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No. 53472

This is a containment thread for meta discussion that doesn't fall into complaints and suggestions. Feel free to tinfoil or talk about the state of the site but try to avoid being too autistic.

If cerbmin needs to hear it, post it here. We occasionally monitor the complaints/suggestions thread as well. Please keep in mind we all have full-time jobs and tending the farm is a passion project. Changes may be slow, but we will prioritize quality over speed. We will do our best, anon!
First thread: >>51182

Previous responses to anon:
>>51190 hellweek plans, moderation practices
>>51207 moderation practices
>>51219 server costs, plans for implementing captcha
>>51222 priorities
>>51246 addressing tinfoils
>>51282 site speed
>>51325 lost /m/ threads, improving transparency
>>51381 introductions, regarding farmhands revealing IP addresses
>>51666 addressing Blaine/Elaine/tranny accusations, plans for old staff, plan for off-site updates page, regarding spam/CP
>>52298 lost /m/ threads, speed of site, closing lolcow Discord, males on lolcow/in deleted Discord
>>52931 addressing practice of bumping CP, allowing adriasdome, hellweek and staff plans, should calling out other users as male be a bannable offense?
>>53189 what parts of board culture have deteriorated the most? What would anon like to see enforced?
>>53457 updates on lost m threads
>>53462 old m threads are restored!

No. 53482

File: 1677160535812.png (325.13 KB, 540x401, 6EDF722A-D656-4C56-8ACC-E416D8…)

Thank you anon! I updated the OP with some links, and I wanted to include this fanart photo we were going to use as the thread pic. We love it! Everyone, feel free to continue discussing what parts of board culture need to be revived. It’s very helpful as we draft rules for hellweek.

No. 53484

File: 1677166208979.gif (5.34 MB, 454x257, I-love-you-cat.gif)

Thank you so much for bringing /m/ back from the grave! I do have a question regarding the old threads and the new ones, should we continue from the old threads or keep on with the new ones.?

No. 53489

Most epic lc adminas (inb4 schizoposting happens) thanks for your service so far americas strongest troops

No. 53490

Bless you three.

No. 53491

File: 1677176741329.png (62.21 KB, 357x385, 1674921978927.png)

Some fanart from the draw thread

No. 53492

File: 1677178749331.jpg (73.38 KB, 1280x960, 1674598442636.jpg)

The original picture the design came from

No. 53493

File: 1677180868756.jpg (21 KB, 272x199, cerbmin.jpg)

heres one i found!

No. 53495

Up to you! Whatever /m/ nonas think is most appropriate given the content/context of the thread. There will be an extended moderation grace period with regards to threads while the board recovers from having them missing for so long!

No. 53499

much love to cerbmin! thanks for restoring /m/!

No. 53503

thank you for the clear and direct communication, cerbmin. you're doing great!

No. 53506


No. 53531

File: 1677269615755.jpg (68.42 KB, 500x602, 8cc278d344beffa5573211930f1ed0…)

With the old /m/ threads back alongside the new ones I think the threads should continue as it did as for example the harry potter thread gotten two threads since the bunker and if one were to participant in the thread from before the bunker which has 373 posts in it should be counted as necro since it's been a year and the topics regarding Harry Potter has since moved on to other things such as the game and the fact that after the bunker it has gotten two threads. What threads I think that fit this criteria is the fujothreads, bookthreads, the j-music thread mostly beacause of that one anon drama/milk with that j-artist and what not etc… I also think if the the newer thread has more posts in it then the one before bunker it should be used instead as in the cookie run thread, husbando smell identification Thread, dubbing/localization thread, female gaze thread and for example an older thread with more posts like the Plush Creation and Appreciation thread should be used instead of the Plush general #2 thread but the link to that thread should be posted in the older one. The same would apply to the Temp Elsie Media Thread and Board-tan Media Thread this topic also has a thread here on /meta/ but it is not getting used and the topic has been evolved into posting pics of Board-tan and X2.
Nothing really comes to mind with threads that are very similar to one another even if the title of the thread is a bit different, so I'll let others deicide regarding it. Cerbmin when you guys and other anons that frequent /m/ finish discussing regarding this matter and come up with more define and clearer rules please post it in the thread that is pinned in /m/ so that everyone can know. I apologise if my wall of text isn't coherent enough and if it doesn't come with my points across but like I tried and I'm too dyslexic and tired to fix it

No. 53547

Seeing as this isn't a complaint or suggestion I'll post it here. I love that farmhands as well as moderating threads with bans are now giving clear clarification posts like they used to! Keep up the great work, LC is already much more fun to browse.

No. 53548

File: 1677372648947.png (298.49 KB, 539x400, 1674666195390.png)

A variation of that drawing - an anon clarified who's Aimee, who's Jenny, and who's Sentinel

No. 53549

Should we obfuscate the fact we have three admins? I want to make thing more difficult for newfags and others who posts here

No. 53558

If you want to obfuscate it I think calling all three of them 'cerbmin' does enough
>I want to make thing more difficult for newfags and others who posts here
This is making me laugh for some reason

No. 53570

Hey, wanna buy a bridge?

No. 53573

I think what anon meant was that a lot of anons have been calling cerbmin; adminas, admins and other plural form or other stuff with the word admins in other languages like some anons do with nonnique, nonnikas and such.
Cute but hard to reinforce
>more difficult for newfags and others who posts here
Most of the anons on here don't even check /meta/ sadly, so win and I don't think that more retards like Elaine will come here and sperg out on randoms on social media that they are the owner of the site i hope

No. 53579

This website is entirely built up of newfags now, no point in gatekeeping

No. 53580

Bullshit there's like eight of you oldfags and me left by my count.

No. 53584

How do you know the oldfags from the newfags?

No. 53585

Newfags can't read in between the lines.

No. 53587

lol adminas and janinas make me laugh

No. 53612

If you can't tell oldfags from newfags, you might just be a newfag
it's not 100% obvious all the time, but to anyone whose been around since 2014-2017 it is pretty easy to spot newfag-isms

No. 53615

I can attest this, lolcow feels completely different now.

No. 53618

So how do we save terf mountain?

No. 53619

we keep boiling trannies in a cauldron

No. 53620

No. 53633

Rita's trying to start up a tranny witch hunt again to avoid being documented, can admins start banning over this before I start working on her thread?

No. 53636

The absolute audacity for the schizo pedo troon to come in here and call for admins to ban everyone but him

No. 53640

You can't even read the OP of this thread, you deleted your comment in the vocaloid thread, no I'm asking for you to be banned, nobody else, others desire for that thread to go up and apparently I'm the only one who's written OPs for this site before that's in there or I wouldn't even bother dealing with you.

No. 53642

Blainey blaine… not everyone that disagrees with you is your le ebil archenemy whiteglove. I didn't delete any post in the vocaloid thread besides a screencap of her deleted post, and I reposted that right after because I forgot to sage. If she feels like proving that she's not me she can do it herself.

No. 53643

You can't read the OP of this thread.

No. 53644

I made this thread, retard.

No. 53645

Then why highlight a rule you're breaking in it right now?

No. 53646

Kek your every post breaks that rule. Good point though, I'll stop engaging with you.

No. 53647

No. 53662

Why are images so painfully slow to load?

No. 53667

I wanna know why too, its driving me up the wall

No. 53689

As of today the old Discord server is being retired and will be completely closed on the 14th of March. Future status updates about server downtime will be communicated on https://status.lolcow.farm/. The link to the status page has been included in the navigation at the top and bottom of every page to make it easily discoverable for all users.

We hope that this will provide a drama-free and easily accessible channel of communication with our users about the status of the site!

