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File: 1680226584468.jpg (50.81 KB, 612x408, Shaybutter.jpg)

No. 157542

Previous thread: >>>/snow/1790716

Shayna Leigh Clifford; 25 year old failing prostitute, porn sick degenerate, drug addict and alcoholic who spends her days posting free pictures of her hemorrhoid filled anus on twitter while begging for rent. Rejects her parents help to get an education and normal job. Hurts animals on purpose and panders to pedos by filming porn dressed as a child. Recently moved to Seattle after wasting years on an ex too ashamed to admit they were dating her and is currently looking her new Fupa 2.0.


REMEMBER: Read the rules before posting. Repetitive nitpicks about Shayna's body, face, and genitals are subject to a 1-day ban. Reposting the same photos zoomed in/edited is not milk and you will receive a ban for nitpicking. Stay on topic, derailing and infighting will result in a ban. Sage when there’s no milk. Spoiler any NSFW images. No blog posting or bragging about how you're a better whore than Shayna. Nobody wants to hear about your degeneracy. This is a Shay thread, curb your enthusiasm when posting screenshots of other e-whores, they go in the e-whores thread. Shut the fuck up about her necrotit and take it to the shaynatorium

Summary of Last Thread:

>>1790725 Shayna shames a moid for wanting her to say she was underage and seems shocked her pedopandering attracted these types of people
>>1790735 Shayna self reflects on how she is a loser
>>1790744 Shayna releases a new video "Sucking and Fucking 7 Fantasy Cocks"
>>1790757 Shayna releases a new video "Cheating on my Fiance w/ his Dad"
>>1790763, >>1796888 Shayna has multiple problems with her vagina
>>1790858, >>1790859, >>1790856 More photos from Shayna's Powder Puff Girl shoot are released
>>1790880, >>1790956 Shayna has another cam show and talks about her "stalkers" >>1790927 while looking like >>1790929 a lot lizard
>>1790981 Shayna explains how her dragon dildo had suction cups on it that "scooped up her cum"
>>1791035 The current state of Shayna's infamous "I can put my legs over my head" pose
>>1791175 Shayna looks obese
>>1797352 Shayna fan art
>>1791178 Shayna smokes weed despite saying she was quitting last show
>>1792108, >>1792158, >>1792673 Shayna tells coomers who know where she lives how she would thank them if they kidnapped her
>>1792427, >>1792726 Shayna considers this healthy eating
>>1792902, >>1792907, >>1793024 Shayna goes on a date with a "new fren"
>>1793543 Shayna releases a video "Diapered & Blackmailed by Ur Babysitter"
>>1793967 Shayna's rent is revealed to be $2,200 a month
>>1794437 Shayna boards her dog yet again to go on a trip to Vegas
>>1794672, >>1794530, >>1794534, >>1796186 Shayna goes to Vegas for a shoot
>>1795086, >>1795993, >>1795646, >>1795995, >>1796476, >>1796499, >>1796559 Photos from the shoot
>>1795300 Shayna does her "first" boy/girl scene with this guy >>1795359
>>1796237 Shayna looks like Yaniv
>>1798545 Shayna gets a gym membership

>>1790748 A collection of the men Shayna interacts with to make a living
>>1790764, >>1792339, >>1794473 , >>1794753 A collection of Shayna's horrible style
>>1792148, >>1792730, >>1793370, >>1793946, >>1793824, >>1794098, >>1794403, >>1798588 A collection of Shayna begging for money
>>1792429, >>1792864 A collection of horrifying images

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No. 157543

Saw OP on the front page; I was surprised this was not a shaynatorium post KEK i cringed in the best way

No. 157544

ty nona!

I truly think the dude made a comment about her weight or when she was posing told her to cover certain things/reacted differently than she expected and that’s causing her new weight loss journey

No. 157545

Crying at this thread pic, absolutely

No. 157546

that is exactly what I was about to comment. She only does things for male validation. Imagine having this many threads where women comment on how fat and ugly you are slowly getting. I would have died of embarrassment and got my ass into gear long ago.

No. 157547

I can definitely see that doucher saying something to "help her out" like how if she lost some weight/toned up she could book a lot of gigs or something. Either that or she's trying to adopt the personality of the closest moid in her vicinity again.

No. 157548

She’ll go to the gym for two days, stop for her “surgery” and never go back.

No. 157549

File: 1680228057805.png (5.62 KB, 890x271, Life of an E-Whore.png)

This graph of her followers from Jan 2021 to Jan 2023 is bleak as hell. Each year she gets older and fatter it will just keep going down.

No. 157550

wtf happened in June 2021?

No. 157551

Firecrackers in butt hole for independence day?

No. 157552

It would be something from these threads:
80: >>>/snow/1242857
81: >>>/snow/1252175
82: >>>/snow/1261047
83: >>>/snow/1268266
This was during the lead up to her break up with Fupa and moving to Seattle

No. 157553

File: 1680228667653.jpeg (43.67 KB, 657x673, CAC05F01-C007-4F24-A8E6-552A2F…)

No. 157554

Shit my bad I thought this was the shaynatorium. I apologize

No. 157555

File: 1680229155978.jpeg (200.38 KB, 1242x1280, 4FBF9FBD-9495-41B2-834B-E5CD50…)

Pedophile got blues clues band aids as accessories gross. She put it on her big ass nose to make it smaller. That was a “trend” on the internet back in 2019. Late as usual. I can’t stand her

No. 157556

My shayfoil is that shayna info dumped her whole life to this scrote while "warning" him about her stalkers. She told him how happy she was to be doing pro work again and probably asked him what he could do to improve/get more jobs.I could see him being like "lose weight" or her being up her weight and him saying, "yeah toning up a bit would help" this is just q theory, a Shay Theory, though.

No. 157557

File: 1680229723420.jpeg (91.21 KB, 1171x1297, 115C1FF1-3F8A-4368-AEF8-F2E9A7…)

FYI the reason her gym price was $164 was because she got 4 months at anytime
Fitness. It’s the only normie gym near her, so it honestly was a good choice . Seattle loves fancy expensive cult gyms (idk what to call them) that are like $200 a month

No. 157558

I actually don’t think there’s anything milky there. She’s bought followers before and Twitter occasionally purges bots so lots of “larger” accounts will randomly lose a few hundred or thousand followers.

No. 157559

If he provided wardrobe he probably made her wear stuff that was her actual size.

No. 157560

judging by the pics, it looks like he didn’t have anything that fit her, kek

No. 157561

File: 1680231468798.png (203.81 KB, 863x688, Screenshot_20230330-195545.png)

To the anon who thought ribmeat was dead, guess shaynus was lurking and wanted to prove the haters wrong kek

No. 157562

She probably told the guy some excuse as to why she was fat because she was acting insecure at the shoot. Then told him how she was finally going to be able to sign up when she was back home and this is just her having to keep up the lie.

No. 157563

The man does cardio, counts calories, and eats fritatas. She like to behave like the men she is interested in

No. 157564

File: 1680232169718.jpeg (78.02 KB, 1170x513, E667A7DB-6751-4C49-B96C-C30734…)


No. 157565

File: 1680232218019.jpeg (153.22 KB, 1170x1168, C56CFE82-4CD1-4643-85DC-1BC9DF…)

2/2 she is so stupid

No. 157566

File: 1680232269696.jpeg (Spoiler Image,118.9 KB, 1170x950, 2399CD4B-CBBA-4E57-9649-505FA8…)

New incest video

No. 157567

Pick me pick me I’m jealous of babies

No. 157568

Shaynus is lazy and lacks commitment in general (to anything besides Fupas and being a failure) but on top of that she just doesnt know what she's doing. She wont research and she wont have the right people to tell her how to diet and what excercises to do.
The hardest parts of going to a gym is figuring out what to do and when to do them and then consistency. Unfortunately for Shaynus and her fan itt, she wont make any long term and significant change.

No. 157569

Any coomer that spends money on her videos/pictures seriously has to be retarded, as in legally disabled in need of a caretaker.

No. 157570

Idk I think that she is capable of walking on the treadmill, especially if she is getting enough attention for it. Maybe doing just that would make her notice how many calories she is eating because it will take her an hour to burn off one white claw

No. 157571

If she's paying to use a gym for the treadmill she's a retard. The fat sow can walk her obese dog for free and both of them would lose weight.

No. 157572

are we all forgetting that she's done this before and pretended that she only quit working out bc her personal trainer was apparently racist?

No. 157573

Now she’ll be back to her daily breakfast of blueberries and turkey bacon before she quits again

No. 157574

This is my first Shay gym saga, I’m really excited

No. 157575

God her coomer followers are legitimately retarded as fuck. "That's totally fare", "Not sure I'd wanna go threw that". Put down the onlyfans sub and learn to spell Josh, jesus christ.

No. 157576

Josh Topkek is my favorite Shay coomer

No. 157577

is it bad that i want shayna to go to the gym frequently? i can just see her being the type to walk on the treadmill for 15 minutes, take a pork-sweat selfie and then brag about how tired she is. please let her gym saga be milky this time

No. 157578

I envision her burning 100 calories and then going out to brunch because she’s hungry

No. 157579

File: 1680236889148.jpeg (Spoiler Image,187.63 KB, 1169x1542, 57EA2DE3-CFCB-4107-89A8-65DA4F…)

This is the description

No. 157580

I demand I get back the seconds of my life that I lost reading that shit.

No. 157581

She’s leaning full into the pedo stuff recently

No. 157582

Not to mention she's probably going to be begging for money each time to cover a ride to the gym, just walk to the gym and back home for free kek

No. 157583

File: 1680240275582.jpeg (60.01 KB, 750x742, 2DAB6848-D2F4-4FB9-BABA-98A2E3…)

No. 157584

File: 1680240531600.jpeg (87.7 KB, 750x1102, 43BE4833-45F5-4612-BCDA-5C315A…)

No. 157585

Greasy ass cat the fuzzy one idk her name, either one of those stupid ass names.

No. 157586

Damn this is stupid looking as all hell. Thought she was a baby. So what's with the cleavage?

No. 157587


i was also tinfoiling that she got told to lose weight by her doctor for her surgery.

No. 157588

Poor Rib looks so stressed out, like she was dragged out of her hiding place for this photo. I just know she spends 24/7 in a cupboard and only comes out to eat at night. Please rehome her Shay, she’s clearly suffering.

No. 157589

Baby blue titty veins

No. 157590

File: 1680244121301.jpeg (48.05 KB, 706x661, 1EAB0F91-5E94-4043-A597-C41D5A…)

Her shoulders are so droopy without posing in a selfie. She looks like melted butter and her face is so huge with her comically thin ponytails. She looks retarded

No. 157591

File: 1680244322387.jpeg (15.24 KB, 303x334, 883B318B-936B-48E5-91D9-7892FF…)

Always looking like a toothless hillbilly kek

No. 157592

File: 1680244366639.jpeg (57.34 KB, 771x663, 131F713C-EBEF-4652-8C3C-496AA7…)

No. 157593

She's such a shitty pet owner. Rib meat desperately needs a bath. She's probably covered in matted clumps.

No. 157594

Why do her legs look uncanny and swollen

No. 157595

My god she is looking more and more like a literal sow.

No. 157596

Big Ed no neck egghead bitch. God damn.

No. 157597

She actually looks disabled

No. 157598

Because her diet consists of salt, fat, and alcohol. The only water she ingests is when she accidentally coughs during her bi-monthly shower.

No. 157599

What is this bandaid drawn on look? I hate it

No. 157600

the thousand yard stare on that poor kitty. i hate the fat pedo heifer just for her negligence towards her pets.

No. 157601

is this actually a real pic? like this isn't edited at all?

No. 157602

yup, just watch her do some basic cardio for 20 minutes and then blow it all on a "sharcootie" board and cheap pink wine.

No. 157603

Farmers said she looks better in blue, and it's true.. but this shit right here ain't it at all. Looks like a special needs adult who watched her first PG14 anime and wants to seduce her caretaker

No. 157604


She won’t even last long enough to burn 100 calories. She will never out train her diet nor work hard enough to elicit any significant change.

No. 157605

File: 1680274335525.jpeg (120.97 KB, 750x901, 31A9C2C4-D177-4484-A9D1-DE7791…)

she's edited her head to the point her hand looks gigantic next to it. what a clown

No. 157606

Positive: the blue is a much better color for her
Negative: she is a fucking greasy dumpster fire of a human being, that necro tit will burst and become the source of the zombie virus that eradicates humanity

No. 157607

Idk if she looks better in blue, at least not this shade of blue. Pastel colors wash her out and give her that special ed look. It reminds me of those fat weeb girls in sweet lolita clothes.

No. 157608

File: 1680277386934.jpg (22.06 KB, 500x382, c05b33ab6d26e6389dda7b0899a698…)

It's giving "I bring you love"

No. 157609

File: 1680278691024.gif (1.73 MB, 275x257, 9EFF282B-4E51-481E-ACB7-F840B2…)


No. 157610

the visible tit veins aren't the problem with her necro tit, it's the fact it looks like an inflammed toe, like it's pulsing and feels warm and filled with pus

No. 157611

File: 1680281986774.png (Spoiler Image,151.14 KB, 943x649, pdpfpfp.png)

why tf did she retweet this i'm sure her coomers definitely want to see obese man ass… nsfl

No. 157612

>>157606 Idk anymore I agreed back when she did that live. But in these pictures it just brings out the purple veins and lack of circulation.

No. 157613

She must know her audience is full of troon chasers.

No. 157614


No. 157615

Keeping it real they probably thought it was hee at a glance considering the pimples

No. 157616

File: 1680285172525.jpg (63.52 KB, 1080x589, 2178899485048.jpg)

Looks like she's going to invite that disgusting moid back to her apartment

No. 157617

File: 1680287748710.png (Spoiler Image,128.09 KB, 384x1010, 1521606595841.png)

Wow okay, i found this great example of how off her ratio is. This is from one of her first shoots with lovinglyhandmadepornography or whatever the fuck his name is. If you look, you can clearly see that her shoulders are a bit wider than her hips. This is not angled or anything its a perfect even level perspective shot.

