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File: 1540874058536.png (689.44 KB, 750x1334, wjcAkBJ.png)

No. 723714

Soren/Bambi/hurtc0re thread #3

Our subject: Soren Hayes, an edgelord pedophile Indian fakeboi who gained notoriety for writing a graphic "trauma narrative" about their time as part of a child sex trafficking victim, every part of which was laughably fabricated.
Recent updates:
>teased us all with talks of suicide, didn't go through with it (surprise surprise)
>posted a new, updated trauma narrative as a 36-image Instagram post, somehow worse than the original
>new trauma narrative differs from original in almost every way
>contradicts previous accounts, gives detailed depictions of CP related snuff and gore, focuses more heavily on "Sam" character
>apparently "Sam" has multiple children before the age of 18, all of whom die graphic deaths in Soren's new narrative
>has begun using pics of fellow cow Ginger Bronson as faceclaims for "Sam"

Relevant links -
"Trauma narrative"/graphic child abuse fanfic: http://archive.is/pvovF / https://pastebin.com/MD6YTgQa
Updated trauma narrative as of 10/18: https://imgur.com/a/Y01HB9w or dumped in previous thread, starting here >>719418
Tumblr: umbillicalnoose.tumblr.com
Insta: oathful (prev. androeciums, sacrificalis); soratoys ("sales" account for used toys)

Previous threads -

No. 723778

> Soren mentioned torturing animals
> Sorens sister says they are kept away from animals even though nobody who contacted her brought that up
> new stpry includes murdered dog

Soren totally put a dog in the dryer and is using it to further the stupid "trauma narrative"

No. 723782

I missed that Soren's sister said anything about Soren being kept away from animals - didn't she mention children, not animals?

No. 723790

File: 1540893905092.jpeg (351.46 KB, 750x1334, 59422838-AB19-4D55-8783-4293E9…)

it just gets worse if that’s possible

No. 723794

File: 1540894294773.jpeg (335.65 KB, 750x1334, 05F31DF2-94B2-4246-A0BD-2699E4…)

meant to post this the other day. here’s some more on the ~warehouses~

No. 723813

She mentioned children and animals specifically

No. 723859

File: 1540908992170.jpeg (97.85 KB, 431x754, 1526492339650.jpeg)

Should've picked a better OP pic tbh, ie pic related

No. 723866

Just by virtue of not being white, Soren would not have been "popular" among pedophiles, children from asia are trafficked at such a horrifying rate that (as horrible as it is and i feel like vomiting even typing this) by the law of supply and demand, Soren would have gone right to the snuff room

No. 723922

File: 1540917567441.jpeg (109.78 KB, 640x858, 644E601C-CA6D-4D02-8C0F-A6A24C…)

Soren and his irl friend Chey, who follows his Instagram account meaning she’s fully aware of all the crazy shit he spews. If I remember correctly there was a post awhile back regarding Chey where he said she came over and apparently took too much of his methadone and accidentally overdosed and puked all night. I don’t think he would lie considering she has access to his account (and the post did contain real photos of their hangout) so I wonder what bullshit pills he gave her that made her so ill? It’s kind of fucked up that he purposely poisoned his friend just to push his whole “heroin addict” narrative.

No. 723929

>Soren would have gone right to the snuff room
huh, someone said the exact same thing in the first thread. not for the same reason though kek.

No. 723931

I’m not even trying to be rude but what is wrong with that face lmao

No. 723982


im 100% sure soren made sam into this beautiful fragile delicate white girl bc soren wishes they were a beautiful fragile delicate white girl lmao but instead are……this

No. 723983

So she wants to be a boy who is also a fragile white grunge girl

I know somebody already mentioned the Laura Alberts parallel but damn this shit is uncanny

No. 723992

Ah sorry, this was the first time I've made an OP and I wasn't sure how far back to go with pics. I'd be cool changing the thread pic if at all possible.

No. 724325


Fellow Seattle-ish person here, but I'm just curious… could Soren get in any legal trouble for so closely naming places and basically saying they're involved in a child porn ring? I mean, he's obviously talking about Seattle Childrens. It's the only "Childrens Hospital" here… I'm really waiting for when he'll namedrop a real school.

No. 724356

File: 1540980956543.png (2.45 MB, 750x1334, 4A90F937-ADF6-4652-9908-7E97CD…)

well that explains that. what an idiot but i wonder why his therapist didn’t tell him that sooner. can you imagine getting shit like that texted to you all the time?

