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File: 1551898918055.jpeg (445.84 KB, 602x761, DFE0D22F-9BE9-4D6D-81B0-8B3FEB…)

No. 783899

Background: (taken from >>782582 )
>Claims to be physically disabled, non binary, autistic, an ex sex worker, queer and eating disordered. None of this is true unless you count being a greedy fatty as having an eating disorder.
>Recently started claiming to be Jewish, which interestingly coincides with anti-Semitism being a more widely discussed issue in the UK. She pretends to be an ACAB anarchist but fails to mention that her dad, who most of her money comes from, is a police officer.
>A year or so back she found a wheelchair in a charity shop and started using it as a prop. Shortly after she decided that wasn't quite enough and so begged for money for a second-hand power chair. There was a great incident where she took her chair out without fully charging it and it failed to haul her bulk home. She cried about it on her Instagram stories and started begging for money for ANOTHER chair but quickly dropped it when people called her out.
>Another thing with her power chair is that her poor weedy ACTUALLY autistic boyfriend has to drag the chair up and down the three flights of stairs to their flat whenever she wants to take it out for a photo op.
>Pretends to be poor but can't resist boasting about her ~super ethical indie businesses~ purchases for brownie points. In fact, she often contradicts herself whilst trying to win the oppression Olympics. She bought a whole load of Huel the other day so she can pretend to be so disabled that she can't prepare food for herself and needs liquid meals. However, she forgot that with a quick Google anyone can see how expensive that stuff is.
>Her current favourite activity is yelling at people on social media and then demanding that they pay her for 'educating' them. She also set up a Patreon and tries to con people into paying for this 'work'.
>She live-blogged her boyfriend’s family Christmas party complaining about how middle class we are because we did things like wear clothes that were suitable for a festive occasion (whereas she likes to brag about how she's too disabled to wash her hair and clothes) and talk about family members various jobs, uni courses etc.
>Accused of sexual assault and played it off as a drug induced misunderstanding
>Sells terrible SJW art on Etsy

Instagram: @fatvegfemme
YouTube: @fatveganfemme
Pornhub: @fezxoxo (NSFL)
Etsy: @FatVegFemmeArt

No. 783907

File: 1551899838201.jpg (1.29 MB, 1079x2069, 1551865081053.jpg)

replying to add that: she sexually assaulted someone while she was fucked out of her mind on alcohol and drugs and explained it as in pic related. notice how she chooses to declare she's "a rape survivor" very conveniently at the same time she confesses she bruised someone's arm while trying to pull her into her tent, presumably for sex.

according to >>>/snow/783815 ;

>The person who was sexually assaulted took the incident a lot more seriously than Phoebe is making out. Phoebe is acting like the word ‘assault’ just kinds appeared outta nowhere, when it came directly from the victims mouth. I’m sure Phoebe would be the first to hop on a hate train if they knew someone accused of the same thing who excused themselves in a similar way.

No. 783908

File: 1551899876490.png (1.38 MB, 1080x1431, Screenshot_20190306-191322~2.p…)

When even the LGBT community doesn't take you seriously, it's cos you're a joke

No. 783909

>She live-blogged her boyfriend’s family Christmas party complaining about how middle class we are because we did things like wear clothes that were suitable for a festive occasion

Oof vendettachan spotted

No. 783910

File: 1551900211908.png (1.13 MB, 1080x1241, Screenshot_20190306-192146~2.p…)

No. 783913

OP (of this thread) here. I copied and pasted the original comment made by a relative of her boyfriend’s in the personal lolcow thread and did some minor edits. I obvious didn’t read the post throughly enough, relax.

No. 783915

File: 1551901506164.png (155.8 KB, 1080x1111, Screenshot_20190306-193954~2.p…)

Getting screenshots in case she goes private again

Jobless 21 year old thinks she knows how to run the world. Step one is to get rid of both police and prisons.. acts condescending when asked to explain how such a thing could work

No. 783921

File: 1551903105958.jpg (129.83 KB, 1080x439, Screenshot_20190306-194343_Sam…)

Apparently 1800 calories isn't enough…

No. 783924

File: 1551903533428.jpg (783.37 KB, 1077x1271, Screenshot_20190306-201724_Gal…)

This was just after the family party she live blogged. Someone was giving Henry's brother screen shots of her bitchy Insta stories about their family and he confronted her about it

No. 783925

File: 1551903775576.png (7.93 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_8439.PNG)

Hey cis white woman! Phoebe is NOTHING like you!

No. 783926


This is the girl that watched a video about gays being tortured and hung and somehow still made it about herself and her suffering! So imagine just how long poor henry had to put with this moody bitch after that confrontation

No. 783927

File: 1551904137584.png (208.58 KB, 1242x1745, IMG_8661.PNG)

I believe the song going was Queen's "fat bottomed girls"

No. 783930


Drinking wine and has her nails done lol

She kind of reminds me of an incel in her deluded view of the world, everyone has it better than me, I can see fault in everyone else but not myself, etc..

No. 783934


Fat-arsed Woman-child

Enjoying a bit of mid-week drinking. A privilege many can't afford either due to cost or having an actual job to get up for the next day

No. 783935

The way she tries to explain her purchases kind of reminds me of Luna's cheap cheap cheaping.

Phoebe smokes these bougie bedazzled pre-rolled joints, wish I had a photo of them.

No. 783937

File: 1551904711389.png (1.75 MB, 750x1334, IMG_0844.PNG)

You hit the nail on the head with that. everything around her is done as a personal attack / she is the victim in every situation. She continues to give herself new levels of minority so she can be more angry at the entire world.

Like - there is no way the UK takes benefits away "for no reason". She may not agree with the reason (shocking) but there definitely would have been one!

No. 783940

File: 1551904888741.png (1.78 MB, 750x1334, IMG_0843.PNG)

Just some screenshots about her 'disabilities' for anyone not lucky enough to have seen them. Do people normally describe themselves as 'mentally ill'? It comes across to me as so massively aggressive and unnecessary.

No. 783944

She has being banging on about her PIP tribunal being delayed etc (basically she was denied benefits based on disability it seems). I wouldnt be surprised if someone at the council had seen her online activity! I made the mistake of going on her porn hub, she doesnt seem to have a significany spinal mobility issue there. She only acquired the disability in the last year, videos of her dancing around the room last year and all of a sudden shes wheelchair bound.

No. 783946

According to her blog, her disability is Hypothyroidism. That's it. She brought the wheelchair from a charity shop.

No. 783947

File: 1551905355644.png (1.15 MB, 1080x1586, sketch-1551905349445.png)

What a bitch

No. 783948

they actually had been removing or lowering peoples benefits if they judged them fit for work, like saying that people who were chronically ill/disabled could work when they couldn't etc. but idk this girl

No. 783949

File: 1551905508271.jpeg (1.2 MB, 1125x1836, 0CDD3E99-E472-4981-B4A5-8E2D88…)


No. 783950


She has no personality but at least she has labels! Normal people just don't bang on about their labels. Half of the labels she clings onto are incredibly common anyway (anxiety) and the other half she's clearly faking

She appears to be one of these 'I have mystery pain all over my body' people so I can see why the Gov don't want to pay her. Glad that her disability doesn't stop her from eating lots and enjoying alcohol

No. 783951

oh yeah for sure, uk benefits system is sooo messy… am a Brit but not on benefits, but as far as am a ware yep its far from perfect. HOWEVER im pleased they take benefits away from someone like her who made up a disability cos she felt like it and prob doesnt pay taxes on all the income she gets from her dogshit art

No. 783953

File: 1551905704998.png (1.2 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190305-114557.png)

A couple screenshots from her story yesterday. And you are just a woman. Sorry. Nothing special.

No. 783954

File: 1551905730989.png (818.87 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190305-114652.png)

She wants to get paid to spread bullshit

No. 783955

File: 1551905930869.png (1.38 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190306-104007.png)

Wow how often does she "wash?" I bet she reeks 24/7.

No. 783957


She has no idea how dumb she is, she's so blissfully ignorant

She thinks the government can pull money out of nowhere, says everyone should be supplied a basic income for nothing (doesn't understand that people would stop working and the country would come to a standstill) thinks everyone should get a bunch of free therapy, especially criminals. Sex and drugs should be sold legally. Police shouldn't exist. She's as short sighted as a 12 year old discussing these topics.

No. 783961

File: 1551906626964.png (1.06 MB, 1080x1644, Screenshot_20190305-115901~2.p…)

1/2 caps of her talking about her so-called disability. I honestly feel bad for Henry who had to push this troll all the way home

No. 783963

File: 1551906672203.png (1.33 MB, 1080x1634, Screenshot_20190305-120700~2.p…)

2/2 It looks to me like she's simply too fat to move around and doesn't want to expend the energy. Also what's with the image descriptions? They are terrible.

No. 783965

File: 1551906686240.jpg (505.59 KB, 1080x1645, Screenshot_20190306-211051_Ins…)

"I have no money!!!"

No. 783966

Anon, she is a sex offender, of course she wants these things. Well, only to the degree where she can do what she wants and still have the threat of being a cop's daughter to fix her crimes.

She's vile and I really hope that family-anon's relative will leave her soon.

No. 783967


In one of her photos at brighton pride she was posing and you could see a cute girl in a skimpy outfit in the background. I know some people at pride tend to dress revealing so I imagine henry got a good look at what he's missing out on lol

No. 783968

File: 1551907903714.png (424.51 KB, 920x526, Screen Shot 2019-03-06 at 3.31…)

This is so stereotypical that it seems like satire. Especially since she's a ~privileged cis white woman~ herself.
Also she gendered herself on her pornhub account after claiming to be triggered by female pronouns.

No. 783969

Just looked these up and they're £38. The size up that she wanted but isn't available is a 28. Good god girl.

No. 783970

File: 1551908174738.jpg (703.7 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190306-213535_Ins…)

Smoking a joint infront of the TV between posts about her tragic poverty

No. 783971


Damn! If her doctor dares to tell her that she's heading to an early grave she'll scream fatphobia

The rate at which she gains in incredible too when you scroll back through the insta

No. 783972


Wine, joints , bubble baths and watching the telly, life is so tough

No. 783974

File: 1551909593622.jpeg (1.19 MB, 1242x1859, 85A3EEC0-DB95-487C-A7F6-5A3617…)

This one gave me a laugh not gonna lie xD(xD)

No. 783980

File: 1551910314109.png (5.97 MB, 1242x2208, 95EAB49A-D3E7-454F-8DA5-EBD22C…)

This was the first time he pushed her around in the chair, I feel for Henry the poor bloke

No. 783981

File: 1551910647526.png (763.64 KB, 1080x1676, Screenshot_20190306-220909~2.p…)


Out of my way bitches, I need to stock up on wine and vegan treats!

No. 783982

The amount she says “x just isn’t fair” in these posts alone is so fucking grating. Life isn’t fair. You haven’t learned this by now?

Half of her problems are invented or caused by herself, and everyone has depression and anxiety these days. Girl, you aren’t special.

No. 783984


Probably sums up their whole relationship, Henry doing the work and her sitting on her arse

No. 783985


It's a huge sign that she's had no genuine hardship in her life. Went from daddy looking after her to a BF doing it. Imagine this big child without a support system to enable her lifestyle of laziness and indulgence

She whinges about not being able to order take aways more often but shares enough photos of meals out. Wine glasses pop up in a lot of pics, lush bath bombs.. but I suppose that's all self-care cos it's hard living a life of leisure

No. 783987

File: 1551912272519.png (1.1 MB, 1073x1467, Screenshot_20190306-223942~2.p…)

This dumb bitch just solved all the worlds problems, so deep, so wise

No. 783989

That's more than most adult men are recommended to eat when trying to lose weight what the fuck was she eating before that she thinks this is drastic?

No. 783992

No. 783994

She's currently post blocked from her main feed according to her constant whining in her story

No. 783995

why does this remind me of the ‘do you like me now’ girl lmao


No. 783997

This reads like an Onion article where the joke is how completely unself aware the speaker is

Well done compiling things farmers, from across the pond this is a truly nasty little piece of work. Poor Henry. I hope his family can help him get out of this relationship ASAP, I'm sure she can find someone else to nut in her hairy cooch and pimply ass while she cries about how unfair life is, specifically, only for her.

Sorry for a doublepost

No. 783998

lmao it really does

No. 784001

File: 1551913761408.jpeg (42.85 KB, 750x309, 5852F238-025A-4CE8-B5E9-99ECB9…)

No. 784003


There's a name for when you imagine that the world is out to get you. It's called persecution complex

If FatVegCisWhitePrivilege is reading this, you should Google it

No. 784013

And then she found tumblr…
slaps fatvegfemme this whale can fit so many fucking labels in it
Also can a vegan be so fucking fat and greasy?? does the bitch just eat 5000 calories of pasta in a bowl of olive oil or something?

No. 784016

How melodramatic. She's massively obese, out of shape, and got tired only after walking around for hours. That's not a disability in the slightest, just weighing too much and not exercising enough to sustain a day of activity.

No. 784018

File: 1551917563075.png (387.42 KB, 750x1334, IMG_0842.PNG)

Though i think its harsh to ask someone for proof - if shes asking people for money to help her pay for medical stuff, she should probably be ok with proving it…?

No. 784020

File: 1551919498474.png (3.53 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_7937.PNG)

I've always wondered if Henry is transphobic for identifying as a straight man considering she isn't a woman?

No. 784022

I never buy this shit excuse from anyone. Plenty of us manage to do drugs and drink and still manage not to sexually assault someone

No. 784023

File: 1551920258816.jpg (376.76 KB, 1080x775, dgsl987.jpg)

No. 784024

looks as though she gets the takeaways regardless

No. 784027

fuck is this bitch for real? they ask thin disabled people more because usually nothing looks wrong with them.

No. 784030


Somebody earlier used the word histrionic to describe her and it's a perfect fit

No. 784031


How many insta stories does FatGirl share on an average day? Looks like a lot

No. 784033

File: 1551923529893.png (1.1 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_8848.PNG)

This is her old disability "about me"
I wonder why she took so much of this out??

No. 784035

I refuse to believe that anyone pays her to trace over photos of fat women and half ass color them in. There is no god damn way.

No. 784037

So autistic people usually know that they take things literally??

No. 784040

No actual, high-functioning, autistic adult is like this. All she’s doing is trying to shoehorn autistic stereotypes into her personality.

No. 784048

Can someone explain the situation of sexual assault? What did she do?

No. 784057

This bitch is getting fucked up while claiming to have four chronic illnesses. I have one of the conditions she lists and I can't drink, ever. It exacerbates my symptoms and clashes with my meds, which is dangerous. The pain would be unbearable if she is as unwell as she claims.

No. 784058

To be fair, Henry must be a fat fetishist/feeder so an actually cute healthy girl probably wouldn't catch his eye.

No. 784059

her bf seems like a sweetheart. he deserves better than this psycho.

No. 784060

lets not talk about him right now unless hes with the milk or has milk

No. 784062

IBS?! More like BS.

No. 784067

There are tons of fat vegans, they just load up on carbs and bread and shit. I mean hell, Oreos are vegan. And not to mention all the empty calories in that alcohol.

No. 784068


None of this remotely counts as being disabled. I’m a full time nurse with ibs, Fibromyalgia and a blood infection that I’m on antibiotics for the rest of my life. This cunt is just fat and lazy. Fuuuuck I’m kind of jealous. If that’s all it takes to be disabled and sit on my ass all day… wow!(no1curr)

No. 784070

I know right. I had a look at his insta, its all just classic cars hes obviously got an autism level interest in. Bless him tbh

No. 784073

File: 1551936326842.png (1.23 MB, 1080x1643, Screenshot_20190305-121037~2.p…)

Sensory overload probably because you don't like your aunt because she doesn't buy into your shit.

No. 784076

Anyone have pics or a summary of the shit-talking she was doing at the party?
Yeah, this seems to be a case of somebody was both coddled their whole life and didn't develop any character, skills, or real sense of purpose. She probably pretends to have these disabilities and adopted labels because they're her only source of attention, the only thing that can give her a sense of individuality, and they allow her to blame her failures on circumstances beyond her control so that she doesn't have to confront the fact that she's a tubby, freeloading, unremarkable loser of her own accord.
How full of yourself do you have to be to believe that a low vision person with a screen reader wants to hear a description of your boring instagram selfie?

No. 784080

No, no they don't. I have aspergers and I generally don't realize I misinterpreted something until I get confused/negative reactions. If she was full on autistic it would be even worse. Pretty much all the people I know who are on the spectrum don't talk about it much (definitely not posting about it all over instagram) and are generally very focused on a certain subject/hobby. >>784033
The only things on this list that might qualify as disabilities are fibro and depression and only in extreme cases. Shitting yourself because you ate something that upsets your digestion isn't a disability.

No. 784083

All of her “illnesses” are also self diagnosed- she hasn’t actually been diagnosed for any of them except asthma.
The other day she had a tummy ache and decided She had chronn’s disease - I mean wtf - it really is like watching satire. The only thing wrong with this bitch is narcissism - she once responded to someone calling her a narcissist with “how can I be a narcissist when I hate myself” - clearly hadn’t done a quick google to discover that’s what narcissism IS. Believing you’re important and being completely wrapped up in yyourself is not the same as liking yourself, generally narcs are seething pits of insecurity - deciding it’s the WORLDS problem and not HERS is classic narc behaviour. If you’re reading this you now need to pay me for my Labour bc you couldn’t do a simple google search.

No. 784084

She looked up a list of ASD traits and is now checking them off one by one in the most artificial way possible to seem more legitimate. I wonder which one’s next.
>well dang I got so hyper focused on my interest today what a drag amirite fellow autists?

No. 784087

She once ranted about how self diagnosis was valid, as doctor's don't take her seriously because of her weight.
But maybe if she lost weight, left the house, got a hobby, then she wouldn't be tired and in pain all the time.

No. 784093

File: 1551948107014.jpg (181.2 KB, 720x998, _20190307_094119.JPG)

Is there an easy way to upload all the photos? She put her entire disability evaluation online and they found she was perfectly fine.

No. 784096

File: 1551948833181.jpg (187.85 KB, 720x935, _20190307_095139.JPG)

Such a strange idea of what middle class is like.

Also just say you're going out to dinner and nobody would have said anything. But saying: "oh we're so poor we can't really do anything so we found this Groupon that gives us a discount. That way we can still eat. Did I say we are poor?" That's what probably led to the stares

No. 784097


Manipulation might be her thing but doctors are use to that BS, anyone on her mental health team can likely see through her too

Noticed she can't ever describe pain without putting the word extreme in front of it

No. 784098


Henry's parents offered to pay that £60 for them to stay the night, they weren't even expected to pay for it themselves and she still finds a way to make it all about how classist the world is against her and only her.

Also Henry's younger brother is severely autistic and genuinely has massive difficulties with day to day life, I don't know how he can sit back and let her act like this.

Unless he's just a fatty feeder fetishist. She's sure piled it on since they've been together.

No. 784099


We all have relatives that are better off than us, congratulate them on their nice new house and don't turn everything into a 'us vs them' comparison? Lol

You can't share anything positive with this dummy cos she's bitter

No. 784101

File: 1551949913142.jpg (600.43 KB, 1079x1897, Screenshot_20190307-091052_Mes…)


Party shit talking pt1

No. 784102

I really hope she reads this thread and thinks about how privileged she actually is.
If she was truly a SJW/ feminist/ Communist as she claims then she would look at herself and consider whether she's using terms from marginalised folks that she has no right using.

And any sales made from her 'black babes' stickers should be fully donated to black causes. And she should show proof.

She's a typical white CIS hypocrite

No. 784103

File: 1551950039804.jpg (1003.6 KB, 1079x1774, Screenshot_20190307-091039_Mes…)


Party shit talking pt2

No. 784104

Ah yes Topman, the peak of upper class 🙄

No. 784106

File: 1551950235577.jpg (1 MB, 1079x2022, Screenshot_20190307-090641_Gal…)

Also while I was looking for the screen shots of her moaning about the party I found this. Enjoy.

No. 784107

She was so salty about not being chosen for little mix's music video. Rather than being happy for bodyposipanda she ranted about how bodyposipanda wasn't fat enough and it's discrimination that she, a size 28, wasn't chosen.

She can't even be positive or happy for other body positive pages or fellow fat girls, she just makes it another way for her to be a victim.

No. 784108

File: 1551950954670.jpg (951.83 KB, 1079x2069, Screenshot_20190307-092909_Gal…)

I dont think I've ever seen her say anything nice about anyone but Henry and her fucking cat and then she makes posts like this as if she's shocked people don't wanna be around her

No. 784109

Wouldn't it be hard to gain huge amounts of weight while experiencing ibs symptoms

Two of the biggest triggers for it are fatty foods and large portions

No. 784110

Maybe her life wouldn't be boring if she left the house?

No. 784111

She adopted a black and white cat that mysteriously disappeared. Anyone know what happened to it? (Not Polly)

No. 784112

If she is so poor how did she get so big lel

No. 784113

File: 1551951307208.jpg (599.81 KB, 1078x1515, Screenshot_20190307-093507_Fac…)

I think it died.

No. 784114

That cat looks a mess!
If she's too disabled to even wash, I question her ability to look after a cat.

Especially as her current cat has to wear a Bandana due to open wounds on her neck.

But I'm sure fatvagfemme can't afford to take her to the vet, too busy buying custom rainbow earrings and ASOS dungarees.

No. 784116

File: 1551952009116.jpg (624.81 KB, 1080x1551, Screenshot_20190307-094630_Ins…)

Yet more things wrong with her

No. 784118

She has taken Jewish out of her profile after all the drama with her trying to make herself out to be a victim to thursdaymorrow

No. 784120

Been refraining from commenting here but Jesus that post about the ‘middle class’ party…I think her true disability might be having a huge fucking chip on her shoulder. Lots of families have a mix of classes / wealth. When you are satisfied with your life it doesn’t bother you if someone has more material wealth than you. There is always the options of, err, getting a job.

No. 784121

Imagine slagging off your boyfriends family publically online. Especially as literally not one of these points is in any way a problem. I feel like she must have really isolated this guy.

No. 784122


I know his brother just left the country to go and live in Australia and they didn't leave it on good terms cos of arguing about his relationship with Pheobe, so yeah he probably is pretty isolated.

No. 784123

If she's isolating him, that's a classic sign of an abusive relationship. I hope he gets out :((constant newfaggotry and unintegrated behaviour)

No. 784124

File: 1551953596301.jpg (941.63 KB, 1079x1997, Screenshot_20190307-101302_Gal…)

When she was into being a jew.

No. 784125

> Jewess
> Hebrew tattoos (hipster irony??)
Can she at least research the identity she wants to leech off of beforehand. I'm glad this malingerer is off benefits.

No. 784126

She’s gone private again - anyone following who can update? Her PIP case is today and it’s my season finale in the fatty tickner show

No. 784127

File: 1551954807752.png (2.44 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20190307-103036.png)

No. 784128

She's so dumb. You can't self diagnosis yourself then act surprised when you're not actually considered disabled.

No. 784129


She knows better than all these well educated, hard working, experts

No. 784130

Good. Also I’m not so sure that Henry is a feeder tbh - she was relatively ok when they got together - chubby but not a blob with features drawn on like she is now. I think her narcissism warped brain took the bodyposi movement and the validation of a relationship and allowed her to get out of control with food. The “eating disorder” she refers to was simply a medium calorie healthy diet based on fruits and whole foods - portions still rather big - certainly not dramatic starvation. I don’t think bmi = ED validation but she’s a mockery to the ED community that she even tries to encroach on it for what was essentially a healthy diet. She believes any form of weight loss is fatphobia - except when it’s someone she likes such as Gemma Collins who gets a free pass bc poor Gemma the system made her do that blah blah. All thin people are evil - never mind that 50% of anorexics die from anorexia - fat people being told they’re aching and have now energy BECAUSE they’re fat is “oppression”. Everything she believes justifies her directly. She’s delusional.

No. 784131

Notice how the fiance is never home? He must work crazy long hours to support her (and her make up, nail polish, marginalised artists, curvy clothes, wine, vegan food, bath bombs, posh bowls).

No. 784132

File: 1551955396682.jpg (218.66 KB, 1080x2069, PicsArt_03-07-10.43.09.jpg)

The irony

No. 784133


She is a mockery to every community she attaches herself to

I'd love to see her meltdown if henry saw sense and left

No. 784134

It won't be long before she turns on Gemma Collins, she is incapable of maintaining positivity towards anyone

No. 784135

"fancy diagnosis"
She lives in the UK and had access to the NHS! Her moans about not being able to access health care just don't apply!

No. 784136

Henry, if you are reading this, we will support you. Leave her. You can do better. Listen to your family. (Take the cat too)

No. 784137

what an annoying cunt… I'm a medfag and I really think she has a cluster B personality disorder or at least some traits. I'd hate to treat her tbh, she is the kind of person who would always blame others for her problemas and never improve.

No. 784138


Ah yes we should all self diagnose and get government payments at our own 'expert' choosing.. lol

I've been thinking that all of this is quite fitting with a personality disorder but I don't know if speculation on that is ok on here?

