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File: 1644058403977.jpg (390.91 KB, 1084x1106, hidingunderyourbed.jpg)

No. 866578

Previous Thread: >>>/pt/837043
Onision Thread Archives: >>511709
Onision Drama Crash Course: http://www.lifeofonion.com

Onision/Onion/Greg/Gregory Avaroe/Gregory Daniel/James Jackson is a washed-up youtuber who gained rapid popularity around 2009 and has been declining ever since. He has a fetish for underaged alternative girls and a good portion of his milk comes from his attempts at grooming these unfortunate victims. He also likes to distract from controversy by faking mental breakdowns and suicide baiting. After over a decade of this pattern of behaviour, he eventually came to mainstream attention through a documentary, and YouTube subsequently demonetised his channel. He is currently uploading content to YouTube Kids and OnlyFans. His wife/spouse/fellow groomer, Laineybot/Lainey/Taylor Avaroe/Kai Jackson, is a trans man who has abandoned her Youtube channel and locked down her social media presence to hide away from allegations of sending nudes to underaged girls and helping to lure in new targets of Onisions' abuse.

https://www.twitch.tv/onision [last active 2 months ago]
http://www.instagram.com/onisionprime [last active 3 months ago]
~~http://www.instagram.com/onision~~ [gone]
~~https://www.tiktok.com/@onisionprime~~ [gone]
~~patreon.com/onision~~ [deplatformed]

Last time:
>Everyone was getting tired of Onision's antics, and stopped paying attention after the final episode of his exposé aired, to almost no interest >>837726
>It seemed like this cow had run dry, and his threads stayed dead for a few blissful months >>857151

>Onision revived his Twitter after deleting his summerposting >>844086 >>844215 >>844520 with old content involving Skye >>866515
>He's been exclusively using his Twitter to promote his OnlyFans, using hashtags like #nsfwtwt while also using a picture of a child's toy as his banner
>Published a children's book with 69 pages
>Less than 2 weeks ago, revived his main channel and began uploading content exclusively to YouTube Kids (this YouTube channel links to his NSFW Twitter, as well as mentions being an OnlyFans model)
>His new kid's content includes lyrics such as "eat my butt" >>866468
>Twitter moms notice, and are upset
>His husband is still hiding

For the sake of making Onision threads more readable and avoiding bans, please follow these rules:

Do not derail the thread about the onion flakes/orbiters unless their posts have some connection to Greg. Attempts to discuss the onion flakes that does not relate to Greg will result in a ban. The flakes thread can be found at >>>/snow/691458

Don't post anti-o caps unless they contain direct milk we don't already have. A separate thread has been created for anti-o's >>>/snow/1081173

- REPORT AND IGNORE BAIT, just don't respond. Responding to blatant bait will result in a ban.
- No nitpicking.
- Do not liveblog streams.
- Do not contact the cows and post about it here. You will be banned.
- Do not post nudes of any exes.
- Do not link directly to any Onision uploads.

No. 866579

File: 1644058484646.jpg (245.73 KB, 1080x1515, seekingtrinity.jpg)

>Less than 2 weeks ago, revived his main channel and began uploading content exclusively to YouTube Kids (this YouTube channel links to his NSFW Twitter, as well as mentions being an OnlyFans model)

No. 866580

File: 1644058505962.jpg (173.04 KB, 1080x1637, prepping.jpg)

No. 866581

File: 1644058619321.jpg (167.45 KB, 810x1789, contentforkids.jpg)

No. 866582

File: 1644058684079.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.14 MB, 810x8228, twitterterror.jpg)

>He's been exclusively using his Twitter to promote his OnlyFans, using hashtags like #nsfwtwt while also using a picture of a child's toy as his banner

No. 866584

File: 1644058834377.jpg (168.5 KB, 810x1491, stinkingman.jpg)

>Published a children's book with 69 pages

No. 866585

File: 1644058864138.jpg (162.05 KB, 1080x1197, publishedauthor.jpg)

No. 866587

File: 1644058913424.jpg (239.01 KB, 1080x1209, hideyokids.jpg)

>Twitter moms notice, and are upset

No. 866588

File: 1644058966247.jpg (90.54 KB, 1080x557, hidemokods.jpg)

No. 866589

File: 1644059078695.jpg (252.08 KB, 1080x1293, hideallthekids.jpg)

No. 866590

File: 1644060482401.webm (18.55 MB, 854x480, I'm A Burrito (Taco Taco).webm)

>His new kid's content includes lyrics such as "eat my butt"

No. 866599

Is it that teens find him gross now so he has to start grooming younger kids?

No. 866601

when I wished for onion milk again this isn’t what I had in mind, it’s like a monkey paw

No. 866603

Maybe he can open up Onision's Humpty Dumpty Soft Play Zone! "Keeps kids QUIET"

No. 866636

I watched the duck video so you don't have to. It's (unsurprisingly) autobiographical.
>There was a stinky duck. Note that the narrative confirms that the duck is genuinely stinky.
>A cow calls him stinky
>Duck quacks back
>Cow moos back
>Duck fucks off to a farm to look for free rainbow pickles
>Farmer says no free pickles and also you stink
>Duck blames the farmer's bad nose and informs him he's out of luck because the duck will no longer be stealing his pickles
>Duck proudly walks away from the farmer and his "drama" (the drama here of course being that he wouldn't give up free pickles)
>Duck finds other ducks in a pond, tries to join them but they jet the fuck out as soon as he rolls up
>Duck cries that the evil youtubers - i mean ducks dont want to hang out with a stinky pickle thief
>Duck gets evicted
>Duck cannot fathom why evil landlord would be so mean to him for no reason
>Duck floats down a river to find a dirty pig with Lainey's haircut
>Pig says he smells good and wants to be his "bro"
>Duck happy he found someone as stinky as him, the end

No. 866650

File: 1644087171413.jpg (62.12 KB, 810x547, 5stars.jpg)

The moral of the story is he's so repulsive that only a stinking pig/equally degen manwife can stand him?

No. 866653

It seriously is. That's the book. There's no point in the book in which the duck considers bathing, or where he reflects on his entitlement to the world's pickles, or recognizes that his stench is a disturbance to the peaceful lives of everyone around him. The moral is that he managed to find a wifebro. And although the duck smells so revolting that no one wants to associate with him, only the Laineypig is depicted in the illustrations as being covered in filth. He paints his manwife as being more disgusting than him, with their relationship being built on the fact that she not only accepts his disgustingness, but actually likes specifically that part of him. In other words he's throwing her under the bus as usual while somehow having enough self awareness to acknowledge that all the complaints are legitimate, yet not only should he not have to do anything about it, he should be rewarded just for existing. Repost to fix some typos because I'm a retard.

No. 866661

File: 1644092180016.jpg (206.25 KB, 1909x1080, 20220205_141452.jpg)

>And although the duck smells so revolting that no one wants to associate with him, only the Laineypig is depicted in the illustrations as being covered in filth.
it's great to see he still has as much contempt for lainey as ever

No. 866662

File: 1644092475483.jpg (247.23 KB, 1906x1080, 20220205_142057.jpg)

This feels a bit direct, kek.

No. 866684

File: 1644105935150.png (2.02 MB, 2324x1354, Screenshot 2022-02-05 at 9.37.…)

A high school tier management 101 video wedged between "Is It Ok To Be Fat?" and "Savage Texts To Your Ex". Amazing.

I think this is a school project that he's proud of because it's the first time he's had to do outside research for something beyond trying to post hoc justify one of his ignorant opinion (like the whole 'wash your hair every day because I do or else you're disgusting' saga).

When Grug makes content that isn't just serving his own self-interest and/or tries to be approachable on camera… it's both cringe and fascinating tbh.

>2:39: "With great power comes great responsibility. It's important that you understand that just because you have this power doesn't mean you can do whatever you want with it. It's important that you understand you are just another person…"

Is this some kind of shallow attempt at a moral lesson…?

>2:55 "If you are disciplined, you can help others merely by example. Sometimes you don't even have to say anything to anyone else to get them to do what is necessary."

Kind of showing his ass here

>3:03: once against finds a way to mention when he was written up for denying an order passed on from an airmen with the same rank as him.

>3:54: "Subordination of the Individual Interests to the General Interest".

>Uses an example of someone wanting Starbucks while no one else does.

probably Grug covertly shitting on Kai wanting Starbucks the other day or something.

>6:40: uses the Joker movie as an example of disorder

>"You don't want to put someone who's always ranting about their opinions right next to someone who can't handle other people's opinions."

The victim blaming vibes of this lol

No. 866692

>who to follow: anthony padilla
of course it recommends the other pedo. And the other emo boi than his beloved Biersack
clown world
Oh my god, not only is he still on the 'i am a banana, tacos lolsorandum' shit almost 20 years later, he moves hips hips in a sexual way??? WTF. Then of course there is the "eat my butt" shit as mentioned. Also I felt uncomfortable with
>hey chicken? How about… using me~ to make a song

No. 866694

Unrelated but are you confusing Anthony padilla with someone else? Couldn't find anything regarding him being a pedo.

No. 866695

This feels like yet another lol so randdumb push for relevance that his stupid banana shit got him. No one cares jaaames, it was nice not hearing shit from you. Go get a job at att&t or something if you need money.

No. 866696

oh very likely, should have looked up. I thought it's Tobuscus

No. 866765

File: 1644168161494.png (181.04 KB, 1330x780, stinkyduckreviews.PNG)

Not being able to filter the reviews/comments about his book has to be torture.

No. 866766

File: 1644168399874.png (355.4 KB, 1224x819, amazononisionsearchresults.PNG)

when I searched "onision" to find his kids book so I could ss the reviews the top search result is the Discovery documentary. I love it.

No. 866772

File: 1644170921288.jpeg (878.42 KB, 1170x2028, 00199EB5-F9AC-4334-A2F9-84058E…)

Looks like Lainey did get a job kek

No. 866776

Did she detrans? Is this practice even real since it lists no credentials?

No. 866777

i hope she isn't really a therapist

No. 866779

File: 1644172767602.jpeg (174.54 KB, 1170x505, 9A0DA9C9-BB4D-42D1-9664-235940…)

Looks like she’s just a counselor but still concerning since she wanted to work with kids.

No. 866780

File: 1644173361727.png (14.53 KB, 668x151, Capture5499.PNG)


It looks like this job is just a glorified assistant to a BCBA. Doesn't take much to get "certified" as a behavior technician. I'll bet Lainey's the office lackey and that's it. I wonder how long until her coworkers find out about the pedo history.

No. 866783

that's honestly pretty horrifying

No. 866792

Kai can teach the patients how to skate and vape, organise their undies upboard. The certification is just a formality.

No. 866793


it is, but they say that all the RBTs are BACB certified. no such certification exists under any of the pseudonyms the "jacksons" use

No. 866795

File: 1644182918437.gif (3.4 MB, 475x338, ride out the allegations.gif)

have you seen her attempt to skate?
she'll be the cause of another kid cracking their skull open.

No. 866813

Wow welcome back guys. Off topic maybe even possibly nitpicking but my girlfriend lives/works at a gas station near the Onions. She was able to take a video of Grease at the gas station (no ?Tesla?), when he got out to pump his gas you can clearly hear his dumb “nobody will remember your name” playing from
his OWN car. Does he really drive around listening to his own music?? I use the word music very very lightly. Do you think beyoncé Drives around playing her own music? Doubtful….

I forgot to add I’ll try and upload the video later this week. This was back around Christmas I don’t have it anymore. Thanks for the new thread

No. 866816

Just watched the Duck song. Luckily there was a full one hour video Greg uploaded!
“Pickles for free” I’m I reading too much into it or his trying to revamp the Peaches Song from 25 years ago?

