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File: 1403574979170.jpg (158.9 KB, 500x750, image.jpg)

No. 82

So if anyone is wondering why the Kiki and Kota threads got taken down, here's the gist:
Kiki whines to crowdgatherer, the host of free forums that PULL was violating their TOS. They contacted the admins giving them 48 hours to take down these threads or they will delete them themselves. They deleted what they could, but the host wasn't happy. They deleted the Kiki summary page. In a flurry of what happened they moved the Kota and Kiki thread to admin only viewing. One of the admins said this on the SR Kiki thread before it was deleted. I don't have caps but here's the link to kikis rant: https://mobile.twitter.com/mmmkikikannibal/status/480925384071184385

No. 87

This is her? http://youtu.be/gH-j2U5gIF8

How is she a scammer

No. 131

If it's any consolation, this board is on some pretty good freedom of speech protecting hosting.

No. 189

No. 193

It really is a sad day for our glorious cow drama isn't it?
> SR gets baleeted because of PT drama extreme
> PULL deletes Kiki and Dakota drama
> Dana password protected her blog

No. 222

>this girl still exists

No. 252

She hasn't been online since a day, all the comments against her don't get deleted anymore.

No. 447

I love how she unfollowed Crowdgather on Twitter after they didn't do what she wanted.

No. 460

Top kek.
Kiki is back on forum index on PULL, and Kooter's sub forum is still accessible via google. You had one job Kiki, take you and kawaiielfdesu's shit off PULL. She can't even do that much.

No. 745

All exposing videos got deleted from Youku. Seems like she does copyright claim even in China now.

No. 746


Now we can confirm that the whole ~im learningcofgoogletranslatingcof Chinese, look how educated i am guise~ was for the solely purpose of looking for Taobao keywords and where the "Report video" is located.

No. 982

I am still suprised that she hasn't been posting anywhere for so long already.

No. 1957

i actually downloaded all her offensice videos from youku to my phone. if i can i could try and upload them here somehow… but i don't know how or if they'll play.they're in flv format and idk file formats tbh

No. 1958


No. 1976

hmm I'm not sure how it would affect the quality but there should be tutorials/programs online to convert flv's to Mp4's or w/e formats you need it to be in.
(sorry, I'm not much of a video person either)

No. 2006

You can download Format Factory - it's very simple to use, it allows you to change formats and everything.

No. 2007

If you can figure it put, definitely put them up. The ones from Yuoko or whatever were taken down. I don't think Kiki can touch them if they're on here. So people can still see the videos of what a shit she is.

No. 2103

Yeah but this way we may attract her whiteknights.

No. 2302

No. 2602


I'll check out format factory, and I'll definitely upload here. i had been searching for hosting sites to upload them to for a while. i don't want my blogspot be to be deleted because of her shit tbh.

No. 2722

File: 1405884427827.png (48.47 KB, 638x141, BdLXRHqCQAEl4fX.png large.png)

Kiki just faved this on Twitter, seems like she is only lurking all her sites while posting nothing since her plan didn't work.

Credit to some Anon on the PULL chat.

No. 2825

i formatted the videos and they still didn't upload. the site didnt recognize the extension??

No. 2828

File: 1405986775622.webm (9.18 MB, 320x240, 1.webm)

bullying obese girl in crash crash.

No. 2829

car crash*

No. 2831

File: 1405988138444.webm (14.55 MB, 512x288, alien_face.webm)

dakota and kiko bitching.

No. 2836

>Don't go on the internet if you're easily offended
The irony.

No. 2845

File: 1405997758265.webm (8.64 MB, 512x288, braces.webm)

No. 2899

Dakota says she is older that 14 in this video, and to be honest she looks about 15. How long ago was this?

No. 2900

That video is from 2008 I think.

No. 2901

I think she's really about 20-21 and Kiki's about 23-24

No. 2970

File: 1406100702165.webm (13.74 MB, 426x240, poc_racism.webm)

No. 2972

File: 1406101161623.webm (15.57 MB, 426x240, wut_moar_racism.webm)

one of the videos i want to post is a big one. it's 22.31MB apparently too big for this site. i keep getting:
413 Request Entity Too Large nginx

No. 2973

File: 1406101811213.webm (16.77 MB, 426x240, lesbians.webm)

No. 2974

File: 1406102054007.webm (10.6 MB, 320x240, cathystfu.webm)

No. 2975

the big one is a continuation of this video of them in the red room mocking different races. it's originally 12MB but after conversion it's 22MB

No. 2976

I like how they're talking about Sailor Moon in such a clueless way here in comparison to how Dakota claims she loved anime as a kid nowadays.

No. 2977

I miss the height of Stickam (and BlogTV). There was 10 entertaining idiots like Kiki on every night.

Tinychat is too spread out and messy and Younow is just a bunch of little kids.

I guess there's the adult cam sites now but most models on those know to keep their mouths shut and try to appear nice to get more money.

No. 2980

Jfc, those videos, I can't believe I forgot just how awful they both were back in their heyday, at least now they do a better job of covering it up. So funny how far away their actual personalities are from how they're now trying to portray themselves.

How old is Dakota trying to pass herself off as again nowadays? Like 18/19? If the video is from 2008 then that means she would have supposedly been 12/13 in it. I mean we already knew they're most likely lying about their ages, but Kooter really being 20/21 and Kiki 23/24 does add up a lot more than the ages they try to give.

No. 3033

She is "18" right now.

No. 3887

Some new video about her favorite drugs:.

No. 3889

File: 1406624310095.png (20.08 KB, 439x248, moonspeak.png)

No. 3890

This was also in the description of her vid, she removed it already tho:
Sure am tired of the death threats, posting private information, cyber stalking turning into real life stalking, and constant harassment. I've cried so much over the years from the abuse and reached out for help many times with no success due to our lacking loophole laws regarding the internet and crime, so much that all I can do now is laugh, put on a strong face and feel a bit shocked…
It's so sad and absolutely wrong that abusive people can just target however they want online and stalk, harass, taunt, and solicit violence and hate against someone because of jealousy or their own self hatred and be able to hide under their anonymous veil. There needs to be some litigation changes regarding technology and how our legal system defines these crimes and interprets them. If these actions were committed in the 3D arena, these people would be arrested immediately.
After you've been jumped in real life by people you don't know who run hate sites dedicated to you, people sending death threats, people blaming you for your own rape and posting my rape incident report when I was a minor, people posting private information on all your family members, contacting employers/clients/business partners/suppliers/boyfriends/friends, taking pictures of your home and posting it online along with your address and how many miles they are away from you, calling your home a repeated number of times, describing what you wear when they stalk you in public, hack your phone voicemail, write such obnoxious lies and solicit hate from neutral people, vandalize your home, say they're going to kill your cat and then your cat disappears - the list goes on…. the internet becomes a very unsafe, stressful place. The abuse has totally wiped away any fun the internet poses.

No. 3899


She didn't remove it, there's two new videos. One is the herbal vid and the other is a video of her lying about why she won't be on social media any more.

Also she's looking haggard as fuck these days.

No. 3900

Didn't even notice that they are two different videos, the way too high contrast in combination with bad quality makes everyone look bad tbh.

No. 3901

So she's still dredging up stuff that happened years and years ago trying to imply it's still happening. I guess "Wahh, people have been calling me out for stealing other peoples work and not crediting it or trying to pass it off as my own!!" wouldn't garner as much sympathy.

No. 3902

The funny thing is that she is still claiming that it is basicly one single guy doing all of that.

No. 3904

File: 1406638879175.jpg (13.06 KB, 194x300, 1249641234332_192.jpg)

God damn! That forehead!

No. 3905

She seems to switch between it being a bunch of people to it being one person, depending on what's convenient. Ofc, we know no one has actually been harassing her or sending her death threats because all the caps of her "harassment" she posted were from like 2008 or something and she has nothing more recent.

No. 3906

Also she was the one posting all her private data online, it is her own fault that she used her home adress and real phone number for her fake coorp.

No. 3924

File: 1406649583440.jpg (168.32 KB, 1277x1419, Untitled-1.jpg)

She actually does look like she's legitimately ill in these new videos. I guess she took finding about PULL pretty hard. Is there any way a person can continue to convince themselves that it's just one obsessed stalker when there's a forum with literally thousands of members signed up?

It's stupid because I might actually be able to feel even the slightest of sympathies towards her because let's face it, nobody likes to have their projects shat all over and it seems like this Lilkitten debacle has been nothing short of an enormous catastrophe - no pun intended.

For everything she's done and continues to do though, she gets nothing from me.

Dakota did the right thing, even if it was the most half assed apology, she still did it.
What bugs me about her is that really anything "bad" Dakota ever did really pales in comparison to Kirsten, but I have not once seen this girl display even one inkling of regret or embarrassment for her past behaviours and behaviours of the present.

She's always harping on about inner light and karma and forgiveness and all that crystal vegan bullshit, does she even realise how hypocritical she sounds?

This is her karma. If she could pull her head out of her ass and just make a proper apology to the people she's hurt I am positive that 90% of this hate would vanish.

But of course she won't, because she's convinced herself that she never did anything wrong in the first place. I do not see a bright future for this girl.

No. 3925


Goddamn she looks like Marilyn Manson in these.

No. 3940

Well, she was online non-stop when she went total nuts after her lilkitten store failed, doubt she ate much while that was going on.

No. 3944

Christ, that picture. Her eyes were always pretty dull (even behind the circle lenses), but now they look full-on dead. She looks like a zombie.
Whatever amount of hatred she must feel for the world is probably magnified by ten.

No. 3947

I feel sorry for Dakota having Kiki as big sister.

No. 3951


That's exactly it; she just looks completely dead behind the eyes.

I wonder if she even believes her own bullshit.

No. 3952

The hilarious thing is how well Dakota deals with criticism and consequently how little she receives in comparison to Kiki.

No. 3964

>>3952 Kiki herself even admitted that it was always Kota who was the stronger one when it's about dealing with people and negativity (for example she wrote something on formspring how Kota was the one defending her when some guys where unpleasant to her, she only hid behind).

Kiki should finally get help. It's a horrible life she's leading and it's about time she realized how wrong and paranoid she is. As >>3924 wrote - if she made an apology majority of people would back off, simple as that. But she's way too paranoid and probably believes her own lies (I can't imagine anyone acting and lying all these years without actually believing what they're saying).
It's about time, Kiki. You've done a lot of shit, it's about time to admit it without turning everything around and lying.

She looks bad in these videos but no wonder - her "big awesome project she was working so hard on" didn't work out and all that meltdown on twitter - bet it's stressful.

No. 4012

There's no way she's only just found out about PULL. Her meltdown was probably because Lilkitten flopped, which she blames PULL for. Even though it's her own fault for trying to pass the items off as her own creations and charging rip off prices.

No. 4027

What was the story behind Lilkitten? She only set it up like 2 months ago so why declare it a flop already?

I haven't really looked at Kiki since her Stickam days but I don't think her current style suits her at all. She just doesn't have the mannerisms for it and if she wants to be cutesy she should at least drop the "Kannibal" from her name. She doesn't seem to be genuinely into it at all.

No. 4036

Because her supplier won't supply her anymore after they found out she claims to be the designer of their works and they informed others to not work with her.

No. 4044

File: 1406688283530.jpg (3.81 KB, 180x180, ms290.jpg)


thank god she uses "~longevity health beauty~" potions, she would look like pic related without them.

and rofl at her post about people mistaking her for a middle school kid. Sure Keekz. Sure

No. 4546

She basically lies about the things people say about her in order to garner sympathy this entire video.

No. 4724

the manic laughter is really bizarre too. it's so forced and abrupt. she is nearly falling apart at the seams in this video. must be mentally draining always being the victim AND the bully.

No. 4728


She does herself no favours in screen caps like this.

She's always had a long face so why amplify it with long straight hair and lighting up her forehead?

Dakota has a rounder face so it works. Does Kiki have no style of her own? Is she really dominated by her younger sibling?

No. 4732

>To let everyone know, I just put my comments on "review" every night because that's when people from the hate sites will spam & troll when I'm sleeping
wow. man. gurl sure could use a job and an actual life.

No. 4754


sorry if this is a stupid question (i'm out of the loop with the kiki drama) but what meltdown? link?

No. 4755

Just look at her Twitter, after her last shop scam failed she went totally nuts there, saying that everyone calling out her BS is one single guy that wants to destroy her life since 2008, just check out the last video posted here.

No. 4756

She says she's "growing up" from social networking and all the bullying, but she seriously looks and acts like a self-centered teenager with that laughing and everything.

No. 4757

…while still being online 24h, the only thing is that she doesn't post.

No. 4827

File: 1407086391241.jpg (121.45 KB, 822x383, 1384213892949.jpg)

Kirsten will always remain my favourite lolcow.
How many other e-celebs can claim that their very existence has influenced to the point that it brought about the end of anothers (i.e. Danny)?

This girls life from beginning to end has been a complete trainwreck, and all by her and her families own hand.

We've all heard the rumours about how cruel and punishing Cathy is on Dakota and Kirsten when they don't live up to her highest expectations, and also rumours of how Kirsten used to chastise and deride Dakota as the fat one.

Now Dakota is the pretty, successful one. She's achieved her dreams at such a young age, has managed to construct a fairly respectable modelling career within Asia and is reeling in the honto ni ¥¥¥¥¥¥, and where is Kirsten for all this? Why kek, she's stuck at home scrimping and scraping for nickels with her shitty rip off music and failed scam store.

She tried to go to Japan in the hopes of being nanpa'd by some desperate scout and whisked away into the world of modelling just like Dakota was, because ALL Japanese like totally worship whites, right!?
And where did that end up? She had a one night stand with some unknown musician whom after only one night she managed to piss off and have him promptly dump her ass and so she left in disgrace with nothing to show for it, oh wait, except for some DJ deck she claims she was given as a gift when we all know she probably bought it herself.

Picture related, the only Final Fantasy character Kirsten will ever look like.

No. 4838

Holy fucking shit guys I have just found something huge.


Whatever anybody here reading this does, DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES POST THIS TO PULL
It is clear now that Kirsten has in fact lurked the website as far back as March 2014 which is the month the directory was created.

Basically what I have found, is an enormous unsecured directory created by Kirsten uploaded to her official website, and within this directory is hundreds of screenshots of PULL, Twitter, Youtube, Encylopedia Dramatica, downloads of users images, data on users locations, private emails, PDF's containing sensitive details and fully annotated what appears to be evidence for case files and a possible suit.
This data seems to stretch back all the way to her early scene years.
Kirsten has capped and saved fucking everything.

If anybody can possibly save all of this data and upload it to a secured server out of her reach, I would do so ASAP because when she finds this it'll be gone in seconds.

This is insane.


No. 4840

File: 1407097471786.jpg (238.15 KB, 767x862, 448.jpg)

She really does believe that it's all one persona and that they can speak in Japanese, Chinese, English, Russian etc.

No. 4841

someone pls archive the entire thing asap

No. 4842

Guys this is extremely serious stuff. In the directory there are PDF's of Cathy talking about starting a suit against PULL.

No. 4843

All directory contents have been archived here:


The relevant directory can be found here:


No. 4844

I feel like I have stumbled onto the fucking tomb of Ramses II and all it's hidden treasures or something.

I was only looking for cool unpublished pics, not…. "this".

Could I get in trouble for sharing a link to a public directory?


No. 4845

Somebody should send that to the stickydrama guy since he also helped against the shutdown of PULL plus is a lawyer.

No. 4846

File: 1407098440747.png (234.4 KB, 1277x727, Screen-Shot-2014-07-29-at-9.37…)

Guys, it looks as if the archive is being updated by Kiki every day.
This was only screenshotted 3 days ago.

No. 4847

So much for "I won't be active online".

No. 4848


He is no longer active on Tumblr, but either way I don't think he would keep any of this stuff to himself.

If you want to keep this up and let them keep adding to the directory, keep quiet.

No. 4849

The best solution would be downloading everything and uploading it as rar somewhere.

No. 4850

File: 1407098717340.jpg (182.22 KB, 827x763, 10268326_10202601615898809_401…)

So there was a hidden shill on PULL.

Who was it?

No. 4851

The fuck?
She's crazy.

No. 4852

File: 1407098873443.png (205.58 KB, 1271x716, Screen-Shot-2014-07-29-at-9.36…)

She is actively browsing the PULL chatbox.

Do not, DO NOT post this PULL.

No. 4853

The only person that ever did that was the girl that thinks she is Kiki.

No. 4854

Every PULL user already knows that, she tried to whiteknight herself there but her IP was too obvious.

No. 4855

It also seems like she even still stalks people she had bitchfights with when she was still a scene kid, wow.

No. 4856


Goerge Pattent is an attorney apparently.

No. 4857

Jfc this bitch is insane. Even if she's making an archive of all this shit, it still won't hold up in court since she brought all this drama upon herself. No one has harassed her in real life since her scene queen days. Most of those people have moved on.

No. 4858

ZIP containing everything, if you want to view it locally. 686 MB in size.


No. 4859

Thank you, blessed admin!

No. 4860

No. 4861

Looks like it's Dakota behind these reports, though.
Either that or Kiki/Cathy claiming to be her to get everything deleted.

No. 4862

So since all the data should got a copy now, I think it is safe now to make a thread about it on PULL, I can't imagine the shitstorm she will start when she sees it.

No. 4863

No problem.

I recommend linking to archive.lolcow.farm instead of her site, since 1) she'll likely take it all down soon and the link will expire, and 2) she can see who is viewing what. I edited your link.

No. 4864


I believe that most of the reports, if not all, were written by Cathy since Dakota would have been busy in Japan at the time.

No. 4865

I think it'd be better to keep her unawares, she'll just delete everything and deny as hard as possible if she finds out.

No. 4866

The problem is, she actually does know about lolcow.

No. 4867

This… this is just too much! I don't get how in the hell someone can sit down at the computer for so long Google'ing themselves, reporting every god damn photo, and submitting all this shit. This family needs to get a life and jobs would be nice.

No. 4868

She does? I thought she only knew SR but then it got deleted.
If that's true, I'm surprised she hasn't archived everything in this thread too.

No. 4869

She stalks PULL after all and you know, some threads link here.

No. 4871

In any case, I think we should wait and see for now (or just privately link this to PULL users somehow, idk).
This is way too insane to destroy just yet.

No. 4872

I posted it to the PULL FB admin/mod group just in case she is plotting something.

No. 4874

This is honestly quite terrifying. Not in the way of "omg she knows what we're doing!" but in the way of "She's seriously spending every second of ever day reading ever letter of what people type about her/in reference to her."
Also thank you for sending it to me

No. 4875

File: 1407100763678.png (1.07 MB, 1280x800, Screen-Shot-2014-07-29-at-12.1…)

Anyone know her deal with this chick? There's like a bunch of nudes and caps of her saved for some reason, even though pretty much nothing in them is related to the Ostrengas from what I've seen.
Is this just one of the MySpace girls she had an e-fight with years ago?

No. 4876

Some fucking idiot has gone and posted it to the PULL chatbox.

Way to go moron.

No. 4877


np x

No. 4878

It was inevitable it would get out. This chan isn't exactly private.

It doesn't matter since everything is archived.

No. 4879

Very likely it is also some former scene kid, she also made screenshots of all the baby posts of another ex-scene girl's Tumblr but it is hard to find out who they were back then.

No. 4880

Are you fucking kidding me?
Ugh, this always happens. There's always a fucking snitch and/or retard who has to ruin everything.

No. 4882

Like mentioned before, quite a bunch of threads link to this site anyways (the Orange one for example) and everything is stored now in case of deletion from her own site anyways.

No. 4883


It does though because Kirsten was adding to the archive every day and now it will get shut down.

Not only that, but they didn't link to Kirsten's website, they linked directly to lolcow so now Kirsten will be aware of the site.

Way to go you little faggot.

No. 4884

Who all did you send it to? I only just got online, but if Apple is on she can check the IP of the person and I can check who owns the account linked to it.

No. 4885

I'm pretty sure it's the same ass in this thread going "Oh it's ok we have copies now~~", since in the chatbox they began with "Since we have copies now, it should be fine".

No. 4886

Espurr if possible I would shut down that chat temporarily.

No. 4887

I don't think they should have shared it, but considering how obsessive Kirsten is about finding people who are talking about her, I think it's pretty clear she would've found this within 24 hours either way.

No. 4888

This. Delete or clear the entire chat or something, before she sees (assuming she hasn't already. Let's just hope).

No. 4889

I am cringing watching them all discuss this in the chatbox.
Somebody tell them to stop, I ma blocked from posting for 15 mins for spam.

Jesus christ.

No. 4890

>mfw there are still people explaining it in the chat instead of letting it get drowned out
PULL users are so fucking retarded. Kyary spammer had the right idea.

No. 4891


Yeah, and now I am fucking banned for spamming.

No. 4893

I'm pming apple and asking if she can delete it.

No. 4894

The links have been removed from the chatbox!

No. 4896


lol, based sneaky admins

No. 4899

This is a very interesting piece of information.

I don't know how much of it is true due to Cathy's bias, but some of you give it a read. It's a detailed account of the relationship they had with Danny Cespedes and was written whilst he was still alive.


No. 4902

The directory structure on these files are clearly Wordpress. Why did she upload all this to her site via Wordpress? Is she getting ready to publish it all?

Also if we really care about secrecy then Admin should add an anonymiser to all links and block Googlebot etc.

No. 4903


idk but given that so many of the files are annotated suggests that they have in mind to use them in suit.

That being said, I read in an email from Cathy that starting a suit would cost $15,000 and that they just don't have that kind of money, so idk.

Either way this is some messed up shit.

No. 4904

I'd never heard of Danny Cespedes so I Googled him. When I do I get this message at the bottom:

>Some results may have been removed under data protection law in Europe.

Surely this means that somebody related to Danny Cespedes has been using the stupid new "right to be forgotten" EU law to have content removed from Google?

No. 4905


And by "related" I mean "who would be crazy enough to do so other than the Ostrengas".

No. 4906

It doesn't seem to be true because it doesn't match with the police report or whatever that was were Dakota also told her side of the story including the party were Cathy collected used condoms.

No. 4908


>Danny is in stable condition at the moment. He received an additional

10k for the possession of cocaine, 5k for pot, and 10k for fleeing. Danny
was also on drugs that night. I was hoping that in the hospital someone
would have drug tested him. Shouldn’t he have also been charged with
some kind of reckless endangerment of another human when he jumped?

>What if he fell on a person?

Oh my fucking god Cathy I don't even.

No. 4912

*part, not party

No. 4914


Haha oh wow, Cathy must have been using it.

Danny Cespedes was a dude that Kirsten was dating.
Cathy let Danny live with them in Kirsten's room and after a while they ended up sleeping together.
Kirsten would regularly brag about the size of his dick and how good the sex was on Stickam, but then Danny suddenly dumped her for another girl.

Kirsten was apparently heartbroken, Cathy was furious and tried to file a rape charge against him. She phoned another young girl that Cathy knew hung around with Danny, and lied to her saying that Danny had raped an infant and was on the run. She tricked this girl into having Danny meet her on the promise of sex at a mall in Florida where they live.

Danny did indeed show up, but then the cops jumped him. Whilst in handcuffs, he made a break for it and tried jumping from the top of the mall into a giant trash thing. He missed and hit the pavement instead, and then died shortly after.

There are pictures of him in his coffin floating around online.

Cathy regularly uses that she " got the last guy who messed with her family killed" as a threat against her internet detractors.

No. 4915



If I Google for "Kiki Ostrenga" or "Cathy Ostrenga" I get the same message. Dakota is fine though.

But I don't understand how a US citizen could claim to be protected by an EU law.

No. 4917


It's been confirmed for many years by dozens of people now.


No. 4918

Check out this email that Laura Southworth chick sent Kirsten.
She really does have schizophrenia.


No. 4920

File: 1407104424600.png (216.67 KB, 1280x731, Screen-Shot-2014-07-29-at-9.35…)

Watch out Lexipedia! They're onto you!

