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File: 1478723614634.gif (440.92 KB, 597x590, angel-kiki.png)

No. 304583

> Kiki returns to post selfies, lame jokes and animal rights videos and hint that she has a Japanese boyfriendo. Same old, same old.
> In last night’s townhall it was revealed she is sperg-chan, one of lolcow’s most active users who is obsessed with Taylor R
> Sperg-chan truly lost their shit when Taylor became a banned cow, claiming censorship and even that Taylor is admin/friends with admin
> Sperg-chan then proceeded to spam gore across the boards and screech "I'M ON DISABILITY I CAN DO THIS ALL DAY"
> Anons speculate that Kiki could also be Instagram user mimiimori, one of Margaret’s rabid stans who tends to rant about ‘hate sites'

Sperg-chan thread: >>>/snow/154930
Previous Kiki thread: >>289978

https://twitter.com/mmmkikikannibal https://www.instagram.com/mmmkikikannibal/ https://www.youtube.com/user/kikikanniballl/feature

No. 304584

I knew my princess wouldn't ever let me down. Everyone she was dull and had no milk, WELL LOOK AT HER NOW. NEVER HAS SHE EVER BEEN SO MILKY.

I've been with you since 2008, kiki, I knew you'd never disapoint me. ?‍❤️‍?

No. 304585

In response to the beach photo in Margaret's thread.. and to her actually being Mimii
That could easily be any beach in Florida, and they're all very driveable to from Orlando (Just checking myself, this is where Kiki lives, right?). The closest beach from Orlando is Cocoa Beach, if that helps at all.

Also this would make complete sense as to why she's been missing from her own social media for so long.

No. 304586

While Kiki is definitely Sperg-chan, it's way too speculative to assume she's also a Margaret whiteknight. We'll just have to wait and see about that. I think anons are jumping to conclusions and lack evidence to support the claim.

Now if we get some confirmation then maybe things will be different. But for now it feels like Kiki being Mimii as well is a bit too far fetched.

No. 304587

File: 1475865842053.jpg (66.25 KB, 540x405, tumblr_inline_obxiwzULEi1qmyp5…)

I totally agree. The beach could be any number of places, I don't really see how it's any kind of evidence.

Also the samefagging was super obvious in the sperg-chan thread so it seems like Kiki isn't great at changing her writing style. Mimii's slightly odd English doesn't sound like Kiki.

Then again it feels like we're living in some Twilight Zone times where anything is possible. Maybe we're all Kiki.

No. 304588

It's amusing because kaka wants people to think she's in Japan. As far as I know there's no hurricane in Tokyo lol

No. 304589

How was Kaka connected to Mimi?

No. 304590

Just when I thought Kikis golden era was dead..

No. 304591

>Then again it feels like we're living in some Twilight Zone times where anything is possible.
Aw anon this is why I wish Kiki were also Mimii, but you're right, we should wait before jumping to conclusions. I'm just dying at the conspiracy anons being completely correct, though. What a time to be alive.

See recent posts in Margo's thread

No. 304592

Holy shit, this is complete gold

No. 304593

She's not, it's just speculation. Guys don't shoot us in the foot again by buying into this shit so early on.

No. 304595

I think the best part about this is that this is confirmation that Kiki is still the jealous, hateful, bitch she was when she was 14. She hasn't changed at all in 10 years, and no amount of elven positivity she spews will change that.

No. 304596

christ almighty i knew kiki was sperg-chan, i love the sweet,sweet irony of her pretending to be some loving empath when in reality shes the asshole scenester troll shes always been.
kiki why do you hate taylor so much?
is it because shes a successful model in japan with a qt asian bf?
shes obviously a threat of some sort to kiki, and i wouldnt be suprised if dakota were in on it too, taytays probably stealing all her jobs bc unlike kooterz, she actually looks like her photos, has a solid youtube fanbase, and isnt a total cunt

No. 304598

So is admin-Sama gonna tag all her posts? Or is that to much work?

No. 304599

That would make me so happy

No. 304601

He said he would but mentioned something about trying to have fun with it first somehow. I'm guessing like making it a guessing game for us. But then he dipped out so it might be up to new admin now. I'm eagerly waiting for them to be tagged though

No. 304602

I can't wait to find out what posts are hers. I have my suspicions and want to see if I'm wrong.

No. 304607

File: 1475876429032.png (446.52 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-10-07-17-38-06…)

Fucking Christ KiKi please seek help immediately

No. 304608

I wonder how many of the cows and snowflakes she's commented on.

No. 304609

File: 1475876530159.png (143.46 KB, 1296x714, Screenshot_2016-10-07-17-39-12…)

Seriously, I think you may have finally surpassed your mother in terms of mental illness

No. 304610

This is actually delicious. Even though I was one of the anons who hoped she had changed and was doing something with her life, the fact it turned out she was Sperg-chan is hilarious. You'd think all that time she spent finding and posting passive-aggressive inspirational quotes to instagram wouldn't have been completely wasted if the sentiments sunk in, but Jesus she's a lost cause. All those tweets where she projected her shit onto da haterz: all of it described herself at that moment. Damn.

No. 304611

Fun game: try finding the comments that WEREN'T made by Kiki in this thread:


No. 304612

I'm late to the party, but does this mean that Kaka also posts on PULL? Sperg-chan is obviously a sperging there as well.

No. 304613

kiki might not only be mentally ill, but mentally retarded as well, her writing style is more obvious than a black man at a klan rally
also her stupidity has almost guaranteed no one will ever shittalk taytay again, A+ job keekz

No. 304614


Yeah I think in the last thread Admin stated they spoke with PULL admins who confirmed Kiki was posting there too

No. 304615

tbh this actually makes me like Taylor more lol

No. 304616

Still not sure,but mimii comments on kaka & kota 's IGs iwith the same cod Japanese expressions. It's possible that mimii is just a goldfish shit copying her idols though.

No. 304617

So do you think her power is out or is she in hiding?

No. 304618

Sage for same faggery but mimii also has a (fake) Buddha inspiration quote on he profile, and it's delicious in its irony.

>if you really loved yourself, you could never hurt anyone

Mimii is as much personality disordered as midge, blind to her own poison. Would be strange at all for her to be a kaka sockpuppet.

No. 304619

mimii is truly mentally ill (I am an anon who watch / interacted with her). I don't know if this helps or not. It was more than just to support Margo, she really identifies with Margo. I don't think Margo could have known or she would have bragged about it.

No. 304620


There's no record of Buddha saying that.

No. 304621

I agree, mags obviously thinks her supporters are sane, but that's just not possible.

No. 304622

JFC I'm super late, but what the fuck?!
Keka reaches the point of no return, that crazy bitch!
I remember reading her spergs that Tay had stole her boyfriend plus a lot of things like wanting to inform everyone Taylor's address. Bitch is entirely bonkers.
Also, if she really have some connection with the bully with Venus, that's just cruel… I mean, she went through so much and yet had to deal with Keka writing horrible things on her social midias.
I wonder if she and her sista would laugh all day about this whole shit.

No. 304623

There was a better selfie that would have been more decisive for those who know Kaka's face well. Unfortunately, there's only memory of that to go on. I'm the one who supplied a lot of those earlier screenshots in the Margo thread at the request of other anons there, mainly bc I fucking hate mimii and I am fascinated to know. I'm on the fence about it, especially since the Lainey stuff. But the other (missing selfie) does not contradict the theory it can be Kaka. I agree the beach image is useless, and the bag of french cherries (labelled 'cerises') is never explained, unless you can get these in Florida? But then she specifically spergs out about her parents and herself in some of those capped comments from insta. The waters remain muddy on this IMO.

No. 304625

File: 1475881266147.png (1.14 MB, 1197x1201, mimii-Screen-Shot-2016-08-04-a…)

I'm adding this one single mimii picture here, just for convenience sake. Those who know Kaka's face very well can take a look. This image is 100% mimii, I capped it from her insta myself. At this time she was trying to disguise herself; she was at maximum war with lolcow/PULL over Margo. To read the writing style there are caps upthread in Margo. This is the only remaining face image of mimii, and it matches the face in the other (now missing selfie). I'm not saying she is Kiki or she isn't, but I'm fascinated because if she is, she just pulled a massive con on Margo… massive.

No. 304627

>copying ideas from other people
>soon she'll try being a housewaifu to stay in the country much longer
>daddy's money

looooool that's rich coming from YOU, kristen.

No. 304629

Not to tinfoil hat, but I can't help but wonder if Koots was aware of at least some of Kaka's shenanigans here.

No. 304630

Hard mode: try not imagine each post with her annoying, screeching voice

No. 304632

Kaka should just embrace being a bitch publicly again. It's a big part of why she was 'famous' in the first place; the vegan earth goddess empath indigo child act isn't doing her any favors. The bitchiness is far more entertaining and would get her more attention, plus it's just more fun. Think on it, Keeks.

No. 304633

I wouldn't be surprised if this is Kiki. You can see the overdrawn lips cover a lip shape similar to in OP image, and her hair is dark and straight. The hair looks fuller in the pic you attached at first glance, but then if you look closely to the right, it's just an illusion because of the wall color.
Also, the hair is close to the face, giving the look of a fuller face, but then you look at the shadows around the sides of the face (cheek area), and it's clear the face of this person is naturally thin like Kiki's face.

I think the biggest clue would be this fan. If anyone can find a fan pic in the background of Kiki's photos then yeah. Without that, it's difficult to say for sure.

>>Btw can anyone from the town hall meeting share how adminsama discovered Kiki is Spergchan?? IP address or something? If that's the case, couldn't someone have faked the ip address, knowing admins would check and likely probe?

No. 304634

I spent a while looking through Kiki's photos old and new and didn't see a similar fan. I still don't buy that it's her.

No. 304637

if anything, I'd believe it being her mother over it being Kiki herself. she seems to really identify with Maggot, so it'd make more sense if Mimii was somewhere around her age.

No. 304638

I wonder if she's also the one who kept claiming that she and Dakota are no longer "cows".
Lol, okay.

No. 304639

dang, like some of the shit she said she is just mindblowing.

I know she was trying to fit in with chan/farmer-culture but Jesus Kiki

No. 304640

op image is glorious. such an angel.

No. 304641

Same, but I've always put up with her. She honestly seems really genuine and nice, even not a bit pretentious and cringy at times.

The different between Taylor and the Kannibal Klan, is that I wouldn't mind hanging out with Taylor for a day. While spending time with Kiki/ Kota would probably make me want to rip my eyeballs out.

No. 304642

At this point, every tinfoil hat conspiracy is true.

And tbh, this is less tinfoil and actually very plausible.

No. 304643

that photo is from this year, sorry to waste your time looking at old things. we think she bought it specifically for the photo too bc some were accusing her of being a particular woman from japan (which I did not agree with) - so to hide her face better. it looks like it cost a dollar tbh, nothing special and it's not proof of anything. I posted that here for the face itself.

No. 304644

Is it really Kiki? Hmmmmmm idk

No. 304645

taylor was recently very kind to venus, who's basically never had a friend. she does have a better character than these messes for sure.

No. 304646

Also to say, you see the 'sakura' on the fan. Mimii deliberately purchased this fan for the photo and to send us a sign. This symbol and word (sakura) became mimii's obsession during the worst months of us hunting Margo. it's started from all of Margo's Japan cherry blossom photos I think. Idk if Kiki had a prior interest in that word or not.

No. 304647

I wonder if Kiki is collecting disability money because she can't go out of the house due to the possibility of being "raped or attacked" or so she perceives. You can collect it for depression, severe anxiety disorders, etc.

No. 304648

Finding our Kiki is sperg-chan literally just made my day better.

tbh I've been convinced that kooter has been threatened by tay for a while now and I wish I had popcorn cause damn this is delicious

No. 304649

This is delicious. Man, we were really on a low after that Photoshop anon completely ruined the Onision thread pretending Lainey was tweeting for help. But this is better than any drama from the onion house. I was so disappointed that Kaka had seemingly disappeared for a year to sort herself out, but none of that matters now because she was here all along, embarrassing herself more than she ever has before.

What a time to be alive, lolcow. Wonder if she's going to go back to giving her dead social media accounts attention again or whether she'll ACTUALLY sort her life out this time?

Kaka, if you're reading, you have a chance to explain yourself. Why did you do what you did? When you are an advocate of peace and empathy? Please reply. Maybe you can try to save yourself a shred of dignity.

No. 304650

And by "reply" I mean via your Twitter since you're banned here for being a freak.

No. 304651

>>So…how do we know Kiki is Spergchan again?

Wasn't Spergchan the one that posted gore images and kept posting that it would keep spamming from different IPs until the Taylor thread remained?

If Spergchan used multiple IPs, how do we know it was Kiki? Also, what would be her motive to keep the thread? A lot of the posts compliment Taylor since she's not very milky so yea.

No. 304652

I think that if Kiki thought she was safe under the guise of "anonymous" that maybe she just said it cos she thought it was a clever thing to say. Doesn't necessarily mean it's true. But then she never leaves the house and she obviously has some kind of money coming in to buy hooker outfits and blue contact lenses to pretend to be kooter for a bit so…

No. 304654

She needed to keep the thread because that's all she's had for the past year since she boycotted social media and YouTube. She was one of the most active users on the entire site. It was her life.

Now I assume there's a huge hole in her life that she will probably fill with more nutty shenanigans online… holds out milk jug

No. 304655

Not sure about an "interest" in the word but Kaka has an interest in cherry blossoms. She used gifs of them on her lilkitten site and her videos. She also had a video of her and Taku seeing cherry blossoms together. Could be a reach though considering they're common.

No. 304656

Original Admin said she was attempting to use a program to mask IP, I forgot the name of the program sorry, but misused it making it easier to figure out that all the sperg comments came from the same IP located in Florida. To be fair he said he could never know for sure which comments were from Kiki or her mom and that they likely both contributed. He also said that she left non Taylor comments in other threads and boards that revealed personal info about herself and I can't wait to see those comments.

No. 304657

Here are the three posts made by 'sakura' aka mimii:

No. 304658

I assume Kiki is crying herself to sleep and Taylor is having a good hard laugh. But I wonder what Kooter thinks of all this?

No. 304660

If she is on disability then its probably because of her scleorosis.

Or it was her autistic brother this entire time.

No. 304661

>>he was one of the most active users on the entire site. It was her life.
Damn anon…
Thanks for the explanation anon. Why does admin believe Kiki and her mom contributed and not just Kiki? Man, I'm getting thirsty just thinking about those comments myself kek

No. 304662

Pleeeeeease admin, share Kiki's comments. Imagine if she dished out dirt about Kota having surgery (don't jump down my throat guys its just a thought) or gushed about her insecurities or mental health issues on /g/.

^ I felt a bit evil writing that because nobody deserves to have their privacy invaded on an anonymous message board… but then I remember she's a bitch. Bring it on!

No. 304663

Writing style reads like Kaka. Getting bitchy about Venus being quiet and "acting innocent" - is this Kaka projecting? Does she think all "innocent" people are just putting on an act like she is? Lol. I don't know if mimiisnow is kaka but tbh if it turns out it is, that's just flavouring the milk at this point.

No. 304664

probably pissed that kakas too dumb to know how to mask her ip correctly

i'd throw down money that kooterz doesnt take too kindly to taylor either considering that taylor is the embodiment of everything kootz ever wanted

No. 304665

The Ostrenga IP has revealed personal information in other threads, the admins will have seen said comments and have said that it is her or her mother, so I assume they revealed themselves to be female somewhere. I can't wait to see what was from that IP lmao.

No. 304666

This is by far one of the most delicious revelations I have ever seen on this site thus far. Have her posts been marked yet?

No. 304667

admin said they generally said nice things about Dakota, but he vaguely remembers a post where she was being critical. We'll have to wait and see until the big reveal.

No. 304669

that face…
Kaka usually does

No. 304671

Anybody else remember that her reappearance came around the same time that PULL had announced they were closing? Original Admin said she had filed all kinds of claims against PULL (lolcow too of course)and I guess she thought that had taken them down. So when the new Admin took over here she went into overdrive with the sperging to try to kill lolcow too. So she thought she could crush the h8rs and return to the internet publicly and be free to… act like a damn fool and be e-famous I guess…


>Why does admin believe Kiki and her mom contributed and not just Kiki?

I think he was just leaving it open to interpretation since they live together and her mom has joined in or encouraged her online activities in the past.

No. 304673

More details will come soon.

No. 304674

>Why does admin believe Kiki and her mom contributed and not just Kiki?

Because Kiki most likely lives at home with her mom, so they'd have the same IP. Also her mom is nuts so why not.

No. 304675

File: 1475886955214.jpg (41.79 KB, 700x496, hurricane-iniki.jpg)


Looking forward to it.

Kiki thought this shit storm would never come to be.

No. 304677

and :3

No. 304678


I am pretty sure in the town meeting last night admin said all the IPs came from Florida. I am almost certain she still lives with her parents.

No. 304679

Yes, although this person was deliberately trying to 'be someone' here so it could be affectation. We were all at war at the time, quite overtly so. I don't think it proves anything linguistically, so much as it would be nice if admins could see if it was part of the same IP masking - or not.

No. 304680

Also ;3 which showed up a few times in Sperg-chan's posts.

No. 304681

ha maybe they are going to pull out some advanced linguistics study or something.

No. 304682

If anything, Kyler might be the most sane member of the monstrenga household

No. 304686

File: 1475887976960.png (622.08 KB, 640x1136, IMG_2055.PNG)

I found the OG spergchan thread in the catalogue and reading it again knowing it was Kiki the entire time just proves how completely batahit insane Kiki really is. No winter she can't even keep a snaggletoothed gaijin pussy hunter.

No. 304689

File: 1475888104586.jpg (57.09 KB, 800x400, lips.jpg)

comparison of Kiki's lips and Margo's follower Mimi.