No. 784139

I’ve lived in Southend on sea and 1 bed flats are about £5-600 in rent. Add on bills, food, endless nail polish and shitty earrings etc and poor Henry is bleeding money for her lifestyle - does she pay people who have to work hard any sympathy? No. She got indigent recently for buying a printer that wasn’t borderless - at on point did she say that SHE fucked up and got the wrong one - it was all everyone else’s fault. It’s jarring! Henry’s dad is a green grocer - she has no excuse for not eating healthy. Her portions are out of control and she blames any weight gain on metabolism and her disabilities. You don’t put on 5 stone in under a year (she’s 21st) without putting in some serious calorie intake. She may well have an ED - but it sure as heck isn’t anorexia - but that doesn’t fit in with her narrative, because eating better, excersising and losing weight so she can FEEL better is hard work. She’s a lazy scumbag who won the birth lottery by being born a white woman to a non-poor family in a country where you have the ability to make decent money. And she’s thrown it all up the wall bc she can’t be arsed. Total waste of space. She say she people online tell her to “kill her self” - no one is saying that. I’m saying live your life, put some effort in a live it properly. And yes her manipulation of Henry is abuse - I bet she’s convinced him he’s a fatphobic piece of shit if he isn’t attracted to her no matter how big she gets.

No. 784140

The bfs relatives asked when they were getting married and what they're doing for their anniversary, they don't sound like raging haters to me.

>they all had neutral hair and no visible tattoos

That's the thing about hair and tattoos, people dye their hair all the time and get tattoos that are concealed by most clothing. She's just assuming that's why they stared. And if there was a bunch of ableism you'd think that's what she would have been the focus here but whatev lol.

No. 784142

She buys quite expensive brands too, prism nail colour is around £10 a pot, she buys Barry M make-up etc.

Which is of course fine, but then she rants about a member of Henry's family wearing Topman to a family party???

Everyone spends their money in different ways and it's incredibly judgemental and mean spirited of her to constantly comment on "middle class cunts".

She's such a hypocrite. Rather than buying ten bottles of nail polish, donate that money

No. 784145

I've seen literally 100 year old people trying to walk with no help and this bitch uses a wheelchair like a fun accesory for her laziness… she seeks her own misery

No. 784146

I can just imagine that she’s thinking/posting “fuck me for wanting to paint my nails right?!” - yes fuck you. Wanting to paint your nails and buy things you like is not the problem. Being fat is not the problem. The problem is your histrionic victim attitude to literally everything - hating on EVERYONE for not being good enough while you float through life unscathed despite sexually assaulting someone, emotionally manipulating your partner and driving a wedge between him and his support system and racking up the “disabilities” - maybe try 1 day where you trust doctors when they tell you nothing is wrong with you. Consider that maybe you ARE wrong, any pain and lethargy you experience IS down to your lifestyle - what then? You arnt actively seeking recovery for any of your supposed ailments - you’ve resigned yourself bc that’s the easy option.

No. 784147

Why do all of these munchies say they have have CFS and IBS? Maybe it's just a shitty diet causing digestive issues and fatigue or the fact that she seems to abuse alcohol and drugs? >>784073

No. 784150

Well, I can see a comment saying "average build." my gracious.

No. 784152

Her 'apology' for the sexual assault was awful.
"I was on drugs so I don't remember it"

Wow. That's not an apology, that's an excuse. She's so privileged that she can do that to someone and get away with it, and still be praised in marginalised circles.

No. 784154

I would love for her to actually be accountable for some of her white woman fuckery.

Also, I'm seriously still confused about why she calls herself trans??

As she is a woman, who presents as a woman - she had no idea of the reality real trans people face. How dare she even try and pretend otherwise.

No. 784155

This cow got popular in the personal cows thread and the OP is pretty much a copy of the posters sum up from that thread.

Most cows here actually have started as personal cows.

No. 784156

What happened to that Thursday morrow? They were both my lol cows and now she’s disappeared. I never fully understood what their constant melodramas were about

No. 784157

I would definitely have terrible IBS flare ups if I ate and drank like she does, she ravages her gut with constant consumption, she has clearly always been OBSESSED with food. Also, it isn’t a disability sweetheart you’re just fat and unhealthy!(no1curr about your IBS)

No. 784158

quarter.water.dreams approached phoebe for a art collab and phoebe was nice to her face but sent screenshots to Thursday saying quarter was trying to take advantage of her as a marganialised whatever. Thursday posted all this stuff publically attacking quarter and sassy_latte I think and got strips torn off her. biggah_dat_dude still has posts about it. Turns out phoebe hadn't sent all of the conversation to Thursday. Taking out the parts where she said it would be good to collab. Just shit stirring basically.

No. 784165

Wonder if she brought up her art shop at her benefits tribunal. Sources of income need to be declared.

No. 784167

Ooo that quarter dreams stuff was a juicy read - what an entitled little bitch. Also she claims in that convo to be “not ethnically Jewish” - well if you don’t practise Judaism and your mother is not jewish, how exactly does that make you a Jew? One Jewish person in the family does not equal oppression or marginalisation. How do these people not see how gross it is to weaponise this stuff? It’s fetishising suffering. She’s clearly such a little shit stirrer, looking to be oppressed at every corner. Thursday is vile too, the absolute worst. Y’all present as women, not transitioning in any way - how exactly is society oppressing you?

No. 784168

File: 1551964417780.jpeg (171.71 KB, 750x1334, 64D4A2CB-C028-4ADD-9A6B-E7AE4C…)

So she couldn’t smoke a year ago due to asthma but now she’s smoking joints everyday. Ya ok

No. 784170

Also like she's so broke but has money to smoke weed all the time… I really cannot fathom this girl's lack of priorities!

No. 784173


Someone commented that a low carb diet can help with fatigue and chronic pain but she said that as a vegan that's impossible, god forbid she try it out

Was henry a vegan before meeting her? Has to be a strain paying for her special diet when dairy-free and gluten free products both cost that bit extra

No. 784174

Henry was a vegan before meeting her.

No. 784175

I’ve done vegan keto. It’s limiting to go that low for sure but it’s not that hard if you put effort in. Even low/no sugar would make a huge difference to her - wouldn’t need to go full keto at all. If you’re in that much pain you would at least try.(no1curr about your diet)

No. 784178

Where has that Thursday gone? I had no idea how she was trans I guess it’s one of those things where if anyone picks you up on it they’re oppressing you! She seems to have disappeared. All of those people are horrific if you ask me why don’t they get off the internet and get a job.

No. 784182

I think Thursday has deleted her account. Agree that they’re all horrific. They’re actively feeding themselves so much toxic bullshit, if any of them actually are I’ll its because they’re all constantly out to destroy one another or destroy themselves to please thier “most oppressed” masters. I think watching it is probably not the best thing tbh but I can’t seem to look away

No. 784183

>not everyone can access healthcare

She lives in the UK, all necessary healthcare here is free including mental health services, doctor appointments and most(?) medications. She's probably just mad that she's not being seen as a priority over people with actual medical issues and they're not giving her unnecessary medication for her clearly fabricated problems.

No. 784184

so she made that tirade that "cis white women" should give up jobs for marginalized people yet as an example of hiring someone diverse she gives herself… a white woman. lol

she was the obnoxious pretentious one, not the family. Imagine having a normal conversation and someone counters everything you say with forced uwus about how poor they are. Boohoo, my coat is from sale from Tesco, we can't afford a wedding and we eat bread with air on dinners. Those poor people must have been so uncomfortable.

thread is nice and milky, not to mini-mod but it could use better sageing guys (like the recent posts above me)

No. 784185

Love this this cow is drawing in so many newfags here, but please reference lolcow.farm/rules and start saging your nonmilk.

No. 784187


Phoebe is a terrible person, long story short. I’ve dealt with narcs before and she absolutely is one. Had a crazy falling out with my old best friend, but I realized this wasn’t jjst a standard case of jealous and what have you. Looked into it deeper and really hardcore assessed her with the DSM5. 9 possible criterion for being a narc and 5 are needed to be considered a narc. The DSM5 can be found in free pdfs online if you look hard enough. Narcs are unstoppable monsters who will never seek help because they’re literally incapable of accepting responsibility. Phoebe will never change, so the least we can do is report her for fraud so at the very least, real people with real issues who need govt assistance can get it and not her. Here’s a link. Henry if you’re reading this please research narcissism and realize Phoebe is a monster and you deserve better :( Your life will be better without her even if it seems scary at first to be without them. https://www.gov.uk/report-benefit-fraud(emoji, encouraging cowtipping, armchairing, blogposting, unintegrated and "sage" goes in the email field)

No. 784188


If she could get a disability payment and sympathy for narc personality she would admit to it in a second lol

Meets alot of the criteria for histrionic personality too

No. 784200

File: 1551974512822.png (753.35 KB, 1067x1729, Screenshot_20190307-163902~2.p…)

I wonder why doctors don't take you seriously

No. 784202

yeah sure phoebs, of course people referred to you in the third person while you were right there in front of them . . . ? people don't DO that kek

No. 784207

I thought she said she was nonbinary?

No. 784211

Can you explain the whole sage thing, it doesn't make sense in the rules, I am new here and not sure im quite getting it! Is it if i dont upload a pic its a pointless post? I have uploaded a few screenshots but i got a message saying i will get banned, but my other posts look idential to others. please help!(read the rules)

No. 784214

No. 784215

File: 1551976852328.png (2.94 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_8836.PNG)

oppression continued (1/3)

No. 784216

File: 1551976877812.png (2.55 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_8835.PNG)

No. 784217

File: 1551977007691.png (3.1 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_8837.PNG)

No. 784226

File: 1551979078614.png (2.74 MB, 750x1334, 3F9B23F1-A7FB-4193-8981-F15E0D…)

Think fattie even knows how to work a guillotine

No. 784227

This isn't about you!!!! Not everything is about you!!!!!! How does this creature still have people willing to talk to her is a mystery. Her bf isn't even even ugly, I'm sure he could find someone who respects him enough to not force him to push them in a wheelchair up and down even though they don't need it. Or at least someone who's able to talk about anything but 'me me me my triggers my illnesses my identity bla bla'

Get a life woman, God damn.

No. 784229


kek not to be a total anachan but hilarious that this bitch thinks not eating for some of the day is starvation

No. 784230

Holy fuck, she doesn't stop. How incredibly insecure is she that she's this triggered over what other people do with their bodies? She has shitty art about fat people and posts pics of her body with rants about how everyone else sucks for not approving of her, she's the one making it all about her body.

No. 784235

Jfc, just unfollow and move on. if one single post about someone else losing weight is enough to ruin your entire day then maybe it's time for a social media break. I guess that's what happens when you make being "fat, queer and disabled" is the core of your identity.

No. 784247

It took me so long to figure out what I'm looking at here, I can't tell if she's wearing underwear and her fat swallowed it or just got her vag out because her fupa covers it anyway

No. 784248

Not defending but its not uncommon for older pets to look an absolute mess towards the end you know/ In regard to her other cat you mentioned though wow what a cunt. There are literally free and reduced vet services for people who don't work

No. 784250

barry m is one of the cheapest brand going?

No. 784252

She claims to be sooo poor and unprivileged but talks about not eating for part of the day like it's starvation. Actual poor people go for days without food because they can't even afford it and she's choosing not to eat it and acting like shes being oppressed.

No. 784254

They’re the kinda thing you can get diagnosed with by elimination since they’re only really diagnosed when other tests don’t find anything and you continue to complain.

No. 784256

oh no! how does someone dare to get healthy and be happy about it??? triggered
this woman is a joke, how can you be so insecure and self involved? it's hard to believe

No. 784259

My my, what a revolting creature. and OF COURSE she self diagnoses herself w/ fibromyalgia. it’s people like this who give it such a shitty rep. Gross. No love for the DWP/ATOS here but glad they saw through her

No. 784261

I’m personally dying at the “I give you a footjob after walking around all day” video of hers like…. there’s just so much to unpack there

No. 784284

File: 1551994217297.png (1.45 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190307-165904.png)

What a brat

No. 784289

how is that cold sore always there?

No. 784295

File: 1551996535531.jpg (435.46 KB, 1077x1927, Screenshot_20190307-220529_Mes…)

1/3 of their cars. I hate how she justifies owning stuff like Luna does with the cheap cheap cheap talk. If you were truly broke you'd sell them and stop paying for them to be in storage.

No. 784296

File: 1551996603104.jpg (522.33 KB, 1079x1935, Screenshot_20190307-220518_Mes…)


No. 784297

File: 1551996700567.jpg (654.92 KB, 1079x1924, Screenshot_20190307-220500_Mes…)


No. 784299

File: 1551997020754.jpg (11.45 KB, 300x339, 22472356_10210517518916100_148…)

biggest mistake of my life was looking at her pornhub account. I don't know how Henry gets past that pimply ass of hers.

No. 784310

File: 1551998635281.png (Spoiler Image,908.9 KB, 1354x658, don't look i'm warning u.png)

well i mean just look at the absolute state of her ass. even shayna clifford's assne isn't this bad. the enormous blackheads, the flaky rash…i shudder to think of the bacteria this beast is covered with.

No. 784321

File: 1551999882227.jpeg (Spoiler Image,202.76 KB, 750x1269, EDC8C2BA-B0F9-4E38-8F98-2CB764…)

100% how I picture her refreshing this thread every 2 minutes

No. 784327

>whines that everyone should tiptoe around her uwu triggers
>posts shit like this
>“I hope this makes you uncomfortable”
>doesn’t care that this is reverse thinspo for people with EDs and it’s super triggering for them

Alright, mate.

No. 784330

What an airhead she literally inadvertently misgendered herself here im crying

No. 784334

uh her username is literally FATvegfemme what was she expecting? this is nuts

No. 784347


How does her partner stand for this monster? She’s terrible inside and out and from pictures, He doesn’t look bad.
I wonder what her side of the family thinks/does?

No. 784348

A question for any (actual) medfags or social workers who happen to be ITT- say that somebody with extreme attention-seeking tendencies pretends to be disabled for attention. Is the extreme attention-seeking or any personality disorder behind it enough in and of itself to qualify as a disability, or should it be? Even if they're faking illness, there's definitely some sort of problem that may limit how effectively they can work.

It honestly might be better for everyone if people like Pheobe are put on disability- imagine working with someone like her.
>muh heritage
This is too much. The "fancy diagnosis" is so that you can get treatment you mong. There's literally no point to diagnosing yourself because not only are you not a healthcare professional who can make an informed judgment, but there's nothing you can do to work towards improvement without a healthcare professional helping you. The only thing these self-imposed labels are good for are giving yourself and your fellow losers the fragile illusion that you have more depth than a bedpan.

No. 784349

Exactly what I thought. Hey fatveg, since we all know you're here, care to explain why you keep posting triggering material? Using the image of "black bodies" to make money for your own white ass? Basically, doing everything you whine about when others do?

Why does she keep referring to people as "bodies" by the way? Sounds very objectifying and dehumanizing to me. Hmmmm.

No. 784351

oh my goooood what actual jewish person unironically calls a member of their family a fucking "jewess" I cannot

No. 784356

what? what part of her is trans?? I'm so confused by her flip flopping

No. 784359

Her white, straight ass makes me uncomfortable lmao

No. 784363

File: 1552007288100.png (408.07 KB, 459x708, Download.png)

>[image description: a selfie of me, wearing a beige jumper. I have my pink hair half up half down. I’m smiling.]
these image descriptions are so vain and stupid and give me cat-fishing vibes. they don't say half of what's going on in her selfies

No. 784381

File: 1552010917293.png (352.61 KB, 530x508, Screen Shot 2019-03-07 at 8.00…)

It's strange that she constantly stands on a PC soapbox but simultaneously commodifies images of black people because it's marketable.

Imagine the social media backlash if a popular influencer was selling some of this "art" for personal gain. She's lucky she's a nobody.

No. 784414

>I'm disabled,I have: Fibromyalgia,CFS/ME,IBS,Hypothyroidism,Asthma ,Anxiety,Depression and I'm also autistic!

>self diagnosis is valid

it's almost like she admitted that she's trying to webmd herself into being classified as disabled lol

No. 784423

Is she literally selling a post card size shitty paint ass looking picture for $364 dollars?????? wow

No. 784425

that's a yen symbol anon. Comes out to like $3.27

No. 784426

File: 1552019045604.png (2.88 MB, 1242x2208, A8D7F1FE-D11B-45BA-B0BF-4717FB…)

No. 784431

This fucking looks like a joke piece some edgy YouTuber would come out with kek

No. 784439

Looks like it was made by an actually autistic child, also that chain is way too tight for her.

This looks just like her body but with brown skin instead, coming from her this is eerie and even a bit fetishistic.

No. 784444

What are those black lines on her upper right (our left) thigh?

No. 784446

File: 1552025209892.gif (1.13 MB, 271x336, giphy.gif)

you just know how hard this she-demon must manipulate her bf with all her conditions and self-diagnosed "autism" behind the scences feigning similarities and solidarity to lull him in and control him.
and WTF I can't believe she is 21! I hate to be that person but she legit looks like someone's old aunt or grandma
this is a fantastic discovery
btw armchairing and self-diagnosis both are similarly dumb

No. 784447

Really interesting how in being the most top tier level sjw she can be she is simultaneously disrespecting jews, trans people, gay people, disabled and mentally ill people by lying about all of those things for personal gain

No. 784449

File: 1552026132598.jpg (Spoiler Image,67.78 KB, 933x933, 43759103_196951377855941_66326…)

It's a tattoo. Lord, cast your light upon us for the night is dark and full of terrors.

No. 784450

Well, she does look autistic tbh…

No. 784451

Lovecraftian horror

No. 784453

Top kek @ the lana del rey lyrics about not having any real sense of identity

No. 784454

File: 1552027255279.jpg (25.21 KB, 282x417, 36148085_404132916754616_75834…)

this face comes towards you in a dark alley asking you to hand over the vegan nuggies wyd

No. 784459

Yes. And chron's makes you lose crazy amounts of weight. A good friend has it and he's thin as a rail. If she actually had either there's no way she'd be as massive as she is.

No. 784467

File: 1552034945651.jpg (160.98 KB, 1033x848, Screenshot_20190308-084845_Chr…)

good eye, anon! oof if this isn't self-incriminating

No. 784479


Jillian vessey really let herself go

No. 784497


Has taken her insta off private for the second time in 2 days? wonder how many times she'll go back and forth on that

One of her many Insta stories from yesterday; 'dad bought me cake to make up for my shit day so far'

No. 784511


>i made my actually autistic boyfriend change the ring he lovingly bought me because I wanted to get one I liked and the one he chose would stain my finger anyway teehee! Oh and we're so poor that we visited Paris!

this little entitled BITCH.

No. 784513

Kind of surprising she isn't in the Confetti Cult. She'd fit right in.

No. 784515

Okay so, at risk of derailing slightly I have to talk about the DLA/PIP process. You are not seen by actual medical professionals during the assessment, they're privately hired office workers and the criteria are designed to pass people who are in fact entitled to benefits. It's a laughably stupid test, includes things like walking ten steps unaided to judge mobility and being able to make a sandwich for measuring a person's ability to consistently feed themselves. My brother can easily pass the assessment as normal but has a severe degenerative genetic disorder and the cognitive faculties of maybe an eight year old. He is actually entitled to the highest possible amount of money. The assessment is a bad joke that can't judge what a disabled person is or isn't capable of.

the benefits system is a shambles at the moment and it's killing disabled and terminally ill people. Which makes it all the more disgusting that she's attempting to play the system. It makes people feel it's justified in being this harsh.

Please don't mistake any of this as whiteknighting, if anything I want to alog because people like this personally affect me.

No. 784516

File: 1552050321416.png (614.41 KB, 1065x1602, Screenshot_20190308-140259~2.p…)

Gets triggered by before and afters. Put places them herself when her veganism was just a diet and she was trying to lose weight.

No. 784517


Her test results show that she was able to do a lot more than that tbh.

No. 784520

File: 1552052403261.png (663.99 KB, 1174x1134, Screen Shot 2019-03-08 at 7.40…)

I don't think she would be able to tolerate another "unique" girl. Phoebe has to be the most special / oppressed.

Also, I think this mentality is how she went downhill so fast.

No. 784540

Whoever that is, they need to stage an intervention for the autist boyfriend. Making him shag a pig is abuse of a person with a disability.

Is their an image that conveys how much the gays, lesbians, and bis regret allowing snowflakes and extra letters into their club? Everyone who's an average potato bodied wet squib no one in their right mind wants to fuck can now claim muh queer or muh trans identateh.

If this blob thinks her flabby scooty puff bound lardass has enough prowess to gather more than 1800 calories of food in an anarchist society, where might makes right, she's got another thing coming.

No. 784541

That's a hard one to answer. Many with a malicious personality disorder are complete trainwrecks, and because they're conniving, manipulative, and have no empathy they're a liability at any workplace, so from an employer's pov, I'd strongly advise against giving them a job, any job, but especially a job that involves kids/the elderly/animals. That said, inability to find a job because they're steaming piles of manure doesn't a disability make. They should be put to work somewhere they can only harm themselves, physically they're perfectly capable, and it's not like they're actually retarded, just lazy and unstable.

Well, she's transfat for one. That's the only way to explain that sixty year old body at her age. Does she guzzle cancerous seed oils?

No. 784542

Thought intentional weight loss was literal fatphobia?

No. 784546

>>783981 holy shit she's not even smart enough to properly fake the disability she's claiming to have, the cold helps joint issues better than any other type of weather. god i can't stand this bitch saged for blog posting and general ranting

No. 784548


It's funny that she considers 1800 calories a day to be starvation/an eating disorder. For people with a sedentary lifestyle that is the exact amount of calories recommended

Her dad would really be better sitting her down and explaining the ups and downs of life to her rather than fixing all her emotional tantrums with cake

No. 784557

>afab, female presenting, not transitioning

Kek, love the hypocrisy.

No. 784576

File: 1552068156883.jpg (33.17 KB, 600x323, 1453805560125.jpg)


holy shit I knew this bitch looked familiar

the only way I'd believe this idiot is autistic is if her special interest is being an insufferable cunt

No. 784598


Right? Like 2000 cals a day is rec for people trying to adjust their diet and lose weight and then keep it off. Im pretty sure its just the standard amount for most people. So her skipping out on a chocolate bar ain't an ed starving situation. Neither is skipping meals until dinner. Thats just partial day fasting. Im not even an ana-chan lol I just can't stand tumblrina snowflake dumbass attention seekers like that.

No. 784599

Wow this thread holy shit I just found my new favourite cow. A straight girl fakeboi pretending to be disabled and Jewish, so many types of cow bundled up in one package. Fuck her face is punchable.

No. 784608


Same anon. We don't get cows like this anymore lately. She's like the (extreme) munchie version of Luna with a side of Shaygnar and a hearty dosage of All of Tumblr Ever.

No. 784628

File: 1552078348764.png (821.22 KB, 1838x1074, Screen Shot 2019-03-08 at 7.59…)

Don't you dare post a picture of yourself on your own personal social media unless it benefits fat people, you thin privileged scum!

No. 784632

to me, this reads: if you don't look unflattering or particularly ugly in your pictures/actually make an effort to hide your flaws and insecurities in a picture, you're a fatphobic cunt, how fucking dare you look better than me and make me feel insecure about my own body

No. 784638

i would love for her to explain if people with eating disorders who are skinny still have thin privilege. whose more marginalized, a fat cow who eats all she wants, or a skinny person with an eating disorder who gets called privileged by the very same obese women who claim to be oppressed? how about people with disorders who cannot gain weight no matter what? god i fucking hate tumblr oppression olympics, there's never any fucking rhyme or reason to it.

No. 784639

>I don't wanna see your body if you're thin :333
Just delete your account sis, why are you even on social media?

No. 784646

So even in her words, none of them really did anything wrong besides "looking uncomfortable" which was probably just because of how much she's talking about how broke she is. Like I'm not rich by any means, but if I invited someone to a party and all they talked about was how they were poor I'd be really weirded out.

No. 784651

imagine being so obsessed with victimhood culture and coping so hard you can't stand to see thin women and police women's bodies to your own advantage

>don't confuse posting photos of your slouching non-fat body for radicalism

so petty internet-activism centering on being an eternal victim is radical and accomplishing anything, okay

No. 784652

This says, "I only want to follow people fatter than me who will never try to lose weight so I can feel better about myself." Kek. Let people live their lives, selfies aren't radical statements, online activism won't make everyone else outside your following enjoy looking at you any more.

No. 784680

File: 1552090392090.jpg (44.36 KB, 1019x1019, 35156078_2018434114864490_2096…)

No. 784681

Did she make this ms paint disaster?

No. 784686

File: 1552091450499.jpg (Spoiler Image,52.17 KB, 1016x1016, 33728686_396624300858100_10304…)

Yep, it looks like babby's first ms paint drawing

I can't take any artist seriously who chops off the legs like this out of pure laziness. Body-positive but can't be arsed to draw a full body (doubt they're all amputees or born without legs) or any details other than the stuff she fetishises: skin colour, sexual organs, fatness

No. 784688

I thought they were all on they’re knees praying to the lord kek

No. 784689

File: 1552091857445.jpg (Spoiler Image,89.99 KB, 1024x1024, 35354153_249357375617561_21562…)

This is the worst nude of her body on her instagram. I won't look at her gross porn. This is activism, apparently
Trigger warning: NSFL but oddly fascinating

No. 784720

>gives the dark skinned/obviously black one the penis

Wew, it's like she doesn't know that black women are typically likened to men and that they're often used by trans activists as comparisons to being male.

