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File: 1680226584468.jpg (50.81 KB, 612x408, Shaybutter.jpg)

No. 1799272

Previous thread: >>>/snow/1790716

Shayna Leigh Clifford; 25 year old failing prostitute, porn sick degenerate, drug addict and alcoholic who spends her days posting free pictures of her hemorrhoid filled anus on twitter while begging for rent. Rejects her parents help to get an education and normal job. Hurts animals on purpose and panders to pedos by filming porn dressed as a child. Recently moved to Seattle after wasting years on an ex too ashamed to admit they were dating her and is currently looking her new Fupa 2.0.


REMEMBER: Read the rules before posting. Repetitive nitpicks about Shayna's body, face, and genitals are subject to a 1-day ban. Reposting the same photos zoomed in/edited is not milk and you will receive a ban for nitpicking. Stay on topic, derailing and infighting will result in a ban. Sage when there’s no milk. Spoiler any NSFW images. No blog posting or bragging about how you're a better whore than Shayna. Nobody wants to hear about your degeneracy. This is a Shay thread, curb your enthusiasm when posting screenshots of other e-whores, they go in the e-whores thread. Shut the fuck up about her necrotit and take it to the shaynatorium

Summary of Last Thread:

>>1790725 Shayna shames a moid for wanting her to say she was underage and seems shocked her pedopandering attracted these types of people
>>1790735 Shayna self reflects on how she is a loser
>>1790744 Shayna releases a new video "Sucking and Fucking 7 Fantasy Cocks"
>>1790757 Shayna releases a new video "Cheating on my Fiance w/ his Dad"
>>1790763, >>1796888 Shayna has multiple problems with her vagina
>>1790858, >>1790859, >>1790856 More photos from Shayna's Powder Puff Girl shoot are released
>>1790880, >>1790956 Shayna has another cam show and talks about her "stalkers" >>1790927 while looking like >>1790929 a lot lizard
>>1790981 Shayna explains how her dragon dildo had suction cups on it that "scooped up her cum"
>>1791035 The current state of Shayna's infamous "I can put my legs over my head" pose
>>1791175 Shayna looks obese
>>1797352 Shayna fan art
>>1791178 Shayna smokes weed despite saying she was quitting last show
>>1792108, >>1792158, >>1792673 Shayna tells coomers who know where she lives how she would thank them if they kidnapped her
>>1792427, >>1792726 Shayna considers this healthy eating
>>1792902, >>1792907, >>1793024 Shayna goes on a date with a "new fren"
>>1793543 Shayna releases a video "Diapered & Blackmailed by Ur Babysitter"
>>1793967 Shayna's rent is revealed to be $2,200 a month
>>1794437 Shayna boards her dog yet again to go on a trip to Vegas
>>1794672, >>1794530, >>1794534, >>1796186 Shayna goes to Vegas for a shoot
>>1795086, >>1795993, >>1795646, >>1795995, >>1796476, >>1796499, >>1796559 Photos from the shoot
>>1795300 Shayna does her "first" boy/girl scene with this guy >>1795359
>>1796237 Shayna looks like Yaniv
>>1798545 Shayna gets a gym membership

>>1790748 A collection of the men Shayna interacts with to make a living
>>1790764, >>1792339, >>1794473 , >>1794753 A collection of Shayna's horrible style
>>1792148, >>1792730, >>1793370, >>1793946, >>1793824, >>1794098, >>1794403, >>1798588 A collection of Shayna begging for money
>>1792429, >>1792864 A collection of horrifying images

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No. 1799280

Saw OP on the front page; I was surprised this was not a shaynatorium post KEK i cringed in the best way

No. 1799281

ty nona!

I truly think the dude made a comment about her weight or when she was posing told her to cover certain things/reacted differently than she expected and that’s causing her new weight loss journey

No. 1799283

Crying at this thread pic, absolutely

No. 1799284

that is exactly what I was about to comment. She only does things for male validation. Imagine having this many threads where women comment on how fat and ugly you are slowly getting. I would have died of embarrassment and got my ass into gear long ago.

No. 1799287

I can definitely see that doucher saying something to "help her out" like how if she lost some weight/toned up she could book a lot of gigs or something. Either that or she's trying to adopt the personality of the closest moid in her vicinity again.

