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File: 1468753646872.png (1014.63 KB, 1080x1920, 1468743349192.png)

No. 289978

Kiki has finally slithered out from hiding and graces us with our presence!

Why now? Whats going on in Kiki's life? Has she found a new jap boy toy? Is Cathy shoving the selfie stick in her face telling her monkey to make some dollars? Does this mean we'll get new videos? New blog/ website?! (rip lilkitten).


No. 289979

I've been waiting for this.

No. 289980

It has been so long - I honestly was starting to think she was gone for good this time. I do wonder what gems of insight she'll gift us in this new era: specifically what her drop in online presence has taught her over the last 9 months. Did this extended exercise of listening instead of speaking teach her anything about her place in the world or will she soon go back to screaming into the void? Time shall tell.

No. 289981

I kind of wonder if she'll realize how many followers she lost or see that no one really cares now and just disappear again. That would be unfortunate but I can kind of see it happening if she doesn't get the attention she wants.

No. 289982

I guess it really all depends on what kind of attention she wants now. I'm probably reaching here, but I don't think her return at this point of time (considering what's been happening in the world specifically in the last few weeks) is just a coincidence. I feel she will either push the new-age positivity as an antithesis to what's going on and what everyone else is talking about online - hence trying to be seen as refreshing in comparison thus hoping she'll get attention/followers as a result. Or (and this will be a guaranteed carcrash if she tries this considering her past esp. the stickam videos), she'll start discussing social issues (e.g. ISIS, police brutality etc.) and her view of what's going on in the world. The latter would be entertaining for us, but I doubt it will get her much attention/followers as there is a million and one think-piece writers and podcasters who have more experience, insight and expertise on these matters.

No. 289983

oh man. I cannot wait to see her embarrass herself some more. Favourite lolcow hands down.

No. 289984

File: 1468758789539.jpg (1.68 MB, 400x212, Eiaha.jpg)

No. 289985

samefag, sorry. click on the pic to activate the gif which shows the only accurate reaction to queen Kaka's return

No. 289986

File: 1468759874628.jpg (89.47 KB, 1080x783, Screenshot_20160717-134928_1.j…)

>long time no see…

No. 289987

Her eyebrows look worse than ever

No. 289988

lol, not letting go of japan

No. 289989

If she actually stuck to anything and put effort into whatever she wanted to do she could do okay in Internet life. Nothing what she used to be. Although I think she sank her own ship going on so many breaks. I think she had her best bet with beauty and fashion vlogs. But she fucked that over too.

No. 289990

She won't gain popularity again like she did in her scene days. Dakota has overtaken her and even kooter isn't doing that great these days. She's just about relevant.

But kaka… with her drama and paranoia I doubt she will gather a height of fame again. Too many girls are out there these days who can easily overshadow her. Kaka isn't anything special. She's a shut in, looks aren't that great and she's a cunt. Let's just be real here.

No. 289991


Pfft even if she did try talking about politics she would end up deleting youtube comments with things she doesn't agree with.

No. 289992

She looks like dakota.. or does dakota look like her…

No. 289993

Almost scared to comment, like scared we'll scare her away again

No. 289994

SAME. I missed her so much & thought it'd definitely be way longer before she reappeared again.

No. 289995

Shes like a pokemon

Gotta be sneaky otherwise shell run away

No. 289996

At last, our vegan empath goddess has returned to us!! I've been so mournful without Kiki's delicious milk.

Let's all remember not to fuck it up this time. Cows are for watching, not harrassing, so don't go scaring Kiki off. Hopefully our vegan moogle of mother earth is here to stay. Her IG description and stuff hasn't really changed so do you think she's still going for the same schtick?

No. 289997

File: 1468774733754.gif (519.7 KB, 245x130, tumblr_inline_noi35pkxoW1qbqje…)

Oh god, I'm so fucking thrilled.
Our ethereal goddess of love & light has returned!
May she bless us with the creamiest milk.

No. 289998


Oh god yeah definitely. She's still hoping to kamisama that he will grant a beautiful ray of light on her and let the Japanese bow to her angel winged stilettos that she will too form into a beautiful kawaii goddessu like her very successful, much beloved Dako-chan-imotou!

No. 289999

lol and PULL isn't shutting down anymore either

Watch out kaka

No. 290000

I'm gonna nitpick here, but her greasy hair is really bothering me. I don't understand why she wouldn't wash it before her "big comeback."

Also, someone in Kota's thread compared her to Taissa Farmiga, but I would say Kaka looks a lot like her in this pic at least.

It seem so. The only thing I noticed is she got rid of the Chinese, so she's probably done pretending to give a shit about China/Korea now.

No. 290001

I'm kind of disappointed she still looks the same and hasn't come back with a brand new kawaii face full of fillers like Taylor.

No. 290002


Japan is her main goal

As it is to 48247847384 other girls lol

No. 290003

File: 1468776515710.png (514.63 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-07-18-01-04-36…)

>figured you'd been working on an album or something

Oh, how amazing more 'totally original and not stolen' mish-mashes of incohesive electronic/dubstep garbage would be.

I have to say, I'm pretty excited to see what she's got up her sleeve for us this time.
Is she in the holy land of Nippon? Or back in the US? No doubt she'll be acting like she's in Japan either way. Uploading from that stash of backed up pictures she's got.

No. 290004

Also if a family friend of the monstrengas from Bravo got Kota in for modelling. Why can't they do the same for Kaka then?

No. 290005

Same, to be honest.
Still the same boring winged-eyeliner makeup, still the flat, unlayered hairstyle and middle parting, still not filling in her damn brows.
Girl needs to change shit up.

No. 290006

Because Kiki is a screaming obnoxious twat and not even giving up the puss makes men able to tolerate her for long. She thinks so highly of herself and her ego is so massive and she treats people like shit unless worship her, even if Bravo considered signing her I doubt she would be able to keep her bullshit in check long enough to finish all the paperwork. Before she disappeared she said on Twitter that she got an entertainment visa but she deleted it pretty quickly, same with her bragging about being scouted.

I don't doubt she had offers while in Japan, but she can't act like an adult and won't do anything she doesn't want to do so maybe whatever opportunities she did get she shat all over with her awful personality.

No. 290007

wut? i thought bravo contacted her because she went viral and had a page on her blog for modeling agencies to e-mail her?

No. 290008

File: 1468778014324.gif (1001.5 KB, 440x300, elmo001.gif)

holy shit she's back

wonder how long she'll last before she poofs away again

No. 290009

File: 1468778611073.png (206.43 KB, 698x424, Kiki Youtube.png)

Question when Youtube saids an account was active 10 months ago does that mean the last time the posted a video or did anything at all like approving a comment, etc?

No. 290010

>Why now?

Exactly anon. Pretty odd that her return happens to coincide with the appearance of the Dakota and Taylor obsessed sperg-chan and their seemingly disproportionate fury at being accused of being Kiki.

Yep, she's probably been spending her time away gathering several years worth of content in order to stage a permanent move to Japan.

No. 290011


From the new instagram pictures I swear that her old room in Florida but maybe thats just wishful thinking on my part.

No. 290012

I also think kaka would crawl out of her burrow now that pull is going belly-up

sage for tinfoil hat

No. 290013


>treats people like shit unless worship her

nope kirsten is quite condescending even towards the people who worship her hah

No. 290014

How old is Kiki now?

No. 290015

Yeah, that's definitely her room, she just changed it up a little bit. She still has the same tv, same lamp, and in the same area (right by the door).
If she was somewhere else, she'd be showing off the background more. Though, it does seem to me that she tried to make it seem like she was somewhere else by not showing much of her room and changing things up.

I think she's turning 24 soon?

No. 290016

She claims she was born in 1993; so 22 turning 23 in September. But she has said 1992 before (in a vlog I think) and the old police report backs that up. She has claimed 1990 way back too, I believe.

No. 290017

no? she's always said 1992. unless you mean the scene days, then yeah she used to clim she was older, but that was nearly a decade ago.

No. 290018

Oh, sorry, you're right.
I'm tired as fuck and it's been a while with Kaka so my brain's fucking everything up.

No. 290019

File: 1468785843629.png (683.66 KB, 1200x1540, Screenshot_20160717-130149~2.p…)

Kiki's new insta post…new Japanese bf maybe?

No. 290020


if this is her new bf than she petty much just returned to show everybody her kawaii-desu Taku 2.0.

oh man, this is a good day.

No. 290021

File: 1468786110667.gif (458.56 KB, 146x146, 543498.png.gif)


No. 290022

I'll believe it's her bf when she posts a pic of them together.

No. 290023

I love how Kiki is so completely incapable or learning from her past. She just can't resist showing off her yellow hookups to prove us haterzzzzz wrong lol

Maybe she's been in Japan with Kota hunting for a visa hubby the whole time

No. 290024




No. 290025

kiki has always had more personality than kota imo even though they're both pretty that always made me think kiki had more potential to be efamous. It's a longshot but I hope kiki gets a rise in fame again and that'll spark some jealously rage that will fuel kota into doing more shit. kiki and kota are my faves I just wish they'd produce more milk/more new content even if its not very lulzy.

No. 290026

File: 1468786346369.png (353.75 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-07-17-16-03-17…)

She also changed her Twitter name.

No. 290027


How long do you think before she starts going by キキ・レイ?

No. 290028

What's the 'Lei' supposed to mean?

No. 290029

This. Typical conceited Kaka.
But like the other anon said, I'll believe it when I see them together. He looks a bit too…boy-band-ish? Not to give Kaka props or anything if he is her bf but he's a bit too nice-looking.

No. 290030

Her second name is Leigh, so maybe she thinks Lei sounds cuter or something, like how Dakota Rose sounds cute.

No. 290031

They're not pronounced the same as all though. Leigh is pronounced the same as the boy's name Lee, and Lei is pronounced the same as lay.

Why am I trying to apply logic to this idiots actions though.

No. 290032

It was Leigh only some hours ago, she's probably trying to make it sound more Japanese, but (if her middle name is pronounced how I think it is) it should be 'ri-/li'.

No. 290033

Ahaha, looks like we called her not reappearing until she had something to try and brag about. This guy looks creepy and Mr Yan tier, no wonder he's covering half his face.

No. 290034

File: 1468786782085.gif (46.89 KB, 372x200, 200_s.gif)

Could you imagine of the tables flipped AGAIN?

Somehow Kiki shoots up into internet popularity, and actually begins to overshadow Dakota. Kiki is frolicking in her Nipponland with her Nipponese boyfriendo, booking high-end modeling jobs and being all around successful with her Nipponland vlogs and blogs. Meanwhile Dakota is locked away forever in her off-white dungeon desperately shooping her head smaller and smaller, her eyes bigger and bigger, until she looks like something from Beetlejuice. She sadly has to be shipped back to Flordia to take Kiki's place as the sad sister that is forced by Cathy to scour the internet for any reason to submit copyright claims for the Kiki Kanninbal Empire.

I can dream.

No. 290035

She can't very well use her last name I she plans to get famous in Japan (and you know she does). Not only is it ugly sounding but it's hard for Japanese to pronounce. "Osutorenga" isn't kawaii desu.

Plus she can't use her last name because it's connected to all her and Kota's Japanese truth posts.

No. 290036

Kiki is too old to become a model now, unless she lies about being a model already in America which Dakota has already don't for her. She'll never surpass Dakota though, Kota's gimmick is "cute" and Kiki's is "sexy vegan goddess" and tbh cute trumps that in Japan.

I've never understood why American schools stopped teaching phonics. Why would it be pronounced "lee"? You don't pronounce "sleigh" as "slee" would you? Besides Scott and Cathy wouldn't give Kiki a boring sounding middle name like Lee, but Leigh (lay) sounds pretty and feminine.

No. 290037


No. 290038

Why would adding -gh to the end chance how the ie st 3 letters are pronounced? That's a typical milennial thing, to add -gh to the end of names or replace Es and Is with a Y.

No. 290039

I'm English. It's an English name, and it's pronounced exactly the same as Lee.

It's not a millennial thing. It's my fucking name I know how it's pronounced. It's an old English variant spelling of Lee in the first place, the pronunciation is the same.

No. 290040

Oh you bet your ass she will. She has to. If he has any kind of social status, fame, or money she's going to brag about him and claim he doesn't speak a word of English. She can't help herself.

No. 290041


It can be pronounced EITHER WAY you autists. Whichever one Kiki choses to use, unless there's audio of one of her parents saying her middle name, is the closest to an official answer you're going to get.

Now save the bitching for the real milk. She's posted 3 times so far today, so I know that sweet sweet cream is coming.

No. 290042

I think Kiki has been hiding out in Tokyo either the whole time or at least part of the time/recently. If so, it would explain Dakota suddenly using more English and trying to get into real modeling now wen he never cared before, maybe she's scared Kiki is going to become her competition? And Kiki would never let herself get fat and bloated like Dakota has, and she suits Bravo-style modeling way more. Plus Kiki is objectively better at modeling than Dakota who is rather awkward and has to be careful with makeup/angles while Kiki has a more versatile face that will work with more styles. I bet Kiki will even try making a portfolio video with a (scripted) Japanese intro. She's too proud to admit to marrying just for a visa, she's going to try to get into modeling or TV for sure, and you bet she's gonna use Dako-chin's former popularity to do it too.

No. 290043

Yeah I know most models in Japan are young or young looking/passing but I always viewed Kiki as an internet persona not a model, like being famous and making money because people like your carefully coordinated look and online personality and she kinda goes for that 'angel wispy' look and bubbly personality which is sorta like generic kawaii shit. Can't she get famous online in Japan with those traits alone, if she started making content regularly again? She's only in her early twenties.

No. 290044

>It can be pronounced EITHER WAY you autists.

Though, I'm positive hers is pronounce Lee since when she had her name in Japanese on her twitter/ig, it was キキ・リー (kiki ri- for those who don't speak Japanese)

No. 290045

It would take too long and her Japanese isn't that good. Besides, she likes to think of herself as a model since she was 12 anyway, and since Dakota is a model in Japan that means Kiki has to become one too.

How long do you guys think it'll be before she starts buying Twitter and Instagram followers?

No. 290046

Tru. Idk how is Kiki affording to live there, do we believe that her bf is funding her or her family? How does her family have so much money to spare? I think she would definitely consider buying followers as a 'good business move and wise investment' but how much does that cost, does she have the money laying around for that?

I just imagined Kiki teaming up with her sis and trying to pull a Kim K deal. I don't think it's likely to happen but god that would be ultimate milk for me

No. 290047

I don't think Kiki is in Japan at all, and she hasn't been this entire time she's been away. If she was she would have been updating more often.

She spent this time laying low and looking for a new Japanese boyfriend. Dakota's change in style is purely a result in herself failing as a model.

No. 290048

I totally agree. I don't think she's in Japan either. Maybe she's making plans to go see her new bf in Japan finally and that's why she's back.

No. 290049

Yep, thats exactly it. Kiki is so transparent.

No. 290050


Given how mostrenga parents are eager to spend all money it takes to make her famous, I wouldn't put getting loans and maxing credit cards past them. Remember how they rather buyed useless shit for their photoshoots than paying for Kiki's ER trips.
Also there's granny's inheritance, most likely kiki could afford the 2015 azn cock riding tour thanks to it.

No. 290051

Wonder how she'll pay for it now. Maybe her new guy has some extra cash for her to mooch off of.

No. 290052

Tens the betting she met him off Hellotalk since we scared her off Worldfriend.

No. 290053

If Kiki had been in Japan there's no way she wouldn't make sure everyone knew about it. My guess is she's been using her hiatus to hunt down a new boifurendo online. Now she's reeled one in she's going to Japan to meet him and will be pretending she's been there the whole time.

No. 290054

can you guys imagine if Kaka got secretly married and is now going to join the ~vegan4lyfeeee~ jvlogging crew and Taylor becoming her new bff vlogging friend just to spite kota?

Sharla: "Omgggg dis is my new friend Kiki omg she is soooo cyuuuute and niiiiice I totes used to look up to herrrr and she is veeeegan toooo!"

No. 290055



She'll meet him for a quick shag and flaunt how mystical and kawaii she is. Brag about kota despite hating how she's much more successful (somewhat) than her. Then probably hope she can reel in that delicious visa. Just like Venus, Himezawa and many others have done so.

Then she'll set up a Youtube account and try grabbing some agency that will take her.

No. 290056

Not to mention she'll probably try to pawn her shitty CD off on everyone too

No. 290057


Yeah probably. Then they'll somehow drag Venus into it and they'll all dance around in Yoyogi park like a bunch of fucking idiots and proclaim how kawaii, white and unique they are. I hope a thunder bolt strikes them all.

No. 290058


Oh god yeah lets not forget her pile of shit music rip offs. Can't forget about that now can we?

If her sister is the kawaii elf goddessu then kaka will be the kawaii dj mother goddessu. Imagine her on Japanese tv sat next to that chunkster Naomi bragging about how wonderful her tunes are and the audience nodding robotically in awe at how magical, unique and special the Ostrenga sisters are.

No. 290059

If that's the case, hope some dumb fan naively ask her if that's Taku/what happened to him haha

No. 290060


I still can't believe she didn't whore it everywhere that Opal Rain was used in The Life of Nanoko. It was directed by a pretty famous director, and that's the closest famewhore Kiki has ever gotten to a Japanese celebrity (unless you count having sex with the Fangophilia guy).

No. 290061


She probably will when she gets her - japanese ugu fame -

No. 290062


looks like a girl tbh

No. 290063

Because it was an stolen track

Anyways, the Dj who released it already know about Kaka and called her a plagiarist bitch

No. 290064

Kiki becoming a jvlogger would be the best thing to happen jvlogging in a while. So much drama potential.

I think it's more likely Sharla would get caught bitching about Kiki than her doing a collab video with her lol.

No. 290065

Kiki becoming a jvlogger would be the best thing to happen jvlogging in a while. So much drama potential.

I think it's more likely Sharla would get caught bitching about Kiki than her doing a collab video with her lol.

No. 290066

Its because she had stolen the song from another artist already. If she made a big stink about someone stealing hers, then it would have just come to light she stole it as well.

No. 290067


Kek exactly

So so much drama

No. 290068

>already moved to /snow/


No. 290069

I was thinking more along the lines of her bragging about it like it was intentional.

No. 290070

I think by the time the song got used in the movie it was already common knowledge amongst "haters" she already stole it. Its better to ignore it and pretend it never happened so that people can't bring it up 1000 times that she had already stolen it. That's Kiki's logic about life, pretty much.

No. 290071

I tried looking up 'The Life of Nanoko' to watch for shits & giggles, but I'm not turning up any search results–did I get the title wrong somehow?

No. 290072

Woah woah woah what makes you think the guy in the new Instagram as seen in >>290019 is her boyfriend.

As far as we know she could have taken the picture from google, put some filters over it and call it her own. She has done it before. I agree with >>290022 . I believe it when I see a picture of them together.

No. 290073


come on, pull down that scarf bro. let's see if those chompers are snaggly like taco's.

No. 290074

kanako iirc

No. 290075


interesting she took down the Tweet about the instagram but it's still up on IG

No. 290076

It was probably an auto thing that posts on Twitter when posting on IG. idk why it came up as a just a link and no picture tho

No. 290077

OH SHIT this is the same guy who made Kamikaze Girls and Memories of Matsuko. I've been meaning to watch this for a while, actually. Thanks, anon! I'm even more surprised that Kiki's 'remix' made it onto the soundtrack, now…

No. 290078

Twitter used to post Instagram links + the photo (3-4 years ago lol) but since then they stopped. it's super annoying.

Christmas has come early. right when I was about to give up on this site, she returns!!

No. 290079

File: 1468805160529.png (872.43 KB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_20160717-182457.png)

New Twitter pic… showing off her Japanese skills lol

No. 290080

lol this again. Doesn't she have anything better to post other than how ~totes fluent~ she is?

No. 290081

kanako iirc

No. 290082

They're just assuming this because she's suggesting it.

It really does seem to me she did that. If he's her bf, why does his face need to be covered? If she says it's for "privacy reasons," then that's fucking bullshit. If she truly cared about his privacy, she'd never post the pic in the first place.

I would laugh so fucking hard if we found out she was now pretending to have a ~sugoku kawaii nihonjin boifurendo~ using google images.

I love how he's speaking baby-ish Japanese to her and mostly writes in English to her.
Something tells me she didn't improve in Japanese at all since we last saw her.

No. 290083

>why does his face need to be covered?

maybe he has awful teeth like Taco

No. 290084

Look at the pixels and compression and it's basically confirmed that's what she did. Why wouldn't she have it in HQ? Even if she threw a bunch of filters on it shit looks bad.

The question is will she try to pass this off as Taku to save face?

No. 290085

Why the fuck is this in /snow/?

No. 290086

Because she's made 3 instagram posts in the past year. If she starts making regular milk again, then maybe she's pt material. Until then, she's a minor character much like her sister (historical lolcow shit aside.)

No. 290087

Was she gone long enough to have been pregger by taco and hide that she had a baby? Anyone know?

No. 290088

Nah. Being pregnant leaves you with way too much time to spend online, and once it's born, you won't have any time at all for some months.

No. 290089

>>290026 someone in the last thread suggested this bc キキ・レイ sounds like 綺麗 which means beautiful lol i'm actually glad she took theie advice

No. 290090

File: 1468827232879.jpg (12.16 KB, 150x166, image.jpg.12bbcfeffb2ec069692d…)

Someone on pull pointed out the profile icon. It's this pic >>290019
Did she just download his line pic and post it without his permission?
This is more proof to me that she isn't dating this guy or at least hasn't been dating him that long, if she was, I feel like she would have more pics of him or she'd at least be comfortable asking for more pics of him.

No. 290091

File: 1468827813351.jpg (4.52 MB, 367x206, 0ykg2aq.jpg)

Either that or she's just found a random photo and is talking to herself. Would explain the shitty Japanese and English in his reply to her. Would not surprise me at all.

No. 290092

Well that would explain why the picture she posted is such shitty quality…she just swiped a tiny profile picture.

I can believe she's actually talking to this guy, but it's probably just some dude she met on a penpal site a week ago and she wants us to think she’s in some long term relationship with him.

No. 290093

That's sad. If she was waiting until she had a bf to boast about in order to return to the internet wouldn't she want a sure thing?

No. 290094

>it's probably just some dude she met on a penpal site a week ago and she wants us to think she’s in some long term relationship with him.
I think so as well.
Though, I'm hoping that she just found the pic off google and is pretending to have a bf like >>290091 said. That would be hilarious.

In either case, it really shows she hasn't learned a single thing from her experiences when she was last posting online.

No. 290095

sorry for the news anon, PULL is going to survive. just like here it's been taken over by a new admin. lucky for us here though…

No. 290096

Lol I think so too. The eyebrows and eyes with make up on seem rather girlish.

No. 290097

What if she's talking to a neckbeard neet who uses a googled image as a profile picture

No. 290098

No one scare her away this time jfc
Also shes listing her name as 'kiki lei' and actually replying to peoples comments

No. 290099

Oh you can see that guy(?)'s pic she posted on ig is a shitty copy from someone's LINE icon

No. 290100

If she returned just to show him off, it shows a lot about her mindset: that she defines herself by who she's dating and needs approval of her relationships from strangers through any attenion whatsoever. Not much different to MySpace era-Kiki. All the intense self-relection she claimed she did from 2006-2012 was useless in this regard.

No. 290101

yeah, i was hoping these months away would have done her some good, maybe she got a job and was living a normal life in florida. still appears to be clinging to japan fame, and wasted no time showing off her nipponese husbando.. :( but i do think its too early to judge.

No. 290102



Maybe she is fucking with us and did that on purpose. You would think by now she would be a pro at lying.

No. 290103

kaka hates mimei so there's potential right there

No. 290104

>kaka hates mimei

How do you know that? Source?

No. 290105

After so many failures to stay relevant and gain praise: Lesbian Kiki emerges. Now we can't call her a homophobe anymore and she can lecture us about it's totemo like to be a queer vegan empath woman of color!

No. 290106

story time: during kobe collection years ago, dakota supposedly had to meet vloggers like mimei and sasaki asahi, but it didn't push through because she was "tired". i don't remember which video it was but dakota had a short interview on youtube, and in the comments mimei was like, oh she's more personable here blah blah. she could have written that down because she didn't meet dakota at kobe collection. anyway kaka went to dakota's rescue in the comments and tried to trash mimei and all, because mimei and micaela would talk about dakota's age and chin or whatever on twitter. and she was like, that's why dakota doesn't like you. and kaka was like, so now you know how it feels to be bullied. sorry i don't have the screen shots, but basically that video ended up being taken down by kiki via copyright claim. pretty sure the old PULL has screencaps of it.

