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File: 1677532356962.png (433.99 KB, 640x360, Mindless Self Indulgant.png)

No. 1778636

Rita Page Griffin, or as she wants to be called Allister, is a ftm gatekeeping fedora tipping lardcake from Arizona. Our subject goes about the internet starting as many fights as she can, derailing every thread into being about her and larping as a vampire mastermind or a 19 year old pity party depending on what she thinks fits her agenda best. First known for going through various communities and getting kicked out of them for her behavior Rita gained notoriety for her first boogieman and crush Rogue Internet Man. This cow has a pattern of blaming everything that happens to her on others, never admitting fault on purpose and also an inability/hatred for reading despite using many different websites based upon the activity. Thanks to this as well as her activity on Kiwifarms she has since accumulated a lot of negative attention as well as even Youtube videos based upon her. While some think that she may be doing this out of some humiliation fetish Rita's motives are always to come across as Billy Badass and she is likely trying to be 'one of the boys'. Not like other Aidens she not only gatekeeps troonery, but she has chosen the worst type of scrote to emulate as she acts out an extremely misunderstood version of a Male Neet Misogynist.
Rita has bragged on Kiwifarms about posting to this site and will likely be in her own thread, alongside this she has spoken ill about here and it's users in the KF thread about this site. . This is not an exhaustive OP due to wanting to save another thread from being bogged down with content on Rita, this thread is mainly meant for archival as well as laughs not seething. I will not be linking the Vocaloid thread thanks to this and hope those that desire to contribute can find it on their own. Rita has a lot of her antics catalogued in those threads as well as on Kiwifarms and other sites so the summary of her drama is kept succinct for the initial thread but each new development will be gone to more in depth if subsequent threads arise.
She has called for the death of not only all feminists but also anyone who doesn't automatically take her as a man. Thanks to this kind of behavior and her kiwifarms thread being locked we may have a lot of posters who are new to the site the following things should be noted and followed:


Read the Rules, Read Info - They are two different pages, I have faith in your ability to find both.
No White Knighting the Cow - You will assumed to be Rita and included in this is trying to push attention off to anyone other than the subject.
No Namefagging - Not only does this mean do not use the namefield, it also means do not accuse anyone ITT of being a namefag.
Be Civil - To each other and the cow, there was a deficient moid in her KF and the Vocaloid thread that had threatened to rape the cow and others. Thanks to this it's being pointed out that the point is mainly to laugh at the cow rather than getting angry. Rita does induce a lot of justified rage, please do not make threats against her in this thread.
No Cowtipping - Do not go off site to harass her in any mannerif she finds you offsite then it is a completely different story and you can share that milk. This cow does not need anyone stoking her paranoia as she has plenty of that on her own, do not gayop about her, you may compare notes off site but please do not even bring that up. You may not plan about things to do to her offsite and anyone found to be doing so will likely end up being ridiculed as an orbiter. I understand this may seem to be a balancing act if you are new to this but it is not.
Talk around and about, not to - Rita and any obvious scrote or moid just report and ignore as while I do not mind making new OPs if the thread fills up with actual discussion I am not here to babysit a rolling slapfight.

>Social Media Pages

Inactive Tumblrs:
Locked Twitter:
Youtube Channel:
Vocaloid Profiles:
https://www.planetminecraft.com/member/whiteglovian/(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1778654

Thank you nona. So excited for this thread

No. 1778663

Saged but I knew about whiteglove since well before the Rogue drama. They're an interesting person with a near constant flow of milk, idk why you got a redtext tbh

No. 1778672

Not sure why she got redtexted either. That and many nonas were wanting a whiteglove thread in the vocaloid thread

No. 1778689

Apparently a janny pet got upset about the OP image.

No. 1778699

Kek I saw that

No. 1778704

>OP is le evil she is a vendetta twoon.
>OP was very kind and reasonable on her rules.
Oh well maybe it was a bit too nsfw a picture anyways but she needs to cool it with the anti-lyric remarks live and learn. It's a good thing she gets a thread here where the rules and culture will frown upon things that other cow sites would indulge in.