No. 4921

She also mentions Shmegeh and Felice in that e-mail.
I'm just imagining some Perfect Blue type shit where this Laura chick obsessively watches videos of and scrolls through the blogs of skinny, internet famous white girls and ends up pretending she's them so hard she actually believes it and loses pretty much all sense of self. It's almost depressing, to be honest.
>I do not appreciate the usage of my child porn.
What the fuck

No. 4922


>username: nyannyankoko



No. 4923

Nothing new tho, they are still to stupid to use a proxy when they posted with accounts people found out quickly who they are in Kiki threads.

No. 4924


Can anybody find that users profile on PULL? Then we can find all the posts made by that user.

Holy shit what if they are found to be shit talking Kirsten and Dakota themselves through it?

No. 4925

I wonder, why didn't she protect that folder, it is like if she wanted it to be found for starting another shitstorm.

No. 4926

Doesn't exist, never existed so it is her username from another freeforums site.

No. 4927


The information in there is pretty sensitive, I don't think she'd want this shit getting out at any cost.

I think she's just not too internet savvy and didn't realise the directory was public.

No. 4928

This is just too psychotic to finish reading. Oh my god…

No. 4930

Being the internet stalker she is she should know that tho.

No. 4931


It's the media folder for her Wordpress installation. If she protected that folder she'd break all the images etc on her entire site. So the question is why is she uploading this stuff to her site? Is she planning to do a big exposé on all her haters?

In some pictures she's using zend2.com as a web proxy. Web proxies leak your IP all over the place so they're not worth using.

But in reality, IPs don't work how 99.9% of people on here and PULL think they do so there really isn't any need for her to hide her IP unless she's breaking the law.

No. 4933

We found that account but it is nyankola and the IP is from Dallas.

No. 4935

>So the question is why is she uploading this stuff to her site? Is she planning to do a big exposé on all her haters?
Some of the uploads on there are there since years so I guess she only wants to hoard all the evidence she can get, remember, we are all just one guy doing that since years for her.

No. 4936

File: 1407106558456.png (792.45 KB, 1920x1080, Screen-Shot-2014-07-28-at-7.02…)

Look at her fucking desktop omg D:

No. 4937

Pretty sure that's Kathy's desktop, the user is even set to "Mom".

No. 4938

I find her collecting the data of former scene kids worse (at the left open file).

No. 4939

File: 1407106893367.jpg (23.82 KB, 565x318, amy.jpg)

Holy shit, she reminds me of that Amy's Bakery woman from Kitchen Nightmares.

No. 4940


I feel like a lot of this stuff might be Cathy. Who prints out stuff and takes a photo of it, apparently with an iPhone 4s?

Do we know what Kiki's current phone is? A 4s is still a good phone but also a likely hand me down to another family member.

No. 4941

File: 1407107282439.png (14.68 KB, 588x136, 3523.png)

This sounds even more funny now with her and her mom's constant stalking of sites talking about her.

No. 4942

Old people. My mother takes photos of Facebook posts with her phone because she doesn't know how to save them.

No. 4943

This is like Christmas in August, seriously.

I thought that after all these years and people constantly digging up her personal info, dirt and drama she would've learned to keep stuff like that on her hard drive or an USB stick instead of uploading it to the internet. Especially onto an account that's undeniably hers. A couple of years ago people used a script to bypass the password protection on her Photobucket account. Similar stuff was found on it. After it was spread all over tumblr, the account was wiped, if I remember correctly.

> Is she planning to do a big exposé on all her haters?
I wouldn't put it past her, especially since she's not only been screenshotting posts but also collecting personal info about some of the posters - she's always been vindictive as hell. The whole new age-love-light-spirituality-shit is nothing but facade. If anybody needed proof, here it is.
> If she protected that folder she'd break all the images etc on her entire site.
Yes and no. Depends on how one does it. It's actually a quite simple trick to prevent people from being able to look at your directories.

It seems like the more she fades into obscurity, the more her "haters" are getting to her. Back then, she actually had a following to send after anybody who "attacked" her. That buffer seems to have worn extremely thin. Now she's just another ugly new age hipster with a Youtube channel, not a scene queen with a mass following of easily influenced teenage girls anymore. She's clearly a lot further off the rails than she was before.
> Some of the uploads on there are there since years
Some of the files are old but they haven't been on her webspace before last month. Wordpress creates new folders for each month's uploads, in the format of /year/month/, e.g. /2014/07/. I assume she uploaded them all after her twitter meltdown. Whether she wanted them to be found by whoever cared enough to look for them to stir up some drama or with the plan to write an exposé about her "haters" later - who knows.

No. 4944


This is part of what I mean about people who don't know how IPs really work. This happens on Tumblr and PULL all the time and people get accused of things with zero actual evidence.

IPs are sold in large batches to ISPs. Since most ISPs only operate in one country this means that IP geolocation is very accurate on a country level. But ISPs do sometimes trade blocks so you have to keep your geo database up to date (once a month is recommended).

(Aside: Big multinationals like Amazon or Google have their own blocks that they use however they want and so their IPs can move between countries every couple of days. Geolocation totally fails on these corporate IPs.)

Since ISPs usually operate over a whole country, geolocating to a state or city level is much harder. Most likely everyone will just appear to be coming from wherever their nearest data centre is which is usually the nearest big town.

(When I lived in Scotland, Google always thought I was in Aberdeen or Edinburgh despite being 100 miles from each.)

Residential IPs are dynamic, which means every time you connect you get a different IP. To get a static IP you usually have to have a business account and pay a tiny bit extra every month. However, many residential IPs don't actually change that often because ISPs try to reallocate the same IP to each MAC address which is sort of like your modem's serial number (but isn't actually). Even if your ISP does this you can still change your IP by changing the MAC address of your modem or just unplugging your modem for a couple of days.

(BT, and most DSL based ISPs in the UK give you a new IP every time you connect. Cable based ISPs like Virgin try to reallocate to the same MAC address. Either way, nobody can ever claim to have "found your IP" since it fluctuates all the time).

So, let's say we have an IP. How do we find out where its user is?

1) The IP has to be geolocated as soon as possible, preferably as soon as the user accesses your site.

2) The IP has to be looked up in a reliable geolocation database (which basically means one of Maxmind's paid services).

3) The geolocation database has to be up to date.

4) If we get a match to a country, it's probably 99.9% accurate.

5) If we get a match to a region/city it's probably in the right vicinity but not accurate. E.g. someone detected as being from Dallas could potentially be anywhere in northern Texas or southern Oklahoma.

6) An IP's host name is also very useful as it can reveal the ISP and data centre. For business lines it can even reveal the actual business the account is registered to. Some university host names will go so far as to reveal the dorm building which is actually pretty dangerous and highly irresponsible (I'm looking at you Aberystwyth!).

I think I've rambled long enough and I still haven't even gotten started. I just remember seeing someone on PULL saying they have Felice's IP and had located it to some tiny village which is simply impossible with UK internet connections. If you want to reliably identify someone on the internet you need to honeypot them and set a cookie or something similar.

It also makes me sad when I hear MFC models think they're safe because they've blocked their state. They need to at least block their state and all adjacent states.

No. 4945

You're not wrong or anything, but if it can be determined that an IP is residential and not a proxy of any sort, then it's very likely that a person whose IP geolocates to Dallas will be located in Texas and probably close to Dallas.

No. 4946


I agree but we also don't know if freeforums are using a free/inaccurate or out of date database.

I'm not saying that the user is Kiki, just that in this sort of situation a host name would have been much more useful than an old IP that was geolocated under unknown conditions.

No. 4947

The Dalas IP was from a proxy, just saying.

No. 4948

File: 1407109204934.png (250.77 KB, 1280x800, Screen-Shot-2014-06-29-at-4.20…)


lol, her account is in bad standing copyright wise.

No. 4949


This is the vide that got removed.


No. 4950

Does she ever sleep? it seems like she's 24/7 online. Even when she's supposed to be ~outside~ tweet things about saving swans and magical vegan bars appearing out of nowhere and bs like that.

No. 4951

Jeshika reported it for the stolen content, now we finally know reporting her theft works.

No. 4952

>hatesites 2014

No. 4953


I've looked over almost every image and PDF uploaded to the directory and I think I can safely assert that the reason for it's existence being that Kirsten or Cathy suddenly went mad in their desire to hunt down and discover the identity of Lain i.e. the admin of PULL.

She has word documents and screencaps and images saved of all of these unrelated peoples who may potentially have even a vague connection to PULL, even from having the term "Lain" on their Tumblr or Twitter.

There's even one girl who was evidently an an ex-scene kid who's name is Lindsay and there's a screencap of Kirsten on Facebook searching "Lindsay Florida" in the search bar.

I think she's gunning for Lain so she can attempt to sue.

No. 4954


they're fucking nuts

No. 4955

>now like a Charles Manson or Hitler, this person has been able to get many people jumping on this malicious hate campaign.

Holy shit this is so funny.

No. 4956

IIRC this girl used to be her follower on twitter/instagram, retweeting each other and stuff. On the wake of the online shop fiasco the girl politely called her on her bullshit, Keekz went nuts and made fun of her about her being a sex worker. Also, I believe kiki might stole her shop name from her since the girl goes by the alias of yourlilkitten at her camshows.

No. 4957

IP man again.

Since I saw that Kiki used zend2.com as a proxy in some pictures I thought I'd try and demonstrate how leaky such services.

Open this link in your favourite web proxy and there's a good chance it will decloak you: http://jsbin.com/zajupame

Don't use these shitty websites.

No. 4958

lol wasn't kirsten behind the 'dakotanyan' IG account? also she called dakota 'Koko' on twitter a few times. How obvious she can be?

No. 4959

Just shows that she is mentally stuck in the age she had at her scene phase.

No. 4962

From what I've read she already tried to sue a bunch of people but no real lawyer can take her serious with the "This is all the work of one single guy harassing me sicne 2008!" bullshit.

No. 4966

yet they do have money for kirsten going to japan and buying expensive fancy useless stuff

No. 4967


I'm pretty sure all these files were uploaded by Cathy so that she can link to them in her "lawsuit list" document shown in this screenshot.

A lot of files are very new but some of the PDFs are from 2009.

No. 4971


This "Goerge Pattent" (why does he misspell his own name?) seems like a neckbeard stalker.

He's been emailing her for years going on about how when he gets rich from trading, Kiki and Dakota will never have to worry about money again.

Also notice that it doesn't seem like Kiki has ever replied to him in all that time and he still messages her.

No. 4972

That does sound pretty creepy. Gross.

No. 4974

>So its not okay for her to make fun of a sex worker, but its okay for us to make fun of her?
Because you know, shit talking is an integral part of being a kind, loving, ~vegan crystal elf goddess~
>she shouldnt have entire forums about her
There is not a single forum in existence that is solely devoted to talking about her.
There are threads about her on forums that talk about many other people.

Ostrengas pls go.

No. 4975

maybe to "prove" they're ~ legit proof ~ and not photoshopped as they supposedly say HATERZZZ!!1! do

No. 4995

currently sifting through the pictures and they have some guys nudes, 111 screenshots of this girls Facebook (like, everything she ever posted. it's the vendetta ones at the top), and screenshots of random people criticizing her and her music. plus some dark art that's probably stolen. god I'm waiting for my blog to show up lol.

No. 5010


I already found screencaps of my account on PULL despite me not having posted there in over a year.

Also on some of the PDF's with the copyright claims my own Tumblr address shows up, even though I only ever reblogged images of Kota I thought were cute.

Guys, if we keep quiet about this it means a brand new batch will be uploaded to the August directory pretty soon.

I guess it's safe to say that the reason Kirsten decided to shy away from social networking and online activity isn't for her health and safety. She's actually gone legit nuts and is dedicating all of her time in trying to hunt down Lain.

No. 5028

Why is her most recent upload from the 30th Jule just the tweet of some girl about the colors of her braces? I don't get this stalker behaviour.

No. 5032

I'm guessing it has to do with the person on PULL who posted about Kiki being the inspiration to get her teeth fixed, as that post is saved too.

No. 5036

>>4953 This is so dumb. You'd think that somebody who has been watching this unfold from the start would have gotten a clue by now. Lain obviously isn't her real name, and if I recall she said on tumblr once that she had just found out about Dakota in 2012 because of /cgl/. Also lol at "ring leader" Lain only goes online once in a blue moon.

No. 5041


The girl is Hilary Haywire, or more recently known as MyCherryCrush.
Her and Kirsten used to be rival scenequeens back in the Myspace era.

Hilary now works as a camgirl and sex worker and she's actually become on the most successful ones out there and is raking serious $$$$$$$$.

More hilarious that Kirsten undoubtedly looks down on her for doing sex work when Hilary is bordering on being a millionaire now.

No. 5044

This is fucking nuts. Could any of this even stand in court, especially if they're claiming that this is the work of one person?

No. 5046

they think Lain and Kelly are "Lorn and Leash" from 2006


No. 5047

Sorry for double posting.

As some anon higher in the thread found, the Ostrengas need a whole lot of money they dont have to file the suit, perhaps Kiki was hoping her lilkitten store would rack in that cash, and since its been called out for scamming/not crediting, she obviously went psycho and is now compiling all this data. I dont know why they would store all of this on a publoc directory, especially if its for a suit. None of this makes much sense to me.

No. 5050

Damn. I wonder what would happen if someone started like a "Let's exchange signs!" Thread on PULL showing all of the members to actually be who they say they are i.e. not all the same person.

No. 5051

even if they do pay 15k for a lawsuit, there's nothing to go on. their main concern is that Lain is the evil mastermind ringleader who's orchestrating everyone into a legion of hate against Kiki and Dakota and has been doing so for the past 9 years. Kelly is either her accomplice or her sockpuppet and her motivation for this is self-hatred and jealousy of Kiki.

No. 5053

They have a rule against threads like this since people abused threads for self-promo.

No. 5054

File: 1407179139537.jpg (9.92 KB, 181x287, Buzz_Killington[1].jpg)

Do you not understand what speculation is, or something Buzz killington?

No. 5056

Speculating something that can't happen anyways is just stupid.

No. 5059

it was intended as an example of a situation where the fact that everyone on the "hate sites" are individual people would be undeniably proven to Kiki You fucking spaz.

No. 5060

File: 1407179814210.jpg (23.31 KB, 599x337, BNstdbGCEAA5NWa.jpg)


She's fucking cute af, cuter than Kiki that's for sure.

No. 5062

No. 5063


She's on Chaturbate all the time https://chaturbate.com/cherrycrush/

Anyone want to tell her about Kiki's intended suit next time she's on?

No. 5065

The only looks at things that are related to her and she probably will think lolcow is a funny meme site or something knowing how dumb she is.

No. 5066

*She and not The

No. 5068


Yeah, the image links to PT related stuff so I doubt she was even bright to stop past the site and check it our, or if she did her thread probably wasn't on the front page and she didn't realise it could go multiple pages back.
I always got the feeling that Dakota was the more computer savvy of the pair. Kirsten doesn't all that bright.

The link:


No. 5072


She's so adorable, like a girl next door figure only with T&A and dildos and cream.

No. 5073


Wow, they seem to really believe that PULL was born from a few users on Livejournal.

I never actually did believe that Dakota posted to /cgl/, not once, but it seems as if they're totally oblivious to 4chan and the fact that PULL rose from within it, despite the fact people have mentioned it candidly time and time and time again across multiple threads.

I think this goons only believe what they want to believe. They try to alter their perception of the past in order to suit their present.

EVERYBODY knows that PULL got started because of /cgl/, how can they not?

No. 5074

Maybe they think all the users posting about them were users from all those old "hatesites", many scene fags did frequent 4Chan for ages after all, Kiki included.

No. 5085

File: 1407184830881.jpg (97.26 KB, 500x374, koti-being-fat-hilary--large-m…)

They used to be friends before becoming rivals tho, Kiki did throw some shit like "Omg, she is copying me!!1!", started to harass her and probably never stopped stalking her from that point.

Pic related, Hilary and Dakota.

No. 5090

Glad to have a VPN.

No. 5094

File: 1407185158093.jpg (34.76 KB, 500x388, kiki-kannibal--large-msg-12009…)

No. 5098

File: 1407185319673.jpg (89.96 KB, 500x334, 17935173_Hilary_Haywirelargems…)

No. 5099

This whole thing is so scary. I imagine the walls of the Ostrenga house to be covered in random printouts of forums and twitter with their inane ramblings and "clues" scribbled all over them.

How can someone that's literally spent her entire life online be so clueless about internet stuff.

It's probably easier for them to believe it's just been a small number of the same people for the whole time than to acknowledge Kiki is so unlikeable that she's had large amounts and different generations of "haters" over the years.

No. 5102

She looks a million times less cringy in her "scene" phase than Kiki did

No. 5112

In those pics she looks quite a lot like a half Indian (as in Asian) girl I went to school with. Her fashion is probably as much indie as scene (scene didn't really happen until after I left school but she would have fit in with our indie/rocker/metalhead group).

But how did she turn into a pale white chick?

No. 5113

I think Kiki and her mom dont bother with 4chan and other chan forums because we're all anonymous so anything capped here is pretty much useless in a suit or as proof we're all one person. Plus neither moot nor Farmer Admin would release our IPs for an already shoddy lawsuit.

No. 5120

nah. in one of those tumblr reports she tries to convince tumblr it's the same person running multiple blogs because "it's the same writing style". anony hats aren't stopping her.

No. 5148

She was outside quite often as scene kid so I guess she stays indoors a lot since she is earning money as camgirl.

No. 5161


>How can someone that's literally spent her entire life online be so clueless about internet stuff

I really think that Kirsten is just not the sharpest crayon in the box.

To me Dakota always struck me as the intelligent one, even Kirsten admitting that Dakota was always the tough one, and even in Cathy's report on the whole affair involving Danny she states that Dakota was the only one not taken in by Danny, refused to accept him and would continuously tell them that he was going to end up hurting Kirsten.

No. 5167

she also turned out to be the only one who achieved real life success. Moving out at 16 to work as a model in Japan, meanwhile Kirsten is soon 22 and still at home finding work with unoriginal online businesses.

No. 5168

File: 1407188629122.gif (1020.95 KB, 413x233, tumblr_mwogccReAg1rr3sjgo3_500…)


She's Hispanic, and I imagine she spends less time in the sun now she's older, but a lot of it just the soft lighting she uses for her vids.

No. 5171

yeah she was tanned olive then and regular olive now.

No. 5175


Moot would do anything if you offered him enough shekels.

No. 5177

I doubt freeforums would give anything up either.

They're basically crazy.

No. 5185

>at 16
lol no

No. 5187

even the Danny reports from 2006 say she was 11. knock it off with this already, we were wrong.

No. 5189


I can't speak for anyone else, but I wouldn't give anything up, and I don't think the other mods would either. Freeforums itself tho is a little bitch so they'd probably fold unless you hold their hand and pet their hair and say "Shh, she's only joking, she won't sue you. It's okay."

No. 5190

I love all the pdf files where Cathy claims that Hilary is stalking Kiki while she is the one stalking Hilary since 2008 judging by all the screens she made of her sites.

No. 5192

I meant anonymous in that these comments cant be tied to a single account; theres no one to accuse here, unless they start claiming we're all one person talking to themselves, which no jury would ever believe. At least by claiming one person is making multiple tumblrs because hurrderr same writing style, theres an individual they can put blame on.

No. 5203

Suddenly, I have a little more respect for Dakota despite my hatred for her. At least she seems to be the only one with intelligence in her family.

No. 5217


I might be wrong but I recall charms once said dakota knew about /cgl/?

No. 5218

Yeah but it is not hard to imagine with her mom googling their names 2h.

No. 5219

New Kiki vid about why she is a weeb that wants to learn jap.

No. 5221

File: 1407217853075.jpg (44.13 KB, 542x456, 1405903695782.jpg)


some acute yellow fever case right here guys

No. 5222

>dat background music
>dat horse laugh
>dem eyebrows
>dat Japanese tho

No. 5226

>playback on other websites has been disabled by the owner
You sure showed us, Kiki.

No. 5281

Seeing as this only seems to be the content of one of their folders, I don't want to know what else Cathy collects.

No. 5291

File: 1407256597800.gif (438.85 KB, 640x360, 1405864359253.gif)


Aside from her daughter's used condoms?

No. 5307

Imagine that she still got those with all the evidence hoarding.

No. 5357

okay lolcow I'm beyond pissed with this girl. i don't care that she's stalking me (I'm Dion on pull) but this bitch literally screenshot one of my friends (she doesn't even know who the fuck Kirsten is). i am NOT comfortable with that. at all. can this be classified as stalking??

No. 5358

It's pretty clear that she is stalking pretty badly, but she wasn't really trying to put it out there publicly, so I don't know.

She could argue that PULL is stalking her as well? I guess?

No. 5362

In full seriousness, you and/or your friend could sue her for cyberstalking.

No. 5364

File: 1407286659577.jpg (43.48 KB, 500x440, facepalm.jpg)

>thinking like a chinese
>thinking like a japanese

No. 5367

idk about her possible claiming PULL is stalking her considering we just look at her public profiles, whereas she's looking at my personal social networks and friends who're connected to me.

No. 5373

why is she stalking you and your friend? what did she and you do in relation to her?

No. 5386

Look at some of her screen shots. They are of people linking to her home on Google maps, showing every aspect of her life in great detail, finding out who she was "dating" in Japan and exposing it (when she never mentioned his name herself), speculating any and every thing that she does, from what she wears, allegations of abuse, the list goes on. It is pretty clear to most of us that she appears on the verge of a mental breakdown and maybe she's trying to make a case for that.

No. 5391

she's targeting me because I'm a pull member, saved her stickam videos and uploaded them here, and helped in the shutting down of her scam store. my friend has no idea who Kirsten Ostrenga/Kiki Kannibal is, so the fact that she even has a screenshot of her is baffling to me.

No. 5393


Eh, I wouldn't worry about it.
Sure it's an invasion of your friends privacy, but nothing is going to happen. Kirsten is just a beat, yowling toothless cat at this point.

No. 5401

But all those things ARE posted public, her home adress is stated at all her websites because she also uses it as adresses for her shops, she posted herself the guy she was dating and talking about clothes someone wears is everything but stalking.

No. 5404

That's true. Everything you can find by simply googling. Ostrengas put everything public, including all information while creating Kiki Kannibal Corp - anyone who would be wondering what that corp is (and it's showing quite often because they were using it to copyright claim) and google it and try to find if it's legit can simply find all their infos they put by themselves. No one stalked them or took any informations that weren't available public.
As for commenting on everything about her - that's also public. She posts public - people are able to see and comment, people are speculating because she have big history of lying, so there are doubts about what she's doing and saying.

No. 5405

Sorry for double post. But I'm wondering if she'll really try to take some legal actions, because that could bring them some problems. They were the ones breaking the law by copyright claiming things that never belonged to them like text posts or someone's photos -that's copy fraud, isn't it? Plus some could argue about the fact that Scott called people on tumblr before to threat them he'll sue them for liking and reblogging. Or the fact that they were using KKC for copyright claim while the corp itself was inactive.
These would potentially bring them problems, wouldn't they?

No. 5408


Indeed it would, which is why their hands are bound and they can't do shit.

No. 5409

Trust me, no actual lawyer would touch that case with a stick, seeing how they stalk everyone that is somewhat talking about them only because they are so paranoid and think everyone is one single person that is trying to ruin their lifes.

No. 5411


I doubt even a scumbag like Johnnie Cochran or Robert Kardasian (if he were alive) would touch a case like this. Too risky with all the counter evidence against them.

No. 5425

Kiki added new caps to the archive.
Maybe they do have somewhat bound hands but there must be the reason why she's capping everything now, right?

No. 5435

on the document opened in the bg, she's writing details for each post. http://archive.lolcow.farm/kikikannibal/2014/08/Screen-Shot-2014-08-04-at-11.44.55-PM.png
she's planning to send the doc file to a lawyer, perhaps.

No. 5436

They've been screencapping everything they're mentioned in since 2006, it's probably just the habit of documentation by now.

In one of the files it shows Cathy mailing a lawyer to talk about Chris Stone and him "playing lawyer" to PULL.

I can't get over how fucking stupid it was to put all this shit in a place where anyone could easily find it. And on a website that's so known and public. The last photobucket find that someone mentioned actually took effort to crack, this one was so out in the open that someone literally stumbled upon it.

No. 5437

can you put that screenshot on another link so we won't have to click on her site?