The slow image issue is being worked on right now. We're doing what we can!

Essentially, this site is run on 12+ year old board software that's extremely unoptimized by modern internet standards. Image sizes and resolutions have gotten bigger and bigger over time and this poor old girl still thinks it's 2011, not to mention the negative impact of the unwanted traffic we get from people who want to harm the site.

After doing what we can to make the site run faster in its current form, we plan to spend the next while working on moving the board to a new platform. As previously mentioned, this will be done with the consent and input of our users.

No. 53690

Cool, thank you admin. I'm glad we finally have a status page.

No. 53693

imo we should keep the original.lolcow.farm link for those who are still in denial with the new software layout, otherwise it would be a pain in the ass for everyone to deal with the same software to please a bunch of whiny users.

No. 53696

I’m up for a a new platform and if threads could be moved onto it that would be cool too. If this site is an archive site that is fine. You guys should do a poll at some point to see the general opinion of this user base about this

No. 53706

that status page is a great idea, just bookmarked it. thanks!!

No. 53710


No. 53713

File: 1677559130133.jpg (33.99 KB, 720x631, 1676374339546.jpg)

thank you so much cerbmin! you guys are the best
There should definitely be a beta period where anons can play around with nucow and get used to it. As much as I dislike Null he was right about imageboard users being the most autistic people online.
I think Shaymin's original plan of having original.lolcow.farm as an archive of the old site and lolcow.farm as the active new site is a good idea.

No. 53722

for real lol

Yesss, good luck!!

No. 53723

Cerbmin, could you please put in place a system that delet automatically the metadata of pictures when they are posted on the site please ?

No. 53726

super idea, I would be in favor of that.

No. 53728

I'm against it. Just don't post personal photos here or wipe the data yourself, you don't need this site to protect you from oversharing. Retaining metadata can be extremely handy for drama archival, you know, the site's actual purpose.

No. 53729

this. thank you. delete the metadata yourself if you care that much.

No. 53730

Agreed. I was just thinking about why 4chan doesn't do this the other day, but it's pretty vital for many reasons. There are so many free exif data removers online. Don't be lazy.

No. 53742

Thinking about it recently and now curious: are there any plans to try and grow the site? User numbers seem to have dropped off a lot. Those who are left would be decimated by a hellweek. And there still seems to be different contingents regarding what the site is and should be. None of this looks good for the farm in the longterm.
The site is still slow and now the threads are as well. And looking at it from a meta perspective, the internet more broadly has changed. A lot of the old sources of cows and drama are gone or completely different to what they used to be. And interest in spaces like this has dropped.
So yeah, tl;dr how to keep the farms active?

No. 53744

Keep pissing off the actual users and driving them off?

No. 53755

I feel like the farms been active recently? We have been getting a LOT of newfags especially on /snow/. Does the user base really feel slow?

No. 53762

IMO it's been picking up again recently for the first time since the December incident. The first couple weeks after the site came back online most of the threads I follow (even the MTF threads) felt deserted.
Hoping for a hellweek soon though. I think a majority of newfags aren't malicious, just younger and ignorant to imageboard culture. IMO a hellweek would help the ones that want to stick around to integrate better once they see the rules being fully enforced.

No. 53763

How is it helpful for drama archival?

No. 53764


ayrt, I agree with you. Esp when people were seeking refuge on CC because they couldn't post here kek. I also think it's younger/newfag users too, they kind of stick out like a sore thumb with their twitter speak ( /s /gen, "omg not this person doing that" or certain twitter reaction images and emojis) I don't personally mind it, it can be annoying but i agree rules can just be enforced and they can integrate. LC is seen as some sort of oldwebcore thing too with certain demographics on tiktok/twitter so I feel it's getting more traction in many ways. I have faith in the new admins though and I can't wait for a hellweek haha

No. 53766

sounds like you just want to dox people? the last time I saw metadata used to look at how many times a cow edited her pics was probably Dakota's stuff on pull 2.0. Granted that was funny, but now cows post on IG and that gets wiped anyway

No. 53772

File: 1677618298404.gif (6.32 MB, 360x452, so so cute.gif)

This is an appreciation post for cerbmin and farmhands. You all are doing an amazing job! I feel like my reports are taken care of right away. You guys are really on the ball! And thank you so much cerbmin for keeping all of us posted. We all appreciate the updates.

Lolcow today is like night and day compared to when shaymin was in power. The drama-free and transparent way you all are handling things around here is a breath of fresh air. It is very often a thankless job, so thank you all for stepping up to the challenge of saving a beloved site that's a billion years old! ♥

No. 53773

>sounds like you want to dox someone?
braindead retard take. go back to twitter. And I'm not even TAYRT.

No. 53776

it's hard to understand what the anon earlier meant about drama archival. Presumably the pictures reposted here wouldn't have metadata anyway, so aren't we talking about photos or screenshots anons post, not reposted pics from cows?

No. 53781

Idk if you're new to imageboards but… I'll bite.

Cows post pictures of themselves acting like other people. It can also be a useful thing for when death threats get posted with like, a picture from someone's device. For the most part, if someone wants to be cautious, they'll remove exif data. But exif data has helped catch criminals on imageboards before. The guy that said he steps on people's food at burger King and spits on their food, literally left exif data and that's how he was caught. Same story with Amber Coplin (murderer posted her picture on 4chan and they found shit out using metadata/exif data from his device).

This is not about doxxing some idiot anon that posted a pic of themselves. This is about catching the many other shitty people that get cocky because they think they're untouchable behind being anonymous. So they slip up and FAFO.

No. 53783

That's tricky because nonnas have a hard time not being massively autistic towards newfags. That's likely a major reason why lolcow doesnt grow, it farmers don't encourage new farmers to take the place of those who leave

No. 53794

ah I understand, I'm not new here (really, have been here since 2016) but never used imageboards prior to lc and I only read threads interesting to me. Those haven't included death threats or stuff iirc. I knew about Amber's murderer getting caught via 4chan but had no idea exif was involved.

Thanks for explaining it without going overboard and calling me a stupid retard (I mean, you can anyway, I'm just grateful you explained it & I agree with you now)

No. 53801

>the farms
I love it when newfags talk as if they're not newfags themselves.

No. 53844

Hard agree. I’ve been noticing this a lot lately.

No. 53846

File: 1677692587790.jpg (585.78 KB, 1187x590, boardtanspergchanreveal.jpg)

The usage of "the farms" was coined by the time we held that board-tan poll years ago.
Since the name of the site is lolcow.farm where there are cows that we make fun of, lolcow users farm for milk and moderators called farmhands for a reason. Or is there some other conclusion on why the term "the farms" came to be?
I mean some anons would use the term "the farms" with an capital F and some simply LC for the site but I always liked to use "the farms" since it was more thematic to the site and the fact I use the abbreviation LC in work near daily doesn't help the matter in not using it.

No. 53849

no, anon, the nickname was never the farms, it was the farm. and it originated as a way to direct people from /cgl/ to the site, since posting the link (or even just mentioning lolcow by name) got you banned for dramu. also the term lolcow didn't even originate from the site, rather the site was named lolcow farm because the term lolcow already existed.

No. 53852

File: 1677697346185.jpg (141.81 KB, 768x1024, catputer.jpg)

There is some improvement after the whole shaymin new lolcow fiasco but numbers are definitely fewer then we what we had from just a few years ago and I am worried about the non existent growth of lc's userbase, like obviously we don't need to be flooded with the usual twitter/tumblr types and potential moids/trannies but I have recommended lc to one of my close online friends and she uses it every now and then and I think we could do something similar on a larger scale, advertise lolcow to spaces that are more trustworthy
as long as all the previous threads can be moved and the new site can be as close as it can be to actual lolcow, I don't think anyone will have an issue

No. 53853

everyone saying that we need a larger userbase needs to fuck off. there's no reason to advertise the site. period. that's entirely antithetical to the site and imageboards as a whole.