No. 1778815

Well we are better than the cow but feel free to call her retarded until she finally gets out of here and goes home.

No. 1778873

File: 1677555351186.jpg (200.28 KB, 904x1538, oocwhiteglove-Fll0Nx4XwAATOMT.…)

No. 1778874

File: 1677555376954.jpg (859.17 KB, 1080x1829, 1666062902171.jpg)

No. 1778876

File: 1677555408657.jpg (222.45 KB, 1316x1468, oocwhiteglove-FmprVwGWAAAai0c.…)

No. 1778886

She couldn't handle one second of a Rammstein concert for a multitude of reasons.
Delusional and attention seeking as usual, I wonder how tearing others down to feel better worked out for her.

No. 1778888

File: 1677556628454.jpg (153.53 KB, 1118x1382, oocwhiteglove-FlBVqr6XgAAT3Pd.…)

Which fetish do y'all reckon she's referring to?
One's she's publicly stated:
Blood (totally not an attention seeking statement)

There's not much left of the table honestly.

No. 1778890

i thought this was andy milonakis

No. 1778893

Oh that's why Dear Feeder locked the thread.

No. 1778900

File: 1677557725979.png (441.26 KB, 720x523, oocwhiteglove-FkASkdPWAAEV32o.…)

Naw, he locked it because people were being flaggots and getting into his DMs. If you draw his attention it better not be for annoying him, especially when it's a bunch of sock /new accounts.
Josh hosted a publicly available archive of the zoosadists crimes for a very long time and only took it down for optics. So not exactly squeamish about fucked up shit.

No. 1778906

Glad this thread is finally up, it was long overdue.
>Abdomen (stomach)
Oh that's definitely a feeder fetish.

No. 1778908

File: 1677558250867.jpg (258.75 KB, 1158x1578, oocwhiteglove-FlUoQY8XoAETJ8i.…)

Rita is not a fake incel

No. 1778911

Of course, I was making a joke about it being an obvious feeder fetish. That thread was pretty awful and I think it can be done better here.
The explanation makes it so much worse, this is why I love her as a cow from anyone this looks like a shitpost because of the last line.

No. 1778937

File: 1677562333167.jpg (29.48 KB, 1124x660, oocwhiteglove-FlBXF-qXEAAzdMe.…)

Ah, misunderstood what you meant.
But yes, her nonsense is pretty funny. Her use of triple quotation marks in the last paragraph makes me laugh.
What about the word happened is Jewish? Does she get that it's actually triple parentheses to echo?
It's such a unique type of retarded to think that a guy nutting in his pants during a foot rub might result in a pregnancy.
Did you know that she didn't realize that she had an internal monologue until like 13? She legitimately thought she was just crazy instead of just having thoughts. I'll grab the receipt from her KF profile later on since that's such a bizarre statement.
She was exposed to the gay retard side of the Internet way too early and started faking/hyping up mental illness at the age kids should be doing kid stuff. "Oh God, the voices! They keep telling me to act like a retard! Aaaaaaaa"
Kek, fuckin' idiot.
Another thing that kills me is the way she defers to doctors and credentialism. She's never heard of paid labcoats or the politicization of Science™.
God forbid she ever read The Transgender Industrial Complex. The cognitive dissonance would legitimately break her.
Like wow, you mean those friendly doctors are either useful idiot ideologues or legitimate bad actors who realize the money that can be made by creating a class of people that are completely dependent on the medical INDUSTRY?

Link to book I mentioned:

No. 1778948

>Internal Monologue
I had heard of it, it's rather curious why she would assume that up until thirteen, if it had been younger I would be willing to write it off as childhood whimsy. As is it's extremely bizarre to assume but may be proof that her development is as stunted as she claims though the question of where she picked the concept of voices in her head up before the concept of her thinking in her own head.
>Clinging to Doctors
Well it's rather odd as from what I've seen most have delayed her as opposed to most cases, perhaps it's me being optimistic but my theory is the doctors in her original state delayed due to her many mental illnesses(she posted the diagnosis sheet on the kiwifarms threads about here so I won't bother posting a cap).
I often wonder if there's any group that Rita doesn't outright hate, she sure lives up to the White Glove Society standard of being objectively foul while maintaining an overly inflated ego.and gut

No. 1778950

File: 1677563982120.jpg (495.38 KB, 3217x671, 1675289340230.jpg)

Her mental illnesses

No. 1778951

She was drinking diet coke when she should have been drinking caffeine free.