No. 290107

to be fair, mimei was being pretty catty when the girl has no room to talk about peoples facial features.

No. 290108

File: 1468852424122.jpg (55.38 KB, 832x583, PAxWg0C.jpg)

No. 290109

here's the thread that kaka saw on twitter. https://twitter.com/mimei/status/223267407802810368

No. 290110

i find it funny how mimei talks shit about koot when mimei looks like a fucking transvestite

No. 290111

That whole Jvlogger clique is full of bitches jesus christ

No. 290112

also duncan made a parody of japan youtubers including dakota and dakota didn't appreciate it. so dakota sent him a message back then. pretty sure those monstrenga sisters hate that couple.

No. 290113

No. 290114

No. 290115

and the video i don't know where to find it because duncan makes a lot of videos about the top 100 youtubers in japan. i remember duncan doing an impression of dakota, wearing a blonde wig and saying he forgot to use after effects or something like that

No. 290116

i find it hypocritical that mimei and taylor made a video about bullying online when mimei did exactly that and taylor was just a dakota wannabe

No. 290117

hold up, how was taylor being a dakota wannabe hypocritical when she didn't bully dakota at all? not a taylor stan, but that didn't make sense to me.

No. 290118

I think anon means that Dakota is on a higher level than both of them. Better than Mimei because she's not a greasy tranny and better than Taylor because she's original/interesting and Taylor has obsessively copied her at some point (nowadays it's just the lip shape and that she lives in Tokyo literally because Dakota moved there)

No. 290119

yup thats what i meant obviously now taylor is somewhat her own person but before she was a blatant copy

No. 290120

All the people welcoming her back and saying they missed her must be giving her the biggest lady boner.

No. 290121

She has returned and this is sent to snow, fucking morons.

No. 290122

good we need to keep patting her ego to keep her around

No. 290123

She's arguably the biggest cow we've had on here and even she isn't in /pt/ anymore.
I understand that her thread might get moved back into /pt/ when the milk starts flowing again, but I just find it so pointless unnecessary. With all the moving around, I forget whose thread is in which board.

Sage for rant.

No. 290124


The next person to shit on top of dakota,
Tay and mimei must be a person with a fresh slate. New meat with no drama, friendly and genuine. Interesting, beautiful and clever. To gain any sort of popularity they would have to kind of dethrone the lot of them with a new image and thats hard nowadays since everyone is a try hard or desperate.

No. 290125

she's posted 3 pictures, it's not really a milk-worthy return. for all we know she could disappear again and then the entire thread would be pointless.

people are losing their shit that she's back but so far we've had nothing of substance from her. bitch is a snowflake till proven otherwise. y'all almost as bad as PULL right now i swear

No. 290126

its hard to rise to fame without doing some shitty stuff tbh
people will always dig up something or shit on you for the tiniest things

No. 290127

meanwhile, her thread where she was awol for over a year stayed in /pt/ until sperg-chan maxed it out.

No. 290128

it was dead though. what do you expect them to go through every dead thread in /pt/ and move them around when no one is touching them?

Stop complaining about nothing.

No. 290129

Kiki's thread wasn't even close to max of out until sperg-chan attacked it, and it took her a few hours to do so. It's actually still in /pt/, maxed out, but I think anon's point was that even when it was consistently being bumped by spergy to the top of the board it still wasn't locked or moved.

No. 290130


Who fucking cares if its in snow or pt? We are just filling the thread with pointless arguing. Lets just be happy she is back. Jesus.

No. 290131

Nah, before Sperg-chan it was still getting posted in by farmers after the changes the old Admin did.

I just want her to grace us with a YT video. I was going through her channel earlier and it was pretty depressing seeing her videos go from around 200k-300k views to 17k. Wish she'd put effort into a comeback so I can have my princess back.

No. 290132

File: 1468882406610.png (1.58 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-07-18-18-52-31…)

No. 290133

The caption says something about it being ~a picture of him~

No. 290134

Here's a translation of the Japanese caption:
"My boyfriend's picture
This is Chiba
Beautiful, isn't it?"

No. 290135

Her text says "His photo". She used kare not kareshi though, but then again, she doesn't speak Japanese so she could've meant anything.

Fun fact: Taco and his cafe is in Chiba. But the guy isn't Taco, they look completely different. I wonder how long until this one-sided relationship dies

No. 290136

"Kare" can be used for "boyfriend", too, though

No. 290137

At she admitted that its not her photo. I thought for sure she'd heavily imply she took it because she's in Japan

No. 290138


She could also be trying to imply that it's a picture of him, not necessarily that the picture is by him

No. 290139

Pretty strange seing sharla refer to kota as a"dumb bitch"
They're being pretty harsh.

No. 290140

Yeah, I thought so as well.

If she has no issue basically admitting that she isn't in Japan, I'm wondering why she didn't just take a pic of them video chatting together. This is making me more skeptical about this new "boyfriend."

No. 290141

I mean, I GUUUUESS? But there are better ways to somehow imply that she's in Japan with a boyfriend than saying it like that.

No. 290142

cuz he ugly af, which is why she's using a vague picture of him on IG

No. 290143


What makes me giggle about Sharla and Hemei is that if kota came to them as a Jvlogger oh they would welcome her with open arms. I mean how could they pass up an opportunity like that? Pfft.

No. 290144

Apparently there is some sort of event that happens all throughout the month of July in Chiba concerning the blooming of the sunflowers and that windmill is a popular spot

No. 290145


So who's up for searching this on google images?

No. 290146

She needs a husband because she is totally fucking useless.

No. 290147

This is Akebonoyama Agriculture Park, and apparently the sunflowers are in season there from late July-August. So we can assume that she's not in Japan right now with her "boyfriend" or she would have posted a picture she took herself instead of her boyfriend's photo.

No. 290150

it was mimei who she called a dumb bitch, not dakota.

No. 290153

website i found says the blooming this year is happening all throughout July and that the flowers are currently 60% bloomed.

chances are her "boyfriend" went, took a picture, either posted it on social media somewhere or sent it to kaka.

No. 290154

Pretty sure it's her new boyfriend tbh.

No. 290155

>anytime kiki has had jap bf it's been real

she's had one japanese boyfriend, clam down. and people are always skeptical because she has a history of over-exaggerating, flat out lying, and even stealing images to somehow make her look more interesting. there is nothing wrong with people not 100% believing anything this twat is true until we have proof.

No. 290156

The only time I've seen her "steal" images is with pictures that are circulating all around instagram on aesthetic themes where everyone is reposting the same picture.

No. 290157

[CONT.] for example, the China pic which was heavily pink filtered, I've seen that all over other IG accounts and Kiki never said she was in China. I think in the comments someone asked about knowing about veganism in asia and she mentioned knowing about the hanzi and kanji, but never said she was actually in china. The only thing I've seen her do is post old pics from when she was in Japan when she's back in FL, but I've seen a lot of people do that honestly when they come back from trips.

No. 290158

Nah she posted about Ghibli Museum using a photo from online, too.

No. 290159

I vaguley remember her posting some ramen type image once, claiming it was totally vegan. People realized she took it from somewhere else and that it wasn't vegan at all.

And everyone knows she's flat out lied about her trips to Japan. Dakota even outed her out on that. So yes, she is untrustworthy.

No. 290160

I've seen it on many IG accounts too.

No. 290161

I've never seen this or read about this, both the ramen and the dakota outing her, can you show me?

No. 290162

That's so easy to say that. Link?

No. 290163

go to any weeb's IG account

i think kaka reposts pics online that a lot of people do and then farmers over exaggerate and scream that she lies about every single thing she does

No. 290164

Like who? The thing is she uploads directly from her phone or pad, whichever, and at the time she was in Japan. So it doesn't make sense she would post someone else's photo when she could easily share the one she took.

No. 290165

The original accusation was that she was lying by omission. She didn't reply to anyone who asked about where she was, and answered questions or comments from people who clearly thought she was in Japan in ways that encouraged that assumption.

Kiki almost never outright lies. She always lies by omission.

No. 290166

my friends and i have reposted pics from online if we didn't get a picture or had shitty pics of a certain popular spot [to shitty to post on IG with the way our feeds looked] so it was better to take a better looking pic from the internet, it's not a huge issue. it doesn't mean people who have done that equals their whole IG and experiences are fake

No. 290167

I've seen more of kaka's shit exposed to be true rather than her faking it. that's how we've gotten so much milk from her because she post her real life and that's how we've been able to track down everything and everyone she talks about

No. 290168

You know, for someone who goes apeshit when their photos are posted anywhere else, she would understand it's not nice to take other people's photos without credit to the source or saying it's not their photo at all. I would understand if it's on a blog, but lifted travel photos posted IG? That's rather strange.

No. 290169

*posted on IG

No. 290170

lmao you are doing the most right now, anon. if these pictures were just total innocent reposts, then why did she delete them when people called her out on them?

also i tried finding screenshots of the images. i'm sur ethey'r eburied in the old threads, and for some reason all the posts in PULL only go as far back as August of 2015, and all this happened somewhere around the 2013/2014 timeline (i think)

as for Dakota calling her out, yes, it did happen, but Dakota did it totally on accident. Kiki was telling everyone she was staying for an extended period of time in Japan, but Dakota answered a Tweet saying she was leaving much earlier. Kiki even got mad and made a snarky comment about Koots on her twitter.

No. 290172

oh good lord, don't quote people while a mod is moving a thread.

meant to reply to: >>290165

No. 290173

Did anons forget the time she posted pictures to her IG trying to pretend she was in Japan, anons called out that the photo she posted was from Google and it was actually China? Then she changed her story to claim she was visiting China though she never posted her own photos to back that claim. She definitely implied she was in China though and not in a lying by omission kind of way. I think the lying by omission came after because she almost got herself caught. She did get herself caught but most of her followers will lick her ass and pretend it's fine.

No. 290174

i think farmers assumed she was staying an extended period of time and dakota blogged she left in march, i don't remember kiki ever said she was staying longer, farmers just assumed

No. 290175

lol @ people throwing a snowflake fit to have this thread moved back to pt

No. 290176

there's no milk, why is she back in pt? kiki fans get mad and threw a fit to admin like taylor spergchan?

No. 290177

Plus when a pulltard tried to catch fish her pretending to be an hot azn guy on one of the friend sites, she told the fake profile that she was back n FL and not in JP, so idk people keep stating theories of farmers as what actually happened with kiki - it gets annoying when trying to lurk and gossip for real shit

No. 290178


This. I feel like this isn't the only example of her stealing pictures and lying by omission just like stated in >>290165 .

I never can take what Kiki post seriously because 90% of the time it's stolen.

No. 290179

while you keep typing crazy ass theories about her that derails everything


No. 290180

90%? Lawlz

Exaggeration is a common theme here amongst farmers I suppose.

No. 290181

No she is literslly saying to mimei "because youre a dumb bitch who is expected to (cause drama)"

No. 290182

More like 2% stolen, plus her music was sampled like other DJs

No. 290184


Okay, Sharla.

No. 290186


Either you are some whiteknight for Kiki or you are new to this thread. It's not some crazy theory she steals pictures, it has been discussed in previous threads.

Sorry you are right, 90% is the percentage of all the shit she steals. From music, pictures, jewelry, etc. My bad.

No. 290187

I think you exaggerate too much.

No. 290188

No, anon is right, for example, Kiki stole a picture from China to parade as her being in Japan and she got called out for it. Please keep up and read the other threads. No-one is going to do your homework.

No. 290189


Are you for real? Everyone remembers the picture she found on google and reposted as her own, it was a street with lots of foreign writing and she posted it pretending to be in Japan but the writing was Chinese, kek.

No. 290190


Hahahaha okay this has got to be a troll or monstrenga. I'm not going to have to pull up the Russian who swore at Kiki for stealing his entire track am I?

No. 290191

Sampled? Get the fuck out Kaka stan, many of her songs were 100% identical to the sources other people discovered. There was no sampling, there was her finding obscure artists to pass their music off as her own. Even before she got into dubstep her Kiki Mimieux project was criticized for trying to copy Cocorosie's sound.

No. 290193


Probably the Monstrenga, white knight or troll. GTFO

No. 290200


I know there has been some tinfoil-chan on the loose but kaka actually did upload a pic from google thinking it was from Japan (it's now deleted), along with the Ghibli bus stop signal, Chibiusa coffee art and glitter guitar pics, all of them with pink filters. These 3 are still up.

No. 290201

Wasn't the sparkly guitar pic just stolen from a Rakuten auction listing?

No. 290202

Yes indeed, kaka re-uploaded it cropped with a pink filter. I don't have the original pic anymore, it should be in one of the old threads though

No. 290203

File: 1468902271407.png (836.35 KB, 955x615, 1443838481963.png)

No. 290204

It's still on her IG with a caption about what to name it.

No. 290205

I mean, the original pic from rakuten

No. 290206

Sorry, I thought the one on her IG was the same. It doesn't look very filtered but reverse searching doesn't pull anything up. If it was an auction that would make sense though.

No. 290209

File: 1468906034528.png (388.96 KB, 1102x1110, 1429105041189.png)

from an old thread

No. 290210

there was also that hand display. i don't remember where it's from but she wrote "bill nye" in the description

No. 290211

The anatomical display one?

also the matcha tea and the watermelon summer drink pics were stolen (even the recipe itself of the latter was stolen hahaha)

Damnit kiki, you're such a virtual kleptomaniac

No. 290212

and the sailor moon (or was it chibi moon( latte art

No. 290213

Aaaand the sailor moon glittery shoe thing pic that Dakota posted waaaay earlier and Kaka posted (prepare yourself for the shock) cropped and pink filtered

No. 290228

File: 1468915302348.png (869.36 KB, 928x596, Capture.PNG)

She edited the Japanese caption and added another sentence
"This is my boyfriend's picture
Here is Chiba
Beautiful sunflowers, aren't they?
I want to make my own sunflower field"

No. 290231


10 says the poor guy doesn't even know he's her boyfriend now

No. 290232

Has anyone commented/asked her about Taco? When we last saw her she was talking about getting married. Maybe she's not releasing more info on him to avoid that conversation with her followers?

No. 290233

This. How do we know that this new guy isn't Taco after all? Before the latest meltdown she was talking about marriage. If they were that serious with their relationship, would some farmers sperging out Taco's info & photos in here be enough to put him off of their plans?

No. 290234

Apparently not and if someone did, it most likely got deleted and blocked even if they genuinely wanted to know.
It is funny how their relationship seemed to went downhill since that video where people made fun of Taku's teeth. She is so transparent about getting a visa and a kawaii husbando.

No. 290235

They look different. You can compare moles and eyebrows. It's not Taco.

No. 290238

File: 1468923439703.jpg (55.68 KB, 288x512, 33bif4h.jpg)

kek like this

No. 290243


Is that the first guy? Jack cash or whatever? Jesus her nip desperation is sad

No. 290244


Another thing. Why is kaka talking in Japanese now? We all know she's using google translate and she doesn't even have a Japanese audience.

No. 290245

Lets not ask about him… That incident was embarassing and scared her away

No. 290246

No. 290259

Jesus, she needs to work on her foundation. If she plans on putting makeup that pale on then she needs to put it on her ears too. At least put it up to your hairline, Kaka. It looks clownish.

No. 290265

maybe she used this time of absence to focus on learning Japanese? she's been gone for.. 10 months? if she's been unemployed that's definitely enough time to have gotten very far if she dedicated all her time to it while her mom sends out the copyright claims

No. 290272

She was doing that last time she was online, the reason she's doing it is because she wants to be famous in Japan like Kota is.

It doesn't seem like she did to me. She's still making mistakes even a beginner wouldn't make. One example of that is ここで千葉です

No. 290273

>posting stupid compromising pics of another person without consent showing sensitive details like tattoos to the world to see


No. 290274

Kota isn't famous in Japan though, she's a nobody for like 2 years now. She used to be somewhat known but now since she stopped trying she just faded into obscurity and now hides out on Twitter and IG. Nobody goes on girlschannel to post about seeing her IRL anymore because they just don't care.

No. 290275

because yellow fever

"kiki" and "getting commited to improve skills in something" doesn't go in the same sentence

No. 290296

File: 1468948082269.png (320.36 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-07-19-13-06-07…)

Weird Twitter is either glitching for me or Kiki tweeted again the sunflower picture.

No. 290300

looks like she deleted the older tweet and posted this one because… idk why.

i luv u kiki neva change

No. 290302

She changed the caption of the pic again because I pointed out her shitty grammar, lol. ここは千葉です also isn't right, Kaka, just write 千葉です like any other beginner would.

No. 290304

She tweeted it again because she changed the caption again*

No. 290306


Yep and what chance does kaka have at becoming the no 1 gaijin

No. 290307

Why do I feel like Kiki is getting catfished?

No. 290308


Doubt it

No. 290311

I think she'd be way too paranoid to let that happen.

No. 290312

File: 1468951789524.jpg (Spoiler Image, 92.69 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

It's really this guy

No. 290315

>Kiki almost never outright lies

So, you don't remember when she sent herself an ask on her Tumblr and she forgot to anon herself. Then, when she got caught she blamed tumblr or her computer for it. This girl is a narcissistic liar, anon.

No. 290316

File: 1468954293808.jpg (57.54 KB, 726x343, 1435819054668.jpg)

I found it, but I didn't save her doing damage control.

No. 290317

An outright lie is actually saying something that is untrue. If she has succeeded, it would still have been a lie by omission - the omission of the identity of the sender. It's still not an outright lie even when she failed, because she didn't say "I am not Kiki."

No one is saying one is worse than the other, I just pointed it out because Kiki is very consistent in how she deceives people.

Thank you for making me make such an autistic splitting hairs post because you can't be bothered to google shit.

No. 290318

Not a big deal, just make the correction without sperging out next time.

No. 290320

Also, I stated; she was caught and said that she didn't send herself that ask, it was "tumblr's fault"

No. 290321

File: 1468954720915.png (46.48 KB, 656x481, screenshot-asklilkitten.tumblr…)

No. 290322

aside 2-3 actual users, everything else was on anon and has her same writing style, I wonder whyyyyy

No. 290323

File: 1468954930659.jpg (14.02 KB, 540x296, 1448835235029.jpg)

Oh, she blamed a smily face. Smiley faces trip codes, lol.

No. 290324

And no-one has sent her any asks even after she disappeared. I wonder if now that she's back she's going to start this up again with sock puppet accounts.

No. 290326

M8, one sentence rightfully reprimanding you for being so undeservedly conceited is hardly sperging out.

>Also, I stated; she was caught and said that she didn't send herself that ask, it was "tumblr's fault"

I didn't say she never outright lies, just that she does it rarely and much prefers to lie by omission, probably because you can't prove it very easily. Which all of the screenshots you've posted prove, as well. She only actually outright lied when she was backed into a corner with no other choice except coming clean, which she's obviously never going to do.

Kiki's MO has been well known for ages. Why is this even being called into question.

No. 290328

File: 1468956061274.png (73.94 KB, 300x256, eeh?.png)

"undeservedly conceited"

No. 290334

Girl, chill.

No. 290338

>I didn't say she never outright lies
yeah you did.
>Kiki almost never outright lies

No. 290339


I don't know if you're even white knighting anymore.

Either way, looks loke we can all agree Kaka talks kaka. I can't wait to see what's next. I also think she could be possibly getting catfished OR has made up this bf character. As we saw from the texts, the dude uses the same pic that she posted in full size on her Twitter as his avatar. Why does he only have one pic of himself?! And it's not even flattering. It's like if I was an ugly Japanese guy catfishing online, I'd use a pic covering half of my face too.

No. 290340

Gotta say I got full of joy that she is back, though I expected something like
If not a facial change (fillers, nose job) or complete change of style AT LEAST a new haircut

No. 290342


I was hoping for the same. I wanted a plastic surgery nightmare (specifically a nose job after she threw shade at people for getting nose jobs on her blog as an ironic twist) but nope. Same boring ass face. Same old drab, sweaty hair. Same old shit values and personality. Part of me hoped she'd never come back and grow up but she's still bitterly living in the shadow of Kota.

No. 290343

Do you not understand the word almost? For real?

No. 290344

File: 1468960738204.gif (1.96 MB, 400x225, lol-duck.gif)

i totally forgot she did this

No. 290346

I wasn't in the first place you tards. How is saying someone lies in a more deceptive and hard to track way whiteknighting in any sense of the word? Do you guys all think lying by omission doesn't count or something, like Kiki does? Did PULL shut down early? Why is lolcow full of people who can't read.

No. 290351


I don't know shit about coding but that excuse sounds ridiculous as fuck.

I agree Kaka love to make everything ambiguous and obscure but chill already dude

No. 290357

lol damn I was sure she was going to come back lookin all fucked up like Taylor. She prob just met this guy on language friend app and is now starting the same Taco shit over again ZZzzZzzZ hopefully it will be entertaining when it crashes & burns

No. 290369

File: 1468976537763.png (101.01 KB, 480x759, tumblr_nr1axcaM3L1tij6jvo2_540…)

with an emoji

No. 290371

File: 1468976871989.jpg (124.97 KB, 1280x529, tumblr_nr1acyv8B01tij6jvo1_128…)

her excuse

No. 290374

But the message is clearly reposted with xxxxs like she stated?

No. 290378

all that could be said in one sentence.

No. 290399

I like how she felt the need to throw in that she supposedly had "honor achievements".
>I have also had those people show up at my school and pass around pictures of me trying to humiliate me
That happened. She really learned nothing in her absence, huh?

No. 290400

If that was the case, why wouldn't she just send herself an ask addressing the other person, then clarify in the "answer" that she can't find him, so she sent an ask instead?

No. 290425

Pretty sure that's an old ask, and pre-disappearance act anon.

No. 290452

I stand corrected lol

No. 290645

this is so pathetic of her.

No. 290671

File: 1469063457541.png (379.06 KB, 1265x695, Twatter 1:3.png)

Surprised no one has posted this.

No. 290672

File: 1469063522972.png (190.36 KB, 1272x699, Twatter 2:3.png)

No. 290673

File: 1469063693038.png (469.82 KB, 1276x696, Twatter 3:3.png)

No. 290678

File: 1469064140925.png (40.21 KB, 582x490, Capture.PNG)

Here are some more tweets she just posted

No. 290705

Too bad Kaka has no friends because she sees girls as her competition and guys as potential boyfriends. Her friendship garden is empty and dry.

No. 290709

kiki kumbaya

No. 290713

File: 1469071614380.png (28.7 KB, 619x321, Capture.PNG)

I wonder why she's going on this rant now. Usually she talks about how everyone should be nice when she's getting shit online, but pull (along with the rest of the internet lol) doesn't really seem to give a shit about her and our comments have been really tame so far.

No. 290715

She's just trying to build her new persona

No. 290717

hahahaha failed kota clone

No. 290722

yeah except if they don't worship you, or are either fat, black, brown, ugly, or snaggletooth asians like that one you wanted to use as meal ticket and hide when people said he was ugly,disabled,or more famous and talented that you… certainly you wouldn't mix culture with them Kiki, right?

No. 290723

how is she a kota clone? she's never worn weeb shit or done dances or make videos like kota. are you just saying that because they are sisters and kiki likes japanese stuff too?

No. 290724

not trying to white knight, but people do change.
mindsets at 14 arent the same when you're 24

No. 290725

Have yoyu seen Dakota's recent shops? Hate to say that as far as shoops, Kiki is winning currently.

No. 290726

I don't think keekz shops - filters yeah, but shoop? her pics and videos seem consistent.

No. 290728

Surely you're joking? She's just as weeby as Kota. They shared clothes and accessories before Kota went to Japan.

No. 290729

My 9yo sister could shit better peace&love than that. She didn't change, she's just as dumb and as self-absorbed as ever.

No. 290730

What? A pair of pink floral heels? that's all I remember seeing.

No. 290731

Kota was weeby first. Kaka was the all-american scene queen, and she should've stuck to that or similar.

No. 290732

I think she has changed imo. I've seen other cows do the same fucked up shit for years - kaka has come far from watching her in the stickam days

No. 290733

>she's never worn weeb shit or done dances or make videos like kota

uh, haven't you read the past threads? kiki literally wants to wear her skin

they're equally pathetic

she hasn't changed a bit, bitch is condescending af just throwing a bunch of heart emojis in her comments doesn't make her nicer

No. 290735

scene queen 10 years ago kek. people change. do you have the same style as 14? if you don't does that make you a poser? i think people forget how young koots and kaka were when they started experimenting with styles

No. 290736

you sound salty honestly.

No. 290737

Right and as anon said she's a Kota clone, because she's been biting Kota's style and trying to be her ever since she got famous. Keeks is a weeb.