No. 784721

She's a train wreck. I can't stop watching but I'm definitely disgusted. Kek.

No. 784734


Looks like the body of a 60 year old

No. 784738

File: 1552104153172.png (76 KB, 720x922, Screenshot_20190309-050113.png)

No. 784740

File: 1552104293395.png (67.41 KB, 720x845, Screenshot_20190309-050038.png)

No. 784744

File: 1552104627760.png (Spoiler Image,314.75 KB, 720x1042, Screenshot_20190309-050900.png)

No. 784746

File: 1552105178094.jpg (60.67 KB, 720x879, IMG_20190309_051708_651.jpg)

No. 784748

File: 1552105714161.png (30.27 KB, 720x351, Screenshot_20190309-052700.png)

last one but the title was too funny for me not to post

No. 784755

File: 1552106907303.png (Spoiler Image,378.62 KB, 1440x1066, Screenshot_2019-03-08-22-47-51…)

NSFL: Her ass looks as diseased as Shay's

No. 784760

>Solo Female

Again identifying herself as female, even though she was triggered by Pride staff referring to her as a woman.
Is it because being trans / genderqueer doesn't pay as well on pornhub?

No. 784766

I actually went to pornhub to look at her stuff and JFC so disgusting. Her simply ass looks diseased. Also I'd really like to know how this disabled spoonie cripple is able to ride dick??? How is she even able to keep her lies straight?

No. 784771

This is the first thing I noticed too. Especially since there are several trans activists under fire right now for making that racist ass comparison

No. 784773

File: 1552116741058.jpg (516.25 KB, 1080x2077, Screenshot_20190309-092911_Ins…)

"I'm a straight girl"

No. 784774

File: 1552116833854.jpg (995.31 KB, 1080x2077, Screenshot_20190309-093045_Ins…)

Wow literally stealing Pusheen here and she has the gall to sell these what an asshole

No. 784779

Also a total rip off on postage as a 1st class large letter is £0.95, signed for is £1.89… and international tracked starts at £7, where a standard international large letter will be £3.10 or less for what she's sending.

No. 784780

File: 1552118482960.jpeg (37.72 KB, 640x311, B6F88710-5A2F-4CA8-9FD0-6A4220…)

This logic…I can’t…she sounds like the riddler

No. 784781

and also as bbw, big beautiful woman and as teen which is just creepy
you could argue that she does it for the exposure on pornhub and compromises because it's work but I think it's telling that she leaves all this up the way it is and doesn't try to get her new identity respected there or elsewhere as a sexworker

No. 784783

File: 1552119311633.png (163.07 KB, 750x1334, 261EBD60-36A9-4E30-A989-CC15F5…)

I actually emailed her directly about that Pusheen thing bc it pissed me off so so much (all of this is true, an artist, have had my interllecutal property ripped off many many times by both big companies and annoying little “artists” like her). Her only response was to post in her stories how cruel it was that I’d titled the email “commission” (I wanted to make sure she read it) and how it had got her hopes up and she’s poor and marginalised blah blah blah. Funny that the only thing that seems to motivate this heffer is money - and yet she calls herself a communist all while enjoying the luxurious spoils of sponging off others such as “posh pot pills”, endless nail polish and shitty earrings and a big fat joint; as our comrade brothers have been doing for hundreds of years(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 784784

File: 1552120172467.jpeg (223.19 KB, 750x971, D3DD286C-0721-4B85-86CC-A5045E…)

If you watch the video (26th December 2018) you’ll see that every. Single. One. Of these “incidents” it’s literally just people not noticing that she’s there. They’re all facing away, she’s in a busy shopping centre - people walk slowly and are as annoying as fuck and don’t see you when you’re NOT in a wheelchair in that situation, have you never been shopping before? You aren’t the centre of the universe - people not noticing you’re behind them creeping up on them expecting the Red Sea to part is not oppression. Also this was taken around the time that she complained she was too ill to leave the house to make a doctors appointment and then put up stories of her dancing with her niece - chairless - in a shopping centre like 3 hours later. Fuck the NHS for providing free medical care you CBA to go to

No. 784798

>shitty art
>muh ED
>so poor and CHEAP
>muh Jewish granny
>muh crippling illness
>fatty fatfat

I think we found the English version of Luna Slater (minus the drugs)

No. 784806

No. 784809

She is a self-victimising train wreck, but please don't announce your cowtipping.

This genuinely sounds like a comedy skit kek

No. 784813

File: 1552137540320.jpg (97.26 KB, 1079x710, Screenshot_20190309-131819_Sam…)

More fetishizing of black ppl

No. 784814

File: 1552137610283.jpg (149.17 KB, 1079x832, Screenshot_20190309-131751_Sam…)

If she came out to Henry as non binary in 2017 they were definitely together while she was making posts like these… They've never given the impression they're in an open relationship.

No. 784828

File: 1552141785512.jpg (652.52 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20190309_142859.jpg)

Possible nitpick but why are you lying about your size, Phoebe? That's not very bopo of you.

(Also spending yet more money)

No. 784840

Funny thing is I wouldn’t even be surprised if she was on the lower end of that and just wanted to seem fatter to fit her branding™

No. 784841

Oh lord don't say that, she'll just get naked again to prove how gross she is.

No. 784847

Jesus, degeneracy off the charts. If Henry is actually autistic, this girl's no doubt manipulating him.

Also I feel bad for OP if she saw any of the pornhub videos. To see porn of your own family member is nightmare fuel.

No. 784854

File: 1552147863657.jpeg (291.36 KB, 750x1334, 3700DD9E-89FC-4E0F-BDDA-7B8AA4…)

This adds another level of horror to the anal play videos.

No. 784857

"the doctor, who is medically trained, tells me that it's about my weight and even though i'm clearly obese it ISN'T my weight!" this girl is a fucking idiot.

No. 784861

Your butt is ripping because you're straining yourself with all that extra weight. Holy shit, it's not that complicated.

Tbh I bet she's just making up some grotesque sob story to distract everyone if they ever find this thread. "She's CLEARLY struggling. Leave her alone! Poor girl doesn't deserve this hate."
Also it's so hilarious these people rush to the doctor more than the average person. Just buy some hemorrhoid cream at the shop.

No. 784862

So this pretty much confirms that henry is paying for everything- their rent, bills, food, etc, while she just sits around on ig all day. I guess it should have been obvious but I was really hoping she got money from her dad or something.

No. 784865


Henry's Mum has shown his brother this thread so there's a chance his Mum has seen their porn too. Grim.

No. 784866

She's probably constantly constipated which tears the anus and makes her shit blood. Or she's got bleeding hemorrhoids from being obsese. Either way, bright red blood in stool isn't dangerous, but it's 100% caused by her shitty lifestyle. Well deserved, IMO.

No. 784868

If Henry can’t take her to the doctor then why can’t her mother, seeing as how they’re staying with her?

I think Phoebe has claimed to be in constant pain so many times that no one around her takes her seriously.

No. 784879

File: 1552154756169.png (323.7 KB, 561x418, 1469840570431.png)

Fuuuuck I hope Henry's family and friends set him free from this evil blob beast before she starts prostituting him or some shit. He'll probably end up like Jake Rapp if they don't, maybe even worse considering he's autistic.

This bitch is going to suck all the life out of him. I actually never felt this sorry for someone related to a cow before, it's probably because he's on the slower end of high functioning(?) autism makes me feel he could very much be getting mental and physical abuse without realizing it(considering she's sexually assaulted someone in the past).

From what it seems it doesn't look like he's even involve with any of her online shit, so it safe to assume he's not dating her for those reasons and probably is just wants to be in a relationship with someone but, doesn't know what's healthy and she's taking full advantage of that.

No. 784885

She went through a stage where he’d work a 12 hour shift and come home exhausted, fall asleep and she’d be poking his nostrils/ears and then snort laughing when he jerked. It really pissed me off, let him sleep!

No. 784886

The fact she filmed it and posted it to the internet too like she was proud of it. So gross

No. 784893

You would think that a "fellow autistic person" would know how hypersensitive to touch an autistic person can be, ESPECIALLY the kind that's unexpected like when you're damn sleeping

No. 784901

Does anyone know if she was claiming to be autistic before she met Henry?

No. 784906

nope, not as far as I saw anyways

No. 784912


Was she assessed for it or was that self-diagnosed?

No. 784915

she did in her old "disability bio" but that's still pretty recent right?

No. 784916


She stated a long time ago that it was self diagnosed

No. 784926

File: 1552164082149.jpg (139.46 KB, 1080x613, 20190309_202444.jpg)

She had a meltdown on Twitter about the cancer research ad linking obesity to cancer.

She then claimed to be an expert on healthiness, pseudoscience, nutrition and cancer.

No. 784927


God help her if she ever becomes diabetic (and that looks likely)

No. 784929

File: 1552165630191.jpg (351.14 KB, 1080x1262, 20190309_202509.jpg)

Freaking out over being told that being obese is unhealthy. Playing the victim

No. 784931

File: 1552165682041.jpg (291.83 KB, 1080x956, 20190309_202534.jpg)

No. 784936

God damn poor Henry this is a bad relationship.

His girlfriend saw something on the internet that got her so upset he had to come home and spoonfeed her. What a fucking nutcase.
I hope he doesn’t lose his job if he keeps having to leave early to take care of his adult baby.

No. 784939

jesus what a burden. I hope he leaves her soon. No one deserves this

No. 784942

Not familiar with the UK education system but generally aren’t diplomas not as valuable as a bachelors degree? I think an actual nurse who had to go through strenuous and highly competitive nursing programs and extremely detailed and difficult exams is still way more qualified than her fat ass. She should get off her high horse since she clearly learned nothing from those nutrition and health classes.

No. 784953


Henry shouldn't have to deal with this at his age and with his own autism. It's more like having a difficult child than a partner in life. The guy works hard and sinks his wages into this bottomless pit of unhappiness

Nothing will fill the emotional void in this woman

No. 784954


Generally speaking, a bachelors degree is internationally recognised, takes 2-5 years to complete and costs thousands, while a 'diploma in health/nutrition' isn't necessarily backed by anything and you can often pick them up on Groupon for £20.

No. 784956


Yeah you can take a 2 day long course and get a 'diploma'. Or even do a quick online course. Nothing to brag about lol

No. 784968

>Henry is having to come home

It sounds like he didn’t offer to come home and help, but was guilted into it. Their relationship is more like a care-taker and a demanding patient.

No. 784976

She can get them and be certified in something but Health and Nutrition and bottom rung on a ladder and not impressive. Way lower than a Degree.

No. 784977


Who on earth makes an Instagram story to tell everyone about blood in their poo??

Funny how she's making someone bring her to a Doc when she's already using her crystal ball to predict the doctors advice and be dismissive of it

No. 784978

>their relationship is more like a care-taker and a demanding patient
this has hit the nail on the head
we don't really know how independent or autistic her bf is and how well he can manage relationships (just saying this is a subject of speculation) and I do believe there maybe was love and a proper relationship initially but to me it looks like this woman is doing her best to take her relationship and mold her partner into a caretaker and that's sick. She generally comes across as super demanding.

No. 784984

packaging isn't free, anon

No. 785009

A diploma is what the thick kids do instead of a real gcse

No. 785012


Throws the term mental trauma around where a normal person would simply say 'it annoyed me'

She's super manipulative attaching herself to groups that are 'protected' so people feel less inclined to openly question her. Whether it's her gender or the state of her health, she'll make out like any questioning of her imaginary world is actually you oppressing her.

It's a shame for her that the most successful manipulators tend to be people with good looks and charm lol

No. 785013

HENRY loses money. Not “we”. And if you’re shitting bright red blood and in that much pain you get your ass to the GP ASAP, whether you’re a fatty, fake autist or not. Sry to blog but as someone with family history of bowel cancer this is pure ridiculous

No. 785014

I thought only dark tarry stool were dangerous, because it means bleeding in the upper GI tract whereas bright red blood meant anal fissures etc? Idk but she's obviously just constipated and a drama queen.

No. 785015


It's a handy ailment for her to exaggerate, I mean who's going to check? And apart from all the blood shitting, she says she's having a lovely evening lol

When this relationship inevitably ends poor Henry wont have a penny to show for all those 12 hour work days

No. 785023

That's absolutely true. Also, genuine high functioning autistic people wouldn't go out and go to events or whatever as much as this firey cunt does. She's such a dumbass it's almost beyond belief. Her movie "example" is so stupid and paints autistic people as not being humorous. When information says "autistic people tend to take things literally" it means just missing some sarcasm in verbal convo or sometimes jokes going over the head. t.actual autist who went to sped school

Also bloody hell this bitch is grimy! Those ass pimples were straight out of a horror film I reckon

No. 785048

>genuine high functioning autistic people wouldn't go out and go to events or whatever as much as this firey cunt does.

eh, not really true my bf and other high functioning autists i've met go to tons of shit it depends on your personality and interests. the real thing that makes her not believably autistic is that she spews a bunch of normie stereotypical autist traits.

No. 785067

File: 1552199015434.jpeg (510.96 KB, 750x1155, C50EB1B4-A5BC-41F0-9089-9A6E3C…)

She’s so fucking stupid oh my god. Like she walks out of an alt-right feminazi meme.
>a thin girls can eat lots of junk food and it’s okay
It’s not because they’re thin that they get a pass for eating bad shit. Being fucking thin is literal proof that they aren’t lazy pigs. Those girls regularly exercise, don’t eat mukbang portions for every meal and take care of themselves!
>while I get death threats for eating chia seeds
First of all, you’re getting hate for being a oppressive (not oppressed) cunt, not for being a fat slut. People just laugh since fatties are already killing themselves. Second, eating one good meal on camera means jack shit when you go right back to shoveling pasta in your maw right after??? It would be actually impossible to be the rectal bleeding hamplanet that you are if you ate healthily half of the time.

No. 785082

File: 1552203050226.png (160.35 KB, 1080x997, Screenshot_20190310-072756~2.p…)

Yes fatveg, the whole world is toxic scum, it couldn't possibly be you that is the idiot

No. 785086


But she didn't delete her Twitter, too much of a narcissist.

No. 785088

File: 1552204453520.jpg (284.91 KB, 1080x1027, 20190309_202559.jpg)

Guys, we clearly need to keep our opinions to ourselves

No. 785092

File: 1552205845133.jpg (256.33 KB, 1080x992, 20190309_202625.jpg)

She spends so much money on non-essentials such as ASOS clothes (she rarely leaves the house so why bother buying new clothes), nail colour, art from other 'marginalised' cows, earrings, make up, crockery etc.
But she begs for money for a wheelchair.

No. 785093


And of course her Twitter is just her sitting at home ruminating over everything she believes is wrong with the world

Girl you sit on your backside all day and leech off your BF and dad, then you try to leech off the government, get off your fucking high horse. You're choosing to be a useless drain on your loved ones and society so 99 percent of people in the world are better than you

No. 785095

The video she's talking about.

No. 785096


She looks way older and like a lazy benefits mom here, If I saw this I would guess she has 4 kids and everyone in the house eats chips every day for dinner. Not a good look at 21 with no kids

No. 785102

Not to mention, that’s a LOT of porridge? Even if it is a healthy meal, that’s excessive…

No. 785110

Bruh forreal thats a big soup/deep dish bowl and its pretty much over halfway full. Take into consideration that the bowl looks big in comparison to her…an already massive lady and thats a portion meant for a giant.
Why is it that spoonies & mental health fags think loosing their appetite or not eating 5 small meals that day constitutes cause for concern? People arent linear and its fucking laughable that these 'sick' individuals always notice when they dont eat yet never count calories or keep track of the things they actually consume because thats just "SO GOOD! UwU healthy! As long as u eat its ok!!!!"
Dissonance really is the killer.

No. 785123

Yeah, something I’ve noticed with a lot of the ~healthy at any size~ bloggers who claim to eat nothing but fresh produce and lean protein is that their portion sizes are fucking MASSIVE. Calories in, calories out still applies when those calories are chia seeds and porridge, boo. Not that I doubt that you’re eating 2000kcal of pasta off camera anyway.

No. 785126

NTA but meh. It's no secret that a lot of these mega morbids start going the route of veganism and other difficult diets because they are so fucking huge. They think the types of foods associated with the diet will magically cause them to drop massive amounts of weight.
Problem is, say, if they have an unusually good year and drop about 30 or 40 pounds, they're still gonna be obese. In their cases it requires years of dedication. And like you said, because it's a lifestyle adjustment that many of them aren't used to, more often than not they're gonna crash and regain.
It's not that they don't know about the realities, they just don't want to hear it so they call it "oppressive."

No. 785144

Nta but we been knew sis, theres several layers to it and not every fatty is the same however theres commonplace factors like portion sizes so …"meh"

No. 785146

Portion control is part of the lifestyle adjustment that they're not used to and hence even "healthy" eating isn't going to really help them. Unless they want to binge on plain leafy greens, which we all know won't happen. I get the impression you thought I'm disagreeing but I'm not, just adding to the discussion of the mindset they have.

No. 785148

She put high calorie peanut butter in there. That is not an example of "healthy" eating or porridge with chia seeds. It's full of fruit and peanut butter, high sugar and calorie meal. But any fat person will get a healthy dish, make it fatty then complain when it's told it's not healthy.

At what point if your life does feeling sorry for yourself to this extent give you gratification? I know self pity is addictive, but this is beyond the pale.

No. 785200

File: 1552247599046.png (1.32 MB, 1440x900, Screenshot 2019-03-10 at 19.31…)

On the subject of her YouTube videos, I couldn't help but notice that she is reading her list of everything that's wrong with the world from a 12.9 inch iPad Pro. The minimum entry price on this model was £769, and she is likely using a 1st Generation Apple Pencil with it for her drawings which is an additional £89.

Although she has likely spent more on fashion and cosmetics in the last year, such a luxury item really doesn't do much for her aspirations to appropriate poverty and anti-capitalism as core elements of her identity.

No. 785217

She just came back online after 8 hours of not posting to ask her followers to buy her something. You can’t make this stuff up, wow(this is an imageboard)

No. 785221

>we been knew sis

No. 785229


She claimed her mother brought it for her if I remember rightly

No. 785279

B-b-ut her poor working class family!!11 How is that possible?!?!

No. 785290

the jewess you mean? i'm still not over that, the fuck was that lmao

No. 785294

File: 1552265186373.png (841.2 KB, 720x1177, Screenshot_20190311-014355.png)

make a finsta or go on storiesig to get receipts or just don't bother (and sage)

No. 785303

rockin the emilia fart chinrobe i see

No. 785306

This thread really is pulling in an exceptional amount of retards. I wonder what it is about this cow that makes people unable to read the rules, sage their shit, or integrate whatsoever.

No. 785312

If the milk weren’t so bountiful I would abandon this thread based on the sheer amount of newfaggotry

No. 785357

Lol Phoebs is infamous in the UK vegan community and that's probably where all these newfags (like the nurse with IBS kek) are coming from

No. 785380

>no amount of sage makes the complaining less exceptional

No. 785387

The woman who makes these necklaces is known amongst jewellery designers for stealing ideas and generally being a two-faced arsehole. Makes sense. Trash supporting trash.

No. 785389

File: 1552300762236.png (Spoiler Image,1.99 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20190311-103335.png)

Moaning about a "cis white thin woman" pushing her stomach out in a pic. Responds with this utter monstrosity on her story.

No. 785391

OT but why are her breasts like that? At size 24/26/28 you'd expect they'd be big and buoyed up with fat, not deflated like little balloons.

No. 785392

File: 1552302866800.jpeg (1001.8 KB, 1242x2208, 8B1ABCB6-8F3A-4058-A0DB-0460E2…)

wow it’s almost as if crushing your bones and organs with blubber makes it a teeny bit difficult to figure out that something could be wrong

No. 785394

>I'm angry that fat people are denied IVF treatment
Obesity has a negative effect on fertility, causes complications during pregnancy and childbirth and has long-term negative consequences for the health of the child. If you want to have children so badly, at least try to lose weight first. If a lifestyle change like that is too much of a sacrifice then you probably shouldn't be having children either.

I just hope this means she's infertile because the last thing she or anyone around her needs is for her to procreate.

No. 785395

don’t worry anon her massive fupa would crush anything that manages to slither out of her rash covered vag anyways

No. 785396

weird flex but okay

No. 785397

File: 1552304771628.png (736.09 KB, 720x1177, Screenshot_20190311-123602.png)

I went and looked and she is referring to the woman in pic related in that atrocious post. She sure likes to trash people who don't bopo the way she wants and is super petty without an ounce of shame

No. 785399

File: 1552305676629.jpg (103.77 KB, 468x639, article-1207969-061F74D5000005…)

future phoebe/fatvegfemme: white cis waman don't post if you don't need a crane lift to leave the house!!! fuck you!!!

No. 785400

File: 1552306582169.png (Spoiler Image,651.03 KB, 720x1183, Screenshot_20190311-130335.png)

telling her followers on her story to revisit an old post with a gross nude and an angry caption on this topic …

No. 785404

File: 1552306907348.png (130.92 KB, 720x784, Screenshot_20190311-130503.png)

… this is the angry caption in which she rages about "thin white able-bodied cishet women" practicing body-positivity and how wrong that is

No. 785405

File: 1552306975776.png (124.13 KB, 720x984, Screenshot_20190311-130508.png)

rest of the caption

No. 785406

But she's with a thin dude. I know it's not an unusual thing for her type to be hypocritical about, but has she ever tried explaining or justifying that?

No. 785407

Shes mentally handicapped. She'll find an excuse! LOL!

No. 785409

File: 1552308605365.png (1.46 MB, 750x1334, IMG_0337.PNG)

hows does one manage to keep a constant cold sore?

No. 785413

Because he's a man, that's why, she's obviously only jealous of skinny women because they make her feel ugly and insecure. A straight girl hating other women, what a novel concept…

No. 785415

She had up on her story she’s getting a new printer again then deleted it..Thought she was sooper poor

No. 785420

in her ig stories she has a massive bottle of that huel crap. no wonder she has the bloody shits

No. 785426

>>785420 this is an image board. post caps.

No. 785431

File: 1552317235620.png (Spoiler Image,1.97 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20190311-151305.png)

Just. Wow.

No. 785435

>Thin, able bodied, white, cis women
Phoebe, hunny, you're 3 of these things.

No. 785436

File: 1552318850976.jpeg (261.78 KB, 750x1207, 7FE1A4E6-0745-406A-990B-B15DFE…)

Apparently she’s had the cold sore since December lmfao what the hell

No. 785437


Um, excuse you, she's a jewess. (That felt so wrong to type, wtf is wrong with this broad?)


I think it looks like impetigo.

No. 785440


She bragged about wearing Juvia's Place eyeshadow on one of her recent selfies, those palettes are at least £20 each. If you're short on money you don't buy palettes like that.

No. 785442

File: 1552320756722.jpg (571.65 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190311-160750_Ins…)

She states that she almost died from a chest infection. How can one woman be so dramatic about everything

No. 785445

>>are you being systemically oppressed for your body
>>are you being killed for your body

Yes they are, because they're female you dumb fuck. Fat girls aren't getting murdered for being fat.

No. 785447

File: 1552321680662.png (1.42 MB, 640x1136, 58368891-B999-4C88-AB5A-036911…)


sorry. am new here.

No. 785448

Ummmm, anon, fat women get killed all the time.

Get educated, watch this little 'documentary' called Silence of the Lamb you pissbaby!!!11!1111!

No. 785451

File: 1552322285542.jpeg (50.94 KB, 750x607, 1CD1E6E7-63EB-4D8E-B7C0-88B8AD…)

From Huel’s website, 3 scoops of vanilla Huel has a whopping 600kcal in it. This is not counting the calories from the banana, cherries, soy milk, or “chocolate coffee”. Outside of Olympic athletes, who the hell needs that many calories for breakfast?

No. 785453

i can't imagine fertility being anything else to her than just a means to an end to get more money from the government.

imagine being that size/that disabled and trying to look after anything that walks.

No. 785455


i deciphered that "fuck my stomach up" probably means that she gets explosive shits after eating anything that's solid in the morning.

she probably doesn't know that it's actually what she ate yesterday that does that. i would bet my left foot that she binges in the evenings too.

No. 785456


Women are being killed for being fat? Really?

No. 785457

Only thing that systemically kills fat people is their bodies kek

It's so sad that she could look nice if she lost weight and started taking care of herself. Hating on thin women is so stupid on her part, she should take inspiration from them instead. I feel so sorry for her boyfriend

No. 785463

I've never heard of this so called "Mass" killing of fat people. Kek.

No. 785466


Would her tits still look like that if she lost the weight? I'm just completely mesmerized by them, like how did that happen? How do you react to that in public, one boob small and the other dangling like a roll of ground beef in low-cut shirts, like nothing's the matter. It's like she's confronting people with her physical imperfections, making herself out to be a target for bullying.

