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File: 1478135101028.jpg (59.53 KB, 728x410, UHyDAoI.jpg)

No. 192724

Singer of former band Dresden Dolls, now solo and edgier than ever before.


• Edgy as fuck, her songs cover subjects like back-alley abortions, date rape, sex changes, siamese twins, and generally being unique and different and special in that really quirky morbid way.
• Staged her suicide to ~*teach her bf a lesson*~ about how drugs are bad, recorded his reaction, used it in a song (he an hero'd later)
• Wrote an "open letter" to The Cure about how their songs relate to her first blowjobs.
• Got flashmob married to fantasy writer Neil Gaiman
• "muh feminism" because she flashes her armpit bush at movie galas and writes buzzwords on her naked body to post selfies of on Twitter as self promotion, yet still makes fun of rape victims etc.
• Founded musical act Evelyn Evelyn in which she pretends to be a Siamese Twin for more edge points:
>Rather than being limited by their unique physical condition, the Evelyn sisters prove that two heads are indeed better than one. Audiences will marvel at the twins as they dexterously perform their original compositions on piano, guitar, ukulele, accordion and even drums.
>Unsatisfied with the grind of circus life, at the age of nineteen the twins decided to explore a solo career. It was then that they were discovered by Amanda Palmer and Jason Webley, who heard the twins’ music on MySpace. Webley and Palmer encouraged the twins and offered to help them record a proper album.
>The album will be accompanied by a full US and European tour and – later this year – a graphic novel about the twins’ inspiring life, illustrated by Cynthia von Buhler and published by Dark Horse Press.
• Attempts to pay her musicians in exposure sleepovers and beer
… and wrote an actual book about this because it's the future of music, apparently. But then again, she has a Patreon now.
• Wrote a poem sympathizing with the Boston Bomber, but "doesn't do poetry"
• Donating to KKK is totes ironic lol


No. 192729

Summary of her work

No. 192752

I'm surprised to see her here to be honest. I really like her shows, she is a great entertainer.

No. 192753

I hate her try hard ass. She's like a scene kid who never grew up.

No. 192756

Good entertainer does not mean she's not a tryhard edgelord in private.

No. 192758

But is she really a cow or just an edgey celeb.

No. 192760

I hate those eyebrows.

No. 192761


Me too anon, they're kind of creepy. I also never got the hype about her.

She seems like she likes attention. Maybe she'll fade away if we keep ignoring her.

No. 192762

Her "fame" is mostly online and she uses social networks and Patreon to finance her work, so I'd say she's more on the level of an annoying e-celebrity.

She had a Kickstarter way back that a new funding record and despite getting over 10x the amount she asked for to produce an "art book" with soundtrack, she just claimed it was needed for her project because apparently a single book cost 300 dollars to make, a vinyl record 100 dollars and so on. So she took over 1 million dollars in Kickstarter money to make a photobook showing herself as a corpse in over 9000s ways feat. her husbands poetry.

No. 192764


Okay that kickstarer stuff is pretty funny. Did people end up liking the end result? Did people complain?

No. 192771

Also, her Patreon subscriptions aren't paid monthly - you pay any time she posts something. It could be a song or a video you pay for, but you could also be charged for a blog post.

>“I really like doing things spontaneously and fast. I have this subscription system right now called Patreon, which is like a Kickstarter but with a longer commitment. I have 7,000 fans, friends, supporters giving an average of a couple of dollars. Every time I decide to do something: Make a piece of content, make a video, do a webcast, write and produce a song really quickly, make an EP of David Bowie tribute covers, I basically just press a button on the Internet and their cash flows in and I spend it on the production any project I want.”


No. 192781

that faked suicide thing always grossed me out. What song was the reaction in?

No. 192806

Jesus I cringe at how obsessed I use to be with her and her music when I was 19…

No. 192844

> Edgy as fuck, her songs cover subjects like back-alley abortions, date rape, sex changes, siamese twins,
>songs covering real life events are edgy

How far in the basement are you? A lot of songs cover real life issues, it doesnt make them edgy. You sound like some triggered neckbeard.

No. 192850

The topics may not be edgy in themselves, but her way of handling them definitely is.
You sound like a clown too deep into your own teenage angst to realize what she's doing. You can sing about real life tragedy without turning it into a self promotion fuckfest. There's plenty of music and art about these events that aren't exploitative and gaudy.

No. 192870

Just listened to some of her music, I actually really enjoy it.

Honestly, I don't really care to get into too much of her past. There's so many artists that are off the wall crazy and after a while you learn to separate the actions of the person and their art/profession.

I mean if you look into the past of a lot of people's favorites, they've all done shitty things.

No. 192883

File: 1478149672078.jpg (376 KB, 1280x960, AP-child.jpg)

She hasn't really done much seeing as she's a mother now. Do like her music, but besides that don't know anything besides her husband is the man who wrote Coraline.

No. 192884

>her husband is the man who wrote Coraline
That's all you know Neil Gaiman from? Wow.

No. 192903

His graphic novels are iconic. I suggest perusing this: http://www.neilgaiman.com/works/

AP gives me narcissistic teas.

No. 192907

you failed to mention the 1.2mil griftstarter 'scandal' anon. she paid off her fucking credit cards and then went on tour, asking horn sections to play in each city for 'free beer'.

No. 192912

File: 1478156255452.jpg (219.66 KB, 960x1651, ap.jpg)

I don't see how she's going to sustain a thread on her own, but in the meantime here's some of the kickstarter blowout.

No. 192926

How do you take 1.200.000 from your fans and then have the gall to ask other artists to work for you for free while you sit on that money…

No. 192963


What? The Dresden Dolls are very well known, she's not just an eceleb

No. 192964

Yeah but they stopped playing together forever ago, it's all her now, and she doesn't even have a label anymore. She's purely crowdfunding and social media now, without those, she wouldn't make music or tour. So her entire career relies on the Internet.

No. 192969

sheer narcissism. also it's everyone else's fault for nitpicking.

No. 194088

Going to take the middle stance:
Love her music and most of her lyrics, hate her „activism“, blog posts and personality. Kind of like with Morrissey, only less talented.

No. 194332


>Staged her suicide to ~*teach her bf a lesson*~ about how drugs are bad, recorded his reaction, used it in a song (he an hero'd later)

holy shit I used to be a huge fan of the Dresden Dolls back in middle school but I never knew about this…

No. 194337

OP here, I used to like some of her music too. It's her terrible personality that ruins her.

>Mentioning Morrissey and AP in the same sentence

I'm weeping, but you're not wrong.

video related. She thinks it's a fucking joke.

No. 194339

I would have brought up Sandman but I felt like Coraline is better known seeing as it was made into a movie.

No. 194340

This for the most part, but I can really apply this to any singer I like.

No. 194467

Wow, AP and NG marrying sounds like bad real life fan fiction. I had no idea the world was that small. High school me secretly wanted her to have cabaret babies with Brian.

Does anyone know the story of how (or even when) she got into crowdfunding? I remember in high school learning she couldn't read music but knew chords and was trying to learn. Can't imagine that helps your situation as a musician. Did they can her contract? Or did they choose not to renew her contract and no one else wanted her? She kinda fell off the radar after Yes, Virginia for me.

No. 208819

what song is the suicide recording on? don't want to listen to all of her shit to find it

No. 208969

No. 225801

File: 1483308854882.png (288.63 KB, 583x466, U4At9Mh.png)

"It's going to be so exciting! I'm escaping to Australia lulz!"

No. 225810

File: 1483309984791.jpg (25.29 KB, 320x240, pennywise.jpg)

i dont know anything about the dresden dolls but i know how shitty this dumb bitch is. i always hear how she fucks shit up so she deserves a thread shes pretty much a nonstop clusterfuck

those clown brows tho

No. 225843

eurgh pointless edge wedge

No. 225862

she's neither the first nor the only punk to make that joke but tbh of all the shitty things she can say, she's right. a lot of great angry punk music comes from shitty political/social situations, that's kind of its origin

No. 225878

She had done/said some questionable things (the faked suicide recording used in a song for instance), but in this case, what she said has been completely blown out of context both in the interview and by most of the people reacting to it. She's not even moving to Australia, she's just staying there for the next few weeks while she tours and mentioned how she got a special entertainment visa thing which makes travelling to Australia easier for her. That's it. No remarks about how she's moving there because of Trump or some other bullshit that I've seen people claim. But people are too blinded by their hate boners for her that they can't be bothered to look for clarification via her Twitter/FB posts. But then again, that's not really surprising: no one's actually going to go out of their way to disprove their own biases about someone when the hate boner is that strong. And like >>225862 said, Amanda is not the first person to make this joke, but she does seem to be getting the most flak for it while eyelids are not even quivered at those who have said the same exact thing.

