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No. 491874

Join us for the ongoing saga of 41-year-old horrorcow Raven (née Diana) Dawn Sparks and her 31-year-old future husband #5 Josh Bradley in their barren Love That Was More Than Love Shack mobile home in rural Saluda, South Carolina.

Raven originally achieved notoriety for her outrageous horror goth appearance and exhibitionism, her immature and aggressively defensive demeanor which alienates everyone in her life, and her relationship with husband #4 Logan who was 16-years-old and 19 years her junior when they became engaged and was a school friend of her son Dorian who is 8 months older. She has disowned her son after subjecting him to a childhood of neglect and many years of emotional abuse.

Each successive relationship is The One™ which will rescue her from her terrible life and give her a "fresh start." Several of her relationships began while she was still married to and, in some cases, financially supported by the previous husband. She has moved across several states and twice overseas to be with men whom she met online. Once she is established in a new relationship she is quick to denigrate the last with accusations of neglect and abuse despite having been the manipulator, an example of how she continually rewrites her personal history to feed her narcissism and validate her victimhood.

Her addiction to finding new love is closely rivaled by her addiction to acquiring new pets, toys, and clothes which she soon abandons in her hoard (or rehomes in the case of her pets) once their novelty has worn off.

As in real life, she exhibits her Jekyll/Hyde personality online: superficially sweet to her sycophantic followers and crassly vitriolic to anyone who dares to disagree with her. An overwhelming number of her Youtube videos are rants directed at people whom she perceives as having crossed her and at "the haters" on lolcow and Kiwi Farms.

Previous threads:

In the course of the last thread:
>Josh failed to fulfill her desire to get drunk on Tequila Rose on New Year's Eve by working long hours and not getting to the liquor store in time. But later that week he got her a gift set for a do-over. "He usually comes home with something or other for me."
>He did fulfill her desire for another baby by giving her a 5-month-old male Ragdoll kitten named Cas.
>A few days later she adopted a stray tabby female kitten that was found "stuck in a tree" as a playmate for Cas. She named her Meg. "If you're a Supernatural fan you'll catch the reference."
>Cas is not neutered and she is not sure if Meg is spayed.
>She divided her burgeoning Amazon wishlist into two lists: one for personal items and one for household items including massive cat trees. Oh, and a couch.
>She scored a new script for oxycodone a full 5 weeks after their car accident. "And it's just…it's this amazing feeling. Like, oh my god, I love it so much!"
>She was crowned Miss Horrorcore by Horrorcore Magazine.
>She is "in a conundrum" over her weight gain because she "stresses over not being thin enough" while Josh prefers her larger size. She photoshops herself thinner and Josh younger.
>A week into the new year Raven became embroiled in drama with Gir the Alien Goldfish who initiated by calling Raven a liar. Raven responded in Youtube comments and Facebook posts in which she insulted Gir's appearance and told her to kill herself. After Raven blocked her, Gir retorted on Raven's Official.Raven.Sparks page. Raven reported her to Facebook for bullying, and Gir's community page was suspended but was reinstated upon appeal. Raven changed the privacy setting of her Official.Raven.Sparks page from open to closed. Gir joined the thread about Raven on Kiwi Farms and posted a video in response to Raven's mention of their conflict in her own video.
>Josh's two dogs disappeared in December. They were not allowed in the house and were unrestrained on the property. The stray white dog she likes so much continued to visit for food accompanied by other stray dogs.
>Less than a month later she acquired a 7-month-old female mixed Chihuahua puppy for him as a surprise because he was so sad. He named her Astrid or Azzy for short. This was their third pet acquisition in 17 days.
>Three days later she made a post voicing their concerns that Azzy displays signs of having been abused. Farmers had already noted the obvious signs in her pictures.
>Raven announced the new date for their wedding, September 17th, her birthday. Previously they were planning to marry on June 10th, their first anniversary of talking online (they became engaged on the 12th), after their original plan to marry as soon as she arrived was thwarted by the lengthy process of acquiring new US documents of identification since she had changed her name to Raven while in New Zealand.
>Within days of posting their wedding wishlist someone purchased a king size four-poster bed and mattress set for them so that they can finally abandon the deflating air mattress.
>In their videos together Josh spoke very little (mostly just to express how hard he is working) while she ranted and rambled on. She values their time together spent watching her favorite shows on Netflix.
>They showed off their matching "Forever Love" rings and "R" and "J" necklaces, because one engagement ring for each of them is not enough.
>She is saving up $5K to have her hoard shipped from New Zealand.
>At the beginning of February Josh lost his job as a driver for FedEx Ground. Raven inquired on Facebook about jobs and a place to stay in her hometown of El Paso, Texas.
>In their hour of need for a vehicle, they were given a '95 Jeep Cherokee "that's not in the best shape" by a religious couple who delivered it from Georgia. Raven promptly went shopping for Oreos and more plush unicorns.
>She launched a giveaway of unwanted make-up and a dress from Zaful to celebrate reaching 10K subscribers. But since Josh is unemployed, she is unable to send her cherished viewers their prizes.
>For Valentine's Day she gave him a Zippo lighter engraved with their names and portrait and a vape to replace his cigarettes which he puffs on in Walmart. Being jobless is stressful, but now they can stay up all night every night watching Supernatural and playing video games.
>Two days later Raven posted an urgent ad to find new homes for cats Meg (now identified as male) and Cas stating, "We were just forced out of our house and our new landlord says no pets." No mention was made of Azzy the abused dog.
>Raven's first excuse for not seeking employment was being unable to get a new photo ID. Once she was able to get her ID she said that she is unable drive due to her lack of confidence in passing the driver's license exam.
>She is looking for online work, and they almost got taken by a job scam.
>She lost another Patreon patron and is now down to three.
>They are unable to pay their rent, electric bill, and auto insurance, and "a very, very close friend" bought groceries for them. "We are fucked."

* closed or deleted accounts
https://www.facebook.com/Official.Raven.Sparks (community)
https://www.facebook.com/the.moon.follows.me.home (new primary account)
https://www.facebook.com/Vv.Raven.vV * (old primary account)
https://www.facebook.com/blood.upon.my.soul *
https://www.facebook.com/crisp.black.kiss.upon.my.skull *
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https://www.facebook.com/x.metal.men.x (community)
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https://www.facebook.com/darkly.odd (community) *

YouTube and Videos:
https://www.youtube.com/c/RavenStarblood (current)
https://www.bitchute.com/channel/raven/ (current)
https://youtu.be/gwAiXPmMoJQ (unlinked birthday 2014 video about being cyber-bullied by a fake website, now in the archives) *
https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLj9C5ZUyNC5_kBK2A8-93hEIOfQ2F0S9g (10-part "My Story", some now in the archives) *
https://www.youtube.com/user/LeonbergerLoverNZ (her pets and Ryan's dogs)

Archives of leaked videos from >>>/pt/400701 and others:

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https://graphtreon.com/creator/_raven_ (ranking of her Patreon account)
http://a.co/158y4sg (Amazon wishlist)
http://a.co/aK3qVyK (Amazon wishlist of household items)
http://www.mywedding.com/ravenandlogan/stories.html *
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https://www.etsy.com/people/ravensparkss *
https://www.depop.com/starbl00d *

Joshua Manning Bradley:

No. 491878

Keep waiting for that update video she promised "in a few days".
Its been a few days, so where is this video?
Perhaps shes too busy "finding an online job" to film.
And about this "online job", I think we all know what that job is going to be, now that she's "thin" and "pretty".

No. 491892

>I think we all know what that job is going to be

Well, that would be hilarious, so I hope she does. But you know in the future she will make it that it was all Josh's idea, and he FORCED HER TO DO IT.

No. 491894

But of course he will force her to do it, with all his couchy might and power!

After all, they need plushies!!!
And perhaps to pay some bills, but fuck that when there are PLUSHIES on the line. And also gaudy amazon wishlist goffik things to decorate the trailer that was more than a trailer.
..Perhaps another tacky, horrid quality polyester Chucky shirt for josh too?

No. 491908

Great thread description, anon!

No. 491938

I fucking adore you, thread anon, that pic made my day.
I wish she addresses the pets and Joshs family in this new vid, 'cuz she could not shut up about them and went suspiciously silent about both topics.

No. 491954

No. 491956

but Gravy, don't you remember? moving to the US with the love that is more than love was supposed to fix all your problems! you were all set to live your dream life and no longer complain on the internet 24/7 - in fact, you weren't even supposed to have time to make whiney videos because you were going to be soooo busy going out and doing things!

weird how the negativity follows you, no matter what country you're in, or which new gullible man you're with…

No. 491981

How is she ordering selfie sticks and this other shit when they have all these bills and unpaid rent and other bullshit. Yeah, taking photos is so important.

The reason she’s not making videos is because she knows we’re watching and laughing. You’re bitching again, Ravey. Already. Not happy. If you were, you’d be throwing it in everyone’s face.

No. 491990

>Oh wait, it's raven nvm

No. 491999

Such a good video. Has shit talking Dorian, implying bad things about Logan, her talking about how she doesn’t do shit and bought multiple selfie sticks. Plus the bonus info about being too poor to pay rent. All classic Raven bitching.

In not surprising news the car she was warned about needs a ton of work they cannot afford, and with no job and no money it looks like she will be begging her one friend for a place to stay soon.

No. 492028

So she's once again claiming she is going to stop posting online. Bet this one will last!

Also my favourite part of the video is where she says
>I have a real life friend now!

No. 492045

File: 1520391715581.png (857.69 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-03-06-18-54-09…)


My heart isn't in it anymore…

Published on Mar 6, 2018

Hey guys. Wow, a long time, right? Long time, no talk, long time, no see. Sorry about my hair and the way I look. I just woke up. I was taking a nap because Josh has gone to go help his mom and his brother, and I decided it was a good time to take and nap because I sleep…I like to sleep spread the fuck out, and with him I sleep cuddled up with him, and so I got to just spread out and all that, I don't know.

But the neighbors have a dog, and the dog doesn't ever stop fucking barking. He just sits out there, there's two of them, and they just sit out there [barks] and they keep going. It's like they're talking to each other. And the neighbors don't shut them up. And it's like, oh my fucking god. They are so loud. They've got them locked in separate pens. And I'm sorry, but if you can't shut your fucking dog up and you've got neighbors and other people that those dogs are disturbing, you shouldn't fucking own dogs. Maybe it's just me, but it is fucking annoying. I can't stand it. And they go all hours of the day and night, all fucking hours.

And so I just woke up, decided to do my redrawing of the last four prizes in my video, and then I figured while I was awake and on camera and by myself I will go ahead and just do a video. Not that I mind Josh being here, but, you know, if I'm gonna do an update video instead of, like, making him get dressed and stuff I'll do it myself and whatever or whatever.

Um, nothing much has really happened. Still no word in the job front. There was…there's been a lot of scam jobs coming through. Like, it raises your hopes, but then it's just like, can I have your bank account details, your login details? Like, no you fucking can't.

And this job firing him fucked us over in so many ways. Like, we can't afford to get the proper license plate for the..we'vee got a 45-day plate on which it's gonna run out at some point. We need to get the proper plate. That's like 65 fucking dollars. We are a month behind in our power, and then the next power bill is going to be coming up. That's something…there's something wrong with the Jeep. Like we had mentioned, it's not in the best of shape, and the belt is still squeaking and, like, burning. And we need to get a spare tire, we have to change one of the tires. And it's just there's all the shit that needs to be looked at with it, and we don't have money for that. We need to get oil for it, we don't have money for that. We're on a quarter of a tank of gas, we don't have money for that. We did get food so we have food. Rent is coming up, we don't have money for that. And it's just it's so stressful and overwhelming right now.

And none of this should have happened because Josh was a really, really good worker, and I know that he was. He would leave every morning, drive an hour to go to work and then drive an hour back and then do his stuff. And he was just he'd work all day, all night. At Christmas…oh my god, Christmas was so hard on him because he was, like, sometimes working out there till like two o'clock in the morning, from like seven o'clock in the morning to 2:00 in the morning. And he didn't get, like, overtime for it. He got, I think, a hundred dollars, I think a hundred, a hundred and fifty dollar bonus. But it wasn't really a bonus because he was also working six days a week, so they really fucked him over. Not to mention they still owed him seven hundred dollars from when he was…he transitioned from training to full-time. They still paid him training rates for, like, two or three weeks, and so they underpaid him a lot that he'll never see.

So it's a really stressful time right now for us. It's not, not great. We're looking…I look every day. He's applied for…god, about a hundred and fifty fucking jobs. He showed me his, his email, and there's nothing but job applications. And it doesn't really matter. We're in just a really bad area for this shit right now as well. Everything's so far away. And I don't know, it's stress, stress, stress.

But aside from that, you, you probably will have noticed I really don't post…I mentioned this today, anyway, on Facebook. But I really don't post stuff anymore. I really don't make videos anymore. I really don't take pictures anymore. I do want to take photos. I am waiting…I keep ordering these selfie sticks or these holders that have got a bluetooth remote, but they keep sending me the holders and the sticks, but they aren't sending me the remotes. So I tried it one more time. I do this…I've got this app where you spin for prizes or points, and I win points quite often. And I've got like $20 in points, and then I had like $50 in free cash or whatever it's called, and I used that to get a selfie stick from Kmart or Sears, Sears or Kmart, and so I'm waiting for that to come in the mail. Then I can go outside and take some proper photos. So I do want to take photos again.

As far as really posting and talking to people and being on social media, I've got really no interest in that anymore, not really since I moved here. After the initial, "Oh my god, I'm here with Josh, I'm here in America" passed, I'm just happy to live my life, you know. People say, don't, don't go away, make videos, make videos. I want to see and I've tried to hang on and stay for you guys, but I just really don't enjoy it. I, I don't need social media to take me away from the shit that is my life anymore. Even though we're going through this, I'm still overall happy. I mean, Josh is, like, the sweetest, most wonderful guy, and he treats me so well. Like, he leaves, he comes home and gets me Slim Jims and, you know. Or when he was working he always brings me a little something, always calls me and writes me and just keeps in contact with me, tells me he misses me and he loves me. He looks at me, tells me I'm beautiful, and he just…he makes me feel like I'm appreciated and loved and I'm on top of the world. And I'm just happy having a life with him and just being with him. And so on social media I mostly just share funny stuff or interesting stuff I come across, but I don't really, like, talk or post about myself unless something like us being given the Jeep comes up. I mean, I want to post some stuff. But then it's like the day is gone. We just sit here together and we watch stuff. We're watching Supernatural, watched the whole Saul series and Jigsaw. Jigsaw sucked balls. Then we're gonna watch House and all this other shit.

And, and then he's going to be working hopefully soon, or we're camping out on the street. But you know, we love our time together, and it never seems like there's enough time. We just sit here together, and we just love being together. Sometimes we'll just sit on our phones and play our stupid little Android games or whatever. And we're just quite content to be in each other's company. Like, we are so compatible, we think so much alike, you know. I'll say something, and this has happened without fail every day, at least a handful of times a day, where he has said, "I was right about to say that." And it doesn't matter what it is, we're like that, you know. We are on the same level with everything, and it is so cool. And I can sit here and I can listen to music. Cuz I like to listen to music when I'm getting ready or if I'm editing or something like that, and he doesn't complain. And he, like, knows all my music. He knows, like, all these stupid things that are important to me, he knows. And last night I have an album of old TV themes and I played the themes and he was guessing them. Like, he knows the shit from my era. I mean, we're only ten years apart, but he still knows this shit. And it's just little things like that, it's all these little things that build it up into, like, the most amazing relationship.

And I don't want to surround myself with negativity, and being online that's all you really see. I had stop comments coming in on my Youtube because I was just sick of just ignorance and just fucking people just being dicks just because they can. And I re-allowed comments, and the day I re-allowed comments I got someone talking shit about me. I got someone talking shit about me and Josh because apparently we looked dirty or something in our last video. Like, I'm sorry if our post-sex hair and face offended you, you know. I mean, I'm kidding. But we're not fucking dirty, you know. We're fucking clean. It's just sorry, like, I don't wash my hair that often because I'm trying to keep the dye in. And I don't go anywhere, we don't go anywhere. He cleans himself all the time. Usually when you see him he's just wet his hair down to stop flyaways, and the wet hair can possibly look like grease. So he does not have greasy hair at all or dry hair. He's got the most luxurious, soft, beautiful hair ever. And he is the cleanest guy I've ever been with. I could go more into detail about that, but I will not. Suffice it to say, he is clean, I am clean, and it was just a fucking bullshit dig. Like wow, okay, is that all you can do with your life? Please.

And of course there come the comments about Marmalade on her video about that fucking asshole in the background. And, you know, it's like, you can sit there and watch the video, but you can't take five seconds to look at the description where I explained the situation? Instead, you want to come and did I just hear someone in background sayin' the N word? And it's like, you know what, I'm sorry if at the time I videoed it I was more focused on my beautiful little baby giving birth for the first and only time instead of some fucking little asshole racist douchebag in the background who was so childish he couldn't control himself because he sucks at video games that he's sitting there talking shit he shouldn't be saying. I didn't even, like, focus on it at the moment because I was focused on her. I had already pre-warned him not to say that shit. And I made a full fucking video about everything that I get asked and hassled about on the Marmalade video, and it's ridiculous that people can sit and judge, but they can't like look a little bit deeper into it. If it bothers you that much at least look a little bit more into it in the comments or in the description. I even say there is a video answering all of your questions and here's a link. But people just want to sit and talk shit, you know. That's, that's all they're good for. And you know, when I was editing the video, I'm putting it together, I didn't even edit, I think that was back before I was doing intros and shit, I don't really remember, it was a while ago and a lot has happened to me since then, but I didn't remember it or even think about it because that wasn't my focus. My focus was my kitty cat, you know. And that's all other people seem to hear and focus on. And there's nothing I can do about it unless I remove the entire video, and I'm not gonna do that, so you can just deal with it or not. But I'm tired of hearing about it. And it's shit like that they gets me riled up.

And you know, that's like, why the fuck do I want to be on social media, you know. I need to think about my own happiness instead of always trying to do something for other people which is show my face for whatever reason so they can monitor my weight and see if I've gained weight or to see, you know, how old and rough I look or do I look happy, does Josh look happy, trying to tear apart my life. Why am I gonna put myself out there when I have a real life?

I have a real life friend now. Julianne lives like half an hour from me, and I've seen her twice now. And we're planning to move where she is if we can, and it's a beautiful place, and I'll have a close friend, and she…I've known her for many many many years. She's been a sweetheart to me, one of, one of the top of my closest friends, you know, with Rowan and Duke and [she burps] sorry, Julie. And I, I've got…no, I didn't say Julianne I said "Julie and", I know that sounded like Julianne, and I did say Julianne at the beginning, though. Anyway, I have a handful of people that I've considered my really, really close friends that I have not met in person that are online, and I just so happened to have moved kind of in the middle, pretty close to all of them. And I was able to go and meet her, and so I've got a real-life friend who's like a sister. I've got other friends I haven't caught up with because I haven't been on social media. I'm trying to reconnect with my best friend in El Paso, Brenda. I've given her my number, and she's having a hard time reaching me, but we'll end up talking, you know. I've spoken to my mom, I've spoken to my mom's friends. And I've got Josh, you know.

I've got a good life now. I don't need to bury myself in social media to hide or to forget my life or to pretend I'm happy or put up a front, you know. I don't need to do that anymore, and so I'm not, and that's why I'm not really around as much. If there's a reason to make a video, then I'll make a video. But you know, to be completely honest with you I don't get paid enough to sit here and keep putting myself out there just to take abuse and abuse and to be judged and to have ignorant people coming at me for shit that they don't know anything about and they really don't care to look into. Life is too short. I have moved halfway across the world to have this life, and I have it, and I'm not letting it go. And to sit here and put myself out there continuously as much as I was, inviting in the abuse and the judgments and the spying and the stalking, that's not gonna get me anywhere, you know. It's gonna undo everything I've…I'm trying to build here, and I really don't need to do that to myself or to Josh. That's not what I came over here for. I came over here to have a real life. And I don't even really think of social media most days.

I actually saw something today that pissed me the fuck off. It was some guy saying that he was gonna unfriend and block all the stupid bitches online that get offended by getting dick pics. And then some girl was laughing about it and saying, oh yeah, I've never gotten one, but those girls are stupid. And I saw her commenting and, like, laughing at girls that were like, you know, way this is just wrong, I'm just gonna unfriend myself. And it's like, you know, shit like that, you know what I mean. Like, why should anybody have to subject themselves to getting unsolicited photos?

Like, I always hate, I hate being put in groups now. They can make you like pages you don't want to like. If a friend makes a page they can force you to like it. You've got no real protection. I I'm in a bunch of groups, and I comment or ask questions and I don't get notified. I can't even see the message in my others folder or my whatever fuck they've renamed it. I don't even see those messages there in the first place unless I click to reply to somebody or, like, I'm gonna write to them in the first place. Then they'll message…their message will pop up. But all that, that I want to see is hidden from me. But yeah, any random out there can message me even if they're not on my friends list. It doesn't always go to filtered messages, that's what it's called, filtered, doesn't always go there. And they can call me on messenger. They send dick pictures. And it's like, there's only so much you can do. And as far as abuse goes you can't really report abuse. I mean, if they don't specifically name you or say anything that's really horrendous, and even then it's jumping through hoops to try to find something to click on that they will remove it. There's no protection for you on Facebook. And all you're confronted with are assholes and just people that start shit and now a lot of nudity. Like I say, fucking nipples left and fucking right. And I'm sorry, I don't want to see somebody else's nipples. I'm not on Facebook for that shit.

Um, you see lots of videos of animals being abused. The new wave is seeing people burning animals alive. I've seen a lot of those videos where they're holding up, like, dogs and cats and setting fire to them alive. And it's like, Facebook is just focusing on all the wrong things, and they're not protecting the right things, and it's just it's just more stress than it's worth. It really is.

And if anybody wants to contact me they know my email address and if they're really, really important they know my phone number. Um, otherwise it's not really a great loss. I mean, I'm, I'm nobody. You might waste your time and watch me, but really, I'm really nobody. And it's just not worth what it's done to my head over the past 10 years to keep it up when I have something so good in real life here.

So I'm not deleting my channel or anything like that, but that's why I'm just kind of MIA on all fronts for them. I don't really respond to you messages or anything. If you message me on Youtube I don't get it. YouTube's set up all fucking stupid. I really don't like trying to navigate to find messages. I just, I don't really look in my messages folder. And when I do every few months I see like [hand motion of lots of messages] I'm like, oh shit, and I feel bad. But I mean, my email I just is listed on there, and I will get every email, so just email me there. But I really don't often answer because I know a lot of the time the people writing me are not real and they're just lolcow or somebody trying to get in to find out what's going on in my life, and I just don't have time for that, I really don't.

So um, that's about all I have to say. I hope you guys understand, I really do. And then, of course, in my other video what I'd said about the competition. And it's just like, that just kind of was, like, one of the last straws for me. And I just, I don't know, I just want to live a real life. I don't want to be addicted to social media like I was. And it feels really good just to kind of…I go out, sometimes I don't even have my phone, you know. Really what I do online is I go and I look at different pages like Knowable or Tickled and I get the little articles and I click "save". And then when I eat I read them because I don't have, you know, like, any books here or anything, and that's about all I do. If I, I go to explore feed and if I see something cool I share it, and that's really about it. I don't have my hand in anything anymore, and I'm fine with that.

So um, thank you guys for being here through, through all this anyway. And I'm sorry if I pull away and I end up not posting like ever again one day which I'm sure will happen. Hopefully you guys can understand. I mean, it's not like you can't live without me, hey obviously, you know. So uh, I'll be around here and there. I'll answer emails. I do check my emails. But aside from that just take care, be cool, be whatever, don't be a dick. And I will see you when I see you.

No. 492049


>Has shit talking Dorian, implying bad things about Logan

I don't think we ever figured out who it was in the background of the video of Marmalade.

No. 492050

File: 1520392050302.png (28.72 KB, 800x187, Screenshot_2018-03-06-16-18-30…)

No. 492051

>We need to get the proper plate. That's like 65 fucking dollars. We are a month behind in our power, and then the next power bill is going to be coming up.

It's almost as if you're meant to have money saved up to keep such things from happening! You'd think an old hag would know that instead of spending every single cent on worthless things like makeup and plushies.

No. 492058

The fuck kind of people does she have friended on FB that she sees animals getting burned alive? Going to go out on a limb here and say she’s full of shit.

No. 492067

spends her life on FB, doesn't know how to use settings. good job.

also kek at the real life friend. what happened to the family that were like her super-best-friends and totally shared all her interests?

>We are a month behind in our power, and then the next power bill is going to be coming up

did they get kicked out or not?

No. 492071

File: 1520396903556.png (1.87 MB, 1440x2449, Screenshot_20180306-232831.png)

Josh, you seriously downgraded. Meanwhile, your ex is better off without you.

No. 492112

If they didn't, fear not bc they definitely will since they cant pay for shit.

No. 492118


this is just incredible, thank you transcript anon <3

>I keep ordering these selfie sticks or these holders that have got a bluetooth remote

no money for rent, power (how you gonna charge your phones to play farmville when your power gets cut?), license plate, fan belt, tires, gas or oil for the jeep, needs to accept charity food, talks of being close to being "on the street" but you know what? none of that matters; ravey has totally non-slutty nudes to post on the social media she absolutely does not care for anymore. selfie stick = top priority investment!

> Josh is, like, the sweetest, most wonderful guy because he:

> leaves
> comes home
> gets me slim jims
> looks at me
> calls me beautiful
> was like totally gonna just say whatever i just said
> doesn't complain about music
> knows TV themes

> And it's just little things like that, it's all these little things that build it up into, like, the most amazing relationship.

wew, gravy. that's absolutely what makes a good relationship… for a tween

> We're fucking clean.

(i don't wash my hair or remove my makeup but we're not fucking dirty, you know. like wow, okay?)

>I don't get paid enough to sit here and keep putting myself out there

and i don't get paid enough to watch your boring shit, ravey

>I'm sorry if I pull away and I end up not posting like ever again one day which I'm sure will happen

lol sure. you require external validation like normal people require oxygen, you needy disordered freak. ten years of haydurs and you still come back for more. you can't leave <3

seriously though, it's fucking amazing just how quickly the arse fell out of everything. how much further can they sink??

No. 492119

And all the "rescue" pets are never spoken of again, what a surprise! I wish she'd at least ATTEMPT to go into damage control over it instead of sweeping it under the rug and waiting for her "fans" to forget… what a responsible old hag, at least she's prioritizing those selfie sticks y'all!

No. 492172

>But the neighbors have a dog, and the dog doesn't ever stop fucking barking.
>And I'm sorry, but if you can't shut your fucking dog up and you've got neighbors and other people that those dogs are disturbing, you shouldn't fucking own dogs.
Dogs bark, that's what they do. What's up with your neighbors since you can't just go over there and ask them to take the dogs inside since this bothers you, like a normal person?
Or you could get ear plugs, which you CAN afford if you can get selfie sticks.

>I do want to take photos.

Of course you need to start taking photos for you portfolio for suspect internet modeling so you can make some bank, we get it. Dont forget to link us.

>But you know, we love our time together, and it never seems like there's enough time.

For now, sooner or later you always start finding "problems" and then you don't give two fucks, and start making videos again. We'll be waiting.

>And I don't want to surround myself with negativity, and being online that's all you really see. I had stop comments coming in on my Youtube because I was just sick of just ignorance and just fucking people just being dicks just because they can.

You have spent the better part of your life being surrounded by negativity and never gave a fuck, so why do you now kek. Make some videos to "vent" about it for your 3 patrons, why don't you?

> Like wow, okay, is that all you can do with your life? Please.

All YOU can do is complain on the internet, post "classy" nudes, yell at innocent people who do not share your fucked up opinions or are not brown nosing you.

>And you know, that's like, why the fuck do I want to be on social media, you know.

Because, you know, like, you need the uh, the validation. You know. Keep it up its riveting.

>I have a real life friend now.

Congratulations, took you long enough, kek. How long do you thin it will last since you keep bumming food off your "real life friend"?

>to be completely honest with you I don't get paid enough to sit here and keep putting myself out there just to take abuse.

Well if you applied yourself and actually POSTED you would make the tiniest amount of bank, you do have 10k followers now so the opportunity is there.
But let's be real its just like, WAY better you know, to be like, in internet porn modeling. -Oh sorry I meant a "professional internet model", my bad.

No. 492174

Can anyone who's been here for a long time confirm if this is part of her pattern? This whole "REEE BC OF INTERNET HAYDURZ GONNA STOP MAKING VIDEOS" thing?
Don't want her to stop making videos because it's just too funny.
Does anyone know?

No. 492175

Yes. She even faked her death once.
She always comes back, there is always trouble in paradise and she has to make videos to beg for money.

No. 492178

Yeah I know about that I've read all her threads and been here a while, but not as long as some. She is my favorite cow though so it would suck if all her milk dried up.

So most likely then its just some phase, thank you!

No. 492190

>And none of this should have happened because Josh was a really, really good worker

I mean, maybe he was a good worker. But he had an accident that totaled a car and left at least one person seriously injured, for a job that requires a driver's license without any encumbrances on it. I don't believe the story about the owner firing half the staff. I think Josh was let go because he was on probation and he got fired for having a license with serious violations on it. Come on Raven, I know you aren't a reasonable person, but this line of thought is just super lame.

No. 492209

if anything, she tends to crank out more content after these kinds of declarations.
she always complains about negativity (in between shitting on everyone she has ever known), says she is like so over it like whatever, then comes up with some excuse to continue. faking her death was a classic. I'm personally very fond of her patreon, where she honestly thought people would be lining up to pay money for videos she cbfed making anyway.
she always needs the attention, but even more when the honeymoon of her relationships is over. Look at what an asshole this guy is / was! here's all these things I never told you because it never happened I was being nice. if she couldn't paint herself as the eternal victim to her 'fans' via the internet, she'd probably take out an ad in the paper about it or do a flyer drop around the carpark at the local walmart.

No. 492211

>if she couldn't paint herself as the eternal victim to her 'fans' via the internet, she'd probably take out an ad in the paper about it or do a flyer drop around the carpark at the local walmart.
Well then I'll be looking forward to her sperging.

No. 492304

What a surprise that she doesn't mention the dog or the kitties at all.

No. 492330

She sold them so she could buy food… no wait… selfie sticks.

No. 492355

How is her power on if they're a month behind? CA Edison turns power off after a week.

No. 492468

A lot of places where I have been give you more time to rack up the debt. Especially if it is cold outside and winter.

No. 492475


They easily qualify for benefits.

South Carolina Low Income Home Energy Assistance (LIHEAP)

South Carolina LIFELINE Program


No. 492482

>I've got this app where you spin for prizes or points, and I win points quite often. And I've got like $20 in points, and then I had like $50 in free cash or whatever it's called, and I used that to get a selfie stick from Kmart or Sears

These are the apps she is using.



No. 492485

>post sex hair

FUCKING BARF. I love how much time she spent to talk about how she's not dirty. It was probably one comment and suddenly she has to become ultra defensive about hygiene. She cracks me up. And the fact that she makes a video post sex means they're probably all sweaty from each other and stink like genitalia. The mind of oversharing Raven.

No. 492492

She says in the comments that he already hot denied for unemployment. Not that I believe her. They likely haven't actually tried because that means they have to peel themselves off the crusty bed that was more than a bed

No. 492498

and the days go by so fast when they are both sitting around doing absolutely nothing!
rayray just doesn't have TIME to apply for things or film videos or try to get a job. time flies when you're binge watching shows all day!

No. 492503


Between what she said in her video and her comments, she is implying that he was paid as a trainee after he had transitioned to full, and thus was ineligible for unemployment because he had not been paid as a full employee for long enough.

No. 492544

No I’m sure he applied he was just turned down because he was fired with cause. You don’t get unemployment if you were fired with cause. I’m sure he tried to latch onto unemployment ASAP but got denied. He wouldn’t have qualified for benefits for very long since he only worked a few months, but he got bupkis because he was fired. Unemployment is for ppl who lose their job through no fault of their own, like being laid off, otherwise lazy twits would do stuff to get fired so they could live off unemployment. It just confirms he was fired for a reason, not just because of a new owner (had that been the case he would’ve qualified for unemployment because that’s considered being laid off.)

Also why do people post links to SC govt benefits sites on here for Raven? Does she need a helping hand to be a bigger leech?

No. 492553


And South Carolina is an employment-at-will state. In the comments she is surprised and indignant at finding this out and that it is even a thing.

I posted the links to show that she is being a hypocrite (having kicked out Dorian for not signing on) and to let her supporters know that she has options; they should not believe her victim narrative and send her money.

No. 492554

this makes sense (foreign ignoramus here), I assumed he would've gotten knocked back because of that, and I don't believe for a second they took him on full-time, unless he hid the accident or something. Hard worker or not, when you fuck up the exact thing you're trying to do for a job and show poor decision-making about safety, you're not a good prospect.

>why do people post links to SC govt benefits sites on here for Raven?

presumably because it's interesting to know / relevant … and it's become kind of an-joke because she refuses to do any of it with or without our help.

No. 492560

Right. If someone came in, like she said, and had laid off tons of employees then it would have been a major cost on behalf of the new employer. I believe unemployment is paid 50% by the employer. With a job like Fed Ex, Josh should have qualified for unemployment, especially in a high unemployment state like SC. More evidence that Josh was fired for being a shit driver with his cow of a fiancee.

Josh isn't a good prospect because he has no real skills. He got off his mom's couch for a couple of months and his resume looks like shit. Not only that, but his garbage resume shows he only worked as a driver for a such a short time with a long unemployment stint. No skills + no history of employment makes you unemployable. Now if Josh really wanted to pay the bills, he could apply to a McDonalds. I'm sure fatass southern living would even tolerate a loser like Josh working for their fine establishment.

No. 492561

Not sure how it works in the states, but over here in ON, Canada, you don't qualify for EI if you haven't been working steadily, which he hasn't. You also aren't entitled to two weeks notice or two weeks pay if you are fired during a probation period. Either way, I wouldn't be surprised if the accident did have something to do with him being fired.

No. 492571


He wasn't employed directly by FedEx. FedEx Ground routes are contracted, and he was employed by the contractor.

He took the day off after the accident, so his employer definitely knew that he had been in an accident.

He already had moving violations in the 18 months prior to being hired on his driving record.


Then why are you posting about the law in Ontario?

South Carolina Unemployment Benefits Eligibility Requirements


No. 492573

>Josh isn't a good prospect because he has no real skills.

well yeah, I took that as a given … couch is as couch does.

AU here, and NZ is even more generous than us. She had it all and pissed it away for this. It's glorious.

No. 492574


He was working for a gardening center in Greenwood iirc last year.

No. 492601

I think that was only once a week and because his mum knows the owners?

No. 492607

File: 1520520997960.png (15.63 KB, 583x529, 1498031725934.png)


The only employment listed


An anon in the fourth thread said that he hauls plants two days a week at a nursery for his uncle, but I couldn't find the source of that info.

No. 492608

File: 1520521295929.png (157.82 KB, 800x631, 1498889049880.png)

All the talk of how much she filters and shops him to look younger made me think of this video chat from June in which she told him, "You actually look really fucking young right now!"

Compared to how he looks now he did look young. Raven's vampirism confirmed.

No. 492613

He went from being supported by a woman to supporting a woman (beasty rather). He's dead inside.

No. 492630

lol at her being indignant. Guess those Kiwi benefits aren't looking so bad these days, eh Gravy?

While I don't doubt he got fired for good cause, private contractors can't collect unemployment (at least in my state).

No. 492634

File: 1520530935153.jpg (101.85 KB, 1022x365, notthekids.JPG)


No. 492638

OMG, how long has this person been following Raven? Talk about being willfully blind. Has this person SEEN how raven talks to her own child? I wouldn't let Raven within 50 yards of my kid, much less have her taking care of them. FFS

No. 492656

WTF?! Raven can’t even take care of a cat or dog, how the fuck does this person think she is going to be great at taking care of the young and elderly??? She couldn’t even be bothered when Dorian was a child. I hope this person is just a new follower because if not, Jesus.