No. 53854

no one's saying we need to open the gates for all, just a few more uses to counter balance all who have left for one reason or another

No. 53855

Would you believe that I never noticed the difference. Feel like an idiot now.
>direct people from /cgl/ to the site
>lolcow farm because the term lolcow already existed.
I know that lolcow was a term before lolcow.farm existed, I just didn't think to include it. I actually stopped using /cgl/ after staminarose got shut down and went to browse kiwi and pull before coming here
Yes it is a really good idea to put up some adverts on various social media sites or spam some links on other imageboards like retards

No. 53856

but we don't though. lolcow already gets name dropped on social media sites and kf regularly. users who want to stay are here and users who don't left. and more are going to leave once admins start to actually implement clean up rules and hellweek. people have always found the site by word of mouth, and it should stay that way. imageboards in general are dying, even 4chan. i've been to /cgl/ during the pandemic and it's totally dead. and new users want to change board culture with shit like censorship of both words and speech. the newer covid zoomer userbase is shitty because their generation leans that way, not because there are secretly people who would be better for the site.

No. 53857

fair enough. i think the boardtan and the name had something to do with it's prevalence on our site itself, but going back years in /cgl/ archives you can see that it was used as a code to direct people to milk here. i just threw in the bit about the term lolcow as a kind of extra tidbit, since i think calling it a lolcow farm has always been pretty funny.

No. 53863

that's why I said advertise to spaces that are more "in the know" like FDS or radblr

No. 53864

>Advertise on Tumblr
I implore you to listen to yourself right now.

No. 53865

So will Hellweek bands be permanent or longer 3-6 month bans ?

No. 53866

this is fucking embarrassing

No. 53867

I'm not saying advertise lolcow.farm on tumblr, rather send bascially invites to specific radfems who would fit well in here

No. 53868

this isn't a radfem site.

No. 53869

Hellweek as a band lasted for six years before the breakup actually.
the absolute state of this site amazes me.

No. 53870

unfortunately it is now which makes the site even a bigger mess because now you have your local weaboo pickme audience who were the original farmers and the radfems who joined around 2020-2021 now having regular clashed with each other.

No. 53871

the entire site isn't radfem. allowing radfems on the site doesn't make the entire site that way, and admins already said they're going to restore board culture. also original farmers weren't pick-mes. there's a reason tranny hate started here early on. don't forget those original users banned men to begin with.

No. 53873

Most of those original weebs are now pp/gc/malehate anons. Both your assumption that the current pickmes are oldfags and the radfems are newfags are wrong.

No. 53874

one doesn't have to be radfem to manhate or prescribe to gc or pp views, but i otherwise agree.

No. 53875

Who's on the left?

No. 53879

Some of you just call everyone newfags for literally any reason you can think of

No. 53883

Holy shit no. You want MORE radblr-tier essay infights about everything under the sun?

No. 53903

radfems think this place is evil due to the whole concept of lolcows and a preconception of us being racist like 4chan (i mean there are some polfag losers who pop up to sperg but it's not a lot). So no, it wouldn't go over well. The only "radfems" who would come here are the ones who aren't actually interested in radical feminist theory only call themselves that to be edgy, and they would do absolutely nothing but troll and infight.
actually kind of yes but only because infights with essay long responses each would be hilarious, like watching the stock market reports on a nintendo DS

No. 53904

The few of us who are here likely come off as insufferable moralfags, most who claim it here are just TEs and forget why the term needs denoting from radical feminist in the first place but I digress.

No. 53905

tbf 99% of radfems don't care about theory and drop the label when they get a bf or find some other ideology to latch onto

No. 53906

I want manifesto anon to post more.

No. 53909

no more sperg posters please. i don't wanna invite spergs just because it might be funny momentarily.

No. 53916

File: 1677749029506.jpg (93.95 KB, 383x575, 0213pc_whittier_1_full.jpg)

I think some newfags at small doses can be fine as they'll naturally integrate over time without changing the board culture
again my suggestion is sending "invitations" who you know would fit in well

No. 53920

Shayna's thread needs its own hellweek imo. Between the recent 'i hope she dies' 'she's not even human' alogging, doxxing, and cowtipping, it's clear that some of the regulars are completely fucking deranged and need to take a break.

No. 53921

thank god admins are smart enough to know your ideas are dogshit. you should go to reddit or somewhere more mainstream if you want more active users.

No. 53922

haven't been always like this, its impossible to be shaynatard unless you have been invested in reading her threads for years now

No. 53923

While I agree that some of the current batshittery is new, her very first thread is one of the only ones that was removed from lolcor because people were targeting her family members. There's just something about Shay that attracts loonies.

No. 53925

this is not kiwifarms dumbtard

No. 53927

I don't want it to be kiwifarms, did you read what I said
It's not about shayna herself its what she represents to them

No. 53928

File: 1677771005944.jpeg (219.08 KB, 1600x915, 1670516276644.jpeg)

No. 53929

File: 1677771630602.png (221.12 KB, 374x376, 010.png)

You're just going to bring in more people than get it, I swear we need some intelligence check before letting people in because some end up as eternal newfags who are missing half of the message here.

No. 53931

I have been for 4 years now and I don't want this place to be filled with tumblr types, that's why I said reach out to a few Individuals

No. 53932

What do you want it filled with, I'll bite.

No. 53933

bitch this is dumb. you can tell anyone you want about lolcow. Go! do it now! nobody gives a fuck, this isn't some secret site that requires a password it's an anonymous imageboard where anyone can discover it, so I don't even know wtf you could even be talking about with this egg-headed ass idea. why did you capitalize Individuals. why would we need to invite anyone. put the crack pipe down.

No. 53934

I've missed you so much.

No. 53935

no one type really, just interesting women whoa aren't either tardthots or brain poisoned wokeoids but aren't normies either

No. 53936

4 years makes you a newfag because you came in when all the retards did.

No. 53937

You suggested inviting people from Tumblr so to me you're the normie.

No. 53938

seriously this. anon should go to a busy site if she wants to be somewhere more active.

No. 53940

I never said I want an active userbase, just a few more users to counterbalance all those who have left

No. 53941

Well you can't counterbalance quality with quantity is the thing.

No. 53943

you weren't even here when the bulk of users left, which was 2017. if you want more users you want more activity or what would the point be? you're obviously just trying to make excuses now because your idea is braindead.

No. 53946

Lmao the autism in your replies. I get your point nonna, it would be nice to have a bit more activity with users who fit the website. Just keep in mind that the same people replying to you are also likely the ones who whine about "LC being so slow", "lolcow is finished" and saying "all users left at x year".

No. 53947

Not at all, I have a lot a faith in this site. I just think the idea is retarded. This site is not a secret, anyone can be told about it or know about it. We don't need "recruitment" or invites because there is no need for recruitment. It's an open free site that anyone can use so I literally don't even understand what the fuck she could possibly be implying. If she or you have friends, tell them about it like?? I don't possibly understand what even it could mean. Want a fucking billboard??

Does the site need more users? Sure. Do we need to actively try to garner them? Literally no. wtf. Plenty of people learn about this site on the daily as it comes under the microscopic lens of news sites and twitterfags/tumblrfags sperging about it on twitter, tumblr and tiktok. The ones that like the site stay, the ones that don't either get btfo for being a newfag or they just leave. The problem isn't that we are lacking new users, the issue is getting them to stay. Are we going to ignore the fact that cp is posted literally daily? Why would anyone besides oldfags want to stick around for that unless they had some investment (socially) in the site? New people join all the time, poke some fun and move it along.