No. 724360

I can't understand why you would send a therapist memes?

No. 724366

When it comes to posts about things his IRLs say, you need to read between the lines. I think this means he sent her a disgusting meme once and she replied with "Hi, sorry but this line is for emergencies only. Are you okay?" or she brought it up in therapy. I do not for one second believe his therapist is this uwu we'll save you from the bad guys! believer. The same goes with his parents, I think all of his quotes from them are entirely falsified. They all sound so robotic, like >>723794 no socialised adult speaks like that.

Also in regards to that warehouse post, it's always funny to me that he lists all these terrible things about someone or something but then he implies that them being arty vegans is more offensive to him than pedophiles.

No. 724434

I wasnt aware there were child snuff memes and now Im morbidly curious

No. 724457

File: 1541003066299.png (32.45 KB, 852x567, sh1.png)


can you imagine some ugly greasy fatass goblin being so obsessed with you that they beat their clit to torture rape fantasies of you as a toddler while spreading some old ass photos of you all over the internet and then after hours upon hours of racking their unwashed asshole of a monkey brain they manage to squeeze out some fermented ass diarrhea dookie like This

No. 724459

also lol uhh just realized that while he doesnt follow ginger/kayla on 8tracks, he does follow a friend of mine, the cygnum/oathful person from tumblr (who, btw, he still rbs from even after they made that post asking him to leave them alone) and also me. wow.

No. 724509

What the hell kinda therapist is that? If they tolerate one of their clients sending them awful memes on an emergency line and buy gifts for them, it should make you wonder if they’re even serious about their profession

No. 724523

SRA "therapists" are usually con artists, rich idiots like soens parents would make a good mark

No. 724527

File: 1541016731167.jpeg (616.01 KB, 750x1107, B4E3F496-1B05-4A8E-B883-B5275E…)

sure jan

No. 724547

He never met an actual therapist in his life, did he?

No. 724560

im gonna be so fucking mega bummed out when inevitably soren eventually has to bite her spine in half and chew it to dust while shes still alive watching the gore unfold with her gouged out eyeballs and gurgling the traverse town battle bgm with her dying breath(what)

No. 724722

I doubt any of this is real ,I think she sees a therapist but it is not because of her fake trauma, it's hilarious she didn't do shit with her life , is a woman child makikg up histories about things that never happened to her , I used to feel sorry for her , but now I feel repulsed , I hope she kills her self , she feels satisfaction making her own family suffer because off her lies

No. 724845

I genuinely believe the therapist is an SRA scammer if any of this is even slightly true

No. 724925

After all her bluffs before, you think she's not lying about a therapist?

No. 724958

I think she's just this kind of attention-seeking insecure insufferable type of person who exaggerates the most mundane stuff that happens to her so people are like wow!! really!!! that's so amazing!!! even tho it's not. Yes, personal experience with this type.
Probably the therapist just casually brought this up while talking with her mom, like
>I had a dream about your daughter. Haha
>Really? haha
nothing more on this topic has been said ever
Same with the "I've been sending my therapist memes and she's never told me it's an emergency line only, hoho! She's so cool! (and me too)" It's actually pretty normal, her therapist probably thought that it's the way she copes and of course she wouldn't be like "stop that", especially that those are only texts, not calls that block the line for someone in need. Aside of that, it's so fucking cringy… sending child abuse memes to a therapist… so edgy and randum, you have rats in the attic Soren damn what a ~crazy~ girl you are, a basket case indeed uwu

No. 724961

The kid obviously has some real problems and since they have not been monitored close enough to quell her out of control internet behavior Im assuming the parents are actually genuinely stupid and/or neglegant. They would make a perfect mark for that type of scammer is all that Im saying. it is a dwindling market but there are still plenty of charlatans happy to prey on the vulnerable, and psychiatrists implanting false memories of abuse (especially in minors) is a well-documented phenomenon. Even if it is all a product of their own design compiled for attention, that is straight up pathological behavior and makes me feel pity for this kid than anger or hate because shes obviously very very very sick and not receiving proper treatment/supervision.

Saged for white-knighting and I don't believe it is the most likely scenario but I do believe it is a possibility that Soren is being manipulated or encouraged by a scam-shrink

No. 725167

I kekked, anon.