No. 492662

You can also be denied employment if you didn't make enough the previous year or if you are still in the 90 day probation period.

Also, are we sure he was actually a driver? I was under the impression he was one of the driver's helpers they hire around the holidays. In the video where she calls him at work he's in the passenger seat.

No. 492671


That was in September while he was in training. He was hired in August which seems too early for a holiday position. FedEx Ground delivery drivers work solo AFAIK.

No. 492812

File: 1520578970783.png (167.66 KB, 800x817, Screenshot_2018-03-08-22-56-26…)

Remember when we observed how thirsty for attention Gir the Alien Goldfish was during their drama?

On KF she is now referring to herself in the third person and claiming credit for Raven withdrawing from the internet.

No. 492814

lord what cringe

No. 492816


She's still using her clever pic of herself holding a raven on her finger as her Facebook image and has the post of her response video pinned.

No. 492858

She was relevant for Raven drama for, what? Barely a day? Even after Raven's sperging was done she kept going and going. I hate to say it, but the 40 year old mall goth is being more mature/reasonable than this attention whore. There's literally no reason to keep bring up your 15 minutes of gossip forum fame Gir.

No. 492896

Dumbest shit ever. Did she forget that she already identified herself? I was confused as fuck when I saw that. The Kiwis were pretty nice to her too and she pulls this ultra autistic move. Kinda killed the thread.

No. 492898

She should be the poster girl for the KF General thread. She’s so absolutely stupid and cowtippy.

No. 492920

Lol at least the kiwis are catching on in that thread

No. 492935

So nice to see she’s getting autistic ratings.

No. 492960

File: 1520645974609.jpg (67.26 KB, 668x720, 28872527_1999855903589382_2691…)

lol why do they get this stuff when neither of them work or how even

No. 492961

That's new is it from a new video?

No. 492962

File: 1520646333615.png (77.21 KB, 800x412, Screenshot_2018-03-09-17-31-51…)


I doubt "a whole bunch of people came out and told Gir (on her page)that Rave is a massive bitch and how much they hated her."

Her page has only 675 likes and her video only 236 views (probably nearly all anons and farmers).

Only two comments are visible; she is hiding the rest as well as the ratings.


She just wants to be a revered farmer; all of her posts scream "tryhard". She went out of her way to antagonise Raven, and she never posted a screenshot of what she said to Raven in the first place. She claims to have simply called Raven a liar which is not enough to elicit the reaction she got. And whatever she said was enough to get her page suspended at least temporarily.

No. 492963

File: 1520646371757.png (47.18 KB, 800x403, Screenshot_2018-03-09-17-24-59…)

No. 492964

No. 492965


That wasn't taken in their LTWMTL Shack.

And has she taken the jewelry out of her cheek and side lip piercings?



No. 492967

File: 1520647139581.png (1.03 MB, 567x885, 8Fdk2Or.png)

I don't know which is grosser: the picture or their comments.

No. 492969

Lol, at first I thought she had put herself in a corset or spanx but no she’s just tried to photoshop herself a waist. Hilarious

No. 492970

Food stamps.

No. 492979


she deleted this post. maybe she finally realised how fucking embarrassing it is to wank yourself off on KF of all places. sad

No. 492984

File: 1520656169517.png (436.73 KB, 539x682, zEPMKGE.png)


The jewelry is still there.

So he recorded her dancing with cases of Slim Jims? Does she unwrap and eat them teasingly and swing them around as if performing some trailer trash burlesque?

No. 492991


I was originally joking when I said Gir should get a thread. I'm downgrading that to half-joking


really starting to show her age. also kek at the lunch lady arms. so glad that as they beg for help with power bills and rent, 'baby' couchie is still able to supply the essentials. good prioritizing, kids.

No. 492998

in no way does some desperado warrant a thread.

so she's binging on jerky?

No. 493000

yeah, you're right. I'd forgotten the high standards of /snow/ these days. cough

No. 493002

Oh gravy, please eat enough of those to give yourself sodium kidney stones.

No. 493003

File: 1520672876704.jpeg (657.64 KB, 1500x1500, 8e697aae-bf84-4ae0-9673-b19643…)


This is what she is stuffing into her maw and clogging her arteries with.

Each case contains 18 sticks.

No. 493006

let's help the quality by not starting a gir thread.

No. 493008


She's not milky anyway.

No. 493015

File: 1520694363035.png (813.64 KB, 800x1181, Screenshot_2018-03-10-07-01-29…)

I found yet another gallery of old pictures which haven't been posted here!


No. 493017

File: 1520694915210.png (833.94 KB, 800x1026, Screenshot_2018-03-10-07-13-02…)


Many more at the link.

No. 493018

File: 1520695381922.jpg (252.35 KB, 801x1024, 6008528108_24af571b3c_b.jpg)

No. 493019

File: 1520695874689.jpg (161.8 KB, 481x758, 6008687530_946fa1d652_b.jpg)

kek never seen her look more like a drag queen than here.

No. 493020

File: 1520695964904.png (322.58 KB, 800x719, Screenshot_2018-03-10-07-29-34…)

No. 493021

She's posing with it the way my little asspie ass posed with my new AG doll at christmas when i was like… 8…
That's how passionate she is about slim jims.

She should just jump on the mukbang train for yt $$.

No. 493022

File: 1520696533519.jpg (434.43 KB, 787x1024, 6008140829_5d1b9e406c_b.jpg)


I wonder if Ryan's neighbors ever caught a glimpse of what transpired in their back garden.

No. 493024

File: 1520696693679.jpg (183.6 KB, 357x1024, 6008687596_56369e6a09_b.jpg)

KEK I was wondering the same, just casually out in the yard one day and you happen to catch a glimpse of this….
scarred for life.

No. 493026

File: 1520696839506.jpg (462.86 KB, 1024x768, 6008524590_29ee4148b6_b.jpg)

What is this pose.

No. 493027

"I farted and the wind is blowing in your direction, but it's cute because I am cute."

No. 493028

File: 1520696991014.jpg (350.92 KB, 1024x768, 6007976587_bc62910155_b.jpg)

So much edge!

No. 493029

File: 1520697673545.jpg (366.33 KB, 996x1024, 6008689378_729da96538_b.jpg)


Then there's this.

No. 493030

File: 1520697749212.jpg (1.25 MB, 3456x4912, raven_by_icedexta.jpg)

More fine fan art from DeviantArt.

No. 493032


Why are you posting old pics of Cravey? This happens every time a certain person is brought up, said certain person was just crowing about how uggo Raven is on another site. We already know she’s a fat tart, maybe lay off the pics because I’m starting to tinfoil that you’re Gir.

No. 493033

She cast a spell of fat fake blood love on Josh, how cute! Raven is the only cow I’ve ever seen continually posting pics that make her look terrible, accentuating all the bad things about her face and body. It’s kind of weird, really.

No. 493036

HD all of U!! HER EX ~FORCED~ her to take all of these pictures, and you are all contributing to her massive ongoing trauma and PTSD by posting them, when she has tried so hard to put all of that behind her!!!

No. 493041

don't you think anon is entitled to their ego trip, though? pass the tinfoil, btw.

as someone said on the other farms, she looks like a jumbo used tampon in that shot. lucky guy, that Josh. and yeah, how the fuck does she manage to look so awful every time? I mean, above and beyond what would be expected in her case.

No. 493056


>This happens every time

Check the last thread again, anon. Gir was discussed on only two occasions, and neither was immediately followed by a series of old pics. I did post the murdershannon link, but that was five days after the second mention of Gir.

I posted the screencaps in this thread of Gir's posts on KF. I was sceptical of Gir from the beginning and repeatedly called her out while other anons were giving her the asspats she was thirsty for. The enemy of our enemy is not always our friend.

While these are old pics, they have never been posted in any of the threads iirc, and they do not appear on any of her accounts.

Every time I think I have found everything there is to find, I combine her name and handles in a different order and find another treasure trove of embarrassment from Raven's past.


This. Posting our finds is a nice reminder to her that the internet never forgets. Even if she withdraws from posting, we will always be able to find more fodder for keks.

No. 493073

Can you imagine the quality of person who actually seeks out her photos for the purpose of fapping? Barf. And Gravy wonders why she gets so many dick pics sent her way.

I've been following the Gravy Train for awhile, and I'm still in awe of her perfectly sculpted cankles.

I always appreciate old/never before seen Gravy milk, anon. Thank you for your service.

No. 493078

That's clearly a pt "im poopin"

No. 493082

What is up with that fat, misshapen paw… It's like play-doh.

No. 493117

I actually can't imagine anyone doing that? unless you have a fetish for moby dick going goth / surprise lumpiness / refrigerators, she has nothing to offer that you can't get in much better quality elsewhere. I just assume she gets dick pics sent to her because guys think if she's that fat and ugly and still flashing her pancakes around, she must be pretty damn desperate.

No. 493234

File: 1520759980061.png (157.61 KB, 800x916, Screenshot_2018-03-11-01-17-06…)


Gir got the smackdown from Null.

No. 493236

kind of hate seeing null being reasonable and shit, ruins his cowish image. good on him.

I always had the sense Gir shifted to third person because she originally got a warm welcome at the farms and ego-tripped her way into both their bad books and ours. She wanted to continue to gloat about her ~epic trollz~ but distance herself from the cringe. GG Gir.

saged in spirit.

No. 493241

Btw if anyone reading here hasn't yet seen, we have new KF General thread >>>/snow/525536 where Gir is one of the users being discussed.

No. 493466

Gir hung herself on KF, and she better hope some of the others don't smell the blood in the water - at least its a small, tight thread.

But she was warned on here. Taking that as a hint would've been the smart idea, not just taking her schtick to another forum.

No. 493478

What does TLTWMTL stand for?

No. 493481

The Love That Was More Than Love. Meanwhile, wedding #5 and an abandoned child bride.

No. 493489

I remain unconvinced that these two will make it to the wedding stage. unless you're just putting out a wedding to any random, in which case, I concur.

No. 493490

Well, she's def in the planning stages at least… she was looking at horse drawn carriages the other day and wants to make the Special Day on her birthday in September. (Horse drawn carriage… FFS.)

Speculation: given that she and the rest of the Bradleys no longer seem to be in communication (I wonder why), I would venture to say that Mama Bradley may put her matriarchal foot down soon. Which, if she does, will be epic.

No. 493550

File: 1520905755185.jpg (129.54 KB, 1200x630, edgar-allan-poe-quote-lbl4p3j.…)


The phrase is from Annabel Lee by Edgar Allan Poe and has become a well worn cliche. Raven uses it as the opening for her videos about Josh and their luuurv.

The title of this thread also mocks her penchant for Poe quotes.

No. 493562

Distinguish between planning and fantasising - swampy is not known for her connection to reality lol. And 6 months is a very long time, especially cooped up together and under a lot of stress.
Still wondering what made the family go from omg basically me to who?

The thread title is a fucking classic in my opinion, well done OP

No. 493564

File: 1520918044158.png (712.9 KB, 800x748, Screenshot_2018-03-12-22-11-46…)


She has changed the theme from blue and black to blue and white.

No. 493565

File: 1520918406703.jpg (284.74 KB, 549x816, her_day_by_murdershannon.jpg)

Her wedding to Ryan was as close to classy as she will ever be.

No. 493579

File: 1520938276299.jpg (63.85 KB, 493x720, 4abe0a07050171ba7f8f9c250db153…)


Will she be able to outdo the horror of her last dress? Will she make Josh wear a top hat, too?

Logan's suit was like a Project Runway reject.

No. 493581

so the translation of this is pretty much

>don't wanna spend any money on this apart from clothes

>no-one to invite so randoms welcome
>going to video it for (basically) Ryan
>low-key because again, money and effort
>focus on me and my handbag

sounds great. very jealous.

No. 493586

Iirc Logan was wearing black butler cosplay which is even worse.

No. 493592

That is indeed worse, and he looks like a git. Even more than Raven does, which is saying a lot.

No. 493600

Really looking forward to the resurfacing of Josh's family. I thought for a second maybe Gravy and Couch moved in with some of his family, because she never specifically said they were living in their own place. But I assume if she were living with a relative she'd either A. be crowing about how they luv her so much or B. be shitting on them for not kissing her ass.

But since we haven't heard either way, I assume she had a falling out with one or more of his family members kek.

omg no way. That is priceless. Can't wait for her 6th(?) big day!

Ps. if D or Lovely GF are still lurking, I hope you all are doing well!

No. 493603

It's no surprise the amount of weddings she's gone through. I'll spare the armchair and see her as an attention-starved whore of a person. Weddings are probably the height of her life. Focused on her, the bride, with presents, which she lives for. It gives her an excuse to dress up and demand attention. She probably got to entangled with Josh because he was quick to propose and her escape to Junk Food USA. I can't wait to see what her bumfuck wedding looks like. Her weight gain will be the cherry on top.

And before anyone says she'll get that far, seeing what an ultimate cuck Josh is, she will. Even working himself to death (since he didn't work for years), he would bring home a trinket or some other garbage to placate. He seems to know exactly what she's about.

No. 493623

As if he was allowed to choose his own clothing, please.

No. 493673

except that he's really not? Ryan is an ultimate cuck, and so was (is?) Logan. Couchie has resisted getting a tattoo, still tries to correct her / tell the truth, and sounds like he's putting very little effort into trying to get a job. He also claimed he was going to whiteknight the fuck out of her and hasn't done jackshit. and of course he brought shit home to placate her, she would've been on his case about it constantly; why would he make things harder than they already are?

This is before we factor in that fatso herself has likely been interviewing his replacements since she found out he doesn't own a house, or how Josh lashed out at Claudia. I reckon gran has a backhander coming, and it's going to be hilarious.

at this point, who knows. she's probably still bent on marrying him to prove something to us kek

No. 493676

If Josh stays near his fam he'll retain a trace of independence. This will be why she's instinctively driven to try and get him to El Paso.

No. 493799

File: 1521034377303.jpg (654.06 KB, 1433x2162, 20180314_153100.jpg)

S I hopped on to socialblade and decided to check her stats, since she so kindly made her sub nuber not private anymore. What do you guys think?

No. 493812

she said shes not making any money from youtube so shes not uploading anymore. which is bull shit really if they are desperate for money then making more vids will earn her more. shes even too lazy to sit in her house and make videos

No. 493843

She's too lazy to make videos. Plus, the stress of bills and sitting around being a greasy fuck with Josh doesn't incite the most powerful of content. …actually, thinking about it, it's probably because they're so fucked that she's not producing "content" and not the living situation. Raven would post a 1 hour video complaining about the lack of slim jims after she mulled down those two giant food stamped funded boxes. I bet she's just living in such shit she doesn't want to give us any ammo. I mean can you guess how bad the house stinks with those two there all day with nothing to do but fall for get rich quick internet scams?

No. 493852


She can't make new videos or take photos because she is waiting for her new free selfie stick, remember?

Seriously WTF though, so many of her viewers were looking forward to seeing them take on the bf and gf challenges, as mundane as they now are. How can she even walk after shooting herself in the foot so many times?

The cemetary scene dress went unclaimed in the giveaway, so I guess it's going in the trash despite one of her fans saying that she would love to get it in the comments of the first video. Way to be a bitch, Raven.

No. 493968

File: 1521094111589.png (533.8 KB, 800x756, Screenshot_2018-03-14-23-06-25…)

Another patron down.

No. 493982

well, Josh is now unemployed, so not surprised he had to drop out. (assuming the last two are Raven and Ryan)

No. 493986

File: 1521099171223.jpg (44.42 KB, 579x287, lessons from gran.JPG)

gran giving a lecture on decency and respect, because who better to do that …
(an old bag who fetishizes death is completely different)

No. 494024

Said the one who told a cancer survivor to kill herself.

No. 494061

File: 1521138908320.png (194.79 KB, 757x581, Screen Shot 2018-03-15 at 18.3…)

Some one states their opinion on shaved eyebrows, raven takes it personally even though there is no evidence its about her in the slightest

No. 494062

File: 1521138927370.png (216.1 KB, 915x572, Screen Shot 2018-03-15 at 18.3…)


No. 494063

File: 1521138939916.png (418.14 KB, 739x610, Screen Shot 2018-03-15 at 18.3…)


No. 494096

Lol. She draws them on because long ago she fucked them up by regularly shaving them trying to be a cholo Latina gangster girl. Once you shave your eyebrows for awhile you fuck them up.

She basically tries to recreate her face with make-up and drawn on eyebrows ala Bozo the clown does.

No. 494097

Raven has got to be retarded. This person doesn’t mention her or anything about it being a goth’s eyebrow preference. Lmao

“Where they need to be?” So she thinks her eyebrows naturally look like the Golden Arches…?

No. 494118

>I'm so sick of seeing people judging others, trash talking, blind hatred

I am lost for words.

No. 494140

i love how she tags couchie in there so he knows to come riding in on his junked-out jeep to defend his fair lady's honor. LOL

No. 494252

i miss the sage button for stupid comments like im about to give, but shaving doesnt hurt your eyebrow growth. its plucking, waxing, or anything that can damage the hair folicle.

No. 494261

File: 1521240314310.jpeg (126.74 KB, 638x961, 143359C3-5446-4E30-AB2F-B64ACF…)


No. 494308

Nah, Couchie naturally has the skin of a 15yo. It's all that time on the couch.

No. 494419


What Raven can't live without is Photoshop.

No. 494433

If you could not detect that sarcasm I don't know what to tell you.

No. 494464

I thought Logan was a one-off, but here she is shopping Couchie to look as young as possible … I didn't think this bitch could get any more disturbing, but here we are.

No. 494477

she didn't have to shop L to make him look young… she groomed him from the age of 15

No. 494494

not what I meant; I thought he was one-off in the sense that her previous boyfriends / husbands were adults where he was a kid.

No. 494520

To be fair there were a few photoshopped photos of Logan that made him look like her idea of some weird goth boy deity. For some reason Raven would try to shop his eyebrows into a strange blurred mess.

No. 494556

It almost seems like she’s shopping El-Coucho to look like her previous child bride huh
Girl has too many goff fantasies.

Sweetie. You’re not 21 anymore.
You wasted that time

No. 494652

File: 1521522453911.jpeg (195.07 KB, 1294x656, DDF2D414-FDA4-473C-9460-9DB0A1…)

It seems Josh is getting pretty desperate for a job and is using Facebook to get a job! Lol. Imagine poor Josh having Raven ragging on him about a job while she is chomping her “family size” slim Jim and binge-watching the same teen shows again and again (just with a different hubby each time)!?! Walmart has fresh plushie’s in for Easter and of course Raven needs those bunny and chick plushie’s.

No. 494660

“On the spot” I.e I can’t even wait a week or two for applications or interviews, we are going to have our power cut off this week and goffix granny is almost out of slim jims

Next up Raven runs out of slim Jim’s, finds out crop pickers get paid cash at end of the day and forces Josh to join a illegal
immigrant work crew.

I’m guessing momma couch isn’t feeling to generous towards the love birds and that Xmas tree and the last bit of money she was going to waste on the tattooed sumo wrestler leeching off of her son. It’s only to bad because having Raven move to the couch at moms is a chapter we’ve all been waiting for in the LTWGTL saga

No. 494686

Wow. Well at least he is trying. Raven should be cranking out you tube videos to try and grab and money she can instead of sitting on her flabby, tattooed butt.

Will she start stalking local Facebook pages that do cheap/free wedding supplies like she did with her ceremony to Logan? I bet they won’t be postponing it.

No. 494694

She's bringing in $10/mo on Patreon, she's working as hard as she can!

No. 494720

Walmart is always hiring, just may not be ideal pay wise, buuuuut they would have a discount card and get a percentage off her dumb fucking plushies and slim Jim's.

No. 494733

It's weird when someone's life is so bad that you can say if they got a job at Walmart they'd be living significantly better lives. Even if josh did full-time and Gravy just part-time. For one, if they both worked, even in a minimum wage job, they'd have a liveable income. And obviously, they'd have less time to spend any money they earned as they would be working. They could make a few friends there, or if Raven's toxicity is too damaging for people to stay close to her for extended periods of time, at least they'd be getting some kind of social interaction outside of each other and the internet. And like anon mentioned, discounts and vouchers off of Walmart goods which would be a financially savvy decision considering how much they spend there.

If they had regular hours, they'd finally have normal sleeping patterns instead of sitting on the blow-up bed watching Supernatural until sunrise. That might cause them to have more regular meal times too, instead of eating industrial sized packs of slimjims.

No. 494737

I mean Walmart/ Target both pay a flat $11-$12 an hour just for cashiering, I'm sure its a downgrade from Fedex but there are options out there. Begging on Facebook isn't one of them.

No. 494738

walmart's always hiring because they purge their workers so often. i wouldn't really recommend it but it seems the best they can do since they literally hire anyone.

No. 494743

File: 1521570235882.jpeg (692.75 KB, 1242x1832, 452D463C-771A-49AA-B42E-1E084E…)

She posted a new dog on insta. No mention of where the other animals are.

No. 494745

File: 1521570427498.jpeg (684 KB, 1242x745, D0A3F1D6-240A-4153-97AF-ED3A18…)

Here is one of the pics. I bet she got the dog after looking at old pics of her cats.

No. 494748


>we eat in bed


What happened to, "We were just forced out of our house and our new landlord says no pets"?


Did they indeed move? Their shack did not have wood panelling nor that flooring.

No. 494755

> I wrote him to tell him that we had a new dog, and sent photos.
So she took the dog in on impulse and didn't even ask Josh first? Nice.

No. 494791

That could be a pic from the person they got the dog from, I doubt Raven has a crate which I see in the corner of this photo. If she got the crate with a dog she’ll be trying to sell it on FB soon.

So no mention of the little rat dog she gave Josh, not the cats. Raven such a selfish bitch, she goes thru pets like tissues.

No. 494792

Yeah but you can see the shitty red carpet, just saying

No. 494835

File: 1521603406730.jpeg (279.56 KB, 1242x1459, B387F399-D031-43A5-A86D-E7427C…)

No. 494840

She's nothing but a filthy whore. I legit hate her

No. 494841

>Josh's dogs 'disappear' after a few weeks
>little dog 'stolen'
>cats 'rehomed'

why do I feel like Gran has a little pet cemetery going somewhere nearby

No. 494848

I am so god damn triggered. I could write the most epic sonnet about the marbled pussy crust that flakes into every crevice of the things she touches, but I'm so god damn triggered. What can I do other than read the posts and know that every anon who sees the pet replacement and Josh's compliance feels the same.

No. 494853


Unless they have moved twice, her explanation contradicts what she said in her ad to rehome the cats last month.

No. 494856


Can we safely infer that they moved to Aiken?

Aiken is 35 miles south of Saluda and is an actual city as opposed to the single stoplight town that is Saluda. It is 20 miles from Augusta, Georgia. It prides itself as a tourist destination and is known as a locus of the horsey set (polo, steeplechase, and other equine sports).

No. 494862

Their shack also had red carpet but the kitchen floor looked different >>466581 and there was no wood paneling on the walls.

Poor dog, I feel for you little fella.

No. 496027

Indeed. The nutter wrote in the ad that the landlord doesn't allow pets. Wouldn't make much sense anyway if he allowed dogs but not cats. If the little mut was indeed stolen, it probably went to a better home anyway. Won't take long before the new one disappears as well.

No. 496028


In her ad she said, "We were just forced out of our house and our new landlord says no pets." That was right after Valentine's Day.

Now she claims that it was her previous landlord who made them get rid of the cats and that they moved "about a month later."

No. 496120

Three dogs missing, plus the vanishing of the stray ones.
She was also 'forced' """"to rehome""" two cats.
All that in what? 4 months?

No. 496185


Less than that. Read the OP.

No. 496218

Even with those eyebrows tattooed on she still can't draw them for shit

No. 496266

Interesting how she didn't ask for the cats back (if possible, not demand but you know, ask nicely since you LOVE THEM SEEEW MUCH) but instead just got a new dog.

Raven is with husbands the same she is with pets. When it's all new and shiny it's amazing but as soon as some time passes she's over them and wants something new. Pathetic.

No. 496268

She has this serious all or nothing complex going on. Her new husband/boy toy is the most perfect best amazing thing ever until suddenly he is the devil incarnate.
The same goes for her pets - they are sooo cute and beautiful and they love her sooo much. Then they do one thing she doesn't like (and any pet owner will tell you that you'd better get used to that) and she can't cope with it and thinks they are the worst thing ever.

people like raven shouldn't have pets or partners until they get mental health help. she is a dangerous person, especially to the animals who can't defend themselves or tell anyone what's happening.

it is very concerning that she's gone through so many pets since moving to the US. in NZ she did it too, but much slower. it would be a new dog or cat every 3 months or so.

No. 496288

Who the fuck would STEAL a dog? It's not like it was an expensive purebred and someone wanted to make bank on it.
It probably just ran away from their yard.
I love how she plain and simple said it was stolen. Like she knows for a fact. No way that it was their mistake that the dog is gone, right?

No. 496290

File: 1521716377865.png (696.87 KB, 1242x2208, 1516500169631.png)


The way she described Azzy's behavior, I doubt she would have run away. And the weather was too cold to leave a small dog outside unattended.

If Josh believes her story that it was stolen, how is he not upset or angry that Azzy was alone in the yard unattended and in the cold, long enough to be stolen or to run away?

No. 496300

>If Josh believes her story that it was stolen, how is he not upset or angry that Azzy was alone in the yard unattended and in the cold, long enough to be stolen or to run away?

Josh is dumb as a box of rocks, I mean that is not even in question at this point. Look at his actions to date. What I take issue with him is why he is not asking Raven a lot of questions. About THINGS. I hope he is taking a good hard look at the trajectory of his life since he abetted importing Ursula back into the US.

No. 496361

I hope in my heart of hearts that some good person spotted Azzy in their yard and thought it was an abandoned dog (an understandable mistake) and took her home.

Maybe Azzy is living in the lap of luxury on a velvet cushion in a clean living space and is being pampered ;___;

No. 496364

File: 1521744160793.png (691.91 KB, 1242x2208, AC25EC34-A52A-4258-A569-974007…)

Her exes knew giving her animals was irresponsible

No. 496366

File: 1521744197662.png (654.29 KB, 1242x2208, D68BFFE3-3B20-4C71-A86F-4029E9…)

No. 496368

lol @ this trash heap insisting she lurrrrves her pets so much

how long until this abused dog gets kicked to the curb like all the rest? josh, you are in line for the same treatment logan’s getting rn, run while you can

No. 496371

>Logan is TURNING out not to be so perfect.

Wasn't that why you cheated on him/publicy denounced your marriage then divorced him ravey? Trouble in couchville hmm?

No. 496386

1) No you don't deserve animals, Raven. You're moving around like a retard and unstable. That's YOUR FAULT. You go into situations where you can't have pets and are "forced" to get rid of them. I've had to stay in shitty situations to keep my pets. That's what you do. You don't fucking have them for two months or get to choose your "favorite" you sociopath. Plus you make sure to have stability BEFORE getting a pet. You don't just hoard more than one animal. Getting a pet is a huge life decision. I didn't move to another country because I got a dog. <blog omitted> That's how it is when you say you value you pets.
2) This cow expected to ship her pet overseas who couldn't afford the expense and would put the cat through major stress, possibility to death (flying cargo is hard on animals), and a possible quarantine that lasts weeks. She's rather put her animal through that than let someone else give her a good home.
3) Fuck the other fat cow agreeing with Raven. Not the animals fault you're too much of an idiot to be able to keep your own pet.
4) Looks like Logan's separation from Raven is giving him balls, i.e. not being so perfect, eh? Maybe his balls finally dropped since he was so young when she robbed the cradle. Good for him. Grooming apparently can wear off. If Raven doesn't think you're perfect than you might be a good human being. I'm glad that he wouldn't have sent Raven that poor cat. He's smart enough to know the dangers of shipping your animal overseas. Did she leave him because she saw signs of him being too independent and becoming intelligent?

No. 496390

I like that she left out the time her ex "stole" her ferret, she didn't go looking for it, and it was left to die trapped in a truck for days.
Guess that doesn't look as good as horrible ex-husbands keeping her "babies" away from her, huh?

No. 496423


She talks as if animals were mere objects. What a fucking psycopath.

No. 496457

yeah, what kind of a bastard wouldn't want to front up the big $ to ship a fucking cat to their ex on the other side of the world (when she can't even afford rent, etc) /s

I disagree about Logan growing balls. As noted in a recent screenshot, she still touches up his bank account, and the obvious one: he's still talking to her. she not only dragged and humiliated him throughout the relationship, then cheated on him, but continued to shit on him after that. I was so hopeful that his nasty attitude in their last couple of videos was an indication he'd take her leaving the country as a green light to fuck her right off, but no. Still cucked.
And no, she left him because she had been desperate to get back to the US for ages, and he wasn't going to make that happen. that's why she settled for the bag of rocks she is with - he's in the US, and that was all she cared about. Can always dump him and move on later, right?

No. 496476

I don't understand this bitch. She just got rid of TWO cats because she wasn't able to keep them. Why does she think it would be smart to have Marmelade? Logan probably has half a brain and it thinking of those things. Also she wasn't a young cat and flying from NZ to US would be extremely stressful.

I think this whole status was just to make a not so subtle hit at Logan. Maybe he's moving on so Raven is going crazy? ;)

No. 496573

File: 1521782679143.jpeg (309.5 KB, 1125x1326, BD96E1C3-1672-4233-A435-56E7B2…)

Lol which one of y’all popped off??

No. 496574

File: 1521782699912.jpeg (283.2 KB, 1125x1110, 7210816F-19AC-41C3-B00B-1710DE…)

No. 496575

File: 1521782716065.jpeg (283.98 KB, 1125x1124, C547A5CB-6498-4CB6-90DD-C34B4E…)

No. 496576

File: 1521782731123.jpeg (271.05 KB, 1125x1113, 4C50CDA6-C704-44DA-98E0-8B8610…)

No. 496577

File: 1521782763909.jpeg (401.26 KB, 1125x1789, 4B9A344B-9A2E-4899-94B1-A356CD…)

These were all in order btw, I think she just stupidly cropped a few of the blue ones

No. 496593

'someone stole a chihuahua from my yard'
nice way of showing how much you did not fucking cared for that poor dog. RIP Azzy.

No. 496623


Pet insurance? That wasn't even Josh's dog. It was yet another stray that wandered into the yard at his mom's house.

Why do anons keep sperging about the stray dogs being uncared for? Strays are endemic in rural counties. As discussed in the last thread, Saluda County doesn't have any shelters. It doesn't even have a department of animal control. The strays are lucky to have been getting fed by Josh and his family.

No. 496644

I highly doubt she got an anon comment. I think she's lashing out on farms in this way, at this point the smallest bits of attention she gets is from us, because everybody got bored of her and most of her 'boy-slug-fans' aren't interested in her anymore (thanks, couchie). knowing her need to have more attention than a child, the only place she knows she can get it is on farms. Nice job craven. Not doing yourself any favors.

No. 496655

I agreee. Hi Raven. Maybe you need to stop reading what we write about you since it upsets you so much. None of us like you and that isn’t going to change. How does couchie’s family feel?

Eww maybe now she will post about how much mommy couch loves her and thinks she is the best thing ever for her boy.

No. 496659

Yeah, I am assuming that she is inferring the anon comment was on Instagram - can you even send anon comments on IG or does she mean someone made a throwaway to leave the comment?

Why does she think none of us are loved or know happiness? Does she seriously think anyone would be jealous of her or want to steal Couchie away from her? This shit show is just trashy reality tv for us. No one wants Couchie, his blow up mattress, her flabby arse or their cardboard love shack.

No. 496662


But pet insurance has never been brought up in the context of the dog that was shot.

Could the blue pics be screenshots of a post she made on Facebook, hence the bad cropping?

No. 496663

When will she understand that we don't care about her? She's just a laughing stock at this point. Living happy and feeling loved? Right up her ass. Her American dream is srcrewing her over. Now she's broke af, has almost no friends (wait until the only friend she has left rapes her), no more CRyan to pay for her tattoos, a broken down car beside a ratty cat-piss-drenched trailer and all the pets that get ''stolen''. What a glory for her it has to be and old saggy goff bag of tits and shitty tattoos and have a life achievement of being a pathetic cow for the farms. Good fucking job. Nailed it. You're happy. Got it.

No. 496667

on the plus side, that new dog is safe from her. on the other: top kek at her sperging about anons speculating that she killed the dog. BITCH YOU LITERALLY HAVE A VIDEO SERIES OF YOUR LIFE WHERE YOU HAVE ADMITTED TO KILLING ANIMALS IN THE PAST.

No. 496773

There's a reason why Josh is so pussy starved. He's a fucking loser. No one wants him Diana. He's a hillbilly with no prospects and turned zombie overnight. Maybe he's "beautiful" to you when you spend an hour photoshopping the bags under his eyes or smoothing out his skin so he can look like your 19 year old ex. You're both going to be welfare losers in the South. Even the slob women anons have a happier life than you, Diana. Keep filling the void that's supposed to be your soul with garbage that's made in China. Wait, you can't even do that because your pathetic boyfriend can't find a job after fucking up when he lucked out with FedEx.

I think she's mostly angry that anons thought it was funny that Logan stood up to her. Soon he'll be locking her out of his bank account. Baby steps to recover from grooming.

No. 496776

Whelp. She must be off the drugs cuz she's back to being pissed

Hooktube link provided below (youtubelink for image in thread):


No. 496782

A million excuses for her god damn irresponsibility. She does admit that she gets irritated and intolerant of animals.

No. 496790

-Got sheets for MOST of her pillows!

- Blames Logan for most of their pets being re homed in NZ

- Admits that she left Azzy alone in the yard and couldn't find her when she came back (12:36).

- Thinks Azzy was stolen from her front lawn after she left. Her reasoning behind this is that SHE AND JOSH DRIVE AROUND AND "JOKE" ABOUT STEALING OTHER PEOPLE'S DOGS THEY SEE/LIKE, therefore it's totally normal that someone else would too, thus Azzy's 'mysterious' disappearance (14:40).

Like, wtf Raven?? I've never, ever seen a dog and thought "I'mma steal it". How is that a more likely scenario than the dog just running away or getting eating by something (you yourself said you lived in a secluded area)?

And if she really believes that someone stole Azzy from her, wouldn't she be all over the internet complaining about it? What was that, a month or more ago? Sure Jan.

- Believes that training/walking hyper active dogs is "unfair" to the animal, because "you can't break them 100% of however they're ingrained to be. It's just not right" (22:46)

And for those of you who would tell her to just get off her fatass and take care of her pet, she says: "that is what I believe, and nobody's going to change my mind" lol

No. 496822

I just fucking can't anymore. There's a storm raging outside and I have my beautiful golden lab cuddled up in my lap. I see Ravey's gone nuclear on Instagram, good work to whoever managed that, my one comfort is knowing my fellow farmers have the same concers and care I do for animals. I wish we could still sage here, this one needs it I know, but fuuuuck. I don't know if I can stay on granny goff's wild ride now her latest "toy" is a goldador. The crash that was more than a crash should have been worse. I can laugh at her fucking her own pathetic excuse of a life up but not the countless steam of animals she has incoming AND mysteriously "outgoing". Fuck you Cravey, why can't you go back to collecting shit that doesn't breath?

No. 496823

waiting for transcript anon. no way am i going to watch this hag REEEEEEEE about animals without punching a hole through my monitor in rage

No. 496824

Already making excuses for a dog she hasn’t even got yet, I’ve honestly never hated anyone more.

How does she honestly think people don’t see through her shit…

Ps you’re so fat Raven haha

No. 496827

her stans are pretty exceptional people.

No. 496828

File: 1521854286023.jpg (27.04 KB, 280x389, gravy.jpg)

pinched this from Gir on kiwifarms. this is the comment that got Gravy so riled up.

No. 496832

A very reasonable comment. Raven went batshit crazy. Seems about right.