No. 290738

We'll see. Even is she HAS changed personally, the fact that she is back already speaks miles.
Maybe I'm wrong and she doesn't care about fame anymore, but if so why is she still going by Kiki Kannibal?
She's been in this game long enough to know how to garner attention. Drama, milk, controversy. She's pretty, that's not enough. She'll milk herself soon because she has never changed, and this is probably her last chance.

No. 290739

how tho? other than visitng her sis in japan, writing in japanese and dating jap dudes how is she a kota clone? they're sisters and sisters follow eachothers styles commonly. kota did it to kaka in the scene days. what if she visted japan and really liked it? if kaka is a kota clone then i guess anyone who writes in japanese and likes japan is a kota clone too. people who say taylor isnt a kota clone but kaka is blows my mind lol.

No. 290741

Just let me remind your this: she was stalking and keeping a creepy private record of some girl who dared to (politely) correct her about the term "native indians" whom also happened to be a sex worker. And this was just the past year.

No. 290742

i think you're too invested in your opinion about her to see any type of change

No. 290743

Sure but Kota clearly got into weeby shit way before Kaka. Not that it really matters, hey I've been interested in stuff my little sister likes too, it's not something to hold against me or Kaka.
The point is she's still obviously begging for attention. I choose to believe she's at least grown out of her raging homophobia and general bigotry though.

No. 290745

not very diff from what we do on here lmao pot calling kettle black

No. 290747

Go read the older threads because it's well documented. If you want to rim her asshole that's fine but this is not the place for you.

No. 290748

i remember keekz back when she had pink hair and she had japanese hiragana pixles shit on her myspace and pokemon, she was 12-13 i think? she was showing caps on her stickam live too so i think both kota and kaka have been liking that kind of shit for a while, but kota made a career out of it

No. 290750

I think you're an idiot. What kind of change do you see?
Her recent tweets could have been written by a fourth grader. Even if she has changed, well it's a bit too fucking late to have that sort of epiphany. She's pandering, that's all.

No. 290751

Kiki has done so much shit that's why we are discussing her on this board. The other random girl wasn't a fucking cow like kiki. Even had her nudes saved.

No. 290753

i think kiki documents every 'hater' that shows their identity and attacks her so…

No. 290754

Except Kiki used to make fun of Kota on Stickam for liking weeb things when she was the scene queen and the star.

No. 290757

She sounds even more retarded than that cake girl from mean girls, fucking newfags and probably underaged as well.
I'll wait for the guaranteed milk.

No. 290758

how is being on SNS posting selfies and a few tweets "begging for attention"? i guess millions of other people are begging for attention being on sns too right?

No. 290759

useless to talk to you but well, here we go again just in case you didn't bothered to understand my post:

>Kiki has done so much shit that's why we are discussing her on this board.

Do you want me to explain each word too?

No. 290760

Nah, I remember on stickam they both talked about anime and sailor moon stuff. I think kaka called kota sailor mercury and kota didnt like that and thats what youre referring to

No. 290761

That's just naive anon.
Where the hell are you people from?

No. 290762

No, I'm not. There is a video of that. Take your white knighting somewhere else.

No. 290763

I dont see her begging for attention in her new comeback. If she was talking about haters and pity party, then yeah, but her posting selfies and a few tweets does not ring that attention bell for me, unless youre one of those people who thinks if a girl looks pretty in her pics then shes "begging for attention"

No. 290764

then what are you referring to? dont make baseless statements on what "think" happened.

I'm not white knighting, I'm having a discussion with you and you seem to get pissy when you can't back up what you're stating and can't deflect against my questions

No. 290765

It's been a few days, give her some time.

No. 290766

Its harder for Kiki to get away with obvious shoop since she actually moves a lot in her videos and such. But you can tell she shoops to an extend in her HD photos.

No. 290768

well i hope no one gives you a second chance in life if you ever grow out of bashing girls on image boards

No. 290769

Who fucking cares? of course she shoops just like her sister and anyone ever.
I just want to see if she maintain her kiki kumbaya act and how long until shit goes boom.

No. 290771

i've never seen any shop disasters or warps in her pics tho

No. 290773

She''s been kumbaya for a few years now, where have you been? Check her YT vids back to 2012, that's a 4 consistent change anon.

No. 290774

Oh I am willing to give her a chance, I just doubt she'll maintain that persona for long.

No. 290775

she's has that persona since 2012 tho

No. 290776

Yeah and it never lasted, for a reason. I think she's getting old and this is her last chance and I'm expecting some manufactured drama soon.

No. 290777

her kumbaya stuff has been more consistent than the drama, so yeah I think she's matured and changed. kaka isn't 14 on stickam anymore and hasn't been that way for 4 or 5 years. just look at jessi slaughter, that cow hasnt changed one bit.

No. 290778

It isn't about what we "think" happened, it's been said by anons for a while that when Kota used to like anime Kaka made fun of her for it. Specifically they used to talk about Pokemon and trying to collect the cards on Stickam and Kaka acted like it was in the past and she was above it. Stickam isn't around so those recordings aren't available. It's been brought up in past threads if you care to read that far back because no one can remember literally everything said to document it to your arguments and deflecting.

You're real obvious in here because you're being contrary and asking questions like you're new and know nothing about Kaka. There is no getting pissy or deflecting, there's just very little that can be provided as proof when the proofs are long gone due to Monstrengas either copyright claiming or Stickam not being around. It was a long time ago. Take it with a grain of salt if you want.

No. 290780

Well.. it's been more consistent than her presence for sure. I'm not sure what to think of it really. I actually like her a little and hope she has changed. We've all done embarrassing and mean shit as kids.
I just don't see her as having changed that much, considering her age and honestly incredibly immature tweets.

No. 290781

last chance at what? internet fame? kek.
i dont think that's her mission honestly. if it were she'd be doing all the trends and click bait shit.

"anonssaid it in past thread, so it must be real kek." anons document so well on here, but don't have that? and i'm supposed to believe that when i have been watching her since stickam and myspace and know they both have liked that jap shit? esp with juicy deets like that kaka making fun of kota for her weeb shit then doing japanese shit, anons would have that plastered everywhere if it were honestly real.

No. 290782

I think she's changed, her persona has been consistent for years now
what kind of immature tweets? yeah when she was like, 15, but what tweets since 2012?

No. 290783

That 5head

No. 290784

>she'd be doing all the trends and click bait shit.
Well she is low-key sort of trendy yes. A bit passe, but still.
IMO she left because it wasn't enough to be cute and trendy anymore, and now she comes back with no change yet? Either she truly changed as a person, or something else is coming, time will tell.

No. 290785

The ones she recently posted. Maybe I'm being unfair though, they are just incredibly naive and like babby's first let's-just-get-along-guys moment.

No. 290786

she left because it wasnt cute to be trendy?; what?
i think she left because lolcow humiliated her and found her boyfriend taku and hoarded/bombarded him.

>>she comes back with no change yet

you mean in appearance? what do you mean by that?

No. 290787

I dont think those tweets are immature. I guess writing about people getting along is immature to you?

No. 290788

I mean that to be an e-celebrity nowadays, you have to be more than attractive. You have to be interesting, and thus have some sort of drama or controversy surrounding you.

No. 290789

>>You have to be interesting, and thus have some sort of drama or controversy surrounding you.
i think she's had plenty of that lol hence this image board

No. 290790

In those words and at her age? Yes I do. Chanting let's all just get along and bake a cake isn't cute.

No. 290791

i think if she wanted to be efamous should would be cranking out shitty youtubes with click bait like taylor and using her SNS profiles in a much different way than she does now.

No. 290792

Then you don't get how lolcow works? It's a lot of speculation. Anons still do a fair amount of documenting things just fine so just because there's no proof of this one thread you're pulling at doesn't mean it's a lie. A lot of past stuff just isn't available. No one denies that she didn't like some weeb stuff back then, but she also made fun of Kota. She used to call her the ugly sister and the fat sister. Now she's trying her hardest to be Kota. This was about her not being a weeb and now you're admitting she liked weeb things so does that not certify her as a weeb?

No. 290793

Yeah but there's not enough whiteknights yet.

No. 290794

I think youre being overly critical, you sound like you're in highschool

she's what, 23? 24? a 24 year old cant say talk about wanting peace in this terrorist environment without being called an immature baby?

then you should say "it's speculated she made fun of kota for liking weeb stuff" not stating it as a fact when you just said its mostly speculation on lolcow

No. 290795

They should project the shitty Ghostbusters movie on her forehead.

No. 290796

I actually feel bad for Kiki really, I still doubt her Change and all but I do like her.
It's no use whiteknighting her so much though, she's back she's public she's in the spotlight and by choice. She could be more private, she chose not to be. Let's not be delusional.

No. 290797

I think she's about 25-26, either way she's in her mid-20s.
Regardless of what she has said or is saying she is immature and a baby. What is she doing with her life?

No. 290798

we get it, you said it like 2, 3 times already, calm down

she's using SNS like billions of other people, i don't see how that's a free for all for trolls when she's not doing anything lulzy?
>>she could be more private, she chose not to be.
so posting a few selfies and simple tweets means that she exposing herself to all trolls? uh?

her age has always been consistent in reports and what she says in her vlogs - she was born in 1992.

No. 290799

That's kind of a far reach. Speculation is done on lolcow thus it's all speculation? Not quite.

Kaka's a weeb who wants to be Kota after she saw how Kota's style got her fame when she made fun of her and embarrassed her before.

No. 290800

you're clearly not following along and just skimmed everything

what are you doing with your life on an image board bashing girls?

No. 290801

Having fun? Why the hell else would anyone be here.

No. 290802

I'm the same anon though? You are acting as if you're very new to lolcow and possibly the internet. But it's fine, agree to disagree, this isn't made for personal arguing back and forth. It's about Kaka.

No. 290803

so she's having fun on her SNS, stop judging - plus taylor and sharla are in their 30's acting like 12 year olds.

No. 290804

Then you totally disregarded everything about our convo anon and went back to your original claim that you couldn't back up properly.

and yes, we are discussing and arguing about kaka

No. 290805

Look I'm not bashing Kiki at all, I just wonder wth you're doing here other than to whiteknight a well known lolcow.

No. 290807

I'm not white knighting. I'm discussing current kaka with you.

No. 290808

No, I didn't and we're not anymore. Agree to disagree.

Stop judging? That's what lolcow is. We're judgey little cunts ffs!

No. 290809

Looks like I backed you into a corner about your kaka claims that you couldnt back up, sighhhhhhhh


No. 290810

Nice bait but no, there's no point arguing over this. Whether you want to believe Kaka made fun of Kota and bullied her over liking anime or not that isn't even the issue. You first tried to deny her being a weeb when she is and that claim is well documented and backed up.

No. 290811

I asked how is she a kota clone weeb and you couldn't back it up well "other anons said it" type shit
And like i said before you're stating that it happened like its a fact and you have no proof
esp with all the documentation anons do here and they dont have that juicy bit? lol

No. 290813

No, "anons said it" was in reference to her making fun of Kota for liking anime. The proof of her being a weeb is all over her social media. She didn't like this stuff until Kota got famous. Once Kota started getting international attention Kaka changed her persona. Before the fame hit Kota, Kaka was trying to be some rustic indie hippie with her crystals and vintage style. She was even trying to be Lana Del Rey until she realized Lana wasn't as indie as she thought and people were aware of who she was mimicking. Her style went all over the place before Kota took off and then she started copying her again. In that time there was never any anime or weeb stuff from her. You can look at her social media archives for proof. Her Rage Kitten EP cover art is of her sporting makeup and hair style that Kota did first.

No. 290824

Talk about a train derailing

No. 290827

Wait, why are you trying to debate about Kaka copying? I'm confused, did you atlas read the previous threads or watch her youtube videos before? After Kota got noticed she started making her videos just like Kota's (with more edge) She was was also seen wearing Dakotas pink shoes, using video game music, trendy tumblr clothes etc. Also, she's even posed or filmed on the same bed spread dakota has. I don't get why you don't just read the previous threads and stop debating all the other anons. It's mentally exhausting. Yes kaka wants internet fame, obviously, she has a shrine to herself and she constantly attempts to post controversial posts (as a form of clickbait) as of now she's only been here for a little while and she's posting her typical ol' faux "peace loving" self. Chill

No. 290833

delusional and stupid you are
they're fucking sisters you unloved only child twat

No. 290835

>I asked how is she a kota clone weeb and you couldn't back it up well "other anons said it" type shit

Not the anon you're replying to but go to the past threads to convince yourself about kiki being a flaming weeb who cannot use google search. Bitch was asking on twitter the name of that anime that was ~totally~ her favorite one about a boy turning into a girl hahaha go figure

No. 290836

Yoda you are not. Siblings share but they want to be their own person. Older siblings don't try to be clones of their younger siblings when they're not in the same peer group that's not normal.

No. 290838


also the sudden urge to study the language right after Kota leave to Japan

No. 290839

What? gtfo. insult was unnecessary.

No. 290843

And her posting manga and sailor moon crap.
this anon >>290833 is ridiculous

No. 290849

Trying to show off that she has another Japanese boyfriend, which is 2/5 of her new posts, is her way of begging for attention.

No. 290853

How old are you? Is this baby's first chan?

No. 290855

Why are you so obsessive? You are the new fag here go read the other threads and put your ego away.

No. 290857

agreed, that's like the only reason of her comeback haha
how sad is that?

No. 290863

This thread is full of thirsty wolves

No. 290864

File: 1469085438474.jpg (30.18 KB, 375x250, image.jpg)

Kiki throwing scraps at u guys n ur devouring it ahahaha

No. 290866

Yep. Posting a picture of her boyfriend, posting a conversation with her boyfriend, posting a photo and mentioning it's her boyfriend's…all totally unnecessary and nothing other than trying to show off. It is seriously pathetic.

No. 290867

>narcissistic, whiteknight, sociopathic commentary

now that you mention it…
who else would defend kiki this hardcore

No. 290887

Kaka is in this thread. She always types without capitals, and uses the word SNS a lot.

No. 290901

Wk chan is def kaka, it's too obvious. Looks like she's doing some field research.

I wonder how Dakota feels about keeks comeback.

No. 290918



←—- 2005 is this way, Kaka.

No. 290920

its obvious its the same anon from earlier sperging about how kiki has never actually lied before. pretty sure its some kind of white knight/ troll. just leave them be

No. 290921

I was wondering this too, they always pop up after Kiki posts stuff too.

No. 290924

Makes sense, the thought occurred to me. She was probably expecting more hostility so she could post it to her Twitter to play victim. No proof for Kaka? Lies and defamation!

No. 290925

File: 1469098420738.gif (146.04 KB, 500x281, tea.gif)

vent to us kiki we understand you

No. 290929


I think we should ignore them as well. If someone is refusing to listen to what we tell/show them or refusing to look into previous threads, they aren't worth our time.

No. 290930

Mte! It makes sense to use that unusual abbreviation on Twitter (literally only ever saw Kiki use it) where there's a character limit, not on here where there's none. Hardly any of her fans whiteknight her and haven't for years at this point: this one was extremely persistent, overly focused on seeing evidence and trying to deflect attention from Kiki (by trying to turn our attention to Sharla etc. whose "way worse). So all of the red flags point to Kaka.

Also the "24 year old cant say talk about wanting peace in this terrorist environment without being called an immature baby" bit. Kaka talks about it in a really vapid way - there's no clear critical thinking to it, just endless platitudes that a 6 year old would come up with (and understand). If you give a shit about the world today and want to seriously discuss it, you do the research across multiple areas (e.g. philosophy, psychology, religion, sociology, science, politics etc.): figure out how the world works first, why the human race has the problems it does (from each angle) and the research would come through in the writing. And, of course, this doesn't just apply to her recent tweets, this applies to anything re: her discussion of important issues post-2012. Her writing shows that lack of depth and her approach to raising awareness of these issues (one of the main reasons she claims to have those accounts) shows no application of research e.g. you don't make people give a shit about causes (like animal slaughter) they didn't previously didn't by quoting statistics at them. Why? Because humans are numb to statistics. I'm posting this, because I want to see Kiki's online presence to evolve into something better and I'm getting bored of the current schtick.

No. 290940


This. I have to agree. Just ignore them.

No. 290942

File: 1469100396841.png (814.27 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-07-21-07-23-35…)

Kiki seems to be treading lightly. She is trying to give off as little information as possible.

No. 290943

File: 1469100480724.png (597.96 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-07-21-07-24-13…)

No. 290950


Oh man look at those thirsty hashtags, hoping someone will trip over her pic and remember her… eeesh.

No. 290952

I would have thought she'd want to distance herself from her old persona? Why post those pictures?

No. 290953

Is this a still from an old video or should we be expecting one soon?

No. 290962

Youre all idiots.

Kaka is obviously after attention from Japan and wants to gain special treatment too. She wants to model and be like her sister. Japan is the current online trend. Kaka has to keep up in order to remain relevent sadly.

No. 290970

Time will tell. Like other anons said I'm surprised she came back with no chAnge in style or anything. If she starts another website or music project id probably Agree. But it's still the same dhit.

No. 290994

Mate I was asleep when all this was going down. I said she doesn't usually OVERTLY lie, not that she didn't or doesn't lie. I said how manipulative she was in a bunch of my posts and the point of them was because it makes it easier to catch her out if you know specifically how she lies and makes shit up.

Jesus fucking Christ. You try and help people spot a lolcow's MO and you get lumped in with some fucking retard who still says SNS.

No. 291018

Kaka and her thing for SNS

>I got on the internet when social networking was very new & the dangers were not known, before the media in sns. I wish I NEVER started sns.

>@marimonsturr you can also email me it's too personal to write on SNS!

>What you see on my SNS is personal information, you do not read about my private information or private life.

>I post only about 10% of my life on SNS, while the other 90% of my life is private and not for people online to know about.

>Only posting 10% of my life on SNS, while the other 90% is private - no one from the internet can truly say they know me or my life.

>If I block you for spam, don't take it personally & make erroneous assumptions about me. Respect others boundaries online & don't misuse SNS

>@AllytheButerfly I want to give in depth info to kind/neutral people, so shoot me an email with ur SNS profiles & I'll try to answer

Blog post shared on https://twitter.com/mmmkikikannibal/status/636076587134226432
>So, here’s me putting it out there – no editing, no photoshop. I’m getting tired of having to be polished and create a fantasy on Instagram or any other SNS.

Why do people still use the term SNS? It sounds so archaic.

No. 291020

Can you blame people when you both act almost the same way about stupid shit

No. 291045

funny how she is posting old scene pics of herself when she made all those copyright claims and tried to get those website taken down while she was in hiatus.

trying to be relevant by clinging to her only remaining hint of fame (from almost 10 years ago)

No. 291049

File: 1469125362737.png (1014.25 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-07-21-14-21-13…)

Funny you say that…

No. 291057

File: 1469125843417.png (823.24 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-07-21-14-29-40…)

Why what do you mean Kiki…

No. 291058

Kaka that's your fault that your "phases" are all over the internet.

No. 291063

this pseudo-empath front she's trying to put up on her twitter is giving me hepatitis

No. 291065

Dear Kiki:

The only expectations we have of you is that you will continue to lie about/exaggerate your accomplishments and how others fawn all over you.


The Internets

No. 291078

File: 1469129187861.png (1013.07 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-07-21-15-25-24…)

No. 291080

File: 1469129365365.png (372.83 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-07-21-15-25-15…)

We aren't the ones bringing up your scene days Kiki you are. We would like you a little better if you admitted your most reccent mistakes and grow from them. Admit you have stolen work and you aren't some desu goddess.

No. 291082

File: 1469129583100.gif (2.59 MB, 480x320, giphy.gif)

>>Complaining about her pre-teen pics being up on the internet despite 1) being the one to put them up originally and then re-posting them in the last 12 hours as seen in >>290942 >>290943
>>Several anons speculate about her changing since last October and she goes on a twitter rant about changing as a person
Oohh yeah, Kiki, subtweet us harder and act like you totally weren't posting here last night

No. 291084

shedding the scene name would have been a good start. but that would mean starting from zero again wouldn't it?

No. 291085

Pretty much, that anon was really persistent for a casual whiteknight, and seemed to go for some sort of "open dialogue" for maximum Kaka discussion

No. 291086

Yeah that SNS anon earlier was FOR SURE her. She is so butthurt we keep mentioning how much of a shitty person she was back then, but newsflash Kiki: You still continue to do shitty stuff even as a grown woman. So… explain that?

No. 291088

>there's no clear critical thinking to it

This is my biggest issue her "peace loving" and "positive energy" attitude. That sort of attitude is just a fall back to people who have no idea what the fuck is happening in the world, what is occurring to the disenfranchised groups of people, and just sitting behind their monitors. She[s worse than a slacktivist because at least those people have some sort of movement they're behind.

No mention of BLM, no talk of the UK leaving the EU, she doesn't even talk about the fucking Pulse shootings which literally happened in her city? She's a fucking joke, she wishes she was aware

No. 291090

Well, good for her I guess for coming here to engage with us even though she only tried to cause drama. She misunderstands lolcow a lot. If she really wants to appeal to people as an empath who cares about others maybe she should make a video or a blog post where she owns up to her horrible past and apologizes for it? A sincere apology, not a fake nonapology that Kota gave. Then she can show through her actions she's a different, changed person. Right now it's hard to believe because she's coming off as the usual try-hard attention and fame seeking person she was before she left. There's no evidence that she used her time away to grow and change at all.

No. 291091

File: 1469131709139.png (612.04 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-07-21-16-05-59…)

No. 291092

Exactly, she seems to think every time she disappears she can completely change her personality? Well so far she's been full of shit every time soooo.. we'll see. She keeps preaching the same love & light word vomit as she did last time and it didn't stop her lying, plagiarizing, and attention whoring ways

No. 291094

That's the thing. I think people keep bringing up the past e.g. her pre-teen/teen misadventures is because of the damage she caused and never publicly addressed it with an apology. That shit was done in public (online in livechats etc.) therefore should've been addressed in public years ago. There was no closure on that version of Kiki for anyone who was following her then or now. She changed her image and expected people to believe she changed as a person too, but someone changing the packaging doesn't mean the formula inside changed with it. And Kiki of all people would know about how the online persona does not always match the real person behind it, but maybe addressing it in an appropriate way would require more maturity and realness than she's currently capable of exhibiting online.

No. 291095

Well that'd be a shame bc when she was posting videos consistently, she managed to score a solid number of viewers

No. 291096

She did address some of it with bullshit and lies. That video that pops up from time to time with her laughing at disabled people, she tried to defend it through a video on her YT with some story about a disabled girl from one of her classes that was "rude" as if that excuses any of the horrible stuff she said. That's exactly the problem, she never owned up to it and tried to make it right, she just changed and expected everyone to forget the past but when she made herself something of an online personality she was a public figure. When celebrities fuck up they usually apologize if they want to keep their fanbase who are paying their bills and paying for their meals with their financial support. Her shop money probably stopped flowing in because of the talk of her conducting business in a shitty way.

The thing is, a lot of her disgusting actions took place years ago and she was still a kid. If she apologized people would probably forgive her but she continues to deny it like she's never done anything wrong and is perfect.

No. 291099


Its the fact she keeps doing horrible stuff even though she is still an adult. She should know better but keeps doing bad shit and won't own up to it.

No. 291100

She does touch on vague references like "I've made mistakes" etc. like what she said a few hours ago in those tweets above. However, the lack of specifics about it, if certain things are brought up she makes excuses in a way that absolves her from taking any responsibility of her actions and the lack of sincere apologies. But, she's been on the internet what? 10 years anyway? If she hasn't seen the error of her ways and refuses to make amends for it as she doesn't admit when she's ever in the wrong, she never will. Actions speak louder than words after all.

No. 291101

what has she done recently? the copyrights, art/music stealing?

No. 291102

Exactly, her lack of being direct is frustrating. Everybody can say they've made mistakes. There are mistakes like forgetting to lock your door before you leave the house and then there are mistakes like stealing music, bullying and abusing other people, being racist, etc. and those are the type of mistakes that can hurt. They deserve confrontation and apology if you're truly remorseful. Her vagueness and silence otherwise says more than enough.

No. 291103

Unpopular opinion. but i think if she just deleted everything with "kiki kannibal" in it and started over as Kirsten, her past would stop catching up to her, and she wouldn't need to apologize or be connected to her old scene photos. i don't see the point in keeping a name with such a bad rep if it's SO easily disposable.

a great example is Brookelle Bones. if you look up that name, all that will come out will be her old scene photos and shit attached to her scene phase. she looks so fucking different now and has a perfectly clean slate because she ditched it years ago.

No. 291105

Kiki will never divorce herself from her old scene persona. Kiki Kannibal is she has. She doesn't have the talent or patience to make herself nearly as relevant as she was back in the day.