No. 1799290

She’ll go to the gym for two days, stop for her “surgery” and never go back.

No. 1799291

File: 1680228057805.png (5.62 KB, 890x271, Life of an E-Whore.png)

This graph of her followers from Jan 2021 to Jan 2023 is bleak as hell. Each year she gets older and fatter it will just keep going down.

No. 1799293

wtf happened in June 2021?

No. 1799294

Firecrackers in butt hole for independence day?

No. 1799300

It would be something from these threads:
80: >>>/snow/1242857
81: >>>/snow/1252175
82: >>>/snow/1261047
83: >>>/snow/1268266
This was during the lead up to her break up with Fupa and moving to Seattle

No. 1799302

File: 1680228667653.jpeg (43.67 KB, 657x673, CAC05F01-C007-4F24-A8E6-552A2F…)

No. 1799310

Shit my bad I thought this was the shaynatorium. I apologize

No. 1799314

File: 1680229155978.jpeg (200.38 KB, 1242x1280, 4FBF9FBD-9495-41B2-834B-E5CD50…)

Pedophile got blues clues band aids as accessories gross. She put it on her big ass nose to make it smaller. That was a “trend” on the internet back in 2019. Late as usual. I can’t stand her

No. 1799317

My shayfoil is that shayna info dumped her whole life to this scrote while "warning" him about her stalkers. She told him how happy she was to be doing pro work again and probably asked him what he could do to improve/get more jobs.I could see him being like "lose weight" or her being up her weight and him saying, "yeah toning up a bit would help" this is just q theory, a Shay Theory, though.

No. 1799325

File: 1680229723420.jpeg (91.21 KB, 1171x1297, 115C1FF1-3F8A-4368-AEF8-F2E9A7…)

FYI the reason her gym price was $164 was because she got 4 months at anytime
Fitness. It’s the only normie gym near her, so it honestly was a good choice . Seattle loves fancy expensive cult gyms (idk what to call them) that are like $200 a month

No. 1799350

I actually don’t think there’s anything milky there. She’s bought followers before and Twitter occasionally purges bots so lots of “larger” accounts will randomly lose a few hundred or thousand followers.

No. 1799352

If he provided wardrobe he probably made her wear stuff that was her actual size.

No. 1799356

judging by the pics, it looks like he didn’t have anything that fit her, kek

No. 1799359

File: 1680231468798.png (203.81 KB, 863x688, Screenshot_20230330-195545.png)

To the anon who thought ribmeat was dead, guess shaynus was lurking and wanted to prove the haters wrong kek

No. 1799361

She probably told the guy some excuse as to why she was fat because she was acting insecure at the shoot. Then told him how she was finally going to be able to sign up when she was back home and this is just her having to keep up the lie.

No. 1799367

The man does cardio, counts calories, and eats fritatas. She like to behave like the men she is interested in

No. 1799371

File: 1680232169718.jpeg (78.02 KB, 1170x513, E667A7DB-6751-4C49-B96C-C30734…)


No. 1799372

File: 1680232218019.jpeg (153.22 KB, 1170x1168, C56CFE82-4CD1-4643-85DC-1BC9DF…)

2/2 she is so stupid

No. 1799373

File: 1680232269696.jpeg (Spoiler Image,118.9 KB, 1170x950, 2399CD4B-CBBA-4E57-9649-505FA8…)

New incest video

No. 1799374

Pick me pick me I’m jealous of babies

No. 1799375

Shaynus is lazy and lacks commitment in general (to anything besides Fupas and being a failure) but on top of that she just doesnt know what she's doing. She wont research and she wont have the right people to tell her how to diet and what excercises to do.
The hardest parts of going to a gym is figuring out what to do and when to do them and then consistency. Unfortunately for Shaynus and her fan itt, she wont make any long term and significant change.

No. 1799376

Any coomer that spends money on her videos/pictures seriously has to be retarded, as in legally disabled in need of a caretaker.

No. 1799379

Idk I think that she is capable of walking on the treadmill, especially if she is getting enough attention for it. Maybe doing just that would make her notice how many calories she is eating because it will take her an hour to burn off one white claw

No. 1799383

If she's paying to use a gym for the treadmill she's a retard. The fat sow can walk her obese dog for free and both of them would lose weight.