Spoilered because you have to see her bare hank hill ass.

No. 157618

inb4 fridgechan

No. 157619

kek i still ship pearchan and fridgechan

No. 157620

One of her "sub/humiliation" scrotes probably paid her to retweet it.

No. 157621

She really does have an unfortunate build, especially as fat as she is now. If she wasn't such a horrible person I would feel bad for her because you really can't change your fat distribution. But you can stop being a degenerate pedophile hooker anytime, so I won't bother to feel sorry for her.

No. 157622

This top is becoming the new leopard print bra I swear. Is it the only not pink or stainedxwhite shirt she has?

No. 157623

File: 1680290785975.jpg (Spoiler Image,22.04 KB, 457x455, ab2.jpeg.jpg)

Oh I 100% agree, but you have to admit it's "better" than the horrible bologna/deli ham pink that just makes her look porcine. Girl needs to give up on this pastel baby look while she can but fat shance of that happening.
I've always kek'd at the the Hank Hill comparison, but it's legit. How is her ass so non-existent? Why is her crack so tiny? Wtf is going on??

No. 157624

>fat shance
I fucking cannot with each new Shayism kek

No. 157625

if you cropped out her head and told me this was a TiM i'd believe you

No. 157626

Kek I'd be lying if I said I didn't chortle audibly as I typed that one out.

No. 157627

I wouldn’t, male fat distribution is remarkably different at a low weight. She has wide shoulders relative to her hips but her body looks very soft.
I swear the MtF troon comments are probably half from troons trying to dunk on actual women. She’s hideous and could be the sister of Jonathan Yaniv and/or Jason R Womack but she does not look like a troon and saying so is ridiculous. Go look at the MtF thread if you want to see how glaringly obvious a male anatomy is compared to a female one.

No. 157628

thank you. it's troon cope.

No. 157629

I wouldn't. Plenty of women are built just like this. It just looks bad because even when she was thin she was just a flabby skinny fat, except for that period of time whee she existed on only goldfish and pink wine. She looked like an anachan then.

Her body would have been fine if she decided walking her dog and doing a push up sometimes was part of her kink.

No. 157630

maybe because we compare her to the trannies that we know irl and not in some thread? i can think of at least 3 that got that same body type and not in their full transformer optimus prime level. it’s very unfortunate to not have hips because that’s what gives you a shape imo

No. 157631

>not in their full transformer optimus prime level

kek nonna

No. 157632

>not in their full transformer optimus prime level

kek nonna

No. 157633

You're wrong, even the 'passing' asian male troons have worse hip to shoulder ratios than Shat. Not having hips is a dumb thing to nitpick considering she can't change it unless maybe she goes through childbirth. Her hips are still wider than a male's due to female anatomical structure.
This is retarded so I will stop arguing, but saying her body looks like a troon is something troons do and a nitpick comment that should be moderated the same way other nitpicks are imo.

No. 157634

do you not go to a gym or dance class or whatever? I would say 30% of women have this shoulder to hip ratio.

staying thin is really important when you have this shape if you want to keep a feminine look, too bad for Shayna

No. 157635

File: 1680303859160.jpeg (Spoiler Image,608.96 KB, 1655x2048, BE20E534-6D11-4468-8E96-BC7DC5…)

No. 157636

Her nudes are so boring and unappealing fr I don’t understand. Yeah let’s see some pale veiny tits pushed up under a puffy jacket with a weird face. Negative sex appeal at all times, I can’t even imagine moids finding this attractive. You can see nicer tits anywhere online if you look at suggested/related accounts to her twitter, I’m sure.

No. 157637

She needs to put down the bottle and take a nap, she looks really off

No. 157638

Probably not, that anon said they’re friends with troons so I’m assuming either a troon or a woman who’s retarded. Maybe a scrote. Nitpicking her bone structure and comparing her to a troon should be added under the nitpicking ban; at least with her nasty pussy she could go get an STD check and try to take care of her ingrowns but she can’t do anything about the width of her hips and shoulders.

No. 157639

File: 1680308721237.jpg (Spoiler Image,116.63 KB, 1170x1374, 20230401_012248.jpg)

Is she serious right now?
These pictures she's uploaded look like farmer's unfortunate screenshots.

No. 157640

File: 1680308747586.jpg (145.9 KB, 1170x1369, 20230401_012252.jpg)

No. 157641

Do you think she went here to enjoy nature/her life, or solely so she could take a boring picture of her boobs

No. 157642

i didn’t said anything against it, i know she can’t change her bones lmao and i’m not nitpicking i just said that’s why people said that she looks like a troon because her body is manly. i’m talking about shayna not you anons so don’t take it personal with the hips thing.
ooooh and i don’t have troon friends but i can’t be fucking blind about their existence irl

No. 157643

Isn’t that the one dildo she got brown ass discharge all over it and said it was “coom” I’m gagging. I know Shayna smells horrible and so does her whole apartment.

No. 157644

File: 1680310879759.jpeg (102.23 KB, 1113x927, 2C19A2FC-F1E2-4B7A-9CD5-EC64AF…)

She got fatter lmfao. Also I’m glad she’s not doing the turd braids anymore

No. 157645

you dont have to be fat to have a fridge body. here’s the proof.

No. 157646

her face looks so puffy and swollen. is she just getting fatter or does she have a problem?

No. 157647

she looks like a single mother who’s been binging and crying for 3 days straight. I almost feel bad.

No. 157648

I agree with you anon her body is fucked. We make fun of every other aspect of her so idk why anons have their panties in a bunch on this

No. 157649

Shayna 100% has an infection. Maybe that color is normal for some girls but she is nasty as fuck and doesn’t get turned on and is scooping out bacterial vaginosis with that dildo

No. 157650

Does this mean she didn’t “cum” with that guy lol

No. 157651

>proud of making incest and pedophilia porn
I hope she keeps getting fat and has the feeders keep getting interested in her.
>hips give you shape
You're not wrong, but hi pearchan.

No. 157652

she tells herself that she's into edging while having sex with men when in reality she doesn't come from penetration.

No. 157653

Nona this photo is two years old

No. 157654

god can you stfu with how we're allowed to nitpick a camwhore because anon mentioned troons

No. 157656

Kek Is /shay/ premnant?

No. 157659

god I hope so

No. 157660

check the date anon topkek

a few years ago Shayna was moved to /pt/ for a day, this is even better

No. 157662

It's not the 1st for me yet kek, I knew it was a April fools prank ( I posted and deleted it pribabkyb was in ot when it was first discovered). I just forgot about time zones

No. 157664


No. 157667

the sparkly butt plug cursor is the best part ily farmhands

No. 157668

can we make this permanent? i love it kek

No. 157671

please, this can't be a shaypril fools day joke

No. 157673

This is amazing. The attention to detail is incredible. I hope the shay theme stays as an option when this is over.

No. 157674

shay theme with the dildo cursor is the absolute best lolcow theme and this the correct way to browse lolcow. im sorry for the safe for work nonas.

No. 157675

petition to name the theme "shayday" if it becomes a theme option on regular lolcow

No. 157678

the pic chosen for the background is the best. It's really one of my all time fav of her retarded poses and I laughed myself to tears when it came out. The Stance.

No. 157679

Won’t this just further give Shayna ammo that this whole website is “dedicated to her”

No. 157680

Shaypril fools day? This is inshayne kek

No. 157682

it's like i'm a kid again downloading bling cursors on my windows xp, except it's a jeweled butt plug

No. 157684

This is the fucking best thing ever. I was watching tornadoes and shit roll through my area and neighboring states, got the all clear and came here to decompress. Could not have been a better surprise. I fucking love lolcor.

No. 157686

Oh this is so beautiful! I love it! Whoever did this, a million kisses to you! The sparkling buttplug? This deserves to be in the Louvre!

No. 157689

Thank you, triumvirate!

No. 157691

I agree I’m pretty sure the tornado dodged me be cause I was cackling so loudly

No. 157693

i fucking kek'd nona oh my god

No. 157695

Thank you so much I’m do grateful for this shayday even if is just 24 hours of foolery I’m happy thank you
I love the pinks that don’t match I’m on mobile and the image took me for a surprise!! Such a funny boards! I love you nonas best day ever

No. 157696

holy shit good one mods. i was about to rage.
Happy Shay-pril Fools everyone!

No. 157697


So glad you're safe nona !

I love the site update. Feels homey.

No. 157700

Read admin’s pinned post on this board anon. “ Shayna has previously said that a whole gossip site is dedicated to her, and why would we ever want to prove her wrong? Now it’s true! We figured that before our princess turns 26, we should have this board running like a well-oiled fuck machine on a balcony. Plus, now she’ll have some light reading to enjoy while she recovers from surgery.”

Deleted and reposted because good god is green texting fucking impossible to read on this theme. I’d love for it to be a permanent option too, but they gotta fix that. Very hard on the eyes

No. 157701

This is the best Shaypril fools joke omg I fucking love it kek well done

No. 157707

KEK the twisters didn't have the audacity to disrupt our shaytastic experience. I love it. Glad you're alright nonny, much love from KY.

No. 157709

File: 1680359486603.jpeg (100.09 KB, 750x1036, 14A60072-6296-4044-B7A9-1064AC…)

Saw this in her likes the other day and it made me laugh. What does “success” for a sex repulsed sex worker look like?

No. 157711

File: 1680361416205.jpeg (204.04 KB, 1241x2104, 234BFEF3-E528-483C-B89E-4075FA…)

When cows collide (side note Darcy looking fat even with shoops)

No. 157712

God they won't even be able to pry this site from my cold dead hands. I fucking love everyone responsible for this shaypril fools masterpiece

No. 157714

I feel you anon. I think it’s clear that Shat has managed to attract Shaynons who aren’t current/ex sex workers or tumblr users that knew of her from her tumblr days. The Shayniverse is just so inshayne that people stumble upon it and decide to stay because it truly provides many keks. My favorite is when shaynons would reference her coomers or Fupaul by full name of city, state locations for search engine optimization purposes. I love you all so much. Happy Shaypril Fools everyone.

No. 157717

>maybe because we compare her to the trannies that we know irl
speak for yourself bbg i gladly cannot relate

No. 157720

That’s also my fav thing

People say shaynas threads suck but they’re my fav because inshayne nonnies. This is truly the highlight of her sex work career, her very own / on lolcow

No. 157723

Agree!! I think her threads are so retarded and fun, not stressful like the MTF thread or dead like many others I’ve followed. Even with the absolute sperg infighting I think her threads are the most amusing and the stupid art and amazing keks keep me coming back. Many Shaynons are soooo funny consistently ily all

No. 157735

File: 1680367277534.jpeg (36.53 KB, 750x640, 9849DEFD-73CB-423A-9A6C-E6ADFF…)

HOW ORIGINAL but also wish this was true kek

No. 157740

She does this joke every year I swear

No. 157743

Looks like it's fixed now!!

No. 157748

File: 1680370338210.png (Spoiler Image,1.4 MB, 1553x714, 1523346149431.png)

was browsing through the old threads and her vagina look different imo. looks like she had labiaplasty based on her newer pics

No. 157749

Worst Shaypril Fools tinfoil

No. 157751

do you guys think she saw our new shayday board yet? i wonder if she'll tweet about it

No. 157755

File: 1680371777373.jpeg (126.1 KB, 750x1100, 29735AD4-0418-49A5-B5D7-808F7A…)

She really hikes up mountains with her jacket nearly unzipped and her tits fully out. Disgusting.

No. 157757


She WOULD be one of those trashy fuckers who plays music on the mountain.

No. 157758

And bringing a full ass bong wearing that stupid shit… and I guess thats the only nature spot she knows. The most common one.

No. 157763

Kek nonita I was thinking about this too; imagine how frustrated she prob feels knowing she can’t show this Shay theme to people bc it makes her look awful but on the other hand wanting to bc look at how much attention~ she’s getting

No. 157771

she probably doesn’t go too far from the parking lot. No way she’s hiking in those outfits lmfao

No. 157775

yeah this is absolutely not "on mt rainier" she probably means she's at mt rainier national park, meaning she paid $30 for entry to pull her tit out, record herself smoking weed, and return to the dark damp apartment she hobbled out of

No. 157778

File: 1680376211495.png (8.12 KB, 600x240, kdkdkdkd.png)

better not be a shaypril's fools joke

No. 157780

and the funniest thing is that Shayna truly believes all her threads are spearheaded and run solely by one person and the people who post are just a small handful of sex workers who don’t like her. she can’t seem to fathom that tons of people despise her and love laughing at her ridiculous disgusting self as she sinks deeper and deeper.

stay delusional, shay.

No. 157782

File: 1680377194138.jpeg (55.16 KB, 630x758, 947D9541-D96E-4F59-93A7-5CCDEE…)

some festivities for this evening. optional: make it a drinking game and get blackout just like shaynus herself

No. 157793

why is she leaning into the whole blue thing all of a sudden, is this a bpd chan thing?

No. 157795

I don't even despise her, its closer to pity. She's just endless entertainment

No. 157796

File: 1680383916440.jpeg (179.98 KB, 1242x1294, E27BC0B4-227A-4E72-8E0C-64A849…)

No tf you aren’t mean bitch kek

No. 157797

File: 1680383980241.jpeg (121.79 KB, 1242x1093, 701874D4-8C61-4BB7-BD96-8C2974…)

>popular and pretty

No. 157798

File: 1680384063604.jpeg (54.29 KB, 717x538, 66A3D6C4-98C2-4DBD-A6EC-AD5582…)

I swear she is doing this for comedian fart anon

No. 157800

File: 1680384092427.jpeg (151.19 KB, 683x1315, 524D2602-CBCD-4EDC-B270-F8AA2D…)

That outfit is so ugly

No. 157801

there’s already fart clouds behind her in the pic, kek

No. 157802

I must contain my powerpuff girl autism…
The clouds on the wall actually look like an edit.

