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File: 1633965205949.png (761.81 KB, 852x792, Screenshot 2021-10-11 at 17.13…)

No. 856121

If you don't have the material, time, or experience to make a new thread about a subject you want to discuss, use this thread to see if other farmers are interested in making and joining one.

Previous threads

No. 856122

Would anyone like a thread on Mr Girl? It's been a long time since his 'Cuties' video but he has some other stuff about him that's creepy

Summary of old drama
>was/is a sexist 'woke' man
>made a video defending 'Cuties' as a masterpiece to hide the fact that he's a pedo and was rightfully called out for being a pedo
>Keeps on making videos justifying him being a coomer who wants to 'fantasise' about rape, even though he has admitted in the past to committing rape
>has pursued a woman, who is a pickme, that was a rape victim, which is concerning because he has admitted to raping a woman in the past as well as having rape fantasies. She also is clearly scared of him when she's being interviewed by him
>he sympathised with a school shooter

Recently he's been making more radfem points, such as saying women shouldn't wear makeup and being gender critical, whilst also saying that he should be able to 'fantasise about whatever he wants.' It seems like now, after getting shunned by libfems for being a pedo, he's trying to get into the radfem crowd for some reason

No. 856124

I have been wanting to make a Radfem cows thread for a while, but I am not sure if it would end up being a magnet for trannies or people sperging about GC issues. We could include:

>Vannesa Vokey: antimask lunatic

>Meghan Murphy: recently rejected the radfem title and slowly becoming trad
>Anna Slatz: grifter with plastic surgery addiction (although we already have a thread on her, but it's very inactive)
>Bunch of AGP coming into radfem circles like Arty Morty
>Ovarit issues, such as:

About a month ago, there was a spat between Ovarit and its users
>Mods ban lucreciamott after she criticizes the Taliban and gets labeled as racist
>Mods ban RadFemBlack for calling out the censorship iirc
>Bunch of users delete their accounts
>Mods write a damage control post after a week of less engagement

No. 856126

I second this. Vanessa is unhinged

No. 856157

A Blabbermouth thread would be interesting

No. 856197

We need a new AGP/MtF thread

Is Anna Slatz is @Slatzism on Twitter? I had no idea she was a cow, I actually just followed her the other day

No. 856231

Radfem/terf cow thread in snow would be great. Slatz isn’t milky enough to occupy her own thread. The re are so many wonderful narc cows in those spaces though

No. 856243

Can we have a Dream thread?

No. 856245

What other radfem/terfs should be included in the OP?


No. 856312

There’s no way that wouldn’t immediately devolve into infighting hell. I think it might actually be technically impossible bc GC and radfem talk is banned, but you’d have to discuss about those topics in a thread where the cows eat sleep and breathe the stuff.

No. 856314

He’s usually discussed on the YouTube general thread. I’m not sure there’s enough interest in him as of late to sustain a separate thread.
Seconding the need for a new mtf thread.

No. 856316

new alr thread perhaps?

No. 856332

the existing ALR thread doesn’t even have 1000 posts yet
post there if you have new milk!

No. 856378

File: 1634165951751.jpg (1.1 MB, 1800x2345, doughty-caitlin-mara-zehler-1-…)

Could we have a thread about Caitlin Doughty/Ask a Mortician or would she just belong in a youtuber general? She's overwhelmingly hated within the funeral industry, not because of her self-proclaimed "rabble-rousing", but because she's obnoxious asshole who romanticizes death and shits on families who choose to embalm (despite not even having a license to embalm herself). There's also stories about how she's bullied others within the industry and went full mean girl with her team to get a student expelled (Cait is a 37 year old woman who did this to a student at a college she doesn't even attend) over a difference in opinion.

Both stories are within the comments of these threads, including the now removed blog post where she accused another industry worker of trying to make death seem cool and sexy (as if Cait's Bettie Page wannabe look and ott theatrics in videos isn't the same?) and tried to play some feminist angle.



No. 856389

Unless she has a cow meltdown she's better of in the YT thread I think. I'm also reading those posts and I'm not seeing any caps or archives, just hearsay. That's not going to be enough.

No. 856395

Personally would love to know about this cow. I read her book & it was incredibly NLOG-y, I could believe she gets milky.

No. 856396

I'm surprised Aaron Carter hasn't gotten a thread here yet. He is FULL of milk and new craziness every week.

No. 856400

All of her books are like that, unfortunately. She's a former history major who clearly only got into mortuary for a career due to her own fascination with morbidity. She's not in it to help anybody but herself and even went as far as to shut down her precious funeral home for a week in order to film her 'week in the life of' shit. It featured basically nothing relevant to the trade. Caleb Wilde, Little Miss Mortician, and Kari the Mortician are superior public figures.

No. 856412

I'm shit at making threads, but I am so interested in Fundies. Would anyone be interested as well?