I should also add that the site is terrible in the sense of: a lot of social faux pas, a lot of infighting, a lot of unpopular opinions for normal people, racebait, "TERF" opinions. I like it and am okay with that so I stick around. But the average person is not going to want to stay and deal with that. Even if every single anon on this site invited just one person, I don't even think that would be enough for the site to be "active with likeminded people" because believe it or not I don't think there are that many likeminded people to begin with.

No. 53948

nice projection.

No. 53949

File: 1677786236893.jpg (481.81 KB, 1417x1484, 35009f6a4989e47795f16213c602c2…)

If a new engine(I don't the technical term) is going to be used for new lc, can there be at least a trial period to see what it's like aesthetically and function wise so we can avoid the mistake of shaymin and of course all the threads from the boards have to be migrated, that's not even a question

No. 53961

is anyone else noticing someone necro-ing a bunch of old threads on /snow/? not sure what's going on.

No. 53963

Yeah, reported all that shit already. Wonder what is that about

No. 53967

It's just some sperg from kiwifarms seething because he can't dox and cowtip here.

No. 53974

Don't waste your time reporting. Let the baby tire himself out

No. 53977

Blaine's tweaking and bored again. Fuck else is new.

No. 53978


No. 53979

That wasn't mean to be bait? That's legitimately what I think is happening.

No. 53980

Then I honestly think you're retarded.

No. 53981

>moid “women be on their phones 24/7 lolz”
>moid refreshing and spending time commenting on threads for the past couple days because…?

As usual moids are braindead

No. 53982

I thought exactly the same, guy is legit retarded

No. 53983

nonny you’re talking to him. but there seems to be another male doing a sperg out in embarrassing blaine fashion though

No. 53984

Yes but he isn't doing it over his cows getting memory holed due to an inept admin.

No. 53985

Stop defending Blaine it’s never going to justify his sperg outs that were retarded and extremely cringey

No. 53986

Well yeah I completely agree about that.

No. 53988

will never understand the point of him wasting all this time when we have a catalogue where we can just as easily find the threads he tried to bury? It's really just a minor inconvenience at best. kek

No. 53989

some retard necroing snow threads. ban pls

No. 53990

maybe i haven't seen much of what he actually does but i thought blaine's way of trolling was to cause infighting and confusion directly with other nonnies. based on what this troll is saying he seems more like a bored kiwifarms lurker talking about shit like smugly having jannies clean up after him because they don't have children, how we're all fat and bitter, etc.

No. 53992

There's no way actual anons are coming here to report the spamming for the eleventeenth. it's gotta be the spammer because I know LCF anons are a bit smarter than that.

ignore it

No. 53993

>There's no way actual anons are coming here to report the spamming for the eleventeenth
I've been here for 3 years now but what? lol

No. 53994

if it was that specific spammer they'd be shitting up these threads in the same style. some of us are actually wondering what's going on.

No. 53999

There's more explanation in another thread but tl;Dr he's a scrote who's upset he can't faildox and send rape threats to a cow.

No. 54003

He's a no-life tranny, not sure why you're surprised. If he actually left his basement for once, he would have to confront himself with how much of a xy failure he is. So this low iq retardation is all he has left in his life kek.

No. 54009

It's whiteglove tbh. Tranny behaviour still but they shit up their own thread immediately and then this crap started, trolling and being generally annoying is their thing

No. 54010

I will never understand this. If I were listed as a cow here, I would stop posting, stay quiet and leave my thread the fuck alone. It would end up on page 10 in no time.

No. 54011

Ask her yourself >>54003

No. 54020

You really aren't slick amd you will never be a woman.

No. 54022

Says the retard who tagged two different people, honk honk.

No. 54023

It must be hard to be so retarded you don't even notice how obvious your retardation is to other people, even on an anonymous imageboard. Go make another vendetta thread with "don't call me out!" as a rule kek.

No. 54024

Again there was two separate people that you responded to, you might think you're slick dismissing anyone you disagree with as Blaine but you're not and Shaymin isn't here to wipe your tears over it anymore.

No. 54025

Here you go again with the seething about shaymin lmao. I'm glad she makes you so mad.

No. 54026

The implication is hilarious, go back to the other thread and cry about being banned some more and how we are all alogging you. You were more accurate in your assumptions then.

No. 54027

I thought I was whatever person you have vendetta with this time?

No. 54028

You could be Blaine trying to start an infight for all I know is my point schizo-chan.

No. 54029

Again displaying your low IQ and making your posts even more obvious.

No. 54030

Oh fuck you Blaine, I should have known this was you.

No. 54031

Reminder, Blaine and all other trannies and moids that post here like to reply to themselves and fight with themselves to make it look like we actually care.

No. 54032

same kek. It's hilarious

No. 54033

It's clearly men chasing a tranny, many such cases.

No. 54034

>man chasing man
moids are so gay

No. 54037

Wow he just tells on himself, every time. Anyway nonnies, much of the posts ITT are just blaine and you should know how to spot him before you give him the attention he gets off to. Copypasta:
A comprehensive long list of things the rapist pedo schizo troon says and does (feel free to add onto it):
>mask off
>pedo ring/pedo jannies/jannies posting cp/admin is male/jannies are male (basically any raging hatred and accusations regarding site staff)
>admin is being blackmailed
>everyone is blaine/we're all blaine
>pretends blaine and erika are different people
>links to other imageboards and sketchy websites
>shits on fire/sites fucked
>talks about elaine/rachel/null(josh)/michael or other irrelevant kiwifags
>you're going down
>I will expose you
>refers to himself using the wrong pronouns (calls himself she or they despite being male)
>complaining about kuz and soyjak
>something real is going on
>this is insane/crazy/huge
>random youtube song links and/or random lyric dumps
>anime avatarfagging (usually with pedo anime characters, sometimes with final fantasy ones)
>misuse of sites lingo
>asking or demanding to be a mod/janny/admin
>replying to one of his posts with the same lingo and typing style (samefagging)
>posts cp and then is immediately around to complain about cp he posted
>threatens to kill/rape people
>asks to be unbanned
>mentions his vpns
>refers to himself as erika or UH
>posts ugly pic of his thighs and covered bulge
>spergs about porn and his creepy fetish stuff
>tries to get people to post hand pics
>larps as being a csa survivor
>randomly talks about his sister
>posts /pol/tier nazi and pepe pics
>conspiracies about blackmailing, abuse, pedo rings
>constantly mentions foxdickfarms
>I proved it/here's the proof
>you're killing this website/this website is dead bickers of you/this website is dying
>pro tranny/pro scrote posts (trannies have always been welcome/men can post here if they want/etc)
>schizobabble about being a witch/magic spells/hexes
>says he is a tranny not a troon (and other weird tranny infighting stuff)
>uses sexist insults (calls women whores, cunts, bitches, roasties, etc)
>complaining about jews and nonwhites
>refers to women as "natal women" or "cis women"
>god complex spergouts
>hates on radfems and gcs
>says he is gnc
>talks about his ugly troon dick
>sniffed out
>it was rigged/I rigged it
>I win/I won/I'm winning
>mentions flamenco or undefault or naught
>bbc spam
>bought off janny/paid off janny
>this is why people never use this site
>whines about "transphobes"
>says he is doing damage control
>talks about owning guns and/or threatens to use them
>weird obsession with russia
>pretends he has some greater plan
>randomly counts down (ie 6 days left, 6 hours left)
>so much proof
>look at these connections/all the connections
>you're screwed/it's over
>pressed/keeping you pressed
>I timed it/it was timed
>pretends he's doing this to waste someones time
if you see posts that contain any of these it's the ban evading sweaty gamer tranny, do not reply to him, simply report and ignore

No. 54038

No. 54039

why won't mods just delete or at least redtext his posts like they did before? that way we know for sure which posts are his and can avoid replying

No. 54042

it's probably one of the retarded teenagers with their "radfem" instagrams linked, they were vocal about being noticed in the old discord

No. 54043

I love radfem nonnies some can be very cringe some of the “recruitment” ideas are dumb. I like that LC is women oriented but it’s also not just that. I like that we have things for any personality type of women, wether it’s radfem or weebshit or gossip etc. They will come organically and learn to integrate and stuff. LC isn’t niche for sure. I still laugh at the “abcs of lolcow” book idea that one nonny had a while ago

No. 54045

some brain dead cunt bumped every single ancient thread in snow with their retardation. lovely.