No. 1799390

are we all forgetting that she's done this before and pretended that she only quit working out bc her personal trainer was apparently racist?

No. 1799394

Now she’ll be back to her daily breakfast of blueberries and turkey bacon before she quits again

No. 1799395

This is my first Shay gym saga, I’m really excited

No. 1799405

God her coomer followers are legitimately retarded as fuck. "That's totally fare", "Not sure I'd wanna go threw that". Put down the onlyfans sub and learn to spell Josh, jesus christ.

No. 1799406

Josh Topkek is my favorite Shay coomer

No. 1799415

is it bad that i want shayna to go to the gym frequently? i can just see her being the type to walk on the treadmill for 15 minutes, take a pork-sweat selfie and then brag about how tired she is. please let her gym saga be milky this time

No. 1799416

I envision her burning 100 calories and then going out to brunch because she’s hungry

No. 1799420

File: 1680236889148.jpeg (Spoiler Image,187.63 KB, 1169x1542, 57EA2DE3-CFCB-4107-89A8-65DA4F…)

This is the description

No. 1799423

I demand I get back the seconds of my life that I lost reading that shit.

No. 1799429

She’s leaning full into the pedo stuff recently

No. 1799432

Not to mention she's probably going to be begging for money each time to cover a ride to the gym, just walk to the gym and back home for free kek

No. 1799433

File: 1680240275582.jpeg (60.01 KB, 750x742, 2DAB6848-D2F4-4FB9-BABA-98A2E3…)

No. 1799435

File: 1680240531600.jpeg (87.7 KB, 750x1102, 43BE4833-45F5-4612-BCDA-5C315A…)

No. 1799442

Greasy ass cat the fuzzy one idk her name, either one of those stupid ass names.

No. 1799445

Damn this is stupid looking as all hell. Thought she was a baby. So what's with the cleavage?

No. 1799452


i was also tinfoiling that she got told to lose weight by her doctor for her surgery.

No. 1799455

Poor Rib looks so stressed out, like she was dragged out of her hiding place for this photo. I just know she spends 24/7 in a cupboard and only comes out to eat at night. Please rehome her Shay, she’s clearly suffering.

No. 1799456

Baby blue titty veins

No. 1799460

File: 1680244121301.jpeg (48.05 KB, 706x661, 1EAB0F91-5E94-4043-A597-C41D5A…)

Her shoulders are so droopy without posing in a selfie. She looks like melted butter and her face is so huge with her comically thin ponytails. She looks retarded

No. 1799462

File: 1680244322387.jpeg (15.24 KB, 303x334, 883B318B-936B-48E5-91D9-7892FF…)

Always looking like a toothless hillbilly kek

No. 1799463

File: 1680244366639.jpeg (57.34 KB, 771x663, 131F713C-EBEF-4652-8C3C-496AA7…)

No. 1799464

She's such a shitty pet owner. Rib meat desperately needs a bath. She's probably covered in matted clumps.

No. 1799468

Why do her legs look uncanny and swollen

No. 1799478

My god she is looking more and more like a literal sow.

No. 1799489

Big Ed no neck egghead bitch. God damn.

No. 1799492

She actually looks disabled

No. 1799501

Because her diet consists of salt, fat, and alcohol. The only water she ingests is when she accidentally coughs during her bi-monthly shower.

No. 1799545

What is this bandaid drawn on look? I hate it

No. 1799547

the thousand yard stare on that poor kitty. i hate the fat pedo heifer just for her negligence towards her pets.

No. 1799628

is this actually a real pic? like this isn't edited at all?

No. 1799630

yup, just watch her do some basic cardio for 20 minutes and then blow it all on a "sharcootie" board and cheap pink wine.

No. 1799641

Farmers said she looks better in blue, and it's true.. but this shit right here ain't it at all. Looks like a special needs adult who watched her first PG14 anime and wants to seduce her caretaker

No. 1799645


She won’t even last long enough to burn 100 calories. She will never out train her diet nor work hard enough to elicit any significant change.