No. 5439

oh shit sorry newb here. here you go http://tinypic.com/r/213hfmq/8

No. 5440

ha, looks like she's trying to find the identity of each PULL member, and match them to whatever they've written about her.

No. 5441

she made caps of some of my PULL posts, even my fb and blog faq. lol k

No. 5442

I got sent this extension to mass download everything at once. https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/download-master/mcceagdollnkjlogmdckgjakjapmkdjf
I can't do it now since I'm on my work computer, but if anyone else wants to do it lemme know how it works out.

No. 5446

here's one instance of them using KKC to take down a video that belonged to Fuji TV. http://i42.tinypic.com/2s16f79.png

No. 5447

the email on the screen shot is owned by their father scott.

No. 5448

I sent this shit to StickyDrama over PULL and whilst I'm confident he'll keep his mouth closed like the reast of us, he seems to believe that this is all Cathy's doing and that Kirsten probably doesn't even know about the files being uploaded to her website.

I get that he's been at this a lot longer than any of us but, in this case I believe he's completely wrong. The Mac login clearly shows both "Mom" and "Kirsten Ostrenga" signed in, and I find it difficult to believe that Cathy operates and manages Kirsten's Website.

I know Cathy was kind of the orchestrator of this drama when StickyDrama was activie, but Kirsten is a big girl now and perfectly capable of doing this stuff herself. She is not as innocent as he may think, however just as crazed.

No. 5449


Oh shit, my prediction that they would keep uploading to the August directory was spot on.

This is amazing, they're going to keep drip feeding us dramu whilst being completely unawares.

They think they are one step ahead of us but we can see fucking everything and intercept them before they try make any moves kek

No. 5450

in a stickam video or a buzznet post (i don't remember) Kirsten said that she doesn't like looking at the hate stuff so she has her mom do all of it for her. so maybe he's right? besides didn't one of them accidently talk in third person while logged into Dakota's youtube account once?

No. 5452


Oh the directories? Those are automatically created by the website every month to house corresponding images/videos etc.

That's what I originally sniffing around there for. In the past I found a shit load of unpublished images on Dakota's official website, so I thought I'd check out Kirsten's too.

Obviously what I found was so much better than unpublished images.

No. 5453

I wonder what will happen when their granny dies, they are still living in her house after all and judging how much Cathy and Kiki are online collecting evidence, I doubt they earn any money at all and I am pretty sure they don't pay anything.

No. 5454

File: 1407345181999.png (419.69 KB, 1246x684, Screen-Shot-2014-08-05-at-10.1…)


No. 5455

I am just hoping and praying that the PULL mods keep on top of this leaking onto the site. We need to keep this going.

No. 5456

Can anyone made an archive of this new part? I don't really want to visit her page.

No. 5457

File: 1407345982785.png (452.57 KB, 1248x706, Screen-Shot-2014-08-06-at-1.23…)

Hot damn check this out!
Kirsten was scheduled to be on Dr. Phil at one point!


I'm sure lolcow admin will do so as soon as they see this.

No. 5458

I am hoping that in the event the Ostrengas do discover this site that admin-chan bans their IP from being able to view the site.

No. 5459

We already tried that on PULL, even tried to ban the IPs associated with the proxy she uses, didn't help.

No. 5461

Information is already plural, sorry, pet peeve.

No. 5462

That's fine. I'm trying to remember that but it sounds so weird and sometimes forget lol

No. 5505

Just curious, how long do you think it will be before the Ostrengas shut it all down? Pretty sure it's going to happen, with Chris Stone posting that email on PULL today.

No. 5508

What part do you mean? PULL? Folders? Something else?

I am pretty sure nothing will happen, PULL's host doesn't give a shit, no lawyer will take Cathy serious and they wouldn't have uploaded that stuff in the first place if they didn't want somebody to see it, even if it is not us.

No. 5509

They are filing a lawsuit.

Look at the name of the doc in the background here.


No. 5510

Chris Stone (StickyDrama) posted an email from her archive on PULL. I'm pretty sure they are going to figure out how he got it, sooner or later.

No. 5513

Doubt it since he could just say he got the screenshot of the mail in some other way, like contacting the producer again.

No. 5514

Plus it is Cathy doing this, a crazy woman that thinks everyone is a single dude, lol.

No. 5515


I thought this as well but if you look the email was actually originally from Chris, Cathy/Kirsten has just capped it. No worries, we are safe.

No. 5518

Who exactly are they planning a lawsuit against? 99% of the users of PULL are anons, including Lain. I don't know who those people they have screenshots of are, but I don't think they're involved in anything big?

No. 5520

>he seems to believe that this is all Cathy's doing and that Kirsten probably doesn't even know about the files being uploaded to her website.

I actually mostly get that impression too.

I think Kiki is perhaps a pussy who can't take the heat she dishes out while Cathy is some kind of overprotective momma bear.

It's pretty obvious that Cathy has been printing out and storing stuff since about 2006. It looks like more recently she has been scanning it back in to prepare this lawsuit.

While many of the screenshots are clearly taken while logged into Kiki's account, all of the screenshots of the Word document being prepared are logged in as Cathy.

So Cathy has probably asked Kiki to screenshot anything useful and Cathy will sort through it later to find the good stuff. This would explain why there are so many screenshots, some taken only seconds apart and some seemingly barely relevant.

If Kiki is/was near some kind of breakdown then Cathy has probably told her not to worry and that she will take care of everything.

No. 5521

Since they seem to think everyone in the world is one person, probably against that one person that doesn't even exist.

No. 5525

why is Sticky fanning the flames by posting new info?

No. 5531

Because Cathy is spamming him as anon at his Tumblr.

No. 5532

really? how do you know it's her?

No. 5535


I think that is Sticky himself, I messaged him and told him to come here.

Hello Mr. Drama, if you're here.

No. 5537

anon is talking in third person though.

No. 5541

It's not like if there are many people from her IP location, it is only Kiki that seems to use a proxy.

No. 5607

So, can someone make an archive from August?

No. 5619

No. 5623

Thank you anon!

No. 5637

No. 5638

No. 5641

Well, many people from efagz still follow the drama but they have nothing to do with the Flawless Perfection group on MySpace.

No. 5642

Register IP is and everything else is Dallas again.

No. 5643

She sure is stalking that girl though. Screenshotting every social network she could possibly have.

The girl's only crime appears to be following her since the Danny death incident, following them on twitter, and leaving little comments here and there on PULL and youtube. I assume she's one of the people she's planning a suit against.

No. 5644

With all that had happened to them regarding hacking and cracking, you'd think they'd at least be smart enough to crop every screenshot and black out what they wouldn't want somebody to see. I've never had incident like that and I still pixalate every username and tab from my screenshots.

No. 5645


That IP belongs to softlayer.com (owned by IBM) which aren't a residential ISP and only seem to sell hosting services.

My guess is that it's a VPN server someone has setup on a server rented from Soft Layer. Ports 500 and 1723 are open which suggests a VPN.

No. 5648

It seems to be that Kiki is the only one using that tho because everytime Cathy stalks someone, the IP's location matches with their location.

No. 5649

the account's age says 21

No. 5671

she's doing the same with cynicalkitten. kirsten keeps screenshotting her nudes, chaturbate, instagram, tumblr etc and i think it's solely because she's a sex worker. I'm not sure if this is sounding right, but basically she, to coin their favorite term, has a personal vendetta against Adrienne because she's a sex worker??

she even went so far as to label her "Adrienne cam girl stalker" even though…kiki has found all of her online profiles and saved them to a pdf and Adrienne rarely talks about the psycho.

No. 5673

wait, cynicalkitten is Adrienne?

No. 5679


Honestly I kind of want to branch out to a few of the members who are being deliberately targeted in these screenshots/PDF's, but there's no safe way top do it without having somebody accidentally blab about it on PULL.

Somebody ought to message cynicalkitten in private and redirect her to this site, and warn her not to discuss this on PULL.

No. 5684

So, can I send a PM to cynicalkitten to come here? I'll make extra clear not to say a word at PULL or in the chat?

No. 5685

I think the best solution would be explaining it to her without linking to cow.

No. 5687

Yeah, cynicalkitten is Adrienne. This is one of her posts on PULL

"I also want to lol at Kiki for the brand name "lilkitten" considering I had tweeted at her a while back when my handle was @yourlilkitten. Can't you think of anything on your own Kirsten? I'm not saying she FOR SURE copied me, or implying that I'm original, I just think it's real convenient."

btw, I just PMed her. I both explained and gave her the link to lolcow, tell her only to talk about it here.

No. 5688

*telling her to only talk about it here.

No. 5726

Cathy is fucking retarded.
Does she realise that magnitudes of people visit websites & that's how information is passed around & retained over the years?…
Websites aren't only known about by the people that make them.. therefore, making those people the ONLY people in the world who could make more websites about it.

Cathy thinks she's some pseudo lawyer. If you guys remember the infamous 'rolling stone' magazine article about kiki, it mentions cathy studying to become a lawyer until she met that deadbeat musician that helped her spawn loin fruit.
I can't believe she actually thinks this is solid information.

No. 5738

>ostrenga lawsuit list final

more like LOLsuit

No. 5799

cynicalkitten, here.
Thank you to everyone who has messaged me about this, I really do appreciate it. I'm so creeped out about this and seriously considered. I literally made my PULL account after she blew up on me over a simple comment I made on her Instagram and occasionally browse PULL. I guess that makes me a stalker, Keeks? Yet she has all of my information, I don't know how she even found me after I deleted old accounts and remade under a different name because I was ALREADY being stalked by someone else. Fml. I definitely won't be live camming anytime soon since she'd probably lurk it. Ffs I honestly really hate this girl right now, and before this was brought to my attention I just thought she was off her rocker, but this? Yup. I hate her now. Thank you Kiki for putting my job and identity in jeopardy! Because it isn't hard enough to make money when you have medical disabilities.

But we're the ones bullying her? lolokay

Sorry, when I first got the message about her doing this I've been upset ever since.

No. 5800

And for the record I have no intention of talking about this. That'd be pretty counterproductive, and I don't want to cause problems.

No. 5802

Hey, message me (Espurr) on PULL And we can delete your account and set you up with a new one so she can't harass you anymore. That is, if you'd like. If you made any posts with the old account we can delete those as well.

No. 5803

I feel dumb as hell for saying this, but for some reason I can't send messages on PULL? Everytime I try to it says I'm not allowed? I think account deletion would definitely be a good idea and I'll just stick to quietly lurking after having remade.

Dunno what else to do about her having all of my other info, though.

No. 5804

Ah, you have to have 15 posts. Sorry, I forgot. Would you like me to delete all of your posts along with the account? And there's not much you can really do about her being crazy and stalking you. I've been in that position with someone having everything to my name to my address and you just gotta wait it out. I'm sorry :/

No. 5805


Hey CynicalKitten,

Just thought I'd let you know, absolutely do not be intimidated or worried by any of this. The Ostrengas have been doing this kind of shit for years now and it never comes to anything. Ever.

I know how scary it can be to see images of caps they've made of various personal accounts as they have done it to me in the past, but it doesn't mean shit.
They are just swinging at thin air at the moment and capping everything in an desperate attempt to locate the identity of Lain.

Also, just in case nobody stressed this to you before, keep this discovery a secret from PULL. Kirsten/Cathy is still uploading to archives regularly or so it seems and if she finds out that we know about the directories she will shut them down. The only safe place to discuss them is here :>

No. 5806


I only just saw this, my bad. But yeah, it's good that you know.

Honestly if I could I'd like to bring more people over from PULL, but we can't tell who'd talk and who wouldn't so it's just safer this way. So long as the mods know and the people being targeted that's good enough.

No. 5807

We figured out that the only people that are targets are the people that, in her mind, are threats. Kelly and Lain are targets bcs she thinks they're the same person. Hachi and kontrakoti are targets bcs they both post info about Kota often, (kontra with her website and hachi with translations and twitter posts). the only "threat" I am is the willingness to pay for information from those dumb "finder" websites. Most users aren't a threat to her but she is starting to go out of her way to find personal information on them.

No. 5808

Yes, please if you could and I'll remake. I really appreciate it.

As for the other stuff, I've contemplated privating my Twitter/Insta and just not doing much with my Tumblr. Only problem is it will 1. kill my chances of becoming a GG (Gods Girl) potentially since I'm waiting to be in the next Purgatory and 2. I have a feeling she's already following me on said accounts using a fake PLUS 3. I'm afraid if I do it regardless of the former reasons, it may raise suspicion and I figure it's probably best to act like nothing has changed. Or am I being overly analytical?

No. 5809

Of course! I have no intention of talking about this to anyone. I only go on PULL occasionally, aside from Tumblr/Twitter/Instagram, so it's honestly not like I even have someone to talk to about this if I wanted to. I'm really curious though and maybe this is stretching into dangerous territory but my friend recently explained to me how he could brick someone's computer. I kind of want to do this to Kiki tbh. I know it wouldn't help and it'd make them mad but boy would it be funny.

No. 5810

There you go, it's all gone now. I hope you have better luck with your new account. You might want to use a different email, she's trying to figure out those as well. (with so far no luck, but you know how insane she is)

No. 5811

Thank you, that's a good point. I think I'll be deleting and changing things around today with new e-mails and such. Sigh. She's such a pain.

No. 5813

This may help you out on getting rid of old accounts she has of you. https://pipl.com/ and http://unlistmy.info/sites
Also for anyone else who is on kiki's shit list.

No. 5815

Thanks! I really appreciate it. I don't care if she's just looking at my stuff, but given her childish behavior, I wouldn't put it past her to do something like share all of my info with the Internet if she happened to get my real name and such.

No. 5829


Eh I wouldn't be worried.
Even if she did that like 99.9% of the internet would not give a shit unless you had some kind of major drama attached or like, super secret nudes, and seeing as you're a sex worker nudes aren't really a problem either. She ain't got shit.

No. 5833

Wow, so she really is on the attack of anyone who so much as says a single bad comment towards her. As long as she knows their info, they're a prime target. No one is safe lol

No. 5836

YOU KNOW, I just remembered. In the video of Kiki crying she complains to the people on stickam that Cathy would stalk all of her boyfriends' social networks, including those of their family and friends, and would even call them. That some guy got so fed up with her creepy shit that he left Kiki for it. So this may just be regular Cathy behavior.

No. 5837

That video makes me really sad, because it's just the slightest glimmer of Kiki actually recognising that the way Cathy behaves is abnormal and ruining her life/relationships.

No. 5854

Wow, I've known for years that Cathy was super up in her kids business and living vicariously through them, but I didn't know to what extent. Kiki really needs to give up on the whole internet idol thing, she doesn't have the social skills to have any real success with it. And then she needs get an actual job so she can finally cut the apron strings and leave. I don't think there's anything wrong with living with your parents, but living in such a weird, obsessive environment can't be healthy. Kiki's already pretty emotionally stunted as it is, you can tell she grew up never really interacting with the outside world much.

No. 5894

Does anyone have a link?

No. 5914

It used to be on youku but after kiki's massive cleanout, I can't find it anymore :/

No. 5976


I think the clearout might actually be part of the lawsuit. They wanted to remove as much as possible so that a lawyer can't find the truth about Kiki. The suit will presumably present Kiki as an innocent girl minding her own business who was abused by stalkers for no reason.

No. 5977

just like rolling stone.

No. 5982

Kiki already did that once after the RS article, it was when she started to call herself Kirsten Leigh. She moved out for a while but when Dakota got the modeling contract in Japan, she suddenly was back at home and started to do videos again, she can't handle her little sister being more successful than her.

No. 5983

how do you know she ever left?

No. 5987

Because back then she wrote quite often about how ~stressful~ it is to live on her own and work.

No. 5990

File: 1407539553763.png (55.61 KB, 531x187, orlando.png)

No. 6005

File: 1407545756978.jpg (167.89 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

cynicalkitten here again.
I'm on my phone so I dunno if this will work properly but I installed a hit counter on my Tumblr earlier after deleting my Tumblr account and remaking with my URL connected to a side blog instead. Sure enough, it looks like she or Cathy is actively checking up on me. I don't even get why, considering I only said something about her ONCE in the middle of June. These people need to get a life.

No. 6006

Oh sorry that was me, i'm also in orlando lol

No. 6009

It almost makes me feel sorry for her, seeing how desperately she tries to leech off her sister's 'fame' by mimicking her style.

No. 6013

yeah.. thats coming from a Windows computer. Keep checking though.

No. 6014

Ah, okay my bad lol! I thought it was strange since her IPs always say Wintergarden, so I thought maybe they did something to get a different IP for undetected lurkage.

No. 6028

> including the party were Cathy collected used condoms.


No. 6031

Cathy used to collect Danny's used condoms. It said so on a court report

No. 6041

I always knew Dakota was younger than what the butthurt people were saying.

No. 6065

This is hilarious, from kiki's tumblr she wrote this in 2011

"The internet RARELY creates real life success or friends. It's a video game. I can speak for ourselves when I say, we do not measure our success on internet popularity or fame."


Dakota DID gain success and friends because of the internet. And now she's extremely butthurt and sick over people ruining her lilkitten plan as if it was all she had despite her "not measuring irl success from internet popularity"

No. 6067

All kiki had to do was log out of her accounts.

No. 6068


>" If my goal was to be popular on here, I very well could do that, it’s simple, but by doing that it would take too much of my time for other things I could be putting towards my real life goals."

she's been trying so hard to be popular lately though. I guess she has fully realized that she can't gain the kind of following that she used to have during her myspace days or be as famous as dakota. It's killing her.

No. 6099

I wonder what her next video will be, she said she will make one every week and since she seems to be so focused on being a weeb now, I guess it will be about shopping in Japan, vegan restaurants in Japan, etc while she was only there once.

No. 6105


I really hate her videos; she talks about nothing in them but herself.

I remember when she first published her "Dating in Japan" and I was actually looking forward to it thinking it'd be relevant to my interests on how filthy pig gaikokujin are viewed romantically in Japan and it was literally just her talking for 10 minutes how everybody wanted to fuck her and were complimenting her and calling her a Final Fantasy and a sparkling Caucasian princess.

Like, what was the point. It had shit all to do with dating in Japan.
Did she even date? I know she had a one night stand but that's not really dating now is it.

No. 6163

>>I think she's gunning for Lain so she can attempt to sue.

ha, well shit. Jokes on her since I really don't give too much of a shit about PULL anymore.

No. 6167


No. 6168


No. 6179

she wasn't there long enough TO date so i was like rly bitch

No. 6220

File: 1407626157254.jpg (172.62 KB, 581x1600, 2jfnoy9.jpg)

i was able to recover a screen shot of kiki's backstage.com profile.

No. 6221

>>6220 that's all i have. i don't know where to find those headshots she posted there. they're awful because they're heavily edited.

No. 6222

if considers herself blonde then what is 'light brown' supposed to look like?

No. 6226

>Age Range: 12-29
>her stickam shows as "comedy and improv" experience
>"EDM/Electronic Dance Music", and just that

No. 6228

Maybe those fake VK profiles have them. I'm going to take a look.

No. 6470

I don't even know what she is trying to talk about in this video but her attempt at pandering to Japanese is fucking gold.


She's one of those people where whenever they try to speak Japanese they do so in this horribly enunciated high-pitched accent because it's what they've been exposed to through stereotyping and given that Dakota seems to speak Japanese fairly fluently now she really should know better. It's embarrassing.

No. 6479

she fucked up with the Japanese anyway.
it's 目は心の恋である not 目は心の恋です.

No. 6480


I was going to say, shouldn't it actually be 目が since the subject focus of the sentence is on the eyes?

No. 6482

Now that I've watched it, it sounds like Kiki is having some sort of existential crisis. I stressed me out just watching it towards the end. I don't think she knows what she's doing with any bit of her life. She sounds so lost.

No. 6484


It's not all that surprising considering that since the ages of 13-14 her entire identity has been "Kiki Kannibal".

She's so wrapped up in this dead and buried personality of hers that she even refuses to switch aliases, despite knowing it would bode for future projects to not be associated with the Kannibal name. I think she doesn't even know how to be Kirsten Ostrenga any more.

She's desperate no to be forgotten but it's happening all the same.

No. 6499

She's pretty much lost her soul. It's like she's slowly turning into a mannequin.
Funny that she begins with talking about the eyes being the window to the soul and there's literally almost no light in hers.

No. 6501

Doesn't Kiki know that cannibals aren't kawaii?

No. 6506

hmm..i think it can be either or with this phrase.

No. 6522


My Nihongo is weak sis.

No. 6597

So they still have no idea we can see all their crazy "evidence"?

No. 6600

Doesn't look like it, if/when they find out I'm sure we'll know about it. They're not exactly known for being discreet. You'd think with them being online 24/7 and all the constant stalking + surveillance of their "haters" that they would know by now, but they really are just that dumb.

Of course they could just be plotting some kind of retribution, but being restrained enough to keep quiet instead of having a screaming meltdown would be really out of character for them.

No. 6710

it's 目は心の窓である, 恋 means love

No. 6713

She made some "music" again:

No. 6718

Wow she actually got even worse at making her "EDM"

No. 6730

ha no, it means window
愛 means love

No. 6736

File: 1407856208484.png (17.44 KB, 634x164, laini.png)

A bit older but just to show that it isn't only Cathy being crazy.

No. 6738

God she is so unbelievably untalented.

Also, lol at the hashtags. What the hell do #korea and #hongkong have to do with a Zelda remix? She might as well have put #chingchongchinkyeyes #rice #pleaselovemeasia.

No. 6750

恋 (こい) and 愛 (あい) both mean love. 窓 (まど) means window, smh…

No. 6752

i know…??? whats it got to do with 目は心の窓である

No. 6753

you wrote 目は心の恋である

No. 6757

What court documents are ya'll talking about? I want to read the part about the condoms and why she was saving them.

No. 6760

Look at her ED, they should be linked there.

No. 6763

oh my bad. the first message about it being desu wasn't me.

No. 6876


that was my fault!! i read it as 恋…i was wondering where the window part was gonna come in smh..

No. 6933

What is her deal with always specifying someone else is an adult when her own ass is 22 years old.

No. 6952

I think she does it to garner more sympathy. But any person with a brain in their head would tell her if she doesn't want to be "bullied" on the internet anymore than she needs to remove herself from it. I really don't see what she's expecting to get out of "compiling evidence".

No. 6964

Ostrengas have the mindset of 5 yr old spoiled brat, that's why.

No. 6965

No. 6973

She totally butchered the song. Ugh.

No. 7326

…she seems to thinks haters spy on her even in toilets, wat.

No. 7328

she's the very definition of being desperate

No. 7337



pull mods, remove that thread please ASAP

No. 7338

It only had 28 views and one reply, so.. I don't think they saw.

No. 7344

some of the traffic could have come from here to produce 28 views. hope the monstrengas didn't see that thread.

No. 7345

Don't you dare call me a cunt. I had no way of knowing that I wasn't supposed to post that.

No. 7346

>>7345 how did you get here if had no way of knowing?

No. 7347

I was linked here by a moderator. I have never seen this website before.

No. 7350

>>7347 well then now you know. don't talk about it on PULL anymore.

No. 7354

And honestly, I really didn't care for that "stupid cunt go die" comment.

No. 7355

File: 1408251518162.jpg (13.9 KB, 483x418, smug-obama.jpg)

> dont call me a cunt, waah its not my fault

wow PULL really is full of delicate asspained SJW

No. 7362

>'Bawwww don't you dare to call me cunt!1!!'
>'I dont curr about that comment'


No. 7363

okay soooo…. why is this all such a huge secret?

No. 7365

>>7345 did you not think of contacting a moderator or admin first before posting a new thread on there? you already saw there are lawsuit files on kiki's archives. what were you trying to achieve by posting it on PULL?

No. 7366

It just looked like a load of stickydrama crap. I had no idea what it was. That's why I posted it. Must I contact a moderator or admin every time I want to say something?

No. 7367

Also, people ITT asked many times to not post anything about this on PULL, not even on PULL's chat. How retarded can you be? Seriously.

No. 7368

because if they know that we know then they'll delete everything.

but if they don't know that we know, then they'll keep updating and we can see what and who they're lurking/stalking on.