No. 54046

he's been doing this 2 days now, what a fucking retard

No. 54047

ban the retard zoomer/coomers who is bumping necro threads in snow ffs

No. 54048

reminds me of how men think everything women do is for male attention meanwhile everything men do is literally for female attention

No. 54052

Doxx in shayna and waster threads

No. 54056

wtf is happening ? some retard is spamming every necro threads with "Airplane mode is autopilot for ban evasion" ?

No. 54057

samefag forgot to add that its on /snow/, cant see any recent threads now its annoying

No. 54058

moid stalker(?) of Whiteglove, a tif cow, he's mad about Whiteglove having a thread on LC or something like that

No. 54060

I can't stand that shit. Ot, but Jordan Peterson, being the autist that he is, told his group of impressionable young moids that everytime women wear makeup we're sexually signalling… Because women are two-dimensional beings who only ever have one motivation and it's attracting the male gaze.

No. 54061

So if jannies are handing out bans for accusing posters of being scrotes (I see posters doing that allllll the time but ok), maybe add it to the rules? Am I missing something?

No. 54066

can i ask what happened to lolcow? i used to browse it all the time when i was younger and it seemed extremely active and busy with people posting all the time, i’ve come on it again for the first time in years and it seems so dead and like barely anyone comes on here anymore.

No. 54071

Just the same thing that's been happening to all imageboards, people get tired for one reason or another and leave and there's not enough newfags coming in to fill their places.

No. 54072

Quality of cows is in the toilet too. We witnessed a golden era of the internet and we didn't even realise it at the time.

No. 54074

When he samefags or responds to posts that trigger him multiple times, he does it to create a fake discussion where he can defend himself, to pull retarded falseflags or to do the imageboard equivalent of upvoting his own posts.

I feel like this needs an update by now but it would be too long lmao.

No. 54079

File: 1678024408430.gif (2.35 MB, 375x498, happy-popcorn-day-national-pop…)

did the thread and the torium get deleted

No. 54081

some posters left last year because of /m/ being broken and the constant cp raids (the former only getting fixed recently), like i distinctively remember a bunch of posts in /meta/ around february or march of last year saying they were leaving because of that. then even more posters left after the "site maintenance" issue in december. for a while some people couldn't access the site at all without using the flipped version, tho plenty of anons wanted to leave cause of all the other problems that went down too.

No. 54082

The quality of cows here, plummeted and I don't feel like introducing new ones because it's funnier to watch this place slowly die.

No. 54123

accurate reasons for why lc userbase has gone down the last 2 years, this is why I'm saying we should invite more users so lc doesn't teeter and lose is edge

No. 54125

File: 1678078732725.jpeg (32.95 KB, 410x326, question.jpeg)

so will the new engine be able to have all the previous thread moved and how much can it match the aesthetic of current lolcow(cause I fucking hate the design and function of whatever choachan uses)

No. 54126

well go invite them. i don't use other social media so idk where i would do that… and i don't want to mention lc to irls

No. 54129

Ehh nta but I disagree. It’s kinda hard to find a real good cow now a days. The “market” is saturated. Tiktok is full of cow-esque people. You could always go to KF if you wanna complain about this site.

No. 54142

Oh you think I don't sit over there and complain pointlessly too? I don't think you understand what fun is to me conceptually.

No. 54146

Lol okay no1curr

No. 54147

lolcow is blessed to have a farmer like you, thank you for bestowing upon the farm your everlasting patience and superior taste in cows

No. 54153

Nonnies I think that "someone" is/was ITT

No. 54154

he literally always is he has no life

No. 54169

He has meta threads open 24/7

No. 54196

can mods do something about the guy thats spamming the fujo thread in /m/ with pics of TIFs accompanied by word salad? it's really annoying, he does it in threads all over the board. is there a reason he hasn't been permabanned yet?

No. 54203

Is that why this faggot won't crawl out of my asshole

No. 54206

No. 54208

polfag shitting up the vent thread, probably the same one who was redtexted in tinfoil and other threads

No. 54209

I really don't think there should be an issue of /m/ thread being bumped, cause its literally so dead

No. 54210

Most threads on /m/ are so slow compared to the rest of lolcow that it doesn't really matter if they're bumped or not, and the thread will go back to page 3 in an hour anyway. It's just people whining that not every thread is catered to their personal interests. If they don't like the thread they can easily hide it, but for some reason they're allergic to doing that.

No. 54214

Why hasn’t the ass worm /pol/ moid been banned? He whined about femoids and muh jewz he’s definitely a male

No. 54216

it might be more than one moid, lolcow was mentioned in a /pol/ thread not that long ago

No. 54221

Looks like it was made by a seething moid/tranny from the aella thread.
It's also interesting to note that he changes IPs/IDs within the short span of the thread (from Uw6HQhZ+ to V068NqkW). Also

>You wanna know the best bit? All the mods have vacated the premises because some "nonna" kept spamming the mods nudes everywhere and the mods gave up. The inmates run the asylum now

Since this was coming from the OP and it's complete made up bs about our staff again, I wouldn't be surprised if this is indeed the tranny again.

>As soon as someone pointed out they should try dating shy middle class tech needs, everyone sperged out and started calling them a moid and faggot

>They will permaban you for posting anything remotely male-sounding, or for voicing any smidgeon of defense for the male gender, so keep a low profile while posting.
>they're pretty paranoid about male posters though
Kek, of course that's coming from raid attempting moids. They're real big mad they can't sit with us. Good.

No. 54222

Cp in /m/

No. 54223

Cp in /snow/‘s male trannies’ thread

No. 54224

he must be using a vpn and circumventing bans that way, that's the only reason I can imagine he keeps respawning

No. 54225

So, what the fuck is this post in the jvloggers thread? Because it looks pretty sus. >>>/w/284781

No. 54226

samefag, just adding that it isn't a link or anything. it's the content of the post, it almost looks like it's coordinates to something, is some nonnie innocently trying to get an ARG started or is it some weird shit?

No. 54227

>some "nonna" kept spamming the mods nudes everywhere
Lolwut? We know nothing about our admins and less about our mods. We don't have a hand pic of a janny, least of all a mod's nudes. He's just making shit up. Is he mistaking Aella's nudes for a mod's nudes?

No. 54228

It's coordinates, looks like dox

No. 54231

or resetting his router, or mobile data

No. 54232

We have a history of Chris and Sharla fans or friends trying to get people banned from the jvlog thread for discussing the slip-ups of their cows. Could be that one of them has moved on to doxxing.