No. 291106

Stealing artwork,music, etc. Trying to take credit for jewelry she bought off of esty. Trying to sell a backpack off as an orginal when she got it from a different website. I am sure I am forgetting a few things.

No. 291108

She said she'd designed a ring IIRC and then someone found the original designer and contacted them.

No. 291111

I think so too, but like the other anon said, she wouldn't do that because she'd actually have to work to get a following again.

I want to add to your list, I remember not too long before she left she did try to get her followers to harass a girl for just correcting her Japanese and because she thought the girl used "hate" sites. And there was also the passive aggressive tweet she made towards a young fan of hers for copying her super ~unique~ twitter bio.

No. 291115

*is all she has
Pardon me

No. 291116

that doesn't compare to things from back then. laughing at a disabled person getting in an accident, attacking lesbians, mocking asian stereotypes.. i'm probably forgetting something. but old kiki was a fucking infuriating nasty twat.

now she's just a scammer, hypocrite, and thief. bad traits, but no comparison to before.

No. 291118

Exactly. Reposting an old photo shows how much she longs for the days when she was (in)famous across what was then a much smaller world of 'SNS'.

No. 291120

I can understand not wanting to apologize for things that happened years ago, I don't know how consistent her fanbase is but I bet a large chunk of her following either 1) doesn't know about all her past fuck ups, 2) a large chunk of her following have potentially forgotten most if not all her past fuck ups so why remind them with an eternal online apology video and 3) some of her new fans probably don't know about her past either. If I was her I'd be worried about bringing light to problems that were previously hidden in the dark with an apology video. I didn't know about the more recent fuck ups of hers until I read the other anons comments. Maybe an apology for recent shit could do her good but again, I bet a decent amount of her following doesn't know of her recent mistakes either so why reveal them with an apology vid? Just trying to look at it from her perspective.

No. 291122

Who would make an apology video rehashing all that went wrong before hiatus right after returning from hiatus? That would be a rough start I think, trying to regain a following by starting off with "here's my list of failures whoops".

No. 291123

You have a point though the same could've been said about Dakota when she apologised and, for the most part, people have stopped constantly bring up her pre-teen shit. An apology from Kiki would actually set a good example for her followers as, if they do look that stuff up they could compare Kiki then and Kiki now and make up their own minds and more importantly, that being accountable for your screw-ups and learning from them is how you grow and evolve as a better person.

No. 291127

People were still bringing up Dakota's past. She probably hoped her apology would squash that and for the most part, it has. The apology was a lot more sincere before Cathy went to it and edited it down to almost nothing. People continue to bring up Kiki's past and see it as a reason to like her because she's never confronted it.

No. 291131

Kaka knows she has nothing to offer her followers, the only thing she can do is to remind everyone how famous she was during her scene days. She has no talent, no personality, no unique style, and out of touch with the world. She doesn't even lead a desiring life style because she does fuck all with her time. What exactly does she expect to be famous for? The new generation doesn't have a clue what scene is. Fuck, Kaka. Get yourself together and find a hobby.

No. 291132

she was never "famous" anon. the biggest thing she got was a page on rolling stone she probably contacted them for. the rest was just being 1 of a million scene kids with stupid hair and raccoon makeup

No. 291134

She was famous in the way YouTubers are "famous."

No. 291135

Yeah back in the day Kiki did have a pretty meaningful audience, as did most "scene queens". At the time the idea of gaining fans or followers online was pretty novel, so even though her numbers don't look that impressive, for the time it was a pretty big deal.

Like, Jefree Star got his current fame from the same platform and audience as Kiki. He was just lucky drag and gender issues are popular now; if kiki had had a similar gimmick she could have rode her fame wave in the same way.

No. 291146

You are a special kind of stupid for thinking everyone who responds to you is the same anon.

No. 291148

Can admin ban sperglord? Derailing the thread into an argument is getting annoying.

No. 291150

Anyone else think the "fan message" Kiki was sent sounds a lot like herself?

No. 291154


I bet she made the account and sent it to herself. I am sure.

No. 291155


I honestly assumed the white knight was Kiki herself, especially since she starts talking about her preteen/teen phases being all over the internet on her Twitter shortly after someone spergs about her being a CHANGED WOMAN?

No. 291160

More proof sperg-chan was kiki all along

No. 291210

report their posts so that admin can see, otherwise it will go unnoticed.

No. 291212

No. 291216

I'm going to tinfoil hat for a minute and say I've often suspected Kiki has been in the Ostrenga threads, trying to subtlety change the course of the discussion to what she wants it to be. Idk, I can't explain it well. There's just been always been a few weird posts in their threads. Like back when she was obviously pretending to live in Japan there was one anon who was desperately trying to convince everyone that she was actually there, and the posts saying how hot her weird Japanese "boyfriends" are when you can barely make out their faces in her stolen, blurry over edited pictures.

No. 291218

Well we know she frequents the threads because she posted caps from it on her Twitter. The way her tweets are trying to be subtle in calling out topics here makes it obvious too.

No. 291220

why does everyone forget that people only knew of her because she was the DEFINITION of a spoiled racist cunt. she was well known on myspace because it was impossible to like her.

she's such weak fucking loser now and its so pathetic. she has no concept of who she is and has literally zero talent. this paris hilton wannabe generation grew up to be incompetant losers and how is she seriously posting here and posting her myspace pictures without dying of embarrassment have some fucking dignity

No. 291221

About a couple of months back in the Dakota thread an anon posted some very old youtube videos of both of them and they were deleted shortly afterwards. Someone from that clan is paying close attention to lolcow.

No. 291223

lmfao the narcissism.

also fuck i robot how fucked her face has always been. never change kiki toukannibal™

No. 291231

Plus, a tiny part of me was hoping she had actually quit the Internet for good and found something, y'know, productive to do with her life. A proper job or something. But nah, Kiki will be a brat forever. I can see her still clawing for the fame she thinks she deserves aged 40+.

No. 291252

i don't think the estranges have ever posted on lolcow or pull. i think they would be way too paranoid of the admins exposing them for the lulz. they used to send anonymous messages to "truth blogs" on tumblr and got caught a couple of times, i think even once while using a proxy. people always went apeshit when that happened

No. 291255

They (Kiki and Cathy anyway) definitely whiteknighted in Pull 1.0 using proxies and still got exposed. I wish I had screencaps from back then, but I can think of two separate occasions anyway when that happened. Take it with a grain of salt if you must. However, overly persistent anon on here from 2 nights ago was definitely Kiki: as soon as it was called out, that persistent anon disappeared. The ostrengas are awful at blending in to existing imageboard/forum culture so they stick out like sore thumbs.

No. 291256

Kiki and Cathy shared a PULL account and it was already outed. They might not have been frequent active posters but they definitely had access. They've been called out by truth blogs on Tumblr for trying to harass them via anon behind proxies too. Kaka on lolcow is pretty likely.

No. 291277

They had a few accounts on pull, all of them had "-nyan" on them
I'm too lazy to look for them but the stalking archives had several PULL screenshots showing their usernames on there

No. 291285

No. 291289


So her username on PULL was Nyannkoko? I just tried to find the user but I think it's since been deleted. What did she used to say about herself on PULL lmao?

(FYI for people who don't get what's going on here - someone discovered the directory of kikikannibal.com once and there were just hundreds and hundreds of screenshots the ostrengas had taken of "haters". Super creepy.)

No. 291291

i don't think they ever posted anything. i think they only made those accounts to look at people's profiles, because you had to be logged in to see certain things.

No. 291293

I think people forget just how obsessive they are about ~haters~

No. 291295

File: 1469202028417.png (338.69 KB, 1280x800, Screen-Shot-2014-06-24-at-4.15…)

This was on Pull 1.0: none of the usernames transferred over. This screenshot was made on Kiki's computer and uploaded to her website's archives to build evidence for a lawsuit against those who spoke bad about her.

No. 291297

I think they posted the bare minimum but it's been awhile and I can't remember

I have all of the files saved on my computer if anyone is interested. I think a previous lolcow admin has them saved and uploaded to the site.

It wasnt just screenshots of Pull. It was also of a cam girls website. KFC website, all kinds of shit.

No. 291298

Samefag to say there were at least 2/3 accounts with nyan in the name that belonged to them. They could've made more accounts that went undetected. Afaik, these accounts were banned when these screenshots surfaced so I doubt we can even check wayback machine for what kinds of posts said accounts made.

No. 291301


these were their accounts. according to an old thread, nyankola had a IP from Dallas (but it was obviously them, they were logged in in one of the screenshots). i never understood why they had to make so many accounts for tho. maybe they kept forgetting the password or something lol

No. 291302

Cathy also used an account called HarveyTheCleaner, or ______TheCleaner, on PULL iirc. They like

No. 291303

Ah yeah, they also used that name too, but I only remember they whiteknighting on YT under it

No. 291304

yeah, it was only on youtube. it was "thecleanerharvey" i think

No. 291305

File: 1469203478983.jpg (48.37 KB, 689x424, CH.jpg)

Thirding that it was only a youtube username: it produced this wonderful reply after all.

No. 291308

damn cathy is a hella strong believer in karma and ~energy~. she must be a buddhist

No. 291311

If she were buddhist, she'd know karma doesn't work that way and it certainly doesn't work by wishing it would bite other people in the ass. However, I wouldn't be surprised if Cathy is part of the reason Kiki went with the more new-age "live, light, love" schtick.

No. 291312

File: 1469205173537.png (312.39 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-07-22-12-24-15…)

No. 291313

File: 1469206209697.png (367.05 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-07-22-12-49-40…)

No. 291314


"If I change my name I'll lose my verified badge" …oh no, because so many people are trying to be you. Stop clinging on to the last shreds of "fame" from nearly 10 years ago to try and be relevant in 2016.

No. 291315

is she referring to that time she tried going by Kiki Mimiuex? p sure she only shed it because her "singing career" was a huge fail. not because people insisted she was kiki kannibal.

i'll say it again. kiki kannibal is easily disposable. it's one of those stupid scene names like Verena Schizophrenia and Dani Gore. even Jessi Slaughter, with all her notoriety and massive negative attention was able to move on by calling herself Damien. yeah some trolls might still bother her, but imagine how much worse it would have been if she still went by Jessi Slaughter in all her current accounts?

No. 291316

Why won't she just admit she doesn't want to rebuild a following instead of giving these bullshit excuses? Like, I get that no matter what people will still link her to the name, but that doesn't mean she has to keep it.

Honestly, I think if she stopped using the name after scene died and she changed her style, most people probably wouldn't know about her past or link her to it.

No. 291322

They practice their own variation of Buddhism. Like, posting on instagram random book pages about buddhism, vegetable dishes or practicing yoga and sneaking some expensive crap in the picture. Or thinking sanctuaries are some sort of strip clubs where you can throw money to the "hot monks"

No. 291326

she's dumb. she's the one who won't let it go with these bullshit excuses of, "I will lose my my verified badge," and, "Trolls link it back to me somehow." bitch, grow some thick skin, suck it up, and move on. it's not that serious. no one knows who you are outside of the internet.

if she's so worried about losing that stupid check mark, she should just make a new Twitter, with a new handle, and make her verified account inactive or use it to promote her new account. it's not that difficult. many "Twitter famous" people do it.

No. 291330

Nah, she linked Kiki Kannibal to Kiki Mimieux because she advertised the Twitter and MySpace under her Kiki Kannibal profiles.

No. 291335


If Kiki were smart she would do as her sister did and shut her mouth up more. If she didn't go on these rants all the time we wouldn't have too much to go off of. I see that is already something that we can see hasn't changed about her.

No. 291336

Exactly. I say the same thing about Dakota and everyone ree's at me because they think she looks cute in this or that photoshoot lmao.

No. 291339

Honestly, I feel like people wouldn't even care about her past fuck-ups if she wasn't suddenly preaching "love and light" and peace.
If she went down the same path as Jefree Star and stayed "edgy", pretty much no one would expect any different of her.

No. 291341

I remember when OG Admin (?) first found the archive and advised everyone to shut the fuck up about it, don't talk about it on PULL, etc.
First thing the PULLtards infesting our website do is talk about it on PULL lmao

No. 291343

They want the credit for bringing it to everyone's attention, of course they can't resist the potential asspats to be gained.

No. 291344

Hey is it just my phone glitching or did she delete the tweets about keeping the kiki kannibal name?

No. 291346

3 or 4 different people found it on their own though, she was extremely careless about it and many more were gonna find it without lolcow's help anyway.

No. 291347

She deleted them. I guess I can't say I'm surprised she did that.

No. 291349

Sorry I uploaded the pic here earlier. What I meant by "This was on Pull 1.0" - I didn't mean the screencap, but the account as the other anon was trying to find the account on Pull 3.0. The screencap was just more proof to show that the ostrengas had more than one account on there and were posting.

No. 291350

And her replies are gone from her account now. Kiki lurk is relentless.

No. 291351

does Heidi Palermo (hmm..) go on here? because tweeting at kiki was her first tweet in a month and we were coincidently we askinh why she doesn't just leave the name kiki kannibal literally 23 hours ago >>291084 before Heidi asked her personally and she answered us on twitter.

she probably deleted it because she thinks/realized Heidi is from lolcow.

No. 291352

Is Liana Judd the severely mentally ill Kiki stalker, or am I confusing her with someone else?

No. 291398

That's a different person.

No. 291581

Yeah, I think that's what happened. It's my account. "Palermo" is pretty obvious I guess, also she might have seen that I tweetet at Onision. I didn't even see the replies, just that she blocked me. Still nice that she was trying to be nice about the question, I guess, I was really just curious what she had to say. Thanks for the answer Kiki.

No. 291744

Pretty sure she was 14 and dakota was 11
But whatever \_(ツ)_/¯

No. 291782

Ohkay kinda random but I saw this and it instantly reminded me of Kiki and her obsession with being an LOTR elf, long hair etc

No. 291784

File: 1469397924816.png (345.97 KB, 597x384, Capture.PNG)

This isn't all that interesting but dear fucking lord am I the only one who finds this gif/reply ultra cringey? Her sense of humor is so outdated.

No. 291794

I find it interesting she hasn't been active all weekend. She is trying to make it seem like she has a social life but she isn't fooling anyone.

No. 291840

How does being MIA show that though? Even real busy people have time to tweet because they have their phone with them at all times. Kaka is stupid.

No. 291975

Kiki is mentally stuck in 2008. She would probably still snort and cackle hysterically if someone randomly screamed "squirrel!" In public.

No. 291992

I'm reaching but what if Kiki was that anon who kept posting those obnoxious MCR GIFs on lolcow

No. 291996

I was thinking the same thing.

No. 292024

Of course now that it's cool to like MCR again she does. There was definitely a time she was on Stickam where she was laughing and talking about how she didn't like them anymore. Then some kid in her chat played one of their songs on guitar and she mocked the kid the whole time. Jealous of someone with more talent than her. This was around the time she was going to start her music project.

No. 292061

Is it cool to like MCR again? I just jumped on the bandwagon recently but it was totally random, I haven't noticed them being more talked about or anything

No. 292068

They just hinted at some event or possible reunion happening Sept. 23 and that generated renewed interest. All the fans that were "over" them are now back into them again.

No. 292079

>original post 'people would be so much less harsh if she apologized for being a cunt in the past
>'exactly!! i say the same thing about dakota!'

dakota did apologize tho

No. 292139


Though it was more like a "I'm sorry I got caught + it was someone else's fault" apology

No. 292146

File: 1469505541414.jpg (23.05 KB, 311x285, 10.jpg)

No. 292175

Holy shit some of these are really fucking old too

No. 292189

And a lot is pretty fucking recent, damn. If you click their names it looks like the last time kooters was sending claims was in 2012. I bet this has been considered kakas "job" of sorts.

No. 292211

was kaka the first to start this raccoon hair?

it's such a putrid aesthetic

No. 292212

>was kaka the first to start this raccoon hair?

According to her, yes.

No. 292271

File: 1469545596022.png (29.82 KB, 1092x654, Kaka.png)


She sent a court order complaint to Google about lolcow, PULL and ED yesterday but received by google back in May?

No. 292286

Ahh, the Ostrengas haven't changed a bit.

No. 292323


It's a re-release of The Black Parade, that's all. No tour, no reunion. But I think Kiki, despite shit talking MCR wen they were huge is now clinging to them because she thinks that if there is a reunion it'll bring back the scene she was popular in and she can go back to being ~emo scene queen Kiki Kannibal~ again.

No. 292338


Nothing she can do. It'll still stay up either way.

No. 292347

Either way Kaka seemed to be counting on it and it generated some renewed interest. You're probably right about her hoping about that but what's stopping her anyway? She looked better in her post-raccoon hair days when she had extensions and platinum hair. She looks like a greasy drowned rat in her love and light ethereal phase.

No. 292354

I'm not so sure if she wants to go back to being a scene queen, she seems way too attached to her current style even though it's been out of style for at least 3 years now. I do think she desperately wants to go back to that time in her life though. Mcr probably brings back memories of when she actually had a life and a following on the internet.

No. 292357


She only quit scene when the kawaii dolly shit started taking off and Dakota got noticed for it and went viral. The reason she doesn't go back to it now is because scene is still dead just like emo and punk and goth. The coachella Wiccan crystal fairy vegan shit is in now, and no matter how popular Kiki was in scene, there's nobody left in that fashion to worship her. She moved on because she had to.

No. 292455

lol she did not look better with peroxide blonde her than pixy queen era
punk is not dead

No. 292486

File: 1469620546970.jpeg (165.29 KB, 750x994, image.jpeg)

Goddamn this thread is dead. Guess Kaka's comeback didn't have the impact she was hoping for.

Anyway, how long has this been her pinned tweet? Does she really consider taking down a YouTube commenter an achievement?
Also RTing a Japan story since that's her thing now.

No. 292488

It hasn't been a pinned tweet for that long. Iirc, her last pinned tweet was her comparing herself to David Bowie in Labyrinth.

No. 292504


Weird when I look at her twitter on my phone it doesn't show the pinned Tweet but maybe its because I am looking at it on my phone?

Also I think she is laying low because she knows we watch her every step online.

No. 292537

File: 1469640309053.jpg (80.47 KB, 515x480, 58280884.jpg)

Difference of opinion but compare this to her now washed out corpse look. Extensions suited her so much better than her greasy limp hair. Her style wasn't some dominatrix in training garb. She looks straight up ill these days like she belongs with the Make a Wish kids.

No. 292538

No she doesn't you salty hag.

No. 292540

>>annoyingly obsesses over kaka's platinum hair while recycling the cringey saltiness over and over again

No. 292541

She wasn't scene for a while before Kota went viral - she had short brown hair, no where near scene anymore. Her style change away from scene had nothing to do with Kota, newfag anon.

No. 292556

No. 292557

sup kiki, how's your visa hunting doing??

No. 292558


Hey Kiki how it's going to get us shut down?

No. 292560


Two mentions is hardly obsessing. Calm down and take your meds. I'm not salty over the walking dead.

No. 292564


I agree anon. I've been following Kiki and dAkota since 2008\09 and she was moving into the vegan goddess crystal positivity thing before Kota went to Japan. However, she did start focusing on Jaoan only after Dakota went. Learning it, visiting for her music, getting a jap meal ticket etc.

No. 292576


I see a lot of people using the term 'Jap' on the internet lately. I'm not an SJW, say whatever you want. But I can only assume most people that are using it don't realize it's not a very nice thing to say. Educate yourself and if you still wanna use it, fine: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jap

Alternative abbreviations: JP, JPN

No. 292582

Hi samefag who thinks anyone who disses their pathetic posts is an ostrenga.

butthurt are we?

No. 292583

wow, you're so butthurt same fag anon!
sorry to ruin all your hopes and dreams of kiki dissing you on her thread ;-p

No. 292586

We're not 5

No. 292587

File: 1469658467006.jpg (3.74 KB, 160x180, t.jpg)

go home tumblr

No. 292588

Sorry that wasn't me, but make it more obvious that it's you, Kiki. Farmers don't emote like it's 1999. I didn't know calling you a pasty corpse would hurt your feelings that bad.

No. 292591

The Ostrenga are in this thread.

No. 292593


You are fucking idiots.

No. 292598

Don't bother, just pretend you don't see it.

No. 292600


>call 4-5 anons samefag

>samefags too

you also forgot to use ";3" in your post Kiki.

No. 292606

File: 1469663465396.jpg (28 KB, 500x667, eradf5.jpg)

No it was Audrey Kitching who just stole it from metalhead girls from the 80s when she was curating her original groupie style when she dated the dude from Panic! at the Disco. This makes me want to hold my head underwater, but I was 13/14 when "scene queens" were a thing and thought Audrey was the shit on Livejournal. Through those communities gossiping about the OG groupies like Jac Vanek and Hanna Beth, the wannabes were brought up and roasted, especially Kiki.

Kiki was rich and an incredibly spoiled cunt of a 14 year old (which is a sharp statement about a child, but google her old blogs if you weren't around), the OGs fucking hated her because all she did was copy the aesthetic of what the older girls did and then hysterically lord it over everyone as if she started it. Like trying to beef with Jeffree Star, who was a cyber goth that pretty seemly transitioned into scene. She was only "famous" on Myspace because of how insufferable she was, which is another reason why she will literally never be able to live it down.

Pic related of one of the originals Hanna Beth, who was as entertaining as soggy bread but her family was loaded and she copied Audrey a little more subtly. This was taken somewhere between 2004-2006 idfk, but it was hilarious. Hanna is now the brand ambassador for DFV and has 273,000 followers on instagram.

Kiki also notoriously beefed with/tried to provoke Jeffree Star, who used to present himself as an equally all around dislikable person (they all did). He now has a successful make up line and 3 million followers.

I pray to god Mama Kannibal/Cathy/CYBERPOLICEOFFICERGENERAL OSTRENGA is reading this with fiery contempt that her precious daughter is still being bullied from her scene days, or Kiki is reading this now getting so painful defensive of her repulsive behavior. Based on whatever mental illness she has she truly will always think she's innocent no matter how deplorable her attitude has always been. She does no work to be better. She doesn't know what the fuck being a good person is, because she had been spoonfed and spoiled rotten since her mom wanted to make her Famous™. And all the evidence you need is that she won't let go of her humiliating scene name in 2016 because she thinks she's better than everyone and deserves a verified symbol, and that's only because she knows if she got rid of it she would be nothing.

Sucks at this point she can never even be nothing, she will always be so much less than that unless she owns up and moves on from her histrionic shit. But she never will, and that's why she's my favorite lolcow.

ps. Hi Kiki.

No. 292609

This thread is a meta shitshow; samefagging about samefagging? Time outs will be issued if you can't resist shitposting.

No. 292610


lol tell that to the fucking ostrenga who's shitting on the thread. I've only posted once >>292600

No. 292612

General warning: this thread has been a shitshow for the past couple of days. Stop samefagging and making "no, u!" posts. No one likes it when the cow won't give milk, but bans will be forthcoming for those who shit up the thread. Make a report, don't meta shitpost.

No. 292616

Kaka, a request. Please make a fool of yourself and play Pokemon Go on a YouTube video and pretend you're the very best catching them all. Go on. Your comeback is so unremarkable, you might as well use the app to your advantage and make stupid squealing and burping sounds in your video for views while you're at it.

No. 292619

I don't think she'll do that. If she leaves her house, everyone will stalk, harass, and try to rape her.

Though, I am surprised she hasn't posted about it at all and at least pretended that she's been playing it.

No. 292620

Don't be silly anon, Kaka doesn't leave the house.

No. 292628

Then she can make a video about the dangers of Pokemon Go, kek.

No. 292631


>So I was walking around the neighborhood wearing my designer custom made vegan harness and angel aura crystal jewelry catching pokemons, (because Pokemon has been my favorite anime since before I was born!) and then suddenly some depraved burly man approached me and raped me with his stare! He even dare to tell me to be careful and not get distracted when crossing the street in the most evil, perverted tone! I had to taser his fat ugly ass with my sailor moon taser! hahahahahaha uwu

No. 292636

Thank you for this nice stroll down memory lane anon, I remember those tshirts after seeing this!

No. 292648

Kiki On Twitter - Pokemon Go Edition:

Omg u gais, I was playing POKEMANZ and like I could not go to any pokestop without people checking out my BOOTAY and asking me out! Teehee

I am the guild leader at every guild because I AM THE BEST POKEMASTER EVAR ^.~ but like every guy and girl has been STALKIGN ME, waiting for me at these pokestops to take my picture and ask me out!!

And then they stalk me on my way home ;_;

No. 292653

lol that is so like her that it's eerie

No. 292659

If I didn't know the context of this joke I legit would have believed this was from her twitter or a secret blog.

