 40 pictures of OTC vitamins and ibuprofens.

No. 222342

Yeah, there's no question Robyn is faking it. Hell, no matter how hungry or manic I was from a migraine I wouldn't be sitting in Burger King. It's an overstimulating environment to start with. I'm being a sensitive migraine anon.

No. 222764

File: 1482876910296.png (232.04 KB, 720x1280, wp_ss_20161227_0001.png)

Could this be the beginning of a new set of symptoms? I've been waiting for her to go down the endometriosis path next.

No. 222939

File: 1482904984418.png (966.64 KB, 1037x657, allergies 9.1.14.png)

Epilepsy Saga Part 7: September 1, 2014.
I need to mention Robyn's Surgical Mask Saga because it coincides with our timeline and she appears masked in several upcoming pictures.
The Allergy Saga, highlighted by the surgical mask schtick, was a relatively quick-flame drama for Robyn. Her focus on it begins and ends over the course of a shorter period of time compared to her other Munchie adventures, and seems to take place between the time she began her quest for epilepsy testing and when her more extensive evaluative tests are scheduled.
Pic related: One day, Robyn decided that she might start wearing surgical masks for her super-serious allergies.

No. 222941

File: 1482905277808.png (786.65 KB, 1039x659, allergies 9.5.14.png)

Epilepsy Saga Part 8: September 5, 2014.
The masks appear for the first time with an accompanying poor-me #spoonielife rant. All of the sudden, they are absolutely critical in preventing very seeryus allergic reactions. She is already setting us up for her needing to wear them all the time. This gets more pronounced as time goes on, but I am sure they were uncomfortable because it didn't last.
Note the 'bedridden every other day' part of her poor-me baaawww session. Really?

No. 222943

File: 1482905485865.png (901.12 KB, 1037x659, allergies 9.6.14.png)

Epilepsy Saga Part 9: September 6, 2014.
"I can't even go 2 hours without my #surgicalmask." She is also implicating her pets as a major allergen. Really? That's why all your snuggly pet pics never mention it before now, nor do you appear symptomatic in any of them? But, munch on, munchie kween.
>Bitch PLEASE!

No. 222949

How would a surgical mask stop her from being allergic to her hair? And there's a huge difference between allergic to ones hair and being allergic to all the shit she puts in it.

No. 222952

This just sounds like she tried to do a shitty home bleaching somewhere poorly ventilated.

No. 222953

File: 1482908297072.png (699.95 KB, 1029x657, epilepsy 9.9.14.png)

Epilepsy Saga Part 10: September 9, 2014.
This super poor-me baaaawwww post which has been shared on lolcowchan previously for it's OTT cringe and Robyn's admission of not wanting to treat her injury because ~*baaawwww why should I care if the medikul ppl didn't*~. She did a hospital run the day before for a soft tissue injury and they gave her a high-arm sling but she felt she was somehow neglected. That event precipitated this meltdown.
I am sharing it now because it is notable in light of the previous post's claims. Wait Robyn, don't your pets cause you such brutal allergy attacks that you can't be without your mask and will have an attack within 2 hours from ambient allergenic material in your home, never mind with them right in your face? B-but…when you're baaawwwwing on about dat awful #spoonielife, crying for an hour, you can absolutely cuddle your dog to your face the whole time! Makes totez sense.

All of this becomes relevant to our Epilepsy Saga timeline, as she segues from here into a migraine the next day…

No. 222958

File: 1482911268849.png (925.02 KB, 1043x657, epilepsy 9.10.14.png)

Epilepsy Saga Part 11: September 10, 2014.
Robyn discusses ~*muh #chronicmigraines.*~ She states that crying can bring one on. If, in fact, she has migraines and seizures, and if the two are in fact related, this would support the PNES theory. But that's assuming anything Robyn says is legit, and that in and of itself is reaching.

No. 222963

File: 1482912844677.png (716.61 KB, 1047x661, epilepsy 9.19.14.png)

Epilepsy Saga Part 12: September 19, 2014.
Finally, we get to where she again correlates her #chronicmigraines to her #seizures. She also ideates for us the desire to attempt to rush her tests. Shit takes too long when you need your attenshun fix, yo! Just focusing on super-serious chronic allergies wasn't doing it for her. Not enough asspats. She's still got her precious masks for now, though she phases them out soon. Once she ramps up her migraine complaints in an effort to get epilepsy testing moved up, that becomes her primary medical fixation.

Kek at the lone comment!
>I've had a migraine for 4 years. Nothing is wrong with me.

No. 222964

File: 1482913271329.png (676.44 KB, 1301x655, epilepsy 9.26.14.png)

Epilepsy Saga Part 13: September 26, 2014.
She got her CT scan appointment confirmation but the date isn't good enough so she calls to reschedule. She's thrilled it got moved up because she's had a migraine on and off for the past 2 weeks.
>"Finally moving forwards to seeing a #specialist and finding out if I have #epilepsy! #spoonielife and #spoonieproblems!"
She is so excited yew guise!

No. 222966

File: 1482913580075.png (716.15 KB, 1043x655, epilepsy 9.26.14-2.png)

Epilepsy Saga Part 14: September 26, 2014.
Later that day she has yet another bad migraine, but yew guize she is so excited about her appointment, she is counting down the hours!
>"Just keep telling myself that it's less than 12 hours till my #ctscan for my #seizures to see if I have #epilepsy… Hopefully I'll get an answer about the #migraines as well! Argh #spoonielife/#spoonieproblems!"

No. 222972

File: 1482914222117.png (756.57 KB, 1040x654, epilepsy 9.27.14.png)

Epilepsy Saga Part 15: September 27, 2014.
The big day has arrived! CT scan day.
>I personally fucking hate these legs/waiting type of pics, and her ugly leggings don't help.

No. 222974

File: 1482914686349.png (762.71 KB, 1047x659, epilepsy 9.27.14-2.png)

Epilepsy Saga Part 16: September 27, 2014.
Commemorating the day's event with a souvenir pic near the CT Scan sign. Good times in Munchie Land!
Her excitement about everything medical is creepy af.

No. 222987

File: 1482918911896.png (881.45 KB, 1041x657, epilepsy 10.7.14.png)

Epilepsy Saga Part 17: October 7, 2014.
Robyn receives her referral letter for seeing a neurologist. She hyper-analyzes how many days the referral was written following her CT appointment, and imagines some nerve-wracking drama about why they are getting her in so quickly. It must be because she's a super-speshul case! But rest assured, she's on it, anons. She will never fail to pester her doctor for more answers.

No. 223006

>Epilepsy Saga Part 17

Will the madness ever end, OP?

No. 223032

>can i just be normal?

yes, any time you want to stop pretending that so many thing are wrong, fuck's sake. also i find it interesting how the lower eyeliner and smug smile come out once she's at the hospital, posing away and hashtagging up a storm to ensure everyone knows just how sick she is.

No. 223040

Christ she may as well be masturbating next to that friggin sign. She's seriously deviant
Who the fuck takes pictures of signs like this?
Creepy cow

No. 223062

30 hours is midline for migraines. Anyone who is classified as having chronic migraines would know this. People aren't advised to seek medical attention until they pass the 72 hour mark.

No. 223084

Who tf gets one single surgical mask??? Ew ew I bet she got food grease all over it immediately

No. 223094

I wonder how people manage to be around her. Must be excruciating.
I had to take an MRI last week and just wanted to get out of there. Imagine stopping everything to take a goddamn photo to show how special you are. She's going to be smug and stupid until the day she really gets a SERIOUS problem, because trust me, she will. She takes fucking meds that are unnecessary and x-rays and whatnot all the time. When that happens she won't dare to spend energy taking pictures.

No. 223108

I have chronic migraine diagnosed and treated by a neurologist. i haven't had a pain free day in over a year. My migraines cause me to have seizures and even when i've had a cluster of seizures and am at a 9/10 on pain scale with nausea and vision loss, I still don't present at A&E as all they can do is give me painkillers and do obs etc, which just blocks someone else from getting a bed. I'd much rather be at home in my own bed than sat in hospital where the lights are always too bright, you're getting podded and poked every ten minutes and have to listen to freaks like Robyn sobbing on the phone to Sane Line because a surgeon told her to stop playing with her surgical scar instead of enabling her.

No. 223117

Sage for anon support
I feel you I had a headache the entire time I was a teenager it was awful I still get bad ones and it's still a mystery

No. 223123


You must not have been here for the ~muh appendectomy wound fuckery~ saga if you think 17 parts is long. :p

No. 223128


This is so weird and fetishy and it's creeping me out. Next thing you know she'll be buying one of those beaded raver 'masks' to wear over the surgical mask, and start raving about MUH SPOONIE FASHION #ACCESSORIZETHESPOONIELIFE #SPOONIEPROBS #DISABLEDFASHION.

No. 223196

Oh, I was. I'm just baffled as to how something mental she can drag out so far. The wound saga was different because that was physical and easily documented while her epilepsy is just "Waaah I don't feel good, look at me not feeling good."

No. 223633

This is why it took so long to piece it all together, too.

No. 223916

File: 1483059413945.png (983.77 KB, 1367x741, allergies 10.9.14.png)

Epilepsy Saga Part 18: October 9, 2014.
Her addiction to attention must have been stimulated by the receipt of the neuro appointment letter. She must be unbearably excited for that date to get here. In the mean time, she allegedly gets a 'cat scratch' under her eye (which just happens to look like a clean blade laceration) when her cat sprung off her face (I don't even want to know), and then baaawwws about her chronic allergies being so ~* sooper severe*~ some more. She rants about how her doctor wouldn't give her the attention she was seeking (or whatever prescription she was after, since OTC drugs aren't good enough).
>"The next step up of it getting worse is #hives or #anaphylaxis" yew guise!

No. 223922

File: 1483059647887.jpg (39.06 KB, 840x433, sketch.jpg)

this is all i see..

No. 223928

What is horrifying to me are her enablers, from her dumbass boyfriend, to the people who comment on her posts. She doesnt need a kind word or a pat on the back, she needs a boot her her ass. I don't even know what to make of her boyfriend. He aids and abets her bullshit and lies, so he's just as culpable as ahe is, imo. I don't know how anyone could read or enduure her endless litanies of disease and illness without rolling their eyes at the very least, or getting the hell out to save their own mental health as the best option.

No. 223944

This makes me so mad. If you're allergic to pet hair, don't have fucking pets then. If it's affecting your life so negatively as you say it is, you would actively make changes to avoid the allergens. I'm allergic to cats, guess what Robyn… I don't own a cat, because I'm not retarded!!

No. 223950


How in the everloving fuck can someone have an allergy triggered by water spray??? Unless you're spraying it, like, directly up your nostrils and inhaling.

Plus, didn't she work at McDonald's at one point? Pretty sure at some point or another she'd have to use some sort of cleaning spray.

No. 224092

can you fucking imagine seeing someone take this kind of picture when you're walking through a hospital????? like what the actual fuck robyn. no one is assed if the sign points to your head your fuckingn stupid ass hair is in the way of the actual arrow anyway ffs
sage for non contrib

No. 224101

File: 1483079253520.png (887.76 KB, 1037x659, allergies 10.9.14-2.png)

Epilepsy Saga Part 19: October 9, 2014.
Still steaming about her appointment, but now her Munchie version of what the doctor said has gone from "Carry on what you have been doing" (GTFO you don't need further treatment), to "My doc says I have to wear these #surgicalmasks all the time now even at work." No, no they didn't…but okay Munchiechan. She receives so few likes for her allergy charade posts, so naturally she doesn't get so dramatic about it after this krysus.

No. 224103

File: 1483079366212.png (420.1 KB, 1039x657, epilepsy 10.9.14.png)

Epilepsy Saga Part 20: October 9, 2014.
Still upset she didn't get what she wanted from the doc, she finds something else to bitch about. She accuses the doc of negligence for telling her to keep taking antihistamines despite the drugs potentially increasing the risk of seizures.
>"I am currently seeing a neurologist…"
No Robyn. You have an appointment for your very first consult with a neuro. Every drug has warnings of some sort, and no one has yet cross-evaluated her treatments for her other conditions yet. She just needed something to baaawww about. This is classic Munchie behavior. When they don't get their way, they get upset and may try harder to make their condition seem worse or more real, and/or malign the 'offending' physician as much as possible.

No. 224105

unless she's taking benadryl - diphenhydramine- it's irrelevant, that's fucking why your gp ignored it you tit. you're taking fexofenidate which we've all seen in your munchie pile of fucking pills robyn. that's why no one is assed

No. 224106

File: 1483080551967.png (889.13 KB, 1045x655, epilepsy 10.13.14.png)

Epilepsy Saga Part 21: October 13, 2014.
Retail therapy because unfair drama! Nah bitch. From the evidence I've seen (and believe me that is a fucking lot after chronicling all this shit), Robyn, YOU cause drama. Others just get sick of it. I was unable to access any posts outside of IG related to whatever shit went down, but I can just imagine. Robyn has a knack for having interpersonal conflicts with people. Whenever she's not the sickest or receiving all the attention, shit goes down with her chimping out. We get a taste of the fuckery in Part 22…

No. 224119

File: 1483085311986.png (1.14 MB, 1659x809, epilepsy 10.14.14.png)

Epilepsy Saga Part 22: October 14, 2014.
Robyn bitches and moans about some construction going on near work, and whines poor-me about being her age and argh #spoonielife! :( Apparently she slipped on a muddy hill and subluxed her knee (when she could have walked along a main road instead, but that was apparently somehow more dangerous?), but
>"I walked home after I did it because of the adrenaline but probably shouldn't have LOL. Ah well."
She gets some sympathy on IG, but apparently shit went down on Facebook after this post, as we will see in Part 23. Munchiechan then has the gall to say in the comments that she "tries to ignore" her EDS "as much as I can" and isn't coping well with the possibility of epilepsy. Oh bull fucking shit Robyn! Your entire Insta is about baawwww #spoonielife ~*muh EDS*~ and ~*muh othur illnussez*~ and you have loved every minute of it and documented the ever living fuck out of everything! But, yeah, you try to ignore it. Sure, Jan.
>I don't like to admit how much my body is starting to fail.
TOP KEK. Get over yourself!