No. 304690

File: 1475888501523.gif (445.98 KB, 475x268, excitement.gif)

You guys are making me more excited. This is like Carmen Sandiego kek!

No. 304691

Can someone link the thread(s) Kiki started as sperg-chan, or are they all deleted because spam?

No. 304692

File: 1475889177379.jpg (44.01 KB, 846x377, Cap1.JPG)

Jesus christ…

No. 304693

File: 1475889223848.jpg (22.92 KB, 642x179, Cap2.JPG)

And this dude isn't even ugly. He's miles above Taco anyway.

No. 304696


Lol sounds just like the shit Kiki and Kota used to spew on their racist videos. Some people never change.

No. 304699

This guy is an actor. The two played a couple for a drama.

No. 304702

I'm new to lolcow and only found out about it because I have been half-heartedly following kikikannibal since she was in Rolling Stone magazine in what I am guessing was their pathetic attempt to appeal to millennial.

I didn't even know who Taylor was till I found out Kiki was obsessed with her. I found some of Taylor's pre-weeb pictures.

I cannot wrap my brain around why the fuck a girl that pretty would want to be some pathetic weeb doll thing.

Why the fuck is everyone so obsessed with Japan these days? Seriously. What is the appeal?

No. 304703

File: 1475889820374.jpg (29.63 KB, 512x362, 9e25c2da0b99b9a8a69b6c298046f7…)


Also, don´t forget that half japanese faggot who recently posted in bad japanese looking for clues about her long lost highschool sweetheart Takuya and found him here~

I'm going to laugh my ass off if those posts also are hers (most likely they will)

No. 304704

>one of the most active users on this site
>not knowing how to greentext

Cmon kiki

No. 304706

Yeah, but if you look at that Taylor thread it looks like she really thought that was her real boyfriend.

No. 304707

holy shit kiki wtf
and for stalking Taylor so much you'd think she'd know that's the actor from the drama Taylor was in, not her boyfriend lol

No. 304708

She was trying to convince others he was Taylor's bf. Sperg chan went frame by frame through Taylor's dramas screen capping and saving every unflattering shot of Taylor to prove that Taylor was some fugly bitch. There's no way kiki didn't know he wasn't the real thing.

No. 304711

Samefagging, to add; in the drama the two were a couple in the past but he moved on to marry a Japanese woman. So there's no way anyone with a brain can mistaken him as Taylor's real bf. Language barrier be damned.

No. 304712

I'm surprised it took this long to discover that it was Kaka and/or her Mother. When I saw the screenshot, that was definitely Kaka's shitty way of typing.

No. 304713

sage for waffling but every time we see the flood detection warning we can thank blessed Kaka / spergchan.

No. 304714

I was lurking PULL, admin confirmed she had accounts there too. I think sperg-chan/Kiki was SarahSenpai.

Where did she get that picture from?

No. 304715

there was so much pollution, copy-paste, spam and gore that 95% was deleted. it's the other, calmer posts that survived / will be revealed.

No. 304716

Taylor's kinda well off and bored I guess. I followed her threads back when she was mutating her face to become a Kota clone.

No. 304717

No. 304719

Probably screen capped herself. I just remember sperg chan posted a lot of screenshots from Taylor's dramas that didn't look like it came from a particular gallery. A lot of them had Taylor with half closed eyes or awkward mouth shapes like you get when you pause a video as someone is talking.

No. 304721


She almost succeeded too. Lolcow was a ghost town for a minute after all that spam, I honestly thought it was dead in a matter of months after that

No. 304722

Here's another post.

Do you think she knows yet? I think she may actually be somewhere else and with someone else atm so she may not be checking here.

No. 304723

It says the page isn't available.

No. 304724


Here's one of the surviving threads. >>140648 She was even targeting Taylor's sister in here, which in hindsight should have been a dead giveaway it was kaka.

No. 304727

whoops sorry, it's actually this >>>/snow/140648

No. 304728

I just noticed that, sadly I didn't keep it open. But at least it wasn't too interesting, it was just another video of her trying to be cute.

Here are the other posts she's made.

No. 304729

Just like Sarahsenpai's avatar on PULL lol. I want to find the source of that picture, if it's not posted somewhere online it means someone sent it to her.

This is fishy, vendetta chan from PULL made a thread claiming "Taylor stole her man".

I look at that guy from the picture and maybe there's a possibility its him. fuck Kirsten you wanted to date Tay's bf ?

No. 304730

File: 1475892537896.jpg (124.9 KB, 2010x1500, mimii-003.jpg)

mimii is up and about and reading this thread. she's dropping us a 'sakura' clue here (kiki is, coincidentally, also up and about).

this is the relevant still from the video.

long haired (?) figure in darkness. japanese music plays. a single white sakura flower drops down. note the caption. mimii is enjoying this particular thread, not just margo's like she usually would.

watch to also hear with the music: https://www.instagram.com/p/BLSI6cUDzb8

No. 304731

She seems so unhinged. These videos before reeked of self-obsession and vanity. Now they just seem deluded and psychotic. Like… the blowing a kiss one she seems totally off her rocker. I'm just imagining her by herself with the TV on in the background.. so tragic.

No. 304734

File: 1475892739268.png (644.31 KB, 1266x597, kiki.png)

I feel like she is taunting us. Also notice int he last one the blue wall makes an appearance again.

No. 304737

I feel like that too. She thinks she's damn clever for fooling us, rather than feeling ashamed for being a hypocrite and making herself void of any credibility.

What a basket case.

No. 304738

Nah, she just wants us to believe she's not upset by any of this.

I'm sure it's eating her alive, how could it not with how psychotic and obsessive this sperg is.

No. 304739

oh totally.

No. 304740

I wonder if Kiki has evacuated because of the hurricane and is trying to act like she's somewhere fancy

No. 304742

Probably. Wonder if they took their cats with them.

No. 304744


Guys I'm now 90% sure Kiki is actually autistic. All this sperging.. the disability.. the fact that she's never changing her ways…

No. 304745

Pretty sure she said "I don't like fat chinks" in that one Taylor thread. Guess her racism didn't leave her, no matter how much she tries to pretend to be a kawaii moogle of mother earth who radiates love and light.

No. 304748

Isn't her brother autistic too? It would make sense.

No. 304749


I noticed that one too

No. 304752

I posted this in another thread, but didn't Kaka reside in the same building in Tokyo with Taylor, but on different floors? I remember Jrcock even went looking for the exact building… If Kaka knows where Taylor lives, then it all makes sense that she hates her so much and would want to reveal it to everyone.

No. 304753

If so, maybe this plays into the whole "stole my boyfriend" thing?

No. 304754

I remember that, but was there ever any proof of it? It would explain a lot though.

If it's true, I bet Taylor said hi to Taco once and Kaka interpreted it as her trying to steal her boyfriend.

No. 304756

Bread crumbs. isn't that a getabako/shoe rack? You can see there's something like a step in the entrance. She also said something like "my parents are sending over childhood photos" sounds like she's not at home.

The Ostrengas were very active last weeks, commenting each other and posting childhood pictures. Maybe she's in Japan, staying at someone's house.

No. 304757

She could be. How autism presents itself in women and girls is different than the stereotype. there's also a genetic component to it, so given that her brother is autistic, there's a higher chance that she could be too.

No. 304758

"Sending over" photos could also just mean sending them to her phone.
But I don't know. An hour ago (it would be 10:39pm in florida or 11:39am in Japan) she posted that video of the sky, and it could be the sunrise, but it looks like the moon? Florida is ugly cause of the hurricane right now. But we know she's known to post things taken forever ago.

No. 304760

I don’t think she’s in Japan. She could be uploading old videos or something, but in one of her videos from a day ago there’s a full-sized fridge with an ice maker behind her and those are really uncommon in Japan.

No. 304761

Samefag but to me, it looks dark in the place that the selfie videos she posted were taken. And it seems like she took them in that moment because she posted the same looking videos twice. She might be in some hotel for the hurricane.

No. 304762

File: 1475898263900.jpg (124.09 KB, 640x640, taylor view.jpg)

Taylor's photo: https://www.facebook.com/Taylor.R.Official/photos/a.386447878071432.78266.386429308073289/703240676392149/?type=1&theater
I remember Kiki posted a similar photo on Instagram with the same view of the Tokyo Tower

No. 304763

Can't wait to find Kiki's comments in the anal bleaching thread.

No. 304764

girl's at home with her parents in florida. that's why the backgrounds are so constricted. also the IP stuff that admins have on her places her in florida. she's angry at girls who are in japan, it's no coincidence.

No. 304766

I personally think she's schizo.

No. 304767

I'm glad she's not in Tokyo , far away from Taylor.

No. 304768

True. She does have a paranoia people are coming to get her complex.

No. 304769

File: 1475900692859.jpg (143.37 KB, 900x700, Reccent.jpg)

No. 304772

File: 1475901454946.jpg (77.22 KB, 640x640, 10983646_1540887836171177_9804…)


For comparison. Kind of creepy, actually.

No. 304773

B/W videos where she's wearing black earrings are from the same day she posted the photo with the blue wall. She's wearing the same accesories and make up.

No. 304774

The last videos where she's wearing that white choker are from the same day she posted that picture with the angel wings.

No. 304777



No. 304778

posted to wrong thread

No. 304779

Something in me feels like she saved Taylor's photo and then just put a filter on it.
Wouldn't be the first time she took photos that aren't hers.

No. 304780

I thought this too but the angle is sooooo slightly different

No. 304781

I was thinking the same but there are enough differences that disprove that. The one Kaka posted has more on the right side than Taylor's is cropped to.

No. 304783

Doubt it. She had videos up at the time and several photos showing a similar angle. She obvs stayed in the same building or nearby.

No. 304784

Different photos:

Clouds are different.
Buildings's lights are on in Taylor's picture.
Different floor.
Taylor's view is better.

Just to name a few differences…

No. 304787

I genuinely think Kiki has a mental disorder with some component of psychosis. She's had nothing but time to be this obsessive paranoid and narcissistic person, while living in an echo chamber with her mother telling her how special she is. Since Kiki's whole family is white trash, they probably had her file for disability because she's useless from being this sheltered and fucked up.

People forget that she was basically the first Jessie Slaughter, only Kiki's dad took his daughters' pedophile Myspace pictures instead of (as far as we know) hitting them. I think Jessie ended up prevailing after her father passed, but shit was looking seriously dark for a minute. Kiki never got away from her psycho mother, so she became her. Probably through trauma bonding.

It's nearly a decade though since her declaring herself the queen of the world, reading this has been a fucking mind fuck of harsh reality and karma. Holy shit.

No. 304788

Honestly, her scoliosis doesn't appear bad enough to warrant going on disability.
If I had to guess, I'd say because you she is a sperg and cannot function in the real world.

No. 304789

That was so much worse than I expected. Kiki('s mom?) is bonkers.

No. 304793

File: 1475913509040.png (1.12 MB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_20161007-094215.png)

Crossposting from the margo thread:
I first started to suspect that mimii was Kiki over the summer. Just before mimii went private she posted fanart type drawings of Kiki and Dakota totally out of the blue which really caught my attention bc prior to that she had been all about Venus & marge only… and this was right around the time Kiki came back with her new IG. That's what really set my spidey senses off.

Also at about the same time mimii sent the same type of fanart drawing (attached) to her IG bff Jassy in Hamburg, Germany. Jassy was a fellow marge stan and I guess they bonded over that.

The other thing is how mimii used to rant and rage about "those hate sites" (PULL and lolcow) all the time on her comments on marge. I guess that's a big beef with Kiki too (I never really followed her.)

It could be that mimii is just a fan of kiki and kota and posted the drawings bc she heard kiki was making her comeback to IG, and was angry about how Kiki was treated here & on PULL too, I guess.

In the end the only way to know for sure would be to have admin check the IP address of mimii's most recent posts.

No. 304794

Oh my god anon I had to look that up and now I'm typing through tears of laughter bless you my child

No. 304795

so interesting if it turns out she was catfishing all these people in the Margo story. but Jassy needs to take her lessons. bad enough to invite Margo into your home and then give her money. but then to seal your friendship with someone who maybe turns out to be an even bigger cow, interesting choices.

No. 304798

File: 1475915247150.png (264.85 KB, 1079x1585, Screenshot_2016-10-08-10-22-30…)

I'm re-reading the old sperg posts.
Kiki, please get help (or a hobby)

No. 304800

Or a job

No. 304801

Taylor was a model with experience before Dakota went viral, she doesn't need to call her "daddy" to get a job as a model in Japan, she has her own portfolio and contacts.

A job like a vegan model in Japan and a profitable YT channel?
Oh that's Taylor's job.

No. 304803

I swear Kirsten sabotages herself, she could have been something but she either half asses things then gives up when it doesn't give her immediate reward or pulls this shit. Grow up Keekz

No. 304804

I don't know if she can work with the state her mind is in?

No. 304806

This is hilarious. Pretty sure you're the one who wants to be Kota and went to Japan with daddy's money, Kiki. Too bad your family is too broke to send you from more than a few weeks. Never mind, keep saving up that disability, you'll get there again one day!

No. 304807

I'm so late to the party but this is truly the best thing I have read on here in a while.

I mean, I sat here shovelling Skittles into my mouth non-stop as I read because I was so engrossed.

Oh, how the ~mighty~ have fallen.

No. 304817

Her account is private, annoyingly.
Keep posting caps if you can

No. 304818

File: 1475937858138.jpg (176.2 KB, 1432x645, Screenshot_20161008-072147.jpg)



How does it feel to be outed as a vain narcissistic psychopath who not only likes reading about herself but shitting on other girls while pretending to be a sensitive empath?

No. 304819

File: 1475937917696.jpg (373.65 KB, 1293x1017, Screenshot_20161008-073052.jpg)

kiki why do u read these hate threads?

No. 304820

File: 1475937962651.jpg (285.42 KB, 1384x864, Screenshot_20161008-073152.jpg)

you being on this site makes you no better, in your own words, precious kiki

No. 304821

File: 1475938152453.png (43.31 KB, 1440x348, 20161008_074117.png)

last one for posterity

remember those anons going on about how people grow and change? they do, but not kiki tho.

/saged because spamming like a spergchan, just wanted to share some highlights for people not reading the old thread

No. 304831

Kaka is off her rockers for sure. I haven't seen so much dedication to spamming threads in my whole time of being on this website.

I feel like she's going to let the "drama" marinate for a while before sperging it out on social media (not really lolcow) and screaming about being paranoid about people finding her again.

No. 304836

Anon I work in the research field and no one knows if there is a genetic elemement to it. No one knows what causes it. It is all speculative information out there right now

Sorry, slightly triggered. Anyway does anyone here not find Kiki pretty anymore? I used to but after these turn of events she is just so ugly to me..

No. 304837

She used to be cute as a scenegirl, even with her rotten personality. now she's just plain unattractive, regardless of her bad attitude, because of her thinning hair, receding hairline, giant forehead, crazy eyes, chapped lips. She's a mess, physically and mentally. But at least now her outside reflects the madness within.

No. 304840

All those comments are really bringing me back to those old old videos where they do nothing but scream. It's like those videos in comment form.

No. 304842

File: 1475944484792.png (85.15 KB, 1190x533, kaka tinfoil.png)

From the Taylor thread in /manure/

No. 304843

So i've read everything i could find about this now, and sorry if i missed this, but are we getting her posts marked? This is so fucking funny, i really hope we do. Lolcow has been so dead these last months, i'm really happy something this jucy came to light!

No. 304846


It's on page 5 of manure if I didn't post this right…

No. 304847

yes, farmhands say there will be new information soon.

No. 304848

I agree, I was thinking the exact same thing. It has all her edgy 2000s internet language and everything.

No. 304850

Now I'm laughing about how some anons thought she changed. She hasn't at all! Unless those anons were actually Kiki too..

No. 304851

File: 1475949195123.jpg (398.66 KB, 1409x811, Screenshot_20161008-105145.jpg)

I think she might actually been one of the people arguing that she changed, because sandwiched between all those posts about her totally being a good person again was shit like this.

No. 304852

Can a competent farmer update her ED page with this milk so that non-farmers may quench their thirst?

No. 304853

I would love to hear Dakotas thoughts on this. No doubt she is a bit cringey with her shoops, and she might still have some twisted morals but at least she figured out how to keep her mouth shut. It would really surprise me if it turn out she's been posting here as well. I bet she's seriously embarrased for her sister.

Kristen, you need to tell your therapist about all this and own up. This shit is NOT normal.

No. 304855

I really wouldnt be surprised if Koots is what got Kiki to start this anyway.

TINFOIL HAT TIME: What if Koots is telling kiki she can get her a sweet bravo sugardaddy too but she has to help her take down Taylor and make her look better on here? If kiki can spend all day every day for months stalking this thread I really dont put it past kooter.

No. 304856

I was one the anons who believed she was at least trying.

Dakota was behaving apparently good and even vlogging, and everyone knows her face thanks to tv shows and presentantions, bad photoshop continued, tho.

Kiki "dissapeared" for a year and many anons, including me, believed she was at least trying to put her life back in order and behaving. But then she started to show off some of her private life again and finally this sperg-chan shit. Disappointing.

Tbh I don't understand why making a thread about Taylor in the same site she hates, she can come here and talk directly right? she talked about empathy, love and light, so why Keeks why?

and obviously Dakota knew about it too, maybe she wrote those things too during holidays. It sucks.

No. 304857

It was super obvious she was in the previous thread.

Because she's obviously full of shit in this love and light empath persona she's pretending to be.

No. 304871

I didn't pay much attention to sperg chan comments here and PULL because I thought she just wanted attention and it was better to ignore her, but now everything makes sense. Now that I read the comments I ignored, it's painfully obvious it was her all the time.

