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File: 1447967609771.jpg (225.14 KB, 1080x720, whyyyygodwhyy.jpg)

No. 207383

I was going to post this in the ugly thread, but I think this deserves its own thread. Basically a potential lolcow, a total tumblerina proud of how she looks.



No. 207384

File: 1447967877688.png (1.55 MB, 1516x788, help.png)

No. 207385

File: 1447967952894.png (2.03 MB, 1550x664, tumblrina.png)

I know this is maybe better as /snow/ material, but tbh I have no idea what this is. Is it a lolcow? Is it saxy after hormone replacement therapy? I'm so confused.

No. 207386

File: 1447968285856.png (694.12 KB, 704x644, wtf.png)

It's an autistic, nonbinary, agender lesbian according to the dumblr description

No. 207387

It's like Frida Kahlo and the guy from the Human Centipede 2 had a baby.

No. 207388

File: 1447968886377.png (762.08 KB, 757x652, 99sd99.png)

No. 207389

File: 1447969090902.jpg (70.61 KB, 500x333, tumblr_na8p3ylsc71qdmvbuo2_500…)

No. 207390

File: 1447969393895.png (680.2 KB, 704x644, wd.png)

No. 207391

Mother of God…

No. 207392

No. 207393

She looks 50 before she's even 50 tho

No. 207394

File: 1447970755953.jpg (111.21 KB, 500x667, tumblr_mqenanpT7U1qdmvbuo1_500…)

she's claiming she has gastrioparesis

from the mayo clinic

"Signs and symptoms of gastroparesis include:

>A feeling of fullness after eating just a few bites
Abdominal bloating
Abdominal pain
Changes in blood sugar levels
>Lack of appetite
>Weight loss and malnutrition"

No. 207395

File: 1447970819137.jpg (75.11 KB, 500x333, tumblr_nc3v5tW20Z1qdmvbuo1_500…)

she's also eating heartily while having a feeding tube

I think not eating like a hog would really help her health problems

but she doesn't want to get better, she's on disability now and claims she never wants to work

No. 207396

I didn't not expect that voice to come out of that thing.

God, she's fucking hideous.

No. 207397

>bluhbluh I'm hideous as shit, so I'll say I'm a male or agender
>but I'm a lesbian because no boys want me

No. 207398

dat triangular mouth

No. 207399

File: 1447972231105.png (495.14 KB, 719x644, wasteofmoney.png)

No. 207400

File: 1447972436519.jpg (63.38 KB, 600x450, grumpy-cat-600x450.jpg)

No. 207401

Looks like a Dorito stain to the right of her mouth

No. 207402

There's something really interesting about her look. The closest way to describe it would be like this anon >>207387.

No. 207403

File: 1447973596131.jpg (65.38 KB, 500x333, tumblr_nhrak8vtbP1qdmvbuo2_500…)

she could be a model if she wasn't so fat

No. 207404

no way… that has to be a guy, right? i really don't think i've ever seen someone so awful looking

No. 207405

File: 1447974354077.jpg (9.83 KB, 247x248, 1445987792209.jpg)


No. 207406

>I have no idea what this is.
A monstrosity, that's what.
>she could be a model if she wasn't so fat
Anon pls

No. 207407

it's so sad to me that like 90% of the problem with her appearance is her weight. The other 10% is hygiene and fashion but if she wasn't so fucking fat she might look… somewhat human, even with her hideous clothes and facial hair.

No. 207408

File: 1447974743507.jpg (130.33 KB, 500x667, tumblr_mr8hg2FZEj1qdmvbuo1_r2_…)

no it's a girl

No. 207409

If she starts asking for gifts/donations/whatever, clue the Warrior Eli Hoax blog in on it. http://www.warriorelihoax.com/

No. 207410

and the worst thing is that 1- her disease means she's way skinnier than she otherwise would be (or at least it SHOULD be making her not eat like a whale) and 2- her condition would be less horrible and her sleep apnea would go away if she stopped eating so goddamn much

I mean she has a feeding tube and eats on top of that

No. 207411

File: 1447974846567.jpg (145.04 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_mpz4wr3A0O1qdmvbuo1_128…)

No. 207412

No. 207413

What's that warrior eli thing about? I'd love a thread on it

No. 207414

File: 1447975210072.png (769.59 KB, 764x644, 888d8.png)


get her another egg beater for stimming

No. 207415

gotcha, just watched the singing video. the chin hair threw me off. its so atrocious

No. 207416

It documents people who fake medical problems on the Internet, usually for money or attention. It's incredible how much some people will go through to do this. I can't remember the details of the Warrior Eli case that started the blog, but it was so convincing that it had the national media onboard. I would highly recommend taking a look through it because it's a goldmine of kek.

I saw that when I worked up the stomach to take a look at her Tumblr. Unfortunately, I didn't see any evidence that she was lying. All that pretentiousness in one person tho, wow.

No. 207417

File: 1447975942648.jpg (33.31 KB, 500x333, tumblr_nhoq00zuvR1qdmvbuo1_500…)

Yeah I wouldn't be surprised if she legit had some problems (that could be eased by losing all that weight, eg the sleep apnea) but she isn't shilling for money or gifts

No. 207418

File: 1447976255645.png (738.8 KB, 725x648, sd888.png)

No. 207419

She and mctanuki should hook up.

No. 207420

I don't know what it is, but I feel really bad for this girl. I feel like she clung to tumblr culture because she's really unfortunate looking and "normal" people wouldn't accept her.

No. 207421

That's the case with basically all those types of people, if not because of appearance then because of other things that made them feel ostracized. In her case though she could improve an enormous amount by just losing some weight, grooming her facial hair, and putting on some standard makeup.

No. 207422

Don't forget closing her mouth. She's always mouth breathing in her photos and I can almost hear it.

No. 207423

File: 1447983027011.jpg (85.82 KB, 302x432, Craig2.jpg)

Looking at this chick's mouth is driving me fucking nuts. It reminds me of Trudy's boyfriend in Reno 911.

No. 207424

File: 1447986918701.png (419.25 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-11-20-02-31-44…)

Uh, guys, I think this.. thing, idk, anyway, she's kinda well-known.
I mean she has her own Wikipedia page for supposed work on autism.


No. 207425


Apparently this is what got her first known.

No. 207426

Holy shit, I somehow feel nauseated as fuck after looking at her pictures. I cannot be the only one!

No. 207427

is this really the same person? where did the facial hair come from

No. 207428

No. 207429

No. 207430

I think she's kind of sweet.
It's pretty amazing what she's capable of despite having low-functioning autism. Especially considering what others can be like: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j4PTf7LgsIE

No. 207431


PCOS I suppose.

No. 207432

File: 1448017769787.png (667.63 KB, 704x665, sdisdii.png)

damn, I wonder who wrote that page

No. 207433

I agree. What strikes me as strange is the fact that she uses a voice synthesiser instead of speaking, even though she is more than capable of speech, and that she claims to have a plethora of illnesses.

No. 207434

>cue fat Bane joke

No. 207435

What's bad is her face looks like it could be cute if she lost weight and took care of herself

No. 207436

I completely agree

No. 207437

Can you just get pcos? Cuz in the video
She doesn't have any facial hair

No. 207438

Neck hair then

No. 207439

The Warrior Eli thing… I got caught up reading it last night. They were originally only exposing fake cancer cases, I believe? And now they've expanded their cases to basically just faking. Sage for OT, but I think it'd be interesting to send them info on some of our "gaiz im so sick" lolcows.

No. 207440

Cushing's Disease or Trisomy X? I haven't read her diagnosis.

No. 207441

This video is stupid af and repetitive in its "message." It's such a crock of shit, like what kind of sick fuck pretends to be autistic.

No. 207442

This thread seems to be focused on her hideous appearance, which is understandable, but that's actually not the worst thing about her.

She is faking autism. Not the high functioning "I'm socially awkward and obsessed with anime" kind of autism, but the full retard, can barely speak or wipe their own ass, kind of autism. She claims to have an IQ of 85 even though she writes more intelligently than the average person, and has produced videos where she appears to be severely disabled: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JnylM1hI2jc

However… she does not have autism or mental retardation. Accounts from former acquaintances here http://abaggs.blogspot.ca/ reveal that she attended a high school for gifted kids and went to college. She appeared intelligent and socially normal during this time.

Sometime during college she started doing a lot of acid and went nuts. She was given a diagnosis of schizophrenia. This is the only one of her diagnoses that seems legitimate. While schizophrenia can be disabling it would not produce any of the autism-like symptoms that she claims to suffer from. It is impossible to develop autism in adulthood, by definition it is a developmental condition.

She has claimed to have other disorders before, such as multiple personality disorder and manic depression, but later retracted those claims.

It's fucked up. She is pretending to be retarded and literally shitting in diapers to get attention/money. She's selling false hope to the parents of actual autistic children. She's more of a horrorcow than a lolcow.

tl;dr Amanda Baggs is a relatively normal person pretending to be a low-functioning autistic.

No. 207443

Fuck, as if she couldn't get more disgusting.

No. 207444

Ok anon, I read and greed up until the point where you said she writes more intelligently than the avg person. It's just her robot voice/habit of convoluting simple shit that makes her seem above the low functioning spectrum autists.

No. 207445

wtf this is Amanda Baggs? lol, I had no fucking idea she was so ugly. I think I saw pictures of her earlier where she wasn't so ugly. What the fuck happened? I mean, plenty of people get to be obese but did she purposely develop PCOS too? I have no fucking idea!

Anyways fuck her and thanks for bringing this to light.

No. 207446

She may have always had PCOS but didn't have hair issues then or it wasn't as bad. Being overweight and a poor diet does make PCOS worse (PCOS women are actually supposed to be restrictive with their diet). She also may not be getting her hormones under control with medication.

No. 207447

She could have been shaving, too, since she's not actually disabled

No. 207448

She kinda looks like a fat koi fish lmfao

No. 207449

I was diagnosed with pcos before I was overweight and virtually had no physically symptoms until I got fat. Then I got horrible acne and facial hair. When I lost the weight the symptoms pretty much went away. Losing weight generally alleviates the worst of it.

No. 207450

That blogspot is gold. This is now my new favorite thread.

No. 207451

Another one: http://autismfraud.blogspot.com/2008/02/letter-about-amanda-baggs-fraud.html?m=1

Seems like the height of her "fame" was in 2008 and she's still getting away with it. She's even added new disabilities.

No. 207452

Forgot to add: The blog owner is mental and believes that autism is caused by Congress poisoning babies with mercury or something. So don't bother reading any other posts.

No. 207453

File: 1448112930263.jpg (176.97 KB, 643x492, tumblr_n219rx7mre1qdnfkpo1_128…)

>Anon pls
high fashion models are known to have ugly but interesting features

No. 207454

They sure are ugly, however I fail to see the 'interesting'.

No. 207455

I liked this a lot, actually. Entire video made me very relaxed.

No. 207456

tbh she's fucking weird and it's shitty to lie about having autism, but I have no doubt in my mind this chick is delusional and definitely mentally ill.
She actually was diagnosed with schizophrenia, what if this whole "actuallyautistic" thing is the only community she feels safe in? She mentioned as a kid that the autistic kids were the only ones who didn't make fun of her.

No. 207457

It goes beyond just posting in autism communities online, though. She's been on CNN and posed as an autism expert and an advocate for low-functioning autistics. It's fucked up.

No. 207458

What. Sauce pls

No. 207459

>PLEASE ONLY QUOTE ME AS AN ANONYMOUS SOURCE. I live only about 15 miles from her parents. I do not want the wild elf contingent at my door.
>posts her full name and email


No. 207460

Agreed. I think even if she is faking autism, which apparently is likely, she clearly is extremely fucked in the head regardless, and probably even believes her own delusions given the extent she is acting them out to.

No. 207461

and maybe she used to shave/care for her appearance?

also she looked less fat before too and obesity aggrevates PCOS

No. 207462

File: 1448131578095.jpg (100.37 KB, 640x480, tumblr_mme2tvTOOU1qdmvbuo8_128…)

No. 207463

but according to tumblr that's fatphobic and being fat in no ways affects the disease

No. 207464

If she's schizophrenic and one meds…antipsychotics cause massive weight gain. They make the person feel sleepy and have a sedative effect, plus they make you hungry as crap.

No. 207465

File: 1448132827698.png (630.11 KB, 754x658, iiiis.png)

No. 207466

perhaps a face like that is hiding under all that fat and bad hygiene

we will never know, because she won't change

No. 207467

Fair enough, but I think she could still try and manage her weight. I think the family/doctors are trying to, maybe that's why the feedbag is there.

Also, she doesn't strike me as schizo. No offence, but they tend to write like asha.

No. 207468

Meds for schizophrenia can be pretty effective, also she was diagnosed when she was taking acid and shrooms constantly so it might have gone away when she stopped doing the drugs

No. 207469

The group posts from after she'd been off of LSD for a while read like a creative writing project. One even had a poem in it that she supposedly heard from the elves. Given her later history, it wouldn't surprise me at all if she no longer had honest schizo symptoms at that point but kept it up for attention/to look hardcore. The different psychologists she went to afterwards might have trusted that the earlier diagnosis and didn't question it. Her experiences on LSD plus her interactions with patients online would have made her good at faking.

Also, I don't know much about schizophrenia but do the delusions usually relate so strongly to your interests? She was a sci-fi / fantasy nerd even before any of this started and the whole "I'm really an elf named Nightsong" thing reminds me of otherkin and 11 year old Lord of the Rings fans. Like, my great-aunt was schizophrenic and she just heard crying babies and thought God told her to give all her money to some crazy church.

No. 207470


It feeds into the shit you think about the most.

No. 207471

the feedbag is for her gastropariesis, where the stomach muscles don't contract or something to aid digestion

so it's kind of amazing how she's so fucking fat

No. 207472

seriously why does this fat bitch need a feeding tube?
so she can have some vitamins or fruits/vegetables in her diet while she scarfs down McDonalds 24/7?

No. 207473

File: 1448145506945.jpg (78.82 KB, 716x768, Bill_Wilson-0.jpg)

No. 207474

If she's so fucking retarded then how the hell can she write so eloquently?

No. 207475

>Ordinarily, strong muscular contractions propel food through your digestive tract. But in gastroparesis, your stomach's motility works poorly or not at all. This prevents your stomach from emptying properly. Gastroparesis can interfere with normal digestion, cause nausea and vomiting, and cause problems with blood sugar levels and nutrition.
that's WHY she needs the feedbag, shitlord, to empty her stomach. just imagine the amount of food she must have to consume just to maintain that huge weight with this kind of disability

No. 207476

Because she's not actually retarded

No. 207477


No. 207478

Holy shit this is beyond fucked up!! Somebody post this on tumblr she cant keep getting away with this shit.

No. 207479

dude, this is probably not that far off? I suffer from a slight gastroparesis (no big deal though) and when I got a pancreatitis on top of it and didn't realized but pushed myself to eat on until I finally got to the hospital, they pushed the tube for the feedbag down my nose and used it to empty my stomach first. after it was cleaned, I had the pleasure of being fed through it for two weeks too. maybe they need to empty her stomach too for now and then and she just sees it as a welcome selfie opportunity for her /me?

No. 207480

Its a joke, stop being 12

No. 207481

I was disturbed by the thought of her wearing locket with her father's hair in it but then I remembered that I have a couple of my father's teeth and don't have much room to judge.

No. 207482

I was curious about why she'd have a feeding tube when she's so fat so I googled "feeding tube but fat" and the first result was this:


It's her.

No. 207483

> I am cognitively disabled, physically disabled, chronically ill, developmentally disabled, and psychiatrically disabled, so I have experience with a lot of different disability communities.


No. 207484

>For what it’s worth, right now I weigh 178 pounds.

Buuuuulllshit. Looking at her pictures she's at least 300.

No. 207485

Has her mouth atrophied from not speaking?

No. 207486

Maybe she's super short?

No. 207487

This person looks like an IRL Grumpy Cat to me.

No. 207488

I agree. She'd be endearing in a weird catlike way if it wasn't for her horrible personality.

No. 207489

File: 1448285539749.png (955.52 KB, 704x771, iiiiid.png)

No. 207490

yeah but her wearing all of his clothes is a bit weird, no?

No. 207491

I think hers is permanent though, and she gets upset when doctors suggest she doesn't need it

No. 207492

also the condition she claims to have most often results as a diabetes complication, or an obesity complication (eating so much that your stomach muscles literally split) so it could be greatly helped by not being fat

No. 207493

File: 1448285715535.png (155.21 KB, 715x701, sddddd.png)

No. 207494

File: 1448285944057.jpg (410.58 KB, 1280x1707, tumblr_ny8k6aErOi1qdmvbuo3_128…)

No. 207495

File: 1448286265572.gif (496.58 KB, 455x242, image.gif)

No. 207496

She doesn't know how much hairs are affected by person's state of health.

No. 207497

same with hygiene

the more you're depressed/cray the less you take care of yourself

No. 207498

She's pretending to be retarded but concerned about her hair?

Anyway, my hair is the same texture as hers and all she needs to do is use some product. And try getting her part straight.

No. 207499

I'm a chick and I get a similar pattern of facial hair on my chin because I just drew the genetic short straw on that one apparently. I shave it before it ever becomes noticeable but always idly wondered what it'd look like if I just left it… Now I know. Erk.

No. 207500

She's amazing, she's like a real life equivalent in every way to Bubbles from Trailer Park Boys. I want her to say ''God that's greasy.''.

No. 207501

File: 1448300076096.jpg (114.59 KB, 570x855, 260477_475056852512157_6211895…)

She looks like JonWayne

No. 207502

even he has more feminine charm lol

No. 207503

hey anon don't know how much you dislike the hair but I thought I would tip in
if you thread away the hair, after several threading sessions it won't grow back. if you tweeze, wax or shave then it will

but again that's if you don't mind the hair or your current methods
sorry for being OT

No. 207504

She definitely tops me, that's for sure.

No. 207505

Holy shit it is her. I love that not where she admits she lost weight by eating less, but then claims she gained it all back by eating 'like the average person' because 'thats human physiology ' bull fucking shit

If you're 200 pounds eating even 1800 a day, heck 2000 a day will make you lose weight

No. 207506

Holy shit she also has adrenal problems thats TWO comditions she has which are supposed to make you skinny

I want to know her secret. Does she eat butter straight from the packet?

No. 207507

She claims to eat 1800 cals a day. Someone call nasa, we have found a source of infinite energy.

Also she claims not to eat through her mouth but her wishlist is full of sugary gum…wtf

No. 207508

File: 1448314153034.jpg (199.66 KB, 939x626, photo-on-8-22-14-at-6-27-pm.jp…)

Turns out she's a hypochondriac and that doctors hate her (im reading her wordpress)

Every now and then she likes to come up with a new disease and balks when a doctor says nope I'm not putting you on meds for this.

No. 207509

That shit looks so dirty.
Isn't that a huge risk having something like that get grimy?

No. 207510

I'm deep into her word press now and I've gone 180 degrees on her. She writes like an angel. She may look weird, but she's smarter than any other lolcow.

No. 207511

How does a hypochondriac get a g/j tube though? like, a doctor doesn't randomly decide to put one in.

No. 207512

this thread was really hard to scroll through

No. 207513

she claims that she had to fight the doctors for it: http://withasmoothroundstone.tumblr.com/post/46772164821/so-i-get-woken-up-at-seven-someting-innthenmorning

also in this post she's saying that her problem is that aspirating food. if that's the case, she shouldn't be eating anything at all, because it could go into her lungs and cause life-threatening infections. but if you search for food on her blog she talks about compulsive eating and eating candy… http://withasmoothroundstone.tumblr.com/post/92609441030/yesterday-you-posted-about-food-coincidentally-i - also here she's claiming that she has gastroparesis as well…

No. 207514

her and Brian Peppers would make a good couple.

No. 207515

yeah while claiming to have mental disabilities to garner sympathy from everyone. Fuck her. She's a horrid person with an exterior to match.

No. 207516

>For what it’s worth, right now I weigh 178 pounds.
lol bitch is lying like a motherfucker. One of those blogs exposing her puts her height at around 5'2" and if she were that height and weight she'd look sort of like this; http://www.mybodygallery.com/search.html?gender=female&height=157&age=any&weight=82&pantSize=any&shirtSize=any&bodytype=
this mountainous creature has got to be at least 280lb+

No. 207517

literally shaking rn


No. 207518

I place her at about 250 lbs. 300 is a bit too much, though after 250 they all start looking the same

No. 207519

I trawled through her blog at least a year ago, I don't want to search for the things I found, but I know she eats candy and then removes it from her stomach via the peg tube, into what she has labelled as the "burp cup"
She also uses this burp cup for removing excess stomach acid. Also I seem to recall at some point she threw up and shit all over her friends apartment.

No. 207520

can you imagine being that poor friend

No. 207521

File: 1448331788478.jpg (105.26 KB, 500x667, tumblr_mplxqqyd111qdmvbuo1_500…)

No. 207522

I've never been so repulsed yet intrigued in my entire life.

No. 207523

>threw up and shit all over her friends apartment.
What!? Someone has to know where that post is. I need to hear about this.

No. 207524

File: 1448333910181.jpg (53.31 KB, 500x667, tumblr_mspj54qtYp1qdmvbuo1_500…)

>burp cup

No. 207525

File: 1448334276652.jpg (33.35 KB, 426x458, ohfuck.jpg)

God what the fuck

No. 207526

File: 1448334694669.png (2 MB, 2048x1147, PhotoGrid_1448334537032-1.png)

I know a guy in real life who sort of, kind of resembles this monster.