No. 7369

I really don't know why must sink to name calling. I'd rather just be told not to do something (and why) and be done with it.

No. 7370

You were linked here, did you even bother to read the thread? There were numerous reasons posted about why not to share this on PULL.


No. 7371

you're on lolcow hun. Expect it.

No. 7372

everything you need to know about this is already posted here. you have been linked here for a reason. now go read.

No. 7373

Well, that's the only way people like you can learn the lesson

No. 7374

we already found out that they were stalking one of them PULL members, and collecting stalk-y info on a bunch of other people. If they had known that we knew the existence of the dictionary, then we wouldn't have gotten our hands on this information or had been able to warn the people they were stalking.

No. 7375

> name calling is bad ;-;

lol you have no idea where you are

No. 7376

File: 1408252227118.jpg (22.43 KB, 526x294, heyguise.jpg)

why are you posting things without even knowing what it is? why are you retarded?

No. 7378

>I'd rather just be told not to do something (and why) and be done with it.


No. 7379

uhmm wow i'm in a couple of screenshots XD

No. 7380

who are you?

No. 7381

honestly i was just curious to hear the thoughts of others. Isn't the entire Kiki thread for posting about her shenanigans?

No. 7382

let it go

No. 7383

>posters explaining why not to post about the directory >>7374 >>7368 >>7366 >>7365


why are you this dense

No. 7384

you ARE a moron. lol

No. 7387

File: 1408253348942.jpg (24.97 KB, 512x384, ren.jpg)

No. 7389

umm im angel
and omg why does she have screen shots of nude chicks from that porn website o.0
the cherry chick is cute

No. 7390

it's one of the girls she's stalking.

No. 7392

thats very odd why would she stalk them she is either jealous or a lesbian
anyway ooo she has screenshots of ppl from pull tryin to figure out where her house is at

No. 7393

because that girl said something she disagreed with on twitter and also registered an account on PULL to talk about it. so kiki is fighting back by taking screen shots of her profiles. probably to shame her livelihood as a cam girl

No. 7394

no that's Adrienne.
Cherry is another cam girl, Hilary who used to be her childhood ex-friend. idk why she's stalking her, maybe her paranoia is making her think she's Lain or something.

No. 7395

lol typical kiki

No. 7396

jokes on Kiki because she's all ~anti slut shaming yesallwoman~ on her videos, yet she's using this girl job as a way to show how "deviated and sick" her "h8rzzz" are.

No. 7403

Is there any way she can find this thread? It worries me, because this indicates we are aware…
I mean, we all know she's searching crazily for anything she can find.

No. 7443


I believe there are a few links to lolcow kicking around on PULL, but none in the Kirsten/Dakota sections.

I don't know whether Google is indexing the site into it's search results or not.

Honestly it's an inevitability that she will find out eventually, but I'd rather try and keep the ride going for as long as is possible.

No. 7447

someone tweeted this thread to her when they were arguing with her before. she took a screen shot of the tweet and it's included in her archives. not sure if she bothered to click the link…

No. 7451

What did Danilka do before by the way? I missed it,

Don't tell me she went straight ahead and made a thread with links to the directories on Kirsten's site?

No. 7454

unfortunately, yes

No. 7455


Oh wow, Danilka you shit.

Why would you go ahead and create a thread on something you've JUST been linked to without bothering to read throughout it first?
This is why I knew it'd be a bad idea to link the majority of PULL members to this stuff.

No. 7460


Sure she did

No. 7463

lolcow IS indexed at Google including this thread but since it doesn't get much traffic compared to other sites, it would take ages for Kiki to find her thread googling her name 24h.

No. 7464

Not to mention that she got the link from a mod and if the mod would want a thread about it there would be one already.

No. 7473

Users on PULL are so fucking dumb. I wish there was some sort of way for the more retarded posters to be blocked from posting links to anything or making their own threads without permission from mods.

No. 7480

I've temporarily unindexed the archive and this thread from search engines.

I suspect they may have already found this thread though, because they stopped updating the /2014/08/ folder on August 6. It's possible they haven't deleted anything because they know everything is out there already and just want to track IPs now. Be sure to use http://archive.lolcow.farm instead of her site when looking through the files.

No. 7481


It's a shame because some of the mods like espurr seem chill as fuck. I wish we could just poach them from PULL and leave that place to burn.

I can't even pinpoint where it started to all go wrong because I remember when I signed up it was actually pretty decent, and then it slowly degraded to shit.


>and just want to track IPs now

I have considered this myself but I think we all know we have fuck all to do with this little vendetta of theirs so they're welcome to my IP.
Does anybody here actually give a shit about them potentially tracking their IP? More logs for hogroast I say.

No. 7483

There really isn't that much they can do with the IPs, but as a precaution I recommend people use our archive instead.

No. 7485

>I can't even pinpoint where it started to all go wrong because I remember when I signed up it was actually pretty decent, and then it slowly degraded to shit.

I think it first started with the Venus vs Xiaorishu war because of their weeb fangirls coming to PULL and it turned the worst after people made videos mentioning PULL.

No. 7486

lol @ kiki screenshotting a tweet of a girl excited about this tv series http://abcfamily.go.com/shows/pretty-little-liars

No. 7487


Based Admin.

I do have a query though - are you from /cgl/?

No. 7489

No, she found the link herself, skimmed through it and assumed it was stickydrama stuff. The mod then told her why she shouldn't post that there and linked her HERE.

No. 7491

She said herself here she got the link from a mod.

No. 7492

Didn't they stop updating that archive when they've got their account on PULL banned though? Not because they've found this thread and that people found out about their caps? I think this all stopped around the time when one of the mods banned them?

No. 7494

No, check >>7347

I (admin), removed her thread when I saw it and gave her the link to lolcow so she come talk about it here instead. She found the archive herself.

she had like 3 accounts. nyankoko, nyankola, nyannyankoko…

No. 7501

i can vouch for myself - i found the archive myself and posted it. The mod then took it down and told me that if I wanted to discuss it, I could do so here.

No. 7507

>"nyan-something" usernames
>IG "dakotanyan" kiki sockpuppet account
>kiki calling Dakota Koko on twitter

wow, keekz is soooooooooooo creative when it comes to choose alias

No. 7511

Soft Serve Central, is she fucking SERIOUS?
I've never seen anyone go at such lengths to talk about something that they're "afraid of". Something tells me our Kira Kira Pure Swan princess is secretly a fetishist or something along those lines.

No. 7515


I think it's more the lengths she'll go to talk about herself. That is literally all her videos consist of.

She never discusses education or current events or important facts or tips or advice, just me, me, me, me.

No. 7525

I would not be surprised if she make a video titled "ebola outbreak and ISIS atrocities" and ends talking about how viruses and bad guys are complimenting/stalking/whispering creepy things/hitting on her

No. 7536

>shitting in public bathrooms
Not even once

No. 7540

Weird, weren't her videos disabled from being watched elsewhere other than youtube before this one? And doesn't youtube give traffic analysis of where certain amounts of views are coming from (I think y'all shouldn't watch the video from here)

No. 7542

File: 1408316512176.png (35.74 KB, 539x205, 353.png)

Nope, it only shows pic related.

No. 7545

different anon, but YT still shows me what websites my videos were embedded in

No. 7546

Strange because I can't find anything like this anywhere.

No. 7547

How old is your channel?

No. 7548

>>7547 meant to quote >>7546

No. 7549

4 years plus I am YouTube partner but all it shows me "External Website" but witout details when I use Analytics.

No. 7551

hmmm strange… now I checked, it only shows the embedded player stats for me on some videos, not all of them.

No. 7552

File: 1408318674183.jpg (44.98 KB, 828x293, wut.jpg)


here's an example

(partially erased out web urls just in case)

No. 7653

they probably could have submitted the lawsuit file to their lawyer already so they didn't have to upload more screen shots. it's possible they're still capping new stuff though. just a thought.

No. 7658

And also just a side note while looking through the screenshots yesterday I noticed there was mention of lolcow a few times. It's quite possible she already saw this and is just keeping quiet.

No. 7662

You find billion sites when searching lolcow tho.

No. 7665

but there is one particular screen shot of a tweet with the link to this particular thread. i don't remember where it is on her archives though. it's too difficult to search for anything there…

No. 7668

There isn't any, the only screenshot that includes lolcow got a link to a PT image.

No. 7669

i'll look for it myself. if i'm not mistaken, it's a tweet. it could have been a reply to someone who was defending kiki. and i remember kiki cropped that screen shot.

No. 7679

File: 1408377746894.png (37.02 KB, 596x192, Screen-Shot-2014-07-23-at-5.53…)

No. 7680

File: 1408377812225.png (37.63 KB, 593x196, Screen-Shot-2014-07-23-at-5.53…)

No. 7683

File: 1408377912798.png (36.26 KB, 591x191, Screen-Shot-2014-07-23-at-5.53…)

No. 7692

Looking at the date, the Tweets were done way before we found out about her archive.

No. 7705

Seeing as she obsessively browses every website she thinks is paying attention to her and is generally a paranoid person, I wonder if she already knows.
>inb4 PULL idiot reads this post and thinks "Surely it's okay to make a thread about this now!"

No. 7811

I think she doesn't want to lose all the followers from the height of her popularity in her scene days.
She's probably afraid to make a new persona & realise just how irrelevant she is when she gets basically no new followers.
She's literally retarded her mental growth at the age of 14.

No. 7812

whoops, didn't meant to quote that top post.

No. 8483

Kiki is back to her usual bullshit social justice spammming at Twitter:

No. 9077

File: 1408748189260.png (18.63 KB, 575x287, 35325.png)

She is trying too hard.

No. 9082

yisss I missed her google translated moonspeak

No. 9084

File: 1408751259996.jpg (99.03 KB, 466x600, kikiintwentyyears.jpg)

She is so thirsty it's embarrassing. What is she expecting to get popular in Asia for? Being Dakota's lame, crazy sister? I can imagine some Whatever Happened to Baby Jane shit going down between them in a few years time.

No. 9087

File: 1408752405529.png (20.02 KB, 583x218, 35325.png)

Well, it is easy for the average blonde gaijin to become a model in Japan and I guess that is what she aims for, therefore she is trying to get noticed by asians.

No. 9090

Lol we need to save this screencap. $20 says this bitch will pull the "~~I loved animu/korean dramas undubbed since I was 3 yr old because asian language is my mother tongue srry my breaked english~~"

No. 9092

I forgot: "and I'm spiritually japanese-chinese-korean"

No. 9097

File: 1408754378395.png (23.39 KB, 577x277, 535.png)

She already kind of does.

No. 9100

>it is easy for the average blonde gaijin to become a model in Japan

What delusional weaboo shit have you been reading?

No. 9101


It's not like Ranma 1/2 were some super obscure underground anime or something. Also, Kiki weren't you busy digging in the dirt for magical healing vegan crystals when you were a kid?


No. 9104

>Each one needs her angel wings
>You are an angel
>On Mani hearts Mei down

The last one is complete gibberish, and since the first two translated perfectly in google translate (not reliable for asian languages), it's obvious she used it lol.

No. 9105

>What delusional weaboo shit have you been reading?
You maybe should look at the gaikin models in jfashion mags, can't be more average and don't get me started on the white fever models of some brands.

No. 9106


No. 9107

It's not THAT easy. Most average blonde white gaijins who go looking for modelling gigs get coerced into shady hostess bars, or red light district-type businesses.

No. 9108

>Each one needs her angel wings

bet she's referring to herself, as usual

No. 9110

We could make a drinking game out of her YouTube vids, everytime she changes the topic to talking about herself you have to drink a shot.

No. 9121

Flan got some modelling gigs there. Flan. If that potato face can, any white chick could.

No. 10103

File: 1409006319311.png (13.76 KB, 582x131, like-you.png)

No. 10104

New video, what's up with her and burping in her videos recently? That shit ain't cute.

No. 10109


Not really. She got one and supposedly the shoot never even got published.

No. 10138

awe she is talking about herself there without the anon part. Precious

No. 10156

File: 1409046147316.png (149.32 KB, 838x641, Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 5.38…)

kiki filed copyright claims over at vk.com, it seems…

No. 10169

She does that everywhere, how is this suprising.

No. 10187

Kiki confirmed to be that bitch who pisses on the toilet seat and doesn't clean it up.

No. 10225

god damn those people

No. 10497

File: 1409258424595.png (32.68 KB, 585x453, kiki-plz.png)

Asia senpai notice me plz.

No. 10507


Lol what happened to the inmate penpals she used to brag about? they're not kawaii anymore?

I bet all she would write is about how she's an super beautiful ~小精灵반짝 반짝 ビーガン 火星のトイレのプリンセス~ victim of oh-so-evil adult haters.

When her yellow fever is over, then she will claim how even asians used to send her harassing letters to her.

No. 10513

She probably never had any, she often brags about things that never happend/don't exist.

No. 10779

File: 1409490580994.png (89.74 KB, 627x498, 스크린샷 2014-08-31 오후 2.07.58.png)

Only part of Kiki's most recent rant.

>people are stalking me bawww

>collects 'papers' on them

Ok then.

No. 10790

Seems like she got a mental breakdown at Twitter again.

No. 10793

File: 1409496577085.jpg (57.08 KB, 489x314, nic-cage.jpg)

> she still thinks its all one person

No. 10802

File: 1409498944751.png (45.95 KB, 599x486, 342.png)

No. 10804

File: 1409499084419.png (80.48 KB, 589x566, 453.png)

Does she even read her own Tweets before posting…

No. 10806

File: 1409499186349.png (58.05 KB, 567x595, 353.png)

Last one for now.

No. 10820

I am suprised she didn't update her folders tho.

No. 10852

>Dont follow meeeee!!!1!
>still posting her entire life online

k QiQi

she probably knows we know

No. 10860

Also, lol at "When I don't care for someone I don't look at their sites or stalk them"

So, she actually cares about her "stalkers"?

No. 10861

Hahaha all these tweets are so ironic it's fab.

No. 10984

>I'm not a celebrity or public figure
I thought she was a public figure?

No. 11027

This one got me the most.
She makes out she is the god savior of the earth and is the almighty Kiki who invented stripes. Haha and now she tries to be noble and humble, right'o crack head.

No. 11042

Have an online persona (Kiki Kannibal - she still uses this name for such a long time, known online at least between some certain group of people), have multiple accounts where she is (or used to like on formspring and buzzfeed) writing about herself and her life, posts videos and photos of herself, used to be known scene girl and reminds people about this once in a while, had that RS article, releases music and EPs, have/had online stores and company she's promoting and using, like for example, for copyright claiming, have few k of followers, subscribers and fans. Wanted to be known for inventing those stripes and some other things she's doing online.
Seems like a public figure to me.

She's trying to appear as some poor attacked, private person with bad haters who stalks her for totally unknown reason (jealousy according to her or mental illness?)… It's pretty ironic especially since she was the one who made all information about herself public, including creating this persona and keeping it all this time.

No. 11046

While I don't remember where it was said didn't Cathy claim she's a public figure?

No. 11047

haha yesss

No. 11065

More like that she is a celebrity.

No. 11089

Haha, yes. Didn't she try to say they all recognized her from Myspace? As if it was even a thing there. I bet she doesn't even get recognized more than once or twice a year in the US (if that), let alone Japan. Definitely of her most stupid lies, and that's saying something.

I really do think homeschooling her has stunted her in a lot of ways. She is going to be in her 30's and still at Mama Kannibal's house, writing fanfiction about herself.

No. 11097

>As if it was even a thing there.
Yeah, it was not but Scene is still a thing there in some shops.
They list her as famous model under EMO・SCENE系モデル but I doubt that makes the average person recognise her.

No. 11100


>I doubt that makes the average person recognise her.

especially when she went from this >>2974 to this >>3887

No. 11168

God Kiki is fucking delusional. Does she really think it's one person constantly following her move for the past seven years? And people are assholes even though she has stolen from others, lied through her teeth, and just be a complete bitch and other people are assholes? Makes perfect sense. Oh and speaking of stalking let's not even bring up the huge ass list of screen shots from her website…rriigghhtttt.

No. 11209

she actually tweeted this
>When I dont care for someone theres no force on earth that would ever make me look at their sites, stalk them or write hate blogs for years.

idk if that confirms all that screenshot stalking was Cathy or if she's lying again.

No. 11219

i think they both equally participated in it. whereas Cathy caps 'slander' and 'libel' (i.e opinions and truth) Kirsten got personal and capped peoples' personal lives…their vendettas are the same but slightly different. Kirsten obviously cares about us

No. 11239

Indeed, several screencaps shows who's logged in when they were taken, either Kirsten or Cathy ('mom' user)

No. 11242

File: 1409597187520.png (921.08 KB, 1280x800, Screen-Shot-2014-07-29-at-12.1…)

totally not stalking people guise~

No. 11244

File: 1409597338480.png (856.4 KB, 1280x800, Screen-Shot-2014-07-29-at-12.1…)

I don't look at their sites, believe me plz~

No. 11245

File: 1409597550852.png (1.12 MB, 1280x800, Screen-Shot-2014-07-29-at-12.1…)

i'm srs~

No. 11246

File: 1409597976665.png (869.55 KB, 1280x800, Screen-Shot-2014-07-29-at-12.1…)


No. 11247

So wait, if Kiki thinks she's only being stalked by that one person, why is she stalking that camgirl?

No. 11257

No. 11269

Ahh, I see.

Personally I'm surprised Kiki isn't a camgirl herself by now, because her white trash parents obviously have no problem with her being sexual (considering they let Mr Myspace live with and fuck her while she was underaged) and it would get her lots of attention, which I think is kind of the entire point, right? I mean, before Dakota got picked up as a kawaii model, what was Kiki doing? She certainly wasn't pretending to be some cute, pure princess. So why her hate for camgirls/sexworkers? Didnt most of the Myspace scene queenlets end up doing that anyway?

No. 11272

But that wouldn't fit to her current enlightened science student new age vegan asian-kin crystal toilet purinsesu persona. She doesn't even talk about her fancy BDSM gear and pole dance anymore. Remember that, according to her parents, all those crass videos were distorted and edited by us adult haterzzzz evildoers.

No. 11274

Yeah, now. But I mean before Dakota got noticed by Japan. If that had never happened Im pretty sure Kiki would be doing overpriced cam shows
In her room at her parents house.

By the way, what made Dakota start doing the kawaii shit anyway? She used to be just as hateful and sandy as her sister and then suddenly she went from not giving a fuck about cutesy shit to all the shopping that Bravo thought was legit. Why the change?

No. 11275

It started when she discovered Tumblr, she probably just jumped at whatever was popular at that time.

No. 11276

File: 1409609375543.jpg (227.92 KB, 964x1286, 6cef4748jw1eji3dlvgchj20qs0zqw…)

She just changed styles. Charms had said at /cgl/ in 2012 that she had a conversation with Dakota where she said she had a big interest in ulzzang and gyaru (more so ulzzang). when you think about it, her clothes, makeup, hair style etc. are all features she took from both styles.

relavent pic example.

No. 11278

File: 1409609592185.png (77.33 KB, 969x330, !!!!.png)

look what I found, Charms and Dakota's AIM conversation from the big /cgl/ bean spilling.

No. 11279

dunno, probably the whole Danny ordeal kept her from camming. Or maybe to maintain the rape victim status intact, moreover if her parents were planning to make a big deal about it (a possible tv show appearance mentioned in lawsuit files and RS article).

No. 11280

Its detestable that they tried to cry rape on that, considering the parents condoned it entirelynfrom the start- even lying about her age.

No. 11281


Why would she have an interest in any Asian fashion trend? I thought she hated Asians before they started noticing her.

No. 11282

Because Asian/weeby stuff was becoming cool again due to tumblr.

No. 11283


Then shouldn't Kiki be trying to be ulzzang/kawaii instead of trying to be Dakota? Their faces are too different, Dakota's look obviously doesn't work for Kiki, so Kiki should try another style. Maybe pastel goth?

No. 11285

That would involve her having some originality. I wanna cut her hair so bad. She has a long face and having that limp bland brown hair just makes her face look even longer (horsey). Some layers, highlights and low lights would do her a world of good. Also I suspect she doesn't know anything about each sub style, she just grabs whatever is cute and that's why her wardrobe is all over the place.

No. 11286

I was actually talking about Dakota in that comment, but regardless. Isn't Dakota's style pretty much ulzzang/kawaii though? Their styles seem reasonably different to me, Dakota's is very cutesy/girly and almost baby-ish, while Kiki's is more tumblr-y.

No. 11287

She actually looked gorgeous when she had platinum/black hair, colorful clothes and dramatic make up. This all-white ugly clothes cats wings and unstyled hair makes her look plain, old and sick. There's no use to spend that much money on designer clothes and then neglect everything else. Asian fashion doesn't suit her either, her features are too harsh for it.

No. 11296

Shit, I'm glad I changed my usernames today. Idk why she is stalking me. I called her out on Instagram once. ONCE. Jfc.

No. 11333

File: 1409678168041.png (13.44 KB, 581x195, x.png)

Seems like she finally noticed where most of her male viewers are from.

No. 11334

Most of the Indian guys who watch videos of white girls are fucking gross. She's so dumb

No. 11336

Most of Dakota's newer looks have been very Tumblr, especially the creepyyeha tights.
She just adds more of a kogal/weeb tinge to it, while Kiki goes full "I'M AN ETHEREAL ANGEL FASHIONISTA! AM I DOING THIS RIGHT? #wings #kawaii #pale #fresh #white #angelic #deer #sad"

No. 11337

india is absolutely disgusting. i've seen blog posts from people who have gone there for vacations, thinking it will be a beautiful exotic location and adventure, only to be stunned by the fact that the ganges river is overflowing with dead bodies, even in the tourist spots. there are blogs with photo and photo from the people who had vacations there and all the bodies floating by while poor street dwellers wash their clothes and brush their teeth in the river right next to bloated corpses.

absolutely fucking disgusting

No. 11338

Kiki looks so sick in her new video… She looks worse and worse with every new one.

No. 11339

Actually all her "new" videos were made the same day.

No. 11342


I actually do believe that she is legitimately into the whole kawaii-subculture. I do not believe that she wouldn't be with all the decorative pieces she buys for her room/wardrobe phone. Living like that when you have zero interest in the style would drive you mad after a while.

I am a sandy-ass bitch motherfucker but even I occasionally like to tie my hair in twintails with fluffy hair pom-poms, slide into a seifuku and dance around J-Pop.
It actually relaxes me.

No. 11344


Man Charms is such a fucking snake.
To think she still has the nerve to follow her on Twitter.

No. 11345

Keekz is that desperate to catch an asian rich guy that she's now lowering her standards to India lel

>muh spirituality

I want to see how she reacts to the filth floating down Ganges river

No. 11347

Bitch isn't even addicted to video games…just trying to jump on the bandwagon.

Also she is definitely looking worst and worst in each video. What's up with her red-rimmed eyes?

No. 11348

"So I was walking by the river wearing my Ivory Angelic Designer Clothing I designed, looking for organic indian raw vegan bars and suddenly noticed a corpse struggling! the poor thing was all sunstroked and stiff, couldn't turn around to drink water and nobody were there to help it, so I went to the gas station to get some water for it. I think even corpses liked my outfit, even a bunch of them gathered to compliment my hair and my winged bag! even asked me where they can buy one ^^ Too bad they cannot browse lilkitten.com anymore…"

No. 11349


Hahahaha if I could gives you a cookie I would. That was awesome.

No. 11359

What I still don't get is that if Kiki hates that Adrienne girl so much that she stalks all of her accounts and stores information and screenshots on her, then why did she use her username for her store (lilkitten)? If you're so against someone I don't think you would be getting inspiration from them.

No. 11361

Kiki/Cathy don't only stalk their own subforums, the analytics of PULL only shows the last 2 hours of traffic and info so we can't always check if they were there, but once their IP was found to have looked through 12 pages of the Wylona thread.

No. 11365

Probably because she's obsessive and crazy.

No. 11378

One of the screenshots shows it's Kyler's computer but logged in to Dakota's youtube..? Do all those people in that family have personal macs?


No. 11383

Kiki has an iMac in her room and dakota has a macbook pro. So I assumed Cathy and Kyler have their own too

No. 11384

Most likely. Expensivest Twitter/Instagram/youtube stalking machines.

