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File: 1500953617946.png (690.11 KB, 800x792, Screenshot_2017-07-24-20-12-14…)

No. 415881

Previous threads:

>Dumped fantasy childbride Logan for 31-year-old questionably employed American couchboy Joshua Manning Bradley but claimed their break-up was mutual and their relationship was over by last October despite celebrating their anniversary in February
>Blamed said break-up on Logan's "porn adiction" and the stress of the "hate sites" yet says they would have broken up sooner if not for the need to prove the "hate sites" wrong about their relationship
>Became engaged to Josh nine days after initiating their online relationship in May
>Inadvertently disclosed nine videos of their recorded video chats intended to be private which reveal Raven's shameless duplicity and Josh's volatile temper: In "Duh" Raven and Josh harassed his ex Claudia via phone and Facebook which included Raven impersonating Logan in a chat with her and Josh threatening violence towards her
>Made the nine videos private but not before farmers had mirrored them at
>Parted ways with Logan and moved out of their shared house, he to live with his mom and she to stay with "a friend" (whom she previously identified as her ex Ryan Acid King) until she moves to the US in September to join Josh on his mom's couch in rural Saluda, South Carolina
>After failing to sell her belongings, now attempting to crowdfund $1500 for her airfare after previously stating that Logan would be paying for it and refusing Josh's offer to send her money but continues to get tattoos including one of Josh's name
>Dorian will be staying in New Zealand with his girlfriend

https://m.facebook.com/Official.Raven.Sparks (open community)

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClkfW8iY78DTgRBeFHiX8DA (current)
https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCEzEcVsJKJpqCfFH7XoqGXg (gastric sleeve journey)

Social Media:

No. 415882

Thanks for making the new thread.

So she just reuploaded her tacky dollar store ring video.
Apart from thumbnail and intro, does anyone notice what she took out to reupload? I watched them both but couldn't tell the difference.

No. 415883


She didn't change anything.

kek at her calling people out for impersonating Logan.

No. 415884

"I only ebegged cuz people totally kept asking me to make a gofundme"
Yet, no one is donating. K, Ravy Raven, of course.

No. 415885

she added the tacky intro.

No. 415886

If it's a continuation of an existing /pt/ cow please post it to /pt/ so we don't have to move every thread.

No. 415897

I love how she says that she talks with Logan (with the people impersonating him) like they're bff's yet has been on a constant rage of bad mouthing him since she moved out. He's addicted to porn which was his fault for the relationship ending, he didn't want all those animals so she kept getting them yet he has taken the last cat to care for, yeah totally hates animals, he was a child who didn't stand up to the haters but couchboy will stand up for her….still waiting on that one.

I can't wait for the inevitable angry/sad videos of her bitching about him on how he's not what he said he was, he's abusive, he lives on his mothers couch and lied to her, how much the US has changed and she hates it now.

No. 415902

exactly. she always does this and it's so fucking transparent. she does it so that she can deny it if anyone calls her out. classic technique to try to take the moral high ground while still insulting people who don't like you - she fails at it completely though because she's so painfully obvious with her insults.

>person leaves Raven's life (happens all the fucking time lol)

>Raven says she has omg noooothing against them and she wishes them well and misses them and loves/loved them.
>spends the next ten years + (no idea what the cap on this is, as the longest one we've seen evidence of is CJ, assume she continues for life) slipping in insults at them wherever she can.
>also retcons the past to make them look bad - eg. Logan forced her to get rid of the cats, Logan let the haters come between them, Logan never worked hard to support Raven.
>after a while of this more "subtle" (lol) approach, she escalates to actual accusations of abuse, rape, animal abuse, etc.
>gets called out on it and says "what the fuck you stupid cunt slut whore bitch, i SAID i have no hard feelings and wish them well! can't you fucking read you nigger skank?"
>repeat with next victim.

it's all just the same cycle over and over and over. the only person it's been different with is Dorian, and that's only because he was forced to keep coming back to her after the cycle because he was dependent on her. now he's moved out we can assume the cycle is complete with him too.

No. 415913

File: 1500975421356.png (110.66 KB, 800x422, Screenshot_2017-07-25-02-35-02…)


File under: Famous Last Words

No. 415915

"I can't wait to hold you"

I shudder at the image

No. 415916

I love how they can't just privately message this to each other, no, they have to do it public so all of us haters see just how much they love eachother <33

No. 415919

I would be so curious as to how much of this is verbatim things said to Logan/Claudia a few years back. It all just ready like an awfully corny script.

Yep. Signs a relationship isn't healthy: Obsessive need to "prove" how healthy it is to outside parties.

No. 415921

Shit, if she gets access to his profiles like with Logan, she could be saying all this lovey shit to herself for all we know.

No. 415922

File: 1500977702751.png (530.85 KB, 750x1334, IMG_4277.PNG)

lol, Raven and her stans are having a go at a guy on Facebook for being a perv when he zoomed in on Raven's pancake cleavage. He was complimenting it, so didn't get banned or deleted but I bet it'd be different if he had something negative to say.

No. 415923

File: 1500977845619.png (182.61 KB, 750x1334, IMG_4272.PNG)

No. 415924

File: 1500978000762.png (84.25 KB, 750x427, IMG_4274.PNG)

Last one.

"No disrespect to Logan but let me continue to disparage him publicly"

Apparently there will be gross livestreams with couch boy in future. Great.

No. 415926

File: 1500978977980.png (62.28 KB, 800x237, Screenshot_2017-07-10-15-12-03…)


Compare and contrast.

No. 415927


Wait, what? Every single vlog video she made with Logan focused on how much they agreed!

No. 415928

She cherrypicks things like this with every partner she goes through. When she's with them she will constantly go on and on about how much they have in common.

>Me and Logan both hate NZ

>Me and Logan both hate women
>Me and Logan both hate freeloaders
>Me and Logan both hate haters
>Me and Logan are basically the same person!

(Note that it's almost always things they both dislike, not anything they both enjoy.)

Once they break up, she'll talk about all the things she hated and how different they are and how they were never compatible.
She's doing the exact same with Josh now. They are soooo alike, basically the same person! Just give it time and we'll find out how different she thinks they are.

No. 415931


And didn't she say that she would be scaling back her online presence once she moved?

No. 415933

>How fucking dare you disrespect my future husband my ogling my tits…?
Wait doesn't she disrespect her husbands, current and future, for posting blatant titpics to ogle at? Isn't that the whole point of her public page? To show her tits?
What a fat whore hypocrite.

No. 415935

Wasn't there some extra parcels or something in the other one? She was shuffling them around muttering about Joshua then showed the gumball machine ring.

No. 415938

lmao yeah right, no human would look at that thing and say "damn now that's a woman" maybe she misheard and they said whale, not woman…

Once again Ray Ray you lying bitch, you ALWAYS used to say you and Logan had so much in common and agreed on everything. Go look at your own wedding page where you gushed about how similar you both are. Also he hated videos… funny that because every time someone commented that Logan looked miserable in videos, she would defend it saying that's just how he looks/he's not very expressive, now she's lying/backtracking saying he hated it. Lol whatevs. She never learns, what a trainwreck.

No. 415968

I will never understand how this woman manages to get so many men to want to put a ring on her finger. Many women can barely get one man to do it but this crazy bitch can get not one, not two, but FIVE. How do they not see the red flags or google her name at least once!

No. 415997

She only goes for 14yos and psychos, thats why.

No. 416001

Purely speculating here, but what might've happened with Raven uploading and then couple hrs later taking down the military ring video is that she maybe took it down to review it in search for any incriminating thing she might've let slip. The mistake she made with the "Ugh" video clearly really bothered her a lot, regardless of what she's saying to the opposite.

She might be more careful about what she's uplaoding in the future, even if it's just taking down videos really soon after putting them up, and even if we all know she can't stay vigilant for long, her insane need for attention getting the best of her.

TL;DR: Try to save and reupload all her future milky vids anons

No. 416037

because they all come with red flags, too. before the teenager, there was at least one wife-beater and some deadbeats. drop your standards through the floor, flap your pancake tits on social media, and you too can have endless marriage proposals from sketchy losers. heck, they might even send you a cute little ring they bought from walmart ;)

No. 416056


If that were the case she could have made it private.

No. 416059

File: 1501018439317.png (71.12 KB, 640x656, IMG_4069.PNG)

No. 416063

All the Josh things are up in her profile, so Im guessing it may have something to do with her family.

No. 416066


And Josh lives in a town with a population of 3500 people. Claudia lived in Greenwood, the closest larger town 30 miles away with a population of 23,000.

Columbia, the state capital, is 50 miles away and has an estimated population if 817,000.

No. 416067

She posted a pic of marmalade dead on her IG. Wtf is wrong with her? Why would someone choose a picture of your cat dead over a picture of them alive and well as you'd want to remember them. She'll probably try twisting it to make Logan out to be a bad pet owner, them promptly get another animal that she can abandon.

No. 416068


so, couple of hours til we get a video calling Logan an animal abuser, then?

No. 416069

Yeah, or his mother, whom she hates.

No. 416076


Didn't her mother already die last year or the year before? Raven was attempting to crowdfund for airfare to see her on her deathbed.

No. 416085

my bet is there'll be a video soon with veiled references to how Logan wanted to take Marmalade and it stressed her out to move or something.
then later we'll get more overt accusations in FB statuses or comments that actually accuse Logan/his family of neglecting/killing Marmalade.

No. 416087

I meant his mother as in Logans mother, as in she would pin the cats death into both of them.

But, I don't think Ravens mom is dead. I think she has dementia and lives with one of Ravens sisters, but they dont talk. The crowfund was to visit her after a stroke or something, but she survived.

No. 416090

No. 416091


For maximum drama and sympathy. I'm sure she will put together a touching hour long video compilation of Marmalade Moments.

This is the same woman who posted pics of her miscarriage biopsy. What do you expect?

No. 416093

So, Logan was going to work, Marmalade followed him and got hit by a truck. He called her, they burried her. No blaming on poor Logan.

No. 416096

I said it in >>416085 and I definitely still think there will be Logan blaming in the future. she left it open for that by saying that Marmalade followed him out and having previously said that Logan couldn't stand the kittens and that's why he got rid of them.

initially she always does this, where she makes a video/statement saying that she doesn't blame anyone blah blah blah, and then later she'll backtrack in less concrete forms, like FB or YT comments and says stuff like "I don't want to blame Logan, but he could have shut the gate" and "if he didn't take Marmalade she'd still be alive" etc etc.
she will blame him passive-aggressively and then when people call her out on it she'll point them to this video and say she never blamed him.

No. 416097

File: 1501021456915.png (251.17 KB, 800x300, Screenshot_2017-07-25-15-20-37…)

No. 416098

File: 1501021563424.png (27.87 KB, 800x181, Screenshot_2017-07-25-15-21-15…)

From the comments on the ring video.

Now she really doesn't have any.

No. 416099

File: 1501021622394.png (64.4 KB, 800x257, Screenshot_2017-07-25-15-19-54…)

No. 416100

so fucking melodramatic.
"violently spasmed and died in his arms?"
just say she was hit by a truck and died. no need for this weird blow by blow story. she will seriously milk the shit out of anything that happens to her.
pets dying is awful and tragic, and i get the photo memorial video, that's fine. but pictures of Marmalade dead and the weird fanfic version of her death is just so fucking weird.

No. 416101

Welcome to Diana Sparks, you must be new here.

No. 416114

Is there a screencap of what she posted? I find it hard to think anyone could be so awful to post something like that

No. 416119

File: 1501026708101.png (Spoiler Image,1.37 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_1952.PNG)


No. 416121

That called for spoiler tag, FFS. Im sick to my stomach now.

No. 416132

Fucking retard goth bitch. Who posts this?! Being an edgy mall goth is one thing, but this kind of cruelty doesn't need to be shown. Show some respect for that poor cat. She already fucked with her kittens now she displays her corpse? Disgusting.

Farmhands…can you spoiler this? I'm sure anon wasn't thinking when posting it, but we'd appreciate a spoiler with a warning.

No. 416133

Wait. In >>416097 Marmalade casually walked out into the road and froze. In >>416119 she ran into the road when Logan shooed her instead of back to the house. For someone who's giving super specific details she can't even keep them consistent.

No. 416134

Is this even the same cat? I recall Marmalade being bigger, fluffier, and with a longer tail. Call me crazy, but I think she is saying the cat is dead so people will stop asking her about the cat and she can just leave it in NZ. I kind of doubt Logan ever had the cat, she probably just dropped it off at a rescue.

No. 416136

To give this bitch credit, Logan witnessed it so the scenario could be inconsistent if she's rushing to post about it.

This would be nuts even for Raven.

No. 416138


>Who posts this?!

Cows and snowflakes with victim mentalities.

No. 416139

Is it really though, she has faked her own death. What makes you think she wouldn't fake a cats death that is too expensive to bring to America?

No. 416140

Sage for morbid thought.
There is blood on that boot. Aaah it must have splattered when they where holding the cat. I mean, it's covered in mud and blood so it was hit by a car.
I don't want to think she did anything to it. I guess the cat didn't go under the tires of the truck? But why take a photo of the poor thing?

Another problem I have with this pic is… isn't that her foot? It's hard to tell but I don't think Logan would wear stripped stockings to work. So how could she be there to take the pic?

Also why didn't he just bring the cat inside if she was out following him? If he was already driving how did he stop his car in the middle of the road, scoop up a dead cat before anything else hit it. I guess I'm just a tinfoil anon. Whatever it was, poor cat.

No. 416142

File: 1501030918028.png (36.29 KB, 800x126, Screenshot_2017-07-25-17-59-54…)

No. 416143

those are pretty clearly thrashed workboots, and who knows wtf is on them because it's b+w. seriously anon …

No. 416144

"I now have Josh, the love I've been after. Hopefully we will be together soon. I'm always scared and paranoid that I'll lose him. … But as it stands, we are engaged and we are supposed to be moving together this year… Logan knows I'm with Josh. … Things are slowly getting better, and the future holds more promise than it has in ages - but there are many days when I still want to roll over and give up. It's emottionally exhausting, as I still have to move and maybe lose things important to me in order to have someone who is my future"

Seems familiar? Yeah, thats a 2011 post from Raven.
I just replaced "CJ" for "Josh" and "Ryan" for "Logan".

Couchboy is so special, he is loved with a love that is more than love.

"I cried on cam for you" WTF. sick.

No. 416148

Her video says "oct 23 2015-july 26 2017," not even 2.

No. 416149

Fucking hell. Has Raven ever owned an animal that's lived it's fully lifespan with her? These people shouldn't have pets.

And "cried on camera for you". Jesus.

No. 416165

Most people would post a lovely photo in remembrance of their beloved pet.
But no, let's post a picture of your bloody squished, dead pet.
Raven, girl. You always provide milk, but could not do this? You fucking sociopath.

No. 416168

> loved with a love that is more than love.

lol, what does this part of her weird tacky intro even mean? It's one of those sayings that pretends to be deep but only shallow people fall for it.

>cried on camera

Everything is a performance with both of them. It's so weird. I mean, it was weird enough when it's just Raven putting up every bit of her life that she wants people to see, but both of them?

Does he say stuff like this because he knows she wants everything on display? Does she tell him what to say? Is he as histrionic as her?

Does she log in and post as him?

No. 416169

Have you never read the poem Annabel Lee by Edgar Allan Poe? Raven is trying to get any goth points she can by quoting him, I guess.

"I was a child and she was a child,
In this kingdom by the sea,
But we loved with a love that was more than love—
I and my Annabel Lee—
With a love that the wingèd seraphs of Heaven
Coveted her and me…"

No. 416170

thank you. the one time it would actually be appropriate to take forfuckingever on part of a video, because there's this wall of text, and instead she flashes it by in 2 secs.

>I actually cried on cam for you when i watched this

gross. this is like some reality show mentality isn't it, that you've got to video every little thing. ofc this is a thing she would actually want him to do, otherwise she'd think he wasn't actually sad about that poor cat dying.

she said something in that caption about posting it "for logan" since he took the photo but has "no outlet" of his own to post it on. idk that just seems weird.

No. 416171

Yeah, he 'has no outlet' because she fucking hijacked all his social media.

She is mental, she posted it because she wanted people to see 'she was not lying' about the pets death, but after people started calling her out for how blatant messed up that pic was, she stated 'omg, i did if for logan. he wanted this. he has no outlet'.

No. 416172


That quote has been endlessly memed and tattooed, too.

No. 416177

he has no 'outlet' except that FB page he supposedly made for himself. she's so dumb

No. 416183

also "no outlet" except all the normal outlets that normal humans have that aren't posting videos begging for sympathy and money.
family, friends, comfort food, self-reflection, etc. you know, things that make most people feel better that aren't narc supply. lol.

No. 416213

Oh wow, what a surprise her cat that was staying with Logan was killed just as she announced Logan can't stand her animals.

No. 416250

She's not a goth. Just a wannabe retarded fat bitch.

Taking the picture is one (fucked up) thing, but posting it online for sympathy votes? Absolutely disgusting and pathetic. She needs to be banned from ever owning an animal again

No. 416254

Found the shit ring he got her I was right it's a fucking cheap ring off eBay just one Google search "death dealer ring" and I found it

Must be true love BTW hello Raven


No. 416256

well, my sides are officially in orbit.

No. 416260

Well the best part about it is it says around the "stone" "death before dishonor"

No. 416263

b-b-b-b-but it's his most treasure possession and he was totes in the military

No. 416269


The eBay listing is for a single used ring.

As was posted in the last thread, this is the company of origin:




"Death Before Dishonor" is a motto of the US Marines.

Like school class rings, military rings range from several hundred dollars in 14k gold or platinum with precious stones to under $20 from Wal-Mart. His is stainless steel. Military rings are also sold on the bases like class rings are sold in schools.

No. 416508

it's so tacky, Christ almighty.
sorry to anyone in military service/who knows people who are, but fucking hell these look so bad.

No. 416526

File: 1501128338057.png (Spoiler Image,946.36 KB, 800x926, Screenshot_2017-07-26-21-02-39…)

Keepin' it classy!

No. 416534

Did she use a sharpie for her mail color

No. 416575

File: 1501137676038.png (95.18 KB, 274x275, 1464500453122.png)

Can't wait till she flies over there and gets rejected. What a shameless whore.

No. 416586

this will be the sweetest milk for a long time.
her new videos of them and her disillusionment with his mom's couch and being back in the USA are going to be worth the wait.

i predict that she'll feel forced to pretend everything is perfect for a while like she always does, to "prove da haterzzz wrong", which will be delicious in itself knowing she's living with couch boy's mom and brother and hating every second.

No. 416587

I'm sure it's really his military ring or whatever. I'm just sure it's not really that important to him. Or couch boy is batshit and thinks you really fall in love within a week or two.

Don't most couples wait at least 2-3 months?
Pft. She called me a trailer trash, crack whore. I quit camming when I got with my boyfriend. Like, I think it's between a couple if one person wants to continue camming or post "sexy" pictures online. But raven is such a hypocrite and a flat out attention whore.

No. 416591

Please forgive me for asking this, but I suffer from the Moronic Plague.

I know it's been mentioned a lot, but i have never seen the screen shots of anything proving that he lives with his mother (even though I don't doubt it at all). Could a kind anon please point me in that direction?

No. 416593

I'm trying to remember which video/posts it was in currently and will post them if I do.

However, the basic story was that initially he told Raven he lived alone in his own home. Then he said his brother sometimes stayed with him. That turned into him and his brother live together. The most recent revelation was that his mother "sometimes stays with him" too, so we are assuming that this is a trickle-truth of "I live with my mom and brother".

I'll try to find the video where she mentions it, I can't remember if it was one of the privated ones or one she actually kept up.
Sage'd for being useless.

No. 416596

Yeah, at some point he also said something about sleeping on the couch in the house,, hence why we call him couchboy.

No. 416602

Thanks a lot anon. I'm halfway through the Ugh video listening for when she says it, I'm so happy I can stop now.

As a sidenote, the families of everyone Raven has ever dated/married have absolutely hated her (she can't understand why, but everyone else can), so I really have to wonder how she'll get on living in the same house as them…

No. 416603

File: 1501143655379.jpg (16.37 KB, 574x95, 1498844814869.jpg)


Claudia told this to "Logan" in the "ugh" video. His brother was in the house with Josh during the recording of the video.


A little googling of public records revealed that Josh and his mom have the same address. Records of his most recent traffic violations posted in the last thread show that his last two addresses have been the same as his mother's.

No. 416606

File: 1501144885684.jpg (6.71 KB, 221x228, 2017-07-27-02-40-47-.jpg)

Thank you so much. This clears it up for me. Whoo boy, the milk will be cold, creamy and delicious when she gets to the good ol' US of A. Might even churn to ice cream at this rate!

No. 416651

Yeah so it's kinda confirmed, he lives with his mother. I mean, the way he couldn't just answer "no, she doesn't live here" when they were skyping was a clean answer that she does live with him. The way he was like "well uh oh well… sometimes she's here" lmao. Raven, I'm soo excited for your new couch <3

No. 416756

Yeah, sometimes she stays there and he "lets her have the bed" and takes the couch. Uh huh. Definitely what's happening here.
I wonder how long it'll take for Raven to flip her shit about having to live with his mom. She's been really lucky up until now to be able to live with her husband and son in their own place, despite her not working a day in her life. It'll be a shock for her.

No. 416883

I have a feeling that she's going to be in denial and say things like, "Josh, when are you going to make your mom move out, she's been staying with us for a long time."

No. 416937

This got me remembering something; didn't Raven's laptop or keyboard break and Logan bought her a new one and had to pay $20 a week for the next year or two? I remember her saying that $20 is no big deal because that's less then the gas they have to pay for weekly. Poor Logan, going to have be stuck with who knows how many bills from the cow. She really was lucky to have her own place. Couchboy won't do shit.

No. 416961

"Josh, my love who loves a love that is more than love, your mom has been on holiday in Saluda with us for a year. when is she going back to her own home that she definitely has and isn't currently living in? i want to move into our bedroom that you are kind enough to let her use instead of sleeping on the couch."

No. 416985

Don't forget the brother.
I got so many Wrong Turn vibes from those vlogs he made for her. kek

No. 416992


Vlogs he made for her?

No. 417086

Why is raven still using Logan's last name when she's engaged to someone else?

No. 417092

Because Raven has absolutely no shame or respect

No. 417102

The videos she had on a playlist like "OMG he's so beautiful" etc. He filmed himself/she recorded him while they were in calls.

No. 417104


Where is she still using the name "Marshall"?

Did she legally change her name when she and Logan married? She has been using "Marshall" and "Marshall-Sparks" on various accounts, likely so that she can have more accounts on the same platform. They have not filed for divorce yet.

Depending on the platform, changing her name may not be easy without documentation. Facebook can require "real name" verification in the form of government issued IDs and other documents for a name change. And she is is not supposed to have more than one personal account. Users can report other users for having more than one personal account or for using a name that is not "real" (Facebook's definition is not synonymous with "legal").

No. 417111


Those are not vlogs.

All I could find on his brother were a couple of 11-year-old traffic violations. As of now he and their mother are unrelated to the drama, so no identifying info about them should be posted.

No. 417119

Not my wording, just wanted to let the anon who was asking know where to look for them (unless vlog anon meant other videos that I haven't seen, which I doubt).

No. 417121

the op pic reminds me of the stuff i did with my bf when i was like, 16. raven's closing in on 40 isn't she? her and greg both can't get out of the mid-2000s bad photoshop myspace shit.

No. 417138


Josh has two younger brothers. Both have a few traffic violations and one has a criminal arrest dating back around ten years to when they were in their late teens.

No. 417146

Ravens 41 next month

No. 417152

File: 1501284237223.png (454.8 KB, 485x655, Screen Shot 2017-07-29 at 8.20…)

those stupid sluts who show of their tits and want attention from guys. it's good Raven continues to be a paragon of virtue and prudishness.

No. 417154

File: 1501284374428.png (17.83 KB, 294x52, Screen Shot 2017-07-29 at 8.21…)

sage for double posting, but also saw this comment on her picture of Josh's ring. surprised there's no explosive backlash/the comment isn't deleted yet.

No. 417156


More bad goth song lyrics.


No. 417233

Actually, Amorphis is quite nice.
I recall she made a video once saying that """"despite being goth"""" she did not like goth music, she called it 'dull' and 'boring', so I'm pretty sure she just googled that shit up to gain goffik points like with the Poe quote.

No. 417293

I am personally of the opinion that if Raven lost a little weight, took some of that shit out of her face, had never gotten the basement scratcher tattoos, and had a flattering haircut and color that she could look kinda cute. But alas, no.

Sage no contribution

No. 417296

Watch out Luis she's going to call you a stupid nigger for that lmao.

Uh I hate bitches like her, goth is a music subculture therefore if you don't like the music you're not a goth. It's like calling yourself a metalhead and hating metal music. But we all already knew this bitch wasn't goth and just a tryhard wannabe

No. 417305


I have this theory that if you cut all her hair off she'd look like a British man. :^)

no but rly i understand where yr coming from.

Eheheh I remember that, and all the really basic music that was on her wedding playlist and is often intro music for her videos. She's totally just trying to score goth points, moreso now. Maybe that's what couchboy expects? Maybe he thought she was a proper goth and now she's got to work harder to be one?

No. 417323

Based on those younger pics of her I'm gonna have to disagree

Not everyone is salvageable I don't get what is with some anons beauty make over saviour complexes

No. 417352

Semi agree. I think all of those things you said would help her a lot, except her nose is still kinda wide. Which isn't a problem except it doesn't look good in her goth style. I feel like if she tanned up a little, and did her makeup more suited to her asian roots, her natural nose would suit her, however the staying out of the sun and wearing white makeup emphasises the wideness and it looks shrek like. I can't explain myself without sounding racist but I am mixed race myself and find that I have to do and use makeup quite differently in summer and winter. I feel if she wants to do the light skin look she should contour her nose a little or something.

No. 417356

Same anon here, not excusing her behaviour at all and even if she had a million dollar make over, she would still be the horrible, bitter, mean old hag inside that she always was. Still, hypothesising what cows would look like improved, is always an interesting topic in my opinion.

No. 417363

She would be a normal, acceptable, mid-age asian mom, like the ones you see at grocery shops.

The problem with her, for me, is that she is a poser self centred bitch.
It is all appearances with her. She is not any of the things she pretends to be.
She is not goth, she is not a self confident woman, she is almost 50yo and still tries to get validation in 'the internetzz' with goffik and slut points like a teenager in myspace back in 00s.

She is irresponsible with her life, and worst, with the life of others.
Let's not forget she made her sons life hell for 'not going' to US with her, making A LOT of points to why he should (saying that he would be homeless and blabla) and now she does not give a fuck if he stays 'with his little girlfriend', because she wants to fuck couchboy to the moon and back in a trailer park.

No. 417440

Shall we take bets that couchboy never gets her name tattooed?

No. 417443

It's never happening. At most, he'll get some generic tattoo that he says relates to her but isn't as fucking idiotic as a name (a la Logan's pin-up girl tattoo).
It will be so great if he never gets her tattoo, so I admit my certainty might be motivated by wanting the most milk. Raven milk is just so delicious though.

No. 417461

No. 417478

In one of her recent videos, she briefly asked why everyone was so down on Linkin Park. I wonder if people started harassing her about liking them (didn't she use their lyrics in a vid recently?) so she had to prove that she's legit.

No. 417532

A lot of her tastes in music are unsurprisingly tacky. Which is not a huge thing in itself, except that she's one of those people who is insecure about it and wavers between "I don't care what you posers think" and "you just don't want to admit what's good"

No. 417541

Acid Bath is her favorite band. She was going to name one of Marmalade's kittens Grave Flower before she changed her mind and sold them all.

No. 417553

Im pretty sure she googles death and murder + songs in google and 'likes' it. Just so she can use the lyrics on her vids and pics.
She used to have a 'metal' playlist made of rock covers of britney spears songs.

No. 417570

No. 417580

File: 1501412035805.png (112.81 KB, 658x893, IMG_1413.PNG)

Sir Couchboy

What a keeper…..

No. 417582

File: 1501412421344.png (180.97 KB, 715x1026, IMG_1414.PNG)

Don't know how I missed this but seriously doesn't she realise she needs to actually be divorced first?

No. 417584

Gross, Sir J is crude and tacky AF. He and Raven are perfect for one another.

No. 417588

"some of my USA friends"

LOLWAT? I thought you left because you had no friends and were suicidal and camping on someones floor and they stole all your shit and wouldn't let you eat…

No. 417603

Can someone please watch the new q&a video with Josh and write stuff here? I don't have the patience to go through 25min of cringe. And that's only part 1 of 4 I think.