I know there isn’t a point to the song but what’s the point? The cow thought he smelled. the farmer was a old man with a bad nose. Something something with other ducks and an eviction notice. But what was it that the pig liked the duck? Cause he smelled good. Why did they become friends cause they enjoyed each other smiles. That’s a pretty shallow reason to like each other. Nothing about personality or character treat just smells?? I don’t get what the positive messaging was for kids. What’s the moral of the story?

No. 866817

what the fuck did they not look up this retard’s name???? just some scrolling on google will pull up her mug on the onion fandom wiki page along with a decent rundown on her allegations along with grug’s

No. 866821

You absolutely should upload the video! Looking forward to it.
My favourite part is the duck saying "well I only wanted to take some free pickles off your hands, but now I don't want any' after the farmer shoos the duck away. The retard thinks it would do a favour to the farmer by taking those pickles from him? Pickles he can eat or sell and has grown for that purpose. What the actual fuck.
An anon commented that the duck didn't try to self-improve… I was thinking maybe it's like those people who have chronic illnes that makes them smell like hell and they cannot do anything about it. But there is no such plot point in the "book", so onion hasn't even thought about it. The duck is stinky because it doesn't wash itself

No. 866850

how did she pass a background check!?

No. 866851

File: 1644255964520.webm (12.74 MB, 1280x720, The Stinky Duck Song.webm)

incase anyone wants/needs to hear this mess

No. 866852

File: 1644256060660.webm (14.16 MB, 854x480, The Stinky Duck Book (Full Rea…)

the book includes some bonus content

No. 866854

This was all the way back in December. Teated myself to a new phone over Christmas so I’ll need my friend to resend the video. But it does exist, there was just no tread to upload it to. I believe the car in the video was a newer black Honda model. The gas station is 76 (?). I don’t know we don’t have that company where I live. Looks like a Tide logo. But it’s 100% onion and it’s 100% his own music. There looks like possibly a gremlin in the backseat if I remember but that’s not relevant.

No. 866868

Onion has always insisted that he only listens to his own music and reads his own books. His delusions of grandeur aren't all that milky, but still worth a cheap laugh if you can upload.

No. 866871

We also gotta remember that Onion calls 32 year old women “older cougars” despite being 36 years old himself. 32 is in the age appropriate dating pool. But onion has absolutely no way of relating or having common interests with grown ass women. A man that still calls women girls isn’t lusting after women his own age. >>866684 definitely a school project lol and he still makes references to the joker. I graduated high school at Lakeland a year after Greg and I have yet to see any of the Batman movies. I know this has absolutely nothing to do with age, but rather personal but what college student talks about Batman movies in a school project? You can’t just assume everyone has seen this piece of media. I can’t imagine being his instructor (I would say prof but I doubt he’s in a college degree program). He would absolutely argue about his grade and every single aspect of the syllabus. Like there is no way he is able to take instructions. What a nightmare. “You’re just a teacher grading my work, I’ve been a published author, producer, media presents, singer/song writer and actor for over a decade”

He probably even knows more about media than Lames sister who has an actual degree and is employed by Hulu

No. 866877

Based off what I know about her job it seems like a very laid back environment. They probably didn’t bother googling her name. However, she is working with Autistic children.

If you want to dig more, looking up her name and the city she works in may provide more information for the curious farmers out there.

No. 866880

nah, I don't believe this. there are other Kai Jacksons. gonna need more proof this is her.

No. 866883

>there are other Kai Jacksons.
Really? Doesn't seem like a popular name. I think you may be in denial, but then again I know nothing about USA demographics. Plus according to >>866780 it's not a job that has high requirements, which would check out with Plank's edubirdie education

No. 866884

File: 1644280518516.png (136.73 KB, 916x732, onision dot com.PNG)

Greg got bored again and started a whole new site. He's been MIA from his onision.net forums. The remaining 4 people that post there have been asking about his absence for weeks and his only reply is
>I'm just trying to live my life mostly away from the web. My focus is the arts right now. Good for the soul.

The new(refurbished) site is onision.com and is
>designed for people of most ALL TYPES so I hope you all feel happy here and really enjoy your time!
It looks like a Disney site.

No. 866885

File: 1644280639662.png (205.74 KB, 1074x858, onision dot com forums.PNG)

>Positive vibes and family-friendly content only

He's really leaning into this new kids stuff. I wonder if all the money his fans paid to keep onision.net running until August will be refunded to them.

No. 866886

File: 1644281594304.jpeg (13.63 KB, 294x138, 447276756602.jpeg)

There is a Kai Jackson that lives in Kent Washington. She's in her 50's. Could it be her instead of Lainey. I mean Id love the milk this could bring but Id rather not have someone like her be around kids.
This is so weird if its true. Lainey finally getting a job and its going to be with vulnerable children. And Greg is pushing his "family friendly" kids channels and forum.

No. 866889

I'm with you, if it was actually this Kai Jackson, why would they be using she/her pronouns on the site along with the name Kai, since that's the trans name?

No. 866893


if they only do a criminal background check, it usually just shows things people have been charged with, found guilty of, etc. if the CPS cases and the police investigations didn't result in charges, it may not show in the system. they'd only find stuff like the speeding ticket or the tractorgate debacle, which aren't generally issues that make someone ineligible to work with kids. that still wouldn't explain why they didn't do a preliminary google search, though

No. 866899

What are the odds that this person is also a psychologist though. It’s obviously her, she’s finally putting that psychology degree to use

No. 866902

Why wouldn't they write Kai ALLEN Jackson then? I feel like the gender thing is weird, but how legit is that website with gender specials? What are its sources? Of course Kai also could have stopped her teenage fuckboi roleplay

No. 866907

I don’t think Kai is with Greg if we are being 100. I think she’s long gone

No. 866917

Because she had her name legally changed, but not her listed gender

No. 866925

Allen is probably her maiden name. Sometimes women change their middle names to that after they get married.

No. 866927

It should read Kai Anderson Jackson then?

The 'Avaroes' change up names a lot, so who even knows.

No. 866928

Point taken. What is the chance of the onions dropping their first last name? Could it have happened?

No. 866929

I think anon was implying that a different Kai Jackson’s maiden name was Allen, not Lainey’s.
(I’m so fucking glad these threads are back holy shit)

No. 866942

that Kai Allen Jackson seems to be a dude (the other owner of the house in Kent is called Cheryl) and got a Bachelor of Science degree in “Flight Officer” in 1987, so doubt that he or she would be an entry-level psych aide now

No. 866943

I don’t know why it’s so hard for some anons to believe that Lainey would get this job. It’s obviously her, it’s and easily accessible job for her field of study

No. 866947

How do you know that it's the same Kai the other anon mentioned?

No. 866952

I bet Kai took the kids and is back in New Mexico. I can’t see her still being Washington. Guarantee she left and is despite to get her life back with her mom or dad. I think the farmers should be investigating San Cruz (I think that where her mom lives) using her old name. Taylor Ellen Anderson

No. 866954

after looking into more about CPS records, i have questions. how did the facility approve this hire? CPS can release basic info about cases, even when unfounded, to childare related businesses when they run a DCFS check. this mean they had to have seen the write up reports on the allegations of child sex trafficking and clot cracking her skull from teh second story window. only thing i can think of maybe lainey is a new hire and continued employment is gonna be contingent on the final DCFS clearance. or that only Greg was on the report regarding the child sex trafficking?

No. 866960

It’s Taylor Elaine, not Ellen.

No. 866961

there aren’t two Kai Allen Jacksons in the state of Washington, and the ages match (57 or 58, graduating college in 1987)

No. 866962

sage for no milk and blog post
CPS doesn't give a fuck, no one does
my bff was molested by her uncle and he works at CPS now

No. 866964

File: 1644372997476.png (16.5 KB, 434x133, 83900.PNG)

I've been looking through the CBPI website and their Facebook page and it looks like the Behavior Technicians & Behavior Analysts are glorified babysitters. Its a daycare for autistic kids and children with behavioral issues. Hearing the stories about the kids from all the girls who stayed at the swamp, Lainey has plenty of practice. Did Lainey get her foot in the door with this job because Trot was already attending? Not like it took much to get hired.
>40 hour online training course
and the turn around rate is similar to any shitty retail job.

I wonder why Lainey went back to being a "she." It cant be the job. There's a Behavioral Tech working there that looks like Jack Black (neckbeard and all) but calls himself "Lydia" so they seem cool with trannies.

No. 866965

I doubt she ever even told people outside of the internet that she uses male pronouns, she only ever used it for attention and to hook girls for her husband

No. 866971

The only difference between bt's and a caregiver or babysitter is that a bt would do programs with the child throughout the day like learning their address, shapes, puzzles, etc. Most bt's I know don't do bathroom cares or anything close contact beyond programs. So hopefully she won't be too closely involved with these kids if this is indeed Lainey.

No. 866997

File: 1644422936579.png (232.9 KB, 748x954, Onision the lawyer.PNG)

Onision is going to become a world-renowned defense attorney and sue all the Anti-O's and have his fans lining up to hire him because he was once a YouTuber.

No. 867001

Grugly’s too retarded for law school anyway, too much water in the noggin and not enough room to absorb information.

No. 867005

too bad statutes of limitations exist, I guess

No. 867058

File: 1644460838586.jpg (360.26 KB, 1080x1102, Ryan.jpg)

If it means anything to the legitimacy of it being this our Kai Jackson, their friend Ryan that moved in with them got a job at the same place just a few months after Kai did

No. 867072

i don’t care if this tech job is just being an assistant, she can gain experience and build from it. this freak bitch who enables her narc husband, neglects her kids, and sends nudes to/grooms teens is working closely with a sensitive population and it could’ve been avoided with a google search from the shit employer. this is ridiculous

No. 867091

Maybe I missed something here but being a behavioral health technician is a no skill or experience required job. At least in my experience. I worked at a behavioral health facility and I had NO experience or training at the time of hire, and in my time working there they took pretty much anyone off the streets to fill positions. I’m not sure if I’m missing the reason why everyone is acting like she got some super special job that she wasn’t qualified for when like right now especially I’m sure anybody with a pulse would be acceptable for the job.

No. 867093

no ones acting like she got some "super special job."
scroll up and most of the posts from people that have knowledge about this type of job mention its basically babysitting. What people are concerned about is that she's around children. I know I wouldn't want Lainey around my kids.

No. 867094

File: 1644476396744.png (18.57 KB, 731x339, NPI Ryan.PNG)

Thank you anon. This is all the proof I needed that it's actually Lainey. I dug a little deeper and it looks like Ryan got the job in July. People on Twitter found out she had been living with the Onions since June >>849594
A few weeks after being found out Ryan left and flew back home >>852874
Or so we thought. But it looks like from the "Last Update Date 11-01-2021" it was a similar fake out like they would do with Sarah and snuck Ryan back in to live with them.

It seems Ryan's still playing fakeboi dress up >Gender Male
I wonder why Lainey isn't still trying to butch it up?

No. 867101

File: 1644480691568.jpg (136.66 KB, 1050x810, 20220209_147843.jpg)

If anyone needed proof that Greg makes sockpuppet accounts on his forums.

Onision(@Admin) was having a back and forth with his fans Hitchens and Saraglittermepink about how he's dumping the old forums and moving to the new site. I think he forgot he had logged into this Haiku sock account and started speaking like the owner of the site. Only after he hit send did he realize his mistake and came back to edit the original Haiku post by adding the last sentence
>By the way I am Onision.

I couldn't figure out why he didn't just delete the Haiku post and pretend it never happened. But I think too much time passed and seeing that he's the owner/admin he can see how many people have veiwed a particular post (and screenshot it) so he played into it "haha I was Onision all this time!"

I see 6 or 7 fans post regularly on that forum. Now I'm wondering how many of those "fans" are really Greg.