No. 785468


>"I cannot eat solids in the morning, they fuck my stomach up!"

>3 scoops of Huel has 12g fiber
>fucking COFFEE

no wonder she's shitting blood

No. 785470


Even if she lost all the weight she'd have the issue of loose/excess skin. She has stretchmarks from where she has gained the weight so fast and she has incredibly uneven breasts


She looks so special needs in all those close up shots of her face, that combined with the dramatic text over them; it reads like a meme

No. 785479

Sarcasm is a thing, anons.

No. 785506

File: 1552331530182.jpeg (55.3 KB, 640x1138, DD89FB2C-8CD6-4E92-8A07-D90AD6…)

jesus. poor henry

No. 785510

Trying so hard to prove her ~queerness~ but it's been a while since I saw a woman who so blatantly hates and is jealous of other women.

No. 785516

No. 785517

File: 1552335338236.png (1.57 MB, 750x1334, 8511C055-41FB-4C67-AE60-F4A7E1…)

Surprised the cat’s not playing a violin with all her whining

No. 785544


And her only experience with women seems to be attempting to sexually assault them. She doesn't even have female friends. The hatred runs deep.

No. 785561

File: 1552342369039.jpg (769.04 KB, 1079x2076, Screenshot_20190311-221142_Ins…)

Ya sure are Pheobs

No. 785598

so she’s non binary AND trans? wtf

No. 785602

Can someone explain the concept of being non binary and trans to me? It logically doesn't make sense. The more labels these snowflakes pile on the less believable it gets.

No. 785607

Ok anons don’t quote me on this but from through extensive research I think I understand it.

Non-binary refers to not associating with the gender binary or spectrum. It’s transgenderism because they don’t associate with their birth gender.

I’m not a tranny apologist but I have a lot of friends who are into “woke” culture. I also went to an extremely liberal school so everyone I networked with always tweeted woke shit.

sage for semi blogpost

No. 785611

yeah kinda like being agender. pretty valid i guess but phoebe ids as female on her pornhub account? i’m pretty sure there’s a nonspecified option too

No. 785696

Coffee?? With IBS?? Talk about explosive shits

No. 785697


Sage for blogpost but I find this hilarious, I was deep in the libfem cult at university and we had to have multiple safe space discussion meetings because the nonbinary girls were extremely upset at being considered trans, tHeY aReNt ThE sAmE tHiNg blah blah blah

Got to thank them though, their constant sperging on the matter helped me peak trans because clearly even in their own tiny community they're all so narcissistic they can't agree on anything

No. 785699


There are definitely trans options for your gender on pornhub but I'm pretty sure you have to upload an ID too and hers will just say female

No. 785707

File: 1552386467950.png (1.98 MB, 750x1334, A79A44DD-87BC-474A-AF68-53A4F3…)

Don’t understand how she hasn’t considered the issue could be her diet and lack of physical activity

No. 785732

File: 1552394675685.jpeg (115.82 KB, 640x1136, 630CBCC5-B1AA-410E-AEC0-F5C76F…)

Spending more money as usual. So poor. She looks like a minion

No. 785733

File: 1552394740755.jpeg (98.2 KB, 550x796, D59615F3-886D-471C-A7FF-7EC9B7…)

No. 785746

File: 1552398169331.jpg (948.9 KB, 1080x2072, 20190312_134212.jpg)

That grim cold sore makes me gag

No. 785747

File: 1552398224241.jpg (614.08 KB, 1080x2070, 20190312_134156.jpg)

And like which is it, are you broke or not? Make your mind up

No. 785748

idk, from her gross nudes it seems that her body has a tendency to put weight on around the stomach/thighs rather than the bust. she'd probably be "pear-shaped" if she wasnt so enormous that things like "body shape" cease to matter. the one-boob-twice-the-size-of-the-other thing is unfortunate though.
did she even bother looking up the typical symptoms/triggers for IBS before making whiny posts pretending to have it? all that fibre, sugar and caffeine might be whats fucking yr stomach up feebs
from what ive been unfortunate enough to learn, it seems that to these people any person who identifies as "nonbinary/genderqueer/some shit/etc" is also "trans" by default because they identify outside of gender norms. (these are the same people who claim that "anyone who is attracted to me is totes gay bc im nonbinary so all my relationships r super Queer!!xDD")

No. 785750

Oh god, she's one of those hambeasts who gatekeeps other fat people for not being fat enough. What a fucking bitch.

No. 785754

File: 1552399047968.jpeg (122.82 KB, 640x1138, C66CF06C-380B-457F-9143-8CEB46…)

maybe stop ramming your asshole with plugs while chugging huel and coffee?! nice cold sore

No. 785755


She loves telling people they're not actually fat, I wish someone would tell her she's not actually trans

No. 785758

File: 1552400677278.jpeg (383.94 KB, 1242x2064, D551F642-D7D4-4446-9FF6-EB4B4B…)

ok which one of you commented big chungus xDDDDD(xDDDDD)

No. 785760

Hopefully no one since regular farmers know not to interact with cows

No. 785767

File: 1552403814008.png (194.98 KB, 808x455, de443e595932315df5870c0eeeea09…)

Just as greasy. Same skin health too

No. 785769

dont insult trunchbull like that

seriously dont start cowtipping

No. 785770

forgot my damn sage

No. 785776


Pam Ferris is an icon, behave yourself

No. 785784

Comedy gold tbh

No. 785792

Thank you for introducing her for us! She’s my new favourite lolcow

No. 785799

That cold sore is the worst I've ever seen. Why would you ever take a picture with that on your face? And please stop telling women they're not fat. Size 16 is fat. It's okay to have body fat.

No. 785800

File: 1552409779114.png (597.67 KB, 750x1334, D2628FD4-0A5C-4C64-A444-0BDC42…)

She’s always trying to justify her purchases by pointing out they’re cheap, but doesn’t seem to grasp simple math. If you add lots of small amounts together, you get larger amounts. She buys constantly and then complains she has no money

No. 785808


Exactly, I'm tall and when I was a size 16 I was in the obese BMI range. She seems to think that "fat" is a term that only the super morbidly obese can use.

No. 785811

File: 1552411534832.jpg (24.18 KB, 1092x202, Capture.JPG)

There's always somebody who actually finds this grossness attractive

No. 785816

>>785800 she sounds like Luna going on about how everything is cheap cheap cheap

No. 785824

do you get how herpes works? the sores reoccur, so it's probably a different one and now she has another. they typically last 1-2 weeks. get over it

not WKing because she's otherwise a stupid cow. but cold sores are common and not a big deal

No. 785851

Same. Getting some Pixy vibes, but I can laugh at her properly since PT is queen.

Pretty much at "shape" will eventually become a blob.

IBS and many other digestive problems with have direct links with obesity or many problems are corrected with healthy eating and exercise. Being her doctor must be painful. Imagine them saying that it's either because her obesity or saying that she needs to exercise. It's no wonder she pretends to be wheelchair bound. I bet her doctor tells her to try and get some exercise when she's "able" to since she wasn't given a wheel chair because of any medical diagnosis.

No. 785870

Abreva exists and will destroy that shit in 2-3 days. There is literally no excuse to let it reoccur. She constant that one about to burst on the fuck face for weeks. You’re just gross anon.

No. 785871


It's in the exact same place, and she probably keeps picking at it (she talking about how she looooved popping her bf's zits), so it's probably the same one and just hasn't had a chance to heal

No. 785876

The constant close-up shots of herself in her stories are killing me, there's the cold sore and then then there's the fact that she looks like a bit slow in them

God knows how she has such a lack of self awareness

No. 785886

I don't mean to sperg, but your comment resonated with me because it's fucking true, so many straight girls hate other women and talk about them like incels would (there's a thread on this board full of women calling other women roasties lol) yet they get a pass because from retards like Phoebe because vagina, and because she's one of them. Anyways, this idiot is so bitter and jealous of every woman that is remotely attractive because she looks like she's made of melted candle wax.

"I'm not fat because I eat too much! It's my condishuns!"

HURR DURR SMALL FATS! Imagine being so low in life you gatekeep obesity kek

I'm traumatised. Well, at least we know there's someone for everyone out there.

No. 785887

give it a rest we get it shes got sores

No. 785917


Dunno why you tagged me? my point was she looks so special needs taking all these close up shots so I notice that rather than a sore?

The insane close ups of her eye looking off into the distance/looking pained and the dramatic text laid on top of it, looks like one of those 'Im so deep' memes

No. 785927

File: 1552425736181.png (1.5 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20190312-211949.png)

She's sorry about the cold sore guys!

No. 785933

File: 1552427321017.jpg (730.86 KB, 1080x1694, Screenshot_20190312-214830_Ins…)

Oh no, the trauma!!!

No. 785935

Who'd have thought that if you exaggerated your symptoms to the 111 operator where they cannot see you they'd encourage you to go to the ER where the doctor will see you making a mountain out of a molehill.
@Phoebe because I know you're reading this: stop eating too much fiber. I doubt you're drinking enough water to prevent constipation with the extreme fiber intake and being fat already puts you at risk of ripping through your colon. If it's too much to ask a person to stop overeating (the most privileged of issues) then at least don't actively eat things that'll destroy your body

No. 785937

Why couldn’t she just ask for a female doctor/nurse to have the honor of putting their finger up her nasty ass? Doesn’t even have to be a trauma thing, I think plenty of women would feel more comfortable with a female doctor in that situation, it’s common enough where I don’t think the doctor would care if she asked, and if it upsets her that much why would she not?

No. 785938

I'm sure 111 is the same as the US's 911 and will tell just about anyone with serious concerns to go to the ER. Liability issues.

>get nothing

Hmmmm like opiates? And you didn't get nothing. You got a medical professional letting you know you'll be safe and not going to die. That's a fucking privilege. Reassurance is the reason the ER exists. To help filter out emergencies, treat them and send the rest back with peace of mind. It's like someone with heart burn. Same symptoms many times, like a heart attack and painful. You go in, wait the entire night just to be told it's probably heart burn. You never ignore symptoms, but you can't cry because a doctor didn't give your munchie pimpled ass some syndrome for pity points.

No. 785944


111 puts you through to someone in front of a computer who goes through a checklist with you and supposedly directs you to the best treatment for your problem. What it actually does is 9 times out of 10 is get you told to go straight to A&E or get an ambulance sent out to you because that's what the computer says.

No. 785946


>excruciating pain

Did she even tell the doc what she has been eating?


Shouldn't she already have a GI what with her IBS etc conditions?


Opiates are the last thing she needs if she is bound up. Hemorrhoids and anal fissures are not sexy.

No. 785953

Jfc. You can always request another doctor if they're not the preferred gender.

No. 785961

Bold of her to assume that doctor's gender

No. 785964

File: 1552434305980.png (1.85 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190312-173733.png)

Hmmm sounds like they determined nothing's really wrong with you

No. 785977

>waaahh the mean transphobic doctor didn't diagnose me with a real spwecial illness or hip cool drugs that I can milk for pity points/lie about what I need them for

No. 785981

It sure is interesting that Phoebe gets a possibly fatal chest infection and mysterious bleeding butt issues so soon after her PIP hearing is postponed due to lack of evidence…

No. 786024

holy fuck saged for blog posting and general ranting/sperging but i can’t stand the idea that her fat, smelly ass took time away from someone who actually needed to be in the ER while she knows deep down that her crappy (and most likely unwashed) anal toys and general shit diet is the reason she’s shitting blood. anyone who’s done intense anal has bled once or twice she needs to get the fuck over it. im starting to wonder if she got her period but can’t see which hole she’s bleeding from under all those flaps and folds of loose skin. kek she’s disgusting, not to be an ana-chan but she should go on all liquids for a few days so her body can deal with the all the fiber she shoves in herself daily with that huel crap

No. 786113

File: 1552462570638.png (4.44 MB, 1242x2208, 4C76C880-0CC9-4A30-9871-13DB49…)

buys ugly £8 shirt
buys £12 nail polish
dyes hair and retouches it semi regularly
“oh my god i has to pay £3 for parking i am going to die” excuse me what the fuck

No. 786121

File: 1552467026676.jpeg (122.4 KB, 640x775, B94AB88D-7F8F-495D-844D-1A31D4…)

this photo is old (feb ‘18) but look how dry and pale her tongue is. it doesn’t even look like a tongue. i’ve noticed that her ring is too small, it just sits on the middle knuckle or whatever that bony part is called(nitpicking)

No. 786132

File: 1552473334602.png (5.39 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_8927.PNG)

No more fingering but pushing for a colonoscopy. Got it.

No. 786133

File: 1552473503408.png (7.15 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_8928.PNG)

and she asks the internet why her stomach hates her but probably won't listen to a medical professional when they tell her why….

No. 786134

File: 1552473691740.jpg (873.48 KB, 1079x2076, Screenshot_20190313-104003_Ins…)


It's like she's trying to be the worlds most repulsive human being.

How do you go from being in A&E and an needing emergency doctor's appointment because of pain and SHITTING out blood to "might go for a swim"

No. 786135

doe this gal just have haemorrhoids or something

No. 786136


does henry ever look at her and think WTF every time she rolls around naked and takes pics for the internet

she is so… strange

No. 786138

Can't wait for her to liveblog her colonoscopy prep.

No. 786140

File: 1552478480155.jpg (518.6 KB, 1080x1666, Screenshot_20190313-115822_Ins…)

The juxtaposition of her crying about her low earnings against a photo of an expensive meal replacement drink is amazing. If I hadn't been stalking her for so long I'd assume she was a troll.

No. 786178

Abreva is not that effective despite how it is marketed and every case of outbreak differs in intensity and longevity. these are open, bleeding wounds and you can't just wolverine the skin back to normal in 2-3 days with creams.
it is common for the sores to reoccur in the same spot

her extremely common skin condition is the least shitty or interesting thing about her, anons

No. 786183

File: 1552493803624.jpeg (Spoiler Image,808.42 KB, 1125x1436, D243310F-D037-4493-9D7E-9DB536…)

Thanks for introducing me to a new cow! Excuse me while I go puke.
How….is a photo like this even allowed on IG?

No. 786186

God damn this girl is wild as fuck. I wish there was a general thread for this type of person because I know of someone on IG that is literally the American version of this chick. Posts her lard nudes and claims fat phobia when they get removed and her acct banned.

No. 786197

File: 1552495271058.jpeg (182.22 KB, 750x1133, 5F146C9C-61B7-45C8-8794-AB12DE…)

Gatekeeping is only okay when she does it, guys!

No. 786199

She's only concerned about gatekeeping when it comes to trans and lgbtq issues because she constantly gets called out for being a straight cis woman.
She gets to police "fat" people because no one is going to deny her that particle label

No. 786201

I think this post more than proves she's actually fine. The blood only appears when she shits in all likelihood considering she's fine to put on a swimsuit and jump in a pool. Too bad she's going to contaminate the pool regardless. Disgusting woman
But she can claim that size 16 women aren't fat because according to her all size 16s have small stomachs likely because she saw one with lucky fat distribution/was tall/didn't see her thighs/has very low standards on what a small stomach is

No. 786229

File: 1552500613343.jpg (1.1 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190313-180857_Ins…)

No. 786231

File: 1552501195550.png (Spoiler Image,230.68 KB, 677x329, in jesus name.png)

a silent prayer for the doctors who have to stick their fingers in this just so she can attention whore on the internet…

No. 786232

Jesus please stop posting that image I’m gagging

No. 786240

Just take it to personal lolcows thread

No. 786251

Does she get off on being disgusting online or something? No normal person talks about shitting out blood to the world and then not wanting to get fingered with pride associating it with their real face.

No. 786252

You'd think she'd realise that the nurses are doing this under the instruction of the doctors plus doctors don't really ever do routine tasks like this themselves. Also who's willing to bet she hasn't been honest about her eating habits? Hopefully her stool sample shows how bad it is and winds up getting more doctors telling her she's full of shit. And hopefully she also realises that if she has celiac it's not going to give her any disability benefits. Go to work you fat slob. Stop taking advantage of your autistic fiancee to bring you money to waste

No. 786257

File: 1552508121085.jpeg (37.99 KB, 750x297, 2D07D3DA-7DCA-4D74-B223-D3E7BF…)

Not milk, but potential for it in the future: Just noticed Phoebe is in a Facebook group I am also in. I think she just joined recently as all of her interactions are from the past few days. Will update if I get any gross ass milk from her (the group overshares a lot)

No. 786271

I fucking hate what these people have done to the word femme. It's a lesbian term (some are ok with bi women calling themselves femme too, I'm not fussed either way), it does NOT mean "special uguu enby bby who dresses and acts and presents as 100% female but still claims to be trans for oppression points uwu". Sorry for sperg it just annoys the fuck out of me.

No. 786278

File: 1552514496960.png (1.33 MB, 1080x1303, Screenshot_20190313-215925.png)

No wonder the cat died in less than a year.

No. 786280

she’s literally just negligent and borderline abusive to the people/animals she interacts with, like she’s so heavy handed and downright weird but anyone makes the tiniest misstep with her and she shits herself

No. 786281

she downright hates women too, have you ever seen her make a callout post for a man? just a middle of the road insecure toad who’s jealous of other women and who’s cloaking the fact in labels and micro-identities

No. 786282

File: 1552515104851.png (340.38 KB, 1080x1843, sketch-1552255678990.png)

This is a FB group that Phoebe is an admin of. Gross. She's worming her way into communities that aren't meant for her so that she can beg for money and sell her shit art.

No. 786284

Why would anybody who identifies as cis even put up with these people? The cis types who are sympathetic to this shit can just do what phoebe does and pretend to be some flavor of 'queer' because doing so clearly doesn't require any effort or special circumstance.

No. 786285

do you reckon she believes it? because it’s so ridic at this point it almost can’t just be a scam from her end?

No. 786291

This makes me rage like nothing else

No. 786306

File: 1552519797473.png (754.91 KB, 750x1334, 32705253-FA49-4D93-9F2F-580B63…)

Was she with Henry when this was posted?

No. 786307

File: 1552520999081.jpg (39.41 KB, 540x960, FB_IMG_1552520816682.jpg)

She got into a fight with jameela jamil. And started screeching about her friend being mis gendered, and how jameela is profiting of trans people and is transphobic and hates fat people. Found this publicly on her Facebook from February.

No. 786309

That fight was nuts. Jameela was bringing up legit points about the shit the comes with being a South Asian woman and Phoebe just kept on screeching about her fake gender.

No. 786311

No. 786312

>no cis het white women allowed
>we won't allow any oppressive behavior

makes no sense. especially since she is a cis het white woman. but i forgot you have to be a fat one to be oppressed./s

No. 786318

to her credit its nice she adopted an elderly cat, hut I cant even begin to believe it comes from a genuine place in this case

No. 786329

yeah caps pls i'm really curious…

No. 786390

note how she mentioned "pretty and thin" before anything else. I wonder what was really bothering her about the picture…

No. 786400

Thanks OP for this glorious thread. Holy crap. There's just so much.

This isn't even a good jimmery tbh. It just comes off as trying to show off that she got a hit on whatever dating site it was.

Poor sweet cat. You can't just put them on vegan diets because you're vegan. Most reasonable vegans realise that cats actually need animal based proteins in their diet.

Ugh please don't drag your bleeding ass into the pool ffs.

>we get denied work
the fuck would you know when you've spent your entire life trying to avoid working?

People pay money for this? CWC has done better.

… and apparently CWC makes her jewellery as well. Holy crap this is like the Sonichu medallion but worse.

This is such a white trash thing too, having multiple luxury brand cars in various states of disrepair. If Henry didn't have to support this whale he could afford to have one of these fixed up.

Good. I don't want to think that yous guys' tax £££ are going to support her welfare queen ass. There are people with legitimate need who get turned down for disability. Soz but cows like her are why I still get concerned about benefit fraud.

>bathroom covered in mould
FFS just clean your bathroom. My partner's mum is legitimately disabled, and i get that the damp can tough to get rid of, but she still manages to keep her home free of mould, and she's still got a small child to care for. MIL hasn't got the busy life of an super important "activist" insta account to run and lots of online shopping to do tho tho; just the school run, and drs appointments, and prepping meals for her family, etc.
Also an ENTIRE BOTTLE OF WINE on a weeknight when you're oh so ill. How even?

This is actually really heartbreaking for Henry tbh. Imagine having to take the day off work to make sure your partner eats, because she got upset about an online comment on a post she made that was probably controversial in the first place. RUN HENRY RUN!

So poor and yet she can afford to own a car. IDK what public transit is like in her area, but it probably exists, and when you're always broke af a car is a luxury.

No. 786408

File: 1552532891165.png (268.07 KB, 666x518, healthyveganmeal.png)

Sage for armchairing and speculation but just sort of eyeballing a conservative estimate for that bowl of porridge (oatmeal for my fellow burgerchans). I forgot to include the liquid she used to make it, probably a nut milk of some sort, but this one "healthy" meal is already ~1500kcals, and 60% carbs to 20% fat and 20% protein. If you spread that meal into 4 separate days of breakfast (and eased up on the chia seeds and peanut butter) it could MAYBE feasibly be a healthy start, assuming she doesn't completely gorge herself on the rest of the meals. It's no wonder she's gained so much so fast.

No. 786411

File: 1552533423518.png (60.09 KB, 494x939, unknown[1].png)

Just guessing at her weight and height (and being very courteous,) this means that bowl accounts for over half her caloric intake just to maintain her current weight; let alone lose any. The fact she's gaining weight still means she is consuming in excess of 2500kcal daily. Her caloric intake is equivalent to an actively exercising male of the same age (though anyone who manages to walk is already more active than her)

No. 786417

Do you think her bf knows she was filming them having sex and uploading it to pornhub? i feel like he doesnt know he's on a pornsite. nonconsensual upload of the videos maybe

No. 786427

File: 1552537398401.jpeg (162.14 KB, 750x1071, 59E2E40E-D699-4A35-B4F8-0152A1…)

Her whole Facebook is fucked, sage cause not milk but mildly interesting

No. 786429


She's said that she's 21 stone which is 294lbs.

No. 786430

File: 1552539019348.png (871.24 KB, 1419x2417, Screenshot_2019-03-13-23-49-32…)

I'm fucking cackling at how her and her "fans" are just competitively salty

No. 786431


"reference image" as if she made a portrait from scratch instead of just sloppily tracing over it in ms paint. this bitch.

No. 786434

Her feeding her cats a vegan diet discredits any virtue signaling she will ever do for """animal rights"""
She's abusing her animals and giving them a slow and miserable death which I think is worse than just outright killing a farm of animals for food. She doesn't care about the creatures in that truck nor saving an old cat, just how the post might serve her in terms of reward

No. 786437


we get it, you have herpes. she’s still disgusting for having open wounds on her mouth, and posting pictures of it. stop sperging out with your medical FAXXX


snowflakes. can’t believe that’s a real conversation, or something be offended by

No. 786439

What is this a picture of?

No. 786468

Cats are obligate carnivores. that means they HAVE to have meat in their diet or they will die.

it is 100% animal abuse to try to feed cats a vegan diet, especially a frail and elderly one.

No. 786472

the screencaps of the “fight” with jameela jamil are on her facebook and in the highlights on her IG. i don’t think jameela was being a huge transphobic piece of shit by forgetting or getting pronouns wrong. all i can see is phoebe being vile and verbally abusive when jameela was trying to have a calm, reasonable convo. i reckon she hates the fact that jameela is a thin beautiful woman (of colour!) who happens to be leading the ~fight against fatphobia. phoebe is salty as fuck lol

No. 786473

Jameela genuinely also has disabilities. I believe she is 70% and 50% percent deaf in her ears. She was born with congenital hearing loss.
She was also hit by a bus as a teenager and was told she may never walk again. You would think that someone like Phoebe would see Jameela as a inspiring woman. If Phoebe was actually disabled perhaps she would respect her. But no… shes triggered cos jameela is thin and successful and independent, aswell as having many minority experiences that Phoebs will never actually understand.

No. 786474

Ah damn sorry responded to the wrong person. Saged for non contribution.

No. 786475

i think sheep in a truck?

No. 786476

File: 1552556015845.png (1015.79 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190314-092945.png)

No. 786477

File: 1552556077363.png (977.1 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190314-093002.png)

In case people want to see the Jamil stuff

No. 786478

File: 1552556104003.png (909.14 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190314-093019.png)

No. 786479

File: 1552556131386.png (701.09 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190314-093034.png)

No. 786480

File: 1552556162223.png (768.2 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190314-093048.png)

No. 786481

File: 1552556189730.png (735.27 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190314-093102.png)

No. 786482

File: 1552556239792.png (767.95 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190314-093119.png)

No. 786483

File: 1552556268315.png (931.72 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190314-093129.png)

No. 786484

File: 1552556315903.png (933.22 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190314-093151.png)

No. 786485

File: 1552556370957.png (847.49 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190314-093202.png)

No. 786486

File: 1552556520503.png (791.68 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190314-093210.png)

Ok there are a few more but I feel like I'm spamming

No. 786487

Its just like metokur said, you should never apologize to people like this. They do not want to be satisfied or happy or reach conclusions or forgive, they want to be outraged 24/7

No. 786488

What a fucking unholy mess. "I'm sorry you're hurting". Awww feebs, you're not hurt, are you? So hurt and angry that you burst your hemorrhoids? That's how you shit blood you fucking retard. But hey, fat pos is cool with anal fissures.