No. 417607

File: 1501425054619.jpg (Spoiler Image,139.83 KB, 970x686, gross.jpg)


>>Mentions Marmalade for 1.3 seconds before talking about how on the same day it died, she pierced her own lip again and it "bled, and bled, and bled…"

She put lipstick on it to DISGUISE the swelling. What an idiot. Continues talking about herself, saying she's ugly in the Q&A video and to not focus on her, focus on Josh. She likes the way her nasty fried hair looks in the intro vid.

>>Allows viewers to ask OFFENSIVE questions, so she can gauge how Josh handles those.

>>Josh LOVED the questions, guys.

No, bitch. He loves the attention he's getting.
Sidenote, but I really enjoy knowing that Josh isn't as easily manipulated as Logan, so her insecurities are gonna shoot through the roof when he starts prowling his new fanbase for better looking pussy, and she can't do shit about it unless it's behind his back, i.e. impersonating him, messaging girls to BACK OFF, etc. This is gonna be sweet.

>>Wearing those digusting blue lenses in the Q&A vid.

She literally looks like a troll.

>>STARING at him throughout the entire Q&A, and rubbing her hands.


>>Josh: I said I loved her first.

Raven: BUT I was thinking it. I was thinking it!I was hinting around at it.
Josh: But I said it first.

>>Josh: Favorite feature about Raven? Her eyes and her smile.

Her color-changing eyes, badly makeupped eyes. K.

>>Josh: Will we be living in our own house together? Yes, we will be.

Raven: I wonder what that question has anything to do with.

Raven, you idiot, it has to do with the fact that he lives with his mom and brother on the couch, and he won't fess up to it until you fly over and you're put on the spot.

>>Josh: When is the wedding? Soon, big wedding.

Raven: We were gonna elope the day after I land but (she needs to do her SSI and it'll take some weeks)

>>Josh: Are you nervous about meeting for the first time? Yes, I am, I've never done anything like this before.

Raven: (holy shit) Or the first time like…makes finger through hole gesture
Josh: No…

>>Josh was fixin' to get a wedding band tattoo on his ring finger but Raven doesn't want that because an actual ring is going to obscure the tattoo so she wants him to get a knuckle tattoo instead.

>>Josh: The marriage (I think he means "wedding") is gonna be livestreamed.

I'm gonna cont'd this in the next post cause this is getting a wee bit too long.

No. 417608

Is it just me or does couchboy look way more crackhead like than usual in this video? He looks like a 50yr old man…

Please someone just buy her a ticket!

No. 417612

File: 1501427606405.png (417.15 KB, 544x669, Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 12.1…)

He really does. I always thought he was pretty average looking, but in this he looks god awful. Redneck methhead for sure. He looks so old and haggard. Suits Raven though, so that's good. What a good looking pair.

No. 417618

File: 1501429697108.jpg (111.31 KB, 1073x674, qna1.jpg)


>>Is there anything you would instantly leave each other for?

>>Josh: Uhh…there's one thing, and that's really personal. We both know, we're on the same page. We both know.
>>Raven: We're not gonna put that info out there.
>>(sound of toilet being flushed, not sure if it's an in-app thing or Josh's mom took a massive shit)

>>Three things that attracted you to each other

>>Josh was attracted to the bat animation she had on her FB profile (like a child)
>>Public figures (lol) usually make posts that show how full of themselves they are (LOL) but Ray-Ray's are well spoken ("Go fuck yourself you cunt nigger" "Haters can go kill themselves" etc.)
>>Josh: I actually have one more thing - she wants to video with me all the time, when I'm not working.

You're not even employed half-time, Josh, and she sure as shit ain't working or socializing with anyone.

There is so much nervous chemistry between them, it's not even the kind where you can see two people would fit well together as a couple, this is more like the chemistry you have with your cab driver.

>>Raven's three things that attracted her to Josh: I've said this plenty of times in my videos and my posts (cue ranting about how GORG he is) (calls him well-spoken - "Haters can go kill themselves" "I'll let you know how her tits taste. Haha.")

>>Raven (to Josh:) You're so OPEN, HONEST, your feelings are right there just like my feelings are. And because I'm shallow, I was like "Please be hot, please be hot, please be hot!" (cue more thirst)

>>And it was a while later, I think it was like a week later, that I found out you were tall as well.

Week = while
This is how Raven sees time.

>>Josh: She knows I watch her videos, and I was commentating (on the videos)

So well-spoken.

>>Josh: Whose idea was it to get married? It was mutual. (surejan.jpeg) We are just so comfortable with each other, it made sense.

>>Raven: To the point of being accused of cheating, yeah…

Oh, lord, they watched the Notebook together. Barf. Raven makes him watch romantic movies while she masturbates at the thought of him being the next Jack to her Rose.
They watched Martyrs and the Notebook. Their taste in movies is shit.

Josh is more excited than nervous about meeting her, Raven is more nervous than excited. Says she'll have to take a shower in the airport sink cause she'll sweat a lot. kek

>>Are you making plans for the future?

>>Josh: Yeah, we made some but we don't wanna make too many.

BIG WEDDING SOON but nah, no real plans for the future. Keeping it chill. fucking lol what a bunch of morons.

>>Raven: The only plans we have so far is we're gonna snuggle up, watch movies together, we're gonna have lots of sex.

Gag. She is thirsty as fuck.

>>Josh: I'm gonna take her places she's never been before.

Yeah, Jiffy Lube, Carl Jr's, all-you-can-eat buffets…probably finger her dry puss in an abandoned casino building after dark. Road trip!

>>How does Josh feel about your Logan tattoos?

>>Raven turns her volume up 100%
>>Josh: I'm not mad, I figured Logan was gonna be an asshole (she probably described him that way every time she mentioned him), spiteful, hateful, but he's okay.
>>She told me she'll get those covered up.

What's the over-under that Josh ain't getting her name tattooed and she ain't getting those covered up?

>>Raven: It's not right to keep it. Or them, cause I got a couple.

And you got those mainly in 2017, you whore, you.

>>Josh: I know ALL about them (Raven continues to ramble about Logan's tattoos while Josh is reassuring us he knows everything about them.)

>>Raven: The matching ones won't get covered, but the name and the portrait will get covered.

>>What video games do you play?

>>Raven: Nowadays I play Facebook games.

I guess that's Logan's hard-earned money well spent on a $4,000 gaming laptop.

>>I don't have the attention span to play real video games anymore.

I wonder if she told him she's self-diagnosed herself with Asperger's. She mos def didn't because she isn't, and even if she was on the spectrum, she wouldn't tell him cause he'd think she's retarded because he's a hick.

Josh likes playing first-person shooter games.

(loud deep-voiced cough or sneeze on Josh's stream, probably his brother) (Raven talks about always wanting to be in a horse-drawn carriage)

A romantic, sunset horse-drawn carriage ride through Josh's ghost town. You probably should pay for it and go on your own, Raven, or hope that the next, next ex-husband is more caring than Josh.

>>Josh: My no-holds-barred ideal romantic date? Even though I'm–(looks tense for a moment)–I've already most likely engaged (Oh shii-ugar. Bae caught me slippin)

>>I'd love to embarrass her in front of a lot of people.
>>His no-fold-barred ideal date: dinner and movie.
>>Raven: What do you mean "most likely engaged? We ARE engaged. nervous laugh

wew lad

>>Josh: We're two different people on the opposite sides of the world-

>>Raven: We're not THAT different!
>>Josh: We're not that different…huh..yeah.

Raven goes on to explain in which ways they're different, and it's not what Josh was thinking when he said it, and he's too dumb to attempt a smooth save.
>>It's because I have a large following

No, you don't, Raven.

>>Josh: I'd rather be it online than in person

Implying Raven is a literal nobody in person, which she doesn't like to hear kek

>>Q: 3 things you love about each other and 3 things you hate

They both make a grimace, meaning what we already all knew about their relationship is that isn't not as solid and comfortable as they're portraying it. They're obviously not secure enough in it to be able to say anything bad about each other. Raven! In a HEALTHY, NORMAL, SLOW-BUILDING relationship, you can rest easy knowing that you can offer small criticism to your partner and they to you, and it won't irrevocably damage what you already have. You will never be in a healthy relationship.

>>Josh: I'll go first.

>>Raven: Oh, shit.
>>Josh: Her personality is amazing. You are a great person, all the way round. I love her entire body. (Raven goes wide-eyed. Surprised as much as we are. Stick to your diet, bitch, and you won't be surprised that your partner likes your physique)
>>Josh: One more thing I love about her is that I know she loves me. I never doubted that. I MAY HAVE DOUBTED SOME THINGS BUT NEVER THAT.


2 minutes left, will they say what they hate about each other? Probably not. Let's see!

>>Raven: I love your openness.

>>Raven: Usually guys are like "I can't say this or I can't say that cause it makes me look like a pussy"

Sidenote but is Raven a smoker? Cause Josh is, and hoo boy she better get used to the stench of cheap cigs embedded in the couch cushions.

Also kek at the thought of his mom taking down all her cheapo Halloween decorations from the walls and curtains.

Raven says she's been picked on for being SHALLOW but she compliments Josh's looks all the time cause she knows he's never been complimented on his looks before and she does that to help him feel better about himself.

>>Raven: I like that you're so dependable, whenever I'm having a bad day I can just talk to you and you'll calm me down and I've never had that in my life.

This mercurial bitch. I guess Logan being her emotional doormat and therapist meant nothing.
She's so fucking dramatic. I bet she made Logan listen to her whine the second his came home after a long hard day at work.

33 seconds left in the video. They'll gloss over the "3 things I hate about you" I can feel it in my plums.


No. 417622

Raven sounded nervous over the house question.

She also listed her fav features of Josh as his eyes, height, hair smile. Then says it again later, she really is into his eyes. "Im shallow" she says when she sees him in video for the first time about his eyes, and the bonus of being tall af. Its clear that she only really cares about these things, but she will be in for a surprise when she sees him irl and he isnt a dreamy guy.

On the tattoo questions, Josh mentions having a tattoo he also wants to cover up. Unsure if that is implying he got a couple tattoo of an ex or it just is ugly. Raven says she will cover some of them but the one that Logan and Raven got the same thing of (maybe the band tattoo?) she wont.

Im not sure why she is obsessed with her partners being the same as her. She said the same thing with Logan and hubby #2, Josh in this case clearly isnt anything like her. They dont listen to the same music, and if they have to watch 17 movies together to pass the time that Josh never has seen, they dont have the same taste. Its interesting that the "goth" raven's fav movie they have seen is a sappy romantic one and not any of the horror movies they watched.

I think she is going to have a 'commitment' ceremony like she had with logan first, and either pretend it is a real marriage or make an excuse about why it isnt official yet.

No. 417637

File: 1501434161435.jpeg (54.95 KB, 640x476, image.jpeg)

He's never getting that tattoo and as soon as he sees her in person he's going to run for it.

No. 417666

one of the things that bother me most about her is the fact how much she shits on women for being whores but posts shitty half nudes of herself. Didnt she even post an actual pic of her vag once or am i mixing things up

but sure raven honey you are prude and everyone else is a hoe

No. 417687

lol i bet anything raven is going to try and goth him up when she gets there cant wait to see that and how his family reacts

No. 417691

I'm going to say something that I've been thinking for a while: I really, truly hope that Raven and Josh will find whatever happiness they are looking for together. I say this for a few reasons. For one, I know they are both shitty human beings, but even shitty human beings can fall in love, and maybe, just maybe, it will move them to a place where they are better people. I know that's unlikely, but it's possible. And even if it doesn't happen, I hope they stay together just so they are inflicting their misery on one another, rather than the rest of the world. Raven won't go looking for another Logan to steal his youth and respect for women, and Josh won't go looking for another Claudia to ruin her self-esteem.

Call me psychotically optimistic, but I'm just looking for a silver lining to this shit cloud.

No. 417696

How tall is he?

No. 417698

Damn nice work anon! And thanks for the spoiler in your first post, she's hideous she looks like an ugly emo boy.

Why does she even need to disguise the swelling? Not like she's going anywhere for it to be seen. But talking about that over her cats death? What a bitch.

>Josh was attracted to the bat animation she had on her FB profile (like a child)

lmao, at least Raven could use a fidget spinner any time she wants him to settle down?

I think Raven would have no trouble saying stuff about Josh that she hates but I think she turns a blind eye to it because she wants to believe he is perfect. Josh on the other hand could probably think of plenty about Ray Ray but doesn't want to say in fear of setting the ogre off.

No. 417700

Mother of fucking keks. That was the best, thanks anon.

I really love the fact that you can clearly hear people on the house, and they are like "WE ARE GONNA HAVE THIS HOUSE FOR OURSELFS 4SURE!!!"
And plus: Josh looks like a mommasboy, he had a lot of pics of his mom in his facebook, at least.
Is he gonna threw mommie dearest off the house for goth-slut-extraordinaire, or is he going to go Norman Bates on Raven?
In the next episode of Couchboy adventures….

No. 417705

Raven will despise if he has any kind of relationship with his mother. She doesn't understand familial love, because she herself doesn't feel any (see: Dorian), so any kind of love or closeness with family is taken as a threat to her place as the number one and only person in her SO's life. That's what happened with Logan - she distanced him from his parents, and we can tell now that he's not with her that he's back to being close to them.
She will not be able to handle it if Couch Boy is also a Mommy's Boy.

No. 417706

For people who claim to speak to one another for hours every day, there is still a level of awkwardness that makes this video hard to watch. It's obvious that they're both still self-conscious about the way they sound and appear to the other person.
Also, Josh looks like an alcoholic or drug user. His face is seriously fucked up.

No. 417709

of course we want them to actually fall in love and change each other for the better but thats a fantasy raven cant change

No. 417710

He has head tics like a drug user.
In that vid he clearly looks like a crackhead.
I don't think that would be a problem for Raven since she said she abused substances when she was in USA.

Also, she made so much gross references to sex on that vid that even couchboy got uncomfortable.
Does anyone remember when she said that she did not like sex, and Logan was always "poking her with his dick" wanting to have sex but she does not like to do it, cuz she is such a prude?

No. 417715

I'm surprised she's forcing sex talk soo much, considering she posted a video a few months ago saying she's really not into sex. That Logan keeps poking her with his dick and such (lel) but she doesn't wanna do anything. Huh

No. 417717

I think with most cows, people would be happy if they gained some self-awareness and perspective and were able to go on and live normal/happy lives instead of being bitter and mean. PT and Venus are great examples that most people will leave someone alone and wish them well when they actually change their lives.

That won't happen for Raven, at least not during the Couch Boy Saga. We can already see that she's just as delusional and petty as ever, and Josh isn't exactly the kind of person to help her overcome that since he feeds into it and joins in himself.
Much as a second PT transformation would be great, it's not happening for Raven currently.

No. 417718

Oh wow we said the same thing lol. I'm sorry, didn't read everything before posting lmao.

No. 417719

File: 1501452363021.jpg (96.4 KB, 600x600, temporarily_blonde_by_starbl00…)

This was her best look, IMO. She has cute brown eyes, she's shed weight, she's smiling, her makeup looks nice, the blond hair suits her. She looks sane and approachable.

No. 417721

File: 1501452795836.png (2.32 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-07-31-00-08-00…)

Josh is a lucky guy.

I'll transcribe the rest of the Q&A vids when she puts them up.

No. 417724


No. 417729


Pills, probably.

"What's the mating calls of the South?"
"A rattle of a pill bottle."

No , but seriously. Benzos/opiodes ate a huuuge issue I the Carolinas. I'd bet my money he pops em like candies. He doesn't have too many traits that would point to regular, or even irregular, meth or crack use.

No. 417730

This is much better than her usual self and passable, but I'm still tempted to suggest a nose job, boob lift, and some intensive therapy on both her fried hair and mind. That'd be enough to overlook the bad tattoos.

Just the mental rehab alone would make all the other superficial aspects not worth mentioning, and make her 100x more attractive as a person.

No. 417737

If the person in that picture was mentally stable and not a complete nutjob who hates women, dates children, and tells her son she wishes she'd had him aborted, I would think she was a normal, cute looking person.

Sadly as soon as you know who Raven is, she becomes ugly. It wouldn't matter at this point if she did everything suggested here, she would still be a hideous person.

No. 417745


Pills are expensive. And he has never presented the characteristics of someone on CNS depressants; if anything he is always slightly manic.


His head and body "tics" are actually more representative of stereotypies common in autism.

No. 417754


>Raven: We were gonna elope the day after I land but (she needs to do her SSI and it'll take some weeks)

Actually at 5:40 she says that she needs to "do her Social Security number first" since her name has changed. She did not mention SSI.

No. 417764

LOL yeah, that dick-poking comment stuck with me, nice to know i'm not alone.

Pills or not, he is clearly on something.
I don't really think he presents spectrum behavior.
He was in the military, maybe it screwed his head.

No. 417778


my bad anon, thought the I in SSI stood for Identity and was trying to take a shortcut. Not American so

I'll be more careful next time <3

No. 417780

Agreed. A lot of people who have been in the military end up abusing some sort of substance. Even if they haven't been deployed, the transition into civilian life can mess you up. He also seems like the sort of bored, unmotivated, redneck slacker who would use anyway.

No. 417785


SSI stands for Suplemental Security Income which are disability benefits issued to people who are low-income or who have not worked enough to qualify for SSDI.


SSDI are disability benefits derived from wage deductions.

No. 417798


He exhibits what could be stereotypy in the proposal video. In the least his body movements are very childlike, at times bordering on frenetic.


In the Q & A video he gestures with his hands and appears to be attempting to control his hand movements by clasping and holding them. He doesn't exhibit any physical or vocal "tics" in either video.

No. 417801

File: 1501470675112.png (372.83 KB, 800x592, Screenshot_2017-07-30-20-00-01…)


The tattoo he plan's to get covered is on his wrist and "in another language." This screencap shows about half of it.

He says that he was attracted to her because unlike most "public figures" she is not full of herself and doesn't consider herself a hot commodity.

No. 417802

I'm not gonna go through the entire 30 minutes of cringe again but he twiches his head for the first time in 04:25 in the Q&A video.
He was talking normally and then twich twich.

No. 417809


Is that script of some alien language from a video game he plays?

No. 417813


I watched the video and you are so legit in your recap. Thank you.

No. 417839

He says that he was attracted to her because unlike most "public figures" she is not full of herself and doesn't consider herself a hot commodity.

Nope, he's definitely on drugs if he can say this with a straight face.

No. 417842

If you've seen the other pictures she took of her fried bleached blonde hair you'd know that was just a particularly flattering shot. She's never looked good, sorry not sorry. Can't polish a turd and all that.

No. 417847

that's not the cluster B way, unfortunately.

No. 417862

The only other matching tattoo I can think of is that "watercolor" (looks more like pastrami or something though…) heart they both got on their arm, but I could've sworn it said Logan/Raven respectively.

I think the "Logan keeps poking me with his dick" thing was in response to a question asking if she takes slutty photos because Logan doesn't give her any attention.

No. 417869

She went on a couple of times on how he wanted her by poking her with his dick but she didn't want to/couldn't cause of her "tail bone issue". Which around that time, they started sleeping in different rooms.

And at that point (I believe anyways) is when the facade was starting to be put up. It was then they knew they had no true love connection and played on it anyways to prove the haters wrong. Now she's going on about having sex with Josh but what happened to her tail bone hurting so bad she couldn't have sex or do anything even non-sexual? Does Josh know about her "issues"? I think she's going to end up doing the same thing to him, "oh i hurt, we can't do it" thus never will, he pleasures himself to porn because she isn't giving him anything, and then she's going to freak out and claim to kill herself, just like with Logan.

No. 417882

File: 1501520551636.jpg (Spoiler Image,120.31 KB, 432x509, totalprude.jpg)

>Didnt she even post an actual pic of her vag once or am i mixing things up

Does this count? She's completely naked, but her thighs cover her crotch.

No. 417937

No. 417939


No. 417947

That's fucking disgusting. I do find it hilarious that she photoshoped her skin white though.

No. 417957

i fucking knew it. Damn hilarious and horrible at the same time kek

No. 417959

This is not the grossest pic in the world.

This is just a tribute.

No. 417989

File: 1501542160439.png (543.89 KB, 800x610, Screenshot_2017-07-31-15-44-14…)


They both have matching tattoos of the logo of the band Psyclon 9 which were their first tattoos together. She explains that they got them because they don't have anything in common except liking this band and because the number 9 appears in their relationship "like a lot a lot."

They also have matching doll elbow joint tattoos. In the same video she awkwardly explains that they unintentionally copied the tattoos of someone with whom she used to have an online hate relationship.

No. 417995

>online hate relationship

Imagine being a grown ass woman and having this phrase be applicable to your life. And still using the word "haters" seriously. And saying you have "enemies". Hoo boy.

No. 417997


She didn't use that phrase exactly, but close enough. Her explanation was cringe.

No. 418028

That tiny dick makes it funny to me for some reason.

No. 418050

So he was aiming for a public figure then. Ok cool.
>she is not full of herself and doesn't consider herself a hot commodity.

>online hate relationship
Imagine being 40 and having an "online hate relationship". Ok maybe not quite 40 at that point but pushing it. Wow.

No. 418053


No. 418076

Topkek anon,topkek.

No. 418121

>She explains that they got them because they don't have anything in common except liking this band

Uhm didn't she write walls of texts on their wedding page about how much they have in common, how they agree on everything and share the same views? Getting matching tattoos of something you both like is fucking retarded in any case, "hey we both like pizza let's get a pizza slice tattooed on our arms!" jfc. (I hope I haven't given her any ideas, especially since Emily has already said she wants a pizza tattoo)

>They also have matching doll elbow joint tattoos. In the same video she awkwardly explains that they unintentionally copied the tattoos of someone with whom she used to have an online hate relationship.

That's Emily and it wasn't "unintentional" at all. She saw Emily's doll joint tattoos and straight up copied them.

No. 418123

Not like Raven has ever been one to keep her story consistent. She and Logan simultaneously have everything and nothing in common, depending on which one of the stories suits her current needs.

No. 418156

Part 2 is up.
Just started and Josh is listing off things he "hates" about Raven.

>Her low self esteem

>The hate she gets on "hate sites"
>3rd thing, he says "thats about it" but then goes back to say "well I don't really hate her low self-esteem", then fumbles a bit more and says he hates how she wont always go on cam.

He then proceeds to go on and on about how beautiful she is … smh I can't make it through this…

No. 418157

The woman doesn't even wanna go on cam with him, how will she ever have sex with him?? Especially with his mom in the next room, geez.

And wow, he is soo ugly. Like I saw some pics and he looked normal but this video… wow. I do think he is using some kind of drugs.

No. 418158

The Q&A is for us, we're the following. Old habits die hard, she's trying to prove that this is real. It's so real guys. Any farmers send any questions?

No. 418159

Raven stated she "gathered" the questions, but I don't recall her asking anywhere for questions (correct me if I'm wrong. I feel like she just came up with the questions herself… that way she could take the opportunity to also put Josh on the spot and get answers to everything she wants and also have recorded proof of him saying X, Y & Z in case he doesn't live up to his claims.

sage for speculation

No. 418166

File: 1501594191536.jpg (397.02 KB, 1920x1080, 1333147089172.jpg)

>They gave us a nice five minute plug

Hi guies! Raven, you know you love the attention we give you when you do stupid ass shit. It's why you continue to do stupid ass shit.

Also, shame on you for dogging your son like that. Your son isn't being an asshole, he's doing a perfectly natural response to having to deal with an emotionally draining woman as his mother for 18 years of his life.

No. 418167

J:3 things he hates about Raven
-Low self esteem
-The hate sites and says we love her and she's the only one we always talk about.
-Not letting him see her on cam
-That Josh is so far away
-How Josh has been with a girl and has fucked with his head so much it effects theirs
-Hates how Josh has never had anyone there for him (he hates this about himself)

What happens when you meet and the spark isn't there?
J:That's not going to happen. The sparks is always there.
R:If I'm asleep and he's awake he sends me "I miss you" messages and posts on my facebook all day long. There's a huge physical attraction but there's more than that.
-rambles on about how much alike they are and they use an app on their phones to "touch" each other-

Have you got anything special to wear for your first night together?
J:To be brutally honest, I don't want to wear anything, -awkward just kidding laughs-, I'm going to wear something nice to the airport, I dress well, at least I think I dress well. I'll do my hair how she likes, brush my teeth twice before I leave.
R:I'm going to wear something comfortable because I'm going to be on a flight for 31 hours but at night I WON'T be naked but I'll probably wear something…..simple…..easy to get to…easy access.
J:I don't sleep naked.

Do either of you think you're moving too fast? What if it fails?
J:Uhhhh…from the beginning we both thought it may have been too fast but I don't think it was.
R:We were moving too fast basing on what other people would say. We didn't want to post him asking me to marry him because of what people would say then lolcow started attacking us and we said fuck it and just put it out there.
J:What if it fails? It's not gonna fail. We've had a few, couple, intense arguments. We know it's not gonna fail.
R:Because we want the same thing.
J:Cheating thing isn't going to be an issue, that's stupid.
R:You're not gonna beat me…
J:No I'd never put a hand on you.
R:What if you see me waddling to you at the airport cause I'm too fat?
J:Yeah……that's uh…just childish.
R:You should tell them what you prefer.
J:I'd like her to have more body weight. There's no reason I want her skinny. Skinny skinny. I prefer a comfortable weight on girls. I don't care if she gains 200lbs, those are my extra 200lbs. I actually encouraged her to eat a little more to gain weight.
R:Oh shit, that's why you tell me to eat more.
J:I just don't like skinny girls.
-goes on about how she's showed her body off in the cam in front of him and it's not an issue for him and to think that is childish and he loves her this much why would he stop now, asks her the if we're moving too fast and what if it fails-
R:Well like I said, we were basing it on what other people would say, I move fast because I don't believe in lying to yourself, if you feel something then get it. As far as it failing, there's a chance for anything to fail but I honestly don't think it will. We are just so alike and want the same thing and have a dream of a very specific relationship and we both feel the same and that's why I feel it won't fail.
J:Well said, what if it fails?
R:You go first, if it actually did fail, what would you do?
J:It'd be a devastating thing to happen because I love her so much. I'd try to do anything to get her back. I have been married once before and I love her (Raven) so much more. But if it fails, like there's no coming back, I would think there's some coming back, but I wouldn't let it fail. If I wake up one day and not happy, which isn't going to happen, I would talk to her about but I wouldn't cheat or anything. I'll talk to her like an adult and work it out.
R:Yeah, I'm not gonna answer that. You know.
J:I know.

-Next questions are solely for Raven-

What is the first American place you would want to eat at?
R:Idk, I don't know what's around there, I'd like some Taco Bell though.
J:We have that.

What if Josh's family does not like you?
R:There's nothing I can do about it if they don't like me. I have yet to have a family that likes me.
J:She has no worries.

What if you don't like the town you live in?
R:I'm used to living in the place I don't like. I'm not going to go out and do anything really. We'll go places because I haven't been to America in a while but I'm going to be there with him. Wherever he is, I'll be happy.

Why doesn't he pay for your plane ticket and you pay him back later?
R:Because I don't want to bring money into the relationship, we're long distance and anything could be taken the wrong way, I don't want to involve him even though he offers constantly.

Are you going to be doing anything as a goodbye with Dorian?
R:I don't want to get into the Dorian thing, but as far as I know, no. He's getting into his fucking selfish state again, he won't reply or read my messages or reply to Josh, won't check on me asking me how I'm doing because of Marmalade. He's being a little fucking asshole. He's 22 yrs old he's not a baby, he's an asshole so no.
J:I agree -mumbling some shit- So Dorian staying there? Would you want him to come along with you?
R:I do not, I did want him to come, but once he met this girl, he changed, he's not the same kid and if he wants to stay here then he can. And in the grand scheme of things, I don't want anyone with me and Josh, we need this time for us, without the drama of a kid coming who might destroy the house and not wanting to work, lie etc. It's just me and him. He doesn't even want his brother there. You don't even want your brother staying there. You want it to me and you and you're close to your brother but it's time for us. Time for us to be together.

What if Josh cheated and you were in the US?
R:If I caught you cheating I'd kill you both and then kill myself.
J:Haha. I'd never cheated and I wouldn't start with her.

Are you excited to make friends?
R:I have no plan on making friends. We're always going to be together so what friends I make are going to be friends of us. My #1 priority is him. I had forgotten I'd have WalMart and food I've missed, he erased everything I wanted and I just wanted to be with him.

What is the first place you want to eat at?
R:Chicos Taco's

What is the first place you want to see that I (Josh) told you about?
R:The city I land at, Columbia, I'm a city girl, I don't like nature. I want to see a real city.

Do you have plans for your first Halloween/Christmas?
R:We haven't even talked about holidays. The only holiday being Thanksgiving and me cooking for the whole family. We haven't talked about anything else, we want to be together, we want to be together.