No. 867110

The Man Who Was Thirsty

No. 867170



If anon comes back with screen shots showing Onision is now a certified behavior tech working at the same place I think my head might explode.

No. 867190

>it's a weird self insert about the authors personal issues (as a child groomer)
>wrote a children's book as a thinly veiled way to whine about being called a child groomer

Nonces gonna nonce. At least he's managed to piss off a bunch of twitter mom's, that's going to end well.

The thing with Groomsion is, he lies so blatantly and shamelessly in his day to day that his only real outlet for confession's been through his poorly written books, media etc. - like that female character/protag in one of his books that he sexualized in weird fantasies who shares same name as his daughter - glimpses of truth scattered amidst unreadable sophomoric crap. He's so honest he never admitted to the fact that he had a threesome with his daughter sleeping on the bed.

No. 867193

There's certification and a masters program. Kai barely got her bachelors degree and that was only because Edubirdie wrote all her papers for her. It's possible she had just enough wherewithal to obtain certification.
If it is her, her employers are in for a real treat when they find the docu series >>866766. I ragged on it when it came out and Chris Hansen's still a loser and a jackass, but gotta give credit where it's due. Normies have a permanent, easy to find resource right at their fingertips. Onision can rebrand and change his name all he likes, he's still the same wanker he always was because all the 'changes' he's attempted were superficial. Even someone who deceives themselves as often as he does understands that much.

No. 867211

I hope you weren't the one who bought the book. Don't buy from Greg, don't give him money.

No. 867217

I dont think anyone has bought that book. You do understand that the YT video is Greg reading his own book right? And any reviews given are not required to verify purchase.

No. 867225

k, my bad.

No. 867228

File: 1644627104036.jpg (301.01 KB, 1079x1004, YT Delete.jpg)

Greg has become such a pr nightmare for youtube that they actually did something decent for once.

No. 867229

File: 1644627669351.jpg (8.06 KB, 299x168, download.jpg)

that's great. now if they could just ban his ass off their platform for good, that'd be great.

No. 867231

kek, get fucked onion boy

No. 867233

File: 1644642363255.png (58.28 KB, 722x487, 2754886.PNG)

He wiped that channel he was setting up as his "kid & family friendly" channel after YT sent him a message about not allowing him on the kids app.

No. 867234

File: 1644643437996.png (344.81 KB, 670x820, 3762354.PNG)

This just happened while I was looking through his Onision, Speaks & UhOhBro channels. I was checking to see if any other videos had the Kids YT tags and suddenly got errors. They all went poof. He either deleted or privated all the newest uploads from the Onision and Speaks channels. All you find are videos from 2 to 4 years ago. I wonder what YouTube told him.

No. 867236

File: 1644653442849.jpeg (42.46 KB, 529x541, 556FC4-4261-4FE3-A321-090.jpeg)

The new "Family-Friendly" forum >>866884 >>866885 he was hoping to transition to just shut down after he was forced to remove his YT Made For Kids videos.

I never signed up for the new site, I just lurked around as a guest so I'm unsure if he locked it down to only registered users or dumped it altogether.

No. 867237

he's been at this for well over a decade. he knows what he's doing , who he is riling up, and what conversation this will generate.

No. 867240

anon pls, i do not have grugly's hands or voice. also, kek at the shitty crop of his copy - all the colored pages have a thin white line at the bottom.

No. 867247

File: 1644672125967.webm (17.78 MB, 852x478, abc song.webm)

I'm pretty sure they're privated. I found his ABC song on one of his sites, and it took me to the YouTube page saying 'this video is private'. I managed to download it from this link https://videopress.com/v/Da6yKA1P but now that's private, too. Anyway, I grabbed it before it was gone.

No. 867253

File: 1644679243977.jpg (252.27 KB, 1381x497, 20220211_4093.jpg)

>he knows what he's doing

He used to be able to steer controversy in the direction he wanted. But just like with his YouTube career he hasn't learn to adapt and change with the times and his old techniques don't work. Look at the last two examples.

He thought he could change peoples minds about the grooming allegations by flooding his social media with claims he was raped. All that ended up doing was getting him sued by Sarah and Regina. He played it off as"extortion" but they must have called his bluff because 2 weeks later his main 3 channels, his Twitter and forums had been wiped of any mention of Sarah. He tried to save face by putting out a statement that him and Sarah spoke and both agreed to move on. That was bullshit and he was terrified he was going to lose his ass in court.

And now this YouTube Kids thing. I assumed he was doing this as a last ditch effort to squeeze something out of his dying YT career, plus it was a way to snub his nose at the people calling him a pedo. He shot himself in the foot with it and YouTube must of hit him with multiple strikes on those videos so he deleted/privated them all >>867234 >>867247 He had to nuke so much content that his channels are now left with videos from 2017. Yeah, Greg really knows what he's doing.

No. 867255

File: 1644680617690.jpg (69.8 KB, 720x626, Screenshot_20220212-154020_Twi…)


Same Twitter mom who got Greg's kids stuff nuked replied to Anonymous Gene sperging about Lainey's job with this.

No. 867257

Anonymous Gene: A background character. Anyone who focus's on what he does is a bigger idiot than he is.

No. 867261

Exactly. no1curr about Gene's attempts to pathetically self-insert.

The funny thing is think of all the work he put in to that stupid video and song. And its gone now. Imagine his rage.

Interesting. I had honestly never heard about Sarah and Regina suing Greg.

Hey I said I was sorry.

No. 867264

File: 1644684949850.png (31.44 KB, 606x250, 47667889999.PNG)

had to take a peek and see if there was more context
looks like twitter mom either helped get lainey bounced from her babysitting gig months ago or at the least has confirmed that lainey is no longer working there
Im relieved to know she isn't around kids anymore

No. 867279


That's a relief.

No. 867282

File: 1644692210894.jpeg (23.34 KB, 691x155, 40FDB5-64F-4B4-A60D-7D7.jpeg)

Private then poof. I cant figure out what his endgame was with this family friendly kid stuff. Did he really think he could become the next Blippi? Parents were able to look the other way with Blippi's regrettable scat video from the past. I doubt those same parents would be cool with introducing their child to some man who in a few years will call their child his soulmate and fly out to fuck 'em in a hotel room.

No. 867296

It makes sense. Consider that he attempted novels aimed at teens and YA which all failed critically because Grug cannot write.
He looked at children's books and thought "hey, I can write and illustrate this shit, it's easy. I can make big YouTube bucks with this" and spent 500 hours on MSpaint.

No. 867297

wooo we are back :D(:D)

No. 867298

imagine being an adult in your 30s, after all of the controversary, and starting a youtube kids channel that has links to your onlyfans on it and song about eating your butt. That's onision

He's a predator. Not just stupid or spergy, he's an actual predator. It's so obvious now.

No. 867309

kek this crossover is getting so weird

No. 867311

Look, can we all just agree to just not post anything Gene-related here?
It's cancerous and Gene literally always lies about whatever he's claiming. I'm sure the one "reacting" to him on twitter is one of his many alt accounts. Who knows he may probably be posting his own screencap shit here.
So can we please keep the Greg-threads Gene-free?

No. 867313

File: 1644711006795.jpg (39.53 KB, 445x532, geneposting.jpg)

hmm, maybe someone is tired of their name being brought up and laughed at

No. 867337

All about Onision and less about Gene please.

No. 867339

then post something relevant instead of your unsaged bitching

No. 867349


Twitter mom is definitely not Gene, calm your tits.

No. 867352

Glad that Onision is going out, not with a bang, but a whimper. He’s exhausted all his resources and his relevance will always be completely done for.

No. 867360

It was always sad to me that everyone wanted Greg to melt away in shit and piss, but his threads died once he got banned of platforms. I love seeing him in all his failure. Water brain is interesting. He seems to be playing 1D chess. I mean…he gets accused of being a groomer and pedophile so he… starts directing content toward kids. "See guys! I'm family friendly now!" Why in the world would he ever think that would work?

No. 867365

File: 1644771082689.jpg (266.12 KB, 1080x1123, 20220213_084811.jpg)

It did work. It generated a small amount of chatter and he's hoping it will blow up. That's what his life has amounted to. Pulling shit he know will get people to talking. All the anons clutching pearls about this obvious stunt "tArGeTiNg cHiLdReN" as if this wasn't already a huge nothing burger and would be pulled immediately.

Not saying Gurg is harmless. He definitely deserves having the internet keep an eye on him, but y'all fell for it.

No. 867369

File: 1644773172766.jpg (70.9 KB, 614x464, zombie.jpg)

No. 867373


KEK gotta love how there is garbage on the floor. Guess they still don't clean the house.

No. 867374

And Greg paid a hefty price for that small amount of chatter. That's what he has to learn. His old tactics wind up blowing up in his face. YouTube ended up giving multiple strikes to those "kid friendly" videos forcing him to delete them or risk losing his channels. And it turned his main 3 channels into a wasteland.

I seriously think him having YouTube slap him on the wrist over this YT Kids thing has Greg fucked up. He deleted his new family friend forum because of it and he hasn't said a peep about it on Twitter, discord or his old forum. After watching Onision for years I've learned he has 3 main reactions to bad news.
He parodies it to pretend it doesn't bother him. Those 2 dozen fake meltdown videos after Patreon banned him.
He plays victim on every social media platform he has hoping to rally his fans and the general public to his defense. The crying videos when he found out the IRS was going to ass fuck him.
Or he goes silent, that's when you know the knife struck deep. I feel bad for Lainey and the kids. I can only imagine the screaming and banging going on in that house right now.

No. 867377

do you really think onion wouldn't take advantage of his audience if he realized no one was paying attention after a while? either way, he sees it as a shitty win-win (he either gets outrage attention, or children's attention with no outrage) but at least this way he's not able to hypnotize kids into eating his butt.

No. 867386

Holy shit, I never realized just how many channels he had. This is..sad and pathetic. Hopefully they just IP ban him already because what the fuck

No. 867400

Surprisingly I checked and that youtube reply is real:

No. 867406

File: 1644857114465.png (64.8 KB, 745x582, 5648122.PNG)

No mention that YouTube is the one who told him to take those kiddie videos down and denied him the ability to be a part of the YouTube Kids program. Greg trying to spin it that he made the decision on his own. He had a similar response last month when his fans were asking why he wasn't posting on the forums anymore.
>I'm just trying to live my life mostly away from the web. My focus is the arts right now. Good for the soul.
Id love to know what these "real world projects" are. He never leaves the house.

No. 867420

File: 1644866039019.jpg (83.62 KB, 698x367, 8G216I5G_400x400.jpg)

his latest pfp is cracking me up

No. 867421

File: 1644866198145.jpg (55.12 KB, 600x800, Woll_Smoth_original.jpg)

that fivehead is giving off woll smoth vibes

No. 867437

Is this the “art” he meant here >>867406 kek

No. 867461

File: 1644902133208.png (59.1 KB, 897x485, 2142022_8453.PNG)

He's leaving youtube for the millionth time.

There's no way in hell he has the talent to draw that. Its an avatar generator.

No. 867463

They can’t fire him, he quits! kekkkkk

No. 867474

Scrolling past I thought this was a fujo drawing of Matt Mercer

No. 867603

File: 1645034800607.jpg (13.55 KB, 183x275, 1544700886045.jpg)

I think it looks more like that dogfucker Tamara, and less like Greg. It doesn't look like Greg at all.

No. 867689

File: 1645082977845.png (95.82 KB, 559x634, tumblrblogviewsarahbear8500.PN…)

how many times a day do you think greg is calling her?

No. 867793

Over 9,000. I hope she goes through with the lawsuit

No. 867826

Is that a confirmed account? I find it weird that she would make it so obvious, if I had greg on my ass I would go anonymous

No. 867844

File: 1645276012016.png (497.56 KB, 820x633, 219223526.PNG)

The acct has been around since early 2016. She's uploaded original photos that could not be found anywhere else and has been used to vet some speculations. Most recently anons used it to prove she had been staying with Greg and Lainey July 2019 by the background of some photos and an ankle tattoo that was matching style to a tattoo Lainey got at the same time.