She is getting fatter by video. She looks like a 60yo filipino bbw drag queen at this point.

No. 496834

so gir has gotten a little smarter about her trolling? good for her, I guess.

>She looks like a 60yo filipino bbw drag queen at this point.


No. 496838

all those slim jims are taking their toll on Gravy. I always laugh that she has a shooped thumbnail that has nothing to do with the video.

No. 496851

She felt the need to make this video because she is afraid of the fallout she had in NZ.

She abuses animals, and anyone anyone who gives her one is just as bad. I volunteer for a shelter as an adoption coordinator and we wouldn't give her an animal. A key question involves if you can have a pet and if we can contact your landlord.

She treats pets like everyone else in her life. Expendable. She needs her ego fed.

Side talk … her tats seem so faded and stretched… it's a special sort of terrible

No. 496860

File: 1521863035658.png (249.27 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-03-23-15-00-15…)


My pets and me

Published on Mar 23, 2018

Alright, guys. Here I am with yet another video that I shouldn't have to make. But because people want to be douches, I'm gonna make it anyway. Excuse the way I look. I have been really sick. I've got a nasty chest infection again, and I'm just feeling really under the weather. So I don't know. But this is a video that it's best if I'm seen, I guess, while I'm explaining it, so it's better than just typing it out, so that's why I'm making this.

Some douche pussy bitch made a fake account yesterday, followed me on my Instagram just to talk shit to me and threaten me with the police. So um…I'm gurgling, excuse me. So what happened was this chickenshit douche made an account and said that they were very concerned because I seem to go through animals very quickly, and if something happens to this dog that they are gonna call the police. And I say, please do, go right ahead, because that dog's not here already. We got the dog because the family was moving. It's a family: mother, father, kids, other cats, other dogs. They're the ones actually that we got the little tabby cat from. And they were very attached to this dog. They loved this dog to death, did not want to rehome him. We had him for a couple of days. Kids were not coping, so she took the dog back. She came yesterday. And I was in the shower so Josh met with them and gave the dog back to them. It was sad, but it was their right to have the dog back because it was their dog. We're not gonna say no and then cause a big fuckin' ruckus over it.

Also because there is another dog that had badly needed a home. He was…or he is an 11 year old pitbull who is completely blind. And this is a really sad story because the owners have had him for a long time. They love him, but they're moving, and that breed is not welcome, and this dog is not welcome. And if he goes to a shelter he won't make it, you know. He's too old, he's blind, he would not have a very nice end to his life. And so I was contacted by this woman that rescues dogs, and she had asked me if I'd be willing to take him. And Josh of course jumped to it because he loves all fucking animals.

Now, as far as the accusations go about how quickly I rehome animals, let me explain this to you guys. I don't just willy-nilly get an animal and then try to flip it or resell it. I get every animal with the intention that they're gonna be here for the rest of their lives. But an animal is not always a good fit for your family, and I believe in doing what is best for them, believe it or not. I might have a weird way of going about it, but that is my ultimate intention.

Not every animal is suited for every family. Now, you can train an animal, you can teach them what not to do, what they should do, what the into you et cetera et cetera. But sometimes an animal is just a certain way, and in order to stop them from being that way it would take a lot of work, a lot of training, disciplining or whatever, and it won't be a very nice time to break an animal of the way that they might naturally be. And I don't really find that fair to the animals, so I would rather find it at home that it can just be itself rather than being miserable with, like me who doesn't tolerate certain things, if that makes any sense.

Like for instance, I had a cat named Winter in New Zealand with Logan. And Winter always escaped. There are no screens on the windows and doors over there and no central heat and air so it gets really hot. We did what we could to protect the windows, to stop the cats from jumping out but not suffocate. And Winter always managed to go outside. Not only would he go outside, but he'd run straight down the driveway to the road. And we knew inevitably he would be run over, so what was safest for him was to rehome him to somebody that had, like, a big yard where he could run around and be outside because he obviously was not happy being inside. I guess the people we got him from had had him outside, and that's what he was used to. We couldn't break it, and if we kept trying either we'd be suffering because it was so fucking hot, or he'd end up roadkill. So for his own good we sent him off to a family who had the space that he needed outside. That's the kind of shit that we do or that we have done. And other times it's just been misfortune [she fusses with her hair] ugh, my hair looks really fucked, I'm sorry…misfortune or mis, mismatched, whatever.

So I'll go down the list of the ones that you guys would know about. So there was Winter. There was that fucking dog and cat that we took in that attacked my Marmalade for no reason at all, bit Logan, bit Dorian, and almost bit me. That dog was not a match for our home. It was a vicious little thing that had not been trained. I did not want to risk Mr. Marshmallow or Marmalade for this attacky dog, and so I instantly went to the owners and asked the owners if they wanted the dog back. They said no, and so I went to rehome it. And then the big…police were called. They set up somebody to steal the dog from us, came to us threatening us at three o'clock in morning. It was a big fucking mess. But that dog was not worth risking my current family for, you know, the the pet family that I had. I'm not gonna bring in a stray or a strange dog, rsee that this dog has jumped off my lap, run across the room and attacked my cat for no reason at all. What if she…what if that dog had killed my cat? I don't think so. And then the fact that she bit Logan and she bit Dorian and she almost bit me for no reason at all. That dog was in bad need of some help, and I just…I did not want to risk Marmalade for anything, so dog had to go.

Mr. Marshmallow I rehomed because I…me and Logan were gonna move to America. And if you guys remember, Mr. Marshmallow, he had neuralo…neuralo…oh my god, neurological problems and, you know, his head would shake around. He did not cope very well with a lot of shit, and I did not want to put that cat through like a 30-something hour flight into another country. I didn't think it was fair on him, so we found him a home where he could stay in New Zealand.

Marmalade had kittens. The kittens were spoken for before she even, even gave birth and so you know, I never saw her go into heat, never even saw that whole thing happening. I knew, of course, you send an uncut cat outside there's a chance she's gonna get pregnant. But I thought she was too young and not in heat, you know. A bit naive, but I didn't really mind either because I kind of wanted to experience that with Logan because he had never experienced it, and we had planned to keep some of her kittens. None of that worked out because we knew our relationship was falling apart. We tried to save it in various ways, but we had our reasons behind it. They all found good homes, and in fact the very first kitten went to his mom who she still has him.

Um, Marmalade herself was supposed to come over here with me. She was my baby. She was the one I loved most in the world. And she was hit by a truck. Again, for the people that keep liking to throw blame around, she wasn't just taken to Logan's mom's house and thrown outside. She escaped. She would not let herself be caught. He had tried to catch her. He was not able to catch her. She was put inside. We weren't just moving her and leaving her outside in a strange area. That's irresponsible and stupid. She tried to follow him to work, and it happened, shit happened, you know. It should have never happened, but it did happen, and it fucking sucks. And I miss her every day. I will never find another cat like her. She was my baby. I loved, loved, and loved her to death.

There are other cats that we had had that Logan just did not want. And I know you guys like to blame me for everything, but you know, there were two people in that relationship like I keep saying. There were cats he did not want. And there was this one white Persian that we had gotten that looked like Mr. Marshmallow, but he was normal. And he was skittish. He'd hide in boxes. And I kept telling Logan, give him time, give him time, you know. You have to go in there and give him love, and he'll learn to trust you. You can't just expect him to come out and play right away. And Logan was too fed up. He's like, I fucking hate that cat, I don't want him here, fuck this shit. And I held on for three weeks. I tried and tried, but he would not back down. And so I had to find him another home.

We had other cats. A lot of the cats we had for some reason had an issue of pissing and shitting in the house. They'd shit on everything. We had multiple litter boxes, always clean in separate rooms. We followed all the rules. We did everything we could. They go in the litter box but they'd also shit on our clothes, on our beds, on our blankets, on the floor, in our shoes, everywhere, everywhere. And Logan was like, nope, I don't fucking want these cats here, throw them outside. And he tried to get me to throw these, these two young kittens outside in the middle of winter. And I said, no, you know what, I'll just fucking rehome them. Give me time to put, put an ad out for them and find them other homes. And so I did.

We had rats. The rats were fine. But as soon as we had moved into this house they somehow…like, we had the cage away from the fucking curtain, but they were able to reach the curtain still which it looked like it was way too far for them to reach through and grab because I know rats do that. But somehow they grabbed the new curtain, and they'd chewed it to shreds. The landlord saw that and said get the fuck…they didn't say fuck, but they told us we need to get rid of the rats. We had no choice. So we had to get rid of the rats as well.

Here, Josh had a dog. The dog was shot with an arrow, and he died. Josh did not take him to the vet. He was not able to. I wasn't here. I don't know the full story behind why he couldn't. I do know that the vet was well over two, three hours away, and he had to work the next day. Nobody else wanted to take him, and they kind of knew that the dog would die anyway because he had an arrow through his chest. I know Josh wanted to take him to the vet. I don't really know, but it damn sure wasn't because he didn't have pet insurance. Pet insurance had nothing to do with it. He was working. He loves his animals. He loves animals more than I ever could, and I love animals. But next to Josh it's like I'm an animal hater. I might as well be because he loves anything on four legs. He doesn't care who it is or what it is, if they bite him, if they attack, it doesn't matter. He just…he is so full of love. And he would have had a really good reason for not taking that dog to the vet that night.

In his house or in his yard where he was living dogs were just wander in. I've seen it happen myself when I was living with him at our old place. Dogs just wander in. We'd feed them, he'd feed them, they'd hang around, and they'd leave. He had the one that got shot, a black bigger one, a smaller black one, a female dog who came over and had puppies, and a, like, pitbull mix. Those all wandered into his yard and decided to stay there. We took the black dog and the little black dog with us which are in one of my other videos. Took care of them, fed them. They had been around him for almost a year. And one day they just wandered off again and they left. Right now his mom has all the other dogs. I mean, the little one got shot and died. But um, she has the bull…the bull mix…pitbull mix. She has the mama dog and her puppies.

And um…oh, and then there was a beautiful white dog that wandered and wandered and wandered out, and he would bring puppies with him, and then they'd wander in and wander out, and we'd feed them when they came around. So it happened. Shit happens, you know. They weren't our dogs to start with. They just kind of came and they stayed and then they left again. Just like they came, they probably went to somebody else. I mean, they weren't ours, you know.

The one that was my fault, that I have not talked about publicly is that little dog that I got him, Azzy, the little chihuahua mix. She was an indoor dog. We would take her outside. She, she was real skittish, real scared. I had mentioned in a post before that I thought she had been abused because she was so fucking scared. You couldn't pat her, tell her good girl. She'd just curl up in a ball and just kind of quiver and shake and then pull herself over to you or always want to be in your lap. She fit all the lists of badly abused dogs. So we were really, really, you know, gentle with her, try to, you know, always stay with her. And we were trying really hard to ease her out of that. Now, to get her go to the bathroom was really hard because she always clung right to you. You walk around the yard, she wouldn't want to go to the toilet because she felt like she always had to stay by your side. So we were trying to coax her to go, to go. And she had just wandered off to pee finally after being outside with her. My phone started ringing. I ran inside to get my phone. It was Josh. He was at lunch. I talked to him for a minute. I thought, you know, where we lived before, it wasn't in the middle of the city, it was, it was out a ways. There wasn't a lot of traffic, a lot of people. People definitely didn't walk by, and it was a pretty big yard, so I felt safe leaving her out there for, you know, five minutes. I talked to him, and I was like, oh shit, you know, I, I need to go and check on the dog. I figured she'd be by the front door because after she finished peeing, if we weren't outside with her, because that wasn't the first time she's been left outside to pee, she'd just go up the stairs and sit at the porch, at the front door, and I'd just open the door and let her in. But she wasn't there this time. I walked all over the yard calling her. She wasn't there. Josh got home. He drove up and down the road, and he looked for her for weeks until we moved, until the day we moved, actually, and she was nowhere to be found.

So the only thing I can think is that somebody drove by and took her. And that is highly believable because people steal little dogs all the time. When me and Josh are out, if we see little dogs by driveways we're like, oh my god, little dog, someone could fucking take that dog. And it's not like we haven't thought about it. We haven't done it. But we've been like, damn, you know, I'd take that fucking dog, they shouldn't leave the dog like that. So I'm pretty fucking certain somebody drove by and took her. At least she should be taken care of if they cared enough to come and take her. But it was a bullshit fucked up thing to do, and it broke his heart.

Now, the kittens. We had the two kittens. And we…where we were living, they were really really really bad landlords. We did not have a lease. They said, we don't believe in leases, we don't do leases, never have, never will. So we were kind of scared because that doesn't really give us any protection. There's no stated rules, there's nothing, there's no lease. And they told us, oh, you're not allowed to have animals in here. Like, okay what the fuck. So we had to rehome them. Luckily we found a home for them together. They went together. We've gotten updates and everything. And I even had to get rid of the brand new cat tree that I bought them.

So now, if I was going to abuse or kill these animals would I take photos and photos and photos and photos and photos and videos and photos and update the old owners and buy expensive food and toys and tree houses and everything like that for them? No. I do this stuff because they're supposed to be our family. And shit has happened, and they've had to go. It's not my fault. It's not their fault. It's just different circumstances, different situations have happened, and it's devastating, and it sucks. But in the end…like this situation, Josh was, like, pouting all night because he was so upset that this dog had to go. And I'm trying to look on the bright side and say, well, you know what, even though he's gone this now it lets us have this other dog that otherwise would die in a shelter. He's 11 years old. He's not going to live much longer, and nobody else would take him. They have been desperately, desperately looking for somebody to take him because we had actually agreed to take him before the other girl contacted us about the black dog. And um, the pitbull, in his pictures he's surrounded by dogs and cats, and so we just assumed he'd be good with other animals, and we were told later he's not good with male dogs so we weren't actually gonna be able to take him. And they couldn't find another family to take him so we kind of fucked up by doing that. But it all worked out in the end. And we have the potential to save his life now, at least give him a good life before his last days. And knowing the assholes that stalk me, we will get them and then post about him, and then he'll die of old age, and then we'll fuckin' be threatened again because the dog died, you know what I mean.

But um, I have the details and the profiles of the people who I've given our animals to. I have them on my friends list. I'm in communication with one of the main dog rescuers in this area, not even my city, but the whole of South Carolina, and they work with people and they travel and travel. They're bringing this dog from like three hours away just to give him a better home, you know. And he's supposed to be dropped off tomorrow, actually. And it's gonna be interesting because he's blind, so we're gonna have to earn his trust. But if it doesn't work out we're gonna have to give him back to her. And there is a chance that might not work out because he's blind, he doesn't know us, and he's 11 years old. If he freaks the fuck out and he's miserable and we can't, you know, calm him down and he's not adjusting, then they're gonna have to work something out and the owners are gonna have to find a way to keep him. It's either the owner or us, basically, because we don't want him going to a shelter.

And we're not evil people. We do go through pets. I guess you can say that. There are pets that come and go, come and go. But we love our pets when we get them. And regardless of what you've heard about me or what you think about me, use your fucking brain or maybe how about you ask instead of just assuming that I'm just getting an animal and then fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you and who knows, like, killing them or selling them or whatever because that is not the case. I'm not trying to make money off of animals. I did sell the dog that attacked Marmalade because that was a pure breed little dog. I forgot what fucking kind of dog it was, but that was a pure breed dog that was worth a lot of money, and she came with really expensive food that we bought her and a big old dog cage and all this shit. And, you know, even on the pet pages here they all say do not give your animals away for free. You must, or you should, ask for money because if people put money into an animal they're less likely to kill it or mistreat it. And I do see truth in that, you know. You put money into something and you kind of want to get your money's worth, you want to take care of it.

And, you know, some of you have my back, have written me supportively saying that's fucked up for people to try to say. And I thank you guys for having my back. I really shouldn't have had to make this video. I told Josh about the comment that I got last night, and he just laughed and he said, you know, it doesn't matter what that person says, we know the truth. And it is true. We do know the truth. But, you know, I am putting it out there. If any of you guys don't believe me or think you have a reason to call the cops, please, by all means. I'm not scared of the cops because I've got nothing to hide. I can give them all these people's information and be like, this is where my cats are, this is where the dog is, this is what happened with the other dog, this is the chick from the dog rescue, you want all their names and their information bla bla bla bla bla, you can have it all. They're not going to find any bodies buried in fucking yard. They're not gonna find any evidence of mistreatment or abuse or death or anything like that. So I don't know what the the point of that comment was.  But if you were genuinely worried about the animals you would have private messaged me. You wouldn't have made it a point to publicly comment trying to humiliate me or take me down a notch or whatever the fuck you were doing. But it didn't work, it's not gonna work. Like Josh says, I know the truth, he knows the truth, the people around here know the truth, and the people that have our happy and healthy animals knows the truth.

Sometimes like when you're dating around you might not find the right partner so you break up and you move on. You do what you need to do to make yourself happy which is what you should do with animals. It's very similar. If it's not a good fit for your family, if it's not the perfect house for you, you know, if it's not the perfect animal for you or the perfect household for that animal, you owe it to the animal to give him or her the family that they deserve. Because if you can't give the animal the right life…like this dog also was…we were told he was an indoor dog and he wanted to be inside all the time. He definitely was not an indoor dog. He wanted to be outside, and we've got no fence here. And Josh had let him run free, and he ran out to the road instantly. And so there was no way he'd ever have been able to run free in the yard and get the exercise that he needs. There's no dog park anywhere near us so that was not a good fit. And if I had known that I would have never accepted the dog in the first place. I had specified we need an indoor dog because we don't have a fence. We have a big yard, but we don't have a fence. And it was not fair and would not have been fair for this dog, being as hyper as he was, to not be able to run around and get his energy out. So that dog needs a fenced-in yard or somewhere he can run free and get his energy out.

You've got to be a good fit for whatever animal you get. You can't force them to live your life. You gotta, gotta meet in the middle. You train them, tell them, you know, what they are allowed to do, what they're not allowed to do, but you also have to do what's best for them. And you can't break them a hundred percent of however they're ingrained to be. It's just not right. And that is what I believe, and nobody's gonna change my mind. And it takes, it takes a while sometimes to find the kind of animal that's best suited for you. But as long as you're sure that your animals go to a good forever home and you're honest with them about how the animal is and what they need, that way they're not rehomed again and again and again, then I don't really see anything wrong with it. When we get animals usually we're lied to, like completely fucking lied to, and we end up finding ourselves with our hands full with these animals that we were told were a hundred percent different from how they actually ended up being. But when we passed those animals on we always tell the new owners exactly what problems we have, what…how we treat them, how, you know, why we're getting rid of them, what we think they need, like, if they need room to run around or lots of attention or just to be left alone, you know. You've got to inform the people as much as humanly possible so they can give the animal a good home, you know. And if only we were given that choice, but, you know, people lie. I guess they lie because otherwise they won't be able to get rid of their animals which fucking sucks because in the end it's the animal that pays for it, for them bullshitting, you know. Like, we're, like, we're not going to find out that this dog that was supposed to be trained isn't trained or this this dog that we're supposed to be calm bites, you know. I mean, it's just, it's just bullshit is what it is. And we're not bad people, and we're damn sure not animal abusers. And uh, that was bullshit. So that's my explanation. Very, very long, shorter than I thought it would be, but longer than I wanted it to be. Anyway, I guess I will see you guys around. Thanks for watching if you watched this. Take care, and I'll see you when I see you.

No. 496863

File: 1521863223428.png (988.94 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-03-23-20-39-53…)


For emphasis she wore the angriest shirt in her collection, stretched to transparency by her braless breasts.

No. 496871


They no longer have the retriever labrador cross. The family wanted him back.


What she said about the blind dog is reasonable. His situation is very difficult and unfortunate.

No. 496876

Gir is a fucking cow who got shunned by both lolcow and kiwis for attention whoring.

No. 496887

jfc her cognitive dissonance is absolutely unbelievable in this video.
she has three times got pets that weren't allowed by her landlords. she obviously doesn't research pets before getting them. she said when she and josh drive around and see small dogs they think they could steal them and that the owners shouldn't leave them like that, but when raven leaves her small dog outside it's just an accident and a moment of misjudgment! other people are bad people for doing that, but for raven it's fine.

she is so impulsive, she gets new pets and new husbands on a whim and can never follow through with the commitment, then acts like its either the other person/animal's fault or no one's fault, when it is clearly her issues. no normal person has this many problems with pets. it's not bad luck. there's one common denominator, and that's raven.

how can she sit there and recount a dozen times that she has been an irresponsible animal owner and lost animals through her own irresponsibility and inability to be an adult and say none of it is her fault? she will never cease to amaze me. she's insane.

No. 496889

oh my god, i hate seeing this person show up. their nose is fucking disgusting. such a punch-able face, and that's without knowing the shit they do.

No. 496890

This is out of hand. Bitch is straight up crazy admitting she kills animals.

Wow, congratulations, I’m officially freaked out by you.

No. 496893

at least she has moved from speaking in the third person to pretending someone sent her that.

"if you can't give the animal the right life" - like not having stable housing for yourself? very responsible to be taking in animals when they can't even pay their fucking power bills.

No. 496902

>Like for instance, I had a cat named Winter in New Zealand with Logan. And Winter always escaped. There are no screens on the windows and doors over there and no central heat and air so it gets really hot. We did what we could to protect the windows, to stop the cats from jumping out but not suffocate. And Winter always managed to go outside. Not only would he go outside, but he'd run straight down the driveway to the road. And we knew inevitably he would be run over, so what was safest for him was to rehome him to somebody that had, like, a big yard where he could run around and be outside because he obviously was not happy being inside. I guess the people we got him from had had him outside, and that's what he was used to. We couldn't break it, and if we kept trying either we'd be suffering because it was so fucking hot, or he'd end up roadkill. So for his own good we sent him off to a family who had the space that he needed outside. That's the kind of shit that we do or that we have done. And other times it's just been misfortune [she fusses with her hair] ugh, my hair looks really fucked, I'm sorry…misfortune or mis, mismatched, whatever.

you know, if you do the right thing and actually fucking de-sex your pets, they stop doing shit like this. JUST SAYING

No. 496908

Anon you honestly just MADE MY DAY. I don't know where the goldador's going but I'm pretty confident he has a better chance there. Fuck you Ravey, the universe is giving you the fucking hint - stay the fuck away from pets!

No. 496916

File: 1521870158597.jpeg (163.67 KB, 640x811, 1492497644519.jpeg)


She left out several cats and all of her rabbits, rewrote some history, and contradicted herself within this video.

>Marmalade had kittens. The kittens were spoken for before she even, even gave birth … we had planned to keep some of her kittens. None of that worked out because we knew our relationship was falling apart.

Marmalade had her kittens on December 5 and 6, 2016. She and Logan planned to keep four out of the six and had already named them.

She sold the kittens when they needed money.

Raven and Logan decided to separate in May of 2017. Until then they were planning to move to the US together.

>Mr. Marshmallow I rehomed because I…me and Logan were gonna move to America.

She rehomed him after Marmalade's kittens were sold in February 2017 and before she got Loki and Dante in April, the two cats that were shitting everywhere, whom she bought to keep Marmalade company when she seemed lonely after her kittens were sold. [pic related]

Why would she have gotten Loki and Dante if she and Logan were planning to move to the US?

The dog and cat she adopted in April 2016. The dog was intended to replace her dog Skelly which she had when she was with Ryan.

She posted at least two videos about the dog drama.

In May 2016 a kitten named Pickles made an appearance.

In March 2016 she uploaded a video of two kittens they were planning to adopt but didn't. They were Marmalade's siblings from a later litter from the same breeder.

She acquired Marmalade in December 2015 along with another kitten, Mercury (Murky).

They got Winter in August 2015. He was a Ragdoll.

In 2013 or 2014 they got Mystery and Munchkin.

They got Mr. Marshmallow in July 2013.

In December 2012 they acquired Gir, a minilop.

In another video she and Logan are playing with three rabbits.

On her LeonbergerLoverNZ she has videos of two more rabbits.

When she was with Ryan she had two cats, Isa and Fury, who were sisters. They had litters ten days apart. One was poisoned by a neighbor and the other ran away.

From one of these litters she kept Monster. She said that she had planned to keep him, but Ryan wouldn't let her.

About Skelly Raven said, "If there was one thing I'd take back if possible, it's selling him. I sold him because he was attacking the big Leonberger female- and while Leos are notorious for being gentle, one bite and he would be gone … For his own safety, my ex husband pressured me into getting rid of him."

No. 496919

File: 1521870965650.png (69.08 KB, 800x592, Screenshot_2018-03-23-22-53-53…)


Sure they did, Gir.

No. 496921

I'm the anon that posted that screenshot here. I don't have a kiwi farms account, was just "citing my source"

No. 496933


>Josh found out via text that Raven had gotten a new dog. Raven didn't consult Josh in the decision.

>Josh gave the dog back to its original family while Raven was in the shower.


And does anyone else think it's strange that this family that had "other cats, other dogs" that they were keeping would spend weeks trying to rehome this one particular dog, were planning on dropping him off at the shelter if they couldn't find a home for him, but then happily took him back from Raven and Josh after a couple of days because their kids miss him?

No. 496936


I wasn't casting aspersions on you, anon. Judging by Gir's past behavior, she is likely the person who left the comment on Instagram in her thirst for acclaim on KF.

No. 496945

This thirsty bitch needs to GTFO

No. 496953

Thanks nonnie. I just wanted to cover my ass is all. In all honesty, the comment doesn't scream Gir to me. It seems too mature for her.

No. 496955

>Raven and Logan decided to separate in May of 2017.
isn't that the retcon version Gran came out with when everyone was like, so you were cheating on Logan … I mean, the part where he got to decide anything is obviously false but the date also seems wrong.


pls no

No. 496965


Regardless of whether they really broke up in May or in June after she had already taken up with Josh, until she announced their break up in June she still maintained that they were planning to move to the US together.

In this video she contradicts herself. She says that she sold the kittens, which was in early February, because their relationship was failing. But her reason for rehoming Mr. M, which happened at least a few weeks after they were born if not after they were sold, was that they were moving to the US. Moving to the US would also preclude keeping the kittens.

Either way, why would they then get two new cats in April?

No. 496969

File: 1521887022865.png (2.77 MB, 1242x2208, 1518969039997.png)


>where we were living, they were really really really bad landlords … And they told us, oh, you're not allowed to have animals in here.

Which contradicts [pic related] which was posted February 16th.

No. 496979

As always, OP, you're the best.

Lots of things to talk about, but she doesn't exactly make herself look better. They're just drawn out excuses for her animal abuse rather than stating intentional malicious intent rather than neglect.

I also noticed that she loves taking credit for "rehoming" pets. It's incredibly stressful for pets to be rehomed. And you don't get credit for doing that, the person who took in your neglected animal gets credit. It was very nice that the family took in both of her poor cats so they could have some stability after what they've been through.

She admits that training animals is too hard when she has no job and nothing but time. It's certainly not unfair to the animal. A lot of animals actually love being trained because they're learning and usually get a lot of treats out of the ordeal. Unlike Raven, many animals crave and need mental stimulation that includes learning new behaviors and tricks that motivate them into asking for treats or pleasing their owners.

>dating is a lot of finding the right pet for your home

No. I could argue this, but anons here aren't as stupid as Raven. No wonder she treated Dorian so bad. She thought he was a boyfriend and not a right fit for her?

>Josh was pouting.

Oh god, Josh is such a massive pussy. I know Raven thinks saying that makes him look good, but no one who has known a dog for a day (after having just experienced an influx of new pets then losing them)feels that bad for returning the dog to the family it knows and love. He doesn't have a fucking job. Does he even wonder what would happen if the animal got sick?

She essentially outs herself as being lazy and having animosity toward animals who don't know better. It's like she has a vendetta against an animal that shits in the house. She talks about it with anger but them tries to blame Logan. She never figures out that releasing these long drawn out videos usually let people document her lies?

No. 496985

Thank you anon for making this.

Poor Mr. Marshmallow. He lived with her for four years and then was disposed of like a piece of trash because his shitty excuse for a human got bored of him.

You know Raven, just because you're a sociopath who can't form deeper bonds with living creatures doesn't mean other people can't. If someone confessed to me that they had thought about stealing my pet, I'd beat the ever loving sweet crap out of them. Some people actually love their pets and would be devastated if they went missing, you piece of shit. I hate you.

No. 496988

Stop with the shit bait plz

No. 496997

No. 496999

fucking finally lol
all hail kiwi pyrrhic and daddy dyn

No. 497087

>Sometimes like when you're dating around you might not find the right partner so you break up and you move on. You do what you need to do to make yourself happy which is what you should do with animals. It's very similar.

What the fuck?! NOBODY DOES THIS SHIT WITH ANIMALS, RAVEN!! You fucking heartless evil dumbass! Pets aren’t like a pair of fucking shoes!!!

No. 497103

I'm not gir ffs.

No. 497104

this is what i thought as well.
that's why you research types of pets before committing to getting one, and that's why most adoption agencies will let you try out the animal in your home before taking them home for good.

i don't know anyone else who talks about pets the way raven does. she's disgusting.

No. 497105

Literally no other person has this logic about animals. I also get really uncomfortable about how she talks about an animal being "cut" and "un-cut". Have never heard another person talk about animals in that way either.

No. 497138

Nobody compares pets to partners furthermore, they compare them to FAMILY members! As in, irreplaceable, valuable. You can't just give up on family members because 'ah gee things aren't comfortable for me bc i made impulsive decisions bye.'
But Raven's given up on her own flesh and blood, so obviously she couldn't make that comparison without looking bad.

Thank you so much for the transcript. She listed off so many animals omg. If she couldn't figure out what kinds of animals "fit" her home after the second or third time then she's an idiot. That's if that's not just a front to excuse her actions.

No. 497175

File: 1521986366459.png (421.28 KB, 562x732, cuOpyik.png)

>he'll have a home to live out his final days
>11 years old

I don't know about you, but my dogs tend to live to 16 or so. Gravy seems to think she's doing a good deed by "rescuing" this poor pupper but we all know the second they run out of food or it shits on the floor, he's going to have an unfortunate accident.

No. 497176

>She listed off so many animals omg. If she couldn't figure out what kinds of animals "fit" her home after the second or third time then she's an idiot.

Anyone with an iota of introspection would have looked at that list and been ashamed and embarrassed. Not Raven, though! Nothing is ever her fault or responsibility.

No. 497180


The placement of that floor air duct register suggests that they are in another mobile home.

No. 497181

One they aren't paying rent at because you know they're so "fucked" and can't even afford taco bell now that Couchie is out of a job

No. 497183

Proof that she's not a monster! Even animal rescue screens her! The rescue probably did minimal research on a desperate case and I bet Josh is doing the brunt of the work.

She also seems to think he's only going to last a few days which is why she opted in. If he does become difficult then it's excuses, but at least the rescue will take him back.

She went through 4 animals in less than 4 months not including Josh's roaming dogs? Whatever the reason, that number proves instability and neglect.

No. 497184

I don't care what she says, I feel like she left Azzy to get lost when she said she went inside to get her phone. If she really did accidentally lose her, then she's dumb for leaving a skiddish animal unsupervised outside. But the fact that these pets 'go missing' or 'run away' all the time is suss.

Also she's blaming Logan for more and more stuff lately. What ever happened to the friendship that was more than a friendship?

No. 497185


In less time than that. Cas, the first cat, was Josh's romantic gesture present for New Year's.

No. 497261

This dog is gonna become a problem pretty soon. As soon as hr shows any signs of his age catching up with him (not being able to go out and do his business, not being able to control his bladder etc) he's going to mysteriously go missing or something. No way do I see Raven taking care of an old dog until his last breath. She doesn't have the heart or the patience for that. Poor dog…

No. 497263

she soooo desperately wants people to think she's an amazing person for adopting an older dog. gross granny kek.

there is no way raven has the patience to care for an old pet. she can't handle them when they are cute and young. as my dog got into his last years he needed a belly band or he would pee (super common, as well as them not noticing poop), he needed to be lifted into cars/up stairs, etc. it takes love and patience and raven has neither,
i feel so bad for any animal that ends up with her. they will be neglected and treated like shit and they cast out like dirt. much like her son.

No. 497278

Not only is the dog old, but blind and now she also just told us, partially deaf. So it's going to take a long time to become comfortable and engaging with her and Josh, will probably struggle to get around the trailer without knocking Raven's mounds of tat over, may have accidents indoors or some nervous-aggressive/defensive behaviours. It's probably not going to tolerate her getting in it's face or shrieking at it. Good thing for Gravy is it'll be easier to say she lost it, it was too aggressive, or it died due to health problems.

No. 497279

Kek. I'm still more accustomed to Farmer rules where you don't dox family, etc. But the other shit is pretty funny. I, at first, almost felt like I should defend Gir, but she's really turned out to be desperate for attention. She'll never be Raven level cow, but pretty obnoxious. I remember Null pointing out that she was accused of being a long time Raven troll, and one that's beyond Kiwi and Farmer standards which is pretty fucking pathetic. I understand the hilarity of getting a rise out of Raven, but she's too fucking cringy herself. I thought she would be embarrassed by Nulls call out to bother posting, but she can't help but troll Raven for attention. It's one thing to hate a cow, but another to be a cow yourself.

No. 497291

The cats she claimed shit everywhere even when they had clean trays reminds me of what one of my cats does. He hates the tray to be even a little dirty so I have to be quick and vigilant. Occasionally if I sleep in on a day off from work and he gets to the tray before me, then he will poop on the bathroom bathmat. It frustrates me no end and I'll often feel pissed off but at the end of the day I just sigh, pick up his poop and wash the bathmat (or sometimes throw them out)
Yes his toilet habits are bad. But I fucking love that cat and would never dream in a million years of getting rid of him.
She's such a selfish toxic person. Animals are just playthings and accessories until they annoy her or inconvenience her.
Also another common thing that cats will do is pee or shit on piles of clothes. They usually only do this to act out in unhappiness or (like in my cat's case) there is poo in the tray. So I think she's lying about keeping the tray clean and following all the rules as she says.

No. 497292

Anyone else get the vibe that she starts getting pets to fill a void in her relationships? It's like she's run out of things to talk or bitch about so she gets animals to make the relationships more 'fun'.
She's honestly like an overgrown codependent child that needs entertaining 24/7 with toys,sex, compliments and pets.

No. 497293

Yeah she claims to love animals but is strangely clinical in the way she speaks about them. I agree with the uncut/cut thing. She also makes the dumbest points.
Dumbass compares them to family and then in the same breath says that you should get rid of them if they don't suit your home. The way she talks about cats breeding and stuff too is so stupid. She acts like she's a fucking cat expert because she's seen cat births but it's seriously because she gets bored, is too lazy to get her cats desexed and just wants kittens to play with until she can sell them.

No. 497309

https://hooktube.com/watch?v=AbYv_QW9vNY ravens latest video about the dog, hooktube doesn't give her views

No. 497311

Also what is talking about the rescue people came to her house when she says in the video a woman is giving him away , and I doubt a rescue would give out a dog with infected eyes.

No. 497312

File: 1522018672542.jpeg (107.01 KB, 640x480, 333D983F-18AA-4C0A-9FCD-CD87ED…)

Wtf is with the decor. Anyways she made a fb page for the dog. Doja is the name.

No. 497316

File: 1522019145963.png (715.63 KB, 1242x2208, 38939C91-72FD-4B13-BB91-91B02C…)

From a post she mentioning she wants to loose the 20 pounds she gained back since 2015 (where she says she has lost 75 pounds from the surgery). From this math her pre weight was 225.

No. 497323

More vlogging while driving, did she learn nothing from the crash that was more than a crash?

Stopped watching very quickly. Waiting for transcript anon

No. 497346

Why does she always feel the NEED to say her pets have pedigreed or are expensive races? When you love animals and are adopting out of compassion, that shit does not matter.

No. 497352

she's never going to get free weightloss surgery again. way to go Raven.