No. 157803

samefag but she def edited her stomach in this and I bet we’ll see the real pics once that scrote uploads them

No. 157804

You forgot a space for
> ignores tipping coomers request
> story about high school
> complains about the amount of guests
> bans cowtipper
> doordash mid-stream
> calls mike slack "daddy"
> gets high on stream

No. 157805

File: 1680384484750.png (116.06 KB, 557x421, bunny.png)

I would compare her to Bunny but I feel kinda bad for Bunny doing that

No. 157807

yep her stomach is for sure edited out. i was wondering when she would start editing her body since she's been going crazy with her face. face editing is like a gateway drug to completely unhinged all over editing

No. 157811

File: 1680385656844.jpeg (65.75 KB, 750x842, 3DD71DEC-67DB-447E-86D6-EDC3A7…)

She’s starting to post the Vegas stuff if anyone has access to her OF

No. 157812

swear I remember someone saying that baby blue suits her better than pink a few threads ago. maybe she was lurking lmao

No. 157815

I know I def did lmao and I think a few other anons did too. Even though we also stated that it doesn’t change everything else that’s wrong with her. Maybe seeing something even the slightest bit positive on here made her want to do it since we usually are just shredding her with zero mercy kek

No. 157817

File: 1680386406489.jpeg (142.1 KB, 1170x1000, 56298764-9C4C-42CE-8C0D-5D32F9…)

No surprise there

No. 157819

File: 1680386888338.png (5.47 KB, 599x90, smh.png)

she fooled us…

No. 157822

>you can reply to this conversation

No. 157823

Many farmers follow her to get access when she locks.

No. 157824

File: 1680388996251.jpeg (49.12 KB, 750x563, 4C7AB707-5A0F-4590-A36D-2EC0ED…)


No. 157825

She thinks she’s hot. Basic shaylusional takes of hers.

No. 157830

File: 1680390869016.jpeg (219.05 KB, 1179x1900, 76F7DA2B-ED39-46AD-BF00-12489E…)

No. 157834

goop boob

No. 157836

Also one of her pets enters the room

No. 157837

is this the cope she tells herself because farmers post her content here and makes fun of it

No. 157838

Post the Vegas photos

No. 157840

Sorry, I was confused when I saw she changed the reply settings.

No. 157842

whenever she remembers that she's bisexual her fantasies are always so weird and make no sense. aren't goth girls the outcasts and the pretty girl is the bully? it's like she saw the "hot dominant goth gf!" meme and is trying to copy others to prove how totally bi she is, yet it just comes out weird as fuck.

No. 157845

twitter followers, not onlyfans subscribers

though I do wonder if this farmer is followed by her, because she has it set so only people shayna follows can reply to the conversation.

No. 157846

File: 1680397606770.png (67.21 KB, 640x352, BBED7151-1D37-4F0A-B518-ADFF37…)

are… we the goth girl?

No. 157848

I'm the original person who posted that screenshot and I will clarify that Shat does not follow me. I have no idea why it says that, I've never responded to any of her tweets or interacted with her. I followed her when she went private because I was scared we were going to lose milk since I was one of the only anons posting caps of her tweets at the time.

No. 157860

Thank you for your continued service, Shaynam veteran nonnie

No. 157864

There's a shady Russian site that hosts her OF content but whoever it was uploading it stopped when she started getting fat.

No. 157868

Nta but I saw one of her manyvids was reuploaded somewhere and assumed that one of her coomers leaked it somewhere. I've heard that porn addicts share/trade terabytes of porn they've saved with each other and thought that might be how that video got on there.

No. 157871

No. 157873

>stopped when she started getting fat.
This is sad, funny and disturbing at once.
They do and I don’t think it’s restricted to just the addicts. It’s one of the reasons I don’t get why so many women put their content on Reddit, for example.

No. 157875

Nona, naur! I’m pretty sure we are.

No. 157878

oh is this why she's in her blue arc? she did the ppg shoot and decided blue is better on her? lol

No. 157891

This omg, this is incredible. Can this please be an option for a site or thread skin from now on?

On-topic: So I'm retarded and can't track it down again, but I just binged the Ken Doll and Sol sagas. I'll try to dig up the posts tomorrow, but during this time she:
A. Posts a horrific hole-spreading pic where she literally has two assholes. Literally looks like two separate holes, likely severe anal fissure.
B. Makes a "who wants to pay for my boob job" tweet.

The above evidence combined with her quick and sudden aversion to anal + sudden use of lube after 6 years of pretending she doesn't need it leads me to believe that her surgery is indeed for her broken asshole, not frankentit, as it seems to confirm the ass damage and lack of anal content correlation and confirm that if it were a boob job, even just one tiddy, she'd be bimbo-bragging about it.

We'll know for sure if she has no tit scars and begins doing anal again a few months down the line, but this all but confirms embarrassing ass problem surgery to me, especially because LC anons warned her about this for YEARS and she continued to defiantly dry-fuck her diseased ass with unwashed buttplugs. She constantly does stuff in a pathetic attempt to spite us, and even acknowledging she needs ass surgery would be humiliating enough, but the fact that LC was right probably eats her up inside.

No. 157902

She’s done anal recently though. She had a buttplug in for a lot of her last cam show and put in progressively larger ones, she did a “gaping with 3 buttplugs video” and that sleep apnea porn she did was her fucking herself in the ass with a dildo

No. 157903

>the sleep apnea porn
Whyyyyy did you remind me of this lmao

No. 157906

What are the odds she’ll actually cam tonight? I’ve never had the ~special opportunity~ to catch her live but I want to try my hand at capping some hilarious shaycial expressions kek

No. 157934

File: 1680455937174.jpg (Spoiler Image,272.13 KB, 1080x1837, Screenshot_20230402_121815_Chr…)

Warning - pic with that dude from Vegas. Only one so far

No. 157935

KEK that’s probably the biggest dick she’s ever touched I bet she gagged before she even got past the head. This is so gross tho. Images you can smell etc

No. 157936


No. 157937

File: 1680458302540.jpeg (67.3 KB, 750x678, A3E84938-F412-4FD3-8C64-B386E8…)

imagine this being your life

No. 157938

Eww, the freckles (?) on his dick just remind me of all the shatstained dildos of past threads…

Also it's been stated often before but she really looks like a nasty lot lizard with her tacky style and premature aging.

No. 157941

File: 1680458709588.jpeg (186.94 KB, 1242x776, D308F954-88A7-4350-B8BE-1B8249…)

No. 157942

File: 1680458853694.jpeg (183.44 KB, 1242x1688, EA7BFE3D-0E18-425A-9953-7D4732…)

She’s so fucking annoying. LET IT GO SHAYNA. No one gives a shit about your tumblr era

No. 157943

File: 1680458940108.jpeg (248.52 KB, 1242x1530, 15A6B1F9-BD3D-412C-8F5D-517FDF…)

No. 157944

Why does her other hand look like it belongs to a fucking corpse? It’s purple

No. 157945

Literally e-begging lol

No. 157946

I feel like Shayna has permanent shit stains on her thongs

No. 157947

File: 1680459641840.jpeg (103.98 KB, 1242x1522, 714E244D-6790-467F-835D-A9B827…)

No. 157948

did she cry right before this?

No. 157949


No. 157953

File: 1680460607146.png (25.57 KB, 327x134, everything's fine.PNG)

No. 157955

ew it has liver spots

No. 157956

File: 1680461885683.jpeg (29.24 KB, 606x602, E8A12D10-FB7D-44C2-BCF3-93A8CD…)

Shay you okay??

No. 157957

What the actual fuck kek.

No. 157961

Omfg she's dying

No. 157962

damn, this is shaygenia cooney levels of blood pooling. didn’t she spend $200 on a gym membership? go for a fucking jog shaynus get your blood circulating for fucks sake she looks diabetic

No. 157963

this is super scary does anyone know what would cause this??? Is it a photoshop error or is her circulation really that bad?

No. 157965

It looks like she's supporting her heft by leaning her wrist on the sofa. She probably had to hold the pose for the photographer.

No. 157966

The dick equivalent of “take my strong hand” kek

And why is it so malformed looking? Sure it’s kinda thick but it’s short af in length lol

No. 157969

If I had to guess, she’s probably putting the majority of her weight into that hand so she can hold her pose to look less amorphous.
So the unnatural positioning + poor circulation + the amount of time it took to take that picture is what did it

No. 157970

Christ the difference in colour from her hand on the sofa to the rest of her is insane. I can't believe she would post this kek.

No. 157971

>the dumpling emoji
i hope she didn't get more dim sum after announcing her "fitness journey" lmao most dim sum is just carbs and deep fried carbs…

No. 157975

this is soooo fucking nasty i hate everything. her crinkly makeup, freakshow tits and the leathery ass looking chode BARF!!!!!
i wish i could unsee this pic

No. 157976

she and momo have the saddest asses lmao

No. 157977

File: 1680464773667.jpeg (70.57 KB, 1170x551, 5861A974-427D-44C7-9037-27E338…)

No. 157984

LEATHERY IS THE PERFECT WORD KEK. Nonna I was trying to think of a descriptor and that’s it. Like a gross old leather wrapped hot dog I’m gagging

No. 157994

I literally comedically gasped with my hand over my fucking mouth at her hand. This isn't edited, right? What the fuck?

No. 158002

Monkey paw looking ass hand.

No. 158005

Oh my fucking god. I didn't even notice it before anon mentioned it cos it's it's blending into the background mor than with the rest of her body.

Literally looks like a severed corpse hand that's been there for days on the sofa.

No. 158011

Why is this guys dick covered in loose skin? He’s not circumcised it looks like so I’m really confused where these skin rolls are coming from. Did he enlarge his dick with surgery or?
> I’m not that sexually experienced if someone comes at me, I’ve seen less than 5 penises irl and they’ve never looked so wrinkly/flappy like this?

No. 158012

I think a lot of it is that she’s tugging the skin up… why? Couldn’t tell you…. Sex is her job and she doesn’t know how to do it.

No. 158015

he has uglydickitis, no cure and only got worse with age as he can’t get hard and is only around women with hands that create a decaying smell

No. 158018

Thanks anons I thought I was just a turbo autist, too bad she didn't actually damage his diseased penis with her cheese grater blowjobs. Maybe if she gets some veneers then she can bite it fresh off while showing her DBT (dick biting teeth).

No. 158021

I think his foreskin isn’t fully retracted because he’s not fully erect. Tragic.

No. 158022

Omfg no way, that's actually terrifying..I gasped

No. 158024

File: 1680481121624.jpeg (113.71 KB, 571x1793, F936571F-15F2-49ED-A0D5-2DABD0…)

Get ready for a tantrum when she doesn’t win or place high

No. 158025

File: 1680481140211.jpeg (Spoiler Image,145.95 KB, 1284x1032, 9A45DC7D-B924-4758-815C-FA9FE5…)

surprised no one posted this horror show vid yet. the bandaid looks extra retarded now.


No. 158027

Nothing “lil” about her
I’m dying at nonas reacting to her purple hand kek I thought everyone was referring to the one on her ass and then when I saw it I gasped. Such an eye for detail Shay

No. 158029

I thought anon was referring to the hand on her ass because the upper part of her fingers look necrotic. Then I noticed the other hand which 100x worse.

No. 158030

File: 1680482850596.jpg (Spoiler Image,241.97 KB, 1080x1777, Screenshot_20230402_194652_Chr…)

Another pic from her shoot

No. 158031

File: 1680482968558.jpg (Spoiler Image,218.27 KB, 1080x1786, Screenshot_20230402_194634_Chr…)

These next two aren't milky but dear God I'm warning you before you open this please reconsider & be wary

No. 158032

File: 1680483007188.jpg (Spoiler Image,206.98 KB, 1079x1817, Screenshot_20230402_194711_Chr…)

Putting the warning again - open with extreme caution

No. 158035

File: 1680483495042.jpeg (40.4 KB, 640x443, CE09AEBB-8328-46EB-8E6E-859AFF…)

Looks like a scary version of Thing from The Addams Family

No. 158036

File: 1680483788525.jpeg (199.93 KB, 1053x1521, AE391102-D0CD-4D6A-82A7-6FFC5D…)

Her eyebrows and lips lmfao

No. 158037

Why would she upload this jesus christ the face she’s pulling is atrocious kek somehow even more embarrassing than this vile angle.

No. 158038

File: 1680484820165.jpeg (103.6 KB, 716x955, 16FE9007-7F0E-45AB-8E7B-FC1F94…)

You ignore the creaking floorboards, old houses settle. Still, you’d be lying to say you weren’t a little uneasy considering the dilapidated interior. Some would even call it bleak. You look around to soak in your surroundings. A strange mechanical whir catches you off guard and you flinch in surprise. You listen closer to gauge where the source of the noise is. Ghoulish moans fill the air. “Hello?” you call out. You’re supposed to be alone. Silence falls over the house. Seconds later more creaking, this time coming from the stairs. There’s an unfamiliar clacking noise accompanying the squeaking floorboards. You see movement from the corner of your eye and ready your pepper spray. Suddenly a necrotic hand appears. You scream “Shat!”. It is moving slowly but you are frozen in fear. It flops off the final step and scrambles on the hard wood, it’s hotdog nails scratching and clicking as it approaches. Your body finally allows you to move. Mace sprays at the purple severed hand before you pivot towards the front door. Luckily the hand is overweight and out of shape, so you’re able to safely exit and slam the door, locking the monstrosity inside forever. You catch the nearest train home to the farms, and swear to never return to that hovel again.

No. 158040

Still rocking her signature gross dirty socks I see

No. 158041

Warning all nonnies… don't look at the caption.
Not the Crimson Peak set nona please…

No. 158042

I joined OF solely to look at Shayna but I now follow a few women who are so beautiful and have a cool aesthetic, and it is always a jump scare when I scroll over a Shayna pic lol

No. 158043

anon delete this before you get dog piled

No. 158044

>>157966 Looks like he has a chode nonny, either that or its cos hes old and thats why it looks so deformed kek.
>>157797 late to this but I feel like she was remebering that aggro fat goth of whore from a while back that wound up deleting all her social media and OF page cos she got found out on here. gorewhore666 or something like that I'm sure some of yall remeber who I'm talking about.