No. 1778954

File: 1677564647304.png (1.82 MB, 2206x1082, rita.png)

Her full autistic rant on kf about how she's a true and honest man

No. 1778957

File: 1677564749266.jpg (198.85 KB, 1336x1122, oocwhiteglove-FmprLv9WAAE_h8z.…)

No. 1778958

File: 1677564877901.jpg (307.77 KB, 1674x2048, oocwhiteglove-FhGDcFOX0AE6Czl.…)

No. 1778961

Just a male not wearing makeup and does not know how many nickels have me in stitches.

No. 1778964

>3 weeks ago stubbed his toe on purpose.

No. 1778979

File: 1677566374969.png (45.11 KB, 534x426, oocwhiteglove-FlBXJq9XoAA3eYR.…)

I don't think she genuinely hates anyone other than herself and people that refuse to play along with her delusions. Even her supposed disdain for other women is just internalized misogyny.
What do you reckon is with her need to project this goofy cartoon villain shit? Some sort of defense mechanism?
She's obviously just a very lonely, confused, depressed, neurotic little girl. She's borderline likable when not roleplaying as Allistair Ray "Mr'Threedog'House" Tenpenny Sanoto, vampire edgelord of the Reddit beta faggots.

No. 1778982

my question is how does one even "stub toe on purpose"? Is she out here kicking the corners of her family's furniture as self harm or?

No. 1778984

Seeing as she is prone to violent outbursts online that's likely the case.
My personal opinion is that her upbringing was around so many shitty people but men in general that it is how she sees her ideal self. It's not like she had a lot of socialization occuring during her youth so all she had was the internet that she dove into a long while back and hasn't touched grass since. It's a partial defense mechanism to be sure but I think when she's 'nice' is when she's roleplaying so we are just coming at it from different angles.

No. 1778995

I do agree with this anon's ask. Everytime I see a picture of her I can smell it, its awful

No. 1778996

sage for dumb question but why does the psych eval switch from first person to third person? I've never seen one of these before but it's annoying grammatically.

No. 1779001

I think the parts in 1st person are quotes from whiteglove.

No. 1779028

Anon, please don't sage if you have milk. Mental illness diagnoses and psych visits are definitely milk.

No. 1779029

A perfect OP, not sure why there's a redtext.

No. 1779033

Why OP was banned? I'm genuinely curious.

I came from land of the kiwis since this is only few places where Rita is talked about and jannies clean after derailing tryhards.

I have the unfortunate experience to talk and try to reason with Rita, I didn't have a clue who she when I and many others tried to give her advice.

I and many others knew how futile this was, then Rita kept losing her shit and lost all good faith she had on Telegram groups.

No. 1779076

Because it's yet another vendetta thread made by Blaine(resident cp spamming tranny). He got cocky because he's allowed to samefag in the Rachel thread.

No. 1779079

No. 1779160

File: 1677594341766.jpg (37.87 KB, 1200x759, oocwhiteglove-FlBWK1kXEAAgTHb.…)

Seems it was over the OP image.
I assumed it was because of the slightly doxy nature of it but she stated all of that stuff publicly.
I've been getting extra curious about Whiteglove's mom recently. Rita has stated that she didn't even question the tranny shit so it seems mental illness didn't slip a generation. I suspect there's some sort of mutualistic enabling going on between them. I'll be getting in contact with Mumsy later this week so maybe we'll get to the bottom of her claims that her mom was a dope whore while pregnant with her(do not cowtip)

No. 1779172

Just so you know, contacting a cow's family is not only forbidden on this thread and site, but it's generally fucked up and looked down upon. This isn't Kiwi, you should lurkmoar.

No. 1779175

It's also against rules and culture to let the cow shit up her own thread but you did so stfu.("hi cow")

No. 1779176

Not the cow, scrote.