>he looks more like her in person tbh. he's a mouth breather too.

No. 207527

File: 1448335178655.png (2.65 MB, 1303x1874, PhotoGrid_1448335054302-1.png)

Sorry to samefag but these are the last ones I am posting. Anyone else think he looks like her?

No. 207528

holy shit i want to die

looks like a generic white trash neckbeard, no one cares

No. 207529

I can't find that post but she has a tag for "poop" so…. enjoy these posts of an obese hypochondriac describing the size and texture of their turds. http://withasmoothroundstone.tumblr.com/tagged/poop

No. 207530

Also http://withasmoothroundstone.tumblr.com/tagged/bodily-functions
>They forgot two of my pet peeves – finding 8 or more inches of hair and pulling that much out of either my stoma [hole for feeding tube] (while cleaning it) or my butt (in the shower or bathroom). I’ve pulled stoma hair out in front of people before (sometimes with bile and crud clinging to it) and after they get past grossing out, they go “HOW!?!?!?”

this bitch is disgusting

No. 207531

This chick is my new favourite lolcow. Disgusting but interesting.

No. 207532

Why is she on /snow/?

No. 207533

This is actually making me feel nauseous. Dear god.

No. 207534

She has definite lolcow potential.

No. 207535

That is just unholy. I'm going to hate myself for remembering this.

No. 207536

This pic sorta makes her look like a more retarded Egoraptor.

No. 207537

File: 1448341104394.png (263.04 KB, 664x377, dont-vomit.png)

>going through this thread.

No. 207538

What the FUCK.

No. 207539

I've been reading this thread the past couple of days, but I haven't commented because FOR ONCE a cow has left me speechless. Also feel grubby hanging around the thread. She makes me feel ooooooo like I need to scrub with bleach?

Anyhow, I read the body functions blog and I…just…can't. I feel so disturbed but it feels good.

I'm trying to imagine what she'd smell of….

No. 207540

File: 1448342179594.jpg (97.69 KB, 640x426, whyamisavingthis.jpg)

No. 207541

I thought those were Minions at first glance

No. 207542

FUCK. FUCK. SHE'S RUINED OWLS. I knew I should've stayed away.

No. 207543

Pig shit.

No. 207544

I'm leaning towards cat piss and cheese.

No. 207545

I'll bet she smells like a farm dog. Dried shit and grime.

No. 207546

Why why WHY does she think it's okay to post these things?!?!?

No. 207547

Yeah, I'm the anon before that first found her some years ago and brought up burp cup. It'll come back to you, especially when you're feeling queasy, it does not help.

No. 207548

You're free to make a thread for her on lolcow, we need to share the joy

No. 207549

can't admin just move it there?

No. 207550

File: 1448375323486.jpg (361.27 KB, 1280x1707, tumblr_ny8k6aErOi1qdmvbuo4_128…)

that would be cool but iono how to ask them

No. 207551

File: 1448376555461.jpg (29.65 KB, 494x477, 1437529831865.jpg)

Sweet lord this needs a mandatory spoiler

>mfw I didn't even come to snow to look at this beast but once you see it there is no going back

No. 207552


She looks like something in a specimen jar at the Mutter Museum.

No. 207553

Just use the report function

click on the check box on first post and then click report

(I sent a report in already tho but if more people report it might get moved sooner)

No. 207554

Not that Anon but there's no way that's true. Worth trying though, I suppose.

I have the same problem and the only thing that's helped is laser hair removal. I haven't been able to afford more sessions to completion, sadly. If threading several times would've saved me I'd have been all over it, way cheaper.

No. 207555


Lol tbh i sorta agree

some people just have that smelly look

No. 207556


She's a right minger isn't she? Jesus I've just read that. Fancy telling people all of that though. Manky af

No. 207557


It's probably because they're sick of the sight of this bitch. Pisses me off these types of fat cripples who always try the sympathy card. I get she's got a shit bag stuck to her and I get that it can't be helped (I've seen attractive people with them too and I understand they need it) but fuck sake.

I get the feeling she's one of those who turn up at the doctors office almost every monday morning, probably for a general conversation more than anything before leading it down the path of "i also have ____ btw" and the doctor just sat there sighing not daring to roll their eyes.

Shame they can't attach rockets to her wheel chair, send her somewhere else. Then she really will shit herself!

No. 207558


Aye, give the cunt all the gum she can chew. We'll bind it together and sling shot the fucker to the moon!

No. 207559

No. 207560


If she looks like this now what will she look like at 50 tho?

No. 207561


Again, sympathy card she's after.

No. 207562

Yeah, if I looked like that I'd probably pull that shit too. Or I'd sort my fucking life out.

No. 207563

how old is she? anyone know?

No. 207564


I wonder if the neighbors hear me laughing all day

Just twenty minutes of silence interrupted by bursts of cackling, giggling, and/or guffawing

Everything makes me laugh

Me too!

Speaking of things that make you laugh, I accidentally farted in someone’s face today. It was humiliating but she just laughed and said it happens all the time. It’s only the second time I’ve ever done that to someone and I felt terrible because it was a really smelly one. I’d actually been trying to hold it in, but she was washing my butt and that made it hard to control the muscles involved.

And then she (a trainee LNA), and the regular LNA, and I, all started telling embarrassing fart stories. Apparently farting crops up a lot in their line of work because they’re dealing with bowel programs and washing butts and things like that.

No. 207565

Skip if you don’t like fart/TMI stuff.
So the other fart thing is when I was a kid and we went on vacations, my brother and I used to have ‘farties’ – 'fart parties’. Which basically consisted of trying to synchronize our farts and then stick our heads under the blanket. Don’t ask why we thought this was a good idea.

No. 207566

May 1, 2014

I hate farting in bed.
Because then I have to sit in it and smell it for ages.

No. 207567

About 35

No. 207568


Her response to the controversy. Okay, sure, she's weird enough to have autism, but that's only one of her many diagnoses. How was someone who is mute, severely disorganized, lacks control of their bowels, has several caretaker visits per day and needs close access to machines to keep them alive accepted to an early college program? How does someone like that even attend school? Even if she dropped out, someone thought she was capable. She and her parents thought so or else she wouldn't have gone. How did she go from being "normal" enough to attend school to being physically incapable of leaving her house or washing her own ass?

No. 207569

Her writing ability is pretty decent, too. Better than a lot of the posters on this site. She might have autism but there is not a chance she has "low-functioning autism".

No. 207570


I wonder that too you know. Reckon she didn't just get a poo bag after an operation and then blagged to the government about some other "illnesses" in exchange of benefits tho? That's what the majority would and do here in the UK. Abuse the system like crazy.

I remember this girl from my high school, she was a bit like this minger tbh. Fat, short, manly, glasses, didn't speak and sounded like a man with a deep voice. Very anti-social and a complete cunt when everyone had finished feeling sorry for her.

From the first year of high school, she didn't make friends she would just sit on her own and she was one of those where people felt sorry for her so they were automatically nice to her.

She was a bit of a possessive cling-on to a friend of mine and wanted her all to herself. We'd all comment on this and she would get defensive, but walk away crying, pretend she had panic attacks and tell us all about her "illnesses" kek.

Then one day, I was walking to my class on the stairs when it was quiet and she was there at the top. She said after I had passed her… "You know, I've always been a pretty good actor."

I remember turning around and saying "What?"

and she goes "Yeah, that's right. They fell for it, that gag I pulled. You did too, ha."

I just nodded like really slowly.

Then she walks closer to me twiddling her umbrella. "You guys really think I have autism don't you? Well, you're wrong. I'm just a good actress, my mother always told me so. I think I'm a pretty good too."

Then she walks away with this cunt smirk on her face.

God, I still hate the bitch even after six years of not seeing her troll face.

No. 207571

For once, I think this is a tumblerina who is ACTUALLY autistic. Bravo.

No. 207572

Good find. Her acquaintances have stated that in college, she started doing huge amounts of psychedelic drugs and had a psychotic episode. I don't doubt that her mental health severely deteriorated at that time. However, she seems to be recovered now. Her writing is logical and even eloquent, and she doesn't seem to have any psychotic thought patterns (well.. besides pretending to be a low-functioning autistic). Definitely not what you'd expect from someone with a catastrophic case of schizophrenia.

It's definitely not autism - adult onset autism is simply not a thing. It is a developmental disorder by definition.

The impression I've gotten from reading her blog and her friends' accounts is something like this:
Amanda starts out as an intelligent and developmentally normal young woman. She has some emotional issues and is a bit socially awkward. In college she starts doing way too much acid and shrooms. She has a psychotic episode, gets committed and is diagnosed with schizophrenia. She finds out that she enjoys the attention she gets for being "sick". When her psychosis is under control, she begins faking various illnesses online (this is documented on the blogspot). She takes an interest in a low functioning autistic girl (also documented) and begins to pretend to have autism herself, even though her claims make no fucking sense. She's getting off on pity and her own helplessness.

Sorry for the long post, I just find this freak interesting. It's all so fucked up.

No. 207573

I knew someone who's kid was similar to this. Luckily he wasn't overweight and would shower but he hardly spoke and had to go to a "special school". Oddly the school was horrible because there wasn't enough teachers to make up for the ammount of students. He ended up coming home with broken bones and nobody could explain where he got them from. Real low-funtioning autism is actually quite heartbreaking. This girl is gross and maybe even a little delusional, but she's pretty strong-willed for an autistic person. At least she's putting a lot more effort into life than a certain "HIGH-funtioning" autist named Christian.

No. 207574


Kek, this is the only real disorder she has

>Munchausen syndrome is a psychiatric factitious disorder wherein those affected feign disease, illness, or psychological trauma to draw attention, sympathy, or reassurance to themselves. It is also known as hospital addiction syndrome, thick chart syndrome, or hospital hopper syndrome.

>In Munchausen syndrome, the affected person exaggerates or creates symptoms of illnesses in themselves to gain examination, treatment, attention, sympathy, and/or comfort from medical personnel. In some extreme cases, people suffering from Munchausen's syndrome are highly knowledgeable about the practice of medicine and are able to produce symptoms that result in lengthy and costly medical analysis, prolonged hospital stay and unnecessary operations.

No. 207587


No. 207590

i like her outfit just not on her, is something wrong with me

No. 207591

No. 207592

Looks normal in all of these pictures. Fat and ugly, yes, but not disabled.

No. 207607

What I think is crazy is the multiple accounts saying she was extremely gifted.

Like it might not have been the greatest school, but she goes to college at 15? That's definitely some higher intelligence there.

Honestly I agree with you I think that she enjoyed the pity and attention she got so much from her psychotic episodes that she decided to alter her entire lifestyle to that.

No. 207609

This is just so bizarre to me, I don't even know what to think.

Let's say she IS actually autistic and was diagnosed as a teen. Is it even possible for someone to get drastically worse, like moving down the scale to "low functioning"? Like how did she get so fucked up. It sounds like she went from highly intelligent, somewhat-interactive yet socially awkward kid to full on retard.

There's something really serious going on with her mental health, but I can't tell if it's actually autism or if she's just faking it.

No. 207612

Simon's Rock is known for being a school with a ton of weird kids with serious social deficits. Makes sense.

No. 207618

File: 1448418398959.png (493.5 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-11-23-22-38-04…)

I just realised that this thread was posted on /b/ then moved to /snow/ then moved to /pt/

It's quite the traveller

No. 207619

She did a lot of drugs I think

No. 207620

Omg this is exactly what I thought too. I read a book on a lady woth that condition (by proxy) and when they describe regular munchausen (cant spell) its word for word her

No. 207621

File: 1448418718026.jpeg (65.05 KB, 704x960, latest.jpeg)

You mean CHRISTINE shitlord

No. 207623

People have speculated that Chris-chan is losing some of his language ability, though nothing drastic. I've been wondering the same thing. Anyone know how badly an adult with autism can go backwards - losing language and motor skills and stuff like that?

No. 207625

I wouldn't be surprised if she has Asperger's, but she's not full-on low functioning autistic retard. Although by now I'm sure she's bought into her own delusions and she legitimately thinks she's autistic.

No. 207629

Autism spectrum disorders do not intensify over time. If an adult is losing motor skills and speech ability, something else might be going on. That or, in this lolcow's case, they're trying to make themselves look more autistic than they are.

No. 207639

I can imagine. I was in a gifted class. Most gifted class kids are pretty well insufferable and just don't know or care how to deal with other people. So then imagine taking a bunch of gifted class kids and putting them in some boarding school in the woods somewhere, which is actually a college so they feel really smart and important. You get all that weird insufferable gifted kid bullshit, but in an echo chamber with far less outside influence than normal gifted classes would have.

Ew. I feel like if she spoke her voice would sound like she was talking through mucus. That's the impression I get form her photos. Like an always tired sort of sighing talking through boogers sort of voice. Thank god she just uses a spoopy computer to speak for her.

No. 207667

Does she have a severe medical condition? I refuse to believe someone can just be born this ugly. holy fucking shit

No. 207668

I was almost put into a gifted school, but my parents wanted me to stay in public school because it cost less. I'm still pretty happy it ended up that way.

Sage for OT. This chick is disgusting. Is she too fat to shave her beard?

No. 207673

Seeing as how she can't wipe herself, it's probably asking too much.

No. 207675

This was so wild to completely read.
I'm not religious but I feel like I have to go to church now and cleanse my soul; jfc

No. 207679

She has a condition that leaves her bed ridden almost indefinitely. I'm gonna let this one live.

No. 207680

old post, i know (i'm still reading through this thread,) but I'm sure i'll wear my mom's clothing when she passes, and i'm sure my brother will wear my dad's. i'm not sure if it's really too weird.

No. 207681

There is an extent to an unfortunate existence but she just takes the fucking cake

No. 207682

This thread reminds me of this post.

No. 207683

File: 1448436112232.jpg (57.82 KB, 704x960, cwcc.jpg)

whispers fresh grown breasts

No. 207685

How on Earth does one human produce that much shit!?

No. 207688

Hit the nail on the head.

>she started off as a normal teen who had a bf and was socially and mentally normal, just a bit depressed

>academically gifted
>does acid and shrooms
>goes into psychosis from too much acid, diagnosed schizophrenic.. Likely just temporary psychosis from drug use
>thinks she is a elf, has a whole elf life in her head
>emails all her friends with long, eloquently written blogs about her elf life and the elf voices
>posts online about how she's crazy and has schizophrenia as well as multiple personality disorder
>decides autism looks more "sick"
>she prentends she's an autist
>someone who is mute, severely disorganized, lacks control of their bowels, has several caretaker visits per day and needs close access to machines to keep them alive

>every blog post she makes defends how sick she is by going into intense detail about their 3 hospital visits a week

>claims nurses see her and go "poor thing loosing so much wait from your tummy disease"
>wtf how often you at hospital for them to know you by sight and know your history?

All bullshit. She LOVES being sick and having medical devices and tons of medications and multiple hospital visits… She has Munchausen's.

She is literally addicted to hospitals and being sick all the time!! All y'all keep picking at her looks and weight? She's like the craziest bitch who is faking medical disorders who goes on and on about how NECESSARY and CRUCIAL her tube is to hide the fact she faked and exageratted (possibly hurt herself on purpose to show symptoms) the disorder to get the tube so she can go online and gloat in her rather eloquent and intelligent typing style about how SICK she is and how she has about 30 different physical, internal, mental, developmental disorders.

No one is this sick. She's like the most insane cow ever and y'all bitch about her weight?

Stop sucking on that dry teat and drink the real milk.

No. 207702


She had a bf??

>drink the real milk.

Sounds pretty nasty in this case

No. 207703


hey anon, don't know if you will see this but how come several threading sessions will work but not tweezing? I am genuinely interested about this.

No. 207704

schizophrenic here, can confirm delusions will occasionally relate to interests. not always, though. i've had delusions relating to my interests before, but usually they're things relating to paranoia or grandeur because that's pretty much standard.

some of us legitimate schizos on this hellhole called the internet do go back and edit what we type. The only reason my writing doent look like it's from a brain-damaged 7 year old is because i try to fix most of the typos i make. though if i didnt go back and fix things i can guarantee my writing would be nearly illegible .

No. 207707

It doesn't work. I've been getting my eyebrows and upper lip threaded for about a year now, and they still grow back just fine. Maybe for fine hair, but definitely not on thicker hair textures.

No. 207711

That hair's hormonal (looks PCOS). It's not going anywhere till this lady loses the weight.

No. 207725

it has facial hair omfg

No. 207733

>Stop sucking on that dry teat and drink the real milk.
o love you anon

No. 207734

What about laser hair removal? she could also simply wax the area. Yeah it'll grow back but she would look a little better for a bit.

No. 207735


But Anon that would make her less special.

No. 207736

she is the most disgusting, heinous, sickening person ever to be posted on lolcow, what the fuck she needs to end herself asap.

No. 207740

How can a female have that much facial hair? Fucking hell she is ugly and sounds insane.

No. 207758

Brava, anon. Focusing on her appearance is like only eating the whipped cream on your delicious lolcow sundae.

No. 207760

I agree with you. But part of me wonders how she's able to have medical equipment if there is genuinely nothing wrong with her. Did she doc shop or something?

No. 207763

Yes. Also, many of the symptoms may be the result of psychology or treatments she didn't need. She may genuinely believe that she has all these problems.

No. 207764

She's in her 30s now, isn't she? Maybe her caretakers thinks it's too far-fetched that someone would keep up this act for so long and thus they actually believe her.

I also imagine it must be hard to call out a grown ass woman who likely would throw a tantrum if something doesn't go her way. Makes you seem like the bad person, ya know?

No. 207765

I still can't wrap my head around that someone inserted a g/j tube for no good reason if she really doesn't have gastroperesis.

Also the PCOS, sleep apnea and the aspiration is most likely due to the weight. I do not believe she has brochiestasis at all. She doesn't mention respiratory therapy and CPT.

No. 207767

Probably PCOS. Other anons have said if she lost weight it would go away, but I've seen fitter gals with PCOS who still were dealing with facial hair.
Of course if she wasn't so hellbent on being a special snowflake she could get rid of it, but there's that too.

>someone who is mute, severely disorganized, lacks control of their bowels, has several caretaker visits per day and needs close access to machines to keep them alive
but also
>still manages to be an activist
Yeah I don't get how people around her aren't seeing major red flags with that. If she has it together enough to be a disability rights activist and to advocate for herself, then she's not nearly as delayed as she's playing it off to be. When you see kids that bad off being advocated for, it's always the parents who are doing it, but no, somehow she's managing on her own? I don't believe it.

Lol I had a friend like yours too. "fit for work" when it was convenient for her, but "unfit for work" (and would brag about it and actually go out and celebrate whenever she got that decision from ATOS) when it wasn't. She said she had panic attacks and PTSD, and would talk about it all the time, but never actually show symptoms (probably did to the ATOS people though when she needed to) and could go for nights out and shows and shit like that just fine. Because I guess it was work that triggered her? I dunno. I actually deal with PTSD, anxiety, and panic attacks, and tbh most of us dealing with this shit just want to go to work and live a normal life like anyone else. It's really shite too to see people like her and your high school acquaintance work so hard to milk the system when there are actual disabled people who need the money and are having trouble getting it, again because ATOS says they can work. ATOS seems incompetent and there are too many malingerers, and people dealing with actual challenges get fucked over because of this. I'd probably report mine to DWP tbh, but I'm no longer in contact with her, and that's really for the best.

No. 207769

Same anon, but wanted to add how easy it can be to get certain diagnoses if the family is onboard, like her mom was. Munchausen's syndrome by proxy highlights this.

Here's a good example of how far it can go: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1245241/Lisa-Hayden-Johnson-Mother-sent-healthy-son-school-wheelchair-year-scam-prove-sickest-boy-Britain-facing-jail.html

No. 207777

You guys have missed the part where she likes the facial hair. I've also met fitter women who have facial hair from PCOS but they do everything in their power to remove it. This cow loves having facial hair because it makes her seem even more ill and different and special.

No. 207797

Fuck you anon, this is so fucking sick, wtf!!!????!?

No. 207823


Oh I know anon, I agree and I haven't even seen her from school since either you know. Good and I'm glad. But in the workplace it's different, you can holla "i gots depresshon" and they can't touch you.

bloody ridiculous it is

No. 207834

somehow i knew it was Shay. what a classic, gross, internet tale.

No. 207852

I love you too anon. But seriously, she is insane. She probably has some stomach issues but has in typical Munchausen's form she would have exaggerated her symptoms. She wrote a huge blog all about it and how sick she was and how everything is wrong with her.

She's not this sick. She doesn't have autism. She takes swlfiea looking vacant and covered in facial hair because it's all "evidence" of how she's super disabled and sick and special.

No low functioning autistic person has such a good grasp of medical terminology and eloquent speech. It's all Munchausen's.

No. 207854

Yeah that's true. The two low functioning autistics I knew growing up could barely communicate. They both have severe speech issues.

No. 207858

What condition? Obesity?

No. 207859

Why is that stream of normally yellow lemonade going through a vagina? Is it period blood tainted urine?

No. 207860

File: 1448499729934.jpg (65.13 KB, 640x480, DSC03166.jpg)

Well I'm glad I'm not the only one that likes to store urine in plastic bottles.