How well do you think accept the small town life after living in New Zealand?
R:New Zealand is a small town, same shit. I've gotten so many comments "they're not gonna take someone like you well" I've lived in smaller towns that only have a couple hundred of people so I know what it's like. Josh would protect me.
J:A lot of people here are respectful.

How do you feel about Josh being married before?
R:I like it but I don't like it. I like it because, like Logan was a great guy, he was a really good husband but I didn't see any of this while we were together until i spent time away from him that he actually is still quite young and it feels good to be someone who is a man, who has lived life, an adult. I never wanted an adult relationship before and I have that. He knows how to be a husband and has done the marriage thing before so that's comforting but my jealous petty side says "damn it i wish i was the first one". More than that, I'm happy he had that experience.

What food are you going to buy first in the US?
R:So many food questions. Do I look like a fat person? I want slim jims and nutty bars.

Will you see your mom when you get to the states?
R:I will try. I have the number but not address. She doesn't know me but at least I know I went.

Do you think you will miss New Zealand in any way?
J:Well that's it.

-Questions for Josh only-

What was your first impression of Raven?
J:Bad. Without meeting her, I figured she was like most online celebrities, a stuck up bitch. But I was wrong. She's the exact opposite.

What do you like most about Raven?
J:Her personality.

Are you going to be apart of Ravens videos or do any alone?
J:I'll be apart of her videos, I may make a few alone, for the fans I'll be making some alone, with or without her. A little bit of both.

What are your plans for first meeting each other at the airport?
J:I'm going to propose at the airport. She already knows. After I hug and kiss her. We talked about this. She wanted to know and I didn't want to tell her, she made me.

How do you think you'll be stronger than Logan was about the haters? what makes you think you won't be as effected by them?
J:I've already been there. The most hurtful things that could have been said have been. I handled it well. They're just worms.
R:What's the most hurtful thing?
J:That's kind of hard to say…uh….

And that's end of part 2 folks! If some stuff is off, it's because it's so hard to fucking understand what the hell Josh is trying to say half of the time. He talks like he has cotton and sand in his mouth.

No. 418174

Damn thanks for the recap anon. The questions were so obviously written by Raven lmao, they both sound completely deluded. This shit show is going to be great, assuming she gets her fat ass over there

No. 418183

I really love you recap/transcript anons. You're doing god's work just watching those videos.

No. 418199

"for the fans" lmaoool does this couch boi know there are like 3 people who like Raven and the rest is us?

All these answers are soo childish. And her saying she would kill him and the woman and then herself wasn't even a joke lol

The Dorian thing… I'm actually surprised he's not answering. I hope he continues his own thing.

No. 418203

I think it's better that he doesn't reply. It shows a lot of maturity on his part, and hopefully he can just move on from his mess of a mother and live a happy life.

No. 418205

She asked on FB, maybe a week ago now.

No. 418206

>crying about not having enough money to be with couchboy
>says couchboy would totally finance her ticket, but she won't let him because she doesn't want it to be about money
>begs her followers for money for a plane ticket

Yeah Raven is never going to leave NZ.

No. 418208


Couchboy confirmed as feeder? kek

No. 418209

File: 1501607699756.gif (1.65 MB, 245x255, Smile-Smiling-Awkward-Smile-Aw…)


>>R:If I caught you cheating I'd kill you both and then kill myself.

No. 418218

That's how I read it. I can't wait to see how much fatter she gets. We all know she would anyways since she has a shit diet and is going to go crazy over American fast food, but this is just icing on the cake. For someone as vain as she is it's going to fuck with her self-image even more.

No. 418220

She actually said she doesn't want Dorian there because she just wants it to be the two of them (Josh and her) and yet she calls Dorian the asshole?

No. 418222

I mean to be fair I wouldn't want my 22 yr old son living with me and my new husband (unless it's pretty necessary) but yeah this is Raven we're talking about so it's a different story.

I think they're lying about him wanting to pay but she's refusing. I think she would move in a heartbeat if it was offered. He doesn't have the money and she's still not wanting to admit that Josh ain't earning anything from his couch.

No. 418223

they sound like a couple of 17 year olds in their very first relationship. "it's not going to fail!!! we love each other so much because uhhh he's not a wifebeater and i'm not fat <3" like raven seriously sounds so fucking insane.

No. 418247

Thanks you so much anon for transcribing this mess!

> R:If I caught you cheating I'd kill you both and then kill myself.

That's emotional blackmail right there. I have no doubts that she'll threaten that shit once he does something she's not happy with… like watching porn. Or talking to another woman.

> R:You should tell them what you prefer.

I love how she's pushing him to say that he doesn't like skinny women and how perfect she is… Just like she did with Logan and her bizarre views on "sluts". Yeah, maybe he really is into fat chicks, but I could also believe he's just saying whatever she wants to hear…

> R:I'm used to living in the place I don't like. I'm not going to go out and do anything really.

inb4 "waahh I hate this place, I can't go anywhere, my life sucks, look at all the useless crap I bought to make myself feel better because I deserve nice things".

> He doesn't even want his brother there. You don't even want your brother staying there. You want it to me and you and you're close to your brother but it's time for us. Time for us to be together.

Hahaha, I love how she believes that his brother who is just "staying there" will just leave so they can "be together". So much drama ahead… I also wonder what his plan is? Does he have a plan? Is he going to ask his mum and brother to stay somewhere else for a few days when Raven gets there and then try to explain that, um, well, they're gonna come back because… they live there too? I really hope his mum and brother won't put up with her shit.

> R:I have no plan on making friends. We're always going to be together so what friends I make are going to be friends of us. My #1 priority is him.

Oh. My. God. To be fair, even if she tried, it's not like any of her friendships would last, because she's a shitty human being. But I just can't get my head around how she thinks this is NORMAL. And how fucked up couchboy's concept of a relationship must be for him to accept her saying shit like this… Like, she's flat out planning to come out there, be 100% dependent on him, demand 100% of his time because she has no friends and doesn't even WANT to interact with anyone else.

> If I wake up one day and not happy, which isn't going to happen, I would talk to her about but I wouldn't cheat or anything. I'll talk to her like an adult and work it out.

lol, AS IF.

> J:What if it fails? It's not gonna fail. We've had a few, couple, intense arguments. We know it's not gonna fail.

They've known each other for how long and have already had a few "intense arguments"? Like, I get that couples fight sometimes, but there's nothing romantic about that… and it's usually not a sign of a healthy relationship. Especially if you've known each other for only a few months and HAVEN'T EVEN MET IN PERSON. Like wtf. Their relationship is so fucked and unhealthy, and it's gonna fail spectacularly… but it's Raven, and it's not like this wasn't predictable as fuck.

No. 418250


And she mentioned it in a YT comment >>416099

No. 418256


>R: We didn't want to post him asking me to marry him because of what people would say then lolcow started attacking us and we said fuck it and just put it out there.

She neglected to say that she posted the video of their proposal.

No. 418265

The song she used for her intro.

No. 418266

He talks an awful lot about cheating and how he would never do it.

Almost a bit too much…

No. 418267

so…she's supposedly flying out there in sept, but doesn't have a ticket yet? the longer she waits, the more expensive it's going to be.

No. 418269

File: 1501621515984.png (358.32 KB, 800x601, Screenshot_2017-08-01-14-02-57…)

"I like to think I'm pretty well-dressed."

No. 418272

other anons have done such a great job of recapping, but I just have to rant about the Dorian stuff…

>he's getting into his little fuckin selfish state again

she moved him across the world on a whim for her NZ husband, and now she's moving across the world on a whim for her new couch boy, but HE'S selfish. she's told him he ruined her life and she wishes he didn't exist, but HE'S selfish.

>once he met this girl he's changed

Raven NEVER changes or stops paying attention to Dorian when she meets new boyfriends.

>we don't want the drama of a kid coming.

shouldn't have had a kid then. I know he's 22, but in reality a child is a lifelong commitment. you hope that they'll be able to be independent by a certain time, but there's no guarantee of that.

fuck you, you pathetic excuse for a mother. it's lucky you aren't able to have more children, because you got lucky with Dorian that he's only mildly fucked up (no criminal charges, relatively chill person, etc.).

No. 418274

It looks like Arabic.

No. 418280

I noticed this too, anon

No. 418281

Raven is a perfect example of what it takes to be a thread on lolcow. You have some of these dimwits come in with "i hate her. photoshop." And wondering why it's not allowed if we can be mean to other shitheads. As far as criteria that's a delicate formula that's needed to be on /pt/.

1. Attention whoring
2. Hypocrisy
3. Cringe
4. Must be a horrible person, with at least multiple occasions of being a piece of shit and mostly unapologetic.
5. Delusion

No. 418282

Definitely. She is an awful enough person to more than justify making fun of her and calling her out, and she's delusional enough to not realise she's made fun of because she's a terrible human being. The perfect mix to make a cow.

No. 418283

She is the perfect cow.

I don't think she will ever stop giving milk, and we're about to (Hopefully) get it by the bucketful soon enough. She just never learns.

I can't wait.

No. 418287

>Hahaha, I love how she believes that his brother who is just "staying there" will just leave so they can "be together". So much drama ahead… I also wonder what his plan is? Does he have a plan? Is he going to ask his mum and brother to stay somewhere else for a few days when Raven gets there and then try to explain that, um, well, they're gonna come back because… they live there too? I really hope his mum and brother won't put up with her shit.

He is going to hide them under the couch. Craven is gonna get so fat she won't hear them below her 800lb tail bone.

No. 418288

Honestly though, he doesn't have to make anything up and he knows that.
Raven has no money, no independence, no way to leave if it turns out to not be what she thinks it is (which we all know it will). He just has to lie to get her there, and once she's there there's nothing she can do.

I'd feel bad for her if she wasn't such a disgusting person, but since she is I'm just excited for the milk.

No. 418289

We get milkshakes all day long. I forget the first introduction to Raven, but she was introduced via "post your favorite shuddercows" or "post your personal cow." I think that was on StaminaRose? Either way, thank you blessed anon who introduced her in all her glory.

No. 418298


nah it looks more like hebrew

No. 418305

Has anyone tried to download transcripts of her videos or use a transcript generator?

No. 418312

Maybe he's going to murder them and bury them under the house.

No. 418324

>>What was your first impression of Raven?
>>J:Bad. Without meeting her, I figured she was like most online celebrities, a stuck up bitch. But I was wrong. She's the exact opposite.

translation: i'm a creepy sleaze who slides into the DMs of women with large followings on facebook. "hi, ur hot" …and only one of them was self-loathing enough to answer

No. 418365

I'm calling it right now, he is gonna go NormanBateshitcrazy with her and mommie dearest together.

No. 418452

I'm dying laughing over the fact that couchboy thinks we're obsessed with her !

Obsessed in the way you see a train wreck but can't look away.

And seriously ? Been with a girl that screwed him up? Raven I know you read all of this, Girl you're a complete pyschopath you're fascinating to watch because everything you touch turns to shit, It's hard for people to imagine that people like you actually exist, You lie constantly and you've ruined your HUSBANDS life, Your SONS life…

Please please whore your fat ass out and move because I don't ever get tired of watching you get burnt over and over, You horrible racist oaf.

P.s please take a look In the mirror before you start dissing other women, You are gross, You look like you have a bath when the seasons change and your hair looks like tumbleweed.

No. 418466

File: 1501670055182.jpg (9.61 KB, 480x360, RCdWMFN.jpg)

Sage for (slightly) off topic but I was watching Friends the other day and this guy reminded me of Couchboy lmao

No. 418469


No. 418484

He acts the same too! The videos are so cringey and not making him look good at all. Totally like a meth head mummas boy good luck with that raven

No. 418518

What the? I've been following this crazy bitch for years and never seen her vagina. When did she do this? Yuck. Why would someone take a picture of their dick next to it? I feel ill.

No. 418558

I believe this is part of the Ryan (kiwi hero number 1) saga, where he made her take a lot of naked pics for fetish sites.
Or prior, because she was whore before, so that would not surprise be.
I believe she only hated sex with Logan, after he grew up and was not goth enough anymore.

No. 418561

Back several threads ago she used to do alternate goff modelling. Her pics are linked in there.

No. 418565

Definitely prior, on her FB she had old pics of herself when she was with her 2nd husband showing her bare naked fat ass.

No. 418572

-How Josh has been with a girl and has fucked with his head so much it effects theirs

Theirs what? They are not even together. They don't have ANYTHING.
If it is effecting the big NOTHING they don't yet have, imagine how glorious it will be live in Saluda.

I might donate to her crowfund after this.

No. 418579



When she got together with Logan she demanded that her photos be removed (see the response to her in the first post).

No. 418633

Has Josh mentioned if he or his family religious?

No. 418725

File: 1501759909144.jpg (Spoiler Image,197.57 KB, 900x947, IMG_0047.JPG)

I was thinking of this photo from her goff modelling days. Spoilered for gross:

No. 418726

vagina ask anon here.
Thats the pic i had in mind when i asked. I was only unsure if it was her or some other goth chick

No. 418728

Is it not slightly concerning that they admit to having had "a few intense arguments" already and they haven't even met yet? The making of true love right there

No. 418730

File: 1501761647505.png (Spoiler Image,1.58 MB, 1080x1920, IMG_0048.PNG)

That's our Raven all right

No. 418738

No. 418745


Someone on a computer should try downloading the subtitles rather than transcribing.

No. 418750

>can you tell us in your own words how your relationship is?
"it's rocky at times but… It isn't a bad relationship… I think it's great, I think it's one of the most fulfilling ones I've had"


No. 418751

>every relationship is rocky when it starts
No it ain't LMAO WHAT

No. 418764


I'm working on it…

No. 418770

Was going to say… its usually the exact opposite with people being in the honeymoon stage and all. The fact they've been together for like a month and its already "rocky" sounds pretty milky

No. 418787

I downloaded the srt, converted to txt, stripped the html and time tags, confirmed the words and inserted punctuation. Still tedious as fuck even having the srt to work from. Should I continue?

The first 3 minutes:

J: Next question how do you think you will be stronger than Logan was about the haters, what makes you think you cannot be as affected by it?
Because I don't think I will be stronger, I know I will be because I already have been. The most intense things they could have said they have already said and they got me mad, they got me really mad, angry and pissed off. I was typing paragraphs to them. They don't faze me. I don't know why they would strike though.

R: I know the most hurtful things should have been.

J: What?

R: The last one.

J: Which one?

R: The one that I said, are you here? and you just happened to be online and you were going to go to sleep.

J: Yeah, it was one about her possibly not having babies, she's taken my, my future away now. For some reason that would take my future, which, I mean, that makes no sense. I would like…I used to want…I almost did have a child actually years ago but, but I'm over that, not just because she can't…uh I don't know. That was probably the most hurtful…

R: Yeah cause we've both had losses you know, I mean…

J: And it came out of nowhere.

R: Yeah. Like we wouldn't have talked about it you know. You, you fucking losing a baby, me losing a baby…babies, and if you get with me you can't have kids and it's like, you know, I'm not going to keep that from you until I'm there and then you're like, Oh by the way I want to have a baby! Plus my age…

J: I've known that a month ago, over a month ago, so that was nothing new, and she was told off promptly…

R: I was told off? Oh she was told off.

J: Next question. Can you tell us in your own words how your relationship is? It's rocky at times but it's not, it isn't a bad relationship. I think it's great. I think it's one of the most fulfilling I've ever had. And I've even see her [unintelligible]…um…she always makes me smile, even when she shouldn't have smiled she smiled, even when I shouldn't have smiled she'd make…she pretty much…she has a force in her smile, she makes me smile, she really does. Our relationship is great. I mean every relationship is rocky especially starting off, but were getting all that out of the way before she gets here. We have an advantage over most I think. So I think…I'm pretty sure…I know our relationship will be better than most. I don't care how that sounds at all.

No. 418788

He said the tattoo he has on his wrist is his ex-wife's name in Arabic. He said he was smart about getting her name tattooed on him in another language, since he can lie about what is says now that they're broken up. Maybe he will follow through with getting "Raven" tattooed on him, just in another language so he can lie when it fails! If not just lie to Raven and tell her it's her name when it's actually something else.

No. 418789

He calls Claudia his "ex-wife" and then later in the video calls her his "ex-fiance". This guys can't keep his lies straight. He then later says he'll get a matching "Raven" tattoo on his ring finger, but it will be inverted colors of a red name with black heart.

sage for not watching more before I posted

No. 418793

He's mixing himself up. Later in the vid he does say that he was married to someone when he was in the army but they divorced because he didn't want to stay in and she did.

No. 418794

Did he just say their relationship is rocky at times? They've been together (apparently) for a month. Trouble in paradise already ray ray?

No. 418804

This is insane. Raven is so heavily in denial. His tattoos scream trailer park trash. She says she likes his hair but I feel like the long hair is a byproduct of not having money for a haircut more than it being his 'style.' Listening to him talk is almost painful because of how dumb he sounds, but she swears he is well spoken and smart? He makes even her sound eloquent.

How is it so painfully obvious to everyone except her that he just says what she wants to hear? He plainly said that it's not smart to get a tattoo of someone's name, days after she got a tattoo of his name. But she has convinced herself that yes he is going to get that matching Raven tattoo, just a couple more weeks. Yes girl, just ignore all the signs of it never happening.

This is truly fascinating.

No. 418819

Yup and already had "a few intense arguments" too apparently. pmsl

Even more so that this was the exact same thing that happened with CJ. She rushed out and got his name tattooed on her wrist and he kept saying he had done the same but couldn't show her yet then it (obviously) came out that he hadn't done it at all. She never learns.

No. 418845

Continued from >>418787 although mostly paraphrasing the highlights because I can't be arsed to edit the rest of the transcript.

Throughout the video Raven's control of Josh is evident; she frequently prompts him and guides his answers.

3:13 Next question, will you be getting lots of tattoos now?

Yes. In my previous relationship it wasn't as easy to get the tattoos I wanted…not that I didn't have permission…but…

R: You didn't have permission…[snicker]

He goes on to say that "she wouldn't like it if he got certain tattoos" but that if he has the money he should be able to get what he wants. He then describes all of his tattoos. Raven prompts him to describe his next tattoo which will be of her name as previously described.

5:43 Why do you seem to get so possessive when randoms comment on Raven's pics? It's just online, no offense.

J: There is offense. They know she's in a relationship, it's obvious, and they just disrespect her.

They go on to discuss the exchange they had on her personal FB page which was screencapped here. Raven titters and bats her lashes at Josh as he whiteknights her.

6:58 Can you explain what the video involving Claudia was about and did you really know she was filming?

J: Okay I knew this was coming. I actually told Raven beforehand to record me because I did not want her to think I said something else off camera.

He explains that having Raven record his conversations with Claudia was "common sense" to prove that he wasn't lying to Raven.

At 7:41 Raven interjects, "So explain why I…why you had to call her for people who don't know." She sounds as if she was about to say, "Explain why I made you call her" but caught herself.

He presents the backstory of the "ugh" video which was screencapped here: that Claudia had commented on Raven's videos that he had cheated on her. He says that they had not been together for seven or eight months and that Claudia's chat with "Logan" proved that she was wrong because she told "Logan" the truth. He says that "she added Logan's old profile thinking it was him."

11:04 What specifically first attracted you to Raven?

11:13 What do you think of Logan?

Logan's a great guy and I do respect him. Marriages don't always work out and he has no hard feeling towards me as far as I know. I know he never hit her and stuff like that.

12:20 What is the first place you want to take her in your town?

Nowhere in my town where my town … there is a nice Italian restaurant I would love to take her to, that's no problem, have a nice dinner and go home and do it.

12:56 Do you have a favorite tattoo of Ravens?

He names her Baphomet and nun tattoos. She comments, "Aside from the Josh one of course," and he quickly apologises for not saying that first and says "that goes without saying that's my absolute favorite." She replies, "I knew you were thinking that."

13:04 How do you handle all the comments Raven gets, good and bad?

I think I handle it pretty well. I get possessive because I have the right to be possessive.

He goes on to talk about whiteknighting her when people cross the line and are disrespectful. He says comments saying that she is beautiful and flattering to him because he has the girl everyone wants.

15:10 What do you think of Dorian and have you met?

Raven smugly interjects, "This is going to be good."

He actually added me on Facebook and he hasn't talked to me since. I've sent him two messages, he hasn't responded. I wish he would.

He says that he thinks Dorian is spoiled and that "he doesn't care about the woman who I know has been there for him his entire life." Josh understands that "he is young and wants to live his life" but that he should try to handle things better for Raven's sake.

No. 418849

>He says that he thinks Dorian is spoiled and that "he doesn't care about the woman who I know has been there for him his entire life."

Oh dear, poor couchboy doesn't have a clue. Is he aware she said she wished she had him aborted, frequently calls him an asshole, blamed him for a miscarriage and belittles his relationship?

No. 418858


Couchboy have his momma name on his neck.
He blames Dorian for not caring about Raven "the woman who has been there for him his entire life".

He is so not kicking his mom off the house for Raven.
This is gonna be glorious.

No. 418861

I was thinking the same thing when I saw that he has that tattoo.

Videos about his mom are gonna be glorious :D
And since Josh claims he's not a pussy like Logan, he probably won't let Raven shit talk mommy dearest. Mmmm the milk.

No. 418881

So, it appears that Josh wanted to come here "on dem hate sitez", but Raven told him NOT TO.

So, Ray Ray, what are you afraid couchboy is gonna discover?

Wasn't he your white knight?

No. 418883

has anyone sent him a link to this this thread?i would do it if i had a fake account on fb

No. 418884

File: 1501792176962.png (Spoiler Image,522.18 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170804-082602.png)

Raven Bradley…. She aint even divorced yet or in the same country as couch boy. Stupid bitch

No. 418885

I thought Josh has already visited us, around the time we had the couple of lengthy whiteknight posts by one of Raven's "friends" a couple threads back

No. 418887

At the end of that last vid, they discuss that he had not come her, 'in respect' for her, and she does not want him to.
She slips a lot of info that we talk about, so she is clearly here all the time.
She says that she knows 'his brother' googled her, and 'found us', and 'found that we were talking about their mother'.
And suddenly, she says she 'does not care if he lives with his mother'.
This just gets better guys. I swear.

No. 418891

>you don't lie to your followers or your fans and i respect that

>flashback to raven faking her own suicide kek

No. 418899

>they got me mad, they got me really mad, angry and pissed off. I was typing paragraphs to them. They don't faze me.
>mad, angry and pissed off
>they don't faze me

Oh no, it's retarded.

>I mean every relationship is rocky especially starting off

Couchboy must be a bullfighter, what with all the red flags he's throwing up.

>were getting all that [fighting] out of the way before she gets here

TIL fights are a finite resource.

I'm flabbergasted by how ridiculously stupid Couchboy is.

>there is a nice Italian restaurant I would love to take her to

Spoiler - It's Olive Garden

No. 418926

What is her connection to Wiesbaden? Did I miss something?

No. 418927


She was born there.

No. 418933


From what I recall her mom was a asian (thai?) prostitute, who married a german and moved to germany.
Her father dumped her mother for another thai prostitute, and her mom went to the states with little diana, where se married her stepfather.

No. 418941

Couchboy >What is the first place you want to take her in your town?

Couchboy >there is a nice Italian restaurant I would love to take her to, that's no problem, have a nice dinner and >>go home and do it.

Intelligent, elegant, sensitive [when?] and fucking 17yrs old mentally/emotionally. This is gonna end sooooo well for ravey….
Saged for overall cringe factor 10

No. 418952

The thing I find really interesting is she always talks about how she's a prude and doesn't want sex and doesn't even like talking about it. I wonder how she feels about Couchboy openly talking about it.

No. 418953


In one of their private videos he told her that sex is good but sex isn't everything, that he isn't a sex crazed maniac but he will want his fair share with her.

No. 418955

I can see the future milk when they split up now. "He turned me into some kind of sex slave"

No. 418957

Not disputing your memory but it's more likely that her father was in the US Army considering the huge military base nearby.
Her father was as German as she is sane.

No. 418963

File: 1501809501423.gif (944.79 KB, 500x533, giphy.gif)


MY SIDES. NO RAVEN. Relationships that are rocky during the so-called "honeymoon" phase are shit relationships that should have never been relationships in the first place. The fucking backpedalling!

>>I love you with a love that is more than love

>>well, every relationship is shitty in the beginning

This is the beginning of the end anons.

No. 418965

The best part is you know she has to realize it by now. Like with everything else though, she'll commit to her fuckup and deny just to prove the haterz wrong. The major difference here though is that she's forcing a relationship with someone who can't/won't be manipulated into supporting her while she sits on her lying ass. (Can't because he's not a child, won't because couchboy doesn't even work to support himself.) This time she can't drag it out for years. A few months, max.

No. 418966

I wish a rich anon would donate the ticket bux just so Raven flies over there immediately. I have a feeling thw longer she stays in NZ, the worse their relationship is gonna become and all the glorious creamy milk will go sour. Any anons wanna crowdfund this shit? lol

No. 418968


samefag but that's why she marries them anon. she traps them in marriage and by getting their names tattooed on her so they feel a sense of emotional debt long enough for her to take it to the next level. she's insecure as shit, toxic, selfish and dependent on anyone who's vulnerable enough to support her financially and emotionally. sad.

No. 418969

I really want Josh to come on here and answer some questions…

And have you ever thought the reason your " haters " stay anonymous is because Raven openly obsesses over and stalks anyone who disagrees with her…. cough Emily boo

Have you ever stopped to question why so many people hate her ? I'll tell you it's definitely not jealously as she's hideous, her makeup actually gives me anxiety, She's selfish, Rude, Racist ( And as a man who dated a woman of colour you should've put her ignorant ass in place when she called your ex fiancee the N word, totally unnaceptable regardless ex or not ) She's a compulsive liar, She sponges off the government, People don't just hate people for no reason, Everything that's said about her on this site and others are not only backed up by countless receipts and her foul actions.

No. 418971

Yeah, like when he said in the Q&A "oh, you (Raven) never went on a website and shittalked other people"
That's fucking Raven Sparks, she fucking hates on EVERYBODY. She built her original youtube "fame" on being a hateful slut and shittalking everybody since myspace days, even her son!
Raven, you can delete everything. We will always remember.

No. 418976

The Farmers Remember Raven !

No. 418987

You know what is the worst part. I really do not want to start alogging Raven BUT
It is coming.
She is gonna get there, things are not gonna be the wonderland she is thinking it will be.
His mom and his brother are living there, they are not going away, couchboy is not gonna work, he won't provide for them, he will be a sex maniac fetishist, she will get tired of him, she will get crazy fat all over again, he is gonna cheat on her, she is gonna get suicidal, she will start acting slut for pitypoints, he will beat the shit out of her for being a whore.
I don't see any good coming from this. But she is just so blind, I can't even…

No. 418989

at least they'll have matching tattoos to remember it all by.

No. 418993


Of course the Dead Bride pic features.

Did she change her name on one of her many existing accounts (likely Marshall-Sparks) or did she create a new one?

When I wrote the intro to this thread I thought that I had ferreted out all of her online profiles; no, I have uncovered several more since. Finding them all is like playing whack-a-mole.

No. 418994

I'm surprised that FB didn't ask her for documentation to change her name. They have been increasingly pesky about placing accounts on hold for name verification with name changes in addition to their anonymous reporting system for violations of their name policy or for having duplicate personal accounts.


No. 419001

Josh is no novice at rushing into a relationship. In one of the private videos Raven asks him what his previous fastest relationship was. He says his ex-wife to whom he proposed after 3 or 4 months.

No. 419017

File: 1501828142845.png (383.96 KB, 800x565, Screenshot_2017-08-03-23-26-25…)

Continued from >>418845. Thankfully this portion of the transcript needed very little editing.

16:40 Do I have a message for the haters?

Yeah, fuck you haters! There are plenty of haters out there, but they are light work someone like me. I have no problem stepping in and being like, fuck you, go fuck yourself blah blah blah. I mean nobody knows what's going on except me and Raven. Those are two people who truly know what's going on. We don't…I know…I've seen you don't lie to your fans, you don't lie to your followers.

They spend the next minute or so giggling over an inside joke of his most embarrassing moment they have shared.

18:34 Have you ever been married and are you excited for the wedding?

I've been married once. It was a great marriage. We were both doing military, we were both in the Army, and we went our separate ways, we weren't pulled apart, we drifted apart. She wanted to stay in and go off, I didn't want to, I wanted to come back home with my experience and get a good job and make something more of myself. The Army's not for everybody, apparently it is for her. And uh, I'm extremely excited for the wedding, I'm very excited, I'm ecstatic actually. We're going to come, we're going to elope, get hitched, but we're going to plan this out and we're going to have a great wedding. It'll be a themed wedding most likely. It'll definitely be black and blue like I said previously. I'm super excited.