No. 1779177

Great OP but they were banned for leaving your licence up, not for who they were Rita, they fit in better than you do.

No. 1779181

So your new thing is accusing everyone of being rita. Got it. Every single time you've called me Rita it's not been true. Try something else.

No. 1779183

Hey white knight, the scrote in her posted her dox to alogsspace. You sure you want to worry about this very nice, very well made thread?
I wouldn't have been.

No. 1779197

Why would I care about being frowned upon?
What are they going to do? Ban me?
I toggle airplane mode and I have a new IP. Maybe they'll IP range ban mobile posters and introduce FemcelChan Pass Gold. Sure that would go well.


No. 1779201

What a fucking cool image board.
They allow spergs to DFE, half of the users are men pretending to be women, the actual females are autists that have never had consensual sex, jannies are ineffectual dipshits that "ban" good users while allowing retarded derailers to do whatever, muh culture.
Get absolutely fucked "ladies"

No. 1779203

Go back to alogsspace and make a thread on her there where you can be as gross and cow tip as much as you want. That'll fit your enjoyment for it better, fuck this white knight for trying to ruin a thread.

No. 1779204

I'm just looking forward to your thread, anon.

No. 1779206

He's not getting one white knight,congrats btw you made the tranny look like a saint with this, thanks for nothing!

No. 1779208

>Ban anyone claiming OP is schizotroon
>"Everyone I don't like is Rita!"

No. 1779211

I wish Blaine was here to rail this thread, I'm out, I'm just going to fuck with her off site if she doesn't have a thread here. Won't be against the rules that way kek.

No. 1779212

you go do that.

No. 1779243

File: 1677603456778.jpg (164.06 KB, 890x1570, oocwhiteglove-FiSRxgnX0AAqLO4.…)

No. 1779246

File: 1677603852354.jpg (91.14 KB, 1866x1182, oocwhiteglove-FhA4NILXEAA2Dq2.…)

No. 1779249

Wow oh jeez sure makes anyone she complains about look a billion times better.

No. 1779251

Wasn't that from 2016-17?

No. 1779286

>No Cowtipping - Do not go off site to harass her in any manner
lmao wasn't blaine literally doing that? using his cringey bleach/naruto music videos and quotes ? It's documented in some thread on Kiwi. I have a feeling he made this thread too.

No. 1779290

Rita is ugly and I would not have sex with her. Also I find it a little pathetic they claim to be a man, but when they get banned here they fall back onto the "well I was born as a woman so it's okay I'm not breaking the rules". Real trans people don't say shit like that. You don't get to have your cake and eat it too.

No. 1779296

Was this thread here before that happened?

No. 1779299

Kek I don't think so but that's still pretty cringey and retarded

No. 1779300

No, this thread happened a little under a month later

No. 1779301

Oh it's totally is but when dealing with the subject matter how can one be serious?

No. 1779307

>they fit in better than you do.
No you don't and you will never be aw oman.

No. 1779314

for real, always the weird defensiveness gives it away

No. 1779324

While this is a good point I've actually changed my position to the opposite end of the spectrum.
Rita is a deformed crack baby and besides totally scrambling her brain it's deformed her vagoo.
>No clitoris
Based. Female sexual pleasure is haram.
>Pussy is too tight
Again, based. She's one of the few women who's pussy is tighter than their asshole.
Rita is breedable and sneedable(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1779345

You sure showed me, janny faggette.
However will I get a new IP?

Look, all I'm saying is Rita isn't bothered by comments about her being ugly or fat or gross since that's what she's going for.
Saying you wouldn't mind peeling open her flaps like a grilled cheese sandwich and putting a third generation retard baby inside of her?
Well that bothers everyone(ban evading)

No. 1779357

File: 1677612950336.jpeg (25.25 KB, 746x411, images.jpeg)


No. 1779368

Why don't you go back to your fruity a-log site if you dislike the way we like to run things here?
Why does every scrote feel like they have a right to access women's spaces?
I just want to gossip about Whiteglove and you're here acting like a troon, shitting up the thread and behaving exactly like we assume men will behave when let off their leash.