No. 726059

File: 1541277095506.jpeg (1.28 MB, 1242x1774, 6F00DC2B-7277-4CF4-A9D5-9F475C…)

teasing suicide again.

No. 726175

File: 1541290628494.jpg (1.12 MB, 4159x2992, IMG_20181103_203956~01.jpg)

No. 726179

is this that jewish camwhore selfposting? go away

No. 726191

No (((fellow hwite)))(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 726201

what the hell is this?

No. 726238

rozelli, an attention whore who has nothing to do with soren. she has a thread on here (that she herself made).

No. 726708

what should i do if i want him to accept me on his instagram? I want milk but he refused my request twice

No. 726718

File: 1541374420412.jpeg (580.42 KB, 750x1086, 7F689F36-DC8F-4CFB-B182-98553D…)

guess she’s “dying” tomorrow lul also double lul for apparently being “taken” again a few days ago

No. 726723

>i was taken again a few days ago
>torture sucks!
>gangrape sucks!
i wonder what she'll do, does she really plan on killing this persona off and starting afresh? Or maybe she's gonna off herself for real, after all there's no doubt she's mentally ill, it's not beyond her to do that.
Imagine adopting a kid from India because you wanted to help some poor children or whatever and it ends up like this. Damn.

No. 726750

>child rape & murder & pedophile memes
Excuse me, what?

No. 726781

maybe soren has realized how out of hand these lies have gotten and is gonna try and throw everyone off their trail like they tried to last time they faked suicide.

i don't think soren is actually suicidal because even now they're playing it up so much with this fake cheery act, and plus it's all supposedly over the fake kidnapping/pedo empire stuff so obviously it's not true. if soren was seriously kidnapped for the zillionth time just a few days ago i don't understand why the police/fbi/whatever wouldn't be involved? why wouldn't they be under like witness protection or something? idk how that would work but it would be insane not to give soren some kind of protection if this were all true, right?

No. 726864

but anon, all the government officials are in on it.
the FBI probably even orchestrated his abduction

No. 726972

Wonder if her sister will find out about this bullshit too.

Wasn't she saying originally that she would do it in September on ~sam bday~ or some shit? You just know she can't live without attention or writing her self insert torture porn so killing off her persona won't last long if she does it at all. I also guarantee her comeback will be "I was killing those ALTERS."

No. 726994

>uwu my parents will keep my sora, donald and goofy collection
cool, hope they will enjoy the commissioned gorn art of sexually abused sora with gouged out eyes! wonder what other treasures does the collection hold.

Sidenote: even if 10 years ago I enjoyed KH games for PS2 but the franchise is a steaming pile of shit and no like new Sonic when it comes to drawing autists out lmfao
Fucking Soren could not stop sperging about it even in his (fake) suicide letter of sorts

No. 727126

im betting on this too. that she will come back in a week and claim multiple personalities and so on. but maybe she is actually leaving the internet and doing something else with her life.

No. 727153

nah, she will probably create a new account that we dont know and restarting all again
she always do that after "killing" herself.

No. 727167

He hasn’t logged in at all today…. I’m a bit excited to see if he really does end this “story” of his and starts a new one under a different alias. Maybe the “Sam and Soren” chapter of his life has finally come to end, with them both being “dead”, and in a few months we’ll see some milkyfawncumspit tumblr user pop up claiming to have been gang raped by cultist alongside some pretty dead eyed model girl who’s madly in love with him. Let history repeat itself!

No. 727222

aaand it's deleted.

No. 727229

God, what a punishment it is to look like that. I can see why she's doing that fakeboi thing, though she remains ugly inside and outside. I also can't fucking believe she still is going with her gross paedo abuse house of lies.

No. 727648

I don't get why she can't just lose weight and have her rich parents buy her a whole new face. If they're paying for her to have her tits lopped off and tell a therapist about her torture fantasies, surely they'd help her get a facial come-up.
Imagine writing yourself out to be this tortured, fragile soul who shared the closest bond with a beautiful feral child turned heroin chic hooker. Then you wake up to reality in the morning, look into the mirror and have a fat, ugly dwarf stare back at you.

No. 728644

i was one of the ig anons but soren finally sniffed me out i guess. i got booted from following him. has he been posting since his big ~i'm finally doing it~ post?

No. 728906

there was an instastory the day after but i haven't seen anything since.