No. 292719

This is good, but needs more of a condescending, snarky feel to it. Even when she's trying to be nice and preaching her love and light bullshit she still comes off as a stuck up self centered twat.

No. 292758

Also needs more Kira Kira and vegan jasmine tea.

No. 292786

Kiki's leaving her typical trail of bread crumbs again. Why was it necessary to show off her new bf after her "I'm planning my wedding with Taco" "I got my entertainment visa" fails? She could be smarter and not show anything related to her private life, but naaaah let's do the same mistakes again and wait until an Anon finds out something and have a melt down again. It's a sick loop, Kirsten open your eyes.

No. 292789

I agree, she always thinks the internet is soooo after her so why would she do the same thing? Why even post about him at all

No. 292793

The breadcrumbs are so old they've gone stale and are going moldy. Honestly, how does she have any followers lapping it up still?

No. 292796

I've seen this conversation multiple times. They know where it originated they just don't care. If you actually think they mean it in the same way they did during WWII the problem is with you.

>alternate abbreviations

go back to tumblr.

No. 292807

it is like, all of the Jvloggers use Kirsten as an example of what NOT to be like. Sharla and Taylor not showing their boyfriends is a smart move.

No. 292814

Don't forget the part where she happens to stumble upon an organic vegan restaurant whilst chasing Jigglypuff. It's run by a Japanese guy who is thrilled to meet her as he recognises her from her Myspace days. He compliments her on her near native level of Japanese and insists she must be haffu.

Right? It's like she's learnt absolutely nothing from her Taco humiliation. This attempt is even more lame and half-assed than usual, like "g-guys, look at this random blurry photo of some asian guy with half his face covered, this implies I have a cool nihonjin boifurendo like Dako-chan too, right guys…guys?"

No. 292815

Stfu yellow fever whore. I don't see you posting about the term fag anywhere.

No. 292824

Why does she think having a bf is something to brag about? That's completely normal Kirsten and his nationality doesn't make him more/less cool. Everything she does and says is just in order to rub it in our faces as a proof of her success, he logic is so weird, like if any of us has a relationship and/or speak the language. showing off your relationship on the internet makes you feel so divine Kik?

No. 292830

I noticed she has 2k less followers on insta, the last year she had like 10k (correct me if I'm wrong), the number of followers on twitter remained the same but many accs are eggs and not very active users.

No. 292835

If you follow her at the wrong time she'll block you. Like if we start gawking at an ig post she will block anyone who follows her shortly thereafter. Kinda nutty lol

No. 292837

Her definition of success is very strange… I'm assuming it has something to do with how her parents raised her

No. 292843


Yes, she's paranoid.

No. 292850

>and insists she must be haffu.
Or Russian

Me thinks also Kaka believes she's now above her trashy scene american exboyfriends since all her relationships were (and still are) based on just fame boosting and not real love, pretending to now have a ldr makes her look all deep and spiritual and mystical with exotic tastes~

No. 292852

File: 1469752220636.png (746.06 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

No. 292854

Pretty, it's a nice picture. Nice times when they had no idea how to use the computer.

No. 292859

She's finally embarrassed she has literally no life.

You know for someone that's so about Karma, she's not exactly realizing that her life is the epitome of it.

No. 292860

so pure

No. 292861

>pretending to now have a ldr makes her look all deep and spiritual and mystical with exotic tastes~

Or like a pathetic loser who can't meet anyone to date face to face. She would preach to her Stickam viewers about not meeting guys online because any she had met were no good yet that's the only way she gets a bf. Just because she's using different means and they're further away doesn't make it any different and she's deluded if she believes otherwise.

No. 292863

I'm surprised this is the best she can do after her hiatus, how lame. I'm waiting for her to release pictures of when she was in Japan during one of her past trips as if they were just taken. I wonder if she will finally give it up, I was hoping that's what she was doing during the hiatus.

Like bitch didn't even get a haircut, which is insane to me because her length is the only beautiful thing about her and she's ruining the appeal by doing that weird mormon shit. Total joke way over her head she ever compared herself to Bowie considering she just gave the fuck up on unique self expression. She just did some half assed new age shit to convince herself she was literally 'holier than thou'.

No. 292864

File: 1469755489896.jpg (71.73 KB, 444x640, large.jpg)

Hahahaha I bet the reason why Kiki used to be so mean to Dakota was because of her actually natural blonde hair.

No. 292866


I am surprised Dakota would post a picture like this. The Ostrenga do everything in their power to keep private pictures off the internet. I wonder what Kiki thinks of this.

No. 292874

And no Kyler

No. 292876

Does he even exist? People say that those photos of them at the themepark is with him, but there's never been any mention of him other than in the Rolling Stones article. It's weird how they don't talk about him.

No. 292880

He exists. It's him with them in the video where they rode Splash Mountain, and he made appearances on Stickam with them before, usually in the background. He was mentioned on the police report when Cathy, Kiki and Dakota got into it like the white trash they are too.

No. 292881

Of course he does. There was a video of Kaka talking to Kyler about stuff, I don't know where it is but I hope some anons remember it. Kaka kept asking him stupid questions, but he was pretty composed the whole time.

He is a registered voter in Florida, and has video game accounts on the internet.

No. 292882

No. 292883

No. 292889

i saw this video and he sounded very.. normal. sorry my ignorance, but i always assumed he was so autistic that he couldn't function by himself, and so couldn't go on the internet, or socialize normally and was just sheltered in the house. the rolling stone article part about Cathy being touched by Danny just befriending Kyler and conversing with him also made me think this. like he never socialized

No. 292899

kiki is beautiful though

No. 292900

Those were just stories Scott and Cathy made up to make even their autistic kid they hide in the attic sound unique and speshul and different like the other two. They're desperate for people to notice and worship all their kids without actually seeing them.

No. 292912

I remember this video, wasn't he playing video games in the background or something while Kiki live streamed?

Too bad he isn't on the internet and or not that social. I bet he has some interesting stories about his sisters.

I bet out of all of them he is the most normal

No. 292915

why are you here

No. 292918

File: 1469798754045.png (95.98 KB, 350x350, Dont-feed-the-trolls.png)

No. 293309

File: 1469994633817.gif (1.98 MB, 350x197, 759.gif)

OP here: Very disappointed with my Princess' return.

I'm sad now.

No. 293310

Don't be sad anon, maybe Kiki finally grow up and decided to stop showing off her private life instead of arguing with the green-eyed-monsters for the criticism… dream it anon.

No. 293313

Me too anon, me too. She's been away for over a year and all she has for us is a couple of selfies and some random jap's profile pic. Very disappointing, Kaka. You'll never beat Dako-chin at this rate.

No. 293333

maybe she actually read these threads and learned to keep her shit together? idk just a wild hypothesis

No. 293351

No way, she's a tried and true super narcissist. She probably just realized how she has absolutely nothing creative or remotely interesting to contribute to current pop culture and it bewildered he to understand how out of touch she is.

The only people that gave a shit was us to laugh, and middle-america mall kids even more out of touch than her.

I think now that it's been like 10 years since scene was a thing, I've noticed more frequent "Where are they now" type things coming up, if I were her with literally no progress in my life I'd hide in embarrassment too.

She's not even smart or with it enough to copy her way out of things anymore.

No. 293360

I wish that too, anon. Its a sound advice to keep your personal life private, Dakota is actually a good example of that, at least she tries.

Maybe her problem was she was always arguing with people, blocking and copy claiming every damn picture not caring if it was actually a nice post or video, that's such a waste of time.

No. 293426


hope she chokes on a dick whore

No. 293427

why is everyone on this website such a piece of shit?

No. 293437

Hello anon, not everyone. Why u mad?

No. 293440

anon, if you like her then go and tell her on insta or twitter, why are u here? no one is attacking her there now, you are the one coming here to read stuff, simply ignore what you don't like or disagree with, basic.

No. 293470

File: 1470100984503.png (932.01 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-08-01-21-19-54…)

Pshhh Okay Kiki.

No. 293474

No. 293484

Obviously she hasn't been over a friend's house since years ago because nobody lives with their parents anymore..
Oh wait, I forgot she basically tweets about herself because she has no self-awareness

No. 293489

File: 1470111098492.png (194.49 KB, 582x366, k.png)

Is she purposely posting old/ugly photos now so the h8erz don't post them themselves making fun of 'em?

No. 293493

She knows people can use other unflattering photos anytime, it's just one more of her " I AM VEGAN " posts, or maybe she's pointing out her bf is vegan as well.

No. 293505


Love how kaka is clinging to evey clothing and accesory Dakota used in her viral days and left in America

No. 293513

Changed behavior is what should follow an actual apology where you recognize you were an asshole. That's what shows you mean the apology, but no, Kiki's too proud to ever admit she was wrong.

Bitch you can't just meme yourself like that.

No. 293531

Exactly. Also, what the fuck is she suggesting she's changed? The only thing she did was change her style, her persona, and just hid her bitchiness better. Is she forgetting that just last year she was trying to get her followers to bully a girl for daring to correct her Japanese? Or when she would post intimate pictures/videos of guys she was with without their permission, especially when she knows that majority of the people who follow her hate her? I'm sure Taku and Jack Cash still regret ever talking to her to this day. She pretty much ruined their lives and is already working on ruining this new guy's life.

No. 293537

File: 1470135673012.png (193.27 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-08-02-06-54-31…)


No. 293538

Yeah, however "changing" without acknowledging your hurtful behaviour to the people you've wronged ≠ apology.

No. 293540

File: 1470136429252.png (370.87 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-08-02-06-55-05…)


No. 293544

That quote sounds narcissistic. I agree that people have a tendency to project but the "other[s] [are] nothing but a mirror" part's an exaggeration. Solely seeing in others what 'mirrors' you is how self centered assholes see things.

No. 293549

So it's perfect for Kiki!

No. 293570

oh anon,obviously that was meant for the h8trzzzz, kaka is perfect in every way and her being an asshole is totally justified, she doesn't owe an apology to anyone!

No. 293586

It's so sweet that she cares about us so much what with her comeback being all about sending messages to us.

No. 293601

This alone is proving to me that she hasn't changed at all! She misses us so much, just like we missed her

No. 293602

File: 1470162983377.png (51.95 KB, 586x221, Kiki.png)

No. 293608

I would say she's selfish, I'm scared of using the word narcissist because the rest of the cows are already diagnosed with Narcissist disorder according to our brilliant psyachiatrists here.

No. 293632

File: 1470168258156.jpeg (110.95 KB, 750x758, image.jpeg)

Errrr you've had the same look for several years now but ok. Stop ruining Bowie.

No. 293634

File: 1470168599580.jpeg (131.57 KB, 750x976, image.jpeg)

I guess adding low quality gifs to everything is her new thing.

No. 293652

File: 1470171729055.png (451.36 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-08-02-16-59-24…)

This gif she retweeted is fucked up.

No. 293656

It's a video and you're clearly not quirky or random enough like Kiki to get it, anon.

No. 293665

Is this her way to say "Sorry"? Or is she specting people to change?

a humble and honest SORRY it's easier and better than any motivational phrase you could post.

No. 293671

wOw lulz Kiki iz SoOOoOoo randum! xDDD lyk omggg rotfl

No. 293692

It's her attempt at getting people to shut up about her never owning up to or apologizing for the way she used to act. She doesn't have to do either, but she has to accept that it's constantly going to be brought up and she'll be shit-talked for it. This is just dodging around fault.

No. 293699

I remember that red-haired girl who genuinely tried to be her friend in Japan, she was nice to her, but Kiki decided to stalk her activity on internet, like the paranoid she is, or maybe asked her about PULL and lolcow and claimed she was a member, she didn't show a proof tho. Even after that, the girl continued posting nice things about Kiki and invited her to Osaka, but naaah Kiki decided to focus on her personal "war" against her haters as usual instead of giving her an opportunity. She was nice to you Kirsten, using such sites doesn't mean she's your hater, or maybe she wanted to CHANGE her opinion about you, maybe she never had a bad opinion… people like her probably will be happy to hear a SORRY from you, pretty sure many will understand.

No. 293702

It's because since she left, Twitter added the ability to press a button to add a gif to your tweet by searching whatever words you want. So she's just overusing it.

No. 293722

She completely missed the window to apologize about her past. She could've just blamed it all on her being young and stupid. She continued/continues to make an ass of herself for the internet to see.

No. 293754

first of all, i don't think she was talking about herself at all lol

and second why should she apologize now? who would the apology be for? i doubt the people who were actually offended by her years ago are ever going to see it. it sounds pretty stupid expecting a 24 year old to make a public apology for things she said when she was 16-17. it feels irrelevant now

No. 293760

Hi Kaka.

No. 293766

I love how kiki's tentative attempts to steps back on to social media are received like NO KIKI GET BACK IN YOUR HOLE

No. 293772

Lmao, especially after all the pining and pleadinh for milk. I really do hope she sticks around though. I love a good mess.

No. 293784

I agree. She needs to keep on keepin on with the only shit she knows how to do.
>hi kaka
Is this a site wide meme now? Please stfu with this "hi xyz" bullshit. You're not clever and you're not accurate.
I agree with the idea that she doesn't have to apologize for shit. Whether she does or does not, it will still follow her because some people can't let the past go. Shit on her for her present crap behavior, but like really, an apology isn't gonna satisfy shit because so many people will find it to be illegitimate regardless or irrelevant. The girl is pretty good at fucking up her own reputation. You don't need to tag her past to her at every breath.

No. 293801

Hi Kaka

No. 293802

konnichiwa kaka

No. 293820

File: 1470233364483.png (876.83 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-08-03-10-07-27…)

There we go, finally jumping on the pokemon bandwagon

No. 293821


No. 293822

If she actually watched the show she woulda known that Wartortles sound like they swallowed a cheese grater
That and Squirtles and Wartotles always seem to be dicks in the show. Far from "angelic"

No. 293824

File: 1470234968671.jpg (119.29 KB, 1002x1200, Co71WMAUEAEGVED.jpg)

I'm surprised she isn't just trying to get Kota's attention. Kota posted this first.

No. 293860

It's more about her behavior online all these years, she keeps doing the same mistakes again and again. People have adviced many ways to help her reduce the negative attention, say "sorry" in a tweet is one of those, not exactly the best solution in my opinion but HEY more than 1 are suggesting it so maybe for some it can be fair enough. Other small advices:

Change your username, this reminds people your past and it's kinda contradictory, you're vegan.

Don't expose your private life, why is it necessary to show off your bf? you don't expose your family right?

Stop leaving your typical trial of bread crumbs, that's how they found more information.

Don't argue with people, simply ignore them, dont add drama.

Make real friends. learn to trust others.

Keep your accounts private.

Stop pretending you are a pro in everything, it takes time.

But meh… guess she thinks advicing her that is also evil.

No. 293890

Is anybody actually bringing her past to her though? Aside from it being talked about here and people posting old videos so her shit behavior never fades away I don't think anyone is actively harassing her about this stuff. It gets talked about here because it's out there, people know what she did, and they want her to show she's changed by owning up to past mistakes in some way. It's Ostrenga tactic to avoid any blame or try to put it on others or just ignore it and sweep it under the rug with false copyright claims. Can you really blame people for thinking she should own up to it at the very least? As long as she doesn't, people will continue to talk about it. If she's content with that then it shouldn't matter to her.

No. 293893

Idk why but I love your post. Carry on.

No. 293897

No, you're right, no one is actively harassing her (as far as i can see), but like another anon said, perhaps her current followers don't know shit about her nasty past behavior. Why drudge up that shit in an apology post so that they can be aware? That's shooting yourself in the foot. The only way I can see that an open apology would help her is if she actually did something with her life and got big. Jeffree Star is a great example. He's still a cunt, but people pulled receipts on him and dragged him all over SM just to get views.
But let's face it, Kiki ain't gonna be shit so it doesn't matter.

No. 293898

> It gets talked about here because it's out there, people know what she did, and they want her to show she's changed by owning up to past mistakes in some way.
Isk about you anon, but I wouldn't necessarily be making it a priority to apologize to said anons that talk shit about me on a chan.

No. 293901


I'd agree with you, but she said >>291312 which would mean that people generally know about it or talk about it. Which means it would help to apologize just to be able to start new. Also, I don't really get what the big deal with being verified is. I'd rather have a fresh start than a badge, especially with her low follower count.

No. 293903

>Change your username, this reminds people your past and it's kinda contradictory, you're vegan.
bc being a "kannibal" is soo unvegan

there's lots of reasons why she should get a new handle but this one is pretty lame

No. 293904

When it comes to apologizing, I agree with the anon who said it's too late for her to apologize now and that she would be shooting herself in the foot if she did now. But, I do think it's kinda hypocritical that she doesn't/hasn't apologized. The reason why is because she claims she's an ~empath~ and if she truly was one, she wouldn't be able to handle the guilt of knowing what she's said/done to others in the past.

Tbh, I think she's just using that as an excuse because she knows that majority of her followers are bots/deactivated accounts and if she made a new account she'd only have like 10 followers.

No. 293905

No. 293909

She cares about the verification because she sees celebs and shit have it so she must be a very important person too.
>But, I do think it's kinda hypocritical that she doesn't/hasn't apologized. The reason why is because she claims she's an ~empath~
Ok, I agree with you on this. There are many reasons why people think she should apologize, but this is one nobody can negate.

No. 293929


Her current followers aren't all ignorant when it comes to her past. It's been on Tumblr, it's been on YouTube, it's been out there for a while. Maybe they look the other way, because for whatever reason they have decided they like her. If she doesn't want to bring it up and shoot herself in the foot then she shouldn't have made that tweet. Her approach to the situation has been to hide and deny it for years, so why almost mention it now? Maybe it wasn't about what gets talked about here but the timing seems pretty suspect. But we're all going to have different opinions about it and chances are she's never going to take any kind of responsibility anyway.

No. 293941

Does anyone have a good accurate description of Kaka's past? I read the Rolling Stones sob story but I knew there was more to it. I'm just not sure where to find an unbiased account.

No. 293942

Seems like nothing changed, so she basicly did nothing but get new some dick (maybe marriage for visa) while being gone.

No. 293944

lol not kaka but seriously having people rally for her "apology" from her teen years is really ridiculous like really??? God damn move on. Why the fuck would you apologize for being a little cunt when you were a teenager? baffled over here honestly.

No. 293945

>lol not kaka
>says the same thing the earlier kakaposter said

are u sure

No. 293952

there's more than one person here who agrees with >>293944 an apology for shit from 7-9 years ago?? is irrelevant and would do her no favors at all.

No. 293955

Isn't that the worst vengeance Dakota could have gotten after all those years in the miserable shadow of Kiki Kannibal? Now her sister practically wants to wear her skin, she has become her number 1 wannabe.

Karma is the truth.

No. 293959

You're getting too hung up on the word apology. It's not that people want her to apologize but own up to the things she's done and they've gone on past her teenage years. Even in recent years she and Cathy were caught harassing people over Tumblr. She always tries to play the victim when she's the biggest shit stirrer. If she's really changed it shouldn't be hard to do. It's not like people are demanding she do that though like??? Calm down.

No. 293965

Agree. I'm sure her acknowledging her past shitty actions won't happen because she probably doesn't see them as wrong.

No. 293983

She could even do a "recreating my teenage scene look" video and just say that she was an idiot / did some bad bits but has changed as much as her look.

No. 294067


It's not irrelevant when she made homophobic / racist comments and is still in the public eye. If she faded away, sure, nobody would give a shit. She needs to apologise for her words and actions or she's basically saying she still agrees with them. Especially since she's trying to promote this ~pure empath angel~ shit. How can you be an empath when you can't even feel bad about all the nasty shit you've said? Don't even get me started on the online bullying.

No. 294079

She could at least take down the stolen music from her soundcloud. Like, at the very least. She always makes such a big deal of people stealing her stuff and is not better herself. And yeah, I feel like she should say sorry for being shitty about that, it's still online and until recently her description said she's a music producer.

But generally, I agree with you. But I would still drop the name (because all the homophobic/ racist stuff is coming up when you google her). I stumbled upon one of her vegan videos and liked it, googled her and here I am, never having heard of Kiki oder Lolcow before that. I'm sure I'm not the only one.

No. 294081


I agree with you. She could apologize for her recent behavior like stealing music, artwork, pictures and general dishonesty. Once she has done that start anew with a different names and just move on.

No. 294105

Yeah im pretty sure im not some has been thats strolling through this lame ass thread. Not hung up on the word "apology" hung up on the fact yall are rallying the "troops" to get her to apologize for shit 10 years ago. People steal music all the time. People say shitty things all the time. The internet was a wonderfully wild frontier back in the day where you were free to do anything and say anything and here we have someone who people keep bringing up her cringeworthy past. if yall pulled my old ~scene queen shit from 2005-2006 i'd probably disappear into a hole for a while too. Let her move the hell on. She'll prove her true self in the end anyway so what's the big deal??? like cmon sis it's a tired shtick.

No. 294110

You are a fucking moron. No one is rallying "troops" or going to her demanding she apologize. We've been talking about how she can show she's a better person and how she likely hasn't changed. Spoiler alert: she hasn't. She did not steal music 10 years ago, that was recent and it's a crime. You can't just steal another artist's work and then claim it as your own to sell with intention to profit. The fuck is wrong with you? She didn't disappear into a hole because she was getting confronted by past things, she disappeared because her sham relationship fell apart and someone contacted Snagglechan to ask him about her. It was embarrassing to her, and it really shouldn't have happened. She couldn't save face from that when she'd flaunted the relationship for so long so she fled. If you'd disappear into a hole just because your embarrassing scene queen past resurfaced then you're a dumbass because it'd be real easy to confront. Even Jessie Slaughter, who was actually a child when her stuff went down, took responsibility and apologized for things she did and has since moved on and been just fine. It's not that difficult unless you've got a massive ego and pride you can't swallow. It's fine you don't agree, not everybody does, and it's not like she has to do anything anyway so if you want things to move the hell on so bad let the conversation move the hell on.

No. 294114

seconding every point you made anon.

>She couldn't save face from that when she'd flaunted the relationship for so long so she fled.

not to mention boasting about "MARRIAGE" and "MOVING IN WITH BAE" when Kiki barely knew that guy for months made it even worse kek.

No. 294129

TL;DR sorry babe. Don't care bout you or this dumb bitch. I'm here for milk and so far I aint seein shit.

No. 294143

Fucking kek.
Yeah, it tends to happen when the thread dries up. People start arguing about the dumbest shit.
I'd say it's PULL tier to be hung up on her acknowledging that she's a piece of shit. Newsflash: she won't because she's so deluded, she thinks she's a perfect gift from God.

No. 294151

No one is as hung up on it as you think and everyone who has said she should acknowledge her past knows that it's never going to happen. Who are you trying to convince?

No. 294161

>No one is as hung up on it as you think
The recent state of this thread begs to differ. You don't need to chime in and repeat the same shit ad naseum. You're only perpetuating the problem. Now please shut the fuck up already.

No. 294174

Have you been following the thread at all? The conversation started with how she is still the same narcissistic selfish preachy twat. She tries to act like she has changed but she hasn't. It's only Been the past few days the conversation has evolved from how she is the same to how she apologize for her behavior.

And it might be a slow peroid but that doesnt mean the milk has dried up.

No. 294179

File: 1470357345882.jpeg (7.86 KB, 257x196, dakotaroseracist.jpeg)

Having an embarrassing scene phase is a lot different than making fun of every race that isn't white, saying they wanted to beat up a person in a wheel chair, making hateful comments towards "dykes and faggots", and scamming people with falsely advertised products.

I don't know if you've seen her old videos but they're really fucking bad, and Kiki knows it otherwise she wouldn't DCMA them. And I hate the current censorship on the internet too, but she wasn't just being a dick by calling people "faggots" or "retards", these were repeatedly hateful things that would technically classified as hate speech and threats. People talk about her dumb antics, but no one wants an apology for that they wants it for her telling "faggots to kill themselves" while very fucking stupidly comparing herself to David Bowie.

She's trying to be a public figure whose intended career is to be liked by people, so yeah people will rightfully tell her to fuck right off because she's a hateful bitch. You also know if anyone said half the things she has in person to the intended race/sex/sexual orientation they would most likely assault her.

No. 294180

omg people appear "hung up" because the only fucking thing she's posted about is her scene past, obviously we would respond here about how delusional that is

how is it not widely accepted that she's obvious a nobody, that's why it's funny are you knew you don't need to restate that

No. 294185

You must be illiterate.

>if you want things to move the hell on so bad let the conversation move the hell on.

It gets dropped but then this anti-apology circle jerk keeps at it. Why are you so desperate to get the last word on a stupid opinion over some twat on the internet's life? There's going to be a lot of disagreement. Just let it go.