No. 304872

I really doubt Kota was involved just because they're related. For all we know, Dakota just doesn't want to get on her bad side or something so she preserves an OK friendship with her sister.

No. 304874

I doubt Dakota was sperging with her, but I'm sure she knew about it. They're the only friends they have, and I'm sure everything Kiki said, Dakota feels 100% the same about.

No. 304875

So what do you guys think when it comes to what her motives were for this?
1. Jealousy of Taylor
2. Taylor's thread being taken down and her and Kota's still being up
3. Taylor getting a boyfriend after Taco broke up with her

No. 304876

Do they even still talk to each other anymore?

No. 304877

No evidence was found of Dakota ever posting. It was most likely all Kiki.

No. 304878


Taylor is a successful vegan model who is more beautiful than Kiki will ever be. She's rich, humble and nice. Kiki is rotten on the inside and Taylor is everything she wants to be so the jealousy made her rage.

No. 304879

They both post caps of their convos every niw and then.

No. 304887

Mostly Kiki riding the fame of her more successful sister to pretend she has some relevance.

No. 304894

File: 1475959038357.jpg (134.48 KB, 614x681, Sperg.jpg)

I screencapped most of the town hall, let me know if anything else is needed.

No. 304899

Bless you.

No. 304901

More please!!

No. 304902

they meant taylor

No. 304903

I don't know why but I'm most curious to see what she posted about herself. I don't even remember that many positive posts in the Kiki threads, unless you count "she's not a cow any more u gaiz".

No. 304904

Ok I reaaaally wanna read whatever Kiki has written about herself here. Even more than what she said about Taylor (though that's hilarious)

I guess it's all just pure jealousy because Taylor is the vegan + Japanese boyfriend + model combo?

No. 304913

imo, in the Ostrenga threads, there were often posts that would seem to be trying to push the discussion more towards what Kiki would want it to be. For example, stuff like "I think Kiki really is in Japan this time" and "wow, Kiki's new jap boyfriend is so hot despite the only picture we've seen of him being grainy as fuck with only his eyes showing".

I'm sure there's a lot of less obvious stuff as well though, I'm pretty excited.

No. 304914

This so much. I doubt that Koots had some nefarious scheme to "take Taylor down" but I can totally see her and Kaka cackling over Kaka's shitposts thinking they're so clever. They are both assholes and I never bought into the idea that Koots reformed at all, just learned to keep her mouth shut when absolutely necessary.

No. 304917

I can't wait to see what she wrote in /b/ and /g/

No. 304923

She doesn't post afaik and only exists to follow Margo, or scream at lolcow/PULL. Her post history has had a lot of deletions. If she unprivates it's only because she wants to talk to us. Example: a poster in the Margo thread says she added to the milk vid caption with some shit about it being ‘vegan almond milk’ or something. In the past her major communication has been through Margo’s insta comments, but now that they are dead…

I did capture this particular vid btw, and will edit a copy and upload / post in a few hours when I get the time. Try following next time the account is open if you want. She's also a name changer and deleter - this is because she used the account to harass Venus and Manaki and doesn't like when people notice that.

Kaka or not, mimii is a crazy bitch of the highest order. Think, the kind of person who identifies on a deep personal level with Margo.

No. 304924

probably all three. but I noticed the idea that Taylor had some sway in getting her thread suppressed was a very big thing for spergchan. spergchan even thought old admin left because of it, and wanted to have that power and influence to close other threads too. the 'injustice' was killing them. at the same time, they wanted to hate on Taylor so bad.

ultimately, mental health issues are behind all these faulty reads of the situation.

No. 304925

same tbh

so much suspense

No. 304928

Does anyone know what she did to her eyes? Theyre so blue

No. 304930

Contact lenses. She probably desperately fished in Dakota's trash to find them.

No. 304935

Serious question:
How can admins know it's Kiki? It's not like IP addresses are signatures. They change. And there is always the possibility it is someone in the same area or with a Florida IP. I just don't get how you can prove it.

>In B4 "Hi Ostrengas". Lol. I'm just genuinely curious, and naturally skeptical.

No. 304936

Also, I'm looking forward to admin's proof and all. I admit I probably don't know enough about the process.

No. 304937

most proxies aren't truly anonymous and you can still discover the user's real ip. you can also see what kind of device they're using or use tracking cookies.

No. 304938

I'm genuinely curious how this works.

No. 304940


There not always reliable either. My mom spent her actual money on one to get the U.S netflix and after a few short lived months it failed .. ( It was marketed as a protection service to protect your identity, but in store promoted it as a Netflix gateway for college students. )

No. 304941

Why did the admins never mark spoonys posts ?

No. 304942

when did this happen? cuz netflix has been cracking down on proxies since earlier this year.

No. 304943

Didn't she make like thousands of posts? She was literally like the most frequent poster.

No. 304944


About 7-8 months ago is when it crashed and burned, but I doubt that it was to do with netflix as the piece of shit was always malfunctioning. She bought it about this time last year.

No. 304949

Pretty sure old admin said he would mark them if she posted on the site again.

No. 304950

Aw really? Well here's to hoping…

No. 304952

I think it's hilarious that Kiki spent money on a VPN just to talk shit about Taylor

No. 304954

And on a chan that didn't give two fucks about shitting on Taylor cause no milk.

No. 304957

Big fan of how comments that start with "Isn't it funny how…" always end up sounding psychotic

Bigger fan of how Kiki Kannibal turned into the basement dwelling and disability collecting loser troll she always put on blast. How's that salty ass karma taste you dumb bitch

No. 304958

Sage for slight irrelevancy - I bet she used to also run the ana-chan threads and bashed them too. All she can brag about is starving herself even though she now looks like Gollum.

No. 304959

I doubt Kirsten spent her own dime ~ does she even work in the day time? She and Dakota obviously had help from Poppa Scott for the proxies/VPNs and scripted sock-puppet accounts. It doesn't surprise me if he even had a hand in the "virality" of the girls' e-fame. After all he works for Juniper Networks and it's one of the major subcontractor for various government agencies, including that agency where that infamous "Mr. Snowman" in Russia used to work for. ;)

Here's an interesting linked-in profile: (https://www.linkedin.com/in/ostrenga)

Why would Admin-sama show everyone how it works and how she/they came to the conclusion? Explaining it openly would make all of us vulnerable. I trust Admin-sama's conclusions on the matter.

No. 304961

I love that with this, she most likely permanently solidified her place being a cow on /pt/. Her thread died that whole time she was "gone" and now this. Great job Kaka!

No. 305110

Why didn't she just go to PULL to shit talk Tay? Pretty sure they all hate her there.

No. 305114

…good question

No. 305115

This bitch has got to be on the autistic spectrum. This shit isn't fucking normal–even for people who are just mean as hell. Kaka needs a straitjacket.

No. 305117

She did.

No. 305120

She wanted to take down lolcow and make it look like we were all psychotic when it was just her. Remember how she tried to send copyright claims to lolcow? She's fucking ridiculous. No one even really cares besides farmers who just like to read about the progression of internet personas.

She's so autistic that she takes our dumb gossip literally and so seriously

No. 305123

You would too if you had nothing fulfilling in your life, nor friends to learn social norms and tact from.

No. 305126

Loving this new milk and can't wait for her posts to be marked. Are her posts going to be marked there as well? Someone needs to make a summary or ED, I can't keep up!

No. 305128

are you defending her

No. 305133

What if this is her plan to get new fame? Or atleast try to get new fame.. If she truly tries to erase negative trama, damn she must have some shitty luck.

No. 305143

Uh, no? How is anon defending her. It's a normal turn of phrase to describe someone's actions, in this case Kiki's. Don't be crazy.

No. 305144

Not to hurry you guys, but is there an ETA on this?

No. 305156

was she also the poster that kept proposing to move the thread to snow?

No. 305160

I leave for a couple of days and suddenly this delicious milk flows in endless streams.

Thank you based kaka, never stop being you.

No. 305162

File: 1476024561212.gif (1.33 MB, 320x181, Smw2Ak.gif)

omg I was the anon always agreeing with her about the no-taylor-thread-conspiracy and she replied to me the princess touched me

No. 305170

File: 1476028556915.gif (33.74 KB, 275x352, hdfffsfsgf.gif)

Maybe Kiki really misses Kooter, and sperging out on drama sites defending Kooter and trying to take down her competition is Kiki's demented way of feeling connected to her sister.

No. 305173

Or maybe her and Kooter don't talk anymore and it's her way of getting Kooter's attention

No. 305178

They were talking to each other recently on insta or twitter, I don't remember.

No. 305189

Kek. This exactly, thanks anon.
Idk, I think she just envies and hates Taylor so much that she wanted to keep the hate toward her flowing after everyone here let up on Taylor. Probably raged because despite "no milk" people still wanted to shit on Kota/Kiki and kept their threads running.

No. 305271

Please admin, spill some more milk for us on this topic.

No. 305273

File: 1476058795494.png (898.79 KB, 1440x1718, Screenshot_2016-10-06-23-46-50…)

I forgot to post this earlier but here's at least one post of her talking shit on Kota

No. 305274

File: 1476059153589.jpg (81.47 KB, 311x311, tumblr_n7ejczzFBo1rkf3gdo1_400…)

As someone who was ~harassed~ online by the Ostrengas a few years ago, this milk is delicious.

No. 305275

File: 1476059407697.png (306.93 KB, 1420x1001, Screenshot_2016-10-06-22-30-15…)

Autism leaking over onto 8chan

No. 305279

No. 305286

I have a theory they were both in on it.

Kaka posting here and Kooter posting maybe in Japanese sites and them sharing about it.

Someone pointed out that Kaka always had "screenshot png" in her filenames from mac. She also doesn't use punctuation and types like it's 2001. Now it's more obvious.

That doesn't sound like Kaka. Compare it with the rest of the confirmed ones.

No. 305316

>"screenshot png" in her filenames from mac.
so does every single mac user since whatever OS that change happened

No. 305333

In light of these events, I find it funny as hell that Kaka claims that her online haters are "all one person" and now look, all of Taylor's really are one person. Fucking lol

No. 305338

I agree. There are people here who don't generally like her (myself included), but Spergostrenga was the only one showing actually dislike/hate.

No. 305346

This really is a cautionary tale for any attention whores online:
>>"Battle not with fat jelly haterz, lest ye become a fat jelly hater. And if you gaze long into the farms, the farms gaze also into you."

Then again: Kaka was this way back in the MySpace era. She covered it up for a few years on social media, but it was always in her evidently. If only old admin hadn't wiped the records clean when he left as I'm sure there are a lot more telling posts Kaka has made on here about herself and Kooter over the years. Still looking forward to the big reveal anyway.

No. 305350

Why is everyone so quick to believe this is Kiki? I'm sure there's more than just one person using lolcow from Florida.. some of the wording just doesn't sound like words she'd use.
For example, "The good looking jap boys don't know hardly any english" does not sound like a sentence formed by Kiki.

No. 305352

Probably because no one ever compares anyone to Kiki as if she's something to aspire to the way that poster does.

No. 305359

do you really think they just based this on being in Florida, anon.

No. 305362

Does anyone remember that website the Ostrengas apparently made about Kiki's ex, Daniel? From memory the writing style there was very similar to Sperg-chan's nuttiness, it didn't read "like Kiki" but the general consensus is that it was her because nobody else would bother with/stoop as low as a smear campaign against a random dead emo.

No. 305384

File: 1476106495671.jpg (Spoiler Image, 913.7 KB, 1273x677, 2q8atea.jpg)

Here's the pic - the writing reminds me of Sperchan too

No. 305387

>"The good looking jap boys don't know hardly any english" does not sound like a sentence formed by Kiki.

Don't understimate a butthurt Kaka.

She's well known for making fun of a prettier pregnant chick, some girl whose bf Kiki was sexting with and (I have no first hand proof of it, some people say they witnessed this during a stickam session) a mixed race baby.

No. 305402



details on any of this?

No. 305408


if I remember correctly she was calling the baby cute up until she asked the mother about the kid's race, after which she started screeching and being her usual self

No. 305410

File: 1476118748796.png (997.4 KB, 978x2166, Bully_ostrenga.png)

Around 2012 some random pregnant girl on tumblr received insulting asks from the ostrengas (people pointed out that she naturally looked what Kooterz wished to look) (the girl was pretty, had big eyes and fair skin). Fortunately she had a tracker in her tumblr account and exposed the IP where those comments came from

About the other incident, Kaka posted screenshots of convos she had with some guy (blurring his name and what she said)and the messages she received from his gf telling her to leave him alone, purposedly left her name uncensored. Both Kiki and Dakota were making fun of her on Twitter.

No. 305411

Wow I remember this incident and it was like a lifetime ago. Scary to think how long Ostrengas have been at this shit.

No. 305413

Also don't forget Kiki basically portrayed Japanese men as stupid,disgusting rapey perverts, when most likely they were staring at her for being an obnoxious loud twat

Yeah, they also used to send threatening voicemails.

No. 305418

I vaguely remember this, she said the baby had a gorgeous color and then when she learned the baby's race she called it a nigger baby and said it was going to grow up to be a terrorist.

Was that the same incident where she was sending flirty asks to some musician who had a girlfriend he lived with? I remember the screenshots where she blurred out what she said the guy could do to her, which was probably anal.

No. 305419

yes, that one but I can't find the screenshots, maybe those were posted on SR?

No. 305421

So do we think spergchan is Cathy or Kaka? This is so funny now because Kota looks EXACTLY like a sickly fish with a five head and michael jackson nose in her shoops

This reminds me more of Kaka because this is kind of how she talked in those old videos.

No. 305423

>>Still waiting for admins to label the posts…

What's taking so long?

No. 305425

Lmao. I don't get why artists are always so fixated on race. Every single one of those retards I've had the unfortunate encounters with acts exactly the same when it comes to that. Kaka is a lost cause. I don't think she'll ever get her life together since her brain seems to be severely stunted at 14 years old.

No. 305426

got damnit, autists*

Can't delete that post for some reason

No. 305439

There are probably a lot of posts. It's got to be pretty time consuming.

No. 305442

This and I think they want us to savor the milk before they do it.
But it's starting to slow down now so hopefully soon!

No. 305444

I've heard people mention the voicemails but haven't found an actual recording. Does any angel out there have deets to the voicemails?

No. 305446


This is the only one I know of.

No. 305449


LMAO ! Silly Ostrengles, have any of them ever actually followed thru with any of their legal threats ?

No. 305452

Spoony got one as well, doubt she'll post it and reveal herself risking b& though

No. 305454

Wonder if they stop people from deleting posts so Kiki doesn't go on a deleting spree.

No. 305455

Kaka still has her Jane Doe case open.
Enter her first name and last name to search.

No. 305456

File: 1476137404185.jpg (20.51 KB, 640x559, 1467871828664.jpg)

Someone iirc mentioned that admin-san wanted to toy around with Kaka's feelings a little more before revealing the posts (?)


No. 305457

I know the person that won her give away forever ago. For that rose ring?

I guess kaka took forever to deliver, and when she did, it wasn't even the ring. It was two shitty plastic diamonds left over that were supposed to be cell phone charms? -!: some stupid letter about herself.

No. 305459

You can't delete posts after 30 minutes of posting them, iirc.

No. 305460

File: 1476140366931.webm (2.99 MB, 320x240, mamakannibal.webm)

No. 305461

yes that is the rule, and I suspect that even when you delete, admin can see them.

No. 305462

Shit I remember this. They're lawyer or whatever gtfo'd out of that real quick.

No. 305463

How does this voicemail last for so long? This family is just full of egotistical maniacs that just love to hear themselves talk.

No. 305467

what rose ring?

No. 305475

as a newfag to this story (one year) and just waiting around to see if she'd do anything new, it's just great to hear the psycho Ostrenga parenting style in person. there's zero chance of normality ever having happened in that household.

No. 305477

Wow. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

No. 305479

ahh does any one have a mirror?

No. 305480

Kaka is spergchan!!!!
This is fucking great.

No. 305488

This makes sense, too. Do you think Kaka has found out about this yet? I wonder what she would do? Have a total meltdown in her house?

No. 305489

File: 1476157358249.png (27.62 KB, 1333x627, Capture.PNG)

Does anyone else remember when Jack Cash's ex came on here and was chased off by one obnoxious anon? Since we now know Kaka/Cathy was sperg-chan, I'm positive that anon that drove her off was them as well, pic related.

Here's the thread:

No. 305491

>o shit shes a mexican

So she's been posting on her threads for at least as long as a year ago
I wonder in all how many posts she has.

No. 305494


Good catch anon, I didn't remeber that Jack ex's had posted here.
Of course it must be Kaka, the scene rAnDumZ U JellY xDD writing style is a dead giveaway.

No. 305495

well yeah because she was here daily and now she has a ban message I guess?

No. 305496

>high powered attorneys through the internet
she sounds like a very nice lady, very together. very good parent.

No. 305503

This is totally crazy, why is it so long? Don't those things cut off? Kaka and Koots were destined to be insane from birth.

No. 305504

It does cut off, lol. She keeps calling back and just going. I think it's three calls in total.

No. 305506

You realise there's some things backing this claim, right?

No. 305509

yeah, cuts are at 2:04 and 4:15

No. 305511

The Jack Cash thing happened in 2013, and I think the Jack's ex thing happened in late 2014. It just says "1 year ago" because it hasn't been over 2 years, which makes the timestamp kinda derpy.

No. 305512

File: 1476165358787.jpg (148.48 KB, 1024x768, IMG_3226.JPG)

You guys are getting my hopes up if kiki is spergchan then thank the gods for this beautiful milk

No. 305513

i have not come to lolcow in like months, can somebody please direct me to whatever post first came to this conclusion??? i wanna read this new dramu from the start

No. 305515

former admin came back to make this important announcement in town hall: >>>/meta/3338

we are waiting on a full drop of all posts by her plus more and damning info.