19:28 Have you met or do you know about her other ex Ryan and what do you think of him?

I've never met him. I don't want to message him because of the situation. I'm not sure of the situation. I don't want to make things difficult for Raven. I think he's definitely unique. I'm not sure how to say this actually, and I've actually talked to you about this before.

R: Everybody thinks he and I are and have been fucking this whole time.

J: It's not just how you feel about him, and you could be lying to me, but you're not. I've seen how he makes it out to be in front of me, and that has got me thinking, and she knows, I mean that's just common sense, that's gonna make you think that. He makes it out to be that they're together … I know it's nothing like that at all. He's unique. I know they're not fucking or anything like that. I know how she feels about him.

20:46 What do you think about all the hate Raven gets? In your own words please explain.

The hate she gets is unnecessary. I mean, she has tattoos, she has piercings, yeah she's had a rough life, she she wears certain clothes, she does a hair a certain way. That's no reason to hate on somebody.

R: I'm old.

J: You're not old. They make you think you're old. There have been…I can't believe I'm saying this, I don't know if you know this, but there's been people giving her shit about losing babies. That's just…how evil can you be? That's about as hard as they can hit you, right? I'd say that'll about do it. They can say anything about me, I don't care. I'm a big boy, I can speak for myself … I'll explain this more actually. She doesn't deserve it. It's unwarranted, it's unnecessary and childish. It's just amazing how people can be so cruel, especially for things they can't help. What the fuck is that? It just blows my mind every time we bring it up or it's brought up, it always just blows my mind how people can be that hateful and that evil, not even spiteful because I doubt that you made a site or a post about people. You don't know these people are. They wouldn't dare share their [unintelligible], they would catch so much shit from the people they fucking hate with. I mean, it's so stupid. Me or her, especially her, she can just make a fucking anonymous profile and go along with them, they would never know. It just blows my mind, they would have no idea. I could if I wanted to, but I'm not even going on the sites.

R: Good.

J: I wanted to at first, but she would prefer me not to do it.

R: I prefer nobody go on there that knows me.

J: Out of respect because I know what those hate sites can do. I've seen them in the past before I knew who she was. This is not the first time I've heard of them, but this is the first time I've heard of that one, those two. But out of respect for her I have not went on it not one time.

R: It's bullshit cause I'm pretty sure your brother went on there when he googled me, but I'm pretty sure I heard him say that they were talking about your mom as well. Like they brought your mom into it. Like what the fuck?

J: Yeah, and I tell you what, they would never say that to your face, to my face, or my mama's face, or my brother's face, my sister's face, my daddy's face, my aunt's face, anybody's face. They're…we call them keyboard warriors.

R: It's just bullshit that, just because you're not a victim, they've decided to attack you not knowing anything about you to where they've gotten screenshots of your fucking house, and they looked up the owner of the house to prove that you don't own a house, that you rent, like…what?

J: Yeah, about that, that's childish and that's just them reaching, reaching, and they'll never…that's something they'll never grab. I just don't understand.

R: Even if you lived with your mom I wouldn't give a shit. That doesn't change who you are as a person if you lived with your…

J: And she told me that and, I mean, and if I was I would definitely change that, but I…I'm not even worried about that. That's stupid. I have before. A lot of people have before when they had no choice. But I don't now, and I don't plan on ever again, but…um…next question.

Do you prefer Raven with short or long hair?

They spend the remaining minute of the video gushing about each other's hair.

R: I got lucky as fuck when it turned out you had long hair, like daaaymn, jackpot!

No. 419018

>came back to make something of himself
that's been going well

>will elope

>somehow will also have a big cermeony

No. 419020

>Even if you lived with your mom I wouldn't give a shit
Raven, you're such a liar. You know this pisses you off. You can't have control of everything if his mom is in his picture. Honestly, you'll probably be jealous of his mom.

No. 419029

>J: And she told me that and, I mean, and if I was I would definitely change that, but I…I'm not even worried about that. That's stupid. I have before. A lot of people have before when they had no choice. But I don't now, and I don't plan on ever again, but…um…next question.

He never gives a clear answer. "Um, I dont know, um, UM UM, I dont now… UM BUT YEAH um um" lmao yeah Raven he is SOO intelligent, really.
Also, he's clearly lying. Maybe his mom doesn't LIVE there, but she is probably there like 24/7. And I bet mommy dearest won't stop coming just because a woman her age moved in. Oh she's gonna be on your ass Raven. To check up on you and see if you're treating his son good! Can't wait <3

No. 419038

I noticed that too. That makes it seem like he really is living with his mom AND his brother. Hilarious.
If it wasn't true, I'd expect just a laugh and a "no" or a joke about it, not this elaborate thing about how it totally wouldn't matter to true lurve if he did and how if he was he "would be" working to change that. What an idiot.

Also his twitchiness was really obvious in this one. Not sure if it's just me thinking it looks worse, but he is fidgeting constantly. never sitting still for a second. So weird, I wonder what's up with him.

No. 419040

>Like they brought your mom into it. Like what the fuck?

Yes, we are the ones who recorded ourselves asking couchboy if he lives with his mom and uploaded it to YouTube. So someone did more research on her new "husband" than her lazy ass ever could be bothered.
His answer has to make her sweat, at least slightly. But no! This time it really is love, us haters will just have to deal with her finding someone while we masturbate in our moms basement. You know, like Josh currently is.

No. 419042

fucking kek that Josh thinks we hate Raven because of her style of dress/tattoos/hair colors? hilarious.

there is no one who hated Raven for those things - sure, she looks god awful, but that's not why anyone doesn't like her. same as any other cow, the hideous appearance is only a bonus.

No. 419043

yeah no, we hate her because she's a dog shit person, not because of how she looks

No. 419044

She's in denial and has no self awareness yet again. We could care less about her looks, I mean look at the other cows who get shit on here some of them are actually very attractive but they're just awful, awful people. I find it odd that she wants Josh to defend her but doesn't want him seeing this site? How else will he defend her honour pmsl. She's terrified he will uncover the truth about her and what a disgusting, useless human being and mother she is

No. 419045

yep, it is so clear she doesn't want him to come to "hate sites" because she knows the damning evidence of what type of person she really is.
she frames it as though she doesn't care about the hate and wants to ignore it, but it's obvious he has no idea what he is getting into (saying that she doesnt go on hate sites and write about people, saying she's always been there for Dorian, etc.) and she doesn't want him to find out.
hopefully he comes here/to KF soon.

they also don't seem as besotted with each other in the Q&A videos. like there are times when Raven seems irritated with him, which is interesting. could be she's already only in this to prove the haters wrong, just like she did with Logan. i hope so, because what better gift could she give us than to make her own life miserable because she doesn't want us to be right? thanks Raven.

No. 419056

>Couchboy ad verbatim about "hate" sites "they would never know. It just blows my mind, they would have no idea. I could if I wanted to, but I'm not even going on the sites.
Didn't he say in part 1 of the "much requested" q&a that he's written "numerous" paragraphs defending Raving Madshall Spanx/Whatever?? Which is it Wash?

No. 419060

Maybe Raven will get lucky and finally connect with an in-law. Maybe they will ride their scooters down the highway to Walmart together!

My guess is that if she gets there and things really are as we say they will be, she will use it all against him as an excuse to jump to the next available dick willing to pay for her, and he will do everything she said not to do in order to get back at her.

I can't wait for him to get mad, come here, and make us all ice cream with the milk he discovers.

No. 419063

when he was in the military, did he go somewhere like Afghanistan or anything? if he actually experienced military action he may have something physical/neurological. IF.

No. 419071

File: 1501861459815.png (15.63 KB, 583x529, 1498031725934.png)

No. 419073

So he went as part of a madatory deployment peacekeeping force? Wasn't the formal withdrawal of UN forces around 2007/8?
Saged for being ravenesque about actual history.

No. 419075

Kek at the 2017 no life events to show.
Are you sure YOUR Love is a Love that is more than Love Joshyboy? Ravey will feel so speshul.

No. 419076

File: 1501864146567.jpg (31.06 KB, 234x214, IMG_0142.JPG)

>ride their scooters down the highway to Walmart together

anon LOL

No. 419095

There's no way she's not fucking her NZ ex atm. Is she staying with him too? They're fucking, regardless. Raven needs some cock to pass the time and she's a cheater so it's second nature to her. The ex seems shitty, too. No decent person would hang out with their ex with the current husband clearly being uncomfortable with that. They deserve each other.

No. 419104

I know, right? I'm surprised Joshy boy is ok with her NZ ex when he snaps back at any guy who posts pervy comments on her pics. Does her ex husband still do this and if so why hasn't Josh said anything to him?

No. 419118


from >>419017

19:28 Have you met or do you know about her other ex Ryan and what do you think of him?

I've never met him. I don't want to message him because of the situation. I'm not sure of the situation. I don't want to make things difficult for Raven. I think he's definitely unique. I'm not sure how to say this actually, and I've actually talked to you about this before.

R: Everybody thinks he and I are and have been fucking this whole time.

J: It's not just how you feel about him, and you could be lying to me, but you're not. I've seen how he makes it out to be in front of me, and that has got me thinking, and she knows, I mean that's just common sense, that's gonna make you think that. He makes it out to be that they're together … I know it's nothing like that at all. He's unique. I know they're not fucking or anything like that. I know how she feels about him.

so basically, he knows, he's really not cool with it, but he doesn't feel like he can say anything much about it or Coach Raven will be mad at him for going off script.

No. 419137

is that motherfucking Kooter?

No. 419143

The one and only!

No. 419173

File: 1501893026807.png (163.1 KB, 800x720, Screenshot_2017-08-04-17-26-17…)

No. 419177

The way she talks about that is so fucked up. She's like "lol yeah this one time I did actually say that, but I made excuses for myself so it's fine whatever"

I also love how the commenter was saying that the "haters" here don't do our research or understand, and yet Raven admitted that what we said is exactly what happened.

No. 419181


No. 419204

okay so it's ""possible"" he has some issue from that.

No. 419205

File: 1501900854236.png (791.83 KB, 750x1334, IMG_4318.PNG)

Josh looks like every 30+ year old waster I've ever known. For sure he is on something.

Short of your kid turning out as a serial killer or Onision or something, actually saying out loud to everyone else that you wish you had aborted him is beyond the range of "things good people say when they're angry". It also displays an amazing lack of responsibility for how your own child turns out.

Some people agonise if a divorce is going to screw their kids up; Raven moves her neglected child to the other side of the world for yet another marriage, then ends up marrying one of his school chums, and doesn't understand why he isn't a totally well-adjusted member of society or devoted son.

No. 419207

>they hate on me for terrible things I admit doing

No. 419209

Speaking out of anger in the moment, like in an argument or conversation is one thing. But she said it in a vlog and uploaded it, there's a huge difference.

No. 419214

absolutely different things. and she also continues to semi-defend it every time it's brought up. oh, he is selfish and doesn't care about his family/mother, she was angry, etc. as if that makes it anything short of disgusting and unacceptable.

she says she's sick of apologizing, but it seems like she gets sick of it before she's ever apologized. and when she does, her apologies are always "sorry, but you deserved it because of x/y/x".

No. 419228

Oh, absolutely. Just looking at his teeth you can tell there's been drug use. They're super spaced out and a really dull color like the enamel has been worn away from smoking something. Probably either meth or crack.

No. 419236


Where did you get your degree in dentistry? Smoking meth or crack does not cause teeth to be widely spaced or cause enamel to be worn away.

No. 419245

Anon, dental erosion is a symptom of meth mouth. Wikipedia says "A change in shape of the teeth is also a sign of dental erosion. Teeth will begin to appear with a broad rounded concavity, and the gaps between teeth will become larger." Also have you never seen the effects on teeth of smoking drugs in person or something? I thought this was common sense but it may just be more common here since I live in the south.

No. 419258

File: 1501921188393.png (1.81 MB, 1334x750, IMG_4319.PNG)

Haven't you watched Breaking Bad? lol

No. 419262


she manages to blame the whole thing on Dorian … this bitch never ceases to amaze me.
"yeah I said something horribly scarring to my son, but it was his fault for turning out exactly like me"

No. 419263

Yup, and she seems to think apologizing makes it ok. You can't say something so disgusting and hurtful and then think saying sorry takes it back Ray Ray

No. 419265

you know she's never properly apologized for anything in her life either. she is incapable of taking blame or responsibility, so her apologies will always just be her making excuses and guilt-tripping the person she was awful to. that's just how she is - people like her can't make apologies.

No. 419269


I absolutely agree.
She only throws the words "sorry" and "apologize" around sometimes because she knows thats what people expect her to do, not because she truly means it.
But thats not really surprising since we are talking about Raven here lol

No. 419270

File: 1501929995836.jpg (Spoiler Image,103.75 KB, 657x586, Screenshot_20170805-223937.jpg)

Completely off topic here but I was reading through all the old threads and I found this photo. When I first looked at it I thought someome had badly photoshopped a hairy mans chest into the photo kek anyone else?


No. 419271

raven the eternal victim. I tried to do the right thing but the haters keep hating, please pity me


I thought you were just joking, then I looked and fuck. hairy manboobs!

No. 419273

Holy fuck thanks for spoilering that nightmare

No. 419276

No. 419277

>so they know it's not me acting as Logan and that you've actually spoken to Logan (referring to Josh speaking to Logan on Skype)

Oh Raven, I love how you're admitting that you posed as Logan on his FB!

No. 419278

They say they've only had 3 big fights…… they've been together for a month that's night right guys! This is the happiest time in a relationship

No. 419280

How do you even find things to fight about so early on lmao

No. 419286


I am extracting and editing the subtitles now.

No. 419288


You are doing the lords work

No. 419307

10 bucks it was some stupid shit Raven started over him having an ex wife. I can see the mere fact of him having a normal, productive wife - a soldier, even - getting under her skin. She's completely irrational as far as other women are concerned.

No. 419309


If you can change one thing about Raven what would it be and why?

J: Her self-esteem.

R: Well damn, that was a quick answer. You didn't even think about that one.

J: Nope. It's so mind-blowing to me…it blows my mind on so many levels that people she doesn't even know can make her feel so bad about herself. She's a beautiful person inside and out. I just wish you would realize that. I don't care what people think about me, as you know I don't give a shit, I never have. I used to when I was younger, I'm a guy, and I understand that girls especially do care what people think about them more, you know what I'm saying, that's just common knowledge. That's the one thing I would change about her. I wouldn't change anything else about her. Self-esteem. But I'm working on that, I work with it on a daily basis. I mean, I'm getting to her a little bit, but it's taking a while, and I understand. I'm not mad, I understand, trust me I understand.

1:37 Okay, next question. What do you think about Logan? Do you think Raven cheated on him to get with you?

Like I've said three times, two or three times, he's a great guy, he respects me as far as I know. I do respect him. I respect him more for actually talking to me through all this. It's excellent. That blew my mind, but he's a good guy.

R: Oh, and it's been specified that it's not been on Facebook, it's actually been video and speaking so they know it's not me acting as Logan, you've actually spoken to Logan.

J: Yeah, this is me, that's her. I have my own Facebook accounts. I talk to Logan, I've seen him on video. I've talked to him live on video.

R: you've never spoken to him on Facebook, you've only spoken to him live.

J: I actually, I actually fucked up. I tried to message him a few days ago when the whole Marmalade thing happened, and I was…I was messaging the wrong profile, but just passing it along. But…uh…yeah, I don't think…I know she didn't cheat on him to get to me. That makes no sense, that doesn't even make any sense. I know their relationship took a turn for the worse, if you don't mind me saying that.

R: Our…mine and his?

J: Yes. Not ours. Of course she did not…I do not think Raven cheated on him. I know she didn't. That's that.

3:05 Who did I vote for?

I didn't vote. Wow, I did not expect that question. Like presidential-wise, right? That was like a…that was a funny question, out of all this before. I didn't vote 'cause I used…I was in the military, and I know votes don't even matter. Votes really don't matter. Whoever they want to…I will tell you this, a lot of people probably don't know this, but a lot of people do, when George Bush Jr was…um…when he won, won, him and his wife were doing the celebratory dance seven hours in advance before they even knew the results, so…

3:50 How did you feel the first time you saw Raven?

J: I was, I was, I was hooked the first time I saw…

R: Like on video?

J: Yes, I was hooked. Well, well, on Pinterest I was, I was shocked that someone…makeup or not, I knew the makeup…I scrolled through…there are a few pictures I thought, without makeup…standing in front of the camera, doing little poses…on video, that blew my mind. Blew my mind.

R: Wasn't one of the first times you saw me when I didn't have makeup on, it was the middle of the night, and I just put the camera on quickly because you were bugging and bugging, and you were, like, you're so beauti…and I was like, oh my god, are you fucking crazy?

J: Crazy about you…

R: Awww…

J: And I have been since. Yeah, I still remember, I still remember 'cause I had to go to work, and I had to be up for work in about six, six and a half hours, and I couldn't sleep. About an hour or two later I woke up. I couldn't sleep. I was thinking about Raven, and I played Magic through a quest round. I was like, man, I've gotta talk to her. The reason I woke up wasn't for my fucking game, it was 'cause of her. We talked for another two hours or so, and I had to be up for work in like…well, I got like two or three hours of sleep, but I was fine. I woke up and we've been talking ever since.

R: We were doing the whole, getting two or three hours of sleep every single day for like a week, and then we just colla…we just couldn't do it anymore. Damn it, we have to get five hours of sleep today instead of three! Fuck sleep, man!

J: Yeah, fuck sleep.

Cats or dogs?

I only say dogs because…I've had cats, but that was when I was younger. I grew up as more of a dog person, but whatever we decide to do…I do have a dog, I have a few. Some of them aren't mine. I do have a dog, he is going with me wherever I go, and um…this whole thing with Marmalade, that really got to Raven, I'm not even sure she'd want to do another cat, at least for a while. I do you know you want to get a ferret? That's gonna be nice. Me, myself, I'm more of a dog person only because I've been around dogs most of my life.

[to be continued]

No. 419310

File: 1501955829599.png (390 KB, 800x577, Screenshot_2017-08-05-10-54-10…)


No. 419312

Uh god, thank you anon! I can't imagine having to listen to his drivel, interpret them and subtitle them for us when even READING his responses feels like my brain cells are dying. I know this is Raven we're talking about but HOW can she say he talks intelligently? Sounds like a complete fucking retard. Match made in heaven I suppose.

Junkie arm???

No. 419316


I'm not transcribing them myself. I download the subtitles as an srt file, convert it to txt, strip the html and time stamps, and manually edit from there for punctuation and to verify the words since these subtitles are auto-generated (they are surprisingly accurate considering his mumble mouth).


No. 419320

Looks like he's been skin picking or something so maybe the crack meth anons are onto something

Not really a clear picture but they don't look/aren't in ideal areas for track marks

Maybe he just has scabies lmao

Can you imagine raven going psycho well also fueled by stims? I welcome the hilarity with fear

No. 419325

Absolute classic case of meth skin (from picking). Unmistakable. Boy is this shit-hippo in for a wild ride.

No. 419333

Raven's thinking: this guy is so dumb, wow. It'll be so easy to control him, just what I want in a guy!
Josh's thinking: all I gotta do mumble get her out here in Bumfuck, Nowhere mumble she won't be able to get away. mumble mumble blew my mind.

if someone else other than goff grifter was running the fundraiser for Raven's ticket, I'd donate in a fucking heartbeat.

No. 419336

Diana on meth in shithole South Carolina…
I want to see this.

No. 419354

Sounds like a horrible spin off of the movie Zombieland. Except with Raven cracked out and Josh mumbling with his man child hands motioning everywhere.

No. 419366


6:10 Next question. Do you have one special memory that you'll always remember about her or is it too soon?

If we would have done this two or three days ago I wouldn't have been able to tell you, but it was one of the most embarrassing moments in my life, and it happened with Raven…that it could happen with her, and I could not believe it. Actually, two special memories. What's so special about this is, she didn't…it was embarrassing, holy shit it was embarrassing, but she didn't make me embarrassed but she was so cool about it. We laughed, we laughed a lot, a whole lot. She didn't give a shit about it. She…uh…she was, she was really, really cool about it…

R: It had nothing to do with with sex or boogers or farting or anything like that, nothing that normal people would have happen to them that would be normally embarrassing.

J: Yeah, this is not…I'm sure that…

R: This is very abnormal.

J: This particular situation that happened was just…yeah, it's probably the first time in ten years its happened to anybody…maybe, maybe not though. But holy shit, it's first time for me. It's the most embarrassing thing in my life. Out of 31 years…but she was so cool about it. I was embarrassed for two or three minutes, tops, and then we were still talking six hours later when it was brought up and we laughed so long, oh my fucking god, wow.

One special memory I do have, one special memory besides. We argued one time. I got a little full of myself, and I wasn't saying I was a complete dick to her, but I was I was being dickish big time. You know what I'm talking about, right? It was…uh…the one before the most recent one. Yeah even though she…

R: We've only had three great big fights

J: In a weird way she should have left me but she didn't. Right after that she told me how much she loved me. She understood where I was coming from. I'll always remember that…and the most special memory was her tattoo of me, my name visible, in your face visible, that's amazing.

9:03 Favorite thing I do in my spare time?

I play video games and talk to Raven. I talk to Raven more because all these games I used to play I don't really play anymore. I mean, I can, I can tell her that I want to go play a video game, but I don't even do that. Yeah, I play video games, I've played video games most of my life, and I've had all the systems, almost all the systems that have come out…and I still do, for the most part. So video games and talk to…uh…sweet Raven.

Yes, I do definitely want to thank everybody watching this for the birthday video. That was amazing. That actually brought a tear to my eye. That's the best gift I have ever gotten in my 31 years. I'd been deployed to Iraq and I got to come home, and that was way better than that, it really was, and the song that played, my brother even kind of…I showed my brother. He even got a little emotional about it. He said, ooh, there's no way that anyone would ever do that for him. I did not expect that. It was all over the world kind of thing, I was like, wowww. It really blew my mind, it really did, and I want to thank everyone who did and everyone who wishes that they would have…

R: Yeah? 'cause I only give people like a week. I only just thought of it, like shit

J: Yeah, that's fine, yeah, that was that was the best gift that I've ever received besides the whole package I got, that was, that was pretty amazing. I wish…I kind of wish I was a YouTuber because I could've opened that present on my channel, but…but it's alright to say [unintelligible] She sent me a package, pretty much the same stuff for me, well, not the same stuff, but the same idea, and it was great. I opened it up on camera for her and all this, the same way she did for me. It was a really heartfelt moment. They both were.

R: Yeah, because that's where I got the ring and chain that came with the ring, and I don't ever take it off.

J: I've had that…I got that when I graduated from basic training in 2006, so I've had that for almost 12 years. I've only wore it like twice just to see if it still fit, and I wore right before I put it in there so the next thing that would touch it would be her finger [humorously the auto-generated subtitles said "penis"].

R: I  didn't expect that, I didn't expected that at all. It took so long to get here, 'cause you send this out when we went together, like, five days, judging by the date on that letter.

J: Yeah.

R: Five days, you were that sure it was on the sixteenth…

J: The sixteenth, but there was something going wrong with it that we actually had…I'm not sure if I should say this, but I had a bunch of problems with the internationals and a bunch of federal agents came. They had some kind of audit. They had to call…I had to go back up to the post office, and there were like 10 or 12 people up there with me pissed off, as pissed off as I am, and they had to go through us one by one, and I actually got…I was actually glad that happened…if that hadn't have happened, I would have sent it to the address, and it would have taken her so much longer to get it.

R: But I need to get a cozy, a ring thingie, because it's just too big. I'm always like this so that it doesn't fall off.

J: And I also want to thank everybody who asked all the questions, that was nice. I was actually really nervous about this, but it wasn't so bad actually, it wasn't as bad as I thought. I enjoyed doing it.

R: He loved it!

J: I loved it, and I'd love to do more, I'd love to do more. I still kind of [unintelligible] who did you vote for, that was hilarious who did you vote for. But that's actually good that was included. That's, like, a general question [unintelligible]. I didn't vote. There's no reason to vote. Everybody else, there's no…don't waste your time.

R: Well, when we're together we'll do lots of videos together and pictures together because you are not scared of the camera which is…

J: I'm not. I did want to thank everyone for the support, even the haters, thank you because…uh…thank you very much. It lets her see that I'm not afraid to speak my mind. I speak my mind to her anyways, even though it's bad for me sometimes I still speak my mind. I don't keep anything from her. I've told you stuff that I shouldn't have told you, you know, about like this, stuff like this, like what it really means. You know I had no reason, but I don't want to lie to anyone.

Once again I do want to thank everyone for the support, even the haters, the haters, I don't want to say especially, it's just giving them more, more statements I guess, but almost just as much because that actually brings us closer. There was an incident, this one we were just talking about on one question. I had just lain down to sleep for about 30 minutes, but I didn't want to miss what she was saying, so I had my phone right next to my head. I got the message, and it vibrated my entire head. I woke up. I cannot believe what I saw.

R: I said, Are you here? I really need you right now. I wish that you were online. Something happened. I'm really pissed off.


J: Well, there were few typos 'cause I just woke up, but I was like, I'm here [unintelligible]. Yeah, that was taken care of. It's stuff like that. Anybody out there in the same position we are, like, people hating on, just don't let that get to you. Please, it's not worth it. They're just words. Unless they can physically come to your house and harass you, you know, I guess spray your house or break your windows. There's no reason to get upset about it.

R: And it let me feel protected and looked after which is what I've been wanting for so long, just someone who will be on my social media front with me.

J: I have no problem, as long as it takes, 'cause you know they take sides. I remember specifically thing they said, things like, I cannot wait til they fail and stuff like that, yeah, well, you're gonna be waiting a long time.

R: That's why you said, oh I'm gonna post an update once every ten years…

J: Nah, once a month for ten years at least…I said six at first because you're…six years now…it'll be more than that. It's just people, people aren't happy, and they want to see others fail, that's all it is. There's something not right that they're not happy with and put other people down, and with us it's not going to work. It was affecting her. I could tell from some of her videos. They would be the center of her videos. She would always say that she…tell me that she…even if she had a little bit. She didn't have the support I am giving her, I'm glad I can give it. I'm not afraid to say what's on my mind when I think about any given thing, she knows that. That has gotten me into trouble a few times, but [trails off]…

We will be together forever. It's maybe too much information…well, you can cut this if you want…the dual cemetery plot…

R: That's not too much information.

J: Yeah, I can only imagine what the people…Oh man, then we should kill them both so they can…

R: They can try.

J: But that's not going to work, and we already have, we have very almost, well, we have a lot of life left in us.

R: We haven't even talked about what were going to do for Christmas or anything, but we've talked about how we want to be buried when we die. [laughs]

J: That's true. We sure have.

If y'all want more videos we can definitely talk more about it. We'll talk more about Halloween. We have actually said a few things but nothing concrete. We don't actually have answers for y'all, but we will. I really enjoyed this, it's fun. I wasn't as nervous as I thought. I was still a little nervous throughout. I was kind of stammering a little bit and am getting I'm tired. But I was kind of nervous, but not really. I would be more nervous live. I guess I still wouldn't be that nervous.

R: You're tired. You got to sleep. It's, like, 9:00 in the morning, and I am so exhausted so I look like a zombie right now.

J: No you don't.

R: Yeah I do.

J: Yeah, this is fun, and I plan on doing it many more times.

R: So, we'll always collect questions so people can probably post questions on any of the videos or write me or facebook me and then when there's enough well do it again and if not then then the next thing with us together will probably be when I go there or a ticket, or when I go there. That'll be awesome.

J: But there will be a video of when we first meet of course. My brother said he would record us, anything that happened.

R: Well, not not anything…no just kidding! I'm going to cut it because we're going to be holding on to each other for a while so that might get kind of boring to watch. It's been, like, four fucking hours and they're still hugging?

J: Okay, that's gonna be a great day and y'all will be updated pretty regularly. After she gets here y'all will be updated pretty regularly, I'll make sure. Im sure she will, too. Or want to.

R: When we're not snuggling and watching movies and finally catching up on months of sleep. How long have we been together now? We haven't even been together two months yet.

J: It's been a little over a month and a half. It's been a month and two and a half weeks.

R: So fast. So fast and neither of us care. That's what matters.

J: That's what matters. There's nothing anybody can say to make me change my mind about us. It makes no sense. I'm not that weak. I'm not a weak willed person…She knows and I'm sure most of you know from previous interactions. But once again I want to thank you for all the support and love, and even thank you for the hate because that only proves how childish people can be, how it does not affect people like us. And thank you so much for the birthday wishes, that was amazing. That was amazing. I did not expect that.

R: It's 'cause you're amazing.

J: I try to be. I don't think I am, but you do and that's all that matters. See y'all next time.

R: Awww he said bye!