No. 158045

I would like to be clear that I am the OF anon that posted the last few pics but I am definitely not this weirdo - just so I don't get shit when posting moving forward

No. 158047

File: 1680487104064.png (359.32 KB, 837x556, Screenshot 2023-04-02 185832.p…)

shes liveeee

No. 158048

Cracking open a white claw surge so I can drink with Shay ♥

No. 158049

File: 1680487327248.jpeg (76.12 KB, 1125x613, C5CF9E96-FF58-4545-8514-558224…)

No. 158050

>He could've just been saying this to flatter me, dahurrhur, but he DID say I have a VERY tiny pussy.. Durrhurrhurr

No. 158051

File: 1680487517698.jpeg (78.28 KB, 1125x605, D0033907-9136-4204-8F47-8920D7…)

cheers nonnas!

No. 158052

File: 1680487600686.png (5.24 KB, 413x63, DollyMattel_-_Chat_Room_-_MyFr…)

Is this you?

No. 158053

coomer nonas, we are in the /shay/zone be honest, does any other sex worker gush about scrotes the way shayna does? She genuinely gushes over these idiots.
Also if she catches that retard who says they are cracking one open that means she's lurking, kek. When that anon gets kick, it's confirmed she went on /shay/

No. 158054

imagine being a grown fucking adult thinking that you’re special for a moid calling your pussy “small”. bleak and disgusting.

No. 158055

to claify I mean do they gush over them after working with them, kek. She genuinely takes everything a scrote says to her to heart. This is why I feel she never truly changes. If a scrote she respects calls her fat, she'll try at least for a few weeks to get thin. If a scrote says, "OMG you cherry lipgloss feels so good agaisnt my dick Dolly" Shayna will be wearing lipgloss every day for a week, until she gets sick of it.

No. 158056

is she not quitting?

No. 158057

File: 1680487792704.png (3.23 KB, 431x27, Screen Shot 2023-04-02 at 10.0…)

yes and they aren't being subtle at all.

No. 158058

>I said I was celebriating 7 years
>they asked how old are you again?
This is a response to the totally not a farmer poster asking her, "Are you old enough to be on this site?"
Shayna why assume they think you are young looking versus thinking,'
>holy shit a chick who looks like this makes a living off her body/looks?

No. 158059

not the my little pony shirt trying to appeal to Shane Sonnier

No. 158060

no one cares stop fucking cowtipping

No. 158061

File: 1680488285666.webm (15.9 MB, 1920x888, Vegas content.webm)

Shat showing/talking about her Vegas content for anons who can’t watch

No. 158062

She's talking about how she wishes she was skinny like she was before, but believes she looks prettier now in the face.

No. 158063

The aussie sounds like a feeder

No. 158064

Talking about wishing she was skinny like she was and think she looks prettier then years ago.And again she confirms she sits around staring at her fucking self, because she said "the other day". She's so self asorbed it's crazy.
And now she claims she's way happier. She really uses these streams to throw shots at lolcow + fupaul. Not even Shane or new people.
She's still in love with Fupa and I can't think of one stream where doesn't talk about him directly or indirectly. He's moved on.
I've never seen someone whose so boring and average, who doesn't even do unique looks, constantly want to stare at themselves all day. It's very weird.

No. 158065

this picture made me understand she isn't a stoner girl who turned into an ethot bimbo. she's still a stoner girl who's brain is so fried from weed that she thinks she's an ethot bimbo. look at her eyes. she's ripped man. she's blasted

No. 158066

File: 1680488518835.png (531.99 KB, 1125x2436, AFB5652C-29FA-4E3E-A0F4-FF1485…)

Alpha bimbo mindset kek yeah she’s absolutely blazed/drunk imo

No. 158067

File: 1680488543385.png (44.25 KB, 487x255, DollyMattel_-_Chat_Room_-_MyFr…)

Sneak peak and unedited.

No. 158068

Every single camshow, Shayna is scrolling through pictures of herself to show the coomers. She genuinely looks so happy when she's doing this, it's fucking crazy to watch.
She's editing like 50 pictures of her flat posed ass. Its not even how she really looks, just her contorting her body. What the fuck

No. 158069

She got nice feedback because she didn't like how her body looked in some pictures.
"It's really nice to be told i'm as good as my job as i think i am"
And it seems like everytime she starts the sob story, coomers throw her some pennies

No. 158070

File: 1680488917044.jpeg (130.73 KB, 2064x1170, EE821B1F-26CA-466F-AD6B-90BDB2…)

More retard porn to look forward to

No. 158071

File: 1680488955862.jpeg (145.94 KB, 2055x1170, 1C9094E3-0370-4499-AB57-6174B0…)

No. 158072

She genuinely believes anything anyone tells her holy shit. Shayna they are paying you, they want to get their money's worth. They don't give a shit about you. They will compliment you, especially if you go on some sob story about hating your body.
They will say you are great and amazing, that your body is amazing. He will say you have a "tight pussy". Shayna will never quit because any bit of validation is enough to keep her going from anyone she feels "matter".
Bar tenders, flight attendants, service workers, pornstar scrote sex workers & every scrote that wants some coochie will and do say whatever they can to get it. Holy shit, how can you know that all men want is for you to act like a slab of coochie meat, but not realize that all attention isn't genuine and you shouldn't take it all seriously?
Especially from people who are servicing you or you are working for?

No. 158073

File: 1680488965633.jpeg (128.38 KB, 1125x1878, 02D955FD-CDE1-4596-8A62-11B8D8…)

Yikes lmao

No. 158074

Her face is lumpy

No. 158075

That isn't me you retards.

No. 158076

File: 1680489153106.jpeg (Spoiler Image,103.61 KB, 1125x814, 4C33CE69-E175-4473-BDA2-F1D4FC…)

She went “boobies” right after this in a horrible CWC baby voice

No. 158077

File: 1680489153324.png (11.96 KB, 554x682, tip menu.png)

Her MFC tip menu for Archival Purposes

No. 158078

Yeah isn’t that just standard protocol, every man says that to all women? That said, I wouldn’t be surprised if Shayna was chronically turned off, and her vagina seemed “tight” due to lack of arousal.

No. 158079

Notice how she's removed anything involving anal?

No. 158080

i dont believe you but im not mad at you

No. 158081

Shaynus: "One of my boobs is bigger than the other. So sometimes I have to adjust them so my nipples are at the same height laughs"

No. 158082

>she has to adjust her tits so her nipples are at the same height

No. 158083

She finally said something about her lopsided titties kek, probably too drunk/high to pretend, since we saw her pushing one up.
"One of my breast is bigger then the other, so I have to make sure my nipples are the same height". Kek

No. 158084

File: 1680489364705.jpeg (193.85 KB, 1125x1355, DCEAF02D-AF8A-48C7-B429-C91201…)

Womack has entered the chat for all u nonnas sipping to the bingo card kek

No. 158085

I bet she's not going to stop posing them, she may even make a tweet about it now
>someting i never mention bcus its a huge insecurity but my breasts arent the same size & thats okay, some bimbos are imperfect n-
Surpisingly enough, she'd probably go semi "viral" for talking about something that some women deal with. I still believe it's a implant though.

No. 158086

When she uses that vibrator you can really tell she does not enjoy sex. She seems borderline uncomfortable. The noises…

No. 158087

They're already lopsided again kek

No. 158088

File: 1680489559479.png (2.24 KB, 430x31, firefox_uz6LlVWqTK.png)

i dont even think her vibrator was on lmao
ass surgery confirmed?

No. 158089

She’s acting so fucking weird. What’s with the baby voice? I’ve never heard her talk like this on stream before

No. 158090

She says she's aware and "fixes" it and yet every pic she's ever posted has one nipple looking at you and the other looking for you so she's not doing a good job of evening them out

No. 158091

One would think a camwhore would get a better mic than tinny $20 aliexpress shit. It sounds so bad even when she's right up close. Good plug and play mic's aren't even that expensive.

No. 158092

File: 1680489722172.jpeg (125.65 KB, 1242x1700, B44CA170-7478-4792-94D5-CDEFE8…)

No. 158093

Burped into the mic.

No. 158094

File: 1680489740357.png (37.57 KB, 575x628, Screen Shot 2023-04-02 at 10.4…)

nobody cares but her headband is $7.99 at spirit halloween.

No. 158095

its a razer mic lol lmao

No. 158096

She's obviously insecure about her tits.

No. 158097

File: 1680489850835.jpeg (76.18 KB, 1125x618, 8E6A9C5E-10FC-4975-8C5C-27ACA5…)

shayna after being tipped to burp

No. 158098

She's refusing to take her shirt all the way off because it accentuates how droopy her tits are

No. 158099

god i wish she would become a weedtuber like one of her coomers said

No. 158100

File: 1680489932609.png (67.54 KB, 358x455, DollyMattel_-_Chat_Room_-_MyFr…)

No. 158101

She seems to have won back Womack. He just tipped 1000 sheckles.

No. 158102

File: 1680489982357.jpeg (26.33 KB, 447x604, 50841BB7-8C6D-4E7F-ADA8-C03E49…)

>I love you okie
aka Jason r Womack
She really chased after his hick ass kek

No. 158103

47 year old alcoholic wino mom vibes

No. 158104

We know she is, the only time she wants to get fucked up so she will stop caring about her flaws. Every show, is just her dancing with her back to the camera doing the stanky leg.

No. 158105

File: 1680490089978.png (Spoiler Image,96.25 KB, 467x468, ytj.PNG)

No. 158107

eugh… that Jonathan yaniv face she makes to the camera while she dances and runs her hands over her body is fucking Awful

No. 158108

File: 1680490163973.png (Spoiler Image,80.28 KB, 392x480, l.kj..PNG)

No. 158109

Why does Shayna act like she doesn't tell Womack to come and to save up some money. I'm postitive she has a group chat with scrotes she knows will throw her a few bucks. She'd rather look super successful and make very little, then make nothing.

No. 158110

File: 1680490188564.png (Spoiler Image,385.15 KB, 1408x786, Screenshot 2023-04-02 at 10.49…)

No. 158111

Her ass is becoming concave I'm howling

No. 158112

File: 1680490203328.jpeg (28.94 KB, 513x444, 02A4169A-B95C-4B60-AF92-2A494A…)

Gross Greasy hair

No. 158113

File: 1680490202337.png (Spoiler Image,55.66 KB, 280x456, fgdh.PNG)

No. 158114

File: 1680490247232.jpeg (24.2 KB, 384x399, 4F061B57-E5A7-40FA-8510-E7BA98…)

No. 158115

kek the stanky leg

No. 158116

Does Shayna wear glasses? WHy is she always squinting at the computer?
>aknowledges she has lopsided boobs
>Refuses to take her shirt off, dances with her back to the camera and never lets her gross scrotes get a full view of her body from the front for more then 2 seconds.
Whats the point of doing this if you hate how you look? kek, it's so weird.
Girl you can just not do this, kek. It's not like she's gaining any new followers or money. The same two scrotes are her only big spenders off cam or on it.

No. 158117

Damn she's getting a lot of tips tonight.

No. 158118

Oh boy, buttplug time.

No. 158119

File: 1680490496763.png (Spoiler Image,127.32 KB, 423x321, ghfddgfhd.PNG)


No. 158120

File: 1680490532382.jpeg (Spoiler Image,62 KB, 1125x590, 4901F2A8-749D-4A93-9F24-354CAD…)

No. 158121

Mayochup moment incoming

No. 158122

File: 1680490550905.jpeg (Spoiler Image,64.24 KB, 891x641, 9EDB9517-6301-4BD5-97C2-834BBA…)

Ew buttplugs straight from Amazon into her ass

No. 158123

I know you caught her at a weird frame, but no lips??

No. 158125

233 is like $11 she's acting speechless over $11 from womack. I'm sure some nona will count but what she's really getting is not a lot of money to be going into autistic fits over at a time. Especially from the same scrotes. I feel like it's basically confirmed she asks Womack to come in and do this shit. So she can look like she's just being spoiled by random people.

No. 158126

The way she dances is incredible. She looks like an inflatable tube man blowing in the wind.

No. 158128

he donated 1000, then 233, then someone donated 500, all in a relatively short amount of time. That's decent. As I'm typing this someone just sent another 500.

No. 158129

File: 1680490745085.png (Spoiler Image,385.4 KB, 781x444, firefox_pFkCdAabUu.png)

oh god shes gonna put the amazon buttplugs in her body without even washing them

No. 158130

She's fucking screeching every time she gets tokens

No. 158131

File: 1680490804106.jpeg (Spoiler Image,163.25 KB, 2062x1170, 88E9FEC8-18E0-4A6C-B918-91DDC2…)

Gut looking like a face again

No. 158132

>zapman 68- Ching chony bing bong brain shorts out

No. 158133

i guess maybe it isnt ass surgery

No. 158134

Im genuinely beliving it's womack or her coomers on different accounts
and the way they come in drop money and go, "okay, I'll stop by layer"

No. 158135

File: 1680491089798.png (Spoiler Image,78.03 KB, 386x455, titx.PNG)

I can't with her tits.

No. 158136

File: 1680491126985.png (Spoiler Image,133.56 KB, 621x469, bnfgn.PNG)

No. 158137

File: 1680491181188.png (Spoiler Image,333.96 KB, 1240x678, Screenshot 2023-04-02 at 11.06…)

she said this is putting her feet behind her head…

No. 158138

File: 1680491201922.png (Spoiler Image,134.01 KB, 716x426, firefox_IL7ja7DnyS.png)

is it just me or does her taint look weird

No. 158139

File: 1680491205147.png (Spoiler Image,143.79 KB, 767x462, nasty.png)


No. 158140

File: 1680491214205.png (Spoiler Image,628.26 KB, 1125x2436, FCFE8E51-D242-4673-8BE4-43B9AD…)

I’m having too much fun watching in horror lmao this is my first time actually catching her stream I feel like an real farmer now kek

No. 158141

Doesn't even clean them

No. 158142

"Would I ever eat a guys ass? Of course! I have before."