No. 11391

…but if they all would have own personal macs, why would Kiki or Cathy use the one of Kyler to make screenshots because everyone knows he doesn't give a fuck about his sisters's drama.

No. 11395

Kiki has an iMac, Dakota has a macbook pro, one of the screenshots showed a macbook air. that's 3 already.

No. 11397

>"and they said all these gay slurs and I got really nervous and my adrenaline started rushing!"
>"and I got really upset.. WHY WERE THEY HARASSING ME OVER MY NAME?"
So, then I started putting other people down.
And I "let the bullies win".

That's all I heard.

No. 11398

sup Cathy

No. 11399

Oh boy.
I guess it was babby Kiki's first online game

No. 11400

File: 1409705147387.png (230.13 KB, 475x365, learn to use a comma.png)

I'm actually taken aback by how stupid you are

No. 11401

File: 1409706113771.jpg (64.24 KB, 440x512, Bhhh5g5CEAA0EK-.jpg)

No. 11402

Did you make that anon? 11/10, good job.

No. 11403

I wish I did. It was once posted on PULL, but since Kiki's PULL tantrum, it had to be removed form there.

No. 11405

because of that tweet screencap on it, I guess?

No. 11407

Yes, but in my opinion, it shouldn't have been removed because it's a commentary.

No. 11408


>I leveled my character to, like, level 8

Whoa guys, guess she really is a ~HaRdC0RE GaMuR gIrL <3~

No. 11409

nyaaa don't hit on me kudasai ne you baka boiz~

No. 11410


She's so grossly pasty and the whole video is a cringefest. Does she know she's not funny and extremely awkward?

No. 11521

I can't tell if she's high-contrast filtering her videos a la OrangeCitrus or she's genuinely made herself ill obsessing over trolls to the point where her skin is paper white.

No. 11526

Guys apparently her videos are back to external embedded playing

is she trying to figure out our locations now? kek

No. 11533

Doubt it, she probably only wants more views to get more $$$. We are only one single person to her anyways, remember?

No. 11534

As you can see on the reflection of her eyes, there's a light source coming from both side so her face is super bright. Also she could have edited her video so she could appear thinner, paler and sickly. She looks gross. Alabaster kira kira elf goddess gamer princess from Mars…

No. 11537

what did they say?
i knew they couldn't be there for only themselves. probably there for the lulz and figuring out which style to imitate (and claim to be reviving) next

No. 11551

"hurr you must be jealous" or something along these lines

No. 11573

has she ever talked to another human being in her life outside of her family?? this is so awkward

No. 11574

Yeah, back when she was still Scene and went clubbing with friends but that has been quite a while ago.

No. 11605

File: 1409837917337.png (17.61 KB, 584x236, 45.png)

So Kiki is turning Buddhist now?

No. 11611

File: 1409851572944.jpg (33.74 KB, 500x383, obama_laughing.jpg)

No. 11612

File: 1409855293830.jpg (162.13 KB, 600x900, bitch slap.jpg)

No. 11614


I wonder if she told doctors to use an ancient traditional chinese vegan jasmine cruelty-free IV drip for her during her monthly ER trips kek

No. 11615

>ALS tests on animals
Yes Kiki, the actual disease itself tests on animals for research on how to cure it.

No. 11618


She's an idiot. How does she live with herself?

No. 11639

She ain't gonna do it cause she ain't got any friends who asked her too.

No. 11643

File: 1409866301012.png (412.74 KB, 464x700, 1409774820139.png)

No. 11651

She's a fucking dumbass. How does she expect us to progress?

No. 11658


Proof that PETA followers are fucking stupid.

No. 11664


No. 11665

File: 1409881669291.jpg (14.92 KB, 516x201, 1896791_546331902147568_445271…)

I forgot to attach the image.

No. 11679

>>11665 That's almost obvious she made that account. What was she thinking..

And that ASL thing - so what, if she ever get sick, anything, even any deadly disease she's going to refuse treatment because they were testing on animals? Because they do on everything. Including! the medicaments she used to be getting at the hospital she was going to quite often and who knows what else she was getting. But then it was fine?
Don't get me wrong, I'm also against animal testing but come on, it's not like she was never in need and never used anything tested.
Besides Ice Bucket doesn't have to be with donating for ASL, some people are donating for different cause, for example for companies helping animals, I know bunch of people who donated for other different causes.
But of course, it requires to think.

No. 11680

Sorry for double post. But also - if they'll get enough money they'll be able to do tests and maybe come up with solution faster. Or even come up with other way to test but they would need founds because they're probably more expensive. If they wouldn't have enough money - it would take them way longer and using more animals to test to try to find anything. Which would also mean - more deaths and suffering from sick people.
She doesn't have to donate to them, it could be for anything else. But probably like someone who wrote that before - no one even nominated her and she's bitter. Plus wants attention as always.
And where she got the statistics she gave? About that 27% actually going to ASL?

No. 11681

File: 1409913489950.png (248.47 KB, 607x631, nyan.png)

One of the tags on her video

No. 11685

The tags sound like the ones of a 12yo weeb.

No. 11692

File: 1409940180737.jpg (87.8 KB, 480x640, 62070148.jpg)

No. 11693

File: 1409940295557.jpg (123.84 KB, 841x477, 116043720.jpg)

Anybody else remember her chola lipliner phase?

No. 11694


Dat shit don't fit.

No. 11696

It is not like if she ever uses something that fits.

No. 11712

Kiki is going batshit on Twitter again because people pointed out how she is a hypocrite with the ASL stuff while using makeup and meds that also get tested on animals.

No. 11713

File: 1409952102630.png (17.94 KB, 584x161, 3523.png)

Why not signup yourself for that?

No. 11717

Spoiled white girl syndrome. No cure. :(

God I'm so happy Dakota is the famous one. I know Kiki hates Dakota inside. I'm not a huge fan of Dakota and she can be a shit publicly, but I hope Dakota stays in Japan to rub it in Kiki's aging face.

No. 11721

The percentage she gave is technically correct, however, being the retard she is, she cherry picked that information to make it seem like ALSA is some kind of money stealing criminal syndicate, conveniently leaving out how the rest of the funds for last year were spent.

No. 11760

it's not. 27% is in fact the amount that goes into research, but she's claiming that's the amount that goes "to the cause." no, kiki, you dumb basic bitch, not only believing any dumb shit you see on the internet, but misquoting it, too.

No. 11764

I said technically, as in yes, 27% does go to PART of the cause, the research part. I didn't say she was entirely correct.

No. 11779

File: 1410006537284.png (54.36 KB, 578x544, 3523.png)

Wtf happend this time.

No. 11780

File: 1410006651532.png (723.48 KB, 1040x580, 3523.png)

"Someone", more like yourself.

No. 11781

apparently something went wrong with her 'chinese herbs'

No. 11782

>planet for asshole crazed people

population: ostrengas

No. 11784

>God I'm so happy Dakota is the famous one. I know Kiki hates Dakota inside. I'm not a huge fan of Dakota and she can be a shit publicly, but I hope Dakota stays in Japan to rub it in Kiki's aging face.

haha this

Which reminds me, when Kiki visited Japan, she didn't mention anything about seeing her sister.
I mean it's kind of ooc of her not to try to ride on her sister's fame.

No. 11785

At least she actually has eyebrows here.

No. 11786

she mentioned once about meeting Kota (which I doubt) there, but not pics because ~it's not your bussiness guise~

No. 11791

File: 1410022079617.jpg (238.25 KB, 1425x880, blue-eyes-Barbie-Dakota-Rose-k…)


Is that Dakota's bedspread?

No. 11792


Does she actually sneak into Dakota's room to snap pictures? Gross.

No. 11794

No, they are both known for owning the same things and it is not like if you can't buy more than 1pc of something.

No. 11814

off topic but does anyone know where i could get this or similar bedding from?

No. 11815


Liz lisa iirc

No. 11818

also Cath Kidston has similar fabrics and I presume they do bedspreads

No. 11828

File: 1410054791642.png (20.52 KB, 573x359, 3535.png)

Too much Google Translate.

No. 11830

reminds me of my ultra weeb phase 13 years ago when I pretended to be a ~ self taught fluent japanese speaker~ aka translating song lyrics I made using Systran kek.

No. 11857

I saw a stupidly similar set in the last Macy's catalog. If you're in the US, I suggest dropping by.

No. 11971

File: 1410184681024.png (15.32 KB, 585x222, 3453.png)

Oh Kiki, being jobless and being online 24h is so much work, totally.

No. 11981

File: 1410198448666.png (250.13 KB, 1200x601, Hahahaha.png)

Wow Kiki just sprouting more bullshit. She is one to talk about catty Caucasian girls considering she is one.

No. 11982

lol wat
even by her standards this is ridiculous

No. 11983


>learn languages is hard enough w/out women attacking each other & being rude

No. 11985


Slightly in defence of Kirsten here but I am studying Japanese at university and there are SO MANY people (especially women) who do act like they own the Japanese language and absolutely despise and abhor the concept of anybody else learning Japanese because they "need" to be only gaikokujin in Japan.

They legit treat everybody else in the class as an enormous threat to their kawaii yume no Nihon adventure, and no surprise the bulk of these types of girls are also out-and-proud weeaboos - one of the main reasons I deliberately didn't divulge that I watched anime at the beginning of the year.

I feel so sorry for my tutors who you can just see are so tired of dealing with these Japanophile fetishists year after year.

No. 11988

It always makes me cringe when I remember that there must be a shit ton of weeb tourists in Japan. Not to mention the language department, holy fuck, that sounds awful.

No. 11989


No I absolutely get that and I can believe there are many of those types of people out there. It's the irony of Kiki preaching about those type of people when in fact she is exactly that type of person.

No. 11999


Oh yeah, totally.
I actually glazed over that bit in memory of the types of people I have to cope with everyday kek

No. 12000

File: 1410212596003.jpg (9.23 KB, 400x225, code_geass_death_note_keikaku_…)


The course itself it good, and the tutors are genuinely enthusiastic and thrilled to be teaching a subject that they clearly enjoy which of course makes the lessons very fun and always impart to me some form of knowledge after each session.

The weebs on the other hand…. well, at this point the class has already segregated itself into 2 groups of people who clearly only signed up on the course not because they actually enjoy linguistics but because they're convinced Japanese Studies is their easy ticket to idoru-dom or landing themselves a bishi husbando.

The other half of the class, who like me, are legitimately fascinated by not only the language aspect of Japanese but it's culture of arts and music, military and civilian history etc., and have a genuine desire to spread the thing that enjoy so much themselves to others.

Most of the time the weebs are off in a corner of their own gabbling in pidgin Japanese:

>"watashi-chan honto ni ga kawaii da ne!??

">Iie! Iie! Atashi wa ichiban kawaii-est fu fu fu"

>just like my Chinese cartoons!

*sounds of native Japanese tutor slapping herself from a distance"

>"MITE MITE MAKO-SENSEIIIII! Watashi wa… ano, HAVU MANGA DESU produces English copy of Death Note

They won't last long. Three have already dropped out after finding the course is super intensive on kana and kanji.

All according to keikaku.

No. 12018

File: 1410220242130.png (17.7 KB, 571x165, 4346.png)

Somebody should give her an award for being the world's biggest hypocrite.

No. 12152

I wonder what her new vid will be about seeing how she is quite late with it.

No. 12180

Yeesh, is she going to keep with her video posting schedule? I wonder if she'll film this one separately (if she posts it at all). Can't wait for more kira kira burping… Of course, she could be busy battling all the haterz and not have time to post with her super busy schedule and all…

No. 12184

I am suprised she didn't create a Weibo yet like how Dakota did before Japan noticed her.

No. 12226

>featured artist

No. 12252

She appears few times for less than a second lol.

Also fucking Yoko Ono and her voice.

No. 12280

Theremin? Lol wat. Since when?

No. 12293

File: 1410374747849.png (8.97 KB, 560x110, 355.png)

Oh you.

No. 12745

She is going batshit on Twitter about how everyone that wants to have to do with her is only a hater that wants to expose her, lol.

No. 12755

You just know when a lolcow is constantly going on about "how busy" they are with some vague, nondescript "work" that they're actually doing sweet FA apart from occasionally dabbling in some useless vanity project. At least PT doesn't pretend she isn't a total waste of space.

No. 12765

File: 1410539704103.png (9.71 KB, 581x112, 4535.png)

All only because some random person wanted to help her with her japanese.

No. 12766

File: 1410539828117.png (51.62 KB, 586x510, 4535.png)

No. 12781


It's probably that cunt Lauryn Lawler. She was seen sucking up to Kirsten a month or two ago.

No. 12786

…did you read the post, or?

No. 12787

File: 1410551089269.png (9.66 KB, 579x116, 353.png)

She is nuts, she basicly accuses people( that don't follow her but want to help) of being the writter of hate sites.

No. 12788


I read the post but not the tweet.

Is the girl actually Japanese, or was she just helping Kirsten with her moonspeak? I say because lately Lauryn has gona nuts trying to learn Korean and Japanese.

No. 12793

Some woman that studies japanese language at an university, she seems to think the person is Hachi from PULL while being from the US, Hachi is from Europe.

Whatever, now she is back to posting relationship advice in Google Translate japanese.

No. 12795

Yes Kiki, I'm sure so many people want help with their lifestyle from a shut in compulsive liar.

I feel like we're watching her slowly lose her mind.

Btw, people that can speak Japanese, how coherent is she exactly?

No. 12799

top kek

No. 12806

I'm still a beginner in Japanese, but I can understand basic sentences. And I get what she was saying in the last tweet, but it makes no sense. I may be wrong, so correct me if I am. But I'd write that sentence out like this "関係はお互いな尊敬出来る。” It doesn't seem like she's using google translate, at least for this tweet, because google translate is very literal. She meant to say "In relationships, you must be able to give mutual respect." Where as in Japanese she literally said, "mutual respect to be able to relationships." But normal Japanese sentences don't make sense when they're literally translated. If you want to spot her or anyone else using it, you'll get a coherent translation.

No. 12812

Poor girl. Kiki will probably stalk her for dirt now.

No. 12823


She's using way too much kanji for her to be able to pretend that she's fluent.

Most beginners will still be using kana exclusively, stuff like typing わたし in lieu of 私, but she's blasting out some JLPT N1 tier characters. It's pretty glaringly obvious she's using a translator.

I get the impression she believes the more convoluted and complicated the characters are the more authentic she appears. I'm studying Japanese at university myself and even I can't make heads nor tails of most of her tweets because of the overuse of kanji.

This isn't a Japanese newspaper Kirsten. holy shit.

No. 12826

File: 1410564274200.png (28.81 KB, 582x384, 464.png)

Too late already, she even thinks she is stickydrama since he was the only one publishing her private documents.

No. 12836


Holy shit she is losing it.

No. 12837

ehh, I can kind of understand using kanji because I personally do it just so I can memorize/learn them. I definitely don't think it's google translate, but someone is definitely translating for her. She's only been learning for a short period of time and there's no way she could get the hang of it all that instantly.

No. 12841

agreed. i'd feel kind of bad for her if she wasn't such a shitty person.

No. 12846

She's gonna put up a video blasting her and giving obvious signals for her followers to attack her social networks. lol if the girl turns out to be innocent, this is gonna be a massive shitfest

No. 12847

I skimmed through the lilkitten thread and found only two users who claimed they messaged her "supplier" about re-selling the angel bag. They were SweetandSour and Dion. I can't quite remember how SweetandSour looked like, but I think she had her picture as her chatroom avatar and I don't think it was the girl in the twitter photo. I've never seen Dion but I remember that Kiki had stalked and screenshotted Dion's Facebook.

No. 12849

Nobody of them posted private documents of her tho, the only person that ever did that was the Stickydrama guy.

No. 12850

I'm betting she thinks it's Dion. She had multiple screenshots and info of a girl called Lindsay from Florida who I think is Dion. Twitter girl's name is Lara, which she probably thinks is an adaption of Lindsay. She's from Florida, and she's accusing her of messaging her supplier. So yeah, she probably thinks it's Dion.

No. 12854

Lol, why isn't she listed?

No. 12856

lol but weren't she requesting penpals to practice her ~asian languages~ a week ago or so?

No. 12860

File: 1410582117886.gif (921.29 KB, 320x224, 1401080496102.gif)

So basically Kirsten is jealous and fearful of every other women. I bet if it were a guy she sure would be tweeting creepy and stupid compliments to him and talking nonstop about her imaginary new lover.

No. 12869

I can confirm that girl isn't SweetandSour…not sure about Dion. Somehow that doesn't surprise me Kiki has screenshots of Dion's Facebook.

I would crack up if she actually did this. Maybe then people can see what a shitty person she really is.

No. 12885

Yeah but it seems she only wants azn dudes to do that.

No. 12886

The girl in the screenshots is originally from Germany tho but moved to the US for uni.

No. 12921

File: 1410629953191.jpg (98.58 KB, 640x655, 27yq149.jpg)

The girl doesn't even know wtf is going on.

No. 12927

She can't access my Facebook because I'm not 18 yet (not indexed in search engines. She would actually have to know me AND my full name). She has screenshot my Google+ and Klout. Now that I think about it, Klout was still somehow linked to my main twitter even though I changed my user, she would've had it then.

God, I'm so elusive. Kiki I'm right here. I've even listed my tumblr, twitter, and blogger in my sig for you!! I've been awaiting your call!

Sorry to disappoint, lad, but I'm not Lindsay. Dion is actually my middle name. You're not quite far off, I live in South Carolina. I did message the supplier though, won't lie about that.

No. 12931

I made an archive of her Twitter, just in case she backpedals.

https://archive.today/766bV - with replies

No. 12958

Admin you are too kind!

No. 12975

File: 1410646623424.gif (991.78 KB, 500x270, 95609803_o.gif)

>this whole thread

No. 12989

File: 1410648921198.png (9.75 KB, 578x137, 533.png)


No. 12999

File: 1410657305877.gif (502.74 KB, 300x222, 1410241499378.gif)

>under anon names

No. 13020


Bitch, that's Chinese.

No. 13021

Huh? It's not like if it wasn't written on her Twitter that she "learns" cough Google Translate cough japanese, chinese and korean.

No. 13044


We only stay anonymous because we know with any personal information Kiki would stalk the hell out of us.

No. 13166

I love how she only reblogs all those underage faggots now that claim she changed their lifes.

No. 13180

File: 1410790842389.png (469.63 KB, 512x512, kaC1EsWC.png)

Iron chains are so kawaii desu~

No. 13181

Chains for a raging bitch

No. 13306

does anyone know what the song is playing in the background of this video?

No. 13323

File: 1410871038332.png (323.68 KB, 576x556, 3325.png)

Why would anyone still want these from her when you can get them for few bucks at Claire's since ages.

No. 13363


Were those from china? Or did she actually hand bejeweled them one by one? Because I remember people saying they received theirs with the rhinestones fallen off/acrylic broken/jump rings broken.

No. 13389

I also do believe it. Supposedly she handmade them using ~high quality supplies and genuine swarovski crystals~ (…suuuuuure)

No. 13395

Oh my god, I was asking her if the shirts in her store were still available and she never replied. I wonder why she replied to that girl lol

No. 13410

I am pretty sure she added the rhinestones herself tho since I saw reviews of her shitty "jewelry" when it was still for sale and everything looked like if a 4yo glued that shit on it because the glue was like EVERYWHERE.

No. 13411

you probably didn't sent an extensive dox of yourself along your question. so Kaka could stalk you easily just in case she decided you're the crazy-female-lesbian-hater-from-7-years-ago of the week

No. 13435

Once again no video for this week, even though she promised one every Tuesday. Fucking figures, should have known not to take anything Kiki saids seriously.

No. 13436

shhhhhh anon, she's sooo busy doing nothing

No. 13438

She could've easily found out my address when she were to send me the package though cries

No. 13440


Yea what does she do every day and what is her source of income? I know she resells one or two things in her online store. Also she's mad jelly that her younger sister is living her dream. She still lives with her parents so that crosses out her having to worry about rent. There's also youtube money. Can anyone else elaborate more on this?

No. 13442

I also want to know, anon. She always claim she's sooo busy working and studying! (kek) Supposedly, their father earns good money from doing tech stuff, so she might just be bumming around the house sipping jasmine tea stalking girls without worrying about getting an actual work. IDK.

I sometimes think monstrengas are receiving some gov handouts for Kyler and they blow it in useless stuff for Kaka instead. That, and Kota doesn't send them money anymore, but that's just me and my crazy theory.

No. 13444


I remember during their scene phase that they were poor and evicted from their home at one point. (Heard it from encyclopedia dramatica) I'm so curious where they are getting their money from.

Does Kiki have a sugar daddy? She's the type to put herself out there and paste herself on websites, I wouldn't be surprised if she found one online.

No. 13447

If I remember right they lived in a nice subdivision, but couldn't keep up with the payments(which not really uncommon given the time in fl)Now they live with the dads mother in winter garden(its a nice Place w/older rich people) Seen her a few times at wgv in world market. She was rude as hell to the cashier.

No. 13455

elaborate please, anon?

No. 13461

I can try. What would you like to know?
(I've only every seen her around a few times.)

No. 13464

how different did she looked without all the light/shoop?
did she have makeup on?
how does she talk in public?
how was she rude to the cashier?
did she dress like a kawaii dominatrix?

No. 13465

thank you

can you remember the details of that cashier incident? what did kiki said to her, etc?

she preach about kindness,compassion and bs like that, but she's just uppity selfish white trash.

No. 13469

her itunes music.
website adsense.
she once mentioned doing retail work.

in the archive there's a pdf that mentions Kiki made approximately $250 per month on her jewelry back in 2007. she actually had booming popularity back then, so now lilkitten must only be getting half of that at best.

No. 13471

>retail work

I feel bad for those poor coworkers and customers

No. 13474

Well her skin isn't perfect.
She looks sickly. She's thin, but not Kawaii goddess thin.

She doesn't talk like she does in her videos, she's a bit bitch when she talks.

She's one of those people where if you work some sort of customer services job you're beneath her.

Yeah she wore her Kawaii clothes. (which to each their own)


She was just really snarky to the poor woman, and talked down to her.

The other times that I've seen her she was whining to her mom on how she NEEDED something like a fucking brat.

That's all I really have. Sorry its not much.

No. 13475

how did her mom look like? the only clear picture there is of Cathy is from 2006 with a costume on.

No. 13476

File: 1410936868289.jpg (49.35 KB, 474x352, cathy.jpg)

sorry double post, here it is.

No. 13477

She has a slight tan and her hair is a dark blonde color, and along with some more wrinkles around the eyes and mouth.

I guess all the stress is from fighting the internet hate machine with kiki.

No. 13479


It's seems pretty easy to half ass a retail job and be totally shitty to customers. I noticed nearly all Abercrombie/Hollister (a well as plenty of other stores) employees really don't care. I imagine Kiki winging it like they do.

>hi can you help me find this in my size?

>ugh whatever you see there is the only thing available.

>can you check with the register if this is on sale?

>Why don't you look at the tag?

>can you open a dressing room for me?

>sure disappears forever

No. 13515


Don't worry anon, thank you! No wonder she doesn't have any friends.


I don't think she's working outside home anymore, not even part time. For what I can see in several name files, her screenshotting rampages took place at normal work times (10:00 am, 12:00, 13:00 pm, 1:00 am). Idk about the USA, but here where I live regular retail employees often aren't allowed to use their cellphones at all, let alone browsing internet for personal purposes.

No. 13536

Oh well, she back to retweeting PETA posts about how evil western companies test on animals when all the japanese cosmetics her and her sister use are tested on animals because the companies have to by law, what a hypocrite.

No. 13538

I thought that was China?

No. 13540

I love how she selectively forgets about how her lovely spiritual Asian countries aren't very ~vegan pro animal rights~ places, especially China. But hey, she's a flaming Chinaboo, so ying yang fish, snake wine and other horrible stuff must be also haters 'n' stalkers inventions, right?

Kiki sounds just like those stupid weebs denying Japan war crimes.

No. 13542

China is not the only country with laws like this plus most japanese makeup brands have shops in China as well anyways, they wouldn't be abel to have them if they wouldn't test on animals.