No. 1799652

File: 1680274335525.jpeg (120.97 KB, 750x901, 31A9C2C4-D177-4484-A9D1-DE7791…)

she's edited her head to the point her hand looks gigantic next to it. what a clown

No. 1799659

Positive: the blue is a much better color for her
Negative: she is a fucking greasy dumpster fire of a human being, that necro tit will burst and become the source of the zombie virus that eradicates humanity

No. 1799662

Idk if she looks better in blue, at least not this shade of blue. Pastel colors wash her out and give her that special ed look. It reminds me of those fat weeb girls in sweet lolita clothes.

No. 1799670

File: 1680277386934.jpg (22.06 KB, 500x382, c05b33ab6d26e6389dda7b0899a698…)

It's giving "I bring you love"

No. 1799679

File: 1680278691024.gif (1.73 MB, 275x257, 9EFF282B-4E51-481E-ACB7-F840B2…)


No. 1799681

the visible tit veins aren't the problem with her necro tit, it's the fact it looks like an inflammed toe, like it's pulsing and feels warm and filled with pus

No. 1799754

File: 1680281986774.png (Spoiler Image,151.14 KB, 943x649, pdpfpfp.png)

why tf did she retweet this i'm sure her coomers definitely want to see obese man ass… nsfl

No. 1799759

>>1799659 Idk anymore I agreed back when she did that live. But in these pictures it just brings out the purple veins and lack of circulation.

No. 1799761

She must know her audience is full of troon chasers.

No. 1799762


No. 1799776

Keeping it real they probably thought it was hee at a glance considering the pimples

No. 1799796

File: 1680285172525.jpg (63.52 KB, 1080x589, 2178899485048.jpg)

Looks like she's going to invite that disgusting moid back to her apartment

No. 1799817

File: 1680287748710.png (Spoiler Image,128.09 KB, 384x1010, 1521606595841.png)

Wow okay, i found this great example of how off her ratio is. This is from one of her first shoots with lovinglyhandmadepornography or whatever the fuck his name is. If you look, you can clearly see that her shoulders are a bit wider than her hips. This is not angled or anything its a perfect even level perspective shot.

Spoilered because you have to see her bare hank hill ass.

No. 1799822

inb4 fridgechan

No. 1799832

kek i still ship pearchan and fridgechan

No. 1799836

One of her "sub/humiliation" scrotes probably paid her to retweet it.

No. 1799839

She really does have an unfortunate build, especially as fat as she is now. If she wasn't such a horrible person I would feel bad for her because you really can't change your fat distribution. But you can stop being a degenerate pedophile hooker anytime, so I won't bother to feel sorry for her.

No. 1799840

This top is becoming the new leopard print bra I swear. Is it the only not pink or stainedxwhite shirt she has?

No. 1799856

File: 1680290785975.jpg (Spoiler Image,22.04 KB, 457x455, ab2.jpeg.jpg)

Oh I 100% agree, but you have to admit it's "better" than the horrible bologna/deli ham pink that just makes her look porcine. Girl needs to give up on this pastel baby look while she can but fat shance of that happening.
I've always kek'd at the the Hank Hill comparison, but it's legit. How is her ass so non-existent? Why is her crack so tiny? Wtf is going on??

No. 1799863

>fat shance
I fucking cannot with each new Shayism kek

No. 1799867

if you cropped out her head and told me this was a TiM i'd believe you

No. 1799881

Kek I'd be lying if I said I didn't chortle audibly as I typed that one out.

No. 1799882

I wouldn’t, male fat distribution is remarkably different at a low weight. She has wide shoulders relative to her hips but her body looks very soft.
I swear the MtF troon comments are probably half from troons trying to dunk on actual women. She’s hideous and could be the sister of Jonathan Yaniv and/or Jason R Womack but she does not look like a troon and saying so is ridiculous. Go look at the MtF thread if you want to see how glaringly obvious a male anatomy is compared to a female one.

No. 1799883

thank you. it's troon cope.

No. 1799886

I wouldn't. Plenty of women are built just like this. It just looks bad because even when she was thin she was just a flabby skinny fat, except for that period of time whee she existed on only goldfish and pink wine. She looked like an anachan then.

Her body would have been fine if she decided walking her dog and doing a push up sometimes was part of her kink.