No. 54250

But is he even getting banned? I have not seen any redtexts

No. 54284

Admins I have posted my hand on account of accusations against me, I truly do not mean to derail or "persoanlityfag" but I feel that some of my detractors will not let go and continue to press against me
I think overall it is somewhat my own fault, please forgive me for this

No. 54285

You're a retard.

No. 54286

Ok hand-chan

No. 54288

Kek please tell me this is just bait

No. 54311

kek someone please make this into a banner. this is too good. even if it bait/trolling.

No. 54314

you're being too optimistic if you think pakichan's autism is trolling lol

No. 54315

This cannot be paki chan since there's no cat meme attached so namefag is probably a baiter

No. 54317

No race sperging either, this baiter needs to do a better job.

No. 54361

So will nu lc have a beta version that we can test out to see what's it like

No. 54397

Were the mods really replaced or did they just receive new training? It's been days and doxxing is still up in the jvlogger thread >>>/w/284781 and the WK situation is absolutely out of hand and not something you'd see in other threads or in the past under the previous admin. If the mods weren't actually replaced, please consider hiring new people.

No. 54425

my theory is their putting most of their effort on the new site

No. 54433

WKs have been banned in other threads during the same time.

No. 54462

Yes, nucow will have an extended test period before posts are migrated and the current site is retired. We want to get a lot of feedback from users before we commit to the change!

We are aware that reports aren't being responded to quickly enough, and we apologise for that. We definitely need more farmhands and we have been working on documentation and process changes to ensure that moderation will generally be more reliable and consistent.

On a related note, we have finished preparations and are now ready to recruit new staff! If anyone is interested in applying, please complete the form linked in the announcement above.

No. 54463

Hi admin, just a suggestion but when you hire new farmhands please get some that are GMT!
I would apply but I’m an oldfag and I couldn’t commit enough time!

No. 54491

I'm not applying, but I noticed the mod application is a lot more in-depth and inquisitive than past mod applications that I've seen. Nice.

No. 54494

File: 1678633731938.gif (288.6 KB, 200x150, giphy (4).gif)

>First question is what your discord is.

No. 54497

Lol, how else are they going to communicate with other mods? Email or skype?

No. 54498

saw this on the front page and only came here to say that orlando kinda looks like grimes here, big droopy puffy eyes

No. 54499

Emails like adults yes.

No. 54507

why not go for teams or slack, kek

No. 54508

Lc site discussion between admins and mods done on zoom

No. 54509

Return to tradition, send the messages with snail mail

No. 54510

Carrier pigeons and horseback is fine, no need to make the farmhands go slower than they already do kek

No. 54511

So damn excited for nucow. That's going to be absolutely incredible. Also huge shout out to whoever is banning all the infighters and derailing spergs. I love witnessing farmhand justice in real time. Keep it up, lovely farmhands. As for nucow, is there an ETA for it's launch?

No. 54514

Is the disgusting tranny janny coming over to Nucow to get his nuts in a twist over stupid shit and ban anons for not kissing his ass?

No. 54515

Anons are calling a janny a tranny, are there any examples of bans for ”transphobic” posts?

No. 54517

I want to thank jannies for banning anons for every stupid little thing but allowing the site to be raided by nicokado avocados asshole. You are truly doing great work.

No. 54521

why can't I post properly

No. 54525

let's hope something can be done and hope the new farmhands application finish up as well

No. 54528

The problem is that there's no captcha so people can use bots to spam the boards.

No. 54531

I'm not really knowledge about computers, but my question is why can't these guys(their probably like 2-3 of them) ever be premabanned, like even if their using VPN's can't they also be Ip blocked

No. 54533

Banning by Mac address? That's not a trick that a Jedi could teach you.

No. 54534

I don't think it's multiple people doing this, it's been the same pattern today as with the joshpocalypse (making new threads using gross people moids love like nikocado, ethan ralph was posted last time, he was liking alogsspace and they love ethan ralph there. etc and having similar text especially with those randomized words at the bottom). They can permaban the ip (whether it's vpn or normal) and remove all posts from that ip, which is what I think they did now judging by how fast they were removed. He's probably getting perma'd every time he spams but he just uses a new vpn location to evade.

No. 54535

but they don't even have macs

No. 54536

Only administrators can deal with raids being carried out this way, and we dealt with it as soon as we were alerted to it! Farmhands/mods cannot do anything with the moderation tools available, it has to be done by directly interacting with the server/database.

The recent raid caused a service outage, but it should be returning to normal now.

The bot posts with a new IP address and spoofed device information between every post. It's not as simple as permabanning them, as everything we could use to identify them changes between each post.

It is likely one person doing it using a bot. Each post has a different IP, we just purged them all manually through the database as that's currently the only way to deal with it. The frontend moderation tools are unfortunately limited!

No. 54545

My images have been weird lately, the thumbnails are pixellated as hell so I can barely read any text on them but the full image is loading faster? Is this something new or just me?

No. 54546

just out of curiosity admin, how do you confirm that all the people who apply and are selected to be farmhands are women?

No. 54547

We don’t

No. 54548

rip i guess all we can do is hope that they keep moids out of the ranks

No. 54554

Iirc Shaymin says they have a certain vetting process

No. 54555

I'm not saying there are men in the mod team, but we all know how reliable shaymin was

No. 54556

I believe the new admins can confirm if they’re real woman. I don’t think they’re naive to think that there wouldn’t be males or retards trying to get on the team. Here’s hoping

No. 54560

I just want to let other posters know that if someone's using a VPN the chance of you having your IP banned is extremely low. You're IPs aren't cycled through VPN server farms which is what VPNs tend to use or volunteered IPs they are granted access too and are rented out. I know anons like to say the moids have gotten their IPs shuffled in, but its extraordinarily unlikely and mods/admin probably know this too. Just pointing this out because I'm tired of anons saying their IP was used by someone else when it most likely wasn't and you got banned by accident during the mods activities or its just your ban and mods aren't dumb to think a VPN somehow got access. It's not possible. It doesn't bounce off random people. If you think it's an accident just try appealing.

No. 54561

Just wait for the day I go through all those VPNs and appeal the bans, I'm being nice and waiting.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 54564

Lol you're a farmhand

No. 54565

That's what I said in the comment above yours newfag.(obviously not a farmhand, sperg-chan trying to scare retards again. 0/10 bait)

No. 54566

what an odd thing to get angry at

No. 54567

Angry? It's a term of endearment, what's wrong with being a fag?

No. 54572

I disagree. It hasn't happened to me on Lolcow yet, bu multiple times, I've seen ban messages using my IP on 4chan. I know for a fact they're from VPN users because they're usually spam posts, too.
Also, is it so impossible for some moids to just live in the same countries as anons, and for IPs to be dynamic?

No. 54573

When I used the VPNs on Brave, I've seen ban messages that stated using a proxy as the reason though. And some people do have dynamic IPs

No. 54574

Aren't farmhands supposed to not out themselves and reveal that they are a farmhand?

No. 54577

What is the official policy on VPNs?
Different admins have had different opinions. In my personal experience I didn't run into any issues using a VPN until a few years ago when I found that some of the IP ranges available with my VPN were blocked. The admin before Shaymin removed the block on some IPs after I asked her to. Shaymin seemed to want to ban them all and some IP ranges have gone back to either being blocked or being permanently banned with no reason given.

No. 54592

The not my type's type thread on /g/ should get locked I can't stand all the retarded weeaboos seething over asian women dating deformed moids or whatever, this shit has got to be at least 50% bait because I refuse to believe we have that many retardinas here

No. 54593

The not my type's type thread on /g/ should get locked I can't stand all the retarded weeaboos seething over asian women dating deformed moids or whatever, this shit has got to be at least 50% bait because I refuse to believe we have that many retardinas here

No. 54598

I don't know how that's possible unless someone else in your household is using 4chan and getting banned.