No. 225894

File: 1483316283474.png (188.1 KB, 442x412, 1475102294383.png)

yeah totally thats why brazil is known for their jammin music and fucking syria they have so great tunes i tell you what.
christ you sound as disconnected from reality as she does.
ugh stupid ass attitudes like this are what got into the shitty situation we're in the first place. fucking contemporary liberals were too busy whining on social media instead of actually going out and doing anything.

No. 226220

uh brazil has one of the most vibrant music scenes in the world? like I get what you're trying to say but don't just spout shit out of your ass.

No. 226368

People who have said or done shitty things before are not likely to be given the benefit of doubt.
Someone else saying the same shit before her doesn't make it okay for her to say it. She doesn't get a pass for being unoriginal. You sound new.

No. 226376


You coulda used the time you spent googling for that pic learning how wrong you are btw

https://www.facebook.com/mazhott/ Here's some Syrian punk just to ice the 'you're ignorant' cake

Thanks for playing

No. 226381

lmfao try harder

people in shitty political situations write songs about them in protest. that has nothing to do with stupid ass attitudes or contemporary liberals, that's a normal social response. art reflects society.

No. 226388

>LOL there's no such thing as punk in countries outside America and the UK sweaty :) Break out of your contemporary liberal bubble :)
Lmao, anon really shat the bed there.

No. 226389

the definition of pretentious theather kid with a low IQ

i used to like her early music, but god damn did the praise go right to her head

No. 226390


*used to be sort of popular

No. 226392

kek i already had that picture saved bruh

oh yeah great all that shitty underground hipster music is gonna resolve the political tension in those nations.
aw geez guys thanks for schooling me in useless garbage. you sure got me that will show those oppressive political regimes that'll inevitably wipe out their "protest" art.
not once did i say that protest music didnt exist in those countries. i said good music wasnt being produced solely as a result of their situation because apparently the best music comes from political tensions. music is a highly subjective art form unless youre familiar with composition and historical background so for all you know that stuff you linked is mediocre pretentious trash.
fuck i get it you're all amanda palmer stans of course my mistake i shouldnt have shit talked your hipster goddess.

No. 226393

okay i see how rustled you are but i'm gonna bite

>oh yeah great all that shitty underground hipster music is gonna resolve the political tension in those nations.

firstly, punk predates hipster so far that you're showing your ignorance again. secondly, no one says the music is going to resolve the problem - it's catharsis for people in suffering.

>not once did i say that protest music didnt exist in those countries

you insinuated that no valuable music exists in those countries, so sort of

>fuck i get it you're all amanda palmer stans of course my mistake i shouldnt have shit talked your hipster goddess.

literally do not care about amanda palmer nor have i ever heard her music (neil writes some good books though), just a local punk swinging in to educate u

No. 226395

sage for samefag to add

>i said good music wasnt being produced solely as a result of their situation because apparently the best music comes from political tensions.

literally never said the best music in general, just the best music in the punk genre. the genre made for music about shitty sociopolitical situations.

No. 226397

File: 1483381846221.jpeg (42.03 KB, 506x667, beautiful white person tbh.jpe…)

>say something stupid
>get blown the fuck out
>try to defend yourself by backpedaling and calling everyone else an Amanda Palmer stan
Just walk away, anon. It's okay, we're all anonymous here.

No. 226401

Yikes. You're backpedaling to the extreme here.

Anyway, I don't have much to say about Amanda Palmer. A girl I knew in high school was obsessed with her (and was also obsessed with Emily Autumn). That girl was also a compulsive liar who faked illnesses for attention, so now I understand.

No. 226403

True that, anyone who understands a little bit of music knows Brazil gave bossa nova, samba and other good stuff to the world. They have a great punk scene also.

No. 226405

ironically, out of all of the south american countries ignorant anon could have chosen, brazil has probably the best punk scene (columbia's is pretty awright too)

No. 226408

ugh hipster is an old term it wasnt invented in 2010 believe it or not, bud.

punk music isnt even an old genre to begin with there are other genres that have been utilized to express disdain for the current political problems happening within a troubled nation.
what i asserted in my original post is that it's pretty fucked up to overlook the massive consequences of an extremely faulty political movement for the sake of art supposedly being at its peak. thats it. do you hear people commentating "oh boy all those people are getting bombarded and murdered at least the music is good". palmer's supposed optimistic observation was stupid and disconnected from reality.
whats really annoying is that all of you or (one of you) are flocking to pick on a strawman that a response to my post made.
i never disputed the existence of a music scene i simply said those nations arent known for their punk music scenes. yes im sure theres a punk scene in every goddamn country however no one but other punk enthusiasts would bother to bring that up.
i dont see why im explaining myself to you because reading and comprehension dont seem to be your strong suit but here i am wasting my time. what better place to that on honestly?
cant we agree that amanda palmer is shit and call it a day?

No. 226409

"music is a highly subjective art form unless youre familiar with composition and historical background so for all you know that stuff you linked is mediocre pretentious trash. "

im the anon who posted the ratos de porao album and if you think i just randomly picked some brazilian punk off google, fucking kek. soy de sudamerica, pendejo.

No. 226410

>ugh hipster is an old term it wasnt invented in 2010 believe it or not, bud.

Lmao punk music in its best known iteration comes from the 60's. Literally predates the term by 50 years. You really don't have any clue what punk music is, do you?

Really, just stop. You embarrassed yourself with your first post and now you're just making it worse on yourself. All you're doing is showing the true depths of your lack of culture.

No. 226411

>what i asserted in my original post is that it's pretty fucked up to overlook the massive consequences of an extremely faulty political movement for the sake of art supposedly being at its peak.

seeing the silver lining on a dark storm cloud is now fucked up, TIL

No. 226412

"those nations arent known for their punk music scenes."
Just because you don't know of them doesn't mean they aren't known. Typical close-minded American world-view. If it doesn't exist to you, it doesn't exist at all.

No. 226429

Calm down with the derailing please.

No. 226446


She's his mid-life crisis wife.

No. 226475

this. he's always fantasized about his hairy-pitted punk rock manic pixie dream girl

No. 226487

never heard of her but she seems exhausting to be around

No. 226502

I like her music but it's obv kinda edgy and she obviously comes across as pretty crazy in her songs.

Sometimes you just need to disconnect the person from the artist. I'm not ever gonna defend her questionable behaviour just because I like her music, and sometimes people expect you to.

No. 226503

They're both from Scientologist families so I'm sure this had something to do with it.

No. 226565

Definitely not saying she should get a pass, but why kick up a fuss about her saying it when others are getting a pass for saying it first and saying worse? Also, dude, I've been a farmer since SR: pointing out someone's biases doesn't make me new.

No. 226590

No. 968888

File: 1588617576331.png (51.82 KB, 518x343, ap1.png)

Will probably get banned for necromancy, but Amanda and Neil are getting a divorce. It's likely going to be messy and full of social media over-sharing, so I'm raising this thread from the dead

No. 968889

File: 1588617591586.png (50.47 KB, 508x270, ap2.png)

No. 968910

I’m interested. Didn’t know she has a post here (fairy newfag). She’s a massive cow.

No. 968917

Eh,sounds like a playful tweet to me, no?

No. 968942

Ohhhhh yeah, this is going to be amazing.
Could be but people in toxic relationships fight over dumb shit all the time. Palmer's probably bathing in how ~quirky~ it is but it could have actually happened

No. 968944

File: 1588624341062.png (64.62 KB, 592x358, Screenshot at May 04 21-25-07.…)

Hell yes, living for this saga!

He tweeted about being jetlagged and then this.

No. 968949

File: 1588624976007.png (88.56 KB, 588x482, Screenshot at May 04 22-42-38.…)

Gotta be serious if he left his child to go back to the UK in the middle of a pandemic, also pic related. Not surprised though since he already left one family behind

No. 968977

File: 1588627701703.png (2.85 MB, 1440x5918, screencapture-patreon-posts-36…)

To add, she posted this on Patreon. It's a public post, I didn't pay to see her bullshit, but it's still making her a ton of money because she charges per post, not per month. She has 15k+ patrons and posts every couple of days.

>Things came to light

sounds like he cheated in some way that wasn't cool with their open marriage policy.

No. 968979

File: 1588627835957.png (30.26 KB, 585x141, Screenshot at May 04 23-30-51.…)

No. 969004

I wish Neil married Tori Amos back in the day tbh. Teenage fantasies lol. I think they’re still friends and both now in the UK?

No. 969052

Maybe she's the one who cheated and that's why he left? Guess I've seen a lot cheaters do big dramatic vague posts like hers when caught and the person getting cheated on acting more like Neil is. It seems like he might be the one initiating the separation but that could also be AP trying to play the victim after telling him to leave.

Good catch, anon. I'll definitely be watching this thread.

No. 969089

Tori always saw him as friend material, because she is so much smarter than AP.

No. 969104

>Tori always saw him as friend material, because she is so much smarter than AP.
you mean him leaving wives?