No. 207861

Why does she keep that beard tho

No. 207862

Well I'm not convinced that the tube is even real…

No. 207866

It's pink lemonade (because that's more femme of course) being poured through a lemon slice for some reason. But yeah chris is bad at art so I can understand how you would think it was something else.

No. 207871

File: 1448504795340.jpg (166.96 KB, 640x533, mad-max-immortan-joe-mask-640x…)

How are tumblrinas able to find glasses that don't look super tiny on their giant fat heads? Do they make like plus size frames or something? I'm like nearly spoopy skeleton sized but my really average america's best frames dig into my skull, and I can't imagine that ppl who are grotesquely obese like her wouldn't complain about how oppressive that is.

Ugh she looks like Immortan Joe from Mad Max. Scary.

Yeah it's called specialsnowflakeitis.

… piss jugs… It's the way of the road, Ricky! For real tho this shit should be spoilered. Infact like every image in this thread should be spoilered. It's all a whole lot of gross.

No. 207875

File: 1448506891476.gif (467.77 KB, 500x375, horror.gif)

>forced her son to go to school in a wheelchair
>hooked him up to an oxygen tank
>deliberately increased his blood sugar to suggest diabetes

All to revel in the attention and sympathy of having "the most ill child in Britain". What a fucking sicko.

No. 207876

Watching mad max always makes me thirsty

No. 207877

File: 1448507081642.jpg (26.54 KB, 460x276, Lisa-Hayden-Johnson-who-f-001.…)

She even has dem crazy eyes

No. 207879

A lot of women do this, to the extent of even killing their kids. There was one that kept having babies and making them look ill with arsenic and then killing them, after 4 died people grew suspicious. Exhumation showed arsenic in their tiny bodies. Oldest kid was like 3 or something. 3 years of being poisoned. Can you imagine?

He didn't develop much speech, but he would show a lot of unexplained frustration esp when the mother was aaround and especially when she tried to be affectionate. The poor kid knew something was up.

No. 207880

I said a lot of women, i dont mean it loterally but in the sense that more than you'd think

There was also that pediatric nurse too who killed babies/kids with insulin

No. 207881

Not surprised that she's fat, fat people are always morally deficient.

No. 207908

>wearing a locket of beard hairs
What the actual fuck

No. 207924

I have gastroparesis. It's nasty. You literally cannot overeat without puking or ending up in bed wishing you were dead.

But it looks like she's got other things wrong that contribute to her weight. But if she's eating so much with gastroparesis then she must be eating through the pain or has become used to it. Prescription medication like Ultram really helps. It's possible she's on something for stomach pains and nausea and just ignores the other symptoms.

I see a post about a feeding tube. I don't think you can get fat on those. Not unless you are eating as well or have some other problems. But I do believe she's got real conditions and not fake ones.

It's really unfortunate that she looks like this. But even ugly people can do things to make themselves more attractive. If she got her hair styld and fixed up the unibrow and facial hair she'd look a little better. Plus her wardrobe is bad. It reminds me of when kids put on their grandparents clothes.

No. 207925

File: 1448525156830.jpg (Spoiler Image,25.74 KB, 282x300, Mutated-Baby-282x300.jpg)

Reminds me of babies with Anencephaly.

No. 207926

o my god tf is that

No. 207927

Why didn't you spoiler that? What's wrong with you?

No. 207928

Spoilered per global rule 3:

>Do not post images of human or animal gore. Relevant non-gore graphic images can be posted, but spoiler them.

No. 207929

how the fuck is this gore or graphic? It's just a human baby. You're overreacting.

No. 207930

Spoilered per global rule 3:

>Do not post images of weird ass looking babies or animals. Relevant non-gore graphic images can be posted, but spoiler them.

No. 207935

This should be deleted, it's too disgusting

No. 207943

Why is everyone freaking out over photos of birth defects and natural bodily fluids …? I swear, the majority of people are such fucking pussies.

No. 207945

You sound really cool. Can you teach me how to be edgy and hardcore like you?

No. 207952

http://withasmoothroundstone.tumblr.com/post/131905954833/this-is-me-really-overloaded-doing-some-kind-of Watch with sound. She sounds like a fucking goat lmao

So you're a pants-shitting retard who squeals like an animal, but you can write several coherent paragraphs about your medical conditions? And film yourself while having a tard fit? OK, Amanda.

No. 207957

File: 1448544936794.jpg (184.77 KB, 900x600, image.jpg)

No. 207961

Good thing you're lot like all those sheeple, right?

No. 207962

this is horrifying

No. 207963

you can post it, just spoiler it.

No. 207966

What the fuck.

No. 207967


In more ways than one.

No. 207971


No. 208098


No. 208120

Oh god it automatically loops and I am going to shit my pants giggling.

No. 208134

… because when you're having a meltdown, you actually like think about turning on your camera and recording it. Sure, Jan.
This and the tumblrtots who type while they're triggered into panic attacks really bugs me because like… I've had meltdowns before. It's part of having disability ass. I've never thought whilst having one that "hey, I should record this and put it on tumblr!" That's really not something you even think abut when you're that worn down and overloaded tbh. But I dunno, I've not got tumblr disease so maybe those afflicted with tumblr disease do actually think about filming when they have a meltdown or a ppaelkjanic atejltatvack.
I'm loving her tumblr tagline too… "as small as a world and as large as alone". She certainly is as small as a world alright. Like Jupiter or smth. OMG.

No. 208137


"My doctors know that I am faking a mental disability and am perfectly capable of taking care of the stoma I INSISTED on having, so I'm going to be a disgusting fuck and not take care of my open shit wound to spite them and prove how retarded I am"

No. 208139

Does she not have caretakers though since she's this retarded? Isn't that part of their job? And where are this girl's parents if she's really that bad off? How can she "live independently"? I've never seen anyone as bad as she's playing at just living on their own like it was no big deal, it was always forever with parents or in a home or with lots of in-home caretakers. I guess more evidence that she's faking.
Wound care is super important and if she's going to be that much of a retard about it then I really do hope her stank ass catches flesh eating disease.

No. 208162

She has two caretaker visits per day from the sound of it.

No. 208167


maybe i should just start shitting myself and making various noises instead of going to college, its working for Amanda after all.

(This fucking sound is going to be in my nightmares)

No. 208169


I'm going to start making that sound every time I want something.

No. 208210

Does she live with her parents or on her own?

No. 208226

From what I read it looks like her dad died. That's why she wears his clothes. She also says that people tell her that his clothes look good on her. Either she's lying or they're just being polite.

Not sure about the mom. I'm wondering what she thinks of her daughter playing a poopy diaper retard for attention.

No. 208268


Her mom supported her when she was younger and decided ahe had every disease under the sun. So I'm guessing her mother believes her special daughter is "special".

No. 208300

… and neither of them can help her keep her feeding tube not filthy?

No. 208392

Same. She needs to teach us.

No. 208393

File: 1448661794272.png (717.88 KB, 743x653, lazybitch.png)

No. 208394

you know that tube is for some heavy duty use, considering her size, there's no way to keep that clean.

No. 208395

File: 1448661854361.jpg (369.05 KB, 1280x1707, tumblr_ny8k6aErOi1qdmvbuo6_128…)

No. 208456

honestly she needs to just fucking die already

No. 208472

maybe im in a weird mood but i've read through this whole thread and I'm just sad now

what a horrible existence this person must live. Jesus this is depressing

No. 208476

File: 1448691370494.jpg (24.61 KB, 480x270, GjavAXy.jpg)

No. 208495

No. 208505

If she wasn't faking it all.

No. 208508

Human hair lockets aren't so weird. They used to be trendy in Victorian times. But wearing all her dad's clothes is strange.

It looks like she was saying he was autistic here.

This makes me wonder if her fake autism is based on some sort of obsessive devotion to her father.

But the way she writes/vs. what she claims she's diagnosed with is really jarring and you'd think that she would notice it doesn't add up.

So far it looks like she isn't begging for donations. Although she reblogs a lot of begging posts. It's possible I missed hers while sorting through the pile. But this whole tumblr begging thing is really pathetic. I've seen people claiming they urgently need money for electrolysis because "muh dysphoria". Really sad.

No. 208531

ummm why? that's really mean of you to say

No. 208532

File: 1448711238586.png (937.45 KB, 751x755, idii.png)

No. 208536

I have to hold my breath whenever I look at a picture of her(?) she looks like she'd smell so bad

No. 208542

I'm autistic(not pants shittingly, I live the best life I can) and work in disability care, the only thing I can read from this facial expression is overmedicated.

No. 208557

Because she has no benefit to society or those around her. She's just a giant drain of resources all so she can laze around, sitting in diapers and be on tumblr.

No. 208569

I thought I was the only one who did that when looking at gross pictures lol. I imagine the house smelling like one of those low-quality nursing homes.

Nice to hear an autistic's perspective on this. If anyone else reading this thread has autism, what are your thoughts about Amanda?

No. 208581

Another autistic person here. I also didn't get diagnosed until 19, but that's because my parents were god fearing, ain't nothing wrong with MY child type. She doesn't move or act like anyone with autism I've noticed and she seems to grasp social nuances far too well. The shit she posted about facial expressions is what really puts the nail in the coffin on her fake autism to me. One of the things they test you on is your ability to interpret facial expressions and put them to emotions because that, understanding sarcasm out of context, and turns of phrase are all things that are particularly difficult for people with autism.
Something she has no problem with.

No. 208583


she looks like she's about to sneeze or shit herself.
^^ this.
If she was ~actually autistic~ she wouldn't even understand her own facial expressions. How is anyone convinced she's autistic at all? She's waay too intelligent for the autism she's faking.

I've been around these types since i was a child, i had to help one of them wash his own face in the bathroom.

A low functioning autist wouldn't be able to put together such coherent sentences at all. She wouldn't have the mental power to reflect deeply. Hell, doctors wouldnt even tell her what's wrong with her. She wouldn't live on her own, she'd been in some group home, constantly monitored. She posted a video of herself wandering in a kitchen alone, an autistic person who is as lown functioning as she claims she is wouldn't even be allowed to be in the kitchen alone.

If she decided to go the "i love trains" autist route, then I'd maybe believe her. The only people who'd believe this sre people who have never actually seen a low functioning autistic person in action.

No. 208586

I have aspergers, and I think this girl is crayola, she seems to have a deluded perspective on what autism is. Seems to ne like Chris chan: just another disabled person milking their disability for special snowflake points

No. 208591

Chris Chan is legitimately autistic and borderline retarded. Amanda Baggs is a mentally normal person pretending to have severe low functioning autism. Not the same.

No. 208597

It can't be denied that Chris milks his autism though, and that's what I'm getting at

No. 208605

Chris is borderline retarded, we really can't look at the shit he does and compare it to what this mentally able woman does.

No. 208615

i can seriously not swallow my own saliva when reading about her. this is so disgusting. really i am so anrgy how can anyone this horrible even be allowed to exist???? i HATE her

No. 208616

How does CWC milk his autism? You are a real a-logger. His dad was the one who signed him up for disability.

No. 208644

Here's scans of all her medical documentation, but for all we know she could have just fucked and sucked all her doctors for these diagnoses, for 20 years.

No. 208645

Because sucking and fucking to get diagnoses is a thing.

I don't know anything about this chick but it isn't in the realm of impossibility to have very many diagnosed disorders.

No. 208646

try reading threads before you post in them

No. 208647

>for all we know she could have just fucked and sucked all her doctors for these diagnoses, for 20 years.
Who would want that thing to place any of her body parts or orifices near them?

No. 208648

Men will fuck just about any hole.

No. 208651

She looks like she'd taint your dick if you had sex with her.
Like make it change colors or leave some sort of ring or produce strange, itchy bumps

No. 208659

honestly she looks like she has a big mac stuffed in her vag so anyone who's shoving their dick in there, is getting some greasy maggots and stale mustard on it.

No. 208660

File: 1448744638183.png (169.13 KB, 287x279, ss (2015-11-25 at 09.36.03).pn…)

i'm going to barf imagining this.

No. 208689

Bitch has assburgers, not full blown autism.

No. 208692

Do you have a PhD?

No. 208694

No. 208705

This subtle facial expression? DERP.

No. 208717

She used to be okay looking. Still ugly, but tolerable for a desperate fuck.

No. 208720


TL;DR she's faking it

No. 208727


Exactly, she's well and truly fake.

She shits upon a throne of lies.

No. 208738

Wow, that is some site. Thanks for the link.

No. 208742

i've followed her for a long time. i thought she was fascinating. she lives independently and has caretakers that visit her daily to wash her and do chores. she chooses to keep her body hair because of an autism thing and can't remember her face unless she has a beard.

but now that i think of it, her laundry list of disorders/illnesses seems really bizarrely long and improbable. she has gastroparesis and if she eats anything she aspirates into her lungs and gets bronchitis, trigeminal neuralgia (considered to be the worst pain a human can ever experience, really terrifying shit) and gets painful nerve blockers to stop it, severe adrenal deficiency, severe autism, regularly gets meningitis, "something like mysanthia gravis," that one disorder where your cartilidge is too bendy that causes severe pain and deforms your hands and fingers, and in passing mentioned she has trouble peeing and has some kind of electric node in her bladder and needs an oxygen tank like those were least of her problems. i really couldn't fathom how someone can have so many problems but is still alive, still coherent and not in a home and i thought she was admirable. it was because of the way she looks that i believed she was severely disabled, like someone in so much pain probably can't take care of themselves properly. but now reading all of this stuff on her in the past, i don't know. i'm just floored. how can someone fake the severity of life threatening illnesses.

No. 208755

File: 1448765944578.png (471.4 KB, 522x749, Untitled.png)

No. 208764

It's incredible that none of her doctors have suggested going to a home. Someone who (allegedly) has that many serious conditions couldn't wait for an ambulance in an emergency and might not be able to call one in the first place.

No. 208773

she has one of those life alert things and a ton of medical bracelets.
but still, her house is very cluttered. she said one of her biggest problems with autism is executive dysfunction and can't even put on deodorant or brush her teeth unless a caretaker puts them in her hands and tells her to do it. if someone who can't make their brain tell their body to put deodorant, what would happen if there was a fire or things fell on top of her?

No. 208781

>what would happen if there was a fire
She would pick her ass up and get out because she is not actually disabled. I'm very sorry anon, but if you actually believe she has even half of these ailments, especially the severe autism, then you are extremely gullible.

No. 208791

that's what i'm saying. she says her autism problems are so bad she needs help wiping her ass. if she was as severely disabled as she claims she is, she'd need a cleaner living space and caretakers 24/7 in case an emergency does happen. but no, she lives in a cluttered mess and has a caretaker stop by twice a day to give her butt pills (her own word for suppositories because autism makes it so she can't remember that word i guess. she does remember that they're called marinol and they're made with marijuana compounds though)

No. 208792

same anon, adding on to say it's pretty autistic for me to remember the name of marijuana suppositories that a random sickly dumblr broad uses. lol what can you do ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

No. 208794

>autism makes her forget the correct term

Fuck that. Autistic anon again, if anything her autism would cause her to be irked majorly by the use of the incorrect term. The mass amount of narcotics could make her forget though, I forgot certain words when I used to take benzos at high doses but it irritated me so much.

No. 208796

Same here, I can't swallow my own saliva a lot of the time when I look at cows on here but this one takes the cake good god

No. 208797

Also not implying she is actually autistic, just that she's wrong AGAIN

No. 208810

Things I learned from this:
- She should be a retard. She almost can't remember to breathe.
- She regularly forgets how to read.
- She can't recognize emergency situations or call an ambulance, yet institutionalization isn't an option.
- She has autism. The severity is still questionable.
- She had a brain abnormality at 13, but we don't know what caused it, what became of it or what kinds of problems it caused.
- She has PTSD because of doctors' adherence to "autism stereotypes." She mentioned abuse at 14 but not 10 years later, so this can be assumed to be the primary cause.
- She had schizoid symptoms at 14.
- She seems to know what conditions she has (despite not being able to express herself or say where she feels pain?) and has had many past encounters with "bad doctors" who disagreed with her because they didn't know her and believed autism stereotypes.
- Caretakers must do what she tells them and have to provide a typed explanatory statement if they disagree with any of her directions. She is triggered by caretakers and doctors doing things she doesn't want.
- There's still a large number of diagnoses unaccounted for.

No. 208817

she points that she forgets the word suppositories while using the word, eg "The caretaker gave me my butt pills. I know they're called suppositories but I can only call them butt pills because autistic reason." Paraphrasing here but it's somewhere on there. i'm so unnerved that i've been following her long enough to know this.

No. 208832

I forget words too. Does that make me a special snowflake?

No. 208834

Can you imagine having to administer her suppository? Just imagine prying apart her butt cheeks and trying to find the actual anus amongst the clumps of hair and feces.

No. 208843

My stomach actually heaved reading this, and it takes A LOT - well done, anon. It's the hair part, I think.

No. 208900

I haven't seen many people online that talk about gastroparesis. I've been aspirating food over the past few months. I certainly don't want a tube going into my stomach. But reading up on her it seems that some doctors tried to talk her out of the tube surgeries. I remember asking if that or a liquid diet was an option and the doctors told me it was a last ditch solution and it wasn't something I'd be happy with.

So I have a hard time believing someone would actually want this after professionals tried to talk her out of it. Maybe they just gave her what she wanted so she'd stop bothering them.

I too find it amazing that she could have so many conditions and not be in a home. You'd think that it would be extremely dangerous if she had an accident or there was a fire.

That is really strange. You'd think that there would be a maid keeping it clean because of the danger. She can't wipe her ass or brush her teeth without help. Yet her typing is so literate. I'm sure she'd explain that as a quirk of her autism. But really her autism comes off as something out of a movie.

I don't doubt that she has health problems. But I wouldn't doubt that she's exacerbated them with unnecessary surgeries and procedures. She may have doctor shopped until she got the diagnosis she wanted. Or she complained so much that they just wanted to placate her.

I wonder if she's the kind of person who poisons themselves or purposely eats foods she can' digest just to look sicker? Since she's eating candies and pumping them out of the tube I've got to wonder what isn't getting pumped out. She's posted about eating ice cream. Dairy and gastroparesis don't really mix well. If she's eating ice cream she's going to feel sick. And after she pumps out the evidence she can complain about stomach pains to her doctors.

No. 208914

>autism based on TV

I've been wondering that too, she may have gotten the idea from back when those robot voices for people who autism became trendy. She exaggerated the "omg we thought she was stupid until she typed!" News articles. What she doesn't realise is that many of them are still full words that are push button because COMMUNICATION is a problem, not just speach. One of my friends brothers is nonverbal and uses sign language but it still isn't as clear as a neurotypical person with a hearing impairment's communication would be. It's still almost easier to translate his echolocatia (sp) into a need than the signs.

No. 208918

Yes. Yes, it does.

Next time you forget a word, feel free to lash out at the nearest ableist.

No. 208920

he died

No. 208943

Holy shit this is amazing

No. 208959

seems to have simply searched for autism's possible comorbidities..

No. 209102

Woah, I'll say. She has all of these except the ones that affect intelligence. Hmmm…

No. 209105

The thing that gets me about her is that when she rose to fame and got on CNN, she gave relatives of low-functioning autistic people false hope. She presented herself as just someone who was difficult to understand but just like everybody else on the inside. There were people who looked at the news report and her videos and were hopeful that their children, their nephews, their nieces would be able to articulate themselves in that way.

It would be nice if this was a case like Carly Fleischmann, a nonverbal autistic girl who learned to type and could communicate on her own through there, but it isn't. Baggs was a perfect normal human being - one who was even considered gifted and went to a gifted school - at one point who did a shitton of drugs in college and now acts like she suddenly became autistic as an adult. When she was younger, her mother doctor shopped and bought into numerous alternative medicine methods to treat her and rejected her daughter's schizophrenia diagnosis. Baggs has a history of pretending to have disorders online - she pretended to have DID in the early 2000s.

This person is just disgusting.

No. 209110

Commenters on Warrior Eli Hoax will sometimes argue that people who fake conditions but don't ask for money aren't hurting anyone, but that's not True at all. They harm the people and families of those who genuinely have the condition by giving them a false sense of hope or dread. The hope can come from seeing the person recover or successfully deal with their illness. The dread can come from (if online) hearing that someone with the illness has died. They can model forms of treatment that aren't recommended by doctors or give out bad medical advice. They also form many relationships, sometimes close ones, based on their conditions and the friends in question feel betrayed when the truth comes out. The friends will inevitably have shared the supposed pain of their "sick" friend.

No. 209147

Damn, read it all.
Think I prefer her "I'm an elf" years.

No. 209164

Chris milks his autism, and he's a spoiled brat raised by terrible parents (which is probably WHY he milks his disability so hard), but he's lower functioning and a fucking retard, and still manages to do more with his life than Amanda Baggs does.

No. 209166

Have her videos been in here, by the way?

No. 209167

Because they're really something.

No. 209181

I don't want to defend this woman, not for a second. But I see a lot of people in this thread using pretty shitty logic as to why she's "Not really autistic"

The "functioning" part of an autism diagnosis refers to social development, because that's what autism primarily manifests as, it doesn't necessarily dictate the person's ability to function in other ways. For example, I knew someone with a diagnosis of "High functioning" asperger's and whilst he appeared mostly socially normal, pleasant even, he couldn't wash; feed himself properly; manage his finances at all or look after a house well enough to to stop himself from living in squalor. He needs slightly less care than this woman (Because he doesn't have a feeding tube or any other physical problem) but if you were to look at anything he'd written or his SNS or whatever you'd assume he was just a normal guy.