No. 54601

That's what I mean by it's not personal IPs unless you are volunteering them to the VPN farms and getting a rent fee for it. Otherwise you are not using personal IPs. They have their own servers for IPs. If someone is using your IP or your IP got banned on a site and you don't use VPNs and you're super confused, then your IP got stolen and someone could be impersonating you. Just change your IP and I don't mean by using a VPN.

No. 54602

File: 1678727508388.png (15.21 KB, 666x260, heres my screenshot dont ban m…)

No. 54604

IP's get cycled by your isp, it's possible to get someone elses IP that got banned before.

No. 54605

Are you clicking links, anon?

No. 54606

I'd be shocked if someone nextdoor/within your range got banned because they are also on lolcow lol

No. 54607

File: 1678727865185.png (26.4 KB, 689x608, read the fucking article.PNG)

You do not need to click any links for that to happen

No. 54608

Then lolcow has a security issue, which I don't think is the case.

No. 54610

That's now how it works. The IP is hacked independently without any involvement from the user whose IP is being spoofed. The address appears as a normal IP to the site with no signs of tampering.

No. 54614

Completely missing why they have access.

No. 54615

Access to what?

No. 54616

Nta, the IP address you maroon.

No. 54618

I would assume by randomizing it, pulling it off a database or if they know yours and specifically want to pose as you then they use that.

No. 54621

All a person has to do to try that is post an IP, claim it's yours and larp as you. If you haven't clicked any suspicious links then I wouldn't worry about it.

No. 54623

Are you playing stupid on purpose?

No. 54625

You think someone would do that? Act retarded on the internet for laughs?

No. 54627

Probably have to do a live chat on discard

No. 54642

It's probably the tranny again, since he camps on meta.

No. 54645

The false ban messages you get on 4chan is because of dynamic IPs and rangebans (bans based on internet providers and countries). The former is more possible on websites with millions of users, but extremely unlikely on a small website like lolcow.
VPNs don't use normal people IPs, like another anon said, they use their own, which is why they are more easy to identify once you research the IP provider and thus blocked in places like 4chan. So you'd have to use said VPN to encounter a ban on a VPN IP and even then it happens rarely, because most popular VPN providers have thousands to tenthousands of IPs. Though browsers with vpn feature, like opera, probably have less.

Yes you do, that article explains what IPs are used for and that they are being abused by hackers but not how the IP spoofing actually happens. Which is being infected with malware that gives access to more information than just your IP address. By that logic every single website owner could "hack your IP" and use/sell it as proxy as soon as you visit the website.

No. 54646

>because most popular VPN providers have thousands to tenthousands of IPs
ntayrt but most of the ones i see have the same 10-20 ips unless you pay for it and it's a less popular vpn

No. 54647

That's right, I was thinking of paid ones. Though even on the free ones, it's not always the exact same 10-20 ones but randomly different ones per account (in my experience at least, I used to play around with vpns a lot to do ad offers for app games kek).

No. 54650

Of course I try to calm nonnas down because all this constant threats to leaking IPs by loser deformed dick scrotes and instead he tries to confuse women into thinking like said redtext >>54565

Anons, just never click links. Period.

No. 54653

i'm aware celebricows has a pretty shit reputation but it seems even worse lately, i don't understand why there are so many anons shitting up the thread with claims of milkless information about specific people or refusing to integrate. it was awful before but not this bad. i just want to gossip about current news on dumb celebrities without someone derailing into sperging about looks and if it's newfags or moids, they're painfully obvious

No. 54654

I feel like it got invaded by weird facebook boomers a few weeks ago and they made it their home

No. 54655

i'm glad at least another nonna has noticed and i feel similarly, but it's really annoying that they're clogging up the thread with random claims/old photos about the sprouse twins and austin butler, neither of which have current milk. i don't know if they're the same ones derailing about the looks of random celebrity women though. if they're getting banned, it looks like a few have been ban evading but this is all speculation. the one who said that gross comment about lisa marie presley a while back seems to have returned because their typing style is so distinctive.

No. 54656

I think that's a moid. He posts ss of articles a lot and I'm pretty he's the one who kept posting weird edits a while back in that same thread.

No. 54657

i had my suspicions that it was either stubborn newfags or moids but i didn't want to state it as fact because obviously i don't really know. i've mainly been reporting instead but i don't know how many people have gotten banned in the thread. i honestly thought it was blaine at first when it started happening.

tbf i do think some of the other regular anons do take ss of articles as well (and i have sometimes when posting milk) but the way that person types or whoever else is involved is very much identifiable with the random dashes and trump-like typing, apparently samefagging as well. i'm starting to wonder if the thread should be moved back to /snow/ or be stricter on moderation because i'm unsure if it being in /ot/ is just inviting weird shit like this.

No. 54660

100% agree, they also remind me of the one/s sperging about jim carrey all the time. they all type like total fucking boomers and samefag a dozen times a minute, it's obnoxious as fuck. the thread desperately needs more moderation

No. 54661

Yeah, everyone posts screenshots of articles. It's how you share milk sometimes, idk why anon even mentioned it.

No. 54662

Carrey-anon is a resident poster, she's just mentally ill and has a hard time getting over her awful crush.

No. 54666

Ngl I posted about that fag in celebrity cows, didn't realise it was a thing or that I was probably having a conversation with one person KEK.

No. 54683

Would someone be able to do something about the person who keeps bringing up old milk in the jvlog thread? Mod specifically said to stop bringing up old milk and tinfoiling and that's all this anon seems to do.

No. 54687

Hi admins, pls read this
(Click the archived copy)
I know my comment is old and the link even older, but plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose

No. 54688

Why does everything keep getting posted multiple times? Can this be fixed? Sometimes I can't even delete the duplicate posts.

No. 54690

we should get a new discord up and running

No. 54691

why the hell was Misha Mayfair / Laura Renvoize account deleted? she was a BPD cringetard horrowcow

No. 54692

>thread* not account

No. 54693

sounds like a terrible idea

No. 54694

Take a fucking jagged shard of glass and keep cutting up your forearm until your eyes close.(a-logging)

No. 54696

there is a reason I am literally afraid of him now

I wish eternal sunshine memory erasure was real

No. 54705

i agree and i'm glad to see more bans being handed out to anons clogging up the thread but i honestly think some or at least one of them are ban evading. i'm tired of seeing random nonsense as if it's one of the shitposting or tinfoil threads. the sheer refusal to integrate is ridiculous

No. 54714

Elaine Miller is claiming the lcf mod panel username/password entry form is "brute forceable as fuck" on sneed.social in a repeated copypasta she has about a user she's alogging claiming that they own LCF.
Not that I expect her to have the know how to actually do something with that, but I think some more security for the mod login should be looked into in the future. I wouldn't want someone of her ilk getting any ideas.

No. 54717

is she still on about that random latina

No. 54720

While we appreciate the concern, we can confidently say it's impossible for many different reasons. Take any comments like that with a grain of sand. None of the cerbmin have communicated anything like that with anyone so whoever is claiming they 'own LCF' is probably doing it for the lulz.

No. 54721

thank you cerbmin you are so epic

No. 54724

Please address >>54688

No. 54725

Please hellweek and force these newfags, moids and moidbrained girls off the site. OT has been a flaming hot mess lately

No. 54729

can we get a "notable handmaidens" thread for 2x? I'd be happy to make it and the list is LONG. was going to start with Jamie Lee Curtis cause I may or may not (may, do) have intel and the traitors need to be held accountable.
I was thinking male handmaidens too, a notable Australian comedian is caping for them atm and god, the average have really fallen.