No. 969135

File: 1588640481929.jpg (166.21 KB, 720x837, 20200504_185830.jpg)

Is this true? A lot of people are saying the same thing on twitter but reading >>968977 makes it seem like they broke up before the patreon post. Unless theres another post on patreon?

No. 969169


I wonder if this has anything to do with her insane reaction to that Guardian music journalist? He defended her but that was probs a PR move. it must get tiring living with someone who blows things out of proportion

No. 969183

File: 1588647304465.png (112.42 KB, 592x628, Screenshot at May 05 04-54-16.…)

I've been trying to find out where that rumor came from, but I haven't seen anything posted by either of them that would suggest it. AFAIK the timeline went as such:

>Marriage troubles >>968889

>NG leaves NZ, vaguely talks about being jetlagged (on a stream?)
>lots of questions about where he is/why they're not together
>NG claims he left for the UK because he was "fearing that commercial flights might go away entirely" but that it was "safe and sensible" for AP and child to stay in NZ
>AP publishes >>968977
>NG responds with >>968944

Seems to me that they were having issues but weren't publicly talking about it, AP decided to spill, NG felt like he had to respond. It looks like "It seems like AP has told people that we are going through rocky times right now" was misconstrued as "it seems like AP has announced a divorce without letting me know about it first" for some reason.

No. 969194


I'm guiltily relieved. I know they have a kid, but AP is a one-woman self obsession machine and he just seems more down to earth than that. I used to love the Dresden Dolls but on her own she became unbearable.

No. 969253

i hope this isn't nitpicky, but i'm really weirded out by the wording of the sentence "my heart has been broken". Not "I'm heartbroken", not "my heart is breaking" – i HAVE BEEN heartbroken
it almost gives the sense she's going on the offensive to avoid some other truth from coming out? i'm kinda with the anons speculating she's the one who cheated

No. 969289

even on a women-only board a woman is blamed by everyone even though the guy has left his wife before. Eh
It's also pretty shitty to leave your wife alone with a small kid in a country that's not familiar, with no friends or family around.
From the way they both worded their tweets it sounds like it's about something Neil did. Amanda sure is dramatic as hell, but Neil is defensive and tries to paint it like she's overreacting ("we like much of the world are going through rocky times"). I follow both and for me it always seemed like Amanda loves Neil more. Would be a bummer if they split, I enjoyed seeing how they raise Ash together.

No. 969308


Yeah, I was a huge fan of AP for years and went to a ton of her shows both Dresden Dolls and the solo stuff. Independently of their relationship I enjoyed NG's writing, but every time I saw him at her shows or their joint shows, something about him just gave me the creeps. I can't put my finger on it but he just never gave much of a vibe of being an attentive partner (always felt like she was the giver of attention, and he never quite rose to the occasion in returning it). It's odd because I've never really put it into words before but there's just something off about the guy - and that's without going into the whole man in his 50s with grown children marries younger woman and has another child who he sporadically spends time with.

I think they're both very talented artists in their own rights, but insufferably pretentious and narcissistic to boot. AP's stories about Ash also sound like he's a bit of a weird one, no doubt because of the unstable upbringing and constantly being uprooted around the world for her career, poor thing.

No doubt AP will write some long, secret-spilling patreon post about it soon. She's never been one to keep her business to herself.

No. 969311

I’m guessing the reason she’s being jumped I’m on is that she’s an irritating attention seeker, not because she’s a woman. Although I note your point. NG is annoying as fuck too.

No. 969670

just discovered this thread and damn. is neil gaiman a cow too?

No. 969677

Amanda Palmer x Neil Gaiman was God's experiment before creating Grimes x Musk as the worst and cringiest couple on earth

No. 969681

Neil is extremely holier-than-though and pseudo-woke on social media, panders to SJWs, then passive-aggressively refutes them, and re: the "who cheated" discussion, I've read rumors for years that he's a giant fuckboy who talks about how he has "a girl in every city". Everything about him screams faux male feminist and he's so fucking self-congratulatory.

No. 969702

it's her history that makes her more suspicious anon
the fact is there's virtually nothing we actually know about the situation. it's also pretty risky to be travelling internationally at this time. we just don't know but it's a fair guess if someone doubts AP with how bats she's been acting during this

ily anon lmfao

No. 969793

you put my feelings into words, must be women's intuition. There's something off about Gaiman that's hard to explain without coming off as "I just don't vibe with this guy" lol.

that's interesting. He's such a weird guy though, it's hard to imagine him as a fuckboy. But he's definitely some sort of a creep.

lol I liked them together but that's so on point, if only this thread was relevant you'd deserve this best post star-award

No. 969923

Amanda posted a new giant wall of text that's too long to even screencap, but here's the Neil-related part amid all the rambling:

>my post about neil's departure and his bristling tweet, and the story that people then made out of it, is a perfect example of how our grieving techniques are pretty much parallel to you and your ex's.

>i do not sound the emotional distress signal to hurt anybody, but to call in my people. this has been a source of ?misunderstanding between me and many people (often men) for eons. neil's strategies for how to deal with the public have always been very different, this is one of those cases where an unstoppable force meets an immovable object. in therapy, neil and i often used to talk about our struggle for "control of the narrative", the deep and dark struggle over who gets to tell the story. you can tell a story by saying nothing, you can tell a story by giving every last detail, they're both still….choices.

>whether or not to tell people "what is happening" in your life - especially when there is loss, pain and betrayal - is indeed a personal choice. i've always defended my wanted the benefits that come with living as an open book. i am very, very aware of the costs, i've been paying them for twenty years. the costs have still not outweighed the benefits.

>my choice has almost always been to work through the grief - of friends' lives, of pregnancies, of relationships shattering - in public so that my village can relate, nod, empathize, hold me, and carry my own story in their hearts so they won't feel as lonely when their turn comes around…and it always comes around. i know because i enjoy listening to other peoples' stories as much as a like sharing my own. wielding a megaphone doesn't interest me. i'd rather have a two-way communication device. cans and string. with lots of cans. and lots of strings.


No. 970068

here are some gems from her diatribe
>first if all
>one of my lower energetic ebbs
>grateful that … patreon exists so that i can gather and feel my little crowd-village around me
>i have never navigated something this strange before, and i've navigated a lot
>your inner camera
>i know the verse and chorus of this internet song so well i have it memorized
>as i sat down to per
>ash, zen creature that he is
>when i was a tiny person
>we're all a person
>new treed and constellations
>i'm a person getting yelled at on the internet
>i'm a person on the phone with a manager
>when i open my mouth to share my feelings and call my community towards me
>my smoke signals - the honest blog, the cry in the night
>it's also it's why
>it's kind of hard to imagine the scope of pain that losing a child would open up. when i lost my older step-brother,
>i love neil, deeply,
>how dare she ask for help has been the refrain on the lips of polite society when they glare in my general direction
>i do not need the world to approve of me right now, but i do need my village to comfort me
>the dawn of the dresden dolls
>while my style may be sloppy and off the cuff
>i may irritate many people out there
>wrap around and hold my heart tighter than being alone would have
>they will all protect me from the basic outside slings and arrows
>send good wishes to me, to ash, to neil over in scotland
>send extra loving compassion to any fuckwit on the internet who is trying to mess with our family and our peace of mind
>a gentle pillow-web of friends around me to lie down with
>also: i need more babysitter advice if anyone is in … new zealand
>we are probably going to have to buy a car soon if anyone has leads

jesus christ this woman is first-if-all braindead and also a cultist

No. 970075


I mean, I don't really know her music and I do love Gaiman's writing (he sounds like he had a weird ass upbringing but also a weirdo creep in gen…def reminds me of Alan Moore, the comic book dude), but doesn't this sorta sound like…a mania episode?

Like her whole music journalist fiasco seems like someone with allusions of grandeur. Not armchairing, but it's just odd and I'm getting a vibe about this

No. 970076

she has been like this for the beginning of time, anon. she may be manic rn, who knows, but truly, she has always had a very strong god delusion

No. 970084


Ok cool, thx for clarifying.

If she was in therapy with him, did she just gloss over her grandiose shit? also kek at her just throwing that out there, the rule of therapy is keeping things private unless the patients, in this case, both consent to it.

Their poor kid. At least Gaiman's other kids were adults before he abandoned them

No. 970086

as far as i can reckon, he's the same way irl, so it probably somehow worked out, at least for a while. they were both deeply obsessed with themselves and each other and probably ADORED how vain the other was. it was doomed.

No. 970117

this is a total tinfoil, but what this anon is describing >>969194 could be something he actually sought out but it got to be too much or something. i've known dudes like this irl where they serially date really outwardly unstable self obsessed women and everyone compliments on how down to earth and selfless they seem in comparison. i think some dudes seek out this kind of dynamic so they look rational and stoic in contrast, to hide that they have their own neurosis and vanity. similar to how a munchy mom wants to be seen as ~selfless,heroic, patient~ when they're anything but.