Apparently someone on Facebook felt the same way I do and called her out. She shares her version of events with an epic chimpout baaaaaaaaaawwwww fest on IG in the next part.

No. 224126

I wonder if, instead of asking someone else to take the picture, she did it herself using a timer. It'd explain why she was lying in such a weird spot on the bed.

No. 224141

Definitely. She does this all the time, I am sure of it.

No. 224155

if you have nothing and never plan to own anything there is nothing to lose

No. 224180

"Muh cat scratched me so i boughts myself a ps4 to make my owies feel better"

Sage for rage sattire

No. 224221

I have been in and out of 3 different hospitals/ER over the holidays because of 6 seizures, 2 of them leaving visible lacerations needing stitches – can I get my mansion now?

Sage for blog but I wanted to display a real perspective how epilepsy can(!) impact one's life.
Thank you Saga-Anon for helping me kill some hospital-time, much love from Epilepsy-chan.

No. 224245

sage because not directly related but this reminded me of the queen of spoons https://www.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/5l3dsr/doctorsnurses_of_reddit_what_is_the_most_obvious/

No. 225382

File: 1483231830680.png (1.03 MB, 1689x1031, epilepsy 10.14.14..png)

Epilepsy Saga Part 23: October 14, 2014.
The Epic Chimpout.
In this post we learn about the fallout from Part 22; why so much was deleted off of her former Facebook account and why she started primarily posting her MBI-related shit on Instagram. One commenter said, "I would have just deleted the person and left it at that." Word! What the fuck, making posts like this one for more poor-me asspats is one of the reasons people call Robyn attention-seeking. She's impossible.
This is a bigger file, let me know if I need to break it up.

No. 225635

File: 1483264321059.png (1.03 MB, 1039x659, epilepsy 10.23.14.png)

Epilepsy Saga Part 24: October 23, 2014.
Another mask shot. Robyn describes not feeling well and attributes her symptoms to being "epilepsy auroras" (she means auras), but then lists other causes. Okay girl, whatever you say.

No. 225649

I can't stop reading this now, thanks.

It takes a special talent to look so smug in a face mask.

No. 225655

Doesn't she realise her being over weight is making her joints worse? If she indeed had hypermobility she would lose weight.

No. 225658


as someone who as ACTUAL seizures, she infuriates me so much. even if she said it correctly "deja vu is one of my auras" is such an absurd way of saying it, it's clear she doesn't know what an aura actually is. if she's having auras all the time then she would be having seizures all the time. how convenient for her that she can experience auras without the seizure so she can soak in the attention. what does it even mean to be "constantly on the verge of deja vu", like is she almost feeling like she experienced this moment before?

No. 225663

Even her dumpy fucking legs annoy me

No. 225671

This really bothered me as well. She's throwing around terminology without understanding it and making broad statements that don't make sense to people with actual seizures but which she thinks will sound mysterious enough and chronic enough to get attention. Her use of the word auroras had me laughing though.

No. 225703

File: 1483292445933.jpg (198.33 KB, 595x502, aurorobyn.jpg)

Robyn and Aurora? You just made it too easy for me… couldn't resist. Feel free to add, there's still plenty of room for knee braces or allergy bracelets!

No. 225704

I proud to have contributed the helmet to the glory that is this picture. Top keks anon.

No. 225714

Why do all these munchies and spoonies have stupid dyed haircuts and piercings?

No. 225736

This makes me ridiculously happy. Thank you anon!

No. 225889


No. 225925

bows down to your artistic prowess
OMG anon it's a MASTERPIECE! This must be the OP for the next thread, and if you can make it into a lolcowchan banner that would be so cool!

No. 226065

Good idea, but there's still something missing for the banner: it needs to be animated. I hope I'll find some time to fix it tomorrow. This is such a meditative activity…
Btw. does Robyn have any active instagram/facebook atm?

No. 226231

File: 1483336344381.png (781.5 KB, 1045x657, epilepsy 10.24.14.png)

Epilepsy Saga Part 25: October 24, 2014.
>"Yesterday I sat and watched #girlinterupted. Such a good film that I relate to a lot! The past 2 weeks have been tough with my #depression, #anxiety and #chronicillness/#invisibleillness and it felt good to watch this and have a good cry."
Jesus Christ, the dramu. Of course she relates to Girl, Interrupted. Her, and all the fucking tumblrinas.
>"And I found out my #surgicalmask is super absorbent for tears haha <3"
I can't. I just can't.

No. 226327

The only character she can possibly "relate" to is suzanna's roommate. Forget her name but she's a compulsive liar!

No. 226370

They should've used that money to buy themselves so new shoes that aren't falling apart.

This is perfect, anon. Too bad we can't make a banner of it.

No. 226427

>> my dad works for the CIA!

No. 226435

File: 1483387004904.png (388.04 KB, 750x1334, IMG_0404.PNG)

She has an active facebook, but posts are dull and generic 'happy new year' sort of marlakey

No. 226722

File: 1483434237324.png (485.09 KB, 1041x655, epilepsy 11.18.14.png)

Epilepsy Saga Part 26: November 18, 2014.
>Makes Hypermobile Geek blog, complete with custom masked spoonie avatar
>Posts intro and an entry about her microtia
>Plans to post about epilepsy and her other illnesses
>Never posts again.

No. 226729

File: 1483435898315.png (836.56 KB, 1685x777, epilepsy 11.24.14.png)

Epilepsy Saga Part 27: November 24, 2014.
Robyn is so nervous/anxious, yew guize! She is manically counting down the days to her neuro appointment in this post, spoonie hashtagging away, high on the prospect of how her brand new shiny epilepsy diagnosis will affect her life.
>This is literally a life changing appointment! I may end up on #medication for the rest of my life because of this."
I thought you were already sick and on medication for the rest of your life! Are all those other pills you post just for show? Oh, wait…

No. 226740

File: 1483438936061.png (1.18 MB, 1683x1069, epilepsy 11.26.14.png)

Epilepsy Saga Part 27: November 26, 2014.
Robyn has a migraine. Again, she is counting down to her ~*glorious neurology appointment uwu*~ and also discusses her seizure symptoms and history in the comments. She says that the only reason her doc took her seriously about the seizures is because she had a witness (Mr. Doormat, of course). She also recounts that her docs blew her off about her migraines and told her to just take paracetamol (Tylenol). Somewhere along the Munchie line she did end up getting put on Imitrex for them, but it is interesting to see her track record of diagnosis shopping and fails along the way.

No. 226744

>>getting put on imitrex
Chronic Migraine sufferer here. Imitrex (sumatriptan) is the one triptan I can't have under any circumstance as it can cause seizures and I have a seizure disorder. Seems like a strange thing for her to be prescribed.

No. 226747

Do you know what really irks me, the fact she's saying things like >>seeing neurologist about my epilepsy.
You had some "seizures" Robyn, chill out. It take months to get a diagnosis. Also, her doormat has no medical training. I'm inclined to think that she may be fainting rather than seizing as fainting can cause mild jerking of the limbs which a worried partner might interpret as a seizure.
I mean, we know she was probably faking but that's my differential dx.

No. 226749

That's probably why she wanted sumatriptan. A few of her meds can cause seizures and she went doctor shopping for them after the epilepsy saga began.
She genuinely seems munchie enough to deliberately induce seizures to ensure medical attention.

No. 226753

Yeah I was thinking along those lines. It's the tramadol all over again really.

No. 226761

Sumatriptan is awful for non epileptics! Both myself and best friend stopped taking it because it made our heads feel like they were going to explode.

So this is HIGHLY probable IMO.

Bit OT, BUT 3 dissolvable asprin and a travel sickness pill works best at the onset of a migraine, I find.

Sage because might be too ~personal blog~

No. 226773

File: 1483451896386.png (1009.49 KB, 1035x657, epilepsy 12.3.14.png)

Epilepsy Saga Part 28: December 3, 2014.
The Day of Robyn's ~*Glorious Neurology Appointment desu*~ Has Arrived! She posts that she has a migraine that day, too…yes, of course she does. Now she's counting down the mere hours until she will get her super-anticipated "very important #hospitalappointment" fix sated at last.

No. 226774

File: 1483452177912.png (849.75 KB, 1035x657, epilepsy

Epilepsy Saga Part 29: December 3, 2014.
Leaving for ~*Glorious Appointment desu*~!
>"Nervous as Fuck, but let's do this - off to see the #neurologist about my #seizures and possible #epilepsy and see what he has to say and what the plan of action is… So used to #doctors treating me badly that I'm pretty scared about this #hospitalappoinment - #spoonielife/#spoonieproblems ❤️❤️❤️"

>So used to #doctors treating me badly

I can't imagine why, Munchiechan.

No. 226778

File: 1483453204508.png (754.89 KB, 1037x657, epilepsy

Epilepsy Saga Part 30: December 3, 2014.
Robyn has arrived for her super-important, very exciting but nerve-wracking #neurology #hospitalappointment!
>Big Day ❤️❤️❤️

No. 226809

the appointment was so super important that she had an alcoholic drink the night before? Probably expecting to have some tests done and hoping the alcohol would have some kind of negative effect on the test results.

No. 226827

Off-topic but I think this is the best she's ever looked. Really shows what good angles and hair that frames the face can do

No. 226832

File: 1483466181217.jpg (618.32 KB, 590x581, robyndrunk.jpg)

This just reminded me… Epilepsy Saga PART 2.2 (didn't want to interfere).
Not even a month after her seizure in August 2014 when she was still in testing - see above: CT not done, neurologist not yet seen, she got _heavily_ drunk at a friend's wedding on 12/09/14.
>Even threw up in the bathroom cupboard because I was convinced it was the toilet. So #embarrassed.
pic related.

That's not something you do when you're waiting for a diagnosis. As an epileptic alcohol is one of the biggest triggers and if it's not you may enjoy a glass here or there but this is munchie in your face behaviour.
Bet she would have _loooved_ getting a seizure at the wedding. uuuuh, attenshion.

No. 226833

Wtf? Her hair is so fried it looks like a cheap party wig.

No. 226837

Especially considering a lot of the meds she takes don't play well with alcohol. Also she moans about slipping on mud and hurting her knee because of roadworks but she'll happily get hammered, which usually involves falling over or stumbling into things etc.

No. 226893

It looks like she plopped a shitty little dog on her head.

No. 226898

where did you find this pic anon? It's hilarious.

No. 226903

nitpicking but why do her eyes always look so empty and unfocused in all of her pictures, where is she looking when she takes selfies??

No. 226905

It's right there on her hypermobilegeek insta, part of a series. Just remembered when alcohol was mentioned. Enjoy.

No. 226921

It's because she's on drugs, anon. Lots of drugs.

No. 226924

She definitely looks better when her hair is a lighter color. The red she has is way too dark and looks terrible.

No. 227064

Researchers identified a new organ in the digestive system so how long will it take Robyn to claim an issue with hers may be the real cause of her misery instead of her trash food diet?

No. 227251


Really?! What organ?

No. 227264

>It's named the mesentery and it connects the intestine to the abdomen wall.

No. 227279

She's also watching herself on her phone screen instead of looking directly at the camera above it when taking photos.

No. 227506

Happy birthday Robyn, hope you have a suuuper speshul snowflake day

No. 227871

File: 1483607270822.png (665.68 KB, 1363x699, epilepsy

Epilepsy Saga Part 31: December 3, 2014.
~*Glorious Neuro Appointment desu*~ "went so well!" She excitedly recounts the visit in great detail, including basic neuro tests, and allegedly receives the 'tentative' diagnosis of temporal lobe epilepsy. She scores orders for an MRI and EEG, and is prescribed Keppra.

No. 227872

File: 1483607550191.png (1.06 MB, 1039x655, epilepsy

Epilepsy Saga Part 32: December 3, 2014.
Robyn gleefully shows off her new epilepsy med.
>"Scared and excited all at the same time."

No. 227873

File: 1483608359126.png (951.76 KB, 1033x759, epilepsy 12.4.14.png)

Epilepsy Saga Part 33: December 4, 2014.
Pharma-Porn shot, "such a cute little box" yewguise! Robyn wants to accessorize her pretty new pills in a new pillbox. Jesus fuck she is obsessed.
She has never mentioned her and Zak trying for a baby until this post, so she probably read the contraindication and invented a new spoonie sacrifice to bitch about. Ah well, #spoonielife!
>I can no longer drink alcohol and Zak and I's plans to have a baby have been put on hold for the moment because of this #medication.

No. 227875

File: 1483608491207.png (738.52 KB, 1035x655, epilepsy

Epilepsy Saga Part 34: December 4, 2014.
Another glam pharma shot. Totez normal to be this enamored with an RX.

No. 227876

File: 1483608713684.png (652.23 KB, 1037x657, epilepsy

Epilepsy Saga Part 35: December 4, 2014.
"Look, these are my instructions for taking muh new super speshul pillz!"
>only has tentative dx thus far
>already wants med covered for free

No. 227880

So, she's forgoing children (which apparently she wants by all accounts) to cater to her fake diagnosis of epilepsy? …I don't even. She really needs to see a therapist. If she's putting her fake disorders in front of real life things like, idk, HER FUTURE then she's really not in her right goddamn mind.