No. 54730

A handmaiden is a woman who capes for men in general, not necessarily TIMs, moids cannot be handmaidens.

No. 54731

>moidbrained girls
Is that technically against the rules though? I don’t think people should get banned for differing opinions (granted they are not infighting / blogposting / whatever)

No. 54734

Elaine has been embarassingly larping as a hacker and spreading bullshit for about two years now, it's nothing new.

This, if you're going to enforce hellweek please also go lighter on the "benefit of doubt" in case of moid- and newfag sounding posts and harder on the punishment

No. 54735

Yeah I agree with this, this site isn't just for one type of woman and banning anons because you don't like their opinion is a very quick way to lower the amount of users on this already pretty slow site. Not to mention that what's considered moid-y differs from farmer to farmer so it's not even a clear-cut rule and would make jannies very biased.

No. 54736

Not this shit again. It's not about "not liking opinions" but posts that sound like moids. If we went along your logic, no moids would ever be banned because it "could just be a woman with a different opinion uwu~". But that's not how it is. If you want to post like/as a moid, you have literally any other imageboard and forum to do so.

No. 54738

When men are actually here though, it's very obvious that they are men.
>If we went along your logic, no moids would ever be banned
Did you forget that staff can see post history? That anon said "moidbrained girls" so it's clear she doesn't mean actual men and it seems more like she's talking about anons who have dissenting opinions. And again, what is considered sounding like a scrote differs from farmer to farmer and if you've been here for any amount of time then you've seen that a lot of anons will accuse each other of being moids for petty reasons. There's no clear guideline for that and it just doesn't really make any sense to ban anons for being "moidbrained" unless they're infighting or otherwise breaking an actual rule. As annoying as those anons are, this site isn't a hivemind.

No. 54739

>ban people i don't like, even if they don't break the rules
At this point go and make your own site

No. 54740

Im not talking about differing opinions, im talking about girls who are completely ruined by 4chan culture. I'm sick of female r9k posters who only live for incel attention and think this site will cater to that need.

No. 54741

newfaggotry isnt allowed

No. 54743

This discussion has been already been held in the last thread with responses to all the assumptions in your post so I don't care enough to repeat them. I disagree that moids are always obvious. Unfortunately, especially recently, they seem to get unnoticed at first because muh benefit of doubt and shit up several threads until they finally get banned or anons respond earnestly to them, giving them fooder for whatever they came here for. On other websites, they are openly admitting to posting here freely, for example >>54221 where the moid openly admits to posting in the Vent thread, Get it off your chest thread, Confessions thread and on /g/ and probably has an extensive post history due to it. In the complaints thread there are anons currently mentioning a pol moid shitting up celebricows.
It ruins the board atmosphere and sooner or later prompts this website to get infiltrated with the same garbage you have on any other imageboard. Actually, I don't know why any woman would want to visit non-dramaboards just to bring up the same pol/r9k/misogynistic garbage they can find in any other place.

No. 54744

I noticed "anons" unironically calling themselves femcels and I hate it.

No. 54745

I'm not exactly sure what your point is. I think moids are usually pretty obvious but maybe it isn't to some anons and that's fine, but either way I'm not arguing against them being banned.

No. 54746

you're doing meowtastic, mods

No. 54747

>Wahhhhh conversation sucks now.
>Proceeds to have nothing to talk about other than trannies.
Really makes ya think jk it doesn't because it's very very easy to see the difference in five years.
You're all newfags left and you're asking for a hell week? Lunacy.

No. 54748

I've been here since 2014. Why are you so against a hellweek if you dont break the rules?

No. 54749


No. 54750

Then talk about something else lol, no one is forcing you talk about trannies

No. 54762

CP in /m/

No. 54781

File: 1679292876947.jpg (191.51 KB, 900x1200, 1672041048010.jpg)

Apologies if this is a bad idea but could we do something for april fools? I think it would be fun. It doesn't have to be something extravagant

No. 54789

We have had April Fool's events in the past, so it's not a crazy suggestion

No. 54814

Hey new jannies, we've literally always been allowed to post the text heart, it's a character like any letter or number, not an emoji.

No. 54818

All you have to do is type # < 3 to get the correct one. (Not sure if the approved heart icon is different on devices even when that code is used tho?) I love a heart as much as the next bitch but this shit is getting annoying. Either ban them outright, explain the correct formatting in the redtext and/or ban notice, or allow any kind of heart. What a stupid thing to waste our already retarded and stretched thin mods' time and mental energy on. ♥

No. 54821

❤ ♥
don't mind me, just curious how different they actually look posted

No. 54822

huh, maybe they were mad because it's bigger kek

No. 54824

Just wanted to thank the new staff for the liberal use of redtext as a warning again. Its nice to see violations being noticed by the mod team and it gives the poster a chance to correct themselves before being put out to pasture. Reporting feels less like pissing into an ocean of piss than other imageboards again.

No. 54825

i'm curious about this, and i'm sorry if it's a goofy question but do mods have the ability to delete posts? or is it just admins?

No. 54826

technically even jannies can delete posts, but they're instructed not to unless it's spam/gore/cp

No. 54829

thanks nonna. it was because i wanted to suggest the trump-chan spam be deleted in celebricows, especially if that person just isn't going to contribute anything other than irrelevant spam. it just shits up the threads, the last one was full of it, and sometimes anons can't help but respond to the bait. i feel bad for even complaining and the team's doing great with moderating (imo) as far as i can see, but because of that anon insisting on ban evading and clogging up the thread about the sprouse twins or whatever it's making scrolling through the thread very annoying.

No. 54831

File: 1679535058406.jpeg (14.37 KB, 828x218, 3F2F3397-D020-4714-BC7B-F4170F…)

This comes up as an emoji on mobile

No. 54832

>the jannies are mobilefags

No. 54833

File: 1679536238381.png (1.69 KB, 468x87, hearts.png)

On mobile both of these appear to be the red hearted emoji. Bit surprised that the first heart is bigger then the other

No. 54835

Yeah I got banned for that the other day

No. 54836

File: 1679543914299.png (9.51 KB, 929x274, Screenshot_20230322-205755_(1)…)

They both come off as emojis but one is slightly different from the other
Using Google Chrome if that matters

No. 54838

Nta but I'm also using google chrome and they both show up as black hearts for me, just one bigger than the other

No. 54839

File: 1679551005709.png (33.95 KB, 1710x264, heart.png)

I get an emoji on mobile and a bigger heart on computer

No. 54840

File: 1679564277359.jpg (73.18 KB, 1080x1280, Screenshot_20230323_093416_Sam…)

this is how it looks on mobile for me

No. 54842

accidently had 2 images posted due to the error(you know one) jannies please don't ban me for that

No. 54844

File: 1679579647461.jpg (23.47 KB, 720x346, hearts.jpg)

weird how much variation there is

No. 54853

File: 1679618707783.png (447.27 KB, 2022x1167, Screenshot.png)

What is happening in the Dasha thread lately?

No. 54854

File: 1679641548313.jpg (109.6 KB, 1080x697, Screenshot_20230324_090335_Bra…)

The supposedly allowed heart is the black heart suit Unicode character (U+2665) which on many modern browsers, particularly mobile, now gets parsed as the heart suit emoji. The original "no emoticons or emoji" lolcow rule was obviously introduced prior to this, so now we really do need a proper updated consensus if this one emoji can still be allowed.

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