No. 305516


or it could be Mama Ostrenga. those posts remind me so much of her rants/REEEEing back in the day. aaayy it must be so good to have a mother who has the mentality of a cunty 14-year old.

No. 305517

about this. when Lain posted it on PULL tumblr, another person sent her an ask saying that they had been receiving hate mail from the same IP address for months. after this, they started using a proxy. i think their archive screenshots show cathy cruising PULL tumblr with hidemyass after that.

No. 305518

Read the sperg chan thread in OP as well, it's a ride now knowing the truth.

No. 305519

File: 1476167927563.png (23.53 KB, 779x74, 89274.png)

Yep, definitely Kaka.

No. 305521

that coming from someone who basically fails at everything that involves making a living, even at scamming others hah

this is what you reminds me of, Kiki: jumping at every bad life choice you can,then demanding money out of others for it

No. 305538

She has definitely posted at least a few times. Please feel free to post and speculate as much as all you have been, however we are not ready to confirm or deny that any particular post was made by her. We want to be completely sure which posts are definitely hers. We're not going to jump to any conclusions or false accusations.

Discussing things is fine, but if you screenshot or link something please do not assume it was necessarily posted by her. We aren't 100% sure she insulted Taylor, and if she did she definitely is not the only person on lolcow who has ever criticized Taylor. Taylor has had a thread here for a long time. It was made before Kiki had first posted, to our knowledge.

More details will be revealed, though I cannot say how long that will be. We will not be able to answer any questions until then.

No. 305545

>We aren't 100% sure she insulted Taylor

w…what? but didn't sperg chan… just insult taylor over and over (among other things)…?

if she's sperg chan i don't understand how she didn't insult taylor.

No. 305548

File: 1476173904779.jpg (20.6 KB, 275x275, 1470710051155.jpg)

i really like the idea of marking all her posts in red, i keep thinking about that day to come

No. 305550

I really, really want to believe it's her. hell i'll be happy if any posts on lolcow are confirmed to be her, even if they're not anywhere near as wild as sperg-chan. but until any proof is given i seriously doubt she is. that person doesn't sound like kiki at all, i can't even imagine her typing out some of those things even with knowing how crazy she is. like this >>304842 i can't imagine at all these words coming from Kiki. they sound and say certain things like just a regular, active, shit-talking anon on here (aside from the going psycho part). not like an Ostrenga lurker who only reads their own threads to find out if anyone's dug up new shit on them, or to take down videos that we're sharing.

if kiki ever wrote on here i think it's more likely that she was just patrolling the threads, saw something that pissed her off so much she couldn't stop herself from replying despite knowing how fucking pointless it is. If she IS sperg-chan, or actually comes here to talk shit about other people, that'll be the best milk that's ever been creamed from the Ostrengas since the secret archives. but i don't have my hopes up.

No. 305552

Mods aren't sure that Kaka insulted Taylor? Saying this after first revealing that Kaka is sperg-chan sounds a bit fishy.

No. 305553

Kaka doesn't seem capable of the big words I'm seeing on that post. Also sperg/kaka rarely uses punctuation or formats the text.

What we need right now is Kaka's posts labelled because now I'm getting confused.

No. 305557

Yeah, the admin/mods initially made it sound like they were 100% sure Kaka was Sperg-chan…so this is disappointing and weird.

No. 305563

I am not necessarily saying Kiki wasn't responsible for at least some of the posts being referenced. We are just investigating fully and want to be completely confident in all claims we make.

I will say that there are some posts linked in this thread that we are pretty sure aren't her, which is why we're recommending people don't make too many assumptions.

But I will also say we are completely confident that she is at least one of the people who was commonly referred to by many posters as Sperg-chan. But obviously, that's a loose label. We will provide more details when we are finished thoroughly investigating. We apologize for the delay and ask for your patience, please. We don't want to reveal details until we have a full understanding. When we're finished, I promise we'll provide full details on everything we know.

And again, feel free to continue speculating about everything in this thread. Just keep in mind that it could be misleading to state something as if it's total fact.

Also, please report any posts you have reason to believe were made by her.

No. 305567

Thanks for clearing it up, I think people got confused when everyone started to dump whatever they can find to be spergs posts. It's just hard to contain ourselves when theres so much milk going on.
I believe a lot of the spergs posts were keeks, never underestimate how crazy the ostrengas are. Remember, these people used to attack and cyber bully petty-ass teenagers and file copy rights so I'm not surprised at all if kiki were to randomly sperg post. If anything it should come naturally for them

No. 305570

File: 1476182240965.jpg (775.3 KB, 1273x677, caca.jpg)

>But I will also say we are completely confident that she is at least one of the people who was commonly referred to by many posters as Sperg-chan. But obviously, that's a loose label.

oh, i thought sperg-chan was only that person with the disability who spent several hours every night for days spamming every thread with Taylor shit and gore. if that's not the one you're referring to, and there's another sperg-chan then it sounds more believable now.

yeah, remember the daniel cespedes website? that was proven 100% her, she paid money to buy a domain with his name, sent the link as a submission to a tumblr "hate blog", then quickly baleeted it when her plan went wrong and everyone instantly knew it was made by her. that website was nothing more than bad pictures of daniel (that she creepily kept all these years), along with that writing pattern she thinks is funny
>"If ju aint got no herz or boobees ur my kinda gurl"

if she's capable of something as disturbing and unexpected as that, then she's more than capable of sperging out at farmers if she thinks she's anonymous.

No. 305572

how do you know these are mimii?

No. 305574

sperg chan reacted to taylor's thread being locked. that's the known part.

No. 305575

I want just the Kaka banners only for one week.

No. 305576

Except this person is so much cuter than Dakota in every way especially considering how Dakota naturally looks. Cathy is my literal nightmare btw and prob spearing for Dakota because Dakota looks like a mini cathy.

No. 305578

it's because (among other things) I called her eurofag and she sperged out about it. the info crossed back and forth in arguments between here and insta. she confirmed her connection to these posts / her id on insta a number of times, and we consider it a lock. afaik she only made these three posts here though. I want to know if they are in or out of the running for the Kaka ID bc mimii is either Kaka (which is kinda big news for Margo) or she's just a regular paranoid attention whore. if the posts are confirmed I'll gather everything I have and dump it here. for now it's sprinkled everywhere in the Margo threads and isn't really worth compiling, it only feeds her ego and she's a bitter bitch already. the Margo thread's gotten a bit derailed by mimii's attention whoring in the last few days and I prefer to wait for a yes or no on those three posts before making things any worse. they are the only tangible thing we have to connect her, otherwise forget it because anything else is hearsay.

No. 305615

Just want to say I really appreciate the admins taking the time to investigate completely before releasing info.
I was under the impression that there was one spergchan and it was Kaka. I guess that's foolish to think. It's so weird though! (All?) the spergchan(s) are so similar that I really can't tell which posts are hers, I guess. I'm so confused now. But a lot of them are typed an awful lot like her obnoxious self and remind me of her completely. I think the sperg that kept posting screenshots of Taylor is definitely her but that's my opinion.

No. 305620

that is fucked

No. 305623

sipping 100% organic, vegan jasmine tea (out of a kawaii DIY vintage teacup) while I wait for this milk to turn into the finest vegan crème ?☕

No. 305646

it works anon. you just have to be on a cpu or some software bullshit i wouldnt know about. I can play it on my laptop but not my phone.

No. 305656

File: 1476232051344.jpeg (19.62 KB, 443x332, image.jpeg)

No. 305785

File: 1476313005776.gif (694.17 KB, 450x327, giphy.gif)

No. 305796

i wonder how long she's been posting on lolcow. like is this something new from this year, or has she done it since the beginning. iirc she must have discovered lolcow during the archives thing, because people were able to discuss it here and keep it secret in like 2014

No. 305797

i'm curious if she found out from livejournal. she was definitely in the ediotz/efagz community before and some point last year there were some comments about lolcow.

No. 305798

no it was definitely from the archives time. so many people couldn't keep their mouth shut about it and were linking it in places like PULL and tumblr tagging it with kikikannibal. i think after that is when people started noticing that videos that they would link here would get copyrighted by the next day

No. 305803

File: 1476322494775.gif (3.91 MB, 478x360, 45645.gif)

how are people that retarded? did they actually think she wouldn't see the links?

No. 305805



she was banned from ediotz ages ago, when there was some drama about copyright infringement, and possibly leaking members' info/harassing them? at that point, the mods purged anyone with suspicious/inactive accounts, and locked membership. I think this was in early 2013.

No. 305810


Didn't also that australian bitch who was asskissing kiki (forgot her name) sent her the link to here on twitter, then kiki found that she was shit talking about kota on pull?

No. 305813

yeah, her name was Liana. she found the archive by herself and linked it on tumblr thinking she was the first one to find it. farmers messaged her to take it down, but she rudely refused, so she was insulted on here, and as a result decided to get back at us by making a twitter account telling kirsten about lolcow.

No. 305820

Oh. I read "Australian bitch" and thought Flan lol

No. 305851

There was also Other Bitch who got hurt that PULL only started talking about the archives after Australian Bitch had tipped Kiki off. Her wailing and gnashing of teeth about it made the banner here, lol.


No. 305873

i hope the pregnant girl that the ostrengas called a "sickly fish with a fivehead and michael jackson nose" or whatever sees this thread

No. 305874

thanks anon, liana judd it is

hahaha I remember that

No. 305875


i think i found her on tumblr, should i send her the link?

No. 305877

imo I don't think that girl cares anymore… it has been 4 years…

No. 305882

Wait, what? lol isn't that exactly what Dakota is now? Talk about projection. Even when whiyeknighting Kota she has to get in a subtle dig?

No. 305883

welcome to ostrenga logic

No. 305886

Ostrengas are 100% about projection. Kaka basically always tweets about herself.

No. 305887

File: 1476379788900.png (65.8 KB, 437x594, IMG_1836.PNG)

Kiki deleted all the B&W pics of her and the guy in the marching Adidas jackets.

BTW, didn't Kiki and Kota have matching black Adidas jackets circa ~2009 when Dakota was doing her ugly chola makeup?

No. 305888

File: 1476380104172.png (442.67 KB, 932x595, IMG_2099.PNG)

No. 305890


I actually know her irl kinda and I'm pretty sure she has posted here before

No. 305894

looking back, and cathy went from that "suck it, kotakoti" post, to her photos, to her personal tag, to her pregnancy tag, to her about page, back to "suck it, kotakoti", back to her photos, then to her ask.

No. 305908


I wish I could figure out whether that was Kiki or Cathy. I doubt it was Dakota. That was almost 2 a.m. JST, and she seemed to have a pretty busy schedule during that time period. Busier than Keeks and Cathy, at least. Plus this was right after her "apology," wasn't it?

It sounds a lot like Kiki's usual first-grader insults, but I think this was also around the same time Cathy was losing her shit all over Tumblr.

Sucks that her own family made it that much harder for Dakota to clean up her own image online, just by continuing their batshit antics even after she tried to apologize and move on. Kiki is forever attached to her name in the worst way. I almost feel bad for Kota. She was such a racist, homophobic little shithead back in the day, just like her sister, but I wonder how much of that was Kiki's (and ultimately Cathy's) influence.

Even if her relative fame is dwindling, Cathy and Kaka will eternally burn with jealousy over that time Dakota was a famous idoru~*~ in Japan. I kinda love it.

No. 305911

Lol, I knew her IRL in high school, that girl is a wreck herself. This you >>305873 Melissa? Lmao. Still posting nudes of yourself on 4chan?

No. 305915

>Sucks that her own family made it that much harder for Dakota to clean up her own image online

lol to the contrary. Dakota messed up her own image. it was her own words and actions that made people dislike her, not her association with her family. if anything, cathy and kiki worked really hard trying to save her online image, harassing and stalking haters, white-knighitng her, copyrighting everything that made her look bad, cathy even contacted lawyers to try to take down tumblr blogs about her. if it wasn't for them using their housewife and NEET lives to clean up her reputation 24/7 on the internet, she might have not even made it to where she is.

No. 305917

File: 1476393698928.png (213.28 KB, 580x667, Tweets.png)

Kiki is Tweeting and instagraming hardcore.

No. 305918

File: 1476394007948.png (1 MB, 1280x800, Screen Shot 2016-10-13 at 5.17…)

No. 305920

File: 1476394831581.jpg (158.12 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)


>>Forrest goblin here, back from cyber bullying and spewing hatred on a website for an entire year

Still not a model, still not got a Japanese boyfriend. It's so funny this whole vegan empath eco elf goddess thing is the only thing she's got left in her boring empty life, and even that's fake. It's like looking at an empty, shallow husk. Deserved.

No. 305921

Notice the boxes in the background? Is she packing or unpacking?

No. 305922

Notice the boxes in the background? Is she packing or unpacking?

No. 305923

looks like she just bought a bunch of new clothes and tat

No. 305926

The last picture. "If you see beauty here it's bc you are full of beauty you can't help but see it everywhere" LOL

No. 305927


The box leaning against the wall looks like the kind used to ship new guitars, I think.

Does she have a job? Is she living with Cathy and Scott?

No. 305929


That house doesn't look like her parents.

That shirt looks like a straight jacket, seems fitting.

No. 305930

Selling off her plethora of instruments to buy a plane ticket so she can get back to the promised land?

No. 305936

Those ~inspirational~ quotes look even more ridiculous after OP's image.

No. 305938

She already sold off all her music crap after the failed CD tour in Tokyo that didn't make her instantly famous in KawaiiLand like Dakota. Not to mention, it was proven that she stole the pic of the glittery blue guitar from a Rakuten auction and likely never even owned it, so who knows how much shit she cruelly had to sell off in the first place. Maybe she stepped her game up and decided to use a real SD site like SeekingArrangement to find a Jap daddy to take care of her.

No. 305940

>she cruelly
>she *actually

No. 305943


Haha, that's Rupi Kaur - https://www.instagram.com/rupikaur_/

She took the time to type out the poem in one of the captions, but didn't mention the author in either of them. She is always the first to cry Kiki Kannibal Korporation Kopyright Infringement if you so much as whisper her name, but okay lolll.

I know people do this all the time, everywhere, but you'd think the woman who claimed to have invented scene hair and diamond necklaces would know how it feels to have people take your shit without credit.

No. 305950

Holy fuck I was this close to thinking she came up with it

Stay klassy Kiki

No. 305953


same fucking boring pose. same fucking boring makeup. she's so bland and vanilla. christ, it's making me miss insane shithead scene Kaka. at least Audrey Kitching is actually good with that new age vegan crystal goddess image.

No. 305954

Over-tweeting to compensate and salvage the damage she caused on her own? LOL. She's back again spewing pseudo-enlightened bull shit mode and posting the same "I-try-not-to-make-my-forehead-huge" MySpace angle selfies. (Sigh) You sure don't change Sperg-chan. It's 2017 soon and you're still stuck in 2007.

Meanwhile she has 9000+ "followers" but getting <200 likes/views on each post of hers… maybe because they're mostly shell/sock puppet accounts. All the while following only 1 person on IG (Dakota's of course), but not one picture of Dakota can be found in any of her posts. Kiki sure loooves her sister. :/

No. 305956

so she retrieved the hideous *~ELF PRINCESS ZELDA~* (rofl) ears from the bottom of the trashbin?

No. 305958

File: 1476412341708.png (91.97 KB, 640x997, IMG_2107.PNG)

Is anyone else still going back and readi the old Kiki and Kota threads and trying to spot the kaka? Because damn, knowing she was posting on here really makes some of the posts that used to just be annoying or cringed all the more… disturbed and sad. And some are now even funnier, line pic related!

No. 305959

Kiki only following Dakota on 'social' media makes me laugh because her timeline must be sad af. No friends, no professional connections, no brands/artists she likes, no media or news related to her interests.

I wonder if that endless loop of nothing but her own face and Dakota's face is Kiki's ~safe space~ lmao.

No. 305961

Nah it's just some trashy butterfly clips behind her ears.

No. 305965

They remind me of those stupid metal ones from when I was a kid. I think they are. She never fails to have the cheapest, trashiest accessories.

No. 305969

I find it fascinating that Kaka and Kota are wearing old clothes nonstop lately. Must be strapped for cash.

No. 305973

File: 1476421685823.jpg (181.19 KB, 1024x1024, IMG_1850.JPG)

Well disability probably doesn't pay much for someone who didn't finish school and lives with their parents. And iirc about two years ago Dakota went back to FL to renew her visa while her contract was being renewed (the last time she went back). Maybe her contract is up again soon?

Although she should get rid of some of WE old Taobao stuff from ~5 years ago. Including those cheap looking black lace up ankle boots she wears with nearly everything.

No. 305976

Damn Pooter, go back to the salon and get those nails filled. For real.

No. 305977

I don't think she's been on an entertainment visa for a long time now. Some anons theorized she's married.

No. 305982

she sold all her music stuff? i thought music was her career choice, this is like starting from zero again for her

No. 305990

All her 'career choices' last 5 seconds, Kiki never sticks with anything. Musician, DJ, vlogger, model, make-up artist, jewellery designer, self-help guru, fashion store owner, plus some others I probably forgot.

No. 305996

Some anons have pointed out that lately she's been posting less and less nail shots and letting them grow out a lot more in between salon visits.

No. 305998


Don't forget kawaii housewife. Except she failed at that, rather than gave up on it. That's why she scrubbed all traces of it and never said another word about it.

No. 306009

That was my favorite one. I'm still waiting on that "marriage" update Kiki. : ^ )

No. 306013

she's waiting for the next gullible gaijin pussy chaser to update heh

No. 306016

She's too busy posting CP trying to get the site shut down (according to the Margo thread). Now that japan doesn't want her, all she has is lolcow.