No. 1779422

File: 1677616856804.jpg (78.81 KB, 1032x944, oocwhiteglove-FnnPW0nWIAAub8n.…)

Talk AROUND retards, not to them.

No. 1779435

File: 1677617982936.png (79.77 KB, 631x425, 776 (3) (2) (3) (2) (2).png)

Oi guv, Oi'll smack u right in the gob, I will I will.
Now clean it up (for free)(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1779438

File: 1677618401710.png (79.86 KB, 631x425, 776 (3) (2) (3) (2) (2) (2) (2…)

Janny Mommy is a British slag
Rita is a fat cow I'd like to shag
Sneed em, feed em
Time to clean it up again, Anony-mommy (I regret to inform you that you will not be paid for this)(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1779446

File: 1677619037423.png (73.6 KB, 631x425, 776 (4) (2) (2) (2).png)

Janny Mommy is a British slag
Rita is a fat cow I'd like to shag
Sneed em, feed em
Time to clean it up again, Anony-mommy (I regret to inform you that you will not be paid for this)

No. 1779456

File: 1677619968060.png (77.04 KB, 631x425, 776 (4) (2) (2) (2) (2) (2) (2…)


Wellness check time?
Wellness check time.

No. 1779461

File: 1677620425397.jpg (100.75 KB, 559x463, 1669294692946.jpg)

>from Arizona
well that explains everything

No. 1779464

File: 1677620601104.jpg (130.29 KB, 1170x1142, oocwhiteglove-FhgNAroWQAEWKIg.…)

Originally from California, which explains even more

No. 1779471

File: 1677620988084.png (76.82 KB, 631x425, 776 (4) (2) (2) (2) (2) (2) (2…)


No. 1779474

File: 1677621272232.png (77.09 KB, 631x425, 776 (4) (2) (2) (2) (2) (2) (2…)


No. 1779476

File: 1677621477851.png (77.83 KB, 631x425, 776 (4) (2) (2) (2) (2) (2) (2…)


Clean it up, janny
(You will keep doing it for free)

No. 1779492


No. 1779503

No. 1779504

No. 1779507

No. 1779508

No. 1779523

Ha, finally figured it out, eh Mommy Janny? Our autistic arms race is evolving. Brb

No. 1779525


No. 1780168

File: 1677700602622.jpg (161.51 KB, 649x1200, oocwhiteglove-FlBWHa7WYAIakTM.…)

It's bizarre how much she looks like PPP.

No. 1780175

File: 1677701236783.jpg (241.12 KB, 1155x1907, oocwhiteglove-FkARWyQXkAAOG7Z.…)

So what's her deal with water?
She's started that she's hydrophobic because of a totally not overblown near drowning incident.
I don't really believe that line of reasoning because every single negative experience she's ever had is used as an excuse to explain away her shitty behavior.
Is there a term for that?
So much about this Tumblr tier nonsense makes no sense to me and I struggle to describe what about it irritates me.

No. 1780262

You might think I'm crazy but I'm genuinely in love with WhiteGlove.
My first thought, each and every morning, is how I'd like to impregnate her.
I'd lay her down on her crusty mattress, slowly take off her shirt, remove the ace bandage that she uses to try to hide her sweaty sweater puppies.
I'd suckle her little flappy boy boobs and slowly reach my hand down her novelty sized pants. Her pussy is deformed due to her mother's drug use while pregnant, but in all the right ways.
I'd barely be able to get two fingers inside her but her tight little boy pussy is weeping for more.
God, I don't know if I'd be able to get my little friend all of the way inside her, but after enough practice, I know she and I will be able to have hot and sweaty heterosexual sex.
My coom would fill her woom before either of us knew what was happening.
I swear, within a month she'd be pregnant with our True and Honest son, Allistair Ray Sanoto.