No. 856414

Aaron and his mom need a thread, they're both so milky I couldn't even keep up with all of it back when he was my personal cow. There's some weird incestuous shit going on there I stg

No. 856418

there already is a fundie thread but it's been dead for months. if you have anything to add by all means bump it >>1172792

No. 856430

I read her books too. I got the impression that the only reason why she got into the mortuary business was because she thought the HBO show 6 Feet Under was cool and she wanted to be like Nate Fisher. I really hated how she talked shit about families who lost their children and wanted a cremation.

I would love a thread on her, but I don't think there's enough material for that.

No. 856432

I want milk on her and to hear more about why her books are shitty. I saw a video or two by her, she seemed cool to me but clearly I wasn't fully informed

No. 856461

Does anyone thinks Hannah Kabel AKA hannahowo problematic or milky? Do you think she deserves a thread?

No. 856471

She seems cool to people who don't work in the funeral industry because she's ott. She's basically the ItsBlackFriday of the career field to normies and is the only "mortician" which non-morticians know of.

I know you're not serious. There are tons of cows here who have had threads started by hearsay and some of those are still going years after the fact. Hell, June's threads have been stale as fuck yet are permitted to continue. This comment feels like yet another one of those 'but muh fav can't be p-posted!'

No. 856501

No it's just that "someone on reddit called her a bitch" isn't milk. The June thread may have started any which way but it only took off because her cow behavior on twitter and YT was capped and shared. Caps of milky excerpts from her book or clips of obnoxious YT moments would be a start and no one's doing it yet. I'm not against the thread but the legwork needs to be done to make it work. Not just reddit posts. That's all

No. 856526

nta, but I think that after we go through her books, we won't have anything to add. Her Twitter and YT channel is professional as far as I can see and don't really have any milk. Would it work better if it was a general death positive thread? Does anyone know if the staff members of her Order of the Good Death (https://www.orderofthegooddeath.com/founding-members/) are milky?

No. 856563

Can we have a thread on AOC?

No. 856590

I think if we start having threads on individual politicians it will just open a door for a rash of political threads with dumbass opinions from all sides. Maybe one thread for one country’s politicians at most?

No. 856610

some anons have talked about a thread for Comingupfern on tik tok. she's the mom that lets her baby eat sand and is suspected of causing her other child's death

No. 856648

This. He's always doing dumbass shit, a thread would be fun.

No. 856750

Hey, I made an OP for the thread. What do you think? I am not sure what image to use, so I am open for any suggestion. I don't know much about Leah, Ella and Celestia, so their sections are a bit bare.

Thread to talk about people who are radical feminists, but are batshit insane OR claim to be radical feminists, but are just using it to gain money and/or notoriety.

Warning: This is not a thread for ranting about TIMs, TIFs or COVID. Please go to the respective containment threads for that.

Anna Slatz
>Grifter with a plastic surgery addiction.
>Fired from her job as Editor-in-Chief for writing two puff pieces for the leader of a Neo-nazi party in Canada.
>Currently making a transition as a financial guru and stocks investor.

Vanessa Vokey
>Anti-mask psycho who compared face masks to hijabs.
>Assaulted a female voting booth worker for asking her to wear a mask.
>YouTube recently deleted her channel.

Meghan Murphy
>Founded the website Feminist Current and was a radfem.
>Ditched her beliefs and doesn't feel comfortable calling herself a radfem anymore.
>Writes articles about feeling sorry for men nowadays.

Leah Tverly
>Unhinged radfem who makes crazy rants on YT and thinks that hygiene is a tool of the patriarchy.
>Made a video of herself freebleeding in response to Contrapoints.
>Peed on the toilet seat and the floor of a public restroom because of a troon.

Ella Androphobia
>Anti-vaxxer, who believes that COVID is a fake pandemic.

Amy Dyess
>Former radfem who claims that was brainwashed by Julie Bindel to join the TERF cult
>Currently in transition to become a man and working on a anti-TERF film

>Radfem with white supremacist ideas
>Holocaust denier

No. 856792

This is great nonnie, I cant wait to participate in this

No. 856879

We need an escorts / professional companions thread

No. 856903

2 things. Meghan Murphy moved to Mexico to escape anti-feminist dystopia Canada. Just think about that for a second. It's too funny to not include. And IMO Celestia hasn't had any milk in 5 years so unless she's active again I'd leave it out

No. 856929

>Meghan Murphy moved to Mexico to escape anti-feminist dystopia Canada
Do you have any links about that anon?

No. 856937

No. 856969

She spoke about it at length in her recent appearance on the Joe Rogan podcast

No. 856982

nothing more radical or feminist than going on Joe Rogan

No. 856985

Ayrt. If you want to see something funny, go an watch her episode to observe that chimp shaped manlet drag his knuckles across the floor as he walks and tries to contain the saliva in his mouth while trying to talk about feminism

No. 857004

there's already a locked thread but
I'd be interested in an EDucating Shanny Thread.

No. 857026

File: 1634646685309.jpg (80.92 KB, 712x588, yeesh.JPG)

I hate that so many of the popular faces of radical feminism are anti-vaccine. It really blows a hole in "muh facts"

No. 857027

Yes I would also love an Aaron thread

No. 857030

the actual fuck happened to this woman

No. 857045

It's the same movement that spawned "my body, my choice". At least they're being coherent.