No. 306018

She didn't sell all of her music stuff. Back when she did her Kiki Mimieux album as soon as the recording was done she sold off the things she bought to use. It didn't make sense at the time since she apparently wanted to pursue it further. She got new equipment over time because she had those videos of her "DJing" in her room. It's been a couple years though and I think she's waiting for people to forget about how all of her stolen music was outed so she can make more again.

That's the thing with Kaka. Her scandals like the music theft, being outed on lolcow, and even that time she got busted sending those anons on Tumblr never really touch her. It gets talked about here and PULL, and maybe a few other places but she never directly addresses it. No one brings it to her for her to deal with and if they do she blocks them, then she tries to paint the people calling her out as crazy haters so people are gullible enough to believe her. She has blind followers that are too ignorant to see her shady behavior as suspect. This will blow over just the same and she'll be back to her usual shit in no time. She's just dipping her toes in testing the waters for now but she'll be back because she always comes back.

No. 306019

Also her failed blog with the stolen recipes.

No. 306021

No. 306023

Not the anon you're replying to but last year, around the time she made an announcement about marrying Taku, she revamped lilkitten to be a health&lifestyle blog.

No. 306026

>>now that Japan doesn't want her

Ah, Japan never wanted her though. She and her mom tried to shoehorn her in there to ride Kota's coat tails but alas, she left the country and spent the foreseeable future on lolcow slagging off Taylor who achieved everything she wanted :)

No. 306028

if she actually uses instagram, she prob has another account

No. 306029

I think she sold all her music stuff because stealing music only requires a computer and soundcloud. The instruments were just decoration, and the spacking around in a room with a wolf hat on was just a narcissistic display where she wasn't even doing anything requiring talent. She just hit play on a stereo.

No. 306031

she stole vegan recipes and pics from other sites and shamelessly put them on lilkitten…wait for it… without crediting as usual hah

No. 306032

I see the stealing of recipes a lot (not that it's not a shitty thing to do, but still) BUT stealing pics too? lmao holy shit kaka

No. 306033

yeah but she went to a school for music, begged $20,000 to pursue it, tried to do it under 2 different names, was on a website trying to get hired, tried the CD thing in Japan, basically been at it for years. i think music was her most serious plan for making an income as an adult.

no, admin said that wasn't her. don't throw accusations like this so lightly

No. 306089

>she went to a school for music

She and Dakota completed a class at a college for music production. It's not like they were enrolled students that graduated or anything. All they got were certificates of completion, not degrees.

No. 306093

true, but its still more effort she has ever put into anything, ever.

No. 306095

She's been on the deans list at Valencia College a couple of times. I assume she went for the sound and music technology associates degree. She posted some kind of certificate at some point too I think? Degree or not her music isn't very impressive.

No. 306114

As long as you pay, you get the certificate. You barely have to do anything.

No. 306115

by the time she's 30, do you guys think she'll have a stable job and be out of her parents house? …..now that i wrote this i realized being a housewife and living off the guy is probably more likely.

No. 306118

well she is a lolcow

No. 306127

It's not hard to get on the deans list at a state college if you don't have to work or anything outside of school

No. 306130

>>She's been on the deans list at Valencia College a couple of times

Lol, hi kiki.

No. 306136

File: 1476522186101.png (1.7 MB, 1920x1080, I'mInMySafeSpace.png)

That really is troubling. Kiki has to be able to take constructive criticisms, temper down her ego, work in a team effort environment and adjust to work demands accordingly if she wants a stable salaried job; but her level of narcissism and self-righteousness might shorten her career path if she doesn't change. A job as a pole-dancing stripper would be an ideal setting for her where she could get the attention and compliments from men that she constantly craves, including the easy money and moderate independence. She could have easily worked at full-time minimum wage since age 18 and amassed $20,000 plus of savings by now, if she was living at home and budgeting. But with her personality, money, time and effort gets wasted on futility.

OAN, Netflix has this new show called "Haters Back Off" (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bDDAClMibkM) coming this October and has an uncanny cast of characters that resembles several familiar lolcow households. My tinfoil hat tells me that someone is making money out of lolcow and pull content…

No. 306140

by a stable job, do you mean something normal like work in an office, or maybe go to school and major in something like computer science? because that's impossible lol. caca thinks she's very speshul, that's one thing that's never changed. i'm sure she's only open to jobs with titles like "musician" and "designer". that, plus the fact that Dakota's life turned out way more glamorous than she can ever dream of, settling for a normal job just to have an income to survive on her own with doesn't sound likely.

in the future she'll probably just continue to try a go at more speshul occupation titles. like self-publish a book on positive vibes vegan recipes, and call herself an author. with a stolen cover image and font she didn't pay the rights for.

No. 306145

>true, but its still more effort she has ever put into anything, ever.

No. 306148

Nope. She'll never grow up and stop being a sponging narcissistic victim. There is no hope for her.

No. 306165

No. This is the kind of basic canned bullshit that every white woman between the ages of 16 and 45 thinks is good content for social media and makes them look like good people.

It's all garbage and wishful thinking, not anything that represents their reality.

No. 306169


I love how even Kiki's attempts at ~love and light~ all come back to ME, ME, ME! and ultimately just make her look more narcissistic.

No. 306194

I hate her makeup. Hate it. Its the grossest smudged poop color and it just looks so sloppy like it's from last night. Also she needs to fill in her brows.

No. 306222

File: 1476564249656.png (633.47 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-10-15-15-42-11…)

Such dead soulless eyes , probably the worst pic I have,seen of her.

No. 306224


What the fuck is going on with her lips in this picture?

No. 306226

Oh dude go back and watch her tutorials for a real laugh. Her "makeup videos" phase was probably the most legit effort she's ever put into something creative and she was still rubbish at it.

No. 306227

Fucking banshee needs some lip balm.

No. 306228

Maybe she's on sedatives, Charms had that same glassy, empty gaze when she's zonked out on whatever she's on for her personality disorder.

No. 306236

I think that's due to the filter she's using.

I know this is nitpicky, but I find it funny Kaka has a devil emoji as the caption considering the fact she claims to be fluent in Japanese and used to "study" Chinese. It says "Taurus" in Chinese and there's even the kanji for "cow" in there, which she should definitely know by now since she's a vegan.

No. 306240


You can tell she used one of those makeup apps because her "eyeliner" starts halfway over her actual eye. She still couldn't be bothered to do her lips.

No. 306245

She's signaling to us that she knows she's an evil cow.

No. 306252

there's just something about keeks that's so incredibly pitiful that I actually like her. like, shine on you crazy diamond.

No. 306262

LOL I find it to be actually awesome?? Not only she does not understand basic words BUT… cow… lolcow…

Kaka knows what she is


I noticed that too but it sounds legit? Like she actually fucked up her eyeliner and decided to roll with it either way

No. 306301

That's actually pretty funny lol.
I love when people spot that she's actually shit at other languages when she paints herself to be so ~bilingual~

No. 306307

File: 1476588857255.png (182.8 KB, 386x777, Screenshot_2016-10-15-23-32-30…)


No. 306309

File: 1476590794973.png (235.26 KB, 540x748, Screenshot_2016-10-16-02-03-04…)

Keep trying to be trendy Kaka (I love how her fashion sense sucks. It's probably hers and Kota's most prominent personality feature)


Looks like it! There's hope

No. 306311

i don't see a difference. they're still sparse and too short

No. 306317


She's even bad at her mother tongue, and this coming from an ESL anon. Dunno if this is from being homeschooled or just pretends she's soooo omniglot that ~forgets~ how to wrote in english, or both.

No. 306321

Putting a B&W filter on your pic doesn't make the bakground any less messy, Kaka. The least you could do while you sit on your ass all day getting disability is clean your room ffs.

No. 306322

Can any anons confirm if she's wearing more of Koot's old stuff?

No. 306330

She should just get fucking fillers and stop with these dumb filters and shit. I really don't get it, if she hates Taylor so much why not work to be better? Artificial or not (I think she's cute) but she fits the "look" Kota/Kiki desperately want.

Also David Bowie loved the artificial and work done too so bitch there's no excuse for your haggard shit.

No. 306358

Anon, your English isn't good enough to really judge…

No. 306359

Agreed. Probably doesn't fit with her pure / natural / earthy aesthetic she's been trying to push. But honestly it would do her some good

No. 306365

>I really don't get it, if she hates Taylor so much why not work to be better?
That's one thing I don't get either. There are so many things she could be doing to make herself "better" than Taylor that she could easily do for free. She could start daily vlogging, "what I eat in a day" videos, fashion/beauty videos, actually trying to learn Japanese, etc.

It would also make her look like a hypocrite since she made a huge rant against nose jobs and she always goes on about loving yourself for who you are.

I think another reason why she doesn't do this is because she's still delusional as ever and still thinks she looks like a kawaii loli.

No. 306371

Do you guys ever think we'll get an reaction from Kiki regarding her being exposed as sperg-chan?

She'll probably juse ignore it and suffer no kind of consequences as usual. :(

No. 306372

Thing is she is already a huge hypocrite. Might as well just go full on it.

No. 306385

I think you missed the point

No. 306392

File: 1476644729391.jpg (31.64 KB, 275x275, IMG_2192.JPG)

Stay bitter, Kiki.
We <3 U.


No. 306393

this should be the red text below every post she made here

No. 306394

Seconding this

No. 306395

Ugh, the earth princess shit just doesn't suit her. She doesn't even have her new-agey terminology down; toxins are psuedoscientific body pollutants, not something external that is the consequence of negative actions.

No. 306401


Or just add the entire image to the bottom of her posts line with gold star posts and 32" inch waist chan posts.

No. 306408


> kota and kaka wanting to be taylor

total kek

No. 306411

and yet, the most active participant of them all… do you say this in the mirror to yourself each morning keeks?

No. 306424

Bitch, you're the most active participant of them all with your one woman army vendetta against Taylor.

No. 306455


No. 306462

I just watched one of her YouTube videos for the first time and holy fucking shit, this girl is so deep into the spectrum it was painful to watch. Girl is working for those disability checks.

No. 306481

I want to believe that she saw that we found out about her posting here, had a mental breakdown, cried, then posted this selfie

No. 306494

as one of the site's most active users, I'm pretty sure she was watching herself being revealed as sperg-chan exactly as it happened lmao.

No. 306498

When did she start dating Taco?

No. 306504

>one of the site's most active users
has this been said by an admin?

No. 306508

Where have you been lately? Look in /meta/

No. 306509


No. 306512

yes, please :^(
i'm more excited about posts by her just casually chatting or adding to the conversation than posts of her going apeshit lol

No. 306536

Same. Please admin, we have been waiting for ages! I'd love to see if she posted about her mental disorders anywhere, now that would be interesting. Bonus if she posted on the anal bleaching thread in /g/

No. 306537

I wonder if admin can find out if Dakota did any sperging too

No. 306542

No, they didn't

No. 306546

i'm 95% sure Dakota has never even visited lolcow at all. i'm too lazy to look it up, but something Cathy wrote in one of the archive files suggested that they didn't let Dakota look at anything bad about herself on tumblr or PULL or anywhere. only cathy and kiki patrolled these places and took stuff down in her place. i guess because they didn't want her getting emotionally hurt by the things that people were saying about her or doing to her photos, like the photoshop comparisons, and saying that she wasn't as pretty irl. after all Dakota was the prime target of most of these snowflake places for years.

plus, Dakota has always had a million times better self-control when it came to keeping her mouth shut and not engaging with anyone. she's never publicly lashed out or ever mentioned "hate sites" like kiki does on a regular basis.

No. 306548

None of that is true. Kiki always used to brag about how Dakota would fight lilies online for her in the MySpace/Sticksm days because Kiki was too ~sensitive~ to handle it. We know Dakota lurks here for a fact because not only has she deleted IG posts after we criticize them, but she also once retweeted one of her and Kiki's former scene rivals Leda at 2am on a Saturday (Japan time) and left it there for 6 days before a farmer screencapped it and posted it here, which was then swiftly deleted and Dakota posted a tweet about ~accidentally hitting button in her sleep uwu~. Not to mention the random ass name drop in one of the old Kiki threads that lead to finding her WorldFriends profile. Also, before Japan started looking at her, she was just as grating and obnoxious as Kiki (though maybe not quite as much. Just because Kiki and Cathy have dedicated their failed lives to cleaning up Dakota and Kiki's nasty, unkawaii past doesn't mean it never happened.

No. 306553

I wouldn't be shocked if she did though, it's not like she has anything better to do now, and she has just as much of a reason to be jealous of Taylor as Kiki. Taylor is what she wishes she could be.

No. 306569

>in the MySpace/Sticksm days
lol really? "the myspace days" was literally a DECADE ago, 10 years. Dakota has never even acknowledged the "hate sites" exist, much less "fight the bullies".

the rest of your post is full of similar autistic rambling that doesn't prove anything, not a single thing is a valid point.

No. 306578

Oh look, Kiki is here.

No. 306579

So you actually believe that Kota doesn't go on gossip sites? It's been proven time and time again that she does.Why do you think she's keeping so quiet ? Because she knows that if she makes one fuck up she will be just as much of a laughingstock as Kiki is.

No. 306584

>Dakota has never even acknowledged the "hate sites" exist, much less "fight the bullies"
How fucking new are you? You probably don't even know about the apology post lmao.

No. 306585

Dakota used to visit some of the truth Tumblr blogs back in 2012. She had visited mine, went onto one of the posts to get a link to, I'm guessing, send onto Kiki, as hours later that exact post was copyright claimed by the Ostrengas (even though Kiki/Cathy's IP address didn't show in my IP tracker, however Kota's first Japan IP address one did). I know I'm just some random anon so I don't expect you to believe that.

However does Kota do it now? I doubt it. She has a lot more self-control than Kiki has these days and probably knows that publicly fighting trolls and haters online doesn't exactly look good for her career.

No. 306589

She doesn't say anything about the damned trolls, but I'm sure she lurks. She is more self aware when it comes to keeping your mouth shut, but reading the gossip about themselves is probably all Kiki and Dakota do in their free time b

No. 306600

Kota totally goes on this site. Remember that mysterious person who leaked Kaka's Japanese dating profile on something? I'm certain that was her.

No. 306614

I'm not so sure about this.

Someone mentioned her bio on WorldFriends was the same she had on twitter, someone copy and pasted it and found her account in the results.

No. 306615

Kiki's free time = all day. Remember? she's disabled, she can do this all day.

No. 306616

I mean, it doesn't fit with Taylor's either but she has a job that people want her to look underage for. If Kaka is so much of a freak that she wants that too, it's not like it's unaccessible? Lip injections are being normalized, no one cares more than Kiki does. About anything really.

And Kiki straight destroyed herself by starvation and surviving off of fruit sugars.

She's done everything in her power to stay a bitter troll goblin when everything she wants is nearly right fucking next to her. I think we've been looking at it the wrong way, I don't think she's stupid but she clearly has absolutely zero work ethic. And if shit gets in the way of her work she should be more open about that because she just looks like a useless middle-20s woman. At the age she should be reflecting a lot more and working towards a career - Taylor got injections because she's a working professional. Every fucking model has them, that's all Kaka has to do.

Just not look like a man, and not make dumb 2005 myspace jokes. But no. We get balding geriatric Spergchan.

No. 306617

Oooh which one? I know the onew from 2012 were the ones she really let it show but there was some recent gold (but she deleted a good part of it, like a vlog talking about being afraid people are filming her on public bathrooms)

No. 306641

That's no how WorldFriends works. You can search by username, age, location, and language, but there's no way someone would have found it by searching her Twitter bio.

Also, WF has a setting where you can keep yourself out of search results for males or females. So in Kaka's case she could set it so that only Japanese speaking men between a certain age range located in Japan could find her in the search results.

She was using a different username than any she had used before, nobody from lolcow could have accidentally stumbled upon her profile unless they had an account for a Japanese speaking male in Japan that they used to search for white girls from the states to chat with.

No. 306667

I'm sorry anon but what happened was her Twitter bio was copied and pasted into GOOGLE not worldfriends. It would be funny to think it was Koots who divulged this information but at the time I double checked via Google myself and it worked out. It could have been Kota, but it could have been anyone.

No. 306671

When scene was a big deal I wanted to be like kiki kannibal so badly. My parents never let me dress crazy or do my hair crazy or anything. Her parents actually encouraged it and i was so jealous. Now as a functioning adult I understand. Thanks to my parents I dodged the huge bullet that is living with them as a useless disabled neet woman child.

No. 306673

that didn't happen to all scene kids, some of them made big profit out of their myspace fame. kiki had loads of opportunities to take advantage of popularity and followers when she had them. i think as a 14 year old earning $250 a month on her plastic jewelry store, her future must have looked really promising to her parents back then. but she turned out to be a talentless hack whose every attempt at being somebody would always be half-assed. just imagine making a website like lilkitten starting with stolen deviantart images for the background, selling her old used custom-colored order packback and claim it was ~rare and exclusive~"and some stock rings she bought of ebay for 1/3 the price she selling them and call herself the designer.

No. 306684

ostrengas are hardcore lurkers everywhere they're mentioned, kota has just being enough careful to not openly chimp out like her relatives

No. 306703

This is the most unremarkable and boring insta I've ever seen. Its the same stupid angle of her boring ass face straining to look up while sucking in to look ~boney face. Girl what the hell are you doing? You're so embarassing. Try harder. But I guess even if she tried she still couldn't manage to get a personality. What a waste.

No. 306717

>that didn't happen to all scene kids, some of them made big profit out of their myspace fame.

This. Audrey Kitching still models and has some new age persona she makes a living with, though she's haggard as fuck now.

No. 306718

On top of the same angles, several are taken at the same time at the same place with the same outfit.

Something about all of them in a row makes it easy to imagine her staring at herself for hours trying to find the best angle and filter with high contrast.