No. 786489

Idk why Jameela keeps on trying when there's no pleasing those special people.

Most normal people, be it fat or disabled understand that companies can't cater to everyone and they can't be at the center of everything. Sure is nice when a company try to cater to them or bring them attention.

But trans people and "If your entire business model is not about making everyting single piece of clothing available for bed-bound morbidly obese people at an obvious loss, then you're a piece of shit nazi" body positive people are cancer and will never ever be pleased because it would strip them of their victim status.

No. 786490

File: 1552557460333.jpg (349.04 KB, 2048x1163, book.jpg)

I was reading How to win friends and influence people (Highly recommend) and a passage jumped at me, pic related.

Basically, besides basic needs such as food, sex and shelters, humans CRAVE a sense of importance. Everybody needs to feel important in one way or another. Some people will donate money, some people will crave to be famous criminals, or be recognized for their hard work.

Some people like this cow, have no means of achieving that sense of self importance by usual means (Ugly body, or ugly personnality, no job, no skills etc) and will get addicted to being victims because it fills up their sense of importance.
By being able to auto diagnose themselves as disabled or mentally ill these days, they can feel special and can't resume a normal life because it means losing that sense of importance.

That's why munchies or trans autistic cows won't ever be satisfied by companies or allies even when they try their best. If they lose their pity party, they'll lose their main source of satisfaction.

No. 786494

File: 1552559002925.jpg (106.33 KB, 634x1320, 2C96A45300000578-3243011-image…)

All I'm seeing here is someone using her platform to try to give queer people a voice AND jobs? That's more than any of these shrieking, sad blobs have done?

Also, I'm baffled that "only go up to size 20" isn't considered plus size enough? Woman pictured is a size 20, I'd say that's pretty plus sized and not fat-phobic?

No. 786502

i don’t think phoebe cares about whether people with privileges are good allies or not. she just loves the opportunity to screech and berate when someone is ~problematic~

bonus point if the person is a thin woman. the way she spoke to jameela is ridiculous. wow pheebs, you screamed at a celeb because you love playing the victim. good job! an excellent contribution to the bopo movement or whatev.

No. 786506

I disagree with this. Keepign a car fuelled and insured car is often far cheaper than having to get public transport to work, and then to shops every day. Especially if you own the car outright, which henry seems to.

No. 786512

Where the fuck do you live anon?
Monthly car costs here are roughly $80-120 a month for gas and $80-300 a month for insurance, whereas a monthly unlimited bus pass is $130.
I can guarantee you that public transportation is always cheaper than private, otherwise why the fuck would anyone use public transport?

No. 786518

The Intersectionals ™ get offended over the most retarded things. I've never met one who wasn't a massive virtue signaling, brain dead sperg. The only good thing is that, as the image will show, they'll always eat each other like the retards they are kek

Vegans who torture their cats in this way don't fucking deserve to own animals. Imagine "rescuing" an elderly cat only to kill it slowly with a horrible, unfit diet.

Phoebe is a bitter fat cunt that hates women with a passion, specially if they're less disgusting than her (not difficult) and more successful (also not difficult).

No. 786519

theres a lot of factors and we can't speculate for not knowing their exact circumstances, But lets say I'm currently paying £250 for monthly train passes for me and my partner. Our work isn't ridiculously far away, but buses arent an option aside from the one to get to the train station, thats another £120 to 180 for monthly passes. lets say our hours require a 20 mile taxi once a month thats £30.

Not everyone is lucky enough to live or work centrally you realise. I would assume my figures are more relevant given im in the same country as her. But this is just my circumstances. You can be poor and still have a car, I bet you're the sort of cunt who thinks poor people shouldn't have tvs or smart phones(derailing)

No. 786530

Anon you could fit at least 4.5 Great Britains in a SINGLE province of my country. Please don't whine about distance when you can literally drive across your country in half a day lol

I don't chastise poor people for having luxury goods or a car, I just find it seriously hard to believe your public transportation system could be that fucked in such a small country, where everything is literally closer together and there is zero weather problems affecting travel.
It's pretty clear Phoebe is just a fat, lazy fuck who prefers to have someone drive them around, regardless of whether she could save more money by walking/biking/bussing.(derailing)

No. 786531

File: 1552576385944.png (818.62 KB, 720x991, Screenshot_20190314-160821~2.p…)

nooooo bitches like this don't deserve cats and give vegans a bad name. She could adopt a bunny or a seed-eating bird if she wants a vegan animal.
Her current cat is so cute, too

No. 786532


Can confirm that the public transport system is perfectly adequate in Southend on Sea. Especially when you're unemployed and only need to go to unnecessary doctors appointments, benefits assessments and the post office.

No. 786533


Apparently her current cat wears that bandana because of open sores on its neck? Some other anon mentioned it

No. 786534


Even if she got a taxi directly from A to B it would still be cheaper than Henry losing an entire day's wages.

No. 786536

File: 1552576963488.png (251.79 KB, 720x1029, Screenshot_20190314-162039~2.p…)

I swear to fuck she is projecting her Munchhausen onto her cat
>Look at my cute disabled kittie with sores hurr

No. 786539

File: 1552577183247.png (74.44 KB, 720x575, Screenshot_20190314-162601~2.p…)

the first sores mention

No. 786540

File: 1552577254402.png (90.81 KB, 720x596, Screenshot_20190314-162516~2.p…)

second and last mention on that account in a post

No. 786547

I don't think she's using polydactilism for disability points, it's not that uncommon for cats to have an extra toe. The "loves accessibility" is retarded though.

No. 786554

I love how she decides to utterly take Jameel's minority status and identity away because it suits her. Not very progressive or feminist of you Phoebe. After all, you're a white, not really disabled (if at all), cis passing (I don't believe she's trans but for those who might), rich enough to get fat, cunt while Jameel is a visible minority. Her taking care of her disabled body and being rich doesn't change the fact that she's probably faced more issues and discrimination than your ever will. She's also doing something with her life to help uplift other minorities by giving jobs and bringing awareness. What are you doing again Phoebe? Oh yeah, profiting off of the black movement, attempting stealing disability money from those who need it, taking much needed ER doctors away from actual emergencies, buying sweatshop clothing and products, killing cats, etc. Not exactly a good comparison huh?

No. 786559

I wasnt complaining about distance?, but those figures are accurate and average for a couple who have to commute to another town. When ever ive had a car it has been either cheaper or comparable with the added benefit of freedom to go to cheaper shops etc and being faster. Now i know my situation isnt comparable to this lardass getting to her bennies and doctors appointments, and i dont think she is as poor as she makes out, but its ridiculous to claim public transport is always cheaper or an option when we take into account her boyfriend works. for all we know henry really needs the car, besides, he works, hes perfectly entitled to it. This just strikes me as nitpick tbh

No. 786560

>zero weather problems affevting travel

Wew. Ignorance. Its not fucked, its not brilliant but for anyone who commutes more than a short distance the fares really do add up and rising every year.

However in this case if it was just for her it would obviously be a ridiculous expense. But it isnt just her

No. 786576

That's not a REPRESENTATIVE FAT, since she's not a deformed mess and has a form that resembles a human.

I'm shaking with anger about the responses to poor Jamil. She's a beautiful successful woman that doesn't need to deal with a fat, ugly bitter woman without any reasoning skills, but she tries. She acknowledges faults, talks about changes to the company, talks about inclusion and is incredible pleasant despite the disgusting attitude thrown at her. The only mistake she's making is giving in to retards like this. Nitpicking "they" when most REAL trans individuals understand cis people are ignorant and not malicious. One of my good friends is trans and it took me forever to start calling her…HER. She understood it just took time because of force of habit. Jamil is only using pronouns she's acquainted with and makes mistakes like anyone who doesn't fucking get "they." That's a fucking plural. English doesn't have non gendered pronouns for his and her. It's fucking hard grammatically. I'll sage for my sperg.

I love this cow, man. Just audaciously stupid, bitter and ugly. I can rage without having the amount of real hate like I do for Raven. Bless the anon who brought her here.

No. 786580

true, I kinda wrote that in a rush. But I do think she'd love a disabled cat and using her for attention

No. 786601

File: 1552587645143.jpg (569.54 KB, 1080x1636, Screenshot_20190314-181921_Ins…)

Another post, another chance to cry about how fat people are treated

No. 786602

File: 1552587744006.jpg (642.98 KB, 809x1900, Screenshot_20190314-181951_Ins…)

She's so desperate to be oppressed

No. 786607

File: 1552588038890.png (9.22 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_8952.PNG)

when her family/partner bend over backwards and her doctors don't mention her weight like she assumed they would…gotta find something to complain about! apparently munchhausen and clinical depression have some overlaps.

No. 786612

wait, she doesn't know that being overweight could kill you when put in anesthesia..?

No. 786613


"Wonderful friends" bitch where

No. 786621

okay, this has to be my new favourite cow. it's even better cos she's UK-based but even if she weren't, holy GOD . . . the closeups of her face . . . the condishuns . . . the huel . . . the scrapping with jameela jamil over insta . . . the arse pics . . . the pronouns . . . the attempted rape. I'm just in shock??

No. 786622


Ugh you stupid fat cunt if you're struggling with clinical depression STOP FUCKING DRINKING. It makes it worse. Not to mention that if you have gastrointestinal problems, pizza and wine aren't going to fucking help a damn bit.

She's such a scumbag.

No. 786631

She has to with those diplomas in nutrition? Her fucking fatso privilege means she can eat whatever she wants, get access to medical care as they try to fix her bad decisions. Meanwhile thinner individuals (I'm not talking about celebrity status thin) don't have the privilege of eating pizza and ice cream all they want. They have to find time to exercise daily and monitor intake. Balance their foods and be more educated on clinical research. Just being able to be a hog is a giant privilege. The abundant calories she stuffs into her non working white ass is decadent. How pathetic she thinks she's marginalized in a nation that's already heading towards sky rocketing obesity. She can look around her and see plenty of people her size.

No. 786632

This is the closest she will ever get to real success - talking to someone who's actually making a difference in the world. How sad.

No. 786634

like i totes get drinking when you're depressed but don't fucking post about it on insta. very sus of anyone who liveblogs their mental health anyway but glugging down wine then posting about "muh depreshun" is just embarro. hey phoebs ever thought you might be aggravating your mental health with your constant systemic inflammation, substance use and larding about all day leeching off your poor old boyfriend?

No. 786644

I think that tone policing is a valid concept to an extent but Phoebe takes it waaaay too far. Just because you've decided that you're less privileged than someone it doesn't mean you can be completely vile to them.

No. 786646

File: 1552592635172.jpg (752.27 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190314-194105_Ins…)

Literally posting earlier about a new jacket she brought, yet begging for money.

'me and Henry are in a good place financially'
'gimme money'

No. 786650


I honestly can see why you never see her posting photos out with friends or having fun. If she’s this insufferable and victimized online imagine what she’s like irl

No. 786667

You sit inside all day, everyday, drawing low skilled art, eating garbage, barely moving, on your phone constantltly, complaining about how you have it worse than everyone and pretending to know everything about every oppressed group. Doesn't take a fucking rocket scientist to figure out why you feel shitty.

No. 786672

File: 1552595549797.jpeg (Spoiler Image,167.33 KB, 924x498, D1B8E888-AD8A-49CE-B62F-36F253…)

No. 786692


Yep at the tender age of 21 she knows everything that there is to know about the world

I mean it's not like people go through major shifts in their views as they get further into their 20s and beyond..

I can't help but see her as an oversized kid with no adult supervision during internet time

No. 786709

What a strange image to use to highlight your point that being fat shouldn't be viewed as being unhealthy… yet you're eating a big, greasy pizza slice? Come on.

No. 786717

Her diplomas are basically from secondary school, they aren't worth shit.

No. 786720


This is so much wrong with this, Jesus.

No. 786729

pls spoiler

No. 786730

yeah isnt it basically food tech lmao

No. 786731

i just feel like this is significant enough to bring up again - she tried to coerce/assault a girl at a uk music festival and passed it off as "uwu i was smashed", see top post in thread and the posts anon refers to there

No. 786732

>>786731 Fucking disgusting piece of shit. And obviously the only time she can even consider doing anything sexual with a girl is when she's pissed out of her skull.

No. 786733

its revolting.

im sure she'll end up latching onto harm reduction or something and being like "pressed pills in europe are so strong! be careful!" lel.

so disgusting she tried to drag a girl into her tent hard enough to BRUISE her jesus christ.

sage cos i do a lot of harm reduction volunteering and can just see this bish trying to get involved with her 1 joint a week habit and pill scare story lelel

No. 786746

It was a few months ago but does anyone happen to have caps of her posting about her and Henry giving blood? She was saying that she had to help him fill in the forms because he didn't understand them.

No. 786756

Wow he has to be pretty autistic then. I feel so incredibly bad for him, she's absolutely using him.

No. 786779

agreed, so many people use "tone policing" as an excuse to literally just verbally abuse people. it's so obvious that the conversation with jameela was entirely just to feel better than a famous, well liked actress and get kicks from causing someone emotional distress and then posting it online for asspats… it's legit disturbing.

sage for rant lol sorry it just gets me so mad

No. 786792


wow she (or whatever poor assistant/intern has to handle her twitter dms) has the patience of a saint. i have to laugh at "only size 20" being not enough. compare victoria's secret that doesn't even make anything bigger than a 40DDD

No. 786798

Wow, this woman speaks to her with such respect, patience and grace while Phoebe just screeches and abuses her and then posts the screenshots proudly. This entire conversation is disgusting and Pheobe should be ashamed.

No. 786801

File: 1552625359102.jpg (454.9 KB, 2048x2048, IMG_4026.JPG)

This girl clearly is just not over the fact that she has gotten fat, and has turned to fat acceptance movements to feel better about herself jfc

No. 786803


is that her on the left?! shiiiit she looks so different now. and i don’t just mean her weight, she looks like a troll and clearly makes no effort to look nice

No. 786806

this is going to be a blog post but, god she really makes me grateful for working to get my life together and moving away from this outrage culture mentality. Like if I allowed myself to keep gaining weight and using my poor health as an excuse for not doing shit I would 100% be like her.

No. 786812

File: 1552630559558.png (771.84 KB, 1003x650, decline.png)

She was before cute before tbh, a little chubby, but well kept. She obviously used to care for herself and her body. I don't get how it's "body positive" to let your body fall to complete ruin.

No. 786836


Yup, another blogpost but if anything she's an inspiration - what I could have been if I kept on my downward spiral of drinking, eating and not taking care of myself, while blaming everybody else for my shit.

No. 786843


She's gained so much in 14 months its insane. She's fat in the red dress but she at least looks presentable, now she just doesn't try at all. If she weren't so vile I'd feel bad for her, but if anything she seems to be actively trying to gain weight.

Zero doubt in my mind that her "chronic disability" is linked to the extreme weight loss. I had chronic back pain while in the obese BMI range and it completely went away with exercise and a bit of dieting, even though I was still a fat lump.

No. 786850

File: 1552640291435.jpg (745.11 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190315-085702_Ins…)

I love that someone commented this.

No. 786851

File: 1552640432565.png (1.06 MB, 906x644, 000.png)

No joke. All that excess weight on her joints? She's obviously gaining pretty quickly. I wonder if her dude has a fetish?

No. 786853

I don't love it because it sounds like it could be a farmer and cow-tipping is bad

No. 786854

File: 1552640875178.png (1.27 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190315-090623.png)

Blocked people for having a different opinion.

No. 786857

sage for nitpick but “they” isn’t always plural ffs anon. i’m so tired of seeing this argument everywhere. you’ve heard singular they used your entire life and just not realized it. this has literally nothing to do with trans people it’s just a quirk of english. i used this example in another thread but say when a doctor is explaining a particular incident with a patient to someone else, they say “they” or “the patient,” not he or she. obviously that’s just one of a million uses but let’s put this they shit to bed.(derailing)

No. 786859

I think it's safe to say if anything, she has the fetish as evident on her pornhub

No. 786862

Well sure, but Henry is very likely to be a feeder. Plenty of normalish men might like chubby women, but few like morbidly obese women like Pheebs. Plus autistic men are pretty prone to having weird fetishes.

No. 786864

File: 1552642913869.png (1.54 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190315-044051.png)

The infamous broccoli and pasta she was apparently criticized for. Not seeing much broccoli.

No. 786877

I’ve known Pheobe since she was a kid. She’s always been overweight and those pictures of her looking smaller are from when she’d lost a lot of it. The issue was that she lost it too quickly, meaning although she was a better weight she still had a bad relationship with food. But instead of trying to get a better one and lose weight more healthily she just gave up and started eating more than ever

No. 786878


Any more milk on her anon? Are you still close with her?

No. 786888

Did a double take while scrolling. I legit thought this was a bowl of diarrhea. Considering this cows behavior, I would only be mildly surprised

No. 786891

File: 1552648770259.png (553.17 KB, 376x721, Capture.PNG)

No. 786915

File: 1552656863885.jpg (718.65 KB, 1041x1649, SmartSelect_20190315-132858_In…)

Is this girl for real??

>No don't help me Henry, go up the stairs and take a picture so strangers on the gram can feel sorry for me

No. 786931

So basically she made the conscious choice to gain a bunch of weight? She clearly understood what she needed to eat/do to stay at a reasonable weight but threw it all out the window because she saw some bigger girls on ig who weren't miserable.

Also, there is virtually NO way to gain as much weight as she has in such a short amount of time and still be healthy. Just like losing weight quickly is bad for your body, gaining weight quickly can put a huge strain on your body.

No. 786932

I don't really think so. there's no way phoebe could be into some kinky shit like that and not talk about it once. she already won't shut up about how much she loves anal

No. 786937

Does this girl have a humiliation fetish or something?

No. 786942

File: 1552664467203.png (469.4 KB, 376x713, Capture.PNG)

Her GI issues are 100% fake.

No. 786948

File: 1552664923012.png (3.36 MB, 750x1334, 1F7CDE93-B288-494F-9597-72BFBA…)

she literally takes pride in being a disgusting mess. I know everyone’s depression is different but this is a whole new level, i genuinely think she uses her depression as an excuse to feel gross. a day, maaaaaybe two without showering is normal if you’re reallt down or not doig anything. but moo moo cow here goes weeks without showering, weeks without brushing her teeth, months without washing her hair because “it hurts” literally what the fuck does that even mean!!!!!! anyways, depression my ass. she’s just gross and wants an excuse to be gross.

No. 786965

i understand not washing because of depression, in fact i've gone almost a week without washing when i felt really awful, but the last thing i wanted to do at that time was broadcast it all over social media. the way she's smiling/posing & trying to be cute with that caption shows that she's trying to be like a 'hot mess' making her lack of hygiene some sort of quirky personality trait lmao this girl makes me so so angry

No. 786968

she was kind of adorable in the pic on the left, i cannot fathom how she turned so ugly so fast

No. 786973


Exactly. Shes obsessed with making symptoms of mental and physical illnesses into fun and quirky things to talk about on social media. Not washing yourself isnt cute. Its gross and something to work on handling better when your depression gets bad.

No one believes her disability spiels bc of shit like this. Being depressed isnt a personality

No. 786976

File: 1552671454797.jpeg (110.72 KB, 640x1138, 329E4AC2-3825-473B-96D7-DFCE9D…)

someone’s salty

No. 786987

unfortunately stumbled upon this thread from the main page and the sheer grossness of this makes me want to never come back again. i swear i can smell her through this photo.

No. 787019

File: 1552679231652.jpg (761.24 KB, 1080x1649, Screenshot_20190315-194615_Ins…)

She announced the new bags today and is angry that she didn't have a line of people waiting to order them as soon as she put them online.

No. 787034

why would you not be happy that she's learning and evolving her allyship. there's no pleasing her.

No. 787036

>>786976 sage for sperging but I cannot stand when sjws do this shit. They have an open ally and yet they aren’t good enough for them. Sam is a good guy and is living his life quietly- I really like him and I’ve seen so much hate for him. It’s obnoxious. And of course this cunt has to shove her fat two cents into our faces with her retarded extreme close ups of her fat mug. Ugh.

No. 787048

If you don’t weigh 300 pounds you’re privileged scum according to her. She doesn’t care about people of color unless they’re fat.

Also fucking bizarre how she’s complaining about her making money off of fat disabled people when half of her art is cashing in on black womens strugles

No. 787061

>small business owner
sure, jan

No. 787063


OR how about the "small" business owner in question improve her business practices? Take pre-orders or something for your half-baked garbage, jfc

She clearly gets off on complaining.

No. 787082

I agree. She looks her age too. In that picture she's not thin according to fashion society's standards, but she looks like a healthy weight. She might be above her BMI, but she's a chubby cute. The middle she's fat, but still looks attractive. The right is…well it shows how your body does not want to be a certain weight and is sick of your calorie intake. There doesn't seem to be a huge difference between the middle and right, but you can tell in the face, the bloat and lack of nutrition. Lesson here, is that no matter if you can't quite be celebrity/model thin, you can look cute as long as you give a few fucks.

No. 787084

File: 1552687710628.png (2.22 MB, 750x1334, 492661E8-7755-41FB-977E-AB9AA9…)

Drinking a whole bottle of wine…

No. 787094

that thing on her lip made my stomach turn

No. 787109

The fact that she picked on it makes it worse

No. 787118

I think this is a case where her outside just managed to catch up in ugly with her inside. Let's say she never got fat, she'd still be an abusive munchie and either would have dropped trying to be a fake woke SJW or would still be as fake as she is now. I think the fact that she's physically repulsive is good riddance if anything
She got extra lazy with everything and that took a physical toll on her. Why bother working if you can try and get shit given to you for just existing? Though the effort to actually commit disability fraud and making money off an Etsy store is actually more difficult than simply staying thin and not preventing your bf from making money since he doesn't seem to care that she brings in no income. I'm sure it's also less work to not abuse your bf and just be nice to him. I guess it's the life equivalent of not getting off your chair to grab something and instead putting in more effort to try and reach for it

No. 787193

I think her only fetish is getting as much validation as possible. An easy way to do that when you're an unattractive woman is to pander to bottom of the barrel creeps.

No. 787247


Idk anything about Jameel aside from the info on this board, but I gotta say, I am impressed with the levels of patience and eloquence she had in handling all of Pheobes crazy arguments. Like, that was a fuckton of crazy on pheobes end hahaha

No. 787269


it really boggles the mind

No. 787301

Working from home? What does she do?

No. 787305

I think she’s just referring to her Etsy garbage.

No. 787312

I have a theory that she's purposefully gaining weight because she thinks more fat = more oppressed and she clearly wants to be the bestest most oppressed poor hero. Wouldn't be surprised if this instagram persona is the only thing she's ever been somewhat successful with. Pathetic.

No. 787317

Oh absolutely. It's really bizarre how she, a straight cis white woman, like the ones she hates so much can so easily become a gold medal contender for the Opression Olympics simply by putting on weight and claiming to be all these things. Obviously lots of people see through her lies and bullshit, but the kind of people who believe in all this shit are going to shower her with attention and sympathy and she's loving every second of it.

Idk why this gets me so riled up, probably because there's people actually out there struggling being killed for their sexuality and dying because they don't have access to healthcare etc. She's a sponge and a fraud.

No. 787324

File: 1552753801591.jpeg (609.13 KB, 750x1176, 1E139A2C-99FA-4C3F-A674-9DD609…)

High femme is literally a lesbian term…

No. 787331

Also, she’s always presenting feminine. Why is she like ‘owo I’m super duper girly today!’ She always presents stereotypically female, this isn’t even any way extra to how she even normally presents herself

And the copying of the term femme is just urrgh. Can someone throw a queer vocal book at her or something. She queer-fakes so badly it’s ridiculous

No. 787333

It’s great how she wants to use all these lesbian identities while claiming she’s not a girl. I hope someone calls her out for it eventually but she’d probably just block them and bitch about it on her story.

I’m so bored of these girls thinking wearing pink = being a high femme lipstick lesbian

No. 787362

It's because it's been co-opted by the nonbinary crowd, the TRA/~queer~ movement are doing all they can to erase lesbians.

No. 787456

>muh lesbian erasure

Over a stupid term? shut up no one cares go back to the GC thread. You all really sound similar to those white genocide spergs lol(infighting)

No. 787464

File: 1552776310125.png (4.55 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_9015.PNG)

non binary thumb. thumbs don't have a gender.

No. 787467

She's probably just hedonistic (in regards to food) and the whole "I'm oppressed" angle is perfect to combine with that to get asspats online.

No. 787488

File: 1552782332446.jpg (7.01 KB, 170x208, newman.jpg)

she looks like fucking Wayne Knight in all these "struggle" photos

No. 787523

This is down right disgusting to look at, if she was actually in this kind of position there would be no way in hell she would post such a thing, blogpost but I had a family memeber who lost their ability to walk, and when they didn't have enough money to move a single floor house watching them try to scoot down the stairs was so awkward from how sad it was to basically watch them have to crawl in their own home.