No. 227889

If she was really trying to conceive then she should have discussed it with the neuro. Actually, any neurologist would ask a woman of childbearing age if there's a chance they could become pregnant before prescribing a drug that can affect foetal development. I know mine did.

No. 227895

File: 1483613996686.jpg (800.22 KB, 915x540, 20140814.jpg)

Sorry, that's not entirely true, she did mention trying for a baby before. This pic is from August 14th. But being oh so worried because of her hypermobility disorder. So the reasoning stays, just the illness changes.

That's right. My neuro asks me every appointment if I plan to have children. There are other meds AND you would take smaller doses troughout the day - although you might start with the latter only after having conceived successfully.

Btw for you farmers not familiar with keppra: the side effects this drug has on the fetus are so severe, she could end up with some distant cousins of the Hartley Potatoes!

No. 227925


The doc's notes here are fucking bizarre. Either the doc believes she has extremely mild epilepsy, or no epilepsy at all.

Levetiracetam is one of the mildest anti-epileptics available– as in it doesn't have such a drastic, immediate effect on seizures as do some of the others like idk Dilantin or Lamictal. It's considered so mild that it's only been extremely recently approved for monotherapy, wheras it used to be given to supplement another stronger drug.

When I started Levetiracetam, my first prescription was 500 mg twice a day, and I had really only started to have seizures the previous year. 1000 mg is like the very lowest dose they'll initially put someone on, even when the idea is to gradually up their dose to better control seizures.

For the amount of "grand mals" she's had, especially over what she's claimed as an 8-year period, you'd think the doctors would give her something a littler higher potency or dosage. 1000 mg wouldn't do shit for the frequency of seizures she's claiming to have.

And I think the docs are on to her too. If you're going to play it safe and give a possible faker an antiepileptic, Levetiracetam is the safest one to give them. It doesn't get processed through the liver, so there's no danger of damage, and the major side effects are mostly being angry or moody. (Which, for Robyn, being a huge cunt isn't that big a deal anyway.)

500 mg my ass. Either she fucking faked the bagged script itself, or her doctors figure she's a histrionic shitheel.

No. 227926


Look at her smug punchable face. "Nyah nyah nyah nyah! I've got epilepsy now!"

>Diagnosis says tentative

Fuck I would love this malingering cunt to be called out by a doctor seriously. I'm so glad the Wound Saga surgeon called her out for being a time waster and to stop touching it at least!

No. 227930

Who is on the highest dose tho?
>I' m taking a 1000mg
> Well, i'm taking 1500mg
It's clearly a competition with these people.
I saw Jonzie having a similar contest with one of her commentors in an old post. Only, Jonzie really amped up how super special she was cause her dose was higher and got pissy when questioned.
I loathe these fucking eejits!

No. 227971

Fuck, you're right. Thank you for pointing out my error. I messed this chronology up in my notes. :( Her TTC posts were very few and I suspect she was toying with the idea of having a Pregnancy Saga but she never followed up on it. We'll have to see what her #spoonielife future holds. Fake pregnancy dramu is popular among MBI cases and I wouldn't be surprised in the least if she goes there at some point.

No. 227977

File: 1483636833206.png (921.81 KB, 1034x800, epilepsy 12.6.14.png)

Epilepsy Saga Part 36: December 6, 2014.
More pharma porn. Robyn has fun calculating how many Keppra pills she will be taking in the coming month. In the comments, she claims she hasn't had many side effects except for tiredness and feeling dizzy for the first couple of days, but contradicts herself in an upcoming post on Dec. 8th.

No. 227983

File: 1483637851116.png (894.42 KB, 1039x657, epilepsy

Epilepsy Saga Part 37: December 6, 2014.
And MORE pharma porn. She is absolutely ecstatic about scoring meds for her "seizures" and can't stop manically posting about it.
>"I got a little excited that my #seizure and #epilepsy #medication (#levetiracetam/#keppra) matches my #babybluehair/#spearminthair - well at least I'm colour coordinated - #spoonielife/#spoonieproblems ❤️❤️❤️"

No. 227985

File: 1483638106701.png (698.07 KB, 1037x659, epilepsy 12.8.14.png)

Epilepsy Saga Part 38: December 8, 2014.
>"Here goes nothing!!! My first dose of #levetiracetam (#keppra) for my #seizures and #epilepsy. Let's hope I don't get any crazy #sideeffects - #spoonielife/#spoonieproblems ❤️❤️❤️"
The obsessive live-blogging about these pills is so OTT.
If this is your first dose, Robyn, why did you post about minimal side-effects in Part 36?

No. 227986

File: 1483638435371.png (1022.55 KB, 1041x657, epilepsy

Epilepsy Saga Part 39: December 8, 2014.
Time to order lots of gaudy medical alert shwag! Her level of excitement/fetishizing is so disturbing.

No. 228022


Ugh! Fuck's sake, why? Levetiracetam is fucking bitter as hell, to the point if I don't make the first swallow, it's strong enough to make me gag. Why the fuck plop one on your tongue???

No. 228048

She spent £43 on medic alert shit for a condition she was "tentatively" diagnosed with. My risk assessment at work required me to wear a medic alert bracelet. I shopped around and found one for £9. But of course for Robyn it has to be a fucking fashion accessory rather than a discreet piece of jewellery. What an absolute tit. Why on earth does anyone need to wear both a bracelet and a necklace with the same thing on them. Unless you're in a freak accident that involves your head and neck being physically separated from your arms, I think just the one item will suffice. Jeez.

No. 228097

File: 1483654285142.png (554.14 KB, 1039x655, epilepsy 12.11.14.png)

Epilepsy Saga Part 40: December 11, 2014.
Robyn goes to the doc for the third fucking time regarding her migraines, hoping to score some better meds.

No. 228404

File: 1483678239255.png (566.67 KB, 1041x657, epilepsy

Epilepsy Saga Part 41: December 11, 2014.
Robyn scores a script for sumatriptan. After the chimpout she had over being told to take an antihistamine despite her "seizures," she ought to have been similarly concerned in this case (sumatriptan can lower seizure threshold). I would not be surprised if she looked up migraine meds and kept going back to the doc until she got a prescription that could cause or worsen seizures, hoping to induce them on purpose.

No. 228424


This is so fucked up. I can't even come up with a witty comment; I'm just staring in disbelief. Who the hell does this with meds.

No. 228427

File: 1483683446430.png (1.41 MB, 2071x647, epilepsy

Epilepsy Saga Part 42: December 11, 2014.
Pharmaporn, sumatriptan edition.

No. 228459

The most ridiculous thing here is that when her GP prescribed Sumatriptan, a box will have come up on the computer screen stating that it's contraindicated in patients with a history of seizures. The doctor will have had to dismiss the warning, acknowledging that there is no risk of seizures in that particular patient.

Also, and I've said it before, why didn't Robyn mention her "crippling" migraines at her super important neuro appointment especially after whinging about how she needed her MRI asap because of migraines. The neurologist would have prescribed an antiepileptic with a dual purpose such as topiramate or sodium valproate which are both used in migraine prevention.

No. 228463

File: 1483692323749.png (903.31 KB, 1673x657, epilepsy

Epilepsy Saga Part 43: December 11, 2014.
Robyn receives her appointment letter for an MRI.

No. 228464

File: 1483692358253.png (1.52 MB, 2075x655, epilepsy

Epilepsy Saga Part 44: December 11, 2014.
Lookie yewguise, she got a kawaii case just for her beloved sumatriptan!
>Jesus fucking christ already, Robyn!

No. 228468

File: 1483693234494.png (1000.92 KB, 1041x657, epilepsy

Epilepsy Saga Part 45: December 11, 2014.
>"So excited! All my #medicalalert/#medicalert/#medicalalertbracelet/#medicalertbracelet stuff arrived today so I can wear it all the time just in case I have a #seizure or I'm in an accident and they need to know my #allergies, #medication and about my #epilepsy and #hypermobilitysyndrome - #spoonielife/#spoonieproblems ❤️❤️❤️"
Self-explanatory. Jesus fuck.

No. 228473

>My #epilepsy and #seizure journey officially begins today
Wtfff she's unhinged ! It's so obvious she's freaking stoked about this

>But also no seizures :) x
Like she had real ones in the first place … She could have taken any placebo and she'd have no seizures either.

Bitch is officially unhinged
I can picture her looking lovingly at her pills, organising it, checking other munchie's pill porn, playing with her medication all day long. She must look like a goddamn psycho.

No. 228478


Hypermobility syndrome on medic alert bracelet?! Wtf?!

No. 228506

She pisses me off so much, I'm epileptic and it is the worst, medication makes me feel horrendous, I find having seizures really embarrassing (I also worry it will frighten people) and constant worry of possibly having a fit, so to see her having a fucking jolly about it gets on my tits

Sage for blogpost

No. 228531

lol back in the days when she could just keep her pills in a change purse. now she's got so many she needs different tupperwares to keep them all in! oh how much she's deteriorated just in 2 years!

No. 228539

For some reason reading your last 2 sentences - after glancing at the pic you were referring to - sent an actual chill down my spine! She's like some demented freak from a horror movie. She will kill someone one day i'm now convinced…

No. 228580

File: 1483722000998.png (720.51 KB, 1043x657, epilepsy

Epilepsy Saga Part 46: December 11, 2014.
Robyn shows us her beloved medical alert trinket haul. Okay, I have never seen anyone wear more than one medicalert tag. Of course Robyn had to get the gaudiest, most attention-grabbing colors and styles possible. That penicillin allergy bracelet is so fucking OTT.
>"I already adore them"
FFS she makes me rage! It's not a fucking fashion statement, Munchiechan.

No. 228583

Seriously? A rubber bracelet band for penicillin intolerance?! That's so stupid its funny. She treasures these spoonie trinkets like they're Olympic medals.

I know it wont make you feel different, but you you've nothing to be embarrassed about.

No. 228586

File: 1483722564001.png (680.32 KB, 1359x655, epilepsy

Epilepsy Saga Part 47: December 11, 2014.
Modelling her new bracelet, along with a bullshit anecdote about her sooper cereal #hypermobilitysyndrome.
>Awh tiny wrist club :)

No. 228594

>tiny wrists
Don't worry, you make it up in your fat hand and sausage fingers.

Does she still work in a medical setting? It's amazing they haven't dismissed her just for all this red flag.

No. 228606

Yeah she's a ward clerk in a maternity unit.

No. 228617

File: 1483728449293.png (194.08 KB, 910x666, Screen Shot 2017-01-06 at 1.43…)

>designed for toddlers

just because it's in the kids section doesn't mean it's meant for toddlers.

fun fact. I'm a small wristed adult too (15mm). My wrists are not the same size as a toddler you ninny.

No. 228625

>I'm scared of wrists
>It's okay bb I'm scared of ears


No. 228632

My average sized toddler son's wrist is 11cm. That definitely would not fit him. What a dumb munchie.

No. 228633

jesus christ, an alert bracelet for penicillin, really?? I'm allergic to that and don't need a frigging bracelet to tell everybody, A LOT OF PEOPLE are allergic to penicillin and that category of medicines. Just make sure your doctor's know and it'll be on your file and nobody will give it to you, christ. What a baby.

No. 228643

Right? It's not like someone's just going to randomly hand you a chocolate-and-penicillin candy bar. It's not like you're going to make out with some dude who just ate an assload of penicillin and you're going to die because he still had some in his teeth. It's not like you're going to be sitting out in the yard and a penicillin wasp is going to sting you.

No. 228645

I'm not going to measure my kid's wrist, but I'm sure it's way smaller than 15cm and she's 5. Toddler sized my ass.

No. 228650

I lost it at penicillin wasp lol

No. 228651


I can understand if she was allergic to something that might be administered by a paramedic in an emergency, diazepam or morphine or something bu penecillin? No one is gonna inject you with that without telling you.

No. 228652

Why would they even give her emergency penicillin? Like if she's having a freaking untreated 2 month old gangrene? Not to mention a lot of people are allergic to it so they don't use it that much anymore.

What a weird retard.

No. 228659

Wow, I didn't know penicillin was such a common allergen. I've taken it many times for many things and have never had a reaction, so I just assumed it was a good "one size fits all" medicine. TIL, I guess.

No. 228715

if you google munchausen by internet (pictures) Robyn doesnt take long to appear !!! Wont be long before either a patient she comes into contact with at her work or someone she works with call her out and she has to try and explain herself and her MBI behaviours…

No. 228729

Go vote for Robyn had best new cow/horrorcow in /meta !!!

No. 228793


Did she order bracelets straps in every color and extras in some colors? Whyyyy?

No. 228794

>hypermobility? you should look into EDS
oh redacted……… if only you knew

No. 228844

It's got different degrees of allergic reactions. Some people get rashes n shit, but some people can go into anaphylaxis shock. OF COURSE, this cow will have the latter no doubt.

On hospital wards here you get your details written on a standard blue edged plastic band and if you're allergic to penicillin you get an extra red edged one. It's surprising how many people get reactions to it.

No. 228884

File: 1483754413917.jpg (218.67 KB, 1920x1920, IMG_0430.JPG)

I thought she was off alcohol because of the epilepsy meds? Looks like a glass of wine to me!

No. 229124


is this bitch wearing an eyepatch now?

No. 229126

It's just out a Christmas cracker, they're common as muck here

No. 229137

I wish it was real though. Imagine if she needed an eye patch for some reason. You just know she'd cover it in rhinestones or something to make it as obvious as possible.

No. 229141

Not defending her, but she could have put anything in that glass. It could be cranberry juice for all we know. People will use wine glasses for a lot of different things, actual wine isn't a requirement. I wouldn't put it past her though, she only seems to care about interactions if she can blame them on someone else instead of her own actions.

No. 231382

>It's not like you're going to make out with some dude who just ate an assload of penicillin and you're going to die because he still had some in his teeth.