No. 158143

shay confirmed ass eater

No. 158144

place your bets on who, everyone

No. 158145

of course the "totally not a cowtipper here" is asking questions related to previous thread topics

No. 158146

She just said the "one or two" girl/boy videos she has up on her manyvids "aren't her favorite videos"

No. 158147

File: 1680491474267.jpeg (127.77 KB, 1125x1570, 5CFCA0A6-E2C5-442E-8F61-652154…)

I’m betting it was that hairy Ken gaylord kek

No. 158148

She just said she doesn’t like to do things where non-consenting people can see kek

No. 158149

File: 1680491506389.png (1.74 KB, 341x25, firefox_C988N6wp4A.png)

at least try to be a little more subtle

No. 158151

That person tipped 200 tokens

No. 158152

She's not into making people feel bad about themselves, but she's willing to go through retarded shit just to get compliments from a scrote. Shayna…if you want to be complimented you can just join some facebook groups and post sad shit. You don't have to let scrotes bruise you up kek

No. 158153

cowtipper is moid ass eater anon

No. 158154

sorry nonas, i cant sit through her tonight. she's being extra retarded. im out.

No. 158155

Womack is that you

No. 158156

She just confirmed that she sucked, fucked and swallowed with the gross moid in Las Vegas. STD saga incoming?

No. 158157

Apparently, the video she filmed is the second time she's ever swallowed cum.

No. 158158

she also said it was her second time ever swallowing cum, on camera or off

No. 158159

She's planning to lose weight, move, and then do gangbangs. We'll see how that goes.

No. 158160

confirmed body count of 9

No. 158161

>im going to loose some weight and then move, then get into the porn industry and get gang banged.
Why does she need to lose weight for that kek? He must've told her to lose weight.
Also she's lying she said this scrote is the 9th person. yet last time she said she's only been with 9 people. Does she not count Baldi Gaysic kek?

No. 158162

moids are trying to engage her about the gangbang conversation but she keeps dismissing them "i don't know what you mean." like why did she even bring it up and how is she going to go through with it if talking about it bothers her so much?

No. 158163

File: 1680492221645.png (Spoiler Image,606.85 KB, 1742x970, Screenshot 2023-04-02 at 11.24…)

No. 158164

Shayna is the only person who applies lipgloss and her lips reject it. It's funny because she puts the smallest amount she can on and it does nothing.
Like you claim you are sooo tight, then you only been with 9 guys, and not many on camera, but then you are going to do a gangbang?
I truly feel that either someone gave her advice to loose weight or it finally clicked that she's very uncomfortable with her body and it ruins every part of her "job" for her.
So now she's going to keep talking about it/trying to fix it. She's not though, because she drinks so much.

No. 158165

"you guys need to pick up the chat immediately before i get the fuck out of here"

No. 158166

holy assne

No. 158167

aww is shayna going to leave because misogynistic scrotes who want to watch her slap herself are being misogynistic?
Does she expect these men to truly respect women? kek?

No. 158168

She's getting pissed off pretty fast.

No. 158169

It's clear she's not getting any offers from legit companies kek, or am I wrong? Should'nt they be reaching out to her?

No. 158170

iLoveDollyM is probably Ellen

No. 158172

she seriously is acting like a special needs woman, I feel like this belongs on one of those horror porn sites like efukt

No. 158173

File: 1680493877208.jpeg (Spoiler Image,68.91 KB, 1125x603, 768C6602-211A-4149-AAF9-E24948…)

“I really wanna try ketamine”

No. 158174

her lips are so dry and she always is doing weird strechy things with her mouth, it kills me she never even notices

No. 158175

shes being so pushy about tokens ew

No. 158176

File: 1680494004116.jpeg (Spoiler Image,70.48 KB, 1125x619, F876E625-96B4-4972-A8EF-8EBCC8…)

No. 158177

she’s begging for 25 tokens for another drink and can’t even get anyone to give it to her … pathetic and embarassing

No. 158178

everytime she says
>you know
shes about to start getting emotional. If you are about to cry everytime someone asks you some shit things asren't going all that great.

No. 158179

ilovedollym should give her some tokens kek

No. 158180

EVERY single time she gets on she goes on a
>You know…huh..stress sigh
and looks close to tears/uncomfortable. Happy people don't tear up when someone simply asks you how you are doing.

No. 158181

File: 1680494573509.png (2.08 KB, 236x32, you're.PNG)

Are you are feet smelly

No. 158188

File: 1680495015912.png (Spoiler Image,88.98 KB, 511x397, retard.PNG)

retarded dog

No. 158189

shay not being on efukt is the single greatest disappointment of my life.

No. 158190

File: 1680495052715.jpeg (Spoiler Image,51.6 KB, 1170x636, E18469F6-A89A-4126-8AA0-C03B63…)

No. 158191

im afraid to look up what that is

No. 158194

File: 1680495301070.webm (4.55 MB, 1574x888, Shay cope.webm)

Some vids I grabbed. Shay saying how happy she is all the time

No. 158195

File: 1680495345047.webm (Spoiler Image,9.59 MB, 1566x888, Shental illness.webm)

No. 158196

Lmfao of course she’s listening to Losing My Shayligion by REM. That song does not fit her aesthetic at all

No. 158197

why does someone whose never been at the "top" have so many expectations? I do not get it. It's not like she was ever a super successful sex worker household name.
If she thought she was that pretty and interesting, then she'd try new things and hope all this charm she feels she has would draw people.
Who expects you to be a top gamer girl? Maybe try watching people do shit Shayna?

No. 158198

File: 1680496123073.gif (1.32 MB, 220x165, mia-goth-mia-goth-reaction.gif)

im so sick of the crunchy lipped Pearl smile, then the random baby voice, or super up close voice. She's so spastic and annoying

No. 158199

shes so boring, and shes talking about how much she fucking loves the smiths.

No. 158200

File: 1680496837484.png (Spoiler Image,1.75 MB, 2480x1588, 15525436463.png)


No. 158201

File: 1680496909568.png (Spoiler Image,130.91 KB, 749x464, ghhhhhhhhhh.PNG)

No. 158202

File: 1680497142581.jpeg (Spoiler Image,84.46 KB, 1125x635, 3CC749D2-F2CA-49D0-8243-9E591C…)

holy shit

No. 158203

She said someone paid $100 for a 10 minute skype session with her and then left after 7 minutes and blocked her everywhere and she doesn't know why.

No. 158204

I'm not gonna make an account to tell her that butterflies have 6 legs.

No. 158206

File: 1680497808074.jpeg (Spoiler Image,66.76 KB, 1125x639, CF5477AC-8978-46BC-B5E0-A897C4…)

shayna moments before telling the chat she was a ballerina for 10 years and a cheerleader

No. 158207

… Unless?

No. 158208

File: 1680498060789.jpeg (Spoiler Image,55.44 KB, 1125x614, 50AD4005-8A3F-4E57-92A0-06D2BB…)

No. 158209

She’s really SpongeBob-splaining to her coomers rn I can’t w this bitch.

No. 158211

I'm checking out she's literally dying laughing talking about spongebob

No. 158214

File: 1680498905197.png (32.68 KB, 405x318, Screen Shot 2023-04-03 at 1.14…)

johnqpube22 does not like spongebob.

No. 158215

File: 1680498922426.png (358.78 KB, 1642x710, sad.png)

getting cyberbullied by one of her only active viewers

No. 158216

she said satire is one of her favorite genres of comedy, parody porn confirmed

No. 158217

retard dog was audibly barking because shaynus shut the door on her because she was begging her to be let out

No. 158218

riversticks is obviously a farmer and its transparent and annoying as fuck

No. 158220

I hope not they’ve spent hundreds of tokens that would be fucking embarrassing

No. 158221

File: 1680499418431.png (946.31 KB, 2158x1336, nobodycares.png)

talking about cartoons for the last 20 minutes, whining about how nobody is chatting with her as a result, and begging for 25 tokens to get a fourth drink, whining about how nobody loves her. unbearable

No. 158222

No. 158223

She blocked him.

No. 158224

File: 1680499794159.png (Spoiler Image,468.81 KB, 1340x1088, Screenshot 2023-04-03 at 1.30.…)

No. 158225

I can’t believe she’s not constantly clenching her butt. What an insane body she has

No. 158227

File: 1680500046114.png (625.99 KB, 1766x1016, Screenshot 2023-04-03 at 1.32.…)

logged off looking like she could burst into tears at any second

No. 158228

what is that bottle on the far left hand side of her bed?

No. 158230

Never mind. I see what you're looking at now.

No. 158231

sorry, should have been more specific initially, the one with the brown liquid yeah

No. 158232

Her head looks like a block and that chin kek, she looks even more like that edited "the look i give u when i pee on the couch" shaymeme
Is this unreleased stuff from skidmore?

No. 158233

File: 1680501121469.webm (Spoiler Image,2.28 MB, 886x480, skidmark.webm)

yeah, she showed this too

No. 158234

confirmed that this sarah gregory/miss bernadettete/whoever is also drunk during their shoots.

No. 158235

File: 1680502238814.png (5.47 KB, 512x512, straight-face-emoji-by-google.…)

kek her gut has the same expression as the plushie menagerie behind her

No. 158236

It’s a site dedicated to ”funny” porn videos and bloopers, like shit coming out after anal and women being too high to fuction on set, crying etc

No. 158241

Whats the context of this pic? Was this from a skidmore shoot?

No. 158244

post-nut clarity & shame kek

No. 158245

can a graphic design nonnie pls make a gif of this image flipping back & forth like she's doing a hyuk hyuk yokel dance?

No. 158246

She finally figured out a decent eyebrow shape, only she's still managed to fuck it up by making them too small. Look at how much space there is between where the brow ends & the side of her face kek. Just makes her look even more moon-faced.
Her sunken orbital hollows are also really coming through with the shadows of this lighting. She's ageing out of the indistry hard & fast.

No. 158247

Right?? It looks like she got the bottom chunk of her ass lopped off

No. 158251

she looks so much like lil critter it should be illegal

No. 158252

does shayna ever get her period? or she don’t talk about it because she’s a total baby bimbo u guise

No. 158253

File: 1680513564114.jpeg (57.99 KB, 1155x1448, 27ECDC01-692A-4235-882F-B54DB2…)

This mf has an ashy mouth

No. 158254

Why she built like that? Kek makes me laugh every time. She needs to stop bending over it makes her look even more assless
Why does she need to lose weight to do that? (Never gonna happen she’s a full on feedee now) she should just go full porker status and sell herself as a fat hog that loves sex. Moids don’t care, they have no standards

No. 158255

File: 1680514091169.gif (1.03 MB, 320x176, 0AC7EF59-E5E2-453C-984A-131712…)

The fucking big footed goofy dance I can’t. She has zero sex appeal. Like nothing about her screams “hot bimbo”

No. 158256

Obviously. That’s the old lady from Skidmoor.

No. 158257


Only when she's trying to get out of camming or working

No. 158258

File: 1680517442251.jpeg (120.56 KB, 965x1349, 9BB702E1-EB99-46E5-92CE-CCF53A…)

Her “chub” before vs now makes me laugh

No. 158259

She should've listened to that anon.

No. 158261

Before, it was mostly bad posture. She'd sit hunched over and with her dirty heel in her boiled crotch, picking at her tits and assne. Ew I just remembered that. But yeah she would never sit up straight or flatteringly so even when she was thin, it would look gross.
Now it doesnt matter how she sits though. Even the best posture she has a full fupa and frankentits.

No. 158262

File: 1680522002348.jpeg (39.22 KB, 640x480, 2D15D1E4-EF45-48C0-A51E-7ECB52…)

If she had gotten a job after school - not even college, just doing admin work for a mechanic or a construction company - she could be earning more than that every single day and wouldn’t have to beg strangers on the internet for overpriced coffee. And she could probably could have found herself a blue collar moid to normal her out a little bit. I just can’t comprehend being over the age of 18 and thinking there’s anything cute or bragworthy about having your financial security rest on the shoulders of a handful of unwashed pornography addicts

No. 158264

She only talks about her period when she doesn’t want to work

No. 158265

File: 1680526154068.jpeg (111.66 KB, 813x570, B87EC509-FCBD-438F-AB0A-74AC94…)

the resemblance is uncanny

No. 158266

Her next Halloween costume.

No. 158267

I’m fucking dead y’all

No. 158271

So do we think Ellen is on suicide watch with big Shaynus’s plans to move out of Seattle? Granted this porn plan rests upon losing weight (which will never happen) but I wonder if Ellen might also try to sabotage or undermine her so she doesn’t leave?

No. 158273

No. Ellen is the one setting Shay up with Johns and already has established connections in Renton. Why would you think that? This belongs in the Shayfoil thread.

No. 158274

I’ll take it there then, but I disagree with you anon. I think Ellen is happy to set Shaynus up as long so long as she is in the area and is LARPing as her gf.