This girl is so disgusting with how she tries to manipulate and victimize herself despite for the most part being fully functional and able bodied, when she posts pictures like these for sympathy points she's basically spitting on those who actually cant and giving them a fuck you. I hate her guts so much, I hope people pity her as much as they can for being such a disgusting pig.(blogposting)

No. 787525

This is so depressing, she looks so cute compared to the monstrous blob she is now

No. 787529

File: 1552789447833.png (442.73 KB, 387x464, Untitled.png)

holy SHIT sage for blog
new favourite cow
it hits close to home because I know so many fucking people like this, but she just encompasses all of their shit traits into one foul blob. Perused her insta to find some of them had liked her shit unironically

No. 787535

dear god please spoiler that next time

No. 787548

>makes the slightest effort
>high femme
What? In what world.

She looks and dresses like a trans numan.

No. 787559

underrated post

No. 787588

File: 1552804983221.png (6.47 MB, 1242x2208, D9CABD98-5FC2-4F6A-932C-ACA8EE…)

Her brand is being obese, smelly, covered in pimples and constantly bitching. Cow of the year

No. 787606

>>787529 that vegan pizza looks foul(no1curr)

No. 787613

You watch that show about the 600lb people, and some of those women, A LOT bigger than her, still can get up and get in the shower. The bigger people even wash themselves. Stop quit being a gross lazy MUH DISABILITY bitch and wash yourself.
She makes me want to both slap her and then vomit.

No. 787669

The ahegao expression while eating cold vegan pizza deserves a spoiler.

Also, her lack of hygiene is really disturbing. If she’s able to put on and take off her makeup she should at least be able to clean herself up with a wet wipe or step into the shower for five minutes.

No. 787673

File: 1552838055157.jpeg (52.87 KB, 634x397, 02EBEFD3-FCAA-43E6-B6A2-BAE344…)

she's only 21 and at the rate she's gaining this is her future if, and that's a big IF, she doesn't quit washing completely. She needs to take a long, hard look at herself and seek help and make a change. The man in the picture is 34 and gained a lot of the weight while still working at restaurants and moving and now he doesn't leave the house anymore. She is already confining herself to her home and movement aids. She is actively destroying her body's abilities by not using them and neglecting it.

No. 787681

not to mention that these morbidly obese people/people with motor disabilities of some kind at least have an "excuse" not to be so squeaky clean. this bitch can perfectly move around and wash herself, she's not fucking paralyzed.

No. 787683

late and obvious but…
>Hello this is a PSA
>Please don't tell small business owners that you're interested in a product and want it to be made, cause we spend money getting it made, and when noone buys it it's a massive slap in the face emotionally and financially upturnt smiley-face
the only thing slapping you is your own entitled, whiny attitude coming back to you. anything you invest into your business is your own responsibility as is any loss or flopping product. it's on you. these customers didn't sign anything and probably just pity-responded to your story asking which bag is better. i doubt anyone commissioned anything from you. if you build your business on guilt-tripping customers who should be king and making them pity-buy your shit, you're obviously setting it up for failure. massive slap in the face? on the day of your big launch? you're laughable and your business is laughable, too, but please cry more, it's hilarious(constant autism)

No. 787705

And she only "bathes" which would just be sitting in a pool of filth.

No. 787749

File: 1552855475481.png (8.98 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_9067.PNG)

it's almost kinda cute that she thinks what she does is work? it's like watching a full grown adult use one of those child-sized trolleys at the grocer's. fascinating.

No. 787754

It's not a job if you don't make any money, Phoebe.

No. 787836

>sorry for blogpost
I've had times when my depression was so severe I couldn't even manage the motivation to get up and get water even though my lips were cracked to bleeding, let alone hygiene, but only for a couple days at my absolute most down-and-out. And like you mentioned, the last thing on my mind was wanting anyone else to see me in such a state, I already was mortified enough by myself.

If she's HALF as disabled and impaired by normal daily self-care as she pretends and/or claims to be, she should be in a HOSPITAL, not rolling around taking a million pictures of how sad and disabled she is while doctor after doctor tells her that she's not nearly so severe.

This isn't even a fat issue entirely, she just enjoys languishing in how gross she is.
>bandanna still on to hide her infected puncture wounds
someone please save this fucking cat good lord(blogposting)

No. 787853

She made £20 last week. Totally like a real job!

No wonder her skin is so nasty. She bathes only once a week and then when she finally does she's just stewing in her own filth.

No. 787886

File: 1552909494027.jpg (59.63 KB, 447x860, Capture.JPG)

Couldn't have anything to do with the whole pizza and bottle of wine you shoved in your face while you're suffering GI issues?

She's so stupid. I think she does this on purpose (along with intentional weight gain) to try and make herself more ill/disabled. It's almost like Munchhausens syndrome

No. 787903

She's managed to make 851 sales on Etsy since last June. That's not bad going. Unfortunately apart from convincing people to buy her ugly art she has no business sense, so she barely makes any profit on what she sells.

No. 787907

File: 1552921086553.png (8.03 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_9078.PNG)

no one ever told her that light hair naturally darkens with age? crazy how she can believe her hair processing is responsible for a natural darkening but can't believe the rest of her lifestyle could affect her health?? what a wild one.

No. 787911

Hair also appears darker when it’s dirty. I can’t believe she’s posting a picture of her oily roots in order to humble brag about being blonde as a kid.

No. 787922


Is my monitor playing tricks on me or is her hair brown? A simple, basic, normal brown?

No. 787932

No that's definitely brown. Dark blonde is arguably also brown, but that's way too dark to be dark blonde.

No. 787933

Um, excuse me. Phoebe is a blonde, disabled, queer, non-binary Jewess.

No. 787943

File: 1552930767883.png (9.16 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_9080.PNG)

she's here, or an anon is cow tipping. hell maybe one of her many friends let her in on this common sense secret.

No. 787944

She's lurking. She's probably honored us "losers" talk about her online.

No. 787945

>the human body is so cool
Not yours, phoebe.

No. 787946


she's known to lurk here, maybe even before there was a thread about her. within a few hours of getting her own thread she privated everything and changed her bio to "followers no longer accepted" or sth.

No. 787948

Most people who get posted here and cry bullies are just as bad as us and lurked here or contributed in threads before they got posted. Especially types like Pheebs, who seems to be angry at anyone who doesn’t fit in to her perfect oppression bubble constraints.

No. 787952

God those bloated hands. So much water retention

No. 787994

Really really hope no one's cowtipping, this has been some of the most delicious milk lately

No. 788017

File: 1552949824243.jpg (651.83 KB, 1080x2220, 1551804563607.jpg)

It was confirmed that Phoebe lurks as she posted a screenshot of lolcow onto her ig story, and mentioned the board alot when she was still in the personal cow thread. Knowing her, I assume she didn't stop lurking

No. 788019

Most of her stuff on etsy is <$5 and factoring in materials she probably made almost nothing.

No. 788021

Going from a normal weight to obese is not recovery, it's swapping out your eating disorder for a binge eating one.

No. 788032

anon, a password generates itself on every page, but i don't doubt she could've posted on this site before

No. 788034

Oh my bad, I always thought that was my phone saving and automatically filling the password, since it treats “sage” like a username for me.

No. 788057

nobody is cowtipping. you really think such a toxic woman hating cunt who thrives on her online attention wouldn't be a regular on here

No. 788083

another point of hypocrisy, she talks about buying from indie businesses that handmake everything and are ethically sourced, but she publically buys from asos, which from a quick google search is 100% fast fashion and possibly utilizes sweatshops, and they use leather/wool from questionable sources. she’s not even living a ~true vegan lifestyle~ she’s just buying ugly cheap clothes that fall apart after she sweats in it

sage for no contribution

No. 788091

that's an old post but her screenshot says 18 minutes ago? does this fat bitch really screenshot everything that she sees that she can use to make her followers pity her? get a job phoebe, and stop using the backs of real queer women and POC to promote your obese, privileged ass.

No. 788112

You're not recovered if you haven't developed healthy eating habits yet. If you haven't developed a healthy relationship with food yet (either through abuse or restriction), you likely still have an eating disorder. Especially likely seeing as you admit to having one before. Many people flip from one extreme to the other when it comes to eating disorders. That's why many people with bulemia/purging issues tend to also be binge eaters. I'll believe you've recovered once you've stopped binging and start showing any understanding of what healthy eating is, sorry. So far things you've called out as healthy have not been. Your huel is expensive and not healthy, you binge pizza and alcohol despite claiming to have stomach issues showing you will harm your body for the sake of consumption, you eat massive amounts of food (it is not longer "healthy" at those amounts even if it contains so-called super foods), despite being vegan you eat processed versions of non-vegan food which are arguably worse, etc. Honestly Phoebe, take that advice/criticism to heart out of anything. We aren't just mean bitches or "haters" making shit out of nothing, we're just pointing out and calling out the shit we see. You call people out yourself, this is no different except unlike you, we don't actually encourage shitting on people to their face, or even on their social media pages. We are isolated bar a few exceptions who break the rules to contact you in any way. Hell, you aren't even special here. If you left look at all the other people we could laugh at. You're not even on PT. Get better as a person and we'd all move on. Though I have a sinking suspicion you don't want that to happen

No. 788150

why would she bleach "bright blonde" hair?

No. 788175

File: 1553005032885.png (1.46 MB, 750x1334, 2A043994-8569-4D4C-B9F9-4C1EDA…)

The irony. She’s a horrible person. She helps no one (certainly no one who isn’t part of any group she tries to identify with). She’s nasty to other people. All she ever does is complain about her lot and how her life is terrible.

No. 788176

File: 1553005164458.png (1.44 MB, 750x1334, E2A582B6-7EFB-4CBC-BE9D-01F210…)

Complaining about limited foods she can eat for ONE DAY before a medical procedure. It’s one effing day out of your life. You can eat pasta, you can eat bread - this is not a big deal at all. She’s a mockery to anyone who has truley suffered an ED

No. 788179


The close ups of her fat face never cease to amaze me. No neck, just chin. And the confidence she has to post these same ugly photos day after day. She’s truly mental and retarded

No. 788182

yeah this is rich coming from her. Has she ever helped anyone at all? has she ever donated any of her art proceeds? I certainly think she should when so much of her art is just making money off of marginalized groups she doesn't belong to.

even if she doesn't have any money, she has a big following so she could at least promote charities every once in a while instead of begging for money so she can buy more ugly ""cheap"" clothes. she's such a joke.

No. 788184

I wonder if she's regretting pretending to be disabled now, or if she'll even follow this diet at all.

No. 788190

Thing is, if she doesn't follow the diet there's a chance her colonoscopy results aren't going to be 100% accurate.

No. 788208

She does promote fundraisers and justgivings for people she wants to identify with, and she donates money to some charities each month. I know this bc she’s flexes about it. But that to me isn’t “helping” people. She’s so unkind and self absorbed it’s repugant. Anyone can give £2 a month to cats protection - don’t do it if you’re so deathly poor.

No. 788211

File: 1553009911137.png (421.21 KB, 750x1334, FEF72541-626B-4BD6-919B-CBA07A…)

This week in the life of phoebs- posts about buying nail varnish, a neon top, dungarees, a shibe top etc also can’t watch queer eye bc it implies wearing nice clothes can improve your confidence and how others see you - and she’s too poor for that hmmmmm

No. 788220

Yes because eating pure carbs and salt water is the most ED thing ever. Ana chans better take notes if they wanna be a skinny legend like Phewbs

No. 788235

I've watched almost every episode of queer eye and haven't seen them tell a single person to lose weight. Is she talking about when they teach people to cook healthy food and wear clothes that fit them?

No. 788244

Bitch, I watch Real Houswives, and don’t cry cause I can’t afford a private jet. It’s entertainment. It’s not always gonna be relatable.

No. 788246

saged for nitpicking but why is she obsessed with posting close ups of her mug, and a thumb up in every other post? woe is me, pheebs.

No. 788269

File: 1553022781079.jpeg (125.83 KB, 640x1138, 3AEAD3B3-5E1E-4557-9240-A64C66…)


No. 788270

File: 1553022951989.jpeg (102.63 KB, 640x1138, E1B6BFB9-A266-44C0-BCBA-75B779…)


No. 788271

File: 1553023177160.jpeg (137.99 KB, 640x1138, EF43E00A-8B65-47DB-B502-0DC965…)


No. 788273

File: 1553023383564.jpeg (96.76 KB, 640x1138, C68CF1FB-032D-41D6-A328-88660F…)


No. 788276

File: 1553023596022.jpeg (63.19 KB, 640x1138, 3483EA65-CF4A-4713-92D1-68B4D4…)


we love your obsession with the gorgeous jameela xxx

No. 788277

what the fuck is with her weird obsession with jameela? like we get it she's not up to your ~*standards*~

there are so many significantly worse people claiming "ally" or what the fuck ever she could be targeting so i just dont get why she is so hellbent on proving jameela is a bad ally for no reason

No. 788278


Is this bitch saying toilet humour isn't acceptable cos some people have bowel issues..

No. 788279

She's jealous as fuck that Jameela is a thin, successful, beautiful woman while being undeniably POC (more oppression points than straight, white, cis Phoebe). Jameela also tries to do the right thing, which enrages Phoebe because all she bring herself to do is act like a bitter fatass about everything.

No. 788283


She's prob jealous of her 1.4 million Instagram followers, especially as she spends her whole life on Instagram and still has less than 10k following her lol

No. 788287

I’m honestly surprised she has any at all, considering how unlikeable and disgusting she is. Are they all just there to laugh at her?

No. 788292

as a long time follower of the pheebs who found this page through her insta…yes I'd imagine about half her followers are there for the lolz

No. 788294

File: 1553027269979.jpg (116.91 KB, 750x1113, detox tea.jpg)

she's such a cunt, she doesn't even realize that Jameela was working against those shitty (no pun intended) detox teas or am I missing something? How is that ableist?

No. 788302


jameela jamil has also openly talked about having an eating disorder throughout her teens and how it affected her body and body image, but pheobe only picks the worst sounding parts of someone’s past/present to fit her persecution/oppression complex

No. 788331

File: 1553033335037.png (1.1 MB, 750x1334, 4CD331C0-9E39-4490-800F-D06C29…)

Meanwhile she’s defending Shane?

No. 788333

Does she not realise how many people are uncomfortable with the term queer?

No. 788364

She really does hate women

No. 788377

I'd love to watch a livestream of her discovering that she was used in one of those below-the-neck shots of lumbering fat people that the news or shows like Secret Eaters use.

It hasn't happened yet, but one can keep their fingers and toes crossed.

No. 788438


thin, ed-recovered jamila poses on a toilet in protest against instagram's promoting and glamorizing laxative abuse via dangerous tea

Meanwhile phoeb is on a toilet somewhere, suffering direly from self-diagnosed IBS. Which she apparently considers a "disability"(even tho millions of medically diagnosed IBS sufferers manage to work full time and into & over retirement age lol)

so she's the victim of this scenario && deserves jamila's ca$h as reparation.

No. 788540

File: 1553076235064.png (160.14 KB, 371x717, Capture.PNG)

No. 788541

File: 1553076259597.png (241.11 KB, 375x714, Capture.PNG)

No. 788542

File: 1553076284748.png (172.28 KB, 374x717, Capture.PNG)

No. 788543

File: 1553076362981.png (229.53 KB, 378x720, Capture.PNG)

Sorry to dump all these in one go but jeez, what a sperg. Just admit you're a boring straight girl Phoebe. So fucking desperate to be oppressed.

No. 788551


This was just posted already

No. 788554

>PIV sex
Yup, that is exactly what makes it a straight (heterosexual) relationship. Identity bullshit has actually broken the world by giving these attention seekers a million ways to claim imaginary oppression, instead of sorting their own shit lives out

No. 788558

She’s doing some heavy misrepresentation here - looks like the person messaging only had issue with her directly PROFITING from the word, not using it. She’s such a liar.

No. 788566


Pretty sure that's why she deleted them from her story. Doesn't want too many people to realise she's a giant raging liar and hypocrite.

No. 788568

File: 1553085515580.jpg (477.07 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190320-123713_Ins…)

who ever did this, kek
also her hand rivals shayna's tit wrt weird colouring

No. 788579

They were probably telling Henry to break up with her (among a billion other valid reasons) because she seems to be unaware of her straight relationship.

And what the fuck does she identify as? I don't get it. Does she identify as a man looking like a woman despite being a woman?

All she does to Jamil, but when called out on the same stuff she screams gate keeping. Except Jamil is a real POC.

>This is valid
I wonder if she'll actually remove black women prints from her store. It gets her extra clout from idiots like her I'm sure.

No. 788586


I would buy that person a coffee

Love how she's complaining about family 'disowning her' over her queerness when she's 21 years old and her daddy still does things like buy her cake to cheer her up.. I'm sure she has a few aunts/cousins and that who just recognise her as a toxic person and stay well away for that reason.

No. 788587

File: 1553096565934.jpg (1005.36 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190320-153939_Ins…)

my intestines would struggle with this as lunch and I'm healthy. i think anons upthread saying that she is deliberately causing her gut problems by eating aggravating foods/absolute garbage

also peep the standard "oh this looks like it contradicts my über poor image but in actuality it cost pennies, i swear!!" tirade

No. 788589

i think anons upthread are right*

No. 788591


Isn't Huel meant to be a meal REPLACEMENT? As in you don't also eat crisps?

No. 788592

I didn’t get a screenshot but my favourite was an image of her “workstation” citing that the printer was free and the table was £8 from a charity shop - completely ignored price tagging the fucking MACBOOK sat on the table tho! A table AND a MacBook and she still plays the poor marginalised me violin, this woman has some absolute batshit idea m of what true poverty looks like

No. 788603

So I'm really confused. She's trans? What? And pronoun badges? You think that might be a small indication of why her family is a little distressed? So many questions.

No. 788609

No she's not trans. She's "non binary" for the attention and oppression points

Also it really irks me when people call straight relationships queer. For example a bi man and a bi woman in a relationship are still queer as individuals, but any relationship with a dick and a vag is straight. It's just a simple description of the relationship and not the actual individuals in it, Idk why people constantly get their knickers in a twist over it. Don't want to lose their uwu kweer pointz I guess.

No. 788610

>family not inviting you to events because you are queer

Sure, that’s the reason…

No. 788612

Why would anyone be uncomfortable with a biological woman who looks and dresses like a woman dating a biological man who looks and identifies like a man?

I doubt most of this happened at all (especially a relative calling them 'tranny' lol), but there may be some discomfort with her "sexuality" because she makes disgusting online fetish porn. That may have come up between her boyfriend and his family, not her makeup word-based sexual/gender identity.

No. 788615


Phoebe don’t pretend you didn’t see the original post that started this thread. Henry’s family don’t like you because you’re insufferable as a person, treat him like a slave and bitched about them constantly the whole time they invited you into their home. Refer back to original post

No. 788618

>Are you going to hire trans people?
"Yes, we are hiring trans people"
>So you're profiting off their labour!!!

what the fuck this girl is looking so hard for a reason to be angry

No. 788619

I don’t doubt that her family can’t stand her but it’s not because she’s trans. Remember her live-blogging of that party with Henry’s family? Where people asked her polite questions and she used all of them as an excuse to talk about how poor she was? I’m sure she’s like that about everything.

No. 788622

Because she hates women and a pretty, thin woman of color running a successful nonprofit campaign makes her furious. There are TONS of white dudes who are actually openly homophobic/transphobic/racist but phoebe is latching onto Jameela out of jealousy and misogyny.

No. 788627

In her hand you can literally see the fat cutting off her circulation. Her body is so swollen with water retention.

No. 788631

File: 1553105465945.png (1.32 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190320-120051.png)

Put down the Huel and stop eating carbs like they're the only food group?

No. 788632

>I wish I wasn't in pain.
>I wish I could do more.
>I know this is self-hatred.

Does she what self love is?

No. 788634


'working my arse off'

Honey you're sitting at home eating a bag of crisps and scrolling through Insta

No. 788638


Clock that "grab bag" of crisps as well - those aren't small. 250 calories in that bag alone, along with a meal replacement shake.

No. 788642

People have questioned whether Henry is a 'feeder' but I actually think her dad is in a way. Seen a few mentions now of her dad buying her junk food when she's having her particularly moody days, like it's the only way to pacify her.

No. 788643

I really resent her calling herself an artist looking at the utter shite she produces. And 'small business owner' like come on. Stop acting like peddling a few pieces of literal crap on Etsy is a business.

No. 788645

File: 1553109305078.png (6.14 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_9126.PNG)

No. 788646


Is Henry the one funding this expensive craft hobby for her?

No. 788649

How is she losing so much money? It doesn’t cost anything to make digital art, and she could just make prints and stickers and stuff to order.

No. 788657

File: 1553111641853.jpg (654.69 KB, 1080x1705, Screenshot_20190320-195101_Ins…)

Hundreds of people shit on office chairs for that long and longer to do work.
God her body is so broken that even sitting straight for 3 hours hurts her.

Phoebe, go outside and get some damn muscles! Your body should be capable of sitting!!

No. 788658

Sit not shit

No. 788660

File: 1553111862893.jpg (66.21 KB, 966x969, il_fullxfull.1865847333_r746.j…)

it's because she's putting these awful designs on apparel. clothing is expensive to make and it's a huge investment. Why does she think people will buy shirts with these MS paint drawings for $30 !?

No. 788664

File: 1553112092825.png (1.47 MB, 1196x1202, Screen Shot 2019-03-20 at 12.5…)

this artwork is awful. And the real kicker is the $30 pricetag is pre-order only. After that, the full price of the shirts will be $50. She's surprised people aren't buying this shit? What a complete waste of money on her end.

No. 788670

i don't think this is a bad design - i'm just infuriated that she thinks sitting on a chair for 3 hours is a hardship. as an office worker and an illustrator, she has become my most hated cow.

No. 788672

It’s not a bad design, but it’s really childish artwork with a ridiculous price tag to boot, and that’s what’s annoying

No. 788678

File: 1553114654190.png (3.01 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_9128.PNG)

She's done this before…I don't think she understands what a "giveaway" is…

No. 788693

File: 1553117082334.png (1.32 MB, 750x1334, A712F579-7A51-441A-843B-DE3CD5…)

She posted this almost EXACTLY the same time as putting the shirts up for sale. She’s so entitled that she’s angry there wasn’t a Black Friday style storm from people buying the shirts. It’s also a huge slap in the face for anyone who did order one. Stop guilt tripping people into buying your shit - bad business decisions are on YOU. Also if it’s pre order and they are not yet printed then how did it cost “hundreds”. If she bought a bunch before taking orders then she’s a straight up idiot. Maybe she’s finally learning why it IS hard for businesses to reach her impossible standards of providing sizes up to 22/24/26/28/30+

No. 788701

She hasn't invested anything in those shirts. That's a standard Zazzle mock up. The only stuff she actually has stock of, bar the new things she's made with her printer, are those hideous boob totes.

No. 788713

She bought a badge maker too so it could be that?

No. 788740

She has no fucking idea does she…people are literally starving, on the streets or DYING after being denied sickness benefits they’re LEGIT entitled to. I hate that she claims fibro when it’s already treated as a joke and seriously hope she gets nothing. Why should people have to pay for this creature to sit on her pimply arse, gorging on crisps and dicking around on Paint?

Definitely new favourite cow but god she’s infuriating.

No. 788746

File: 1553128102590.png (135 KB, 1242x1226, IMG_9131.PNG)

sage for clarification. "£15 giveaway"

No. 788752

File: 1553128759402.jpg (39.7 KB, 500x680, 802.jpg)

If sitting hurts her back so much, couldn't she just, ya know, stand up and move around and stretch for a few minutes here and there?? She wouldn't even have to stop "working"; you can keep your hands on the mouse and keyboard and your eyes on the screen as you arch your back, do a little jogging in place or squatting, or stretch your legs.

She's such a lazy, self-defeating, whiny piece of shit.

No. 788807

I thought stock wasn't vegan, even the veggie ones?

No. 788824

stock can be made purely from vegetables. depends on the brand to the ingredients.

No. 788825

Because she's brown and successful but not perfect and Phoebe seems to think the only POC allowed success are the """Perfect""" ones

aka none

Bitch ain't slick.

No. 788859

File: 1553176316120.png (206.69 KB, 387x730, Capture.PNG)

This fucking bitch.

I'm not capping all of it because she decided it was necessary to make about 20 insta stories about it, but she's popping off about shirataki noodles, a) for being low calorie and b) for westerners "colonising" it by eating them.

FIRST OF ALL shirataki are great, they're made from konjac root and they're a very low calorie high bulk food item. They're not all that you're meant to eat in a meal, but like spaghetti squash or courgetti, they fill you up with lower calories.

SECOND, no such thing as colonised food you asshole. Pasta is Italian, I don't see you whinging about that

No. 788860

File: 1553176375358.png (205.96 KB, 383x726, Capture.PNG)

Nobody is eating just that you dumb fuck.

No. 788861

File: 1553176470748.png (173.16 KB, 385x720, Capture.PNG)

If you need to lose weight, there is NO PROBLEM WHATSOEVER with including healthy low cal options. Lentil pasta is NOT low cal in the slightest.