No. 729591

Soren looks like Arthur Read.

No. 729752

File: 1541807781142.jpg (61.75 KB, 377x490, 1459038863416.jpg)

dunno if anyone's posted this already, but soren posted this on one of his old blogs ages ago. him and his adopted family, i guess? and that must be his sister. weird.

No. 729890

lmaoo anon

No. 729916

damn Soren should’ve just stayed a chick she looks so fucking demonic now

No. 729939

what you don't know is the terrible truth behind this photo. see how traumatized soren looks? where santa's hand is? the lustful look on father christmas's face? shortly after this photo was taken, santa claus revealed himself to be a clandestine member of the satanic international sex ring porn production studio pedophile torture dungeon franchise club. he proceeded to flourish soren away in his sleigh, after which he delivered her to the nearest gangbang warehouse for her weekly gangrape-and-baby-devouring. this is just one of many sad such incidents in soren's life. you never know what kind of pain lies behind a photo.

No. 729995

Heh, thanks for the laugh, anon.

No. 730013


franchise club. holy kek, anon.

No. 730028

imagine santa’s excitement when the star of his favorite child snuff porn came into macy’s and sat down on his lap for a picture

No. 730176

This gave me a genuine irl laugh lmao

Really hope there are still people with her on IG who can update us here. Wonder just how long this inevitable suicide~ will take

No. 731520

I honestly feel sortof Bad for Soren. Fake edgy backstories for your internet persona isnt that unusual for a lonely kid with low self esteeme (she was 15/16 when all this shit started? There was earlier activity before the full narrative came out). Pulling in real people was a fucky thing to do but also something I could see a 15 year old not thinking all the way through. Now shes in her 20s still digging deeper and deeper into this hole because she has so thuroughly destroyed her life that she has nothing left but whatever asspats she can wring out of her few followers. She has ceased to be a person and has become a spectical.

She oviously was a creative kid, liked horror, that could have been refined into a craft but now, even if she doesnt kill herself, her public misbehavior on the web will stop her from ever being employed/published even if she did decide to make something of herself.

She brought it all down on her own head but I still have some pity for somebody who has dug herself such a deep grave

No. 731592

she's not someone to pity. at this point it's ungodly obvious she has some mental health issues (i mean what kind of person comes up with this that doesnt have issues?) and has dug herself a hole of delulu snuff rings and hooker gfs with dead babies.

she clearly get ssi so she doesnt need a job when she can sit at home and wack it to snuff and send her therapist pedophilia memes.

No. 732035

You can tell the origional story is bullshit just based on how many times they dramatically comfort one another in a bathtub

No. 732553

If this bastard is getting SSI thats just the icing on the goddamn cake. I assumed the rich parents were funding their existance but if a rich kid with a pedosnuff fetish qualifies for SSI and my broke disabled ass has been fighting for it for 4+ years that is some real bullshit

Sage for tard rage but I have like over 9000 conditions I guess the one im missing for that sweet sweet tugboat is pedophilia

No. 734621

in the previous thread soren mentioned something about how he "doesn't deserve to sleep next to his mother" did y'all miss that…this kid is 20 years old and he sleeps in the same bed as his mother????? what the fuck is he alluding to?? that and the fact that the real sam s. said that soren had a "weird mom" honestly makes me think that she might have been the one who molested him. soren refers to his sam character as a "mother" a lot and even made some shit up about his mom saying "when we die i'll be your little brother and sam will be our mom." would shed light on why he tends to emphasize his "great relationship with his mom" in the beginning, as if to convince himself that she was not involved in his trauma. he writes her as an angelic character that only agrees with what he says and helps him in the ways that he sees fit. from what i understand about child psychology and mindsets of abuse, it can be easier to create a "bad guy" that is one-dimensional and easy to blame (soren's "captors"), than it is to admit that a parent or loved one has committed atrocities against you. he has to many expensive stuffed animals, he received top surgery very young and got pulled out of school at the slightest inconvenience…it all points to guilty parents, for some reason they feel that soren's mental state is their fault and want to repay him with "gifts" (common for abusers to do this). so maybe they abused him or maybe they didn't, but someone did, and it seems strange to me that he HAS to remind himself of how great his mom is at all times in the same posts where he talks about his "time in the warehouse" or describes some traumatic event. almost as if he wants to bring the two together but doesn't quite know how.