No. 970124

i dont know anything about his previous (wives? gfs?) but this is almost word for word what people have said about "sociopath" fred armisen. sounds like a tinfoil, sure, but a minor one.

No. 970133

He was only married once before as far as I know. He moved out when the kids he and she had were quite young, but he lived nearby. She was an active Scientologist for years, don’t know if she still is.

No. 970134

Tori Amos super fan and yeah, Tori adored him as a friend and respected him. Gossip on Tori Amos from the 2 anons that know who she is, is that she has quite a volatile marriage to her husband, but they're still private (unless in the studio where I get my gossip) and are incredibly loving stable, almost boring parents.

Tori really loves Neil as a friend and they recently did an interview together? Maybe it was a year or two old. But yeah, they're more familial. Tori likes stable and Neil went for manic panic. Tori is bizarre in a way, but she's a quiet, compassionate person. I met her in person.

I'm really fascinated by this Neil drama because I'm a huge fan. All men his age want a woman to reinvigorate them. It's sad but expected that he chose her.

No. 970159

File: 1588815327993.jpeg (478.69 KB, 1242x928, C548EB26-5ED6-491D-8A6C-3F56E4…)

Speaking of holier-than-thou, "I forgive it" speaks so much to how she perceives herself, lmao.

No. 970195

File: 1588820806302.png (66.33 KB, 721x284, ew.png)

I was reading her Patreon or one of her blogs, I can't remember, and she said that Neil was paying the majority of their household bills. Where does all that Patreon money go?

While trying to find the post again, I found this instead. Rather than having an open marriage, it sounds more like swinging.


No. 970320

Lmao thank you anon, perfectly captured cuts. She is nauseating in the extreme, and a total moron to boot.
Gaiman is simply a bore.

No. 970342

Sorry but I dont actually care about the divorce thing. I'm more curious about reciepts on her cancel worthy behavior like

>""muh feminism" because she flashes her armpit bush at movie galas and writes buzzwords on her naked body to post selfies of on Twitter as self promotion, yet still makes fun of rape victims"

When did she make fun of rape victims?

And also, anything on her being a racist? The KKK tweet isn't inherently racist, just stupid & distasteful.

I know she's crazy and edgy, but I want to see the milk about her truly problematic shit. Like the fake suicide thing and using the recording.

No. 970347

>today i got a mid-afternoon flurry of texts from friends telling me not to look at the internet.
>amanda palmer is a secret scientologist. no, she’s an open racist. no, she’s a transphobe. no, she’s a baby-killer. no, she hates jews. no, she hates men. no, she hates women. no, she’s a murderer. no, she’s a thief. no, she’s always just been an attention-whore. no, she’s an artist. no, she’s a charlatan.

is she under some sort of attack on twitter or what? because of the breakup? idgi

>i love neil, deeply, as i'm sure you loved and maybe still love your ex. I've been there

so she's officially calling him an ex, okay. No "rocky times" anymore dear Gaiman lol.

No. 970391

Yeah people are calling her out on twitter because, well, for various reasons but mainly because she’s a lolcow.

>>970342 Same, kind of. I don’t care about either of them, but I do have a perverted need to hate everything that comes out of the mouth of this idiot.

No. 970425

Is this our first celebrity lockdown divorce? Thanks for bumping the thread anon, appreciate the milk.

No. 970462

Here's a whingy SJW medium article about all her problematic behaviour https://medium.com/@gracelapointe/on-amanda-palmers-white-feminism-a-k-a-bigotry-19ce77fa635f

I don't know if it includes the fake suicide but it should be relatively easy to find via google.

No. 971291

>Also, take this lyric from the Dresden Dolls song “The Time Has Come:”
>“(All of my blind ambition left me deaf with perfect vision).”
this proves Amanda is ableist according to the author. Stopped reading. If the problem with Amanda's "white feminism" is that it's not the retarded kind, then I guess there's no problem

No. 971471

File: 1589054910138.jpeg (160.9 KB, 1070x1161, 6BCFC5DE-A336-4287-B5F1-2DCAA6…)


No. 971477

why are they both acting like dumb teenagers? we get it all men are psychotic and all women have bpd big fucking deal. im sure both of these clowns could have worked out their differences in favor of taking care of their child. petty bullshit drama in the middle of a pandemic must be difficult when theres a kid involved. one of these two needs to get a fucking grip and take the high road instead of blubbersucking online

No. 971481

If we’re giving him max benefit of the doubt, if he has a kindle it could be synced up with his goodreads and automatically post what he reads. But then again, something tells me both of these people are trash and petty. Feel bad for the kid.

No. 971494

have you guys seen this on his goodreads page? because I don't. Either he deleted it or it's a shoop poking fun at Amanda

No. 971500

File: 1589057760715.jpg (438.62 KB, 1080x1904, IMG_20200509_225534.jpg)


No. 971507

Ye olde hacking excuse, top kek. Who would hack a rich and famous author just to put a petty book on his reading list? Please. People gotta think harder before they claim hacking.

I've seen several people mention this, someone made an ONTD post too claiming to have seen it. My guess is that it's real

No. 971516

I saw it a couple hours ago as well as several people on Twitter. He probably deleted it, so I’m inclined to believe it was an accident because of goodreads syncing with his kindle. Still funny though.

No. 971571

File: 1589066186799.png (178.13 KB, 1439x764, Screenshot at May 10 01-07-38.…)

No. 971590

Right? If he was smart, he would've not touched the account after that, or spammed it with a bunch of inappropriate books or something.

No. 971593

good for him for finding resources to get rid of that fucking witch i dont think we should shame a man in an abusive relationship men already are scrutinized by society when they are victims and when they are raped the judges dont take them seriously

No. 971632


Judges take female rape victims seriously? lmao get out of here.
Was he also abused by the first wife and family he up and left? Also, if Amanda is so dangerous why did he leave his child with her? They're both giant fuckups and the only person to feel sorry for here is their child.

No. 971643

No. 972050

There's a cohesive ONTD post about their relationship timeline now, copypasting the most relevant parts:


>1985: Gaiman, 25, marries his first wife. Amanda Palmer, 9, is 9.

>Mid 1990s?: Palmer is dating a young man who is addicted to heroin. She fakes her own suicide and gets him to "discover" her body. She claims that this is performance art and that it was a way to get him to understand the pain that he was causing her due to his addiction.

(vid related)

(Note from farmer: That bf killed himself a few months later)

>2008: Gaiman and McGrath divorce, Neil and Amanda meet and collaborate on Amanda's photo book "Who killed Amanda Palmer", they begin dating

>Palmer says, "We were not attracted to one another. Repulsed is too strong a word, but there was no lightning strike, no 'God, I’ve got to f* this person!'… Yet we were fascinated by one another, and fascination is much stronger than physical attraction, which we both do have now, incidentally."

Because of their hectic schedules, many of their dates involve two- to three-day meetups, which apparently involved a lot of adult activity, which Palmer blogged about.

>January 1, 2010: Palmer announces their engagement.

Gaiman says he chose to marry Palmer “because I couldn’t ever imagine being bored”.
"He fell in love with me first, and then he planted himself firmly in a chair… telling me that he was perfectly happy to wait years and years and years to date me.

>November 10, 2010: Palmer hosts a surprise flash mob wedding in New Orleans for Gaiman's 50th birthday. Palmer painted her face entirely white and pretended to be a statue during the ceremony.

>"The cohabitating has not been easy…. I've never had to actually share my space. Neil has gotten used to a totally different kind of family style where he lives in a household with kids running around. Colliding our two lifestyles is hilarious and so fantastic because we just take such totally different approaches.

I think a lot of it has to do with psychic artistry and workspace. We're two artists who work at home…. You've got Amanda and Neil running offices, Amanda and Neil needing to make art, and Amanda and Neil needing to be clothed, fed, and sheltered. Figuring out how to place and puzzle piece together all those myriad ingredients isn't easy."

>According to both of them, some of their communication would be via text or publicly online on their Twitters, Facebooks or blogs. Also:

>"We've found the best way for us to connect with each other is just to have a lot of sex.

>2011 - present: The couple is involved in various shenanigans, hijinks, and misadventures. These include:

Palmer strips off her clothes in the Degas museum so that Gaiman can sketch her in the nude.
Palmer strips off her clothes on the Golden Globes red carpet next to Gaiman.
Gaiman and Palmer perform goth songs together.
2013: Palmer publishes a poem romanticizing Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, who killed 3 people by bombing the Boston Marathon. Gawker declares it "The Worst Poem Of All Time." And yes, it is still on her blog. https://blog.amandapalmer.net/20130421/

>September 2015: Palmer and Gaiman have their son, Ash. At this point, Gaiman is also a grandfather. **Palmer requests to Neil that they stop their polyamory and focus on their


No. 972218

File: 1589186991921.jpeg (Spoiler Image,83.89 KB, 391x594, C9804C2B-DA01-4A23-B154-CBB23A…)

had to google the golden globes thing after you mentioned it… yikes

No. 972328

They definitely have a "weirdo nobodies you invited to your award ceremony on accident" vibe to them, though her blog post at the time is quite entertaining

That farmer note, how awful. >>972050
She really is a terrible person. That is like dressing up as a dying cancer patient to show your dying cancer patient boyfriend how it "feels"

No. 972372

They got that creepy weird thing going on in this pic where they look more like gross inbred siblings continuing the incestual lineage

Also weird nitpick but goddamn her arms look weirdly long in every picture… disproportionate to her body.