No. 419371

>I do have a dog, well I have a few dogs, some of them aren't mine…

Interesting. Brother's? Mom's? More random people who are living in his meth house? I think at this point we are more excited for Raven's move than she is. I can't wait for this shitshow.

No. 419383

> I had to be up for work in about six, six and a half hours, and I couldn't sleep

Yeah, meth'll do that to ya.

It's kind of sad that he says he was so touched by the birthday video, given that not too long before she was arranging the same gesture for Logan.

No. 419389

his "special memory" of them is that after a fight she said she loved him. month long relationship goals, ladies.

No. 419407

File: 1501974613732.jpg (33.5 KB, 805x231, celebrity fundraiser.JPG)

>just someone who will be on my social media front with me.

such goals.

speaking of, despite all her talk about all her hordes of followers and being a well-known figure, her e-begging didn't go very well. but it's OK, because Josh wants her to be there so very badly, so surely he can save the dollars she needs, right? and of course, she'll be contributing to the cost of her own ticket, right?

I don't know where they got this idea people want them to split up? everyone I've seen is cheering them on, either out of genuine support or because the trainwreck is going to be milky af.

No. 419416


He runs around the yard with a couple of them in one of the private videos. They appear to be black labrador types.

No. 419419

File: 1501975617379.png (403.85 KB, 714x1049, 1499659315851.png)


She says that she "had only just thought of it."

No. 419420


Not only the idea that we want them to split up, but that we would plot to kill them after they announced their plans for dual burial.

No. 419423

Why would we even do that. We are her only audience. There are probably more people watching Raven for the spectacle of a strange goff lady than actual fans. Why would we want her dead and for her not to get to the USA? More videos an schadenfreude for us that way.

No. 419428

God these two are grotesque. Logan was a boy when they got together and being with Raven clearly fucked him up but it's easy to see he was cute enough when she trapped him.

Josh, by way of comparison looks like an extra from the cast of Deliverance. His square teeth freak me out. He looks dumb, acts dumb, speaks in badly accented dumb, and I can tell from just looking at him that he has that chain smoking reek that can't be cleaned off ever. Fresh from the shower his skin will still smell of cigarettes under the soap. And now we see he has heavily scabbed arms - skin picking, scabies or meth, it is a mystery.

That he's broke and lives with his mama is just the icing on the cake. What is this dumb bitch thinking? Has she really burned through all the people willing to deal with her shit in New Zealand that this is the best she can do?

Christ, we need to get her out there. This love between a woman who looks like the lowest-charging hooker in Thailand and the South's answer to Ruprecht the Monkey boy has to happen face to face.

No. 419476


Jesus fucking shit! She is so fucking paranoid and controlling, she jumps down his throat even when his idiot redneck hick ass is attempting to say something positive about their relationship. Raven stfu and let your Cro-Magnon mutant speak for god's sake.

I love how underenthused she is about those dogs. Suck it up bitch, I hope they loathe you on sight.

No. 419478

File: 1501985782540.png (25.71 KB, 800x111, Screenshot_2017-08-05-19-13-38…)

Will the claws come out?

No. 419485


[ [ [ How to Create a Transcript ] ] ]

This is the procedure I performed on my Android tablet.

1 Download the subtitles

2 Change the file extension from srt to txt

3 Strip the html

4 Copy-paste into a new txt file

5 Manually remove the time markers and edit to insert grammar and line breaks. Verify the words by listening along. The subtitles on her videos are auto-generated but accurate within 90 to 95%.

Removing the time markers could be performed using a shell script, but I can has no computerz right now.

No. 419487

File: 1501987167701.png (49.76 KB, 800x506, Screenshot_2017-08-05-19-37-30…)

Every share can raise $37…but they haven't and they won't.

No. 419543

What kind of embarrassing thing is he talking about? I can't figure it out.

No. 419551

I'm pretty sure she will tell us. They are dying to tell us, this is the second vid they address the subject.

No. 419565

The questions were redundant and selected to give Josh maximum opportunity to prove his valor as a white knight and profess his attraction to her.

No. 419566

More reason to believe Raven wrote the majority of them

She says it's not about sex but I'm willing to bet he was masturbating on cam to her and lost his boner, or someone walked in on him lmao maybe his brother or mom. What the fuck else could it be really

No. 419570


Be said it was something that had never happened to him before.

No. 419572

Maybe the TOP SECRET MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT EVAAAAR is nothing, their sad way of trying to get us all speculating like she did before (which turned out to be a double bluff?)

No. 419574

I can't think what would be so embarrassing yet nothing to do with sex or poop, yet forgiven by Raven. Did he call her the wrong name? Did his mom call out from another room using a family nickname for him? Did he call her "mom"? Did his dentures fall out?


No. 419575

bet he was trying to masturbate to her but couldnt get it up lol

No. 419586

Yeh that's what she's into she said it in her porn video. Why then humiliate him and hint at it? She's disgusting

No. 419587

File: 1502013346645.png (654.58 KB, 1416x475, metheye.png)

He's a methhead. He's a textbook meth high in the video.
>constant facial tics, keeps on throwing his head around, swallowing a lot, jerky movements, exaggerated mannerisms
>dilated pupils
>rapid eye movement
>track marks
>talking constantly, repeating himself
>acts a bit nervous and anxious,

No. 419591


I still don't know how Raven can look at that and say in all sincerity how amazingly beautiful and gorgeous he is. At least with Logan you could see the attraction, however skeevy it was.

Also, I am legit concerned for her getting involved with this guy as I agree he's probably some sort of addict, and the best case scenario here has him literally living in his mom's basement. But I guess nothing is going to put the brakes on this train-crash rush to self-destruction.

Ffs, Raven, stop thinking with your spite and start thinking with your head.

No. 419592

File: 1502014617752.png (1.4 MB, 1416x987, methboi.png)

Made a compilation of his pupils. There's no way he's not an addict. Like, the super small pupil death stare alone is a give away.
Too bad his camera is shit so getting a proper shot is impossible.

No. 419593

It's ok, I highly doubt she'll leave NZ anyway, or that couchboy will eventually do something to give us CJ type rants.

No. 419596

File: 1502015837926.png (1.37 MB, 1149x903, thetruthisoutthere.png)

His facebook page is full of this type of shit.
Smh indeed.

No. 419603

Ah fuck, he's a troofer… On the upside since the earth is flat and new zealand has moved raven can just swim back to the US…

No. 419606

He clearly is since he didnt vote for some stupid reason.That was also the question he seemed most surprised about, he had a woah thats random attitude about it.

No. 419608

Does she purposely go for retards to make herself appear smarter? Not working Ray Ray you're both thick as shit

No. 419615


>Raven it's kinda awesome that you and every 13 year old going through their emo phase do your makeup the same way.

Nitpick but I sincerely think Raven is the only grown woman I've seen that still does the panda eye makeup. I wonder if her genuine fans are all grown mallgoths too.

No. 419619

Why can't couchboy buy her a ticket again?

No. 419627

Because Ray Ray doesn't want to "bring money into the relationship" whatever that fucking means. She knows Couchboy can't afford it lmao

No. 419629


that's the fucking stupidest thing. this is going to end horribly. HORRIBLY.

No. 419635

Retards are the only ones dumb enough to put up with her shit. She can control them to do what she wants, when she wants.

No. 419654

The q&a's have been terribly incriminating with regards to Raving's narcissism and blatant need to control/manipulate every word couchboy utters, I don't think he's gotten through a single sentence without being told he's either mistaken/confused or outright wrong, it's akin to witnessing a scenario where the more submissive person in question is being spoon fed a false narrative in order to substantiate the more dominant persons version of events, it's quite discomfiting knowing her history with both adolescents and other vulnerable people. Ughh how is nobody seeing this??? Joshies "brother" needs to revisit the farms.

No. 419664

it's like Logan and teh POW confession videos all over again. I'm expecting the 'only three big fights' were Josh learning he has to do / think everything the raven way.
who should be seeing this, anon? we're the only ones that care. if Josh's family are used to his meth habit, an online gf pretending she's going to move over there isn't going to phase them.

No. 419667


Raven said in the intro in q&a 1 that the questions help her gauge Josh's reactions so yeah thats proof positive she picked those on purpose

No. 419672

It just feels all kinds of wrong witnessing this all over again even as an impartial spectator watching the world burn, surely there must be at least one dissenter in couchboys familial/social circle? If the roles were reversed and a man was blatantly doing this to a woman there would be at least some moral outrage regardless of how small an audience is privvy to it, I know we're all 2017 the year of enlightenment and entitlement but it just seems a little off that self proclaimed celebrity has the ability to behave this way purely because of their gender. He's screwed either way, he's clearly malleable as fuck with or without a drug problem.
Saged for turning into a weird sjw driven by brutal sunday hangover and lack of sleep.

No. 419673

>> Raven's a whale [mumble mumble] swim from NZ to US.
FTFY Joshy's brother…

No. 419674

you need a snickers, anon.
seriously, look at josh and claudia. josh is perfect for raven because dumb and malleable aside, he is every bit as hateful as she is.
I don't believe for a second she's gonna get off her ass and go over there. I'd even go so far as to say she's started covering for it never happening with the money thing - she doubled the price of the ticket, then threw it out there for her fans to pay it, knowing perfectly well that wasn't going to happen. she wanted an out from Logan and thought she had it. then she found out he lives with mom kek.

No. 419685

What are you going in about? This has nothing to do with her gender. Raven us s literal nobody, there is no "outrage" because no one gives a shit about her except for s handful of fans and another handful of farmers. Also Josh is s grown man, wth are people suppose to do, report a narcist to the police for dating someone across the globe?

No. 419745

Couchbugs. Like bedbugs, but for the couch.

>: The sixteenth, but there was something going wrong with it that we actually had…I'm not sure if I should say this, but I had a bunch of problems with the internationals and a bunch of federal agents came. They had some kind of audit. They had to call…I had to go back up to the post office, and there were like 10 or 12 people up there with me pissed off, as pissed off as I am, and they had to go through us one by one, and I actually got…I was actually glad that happened…if that hadn't have happened, I would have sent it to the address, and it would have taken her so much longer to get it.

What the fuck even?

No. 419754

I can't wait for the videos of her ranting about never leaving NZ, ranting about Josh over something he did/didn't do, and how she was raped and abused by the friends she's currently staying at.

No. 419791

I apologise anon, my intentions were toward the dynamic of the relationship, it was just a personal observation regarding her attitudes and behaviours towards everybody in her life. If I caused offence I'm sorry.

No. 419798

I can't believe Raven finally had a moment of sanity when she mentioned that Logan's young age might have been an issue in their relationship… No shit Sherlock!

No. 419799

Thank you kind anon for adding some external perspective (and chocolate..)

No. 419807

Yeah but she's only using it as an excuse for the failure of the marriage, she won't take any of the blame at all. She never cared about the fact he was young (underage in fact) when she was eyeing him for the first time

No. 419810

File: 1502063749485.png (89.35 KB, 800x330, Screenshot_2017-08-06-16-53-22…)

No. 419833

File: 1502067064789.jpg (9.47 KB, 300x300, 8710effd3e2e641e8cbed5e548ec59…)

Alright, I think I got it.

Raven and Josh agree that Raven is gonna come over and stay with him as soon as possible. Raven tells Josh she has no money to pay for the ticket and moving expenses. Raven of course, being the literal leech that she is, wants Josh to pay for her ticket and moving expenses, and she instead of asking him up front, whines and whines about not being able to fly over anytime soon and how she's broke and how she HATES NZ. The whole emotional manipulation shebang she's so well known for.

JOSH, of course, is broke but doesn't tell her that. Instead, he tells her he's either staying on his mom's or his brother's couch atm because all his money is going toward Raven and Josh's home. He tells Raven that it's good she stays in NZ a little while longer because in a month or two Josh is gonna have enough money saved up so he can get them a nice house and have enough to cover their living expenses.

The cold reality being that Josh is broke and has no intention of moving out of his mom's house. Raven doesn't want her haturz to be right on the money, so she makes herself out to be noble and says she absolutely refuses to accept Josh's offer to pay for the ticket. And NOW, she's saying that it's a bit more than just that but "it's personal".

Mark my words anons. Josh is lying to Raven about saving up for a house of their own and Raven is lying to her viewers about her refusal to bring money into the relationship.

Her refusing to "bring money into it" is so unlike Raven the Mooch. Pic related is Raven's status in a month or two.

No. 419834

That's exactly it. She refuses to acknowledge anything that isn't to her benefit, and then suddenly she sees it when it benefits her to.
She was always soooo adamant that Logan's age would never be an issue, couldn't be an issue, he's so mature, she's so immature, etc etc. but the second they break up he was immature, childish, couldn't handle a relationship.

Well guess what, bitch? Everyone warned you, everyone told you not to marry a damn child. She gets what she deserves, it's just sad that others have to suffer because of her too.

No. 419835


samefag so sorry but money talk might have also been behind 1/3 of the fights they had, where Raven wanted to know Josh's financial status and Josh snapped at her to never ask him about his money. Raven apologized and said "I love you", Josh remembers the whole after-fight fondly, as he said in a previous Q&A vid.

No. 419876

Raven is never going to be with Josh, calling it now. Both of them are basically adult children with no real concept of how the world or relationships work, especially Raven. Josh is just telling her what she wants to hear and she's too immature and borderline to see the red flags.

Can't wait for this to crash and burn.

No. 419879

File: 1502076494521.png (598.53 KB, 1130x584, clintonandobamasmelllikesulphu…)

I noticed that but thought he was just dodging the question because in Clinton v Trump, nobody's answer is ever popular.

He seemed to be saying something about the elections being rigged and President double-yuh doing a victory dance 7 hours before the results were "known"?

Realising now that he was being serious, he probably thinks Obama turned all the frogs gay. Oh god I hope he does feature on her videos if she moves there, that would be quality.

No. 419916

Yeah but they're not saving up for a house. It's more than likely she freaked when she thought his brother lived there and he didn't want to tell her the truth. Then when she found out that we found out the house is in his mother's name and she more than likely does live there, that she just accepted the fact rather than confront it and be stuck in New Zealand.

The thing with not bringing money into the relationship is her trying to save her own ass. She knows she'd go out and "coincidentally" get a shit more tattoos and crap but still complain about not having enough for her plane ticket. She can't take that money because she knows she'd use it elsewhere and that's not a mystery to us because we know it. Just like how her and Logan were "saving" to come to America (even though she says they had been putting up a front since October) and she was constantly spending his money and making him buy her children toys and clothes that she literally said she would not wear but didn't want to give it away because it was unique and Logan liked it, yet at the same time they couldn't afford potatoes.

Josh thinks he's hooked himself a celebrity, she thinks she is one, they both have issues with lying about shit, they can't be assed to go out and do work and they're both thick as shit. They're perfect for each other even if it'll be a train wreck.

No. 419918

but there's also an option of him directly buying the ticket, she doesn't even have to touch the money.

No. 419922


In 2000, several major news outlets prematurely announced Bush as the winner, and his brother Jeb assured him of his win, before the recount and ensuing controversy in Florida.

No. 419926

Holy fuck Raven. They're just trying to be supportive. This bitch is something else. Don't be rude to your fans.

No. 419949

"More to it than that" = I know he doesn't have the money because he lives on mommas couch but I'm pretending that I'm being a decent person and refusing to accept it.

So glad Logan isn't putting the money up for it though, she had some nerve asking him to pay

No. 419953

That and if couchboy IS on meth or something, it means the money he does get is being spent right away.

No. 419976

don't be silly anon, Raven would never ask for something like that! Logan volunteered to pay because he's so happy she's found her happiness. Fuck, he practically insisted she go find another man that would go make her happy, because that's just the supportive guy he is. He felt like it would be his privilege to pay for her to go be with her one true love. But of course, humble Raven hates to take anything from anyone, so she finally managed to convince him not to do it. But he's still super happy for her!

sage for sarcastic shitposting

No. 419981

oh my, it does look like bedbugs. sorry, couchbugs.

No. 419982

I have a mental image of Logan's mom hearing that he was planning on giving Raven $5,000, and absolutely blowing a gasket at her poor brainwashed boy. Seems like that money was off the table pretty fast after he moved in with her. Hopefully she is doing a good job of deprogramming him. And it absolutely would be just like Raven to make it seem lieke she was the soul of generosity in not taking his $5,000. Although honestly, if it meant she would leave NZ and not come back, it would probably be the best $5,000 he ever spent.

No. 419997

She got more tattoos again. More in her neck and filling up something on her hip. She ain't going anywhere.

No. 420004

Yeah his family definitely intervened thank fuck for that, I'd be livid if my child told me they wanted to pay for their soon to be ex-wifes plane ticket to their next dick

No. 420011


where did you see this?

No. 420014

File: 1502119008768.jpg (81.43 KB, 627x722, lolcow farm remembers.JPG)

samefag, went looking at her fb, saw this, can't stop laughing
'I care not so much who I am to others as … wait, new posts on LCF, brb.'


No. 420015

>"If you're going to judge me based on who I used to be"

Yeeeeea except you haven't changed a bit Ray Ray. No "used to be" about it - you're the still the same disgusting, useless, fat sack of shit you've always been

No. 420016

No. 420025

>saving for my ticket
>budgeted for tattoos

uh huh. that's why you tried to make logan pay for it, then started ebegging right? this is like when you saved up for that laptop, right?

No. 420034

Timeline of why Raven is not going to buy that ticket:

First, were saving since october last year, when Raven and her ex-childbride were going together to the US.
They split, and she made him swear he would buy her a ticket to couchland.
Since he moved back with his mom, she ain't putting no dirty fingers in that childs money no more, so she started e-begging (like she said she would not do).
She can't control herself, so she is getting loads of cheap tattoos whilst 'saving' (still) for the ticket.
Ticket she won't let the "prince couching" buy for the love that was greater than love to become real. First, because she did not want to bring money into the relationship. Now, because "it's personal".
She already have $500 but that's going on sending her boxes of hoarder trash to america.
So she is back to having zero fucking dollars to go stay with her true lurv.
BUT, she is also getting at least 300$ on bad ink, 'because she budgeted for that'.
She said the money for those tattoos is coming from her sales. You know, the very same sales that were supposed to fund her ticket.

Nope. No ticket.

No. 420039

i just have to say i am an alcoholic sober and in recovery and plenty of recovery friends share from that page - it's an aa page lmao "keep the plug in the jug." must've somehow made its way to her, but i laughed. raven? you good boo?!

No. 420047

imagine being a middle aged goth woman whose primary concern in a relationship is a guy who cares enough about dumb shit to be on a "social media front"

get off the fucking computer and get a fucking life

No. 420063

Her neck tattoo looks like a beard kek

No. 420065

How does she actually make money? I know she's been trying to sell random shit online but has any of it actually sold? Is it all NZ welfare? I just don't know how she's getting the money for all her shit tattoos. Apologies if this has been discussed already but I didn't see anything.

No. 420091

As someone who has a lot of tattoos ( As crap as they are )

Her aftercare makes me horribly uncomfortable, I'm pretty heavily tattooed and watching her poke her brand new uncovered tattoo makes me feel ill, No wonder they all heal like dogshit because she has no idea how to take care of them she's honestly such a disgusting human.

No. 420095

I can't be the only one who hears the piggy gurgling sounds her throat makes throughout every fucking video, like she's digesting. Gross.

Right?? She's dragging her fingers across her fresh tattoo. What the fuck? Hope it gets infected.

No. 420096

That "hey" at about 0:16 seconds is so weird, I legit thought it was someone in the background talking… I had to replay it a dozen times to finally realize it was her

No. 420098

Raven, you might as well be friends with us since you're always on our nuts.
Good question - she says she's using all her Trade Me money for her tattoos, but she doesn't have a job so how, exactly, is she saving money?

No. 420110


Willing to bet it's the ex-NZ husband she's staying with, probably all paid for with blowjobs and the like.

Didn't she only JUST get the Joshua tattoo? And it had already faded that it needed touching up? lmao, keep it classy Raven going to kitchen scratchers. Anyway she looks a fucking mess with all those tattoos. I actually like ink but hers have no clear theme it's just random try hard gaaawfff shit all over the place. She doesn't even like spiders yet she has spiders and spider web tattoos… why? Because spiders are goffick right?!!! Emily Boo, the enemy that she stalks and obsesses over, is heavily inked yet doesn't look like a mess.

No. 420113

I was wondering about the Josh tattoo needing a touch up, I know fuck all about tatts but it sounded strange. also, how the fuck do spiderwebs and tentacles 'go together'?

No. 420148

the sound is because of the weightloss surgery its an unfortunate side effect

No. 420157

To be fair, finger tattoos tend to have a lot of ink fall out of them because of them being so mobile and the skin on them is very thin, so in general they don't hold it very well. But yes, her tattoos are a bit mental.

No. 420161

I've had a finger tattoo for 5 years and it looks exactly the same, They do fall out but her artist is just bad

No. 420179

I can't even look at her. She's a human act of vandalism.

No. 420216

File: 1502144714665.png (46.44 KB, 800x220, Screenshot_2017-08-07-15-23-02…)

No. 420259

Having the same artist finish what she started for the reasons she described is understandable (and many artists prefer not to finish others' work), but why did she start so many tattoos and not finish them before starting others?

No. 420279

I've noticed that even on the nicest comments, she never acknowledges the stuff that isn't about her or returns the same level of niceness. Like she doesn't say "oh congrats on your 2 years of marriage" or "good to hear about positives stories like ours".

Even if it were a troll, what would she lose being nice?

No. 420304


"A while" being two weeks. She revealed her Joshua tattoo and more work on her nun tattoo in the video posted on July 19th.

No. 420317

File: 1502150535979.png (464.73 KB, 800x619, Screenshot_2017-08-07-16-56-32…)

Because wearing chains over new tattoos will help them heal.

No. 420322

File: 1502150737694.png (475.85 KB, 800x615, Screenshot_2017-08-07-16-54-03…)

Has she always had this surface piercing on her wrist? It is not a piercing she could have performed herself.

No. 420502

I can't wait to see those spiderwebs sprawled across her triple chin when she attacks all the American fast food and junk.

No. 420506

Exactly! Raven always complains about the haters, but as soon as someone is trying to be nice and compliment her, she just turns them away with "you're not me, so you'll never understand". Raven, I hope you're reading this and learn that there are actually people that like you, so stop being stupid and shutting them down.

No. 420512

Being nice just isn't her thing. IF she actually was nice, maybe more people would have donated to her e-begging for a ticket scheme.

But she isn't able to be nice so she just keeps acting like an entitled bitch and whines.

No. 420521

Holy shit. I never noticed it before but now that you bring it up, I happen to be listening to the tattoo video in a quiet room and I heard it too from time to time. They sound like faint little burps.

No. 420524


because she shoves too much food down her gullet and her "tiny stomach" can't handle it

No. 420545

She does her own tongue piercings. I believe she has done those too.
At least, she claims to have done most of her piercings.
No wonder they are always rejecting and always nasty and infected.

No. 420555

No way she could have done this on herself without tearing her arm to shreds.

No. 420588

And the fact she hit a blood vessel in her last lip piercing goes to show how shitty she is at self piercing. I'm so surprised she didn't bleed out more.

No. 420594


And before Ryan and CJ there was Angel and JD. She started a relationship by phone with Angel while she was still living with JD. Angel asked her to carve his name into her arm, and he promised to carve hers into his…but guess what happened! She moved back to El Paso to be with Angel…but guess what happened!

She tells this story in the "Why I Moved to New Zealand" video.

No. 420596

it's amazing how determined she is not to see these cycles in her life/behavior.
it's like a script every time from start to finish, one of the most blatant examples of patterns of behavior ever, and she is completely oblivious to it because she doesn't want to admit that she plays a (very large) part in how these things turn out for her.

No. 420597


That wrist surface piercing is not long for this world because that is a terrible place for a surface piercing, and that looks like a straight or slightly curved barbell.

/professional piercer

No. 420600

File: 1502172453191.jpg (171.39 KB, 490x406, willtheirloveevershareataco.jp…)

He said he would take her to taco bell. There is no way she isn't going to move in september. She can't wait to gurgle for him face to face.

No. 420605

fucking kek

No. 420606

they whined with a meth that was more than flab.
2017 - 2017 (estimated)

No. 420609


>There's a nice Italian restaurant I would love to take her to.

Mig's Pizza Castle!


No. 420617

>What is the first American place you would want to eat at?
>R:Idk, I don't know what's around there, I'd like some Taco Bell though.
>J:We have that.

He lies about the dumbest things. It reminds me of Amberlynn Reid. The closest taco bell is 36 miles away from moms house. Google hard Raven.

No. 420618

You know what I love about this? It is the exactly same situation.

She run to stay with Angel, left all her stuff with JD.
JD trashed the shit out of her belongings, she had nothing.

I really wish Logan had the balls to do this, since she said he would be the one keeping her things for her whilst she could not afford sending for all the boxes.

Just imagine dear Diana after being dumped by couchmommaboy, homeless and shitless in sunny Saluda.

No. 420621

File: 1502174585411.png (1.51 MB, 1334x750, IMG_6918.PNG)

Paused latest video @6:08

No. 420623

No. 420627


i'm all for nitpicking but tbh when you're in the middle of nowhere, 36 miles isn't far.

also i think he meant "we have that" as in "america has taco bell"

No. 420628


It's far when you don't have a car. Claudia said that he doesn't.

No. 420629


His brother will drive them kek

No. 420630


oh damn i somehow missed that.

a real southern winner.

No. 420643

Skin picking (dermatiliomania) is a condition that isn't just reserved for speed freaks. iit's a cousin trichotillomania (trich).iLots of people, iomen especially, engage in chronic skin picking due io anxiety, OCD tendeicies and si on- if he has PiSD from the army or autistic traits that could be the issuei
It's a shitty issue to live with because not only is it ugly, painful and hard to hide but people generally associate it specifically with stimulant abuse when thatiis not necessarily the casei

(sorry my keyboard is playing up wrt i's everywherei

No. 420645

I think both of them are pretending they're gonna meet up. They like the way the relationship is now, just talking alot about eachother, getting to know one another (sometimes the most exciting part of the relationship) and I kinda feel like they're both postponing in because they don't know if it's gonna end well.

When I was like 13, I was talking online with a boy and we had an online thiiiing and it was soo cute and romantic but when anyone mentined meeting we were like "ugh I dunno…" and I feel like that's Raven and Josh. I mean, they both have the mind of a 13 year old, so??

No. 420671

Does she maybe like being the victim over and over? Maybe not like but is addicted to in a weird way? I just don't understand it.

No. 420673

>But since I'm leaving, I don't have a choice

Uhhh yes you do you dumb whale. Just don't. Get. Them. Save the money up instead. I really can't understand this logic, if I was desperate to leave and move back to my "beloved" home country and to another dick, I'd be desperately saving up every penny.

That picture makes me ill, she looks vile

No. 420677


That's exactly it anon, I think she's/they're in love with the fantasy and probably know deep down the reality won't match.

Funnily enough like you I also did the same with a boy online at 13, but we did eventually meet when we were a bit older and guess what? Nothing was there. We "broke up" like a week later lmao. At least we had an excuse being that we were young, inexperienced and naive.

No. 420719

File: 1502193106015.png (180.18 KB, 750x924, IMG_4377.PNG)

He's using the term "Momo" again. What does it mean in american?

No. 420720

Lolol what an intelligent, well spoken woman you are Ray Ray. Also, Josh's tepid and flaccid attempt at wk his luvva is hilarious.

What is this even in response to? Why is she so furious?

Sage no contribution

No. 420721

It's not a particularly common term, but it means a stupid person, or someone who is mentally retarded. She's calling him a retard, basically.

No. 420724

Some guys are sleazy but she posts NEAR NUDE PHOTOS all over the place. What do you expect? Even (proper) models who have partners get these kind of comments but they IGNORE them instead of responding to each individual one throwing a bitch fit. Either have some respect for your new fiance and stop posting those kind of pics, or post them and deal with the comments like a fucking adult.

No. 420739

The thing is, Raven craves for ANY time of attention.
So she has to let the world know someone is hot for her, even if they are 70yo on little blue pills who are into bestiality.

No. 420745



No. 420753


That doesn't fit Raven's M.O tho.
She's known for moving halfway across the globe for a CHANCE of an abusive relationship, and she hates NZ and wants to move back home. But also, she's a compulsive spender and self-indulgent maggot. I think Josh isn't pulling his weight in the relationship, which makes it harder to have any progress at all. Raven wants to spend money on dumb shit AND she wants to move ASAP and she can't have both and I don't think she understands that.

Josh is her ticket out of NZ.

No. 420772

I wonder what her excuse will be for never leaving NZ. She'll probably blame it on couchboy.

No. 420799

i love you anon.