No. 497372

(taken from Kiwi Farms)Quick summary:

- Raven rambles on that they're good pet owners. Pvt. Piltdown mumbles in agreement.
- @ 4:27 she also states that she doesn't have experience with dogs. Cue ominous foreboding.
- @ 5:40 cut back to their new home. Their bed is in the fucking living room.
- @ 6:31 Raven introduces Doja. He's old, blind, and has an eye infection. One wonders how she'll be able to purchase the medication for this poor dog. Raven shines the fucking lights on the dog and asserts that he's a purebred. Doja, however, appears to be calm.
- @ 7:52 she smells the dog farting. Once again, a sign of things to come.
- @ 8:40 Doja's bed is a sad, blue blanket. At this time, dust particles become prevalent. Josh throws the dirty dog food back into Doja's dish.
- @ 10:00 - 11:15 Raven asserts that the animal agency went and checked out their home to ensure that the Doja lives in a good home.
- @ 11:40 - 12:30 Raven states that the dog is 11. She wants to ensure that he'll live out the rest of his days, and when he does die they'll post about it so that the haters can't accuse them of animal abuse.
- From here on out, Josh is shown to be far more affectionate with Doja. Doja seems to graviate towards Josh. This seems to be a common trend where Raven's pets seem to be better suited towards her exes.

No. 497376

a little OT (but not really cause it's always on topic for rayray), but has raven EVER made a single video in which she doesn't mention the haters at least once?
i don't think i've ever seen one.

No. 497377

she is incapable of NOT mentioning us or KF. she needs us.

No. 497390

File: 1522036333415.jpg (32.84 KB, 500x281, whatdoesthepsychicsay.jpg)

Let me guess the storyline. They put her outside while Josh was out / at work and someone stole her.

So sorry for you pup, I hope something better happens for you and you get out of there.

No. 497401

I watched the video and got really, really depressed because I have a pit bull as well and they're big babies. This poor blind pupper is going to suffer so much at the narc hands of Gravy

No. 497412

Me too! I had a staffterrier that had to be put down at 15yo because of a metastasized cancer. I don't know why she thinks that 11yo dog is on its deathbed. He may be blind, but he can last a long time.
She could not even keep a chihuahua for 4 months, I don't think she can keep up with him.

No. 497421

Hopefully Josh will have it in his heart to fucking put his foot down and make sure Raven doesn't cycle him through. I like a guy who loves dogs, but everything else about him is garbage. I can't even appreciate that he loves dogs because he let's Raven become irresponsible with his pets. And god damn has he become ugly as fuck. When I first saw pictures he seemed like your typical early 30s slacker guy living with mom. He looks horrible now! Pasty skin, drooping face and overall dead eyes. Even as he's happily interacting with his eyes, there's barely any light left. Josh, wtf did you do man, you're a loser, but fuck. Momma at least treated you well that you don't look like you do now.

That dog looks like the ultimate sweet heart. It's so sad these dumb fucks have him. I know dog rescuers and they work hard and are super intelligent in figuring out ways to help their dog become confident despite disabilities like hearing loss and blindness. Josh and Raven don't know what the fuck they're doing and it's evident in how they interact with him. I mean you wanna leash train your blind dog around the house so he gets a mental map of the house.

No. 497428

No. 497438

File: 1522043252698.png (796.58 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-03-25-22-42-22…)


They are living in a cramped rundown one-room mobile home. The kitchen area is behind the bed. Peep the junk food on the counter. The window is propped open with a soda can.


No. 497441

File: 1522044178474.png (743.32 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-03-25-23-00-28…)


This is nearly the entire width of the room.

No. 497442

File: 1522044408689.png (768.49 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-03-25-22-41-30…)


Do they even have sheets on their bed? Peep the seam along the edge and the contrasting satiny weave of the fabric.

She is using the same pillow cases she used when they had the queen size air mattress. Their bed is king size, so the sheets she has don't fit.

And what happened to the four-poster bed supposedly purchased from their wishlist?

No. 497448


They moved their bed into the living room because their bedroom is too small for both their bed and Doja's blanket on the floor.

No. 497470

I would be fucking dying of chronic laughter at seeing her downgrading again (from a trailer, no less) if it wasn't for the newest member of Cirque du Neglect, a special needs old lovebug who deserves so much better than this shitshack.

No. 497478

Her videos are also mirrored at


No. 497479

File: 1522058365782.png (908.28 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-03-26-02-23-47…)


Meet Doja

Published on Mar 25, 2018

Please check out his page here:

[driving in their Jeep]

We haven't done this for a while, but we are on our way to go get dog food for the newest member of our family that we will introduce. We just had gotten a dog that we didn't talk about. I made a video explaining our whole pet situation because apparently we…me or me and Josh, I think more me, is a bad pet owner…

J: That's not true. I know what's going on.

R: …and I don't think of the animals, or I flip animals or whatever the fuck, the cops are going to be called on me, and all this stupid bullshit.

But anyway…I'm trying to find a place for the camera…anyway um, but we're picking up dog food for this dog, Doja, and he is an 11 year old pitbull, and apparently he's the sweetest thing ever. He was shelter-bound because the owners are moving and they can't take him because nobody wants to let pitbulls…

J: They think it's a pitbull terrier mix [unintelligible] pitbull terrier.

R: Pitbull terrier. But yeah, apparently he's a sweetheart, but nobody wants to allow a pitbull on their property, so they have no choice but to get rid of him. And the girl was crying and crying and stuff. We promised that we would take really good care of him. So I'm probably gonna be opening a Facebook page so I can upload videos and photos cuz I take lots of photos.

And he's 100 percent blind, but everybody says he is such a sweetheart, so we're really, really excited. And um, we'll give him a good home because, believe it or not, we're actually good owners. We do care about the animals, we care about what's best for the animals above what we want, and that's the way it should be.

J: That's right.

R: Yeah. I've asked all these questions I need to ask. I've been told everything else. I've been in contact with the owner and the dog rescue and um, we're confident from what we've been told that he will be a good fit for us. And um, we have no other pets right now. He's gonna be babied and loved and live out his days with us, and it will be great. And we're really excited, so we will be updating and showing you videos and photos of him because he's, he's a really nice looking dog. [Josh mumbles] He's stocky and short. And he just looks like a tough guy. Like, it's good that he's a sweetheart because um, he looks like a strong boy.

J: Yes, he does.

R: Yeah. So um…

J: Really intimidating.

R: Yeah. But uh, apparently he hasn't barked or made a noise or whined on the way because they're bringing him from three hours away, bringing him here, so that's really nice of them to do. But they really, really wanted to find a home for him so we are glad. I think it pretty much came down to us or a shelter, and he wouldn't have lasted in a shelter.

J: They would put him down immediately, I'm sure. In a couple weeks.

R: He would have been miserable anyway not knowing what's going on, not being able to see. Being in a shelter, it's not a good way to end his life or so we're happy to be able to give him a home. So that's it for now. Look at your pretty little smile! [he rolls his eyes, pic related] Aw!

J: That sign is [unintelligible] right there. That's where the place is.

R: That's the vet.

J: We can stop right now on our way home here.

R: For what?

J: To talk to them.

R: Are they even open?

J: Yeah, it says they're open.

[they stop and Josh gets out]

R: So the vet's right close so we're gonna stop by because we're gonna to take him there to get groomed because we don't have a spout in our shower, so we don't really have a…all we have is a shower head, and I don't want to put him under, like, a shower shower. I want to give him a bath and trim his nails and I…I'm just…I've always been more of a cat person, I'm not that experienced with dogs, and so I don't want to stress him out or not be able to care for him properly when it comes to that shit, so to the vet it is. [Josh gets back in] Have anything to say?

J: What? Bye. [she mimics him] We'll keep ya'll updated I guess.

R: You're excited.

J: Yeah, I am excited.

R: Josh is such a dog person. He loves dogs, loves…you love any animal, though.

J: Especially dogs though.

R: You were a cat person for a while.

J: Yeah, but they…we really wanted to keep them, but we just couldn't. We don't flip…

R: Flip animals.

J: Her, especially me. Yeah, I wouldn't let her flip an animal.

R: Yeah, I know.

J: It's ridiculous.

R: [laughs] But um, yep, we will, we will update.

J: Yes, we will.

R: And uh, we're gonna get him in a couple hours. So I'll video that. Say, bye.

J: Bye.

[cut to her sitting on his lap]

R: Okay, so we're…I was gonna say we're back home. Well, we are back home. We're back home. We got him some food and some bones and a knuckle bone to chomp on. We've moved our bed out to the living room because our bedroom is too small, and we want to have his little bed and blanket right next to us so that we can keep an eye on him. He seems to be kind of stiff, very old, so I don't think he'll be able to jump on the bed. But his name is Doja. I'm gonna, I'm gonna pause it and then flip the camera around cuz I can't do it while I'm recording.

J: Yeah, you can.

R: No, I can't.

J: Really?

R: Where's the fucking flipper thingy. There. See? You can't do it. [Josh looks puzzled]

There he is, just sprawled out very comfortably. And he's completely blind and partially deaf. If he were to open his eyes you could see um…yeah, I don't think he has much interest in opening his eyes right now. Let's see. [she turns the flash on close to his face] His, his nose is awful scarred up.

J: Yeah, I saw that earlier.

R: His eyes are actually infected, so we got some antibiotics for him. And it…I don't know, he does look pretty, pretty scarred up. [she strokes his head] He doesn't jump or anything. Like, when you touch him he's really calm. He's actually pedigreed. They gave us his paperwork he's got. Like, he's like fully pedigreed. What is he, a pitbull terrier?

J: A pitbull terrier.

R: Yeah.

J: That's what I thought he was.

R: I wanted him to open his eyes.

J: [talking to the dog] Doja.

R: Yeah, his name is Doja. He's 11 years old. Look, look at his eyes, all gunky.

J: [soothingly] Poor thing. It's okay, bud, it's ok.

R: He wasn't asleep. He's been banging into the walls and stuff trying to learn where everything is. He is a gentle boy, poor old thing. [Doja stands up] He's got some coat problems. We're gonna get him on some real good food and try to heal him up. [she strokes his back] Whoo, did he just fart? My mouth was open.

J: No, it's the [hesitates] place.

R: It smells like doggy fart to me. Oh, well. He's an old man, of course he'd fart. But there's his little bed over there. So if I can get past him.

J: He's wagging his tail. Doja.

R: [she scratches him vigorously] Just look at him kicking. Aw, poor boy.

J: He's a sweet dog.

R: He is. He loves everybody.

J: Show them his bed.

R: I'm trying. He's blocking my way.

J: Step over him, then. Doja!

R: Say, that's rude to step over stuff. I don't want to do that. There you go. Anyway, so this is his bed, that was his blanket from his old home so it's here for him to smell. And we got him a…was that a knuckle bone? Yeah, and his food and his water. He's been drinking a lot. He's gone pee and poo twice already. We've got our bed set up here so we're really close to him. And he's uh down there in the hallway looking at nothing.

J: At the wall. [he walks down the hall] Are you over here whining, bud? [he pets him] It smells like fried chicken. C'mon, buddy.

R: He wants to go in that room, and I don't know why. That was where we were, but he didn't…he doesn't know that because, you know…

J: C'mon, buddy, c'mon.

R: …he just got here. He has no idea what he's doing, poor thing.

J: Yeah. We're gonna take good care of him, though.

R: He is, he is a happy boy, though. He, he does…he loves attention and love and stuff like that. So we'll give him a good home and all that. And the uh…

J: Good boy, c'mon.

R: The dog rescue people transported him here. They drove, what, three hours or…he, he came from three hours away.

J:  [unintelligible]

R: Yeah, and they dropped him off and they checked out our yard, front yard and backyard, and asked us about our vet and, you know, kind of interviewed us to make sure we were gonna be able to take care of him and stuff like that. So for those naysayers and bullshit people, we have met with the dog rescue people and have gotten the OK from them.

J: Yeah, they came inside and all that.

R: So yeah, so there's no debate over whether we're a good home for him or not. They asked us…she was here for a while, too. At least an hour? Yeah, at least an hour. And she was really friendly, and she seemed very happy with us.

J: Can you sit? Aw, good boy, you sit almost. [he kisses him] Wagging his little tail. His big tail.

R: His big tail. He's a big boy. [Josh scratches his sides] He's like, what are you doing to me?

J: He probably hasn't had that in a while.

R: But yeah, so that's our new boy. And uh, he is 11 years old and he's not doing so good, so there's no telling how long he's gonna live, so we have to be prepared for that and everybody else.

J: Nobody else would take him, poor thing.

R: Yeah. He wouldn't do good in a shelter at all, and we just want to give him a good life for the rest of his days, however long that may be. And if something happens to him we will post it. If he dies it's of old age, not because of us. I don't want to hear that shit because we're gonna be quite upset, especially Josh, he'll be really upset whenever that happens, and we don't need people trying to accuse us of bullshit because you're ignorant.

[Doja drinks] Sure does love that water. We're gonna get him all cleaned up, taken to the vet for some grooming, get his nails cut and his ears looked at and his eyes cleaned and all that stuff, heartworm check and pills. Aw, he just ran into the wall. Yeah, that's it. Poor boy.


J: Just, just me talking. [Doja stands up into Josh's lap] Aw. Hey, buddy.

R: Look at that big head.

J: Big noggin. [Doja licks him] Hoo, your nails are sharp. [he kisses him]

R: I was trying to get a picture of you kissing him. [Doja licks his face] Aw, that's sweet. That is sweet. He is a sweetheart. I think he's gonna be daddy's boy.

J: Oh, yeah.

R: He says, I don't want to go to bed, I want to see you. [Josh encourages him to go to his blanket]

[cut to them in bed]

R: He was, he was whining and crying, and we didn't know what was wrong. And all he wanted was to be here on the bed and get tummy rubs, so Josh picked him up and put him up here with us. And he instantly rolled over and he was crazy happy. And he's just laying there loving it, loving it.

J: So am I.


R: Aw, he's coming closer to you. You look so tired. He definitely got attached to you real quick, like right away. He's got some gunk on his eye over here. You get it? Aw, your poor eyes. [beeping] Yes! Power's back on.

J: Power's on, buddy. Alright, daddy's gonna get up. Slide over.

R: Hallelujah!

J: Lay down. I don't want you to fall off.

R: He's not gonna lay down because you're standing up. [cut to her scratching his stomach] Aw, big baby. [Josh unintelligible] Turn the fan off, then. He rolls over instantly as soon as you, as soon as you pet him he rolls over for belly rubs. [cut to Josh petting him] He's a happy little man. He's like, why are you telling me not to go? Not that he can hear you. Did he just paw for you?

J: Yeah, I'm not sure.

R: It looked like he went like this. Aw. There you go. Look at that big face.

J: [on phone] Hello…yeah…what?! [a loud, agitated female voice can be heard]

No. 497480

File: 1522058516978.png (294.71 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-03-26-02-49-49…)

>and a knuckle bone to chomp on

She is wearing a Frankenstein's monster shirt to accompany his Chucky shirt.

No. 497481

File: 1522058829810.png (332.44 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-03-26-02-37-49…)

>R: Whoo, did he just fart? My mouth was open.

>J: No, it's the [hesitates] place.

Peep the can of Glade. Throughout the video what appear to be gnats and flies are buzzing around their kitchen and hallway. Is that perhaps a can of bug spray next to the Glade?

No. 497483

File: 1522059075954.png (284.69 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-03-26-02-33-15…)

They made room for their Amazon wishlist Christmas present garbage can. Notice that a previous tenant painted the paneling around something that was hanging on the wall.

No. 497485

File: 1522059214149.png (293.46 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-03-26-02-25-34…)

Tequila Rose!

No. 497486

File: 1522059242643.png (312.65 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-03-26-02-26-47…)

Slim Jims!

No. 497487

>our whole pet situation because apparently we…me or me and Josh, I think more me, is a bad pet owner…
>apparently me or me and Josh, I think more me

fucking kek.

she's so salty, and it's just great. she may as well just come and namefag, or renew her kf account, and address the haters directly if she's gonna follow along so closely.

No. 497488


The wallpapers, paneling, countertop color, and floor covering are straight out of the late 70s / early 80s.

No. 497490

Is it just me, or does her keep story changing? And is she implying this dog has also been abused/neglected?

Her story initially was a woman contacted her asking her to take in her blind dog. Raven said she didn't want the dog to go to a shelter and agreed. Then she talks about a dog rescue coming to view her house, and checking she's a suitable candidate to the dog. In the most recent video Josh suggests the dog hasn't been petted for a long time. Which is it, he came from a loving family who wanted Raven to give him a good home instead of sending him to a shelter, or did he come from a shelter where he'd been languishing for a long time?

And the fact he has an eye infection and they're saying his nose is scarred, nails overgrown and coat in bad condition seems to me like they're implying whoever had him previously wasn't taking care of him. And for some reason they think they are already doing an excellent job, by providing a blanket on the floor and plastic tub of water, and speculating about all the things they will definitely certainly do for him over the next few weeks.

No. 497492

File: 1522060241790.jpg (509.83 KB, 2048x1152, 29064043_1802327393407918_3679…)

Were his previous owners not treating his eye infection?

No. 497493

>floral wallpapered bath/shower area

Christ. Her new place has to be from the 70s at the very most.

No. 497494

File: 1522060908891.jpg (30.45 KB, 480x640, 29570565_1802375583403099_5419…)

>So the vet's right close so we're gonna stop by because we're gonna to take him there to get groomed because we don't have a spout in our shower…all we have is a shower head

Just how rundown is their new shack?

She decided to bathe him herself anyway. They probably couldn't afford professional grooming.

>[beeping] Yes! Power's back on.

Judging by the outdoor photos of Doja's arrival, they live in a rural trailer park or at least in an area with several mobile homes in sight. Are power outages a frequent thing in their area?

>We're gonna get him on some real good food and try to heal him up.

But three weeks ago you said you and Josh couldn't even afford food for yourselves.

No. 497495

File: 1522061385227.jpg (296.49 KB, 1920x1072, 28954171_1802061920101132_5001…)

He was delivered in some type of large van.

No. 497496

File: 1522061525237.jpg (537.75 KB, 1080x1920, 29064301_1802062136767777_3519…)

Presumably the outside of their mobile home. There does not appear to be a driveway.

No. 497498

File: 1522061724885.jpg (584.07 KB, 1920x1080, 28947180_1802062113434446_7181…)

There's not even much of a road.

No. 497500

File: 1522061902917.jpg (544.91 KB, 1920x1080, 28954213_1802062063434451_5826…)

No. 497501


Her story of acquiring Doja is consistent between the last two videos.

No. 497502

This woman infuriates me. It's one thing to fuck with sex-starved idiotic apes like Ryan and Josh, but another to bring in innocent animals into her fucked up narc world. The way she talks about animals disgusts me - they're meant to be irreplaceable and treated like family, not brought in for your amusement only to be tossed out the minute you don't like them anymore. This latest dog isn't that old as she's claiming and I can guarantee the reason she's saying so is in case she gets fed up of it and it "disappears" - easy to excuse that if it "died of old age" right? She truly sickens me.

No. 497506

omg he looks old af. raven aged him at least 15 years. uff

No. 497508

She always says stuff like "he doesn't have long left" with such ease?

No. 497510

You know what costs money? Decent money? I mean other than the obvious dog food (ideally a prescription diet specifically for senior dogs, but who are we kidding…)? And you know, other than the routine veterinary care and any applicable analgesia or other treatments aimed at providing comfort (again, who are we kidding)? Euthanasia. Granny is putting such a shocking and sick emphasis on the poor old dog "not being long for this world"… I hate to think about it but it's not unusual for things to go downhill outside of regular business hours. Emergency/after hours veterinary fees are steep. Even during business hours it costs good money to humanely put a dog to sleep. The dog will likely need assistance passing on and I struggle to believe he'll receive ANY veterinary care, much less for end of life. In the last thread I was amazed to hear there's no animal control local to them so I don't know, maybe humane euthanasia is another thing they just don't do in them parts

I wish I could sage, I'm a hysterical anon that works with dogs though and this just kills me. Anybody CAN "rescue" an animal, but not everybody SHOULD. It sickens me to think the poor thing might have just been better off being put to sleep in a shelter. Granny can't afford postage for the giveaway-that-was-more-than-a-giveaway, we all know she doesn't have the finances to ethically "rescue" a senior dog with major health complications - she HAS to know. I'd like to think there's a special place in hell for those that "rescue" animals for their own selfish needs

No. 497513

are we implying that ANY of her pet's have passed naturally? or that they've ever lived long enough to be humanely put to sleep?

she has a history of killing animals if her "my life story" series holds ANY credibility. poor Doja is going to mysteriously wander onto a road soon.

No. 497514


They may be living in Aiken now (he posted looking for jobs and she negatively reviewed a business there). Aiken has a department of animal control and both a county shelter and an SPCA shelter.

No. 497525

>We've moved our bed out to the living room because our bedroom is too small, and we want to have his little bed and blanket right next to us so that we can keep an eye on him.

Surely not because you don't have a couch and like to eat in bed.

What happened to their TV and XBox and Playstation?

No. 497532

Goth Gran probably made Josh sell them so she could get her slimjim fix

No. 497584

The fact that she uses the word ‘flip’ wrt pets says a lot about just how much she cares for them.

No. 497596

How can she stand to live in such fucking squalor, what a pig.

No. 497613

New post about needing donations to care for the dog linked below ARE YOU KIDDING?!? This woman is insane, IF YOU CAN’T PROPERLY TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF…..YOU DON’T NEED A FUCKING DOG


No. 497618

Seeing her living in abject poverty in a one room hovel with her scruffy sandal wearing boyfriend makes me think that maybe karma is actually real.

No. 497619

File: 1522092894744.png (201.25 KB, 800x1088, Screenshot_2018-03-26-12-26-54…)


So Autumn Fralix runs a dog rescue organization facilitating adoptions but does not verify that the dogs are at least current with their and vaccines and free of potentially communicable infections?

No. 497620

File: 1522092933159.png (586.88 KB, 800x1173, Screenshot_2018-03-26-12-28-06…)

No. 497621

File: 1522092963210.png (563.4 KB, 800x1170, Screenshot_2018-03-26-12-27-42…)

No. 497628


>this is without actually being seen yet

Raven said that they had already gotten antibiotics for his eyes which would have required a vet exam.

Anyone who takes on the responsibility for an animal's welfare should be able to easily afford these expenses. But we already knew how irresponsible Raven is; she didn't know whether her last two kittens were neutered, let alone if they had been vaccinated, and Meg turned out to be a male according to her Facebook ad.

But why was this dog, who was supposedly so dearly loved by his previous owners, in such a state of blatant neglect?

I am unable to find any information about Autumn Fralix with regards to dog rescue. If she takes the time to interview adopters, surely she has a written agreement with her clients on both sides of the adoption delineating the responsibilities of all three parties, if for no other reason than to cover her own ass. But judging by her frantic post, I suspect that Autumn's operation is informal enough that she doesn't have a plan in place for situations like this. No doubt Raven is holding her responsible for the costs, and Autumn should be responsible for them if she promised that the dog would be in good general health aside from his disclosed chronic conditions.

What a shit show on all fronts.

No. 497630

Why does she keep saying he's 11? We know already fuck. She says it like 3 times in one video.

No. 497632

But anon! He's soooo old, he's practically dead on his feet!

No. 497635

She's probably pulling a Tuna and most of that money, if not all, will be for her and not for the dog.

No. 497640


Which post? I don't see where she talked about Doja in the screenshots about the golden lab mix posted here.

No. 497641


The Paypal address belongs to Autumn.

No. 497676

Raven I s2g if this poor old guy dies on your watch I will perform fucked up voodoos on you

Seriously though, things aren’t like they used to be. You have way too many eyes on you, and you’re not going to be able to brush this under the carpet so watch it. Ugh, this bitch.

This Autumn person is clearly a noob at rescues if she gave to the dog to Raven that way. He should have had care and meds before he was placed. I’ve never seen a dog go out in shape like that before. No one’s even looked at what’s happening to his eyes? There’s a painful infection going on there and he might be better and happier having them removed.

This dog is in bad shape and Autumn is a cow for homing him without addressing his conditions first.

No. 497684

WHY are they not putting a leash on him until he sniffs out the lay of the space? It’s not all that bad that the place is small, this way he can figure things out relatively easily but the fact that she keeps talking about him dying is upsetting. My dog is sixteen and tbh the older they get the more expenses you have to keep them happy and healthy.

No. 497686

She sounds like she’s trying to fake a southern accent. It’s faint, but it’s there. Listen to how she’s pacing her speech.

No. 497703

I ducking can’t with her, I just fucking can’t…do we know her new address..? I willing to make calls and get this poor dog taken from her.(no addresses; read the rules)

No. 497704

File: 1522106108056.png (10 KB, 556x160, 9bQY3q6.png)

Some caps from Kiwi that weren't posted here. It sounds like the lady who 'rescued' him has no fucking clue what she's doing.

No. 497705

File: 1522106130708.png (377.05 KB, 569x924, qfTDCFh.png)

No. 497710

Ha, you just beat me! This fucking idiot, tho.

This comment about the dog made my blood boil.

>lol idk he might be dangerous no1curr

No. 497712

Raven you dumb shit, if you ‘weren’t trying to take in a dog this minute’ then why the fuck did you take him at all? This is going south with a quickness. She’s not even bothering to act like she gives a shit.

Maybe she was just low on asspats the day they decided to take him.

No. 497715

Raven and Josh are aware that they can clean his ears on their own? Or bathe him? They can also give him a Benadryl if he’s having obvious infection issues till they get him to the vet. Right?

It’s a car wreck.

No. 497719

Nice dox, Raven!

No. 497721

New ebegging vid.
Josh has a new job.

No. 497723

File: 1522107755604.png (3.87 MB, 1242x2208, D1070A0F-FECE-4B37-BE44-18A215…)

I don’t get it, if you rescue dogs to your own house, aren’t you the one putting the time limit on? Get the dog to a vet instead of the bs urgent lines.

No. 497724

Autumn appears to be a scammer herself. She ‘saves’ dogs, mostly bullies, and rehomes them without doing med checkups prior to placement. She uses her real name everywhere, it’s pretty easy to follow the trail.

No. 497726

Yep, saw the same thing. She tried to get money for a puppy that was very sick after taking him to the vet. She’s also a piece of shit.

No. 497727

File: 1522108053781.jpeg (288.84 KB, 1242x654, 44385220-5538-414E-A874-5C759D…)

Van was someone else all together, Autumn begged for someone to take the dog to Raven. Autumn is a bitch for threatening the death of a dog here.

No. 497728


‘Male selective’ can mean a few things, especially when combined with lol idk if he’s aggressive

No. 497729

How much do you want to bet that the money raised is going towards putting him to sleep?

No. 497730

File: 1522108245748.jpeg (439.65 KB, 1242x1661, F9A8B6AC-18D8-4554-9EE1-0A3636…)

And a comment on the post where she was going to see how the dog fares with others but said fuck it.

No. 497733

What the hell is that music, sorry kek.

No. 497734

Having just been the caretaker of an elderly and ill cat for 18mos, comes a time where euthanasia is a quality-of-life decision. Very few people are capable of giving a blind animal the care it needs. These people are all fucked of course.

No. 497735

I'm betting the money is going into slimjims and that poor dog is either gonna be rehomed, or get lost in the woods.

No. 497736

Anon, there are lots of people out there who can care for a blind dog just fine. Being blind does not impact their quality of life and it certainly doesn’t mean they should be put down. Anyone who’s had a blind dog can tell you that. They still have their noses. It’s definitely a shitty situation all around, though.

No. 497737

Ugh this is getting worse and worse.

No. 497745

It's weird how she can go to Saluda for a home check but can't actually transport the dog there…or any dog it seems.

Also raven is obsessed with this dog being pedigree, it's the first discriptor she has for him on the Facebook page she made for him and it's almost all she's talked about apart from his age.

No. 497746

Betting she didn't. Raven just said that to make it sound like the haters were wrong.

I mean even if this woman did a full house check, she's clearly as big of a lolcow as Raven.

No. 497747

File: 1522109355251.jpeg (444.38 KB, 1242x954, 9D4AED86-C3AB-472C-8585-D340A9…)

The first post I saw for the dog is in one of comments here, notice raven liking it. Why you looking at a post about adoptions if you weren’t planning on it Raven?

The rest of the dogs are much younger, some months old, some only a few years. Raven picked the only old one.

No. 497749

>I was gonna get him tested for a different home

What does she mean by this? Are cravey and joshie a last resort?

No. 497754

File: 1522110165561.png (1.23 MB, 1242x2208, 85B1349D-2C09-4FB0-B14C-61FF6A…)

I assume it’s testing behaviour around other dogs. So likely someone may be willing to foster but they have other animals, and they were going to see how the dog reacts before going ahead. Then it either fell threw or Raven was easier.

No. 497755

of course she has no idea. even an amateur would make sure the poor thing had the medical attention he needs, would have checked out the prospects a lot more, and would be very careful with where the dog was rehomed. fucking hell. try not to rage challenge: failed

No. 497770

I don't want to derail but that's not what I mean at all. Those 'lot's of people', which I would argue is a bit less than lots, are people who actually give a shit enough to provide high-care.

This dog is blind and has gone untreated by a vet for something that's probably not expensive to treat, now it has to spend its older years getting used to the emotional and behavioral expectations of these two fucks while being completely at their mercy because it can't see… still having infected eyes. You think this dog will get to the vet when it needs it, or that they'll make the hard decision about euthanasia when the time is right and see this sweetheart off to the other side kindly? They won't.

No. 497782

I give it two weeks before Raven claims she let the dog out and it wandered off into the woods never to be seen again because it's blind and got lost. Then they'll pretend to drive around for days looking for it and never find it, all the while Raven is browsing FB for her next pet.

No. 497813

I'll be optimistic and say a month. I'll also say only one of them will be pretending, and the other will be genuinely wondering what happened when he wasn't looking.

No. 497816

This is so sad. She probably got Doja to use him to her advantage. He obviously needs treatment and her stans will be quick to donate. Money which I doubt will be used for him. She knows they can't care for a healthy cat , less a sick one but still got him anyway. I hope Josh pays more attention to the dog this time around and not let it dissapear .

No. 497817

File: 1522121783290.png (576.96 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-03-26-20-34-18…)

No. 497818

File: 1522121822379.png (855.84 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-03-26-20-34-34…)

No. 497819

File: 1522121856997.png (590.4 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-03-26-20-34-39…)

No. 497820

File: 1522121896638.png (208.58 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-03-26-20-34-56…)

No. 497825


The previous owner could produce vet records from 2011 but not more recently? Has he not been to the vet since then?

No. 497837

Fucking seriously. The vet bill I got today was $400 for a two year old. and I fucking hope that Hagraven and her idiot boyfriend understand how much money they'll be forking over for the sake of an older dog. I understand that this old bill isn't hers, but she just got the dog and is already asking for money to take care of it.

She's all "Omg this beautiful boy needs so much care, please help", that old, dumb cunt didn't know how much one pet would be after having what, 12 of them? I can't keep count of that hoarder's pets. One thing we know for certain is that she doesn't have the money to take care of an older dog. She can't even take care of her damn self.

No. 497843

Sorry to say but if no-one wants to adopt the dog (who is blind, sick and of older age), and the only option is Cravy who can neither afford nor care about the well-being of said dog, the only humane option would have been to put him to sleep. Really, it is sometimes the better option. He looks like such a sweetheart but his problems seem very uncomfortabke for him if not treated asap.

No. 497852


"we didn't just take on an an animal that we can't afford"

the fuck? yes, you did.
that's why you're e-begging.
the stupidity, it burns

No. 497853


>I'm not that experienced with dogs

She helped care for Ryan's Leonberger show dogs for several years and had her own dog, Skelly, while she was with him.


He also appears to be arthritic which can be managed to some degree with medication and physical therapy.

Kiwis are speculating that he was used for fighting, but he has been blind for more than a few years and he does not exhibit the behavior of a traumatised dog. He doesn't have scars on his body. His tail would have been completely cropped. His ears are show or short cropped rather than battle cropped. The scarring on his nose is probably from using it to feel his way around.

No. 497858

File: 1522127753592.png (293.67 KB, 572x802, ArPaSVZ.png)

No. 497859

Not sure why anons keep talking about putting the dog down. Like, has the idea of her asking for $$$ got some people so heated that we would rather see the dog dead than with her? What is this argument people are even making, I mean, seriously it sounds weird to keep saying the dog is better off dead.

No. 497860

File: 1522127874496.png (470.83 KB, 1189x2729, iuArS6b.png)


Gir got caught out.

No. 497861

Cowtipping to get the dog back in a shelter?

Yeah, count me out.

No. 497862

because any money she manages to get won't go towards the dog.

No. 497863

Gir/Placebo/Marionetta Chan btfo.

No. 497864

So the dog should get euthanized because Raven will misuse the funds? Wew.

No. 497865

You’re being retarded, anon.

No. 497866

it would be kinder than letting it suffer under her care. she has a history of neglecting and mistreating animals. also the fact that animals that Josh likes keep going missing.

It's fucked up BUT KINDER in the long run. She's either not going to get it to a vet because lol, when has she EVER taken any of her animals to a vet? OR she's going to get sick of the dog farts and let it loose in the woods.

No. 497872

File: 1522128974101.png (103.29 KB, 420x420, C9826CED-C1CC-4131-B7FD-A613A8…)

No. 497874

k then.

Interesting side note, gir's fb page is gone. Poor little wannabe cow has gone into hiding. Top kek

No. 497875

Oh my god she’s stupid. Shit like this always amazes me because how do you miss something like that? Whoops.

No. 497881

I can’t figure this out. The sham of a rescue is the person to start the PayPal campaign, correct? Raven is not receiving the money directly, the vet is.

Between this thread and the KF thread I’m pretty sure that’s what’s being said, but I could be wrong. Money is going to the Autumn Fralix email, and she said the money would get sent to the vet. Yes, or no?

No. 497883

No. 497884

why are people posting about her in a raven thread? it doesn't even have anything to do with raven in the slightest, please stop.

Lol like she didn't know all these things already. What the fuck? Can't wait for her to post a new haul in a few days

No. 497888



Yes, both email addresses belong to Autumn. She used the aol address fundraising for the family of a motorcycle accident victim last year. Audiboo1018 is her Pinterest handle.

She does not say that donations sent to her will go directly to the vet. She could be sending them to Raven.

No. 497889


Obviously you have not been paying attention on either count.

No. 497891

kiwis can be pretty autistic, yes. no evidence of that being the case.

I'm not reading it like that. it seems more like, this old boy has a lot of health problems that are going to be expensive and time-intensive to manage and which still might not result in a good quality of life for the old fella. As another anon mentioned, there comes a point where it is better to put them to sleep than to keep them around and in a really crappy state. I don't think any of us are in a position to judge it in this case (not enough info)

No. 497892


This pleases me.

No. 497897

lmao she's such a fucking dopey cow. you'd think she would have learned something after Null called her out.

you've touched the shit with raven several times. this is the latest example of you doing that, which in turn set Raven off sperging. so yeah, pretty obviously related. sorry, gir.

No. 497903


The account whose icon is in the upper right corner is still active.


The Gir account was a community page iirc.

No. 497912

So Kraken is still in Saluda and still in a shack. Did they ever even move, or was it just an excuse to get rid of the cats.

This one-woman rescue business seems to be a sham. Normally the rescue organization will take care of the animal's medical needs before rehoming him, and the people adopting the pet will have to pay some sort of a fee before getting the animal (at least in my eurofag-country).

I fear this is not going to end good for the poor pooch.

No. 497922


They moved to an older, more decrepit shack infested with gnats and flies that has a bad odor.

No. 497931

> saying that I'm an animal abuser
> your lies carry no weight here

That's not a lie though. She even had a video discussing being on a cult that killed small animals, didn't she?

I guess at least Josh cares about the dog?

No. 497940

A pair of retards. A rescue never allows an animal to go into his new home with an eye infection and other medical problems. Is she just some self-righteous person trying to save dogs while doing it irresponsibly? It's usually the rescue's job to ask for donations and take care of medical costs BEFORE they home the dog. Anons have already pointed out the pathetic posts of this "rescue's" sketchy behavior. And who the fuck is cowtipping? It just makes retards like this Autumn person double down. But I guess this is how things are run in bum fuck where there aren't any better options or more responsible rescues. Poor pupper.