I'm fucking laughing out loud

A bit off topic but Yesterday I saw my friend's mother walking her dog and her dog suddenly had a seizure, (Dog is a known apileptic and sometimes has 12+hours seizures)
the dog was foaming out of the mouth and had defecated all over my coat when I was holding her head and covering her eyes. I just imagined Robyn trying to prove she has a seizure and trying to get foam drool out of her mouth and shit herself lol
this also makes me wonder if some munchies go extra and intentionally shit themselves to get more munchie points.

No. 231391


I'm not sure about shit themselves but I've heard of people faking seizures pissing themselves on purpose.

No. 231392

My epileptic friend warns me every time she's about to have a seizure that this might be the time she pisses herself in front of me. Robyn, take notes. You gotta start pissing yourself.

No. 231415

one of the more embarrassing aspects of seizing in public - the possibility of losing bladder control. I used to keep spare clothes in my locker at work just in case. I only just realised Robyn never mentioned this kind of thing.

No. 231457

File: 1484164333869.png (260.75 KB, 720x1280, wp_ss_20170111_0001.png)

Genetic testing? Is she gearing up for a speshul new crisis of epic proportions? I hope she starts a new instagram to document it!

No. 231463

I realise this post is like a week old but it's really pissing me off that her GP prescribed her 28 sumatriptan to "see if it worked".

I'm in the UK too and I've been having migraines for well over a decade without any medications really doing anything and I've never had a doctor give me that many tablets to try out. When I got sumatriptan my doctor prescribed me SIX tablets because there's no point in giving you an entire pack of pills if the end up working.

I'm just baffled by how shitty her doctors are.

Sage for blog post

No. 231521

Lol up next, selfies of her poop stained knickers #fighting #spooniewarrior

No. 231546

Plus the fact that if it doesn't work, it's not exactly one of those medications you want to just keep taking more of until it does. I only started getting multiple boxes after my docs were sure it actually did something, and even then it's not nearly that much because taking too much has more risks than benefits.

No. 231550

She's been alluding to genetic testing for a while actually in order to rule out vascular type EDS. It can take a long time to get in for that stuff, there's typically long waiting lists involved.

No. 231562


She doesn't have the classic facial features of vascular Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. She has never mentioned any possible vascular events nor ones in her family. I suspect this is a total waste of time and limited NHS resources.

No. 231576

File: 1484178275700.png (847.28 KB, 1221x603, screenshot-www.instagram.com 2…)

Oh I agree. She obviously doesn't have it. But the person she claims to have gotten her EDS diagnosis from, and thus the referral for genetic testing, is a rheumatologist. Not a geneticist. So they would have less specific expertise to realize that she obviously doesn't have vascular type and that she's just stringing them along. The rheumatologist also focused on her ear lobes and claimed it was suggestive of EDS, and the Munchie Queen probably didn't let on that this symptom is likely connected to her microtia since she was getting what she wanted. So a combination of inadequate knowledge and a munchie patient leaving out important information leading to wasted resources.. again.

Source on the ear lobes bit: http://www.atresiarepair.com/education-remnant-ear-lobe.html

No. 231776

My OT friend had a patient who intentionally took laxatives on top our her medicine for Chrons so she'd shit herself and her nurses had to change her… people are fucked up lol

No. 232027

File: 1484245521759.jpg (53.1 KB, 480x637, Drawing_172012.jpg)

A vague status hinting at the doctors appointment she had today. I miss her instagram. She spewed all the information on there instead of these stupid hints.

No. 232047

Why the fuck would you be thrilled to get a diagnosis of a serious illness.
She's so incredibly nuts.

No. 232052

Cryptic bitch

No. 232064


So it's confirmed that Robyn deliberately withholds medical information from doctors in hopes they'll (mis)diagnose her.

What illness is she referring to?

No. 232066

Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. She pushed for a diagnosis because hypermobility syndrome wasn't serious enough to get her the asspats.

No. 232086

Wait, I thought her ears were corrected with surgery?

No. 232090

Reconstruction isn't perfect and with the way she does her hair, we rarely get to see how they're shaped now. Either way, them being small despite reconstruction would definitely not be EDS related.

No. 232383

I really hate this girl. Like, at least Kadee looks like she, maybe??? Baths every so often? Robyn looks like absolute filth.

No. 232444

Fugly, smug and has the most punchable face. She grinds my gears like no other cow

No. 236177

File: 1484685000776.png (298.13 KB, 720x1280, wp_ss_20170117_0002.png)

New facebook post about how amazing the doormat is…

No. 236178

File: 1484685052675.png (262.7 KB, 720x1280, wp_ss_20170117_0003.png)

Continued from last post..

No. 236179

File: 1484685087628.png (623.18 KB, 720x1280, wp_ss_20170117_0004.png)

Last part..

No. 236186


That is only ugly ass ring.

No. 236219

Why put such a dainty style ring on a pudgy, sausagey hand? Looks like a someone got engaged to a shaved chimp.

No. 236249

>cheapest kid toy machine ring ever
>omg wedding is 551 days to go!

bitch that's a year and a half away on top of HOW LONG you've been waiting already?

No. 236275

She manages to drag him down while banging on about this ring. He's a good doormat alright.

No. 236593

Nothing was ever going to good look on that hoof to be fair

No. 236594

* look good

No. 236624

oh poor girl, a low dose for 'suspected' epilepsy and some OTC vitamin supplements. a lot of kids and teens have to get shit-tier orphan drugs, icds, and heavy heart medication for vasc and classic. there aren't even any studies as of yet showing links between hypermobile and epilepsy so that's just a spankin' choice on her part. how any practicing physician took her seriously is beyond me, hypermobile self diagnosis is already a fucked up running joke.

i remember one of the younger pediatric patients had vascular and did IG for some make up artsy-type stuff since his parents pulled him out of school. never once told anyone about having it and instead just self regulated away from social media when he'd get really severe. most genuine patients don't want people to know they have a condition let alone use it for internet brownie points and virtual asspats.

i feel pretty po'd knowing he's gone at 12 and she's around using hypermobility and glamour shots at medical institutes of all things to troll for attention because she's not interesting enough on her own. illnesses, conditions and prescriptions aren't fucking fashion statements to boost your follower count. learn a skill or at least learn to treadmill instead.

is she serious..? how selfish. i feel downright awful for her future child(ren) if they even make it past development.

No. 236632


>i'm not fussed about how big/expensive the diamond is

yes, but here you are dropping a huge hint that you want a diamond [gross] but lol that she got a tiny fucking dot of a gem instead.

No. 236784

Does she have another Instagram aside from bujospoonie?

No. 236822

I completely forgot she posted about planning for a child… and from my understanding she didn't discontinue her medication (she would have mentioned it for extra spoonie points I guess)
How can a person continue this joke up to this point? I know that some/if not most antiepileptic medication raises a woman's chance for birth defects, ranging from a few extra fingers/cleft lip to a messed up spine, a hole in a heart, lower intelligence and autism. Would she really rather keep up with her hobby of collecting pill marchendise instead?

She might become like the mother of the hooligans. if she can't prove she isn't disabled herself, why not give birth to your own poor suffering ~disabled~ child? or maybe if she shows everyone that she is a spoonie with a spoonie kid she would be the ultimate spoonie on the internet?

No. 237070

File: 1484818608917.jpg (43.02 KB, 480x637, Drawing_173519.jpg)

What's the betting she'll have a "seizure" today now that two people have suggested it?

No. 237076


>engaged for nearly 6 years

>CURRENT planned date is more than a year away

If an engagement lasts that long, at least one partner doesn't really want to get married.

>Zak never talks about Robyn on his sm

>gave her her MOM's ring in a friggin kinder egg (I know she's a fatty but come on)
>never got her a new ring despite her passive aggressive hints that she wanted a different one
>Robyn ended up designing her own ring

I wonder if Doormat has attempted to dump her yet and she's done something crazy to force him to stay with her, or if he's resigned himself to his fate and is doing the bare minimum in the relationship as a result.

And fuuuck that ring is ugly. Is it really the best she could come up with? "This could have been paid for by Zak working one shift." Okay, so money isn't the issue (unless they're shit with money and barely scraping by). Why buy that fugly thing instead of waiting a little while longer and saving up? She hasn't had a ring she really likes for 6 years, it's not like it'll kill her to wait a little longer.

No. 237088

>I wonder if Doormat has attempted to dump her yet and she's done something crazy to force him to stay with her

I wouldn't be surprised if forcing him to stay (amongst other things?) was a silent byproduct of the chemical burn saga. That one was quite intense and disturbing.
Another theory may be, that Zak himself would have feelings of guilt leaving her. She doesn't seem to have any friends, does she? She may not have to play the victim card, he’s just too caught up in it already.
And last but not least: they have bought a house together.

They stopped trying for a child a few boxes into her medication, thank God, but she's still taking the prenatal vitamins or whatevs for extra pill porn pictures, I think.

No. 237861

File: 1485003703850.png (832.45 KB, 1047x657, epilepsy 12.13.14.png)

Epilepsy Saga Part 48: December 13, 2014.
Two fucking days later, still sperging about how she adores her beloved medic alert bracelets.
Someone asks her about the 'no ambulance' thing and she gives such a bullshit answer. Well sweetums, the only way you'd be that confident is if you knew you really plan your "seizures" so yeah you'll magically be in the right place/time.

No. 237885


dem hashtags doe

No. 237886

Has she got a DO NOT RESUSCITATE one? That'd save people a lot of time and money.

No. 237906

No. 237997

Robyn's gone dark on facebook. No more fun for the time being

No. 238003

File: 1485037812963.png (51.68 KB, 750x1204, IMG_0507.PNG)

And the poor attempt at whatever this was has disappeared too

No. 238006

I suspect someone is tipping cows again. JBN just sperged the fuck out in Munchie General and Robyn has deleted things again.

No. 238024

It's JBN. I have an inside source.

No. 238032

File: 1485042566748.png (639.78 KB, 1039x655, epilepsy

Epilepsy Saga Part 49: December 13, 2014.
More medic alert gear OTT-ness. Jesus fuck, I have never seen anything more gaudy than the tags she bought.
>"Do you think I have enough colors???"

No. 238049

What a fucking brat. Now she's acting like a savior to these miscreants?
Nicole, if you're reading, pls justify yourself..
Like you're actually sick and we get that but these people art taking advantage of resources that you and other people need. If you don't think so, lurk more.

No. 238091


This thread is very easy to find, as are the other ones. Many in the chronic illness community are aware of the threads. It was only a matter of time before Robyn found out about them. Sorry that you won't have anything to bitch about anymore, looks like you'll have to find something new to occupy your time :)

No. 238093

Jesus Christ. It really is just a fashion statement to her.

No. 238099

Don't worry Nicole, we'll just keep making fun of you!

No. 238103


You mean the munchie community.

No. 238106


This thread is very easy to find, as are the other ones. Many in the chronic illness community are aware of the threads. It was only a matter of time before Robyn found out about them. Sorry that you won't have anything to bitch about anymore, looks like you'll have to find something new to occupy your time :)>>238103

Not every chronically ill person is a munchie…in fact very few are :)

No. 238112


Duh. Many of the people who comment here do because they have the actual conditions the munchies fake and are able to prove the posts are fake or exaggerated. Check out the posts of Robyns epilepsy saga. We've come from the hashtags too.

They/We are sick of what were wellness, health and support communities being taken over by drama queens looking for attention.

No. 238116

Robyn found out about her thread ages ago.

No. 238117

So what happens if someone can prove that they have the conditions they say they have? What then?

No. 238119

It's really unfortunate how you don't see how these munchies are literally making a mockery of what it means to be chronically ill and have these disease like how have you looked at Robyn's story without anger? She's literally mocking diseases you actually have? That doesn't bother you? We have done nothing compared to how terrible robyn, alexys, etc act on a regular basis and abuse medical staff and treatment centers.

Doesn't that shit upset you at all? As an actual chronically ill person?

No. 238120

Then we drop talking about them. There are several examples where someone's been put forward then other posters dismiss the OP, telling them the person is genuinely ill.

No. 238122

I wonder if she deleted @bujospoonie because she just gave up on the bullet journal?

No. 238123

Didn't that actually happen with JBN?
She just keeps comin back… honestly Nicole if you just kept your mouth shut we probably wouldn't speak of you again cuz you're not fundamentally a cow. But you can always become one, if that's what you're going for..

No. 238124

I ended up starting the system thanks to learning about it being posted here. Thanks Robyn.

No. 238125


I personally try not to judge people because I don't know their full story, I only see small parts of their lives.

To be honest if people want to talk about me now that I supposedly tipped Robyn then so be it. I'd rather people leave my friend alone because she doesn't deserve it. If people talk about me instead I can't stop them from doing so, I have plenty of medical evidence to back up everything I'm saying :)

No. 238126


In the other thread I wasn't white knighting myself, I was given the link to the thread by several people who had seen what was being posted about me. I posted one post on my Instagram about it and later deleted it as I didn't want other people finding the site as no one should be subjected to having to read what's being said about people. The white knighting wasn't me, one of them was one of my best friends whilst the others were someone I don't know

No. 238127

You are just dying for us to ask for the evidence so you can post it all. It pisses you off that we don't give you the attention that Robyn and others get, doesn't it???

No. 238128

I'm really not, I just want people to leave Robyn alone but think what you want

No. 238129

Go ahead, then. Spill the usernames.

No. 238130

I don't know who it was…it wasn't myself though. If you chose to think that then so be it but one of them was definitely one of my best friends.

No. 238132

>I was given the link to the thread by several people who had seen what was being posted about me

Who were those folks? Those kiddos are definitely chatting about other people here, so you don't need to feel guilty about sharing their usernames. Especially the ones you don't know.