No. 972431

File: 1589222875019.jpg (78.89 KB, 695x383, hacked.jpg)

No. 972444

File: 1589224454984.png (112.53 KB, 1068x347, Screenshot at May 11 21-12-07.…)

It's kind of funny how they keep repeating this story as if it's a testament to how deep their love is (was). Noted Feminist Neil Gaiman told a woman he was dating she was "pudgy" and looked "mannish" or like a "lesbian". Really giving the fake woke male feminist vibes here

No. 972445

File: 1589224503187.png (22.16 KB, 677x98, Screenshot at May 11 21-12-33.…)

No. 974357

I'm in a rush so can't screenshot (sorry) but they've released a joint statement via Amanda's patreon: https://www.patreon.com/posts/joint-statement-37119579

No. 974363


So… Basically, they had a fight whilst stuck in lockdown together, Neil had to get away from her (the other side of the fucking world mind you) and she had a massive online tantrum and allowed people to believe they'd broken up.

They're both blaming the 'haters' for attacking Amanda and jumping to conclusions… But she was the one who put it out there? That's all her.

(also I don't believe for a second Neil's bloody Goodreads was hacked, he was absolutely reading about BPD because this dumpster fire sounds like a BPD tantrum from Amanda. And now the fog has lifted and she's all sorry and he's an idiot.)

No. 974367


I can't believe the entitlement of flying halfway around the world in a global fucking pandemic because you've fallen out with your spouse. Get a damn grip and parent your child. Not being able to talk to your friends while being in the same timezone as them is not an excuse. He easily could have found somewhere else in NZ to stay so that he could still see their kid. So selfish

No. 974405

No. 974584

File: 1589575563239.png (2.41 MB, 1440x7692, screencapture-patreon-posts-jo…)

Imageboard, screenshots, etc
God, they're the epitome of TL;DR.
Relevant part:
>(my fault, I'm afraid, I'd hurt her feelings very badly, and… actually beyond that it's none of anyone else's business)

I guess that means she didn't cheat.

No. 974586

File: 1589575701192.png (101.55 KB, 787x501, Screenshot at May 15 22-48-32.…)

Dear Everybody.

This has been a hard few weeks for us. We are not getting divorced. It’s not that exciting.

We love each other very deeply. As sometimes happens during the course of a long marriage, we have hurt each other. We have lived our lives individually, and then as a couple, very publicly (and right now, too publicly).

We have been trying to figure out how best to love each other for twelve years. It is fair to say that this relationship has been the hardest, but also the most rewarding, collaboration of our lives.

Living in lockdown is hard. Working on a marriage, as everyone married knows, is also hard. And we are very aware there are thousands, probably millions of people who have been dealing with their own versions of problems like ours over the last few months – and many face situations that are far worse.

We will sort out our marriage in private, which is where things like this are best sorted. We're working together to try and do this better. We care about each other so much, and we have a small boy we love and delight in, and those are reasons enough to work together to fix things.

So that's what's going on. It's not as much fun or as interesting as the newsfeed headlines made it seem.

For anyone who felt the urge to choose sides on this, trust us, there really aren't any sides to be taken: we are on our side, and we're on Ash's side, and we hope you are too.

None of us know what the future is going to look and feel like, right now, and that's scary. We need to be able to have each other’s backs. So please, if you can, have our backs, and we will do our best to have yours.

And to the vast majority of people out there who have been kind and sane and supportive to both of us, and to each other, thank you, we love you and appreciate it, and you, so very much.

Peace, and definitely love,

Neil and Amanda

No. 974587

>It is fair to say that this relationship has been the hardest, but also the most rewarding, collaboration of our lives. 

Ahahahaha. It's clear the 22-year old totty in Scotland (or whoever) was disinterested once Grandpa actually showed up, so suddenly it was just a smol argument (yeah, everyone flees the country for small arguments) and all is fine and dandy. Love to be married while my spouse is on the other side of the world, while leaving 100% parental duties to my wife. Nothing odd is happening.

No. 974588

>We care about  each other so much, and we have a small boy we love and delight in, and those are reasons enough to work together to fix things. 

Note the doublespaces in some parts of this letter, and the choice to use "care" for each other but "love" for their son. Since he's a literal author we can assume these choices are intentional.

No. 974591

Samefag, he does say
>we love each other very deeply

earlier in the letter, so it's unusual to then later downgrade it to care when juxtaposed with the love for his son. Also abandoning people you "love" during a pandemic, ok Neil.

Amanda seems like a nightmare, but so is he.

No. 974666

from neil's blog
>we agreed that we needed to give each other some space
>i needed to be somewhere i could talk to people in the uk while they and i were awake, not just before breakfast and after dinner
>no, i haven't moved [to] the uk, and yes, amanda and i are still very much together, even with half a world between us
>be kind to amanda (who is getting a huge amount of undeserved internet flack for this, some of it is really cruel)

from amanda's blog
>i now consider the passing kerfuffles of the internet a kind of empathy gym
>this…has been devastating not just for our relationship, which had already veered into fragile territory…
>hacked accounts
wtf is she talking about when she mentions this?
>this isn't what we want for our kid
>we've both gone back and deleted some tweets and posts that were written in haste and anger
>times are dark
>we've always needed you, and we need you now more than ever. we love you.
here she inserts the joint letter which has already been posted

No. 974895

It's obvious that they've never spent large periods of time together. For pretty much their entire relationship, they've been doing their own individual things and usually on opposite sides of the world.

It seems like Neil got a taste of what living as a 'normal' couple (at least for COVID) and raising a small child with her is like and lashed out and flew away when it got to be too much.

Leaving the kid is really shitty but I totally understand why you might snap after being cooped up with Amanda Palmer for so long.

No. 974907


omg they just get online individual therapy instead of doing this dumb dramatic farce. They probably love the attention

No. 974992

then don't fucking marry Amanda Palmer and by God, don't have a kid with her!

No. 975297

File: 1589727634885.jpg (60.88 KB, 746x643, Capture.JPG)

NG's trending on twitter right now because BBC news picked up on his 11k mile journey to his "primary residence". This tweet caught my conspiritard eye

No. 975301

This. It's not like Amanda is in any way subtle about the way she is. He co-opted all of her embarrassing behavior until he was stuck alone with her without the ability to fuck off or fuck other people.

No. 975313


11k miles, and a journey requiring multiple changeovers. What a self important asshole.

No. 975315

Lol have you come over from the Manson thread? Kidding. My conspiratard gland is also twitching.

No. 975347

Can someone DM this girl and post the caps? The Tweets are still up. Just don't write her username in this thread and she should be fine legally (assuming it's real)

No. 975378

File: 1589744074476.jpg (66.26 KB, 722x787, Capture.JPG)


Tried, unfortunately no luck. Talked to her for a little longer but didn't get any info of note. My bet's on it being something related to him being a sex creeper though.

Sage because no milk

No. 975392

It’s funny, all of Scotland is fuming at him now. The story is going to be on the front page of The National tomorrow. He’s not going to be able to ignore this.

No. 975486


Oh, shut the fuck up. People literally go on the internet and wish the president dead. You "can't" say what he supposedly did bc "omg lawyers". He's not employing the fucking Mossad. Desperate hoes trying to stir up drama and for what. This is almost as bad as those cryptic "WORST DAY OF MY LIFE" statuses and replying "PERSONAL. DO NOT WANT TO DISCUSS" when people ask. Fucking say it or shut the fuck up.

No. 975491


as they have a right to be!

"But it's my own house" isn't an excuse - government figures have been under fire from going to their own second homes to wait out the pandemic, and that's just a car ride away. This douche hopped across continents to pitch up on a tiny island and then snobbishly insist that his residence there means it's morally right. Dude, you got money, just get an AirBnb in the city you live in or something. I'm half expecting him to turn around and explain why exactly he had to be 11k miles away from Amanda Palmer, start slinging the mud etc just to make himself look more sympathetic. It was still a very selfish choice.

No. 975533

lmao yes, i was going to say this. we live in a post-metoo-epstein world you can say anything now about a public figure, especially one with a history of fucking his students

No. 975540

in his blog he said something about needing to "talk to" people in the uk. don't know much about him - his divorce lawyer? a second wife?