No. 13543


Off topic but 10/10 for the mention of weebs who deny Japanese war crimes. It just bothers me how a lot of anime blame America (like North Korea hurhur) during the war when in fact Japan had the most brutal war crimes to civilians .

No. 13545

tbh i don't think kiki is as vegan or for animal rights as she says she is. i remember in one video she was claiming that instant ramen was vegan, when only the oriental flavor is and not the chicken flavor, which she was holding in the video. i know there are some things you kind of assume are vegan/vegetarian. but what vegan that is for animal rights doesn't read the packaging before buying/eating something? and i'm pretty sure she has used products that test on animals or don't make it clear whether they do or not, in her videos.

No. 13546


I'm sure the shitty tea she drinks and promotes all the time is just straight up animal blood. She's just putting up a front that she's vegan so her sister wouldn't know that she's trying to absorb their power. This is all an elaborate plan in hope of one day that she will kill Koota for living her dream.

No. 13549

Hahaha! anyways, Kiki is an old malnourished hag, East asian people are attracted to young, bubbly, fresh looking idols. She will never make it there.

No. 13551

True story. Kiki might get noticed in Japan, but probably by 50 year old business men or young Japanese men looking for variety. Other than that she does NOT meet their standard of beauty. Now say what you will about Dakota, I can see how some think she's got a saggy, caked on face, but she's certainly closer than a Japanese definition of beauty than bony faced Kiki. Dakota has a round, chubby face with blue eyes and mousey blondish hair. That's probably a good mix of Jap teen magazine looks and exotic features to keep her in small time ads. No way asia-sempai would ever notice her.

No. 13553


Dakota is looking legit qt these days. Kirsten on the other hand looks like a yamanba, and I don't mean the fashion either.

No. 13554

File: 1411004105890.jpg (73.4 KB, 768x1024, BxgYYpqCQAADN0Z.jpg)


muh pic

No. 13555

I was thinking of gaijin hostess clubs, but again, Kirsten doesn't have any personality. She's so clingy and wouldn't understand they just want to relax after work and nothing else. All the conversation would revolve about how everybody bullied her back in America, how vegan she is, her cats, etc. A couple of old men might be interested on her and gave her some presents, but not for a long time.

No. 13556


Every time someone says Kota is cute, it makes me think of the syndrome/effect where someone looks good in photos you see and since you're so used to looking at edited versions of them, it distorts your reality on what they actually look like.

That's pretty much why I don't think Kota looks nearly as good as what people say. I knew what she looked like in her scene phase and as a normally dressed teen so her photo shopped pictures never convinced me. She created this illusion everyone is buying. I feel like she is an example of how in the later years, we don't need to pay attractive models with amazing facial structures and physique, just average people with photoshopped bigger eyes, smaller faces, and slimmer body.

No. 13559


Diff. anon, but I actually like Kota unshooped (I'm aware she doesn't look like her baby alien selfies). Only if she would take care of herself before, she could have much more potential in Japan.

No. 13562

No. Kota doesn't look good in photoshopped photos. She looks like a disfigured troll. I'm talking about her candid shots. As much as she photoshops, I thought she was a complete troll, but she's a cute kid. She's like 20 right?
And another thing I'm always confused about people who talk about her looking "average." Dakota is not a high fashion model. She will not ever be a high fashioned model. She doesn't have that degree of beauty. Sure she's no Gemma Ward, but I don't see Dakota doing high profile work like super models. Dakota does a lot of teen magazine stuff and basic catalog shots.
She's part of Tsbusa's (sic) candy doll ads, but that crap is basic drugstore make up that looks like it's as quality as Lip Smuckers in the US. It's not surprising she can do catalog stuff with a modest youtube following. I've seen plenty of soccer mom's types in many clothing catalogs so I'm zero percent surprised she can do decent in Japan with an established internet image.
Also remember, Japanese standards are not American. Many Japanese would find the high cheekbone, Angelina Jolie-types to be harsh and unattractive unless they have a wider world view. Cute and simple make it in Japan and non Photoshop Dakota is fairly okay looking. Plain and natural have a better standing in Japan fashion industry.

No. 13563

File: 1411007151988.png (312.92 KB, 480x334, 4.png)


I found this pic while googling comparison images to what she looks like unedited. It's also a fair picture since it's not like a bad angle of her, its actually her.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and I respect yours anon, I just think she is very subpar in looking like an ethereal angel (which is her brand) in comparison to regular models. The fact that she's a gaijin in Japan who tries to look kawaii is her main selling point. I believe any other modelling opportunity to bring her career up is just a chain reaction from fashion editors who are bamboozled by her photos. They don't realize they need a sweatshop of chinese workers editing all of Kota's photos til their eyes go blind from staring at the screen too much and their hand falls off from severe carpal tunnel.

No. 13564

File: 1411007610815.jpg (129.16 KB, 1165x836, dakota-rose-255462684.jpg)

They photo shopped her asymmetrically and now her left jaw is bigger than her right jaw

No. 13565

File: 1411007647978.jpg (15.75 KB, 480x360, 98f031f21af0608bd8298565f6e173…)

I saw this show with Dakota. In good lighting she can look cute. You may think average, plain or whatever, but it's not most people would think she was ugly. She can look a bit pug like in bad lighting and smiling (which is why I think she has constant bitch face.) She's still a believable catalog model.

No. 13566

Forgot to mention the pic on the left is photoshopped. One of her better non-pedo looking shots, but she looks stupid there.

No. 13567

Some of her photoshopped images are fucking awful, while other enhance her features without looking ridiculous.
Even without the photoshop, she does have a very symmetrical face and small features.
I don't think she is the most beautiful girl ever, no, but her face is aesthetically pleasing.

No. 13568

File: 1411008250178.jpg (22.42 KB, 640x450, kota-koti.jpg)


Of course she's decent looking, then she wouldn't be a model to begin with. It's the fact that she got her work to begin with because the fashion editors thought she looked like this.

No. 13569

File: 1411008546736.jpg (243.72 KB, 800x1046, img-sm-kotakoti-real-face-1722…)

She should just get jaw surgery if they're going to keep photo shopping her face.

No. 13570

File: 1411008790032.jpg (483.71 KB, 1200x1600, wp-1204502094.jpg)

They photoshopped her face weird too. It looks like a man you put eyelashes and hearts on through those purikura japanese editor apps.

No. 13571

File: 1411009162988.jpg (257.48 KB, 1155x754, kotakoti-seems-legit-160268773…)

My two favorite gay men.

No. 13572

that's the makeup and PS style that made her in the first place. To think that she's been public on the internet for some 6-7 years before this, but never got anyone's attention until suddenly BOOM! I always wondered why she couldn't realize that and go back to this style. Then I one day tried to mimic the makeup and shoop for fun, my pictures came out hella great but irl my eyelashes were clumpy as fuck, you can see the obvious gap I left to enlarge my eyes, my lipliner easily showed where I painted over, and my nose contour looked really bad from the side. TL;DR, it doesn't work in irl.

No. 13573

This one looks like a fusion of her with Kiki, spooky.

No. 13574

Looking at that picture on the right…
Does anyone know if that video of her on that korean makeup/talk show is still floating around? I have no luck finding it.

No. 13588

Charms has mentioned that Dakota didnt't really want to be big in nihongo and that her mother abuses her, to the point where she wanted Dakota to move in with her to get away from her family. You can tell by her dead eyes and constant awkward posing she's not really into it. And with the recent revelation that she was actually 16 (from that leaked kiki archive) when she became known is another reason I think she was able to be really pressured to financially support Cathy, uh, I mean the family. Cathy is just Kris Jenner wannabe, she wants her daughters to be famous Kardashians so badly.

No. 13591

I found it weird that Cathy/Kiki didn't screenshot the abuse thread on PULL. You'd think if it were a lie that would be the first thing they'd go apeshit about, but there wasn't a single mention about it anywhere. I was hoping it wasn't true :/

No. 13593


It make sense. Unless I missed something,I don't recall anything recent related to Dakota?
There were only some pics from the myspace forums with her name on it and vague claims of people harrasing Dakota's employers , but nothing else.
99% archive was about Kiki. I mean, if my two daughers were being abused online as Cathy claims, why only she just focus in only one?

BTW, when was the last time Kota went back to America?

No. 13595

>>PULL when Dakota posts something new
"omg! she looks so cute! that looks so good on her, I wish she'd smile more! ah I'm glad she's happy, SLAY Koti, SLAY"

>>PULL when Kiki posts something new

"look what that pasty hook-nose, has-been posted now. She's so delusional! Why does she even try? her 15 minutes are up. She's making up compliments about herself again, like anyone would ever say something like that to her, lol, she's losing it!"

No. 13596

Um, do you even read up on either of them? Because this would make sense to you if you did, juuust saying.

No. 13597

what would make sense?

No. 13602


PULL is like a little gossiping girl's circle jerk. They'll talk shit on someone all day then white knight random people. The best is when they're talking bad about someone then someone is like 'oh my god you guys are so meaaaanz!' Then all of a sudden the thread switches gears and they talk about how said person is supah amazing goddessu

No. 13604

anon from >>13593

IDK why you quoted me, for "anything recent related to Dakota" I meant no screencaps about her on the latest lawsuit archives.

No. 13620

Eh, I never have seen anything like this on PULL, of course they will be some people that talk good about one person and others that talk bad of the same because it is many people with different opinions. People hardly complain about Dakota anymore because she doesn't do anything new that is bad and that people like Charms revealed that she basicly got abused by her family because she wasn't as successful as Kiki as child makes people look past her old bs and even pity her.

No. 13621

PULL is some of the most concentrated autism I've ever seen outside of wizardchan. That trainwreck flan thread several months ago absolutely sealed it.

No. 13623

At least Dakota learned how to smile somewhat


No. 13624

File: 1411044587666.png (7.81 KB, 576x113, 456345.png)

So weed is her medicine and she writes about in japanese, doesn't she know how hard Japan's laws are regarding it?

No. 13625

File: 1411044757594.jpg (122.54 KB, 640x640, 10261115_954162264601124_83929…)

The instagram pic is a convo with some old japanese dude btw.

No. 13626

These old Japanese creeps are everywhere. I have a sort of weebish friend who once tagged her picture on instagram with japanese tags. Now she has an old creepy japanese dude commenting on every picture she posts.

No. 13627

Yeah but Kiki seems to be aiming for them in the hopes to snatch some rich old dude.

No. 13628

File: 1411045919313.jpg (400.54 KB, 1471x953, tumblr_m4ih8oJfxi1rwnqgzo1_128…)


I never thought Dakota could potentially have high fashion potential until I saw her shoot from Vogue Japan.

Obviously she's never going to do catwalk, but I was very impressed with this shot. She's wearing normal makeup and you can tell that they haven't really retouched her features and I think she looks just like Lara Stone in it.

No. 13629

Wait, wasn't she totally against weed…? Or is she hypocriting out?

No. 13631

She is against drugs but she doesn't seem to consider it a drug like many other people.

No. 13632

She says marijuana is a "herb". Which is funny because she considers tobacco a drug.

No. 13635

She should become friends with Jrcach
Lolcow would explode

No. 13636


Oh the irony. She once called a girl on IG "Wake & Bake Queen" Let me se if I still can find the screencaps.

I actually expected she'd land more high fashion gigs after that.

No. 13640


Well, that explains a lot about her.

No. 13641

And now she is busy spamming Tweets about her bday.

No. 13642

Does kiki just get her sister to translate things for her or what?

No. 13643

Looking how bad the japanese is, I doubt it is Dakota since she doesn't make THAT stupid mistakes you usually only get with mixing the results of various translators.

No. 13649


>Normal make up

>Haven't really retouched her

Well Anon, that's a keen observation you have their considering its in black and white and she's covering half her face.

No. 13650


PULL isn't many people with different opinions, PULL is a tight group of namefags who post on everything everyday and if you have a different opinion than them, they go full rage mode.

No. 13652

File: 1411068755721.jpeg (41.13 KB, 425x288, screenshot (2).jpeg)


No. 13655

>not many people
>average of 60 people online per day

No. 13663


Well, compared to a lot of other places that's not really that much at all. Plus a lot of them won't really be contributing. Why so defensive over a shitty gossip board? Are you super proud of your PULL namefag reputation or something lol?

No. 13667

I don't even have a PULL account and for a forum (that is only few years old) it is quite a lot considering that forums hardly get users anymore these days if they even make it past few months, plus this thread is about Kiki and your shitty derailing is annoying as fuck.

No. 13672

File: 1411076893556.png (53.35 KB, 578x586, 56456.png)

>So many gifts from fans!
>I dress like a bride everyday!
Oh Kiki.

No. 13679


You can clearly see more than half her face if we're really going to get into percentages here, and by normal makeup I mean not her kawaii dolly uguu schtick you little smartass I sware on me mam.

No. 13680

File: 1411077875965.jpeg (52.26 KB, 605x288, 1411068755721.jpeg)


>don't use Google Translate

>uses Google Translate

You only get that bold question mark in that font when you copy and paste from Google Translate kek

No. 13682

Well, this thread isn't about PULL either, but that didn't stop you. My shitty posts aren't derailing the thread any more than your shitty posts. Plus this board is slow as hell, no one cares.

Haha "flower infused gifts?" what?

These tweets are actually pretty depressing, I'm imagining her sat alone at a birthday table with a manic look on her face muttering to herself "I'm so glad you could all make it!", "More organic vegan jasmine tea, Sakura-san?", "What's that? I'm far more kawaii and talented than my stupid lame sister? Oh you!"

No. 13684

File: 1411079827473.png (133.93 KB, 599x389, ).png)

different anon here, according to Lain PULL gets an average of 10,000 unique visitors per day

No. 13685

>best bday gifts from my e-friends
>dress like you're the bride

how pathetic

No. 13719

File: 1411087539209.png (9.01 KB, 581x112, 5353.png)

She really seems to fall quickly for that old japanese dude.

No. 13720

Shall I bring some popcorn for the "disgusting men all are pigs!!!" shitstorm to come?

No. 13746

File: 1411093284606.jpg (379.86 KB, 740x463, Dakota-Koti-Ostrenga-Unphotosh…)

she is actually asymmetrical in real life. Her eye sockets are incredibly lopsided/uneven. You can see this best in those photos she did for that one fashion store when she first started out.

Her jaw is also slightly asymmetrical, and this is a big reason why she always tilts her head at the same angles.

photo highly related (the one on the far right)

No. 13755


Jesus anon just fucking drop it and stop derailing this thread. If you are so interested in Dakota make her own thread.

No. 13828

She finally landed the sugar daddy of her dreams. gg kiki

No. 13830

Until she finds out that the average old japanese pervert isn't as rich as she thinks.

No. 13851

File: 1411148855374.png (33.63 KB, 573x497, 35325.png)

I am pretty sure she has zero friends, one day after her bday and instead of throwing a party she is busy spamming her results of stupid personality tests.

No. 13859

IIRC, Keekz once mentioned she doesn't have any irl friend aside Dakota (and I doubt they're still ~suppa magical bbfies sisterz4eva~ since Kota went to Japan) She just mentioned e-friends sending pics yesterday. Isn't it sad?

No. 13864

Its because she loves playing the role of "I have no friends,I'm such a divine person who doesn't need negative people, they're all haters. I'm just a geeky, earth girl victim in all this…" and the role of the popular girl everyone wants to hang out with, and everyone loves, both at the same time.

No. 13871

She'd probably get with any old japanese dude just to try and get a visa.

No. 13880

Mira 2.0

she later might change her handle to froridajin

No. 13916


I doubt it; Kirsten doesn't like to acknowledge that she's American remember? It isn't unique and snowflakey enough for her.

No, she 1/5th Irish, 1/5th Swedish, 1/5th blah blah blah whatever it was she pulled out of her ass.

No. 13920


Ah you're right anon, I completely forgot that.

Wasn't kirsten into tarot, auras,astrology and all that stuff? I wonder why she hasn't unearthed some imaginary long lost royal ancient asian past life yet hah.

No. 13933

>> 1/5
lol it's actually 11

French, Irish, Polish, English, Welsh, Scottish, Dutch, German, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian.

No. 13934


TL;DR: she's just an ordinary euromutt

No. 13943

anon, that's not Kiki commenting.

No. 13958

She could be bff with that crazy russian space barbie chick Val.

No. 13995


lol wtf

I'm 1/4th Scottish and the rest English but I don't go around telling people that shit. I was born on the British Isles therefore I am British. Kirsten was born in American therefore she is American. Why can't she accept this? Fucking German, Danish, Irish etc. my ass.

No. 13996


No shit, I didn't say it was. Read my post again.

No. 14009

Lmao I remember Kootie did the same thing. "I'm 1/4 Swedish, 1/8 British, 1/2 English, 1/5 Irish, 1/4 Welsh, 1/6 French, and 1/3 European."

They're so stupid… Typical dumb American sisters.

No. 14013

File: 1411236900421.png (359.34 KB, 700x277, Fat_and_ugly_people.png)

No. 14015

I was close! LOL

No. 14017

I do that when people ask, but it's because I'm my family's genealogist. Like, I've spent years reading through books of old deeds and vital records, tracking down wills, translating and transcribing original documents, etc. Guess that's what happens in a relatively new country made up mostly of immigrants.

It seems so out of place in this screenshot, though. (europian?? lol) She seems like the kind of girl who would swear that her g-g-g-grandmother was a Cherokee princess.

No. 14031

and if you use their keyboard. i hate it.

No. 14040

Unless you're asked about your families history specifically, please don't. It's embarrassing as fuck and when someone actually from one of those countries hears someone say "I'm Irish! My great grandmother was Irish!" They just think you're a moron. Because they're not ethnicities, they're nationalities.

No. 14042



Like, I'm British, half English, half Scottish and if I had an American try to tell me that they were English or whatever I would lose my shit in front of them.

Like no, your heritage might be English but you are American. You were born in America.

No. 14043

although I agree with the rest of your point, Irish can be both an ethnicity and nationality.

Nationality is the country you're a citizen of, ethnicity is where you ancestors came from, national origin is the country you were born in.

No. 14054

So much this. I'm an Amerimutt and I don't list out everything I'm mixed with unless they specifically ask since I imagine it's embarrassing. I just say the 3 main races when someone specifically inquires. It annoys the fuck out of me when one of my fellow countrymen goes on about how they're Irish, French, and whatnot. No, you are American. You were born in America as were your parents. Stop going on about this Italian bullshit.

No. 14064

Shut the fuck up Irish is not an ethnicity. Everyone in Europe, is the same mutt mix because we've been invading each other for thousands upon thousands of years. The British Isles and Ireland in particular because we were invaded by pretty much every single power in Europe. There is probably not a single person who can actually trace their heritage back without finding that their ancestors not from their country of origin in the UK.

Why you would say Irish in particular is an ethnicity whilst the rest of Europe isn't, despite there being much more genetically isolated populations is beyond me.

No. 14066

pretty much this. When I met my (now ex) bf I asked him about his middle name

>Oh that's a Dutch name, you know, I'm half Dutch!

>oh that's pretty cool, which one of your parents is Dutch?
>Um, well, my father is half German,half Dutch and my mother is Irish
>Nice. How long they have been in the States?
>They born here. But my ancestors are from Ireland, Germany, England…

No. 14099

It is interesting to trace the backgrounds of people with red hair though. Since it is supposedly from a single genetic mutation, you can usually track ancestors back with more accuracy.

No. 14102

uh.. I only said Irish because you were talking about Irish. I never said the rest of Europe wasn't lmao, what even? If Irish isn't an ethnicity, then I'd like to know what the hell you call one then? Do ethnicities even exist?

I said I agreed with you that it's stupid to list 11 countries when your only connection to them is your 16x great grandmother's birthplace. But don't say ignorant bs like "Irish isn't an ethnicity" or "everyone in Europe is the same mutt mix"

No. 14112

>I am german, dutch, french, irish, british, polish, welsh, scottish, and europian
>and europian
How can anyone be this retarded?

No. 14125


We don't say Irish is an ethnicity because genetically they are but people who originate from the British Isles (or at least I mean our ancestors invaded from another part of Europe and bummed around here fucking and building shit).

We are not ethnically English.
We are not ethnically Scottish.
We are not ethnically Welsh.
We are ethnically British.

It's like a Japanese person trying to argue that they are ethnically Honshu, when Honshu is just a landmass within Japan. Of course they are still Japanese.

No. 14197

Europian, from Europa.

No. 14199

…please don't be serious.

No. 14200

Lmao makes sense that both sisters are aliens. One's from Europa and the other is from Mars. The Martian Kirakira Princess of whatever the fuck Kiki claims.

No. 14228

Well, they pretty much didnt go to school so..

No. 14231

I wouldn't say that is necessarily true. I was born on Japanese soil, but I consider myself American as I lived in the U.S. for the majority of my life. I agree that Kiki should classify herself as American though.

No. 14233

Me too actually, I was born in Japan but I have German heritage, I wouldn't say I was Japanese just because I was born there.

No. 14273


I would. If you were born in Japan wouldn't that make you a Japanese national with German heritage?

No. 14283

Japan has no ius solis, meaning that if you're born there but not to Japanese citizen(s), you won't get Japanese citizenship

No. 14292

I was born in Japan, to a Japanese mother so I have citizenship (for now) and I still would be hesitant tto call myself Japanese. I think because it's a largely homogeneous country, it would be difficult to believe that a person could be Japanese if they had no ethnic ties, but instead was born and grew up there/live there for all their life. Unlike heterogeneous countries like the UK, where people have no problems calling themselves British even if they're not ethnically Anglo.

No. 14294


I'm formally studying Japanese and I did not know this.

No. 14411

Her current silence sure doesn't mean anything good.

No. 14416

NSA would be Kirsten's dream job

No. 14546

File: 1411564815420.png (14.2 KB, 571x167, 4643.png)

No. 14852

File: 1411694326595.png (527.28 KB, 568x564, Blurry.png)

New Twitter with her supposedly speaking Korean. Also blurry ass instagram picture. Can anyone confirm it's legit Korean or she is just using Google translator. Also I feel like something is off with the new picture…or is it just me?

No. 14853

Other than the obvious filters, her hair is darker. Or has it been darker for a while? I haven't been keeping up…

No. 14855

File: 1411695539047.png (724.18 KB, 563x657, Untitled.png)

No. 14856

loooooooooooool wtf is this? even dakota looks stupid doing that wink&pout thing

No. 14861

It is Korean but like… it's not written in a natural syntax/a way a native Korean would talk on social media. It just says "Hi! I'm sleepy~" but the "hi/hello" part is written informally and the "I'm sleepy" part is written formally so it's really weird?

No. 14862

It's probably a weird syntax because she used Google translator.

No. 14883

Can be because of her huge forehead and the fact that she edited her face smaller? It looks like she shaved big portion of it, especially compared to her other photos, where she have smaller eyes, longer face and bigger jaw and chin.
She's basically trying to copy that alien look.

No. 14915

looks like keeks went mental using the line app face editor jfc she looks so awkward in this
i cannot stand the whole white girl pretending to be a supah kawaii desu animu character it's just so WEIRD i don't get the appeal…

No. 14920

File: 1411749130377.jpg (79.69 KB, 385x580, image_117_11.jpg)


No. 14921

LMAO i think kiki already looks alien enough without the shoop

No. 14923

File: 1411750190657.png (31.87 KB, 389x300, yellowfever.png)

lol, stay thirsty kirsten.

apparently she's "learning" three (asian ofc) languages at once, which is stupid as fuck because she's obviously just going to end up not be able to speak any of them remotely well. this whole "speak all the azn ching chong languages!!!1" does nothing but make her look stupid and desperate.

it's kind of sad how many of her followers are actually buying her ethereal moonspeak goddess act.

No. 14927

File: 1411752304050.png (12 KB, 580x135, 5253.png)

Yeah, because you totally leave the house so often or at all.

No. 14929

wow, so gentle and whimsical kira kira no tenshi :3

No. 14930

I imagine her just driving to the store and back and thinking that counts as having a life outside.

No. 14931

she didn't even replied to the person complimenting her in english. What a cunt.