No. 238133


I'm not sharing other people's usernames because they've done nothing wrong

No. 238134

Bullshit. It's because they don't exist. Nice try, Nicole. Just breathe somewhere else.

No. 238135


Think what you want, I can't change your opinion but I'm not about to share people's usernames to subject them to abuse

No. 238136

Censor them, then. Post screenshots showing the messages with just the first three-four letters showing.

No. 238143

File: 1485061080349.jpg (17.63 KB, 547x946, 16216223_1247849525303215_7899…)

No. 238144

File: 1485061131393.jpg (35.85 KB, 548x1002, 16145508_1247849545303213_6936…)

No. 238145

Nicole can you literally fuck off? No one gives a shit about you or your made up puking for attention. We're going to continue talking about these cows wether or not you tip them off. Go back to posting about your pitiful life on insta and begging for arrention.

No. 238147

Funny how these supposed "anon messages" were sent to you after you started coming here and white knighing people…

No. 238148


You know what, I can't change your opinion, think what you want

No. 238150

Get the fuck off this thread and go back to whining on instagram about your spoonie life.

No. 238151


I'm just glad I'm not anything like you or anyone else on here :)

No. 238152


no1curr. Run along.

I'm sure you're due for another hospital post on instagram soon.

No. 238153

I could say the same about you, you attention starved baby. Maybe you should do something with your life other than dig for internet attention from strangers. You could preach as much as you want that you're just "bringing awareness to people's invisible illnesses" but let's be real. Everything you do is a cry for attention.

No. 238155

These were sent today?
Nice edit job moving the 5s there.
Literally fuck off. Nobody sent you these messages. I've been mentioned on these boards before (due to my involvement in a certain community) and I've never been messaged once. Nobody is sending you messages. Just_be_honest_nicole

No. 238159

>Nice edit job moving the 5s there.
Hilariously bad.

No. 238160


No they were screenshotted yesterday to send a friend but like you said I'm away now :)

No. 238161

Anyone have a current Robyn Laura Brown account on any platform?

No. 238234

File: 1485083352811.jpg (100.41 KB, 500x670, IMG_0508.JPG)

No but enjoy this

No. 238237


Is that Robyn?!!?!

No. 238241

Omg I think it is.

Her gaping tongue piercing looks big enough to put a McDonald's straw through it..

No. 238292

ngl she was cute here

No. 238305

she looks like fat felice fawn, just with blue hair instead of red

No. 238308

You're sick

No. 238321


What, you mean like actually suffering from the medical conditions you and shitheels like Robyn play tourist in?

Yeah, you ought to be fucking happy you're not sick. But given that you probably have a pervasive personality disorder, you're probably enjoying all of this negative attention you're getting.

What's the matter, sweets? Your family and friends finally not buying that you're awwww so super srs sick??? Just go ahead and bust out the old regulars– jam a few fingers down your throat and pray to the porcelain god.

Here's the thing, you moron: I see asshole like you regularly at the specialists I need to go see. And it's clear the types of people you are, even from behind a closed door. Listening to someone verbally abuse the medical staff for something not going their way, watching someone being a snippy dickhead to the receptionist, is vastly, vastly different from actually sick people.

And what you morons can't quite seem to figure out that this shit is taxing. On many fucking levels. Actually sick people don't have the energy to be the level of raging crazy cuntiness that you pathological attention seeking whores manage to sustain.

So hey: go ahead. Harp on us for getting sick of your constant drain on the medical resources we truly need. How dare we be frustrated with someone who's physically healthy but just mentally ill?? Isn't that just as valid? Don't you need medical attention too, even if you aren't "that" kind of sick?

Answer: no. Now fuck off and let us complain about your shitiness in peace. You cunt.

No. 238329

Nicole isn't one of those people though. I don't think she's ever mentioned kicking off at medical staff or anything like that. Yeah, she's disheartened by the treatment she gets sometimes but all of us get fed up of being sick sometimes.

And as someone with a diagnosis of bpd, it really pisses me off when it gets thrown around as an insult or as a way to explain away behaviours we don't agree with or understand. I'm pretty sure Nicole doesn't have bpd but even if she dis, who cares? Borderline patients aren't all the way they're portrayed in the movies. Some of us actually have a sense of right and wrong and accept the treatment offered to us and try to fix ourselves.

Sorry for ranting.

No. 238331


I've never once abused medical staff. I've never once shouted at medical staff, swore at medical staff or been physically abusive.

I also don't have a diagnosis of a personality disorder. I have medical letters which clearly state my diagnosis.

I have somatic vomiting, that's my diagnosis. I've never once lied about that or tried to make out it's something it's not. I've been completely open and honest about my diagnosis.

As for sticking my fingers down my throat, I think by now if I were doing it then medical staff would have caught onto it. I'm admitted to a general medicine hospital for weeks at a time due to constant vomiting, the medical staff can see I am vomiting and not making myself sick. A&E can see I'm vomiting and not making myself sick.

No. 238332


As well as somatic vomiting I also have other medical conditions which again I have medical letters which clearly state my diagnosis. Before you say I am lying about those conditions hospitals don't admit you to intensive care for nothing, the NHS couldn't afford to even if they wanted to.

No. 238333

We don't care? At all? Go away

No. 238335

For not caring you sure as hell like making comments about it

No. 238338

Borderlines are the literal fucking worst. They are all abusers.

No. 238339


Holy christ, you people are fucking dense. And this response is a perfect testament to the kind of slimy circle jerk community you psychos have constructed for yourselves.

"B-b-b-but I'm realy sick yu guize!!! no faaaair!"

Yes, Nicole is one of those people. And since you don't seem to be getting it either: YOU are one of those fucking people.

You are attention seeking, resource draining fucking black holes of constant NEED NEED NEED, and if you can't get enough for just being who you are, you have to ramp it up to 11 and flail into histrionics about conditions you don't actually have.

I don't think you seem to realize: this isn't instagram or tumblr. Nobody here is going to say, "Oh my bad, since she came here and said 'NU-UUUHHHH', she clearly has EDS/anorexia/whatever random bullshit. Please accept my apologies."

The communities you sit and fester on have just strengthened your clearly fucking delusional belief that everyone will believe and give you asspats for whatever shit you decide to whine about on the internet. And then when we don't, you need to scuttle on in like the shithouse rat you are and squeal about how we aren't worshipping you and your dramawhore friends for the horrible things you're going through.

You aren't special. You aren't suffering.

You're just disgusting.

No. 238340

You know I honestly am glad that you will never know what it's like. I don't even know why I'm trying to convince you all because it's clear you have your minds made up about me. You're a very small minority of people, you all mean nothing to me so to be honest screw you all. Think what you want because I know the truth, my boyfriend knows the truth, my family does and all my friends know the truth. I'm going to go now. Have fun with your pathetic lives, I'm just glad I don't need to live with any of you

No. 238341

We might believe you're sick but we do not believe you have an actual boyfriend..

No. 238345

Might be hard to believe but I actually do :)

No. 238346

Yeah, sure, keep stealing resources from literal sick people so you can take cute #spoonie photos for Instagram. In ten years you're going to look back at this and cringe. Either that, or you're going to morph into asmoothroundstone/Amanda from Tumblr.

No. 238350

I hate this kind of stereotyping of mental illness. And yes, before you say it isn't, personality disorders are a mental illness or at least they are considered that way and therefore treated that way in the UK. I've been through treatment, I've worked hard to change the pervasive issues. I am and never have been abusive. BPD manifests in many ways. For me it was impulsivity, self injury, suicide attempts. And one of the things I hate about a lot of other people with BPD is their insistence that they have a serious mental illness that will never go away. Because that's bullshit. If you want to recover, you can. I did and no longer considered to have a personality disorder.

I don't consider myself to be a part of any community. Yeah, I may use the spoonie hashtag but it's to find people dealing with the same shit as me, not for attention. So fuck you.

No. 238351


Hahahahaha, and having had to live with a person like you, I can safely say that the people closest to you put up a veneer of support, because otherwise your whining, sulking, brooding, and tantrums are so stressful that they prefer you pacified that everyone "believes" you, than to constantly fight you to see reality.

The hardest thing to try to engage with is someone who clings to a false diagnosis when they aren't clinically delusional. Delusions, at least the actual traditional kind suffered from by those with psychotic disorders, can be treated with medication and therapy.

You are your ilk just have a pathological need for the attention of your preference. And your insane stamina for that incessant crave outlasts any normal person's desire to try to correct that pathological urge.

See, you can't even be medicated, because it's a personality disorder and not a traditional mental illness. You can't even treated unless you're actually interested in recovering from the disgusting behavior you enjoy in engaging.

So yeah. You're not sick, in so many levels. You're just the human equivalent of a black hole, ripping through other people's lives and swallowing their light, until you eventually snuff them out.

No. 238352

I've never claimed to be special or suffering. I just don't think Nicole belongs in this forum.

No. 238353

Again, Nicole doesn't have a personality disorder.(whiteknight)

No. 238360


Nicole, Robyn, you and whatever other cow absolutely deserve to be publically shamed on this forum. Here's an informative webpage so that you'll stop your fucking hair-splitting.


"Factitious Disorders imposed on self." Which is a somatoform disorder, just as Nicole keeps blubbering about.

>>>Factitious disorder is falsification of physical or psychologic symptoms without an obvious external incentive; the motivation for this behavior is to assume the sick role. Symptoms can be acute, dramatic, and convincing. Patients often wander from one physician or hospital to another for treatment. The cause is unknown, although stress and a severe personality disorder, most often borderline personality disorder, are often implicated. Diagnosis is clinical. There are no clearly effective treatments.

>>>There are no clearly effective treatments.

>>>There are no clearly effective treatments.

So yeah! You're clearly a terminal case. Do us all a favor, live up to your fucking prognosis, and stop draining other people's medical resources to itch that scratch in your diseased little mind.

No. 238364

Someone pointed out to her yesterday that fictitious disorder is a somatic illness and she kept saying they're not the same. For a diagnosis of somatoform disorder, you need to have more than just one symptom anyway - you need 4 pain, 2 gastrointestinal, 1 sexual and 1 psychoneurological symptom, all of which go on for a long time (years).

No. 238374

File: 1485110478857.png (14.16 KB, 292x322, factitiousissomatic.png)


I don't know if you're illiterate, lazy, or just too fucking stupid to comprehend the link previously posted, so look at the little picture in this post.

The Merck Manuals consider "factitious" (not fictitious) disorder is a somatoform illness.

And if you bother to check out the grand total of five different subpages in that menu, none of the diagnoses section seem to specify that you need some bizarre hodge-podge of expressed symptoms.

Basically all you have to have is no actual physical problems, and a high rate of expressed concern for your perceived, but clinically unfounded, problems. You fucking dunce.

No. 238377

Psych and MBI anon here.

For the record, there's a couple of points you're confused or misinformed about. In the DSM 5, the diagnostic manual for the US, factitious disorder is listed under "somatic symptom and related disorders", but is not actually called a somatic disorder. It would be classified under the "related" section because of the fact that there is either no medical cause for the symptoms or because they are deliberately exaggerated to an unrealistic degree for attention. For somatoform disorder (now called somatic symptom disorder), the symptoms are not caused deliberately but rather an unconscious reaction of the mind to anxiety. When diagnosing factitious disorder, somatic symptom disorder is considered a differential diagnosis - the professional has to make sure that the symptoms are deliberately induced or exaggerated, not a consequence of anxiety resulting in attention seeking behavior. It is technically possible to have both from my understanding, but they are not the same thing. JBN is right about that specific detail.

However. To be clear, I don't like JBN. I argued with her the first time she wked Robyn, and just last night when I helped reveal she was wking herself. I do believe she's attention seeking and purposefully derailing threads or tipping cows in order to lavish in attention if she isn't getting enough on her own. But attention seeking behavior like that can be a component of somatic symptom disorder, as is the obsession with the severity of her symptoms or attempting to emphasize that they are genuine instead of somatic (yet still managing to argue that they're somatic…). That behavior lines up with the current diagnosis.

Either way, the best way to respond to her is to ignore her. Don't take the bait. She needs to deal with her issues with her actual professionals, and all we're doing by continuing to respond to her is feeding her need for attention. It reinforces the behavior. Let the thread go back to Robyn's bullshit. Continuing to argue this point will further derail the thread, which is exactly what JBN wants. Don't give it to her. Let it go after this and let's go back to bitching about Robyn. I'll even work on the EDS saga some more if that helps bring the topic back to its original point.

No. 238383


>>>I'll even work on the EDS saga some more if that helps bring the topic back to its original point.

I'll definitely agree to this.

(To be clear, my harping on the factitious illness stuff was mostly to shut Nicole and her wking up. I do realize somatic and factitious illnesses are clinically different, but it's very helpful that they are considered broadly under the same umbrella.)

No. 238390

Works for me, I've been looking for an excuse to get it up and running again but was waiting for a break in the epilepsy saga.

No. 238397

Pls Anon, Robyn's thread has been dead lately & I need my stories.

No. 238503

Welp, the queen finally started purging her old social media accounts. Took long enough.

No. 238781

Damnit Robyn, I'm waiting for her to change her name through deed poll lol

No. 238833

This reads like a Whitehouse song.

No. 238839

Quick question.
Why the fuck are you even here? Why do you care so much about random anon strangers and what they disucss?

See, I know the answer but you have yet to catch up.

No. 238842

I don't even remember which cow you are at this point. You're that irrelevant. How do you not recognise how self obsessed you are???

No. 238844

> don't even know why I'm trying to convince you all

Cuse Munchie. That's why

No. 238846

Are you deliberately trying to draw her back in? She'll only derail the thread again.