No. 1780266

Oh Rita, I want to fuck and suck your tight little boy pussy all night long.
I'd be your little Cheeto puff and you'd be my ice cold glass of Mountain dew. M'lady? M'lord?
I do not care. I've never been so fascinated by anyone in my entire life. A (wo)man who's pussy is tighter than her asshole? I hardly believe it. But we'll have the rest of forever to explore each other's orifices.
Please Rita! Let me explore you with my penis!
I want to cum down your throat! I want to cum in flappy ass!
I want to put a third generation retard baby inside of you!
Cum, my love, most beautiful Whiteglove! Cum and be filled

No. 1780274

This moron should just go write an OP on her somewhere else unless he's too much of a lolcow to do it.

No. 1780281

Sweep harder, chav dick holster!
I'm going to fuck Rita Page Griffins anus and you'll never be able to stop me, Inshallah

I'm not Rita, dumb fuck. Am I supposed to give a shit if some random nigger faggot calls me a lolcow? Oh no, I've been called a lolcow, time to go effort post instead of shitting up this shitty femcel 4chan clone!
Dumb shite, I'll fuck your mouth after I'm done with Rita's ass

No. 1780336

Bool wins!
You just leave that up there like a good janny and I'm done now.

No. 1780384

File: 1677720318911.png (82.8 KB, 500x654, Screenshot 2023-03-02 at 20-15…)

did some digging and found anons wg sent + funny replies

No. 1780385

File: 1677720357838.png (407.22 KB, 500x954, Screenshot 2023-03-02 at 20-16…)

No. 1780389

File: 1677720418343.png (595.04 KB, 500x1249, Screenshot 2023-03-02 at 20-17…)

No. 1780401

She's not infertile, she has the hands of a woman (because she is one) and she weighs 250 lbs. I don't know what the deal is with her pretending she's not fat but I suspect it's to bait people into talking shit about her.

Personally, I don't think she's fat at all. She's a dainty smol bean uwu and I'd fuck a baby right into her tiny little boy pussy(moid)

No. 1780403

She later found out/admitted she's 5'7 and well over 250lbs.

No. 1780413

Ah, that makes sense actually.
She wears Doc Martens so they probably added an extra two inches when she went to get her ID made

No. 1780768

File: 1677770887646.jpg (97.23 KB, 706x708, 1665422678826358.jpg)

No. 1780846

This was meant to be the transition of George!

No. 1780851

Rita wishes she could hit the levels of Chad that George Costanza hits, she can't tell a joke to save her life.

No. 1785247

Rita has been awfully quiet after Kiwifarms users doxed her, got her own thread and got banned from farms to boot.

What's Rita's next community? FetLife?

No. 1785367

File: 1678332219849.jpg (201.76 KB, 1080x1037, Screenshot_20230226_140301_Chr…)

Rita wasn't banned from Kiwifarms, Rita's thread was shut down by Null himself, and learn to sage.
Plus, wasn't that dox confirmed a faildox? I don't know about that last part but she was clearly told by someone else to shut up. It has nothing to do with what you said, because everything you said was wrong.

No. 1785415

This faildox rumor is nonsense. It's the address from the uncensored picture of her ID. Not sure if it being fail was seeded or what but her address is confirmed.
Also, KF janny "02" is the one who was DMing her and coaching her on how to deal with the sudden drama.
She'll creep out from her tranny cave once we stop discussing her.

No. 1785433

File: 1678352765471.jpg (24.11 KB, 1080x222, Screenshot_20230309_020618_Chr…)

Kek what the fuck are you talking about? Do you actually have photographic evidence of her ID with the address uncensored, or that 02 coached her? Or are you just spreading disinformation for attention and clout?
Unlike Kiwifarms, we don't like when people say shit without evidence, you must provide evidence for everything, or "milk" if you will, especially when unsaged.
You see this little part up here? Do this.

No. 1785499

It's the same spammer, he can't sage, look at the type of people you find Rita funny. This is why I only made the OP and refuse to participate, you're all the same as her in my eyes with your lack of intellect displayed.
Pull your head out of your ass, why are you teaching him how to blend?

No. 1787238

File: 1678619539440.jpg (184.48 KB, 1080x1692, sanguophage.jpg)

I like the cover pic

No. 1787356

She has an artistic talent, she just tends to squander it or draw cringy bullshit

No. 1791189

can whiteglove just stop. stop turning every conversation in every thread into being about her and her fakeboi status. it's obviously attention seeking and frankly it's exhausting to watch. doesnt she have a discord friend she's supposed to be talking to instead

No. 1791209

I'm pretty certain she's one of those people who is so lonely she thinks every waking second someone isn't talking to her is a personal sleight.
So if she is in other threads and cries about her (near perfect) life, I wouldn't be shocked.

