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No. 856121

If you don't have the material, time, or experience to make a new thread about a subject you want to discuss, use this thread to see if other farmers are interested in making and joining one.

Previous threads

No. 856122

Would anyone like a thread on Mr Girl? It's been a long time since his 'Cuties' video but he has some other stuff about him that's creepy

Summary of old drama
>was/is a sexist 'woke' man
>made a video defending 'Cuties' as a masterpiece to hide the fact that he's a pedo and was rightfully called out for being a pedo
>Keeps on making videos justifying him being a coomer who wants to 'fantasise' about rape, even though he has admitted in the past to committing rape
>has pursued a woman, who is a pickme, that was a rape victim, which is concerning because he has admitted to raping a woman in the past as well as having rape fantasies. She also is clearly scared of him when she's being interviewed by him
>he sympathised with a school shooter

Recently he's been making more radfem points, such as saying women shouldn't wear makeup and being gender critical, whilst also saying that he should be able to 'fantasise about whatever he wants.' It seems like now, after getting shunned by libfems for being a pedo, he's trying to get into the radfem crowd for some reason

No. 856124

I have been wanting to make a Radfem cows thread for a while, but I am not sure if it would end up being a magnet for trannies or people sperging about GC issues. We could include:

>Vannesa Vokey: antimask lunatic

>Meghan Murphy: recently rejected the radfem title and slowly becoming trad
>Anna Slatz: grifter with plastic surgery addiction (although we already have a thread on her, but it's very inactive)
>Bunch of AGP coming into radfem circles like Arty Morty
>Ovarit issues, such as:

About a month ago, there was a spat between Ovarit and its users
>Mods ban lucreciamott after she criticizes the Taliban and gets labeled as racist
>Mods ban RadFemBlack for calling out the censorship iirc
>Bunch of users delete their accounts
>Mods write a damage control post after a week of less engagement

No. 856126

I second this. Vanessa is unhinged

No. 856157

A Blabbermouth thread would be interesting

No. 856197

We need a new AGP/MtF thread

Is Anna Slatz is @Slatzism on Twitter? I had no idea she was a cow, I actually just followed her the other day

No. 856231

Radfem/terf cow thread in snow would be great. Slatz isn’t milky enough to occupy her own thread. The re are so many wonderful narc cows in those spaces though

No. 856243

Can we have a Dream thread?

No. 856245

What other radfem/terfs should be included in the OP?


No. 856312

There’s no way that wouldn’t immediately devolve into infighting hell. I think it might actually be technically impossible bc GC and radfem talk is banned, but you’d have to discuss about those topics in a thread where the cows eat sleep and breathe the stuff.

No. 856314

He’s usually discussed on the YouTube general thread. I’m not sure there’s enough interest in him as of late to sustain a separate thread.
Seconding the need for a new mtf thread.

No. 856316

new alr thread perhaps?

No. 856332

the existing ALR thread doesn’t even have 1000 posts yet
post there if you have new milk!

No. 856378

File: 1634165951751.jpg (1.1 MB, 1800x2345, doughty-caitlin-mara-zehler-1-…)

Could we have a thread about Caitlin Doughty/Ask a Mortician or would she just belong in a youtuber general? She's overwhelmingly hated within the funeral industry, not because of her self-proclaimed "rabble-rousing", but because she's obnoxious asshole who romanticizes death and shits on families who choose to embalm (despite not even having a license to embalm herself). There's also stories about how she's bullied others within the industry and went full mean girl with her team to get a student expelled (Cait is a 37 year old woman who did this to a student at a college she doesn't even attend) over a difference in opinion.

Both stories are within the comments of these threads, including the now removed blog post where she accused another industry worker of trying to make death seem cool and sexy (as if Cait's Bettie Page wannabe look and ott theatrics in videos isn't the same?) and tried to play some feminist angle.



No. 856389

Unless she has a cow meltdown she's better of in the YT thread I think. I'm also reading those posts and I'm not seeing any caps or archives, just hearsay. That's not going to be enough.

No. 856395

Personally would love to know about this cow. I read her book & it was incredibly NLOG-y, I could believe she gets milky.

No. 856396

I'm surprised Aaron Carter hasn't gotten a thread here yet. He is FULL of milk and new craziness every week.

No. 856400

All of her books are like that, unfortunately. She's a former history major who clearly only got into mortuary for a career due to her own fascination with morbidity. She's not in it to help anybody but herself and even went as far as to shut down her precious funeral home for a week in order to film her 'week in the life of' shit. It featured basically nothing relevant to the trade. Caleb Wilde, Little Miss Mortician, and Kari the Mortician are superior public figures.

No. 856412

I'm shit at making threads, but I am so interested in Fundies. Would anyone be interested as well?

No. 856414

Aaron and his mom need a thread, they're both so milky I couldn't even keep up with all of it back when he was my personal cow. There's some weird incestuous shit going on there I stg

No. 856418

there already is a fundie thread but it's been dead for months. if you have anything to add by all means bump it >>1172792

No. 856430

I read her books too. I got the impression that the only reason why she got into the mortuary business was because she thought the HBO show 6 Feet Under was cool and she wanted to be like Nate Fisher. I really hated how she talked shit about families who lost their children and wanted a cremation.

I would love a thread on her, but I don't think there's enough material for that.

No. 856432

I want milk on her and to hear more about why her books are shitty. I saw a video or two by her, she seemed cool to me but clearly I wasn't fully informed

No. 856461

Does anyone thinks Hannah Kabel AKA hannahowo problematic or milky? Do you think she deserves a thread?

No. 856471

She seems cool to people who don't work in the funeral industry because she's ott. She's basically the ItsBlackFriday of the career field to normies and is the only "mortician" which non-morticians know of.

I know you're not serious. There are tons of cows here who have had threads started by hearsay and some of those are still going years after the fact. Hell, June's threads have been stale as fuck yet are permitted to continue. This comment feels like yet another one of those 'but muh fav can't be p-posted!'

No. 856501

No it's just that "someone on reddit called her a bitch" isn't milk. The June thread may have started any which way but it only took off because her cow behavior on twitter and YT was capped and shared. Caps of milky excerpts from her book or clips of obnoxious YT moments would be a start and no one's doing it yet. I'm not against the thread but the legwork needs to be done to make it work. Not just reddit posts. That's all

No. 856526

nta, but I think that after we go through her books, we won't have anything to add. Her Twitter and YT channel is professional as far as I can see and don't really have any milk. Would it work better if it was a general death positive thread? Does anyone know if the staff members of her Order of the Good Death (https://www.orderofthegooddeath.com/founding-members/) are milky?

No. 856563

Can we have a thread on AOC?

No. 856590

I think if we start having threads on individual politicians it will just open a door for a rash of political threads with dumbass opinions from all sides. Maybe one thread for one country’s politicians at most?

No. 856610

some anons have talked about a thread for Comingupfern on tik tok. she's the mom that lets her baby eat sand and is suspected of causing her other child's death

No. 856648

This. He's always doing dumbass shit, a thread would be fun.

No. 856750

Hey, I made an OP for the thread. What do you think? I am not sure what image to use, so I am open for any suggestion. I don't know much about Leah, Ella and Celestia, so their sections are a bit bare.

Thread to talk about people who are radical feminists, but are batshit insane OR claim to be radical feminists, but are just using it to gain money and/or notoriety.

Warning: This is not a thread for ranting about TIMs, TIFs or COVID. Please go to the respective containment threads for that.

Anna Slatz
>Grifter with a plastic surgery addiction.
>Fired from her job as Editor-in-Chief for writing two puff pieces for the leader of a Neo-nazi party in Canada.
>Currently making a transition as a financial guru and stocks investor.

Vanessa Vokey
>Anti-mask psycho who compared face masks to hijabs.
>Assaulted a female voting booth worker for asking her to wear a mask.
>YouTube recently deleted her channel.

Meghan Murphy
>Founded the website Feminist Current and was a radfem.
>Ditched her beliefs and doesn't feel comfortable calling herself a radfem anymore.
>Writes articles about feeling sorry for men nowadays.

Leah Tverly
>Unhinged radfem who makes crazy rants on YT and thinks that hygiene is a tool of the patriarchy.
>Made a video of herself freebleeding in response to Contrapoints.
>Peed on the toilet seat and the floor of a public restroom because of a troon.

Ella Androphobia
>Anti-vaxxer, who believes that COVID is a fake pandemic.

Amy Dyess
>Former radfem who claims that was brainwashed by Julie Bindel to join the TERF cult
>Currently in transition to become a man and working on a anti-TERF film

>Radfem with white supremacist ideas
>Holocaust denier

No. 856792

This is great nonnie, I cant wait to participate in this

No. 856879

We need an escorts / professional companions thread

No. 856903

2 things. Meghan Murphy moved to Mexico to escape anti-feminist dystopia Canada. Just think about that for a second. It's too funny to not include. And IMO Celestia hasn't had any milk in 5 years so unless she's active again I'd leave it out

No. 856929

>Meghan Murphy moved to Mexico to escape anti-feminist dystopia Canada
Do you have any links about that anon?

No. 856937

No. 856969

She spoke about it at length in her recent appearance on the Joe Rogan podcast

No. 856982

nothing more radical or feminist than going on Joe Rogan

No. 856985

Ayrt. If you want to see something funny, go an watch her episode to observe that chimp shaped manlet drag his knuckles across the floor as he walks and tries to contain the saliva in his mouth while trying to talk about feminism

No. 857004

there's already a locked thread but
I'd be interested in an EDucating Shanny Thread.

No. 857026

File: 1634646685309.jpg (80.92 KB, 712x588, yeesh.JPG)

I hate that so many of the popular faces of radical feminism are anti-vaccine. It really blows a hole in "muh facts"

No. 857027

Yes I would also love an Aaron thread

No. 857030

the actual fuck happened to this woman

No. 857045

It's the same movement that spawned "my body, my choice". At least they're being coherent.

No. 857052

File: 1634660001416.jpg (122.36 KB, 875x603, girl what.JPG)

I dunno

No. 857064

Comingupfern is her main. AliceandFern and Radfemalice are her alts.

She’s full nuts. Along with what anon said she also claims being vegan will prevent sunburns and lets her rock eating kid bask in the sun with no protection. Car accident that killed her first kid that docs tried to save via C-section was most likely caused by her. Her 2nd rock eating kid was born at home alone and unassisted with no medical attention or follow ups ever. She’s totally against modern medicine for herself and her kid. Rock eating kid doesn’t have a bedtime and she lets him do whatever he wants at 1 year old. Her husband looks busted and sounds like he works all day and plays video games all night. Somehow they’re able to afford a brand new build home that she says their future children will be sequestered to! This is just the tip of the iceberg and she posts multiple times a day basically all day.

No. 857072

Thank you for your feedback. I made the thread: >>>/snow/1351285

No. 857138

Same, I was going to suggest her. I'm not sure if she livestreams much anymore but she was my personal spoonie cow for years. Almost every stream she would fake faint or pretend to "dissociate" but her acting is so bad and she knows no actual information on the disorders she fakes. Her "fainting" is so dramatic and whimsical it's amusing, no wonder her fans are just mentally ill high schoolers who buy into her antics. I'd love a Shanny thread, or a reinstatement of the Spoonie threads. I miss the Munchausen cows, they're the milkiest.

No. 857245

Will there be an 8th Camgirl Thread? Been wondering how ol' Pumpy has been doing and I only lurk

Please and thank you thread creating gods and goddesses

No. 857307

Requesting Grimes & Elon #2 thread pls.

No. 857327

graveyardgirl had threads on here years ago and was commonly discussed on PULL and gurugossip. Is there enough interest for a revival or does she belong with other youtubers?

No. 857340

I really know nothing about her, but I have interest if there's good milk

No. 857349

There should be a thread made specifically for infighting in /ot/. So before two autists start throwing shit at each other they can just go to that thread instead of wasting posts. Yeth or noth?

No. 857354

I would take it to the YouTube general thread >>>/snow/1273919 to start out. If people seem interested enough to maintain a convo there, then you could make a new thread for her and not have to worry about it being DOA

No. 857378

File: 1634912834104.png (2.4 MB, 1440x2597, Screenshot_20211022-082558~2.p…)

Can we get a thread for DID fakers like this potato-faced cunt?

No. 857380

New onion thread?

No. 857382

>>857378 I've been hoping there would be a thread on these cunts, and to be honest, Jilian (TheSpriteCompany) is a cow in the making. She's got such a punchable face and the weird shit she does with her eyes and talking out of the side of her mouth is enraging. They can never just have alters called "bob" or "Karen", it's always some ludicrous shit like "Salem" "Zephyr" "Morpheus" or some equally idiotic name. People who know her IRL have said her family is aware she's faking but they don't call her out (probably because they'd have to deal with her).

She often fucks up and catches herself right after but still posts it for some reason and if you dare question her she spergs out. She's one of the cringiest people on Tik Tok and that's no easy feat.

No. 857383

make it. i wanna see that DID Nin girl too i wanna know what happened to her

No. 857385


Do you know what their username is?

No. 857427

There's already a thread here >>>/snow/1137319

No. 857518

New Shayna thread needed! I’m at work for a few more hours or I’d put something together

No. 857548

Lmao don’t forget Fern was born into the toilet l

No. 857558

File: 1635065418976.png (135.64 KB, 479x444, teenager.png)

Hey funeral director anon,

I am still working on Caitlin's potential OP. I would just like to know some things before I post what I have:

- Is there a legitimate reason to believe that embalming is a scam?
- She really harps on American funerary practices. Are they that bad in comparison to other ones?
- Are alternatives burials better than traditional funerary services?
- To what extent is dark humor acceptable or normalized in the industry? I am not sure how valid are the complaints regarding her jokes about dead babies, overweight corpses, a suicide victim's mental state, etc.

I am combing through her books. Pic related is about her teenage years.

No. 857574

>To what extent is dark humor acceptable or normalized in the industry?
Not knowledgeable, but it seems insane to me for those to be a norm, at least in public. Maybe people in the industry joke when clients are not around, to blow off steam… but I cannot imagine it being normal.
Hope someone with actual insider info can tell more.

No. 857586

Ok this is anecdotal but maybe you can find more. I dated a guy whose family ran a small funeral home and it was super important to them to keep up appearances in public. Maybe it was just a small town thing, but maintaining a respectable reputation as a funeral director seems like it should be a priority. Cultural awareness of various funeral practices is important. Treating the dead with respect & dignity is part of the code of ethics for Funeral Directors but membership to that is voluntary.

Also never read any if her writing but I could hardly get through that snippet. What a terrible, self-involved author.

No. 857589

-There's seriously so much which encompasses embalming as a topic and unless someone has had a horror story-tier experience with a very unprofessional funeral home, its difficult for me to understand why she thinks its a scam and her only gripes seem to be money and green burials being superior. I'm perfectly fine with alternative burials, many funeral directors are, but its also just not for everybody. Cate also acts like funeral homes don't try their hardest to work with a family when it comes to figuring out something painless and cost effective. I completely understand that there have been some homes out there which had taken advantage of the grieving, but rather than educate the public on what to look for in a home, she throws the baby out with the bathwater. Embalming also largely helps families who have a loved one that died in a particularly gorey way and they don't want the last image in their mind to be of that scene. Bodies also arrive in varying conditions in modern day because of advances in medicine, so its likely that by the time a body reaches us it has jaundice, gangrene, etc and embalming helps a body look more presentable.
-I also cannot speak to whether an alternative burial is 'better' per se, because its ultimately what the family/deceased wants. Some people would rather have a green funeral, some people would like to be cremated, some people want their body donated to science, etc. And, at times, there's even some discrepancy as to which method is being taken because say someone passed and the spouse and family don't agree on what should be done. A death is upsetting as it is, add that on top of it.
-Similar to what >>857586 and >>857574 have stated: Maintaining a respectable and trustworthy reputation is important. I'm sure some people have told jokes in private, maybe even with the family if they knew them well enough, but to call it a 'norm'? That's.. strange, because that isn't what I've seen at all. We didn't even tell jokes at the funeral of a family member of mine who passed earlier this year. We've never told jokes like that, public or otherwise, at the home I work at.

>She really harps on American funerary practices. Are they that bad in comparison to other ones?

She harps on so much that I'm frankly having trouble remembering what specifically this one pertains to. I'll try to answer more after work. I appreciate the help. Also, I completely forgot about that bdsm club excerpt and its, frankly, kind of revolting.

No. 857594

File: 1635102212505.png (231.38 KB, 477x380, mitford.png)

Thank you, I was really weirded out by her jokes, but there is a snippet in her book where she says that you have to develop a sense of humor to cope with what you have to deal with in the industry. So it made me uncertain if it's something that I could criticize.

>She harps on so much that I'm frankly having trouble remembering what specifically this one pertains to.

Mostly that America is afraid of death. She criticizes how detached people are from death, which makes them unable to be prepared and plan/customize their funerary services. She paints the industry as greedy and insensitive to the grieving family's needs. There is a section talking about Mitford's The American Way of Death, which also criticizes funerary directors for only caring about business.

No. 857595

New onion thread when?

No. 857597

File: 1635104004531.png (312.59 KB, 486x519, katrina.png)

I am adding another excerpt from her second book where she criticizes the Board of Funeral Directors and Embalmers.

No. 857598

the book sounds milky but is there enough fresh milk to supply her own thread? i vote for posting her in the general youtuber thread for now.
now if there are more funeral industry cows alongside her that sounds like it would make for an amazing /snow/ thread: goth drama but with a professional coat of paint.

No. 857602

None of this seems milky to me. Sounds like she's lowkey anti-capitalism. Why would that be milky? Capitalism sucks. Or is there another reason the Board of Embalmers and Funeral directors would try to stop monks from selling caskets? It's a box you bury in the ground with a dead person in it.

No. 857604

If a thread were made it'd be pretty easy for those disinterested to just hide it. I don't really see the point of bitching about this.

No. 857614

bitching about what?

No. 857615

Could you elaborate on the incestuous shit? I know nothing about his mom or their relationship at all.

No. 857635

Thread on Brittany Venti!!!!!!!!!
can everyone pls stop seeing her as like ''our queen'', she sucks alt right incel cocks and is the ultimate pick me/not like other girls etc… I cant comperhend why there isnt a thread on her???????

No. 857642

there is already a tradthot thread and numerous threads where she is mentioned. use the search and chill the fuck out

No. 857667

Since H3 and Trisha Paytas have split can we have a separate Trisha thread, since 99% of the existing thread is Ethan simps discussing why their diaper fetish husbando isn't that hideous. If farmhands are cool with the split I can make the thread, I think she is milky enough for /snow/ if there's interest

No. 857668

Yes please, I'm honestly sick of hearing about H3 at all. He's fat, ugly and ignorant and that isn't milky enough for me. Trisha keeps me fed and hydrated.

No. 857669

I have the same concern. Most of Caitlin's cowish behavior is in the past as far I can tell. Her social media seems professional, so I am not sure how long the thread will last. Is there milk behind the scenes? I guess we could also analyze her videos. But she doesn't even writes the scripts for her yt videos anymore, she has hired 3-4 writers iirc. I would be open to making the thread more open, something like "Caitlin Doughty and the Death Positive Movement". If any anons know of more funerary directors cows, I could include them in the OP.

I took a look at the members of the Order of the Good Death and most of them seem normal-ish, albeit a bit cringy. There is a Hannibal fangirl who makes creepy looking food, a puppeteer who makes shows about grieving, a smell of death researcher, a post-mortem jewelry designer, a professor in medieval death, a diorama maker that recreates crime scenes, etc. They remind me of the group of teenagers who gather around the cemetery at night and read poetry.

No. 857670

File: 1635161470684.png (101.43 KB, 463x376, arranging-funeral.png)

I finished the OP, but it's subject to changes if people feel that it should include other cows from the industry. I would appreciate your feedback.

Caitlin Doughty/Ask a Mortician

Caitlin Doughty, better known online as Ask a Mortician, is an American mortician, author, YouTuber, and death acceptance advocate. She is overwhelmingly hated in the funerary industry for:

>Joining the industry for fame and aesthetic.

>Putting out incorrect information with dubious or no sources.
>Getting a college student expelled from a college she doesn’t even attend over a difference of opinion.
>Having a history of bullying other women in the industry over petty reasons.
>Trying to paint all funeral directors and embalmers as crooks who take advantage of grieving families.
>Pretending to care about the families’ wishes, but shaming them if they choose to take an approach that she doesn’t approve.
>Fetishizing foreign funerary practices while demonizing Western customs.
>Writing insufferable NLOG-y books with quirky humor.

Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
>Full of pop culture references and disrespectful comments towards the dead and their families. For example: flippant jokes about cremating dead babies, mocking a dead baby’s name, bashing a woman for being unprepared for the death of her mother, shaming the mother of a dead 9 year old for using the wrong credit card and choosing a quick cremation, etc.
>Judges grieving families harshly when they don’t deal with death as she would have.
>Defends a tribe’s practice of cannibalizing their dead while criticizing American hospitals for being too clean. In her eyes, this means that Americans are scared of facing death.
>Suggests letting the elderly die to fight against overpopulation.
>Caitlin went to BDSM clubs to get tied and whipped as a teenager.
>She attempted suicide because a guy friend rejected her, then proceeds to have sex with a random hitchhiker she found outside of her hostel.

From Here to Eternity
>A travelogue of her experiences with other death practices from other cultures that she has encountered.
>Western traditional funerary practices are all bad, but whatever other cultures do is cool.
>The more time with the corpse of your loved one, the better you are at accepting death and mourning the right way. For example: People spending years sleeping next to their mummified family members = Great. People cremating their family members after a viewing = They treat their dead like zoo animals.

Will My Cats Eat My Eyeballs?
>An illustrated Q&A book targeted to kids to come to terms with death.
>Filled with cringe jokes and outdated pop culture references.

Social Media

Other Links

No. 857671

"Smoke gets in your eyes" also features her quirkily reciting that when she was working in a crematorium she would make a game out of how many babies she could cremate under a certain time limit. Sounds fake but seriously. No screenshots because I had it on audiobook, maybe someone with ebook could confirm. I read a lot of death positive literature but that stood out to me as a totally inappropriate, heartless anecdote to put into a book. She seems to think not being afraid of death means not respecting it at all, including telling people who lost their babies that she broke her cremation record with their baby's corpse.

No. 857672

>including telling people who lost their babies that she broke her cremation record with their baby's corpse
She has no understanding of how to treat grieving people whatsoever has she.

No. 857673

File: 1635162924787.png (173.42 KB, 739x202, babies.png)

I have the digital version of the book and confirm the baby cremation game.

No. 857678

File: 1635165044985.jpg (752.37 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20211025_142617_com…)

Thread looks good anon, my only feedback would be to use a thread pic of her ridiculous thumbnail faces. Picrel relates to the baby cremation speedrun and I didn't even edit it, this is actually one of her thumbnails.

>C'mon, girl
>You get after that goal!
I read this in her sassy Twitter blaccent.
I'm not sure if the thread will take off as other anons said there isn't consistent milk, but I'm glad others are recognizing how fake, cringy and tone deaf she is.

No. 857680

Would anyone be interested in a Deadwingdork thread in /m/? It could be fun thread if a handful of us are as interested as I am

No. 857685

It's already so despicable that she has this death business as a kind of lifestyle.
But that is just too fucking much, bitch.

No. 857687

File: 1635171574562.png (185.09 KB, 1487x354, Visitation.png)

>She is overwhelmingly hated in the funerary industry
Based on two handfuls of comments from ONE subreddit, which also includes a fair number of neutral or just "I just don't vibe with her" comments - not exactly "overwhelming hate", unless you take 10-15 redditors opinions as "overwhelming". There were about 3 redditors who hate her so much that they make several (non-short) comments in the first linked thread. One of them even appeared in BOTH linked threads. People who don't like her mostly don't like their profession being shit on (specifically how pretentious Caitlin can get surrounding embalming practices) or have a personal problem with her. which can be milky - but where's the evidence outside of reddit?

>Putting out incorrect information with dubious or no sources.

>Getting a college student expelled from a college she doesn’t even attend over a difference of opinion.
OP making a claim from a redditor, which could be considered "incorrect information with dubious or no sources". This is one of the milkiest bits on Caitlin, and it's not even verified.

This is such an unmilky thread. Caitlin Doughty doesn't fit into the general types of cows that fill this website. She has an established job, some clout, and isn't even recognizably famous outside the death community. She no major problems outside the bad "baby cremation game", being kinda cringe & pretentious, participating in the BDSM community (which isn't even inherently milky, but is the closest to common cow behaviors), and redditors' claims that she's a mean girl. There's not even real evidence for the mean girl shit, and the stories are not even from the people she's allegedly bullied. She is such a normie as far as lolcows go. Kinda weird so many farmers have a hate boner for Ask a Mortician.

Prove me wrong anons. Fill her thread with non-ancient milk that isn't Western-centric egoism or defense of the exploitation that is baked into capitalism. As if Caitlin's callous attitudes towards some aspects surrounding death are so far off from the callous nature required when you turn death into a business, such as passive aggressively telling clients they don't have to worry about staying late at a viewing or service - that the funerary director will just bill them for that time, or turning down the temp, or turning music so loud guests can't conversate or just lurking in a corner, staring at the guests, hoping they'll get the message to leave. Maybe the most milky thing about Caitlin is that she is a hypocrite by participating in the industry and services she criticizes (like embalming).(whiteknighting)

No. 857689

File: 1635174093533.png (142.98 KB, 602x492, funeralindustry.png)

Even Caitlin herself acknowledges how much she is hated in the industry.