for the most part i agree with the anons who say that soren's therapist and family are probably playing along to his delusion in front of him but on the real trying to get him help. but there is a part of me that thinks maybe his mom may choose to believe all of his bullshit because it distracts from the real issue of something she or her husband (or both) did to soren as a child. i had an abusive parent with munchausen by proxy who would often draw my attention to "abuse" i was receiving from my school or my doctors to avoid me realizing what she was doing; i was even taken to specialist "alternative" doctors who were paid to perpetuate her delusions. i think soren's mother took him to a con artist SRA therapist who may have even played a part in convincing soren he was really ritually abused, so that attention would be taken away from actual familial abuse. it would explain why he suddenly started reviewing SRA books and especially why his narratives are becoming less personal and more about exploiting gore and tv "satanist" practices like eating infants and medieval torture crap–reminiscent to me of how american psychologists responded to SRA allegations in the 90s by sensationalizing it in this macabre style. it infuriates me that his parents are going along with this and in my opinion it just about proves that they are in some way guilty of abusing soren and possibly his younger sister. the older sister seems to have distanced herself from that family but soren and anjali are a lot younger and more impressionable.

it makes me sick especially, to find out he has a younger sister. people with these types of fantasies tend to go for weaker victims who are close to them like a family member. i'm not sure how much of a stretch this is, his sister does seem pretty well adjusted (he mentions she has a few psych problems but that she is getting better). however, so much of the stuff in his earlier narratives sounded like bizarre sex games a child would play. i just really fucking hope he never tried out his fantasies on his sister as a child.(blog)

No. 734641

Get the fuck out of here Soren you sick fuck. Go polish your shitty narrative again, it still sucks.

No. 734652

Did anyone catch the episode of the podcast This is Actually Happening, titled "What if you had Disassociative Identity Disorder"?

It's a young woman recounting the abuse she endured from childhood through adulthood, reportedly at the hands of her parents, neighbors, etc. She claims to have been taken to a secret house and ritually abused by sadistic adults for years and years, to have been tortured and witnessed murder of other non-compliant sex trafficking victims.

I kinda felt bad not really believing her story, considering it was ultimately a lot more realistic than what's written in these threads but it still sounded similar enough to Sorens that I doubted it.

No. 734674

Stop writing fanfiction about real people without anything real to back up your wild speculation
One throwaway sentence about your headcanon would be enough, going on like that makes you sound as crazy as Soren

No. 734682

The thing is, Soren watches that shit, too, and takes inspiration from it. Any similarities are very deliberate on Soren's part, it doesn't necessarily mean the other person is lying, too. He co-opts actual abuse victims' stories, and has been doing it for years.
A lot of people with DID, since before Soren was even born, have discussed going through intense abuse (ritualistic in nature or not) that split them into different personas to cope.

No. 734769

…..im not soren, im not trying to justify any of his actions. other anons have speculated that he was abused by a family member and made up all this warehouse shit to get attention, i’m just tinfoiling over here that his parents may have had something to do with it if he was actually abused. i find it fucking weird that he sleeps with his mom at age 20 im sorry. he’s basically retarded and has no idea how to interact with other humans, and if his mom is “weird” like the real sam said then she probably at least had a role in raising him to be this fucked up. i worried about his younger sister because predators do target young vulnerable people who are close to them. again it’s literally just tinfoiling; i’ve been lurking in this thread for a few days just reading everything and that was the conclusion i came to: he probably was abused like the other anons said but just not nearly as badly as the story he made up, and if that were true i would suspect it were a family member over some dreamy girl’s dad in a warehouse.

No. 734897

at least sage your blog posting, you're bumping the thread when there is no milk

No. 734917

So is he dead now

No. 734987

We just don't know.

No. 735029

Clearly hiding and at times selfposting (all unsaged) here while she waits for her (ex) followers to forget about her existence so she can pop back up and be cow again.
Its her second fake death, she came back stronger/milkier last time. Granted she had an actual internet friend group back then but now shes probably just scratching her ass at a starbucks w/ her mom n musty weeb friends waiting for the heat to chill down.

No. 735349

If she ever really does off herself, watch everybody backpeddle into mourning like with Kaydee/Julie Terryberry

No. 735457

Nah, Kaydee was a munchie and a bit of a dumbass iirc, Soren is a pedo, doubt anyone's going to feel bad

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