No. 1791222

File: 1679221290470.jpg (143.4 KB, 1280x1006, 1672145528698.jpg)

bottom middle one kek.

No. 1791542

Correct me if wrong, but didn't she confirm that she did actively use the men's bathroom? Otherwise accurate kek

No. 1796618

File: 1679968735260.jpg (119.43 KB, 1080x497, 1102023.jpg)

This was posted in a GC a few months ago when WhiteGlove was sperging out at someone. I figured it was relevant. WG said the person doing the psych eval refused to listen to her and told her she was too talkative, so some things in it may not be accurate.

No. 1800517

File: 1680367365411.jpg (130.1 KB, 1080x1601, 1.jpg)

Some asks that I'm 99% sure were sent by whiteglove kek (from March)

No. 1800518

File: 1680367398957.jpg (104.29 KB, 1080x1297, 2.jpg)

No. 1800519

File: 1680367452212.jpg (142.59 KB, 1080x1760, 3.jpg)

It was a response to this ask (not her)

No. 1801363

File: 1680487111410.jpg (123.42 KB, 1080x1428, kek.jpg)

No. 1801419

To be fair, that's correct kek

No. 1829363

Can the mods put an end to the self posting in /ot/ where this mentally ill Aiden derails every thread with her victim complex.(take it to /meta/)

No. 1847355

File: 1686890056803.png (87.08 KB, 1080x1840, count-incel.png)

No. 1862051

No. 1862053

Sorry to double dip but I'm stoked since I'd been keeping an eye out for her. I think anyone familiar with her history will instantly see that I'm right. But take note of the accounts try-hard writing style, 3edge5me /pol/ babble, her instantly resorting to calling someone that one pedo goblin troon (VERY White Glove move), etc.
It's frickin' her kek

No. 1862074

That person hates troons, it's not whiteglove.

No. 1862091

I know we're not supposed to directly call you out but hopefully a mod will.
Rita, (or her beta orbiter "Joe") your damage control attempt is pathetic. You can fool a cat when you're a Discord kitten.
This is babbies first sockpuppet,huh? Yes, the very first thing you do to obfuscate your identity when socking is to change your pattern of speaking. You're an extremely dishonest and mean spirited woman with no respect for anyone, not even yourself. It's not some crazy stretch of the imagination to think a known liar is lying again. It's a stain on your character that takes a long time to get off
Anyone who has ever socked gets the game you've been playing because it's literally step one.
This is what I mean by you're too autistic to put yourself in other's shoes and it's why you're a terrible liar. You are the type of person who needs to be autistically dedicated to being honest because anything else is going to be a disaster for you.(learn to sage and integrate: lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1862095

Can't fool a cat*
Fucking typo! Undone by my own hubris.
Anyway, I'm going hands off with you, at least until you make another sock. Please behave smarter online and we'll never speak again

No. 1862096

File: 1689060175523.png (56.37 KB, 720x295, Screenshot_20230711-022054-751…)

No. 1867722

File: 1689749061018.png (1.12 MB, 1080x1080, Hello WhiteGlove.png)

Rita, you're so mentally ill, it's unbelievable.
You know my problem? You espouse beliefs that I hold but you're doing it for attention. If you ever actually went outside and tried to get involved with an IRL political group other than Antifa, you would be very quickly reminded that you actually go in the ditch too. You're a dysgenic pooner tranny. It doesn't matter if you say "based" thing. You are part of the societal poison we want to purge. You are not wanted in any right wing circle. Become unalive, you mutant pooner(a-logging)

No. 1869978

late, but has it occurred to you that, oh i don't know, it's not whiteglove? both tards have different views. whiteglove is openly very left wing and wtites in a very flowerly manner like what you'd expect from a woman in the 1920s. cool dog is trad and has a rough writing style that makes it obvious he is a /pol/ user. whiteglove was also never anti-troon in any capacity on any site. if she would say anything negative about trannies, it was in regards to thembies or people she thought faked a serious mental illness. cool dog despises troons. they also have completely different interests. whiteglove racked up a positive rep in puppychan and ppp's threads before she ruined it by being schizo. cool dog likes america first and a&n, something whiteglove has steered clear of. do you have any reason for believing they're the same other than "hurr durr similar username?"