No. 857052

File: 1634660001416.jpg (122.36 KB, 875x603, girl what.JPG)

I dunno

No. 857064

Comingupfern is her main. AliceandFern and Radfemalice are her alts.

She’s full nuts. Along with what anon said she also claims being vegan will prevent sunburns and lets her rock eating kid bask in the sun with no protection. Car accident that killed her first kid that docs tried to save via C-section was most likely caused by her. Her 2nd rock eating kid was born at home alone and unassisted with no medical attention or follow ups ever. She’s totally against modern medicine for herself and her kid. Rock eating kid doesn’t have a bedtime and she lets him do whatever he wants at 1 year old. Her husband looks busted and sounds like he works all day and plays video games all night. Somehow they’re able to afford a brand new build home that she says their future children will be sequestered to! This is just the tip of the iceberg and she posts multiple times a day basically all day.

No. 857072

Thank you for your feedback. I made the thread: >>>/snow/1351285

No. 857138

Same, I was going to suggest her. I'm not sure if she livestreams much anymore but she was my personal spoonie cow for years. Almost every stream she would fake faint or pretend to "dissociate" but her acting is so bad and she knows no actual information on the disorders she fakes. Her "fainting" is so dramatic and whimsical it's amusing, no wonder her fans are just mentally ill high schoolers who buy into her antics. I'd love a Shanny thread, or a reinstatement of the Spoonie threads. I miss the Munchausen cows, they're the milkiest.

No. 857245

Will there be an 8th Camgirl Thread? Been wondering how ol' Pumpy has been doing and I only lurk

Please and thank you thread creating gods and goddesses

No. 857307

Requesting Grimes & Elon #2 thread pls.

No. 857327

graveyardgirl had threads on here years ago and was commonly discussed on PULL and gurugossip. Is there enough interest for a revival or does she belong with other youtubers?

No. 857340

I really know nothing about her, but I have interest if there's good milk

No. 857349

There should be a thread made specifically for infighting in /ot/. So before two autists start throwing shit at each other they can just go to that thread instead of wasting posts. Yeth or noth?

No. 857354

I would take it to the YouTube general thread >>>/snow/1273919 to start out. If people seem interested enough to maintain a convo there, then you could make a new thread for her and not have to worry about it being DOA

No. 857378

File: 1634912834104.png (2.4 MB, 1440x2597, Screenshot_20211022-082558~2.p…)

Can we get a thread for DID fakers like this potato-faced cunt?

No. 857380

New onion thread?

No. 857382

>>857378 I've been hoping there would be a thread on these cunts, and to be honest, Jilian (TheSpriteCompany) is a cow in the making. She's got such a punchable face and the weird shit she does with her eyes and talking out of the side of her mouth is enraging. They can never just have alters called "bob" or "Karen", it's always some ludicrous shit like "Salem" "Zephyr" "Morpheus" or some equally idiotic name. People who know her IRL have said her family is aware she's faking but they don't call her out (probably because they'd have to deal with her).

She often fucks up and catches herself right after but still posts it for some reason and if you dare question her she spergs out. She's one of the cringiest people on Tik Tok and that's no easy feat.

No. 857383

make it. i wanna see that DID Nin girl too i wanna know what happened to her

No. 857385


Do you know what their username is?

No. 857427

There's already a thread here >>>/snow/1137319

No. 857518

New Shayna thread needed! I’m at work for a few more hours or I’d put something together

No. 857548

Lmao don’t forget Fern was born into the toilet l

No. 857558

File: 1635065418976.png (135.64 KB, 479x444, teenager.png)

Hey funeral director anon,

I am still working on Caitlin's potential OP. I would just like to know some things before I post what I have:

- Is there a legitimate reason to believe that embalming is a scam?
- She really harps on American funerary practices. Are they that bad in comparison to other ones?
- Are alternatives burials better than traditional funerary services?
- To what extent is dark humor acceptable or normalized in the industry? I am not sure how valid are the complaints regarding her jokes about dead babies, overweight corpses, a suicide victim's mental state, etc.

I am combing through her books. Pic related is about her teenage years.

No. 857574

>To what extent is dark humor acceptable or normalized in the industry?
Not knowledgeable, but it seems insane to me for those to be a norm, at least in public. Maybe people in the industry joke when clients are not around, to blow off steam… but I cannot imagine it being normal.
Hope someone with actual insider info can tell more.

No. 857586

Ok this is anecdotal but maybe you can find more. I dated a guy whose family ran a small funeral home and it was super important to them to keep up appearances in public. Maybe it was just a small town thing, but maintaining a respectable reputation as a funeral director seems like it should be a priority. Cultural awareness of various funeral practices is important. Treating the dead with respect & dignity is part of the code of ethics for Funeral Directors but membership to that is voluntary.

Also never read any if her writing but I could hardly get through that snippet. What a terrible, self-involved author.

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