No. 868747

i was promised greg sperging out in a gas station

No. 868777

>There looks like possibly a gremlin in the backseat if I remember but that’s not relevant.

lmao you mean a toy or an actual person who resembles a gremlin?

No. 868876

File: 1646262891024.webm (3.53 MB, AttwoodUnleashed_49-ChrisHanse…)

Chris Hansen was being interviewed by Attwood Unleashed and I think we now know why Greg has been so quiet online. He's being sued in civil court by Sarah and others. Greg himself confirmed that lawyers for Sarah and Regina had made demands and he eventually conceded and stopped saying Sarah raped him and removed any videos or statements saying so. >>867253
I assumed he did as their lawyers asked and the matter was dropped. It now makes sense why Greg has gone radio silent on Twitter, YouTube, Discord and even his Forum. His lawyer probably told him to shut his mouth until the trial. I wonder if he's still consulting Vince Nicotra's sister "FrannieLaw"

>Onision started a children's channels on Youtube-Kids and YT took it down immediately.
>Pierce County Sheriffs were not able to properly investigate and prosecute because they were overwhelmed by the pandemic, protests and demonstrations
>the FBI continues to investigate, Onision claims he was cleared but is wrong
>the victims/survivors are suing Greg in civil court
>Discovery+ is doing a follow up documentary episode
>talks about Cloey falling out of the second story window and almost dying
>Kai is teaching at a school for special children
>convinced Sarah's mother to sign over guardianship at 16 to move her in, groomed to have sex and then claimed Sarah raped them

No new info other than Discovery+ is making a follow up 5th documentary episode and confirmation that Sarah, Regina (and others?) are moving away from criminal prosecution and taking Greg (and Lainey?) to civil court. While I would of loved to see Greg put in jail, I'm more than happy to know that any assets they have left will be snatched away. And since it'll be a civil case I'm sure people will be in the gallery to document it and we'll get to see Greg in his ill fitting little suit, Adidas Predator sneakers and bulletproof vest (worn backwards)

No. 868877

File: 1646264893672.png (33.22 KB, 714x329, index.cfmfa=home.namelist..PNG)

Unsure if this is the civil cases. Does the "court info" dates mean the date the case was filed?

No. 868902

Greg's most enduring legacy will be the fences he had to put up in the old yard. In a few decades they will fall to bits and the county won't bother whoever owns the place to replace them.

No. 868903

There's still videos about Sarah up in the "Onision Reacts" channel, just in case Sarah or her lawyers read this

No. 868906

File: 1646320173569.jpg (206.58 KB, 1080x1287, 20220303_090830.jpg)

why is he wearing the hat on his forehead?

No. 868908

>Kai is teaching at a school for special children

I wonder if those kids parents have any idea their teacher sent pictures of her saggy tits and pussy to a minor. It would be interesting if they knew

No. 868926

Kai no longer works at that daycare. Hansen is slow on that.

No. 868942

Lainey was an aide at a school for tards that was doxed, but chances are she moved on to a different tard school. It’s about the only degree-related job you can get with a BA in psychology.

No. 868943

That court only hears criminal misdemeanors, traffic and parking infractions, and violations of city codes.

No. 868944

The fucking nerve on that bitch to work with children after she was exposed as a child groomer and neglected her own children to the point one of them had all his teeth rot inside of his mouth and the other suffered skull fractures after falling from a window. That cunt has absolutely zero self awareness

No. 868945

Or she's a lot less innocent than we give her credit for. She knows what she's doing.

No. 868961

It's got to burn her ass that she had expectations of being a SATM living in luxury.. and now she has to work and do the childcare, cleaning, microwaving the chicken nuggets/steamer veggies while Greg plays on the computer all day. Kek.

No. 868969

Oh she's absolutely miserable. Remember how smug she was about landing him?? "Twin flame" this and that, always having new makeup and hottopic clothes, beaming with pride and joy in 'my boyfriend' videos. Having those streams full of teen girls calling her empowering and inspiring. She moved into his big house and thought she'd have THE quintessential youtuber life. She thought she'd get to meet and hang out with Shane dawson, markiwhatever, deefizzy-whoever else was big at the time. She thought she'd be walking around holding up a camera in sunny California vlogging going to starbucks doing little meet n greets and making millions of dollars off views and merch like the DeMars or Alisha Marie. She thought she'd have his and her fanbase forever and that her kids would probably be passed off to nannies while her and her loving husbint shot youtube videos leisurely in their big acre yard.

When he started to be an asshole, she was STILL smug because she thought, "Well I'm still way richer than any of you haters will ever be! I'll never have to work a day in my life!" Now look at her. Her life is in shambles. Her reputation is so bad, anytime they're found out they need to move a year or two later. He has no career-no job. They have 0 internet presence and everyone they admired is repulsed by them. No new clothes, everything has to go to bills and food. No nanny. Country bumpkin busted looking house. Porn addicted husband who probably still calls her a fat stupid cunt every day. No choice but to be his live-in bangmaid. Go to work, come home and give him her money as if he's her pimp. I really look forward to a documentary on her someday. I want to see her crack and cry.

No. 868971

She can't even go online for asspats about this. You know the old saying "the best revenge is living well".. maybe a new one can be "the best revenge is for karma to make someone not live well".

No. 868972

lmfao same. gas station recording anon, where are you?

No. 869000

But is there REAL confirmation she doesn't work there anymore? Some rando on Twitter claiming they talked to someone who works there is kinda flimsy

No. 869002

Not to mention she lost the McMansion and now is living in a house that looks like it used to be a barn. Ouch!

No. 869037

File: 1646445956932.jpg (206.59 KB, 1600x900, 12.jpg)

No. 869068

>using Facebook
>posting this nothing burger on here and the other farms

You need to stop this boomer Gene.

No. 869106


I haven't been involved in an Onision thread for almost a year now but…. have they moved to Kirkland? That sure as fuck is where I live.

Not looking to cow tip, but if they're here I can at least be on the lookout in their usual haunts / get some funny candids of Onion.

Sage because no milk and also I'm too lazy to look back in a years worth of threads to confirm if they're in Kirkland or not.

No. 869131

Anonymous "No sage / begging for attention" Gene.

No. 869140


No. 869144

Anonymous Gene haunts your dreams.

No. 869161

You're about as scary as a cotton ball.

No. 869162

>poling the bear
whatever happened to Vince? Did he have his yearly NYE meltdown or finally stroke out?

No. 869163

the only thing worse than geneposting is you posting every time to complain about it and call everything a nothing burger. these threads were closed for so long and that stupid phrase finally disappeared, but now you're back. which devoted twitter autist are you who just hasn't been named yet?

No. 869173

File: 1646591751447.png (1.2 MB, 979x637, 16158970790.png)

They're still living in the cowbarn (with fakeboi Ryan)
Anons speculated that Lainey got a job that's almost one hour away from their Puyllup home hoping her and Greg's notoriety hadn't spread out that far. I can understand changing schools or moving one town away if you fuck up in your little community. But they had a whole documentary about them that aired nation wide. How do you run away from that?

You obviously learned how to green text. Learn how to sage. Thanks.

No. 869174

File: 1646592686326.png (373.01 KB, 710x525, Capture3622_0035722.PNG)

He also has that Onision: In Real Life… Debunked twitter account. The whole thing is tweet after tweet claiming Sarah raped him and Lainey.


No. 869190

LOL lainey certainly has a lot of experience with retards. Maybe she'll learn basics in child welfare

No. 869192

Oh God, if Sarah is really suing him it's gonna be SO EASY for her to win the case, he's basically giving it to her on a silver platter. I can't wait for Grease and Foot to get even more broke than they already are, lol

No. 869218

Bruh the ratings on that doc sucked. Nobody except for chronically online autists tuned in, especially since it aired right as Scamson got caught

No. 869229

True, the doc looked like a REELZ re-run. It would have done more damage to the Onions if they had gotten it on one of the main three instead of cable. I have to admit I cant wait for the 5th episode of the documentary. Just for the fun of watching the "HANSEN BAD!" retards freaking out on Twitter and the farms. The amount of REEEEEEEE they give off could rival our resident animal lover.

No. 869255

No one REEEEE's harder than Onision. Im excited to watch him flip out. Maybe he'll claim Hansen raped him. That'll be fun.

No. 869256

iDubz does though

No. 869280

? What

I finally watched the documentary. Regina was a bit cringe, but the critisism it recieved here when it aired was pretty OTT. Can’t believe we all gave up on this, and now grugly spends his days pegging himself on OF.

No. 869282

gave up on what?

No. 869298

his OF is moribund, isn’t it?

No. 869302

The fact he had to force Footface to get a real job (that lazy bitch certainly didn't do that on her own free will) kind of shows his OF didn't work very well, lmao

No. 869304

The people who kept tabs on his onlyfans and would leak each photoset to KF and twitter have said Greg hasn't uploaded a new photo for almost a year. All he's doing now is advertising 50% off deals on twitter and shuffling old content around to fool new sign ups that he's still active on his OF.

No. 869357

imagine what a wonderful time they have together. the only thing keeping these crazy lovebirds together is who will rat on who first if they leave.

No. 869382

which is at the top of the list?

staying together because of spousal immunity, and the fear the other will spill the beans and one (or both) end up in jail.
staying together to show all the "haters" that their relationship has lasted longer than anyone thought.
staying together because Greg fears losing everything in divorce court and Lainey dreading having to move back in with her family, admit she fucked up the last 8 years of her life and start all over.

No. 869384

Skye = Alimony

Kai = Alimony + child support(sage)

No. 869385

I can't speak for the other people here but i'd say you have that list exactly right.

No. 869411

given how Lainey now has a job, Greg couldn't even pay for alimony and child support right now.
he'd have to go out and get a real job. but who the hell would hire him with that 3 part documentary out and all the stuff about him on the internet?

No. 869448

If lainey's been working regular hours, she's probably the breadwinner at this point. Unless gurg has some side hustle like private camming with gay men, and he's claiming that income, then lainey should be making more than him. I can't think of anything profitable he's doing these days besides OF, and even that doesn't seem like much if he's not getting enough traction to even put actual new content up. If their situation keeps up, he can present himself as a stay at home dad and go after lainey for alimony and child support instead kek

No. 869532

It's hilarious that Footface got with Grease because he was a "rich YouTuber" and she thought she'd never have to work, but now she's the one working while he stays at home jerking off. Irony at it's finest

No. 869545

This house is cute as fuck. I find it sad that some cottagecore lesbian couple could have turned this into some cozy, extra cute farmhouse dream, but instead it's a messy IKEA cum shack.

No. 869572

Anyone got the Zillow listing? I wanna see the inside.

No. 869573

I think providing anything that has their current address would be considered doxxing and against farm rules.
But there was a post made back in March 2021 when they first bought the home in Puyallup that showed every photo from the Zillow listing.

3 bd, 2 ba 1,768 sqft - Sold 03/04/21 $435,000 -→ >>826457

No. 869574

Fellow real estate moguls! I found this lovely house in Puyallup Washington I want to buy. What do you think?


No. 869589

Looks depressing.

No. 869621

It doesn't even have a bathtub. At least it has that sitting thing(?) in the shower which Grease can use to do junk to rear with "Ryan", since anal sex doesn't count as cheating

No. 869634

File: 1647047270978.png (1.7 MB, 2031x751, 1615661375968.png)

That sitting shower is because the previous owner was disabled. Older photos from 2018 of the front of the house showed wheelchair ramps. Its strange that Greg would buy this house. He has a weird aversion to the disabled. When Sarah was tweeting out Greg and Laineys dirty laundry she mentioned he wouldn't even get in the same pool as "the cripples." Does he think its contagious or he just finds them gross? Either way Im not surprised he feels this way.