No. 14935

File: 1411758356375.png (156.28 KB, 500x282, image.png)

No. 14936

Jesus someone should insult her in one of the many languages she supposedly knows and in a way where she cant use google translator to figure it out. She is just getting so pathetic she isn't even worth the space on lol cow

No. 14939

I was just about to post that it's against the law to stop for any animal, and incredibly stupid to stop in the middle of traffic regardless of the circumstances. Barring a person stepping out in front of you of course.

No. 14940

lmao I once saw them accept a comment on Dakota's youtube that said "es orejona" which is Spanish for "she's big-eared" I thought it was weird they would accept something like that, then I ran it through google translate and it translated it to "is romaine" no wonder.

No. 14941

ircc kirsten once mentioned she was learning spanish? probably just a word or two she heard from Daniel.

No. 14962


It is not against the law to stop for animals. It things like having that are the reason for why the drive behind you legally has to leave a breaking distance between your cars for if you have to suddenly stop, say in the case that an animal is in the road.

You're telling me if a deer is in the road you're supposed to drive on through it?

No. 14967

Sorry, I just assumed the laws in the US were the same as they are here. Basically you're at fault if you make an emergency stop if it's not actually an emergency. Unless hitting the animal is going to kill you then it's not considered an emergency.

>You're telling me if a deer is in the road you're supposed to drive on through it?

If slamming on your breaks or swerving to avoid it are the only other options, then yes. Killing an animal is better than endangering the lives of other people.

No. 14972

You do realize how big some deer are right?
You do realize that people have died hittig deer?

No. 14973

Someone please leave Kiki a comment that's offensive in Japanese/Korean/Chinese but google translates into something innocuous.

No. 14974


When living in Scotland my dad rolled his car trying to dodge sheep. The police told him in the future to just run over any animals in the way.

No. 14975

Well, yeah, like I said it's a case by case thing. If it looks like hitting the deer (Or whatever animal) is going to kill you then you take evasive action. Otherwise you just drive on through.


No. 14989

I get why this is a law but I'd just feel too guilty point blank running over an animal.

No. 14992

File: 1411773021766.png (548.51 KB, 1044x584, 35325.png)

So azn desu.

No. 14993


I wonder if that really is a sweet red bean paste with chestnuts and if she really enjoys that type of food.

I say this because a lot of "Asian" food Americans know have been Americanized to cater to our taste buds. True Asian food are much different than what we know. They use different parts of animals and different plants. A lot of times (and I am not saying all the time) unless it is cuisine you have grown up with, not many Americans are use to true Asian Cuisine. It also varies with location as well, I am sorry if I offend by lumping all Asian countries together.

I wonder if Kiki actually eats sweet red bean paste with chestnuts or Daikon radishes, or Taro root or she just puts up a from to seem desu kawaii!

No. 15039


lol at Keekz always parading her nails/face/jewelry/clothing when taking pics of mundane, totally unrelated stuff

>GUYSSS LOOK AT MY DIPLOMA (hand and giant crystal ring covering 50% of the picture)

No. 15050


Urgh, are those her real nails? Square cut nails are awful and so outdated.

No. 15063

Yeah, she even says so in the screenshot.

No. 15083

She sure has some ugly nails. Those French tips look poorly applied, way too low on the nail bed.

No. 15100

How can u not get the appeal. Some of them are cute. If Dakota looked like he actual shooped self shed totally look animu.

No. 15101

Korean ulZzangs fuckin kill me

No. 15111

File: 1411797075499.jpg (65.35 KB, 382x396, Dina-Leopard-alien-faced-blogg…)

iirc, that's Dina Leopard, one of whatever the chinese equivalent of an ulzzang is. Anyway, she's terrifying.

No. 15113

File: 1411797263625.jpg (81.59 KB, 440x586, wang jia yun.jpg)

An other honorable mention in the contest of who can be the kawaii-est asian photoshop queen is Wang Jia Yun.

One day Kirsten may decide to try to join their ranks.

No. 15114


The original?

No. 15126

Why do people think this looks good? Just like that one weird face all Korean girls get in plastic surgery clinics. They all look weird.

No. 15130

Because it's their beauty standard. I showed my Chinese friend pictures of western supermodels with strong jawlines and he said he didn't find them attractive.

No. 15133

File: 1411821769568.jpg (60.78 KB, 499x654, dinaleopard08.jpg)


Fuck, so I Googled her expecting to find a picture of her without makeup and shoop looking like a totally normal Asian chick and this is a real picture so supposedly she has had quite a bit of surgery and a massive fuck off chin implant, but the rest she just enhances with makeup + editing.

No. 15150

Sorry but most super models are fuckin ugly. People always try to use this argument to defend Koreas creepy plastic surgery faces. A Korean girl I would say is pretty an doesn't look weird is Nana from orange caramel I think. She doesn't have that creepy copy paste surgery looking face. I really noticed this with the group fiestar that was on weekly idol recently. All their faces were busted and plastic. I mean how the fuck did the look before PS? Shit.

No. 15151

Why would she do this to herself. What the actual fuck.

No. 15153

Um those are supermodels. They're not the standard. They're supposed to look weird in some way. "Westerners" have all kinds of different face shapes. Not one is considered more beautiful here it has to do with how the person looks with that shape.

No. 15156

I really wonder how this stuff will look as they age and if it'll bring up any problems. A lot of people seem to get weaker chins as they get older (bone loss?) so what will happen to these girls should end up interesting.

No. 15158

They gon look even more fucked up

No. 15160

Someone should try and shop kiki cute wit one of these shitty apps.

No. 15225

So… it looks like someone is discussing the lolcow thread in the PULL chat and the archive. Seriously, what gives???

No. 15226

We can't have nice things because of PULL. I wish people would stop telling those shit tier posters about this place. So sick of their dumb shit leaking here.

No. 15227

Supposedly she thought this had all already been leaked. She's been told to cut it out though.

No. 15228

File: 1411857689091.png (54.58 KB, 617x570, someone.png)


No. 15230


Please See


So glad to be called out on something that has already been leaked. It's not like it hasn't already happened. Jesus chill the fuck out.

No. 15232

>"Someone else was being just as retarded as me some time ago, so please stop being mean to me :("

No. 15234

>Referring to something posted two months ago.

Way to justify your stupid.

No. 15237



Oh right, and I'm the stupid one…right. It was a small mistake but it's the damage was done two months ago. The admins already backed up the archive so we would still have the information if Kiki deleted the information. But if you want to make an mole hill and keep insulting me with bad grammar go right ahead.

No. 15238

No. Actually, I typed it exactly how it was intended. As in, the stupid you own. As in YOUR stupid actions. As in, YOUR shitposts. If you can't make sense of that, no wonder you are so damn thick that you see nothing wrong with your shitposting.
Please go back to PULL. I promise you won't be missed.

No. 15239


No. 15240


Well played good Sir or Madam.

No. 15241

tips fedora

No. 15242


GG. If that is the case then grammatically it would be "Way to justify your stupid actions." Otherwise it would it's an incomplete sentence. And I was merely commenting on what I did, not shit posting. And I will go back to PULL if you promise to go back to school to learn better grammar ;3

No. 15245


>bad grammar


No. 15246


>way to justify you are stupid


No. 15247

diff person just throwing my two cents in here but idk why this needs to turn into an argument lol…..

you're in the wrong

it's pretty obvs that people DON'T want keeks seeing this thread or else it WOULD be on PULL for everyone else to see

in fact this would just be on PULL

just admit the mistake was made and move on jfc

No. 15253

Different anon but she already knows about this thread, hence, she was posting in here already calling everyone jelly here.

No. 15256

+ that Lauryn? chick tweeted the lolcow thread to her when Kiki was ranting about how she wants to help every bullying victim.

No. 15282

speaking of
can we make a thread about lauryn?
she is the lulziest member of pull perhaps excepting OC.
i used to observe her tumblr but she jumps bandwagons every couple of months and changes her url along with.

No. 15284

off topic, I know… but whats her url right now?

No. 15286

She isn't a member of PULL anymore since ages tho, she even asked Espurr to delete her shit but she refused.

She is invading the Tumblr "kawaii" tags lately but she changes her URL like how others change their underwear.

No. 15288

No. 15290

Can we?? please, please. I have been watching her shit unroll from the fucking start and I could never call it out on PULL.

No. 15291

Who is she? What did she do?

No. 15296

File: 1411880358229.jpg (103.03 KB, 760x507, 04snzvx.jpg)

Lauryn Lawler is an obsessed psycho who thinks snowflakes like Kiki, Dakota and Mila Mortice are celebrities, and she would do anything to talk to them. Her favorite tactic is throwing anyone under a bus to make herself look favorable to whoever she's ass-licking at that particular moment. She was a member of PULL on and off and has serious bipolar disorder where one day she's all TEAM PULL insulting snowflakes and making fun of them. But the second she sees a chance to kiss up to a snowflake, she's all "they bullied me too, let's be friends!".

No. 15305

Lol, you should have made a new thread.

No. 15342


Wasn't she caught sucking up to Kiki recently too? Trying to say "Oh they bullied me too!" and then PULL went and dug up a load of posts of Lauryn shit-talking Dakota and her so Kiki blocked her kek

No. 15345

that wasn't even the worst part. She tried to compile a few screenshots of PULL to show Kiki what bullies they were, and one of them was a screenshot of herself insulting Mila, but with the username and avatar cut out.

No. 15346

File: 1411903699087.jpg (101.87 KB, 500x750, tumblr_nc1cxyXpvf1tr38gso1_500…)

I'm surprised. She looks pretty good now that she's not trying to be a Dakota clone

No. 15352

someone just make a thread already. we're going OT

No. 15423

File: 1411928528233.png (52.48 KB, 577x535, 53453.png)

Kiki stfu please.

No. 15425

File: 1411928655754.png (12.04 KB, 577x138, 53453.png)

No. 15433


smoking magical chinese herbs again, kiki?

No. 15464

File: 1411948609433.jpg (39.56 KB, 630x350, Chinese-President-Xi-Jinping.j…)

No. 15580

Kiki really needs to understand the difference between hate and criticism, because majority of what she gets is criticism. Actually, I would go as far to say all of it is criticism. She should really stop preaching about how you shouldn't focus on "negativity" because that's all she ever does. If she really can't take the criticism, or "negativity," as she puts it, she can just change her alias/usernames and/or make her accounts private. But she will never do that because she's so desperate to be relevant again/hold onto the popularity she had so long ago.
In general, she also needs to quit preaching about how you should be kind to everyone and let go of negativity because it will never happen. It's incredibly obvious she only preaches it to silence the "haters," and not because she actually practices what she preaches.

No. 15598

Has anyone ever actually seen Kiki do or say anything "compassionate" for anyone that didn't have something she wanted or wasn't an attempt to make herself look good. Because in the 7+ years I've known of her, I sure haven't. Her social skills are so horrible she can't even pretend to be nice over the internet convincingly, it's so obviously all an act. You can sit on the internet blabbering on about "luv and compassion and spirituality" until you're blue in the face, it means nothing if you never actually act on it.

No. 15599

I don't remember about anything either because she would always brag about everything on her Twitter, like how when she got penpals from jail.

No. 15605


there were some disabled education certificate or something like that on her IG. Of course, said diploma was just a pretty background for her manicured hands and jewelry.

No. 15624

No. 15688

>>It's incredibly obvious she only preaches it to silence the "haters,"

Exactly, she gives these "advice" rants where she talks as if she's speaking to a group of horribly victimized young girls going through severe cyberbullying. None of her followers seem to gain anything from this because that's not what they follow her for. Which means the only motive for the rants is for the haters to read it and feel bad or whatever.

Either way, she uses the word "hate" extremely loosely, and I think on purpose to exaggerate.

No. 15693

File: 1412083527019.png (388.9 KB, 1022x611, 4635.png)

The shit she does on the pole doesn't even need any skills and lol @ calling her hater stalking room "my office" like if it was her job.

No. 15701

Hah, I would love it she secretly had a huge soft spot for disabled people, à la Sue Sylvester. Doesn't the elusive third Ostrenga sibling have autism or something? Or have I remembered that completely wrong?

I love how defensive she's being before anyone even mentioned the pole.

No. 15715

>calling her hater stalking room "my office" like if it was her job.

it is

No. 15738

am i the only one who feels like kiki will do pretty much anything any other whore would EXCEPT make money? we know she isn't afraid to fuck guys she barely knows, it's a wonder she hasn't just found a sugar daddy.

No. 15743

that butt shoop tho

No. 15744

But you earn money with a job which she doesn't with stalking.

No. 15752

and boobs, she pretty much shooped everything.

No. 15764

The blurry stomach is the best.

No. 15795

File: 1412127346770.png (54.35 KB, 575x579, 4353.png)

Seems like that japanese dude dumped her, she started a shitstorm on her Twitter as expected.

No. 15796

File: 1412127404288.png (79.11 KB, 576x591, 4353.png)

Kiki, you aren't a minor anymore…

No. 15797

File: 1412127453815.png (77.31 KB, 581x578, 4353.png)

No. 15799

File: 1412127512955.png (49.71 KB, 581x460, 4353.png)

Seems like she did nudes for him.

No. 15801

File: 1412127607414.png (29.49 KB, 587x358, 4353.png)

No. 15811

You know this is a video, right…?

No. 15821

>what is After Effects

No. 15826

its like you have no idea who her sister is

No. 15830


Am I a bad person for enjoying this?

No. 15832

>how many guys

since when "one" is "many"

No. 15841


I have a feeling she isn't talking about her supposed new boyfriend but maybe Daniel? She still sees herself as the victim. Or maybe the recent incident with Sam Pepper?

No. 15843

Technically 2 but that isn't a lot by far. The only problem I see is how quick she is to have sex with someone.

No. 15844

>I'm going to power up my solar plexus and take a dump
>I'm going to power up my solar plexus and turn the coffee maker on
>I'm going to power up my solar plexus and take the trashcan out

No. 15846

>☮☯✿❤❤may my words create love may they be beautiful and lovely✿✿❤✿✿✿☮☯



500 says her powered by solar plexus video turns out to be about how everybody's raping her.

No. 15849

She's probably mad because guys find young-looking girls attractive and she's aged too much to have that appeal anymore.

sorry I really didn't know you could do that with vids :\

No. 15852

b-but anon, she said they think she's a middle school girl! she looks soooo young they card her evrytiem! even 7 yr old kids hit on her!

No. 15878

But all she writes about is "guys you met online" and "sending nudes", nothing that has to do in any way with Sem Pepper and it would explain why she doesn't write about that japanese dude anymore.

No. 15939

File: 1412183566276.png (9.69 KB, 582x114, 4534.png)

>"putting off some work"

No. 15960

File: 1412193555085.png (9.41 KB, 580x138, 3432.png)

Expect a 1 hour long video where she rants about guys.

No. 15970

i can't even with her anymore
kiki, you sound like the biggest pile of useless self absorbed trash. no one thinks you're important anymore, please stop.

also gonna bet some guy said she looked like a grandma (with all of that kira kira angeliku lace she and washed out colors she wears) and that's why she's ranting about young girls

lol stay mad keeks

No. 15981

I hope it is not some rant about guys. It is not men, it is Kiki. She comes off as an easy lay and figure it will be over when they have sex with her. Only to have this whiny ex scene queen tweet and make videos on how all guys are pigs. She knows nothing about love.
Also it's stupid for her to always go for bad boys or band mates. They wont take any girl seriously if you are already acting like a whore the first day.
If you guys remember the texts she shamelessly posted. She was sending sexual text messages to some chicks boyfriend the first few days they knew each other. Don't cry about relationships Kiki if you even treat yourself like a cheap trick.

No. 15984

On top of that, she comes off clingy and desperate. Not too long ago she hooked up with a guy, wrote "I love Kiki" on him when he was sleeping, and posted a picture of it. When he got upset with her about it, she just acted like he was being irrational.
I don't think being easy is really the problem, I feel like Kiki just instantly clings onto any attractive guy who gives her attention and assumes they're in love/in a relationship. And I can kinda get why, imagine how much time she just spends alone on her computer. She has no friends and she doesn't even have Dakota to hang out with anymore.

No. 15990


Oh god yeah, she must be so alone now that Dakota is gone.

No. 15991

Wasn't that guy a sort of famous singer (?) in Japan? She'll probably ruin his reputation.

No, anon. Don't you realise how busy Kiki is with her ~work~ and ~spirituality~?
I feel kinda bad for her to lose her only friend, if only she wasn't such a pile of shit.

No. 15993

File: 1412212196431.jpg (104.49 KB, 260x390, 472091_10150921012412318_16243…)

Not a famous singer but quite known within the underground rock scene, it's not like if he wasn't known for running around with scene sluts anyways.

No. 15997

hope he learned his lesson

No. 16005

someone on PULL a while back looked up all the photos she had commented on Facebook, there was a screenshot of it somewhere, but it was all pictures of men who looked like the spawn of satan

No. 16055

Those all were photos of Jack only, lmao.

No. 16116

Any one gonna talk about her new video?

No. 16117


Not watching it. I cannot stand Keekz voice for more than 2 min

No. 16118

i personally couldn't focus on what she was saying because the entire time i was thinking, "did she squish her face?" i thought she had a longer/oval shaped face and now all of a sudden it's short and round?

No. 16119

I was just thinking the same thing but I think it's the camera angle- she has her head turned down slightly while looking up at a camera placed somewhat above her to make her look smaller.

kind of ironic that she's talking about sexual assault and young girls while still trying to do the whole fetishy young girl thing

she needs to get a life

No. 16120


Weren't the Cespedes suing over Daniel's death? I am sure they have a cow knowing Kiki has the nerve to mention their song even though it;s not by name.

No. 16121

Yeah and the case is only "on hold" because Dakota delivered a lot of the important evidence showing Cathy's crazy.

No. 16122

She looks more ill in each new video she posts.

No. 16124

…the price tag is still on her clothing. Is she that kind of person that wears clothing for a day and then returns it the next one?

No. 16125

File: 1412286652378.png (708.17 KB, 1119x706, wtf.png)

Jesus fucking christ, Kiki. What happened? She looks so old.

No. 16127


How is she able to talk about him, you would think they would want Kiki to remain quiet about it, even though she does seem genuinely upset about it.

No. 16128

Ew wtf is this crack hobbit.

No. 16129

File: 1412287163612.png (857.26 KB, 1598x685, 1j0uav.png)

Kiki does whatever she wants, she even made a whole website slandering him and his family when the case started again.

No. 16131


See it's shit like that and the police report of Kathy collecting used condoms that make people if Kiki was raped.

No. 16132

make people wonder if Kiki was raped**

I can't even English

No. 16133

File: 1412287924999.jpg (16.62 KB, 323x210, Capture.JPG)

I think it's mostly her lifestyle taking its toll on her and the harsh lighting that's make her look older. She looks a billion times better in this screencap I took/at 6:10.

No. 16134

I don't know what to think of it all, I want to sympathize with her but all the things we hear about her online and how she and her mother acts really makes it hard to see the truth - it's really hard to tell what is a lie and what is real.

No. 16136


I agree with you 100%.

No. 16138

I feel the exact same way. Part of me feels really sorry for her and wants to become her friend because she seems really lonely and sad. I've contemplated actually talking to her plenty of time because of all the things I've seen/heard.

No. 16139

Also agree with this. I can believe her in some things, she seemed really genuine and honest. I feel sorry for her.
Their behavior besides this is a completely different story.

Also her make up looks like a mess in this video. It's a bit weird since it's always very well put on, maybe it's because she put less effort in it because the topic was stressful?
But it could be something different, totally not related, just thinking. I tend to put way too much thought into details.

No. 16141

She also didn't go on tweeting after posting the link nor replied to any comments like she normally does.
I think she's honest and it wasn't easy for her to talk, film and upload this.

No. 16143

She also wouldn't be so moved emotionally if there wasn't some level of truth behind it. This video saddens me.

No. 16146

I cannot believe her anymore. She did the same on the bullying awareness video, telling her sob story to the world and then attacking others.

sorry not sorry

No. 16148


Yeah Kiki can be a lying sociopath. Who is to say those tears aren't crocodile tears? I was looking back about stuff on the web page slandering Daniel..makes me wonder if she is telling the truth or lying.

No. 16157

And even if she was raped, she didn't claim that until he moved and she found out he got a new girlfriend, not to mention that her mom made him live with her at a THAT young age.

No. 16160


Not made but welcomed him into the house…

No. 16162

>pityparty on camera

it sounds like she really believes this shit.
but all I could think about when she was complaining about 'not feeling like herself' from her myspace glory days was:
well, keeks, you were a piece of shit back in the day. maybe the fact that you don't have the same raging egomania as you did then is a good thing.
like if your actions inspire so many ~hate blogs~ to jump on your ass then maybe you should really scrutinize your own behavior instead of crying about being victimized

god her voice is annoying.

No. 16169

File: 1412291808291.png (9.72 KB, 581x133, 435.png)

She is busy retweeting the pityparty comments, that's all.

No. 16184

She must be having a massive attention orgasm right now

No. 16187


>maybe the fact that you don't have the same raging egomania as you did then is a good thing

I beg to differ

No. 16192


I bet she loves getting all this attention and everyone stroke her ego. And I agree in some ways she really hasn't changed.

No. 16225

>claims her ex that died got the police onto him because he raped 18 girls
…wat, seems like she doesn't even remember shit anymore, it was because of DRUGS.

No. 16227

File: 1412300878752.png (45.59 KB, 505x596, stickydrama.png)

As friendly reminder.

No. 16228

File: 1412301268020.png (414.98 KB, 966x646, 34zk9hw.png)

No. 16230


See it's stuff like this that make me think Kiki is crying crocodile tears. Though how reliable is StickyDrama's documents? I wish we could get the whole story.

No. 16231

Can't get more reliable, you can get them yourself when requesting a background check on the Ostrengas.

No. 16232


If that is the case then I have a hard time believing Kiki…is she has become that good at faking emotions.

No. 16233

It is more like that she actually believes her own lies, she always was batshit like that.

No. 16234


Beyond batshit crazy. I bet Daniel is rolling over in his grave

No. 16236

There even is some video existing where Kiki and Dakota tell some dude to shove a pencil up his dick on webcam, he then does it and they laugh about how "amazing" it is. Too bad it got deleted during her last hater shitstorm but I am pretty sure that the stickydrama dude still got a copy because he was the one that published it in the first place.

No. 16238


Da fuck…someone posted the link for the video but its not there anymore?

No. 16240

These two pdf files contain extremely detailed accounts from Cathy's POV on the Daniel incident. The first was written when Danny was still alive, and the second after his death.



No. 16242

wow what the fuck kind of parent lets this kind of shit happen to their kid, and then blames someone else?

No. 16243

especially a kid in MIDDLE SCHOOL?

No. 16244

>He also promised her and they shook hands on
this that he would not have sex with her until she was at least 16

hm? it contradicts >>16228 where they admit keekz was lying about her age

No. 16246


Jesus Christ….the whole situation is a mess. But it's funny Kristen used the same exact sentences in her video that Kathy used in her email.

"Danny spent time grooming not only Kirsten, but her autistic brother Kyler, her sister Dakota, me and my husband, Scott."

Interesting they use the same exact wording in two difference times…maybe like it was rehearsed.

Also if Danny was pressuring Kiki to have unprotected sex why carry a condom around with him? In the police report it saids Danny pulled out a condom and masterbated in it…doesn't make any sense.

Has a point. The sentence contradicts what the police report saids on Kristen's age. Besides wasn't it said Kiki lied about her age?

All of this seems kinda fishy.

No. 16251

I wonder why CPS didn't intervened.

>I also learned in this process that pedophilia can run in families not unlike alcoholism.

Cathy, you and your husband better get your backgrounds checked, whoring your (then)underaged daughter on the internet isn't a good symptom.

>he told his 14 year old girlfriend, Melissa, that he wanted to build and bomb and blow up our house in Orlando

So this is where the mail bombs thing came from?

>In addition I would like the court to mandate that Danny has ALL of his tattoos of my daughter removed.

Did Cathy also sent a DMCA claim to the tattoo studio? lel

No. 16266

I'll never take Kirsten seriously so long as she withholds the apology that the people she attacked and bullied and degraded deserve.
She talks all about forgiveness and loving yourself and making amends, but she conveniently attempts to brush over that part of her life as if it never happened.