No. 975576

File: 1589776986362.jpeg (175.25 KB, 690x470, 84454765-BEDF-440B-874B-252EFE…)

He defended himself by saying he pays taxes in the uk lmao

There's already a bunch of articles online even though it's arse o'clock in the morning in the uk, i bet it'll be all over the web in a few hours


No. 975582

What an absolute turd.
>waaaaah I got into a fight with my wife and it's inconvenient to talk to my friends in a different timezone so I need to abandon my child and fly across the world during a pandemic!!!
How out-of-touch with reality do you need to be to think that this explanation would go over well? It'd almost be better if he said that he needs to visit his side piece

No. 975590

File: 1589782381669.jpeg (153.89 KB, 827x390, EDC75BB1-7721-43E8-BF5F-2905C3…)

Scottish twitter really picked up on dragging him yesterday when the BBC picked the story up, it’s going to be all over Scottish and greater UK publications today.

No. 976099


>Still, I can’t help but laugh at the sheer irony of Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman of all people bellowing from the rooftops that they would like some privacy on this matter. Neither of them has exactly committed to their own ethos over this past fortnight, and nobody expected them to. They have both put a lot of work into maintaining the narrative of their Power Couple status through artistic collaborations, obnoxious over-sharing, and mutual dedication to fuelling their fandoms.

No. 976697

I never thought Gaiman was this milky. He is good at acting sorry afterwards when he isn't sorry at all. Bastard.

No. 981055


Where I have to call bullshit is when she mentions a team of high powered US lawyers. The US has far more permissive laws regarding libel/defamation of public figures than say, the UK or NZ.

No. 981835

She keeps saying she's lost her partner on Twitter.

Also, he posted several pictures of wilted bluebells on Instagram a week or so ago, with the comment 'Love'.

I wonder if they've fixed their row and are trying to milk the attention? Or is this the end of their marriage, but they don't wanna announce the divorce just yet?

Either way, cringy.

No. 982166

anyone know what his first wife was/is like?
wondering if he had an arranged marriage - Scientology style.

No. 982198

The most recent thing I can find on Gaiman's ex is that she still donated heavily to Scientology in 2012.
It's common knowledge but Palmer's immediate family are/were active members. Some eyebrows raised when Neil and Amanda got together because of their respective family histories but it could have been a bonding point idk.

No. 982219

Even a long distance open marriage can't survive not being together to work out differences. USA doesn't look stable, prob won't be for the rest of this year. They'll be waiting a long time for the reunion he mentioned.

No. 982220


wonder if he only marries followers?

No. 1138227

File: 1611254593428.jpg (120.31 KB, 1217x1009, 20210121_194240.jpg)

I've seen her mentioned in the celebricow thread again lately so let me bump this with her newest dumbassery

No. 1138266


Also, I thought NZ wasn't letting people in because of covid.

No. 1138288

She's been in NZ for quite a while.

I think she's trying to say that they were applauding a random American to show support during the inauguration. Sounds kinda fake but she's not actually claiming that they were applauding her personally.

No. 1138401

"And then I asked everyone to pitch in and pay for my coffee. They were so grateful for the experience and the exposure!"

No. 1138506

"…and then everyone clapped"

No. 1138866

>Aotearoa new zealand
it's literally like saying America USA
no one in NZ calls them coffeeshops, they're cafes
Everyone behind the counter would be like one or two people at most.

Public applauding is such an American thing, NZers don't do that shit unless someone is making a speech or doing a concert.

No. 1139605

"I'm so famous they clapped at me in NZ" Besides that it sounds like bs she's like what, 40? Why is she behaving like gen z ethot in her 20's? What's her point?
Anyway I couldn't believe they made headlines with that stupid lockdown patreon divorce, that was so funny. Can't decide who's the biggest cow, Amanda with patreon or Neil Gaiman needing to be 11,000 miles away from her kek. Didn't know AP has a thread but i can see why she belongs here

No. 1140636

No. 1140753

So one guy who she chats to regularly did applause as she walked in since they had discussed events in the US the previous day.
She definitely phrased that in a misleading manner.

No. 1161490

I always miss this thread when it’s active! I was a huge Dresden Dolls and AFP fan from like 2005 until the Who Killed Amanda Palmer drama. Super active on the shadowbox forum and made numerous online friends there (and got all of her teenage demo tapes lol).

Did anyone ever read her pre Patreon blogs? I had a hard time finding them a few years ago when I tried, but she casually admitted to things like stomping on a baby bird to end its suffering, forgetting a tampon inside herself for an extended period of time, and masturbating in class in high school. It was wild. I think it was on the (old?) Dresden Dolls website that looked like a dollhouse but the blog might’ve actually been hosted on blogger.

I wish I could go back and read it all from an adult perspective because she’s absolutely unhinged.

No. 1179487

No. 1181132

Yes! That’s it. I knew it was either blogspot or blogger. There’s some gold in there if she hasn’t selectively deleted blogposts. I can try searching for specific details I remember when I have a bit more free time.

No. 1181459

aaand here’s two:

Masturbating in class blog - https://dresdendollsdiary.blogspot.com/2004/11/112904-berlin-ger.html?m=1

Bird Stomping Blog - https://dresdendollsdiary.blogspot.com/2007/08/?m=1

Saged since this is old shit and I don’t want to catch a ban for necroing but hopefully you’ll see this anon!

No. 1186220

File: 1615936566538.png (575.93 KB, 973x620, event.PNG)

Apparently she and Neil are hosting an two day event together. I thought they had broken up

No. 1186249

They used to host these when they were first getting together. I think it's a financial decision, their fans eat those up like nothing else.

Happy it helped!

>I did get to feel the re-creation of an ultimate High School Moment. I was in the ladies room of the trashy euro-bar

that housed the reunion, relating to some old friends the story of whacking off in physics(how, you ask? cleverly, and under multiple large, flowing, gothic skirts) while staring directly into the eyes of the ultimate heather-like volleyball girl who I considered my spiritual nemesis (thinking, as I achieved orgasm, something terribly arrogant along the lines of "you will never be free, you will never be free…."). As I finished relating the story in the reunion bathroom, a heather-like friend of the ultimate heather appeared out of a nearby stall and looked at me, flipping heather-yet-now-soccer-mom hair and said: "Yeah right", while rolling her eyes heavenward and storming out of the bathroom. Ah, right back at home. Of course, I took the opportunity to relate this story to anyone who was willing to listen for the rest of the night.

Ah yes, same as ever.

>Several drinks later, I snogged the football-team-captain-freak-basher who used to make my life a living helln after a short discussion and mutual truce. A large crowd gathered around us in a circle and applauded. A very West Side Story Moment.

>Nowadays, when I listen to the music I loved at 12, it brings me back to a very specific feeling. The feeling belongs very specifically to my twelve-year-old self, a direct nostalgic connection to a solid spot.

>But by listening to Avril, I have actually harnessed the power of the twilight zone and am able to re-live being 12 from a fresh perspective. How common is that?

Extremely common. Downright normie-tier. What an exhausting edgelord.

No. 1186291

Isn't she too old to have listened to Avril at 12?

No. 1186321


Yep, unless Avril started her singing carer when she was 4 years old.

No. 1186328

Dude she keeps saying "Heather" like or whatever, referencing that literal 80s movie like anyone knows what tf that means. I know it from liking Winona Ryder a lot, but no one else has ever seen it. How can you seriously nonstop reference that and Avril Lavigne like those two things could have been equally culturally relevant to you as a twelve year old.

One happened two fucking decades after the other.

No. 1186363

Heathers is a cult classic you fucking retard

No. 1186413

Yeah I got that, no one ever namedrops it under the age of 40, bitter hateful cunt.

No. 1186416

>tfw way under 40 and talk about heathers
the outfits are so cute tho anon

No. 1186423

>no one under 40
Heathers is pretty popular among zoomers & millennials and it was trendy on tiktok for a good while. Are you high?

No. 1186427

>knows its a cult classic
>no one else has ever watched it
lmao, okay anon

No. 1186445

File: 1615964205686.jpg (22.21 KB, 403x405, BB3-T_cCQAEVb_1.jpg)

You're not you when you're hungry. Here, have a Snickers

No. 1186497

The narcissism of her to think anyone wants to hear about her jacking it to some other girls in class, also pretty sure that counts as sexual harassment of some kind if it was true.

No. 1186884

NTA but to be fair to the original Anon, Heathers only came back into the "alternative mainstream" a few years ago due to the musical and to a lesser degree the flopped TV show, before then yeah it was a classic for depressed "she's literally me" Tumblrinas but still niche enough. This was in 2004 so during that time it certainly wasn't nearly as popular as it is now. It was a weird comparison to draw while masturbating to assert spiritual superiority over Stacy and to draw again 10 years later when you tell the story to literally anyone who'll listen before making out with the football team bully to a standing ovation, just like her posturing about Avril Lavigne totes being a manufactured poser who offends Amanda to her true punk rock core shows that she really believes she's absolutely unlike any other girl.