No. 238848

I'm late and posted before reading

No. 238850

File: 1485191019761.jpeg (36.55 KB, 371x438, Jimmies.jpeg)

No. 239281

File: 1485288495079.png (566.69 KB, 935x599, EDS saga pt 65.png)

Okay! So for the EDS saga, we left off on part 64 from the last thread.

With Robyn wiping most of her old IG accounts, she's gone and made my job a bit harder. Not impossible, I still have stuff to work with, but it does mean that I'll likely have to start referencing other sagas for the missing data such as the Appy Saga. There's actually a fair bit of relevant data in that one. For now though, let's continue!

Pt 65. January 26 2015. She’s at the doctor’s office to get a referral for her diagnosis, notes in hand. Note that only four people have liked the post. This becomes relevant later, when she jumps accounts and basks in the attention she craves. Comments that she’s so nervous her hands are shaking, but seems calm enough to be ranting on IG. Image quality is the same as usual too, suggesting that she wasn’t struggling to focus the image because of her shaking hands. Hm.

No. 239282

File: 1485288636618.png (643.99 KB, 1251x598, EDS saga pt 66.png)

Pt 66. January 26 2015. She gets blood work done to rule out rheumatoid arthritis, and a possible referral to an orthopedic specialist regarding EDS. Says the doctor knew about EDS/HMS, but doesn’t want to send her to a rheumatologist. Rheumatologists are hit or miss here in the US, but my understanding of the UK system is that they’re pretty much the ones to go to for an EDS diagnosis since there are so few geneticists and the wait times to see them are ridiculously long. There are three important things to note here: the number of likes, the date she mentioned (February 4th) and the fact that she’s seeing an orthopedic specialist. Why? Because she goes prop shopping again, this time for a wheelchair, and makes sure to order shipping fast enough for it to arrive before the appointment. The specialist doesn’t bite. Buying a wheelchair as a prop to see an orthopedic specialist of all people was a really, really stupid move.

No. 239291

File: 1485289906395.png (834.98 KB, 1244x597, EDS saga pt 67.png)

Pt 67. January 30 2015. Another intro post in the middle of the account. Strange to be doing it there when she’s going to jump accounts soon. Starts counting off the number of hospitals she has gone to, number of surgeries, number of dislocations, how many of each specific test she’s had, and a plethora of hashtag abuse. Is careful not to include certain things she’s already dropped like her chronic migraines, the allergies, or microtia. Claims it’s because she has more followers. I find this unlikely. Between parts 65 and 66, the more hashtags she adds, the more likes she gets. Now with all of these, she is up to 27. Needs to fish for that attention yo. It starts going down again later when she focuses on her super special EDS again.

No. 239297

File: 1485293058438.png (745.56 KB, 1234x597, EDS saga pt 68-1.png)

Pt 68. February 1 2015. Split into multiple posts due to the length of the comments. Just a few days to go before the appointment, so quick, she needs another medical crisis to be taken seriously! Is back in the hospital claiming to be tachycardic and is attempting to blame it on EDS or epilepsy. Considering the appointment she’s gearing up for, she’s probably angling for EDS due to its correlations with dysautonomia.

For the record, there’s a lot of things that can cause an increased heart rate. Some easy to induce ones include low blood sugar and popping a cocktail of her plethora of pills. Her post just two days ago (pt 67, >>239291
) suggests that she’s on a “weight loss journey”, so she may have skipped meals for once and induced it that way considering her body wouldn’t be used to it. Sadly we’ll likely never know what she did specifically. Either way, the timing of this and the wheelchair purchase is incredibly suspect.

Some interesting things to note:

• She starts bitching about the overnight staff again. Somehow I doubt she was left sitting around for 3 hours without so much as her vitals being taken. We also have no way of knowing if the staff was extremely busy that night dealing with actual medical crises.
• She starts mentioning her dad’s BPM and ECG results. Attempting to tie in family history and could be where she gets some of her knowledge about how ECGs work. Could also explain some of the drive she has for being a munchie – the combination of her experience with microtia plus the attention her dad gets and craving it for herself. Either of those are part of the typical histories for munchies, let alone combined.
• More games of “who can have it worse” with the sole commenter. One mentions something about their experience, the other escalates. Rinse and repeat.
• Both the commenter and Robyn insist that the tachycardia must be related to EDS/HMS. Points toward her using this new hospitalization to “prove” to the orthopedic specialist that she has EDS. More fabricating of targeted proof in order to achieve a specific diagnosis in classic munchie style.
• Blames the staff for a blown vein. Even though they can’t help the fact that she has tiny veins and have to use something else. Switching to a vein that’s easier to access is SOP and saves the patient a ton of needle sticks.
• “Think I’ll try and avoid the emergency department as much as possible” For how long? Because the Appy saga seems to prove this fact wrong, considering that happened just a couple months later.

No. 239299

File: 1485293242416.png (163.09 KB, 952x593, EDS saga pt 68-2.png)

Pt 68.2, second portion of the comments.

No. 239300

File: 1485293374888.png (119.71 KB, 643x593, EDS saga pt 68-3.png)

Pt 68.3, last portion of the comments.

No. 239309

>I live my life hiding the #chronicpain I feel on a daily basis, and I try not to let on how much I struggle.

Says the woman who has had multiple accounts dedicated to detailing every aspect of her #spoonielife, takes selfies during doctors' visits, lies in order to get more severe diagnoses, treats medical alert bracelets like fashion accessories, etc.

>I've had 4 lots of #surgery, 100's of #dislocations, 2 #broken bones, 3 #mriscans, 1 #ctscan, 2 #ecgs and been treated in 9 different #hostpitals all because of my poor health.

1. Who even keeps track of those things??

2. 2 or 3 of those surgeries were to make her ear look less fucked up. Ugly ear ≠ poor health.

No. 239313

I'd like to know how she knows for sure that she's had "100's of dislocations". Is that including or excluding subluxations? When precisely did she start counting? How does she differentiate between dislocations and other possible causes for her pain? Does this count include the mysterious bruises she seems to find that doesn't actually serve as proof that the bruised joint was even dislocated?

No. 239405

File: 1485306277673.png (519.63 KB, 1558x595, EDS saga pt 69-1.png)

Pt 69.1, February 2 2015, broken up into multiple parts again. Two days to go before the appointment with the orthopedic specialist. So how can she prove that she has EDS? By buying a wheelchair. Let us recall pt 44, where she tells a commenter (who is a wheelchair user and makes an appearance here too, they’re the black censored commenter) “I need to be more like you”.

Something really, really important to note: if she actually needed a chair, the orthopedic specialist would refer her to an occupational therapist or rehabilitation engineer and she could get one that is properly fitted. It would have been covered by the NHS as a medically necessary assistive device, either provided by them or given a voucher to purchase it. She would not need to buy it from Amazon days before the appointment. Instead of waiting to see if it was truly necessary, she ordered one just days before her appointment and got it shipped priority mail. After the appointment, it mysteriously disappears for daily use except for when she needs a dramatic picture, such as here >>187056

Purchase and use of props that are discarded when no longer needed, or that are only used in certain situations, is evidence of Munchausen’s or active malingering. It’s a major problem because it impacts how specialists perceive other patients that use those same assistive devices. When someone comes in with a medical device they obviously don’t need, it can further contribute to the professional’s perception of other patients that they think do not genuinely need the devices. This in turn makes it harder for people to get diagnosed and gain access to crutches or wheelchairs when they need them to function in society. As such, people that are legitimately ill and who use assistive devices frequently have to weigh the pros and cons of using them during critical appointments, since they don’t want to run the risk of being perceived as using it as a prop. On the other hand, not using them can also be used as evidence that they don’t actually need it. It’s a lose-lose situation and people like Robyn is exactly why it’s a problem. Thankfully, the orthopedic specialist appears to have seen through her ruse since she had to go fishing for a diagnosis elsewhere, but who knows how it’s impacted their perception of other patients.

Source: http://www.nhs.uk/Conditions/social-care-and-support-guide/Pages/mobility-equipment-wheelchairs-scooters.aspx

The chair in question: https://www.amazon.co.uk/FoxHunter-Propelled-Lightweight-Wheelchair-Footrest/dp/B00JVSMGH2/ref=sr_1_43_a_it?srs=4161403031&ie=UTF8&qid=1485296901&sr=8-43

No. 239406

File: 1485306309148.png (143.37 KB, 648x599, EDS saga pt 69-2.png)

Pt 69.2, second portion of the comments.

No. 239407

File: 1485306333951.png (142.6 KB, 644x596, EDS saga pt 69-3.png)

Pt 69.3, final portion of the comments.

No. 239420

File: 1485307226211.png (646.32 KB, 937x597, EDS saga pt 59.png)

I got my time line mixed up slightly when I was originally doing this. Pt 59, where she bitches about the snow, is actually best placed here.

February 2nd again. In her notes, she tries to claim that she experiences panic attacks when faced with slippery floors. She's also complained in the past about the hazards of walking around outdoors, whether because of mud or because people are parked in the wrong place. But instead of getting a ride or taking the bus to work, so as to avoid the risk of slipping in the snow, she walks there with the same stupid grin. While complaining about the danger of the snow. Doesn't even bother waiting for her chair. If it's that necessary to prevent dislocations and if slippery floors give her panic attacks, how the hell can she walk to work in the snow with no visible sign of distress whatsoever?

No. 239481

This face is her hallmark

No. 239679

Why was she in A&E at this point?

No. 239712


she looks like she's stoned out her mind

No. 239763

I'm not sure what her given reason was. When I was grabbing evidence, I mostly collected what I figured would be relevant and seem to have missed the post where she talks about why she went in that time. There was another anon that was talking about archiving the entirety of her accounts, they may be able to fill us in?

No. 239775

I really hope that happened! I'm wondering if this was the time she had seizures at work, bumped her head and made a huge deal out of how bad she was treated at the hospital?

No. 239782

In this situation it's unlikely. Or at least that wouldn't be the reason for that specific visit. She attempted to reference both epilepsy and EDS in the comments, but focused entirely on EDS by the end of them. If she was faking seizures for that visit, she'd make a bigger deal about the epilepsy and wouldn't drop it halfway through on the one post. Plus she needed targeted proof of comorbid conditions to bolster her EDS claims. I don't know about any other visits around that time frame though, those could be connected to it like you say.

No. 239792

Thanks for clearing that up for me. I think I'm getting the timelines confused!

No. 239840

File: 1485380538749.png (962.41 KB, 931x597, EDS saga pt 70.png)

No worries. Her use of so many different accounts, including multiple accounts at the same time, makes sorting out the timeline of events a pain in the ass. It's no wonder people get confused and I wound up getting confused in some areas too. For example, her wording in the recent parts suggested that the upcoming appointment was the orthopedic specialist appointment and that she already had the bloodwork done on Jan 26 2015. Turns out the upcoming appointment is for the bloodwork. The orthopedic specialist appointment date is unclear - I'm not sure if it was ever actually discussed directly.

Pt 70. February 4 2015. Day before her appointment. Her wheelchair has arrived, she acts surprised and claims it arrived sooner than she expected. I guarantee you she dropped money for priority mail. The appointment she’s been gearing up for is the blood work appointment, the one with the orthopedic specialist comes later. Makes some comment about how it's bigger than she is. Kind of a useless thing to get impressed by… wheels tend to be big.

No. 239843

File: 1485381043563.png (824.89 KB, 935x597, EDS saga pt 71.png)

Pt 71. Same day. She takes the chair out for a test drive, realizes that it’s more hassle than she anticipated. Much like the super necessary knee braces she stopped using shortly after purchasing. What, did she think being a wheelchair user was going to be easy? Obvious prop is obvious. When the larger props are too much of a hassle and it outweighs the benefits, she moves on to smaller props that are easier to manage like the finger splints.

No. 239844

File: 1485381102982.png (716.97 KB, 937x599, EDS saga pt 72.png)

Pt 72. February 5 2015. Day of the appointment, where she specifies that it’s for the blood work to rule out rheumatoid arthritis and hopefully get a referral for an EDS diagnosis. She jumps accounts shortly after this under the guise of getting away from "bullies". Pay close attention to the number of likes. No comments and only 12 likes here, but the number quickly escalates on the new account.

No. 239848

File: 1485382182214.png (943.28 KB, 1235x594, EDS saga pt 73.png)

Pt 73. February 9 2015, youdontlookthatdisabled account. Talks about pursuing a diagnosis for EDS on it, but the account is primarily about her burn saga. Which she literally calls her burn saga. Note the increased like count as well as using old photos that make her look more sick than she actually is. Other interesting things include the fact that her number of reported dislocations has changed (she’s now emphasizing a much lower number of “major” dislocations instead of the 100s), the claim of being a 9/9 on the Beighton scale (yet not using any of this as proof of her hypermobility in pt 14 >>199521 ), and that people have been calling her a liar. In a later post she clarifies that the people calling her a liar were her friends, though the wording here implies it was her doctors.

No. 239852

File: 1485382809067.png (1.02 MB, 1559x598, EDS saga pt 74.png)

Pt 74. Same day. Talks about how she’s been ill since 13, and how she made the account to document her journey and bitch about her friends not taking her seriously. Something to note: now that she has jumped accounts and she is spamming hashtags, the number of likes on the posts have gone up dramatically. Before, she was only getting a handful. These two posts have over 40. Here she claims that she moved accounts because people in real life were doubting her. Good for them, honestly. I hope they were able to get away from her. Gives advice to a new commenter about how to get financial assistance with a comment about PIP being easier to obtain than disability (probably because she knows her claims wouldn’t stand up under scrutiny), and how it’s easier to access than in the US. I guess as a malingerer, she'd certainly know wouldn't she? After this point, the account focuses on her burn saga, which she was posting at the same time as another medical crisis. So milking attention from two entirely different crises at the same time. She abandons this account after the burn saga concludes.