Not all low functioning autistic people are so bad they need 24/7 assistance - which is another thing. The highest level of care you can get outside of being institutionalised is usually a nurse visiting once a day. This is pretty standard, and it's really rare for people to actually need that amount of care. Remember these people don't have to work or have any real responsibilities, most are fine to potter about their houses doing whatever they do all day.

Again, I don't want to defend this woman, but remember that part of the reason fakes hurt real disabled people is because people start using this logic against actual disabled people. They make it harder for them to be believed about their conditions. It's a combination of all her stupid shit that makes it likely she's faking, not just "Autistic people always need to be exactly like X Y or Z or they're faking."

sorry for tl;dr I just worry some poor sperg is one day gonna have to deal with a witch hunt calling them a fake because of people like this cunt.

No. 209186

A lot of the people who say she is faking HAVE autism themselves. Things she says about the experience are just plain wrong.

No. 209191

Yeah but that's part of the problem, they're saying the way they're autistic is the only genuine way to be really autistic and she's fake because she's not like them. It's a spectrum disorder, man. There's tons of variance.

No. 209193

Her boobs make me sad.
And OMG this bitch hasn't got executive reasoning to brush her teeth or use soap or buy a better fitting bra but she's allowed near the stove?

No. 209196

But you don't wake up and become autistic. It's developmental

No. 209208

I don't think they are arguing against you/that/us, they are just concerned with the general approach

No. 209209

Which is a much better line of reasoning for her being fake, her shitty performance is just a compliment to this. It shouldn't be the main like of reasoning.

No. 209211

I can believe she has autism, but the low-functioning kind? I'm very skeptical. Her medical records from age 13 indicate that she was strange and lacked some self-awareness, but it seemed like something that could be managed for the most part with coaching. She might need some assistance in life, but she was far from condemned to a life of eating through a tube and shitting herself in bed. The record from the next year focused more on her schizophrenia symptoms, but it also didn't make her out to be profoundly disabled. What happened between ages 14 and 24 (her age in the next and last record) that made her go downhill so fast? What happened between 24 and 35 (her current age) that made her develop a laundry list of other disorders not mentioned in earlier records? Can somebody really regress this much while still being able to write and sound like a neurotypical person while doing so?

No. 209212


Yes, but she's obviously faking, and we can all tell this. Its ridiculous to think that a woman so autistic that she shits her self and cannot properly boil a pot of water in a reasonable time has the ability to sit down at a keyboard and type the way she does.

Its ridiculous to think that someone who can't keep her feeding tube clean is capable of introspective thought. She's selling false hope to parents of severely autistic children with her actions, and she should be called out as such.

Anons are just poking holes in her story, as they should.

No. 209214


If you read through the truth blogs written about her, her friends say that she was a pretty normal girl. A little bit geeky, but normal. The drugs she started doing later is what fucked her up.

I'd believe her if she would just say she has something like drug induced schizophrenia.

No. 209216

I didn't once state that I believed her, or that I think anyone else should. but shit like this:
>Its ridiculous to think that a woman so autistic that she shits her self and cannot properly boil a pot of water in a reasonable time has the ability to sit down at a keyboard and type the way she does.

Is exactly what I'm arguing against. Yes, it seems ridiculous, but unless you're a healthcare professional you have absolutely nothing to base that on other than intuition. I know people who've failed ATOS assessments because of people like you, who don't understand that the ability to do one thing is not linked to the ability to do others. Disabled people often struggle in very specific areas. It's like saying rainman was faking because how could he be incapable of looking after himself if he was that good at math. It's a non sequitur though. They're not related to one another.

This makes a lot more sense as an argument and doesn't have nearly as many holes. You can't just say "She's not really autistic because she can do this" because it just doesn't work like that, and that attitude genuinely hurts real disabled people. Which is why she's shit, remember? Don't be the vehicle her shittyness spreads into the world in.

No. 209219

So if it takes her 5+ hours to boil water, how long does it take her to set up the camera to properly film herself lol

No. 209222

Yeah, it's pretty obvious that the schizophrenia symptoms were directly related to LSD, especially because there was no mention of them a year earlier. I don't know if a brief period of drug abuse could be to blame for her overall regression over 10 years, though. But then I've never done LSD so idk. There has to have been something else that happened between 14 and 24 that nobody knows about. Meeting that autistic girl (who must have been worse off than her) is one possibility, but what made her come to crave all that medical attention?

I have a theory that she was deeply affected by being away at college at a young age - something that was mentioned in her records as a reason why she couldn't be institutionalized. She couldn't handle the idea of growing up and having real responsibilities, so she convinced herself that she was much worse than she was. She longed for the days where she was cared for and had nothing to worry about. All the attention and sympathy she got from schizophrenia may have given her a taste of what kinds of benefits she could expect if she took on the identity of a patient.

No. 209227


Yes,a brief period of extreme drug use (her case, check the testimonials from her friends) can do that to you. She even got her fairy tree friends delusions after doing a shitload of LSD. (Notice she doesn't talk about those things any more?)

There was a blog linked her that had emails from her former friends, and they all have said her problems arised after her extreme use of LSD. It will do that to you.

No. 209228

How long does it take to fucking type pages of introspective, medically intelligent inner monologues? If she has to find her muscles to stand, how long does it take to find the muscles and bodily connections for her mega blogs?

She's a faker for attention. She probably had drug abuse schizoid issues that dissapated when she stopped drugs and had medical treatment.

She loves being "sick" it's all she talks about, all her videos are about it and she writes mountains of crap defending her illnesses and "proving" how real they are. No one proves their disease to this extent. She's only going that far because she knows it's all fake. She's probably normal and can verbal at home, but fakes when it come to her videos and when people visit her.

She is mentally I'll with Munchausen's disorder, and the only cure is for doctors and the people in her life to bring that to light and tell her they know she's faking.

No. 209238


I would normally agree with you, but people with autism are known for their lack of writing/communication abilities. Its part of the diagnosis. Math os a different ballgame, because there are rules to math, there's a formula and pattern that they can grab on to. Even art would be better. She claims to be such a low functioning autistic person that she can't do anything, but sit down and write elegantly? When one of the first things they'll test you on is written and verbal communication skills? She chooses not to verbally communicate, but autism not only affect motor skills (in the severe form she fakes) but the parts of your brain that allow you to make, and follow a logical train of thought.

It's not really right to discount people for these reasons, but clear lines have to be drawn. I'm not a medical expert (yet) but from what i learned, her writing "voice" is too clear. Her non verbal communication is too natural, it's not forced and formal.

But yeah, this is the last I'll say about it.

No. 209240

Her communication skills being too good is a standalone issue though. If they're too good for an autistic person, then they're too good full stop. They're not too good compared to level of proficiency she displays in other areas, you get me? The problem I have is with people saying "Well, she can clearly do this so why can't she do this other, unrelated thing she says she can't?" That kind of reasoning is shitty.

Anyway, again, I don't doubt she's faking. Anon's theory about her developing a taste for being a patient after having a drug induced breakdown seems the most fitting to me. Also seems like the one most likely to have fooled all of the medical professionals she's dealing with.

No. 209306

The only thing that gets me is that she willingly let herself have a feeding tube put inside of her. And if she goes on with her sicknesses.. it will be there for the foreseeable future.

I do believe that there is something wrong with her though. Her behaviour is too out there to be normal. I dont know too much about LSD.. or if it was involved in causing her to become what she is.

Also curious if anyone has any before pictures of her from before she was diagnosed with autism? Such as when she was a teen/in highschool or college.

No. 209307

It sounds like some bogus anti-drug commercial but I actually know a guy IRL who did some bunk acid, forgot his entire language, and had to relearn it over the course of a few years. Not saying this type of shit always happens from LSD by any means, but taking too much, too regularly or from an unreliable source could feasibly be the cause of this chick going crazy and even causing actual cognitive damage.

No. 209309

Tbh, it's kind of like that whole peculiar thing where people can summon the onset of schiz by smoking weed. I'm sure she probably found some trash ass product and did it anyway. Acid is an amazing drug if you are in a healthy state of mind. She definitely got on some fake shit if she eventually lost her shit.

No. 209415

Maybe I'm a cunt but here's my feeling about it.

If I were as disgusting I'd go all the way. She has no hope of finding love or doing traditionnally "fun" things like regular people. If that were me I'd go "fuck it, I'm disabled, I'm a huge retard that's why I'm like this" and then have some mental rest over the disgusting body I'd have.

Kind of like the HAES bullshit "Diets don't work, my genetics means I can't lose weight so it's not like being fit is even something I can achieve" and if you don't hope for anything, at least your dreams can't be crushed.

No. 209422

Guys, there's no such thing as bad acid or fake acid. Some people just have an unfortunate predilection for going mental.

No. 209425

Yes there is. A lot of times random RCs are sold as acid that actually aren't LSD. Saying information like this is pretty harmful.


I agree

No. 209451

No. 209455

Research chemicals are an extremely new phenomenon and aren't the same thing as "Bad acid" Which is a specific urban myth dating back to the sixties about a supposedly somehow bad batch of LSD. Not another chemical being posed as LSD, but faultily made or contaminated in some way, that causes people to go mental. The truth is that some people just become unhinged when they take psychoactive substances, regardless of what those substances are. People convince themselves that it wasn't really acid or it was somehow bad or contaminated or fake/different to what they're taking because the idea that it could happen to them as well is too scary.

No. 209532


There is such a thing as fake acid though.


It is but if you do a lot of it in a short amount of time, you're going to get mentality fucked. Therr is such a thing as overdosing, and this is what she did.

No. 209535

No. 209544

OOOHHHHH GODDDDDD She looks so much like ForeverKailyn in that one photo like I'm just hearing "Hayyyyyyyyy guiiiiiths!" in my head even just looking at it.
Ya maybe the whole retard act is for the best for her then.

No. 209545

If I had my guess, I'd say this was her "hardcore schizo lmao" phase.


No. 209546

I see it!

No. 209548

Also, there's an awful lot of pictures of her smiling as a young child. This one in particular looks like it's in response to stimuli: https://www.flickr.com/photos/silentmiaow/921725788/in/photostream

No. 209552

gosh it's like seeing the devil himself innit?

No. 209559

She actually looked adorable as a small child. Very innocent and out and about a ton. She has a ton of pictures of herself at the time. Even I dont have that many childhood pictures of me.

No. 209568

I thought the same thing. She looks very happy and carefree. She starts getting a strange look about her sometime a few years into grade school.

No. 209569

Agreed. And why do people like this exist, living off the taxpapers when so many other work their fingers to the bone to barely make it through? it boils my blood.

No. 209700

to be fair, you shouldn't really have to work that hard at an unnecessary job.

No. 209714

Had to stop after a few minutes because I couldn't take watching her gigantic unrestrained tits flop around at waist level

This is what I seriously don't understand. What kind of person is completely incapable of doing everyday tasks like boiling water, but TOTALLY has the presence of mind to film themselves doing it and edit it and explain what they're doing? She can't boil water but she can set up the camera and use video editing software and upload it to youtube?

No. 209740

Sort of OT but this reminded me of some research that was done on a group of women that said that it might be a better idea not to wear bras if you want to keep perky boobs, unless you'd already had children and were over 30. Supposedly the tendons that help keep the breasts up get lax if you always support them. I wonder if she wore bras or not.

No. 209742

Is different anyway when you're really fat, just btw

No. 209748

File: 1448979212747.jpeg (81.76 KB, 860x617, image.jpeg)

I'm watching a handful of these now (the one explaining how she can so SOMETHINGS sometimes and not others ugh.) this is from her video talking about what it's like to be considered ~retarded.

No. 209758

Just how much of a liar you have to be: bitch, you used to be normal, ugly like the devil tasting a lemon, but normal, it was the acid that make you delutional.

No. 209762

Literally all you have to do to disprove this is to look at pictures of African tribal women.

No. 209781


ok i don't believe she's autistic/retarded/disabled anymore. why is she filming herself? why is she trying to rub her 'disability' in everyone's faces? How could a truly disabled person film theirselves and write out text explaining what they're doing/thinking?

i'm so confused

No. 209786

She's doing it for the attention and disability checks.

No. 209793

>ugly, like the devil tasting a lemon
holyshit, that is the best thing I've heard all day.

No. 209797

File: 1448991617210.jpeg (86.27 KB, 845x640, image.jpeg)

Another one of my favorite quotes. Do you think she tells herself that shame can be unlearned while she shits herself?

No. 209816

Lol yup. God her house looks like a tip though.

>It took me 25 years to figure out how to blow my nose.
Ya know what? This one I actually believe. I bet this is the one true thing she's said in her life, like, ever. Not because she's actually retarded or anything, but just because she's gross and probably had her parents do everything for her for a very long time anyway.

No. 209817

So she doesn't have to get a real job like the rest of us suckers. Obviously.

No. 209846

you might like ASMR then anon
it would be pretty good without the singing

No. 209852

I can't usually blow my nose effectively because I have a deviated septum. I'm a low-functioning deviated septum-haver. I'm giving you all exactly 5 minutes to give me sympathy and tell me how brave I am.

No. 209862

most of whom have had children and breastfed, idiot

No. 209878

If it weren't for reading through this thread I would've mistaken her for being Shay. Once a person hits a certain weight it's like they all morph into the same appearance.

No. 209895

The awful "special needs" haircut really doesn't help lol.

No. 209925

I really feel for her and enjoyed going through her blog. Idk guyss… She seems to have it pretty rough and idk, I feel bad trying to tackle an issue as petty as "guys she's faking autism!" When life seems to be pretty harsh on her overall.

Maybe it's just because she got me in her net tho. Like her nonetheless, in a Felice/Charms kinda way hu

No. 209928


>faking autism is a petty issue

ok no.

No. 209933

Elaborate please? I assume we read the same tread.

No. 209934

You've never heard of 25-i then. lel ignorance

No. 209935

>faking autism
wew lad

No. 209938


You have to be 18 to post here.

No. 209939

This is different from the typical case of a special snowflake claiming to have assburgers. She's literally pretending to be mentally retarded and have a catastrophic nonverbal case of autism. If you think that's "petty" idk what to say to you

No. 209946

How did she manage to convince the doctors to install a feeding tube in her? I'm too lazy to read that enormous blog of hers.

No. 210018


I tried finding some of those "truth blogs" on her but couldn't find anything. Could you share the links anon?

No. 210019


There was a whole lot of misinformation spread with that study. I'd take it with a truck load of salt.


Also there was some Halle Berry article about her keeping her boobs perky by wearing a bra to bed which i can't verify works either. I like wearing a bra to bed because I feel weird without a bra and wear one without underwire.

No. 210021

>Once a person hits a certain weight it's like they all morph into the same appearance
That's because they do. Their feitures are covered with layers and layers of fat. It's like a jiggly mask.

No. 210034


Nigga they're literally in the thread but okay


No. 210068

>implying autistic people can't appear to be intelligent or socially normal
Even high functioning autistic people can act like the video you linked, I don't think you or most people in the thread have a fucking clue about autism and assume if someone can communicate well then they're faking it.

No. 210079

She's not faking autism from the looks of her medical records, but the severity and the other conditions she claims to have are awfully suspicious.

Seriously, y'all. She's probably got at least Assburgers. Some of the autism-like symptoms aren't faked. Some probably are, but not all.

No. 210111

wtf is a feiture. do you mean feature??

No. 210126

don't think it worked for her anon

No. 210128

File: 1449092633544.jpg (Spoiler Image,89.12 KB, 800x600, halle berry dress change nudes…)

No. 210134


Assburgers develops in childhood. Autism develops in childhood. She has neithet of these. What ever mental disorder she has came about because of her excessive use of acid.

No. 210153

Her medical records say she had autism symptoms the year before drugs. LSD definitely made things worse, though. Her symptoms sounded pretty mild at 13 considering where she claims to be now.

No. 210205

Assburgers is Autism, and Autism definitely does not mix well with acid so I wouldn't be surprised if it severely worsened it.

No. 211249

No they aren't. DOM and LSD-like designer drugs have been around since the 60s. By the time she would have been experimenting with acid there would have been a massive amount of similar drugs being sold to stupid college kids as LSD.
That said, some people just can't handle their trips, and other people overdo it by taking too much or tripping too frequently.

No. 211288

Thank you so much for posting this! I found this person once but forgot their URL for years.

Are they really a girl? I've never seen someone with PCOS who looks this masculine.

No. 211385

Is this bitch REALLY walking around with her nasty drainage bag hanging out on display. Am I seeing things? Jesus.

No. 211386

File: 1449433729699.png (918.26 KB, 739x645, idi.png)

yep it's a girl

No. 211390

File: 1449434094965.png (708.77 KB, 751x673, dsdsd.png)

No. 211393

File: 1449436745728.jpeg (244.16 KB, 1280x960, image.jpeg)

It repulses me. I refuse to acknowledge this thing is female

No. 211396

File: 1449436888061.jpeg (186.36 KB, 768x1280, image.jpeg)

Why has she got a feeding tube? I sincerely doubt she's getting a lack of food

No. 211405


she apparently has two (?) that she uses even though she doesn't need them. she just uses it to make herself seem sicker, i guess.

No. 211408

File: 1449438766222.jpg (165.74 KB, 858x536, tubbs.jpg)

No. 211410

Obesity and gastroparesis are usually mutually exclusive. This is bizarre.

No. 211412

so repulsive. someone put this abomination out of it's misery. right now it's just an ugly, disgusting leech on society. Dwight was right, we need a new plague.

No. 211423

she has a tube and eats on top of that

No. 211430

No. 211590

i like you anon

No. 211591

and you, too

No. 211606

lmao hell nah that's a smokey the bear looking motherfucker

No. 211679

File: 1449514338986.png (520.35 KB, 704x644, ev.png)

No. 212170

She's obviously local…

No. 212176

link? I can't seem to find the video anywhere on her blog

No. 212297

here you go anon - it took me like 10 seconds to find by googling her tumblr name and marona


No. 212314

I legitimately dry heaved and then threw up a little, holy hell. Why aren't people like this in homes or just "put down". jesus christ.

No. 212327

why is she so hairy. being autisitic doesn't suddenly mean you grow more hair than a normal human being

No. 212328

Could be a side effect of her meds?

No. 212345

Someone mentioned she might have PCOS, which does have a side effect of excessive hair growth

No. 212347

This is the PCOS pattern of hair growth; a sign of fucked up hormone levels.

No. 212348

Incidentally this level of PCOS can be managed with diabetes meds.

No. 212375

PCOS in women is linked to autism, especially aspergers, because over-abundance of male hormones is linked to lacking or being delayed in developing social skills and empathy, and they also cause excessive hair growth.

No. 227652


According to her, these were "random nurses" that came up to her and said these things. By random, I'm guess she means they weren't assigned to her. If that's true, is that not a HIPAA violation that those nurses even know her medical history without her being their patient? But, then again, what the hell does Amanda care? She's getting the attention and sympathy she craves, so HIPAA be damned!

No. 229228

serious? I have aspergers and most of my family on both sides are diabetic. a scan showed polycystic ovaries, i have acne and huge blood sugar swings but no one actually gave a yes/no diagnosis after the scans

No. 229301

Her nostrils are so stretched and long, it's scaring me.

No. 229360


PCOS in mothers is POSSIBLY linked to autism in their children. That's not the same as what you're emplying.

Also that hormone shit is pure pseudoscience. Let me guess, you think autism is the "extreme male brain" too? Baron Cohen's theories are panned by most psychologists. The only research that has ever found a link between male hormones and autism has been his research.

No. 229361



No. 229544

The following 2014 post on her blog could have/should have been shortened to simply read "If the doctors would just take my word for it because I read about the diagnosis I wanted and just give me the meds, this wouldn't have happened."


Seriously, I think Amanda is probably a nightmare to have as a patient. She seems to think Googling symptoms is the same as a doctor's diagnosis. Then she gets irritated when they don't automatically believe her and just start writing a prescription or perform the procedure. I have a feeling that when she does get the medicine or procedure she demands (and says she has to fight for because doctors don't "value her life"), it's because the doctor just wants to get this wacko off his or her back until the next visit when she complains that more shit is wrong with her.

No. 231086

File: 1454712419158.gif (12.25 KB, 150x290, avatar(1).gif)

No. 231092

who did this and why

No. 231249

me, wanted to see what she'd look like

No. 231279

I have a hypothesis. What if there's some family member taking pictures and videos of this retard then writing all the blog posts and stuff?

No. 232777

There seems to be A LOT of things in those reports, especially from when she was 13 and 14, that she's censored. Some of the page have only on or two sentences visible almost the entire rest of the page is blocked out. Seems suspicious to me. Could it be that the censored portions are the doctor's findings that there was nothing really wrong with her other than drugs and attention-seeking? I find it hard to believe that ALL of that writing she has covered up is such personal info that she can't share it. She appears to be sharing only the stuff that fits her narrative.

No. 232802

>Right now I lack spoons to do it
Fucking kek

No. 232849

File: 1454883719272.png (64.23 KB, 516x670, someone who has obviously neve…)

Sie has started using nonbinary pronouns sie/hir.

Also I don't think she understands what it's like to be a caregiver to someone with dementia or some other disability.