Kek at "nutritional value" from the greasy obese queen of crisps, wine and pizza.

No. 788862

File: 1553176528155.png (574.16 KB, 380x726, Capture.PNG)

Fuck obese liars who claim to be disabled while eating themselves to an early death

No. 788863

File: 1553176554041.png (172.35 KB, 383x728, Capture.PNG)

No. 788864

File: 1553176638940.png (503.26 KB, 384x726, Capture.PNG)

After that absolute sperg about colonised foods and appropriation, obviously makes sense to eat tofu (well known authentic British foodstuff) and a sachet of sauce that SERVES 4

No. 788867

Most Konjac is grown in China and Japan, neither of which were ever colonized by Western countries. And if she’s worried about ethical consumption all she has to do is look around her dingy room and in her cupboard. Half of her useless junk is factory-made and 99% of her food is processed.
She’s just triggered by anything that’s marketed as low calorie because it reminds her that she’s constantly gaining.

No. 788868


100%. Saged for blogpost but my dad was relatively recently hospitalised for a health problem that was absolutely exacerbated by his weight and eating/drinking habits - he was put on a very low calorie plan by his doctor, which included Konjac noodles and tons of veg, and at his latest checkup he'd got his blood pressure back into the normal range and had lost 8kg.

He's in his 60s, but Phoebe will end up with very similar issues a lot sooner if she doesn't sort her life and diet out.(blogposting)

No. 788869

So no one is going to acknowledge that this thread started because of an obvious self post and that this girl thrives off of negative attention huh?

No. 788874

Japan has never been colonized by western countries literally what is she talking about.

She’s probably just scared of eating ethnic food cause she’s picky and wants to be moralistic about it.

No. 788876

File: 1553179534033.jpg (773.86 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190321-135317_Ins…)

Her Dad is literally a police officer. How does she think she can post this stuff.

No. 788877


If the admins/farmhands have an issue they'll autosage or delete the thread, like other selfposting cows before her. Otherwise if it bothers you take it to /meta

Personally I don't care if she leans into the negative attention, the milk is still creamy

No. 788878

Wait, is it true? Because the OP written doesn't have a similar writing style as hers, especially how deep in SJW shit she's in, her words would've been selectively different. I can believe it's one of Henry's family members, but honestly if you can point out Phoebe wrote about herself, I'll be convinced.

No. 788880


I'm the person who posted directly above you, I agree on writing style - I think it's a family member or somebody close. The other poster is the only person I've seen suggesting that she self posted (she did find the thread suspiciously quickly, but she definitely strikes me as somebody who regularly googles her own name)

No. 788883

Ah, tofu. How authentically British!!!

All these outbursts……is there anyone or anything this monster DOESN’T hate? It must be exhausting living with that level of bitterness and rage inside

No. 788886

File: 1553182241839.png (6.56 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_9141.PNG)

disappointingly normal. i can't wait until the big reveal when she finds out all her issues are caused by diet and lifestyle. best show ever.

No. 788890

I'm not talking about the OP. I'm talking about the "family member" who posted in another thread about her (I think personal cows) and then Phoebe suspiciously found these threads soon after.

No. 788891


If any medical professional mentions her diet or weight in any way, she'll plug her ears and sing the "healthy at any size" mantra and eat pizza and wine until she shits blood again.

No. 788893

In what world are normal results a “down side” jfc
Can’t wait for the colonoscopy!!

No. 788905

maybe… and i dunno phoebs, but maybe… if you didn't eat crisps, shakes, and high carb foods in massive portions… you wouldn't be having stomach issues and body pains. it's a stretch, i know, but MAYBE that's the problem /s

No. 788927

Good work on the part of your dad!

It is always best to develop good habits when it comes to one's health early in life. Something Phoebe will regret later in life.

Also, why hasn't she changed her name yet? Phoebe is so very against her true NB nature.

No. 788948

File: 1553195692249.png (6.68 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_9145.PNG)

people aren't messaging about the "giveaway" bc you have to pay for it and is therefore….not a giveaway. why does she do this to herself?

No. 788950


I understand (to an extent) pretending to be disabled, overeating to obesity - its attention seeking self harm. But purposefully making herself unhappy through active choices is just so weird. Not to mention how overly public everything is.

Calling something a "giveaway" when its £25 (£25!!!) for shitty art anybody with MS paint could do is bollocks. No wonder nobody buys your shit. It's overpriced and you're not an artist.

No. 788952

Oh the irony of a white British girl going on about colonization. She's constantly forcing herself into conversations she has no authority to speak on just for pats on the back, I wouldn't be surprised if these people she's pandering to turn on her for being a fake at some point.

No. 788965

File: 1553198069515.png (1.57 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190321-135344.png)


No. 788966

File: 1553198115192.png (1.06 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190321-135349.png)

Does she ever feel like she's not a failure? 2/2

No. 788968

Purposely seeking out things to be enraged about, in literally everything, must be exhausting.

No. 788971

way to go into pressuring your friends and seeking for attention jfc get a therapist

No. 788973


…You can delete instagram stories. She knows this because she literally did it yesterday. She WANTS this attention so her sad followers buy more junk.

No. 788975

Methinks she didn't get enough pity so she tries to reach more sympathy.

Surprise: Literally no one cares.

Her complete negativity has to be draining to be around.

No. 788976

The people who complain about Western countries adopting Japanese influences are fucking idiots. Their government actively promotes it and the culture 'appropriates' Western shit like no tomorrow.
>well known authentic British foodstuff
Phoebe's life philosophy must be 'rules for thee and not for me'. It seems like she contradicts most of her sanctimonious outbursts with her actions.
The initial poster/insider definitely doesn't seem to be her. She thrives on being miserable, but her role as a 'social justice activist' seems to be at the core of her identity, and she probably wouldn't write something that contradicts that, even for attention. Plus she hasn't really said much about us, at least not publicly.

No. 788979


I can't wait for the colonoscopy to be completely normal and for the doctor to tell her that the issues instead stem from her weight and terrible diet. the sperg will be delightful.

No. 788980

A rare moment of clarity!

No. 788991

Her sperg out is going to be delicious. "Evil imperialist fat phobic doctor telling me I need to change my diet, lose weight and not have arse ravaging anal sex constantly reeee!!"

No. 788992

It’s not a self post, it was done by a family member, as the OP stated. You can go to the top of this thread and read it yourself.
Why is everyone here just as lazy as the cow?

No. 789000

this girl's a munchie too? i swear lmao

No. 789007


Does she get triggered by curry too?

No. 789011

I wonder where her limits are, pasta and pizza (appropriation of italian culture ofc) are fine, so's tofu (asian), why aren't konjac noodles fine then? wonder how she feels about a nice naan or maybe sauerkraut. if she wants to police food appropriation to that degree she should be eating just neeps with no tatties (native american colonisation by-effect). also regarding her recommending rice or lentil noodles as an alternative, both grains aren't native to the british isles last time I checked yet are ok unlike konjac noodles. the hypocrisy!

No. 789015

She's fine with all of these things. She's just triggered by "fatphobia" and is grasping at straws trying to make it seem like something more than that. It has nothing to do with anything other than her hurt feelings.

No. 789019

Pretty much anyone who cries about cultural appropriation is very selective about what is and isn't okay. She's an idiot if she genuinely believes that marketing a product for a different culture is "stealing". You have to brand strange foreign foods differently if you want someone who's unfamiliar with them to incorporate them into their diet, it's not that hard to grasp.
I doubt she really honestly cares about the plight of the poor Japanese people (lol) though, it's just another reason to be pissy and throw a fit on sm.

No. 789035

File: 1553220988373.png (7.63 MB, 1242x2208, 7AEBDD28-6CEA-47CB-AFBC-8FAE29…)

how could you be aware of how fast her nail grows, but never think to keep a schedule of cutting it?

> inb4 “too sick/disabled to keep it short” rehome your fucking cat if you can’t take care of them

No. 789058

Don't you know she's poor though?
>Eats specialized vegan food and chugs wine.
She doesn't have the money to do anything.
>Goes on a trip to Paris.
She can't afford the basic necessities.
>Forces her boyfriend to take off work to take care of her childish ass.
It's a wonder she makes it through the week.
>Buys more plus-sized clothing for her ever-expanding childish ass.

No. 789067


it's a polydactyl-ism, it's kinda what you signed up for.

No. 789084

Jameela speaks out against detox teas, Phoebe rages against konjac noodles.

No. 789085

File: 1553239188321.png (177.46 KB, 750x1334, 544DE1BF-C8DF-402D-9894-45AE17…)

Text to accompany her “Tories ruin lives” absolutely shite art. She’s the voice of a generation /s

Blogpost but genuinely curious as to what her Brexit stance is. Not seen her mention it once - you’d think a political crusader would have an opinion on that. Everything cited here are things she thinks affects her or her chosen tribes directly.

No. 789086

Ok, I understand not wanting to buy foods that are ethnic in origin from Western countries as opposed to buying the product from companies from those countries. Like buying spices from Indian countries as opposed to some British brand, but using konjac as an ingredient in a very white product isn't exactly stealing from Japanese creators cause they didn't make this. You aren't stealing from the Japanese market when they likely won't touch this product with a ten foot pole (mainly cause in Asian countries they won't hesitate to shame fatties and overall eat less extreme portions). And I bet you anything Phoebe doesn't actually give a shit because I'm betting she buys instant curry sauces and shit from British brands instead of from the countries of origin because those countries don't make instant curry sauce for the most part and she's a lazy fatso who likely can't be bothered to even add salt. Another reason I call bullshit is because she was suddenly ok with the low calorie noodles when konjac was used in Japanese foods.
Speaking of which, does she not realise that no one actually gives a shit about pasta itself being eaten except crazy people? The issue isn't people eating pasta but over eating it! These low calorie or low carb pastas are godsends to people who want to overindulge without the concequences like this bitch wants to or for binge eaters for a healthy outlet while they try and fix their condition, leaving the ability to make mistakes without too much harm. She should be thanking these companies for allowing her to binge without concern, no need to eat normal sized meals when the market is flooded with this crap to encourage consumption over selection

No. 789087

Sage for blogpost but poster above is correct - as someone with a REAL ED - low calorie foods helped ween me from purging and being hospitalised against my will. I know I’m a rare case but I also wanted to point out that her body, her “fat positive” attitude is way way way more triggering to me than diet culture. The fat positive movement completely ignore the harm they do by convincing people with ED’s that any non-diet automatically becomes morbid obesity- and that you have to just accept it because eating healthy = a diet = evil.(blogposting)

No. 789090

someone pls rescue Polly

No. 789095


God I hate that she feeds her cat vegan food. The cat looks really pale around the eyes and has sores not healing.

No. 789097

'its so unpredictable' that is just a bold lie you know how quick your cats claws grow so you can trim them accordingly also you'd notice something off about your cats paws if you just paid attentionn to something else than yourself

No. 789106

File: 1553246790772.png (253.09 KB, 750x1334, D2FF2E34-61C7-45C9-B8BD-5ABB93…)

Outrageous that she makes $89 for basically nothing. I read the “essay” and it was just a giant moany Pity fest with clear lies and exaggerations thrown in. It also basically makes it clear that she’s only going to a and e for her “bowel problems” bc she needs medical records and evidence to show she can’t work. Not sure if we’re allowed our screenshot content behind a paywall?

No. 789108


Please post a screenshot of the essay. I'm not willing to pay her money to see it

No. 789111

File: 1553249926013.jpeg (167.81 KB, 750x1192, E96C7515-7117-4151-86AA-72AE77…)

No. 789112

File: 1553250024032.jpeg (206.71 KB, 750x809, 27571F12-5C22-42ED-B530-73B6C2…)

No. 789113

File: 1553250161047.jpeg (199.53 KB, 750x807, C7126DB2-6177-48CE-AABC-825A63…)

No. 789114

File: 1553250229830.jpeg (197.58 KB, 750x799, C9241DA2-E1D7-4D9A-8100-478ED2…)

No. 789115

File: 1553250284074.jpeg (187.31 KB, 750x771, 5EF00163-9E61-4A76-B5BB-311A8A…)

No. 789116

File: 1553250357877.jpeg (193.58 KB, 750x801, BA79E4F4-3533-4F7D-8168-777F99…)

God I hope her saying Henry has to help her take a shite is a lie

No. 789117

File: 1553250491298.jpeg (167.96 KB, 747x753, DE3990B9-C4DB-4AB1-B0C6-7118EE…)

“I’m determined to create all the evidence I can to win muh moneis”

No. 789118

File: 1553250676028.jpeg (134.71 KB, 750x810, 91692962-4844-4CEC-BE8A-490AF5…)

It’s pretty clear that her imaginary bowel issues started after she was told there wasn’t enough evidence. She’s creating a narrative through her medical records by wasting precious NHS time. I don’t know if this is self munchausen or if she knows EXACTLY what she’s doing (I think the latter), such a gross leech on everyone around her. Feel so bad for Henry.

No. 789119

Did she seriously ask people to pay to listen to this utter pity party? She’s delusional

No. 789121

> "She claimed i have no issue toileting, when i do, my partner has to help me often."
holy shit

No. 789122

It’s not an “essay” about the benefits system, it’s a dear diary whine, $90 a month. And all she can produce for her “supporters” is a poorly worded whinge fest that has no actual info about the uk benefits system outside of her very personal limited and lying/exaggerating experience (you think you’re owed benefits bc you wear glasses?!?! Oh and I’m sure someone laughed at you for claiming to be suicidal, I’m sure that’s the whole story and not something taken grossly out of context….

No. 789123


Tbf this well may be true - once you reach a certain size it’s hard to get to your butthole

No. 789126

I work making medical certificates for these kind of cases and she would be laughed at here too lol
just by reading that text you can get a glimpse of the personality disorder/traits

No. 789128

since when is having glasses considered a debilitating physical condition, hers don't even look so strong, like -4 at most judging by the facial distortion

No. 789131

what happened to fibro being the cause of her mobility problems? she completely gave up on that diagnosis in favor of the bowel issues after her first tribunal.

No. 789132

Yeah they clearly mean any level of actual blindness and not just "I see a bit shite without my glasses on".

No. 789133


And even profoundly blind people are able to work, and thus aren't necessarily qualified for benefits. Charities for actually blind people do a lot of good work to ensure they can find employment.

No. 789136

It literally says that they're also called Shirataki and come from Asia in the product description >>788859 and yet here they are acting like muh evil white diet company is hiding the product's origin, can none of these people read?!

No. 789140

>I was left with no money. Because of this i was forced to work.
Boo fucking hoo. This has literally never happened to another poor soul in the history of humanity.

>What I didn't love was the strain on my physical health as well as my mental health. After a few months i had to quit my job.

Yeah girl everyone else down here works strain-free.

Just fucking starve to death then.

No. 789144

Exactly. Work is detrimental mentally and physically for many people. Having a job can fucking suck. But most people have a moral compass they live by and make that trade off for independence and so they can live truthfully.

No. 789145

yep - most people don't want to go to work - but we do. when i'm sitting at my desk for two long my ass hurts a bit - i should probably quit my job.

No. 789148

File: 1553267763086.png (Spoiler Image,940.14 KB, 750x1334, DDB15367-5DB3-4428-8E1A-03698F…)

Why does she think people only workout for weightloss? Everyone should be working out no matter what size they are! Just because SHE can’t be bothered to move it’s fatphobic for anyone else to?

No. 789150

She does this all the time tho? Insists that she eats healthy etc “I eat more broccoli than anyone I know” “my porridge has chia seeds” (even tho she has a warped perception of what is healthy and what a normal portion is. She’s fully guilt of trying to justify herself. She also gives Gemma Collins a free pass for any diet and weight loss talk because it’s “internalised fatphobia” and we should all feel sorry for her - all the while eviscerating people like Jamilia who are too toeing around her movements

No. 789151

File: 1553268393418.png (1.38 MB, 750x1334, D7C8F118-C19A-4CDC-9047-8D9B62…)

But she was able to go to Tesco to buy a discount Easter egg and devour it.

No. 789152


Shipped tends to mean either physically inserted in a mailbox or a courier has been booked to collect it. That's how it works in an actual business at least.

No. 789153

File: 1553269025230.png (9.43 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_9177.PNG)

not only did she have pizza and drink wine twice last week, she posted about it! one hour of work followed by 5 hours of bitching on the internet about how hard work is…

No. 789154


>I deserve benefits.

Her blatant entitlement is truly impressive. As someone else pointed out, this isn't about the benefits system, it's about her (like every other important issue she talks about).

She was willing to coast on the mental health diagnosis, but when she was disqualified and had to actually work she created physical "disabilities" to try to claim benefits again.

No. 789155

pardon me for being naive, but why would you put gross porn of yourself online without getting paid for it? is there something i'm missing? and yes i did look and feel vile that the images passed through my computer and into my eyes.

No. 789156

File: 1553270800507.png (9.55 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_9178.PNG)

I sincerely hope Henry is saving for himself to get out of this relationship

No. 789157

File: 1553270863356.png (8.69 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_9179.PNG)

because other people…work for them?

No. 789159

struggling to pay rent but also trying to go out to eat?? lol for fucks sake phoebe, just WORK! does she think that people are so privileged and entitled that they can go out any damn time? you can't complain about wanting to do something and then not work for it. nobody likes to waste their days working girl, but you have to so you can pay your bills and treat yourself once in a while. you can't expect to not do a damn thing and then do what you want - sounds like the entitled, privileged one here is you. shocker.

No. 789163


Omg she's so spoilt. Lots of us can't afford to go out for dinner close to rent day. That's life. Ffs

No. 789164


Translation of the image is "pls give me money" of course. Seen it dozens of times.

No. 789165

She's just posted that there are two spots left in her "giveaway", so she's pocketed £75 in the last couple of days.

No. 789167


Hmmm maybe she could afford dinner if she hadn't brought new dungarees, some new shitty plastic earrings and a new Pusheen t-shirt…?

No. 789169

I understand people working too much and having to eat take out but she sits at home all day and Henry has one job. They can buy cheap or bulk foods and eat decent meals that are probably better for her health. Why doesn't her boyfriend meal prep for her if she's always too sick to move? Anything would be better than bags of chips. And I swear we just saw her eating pizza along with her weekly wine. She use to post all vegan food but suddenly her and her boyfriend are completely incapable of doing that at all?

No. 789171

Shipped can also mean the seller has printed the shipping label. I wouldn't be surprised that our prized pig would send her orders weeks late.

No. 789174

She's either lying about being vegan or seriously lying about being poor. As a (real) vegan, vegan wine is rare and expensive and vegan pizza is incredibly expensive and more rare (especially if its any sort of quality).

No. 789176


Vegan pizza isn't rare anymore. I have three takeaway places that do it near me and shops like M&S, Waitrose and Iceland all do frozen vegan pizzas.

No. 789182

does that surprise you at all anon

it's still more expensive than your bog standard mozzarella though

No. 789183

the size of that chin under the text….

No. 789192

What a pathetic piece of shit. Disabled and can barely walk in her house but crying how she can't go out for pizza and alcohol multiple times per week. I hope her benefits are denied. The UK doesn't need this leach.

No. 789197

When you have tantrums and your boyfriend has to leave work to feed you, you get less money. Cray how that works right? Maybe you should just let Henry get his hours in if you want to be a mooch.

Why does she choose the most hideous images to subject her followers to? I feel like anyone with genuine shame/self worth issues would die at the mere suggestion of showing other people this kind of face.

No. 789214


Out of all the things I hate her for, this is the worst. Cats are obligate carnivores, they NEED meat in their diet. She can preach veganism and eat all the shitty food she likes but subjecting an animal to this really proves what a cunt she is. It’s abuse imo. I wish people like this could be prosecuted.

No. 789222

I literally cannot believe that she complained about having to fill in a ‘giant form.’ She’s always harping on about the bare minimum. Filling in a form is the fucking BARE MINIMUM she should expect to do if she’s expecting free money she did absolutely nothing for and doesn’t deserve. Tax money that we all work hard for and pay. She makes me fucking sick. Lazy, self entitled, deluded thief

No. 789226

Yeah cats will literally die if they don't get enough taurine in their diet. Dogs can survive on a vegan diet no problem (my aunt even has a walking abortion of a dog that can't even eat meat at all) but it's literally torture for cats to not eat meat.

No. 789237


Most commercially available catfood is heavily supplemented with synthetic taurine as it’s otherwise devoid of it, the “vegan” stuff isn’t much different, as strange as it sounds. The only thing remarkable about Phoebe feeding it to her cat is how incredibly expensive it is, another luxury up there with her self-publicised drug habit, regular clothes shopping and penchant for wine and takeaways.

No. 789238

I mean those forms are a nightmare but you suck it up and deal with it. Sure some of the questions can be uncomfortable but taking into account how she’s always ranting and oversharing her gross, lazy habits on insta they should be a piece of piss for her.
Guessing she struggled because there’s nothing actually wrong with her and she didn’t know how to spin it lol

No. 789242

I’ve filled in those forms and yeah they are so in detail and humiliating tbh but it’s the system.

Tbh I can imagine her not meeting the criteria for benefits in the like interview stage because she’s just so dramatic. She exaggerates everything and her abysmal people skills means she can’t even pull off making reality believable.

I really want someone to save polly. She obviously isn’t getting the right basic nutrients if she’s still having to wear (stupidly overpriced) bandanas to cover up the infection.

No. 789244

>when i showed him my self-harm scars, he said "oh, they're not THAT bad then"

No. 789249


If her bloods are normal she's got piles, why the fuck are they sending her for a scope? Maybe just to deter her from being a munchie cos the prep is hellish….

No. 789250

I don’t even think she’s a munchie. More like outright malingering.

No. 789254

File: 1553292666474.png (Spoiler Image,362.82 KB, 583x422, Screen Shot 2019-03-22 at 3.00…)

Photo NSFL
I was trying to find a picture of the scars and what you can see on her arm appears to be it. I laughed out loud when I saw this. She is the biggest munchie i've seen. Not to be a cutter sperg but I'm someone with self harm scars covering most of my forearms and thighs from when I was younger and still wouldn't consider my case that bad because i've seen far far worse. For her to use four small cuts from what looks like one occasion as an example of how sick she is absolutely laughable. And I doubt there's anymore since we've seen about every inch of her.

No. 789255

>confident I'd get the mobility component
OK some insight for ya'll; the mobility component is only paid out to people who are physically or mentally impaired to such an extent that they cannot travel normally and need special provisions, i.e. a specialised modified car or mobility aids such as wheelchairs. You could get it for being severely epileptic or legally blind meaning you can't drive and have to use public transport, or for being in a wheelchair for example. If you submit doctors evidence for any of the above they often forgo the physical assessment.

She bought the wheelchair herself so she could LARP as disabled, so she doesn't have any formal evidence that she actually needs it. Likewise with the cane. Even if she gets diagnosed with some bowel condition it wont, and shouldn't, count as a disability. Barking up the wrong tree there phoebs.

She doesn't meet the criteria for either the care or mobility aspect of PIP. She doesn't seem to realise the care component is for people who actually need a carer, as in intellectually disabled people. and it's clear she doesn't understand the criteria well enough to trick the assessors on either front. I wont go into more detail though because she lurks.

This blog is laughable and if she weren't so miserable I'd actually be angry at her for scamming, but her being obese, ugly and miserable is punishment enough.

No. 789265

>Why can't we do the things others can do?
Literally who? Rich friends? Just stay home and make some fucking food. It ain't gonna kill you if you don't go out for a night. Jesus Christ.

No. 789297

oh my god literally 4 tiny scars that are probably less than a year old lmafo. I was never particularly bad either and still get asked if I’m a burn victim.(no1curr)

No. 789302


This is gold. Like a twelve year old who’s just discovered nail scissors.

No. 789346

Has she ever mentioned what allegedly causes her so much pain when she walks/moves?

Health professionals (especially the ones assessing benefits eligibility) have a wealth of experience with malingerers and are probably looking at body language when they're making an assessment. Repeatedly shouting 'ow it hurts!' isn't going to convince them that you're in significant pain if your non-conscious body language doesn't demonstrate that you are.
>I would not have put myself through all this for years if it wasn't important an essential for me!
Well yeah, nobody's denying that it's important for her. She clearly finds her identity as a disabled person and entitlement to taxpayer money very important
Of course it was "fibro"…is fibro even supposed to cause mobility issues that would be aided with a cane or wheelchair? Or bowel issues at that? Even people with severe spine and/or joint damage can often walk unaided.
It's probably both. She definitely has a pathological need for attention, which is a trait that all munchies share.

No. 789348

>strain on my physical health as well as my mental health
>is a care worker
I don't know much about care workers but, it doesn't seem like the type of high stress job where you're required to do everything with an extreme eye for precision/accuracy or else risk being fired.

>strain on my physical health

oh my lord… she, an able-bodied woman, had to stand– god forbid walk around, for a full 8 hours! I'm quite literally shaking.

No. 789381

I used to have a friend that suffered from fibro, I'm not quite sure how severe it was since he just mentioned it during days where he was in too much pain to walk without a stick or occasionally even had to rely on a wheelchair (he needed to rant for a bit when that happened because he absolutely HATED it and it made him frustrated). He could get around just fine most other days when it wasn't that bad though.