No. 239858

Also, side note regarding this part. This is one of those rare instances where you can see her earlobes to counter the whole "my earlobes are small because EDS" bullshit from earlier (at >>231576 ). You can clearly see the reconstruction she had done.

No. 240179

Hey EDS Saga Anon! So happy you are posting again. :) I'm sorry you didn't get to screenshot everything you wanted to. I try to encourage people to archive the shit out of evidence ASAP so if/when cows get tipped and delete, copies are readily available. Sometimes you can find previous content on web archive sites too.

No. 240229

Err PIP isn't easier to get than DLA. It's the same thing, PIP replaced DLA that's all. If anything it's a stricter process. Fuck knows what she's talking about.

No. 240232

Can't stand how pleased she looks with herself!

No. 240340

Did anyone actually manage to archive before she purged her accounts?

No. 240341

Thanks! I was archiving a lot of stuff at the time and some of the screenshots I posted recently are from those. My archive process got interrupted by my untimely injury and the fact that her accounts were so huge, which unfortunately gave her time to get tipped and delete. IG also makes tracking down archives other people did difficult because the URL of individual posts are stored under the main IG URL, not her username. As it stands, the next parts are related to the burn and appy saga anyway, so there's still plenty to work with, it just involves either linking or reposting the relevant posts. I haven't decided which method to use yet.

No. 240381

Do whichever makes your life easiest, anon. We'll still be able to see the info and be very grateful for your work either way.

No. 240454

For pt 75, I’m going to do something a little different. Instead of reposting the images from the burn saga, I’m going to link to the previous relevant posts and point out what aspect of them are relevant to the EDS saga. This is a trial run for formatting, so I can feel out how to handle references to the Appy Saga. The relevant areas are primarily surrounding her claims of poor healing and the attention seeking behavior that lines up with MBI. Because of the level of detail, I'll wait a bit before moving on to analyzing the appy saga so people can discuss it first.

>TL;DR version: Robyn posts information that proves she did not start as an MBI case, but rather a real life Munchausen case that escalated to the internet the longer she was on Instagram. This is rare for MBI. She jumps from diagnosis to diagnosis in her tags, ignoring key symptoms that would have been relevant, only to add them again in a later saga. The burn saga was a repost with notable behavior differences between the original posting and the new account, giving us a unique glimpse into the insanity of her escalations.

Interesting thing to note: the start date of the chemical burn saga is a couple days before the intro post on the hypermobilegeek account, where we started the EDS saga. The chemical burn saga starts on June 26 2014 ( >>201905 ). The EDS saga starts on June 29 2014 ( >>199468 ). She had been cataloging a dated timeline of photos for the burn saga even before escalating into the Munchie Queen we all know well, suggesting that her MBI attention seeking behavior dates back further than any of us anticipated.

• In part 4 of the burn saga ( >>202129 ), she starts tagging POTS. This supports the theory that the medical crisis in pt 68 ( >>239297 ) was an attempt to “confirm” a comorbid disorder that supports an EDS diagnosis. She also avoids tagging a large number of the conditions she’s claiming, focusing instead on POTS, chronic migraines and colitis.

• In later posts such as parts 8 and 9 of the burn saga ( >>202550 ), she starts tagging fibromyalgia, migraine and tachycardia. EDS isn’t mentioned in the tags at all. This despite the fact that EDS would actually be relevant because of the impact on healing, a claim she has made before in pt 27 ( >>199846 ).

• In part 13 of the burn saga ( >>203416 ), the anon helpfully shows us the two accounts side by side. You can see how the wording is very different between the two, suggesting that the description for the burn saga was written long after the incident. It’s even more obvious in part 14 ( >>203748 ). She didn’t get enough attention the first time around when she was posting about it and revised her game, instead creating her own sagas. Considering the descriptions would have been written /after/ she started claiming poor wound healing due to EDS, I wonder why she left that detail off so frequently. This would have been an excellent time to make use of it. She eventually figures that out when she starts going on about it in the Appy saga a few months later.

• In part 15 of the burn saga ( >>203765 ), she hints at poor wound healing due to EDS but doesn’t state it directly. In actuality, as the anon stated, that is definitely self-inflicted. I have dermatillomania and have dealt with burns, that’s exactly how it looks.

• The only reasons she ever had to see a specialist was because it was a chemical burn and it was on her dominant hand. That’s it. Like people pointed out during the burn saga, she had a superficial burn that in any other situation could have been treated at home. Many first aid sites will tell you this, and that certain burns have to be seen because of their location, the cause of the burn, or the size. So the munchie queen made sure to choose a method that had to be seen by a professional and by default would have been seen as significant. This is important because it means my original assessment of her starting as a somewhat “sane” Spoonie Warrior Luls and escalating to MBI was wrong. She’s been a Munchie for years and it started offline. She’s one of those rare instances where a Munchausen case starts offline and then escalates online in social media, instead of being isolated to social media and support groups. Typically in MBI the behavior is fairly isolated to the internet and their stomping grounds of choice. Then they may escalate and move offline. Robyn, in contrast, started offline and moved to specific support groups online for who knows what reason. This is one of the few things about her case that does not fit the typical MBI profile.

• Personal nitpick: It drives me nuts how often she posts “food porn” with a thumbs up sign showing off her bandage, with the burned hand so close in proximity to greasy, goopy food that would dirty the bandage. Including food that is supposed to be eaten by hand. For someone proclaiming she ~just wants it to heal~, that’s a shit way to do it. Of course shit will get infected if you stuff your hand in your greasy takeout all the time. It has nothing to do with poor wound healing and everything to do with how she handles it.

No. 240908

I really want to know if Robyn paid to see a private rheumatologist to get an EDS diagnosis. I cannot believe she barefaced lied about her small ears. To then post about it on IG is weird. She's not very bright. Aren't munchies meant to be better at hiding their lies?

No. 240927

I'm not sure if she paid or not. But the way things were worded, it sounds like she may have benefited from a major problem that a lot of specialists face - seeing the disease they specialize in every possibility.

It's one of the things that anyone looking to specialize in a medical field has to check on a regular basis, especially if they're specializing in a specific collection of diseases. It's kind of like those people that see the Virgin Mary in peeling paint or on toast. They see a collection of symptoms that correlate with the disease of their specialty and zero in on that while ignoring other possibilities. This is both a pro and a con. On the one hand, it means that they're more likely to pick up on the subtle things that other doctors will miss for that condition, making it easier for genuine cases to get diagnosed if they manage to get to the office. On the other hand, it means that they can get fooled by munchies that tailor their cases to suit a particular profile.

Though we don't know if Robyn is really telling the truth about the professional's reaction. Like with the epilepsy saga, it may have started as a tentative diagnosis and she rolled with it online. So said professional could very well be keeping that tendency in check, but she's managed to twist it for asspats online yet again. With her tendency to lie it's impossible to call at this point.

No. 240935

I think it was an NHS referral to the rheumatologist but I'm not sure about the EDS specialist she was seeing in London. That one seemed like it could have been a Private consultation. Although I'm not sure whether she could afford to go private what with all the money she spends on braces, ring splints and junk food.

No. 240940

The ring splints she has are the cheap plastic ones. The whole budget munchie thing. She can get a pack of 5 for ~£50. The silver variety, which a lot of people with EDS invest in because of the durability, being better fitting and looking less tacky, cost significantly more for just one splint. Considering she would only need them for photos and not daily use (the latter of which runs the risk of losing them if they fall off), a full set can last her a long time for a fraction of the cost.



And that's not even going into her talking about seeing an occupational therapist to get fitted, so they may have been funded by the NHS anyway if she talked them into it around the same time as the purple splint. They're more likely to pay for the plastic ones than the silver variety.

No. 241718

Ughhh I wish robyn still had her instagram. Really missing her sweet munchie milk.

No. 244156

Sad that this amazing milk has dried up. Does anyone have any archived stuff to share?

No. 244450


Fear not dear anons, I still have lots of archived material to share. Sorry for the delay. Things have been busy for me IRL.

EDS Anon, I am sorry you were injured. Glad you're back! :)

No. 244466

You're my hero anon.

No. 244944

Thanks! And awesome, may need to hit you up for some of those archives. After reviewing the Appy Saga for the EDS Saga I'll have a huge blank spot in my data, your archives could save us all.

Next part is in the works, guys. The test format from before doesn't seem to get much interest, so I'll revert back to images and just repost the relevant parts from the Appy Saga.

No. 245898

I think the pic format is better even if it's repeat pics. Not everyone who comes in here has been here from the earlier Sagas.

Thank you for your work, definitely interested!

No. 246017

File: 1486399697976.png (627.06 KB, 1041x657, epilepsy

Epilepsy Saga Part 50: December 13, 2014.
Success! Robyn receives an appointment summary letter from her neuro consult regarding a possible epilepsy diagnosis. The letter indicates the fervor with which she insisted on some form of treatment, typical of munchies:
>she was very keen for something to be done
>I have therefore given her a prescription
Treatment = totez lejit illnus!
Of course, she interprets this letter to be as good as a definitive diagnosis:
>It feels good to have a diagnosis.
The problem with this is that the consultant has only subjective (patient-and-doormat-provided) information. The alleged febrile seizures she references from infancy have not caused any cerebral pathology whatsoever, as is revealed later via her clinical workup (scans, etc.), but it is the consultation itself that matters most to Munchies. If you see a specialist about a given illness, BOOM! You can prove you went, and then claim you were diagnosed. For MBI, of course, you can just outright claim "I saw a specialist! I have [insert sought-after diagnosis here!]. I suspect that she did this with EDS, as have a litany of other IG accounts who have jumped on the ~*en vogue*~ EDS III bandwagon, posting merely that "genetic testing proved I really do have EDS!" We never see receipts from that alleged diagnosis and we all know damn well, if Robyn had that shit in writing, she would have spammed pics ad nauseum all over her social media accounts.
#SpoonieLife, yo!

No. 246040

bless you anon

No. 246509

No you crazy bitch that isn't a diagnosis.

I wonder where she is these days. She's pulling this same shit, somewhere, guaranteed.
I'd pay to see a DR confront her!

No. 246511

Did she ever show a letter with an actual concrete diagnosis of epilepsy? I don't remember seeing anything other than this "tentative" diagnosis.

I wish she'd come out of hiding!

No. 247979

I'm sorry to disappoint, but the EDS saga will not be returning. Kadee's death made me realize some things and I'm not sure I want to be here. It's been a rough winter for me and I've been struggling with some anger issues, and I feel like focusing on the EDS saga is not the best use of my time. Its a major time sink. I need to focus on getting through the winter, my full time education and my volunteer work. I hope everyone has a good life. So long and thanks for all the fish.

No. 248033

What?! Kadee's death?

No. 248038

It's on her thread, which is on the front page anon.

That's disappointing. You made some of the best contributions. I hope you decide to continue.

No. 248044

Oh anon, I am sorry but do you know how many MBI's fake their online persona's death in an attempt to escape scrutiny? I don't buy it. She is such a drama queen and I'd bet with high probability this is just another attention grab move. If you feel like not finishing the EDS Saga and not post anymore that is your prerogative and I respect that but please do keep in mind that Kadee is a huge liar and faker and has nearly "died" countless times. Faking death is pretty common in MBI land unfortunately. They kill off their character and then move on to a new identity. If you are leaving, though, I hope you have a good life, too.(read the thread)

No. 248047

She has an obituary, I'm pretty sure this time is legit.

No. 248057

I am looking for it, where? Is it one of those online ones anyone can write and submit? I am catching up still but I am highly, highly suspicious of this being a ruse. I've seen it too many times before.

No. 248060

No. 248321

File: 1486695682167.png (185.61 KB, 750x1282, IMG_0584.PNG)

Strange how people pop up without meaning to!!

I was doing so research as I dislocated my ankle today (horrible freak accident) and guess who happens to pop up!!

Hey Robyn! It's an old post but I just found it weird how I was innocently googling my rehab options and she pops up

No. 248501

I can almost guarantee no one ever bullied her about her fucking ankles lmao. She wants pity and attention so bad.

No. 248506

Not mention she's clearly bending her ankles inwards, that is not a relaxed joint in any form

No. 249304

We have a few medications in common, and I cannot believe that she would intentionally do that to herself. What an infuriating, resource-leeching butthole.

Robyn, if you're reading this, and I believe you are, add magnesium to your pill horde. You're at serious risk of actual seizures and cardiac arrest, and no, there's no way to orchestrate or plan for that, once you're gone you're gone. I had to be revived twice and I'm still trying to learn what parts of my brain got all retardeded, I can't use a smartphone or write by hand, and I had to relearn simple tasks such as fucking swallowing. If, by some freak miracle, you had this random event occur while around a defibulator and someone who knows how to use it, that means no more social media, no more attention, no more #spoonielife, no more access to pills and doctors who don't know what you're doing. Believe you me, they will see right through it and at the first sign of intentional medical self-harm, they will force you into getting clean from pain pills and probably have you committed for having obviously caused yourself to go through such an idiot endeavor. The chances your ridiculous malingering compell you to take are not in your favor.

Jesus, watch her walk around with a defib now. ~*cardiac patient medical bracelets y'all*~

Apologies for the blog. I'm another seizure disorderchan who is just infuriated by all this.

No. 249361

Won't that make her shit her brains out?

At least her "bloating" will be cured.

No. 250726

diarrhea seems like a better trade off to avoid real seizures and heart attacks.. though it does make for great munchie drama if they were to actually happen

No. 250758

Depends on the dose and the actual salt. Some forms are better tolerated than others.

No. 253171

Anyone have updates on Robyn?