No. 232858

File: 1454884411275.png (53.96 KB, 515x529, dear god.png)

No. 232877

This bitch. Iam has no fucking clue as to what it takes to take care of people with dementia, you certainly don't learn that shit from a book.

No. 232879

I meant it* not iam

No. 232891

From reading hir blog, she collects books written by "auties" and thinks that these books are like written in stone guides

No. 232893

My grandma had vascular dementia. It's a very terrible disease. Most people with dementia need a crapton of care which is why they go to nursing homes and other institutions. It's also about safety, a lot of dementia patients wander off and get lost.

No. 232896

File: 1454888436540.png (64.36 KB, 513x655, oh no.png)

Found hir list of oppressions

No. 232900

Exactly. Dementia patients can live on their own and just need help with medications. Some need constant care, some cannot make any decisions themselves.
I have taken care of people that went from living in their own feces, to coming to a facility and getting assistance with everyday choices.
It* should be reading about care for people such as themselves, not a disease that has nothing to do with them.

No. 232902

How is it a lesbian if it's genderless? Sorry, I'm tumblr retarded.

No. 232908

During one of my last visits with her, she was at an assisted living facility and my dad went to say hi to her. She asked him who he was and she said: "I'm your son."

Not only that but she'd talking about being visited by dead relatives, it was kind of creepy.

No. 232909

Uh excuse me, sie is genderless or agender but sometimes identifies as a woman when societal conventions allow.
Check your ignorance privilege

No. 232912


sie just doesn't like penis. it oppressed sie.

No. 232916

No. 233013

Wait isn't Sie "she" in German? So she literally uses the pronoun for the same gender but in a different language? Jesus

No. 233095


Sie (capitalized instead of just 'sie') can also be the polite form of 'you' or 'they', I think? This is just from high school level German, though. A German-chan might need to correct me here.

No. 233100

As far as lolcows go, I'd still rather have a full conversation with her than Ember Whaaaaan

No. 233182

You're both correct

No. 233185

this is hilarious. good job anon!

No. 234328

Some of Amanda's posts on her ballastexistenz blog are priceless! I'm going to post some of my favorites here. Here's one about a caregiver who is reportedly abusive to her and other clients. But when Amanda dons her detective hat and "asks around", she finds a huge red flag that tells her that this caregiver is not to be trusted!


P.S.: Does anyone think it's suspicious that Amanda seems to like talking about things like defecating and feminine hygiene in blog posts and then redacts portions of her medical history saying "It's private"? Bitch, nobody wants to hear about your nasty pussy and the cleaning thereof!

No. 234331


After reading the first few lines, I'm waiting for her to say she's psychic or has ESP, but that people don't believe in her powers because it doesn't conform to the "stereotype" of autistic people and mind-blindness.

No. 234336

don't give hir any ideas though

No. 234378

File: 1455046534345.png (239.22 KB, 601x527, oh no.png)

sie can put in it's own "butt pills" but not wipe hir ass?

No. 234383

File: 1455046904277.png (252.18 KB, 605x521, why the heck are there so many…)

No. 234386

File: 1455046982001.jpg (3.48 KB, 222x121, images (1).jpg)

Wow, the old matchmaker from mulan really let herself go.

No. 234388

Well, if this creature is living in a assisted living, caregivers (lacking a certified nursing assistant credentials) are not authorized to give suppositories.
But yes, it is bullshit that this thing can't wipe it's own ass.
I would be pissed if I were it's caregiver, that is just pure laziness.

No. 234389

that reminded me to be grateful she's not into makeup.

No. 234390

Sie says that sie has LANs and other some sort of certified home caregivers come in and take care of them.
It just makes me infuriated because there are people who actually need care and this person just takes up time and theyre probably just bullshitting everything

No. 234392

I think she has some kind of shit/fart fetish tbh.

No. 234395

Absolutely, majority of the people that receive assistance with peri care and using the restroom would not be writing full detailed text on the experience, it's fucking private. In my opinion this thing has a fetish for shit, and just bodily functions in general. Who fucking writes about their feeding tube, and getting their ass wiped?

No. 234396

Fluids* and functions too I suppose.

No. 234397

why is her mouth so small

No. 234398

I think Amanda would get along with Jeroen Jeffry, an infamous shit/humiliation fetishist.

Don't look him up if you value your sanity (or stomach contents)

No. 234401

Another good one about all the different types of caregiver abuse she's experienced. She's ALWAYS the victim!


No. 234403

I could hardly fucking read that. Someone walked out after it shrieked? Who knows that that caregiver has already endured for that creature.

No. 234407

How is this person a cognitive disabled person? It can write about it's daily very easily, and can describe it's experiences with caregivers quite well. It thinks a caregiver reacting to it's bullshit disabled antics makes them abusive? not compliant maybe, but abusive? Fuck off.
Probably gets a kick out of able bodied people serving it hand and foot.

No. 234409

I want to see the rest of this wailord's family

No. 234415

lol I work with developmentally disabled, the shit under the nails, bitey kind and you get so used to screaming it doesn't startle you at all after a while. I've never walked out on a client or known any caretaker who did. I will promise you she's her home health group's problem child and goes through caretakers like toilet paper, if she used it. They all know she's full of metaphorical shit but grit their teeth because there's not much else you can do. Since she isn't autistic, she deliberately "misbehaves" for attention in a way she thinks an autistic would, and after being told to knock off the variety act, she screeched at the top of her lungs until the poor woman went outside to try find something to kill herself with.

No. 234417

Not an expert on this, but I know multiple people who are labeled 'cognitively disabled', and they can speak/write quite eloquently, but their thoughts are literally fucked up. I'm talking about decision making process, thinking pattern, working memory etc. Often completely delusional, at first you'd think they are schizophrenic, but well they're not.

No. 234419

I looked that guy up but couldn't really find anything. On images it;s only pictures of hockey players. There was one video of that guy apparently, but it was taken down.

No. 234420

You must be a saint. Developmentally disabled people are tough to be around.

No. 234424

In the words of the saint: 'the shit under the nails, bitey kind ', are very tough to be around. Most mild to moderate cases you won't even notice.

No. 234428

He goes by Jeroen Elswijk, too. You won't get much googling him since he shares a name with a violinmaker in Amsterdam but his stuff is out there. Won't link it here since its OT and he really deserves his own thread.

(Polite sage)

No. 234429

I just want to thank you for your service, because I'd kill myself about 15 min into the job.

No. 234431

You mean >>234415
I just quoted saint-anon.

No. 234440

Someone told me to find the job nobody else wanted to do and do it. Then I found that I had a weirdly high tolerance for loud noises and being pinched, so it's a good job for me. I actually like almost all the clients I work with. That being said I would have to restrain myself from putting this thing in a sack and beating it with a rake.

No. 234446

Same here. I have loved the people I have worked with, it's challenging but I love the work. I feel like I'm helping people and helping myself at the same time.
But I share the opinion that I would have a hard time not wanting to smack this idiot.

No. 234447

File: 1455052249808.jpg (61.61 KB, 400x562, ecc6f869e03fd54ab40e2c76975897…)

Looks like something summoned off a magic the gathering card.

No. 234475

this whole thing is so goddamn disgusting
As someone who works in this field I know there are a lot of shitty people but dear god not fucking everyone is out to get them!!!

No. 234478

I think it's obvious by now that she's delusional and has a victim-complex.

No. 234479

File: 1455054852829.png (27.16 KB, 543x87, no bully guyz.png)

No. 234483

File: 1455055676704.png (10.06 KB, 597x129, gonna diee.png)

If a bunch of people on the internet are acting as your medical advice you're going to die or be seriously injured

No. 234724

A woman "accosted her" as she was waiting a bus.


And a communication board Amanda made that was inspired by this incident. Actually kind of funny.


I notice that Amanda doesn't mention a staff member being with her at the time. If she's as disabled as she says, how and why was she left (I'm guessing outside) unattended? And if this woman did in fact harass her, it sounds like the woman, unlike Amanda, may have actually mentally disabled or ill in some way. But I guess that never occurred to Amanda. As usual, she's the victim.

No. 234728


I don't believe any such "pressure to die" ever took place. And no doctor would ever abruptly change their mind because people began phoning the hospital en masse. There was a similar post I read somewhere that said that doctors and nurses literally laughed her when she said she wanted a feeding tube. In the words of Judge Judy, "Baloney, madame!". Or should I say "Baloney, hir!"

No. 234770

Is she in the U.S.? I swear I've seen her before.

No. 234775

What is a burp cup?

No. 234780

she vomits into it

No. 234785

come on, let's not make fun of someone who's obviously disabled and retarded.

No. 234791

There was speculation about how this person may not be as disabled as it lets on.

Not really a cow, but the long blog posts juxtaposed with these images or herself are very interesting to say the least.

If this person is really disabled, well, good for her/hir/xir I guess. You can type novels but not boil water.

No. 234792

Oh man, I found the video after all. Jesus, Anon. How did you even hear of this guy? Anyway, I'm thinking >>>/snow/82015 could join Amanda and Jeroen in their posterior proceedings.

No. 234794

File: 1455094393816.jpg (47.38 KB, 634x471, article-2048337-0E58C397000005…)

The pictures of her as a child reminded me instantly of this girl.

No. 234802

Ahaha I can definitely see the resemblance. I hate those little brats.

No. 234805

Possibly, you never know with the ~spoonie~ trend on tumblr.
But seriously, how could someone looking like this NOT be severely disabled, at least mentally?

No. 234806

But I agree with you, I used to follow here for a few weeks because it's like watching a freak show. But after seeing her face a couple times I couldn't take it anymore… She posted a selfie when I was eating, clicked the unfollow button right before I threw up.

No. 234809

>That feeling of being a bully? That's your frigging conscience trying to say something. Don't let yourself be trained into ignoring that feeling. Wow. I'm just shocked this book is coming out and talking about ways to manipulate disabled people into doing what you want us to do.

A. Fuck her for putting herself in the same category as people with dementia.

B. She obviously knows jack shit about dementia, period.

C. Failing to "bully" someone in the short term can have extremely disastrous consequences in the long term. Grandpa is covered in his own bodily waste, won't leave his bedroom, and refuses to eat? Oh, I guess it's okay, because clearly that's what he wants. The fact that he's got dementia and is incapable of taking care of himself at this point is irrelevant. Wait, I feel guilty for this… But if I pressure him to do something and he resists, I also feel guilt… OH GOD WHAT DO I DO??!

>I told them I'd use the bedpan until my body was good and ready to get up

>I shit the bed

>their worry was "If sie thinks she can get away with shitting the bed, sie will never use a toilet again."

This bitch think enabling negative behavior is A-OK, has zero personal grooming, and is a special snowflake, and she wonders why hospital staff don't trust her when she claims she is literally incapable of using the commode. Ugh.

No. 234927

tbh idk how she can live if she's this fucking ugly, obese and using a feeding tube.

No. 235044

Being ugly isn't a disability and she probably intentionally neglects her appearance to look sicker. Some munchausen shit

No. 235054

Thank you wonderful anon.

No. 235055

I'm assuming that's why Amanda has a caregivers, if it were up to them to care for their own feeding tube it would probably be infected.
I can just see them playing around with it with their shit finger.
Oh gawd. The germs, the nasty germs.

No. 235058

Came here for Venus drama and saw this. Fucking hell this makes me cringe so hard because I have too much testosterone in me to where I have a ton of body hair (especially facial hair) that's way worse than hers but I can still shave and put on makeup and manage to look halfway decent.

I just feel a mixture of pity and disgust because it's like looking at a picture of what I could have been if I hated myself and just decided to stop caring about everything.

No. 235059

>Being ugly isn't a disability
not the same anon
sure those are not the same, would you employ her though (provided that otherwise she was normal)? she's not simply ugly, she's monstrous unfortunately. what is there for a similar looking person to do, 'cause i wouldn't be too optimistic.

No. 235061

In most facilities there are standards for residency, hygiene is a big one obviously.
I've had dementia patients throw their shit at me and other residents.
Did I find a way to convince this person to come to their room and clean up? You bet. What would their children think, seeing their parent like that?
This Amanda idiot has no clue what families and caregivers go through to keep whatever dignity dementia patients have left, manipulation? Naw. Naw bitch.

No. 235081

Two different threads in the Straight Dope message boards discussing Amanda. She herself actually joins the discussion. The first thread isn't all that interesting after the first few pages because it becomes about the vaccine and autism debate. The second thread is more about people calling Amanda out and Amanda providing excuses.

First thread: http://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/showthread.php?t=437925

Second thread: http://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/showthread.php?t=438331

No. 235084

Good find, thank you.

No. 235086

So Amanda latched on to this Droopy person and started copying her?

No. 235094


>'And I know a lot of parents of autistic children personally. They do not believe their children are harmed by association with me.'

I think NO autist wants to be associated with that monster. Was she really a spokesperson for autistics? Like really, great image right there: an obese, hairy, unhygienic, hypochondriac 'woman', with no legitimate autism diagnosis, is a spokesperson for autism. Yeah that really helps with people accepting autists -.-, it really won't give the image that they're all dirty freaks.

No. 235095

Tbf that droopy person sounds legitimately really insane from their posts. Maybe it's just an unfortunate side effect of them being autistic, but it does make everything they say way harder to belive

No. 235105

Does anyone else besides me see some similarities between Amanda Baggs and the Rachel Dolezal scandal? Or the Tania Head (the woman who claimed to have been at the WTC on 9/11 but wasn't)?

I think it's the whole insinuating oneself into a community you're not part of and then "adovocating" for said community as one of them.

No. 235111

It's just an incredibly scummy thing to do. Why do they think it's a good idea? Are they that narcissistic? But why does Amanda keep the act up after being called out numerous times?

No. 235115


Well, I don't know if anyone has actually contacted any type of official agency to investigate Amanda. What type of agency would there be to investigate such a thing? The social security disability fraud unit is the only one I can think of.

No. 235117

Well maybe someone should. There's a chance that the milk will stop coming, but on the other hand, there's a bigger chance she'll use it as another example of how ~*oppressed*~ she is and work herself into even more shit and trouble.

No. 235159

The milk wouldn't stop coming. If anything she would try even harder to convince everyone that what she says is true. Someone should report it. Plenty of people need assistance that are denied, while this thing gets it? Disgusting.

No. 235184

If she was otherwise normal I think she'd be able to figure out how to style her hair properly, get clothes that flatter her bodytype, and get her chin and eyebrows waxed.

No. 235224

Don't think they think of it as a good idea. I've watched a Tanya Head documentary, got the impression that she didn't think it through much at first (she was in Spain during the actual happening) but once people took her seriously, she just made shit up as she went along. It must have been some psychological shit for her to get attention. Still, despite being an attentionwhore, Head did a bit of good to the survivors' community besides keeping up her own hoax

No. 235236

She would seriously be so pretty if she lost weight, shaved her beard and gets rid of her glasses. Maybe some mascara and normie clothing/edgy gothic mix would make her a 8/10. (I actually like her eyebrows)

wish there was a quick cure for obesity and autism…

No. 235237

You're really sweet anon, but no.
I commend you for your kindness,but no.

No. 235238

what about her is ugly that cant be fixed? Besides her autism and stoma lol

No. 235239

she'd be tolerable at best if she did all that

No. 235240

Her eyes point in different directions and her mouth looks like grumpycat.

No. 235250

Thats because her face is round and fat. Even though she is a landwhale, she still doesnt have thin lips. She'd have full lips if she was skinny. Her eyes look retarded because of her autism/other mentall illness. But if you teach her to smile normal etcetc she'd have normal eyes.

No. 235252

No I've seen her pictures from when she was around 14 or 15 and she was ugly even before she ballooned in weight. I'm trying to find them now but a lot of links have been deleted

No. 235253

… No. people's eyes don't point in different directions because of autism or other mental illnesses, not to mention the entire point of this thread is that she probably doesn't actually even have autism.

No. 235255

File: 1455160336343.jpg (97.43 KB, 640x423, 919464476_8033c3aabf_z.jpg)

ah here we go

No. 235261

>Back in California, there was an agency that had a policy of firing staff that clients liked, or pressuring them into quitting. Usually through blackmail, and setting them up to look like they were abusing people. Meanwhile, if any of us reported real abuse, they’d give that person a promotion. It was twisted but very deliberate on the part of two case managers who had the most power and who treated it like a fun game to mess with our lives. I’m not kidding.

I find this very hard to believe. Why would they fire their best workers? Wouldn't that be company suicide? I think that they ending up letting some people go who were actually putting up with her and now she's stuck with the ones that won't.

No. 235272

But she is still very obese and autistic in that picture lol….
She'd look so much better without those stupid glasses, hair/clothes and double chin, like I said. I'm now even more certain after seeing this picture.
If she doesnt have autism then no one has autism.
And ok, maybe its not an official symptom or whatever to have weird looking eyes when you have a mentall illness but lets be honest that crazy people often have crazy eyes. When I used to be an obese greasy neet I had those same eyes lel.

No. 235275

No. 235356

Are… are you retarded?

No. 235381

if only she staid that way. i could pass this person by on the street without going into an existential crisis.

No. 235383


>If she doesnt have autism then no one has autism.

Are you parroting her?. She doesn't have an official diagnosis, and it's not like she's been avoiding doctors.
She probably just fucked herself up from the too much LSD she did. She was fairly normal before that, only afterwards she started acting schizophrenic.
But actually developmentally disabled? No, she would have way more symptoms when she was younger, to look like that now. The only symptom she had was being a little bit awkward, which obviously doesn't qualify for an autism diagnosis.
So mental illness, YES, developmentally disabled, NO. She's obviously crazy, but actually disabled, no. She's acting disabled for attention.

Also the only autistic person (and I've seen 200+) I know who had weird eyes like her, was born with them and had no relation to his autism. Didn't help his case, but it wasn't related. So it isn't even an unofficial symptom of autism. I think it would rather be caused by her 'LSD' abuse.

Amanda was just a smart girl who went to college way too early, so she was dropped in an adult world, while she was still emotionally developing. She started mimicking diseases to flee from reality, to give up responsibility. Eventually she did a ton of LSD and other psychedelics, started hallucinating about fairies, trying to commit suicide and and being aggressive towards others. And she kept doing it, just switching from disease, to disease and even took up a fucking disability.

No. 235428

>She'd look so much better without those stupid glasses, hair/clothes and double chin, like I said

It's not exactly a high bar. She'd still be hideous, but she wouldn't be the stuff of nightmares.

No. 235480

She also has several wishlists on Amazon. The most bizarre and telling is the one for medical supplies. If she's receiving all these services, wouldn't they have said medical supplies such as tape and gloves, not to mention the wound drainage system? Also, in the past year or so, she has legally changed her name to Amelia Evelyn Voicy Baggs, sometimes shortened to Mel. I guess she wasn't enough of a special snowflake.


No. 235481

I'm gonna be the first to say that sometimes insurance doesn't cover absolutely everything someone needs but still the amount of stuff she "needs" is kind of suspect

No. 235483

I don't get it. She's supposed to be low functioning right? yet she types very well.

No. 235484

Meant to add that I know someone with two low functioning autstistic children. One is completey non verbal and has to use an AAC device, there's no way he can type, let alone type coherent enough.

No. 235487

She says she isn't good at speaking to people out loud and prefers other kinds of communication, but that doesn't really seem like any huge disability or symptom of being hopelessly low functioning to me especially given the availability of computers, electronics and text-to-speech methods that could easily help a non-verbal person communicate like everyone else IRL (I mean look at Stephen Hawking for instance, he does just fine with text-to-speech). If she really had issues speaking aloud but none with text-to-speech as she claims, she could easily just use that for all her day to day needs, and the result would be a pretty high functioning person, able to communicate totally coherent and intelligent thoughts with other people. It all makes sense though when you see how thoughtful and calculating she is; it's all a charade. She just wants to be seen as extremely impaired.

No. 235492

>has a cognitive disability
>but can recite complex disability rights papers in hir head
>and also wrote these blog posts

sure, jan.

Yeah but if you were its caregiver, you'd be a bully for calling her lazy for being unable to wiper her own ass but being able to put in its own suppositories, as per her post in >>232849 . Sie just wants to be able to do what she wants lol and don't you dare tell her otherwise.

I agree with everything you've just said. Thank you, anon.

It's not even the LSD tho at this point. Might have been when she had major psychotic breaks in college, but it's just literally all her having Munchausen's and being a big fat faking attention whore now. And maybe it is because she saw the attention she got being cray from bad trips, and wanted to find other ways to get attention, but yeah.

Kind of makes it obvious that she's faking tbh. The wanting us to all shower her with gifts is too.

No. 235545

>>235383 anon here
I was mostly talking about what might have caused the whole eye thing. You need to fuck your brain up somehow to get your eyes stuck like that, because in childhood pictures her eyes seem fine.
And for some reason I doubt she actually took LSD, I'd rather guess it was something more unsafe.
And I also doubt that she could force her eyes to stay like that all the time. So it would have to be something other than Munchhausen's.

No. 235556

Can someone point out how her eyes point in different directions, or are otherwise weird? They look completely normal to me.

No. 235559

This! i hate the "psychologists" in this thread so fucking much

No. 235561

See here:

One eye points forwards, the other is off to the side. If you genuinely can't see anything then you may need to have your own eyes tested.

No. 235564

File: 1455215806401.png (140.81 KB, 1083x598, funthings.png)

Why does someone who is apparently physically disabled have this shit on their amazon wishlist?