No. 294187

I agree. Kota at least made a half-assed apology. If her immediate reaction is hiding these things and copyright claiming instead of just owning up to it and apologizing, it tells me she doesn't think what she has done was wrong and that she hasn't changed. She comes off as fake to me. I don't think she has even acknowledged it once.

Speaking of copyright, I don't know much about it, but does her not wanting to give up her Kiki Kannibal name have something to do with not being able to copyright claim things anymore?

No. 294188

I don't think it matters if she drops the Kannibal pseudonym for her copyright claims because the fake corporation is in her legal name. As long as Kirsten Ostrenga is making the copyright claims it doesn't matter what name she's operating under online. I think she only uses her corporation name for claims to make it look more legit.

No. 294218

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure she stopped using the "Kiki Kannibal Corporation" in copyright claims a few years ago. Started using just "Kiki Kannibal" for filing them and now just uses her real name to file copyright reports. https://www.lumendatabase.org/notices/search?sort_by=&term-require-all=true&term=kiki+kannibal+&utf8=%E2%9C%93

No. 294219

File: 1470391209196.gif (846.48 KB, 245x240, chewing-amanda-bynes.gif)

She's hiding stuff now because even if she took off with anything now, or went viral, she would be crucified like Jeffree Star is atm, and the stuff he's said I don't think is half as bad as Kiki.(Infers she is plotting her next career move)

Tbh I miss the un-PC internet, Political correctness suddenly became a tool to defame each other after everything was monetized.

No. 294221

Exactly, the JS drama is so petty as he was putting on cuntiness for his online persona as scene kids sacked it up. But Kiki is genuinely cray. crayou.

No. 294225

It's the age of showing receipts and she knows it. The funny thing is, if she had apologised years ago (e.g. 2010), she wouldn't have spent the last few years of her life trying to remove said damning evidence from the internet. 1 day's work vs. filing copyright claims everyday for for years to protect the reputation of an internet persona most people have forgotten about by now. So much wasted time and effort for what?

No. 294240

I feel like kaka is one of those people who goes from being 'I'M THE HOTTEST EVAR I CAN RUN THE WORLD' to like trembling at home, feeling worthless and scratching out her hair, which is where she's prob been for a long time now

No. 294241

you guys haven't heard of some of the other shit. like she once said that it was "disrespectful" for lesbians to look at her. she made fun of a girl with a facial deformity and blasted her on stickam,.. like every so often you would see people coming forward to recount some awful thing she said to them or their friends, but it's always deleted by keek.

btw, that pic attached to your post is from a completely different racist asian video, not the one everyone has seen. only that screen cap exists of it because no one grabbed the actual video.

why do I keep seeing "if she went viral" so much lol. like that has even a 0.1 percent chance of happening

No. 294249

File: 1470411708458.jpg (50.14 KB, 331x332, kik.jpg)

No. 294250

she's hot and it's like her life goal? I don't think it's the most unlikely thing in the world

No. 294253

File: 1470413995354.jpg (124.51 KB, 607x434, newzn0cx5.jpg)

viral = 15 minutes of fame for doing or being something that could land you in the news and garner millions of views in a short time. kirsten has nothing that could give her that, she briefly kinda had it when she was at the front of the scene train and the trend was at its peak, but even then the most she ever got was a mention in a german magazine that she proudly displayed on her stickam. oh and this was while acting like a provocative asshole and being very active.

same thing with people saying dakota is trying to go viral again, it doesn't just happen like that.

No. 294255

God you're fucking stupid. Pot meet kettle.

No. 294257

who gives a shit about things she did when she was 14? are you apologizing for the bad or embarrassing shit you did when you were 14? probably not. probably just pretending it never happened and moving on with your life. ya'll expect too much.

kiki threads are boring now. i used to stalk her threads last year and back but now i just can't be fucked to plow through the same rehashing of shit that happened almost 10 years ago that literally no one cares about except you guys.

i don't think she's this horrible racist antigay person you guys want her to be even if she was that when she was an edgy teen during one of the edgiest times on the internet. narcissistic? yeah. attention hungry? yeah. that should be enough in itself.

No. 294258

File: 1470416011656.gif (649.16 KB, 500x314, Awkward-GIF.gif)

>it doesn't just happen like that
except it does

No. 294265

Dying - I really should read what I type before I post. Spell check is fucking ridiculous.

No. 294267

>cringeworthy drag reaction gifs
Go away chokelate

No. 294268

Most of us probably weren't trying to make public figures of ourselves and be famous on the internet at 14 so no one is bringing up our past embarrassments. No one's going to bring up receipts of some schmo. The reason people remember Kiki's past is because it continued for a long time and the things she said were pretty monstrous. That leaves a lasting impression. That video of her and Dakota talking about Degrassi and Dakota saying she hates lesbians was closer to the end of Stickam which wasn't too long ago. She might not be that same person today but people remember when she was and think it's hypocritical the way she tries to preach these love and light kindness mantras when she was a huge bully.

No. 294274

Not to mention she always dredges up her past, herself. Always talking about being bullied (Which were in reality stupid sceneybopper turf wars) in her new videos.

She was a bully, if she really wanted to preach about it her having reformed herself would be a great talking point. Because let's be honest, there are already tons and tons of resources out there and sympathetic figures for bullied people to follow. There are few, if none, reformed bullies talking about how they were assholes and how to change.

She hasn't changed because she clings to and upholds this false narrative of her as a victim as often as she can. It's still relevant because she is still talking (Read: lying) about it.

No. 294280

File: 1470422223292.gif (756.51 KB, 584x360, eyeroll.gif)

Then just leave? What's your problem, anyway?

It's not like people here have been talking about stuff she did when she was 14 for the past ten years. Not even a year ago she was stealing music, recipe posts and acted as if they were her own. At age 23. Pretty recent, mh? And yeah, there's no apology for that. I wouldn't ask her to say sorry for stuff that happened a while ago, but if she would ever have a comeback, she'd have to do it either way, just like Jeffree Star. Stuff like that doesn't vanish, it doesn't matter how much she wants it to.

All the other drama surrounding Taku was also last year. The thread was pretty much dead until she came back. And yes, we like to bring back up old stuff because it is entertaining. There's a reason she's still in /pt and Dakota isn't.

So just stop posting if you're not interested and please learn to fucking sage.

No. 294283

Except when did Jeffree Star ever do it? All I've seen is a video of "his" side of the Kat Von D callout.

No. 294287

File: 1470426494642.png (103.37 KB, 508x743, Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 3.47…)

No. 294290


That happens when the milk supply dries, but I'm pretty sure majority of us weren't broadcasting ourselves spewing insults and acting like trashy bitches on the internet at that age either.

Anyways, the one who hasn't moved on from the scene queen days is Kaka herself. In her words, that's the only thing people recognized her for in Japan, isn't that sad? In comparison you don't see Kooters raving about her 5 minutes of myspace fame anymore.

No. 294298

>only that screen cap exists of it because no one grabbed the actual video
I was the one who dug up a load of these old vids on /cgl/ way back when, this screencap was actually them imitating Brock from Pokemon. It's still stupid as fuck but it's funny how it still gets passed around as them making fun of Asians specifically.

No. 294307

Hilariously enough, if she went back to scene style and got actual Japanese lessons she could be pretty well known there, especially with a ~former Popteen moderu~ sister.

No. 294354

Is there any evidence that Kiki has gotten a job or worked at all during her hiatus? It's just amazing to me that she comes back, virtually unchanged, no personal growth.

No. 294377

File: 1470473124406.gif (972.92 KB, 312x213, 7drHiqr.gif)

I can't imagine she'd wait tables or anything. ever.

I think she's just spent a good few years being depressed and feeling like 'success' escaped her which she'll be concluding is an illusion at this point.
She's gathering up and rearing her deflated head as we've seen anon, she's still out there, bidin' her time

No. 294378

go back to reciting the definition of what viral means on a thread about a fucking viral personality you utter faggot

No. 294382

I think if she had a job all this time, she'd be in Japan right now.
Though, like the other anon, I don't think she'd ever get an actual job. Other than the fact she thinks she's too good for it, she's afraid to leave the house or do anything on her own. She thinks every guy will try to rape & murder her and that every girl is someone from here trying to stalk her.

No. 294424

she actually afraid to leave the house? where do the ostrengas live?

No. 294448

yes actually. she said in one of her last stickam shows that she worked in retail at a store. then mentioned it again in one of her youtube videos that a customer tried to kidnap her but her mom called the police because the manager didn't take her seriously.

No. 294449

when brain cells are this low :^)

No. 294456

>a customer tried to kidnap her but her mom called the police because the manager didn't take her seriously.

neither we do

No. 294473

She hasn't confirmed it, but we came to that conclusion because:
She never leaves the house without someone with her (every single person who has seen her irl has seen her with her dad/mom and when she went to Japan on her own for the first time, she didn't seem to go out often)
She always talks about how guys try to rape her and haters stalk her every time she leaves the house.
She literally brought a stun gun and switchblade to Japan despite the fact that Japan is known to be a really safe country.
And her skin is super pale despite the fact she lives in Florida.

No. 294485

Her mom and Dakota went to college with her and sat on campus waiting for her after classes.

No. 294553

This is all actually really sad. (personal detail, swear it's relevant) I have agoraphobia and it's obviously a living hell sometimes, like I would have to take medication to make the anxiety/hyper vigilance subside enough to walk out the door. Mine however was a direct result of PTSD because I lived in a shitty neighborhood and men are fucking psychotic.

I mention that because Kiki was a fucking spoiled loudmouth mega cunt on myspace, but she also really did have a ton of fucked up things happen to her when she was like 14, 15, 16 and that is a really vulnerable age. Like that whole shit with Mr Myspace (gorget his real name w/e), all of that was statutory rape that her own mother facilitated. Then her mom Chris Hansen'd him and the fucking dumb ass jumps out the window thinking he could safely land on a moving truck, obviously dies, and somehow Kiki gets blamed for a chain of events that only happened because she spoke up for what he did.

Everything you described is that hyper vigilance you get where it can turn into this obsessive thinking. She also grew up on myspace literally 24/7 so she doesn't understand what a real social life actually is. And even online at the height of her "popularity" she probably got fucking thousands of neckbeards threatening to rape and kill her. At that age, yeah I'd be traumatized too.

I fucking hate her attitude, but I do understand why she's this paranoid and I do truly hope she gets into like real therapy for it and see a psychiatrist that can give her something to help positively shift her perspective, even if it's temporary.

No. 294566

>and somehow Kiki gets blamed for a chain of events that only happened because she spoke up for what he did.
>and somehow

The bitch put up a whole website dedicated to slandering him, laughing about the fact she died and basically taking credit for his death after the fact. and then she posted it in places purposefully for his family to see. (can't find caps, last place I saw them was pull 1.0)

His family tried to keep him away from Kiki, for the sake of both of them, but Cathy and Scott intervened and stopped them from being able to contact him. Regardless of how bad he was, they were obviously decent people and loved their son. They do not deserve to have this done to them.

Sorry for what happened to you, but it's pretty obvious you're just projecting yourself onto Kiki and sympathising with that.

No. 294573

No one gives a fuck about your shitty life this ain't your blogspot

No. 294623

They posted something relevant and it was a tiny part of the post.

No. 294629


I don't recall if it was Danny or someone else who wrote that her parents also would come to pick up and take her home whenever someone made her upset when she was out with her friends


Also Cathy leaving the infamous voicemail "the last guy who messed with my family is dead now" or something along these lines

No. 294641

Oh no, I agree with you but I think I worded that improperly. Cathy and Scott (mainly Cathy lbr) are bother responsible for that shit. Kiki is without a doubt a hateful loser, but her getting raped and her resulting mental issues makes me feel sympathetic specifically and only to that experience.

Cathy went way too fucking far with that voice recording of her saying something like "Don't mess with my family I've killed the last person who did", and setting up that website. Kiki is Cathy's little bitch/mini-me, so of course Kiki went along with it. Statutory rape destroys your life, she might have felt a sense of justice by going too far, which is why she should address that past behavior because that could actually help someone going through what she did.

And again, she was underage when he had sex with her and threatened to kill himself if they broke up. His family should have tried harder to keep him away from raping an underage girl.

And thank you for saying that, but it only makes me sympathize with her not leaving the house. Her being a bag of dicks is separate, I just empathize with her symptoms.

Shut the fuck up, they were two sentences that were relevant to a personal experience to back up Kiki having agoraphobia, which I noted and apologized for the OT, you hateful cunt.

No. 294643

Raising her with that kind of treatment fucked her up.

No. 294647

>Statutory rape destroys your life,
Dude, it really doesn't for most people. Most people were "Raped" Acording to this definition, the majority of teenagers lose their virginity well before they're 18. It's just not that big a deal to have sex before the legal age of consent, which is a completely arbitrary number that's different in every country.

It was consensual sex she regretted after the fact, but consented to and bragged about at the time, then when she realised it was in her favour to play the angle of abused victim, she did. She's a manipulative and conniving liar who is determined to be the victim no matter what.

Considering the fact that Cathy concocted an elaborate plan to have this guy entrapped and arrested, do you honestly believe Kiki was ever in a position where her parents wouldn't have taken her side? Do you really think that they would have let even a hint of abuse escape their punishment?

Cathy's motivation for the above wasn't even the "Rape" It was because he upset Kiki by breaking up with her. She probably would have actually killed him herself had he raped her.

>His family should have tried harder to keep him away from raping an underage girl.

What can they actually, feasibly do? Physically restraining him is illegal, not to mention impossible for his (I believe sick) mother to do. They had no financial control over him, the Ostrengas were happy to bankroll him. They kicked him out, and he just went to live with Kiki's family. They exhausted all of their options, what else would you have done in that situation?

No. 294649

Woah all of this only for that apology-thing? it was only a damn advice people keep telling her, no one cares if it's about her past or more recent shit, doesn't matter if it's not in a form of an apology, people only want to hear something humble to believe she's changing.

No. 294657

She's admitted this herself too. On her formspring she said she broke up with some guy because he was so mean to her and when he upset her he left her alone outside waiting for her dad to come pick her up. Of course while she was waiting for him to get her she was in danger of being raped because cars drove by several times and eyed her.

Jonny Craig also said her mom and dad dropped her off at a studio with Dakota. It was at a time when Kiki was definitely old enough to drive herself.

No. 294788

Off topic but damn she took down so many videos. She used to have over 80 on her channel, related to her bandwagons atm like

- pole dance (bitch had a pole in her room) (bc "scoliosis" or whatever)
- yoga/pilates (had basic equipment like pilates ball and weights)

She had a profile on backstage.com aka "actors casting website".
Then the amount of music equipments and blatant props she had stuffed in her room

Did she just drop all that to go to Japan?
I mean

She hasn't dropped not even one new single… which was meant to be somewhat her job (what she went to uni for etx)

I'm working with the possibility that she spent thousands to get all those things and then spent a lot more to abandon it and try to go for Japan (not sure if she succeeded or not until today)

No. 294790

Well some anon said Kiki sold her music equipment on ebay, I cannot confirm that.

No. 294791

>Jonny Craig
Sometimes the internet is just so, so small

No. 294792

She mentioned that herself in a video. It was around the time her shop had Dakota's paintings in it and she had released her Kiki Mimieux music.

No. 294796

>Dude, it really doesn't for most people.

It depends really. Danny was only like 18 or 19 when him and Kiki had sex right? He was pretty much a kid still, just legal. However if it was something along the lines of Onision grooming his child brides, then yeah, I'd agree with agoraphobia-anon about it seriously fucking her up.

However I do think Kathy played a huuuge part in manipulating Kiki into making her feel like she needs to play along and feel good about what happened to Danny.

No. 294814

Didn't Cathy also push her to be in that relationship and gave her condoms. Kiki was also literally 13 when she dated an 18 year old, who regularly fucked girls that age and did coke with them (sources are numerous police reports, I'll try to find them later).

I don't think you understand that there is a giant fucking fraction of your brain that hasn't developed when you're even 16 years old, let alone 13. And her psychotic mom coerced her into all of this, and I'm sick of people rape apologizing (apologies for the tumblr term, but for real) for Danny, but really her mom orchestrated all of this.

I'm just trying to say that Kiki is an aberrance of a person, but she didn't deserve that trauma. Removing who she is from the story, that's really fucked up for anyone to go through. Rape culture is a real thing so I'm not surprised people are still yammering on that she was "totally in control", but 13 years olds can't fucking consent to sex, what the fuck is wrong with you.

No. 294816

Also wasn't Cathy the one that printed out nearly an entire book of pages of the death/rape threats Kiki got? That would ruin any type of child and make her paranoid as fuck. Even though it was trolling, a 13-14 year old doesn't understand that.

No. 294817

Right. And why do the countries in Europe with such low age of consents, like Denmark, Sweden etc have such consistently high living standards and such happy populaces if their entire population if having sex at such a young age and it's sooooo damaging?

Sex is not that big a deal. It does not fundamentally change any part of you or your brain to have sex. You are just as bad as the people who perpetuate the myth of the hymen.

>(sources are numerous police reports, I'll try to find them later).

Cathy filed those reports. You cannot trust a single word in them.

No. 294818

I totally agree that Cathy manipulated the situation, and I wasn't aware Danny had a history of going for young girls like that. I guess in context, its like imagining a senior/ recent graduate of HS serial dating 7th/ 8th graders. It is pretty fucked.

Its not about the act of sex, anon, its about the older person preying on the younger girl to get what they want. Yes, there are 16-20years all having sex within their age group. But if you are in some sort of relationship where the eldest is manipulating and grooming you for sex, then it is an issue. Not saying 100% that was the case in Kiki's situation, but I can see how that could fuck up a person hypothetically speaking.

No. 294824

Of course. But that's applicable in any situation where there's a power dynamic. But the only thing Danny had on Kiki was his actual age. She held a lot of power over him - Her family was backing him financially, they provided him with a place to live. Not to mention how much social power Kiki had in their peer group as a scene queen. Yeah, she was hated by a lot of the other popular scene kids, but she also had a massive following who would have happily ruined his internet presence - which was basically everything he had. She still has dedicated stans now, imagine the damage they could have done back in her heyday.

We know Danny was a fucking idiot. He fell for a catfish orchestrated by Cathy, who we also know is a fucking idiot. He thought it was a better idea to jump out of a window and onto a moving truck than get arrested (?!) He went and lived with the Ostrengas willingly. He wasn't some evil mastermind who manipulated Kiki into having sex with him.

She agreed to have sex with him at the time, then decided to have him arrested for statutory rape after they broke up to get revenge.

But it's against the tumblr code to admit that teenage girls can have any kind of agency, let alone be manipulative little bitches. I get that protecting the narrative that teenage girls are precious flowers uwu is literally the most important thing in the world.

No. 294830

She was 13 you sick fuck

No. 294831


Don't forget they lied about Kiki's age when they started dating, they told Danny she was 17, later he learnt she was 13-14.

No. 294832

So Kiki and Dakota aren't lying about their ages, and Dakota is actually however old she's saying she is now? Can't have it both ways.


No. 294833

It wasn't just that Cathy had them printed but she was constantly taking them to the police. She'd stand around watching Kiki when she was live on cam and would shout about haters and the threats she received. She said she was going to the police, FBI, you name it and she wasn't going to stop. She is a big blame in all of this for not parenting her kids or protecting them.

No. 294840

File: 1470622158402.png (76.21 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Kiki and Dakota DMCA'd all te police reports from the Danny debacle that had their ages in them. Now the only ones that come up are the Miami one that says Kiki was 13 in 2011, a NY times one that says she was 13 in 2005, and the rolling stone article from 2011 that said Dakota was 11.

But lok how recent this was. That was done last month, after Kiki's return.

No. 294841


Correction: the Rolling Stone article dated April 2011 says Kiki was 14 and Dakota was 11.

No. 294863

Im pretty sure he thought she was 18 but she was 17.

No. 294869

I believe they are the age they claim to be, there's a picture of Kirsten's class in 4th grade and the year, if you do the math yes Kirsten is 23 or 24 now. Dakota's passport is legit, some people pointed out it wasn't because the 95 in 1995 are slightly bigger, but that's normal in passports, the last two numbers on my passport look like that too.

No. 294870

File: 1470642234914.png (414.98 KB, 966x646, report.png)

Try again.

No. 294871

There's more stuff that proves they are 20 and 23 than they are older. Old comments are not very trustable proof since Kirsten used to say she was older all the time, and probably Dakota did that as well, and they looked older due to heavy make up and the nature of the drama, you won't expect a 12 year girl wearing such make up and talking like that on cameras, 0 parental control there. The girl that found those candles like in the Dakota's birthday cake already said it can be a 6 not 8. The purple color make it look curvy but there's the stick, anyway it's hard to tell wether is an 8 or a 6.

No. 294872

it's no use you know lol. no matter what you say there are people who want to believe that they're much older, and are blind to everything that says otherwise. some of them have gone as far as makeup ridiculous far fetched excuses for the documents that say they were born in 1992 and 1995. one of them even said once that Cathy planned from the scene days for dakota to become a model in Japan so she started lying about her age since then lol

No. 294874


I remember I saw some PULLtards literally saying No way you are older than me Dakota!! And Kiki is only one year apart not 3! Their argument was Dakota and their managers lied in order to make her an idol in Japan. wtf? Dakota was hired in Japan for her looks, 16 almost 17 is already a above your average teeny idol and model, her friend Yula yula is like 4 years younger than her.

No. 294875

File: 1470645814349.jpg (944.33 KB, 1536x1561, f.jpg)

I’ll just leave this here.
the first one is from an old myspace forum from 2006.
the second is an email from Cathy to a lawyer about suing Danny while he was alive
and the last one is the infamous police report. the thing that started it all and what STILL is the one and only "proof" that dakota is 2 years older than she claims. however, the police report was written in October 2010, you can see it at the top of the page, dakota’s year of birth and her age were written inconsistently. the birth year said 1993, which would have made her 17 in 2010, but next to it where it says "age" says 15. 2010-15=1995. again, this is the one and only thing that even made people think they’re older, there is NO other proof.

yet there are people, even in this board who have said that dakota is anywhere between 22-24 and kiki is 25+, those numbers coming out of fucking no where.

No. 294879

kiki is 100% 24 I'm sure of it

I vaguely remember hearing about her when I was 14 and thinking 'fuck people my age are making it what am I doing lol' and then that comfy feeling you get when you're older and realise success isn't defined by fucking plastic rings selling in an e-shop or some shit

No. 294880

File: 1470648973424.png (425.53 KB, 720x436, Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 10.5…)

I am as excited to see Kiki turn 30 as I am Paris hilton turn 40

No. 294881

File: 1470649023181.jpg (62.44 KB, 283x283, tumblr_nl3ni2L3k91tezt7xo1_250…)

wait… I will be 30 too

No. 294885

>There's more stuff that proves they are 20 and 23 than they are older.

Duh, because Kiki and Dakota copyright claimed everything else.

Dako and kaka always claimed to be only 1 year apart until Dakota went viral. Between the MySpace days when dako would claim to be in her late teens (obviously BS) and Tumblr their ages were consistently 1 year apart across all their social media outlets. It wasn't until she got noticed by Japan that everything with Dakota and Kiki's real DOBs on it started to disappear. If she wasn't lying about her age, why go through so much trouble to have even Danny's police reports with that info taken down? If she really was 20 they would only prove that. Funny how the only "proof" left is her passport which can say whatever DOB you want as long as your parents are willing to lie to the government about when you were born.

No. 294887

Tbh I don't think the first one can be considered credible, and as for the police report, FL cops are lazy, they don't do the math in their heads to calculate your age, they just write down what you tell them. If her age doesn't match with her year of birth, it's because she lied about it to the cop, which we know the ostrengas have no problem doing. Third, If Cathy said Dakota was 12 in 02/2011 that would make her 13/14 when she went viral in 2012 and 17 now, and would make her year of birth 1999. And we know by her face there's no way that's true.

No. 294893

Not that anon, but if you look at the 2nd link, the 2011 date is from an email Cathy wrote to Stickydrama quoting another email she sent to him approx. 3 years previously which stated Dakota was 12 then (which matches with the 1995 birthdate).

I think they faked their ages back then based on the situation and how it suited them: particularly when filling out SM profiles - like I'm sure Dakota faked her age to sign up for Myspace as she wasn't 13 or over at the time. It's not exactly rare for a young teen to lie about their age online in instances like that - I know I did it back then. There's plenty of old Yahoo Answers from back then saying Kiki was 17 and Dakota was 15 in 2008(and claiming they said this at the time), while others said they were a year apart while even in this link (Buzznet interview with Dakota) said she was 18 in 2010: https://web.archive.org/web/20140505124550/http://aviva.buzznet.com/photos/newyearsresolutionsfromyourfavoritebuzznetstars/?id=64034851#

Honestly, we could argue about this for 10 more years and still have no definite answer as to what their actual ages are as any piece of Ostrenga sourced evidence would be discounted as would any other evidence sourced by a farmer or a PULL member.