No. 857711

Agreed with your post until
>Western-centric egoism
WTF? I agree that farmers harping on her for criticizing capitalism are ridiculous (she has a point!). However, if she truly says that all western funeral practices are bad in comparison to everything else basically just because it's ~exotic~ and therefore ~natural~, than anons aren't 'western-centric egoistic' when calling her out…

No. 857714

Anon, you could just like.. not even look at the thread when its made. You getting this pressed makes you look like some asshurt stan.

No. 857720

aam acknowledging that she's hated doesn't make her not a dramatic bitch, anon. she revels in being hated the same way a lot of cows do because 'haterz uwu' must mean they're doing something 'right'. your entire defensive spergout about this woman not deserving a thread is cringe.

No. 857723

So is the thread getting started or not? I'm interested.

No. 857743

Same here.

No. 857773

I am the anon working on Caitlin's OP. I am just waiting a little in case that anyone wants to share other funeral director cows or has any feedback for >>857670

No. 857834

File: 1635271450235.jpeg (176.86 KB, 750x1066, 5DE5B7FE-3A03-44C6-A9D6-67F841…)

seems like @tiny.bangs on Instagram is in quite a bit of discourse after not paying the illustrator for her art in a book she published about her "non-binary" child she exploits on a daily.
comments on @littleguntank's post calling her out (the artist in question) hint that this woman has been on a downward spiral, lashing out and generally going psychotic on social media for quite a while
it's all fakeboi discourse but i haven't seen anyone mention it anywhere yet so i thought i'd bring it up here
don't know if she's milky enough for an actual thread but she is a pretty obvious basket case

No. 857837

File: 1635272288394.jpeg (144.83 KB, 1080x1405, E15B56EF-2B3D-40A8-9382-C4C059…)

>Since there’s no onion thread as of yet, I’ll have to put it here:

Someone I follow on Facebook shared one of onion’s pics and blurred out his face and alias then replaced them with Taco Bell, found it funny and decided to share

No. 857847

wait… onion keeps making "fan" memes of himself? Delusional

No. 857854

its like two posts and they are about how she is the lolcow ideal
why do u guys love her so much?

No. 857866

Is there no Alex/Prettypastelplease thread or need for one?
Girl drives me nuts letting her bird walk all over items she's just going to return.
Also loved her alienating some watchers by shopping constantly at the Salvation Army and not talking about what scumbags THEY are.

No. 857870

No idea who she is and I just looked her up. Is this just some fashion person?

No. 857896

Holy FUCK I’ve been following this woman for a while she is prime cow material. Aggressively transgendering her son, clearly has some kind of munchie/fake “fibromyalgia” disability she opts in and out of as she pleases, BPD aesthetic, seems to have one child she excludes from her manic social media posting (maybe a step child?) always posting about drama in her personal/professional life. Fucking chef’s kiss.

No. 857926

No. 857929

PLEASE!!! i watched her video from a couple days ago and im surprised she still has subscribers. she has lost her mind and i really want to know the deal with her weird husband

No. 857944

kek this author refused to sign a contract and the artist went ahead and did the work anyway and is now complaining about it. Please post more they both sound milky

No. 857969

Maybe put her in YouTuber General for now as there's not any milk. Agree she's got deranged bird person energy and is probably a little milky, but the Salvation Army thing is such a reach kek, you know we don't cancel people for being problematic here right?

No. 858018

can someone pls do a loeybug thread? it is looong overdue imo. there is a super old one full of wks so i think its time for a new one considering she is abundantly more milky now.
also yellowkush/krislynjacobss/woahkrislyn? she has sooo much drama surrounding her and deserves cow status. i've been debating making a thread on her for a while, but i've never made a thread and dont wanna fuck it up lmao. anyways if any anon feels she is milky enough and wants to unite on the kris thread i will more than happily provide all the milk i know thus far.

No. 858020

I'm down for a Loey thread I used to watch her when she started YouTube, then her weight gain got scary lol. Is she milky enough for her own thread if she's not even talked about on DeathFats or Youtubers Gen though? Maybe do a thread summary here first, because based on the Corpse thread, where she gets mentioned all the time, she's just fat and a simp

No. 858025

Loey already has a thread: >>>/snow/254884

No. 858137

Fair enough, man. They make me vom in my mouth so any association on people does the same.

No. 858260

File: 1635541704732.jpg (46.23 KB, 615x346, 1_This-Morning-interviews-prof…)

Is there any milk from Alicia Amira?

She's an adult actor who is trying to spearhead a pro-Bimbo movement, runs a fashion line, and gets into fights with other Bimbos all the time because she has a weird ownership over it. She has done embarrassing TV interviews talking about she thinks bimbofication should be an empowering thing for women.

I've heard little rumours and whispers that she's a complete narc and compulsive liar prone to having occasional meltdowns. If anyone has milk, I think she could be good for a /snow/ thread

No. 858287

I don't know much about her but a plastic surgery addict/bimbofication cows general would be nice for that. There's a lot like Natasha Crown or Martina Big that could use some attention too

No. 858312

Seconding for a bimbo general. That would be a fun read.

No. 858343

They also seem to have a lot of drama between themselves in the bimbo community. Following stupid moid pandering narcissists with body dysmorphia might actually be hilarious

No. 858344

Pixee Fox should also be included.

No. 858373

Please make a bimbo general!

No. 858399

I would make one but I'm shit at making threads. Dying for a bimbo general, delusional people with insane bitches surgery is one of my favourite genres of lolcow

No. 858509

Onision thread?

No. 858516

can we have an historic costuming drama thread? these ladies are a herd waiting to be milked! the Cathy Hay drama, where people are desperate for their "me, me!" moment is insane. Also, Bernardette-haters, this is your time to shine lol.

No. 858521


No. 858527

No. 858552


No. 858559

hell yeah! I really want to know more about the whole caty Hay drama

No. 858574

We need a new thread for Western Animation Cows.

No. 858697


No. 858718

Hey guys. I’m the op of the first Amanda Bret thread in snow, which I wasn’t expecting to take off, but it seems like there’s a lot of milk in the New York scene to be had spearheaded by narcissists who surround themselves with not just her but people close to her or in very similar social orbits. wondering if a NYC/tri state scene cow thread would be viable on the same board? If anyone is willing to make it, I’d be able to contribute. And from the looks of it, so would a bunch of other anons.

No. 858731


Omg do it. We got these so tuff poseur idiots in PA too

No. 858818

Fuck yes, please! I don’t know what’s so entertaining about that particular brand of cows but I’d love to read more.

No. 858890

I'd really like a thread on PinupPixie. She's a 23 year old tiktoker whos married to a 50 year old, has three kids (two step kids, one is 16), gets weirdly defensive when compared to anyone else, and has recently gotten a ton of plastic surgery that she isn't properly taking care of.

No. 858957

We need a new MtF thread

ohhh pleeeease, can we have a thread on her?

No. 859015

Can we have an adult Disney fans general? You know, like the cringey millennials with the weird soyboy smiles, Disneybounders, etc? The people who obsessively go to the parks like everyday or base their whole identity around the Disney brand and being a fan. I'm genuinely surprised that there isn't one already because that community has always been relatively unhinged and special.

No. 859017

They have a massive overlap with family channels/ family influencers, and the milk is forever flowing from them due to how many of them are just flat out child abusers, pedos, have a black sheep that goes wild, etc. This could be extremely interesting

No. 859024

I had no idea, but that just makes it sound even better. When I made my initial post, I was mostly thinking about briannacherrygarcia who used to be known on deviantart and livejournal back in the day as bri-chan. I enjoyed her WCMI comic and art during her college days when she was a cast member at the SoCal park and over time I lost interest in her both as an artist and a person because I felt like once she began dating this they/them weirdo (who she is now engaged to), she became too much of a woketard. Her art also doesn't seem to have evolved and might be a nitpick, but I think its weird as fuck that she and her fiance cosplay Anna and Elsa when.. the characters are sisters and these two are a couple. They do the same for Thor and Loki, its just weird.

No. 859030

>family channels/ family influencers

No. 859035

who are the cows you're thinking of? it sounds like it could have potential

No. 859135

Just slap something half ass together if you want, it's not like much new stuff has happened. The recap is mostly copypaste anyway.

No. 859164

File: 1636484117347.png (353.48 KB, 480x848, Screenshot_20211109-115206_1.p…)

New Luna thread?
I think we got a shout-out.

No. 859191

1/10 it's a cow

No. 859224

File: 1636579460095.jpg (1.22 MB, 3024x4032, peaqj6tb12t71.jpg)

Not sure if she's ever been posted before but here it goes:

Dove Clarke aka LoveDoveClark (on ig and twitter)
>100k+ followers on twitter
>nonbinary, she/they/he, used to tell people her name was Clarke but now gets angry if you call her Clarke because she apparently changed her name to Dove
>claims to have "like 5 jobs" including posting ads on instagram and making candles she sells online for $50
>claims to have or had anorexia
>constantly brags about making 6 figures and having a "6 figure business", but also gets income from onlyfans
>also likes to brag about buying luxury things, meanwhile she drives an old toyota
>had a white boyfriend that she used to claim looks like ryan gosling or something
>constantly talked about how amazing her boyfriend was, how great he was in bed, etc.
>she and boyfriend break up
>suddenly boyfriend does not look like ryan gosling anymore, she calls him ugly on social media and says she was out of his league
>now constantly talks about how abusive, narcissistic, and horrible he was the whole time
>literally does not stop fucking tweeting about her ex
>ex: he brought some of her candle molds back to her apartment after the breakup, she says she had to take her anxiety meds because she is genuinely terrified of him/was shaking and thought he would come up the stairs, he does not enter the apartment building and instead leaves her molds in a bag outside the lobby door, she then posts pictures on social media talking about how childish he was for doing so instead of bringing them inside
>even after constantly posting about him and claiming he's abusive on social media, she still tries to contact him for ~*quirky*~ reasons such as wanting to use his cast iron skillet and wanting to pet his dog one last time
>she can't because he blocked her on everything lol
>says she is completely over him
>fucking random guys now, claims to have "replaced" her ex within 1 week
>has insane rabid followers who constantly praise her degeneracy, promiscuous behavior, and egg her on
>literally will defend her through anything and jump on anyone who questions her, despite there being obvious holes in her stories and despite her being an unreliable storyteller

I could go on and on but I'm not sure if anyone else would be interested or if anyone else knows her?

No. 859250

Sounds like a cow indeed. I'd be interested

No. 859263

personal cow? she seems one note. bpd whore general

No. 859328

Can we get a Shadman discussion/containment thread before the trial starts? If his online history gets discovered and the media latches on to the trial there’s gonna be some great milk.

No. 859352

literally every hyperpop artist is a bit of a cow so i think a hyperpop general thread could be useful

No. 859370

Have we given up on onision threads?

No. 859395

Is there a roleplay community thread somewhere?

No. 859403

I'll be honest, Onision is old and dried out. There's no milk from those titties anymore anon. He was a fantastic cow while he lasted but unless he does something crazy soon it's just not worth dredging through the dust coming out of his nips

No. 859413

Agreed. Those udders are dry and old.

No. 859470

and he's uglty as fuck too

No. 859519

Anyone keen on a Coming up Fern thread? Just saw a video of hers where she said people shouldn’t feed their babies solids until four years old but because her son was interested in solids she gave them to him at 6 months. She is the epitome of hypocrisy because she says one thing but does the other.

No. 859530

yes plz anon

No. 859597

Is anybody working on a new Luna Slater thread?

No. 859621

No. 859690

can we get an ayesha erotica + her calves thread? she’s currently suing some of them for 500k

No. 859694

No. 859860

is ayesha erotica the tranny, or is that slayyyter? either way, sounds like it could be a good thread!

No. 859882

Slayyyyter is a real woman fwiw

No. 859924

might cook one up when I get home from work, problem is finding deets on all the old milk I remember about these people

No. 860234

File: 1637580294834.jpg (9.13 KB, 300x168, images.jpeg-1.jpg)

Songbyrd ASMR
>incestous couple (cousins)
>neglects child, people are trying to get CPS involved
>the woman was fucking her cousin as a teen. Her dad found out, she lied about rape, and the cousin used her letters and emails to expose her for lying
>has a super weird relationship with her father. Lillee Jean level developmentally delayed by this
>the husband in picrel is related to her but not the cousin from her teen years
>has a whole sub dedicated to them
>the husband is an active Redditor and novelist
>generally uncomfortable to look at
>the kid (evan) is used as a prop in videos from time to time but other family members have stated that they have to intervene and cut his nails/wash him/feed him
>the milk is constant

No. 860236

Thread to make fun of male daddy larps doms

No. 860238

I'm interested

No. 860242

>after discovering the incest, her dad booby trapped his whole house with lasers
>her grandparents were supposedly cousins, but someone in her family has tried to say that she's lying and that only she is incestuous
>the woman is speculated to be bulimic
>they are known to read their hate comments
>the woman has allegedly made other women feel very uncomfortable (but the evidence provided for this claim is basically nothing)
>woman also has a singing channel
>appears to live in what looks like a closet
These two were the subject of a recent Rogue Internet Man stream and oh my God they are… something. This really has a weird drama filled rabbit hole

No. 860246

thread please for sure!

No. 860250

thread pleaaase

No. 860251


SongbyrdASMR thread here >>1373871
Can someone with Facebook and Instagram post the links to their socials

No. 860263

Can you relink the thread please?

No. 860557

ayesha erotica thread pls!!!!

No. 860604

File: 1638047868716.jpeg (206.9 KB, 570x1095, 97A9838C-7DA9-492D-9EDB-46852B…)

RoluevasReisa— deluded DevianTartlet scamming artists who thinks the rest of the internet is against him because he was called out for accusing a 17 year old of saying he raped her. Calls himself a bisexual for women points, but hates gay men.

Also posts absolute lunacy whenever he gets the chance.

No. 860605

Also a groomer, allegedly, but I haven’t seen any archives if true.

No. 860614

File: 1638053518871.jpg (525.48 KB, 1080x2023, Screenshot_20211127-143656_Ins…)

I would love a thread on the artists Alex and Allyson Grey and their Chapel of Sacred Mirrors. I used to think of them as inspirations when I was younger but now as an adult their whole organization seems so weird and culty to me under the guise of visionary art. I did a little digging and found an instagram with some allegations against them and thought there might be some milk to be had as they are both pretty active on social media with the goings on of their "church".

No. 860615

File: 1638053593401.jpg (547.33 KB, 1080x2009, Screenshot_20211127-144054_Ins…)

No. 860616

File: 1638053647182.jpg (1.13 MB, 1079x1986, Screenshot_20211127-144145_Ins…)

No. 860617

File: 1638053721135.jpg (939.31 KB, 1080x2005, Screenshot_20211127-144328_Ins…)

No. 860647

pls fellow aaron cartner anons i need this

No. 860649

Damn anon I used to love his shit in high school. Sucks he’s a freak but makes sense. I didn’t realize there was church, sketchy.

No. 860652

Seconding this. Anonitas pls come through

No. 860655

Third. He has a thread on kiwi but my brain falls out every time I try to read something on there

No. 860808

Anyone else for Grimes pt. 2?? She’s been posting some weird shit on her tiktok

No. 860861

Post in celebricows, she never needed her own thread

No. 861212

File: 1638749703880.jpg (95.01 KB, 1024x770, celebrating_irish_culture_by_r…)

Building off of this– No, he didn't move to China, obviously. He only simps for china's authoritarian regime and pretends to live/visit because he has a fetish for asian women.

Judging by posts on his twitter– @Eric56511171 – he can't even read or speak mandarin and would have a low social credit score as a furry weeb who works in tech support for AT&T and likely lives with family despite being 31. He'd much rather spend all of his money commissioning furry porn and drawings of his emaciated, but still basketball-tittied and dumptruck-assed oc, but only at a discount because his oc are so high-quality and deserve to be seen, you guys. You should be honored to draw them because only some artists are worthy of his sheckles, and if they show any sign of being an SJW commie, then he will let them know before blocking them and accusing them of being okay with child rape.

And no, he doesn't take critique, and if you say anything that isn't an ass-pat, you're an "sjw commie"… yes, the guy who has a hard on for china and their superieru society also hates communism, but has a problem paying for art.

He's basically mundane matt or the quartering, but with a severe never-ending erection that needs to be satisfied with ERP. Again, he flip-flops between being bisexual and pansexual, but only so he can seem like a black-sheep republican gay™ when he complains about liberals, which he does a lot. What's a liberal to him? Anyone who says his OCs aren't sexy, or says he's wrong about something.

This guy claims to be everything under the sun as long as its beneficial to him in a given scenario. He's claimed to be a born and bred american, and an italian immigrant; He goes between being a totally not gay because gay sex is icky guy, to an out-and-proud bisexual who will date all genders just so he can call people a faggot and not get shit for it on his social media.

This isn't even touching his wish-fulfilment writing that reads like a teenager trying out writing a space opera with bimbo aliens that are always down to fuck, but then he tries to insert things like rape and murder with zero consequences for his mary-sues and all the tact of a hammer to the groin. Nor does this address how he acts like a reasonable person to every artist he works with before throwing a tantrum if he has to pay three dollars more for his revisions because god forbid the titties still aren't big enough.

Oh, and his girlfriend? Probably the fifth online "girl" who just needs a little of his furry porn money so they can visit.

This retard is fuckin special.

No. 861213

File: 1638749783241.jpg (106.46 KB, 1024x1449, chaos_ember_drawn_by_pawpaul_b…)

And totally not a furry, you guys.

No. 861566

That dog is adorable and deserves better

No. 861600

Can we have a thread about women only indie artists/musicians?
Today I found out that the lead singer of daughters is an abusive scrote and Mr.Kitty was sexting with an underage russian fan. I'm sick of consuming scrote made art and I don't wanna consume hypersexualized art by mainstream women.
>I think there's a thread for non sexualized artist or some shit but is dead and gay

No. 861601

What are you asking for? There's already an indie cows thread in snow

No. 861602

I don't wanna talk about cows but about women artists who deserve more attention or are worthy checking out

No. 861605

just make one in /ot/ or /m/

No. 861667

Can we have a YouTube strippers thread please?

No. 861674

Excuse me wtf is that

No. 861695

File: 1639250066670.png (498.8 KB, 626x587, FF3ULRlXIBIy5SL.png)

Can there be a League of Legends twitter thread already? The amount of drama, catfishing and pedos in this community

No. 861699

Please elaborate kek

No. 861700

Is anyone making the second Caitlin Doughty thread?

No. 861712

Was just coming here to ask as well!

No. 861731

There was one anon in that thread who was working on the next summary op, but I don't know if they're around anymore.

No. 861741

is there a nikita dragun thread? he is one of the biggest skinwalking cows in the insta influencer world. just yesterday was talking about his mental hospital experience as a way to 'empower people' but the entire thing reads as fake.
if anyone would want a nikita thread im happy to do a summary, unless he belongs in youtuber general but imo hes quite milky

No. 861753

wondering if a new dasha/itsbabydash/choolishka thread would ever be made. haven't kept up with her enough to know of any milk but i miss my favorite cow so much

No. 861757

Could we have a new Micky deer thread please, her OF chapter is just beginning

No. 861796

Strippers who post content on YouTube
Cristina Villegas, Sarah Kamilla
Poppy & Rosie, Rosie Mason

No. 861857

I am very interested in a new thread about her. Lots of stuff has happened since the last one.

No. 862059

An Aaron Carter thread would be awesome

No. 862078

I am ayrt, the new OP is ready but Caitlin's first thread is not full yet to make a second one.

No. 862084

File: 1639657964141.jpg (256.58 KB, 1109x1478, angel.jpg)

Mickey Deer needs a new thread, she just got another face tattoo

No. 862152

can we have a male only vtubers thread? The incels and retards wouldn't come here as much since they only care about their egirls.

No. 862362

Seconding the Mickey Deer thread request. She had just started to do some bottom of the barrel onlyfans stuff and her thread reached limit.

No. 862380

File: 1639948153208.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.47 MB, 1242x1698, 730B4772-4894-4FD6-80C4-151429…)

Is there already a dedicated thread for Mommy Blogwhores aka women who post about (and even NAME) their children on the same social media accounts they pimp out their OnlyFans/sex work and talk about their sex lives in graphic detail? I can think of several off the top of my head who might not be milky enough for their own threads but I imagine there’s enough of them to have a thread about it, especially on TikTok and Twitter

No. 862386

File: 1639955358465.jpeg (Spoiler Image,402.79 KB, 1622x1042, 98D49A37-B300-450F-9FF9-982520…)

Samefag but along with Zoe Zaina Durant aka 2inthepink on TikTok there is Marissa Cloutier aka DigitalPrincxss who posts her butthole all over Twitter, claims to be “protecting her son's privacy” while naming him on her porn Twitter. She was arrested for child neglect in August.

No. 862396

I think there is nothing wrong with breastfeeding in public/etc but this photo is disgusting. Why the FUCK is she taking a photo trying to obviously look sexy while her children are doing that, and why does everyone in the photo need to be nude? Not to mention the kid of the left is obviously way too old…

No. 862404

I second this. I was thinking of posting something similar here.

No. 862415


Zoe is an absolutely vile person on all levels. She’s even worse than her buddy Alice/comingupfern

No. 862422

File: 1640002730989.jpg (113.13 KB, 871x917, Onix.jpg)


No. 862424

Lucifer Valentine thread? Disgusting underground horror pornographer who has recently been exposed as preying on/grooming minors (surprise, surprise) through social media. He made the star of a few of his films sign a 24/7 slave contract while she was severely mentally ill and in the throes of drug addiction, and still uses her in his pfp despite the fact that they broke up over a decade ago and she has since been murdered. He also claims to have been in an incestuous relationship with his autistic sister "Cinderella," though this is most likely invented to be edgy. He is known to threaten those who attempt to look into him.
His alleged true identity has been recently exposed as Shawn Fedorchuk, an Emmy-nominated editor for film and television and former metal band singer.

No. 862458

Can we get a Sims community drama thread? There has been so much milk over so many years, from paysites to obnoxious wokesters to literal pedophiles.

No. 862466

sounds interesting lol

No. 862482

yet i also find it suspicious how quiet he has been of late.

No. 862492

Woah I’d be down, who do you have in mind?

No. 862507

pls I can contribute, but we'd have to censor kids faces which is more sense than these dumb shit selfish moms have

No. 862513

Can someone make a new acidburnfawn/Evie thread? Old one filled up and is locked now. I know it was absolute sperg city in there but I don’t want her to think she “won” against her 3 stalkers or whatever (also it’s just funny watching her freak out)

No. 862537

I can totally picture her thinking she outsmarted us. Let's hope she comes back when a new thread is up.

No. 862555

agreed! she's an active cow, she's earned her second thread

No. 862567

Please, start the thread!

No. 862572


Agreed, I wasn’t sure of anyone was still interested but I still have milk to post if it is made

No. 862627

If no one makes one in a few days I can try to make one, however I haven’t made a thread before so it will be shit thread tbh (also I’m not very well-versed in her long term history so I might not be the best one to do it)

No. 862628

can someone make a thread on pretty pastel please?

No. 862640

File: 1640278097524.jpg (290.31 KB, 1069x1080, 20211223_104513.jpg)

would anyone be interested in a thread on true crime youtubers? i haven't watched many of the grwm/storytime videos (although those seem incredibly tacky af, and surely full of cows) but stephanie harlowe has been on my radar for a while, and she's pretty cowish.
>she's doing a show on another channel with a male cohost derrick levasseur (big brother 16 winner) and sent him picrel for christmas
>comments have speculated they're swingers, because stephanie uses pineapple symbols on the 'crime weekly' podcast merch (stephanie has taken time to address this on video)
>had a twitter fit, which resulted in the blm community raging at her on twitter during the 2020 riots
>any time anything comes up, she bitches about it in videos
>most of her 'research' is read word-for-word from other sources, or just fanfic that she creates as she goes along
aside from her, any time there are big cases, youtube explodes with people trying to claim that their youtube channel is a news source. the gabby petito case brought a lot of them out - 'true crime with natasha cooper' was one that had some especially bad hosts, who would mostly yell at the chat during their nonstop livestreams.

No. 862646


God I second This, she's insufferable

No. 862649

I'd be interested. I've never watched any of those "makeup and true crime" duckface thumbnail next to murder victim's picture YouTubers before but, having an interest in true crime, I know of them and would read a thread about the milky ones.

No. 862656

Yes !! I actually just watch a video about them by the youtuber Pinely, it was fcking appalling.

No. 862657

Alright, I’ve spoken with her before and have bones to pick so I might start it today.

No. 862658

i'd be interested in this too. stephanie is annoying as hell. i don't mind her coverage of stories but i dont like how much bullshit musing she does about how certain people "must've felt" or her weird tough girl contrarian attitude.

i remember she got reamed on guru gossip some time ago because people found out she voted for trump in 2016 and her daughter came sperging out defending her mom kek. i will say i don't buy the swinger thing. i think they just combined two random words to be ~wacky~ at the end of one video and didn't realize pineapples were a swinger thing (i'd never heard of that either) but because stephanie is stephanie they decided to just dig their heels in instead of coming up with something else.

No. 862660

thanks for the video rec, nonnie - i'll check out this video while i work on a thread.
that sounds about right, kek - i've seen her daughter promoting her mom's channel on random crime related subreddits.
ty anons. i've got some good feedback and ideas to get a thread started, and will try to post one within a day or two.

No. 862691

I made a political lolcows thread if anyone’s interested: >>>/ot/1003170

No. 862699

No. 862704

youre a godsend nonnie

No. 863282

feel like an ass cause someone already asked and someone said they were making it but is someone actually making a new thread for eva / acidburnbaby / acidburnfawn? i would do it but i havent made a thread before so i feel like i should reread her thread before i do and i also dont have access to my computer atm but i can probably do it on my boyfriends if no ones working on one yet

No. 863295

Forgive me if I am blind / retarded - was there a Lolcow Awards this year?