No. 497941

File: 1522158886213.jpeg (648.66 KB, 1242x2026, 8B830459-0AD3-4A14-9DCA-D3E448…)

Got this from Kiwi.

No. 497942

If Raven was serious about getting care for the dog instead of using it as a way to scam slim Jim money she could just ask donation be made directly to the vet. She won’t do this because she specifically got a pitiful dog thinking money would pour in - she made a FB page for it before it took its first poop in the yard ffs

No. 497944


Greenville is 100 miles northwest of Columbia. Why post it there?

No. 497950

File: 1522162730695.jpg (105.46 KB, 1570x724, yardtime.JPG)

Image from Kiwi. Only a matter of time before Raven "forgets" him outside. Idk why she insists on getting dogs, she clearly hates everything about them.

I know cow tipping is frowned upon, but thank god for anons doing so. This bitch needs her animal abuse checked.

I only wish they would have added that Raven has confessed to:
- torturing and killing animals in the past as part of satanic rituals

- joking about (but probably not joking about) stealing people's pets out of their own yards

No. 497951


You can download image files from KF to repost here, btw.

No. 497953

File: 1522163981842.jpg (88.39 KB, 1649x399, animal torture.JPG)

At 21:10 "I've said it before, I don't like dogs"


Also, found the video where she admits to torturing animals, but she's removed it (screen cap of it in previous thread). Did anyone happen to download it?

Ohhh, thanks anon. I will do that next time.

No. 497954

File: 1522164150916.png (50.01 KB, 800x189, Screenshot_2018-03-27-08-15-11…)

No. 497955


>>>/pt/465581 said they saved them. Where are you, video archive anon?

No. 497957

File: 1522164944530.png (200.01 KB, 800x582, Screenshot_2018-03-27-08-32-25…)

No. 497983

But she did say it. So the money will go to the dog’s medical treatment, not Raven.

People need to calm down and stop acting like they know what they’re talking about wrt this dog because they actually don’t. None of us do. The woman ‘running the rescue’ is a cow who uses other people to ferry animals around SC and should also be posted about on CL so that people in SC know she’s a piece of work. I’m sure there are actual rescues that can step in for these pets. She has, in the past, done the exact same thing she’s doing now—homed an animal first and ~then called for donations to pay for medical care. If you want to go out brigading for a cause, alert other rescues in the area.

We saw videos of the dog. We know that Josh will care for it at the very least. It’s awful that the dog ended up with Ravey, but so is the woman who put a time limit on rehoming him. This BS drama wouldn’t even be happening if this Autumn retard hadn’t said ‘If I can’t rehome him by tomorrow, off to the shelter he goes’ but please stop with the ‘dog would be better off dead than with Raven’ creeper shit. As loathsome as she is, that’s still not the dog's fault. From what we can see in the video, he’s still able to get around, is interested in food and water, and is able to enjoy getting his belly rubbed. That’s not an animal who needs to be put to sleep. All this is doing is making Raven rub her hands gleefully because she sees how spun up we are about it. Stop giving her shit to work with, it’s gross to feed malignant narcs this way.

No. 497986

If you’re talking about Archive-kun they split a long time ago. Is there a new video anon?

No. 497991

His belly rubbed is one sure thing that dog is not getting from Raven.
Josh is back to work, leaving Raven alone with a blind pitbull the entire day and she is already complaining >>497950

Guess which door will end up open and who will be hit by a car by the road? I give it two weeks.

No. 497993


No, it was not the newfag.science anon. Follow the thread to >>>/pt/467493

No. 497995


In >>497619 Autumn stated that donations can be sent to her Paypal account or directly to the vet. She did not explicitly say that donations sent to her Paypal account would go directly to the vet.

No. 497996


apparently you can’t scroll or read

there you go, call the vet and ask if they’re receiving donations directly omfg this thread is douche chill central rn

No. 497998

Stephanie Marion McHerron, why are you doing this? Yes, it’s a good cause but why can’t you step away from the intertubes? Does someone need to explain to your mommy and daddy that they need to cut it down for your own well being?

No. 498000

it’s simple to dremel a dog’s nails. Country Mom prob has tools laying around, why don’t they do that part themselves? idg anything this cow does lol

No. 498002

here you go rave, go to town

No. 498004

Autism or shitposter? Tough to say, really.

No. 498005


I can read. I posted >>497954 and >>497619.

cutenswt25@aol.com is Autumn's Paypal account address.

Autumn stated that donations can be sent to her Paypal account or directly to the vet.

She did not explicitly say that donations sent to her Paypal account would go directly to the vet.

The vet is accepting donations by phone.

No. 498007

I was almost tempted to donate some money directly to the vets, but I refuse to enable Raven in that way. Do the veterinarians office not think there's something weird going on here? They have people come in and sign up a dog clearly in bad shape, and the next day a different person calls them and tells them to accept donations for the dog and set up some kind of credit scheme for his treatment?

No. 498008

Where’s Josh working, I wonder. He has to know that on some level, she’s not safe with animals. The one redeeming quality he has is that he appears to care for animals, so why doesn’t he see that she’s fucked up about them? He’s either blinded by lurve or borderline retarded.

I wonder if he knows about the devil worshipping/animal sacrifice to the DARK LORDS part of her past? I can’t imagine that he’d be all that thrilled about it.

Has he ever discussed any part of her past? He’s not supposed to visit here or KF, right? Wew, he’d find it enlightening, I’m sure.

No. 498019

They’re hicks in the sticks, what do you want? I believe it if only because rural SC is pretty fucking rural.

Gir please gtfo.

No. 498020


He could (and probably does) have ear mites. Could his hearing impairment be caused by impacted ear wax or an infection?


By Country Mom do you mean Autumn? Raven hasn't confirmed that Autumn herself accompanied Doja to their shack. She lives in Charleston and Doja was from the area, but she wasn't able to transport him herself.

Let's not forget the neglect of his previous owners. They "have had him for a long time. They love him…" Yet they had not taken him to the vet since 2011 and allowed him to go blind from a preventable condition. He may have even more conditions yet to be discovered by the vet.

No. 498022

yeah I saw those posts but was hoping you would fuck off since you’re also drooling pro euthanize anon so let’s stop interacting because we won’t ever agree but

everyone is capable of cleaning a dog’s ears and when you do that, it will give them some relief with or without mites until you take them to the vet

i don’t know who country mom is supposed to be but the point about dremeling works for me. josh needs to open his toolbox and see what he’s got in there, trimming or filing a dog’s nails is not rocket science and if the picture posted is of doja’s nails then the quick is clearly visible. even if the nails are black you file straight to the bed, problem solved, i love how some anons think that ear mites and unfiled nails are good reasons to nuke the dog, you sound like mini-dianas

No. 498023

File: 1522175776530.jpeg (191.83 KB, 960x606, 3239D81F-5146-40D6-B721-8D531D…)

samefag, here raven

No. 498024

Oh hello there. Seems I saved just that video. Where do you want it? I'm a fucking idiot.

No. 498026

File: 1522177091847.png (25.75 KB, 300x250, dABbZMj9f8-2.png)


Not Gir.

Autumn could very well be sending the donations she receives to Raven on the assumption that Raven will honestly put the funds towards Doja's care.


I am not the pro-euthanization anon, either.

I did not say that she should not clean his ears or trim his nails.

Josh has a toolbox? Probably only in his video games. Notice that he didn't step up to help groom Doja despite being such an experienced dog lover.

No. 498028


No, you're awesome for having saved it! Do you have any of the leaked videos, too? The only existing archive that I know of only has two of the eight.


Is bitchute.com also an option?

No. 498029

so edgy raven, fuckin kek. that's not even what satanism/"devil" worshipping is about

No. 498030

Ayo! Look at the idiot go. That'd be the account I completely forgot I was uploading on. If you go into a couple of the videos it has more than one video. Ugh is a playlist of 13 videos. In Ugh2 there are 5 videos, including the one where she talks about killing the animals. It's titled "My Story 4"

No. 498032

I like the part where she walked into a normal church sermon and ended up getting an exorcism kek

No. 498033

Only in the life of Raven!

No. 498036

File: 1522180373448.png (422.51 KB, 1242x2208, 1499014080337.png)


In the very beginning of TLTWMTL she boasted that he would be her white knight. She said in >>>/pt/398114 that compared to Logan, he "wouldn't stand idly by and watch her get torn to shreds".

And in the beginning he did tell a hater on Youtube to "go fuck yourself and then go kill yourself" >>>/pt/398105 and post screeds directed at the hate sites >>>/pt/405569 [pic related]. It was speculated that Raven may have written those herself.

But in their Q&A's he urged her to ignore the haters and said in >>>/pt/419017

>J: I wanted to at first, but she would prefer me not to do it.

>R: I prefer nobody go on there that knows me.

>J: Out of respect because I know what those hate sites can do. I've seen them in the past before I knew who she was. This is not the first time I've heard of them, but this is the first time I've heard of that one, those two. But out of respect for her I have not went on it not one time.

>R: It's bullshit cause I'm pretty sure your brother went on there when he googled me, but I'm pretty sure I heard him say that they were talking about your mom as well.

So his brother knows about the hate sites, too.

Speaking of his brother, in >>>/pt/444783 Raven says that the dog that was shot with an arrow was Joel's dog, not Josh's, so she rewrote history again in >>496776.

No. 498039


Thanks for the explanation; I'm an idiot and didn't see the scroll bar. I have both archive accounts listed in the OP.

No. 498040

File: 1522181118883.png (627.9 KB, 1125x2436, 2084C61A-FF10-45AF-B98C-1DB6CF…)

Just gonna leave this here

No. 498041

No problem! I also have the video of her letting her son play in the ice beside the highway with the ex who is just an ex, but I feel like her son is doing a good job distancing himself from her and don't want to be the one to drag his name back into hell. The video is old news. Sorry for bringing up the past and not contributing to the dog talk.

No. 498048

Autumn is at least known to some of the SC shelters and other rescue organisations.

Her post >>497619 was reposted via Doja's page on

Autumn has posted and has been tagged on

But is she actually a member of any of these organisations or is she a free agent?

Will Doja's rescue story earn Raven clout with the legit organisations? Dare I speculate further that Raven will become involved in fostering rescues?

No. 498049


Your icon is showing.

No. 498058

Free agent.

No. 498065


Google results has her associated with https://www.facebook.com/rottenrescues/ but I can't find the post.

No. 498067

Let's just let Raven wear the skin of a human being for a few weeks. Raven is incapable of doing good deeds so trying to care for this poor animal will most likely be a failure. She's double downed and this moron of a rescuer has double downed letting some festering assholes with no money take care of a dog with serious needs. All because it's better than him being put down? Well barely. But I have to admit, all this cow tipping is becoming irritating. Not sure if it's placebo or kiwis or farmers, but this will eventually result in what always happens with Raven. She'll fuck someone over, complain about them and blame everyone but her, so it's just a matter of letting the milk flow in. No one is going to take the dog away, so let Raven clean up shit and make some vet visits. Whether it blows up and the dog is removed or Raven is forced to do some work for an innocent creature, how much can be lost? She's already created a page and has a rescue involved (as moronic and hillbilly as she might be) so there's some oversight. I hope that a better owner steps up to give the pupper an actual good life rather than a mite invested trailer.

No. 498069

>Let's just let Raven wear the skin of a human being for a few weeks.

Not like we can stop her anyway.

The scary part about her having a blind dog is that he will most likely suffer from more pain at her hands than natural causes. I don't mind the cowtipping if it's genuinely within the dog's best interest but it sort of seems like it's not 100% for the dog and is somewhat out of spite.

We can't prove or tell who's doing it because Hagraven has pissed off so many people that she has a ton of enemies all over the place.

With that being said, I do hope the dog ends up in better hands. He seems to have had the worst luck and it would be nice for him to have a happy ending.

No. 498070

File: 1522187043179.png (652.78 KB, 800x1072, Screenshot_2018-03-27-14-41-34…)

She posted a video of Doja crying and asks him, "Are you sad because all those mean internet people are trying to get you taken away and put down? All those people who think they are animal lovers but want to see you in a shelter and killed just to hurt me? Huh? Is that why you're sad?"

He is missing nearly all of his teeth!


No. 498075

Why is she such a soulless fucking bitch?

No. 498081

File: 1522188454618.png (454.25 KB, 1280x617, Screenshot_2018-03-27-15-02-31…)

She wants to take care of the broken nail but says that she has nothing to deal with his nails, not even scissors, and that she doesn't want to buy nail clippers and end up hurting him. She is going to ask the rescue people what to do.


No. 498090

Plus it will be fun to watch her try and keep up her "I'm a good person" charade after all the attention dies down and all she has left is smelly dog farts and the extra time/expense of caring for a elderly dog - especially since she doesn't even like dogs!

Wonder if she'll get jelly of the the time, attention, and money Josh will give it.

No. 498099


He woke her up by snoring and cuddling up to her while she was trying to sleep in. Now that they have allowed him to sleep in their bed there is no going back to the blanket on the cold floor.


He was anxious and whimpered until Josh got home. And this was the first time they were separated after having him for only a day. Tell me the tone of her voice doesn't sound tinged with green. And she finds it necessary to narrate everything.


No. 498101

File: 1522191371000.png (71.86 KB, 800x395, Screenshot_2018-03-27-15-53-22…)


At least say "Thank you!" Raven.

No. 498105

File: 1522191873885.jpg (49.89 KB, 649x236, onlyjosh.JPG)

It's all happening my doods

No. 498109

She's so retarded. Not only is this embarrassing, it's cruel to the dog. He just wants to be comfortable. He's probably whining because the fat bitch can't pay for some god damn eye cream. I hope Josh starts throwing money his way, Raven gets overwhelmed and someone takes him after they put some decent cash into him. This is the best I can hope for.

No. 498110

She'll probably get jealous of the dog hogging Josh's attention and will get rid of him long before they get him eye cream.

No. 498142

is anyone remotely suprised by this i mean the edgeposting in here was retarded

what if we somehow had a cravey/tnd cow crossover

No. 498146

oh my god she is retarded like Raven
just cut his fucking nails christ not everything is high drama lol is she for real

No. 498151

It's 15 bucks at the vet to get that done, btw. Her fatass could have skipped a meal and gotten it taken care.

No. 498152

>Her fatass could have skipped a box of slim jims

There fixed that for you, anon

No. 498154

it's actually nice to have something other than the dog talk because it's making the autism in this thread escalate.

>will doja's story earn clout with legit rescue operations

how the fuck is that even a question. and of course she won't become further involved, that would require effort and actually caring about animals, not getting the most messed up one you can find to Prove a Point to some bitches on the internet.

she's so obsessed with haters, holy shit. how empty would her life be if she ever did get off the internet

No. 498158

Between us and Kiwi, the a-logging will be long and hard I think. If anything makes Farmers sperg out, it's animal abuse. It would have been better if the cunt hadn't gotten rid of ALL HER PETS less than a month before acquiring a special needs dog for attention. It's more so the desperate attempts that are being made and random edge posts that are cringe worthy. But hey, the beauty of anon posting. I think Placebo/Gir has something to do with this. Clearly she's invested in Raven and probably has been in some time. More than the average cow spectator.

I'm a big animal sperg, but I'm riding this thing out for the best. Raven made a show, now even her fans (2 fat goth women, neckbeards who aren't allowed to thirst post and one hillbilly pet rescue warrior) won't be so forgiving if she fucks up. I mean the cats are in a better home, statistically speaking, the beautiful lab mix is back with his family, so hopefully this guy will at least have a temporary cardboard box that Raven calls a new home to sit in until the rain stops.
>she's so obsessed with haters, holy shit. how empty would her life be if she ever did get off the internet
Whelp…she never will. That's why we're here. Look at the glory of the queen! She's still the most of holy of cows and she only logged off and newfags can't even decipher the /pt/ meaning. Not saying Pixy was ever as disgusting as Raven, but she was legend. Our amusement ends when the attention whoring does.

No. 498159

how many slim jim’s could raven eat in one sitting

No. 498173

how many slim jims would it take to get Gravy to the moon?

No. 498215

File: 1522213904407.png (495.76 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-03-27-22-06-37…)

Raven has been relegated to third wheel.


"So as I suspected, that's what Doja wanted. As soon as Josh came in he was wagging his tail and he was so happy. He was wagging his tail and loving and jumped right on him. And he has not whined or anything. He just laid down on Josh's lap … He's just clinging, clinging to Josh. That's all he cares about. Just crying all day, whining. It doesn't matter if I'm here or not. He's just waiting for you to come home. He's so content right now. What did you think of seeing him crying? He's just happy as can be. That's all he wanted. Gonna have to get used to daddy being at work, though."

"I wish I didn't have to work, but I have to work."


A man and his dog ❤

"Not a single whine out of him now that daddy's home. You are so loved. Maybe he's trying to cuddle closer to you … A boy and his dog."


No. 498222

I'm telling you, she's going to get jealous of the dog taking up so much of Josh's time. You can already tell based on that quoted paragraph.

No. 498225

File: 1522214743054.png (914.52 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-03-27-22-14-38…)

"How Doja comes inside. Not bad for a blind dog!"

Especially considering Josh doesn't guide him, so he has to navigate through a piled up garden hose and bumps his nose into the side of the stairs.


No. 498226

File: 1522214777860.png (929.3 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-03-27-22-15-41…)

No. 498239

She won't tolerate this dog being there for long, then.

No. 498271

WHy did you pick one of the gassiest dog breeds then? Pitties right up there with mastiffs and boxers for farting a lot.

>yr all jelly that someone u don't like is gonna be happy
a happy person wrote this tirade. wow.

woooooow. classy raven continuing to use that poor dog to try and stick it to "the haterz". like your dog really gives af about the internet. he just wants his eye meds and to not be screeched at.

hopefully he ends up somewhere that people can actually look after him properly. poor guy.

No. 498274

Ok, I will give this to Josh: I think Josh may genuinely be a good guy based on the way the dog (and their previous pets) interact with him. Animals won’t go to arseholes and they all seem to love Josh.

They all seem to hate Raven. Even animals think she is a stupid vapid cunt. There was an old video from when she had the little dog in NZ. The dog went into the room where she was filming her video and she broke off mid rant to scream abuse at the little dog. If she speaks aggressively to animals it’s no wonder they cower,, attack or just avoid her rude arse.

No. 498287

File: 1522241336858.png (866.08 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-03-28-05-39-32…)

Get some fucking sheets, Raven. In this video filmed the morning after he arrived, she talks about how badly Doja needs a bath and that he has bad dandruff. Her purple fuzzy blanket is covered in animal hair and dirt. In another video Doja is sleeping with his head in a messy pile of clothes. She complains that she didn't get any sleep with him taking up space in the bed and snoring.


No. 498291

File: 1522243490271.png (706.29 KB, 1242x2208, 765CDC88-EE5C-4EA7-BD42-598FD8…)

From her public page I think? I don’t think the caps she has is from here but she mentions the old video

No. 498292

File: 1522243527179.png (681.68 KB, 1242x2208, F123E55D-F64D-45AA-8319-BCA8F6…)

Part 2

No. 498293

File: 1522243562744.png (633.58 KB, 1242x2208, 3120B835-A9D3-4DF3-8606-38E45A…)

Part 3

No. 498295

File: 1522244231406.png (2.64 MB, 1242x2208, 84D05F03-525A-445C-9086-E1F415…)

First pic is showing pics of marmalade and that’s a comment on a post

No. 498296

File: 1522244652720.png (4.73 MB, 1242x2208, 94C5A7FA-A97E-4250-91F7-329F77…)

Her defence of whatever but shows timeline for some of those kittens

No. 498298

File: 1522244868281.jpeg (125.28 KB, 516x886, 48DFF828-42F2-40FF-AA99-6BA678…)

The whole post part 1, which shows they didn’t changed her words. I don’t think the post makes her look ok.

No. 498299

File: 1522244928029.jpeg (140.45 KB, 508x852, BDC1FBF1-C159-4A2D-A97A-788EE2…)

Part 2, thanks to whoever got her angry because she capped this herself.

No. 498300

File: 1522245031261.jpeg (97.8 KB, 516x778, E6F7C9FE-8DA2-40A4-A526-2570B7…)

Part 3 with the comment from earlier. She said she reopened a profile to cap this.

No. 498311


If this is the truth, then why didn't she say this in her video >>496860 instead of saying

>… we had planned to keep some of her kittens. None of that worked out because we knew our relationship was falling apart.

And in this video, she and Logan had already named the four that they were planning to keep.


No. 498315

The little setting cog is by the update time. Doesn't that only pop up when you block out certain people from seeing the post? I wonder who she's hiding that from.

Her stating she was 13/14 during the animal killing ways is hilarious. She had her own cult and was murdering small animals at 13? More edge than bismuth. If you stand by what you said in that video, you should be held accountable for what you've done in your past. Even if it's your past, you fucking psycho. Someone can't rape a baby and 30 years later be like "oh yea, but that was in the past teehee." No, They would still a baby rapist. Just like you, Raven, are still an animal abuser.

No. 498316


>video reuploaded in 2012 and made private

>stole that video

That video was still public in October of last year >>>/pt/457306.

No. 498334

Mr. Marshmallow, a special needs cat, is a dick!? Bitch you're the dick!

I'm curious what effect all of this will have on her reputation in bumfuck nowhere. Most people don't take kindly to confessed satanists animal abusers, especially small towns in the south. And now she's driving traffic to the very sites where all her awfulness is documented with proof. Maybe they'll form a mob and run her out of their town like Frankenstein's monster.

No. 498352

And because torturing animals in youth isn't a clear sign of psychopathy. She shoots herself in the foot. Most people wouldn't even believe an anon board and the kiwis who exist on the fringe if Raven doesn't document this shit herself.
And anyone on her feed who don't call out Raven for her former abuse are bad people.

Dogs also gravitate toward children and even people with special needs. Maybe this is a clue of how retarded Josh actually is? Poor pup is probably nervous being stuck with Raven the entire day. Josh is like heaven compared to being stuck with her.

No. 498355

I always get sad when Raven or farmers bring up Mr Marshmallow. I feel for every animal that witch adopts and then rids of, but Mr Marshmallow was so cute and truly helpless. Much like Doja, he requires special needs which she obviously got bored of tending to so she got rid of him. Then she bitched and moaned that he ran away from his new home and the old lady that took him rang her trying to get help to find him. Like sure, maybe it's a bit of an inconvenience, but she wasn't even sad about Mr Marshmallow, just more annoyed at the old lady and didn't want to have to deal with it.

No. 498370


….. "Something I did"….

Please, you murdered animals Gravy and you won't come out and say it because you know anyone who reads it won't think you're fit to own an animal in any circumstances either.

No. 498503

nice old wive's tale you got there.
the dogs have gone to Josh because he loves them and dotes on them. Raven only gives a shit about them when she can use them for attention. Look at Doja - even when she's filming him, she's whining about how hard it is to be her, so he'd associate her with unpleasant stuff. then josh comes home and showers him with love, so of course he clings to him. and after the josh / claudia scenes, I'm gonna need a lot more evidence to decide Josh is actually a decent guy

I doubt anyone in bumfuck nowhere is reading along. her few actual fans are braindead enough to just nod along to whatever she says and not question the constantly changing stories or fucking awful behaviour. the fun part is going to be people who don't know her one way or the other coming for the dog and seeing her sperging the fuck out

No. 498541


She loves being able to play the martyr by adopting an older animal or a special needs animal but hates the actual responsibility of caring for one.
She's an animal lover until she realises they aren't just cute and cuddly but are living beings with needs, and then they're an inconvenience to her.
This bitch is one of the few cows on this site that are genuinely unsalvageable pieces of shit.

No. 498708

File: 1522318529368.png (625.48 KB, 800x674, Screenshot_2018-03-29-02-59-46…)


>we couldn't afford to keep 7 kittens anyway

Marmalade had six kittens.

>Her babies had been spoken for before she ever gave birth

In this video she says that two were spoken for and that she and Logan were definitely keeping three (which became four a week or so later) so they'll "just have one lonely little baby to get rid of unless Logan decides he wants to keep more than one."



Where is the story about Mr. M running away?

No. 498710

File: 1522320027446.jpg (230.04 KB, 2048x1536, 13116423_539688096236528_13239…)


Pickles and Luna were the two younger siblings of Marmalade born in March 2016 that she was so excited to get but didn't keep. She had them at least long enough to take photos of them bonding with Marmalade and Mr. M.


No. 498711

I think the only silver lining out of adoption of Doja is that Raven jumped the gun in making his adoption so public to the point she made a FB for him.

If she is planning on making him disappear like the others she's in for a rude awakening because unlike the other dogs she could make vanish with no one but Josh caring, she's publicized this dog so much that she'd have people from all directions jumping on her the moment something happened to him.

When she gets bored of him (and she will), she's going to out herself because no one is going to believe he just wandered off while her back was turned. And on the of chance they do, they'll wonder why she let a blind dog outside by himself.

No. 498716

It's not even funny. Just plain fucking sad. You know you've done something wrong when even the crazy cat ladies seem normal compared to her.

No. 498737

File: 1522334283471.png (10.62 MB, 1242x2208, C830E15C-FC16-4F1E-9C16-D3B5DD…)

Slightly changing the subject by pissing myself that’s she’s suggesting that the only photo that’s actual been an almost true representation of how she actually looks ( slim Jim photo )

Doesn't even look like her ?!

Man she’s so fucking deluded.

No. 498745

The page she made for Doja is returning "Content Not Found". It was public when I last checked it a couple of hours ago.


No. 498748

Welp, you know what that means. Doja is gone already.

No. 498754

File: 1522338901056.jpg (206.44 KB, 1242x1905, MD9IY50.jpg)

But anon! Don't you remember when she thought THESE leggings were too BIG for her? She's not deluded at all!

No. 498794


It's a community page. She probably changed its status from open/public to closed/private just as she did her Official.Raven.Sparks page. Is any one here a member?

No. 498875

I will have to have a look through her old videos. She was still with Logan I think when she was complaining about Mr Marshmellow's new owner.

No. 498877

She literally has the same attitude towards children. Babies are cute and fun to be an accessory. To raise and care for? Fuck that. She would rather hound him to work as soon as he is of age, while not working herself all the while conplaining that he doesn't clean the house enough either.

No. 498886

And when he does clean up, she accuses him of giving her a miscarriage.

No. 498894


Christ. How filthy is that….thing she is wearing? The collar and front are absolutely revolting (in both senses of the word.)

No. 498895

From memory, I think in this was supposed to be a Silent Hill nurse outfit or something she put together to photograph after her weight loss.

No. 498910

File: 1522364794980.png (630.82 KB, 1242x2208, 75231336-9C63-43B7-8F29-1C17F6…)

Reminder for fb videos, save them. She used to post a bunch on fb and they are lost to the void. I cannot get into the dog’s page either, but from autumn they did go to the vet, sounds like their owners weee neglectful.

No. 498911

File: 1522364878512.png (551.62 KB, 1242x2208, CEE8EB5B-013A-427A-97DF-23C9BE…)

Looks like no one is donating.

No. 498912

File: 1522364945411.jpeg (234.86 KB, 1242x418, 54474595-3C8C-483D-A251-9D45F0…)

Obviously this is going to be expensive long term. Nothing from today though.

No. 498914

What kind of rescue throws a giant, public hissy fit like this?

>Don't give me the "I'm broke"

Bitch how is someone going to donate if they have no money?!

She sounds as whiny as Raven. She's probably never going to get as many donations as she used to after this.

No. 498931

>What kind of rescue throws a giant, public hissy fit like this?

One that would give an elderly special needs dog to someone without apparently doing even the slightest background check. TBH, I am not sure she's even a rescue as such. She seems extremely unprofessional and ill-informed. For example, if she is a rescue, how could she possibly miss broken toenails and pus-y, infected eyes? And how could she give an untreated animal to the aforementioned unchecked people?

No. 498946


She didn't see Doja in person before taking on his case. She just relied on what the owner told her. And she didn't meet Raven and Josh, either. She coordinated the entire adoption without leaving her home.

No. 498949

File: 1522388260565.jpg (190 KB, 2048x1152, 29064382_1803943893246268_9128…)

No. 498950

File: 1522388280571.jpg (130.84 KB, 2048x1152, 29351589_1803944046579586_9174…)

No. 498951


She needs to keep the page public to keep bringing in donations.

No. 498952

File: 1522388769381.png (154.09 KB, 800x1025, Screenshot_2018-03-29-22-43-48…)

No. 498953


LOL, yeah that's how you get you FB friends to give you their money, have a huge hissy tantrum calling them pathetic. that'll make em really want to dig deep!

No. 498964


The Gir account is a community. The account shown in the upper right hand corner is the personal account that set-up/manages the community. I haven't managed a community in a few years, but that is how the page appeared iirc.

I still think she is an insufferable self-posting trolling tryhard.

No. 498982

Does anyone else think she's hoping their local news station will hear about Dojas situation? It may be a bit far fetched, but I'm sure she would love that.

No. 498988

File: 1522399529758.png (18.61 KB, 267x302, 1444008129540.png)

don't mind me, can't read. thought it was fatso that posted this, because it sure sounds like her.

this is the rescue lady? holy shit.

No. 499013

File: 1522415002496.png (767.43 KB, 800x1108, Screenshot_2018-03-30-06-00-52…)

No. 499014

> and one especially large one from a friend of mine
Hi Ryan.

> at least 3 years

Again, my staff had to be euthanized at 16yo because of a metastasized cancer that was rupting his internal organs. If not that, he would have lived longer. I don't get that 'omg he is dying' bullshit.

No. 499030

Let's mention how he was going to be euthanized again and how many years he has left! Her human suit is so stretched out you can see right through it.

No. 499130

File: 1522441933468.png (2.69 MB, 1136x640, A3FE6B3F-2B05-4EDB-8324-AA78C5…)

1. Ewh

No. 499131

File: 1522441982898.png (2.65 MB, 1136x640, 3702C4F8-BECD-4B55-BF85-AEDC1C…)

2. Poor abused dog is deaf, blind, near death and they give it a scummy rag bed on the floor

No. 499134

A not-real rescue headed by a lolcow? I feel like this bitch is shaping up nicely.

No. 499145

No. 499155

samefag as I am watching it.

> Ravens so important blind deathbed dog is taking a bath, he is in a vet he is never been before, he looks anxious.

What does she do? Stay put and encourages him? Make him company while all those strange people are making a lot of noise around him?

NOOOOOO, Not Raven….
She proceeds to play with a cuter puppy, giving exactly zero fucks about Doja.
Almost half of that video is about her drooling over that 'cute puppy'.

She has zero control of him while in the leash, you can see she is clearly afraid of him and how strong he is.

No. 499182


That's what his previous owners gave him to sleep on. It is visible in >>497495

No. 499186

They were just as bad as Raven. What they should have done immediately was get him a bed that's easier on the bones so he doesn't develop more physical issues.

Seriously, who lets a broke couple adopt a dog? If you can't pay for him to get a damn bath, how will you afford the rest of his life? Why couldn't they give him a bath themselves? Autumn is fucking irresponsible and shouldn't have any animal in her care.

No. 499200


Raven did give him a bath on the second day they had him >>497312. But he needed to be bathed with the proper shampoo for whatever is going on with his skin.

His previous owners >>498952 should have done a lot of things. Apparently he wasn't even up to date on his rabies vaccine.

No. 499202

File: 1522448770547.png (642.98 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-03-30-15-16-13…)


Doja's day out getting fixed up

Published on Mar 30, 2018

Paypal:: cutenswt25@aol.com (Dog rescue paypal. Please specify DOJA)
Otters Ark Vet :: 864- 554-1039 (call in donations account for Doja)

Today is Thursday morning. Doja's walking around. We just went outside to go pee. And today is his first vet appointment. It's not really, like, a vet appointment, but the vet is coming in the local one, and he is going to get groomed. It is very very very very very urgent that he get his claws clipped because his claws are so overgrown. One of them's broken in and I can't…I, I don't feel comfortable cutting dogs claws to start with, especially when they're that overgrown, and I don't have the proper tools. He needs his skin looked at because he itches and he scratches and he claws himself so much. And a bath. Maybe looking at his eyes. I'm not sure she's gonna look at his eyes today, but I know that she's gonna clean up his ears and maybe he can hear a little bit better because um, sometimes he hears you. I think he's got selective hearing.

He's a sneaky little boy. Like, he pretends he can't jump up on the bed, but he can. He, he won't do it unless he knows he's not gonna get picked up. But if he thinks there's a chance to get picked up, he's just gonna sit there and look at you [imitates Doja's pleading face] you know. Like, no, you're not coming up here. And then suddenly he can jump, which is funny. And if he knows he…it's time to go outside and he doesn't want to get up, he'll pretend to be asleep, and things like that. It's pretty funny, actually. So I will update you guys when we get back from the vet.

He just…he's over there eating the food that he spilled. He did a big old poop and a big old pee outside. He's a real good boy about holding it. And hopefully once his nails are trimmed he'll be better at wanting to go outside, because I know walking down the stairs straight on his nails must not be a good feeling at all. So she's about ten minutes away, maybe less now, so I'm gonna go ahead and finish getting ready, and we will head out. And I'll catch up with you guys when we get back.

[cut to Doja being bathed]

[cut to Raven petting a puppy that is loose in the bathing area]

You're a cute little thing, look at you. Oh oh oh you're so happy. Oh oh you're adorable. How are you so cute. How are you so cute. Look at tha tail going. Look at that face.

[cut to Doja being led out of the tub]

Doja, do you feel better?

[cut to Doja walking across the scale while she holds his leash]

80 pounds. Big boy.

[she lets him walk in a circle and he bumps into someone's legs and into the walls]

[pic related]

[cut to inside the Jeep]

We finished with the vet, and so he's got almost everything done. He still needs to be checked out by the actual vet. [She pans to Doja in his crate in the back of the Jeep]. There he is there. What we did was, he got a bath, he got his eyes clean, he got his ears clean, he got his nails cut, he got his rabies shot, he got his heartworm test. He's negative for heartworm.

No. 499207

File: 1522449749389.png (927.18 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_2018-03-30-15-34-07…)

In a clip from the video, she pets him while he is being bathed. The scars on his face are clearly visible.


No. 499209

Autumn sounds just like Raven whinging about needing money like that. I get that most local rescues ask for donations on their facebook pages, I have a few on my list that are cat rescue places. They usually ask if anyone wants to donate towels or newspapers. I've seen a few with optional paypals and another one has a little donation tin when you go inside, but I've never seen a post written the way that Autumn wrote it. She sounds whiny and entitled and a drama queen. No wonder she's mates with Raven, she sketchy as hell. I'd love to see this 'rescue' of hers and look at what kind of setup she has.

No. 499213


She operates from home. She coordinated Doja's adoption via her computer and phone. She didn't even see him in person. She doesn't have a name for her "rescue" or a Facebook page for her services.

The previous owners are so thankful that he was adopted >>498952, but apparently they don't care enough to contribute.

No. 499214

This whole Doja video/thing is a way to get asspats.

Raven no. You did the right thing by getting him cleaned up but noone is fooled by your act.
1-you didn't pay for it, you begged for donations.
2-You claimed that life was great and you weren't going to post anything online really anymore, but suprise, I guess not enough thirsty dropkicks were giving you attention, so now you gotta blast everywhere how great you are for caring for this sick old dog.

You said before you weren't allowed animals and have no money, and instead of being smart, you adopted a dog and dragged it into your shitty life where you can barely afford slim jims, but beg so you can get all the shit for his special needs.

Also peep that comment about jumping up on the bed…she's joking now,but I bet she gets sick of it REAL soon.

No. 499218

Good! Poor little guy, I bet his quality of life is much improved. Hopefully he feels so good, that he'll give Raven hell all day in that tiny trailer. Good boy!