No. 306725

Omg exactly. Thats what people see when they go on there… All these same boring pics of … Wait for it… Her! Same clothes. Nothing interesting or visually stimulating. Just this dumb boring white girl.

No. 306728


I'm convinced that's all she does all day is just try to find the perfect lighting and angle all day by staring at herself. The epitome of vapid vanity. Good job keeks you fail at everything

No. 306957

File: 1476775931828.jpg (3.85 KB, 125x125, 1465835873983s.jpg)

god I just googled her. It's so fucking cringe how obviously self-written a lot of these people's wikis are.

like the entire page is saturated with quotes from magazine features in order to justify her existence. COSMOPOLITAN AGREES THAT I'M A LEGIT ENERGY HEALING GODDESS AND AM RELEVANT

No. 306959

It was this one. Yup, it's from 2012! So much cringe throughout–especially in the beginning and end. Sitting through the whole thing made me wanna drink and my body can't handle the stuff.

No. 306960

What the fuck was that endlessly cringey intro?

No. 306963

i half think she tried to cash in on views by recreating a shit version of the makeup that got Dakota so popular. but purposely did it wrong to not actually give it out.

No. 306964

Cause she's so random XD anon
>that bullshit cutesy sneezing
Try harder Kiki

No. 306969

I guess she doesn't have anything else to photograph. It's not like she's going out into the world with all her friends or anything.

No. 306981

Hahaha 2012 was gold! This makeup tho, what the hell.

(More cringe!)

No. 306986

>over 4 years old
>barely cracked 30k views
Kiki is a success at everything and we're just jealous!!!!

No. 306993

It's been so many years and she still does her makeup the same.

No. 307005

oh my. so quirky.

No. 307012

I'm more and more convinced that Kaka is actually the autistic one, not her brother.

No. 307048

Hahaha oh wow. Videos I've upload just basically to show friends and family without much effort in keywords have reached over 30k.

No. 307064

File: 1476818901165.gif (317.57 KB, 332x236, IMG_2370.GIF)

No. 307082


But would you show a video like THAT to friends and family though? Kiki acting drunk AND talking ghetto is what nightmares are made of

No. 307204

this thread keeps dying. still waiting on explosion of milk.

in the meantime, it's super easy looking for kiki posts, just cmd+f "hi kiki" or "hi kaka" on all her threads and see if they sound like her. OR look for posts with a lot replies, usually means they said something that stirred shit. these are a few

No. 307206

You said "Hi Kaka" to every damn anon that was trying to say something not negative about her.

No. 307214

Hi Kaka

No. 307216

There is now way this girl isn't on the spectrum

No. 307237

Are you guys autistic? I was saying it's pathetic that she has so few views. Putting it into perspective that it's easy to get that many without any effort at all. And this bitch actually tried to get seen.
Fucking reading comprehension here I swear.

No. 307241

stop talking about yourself.

No. 307272

Two different posters saying different things dumbass. What
>>307241 said; if you can't understand that:
Hide your power level or get banned cunt.

No. 307307

Uhg, I hope Taylor moving into a luxurious house triggers Kaka soon.. I'm positive that she stalks Taylor's Youtube religiously.

No. 307317

still waiting for proof that keek ever even took second glances at taylor. i'd love it if it were true, but it sounds too good to be real

No. 307320

> Sperg-chan then proceeded to spam gore across the boards and screech "I'M ON DISABILITY I CAN DO THIS ALL DAY"

idk how someone can "live off disability" you do not get that much I'm only given 400 a month that is hardly enough to eat on

No. 307331

She also still lives at home and probably has no bills to pay because her parents take care of her still (and probably will for the rest of her life) and Kyler is also severely autistic so he's probably on disability too.

No. 307335

A luxurious house with her (most likely) japanese boyfriend mind you! So much trigger in the future

No. 307405

File: 1476914369401.png (916.09 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-10-19-17-57-29…)

Wouldn't be surprised if this is from the same set of pictures from a few days ago.

Boring as fuck…yawn.

No. 307409

'Yawn' was my first reaction too. Not gonna get that Internet fame with this boring shit, Keeks.

No. 307410

Kind of looks like pt

No. 307412


I knew she reminded me of someone,! Thanks anon

The "walken/waltz" joke though wtf why keeka

No. 307432

If she would stop talking like a neckbeard she might be able to bullshit her way into some small bubble of popularity. But she's such an obvious tryhard and it's so cringey. This would have been a decent caption but she had to sperg and throw her outdated l33tsp33k in at the end and ruin it.

No. 307433


She has made the Christopher Walken joke before. When she did an instagram video of herself walking in the snow in Japan. At least come up with new material Kaka.

No. 307435

I'd love to see what a typical day in her life looks like.

No. 307439

I have a feeling that she's already under medication for her "quirkiness" that's why she looks vacant in her recent photos.

No. 307442

Probably. I'm starting to get the feeling that Dakota may be the only person in the Ostrenga family that isn't mentally handicapped. Her personality is shit, but she doesn't come off as autistic as the rest.

No. 307447

Who is she kidding with these 1998 butterfly clips?

No. 307448

File: 1476931992736.png (288.68 KB, 790x590, MeditatingCow.png)

Most definitely under medication. Her eyes has that empty, glassy and watery look in them; combined with a flat emotional affect/ expression. Bipolar manic-depressive meds tends to do these AFAIK and encountered with many patients. Even when she smiles, it looks fake\ superficial, not like a forced smile but her facial muscles doesn't show the natural creases when a person is actually filled with real happiness and joy that can be seen occurring simultaneously on the face, the eyes, the voice, body posturing and motion.

In other words, her happiness is a facade. We might be watching the beginnings of a tragic downward spiral…

Take care of your mind Kiki and stick with what is real. ミ★ ♥ Change authentically for the good. Bullshit only begets more bullshit.

No. 307449

sadness lilly pls go

No. 307480

The batshit apple didn't fall far from the batshit tree

No. 307511

Same here! Even Venus is doing outside vlogging. Kaka could do the same even in FL (though I doubt she goes outside and that is too paranoid for it)

You have a point buuuut it's this instagram selfie smile thing. No-one looks legitimately happy. It's mostly "gotta take a selfie and try to look as kawaii desu as possible" i.e. big eyes and no wrinkles/facial lines (but on the other hand Kiki did do improv she should be better at faking)

No. 307537

I don't know if it has been discussed here before but there's an account on IG @taytayyy_xposed, the captions sound exactly like sperg-chan.

Kiki really get some help.

No. 307547

File: 1476989562660.png (865.9 KB, 720x1131, Screenshot_2016-10-20-13-48-11…)

No. 307550

i doubt this is her. looks like it's someone from PULL

No. 307552

Sarah senpai from PULL is Kiki, admin confirmed it.

No. 307553

sage for OT, but if that's actually a before and after of Taylor's plastic surgery then she really dun goofed, she looked great before.

No. 307558

sounds just like kiki/ sperg-chan tbh. and these were posted around 6 weeks, wasn't that around the time sperg-chan was at her highest sperg?

No. 307559

well if she can't post on lolcow anymore she needs another outlet to let that gelatinous bullshit flow~

No. 307560

anon called it >>307307

also lol @ the shooped kooterz vs taylor comparison

No. 307565

Kiki, give it a rest, you autistic twat.

No. 307595

Is Sarah senpai still active in PULL? It'd be a shame if they banned her.

No. 307606

This is 100% kaka. The captions on the top 2 pics ("the grass is green in japan") don't even make any sense. Classic example of Kaka's warped sense of humour that is only funny to her. Nobhead.

No. 307608

For me it's the Taylor/Dakota comparison, Kaka is pretty much the only one still bleating about it.

No. 307610

File: 1477003945799.png (606.99 KB, 640x1136, IMG_2291.PNG)

This entire account reeks of Kiki's bitter, jealous autism. Taylor is older, taller, naturally prettier and isn't balding and doesn't have a disgusting white trash family and she's a real model who gets to live in Japan doing mostly nothing and working when she feels like it. That's literally everything Kiki so desperately wants to be but never will be. Even if Kiki finds a Jap sugar daddy, she'll still be a crazy, balding psychopath redneck from podunk, Florida who didn't even graduate highschool.

No. 307611

This. Neither Taylor nor Kota even look like that anymore.

No. 307613




This account just feels like Kiki being jealous that Taylor had everything she always wished she had for herself, including friends. Kiki needs to watch her assnusing Venus' tags though, the Margul might start coming after her and promise to be her manager and get her a career in Japan.

I would give my left tit to see Margo butt heads with Cathy. Finding out Kiki is Sperg-chan would be nothing compared to that tsunami of milk.

No. 307616

lol they couldnt even spell her last name right in the second hastag. I'm just imagining someone shaking with rage while typing it. who even calls her "taylor richard"? why would someone check or use that hashtag?

No. 307636

At a glance that looks like a lot of hard work to be Kiki or one person. But if it's confirmed it was her, get help kaka.

No. 307640

The "memes"sound a lot like Kiki's sense of humor ("want friends? Start spending" and so on)

Also the Hashtag at >>307610 are a lot like when Kiki had a tumblr (lostcauselobotomy). She used to put a lot of crazy Hashtags like this one over her posts.

No. 307641

File: 1477007829183.png (359.81 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2016-10-20-21-56-37…)

No. 307642

The hashtag spam seals it for me as Kaka tbh.

No. 307670

Well she is on "disability" and has all the time in the world and her only hobby right now seems to be sperging out so I wouldn't be surprised.

No. 307671

I checked IG again and this is literally the only IG account dedicated to criticize Taylor.

No. 307672

You've also gotta remember that Kiki collected at least a thousand screenshots for her Jane Doe lolsuit, and even went digging to find every single Internet footprint of girls who laughed at her on Tumblr once. Getting this Instagram up and running would only have taken an hour or two for someone as internet- and Photoshop-savvy as Kiki.

No. 307673

They'd probably be bff's, are you kidding? They're like twinsies.

No. 307676

What is even the point of running the Taylor hate shit? Taylor is so completely harmless and literally nobody with half a brain really gives a shit if she got fillers or not. Like, wtf is the end goal here, kaka??

No. 307677

there are multiple sperg-chans, and i don't think the one that said "i'm on disability, i can do this all day!" sounds like the kind of bragging that would come out of her.

anyone can make an instagram like that, there's tons dedicated to dakota, and even kittyphina got one made about her in the exact same way.

No. 307679

Sage for tinfoiling, but maybe Kiki thinks haters are the only reason for her own destroyed life/public image and following that logic thinks that Taylor will automatically be ruined by it the same way she was. I mean, if we're already speculating that Kiki is somewhere on the spectrum, that kind of "cause = effect" rigid thinking isn't too out there.

No. 307681

Interesting timing on that taytayy_xposed IG account… 9 posts, all uploaded on the same day, 9/5. Which is the same day Taylor posted her vlog with Venus at the Barbie cafe, which made psychomarge's head explode along with the lil band of misfits and freaks that still stanned for her. Chief stan being mimiimori, whose main m.o. was hating on Venus (another successful Youtuber living in Japan with a Japanese bf/spouse) and is suspected of being kiki (unconfirmed but lots of circumstantial evidence.)


No. 307682

But she was THE sperg-chan.

Kiki has a pic of a diploma on IG for helping disabled people, so it actually sounds like her.

No. 307683

Hi Kaka.

No. 307686

For all we know the same nut job that made the one about Taylor made the Kittyphina one too. Really, who the hell cares enough about Kittyphina enough to make a cyberbully Instagram account dedicated to her?

No. 307687

What's the username?

No. 307692

looks like it was removed. it used to have dakota vs kittyphina comparisons to show she was copying, as well as unflattering candid pics of her

No. 307694

whether it's kiki or not, this is definitely the psycho that was here sperging about taylor. everything about this account is pointless. i don't understand who would be so mad at someone for being 27 and having plastic surgery (i don't even see a difference in her jawline at all)

No. 307695


I'm 99.99% sure kaka is behind this account. This is not 2012 Kiki, get over it

No. 307697

the more images I see of keeks in motion, the more I think it is possible to be mimii. imagine the rage of that pair when their respective nemeses formed an alliance.

No. 307717


A lot of the comparisons used seem like their from the thread SarahSempai made " Taylor R Tay Tay Real Face".. Though the top meme's are a bit more recent I believe, meaning that if it was her she's been lurking. ( MeMe thread was made a month ago sept 1/ SaraSempai was last active July 5th ) Also I wonder if she chose the name SarahSempai because KittyPhina's real name is Sarah..

No. 307746

Most likely.

No. 307760

Thy would make some sense, considering Taylor don't move to Japan and start her Kota phase until after KittyPhina was on the radar as a Dakota clone.

No. 307776

File: 1477082502703.jpg (85.17 KB, 640x1136, mek.jpg)

um okay…

No. 307777

And Mimi deleted the post they had about all the lips, making fun of our speculations (she can definitely still read here).

That bitch is crazy.

No. 307824

Hmm… Deleted after we figured out it was Kaka running the Taylor and Saraphina hate Instagram accounts? I don't care what anyone else says, I think Kaka is Mimii. The way she acts and the fact that she went by Kiki Mimiroux in the past and Sara Sempai on PULL cements it for me. This is the only bitch that's crazy enough to say she personally identifies with Marge.

No. 307828

>the fact that she went by Kiki Mimiroux in the past and Sara Sempai on PULL cements it for me
lol wut? what's the correlation there?

No. 307829


No. 307830

Kiki Mimieux was one of kaka's musician personas, before her Kiki Mimieux CD got ripped apart for basically being full of stolen music off Soundcloud.

So one of the reasons farmers think that Mimi is Kiki because Mimieux / Mimi name similarities. Twitter Kiki undercover.

SarahSenpai was PULL forum's version of our very own sperg-chan, proven to be Kiki as the IPs matched up, just like what happened here with the creepy Taylor R hater who kept saying she was copying Dakota after Taylor has already far surpassed kota in success. The name Sarah was the name of another person inspired by Kota in the early days, who Kiki also is obsessed with. Her handle used to be "kittyphina".

Hope this helps you out!

No. 307832

I tend to agree, although I would like something more confirming than mimii's trolling.

No. 307836

File: 1477119391550.jpg (190.5 KB, 980x737, f.jpg)

>who Kiki also is obsessed with
um no lmao. i was the anon who brought up the fact that kittyphina had an instagram made against her, and you guys suddenly jumped on it and started saying caca made that one too? now she's obsessed with her?

kittyphina was much more hated and pathetic than Taylor. she was called voldemort by PULL members and creepily copied every single detail of koot's pictures (pic related). She's not naturally pretty, successful, a model, lives in Japan, or anything that Taylor is that seems to made Caca so jealous of her. So there's no reason for her to hate her.

plus, Sarah is massively common boring name. there's nothing special about it for you to think it was inspired by this one bitch

No. 307837

File: 1477119467441.jpg (72 KB, 527x646, hmmm.jpg)

Okay so I'm probably just being crazy but I took the half of Mimii's lips we could see, mirrored it, and then fooled around with the levels/exposure to try and reveal her true lipline.
It might just be shadows but this is what I got.

No. 307957

No. 307962

I don't even get joy from her threads anymore, I just feel sorry

No. 307970

When is the last time we've seen her outside of highly filtered selfies?

No. 307971


I wonder if she is making these videos to get a rise out of us. I think she moved some where new. There are moving boxes in the background.

No. 307973

Not since she was in Tokyo with Taku.

I wonder that too but it's all she has left I guess? I saw the boxes too but at the same time, it does look like her room in FL

No. 307974

Huh? No way does that look like her room.

No. 307977

File: 1477173530463.png (514.16 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

Is it weird that her glassy expressions kinda remind me of Rima M?

No. 307982


that eye twitch…she looks psychotic

No. 307983

She looks way better in black and white when I can't see her terrible makeup, that's kinda sad.

… also sniffing your finger like that is real attractive, Kaka.

No. 307991

File: 1477175635456.jpg (113.25 KB, 2128x1109, kiki.jpg)

why couldn't it be the same room though? pic on right is three weeks ago, same wall mural.

No. 307994

Is her vegan diet the reason she looks so boney and gaunt? And the receding hairline? She used to look so much better, those meds she's on must make her not realize how much her looks are slipping

No. 307998

Christ, that video went on forever.

No. 307999

She's always been super skinny but THAT LACK OF HAIR is killing me. It's not even the receding hairline it's the fact she has sugh a small amount of hair

No. 308002


Oh I was the anon who thought it was her FL room I take that back. It doesn't have that mural.

So yeah it can be either in a different room orrrrr finally in Nippon etc etc

No. 308003

File: 1477178157568.png (95.73 KB, 335x199, kakas maw.png)


I think bottom lip look more squareish and fuller compared to kiki's bottom lip

Also genetics, both Scott and Cathy seems like they looked okay when they were young but aged a bit too fast. Kiki's prime was around 16-17 when she was skinny but still had some facial fat.

No. 308008

I always saw her vegan diet as a reason behind her insanity and sickly appearance. Bitch needs some supplements to help mask some of that brain damage. I doubt she's eating right. At least Dakota looks and acts healthy in comparison.

No. 308009

Nah she's just plain malnourished, doesn't exercise and is genetically scrawny. It's more due to years of eating shitty nutritionally-bankrupt than due to being a vegan.

No. 308010

I couldn't even watch the whole thing.

Why would anyone record themselves hair flipping and laughing alone..

No. 308012

Vit D deficiency will give you hair loss and thinness, and send you crazy, basically- like treatable crazy. That's not vegan-related but she could have it anyway. Girl doesn't look well in mind or in body.