No. 235568

So… She has a slight lazy eye that's only visible in a small percentage of pictures? God damn, what is wrong with you people to think that something so common is a sign of severe mental illness?

No. 235571

Slight? In some pictures she looks reverse cross eyed.

No. 235572

I'm the anon who originally brought up her eyes, and it was just to prove she'd be ugly no matter how much weight she lost or improved her hygiene. Nothing to do with whether or not she's really mentally ill.

No. 235580

File: 1455216757988.jpeg (93.15 KB, 863x1024, image.jpeg)

she would look like a young mila kunis with better eyebrows if she fixed herself

No. 235637

File: 1455220803666.png (24.06 KB, 625x626, 00c.png)

No. 235648

Beat me to it, love this version

No. 235650

Can we knock it off with the it/sie/hir shit? It's making some of these posts really hard to follow.

No. 236064

Here is the transcript of the second half of the CNN story that led to people calling out Amanda as not having been autistic all her life. They follow her to an autism convention in Canada where she has a little episode when things don't go her way.


I think it's kind of obvious what that tantrum was really about. She talked about living independently, but parents of REAL autistic kids for whom this is not a viable solution began asking REAL questions about things like guardianship. Uh-oh! They're not buying Amanda's bullshit as she's presented it to them! And as such, she's not the center of attention. So she has a prima donna tantrum under the guise of an autistic meltdown.

No. 236219

Ugh I'm tempted to buy her this shit just because I wanna see her try to play these games… But yeah why?

No. 236222

I've got a slight lazy eye too, but with the right glasses prescription I'm doing ok now.
She's got dozens of pairs of tumblr glasses, that she probably got online somewhere, and she could be using an older prescription or something to get them instead of getting assessed every year. I dunno tho since she's p. much addicted to being at doctors', but eye doctor is a different ballgame than gps or er docs, so maybe she prioritises her doctor visits that way and skips the eye doctor.

No. 236226

I could see this, but only because Mila Kunis looks pretty mongo herself

No. 236259

In one of her videos, she shows ankle restraints on her legs, the kind she says were used on her when she was younger and institutionalized.

I guess she dropped that part of the story at some point. God she's such a skeevy creepo medical fetishist.

No. 236264

have you ever looked at someone and just felt depressed?

No. 236268

I think she'll try to sell them off or gift them to other people she knows

No. 236284

I fail to see how Mila Kunis is at all attractive

No. 236814

Mila is above average tbh

No. 236883

She's fairly attractive, in that you wouldn't turn her down based on her looks. She doesn't seem very smart or nice, but maybe that's just my image of her from the way she has been cast.

This girl is always going to be uggo.

No. 236940

Even taking into consideration how she's been cast, I still think she's underwhelming by Hollywood standards. Not ugly obviously, but doesn't stand up to the hype.

No. 237108

She says she needs more melatonin… because she has a script for it, but not enough… Melatonin isn't a prescription drug. It's a nutraceutical. Fuck, lady/sir.

No. 237131

Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I've been browsing the hair tag on her tumblr and she is very very very assberger. I don't care if psychologists dont consider her autistic, she needs to go to a real psychologist! HOW CAN THEY NOT SEE THAT THIS FEDORA WEARING NECKBEARD IS AUTISTIC QUESTIONMARKS

No. 237178

Why is it literally in her bellybutton? Is that normal? I thought they were usually placed more to one side.

No. 237201

See the fact that it's 'oh so obvious', tells you that she's over-exaggerating. Also, if she was indeed autistic, she would've had these issues during childhood already, which she didn't. You can't catch the autizmz. And if she indeed had the specific form of autism called aspergers, she wouldn't need someone to wipe her fucking ass and she would be able to boil some fucking water.
Look up Munchhausen's, anon. Those people can go very fucking far.

No. 237204

It's a prescription drug in some places… unnecessarily so.

No. 237205

This creature is cognitive enough to pick up every tard stereotype there is.
They have given up, this facade is their life.
If tards were able to recognize, they would rip this fucking faker to shreds.
Shame on her, she's the true abomination

No. 237211

File: 1455440432474.png (159.29 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

In case anyone was wondering why…..

Pic is only a small part of her response. Full response linked here:


No. 237216

From what I read on the blog site that goes against her Autism diagnoses, this is what I've gathered so far.

>>Was fine until she hit around 13 to 14, then the dissociation and signs of Paranoid Schizophrenia began.

>>Was apparently raped and molested by 2 family members, one of her brothers was banished from the house for this; according to her other brother's girlfriend at the time who was living with them.
>>Got accepted into college, started taking LSD and 'shrooms, she reported that she was fine on them but as soon as she gave them up for good, her psychosis came back ten-fold and picked up where it was left off.
>>Wrongly self-diagnosed herself with DID (MPD).
>>Was officially diagnosed for Paranoid Schizophrenia and began treatment and therapy.

Then there's a huge blank here, like nobody knows what happened to her between 17 to 28 years old.

>>Suddenly all these disorders appear and that's how she's ended up today.

>>Her ex-friends believe she's afflicted with Munchausen's Syndrome (not the same as Munchausen by Proxy).

No. 237222

Apparently at a mental healthcare camp, she buddied up with an autistic girl and became very interested in the disorder, going so far to ask questions from the family.

She also collects books written by autistic people, it would be extremely easy to pick up information from them about living with Autism.

No. 237233

Apologies for samefagging, but my opinion of what she's actually dealing with is Munchausen's Syndrome (she has admitted in the past that she's a hypochondriac, but this goes beyond hypochondria as she enjoys the attention rather then feeling deeply anxious about it.) which somehow went unchecked by doctors as her mom doc-shopped a lot.

That and her strange, fetishistic fascination with medical equipment and gross enjoyment of explaining in detail what is happening to her body.

So yeah, I think it's Munchausen's Syndrome brought on by her Paranoid Schizophrenia sprinkled with a medical fetish on top of those for good measure, is what's actually her major malfunction.

No. 237270

I knew I shouldn't have read that but I did anyway and now I feel physically sick

No. 237290


;___; if she isnt autistic she is VERY good at pretending to be autistic.

No. 237296

That actually makes sense. It's really creepy she has a g/j tube and must have scammed the hell out of doctors to get it. A normal person would never want it unless it was a completely last resort.

No. 237309

Low functioning autists with a hygiene problem, don't want to be unhygienic. If they could choose to, they'd love to be able to either be able to bathe themselves, or be able to notice when they become gross.
She knows when she's gross, she could bathe herself, but she chooses not to. She REVELS in being gross. That's not autism.
She's trying to emulate combinations that just don't happen with autism. To a person who doesn't know many autists or hasn't read up on it, she looks like the real deal. And that's what she's going for.
Actual parents of autists, actual autists, and actual professionals have said that she isn't really autistic or at least doubt her.
She's also experiencing weird delusions/synesthesia, and blaming it on 'autism', while those things aren't part of autism at all.

>>237233 anon is spot on, a combination of Munchausen's Syndrome and paranoid schizophrenia is the likely culprit.

No. 237310

I have a question, and I hope it doesn't come across off as rude or anything. I was wondering why austistic people sometimes have an issue with bathing/personal grooming. Like if you hate baths and/or showers, is it a sensory issue with the water?

No. 237314

Its not the hygiene problem I was talking about, I am talking about the fact that she is so obsessed with a certain object and can talk long hours about a shitty subject no one can/should care about.

No. 237315

Depends on the autist. Some literally can't recognize when they need a bath, they could be stinking like a corpse and they'd still not recognize it, completely oblivious. Some have a sensory issue regarding bathing. And some are SO low functioning that they can't operate a faucet.
But it doesn't happen often at all that autists have hygiene issues, but they are the ones that stand out. I know more autists who compulsively wash their hands or are obsessed with taking long baths, than autists that are unhygienic.

No. 237316

You need more than that to be classified as autistic. She could also be plain egocentric.

No. 237321

That makes sense. Thanks for explaining. I figured it had mostly to do with a sensory issue regarding water.

No. 237366

A couple I knew had a really weird fear of being seen in the bathroom, so they would only shower or bathe when no one was in the house - which wasn't often.

No. 237394


No. 237395

Usually the stoma hole is reddish too. In >>207508 it kind of looks like she just stuck it in her bellybutton. I think its fake.

No. 237396

Usually the stoma hole is reddish too. In >>207508 it kind of looks like she just stuck it in her bellybutton. I think its fake.

No. 237413

I'm very sorry! Cuddle your kitty and tell him that it's going to be okay, she can't hurt him.

No. 237521

I'm the anon who posted some of Amanda's Wordpress posts, including the one where she was allegedly accosted by a crazy woman and her rant about doctors. Here is one where she made a list of some of the different stereotypes she violates. Take that, societal norms!


Again, notice the theme in this post as with many other things she posts. If you question Amanda or her behavior, it's because of YOUR prejudices and the fact that YOU'VE been brainwashed by able-bodied society into having certain opinions and attitudes. It's never because Amanda herself is purposely engaging in desperate attention-seeking behaviors in attempt to make herself a target. According to her, WE are the problem!

No. 237524


I have two possible theories about her beloved feeding tube. One is what you just said about her putting the tube in her navel and basically just pretending. The other is that, despite all the other apparent malingering, she does in fact have some type of condition (gastroparesis or otherwise) and the doctor put in a tube and that it was a fairly standard procedure with no red tape. But of course, that wouldn't be good enough for Amanda whose whole identity is about how people mistreat her because of her autism. So she deliberately went offline for several months and made up all the bullshit about how those evil doctors were convincing her to die. Then she made a triumphant return to her blogs posting about her love of her feeding tube and how doctors wanted to kill her by not giving it to her. She doesn't appear to have missed a meal with the tube. A recent selfie shows her looking bigger than ever!


No. 237543

No. 237601

Good theory anon! I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks she's faking the whole tube thing. It could be something minor also, since she says she aspirates food and she's fat enough for me to belief that, she sperged out on her doctors enough for them to stick a tube in her so she would shut up. Because she obviously feeds herself without the tube as well.
Dear christ she is fucking huge. She looks like she's pushing 400+ pounds.

No. 237610

Why does she use a wheelchair? Has she ever said specifically? She obviously just wants to look ~speshulll~ but now I see she says she uses a wheelchair to get around? She can walk perfectly fine in her videos, even run and jump around. Disgusting

No. 237626

Because she is fucking fat

No. 237629

What the fuck is this. I think it's ridiculous all this shit about her being oppressed for being oh so different. It's a weird pity party. Sadly, it also seems a bit like something I would type out when of be high as fuck.

And that feeding tube shit? What does she have that for again? Because I've had several horrible digestive issues with multiple surgeries, and the only feeding tube I got was a temp. tube through my nose.

No. 237635

I think once one of these 'Munchies' gets one, either for themselves or for a child, then it just gets accepted as medical fact by every medical professional who encounters them after that. I've had to see a lot of different doctors myself and they take my recounting of prior diagnoses on face value. Munchies take advantage of that.

No. 237678

I know a few disabled folk who really like this hamplanet for whatever reason.

No. 237684

I guess it is similar to Penny from My 600 Lb Life. She has an oxygen tube for some reason, Dr Now took her off it because he said there's no reason she needs it. She threw a hissy fit as a result, insisting she needs it, complained she couldn't breathe and then was put back on it despite having normal 02 stats.

No. 237686


See now I'm kinda wondering about this too? How bad does things have to be to get a tube? A close relative of mine was in a coma for a while and even when she came out of it she was in no fit state to feed herself for months and she only ever had the nose tube.

No. 237708


According to the CNN piece on her, she uses it because it takes up "too much of her energy" to maintain her balance while walking.

Speaking of CNN, Amanda claims they "edited" her a certain way that doesn't tell the whole truth about her life. Even when she manages to get attention, this bitch still finds some kind of fault with it!


No. 237716

Amanda's mother Anna "defended" her daughter via video. Despite her gentle tone of voice and pleasant expression, I get a very cold vibe from this woman. She apparently posts on her daughter's blogs under the name "mom".


I've long suspected that mother and daughter were/are working together in this whole thing. Notice in those medical forms that Amanda put on her blogs that when she was brought to these specialists at 13 and 14, it says it was her mother who always brought her; her father (whose clothes she now wears every day) is barely mentioned other than to say the she lives with both parents. But I've never been able to decide how it got started. Did/does Anna have Munchausen by proxy and took Amanda to all these specialists and convinced her of her illnesses so well that this is all she knows? Or did Amanda start faking things because of the stresses of being in a college world at 14 and mom went along with it happily?

No. 237717

The blog owner is also fucking the ex of amanda, this blogpost screams vendetta.

No. 237718

Amanda's brother*

No. 237722


I meant to add this in my last post. Look at the responses by "mom" on that last link I put up. Look at the way she talks about her older son being hyperlexic and how she didn't care how old they were when they learned to do something. It's not hard to see where Amanda got some of this crap about being special and how society should just be more accepting rather than actually correcting certain disabilities. It's all about society being mean!

No. 237723

>You can type novels but not boil water.
Hate to play devil's advocate, but that's just how stuff works for some autistic people. It can be pretty damn easy to sit and type at a computer, but not as much so to actually get up and do shit for yourself. A lot of autistic people also can't talk very well but can communicate better through typing. Not being able to speak doesn't make you some shit-flinging retard like a lot of people think.

I still feel like this woman is faking most of her problems because her accounts of everything are inconsistent as fuck, but you have to understand how the different things she's claiming to have work before you criticize them.

No. 237731

LOL, my friend isn't even autistic and she can't boil water. Or use the toaster without setting things on fire. Some people are just really stupid.

No. 237736

The issue isn't the 'not speaking, but able to type novels' stuff. That is actually a fucking stereotype of autism, everyone knows that one.
That's actually exactly the point, she is miss-matching autism stereotypes from several functioning levels. She's taking the worst from every functioning level and combining it.
She is portraying classical autism stereotypes, classical PDD NOS stereotypes and aspergers stereotypes. It doesn't happen that someone has ALL the types and functioning levels, AT ONCE.
It clearly shows that she's going off a list of autism symptoms and trying to emulate every single one of them to seem real, while in reality NO autistic person has ALL the symptoms from ALL the variations.
She's trying way too hard, and if she can't emulate a symptom, she'll just miss-attribute stuff to autism.

No. 237746


Exactly. And notice that when people call her on those glaring inconsistencies, she responds with her usual "stock" answers of how everything we know about autism comes from our own prejudices, how functioning levels serve no purpose other than to oppress people with disabilities, how no one takes her seriously because abelism, etc.

I wish I could find it, but on a WrongPlanet (she used to post there under the name "anbuend") post where someone asked something about autism and schizophrenia, she actually stated that schizophrenia doesn't even exist and gave a long list of reasons why the whole concept of that disease is rooted in outdated concepts and biases!

No. 237747

Sage for OT/coolstorysis but in my case, a big part of it is a difficulty with transition combined with sensory issues. It's the same reason I take relatively long to leave the house in the morning and why I regularly hang around work longer than I need even though I'd much rather be at home; once I've gotten used to a certain condition (like filthy pajamas) I don't want to leave it. Showering requires me to go into the cold bathroom, get out of my comfy pjs, get wet and get used to the water temperature. Once I get my ass in there I tend to take very long showers because afterwards I have to do the same thing in reverse; turn off the warm water and be exposed to cold air, towel off and get dressed which requires me to get used to the feel of clothing again, etc. plus I have a whole skincare routine which takes a while. It's hard to explain to someone who doesn't experience this but for some reason, change (no matter how minor) is very stressful to me so it's easier to sit around in a familiar condition, no matter how uncomfortable, than get off my ass and do do something. It took my psychologist forever to convince me it's not just me being a lazy fuck (although tbh I'm still very much a lazy fuck).

TL;DR showering is complicated when you're an autist

Please note that I do, in fact, shower every day. It takes me more willpower than the average person but that's no excuse to sit around being gross all the time. Learning to deal with this sort of thing is part of growing up.

But I guess if you're craving attention as much as this creature is, rolling around in your own filth until other people feel obliged to wipe your ass for you is a pretty good way to get it.

No. 237748

Typical SJW attitude. I shouldn't adjust or earn respect, the world should just gibs gibs gibs

No. 237752

Thanks for explaining.

I know autism is a spectrum so there's low, normal and high functioning autists. But like someone upthread said, it seems Amanda is taking all the autism disorders and displaying symptoms from each one.

No. 237753

An old post from 2006 talking about how old pictures of her (which are no longer visible) that look fairly mundane are actually of her "overloaded". Apparently, people "edited out" photos of her displaying the more obvious autistic behaviors such as biting herself, but left the ones of her "staring off into space". And who the hell are these filmmakers she keeps talking about?



No. 237770

I'm dying at this..

"Gastroparesis causes the amount of calories that you get, to be restricted.

Your body at first loses weight.

Then your body goes into starvation mode. It notices that there are fewer calories. So it begins trying to hang onto every single calorie for dear life.

At which point your body gains weight again."

>>starvation mode

Starvation mode as most people know it is a myth.

No. 237773

Mean to add >>237770 comes off Amanda's blog, where she talks about why she's still fat with gastroparesis.

No. 237780

I want to post this on 4chan's /fit/ alongside a picture of her but I'd probably get the banhammer.

No. 237781

It's not surprising she spews fatlogic. She wants to think she's a special snowflake and can violate the law of thermodynamics.

No. 237845

This person has probably spent all of it's spare time researching aliments to counter any attack on their health.
There will always be some sort of explanation, obviously this person is very good. It got a feeding tube out if it, it's like a trophy for being a master hypochondriac.
You would have to be pretty med savvy and good with words to stump this creature.

No. 237914

Her mother doesn't have MbP, it's Amanda who demonstrates everything to do with Munchausen's Syndrome.

The blog site against her autism diagnoses says that her mother had a breakdown when she first heard her daughter had Paranoid Schizophrenia, she even thoroughly denied her daughter had it regardless of what the doctors said. Then Amanda was "institutionalised" by her parents and her treatments were paid for, one hospital stay cost 8K for 8 weeks… but she's never been state institutionalised, just private hospitals.

Her mom is also a gung-ho Christian who doesn't believe in mental health problems, and that God can cure anything.

Her mother's crazy, sure… but she doesn't have MbP, the blog also said that her mom eventually got worn down by Amanda's constant need to find something wrong with herself and eventually she just gave up and went along with anything Amanda said.

No. 237923

There's so many things here that check with her on having Munchausen's Syndrome…


It's actually quite scary.

No. 237973

wow I must be autistic.

No. 238039


Nobody likes having to get out of the shower and be cold, etc. I think anon meant that it's amplified if you're autistic, not that not wanting to be uncomfortable = autism.

No. 238317


Yeah it's the difference between e.g. not really wanting to move house and being completely unable to cope with a new house to the point of having a breakdown, or the difference between feeling uncomfortable in a crowded room and being so uncomfortable in that room that you can either leave or have a massive panic attack/meltdown.

No. 238458

I just can't get over her chin hairs…

No. 238479


I read the part about her mother having a breakdown about the schizophrenia diagnosis, but where did you see the part about Amanda wearing her down to the point of giving in?

>> 209214

I have a somewhat similar theory about her "problems" starting around the time she went to college. I wonder if part of her special snowflake mentality stems from the fact that when she was in a regular school, her high intelligence and academic achievements (malingering and lack of hygiene aside, there's no doubt that this is an extremely intelligent woman) made her something of a star. However, at the gifted college, she was surrounded by OTHER gifted teens for the first time in her life. She no longer stood out, she just sort of blended in. And what's more, being surrounded by other gifted kids may have meant that for the first time, she had some real competition. She burned out. When she started exaggerating the extent of her illness, it may have because she felt she could no longer stand out as a gifted student, but she now had to stand out in a different way. Either way, I think at least part of this comes from being thrust into a college world at such a young age and being made to live a more young adult type life before she was emotionally mature enough.

No. 238692

does this person have beard hairs on their chin? the main pic really looks like it unless its some weird shadow going on there. im genuinely wundering.

T.B.H Tho, i feel really sorry for her.
Losing weight would be a big help for her looks but if shes happy then… good for her i guess?

No. 238696

Nevermind the autism,what disease gave her the ugly? I knew an Indian girl back in middle school who looked exactly like that, but she was of normal intelligence and had to walk with one of thise metal granny frames with wheels. I never knew what was wrong with her though, nobody talked about her disability, not even in private since it was so taboo.

No. 238697

I should add, I'm way more convinced this SJW beardwhale has a genetic problem. The Indian girl I knew had the exact round, chubby facial structure and the same googly eyes pointing in different directions - but also the same pattern of facial hair. Somehow everyone managed to take her seriously because she was 100% functioning, actually mature for her age and surprisingly a social butterfly.

No. 238698

Honestly, if I were that ugly yet eloquent I'd be spamming sob stories up the tear ducts to pull donations/sympathy from people.

If that is what she's doing, idk whether to be disgusted or impressed.

No. 238706

File: 1455786455135.jpg (244.8 KB, 1024x768, rose-odonnell-1024.jpg)

with those glasses she looks like an even uglier and fatter version of rosie odonnell omg

No. 238800

Facial hair and weight gain can be indicative of PCOS or Cushing's syndrome. Cushing's in particular is known for causing "moon face." As for her eyes, I have no idea.

Could just be an unfortunate constellations of genes. The existence of 2 hairy, walleyed, round-faced women isn't indicative of a trend.