I remember when Scott tried to claim it was part of a comedy show and somebody uploaded that video of her laughing at some fat chick and some girl in a wheelchair and they immediately copyright claimed it out of existence.
Why though? If it's just part of a comedy show why would they be so afraid?

Nah bruh, these are fucking crocodile tears. She is just as foul and fetid as ever.

I legitimately believe that somewhere in Kirten's mind she has convinced herself that it all really happened this way and that she's the ultimate victim in all this, not the guy she set up who's mouldering bones lie beneath the ground as I type.

Not many people know this but there is an art of lying. If you want to tell a good and convincing lie you must first convince yourself of the truthfulness of the lie.4
This is how people trick polygraphs.

No. 16267

Because the video got deleted.

No. 16271

File: 1412330426762.png (9.24 KB, 578x116, 3453.png)

So throwing pityparties for her are smart, huh?

No. 16275

I also think so.
I've never seen anyone lying for so long, so much without actually believing what they're saying.
I think it could be that her parents were and are always repeating the same all the time to convince themselves and Kiki that they're always the only victims to the point that Kiki already believed and in her head it's true. And that's why she's using the same sentences as Cathy - hearing something endlessly makes you just remember that. I can imagine Cathy sitting down with her endlessly repeating like in mantras that it's only other people who are at fault.

And I agree with your first sentence 100% - I'll never be able to take her completely seriously until she'll own up and apologize.

No. 16309

not saying she's not a total narcissist.
it's just a slightly different form of ego trip. when she was fourteen or whatever and a ~scene queen~ she had hordes of hot-topic sceneyweenies constantly giving her attention and worship. her ego was based on her fans, and the idea that she could sic 'em on whoever offended her. now that she's lost dat mass appeal, her ego has to be based on the idea that her intellect and beauty are far above and beyond that of plebian comprehension.

No. 16353

Rich men who go that route want a young woman to act like they're the shit. Listen to them, compliment them etc, and they spoil her in return. Kiki is too self absorved for that.

No. 16356

File: 1412365746506.png (18.5 KB, 587x241, 4534.png)

Now she goes attentionwhoring with rape stories, great, not.

No. 16358

The whole post on her website is basicly her attacking YouTubers for saying her parents are shit because they let an adult move into their 13 year old daughter's room.

No. 16362

File: 1412366362143.png (8.03 KB, 715x107, 4534.png)

She is spewing so much bullshit.

No. 16366

Just what we need, her ego getting large from the attention.

Of course she is getting pissy people are throwing logic her way.

That is total bullshit…she is taking this way too far.

No. 16368

hmph. you'd think she would have screamed like bloody murder if she were woken up in the middle of the night to someone "violently" pulling her underwear.

No. 16372

File: 1412366955791.png (7.74 KB, 710x72, 456345.png)

I am amazed how she can believe her own BS, it's not like if her myspace profile with the faked age wouldn't be in archive.org.

No. 16375

File: 1412367109948.jpg (60.18 KB, 470x705, kiki69.jpg)

So fully clothed.

No. 16377

You know if that statement is true then why when you google her you get a good portion of seductive pictures/ not fully dressed pictures? Even some taken by her father to promote herself…hmmmmm?

No. 16378

File: 1412367174924.jpg (75.42 KB, 480x640, 629439090_chemickamcr.blog.cz3…)

Like totally.

No. 16380

File: 1412367273092.jpg (81.92 KB, 480x640, 294388683_chemickamcr.blog.cz3…)

Even with bad waist shoop.

No. 16383

File: 1412367693689.jpg (47.1 KB, 319x500, dcd8bcd989f85ed93946305f534d36…)

Not to mention that she did look like everything but a 13yo.

No. 16385

>>"Every member of his family has a mugshot and a police track record, look them up. His family members use multiple social security numbers and multiple different last names and aliases"

CONFIRMED she created that website bashing Daniel. The website contained a collage mostly trying to imply that his whole family were criminals and photos of all their mugshots. And HOLY SHIT I just noticed the screenshot of the myspace PM of the blonde girl has a circled pen mark just like Cathy's printed screenshots.

Now my only question is, why put the effort to pay for a website domain, go through to heartache of uploading pictures of your "abuser", this family, his corpse and laugh at his supposed pedophilia with quotes like

>>If ju aint got no herz or boobees ur my kinda gurl

No. 16386

File: 1412368137140.png (913.7 KB, 1273x677, 12q8atea.png)

sorry, clicked post without uloading the pic. look at this in full size and look at the myspace PM of the blonde girl.

No. 16387

I know this is shooped but gosh she looked amazing.

No. 16388


Wow, I guess this clinches that it really was her then.


Wow you have horrible taste.
She looks like malnourished club trash.

No. 16396

File: 1412369500157.png (49.48 KB, 132x195, del.png)

shit. it's all coming together. I always had doubt it was really them because this fucked up beyond all reason.

>>KFC receives an ask from Orlando under a tumblr account with Danny's picture as the avatar.

>>Same web host as Kirsten and Dakotas' websites. With paid extra for GoDaddy to block their info from whois tracking.

>>Pictures of Daniel, pictures of his brother and sister, mugshots of his aunt and father.

>>a list of names of all the underage girls Daniel had sex with, which I highly doubt was made public, but can be found in Cathy's pdf letter to lawyer.

>>Kiki's written humor of misspellings like "kept hur at my sissa house for tree wks", can frequently be found using it on her instagram, twitter and youtube.

>>Pic related. A printed screenshot of a myspace private message between "Nick" (Cathy) and a blonde girl who replied "he fingered me", also cited on the pdf to lawyer. Similar screenshot prints with encircled areas can found on their archive *NOTE: I once read that Cathy made a fake profile of a boy in order to message a girl on myspace to get info on Daniel, I guess that's the one.

>>the website also lead to a youtube devoted to uploading pictures of Daniel trying on Kiki's clothes with titles like "faggot in girl clothes"

No. 16397

forgot one
>>KFC's statcounter info also listed that the sender's ISP was Road Runner, which always showed up when the Ostrengas' IP were caught on people's truth blogs.

I'm now 200% certain it was them.

No. 16412

>>She looks like malnourished club trash.
confirmed for fatty

No. 16414

Exactly,I thought she looked great; not skeletal just slim.

No. 16416

that warped background tho

No. 16417

I would suggest sending the stuff to his family, the case may be on hold but the more proof against them the better.

No. 16418

Why would anyone want to send his family proof, what if he did abuse and take advantage of her. Would you really want to help a dead creep who abused underage girls?

No. 16432

Because what Cathy did was even more illegal, special the part where she paid an underage girl to offer him sex and drugs.

No. 16438

I would take the abuse allegations with a grain of salt from now on. I can't wrap my head around how an abuse victim would have the stomach to devote a website, tumblr and youtube to mocking their abuser as if they were just some troll. And even weirder, send the link directly to a "hateblog" that is against them. That's not normal in any sense, it's just being fucked up.

No. 16442

Plus Kiki praised the Rollingstone article many times for being ~the truth~, yet it also includes them saying they invited her ex to live with their daughter which she now claims to be a lie madeup by "haters".

No. 16443

I found this. I don't know how biased or truthful it is, but it contains the part where it says Cathy contacted the blonde girl who in the screenshot appears to in fact be "Malice Millionaire" pretending to be a boy, so there is at least some confirmed truth to it.

"Mid-way through Kirsten's scene queen "career" she encountered Daniel De Jesus Cespedes, also known as Mr. Myspace.
Daniel is something of a big name on the Myspace scene and although Kirsten and Danny already seem to have something of an attraction towards each other, Cathy and Scott encouraged their relationship heavily in the beginning, believing that Kirsten would garner more fame and celebrity were she to hook up with another "big name".
In the beginning Kirsten and Cathy lied to Daniel about her age, alleging herself to be 2 years older than she really was and thus above the legal age of consent. It is unknown at what point in the relationship that Kirstens real age was revealed. It's thought that she did this in order to seem more mature and appealing to Daniel.
Daniels grandmother, with whom Danny was living with, heavily disapproved of the relationship from the beginning as she seemed to instinctively know that Kirsten and her entire family were bad news. It was also Kirsten and Cathy's idea to bleach his hair and then dye racoon stripe for which his grandmother was very upset about.
Daniel and Kirsten were spending a lot of time together, and for a period Daniel even moved in with Ostrengas. Cathy and Scott allowed Daniel to sleep in Kirstens room. It was common knowledge by that point that they were sleeping together, evidenced by Kirsten regularly bragging about the size of his penis and how good he was in bed on Stickam.
Some way down the line Daniel seemed to be becoming distanced from Kirsten, put off by her childish and immature antics and overall bitchiness. Before he died he had complained to friends about Kirsten and her families desperation for fame and their ugly attitude towards other people, something he was unaware of in the beginning relationship.
Daniel breaks up with Kirsten.
Kirsten is distraught, Cathy is furious and somewhere around this time it is said that Daniel began seeing other girls, some of which may or may not have been underage. This has never actually been confirmed.
Cathy, enraged over the spurn of her daughter, decides to take revenge and files a report against Daniel for rape charges. After this she begins spreading gossip around the area that Daniel is a Paedophile and that he lied to Kirsten saying that he was younger than what he was and that he is in fact a rapist. This is heavily in dispute because on Daniels Myspace page his real age had always been published for the world for see, something Kirsten and Cathy would have definitely seen for themselves.
Upon hearing that there is a warrant for his arrest, Daniel lies low for a while in order to avoid the police and evade arrest.
Cathy, in another malicious move, contacts a young female she knows to be a friend of Daniel (Malice Millionaire, another girl who was involved in the scene movement) and convinces her to set Daniel up, convincing the girl that Daniel had raped a baby/toddler.
Malice Millionaire contacts Daniel and arranges to have him meet her at the Aventura Mall, Florida, promising him sex.
Danny arrives and a short while later the police appear and handcuff him.
Daniel is found to have a wrap of cocaine on his person.
What happens next is in dispute, but apparently whilst an officer was dealing with papers a gust of wind blew them from his hands and Daniel saw his chance and took it.
He ran to the rooftop of the mall and seeing a skip/dumpster below him, attempted to jump and land into it.
He misses and hits the concrete instead.
Daniel spends the next 3 months in coma being kept alive by breathing apparatus and a feeding tube before being legally pronounced brain dead. He is buried later that week.
Daniels grandmother files charges against the Ostrengas and the state.
The Ostrengas shortly after declare themselves legally bankrupt and the case is put on hold for a number of years."

No. 16447

Okay here is the thing. I think its interesting how supposedly Danny raped and assaulted many many girls yet as stated in the email none would come forward to expose what Danny had done. Now I get that coming forward about something like this is difficult but I would think out of all those girls at least one would step forward but only kiki has. Not to mention when I type "Daniel Cespede victims" into Google I get nothing. It probably doesnt help im on my mobile device. Its convenient The girls only came to kiki but not the police…why did no one step forward so the police could charge him? Also its funny as soon as the email from Kathy comes up on here Kiki writes on her website almost using word for word matching Kathy's email…its hard to say if Daniel was innocent or guilty but something if definitely off about this whole sitation.

No. 16451

Here's another, I think this one is more credible.

"I joined this forum because I'm tired of seeing so many lies floating around the internet about Daniel, and the fact that Kiki has successfully ruined him image and made him look like a rapist… that is far from the truth. I am a friend of the family, my mother worked with Lourdes (Daniel's mom) for many years, I met Daniel many times and will tell the side of the story as I know it, i'll try to be brief:

Daniel met Kiki in person after they met online, (Cathy actually took Kiki to the meeting place) after meeting Kiki he quickly became obsessed with her, his mom began to worry because he started to copy her weird style (the racoon hair, makeup, clothes), his mom being an old fashioned Cuban mother was alarmed and often spoke to my mother about this so called Kiki that seemed to be a bad influence on Daniel. I saw Daniel after he had already began a relationship with Kiki, he had changed so much I could barely recognize him, he was very quiet, and seemed very angry and was even very rude to us when he had always been a very polite and sweet guy. As the relationship progressed Daniel's mother opposed even more, and even threatened to kick Daniel out of the house if he did not stop seeing Kiki, Daniel did not listen and began sleeping over the Ostrenga house, one day my mother told me Daniel had developed a horrible rash all over his skin, it was contagious and he had gotten it from sleeping in Kiki's bed, Daniel's mom was desperate and begged Daniel to stop seeing Kiki but he continued to see her and became more and more defiant towards his mom, the rash got worse and one day Lourdes went to the Ostrenga house to speak with Kiki's parents. To her surprise her parents treated her as if she was the enemy and told Lourdes she should let her son be happy and to let Daniel be with Kiki because they were young and in love, Cathy confessed that she was the one that did Daniel's hair into the hideous hairstyles and told Lourdes that Daniel could stay at their house for as long as he wanted. Lourdes thought that the only thing she could do was move away, so she started to plan to move out of the state, while she planned for the move Daniel and Kiki had a fallout (dont know why) but Daniel was kicked out of the Ostrengas house, this is when Daniel got the Kiki tattoo, Daniel returned to live with his mother and sister but Kiki began to call him and show up at his house all the time, Lourdes told her to please stay away but she kept looking for Daniel and Daniel eventually gave in and started to see Kiki, this time behind her parents back (since he was kicked out of the house her parents did not want him and kiki together anymore, i dont know the reasons for this), they would meet up at the mall, she would skip school to see him, she would sneak out at night, eventually her parents got fed up and threatened Daniel with statutory rape if he did not stop seeing Kiki, Kiki had initially lied about her age, although Daniel did find out her age soon after meeting and WAS aware that she was a minor, they were both consenting and even had Cathy's support! She even gave him condoms and bought Kiki birth control, she was very aware that they were sexually active and did not mind. Since Daniel and Kiki kept seeing each other Cathy went through with the sexual abuse suit and a restraining order was issued against Daniel (he couldnt see Kiki anymore) and this is when Lourdes and Daniel moved to North Carolina, Lourdes knew that the only way to stop the madness was to move far, far away. Soon after moving to NC, Daniel came down to Miami and was going to meet up with some girls at the mall. Daniel smoked weed, but was never known to do cocaine or any other drug.. Daniel's sister said that Daniel had bought the cocaine for a girl he planned to have sex with, the same girl he was supposed to meet at the mall. It is still unknown how the Ostrengas found out that Daniel was at the mall, but Kiki showed up with intentions of calling the cops and having Daniel arrested (since she knew he could not be in the same place as her due to the restraining order), Kiki found Daniel at the mall and she called the cops, the cops handcuffed Daniel and found the cocaine in his pocket, Daniel had a chance to run so he ran way from the cops and in his attempt to scape stumbled over the ledge and fell off the 3 story building, Daniel did not die instantly, he lingered for two weeks at the hospital but eventually died from his injuries. I cannot say that everything I wrote is 100% true but it is what I know from his Mother's perspective and to the best of my personal experiences with Daniel. Lourdes is a good woman, she is so soft spoken and kind, she has never been the same since Daniel died… It breaks my heart that the internet has contributed to tainting the image of a sweet young man that made bad decisions.. Daniel had no intention of ever raping or harming Kiki, he was so in love with her He would only speak about her and about how awesome and cool she was. It makes me sick to my stomach that the Ostrengas orchestrated Daniels murder…

I found this image of a quote by Cathy…it truly sickens me to know she is such a heartless woman, she played a pivotal role in Daniel's death… and BRAGS about it


The quote says: "All the times we've turned around and fought. Put it this way: one of the guys is actually dead. So i suggest you leave my family alone - Cathy Ostrenga"

No. 16460

Idk, this seems kinds vendetta-y to me, and even though it's supposed to be on his side he still doesn't come off very well. Like, he becomes weird and obsessive over Kiki, but that's somehow entirely her fault? He gets a "horrible rash" all over his skin? From what? Her cooties? He never does drugs apart from weed, yet a bag of cocaine mysteriously appears in his pocket. He's a "sweet young man" who brings cocaine to under age girls he's planning on having sex with? Nah, not buying it.

No. 16461

File: 1412379803782.png (620.94 KB, 450x655, 1407039944349.png)


>you don't like what I like


kek no, it's more to do with the fact that the girl has like 0% muscle definition so she just looks skinnyfat and flabby. Das shits gross.

No. 16464

Please take you and your gross orc women back to /fit/

No. 16465

Well, the Ostrengas have like 30+ cats so it could have been a rash from that, Kiki used to post about basicly collecting homeless cats.

No. 16468

File: 1412380711308.jpg (7.89 KB, 320x240, 7129d7760cec5b963296c5218cae17…)

Pic very related.

No. 16469

All the 10 cats she had last year PLUS her dog:

No. 16470

That's true, I guess it could have been ringworm.

No. 16482


This sounds too detailed to be all a lie.
That and it concurs directly with the story in >>16451, aside from the time it took for Daniel to be pronounced legally dead.

No. 16485


kiki confirmed for the biggest liar ever.

No. 16490

How the fuck do they keep their house clean? I struggle with just three cats, jesus.

No. 16491

I think it's fair to say neither Kiki or Danny were saints back in the day but what Kiki is doing is disgusting. She is over exaggerating the truth to play the victim and gain attention while slandering Daniel's name with no one there to protect his name and back him up.

No. 16492


for some reason I've always imagined that their home might smell like BO, cigarette smoke and cat piss.

No. 16493

Maybe it was scabies. That shit can live in your bed and clothes, you have to bol all your shit with some special deterent to kill them.

No. 16494


fuck my tablet for being an android.

No. 16510

That Cathy quote always freaked me out.

No. 16518

For somebody that got "raped" she sure praised his dick and their sex a lot back on MySpace.

No. 16519

This is gold too, shows how "mature" she can handle that somebody isn't in a relationship with her anymore (its about another one of her ~10 exes), even more funny is that she copyrighted HIS video wherecrys because of her

No. 16520

Stickam actually. I've been trying to look for 2 other statements that sided with Daniel not being the incestious pedophile demon rapist she's painting him to be, but can't find them.

To my knowledge one of them was a statement of one of the girls involved who said Cathy had tricked her into luring Daniel to the mall with the lie that he raped a small child, and that the girl had cried a lot ever since his death because she felt responsible. I thought it might have been Malice Millionaire but I can't find anything on her, so I guess not.

The second was from somebody that was talking about how she bragged about his dick and the sex they had on stickam, but stopped after people began calling her a slut.

No. 16521

found another tid-bit.

"Kiki claims to be the Scene Queen of Myspace. She says that she is 14, but sometimes 15. Some say shes even 17 pretending to be 14 to be popular. But how can she be 14 if Dakota is 14? They are sisters, after all. They're both pathetic fakes. No one knows if she is a fake and Matthew star [Kiki's ex best friend] claims that her parents run her myspace and she is not allowed to go on it, because they use her and Dakota to promote their tacky jewelry business."

This is on Kikis boyfriend's Myspace,no it wasnt a fake. Here's proof:
"Whenever we went anywhere she had to turn it into a fucking photoshoot,
where she was the only one with a camera, so other people couldn't take
photos of her she couldn't get her hands on and photo-edit before they got
on the internet.
She would bitch at anyone who put her photo on the internet without her
permission. All her photos has to be posed and edited. She would get pissed
off if anyone took a picture with their camera and start saying "don't put
that online". Yes, I made a mistake, but Kiki's made many more and told many
more lies in her journals that I know the truth behind. I agree with most of
the horrible shit she posted about me, but despite all this horrible stuff
she still writes journals saying she considers taking me back. She bitched
about everyone, she's only scared of losing me because she knows I was her
only true friend, the only one she didn't bitch about (but maybe she did,
who knows), and now she's turned everything around on Eric. She has to
pretend she's hard but all she cared about was her Myspace, when she was
around real people she suddenly wasn't so big anymore. Her whole family are
obsessed with the internet. I am a Myspace whore but I got where I am
because I enjoy it and I like people, not because my whole family are
promoting me or because I have nowhere else to go with my life. The only
people she knew were people she met through me. Now she's scared because she
knows she has lost them all. They think that they can take Kiki out of
education and she can make a living on the internet, but they're wrong: Kiki
is only well known because everyone hates her. You can't make money out of
haters, but she's dilluded, and has been ever since our relationship
started. All she ever talked about was Myspace, whenever anyone writes
anything bad she expects us all to jump in and defend her. We got sick of
it, after a while everyone she hung out with in real life stopped commenting
on her stuff and backing her up against haters, so she bitched about them.
She always called her haters "stalkers" and "obsessed" but she was her own
hater, she was obsessed with herself and how everyone saw her. All she cared
about was how our relationship was portrayed, how everyone else saw it, she
didn't care about what it actually was, just how it looked to other people
on the internet. People she didn't even know.I should have ended it as soon
as I realised, but I liked her, and I thought she would at least show me
some respect for sticking with her even when everyone turned their backs on
her. It was the same with her hair, it looked good from a forward angle, but
from behind it didn't look right, so we couldn't take photos of her from
behind. We'd get funny comments thrown at us in the streets, sometimes
people would recognise her and call her names, she didn't fight back, she
hid away, or called her dad to pick her up and spend the whole journey back
bitching about how fat they were. She's posted all these journals making
herself sound like the victim, when it's the other way around, she hates
people, they fight back, and then she posts journals to get sympathy, when
she was the one that started it. I liked the attention while I was with her,
but now that we've broken up I've got even more support, I didn't realise
how much she hurts people, I guess I became trapped in her world where
haters are just jealous but now I realise it's more than that. She wrote
that journal to cover her back, because she knew the truth would come out
eventually. She pretends she wants me back because she's scared of me
telling people about all the horrible stuff she's done to get where she is.
It's too late. "

No. 16522

File: 1412425945571.jpg (20.5 KB, 376x500, 4164464515a6969375859l.jpg)

Well, the two made billion photos like this one together and I am pretty sure she would look totally unconfortable on all if he actually did something bad to her, plus they are even further proof that her new rape claims are bs.

No. 16523

File: 1412426292494.jpg (47.14 KB, 600x446, danny.jpg)

No. 16525

Totally the best behaviour when getting kicked out for being underage.

No. 16526

In the worst case people could just ask Chris Stone for evidence from his Stickydrama backup.

No. 16527

File: 1412428141231.png (16.24 KB, 575x159, 455.png)

So she basicly says everybody should always only believe the side of the girl that claims that she got raped, because people totally never lie for revenge.

No. 16529

What a mess, she re-opened this can of worms without any reason. I thought she was only going to do a video advising young girls about older men, since that's what she was talking about on twitter. But she turned the whole thing into another chance to talk about her victim story.

No. 16531

I wonder where her friends during the scene days are now? Since Kiki clearly no longer has any. I wonder if they're actually achieving things in their lives.

No. 16542

She didn't have much friends to begin with, at least we know from her former bff Hilary Haywire that she is a successful porn star now aka "MY CHERRY CRUSH", the main reason is why she hates webcam girls.

No. 16592

>>gross orc women

lmfao i died. perfect description.

No. 16594

lel that looks terrible. hard muscley women aren't cute.

No. 16600

Can we trust the evidence Chris Stone has?

She has gone way too far with this. I agree with you she is doing it just to gain attention.

PULL has become useless and watered down where most are believing this bullshit.

We need some solid evidence and put it somewhere where everyone can see she is a lying two faced bitch.

No. 16601

The website she made about Daniel is a good one. That was a huge fuck up on her part and definitely doesn't portray her in good light. It portrays revenge and attention seeking since she chose to send the link to a "hater". Maybe someone can make a thread about on PULL, since that's the quickest way to get people's attention.

No. 16603

There is a thread about that website already since it was first created. There were many other threads too that included even more police reports regarding the Ostrengas but they had to get removed for "stalking" during her shitstorm against the site's host.

The same evidence can be found in Kiki and Cathy's stalking folder, in there are even more documents showing that Kiki's current claims are bullshit.

No. 16604

File: 1412439393149.jpg (38.51 KB, 500x333, 13_yo_kiki.jpg)

No. 16605

File: 1412439633926.jpg (37.17 KB, 400x263, party.jpg)

No. 16606

File: 1412440237090.jpg (60.4 KB, 520x502, totally_normal_to_show_your_un…)

No. 16607

I'm curious about what kiki feed her pets.

No. 16608

No. 16610

File: 1412440739162.jpg (20.03 KB, 400x517, never_provocative_gayz.jpg)