No. 869656

He didn't want to swim with disabled people but now is showering in the same shower a disabled person used to. The irony is delicious

No. 869676

This women this she's kai and started calling her daughter glory wtf


No. 869678

File: 1647103614732.jpg (256.68 KB, 1080x1742, Tumblr_l_25364553563819.jpg)

Tumblr is weird man

No. 869679

>this woman this she’s kai
Anon are u ok

No. 869680

This is pretty old and isn't really relevant.

No. 869681

File: 1647103777442.jpg (413.95 KB, 1080x1920, Tumblr_l_25525862004473.jpg)

Greg doesn't care and neither do we

No. 869696

It's ironic he's disgusted of retards when even the retards are probably way smarter and more functional than he is

No. 869736

Two people who live neck deep in delusion, I think that's what ultimately drew them together. It's no surprise Lainey thought this whole thing would pan out so perfectly.

No. 869737

Yeah i think by "real world projects" he means getting a job at Home Depot (if he's lucky). Wherever he ends up he better pray it's nowhere near children because people outside the internet know what he is too.
>Onision: In Real Life… Debunked twitter account
lol I seem to remember he was going to sue Discovery+ at one point for lying, was it? I wonder why that went nowhere? And now he's getting sued in civil court. It's about time.

No. 869739

File: 1647157459455.png (548.16 KB, 1233x596, Screenshot_2022-03-13 Onision …)

picrel is the latest from his Reacts channel. Newest vid is a year old and ofc Sarah's the first one.

Kudos to the angry twitter mom's for getting YT to deal with a nonce.

>Pierce County Sheriffs were not able to properly investigate and prosecute because they were overwhelmed by the pandemic, protests and demonstrations

They had plenty time before the pandemic so I don't believe that bullshit for a second. There's interesting info about Pierce County Sheriff (and good buddy of Hansen) Ed Troyer, but it's easy to find and OT so I won't go into it here.

>the FBI continues to investigate

My ass the FBI's investigating. It doesn't take this bloody long to find something to prosecute a nonce for. This is why the girls are taking him to civil court, because they know there ain't gonna be no criminal trial. Farmers called out Hansen for lying about his "FBI connections" back then, nothing's changed. One of the girls Hansen lied to Ashleelorrainex, exposed his bullshit about having FBI contacts on video. He's a sad boomer who just rides on the coattails of other people's work taking credit for it like he's always done.

Unfortunate how cows always attract other cows.

No. 869748

Not an FBI ^ speaking on what the FBI does. You sound like a little kid mad that you got put in the corner.

No. 869755

Wow what a hot take from the brainlette that doesn't know how to reply to a post or sage.

No. 869760

To be fair the fact the FBI isn't doing anything so far doesn't mean much, it took them over a decade to catch Epstein, and there are many cases of people who were investigated for years before they were caught. But yeah regardless of that I doubt they are doing something, I don't trust anything Hansen says

No. 869785

File: 1647245275459.png (76.69 KB, 618x218, kfheatboss_3-14.PNG)

I think this should answer any questions about his OnlyFans career. Heatboss was the main guy who kept leaking every photoset Greg put out. Onision got so pissed he sent one of those template cease and desist letters to Null. You can guess how well that went.

One curious little bit about that post.
>he'll have too much on his plate to worry about in a few weeks
I've watched Regina and Heatboss act buddy buddy on Twitter and I suspect they chat behind the scenes too. We know that Regina is part of this civil lawsuit. I wonder if she whispered some information in HB's ear and swore him to secrecy. Something bad is heading Greg's way. I ask a favor of the true farmers to keep an eye out for any court related shenanigans about Greg in the next couple of weeks and report back.

No. 869788

go back to onision.net retard

No. 869789

hey look guys! another "really bad, awful thing heading greg's way!" lets all get really excited about it and wait and then have it turn out to be another complete nothing burger after a few years or so.
in example, if we are to believe Chris Hansen covid has been going on since 2019, which is why the FBI investigation is really delayed.

No. 869790

i'll take my nothing burger with nothing mayonnaise and zero ketchup thank you.
and to drink a coke zero.

No. 869798

I love when the nothing burger scrote shows up. The catchphrase allows me to know which posts to skim past.

No. 869806

Who the fuck says “nothing burger”, they remind me of the same autist who cries when we call Greg “water head”.

No. 869811

"nothing burger" that is something someone who grooms foster children for 3 way cucks with your footfaced huswife says.

No. 869820

a bunch of threads ago, i called them out for their posts being so obvious bc of that stupid phrase and they insisted it's extremely common on reddit (it's not) so prepare for that defense.

can you not restrain yourself long enough to keep it from being incredibly obvious that you're samefagging? god i wish your posts would get tagged, screw up and post a screenshot with your prof pic in it so we can figure out what twitter buttsucker you are.

No. 869830

Their reaction to "nothingburger" is like Tamara just raped their dog.

No. 869831

I don't get the big fucking deal about the word nothing burger. So far Hansen has given us nothing but a great big nothing burger.
In fact if I had a dime for every time either Hansen, Gene or people here promised that Greg and Kai would be totes get arrested next week, i'd be richer than Elon Musk.
tl;dr so far this entire Chris Hansen endeavour has been a big fat Nothing Burger.
Have a melty, deal.

No. 869832

the day greg gets arrested is the day i can play the flute with my pussy.

No. 869833

Why is everyone obsessed with Anonynmous Gene, he is a nobody in this situation.(sage your shit)

No. 869838

I think you have the wrong idea what lolcow is. We arent here to cry about Greg not getting jail time or the victims getting justice or fixing problems. Take that shit to Twitter and stroke off while crying with the other circle jerks. Lolcow is here for us to laugh at Onision and all his stupid antics, nothing else.

No. 869840

Agreed ^ take that twitter faggotry somewhere else.

No. 869852

"We" are the majority of anons, farmers and farmhands that frequent this site. There are rules to this farm. Doesn't matter "how many years" you've been here. With your Overly Concerned Twitter Mom attitude Im sure you've racked up a hefty amount of bans crying about things we and the farmhands don't want to hear about, much like your previous posts. We're here to laugh at Greg, not gnash our teeth because he isn't getting his just deserts or the victims aren't getting justice.

Ill say it again so it makes an impact. You take that shit over to Twitter. We don't want it here. If you feel your special and continue Im sure you'll get another ban.

No. 869853

I've been on the internet since 1994, and laughing at lolcows since before you were a glimmer in your daddies eye, but by all means; you go ahead and tell us "what a lolcow is".
Is it you?
Not really no, since she isn't talking for me hon.
I ain't going anywhere, but keep seething. Crying takes the sad out of you.
And yes, I think it would be just dandy if Greg and Kai went to prison. But that's never going to happen, specially since everything Hansen touches turns to shit.

No. 869854

Who died and made you the "majority vote", exactly? Maybe get off your high horse. Again, its not high school.

No. 869855

>There are rules to this farm.
Rules as in what to think? Were can I read about those rules?

No. 869858

Four loooooooooong replies to my one post. I touched a nerve I see. Enjoy your impending ban.

No. 869859

What is irony? Telling someone they sound like Twitter while sounding exactly like a Twitter Anti-O, trying to say what we should all say and think.
The only thing missing from your autistic tirade is a hashtag like #IStandWithShiloh, or something.
You are not the majority vote, you ain't jack shit, and you can't tell us what to think. And your definition of a lolcow is kiwifarmesque at most. I seen people, forums and groups like you come and go. I been here before them, and i'll be here long after you go.
But by all means, keep spergin', i'm done with this because this is just getting ridiculous now.
Honey, you touched me about as much as you made an impact here on what we should say and think. Tell us again what a lolcow is.

No. 869861

lol, 5 replies to one post.

No. 869863

>i'm done with this
>Seeya hon
mmhmm, sure

No. 869875

Sure you are done greggy. We ALL know that is you. You'll be back again.(sage your shit)

No. 869876

there's literally a rule about integration. if people can immediately spot your posts because of a specific phrase that you and only you repeatedly use, you're not integrating. samefagging, aka you replying to yourself 5 times for every one time someone else posts, is also bannable. i really hope you get smacked with a nice long break to go touch some grass.

No. 869879

Greg wants himself to go to prison?
Yes, I'm sure my proxies will be devastated, brainlet.

No. 869880

I'll take shit nobody cares about for 500, Alex.

No. 869894

It seems “nothing burger” faggot got really upset. At this point the census of the farms really don’t give a fuck if legally Greg doesn’t get fucked over. His online “empire” is over, he’s a has-been. If anything that’s worse to a narc, just to vanish and be a “nothing burger”. I wonder if their youngest can finally walk.

No. 869899

I couldn't of said it better myself. Tbh I never wanted Greg to go to jail, how can you watch a cows fuck ups when they're behind bars. Like with Chris Chan, the only information anyone gets now is his weird "Im Jesus" letters. Watching Greg's life slowly crumble and there being an impending civil trial is more than enough milk for me.

>I wonder if their youngest can finally walk.

One of his last interviews with Crows Of Judgement he mentioned C had balance issues and was having to learn to walk again. If you saw any of those videos/photos of the Onions in public right after the 2nd story fall (Dairy Queen, Lowes & trampoline park) Greg was always carrying C.

No. 869905

A 2 year old falls 20 feet, a height that would kill an adult. Lands on her head before her head is developed? Can you see how the "fall" story doesn't make sense?
https://www.verywellhealth.com/baby-head-shape-when-to-worry-5189288#:~:text=The%20brain%20and%20head%20grow,as%20the%20sutures%20become%20bone. Simply put Kai and greg "said" she fell, when in actuality, they hit her in the head with something.

No. 869912

I remember when they first moved to a house with disabled access I wondered if it had anything to do with their daughter.

No. 869913

it does smell fishy but the doctors at the hospital must've said the fall story was plausible.

No. 869922

I wondered that too. If that's the case, how ironic that a guy who hates disabled people now has a disabled daughter (and it's all his fault too since she fell because he was too busy jerking off in the garage instead of taking care of her), that would also explain why Footface became interested in working with disabled children

No. 869923

You know that's not how the story goes in that house. I'm sure whenever Greg and Lainey get into an argument and he's losing that's his Uno reverse card.
>you cant even take responsibility for almost killing our daughter. Where were you when she fell out the window? Why weren't you watching her? What kind of stupid cunt mother are you?

No. 869953

I thought this was Onision at first, but realized they are just shades of each other.

https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/politics-news/gunman-attacked-florida-yoga-studio-gave-decades-warning-signs-secret-rcna19883(sage your shit)

No. 869981

Don't start this bullshit again. Simply put, linking to some bullshit clickfarm makes you look retarded and desperate. "Verywell Mind
Verywell Family
Verywell Health's content is for informational and educational purposes only. Our website is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment."
This thread is the worst for straight making shit up when milk is slow.

kek fuck off with this autism. Onion is the biggest pussy in the entire country, he's never going to do shit to anyone other than doormat.

No. 869982

kek I love you anon

No. 869983

File: 1647407892861.png (18.48 KB, 604x247, onisionreddit.PNG)

I've been seeing people on reddit say that Billie is suing Onision. Are they confusing Sarah for Billie? I cant think of anything Greg has done to her that would warrant a lawsuit. He did dox her phone# and that was the reason his Patreon was suspended but that's all that comes to mind. To be honest I cant figure out why Regina is suing him either. Most of the shit she alleges was done by Lainey. But Greg confirmed it himself that Sarah AND Regina were threatening to sue him.
>I got a call from individuals who worked directly with Chris Hansen demanding I pay Regina and Sarah. They stated if I did not pay them $400,000 and censor pretty much everything I said that they would continue to harass me/try to ruin my life

I presume the civil lawsuit that Sarah is filing against Onision is because he continued to say she raped him and Lainey. That makes total sense and Greg is fucked no matter how many videos, tweets or websites he deletes trying to hide evidence. But what would Regina or Billie sue for? Could this be a "class action" lawsuit with multiple girls involved?