No. 863317

There wasn’t, maybe new admin will make it happen when she takes over this week?

No. 863320

there won’t be a new thread on her cs theres no milk, and she’s not really a cow. Its just vendetta posting

No. 863336

she definitely is a cow but shes mostly only milky when she comes here to freak out but youre right ill just wait until she actually does something again

No. 863337

She threw in the towel, all her social media is changed gone or inactive, probably looking to focus on her Marriage or who knows. r.i.p

No. 863425

Eva is milky (kinda) but I think she's learned to not actually post milky shit because her thread will catch up with her

No. 863500

File: 1641234150587.jpeg (782.89 KB, 1800x1200, B3CC1167-687D-4EE5-A48E-FEC88C…)

Would a Tammy Slaton/Slaton sisters thread work as a stand-alone or does it fall under Celebricows?

No. 863520

No. 863547

How is she still alive? I watched her show like a year ago? and one of the episodes revealed she gained 50lbs in a month. Figured she would’ve dropped by now.

No. 863560

File: 1641277686727.jpg (431.63 KB, 720x1266, 1641277618529.jpg)

We need a thread on snow on Neo nymphette "dollcore" coquette fashion girls and I hope someone makes it. There's a lot of potential milk, they post drugs, gore, bugs etc
I don't think I'm competent enough to do this thread justice but if anyone is interested please make this thread on /snow/ and link it

No. 863561

File: 1641278637800.jpg (283.01 KB, 1062x797, IMG_20220104_074126.jpg)

I love the idea! Yesterday I stumbled upon picrel and was viscerally disgusted because the description still sounds like a pedophile's dream with the whole "timelessly old little girl uwu" crap

No. 863564

I like the idea of a coquette general. The thing about cowquettes is that they're all insane narcissists now. It'll have to be a general thread, and we're in luck because they're always at war with eachother over drama

No. 863565

Nta but Tammy is actually starting to show genuine cow behaviour. Her sister is starting to move on with her life, losing weight so she can have a baby and has a nice man, and Tammy is absolutely seething because her boyfriend is just a feeder fetish guy and she isn't losing any weight. She's been up to some weird shit out of jealousy

No. 863572

File: 1641304904430.jpg (53.77 KB, 474x474, downloadfile-1.jpg)

Please yes. Someone make a description of the coquette fashion aesthetic shit with all the other names it has and make the thread. Please I beg. Like come on this is nymphette 2.0 but with woke zoomers it would be an amazing thread

No. 863646

kek yes please, the whole "community" is so milky, I know a girl who's in it and fuck it's so funny. Those whole heroin-chic waif coquette bitches are all just anachan's in denial

No. 863678

I can kinda try to make the coquette thread but can someone help me find a good pic for it please? Thank you

No. 863680

File: 1641373372053.jpg (202.61 KB, 710x705, 1641373293863.jpg)

Romanianon, the crazy schizo bitch that loves to post bible sized rants on /ot/ about her crazy slut antics deserves a thread. She's a narcissist that loves to threaten suicide and victimization, and she has molested children and harmed animals in the past. And she keeps saying how beautiful and smart she is when she's absolutely retarded and looks below average lmao. She plans to murder her cat and family and then off herself. Also, her friend Steven who is a moid and loves to bait needs to be there too, both are annoying and gross. Either admin permabans them or they deserve a thread

No. 863685

Ngl she's kinda cute

No. 863703

She looks like nemu

No. 863712

She looks painfully plain in that pic

No. 863735

I can believe what I want

No. 863736

Still looking for a kind anon to provide a summary and a pic for the coquettecore thread

No. 863738

File: 1641422327768.jpg (42.19 KB, 707x1025, img_1_1641169183797.jpg)

Still waiting on a new Mickey Deer thread.

No. 863752

if an anon wanted to provide everything to make a thread, they would just make the thread themselves.

No. 863753

I don't know where to put this but has anyone heard of Angel Barson? She's trans and I found her on my fyp and there's not much information about her on the netz. This is a link to her gofundme: https://www.gofundme.com/f/help-cure-angels-dysphoria

No. 863754

No. 863756

this smells like a selfpost. males are not welcome here

No. 863758

File: 1641457445263.jpg (71.79 KB, 828x828, 271443158_3141145126207346_132…)

We need a thread on one sperging beast known as Ashley Marie McDuffie. She's a fat pot of gold that's waiting to be uncovered. Check her Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, Instagram (Privated and only posts on Friends Only) sometime, she has no filter whatsoever.

She's bipolar, has aspergers (or autism, same goddamn thing), and used to chimp out pretty frequently on video, though now she just chimps out on text posts. There used to be a video of her and her brother slamming a cat into a bedroom door but no one orbiting her has been able to uncover it. Probably deleted it. Same with her nudes that she posted on her public Snapchat story for all to see (actually used to have these but not anymore sadly).
She also apparently has been to Juvie as well, but since your record gets wiped after you turn 18, I have no evidence of this either (though if I had to guess, probably the cat or a chimp out gone wrong).
There are a few accounts on Instagram that have documented certain chimp outs, including one with her alcoholic dad calling her a fat bitch, to which she just blows the microphone out in reply. Another one is her verbally abusing her mother while her mother is having a totally different argument with the Dad (who was supposedly high as hell off of opiates in said video).

Her Dad is somewhat of a lolcow himself (James Ernest McDuffie Jr). Posts a lot of pictures on Facebook of him drunk, high, or fucked up.
It's more sad than entertaining though.

I've been wanting to do something with her for sometime, both here and KF, but lack the archives/pictures to do so. I have links if anyone is interested, though lolcow is still something I'm figuring out. Any help or advice would be appreciated.

No. 863759

No. 863762

Yet Contrapoints is talked here???

No. 863763

No one's gunna donate to your gofundme

No. 863781

File: 1641490334685.jpg (28.61 KB, 474x522, downloadfile-2.jpg)

Made the coquette core thread

No. 863834

File: 1641567803426.png (3.82 MB, 828x1792, BF60F785-C5F2-4704-A25A-E9292B…)

The Wonderland system. DID faker who Claims to have over 200 alters. Many not human, currently a meme on Tiktok for those who are aware of her

No. 863902

No. 863913

There is a DID thread in snow.
She looks like an absolute beast, there is a lot of they/them fatties that claim to have did. I guess larping as special queer trannies isn't special enough for them

No. 863994

Is there something like a Communist cringe thread? I'd imagine it would be mostly fat colourful tiktokers and trannies but like

No. 864021

File: 1641712574648.jpeg (1.45 MB, 1242x1960, 6CBA7CC8-5D05-4220-BCCB-CCF65D…)

New mommy blogwhore dropped

No. 864038

I am still too new to have the audacity to make a new thread for icky Vicky but if anyone could, I’d appreciate it.

No. 864041

daisy is another instafatty who wants recognition for getting knocked up. 100% of modern women. ughhhh no wonder i choose to be 'they'(no1curr about ur tranny pronouns)

No. 864042

mickey deer isnt skinny and shes possibly one of fhe ugliest people alive physically and mentally

No. 864143

File: 1641852294529.jpeg (92.21 KB, 720x837, 8B18CEFC-D7FD-4D62-941A-539C7C…)

I’m surprised Leslie Clark (@ cat_not_your_woman178 on tiktok) doesn’t have her own thread.
>faked being trans for money
>fakes being pregnant multiple times for money
>made hate accounts bullying and threatening actual pregnant women
>claimed the actual pregnant women were the ones faking it
>pretended her nephew was her son
>dated a man named Perry somewhere between 2 days-2 weeks back in 2018 and is still obsessed with him
>makes tiktoks about him at least once a week
>Perry faked his own death to get her to leave him alone but it didn’t work
>Perry is a wannabe gangster who says the n word and is in and out of jail
>He would use Leslie whenever he was in jail to send him money
>Perry was arrested for sleeping with a 14 year old girl
>Speaking of minors, Leslie constantly tries to get with them too
>She sent a 16 year old boy unsolicited nudes
>A 17 year old named Tyler started dating her as a joke but she didn’t realize it was a joke and would also make tiktok obsessing over him.
>He is now 19 and she is still obsessed
>She neglects her pets. Her dogs have very matted fur and her cat had a broken leg.
>She refused to take the cat to a vet and never posted it again
>She has said the n word and refused to apologize saying “justin bieber has said it, it’s no big deal”

I’m sure there is more that I’m forgetting

No. 864202

This is great material actually

No. 864216

thread for a DID fakers?

No. 864224

the wonderland system needs a thread

No. 864242


New Vic thread, drop-shipping high end tattooist genius Michelin star chef who has lived in many mansions making guys hit sign-posts supermodel saga?

No. 864245

I second this

No. 864258

Someone really needs to make a new Mickey Deer thread. The video she posted on her OF today was absolutely horrifying.

No. 864274

No. 864333

There's a new Mickey /w/ already, anon. >>>/w/191839

Plz post the horrifying video.

No. 864394

>Alice's Room/Holland Proudfoot
streamer as part of ip2, LARPs as trad with Christian tattoos despite having a history of being a psycho weeaboo, hangs around Ethan Ralph and his pregnant bangmaid Pantsu, leeched off her dad to stream and bring strangers to his house, pretty certain she had a thing with Baked Alaska and few other degens from ip2

No. 864413

File: 1642121075629.jpg (224.98 KB, 720x1279, Screenshot_20220113-194044_Ins…)

Can we please get a new Heather Explores thread? I've never made a new thread before and I have a feeling things might be getting milky soon.

No. 864417

I think a lot of the /pt/ and /snow/ threads need to be switched. Most of /pt/ is dead nowadays and the top /snow/ cows are way more active and milky.

No. 864418

Maybe when there’s actually new milk or a new Ryan to obsess over?

Her ‘big announcements’ always end up being something mundane - like her going to the salon and getting the exact same hair trim for the last 2 years - she’s gotten quite boring, even her freak outs in her car alone are routine now.

No. 864430

Fuck dude go for it im already curious

No. 864502

There should be a thread of Roma army on her she’s so milky. Plus I went to middle/highschool with her.

No. 864523

File: 1642246723083.jpg (311.95 KB, 1680x1260, chayka-boredapeclub.jpg)

I would love to see thread for NFT cows or a general cryptobro thread. The NFT community is chock full of the most retarded people you've ever met and the amount of keks that have been milked from them by the wider internet in recent months is insane.

No. 864525

I'm interested to see a thread anon, you could make it yourself if you have milk.

No. 864532

If anyone makes this thread this site is a great source of milk: https://web3isgoinggreat.com/

No. 864536

Newfag here, saged just in case.
Is anyone interested in making a dedicated TT Exulansic discussion thread, maybe in media or ot? She is doing good work and is clearly super intelligent, but my fields of expertise are not hers. It would be great to have a place to:
- discuss her content and related subjects
- discuss her commenters and trolls if they make good arguments or points
- check facts
- ask questions of knowledgeable medfags
- read legit critique people might have (I admire her immensely but just because I support her doesn't mean I want to fall into the trap of believing everything she says uncritically)
- sperg and read other spergs
- simp

Am I alone here?

No. 864543

yes please! things seem to be heating up with paper.

No. 864549

File: 1642276878403.jpg (184.91 KB, 1080x1919, download.jpg)

No. 864551

Same shit as always -

No one cares for a new thread until something new actually happens - yawn.

Wake us up if the mythical OF saga ever starts.

No. 864579

Love that I saw this screenshot and knew exactly who it was. Never change, Heather.

No. 864598

i know she’s in /w/ not snow but i feel like pixielarp deserves to be on /pt/ now. she’s been producing consistent cringe milk since she entered her DID munchie saga

No. 864612

File: 1642348290769.jpg (12.57 KB, 246x138, 2o9Flwq.jpg)

Whatever happened to the thread on Treacle Tatts? maybe i was imagining it but i'm sure there used to be a thread on her. if not she needs one. Reasons why:

-she thinks she's an authority on tattoos despite not even being a tattoo artist herself and having some horrid pieces on her body
-she does a lot of reaction videos and has said some questionable things about people then backtracked when called out
-she broke up with her boyfriend and is dating someone else now but has seemingly changed her entire personality to match his interests
-she started with lip fillers, then chin fillers, now she looks like a puffy bloated mess as is typical with people who overdo it with dermal fillers
-she cant do english proper. But seriously she talks like English is her second language, always grammatically incorrect or doesn't know basic words, bizarre to see

No. 864613

another thing to add: she constantly shits on people who copy other people's tattoos (which is wrong so fair enough) but she copied a design for her merch from a tattoo artist then feigned ignorance when called out. hypocrite much!

No. 864614

Yeonmi Park should get a thread. This is like the 50th video about “North Koreans are standing up to evil fat Kim Jong-un!” while providing no sources other than, it’s top sekrit info gais” like the rest of her content.

I’m not doubting her experiences in Best Korea nor her struggles to get out of there but now she’s talking out of her ass.

No. 864617

most disturbing about her is the plastic surgery. it's getting worse by every new video. They should show her vids at NK and nobody would jump the border if they thought leaving NK turns you into a plastic lovedoll with a dorito shaped face.

No. 864628

isnt this the girl who lied about her whole experience "escaping" nk?

No. 864632

It's hard to tell. Her story lines up very well with the typical way women have escaped from NK. People accuse her of just being a prostitute, choosing to be a camgirl, or being a sugar baby. However a lot of women are sex trafficked out of NK and made to work in China as either escorts or in illegal chat rooms (where the rumours come from). She was allegedly bought by a rich man as a live in sex slave (the sugar baby rumours)

No. 864644

I’ve read about that, and that the Chinese dude financed her way to South Korea lol

No. 864704

100% agree she is a bullshitter. I’m pretty sure she dumped her hideous creep husband as soon as she got new tits, too

No. 864712

She also became an American citizen in a short amount of time. Meanwhile, I’m still waiting for my residency approval letter and it’s been over a year.

No. 864713

File: 1642484888102.png (4.97 MB, 1125x2436, 5DC80D46-C73C-48B6-BD41-186C0F…)

I wonder which John’s balcony this is

No. 864714

It’s done: >>>/snow/1420256

No. 864720

Looks like a restaurant.

No. 864726

She's married and has a 2-year-old son with her husband.

No. 864729

Kek is the North Korean girl milky? I always thought it was strange how she would interact with Laowhy86 and serpentza. Bottom of the barrel white guys hating anything not American. She also seems to have gotten so much plastic surgery it was quite shocking seeing her YouTube channel

No. 864747

Update: the fucking thread got locked by salty mods

No. 864748

She divorced him back in 2020

No. 864751

That went well.

Maybe make it a bit less kiwi and a bit more not shit next time. And sage the seethe.

No. 864757

No. 864768

File: 1642550094567.jpg (37.99 KB, 363x582, Screenshot_Instagram.JPG)

No. 864774

Starting to think this is Heather self posting for interest - Still boring.

Just move on with your life girl - no one cares enough to make a new thread about your common antics.

No. 864801

Not the anon you're replying to but I've missed my girl Heather for weeks.

Ignore self post sperg anon and make a new thread, I doubt anybody cares too much about the op being updated when she's been in the same cycle for years.

No. 864805

I went ahead and did it (poorly). New Heather thread >>>/snow/1421281

No. 864814

Requesting again a bimbo and plastic surgery addict thread. Wish I wasn't so shit at making threads

No. 864839

It might help if you pick out some cows from the bimbo community

No. 864840

File: 1642618162584.jpg (391.36 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20220119-190229_Sam…)

Samefag, but if we're making a bimbo thread then I want to suggest this woman. She's terrifying (horrifically deformed looking) and constantly showing off on social media

>The most unusual operation I had was very recently, on my vagina. I custom designed it, so I have the fattest in the world. I almost died during my last procedure. I had to get two blood transfusions. The doctor said I was losing so much blood and turning very pale. He thought I was going to die. I felt nauseous for a whole week, and I thought I was dying and had a bad allergic reaction to my new blood I received from the transfusion.

No. 864841

is there somewhere to bitch about marissa matthews (shitmarissasays/sheis arissamtthews on tt) because she is prime cow material

No. 864847

Never heard of her but she looks like she has potential. A few others were mentioned here

No. 865021

I wish there was a MedCow general thread, that discusses cringy Medical professional influencers that are typically found on tiktok and youtube making clickbait content and giving shitty and vague medical advice (examples would be Dr.Mike, Doctorly, Lush Life etc.) And ever since the pandemic, there's been an influx of these "quirky" medical influencers on tiktok doing choreography and "pranks" at work rather than actually treating patients. Again this is an idea

No. 865093

We need a new altcows thread if anyone feels up to it. It's been very active with the kaya/Jake breakup and it hit 1218 posts earlier today.

No. 865106

Dr. Mike was caught in a party in Miami after advising people to quarantine last year. I would love a thread like that

No. 865141

How come it got locked again?

No. 865153

File: 1642818164894.jpeg (1.57 MB, 1242x2057, 5E8935CB-99BC-4BA8-8DEA-6EBAEC…)

Desperately need a Zoe Durant thread even if we don’t do a mommy blogwhores general. She finally got bullied into taking down the naked photos of her daughters that she had attached to her OnlyFans promotion Insta account, now her new thing is posting about how she has Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and posting her Ls about her chimpout Kyle scrote

Zoe Zaina Durant
TikTok: 2nthepink2 & 2npink & xozoezxo
Insta: xozoezxo
YouTube: K’oe Kulunaki & 2nthepink
Twitter: @thatonegirlzoe

No. 865214

File: 1642882667664.jpg (21.91 KB, 1080x299, Screenshot_20220122-211222859_…)

Need a new Luna thread. She's finally getting evicted!

No. 865222

About time.

No. 865223

File: 1642892571881.png (676.19 KB, 678x628, jtrsjtr.PNG)

Need a Foodie Beauty thread.

>Crazy self obsessed mukbanger who smokes weed on youtube live 24/7

>Is obese but to this day keeps eating takeaway day and night (insists she is super sexy)
>Farts, burps and is generally a slob live. Has notoriously been known for actually shitting herself in other peoples beds
>Has cheated on every man she has been with
>Lives with her brony ex in their semi-hoarder house
>Blocks viewers who comment on her videos calling her out
>Is very bpd
>Always lies to viewers, tells one story about her life then backtracks and says it wasn't like that

The recent milk is that she's been dating some refugee on parole (stabbed 2 women in 'self defence') for 7 months however he insists they only dated for a week. She's been love bombing him, going to his house unannounced, turning his phone on and off, paying off all his finances and generally just being a crazy motherfucker. She has been a cow for years but just yesterday she has haphazardly cut off all her hair after rocking up at his place in a jealous rage and having the cops called on all of them. There is good milk with this cow.

Youtube: BigBeautifulMe
Insta: foodie_beauty_official

No. 865225

Seconding this, I would love a thread on Chantal.

No. 865227

No. 865230

Yes, please!

No. 865340

File: 1642917481673.jpg (34.22 KB, 500x500, joseph_marshall_tv.jpg)

has anyone heard of this guy? he goes by Joseph Marshall TV. he's active (was, I guess) in the Thomas the Tank Engine and Johnson and Friends communities. He somehow managed to fuck up every single meaningful relationship in his life
>obsessed over several girls, to the point of spending egregious amounts of money on them
>jacked off in his friend's bed
>blackmailed relevant people in the train community, leading to a many people growing hostile towards him
>gate-kept a living, breathing person
>a bit of a racist

it's a bit of a pain because he deleted his socials after his last breakdown

No. 865343

Nonnie, why are you in the Thomas and Friends community?

No. 865345


i'm personally not, but a friend of mine is. also this guy ruined my mental health for a few years and i wanted to see if anyone on here also knew of him/dealt with his bullshit. he was quite the celebrity for a little while.

No. 865351

Just make a thread, it doesn't matter if it's shit.

No. 865353

Do any nonnies know if there's a new Luna Slater thread? Thought i'd check first but it looks like the milk is about to flow real good kek

No. 865385

Do we have a Sienna Mae/Jack Wright thread yet? Extremely messy, milky drama


No. 865387

there is already a tiktok cows general, post about it in there if you really want to see if it’s worth a separate thread.

No. 865540

File: 1643051898333.jpg (59.55 KB, 720x631, tumblr_d805f7462dd74ddb7db779b…)

I'm too lazy to do it but can someone make a thread about the webcomic "boyfriend". Is made by a virgin aiden with autism and supossedly about gay men but this is neither how men nor humans act… The webcomic went viral for bad reasons and retards are calling the author a "violent homophobe" because of it

No. 865541

Why can't it go in the FTM thread? I doubt there's enough milk to sustain its own thread but it's certainly relevant to that one and sounds milkier than the usual nitpicking of random ugly aidens.

No. 865548

I'm so tired of seeing this cringey comic everytime I open up the YouTube app. Who's dick is this Aiden sucking for all the exposure

No. 865566

it has been in the FTM thread, but i agree that it could carry its own. big holly brown vibes, only with enough popular success to actually have content to talk about. worst that happens is it gets folded back into the FTM thread. best that happens is it turns into a whole new snowflake.

No. 865721

Definitely a groomer. He’s openly admitted to getting minors to draw porn of his “”””original”””” characters.

No. 865743

can someone make a new celebricows thread?

No. 865898

this may be a retarded twitterfag request, but has anyone been watching the rottdflesh stuff go down? she's actually pretty milky, from her codependent abusive relationship, her and her bf facing jail time and general egirl oversharing.
or would she just be put into an Instagram general thread

No. 865937

Can someone please make the Astrid thread happen in snow? The instagrammers you hate thread went from being an Amanda Bret thread to a Astrid thread.

No. 866010

Seconded! I don't know much about her history or I'd do it myself, but I'm def interested

No. 866023

File: 1643531686216.png (587.77 KB, 507x508, fauxre.PNG)

twitch streamer fauxre is boring but could be a lucrative source of milk if pushed, thinks she has like a dozen stalkers and whines and complains about how hard it is to sit at her desk all day and have simps throw cash at her. says she hates it but won't get a real job. she quit for a month then came back because no one cared about the pity party she was throwing for herself. kinda feel bad for her cuz her fanbase is just men who value a "not like other girls" type and she's too unstable to handle it. autistic af has no idea how delusional she look for posting the shit she does on her ig posts and youtube(Cowtipping)

No. 866024

>if pushed
fuck off newfag, she doesn't need any thread

No. 866028

she's not a good person or someone worth defending lol trust me. she meets the criteria

No. 866029

You can post in the twitch streamer thread , doesn’t need her own thread and don’t “push” someone for milk. We frown on interacting with cows here >>>/snow/1357741

No. 866034

i wish we had a hrh collection thread. she's insane + can embarrass herself like no one else by posting online

No. 866035

She has an active tumblr; she’s hilarious

No. 866038

go back to tumblr shes not milky

No. 866105

I used to find her unhinged vlogs hilarious because she is such an awful neurotic person but because she's gone viral from tiktok using her sounds, I feel like its more put on now.

No. 866134

Requesting a TLC General to discuss the many lolcows on the channel TLC. I saw someone else mention it, but can't remember which thread it was. The discussions on kiwifarms, reddit and /tv/ all suck, I wish we had one in our regular lolcow flavour. Amen.

No. 866165

There is a reality tv thread on /m/ people use to discuss TLC shows it’s kinda dead though >>>/m/63805

No. 866241

Is there a podcast thread? I looked in /m and didn’t see anything

No. 866242

No. 866449

Kinda want to discuss Gala Darling, I don’t know if others are as interested in her though

No. 866459

File: 1643992783484.jpg (204.62 KB, 1080x1218, 20220204_103828.jpg)

are we leaving onion's threads dead? he's uploading content under youtube kids.

No. 866468

What the fuck? The implications of being a known pedophile whilst releasing a song "Eat my butt" marketed on YouTube Kids is… something else.

No. 866481

What the absolute fuck?!

No. 866501

how has this shit not been reported off the platform? plus the children’s book is absolutely retarded, even by Onion standards

No. 866507

I want to die. This is what happens when the farms stop paying attention.
>Chibi song!
Back at it with those lolsorandumbxD characters

No. 866515

And he's mainly posting old videos with Skye. I wish she'd take some sort of legal action, he's obsessed with her.

No. 866573

Ooooh I would love this so much if it was also open to plastic surgeons, they are fucking crazy.

No. 866586

pretty pastel please needs a thread. She’s been accused of stealing content from small creators, seems to be drinking a lot and is blaming any criticism she’s receiving on her choice to dye her hair. Also she has no hair left anymore because she’s been cutting it all off. Somethings happening there

No. 866591

Can we please try having a dieting and exercise harm reduction thread?

Or can someone point me where to get actual good information on what to do to lose weight or maintain weight loss that isn't just tumblr iced black coffee uwu stuff?
Are there forums for this sort of this anymore?