No. 1799927

maybe because we compare her to the trannies that we know irl and not in some thread? i can think of at least 3 that got that same body type and not in their full transformer optimus prime level. it’s very unfortunate to not have hips because that’s what gives you a shape imo

No. 1799955

>not in their full transformer optimus prime level

kek nonna

No. 1799958

>not in their full transformer optimus prime level

kek nonna

No. 1799961

You're wrong, even the 'passing' asian male troons have worse hip to shoulder ratios than Shat. Not having hips is a dumb thing to nitpick considering she can't change it unless maybe she goes through childbirth. Her hips are still wider than a male's due to female anatomical structure.
This is retarded so I will stop arguing, but saying her body looks like a troon is something troons do and a nitpick comment that should be moderated the same way other nitpicks are imo.

No. 1799966

do you not go to a gym or dance class or whatever? I would say 30% of women have this shoulder to hip ratio.

staying thin is really important when you have this shape if you want to keep a feminine look, too bad for Shayna

No. 1799994

File: 1680303859160.jpeg (Spoiler Image,608.96 KB, 1655x2048, BE20E534-6D11-4468-8E96-BC7DC5…)

No. 1800007

Her nudes are so boring and unappealing fr I don’t understand. Yeah let’s see some pale veiny tits pushed up under a puffy jacket with a weird face. Negative sex appeal at all times, I can’t even imagine moids finding this attractive. You can see nicer tits anywhere online if you look at suggested/related accounts to her twitter, I’m sure.

No. 1800013

She needs to put down the bottle and take a nap, she looks really off

No. 1800018

Probably not, that anon said they’re friends with troons so I’m assuming either a troon or a woman who’s retarded. Maybe a scrote. Nitpicking her bone structure and comparing her to a troon should be added under the nitpicking ban; at least with her nasty pussy she could go get an STD check and try to take care of her ingrowns but she can’t do anything about the width of her hips and shoulders.

No. 1800042

File: 1680308721237.jpg (Spoiler Image,116.63 KB, 1170x1374, 20230401_012248.jpg)

Is she serious right now?
These pictures she's uploaded look like farmer's unfortunate screenshots.

No. 1800043

File: 1680308747586.jpg (145.9 KB, 1170x1369, 20230401_012252.jpg)

No. 1800046

Do you think she went here to enjoy nature/her life, or solely so she could take a boring picture of her boobs

No. 1800057

i didn’t said anything against it, i know she can’t change her bones lmao and i’m not nitpicking i just said that’s why people said that she looks like a troon because her body is manly. i’m talking about shayna not you anons so don’t take it personal with the hips thing.
ooooh and i don’t have troon friends but i can’t be fucking blind about their existence irl

No. 1800067

Isn’t that the one dildo she got brown ass discharge all over it and said it was “coom” I’m gagging. I know Shayna smells horrible and so does her whole apartment.

No. 1800071

File: 1680310879759.jpeg (102.23 KB, 1113x927, 2C19A2FC-F1E2-4B7A-9CD5-EC64AF…)

She got fatter lmfao. Also I’m glad she’s not doing the turd braids anymore

No. 1800088

you dont have to be fat to have a fridge body. here’s the proof.

No. 1800127

her face looks so puffy and swollen. is she just getting fatter or does she have a problem?

No. 1800141

she looks like a single mother who’s been binging and crying for 3 days straight. I almost feel bad.

No. 1800145

I agree with you anon her body is fucked. We make fun of every other aspect of her so idk why anons have their panties in a bunch on this

No. 1800153

Shayna 100% has an infection. Maybe that color is normal for some girls but she is nasty as fuck and doesn’t get turned on and is scooping out bacterial vaginosis with that dildo

No. 1800154

Does this mean she didn’t “cum” with that guy lol

No. 1800155

>proud of making incest and pedophilia porn
I hope she keeps getting fat and has the feeders keep getting interested in her.
>hips give you shape
You're not wrong, but hi pearchan.

No. 1800229

she tells herself that she's into edging while having sex with men when in reality she doesn't come from penetration.

No. 1800261

Nona this photo is two years old

No. 1800266

god can you stfu with how we're allowed to nitpick a camwhore because anon mentioned troons

No. 1800268

Moved to >>>/shay/157542.

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