No. 869998

Could mean she's giving evidence for Sarah about Onion's pattern of defamation, etc.

No. 870070

thank you

No. 870104

File: 1647506851809.jpg (159.96 KB, 810x1235, 20220317_034546.jpg)

i was curious if onions book was still for sale on amazon (it's not) and had a massive kek at the related items.

No. 870152

"stinky dick"
Well, he gave all his sexual partners UTIs after all so that's probably not too inaccurate lmao

No. 870205

>did you mean
>"stinky dick onision"
kek based amazon

No. 870220

File: 1647578392919.png (601.53 KB, 1359x780, onisionamazon.png)

Have you searched just "Onision" on Amazon? The first result is the documentary. That has to make Greg rage. Some of the other results have nothing to do with him but are creepy and kind of relevant.
>American Tragedy
>Killer Among Us
>You Belong to Me

The best part of this is if you go to his YouTube channels, AllMyLinks, Forums or anywhere else that he hyperlinks his books on Amazon you get the same first result "Onision: In Real Life - Season 1" He should really fix that.

No. 870230


the retard needs to realize his brand is ruined. he's literally better off at this point starting from scratch, disguising his voice a bit and just not showing himself on camera. He could even higher someone to read scripts. Of course he'd need talent so..

No. 870249

>He could even higher someone to read scripts.
banner suggestion?

No. 870351

maybe in 15 years Netflix will make a documentary painting him in a good light like with Michael Jackson.

No. 870359

'The Rape of Onion: A Netflix Docuseries'

No. 871007

File: 1647989496089.jpeg (108.82 KB, 1053x618, 819F-405F-B412-9718EA9D.jpeg)

Jaclyn is late to the game. The video doesn't bring anything new to the table but I really hope she's mistaken about him being monetized again. When she plays each video from his Onision-Topic channel ads play and she seems to think that means Onision is back in the YT partnership. Am I wrong that any video on any channel can have ads. YouTube just pockets the money. The channel doesn't need to be monetized to have ads. She says multiple times she hopes YT will fix this and remove the videos so hopefully Jaclyn's fans will start mass reporting the kid videos on Onision-Topic. We know Greg's weird obsession with her so having her make a video that insinuates he's a child predator and trying to get his videos taken down, we may get a spergout from him soon.

No. 871031

Yeah the money goes to YouTube. I remember Grease bitching to his 3 fans that YouTube was "stealing" his money

No. 871097

File: 1648054721136.jpg (171.59 KB, 1131x785, 20220323_101103.jpg)

Did something big go down the last week? Heatboss says
>he'll have too much on his plate to worry about in a few weeks
and then Greg goes MIA from all his usual haunts.

He deleted a bunch of of messages off discord. The only one left is from late January.
For some strange reason Greg would log into his Forum at least once a day. Not sure why because he had stopped posting or speaking to his fans sometime around February. But he hasn't logged into his Admin account since the 15th.
Same thing with his OnlyFans. He hasn't uploaded a new video or photo since last year but he would still log in every day or other day religiously. I guess to check his payout balance? He hasn't logged into his OF since the 8th.
And he would tweet every 2 to 3 days to shill his OF and then retweets it. His last tweet was the 14th.
Big time tinfoil but did something happen with the civil case?

No. 871153

hopefully he lowtax'd himself

No. 871181

No. 871184

my theory us that we're getting episode 4 soon. I kinda wonder if that's why there were a bunch of videos released this week, trying to drum up a bit of interest before it drops.

No. 871188

Episode 4 of what? There were rumors of another Discovery + episode being made but that would be the 5th in the series. Is that what you meant?

No. 871193

File: 1648168670905.jpg (107.27 KB, 768x610, 1 (3).jpg)

4 Episodes so far.

No. 871290

There were some videos about Sarah in the "Onision Reacts" channel and now all of them are gone too… He also changed the name of the channel, it no longer has an association with him. LMAO, I hope this means something big is happening and he's scared

No. 871308

I think Jacqueline is correct in her comment about monetization. I have zero love for her Channel but she is a YouTuber with a decade of experience. I’m sure she’s very familiar with how monetization works. If you watch any other YouTuber with even a little bit of controversy they have no ads on their videos. I’ve been on a pretty big deep dive into Jordan Peterson, blaire white and other controversial public figures and non of them have ads on their videos. So ya YouTube may need to correct this immediately before they start paying Grease agian

No. 871312

File: 1648268607576.png (252.41 KB, 600x685, oirld.PNG)

very telling that he removed any video talking about sarah
he does still have that twitter account that blatantly accuses her of rape. He even says repzion is a rapist there. Maybe Daniel can sue him next

No. 871325

File: 1648280253888.png (52.31 KB, 533x989, B2FDF-3FC4-8FD6-6C2643.png)

He's hiding all his lesser known back up channels.
OnisionReacts, OnisionChannel & Onichan are all now called "YouTube Channel"
This is getting weird.

No. 871327

This is sounding pretty serious, has anyone archived any of his shit besides heat boss and oniondrama? Guess the girls’ attorneys won’t need his videos when there’s already enough documented proof for the case to go through.

Well Grugly, it’s been fun laughing at you.

No. 871357

"if" there is a civil case going on against greg, I would think the lawyers collected the evidence before they would have filed the case.

No. 871370

Yeah but this is Greg we're talking about. He thinks he's smarter than all the accountants, doctors and lawyers in the world and he's probably snickering in his little cum cave patting himself on the back because he fooled those pesky lawyers by getting rid of any evidence against him by deleting videos and changing the names on his YT channels. He was that kid who would throw a blanket over himself during a game of hide&seek, and couldn't understand why he got found in seconds because his giant waterhead looked like a beach ball under a tablecloth.

>"if" there is a civil case going on against greg

I was on that side of the fence a few months ago. Very hesitant to put my hopes into seeing Onision pay for being an asshole. But seeing Greg himself mention that he's being "extorted" by Sarah & Regina (his warped take on them threatening to sue him) >>867253 and then seeing him start removing everything that could be considered slander and hiding his channels has me thinking this is really happening. You're fucked Greg.

No. 871400

That's not how civil cases work. You just need decent grounds/basis to file a case, such as reasonable damages to your client. You compile evidence after you filed your Complaint and during the Discovery process. It's like criminal complaints that are brought before a grand jury.

No. 871401


i fucking LOVE how of all the women greg harassed and abused over the years, the one he thought he could push over and manipulate from the age of 15, the one who he thought he would once again sick the internet on, is the one that ended up completely taking him to the cleaners. He's getting fucking wrecked by sarah and it's awesome.

No. 871403

maybe the house sale wasn't so much about being butthurt about the fences/signs but putting the money in some kind of trust where sarah can't get paid from it.

No. 871411

Well I am no lawyer. I am just enjoying the roller coaster ride that is Onisions life. Get fucked greg.

No. 871413

Why is "the most honest YouTuber" trying to hide? If he didn't do anything wrong he wouldn't feel the need to be hiding. He knows he's fucked. Usually when he got confronted he would double down and attack the person who confronted him even more, but in this case he's deleting almost all of the bad things he said about Sarah like a scared little bitch. He's shitting his pants, I hope he still has those adult diapers

No. 871422

he's so fucked. he's going to have to pay damages, sarah's legal fees, and his own legal fees (this last one upfront lol)

No. 871575


I really hope we get one last narc rage from him like his whines about paying skye alimony, just one more spergout before he goes supernova and implodes forever on the internet

No. 871605

I bet he's regretting not listening to Footface when she told him to shut the fuck up about Sarah on the internet

No. 871703


he's probably inpatient somewhere.

No. 871806

Anyone seen this guy? I really feel it is Onision. https://twitter.com/ElOhElBeMad1

No. 871808

nobody cares about your personal interactions, gene. Take your twitter slap fights somewhere else.

No. 871809

Still talking about Gene? Tell me where he touched you.

No. 871810

Anyone else think Onision is selling all those nude pictures underage girls use to send him on the darknet?

No. 871811

Can anyone confirm this is Onision mother? https://www.facebook.com/lucille.marks.587

No. 871813

Neck yourself or learn your sage

No. 871814

Eat a dick greg, everyone knows that is you ^(learn2sage and stop sperging)

No. 871903

Eat a dick gene, everyone knows that is you ^(ban evasion)

No. 872362

File: 1648883918497.png (314.11 KB, 811x781, Capture422022.PNG)

>I've made friends with some former fans IRL because now we play League of Legends together a lot
meaning he's playing games with McRetard all day long while Doormat wrangles tards with her fakeboi friend Ryan for minimum wage.

Obviously no mention of why he hid 3 of his back up YT channels & deleted any video, tweet, or post where he accuses Sarah of rape. Or why this is the longest he's every gone radio silent on all his social media since he came into the public eye. I hope the civil court case is causing him to have uncontrollable stress induced diarrhea.

No. 872365

One would think if there is a civil case, it would be in Berrien County Michigan.

No. 872465

if they came to some out of court settlement it would explain it.

No. 872485

Out of court settlement? How Onision is out of money. He fucked himself.

No. 872486

Anyone else think this is Onision with a sock account? https://twitter.com/FlamingoThePedo(imageboard)

No. 872711

Anyone else tried of Onision using sock accounts? https://twitter.com/OGLEMAN1029 Can someone literally tell him that no one defends a pedophile. Unless they are the pedophile.(imageboard)

No. 872793

How dumb are you retard? Nobody cares about your dumb personal beefs on twitter.

No. 872805

greg mad today ^^^

No. 872838

How long until Greg pulls a Chris-Chan on Crazy Tami? she was asking for it

No. 872848

>pretended to be in contact with Chris Hansen ✓
>pretended to have made fake documentary invoices ✓
>delusional notice me, greg-senpai behavior ✓
>twitterfag ✓
Must be anonymous gene the irrelevant queen!

No. 872858

Can we just have the admin ban anyone mentioning Gene? Only one who cares about Gene is greg the rest of us do not care. Go make a Gene topic if you want to talk about him.

No. 872867

I think this is it guys, I think Grease finally left the internet for good. On one hand that's amazing, but on the other it's bad because it was fun watching that trainwreck and seeing him fuck up his own life more and more. Tbh I'm gonna miss it

No. 872894

Welcome to the Anonymous Gene Imageboard. Formally the Onision imageboard. Seriously NO ONE care about Gene, he is, was and always be a nobody…

No. 872915

I mean, the miracle is that Andy Dick doesn’t get beaten up on the daily

No. 873085

Andy has said he wants nothing to do with Greg anymore and called him a pedophile. You know you're fucked up when not even Andy Dick wants to associate with you.

No. 873086

Andy Dick called Onision a pedophile? No way! You know you are a pedophile, when a pedophile calls you a pedophile.(sage your autism)

No. 873194

iNabber - Onision Responded To Me..

>>872362 iNabber feels this post was directed towards him.

No. 873210

File: 1649464934516.png (407.42 KB, 497x725, Capture482022.PNG)

I've noticed that there has been an influx of creators making videos about Onision in the past couple of weeks, specifically about his "cult."
Reddit, Twitter and KF have theorized that this is to get the ball rolling right before the 5th installment of Onision: In Real Life premieres. Fingers crossed that we get a spergout when the docu episode drops.

No. 873261

I suspected there would e a season 2 when Discovery started calling the first season "Season 1 of Onision, in real life" I wonder what episode 5 will consist of.