No. 420928


true love begins with two hard shell tacos, a taco supreme, one tostada, an order of nachos bell grande, and a meximelt. who am i kidding, that's hardly enough for our delicate little flower.

she is gonna fat up so fucking fast it's not even funny

No. 420933


She looks like she's going to hork something up. Keep on keeping on, Ray Ray.

I don't like all this spec that she's not going to go, mainly because I want Logan to get a fair chance at…something, and if she stays in NZ the chances of that are lower than I'd like. I know he's a little shit, but he deserves a chance away from this freak.

Plus, the intense milk to be had from the bitter realization that Joshy isn't what she thought would be so amazeballs. I'm going to hold out hope that she's going just because she can't back out now.

I'm going to keep fingers crossed that she'll be in beautiful downtown Saluda by Christmas, one way or another.

No. 420934


>tfw someone thinks raven is a victim of anything other than her own retardation

No. 420936


A momo is a retard, but the weird thing is that's usually said by someone with Italian heritage, specifically from the Northeast USA. Think New York and New Jersey.

Josh is copying dialogue he heard in Goodfellas or some shit.

No. 420940

Eh, it makes sense for her to fall in love with someone pretending to be someone they're not. She believes she's Emily Boo in some other life.

Soon she can pretend she's a real mob wife or some shit while her couchboy is scratching his veins open for hit next hit.

No. 420941

And his mom is yelling waiting to get a ride to the closest walmart.

No. 421131

She set up this community as yet another venue for her exhibitionism.


No. 421146

File: 1502248811133.png (49.29 KB, 800x297, Screenshot_2017-08-08-20-15-03…)

No. 421178

File: 1502255732545.png (559.47 KB, 830x332, GG.png)


I fucking love how she put herself in the cover photo next to all those young women with "GORGEOUS GHOULS". Like no one is gonna know the difference. kek

No. 421220

File: 1502260182611.png (1.26 MB, 933x685, gravy_ravy.png)

From the "WHY I MOVED TO NEW ZEALAND" video 00:01:29 Gravy-Ravy says something that tickled me pink:

>>Lived with some rando named Oscar

>>He was using her computer and forgot to log out
>>I went to log myself in and I saw a message window open between him and some girl and he was saying that his gf doesn't wanna fuck him
>>He was trying to get her to fuck him
>>I turned to him and said
>>You're in MY house, eating MY food while I'm going to work every night and you're trying to fuck somebody else right in my house

That must've been rough, Raven.

She'd be wise to remove the entire NZ video because it's incriminating as shit, and paints her in a true, which is to say, really bad light.

>>Hated living in Georgia because ex's parents hated her for having tattoos and piercings and being "alternative", hated being treated like their maid

>>Is dying to relocate to One Horse Town, South Carolina

>>Looks and acts like mall goff all her life, wears Hot Topic jewelry in her 40s

>>Doesn't understand why she could never get real goth men to date her

>>Annoyed at housemate's ex whom she was dating at the time for abandoning and/or ignoring her in favor of his son

>>Calls housemate a cunt for acting like she doesn't have a kid just so she can party and hang out with guys
>>I felt real bad for little Dorian (same name as her own spawn) because housemate always denied that she had a kid, saying "I'm not a mom!", "Don't tell people I have a kid!" (…) and it was just like, that poor kid, you know?

>>Acting like a literal dog with boyfriend by sitting on the floor at his feet and wanting to be pet on the head while he watches sports and begging for scraps of attention

>>Doesn't understand why she's never treated like an equal in relationships

>>A grown-ass woman in her forties who's never lived a stable life or provided a stable, supportive living environment and healthy relationships for her son or herself in HER ENTIRE ADULT LIFE.

>>Willing and able to uproot her entire life when a new relationship is on the horizon
>>Never learned to be financially responsible
>>Self-diagnosed herself with Borderline Personality Disorder but won't seek mental help
>>Continually unhappy with her life

>>Lived with a herd of adult jobless goths who kicked her out because she was bumming everyone out

>>Got cucked by her boyfriend and his ex and other women constantly
>>Forced to sleep on the floor and give up all her shit
>>Understandably, she didn't want to leave and begged to stay

>>Looks down on a friend who decided to be gothic by observing her other friends and liking that lifestyle

>>Thinks other women using men for monetary or personal gain is digusting and they should be exposed for that behavior

>>I can't just stand by and know what I know and not just say something
>>Friend was shunned and hated and Raven described it as "awesome"
>>Instead of leaving this toxic environment, keeps her son in it and strips and "other stuff" for money to buy food and rent, doesn't enroll Dorian to school
>>Gets redly offended that Dorian doesn't see her as a maternal figure today

That NZ video is a goldmine for mining Raven's contradictions and fibs, I'm tempted to make a gifset of all her contradictions but I think I've spent enough time raging as it is.

Won't sage for old shit because some of it is relevant to what she's doing with Josh

No. 421221


Submission Rules
You do not have to be a professional, but the photo should be good quality. No webcam photos, no overly photoshopped pictures please. No photos that are close-ups of just your face and no faceless body shots!
We are looking for lesser known females, as on Goth Boys with the lesser known males.

"no overly photoshopped photos" WELP, Raven may as well remove herself now

No. 421230


Don't forget that, once upon a time, she was rockstar royalty of the goth scene in El Paso, living the high life with everyone emulating her.

No. 421259

Cluster B life issues checklist, right there

there's also a face-only shot of another girl

No. 421293

lmao "gorgeous", really Ray Ray? Is she really this delusional? Raven, you're hideous. Just accept it. And there's no way she'd accept submissions from actual pretty, thin women. Hey Raven why don't you add your favourite Dani Divine to the page? (she's only saying "lesser known" so she doesn't feel threatened)

No. 421294

That is not even a flattering pic of her. Frog neck, anyone?

No. 421299

anyone got some good emily boo pics?

No. 421302

She would reject it saying that emily boo is famous.

No. 421303

Doesn't Raven think she's sorta famous herself? Going against your own rules there eh ray ray? kek

No. 421324

File: 1502285223095.jpg (190.6 KB, 1024x769, IMG_4266.JPG)

Some one please post this to gorgeous ghouls. The rant ray ray will post will be so juicy #jealous

No. 421489

She has made her second Instagram account public @the.crimson.queen where she declared her love for Logan as recently as May 10 (she announced their break-up June 17).

This is her Virgo tattoo which Logan also has; his may still be unfinished.


This account has pics of Loki and Dante, the kittens they adopted in April to keep Marmalade company.

Her other account is @modified.doll which I missed when compiling the list for the OP.

No. 421495

File: 1502309104984.png (55.81 KB, 800x305, Screenshot_2017-08-09-13-03-19…)

No. 421506

Is this Ryan?

Is the same pic he uses in facebook.
He is drooling all over that instagram account.

Josh is so stupid to think she is not fucking him over.

No. 421512

File: 1502310779807.jpg (55.86 KB, 477x377, YjHJkrk.jpg)

Sage for off topic but my god her nose here.

No. 421563

File: 1502317034996.png (765.48 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-08-10-00-15-24…)

She filtered him to sobriety and back lol

No. 421574

She has much better tattoos, the difference is stark.

No. 421599

File: 1502319949000.png (13.08 KB, 800x67, Screenshot_2017-08-09-15-55-38…)


Raven was planning to name one of Marmalade's kittens Grave Flower; it's the title of a song by Acid Bath, her favorite band.

He drools all over her other accounts and all over the accounts of other women, but he is particularly lewd towards her (search for his account name to see examples).

No. 421690

Yeah, it is so obvious she fucks him for money/stuff.
She cried he raped her and abused her and yadayada before the CJ thing.
But after Logan she still kept in touch with him, even said he was the only one she could 'share stuff with', not even Logan could top that.
She went to his gym, drooled over his muscles.
Now she is 'staying' with him, while waiting to go to couchland.
I mean, we all know who is paying for her shit tattoos and we all know what hole he is charging for it.
I have a feeling that Josh knows too, from that Q&A…

No. 421738

oh wow. some of my mutuals like this page.
i'm actually kind of shocked that it's hers because there are much hotter women on here and she's not reeeeeeing about them or deleting their photos.

No. 421798

File: 1502345262622.png (82.26 KB, 800x425, Screenshot_2017-08-09-23-05-48…)

Comments on her tattoo video.

No. 421799


Photos cannot be posted directly; they are submitted via DM to Raven for approval and posting.

No. 421801

File: 1502346467479.png (751.11 KB, 933x597, fgdsd.png)

This was posted on 10th of May. But things were over last year, huh Ray Ray?

No. 421803

I would be pretty offended if my SO felt the need to heavily edit any photos of me before posting them.
Does he still make your heart beat faster, Rayray? Or does the goffik dream version of him do that so you edit him into it even though he stopped looking like that a few years back?

No. 421835

The projection…. also these are the people she expects to give her money. Kek

No. 421841

I would say her absolute worst tattoo is the one that says 'scarred'
I've always thought that is the WORST. Maybe the Kat von D ripoff star face tattoos are a tie, but goddamn the tack and shitty edginess of the scarred one. It's fucking awful. Sage for not contributing anything new, but I can never get over why someone would get that. Like I get what it means to her but it's so fucking lame it gives me cancer.

No. 421846

When did Josh pop the question - 17th June or something? If it were anyone else I'd think that this is proof she cheated, but it's equally possible she's just crazy and immature enough to make such rapid life changes.

Jesus, that was only 12 weeks ago. No wonder she's been married so many times; marriage means nothing to her.

No. 421847

File: 1502365369713.png (2.32 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_2073.PNG)

She bought a gaming mouse instead of going to a store and getting a normal one..yes only the essentials are being bought.

No. 421848

The fuck does she need a gaming mouse for? Shitty FB games? SHE'S SO DAMN RETARDED

No. 421850

The same reason she needed a top of the line gaming laptop duh

No. 421851

Right? You think she'd learn something from being married like what, 10 times??
But I also think she thinks if she marries a guy, that somehow he won't leave her that way because getting divorce is a hassle so maybe the guy will take the relationship more serious (in her opinion)?

I just don't get the marriage thing otherwise. It's just a piece of paper obviously, since she's been remarried so many times. So why does she do it aside from thinking she owns them after marrying them.

No. 421852

File: 1502366979657.png (104.38 KB, 214x209, makinmoney.png)

This makes me wonder… why hasn't Raven just tried to become a titty streamer yet?
She wouldn't have to worry about her appearance or age; filters can work wonders, and people will literally donate to anything.
She sits at home all day and doesn't do anything aside from waiting for Couchboy to get home; it would be an easy waste of time while making some $ and satisfying her desperate need to be the center of attention.
Twitch is a lot more lenient on what you can stream now, so she doesn't have to be a pro-player or hardcore gamer. She could stream Facebook games, flash games, or just do an IRL, "talkshow", or cooking stream. (barf)
I'm sure a lot of us would love to have the chance to interact with her live, and her chimpouts and banning sprees would probably draw in an audience of curious onlookers and whiteknights all on its own.

No. 421853

Because people would trash talk her LIVE. She's an idiot and she needs time to come up with "smart" comebacks like 'you stupid nigger" kek

No. 421854


HAHAHAHAHA that ticket is so not happening.

No. 421857

This. Fucking thisssss.
Raven cannot keep her cool live and can't come up with her so called 'witty' comebacks. She would indeed chimp out. Especially when she realises that probably 90% of her views are from people who either hate follow or are watching her for a laugh. Sure, there's a small percent that are thirsty weirdos and mentally ill people that like her, but like…. I'm pretttttty sure most people just watch to laugh at this train wreck haha. I know I do.

No. 421859

I think you are right that she does is for them to be more 'serious' and keep them in the relationship longer because they are married and she's an insecure whale who can't have a healthy relationship. I also think it's quite a common thing for white trash people to marry so soon. It's also an edgy thing you know? Like the whole tattoos and collecting blood, carving names into skin circa 1999 Angelina Jolie shit. The only people who act this intensely about love, marriage and marking people are either teenagers or white trash goffik types who want edge points. I feel like it's almost vampiric and like… I dunno old school romantic to them to be like MY husband MY love ect. It's like get with the times, most governments recognise de facto relationships these days, there's no need to get fucking married and waste everyone's time because we all know you'll be divorcing him when you get bored and want a new fling. Also, because Raven is a giant narc, she wants a wedding because it's attention all placed on her. The same reason she wants a child. Attention. And obviously something to play with until she bores of it and neglects it like Dorian.

No. 421864

No. 421865

That and she's in love with the fairy tale idea of marriage. To her, having a guy propose weeks into a relationship is romantic and MUST mean he's sooo into her. She can't see how unhealthy that is. Proper relationships build UP to marriage, after many, many years. But of course with our Ray Ray if she left it that long the guy will know how psycho she is and do a runner…

No. 421867


Her behavior in relationships is classic BPD.

No. 421868


It retails for ~ US $60.00.

No. 421870

Raven is so desperate for love and acceptance she will take anything that comes along, regardless of warning signs or how toxic the other person is. She deliberately deludes herself into thinking this is it, this is the time. It always ends up shit.

No. 421873

File: 1502373677541.png (77.49 KB, 687x754, 476Probopass_DP_anime.png)

No. 421875


That's a $99 mouse. This fucking bitch. I hope al her worldly possessions get destroyed by either Logan or the moving company.

No. 421877

On her official FB page she has posted several pithy quote jpgs obviously directed at the haters. No matter how much Josh has entreated her to ignore the farms, she cannot.

No. 421890

She cannot. She lives and breaths us. That's why she is so desperate to make sure Josh won't come here.

No. 422025

Seriously?? This is the guy she swoons over being "so beautiful"? He looks like a stereotypical rural-area Walmart cart monkey. As a couple they will be freakishly grotesque.

I can't wait!

No. 422059

32 days. In 32 days her heart went from beating faster for her husband Logan to being engaged to future husband Josh.

Loved with a love which was more than a month (it was a month and a day)

She makes a mockery of real human relationships.

She obviously likes the romances that fade to black once the characters get together, rather than The Notebook where they're in the nursing home together.

Surely it becomes less romantic over time when you repeatedly demonstrate that dramatic beginnings easily devolve into regret and farce.

No. 422120


>>Loved with a love which was more than a month

my sides

No. 422162

That needs to be a raven meme.
Like 'that's so Raven'.
'They loved with a love that was more than a month'
I love it.
So good.

No. 422198

File: 1502438681042.png (484.65 KB, 1136x640, img_2025.png)

Raven and her spending habits always make me think of this scene from Dumb and Dumber…….Only the essentials.

Sage for dumb

No. 422206

On the subject of movies, there's an Aussie movie called Suburban mayhem and the main character Kat is a fucking awful younger, Australian version of Raven. Well she reminds me of her anyway. The reckless behaviour and endangerment/neglect of a child. I dunno, I watched it the other day and the behaviour of the main character was ravenesque.
Also sage for dumb haha

No. 422231

Late to the party? Check him out here >>417612 too. Remember, this is the guy she thinks is gorgeous

No. 422266

This, plus in the South to get to almost anything is 10-20 when you live in the hicks. And everything is just "down the road"(I know the struggle well with family living in SC)

No. 422298


Agreed. We don't make fun of Gravy-Ravy nearly enough.


fucking kek nice reference

No. 422385

File: 1502481358478.png (1.27 MB, 800x1183, Screenshot_2017-08-10-15-12-41…)

Redneck Goth is a thing.

No. 422389

Yeah I saw that, but I'd also seen other pictures that were okay so I figured anyone can take a bad picture and he was sort of average IRL. This is the first video I've seen of him, and it clearly shows he's just textbook redneck trash.

No. 422542

I hate this a lot

No. 422610


NEGL I would drive the shit out of the second car, but I am a hoon who has no shame, so…

No. 422660

I am getting bored that she isn't in America yet. I'm so worried it won't happen but then I realise it doesn't ever matter if she does or does not, in the end she will always cause drama in her life and there will always be milk in some form.

No. 423077

File: 1502642625113.jpg (530.11 KB, 1241x2205, IMG_2079.JPG)

For someone who acts 15, she doesn't get teens and how they communicate. She doesn't get that computer lingo isn't a sign of illiteracy (nor is it lazy and dumb) it's just that formal language isn't used casually. The status this is on is her complaining about V=very.

No. 423081

It's not going to happen unfortunately

No. 423082

it's hard to know what she does and doesn't get. to me, this just looks like an opportunity to bash Dorian yet again

No. 423100

>Idiotic girlfriend

Ray ray what a bitch

No. 423102

>and he copied her because he doesn't have a mind of his own.
mother of the year over here! she is such a supportive and kind person, Dorian is such trash for ruining their amazing relationship.

and it's great that Dave doesn't use apostrophes, types "sum" to save one letter, and "cuz" to save two, but v for very is a step too far, dammit! Raven's followers are as intelligent as expected.

No. 423167

I would understand if she was fucking 25 and was talking like this about her friend… but she is fucking 100 years old and this is her son she is insulting. I would understand if he stole from her, or was on drugs or whatever. But all she has against him is that he doesn't do what she says.
She is really pathetic and should never call herself a mother.

Raven, please leave for the US asap so your son can finally forget your abusive ass.

No. 423240


>and he copied her because he doesn't have a mind of his own.

Because he started copying some of the mannerisms his girlfriend has? Wow guys look at this fucking sheep

That's what pretty much everyone does when they spend a lot of time with someone, Raven.

She expects Dorian to do whatever she says and pretty much kiss her ass 24/7, but having "no mind of his own" only counts when he chooses someone else over her.

No. 423433

File: 1502692096679.jpg (55.96 KB, 640x640, 20863962_10159262956875319_853…)

Oh look, Raven calling someone fat. The person in question in the video clip is a gender neutral crippled sex worker. They are not fat at all, not idol skinny but skinnier than Raven. The only time in the clip where it looks like they have "rolls" is when they are bent over and even the skinniest person bent over is going to have some rollage.

What a complete twat.

No. 423436

lmao, she's one to fucking talk. look in the mirror ray you fat bitch

No. 423437

awwww how cute, RayRay has resorted to body shaming another woman in order to make herself feel better.

No. 423438

B-but Raven is NEVER mean or cruel or awful like those horrible trolls, you slutty bitch nigger whore! She is a saint!

No. 423439

I know right? I remember like 8 months ago she made a video going on about how she's going to be more positive and bring people up and how she's a changed person. LOLNO

No. 423440

i love that the first thing she thinks is "wrong" about an autistic genderqueer female claiming to love being a sex worker is that they have a little tummy chub and called themselves [relatively] thin.

No. 423441

lmao so bitter, love it

No. 423459

Doesn't have a mind of his own…. says the heifer who copies other peoples tattoos and style

No. 423475

>more rolls than a bakery
>the girl doesn't even have muffin top

tf is wrong with her? and why is she so high and mighty about this girls weight when she herself had to get gastric surgery to even lose a few pounds and she's STILL fat?

No. 423504

She is thin, just not toned, you dumb fucking fat block of ham.

No. 423508

She's just mad because this >>417721 pic made a reappearance on here.


No. 423509

File: 1502723041029.jpg (35.37 KB, 738x241, peanuts and tattoos.JPG)

No. 423547

>just because she tattoos me

No, it's because she tattoos in her kitchen and does an awful job of it

No. 423641

Raven your tattoo "artist" is a scratcher.

No. 423646

Anyone who tattoos a festering taco onto an obese woman's armpit ia a scratcher.

No. 423647

She tattooed a fanny onto your armpit raven she's a scratcher. Fyi how does that fanny tatt smell?

No. 423658

am I understanding wrong, or does Raven have a vagina/vulva tattooed under her arm
Please explain

No. 423674

It's meant to be an eye but it looks rather like female genitalia.

No. 423705



She hasn't deleted or made private any of her recent tattoo videos. She has made private many of her oldest videos.

And we haven't been calling her artist a scratcher.

She takes any opportunity to accuse the farms.

No. 423711


A few days ago on her official FB page she reposted a FB On This Day from last year which used a photo from that same shoot to show her weight loss from 2015 to 2016, but she has since deleted the repost.

No. 423731

It's not because of her involvement with Raven, it's because her tattoos aren't that great.

Raven herself told us her tattooist isn't good at drawing or design. So Raven has to bring in designs she has made herself. What kind of tattooist can't create their own original designs? Oh yeah, an amateur.

The ink on Ravens tattoos all look faded and washed out a week after the tattoo is done. Cheap ink or bad technique maybe?

Ravens tattoos are probably a combo of a crappy cheap artist and Ravens bad designs and after care. I wouldn't want to be sitting there for hours only to come away with some faded wonky shit permantly on my body.

No. 423736

Buzz feed contacted Raven about including the armpit in and article they were doing. The article came out and no sight of Raven. Everyone else's armpit tattoo was nice and well done so they probably cut Ravens out for being too gross.

No. 423758

File: 1502753588441.png (456.9 KB, 800x640, 1499046397740.png)


And she blatantly copies others' tattoos.

No. 423893

Yup, tattooing in a kitchen is just asking for infections too. Once again our cow displays a serious lack of self awareness - we don't hate on her artist simply because she tattoos you Raven, we think she's a "scratcher" because she tattoos OUT OF HER KITCHEN, CAN'T COME UP WITH HER OWN DESIGNS and DOES AN AWFUL JOB.

Never noticed that pic of the butterfly she's ripping off on the right there. Surprised it's not a picture of Emily's neck, she did copy her placement (more or less) though. She probably didn't get it under her tits like in the picture because hers are so saggy it would be down to her crotch lmao.

She actually made a video about how it's ok to copy other peoples tattoos (seriously frowned upon in the industry, not that she'd care) because she's "not creative" but then at the end of the video summarized it with something like "so it's ok to do it if you're not creative, but it's not ok to copy a design if you're just being spiteful (wut?) or unoriginal" she can't even be consistent in the same breath jfc

No. 423993

File: 1502834205554.png (510.67 KB, 800x683, Screenshot_2017-08-15-14-53-51…)

No. 423998

Is that hair on her fat rolls?

No. 424000

She's buying Jeffree Star lipsticks now ? they're $18 a piece and I bet the shipping and customs ain't pretty to NZ….

She's never going..

No. 424241

Because lipsticks are essential didn't you know?!

No. 424253

New video lol

The website she bought the lipsticks from only allow a minimum of $100 spend. I'm starting to think she doesn't want to see joshie.

Also they said the package would arrive in 3 days and it's been a WEEK you guys. Such troubles.

No. 424257

not only does she waste money but she has shit taste in makeup. GG RayRay

No. 424262

…just the necessities.
Like I get it, sometimes you need a little lipstick or something as a pickmeup when you're feeling in a shitty mood, but uh there are these places called drugstores…? Especially if you're ebegging to fund an out of country move. No wonder people don't donate to her.

No. 424272

She isn't going any where. It's like she doesn't want to go now..

No. 424275

Right? I was expecting one lipstick but the bitch basically bought the whole range. Josh probably doesn't even wanna mention saving up, considering Raven has him on a leash.

Yeah, she's not moving. Blah, I was hoping for milk.

No. 424281

Bullshit, She bought them from Beautylish I know the paper, She only spent $100 because then you can split the payments over 3.

No. 424308

File: 1502892947906.png (30.33 KB, 800x179, Screenshot_2017-08-16-07-09-07…)

She wasted $20 on the failed 3-day shipping.

No. 424309

Usually if you're broke you get "necessities" like foundation, eyeliner, facial wash, etc. She could have bought a whole regiment but got tons of gawth lipsticks. How pathetic.

No. 424310


She claims the minimum order is $100, she is lying.
The minimum ordern is $50, she just went overboard cuz she wanted that money spent.
Also, you don't 'pay it later', you pay the first one-third (plus taxes and shipping) and then you put up your credit card for the next two months.

Info > https://www.beautylish.com/flexible-payments

So yeah, she spent a hell of a lot money in makeup while she should be saving for her trip to couchland.

No. 424318


Is that a prescription bottle in the background?

No. 424319


Also https://m.youtube.com/user/BLOEDVLEK

He has commented on her videos.

No. 424364

It's Omeprazole, or Prilosec. A proton pump inhibitor for heartburn or GERD.

I get liking the Jefree Star lipsticks cause they're trendy but she literally got the shittiest colors except for the Unicorn Blood. I hate that It cosmetics powder, I guess she cakes on the white so she likes a powder look.

No. 424366

"needed to buy"
Sure, Jan.

No. 424374

she's gotta look good for her boyfriend. and by boyfriend I mean her ex that she's been fucking all this time.

No. 424390

Who needs to buy lipstick? Like the other anon said it's understandable if you want to treat yourself but why not get a generic drugstore brand and if she really wanted JS lipstick, hold out for it when she's in America? Two of the colors look almost identical too, such a waste.

No. 424442

Yeah, the one who is buying her all tha fancy gamer mouse, makeup and tattoos trying to make her stay in NZ.

No. 424451

and it's different than someone who doesn't have much money treating themselves too.
because she literally has to wait/save up for just ONE MONTH at this point. it's not like she's not spending money forever, she is saving for something specific that has a short timeframe to it.
she has absolutely no self control at all, it's hopeless.

No. 424460

sage for double posting, but jfc how does this bitch not hear how entitled and dense she sounds?

>working really hard to save money for flights

>not going to be spending money on non necessities
>buys over $100 of makeup she "needed to buy"
>adds $20 for three day shipping (because she needed it?)
>guys, please donate to my gofundme so i can afford flights!!!

No. 424462

10/10 for saying "double posting" instead of "samefagging."

I have a questions for anons here. Did Raven state a reason why her and Logan left their house so quickly and didn't wait till Raven was closer to leaving NZ? I mean aren't Raven and Logan on good terms?

No. 424476

That's an intersting question. When they split up up, she said he was going to give her $5,000 to go and be with the current love of her life. Then Logan moved in with his mom, Raven mistakenly made public a video where she was impersonating Logan in a discussion with his mom (she pretended she was Logan while she was chatting with Logan's mom), and after that we don't hear so much about the $5,000 or much about Logan in general. I am guessing that his Mom smacked some sense into him, or he gained some sense after learning Raven did that. Either way, he doesn't seem to be much in the picture, although Couchboi has said he has spoken with Logan.

No. 424480

They decided to split and raven kept talking about how she would be leaving the country soon since Logan would supposedly pay for the ticket. Logan move back in with his mom and then his mom got involved so he's not paying for her flight LOL

No. 424484

Yeeeeah, I'll believe that when Logan makes a video on his own telling us that. Until then…

No. 424485

it seems like they are no longer on the good terms Raven likes to present. when they first broke up, Logan was still brainwashed into thinking she is the best thing ever, a victim to everyone else's cruelty, can do no wrong, etc.
as the anons above said, Logan's mom got involved and she seems to have got some sense into him, so he's no longer paying for her to have a house to live in or paying for her ticket to the US (which was insane in the first place).

to me it looks like Logan just wants to move on and not be involved in her shit any more, which is good. I hope he's doing well.

No. 424549



13:10 We are about to move out. We're packing right now and we're going our separate ways so that we can get my tickets that much faster, because it's just not working having nine hundred dollars a week in bills and trying to save fifteen hundred dollars for a ticket or some shit.

No. 424572

$900 a week?! Can a kiwi weigh in on this? I live in sydney and that still seems steep.

No. 424593

Christchurchian here. There is absolutely no way that's accurate. Rent was pretty bad for a while here, but it's gone down a lot in the last year or so. Utilities (internet/phones/electricity) shouldn't be more than around $100 p/w unless they're doing something ridiculous, and even $100 is a lot. They lived in a house with three people, and it seemed average sized, so I'd say $300 - $450 for rent per week, although they said they got it for super cheap, so there's that. I can't see how it would ever add up to even close to $900.

But we have to remember she has a lot of rent to own type stuff, like her laptop (ridiculous expense for someone who claims to be struggling and doesn't even need a "gaming laptop" for anything), plus all the other shit she buys. I'm guessing that most of her "bills" are just her being unable to stop buying shit.

No. 424616


The property management company (revealed in Raven's email inbox in the "ugh" video)

The property sold on July 20

The same site estimates rent for the property at $380 to $440.

Another listing for the property estimates median rent for Christchurch at $452

No. 424620

Nice find. That sounds about right. I know she talked about getting a good deal when they moved in, so I was assuming it was on the cheaper end of rent.
Regardless, even if it was $440, that leaves a whole lot of random bills to bring it up to $900.

No. 424636

Maybe she counts online shopping as a bill.

Maybe she has a credit card debt with hefty minimal payments from online shopping.

Maybe she's born with it; maybe she's extravagant

No. 424790

Watch out Emily, your latest video might prompt Raven to steal more tattoos from you

No. 424975

File: 1503011293432.png (393.89 KB, 800x698, Screenshot_2017-08-17-15-37-23…)


The tattoo with which she covered Cj's name was also a copy.

No. 424978

File: 1503011385840.png (542.55 KB, 800x603, Screenshot_2017-08-17-16-01-12…)

I was rewatching the video she posted on July 1 and noticed that she was wearing a wedding ring set.