No. 294896

The only way to know once and for all is to pay to run a background check on Dakota. Fortunately for her, anyone who cares is too young, too poor or too chickenshit over getting caught to do so.

No. 294904

Dude that police report is plagued with mistakes. They wrote Kirsten has BROWN eyes, that her name is kRisten,and Dakota was born in 1993 but then wrote she was 15 years old… in a 2010 report? that doesn't make sense if you do the math, Why do you want to believe 1993 is the correct number and the 15 was a mistake? And don't pretend a police report filled at night and full of mistakes is better proof than Dakota's passport.

No. 294905

When you create a passport they don't ask you and your mum how old are you and write whatever you say, they have a computer with all your data and ask you for your OFFICIAL papers, such as your birth certificate. dude the Ostrengas simply can't make them write what they want on birth certificates nor on an official passport. Cops and people working at government offices don't have the same rules when filling up papers… cops fill up reports writing what you say in the moment , passports require official papers and proof of who you are to be done, way different process.

No. 294906

This. When I got my passport done they actually took my birth certificate and mailed it back along with my passport. I don't know how you can falsify that, unless you went through the trouble of obtaining an extremely well done fake cert.

No. 294908

ever heard of photoshop

No. 294909

>Oh fuck no is that Cassie Clare?
>decides not to have Cheetos with lunch

sage OT

No. 294912


You can change your date of birth on your birth certificate for $45 over the internet. With almost no hang ups as long as you confirm your identity.

If Dakota's passport was her real original date of birth, there would be no reason for them to still obsessively Google and DMCA claim everything else with any other DOB on it from any official government source like the police or a hospital. Dakota isn't that relevant anymore to justify needing to keep deleting stuff last month. Even if someone did find an official document with a 1993 day of birth from a legit government source, none of her Japanese fans would care or even ever see it.

No. 294914

There's in fact a good reason to copy claim it and hide it; IT's describing your CAT FIGHT with your own mother, reason enough to want to keep your shit private. Would u want people sharing your police records online for years? it's not for her age it was an embarrassing situation in general. She copy claims everything related to her amd her family, it's oobviously uncomfortable and embarrassing to see people discussing your rape report and your catfight report. that's a better reason than to trying to hide your age since everyone knows it was full of mistakes.

No. 294915

there's not a huge gap between 16 and 18, and Dakota was like 17 when she got that contract with popteen while many of her coworkers are 13, stop saying Japanese people only care about her because she was 16, that's so stupid and it's not a rule, they liked her for her "Barbie" dolly image, reason enough to support her in a culture which celebrates cuteness and soft looks.

No. 294929

17? Mate she was at like 19/20

Dakota isnt 20 shes fucking 22 going on 23

No. 295025

.. You only WANT to believe that, damn… anon, >>294872 you were right, it's pretty useless.

No. 295049

anon….? they DMCA claim EVERYTHING with their name and photo on it. jfc. see what I said about people wanting to believe that they're older no matter what, even if it comes to making up bullshit excuses?

No. 295053

>Dako and kaka always claimed to be only 1 year apart until Dakota went viral
lmao no they didn't. that's a myth that came from a random stranger's answer on Yahoo Answers about "how old is kiki kannibal" from 2008. someone submitted that to PULL tumblr and that's how that rumor spread. they never said that.

No. 295075

I wasn't talking about the catfight report, I was talking about the Danny report, the one where he fell off the roof after meeting Kiki and Cathy at the mall. Kiki had no problem bragging about having sex with Danny, living together, and after the accident how she didn't care that he was dead and how little his dick was. She wasn't traumatized, she wasn't pressured into sex by him, ad she wasn't some poor little victim until people started calling her and Cathy monsters, and that's when she made up the "he kept p-pressuring me and I felt so juvenile for saying I w-wasn't r-ready so I let him" shit and started taking all her shit talking down.


Yaknow, not everyone on here is 16-18 and has no choice but to rely on secondhand information because they only know of Dakota and Kiki because Kota went viral. I followed them both on MySpace as a scene kid before Kiki hooked up with Danny. And yes, they used to claim they were only 1 year apart and that Kota was born in 1993. I distinctly remember Kiki answering an ask on her formspring about it, she said "we're 1 year and 1 day apart". This was before Dakota even had a Tumblr, and since she wasn't catering to Japan by pretending to be younger nobody cared and it wasn't a big deal. But yes, it did happen. That's why they deleted everything, so Dakota can stay in Japan with her sugar daddy, because if Japanese immigration found out she's been living there with a passport with an incorrect birthdate on it that was made with a birth certificate that was altered solely so she could lie about her age, she would be deported and probably banned from re-entering Japan permanently, and possibly face legal trouble.

Dakota was never 3 years younger than Kiki until she went viral on Tumblr and youth-obsessed Japan, with their underaged white girl fetish, started to notice her. That's when Cathy and Kiki started deleting fucking everything they never cared about people seeing before, line their old formsprings, all their legal bullshit, the police reports, all of it. They didn't start taking it all down and purging their Twitters until 2011/2012.

No. 295096

You're right about the age. I followed them too (ashamed to admit that I obsessed over them) and idolized Dakota during the Myspace Scene days because we were the same age (I was also born in 93)

No. 295097

Sigh… Kirsten copy claim EVERYTHING how many times are we going to explain that? Did you read the explanations on this thread at least? Dakota always lied about her age cause she was too young to create a mySpace account, but you prefer to believe shit like she also changed her birth certificate, 16 is actually not that young for the industry, and it's fucking rude to say Japanese people only liked her because she was 16 if she was 18 they will never liked her, you really???? they liked her for her "barbie" pictures they didn't ask her age first to like her, Dude you believe anything jealous weeaboos say right? Fuckin stereotypes. but it's ok anon, believe what you want other 10 years.

No. 295117

Kiki and Cathy weren't at the mall when he fell off the roof. They set up a sting operation to entrap him with a younger girl and then they called the police but the Ostrengas weren't present at the time. Maybe her bragging about the sex, talking about his teeny weenie, and saying she didn't care could've been her attempt at covering up how fucked up all of that was for her? It was pretty monstrous, no doubt, but Kiki was a kid and she was taken advantage of. It's no different than the girl who went on Maury saying she wanted to have a baby and she acted like she was all tough. It's just a mirage to cover up a bigger problem. Not that Kiki is entirely innocent because the way she is now marinating in being a constant victim is disgusting, too.

Isn't it possible that they lied about their being a year and day apart to age Kota up at the time? They were both lying about their age on MySpace. It made more sense for Kota to in order to use the site. They kept the lie going to not have to admit to it. Then they kind of omitted their ages for a while, Japan came calling and suddenly Dakota was two years younger (her actual age). This would make sense since she posted on her Tumblr about a classmate finding her Twitter account, maybe? It could be a lie though since Dakota also said in an interview she never went to middle school or high school but I think that's the actual lie. Lies are what started the whole age controversy. The Ostrengas as usual are at fault for something they did and caused a bunch of confusion but they spin it around to be the victims, which is basically their theme at this point.

No. 295122

You're getting awfully offended by the fact that Japan idolizes youth. They do. You don't see any other country be do over backwards to fly underaged foreigners to their country and put them on TV like Kota, Beckii, or Magibon. And they only do it because they're you and cute, not because they have any actual skills. Beckii danced and sang but she was far from professional, Magibon didn't do anything and didn't even speak Japanese and she still got to stay and live there and she's almost 30 now. She was 14 at the time, Yuka was young af when Akita flew her to Japan for the first time too. Two years might not be much difference to westerners but to the Japanese who expect you to grow up and get a real job at age 20, it's a big difference. If they didn't idolize youth, why did Dakota get replaced with a 9 year old? It's true nobody cares about her in Japan anymore except her old fans from Popteen and fans of Tsubasa and Yula who know of Dakota because she is friends with them.

Cathy was there, she's the reason he ran. And Dakota didn't have to lie about her age to join MySpace because she was 13 in 2006 (because math). I know this because I remember going on her MySpace profile under her tag line and seeing >13 years old.

No. 295124

He ran because he was in police custody, papers blew out of the cop's hand and he saw an opportunity to escape so he ran and jumped for it thinking he'd land in the dumpster. There are actual articles about his death that describe the event this way. Why would they lie about Cathy being there in the paper? She was 13 in 2006 if she was born in 93. If she was born in 95 she would have been 11.

No. 295125

> And Dakota didn't have to lie about her age to join MySpace because she was 13 in 2006 (because math). I know this because I remember going on her MySpace profile under her tag line and seeing >13 years old.

>I know Dakota didn't lie about her age because I remember going on her myspace profile and seeing her lie about her age


No. 295126

you're choosing to believe a MYSPACE TAG LINE from 2006, in a place where everyone lied about their age, over countless documents that show she was 11 in 2006? do you honestly think no girl has ever lied that they're older on the internet to fit in? especially an 11 year old wanting to be popular among 15-17 year old scene kids?

there is literally not one single piece of evidence that says she was born in anything other than 1995. that police document was the only thing and it even contradicts itself with the alternative age. your whole "i read, i saw, i heard" from myspace of all places, as argument against all the proof is the most absurd cherry picking I've ever seen. i honestly don't think people like you will ever believe she is 20 even if she landed in jail and had her birthdate on a mugshot website. "she must have bribed them! she lied to the police! she showed them a fake ID! i know it's not true cuz in 2006 i read on myspace that she was older than that"

No. 295129

I'm not offended by something like "they appreciate youth", it's the non sense you are saying, Dakota is a MODEL not exactly an idol, quite different career, they don't need to lie about her age for anything of what she's doing, Taylor is like 27/28 and she's still working as a model as long as there're clients interested. Even if Kirsten herself or Dakota come here and show you a birth certificate or anything you will say NO YOU ARE LYING! IT'S FAKE or you paid for a new one!!!! you said you were older 10 years ago and random people said that too! Clearly you only WANT to believe it, doesn't matter ho many times we explain it to you, how mamy proof or logic reasons we could have, you already DECIDED the age you want them to be, you just can't stop beign so opinionated about it. Useless.

No. 295130


I feel like it should be mandatory to link the ED in the OP of all the Dakota threads from here on.

Dakota was 18 when she went viral in 2012. Or rather, she turned 18 in September 2012 right in the middle of it all. The infamous Rolling Stone article says Kiki was 14 and Dakota was 11 in 2005.

So for those you who can't do math, Dakota was:

>11 in 2005

>12 in 2006
>13 in 2007
>14 in 2008
>16 in 2009
>17 in 2010
>18 in 2012



And these are articles that Kiki herself has referenced in the past and has allows to stay up online, so it's not like it isn't legit. If they bothered to leave it up they must not have seen it as a threat/forgotten about it.

Someone go grab copies of them now though because they'll probably go down in less than 24 hours from this post.

No. 295132

You missed out age 15………..

No. 295133

Taylor also mutilated her face with ridiculous fillers to basically look like a baby. Lolita shit is so fucking big in Japan. Take five seconds to google that shit, idk why anyone could be dumb enough to think that Japan isn't obsessed with youth.

No. 295134

>14 in 2008
>16 in 2009

Lol, is being able to count not part of maths anymore?

This entire article is basically just a piece ghostwritten for Cathy and Kiki. She didn't fact check any of it, if she did, it wouldn't have painted Kiki in such a sympathetic light, or made out she was as popular as she was amongst her peers. Kiki was famous because she started drama, or was always involved in drama. No other reason. Her "Business" was nothing more than a scam.

No. 295135

>If they didn't idolize youth, why did Dakota get replaced with a 9 year old?


No. 295136


HAHA yeah and we are those who don't know math haha

No. 295137

You missed out age 15, Lol. do the math again. Dakota was born in September, she was still 16 when she she went viral in 2012, some months later she turned 17. Cut the crap, do the math again and you'll see you actually agreed with us she was 16 - 17 in 2012 hahahaha lol

No. 295141

>17 in 2010
>18 in 2012

You skipped age 15 and you jumped ahead a year, but we need your guidance to do the math? Sure… What point are you trying to make here?

This isn't even the Dakota thread so if you want to link the ED for her in all threads, you'd have to go to her actual thread in /snow/.

One more thing to consider. Look at the photo of Kiki and Dakota eating churros as kids. Do they really look like siblings who are one year apart?

No. 295143

The anon was explaining that if you look young/cute, your age is completely irrelevant.
I mean, if pt, for example, tried to get fame in Japan when she was 15/16, do you really think she'd have any more of a chance than she does now? Japanese people, like everyone else, don't need look at someone's age to decide if they are attractive.

No. 295149

The only people I hear say age matters so much in Japan are people who are not Japanese. Weirdly enough, every Japanese person I've asked has given me a weird look.

I think it's just a defence mechanism
>They only wouldn't like me in glorious nihon because I'm over 14! If I were ~Young enough~ my kawaii would be worshipped all over.

What pixy does to rationalise her failings basically.

No. 295158

I think anon went for a long walk, or probably is busy with the math, I just hope anon doesn't come back with more MySpace "evidence", please let it go now, anon.

Thanks for explaining my point about Taylor. Dakota is a model, age doesn't really matters for modeling as long as you LOOK nice.

Fucked up stereotypes.

No. 295226

Japanese have a specific word for "looking old" rather than just being old and I've heard countless of my female friends saying how afraid they are of aging. Japanese are obviously obsessed with looking young and young looking people. They also have a huge boner for "young looking mushy bodies" like a kid's rather than voluptuous or curvy bodies. I never heard of Kooters before she became viral, but I would understand why she would lie about her age. Her entire gimmick was the underage bait thing and there is a huge gap between 16 and 18 in terms of baiting.(her age has been proven multiple times.)

No. 295233

Almost every woman is afraid of aging and looking old. Just because a more mature look is preferred in the west, doesn't mean that no one isn't afraid of aging/looking old.

Also, not a single Japanese person I've ever talked to has said they like/want that body type. Actually, I often hear Japanese people talk about liking/wanting an hourglass shaped body.

No. 295270

But she's not lying about her age, we already proved it and you saw. GET OVER IT.

No. 295271

your math was completely wrong we all poinyed out that, just stop or go back to PULL.

No. 295272

You are so butthurt now, that argument about Japan is just lame, we are telling you she's a model not idol, for modeling age doesn't matter as long as she looks nice and clients like her, get over it.

No. 295454

So is Kirsten 24, and Dakota 22?
Kirsten is 24, and Dakota 23? All this wrong math, he said she said, back in my day shit is thoroughly confusing.

No. 295472

in september Kirsten will be 24 and Dakota will be 21.

No. 295480


Either way, one of them was in grade school and the other was barely starting high school. Practically infants. Bratty, racist ones.

No. 295482


They are 3 years apart and 1 day.

Dakota was born on 19/september/1995

Kirsten was born on 18/september/1992.

So yes, Kirsten is 23 and Dakota is 20.

Next month they will be 24 and 21.

The end.

No. 295509

no kiki is 24 I refuse to believe she is younger than me

No. 295513

>I refuse to believe she is younger than me
literally every denier in this thread

No. 295518

File: 1470992158051.jpg (70.61 KB, 445x581, 3283538_orig.jpg)


No. 295535


Quarter life crises.

No. 295647

close enough tbh

No. 295649

Haha don't cry


No. 295661

Well it's (Finally) official.. it was clear years ago but PULLtards and some idiots just love to live in denial. don't cry anymore, move on.

I think Kirsten only came to show off she's in a relationship, pretty much that and her typical zen quotes, but now she's ready to dissapear again. She posted something like "I'm just visiting" idk maybe she finally realized this time it's better to keep her life private, hopefuly. Time will tell.

No. 295663

I remember a former admin of PULL said she will put down the site "if Dakota and Kiki stop their shit" or something under those lines. Honest question: What's exactly their shit? We proved their age already, Kirsten dissapeared, they no longer make those stupid racist videos and Dakota posted her semi-apologize, Dakota is still editing her señfies tho buy no longer perfect kawaii elf dolly model (still better than whatever she's trying to look like now) anyway they have a thread for that, if she meant "stop working as a model in Japan" well, that's stupid, stupid like the people who say "I refuse to believe she's younger than me". The Ostrengas are a dead horse.

No. 295664

are you talking about Lain?? pretty sure she left the scene years ago.

No. 295665

Yeah I think it was Lain. Anyway I think Kirsten is a classic but maybe she should be in /snow/ ? the girl is not doing much.

No. 295668

certain cows should never be put in snow. I feel like some are total poster boys for the history of the internet. I can't believe Jeffree's in snow

No. 295672

Maybe I just feel weird to see Kirsten's face next to a Chris thread haha

No. 295673

I want to watch a reality show with them all in it

No. 295676

Ugh I already feel weird reading shit from these threads I shouldn't have read, every time I open those spoiler images I regret it so much haha a reality show will be too much for me. Kirsten's thread is pretty and kinda neutral compared to other threads on PT. Some threads just make me feel very sad…

No. 295679

did you guys know kirsten once claimed she was contacted to be in a reality tv? she also claimed she was invited to be in america's next top model, but turned it down for something involving being a vegan.

man scene kiki would have been the best cow on this site

No. 295681

non srsly most of the cows aren't doing that great even koots might not turn down a reality show. I want to see them forced to survive in the woods together and then do total wipeout

No. 295682

Kaka deleted the pic of her new Japanese "boyfriend."

No. 295683

File: 1471092605613.png (854.72 KB, 1366x653, screenshot-www.instagram.com 2…)

Also edited the caption of >>290132 >>290228 and deleted the boyfriend sentence

can some moonspeak savvy anon confirm?

No. 295685

It still says it's his picture.

"My bofriend's picture.
This is in Chiba.
The sunflowers are pretty, right?
I want to operate a sunflower field."

…I'm pretty sure she didn't mean "operate".

No. 295686

It doesn't say boyfriend
Only his photo

No. 295687

If you use 彼 like this it does mean boyfriend.

No. 295688

She didn't, lol. You'd think because she was looking for a new Japanese boyfriend/a way she can live in Japan the entire time she was on hiatus, she'd improve her Japanese. Or she would at least look up example sentences to check if her Japanese is correct before posting.

No. 295744

File: 1471124549064.png (284.7 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-08-13-16-39-53…)

Third favorite thing making unfunny memes of my scene phase pics.

No. 295748

>sending memes to my mom

Because she has no one else to send them to.

No. 295770


>>implying she isn't living with her mom in Florida

No. 295776

>Kaka sees a meme on the internet that was funny back in 2002
>Cackles like a witch
>"Mom come look at this photo! It's so funny oh my god! Look at how ugly this girl is!!!"
>"I'm talking to the lawyer. I'll check it later"
>Saves meme to her laptop while dancing like an idiot
>Writes "Fav past time: dancing"
>Nope, not quirky enough
>Finally tweets "Fav past time: dancing in socks on wood floors"
>Adds "Second fav past time: sending memes to my mom"

No. 295784

File: 1471176721468.png (766.99 KB, 586x596, Capture.PNG)

I was never really a fan of DBZ as a kid, but isn't only one of them Goku? I know one of them is Vegeta and one is Gohan.

No. 295785

Gokus the only one in the middle.
Top row is Trunks, Goten, ??? (Forgot his name)
Bottom row is Vegeta, Goku, Gohan
She's stupid as fuck calling them all Goku and shows she really doesn't know much about anime, no matter how much she tries to play it up.

No. 295787

didnt she used to shit on dakota for liking anime so much that she had to hide her power level? now she acts like she's been a fan the whole time. come on kaka.

No. 295789


Anything to appeal to the weebs

No. 295790

From top to bottom, left to right: Trunks, Goten, Gogeta (fusion of goku and vegeta), Vegeta, Goku, Gohan.

jesus f christ, i didn't even think you had to watch DBZ to at least recognize that one of them is Vegeta

No. 295793


Well, that's coming from the same bitch who was asking *how was called her ~totally favorite childhood anime she used to watch all the time about a boy turning into a girl~* on twitter, kek

No. 295835

Don't bring that up again, you'll summon the sperg anon in deep denial.

No. 295864

Can someone explain me what she's talking about? I don't get it.

No. 295868

Play on words, supposed to read "what i' saying" at the end. Hillarious right…

No. 295890

>>295868 oh, wtf.

No. 295902

Has anyone been lurking on language exchange sites/apps lately? I really feel like that new Japanese guy has either broken up with her or just stopped talking to her. I was expecting her to make tweets about him to prove she's still with him after we talked about her deleting the picture of him. That's what she did when she was with Taku and we'd post our theories about him.

No. 295905

If she met him on those sites maybe she already told him to delete his account or at least change his picture. She also has posts that can make u think he's vegan, I highly doubt it, but who knows…

No. 295906

Or maybe she finally is listening to the people advicing her to keep her life private and not drag his new bf into this.. last time she had a meltdown.

No. 295910

I'm leaning towards him having dumped her, if they even were together in the first place.

Wouldn't you be weirded out if your penpal/potential partner would start telling you to delete or change your various app and social media profiles?

No. 295917

It's not a weird request if she asked him to delete it after she became his gf. (In case they are really in a relationahip)

Or maybe she told him about the incident of her past relationship.

No. 295970

It could be that they actually spend time together physically now? Online it looks like me and my bf don't interact, but it's because we're always with each other. Hopefully she's keeping her personal life private

No. 295984

lol why are people talking like she was actually ever dating that guy, all she did was post a blown up picture of his line icon. if she had anything better to show she'd make sure everyone saw it.

No. 295991

Is pretending to be a weeb the hot meme of 2016?

No. 296023

Proof? I don't think you can actually change your legal date of birth for $45 over the Internet…

No. 296057

File: 1471341811147.jpeg (100.95 KB, 750x706, image.jpeg)

>lolcow thinks I don't have a nippon husbandu!
>quick! better post some kawaii chat caps

No. 296064

Wat is this app

No. 296065

Lbr, she sent those to Kota lol


No. 296138

Dear Kirsten:.
1-I KNOW ur parents are associated with a secret society

2-you and Dakota are illuminati sex slaves

3-you are an experiment

No. 296157

File: 1471418355561.jpeg (21.22 KB, 500x491, received_10156992461570467.jpe…)

O rly?

No. 296184


It's people like you that give our board a bad name. Go back to PULL with your dumb conspiracies.

No. 296185


Lmao go smoke some more crack Rima

No. 296191

It's just posted something similar on Onision's thread. Sigh.

No. 296195


They made a few posts in a few different places, but they've been banned. Thanks for reporting this.

No. 296311

Wow, quick-draw McGraw!

No. 296514

I found this on Instagram. I think it's kinda strange that she'd have her picture taken with a complete stranger.

No. 296516

This was before everyone was trying to beat her up or rape her.

No. 296537

Where dat video she posted a screenshot of at?

No. 296546

File: 1471774486091.png (14.42 KB, 568x231, Capture.PNG)

I find it hilarious she would retweet this because she is exactly like these sjws since they both go out of their way to censor anything they see as ~hate speech~

I was wondering the same thing. Tbh I feel like we're not getting that video. She most likely was planning on uploading it when she came back, but maybe she didn't get enough positive attention or something?

No. 296564

Apex Kiki hypocrisy there: she's acting like she's never filed DMCA reports on negative, text-only opinion posts about her on Tumblr nor went on Twitter rampages about people who share said opinions online because she had no real issues of her own to talk about online for ass pats from all 4 of her real Twitter followers.

No. 296565

Samefagging to add the further hypocrisy of her complaining about people "pretending to be her" online (i.e. parody accounts) while retweeting a parody account that uses Zach's name and image. I guess it only matters when it's her name and image being used.

No. 296611

what the fuck, banning someone for saying something lulzy like kiki and kooters are illuminati sex slaves? has this site gone to shit or what with its weener farmhands>>296195

No. 296668

Someone put this to the test and make a new exposé Tumblr. See how long it takes her to find it and copyright claim the shit out of it.

No. 296732

File: 1471874876483.png (752.42 KB, 580x576, Capture.PNG)

I decided to go through Kaka's media on twitter because I thought maybe I would remember some old lulzy shit she did idk. But I found that she retweeted that shitty Goku joke back in 2013. I guess she's still deleting old tweets?

Also she's a fan of Anita Sarkeesian, lol.

No. 296745

So…that lame Goku joke wasn't even hers, but she c/p knowing full well where she was ripping it off from to pass it off as her own in 2016? Nice.

No. 296759

what bugs me the most is those aren't all "gokus" lol

No. 296760

kaka confirmed having 0 originality even to making lame jokes

No. 296767

She's just so…behind. Poor girl. She was meant for the mid-2000's.