This is something a lot of women and girls struggle with their whole lives so why couldn't there be a autosaged thread in /g/ to avoid triggering anyone? I grew up being the fat girl and it was really traumatic the way that scrotes and other women treat you, now in adulthood I've glowed up and maintain a healthy weight, usually on the thin side although during quarantine I gained a bit. I don't want to die, I don't want to glamourize a horrific illness, but I want to maintain a low (for america) body weight, something like 110 at 5'4. Your entire life changes and people treat you so much better when your thin, it's sad but it's a true reality and one I specifically have to live with very much in my current city. Is this specifically not allowed from the mods? I used to binge/purge and stopped cold turkey after I read something on a medical website, but posted it to a different harm reduction website and a few other people told me that it helped them stop as well. I think it could be a net positive because it's not like this site isn't already women
(and men ig) bashing women for their behavior but also a lot of the time their appearances.
A support and harm reduction thread for girls who don't want to have their lives ruled by obsessive food thoughts but want to know what exactly to do in terms of diet and exercise to be thin but not have any health problems. Sorry for ednoschan sperg but like I just feel so sad for the years I spent hating myself, growing up overweight and being bullied by men and women about it, and I don't want to be here, now, mid 20's and feeling the same way, that I am going to turn back in to a punch line and the fat friend. If anyone is interested I would be happy make one or sincerely if anyone can tell me if there are forums or subreddits or something that is what I am looking for let me know.
Also Isn't it hypocritical that there are 45plus threads for anas to nitpick others ana's (and its clear a lot of them are very seriously ill) appearances and food choices but there's no harm reduction or support thread for people who want to lose weight and feel better about themselves but don't want to turn into skeletal obsessive compulsive empty shells?

No. 866593

File: 1644062444578.jpeg (88.04 KB, 366x550, 9B932889-7BEC-4F7C-AE18-E222C2…)

No. 866595

File: 1644062573324.jpeg (40.6 KB, 500x375, 1324412A-FA23-455D-98D2-70E4A7…)

No. 866596

File: 1644062602666.jpeg (95.12 KB, 828x817, A028DC9D-7B75-4C0B-A86B-65D2EE…)

Don’t scrolll

No. 866605

r/fatlogic on reddit was pretty good at parcing weightloss bs from realistic and maintainable lifestyle changes. They also understand what a real 'healthy weight' is and won't ever tell you your goal is too low unless it's below your healthy bmi. They don't shame bodies just bad logic about weightloss and what a healthy weight is, aka fat logic. But, it's reddit, it could be a dumpster fire by now, I haven't been on it in years.

I'd be interested in a thread like this, my background is similar to yours. I think r/fatlogic helped me avoid an ed as a young adult tbh. I had to be conscious weight for horseback riding.

No. 866628

Fatlogic helped me lose weight healthily too, years ago, but visited it last year and it felt like it went downhill. Lots of people awful at recognizing trolls/bait and a bunch of reposts.

A thread documenting all the garbage advice would probably be a great in between of the proana and death fats threads. Plus there's so much misinfo out there it wouldn't be hard to find material probably.

No. 866806

File: 1644198271190.jpeg (1.32 MB, 1242x2001, 7F8A48CE-7C56-4C11-BC2F-E15936…)


I agree. There’s basically no safe spaces left for women who are not retarded anachans but don’t wanna be fat (and struggle with weight for whatever reason) we can also have a thread making fun of HAES/pro-obesity influencers because oh boy is that a whole thing.

No. 866807

>we can also have a thread making fun of HAES/pro-obesity influencers because oh boy is that a whole thing.
we have one of those, infinifat thread on /snow/

No. 866874


Does this thread include skinny/normal sized HAES dietician-influencers?

No. 866875

File: 1644268229017.jpeg (42.56 KB, 275x261, 0093C4FF-B7E4-4A95-8EAB-8DE6E8…)

Can someone please make a new Alice Bender thread? An anon summarized below

Some things to include in the next overview:

- ferns developmental delays (not speaking, late walking, etc)
- the possibly fictional housing development
- killed her rabbit with an avocado
- used to have 2 cats, where’s the other one?
- pregnancy #2???
- no 5g or microwave but uses phone 24/7
- doesn’t wear shoes
- straying from tradfem into SW, mentions of only fans
- fern walking issues (hip displaysia from incorrect baby wearing and lack of vitamin d/b12?)
- where is her ring? Did fern shit it out?
- basically said she wanted to leave Caleb and live in a van and give birth in the front seat with her feet shoved in the seat creaveces.
- HER FUCKING CARPETS, they need an entire thread of their own. We have 3 pets and vaccine daily just like we brush our teeth (oh wait..) but seriously. That’s months of dirt and shit and disgusting filth. Barefoot everywhere and dragging the filth home. So gross.
- the cats litter box situation - bc there’s no way she’s cleaning it consistently.
- if she really was pregnant and excited and cared about herself, why wouldn’t she be going to the naturopath at the very least, and could get fern checked out at the same time. Idk just a thought… if she were in her right mind maybe these would be actions that would show that)

No. 866955

It does not, but id be into a new thread

No. 867346

File: 1644737688829.jpeg (367.06 KB, 2215x1109, 6CABCC1F-BC71-446F-9809-3A52E9…)

There should be a thread about these two (OKBaby), particularly Kyra

No. 867370

What about a Lovelypeaches thread?
>mostly known for claiming to pimp out her baby
>goes viral for something gross every few weeks
>tortured a puppy by breaking its legs and spraying perfume in its eyes, tried to kill it by lynching it
>has beefed with celebrities in the past, sent a guy to stalk around outside some TikTokers house
>very active on Twitter

No. 867372

so the baby stuff is basically all debunked. she lost custody before the kid even turned 1, her grandparents have Cora. she sometimes still acts like she's gonna pimp her out or kill her but I don't think her grandparents will ever let her even see her ever again. but i do think she actually killed that dog by choking it. she beefed with skai jackson too, i think. i don't get these teenagers who stan her and think they're so funny and ironic by going "yas queen omg i love you" when she's smearing her shit on her face. she's a schizo who needs to be in a ward.

No. 867378

She went viral again for saying she likes to huff the scent if her own tampon after she wears it all day. Also, posting videos of herself having period sex and spreading her butthole. The dog was taken off her though, the Slo4n guy actually tried to adopt it at one point but he couldn't get his hands on it. It is confirmed to be alive though.

No. 867379

No. 867382

Yes! We need a Foodie Beauty thread. This is the fifth request.

No. 867478

File: 1644920599669.jpeg (905.1 KB, 828x1449, C92421F0-12C9-49B3-A4F4-8B699F…)

Dasha’s been producing some milk lately, just posted 3 stories about Chandler’s alleged horse kink. Anyone else interested in a new thread?

No. 867488

My issue with a thread on her is that she's milky for like a month and then the rest of the thread is nitpicking. I would be down for another Dasha thread tbh, I hope someone makes one just for nostalgia

No. 867494

ngl I want a thread on her with a good recap so so bad if you've been keeping up w all her IG bullshit since the last one

No. 867495

is she married or how can she stay in the us so long, i thought was austrian?

No. 867612

Has anything milky really happened or is she still just shagging up z-list celebrities/ escorting so she doesn’t end up on the streets and being bitter about the fact that no sane person wants to be around her?

No. 867875

could we get a new celebricows thread back in /snow/ since /ot/ is no longer working?

No. 867944

I second that Aaron Carter needs a thread, the constant milk is plenty and we need this in our lives.

No. 867956

We need a new Taylor R thread please anons, last one hit post limit.

No. 867994


seconding this. i'd love an aaron carter thread

No. 868170

does anyone have any new milk on BebeZeva / Rebeccah Hershkovitz? she had a debt collection court case last year but pretty much went awol

No. 868173

Anyone down for a Maia Knight thread?

No. 868206

Is there enough content for viktorija tolstaja/tasermalinoisdog?

>tiktoker who deliberately puts her dog in stressful situations for clout/attention, revels in being an abusive piece of shit

>mocks people who offer advice
>allegedly feeds it live lizards, cats, rats, etc— these animals never make additional appearances on her account, and she lives in a small apartment, so I doubt she’s keeping three lizards, two snakes, three cats, and more.
>even if she doesn’t, she puts these animals in situations with her Belgian Malinois where the dog tries to bite/eat them, encouraging aggressive behavior
>brags about not training her very violent pet that could potentially hurt other people/animals.
>dog is clearly over or understimulated— she’s posted videos of her dog mounting her, attempting to attack strangers, assaulting other pets
>had a German shepherd in the past that was also put down for attacking a little girl, but the only archives available are mirrors because she flew under the radar.

No. 868352

Ew anon, no, this is a site for laughing at cows not reveling in animal abuse

No. 868359

What’s milky about her?

No. 868393

Then why did the zoophilia leaks get so much exposure here? I wouldn’t call it reveling.

No. 868437

i was going to ask this.

No. 868454

with how shit the current things going on right now, a prepper/prepping/infographics survival guides would be useful

No. 868475

>>867370 maybe we need a "stan twitter icons" (for lack of a better word) general thread to discuss whoever the popular cow of the month is on there?

lovelypeaches/lati k/hrh collection/whichever mentally ill individual those fags will gas up next don't feel milky enough for separate threads, but I'm sure there'd be enough for a general?

No. 868538

File: 1645992009000.jpg (130.63 KB, 841x720, IMG_20220227_005748.jpg)

Would nonas be interested in a thread about the disappearance of Carly Fleischmann?
While looking her up here (to make sure there aren't already threads on this) I saw that she's been mentioned in the past in other threads.
To summarize:
Carly Fleischmann is a former youtuber from Toronto, Canada, co-author of the book "Carly's Voice", and overall prominent figure in the autism advocacy community.
She was diagnosed with autism and motor apraxia as a toddler and she's non-verbal. She communicates via typing. She planned on being the first nonspeaking talk show host.
Prior to her disappearance she was featured on ABC news, she was on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and she was also reacted to on the Fine Brothers' React series. She also interviewed celebrities like Channing Tatum on her YouTube show.
Now the shady part:
>She used to be quite active on social media, up until February 2019 when she suddenly disappeared, after making a Facebook post disclosing that she had been sexually assaulted by her father's boyfriend, and that her family was trying to gaslight her.
>After that, the post was deleted, her personal Facebook account was nuked and someone claiming to be the "admin" of her public page made a new post apologizing and claiming that the page had been hacked.
>Since then all of Carly's social media accounts have been completely silent, for 3 years now.
>Her family claims she's doing well, but the whole situation seems very shady. Her followers are worried because she's in a vulnerable situation and because her father has done some crazy shit in the past, like forcing her to do a controversial ABA therapy (which Carly said it caused her lasting trauma) and electroshock therapy (which her own father admitted it gave Carly brain damage). Now it seems like Carly's either lost access to all electronics/social media, or lost the hability to communicate altogether.
This might be some Gypsy Rose abuse type situation, but idk whether we would be able to dig up enough info on the two dads and the current situation as to keep up a thread. It might just turn into endless speculation.

No. 868542

File: 1645996612091.png (2.48 MB, 1142x4438, CARLY-01.png)

Doubleposting to share some screenshots together with context

No. 868544

i'm interested, now that i've read this i'm not going to be able to stop thinking about her

No. 868545

File: 1645998409451.png (1.29 MB, 2090x1142, Screen Shot 2022-02-27 at 3.42…)

No. 868546

What the fuck, thread asap honestly.
Me too, nonny. This poor woman, I hope nothing nefarious has happened to her.

No. 868555

Would like a thread, this shit is a giant red flag. I hope she is safe.

No. 868593

Please make the thread. Even if there's a lot of speculation, it's worth it. Some farmers may be able to dig up important info.

No. 868710

It's a sad story but literally what would be the point of a thread about someone who's been offline for years. I foresee a week of Onion levels of speculative fanfic then a dead thread bc there are never updates.

No. 868743

a general thread for similarly mysteriously disappearing internet personalities would be interesting though, and this would be a great start.

No. 868761

it sounds more like something for /ot/

No. 868775

there is (was? it may need to be unlocked) a fascinating thread over at /ot/ called "your favourite ghosts". Seems fitting

No. 869001

No. 869133

I dont know how there can be Moo and Shanes boring threads on /pt/but Shayna has been stuck in /snow/ all these years. Isnt it time she is moved?

No. 869146

At this point, it's basically a meme that Shayna will never make it to /pt/ despite being our prize-winning cow. Even LJ got promoted for the only time in her entire life. I'm ok with that, though /pt/ is boring AF these days.

No. 869183

I dont know if anyone else would want this, but i would love a thread for tiktok mommies that exploit their kids but dont deserve their own thread(maia knight is a good example)

No. 869217

File: 1646627747884.jpeg (915.24 KB, 741x1047, 56C42B7E-E6A9-4FB2-982F-4C4799…)

i’ve been aching for a thread about this bitch but am retarded know it will be shit if i do it myself, this is “Jojo”/Moonchild.etc (will have to do further digging for a full name) she is a morbidly obese tiktoker who gained notoriety for claiming to be diagnosed with anorexia (not atypical even) despite her entire life for the past few years being available to the public and she has not lost any amount of weight in that time. Most recent milk is that a few days ago she started a gofundme for $5,000 to get service dog for unspecified mental and chronic illnesses (aka munchie wokepoints) but is seen going out to dinner and getting her nails done in her very next post the day after. The fact that it’s almost entirely funded was the tipping point for posting, fuck this gay earth

No. 869223


No. 869228

This would probably fall under the pro-ana scumbags thread, but I could be wrong. I know there’s some other fatty larpers mentioned in there.

No. 869279

I’d be curious if any other anons would be into an FB thread as well, I don’t know if she would mesh well with the user base here though

No. 869402

There's been a few requests for one recently but no one's made a thread yet. I guess there is just so much background to cover.

No. 869429

Also a lot of anons feel she is better off staying a KF cow. Like you said, there's an insane amount to cover. Like, 100+ threads worth. She's pulled so much bullshit I'd venture to say she's twice the mess Amberlynn is.

No. 869444

File: 1646871608481.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1170x1976, 1D3E0953-3388-434B-954F-261D29…)

Is anyone else interested in a thread about Megsuperstarprincess? She’s a self proclaimed blogger and stylist. I have no idea how to create a thread but if anyone made one I’d be happy to post screenshots etc.

No. 869451

Any other info to create the thread..? Cow tendencies/rundown etc.

No. 869463

File: 1646882318514.jpeg (146.94 KB, 750x1334, EQFOx2oXkAEbS0v.jpeg)

a good rundown might be this insufferable article in the cut, her whole thing is larping the "indie sleaze" cobra snake 2007 hipster era. https://12ft.io/proxy?q=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.thecut.com%2F2022%2F02%2Fpartying-with-meg-superstar-princess.html

id be interested but i think she's not milky enough for a thread solely focused on her. this type of person is vaguely in the same scenes as the leftcows, twitter waifs, and coquettes. i could imagine a retarded new york/"dimes square" narcissistic fashion and art world influencer general thread for all of these figures though, it could include people like her bpd friend trustfundgoth (picrel, has more cow potential imo) and that glamdemon2004 girl on tiktok, basically anyone that is profiled in these party articles and all of the less politics focused hangers-on mentioned in the leftcows thread

No. 869466

Yes! I don’t have any milk on this girl but if you scroll a little on her IG you can see how she suddenly became this “druggie downtown party waif” a couple years ago, before that some basic rich alt girl from CA… like a not-yet-totally fucked version of a Luna/Lilith type.

No. 869538

File: 1646945262451.png (141.6 KB, 1485x516, image_2022-03-10_154525.png)

now that Chantal's YT has been yeeted we have a little time to catch up on her lol
But you may be right that she's better off a KF cow, because rn they're losing their shit over it, and it's pretty funny.

No. 869637

Would anyone be up for making the next shoeonhead thread? They tend to be slow moving so I don’t wanna make a shit one everyone will be stuck with for a few months. I don’t think she’s been as active lately with her new tard tradcon boyfriend but there’s so much potential.

No. 869885

Is raven a banned topic or did anons just get bored? This recent video gave me a good chuckle. I do miss her threads

No. 869886

I miss her threads. I had to skip through this but towards the end "If I had a baby then I wouldn't want to kill myself. "

Guess she just up and doesn't consider Dorian her child lol

No. 869889

Towards to beginning of the video she defends herself for "unaliving frogs and rodents as a child"

No. 869896

the fact that they're still together is really surprising. i'd be up for a thread though.

No. 869919

Please ban the turbo autist that keeps bumping Luna Aquaphine and Jessica Celebre threads.(sage your shit)

No. 869956

File: 1647374416354.jpeg (703.79 KB, 2048x2048, A09A4CAF-7D05-48B1-A955-3871AA…)

Some new dasha milk, currently hellbent on ruining Carl grimes life apparently

No. 869963

I cant believe im defending a scrote but that just feels like someone bitter over a break up. The horse porn ss doesnt really prove much besides that he was into it then realized its fucked up, because it is. Yeah its weird but he admitted its wierd so im not sure what she was trying to prove besides that she cant really be trusted with deep dark secrets. Also i wonder if the girl who added him on snapchat actually did add his real account or if it was someone pretending to be him to fish for nudes, kinda want see the girl expand on it a bit. Doesnt snapchat keep a list of people youve blocked? This is messy

No. 869991

kind of rich dasha is saying chandler was "out giving community dick" for allegedly sending dick pics while she's been caught straight up escorting. Stay crazy putin.

No. 870052

yeah girl is straight up fuming for not getting picked

No. 870189

new scorpioassheaux / Ariana / plasticnproud thread?

No. 870266

Can we get a new thread on the latest ERW/MM drama? There’s a bunch of lawsuits and an HBO special

No. 870904

File: 1647924815422.jpeg (114.55 KB, 901x359, 87A37DB2-6BD0-44BC-ADB4-3A5650…)

you have no vibe, nonnie

No. 870927

Is the SurvivingLife guy worth a thread?

>ran a channel documenting online predators

>had a public incident where he was accused of hitting his wife, claims he was having a panic attack and was just helping her into a car
>got exposed for grooming women into a sex cult by takedownman
>wife divorced him shortly after
>made videos mocking police during his investigation
>currently on a new channel (DarkBot) relentlessly attacking some random guy (Decca Heggie)

There's a whole subreddit discussing him and how nuts he ie getting. Heres one of takedownmans first videos on him

No. 871098

Sage for sperg but Takedownman is a pathological liar and a cow on his own, SurvivingLife is totally worth a thread too IMO, but I'm not sure how many people are familiar with him.

I actually watched one of his darkweb documentaries and at one point he actually interviewed 2 anonymous pedos who watch CP-snuff content and one of them graphically described her "favorite videos", so I stopped watching because it nearly gave me a panic attack. Even if it's "journalism" or "a documentary" it seemed really fucked up and borderline dangerous to give people like that a platform, even if they're anonymous (which makes me wonder if they were even real people, but the anonymous woman was so detailed about her life story I wasn't sure what to believe). Another fucked up part was when he talked about "legal alternatives" to CP-snuff aka random child abuse videos and filmed himself watching them (they were censored but still)??? What the fuck. There's no way this guy isn't secretly a pedo in some way. I worry for his wife and kids.

No. 871124

File: 1648075198628.jpg (428.09 KB, 1170x2048, FK2z2uNXoAg0HaE (1).jpg)


I think a NYC party tryhards thread would be good, related to this anon since its the same scene, i wish someone would make a thread on rachel rabbit white, gross degenerate almost 40 writer plastic surgery addict prostitute coomer who calls herself a poet, writes extremely shitty poetry, unashamedly posts twitter threads bragging about how she seduced her husband by fucking a crucifix from st patrick’s cathedral, a church she visited for his moms funeral he was unable to attend, husband is nico walker author of cherry who went to jail for armed robbery while he was addicted to heroin, she only ever refers him as a bank robber and brags constantly about her drug use. there's more but i don't follow her that closely, could go in leftcows I guess. she's a sinister vapid person that writes terrible terrible poetry and gets a lot of attention for her woke sex worker branding

No. 871159

Takedownman did an interview with a girl who told him all about how SurvivingLife groomed her and a few other women into his cult. Unless she and a few other women are lying (and I'm inclined to believe they're telling the truth) I do think that takedownman giving her a platform shouldn't make her statement less believable

The thing about Ron is that I know exactly what you mean about him likely being a secret pedo. He spends his online life scouring pedo websites and interacting with nonces

No. 871164

seconding this, i just learned about this woman moving into caroline calloways apartment and her IG alone is a trashfire

No. 871190

thirding this, scene is full of delusional lunatics who dirty delete posts. And some cow-ish hanger-ons. fear it might become a cesspool of self posting though (just like leftcows)

No. 871192

AYRT, I personally dislike Takedownman as a person but I have read the stories from the girls SurvivingLife groomed and I do believe them. So I think Takedownman platforming them is one of the few good things he's done. He's a pathological liar about other things, like how he claims he has a "pass" from the FBI to look at CP, claiming that red rooms are real, and that he used to be a hitman. But his KF thread, Rationalwiki article, and this video explain why I think he's a cow on his own.

No. 871286

please!! I’m fascinated by her popularity and why anyone would think her coked-out anachan 00’s indie sleaze thing is cool or interesting. i know she must be milky

No. 871781

Not sure if suggested or not, or if too niche LOL. But Paul Breach (snapshoteye/beautybeyondthe_eye) on TikTok is a British groomer who basically got bullied for being cringe, then accidentally admitted he knocked up a 16 year old when he was 28.
He still is trying to keep grooming young women despite being a gross scrote in his 40s and a deadbeat dad.

No. 871894

File: 1648626278467.jpeg (144.27 KB, 1200x211, 6E5641FB-2D52-4B51-8DBE-D322AA…)

Not sure if anyone would be interested/I’m not sure I’m qualified to make a thread. Sorry in advance if this has been posted and for formatting as I’m on mobile

Without further ado- anyone else sick of seeing ‘Lord Miles Routledge’ aka the 4channer ultra trad catholic brit that went to Afghanistan during the fall of Kabul?

- A ‘disaster tourist’ that visits active war zones and areas of political/social conflict. Eg. South Sudan and most recently, Ukraine
- Is apparently single because he’s ‘waiting for a Catholic trad wife’ and wants at least five babies.
- Tweets misogynistic shit (see pic attached) and it gets lapped up by his ultra based dude bro twitter and 4chan audience.
- Another example being that if he had a daughter and she wanted to take a gap year for travel/personal growth, he’d send her to various war zones.
- Says he dreads going to England more than the Ukraine because it’s been overtaken by ‘woke propaganda’
- Admittedly does help out in some ways to the places he visits (Eg. Giving a pregnant Ukrainian woman a lift to a safe point) but not without making several tweets about it afterwards for asspats.
- Said ukranian dudes that coughed up 10k for a covert border pass to get them and their families to Poland were ‘cowards’
- Anti vaxxer, despite visiting potentially immune compromised children in their eWorld countries.
- Thinks you can’t be a real catholic if you support vaccination, same sex marriage etc.

No. 871898

maybe someone could make a groomers general? sounds kind of depressing to me but a lot of known groomers are very much cows

No. 871960

Good job British women, keep denying this turd aex so he has to keep doing a religion larp to cover it. Also what type of retard looks for a trad woman on tinder? Kek

No. 872038

Yes, please, someone make a thread on this tard. He got lucky once and has been milking and baiting a potential return to Afghanistan ever since it fucking happened. Btw more than half of the rightoid faggots he panders to clown on him because they know hes a poser

No. 872432

Could someone make a new Lucinda thread? I would but I don't keep up with her enough to give a summary

No. 872488

Also a new JC/Syd thread. If I tried it would be a sad result but its pretty milky right now. Thank you wise nonnas ♥(emoji)

No. 872493


No. 872536

You fucking idiot you can’t bump a pinned thread

No. 872585

File: 1649059964481.jpg (171.59 KB, 1677x919, Miriam (1).jpg)

Brazilian nazi girl.

No. 872638

Can someone make a new confession thread? I really need to get something off my chest lol. The old one is locked, I tried making a new one but my computer fucks up all the threads I make somehow (namefagging and stuff, I have no idea what causes it).

No. 872650

I second this! Someone in the TND thread said they are sitting on some creamy syd milk apparently. I have never made a thread so I don’t wanna mess it up!

No. 872661

File: 1649111148600.jpeg (1.74 MB, 1125x1916, D206CE1E-34EC-4FFB-BB8E-08157D…)

Horrorcow alert! These two are Quran and Cheryl McCain, aka kingqurannewpage & oliver6060 on TikTok.

>he’s 24, she’s 61

>they’ve been married for 7 months
>appeared on Love Don’t Judge
>they allegedly met when he was 15 and she was 52
>have an OF/make porn together, often leaking clips to Twitter
>are trying to conceive/find a surrogate

No. 872677

File: 1649133623571.jpeg (129.49 KB, 866x866, Neginvaand (1).jpeg)

Can we make an IG models general thread? I don't think there is one.

No. 872678

Isn't South America notorious for nazis? Like the conspiracy is many Germans including Hitler fled to Argentina after WWII and he didn't actually kill himself.

Latin America in general has a racism problem. They still look down on "indios" aka indigenous people.

No. 872680

it's not even a conspiracy for some of them. japanese war criminals also fled there.

No. 872681


Is that why there's such a big population of Japanese diaspora in Brazil?

No. 872691

no, the war criminals went to neutral countries where there were already sizable populations that spoke their language
a bunch of Japanese came to Brazil earlier in the 20th century to work on coffee plantations

No. 872697

Still need a thread for JC and Syd but if I make it its gonna get locked from my ineptitude

No. 872699


No. 872701

working on a thread now

No. 872703

Thank you nonna♥

No. 872707

links kept fucking up when i tried to post but after like 4 times of trying to correct them and various things going wrong… i give up on making it perfect, hope this works don't h8 on me too much i tried >>>/snow/1493508

No. 872757

do we have a thread for general DID / Dissociadid? Her new videos - the most recent where she introduces a 'demon alter' in black and red creepypasta-esque makeup is wild, and now shes more active it'd be good to have a thread.