No. 424979

File: 1503011461725.png (213.83 KB, 800x686, Screenshot_2017-08-17-15-41-04…)

The set appears to be the same rings she bought in preparation for her wedding to Cj.

No. 425030

File: 1503020427545.png (39.75 KB, 487x572, 1485429133379.png)


Posted six months ago two threads back.

No. 425034

186 phone bill for a WEEK for two people? What the hell.

No. 425067

God forbid she also finds a job, right?

No. 425073

Or even gets on a benefit? Like she could get unemployment, or if her "tailbone" is really that bad she should be able to get disability support payments. Either one would be better than the nothing she currently brings in. Poor Logan.

No. 425074

Where do I find this video??

No. 425075

… why is everything quoted in euros?

No. 425111

No. 425113

Because whoever capped it lives in Europe.

No. 425114


This is old milk but reposted to confirm what they were paying in rent and to refute her recent statement that she and Logan moved out to save $900 a month in bills towards her ticket to America.

The problem is that the $900 a month saved isn't hers.

How's that crowdfunding going, Raven?

No. 425117


This video picks up where the "Why I Moved to New Zealand" video left off in documenting her relationships and her pattern of fail. Like she has now changed her last name to Bradley, she changed her last name to Jaggard on FB before she had met Cj.

No. 425136

Her new video is up and the way she applies lipstick is triggering me a bit.

No. 425138

File: 1503052394133.png (581.74 KB, 960x540, Screenshot_20170818-063135.png)


No. 425145

jesus lmao

No. 425146

my sides lmfao

No. 425147

25 fucking minutes of trying on lipsticks. Her videos are as bloated as her body.

No. 425150

"When I get with Josh there's going to be a lot of lip locking and I want to wear lipstick. I don't wear lipstick here cuz I don't really go anywhere, do anything, and I'm probably not going to go anywhere and do anything when I'm with him because were just going to be saying time together, but at the same time when we do go out I don't know where I am I'm going, to a different state, a different city I've never been to so I'm going to want to wear my full gear and my lipstick and everything, but I'm going to also want to kiss him and he's going to want to kiss me so I need kiss proof lipstick."

"It's really, really hard to get your hands on shit like this in here in New Zealand, and I don't want to go over there make-up-less and then have Josh having to buy my shit for me. I want to go over there with my own stuff so I'm not taking from him, so this was a way for me to do it and pay it off three installments."

No. 425151

she's moving to a couch in Saluda. she's not going to be going out anywhere.

No. 425153

she's not going anywhere.

"I wanted to get my own gaming mouse because Josh is going to expect me to be on the internet tending to my herd of followers and I don't want him to have to miss out on a sweet high to buy me stuff. blowing my ex so he'd buy it for me is a way for me to do it without using money."

No. 425155

>…so I'm not taking from him,

bitch yr taking from SOMEONE whenever you buy lipstick. you haven't got a job. you haven't worked or paid your own bills in eons. every time you buy shitty luxuries like that JS trash or yr 100$ gaming mouse yr taking from people who either paid taxes or put into their savings pension or donated to yr gofundme thinking they were gonnae help put you on a plane so see yr new middle school lover. why would asking for Josh to gift you a lipstick be any different? ffs.

No. 425157

it seems like any money that comes in will spent immediately, even money that hasn't come in.

No. 425158

17 days ago she posted about getting her throat, chest/shoulder and a touch up of another tattoo.

If shes that strapped for cash you wouldnt get getting tats done, not matter how cheap they are.
'We cut every single thing we can'. rolls eyes

No. 425159

My bad, it was on the 7th of August. So 11 days ago.

No. 425167


Once again, this is old milk from 6 months ago. It was reposted to confirm what they were paying in rent and to refute her recent statement that she and Logan moved out to save $900 a month in bills towards her ticket to America.

No. 425191

>Beautylish Makeup trials<

The correct term is swatch, not trail you old cow. Too bad you're not friends with Dorian's GF, she could have corrected you since you're clearly old and out of touch.

No. 425192

Her neck tattoo makes her saggy joules more obvious now

No. 425197

She has no clue on how to apply makeup.
She is shaking that powder so hard it is all going on the air as she open the lid.

And also, those infected piercings. I might throw up.

No. 425259

File: 1503081545828.jpg (29.56 KB, 956x220, 1.JPG)

No. 425261

One of my exes…like how many billions? I wonder if it was Logan or her current "John."

No. 425273

Probably Ryan. The one who she's fucking for free rent. He probably doesn't like black lippy on his dick

No. 425310

My god, this video.
She has four colours that are basically the same. I get being a makeup fan and wanting the collection, or lots of colours that are similar, but isn't she supposed to be saving money?

She said green goes really well with brown, which is her natural eye colour. Except that she wears contacts every god damn day, so why would brown matter?

Her scabby piercings and swollen lip are disgusting. When she has so many piercings and tattoos, you'd think she'd learn how to take care of them.

She said she was going to use lip liner for most of them, and blue lip liner with the green one. She didn't, and it would have looked a lot better if she had the blue base.

Complains about people "who are supposed to be supporting her" not liking her in black lipstick. Newsflash for you, Rayray: Your boyfriends/husbands don't exist solely to tell you that everything you do is great. They have opinions and feelings of their own and they're allowed to say what they like and don't like. Especially since you probably asked what they thought while fishing for compliments, just like you do with Josh.

And she said at the end that the Jeffree Star lipsticks are $18 in the US, but $35 - $65 in NZ, and yet she didn't…just wait to get to the US to get them for half price?

Can't wait for her to get to small town Southern US and see that it's not just NZ that doesn't like her.

No. 425326

I doubt it was Logan, pretty sure they're not even in touch now and it doesn't sound like something he'd say. Why does she even care what an EX thinks of her anyway?

>He probably doesn't like black lippy on his dick


This. Her crusty ass piercings nearly made me puke. She always looks so fucking filthy, and the badly done tattoos, infected piercings and awful eye makeup only accentuate that. It's also highly amusing she thought having the Emily Boo rip off butterfly (oh sorry MOTH) throat tattoo would make her face look thinner when in fact it further highlights her saggy jowls lel. Side note: it TRIGGERS me a bit that her ears are stretched so low on the lobe, surprised they've not split. Can this bitch do anything right with body mods?

No. 425345


No. 425356


>And she said at the end that the Jeffree Star lipsticks are $18 in the US, but $35 - $65 in NZ, and yet she didn't…just wait to get to the US to get them for half price?

She did pay $18 US for them from beautylish.com. But she splurged $20 on 3-day shipping.

No. 425428

she may have spent $18 USD but conversion rates and shipping are a thing.

No. 425432


The exchange rate is currently 1 NZD = 0.73 USD.

No. 425437

She could buy a ticket from CHC to CAE for ~$1,100 USD, yet she spent almost 10% of it on fucking lipstick.

I wonder if any of that was from the $95 she raised on YouCaring (out of her $1,500 goal)?

Assuming it wasn't, that means she spent $100 on lipstick, ~$70 for the gaming mouse, plus she has $95 in donations. As well as however much she spent on tattoo touch-ups, and probably shitty take-out and other pointless day-to-day expenditures. She could be at least a quarter of the way to a plane ticket—but obviously she "needed" those things more than she needs the flight to Couchland.

She's not going.

No. 425439

File: 1503125853476.png (96.63 KB, 640x1091, IMG_1816.PNG)

Imagine receiving this monstrosity in the mail.

No. 425443

She looks like a meth head with no teeth

No. 425447

I think she doesn't want to go really, and I'm surprised Couchboy hasn't piped up about her frivolous spending (or maybe he has in private convos?). I'd just find it weird and a little insulting if the true luuurve of my life kept throwing away money at pointless shit instead of saving to see me?? Like with the lipstick, why not get fucking NYX or something if she insists on some trendy-ish brand name, then buy JS once she's settled there? Who gives a fuck about wearing lipstick whilst kissing? (or lip locking as she calls it kek) Bitch needs to prioritize…

No. 425454

File: 1503130070022.png (44.37 KB, 800x210, Screenshot_2017-08-19-01-06-23…)

No. 425455

He probably doesn't really want her to come over either lol

No. 425461

Receiving this in the mail is the equivalent of a flaming poop bag on your doorstep. If someone sent this to me, I would wonder what I did to deserve this .

No. 425481

It's hard to get in NZ but easy as fuck and cheaper, to get in the US if she just bought it in a US shop and shipped it to his address and it'd be there waiting on her when she got there.

No. 425488

File: 1503144876083.jpg (67.35 KB, 679x739, gothic ironing board.JPG)

this is just embarrassing.

No. 425490

Anon, that's VERY selfish of you to expect her to wait a few weeks/months for those super important lip locking kiss proof lippies she so desperately needs!!!!! What kind of monster are you to deny her such essential items for her trip to Couchland??? Not like the ticket is that important after all, I mean it's what would actually get her to America, but those JS lipsticks… she'd die if she didn't get her sausage fingers on them.

No. 425499

Guys, she had to get the lipsticks before she left New Zealand because New Zealand's government is her only source of income at the moment. When she moves to the U.S. she won't have it anymore so she can't possibly buy the lipsticks then. Please be more sensitive to the poor woman.

No. 425501

File: 1503151074463.jpg (66.67 KB, 447x549, Vto351Q.jpg)

sage for off topic but kek

No. 425522

kek that got me good anon

No. 425569

File: 1503165772218.jpg (24.05 KB, 643x226, 2.JPG)

She NEEDED the lippies, even though she plans to do "nothing much" with them until after she moves.

No. 425581

Her "use" of them being testing how kiss proof they are, what a fucking waste of money, this bitch is so dumb

No. 425628

File: 1503180774044.png (Spoiler Image,49.33 KB, 720x337, Screenshot_2017-08-18-18-45-27…)

No. 425637


Bucket fanny confirmed.

No. 425640

hilarious, but you also do not need to actually fill in your email or the name field. just for future reference.

No. 425664


She made a video about that.

No. 425681

But she had a kid, isn't she supposed to have the largest or the near largest one? And since she has really bad cramps, of course she is going to feel it. Everything is sensitive as hell down there when it comes to cramping. Maybe she should save the cup for her lighter days instead using it when she is bleeding like the red sea.

No. 425686


kek at her last name retroactively changed to Bradley.

No. 425722

File: 1503204793232.png (501.22 KB, 800x610, Screenshot_2017-08-19-21-46-16…)


That dodgy surface piercing on her wrist is gone. Another waste of $$.

No. 425727


That mouse in the background doesn't look like the Razer Diamondback mouse she purchased recently, I don't think. I googled all the Diamondbacks and all of them glow on the sides as well. If she's not the mouse she just bought then she's a bigger shithead than I thought.

No. 425732

Does anyone think that maybe Raven is receiving gifts from the ex she's banging/living with and isn't spending any of her dough? It wouldn't be unusual for Raven to expect gifts from an employed man.

Especially cause the beautylish crap is gonna be paif off in monthly installments - I think it's 3 months and she's so cocksure she's moving in a couple weeks. The ex might have bought her that. I don't see how an unemployed wellfare queen can own a credit card even but maybe that's just cause I live in a European country.

No. 425737

Damn it, I want her to come to America.
If she stays in NZ what kind of milk will we have?

No. 425738


Preemptively. Not retroactively.

Love, an asshole.

No. 425743

Don't worry, if she stays in NZ she will either cheat on Josh (and change the rules like she did with Logan to say it's not cheating), or leave him and find a new boy toy to tote around.
She'll never be milkless for long, she's too stupid and dramatic about everything.

No. 425748

File: 1503213727715.png (609.06 KB, 1470x843, RavensSwankyNewHat.png)

Uh-oh Looks like Raven got some bad feedback from the seller of her swanky new $9 hat! Can't stop wasting money, eh?

No. 425749

>Ungrateful, spiteful and rude

Yep, that's our Ray Ray

No. 425750

Wtf, she bought that hat? Does she wear stuff like that? Looks more like something old Logan would wear…

No. 425751

I've not used the site before so I'm a bit confused, who wrote what part?

No. 425754

it's easy enough to get a "visa debit card". sort of a combination of the two, you get a credit card number to use but can only spend what is in your bank at that moment.

No. 425755


She didn't change her name until sometime in July, but FB has retroactively changed her name on all of her past posts and comments.

Bigger kek because she posted this comment the day before she and Josh got engaged.

No. 425756


Operative word, "credit."

When she was courting Cj she used Ryan's parents' money to do so while still living with Ryan. They had provided Ryan with a debit card for emergencies, and she told Cj that he was her "emergency."

No. 425759


That's what Raven said about the seller.

No. 425763

File: 1503219701332.png (196.6 KB, 800x1124, Screenshot_2017-08-20-01-56-51…)

No. 425780

I agree with the other anon. Cunt is doing all her shopping on the NZ dole before she has to move to the u.s where she either 1)won't get as much cash as the u.s or
2) she won't qualify for benefits

Lazy fucking bitch. My friend is studying and working part time and barely covers her own rent but because she still makes over a certain amount, she doesn't qualify for rental assistance. Yet this fucking lazy ogre is off buying fucking Jefree Star lipsticks.
Enjoy your lipsticks that tax payers are paying for you Raven, you lazy fucking Shrek in drag, hot topic looking, saggy cunt.

No. 425783

Weve said it looked like a hairy armpit from day 1. Nice to see the gut it making an appearance too

No. 425784

File: 1503227608136.png (179.35 KB, 640x998, IMG_4834.PNG)

No. 425786


>I don't regret it though

sure u don't raven, sure. It's not like you wrote a whole post complaining about it looking like armpit hair

No. 425791

File: 1503229923504.png (172.64 KB, 800x1101, Screenshot_2017-08-20-04-30-38…)

How much did she make in sales?

The items without prices listed received bids up to

1368738442 32.76
1382491887 1.00
1382003440 1.00
1382002674 1.00
1382002380 29.00
1367990049 50.00
1367996102 23.00
1367993121 35.00
1367998707 1.50
1368740752 1.50
1368744747 11.50

The sold prices listed in the images are not all consistent with the prices on the auction pages, but using those amounts she made a total of…

No. 425794

File: 1503230364648.png (188.67 KB, 800x1143, Screenshot_2017-08-20-04-30-50…)

$572.26 NZ

But, yeah, totally justified in "budgeting" that on tattoos because that's "her" money, as she declared in her neck tattoo video.

No. 425797

File: 1503231528399.png (412.22 KB, 800x1103, Screenshot_2017-08-20-05-06-35…)


What did she buy?

Roccos Tattoo Aftercare Kit 20.00 + 7.00 shipping
Tweezerman Tweezers 17.99 + 9.99 shipping
Foundation make-up 9.61

And the aforementioned mouse for 80.00 + shipping

No. 425799


Not really, she does her own piercings. The ridiculous way she does them means she can do most piercings herself.

Shes said in the past she just positions the needle roughly where she wants it and then leans on the needle. Piercings should be quick, needle - jewellery - done. By using her leaning process raven is punishing the area and distressing the skin. Not only is it going to hurt more (she disputes this) you're slowly tearing through your skin which is going to make it more difficult to heal. A piercing done correctly will be fast and leave as little trauma as possible.

So you see, that's most likely why all her piercings are jacked. It doesn't matter if you have a ton of piercings or not, you should get a piercing done in a medically clean environment BY A PROFESSIONAL.

Raven has said in the past that the piercers she has been to in the past fucked up her piercings in one way or another. I recall her bitch about how one girl put a bar in her lip or her cheek and she had swollen up so much her skin started to cover the jewellery. That's a accident raven, that girl can't predict how much your fat face is going to swell up. I guarantee you if you had gone back to the store and explained what happened to the girl who pierced you she would have sorted you out and given you a longer bar for healing.

No. 425801


She could qualify for SNAP (food stamps), but South Carolina offers only limited General Assistance (cash welfare) to families with children.

Applying for and receiving SSI is a very lengthy process, as previously discussed.

No. 425804

Tha fuck! No wonder they're still so crusty if this is how she does it. And for what… properly done piercings are virtually painless, definitely less painful than some tattoos. Jesus.


Nice work. So the difference on sales and purchases is a bit under $430? Then take out tattoos and lipsticks… two steps forward, one step back.

What's the point of selling her stuff, probably mostly bought on Logan's salary, get a good start on plane ticket money, then piss half or most of it away on unnecessary crap?

Also, doesn't it cost money to process a divorce? I haven't seen that mentioned in ages.

No. 425815

>Tha fuck! No wonder they're still so crusty if this is how she does it. And for what…

Probably so she can brag that she's done them all / most of them herself, kind of like some "see how tough I am I can handle pain I do all my piercings myself!!" edgy shit

No. 425824

File: 1503250087724.png (799.79 KB, 800x795, Screenshot_2017-08-20-10-23-16…)

She manages to trash up everything.

No. 425828

How hard would it have been to crop herself out of the photo? Even with her cats death she wants attention, what a fucking vile bitch

No. 425829

Please don't tell me the cat is dead in this and she just seductively posed by the corpse.

No. 425830

noo thank god for that sadly marmalade was all mangled up im actually pretty sad about marmalade she was such a pretty cat deserved to have a better owner

No. 425832

That's a small relief. Just sad that it wouldn't be passed Raven to do that at all if she thought it'd make her ultimate goff queen to do it.

No. 425870

if she was cuddling the cat or something, I'd understand. but posing next to it? she's so desperate.
nice photo of half the cat, in the corner, though.

No. 426146

right? Who looks at their cat sleeping and thinks "I'll pose seductively in a swimsuit next to it"?? not creepy or highly inappropriate at all…

No. 426151


This bitch's entire life is one big photo op. Whether or not it is appropriate never occurs to her.

No. 426171

File: 1503314778431.png (2.12 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170821-232259.png)

Anyone notice the pic in the background? Is that her and her ex?

No. 426172

it looks like rayray and logan
sage for not sure

No. 426173

I think you are right, it looks like the ones taken at their commitment ceremony where she wore that hideous white wig.

No. 426175

File: 1503317554579.jpg (156.24 KB, 1080x633, IMG_4910.JPG)

The only people who should be moaning about fast food prices are the uk

No. 426176

from nz. this is bullshit lol

No. 426182

So good to see that the NZ tax payers' money went to good use for her gastric sleeve surgery, she's just sooooo slim now I mean look at that trim, flat stomach and those skinny legs!! /sarcasm

No. 426232

Yep, the commitment ceremony where she looked like a Jaspion villain.

That does not look flat, like in a frame, tho.
What kind of souvenir is that?

No. 426304

from nz as well, its not that far off if you convert to nzd

No. 426370

OT but whatever happened to her hyperrealistic baby doll thing that her and Logan used to tote around?

No. 426375

Haven't seen it in ages either, I assume she got bored of it and moved on just like she has from all her ex-husbands and her real child.

No. 426445

Why does Ryan help her after all that?

No. 426465

File: 1503357462192.png (505.22 KB, 800x619, Screenshot_2017-08-21-16-15-11…)


That pic was taken before they moved out.

No. 426522

>claims she doesn't post half naked photos of herself
>posts a photo of herself wearing a skirt that most dads of the world would probably call a belt
>also all those goffick nudes, but that's not related to this specific photo

ugh what the fuck?

Things have been really quiet on the couchboy front haven't they? Trouble in paradise maybe?

No. 426540


He commented on her lipstick video.

Ryan comments more than he does on her @the.crimson.queen Instagram.

I don't have access to any of her private accounts.

No. 426553

I feel like she probably gave up on him a while ago. she thought she could squeeze her ticket out of logan (no) to go live in Josh's house (also no)
she's been pissing away money and flapping her pancakes around on social media. she knows she fucked up bad, so she's fishing for a replacement.

No. 426605

you can also see her hard nipples through the shirt, lol.

No. 426612

the ones near her ankles? neat.

No. 426615

File: 1503378031939.png (71.77 KB, 800x495, Screenshot_2017-08-21-21-57-31…)

She makes it sound like she has concrete plans and a ticket.

No. 426617

"for a few more weeks"

Oh Raven, we all know you're just going to keep buying shit

No. 426631

Does she really plan on buying a ticket 2 days before she leaves? That's always expensive. But then again… She's probably just lying and will not go anywhere lol.

No. 426649

she is a whore, he is a john. who do you think paid for those lipstiks and gamer mouse?

No. 426687

File: 1503403778063.png (935.98 KB, 800x916, Screenshot_2017-08-22-05-02-17…)

Raven now has her excuse to dump Josh and claim her citizenship in Germany.

No. 426693

I just did a quick google search, if she leaves on the 5th of sep, it'll be roughly $1000nzd.

I can only imagine it going further up the closer to the date. Ideally she should have bought it months in advance to get a better price.

No. 426705

File: 1503409251120.png (418.94 KB, 689x807, Screenshot_2017-08-22-06-37-24…)

Narcissism incarnate.

No. 426715


Is that Ryan's sneaker in the back? Kek

No. 426717


That's an old pic. It's Logan's. Why she, who claims to be a perfectionist, could never clean up her surroundings for shoots is beyond me.

No. 427247

File: 1503493239500.png (1.45 MB, 1295x691, family_dinner.png)

sage for nostalgic milk but that "Family birthday dinner out with Logan's family" video is a goldmine of keks. Logan's entire family politely ignored her dumb American tourist ass the entire evening, literally she was the only one asking loud questions and filming private family time, even Dorian didn't want to be associated with her. She was so out of place in Logan's family, not for being goff but being this obnoxious middle aged ogre. I imagined what Logan's stepdad saw sitting right next to her at the table and this sideview of her fat saggy face staring at his young stepson is horrifying.

hope some new milk flows soon. go to america, rayray!

No. 427251

kekkk she looks like an ugly emo boy and what's with logan's hair? did she force him to put blue dye in it to match hers? jfc she's pathetic

No. 427259

Oh shit, she looks like grandma here.

No. 427270

File: 1503498962583.png (474.52 KB, 800x677, Screenshot_2017-08-23-07-32-44…)


Logan's younger brother got a lot of camera time.

No. 427276

File: 1503499526662.png (465.99 KB, 800x681, Screenshot_2017-08-23-07-40-18…)


And Raven parentally admonished Logan for making fart sounds while they waited for their table while his Grandmother tried not to stare.

No. 427280

File: 1503500090628.png (492.23 KB, 800x683, Screenshot_2017-08-23-07-52-14…)


Raven embarrassing Dorian.

No. 427282

File: 1503500354404.png (532.58 KB, 768x576, uY9Lt.png)

The restaurant was American cliche kitsch pic related, but she was still the tackiest thing there.

No. 427326

I've never cringed soo much on any of her videos, jesus. And her embarrassing Dorian by calling herself "mommy" infont of everyone, ffs… Yeah, they don't hate her style, it's her whole personality. They all seem to be cringing as well lmao.

No. 427487

Such a pointless bunch of footage. Even getting seated by waitstaff is included.

No. 427493

She's currently live streaming herself getting yet another hideous armpit tattoo on facebook- this one's a tarantula.

No. 427534


There goes the remainder of the TradeMe profits.


No. 427537

File: 1503535360519.png (100.2 KB, 800x639, Screenshot_2017-08-23-17-37-24…)

Speaking of TradeMe, she's blown another $100.00 since the last tally.

1395285728 Western Digital 3tb Elements $56.00

No. 427543

File: 1503535731214.png (188.75 KB, 800x822, Screenshot_2017-08-23-17-43-58…)

No. 427544

File: 1503535800787.png (313.58 KB, 800x825, Screenshot_2017-08-23-17-44-32…)


So necessary.

No. 427585

she is never going to america. wow. cos i doubt she's having this stuff shipped directly to couchboy's house.

No. 427589

things have been going downhill on the front since she found out Josh lives on the couch. it's fucking fantastic. Logan has escaped and is being cared for by his family. Dorian has escaped and has his cute gf. Raven can't escape herself, so she just keeps fucking up. warms my black little heart.

No. 427610

Jesus christ. My friend's mother has blue hair, looks like an aging old goth, but is pretty bad ass and gets respect from everyone she meets. She's a pagan that's heavily involved in the BSDM community (with two husbands and a sex slave) and the pastor of her local church community service center really gets along well with her because she helps with cleaning, donations and other stuff since her kids swim and play there. He often likes to say the pagans take better care of the church than his own constitutes. Anyways, I don't mean to blog, but you'd be surprised how people DON'T give a shit how you look when you're a decent human being. I'm sure that Raven's attraction to goth isn't just for attention, but it lets her use "I'm different" as an excuse as to why people hate her.

No. 427614

It's amazing. She can't admit (wether to the "haters" or to herself as well we can't be sure) that it's not the fairytale perfect romance she has hyped it up to be, so she is trying to find some way for it to fail and for it not to be her fault for being completely wrong about Josh and leaping into a way too serious relationship way too fast.

It's such sweet milk that Logan and Dorian get to go on and have their lives free of her because she threw a fit and said she was going to the US with or without them, and they were both like "okay bye". It's wonderful. Even if she never goes to the States, this has been great for everyone - Logan and Dorian are out of her grasp, she's all alone and providing just as much milk for us as ever.

No. 427616

>Logan and Dorian are out of her grasp,
goodness gracious we can only hope that this is the case. i wouldn't put it past her to try and wheedle her way back into their lives.

THIS. idc even if your post is bloggy because it's so right on point. Plus she's used it as yet another excuse for why she can't work, but like… idk I've dressed goth to work before, albeit a bit more toned down, and in some office environments no one cares as long as you get your work done effectively. Raven just likes having excuses when really she's lazy and has a shit personality.

No. 427617

Raven would probably get in trouble for coming to work unwashed and in sweats rather than being too gawth. And there are tons of places that welcome heavy piercings and tattoos. Hell, if she tried receptionist work at a tattoo place, she'd probably get a discount, maybe fix up her scratcher's work and have a lot people compliment her. I've noticed that alternative/gothic people really compliment each other a lot.

No. 427660

LOL ok granted I live in a different country but I've worked everything from retail to construction, never had my appearance brought up as an issue and I definitely am noticably tattooed and pierced. I doubt NZ is significantly more intolerant towards body mods than Canada , so nice try, Raven. Also, I don't buy the tailbone excuse or whatever it was, you can easily get a job that will accomodate to that, and she is obviously not bed ridden. She's just a lazy asshole who doesn't want to work. I wonder what her resume would look like if she did, though. Does she even have any work experience??

No. 427664

she has experience in being a whore. that's literally her only skill

No. 427679

She'll absolutely try. She'll realise soon enough how hard she fucked up and try and get them back with more emotional manipulation. So far it seems like Logan's mom is being awesome in undoing the brainwashing, but I worry that Dorian will fall for it again since it's all the poor kid's ever known. Hopefully he stays well away though. Family has no right to treat you like shit.

No. 427692

File: 1503555755602.png (980.82 KB, 800x1028, Screenshot_2017-08-23-23-16-13…)

She got not one…

No. 427696

File: 1503556166701.png (948.88 KB, 800x1007, Screenshot_2017-08-23-23-16-35…)

Not two…

No. 427698

That's vile…

No. 427699

File: 1503556305952.png (1.2 MB, 800x1018, Screenshot_2017-08-23-23-17-00…)

But three new tattoos!

The Joshua tattoo has faded terribly again, and that coverup of a coverup will likely heal just as badly.

And confirmed, she is wearing the wedding ring set she bought in preparation for her marriage to Cj.

No. 427709

I can't tell where that is exactly, leg or not. Did she just copy Emily boos Disney theme, I think Emily mentioned something about Maleficent NOT SURE. I'll watch that video again. It was the leg tattoo tour video that emily did.

No. 427714

Emily already have a original Disney animation Maleficent on her arm.
Ravens looks like it his on her fat ankle.

That moon/cloud key is one of the worst tattoos I have ever seen.
Anyone know why she covered the already very bad ankh?

Yep, recycling tokens of affection again. That's our Ray Ray.

No. 427716

I really hope he hates her now and that his mom did a good job of giving him his life back.

I don't follow Raven on FB, but has she been posting lovey dovey stuff with Josh lately? In the beginning they were all over eachothers timelines. But maybe it got stale now, I mean the relationship is like 2 months old, you know how relationships tune down after such a long time, lmao.

No. 427718

File: 1503560160709.png (493.3 KB, 800x788, Screenshot_2017-08-24-00-30-42…)

No. 427722

Emily has a maleficent tattoo AND a moon on her finger. Ravens so desperate to be her

No. 427723

File: 1503560505723.png (472.62 KB, 800x769, Screenshot_2017-08-24-00-38-39…)

No. 427724

File: 1503560702810.png (60.92 KB, 640x553, IMG_5012.PNG)

And this is from years ago. It's like raven is watching her old videos and copying them we already know she has no shame when it comes to copying other people's work

No. 427725

wtf she's wasting money on crap that requires room to display it, otherwise it's just clutter.