No. 308014

which is funny because she used to post her boney mug next to all sorts of asian dietary supplements during her ~screw allopathic medicine only chinese witch doctors understand me~ phase

No. 308017

That video se posted of herself "dancing" just makes her look more crazy and manic imho. She's not doing any actual moves, just flailing around and smiling and laughing at herself staring at a camer. She's trying to come off as sexy and random and fun, but her dead eyes and spastic behavior is just unsettling.

No. 308020

" after a long day without a hair brush the only remedy is to dance "

Does this hobo only own one brush ?

No. 308025

it's a lonely image too

No. 308028

The song makes it even creepier for some reason.

No. 308029

Jeaus fuck, her hair is 10 times are disgusting as Mimei's on its worse.

No. 308030

I think the "the grass is green in japan" meme photo was meant to poke fun at how Taylor oftentimes has videos with titles "I have to tell you something" or "Big update on my life" or whatever and her news is something really unimportant and/or unimpressive lol.

No. 308031

Jeaus fuck, her hair is 10 times are disgusting as Mimei's on its worse.>>308002

No. 308033

I just meant it isnt her room in Flordia, it's definitely the same room from the past few instagtams pictures.

No. 308034

>just flailing around and smiling and laughing at herself

How I imagine spergchan actually.

So when are we going to get her posts marked??

No. 308035

Yeah why did Victoria Murder's get marked immediately while we have been waiting weeks for Kiki? Come oooon.

No. 308040

When Kiki was more active on Twitter she kept going on about her diet. She's an organic vegan one plus doesn't eat soy or anything artificial etc etc

I.e. she's prolly a pain in the ass worse than Freelee.

This is building up inside me! Admins!! Any clue on that?

No. 308051

Old admin said about Spoony's ones that it takes a really long time to mark them. I'm assuming it's the sheer quantity but also the fact that they want to be certain about every single post. I'm also dying to find out.

No. 308054

At this point, I'll believe it when I see it. And I'm curious about the "fun" that was supposed to be had with Kiki before marking her posts, too. Nothing has happened since the big reveal.

No. 308058

lol i'd be more patient if we were told it's because she has too many posts

No. 308060

Yeah vegan diet alone won't turn you into Gollum (there's plenty of fat and fit/healthy vegans out there) but Kiki is setting a shit example, her visibly running her body into the ground while screeching about being a vegan health goddess is kind of hilarious.

No. 308063

Pretty much the same. Quantity and quality wise.

It's like she was in a competition against the world to be the veganest vegan of all

No. 308064

File: 1477196202560.png (156.81 KB, 540x651, Screenshot_2016-10-23-02-14-03…)


Changed the caption. "Damp hair" whatever u say girl

No. 308068

But industrialized japanese drinks and snacks are totally ok in her book, remember? of course as long as she can blame her imaginary evil teacher when people call her out on her fake veganism lol.

No. 308076

yeah. I think admin said it publicly too soon and, really, no one should get their hopes about this. I would not be surprise if it never happens and becomes an "oops" moment.
I bailed on the townhall and didnt see it happen, but everyone made it out to be Kiki was all over the place on lolcow freaking out, but every time a farmhand (or old/new admin under the guise of farmhand) comments, it sounds like the possibility of Kiki being the sperg diminishes.

No. 308077

"The grass is green in Japan sounds like something Mira would say, honestly.

No. 308079

Or the time when she got called out on here and Staminarose for using cosmetics made by companies that test on animals (Tonymoly, Étude House and any other Asian producer) and by brands that have parent companies that do (such as Urban Decay), she went on to change all the descriptions in her videos to say that they "sold their souls." She made a damn fool of herself waving those products around in her videos lmao

No. 308082

>She has definitely posted at least a few times.
i would love to see those few times you're already sure about please. at least as a warm-up if there's bigger things to come. i'm dying to see something

No. 308084

Agreed. Not sure if it was just a mistake on their part or if they lied to rile up some drama/activity, but I’m really doubting now it was Kaka. I’m sure she’s posted on the board numerous times, but I’m not convinced that she’s Sperg-chan.

No. 308101

Ugh just remembered she also did an Onision-tier skit of herself talking to an Urban Decay strawman in her Moral Decay video haha. I really don't think anyone would have talked shit if she'd said "hey, I'm sorry, I was wrong about these brands, I've stopped supporting them and I'll be more conscientious in the future".

But this is Kiki we're talking about, imagine her being humble and honest about anything right?

No. 308112

Of course, nothing is ever her fault! She dindu nuffin!

No. 308156

File: 1477261379596.jpeg (111.93 KB, 750x745, image.jpeg)

Kiki is watching you. Or something.

No. 308157

Bitch looks stoned

No. 308159

girl is on some strong medication

No. 308161

Omg, she overdrew her Cupid's bow the same way Dakota does. Kiki is just jealous that Taylor is a better and more successful Kota clone than her.

No. 308163

i feel like kiki would've vaguetweeted some pretentious starchild bullshit if it actually wasn't her shitposting on lolcow.
it's too big and direct of an accusation to go unnoticed by her.

No. 308167

Kiki is watching you or something.
Kiki is taking creepy screenshots and making folders for her Jane Doe case or something is more like it.

No. 308182

She's never addressed these kinds of accusations though.

No. 308184

Please remain patient. We haven't forgotten, don't worry.

No. 308194


I have a theory, could she be in a small rehab center where she has limited internet access and they keep her medicated? She is definitely some where new.

No. 308196

That would make sense, considering the background of her video of her flailing around and flipping her hair looked like one big, open room. She's probably in some kind of facility, maybe she got Baker acted.

No. 308239

It's not a big open room. It's a living room. The same blue pattern on the wall as in her other selfies and in the background you can see a light couch, a TV, and a table underneath it. There's a lot of other stuff hard to make out in there too. All the boxes means Kaka's the slowest person to unpack ever.

No. 308249

I recognized some of the furniture and stuff, maybe she moved to a new home, somewhere.

No. 308262

I think it's more likely that she's been through some professional help and has some kind of mental health plan, involving taking medication and possibly involving getting away from her psycho parents. Long-term institutionalization is more for people who are violent and/or can't function on a basic level, not people who can technically get by but just have a shit personality because of their mental illness.

No. 308268

who ever said kak had a mental illness? she's an adult, and there's nothing to indicate she had some severe mental breakdown where she had to be moved into a center and had moderated internet, wtf? none of that is "likely" at all. idk how you manage blow up a different background in her videos to something this dramatic.

She's 24, we've even talked about how pathetic it is that she's unemployed, uneducated and still lives with her parents. it makes much more sense that she sucked up some her pride, got a job in some retail, and moved into her own small apartment.

No. 308269

LOL anon you know a shit about that family. Days ago she was talking about her parents and uploading pictures of them kissing and you really believe she's now getting help and "trying to get away from her parents"? Lol she's still living with her parents, thats their table, that's her same old quilt.

No. 308271

File: 1477297546966.jpg (25.29 KB, 275x206, 1475865842053.jpg)

No. 308284


Lol it was just a theory calm down. Even if she isnt at a mental facility, she is definitely not at her parents. It's a diffetent house.

No. 308349

That's an old table from her parents house and those pillows are old too, there's more stuff from her old house there. It's a new house but it doesn't mean she's not with them, it could mean they just moved to a different place.

No. 308419


Lol, they couldn't afford the old house anymore I bet.

No. 308420

Maybe she has a job n moved out i mean she does have a sound engineering degree or someshit

No. 308425

No, no she doesn't. She has a certificate of completion for a class she and Dakota paid to take. They were never enrolled students.

No. 308436


>Maybe she has a job n moved out i mean she does have a sound engineering degree or someshit.

I think you barely know Kiki's case, just shut up.

No. 308441

there is no way she moved into her own house or could even hold a job. she definitely has narcissistic personality disorder. she is fucked for life but the symptoms can get better over a long period of time, as in when she's like 40/50.

No. 308442

oh and before anyone tries to throw this in, she absolutely does not have borderline personality disorder.

No. 308447

Well she did have a job at a music producer taking care of their social media so she says… and the one at retail…

I won't go as far as saying she has moved out but C'mon Kaka gotta bring some of that cash home

No. 308451

Yeah, I also think that her family just moved somewhere else.

Even if she were to get a job, I don't think she would move out unless she was able to move to Japan or somewhere equally special. I think she'd stay at home for free and use all of her money to pretend she's a famous model living in Japan.

No. 308457

Moving out, especially living by yourself (can't see her having roommates) is extremely expensive. I agree, I'm sure she's still living with her parents.

No. 308458

Ha ha like Margo's getting better post-40. Suuuure.

No. 308464

I'm not from the US so I'm a little out of the loop but didn't a lot of people from Florida had to move recently?

No. 308465

No. 308473


I was gonna ask how long ago did they file for bankruptcy? Can her parents even afford a new house?

No. 308477

if memory serves me right, they filed bankruptcy sometime after Danny's death, to avoid being sued by his relatives. Like… 5-6 years ago?

No. 308503

>she definitely has narcissistic personality disorder
you don't know what the fuck you're talking about. plain narcissism and NPD are two totally different things, and she absolutely does not have NPD.

No. 308507

i know the difference. what makes you think she doesn't have it?

No. 308512

Kiki just has PTSD from her fucked up early teen years

No. 308515

The anons who capped the Spergchan posts are doing God's work. I don't know who the fuck Taylor is but she sounds even more irrelevant than Kiki. She should channel her jealousy in to being a productive human being.

No. 308539

just kys already we don't want you here

No. 308548

After u loser

No. 308567

Are we actually getting Kiki's posts marked or nah? Was it all just a scheme from admin to make us piss ourselves in excitement?

No. 308570

Farmhands said they were going to do it, we just need to be patient.

Sort of feel like they jumped the gun a bit and our realizing a lot of the sperg posts weren't really Kiki though.

Which is super disappointing. I truly thought my princess had reached the peak, but it seems I was once again let down.

No. 308593


they definitely jumped the gun. remember how all the other cows got their posts marked within a few days of being exposed?

No. 308607

Right? I honestly don't believe it was her. Even if they mark the post, it still could be someone else. Unless they have proof of website visits directly from Kiki's website admin panel or something distinguishable, I doubt it was her. She's not the only one living in Orlando. She would have read it already and sperged about "delusional hater web sites with fake info".

No. 308611

But pinpointing her IP to her known address does prove it was an Ostrenga posting.

No. 308612

I think at this point she's just taking any sort of attention that comes to her

No. 308618

there are several distinguishing things about their IP though. it usually says Winter Garden or Winter Park FL instead of Orlando, their internet provider is roadrunner, they only own macs, and use safari and chrome. if all these things are present, and their writing style/whatever the post says looks suspicious then it's them.

No. 308631

goddamn… i remember this bitch from way back in the myspace era. i just spent a few hours reading over her threads here. what a tragic person. an entire decade and she's still acting like a vindictive, self-obsessed, hateful person… pretty amazing to see someone who has not changed at all in such a long time period. how can you even live with such toxicity in yourself on a daily basis?

No. 308632

tinfoil hat time, kiki is a narc and shes not gunna stop looking here just bc an admin banned her, id throw down money shes still checking/posting here using a proxy and admins can still see it, they could just be waiting for the right oppurtunity to mark her posts. why prematurely expose her when you can let her post more under the guise of being banned and reap the milk later

No. 308636

Someone just asked PULL's admin to change the forum header from Kiki to Taylor. kek Well, wouldn't that be the cherry on top for her, I wonder.

No. 308637

It would be a testament to her irrelevance tbh.

No. 308717

There'd be an error 404 on Kiki bc: upside is that Taylor is getting haters' attention (unlike in lolcow) but on the downside, Taylor is getting attention. Period.

No. 308751

I used to date an anorexic girl and her hair was all stringy and thin like Kikis its sad bleh

No. 308778

I'm pretty sure Kiki just has shitty genetics. Kota has stringy thin hair too, and she's definitely not anorexic.

No. 308835

TBH I think Kiki and Dakota's thin hair is probably a combination of their shitty ~vegan~ diets and all the shit they did to their hair as teens. Dakota also claims to have "anemia and asthma" yet when she talks about what kind of food she eats she says she doesn't cook, mostly eats combini food and likes to eat the same thing over and over again. As for the asthma, well she's been a smoker since she was "16" and even Charms confirmed that.

TL;DR They don't knownfuck all about nutrition and given how long they've both been their version of vegan, I wouldn't doubt it plays a part in the issue of their thinning hair. Also since Kiki still lives at home and still has Cathy making food for her, it would explain how Dakota's hair is so much shittier than hers. Kiki at least probably he's fresh fruit and veggies and real groceries because of her parents, but I really don't see her sister going grocery shopping.

No. 308873

Dude Taylor just got botox in her jaw and some fillers. Fucking who gives a shit it's not really even that expensive and she's almost 30 and looks great. People would rip her apart if she looked anything less than perfect.

The dumb humor and tinfoil hatness of Kiki is rampant in this, Could be her, really loving that she's turned into everything she made fun of. Bet Jeffree Star is laughing.

No. 308875

No criticism ever really matters, but Kiki let bullying destroy her life and her entire identity is "victim" so she's trying to hurt Taylor in the way that she experienced to be the worst. She's so transparent and predictable, I wish she would've moved out and tried medication even short term.

She went on and on and on about being a victim, and for the sake of the argument let's just say she has ptsd or a paris disorder, medication and therapy would benefit her and she wouldn't necessarily have to do it her whole life. But she cares too much about a "pure image" that no one actually gives a fuck about. She might as well be Mormon that's how unattractive this all is.

No one cares about purity/dolly style this isn't 2012. Even Valeria Lukyanova progressed and she's mostly plastic.

No. 308877

Amanda Bynes Part II.

No. 308953

All of her posts will be revealed.

When we reveal which posts are hers, we will provide ample proof.

No. 308956

how much longer is the wait tho? an estimate would be nice.

No. 308957

Yeah man, we're getting dehydrated here. A week? 2 weeks? A month?

No. 308980

Oh my fuck, i am SO excited!

No. 308997

This. It would be nice to have a rough timeframe.


No. 309015

File: 1477590406848.jpg (84.93 KB, 710x410, milk.jpg)

hush, then you boys would take that long a hiatus, just keep hyping our dairy queen until her day of reckoning.

how about kiki renaissance part II?

No. 309024

I'm a retard and confused about the reveling of all of Kiki's posts. I thought admin would reveal if she posted again here.

Did she? Sorry I got out of the look here.

What a trash, couldn't resist her own poison lol

No. 309073

I wonder if Kaka is still posting here? The Taylor thread is already full of trolling and false info about the bf.

No. 309075

it will be a retrospective marking of her various posts (and possibly some by her mum as well). it's not conditional on her posting again.

No. 309116

Won't that make it really hard to find them all? Like would we have to reread all the old threads??

No. 309117

Yup. But there are ways to search, plus, maybe admin will list them all in one post (although that might be a looongass post).

No. 309128


IA. i was just thinking a link to all Kiki-sperging threads would be nice.

No. 309129


Some of the post do sound like her shitty sense of humour. The " I heard blaaah blaah, oh yea, I heard this "

No. 309146

When Ember got busted here I'm pretty sure Admin just linked us the threads they'd marked her in and said "Ctrl+F 'Posted by Ember Whann' to read her posts" because there were too many to link to individually. That could work for Kiki's posts as well.

No. 309438

File: 1477768485011.png (119.85 KB, 640x970, IMG_2418.PNG)

New IG rant from the Kira Kira Princess of Victims.

No. 309440

includes "use of social media to torment women"

LOL kiki

No. 309442

If the admins had anything I am sure they would have posted it by now. I don't think they have proof of anything besides a Florida IP address which is circumstantial at best

No. 309449

Nah they said they have more than that. It was an IP masking account where they backtraced it to Wintergarden as far as I recall. I think the posts have to be marked by hand or something, also they've posted here that they don't want to make any errors.

I don't know why they are waiting for a complete reveal though, why not just start marking the posts gradually.

No. 309456

File: 1477779924958.png (413.23 KB, 952x620, kirakira.png)

Here's her caption. Link:

It's about an Indian woman who was raped, and committed suicide after a video of it was shared on WhatsApp. …I actually don't think this commentary is as out of line as some of the other things Kiki has posted on the subject of persecution.

No. 309458

Tbh I don't see how her comment was wrong? It's a horrible thing to do to women, and it's exactly to the letter what the article says they did.

No. 309464


She didn't mention the woman, the video, or link to any sources for the quote or the picture. She's using it purely to either her own victim complex by using it to persecute herself as a victim while trying to seem more like the compassionate empath she thinks she is.

Anyone who has witnessed her rants and remembers her old sticks videos knows she's not kind, compassionate, empathetic (to people anyway). She's greedy, self centered, entitled, lazy, spiteful, and proud. There's nothing wrong with the pic, it's the fact that she's the one posting it pretending to care about an issue she didn't even bother to mention or link to.

No. 309465

this is like the first and only time she's trying to be worried about another human being that's not herself lmao

No. 309468

Nigger the link is right there in the comment.

No. 309472

agreed but I gotta say the first thing that comes to my mind is Kiki's huge rants on being a victim of rape/bullying/social media/everything
It's like "C'mon Kiki you know you're aching to make this about you"

No. 309474

We all know that in her mind, Kiki is the leader of the People Being Treated Badly Club, and stories like this serve to legitimize her own story by proving that people do terrible things to others online.

But she didn't even mention her own rape/harassment/whatever and make someone else's trauma into The Ostrenga Show this time, just spoke about social media's role in "women" being persecuted. The caption reads like any random feminist type talking about the situation, not like her usual self-absorbed drivel. I mean she's not some big hero for shutting up about herself for five minutes, but it's an improvement, lol.

(Also, yeah, she did provide sources for once)

No. 309586

Can we at least hope for the Kiki cream this week? It would be the best of Halloween presents.