No. 158287

Ellen is trying to get rid of her just like fupa was kek

No. 158289

She has that same outfit, she wore it to the aquarium with Ellen iirc

No. 158316

File: 1680545143018.jpeg (82.05 KB, 750x1008, 10DF5AD7-2D87-4DF1-9FD3-FE8878…)

No. 158328

File: 1680547847602.jpeg (83.24 KB, 750x888, ECF72E10-F83D-4957-9531-6C1078…)

No. 158329

File: 1680547873205.jpeg (249.6 KB, 1152x2048, 9249999E-05C4-4454-BB31-36903D…)

No. 158330

File: 1680547930708.jpeg (231.68 KB, 1152x2048, 49D4CE6D-237D-4506-ACCE-CAF140…)

No. 158333

>with her dirty heel in her boiled crotch
>Ew I just remembered that
Kek nonnas you're sending me

No. 158334

File: 1680550891916.jpeg (38.66 KB, 750x349, D118F7A8-646D-474B-87C8-FA5CAC…)

she deleted this

No. 158335

I’m sure in Shaynus speak “getting annoying” means asking “where the fuck is my custom I paid for weeks ago”

No. 158336

Christ, what an alcoholic. Someone should really add up what she drinks on livestream sometime. I have a feeling she is crushing a 6 pack of whiteclaw every night minimum. I wonder when is the last day she was sober…

No. 158338

She would fix so many of her problems if she just quit drinking so fucking much. Have a glass of wine or two a night and while that isn’t ideal, it’s much better than downing so much shitty cheap alcohol. Nothing ages you worse than alcoholism. Even just quitting for a week will have you looking years younger without doing anything else. Shay can ramble on and on about how happy she is with her life and how excited she is for her career but she can’t live without severely numbing the pain she’s in.

She’s looking 10 years older, consuming probably a thousand calories at least every night, and spending herself deeper and deeper into bad credit. All because she can’t put down the booze. Bleak isn’t the right word, it’s straight up desolate.

No. 158341

Codeine cough syrup

No. 158342

her diet isnt even that bad, and she is still young enough to have a working metabolism. its 100% the alcoholism causing her to balloon up. she must be drinking tons daily. okay maybe 90% alcohol, 10% her being basically bed ridden and never getting any exercise.

No. 158343

File: 1680557087063.gif (Spoiler Image,357.67 KB, 656x614, ezgif-2-0d6bd23d75.gif)

Not the best, but I wanted to try.

No. 158344

absolutely vile

No. 158346

File: 1680558637057.jpeg (24.96 KB, 750x386, 9F777354-76D1-4C93-ACD2-701886…)

she deleted this one as well

No. 158349

File: 1680559463726.jpg (Spoiler Image,163.14 KB, 2693x1465, MayoChup.JPG)

No. 158350

File: 1680559403644.jpg (Spoiler Image,163.14 KB, 2693x1465, MayoChup.JPG)

No. 158352


No. 158353

Comedian fart picture.

No. 158355

File: 1680561577410.jpg (Spoiler Image,28.19 KB, 386x455, lol.jpg)

I know this is retarded and I accept my ban

No. 158356

The unholy sound I just made topkek nonita Ty for the out loud chortle. sidenote I took a lot of caps of her looking dumb last night and I’ll post a few if anyone wants for edit purposes kek

No. 158357

File: 1680562611940.jpeg (104.24 KB, 828x676, 9D36DE33-4757-44FA-A6BE-F353C2…)

Resemblance uncanny

No. 158360

I bet my left tit that the customer she was complaining about saw her tweet and messaged her about how unprofessional it was and about how he wanted his money back. And then she bitched to someone privately about it and they told her it was indeed unprofessional so she deleted the tweet where she even mentioned she did it because she doesn’t want to scare anyone off.

No. 158361

File: 1680563067830.jpeg (98.9 KB, 816x891, A54B1903-3453-4DDA-9F5B-6547E8…)

I hate this but I can’t deny it’s funny. Just literally her.

No. 158362

Kekkkk I love these so much
Nonny I am fucking wheezing, I laughed for five minutes straight. Plz no ban, this nonny is doing the lord's work

No. 158363

why is this reminiscent of that dance that pennywise does in that IT movie

No. 158364

File: 1680566245595.jpeg (52.37 KB, 749x761, 408B9563-DB53-43B7-97B2-3B1597…)

Someone needs to tell her to do a Peter Cottontail video where she wears one of those unsettling bunny masks.
Im thinking of tracking it, she is absolutely wasted and high every single day. She probably has withdrawals at this point.

No. 158365

File: 1680566328092.jpeg (93.07 KB, 749x1188, 01454DE7-8B3E-402D-9611-DC58C5…)

Lil sis…of Jonathan Yaniv

No. 158366

File: 1680566366240.jpeg (154.76 KB, 1169x1677, 9DE66957-1ACE-4C8D-A566-AD113B…)

There is nothing “lil” about this whale

No. 158367

oh my god, is she going to do an egg laying video?

No. 158369

Nona I am so glad you made this. As soon as I saw the original cap that's exactly what I was thinking

No. 158370


No. 158372

Please no not again lmaoo

No. 158373

File: 1680570062957.jpg (8.67 KB, 612x336, istockphoto-1188508997-612x612…)

No. 158376

File: 1680572606842.webm (Spoiler Image,715.86 KB, 874x490, whiteclawsbaby.webm)

Extremely nsfl but watching this felt like a weird fucking bit. If you choose to watch please turn the volume on

No. 158377

File: 1680573151075.jpeg (136.9 KB, 1170x1036, 0995B17F-1AB0-4E05-B404-135AF3…)

Does she really think she’s the only one who deals with this? Every job deals with disrespectful people

No. 158378

Can we make "White Claws, Baby!" a shaygniture catchphrase? Kek

No. 158379

I can’t believe she’s a real person lmao this would make me sad if she wasn’t so awful.
>white claws, baybee!
What in the Shane Madej

No. 158380

God the moans are so cringey fake. Like yeah moids like when sounds are played up and whatever but theres a point where its too fake. Also still fucking with a buttplug…

No. 158381

File: 1680574464946.jpg (83.31 KB, 1080x1311, Screenshot_20230403_211449_Gal…)

Idk how Shay could have a hard day when all her effort illicits compliments from men like this /s

No. 158382

i read his name as joshua topkek the first time. topkek.

No. 158383

I’ve passed by this freak irl not too long ago. I saw him at the time and got a strange feeling then realized who he was later on and was repulsed to have crossed paths

No. 158384

Shay, you pander to some of the worst moids out there. The only worse ones are guys into legitimate non-roleplay rape, snuff, scat, zoophilia, and pedos who actually harm children and not just dream about it. Do you think they’re gonna be nice to you or respect you? Their whole fetish is based off disrespecting women.

No. 158386

josh toopork

No. 158387

What is it with shaytard fans and using their real name?
Can find his personal shit immediately. Embarrassing.

No. 158389

What's the best it was just some moid asking where his custom vid is, after paying for it two weeks ago and her lazy ass hasn't filmed it yet.

No. 158390

Awww little miss “I spend so little time being upset and miserable” >>158194 is yet again upset and miserable. Not even 24 hours later kek

No. 158392

Nonnie where the hell did you cross paths with Josh Topkek was it a Walmart situation or

No. 158395

File: 1680589725299.png (41.7 KB, 1194x552, Screen Shot 2023-04-04 at 4.28…)

No. 158396

Now its a "vacation"?? What happened to the surgery?? Is she just not getting the surgery or is she trying to backtrack and pretend that's not what's going on because its her zombie tit or something too embarrassing even for her?

No. 158397

More proof she reads here. She’s trying to backtrack and say it’s a shaycation, versus a shaygery, to stop anons from speculating about what’s actually going on. Sadly she’s so drunk and high most of the time that she’ll eventually forget she said she was going on vacation and hop back on the medical emergency train and start tweeting about how her surgery has prevented her from working and she’ll ebeg for coomer cents.

No. 158399

I agree. Didn’t the timeframe also chance? I thought she’d mentioned be gone for two weeks initially.

No. 158402

what is the context here? did she need to remind herself of the one thing she truly loves and what she ruins her anus for? it's for the sweet white claw, baybee

No. 158405

No it was always for a week >>>/snow/1782125

Someone in the chat asked her what she was drinking

No. 158407

lmfao but did you get a whiff?

No. 158412

it's so nasty how she mentions her actual family and porn in the same sentence especially considering her coomers

also i wish we could type shayge instead of sage on this board

No. 158413

You can type shayge tbh, it still shayges.

No. 158414

Yes he was leaving a store I was walking up to and he held the door open for me which I said thanks but immediately something felt off and then hours later I remembered where I recognized him from. Shocking really

No. 158419

File: 1680621955822.jpeg (52.14 KB, 750x617, E300882F-8C4B-4C5D-AB5B-FDC38B…)

imagine waking up and immediately bitching on twitter bc people don't like you and don't want to work with you


No. 158420

File: 1680621981705.jpeg (127.6 KB, 750x1063, 4A0CB1F8-A418-4D5C-B4F6-7A2246…)


No. 158421

File: 1680622096763.jpeg (114.08 KB, 750x853, 333AC644-F7C1-4853-9D54-27F8EB…)


No. 158423

Shayna the men you let into your house are 20 times more dangerous then anything said online. Also you aren't some sex worker whose for some reason "stuck" in this lifestyle and you'll be out in the streets without it.
You live in a overpriced apartment, your dad probably helps and YOU HAVE THE OFFER OF A PAID FOR EDUCATION. It pisses me off because shayna knows she's so privileged and thats why she'd never mention that she could go to school on someone else's dime, that her folks would literally pay for her to do/be anything else. It makes me irl annoyed because the way she acts is like she's always one foot into homelessness.

No. 158425

So she had issues with her vile paedophilic MALE customers so of course she decided to bitch about her female “peers”.
Isn’t it crazy how she refuses to acknowledge that the “work” she engages in real life is far more dangerous than her online “bullies”?

No. 158427

File: 1680623141205.jpg (Spoiler Image,377.13 KB, 1639x2048, 20230404_174317.jpg)

return of zombie hand

No. 158429

File: 1680624336145.jpeg (394.82 KB, 1618x2048, 5607E77B-D081-4E77-AB9B-BBFF23…)

She swears the shoot was amazing and she wasn’t high but why do her eyes look so damn red then?!

No. 158430

>>158419 Don't matter how long I've been here, reading her longer texts gives me brain aneurysms.

No. 158432

it looks like she only has one leg here

No. 158434

>>158429 ew so many lines and wrinkles all over her face

No. 158437

File: 1680628283150.jpeg (96.63 KB, 1000x1484, 08D0889C-91B7-4E0A-ADD7-FCEA80…)

Kek someone shoop this to look like picrel

No. 158438

shayna is insecure, jealous and a pick me. it's so crazy she compares herself to barbie. she's living in a delusion.

No. 158439

Samefag but
>uh oh stinky
I swear to god every time

No. 158440

To me it looks like she wants to cry in some of these. Maybe the photographer told her she was fat or something.

No. 158441

It looks like she's yawning
Comedian fart pic

No. 158442

File: 1680629581377.jpg (45.35 KB, 828x664, 1508098744289.jpg)

this you, Shayna?

No. 158443

Holy shit, what a blast from the past. When cows collide lol. Anyone else who used to follow Angela's threads from a few years back know whatever happened to her? Her sister's still active and has a YouTube channel last I checked. Sage for being super ot.

No. 158444

File: 1680631111421.jpeg (268.53 KB, 1079x1920, 02D2E477-B4AF-48FF-B69C-07AF13…)

She really won’t drop this new persona

No. 158446

File: 1680631154204.jpeg (327.75 KB, 1080x1920, 92E1F2B7-CF83-41BC-9B17-4FDE36…)

No. 158447

File: 1680631195739.jpeg (158.7 KB, 1170x1389, 63AEAA67-144C-4644-9A59-6990AF…)

Can’t wait to see what God awful outfit she wears to expose herself to children

No. 158448

Wait did she really post this? If so wow imagine being in the Barbie tag on Twitter then see this average white tongue bitch posting her ugly pictures. I'm sure some scrote is like, "omg dolly they should've cast you!!"

No. 158449

she wouldn't last a single day at a real job with real people kek

No. 158450

Calling it shYna is going to go to theaters dressed as Barbie (aka a bow in her head, probably some cheap Barbie printed shit and a wrinkled white skirt) and she'll be like
>omg I walked into the theaterand someone shouted "BARBIE" and everyone instantly looked at me"

No. 158451

That dog has seen some shit. Shit WE haven't even seen. Justice for the pets!

No. 158452

Her eyes are swollen to hell and back, Jesus.
Late but Shayna please feed your retarded dog and take it out…

No. 158453

she has a video from this shoot idk if anyone posted it but her gut is HANGING

No. 158455

File: 1680632790074.jpeg (99.97 KB, 750x1104, 083DA5B0-3D77-4192-928B-046EB8…)

No. 158456

File: 1680632853734.jpeg (92.68 KB, 750x1094, FA4DDCE2-1039-45CC-A5E9-A0C6EB…)

if this isn't uh oh stinky then idk what is

No. 158457

File: 1680633563723.jpg (Spoiler Image,129.19 KB, 1080x1337, 3737740404_143905.jpg)

I could've went my whole life without seeing this

No. 158458

There are whole websites dedicated to ripping off womens OF content and hunting down their personal details, to and the GirlsDoPorn rapists had a steady side hustle of collecting and selling doxxable info on their victims, but sure Shay, mean words from other women on twitter are the worst.

No. 158459

I actually want her to get into real porn so she can learn what actual harassment is. What she gets from us and the occasional cowtipper is nothing compared to the stuff that girls in porn have dealt with.

No. 158460

File: 1680636309409.jpeg (64.64 KB, 750x903, F58152BD-4CD6-4D23-85AA-41C3D3…)

Is it just me or does the nausea emoji sorta imply that shes catering to a fart/scat fetish

No. 158464

Nick Bate's wet dream

No. 158465

this is giving nikocado avocado

No. 158466

Vote to keep /shay/ vote to keep /shay/

No. 158467

KEK thank you nonnie, love you

No. 158469

File: 1680642915209.jpg (38.14 KB, 577x401, Screenshot_20230404-171711_Chr…)

Offical Poll to VOTE for the future of /Shay/

No. 158470

No. 158471

Ew, the way she says "don't tell mom about my videos"… if she could she would fuck her whole family (except her mom because she's a bitch lmao)

No. 158472

File: 1680645366953.png (315.03 KB, 750x1334, 56AA6AB9-5844-4D1D-987B-804D96…)

all I see is Yaniv

No. 158474

I see Chris-chan as much as Yaniv. Sexual predator lolcow phenotype.