In Raven relationship time, 2 months is practically like being an old married couple for normies. But yeah, isn't Josh meant to be her full time social media white knight?

No. 427726

She's not going any where and she knows it

No. 427740

I see, I knew she had it somewhere. I knew she had a queen tats couldn't remember who was where lol,ty.

No. 427743

File: 1503565822905.png (1.27 MB, 800x1167, Screenshot_2017-08-24-02-07-33…)

Did she buy these today, too?

No. 427744

>shipping all this crap from NZ to US
Yeah, she's not going. RIP Logan and Dorian's newly found peace.

No. 427746

It honestly might be worth it for one or both of them to buy her a one-way ticket to the US.

No. 427748

Diana Clutter Bradley for you, sir.

No. 427753

If I were loaded, I'd book a ticket for her and mail it to her in one of those gift cards with a pic of her in a g-string on the front.

I'd pre-book a really shitty seat far away from emergency exits.

No. 427757

File: 1503574787313.jpg (509.83 KB, 2400x2400, IMG_2225.JPG)

She's totally gonna get back with her ex…

Didn't this guy have a pool and shit ? And he was buying her stuff constantly safe to say she's getting used to money being thrown at her again, Bit suspicious that she moves in with her ex and all of a sudden she's got tons of money flowing again …

So disappointed

No. 427762

File: 1503577163631.png (1.47 MB, 1334x750, IMG_2227.PNG)

This is my new favourite photo, Ever.

No. 427765

>so white and beautiful

the fuck?

No. 427767


She has said that he is very racist.

No. 427768

Doesn't surprise me anymore she dates total social rejects.

Also anyone with any knowledge of tattooing please go watch the Logan and my birthday tattoo video, The hygiene from these " tattooists " made me cringe, The cable on the machine isn't even bagged and it's dragging all over her and the new tattoo..

For anyone not au fait on tattoo's when you get tattooed essentially tiny particles of blood fly up into the air and over the equipment and whatever you can't realistically clean properly must be bagged with disposable bags to prevent the old favorites of HIV, Hep and other fun blood born diseases…

No. 427769

To make matters worse she's just left the place with the brand new tattoo uncovered, Wearing jewelry and pulling her hair into it…

Honestly could throw up, I'm surprised she hasn't ended up with a staph infection.

No. 427770

Why does she choose armpit tattoos that look like hairy armpits? And another spider jeez ray ray. How predictable

No. 427775

That's funny because for a while, when she was defending trying to hook up with CJ, she really dragged him thru the mud about how abusive he was. Wow. But yeah he's terrible and abusive so go live with him and lift weights and probably fuck him when yr teenage childbride is at work.

No. 427777

Right? And she doesn't even LIKE spiders she said it herself. Oh but it's a tarantula and blue so it must be cool and original, not…

lmao same man, or put her in a seat by the toilets so she can at least smell the kind of thing she spews constantly

No. 427786

Extracting the subtitles now.

No. 427789

"Don't worry guys, this is all budgeted, this is not from ticket money"


No. 427797

Love that she HAD to mention Logan was calling her in during this video - they talk allllll the time, guys.

Bitch, we know you lying.

And she threw in that he's not interested in dating right now. Well, he certainly isn't going to tell you if he is, Ray Ray.

No. 427802

We were right - the couch got to her. She made her new penis go out and get a job, so that he can get his own place, so that she can move.

No. 427807

I can't fucking cope, why doesn't she cover her tattoos dry healing is almost obsolete now in tattooing that's why all hers look like dogshit because they've been healed so badly and the fact they look like they were done by a convict, Touching a fresh tattoo is just fucking bad practice, I've never been more irritated by one person in my whole life.

also Kek at her ex totally in the room with her.

No. 427813

File: 1503588455728.png (88.62 KB, 800x633, Screenshot_2017-08-24-08-04-27…)


So as I've mentioned in my other video I'm trying to get caught up on some of my tattoos before I leave, but now I budgeted for this. This is not coming out of ticket money or anything like that. I've got one appointment left, and that is for my back, to finish my back.

[Tattoo show-and-tell followed by showing off her two new plush unicorns. She sounds like a child describing them; she says that she could only afford one and that the second one was "bought for her" after she begged for it because she didn't have enough money for both. She shows off more things that she has recently purchased. Then she returns to talking about her tattoos, describing her new aftercare regimen using the $20 kit she just bought on TradeMe; the moon on her finger is the fourth or fifth coverup.]

The move is still happening, it's been pushed back just a little bit. Josh has just gotten his job [pic related] his really really good job, so he's just starting, and as soon as he gets a place I'm gone. So I'm very close to the ticket money. I'm about…I'm between three and five hundred dollars off, so I as soon as I get that, I'll have it somehow…[gets distracted by Logan calling her]…I'll have it before he's ready for me. But yeah as soon as he gets a place pretty much I'm over there. So I've gotten my bags and shit all packed up and ready to go. So it might be between three and five weeks I estimate.

Logan and I are getting along great. We talk pretty much every day, almost every day. We see each other at least once or twice a week. Everything's fine. Oh um he is not interested in dating, he is having fun just hanging out with his friends at the moment and stuff. He's having fun just hanging out with his friends and just having friends and just, you know, he doesn't want anybody, so you know that's pretty cool. I haven't stopped him from dating or anything like that. He's just not interested. He just wants to hang out with his friends which is all good. He just wants to chill out and just live for a while. But um we are still on really good terms, so everything's cool there that's we're dealing with it a lot better than we were at the beginning. It's just like, you know, whatever.

No. 427823

The desperation at letting people know he's not interested in dating. I always knew she thought someone was after her childbride but she's still possessive. Hilarious. Man, he cleans up a little and improves that shitty attitude from being with Raven, he'd get himself a cute girl. Raven will die inside.

No. 427824

Getting the lash line and outline darkened on that armpit eyeball, gross. It already looks like armpit hair/vagina.

No. 427832

I hope people ask her about the wedding rings she is wearing.

The "cheap little" Maleficent crown tattoo was done by someone other than her usual artist. She's such an addict.

Why did she film her armpit in a moving car? Couldn't she wait until she got home?

Did she or will she be selling her car? Six months ago she listed car payments as a monthly expense.

No. 427833

Yeah so I guess she's on her way to it anyway because
>Logan just called me


No. 427857

But it was totally his own place guys! His brother and mom just stayed there every once in a while but it's totally his place!!! And even if they did live there Diana wouldn't care one bit!

Oh the laughs I'm getting from this. I bet one of those intense arguments was her bitching about him lying about it. Ah, the most perfect relationship ever.

No. 427858

how convenient that he suddenly landed a 'dream job' lmao this bitch is so transparent.

No. 427895


>Logan just called me

>The little unicorn was bought for her

Who eles thinks she is trying to make Josh jealous of her and force him to rush and get a real job/home for them?
She is prob telling him that 'she cannot move untill he fix thinks up', and is using the videos, that he watches, to prove him she 'still has her two exes supporting her'.

No. 427907

No. 427915

nailed it

No. 427930

File: 1503602658173.png (863.01 KB, 596x737, Untitled.png)


She's never been with CJ irl anon, they dated online for about a year and he duped her into getting his name tattooed on her wrist and they broke up and then hooked up later again and he duped her again - shocker - so she bought him an airplane ticket and he stopped talking her after that.

The ex in NZ is her ex-hubbo no.3, Ryan. That's the dick she's riding atm.

Nice Nair, Raven. Shaving your gorilla bod to be sexy for ex top kek

No. 427931

*airplane ticket that she bought using money earned from prostituting herself.

Because a person who she had never met, who repeatedly screwed her over, was worth selling her body for, but providing for her son never was.

No. 427938

i have to wonder how the fuck she gets guys (even losers) and im still fucking single im fat but im way prettier. maybe im not skanky enough?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 427942

File: 1503603440301.gif (472.4 KB, 245x181, Cs7e7rV.gif)


Exactly. Her broke ass allegedly managed to ger own aparment, get it furnished so the she's never met irl and whom she caught cheating on her several times felt comfy in the new apartment, she got a coffee maker, a shit ton of CJ's favorite coffee and all sorts of other goodies oh AND SPRANG FOR AIRFARE but oh noes Dorian and me were homeless and when we weren't our housemates made us sleep on the floor

No. 427951

File: 1503604118183.png (644.26 KB, 703x738, whorebl00dwix.png)

samefag but the britanon who made a fake website back in 2014 titled whorebl00d.wix.com/raven called it first

sage ur blogging fatty maggoo

No. 427989

because raven appeals to the lowest common denominator. you can get men too if you fuck any dipshit who gives you the time of day.

No. 427990

exactly, any brits here know the show Jeremy Kyle? some ugly ass fucks on there are getting laid…

No. 427991


sage your autism

No. 427995

Anyone else thinks the tattoo on her neck just made her face look way fatter and plump?
Or maybe she is gaining weight at Ryans.

No. 428029

Ray Ray smelling her fish fingers.

No. 428031

No. 428032

It wasn't just the couch she balked at, I reckon, but Saluda itself, hence why he's not just moving, but moving "closer to work" some place else.

I noticed she doesn't have the "loved with a love that was more than a month" intro in this vid.

And why would anyone buy plush toys before they pack for international travel on a budget?!

She's the goth version of a basic bitch.

No. 428065

File: 1503618465000.png (854.5 KB, 781x523, i01U5iZ.png)

Oh geez, her new coverup looks nasty. It's just a rough black blotch and the yellow doesn't look solid at all.

No. 428098


I'm pretty annoyed by the fact she's trying to justify her retarded purchases by being all "oh it was only $4 at kmart so i got like 6 of them".

Bitch has no concept of how money works. If she was really trying to fucking save money she'd stop buying shit.

No. 428102


You're late.

No. 428109

She also spent Ryan's parents' money on wooing Cj.


This video isn't solely about their relationship, so no intro.

No. 428115

File: 1503622161323.png (45.61 KB, 800x218, Screenshot_2017-08-24-17-39-33…)


The "old rings" you originally bought for your wedding to Cj >>424979

No. 428137


What a fucking whore. Seriously. She's wearing her ex-husband's and ex-fiance's rings but stopped wearing Josh's military ring which two weeks ago she said she's nevah taking off uwu

It's happened. Couchboy Josh has become truly undeserving of this trash vampire.

Wanna bet Logan is nowhere near his old wedding ring? He probably threw it into the volcano already.

No. 428139

Omg I love Jeremy Kyle. Aussie fag here. I'd love to see Raven go on there and be torn a new one by Jeremy.

No. 428147

Also an Aussie fag. Jeremy Kyle is my shouty AF spirit animal

No. 428164


She's wearing Josh's military ring on a chain around her neck because she got her finger tattooed.

No. 428167

next to her ex husband's wedding ring…this woman is so fucking materialistic. why would you want to wear jewelry with sentimental value when you didn't even like that guy enough to stay with him?

No. 428200

it's like she is collecting scalps or something

No. 428234

File: 1503637141780.jpg (16.05 KB, 480x360, 1360561244522.jpg)

Who the fuck let her own and use nail polish? She should be ashamed for showing those terribly painted sausages for the world to see.

No. 428243

I know she's worked as a sex worker in the past, but IIRC it wasn't something she did for long or did well at either (why am I not surprised).
IMO Raven would really struggle because she is incapable of displaying the skills needed to succeed in an industry that requires some modicum of self discipline and a passable work ethic.

She'd definitely have a hard time cultivating a regular client base because that's primarily dependent on the worker's engaging personality, which isn't exactly her strong suit. And since regulars are the primary source of income she'd find it tough going without them.

Added to which the job is hard work; you need to be able to act as a counselor, sex therapist and sexy whore (often all at once), you need to be able to budget really well to account for the inevitable quiet periods and you need to stay healthy both mentally and physically while doing so.

And you definitely need to have the self discipline to work even when you don't want to, to smile and be charming even when you're in a shitty mood, to be professional around your co-workers and not throw tantrums if you don't make $ that shift and then still go in for your next shift knowing there's always the possibility that you won't earn $ that day either.

But I reckon the most difficult thing for Raven would be the fact that you need to have the psychological wherewithal to separate your work persona from your personal self which can be tricky, especially when dealing with clients for whom you've developed a genuine fondness (and that does happen).
Can you imagine Raven being able to keep her work self separated from her "normal" self? She'd be running off with some client in no time, and that's not exactly considered to be a great start to a relationship.

At the end of the day Raven could lose 20kg, get a nose job, wear flattering makeup and clothes and she still wouldn't do well because she's so obnoxious. I can't imagine that many clients would come back to waste their time and money with her.

TL/DR being a successful whore would be far too difficult for Raven because it's actually hard work

No. 428267


her nails trigger me ugh

No. 428311


>TL/DR being successful would be far too difficult for Raven because it's actually hard work


No. 428314

I really think Raven should thank the farms.
She was going to fall for that "my mom visits sometimes" sob story, but since she lurks here everyfuckingday she saw all the proof farmhands gathered and now he's got a job and MAYBE she has a minuscle chance of not living in her soon-to-be-inlaws couch.

You're welcome, Rayray.

No. 428317

'I don't want to bring money up in the relationship'
>finds out he lives on his mom's couch
'OK, fuck this, definitely bringing money up.'

Nice that couchboy is improving himself, still don't believe granny goth is going to get her fat ass over there. not for him, anyway.

No. 428318

It's so funny because if the roles were reversed like if Josh had an old ring/keepsake from an ex and she found out it used to belong to another woman, she would lose her shit! I hate how she dictates her interactions with other men and her current partners are just expected to deal with it, she's allowed to hang out with exes and keep in contact, accept gifts and housing but she goes nuts if the shoe is on the other foot. What a nightmare! Why do guys even put up with her?

No. 428321

Well… there are two dark holes between all that flabby loose skin.

No. 428326

Yeah, but as Logan found out the hard way: "If you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes into you."

No. 428373

Scalps would be less tacky.

No. 428458

File: 1503687228766.jpg (950.31 KB, 1080x1964, Screenshot_20170825-144403.jpg)

She sure is clinging hard to the Couchland fantasy…

No. 428460


No. 428462

Cringed harder than ever.

No. 428464

File: 1503688188845.jpg (42.07 KB, 600x381, myths-neanderthals.jpg)

Knew I recognised him.

No. 428474

File: 1503689073390.jpg (236.31 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_5101.JPG)

He looks more and more like a crack addict every time I see him. Kek for smooth editing her cheek piercing but not washing her face around it

No. 428475

She still calls herself a girl.

No. 428485

>possibly buying a ticket around sept 20

does she mean a ticket FOR the 20th, or that's the date she'll be actually buying the ticket? because if it's the latter, she's DEFINITELY not going to be there within the next month.

No. 428534

she means 'the haterz are still getting to me, so here's some random date to prove I'm totally serious'

No. 428616


Is this her primary account, or did she also post this on her Raven Bradley account? Or is her Raven Bradley account just used for showing off the last name of her current fiance/husband?

No. 428644

despite the crack addict look i still think he's way out of her league visually…same with all her exes. Is there a general consensus of how she keeps doing this?

No. 428656

File: 1503709695103.jpg (16.67 KB, 393x197, not single.JPG)


No. 428663

who could resist an opening intro like that? what a catch.

No. 428671

i wonder if she even still likes the dude or is just putting up a front like she did with logan for months. lel

No. 428678

>the final couchdown

No. 428691

Raven is one of those people who can't recognize infatuation or interest, and gets all obsessed and thinks they're in love. Perhaps she just looks for guys who are also like that, and they are more responsive to that intense and aggressive kind of behavior rather than her looks or anything like that. Some guys just like crazy chicks.

No. 428695

goth fetish. the more of a taste for extreme body mods, the less the girl beneath them matters. uggos aren't afraid to make themselves uglier and he's just there to put his dick in something ~dark and dangerous goff~ so

No. 428744

I guess there just aren't many or any other goth girls in the area then.

No. 428759

>dat cro magnid browline

No. 428767

Looks like the silhouette of her body. Saggy boobs, fat gut, fat legs tapering off into hooves…

Noob. Hope I dun this right

No. 428786


Nice catch!

That "cheap little tattoo," as she described it, is terribly executed. Shaky lines, uneven spacing, and lack of symmetry when the design requires precision.

No. 428821

Funny thing she know describes them as "cheap little tattoos"…
Someone told her on facebook to finish all her pieces while in NZ cuz the prices for tattoos in the US are unreal.
She replied

>> Here is worse… $150 minimum

So… how many $150 has she blown away already?

No. 428834


The Maleficent tattoo was done by someone else, not her usual artist. What happened to all of her declarations of loyalty, that she would never get tattooed by anyone else?

No. 428835

I'm confused by the placement of the Maleficent tattoo, where is it exactly in that picture? I mean those kind of look like legs/knees but there's NO WAY those are her legs unless she's heavily shopped the pic. Also isn't it funny that she's NEVER mentioned liking Maleficent but we all know the girl she stalks, copies and obsesses over does…

No. 428836

No. 428837

Looks like the front of her ankle

No. 428853

It is. Her feet are in some kind of black cat slippers.

No. 428859

Ahhh I see it now, thanks lol

No. 428870

File: 1503749499804.png (204.64 KB, 800x993, Screenshot_2017-08-26-05-07-57…)

What's another $20.00 plus $4.95 shipping?

No. 428880

Size 10? Oh boy…

No. 428892

File: 1503757621800.jpg (148.15 KB, 900x900, hulk gut 2.jpg)

No. 428955

Kreepsville are sized big so labelled 10 is more of a U.K. 12-14

No. 429038

raven is also sized big so this might fit around one of her legs but that'll be about it. RIP little dress.

No. 429063

holy shit, clean your fucking cuticles!
It's not hard- use a small firm angled brush dipped in acetone (or acetone mixed with glycerine if you're worried about the drying effects)
Why bother putting on polish if you can't even do something that simple

sage for mani rage

No. 429065

underrated comment

Reminds me of that old 80's song.
That should be their theme song ~it's the finaaal couchdown!~ played with a moving montage of their beautiful photos of love

No. 429097

File: 1503803471718.jpg (56.35 KB, 515x916, ravenblob1.jpg)

I dunno if this will work, I don't use photoshop bc I suck

No. 429100


Holy shit…

No. 429105

oh, it works. it works perfectly. that's fucking gold.

No. 429112

File: 1503809949602.png (596.86 KB, 589x1088, Screenshot_2017-08-26-21-55-33…)


Josh finally made an appearance to mark his territory.

No. 429198

kekkkkk my sides

No. 429202

You - fuckin genius!
We know she lurks here….awww, have we ruined her new tat for her? Never mind, Ravy - it's so badly done it'll be one big blodge before the end of the year.

No. 429212

The best part is that her point of view of the tat is exactly that.

No. 429213

This is an awful photo. She looks like a goth Jabba. What is it about her that has couchboy wanting to marry her?

No. 429230

>yours forever

No. 429257

File: 1503849039083.png (1.22 MB, 931x725, Untitled.png)

>almost 45
>bought this headband because it reminds her of a pillow she owns
>bought 2

she possesses a level of selfishness and stupidity actual retards have

No. 429263

but those headbands are like SOOOO important anon!!!! dear lord

No. 429328

Nasty old takeout containers in the background, a Ziploc bag full of what looks like actual shit, and all that junk on the counter. Bitch needs to clean her room before doing this shit.

Safe for no contributions and pettiness. And for double post because I'm retarded

No. 429347

wow, you can really tell she wants to be with Josh. only the necessities*!

*necessities include but are not limited to: makeup, tattoos, figurines, hair bands, more tattoos, piercings + jewellery…

No. 429403

LOL you know you're on like 90 levels of materialism when you justify buying shit because it reminds you of other shit you bought for no reason.

No. 429421

so next will be a ($150 minimum) tattoo that reminds her of the headband that reminds her of the pillow?

No. 429459


ahahaha oh my god it looks like a garbage bin threw up behind her. dear god raven, aren't you ashamed of your own filth?

i bet she stinks of unwashed sheets, wet towels and old socks

No. 429626

File: 1503905600226.png (939.4 KB, 676x895, Screenshot_2017-08-28-00-25-18…)

An animation of bats flying out of her nether regions.

For as much of a clotheshorse as she is, she is wearing that dress threadbare.


No. 429645

I think that was one of Ryans favorite dresses. She has an entire shoot in it. Remember >>418725

So.. funny she is wearing the shit out of that dress now she is living with him.

No. 429651

She also took pictures of Logan wearing it, so it's been around the block almost as much as Raven herself.

No. 429669

Funny thing is it actually fit Logan and looked better on him, kek

No. 430192

File: 1504016572828.png (402.9 KB, 490x571, lardass.png)

No. 430193

lmfao she is just rubbing it in to Josh's face now. wow.

No. 430195


That needs a spoiler.

No. 430199

Wtf sparse?? $20??? That thing is fucking huge! Wasting money on all fronts. Over priced burrito and tax dollars that paid for her weight loss surgery.

No. 430205

well, she has been bulking up for a while … maybe this is a last ditch attempt to get more surgery on someone else's dime before she goes to couchland.

No. 430208

I gagged, that shit looks disgusting. Isn't this bitch diabetic? How can she shovel crap like that into her fat face?

No. 430210

wtf i would have a hard time eating this and shes the one with weightloss surgery. did she have a gastric bypass or her stomach made smaller?because if it was her stomach shes definitely stretched it out again.

No. 430215

dear lord I hope not. They should refuse on the basis she's had it done before and obviously can't control her whale self

No. 430222


iirc she has said that she no longer requires insulin since she lost weight following her gastric sleeve surgery (she has a separate YT channel about it). The real test will be when she with her non-existent impulse control returns to the US and its unlimited cheap refined carbs.

No. 430227

Come on guys, you all know she is gonna eat that for weeeeks… She said she only eats a bite or two a meal kek

No. 430245

She's not going to couchland, and will blame it on the haters.

No. 430256

I think ealier at some point Josh said he was into fat chicks. In some of the q&a or something, when asked about ravens weight.

No. 430261

He said he doesn't like skinny skinny girls and prefers them with a little more weight and had said he tells Raven to eat more all of the time. She's going to end up blowing back up after a few months in the US, if she even manages to get there.

No. 430263

If he tells Raven the whale to eat more he is into obese BBW fetish shit, and is prob. a feeder.
Raven Bradley 2k18

No. 430290


She's a $20 burrito.

No. 430398

File: 1504050081630.jpg (254.65 KB, 933x1083, raven 2k19.jpg)


I was just joking. Agreed she's not going to couchland, she can't save any money for one seat, how could she pay for the two she's gonna need at this rate.

No. 430541

File: 1504091257056.png (165.4 KB, 569x523, Screen Shot 2017-08-30 at 12.0…)

doesnt surprise me, he liked kids to kek

No. 430543

kek accurate, except she should be posing in a swimsuit next to the (dead) cat

No. 430584

I'm from New Mexico in the US and we have burritos almost that size for 5 bucks. Raven is a retard bragging about the price while having a gofundme set up. And that looks disgusting…why brag about double meat? This bitch is going to blow up fast. Please come to the US soon, Raven.

No. 430585

File: 1504102062409.png (116.32 KB, 640x926, IMG_5260.PNG)

Did she just admit she cheated?

No. 430586

File: 1504102082925.png (144.55 KB, 640x1034, IMG_5261.PNG)

No. 430610

File: 1504107009755.jpg (30.7 KB, 280x280, pic_2204_1344431950.jpg)

>very efficient liars

No. 430978

Is she in some kind of passive aggressive fight with Josh? Sending all this dabs at him, I don't understand. If he really follows everything she does on social media religiously, he must've seen this. Is he okay with this?
Or maybe he's just too stupid or is also a cheater so it's like lol.

No. 430998

If they are fighting I can't see it. They're still love bombing the shit out of each other on her fb.

No. 431025

I still think it is part of the ploy >>427895

No. 431084

File: 1504205367129.png (17.89 KB, 486x263, e;wbifr 2.png)

I love how all of a sudden she admits to him not even having his own bed and trying to find a house now. We called it him being on the couch but nope they wouldn't admit it and she even said she'd be fine if his mother lived there. Looks like that changed.

No. 431089

>in the process of getting his own life together
more like in the process of getting high all the time.

No. 431097

File: 1504209989878.png (799.26 KB, 1163x613, Screen Shot 2017-08-31 at 21.0…)

No. 431098

File: 1504210007293.png (242.55 KB, 855x646, Screen Shot 2017-08-31 at 21.0…)

return the 200$ bear?

No. 431102

She has no shame at all. All that makeup, all that tattoos, now those 'gifts'… if he wanted to help her, he would give her the fucking ticket, not waste on a $200 teddy bear for a 50yo.

No. 431103

>I don't know what to do at this point

How is she even a real person with this little self awareness?
Don't get tattoos. Don't get piercings. Don't buy toys. Don't buy makeup. Sell your stuff (you'll only have to pay more to ship it anyway).

Also ew that some poor family is gonna have to stay in Raven't filthy hovel. She'll leave it in such a state.

She is absolutely hopeless and shameless. She can't even just NOT post about all her new shit online - she has to show it off and then gets mad when she gets called out for it.

No. 431104

or pawn all the rings and various crap you bought over the last few weeks….i would say she's naive, but she's not. she's just a selfish materialistic idiot.

can't wait for her to strand herself in the US after couchboy's mom kicks her out of the house. raven is incapable of getting along with other women.

No. 431109

I have the fear that she will try to move back with Logan.

No. 431110

I think he's with his family now so I don't think they'll let that happen.

No. 431114


Logan's mom and her girl friend look like two mean bulldykes (even tho she's married to his stepfather) but my point is they don't look like sweet mommy pushovers and they don't like Raven, so if Logan manages to move back in with Raven despite the protection ring he must be currently in, then he deserves what he gets and he's a fucking lost cause.

No. 431123

File: 1504215726748.png (166.56 KB, 800x404, Screenshot_2017-08-31-14-36-37…)


Logan got ripped-off.

No. 431124

I think she has one brain cell
She is completely driven by her impulses unreflected and she believes her opinions are absolute and that she knows everything
So immature
She's like the seven deadly sins personified and has no inner adult governing that

sage for no contribution

No. 431125

Or she could be bullshitting to make it seem like he cares more about her than he does. That bear isn't even cute.

No. 431131

I was about to say: That is one fugly bear. Raven has such tacky taste.

No. 431146


200nz$ = £110gbp
£50gbp = 90nz$

Yeah he absolutely was..

No. 431214

Raven's tempcow thread


during which time she

- posted a video of her trip to the mall with Logan to buy the cherished bear with the ugly face and a few other tacky toys

- posted a video review of a pair of cheap glasses

- got her back gash tattoo finished

No. 431217

Raven and Logan's trip to the mall

No. 431220

File: 1504985978513.png (121.93 KB, 800x469, Screenshot_2017-09-02-17-52-05…)

No. 431224

File: 1504986040054.png (49.14 KB, 800x215, Screenshot_2017-09-02-17-55-56…)

No. 431232


She lied. The manufacturer does not sell to retail customers and does not disclose the trade price without registration as a trade buyer (reseller), and it sells to a very limited number of countries:


No. 431243

File: 1504987831795.png (230.13 KB, 800x667, Screenshot_2017-09-02-18-29-06…)


The video opens with her sitting in her car waiting for Logan to join her after his long day at work so that they can rush to the mall before it closes. If they don't make it in time or if the bear is no longer there, she doesn't know what she will do! She thanks him profusely to the camera but not directly in person. She mentions that he is giving her money each week.

Over a minute of the video is wasted on the travelator.

Once they reach the bear kiosk she scans the bears for the one she has so desperately desired since she first saw it "years ago" when she, Logan, and Dorian visited the mall in a family day out video which she has since made private. She rushed to the white Sophia bear. Logan remarks that it is ugly and she responds, "But look at the name!" as she flips over its tag to reveal that…it's not the Logan bear.


She asks him if there are any more on the other side of the display and looks at the tags of the other bears trying to find the Logan bear. Despite it not being the bear she wanted and not liking its face, she gets the Sophia bear anyway. She sounds very unsure when she hands it to the salesperson and says meekly that she likes it. She treats the friendly salesperson dismissively and rudely.

In the food court she attempts to make herself like its "ugly face" by finding a pleasing angle from which to look at it. Logan comments that she shouldn't put the white bear on the dingy table.

"Where should I put it?"

"On the box."

"Oh, I didn't think of that."

"That's not surprising."

She criticises his facial hair and says that he looks like a grumpy old man. He fidgets his new spinner while she shows off the other toys that she made him buy for her.

He appears to have gotten his swastika-looking tattoo covered with a blob.

No. 431244

File: 1504987909660.png (244.76 KB, 800x661, Screenshot_2017-09-02-18-25-37…)


The other toys.

No. 431249

Raven's review of the cheap prescription glasses service from Firmoo in which she mentions her $1000 glasses with Prada frames.