No. 239037

Here are links to some pics from her Flickr account. To anyone else, they look like very normal photos of a perfectly normal child. But notice Amanda's captions. It seems extremely important to Amanda that people view her as having always been severely disabled.







I can't be the only one who believes she intentionally made up stories years later to go with some of these otherwise mundane photos. And notice there are NO pictures from her stint at Simon's Rock College. Probably because it doesn't fit her narrative.

No. 239058

Aww, looking at that early childhood album, it's sad to think that cute little kid ended up as a horrific beast.

No. 239316

She could climb trees just fine. But took ballet to learn to walk.

>To learn to walk.

No. 239334

What I find disturbing is how she has actual disabled people lapping up her bullshit.

No. 239535

File: 1456017789071.jpg (134.14 KB, 960x576, bigmacman.jpg)

No. 239547

>to learn to walk properly
and honestly if it was anyone else, I'd think dance class was recommended to help address gait issues. That's not terribly uncommon, to enrol a kid who has trouble with gross motor skills into a sport or dance class to help them develop, even today.
But since it's her and she's just making shit up… yeah no.

No. 239549

Good idea, as he cannot be trusted to care for a baby.

No. 242567

An old video of Amanda discussing her "three months in a regular high school" and the problems she faced. According to her, her ending up in college was a serious miscommunication.


Compare that to her Straight Dope message board posts here.


Whichever story she tells (and she tells several), they never add up. If she was as severely disabled as she says in the first video, what "serious miscommunication" could ever have possessed school officials to put her in a gifted college? And what's more, why would her PARENTS go along with such an arrangement? They would had to have approved of sending her there. As far as her posts on the message board where she says that she simply raised her hand in college because she was mimicking what her classmates were doing and not because she knew what was going on, would a teacher have called on her at some point? Wouldn't the teacher have seen her behavior in class and known there was a serious problem? Especially a PSYCHOLOGY TEACHER of all things?!?

And then in her blog post about fat people and feeding tubes, she mention "a period of starvation in my early 20s". Here a pics from her Flickr page from about age 19 to 24. She's thin at 19, but notice by 2001 when she was 21, she's built pretty much like she is now. So when the hell was she starving?



I was also thinking about her wishlists for medical supplies and everyone, including me, wondered why she needed all those things if she lives in a special need apartment building and has multiple caregivers coming in every day. I had a theory. Is it possible that this apartment complex is just a regular complex and she's just lying about it being one of those communities for the disabled because it fits her story? Perhaps there aren't all these caregivers and staff that work there, but she needs all those medical supplies from Amazon so she can pretend she's getting round-the-clock treatment.

No. 243585

File: 1456831989519.jpg (39.39 KB, 404x604, all autists dress the same.jpg)

I had an acquaintance who never had anyone encourage her to get over her dislike of the change of sensation in bathing. She would go six weeks without it, and then have a bath. She had long, filthy nails and messy, frizzy, greasy hair, and the couch seat she sat on had big gashes from it from… I don't know? Maybe skin bacteria? Her ass ate the couch, and there was oil staining on it.

It was so awkward when everyone used to bring food for the nights spent in the house she shared as a group, because she'd stick her fucking disgusting hands into a bowl of chips, chocolates, sweets etc and no one would touch them for the rest of the night.

you are a good person.

No. 243758

Fuck that's depressing and scary

No. 243858


Fuck, in those old pics she actually looks… pretty normal. I mean, she's no supermodel but she doesn't look like she has a disorder.

No. 243893

If she really has gastroparesis that bad she wouldn't be that big. If it's as bad as she says she'd be puking up everything. She wouldn't even be able to eat normal sized meals and her diet would be heavily restricted. And the feeding tube would be total restriction.

I'm surprised at how quickly she went from normal looking to balloon with special needs haircut.

It's really bizarre. I wouldn't doubt there's something actually wrong with her. But it's probably not anywhere near as bad as she claims. The rest is just attention whoring.

The first thing I thought when I saw that pic was "bad Slash cosplay".

No. 243930


I meant to add something to this when I wrote it the first time. She has repeatedly referred to her cat Fey as a service animal who helps her when her muscles "freeze up". I don't think Fey is anything other than a regular pet. If she were really a service animal, wouldn't she be with Amanda at all times out in public? From what I've seen, Amanda is out in public a lot a doctor's appointments, therapy, etc., and that cat never appears to be present.

Speaking of Amanda being in public all the time, she never appears to have any type of aide with her. How could someone as severely impaired as she claims to be go out in public alone? She also mentions that she likes crocheting and often takes her yarn and hooks out in public with her and does it while waiting for buses and things. She says people are often fascinated by her knitting and start conversations with her about it, saying something like "It's nice that knitting gives me such readily-available social interaction with others". Well, I'd like to know how she communicates with these people. Does she use her device? Does she just sit there? Does she start making that stupid "ee-ee-ee" noise from that video where she claims to be overloaded? Nothing about her personal anecdotes ever makes sense.

No. 243938

Unfortunately, if someone says they're disabled and has a service animal, you can't really do anything about it and have to take them at their word. Even if it seems like the animal can't do anything like a cat or rabbit.

No. 243958


Did she ever say she rides the bus by herself? Wouldn't she need someone to be there with her if she can't even wipe her own ass?

No. 243961


Yes, that's true. I have a feeling Amanda plays on that fact. She knows that since certain things about her can't really be proven or dis-proven (at least, not EASILY dis-proven), people will see her apparent disabilities and give her the benefit of the doubt. I think she knows exactly what she's doing.

No. 243962


Also, do they have a disability bus thing in her state like pic related?

Is that what she means when she takes the bus?

No. 243963

File: 1456947323253.jpg (171.51 KB, 1024x768, New_York_City_Access-A-Ride_pa…)

dropped pic

No. 243966

Vermont doesn't have access a ride. They just use local companies to transport disabled people.

Some insurance companies like Medicaid will also pay for transportation.

No. 243967

Here's an article from a blog about Droopy (the weirdo who says Amanda copied her life) vs. Amanda. The article itself talks about how vaccines are causing autism, so that's not too interesting. But look at the fifth and sixth user comments. Someone is trying to say that Amanda was bullied at college by people who "tried to convince her she was crazy". Again, Amanda is the victim.


FWIW, I think Droopy is pretty out there herself and I don't necessarily believe that Amanda appropriated her life story, but I still think Amanda is largely full of it.

No. 244855

The more I read about Amanda, the more I believe that her wishlist of autism and disability-related books are her study guides so she can continue to fine tune her performance. That combined with the medical supply wishlist containing such things as a basic blood pressure monitor that most visiting nurses/caretakers would almost certainly have in their possession (and according to Amanda, she always has caregivers coming in) seem to indicate that she's going out of her way to appear as disabled as possible.

No. 244901

>putting your actual email in the email field
You must be new here. Don't do that. Anyway, I agree.
>the medical supply wishlist containing such things as a basic blood pressure monitor that most visiting nurses/caretakers would almost certainly have in their possession
This is the biggest indicator that she's lying about her conditions. No nursing agency would leave the responsibility of purchasing medical supplies up to someone who is supposedly incapable of using a stove or wiping their own ass.

No. 245055

I agree with you.
Next time, don't put your email, you will be ripped to shreds. Keep it true anon, no one wants to know who you are.

No. 245541

Oh my, i didn't expect someone to be this naive to actually type in their actual e-mail adress.

No. 246286

This thread is mean. Clearly she has a disability.

No. 246287

Most of us don't think that, anon.

No. 246290

Being ugly and an attention whore isn't a disability. Try reading the thread before you post.

No. 246412

>don't be mean to people faking disabilities

No. 246507

File: 1457477043677.png (520.56 KB, 532x579, Screen shot 2016-03-08 at 5.46…)

Separated at birth?

No. 246512

Though she is just as furry can't be. This image doesn't trigger my gag reflex just by looking at it.

No. 246600

Don't insult Lil Bub like that.

No. 248421

[the only disabled person in this thread]

No. 248588

Admin-sama, tasukete.

No. 248591

On the other hand, I've never been less inclined to click a spoiler pic.

No. 248594

why don't these people get sick? i won't open the spoiler, but surely covering yourself in shit from public toilets (OR ANYWHERE) is a fucking health hazard?

No. 248607

Maybe if he started out light, he got progressively more and more resistant? Am more interested in how the natural repulse reaction doesn't kick in. I've heard some people with Huntington's disease don't show reactions to disgust.


Oh geez. :( This is so horrible but I can't stop looking

No. 248612

why would someone do this?!!! can someone please explain?

No. 248613

Scrolling down the threads on pt, with my husband sitting next to me playing video games. He's pretty absorbed in them, but looked over at my screen just as I passed the OP pic of this thread, and was like "Oh my GOD, what is that?!?!!"

No. 248654

that's pretty funny

she does tend to have that first impression on people

No. 249000

Jesus Christ, why

No. 249003

take the poo to the loo

No. 249008

I will never, ever understand the scat kink. I've read many theories and it's all very interesting, but it's truly fucking disturbing and disgusting to me.
Good grief fucking humans, weird ass mother fuckers.

No. 249013

ugh, spoiler that literal shit.

No. 249014

Thanks fucking god that i dont have this kink. I have weird ones but this is just sick.

No. 249016

Every time in the morning, what do I see?

No. 249017

That's not the street, Pajeet!

No. 249038

That can't be shit right? It's too yellow. It looks like some kinda mustard.

Shit-eyed angel swam with me :^_

No. 249070


fucking kek

No. 249371

I clicked the spoiler then I clicked the link. Why did I watch the video?! He jerked off into the bag of shit then shoved his face into it WTF!

No. 249566

Ik weet dat door het persoonsgebondenbudget-fiasco je waarschijnlijk uit de psychiatrische inrichting bent getrapt, maar man, houd je toch is in.

No. 249571

File: 1458157825894.gif (496.73 KB, 500x400, raja.gif)

Raja, please stay away from public toilets.

No. 249577

a-are you really jeroen?

No. 249609


No. 249613

What the fuck is happening in this thread?

No. 249632

I actually feel bad for her.
She really lost at the genetic lottery gee…At least she seems happy??

No. 249635

It's not like she's incapable of removing her excess facial hair, losing weight, or dressing well. Just doing those 3 things would make a world of difference. She could also wear makeup, which is basically magic.

She's going to be walleyed no matter what, but that's really her only issue that she can't fix. Sure, her personality is shit, but she obviously revels in it, so I don't think we can blame her genes for it. She goes out of her way to exacerbate it.

No. 249692

File: 1458181221622.png (104.49 KB, 302x249, ohhai.png)

No. 249693

File: 1458181441746.jpg (10.91 KB, 300x225, 572976_1182964811.jpg)

What a beautiful creature, truly we are blessed to live on a planet where such beings exist. I worry that they can't breathe properly, though, a bit like pugs.
Saging for cat-ramblings.

No. 249698

True, those edits of her in the photoshop thread that keep her nose and mouth the same show that she could look 10x better if she just took care of herself better. But she's seriously dedicated to looking as fucked up as possible.

No. 250965

Jesus, some of the people that respond to Baggs in her notes sound crazier than she is. It's actually kind of sad to read.

I wonder if a case could be made that she's setting a terrible example for people with cognitively-impairing mental illnesses online. Like, making them "accept" who they are more after seeing Amanda.

No. 251887

File: 1458733643817.jpg (246.26 KB, 1440x864, Screenshot_2016-03-23-05-45-08…)

This is mostly TL;DR, but holy shit she actually talks about "playing crazy" in this interview as well as trying to fit autistic stereotypes. It's about halfway through the other bullshit.


No. 252129

Let's assume everything Amanda tells us about her childhood is true. With that assumption, it's interesting that she would be so close with her parents. From what she says, they saw that she had clear communication deficits and STILL allowed her to be put into some type of gifted college. What parent would allow their clearly autistic child who "took 25 years to learn how to blow her nose" to go and live unsupervised in a dorm at a college for young prodigies? Does she label them as abusive like she does parents who are looking into guardianship for their non-verbal, severely-autistic adult child? No! She wears her late father's clothing which her mother sends her!

I'm sorry, but what seems like more neglectful behavior from a parent of a severely autistic child; someone seeking guardianship of their child who will never be able to live independently? Or Mama and Papa Baggs sending a language-impaired, semi-toilet-trained Amanda off to university at 14? And that doesn't even take into account the fact that she says they didn't even GET her diagnosed with anything until her teenage years!

P.S. Amanda has also stated somewhere that she is somehow more financially well-off than her mother. According to one of the captions in her Flickr pics, her mother were is/was a respiratory therapist. Now she could be retired and have trouble making ends meet since her husband's death. But it seems REALLY hard to believe that Amanda, who lives off the government teat, has so much more money than her mother who had a healthcare career that doesn't pay too shabbily. I think this is more of Amanda's trademark holier-than-thou act.

No. 252438

Her hair isn't even that thick. I have a birds nest mane as thick and frizzy as hers but more wavy and simple fucking shampoo, conditioner, and a brush while it's wet is the answer.
I'm pretty sure you have to TRY to get parts that stick out like in >>207388

No. 252439

I'd give up sweets forever before I'd ever relegate myself to something called a "burp cup" in order to eat it.

No. 252686

>and a brush while it's wet is the answer.

Sorry for OT but you need to stop doing that immediately. Brushing your hair whilst it's wet is terrible for it.

No. 252719

She for sure has a gross body stuff fetish. This whole board makes me nauseated but I can't look away.

No. 252754

As >>252686 said, it's not good for your hair.
The real answer is correct shampoo\conditioner + mask and softened water. It's very important to use softened water to wash hair.

No. 252759


Sorry I'm derailing but what the fuck is 'softened water'? I've never heard of that.


And is using a wide-toothed comb in the shower okay? I usually do that and skip the brushing when I get out of the shower because it fucks up my curls.

No. 252760

Some areas have a lot of minerals in the water and it's called hard water. It isn't good for hair. When I lived in bumfuck nowhere, our water was so hard it stained our shower orange and we had to use chemicals that required a respirator to get it out. Usually a good clarifying shampoo used once week helps.

No. 252777

I've never seen anything this disgusting, how can anyone possibly be such a disgrace to themselves?

No. 252786

Ugh…this bitch. It's already been said, but she is a VERY divisive figure. My best friend's brother is autistic, and her family thinks she is full of shit. They are friends with other families of autistic children who think she is great. I think her brain is fried from acid. Total burnout

No. 252790

File: 1459006007987.jpg (147 KB, 640x480, 6072088998_95394d48cb_z.jpg)

No. 252792

her neck has enough skin to make another face

No. 252925

File: 1459059758909.jpg (123.81 KB, 407x810, tumblr_o3btd3zjjO1qdmvbuo1_540…)

She looks like something from one of those horror movies about inbred people in the mountains.

No. 252928

File: 1459060429872.png (1.72 MB, 1440x1787, Screenshot_2016-03-27-00-31-10…)

Correct me if I'm wrong, but if everything is made specifically for wheelchair users, why isn't the door wider?

No. 252947

must be nice to not give a shit that much about how gross you look you can post your photos over and over in a very public blog and feel ok lol

No. 253018

Why does she have her feeding tube hanging out of her clothes so often? I'm sure those can easily be covered up by most clothes.

Does it help her feel more like a special snowflake if it's hanging out for everyone to see? I feel like that's just really unsanitary.

No. 253027

She looks like Hagrid, lol.

No. 253030

There is absolutely no reason to have a feeding tube visible when dressed and you are correct in it is very unsanitary and is at an increased risk for microorganisms entering that thing causing a nasty infection. This beast doesn't seem to mind though and probably creams itself with all the extra attention from having that crusty thing hanging out.

Kek. Yer a wizard harry.

No. 253040

How does someone who advertises themselves as cognitively retarded have a cat?!

No. 253041

I can imagine her in a blowfly girl scenario and now I'll never be able to eat again.

No. 253123

The mean old, terrible caregivers probably take care of it for the retard.

No. 253182

The consensus is she doesn't actually have a cognitive disability, right? Just another acid-burnout kid?

Because I really wonder if she tries to look this deformed, if she enjoys looking like the worst of the worst kind of mountain hag.

No. 253375

She's at risk for serious staff infection. I guarantee she messes with it for tumblr photos, her dirty fingers fiddling it.
I wouldn't be surprised if she's had a few bouts with fucking MRSA.

No. 253384

Yes, people who knew her during and before college age said she was pretty much totally normal, no apparent cognitive disabilities or physical ones either.

No. 253388

I'm surprised she isn't carrying some infection somewhere. She looks filthy so her fat rolls and genitals are perfect for fungus and infections. Her insistence on having her gtube visible practically guarantees its crawling with staph and poo and god knows what else. Her immune system would suck by now with her gross lifestyle, Im shocked she isn't already mildly sick.

No. 253389

I'm way too scared to Google that, can I get a vague translation for a meek anon?

No. 253393


Girl finds some rotting meat full of maggots and puts it in her vagina, goes home and lays in bed and pisses and shits on herself for a day or 2, ends up in the hospital.

No. 253397

No. 253438

What the fuck, really?

No. 253451

goddamn I hate myself for clicking

No. 253748

I'm genuinely pissed off about it tbh

No. 253832

I would hope that she's making it all up, but I guess at some point there were photos/proof on her old blog of what she did? I think I'd kill myself rather than live like that. To keep it on topic, I would if I was like this scam artist too. At this point she's so disgusting I don't see a way back, even if she wanted to stop pretending to be autistic and become normal.

No. 253842

it always makes me feel mega sick when i see pictures of people with their tubes exposed, or like old guys wearing shorts with their piss tube just chilling out next to the purchases in a supermarket. you wouldn't bring a sealed bag of urine and hold it centimetres from the margarine in tesco, i fail to see how that's any different (well it kind of is, considering there's no reason to do that, but yswim despite the shitty metaphor).

No. 253872


OT but a while ago, I went through like every post on her blog and there was a story about her going into a forest and fucking a half-decomposed deer carcass and kissing it's rotted out eye socket.

But she also said that her parents were making her get help and she hasn't been since like 2013/2014 so I really hope she did get better.

No. 257607

The more I think about Amanda's "fight" for her beloved feeding tube, the less I believe it. Think about it. A doctor absolutely refusing to perform a life-saving procedure on a patient because they're severely disabled sounds very scandalous. Why did no one take this to the mass media? And where was Amanda's mother during all this? She pops up on Amanda's blogs defending her daughter, but we never heard her take on the feeding tube controversy. And once a doctor has made up his or her mind whether or not to do a procedure, they generally don't change their mind because a group of self-appointed disability/autism advocates keep phoning the hospital saying it's tantamount to murder.

I don't think Amanda was ever in danger of dying. If she did need the tube, it was probably given to her quickly with no objection from her doctor. But that doesn't fit her victim mentality, so she purposely went offline (saying she was in the hospital) and made up the whole controversy. Either that or she somehow obtained a feeding tube and is just pretending.

No. 257619

File: 1460240485024.gif (921.42 KB, 245x200, disgusted.gif)

No. 257623


y'all making me piss my pants

No. 257627


Why did I read that. Why.

No. 257630


i hope she was joking

No. 257722

File: 1460259043500.jpeg (69.23 KB, 802x960, image.jpeg)

fuck my fucking life

No. 257895

File: 1460294018253.gif (952.44 KB, 500x281, flowers gif (25).gif)


For ONCE in all my years of being on the internet I did NOT click a link guaranteed to cause me pain and nightmares. I'm so fucking proud of myself! This whole thread makes me feel like puking by the way.

No. 262182

Indeed she never was in danger of dying. She was just being a drama queen

No. 262580

File: 1461292163259.jpg (20.33 KB, 360x244, Vogon1_130515.jpg)


She looks like a goddamn Vogon.

No. 262589


I know, right? I wanted some ice cream before I started reading this thread…now I don't.

No. 262599

This thread is so gross I feel queasy whenever I see her pic.

No. 263112

Fuck me, she really does. Douglas Adams was a visionary in so many ways :(

No. 271077

File: 1463631579662.jpg (2.54 MB, 10000x8969, gillian.jpg)

>She lives in my state

No. 271082

what a foul, foul human being in every conceivable way. it's like people like this know that they're so fucking gross and they can't change it, so they just decide to say 'fuck it' and go for the ultimate gross factor. oh yeah, and lie and throw in some autism too. why NOT?

No. 271083

She's pretty average for a Burlington resident.

No. 271084

File: 1463633059042.jpg (165.37 KB, 600x398, crouching obeast hidden assboo…)

Imagine walking down the street and running into this.

No. 271087

What even is this?

No. 271093

I'm kinda skeptical about her gastroperisis. I have gastroperisis myself.. suffered from symptoms for over a year and officially diagnosed this year.
Did she receive a gastrict emptying test? That's pretty much the only test to determine if one has GP.

It's a horrific disease and I wouldn't wish it on anyone because it feels like you're eating glass..
Every few bites makes you feel bloated and incredibly nauseated but not gonna lie..many people do binge eat because we miss food so much.

There are also individuals who lose weight from GP and those who gain, majority being the former.

I joined a support group for GP'ers and honestly the only people I see with tubes are those severely underweight and are desperately clinging to life due to lack of nutrition.

As for myself, my GP has caused me to lose 20 lbs in a month and my own GI refused to put in a gtube.
As long as I'm able to hold down liquids and shakes I should be ok.
I just wonder if she has tried these diets to improve her quality of life. I have a pacemaker and Rheumatoid arthritis and I'm still trucking.

I kinda hope she is faking it because it's depressing to think one just gave up because of an illness..