But admin has always delivered on this stuff before. Like with that hilarious PD thread. That must've taken forever to mark. I'm sure we'll get it soon. Right? :)

Plus let's remember this is new admin's first time doing a reveal like this. So s/he probably just wants to make sure to do it right. Maybe even get some help from OG admin along the way.

No. 309608

It's so out of character for her that I believe that she only posted it to seem more ~emphatic~
Every single thing she posts seems to have some kind of motive, like "I need to post this so the internet knows I have a boyfriend!" or "I need to post this so the internet knows I'm a sweet selfless angel"

No. 310172

Adminnnnn please I can't fucking stand it it's been a month reeeeeeee mark her posts for the love of fuck please please please cmon

No. 310175

File: 1478089587817.gif (988.57 KB, 245x245, 84.gif)

No. 310183

I don't think they intend to anymore, because if they did her post's would have been marked already.

No. 310223

Farmhands have said already that they're in the process of marking them and when they reveal it they'll also provide ample proof of it being Kiki. They seem to be very confident.
I think they just want to make sure they get everything right and reveal this in the best and most exciting way possible. After all, this would be one of the best things to happen in lolcow history.

Don't give up hope, the milk is coming.

No. 310224


are you a mod or naive as fuck? They don't have to reveal all her posts at once, just mark them as they find them… if they intended on revealing Kiki's posts they would have done something a while ago

No. 310226

Like I said, I'm sure they'd want to reveal them marked all at once for maximum kekkage and intensity.
How many times do they have to reassure you guys that it's coming? Fuck me.

No. 310229

They do keep reassuring as that it's coming so I believe it is. I wish they gave us an estimated time period

No. 310230

People still insist the south will rise again

No. 310269

Patience you impatient fucks

No. 310272

Why announce it a month ago if they weren't ready?
A few days I could understand but there's no way they need this long if they didn't fuck something up along the way.

No. 310287

They could a tleast say whether they were still working on it or not.

No. 310298

are they supposed to update every week about it or something? >>308953

No. 310301

My bad, didn't see that post. I only check the thread occasionally to see whether anything has been marked.

No. 310327

Fucking Kek.
Right? Cause the news was too good to hold on to? It's only causing a whining shit storm in the thread, which I regretfully contribute to.

No. 310367

Kiki is an angry spiteful cunt so I'm sure there are a lot of posts.We will have more milk than we can possibly drink.

No. 310382

Impatient anons are annoying af. We have explained them several times what admin said in the town hall meeting.

No. 310428

Except have they stated the reason for why they're not released as marked as opposed to hoarding the marked ones and releasing them in one fatal swoop?

No. 310447

Agree, a trickle of posts being marked would be fun because we could discuss them as we find them, and there'd always be new ones to find. I had faith in admin/s at first but now I tend to think something's gone wrong.

No. 310451

I have faith in our admin chan, have posts ever not been marked after announcing that level of sperg?

No. 310463

This admin hasn't marked anything yet iirc, it was the old anon who marked embers and the princess something or other thread

No. 310559

Yeah, spoony's are still unmarked even though she posted ~10,000 posts full of spergy shit.

Admin wont deliver. It's too late. They should never have mentioned what they thought they'd found because clearly they fucked up and got it wrong, and now they just don't want to admit it.

No. 310611

Kaka and/or Kathy are probably over it by now, too, whether or not it was really even them

No. 310624

Spoony's were never promised to be marked - in fact admin said the job was too big to do it. This is different.

No. 310667

File: 1478215018179.png (227.54 KB, 500x444, spergchan.png)

Please be patient. And yes, proof will be included.

No. 310673

i hate to admit it but i think kiki looks pretty here

No. 310674

she's not bad looking. just insane.

No. 310675

File: 1478216337090.png (1.16 MB, 1200x900, patience.png)

No. 310676

found it >>150962

she misspelled twinkies lol

No. 310683

OK, but give us a timeframe instead of coming in here and going ~all will be revealed sooooooon~

>inb4 oh anon it's not that serious

It isn't, but respect your user base enough to keep them informed on shit like this.

No. 310686

Ashley's lurkin' kaka threads now.

No. 311234

Agreed. Kiki is pretty… not drop-dead gorgeous, but nice enough to look at. Her face is just about the only thing about her that isn't vaguely nauseating.

No. 311251

She photoshops and/or filters every chance she gets. Don't forget the taco videos anons! She's plain, average, pale and has ugly mousy thin hair.

No. 311273


5-7 years ago she was just like you described

No. 311291

my fricken sides

No. 311296

Remember when Jack Cash's girlfriend posted here? We were talking with her normally, but then some samefag kept persistently attacking her until she left. >>52933 is when Liz shows up; samefag shows up a few posts in and keeps up until the end of that thread. It's obvious making Liz leave was their mission, because after that, the samefag flipout stopped. Everyone suspected it was kaka at the time, because who else would care so badly about running her off? It was Proto Sperg-chan before she decided to turn it into a full-time job

No. 311320

Wow, I just read back through when Liz appeared and that samefag reads so fucking much like Kiki/sperg-chan.
I did notice some of the obvious samefagging at the time of it happening but also wondered how the posts got so quickly turned around from 'you're cool Liz, sorry about Kiki' to 'no one cares u old orange-skinned bitch!!'
They were all fucking Kaka chimping out. Oh, man. This is going to be so juicy when we finally get to see all the marked posts.

No. 311341

damn i remember that too. all of sudden this one person started insulting her for no reason and didn't stop until she left

No. 311360

File: 1478273254359.png (673.88 KB, 640x1136, IMG_2194.PNG)

You should tag her posts with this pic, she'll lose her mind.

No. 311368

She really did look nice and normal here. I do think she could have made a decent model in the western world but she seems to insist on things that don't seem to flatter her like the overly youthful kawaii style which is somehow making her look older than she is.

No. 311380

That's her 6th grade class pic from 2007. How old would that have made her?

No. 311381

11 or 12

No. 311385

She was already well into the scene shit by then with bleached blonde hair, so that can't have been from 2007.
But for the record, she actually would have turned 15 in '07.

No. 311390

(Sorry, samefag) that is if to say she was born in 1992 as she claims.
Some speculate she's older.

No. 311391

I think she could make a better model than Kota. Her looks are more versatile, but by trying to look similar to Kota and mainly all the trash she brought to her own name ruined everything.

No. 311394

Did she get held back? She looks way older.

No. 311412

Despite how much people seem to think she's gorgeous, she's really got a horsey tranny face. Those angular features make her look older than she is, especially when she was young enough that you'd expect her to have a round little kid face.

No. 311426

Kind of funny that her hair is the exact same now.

No. 311438

>Grade 6

The fuck? That looks like a teenager ready to graduate.

No. 311448

File: 1478285390043.jpg (50.44 KB, 475x713, Kiki-Kannibal-demolitionvenom-…)

can't be, she looked like this in 2006.

No. 311456

Please not the "she's older" shit again, they are the age they claim to be. Get over it.

No. 311457

that head can't be real

No. 311461

That looked bad in 2006 and looks even worse in 2016.

No. 311467

>could have made a decent model in the western world

If she wasn't only 5'2"-5'3".

No. 311470

Wigs, clothes and makeup aren't permanent.

No. 311471

Back then I didn't get it, and I don't get it now. How did kids think this was a good look? She looks like she reeks of her dad's smegma and moldy ball sweat.

No. 311476

You're new.
After getting into the scene queen stuff she didn't take a break from it and her hair was platinum blonde or dyed crazy patterns/colours and/or was choppy and layered until she was about 18; that was when she had the Rolling Stone article and her hair was lopped off to her shoulders and dyed her natural colour. Since then she's let it grow out.
That school picture is from (likely just) before she went scene.

No. 311482

File: 1478289199000.jpg (126.47 KB, 460x699, 18183125_kikikanniballargemsg1…)

she looked like this right before the raccoon bleach. i think this is the look that got her bullied in school and forced into homeschooling, so if this is from like 2005, that year book picture must be from 2004 or 2003.

No. 311483

File: 1478289302028.png (138.91 KB, 1483x691, c.png)

i'm sorry, but i saw this while i was looking for a larger size of that image LOL

No. 311486

A decent model that doesn't heavily require height like maybe local magazine model or make up model idk

No. 311488

From what I heard she was the one doing the bullying and that might have caused her to retreat home. Though some kids are very mentally ill and might gang up on a kid just for looking really different like that so maybe that inspired her to bully back, not that it's an excuse.

No. 311499

They'll make a movie about her one day when they've mined the world of all other meaning. In the year 2116 when there's some scene revival and people are looking back on the dawn of the internet.

No. 311500

Yes but her hairline appears much more 'normal' in this photo, unlike now where her hairline looks higher\receding, while the hair strands look wispy thin.

I find the bullying account of her being a victim is a bit odd. Schools often reprimand and expel bullies from the premises, then often times they are referred to a specialized institution for rehab & continued education. The school would afterwards provide enhanced accommodations and additional services to bully victims so as not to demoralize the entire student body (even other parents) and create bad PR for the school. Maybe perhaps she was expelled for disturbance &/or bad behavior?

No. 311504

A lot of schools don't though, especially if there're a lot of bullies - because they're too lazy to do anything

No. 311526

File: 1478299750195.png (90.74 KB, 640x1136, IMG_2195.PNG)

It was 2007. A classmate posted this saying it was 2 years old in 2009. Here's the other half of that post with the date.

No. 311531

I don't give a shit what a ~classmate said, she started the scene shit in '06 which means the photo is older than that. Daniel Cespedes died in '07 ffs.

No. 311548

she's nothing special though anon. sure, a kids / tween catalogue but she's a bit basic in the face otherwise.

No. 311582

She's like Brooke Shields. Peaked at 12 years old because she had mature face (long and thin) but when she actually finished puberty looked like an old tranny.

No. 311600

I keep seeing her DOB listed as 1990 in some places, but I always thought that was Kyler's year of birth.

No. 311619

If it was her 6th grade picture then it wasn't 2007, that makes her four-five years younger than she actually is.

No. 311628

no it wasn't. She was scene on myspace in 2006, you can even google "kiki kannibal 2006" and see the specific pics of her from back then. Danny died in 2007 and by then he already had a tattoo of raccoon haired Kirsten on his arm, so stop bullshitting. the "classmate" is lying

No. 311662


Read the post again. Where does she claim to be a classmate? The "2 years ago" were referring to her own ugly Year 6 photos not Kaka's.

>>I feel sorry for her. Then again ew. You shoud see MY year 6 photos. They are gross. Yes, it was 2 years ago…….Still, i was one ugly bitch.

Also the other clue Americans don't say "Year 6" but "6th grade": this blogger isn't even American jfc.

No. 311835

Ok her name is KIRsten and she looks cute in that picture, why would you use such a boring old picture for that? she was a little girl there anon, you are such a creep.

No. 311837

it's very obviously not the anon who posted the blog which is the original source of the image

welcome to lolcow

No. 311838


Kiki is that you?

No. 311854

File: 1478403164904.gif (345.32 KB, 213x160, fry001.gif)

go back to your hole Keeks

No. 311872

I know anon is not the same person who posted the original blog.

Admin used one of her "what a vegan looks like" "light and love elf" pictures combined with one of her nasty comments here because it's ironic. A picture of her childhood isn't relevant imo.

Stay paranoid.

No. 311879

Stay salty,kaka

No. 311896

Interesting she just retweeted Mercy for Animals tweets. It's 1-2:30 am on the East Coast.

No. 311897

meh, it's saturday

No. 311902

I know she's a wretched, hypocritical, two faced bitch, but I can't help but deeply admire Kaka's devotion to Dakota. she is a really loyal sister even if it means looking like a complete fraud and idiot. She defends Dakota no matter what. Despite her other flaws, she's a fairly good sister

No. 311906

I agree that her dedication is impressive, but I feel like she's never really demonstrated being a good sister on any kind of emotional level. On Stickam she was constantly smacking Dakota around, being bossy/rude, and making fun of her in front of everyone. The way she publicly treated her didn't sit right with a lot of people and crossed the "normal" sibling banter line a lot.

No. 311924

lol you're way over exaggerating. you don't know anything about their emotional relationship, and they both acted like equal dicks on stickam. keek did not "make fun of her in front of everyone" and nothing about they way she treated her "didn't sit right with a lot of people". most of their stickam videos was them laughing together or making fun of other people.

No. 311926

i don't think it's so much as impressive, as it's what's expected. the opposite of not defending her and sticking by her side throughout everything would be like what Margo did to Venus, and that's just appalling.

No. 311985

Keeks doesn't really have to go as far as to fiercely defend Dakota on every platform. She could just ignore the forums that talk shit about Kooter but she chooses to, I guess in her eyes, defend her sister's "honour". I think the lengths she goes to is an extension of her loyalty albeit in a crazy, slightly twisted way.

No. 312008


While at the same time harbouring animosity and jealousy towards Koots for becoming a model in Japan. I wonder if she thinks brow nosing and religiously defending her sister will further her chances at something… Maybe she thinks her sister will get her some sort of deal with an agent ?? idk

No. 312020

File: 1478456490181.png (153.86 KB, 1212x617, c.png)

were you born into an unloving family? When you're close to someone, you get personally offended when you see them being attacked. And keek & koot are close. you can see it in their tweets to each other, their text messages, even the stickam videos. keek defends her like she defends herself, there's nothing "crazy, slightly twisted" about that. Kootie also used to defend her when she used to be the prime target in the scene days, she's just doing the same for her now.

No. 312031


Were you born in a loony bin ? Who the fuck spends 24/7 surfing every corner of the internet to pick a fight with anyone that doesn't like your sibling.Its been several years now, anon. There is hardly any chatter about Koots lately and yet no slowing down on Kaka's religious search for "haters". It made sense in the beginning when she was on the news and loads of people were fussing about her, but now ? No one actually fucking cares about her flabby sister. Its only fun watching her fishy flop and fuck up her edits now.

No. 312033

posting is fixed now, phew

No. 312040

>on twitter
so close

No. 312064


This is from 2013 … 3 years ago, and is the only proof you have ? or choose to use. What ? is there nothing recent ?

Wow such love..

No. 312115

my weeb side can't help but point out that kaka perfectly fits the yandere oneechan role in the kawaii animu that is kooter's life

No. 312166

Different anon here but actually Dakota often mentions her big sister and shares childhood pictures with her etc, Kiki sent her presents many times, including a painting she has in her bedroom, why do you think their relationship is not normal?

No. 312190


Didn't she take that painting down and leave it on the floor? Didn't she also say some of the things Kaka had supposedly bought for her were given to her by fans in her apartment tour? Maybe they were close once but I think Kooter caught on that Kaka is crazy trying to ride her coattails.

No. 312235

>kaka had supposedly bought.
With what money anon?
Clearly paid for by her parents.

No. 312450


I don't doubt that they love each other, but I do think there is some sort of sibling rivalry between them. Kaka is probably jealous but that doesn't mean she hates her sister just hates her sisters succeeding her. I also don't think surfing the internet on a daily basis to defend her sister and developing no life of her own is normal. To me as someone with 2 older sisters, there is nothing normal about their relationship. Matter of fact there is nothing normal about her entire family … They're all fucking loonies.

No. 312457

Well, you have a point there, but I believe they have a good relationship, with ups and downs of course. Sometimes people say Dakota ignores her family etc, but Dakota often mentions them and shares childhood pics so I'm skeptical about that idea.

No. 312539

>Sometimes people say Dakota ignores her family etc
you can't believe that you know people's family relationships from what they post publicly. Dakota may rarely tweet/mention them, but for all we know she could be skyping them on a daily basis for the past 4 years telling them everything about her life and talking about the ridiculous shit the "hate sites" are speculating now.

No. 312545

Damn, anon you have some reading comprehension problems. Read the comment again. I said she often mentions them, and that it looks they have a good relationship.

>she could be skyping them on a daily basis for the past 4 years

Obviously she stays in touch with them.

No. 312599


I'm with you here. They are massively dysfunctional people. I'm sure they care about each other but there's probably a lot of weird resentment.

No. 312880

She Prolly low key voted for trump kek

No. 312913

idk i think those sexual assault accusations sound like something that would seal the deal for her. she probably didn't vote at all is most likely

No. 312944

I also don't see her dressing up in falsies and Koot's old taobao lizlisa knockoffs to show up to vote.

I could imagine her pretending on twitter she did though.

No. 312959

lol did anyone notice the OP pic?

i also noticed all the banners seem to only be showing a certain person…

No. 312960

Oh shit, get your popcorn ready guys.

No. 312967

File: 1478725998256.gif (9.26 MB, 800x450, aVOSkIC.gif)

omg is it finally time??

No. 312969

Yes, I opened the /pt/catalog page and it gave me a spook

No. 313016

File: 1478731335959.png (206.56 KB, 595x590, moogle.png)

Here's a good view the Sperg-chan posts that the new OP pic is flickering back and forth to. Jesus christ, Kirsten.

No. 313024

yissssssss finally!!!

No. 313071

Her eyes… Green-eyed monsters reference?

This is like …Halloween.

No. 313081

Wow, just from those few comments it sounds like she's projecting really badly.

It makes so much sense that almost every retarded post in the Taylor/Dakota/Kiki was actually made by her.

No. 313108


I'm really hoping that seeing all of her posts will provide some context as to whether this is her being a Le Edgy Trole XD or her being a straight-up lunatic. She's fucked up either way, obviously, but if this what was actually going on in her mind… wow.

No. 313132


She's definitely projecting. Her comments still has that Myspace flair circa 2007, dosed with scene sarcasm and edginess. She's just so stuck in the past and unable to move on. Even the letters on her handwriting tends to lean leftwards instead of forward, signifying that she prefers to live in the past. I doubt we're looking at the comments she made as simply troll comments; they really sound like it's what's going on inside her head.

She needs some serious help from a mental health professional.

No. 313143


No. 313155

Please use >>313147

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