No. 873314

So is Discovey gonna talk about Sicesca now? I can’t wait for the wine-moms and Karen’s reactions, the cradle-robber episodes weren’t just enough to get the witch hunt going kek

No. 873344

* pedophile hunt, not a witch hunt.

No. 873374

I am the FlamingoThePedo Twitter user. Do NOT believe all the lies Gene is saying about me, because my account is NOT a fake one used by Greg! For anyone who found my Twitter profile through this post, it's easily proven that I'm not Greg. I'm a failed youtuber who made walkthrough videos on YT between end of 2016 to August 2017 and I originally joined Twitter to struggle to get my channel restored, but all the Trusted Flaggers I talked to kept siding with the slanderous allegations emitted by the stalkers who got my channel banned. Nowadays I metamorphosed my Twitter into a hate account for the purpose of exposing the Roblox youtuber known as Flamingo/AlbertsStuff as a real child predator, after I got accused in 2019 of grooming a 12-year old just because I simply complimented him positively without ANY kind of rude remarks.
Seeing Gene constantly accusing me of being Greg makes me really sick and angry. He doesn't understand that he's dealing with real individuals who are not even accounts run by Greg. I am NOT Greg. Period. My name is Steve and I'm NOT from the US, especially, NOT EVEN from Washington state where Onision lives.

No. 873382

I knew all those anti-o's were autistic. Take your sperging elsewhere.

No. 873386

Gene posted a link to my Twitter profile so any anonymous people on here can find me and probably agree with his bullshit. Am I not allowed to defend myself against lies??
Who could you be? the ElOhElBeMad dude?

No. 873388

First of all, I'm not a "sperg"; second, I'm not autistic; third, I'm sick of being harassed by Gene on Twitter and on other possible sites. Rather than insulting me, why don't you target Gene instead? Why doesn't he understand real individuals cannot be socks of Greg when they're real people?

No. 873390

Report Gene on twitter, and stop sperging here. It won't do anything besides clogging up the thread, which is neither about Gene nor you.
I'm sorry, you're being harassed, but this is not the right place to complain.

No. 873391

Imagine he already doxxed a few of my private info, how do you think I would feel after finding that out?! Gene started pre-blocking me more often with his new accounts which means I can't report him anymore.
Just an honest question: are you ElOhElBeMad or are you a random dude?

No. 873393

Wesker Arnez, Gene was banned from here long ago. Sort of funny to me, you found this random page about Onision, seems super suspect. **also want everyone to know this "wesker" person has done nothing but defend Onision. So can we get the mods to ban this person?

No. 873394

Your username has a green color. You're sure you're not Gene himself? Because trying to tell random people that I defend Greg is a clue of Gene's behavior pattern. The guy who posted a link to my Twitter last Sunday has also a green username. The guy who asked to "have the admins ban anyone mentioning Gene" also has a green username. Be honest with me, Gene: is this you?

No. 873395

^^twitter fag ^^ take your bullshit elsewhere, we don't care about your twitter dickfight with Gene.

No. 873398

This guy thinks a green color means you are Gene. Admins can we get a ban and a erase of all this twitterfags sperging?

No. 873399

There's nobody else than Gene with a green username. You think I didn't figure out it's you Gene? Just look at your own insults! Who do you think is calling right now the admins to get me banned for finding out a link to my Twitter posted with the insinuation of being a sock account?

No. 873400

Admins can we erase any messages coming from green-colored "Anonymous" users? All of them are Gene and I'm 100% sure!

No. 873404

Admins, can we ban Gene's IPs? He's not only slandering real people throughout Twitter but also on a random forum. And then projects it on the victims he's harassing.

No. 873406

** NO ONE here thinks Onision is a victim.

No. 873407

I said, victims of YOUR harassment campaign, Gene! Not Greg's "victims"!

No. 873412

Learn to integrate retard or should I say fan_des_trojans@hotmail.com

No. 873414

I put my email because I thought I would get email notifications when somebody responds, looks like it doesn't happen.
I didn't allow anybody to doxx it publicly!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 873471

File: 1649670485418.jpg (91.93 KB, 869x600, green names scare meee.jpg)

this is so stupid kek

No. 873480

right. anyway, whats going on with Greg?
any news on Greg?

No. 873583

It looks like Greg is still hiding. I cant think of any other time that he's gone MIA this long. His usual MO is to "quit the internet forever" then return days later. The longest I can remember him being offline is maybe a month. I did come across this private video from 2018 of him and his sister spending a day together. Joanna is the older sister that constantly beat Greg up when they were younger, and didn't invite him to her wedding last year because she was concerned with his interactions with young girls and his lack of morals. Its interesting to watch how submissive he is to her. During the whole video she's subtlety making fun of him and he doesn't seem to realize it. I really enjoyed watching Greg challenge her to rockwall races - rope climbing and getting his ass handed to him by big sis.

No. 873607

Sage for completely ot but inabbers voice is so annoying it’s hard to watch his content

No. 873640

Saging just in case of irrelevancy but the e-mail the wesker autist used in his posts translates in french as "Fan of Trojans".

No. 873649

Nobody cares, move on. Stop wasting time on these twitter slap fights.

No. 873735

Joanna knew Sarah in person and Grease and Footface treated Sarah as their foster daughter in front of his family (probably not to raise suspicion), Sarah said in a Livestream with Billy the fridge that crazy Tammi used to call her "grand-foster-daughter" or something like that. No wonder Joanna was disgusted when she found out Grease fucked Sarah

No. 873740

Ill have to go through old threads to find the particular post but I do remember there was someone who posted censored photos of Lainey inside the classroom of one of the kids schools. Who ever took them were obviously trying to hide the fact they were taking photos of Lainey because they weren't great quality. The same person said Sarah had accompanied Lainey to the school some time earlier and Lainey had introduced Sarah as her sister. Greg says they thought of her as a foster daughter, Lainey introduces Sarah to people as her sister. Yet they still fucked her. Gross.

No. 873741

File: 1649884339181.png (54.14 KB, 1224x426, 7456311.PNG)

I guess Greg is back. He's been playing around with the format and color schemes of his forum all this afternoon and now changed his name to Otacon. He said "the Onision Project is over" >>867461 so now he's going by some shitty Metal Gear character? Bets on how many replies he actually gets under this post.

No. 873767

File: 1649902988627.png (13.05 KB, 579x202, 326589.PNG)

Greg's triumphant return and now he's begging for some fan interaction. Yeah I'm sure the reason no ones replying to you is because of some "misconfigured setting" and not because you only have 6 remaining fans on this forum and even those sad fucks seem bored and disinterested.

No. 873794

File: 1649928431373.png (332.97 KB, 1433x505, 6BF927-7FDE-4B72-9865.png)

He hid 3 of his back up channels last month by privating videos and renaming them "YouTube Channel" >>871325

Now he's changed his name to Otacon and rebranded his forum. The URL is still the same (www.onision.net) but instead of the usual Onision banner it's now called EGHQ. What the fuck is EGHQ?

Has Greg finally realized that the Onision name is cancer and synonymous with pedophilia, grooming, and general disgusting behavior. You can change your name a millions times, its not going to fool anyone Greg.

No. 873798

File: 1649937781433.png (41.47 KB, 726x426, EGHQ.PNG)

Discord is now EGHQ. Does anyone know what it stands for or is it another made up thing like "Avaroe"

No. 873799

Endless Grooming HeadQuarters ?
Extreme Grime HeadQuarters ?
Encephalopathic Greg's HeadQuarters ?

No. 873807

I am mad at you ^ you took my jokes. :)(:))

No. 873810

Can you learn how to reply properly? It is not that hard to navigate this site.

Extreme Gaming HQ or something else try-hard I think we all know how 'edgy' he tries to be.

No. 873828

Makes sense.

He had some sad website that started as "The Gamer's Shadow", which was renamed to Extreme Gaming HQ about 20 years ago.

No. 873870


Ephebophilic Grooming Head Quarter

No. 873897

File: 1649984773375.png (87.78 KB, 669x725, 0564731.PNG)

Its been over a day since his Critical Message post forcing his fans to change their names to a fictional character or celebrity and reply back to him. He's only gotten ONE reply. The reply is 4 minutes later and "Donald Trump" is an Admin so I'm positive its just Greg using a sock account. In the words of Donald J. Trump, "very sad."

No. 873902

File: 1649989242508.png (67.18 KB, 512x512, discovery plus.png)

This is nightmare fuel. Also, it looks like he's morphing with the discovery plus logo.

No. 873904


i think greg is doing this because he has so few people on his forum, this allows him to no obfuscate that. He can just create as many fake celebrity accounts he wants and talk to himself and make his forum feel as if it is more popular than it actually is. Now, before anyone says "who would go through all the effort just so their shitty forum looks more active - remember, it's greg.

No. 873932

File: 1650035314444.png (556.61 KB, 1280x720, EGHQ Trump Admin.png)

No. 873943

File: 1650041747817.png (236.91 KB, 1579x809, all_activity.PNG)

He's trying to jumpstart his forum. But he'd look desperate if he did it himself so he's using his "Donald Trump" sock to spam all the threads hoping someone replies. He made over 20 posts in the span of 15 minutes. What the fuck is his end game here?

No. 873947

I wonder if something happened in real life and he's having a breakdown. It seems like it

No. 873951



No. 873962

He said Footface drinks, maybe he stole some of her alcohol

No. 873977

I was wondering what that was! and you're right! the AI morphed that logo in there! thats hilarious

He really has problems realizing that his brand is over. its ironic how he once made a video about jojo siwa criticizing her, yet heres the FAX: Jojo once sold make-up containing asbestos to the kids, yet her brand is still fine. parents where just like "oh that jojo!" and carried on.
what greg did however is unforgivable. if i were him i'd just continue with youtube under krai's name and get monetized that way, without ever showing my face and a brand new channel under a completely different name. like maybe that kiddie shit. there'd be no real way for any of us to ever find it. unless of course krai's name is blacklisted too.
he can't though, because he's a narcissist. it has to be about him.

No. 874017

I was thinking the same thing. If you've been on this train long enough you know that when something bad happens in Greg's life he goes to whatever social media he has available and freaks out. The craziest example is when C fell out the window and he's at the hospital making dozens and dozens of rapey tweets that were so concerning that people called the police for a wellness check. I've never understood the connection between those two things. I can understand a man being upset when their child is hurt and acting out, throwing things, yelling and screaming. Its not a good way to deal with tragedy but I've seen it happen before because some people don't know how to deal. But having your child almost die and your mind automatically goes to making sexually abusive tweets where you're roleplaying some kind of rape fantasy. The closest I got to an answer was during Greg's interview with Dick Masterson. Greg was asked why he made those tweets and all he said is "you'd have to speak to a therapist about why I react that way."

No. 874030

File: 1650111281838.jpg (106.45 KB, 1074x1064, EOwlNGtWsAIy9mX.jpg)

>I can understand a man being upset when their child is hurt
Upset, or getting off on it?

No. 874044

Onision is going to end up raping Cloey. Mark my words.

No. 874056

I will keep dragging up that tweet because its so significant. his toddler daughter fell from the second story window on to the pavement, she was in the hospital fighting for her life and her father Greg was tweeting that from the same hospital outside the ER room in which the doctors were trying to save her.
How the cops or CPS never confronted him about that one is beyond me.
Greg is sick.

No. 874057

A 2 year old falls 20 feet and lands on her head. How is that child not dead and only got a minor skull fracture? From 20 feet? onto concrete? A 2 year old?