No. 271147

It's strange how no one comes forward after 1998 saying they know her at all. Did she just disappear into solitary confinement and convince herself sick?

The abuse allegation to her brother might have something to do with the excessive drug use as a teen though, and most likely where the PTSD has come from. The death of her father won't have helped, either. I don't know why people don't just say they're fucked up instead of making things up for attention, like anyone wouldn't be sympathetic to her if she'd been raped by her brother?

No. 271149

Okay, I've just read her little maggot story too. I'm definitely feeling the abuse angle here - she keeps calling herself "low" and "depraved" and she actually "tells" herself she "wants" to be disgusting, to stink… That screams a need to control how tainted she feels, and to a serious self-loathing.

Simultaneously disgusting and really, really sad. No excuse for this whole autism schtick, but you can kind of understand her wanting to have a simple illness rather than this viper's nest of shit to deal with.

No. 271150

Maggot girl is somebody else.

No. 271151


Yup, just read the comments a little more carefully. My bad.

No. 271162

That was very informative, thanks for shedding some light on one of her apparent diagnoses. Props to you for not giving up and still fighting on every day btw.

No. 271258

It really sucks that I sort of liked it. I'm disappointed in myself.

No. 271313

File: 1463727332595.gif (1.89 MB, 270x279, ZhgQt07.gif)

No. 271426

Another old gem of Amanda's. She discusses the idea of round-the-clock care and talks about things like autistic people wandering off basically being the same as someone taking a walk. And of course, more crap about how difficult basic things are for her. Seriously, how and why do people believe anything this bitch has to say?


No. 271442

File: 1463775459124.gif (495.73 KB, 500x375, I am adam west.gif)

My post contains spoilers from the link

Honestly, as depraved as it may sound in writing, I sipped a Mountain Dew while reading that with an eyebrow raised.

This entire thing sounds entirely fake. I'm unsurprised by the things humans are capable of. However, I am not buying that the kind of story this "person" (a humiliation fetishist) wrote would have ended with her "waking up in the hospital." It just sounds like a lazy storyteller who got tired of the character and didn't know where to go with the story.
*EDIT: There is a post in the comments claiming to post the other part of her story about when she was in the hospital. Apparently she wants us the readers to believe she was in a "coma" for but three days. And was never confronted by doctors as to why there were traces of meat and hundreds of maggots crawling in her vagoo. Sounds like OP just googled symptoms of TSS on Wiki and wrote the rest of it around that.

So this writer is going to get off on thinking her pussy is ruined, soiling her own sleeping space, and essentially dumpster diving for the pleasure. Yet she's not gonna spill the juicy, equally humiliating deets that surely would have happened in the hospital? She's not going to say how she "came" with humiliating embarrassment after she made her mother upset and lost her job? She can write anonymously on the internet about stuffing maggots and feces in her pussy but can't reveal the discussion between her mother while she was in the hospital for…reasons? Secrets? And her mother magically "understands" this kind of self-destructive fetish? Haha what?

Nope. This story is a big fat fake. If you're into shock stories, I could write one better and with more details.

No. 271450

I mean, there were pictures - maybe they weren't pictures of her maggot-infested vagina but they were pictures of someone's. Which means that there was still some poor lady out there with maggots crawling around inside her either way. Horrifying.

No. 271508

I refuse to look at the pics but are we sure it's not just rice and not maggots? maybe even cut up noodles if any of them are curved. theres lots of ways to fake maggots and rotting meat for pictures (worked in an adult haunted house for a few years) so it could easily be faked several ways (i.e. rice and tenderized meat with food coloring)

The chances of her doing that to herself, going to the hospital and then still being allowed to live outside of a psych ward is extremely low since thats blatant and totally calculated self harm and theres a million reasons why she wouldnt still be around on th internet if she pulled it off

No. 271510

I know I've proven I'm a desensitized sickfuck already, but I have actually seen videos of maggots infesting vaginas and penises online before. But usually the cause of that is due to someone being homeless, drug addicted, or a combination of both in addition to being attacked by shit like bot flies.
Like I understand how people like that find themselves in those kinds of circumstances because they're in a delirious state, mentally ill, or can't seek help. But I would have to see time-stamped evidence of some first world dumbbitch essentially killing herself with maggots and not rushing to the hospital at the first sign of serious infection.

No. 271561

>I also hear a lot about people who “need” 24-hour support because they might walk into traffic. I know a number of autistic people who do that and do not receive 24-hour support. Several of them have been hit by cars that way. Another one has been physically grabbed by bystanders and yanked out of traffic numerous times. While, again, this is not necessarily safe for them or drivers, they and drivers have all survived so far. (I should also point out, having seen several college towns, that non-autistic college students are often more dangerous pedestrians that way than autistic people, and few of them are on 24-hour support plans.)

tl;dr: You shouldn't try to stop autistic people from playing in traffic because they don't die every single time they do it. Amazing.

No. 271562

If anyone, not just autistics, walks into traffic, you should try to stop them. Not only the person who walks into traffic could get hurt, but obviously also the other people participating in traffic. Isn't this common sense? She really does her best to seem retarded.

What I do find annoying, is when people baby autistics. Just because an autistic seems distracted in your eyes while walking on the pavement, doesn't mean you should force them to hold your hand or anything like that. But if they actually walk into traffic, yeah you have to stop them.

No. 271751

I don't think people can just get locked up in psych wards anymore
If they don't want treatment they're not forced to get it

No. 271755

You can be court ordered to stay, but only if you're a danger to yourself or others. Being disgusting is not an immediate danger is the eye of the law.

No. 271777

I'm still baffled how people are saying this landwhale is normal while she probably is a schizophrenic fat autistic retard tbh

No. 271779

Depends. My sister recently voluntarily committed herself with the option to stay as long as she needs, beyond 72 hours.

No. 271812

I wonder what this ham beast's farts smell like?

No. 271864

why would you even want to know that

No. 271883

She isn't normal, but she doesn't have the conditions she claims to have.
She almost certainly has Munchhausen.

No. 271892

She's normal compared to how she presents herself. She might be schizo, probably has a case of the assburgers, and is morbidly obese along with all the health conditions that causes, but she's not a literal pants shitting retard with 500 rare diseases.

No. 271893


They might smell nice tho

No. 271913

Anon! Don't be weird.

No. 272402

One of the things that is so irritating about Amanda is that according to her, her symptoms of autism are SO different from what is known about the disorder. But if you call her on it, you get a lot of " Everyone with autism is different" or "Stop stereotyping!" or "I never claimed to represent all autistic people".

Yes, autism does vary greatly from person to person. But I would think that a disorder can only be so varied before it's just not the same disorder anymore.

No. 272417

You're correct. Autism IS a spectrum but there must be certain criteria present, usually the following:


-lack of eye contact [mild children/adults may make eye contact and smile]

-repetitve behaviors like opening and closing a door, flipping light switches, etc

-usually speech delays

and so on.

You HAVE to have some of these criteria in order to be diagnosed with autism. There used to be something called PPD but that does not exist anymore in the DSM.

No. 272663

Amanda describes her childhood. If this is really true, who the hell would ever have put her in a college for gifted minors? According to one of her old YouTube videos, it took her 25 years to learn how to blow her nose!


No. 280376

She supposedly has a lawyer that will threaten legal action against her former schoolmates that speak out.

No. 280406

What the fuck can a lawyer do against somebody who is telling the truth?

No. 286269

No. 286282

It ain't slander or defemation if it's true.

No. 286462

vendetta-chan pls go. you just look foolish.

No. 286721

The amount of plastic surgery and gym time to fix this person from being a 1 to a 7 is relative to the amount of time it takes for a black hole to form

No. 287286

I just… I try very hard to not judge people by how they look. It is very rare that I would see a person so absolutely physically repulsive that I would have a hard time just talking to them.
Maybe I'm shallow. This person's pictures just give me the heebie jeebies…

No. 287357

She's not autistic, she's delusional and gross. I hate it when people like this drag autism through the mud and make it seem like a freak disease.

No. 287914

File: 1467997640692.jpg (63.75 KB, 900x900, Six Inch Fox Dick.jpg)

>Not diseased freaks
Oh you.

No. 295635


Service animals can only be dogs or miniature horses. Cat can be an emotional support animal but that designation has no public access rights, only housing rights.

So a cat cannot be a service animal.

No. 295651

Depends on where you live, anon.
Not every country, state, county, etc even have any laws about service animals.

No. 295758

what the flying fagoodles

No. 299803

Actually even a hedgehog can be a service animal you silly poopie. It depends on the laws where you are and what you need the certification for

No. 299971

Fuck sake.

No. 299976

Great job bumping a thread that hasn't been touched in nearly a month.

No. 302445

the woman in the picture has cushing's syndrome.

No. 302549

Which woman in what picture?

Had a classmate with Cushing in HS, it makes you weird chubby (skinny legs, barrel body), but it doesn't turn you into a flaming retard or an immobile death fat blob.

No. 302627

Knowing one person with Cushing's doesn't give you a good idea of the range of severity with which it can affect people.

No. 352558

i know she's ugly and insane but i almost find her cute? she's so interesting in a way i wonder what makes someone go to such extreme and self hate to end up like that… its fascinating, i kind of like her because of that idk

No. 352564

kimokawaii? lmao

No. 352706

why are you retards bumping an old thread? Learn to sage jfc

No. 353647

I know this post is super old but they are now just doing research into why girls have lower rates of autism and, they're finding they don't really. Women are just socialized to cover up the early signs as kids and suffer on the whole for it. Might have something to do with it, but I'm sure doing massive psychedelics did not help.

No. 353662

May be it's not that bad after all, some threads became alive again and are being filled with content.

No. 354167


I've never heard of psychedelics causing or worsening autism or negatively impacting intelligence/IQ. The worst psychedelics can do is worsen mental illness or bring out latent mental illness, like schizophrenia or other psychosis-related disorders.

If anyone has any evidence against this, I'd actually like to see it because I've never read anything like that.

No. 355562

>implying a girl would ever fuck that thing
no way in hell

No. 355584

There is none. Thats anon is bs ing

No. 355729

That's what I meant but I wasn't very clear. Drugs can cause the symptoms to appear that have been hiding their whole life, not that psychedelics caused it.

No. 357403

You can induce schizophrenia with them but you have to take copious amounts. I'm talking every day for many years, and even then doctors are unsure if it was a dormant condition made worse by it or directly caused.

No. 357412

LSD doesn't work like that though, neither does mushrooms. You have to wait a substantial amount of time to be able to trip out on them again… they won't work if you took them daily, the best effects are a month in between, but at most every two weeks… your tolerance levels build up really fast on them, it'd be a waste of time and money if you tried to take it daily; it just wouldn't work.

No. 357425

don't think this is what anon was talking about but interesting and related;

There's a bit of literature out there about schizoid personality disorder or early schizophrenia being misdiagnosed as high functioning autism at an appreciable rate. I imagine though the diagnosis is changed if the person then starts to deteriorate or exhibit worse symptoms, due to drug use or not.

I don't think that's what happened to this… thing. But it's hard to tell, everything she says is lies and she obviously has some sort of medical professional believing her version of events.

Yeah, the second anon is right. The pattern of use you're talking about does exist and cause psychosis though, just with with stimulants. It was really common back when doctors were prescribing housewives tons of "pep pills". Drug induced psychosis can occur after one trip on very strong hallucinogens, I think the type of trip is more important in the case of hallucinogens, because as the other anon said; your tolerance becomes so high they no longer work for a substantial time period.

People who are more susceptible to paranoid, grandiose thoughts are likely to have a "Bad trip" that leads to them exhibiting psychosis like symptoms. Instead of feeling like they're one with the universe or something nice and spiritual like that, they think they're at the center of a grand conspiracy. and just like the people who felt great are influenced by it when they're sober, so are the people who had a bad time.

It can literally tip people right over the edge into insanity, not that it's hopeless they can't recover though.

It is more frequent in people who multi-drug use though, and chronic pot users.

No. 358010

I think the only way she could've got fucked on hallucinogens every day; is if she had access to an actual bottle of LSD (to increase the dosage higher and higher on a daily basis) and the chances of an average joe getting their hands on something like that is extremely unlikely… she wouldn't be able to increase the dosages with regular tab acid, the tolerance would kick in after a couple of days, she would have to be a chemist to produce anything more than 250 mics of LSD, (and that was the dosage the creator of it made himself)

It sounds like a case of dumbass college peers making up stories to explain her psychosis, or as you mentioned - she was mixing regular tab acid with uppers on a daily basis, hallucinogens are very unlikely to be the sole cause and source of her problems though.

No. 358012

Samefag here >>358010

I just forgot to mention that what her college peers seemed to be describing is something that gives the effects of schizophrenia… for all we know, it was more than likely she was taking dissociatives like DXM (which is commonly found in cough syrups)… I bet you anything she was hitting up the pharmacies and stocking up on over-the-counter shit like Robitussin or Benylin for a cheap dissociative trip.

It makes sense, especially considering it's a common drug abused by teenagers and fits in with the fact that students are usually short of money a lot of the time. It's cheap, legal and easy to get ahold of and taking enough of it gives a dissociative effect similar to the symptoms of schizophrenia.

No. 402941


Christ that's awfully eating disordered behaviour. I actually saw it on a documentary about anorexia where a patient had a G-tube temporarily but refused to have it removed once she didn't need it any more. She used it to suck out food she'd eaten.

No. 403025


I cannot stand looking at this person. Like…my god.

No. 404178

I think it's like a car accident.. you just have to… I think in her uglyness she looks… cartoon-esque. or caricature-esque.
a living caricature…

No. 404936

She's one of my abiding fascinations in terms of lolcows. I first saw her famous video as part of a presentation about alternative and augmentative communication, and it just looked… off. Then I read her blog, where she really can't keep it straight why she needs a feeding tube (at times it's dysphagia and avoiding aspiration, at other times it's gastroparesis, then something about textures), and generally plays up the whole 'poor autistic flower in a fascist world that treats her like a burden' angle (the very title of the blog, Ballastexistenz, is so fishing for someone to tell her that no, you're a wonderful precious flower and we don't want to herd you into a camp of course!). Based on her former friends' statements (many of whom, tbh, are cows in their own right), I used to think she fried her brain with LSD and other hallucinogens but I'm starting to think she is a garden variety munchie who got into things before hypermobility, EDS, POTS and the rest were trendy, and latched on to this autism spiel. There are some very rare etiologies of acquired autism (for example, a rare autoimmune encephalitis called anti NMDA receptor autoimmune encephalitis can cause psychosis as well as symptoms that are pretty damn close to an acquired form of autism), but short of those very rare conditions and instances of very evident brain damage, this kind of adult onset autism just doesn't happen.

No. 407742

OT, however it is incredibly hard - some scientist insist impossible - to experience neurotoxicity from high doses of pure LSD. If it's true that's its fried its brain with some sort of drug, I highly doubt it was a hallucinogen like LSD. Even pure MDMA would just kill her. No way to OD on psilocybe or DMT, either. Probably some sort of amphetamine fucked up her already fragile mind, like meth or bathsalts commonly found in party drugs. If she did "molly", she in no way actually took MDMA and could have had a series of unfortunate research chemicals fry her like porkbelly. Permanently.

No. 410746

Sorry to bump a somewhat inactive thread, but her Flickr stream is fascinating. From what it looks like, she had a very normal, idyllic childhood. I wonder why/when she started to think she was speshul.


No. 411651

Burlington not even once.

No. 414225

tbh these pictures are very nice and aesthetically pleasing. I can tell that she had a decent life but shes lived on one of messy farms. Cute kid, wonder if her parents predicted they raised a fucking autistic ball of hair

No. 414331

File: 1500639749802.jpg (61.02 KB, 633x416, Clipboard01f34h.jpg)

early autism shows first solid signs around 3, usually motor function and in severe cases prolonged language acquisition or nearly none at all. With the severity in adulthood it must have been noticeable quite early.

No. 420075

Some of these look like they've been taken in the 70s or 80s. Anyone know this girls age?

No. 420082

All looks 90's to me. Keep in mind that they were taken on a farm; a lot of farmers are poor and/or hold onto furniture for longer for various reasons.

No. 420084


On her Wikipedia page it says she was born in 1980 which would make her 36/37. I'm not sure how accurate it is but she was a teen in the 90s so she's definitely in her 30s.

No. 420138

If that's the case, she actually looks really young for her age given her weight. Weird.

Looking at all of these pictures is pretty depressing, given how she turned out. It seems on the surface like she had a comfy life. Not gonna make an armchair diagnosis, but given her attention-seeking and illness-faking, she probably ran into some sort of problem as a kid, despite how nice her childhood looks in pictures. Behavior like this usually doesn't spring out of nowhere.

No. 420196

File: 1502143422265.jpg (39.61 KB, 515x323, 891.jpg)

No. 420200

what edits? link?

No. 421236

I mean there's clearly some kind of syndrome going on here, no? Nobody is that unfortunate looking without a few stray chromosomes.

No. 421277

How many chromosomes do people need before they can understand a simple concept like when to sage a post?

No. 421306

She almost definitely has PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome, your body produces too much testosterone), it causes excessive facial and/or body hair growth and most people suffering from it have a really difficult time controlling their weight, thus it becomes the go to excuse for self diagnosing hambeasts that want to baww about how they can't help being fat. Psst, even people with PCOS can lose weight if they burn enough calories. Any which way, she looks like a pretty bad case. Just shave, what the fuck.

No. 421659

File: 1502324781581.png (423.75 KB, 1197x221, HAHAFUCK.png)

>>207387 i was thinking she looks like the guy too, top fucking kek

No. 425950

Oh wow. Never seen her before. I've seen some people who look like her in conventions when I still went to them though. She's so ugly she would photograph well in some truly bizarre art set. Then again, I have PCOS and gain weight too easily as well. If I didn't do anything to myself I'd probably end up looking the same.

No. 434436

Some people develope tumours that lead to poor absorbtion which causes sever overeating. Some of those tumours, fibroids whatever swell and cause distention.
Having wrote that I still think she put on weight to be an advocate.

No. 435937

This woman disgusts me to no end. I'm kind of on a diet right now and every time I feel like cheating, I come back here. I can't imagine the lack of self-awareness she must have to post those things.

No. 443752

Dear lord… There's this girl I know and blocked her on every form of social media out there. I swear this girl has to be her or her twin because I haven't seen her in a long time. They look identical and faked an illness for attention (this chick would go around saying she had cancer). I'm a nurse so she would message me in the middle of the night about her symptoms. I kept telling her to go see her doctor or go to the ER but nope that meant that's be the end of our conversation.

No. 443810

Why necro a thread on an image board and not post caps of any of the stuff you're talking about?

No. 443812

This particular cow seems to always attract morons who don't sage, for some reason

No. 524174

What the actual fuck?

No. 525028

thanks to your necro I had the pleasure of reading this >>253397 wonderful work of art.

No. 525438

I re-read Blowfly Girl about once every two years. It’s like a ritual. I first discovered it in 2010. I love it. I don’t find any part of it erotic in the least, but I am fascinated by the blogger’s fucked up psychological state. She is someone who is very sick in the brain and is sharing that anonymously online to strangers. People who read Blowfly Girl likely know this woman better than the people who know her in real life do. It’s like a perfect case study.

No. 525458

Wait people actually think its's real. Funny

No. 525640

Whether it's real or not you have to be pretty fucked up to write something of this length and detail about such a subject.

No. 525840

Why not? People with extreme fucked up paraphilias exist all over. Many lolcows profiled here and on KF etc are of that caliber. Is it so hard to believe because it’s a woman authoring it? I don’t think it’s fake because it’s been on the Internet for about a decade, and the updates are so sporadic and most of the time don’t even contain porn. If it was someone’s fetish story, I’d think that they would have stopped working on it by now, or written a LOT more sexual entries.

No. 525897

I know this is an ancient post but jesus fuck she's such a useless, worthless attention seeking piece of shit

No. 525924

thank u based anon for necroing this thread so i could read through it. what a trip

No. 526014

well i suddenly feel better about the way i look

No. 526245

Since this banger of a hilarious thread got necro'd, if any of you are just skimming it for photos etc, please know that there is a very lengthy detailed article on how people went to college with this girl and she was completely fully functional and a normal girl who randomly decided autism suited her over time.

No. 526277


We do a lot of shitting on looks on lolcow, but the reality is that few people are genuinely profoundly ugly.Most are just kind of meh.This person is unusually hideous. I'm kind of impressed tbh.

No. 526379

I try and look for the beauty in people, needless to say I got nothing when it comes to whatever this creature is

No. 526410

same anon, i also think its the fact that they try so goddamn hard to be as disgusting as possible- when they already had the advantage to begin with lol

No. 526467


link pls

No. 526493

No. 526494

(If it doesn't load properly on your mobile click see web version)

No. 526509

I think how she looks is irrelevant compared to faking so many disabilities - if the testimonials of people who previously knew her are true this washbag of disabilities is obscene. https://ballastexistenz.wordpress.com/about-2/

No. 527474

No, problem.
But I mean, sage wasn't an option …

No. 576210

I have to be honest, this one just makes me feel bad.

No. 576256

then why did you necro it? people were done talking about her

No. 576988

She does look like a cat, it's fucking eerie. I think it's that deformity she has linking her nose to her lip.

No. 623114

Can you imagine what her bush looks like?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 623516

Lmao this bitch looks like Sam Hyde

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