No. 158475


No. 158476

guess she’s finally realizing that guys will put the with less and less of her shit and antics the more she puts on weight. like bitch, you are morbidly obese now - it’s not cute anymore to be terrible at your job.

No. 158477

guess she’s finally realizing that guys will put the with less and less of her shit and antics the more she puts on weight. like bitch, you are morbidly obese now - it’s not cute anymore to be terrible at your job.

No. 158478

this is why you shouldnt wear falsies 24/7

No. 158480

What's wrong with wearing them all of the time? I never wear them so I'm not sure what you're referring to

No. 158481

this thread sucks and all of you should feel bad

No. 158483

Lol, feel bad for a pedophile who brings all this upon herself and could at any moment stop making a spectacle of herself and pandering to pedos but doesnt? Hmmm… i think the farmers will stop when shay stops. Which will be never.

No. 158485

File: 1680647966231.jpg (282.49 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20230404_152550_Sam…)

Saw this in an old thread and i wanna know, whatchu gonna do shaynonnies?

No. 158486

Too bad you didnt realize and say "ew, go hold the door for shayna or something, i dont need your half assed chivelry you pedo." Kek jk and also kind of lame, im just bad at being snarky in such a way. But i doubt he knows "Dolly Mattel's" real name anyway so would not be as fun.

No. 158489

File: 1680648682199.jpeg (85.3 KB, 1284x960, AA1239B2-2F1B-4377-A744-B25CA5…)

No. 158490

File: 1680649245742.jpg (Spoiler Image,56.09 KB, 729x604, Screenshot_2023-04-04-23-58-43…)

Fucking kek
Looks like she's tryna squeeze one out

No. 158491

File: 1680649382859.jpg (Spoiler Image,50.64 KB, 692x605, Screenshot_2023-04-04-23-59-17…)

The absolute state of her feet right now and she's filming foot content. Uh oh

No. 158493

File: 1680651351104.jpeg (32.16 KB, 445x340, Fs4ceEDXsAAYBJh.jpeg)

No. 158494

Is she doing this on purpose now??? It’s like fart pose/uh oh stinky gold I’m crying (and also gagging bc ewww)

No. 158496

Nayrt but I think Nona is trying to say that Shay’s eyes look even smaller and even more underwhelming without the falsies because they’re usually permaglued to her.
It’s just jarring to see someone without falsies when they’re always wearing it.

No. 158497

This lazy fat bitch can't even put on some cheap Wal-Mart spanx for a photoshoot. She will forever be doing gross porn for crumbs of attention from the dregs of society

she looks like one of those pigs that get cooked in the sand

No. 158499

File: 1680654787049.jpeg (76.58 KB, 1170x636, D7EBEC13-1200-4CE0-81C9-12A401…)

She will not stfu about this damn movie

No. 158500

what happened to her gym membership? has she gone once yet kek

No. 158501

and prayers

No. 158502

Lol, imagine this unknown chubby badly dressed dry lipped girl nobody knows, doing a twitch stream "watching" Barbie where she can't even show the movie ( I doubt she knows that though) and nobody wants to watch her watch the movie off screen, kek.
She can't even keep more then 20 actual account holders on her fucking camshows. Womack,Ellen, grey hair and maybe 3 other sex workers would be the only ones tuning in.
Like okay kek. Sure Shayna. Sure. She'd start begging for subs and whining, she end up I'm some twitch that cringe video. Also don't let people Google her name and find her gross ass porn.

No. 158503

Just like her cam shows the majority of the audience would be farmers taking screen shots of her sped reactions.

No. 158505

Yep, kek I just had a thought. Shayna thinks every single coomer whose ever brought porn or liked a post, or met her is thinking about her. She thinks this Barbie movie is in a round about way q celebration of her.
That people will think "Barbie" and think, "Dolly Mattel" so her doing a debut stream watching Barbie will be "Barbie watching Barbie" and with no nudity scrotes, all 5 of them will tune in.
Kek, I bet she'll do a shein version of Margot Robbiea costumes and do porn in them. I bet fat shay would've loved if the Barbie movie with Amy Schumer came out because she can relate to her more then MR as barbie.

No. 158506

File: 1680657282695.jpeg (54.5 KB, 750x662, 445D9B01-DFDF-4C06-916E-62E79D…)

No. 158507

File: 1680657327839.jpeg (Spoiler Image,127.23 KB, 1170x1200, 07A39D5A-3E6F-402A-8A95-3E28D1…)

No. 158508

I legitimately am not sure if this is from Shayna or the Shaynatorium

No. 158509

literally looks like bbw porn
"i do some weird foot fetish stuff! then i lie on my back and use a dildo and vibrator and fake cum like i do in every other video i've ever made!"

No. 158510

(I was trying to explain to my boyfriend why I read this thread every day and it is 40% Shayna and 60% how fucking funny you ladies are)

No. 158511

Holy shit

No. 158512

This is such a vile fucking photo. She looks like she smells godawful.

No. 158513

She actually posted this

No. 158514

Do men really care about seeing that vibrator on her? It’s not really aesthetically interesting. She’s so boring, why does she always do the exact same thing?

No. 158515

At this point the shaytards who edit her photos won’t need to. Gonna have to start doing spot the difference soon

No. 158516

File: 1680661094166.jpeg (209.44 KB, 1170x1860, AC3D6F25-17AA-47C6-86EB-CD63C3…)

Of course you do Shay

No. 158519

File: 1680663791606.webm (Spoiler Image,5.51 MB, 1558x858, feet.webm)

The trailer for her foot fetish video

No. 158520

File: 1680663829525.jpeg (Spoiler Image,181.63 KB, 2290x1223, EE915837-7AD2-40B2-B631-EB1F7F…)

Nasty ass bitch

No. 158521

File: 1680663874353.jpeg (Spoiler Image,181.32 KB, 2245x1221, 2EB84F38-D57E-4E13-A5B9-B7AC21…)

No. 158523

Kek i was thinking about this today at the gym. She bought that membership almost a week ago and hasn't gone once. She didn't even take a selfie in a gym outfit to try and fake it!

No. 158524

Nice reaction pic nonnie chefs kiss

No. 158525

File: 1680666260985.jpeg (123.7 KB, 1170x1199, DAE99E6B-6BDB-4C95-B32A-27855B…)

This is what she was responding to

No. 158526

>omg guys who's excited for my twitch debut??
>has been at this for 7 years
>retweets self
>u guys?

No. 158527

File: 1680666696820.png (339.02 KB, 1080x1331, 2C3BDE50-A657-4F84-9936-B42891…)

I doubt it. Crazy to think pic related was from 2 years ago

No. 158528

File: 1680667010044.jpeg (139.64 KB, 1170x1227, CFBC7D65-56B2-45F5-95FF-43B036…)

Just grabbing this before she does her typical delete

No. 158530

File: 1680668010093.jpeg (104.13 KB, 750x876, 09B7B905-7109-47D6-B026-939B07…)

jeez that last post. someone is feeling jealous, fat ugly and bitter. sorry you don't get likes on your ugly nudes when pretty girls fully dressed just smiling do. she must seethe from the moment she wakes up until she passes out

No. 158532

this absolutely would not be her tune even if she still was in the .1% or whatever and still skinny.
if she does lose weight, change up her porn vid styles, cams twice a week, stops wearing so much pink and leans into more blue and other color clothes and make-up, gains more followers… she'd be back into boasting ways and shit talking.

No. 158533

Kek imagine if she wouldve just gone 3 times a week and stuck with it then. Changed her diet a bit to stay under like 1800 cals a day. I mean she'd still be gross and ugly in the face but at least she wouldnt be a fat slob.

No. 158534

File: 1680670364047.jpg (138.22 KB, 1000x1484, showgirls.jpg)

No. 158535

She was never .1% kek pls
She was top 2.3% or something at her OF PEAK. Being .1% means youre actually successful and i imagine a very hot and skinny e-whore.

No. 158537

the irony of how mean and “tone deaf” this makes her sound.. she’s obviously just a jealous sore loser that hates women. her screeching about “i DoNt FeEl Bad for you!!!!” while simultaneously stomping her rotten ogre feet and demanding ppl feel bad for HER

No. 158538

Is she aware that normal, non sex work or even influencer girls can get 100+ likes on selfies regularly as well…..nobody tell her she might actually kill herself kekkkkk

No. 158542

You made her look like a Silent Hill monster.

No. 158545

MODS - Can you please move this thread back to /snow/. It's annoying as hell having to come to /shay/ everytime I want to read the main thread. I don't care about the rest of the other shaytistic threads and I imagine most dont. Shayna's busted face and underboob needs to be spoilered, not lurking behind every damn post.

No. 158547

The admin already confirmed they are moving the main threads back to Snow and the "Junkfood" Shay threads will stay in /shay/ if it stays

No. 158552

I swear she's making these for the sole purpose of comedian fart pictures

No. 158553

Crab eyes anon was right

No. 158558

Ya I know that, what I'm saying is do it already. Seeing her underboob under each post is too much. And they're still deciding whether or not they're going to keep /shay/.

No. 158559

KEKKK thank you this made me giggle. Shaygirls was a nice tough heheh

No. 158560

File: 1680687204466.png (Spoiler Image,680.48 KB, 1524x1486, Wtf.png)

The state of her feet.(spoiler this shit)

No. 158561

I wish I could like. One-woman boot camp and shame Shat into shaping up her life in every way. I know it’s retarded but I just like a project kek. This pic is just peak shleakness, looking like she’s getting ready for her episode of My 600-lb Life

No. 158562

File: 1680692970569.gif (251.17 KB, 275x199, 7C75F78A-7DA3-406D-B1D6-F189A1…)

I don’t think bullying is an effective strategy for her. I think she would react better to treats after a task well done. The treat depends, i guess she’d like attention, alcohol and snacks. She does the things she does for attention and money so i think in the case of this particular scenario shay has more chances to successfully shaping up her life without violence

No. 158563

True nonna, true. Kek plus I’m a woman who won’t enable her so she prob would not want any of that from me (or any other woman who isn’t grotesque like Ellen)

No. 158566

File: 1680698388472.jpg (136.17 KB, 753x1160, Maria_Ivanovna_Shelomova.jpg)

she looks like putin's mom without her usual makeup

No. 158567

>tfw Putin’s mom looks younger and less rekt than 26 year old Shat

No. 158568

i really don't understand why she doesn't pay attention to detail when she does nothing all day. she has the time to spend like 30 min doing a foot mask, exfoliating, etc so that her feet don't look so disgusting. it's just baffling

No. 158569

do you think this is about butter face pixie?
i know she has way more followers than shayna and i could see her sun tweeting this at her

No. 158571

I’m pretty sure it’s about KayBear she’s been whining on Twitter how nobody cares about her even though she still gets 1000 likes on tweets kek and she’s been popping up on peoples feeds and is crying because people keep thinking she left and got a real job

No. 158572

So now she’s calling out a black woman? “I don’t feel bad for you.” Gross. Maybe she is racist after all just like her coomers. Lol.(Retard)

No. 158573

stop the fucking racebait it's not racist to call someone out who is black

No. 158574

I’m just saying with her history, it’s not a good look for her. That’s all. Not trying to “race-bait,” but since people call her a Nazi, just thought it was worth bringing up. Idk.

No. 158575

File: 1680707687841.jpeg (64.32 KB, 1170x977, 4E563A63-EA51-44A2-9C65-133F11…)

She is really going to keep eating this up

No. 158576

Nta but this is a retarded mindset. She was never a nazi she was a retarded teenage edgelord. She was never "racist" she made a retarded & pathetic porn video (which, in my opinion was so retarded and pathetic idk how anyone could find it offensive).

No. 158579

Agreed. She was just being a retarded edge lord. Shaynus was never truly Shaynazi kek

No. 158581

Not to whiteknight this nasty pedo, but foot fetishists are fucking nasty and alot of them want crusty hard calloused feet for some reason. They have such low standards and in my opinion can be bottom of the barrel scrote. Every once in awhile you get one who is just a normal guy who ~happens~ to like feet. The rest are basically foot faces themselves. Ugly and gross.

No. 158582

Sorry for retard but, why cant she go to chuckecheese while they donate to autism? Idgi.

No. 158583

Models..ha! That would "kill for a few likes" ???? Jesus Christ this world is so sad. Imagine relying on likes from strangers lmfao these pathetic sex workers are literal beggars and they still can't even do that right. Smh so pathetic.

No. 158585

File: 1680711253782.jpg (Spoiler Image,30.36 KB, 550x491, b369795be5228a4a42cdb9a6de9a81…)

No. 158586

Anon yes she was. She’s problematic af and she doesn’t even retweet disabled black trans women godundmes !!

No. 158588

File: 1680712266929.jpeg (27.83 KB, 750x467, E9DEB05F-E16E-40DD-8271-567124…)


No. 158589

File: 1680712335692.jpeg (64.48 KB, 750x720, 8430AAF0-8B3B-40C1-8C77-F694F0…)

i can't believe she tweets this stuff especially with her real name and face attached

No. 158590

It’s not to autism but rather Autism Speaks, an organisation which considered (?) autism a disease that needed (?) to be cured and/or eradicated.

No. 158591

Shayna Leigh Clifford, of course you feel >>158588 you just wrote >>158589

No. 158592

she amped up the abduction shit the fatter she got, like it's some weird cope to fantasize about being desired shleak
because TikTok diagnosed autists think their slacktivism means anything to a org that wasn't woke 30 years ago

No. 158594

I think her upping the weird kidnapping shit the uglier she gets is totally on purpose. I read somewhere once that most people who have rape fantasies are actually just fantasizing about someone else being so consumed with desire for them that they have to overpower them and take what they want, versus what rape is actually about… power, not attraction. She’s so disgusting.