No. 297382

Kirsten's thread is so dead…

Thank God.

No. 297407

Then why bump it? Idiot.

Also, it will come back alive every single time she posts something. That's just how it is.

No. 297602

File: 1472355561262.jpg (102.98 KB, 639x896, image.jpg)

Fuck knows how she found this person on Twitter asking if anyone wants to "fake role play" with a pic of scene kaka. It's not even tagged with her name or anything.

She must literally be combing the internet for muh stalkers 24/7.

No. 297661

File: 1472391992604.png (572.36 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Is this Cathy??

No. 297662

File: 1472392037647.png (890.95 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

No. 297681

Nah don't think so. As far as I remember from kiki's screenshots she saved, there were a few screenshots taken from cathy's facebook profile. Her profile does not have a picture, and probably still won't have one to stop people from finding her. Kyler also has a profile without a picture.

No. 297685

No she had her Facebook under her maiden name.

No. 297792

File: 1472474874857.jpg (8.66 KB, 251x142, privacy.jpg)

Kiki has gone private on IG. Does this mean she's actually doing something interesting?

No. 297803

Unlikely, she's done it it a quite a few times before, if I remember correctly. Usually when she's having one of her paranoid fits about haterz. It'll go back to public again soon enough when she gets attention withdrawal.

No. 297933

her description changed? or has it been this way for a while?

>KIKI LEI. Vegan. Environmentally conscious moogle of mother Earth. Always learning & growing on this ever changing journey of life. Remember, you are Divine! www.twitter.com/mmmkikikannibal

No. 297934

not 100% sure, but fairly certain nothing has changed since the last time I happened upon her. A few weeks ago maybe

No. 298063

She's probably just mass deleting old pictures off of her ig again.
I know it's most likely not going to happen, but I hope she's deleting more stuff so she feels she'll be able to change her persona again and get away with acting like she's always been like her new persona.

I think she changed it when she came back. Iirc, she took out "emotional empath" and "musician."

No. 298151

This sounds like something Kiki would say.

No. 298154

File: 1472580021314.png (790.26 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-08-30-13-52-35…)


Opps dropped my pic

No. 298866

File: 1472935330438.jpeg (82.11 KB, 750x929, image.jpeg)

I'm so random and quirky!! and not all conceited xD It's just that everyone wants me! Pt. 1

No. 298867

File: 1472935411074.jpeg (97.8 KB, 750x975, image.jpeg)

Pt. 2: she quickly deleted the previous tweet and posted this one instead. Clearly trying to cultivate her image, but still can't resist making it look like every guy on earth is hitting on her.

No. 298868

And now this one's gone too… Someone's sensitive today.

No. 298872

OMG men are still trying to rape her when she leaves the house.

No. 298873

Like, DUH, of course they would, she's a divine kira kira goddessu after all. Who could possibly resist her elf princessu charm?

No. 298882

>when she leaves the house.
aka never

No. 298887

Think she'll go Kiki Kannibal Corporation DMCA all over him? lol

No. 298888

I'd be disappointed if she doesn't. This would be the only time where it'd make sense for Kaka to DMCA someone. Lol

No. 298889

File: 1472957696625.jpg (190.03 KB, 909x366, Screenshot_20160904-045320_mh1…)

No. 298890

Please excuse the samefagging.


Here's the link she posted along with the tweet.

No. 298891

Insects that get killed during harvesting of veggies and etc don't matter. Animals homes you've taken over by living in a modern place don't matter. If you buy ANYTHING at all and the person or employees who you bought it off eat meat, thanks for indirectly contributing to the meat industry, betch!

Vegans are annoying turds.

No. 298893

File: 1472960974830.gif (1.24 MB, 275x198, 1448559856905.gif)

god bless you anon

No. 298897

What about kids who live on farms and assist their parents with slaughtering for food? Kids that go hunting with their parents? Some of them are part of the process and they eat meat proudly. Not everybody is a spoiled sparkle sparkle princess from Mars in Florida afraid to get their hands dirty.

No. 298901

It's not derailing so much as reacting to Kaka's stupidity. She's saying children wouldn't eat meat if they knew how vicious slaughter is and that's not true when some kids actually grow up a part of that business. She's living in a jasmine tea kumbaya fantasy world.

No. 298970

File: 1473011784960.webm (5.19 MB, 320x240, kikiTittytalk_1466144462838.we…)


>reacting to Kaka's stupidity.

THIS. TOTALLY THIS. Kiki goes high on her moral horse and forgets all the fuckery from her past. She's like kooter, she never apologizes for her shit but baletes traces of her/her sister's/family's asshatery around the internet.

Here's a friendly reminder of the attempted 'Kiki Renaisance' from an old thread. Copy pastad webm of Cathy whiteknighting /quality-parenting one of Kiki's fuckups (from that old thread). Cathy complements Kiki for being "perfect"; takl about being delusional:


No. 299010

File: 1473021575187.jpg (75.79 KB, 500x376, tumblr_lzeo5jbZwm1qc1u27o1_500…)

I love it when she says 'ITE' and makes gang signs because that cringe has only stewed and gotten stronger since 2000-whatever

>attempted kiki renaissance

wtf you talkin bout the renaissance happened, it was lush + I wasn't under the impression it had even ended, post another vid wherever you are reaissance-anon!

No. 299044

I'm surprised nobody has uploaded all the old Kiki & Kota vids to a torrent site or something.

No. 299053

File: 1473042016946.webm (7.62 MB, 320x240, youku_XNDI2MTMxNDI4_Kiki_Kanni…)


There's little to no milk coming from Keeks. It's just the same banter twatter and pseudo-spirituality. No videos. No new ideas. NO CONTENT.

See the webm attached farmers; this pretty much is the essence of their household drama circa Stickam/MySpace era. Watch as Keeks complains about her controlling mum, the unfairness of it all and other teenage bullshitery. I would not trade my family life with hers.

Happy Labour Day, Americans!

No. 299086

yeah or a onedrive like all the delicious PT vids

yeah a really wish she would suck it up and make youtube videos again or something

No. 299463

She's so whiny

No. 299588

Im beginning to think kaka should be moved to snow because she's just as non milky and lulzy as fucking Venus goody two shoes Angelic. Kaka has been gone for months, she came back and shit all happened.

There is nothing to even talk about anymore.

No. 299589

Maybe she's actually learned from her past and she's trying to be less showy on social media. Maybe hell has frozen over.

No. 299592

damn. fuck. i can't believe how much i keep underestimating what an abnormal family this is. mom talking about daughter's nudes to a bunch of strangers on camera

No. 299593

File: 1473275290221.gif (485.61 KB, 500x268, tumblr_lmnwwg7oFs1qgmd19.gif)

there are some cows that should NEVER be moved to snow. come on.

No. 299595

At this point /snow/ and /pt/ should just be consolidated, but thats a whole other topic

No. 299598

File: 1473280498800.jpeg (44.01 KB, 500x281, image.jpeg)

No. 299602

Because pt is sooooo active it soooooo hard to weed through the page and a half of hectic activity.

No. 300626

File: 1473925160879.png (894.13 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20160915-082901.png)

>kota uploads new vlog
>kaka reminds us of her existence

No. 300638

She also deleted that sunflower pic her "boyfriend" took.

No. 300640

Why take a picture at the angle. Its so unflattering.

No. 300642

Well she has liked acting "omg sooo quirky and randum lol xD" for a long time

No. 300663

is that a booger inside her left nostril

No. 300666

really? its just her nose hair, anon.

No. 300871

File: 1474125195980.png (144.8 KB, 640x986, IMG_1699.PNG)

How long has this sexual harassment tweet from last year been pinned on her feed? I don't remember seeing it there but I also haven't been on her twitter in about a month.

No. 300885

It's been there since not long after she "returned" back in July.

No. 300886

It was pinned like a month ago. Before that she pinned a tweet of her comparing herself to David Bowie.

No. 300887

Forgot to link the lolcow poster that first noticed it. >>292486

No. 300971

File: 1474229127334.png (99.6 KB, 640x1136, IMG_1720.PNG)

Nobody remembered her birthday, poor princess Kiki.

How hard do you think she'll beg Kota for a bday shoutout in Japanese on twitter/IG/Line?

No. 300979

No. 300980



No. 300983

It's weird she hasn't posted about her birthday at all today other than that reply. She usually has at least one thing to show off on her birthdays, like last year she hung out with Kota, the year before that she got that love letter from a "Japanese guy" that we never heard about ever again, and the year before that she had that radio thing in Japan.
I wonder if her parents have given up on her now that she's in her mid-20's or if she's just silent because she's planning something?

No. 300988

Maybe she just doesn't care as much this year because she finally is on the sedatives she always should have been on since puberty.

I would bet money on Kiki going to therapy after failing so hard in Japan and watching Kota outshine her for so long. Nobody as narcissistic and vain as her could just live with that kind of failure. She couldn't even et a pussy hunter with a snaggletooth to marry her, ffs.

No. 301024



Isn't it Dakota's birthday today too lol?

No. 301029

Kiki's is the 18th and Dakota's is the 19th, but Tokyo is so many hours ahead of FL that they're a day ahead, it was the 18th in FL yesterday while it was the 19th in Tokyo.

No. 301048

wait so is kiki in nippon or florida?

No. 301049


Maybe she's a Florida stripper now and doesn't want people to know about it? I mean she could be DJ-ing at a strip joint and also dancing on the strip stage. With her level of vanity & narcissism it doesnt surprise me if she gets gets the attention-fix she craves as a stripper. A topless stripper maybe, but I don't think she'll do full on nude or would she?


She has to be in Florida. If she was still in Japan she'd be blabbering around about being in Glorious Nipponland and spilling a philosophical thesis about being a holy loving positive vibe vegan & while eating in a vegan restaurant in Shibuya.

No. 301077


Kiki is back in Florida, the fact that both her and Dakota posted about their birthdays within hours of each other proves that.

No. 301106

This bitch is as annoying as ever

No. 301115

File: 1474401765354.png (992.96 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20160920-210201.png)

A jab at Kota?

No. 301117

I actually think she looks much better than she usually does in this pic. If only she'd just fill in those brows.

No. 301118

It's amazing, she could easily out-model Dakota if she found a kawaii/larme style that suited her and stopped acting 1000% assburger all the time. She would need a bodyguard 24/7 for all the creepy pedo lesbians stalking her ofc.

No. 301119

Yeah… I hope she tries a different make up style.
I think she looks more mature in this one, glad she's not trying to look forever teen.

No. 301121

Kiki will never make it in Japan at this rate. She it too old and her face too long and thin (by Japanese standards). Also the way she writes is too "loud". Whats she doing with her life?

Whether anons agree or not, Kota fits the Japanese aesthetic more than Kiki (rounder, younger features as in >>294280 ), plus she has learned how to behave more "locally". Even though she shops herself to look terrible, Kiki has an unfortunately "older" face and can't pull off the cute look that she's trying for. She'd probably do a lot better in a Latin country or something.

No. 301122

Kill yourself

No. 301123

File: 1474407761283.png (17.45 KB, 613x252, Capture.PNG)

Kaka's claiming she's in South Korea now

No. 301125

It's a movie tho? Not sure what point you're trying to make here…

No. 301126

Yes, its a movie. Anon is just dumb.


No. 301127

Kek. Fucking idiot.

No. 301128

Personally I think she looks sickly

No. 301129


Am I the only one trying to figure out where this picture is taken? I can't figure out what the off-white thing is behind her. A couch? A massage table?

No. 301130

If she stopped styling herself like an edgy elf hippie and let someone else style her and do her makeup, she could very easily be model material. Japan shits themselves over western stuff, if Kiki bothered to learn Japanese even only passably, crated a new name and kept her ratchetness locked down and out of sight long enough to snap some pics, she could get lots of work. Kiki's problem isn't her looks or her face, it is and always has been her horrible, loud, obnoxious and trashy personality and extreme paranoia/narcissism. Her personality aside, she's very pretty when she wants to be. She just never wants to be anymore since Dakota out-modeled her lol

No. 301132

neither of the ostrengas look good when someone else does their makeup. or when someone else takes their photograph for that matter lol

No. 301135

This, they have very shabby looks IRL. It takes a lot of lighting and angles trickery or shoop to get em to look like anything near model material.

No. 301136

Both of these things are exactly what modeling is. Being styled and having the best lighting/makeup/direction to get the best shot possible. Dakota looked a hell of a lot better in her Korean ads and when she did the Vogue Japan ad than she ever looked in her bedroom in Orlando, even with all the PS and AE and lighting abuse.

No. 301137

Gonna have to disagree. The bulk of being a model is the raw material you bring. Makeup and lighting are just there to enhance, they can only compensate so much

No. 301138

I agree she is pretty and would suit a more western or mature style, but 24(?) is pretty old to start a modeling career. Sure, she could get some work, but it likely wouldn't last long, or pay enough to support her. And as you said, her personality is a big NOPE for someplace like Japan (or anywhere for that matter?)

No. 301139


Now why the flying fuck would Kiki be crying over a zombie themed movie? I've seen the movie and its predictably so-so…

No. 301143

This. There's a reason why they use polaroids. Kaka's fivehead and huge undere eyebags alone wouldn't fit in those.

No. 301146

yeah but that's if you want to be a 'good' or 'successful' model, if you want to just make some money to fund your next project kiki could do it easy

No. 301162

It's probably because of how the journey ended.

No. 301177

Maybe 8-10 years ago…

No. 301218

She could still, if by some miracle all traces of her past and personality were erased, not only from the internet and police records, but also from the minds of everyone who has ever had the misfortune to know about her.

TBH I love following Kiki because she's such a failure despite having everything given to her. I hope one day she can finally realize the hilarious karma of calling herself an empath Buddhist and having zero friends, career or life because of her narcissism, greed and immaturity.

No. 301224

so does anyone know if kiki has a job, or something serious planned for the future? or is she still fully dependent on her parents/plans to find a guy and have him support her fully?

she's 24 now and all she seems to have to her name is being a hasbeen scene queen.

No. 301225

For any normal/semi-intelligent person, maybe. But for Kiki, who started screaming at her mom for not taking her to the doctor for a rash when she was 18 ad had the cops called, probably not. She couldn't even go to Japan without her dad with her, couldn't take the train and could barely even leave the hotel room.

No. 301229

her scene jewelry line, KND clothing designs, going to california for a modeling gig, her Kiki Mimiuex music, her Kiki Kannibal music, that $20,000 kickstarter for a music tour with dakota, getting some kind of music signing in japan(?), supposedly being scouted in japan, going to a school in japan(?), vlogs and makeup tutorials, and lilkitten.

i know i'm missing a load of things. she's done much more than the average person does in an attempt to "make something" out of themselves, but each of them have been short-lived failures.

No. 301243

Pretended being engaged to Taco, too.

I love reading about her trainwrecks and am patiently waiting for the next.

No. 301244


… pole dancing too? Anyone remember that

No. 301247

Yup, except she called it "pole fitness" not pole dancing.

No. 301264

File: 1474604016774.gif (581.01 KB, 500x280, 1973421879.gif)

She posted this on her Twitter a couple of days ago, I wonder if she thinks people won't notice it's a blatant knockoff of one of Dakota's old Tumblr gifs.

No. 301265

File: 1474604075926.gif (421.66 KB, 498x280, tumblr_lpq3rvWUD01qh88y0o1_500…)

No. 301266

this gif would be so much better if she would just have turned off the fucking tv

No. 301267

jesus kiki, stop being so fucking obvious with our desperation

No. 301268

Her gif is more suggestive too.

At least most of what we're seeing is real there. Poor Kota, nothing on her gifs were ever real, from the hair and face to the tits.

No. 301271


Yaaas, look at my beautiful kawaii goddess rising from the ashes like the fairy phoenix she was born to be!

No. 301272

File: 1474606954286.jpeg (35.38 KB, 743x150, image.jpeg)


No. 301273


My skin is just crawling watching the similarities between these gifs of Kiki v. Koti. 2016 is about to end in a few months yet Kiki is still trying to up game Koti, creepingly only following Koti in her social media accounts, imitating every Koti nuisance and always trying to link herself with Koti's fame/infamy. God damn it.

Kiki, when are you ever going to stop these shit? Just choose your own path and walk in it.


>"mmmkikikannibal@koti.rose MAY OUR 5 HEADZ ALWAYZ SHINE BRIGHT LIKE A DIAMOND♪"

Sure Kiki, but your hairline is receding like Benjamin Franklin's.

No. 301274

to be fair, i think she just took the gif from tumblr where fan accounts make gifs from her videos, i dont believe she actually made the gif to mimic dakota

No. 301275

Guess the theory of Dakota rejecting her family is debunked.

No. 301276


No. 301277

You do know they are sisters right? How is it creepy for sisters to have similarities and follow each other on their social media? You sound like an only child imo.

No. 301278

I was never one of those who thought Koti didn't want anything to do with Kiki. She probably just avoided her publicly due to Kiki's tail of drama.

They were always each other's only friends, and they seem to always have had a dumb but similar sense of humor together. But these are things we can only assume about, none of us will ever know what their relationship is like.

No. 301279

this is literally just her drinking a caparison in one of her youtube videos that someone else made into a random gif. dumbass anon, gtfo this thread, all you're doing is validating kak's ideas that we're crazy jellies with retarded shit like this.

she's always only followed "Koti". even when she was the more popular one lmao

No. 301284

Here to back up. Have younger sisters and random same posts occur simultaneously sometimes. Also free mooches off of sisters followers and such I mean family = benefits sometimes

No. 301288

and orchid growing

No. 301289

File: 1474620939460.jpg (17.38 KB, 300x194, fivehead.jpg)

hi kaka

No. 301292

This thread is a mess

No. 301298

srsly people are just so desperate for PT and Kaka milk, newfaggy jvloggers aren't even anywhere near that level and it's less kekky and more depressing because at the end of the day they're making money and people are more savvy to the internet etc.

lolcow should really start a patreon to make a reality show from our favorite cows, I can't believe the ones not doing anything would say no

No. 301300

File: 1474633106546.jpg (200.53 KB, 1440x632, Screenshot_20160923-044245.jpg)

Weird seeing them like this again, and weird how she's all over Dakota's shit again after something like a year of silence?

No. 301301

File: 1474634618467.gif (496.53 KB, 500x339, Dakota-Rose-aka-Kotakoti-gif-0…)

If Kiki really wanted to be a shady bitch she'd replicate gifs like this, with an accentuated nose wobble.

No. 301305

This is old as shit though, she made and posted it after Dakota went viral.

No. 301306

Not really

Anon was just giving their opinion, the gifs are similar and even though Kiki didnt make it she didn't have to repost it. You are the one making us look retarded

Weird indeed.

No. 301307

File: 1474644398660.png (737.72 KB, 1060x516, Capture.PNG)

I don't think it is old? Her tv was only mounted to her wall some time 2 years ago, pic related.
Iirc, the gif was made from that video she made on why she squats over the toilet when she uses public bathrooms bc of spiders or some shit(this video is now private). This was when she tried to upload videos on a schedule and I think she started dating Taku around this time as well?

No. 301308

I love how her boob and hair are ever so slightly moving outward, lol.

>I don't think it's old
>2 years ago

For a gif, that's pretty old. Especially to bring up now. Yeah, Kiki made it herself to copy Dakota, yet claimed her fans made it to save face. She also used to wear the Taobao clothes and accessories Dakota left in Florida for a while too.

No. 301316

Yeah this is really weird. Is Kota on her way back home to Florida or some shit?

No. 301346

I doubt it, she would do actual gravure before going back to the Ostrenga house.

No. 301363

Yo guys she's posting a bunch of gifs from that "fan made" tumblr kiki-is-purrfect (lel). No copying Dakota here.

Though it's kind creepy imagining she goes thru that tumblr in search of gifs of her old videos, probably thinking "I look so good in those" or "that line was so clever lol yay me" and basically "me me me"

No. 301364

File: 1474690007420.png (226.97 KB, 540x520, Screenshot_2016-09-24-01-03-31…)

No. 301365


Instead of just posting new photos of herself she's digging up and reposting past photos and gifs of herself. That's actually hilarious to me. The whole time she's on the internet must only consist of her looking herself up everywhere

No. 301368

Her hairline isn't proceeding

No. 301370


Kiki's digging and reposting her shit cause she doesn't have any interesting content to provide to the public at the moment unlike Dakota. No news about her career, nothing on relationships, nada on any side gigs/media ventures, no yt videos, just plain nothing. Anon, much of her so called "fans" are well established sock puppet accounts made waaay back. Imagine the many times she has to do her morning self-affirmation routine in front of a mirror, just to raise her self-esteem and postivity vibes. Imagine that. Every. Fucking. Day. Then she goes about making her sock puppet accounts send herself positive and complimentary messages. Afterwards whiteknighting forums on her behalf, even that hobby of hers of filing false copyrighting bs all over the internet…

These are not healthy habits of a person with a healthy mind. The perfect dream-like, fantastically righteous delusional world is what she prefers living in, and that's just sad.

Maybe she really is pole dancing for a living now. The money they make isn't all that bad from what I heard.

No. 301392

File: 1474722891701.png (228.3 KB, 540x550, Screenshot_2016-09-24-01-02-57…)

LOL yes, imagine that

I took screenshots in case she deleted, but I can't post them all so yeah. "I'm a problem solver" sure thing

No. 301397

>The whole time she's on the internet must only consist of her looking herself up everywhere
Actually, if you go on google trends and search Kiki Kannibal, in the United States, the state that her name is googled in most is Florida lol.

No. 301403

I am cringing so hard at this one oh my god, I'm almost embarrassed for her

No. 301410

Didn't someone find solid proof "Kiki-is-purrfect" (cringe) was actually kaka?

No. 301411

Nope, because it is receding. Making her look bald. Glad you could join us

No. 301445

Not solid proof at all has been found as far I know, but some anons found suspicious the fact that even legit tumblr fans of her (aka 2 persons lel) received copyclaim strikes from the ostrengas while the kiki is purrfect account has none

No. 301447

Not proof but it's hard to ignore that "kiki-is-purrfect" sounds exactly like Kiki in their responses to other users.

No. 301458

File: 1474755020553.jpg (127.21 KB, 1070x1534, Screenshot_20160924-230829_1.j…)

Here we go again

No. 301459


Hmmmm, does she mean her dad?

No. 301460



No. 301462


Greasy hair. Tacky top. Plus what happened to her face? It looks so plain and lifeless (like her online presence)


Pole dancing would require effort though

No. 301463

File: 1474756666432.png (343.27 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-09-24-18-34-04…)

The caption has been edited but that doesn't surprise me. She constantly changes it. Also it's around dinner time on the East Coast.It's breakfast time in Japan.She has to be in Florida

No. 301464

The video is just her blinking and pouting. A+ narcissism

No. 301467

Why is her hair orange? Is she wearing a fucking kimono? So many questions.

No. 301469

What are you "fighting" exactly, kaka? arming yourself with copyright claims to battle the internet for another day's work eh?

"I want them to think I'm in Japan and I want them to think I have a boyfriend." whips up post "it's perfect."

No. 301472

fighting to lift her vegan bony ass off the couch

No. 301482

fighting her implied fuckboy.

No. 301484

idubbbz looks pretty good in this pic

No. 301486

Am I the only one getting pt vibes from this pic? lol

No. 301495

She looks so much older here.

No. 301503

It's weird how she looks even more washed out BUT let's give credit where it's due: eyebrows are filled a bit


No. 301505

No. 301509


Kiki, you need to stop fighting your vegan-chinese-food delivery driver. There's a reason why he can't deliver Thai food: The food is from a Chinese-cuisine restaurant Kiki.

Why don't you just drive yourself there to whatever Thai restaurant in your Audi? Why you so lazy?

No. 301511

because serial stalkers and rapists on the loose to get her

No. 301513

Me too, I think it's the expression!

No. 301514

Annoying "Hi kaka" anon, how is this comment -> >>301503 something written by Kirsten? I agree, her eyebrows look better.

Not everyone here thinks the worst of her, gtfo. "Hi kaka" anon always gets on my nerves

No. 301515

That Audi thing was from years ago, and I think it was Dakota the one who posted that one, that car is probably old shit now, you're a slow pulltard definitely.

No. 301519

How dare you slander his name

No. 301528

File: 1474803322699.png (859.3 KB, 935x598, keekzaudi.png)

Anon was referring to this image keeks posted. Jeez relax. People need to remember to link old threads when making a new one.

No. 301529

Her face doesn't look like it belongs to the rest of her. Must have forgotten how to shoop like her sister.

No. 301537

Newfags don't read the old threads anyway because their brains are goop

No. 301539

File: 1474812871839.jpg (16.51 KB, 250x250, 3494f128b738b869df4527ab1c1b58…)


It was a joke. Calm down.