No. 872780

File: 1649230292327.jpg (82.34 KB, 728x750, tumblr_dfadf691a2f33559d993028…)


i'm same nonny here still stand by everything i said can we please have a eating disorder support and harm reduction general thread? tons of anons in the vent thread talk about struggling with eds

No. 872792

Is lolcow really the best place for support threads? Genuine question. A lot of people come to snark and bitch because they aren’t in the best frame of mind themselves and I’m not sure if that’s conducive to recovery groups. Reddit has a sub for everything or you might want to look at forums that are locality specific. In the UK we have the eating disorder charity “Beat” and they have a well moderated ED forum and support groups.

No. 872799

Couldn't lolcow become a better place though? It's one of the only women-only spaces, c'mon let's be better. Also some people don't come for the gossip boards (the freaks)

No. 872803

>the freaks
bitch do you know where you are? this thread isn't even really for those kind of requests, it's primarily for cow threads that would be closed if not done correctly. the non milk boards were a mistake.

No. 872808

you're right in this is the wrong board to ask, but if anon wants to, she should just make her own thread in /g/ ? seems fitting? if any people really have a problem with it or its abused it would just be locked or deleted anyways… i'm sure some people would like to have that bit of anon support.

No. 872820

girl it's a joke breathe

No. 872822

>it's a joke
anon, tons of /ot/ users think they think they're better than the drama board users, are you new?

No. 872887

>woman only place
And you want to let anachans run more rampant than they already are? Have you seen how arseholy they are on thread that have nothing to do with anorexia? An anorexia support thread is just going to be infighting and bone rattling I promise you

No. 873041

that's why the joke is calling only ot board users freaks instead of vice versa

No. 874031

Would anyone be interested in a Welcome to Plathsville thread? It is EXTREMELY milky
>weird southern religious family
>parents manage 9 kids things like a cult on a farm
>dad is a fucking alien, looks like a raper
>oldest son nearly beats up dad on camera and almost abandons family because his wife is "possessed by evil spirits". Never heard a swear word until he was 15
>mom is a narc who admits she has a network of people who stalk her childrens social media for her
>teen daughter is slowly morphing into a slutty party girl, gets a forbidden boyfriend, he has a YouTube channel
>teen son is trying to be a model
>I'm at least 90% sure the dad is abusing the kids because the vibe whenever he is in the room is suspicious as fuck
>theres so much going on all the time
The 4th season is coming to TLC next month if anyone is interested in a discussion thread

No. 874033

I heard two of the older kids got kicked out and they had an episode where they confront the parents. Wasn't the boyfriend (max?) With the YouTube channel the one who called Moriah out on her revealing outfits? He ended up cheating on her too kek

No. 874082

The mother, Kim, is the devil on earth. She's the worst bitch I've seen. When she gets in the scene everybody's joy is sucked out of their bodies, the slutty looking daughter gets incredibly uncomfortable when her mum comes in. Fucking love the Plaths
There's is a fundie thread on snow, check the catalog, maybe we can talk about them there

No. 874083

I would love this or like all the horrible tv families or something

No. 874084

Theres a clip where the bloke married to Olivia says "you're the neck that turns his head, it's always been that way" basically saying the mum has been controlling the dad. I believe it. The dad is so fucking weird and scary that literally any piece if commentary I've seen about the show mentions the dad is a fucking wendigo in diaguise

No. 874085

Yes! Please. Something about families like the Plaths, Duggars, or the Honey Boo Boo family always brings out wild crazy drama

No. 874106

File: 1650153587229.jpg (94.28 KB, 720x469, 1643218554366.jpg)

Thank you tlc

No. 874111

>>>/snow/1172792 I'm sorry I don't know how to link

No. 874113

Yeah but who’s gonna take the necro ban?

No. 874122

Honestly, don't know why someone should catch a ban if it's new-ish milk.

No. 874167

I did it. I posted an introduction to the thread, if I stop posting it's because jannies have taken me out back to shoot me

No. 874220

anyone up for a mia stills thread? anyone who knows her more in depth, she seems like a mess

No. 874361

I saw a post on her in the personal lolcows thread and chimed in that I was interested only to be accused of being a self poster.

No. 874383

Isn't she just some tiktok influencer who puts on makeup like she's retarded? What's milky about her?

No. 874417

i only found out about her through the post on personal lolcows but she seems like she changes her LARP often and has potential to be really milky with the antics - i don't know enough about her backstory to make a thread but i found some before pics of her where she is playing socialite girl so if anyone knows more, i think a thread could be fun

No. 874544

Is it worth discussing a milky family vlogger or would it be too much effort for anons to censor their photos/names, considering the no minors rule?

No. 874640

Requesting a bald and bankrupt thread

No. 874678

yes please. i always wondered what his deal was and why he travels with those young girls? haven't watched him in awhile but i used to with my ex bf a lot but he stopped watching cause he got way too much of a sex tourist vibe from him. what's the recent milk?

No. 874688

nothing too recent, the youtubers that talk about how he's a sex tourists and wrote fanfics about touching young girls just get comments that they're jealous of his content lol. the way he talks to the woman (alina?) he travels with sometimes has bad vibes. I think he almost snapped at her when they got stuck in snow at night recently.

No. 874705

unsure if there's much milk but seconding, i do like his content but there's gotta be something on him surely

No. 874744

She posts constantly. In and out of rehab (appparently) and cringely larps as crazy fictional women eg- girl interrupted/Amanda bynes.

She is also constantly getting banned off tiktok and instagram and she's EXTREMELY defensive at comments asking her what's up even though she sympathy baits.
I've seen her insta stories where she's dancing flirtatiously with homeless men and she seems to have a weird relationship with her dad.
Body checks non-stop. Her homeless girl larping is hilarious because from what you can see in insta stories and photos her parents look quite wealthy. Her fans are all 14 year old edgelords who attack anyone in the comments to defend her.
I think she will only get milkier because she literally records and uploads every other minute of the day and overshares.

No. 874781

you can just check r/baldandbaldrdossier for all the dirt on him

No. 874949

can someone skilled make a new celebricows thread? we are on no.50 now and there is some new ezra milk

No. 874952

Can someone make a new Luna Slater thread pleade? I'd make one myself but I'm afraid I dont know what recent facts I should put in the New thread

No. 874953

Just copy paste the OP (and change her IG name in it), read the last thread and compile a few memorable things (like her being able to pay months of rent upfront but having no money for an ID/birth certificate, her botched piercing and tattoo, Pumpkin's neglect, the needles in Lurch's twitter video, changing eviction dates etc etc. I half assed a thread before and got asspats for it so so can you!) The OP pic was already made by a true artist lol >>>/pt/874404

No. 874990

File: 1650921314420.png (1.93 MB, 1080x1316, 1650444127745.png)

Could someone post this? My laptop keeps being a fuckshit. Copy paste the OP underneath.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/heavenlybunnies

Tumblr: https://heavenlybunnies.tumblr.com/
https://pileofthembones96.tumblr.com/ [ed tumblr]

Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/offthebone1996
https://twitter.com/bimbokitten96 [sw twitter]

>Formerly known as angelhair1996, howl1996, junkhun, funeralhome420 and Lunakittenxxx (to name but a few)
>25 year old heroin addict, scammer, liar, thief, and on-and-off “sex worker”
>Has overdosed thrice
>Begs people for money online to buy drugs under the guise of it being for food/medication/rent/necessities
>Refuses to get a job or do anything productive besides shitty art and poetry
>Has every self-diagnosed mental/physical illness under the sun
>Started dating her (now 42) year old “fiancé” (hereby known as Lurch) before she turned 18, calls him “daddy”. They’ve been together now for 7 years
>has a following of impressionable young girls who she has convinced to “help” her during this “tough time” in her life
>Romanticises the hell out of her addiction but rants on the internet how vile it is to do so
>”I’m not trying to be Courtney Love!”
>Tries to be exactly like Courtney Love
>Loves to share her grimy life on the internet, including awful photos of her cats laying in filth and used needles, unwashed clothes, etc
>Constantly buys cheap shit on Amazon while complaining about being penniless
>Milks her ex-gf’s suicide for struggle points

Historical Milk:
>Squandered a large inheritance from her grandmother within a year and lost the property she also inherited because she didn’t pay tax on it
>Claims her mother “stole” her inheritance money from her (she possibly used the inheritance to pay her mother’s rent and considers that “stealing”)
>Exploited Roger (Lurch’s sick dad) by squatting in his apartment and leeching off his social security until he died. They were soon evicted because they couldn’t pay rent
>Luna and Lurch then move in with her ex-addict mother in her one-bedroom poverty home, ultimately drives her mother to relapse and go to inpatient >>795390
>Her dad's apartment caught on fire; Luna spreads ashes on her face

Sex Worker Saga:
>Then began a “sex work” career, taking grimy nudes and videos and selling them through twitter for drug money, looking more and more dead in every photo
>Made premade videos, one is called PEE DRINK >>730829
>Anon leaks a ‘commission’ video where Luna calls her dad and says she’s got a stable job, then takes her dress off and masturbates for the camera. Dad sounds supportive and happy for her as she uses him to get someone else’s humiliation fetish rocks off >>758647 WARNING: SAD AS FUCK >>758661
>“Online acquaintance” of Luna’s turns up after being sent the dad video >>761016, insinuates Luna has sold videos of her shooting up in her legs via her SW twitter. Shares screencap, looks like necrosis waiting to happen >>761037
>Returns to sex work >>805775, >>810203
>A year later, anon drops “lurch gyrating Luna’s ass” and “full intercourse” vids that they bought but didn’t leak at the time: >>811491, >>811554

Eviction/Sobriety Saga:
>Luna uploads a video where her and Lurch yell at a social worker >>811724
>Electricity gets shut off >>813209 and Luna continues to refer to the owner of the apartment as "her landlord" despite admitting on facebook that they're not supposed to be there >>813354
>The apartment door lock has broken, Luna and lurch build sad little barricades >>816475, >>815981
>The cops pay a visit >>813338 and find drugs, paraphernalia and a knife. Charges are filed against Lurch >>819990, >>822424, >>824442
>As a result, Lurch now has to submit drug tests on the reg, and Luna allegedly actually detoxes from heroin (while still using methadone and/or weed, other opiates and/or benzos) >>821718, >>822657, >>823499, >>823823, >>824260
>Luna keeps claiming to be sober >>824858, >>825465, >>827008 despite still taking fucking Xanax >>825462
>”Abusive” dad relapses >>825466, is “dying” >>825993, >>826190, Meanwhile, Luna says it’s a “slap in the face” that her mother dares to be high around her >>826257
>Freaks out incessantly on Reddit about her and Lurch’s stimmy checks as it’s clearly their own income
>Luna and Lurch are attacked by neighbor’s pitbulls totally not while stealing >>831109

Assault Saga:
>Luna claims to have been raped by a stranger in her building >>840784, >>840941 Anons infight about whether or not she's telling the whole truth
>Reports the rape to the police >>841832, >>841834, It seems to go quite well
>Police now don't entirely believe her rape story >>843957, now suspect her of submitting a falsified statement
>Luna gets psych warded >>846413, Calls it the "worst day of her life" but not explaining why, posts unsettling selfies with her ekg stickers still on >>846458
>Seems to be police-related >>847120, Current theory is she lost her shit when she took all of her klonopin and psych wouldn't give her more

Recent milk:
>Is getting evicted, somehow gets the date moved every time she goes to court
>Dyes her hair a horrid brown
>Lurch flirts with random girls on twitter
>Neglects Pumpkin horribly
>Gets two new tattoos and vertical labret, all look horrible
>Still uses her 'I have no money for an ID/birth certificate' excuse so she can't get married to Lurch, even though she supposedly has enough money to pay months of rent upfront
>Still a hoarder, but that goes without saying

twenty one >>>/pt/574429
twenty two >>>/pt/591749
twenty three >>>/pt/619612
twenty four >>>/pt/657873
twenty five >>>/pt/689217
twenty six >>>/pt/734529
twenty seven >>>/pt/767687
twenty eight >>>/pt/795757
twenty nine >>>/pt/811991
thirty >>>/pt/824552
thirty one >>>/pt/832421
thirty two >>>/pt/841646
thirty three >>>/pt/848981
thirty four >>>/pt/859618
thirty five >>>/pt/865357
thirty six >>>/pt/869724

No. 874998

I got you thread posted nonnie. Thanks for typing it out. You're a lamb!

No. 875002

Haha I don't know how this was intended but thank you nonna!

No. 875018

It’s a term of endearment

No. 875037

Sorry I was drunk as fuck thanks again ya lamb ♥

No. 876082

would anyone be into a kpop stan thread?

No. 876114

isnt there a kpop thread on cc? just go there

No. 876181

there’s choachan

No. 876422

Would anyone be down for a cults/cult leaders general in /ot/ or something?

No. 876505

I like this idea!

No. 876605

i still feel like we should have a thread for landwhales claiming restrictive eds separate from the pro-ana scumbags thread, they’re really entertaining and way milkier imo, or even just a morbid obesity/HAES thread in general with those being a treat within

No. 876607

there is a cult thread if you ctrl+f on the catalogue, you may need to report it to the Jannie's so they open it (after the /or/ apocalypse)

No. 876669

With the recent trooning of Lance Hart I'm bringing this up again. Would it go in /ot/ or /snow/? Don't wanna shit up /or/ with too much nsfw but it seems the best place for general cows

No. 876671

god wherever you put it i cant wait to read it so please report back. imo a porncows thread would be suited to snow anyway

No. 876672

I don't think I have enough milk to make a proper good /snow/ thread unfortunately and I'm awful at making threads but with the recent uptick of open discussion threads without much of an intro, like the Hollywood abuse thread, in /ot/ I was thinking there but idk

No. 876976

would anyone be interested in a female dating strategy type thread?

it got deleted off reddit and i know it was unhinged a lot of the time but some of the advice was really affirming and good to hear stuff. or if anyone has recs for where else on the internet to find that type of content

No. 877059

i didn't realize there was a new thread so i posted this on the old one, oops sorry.

it’s been requested before but can we possibly get a thread on hawkhatesyou? she’s posting a shit ton about some drama with her ex and is very publicly fucking his friends… seems like a lot of milk there but i can’t find info

No. 877063

I wonder if people would be ok with her being added to the camgirls thread? I know she's an OF person but imo she doesn't quite fit in the e-girls or Instagram general and would be better suited to the thread pumpy and charms are in. There's definitely no shortage of antics with hawk.

Fair, maybe you should go ahead and make it a thread in OT with whatever write up you can, and if a few people contribute with porn cows and milk, over time there could be a solid write-up, like the celebricow threads in OT. I could certainly contribute, whether about Lance and that particular circle, or a few others.

No. 877089

There's an OF thread in snow

No. 877194

I did my best nonnie, let me know if I should go ahead and make it or if I should add anything else

Porn Industry Cows General

A thread like celebricows but dedicated to the degenerates of the porn industry. Not to be confused with camwhores and sex workers. Talk about ex-pornstars is also welcome.

Charlotte Sartre
Charlotte is a porn star and prostitute named after philosopher Jean Paul Sartre. She’s 27 years old and married to her bisexual, currently-trooning husband Lance Hart, who is nearly 20 years her senior. They both live in Las Vegas, Nevada where prostitution is fully legal and they engage in sex work both on and off camera.
>Major NLOG
>Does extreme porn including anal and piss drinking
>Performs scenes with troons such as Natalie Mars
>Known to fuck anyone and anything, including uber drivers for free rides

Lance Hart
>42 years old bisexual man
>Started off doing hardcore gay porn, eventually moving into fucking trannies
>Even more degenerate than Charlotte
>Recently trooned out to become Lucy Hart, a she/they AGP

Mia Khalifa
29 year old ex porn actress who quickly became a top porn star in 2014 after just 3 months. Notorious for pissing off the world and receiving death threats for her controversial hijab porn scenes with BangBros.
>Publicly disowned by her conservative family after entering the industry
>Quit 3 months later
>Currently still working as a cam model
>Still reaping in the benefits of her dwindling fame and relevancy by streaming on Twitch and Youtube
>Outspoken about the porn industry, tried to get her videos taken down from BangBros but failed

Riley Reid/Ashley Mathews
Twitter: @rileyreidx3
Instagram: @rileyreidl
29 year old porn flavor of the week in 2016 who would fuck fans and celebrities. Open about her promiscuity and claims to have been a cyberbullying victim over the years.
>Married Latvian Runner Pasha Petkuns (@pashatheboss) she met on Instagram in 2021 after knowing him less than a year
>She and her husband predictably received online backlash for this decision
>No plans to quit porn
>Once revealed to have raped her boyfriend in a movie theater when she was 14
>After being called out for sexual assault, desperately tried to wipe this story from all her bio pages

Lana Rhoades/Amara Maple:
Twitter: @LanaRhoades
Instagram: @lanarhoades
After leading a life of drug addiction, gang affiliation, and other poor life choices, Lana entered the industry at 18 after shooting for Playboy and marrying a man 9 years older than her.
>Another porn starlet flavor of the week
>Has left and returned to the industry multiple times since 2016
>Runs a podcast called 3 Girls 1 Kitchen area with Instagram models Olivia Davis (@theoliviadavis) and Alexa Adams (@alexaadams3)
>Tried to start up her own NFT project CryptoSis which failed miserably
>Fought back then deleted her twitter after multiple scammer accusations
>Now a divorced single mother with a son of an unknown father
>Vocally anti-porn, though still supports independent sex work

Spoil all NSFW posts, do not engage with coomer scrotes, report and move on.

No. 877224

Kek kiss this website goodbye if you bring more porn related anything here it's going to be mostly men coming here. This even sounds like some shit a scrote would write kek

No. 877226


>2 keks in 1 paragraph

we already have a shit ton of camgirl, ewhore, OF threads and Shayna's thread full of her blown out ass 24/7. I get what you mean but for those of us who want to discuss this crowd, there's not much reason there can't be a thread when pumpy, Shayna, mickey deer et al get their own threads

No. 877237

Why is it scrotey, because it mentioned sex? They're porn stars, of course their milk is gonna involve them being sexual degenerates.
Mia Khalifa's hypocrisy has been brought up in the celebricows thread too and I think talk of these ex performers who claim to be anti porn but don't practice what they preach is deserved

No. 877269

Nta but still being mad about Mia Khalifa is extremely scrotey. Gives off the same vibes as proposing an Anita Sarkeesian thread. Get over it already.

No. 877313

Anon, a lot of farmers are literally ex-escorts and/or ex-camgirls and they don’t even realize how messed up that is. You won’t bring any points in here, maybe in about 5 years the demography will recycle and you’ll be able to call out pornstar’s bs without being accused of being a scrote. 5 years ago being a lesbian was enough to be accused of being a scrote.

No. 877430

>literal whos who make porn get posted so why can't we make a thread for actual porn stars that are recognizable?
what's the worst that could happen, right? I'm sure it will never be flooded with men posting porn or asking for porn. Men never come here or go to those aforementioned camwhore threads asking for nudes. Never happened once! You're right nona.
No anon please I swear it's not scrotes she's so milky and such a dumb slut, I mean camwhore, she's an eternal cow and needs to be in the porn star thread!

No. 877509

That's literally why you report and move on. Also the thread was going to be for >>877063 this anon to contribute. Mia was just an extra for the write up since she was relevant to the scene. Why the fuck is calling an ex porn star hypocritical for continuing to do sex work male behavior? I swear to god everyone is a scrote at this point, right?

No. 877800

They aren't scrotes but they certainly consume pornography and rub themselves to the point of retardation like scrotes. Many such cases. Sad!

No. 877864

why do we need a porn thread? fucking degenerate

No. 877890

Exactly. No matter how many anons come in here trying to justify it, it's fucking degenerate and doesn't belong here. We already struggle enough with scrotes and raids. Adding legitimate porn stars and posting their photos from socials will only attract more troglodytes.

No. 878076

We need a new celebrocows thread

No. 878129

second that, is anyone working on one?

No. 878217

File: 1653382480289.jpeg (722.37 KB, 1284x1254, 3821E7F3-F2D2-4850-B70C-124DDD…)

I want a hawk and taylor/honey thread so bad! Supposedly they ditched the blonde in vegas and left her fending for herself on the streets, pretty fucked up

No. 878270

File: 1653467190001.jpg (49.49 KB, 720x592, FB_IMG_1653467037350.jpg)

This guy is definitely something, most of his drawings are variations of this, fetish?


No. 878316

File: 1653515513289.jpg (70.96 KB, 400x400, 437499-1609637386249-dbd3f1642…)

I'd love an MLM thread, it feels like there's constant drama. Monat is imploding, Black Oxygen Organics just got shut down. Some of the big names like Jessie Lee Ward and Draymus are milk mines.

No. 878418

File: 1653626648741.webm (8.69 MB, 720x1280, ….webm)

Should Kailyn be discussed in the infinifats thread? >>>/snow/1042077
Obviously she’s not there yet but lately she’s been leaning even more into body positivity (vidrel) and she continues to balloon. If that’s not the best place to discuss her, where would she fit? Perhaps others would be interested in a thread?

No. 878421

Is this the bulldog face girl that had jaw surgery? Her eyes are so creepy and dead.

No. 878425

File: 1653641823146.jpg (146.2 KB, 1015x1300, before braces.JPG)

Kailyn had never had jaw surgery but she did have pretty intense orthodontics as she looked like picrel before.

No. 878426

File: 1653642004893.gif (940.87 KB, 400x225, K.GIF)

No. 878435

Seconding this. Would personal MLM cows be allowed? My friend's mom is an abusive narc and a big name for Monat apparently

No. 878438

the personal cows thread should suffice, no?

No. 878443

New Jill thread, anybody?

No. 878506

File: 1653776748264.jpeg (829.63 KB, 828x1381, DC695902-1A4B-4A24-A0CD-5979FE…)

Alida Simone 20 something shakes up with a dude in his 40s who gives her acid, she has no personality of her own and just gravitates to whatever interests her s/o at the time has which at one time was nazi ideologies and she’s obsessed with Lana del Rey and the whole daddy’s girl aesthetic but at the same time shames anyone else for liking her aesthetic or “stealing it” she now is a total dmtard and just goes on about energies and gives fake unqualified tarot card readings on her overpriced patreon because she is also obsessed with money and tries to make it any way possible through up selling used clothing to her followrs at prices that are higher then if you bought the items new in store and sells “clothing” she makes which is just leg warmers that consist of a piece of ribbon tied to a piece of furr and now elf crowns that are just dollar store wire and fake pearls for insane prices. Being a spiritual vampire bum who refuses to get a job because she herself says she wouldn’t be able to behave right to keep job must get expensive. There’s a laundry list of other ways she scams her followers and along with the classic deleting blocking anyone who brings up any of this to her or her current problematic ways

No. 878579

File: 1653853040915.png (26.14 KB, 624x175, lollmao.png)

"Wolf Bessy" or @quacknotlacking on twitter.
she is a delusional, fetal alcohol syndrome, wannabe gangster.
this is a 100 lb white woman and the "hood" she grew up in was an upper class gated community.
if I'm remembering correctly her current list of beliefs are:
1. she is psychically communicating with the band hollywood undead, and most of their songs are about her
2. there is a grand conspiracy to run her life as an experiment
3. she is planning to #savethekids, and I'm still not sure what that entails
4. she believes she is a stock trading genius and that AMC will go to the moon any day now
I have met her in person twice is the only reason I know about her, I can try to get more info from people who interacted with her more often.

No. 878580

File: 1653853186392.png (291.65 KB, 603x729, retarded.png)

oh I forgot, she has alters or whatever they are called, and her main personality has "committed suicide" so now she is an 8 year old girl, and a super genius

No. 878581

File: 1653853244512.png (106.31 KB, 895x430, the crew.png)

the "crew" is hollywood undead btw

No. 878583

File: 1653853631478.png (779.66 KB, 1280x720, callout.png)

found it, here is her "callout" post for the twitter.com/quacknotlacking/status/1516856829518749701

No. 878593

She's been mentioned here and there in various threads. I would read the fuck out of a dedicated thread of hers.

No. 878621

File: 1653936852560.jpg (167.33 KB, 630x787, 7411448-6494697-Ms_Galvin_then…)

I was totally thinking of Dani Adriana. They could be twins I swear. Kailynn has a kiwifarms thread if you haven't seen it yet.

No. 878635

Oh, they do! Is she also milky? I have seen her KF thread but it’s just rife with the same issues the GG and YTT had/have, a load of misinformation/exaggeration. At least I feel KF has had less ‘interference’ with Kailyn.

No. 878810

Does anyone know about Anastasia K. King aka Breanna Christine Shaw? She’s a moderately tiktok famous “author” complete narc and absolutely a pathological liar who posts bizarre self-thirsty eyefucking the camera TikToks about her books. I have some stuff compiled but can’t post rn bc I’m at work. The name she uses as a pen name she took from a woman who was murdered by her abusive partner, and what she writes is literally that gross kind of rapey dark fantasy where the love interest is hideously abusive. She deleted the mention of the murder victim from her bio after a friend of mine added it to her negative review of one of her books as a reason to dislike her. The series is called the World of Aureum and she claims to do TONS of research while also clearly being drunk most of the time and writing like it too. If you try to question her in any way she blocks you. Same friend anonymously asked her some questions about her book on an instagram livestream and she stalled out and could not answer and got super assblasted.

I genuinely think she has some cow potential if anyone else has heard of her or is interested. Her tiktok is @mythcrafter which, giant lol.

No. 879088

File: 1654436955044.webm (12.81 MB, 576x1024, marissa.webm)

i agree. Marissa Matthews / shitmarissasays is cow material.
>fat activist, thinks fatphobia = racism
>unbearable agressive behavior and condescending tone, insecure to the bone all throughout her whole layer of adipose tissue, gets people before they get her
>likes setting "boundaries" "because people don't like them", just uses them as a means to control what everyone does, says and thinks
>brags r/ihavesex style all the time to prove fat people are (she is) desirable. people suspect she may be an escort
she's just really enjoyable in a schadenfreude way because she's alllways raging on tiktok about the many ways she wants to micromanage the way people act.