No. 499222

She was originally using Azzy for asspats same with Mr marshmallow but her tune changed when she got annoyed with them.
With Azzy it started out 'oh she must have been abused blah blah blah she shakes, me and josh love her' then after she 'lost' her, in the video she seems to change and act like the dog was a burden anyway. 'She wouldn't leave me to go to the toilet on her own, she crawled everywhere'
Same with mr marshmallow. Special snowflake brain damaged cat becomes 'a bit of a dick'
I'm waiting for her to complain that Doja bit her or farts too much or chews up shit and how he is an ungrateful dog. She likes caring for them as long as she isn't having to pay for it, she gets praise and is able to film it/document it on Facebook. Otherwise it turns into the animals fault somehow.

No. 499224

Josh will come home from his walmart greeter job or whatever revolving door business hires losers and snuggle up to Doja while Raven rages online. Raven thinks she's clever using this dogs as a means of attention, but she's too thick to realize that it's attention to the dog that's happening. She's only around while it happens.

I sorta want to be less nit picky because Doja could have been euthanized and even shit storm Raven is better than dying alone at a shelter, but it's so hard to give Raven any credit. She brags about taking care of the dog and constantly mentions his life span, the woman who gave her the dog is a cow in her own right and she can barely afford his care. He should have gotten his eyes taken care of the minute someone pulled him from the shelter. There was no reason for him to be walking around on untrimmed nails since it's a 15 buck charge anywhere. They waited till every cent was paid before giving him care. It's better than death, but this guy deserves a semblance of responsibility and quick action. He's gotten nothing but neglect his whole life, but you'd assume his second chance would be better than just barely getting him to the vet.

No. 499227


>He should have gotten his eyes taken care of the minute someone pulled him from the shelter.

He was never in a shelter.

His eye condition was diagnosed in 2011 >>497819.

No. 499229

She’s such a psychotic that she can’t stop framing it as ‘the end of his life’; bitch, that dog’s probably got at least five years left to him. Make sure you take care of him. We see you, you fat hog.

No. 499230

Come to think of it she does the same thing with men.


Before-look at how cute his dogs are. (Let's him take photoshoots of her naked)

After-he's smelly and doesn't take care of himself and he rapes me and likes to take ugly nudes.


Before-Yeah he's young, but fuck off haters, our love is forever and he's actually REALLY MATURE for his age and he looks older too.

After- He was actually really immature, he never cleaned up or paid attention to me. I was so neglected. He never stuck up for me online. He lost my cat and never wanted to make videos. Because of his work, he stopped dying his haor and looking alternative like meee.

I am waiting for Josh to become the worst person in the world to her, but I think he's too laid back and too desperate for sex.
She's just a bored toxic person that dates men for attention and adopts animals for attention.

No. 499231

Yes, she does. She needs to keep making embarrassing posts on Ravens behalf, because she’s getting funnier by the day. I sure am glad we have Autumn’s dox, too—thanks Rave! On top of the shitshow that is TLTWMTL we now have an irresponsible doggy ‘rescue’ to watch out for and add to the mix.

Autumn Fralix, what a weird name. Cows really do attract cows.

Please, she barely did anything, this bitch is hardly a rescue what with her LOL IDK HE MITE B AGGRESSIVE LOL LOL shit and also the ‘welp, if no one takes him by tomorrow then he’s going to get put down, because I’m done with him’ nonsense. She made a phone call. Let’s not give her any more credit than that. Dumb hicks.

No. 499232

With Logan she even ASKED her viewers why he and her were not a good match after the fact. Funny how it was 'fuck you we belong together, mind your own business' and then when she gets with Josh it became 'so comment below and tell me what it is about Logan and I that wasn't good, because a lot of you are saying I'm much happier with Josh and I just wanna know what you guys could see that I couldn't' basically asking her viewers to bash Logan.

No. 499238


>Please, she barely did anything, this bitch is hardly a rescue

That was my point. She doesn't even have a name for her "rescue". Note the quotation marks in my previous comment.

Why are anons not criticising the previous owners? They neglected him and, according to Autumn, lied about his condition. For someone who trained as a dental assistant and works as a hotel housekeeper, she didn't have any concern for her beloved dog's health and hygiene.

No. 499240

Because the thread is about Raven and it goes without saying that people who dump their animals at shelters are scum. I have no doubt Doja's previous owners were bad people too, but I don't have facebook, I only follow Raven's hijinks here and YouTube, so not speaking for others, but I don't know much about his previous owners. I'd be interested to hear about them though, if you know anything, post the deets.

No. 499247

Some of us did. I said that they are just as bad as Raven.

That poor dog has had a rough enough life and now he gets stuck with Raven. He just can't catch a break.

No. 499270


I work in a shelter and we have lots of nuts like this. Essentially it's almost always older women with too much time who peruse the At-Risk list (animals at risk of being put to sleep due to medical reasons - generally older animals who need on-going care or have late-stage cancers.) These women see that we get a lot of bully breeds that end up At Risk (due to us receiving mostly bullies… numbers will be skewed) and spam Facebook demanding that someone pull them off the At-Risk list all while never chipping in any of their own money or doing any research into the diseases/afflictions that our dogs suffer from.

Autumn is sadly a dime-a-dozen. She doesn't care what kind of home Doja ends up in as long as he is not put to sleep. While the gesture is grand, I don't think she realizes that he's gone to a home where they will do the bare minimum for him, and only for internet points.

I know Josh is a bit thick but he at least seems genuinely interested in the health of his dogs. (Before Raven offs them, of course…) I'm happy Doja doesn't have heartworm! It's more prevalent in the southern US.

No. 499294

why bother? they're some faceless assholes whose part in this is over.

(ntayrt) as you say, this thread is about Raven. so no, fuck the previous owners. there is too much fucking autism already, let's not turn into the JSBS thread and start dragging in anyone we can find.

I know exactly what you're talking about, and it is fucking depressing. grand gesture or not, they're just one of the many species of old busybodies shitting up the world with their misplaced efforts at fulfillment.

I know it is extremely unlikely but let me at least dream:
Gran gets sick of Doja when he doesn't make her an FB celebrity. Josh draws a red line. Gran fucks off to el paso (or wherever) and Doja gets to live out his days with a dumbfuck who at least loves him and cares about his wellbeing.

No. 499332

I agree with your hypothesis except the argument won't be about Doja,I reckon she will just get bored or demand more attention and she'll up and leave to El Paso if shit goes sour and most likely will shack up with an unsuspecting 'friend' or jump on a new internet dick.

No. 499333

She needs validation in the form of grand gestures, presents, constant attention etc. Eventually she'll exhaust him to the point where he just physically can't do it anymore and she'll become insecure, resentful and start victimising herself / demonizing him. It will be a never ending cycle of her being an emotional and financial vampire with a new victim until she's too old and haggard to find someone. I'm just surprised it hasn't gotten to that point yet.

No. 499335

I'm expecting that the Doja situation will come to a head before >>499333 which is why I hope Josh mans up just once. she could keep doing her soul-sucking for years, but looking at pretty much every pet she's ever owned, Doja has a few months at best (esp since Josh gives him so much attention and affection. like, uhm, how dare he not devote it all to Gran?)

No. 499347


That wasn't their Jeep >>497479.

No. 499362

Yeah I'm suprised it hasn't come to that either. Why isn't she alone yet? Not just because she's old or haggard, but because she's just so damn abrasive and negative.
Like I've seen guys with bitchy girlfriends but they are usually really attractive high maintenance girls. I've seen guys with fat/ugly girls but they normally are really lovely or have a quirk or a sense of humor that makes the guy attracted.

But I truly don't understand why anyone would date her!

She just whinges constantly.
Her whole life is just whinging. She is a serial oversharer with an internet addiction.
She doesn't have a sexy voice. Absolute opposite. It's very naggy and she makes these huh huh sounds and gurgles and burps.
She has probably never worked in her life and doesn't want to.
She doesn't like dogs, extremely codependent, clingy, gets mad if she doesn't get enough attention, will post shit about your entire life online and make it even worse after you break up, (Like a female onion)
She will take control of your social media accounts.
She won't let you watch porn.
If you do, she'll tell the internet.
Her hygiene is poor.
Sex would be terrible as she has health problems and 'back problems'
She repeats things constantly.
She is incapable of seeing past her own view.
She would most likely suggest you have to get a matching tattoo.

Anyway, there's a billion reasons more why, but notice that the reasons given had nothing to do with her looks. I genuinely don't get the appeal. She's so mean. Either she's good in the sack or men have lowww standards.

No. 499380


Silent Hill Nurse

Published on Mar 27, 2016

This was just a quick trial. I'll be buying a longer dress (one that zips over my boobs a bit better) and looking for a creepy place to do proper photos when I can

[so much kek when she attempts to zip it up over her boobs and it unzips itself]

No. 499382

Idk guys, I think Gravy will hang onto Josh as long as possible. She knows she's old, ugly, and used up. I don't think she'll find anyone that is as nice to her as Josh at this point in her life.

No. 499395

I think her next husband will be in the military. She's in the South and as soon as she starts putting her feelers out on the internet for new husbands, she'll run into a lot of post-Basic soldiers. And I mean, that would be kinda ideal for her: communities of military wives to be abused and raped by, free health insurance, so many on-post resources to leech from, and you'd have to be even dumber than Josh to get fired. Oh, and she'd love the PX: crappy made-in-China plushies galore!

No. 499397


[She had rehomed of Mr. Marshmallow prior to another video she posted March 20, 2017. In this video she talks about rehoming him and immediately adopting two sick kittens that were a few weeks younger than Marmalade's litter. These are the kittens she claimed Logan wanted to throw out of the house because they were shitting everywhere. Based on her description they probably had tapeworms.]

More updates, and an adorable addition

Published on Apr 21, 2017

13:00 Lastly, the best news probably, we got two new kittens. We did not want kittens. We did not want to add anybody to our family. We were done. We got rid of the other kittens for a reason. I've been asked what's happened to the other kittens, and I've mentioned it before, but I guess I'll speak it in this video if anybody watches this far. But with our plans to go to the states we had to think about, of course, what we're going to get rid of, you know. What are we going to get rid of in the house, who can we take with us?

Obviously Mr. Marshmallow is fucked in the head. He's got problems. He's um, you know, he's mentally disabled or whatever. Um, well, he's got neurological problems. He's not a normal cat. He can't function very well with change. And so we know the stress of that flight is not going to be good for him at all, so we cannot take him with us. We can't take him with us, so it's best just to rehome him, that's what we did.

The bitch that we rehomed him to, we thought, oh yeah, it's a good home, it's an older woman, she's…you know, I talked to her extensively about him and his problems and how he needs special care, and she assured me that she has a lot of experience with animals like that and she's a grandma and she's a mom and she stays home all the time so she'd be a good fit for him. And so I was like, ok, it sounds like a good home for him. I don't want anybody that lives out on a farm or whatever, I want to make sure that he is safe and, you know, whatever.

She lost him twice within the first, like, week. She texted me and she's like, I can't find Mr. Marshmallow. Are you fucking serious? Oh, well I have a dishwasher that was taken out and there's a big hole and I think he got outside. And I'm like, what the fuck? I can't help you, I don't know. And I gave her hints on, like, what to do, how to call him and stuff. And she's like, oh well, I'll figure it out. And then she found him. He came from somewhere in the house. And them um, like a couple days later, I lost Mr. Marshmallow again. I was like, oh my god, you didn't learn from the first time? And then we got into it really bad because I said, look, you know, go and call him, don't feed him because if he is outside he needs to be hungry so that if he hears food he'll come running. If you feed him outside you'll never catch him. No no no, I just left food for him outside and blah blah blah blah blah. And she's like…I said, well, maybe you should put him into a room if you find him again and close the door until he gets used to you. And she's like, well, what do you think I do, I have a huge house and I do this and I do that. I'm like, whoa calm down. And I said, well, you know, when we first got him we had him in a…when we moved we had him in one room, and we just kind of…to stop him from bolting. And she said she had him in a room, and he bolted. And I said, what we did is we'd go in and we'd stick our leg in the door and we'd go ch-ch-ch-ch-ch, you know, to get him away from the door, and then we'd come in and close the door quickly so he couldn't leave. And she goes, I'm not moving, I have a five-bedroom two-bathroom huge house on such and such amount of land and blah blah blah, and I'm not going to move just…And I'm like, what the fuck? I said, where the hell did I say, move? I never said that. I was just telling you what we did to keep him locked in the room.

And then she starts arguing with me. And I said, look, you know. Like, she started calling me names and coming down on me for talking down to her or talking to her like she's an idiot which I totally wasn't doing. And then um, I was actually really polite to her this whole time cuz I know I lose my shit really quickly, and I try really hard not to cuz the people here, as soon as you lose your shit they call the cops on you. So even if you tell them to fuck off they call the cops on you. Yeah, she said fuck off to me, she called me a liar, you know. Like, what the fuck? Fucking grow up. And people are like, you grow up. But come on, man. Cops here don't do shit to start with. They're not going to do something cuz somebody calls you a name or tells you to shut up, you know.

Anyway, so I don't know what happened, if she found him again because I ended up blocking her because I was just losing my shit. Like, she tried to say that the house was absolutely filthy, that it was disgusting, it was like a pigpen, it was a mess. She didn't even come inside the house, for one. And that the cat house was gross and it was filthy and falling apart. She didn't see the cat house, either. So she's just talking out of her ass and insulting us and just going off on a fucking rant because I said maybe with a new cat in the house, she should know better than to let the cat have free range. She needs to keep him in the one room, visit with him, and get to know him better.

So that was just a huge mess. We can only hope he's ok. I'm pretty sure he is. He's probably in the house somewhere. Maybe she would have learned this time. We never heard back from her again after that.

Everybody else, as far as I know, they're doing fine, I never heard anything from them. We just figured, you know, with the kittens, it's going to be so costly with all these cats. And before we get attached to them it's best just to just go ahead and rehome them as babies, and so we did. It was really hard for us, but we did. Plus with the landlords, they were being such assholes. When I confronted him about the fact that he stole the bond, he tried to say that we had way more cats that we were told. And I said, when we had the first interview with you, I asked you if it was ok if Marmalade ended up having kittens, and he said that would be fine. He's like, no no no, that conversation never happened. And I'm like, yes, it did. And he's like, no, that never happened, I don't know what your on. Like, I knew he was going to cause trouble for us and possibly try to use that against us and um, you know, maybe charge us or something for it, take us to court or whatever. And um, so it was in everybody's best interest just to rehome the babies. And we did.

We thought Marmalade would be fine cuz she spends a lot of her time outside anyway, but she hasn't been. Ever since everybody went she walks around the house and she just cries and cries and cries. And she circles around like she's obviously looking for somebody. Not her babies specifically. Maybe Mr. Marshmallow cuz she grew up with him or whatever. But um, when her babies went she didn't really seem to phased. She didn't sniff around around like, oh shit, something's missing. She was just like, whatever. She pretty much quit being around them. But I think she was just generally lonely for another cat because she's always grown up with others cats.

And so we decided, you know…we saw an ad, and this person was an hour outside of town. Usually people here are really greedy, and the charge a shit ton for kittens, but this person didn't. They only charged if they delivered to Christchurch which they didn't cuz we went out there. And um, instantly I saw this fluffy black boy. They're ten weeks old, by the way. And I was like, oh my god, he's so fucking cute. And Logan saw a cream colored one, and he was like, oh my god, he's so cute. We're like, fuck, what do we do, what do we do? And then we just decided to take both, so um, we did. My black one is named Loki, and his cream one is named Dante. And they are so close. I'm actually really glad we got the two of them. They fucking love each other. If one is out of the room the other has got to follow. If one is sitting on you the other has got to follow. If one is laying down the other has got to sit on top of him. I mean, they are up each other's ass. They are so fucking close. They are closer than any two kittens I've ever seen. And, you know, I've had lots of litters, I've lots of kittens before. So uh, that's pretty cute. I have the video from when we first got them that I'll include here and make a long video even longer.

And for all of you who have been coming down on my ass, yes, they will all three be cut. The only reason that we were going to let Marmalade have one more litter is because we noticed that she was distraught. We thought, fuck, I don't want to buy another cat. I don't want to rehome another cat. I would rather just keep one of her babies. And um, we were going to let her have another litter for that. And then there's other people that wanted some of her kittens that didn't get one and had been waiting and waiting to see if she gets pregnant again. And um, that was it, that was the only reason. And then we were going to take her and we were going to spay her right away. People asked as soon as she was done feeding the new babies.

But now that we've got these two…they're still not in the "I like you" stage yet, it's only day two. But um, she kind of charges at them when they're playing like she wants to play with them. And as soon as she gets up to them she's like, whoa, who the fuck are you. And then she hisses and backs off. But you can tell she wants to interact with them, it's just gonna take a little bit of time. And then they'll be one big beautiful happy family. And um, we will get the boys cut, and we will get Marmalade spayed, so there will be no more litters coming from us period. Now she's got her playmates.

And um, these two kittens are just gorgeous. And I really do hope that they will work out. Like, they are just amazing. They just crawl up and sit on your lap and curl up on your lap. And um, my black one, he's got lots of white tufts on him so it's actually really fucking adorable. He's black with a lot of white. I'll actually take you guys to meet them, see what they're doing now. They're probably in bed cuz they have um…the place we got them from is pretty bad. You guys would hate them so much. The grandma is 14. And from what the owner said, she had a litter last year. I didn't even know that was possible. But no cat that old should be having kittens. And they've got three dogs, chickens, sheep, the grandma, the mom, one of the mom's daughters, and two litters of six in the house. So that's a lot of cats. And they just keep letting them have babies and babies and babies and babies.

And they obviously didn't really take care of them because I'm pretty sure these two are sick, so they're going to have to go to the vet. They are sneezing a little bit. They've got the runs. They are real quick to eat. Like, they eat so much. They are on the $120 food. But we're just letting them eat right now to get all the bad shit out of their system and onto the good shit.

And they jump on everything. We don't let our cats on furniture. On couches, yeah, but not on tables or counters. And these ones jump on tables, on the wash machine, on everything. And we can't, like, scold them because they don't know us. So that's a source of kind of anger for me cuz I don't like animals that jump on everything. But it'll take time, and we'll calm them down. They seem good enough. They don't like being told "no" so far, so if I see them and I say their name and "NOOO." Then they get kind of like, oh shit, and they jump off. But you can tell they don't know what they're doing is wrong because when you come towards them they don't run, they just look at you. So they've got no idea what they're doing is something they're not supposed to be doing. It's a learning process. They've only been here two days. But at night, because of this, they get locked up in the laundry room. And um, they've got blankets and stuff. And so we'll go see them. And uh, after I show them, they'll be asleep probably, I'll wrap this up and make my second video. So sorry this is a bit long.

[cut to walking to the laundry room]

Let's see what the kitty cats are doing. There you are. You're so pretty. Hello, boys. Look at you. Instantly purring, aren't you. They love each other so much. And if you sit down, they will just, like, crawl into your lap because they fucking love…he does, Loki, just loves being on your lap. They're such adorable babies. Did I wake you up again? I'm sorry. They had to have a bath because they had poop on them. And covered in fleas. God, they were, like, infested with fleas so I had to fucking rush out and get, like, flea treatment and stuff. So cute. [Loki gets in her lap] Are you going to come say hi now? He likes to lean so he'll, like, come up and just lean on your legs or lean or your body. Now he's just going to curl up and be cute. You're so adorable. You can tell he's going go be a beautiful cat. There's his white fur. And he's got white under his chin as well. I think the name suits him, too. Doesn't it? Look at all that white on your fuckin' neck. Oh, you're so adorable. [Dante comes up] And, see, he will never sit on me. He doesn't…he's, like, attached to Logan which is awesome because Loki's attached to me, and Dante's attached to Logan. But if I'm in here and his brother's on me like this, he has to sit by his brother. And then he will come, and he will sit on my lap. But considering they've been here two days, I mean, it's pretty cool, pretty impressive.

And they were born January 31st of this year so they are only a couple of weeks younger than Marmalade's babies. And I think this was a score because especially being long haired like this and being cream colored like this one. And the mother and the grandmother are double diluted tortoiseshells, so they're gray with cream instead of black with red or whatever. They could have charged two, three hundred dollars for these kittens and gotten it. So I don't understand why they're letting the cat have babies if they're not charging for them because they are not making any money or anything, they're just being, you know, bad owners. So these are our new babies, and you can see why we love them so much. I'm gonna let them go to sleep now.

[cut to video of their first day. Raven and Logan and Marmalade are with them in the laundry room.]

No. 499421

Wtf is that shirt? She said she doesn't like Pokemon. But who did? Logan. Now she's trying to copy Josh's interests see: the sudden liking of dogs. Bitch get your own personality and interests, stop leeching off Logan, Josh and Emily Boo

No. 499431

>And them um, like a couple days later, I lost Mr. Marshmallow again. I was like, oh my god, you didn't learn from the first time?

Says the bitch who has rehomed and lost how many pets now? Kek she's always hating on people for doing like the exact same shit she does.
That old lady rang her when he went missing because she obviously cared what happened to Mr Marshmallow. When Azzy went missing, it sounded like Josh was the one to drive around looking for her even until they moved house. I'm sure she intially joined him, but I doubt she actually gave a shit. Fucking hypocrite!

No. 499436

I'd love to compare the transcript of her blabbing on about Dante, Loki and Logan to the transcript of her blabbing on about Josh and the two kittens they got. It honestly sounds so similar. I'm pretty sure she even said the 'they love each other so fucking much' thing with the newer kittens.
Why does she seem to think getting a pet each will be a good thing to do?

No. 499448


The transcript about Cas and Meg >>>/pt/481692.

No. 499449

I bet what actually happened between her and that lady was totally different to how she describes it.
I reckon MM was skiddish and didn't like the change and hid a lot.
The woman probably rang/messaged Raven asking if she could come take MM back because he wasn't happy in this new home and Raven probably insisted that she keep him and said she can't just take him back ect.
I just don't understand why someone would ring the previous owners to ask for help to find MM but then get into an argument when said previous owners give advice on how to catch or find him. She had probably advertised him as super friendly and people loving with special health needs. This lady was probably like oh he's not settling in, and Raven probably raged at her for trying to return the cat.

Maybe Raven did try to 'give her tips' as she says, but we all know Raven has the manners of a beast and is certainly not this quiet meek person she makes herself out to be and who knows WHAT she said to make the lady angry.
She dismisses this in her story as 'people in NZ just call the cops on you for everything'
She's incapable of having a normal interaction with anyone who's dick she isn't sucking.
I would truly love to be a fly on the wall with her new IRL 'friend' that she claims to have…what do they even talk about? Either the new friend is someone she benefits from financially, OR she's just as toxic as Raven and they just bitch about everything together. I'm guessing she's mates because she gets something out of it because she did mention her new friend gives them food.

No. 499452

Thanks anon! And I was right! She said the same thing about the cats loving each other. There was so many similarities in those videos.

No. 499453


>I would truly love to be a fly on the wall with her new IRL 'friend' that she claims to have

Julie-Ann (Raven misspelled her name in the title) sent her a package in October 2015. Raven does a poor job of covering her name and address.

No. 499454

I'm actually glad she can't have kids because I get the vibe she's the type to have them with a partner to get them to stay or fix the relationship. It's obvious because she does this with the cats. Gets one for her and one for her partner because it's like they are bonded now they have pets together.

No. 499455

Ah ha! So it IS a beneficial relationship. I bet she's never sent Julie anything in return kek

No. 499461


Cas was a grand gesture New Year's present from Josh. As such I expected her to express more heartbreak over having to give him up. But I suspect that Raven found Cas on Craigslist and told Josh to give him to her.

No. 499464

Same. She didn't really care that she had to sell them or give them away. She was more angry at people questioning her over it. She only gets sad or angry if her actions make her look bad.

No. 499534

yeah nah I can't sit through that and listen to that sweet boy being sore.

Raven is such a fat disgusting mess. The dog is sore and you're trying to be all cutesy saying its the mean internet people? Get a grip of your life you fucking disgusting waste of space.

No. 499571

Also didn't she say Mr. Marshmallow is with Logan's mom? She refers to Mr. Marshmellow's new owner as "That bitch" in the video talking about the cats.

No. 499581

No one of marmalade's kitten is with Logan's mum. MM got given to an lady who she had a fight with. Probably either found her through facebook or nz version of Craigslist.
Also it's funny how many people get confused with which cats went where because it truly shows how many pets she's been through.

No. 499639


She admits to blocking the woman from contacting her, but then says, "We can only hope he's ok. We never heard back from her again after that."

What was she planning to do with Loki and Dante when they moved? She had ostensibly gotten them as companions for Marmalade because she was so distraught. Was she planning to rehome them, further traumatising Marmalade after she had bonded with them?

What happened to Luna, Pickles, Mercury, Mystery, and Munchkin?

No. 499668

File: 1522562084457.jpeg (559.42 KB, 1242x1863, 2622267D-032C-4709-BB34-82D4D9…)

I can’t WAIT until she finds out Logan is with someone else. Even better if it’s someone he knew while they were together, she’d accuse him of cheating all along

No. 499681

It's okay Hagraven, no one wants Josh. Women can just go outside and find a bum on their own just like you did.

She seems so mad for someone who's no longer with her ex. She moved on now give the guy a chance to move on to. He ain't yours anymore, Hagraven.

No. 499692

See, in Raven's mind, anyone she has been with will ALWAYS be hers and they can never move on.

No. 499694

my favourite raven idiosyncrasy is declaring how much she doesn't care as part of a screed about whatever has her salty today. "Look how not bothered I am! I mean, yeah, I'm bringing it up and bitching about it publicly, but doesn't that just prove how not bothered I am?"
every. single. time.

No. 499696

File: 1522578389833.jpeg (299.44 KB, 1242x2208, AD20FD91-C4D7-4FFD-9247-EB0268…)

Logan posted a pic on fb and granny had to mark her territory. Craven needs to leave him alone. She is so in LUV with josh.

No. 499698

Why does she even care what necklace is it? "I don't remember" okay…. why does it matter?? She is SOO not over Logan. She's not in love with him but she just wants him to forever suffer.

Love how this post was about Logan and then she brought up Josh like, who the fuck even talked about Josh?? "drool over MY man"… still not sure which one she is talking about LOL.

No. 499700

> "has me blocked"
> "i dont think i know anyone you know"

i mean, we all know raven blocks everybody with a pulse, but the fact she blocked an attractive alt!girl on her ex-husband's friendslist for no reason tickles me pink

No. 499706

>"drool over MY man"

Yeah, some unemployed guy who was literally permanently camped on his Mom's couch until six months ago is quite the catch. Boy are we jelly of Raven's awesome life with the LTWGTL.

No. 499716

Pitbull snoring like a human

Published on Mar 31, 2018

This video was originally posted a few days ago on the Doja Facebook page. He is asleep with his head in a messy pile of clothes.

Get some fucking sheets, Raven!

No. 499718

gravy is that girl from middle school who microwaved her hamster

No. 499775

In her 'Pets' playlist on youtube there are already 5 videos about Doja that are private. She will release a ton of them, for sure.
Since Ravens most watched videos are from Marmalades labor, maybe she thinks Doja is gonna be her paycheck from now on.

No. 499778

yeah, that's why she rushed to get him an FB page. she couldn't make it as an e-celeb on her own* so now she will try to do it via Doja.

*obligatory mention of that time she wasn't even good enough for Buzzfeed (although Emily Boo was)

No. 499783

The doxxing of that buzzfeed intern and the fact she never addressed that article, even after she publicized she would be featured, is one of my fave fails of Raven e-fame herstory.

No. 499793

I haven't heard of this, please tell us more! Are there any videos?

No. 499803

You can follow up from here >>402897 and here >>414695
but TLDR,

> buzzfeed was doing an article on armpit tattoos, Raven had just gotten one and an intern contacted her so her pic could be featured on the vid higlights. Raven told the world, posting the email prints (thus doxxing the intern) and, all of the sudden, deleted everything and never said anything about it anymore.

Buzzfeed release an armpit tattoos special, she was not on it.
Guess who, a month later got a INTERVIEW with buzzfeed? Emily Boo.

topkek for me 10/10 would reccomend.

No. 499845

That was some good milk. My favorite part was her talking about "moving up" in the world and becoming a popular alt model haha. Worked out great, huh Gravy!

The armpit tattoo looks exactly like armpit hair. It is gross lol.

No. 499858

File: 1522621277352.jpg (7.59 KB, 191x271, dry_eye_03.jpg)

do ho ho, "eye infection", that dog has kera conjunctivitis sicca aka dry eye and gentamicin ain't gonna clear up shit. it may just mask the symptoms for a while. dry eye medication needs to be compounded and usually runs between $50-$70 a bottle and the dog would have to be on it for life. he'd also benefit from constant lubrication with something like optixcare. also entropion surgery is about $2,500+ depending. although fact of the matter is, if both eyes are blind then they are medicating and trying to comfort two pointless globes in that dogs head. they'd be better off enucleating them

No. 499947

I have no idea why they haven’t done enucleation surgery. It would be less painful for the dog than having those rocks in his head. It’s also less costly in the long run.

If there’s heart issues or something which precludes him from having surgery, sure, but at eleven he’s not that old, he should be fine. The clinic I work at routinely does surgery on senior dogs and outcomes are generally positive. Enucleation is a short surgery too, he wouldn’t have to be under long.

No. 499952

She is insane. Logan needs to man up and tell her to fuck off. I worry about that kid. I’d love if there were someone out there who had cocks on him, because one of the things that honestly bothers me about Raven was her grooming and the predatory shit she pulled with him. If someone pulled that shit with my little brother I’d fucking kill them.

No. 499961

oh agreed. but can you imagine them spending the money on chest x-rays, let alone an echo of the heart to see if he's ok for surgery? bloodwork too?

No. 499973

Never happen! These are the very same people who will sheepishly talk around having their otherwise healthy pet put down until the vet brings it up for them, at which point they look both shamefaced and relieved. Meanwhile the doctor is struggling because they want to ask them what the hell they thought pet ownership would be like.

I know in Raven’s case it’s pointless, but another thing that rustles my jimmies are the sheer number of people who refuse to get medical insurance for their pets. I’ve heard ‘it’s a scam!’ more times than I’d like. It’s sad that owning a dog or a cat is cost prohibitive for some people, but advances in veterinary care mean that you should, at the very least, have some savings set aside for medical emergencies. /soapbox

No. 500027

File: 1522647549978.jpg (172.32 KB, 2048x1152, 29872682_1805032443137413_1231…)

They have made a bed of sorts on the floor for him.

No. 500086


Stop making so much sense, anon!

I wonder if the vet has suggested this as an option? Or is this a case of a vet trying to maximise profit?

No. 500087

Staffs will lay on anything that is soft.
But it goes to show how much she does not care for him at all, not because it is a simple pillow or duvet on the floor, but because its prob filthy as fuck and will never get changed.

No. 500094


She can't even be bothered to get sheets for her own bed.

No. 500095

Hargraven's logic will be "oh it will only lie on something that smells like us" if she gets called out for using a filthy drool/jizz/slim jim encrusted duvet as a new bed for Doja

No. 500113

They really are disgusting. Poor Doja. If he had gotten to a regular rescue, they would have removed his eyes, gotten him proper care and he'd be in a home with some dog lovers who take him for walks and nurture him to navigate around the world without sight. This poor dog had the most vile people involved in his life, from owners, to rescue to new home. Doja, buddy, I hope things work out for you. I hope Raven puts on her best human suit and Josh stops being such a pussy and takes care of his dogs since he lost all of them so far. More so, I hope someone else takes him who is an actual adult.

No. 500123

Is anyone keeping an eye on this Autumn cow?

No. 500312

Why the crap does this inconsiderate whore NOT post her painful to watch clips chronologically? Sigh,just another reason to hate her…

No. 500392

More clips of Doja laying in dirty laundry.

No. 500396


All of those clips were already posted on the Facebook page.

No. 500409

Autumn is no longer relevant to the thread, but it could be interesting as a seperate thread if anyone bothers to collect info. I'm not interested myself.

No. 500412

If she spergs about Raven related adoption than fine, but yeah, maybe find a general cow thread in snow? Just because she's retarded and selfish doesn't mean she's a full blown cow. Just another horrible person in the world.

No. 500420

File: 1522765570934.png (460.96 KB, 800x1166, Screenshot_2018-04-03-07-22-04…)

Her videos of Doja are not money makers, if that's what she has in mind.

No. 500422

File: 1522765937341.png (93.77 KB, 800x713, Screenshot_2018-04-03-07-30-29…)

Time to get busy adding to the wish lists now that Josh has a new job!

No. 500459

Selfish cunt. Her dog needs medical care, she can’t afford it and is asking for help but wants jewelry and makeup now.

No. 500576

File: 1522790476148.png (772.81 KB, 1242x2208, 9B45441B-8E2F-4068-A3F9-1507E6…)

Iirc she used to call her mom names in the story of my life video.

No. 500593

>Inb4 gib money for funeral ala Luna

No. 500594

File: 1522792389331.jpeg (221.3 KB, 628x1011, 44455BA2-4949-4207-A9FA-BE2257…)

No. 500597

Wait is there laughing reactions? I hate Raven, but wtf is wrong with her retarded friend list?

No. 500616

The laughter emoji's are probably from her "h8rzz" (the gir types..)
Anons may be bitches but we're also empathetic and respectful to those who need it during difficult times. It's called being responsible and mature.

No. 500623

Wait for it, the 'my sister is a bitch and I never got to see my dying mom' video is coming.

No. 500624

File: 1522796877950.jpeg (363.3 KB, 1242x526, 3AEE8859-941B-421E-86F4-9FD56F…)

She isn’t outright asking yet but you are on point.

I hope Dorian can contact his family without Raven, it sucks being on the otherside of the world in this situation.

No. 500625

You're right, but it's still shocking.

At least she's letting Dorian know in some way. I suppose that's good. Raven can't be 100% trash 100% of the time. I hope she can go to the funeral. Better yet, put Doja into a better home while she makes the trip.

No. 500651

She's letting him know so he can feel hurt too though. Because she feels hurt and doesn't know what to do with that. Quick, lash out at everyone you can think of!

No. 500655

Eh, to me it looks like she's trying to open the door to talk to him again. My mom was the same way, using tragedies to manipulate. I hope that isn't what Hagraven is doing but knowing her, it probably is. I hope he sees the message and contacts his family without having to speak with her. After all the shit that she's said and done to that poor boy, that door in his life should be opened with caution written all over it.

No. 500761

He can find a way to pay respects to his gran if he bypasses his mother.

No. 500797

wasn't her mom on the 'everyone abuses me' list?

"my family killed my mom so I couldn't get to see her again because she was like my favorite person ever and they wanted to hurt me"

>Raven can't be 100% trash 100% of the time.

not sure if newfriend or hopelessly optimistic. she's not letting him know so much as trying to guilt him (she'll probably find a way to blame it on him) same as she put it on her fan page so she can leverage it for $

No. 500799


anyone else notice "i didn't get sleep because ____" is like the beginnings of the end for Raven's relationships? she cycles thru the same complaints

No. 500873

Let me start by saying that I'm sorry to D and anyone else who is grieving. Losing a family member is hard. Please take care of yourself. Don't let anyone use a tragedy to manipulate you.

No, I don't give her asspats for making a public status to "let her son know" that his grandma passed away. Raven's own siblings, who hate her guts, bothered to track down her number and call. Because that's what you fucking do in a situation like this - you put your own feelings aside, understand the other person is a person (and your own flesh and blood, you bitch) and reach out. This is also the woman who took care of D for awhile because his mother was too busy a goff whore to care about him, making it even more imperative that someone personally reaches out to him.

D and his GF both have social media. She could unblock them and dm. We all know this possessive bitch still has their contact info. And, if nothing else, she could reach out to Logan/his mother/literally anyone who lives in NZ and ask them contact D. But no, she made a public facebook status because it's her sons responsibility to keep up with his abusive mother who disowned him.

As I recall, she hadn't spoken to her mother or family members in years (decades) because everyone hates her. She may be grieving but she's absolutely using it for attention - move over Doja, Gravy just became the new star!

TBH I really hope she begs enough money to travel to El Paso. That will allow her to secure her next CPW and thus the next saga in the Gravy Train chapter is born. Super excited to watch her stuff her face with Chico's Tacos (El Paso fag here)!!