No. 789387

File: 1553332939756.png (2.5 MB, 750x1334, E01B404E-CD75-4F84-AFE3-626085…)

How dare he talk in his own car while he drives you around like a slave?

No. 789390

Total blogpost, apologies. Not a doctor so I can’t speak to the fibro thing too much, I don’t doubt that it exists. BUT why does every other fat positive queer non binary person seem to have it? Seriously, being fat and Non binary female seem to be the common denominator for having fibromyalgia. Same with Cronic fatigue and ME. It’s damaging the validity of these things. Either they have co opted it, and it’s easy to fake or imagine you have it because you can’t disprove pain or it’s origin (most likely the pain is from being overweight and low activity - how has Pheobe not made the connection that her physical problems have “gotten so much worse” in the EXACT time frame that she’s gained an enormous amount of weight. That’s the kind of weight gain that simply must come from binging - simple low activity won’t do that to you. And whilst ED can fuck up your metabolic rate, not to this extreme - plus I’ve never seen any evidence that she “starved” her body to the point of that happening. I used to go weeks without food. Any food. At all. Weeks. And I’ve gained about 1/10th of what she has through “recovery - and I was underweight! Fat people can have ED, I’m not gatekeeping, but she exaggerates so much it’s disgusting. And if she truley cared about the ED community and not just the FAT community she would lay off “body positivity “ that in her opinion is not fat enough. Because anorexics have a 50% mortality rate. 50%. And she thinks being told morbid obesity is unhealthy is “oppression”.shes a massive hypocrite who writes her own narratives based on what applies to her. NARCISSIST.

No. 789391

File: 1553333676414.png (1.24 MB, 750x1334, 127C4CA5-4E39-4EB6-B4F4-9105E6…)

I know she usually works so hard doing the things that most actually working people do in their spare time as a hobby, but remember the rare ‘day off’ she treated herself to yesterday? I guess it was time for another.

No. 789394

I feel like for someone who boasts that they are vegan she hardly eats any vegetables. Mostly packaged processed stuff. No one wonder she is over weight and has health issues.

No. 789397

File: 1553337628740.png (1.47 MB, 1173x667, Untitled.png)

but anon!!! She eats so much broccoli!! BEHOLD

No. 789400

Sage for vegan but pine nuts are so expensive, and why Greek basil specifically. Betraying her true class there

No. 789401

Fibromyalgia in her mind is getting tired after walking around a bit. She just needs to go to the gym and tone up.
News flash, Phoebe, even fatties need to workout. Old people who have difficulty with movement also workout still to keep their muscles strong. It's good for your mental health as well.

No. 789405

care is extraordinarily fucking hard on the psyche, especially if you're low-level with no power to change anything, and there is some physical activity involved.

No. 789423

I'm curious to know what she thinks able bodied people go through at work. Having a job is hard! Sage for slight blog but my legs, feet, and back are in tons of pain at the end of a 9 hour shift, and I'm a relatively healthy 23 year old. Having any mental illness, even just mild depression/anxiety can make work feel impossible. But somehow, even though 1 in 5 women have a mental illness, most of us manage to at least get a cashier job or something.

Henry is probably not doing so hot mentally because he has to support both of them on one salary and he's ACTUALLY autistic, but he manages. It's weird that in all of her spergs about being denied disability she's never once mentioned her autistic husband who goes out every day and works long hours to support her.

No. 789424

She doesn't even show appreciation for him, just talks shit about how he doesn't make enough money for her to go out for pizza and wine. I wonder if he follows her social media at all.

Also "I don't get paid till next week" is confusing me. Does she have another job besides her shop?

No. 789425


Yeah the previous quoted poster is talking complete bollocks, care roles can be brutal. I’ve had two friends who worked in care, both were bitten, pinched, slapped etc. by care patients with dementia or learning disabilities. Both faced medical emergencies where they had to attempt to resuscitate someone. The hours are long and the pay is low. I wouldn’t be surprised if Phoebe tried it and thought “fuck this, I’m never working again”.

She does however prove on a daily basis that she has the physical and mental ability to work in retail, or in a call centre or office. There are plenty of people in wheelchairs and mobility aids who work in these roles, but she seems to think cos-playing in her chair is her golden ticket to a life of benefits so she can play with her iPad full-time.

Phoebe if you’re reading this, which you are, there are people with far worse mobility conditions than you, more severe IBS (although yours is almost certainly the result of your diet and drinking), there are people who take quick breaks from work each day to use a mindfulness app because their anxiety is temporarily overwhelming - but they all work so they can afford to support themselves and go to the pub if they want. Just exercise and get a job, you can still play with your iPad in the evenings and on weekends.

No. 789426

Henry's a lorry driver right? I bet she'd be like "well he gets to sit all day and he likes cars so working isn't stressful for him like it is for ME". Anything to make herself the victim. I feel bad for the poor guy.

No. 789433

She might be referring to her Patreon account.

No. 789457

Interesting. Lorry drivers get paid a decent amount here at least, plus his license woukd have cost a few grand. They cant be that badly off, if they are its purely down to her not contributing and spending his money on stupid shit

No. 789459

File: 1553362431731.jpg (1 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190323-173153_Ins…)

"Any other Jews"

So she's gone from stating that her grandmother was a 'jewess' to now claiming she's a full on Jew.

No. 789460


Jewish and Communist? Those two things have not historically mixed too well. She forgot to remove the hammer and sickle from her bio after hopping on the Jew bandwagon?

No. 789461

File: 1553362747688.jpg (517.03 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190323-173814_Ins…)

Clutching at fucking straws as she's so desperate to be offended by something

No. 789462


She's only for communism if it means we all work and give her free money.
Sage'd for my saltiness.

No. 789463

Any bets on how long it'll be before she starts claiming that she's mixed race?

No. 789465

Ahh yes, the supposed 'Jewess' who was actually just a bog standard gentile who converted for her husband. And then switched to Mormanism when he died.

No. 789475

Does she have anything better to do than share screencaps of depressing articles? Like, it's unhealthy and probably stressful for her followers to be subjected to that constantly.

No. 789477

Her followers are also losers. This is the stuff they like to wallow in.

No. 789479

I love eating challah, does that mean I get to be part of the super special oppressed Jewess club too, Phoebe?

I really can't believe the audacity of some people to up and claim they're Jewish when they're so clearly not. If Phoebe is an actual Jew my white ass is the princess of Nigeria.

No. 789480

I'm surprised she's not claiming she's Muslim to capitalise on the Christchurch stuff.

No. 789481

>any other jews
her straw-reaching is absolutely hilarious and pathetic

you're not Jewish, you absolute mule

No. 789496

File: 1553374722093.png (4.44 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_9197.PNG)

she's back on poor Jameela for promoting fruits and veggies over detox teas…which is apparently classist and ableist?

No. 789511

…is this bitch retarded? Is she equating anything drawn with a big nose as being anti Semitic or a Jewish caricature? I’m pretty sure NONE of the people being portrayed there are jewish. I’m pretty sure they have big noses as a reference to Pinocchio’s nose getting bigger when he lies. Literally nobody else sees it because it’s clearly not related to Jews AT ALL.

No. 789516


How the fuck is this classist and ableism? Do you have to be an able person and in an upper class to get fresh fruits and vegetables.

I would think being a "vegan" snowflake she would promote eating fresh fruits and vegetables but she is to busy stuffing her fat face with pizza and wine..

No. 789520

I’m assuming she thinks it’s ableist because jameela is implying eating fruits and veg will improve your stomach health when everyone knoooows phoebes stomach issues have nothing to do with diet and it’s just those fatphobic doctors putting that idea in people’s heads.

In all seriousness though, if you have IBS there are some foods that you simply can’t eat without having issues, and fruits and veggies have lots of fiber and vitamins that are good for reducing those problems.

Also unless you live in a food desert bananas are like 30 cents a pound, as is cabbage and carrots and lots of other veg.

No. 789526

There's been tons of Jewish socialists, communists, anarchists and other left wing thinkers and radicals, there's more to it than just Stalin.

No. 789535

You have it right though. It's classist and ableist because this cow uses oppression vocabulary to describe anything she doesn't want to do as evil.

No. 789540

“is she retarded” bro chill she’s autistic. you ableist cunt. leave the retard alone!

No. 789553

Ah yes, it's absolutely classist and ableist to suggest people make healthy life choices. You're only ever allowed to wallow in your own pity and filth and bitch about over how entitled you are to help and benefits instead of trying to improve your own situation. Totally disgusting of Jameela to even THINK of suggesting something so vile!!

No. 789557

This cow is great. Like she knows basic facts like poor people tend to eat more processed foods and that's likely her excuse for drinking huel and eating chips but she doesn't know the actual reasons why poor people eat more processed and instant foods. The reasons are usually because they don't have time between two or three jobs to cook or are just straight up exhausted because of it, some don't have fridges or ovens, some are actually disabled and can't cook let along work which is why they're poor, etc
None of which she has, and of course 66$ huel wouldn't count as fast and cheap shit food. Nor do buying unneeded snacks. For her 66$ huel she could buy a ton of frozen veggies and fruits to make her own healthy smoothies with leftover for rice and beans for meals. Then she'd be able to eat out more often too (which btw, poor people can't afford to do as often as she does and don't even if they could because saving money is better than living cheque to cheque if you can)
Bitch wouldn't know a damn thing about being poor unless she put herself in poverty by buying as stupidly as she does
She buys new clothes constantly, buys expensive smoothie powders instead making smoothies herself for a fraction of the price, doesn't work, doesn't even try to expand her brand if that's how she intends to make income, buys wine, buys expensive snacks, buys expensive vegan versions of foods instead of just cutting those things from her diet, drags her boyfriend away from work (reducing his income) for bullshit, has expensive Apple products, and the list goes on. If she were actually poor she'd sell the expensive products for cheaper ones to get some extra savings, stop buying useless crap, buy cheap bulk and frozen foods to cook with which she would have to do anyways if she actually had stomach issues. She's such an idiot and an asshole. She just needs to accept she hates women, is racist, and does nothing but mock the lower classes from her high point of privilege

No. 789564

It's truly crazy. she feels personally attacked that somebody is promoting eating fruits and vegetables to improve your health kek. literally stating the most basic fact about nutrition is apparently an act of violence to her.

It's so transparent that she just has a vendetta against jameela because she's a thin, attractive woman of color with a successful nonprofit. she's never said anything about any of the attractive men who have worked with the organization because she's not jealous of them

No. 789617

File: 1553413716434.jpeg (745.32 KB, 1242x1850, 14AE3E97-118C-4695-958A-CB428A…)

People have been calling Phoebe out, but she’s ignoring them. Wonder how long it’ll be until she breaks the silence and says she meant it in the reclaimed slur kind of way?

No. 789618

It's shocking that Pheobe can claim that Jameela is abelist when she actually has a real disability: Ehlers-Danlos syndrome.

No. 789623

File: 1553415328665.jpeg (126.7 KB, 640x480, FDD6E9FA-2710-4FED-BDAF-36761C…)

just out of curiosity i did some searching and found some interesting tweets.

No. 789624

File: 1553415367185.jpeg (107.65 KB, 640x424, 33AADB4F-7B07-4CB9-95A0-DED1D7…)

No. 789625

File: 1553415483144.jpeg (71.69 KB, 640x249, 9A117FC0-0929-4148-A588-C355BD…)

flood detection isn’t happy with me, but i find this one and the one coming after this to be deliciously ironic considering her attitude toward these terms in present day

No. 789626

File: 1553415520806.jpeg (150.47 KB, 640x603, EBB09B9C-FF97-4EC8-B042-060B36…)

No. 789627


Wow, she's racist and slut shaming. She's so much worse than I ever thought. I wonder what her activist followers would think of this?

Jesus Christ

No. 789629

I'm not even remotely surprised by all this.
She's exactly the same as she was before but she's traded her attitude to one of superiority. She realized that larping a "tranny" would get her points, so would being a "faggot", she is still racist but can claim Jewishness so it's ok. All this just because she wanted to be fat and sit on her ass for the rest of her life while like-minded idiots give her attention
I wish this would be enough to cause a scandal for her but honestly, her audience is ok with her being a sexual assaulter. I don't know if they'd care about her being racist too (especially considering she's so obviously racist still)

No. 789630

Wait does she give her cat only vegan food??

No. 789632

File: 1553417524895.jpeg (518.05 KB, 1242x1898, DEA92605-5A18-4487-A518-EBC956…)

“Stay in your lane! UWU”

No. 789633

File: 1553417578196.jpeg (398.32 KB, 1242x1843, F786401D-75C5-4219-8C52-B0CDAD…)

She was literally just bitching about colonizing Japanese food.

No. 789634


Her old tweets are gold, keep them coming! Once she wakes up and sees the comments she'll probably delete them.

No. 789635

File: 1553418403040.jpeg (716.25 KB, 1242x1312, 72B1147F-F4C9-4692-B73C-B89BC6…)

It’s only okay if she stans problematic people. No one else can though!

No. 789636

File: 1553418587106.jpeg (894.19 KB, 1242x1650, 5F6EDECA-B27F-4444-AB3B-89C6D0…)

This wouldn’t be an issue if she didn’t crucify others for their past mistakes.

No. 789637

File: 1553419026576.jpeg (762.81 KB, 1242x1848, 1C88BCA6-0B44-4ECF-BE8A-3F2A72…)

No. 789638

File: 1553419221838.jpeg (464.38 KB, 1800x1646, EC7E8409-8332-4051-8154-A418F1…)


No. 789639


Those portion sizes are crazy

No. 789640

File: 1553419547555.jpeg (317.25 KB, 1288x1629, 2E62178A-886F-499D-8546-5A7950…)

Double post but this is fucking great. Type her username and any problematic word you can think of, you’ll find a gold mine.

No. 789641

File: 1553419942558.png (480.59 KB, 1440x1583, Screenshot_2019-03-24-04-31-46…)

My sides

No. 789645

She is so insecure and stupid. Does she know how weight loss works? It's not by restricting for a day then binging on massive portions. She consumes calories so excessively its unreal. Like all those pine nuts in her steamed broccoli, empty calories in wine and how she uses soy milk instead of water with 3!! servings of huel. Take Jameela's advice and eat some fruit and vegetables instead Phoebe

No. 789646

File: 1553424515398.jpeg (175.51 KB, 750x615, 521441B7-E276-4C87-97DB-535B69…)

No. 789648

That's only from 2016.
She can't even claim that was ages ago and she's changed.

Using misogynistic language, hating women, using fat as an insult.

She's such a fake activist. How had she not been exposed yet!

No. 789649

File: 1553424681120.jpeg (Spoiler Image,161.13 KB, 750x1059, 3EF0DAEC-25B9-4D57-84B7-3DCEBB…)

No. 789650

File: 1553424953197.png (1.84 MB, 750x1334, IMG_0477.PNG)

Celebrating the purchase of a new bandana to cover up the cat's open infected sores…

No. 789651

File: 1553424983582.jpeg (162.03 KB, 750x543, 56124ED0-3ADA-427C-97EF-9CA40A…)

No. 789652

File: 1553425105153.jpeg (92.79 KB, 750x337, 5489A73A-1F50-4CDF-8F05-0AA1BA…)

No. 789653

File: 1553425275067.jpeg (161.6 KB, 750x676, BCD584C8-0FD1-410F-AAA2-823A7F…)

No. 789654

File: 1553425314393.jpeg (173.21 KB, 750x507, 65E7C6B8-4BE1-452C-B686-EF54CC…)

No. 789655

File: 1553426693589.jpg (49.07 KB, 750x398, Capture.JPG)

The extent of the misogyny is nuts

No. 789656

File: 1553426817486.jpg (24.22 KB, 758x148, Capture.JPG)

No. 789657

File: 1553427095665.jpg (83.67 KB, 750x683, Capture.JPG)

Jesus who eats a whole half cup of almonds in a sitting. That's a sharing size salad!

No. 789658

File: 1553427156474.jpg (25.96 KB, 752x141, Capture.JPG)

No. 789659

File: 1553427290212.jpg (34.68 KB, 749x274, Capture.JPG)


No. 789661

File: 1553427299033.jpeg (184.25 KB, 750x1334, 06F8F28D-8A56-4BF0-BED2-88E372…)

No. 789662


Context? When is this from?

No. 789664

Oh boy the internalized misogyny, like we didn't already know
So basically she tried becoming vegan because she didn't want to be a fatty, then she realized being fat gave her oppression points

No. 789665

Uh… isn't that a BAPE tag on the bandana?

No. 789666

No. 789668

>how many cunts have you licked

absolutely based

No. 789669

>underwear = whore
>disgusting videos of your fat spoot ass getting rammed online = ???

No. 789673

her mum is a fucking legend

No. 789675

I've never seen a fat woman's vagina before I watched her pornhub videos. Looks like two hairy dough loaves with chunky meat in between.

No. 789682

IIRC, one of the things that hardcore brexiteers were on about was that both EU immigrants and the EU were costing the NHS too much. So the irony of seeing a native brit just waste the NHS's time like fatty does is just… idk it bugs me is all. Also some misleading shit about how immigrants are taking up all the benefits, but then you get scroungers like fatty etc.

>no bitch who even knows your name?????

Gosh this really shows what her priorities are in life. Fame and attention. What a whore.

I'm dying at that but also at the "l'm so helpless i can't do anything to better my situation ever" that appears in EVERY ONE of her situations, even her haidresser fucking up.

Sweetie, those are vulvas, not vaginas.

>I deserve benefits.
>Stop demonising people who don't work.

Gosh thanks so much for sharing this anon. Her entitlement really shows in this.
Sorry dear but "don't" work implies that you're actively choosing not to work, and honestly why should everyone else bust their ass every day and pay taxes so you can actively choose not to work.

>I've worked so hard all week.

I'm dying lol. This is comedy gold.

Care work is tough, yo. My partner's auntie does it too and gosh that woman's got nerves of steel at this point from the things she's dealt with. But yeah. I think Pheobe may have been made to get a job, picked one of the most difficult jobs there is to do instead of just going to work at ASDA or whatever (ok i get that retail is no picnic either, but it's far easier than care work), and then when it was actually difficult, decided to write off it and work altogether because she'd rather not work. But at least she can say she tried? idk.

No. 789690

File: 1553440003466.jpeg (313.16 KB, 750x1087, 386B7FE2-2C35-4C17-96E6-05E4E7…)

No. 789691

File: 1553440027919.jpeg (365.6 KB, 750x1100, B303B614-BDCB-493E-893E-564737…)

No. 789693

File: 1553440070664.jpeg (260.31 KB, 750x998, 88100C7B-AD89-4B83-B3FC-7FE7BA…)

No. 789694

File: 1553440099256.jpeg (232.62 KB, 750x954, 70FABAD0-413F-4326-9ED7-2931E9…)

No. 789697

File: 1553440334886.jpeg (299.13 KB, 750x999, 054BED7F-2C26-4AC8-9B43-85845B…)

No. 789698


she’s so into cancel/call out culture, but can’t even come up with a decent apology. also pheobe, you’ve really outed yourself as a lurker. take a fucking shower, you could fry vegan chicken with the grease on your face.

No. 789699

File: 1553440361981.jpeg (213.97 KB, 750x995, 82D11E7E-D1D7-476D-8143-7AB1EE…)

No. 789700

File: 1553440389631.jpeg (286.98 KB, 750x1004, FE7E576B-0912-4CF8-8626-0B8059…)

No. 789701

File: 1553440410791.jpeg (240.43 KB, 750x978, 5BCA1259-B904-4082-9D78-9DBB75…)

No. 789702

File: 1553440440863.png (144.51 KB, 589x632, Screenshot 2019-03-24 at 15.05…)

We have hit the motherlode.

No. 789703


She posts about it like it's funny and cringey.

Where's the apology??!

She rants at Jameela for stuff she's done in the past but it's ok for her to have some horrific tweets and not pay reparations or apologise.
She's such a hypocrite.

Also, judging by one of them having a black background, she's taken those screenshots straight from here.
How pathetic.

No. 789706

Given her history of sexual assault, this is horrifying.

She's basically a rapist.

No. 789707

File: 1553440871026.jpg (622.47 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190324-152042_Ins…)

No. 789708

She's like what, 21 now? So she would have been 14/15 in 2012.

No. 789709

Yeah, she left school in 2013 so she’d be 16 then

No. 789710

Of course, we all said offensive and dumb stuff at that age.
The problem is that she's so quick to jump on other people and be part of call out culture.

If you're going to attack other people, you better make sure that you're clear yourself.

(I'm suspicious of anyone defending her when she's shown that she checks this thread religiously)

No. 789711

No. 789712

File: 1553441476500.jpg (188.63 KB, 1080x1097, Screenshot_20190324_153050.jpg)

No. 789714

Ffs messed that up. Who's cowtipping?

No. 789716


Nah she hasn't changed. She just learned a few new words.

Please hurry up and deny her benefits forever so she might begin contributing to society one day. I don't want my tax to support this chungus.

No. 789718

File: 1553441677659.jpg (135.59 KB, 750x833, IMG_2050.jpg)

卐 Phoebe 卐 is going hard with the damage control on her instagram, but this has really revealed the type of person she is. The whole $ocial Justice thing is an act, she has always said horrible abusive shit and the only thing that has changed is the flavour. There is no coming back from this for her "brand", she's just going to have to exercise and get a real job.

No. 789720


Surely a Jewish person would never support a Hitler page????

No. 789722

It figures the reason she's so aggressive and showy with this holier-than-thou SJW thing is she's trying to assuage her own guilt over being legitimately terrible.

No. 789724

You're constantly learning and changing as an adult too. Not everyone cares about or will be politically correct their entire lives either. God, she's so obsessed with justifying hating this woman. There are so many other people doing worse, twitter seems to find a new one every week to target, she should follow the crowd. I don't understand why she specifically hates her, is she a big deal in the UK or something?

Trying to be edgy use to be cool, now being an sjw is, she just wants to be liked. Probably because she has nothing else to offer and has no real interests.

No. 789725

File: 1553442471715.png (41.51 KB, 633x244, Screenshot 2019-03-24 at 15.31…)

I didn't believe this one could possibly be real but here's the live link to the MASS GENOCIDE tweet: https://twitter.com/fatveganfemme/status/386393397080391680

And archived version for when she has a meltdown and deletes her twitter: http://archive.is/7cPXW

No. 789726

Jameela isn't that big a deal in the UK. She's just so against women and so racist that she's decided to gun for her.

I hope Phoebe examines her internal racism and considers why she's going so hard for Jameela. It's fucking gross and bullying.

Henry must be bland as fuck to find anything attractive about Phoebe. Why marry someone so full of hate and poison.

Oh god I hope she never has kids.

No. 789728

god, what a fucking hypocrite. if i recall correctly she screeched about how it was 2012 to someone, maybe jameela? how it was SOOO RECENT and therefore cannot be written off as a mistake or whatever, which is hilarious considering she was an edgelord in 2016 and earlier

i hope henry dumps her arse, he deserves better

No. 789729

It’s cant be internal misogyny if you’re not a woman.

No. 789730

She hates women so much she's refusing to be one.

No. 789731

File: 1553443069874.jpeg (505.82 KB, 750x915, B77686C6-3D41-4073-8899-3EB2B2…)

No. 789732

I thought she was ~2 poor~ for a wedding and was just going to get married in a courthouse?

No. 789733

tbh i don’t think there’s a correct timeline or the amount of time it should take for you to realise you were problematic. there’s no cut off date before it starts being inexcusable for being shitty, imo. i don’t think jameela is transphobic, not on purpose anyway. if she’s just started learning about the trans community, respecting pronouns etc, then it shows she’s trying her best. why is that not possible because she’s, what, 30? callout culture is so stupid. phoebe can pretend she’s reformed but she’s obsessed with hating jameela because she’s racist and hates that she’s skinny, unlike phoebe.

No. 789734

Thats probably what she means. That dress would be more appropriate for that wedding. Henry should fucking run tbh

No. 789735

She is probably just calling her courthouse marriage a
"wedding". Lots of people were full on suits and gowns for pictures even if they don't have a proper ceremony.

No. 789736

doesnt she ever think that if she lost weight she wouldnt have such bad mobility issues?? like yea ur disabled lol but it doesnt help that ur like 400lbs 💀

No. 789739

File: 1553443895831.png (87.44 KB, 1080x732, Screenshot_20190324-152919.png)

Hi Phoebe. Got a bunch more screenshots for you to share with your followers. Hope you pin them for easy access like you've done with the Jameela shit xoxo

No. 789740

File: 1553443939275.png (106.61 KB, 1080x899, Screenshot_20190324-151441.png)

No. 789741

File: 1553443977254.png (87.21 KB, 1080x595, Screenshot_20190324-151341.png)

No. 789742

File: 1553444037557.png (412.12 KB, 1080x1469, Screenshot_20190324-151245.png)

No. 789743

File: 1553444070641.png (117.24 KB, 1080x909, Screenshot_20190324-151136.png)

No. 789744

File: 1553444122530.png (91.31 KB, 1080x743, Screenshot_20190324-150400.png)