No. 879092

File: 1654437944735.webm (16.5 MB, 576x1024, marissadate.webm)

being stood up by a date bc she's psycho

No. 879095

when she was younger, she was already an annoying fat activist but hadn't yet spiraled down to the depths of entitlement, bitterness and rage she sits at now.
what, Marissa is an author lmao ??

No. 879156

I would love a Marissa thread, but wouldn't it be difficult to post in? since all she posts are tiktoks and you can't view videos on lolcor if you're on mobile

No. 879159

You only can't if you are browsing from an iphone, and even then there are workarounds. like you need to open videos in an app or something, idk it's not my problem

No. 879445

is anyone going to make a new moo thread? i have no thread making experience or i would..

No. 879456

I bet you are the annoying person who keeps complaining about not being about to watch tiktoks because I've seen this shit in a couple threads now.

No. 879461

Can someone make an Adam22 and Lena the Plug thread? I am not very good at making summaries but I tried to make one about them. Adam22 is 38 year old best known for hosting the podcast known as ‘’No Jumper’’ where he would interview up-and-coming hip hop and rap artists. He met his current fiancée Lena Neresian who studied psychology but became a cam girl and later transitioned into Onlyfans. They decided to start making content together for Onlyfans (frequently featuring other adult content creators). They announced they were having a daughter in Valentine’s Day of 2020. During the pregnancy, Adam and Lena were shown to be very irresponsible and reckless by doing porn collaborations with people such as Trisha Paytas and other pornstars, potentially exposing their daughter to STDs and COVID. Adam also made gross comments about her daughter during the Trisha Paytas collaboration where he referred to their threesome as a foursome implying their daughter was also going to take part in this gross act. Lena also began posting maternity porn and heavily fetishized her pregnancy. The couple welcomed their child on November 14, 7:40 p.m. While breastfeeding, Lena would often post pictures of sexual nature. All through her motherhood journey, she has continued to feature her daughter in sexual content or content with strong sexual undertones. Adam also continues to make perverted jokes about the baby.

Other noteworthy stuff:
Adam has several rape accusations.
Adam is known for associating with pimps and porn stars/prostitutes.
Adam has an Onlyfans agency where he ‘’manages’’ the Onlyfans of many models.
Adam and Lena host a degenerate ‘’podcast’’ called ‘’Plug Talk’’ where they interview a porn star/onlyfans model and later have sex with her.
They claim their relation is open but only Adam gets to sleep with other women.
Adam has made demeaning comments about Lena’s appearance in the past.
Adam lacks hygiene and can go days without showering.
Adam has shown creepy behavior towards younger women and can get upset when his advances are turned down.

No. 879463

Someone make a new Moo thread. Her instagram is back.

No. 879464

don't bait

No. 879485

It is. Look it up yourself.

No. 879487

No. 879512

Could someone make a new Luna thread? The thread pic is already decided I think >>>/pt/879451 . I follow her on instagram and the eviction saga is coming up, no milk has happened in a long time I want all the farmers to be here for this. I'm quite busy right now so I couldn't make a decent summary of the last thread, plus some legal burgershit I don't understand

No. 879514

I'm also hoarding screenshots

No. 879518

On it right now, shouldn't be much longer than an hour.

No. 879523

Bless, she’s gone quite unstable today

No. 879525

it would be fun, I remember she grew a yt following after hanging out with Christine Sydelko and Elijah Danial when they lived together. She promised if she hit 1 million subs on yt she would publicly post her sex tape, I don't think she was doing cam stuff yet back then or maybe just wasn't selling vids. Then when she hit her goal, after a few years and joining OF, made a bunch of scrotes mad by saying she wouldn't post it for free because all of her stuff was leaked on pornhub.

She also got away with posting shit on yt titled things like "I let my best friend have sex with my boyfriend" that was discussing how she recruited her personal friend to have sex with her boyfriend because she such a cool girlfriend and doesn't want him to get bored. I think at the time was was talking about how in love she was and how she would love to marry him but he didn't want to get married at the time.

No. 879530

No. 879552

Thanks nonna! ♥

No. 879573

new moo thread please

No. 879611

still collecting milk for a mia stills thread, last she said was that she doesn't know how to do makeup and that's why her face looks like that even though there are plenty of pics of her before with normal makeup

No. 879781

seconding can we get a new moo thread?

No. 879831

No. 879855

yes please i beg
i know it’s not considered milk but dude the shit she’s putting in her insta stories these past few days has been hilarious

No. 879859

sorry, samefagging to say im retarded and didnt notice the new thread (thanks anon who made it!)

No. 880472

Had anyone been following the Rogue internet man milk? A woman who got kicked from a server and responded by exposing him as the brother of an infamous child abuse murder case, and then he responded by exposing her as a schizophrenic furfag who makes beastiality posts and other weird shit. I think she (Wendi Diego) has an awful lot of cow potential. There's more info about her being dug up on Kiwifarms and it's… yike

No. 880539

Don’t even bother. Literally nobody knows who the fuck rogue is. Cows that go into hiding are milkless so the thread will be dead on arrival.

No. 880558

Not entirely. Wendi has a history of destroying random communities she attaches herself to, and every single time she goes into hiding until she finds a new community to ruin in hilariously mentally ill fueled gay ops, and that's if we ignore all the other milky shit she does

No. 880562


I think a NYC general would be fun, megsuperstarprincess, julia fox, rachel rabbit white, artwerk666 and anyone else who crops up

No. 880563


anon i would enjoy reading more about it, i feel so bad for lena tbh. i read through adams posts on some bmx forun 1 time, its still up, he made a thread called ask me about all the women ive banged then admits a bunch of creep shit, like a girl jokingly poured some water on him and he kicked her in the chest as hard as he could into a dresser, and cut all the chords to her playstations and stuff? i fucking hate adam 22 he is pathetic fucking faggot, sorry i cant remember the blog posts well but ik its still up. 100 percent an abusive fucking asshole. also he used to be involved in the hardcore scene briefly and was immediately beat up and ran out of it. only place his shtick works is with like 11 year old hip hop fans who dont see hes obviously a fucking loser. and hip hop artists who want a no jumper interviewer because its influential and can help their careers

No. 880573

She’s the type of person who learns the hard way and now she’s left the internet for good. This thread will be milkless and a waste of time.

No. 880734

If someone could do the camgirls general thread, the current one is almost locked and I am not smart enough to make one.

No. 880764

Nobody do a Jonny Craig thread yet, i want Syd to lose patience and try make one herself kek

No. 880795

File: 1655846796832.jpg (1.26 MB, 1438x2461, Screenshot_20220621-172050_Tik…)

Are there no threads on vanlife vlogging families? I was scrolling yt shorts and went down a rabbithole of these mobile home traveling rv vlogging families, particularly Red White and Bethune and Family of Nomads.

At first they seem like nice average families, but it starts to deteriorate quite quick when you go down the rabbithole. Im surprised to see they don't really get talked about much bc the comment sections of RW&Bs videos are FILLED with hate.

Hard to detail everything but RW&B has a chore list for their kids, where one of the chores is "make mommys bed" and clean everything and the moms chores is literally just like "edit videos and manage instagram". Their 3 kids sleep in these tiny navy looking beds(picrel, the dad is testing out the bunks) and are also "unschooled". they have a couple videos where they teach hands on learning to their kids by having them break apart the inside of a van to put insulation inside, and to cut wood. Its so bizarre, they have 3 kids and 4 dogs and cram them all into the bus even though they're landlords who own rental properties in florida

No. 880820

kek i would actually find this really interesting nonna. i’ve only experience this cowish behavior irl and it seems very niche, but a certain obnoxious crowd seems to really be draw to this lifestyle.

No. 880847

would love a thread like this. these types seem like they would unintentionally expose themselves

No. 880862

I am dieing to learn what’s behind the weird blue bleached veneers of vanfluencers. (Or any sort of alt housing situation shills) I third this!

No. 880888

New JC one plz, Syd will show up either way

No. 880893

Please someone make a new JC thread. I would but I would butcher it

No. 880896

I concur, I am not experienced in making threads but I do have screenshots saved up from the last few days from their instas. Nothing too juicy but I miss making fun of them with y’all lol

No. 880913

I’m waiting on one too :((:()

No. 880918

Pls some generous anon create the new Jonny thread

No. 880964

File: 1655962146251.png (7.51 MB, 1170x2532, 6F7AA444-0166-4B78-8DCC-CB8146…)

I ended up going down a rabbit hole due to this. The van mom on this channel is an absolute cow, the cheap Groupon fillers, fas eyes, and gratitude hater video. This is an absolute chiefs kiss noninita.

No. 880965

What a fugly cow, the bargain bin prolapsed anus lips and gross yellow teeth are nauseating

No. 880972

>chief’s kiss

No. 880977

Can I make a thread about the personalities in the emerging corporate-branded union scene or is that gonna get too political? am I the only one interested? there's literally an adult baby diaper fetishist representing at every PR event for one of them and I'm dying to talk about the rest too.

No. 880978

samefag to ask (if there is interest) would it belong on /snow/?

No. 880982

Please nonnie. Starbucks has very recently been celebrating having unionized locations and slowly but surely I'm hearing rumours of absolute degens being the spearheads of the movement

No. 880998

it's true. they are craven degenerates.
I'm a little worried it could turn into a shit thread due to tinfoiling (there's already glowie speculation) or white-knighting, so I hesitate.

No. 881046

It might be a good thread for /ot/ if you think there’s a potential for a lot of derailing? It’s a super interesting subject, I’d like to see it get a thread somewhere

No. 881063

File: 1656086071763.png (776.15 KB, 1000x1288, Vox_Akuma_Portrait.png)

Would anyone want a thread on Vox Akuma and his fans (known as Kindreds)? Vox has only been a Vtuber for 6 months but he's been pretty milky, he even said he's going to see a therapist for being unable to handle how successful he is, he just screams snowflake, some of the shit he pulled includes:

>Very keen on building parasocial relationships with Kindreds (minors present but he emphasizes that all Kindreds are mature enough), which includes flirting with each other, giving out kisses when asked through superchats (a paid message for Youtube livestreams), encouraging fans to make sexual fantasies about him in pre-stream chatrooms and during streams (in the form of superchats) etc.

>When addressing concerns about boundaries he said that he doesn't mind if the fans depend heavily on him till they find something else to depend on IRL, and the above interactions are completely normal, don't like don't watch

>Refuses to mark his office ASMR as for mature audiences only, which is erotic roleplay that includes workplace sexual harassment, dubious consent, face-stepping, slapping and forced blowjob, a minor even clipped it to translate to Chinese (the clip was taken down as of now)

>Previous ASMR is police roleplay, idk what horny stuff happened but in the end the listener gets beat up and sent to the hospital

>Replaces the background of a Taiwanese artist's White Day fanart with the Chinese flag to use as thumbnail for Chinese Duolingo stream, causing outrage among Taiwanese fans, he changed the background to pure red but did not apologize or address the issue

>Fujobaits by pairing himself with his genmates and other male streamers but unable to contain the fujoshits, notable example being shippers of Voxto (Vox x Shoto) harrassed Vox's genmate, Ike Eveland, during his Ib stream where Vox was guesting, sending superchats about how Vox should be with Shoto and not Ike. Only Shoto addressed the issue afterwards.

>Makes little to no effort to regulate his fanbase, Kindreds most recent autism being cancelling and sending death threats to female streamer of the same company, Reimu Endou, just because she sent him messages asking for help during his boyfriend roleplay stream, which Vox decided impromtu to include in his roleplay as a phone call from his little sister (no actual phone call happened), which the fans see as interrupting their date

>His response was to play dead for a day, then come out to say it wasn't his fault Reimu got bombarded with hate but the fault of rabid people that are definitely not his real fans, realize the problem did not go away, thus did a stream and tweeted asking Kindreds to stop and announced he would be setting boundaries ("I'm not your boyfriend"), breaking the hearts of many Kindreds only to backtrack the next day lovebombing his fans and claim what he did was for the good of Kindreds' reputation

The company he belongs to, Nijisanji, doesn't seem to mind him breaking company image because he's the most subscribed liver in the EN branch (over 800,000) and raking in the moolahs, unless he takes a hiatus milk will be steady from him

No. 881077

damn that sounds like a wild ride. Id be interested seeing more

No. 881092

Jfc why do vtubers bring so much drama?? I would be interested too. I had no idea the guy who counts as NijisanjiENs "top vtuber" was so shitty

No. 881104

Is someone making a new Shaynus thread? I would but I’m too retarded.

No. 881167

I fucking knew this moid was trash the moment a friend of mine began to simp. I'd love to see a thread.

No. 881184

File: 1656259643471.jpg (144.11 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Not a cow but def a snowflake. Just wondering on your guys opinion on "My Thoughts will Probably Offend you"
I agree with a lot of what she says. But she def stirs the pot on purpose but then pretends she didn't or has no idea what she did. But then will make 20 minute videos on how unbothered she is
I liked the content in the past. But now it just seems she causes drama on purpose for attention… okay like every other youtuber. I'm not even mad at her click baiting titles.

Even her other fitness bros she use to collab with disowned her because of her shit behavior. Obese to Beast being one

No. 881192

File: 1656269897353.gif (777 KB, 483x272, 3S37.gif)

No. 881200

can you elaborate on obese to beast 'disown'ing her? i haven't heard about that

No. 881205

I love Michelle. Too bad she's a tranny simpatizer. She makes fun of white ppl who complain about how black ppl should act while being blind on trans bullshit. But still better than a libfem tho

No. 881268

Full agree and I was hoping she'd come up. Used to be a fan but she got stale really quickly. I've seen what you describe and also sending her fans after people. Also the whole "lol I'm so offensive" schtick is so old. Michelle acts like she discovered the internet 5 years ago and it shows. A fitness YouTuber general would be good

No. 881270

I agree with everything you said. Even the idea of just having a fitness YouTuber general
A lot of us do make fun of overweight people, but only if they're cows. These guys, including Michelle just seem unhinged all day every day. Bonus points if they're ex fatties themselves, those are the worst imo.

No. 881272

She mentions it every few videos that they're not friends
Basically she took her edgelord personality too far and decided to shit on the lgbt community one too many times to an annoying extent.
(Saying pansexuals/bisexuals are just desperate. shitting on trans because "Well I don't understand it as a straight woman. So I can hate speech them on my public platforms", joking about lgbt stuff in general. People just assumed it was because she didn't understand. But she has stated she doesn't want to understand lgbt people and don't explain it to her. Respect her straightness, but she can disrespect you. Can't do that if you're not on anon
Cherry on top was she pulled her POC card to avoid back lash.

Ever since then, other creators refuse to work with her. Yes, she can say whatever she wants. But she hates the back lash. If you really stress her out she'll def throw her "POC" and "I'm an ex fatty" card in your face.
She def let what little fame she got get to her head.

No. 881273

>Respect her straightness, but she can disrespect you.

Lemme fix that
Respect her, but she can disrespect you

No. 881275

According to him, she was too much and he made other accusations. According to her, he only contacted her when he needed a token. According to Alan Roberts O2B/John is fake and pandering but he won't release DMs to prove it. Alan wants to respect privacy. Swolenormous said none of them were ever friends and won't talk about it beyond that. Two agree that it was for cross promotion of channels and one claims they were actual friends. They were casual acquaintances and all of it is on youtube and it's hours of people painting portions of a picture. Chances are if you like one, you won't enjoy the other but there is someone that they are right for in their own way.

No. 881276

I second on having a fitness general too. Do we have a fat positive general thread tho? It's full of cows with massive porpotions kek

No. 881285

That's a thing I hate about her. She will say she doesn't understand something and then shit on people but then say she's open to other opinions. But people who disagree with her in the comments she will act the opposite. Can't take any criticism.
Also for a personal trainer and ex fatty she's really narrow minded and uses her own experiences as law. Like yes, PCOS didn't prevent you from losing weight, but it does for some people. And she also said that medication doesn't make you gain weight when it absolutely does? Not even a body positive deathfat sympathizer but she's real ignorant about some stuff.
Really want this thread now kek. I feel like she would be the type to find her thread and make a video fighting back on it.

No. 881302

damn that's interesting, thanks anons! fairly new/casual viewer so i had no idea. definitely hanging out for a potential thread on the youtuber fitness crowd.

No. 881704

Anyone up for making a new celebricows in ot
I’m Too scared

No. 881705

There was a death fats thread but it kinda died off, not sure why. I also think the Fat Positive community has a lot of cows (glitter and lasers is my fave one to hate lol) but I usually have to go to KF for them because there isn’t much here

No. 881730

Seconding this, I would make one but I’m too much of a spastic

No. 881758

is anybody interested in topics related to worldbuilding (conlangs, speculative evolution, fantasy maps etc) enough to make a thread in /ot/

No. 881867

Is anyone ever gonna make a new Taylor thread? I know the milk is almost gone but she always comes back.

No. 881921

She seems to be back. Her newest activity has been posted on Jonny’s thread >>>/snow/1579458

No. 881942


She has awoken with a bunch of disturbing videos and weird rants where she’s clearly high out of her mind. Trying to figure out how to do a new thread

No. 882015

Thanks, I appreciate anyone willing to post about Taylor in jonny's thread. I got a ban for speculating about her there so i hope a new thread appears.

No. 882071

I used this >>396455 to help me with my first thread and just copied the formatting from older threads (cow rundown, socials, old milk, new milk, old thread links).

No. 882130

No. 882309

I'd like to see a thread made dedicated to incelcore artists. Honestly its some of the most lolcowy shit around. I'm not completely up to date on all the drama and everyone in it, but here is some highlights I remember.
If you don't know, incelcore is just this group of shitty 4chan edgelord musicians, many of which are literal highschoolers, who make "lofi" (not really its just shit that they call "lofi") music about being lonely and edgy etc. They operate mostly on twitter. Filled with pedos and druggies too.

Anyways some drama highlights:

>at a show, "Doomerfest" one of the performers, Brynne Miche, asked another bandmate to punch her on stage. When he actually did it and sucker punched her in front of a massive audience and on livestream she threw a shitfit and is now pressing charges

>A girl who goes by Raven online and organizes many events and is dating one of the artists, greensontoast, made up bullshit and lies that another artist, Gezebelle Gaburgably, sexually assaulted her boyfriend and another artist, Gjallhornit while they were all doing psychedelics after a show in Orlando. Keep in mind that Gezebelle is a 17 year old highschooler and all of these people are in their early 20s.
>a few artists were exposed as pedophiles, one of which being badtakesonly. A 15 year old girl responded to a "girlfriend application" he posted and despite knowing she was 15 sent messages about taking her virginity and sexually degrading her. She exposed him and after he deleted his online presence

Some accounts
Brynne Miche

No. 882354

It would be nice to have a thread for discussing how Luna is always innocent and a victim. There's at least two or three anons that would thrive there. See the end of the last regular thread.
>discussion / reminder of how awfully they treated Roger
>everyone is sad and angry
>well ackshually maybe Roger deserved it. He yelled at Luna (according to Luna)
>point out Luna is a terminal liar
>RoGeR wOn'T fUcK yOu

Every time the discussion is getting too ugly for them, these calves pop up and deflect with shit like this. It's only happened the last two or three threads. So please, a thread for luna, patron saint of victims and the regular thread back to usual programming for the homeless saga.

No. 882358

Is Raven the failstreamer that was hanging out with those IP2 losers at incelfest at Uncle Lous?

No. 882375

I thought his whole persona was just ironic

No. 882414

I wrote that comment and it has zilch to do with Luna. It has to do with raising lurch and letting lurch live at his apartment, along w lurch’s pedo junkie slag. What kind of person raises lurch? It’s not like he’s got some severe mental illness where you go “oh there’s nothing the parent could’ve done”; lurch is just a huge piece of shit and that didn’t happen in a vacuum.

Also someone make a new Luna thread.

No. 882416

Learn to read, you retard. Nobody fucking said that. What was said was basically
>Stop caping for a most likely shit scrote just to kick the cow. Both of them are/were probably awful people. The abuse of elderly Roger was still wrong and LUNA IS STILL AWFUL even if it is true. It changes NOTHING to admit that maybe Roger wasn't a saintly angel.
But "two people bad" is a too difficult concept for you, apparently. I wish we could have a Luna thread without spergs whose brains cannot take any nuance.

No. 882424

Can someone make a thread for Astrid from the 'Instagrammers you hate #2' thread? It's filled up and dead, but she's still got some milk (enough to be posted there anyway). I really don't know enough details about her to make a solid thread, just that she has gone through every phase in the book (skinhead, trve black metal girl, glamrocker) with new friends/boyfriends to go along with it every single time. Her name is @whoreonagon on IG, and real name Beata.

No. 882435

Working on a new one right now, will be up in a bit.

No. 882443

File: 1657229807967.jpg (129.92 KB, 640x1385, 67n48bs4mfa81.jpg)


No. 882445

idk if someone was working on a new Luna thread but the last one just locked. If someone is doing it already would be awesome to know, if not someone else should throw something together cus it's a sea of eviction milk rn kek

No. 882447

Is this the tranny that pretends he has DID and both of his alters are dating?

No. 882449

Just made a new thread nona!

No. 882466

I love the thread pic. Thank you nona, you're the best

No. 882482

File: 1657253532956.jpg (238.18 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (1).jpg)

No. 882753

I would love a thread for this cringy weirdo.

No. 882844

Can someone make a new thread for the Western Animation Cows?

No. 883032

File: 1657601918718.jpg (30.07 KB, 650x243, nv_799-780x438~3.jpg)

I believe the potential thread would be on some chris-chan-tier levels.

No. 883034

File: 1657602180960.png (774.68 KB, 1346x792, Screenshot_20220712-000201.png)

No. 883046

File: 1657609061375.png (836.51 KB, 1070x1088, Screenshot_20220712-013114~4.p…)

No. 883047

File: 1657609204654.jpg (99.72 KB, 500x500, rocky-dennis-mask-1985.jpg)

No. 883200

anyone working on a new celebricows thread?

No. 883207

File: 1657716963874.jpg (46.63 KB, 823x865, 67546c07f0cbffec88d716f524cd09…)

I hope so!

No. 883253

Is anyone making a new terry hall/mana knight thread? I got some juicy screenshot, but I’m on mobile

No. 883297

vvriska on instagram r9kscroller on tiktok baiting for chans attention all the time

No. 883436

Is anyone working on a celebrity thread?

No. 883455

New Jillian, manaknight and Belle threads all needed on /w for nonnas with some free time

No. 883558

Anyone working on a thread on Dylan Mulvaney?

Most trendy troon hon now, makes everyday those cringe « days of girlhood » episodes while he looks like he’s pushing 70’s. every she/they bitches are praising him like the new valid Jesus Christ, his fanbase looks like the most unhinged cult ive ever seen

No. 883565

I'd be interested!

No. 883583

Me too! He gets brought up in the mtf thread but he is definitely milky enough to warrant his own. I fucking hate that piece of shit so much, let’s all sperg about him together

No. 883617

there really needs to be a thread on the untalented YA author hugbox happening on twitter right now. i also really want to talk about tumblr user fluoresensitive but i can never find the right opportunity.

No. 883652

Nona I'd LOVE to hear you talk about fluoresensitive. She's quite annoying. The tumblr hate thread in /ot/ would be appropriate.

No. 883809

I feel like I see this a TON on tiktok as well. I don't remember the exact names of some of the books/ authors but there are a few in particular that come to mind. especially that one unhinged moid who wrote that nasty "horror" novel i wish i could remember the name of that was a literal ripoff of the Blowfly Girl copypasta with a little blatant sapphic fetishism peppered in. I think he was annoyingly defensive about his awful writing but now that I'm typing out out it sounds more like a fever dream and I'm doubting it even exists kek

No. 883853

File: 1658114560237.jpg (92.19 KB, 736x669, 0a154c2d07d20ee7bd5c2cb4c22ea0…)

I hope so!

[ & that they link that(potential+new) thread I'm this thread! ]

[ & Thnx in advance to whom ever makes it in advance btw! ]

No. 883899

some great nonna made the celebricow thread >>264035

No. 883923

File: 1658153268507.png (222.42 KB, 322x577, 16581530652854652.png)


Celebricows #59 iCloud from Hell Edition:


No. 883924

File: 1658153516499.jpg (416.61 KB, 3300x3000, 1653168195135.jpg)


No. 884125

i genuinely linked the new thread, i don't understand why it redirects to an old one

No. 884411

Would anyone participate in a What's In Your Bag thread? There's an older one here: >>>/ot/170726
I just love seeing everyone's bags and knick knacks but it is sorta risky to post any personal photos bc lolcor

No. 884416

I think as long as you don’t post personal information(work badge or ID, insurance etc) I don’t know how you’d be able to get information from a bunch of chapstick and car keys. But I would participate kek

No. 884699

Oli London deserves his own thread. His.

No. 884737

I've been wanting a plastic surgery addict cows general for awhile now. He'd be a top contender.

No. 884745

I believe there is one in snow. It’s just dead

No. 884784

It would be nice to have a Kikomi thread on /m where we could put all comics featuring her and also post some doodles and fanarts (pretty much like the Board-tan one)
I'd make one myself but I'm on mobile rn and my English sucks so I'd be afraid to mess it up.
Would you be interested?

No. 884944

File: 1658695615646.png (361.95 KB, 750x1334, 8602AFAF-40D3-43FA-8C2E-87CCEF…)

randomly found myself in this weird rabbit hole of a pedo Moral Orel proshipper (@softypawz) and a long callout post about it on tumblr

No. 885024

why would we have a woman hate thread, scrote?