No. 1956882

No idea why was this thread bumped,but i recently read her book and can say she's a worldclass cow in every possible meaning. Bigger than a lot of the cows we post about on a regular basis. Even the book alone is like a carton of uber pretentious milk. The online shit is just the tip of the iceberg

No. 1956884

Probably now-deleted spam. Since you posted, might as well share some good excerpts?

No. 1956890

I can try to type out some highlights later when i get home and get to flip through the book, but honestly it's the whole thing in itself. The way that it's written, every word. I thought Emilie autumn's book is most narcissistic thing i've read, but maybe this one takes the cake after all

No. 1956918

Just commenting as another anon who would love the share if you have time. I would be hyped for a minor revival of this thread.

No. 1957010

Here's a link to the PDF of the book, you can skip to the especially milky parts and copypaste them or post screenshots of short ones etc! Better than typing it out. https://worldfreebooks.com/book/the-art-of-asking-by-amanda-palmer/

No. 1957020

File: 1705701786976.png (138.34 KB, 689x550, bloodyhell.png)

Buckle in nonnie, this is how the book starts.

No. 1957224

File: 1705749796912.png (104.58 KB, 1010x678, excerpt1.png)

Thank you anon, this will be helpful cause my book copy is in Polish, so i couldn't cite directly without it! I'll post something later, i'm wondering wht would you anons find most interesting her cringey relationship with Neil Gaiman, her scamming coworkers or twitter shit? let me throw some of this shit as a sample in the meanwhile, lol.

No. 1957226

File: 1705749846681.png (118.41 KB, 980x720, excerpt12.png)

No. 1957227

File: 1705749919244.png (141.79 KB, 996x886, excerpt3.png)

No. 1957628

Right, she has decades of horrorcow antics but no one really wants to chronicle them bc she’s so tedious. Her bit is just so repetitive, i.e. “I am a true creative ~artiste~ and that gives me the right to act like an edgy asshole and a weird sex pest at all times. Also I’m not like those other girls, I’m not afraid to ask for a TAMPON”

No. 1957790

thank god they got divorced, i mean i say a lot of embarrassing shit about my boyfriend but if i were neil id be mortified at this being committed to print.

No. 1959932

Wow, I’m so glad for the spam bump! Thanks for sharing. I was one of her countless longtime fans (and the anon who brought up the horrors from her blog lol) who began to despise her during all her brazen begging and exploiting other musicians and artists during the WKAP days. She was and always has been significantly more privileged than the literal starving artists around her but is such an entitled narc she had no issue asking for anything and everything. When that book came out and she leaked into the mainstream for a minute promoting it all it did was confirm she’s a piece of shit. It’s one thing to ask for actual help when you need it but essentially cornering people who admire you and making them feel like they must do everything for you FOR FREE up to and including housing you while you’re on tour because you’re just too cool for hotels is pretty evil.

No. 1960427

File: 1706486770628.png (154.27 KB, 1062x816, plmer4.png)

apologies for not posting nonnies, going through her book for relevant fragments takes a bit of time + i wanted to write up a little summary post to help provide some context. I'll try to post some shit tomorrow, but for now grab this special snowflake fragment. Explains a lot. Well at least she's aware of being it, lol.

No. 1960767

I can't believe the mythical tampon sharing with strangers that trannies think we do daily is actually real, but only for Amanda Palmer

No. 1961156

Thank you! What an absolute narcissist. I’m not entirely sure how to explain this but she really is excellent at faking immediate connection. Speaking to her face to face is creepy as shit because she looks deep into your eyes and really does make you feel seen even in rather impersonal settings like after show autograph signings. It’s how I imagine speaking to a charismatic cult leader or self help guru might be; you know there’s no real connection but it feels like you’re the only two people in the room. Sorry for explaining her weird vibes so poorly but I’m not sure how to accurately describe it. I’ve only met a few other people like that and they all made me feel like I was about to get conned or some shit. Even as a young teen (it’s been like 15 years since I last saw her live) it made me feel weird and naked. Her fans seem to like this so I guess not everyone gets the same feeling of faked genuine connection.
>>1960767 I’ve definitely had strangers ask for a tampon before but they were always embarrassed and it’s only happened a few times in my life. Last time it was a homeless woman. Leave it to Amanda to make what should be an embarrassing situation into a performance to be proud of.

Speaking of Amanda and tampons, another old blog of hers I remember was a story about how she once forgot a tampon was in for days/weeks because she had used two at a time, forgot about that, and only removed one. She described waddling (I think that was her choice of word) down to her gyno because she couldn’t figure out what the smell was and the gyno took it out. Her blogs were so vivid and gross they’ve stuck in my memory entirely too long. At one point she wanted to sell or give away her glass dildo for reasons I can’t remember.

No. 1961174

Yep, the one time I was ever caught short in a public loo and approached another woman to ask for help she looked at me like I was an alien and just walked off. Women are not in the habit of handing out sanitary products to strangers.

No. 1961260

File: 1706724241892.png (346.83 KB, 1040x1672, Bez tytułu66666.png)

Coming back with the excerpts, i decided to write a little summary for better understanding. (although i suggest you anons to read the book and come back to discuss together, it's quite short.) For now i decided to attatch book pages where she justifies exploiting her fans.
(also sorry for lack of capital a's, i have problems with my keyboard)

about the book & amanda:
>studied literature in Boston, worked as barista (among others), quit the job to become a living statue sort of 10 feet tall bride street artist. First part of the book describes her experiences
>lived in a sort of hippie commune for „crazy artists”, whose owner liked to be a patron/shelter provider to artistically inclined people. He was one of her first „patrons”
>since turning 13, she was a friend of therapist anthony & his wife. She went to his house to have cringey „lying on the freudian sofa american style” therapy and flood him with her BPD nonsense. He was also one of her patrons
>started The Dresden Dolls with drummer Brian. The parts of the book talking about DIY, music industry, financial side etc. i found very interesting. So what you need to know about this band is they had this very DIY, interactive-with-the-fans approach. They play clubs, private parties, fans houses, would collect fan’s e-mails & message them directly about new shows. Burn and sell their CDs, make merch. During shows, she’d yell „Hands up who lets us sleep at their house tonight?” and stay at the volunteering person's place. This continued into crowdsourcing, pay-what-you-want, Kickstarter and couchsurfing territories to extremes after TDD split as well, and amana became known as the queen of Kickstarter/that kinda stuff.
>borrowed money from a bunch of friends, recorded album more proffessionally. They finally signed with a metal-focused record label. The label promptly stopped promoting them when it decided they „don’t sell enough records” and „don’t have a hit single”. They refused to promote amanda’s band, but also refused to let her leave. When they finally dissolved the contract, she went independent. In celebration of it all, she recorded her first „pay what you want/free download” song called Do You Swear To Tell The Truth, The Whole Truth and Nothing But The Truth So Help Your Black Ass
>the internet was a crucial part of understanding amanda’s fanbase. Pretty much since the very beginning she had websites and blogs where she interacted with loads of people, which continued on Twitter and reached extreme oversharing levels. Fans dumped their problems in her comment section as well.
>one time she was kicked out of music shop for playing piano (well… she was politely asked to leave). She threw a tantrum and doxxed the owner online, which of course ended up in her fanbase flooding him with hate
>started using and abusing fan’s kindness pretty early on. Besides obvious shit like couchsurfing/sleeping, eating at their homes, getting free food, free rides to airport etc., she figured out she can get idiots to fill in support slots for free. She started recruiting local artists to play before each show – but oftentimes not as support gig, but as street artists doing their thing inside/outside the concert area. She didn’t pay them, the only money they earned came from whatever audience was generous to throw
>got addicted to Twitter, started organizing random solo ukulele performances outside, giving time & location online
>hired Zoe Keating to play cello on her next tour, but refused to pay other musicians. Road manager, lighting crew etc. were paid, but not musicians. Basically, she paid selected musicians & tour crew and treated others as volunteers. The players, called The Danger Ensemble, got food but no salary. Amana told them to pass the hat around the room and beg for money from their audience.
>started Kickstarter campaign, which was a very loud case and brought her a lot of criticism and drama. Basically she started Kickstarter for her next album (1 million $ was the goal). She reached that goal. I promise you recording of this album didn’t cost 1 million, so people wondered where the rest of that money went into.
>Even after raising that milion, she refused to pay her co-workers/supporting artists. Asked fans to join her onstage and play out the orchestral parts from the album, as volunteers, of course. Why hiring musicians when you can get your shit done for free?
>see, the whole point of her book is „the art. of asking”. She’s preaching about not being afraid to ask for help/for money and promptly chugging all the money & shit that your blinded fans offer you. The book is the story how she learned to overcome her fears and ask for help, blah blah blah. And the whole big story is how she for the love of God CaNNOT! Ask her own husband for help!
>at some point she went broke. This happened somewhere around the time she started Kickstarter campaign but didn’t reach her goal yet. She goes on and on how she’s too ashamed to ask Neil Gaiman for money cause she’d feel like a fraud, and her bitching and crying desperately in his arms about this situation. I mean, this is the person who had no qualms demanding money & free favours from thousands of people around the world, often quite poor people, but couldn’t borrow money from a fucking millionaire.