Also looking forward to the tirades of how mean her family is to her. It will be interesting to see if she puts up a fight over her mother's belongings/will.

No. 500889

Raven has been in the country for months now and hasn't lifted a finger to try and go see her elderly mother, who was already in a bad shape to begin with. I'm sure some of the dough spent on Slim Jims and plushies could've afforded her a ride to El Paso. Especially after not seeing her mother for years.

No. 500891

Someone on KiwiFarms pointed out that she likely would have stopped in Huston on her way from NZ. Instead of spending a shit ton of money moving her plushie hoard across the planet, she could have visited her sick mother.

No. 500892

File: 1522857044110.jpg (30.26 KB, 602x174, she's not wrong.JPG)

No. 500896


Raven's sister emailed her, not called. She didn't have to go to any great length since Raven posts her email address everywhere.

Dorian may have Raven blocked, too. Whether he has ever been in direct contact with her siblings is unknown.

Raven's most recent mention of her family was in a video posted in December >>>/pt/478615

>I don't have any family or, like, friends that could help me or take me in. I've got nowhere to go. I've got no one to turn to. My mom's in, in a home somewhere. My sister and brother don't talk to me.

In a Q&A in August >>>/pt/418156

>Will you see your mom when you get to the states?

>I would like to try. I've got the number where she is. I don't have the address, but I could call the number and get the address. She won't know who I am. She doesn't know who my sister is. So it'll be a really hard trip to make, but I most definitely want to see her before she dies or whatever. Even if she doesn't know me at least I'll know that I went.

No. 500897



>I landed in Dallas, and then I had another three, no, five-hour layover, something like that.

Dallas is ~ 650 miles from El Paso.

No. 500899

She said she got a phone call from her brother (who also hates her), anon.

And Dallas is still closer than SC. Closer than she ever has been should she care to see her sick mother. That was my point.

No. 500900

Same, this is a classic narc maneuver to get their target back in their lives. Raven will use the death of her mother to get both Dorian and possibly Logan back under her thumb. She will lie about her ‘feelings’ (pro tip: she has none) to move them back into her life in some way. This is a pretty blatant, common, and transparent move that most narcs utilize, and Dorian, if you’re still reading here, please don’t fall for your mom’s manipulation. That’s all this is, and you owe her nothing.

Narcs see the deaths of loved ones as opportunities, not tragedies. Raven will work this angle very hard. I hope both Dorian, LG, and Logan all have strong support right now.

No. 500901

Anon, why hope that she’ll go to the funeral? All she’ll do is make it about her, cause a scene, and inflict more pain on the people who are actually grieving.

No. 500907

File: 1522859477793.png (25.23 KB, 1242x116, 1522790476148.png)


Yes, anywhere in Texas is closer to El Paso than SC. I was not disputing the point made on KF. I was verifying that she did transfer through Texas and specifically where because MirnaMinkoff was not sure.

No. 500928

Unfortunately an oldfag that never learns.
Fair enough anon. I don't disagree. And kek about Chico's Tacos. New Mexico fag and been to El Paso plenty of times. Chico's tacos are Raven size proportions.

Only time Raven has had self-awareness.

No. 501062

No. 501063

it’s almost 30 min damn…

- asks for money to go see her mom (admits she knows it is dumb to do so)
- says she is 2 months behind on some bills still
- recorded a phone call with her mom, inserted into the vid at the end
- mom talked about “sluts and whores” a lot as she got sicker mentally

No. 501064

I’m going to beg for a transcript-anon to step in here because I don’t think I can stand this.

No. 501066

>ranting about sluts and whores
What Raven has to look forward to when she’s rotting in the old folks home.

No. 501099


I'll be able finish it up and post if after my shift.

No. 501100

maybe a dumb question but … wouldn't she have blocked D on all her pages? meaning someone would have to read it on the fan page (of all places) and then pass it on?

LMFAO oh god that tickles me! why don't you dip into your patreon funds, gran.

you don't like milk?

No. 501147

She does seem quite shook at the start of the video but the mood shifts when she starts begging for money to fix the fucking Jeep so Josh can… what? Drive them to El Paso? Doesn't he have a job to go to? There is no way this half-assed plan is going to result in her getting to her mother's memorial.

No. 501148

Samefag. I mean, it's obvious, I don't know why I'm asking. She plans to get Josh to El Paso with her then sell him on staying. Bonus points if they get stranded there for mechanical or financial reasons. The only question is, will the dog travel with them or will she dump him somewhere first.

No. 501158

File: 1522906909071.jpg (235.18 KB, 1079x643, SmartSelectImage_2018-04-05-17…)

If she is so upset about her mum so much so that she can't reply to 'friends' why is she commenting her judgemental shit on Facebook videos?

Raven both your parents are gone and I am glad your mother couldn't remember what kind of piece of shit daughter she had. Both of your parents were so ashamed of you and the way you behave and you will never ever get the chance to change and be a good daughter. NEVER! I really hope that hurts

No. 501166

Okay I'm going to hell but I burst out laughing when cravy started talking about how her senile ol' momma would rant and rave about "sluts and whores". Like fucking really? Maybe goff granny should be in a home, I think she might be senile herself! The complete lack of self-awareness is just too much

No. 501175

You'd think this would be a respectful video, a tribute to her mom but nah. You can count on Raven to glitz it a bit, embarrassing her DEAD mom, with shit like this. Classic Raven.

No. 501176

Gravy had to get it from somewhere right?

No. 501200

File: 1522917228261.png (156.25 KB, 800x614, Screenshot_2018-04-05-01-30-35…)

No. 501203

Oh we're back on the tailbone issues?

No. 501206

Just fly, minimal time spent on arse - oops sorry, tailbone. I seriously think she wants to get Josh there and keep him there.

No. 501207

not just the tailbone but thinly masked begging. she probably hopes on of her stans will come to the rescue.

No. 501209

Someone mentioned how weird cravey is about wording and the horror I felt when she said “ I won’t even get to see her, she’ll just be ash “ WTF who says that about their dead mother?!

I won’t get to say goodbye because she’s being cremated would’ve been fine!

And I’m calling Doja being dumped pretty soon, Who’s gonna watch him while they’re riding half way across the country? She’s a wretch.

No. 501215

They couldn’t afford food last month. They won’t be able to rent a car and buy gas. I doubt they have credit cards. Plus, Josh will lose another job. Begging for money on the internet will only get you so far. OTOH, Ryan….

No. 501216

I'm very scared for Doja too. Right now everything HAS TO BE about Raven. She won't care if he is mid treatment, if he needs food, if he needs care. And he does. Poor Doja.

No. 501223

People say the weirdest shit when they're grieving, anyone who's actually old enough to have been to a funeral or lose family/friends would know this. Her telling YouTube how much her mother wanted to die was in much poorer taste to me

No. 501224

I guess I am being a bit selfish here but I would be soo annoyed if the person I'm with is CONSTANTLYYYY going through something.
First your son is giving you drama and we're dealing with that, then we're in a car crash and you're being a drama queen, now her mother (I know it's not her faul but still, she's gonna milk it FOREVER)… ugh.
Am I the only one? Lmao

No. 501225

That and talking about sluts and whatever. Was that needed? Just say she was old and didn't know what she was talking about half of the time.
She loves those gory details.

No. 501228


I'm broken… (RIP)

Published on Apr 4, 2018

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Hey, guys. This is a video of that I was absolutely not ready to make. And the reason for making this…I've got two reasons. The first reason is because I'm not gonna, I'm not gonna be active online for a while. I don't know how long. I log in just to make sure nobody's leaving bad comments, but I'm not actually communicating with anybody at the moment, and I'm not going to be for the foreseeable future. If I say thank you, I might say thank you, but that's just about it.

Today is April 4th, 2018, and yesterday I found out that my mom died. So um, she was…as you guys know, she had a stroke years ago, and I've been trying to find a way to come back to America so that I could see her. And I made it back to America, but, you know, between the car accident and Josh losing his job unexpectedly and just bills and bills and bills and things, I…and we didn't have a vehicle of our own until recently, there was no way to rush down there and see her.

And I thought that I had more time, because when I called the nursing place that she was at they had said that she was eating and she was talking and she was doing really well. She knew where she was a lot of the time and, you know, like, her dementia was, was, wasn't as bad or whatever. She was doing pretty good, and they were real optimistic, and they made me feel really good.

And I spoke to my mom. I actually recorded it, so I'm gonna add it after this, with some pictures of her and some of what she last said to me. I'm so glad that I recorded it. I at least have one conversation with her. She, she gets quite mad at my sister and so she, she would always say she doesn't have a daughter, so at the start she's like, I don't have a daughter, and I had to tell her, it's me, it's me. She only knows me as Diana so I tell her, you know, it's Diana, mom, it's Diana. And she was so happy to hear from me: I'm so happy, I love you so much. And whether she knew what was going on or not, I still got her saying that's me. And she was never one to really say she loved me or anything like that, so that was really nice.

So apparently on Sunday in the morning they went to go, I guess, wake her up, and she was unresponsive, so they sent her to the hospital. And I guess that the hospital, they determined that she had had another stroke and bled into her brain, like, a lot. It was her third stroke. And my sister said on Monday they moved her to another room, like, a hospice room or something. And Tuesday morning they got the call that she had just died.

So um, you know, she had one stroke back when Dorian was, like, a baby still. I remember seeing her in the hospital, and that was a real touch-and-go. They said that she had a golf ball-sized clot in her brain, and if she had another stroke she wouldn't make it. Well, she had another stroke when I was in New Zealand, and she begged me, please, please Diana come and get me, take me home, I want to go home, just please come and help me, I don't want to be in the hospital anymore. And I tried so hard. There was just not enough money to, to fly from New Zealand to America and then still pay the fucking outrageous bills in New Zealand, and I just, I couldn't do it. There was no way. There was just not enough money. And uh, because that would have been at least two grand for a ticket, you know, one way. It would have been three or four grand for two ways. And when you convert it, it would have been closer to five or six thousand dollars, so there's no way I could have pulled that money out of my ass. None. And uh, she was stabilized, and she was fine. And I just, I was like, well..that's when Logan and I decided we were gonna move to El Paso.

And she just got worse. She went to stay with my sister. She, she wasn't doing so good. She…I know she tried to hang herself twice. And she was always real kind of violent and, you know, they had hide the knives from her and things that she could hurt herself or her other people with. And she was obsessed with, like, bitches and whores, and she'd always talk about sluts and bitches and seeing dead people and cats. And, like, she was hallucinating quite a bit. And she quit speaking English for a while and would only speak Thai. And so they finally couldn't do it any more, and they sent her to a care facility because um, when she'd tried to jump out of moving cars, and she'd walk out the front door even when she was being supervised. Somehow she walked out the front door, and she'd go to the neighbor's house and just caused a lot of trouble. And she'd have the ambulance and the cops come all the time. And it was just, it was just a lot of, a lot, a lot of stress. And in this place, yeah, they said she was doing good and eating well and all this junk. And when I talked to my brother he said she was maybe sixty something pounds. She wasn't actually eating. So they had misled me.

I, I checked my emails yesterday, and I saw one from my sister saying mom, and then it said for me to call my brother with this number. And I got a bad feeling. I was like, the only reason I would get an email like that would be if something happened to her. And I called him and there was no answer. And I, I was just…I started shaking, and everything started going numb. And I was like, I know something's wrong. I need to call the place that she's staying at and see because I just, like, I can't settle. And I called them, and they thought that I was asking for…well, I thought, I thought…I called and I said, I got a message from my sister about my mom. And she said, oh, do you want to talk  so-and-so. And I was like, oh, my sister's there, yeah. And I thought, my sister's there then everything's fine. But it wasn't her, it was a resident there, and they hung up on me when they realized it was the wrong number. So I called back and I said, no, this is, you know, Kim Sparks' daughter. And she said, oh, well, you need to call this number. And she gave me a different number. And I was like, whose number is this? And she said, that's my boss. And I knew right then there's no way that they would have me call their boss unless my mom had died. And I just, I just got this knot in my stomach. It's like, I know it I know it I know it I know she's dead. And I just kind of, like, went into shock. And I called that number, and there was no answer, and I left a message. They still haven't called me back. If it wasn't for my sister I wouldn't have known anything because they, they haven't even returned my call.

And right after that my brother called me and he just said, Diana. And I knew from his tone of voice. I said, I know. And he said, your mother's dead, and she passed away this morning. And um, I was like, well, what the hell happened, because last I heard she was doing really well. And they said they don't know why or how it happened. It's just her brain had shrunk so much from the dementia. She probably wouldn't have had long in her, anyway. And um, I guess she was asleep and something just let go in her brain and she had another stroke and never woke up again. And he was real upset about it. And it's kind of fucked up because when my dad died, I was the one who had to call him and tell him that his dad was dead. And now he called me to tell me my mom was dead.

And uh, you know, me and Josh wanted to go to see her, like, whenever we got back on top again because we still owe the rent here. We're still behind, we're $50 behind on the rent, and on the 12th the next month's rent is due which we only just pulled out of our ass for this month a little bit. And, you know, our power bill's, like, two months overdue and it's…we're struggling so hard to catch up because of what FedEx did to him. And, and now this. And it's just a lot of stress at the moment. And we weren't able to pull it together to go see her yet.

And, like, I, I would talk to Josh about her and say, you know, if my mom was in her right mind and my dad was still alive they would love you, they would absolutely love you, because he's everything they've always wanted me to be with. And he was looking forward to meeting her. Oh, I can't wait to meet your mom. And, you know, I was kind of mentally bracing myself because I knew there would be a chance that she wouldn't even know me when she saw me, and she definitely wouldn't know him. But I figured, you know, at least I would get to see her one more time because, you know, I haven't even seen her in like ten years. It's been about ten years since I've seen her. And um, you know, now I'm never gonna get to see her again, like, at all.

And she's gonna be cremated in Colorado and then taken to El Paso for the funeral, and she's gonna be buried next to my dad because apparently they have previously arranged that. And I guess this is the second reason for the video but not the main reason at all because I fully don't expect anything to come of this, but I don't have any way of getting to the funeral at all. Like I said, we don't have any money, and this isn't even a real ask because I, I, I know I'm just gonna be torn apart for it and laughed at and huh, no. But I, I wouldn't forgive myself if I didn't at least try. So um, I guess any donation or whatever to maybe help us get to El Paso for the funeral. I might have a week or two, probably two weeks because my sister has a lot of stuff to try to arrange.

We're in South Carolina, so I need to get from South Carolina to El Paso. And um, I think that the cheapest and best way would probably be enough money for gas and to fix up the Jeep that we have now because we need one new tire in the front which Josh says he could find a good tire for maybe forty bucks. The belt squeaks. There's a mechanic that he's retired, and he does look at cars to help people out for very very very cheap, so that wouldn't be a lot. It's a brand new belt but it squeals and squeaks, and it just might be an adjustment. It has an oil leak so we just need to buy some oil, and replace the left turn signal and the right entire headlight piece. But all in all, I mean it'd still be hundreds of dollars because gas would probably be two, three, four hundred dollars, I don't even know, I don't know anymore, I don't know what gas is here. But versus, I don't know, probably more than that per person for a plane ticket. And then once we got there we wouldn't have the ability to drive around and rent a car and get food or get to and from the funeral or hotel room or whatever. I just think it'll be easiest and best, a better use of money to fix up what we already have and just take that down so we could, you know, I can go around, I could go look at her house. The house that I mostly grew up in doesn't belong to her anymore. But…and um, I'm supposed to get her ashes as well. Not all of them, she's, she's having them split. Some go to Thailand, some are supposed to go divided amongst the family and things like that. And my brother has a box of stuff for me of hers.

And um, as it is that she's gonna arrive cremated, I won't even get to look at her like I did with my dad in the coffin or whatever. She would just be ash by then. But she always wanted to be cremated. And she always wanted to die. She was um, she was in a lot of pain in her life, and she had a really hard life, and she just always, you know, always was miserable, so I hope that, you know, she's happy now and maybe with my dad if there is such a thing.

And I'm really, I'm really upset that I didn't get to go see her one last time. Anybody that knows me knows how hard I was trying, how much I really, really wanted to see her before something happened. And um, it's just…it's like I, I feel like I failed. I've been saying that, you know, I feel like I failed her, I feel like I failed her, you know. She was begging me to come and help her, come see her when she still had her mind. I wasn't able to make it down to see her. But my brother says that I'm lucky, really, because I can remember her the way she was before her stroke and not what she turned into because they know how she ended up being. And uh, like apparently she, like, she used to see all kinds of stuff. She'd see people crawling on the walls, and he said that one time he was visiting her and she was laying on the bed looking at the ceiling and laughing and asking him why he was on the ceiling, and he's like, I'm not on the ceiling, I'm right here. And, you know, like, things like that. She just…she didn't know what was going on. And she always saw dead people and things trying to hurt her and kill her. And, you know, I just hope that you know she was asleep, and she didn't feel or know when it happened and, and would have just been gone without having to suffer. And, you know, I hope she had some little part left in her brain or she understood that I didn't abandon her, and I would have come to see her if I could have, but I just wasn't able to, you know.

And um, yeah, I guess that's it. I just um, I really don't know a hundred percent what to feel. I'm, I'm crushed and I'm devastated. But it's different than it was with my dad because I was there for him and I saw everything. I saw when he got sick and when he got worse and when he went into his coma and we didn't think he'd wake up and when he was begging us to let him die and, you know, when he got out of the hospital and he was so happy to be outside and out of the hospital and he'd look, look at the sky and feel the sun on his face and just smile. And he's thanking the guy who wheeled him out in the wheelchair, thank you, thank you so much, cuz he just didn't want to be in the hospital anymore. By, like, the next day he was sick again and he had to go back in and he was so mad, he was fighting and fighting. He's, I don't want to go, I don't want to go. But he had to. And he couldn't even walk, he wasn't able to stand up, and so the neighbor's son or the family friend's son had to pick him up and carry him to the car. He…that was the last time he ever, like, saw the sun or was outside because, you know, he spent the rest of his life, the next month or so, in the hospital. Then he died. And, you know, I remember being there for all of that, and that was really, really hard.

And my mom, it's more impactful because it's my mom. That was my stepdad, but he was like my real dad, you know. My mom was my mom and uh, it's, it's different because I haven't seen her in ten years and I wasn't there. I, I haven't seen her with her stroke and see her, you know, wither away to like a shell of herself. I, I don't remember her like that. And I just feel like, like she was lucid the whole time because when I talked to her she was pretty lucid. She, she knew what was going on except she would start talking about sluts and people. And I think she probably says sluts a lot because, you know, my real dad left her for her best friend, and she never really got over that, that betrayal, and she carried that with her for many, many years, and so she's always been, you know, sluts and whores. And, and she told me stories about how she grew up in Thailand and having to prepare food there, you know, all the little villages and stuff and having to kill chickens, and she'd have nightmares of headless chickens coming after her and things like that. And, you know, I think a lot of that's kind of those memories have spilled together in her brain and had, had just been a constant in her head.

And, you know, I'm used to not seeing her and talking to her. But then it's hard to come to terms with the fact that even if I had a million dollars I couldn't just fly to her and just see her and hug her and just, you know, be with her one more time. And, you know, if anything happened I couldn't just pick up the phone and call her and just hear her voice, you know. So um, I go back and forth from being, like, kind of numb and, like, this didn't just happen, to being really sad, so it's, it's a really hard thing.

And um, I'm just trying to sort myself out at the moment, trying to sort out fuckin' how to get there. If anybody wants to help donate, my Paypal is below. It's starblood spelled…I've changed it, it's not b-l-0-0-d anymore. It's b-l-o-o-d at live dot com. And I'm looking at hundreds of dollars to get over there and to get back. If um, if you want to donate, then that's the way to do it. If not…I don't expect anybody to help, I really don't. It's on me to get over there which I don't honestly think I can. But if you wanted to, that's there. And if I don't raise enough and I cannot make it, just be sure to leave your email address with the payment, and I'll just leave everything in there, and if I don't make enough by next week or whatnot I'll just refund it back to you because I, I won't have been able to go, and that way you're not just losing your money. You can either trust me on that or not, it's completely up to you. The point of this video is not to beg for money. I just put it out there because you never know. And people have been writing me and messaging me saying, why don't you set up a GoFundMe or do this and do that. And I'm like…I've even said it in a comment, nobody's gonna help, I don't think anybody's gonna help, and I don't feel comfortable asking. But I don't want to go the rest of my life thinking, you know, what if I had asked and I made it to her funeral, you know. I, I have to at least put it out there. I've got no shame right now, I guess. But, you know, it is whatever. I don't expect anybody to help. I don't expect donations and free money for, for that.

I tried to get help way back when my dad was sick to buy some food for him because he had special food, and I think one person donated $20 and I gave that to my mom and she got mad at me for raising money for her. I remember she said, don't do that, I'm not poor, I can take care of myself. And I was like, no, you can't right now, you told me you couldn't, I was, I was just trying to help. And she was very offended. But uh, I don't know, I just um, I don't know.

I've got Doja videos scheduled. I've got, like, a handful of videos that were previously scheduled, and that's what's gonna be just released as I have them scheduled. This is gonna be up there, and I don't have a definitive date on anything yet. She hasn't even been cremated yet, so I'd say I have about a two-week window because my sister mentioned that my brother was going out of town next week, so it will be the week after when he got back. I'm pretty sure that's what she said. And that gives me a little bit of time to try. Otherwise it's just, that's it.

But I'm gonna add videos…or I'm gonna add some pictures of my mom now with the last conversation I had with her. And uh, thank you guys for watching and understanding why I'm…I might approve your comments, but I'm not gonna be talking on any platform for a while until I can get my head around this and just either numb myself up to it completely or just come to terms with it which I haven't even come to terms with my dad being gone, and it's been years since he died, so I don't know if I'll ever come to terms with this. But, you know, both my parents are gone and really, I just…I don't know. You never think that you're gonna tell yourself, you know, that your, your mom is dead, but it happens. And it's just, I guess, appreciate them while you have them because you never know. Shit happens, and one day they're gone and you're gonna miss that chance forever to see them or to talk to them or, or whatever. And it just really sucks, you know. We knew it was gonna happen, we just didn't know when. And you think you're ready for it, but you're never ready for it, you're never, never ready for it. And um, I don't know. I'm gonna go now and put this together and just try to, just try to calm down and get back to myself. And I hope that, you know, she knows that I, I tried.

And uh, I guess that I'll see you guys. I don't know when. But I'll see you guys at some point. And uh, take care. This really sucks, yeah.


R: Hello.

Woman: Christine, it's your daughter. Do you want to talk to her?

Mom: Oh, ah…

R: It's Diana.

M: I have no daughter.

R: It's Diana. Mom.

M: Oh. Who are you?

R: Diana.

M: Diana?

R: Diana.

M: Where are you?

R: I'm in America, mom.

M: I love you.

R: I love you, too.

M: [unintelligible] Everything happen to me. Ok?

R: How are you doing?

M: The same. I'm not good. I fall down and everything. I'm too old.

R: Well, I want to come see you when I can.

M: Ok, you come see me, ok? I'm so happy I hear you.

R: Yeah, I moved back to America. I'm…

M: Where?

R: I'm in South Carolina.

M: [unintelligible]

R: Well, she won't talk to anybody.

M: I know, but just ok. I'm happy I hear you.

R: Well, I'm glad. I wanna…I've been so worried about you.

M: I come see you, ok?

R: Ok.

M: [unintelligible] I'm so happy, baby.

R: I'm glad.

M: Ok?

R: Ok.

M: [unintelligible]

No. 501233


So it turns out her mom was in a care home in Colorado, not Texas.

No. 501235

I am calling it now, Josh is going to lose this job too. You know, after everything that has happened to and around that guy since Raven got there, you'd think he'd take stock of everything and look at his life, look at his choices. But no.

As far as Raven's mother, I know she couldn't help that her mother died. And I get that she wants to go to the funeral. But she may have to suck it up and act like a big girl for once. We'll see if Daddy Ryan sweeps her off her feet by gifting her a plane ticket or something. But I wouldn't be putting anything on Josh to deal with it, especially not to risk his job so he can hold her hand in Texas. He's got his own problems, and she has made everything a thousand times worse for him since she hurricaned into South Carolina.

No. 501237

but anon, if Josh doesn't go with her to El Paso she'll rage and complain and the love that was more than a love in the trailer that was more than a trailer will all be over.

No. 501241

>I just don't know how much it would be to rent a car and if you need credit/credit card

Then look it up, you old fool. You do fuck all all day long, put in some effort for fucking once to see your mother, you selfish cow.

No. 501244

I see the broken tailbone is making a re-appearance. I wonder what is the difference in tailbone impact between sitting around on her broken ass in a trailer all day, and driving to El Paso for her mother's funeral.

No. 501257

She has a big bed to lay in and watch Netflix. She doesn’t have to sit on her very painful tailbone.

No. 501258

there comes a point where some old people say that sort of stuff, and possibly attempt to action it. It's an uncomfortable truth to have to deal with in a personal context. It's fucking wild to broadcast to random people in detail. what the actual fuck. after losing so much of it in her final years, can your mother not have some dignity in death?

No. 501261

I’m fairly certain the dog is going to get dumped :/

If they do go to El Paso, they can’t take it with them, there a pitbull ban in Texas…

No. 501262

I mean, it's sad her mom had dementia, but I did think it was kind of funny she was ranting about sluts and whores. I wonder what Raven's excuse is.

No. 501263

ah, I meant the self-harm stuff.

the sluts and whores bit is just … well, fucking classic. I think we can all laugh at that bit. it feels kind of chicken / egg; is this where Gran's obsession got its start, or was her mom just echoing back to her?

No. 501264


She does the same thing talking about how she reckons Doja will die soon, about that pet she had that was scared of men, her ~tragic life story~ etc. She talks about things like that with pornographic levels of detail, it's creepy as fuck. I'm guessing she thinks it will make people more sympathetic or something.

No. 501266

Um there is definitely no pitbull ban in Texas, I have no idea where you got this from. That being said, of course she's going to dump the dog if they move, moving a pet any age is difficult, much less an older special needs dog. That would be way more effort than Raven is willing to exert.

No. 501268


Transcript anon here. Maybe someone else can better make out what her mom said in their conversation. My mom is Asian, and I still couldn't tell. But I was listening on my tablet and did not use headphones because Raven's voice is so much louder than her mom's.

Also, at the beginning of the video she refers to her mom as Kim, but the woman who answered the phone sounds like she calls her Christine.

No. 501270


She talks about everything in pornographic level detail and with no filter. Hence her videos are 5x as long as they need to be.

No. 501276

Thanks anon. That was about as bad as I expected.

No. 501277

I love that ‘pornographic level of detail’, nice turn of phrase!

Raven’s entire life is such badly written purple prose. I’ve always seen her as one of those women who wrote trashy bodice rippers in the seventies, she was just born too late. Everything she says is a combination of tmi and bad writing, it’s so embarrassing.

No. 501279

No one in Raven’s life is allowed any dignity, come on! Stepping into her sphere of influence means that everything you’ve done is now fodder for the Story of Raven. She’s a lot like Onion in that way.

No. 501284

Only a few months ago she was saying her tailbone was magically healed because she got fat again. She should be good to travel around the world with all the Slim Jim's shes eaten by now.

No. 501360

So using her mom’s death to try and get money to fix the Jeep they got for free, classy as always. If Josh takes off with her to El Paso he’s out of a job. Raven knows all this, she didn’t bother to go see her mom when she was alive and she’s not going now that she’s dead. She just using this as an opportunity to try and get free money, god forbid she ever get a job.

No. 501365

She was going to save up money to visit her. After she got her new makeup, clothes, jewelry, his and hers matching tattoos, her hoard from NZ, new pets etc. It is the haaders fault for not paying for her videos. Plus, if the nursing home and siblings would have been honest about what day mom was going to die she could have planned better.

No. 501385

Got love her idea of “doing something” to get to El Paso is begging strangers for money. Most people might get a job, sell items, have friends that could loan them money, etc….Raven’s just a lowlife begger at least a whore earns their own money.

No. 501420

File: 1522963492981.png (4.15 MB, 1242x2208, 3904C1D8-E966-462A-B43D-E4E140…)

There is no way renting a car is cheaper than bussing.

No. 501427

I am actually pretty curious about where they are going to stay when and if they make it out to El Paso. It sounds like neither her brother or sister want anything to do with her. Or who knows, maybe they are trying to take a higher road under the circumstances and will let her stay there if she makes it out, but it is weird how Raven isn't making any mention of her big plan other than to beg $$ to finance her trip.

No. 501432

Renting a car costs a lot more compared to taking a Greyhound bus, Granny. If her tailbone hurts so much then why the fuck don’t they just fly there?! It’d be faster and more comfortable, FFS! Her followers are dumb as fuck if they fall for her car repair scam.

No. 501437

Why does Josh need to go? He has to work and didn't even know her. Raven barely knew her.

No. 501450

Because he may find a new love or move while she is gone. Plus he may need to get a job in El Paso to buy food and come up with money for a cheap motel when the siblings say no way to her staying with them.

No. 501473

I'm finding it weird that she would record a conversation with her Mother, any reasoning behind it?

No. 501475

I was thinking the same thing. In a normal relationship, where you are dirt poor and struggling and the breadwinner just got a new job so you can sort your lives out you do what you can to keep that job.

They can’t afford to pay for both of them to go and Josh can’t afford to take a bunch of time off. They can’t take a dog with them. The landlord will think they are skipping out.

It makes more sense just to stick Raven on a flight and leave Josh at home. But Raven is such a narcissistic parasite she needs him around her at all times for attention and asspats. She would rather he drop everything to support her at the memorial for short term narc supply, which will result in further long term financial hardship.

No. 501484

I also find it strange, especially coming off the heels of her recording the ex girl friend phone call. Does she record all her conversations?

No. 501495

File: 1522979735447.jpg (208.91 KB, 916x734, SmartSelectImage_2018-04-06-13…)

Using dead mummy to pay the rent. Top class Raven

No. 501588


Her siblings do not live in El Paso. They (or at least her sister) and her mom are in Colorado.

No. 501632

File: 1523008483940.png (58.33 KB, 800x290, Screenshot_2018-04-06-02-48-37…)


The degrees of her ignorance and sense of entitlement are off the charts.

No. 501665

So someone asks a somewhat reasonable question and Gravy repsonds by being a cunt. Never change Gravy, never change?

No. 501670

Afterpay and similar schemes exist in the US, don't they? But Gravy only knows one way, and that's Paypal. Anything she has to pay back is just offensive.

No. 501677

OK but that doesn't change the thrust of what I was asking. I wonder what her big plan once she gets to Texas is. That actually makes it worse: there's apparently not anywhere she can hole up for a few days once she gets there. Are they seriously going to sleep in the car? With Doja?

No. 501680

I love how she self-sabotages. "No-one is giving us money, Couchie. I have no idea why! Do you? … No, of course I wasn't actually asking, wtf do I care what you think?"

maybe they can stay with one of her mysterious super best friends that have totally had her back for 20 years.

No. 501683

She mentioned a hotel in her begging.

No. 501691

Raven is constitutionally incapable of not being a bitch, even while begging. It is really amazing to me that she can't be pleasant even for a single interaction with someone who is at least trying to be helpful and thoughtful.

No. 501702

Did she actually use that granny-tier ticky-tacky glurgy dog image? Raven has such garbage taste. I’m always tickled when I see it on display. I still love that she ended up in the Car Crash That Was More Than etc. because she had to make a plushie run.

No offense to Texas anons, but Hell Paso is a verifiable shithole, so I really, really hope she ends up there. Crime is a real issue, mostly meth related, and you have such a beautiful view of Mexico’s smog and the violence taking place in Juarez. It’s the worst place, and I love Texas. Josh will absolutely loathe it.

I like how all talk of Doja has stopped. Cue ‘that poor fucking dog’ but really. That poor fucking dog.

No. 501719


About those friends of 20 years:


>I have people from El Paso, old old old friends that have, that have been on my side for almost 20 years. And these are people that used to hang out with me and that know me. It's called real life, not fucking lies on the internet.


>I'm trying to reconnect with my best friend in El Paso, Brenda. I've given her my number, and she's having a hard time reaching me, but we'll end up talking, you know.

No. 501722


Equally if not more important, she has no credit history in the US for at least the last ten years and most likely her entire life. Someone in her position is highly unlikely to be able to get a credit card let alone a bank loan.

How is she renting a car? All of the national car rental companies require a credit card; if they accept a debit card they will check your balance and may also run a credit check.

PayPal has a Mastercard debit card available through a third party bank.

No. 501726

Sorry but does anyone have a link regarding this ex-gf recorded phone call? I haven't heard about that.

No. 501738


The recorded conversation is in the "ugh" video which was one of eight videos Raven accidentally leaked last year.


It is archived at


The video is a recording Raven made of her desktop during a Skype call with Josh while he was on the phone with Claudia. While he was berating Claudia on the phone, Raven was simultaneously messaging her from Logan's account pretending to be Logan.

The video reveals other abhorrent, underhanded things she was doing at the time. Read the thread for the details.

No. 501752

File: 1523031155463.png (222.06 KB, 800x1172, Screenshot_2018-04-06-09-08-15…)

She set up a Godfundme page last night.


No. 501753

File: 1523031225973.png (192.82 KB, 800x852, Screenshot_2018-04-06-09-09-27…)

No. 501764

Don't forget to scroll through the playlist under the video for the other really weird recorded skype calls with josh. She recorded everything. Bizarro grandma

No. 501817

File: 1523038514935.jpg (125.28 KB, 1120x766, gravytrain.JPG)

No. 501823

If she could have been there for her, what would she have done? Stressed her out and screeched "I'M SORRY THIS ISN'T A FUCKING PHASE AND YOU ABUSED ME, MOM" at her confused mother? Asked her for money for her disposable animal hoard? I mean, she looks terrifying even to people who don't have dementia.

No. 501840


>You always think you have enough time, but you don't.

Her mom was 71.

No. 501852

>no matter what I was unable to raise funds to get to her
>raises funds to go fuck a finger sniffer in a moldy damp trailer

She can fuck right off with that. She has bought so much makeup that she never uses and tat that sits on the shelf collecting dust. She could have requested a long connecting flight near her mom pretty cheap. She's worthless.

No. 501859

Sadly all those videos on that archived playlist with "ugh" are no longer there. But after checking that old thread it's hilarious she sits around catfishing and impersonating people. Really does explain how she keeps busy and spends her time. It almost made me think she's sicker than I already thought.

One of my favorite cows, because of the sheer maliciousness and evil. Luna and Shayna are merely stupid and selfish, not cruel really. Greg is stupid AND evil, but Gravy is like a supervillain of wickedness. She has a positive genius for being horrible. Not that she's smart, it's more instinctual with her, like a predator.

No. 501860

THat video was supposedly filmed 4 years go. She’s known for 4 years her mother is on borrowed time and yet she continued to buy useless plushies and shit instead of saving to see her! She’s disgusting

No. 501868

It works every once in awhile if you shuffle through the videos. I also got the error but then it worked. If by some miracle she is in the process of getting them pulled down, she should know by now that many people have the videos saved. It's stale stuff, but it shows her colors and those videos are a staple to get inside her mind. She shuffles back and forth between facebook, torrent sites, emails, back to facebook to delete the SLUTS AND WHORES and of course talk to josh's ex through Logans account. It's beautiful. Oh yeah, didn't she self doxx in that video for her nz address before she moved? Glorious.

No. 501872

>Luna and Shayna are merely stupid and selfish, not cruel really.

Seriously? Tuna took things from a dying man after his friend gave them to him.

Agreed. She's a really disgusting person who's too far up her own asshole to get a whiff of reality.

Oh shut up, Hagraven. You've known for years that your mother was ill and for years you took money from other people to stuff your fat ass with instead of going to go see her. You splurged through other people's money and not once did you bother to use it to see your mother.