No. 885059

It is absolutely obnoxious that the post has been reported at least 3 times in 4 hours of my own doing and its still up.

No. 885074

I like this idea

No. 885167

File: 1658870689844.png (39.64 KB, 360x133, 165886973482453440 (1).png)


Celebricows #60 [___?___] Edition:


Thanks on advance to whom ever whips it up & links it!!!!

No. 885350

can someone make a /w/ tiktok general? we need one for general jfash/weeb tiktok shit. i am bad at making threads otherwise i would. a few cows are in the gyaru thread.

No. 885477

File: 1659072884666.png (1.53 MB, 1301x808, Screenshot 2022-07-28 223407.p…)

would anyone be interested in a movies and shows with hot guys thread in /m/ or /g/? ik this is dumb lol but I need eye candy and escapism. louis patridge in the pistols series

No. 885478

No. 885489

Yes, great idea!

No. 885669

Luna’s thread just hit the post limit and if anyone has the time to put the next one together, this anon made a beautiful thread pic >>885580

No. 885672

Your wish is my command, nona >>>/pt/885671

No. 885679

Thanks boo. Just think - this might be THE thread that captures the homelessness saga at long last.

No. 885790

Anyone interested in having a v-tuber hate thread?

No. 885809

The first ones were a disaster, and with current moderation it would be worse. Even oldmin and previous moderators hated it. I would rather want a weeb hate general.

No. 885931


k made one in /g/ cause it seemed more fitting, nonnies please contribute! I'm watching the summer i turned pretty but it's kinda retarded any suggestions are welcome

No. 886027

File: 1659370721497.jpeg (294.36 KB, 1015x640, 531A381C-75D4-40FB-8D56-EEB816…)

Any interest in what’s been going on with the twitch streamer Fauxre?

No. 886029

I would love that

No. 886030

File: 1659370877713.jpeg (50.21 KB, 604x265, 62F1EC33-5136-4907-BC8C-7A7AD6…)

No. 886073

There is a twitch thread, go post there.

No. 886175

Yes the Momokun thread is full, but tbh, I don't think she needs a new one. Bitch is plastic powdered milk now.

No. 886180

>really psychotic but has a great ass
Be gone scrote

No. 886253

I know the milk is like powder atm but could anyone assist with a new Johnny Craig thread? I feel like there’s a court date coming up

No. 886254

Ignore me I have found the new one now. It’s taken me 3 days, take pity on me

No. 886288

Who's interested in a Simply Nailogical (and Ben) thread?

She has a lot of obnoxious autistic behavior going back a while so there's plenty of material to start us off with. More recently, I think their podcast is where her and Ben's worst qualities are on full display. It's already caused some drama and backlash that led to at least one episode being deleted.

Despite always being smug about their master's degrees and insisting that YouTube would never replace their respectable grown-up careers, they've just quit to become full-time streamers. A total 180 of the "stay in school kids, this is a hobby not a real job" message that Cristine was always preaching.

I suspect this will negatively affect their relationship. Ben's "retirement" is particularly egregious because he's just a NEET mooching off Cristine now, while she at least has an actual business to fall back on. He's set for life as long as he's allowed to live in her house (since they're never getting married kek). His arrogance is becoming more obvious, too. Fans have called him out for constantly cutting her off and talking over her on the podcast. Sometimes he's downright disrespectful (the video with Tati is painful to watch) and she acts like a pickme who lets his bullshit slide. He'd probably cheat if he wasn't a balding nerd with a personality that the FDA considers an effective form of birth control.

Either way I'm pretty confident these two are going to generate more milk in the future. Anyone agree, or nah?

No. 886311

While Ben is a cringe pretentious prick and Cristine an autistic woman child, i dont think any of the points you made is milky enough to warrant a thread. Just post about them in the YouTube thread

No. 886400

File: 1659576294033.jpeg (826.76 KB, 897x1513, 518E8352-F64C-4F5C-826D-B5C172…)

Please give us a Moo thread. Her latest shenanigans always go undocumented when there’s a delay.

No. 886408

File: 1659579570186.jpeg (Spoiler Image,28.57 KB, 271x380, A7DE32F5-055B-4EB8-B036-45BAF2…)

Wtf her face is so painfully bloated and she looks like she has graves disease

No. 886451

She looks like a Mexican mother of 3.

No. 886469

If someone could make a good thread pic I'll work on it today.

No. 886488

File: 1659643827685.jpeg (1.25 MB, 1242x2220, A6E07931-C0DD-44F5-A709-01D689…)

Just use this photo. It’s hilarious on its own

No. 886614

Jesus Christ it looks like she has elephantiasis.

No. 886619

It's so obnoxious when people volunteer to make a thread and then don't. Like what did you gain from saying you would do it? Did it make you feel important for 5 minutes? So bizarre.

No. 886669

People have lives, you salty bitch. If you are so pressed, you make one.

No. 886860

Isn’t this the fuckwit who things that companies like BioWare and Amazon are monitoring his page to steal his shitty rp blow-up dolls?

No. 887310

I had some milky videos regarding the dracuina/ffishbrains beef but the usual autism in the egirl thread filled thread capacity. I swear half the shit posted in there now belongs on /w/ it's all anachan Jillian ass looking larpers with tiny followings kek. Anon asked me to upload them to streamable, if nonnie still wants them we need another cursed egirl thread.

No. 887337

r we getting another heather sparkles/heather explores thread? She’s begging for gofundme donations on insta stories again.

No. 887340

No. 887375

We need a celebricows thread

No. 887377

Can we just let the thread die? If we don't it will encourage the selfposting Instagram hikineets to continue their sperg bullshit across all boards. They're so annoying.

No. 887445

Is anyone working on a new Shaynus thread? She’s in Florida and the milk is about to start flowing

No. 887459

i'd like to see a thread about LA's j-fashion community (harajuku walk, audra jayne) tho honestly the milk has been drying up in the last 3 years, i don't know enough about the community to make a thread

No. 887462

I agree that it should just die.
It's worthless due to the fact no one is allowed to go after the moid cunts who are grooming the hikkineet wannabe egirls and who spam CP and gore on other boards due to coming here from that thread.

No. 887485

Working on one now. Will post soon

No. 887490

No. 887563

Seconding a new celebricows thread! I’ve been reading Jeanette McCurdy’s new book and it’s got a lot of milk.

No. 887728

File: 1660337171941.png (40.25 KB, 472x176, 166033704815187217.png)


Celebricows #61 [___?___] Edition:


Thanks on advance to whom ever whips it up & links it!!!!

No. 887733

Oh… so you haven't seen the warzone today? Yikes nonnie theres a new thread ready but you might wanna sit this one out

No. 887734

File: 1660339307480.jpg (1.14 MB, 967x1595, 1660261149714115.jpg)

Re-read. #61 is not made, yet.

No. 887749

File: 1660351983787.png (282.85 KB, 420x696, 166035168034211550.png)

I am responding to THIS anon, here, because the thread is now locked.


No. 887750

File: 1660352040924.png (2.09 MB, 1372x1968, Screenshot_20220812-194055~3.p…)


Anon, I have some news for you…

"The red gown was an optical-illusion look by Sergio Castano Peña."

No. 887763

just ask that anon on a date if you want to talk about Bella’s body so bad geez

No. 887766

File: 1660360420001.jpg (153.23 KB, 1242x1464, 4dfb9780631c50a7c24fbac2fe73e7…)

I am not going to ask all of /ot/-celebricow threads- ANON's whomst are ANONYMOUS out on a date. I just wanted to reply back but couldn't because the thread was locked. Geez!

No. 887767

File: 1660360549095.png (458.5 KB, 824x525, Screen_Shot_2019-03-20_at_2.42…)


No. 887788

Of all the posts I've made why is this the one that's so controversial lol, you guys make me laugh I love all of you weird Nona's

No. 887795

Nonnie as funny as it is, you had to have known what you were doing. If you've been on lolcow for more than an hour then you know that some nonnies can't handle the idea of women not constantly striving to have the BMI of a spaghetti hoop

No. 887797

I've made tons of comments about liking the appearance of a celebrity considered "fat" and it's never set off an argument that long lasting. So I'm not allowed to compliment someone if it's going to piss off anachans? Fuck that lol. Of course one of you has to argue with something as benign as me saying "I love you guys, you make me laugh." lol

No. 887820

File: 1660414188017.jpg (69.5 KB, 570x760, a3de11e8138f4c739201a79cd25eff…)


No. 887825

File: 1660418007213.png (158.84 KB, 408x432, 166035168034211550 (1).png)


Celebricows #61 co2 pollution and my hips don't lie but these taxes sure do Edition:


No. 887836

If anyone has the time or the wherewithal, please make a new Luna thread, I'm heading to work but we're in a very milky era, Luna-wise, and it would be a shame to miss anything.

No. 887837

I want to, but I'm a newfag and I don't know how to link things from the old thread in the new thread opening. If someone tells me how to do it, I'd be glad to make a new thread.

No. 887847

put >> and the post number

No. 887849

I’m a regular Luna thread maker (I made the current one), I’m working on one so please hold off, especially if you’re a newfag

No. 887850

>>887849 god bless, nonnie. Thank you!

No. 887882

Anything for you, nonita. There’s a few posts left on the current thread so I’ll keep it on the burner until we’ve hit 1200

No. 887924

Can you put it out quickly

No. 888186

Are we officially killing off the e-girl thread until they stop lurking or there's real milk?

No. 888189

File: 1660674058564.jpeg (935.96 KB, 828x1533, 6852ACC0-2222-47CB-A707-4FC50A…)

I haven’t been following this guys posts but it seems like the teens are in an uproar 50/50 split on whether he is a predator or not?

from what I can tell, he makes “thirst traps” to Lana Del Rey and other music popular with youth and has admitted to using those songs to gain followers and engagement from teens. He frequently sticks his tongue out and is seen shirtless with a chain. He lives in a bus? in the woods and takes photos of his cannabis and cash often. He claims to be mentally ill somehow.


Sorry if this has already been talked about.

No. 888203

does anyone here keep up with gengarmommy/mimikyu on tiktok? self proclaimed bpd icon in and out of sw and rehab

No. 888234

Yes, it's well past it's expiration date. I'm sure anons will request one here when the milk starts up again.

No. 888238

…that is a rough 36, damn. What a creep. Any scrote over the age of like 25 who makes TikToks is a pedo I think

No. 888244

He claims that he’s only responding to other “adults” and insists “adults can’t talk??” but the girls he is “talking” to are 21, 15 years younger than him.

His entire life revolves around experimenting with various drugs. He’s admitted to doing meth and seeing ghosts, LSD (and made a cringey video dancing on YouTube), sells cannabis and distillate pens on Facebook.

He has made videos replying to people calling him out for having young fans saying he loves everyone regardless. Recently he’s been recording angry videos saying he “hates gen z”.

Makes statements on Facebook and in YouTube vlogs where he insists he might do something violent and it would be other people’s fault for bullying him into doing it. Even though by sharing that, he’s saying he knows using this platform is driving him to be violent so? A lot of backwards thinking with this guy.

He admits that he is called the “flower king” not only because he grows cannabis “flower” but it has a “sexual meaning” given to him by his friends. He claims to be celibate by choice for two years.

No. 888851

the game preservation/retro tech community is full of troons

No. 888967

Shayna thread is at max, if nobody wants to make one before this afternoon I’ll make one when I wake up later.

No. 889008

File: 1661182650739.jpg (946.97 KB, 1440x2366, Screenshot_20220822-112044_Tik…)

So i completely forgot about the milky vanlife families until i saw this tiktok and checked up on them and the majority of them are still just as awful. I really feel like a vanlife family general thread is untapped, I've just never made a thread before. That genre is filled to the brim with crunchy moms and fundie moms and its only getting more popular and romanticized in those crowds

No. 889010

File: 1661183109269.jpg (31.72 KB, 320x693, eps2kjihbus81.jpg)

Americanfamilyroadtrip, who's infamous in the fundie snark community, has their 6 kids sleep in this small area. They're called Airbnbaby Lott family by fundie snark because the mom gave birth in an airbnb and called it a homebirth. They live on a bus with their 6 kids even though theyre loaded

No. 889012

File: 1661183447493.jpg (28.12 KB, 320x693, ah00aw8h5xv81.jpg)

Like this is just the tip of the iceberg

No. 889025

Samefag, starting work on a new thread now

No. 889036

Made the thread and posted it then realized one of the links was fucked up so I deleted it to fix it only to find that I'd deleted it from my clipboard already so KEK good luck I wasted an hour of my life that I cannot get back and I am not doing that shit again

No. 889077

anon my hope is gone

No. 889407

please nonas im dying for a new kathy thread. i've never made a thread but if no one else does i guess i can try.

No. 889542

I'll give it a shot, link to previous thread?

No. 889551

Did you mean the burlesque cow? If so, she has a new thread >>>/snow/1624647

No. 889569

princess nokia thread is needed

No. 889801

TND thread got locked.

No. 889849

If no one else is working on one I’ll do it, but it won’t be until Monday night.

No. 890012

Hello. I somehow ended up here by looking into some of jusagipon drama stuff.

I found out some people believe that @flandoseru (twitter) is jusagipon. I'd like to know if this was discussed here before or not. I also apologize if this is not very helpful, but they do seem to be the same person (or at least, very similar).(namefagging newfag)

No. 890141

We need a new celebricows thread

No. 890218

File: 1661975159468.jpeg (1.42 MB, 3465x3465, 762205E6-815D-45BE-A87E-FEE119…)

Unstoppablelulu on TikTok
Is actually 19, claims to be 16
Blatantly supports pedophilia and zoophilia
They tag most of their videos with zoocommunity and is a zoophile themself, she is also a pedo apparently but is much more open about her zoophilia
Is sexually attracted to dolls, is “married” to a two foot tall rainbow high doll that looks like a child
Is also “married” to an ai on the app replika
Has a long list of kins including mermaidkin, royalkin, waterkin etc.
Claims to be disabled to the point of needing a wheelchair or cane but frequently posts videos dancing, jumping and running around
Has a disgusting cesspit of a house they refuse to clean, they constantly look filthy and disheveled
90% of her comments are people calling her out on her bullshit, she replies to a lot of them in a really defensive and arrogant way

It’s a pretty small account, but she’s been a personal cow of mine for awhile and I figured you guys might be interested
Sorry for the janky collage btw I compiled everything on my phone

No. 890228

as a doll collector this is so disturbing. poor amaya. so creepy, if someone makes a thread i would read it.

No. 890628

willll there be a new egirls thread?

No. 890675

Tldr but is there a thread about Sarah Boone? She is one unintentionally funny nutjob. Almost outcows Lillee and Laur Trueman. Don't know how to start this thread. Guaranteed keks.

No. 890704

anyone else looking for a thread on glitchedpuppet/purplekecleon?

No. 890891

iwilleatyourenglish is a personal cow of mine, all she ever does is pick fights with unrelated people on tumblr and is incapable of shutting up. i think shell provide some fun milk

No. 890921

File: 1662598374456.jpeg (288.61 KB, 1170x1170, C5F24AFE-CB72-40D5-A442-1463E1…)

Kayla Marie

>30 year old hamplant camwhore

>plastic looking trisha paytas skinwalker who rampages through each community she's in with drama
>abuses her boyfriend
>interacts with minors on social media and encourages them to look at sex work content
>purposely picks fights with members of communities to make herself look like a victim
>fake bpdlet who lies about having multiple health conditions and trauma in order to gain sympathy
>has tons of fake accounts and alts and interacts with herself using said fake accounts
>gets kicked out of communities she's in and moves onto other ones
>trying to get into music with ear bleeding horrible hyper pop song
previously mentioned here but everyone says she's milkless >>800090

she's still as crazy as she was a year ago, and she's getting even worse

No. 890964

Idk if there are any polish nonnas that are up to date with the Nayenne drama? Is she mentiioned somewhere here?

No. 891171

Isn't this that crazy bitch who came the the Vicky thread around the same time as that sperg calling himself "the contrarian"? If that's her 1000 times yes.

No. 891176

We need a new celebricows thread please nonas

No. 891200

I made this post and i am once again asking for a hawk and taylor thread because theyre being “cancelled” on tiktok now and theyre never short of milk

No. 891235

File: 1662833149225.jpg (155.95 KB, 966x828, globohomo_fever_by_uppumine_df…)

An artist called uppumine. She is obsessed with hypothermia/fever. She seeks attention on social media platform by begging for free products or calling her art underappreciated. She has a hateboner against antidepressants and SJW's. A former genderspecial, now a terf. Hates Americans. Recently DFE'd her Twitter.

No. 891310

i saw some anons talking about starting a former buzzfeed employee thread and i am frothing at the mouth for that milk. i used to watch so much “classic” buzzfeed in high school and i need to know what they’re all up to now, because the ones i have updates on are already excellent, like kristin’s husband trooning out (or on a more positive note, quinta becoming legit successful)

i don’t know if that anon ever followed though tho, and i certainly don’t know enough to do it

No. 891312

I’d definitely lurk/contribute to that thread. I was so disappointed (but not surprised) that Gaby Dunn is trooning out.

No. 891316

If you've been wanting to make a thread for 3 months, why not just make it? Why do you keep dropping crumbs of milk here, getting replies saying a thread about this would be cool, then not making it? You clearly know enough to do it, and you clearly have interest, so just go for it. Just drop a few families and you'll get contributions.

No. 891344

Is that a goddamn trans flag melting on the background? wtf

No. 891366

is this the person who wants to chop their legs off too or is that someone else? like is she obsessed with amputation also?

No. 891417

File: 1662940838387.jpg (60.82 KB, 720x487, Screenshot_20220712_222502.jpg)

No. 891456

New celeb thread when?

No. 891463

There has been one for a few hours

No. 891540

File: 1663037205710.jpg (143.96 KB, 1080x435, Screenshot_20220912-224751_Twi…)

If anyone made a thread of general Twitter "pro-ship" coomers, I'd read it. I've seen a ton of nonbinary TIFs or handmaidens, which is odd because I expected that only men would be behind some of the insane pedo shit on Twitter and AO3.

No. 891588

File: 1663068716488.png (319.28 KB, 640x633, Screenshot 2022-09-13 at 05-31…)

Anyone following Keffals x KF?

No. 891589

We have a keffals thread in /snow/ >>>/snow/1642877 but it's infested with males and trolls, so be warned

No. 891590

File: 1663069079795.jpg (121.7 KB, 500x444, 1656758882539.jpg)

>KIWIFAGS AT LEAST TRY TO INTEGRATE, that means sage your shit if it is not new milk and close the window if you have a Y chromosome.

No. 891601

RIP another women's space. It was really fun, anonymisses. If they respected this board it would be one thing but sadly….
I wish their farms were open. The munchausen threads were my guilty reads because it was very obvious that they were /mostly/ women posting. Sigh.Sage for dramatic blogging OT but I hate this.

No. 891885

File: 1663253595361.jpeg (27.39 KB, 252x200, B42369FE-D032-4A88-A85D-97B8A7…)

Could we get a new thread on Unicole Unicron? There’s one but it’s locked/6 years old

No. 891960

Go back

No. 892106

Would anyone else be interested in a thread where we could discuss cows zodiac charts?

No. 892131

No. 892193

Yes that's her. She's apparently run through multiple fandom and niche communities with her bullshit. Kayla ran through Trisha Paytas fandom twitter, is banned from sex worker twitter for her repeatedly inappropriate behavior towards minors, and is currently infiltrating and manipulating people on amber heard support twitter and threatened to dox a domestic violence advocate who currently has an open court case against her abuser. She's batshit fucking crazy

No. 892203

yes. YES. Spectacular autism, let's do it

No. 892300

Aww y'all are nice, I didn't think anyone would actually be interested kek. Would the thread go in ot? I've never made a thread before and I don't wanna fuck it up! If anyone else wants to take the reigns and make the thread themselves that would be cool too, if not I'll try to figure it out.

No. 892363

We need a new celebricows rip

seems like an /ot/ board to me. I'm also interested in this, I'm sure it'll be a lot of fun nonna

No. 892364

I dont know if they've ever been brought up before but thejunebugsystem/juno bean harper seems milky, another did tick tock weirdo ddlg gross stuff and has a baby. Dont have the time to look further into her but thought I'd bring it up.

No. 892365

kek we do, they get filled up so fast because of infighting

No. 892373

Well her name is Bean so I'm going to assume she's an NB or a fakeboi. Maybe post to those threads?

No. 892434

new celebricows thread please

No. 892464


No. 892468

File: 1663855477750.jpg (1.03 MB, 1079x1722, Screenshot_20220922_100426.jpg)

Is there a thread on tiktok degens that claim to be autistic and post stimming videos? It makes me want to die but I crave a thread on it

No. 892469

Autistic people stim nonnie

No. 892471

This looks like sia is forcing someone to act like a retard for that autist movie again

No. 892475


I'm very aware autistic people stim. There are clearly hundreds of users just doing it for clout and attention though and it ain't hard to pick em out. They are all cows worthy of a thread imo

No. 892482

I agree with you anon

No. 892564

Would read

No. 892574

File: 1663945504578.jpeg (90.12 KB, 640x640, 2AD2A272-54A4-4375-AB8B-EBCCDA…)

Can there be a thread on HawkHatesYou/Discorobotdance? A lot of milky drama came out the past month and continues to leak. She’s a highly problematic SW that’s constantly in drama/lies/bullies and then plays victim.

Twitter- https://mobile.twitter.com/hawkhatesyou


TT accounts-

There’s a whole Reddit about her behavior r/hawksnark2 that she’s consistently trying to copyright strike everything to hide the info on here.
>SA jokes
>predatory behavior
>sabotaging other SW with their crew
>putting other SW in danger so they can screw the SW bf.
+so much more.

(Hopefully I didn’t miss anything, I probably did)

No. 892601

I thought she would fit in the SW general but holy shit that's a lot of milk indeed. If you know the tl;dr of the drama you can give it a shot and create a thread, she seems quite rancid and milky. did Dolly Mattel meet her match? kek

No. 892612

Is there any chance of reviving the Hybristophilia thread? Or anything that has to do with true crime cringe in general?
I miss seeing cringy tumblr girls thirst over killers or ranting about YouTubers using horrible crimes for their own gain.

No. 892629

Nonnie - a broad word of caution: in many cases with URLs, everything after the ? is at best extraneous data, and at worst is used to track users. in the case of this URL, it’s used for tracking who shared it, so be aware you can and should safely omit!

No. 892645

Could we get a HAES/Fat Acceptance Movement thread? Its the one thing I miss from kf.

No. 892727

Thank you for the word of caution! I was not aware of this.

No. 892814

I think a Kevin Gibes/Tenacious Unicorn Rach thread would be rad. Them and Lou Gagliardi are the 2 threads from KF I’ve found myself missing the most.

No. 892928

We sort of have one in snow: >>>/snow/1042077
It does seem to be instagram-focused from the title, but maybe putting general HAES things there until the next thread rolls around is an okay idea?

No. 893124

We have a kevin gibes thread but, I honestly wouldn't mind a Kevin Cinematic Universe thread, every last character in the tranch is a card but, there's just so much to go over an OP wouldn't be sufficient enough kek.

No. 893443

File: 1664549499112.jpg (2.1 MB, 1437x1917, Xiran_Jay_Zaho.jpg)

Can we have a Xiran Jay Zhao thread (idk how to make a good one and hope someone is interested in her)? She is a cosplayer, author, youtuber, who went viral because of her video "Everything Culturally Wrong With Mulan (2020) and How They Could’ve Been Fixed", uses they/them pronouns and is a woke trustfund child, who also is into harem/polyamory stuff.

But before she even went viral she signed in March 2020 a two YA book deal (several months before she went viral in September 2020). And as far as I know most new authors only get a 1 book deal which gets extended, if it sells well. Her parents are also rich so it is speculated that her parents got her the book deal). She always wears/cosplays in (cheap) traditional Chinese clothes, does not seem to work outside of Youtube and her books, while living in her mansion. Xiran is also very pro-trans and claims that before white people arrived in China, China was not transphobic and homophobic. And she is also acting very haughty and even in her viral video she makes some assumptions about the European culture (especially their view on witches) and uses the American Hollywood view for it, which is ironic considering she also is ignorant about other cultures but does a whole video getting offended about people being ignorant about her culture.

And she describes her book series as a "monstrous amalgamation of my love for anime and my love for Chinese harem dramas" and she won/got nominated for several awards (which maybe her parents paid for?)

>>1655560 And her book Iron Window is maybe getting a movie adaptation considering the rights were bought for it

>>1510159 tweet that white people are responsible for China becoming homophobic
>>1510000 tried calling out our terf queen J. K. Rolling out over something she had no influence of a.k.a. a trans kid passing away (possibly taking their life) after months of having spoken out against Harry Potter and the new game. Since Xiran used "he" it i s probably a ftm in which case JKR is even less too "blame" because JKR spoke out about mtf in women bathrooms
>>1510036 gets called out for blaming JKR and says she did not blame her directly (which she did kek)
>>1511435 is non-binary because she is such a picke me that she does not realise that women don't have to wear feminine clothes to be seen as one but at the same time claims in that video >>1511067 that "gender is a social construct" like most wokies do and still see anyone, who dresses more feminine/masculine as a transgender or non-binary. Also, she mentions TERFs hate her book
>>1511070 and >>>1512254 mention that she has a fan casting (done by herself) of her book on her website (and that it is self-insert)
>>1510234 and >>1512250 mentioning she is rich and >>1514052 mentioning her parents own a mansion in Vancouver and that she has one in the near too
>>1513500 mention her book(s?) is similar too Code Geass and 1513541 >>Evangelion and Darling in the franxx etc. and that Xiran even said it is similar to this >>1513566 and this 1514310
>>1517736 her grandfather is part of the CCP (which leads some people to think that is where their wealth is from)
>>1513982 and >>1514039 her book got bad reviews for having a pick me main character, being ignorant of Chinese culture according to a chinese comment >>1595333 and that her character is nothing like the Empress Wu, who she claimed is the base for her mc >>1513962 and for having every non-mc woman being vapid and submissive >>1595357
>>1455943 mentions she also writes Yaoi? (idk I am not going to read more than one of her book summaries)
>>1269089 Other Hui (she says she is Hui) call her out (it was mentioned twice on this website that Chinese people don't like her)

Her wikipedia (and look in the edits, especially one person was active, I think it is her) and her social media accounts are also easy to find, but I can't post them because my work place blocks twitter etc and this >>892629 kind of scares me

No. 893581

Xiran is basically Chinese Lindsay Ellis. I hope this thread gets made she’s my personal cow.