No. 1876725

Are you the troon that chimped out at her for saying you're obviously male over text during an argument about DIYHRT, where she said DIY is dangerous and you're retarded kek

No. 1942280

Her new foxdick sock account has been sighted! Building the case now, will post proofs soon(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1958452

Old dead thread I know. Tell me why Rita follows a Loli/shota account on Tumblr?

No. 1958488

What's the account? As far as I am aware, she's extremely against loli and shota. You also cannot view follows on Tumblr, so did she reblog something? It's possible she just didn't know, anon. But personally, you seem like you're lying or just retarded.

No. 1959781

File: 1706297902126.png (313.27 KB, 1080x2400, 1000002189.png)

If you think I'm lying you can easily just click her Tumblr in this thread and click the profile they have pinned to their Tumblr. It clearly says "NSFW Loli/Shotacon is here" don't be lazy and click the link.

No. 1959782

File: 1706298200259.jpg (58.17 KB, 1280x384, 1000002190.jpg)

Me thinks people who are against this kind of thing don't follow and pin profiles that share this stuff.

No. 1960604

Are you retarded? On Tumblr, it's customary to reblog from those you disagree with if you find a post funny. You see this most commonly with tumblr neopronouns using TIFs reblogging memes from radfem bloggers and vice versa. It's not like Twitter where it's an open endorsement. Have you considered asking her about it? Stop assuming dumb shit that makes it obvious you're not an active Tumblr user. I wouldn't be shocked if you're a scrote who's mad you got blocked or something kek

No. 1961309

File: 1706732471068.jpeg (815.62 KB, 828x3419, IMG_0234.jpeg)

sage for old milk but I just want to memorialize this legendary post here. I came across it last night and I’ve been laughing all day just thinking about it. thank you for the the keks, rita

No. 1971926

File: 1709451153494.png (1.9 MB, 1080x1929, new gloves pic.png)

No. 1976297

Rita is now posting on Onion Farms under the pseud Crimson Fucker.
The spaghetti is all over the place right now(screenshots)

No. 1976582

Thanks Mikey-chan but sage your posts next time and include a link,

For those who would rather not waste their time, Rita now is claiming to be Angry Canadian to Angry Canadian whom she insists is Blaine despite Blaine showing up and making it very clear just who the other account was which for anyone who's followed those two gay men is rather silly. With this it's rather clear who the spammer was on this thread along with some of the accounts she claimed was Blaine on Kiwi.
Which makes these posts much funnier as now she is completely being played by Michael.(hi cow & still no screenshots)

No. 1976606

File: 1710536153991.png (128.55 KB, 1080x561, Screenshot_20240315-155416.png)

Completely disregarding the reality of Waffen being proven not to be Blaine by Kiwi staff to suit her narrative against a farmer who cannot write a post in English named Glowie. This is all just the highest form of autism, hopefully she will attack Glowie off of the splinter site of burger boilers and get the lot of them banned.

No. 1976612

File: 1710537401342.png (110.86 KB, 384x449, 6663.png)

To finish this off, the avatar White Glove chose to attach to their account. So not larping as a pedophile but beyond that, identifying as one.
She is far too fat to be on such thin ice, not cool.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1976621

File: 1710538892239.jpg (181.88 KB, 1080x940, 1000013823.jpg)

It very visibly says "your mom," Blaine. Plus, in the thread you admitted to blackmail and I wouldn't be shocked if you resorted to spamming child pornogrophy(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1976635

Have fun with Mike I refuse to get close to any of you three lunatic trannies.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1976956

File: 1710625655581.png (269.13 KB, 429x422, 20240316_164404_0000.png)

The Conspiracy Deepens(schizoposting)

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