No. 1961262

File: 1706724580974.png (489.15 KB, 1158x2360, plmer1.png)

sorry for esl mistakes and lacking letters, can't bother to repost it another time. Continuing on the subject of fan's free labour thing:

No. 1961264

File: 1706724925941.png (399.99 KB, 1046x1782, plmer2.png)

No. 1961267

File: 1706725264718.png (103.83 KB, 1014x678, plmer3.png)

No. 1961269

not really surprising tbh, this is exactly what I expected her like to have been like, the early DIY music scene seems interesting though.

No. 1961271

File: 1706725868067.png (604.61 KB, 1128x2870, kickstrter.png)


No. 1961272

File: 1706726036414.png (871.33 KB, 1084x4360, nthony.png)

Her therapist/friend anthony got ill and was going through chemo at some point. They met to talk and she completely ignored him because her Kickstarter ofc was more important. Typical amanda behaviour lmao.

No. 1961274

File: 1706726252055.png (450.03 KB, 1096x2704, zzz.png)

That time she wrote a horrible true crime community tumblr tier poem and drama ensued. I'm just gonna say, yes it's a really bad poem kek

No. 1961278

File: 1706727088636.jpg (51.78 KB, 439x620, 191414_original.jpg)

Her relationship with Neil Gaiman is a whole other separate can of worms.
>met Neil Gaiman after she hired him to write little stories for an album companion art. book „Who Killed amanda Palmer” (made of her naked/dead pics)
>he was around 48yo into 50s when she met him iirc
>decided to get married but made it an open relationship. He proposed to her after she threw up on the sidewalk
>amanda got pregnant and miscarried, which left her depressed and feeling very unwell. All throughout the whole proces, Neil never hugged or comforted her in any way, he just sat quietly. When she asked him why was he acting so cold, he said he was raised to never disturb and be very quiet around a sick person. A fucking 50+ year old was throwing justifications how „uwu he was just raised that way” and it never once came across this rotten mind that perhaps he should at least hug his mourning wife, sure Neil.
>bonus: Neil Gaiman loves to insert pedo stuff in his graphic novels. This requiers a bit of googling to be precise since i’m not familiar with his art, (which i’m not doing right now), but i’ve read he has numerous novels including tropes of old fucks getting together with teenagers. He’s been called out and doing mental gymnastics in response („b-b-but it’s not real cp, free speech!”). I’d maybe ignore it if it happened once, but apparently it’s a recurrent thing in his „art”, which begs the question wtf is on his rotten mind.

Or scratch that, i found a little summary of timeline with cringey facts and photos on Ohnotheydidn't:

Also just throwing something about amanda that ISN’T mentioned in the book but still important:
>Amanda started a band called Evelyn Evelyn where she and another musician dressed as conjoined twins with ~tragic autistic sexually abused enslaved as circus freaks” backstory (can’t remember well but something like that”. Felt weird and fetishistic to some, so people side eyed it a lot.
>faked suicide in front of her heroin addict boyfriend and recorded his reaction, "to get him to understand the pain that he was causing her due to his addiction". Then, she used that recording as a sample in Dresden Dolls song. The guy apparently commited actual suicide later on in his life.
>had a sooper „artistic” performance onstage once where a girl dressed as Katy Perry was assaulted and raped.

No. 1961279

Thanks for uploading these, this one reminds me of some argument she had with Gaiman wherein they were both struck by inspiration and wanted to blab at each other about it but neither wanted to listen and 'lose' their own moment? Curious about more relationship stories

No. 1961282

File: 1706727804701.png (269.89 KB, 1108x1496, 9ff.png)

There are uber cringe oversharing moments ala discussions from bed like picrel. i can try to post a few more examples but not at the moment. Neil is a huge cow himself, would be a good fit for our new book cows thread. But i think it fits here as well since it's hugely amanda-related.

No. 1961290

File: 1706729695763.png (1.34 MB, 720x889, DxhJC9f.png)

I like some of Gaiman's work, but I honestly kind of expected this. He does seem like the type who would marry a much younger, emotionally unwell woman. I pray for their kid and what he has to deal with.

No. 1961292

was her son named after her friend or is it just a coincidence?

No. 1961319

Possibly, from what I remember Anthony died a couple of years ago, before her child was born.
I remember people talking she has bipolar disorder, which she allegedly describes in songs like Runs In The Family or Girl anachronism. Might be wrong but interestingly, i don't remember her writing about this in her book at all.

No. 1961352

File: 1706746115768.jpeg (349.57 KB, 828x585, IMG_2308.jpeg)

No. 1961383

The fact she paid her crew but nobody else is pretty obviously because she wanted to secure them, they could skip her band and go to the next who would pay. For everyone else it's clear she didn't actually value their contributions or care if they showed up or not. Interesting how her husband is the only person she didn't try begging, same rationale the few people she actually respects she doesn't inflict begging shit on. Everyone else gets to be "bohemian" aka begger with tassles and glitter.
And where did that million she got in funding go? She probably laughed herself to sleep every night rolling in money while forcing everyone else to be a begging artist trope.

No. 1961444

he really wanted Tori Amos but he settled for that

No. 1961480

God I wish I could remember the name but there was some "expose" blog talking about how she would brag about taking testosterone to sound more masculine at the beginning of dresden dolls era and that it altered her voice and structure permanently. It was so funny, this was before the whole transvestigation thing so they were a pioneer of their craft.

No. 1961531

Kek but even if it's 100% crazy fan bullshit, i would be able to believe she took testosterone. Only and only because she's so hysterically reckless and impulsive enough to do dumbest of things "just cause".
I always thought she doesn't even have that crazy low voice naturally, she's just forcefully straining it as low as she can. She sounds like has the same exact "technique" as Emilie Autumn, singing as loud as she possibly can whilst straining it to the point your throat hurts.
She said the rest went to to funding packaging & sending out, visuals, album graphics, tour bullshit like 50m long wedding veil she covered entire audience with while crowdsurfing etc and then she was left with "nothing" after that. But i have a very hard time believing it all went to music funding only. First of all, an artist of this calibre really doesn't need even half a million to record an album, and i don't believe she needed another half a million to send it out. There are artists who recorded albums that changed music history and sold in millions of copies but were recorded for 600 dollars or something. Secondly, there's a section in her book where she brings up stories of a couple of ppl who did a Kickstarter/Patreon and spend nearly all the money collected on funding their luxurious vacations or something alike, and she's whiteknighting them. Which might be an unintended sugestion she's spend a part of her money similar way.

No. 1961594

Oh god I forgot about Poem for Dzhokhar. The Boston Marathon bombing was an insane week for the internet and that was truly the cherry on top.

No. 1961667

Gosh, this is such a cringey trip down memory lane as I was a huge Dresden Dolls fan from like 2005 onward. I’m not sure if it’s mentioned in the book but she lived at the Cloud Club in Boston for a really long time. It was like an artist co op house and her rent was very very low iirc. She should’ve left once the Dolls became more successful. The only reason I can think she would’ve gone broke is being financially irresponsible. Maybe she overspent on the fancy (Kambriel iirc) costumes she wore at the time but knowing her she likely got them for free.
It was obvious the second Gaiman came around that they were an item. Anyone remember “I Google You”?

As for Evelyn Evelyn, I thought the entire project was insanely creative and the album was good. Jason Webley is a very kind person and talented musician; I have no idea how he tolerates her. The early SJW outrage about Evelyn Evelyn actually being two able bodied people was hilarious and took me by surprise because I couldn’t believe there were people who genuinely didn’t realize it was Amanda and Jason.

Was anyone around for the #LOFNOTC days? That was some seriously parasocial shit.

No. 1961797

kek I hadn't heard of Kambriel so I googled them, the first available item in their shop is being modelled by none other than Gaiman

No. 1963364

Doubt it. He was probably was sleeping tons of teenagers back when Tori’s fanbase thought every male friend of hers wanted her lol. And now he’s probably in the DMs of some 20 y/o tumblrina fujo who just wants to ask him questions about Aziraphale/Crowley.

No. 1963965

he was obsessed with Tori, and honestly when she talks about it it’s clear it kind of freaked her out even though she’s all “oh, we’re great friends, we’re artistic buddies”
he is a very fucked up person, perhaps from the $cient0l0gy

No. 1964039

Damn starting to wish we had a thread for him he sounds extremely milky

No. 1964489

I'm up for discussing him as well, idk if he's consisently milky enough rn to warrant one tho? if somebody can value this better then it'd be great. That being said, we have new bookcows thread so maybe it would be fitting?
>And now he’s probably in the DMs of some 20 y/o tumblrina fujo
You bet. He has a tumblr account.

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