No. 893644

Honestly you’ve got all the fixings for a good thread written here already, just make it, she seems like a great cow.

No. 893704

Has anyone started a new Pixielocks thread? Things just got milky. I would myself but have too much work to do tonight.

No. 893893

We need a new onion thread

No. 893933

File: 1664765734584.jpg (148.5 KB, 1169x1169, FWsuahNXgAAo3vW.jpg)

any interest in a baeofhoco/sara kendall rochester thread? she went viral on twitter recently and i went down the rabbit hole and apparently there's years worth of milk on her so I'm surprised I've never seen her on here before

No. 893948

I just noticed we don't have a celebricows thread

What's the milk? She just looks like someones mum

No. 894073

New Chris-Chan thread?

No. 894086

I don't really see anything interesting if your only gripe is the single subpar novel she published. I haven't read it, but it just seems like your average trash YA novel. Not good but not bad enough to be worth looking at. You're better off going for a local Relator or "Photographer" (read: middle aged man with a camera and awful taste). The CCP stuff is nothing in a city full of mainlanders. It's also Vancouver. Most people under 40 here aren't openly trans/homophobic.

Yaniv is the only real local cow that I know of, though most people don't know about him.
Or the ex UBC prof who faked being Indigenous. Virginia Wolfe I think? Though it's old news by now.

Actually, there's this creepy black alumnus dude who hangs around SFU and tricks/pressures freshmen into his scams or doing work for free. He seems schizo and was in the news at the beginning of COVID for making a big show and assaulting security after being asked nicely to leave the indoor areas when the campus was limited access. Caused a huge stir that was poorly handled by the Student Rights folk. (Unfounded accusations of racism against this dude. Later the scam thing was revealed because he kept harassing students on campus)

No. 894107

The authorcows thread can always be revived, no?

No. 894199

Someone needs to make a new Lori and Kevin thread over in /w/.

No. 894247

New bad short comics thread in /m/? I greatly enjoyed shitting on Blobby and friends

No. 894503

id def like to see this, incelcore is not only a shit genre but a bunch of faggy wannabe altright kids listen

one look at brynn's twitter may not be that milky but its for sure cringeworthy

No. 894504

New egirls thread?

No. 894511

I assumed it was because the whole thread was anonymous gene and that tranny slapping each others dicks. I checked up on the onision tnread every few days hoping for something new, but Im fine with there not being an active thread until something truly milky happens. My bet is that when onision or lainey eventually do something fucked up one of the farmhands will allow another thread to be started.

No. 894512

Hi, it is me the one who wrote this >>893443 I am not able to post this in the near future because my VPN will be suspended today (and I don't want to risk a doxx) and I need it today for something more important. I hope someone else will make the thread. I also don't want to read her book summaries which is why I don't think I should be making this thread

No. 894584

This. Anyone still there post hanson media circus, are just KFers, orbiters, or discordfags. Onion's a dried up cow and has been for a good while now.

No. 894585

are you using a free trial? why don't you just get a subscription?

No. 894695

Greg’s thread on kf is all but dead. More posts are made here than over there

No. 894712

Does anyone remember Astrid from instagrammers you hate? Her IG is @whoreonagon, if anyone's still interested. People in that thread were constantly asking for a one dedicated to her but no one ever made it and I really don't know enough about her to make a thread. (She jumps from subculture to subculture including friends, is a stripper now despite claiming to be 'pure and modest' in her BM days a few years ago and her real name is Beata. But that's all I really know)

No. 894824

I don't know enough either but I was intrigued during her fight with that Star666 chick ages ago. Since then she's been a skin, 80s pole thot and now looks to be transitioning more Goth inspired since then. Idk anything milky enough for a thread despite typical bpd behaviour.

No. 894938

We need a Kanye thread. He’s been out of control for years now. But the “White Lives Matter” and saying he’s gonna kill Jews is a whole new level of crazy

No. 895019

File: 1665534688713.jpg (82.54 KB, 801x499, 6wfkr4.jpg)

the dude needs medical attention he'll never accept, it'd be an interesting thread if anyone here cared enough to look into him

No. 895027

He’s beyond being a cow at this point, he’s a whole dairy farm

No. 895032

I mean for a kid that grew up in a steady educated middle class home, he sure does act like he's running in the Oppression Olympics. It wouldn't do to make a thread though, someone's gonna Brittany him real quick. (mental ward for a spell followed by financial guardianship)

No. 895066

Could we start a WitchTok cringe thread for laughing at all the unhinged retards, posers, idiotic discourse, and nonstop drama in the terminally online occult community? I know this is a niche interest but trust me, it could unearth some people who are worthy of being cows all by themselves.

It can also branch out to include witchcraft Tumblr/Twitter, where plenty of idiots also congregate even if the most concentrated wizard autism is coming from the zoomer app.

If you ladies are intrigued, I will create the thread myself. I can post a thread preview before making an official one to see if it seems milky enough for a general audience, and for nonas to nominate any additional witchy cows out there.

No. 895067

can we add a gc board or something? /snow/ is just trannies now, which is fine they’re retarded, but I miss normal cows

No. 895074

im interested! cringe internet "witches" are already a personal cow of mine

No. 895103

>>895066 yes, please! maybe will even share my personal cow; a self proclaimed shaman/vampire/wizard/thembytrans/spoony/oracle/voodoo priestess/bruja/"sex worker"/"radical"/Greek mythology priestess/shape shifter/star seed/"yogi"/"bodhisattva"/momfluencer/"counselor"/diviner/reiki master/Jungian depth psychologist/race faker etcetcetc

No. 895129

Please do! Where would it go?

No. 895149

File: 1665662807885.jpg (136.35 KB, 971x971, 4651315465.jpg)

Someone who's tangentially related to Xiran Jay Zhao that is pretty milky is picrel. Meet Sierra Elmore, failed entrepreneur & unknown author of mediocre YA Death By Society.

A quick rundown of her alleged activities & why she's a lolcow:
>Quit her job last year to focus on her bookish merch shop (including book boxes like the Iron Widow one) & then failed to deliver the boxes in time or at all. Even now, she still owes some customers refunds.
>Is notoriously bad at answering her customer emails, to the point they have to tweet at her or comment on her shop IG to get her to answer usually days later and when she does, she gets bitchy.
>Claims to have a ton of mental illnesses like schizophrenia, BPD, & PTSD and on a ton of meds that have impacted her business.
>Constantly begging for rent/bill/food money and claims she's been unable to find a job yet posted about spending money on unnecessary things & only applying to "office" type of positions. Also owned expensive purses she could've sold first before begging.
>Found a job for a few months & instead of immediately paying off her debt she bought a $300 purse and did a book haul before she was "jobless" again.
>Had a gurugossip thread about her alleged behaviors that she found and got so butthurt, she claimed she would file a lolsuit & had an amazing lawyer. Had to walk it back when people called her out and changed it to filing it after she refunded everyone.

Idk how interested anyone is in book drama in general, but it tends to breed some milky individuals. Sierra is a personal lolcow because her oversharing is the reason anyone started keeping tabs on her. She also tends to talk herself up but will always be a mediocre person who only got her audience because she made pals with several big author accounts.

No. 895182

I was thinking witchtok cringe would be similar to the “spicy straights” thread as a general overview of random cow antics that fit the criteria, but taking any suggestions.

No. 895200

I’d be VERY interested in a BookTok general, especially the ones who write “spicy NA fantasy” kek my personal cows Breanna Diaz (who uses the name of a murdered Kyrgyzstan woman who was sex trafficked as her pen name) and Piper CJ. There are MANY cows in that whole realm so maybe there could be a thread where any who fall under that umbrella can be posted!

No. 895216

File: 1665703584605.jpg (777.68 KB, 1080x1914, Screenshot_20221013_191147_Twi…)

(Sorry if this has already been asked/mentioned I'm not scrolling) There's definitely potential for a doll community thread, especially with the top doll "influencers" Clawdeena9, a disgusting tranny whos sexually assaulted girls, scams fans, doxxes anyone he doesnt like, racist, among several other things. (Honestly he wants to be a Jeffree Star so bad but is a bigger failure than Nikita Dragun, but he thrives in the doll community despite this and kisses company ass) and Elvira aka The Doll Circle (pictured, just deleted said tiktok with literal PR) c9's biggest asskisser, also rampantly disgusting, participates in harrassing other creators, telling people to get over doll prices despite getting all her shit for free and other things (she's not as milky and disgusting as clawdeena but still a piece of shit)

Dolltwt and dolltok are absolute fucking shitshows of adults screaming over childrens fashion dolls, I don't see the threads going wildly fast but theres a lot to talk about

No. 895224

i want an edtwt thread so bad. there was one created once but it was filled with infighting about how the thread was stupid. don't know why when it's full of the exact retarded twitter drama that lolcow loves. pls agree nonnies

No. 895278

no because all those edtwt/shtwt people lurk lolcow even tho its "twansphobic" and will be cowtipping and linking the threads to twitter in no time… plus the selfposting.
as a doll collector i would definitely like to see this, i don't really use tiktok or twitter but i see bullshit on reddit all the time, i would try and contribute if someone made one!

No. 895315

how about a bookish general, maybe with a focus on booktok? it's chock-full of author/reviewer milk but there's also plenty of cows on bookstagram, booktube, and book twitter. the book world just brings out the most unhinged drama kek.

No. 895318

File: 1665761751886.jpeg (55.91 KB, 680x766, D75FE0BD-8D6B-4A1B-8BDE-3056CB…)

That sounds perfect!! I def know of a few cows who orbit booktok authors as well, like just ass-lickers supreme, who will fit there nicely too. Now we just need some kind Nona to make the thread. I would but am 2 tarded kek.

No. 895350

the thread died cause it wasnt good. making the same thread again not even a year later would be retarded

No. 895446

What's up with Julia Fox? Could she have a thread of her own?

No. 895485

File: 1665933537488.png (1.07 MB, 1263x727, 9mr2ttuezzv61.png)

Angelicat, idolizes Belle Delphine and Hannah owo, raised by degenerate single filipino mother. Just hit 18 and decides to immediately create an onlyfans.

No. 895487

I’m Jap. I wanna know which one is the most popular lolcow contemporary.
If you teach me which, I will introduce you guys Japanese lolcows, one per I receive a reply. It’s an exchange. Revert me.(やばい)

No. 895493

1. this is an imageboard
2. read the rules
3. put up the milk or get off the board

No. 895520

I remember when she used to shoop/wear the pink wig kek. I didn't realise she was underage at the time, it's kinda sad kids have no sense of identity these days outside of larp and OF.

No. 895599

Nippon daisuki

No. 895612

File: 1666052343416.jpg (8.39 KB, 257x320, drbum.jpg)

Should Dr. Jess Taylor have a thread?

> Got a PhD and immediately started shilling books and courses for money

> Is "anti-psychology" to the point where she said that even autism isn't real
> Published DV survivors stories in her books without full permission, said that they were too traumatized to know what's going on after DV survivors asked her to take it out (while being CEO of an org that's apparently dedicated to helping them)
> Allegedly met her wife when she was underage, while she herself was already married (to a man) with kids
> Constantly passive-aggressively brags about how well-off she is & punching down on poor women/DV survivors
> Pathological liar (ex. she found a tahitian pearl in wales, many more)
> Alleged lesbian but posts a bunch of pics that could be mistaken for male gaze thirst traps (including one of her bending over with her ass in plain view that made people call her Dr. Bum, picrel) and when this was pointed out she raged that people hate them because they're both femmes
> Wife and her are constantly pda'ing all over social media like teenagers

No. 895631

oh I had no idea she was such a cow wtf

No. 895641

Are you poor?

No. 895654

She could get tossed in the radfem cow thread.
She sucks

No. 895723

File: 1666176367886.png (1.55 MB, 1024x768, image_2022-10-19_124423466.png)

maybe an artist alley thread ? the one on cgl is dead since 2020.
It's sad cuz a lot of artists were helping each other and sharing tips and experiences and news.

No. 895724

File: 1666177381762.png (13.73 MB, 4118x2745, image_2022-10-19_130253542.png)

No. 895735

File: 1666194947599.jpg (27.57 KB, 1080x222, image55555.jpg)

Would anyone be interested in a r/titanfolk / r/yeagerbomb thread

recently they were banned for posting pictures of the black character from attack on titan getting lynched, nazi jokes. I have proofs of some of the mods admitting to owning CP and call themself MAPs

No. 895822

>replying in an already finished thread
This bitch has always been apart of the main onion threads like lurch and Luna in their own. Lurk moar newfag

No. 895834

If they were banned doesn't sound like new milk will be coming. Maybe post about it in the reddit hate thread on /ot/?

No. 896006

I would love a thread like this!! Maybe have it in /m/? I feel like it wouldn’t belong in /ot/ and /m/ is starting to see more traction again since it’s revival

No. 896029

I'd like a music making thread

No. 896271

This is one of the most milky genres (while still being fun) if it's managed the right way

If nobody else starts a thread soon I might try to gather enough material to get one up and running

No. 896383

File: 1666769551650.jpeg (287.11 KB, 1553x1574, FF224A3D-5EC7-4180-A5D7-76F541…)

AITA for wanting someone to make a new Reddit thread when I can’t be bothered to make one myself?

No. 896384

File: 1666770071684.jpeg (29.91 KB, 640x344, 1EE6AA2A-F3AE-40D1-A2B3-921D9E…)

I got this one too

No. 896753

new celebicow thread please?

No. 896766

i think a foodsnark/food blogger thread would be super interesting or like a fitness blogger/influencer thread. those spheres r SUPER milky. im thinking of food blogger half baked harvest who is most definitely an anachan and has a really disturbing relationship with her family of 10, is basically agorophobic etc etc

No. 896822

What's so disturbing about her family?

No. 896856

pretty please?

No. 896866

We need a new Yumi King thread in /w/, she officially announced she’s no longer in contact with any family and is moving yet again

No. 896994

I know someone mentioned upthread but someone please make a Foodie Beauty thread. This 'Muslim' arc is too milky.

No. 897008

File: 1667493838386.png (44.49 KB, 392x142, 166748929239819195.png)



old thread "#67" - >>>/ot/1374405


No. 897043

There’s a new thread already

No. 897140

File: 1667584847381.png (294.04 KB, 456x308, 166758357590335081.png)


Here it is…

Celebricows #68: Burning Yeezy's For Warmth Edition:


No. 897152

This OP pic is terrible, wasn't it used earlier anyway?

No. 897242

Late response, but the nonnie who made thread 67 wanted to use it but it wasn't relevant to the events of thread 66. I just plopped kanye in the corner and called it a day.

No. 897578

File: 1668126507795.jpg (207.92 KB, 992x2048, 315095559_962846918006247_3087…)

I really need some discussion on my new morbid curiosity, LeJera Payton

Goes into a different restaurant/business every single day and records herself harassing staff and trying to convince them to give her discounts, more food, money, etc.
Puts on an obviously fake high-pitched voice when assailing the poor staff of whatever place she ends up at.
Has a ridiculously self-centered "customer is always right" worldview.
Probably homeless, living out of her car, and may or may not have children.
People speculate that she's in the midst of some kind of manic/psychotic breakdown. She had some creepy videos on her (now terminated) youtube of her staring into the camera with a blank expression and gyrating - and a few others where she says she will never take her meds again.

I've spent hours re-watching her videos. I can't believe someone acts like this in public. She broadcasts it all on her tiktok but nobody in her comments supports her actions at all. She's truly in her own world and I pray for the minimum wage workers who have to deal with this schizo empress.


No. 897589

I think she actually is schizo and has supposedly been off her meds for a year. she seemed normal somewhat recently.


she’s fucking infuriating. I can barely watch her videos. but it’s also pretty alarming and it’s hard to look away.

No. 897592

File: 1668134794432.webm (1.76 MB, 720x1230, untitled-2_9jgGcGHd.webm)

Aaron Carter huffing computer duster.

No. 897596

File: 1668136041079.png (404.96 KB, 444x827, 1667745941486.png)

The "jacuzzi" he drowned in.


No. 897597

File: 1668136068414.webm (2.37 MB, 1022x490, 1667747608288.webm)


No. 897598

Kinda gives Katy vibes or whatever her name was. Arin's stalker

No. 897685

File: 1668191306184.png (46.24 KB, 416x148, 166819112191671194.png)



old thread "#68" - >>>/ot/1394926


No. 897692

Not sure if anyone's still interested in Raven Sparks, but her thread is locked & there has been a few happenings in the years since we last documented anything.
A summery for those interested:
Her & Josh are now in Michigan, living in a garage. Had to leave thanks to the 15 years of septic tank leakage. Apparently staying with a friend of Raven's who owns rental property. Loki & Bowie (the dogs) are long gone, & I'm sure none of the same pets are around. Last I heard they're down to one cat, but they were taking in multiple pregnant cats at a time for a while. Both her & Josh are unemployed & struggling, they "can't find jobs". She tattooed a spiderweb on her forehead, got lasik & is acting full munchie. General consensus on KF is that couchie is a drug addict/pillhead & this is why he can't hold down a job for shit. She still makes wig & contact lenses reviews in her garage.

No. 897696

Thank you nonny! I do miss her horror cow antics

No. 897703

Ayrt, I miss her craziness too! She was the cow that first introduced me to lolcow & KF. Finding her videos on YouTube one night, & then going down the rabbit hole from feeling sorry for her to quickly feeling very horrified by her antics. Discovering all the old drama & how much of a trainwreck she was. It's honestly crazy how long she's been doing the same bullshit online & learning nothing.

No. 897715

File: 1668204537416.jpeg (797.97 KB, 1125x1438, 60970EF0-6D35-4443-A07A-CBFF01…)

Second this, important news happened like Batam’s dead!!!

No. 897716

Shit! I meant Batman

No. 897720

Right? Classic never learn cow behavior! Scrapes together the 2k or so to get eye surgery… but lives in a garage.

No. 897749

File: 1668219196308.png (181.99 KB, 336x475, 166821912677983723.png)

Bateman? Patrick Bateman?

Jk.. anyway another one bites the dust. R.I.P

No. 897754

File: 1668224011469.png (88.56 KB, 488x332, 166821912677983723 (1).png)

No. 897755

File: 1668224436944.png (282.74 KB, 1347x967, Screenshot_20221111-213955.png)

No. 897756

File: 1668224718553.png (1.32 MB, 2049x987, Screenshot_20221111-214323.png)



..poor kid.


No. 897778

I imagine you could post updates to the altcows thread. I know I'd welcome them.

No. 897783

I would def be interested! She was my gateway cow on this site kek god those threads were a ride…

No. 897807

No. 897827

She was one of my favourite cows. So mental. And so milky. Would love to see some updates.

No. 897832

I’ve been waiting for this dumpy creature to come back. Please start a thread anon

No. 897865

Nice selfpost, idiot

No. 897867


No. 897901

Not the best but I just posted one, hope it's good enough to use >>>/ot/1408558

No. 897904

File: 1668396573347.jpg (121.01 KB, 1080x1080, df47f1ad3c6f5ed070625d29fe1977…)

It's beautiful,anon
.. beautiful- just like you.

No. 897923

not skinny enough to be eugenia obviously. also die moid.

No. 897928

Bullshit. It's obvious as shit that that's not Eugenia. Gtfo.

No. 897945

Ginger and Scary Spice were my favorite spice girls.

No. 897947

For fucks sake. The image had a spoiler over it & there was a warning that it was NSFW. What's with all you guys tard-raging?

No. 898079

File: 1668620564037.jpeg (79.38 KB, 1200x674, 0509222E-9B3C-49C2-B39B-36D2BE…)

Narally Najm, got her GF face tatted on her face after birthing their shared baby (IVF) and the GF Laura allegedly cheated on Narally while in labor. Anyone else know about this nut show? Definitely seems fake but super embarrassing to go to this level of humiliation for fame.

No. 898131

i lowkey really miss the e-girls threads but i know no one else really cares about them enough to keep them alive (well except maybe a handful of vendetta chans) but they were legit entertaining to me

No. 898133

The babifat saga was hilarious, too bad a bunch of /pol/tard neet moids showed up and started shitting it up with nobodies completely unrelated to egirls.

No. 898206

I just want a Yumi King thread.

No. 898219

It's in /w/

No. 898222

A recent one? The old one reached the limit

No. 898245

Sorry I didn't realize it's been locked
Why don't you make the next one?

No. 898253

Same. Hopefully someone makes one.

No. 898488

Same. I was coming here to look for her thread after her insta post where she says her son has been taken away. All the comments are pretty much telling her to get a job and calling her out for vagueposting.

No. 898742

Is there milk on this person? Someone has mentioned her on KF. She's like a weird ALR clone.

No. 898747

Bump for porn

No. 898966

New Pixielocks thread is up

No. 898982

we need a thread about catholicnun/imfresh666/majorpsyche they were a thing on tumblr first before becoming a groupie and junkie following around these boys from sweden (drain gang) extremely toxic person esp on discord giving drugs to minors and ebegging so she can keep traveling to europe to stalk men that dont care about her

No. 899103

Seconding this. I'd love to see a thread considering how milky and petty they are

No. 899109

make it nonnie

No. 899193

Xiran is the absolute fucking worst and a massive hypocrite on top of being an autistic retard, she’s genuinely thread worthy and I’m shocked it’s taken this long

No. 899276

Daniel Graf stevens of poast really needs a thread dude is a massive jannie defends lolicon and is a massive lolcow and simps for pickme elaine miller

No. 899436

is anyone making a Christmas thread

No. 899459

Is anyone making a new jake/kat/toxic thread? Both the others are full i would make if i knew how at all

No. 899655

Holy shit lmfao, I thought I was the only person who remembered her. We were mutuals at one point before she was banned or something for her usual antics.

No. 899786

File: 1670043922017.png (2.12 MB, 1080x1921, C3347F6D-176D-49AB-BBEE-63367C…)

we need a new marge thread, people are shitting up the Venus thread with posts about her new Florida man husband and the old one hit limit.

No. 899795

MagaMargo? Oh this is sad and hilarious.

No. 899854

File: 1670114981673.png (4.83 MB, 828x1792, 133E8D56-F674-4311-976E-425C26…)

i really want to start a thread or make this girl a public cow, her entire online persona is legitimately acting like a kid and its worse than you can even imagine. shes got thousands of old simps, posts about wanting to be molested, cosplays lolis and calls herself one, jeffrey epstein shit, literally says she distributes cp on her public tiktok and brags about being ‘pedobait’. she uses a fuckton of filters and i know irl she looks completely different (got my sources). she literally has no idea what any of this stuff means, the definition of newfag, she just thrives off of the attention from pedophiles and makes it her lifes goal to cater to them. it actually makes me feel sick to my stomach and her fake ‘loli’ voice is so grating.
if anyone is interested in knowing more or seeing her fucked up posts im more than willing to share, and i hope at least some of you share the same disgust as i do for these types of girls.
link is the tiktok, for ur own wellbeing id advise against clicking


No. 899868

Shay thread is full, can someone please make a new one?

No. 899871

File: 1670127206317.png (2.59 MB, 828x1792, C6116477-5D45-4781-8241-A14B76…)

theres far too many of these types and i could rant all day, i find this one to have the most pseudo balls though. i’m familiar with her personal life a bit and she’s super spoilt, coddled and spoonfed by her parents. little do they know shes a discord lolicon talking about racist/pedo shit all day. she was beaten up by a group of black people in public last year for making racist remarks online without expecting ramifications. i really want to start calling these deluded ppl out because its contributing so much harmful reinforcement to degen gooners.
shes ugly too kekk!
id enjoy a general thread for all these ‘fedposting’ zoomer alt right pipeline ridden girls

No. 899878

Is this what you would call a giga pick me?

No. 899931

Her account is private now, hmm

No. 899990

this bitch makes me want to a-log so bad

No. 900085

File: 1670284586532.jpg (7.33 KB, 168x300, download.jpg)

she privated her tiktok but check out her ig @brekyfasst its just as bad

No. 900097

Her tiktok isn’t private.

No. 900108

it was briefly because her shit was getting deleted (rightfully so)

No. 900240

pls let me start a thread shes actually got milk

No. 900384

File: 1670473594501.gif (7.51 MB, 397x239, 167045037010017826 (5).gif)

Celebcow #71 thread needed!

Old thread >>>/ot/1418782

Thanks in advance to whomever whips it up!

No. 900446

File: 1670530481050.gif (647.23 KB, 424x540, 167052979123606927.gif)

No. 900467

Marge got married to some guy in Florida. Could be some upcoming milk.

No. 900471

File: 1670546003485.jpg (30.5 KB, 383x312, 1670479091526938.jpg)

Venus looks like she's on her death-bed. What a sad tale.