You were going on and on about a $200 dumb plushie that Logan gave you and that $200 could have been saved to go towards a visit to your mom. You had the time and the means, you just didn't give a shit.

No. 501878

Exactly. We can all put ourselves in these situations, but Raven truly had time and means to get to the US by visiting her mother. She, instead, needed someone she could whore herself out to so she can sit on her fat ass. For Raven's family's sake, I hope Raven can't make it. Diana, get a fucking job.

No. 501880

This is actually something I find rather interesting about Raven. It's like she has no concept of foresight, or predicting the consequences of her actions.

No. 501893

I'm really hoping they make it to El Paso, cuz this might be the beggining of the greatest Raven saga ever.
Couchboy will lose his job. Family trip in your first month at a new job? No one will accept that.
Motel, gas, food, plushies, Raven is gonna waste all of the money in 2 days.
They will be homeless in TX, holding a pot full of her mothers ashes with no where to go.
Shit will be glorious.
I just want to see the look in that rescuers face when Doja is left behind. Poor doge.
Also, Joshs family must really hate Raven by now, there is no word about them. You would figure they would 'help' her in a situation like this. Good for you, couchmama.

No. 501897

They probably suggested that she get a job and she cut all contact.

No. 501904

My guess is Ryan will cave and give her all the remaining money she asked for in her Go Fund Me. The question is will she use it to ruin her life by making Josh drive her to El Paso, or will she keep it and make a bunch of videos bitching/blaming everyone else for her not being able to make it? Ah, the many sagas of Gravy.

If her siblings able to they should have the funeral ASAP so she doesn't have enough time to raise the money or make plans.

No. 501908


I was never able to be there for her in the end…

Published on April 6, 2018

I made this video in 2014, begging for help to go see her when she had her last stroke. I was frantic…but no matter what I was unable to raise the funds to get to her and as time passed she got worse and worse. You always think that you have enough time, but you don't. Now I've lost both my parents. My urgency still remains though. I need to get to her funeral. I have to be there for her now, at least.

Thank you to everyone who has donated so far- even $5 helps. I know a lot of you are sorry you can't give more but that's totally ok. I appreciate every single thing and every donation brings me one step closer.

[begin transcript]

Hey, everyone. This is a really really urgent and important video that I'm making. I'm appealing to anybody, anybody at all to please share this video and the link that I'll have in the description below and ugh, just…I don't even know. I'm, I'm just begging for any kind of help whatsoever. Um, I got a phone call yesterday morning saying that…well, morning for me, night for them, saying that um, my mom had suffered a stroke and she was in ICU. And um, after a very sleepless stressed out night I was finally able to call the hospital and find out what was happening. And um, my mom has had uh…she's bleeding into her brain. It's not a clot like she had before. She is actually actively bleeding into her brain, and she's gone blind. And I just…I haven't talked to the neurosurgeon yet. I'm gonna call in a couple minutes and see if I can get any answers. It's Sunday over there, so I'm not really sure who's gonna be around, but so far nobody can really tell me anything and nobody is wanting to tell me if she'll be okay or not.

And I already lost my dad due to, you know, hospital mistakes. And just, it was so sudden, and my mom is all I have left. And okay, yeah, we had a rough start before, but she's my mom, she's the only mom I have. I don't even know what I would do if I can't be there for her and something happens. I, I tried to speak to her and tell her, you know, I'm, I'm coming, I'm trying to come, just please hold on. And she doesn't even, she doesn't even really know what's going on. And she's sitting there in a hospital room asking for a nurse, and she's like, hello, hello, is anybody there? Cuz, you know, she can't see. And like, she was calling for like five minutes, and nobody came. And I don't want to leave her alone and helpless and blind. She…there's nobody else there with her, and I just…I really want to be there, and I don't know what else to do. It's a life-or-death situation for my mom, pretty much.

And so I don't care what people think of me for doing this, I'm putting this up there, and I'm asking anybody for any kind of donation, any kind of help. If you can't donate anything, then share this video and hopefully…I mean, something something something. I don't even know. And I'm very sorry for putting this out there like this. I just really don't know what else to do. I have no other options aside from what I've already done. And um, I just hope that she'll be okay, and I really want to be there by her side, and I'm freaking out because I feel completely helpless and lost and trying to get ahold of my sister. I don't know if she's even read her messages, but um, you know, even if she makes it there it's not the same as me. I want to be there for my mom. I, I just, I have to, you know. She's my mom, and I love her, and I don't know what I would do without her. I don't know what I would do if I was told that she passed away, and it's a very high chance, high likelihood, and I just can't bear the thought of her being there by herself, and just…I just, I just don't even know.

But um, thank you for watching and thank you for sharing or whatever and not judging me on this, please, please. And if you do there's nothing I can do about it. I really have bigger things to concentrate on right now than a couple of people wanting to poke fun at me for something they shouldn't be. This is my mother, you know. You only have one mother. And ups or downs, she's all you're ever gonna have, so, you know, I appreciate that. And I just, I really want to be there for her however I can. Again um, so thank you again and yeah.

No. 501910

File: 1523052301539.png (417.88 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-04-06-14-05-49…)

No. 501933

File: 1523053112811.png (859.46 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-04-06-15-07-44…)


During the entire video she shakily points her camera at this image on her computer screen. The only visual clue as to whether this was actually filmed in 2014 is the Logitech webcam app window on the right.

No. 501941


No. 501951

This liar, her mother’s death means absolute zero to her. Narcs don’t give a fuck, funerals are like parties for them where they can show off how much they’re suffering, what a joke.

No. 501975

My life so far

Published April 2, 2016

At 54:00 Raven talks about her dad's illness and funeral. Ryan's parents paid for them and Dorian to fly to the US to see her dad before he died.

At 1:02:40 she talks about her mom's stroke. She had already been placed in a care home before this video was filmed.

I am unaware of any other videos in which she mentions her mom's health, but I did not actively follow her prior to 2016.

No. 501976

Ryan was the one who shipped her over for the step dad, iirc she went back to see him, and took Dorian with her when she left again. But that was when she was fucking him.

This paints her badly and she doesn’t even get it. I think she wanted to show people that she cared with this video but it just shows that she had 4 years to get her shit together and wasted it.

No. 501991

File: 1523056942437.png (88.59 KB, 480x800, 1413092578295.png)

[pic related] was posted in the first thread on October 11, 2014 >>>/pt/17617.

She posted a video asking for donations which has since been deleted but which is probably the video she reposted today >>>/pt/17732.

No. 501992

File: 1523056984999.png (23.79 KB, 505x414, 1413457313794.png)

No. 501993

File: 1523057099108.png (61.86 KB, 800x293, Screenshot_2018-04-06-14-10-02…)


Just in case you doubt her sincerity.

No. 501999

Social Media: The proper way to communicate with your live-in fiancé.

No. 502010

I love a GFM where someone can't be arsed to break down the costs of what they need.

No. 502014

“Nice if you have that type of life…” yeah those people with jobs, who pay bills and live with an iota of responsibility. Raven makes it sound like good credit is some manna that falls from the heavens to lucky ppl

No. 502030

File: 1523062213416.jpeg (402.92 KB, 1242x2208, DB0CD9AB-61C8-4007-8B0A-03E8EC…)

Hagraven has proven she can ruin her life on her own. Takes in pets she can’t afford and buys plushies and doesn’t save money to visit her dying mom. We didn’t help her with that.

No. 502060

Was that comment left by a True And Honest Friend of Raven or an asspat troll?

Raven has no real life friends because anyone around her for any period of time would quickly see how exhausting it is to be in her presence. Everything is a massive drama and everything is about her. People are only there to give her something (money, attention, plushies). She never gives anything to others unless it benefits her in some way. Even the way she talks down to Josh and Logan when they were in her videos is shitty.

What people like Raven fail to acknowledge is why should anyone give her money when she can’t make or manage her own. Everyone else is out working hard to make money to pay for things they need & want, why should parasites who are responsible for their own shitty situation expect a cut of that.

No. 502130

>listing facts or personal experiences isn't 'being negative'
>has complained about The Haters doing that about a million times

OK, that's it. pack it up. Raven is about to disappear into a singularity of obliviousness.

suspicions about who is controlling both those accounts: rising.

No. 502184

would an airline discount her a ticket if she could provide them with a death certificate? I don't understand why Josh has to go, he needs to stay and show this new job that he's reliable and doja needs to be cared for.

No. 502185

Why would they care?

No. 502186

not saying they would necessarily care. just saying that maybe if her tailbone would hurt her oh so much during a bus ride that they would need to rent a car that maybe she could get a cheap airline ticket. we know she does well on airplanes, she had a double digit flight to tx then sc. it would be easy for her if she really was hurting over her moms death to pawn some makeup off and fly there in a couple hours. the best outcome is she can't raise the funds at all and she leaves the actual grieving family and friends alone, but whatever.

No. 502187

She's way too selfish to part with anything for someone else's behalf. She just wants a cushy ride at the expense of everyone else.

I'm with you on the best outcome. I hope she doesn't make it.

No. 502200

In some cases they do, yes.

No. 502201

“If you could gave, you would have”?

The fuck, Raven. Your prose is showing.

No. 502204


Discounted bereavement flights are no longer a thing. A few airlines offer more flexibility in booking and rescheduling but not discounts.

No. 502206

you have to possess at least some basic charm to obtain this, ruling Raven out.

No. 502207


Calm down, it's a typo.

No. 502235

Anybody else find it cringey that they write things like this when theyre probably sat ext to one another? its like they just want every one to know how much they love each other but publicly showing it when in fact it makes them look desperate and fake

No. 502236

Whats the link to her fan page i think im blocked

No. 502239


https://www.facebook.com/Official.Raven.Sparks is a community page. She made it private/closed during her dust up with Gir.

The screenshot is from the comments on >>501908.

No. 502280

Nta but I noticed it and thought it was funny, calm down yourself.

No. 502332

>she has no concept of foresight

This is exactly it, and explains a whole lot. I was reading back in the car crash saga, and many anons were baffled that she publicly admitted to her and Josh's fault in the wreck. She never really thought about how stupid it was to publicly admit fault right away.

Not only does she lack basic real-world knowledge like that but due to a ~real tragedy~ happening to her she was overwhelmed with narc supply, her system was flooded with the dopamine of people's concern for her in addition to the drugs. So in that moment she was high on a big fat hit. This is where her lack of foresight, planning ahead and common sense come in, imo.

She spends every waking second chasing after the feeling, and it's simply so important that consequences don't and have never mattered to her. It's why she collects pets she can't take care of.

So this kind of explains everything she does. Not that I'm saying anything new, but it's a unifying principle in all her actions I think.

No. 502350

I think she impersonates all of her lovers on social media, just to show everyone how loved she is. Because if everyone perceives it that way, it's extra real. And then everyone will be jealous of their love. Most guys don't type things like that to their SO. The more I look the more it seems probable. I've seen fb comments from Logan and/or Josh with like, ten heart emojis. What guy does that?? Lol how fucking pathetic can a forty year old woman be

No. 502366

File: 1523130797304.png (37.6 KB, 800x190, Screenshot_2018-04-07-12-33-46…)


The only one she hasn't impersonated is Ryan (except for that stint at the library), and still to this day he comments the most out of all of them.

[pic related] is from the comments on >>501975. I noticed it when I posted yesterday. At that time her reply was four hours old. Was she rewatching her videos in which she talks about her mom? In any event, notice that Josh typed in all lowercase. People usually either always capitalise the first word or they do not; they don't vacillate. I haven't gone back through the earlier threads to check if this is consistent with his other earliest known comments.

No. 502387

Guys she said she's blind and can't drive on her own so that's probably her excuse for wanting to drag Josh with her.

No. 502399

Why doesn't Gravy just fly to El Paso alone instead. Would be faster and more convenient. Josh has his job and someone has to take care of Doja as well. I just checked some prices and the cheapest flights were less than 300 bucks, which is less than what she's asking for the car rental on gofundme.

No. 502413

Really? But she was ok to drive around NZ. There are videos of her doing it. Her NZ licence should be valid in the States. Does the US change another country’s licence over like the Commonwealth countries do? All she would have to do is rock up to a licensing centre with her NZ licence and passport, have her photo taken and be issued with a new US one.

No. 502463

She can't strand Josh and herself in El Paso if she does that. Besides, you expect her to do something independently?

No. 502488


Seems to me that she uses bad grammar/punctuation as a means to make people think it's another person writing the love posts. Gravy is much too intelligent to write a sentence like that… kek

No. 502720



>They won't take my license and give me an American license like they do in Texas, so I'd have to go through and take all the test again. And we just don't have a vehicle that's up to date, you know, up to par to do that. And I don't even know honestly if I would pass the test at this point. I know how to drive. I've never been pulled over. I've got a completely clean record. But, you know, 20-something years later trying to sit a test again, it makes you nervous. I just don't know. And I would never be driving anywhere alone anyway. So I'm just, I'm not even gonna have a license in America anymore, only an ID card.

This is mentioned in the OP.


Let's think, UKfag anon. Is the US a Commonwealth country?

In the US, driver's licenses and photo IDs are not federally-issued. Licenses and IDs are issued by state. Upon changing residency to a different state, one must apply for a new license within a limited amount of time. Each state has its own timeline, fees, and requirements, but most states require passing the written exam because traffic laws vary from state to state. Some states require passing the road test if the applicant's prior license has expired.


Of course she does. That comment was posted right after they started talking online and can be assumed to be him. What patterns do his earliest known comments exhibit that his later do not?

No. 502724

File: 1523186369800.jpeg (117.62 KB, 958x959, EB2643DB-BF63-4887-93A5-4D322A…)

For all you UK people!

No. 502731

Not a UKfag, but in Commonwealth countries there are agreements with other countries who have similar traffic standards and laws that anyone with a valid licence that passes a demerit/incident/background check can transfer their licence across with minimal testing (perhaps a written one if that). You can still drive on the other country’s licence for a short time before having to transfer it over. My question was: does the US do this and is Raven’s info that she has given us about it correct. Sorry that I didn’t state it clearly.

No. 502744


Again, driver's licenses are issued at the state level and not at the federal level. The licensing procedure is different in each state.


South Carolina does have reciprocity agreements with a few countries and US territories, but the UK is not included.

No. 502754

It's gonna take a solid 3 days to drive that. Just moved to SC from NM. That drive is exhausting.

No. 502759

She’s a US citizen all she has to do is go to the DMV and take her written and road driving tests. If she had a Texas license in the last five years she could have prob just had it reissued in SC but because is been so long since she’s had a US license. If she had a NZ license it doesn’t do squat for her. (Tourists can get an international permit thing but that’s for citizens of other countries, Raven is American)

No. 502773


There is nothing about a five-year period on the page posted in >>502744.

"You have 90 days after becoming a South Carolina resident to transfer your out-of-state license."

"You do have to pass the vision test, but you do not have to take the knowledge or road skills exams UNLESS your out-of-state license is expired for 9 months or longer."

No. 502888

Ultimately it doesn't matter what the drivers license rules are. Raven can drive just fine. We've seen her. If she needs time to adjust to driving on the opposite side of the road, fine! She lives in a rural area and now has a car, practice bitch! If 15 year olds can do it, you can do it too, Gravy.

If she took the test she could inch closer to becoming a function adult. But therein lies the problem - Gravy doesn't want responsibility. If she gets a license, that may snowball into a part time job! And lord knows she doesn't want that.

Not having a license is a way of manipulating and controlling Josh. Also, she's lazy and wants to be doted on.

No. 503024

Yeah but has she even sorted out her name change trail? That's what complicates things in her case, she probably needs some notarised evidence from NZ to satisfy various US authorities. Something she could get on to from the bed where she lays every day.

Also she doesn't feel like taking the test again, plus she's using the car accident as an excuse for why she doesn't want to drive. It's really about making it so Josh can't make a single move without her. He seem to be too ignorant on the matter of flights, taxis and ubers to let his bloved take herself to NM.

No. 503138


Yes, she got a state issued ID card after she changed her name with the Social Security Administration >>502720.

No. 503148

So it's just laziness and avoidance.

No. 503166

>It's really about making it so Josh can't make a single move without her.


however, I disagree that he is playing along because of his terminal stupidity. We've all seen Gran lose her shit over the tiniest things and vomit out her bullshit on YT, FB, her fucking wedding page … now imagine living with that. Hearing that fucking droning voice all the time, witnessing the histrionics up close and personal, and having to endure the punishments of her personality. He's just trying to survive, having gotten himself trapped in a hell his peabrain could never have previously imagined. It would be hard enough trying to find a way out from that psycho without the added burden of 'moved half way around the world to be with me'. I wouldn't be surprised if somewhere deep down inside, Couchie feels like he's going to follow the dogs into 'missing' territory if he tries to get rid of her.

No. 503264

File: 1523304275550.png (92.59 KB, 800x793, Screenshot_2018-04-09-13-03-01…)

No. 503266

File: 1523304310603.jpg (266.23 KB, 720x1039, 20180409_141036.jpg)

No. 503275

>"spring it on me"
It's a fucking funeral, you idiot. Are they seriously supposed to wait for you to beg people for pennies to have the funeral? When you haven't been a part of their family/lives for decades? Delusional, self-absorbed bullshit.

No. 503278

>"it might be next week"
>"i'm still waiting on <the info>"

She does not give a fuck about the funeral and is going to keep all that money to herself.

No. 503320

she's already said if she doesn't get enough to go, it'll be used for back rent / power. seems like a safe bet that she'll fall short of the goal (no matter how much she actually gets) and then weave in missing the funeral as part of her sob story about how unfair life is.

still no word of Doja?

No. 503329


She also said that she would refund people if they preferred, but who would actually impose that condition on their donation?

She has scheduled videos of him on Youtube filmed during the first few days of having him and nothing new on his page. But you could check yourself, anon.

No. 503361

I don't think even her fans are stupid enough to believe that one. And even if someone did ask, they'd be setting themselves up as the subject of at least one video and probably doxing.

yeah, my bad. I'll try not to have any discussions in the future and just invest myself more than I care to.

No. 503416

yeah I just meant ignorant of the travel logistics. your explanation of josh's position seems very sound. she's bound him in a web of guilt that includes the car accident and "miscarriage".

No. 503418

Correct me if I'm wrong but the cremation is happening in Colorado and this service in El Paso will be for the interment of her ashes? Idk why they haven't set a date but I guess they can be more relaxed about the timeframe under the circumstances. They're probably still drawing straws over who has to contact her.

I foresee "they didn't give me enough notice!!" as the excuse for why she doesn't make it to the memorial.

No. 503420

No. 503425

Funeral and funding update: https://hooktube.com/watch?v=jdY2LwCOmRY

Every little bit adds up!

No. 503428

>three ways to pay her including her Us bank account
>people who can only pay $5 or $10 are still ok in her eyes
>no idea how much it will all cost due to lack of research (oops I mean because they don't have a credit card).
>there's car companies that will rent for a deposit, which she thinks would be $100

No. 503429

File: 1523330623752.jpg (87.63 KB, 1024x576, billsbillsbills.jpg)

>asked for $500 but will probably need more (surprise!)
> doesn't want to scare people off my raising the amount to $800-$1000
>still doesn't have enough
>but has too much to stop asking for donations (!)
>it's possible if she has a other two weeks left before the funeral
>but right now what she has received is too little to make it
>really scared right now (shows bill)

There's more but you get the gist.

No. 503432

File: 1523331041059.png (91.78 KB, 839x277, Screen Shot 2018-04-09 at 11.2…)

kek the tags on this video

surprised it isn't tagged Emily Boo

No. 503433

Imagine this being your life at 45 (or however old she is). What the fuck, Gravy. Get a job.

No. 503449

spoiler alert, it's what she's likely going to spend the money on

No. 503464

Can't believe someone actually donated $345 to this gothhag.

No. 503466

that's their utility bill

but she says she's received approximately half of what she's asked for, so donations total over $250 so far.

No. 503493

>>503464 prob ryan

No. 503494

Her whole spiel sounds scammeriffic since she doesn’t even know how much she needs for this.

No. 503511

I was watching one of her old videos where she’s dressed in a cheap Santa costume, after the crash in the trailer and while dragging Logan she says the Christmas before they had £3,000!! She says she knew they’d never have that much again and they went crazy with gifts. Why didn’t she go see her dying mother then??

No. 503512


This bitch is 40 and she paints her nails like a waterhead.

No. 503514


ooh I just had a thought…do you guys think she'll put her mom's ashes into the kind notes jar she just recieved? Leave it to Gravy to do something so tacky and disrespectful kek

No. 503523

She tries to claim the ticket would have cost $6k, when it would have cost $2,500 at worst. But seriously though, she had important Christmas gifts to splurge on.

No. 503524


On her GFM someone actually donated 345$.

No. 503527

I was just going to comment the same. Her nails give me shivers.

No. 503529

File: 1523356445911.jpg (14.53 KB, 904x198, raven.jpg)

My bad anon. So this whole video was aimed at Ryan I guess.

No. 503531

She's probably send him a few pussy pics and that'll about cover it lmao

No. 503533


Funeral and funding update

Published on Apr 9, 2018

Hey, guys. Um, quick updates. Excuse the noise you might hear in the background, the bumping of the camera. But Doja's walking around and, you know, you guys know he's blind and so he kind of paces back and forth and bumps into the bed and things like that because he has no idea where he's at or where he's going.

Um, so this is an update, and I wanted to share something with you guys. So I've opened a GoFundMe because people have said that they, they have trouble with PayPal, they're not able to use it. So I have three methods for donations. One is GoFundMe, one is PayPal, and one is bank account because I have a US bank account. And that numbers not released, you have to write me and ask me for it. I have had donations. Some people feel bad because they can only give $5, $10, $20. But you know, every little bit adds up. And, like, if every single person that subscribed to me donated a dollar, man, I would, I would have had enough to buy a car and go down there. So it's not really the amount. Every little bit does add up. It could be the difference between gas just to get us that last leg home, you know, or not, you know. It all does add up.

I don't know how much I need because I don't…we don't have a credit card, so there's gonna be a deposit to rent a car. I know that there's companies that let you do it with a deposit, so um, I'm figuring the deposit will be a couple hundred dollars because they're letting you take off with the car. There's the deposit, there's insurance that you need, there's gas, there's the cost of the car. We're probably gonna need a car for about three to four days because it's a four-hour drive to El Paso, and of course we can't drive for twenty-four hours straight because I don't have my American license, I only have a New Zealand license, and so it'll be up to Josh to do all the driving. And he's gonna need breaks and to rest, so we would probably need closer to four days.

I had asked for $500 on my GoFundMe because I thought that was a nice round amount, but I think I probably will need more than that. I, I just…I don't want to put a too high amount because I want to scare people off or make them think, well, that's really high, there's no sense donating because five dollars isn't gonna take anything away from, like, a thousand dollars or eight hundred dollars or whatever it is I, I would have put down. So I just, I just put five hundred, and let's let it go wherever it's gonna go.

Now, I still don't have enough. I have around halfway to five hundred, so I've got uh, I've got an okay amount. But I'm kind of in the position now where I've got too much to stop asking for donations because it does look possible if I have another two weeks left before the funeral. But I've got too little, and I won't make it at what I have right now, and that's the issue. So I, I don't really kind of know what to do.

It's, it's quite scary at the moment. Just to show you as well. Like, we don't have any extra money. This came in the mail yesterday. There's our final notice and his name. I'm covering the account number. But we can't even afford to pay our, our power, you know. We're…we don't have the money to put towards this trip. That was not to beg for extra money or anything like that [Doja barks once] Doja! That was just to say that we don't have any money of our own, his paycheck's to put into it, you know, like I explained in the video that says I'm broken. We just, we just don't have it.

Some people have been quite rude and said why can't I go by myself. And I've chosen to delete these comments rather than get into it. But I will answer now because there's been more than a few people that have asked. For one, I went through this with my dad, and it was a really really really really really hard time for me. Um, I'm not close to my brother and my sister, and I'm usually kind of left out when everybody's gathered together. And this is my mother that has just died. I need emotional support, you know. I don't care what you think of me. I need somebody there for me, you know. I, I'm gonna have a really hard time. I'm gonna be bawling my eyes out and freaking the fuck out, and I just need somebody there to help me through that, and that's Josh.

Also, if you don't remember, I have a agoraphobia. Now, it's not like it is in the movies. I have videos and videos on it. All you need to do is Google it and look it up. You…I, I can go outside by myself, I can go places that are familiar by myself, but I can't go anywhere else alone. It's…I just can't do it. How did I fly over here was because we made a medical note on, you know, when I booked my ticket, and I was put in a wheelchair and I was taken from A to B to C to D. I was walked the entire way through. I was taken the entire way through by stewardesses and busboys and whoever else was working at the airport. I was never alone. The only time I was alone is when I waited in between flights. They sat me in the waiting area in a wheelchair, and I didn't move once. I didn't eat, I didn't go to the toilet, I didn't get anything to drink, I just sat in that wheelchair and I didn't move for four, five, six hour layover. And then I was collected, I was put on the plane, taken to my seat, taken from my seat. And once I landed Josh was there at the airport. I had Logan and Ryan with me. I was never alone. If I were to try to fly alone, even if I got the hand holding by the stewardesses, nobody would be there to meet me. I would have nowhere to go. I'd have to find a way around. I don't have…I wouldn't have a car or vehicle. I, I wouldn't know how to get to the funeral by myself. I wouldn't be able to do it. And by grieving I wouldn't be in my right mind, anyway. So hopefully that explains at least a little bit. I need Josh with me.

And he wouldn't just take off of work, you know. It's, it's a small company he works for. They're pretty lenient. A lot of people right now are missing work because there is a local police officer that died that everybody knew, and people have taken off for his funeral, and they really…they're really kind hearted about stuff like that here, so that shouldn't be an issue.

So anyway, yeah, there's still no date on the funeral. We don't know. My brother hasn't told me anything yet. I am hoping beyond hope that they don't tell me the funerals in three days and expect me to find a way to make it down there. I hope that he at least gives me a week's notice, my mother's funeral is gonna be in two weeks on this day or a week on this day, you know. Because if he gives me too short of a notice I'm not gonna be able to go because I won't have time to prepare to get the car, to, you know what I mean, find a place to stay, none of that, none of that. I just, I'm just taking it day by day and trying to figure out what the hell is going on, what the hell I'm going to do, how I'm gonna do it. But um, yeah, so that's, that's where it stands now.

Thank you to everybody who has donated, no matter how small you think it is. I keep saying that you might think it's small, but to me it's not. If you know anybody who has a couple extra dollars or something could you please, please pass this along because I'm in nowhere land right now. I'm right kind of in the middle where it seems possible but it's not quite possible at the moment. I just can't do it yet, and I badly, badly need the help.

Um, I don't know what else to say. What I wanted to share with you guys was, I got this in the mail today from a friend of mine online, Katie, and I thought this was the sweetest thing ever. She had said that she would send me something that would make me smile. And I thought…I don't know what I thought, maybe a comic book or, you know, a teddy bear cuz I'm a stuffed animal freak. I love stuffed animals, and I don't have any of my stuff here except my little unicorns and stuff, you know. Or funny pictures or something like that, you know. I wasn't quite sure what to expect. But I got this. I just opened it maybe five minutes ago, and that's actually what prompted me to make this video because I wanted to share this because this was the sweetest thing. I haven't even written her to say thank you yet, but I will before I release this. This says, "Open one a day or anytime you need a smile." And I thought, oh, this will be one of those calendars, you know, you, you open it, but it's not. It's something that's quite beautiful. Like, I hesitate to, to even open them. I did open one and sneak a peek at it, but it's a little jar with a ribbon and it's called Kind Notes. It's got a ribbon and a little plaque on it. And it's these little handwritten notes. Well, they're not handwritten, but these little notes. And um, that's quite beautiful as it is. And you open it. It's quite tight. You open it and you've got these little envelopes here and they've got stuff written on them. This one says, "Don't frown…" I don't know what this says. "Don't frown because you…" something. "Never looked down on anybody…" something. "And those who matter don't mind." Like, I guess it's just sayings printed all over the outside. And inside it's like a little piece of paper, and this is what it looks like. Like, this one says, "Rise above the storm and you will find the sunshine." You know, I thought that was actually kind of fitting. That makes me want to cry. It doesn't make me happy because um, it doesn't seem like anything will ever be really normal.

Like, I'm, I'm fine when Josh is here, you know. I, I laugh with him and I, I'm lovey with him and we kind of go about our day almost as normal. But as soon as he's asleep or I'm left alone with my thoughts, you know, he's at work or whatever, then everything just goes to shit again and then I feel lost and I just don't really know what to do, what to think, or how to feel. I don't know what I'm gonna do, and I just keep thinking. I walk around the house and I just think, you know, my mom is dead, my mom is dead, my mom is dead, my mom is dead, I can't believe she's gone. Like, over and over and over without a break. And I just wait for him to come home so I can distract myself again.

But um, this is a very thoughtful and very beautiful gift, and I just wanted to say thank you, Katie, for this. This was…this is something I will always treasure. And um, I'm gonna put it up where I can always look at it and very carefully open them up. But um, this is really nice and really thoughtful, so thank you so much for this, and thank you so much for all the support.

And everybody that's been there so far, this is uh the most I could do as far as an update goes. I'll update you again if I end up making enough to reach my goal. I just don't know at this point if that's gonna happen. I don't even know what to do if, if I can't reach my goal. Most people have said just go ahead and keep the money. And like I said, it would just go into those overdue bills and stuff. But that's not what I wanted the money for, and that's not what I'm aiming for it for, you know. Our bills are our bills to work out ourselves, and that's what we're trying to do. But uh, just thank you.

And the messages I've gotten in comments and stuff, I'm sorry I haven't really replied to anybody. I just, I just don't really know what to say aside from, thank you. Um, my mind is kind of not doing so well at the moment. I just…I can't really think of anything. Everything's just kind of going in circles at the moment. But um, yeah. Again, thank you. That's all I can say. And fingers crossed the I can make it there. And then hopefully soon everything can go back to normality, and I can just, you know, know that I, I made it there for her one last time at least.

And when I get her ashes I'm thinking about things to do with them. Um, I was thinking about jewelry, but my jewelry has a tendency of not lasting very long, so I'm thinking maybe…an idea somebody gave me was see if I can find a tattooist who will put her ashes into some ink and then tattoo something, because I was thinking of a memorial tattoo, but there's nothing I could think of. I don't have anything in her handwriting. And to find somebody who could do a portrait of her would cost a lot of money, more money than I would feel comfortable spending. And even then it might not be done right. And there's nothing that she really likes that I could get on me that would make me look at it and think, wow, my mom. So uh, when my dad died I got my throat pierced. I wasn't really into tattoos at the time, I was highly into piercings, and that really hurt. It didn't last, though, but I have a scar across my neck now. But um, for my mom I think I…that's probably my best bet to keep her ashes always with me, if somebody will do it, is I will probably have them put into some ink and get a tattoo that I love but with her ashes in it if anybody would do it maybe. I'm just brainstorming, but that's for later.

None of this money is gonna go into anything frivolous or whatever. It's purely to try to get me there. And plane tickets for two people there and back or bus ticket there and back, those things are more costly than renting a car for two people and paying for gas, having unlimited mileage, because we will need transportation within El Paso. We're gonna need to get to the funeral, to the hotel or to the motel or whatever, to get something to eat, things like that.

I don't even have anything to wear. I need to find something that's just plain, modest, and black, and so to hit up some thrift stores as well for something that's, you know, decent. That's another thing. So there's a lot a lot to think about, where flying over or busing over would not really be as useful because once we're in El Paso we would be on our own and we'd have to rent a cab or something which will quickly, quickly cost a lot of money. So um, I do think renting a car is our best bet. And I guess that's it. And thank you once again. Thanks for listening, and I will see you next update.

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No. 503536

oh, there she goes again claiming agoraphobia again.

I can't even step into my own YARD by myself, but of course Hargraven likes to pick and choose whatever disorder works for her when it's convenient.

No. 503537

>the rescue will watch Doja

he's going to stay there forever, isn't he? discarded like all the other pets.

No. 503539

"stay there forever"

didn't the rescue lady say he would be killed if he wasn't adopted the day she got him or some shit?

No. 503540

File: 1523360915235.png (279.21 KB, 1080x1553, Screenshot_2018-04-10-02-08-09…)

From KF.

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No. 503543

slut, whore- you know, something she used to say

No. 503544

Doja stays with pet rescue, Josh gets stuck in El Paso because they run out of funds and has to work day labor or something due to Raven's agoraphobic tailbone. Kiss your family goodbye Josh, you won't be seeing them for a while, or hearing from them once Raven says some nasty shit to them using your facebook.

No. 503545

I think the main purpose of that trip is to alienate Josh from his family and get rid of Doja.

Doja is suffering in the background, you can hear him scratching himself. She is prob not treating his skin condition, and it is being aggravated by the filthy environment.

No. 503548

>How did I fly over here was because we made a medical note on, you know, when I booked my ticket, and I was put in a wheelchair and I was taken from A to B to C to D. I was walked the entire way through. I was taken the entire way through by stewardesses and busboys and whoever else was working at the airport. I was never alone. The only time I was alone is when I waited in between flights. They sat me in the waiting area in a wheelchair, and I didn't move once. I didn't eat, I didn't go to the toilet, I didn't get anything to drink, I just sat in that wheelchair and I didn't move for four, five, six hour layover. And then I was collected, I was put on the plane, taken to my seat, taken from my seat. And once I landed Josh was there at the airport. I had Logan and Ryan with me. I was never alone. If I were to try to fly alone, even if I got the hand holding by the stewardesses, nobody would be there to meet me. I would have nowhere to go. I'd have to find a way around. I don't have…I wouldn't have a car or vehicle. I, I wouldn't know how to get to the funeral by myself. I wouldn't be able to do it.

Wait, what the fuck. Did we already know this?

The mental image I'm getting of Gravy being wheeled around the airport is killing me. But honestly, what the fuck? I can't get over this. How is she this useless and shameless?

No. 503549


What's more, it was in 2014 that Logan received the $3K windfall, two months after her mom's second stroke when she begged for donations in the video she just reposted >>501908.

No. 503552


No, she did not mention being escorted in a wheelchair at any point during her journey. She had to find Josh once she landed in Columbia.


>I got off the plane, went straight to the bathroom. She said, around the corner there's an escalator, you're gonna go down the escalator and there'll be the baggage area so he might be around there. And I was like, okay, cool. So I've got to go, and I've got to go down the escalator, and I spoke to him. I called him up and I was like, okay I'm here, I'm in the bathroom, where are you? He said he was by the baggage stuff so that matched with what she said, so I'm like, cool, I'll come out, go downstairs. So, grabbing all my shit cuz I had my laptop and I had a…I had my laptop, and I had a backpack, and I had my purse, and I had my cushion that smells like cupcakes cuz, you know, the smell, like, relaxed me and stuff.

>And I walk down the hallway and there was no escalator, I was already on the baggage area floor and I was like, oh my god. And, and in the distance, cuz I can't really see, so in the distance I see people and I'm like, oh my god, he's probably watching me walk towards him. I was mortified. What do I do, what do I do, I can't turn around, I can't stop, I'm just gonna put my head down and just keep walking. None of those people were him. And I get closer and I see a guy sitting on a chair and he is, you know, he's on his phone, and then he's doing this, like shaking his head, that's what Josh does, and I was like, that's him. And I walked up to him and I was like, hey.

No. 503568

Why is she so fucking useless, no prospects in life. She can’t even fly with out being handheld thru the whole thing.

No. 503583


She has taken down the video requesting donations towards Doja's medical care.

No. 503584

File: 1523373369872.png (128.65 KB, 800x914, Screenshot_2018-04-10-08-14-11…)

No. 503585


Why hasn't she actually called the rental agencies or used their websites to get estimates?

No. 503587

They need a lot more money . Come on people! You don’t expect her to sleep in the car and snack on only slim Jim’s do you? She needs to be able to stay in a hotel and eat at restaurants with waitstaff. Plus, she will need a new dress. Her favorite dress was ruined in the car accident.

No. 503588

So they're only going to drive 6 hour days? Seriously? For someone who was a deliv