No. 158600

I’m not going to a-log but…I really fucking want to. Not gonna blog about my own experiences but literally fuck this fat piece of garbage. I love watching her fail because of this type of degeneracy

No. 158602

File: 1680715835179.jpeg (Spoiler Image,383.62 KB, 2048x2048, 5F7A7B3B-B01D-462F-9137-C84FC2…)

I can’t with the tit that’s hanging out

No. 158603

File: 1680715932800.jpeg (267 KB, 1170x1860, 5B3FC65E-1901-4B71-BF41-8129CC…)

What she was responding to

No. 158604

She is so vile is every capacity. She is mocking a woman who decided to change her life around and stop doing porn.

No. 158606

Based tbh

No. 158607

and she wants to call people tone deaf

No. 158608

File: 1680716933133.jpeg (52.81 KB, 750x554, 6F44B456-E714-426A-8D8B-5F007F…)

No. 158612

Yes Shay. We love victim blaming

No. 158613

Shayna has been getting bold in mocking people kek, I hope she continues until she find the right one who calls her out and doesn't care of she suicide baits

No. 158614

Also, anyone notice that as soon qs shayna posts a negative tweet
>I'm such a fuck up
She finds some random target to get mad at, shit that has nothing to do with her to let off steam. This is what people mean when they say Shay is an asshole, she's barely called out for it by sex workers but you often catch her throwing shots randomly at people

No. 158616

lmao she's such a cunt.

No. 158617

This reeks of jealousy. Imagine if sex workers thought “good for you” instead of shitting on people who want to improve their lives. All while Shayna stews in her filthy apartment hating herself. Hmmmm gotta wonder why all of these sex workers are so miserable all the time huh?

No. 158618

Gym trainer who puts a sweatband on ur head, shoves u in sweatpants, slaps ankle weights on u n says "fatty im gna need u to start fucking lifting, i cant have the other gym goers hear you bitch and complain like u dont wna lose weight n be thin again"

No. 158621

File: 1680718776302.jpeg (20.39 KB, 750x389, BF31ABE8-282A-4F8E-A2C2-90FD39…)

No. 158622

File: 1680719994228.jpeg (113.98 KB, 750x853, 1680622096763.jpeg)

this u Shayna?

No. 158623

File: 1680720189074.jpeg (78.95 KB, 1170x619, 477D5057-6E9D-41F1-9500-9F3758…)

Because you’re lazy Shay

No. 158624

not religious but respect to this girl for getting out of porn. probably kills shay to see someone more attractive than her leaving porn and making a life outside of it while she's slowly getting fatter and more pathetic but refuses to quit.

No. 158625

Shayna thinks she's amazing but everyone is keeping her down, she so feels like a underdog or a hidden gem. Whenever she gets the chance to "look down" on someone that she knows looks/is doing better then her, she loves it. Notice her tone when the women she's coming at is attractive or successful it's extra bitchy, snarky and smug.
Shayna lives for these moments where she can dogpile someone. You can tell she genuinely is enjoying herself being apart of the mean girls. No doubt she'd been on here talking shit in another alternative universe about another sex worker. She'd be canceling, calling people out every five mintues.

No. 158630


She's such a hateful little bitch lmao. Yet she wonders why she has nothing to show for seven years of peddling her pussy pictures for peanuts. Successful OF girls won't care if a woman decides to quit.

No. 158634

"peddling her pussy pictures for peanuts" is the best thing i've ever read

No. 158635

File: 1680724853709.jpeg (73.72 KB, 640x968, 2DC8EED7-3AE9-4E5A-8F5E-927E0C…)

>she feels like an underdog
You might say she feels like a star dog champion…

No. 158639

joshua topkek anon

No. 158640

File: 1680727206270.jpeg (157.03 KB, 1170x1569, 286A4D45-E191-4F5C-95B9-B3A2DE…)

Hilarious that she liked this

No. 158648

She only tweeted this to get the attention of a 45k findom account, who did actually retweet this, btw.

The findom in question, @spoilana, is currently under fire (and was "doxxed") for starting her SW persona underaged. She may or may not read here, but RTing shay of all people in this situation is pretty funny.

No. 158649

I am fucking rolling

No. 158653

File: 1680729072404.jpeg (112.43 KB, 1134x1439, 46CFC2E3-4558-4E68-AE52-80728E…)

how drunk is she to post this? she's got make up all in her hair

No. 158654

File: 1680729100403.jpeg (85.61 KB, 750x983, 81B3D686-51A7-41F8-82F4-A8C397…)

No. 158658

Isn’t rice notorious for causing food poisoning? Kek how much you wanna bet this lazy slob leaving rice out and eating from it later is causing her recent stomach problems

No. 158659

Lmaooo I think she's trying to copy the makeup from her last shoot, but it looks terrible

No. 158660

Trying to recreate the Vegas look I see. Epic fail.

No. 158661

File: 1680730831550.jpg (238.17 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20230405_143833_Sam…)

Kek, this was almost posted five years ago, and its a picture of a post that at that point, was taken five years after the post was made. Ten years later and shay still iant famous or rich. Amd 27 creeping up fast. You got two years shay! Get your shit together!

No. 158662

Yeah, if left out at room temperature rice can get pretty nasty real fast. Even nastier if you reheat it.

No. 158665

God I hate myself but she could start using a blue liner instead of black and it would look so much better bc dark eyes really pop w that like primary blue colored liner. It would probably look good w her skin tone too idk I’m just a turbo autist about flattering oneself w color and she makes me want to die everyday. Pink is NOT IT FOR U SHATNA

No. 158666

why is she shoving food down her throat if she feels like she's going to puke

No. 158668

Idk but when im nauseous its usually because i havent eaten. Maybe fatty is trying to psudo-starve herself and her pre-diabetic-plumeting-blood-sugar caused her to get nauseous with that feeling of "…i think i need to eat something." Ive been in that situation so that could be why.

Sorry for slight blogpost.

No. 158669

Why is this bitch lying in the shower eating rice lmao. The image is sending me

No. 158670

why did she want to be in a band, she has no musical ability whatsoever, she really thought you just… are a singer and get famous? she doesnt even care at all about music wtf

No. 158672

Blog but what if she has gastritis? That would be hilarious and would force her to lose weight since she can’t eat anything

No. 158674

She did get big kek

No. 158676

File: 1680739488340.jpg (Spoiler Image,213.55 KB, 1079x1789, Screenshot_20230405_190150_Chr…)

She's posting pics from weeks ago still on OF. Also want to @ this to the anon who said she looked better after gaining weight. Her crotch still looks like a deflated ball sack, she just figured out that shooping it or spreading it painfully wide hides that.

No. 158677

Oof that breast ptosis

No. 158678

This entire image is fucking rancid. It gives me flashbacks to horror porn threads on 4/b/ in the mid 2000s.

No. 158679

File: 1680741611264.jpeg (96.72 KB, 1170x617, E88E5F48-E715-4F68-A736-91DECF…)

No. 158680

What happened to “minors don’t belong in the kink and SW community” Shay?

No. 158681

File: 1680741676966.jpeg (217.33 KB, 1152x2048, 0CE525B8-ACEC-4C4E-AE68-5F11F4…)

No. 158682

Her body just looks so… Unhealthy

No. 158684

File: 1680742888784.jpeg (113.98 KB, 750x853, 5F7B44DA-4F23-40CB-8874-02945A…)

Shaynus this you like yesterday?

No. 158685

Reminds me of when Shane Dawson posted his weird makeup attempts kek

No. 158686

She did it twice in not even 24h kek. Shaynus I know you feel justified into calling people out. And you should know I think it’s justified that people calls you a pedo! Keep your retarded commentaries to yourself for once

No. 158687

File: 1680743516697.jpeg (Spoiler Image,71.34 KB, 750x761, 3D7B964B-781D-4A38-A335-60E9E4…)

she looks like timmy thicc here

No. 158688

File: 1680744335480.jpeg (71.19 KB, 576x1024, 6543EC52-E101-426D-9B2F-67EEAE…)

kek spot on nonnie

No. 158689

How has this woman been a sex worker for 7 years and yet every video she does she orgasms in the same exact way with the exact same vibrator? She is totally fine with faking orgasms according to Baldi Gaysics so why not fake orgasms with the other toys? Her videos are all the same retarded trash aside from her getting fatter over time.

No. 158690

Shayna, please look up color theory.
At least she was right about the alcoholism.
I guess her and Shaynus have in common that they should be on the sex offender registry but aren't.

No. 158691

you’re exactly right lmao, if she didn’t have to play nice for womackbux she’d be a cunt to everyone and try to cancel anyone she could if she had a following. Instead she chased fupa to Oklahoma and was gearing up to go to Kansas for round two.

No. 158692

Shayna wrote this

No. 158693

This photo looks like death itself kek
The veil makes her face look even more textured, zombietit looking even more like a tumor, and a shriveled fish under her skirt

No. 158695

File: 1680751459335.jpeg (205.08 KB, 1170x1454, 893B0375-0F98-42AE-842F-930FC6…)

No. 158696

File: 1680751490536.jpeg (267.7 KB, 1152x2048, 9DB19BEC-0D4A-4098-ADED-E0B993…)

No. 158697

File: 1680751535106.jpeg (276.61 KB, 1152x2048, 5B1C75DD-AEC3-4C59-A717-C44A02…)

No. 158699

Lol she rubbed 9ff the majority of her crap makeup attempt

Idk what this angle is and why but it's bad. Looks like she's got 1 ginormous saggy tit.

No. 158700

File: 1680754206598.jpg (385.9 KB, 2080x1560, VP.jpg)

Curious about the Mother Love Bone/Andrew reference, Nona. Do you also think they look a bit alike?
Was the idea to look like Vicky Pollard’s younger sister?

No. 158702

Perhaps she is his reincarnation.. that’s why she wanted to join the 27 club.

No. 158705

Even if it was a ploy, she’s way smarter and more successful than you Fat Shat. Go choke you miserable obese piece of human garbage

No. 158706

I'm so sorry … But what's her Twitter? When I search irlbarbie and barbie mattell and all variations, it says user is suspended(spoonfeeding)

No. 158707

She looks like Kirstie Alley but not in a good way

No. 158708

File: 1680758309916.jpeg (219.04 KB, 1242x1527, 1A5A6339-E943-42C7-849E-42103F…)

This wasn’t even scary just block them dumb bitch.

No. 158709

File: 1680758364076.jpeg (19.4 KB, 496x436, 55A9E883-1AC1-47E2-86E6-E3A602…)

Girthy bitch

No. 158710

File: 1680758541566.jpeg (91.96 KB, 1028x1833, 093C7056-AE1B-4481-A3B5-866231…)

She looks like winslow from catdog. Beady eyed motherfucker kek

No. 158712

Of course she’s gonna watch that steaming pile of garbage.

No. 158715

That kitty needs an OBGYN stat, the dryness and swelling look so painful! I hope she gets an appointment

No. 158716

Holy shit is she on her period? Am I the only one who sees that?
I always thought I was a lesbian but this picture made me consider asexuality

No. 158718

Her makeup is always horrible but this dimensionless cake face is not it.
Oh God I hate that you might be right. So fucking gross.

No. 158719

Oof. At least she's finally wearing a bra that's not the leopard print shit

No. 158720

Where is comedian fart poster?

No. 158721

I don’t think she’s actually racist. I’m just saying it doesn’t look good for her since those are the only accusations people (other sex workers) use to say she’s not a good person. I can see one of them saying “now she’s bullying a black girl” to prove their point.

No. 158722

File: 1680778488567.jpeg (Spoiler Image,400.25 KB, 2000x1999, 1625254241516.jpeg)

As seen on thread 83. She didn't organise a bed before she moved but she made sure to bring the $5 shein tube top with her across the country kek.

No. 158723

Nonnies I think I was shaymatized. Every time I try to close my eyes and think about a cute girl the depiction of repulsive Shayna's gunt appears imprinted on the inside of my eyelids. The necro tit, the shit-stained dildos the cottage cheese ass, all of those things haunt me. I think I'm asexual now.

No. 158724

Gross. Take a break.

No. 158728

Where is her neck

No. 158729

Stop reading the tread for the love of Shod

No. 158730

File: 1680785053647.jpeg (51.12 KB, 1170x714, 9C5C2E9E-62BA-4E8A-B8CE-DF95D0…)

Before we know it, she’ll buy a bowser dildo

No. 158731

UGH stay away from my monster crush Shaynus!!! Kek

No. 158734

These comparisons really highlight her weight gain, and I swear this is why she doesn't wear the same things over besides those dumb guntstrap skirts.

Also loving that she did a "Lil sis" video and made sure to not wear a shit ton of eye makeup and basically "look makeup-less" kek. Keep on pedo-pandering, Shat.

No. 158738

>Winslow from catdog
Nonna my sides can only take so much

No. 158747

Her pose and expression make this photo look like a bad Oblivion sex mod

No. 158748

Maybe she actually caught something from that disgusting STD ridden moid she filmed with recently

No. 158749

File: 1680796161019.jpeg (50.07 KB, 750x691, 093DD63E-D696-40F4-843C-6B04EF…)

Someone should edit this kek

No. 158750

File: 1680796194477.jpeg (68.14 KB, 750x681, 78E19681-4C84-4665-A899-7CE94D…)

This is the guys bio

No. 158751

It reminds me of that meme that was like
>saw a snail today…effervescent

No. 158756

These pics and the video were done before her Vegas trip

No. 158759

File: 1680798767679.jpeg (Spoiler Image,108.55 KB, 749x1111, 0C1E73B6-51A6-46A6-AEFB-314809…)

No. 158760

File: 1680798860348.jpeg (Spoiler Image,266.3 KB, 2047x1365, DCAD53F2-87FF-4860-8D6D-B60812…)

She is so damn ugly

No. 158761

File: 1680799577663.png (1.84 MB, 2295x2528, Untitled.png)

i saw this picture (the unedited one) and i badly edited it, if any more talented Nonas wanna make a wack at it they can. (maybe we should do a "Shay request" thread on some shit

No. 158762

File: 1680799765823.jpg (12.89 KB, 201x251, images.jpg)

OG art for shayheads interested

No. 158763

I guess she will now do bowsette porn.

No. 158764

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