No. 253548

Nothing new that I can find

Did find this gem though not sure if it's old milk but still


No. 253916

What is her new username(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 253923


No. 253930

File: 1487444381050.jpg (328.81 KB, 1280x1280, IMG_0650.JPG)

No. 253936

File: 1487445285499.png (1.32 MB, 992x558, robynn roof.png)

Good god.
I can't help thinking of this when I see her bowlcut.

No. 254043

What Hannah?

No. 254080

>filling in the email field
>with the email that's linked to your fucking facebook account

No. 254096

this is the ultimate Robyn image tbh

No. 254301

Kek I didn't even realise those were pills at first I was so distracted by the godawful hair!

No. 280550

a quick google search showed an 'okcupid' account for robyn (gag), has anyone else looked at it?

No. 280561

deets please

No. 280565

Oh wow I wonder if her poor 'fiancée' finally caught wise to her bullshit and left

No. 280581

Screen shot it quick anon, before she deletes

No. 280604

Oh look it's my favorite spoonie cow! I have my own personal munchie cow on my FB and was just thinking about her! Hoping someone got that okcupid

No. 280629

I'm not finding anything when I search. Please share a screenshot or a link.

No. 280636

Reading through this thread there are a few things about the nhs / EDS that have been somewhat miss understood.

The number of points given on a Brighton score simply measures how many joints may hyper extend. 9/9 with a 5° over extension is not more serious than a 6/9 with 25°.

Secondly, most of those points are made from useless limbs, you get extra points for being able to touch thumb with atm, which some normies can do. Same with having your finger go back 45°. That'd also for both hands, that's 4 points of the bat. The Brighton sorting isn't a severity score, actually it's just a thing to see if someone is worth testing. If someone is boasting this number they are an idiot.

A lot of people are hypermobile without the syndrome. The syndrome only occurs if you have pain with it. Just cause someone is flexy doesn't mean they're ill.

Hypermobile syndrome is the same as EDS3.

Manual wheel chairs are not given to those with EDS patience who have chronic dislocations, but electric wheel chairs are only given to those who are fully paralyzed or are not part time users. Most EDS patients are part time chair users. The nhs refers you to your local council who refers you too an occupational therapist who puts you on the council's list. EDS because they are part time are offered scooters and will be put on that list.

Genealogists don't work with EDS patients unless you show signs of the deadlier types. Most EDS patients will have been dx'd by a rheumatologist. EDS3/hms is not something you can actually test for via skin or blood.

Will answer nhs / EDS questions to help clarify as to why this woman is mental. Hope this is insightful to her madness.

No. 280646

>> why this woman is mental.
Oh there are sooo many reasons why anon. The EDS is just the tip of the iceberg. The chemical burn saga, appendix wound fuckery and epilepsy diagnosis appropriation are full of milk.

No. 280697

The new criteria separates hEDS and HMS (which is now HSD, hypermobility spectrum disorder).
It's HSD if there's only muscoskeletal involvement, and hEDS if there's multi system involvement.

No. 280705

Make this the next OP image omfg

No. 280708

It's such a shame she's disappeared off the face of the internet. I miss her milky goodness. I wonder whether without her munchie internet accounts she's escalated her real life munchieness. Wonder how many times she's presented at A&E since she purged her accounts? I bet she's really working the bpd angle. Maybe she's even inpatient. She'd be the next JourneytoEmma! Please come back to us Robyn.

No. 280799

File: 1490893548072.jpg (179.26 KB, 1349x655, lolcow 1.jpg)

OkCupid pt 1:

So I came across this last night, fully thinking that MAYBE DOORMAT GOT AWAY- no. shudders. they're in an open relationship.

And for someone not good at summaries she put a shit ton of info on this page, thus multiple screenshots.

No. 280803

File: 1490894010933.jpg (217.45 KB, 1365x663, lolcow 2.jpg)

OkCupid pt 2:

Looking for casual sex..NOPE.

Btw: she gets into her 'diagnoses' later in her profile. of fucking course. why wouldn't she?

No. 280821


Screenshots of her talking about her diagnoses pls.

No. 280834

Zack's probably hoping she'll find someone else to latch onto so he can leave her.

No. 280837

she's a capricorn; shit.

No. 280938

As a wheelchair user,
I was provided a manual wheelchair by the NHS, provideded through my occupational therapists, I was told that it'd take 12 weeks for the wheelchair to arrive, they measured me up there and then in the office and put in the order in front of me.

I was then later told by the Occupational Therapy dept, that if I wanted an electric wheelchair, since I can't push myself without my shoulders dislocating, (I'm and EDS sufferer) I'd have to wait for 3 years to get the wheelchair through the social services, providing I met their strict criteria.

it was then, and only then, my parents took the decision of buying an electric wheelchair, second hand, for the time being, because I felt degraded being pushed around, with my father being my registered full time carer, it was his decision to get me an electric wheelchair.

This girl actually makes me feel sick to my stomach.

No. 280945

You're partially wrong there, my occupational therapist ordered a wheelchair as soon as she saw my hips when I was walking, every step I take they come in and out of their sockets and my crutches weren't helping, they were actually doing more long term damage to my shoulders.

They won't provide you with an electric wheelchair unless you meet the strict criteria and even if you do get onto said waiting list, it's a 3 year wait.

No. 281018

File: 1490909588893.jpg (131.61 KB, 1349x655, lolcow 3.jpg)

OkCupid pt 3:

>from checking social media

Where is she posting, I wonder? Seriously I kinda wanna know.

>I love to write stories

is that why you like faking serious illnesses? i wonder if it's all just a fun story to live out or some shit. ugh.

don't even get me started on #6, 'my medication is vital'..mhmmmmm.

No. 281021

File: 1490909769125.jpg (28.56 KB, 433x142, lolcow 4.jpg)

I'm also just going to leave this here.

No. 281028

File: 1490910149919.jpg (54.27 KB, 466x363, lolcow 44.jpg)

OkCupid pt 5:

>I really do lead an exciting life! But you can be gaurenteed that my lack of a social life means most the time I'll reply very quickly to messages!

she contradicts herself even on her profile.

"I really do lead an exciting life!"
"my lack of a social life means most the time I'll reply very quickly to messages!"

I guess her 'exciting life' consists of her munchie behaviors rather than a social life.

No. 281032

Exciting life?
Yes. so exciting she brags about being chronically sick.

No. 281046

She was being sarcastic.
This is sad, I'm guessing doormat wouldn't be searching for someone else. I feel a bit bad for him sometimes, he probably does love her but she keeps throwing him curveballs like this
She listed her pets on top six things she can't live without but not her boyfriend. Damn

No. 281256

I feel like we saw this poly / okcupid thing in the earlier days of looking at Robyn. I don't think it's too new.

No. 322895

Any new Robyn updates? I'm having withdrawal symptoms :(

No. 323067

Something that makes me wonder is what are these people's goals? Like what do they even get out of this over the top medical behaviour? It can't be healthy in all this self diagnosed stuff. I wonder if their doctors ever go "we got a frequent flayer! Oh it's so and so…again"

No. 323997


Same. I feel like she must have a new account by now. Given her backstory and all…

No. 324002

To be special and precious and be taken care of forever. The end goal is to stay home getting praised online whilst someone irl dedicates their life to taking care of their every whim. They basically stay a little kid forever and don't have to do anything remotely impressive, they get all the praise they want just for being alive.

No. 324008

So basically to be a NEET without the judgment?

No. 324168

I like how proud they are when the do the bare minimum. "I brushed my teeth! I overcame such an obstacle! Praise me!!" It's so sad it's funny

No. 335410

Guys, I missed Robyn's milk so did a google search and found this untapped gem…

No. 335494

That reads like a description of what may well be the most boring 'love story' of all time…. Jesus Christ most people at least try and make it sound somewhat enchanting on those things. But I guess you can't make chicken salad out of chicken shit.

On another note, Burghley House is a stunning and I imagine expensive venue for the reception. A very historical building and popular tourist place in the P'Boro area.

No. 335625

The link didn't work ?

No. 335641

Seems like the original page was taken down, view the archived copy.

No. 335654

I'm assuming this means that Robyn is lurking, saw the posted link and deleted it?

No. 349743


The strict criteria excluded me from getting a powerchair on the NHS, and the prospect of waiting 3 years to be denied was gutting. I spent my PIP backpayment on my chair, and it was so worth it.

Thanks to everyone who documented the Robyn sagas. This has been an interesting and horrifying read. I hope it's also given her motive to think about her behaviours.

No. 349861

it' a rule to sage if you are not adding to the convo (especially as this thread's been inactive for a while). see Rule 3.6 at https://lolcow.farm/rules and also https://lolcow.farm/info for how to.

No. 358833

Yo my apologies for necroing this, but I didn't see anyone in the replies call this particular shit out. Btw fantastic job on the chronicles, Saga anons!

In this post she says a few things that made me giggle.
>1) I've not been diagnosed witg EDS but trying to get a diagnosis
(Sorry, how many fucking times has she said definitively or acted like she for sure has EDS?)
>2) I've had 8 grand mal and 8 partial since 2009
(Up until now she's never mentioned "grand mal" or "partial" just that she'd had 9 (?) seizures since 2009, now it's 16 and she can differentiate the types magically?)
>3) 3 seizures recently - one in front of dad, one in front of doormat, and the last one (????) after which she went to hospital
(But this story has changed heaps of times, she said before that the first seizure was at dinner with her dad and doormat iirc, and how would she know she had a third if she had no witness? She hasn't even been confirmed for seizures yet so wtf)

Loling at the tool in her comments too. In their first comment they say "had my first seizure in September!" then two comments later "I had my first seizure in February then didn't have no more until September"

Are all these people as fucking spoonie and ridiculous as each other??

Also lol she didn't blur out her deets very well. She was just saying a few posts ago that dw nobody can fuck with her medical stuff without her NHS number, then posts her NHS number visibly.

Oh, and her address in this one.
God bless you Robyn, munchies are so hilariously stupid.

Sorry again to necro but I'm a newfag who's been lurking and reading these Munchie/Spoonie threads for the past week and this is the first that's still recently active to vent my frustrations in. This Robyn/Not-Robyn stuff has been beyond riveting! Hope she comes back soon. #missyou #Robyn

No. 359145

File: 1500916202232.jpg (160.55 KB, 960x720, tumblr_lzb19uG7MS1ro5x51o2_128…)

I actually found an old account that hasn't been posted here and she hadn't purged yet, mostly it's full of cringe Sherlock roleplays and pictures of her cats, but it does showcase a beautiful time when all she had to complain about was her microtia (no mention of literally any other health problems) - a far cry from the Robyn we came to know. I almost feel sorry for her, it seems that not long after she realised that medical shit could get her attention - re: her appearance in a magazine for her microtia circa 2013, she wanted to reclaim that attention. Perhaps hoping to get more features in magazines or newspapers, if only she was super speshul and spoonie enough.

Anyway, here's the cringey tumblr.

There's another blog called nybieexplainsitall-blog-blog which she also forgot to purge (probably too many accounts to even remember these few hey Robyn?)
Has some pretty funny pictures on it

I archived all of these links on archive.org (sorry Robyn) so if she decides to purge, just put them through the wayback machine and presto!
Come back to us, Robyn. We miss you.

No. 359751

THANK YOU, thank you, THANK YOU for fucking saving shit before posting it! I am so frustrated when farmers post shit without archiving first and then it's gone. Case in recent point, Kelly's video on YT detailing stuff from her psych ward past.
Good finds on dear Robyn btw. I know she's out there somewhere, munchie-ing away. I hope we find her again. She will not have been able to stay away from dat sweet sweet #spoonie dramu, these MBI'ers never can.

No. 360387

File: 1501025240836.jpg (45.31 KB, 480x360, 20245956_10155539301681703_815…)

Still no sign on her online (she's doing a really good job of hiding) but I did stumble across these photos from her wedding.

No. 360388

File: 1501025257668.jpg (82.47 KB, 526x701, 20245925_10155539247726703_525…)

No. 360389

File: 1501025278373.jpg (62.44 KB, 960x539, 43567.jpg)

No. 360392

It's bad when your slightly dumpy mother looks better than you.

No. 360410

Every single person in this picture is dressed so weird for a wedding. I don't really hate it, but it's giving me funny vibes that I can't quite put my finger on. Like this is how the Weasley family would dress for some muggle wedding or something.

No. 360429

this looks like what ms.frizzle or amelia bedelia would wear on their wedding day. it's fucking kooky

No. 360638

This! She and Zak are huge Harry Potter fans so this is possibly intentional. I had the same feeling from it.

I think she looks pretty though, for once she doesn't look OTT.

No. 360640

for real? she looks like a giant glitter ball with a crusty orange wig balanced on top…

No. 360656

Well, as pretty as possible, relative to her usual presentation…I mean, we're talking about Robyn here.

No. 360657

Poor fucking doormat Zak. He got roped in after all.

No. 360669

Wtf, she looks the same age as her mother. That's sad.

No. 360714

Her face could be used to define 'frumpy' and her dress looks like someone had a mermaid themed seizure with a sewing machine but she does look pretty happy. So does Zach despite marrying professor umbridge and a disco balls unwanted bastard child.

No. 360719

No crutches or wheelchair? Is she over her munchie crap? She doesn't deliberately force it into the photo anymore

No. 360731

That is the most repulsive wedding dress I've ever seen.

No. 361454

File: 1501140177638.gif (1.71 MB, 320x180, giphy-3.gif)

Okay, gotta say, I love her mom's look. Kooky, but cuuute. Much cuter than her daughter. And also have to add, Zach's dad's Lloyd-style blue suit is AMAZING.

This made me lel.

Sage no contribution

No. 383689

She probably magically recovered to not ruin her wedding.

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