No. 874065

I remember when Onision made it to a reddit post on a board my boyfriend visits. He was telling me all about this freak and laughing at how gross and ridiculous he was when I said "it gets worse" and I mentioned C and these tweets. I've never seen his face get dark and he said "Fuck…I can't listen to this" and stopped mentioning Onision because it wasn't funny anymore. I can't believe this got as dark as it did. I don't what was more disturbing, the fact that he videoed her bleeding on the pavement so he'd have evidence that it was a fall or these tweets. Parents can't even look at their kids after a severe accident but this guy recorded it. Then these tweets during surgery. I'm not trying to psychfag, but you've got to think about how those with severe personality disorders start spiraling. How Narcissists become less successful as they age and unable to manipulate people as they once did. >>873943 It's always surprising when your 101 textbook cases are so clearly demonstrated in real life. I would have rolled my eyes to this >>874044 but it's honestly possible with how Greg is actually a pedophilia in grooming Sarah and the tweets about his daughter's situation. Fuck anon, let's hope this won't come true. Watching barely legal teens get abused even though they're repeatedly putting themselves in the situation was hard enough. And I'm 100% sure Greg is out there trying to groom barely legals.

To this day, we're still not sure if C relearned to walk properly?

No. 874074

Its been a year and a half since the last 3 sightings of the onion family (Lowes, Dairy Queen & Trampoline park) In each instance Greg was carrying C and she had some kind of medical boot on. Who knows if she's 100% now. Her issues with walking wasn't because of a broken bone, it was the severe brain injury that caused so much damage she had issues with her balance and had to relearn how to walk.

I don't think Greg would do something as disgusting as SA his daughter. But I do believe he'll start doing really creepy borderline immoral stuff as she reaches her teens, similar to the naked massage him and his mother enjoyed. And when Lainey finds out or catches him he will manipulate her and Lainey will turn a blind eye. Knowing Lainey's history she might even blame her own daughter. One things for sure I'm positive that when C reaches Jr high school age Greg will start creeping on her friends. Trying to be the "cool dad" and hosting sleep overs at his home.

No. 874081

File: 1650136974012.jpg (175.85 KB, 695x931, 4162022_4652.jpg)

Greg changed his forum name again. Now he's calling himself Jin Sakai.
He also created a brand new Admin acct, Cloud Strife.
That Haiku account that he was using to pretend to be a fan and then got caught >>867101 is now called Mihael Keehl.

If you check the forums recent activity its just Greg making new accounts and talking to himself. I almost feel bad for him. He's the weird kid that has to play with his imaginary friends because the rest of the neighborhood kids think he's strange and wont hang out with him.

No. 874097

File: 1650144659492.png (24.41 KB, 452x305, goods.PNG)

I am sure I have seen that written somewhere before, I am gonna have to have a big think about where I seen it…

How desperate is he for attention that he does that? Making accounts just to reply to them. Is it to keep himself busy or a reason to avoid his family?

No. 874102

reading about her injuries in the police report is it any wonder she's pretty much broken for the rest of her life? its bad enough if you drop a toddler or baby on the floor by accident as a parent, but 2 stories down on the cement drive way? that would be bad even for us adults, let alone a little tiny child. i don't know if there are any medical anons on here but they could probably tell you more about those injuries specifically.
as for sexually, given how demented and deranged Greg is and also his incest fetish, i wouldn't put it past him and i would not be surprised. but i hope and pray to god that he wont. then again even lainey cried when she learned she was having a daughter knowing better than any of us how greg is. why she hasn't left his ass remains the worlds biggest mystery. might i also add that greg has had a weirdly incestuous relationship with his own mother who gave him full naked body massages?

even if you try to play devils advocate with that tweet situation it falls apart at the seems, say that we do and its a thing where Greg tried to distract himself from the horrendous accident then still it won't add up why he did that tweet specifically about the window and "destroying her".

Mihael Keel is also from Death Note. Greg never really got over that cartoon, and its not surprising to know why. I seen that show several times and its about a raging narcissist tweenie bopper whom girls (and even japan teen idols) swoon over and he has all the power in the world to kill people by simply writing down their name in a notebook.
Literally Gregory's wet dream.

To be quite honest with you Greg has this way of rationalizing the awful. He would be exactly the kind of guy who would say: "Its my daughter, I can do whatever i want with her. And better I break her in than someone else?"
I'm not saying that he would, but again it would not surprise me because he fits that profile to a t.
he's a total sociopath in the least, remember that proud instagram story he once posted? where a man had collapsed on the floor in the supermarket and he walked by smirking and bragging how he didn't give a fuck?

No. 874135

Cloud is from Final Fantasy btw, his ex-wife Skye once explained he invented his own cult religion basically ripped off from Final Fantasy. So yeah, all these accounts are definitely Greg. Looks like he's sloshing in to the void while his foot-wife is at work.

No. 874145

File: 1650204274852.jpeg (946.68 KB, 905x2016, 914F0EB1-D494-4305-90C4-1804DD…)

This Reddit thread reminded me of Onision. Couldn’t be them because they only have 2 kids and the ages are a bit off… right?

No. 874146

File: 1650204379679.jpg (224.85 KB, 1273x720, Screenshot_20220417-040558_You…)

>renamed to Extreme Gaming HQ about 20 years ago.
this ss of Greg's old website was posted on the other farms.
hes seriously waxing nostalgic, wishing he could go back to a time before he was known as a grooming pedophile.

No. 874147

The ages for the husband and wife are off by a year (+ & -) and they don't have 3 kids with one on the way. But it did make me think of Fakeboi Ryans reddit post from 5 years ago that someone found. It was in the an older thread. >>849676

Did anything come of that sighting of Greg and some "short latina" at the movie theater last year? Greg NEEDS to have something other than Lainey to stick his dick in and she's so easy to play Im sure he can talk her into another "poly relationship" that's just basically him fucking the 3rd when Laineys not around.

No. 874169

Haha! Wow, that is WONDERFUL. My cheeks are hurting from grinning.
I had to read it 3 times to take in all the classic Gregory. He hasn't changed a bit.
You're right, this is legitimately regressing to (or remaining trapped in) an earlier age. Haha, amazing, I'm getting teary-eyed.

Eh, then a big …oof… on that last paragraph, hey? It only takes a reminder of what happened to C to bring back the sads. What a rollercoaster.

No. 874173

>oof… on that last paragraph

Holy fuck I didn't even read the whole thing at first because the shit he usually writes is nonsense and it annoys me so Ill skim. This was written in 2002, but if you told me Greg had written this today Id say it sounds like his usual passive aggressive dig at Lainey. Just replace swimming pool with 2 story house, and smoke weed with scrolling on your phone.

No. 874183

File: 1650240758869.jpg (81.5 KB, 540x707, aids.jpg)

maybe he'll start ghost hunting again, and ya he did that shit in the past. i couldn't find images of the website anymore but he also tweeted about it once (related)
he's definitely on the spectrum.

indeed that aged like sour milk. good grief. failed to watch their kids. right-o, gregory.
(and taylor, might I add)

No. 874198

According to his retarded logic anal sex doesn't count as sex (that's the excuse he used to do "junk to rear" with Sarah), so according to his own retarded logic(2x) he could do that to Cloey as well. I'd hope Footface is protecting Cloey, but knowing how she's basically Karla Homolka 2.0 the possibility of her participating and even enjoying it is much bigger

No. 874200

I thought they said the girl in the movie theater looked Filipino. I was wondering if the girl is Mcfly, she does look kind of ethnic and could be mistaken for a Filipino, also she has visited Greg in the past so it wouldn't be the first time and she's one of his last 3 remaining fans, it's not like he still has a ton of girls throwing themselves at him and Lainey and he can choose the one he wants like he did with Billie, Maya, etc, those days are long gone

No. 874202


I talked to the guy who was at the movie theater that night. I showed him pictures of Kai, he confirmed it was her.

No. 874204

Then the person who described her as Filipino needs Lasik asap

No. 874205


It was the sister who said it was a Filipino girl, but that is what the guy (movie theater worker) told his sister. I tracked it back to the guy. He confirmed it was Kai after I showed him pictures.

No. 874209

File: 1650258563451.png (544.18 KB, 956x474, with_ without.PNG)

It's most likely because Lainey was wearing a mask. It's a well known fact that wearing a mask makes you look more ethnic. I'm Swedish (blonde hair, blue eyes) but when I go out wearing a mask I get mistaken for Aboriginal all the time. You put a mask on Lainey and she could pass for Bella Poarch.

No. 874334

How to tell anon is Australian and a bogan

No. 874335

What are you talking about you moron, they look nothing alike.

>>I have blonde hair, blue eyes and I get mistaken for an aboriginal.

Tell us you have no idea what you are talking about without telling us that you have no idea what you are talking about.

No. 874343

say a worn out saying without saying a worn out saying.

No. 874381

Only a person with mental disabilities or almost completely blind would think Footface's pasty ass looked Filipino. I'm not buying the story the anon showed a picture of Footface to the guy in the movie theater and he confirmed it was her, it's probably someone throwing a red hearing to make us stop speculating who the girl really was. Looks familiar to >>866952

No. 874385


Who is "us"? People can decide for themselves. Speak for yourself, no one else.

No. 874387

No one believes your shitty red herrings, deal with it. Also, learn to sage.

No. 874389


Who is "no one"? Are these fictional characters you are making up? Also, learn to sage.

No. 874430

File: 1650463809915.jpg (80.49 KB, 620x486, 0a51300afa44b4907713ea8fa2b7e9…)

Anyone see this clown trying to get rid of Anonymous Gene? Yea, best of luck clown. Super odd he only defends Onision and wants to get rid of Gene.

No. 874519

lmao is that you dynastia

No. 874594

I know its on irrelevant Gene's stupid little channel but apparently Andy Dick found out Greg is a pedophile and thats why their short-lived friendship ended. He was even angry at his gf for ever having Greg on her shitty podcast.
To further emphasize this audio is probably real someone asked Captain Content of IP2 to ask Andy Dick to ask Greg to come on the RV. Andy Dick actually got angry at Captain Content for even mentioning Greg and so I looked in to it and found this video.
I think its legit.
I swear to God i'm not that nutsack Gene, but I can't blame you for thinking that I am.

No. 874597

File: 1650585679202.png (90.42 KB, 561x558, lols.PNG)

It's only been 20 days since his farewell message to his fans on Discord and Forum.
>this is the last you hear from me. because it means I'm probably being successfully a boring loser IRL rather than updating the "Onision" Discord

He's been spamming his Forum for the past week with sock accounts. I've counted over 40 messages in all from his real account Jin_Sakai, sock accounts Cloud_Strife, Mihael_Keehn >>874081 and recently discovered socks TechnicalGuy & Seeairuhhmist. Basically the only activity on that forum is Greg, multiple sock accounts and some woman named Kaitlind.

He's been posting more from his real account Jin_Sakai the past 48 hours. I was amused to see this particular post. Is he really fishing for ideas on how to dig himself out of the financial pit he's put himself in by asking advice from his brain dead fans? Greg put all his eggs into the YouTube basket and didn't save any money for a rainy day. Instead he spent it on buying every shiny new electronic toy that came out, multiple Teslas, gear to make his music and singing sound better and plane tickets for girls to come live with him and Lainey. What other income does he have? I'm guessing Lainey has a job somewhere and is bringing in minimum wage while Greg cares for(ignores) the kids. OnlyFans must not be bringing in the cash he thought it would if he's asking people like Kaitlyn and McRetard for financial guidance.

No. 874674

Child support hearings in May in Clark County Washington for Jackson & Jackson

No. 874675

File: 1650650299796.png (263.3 KB, 3160x280, Screen Shot 2022-04-22 at 1.57…)

Could be nothing but I thought it was interesting given current events.

No. 874676

Not shitting on your information. But Greg lives in Puyallup which is in the Pierce County district. Could Lainey of moved out and now be living in Clark County and because she made the petition first any court dates are held there? This would be amazing if true.

No. 874679

Anyone can request those records.

No. 874684

True! It came up on a search I did on them, but it probably was just a coincidence. No other names are given with it so I was surprised that it came up when I searched their names.

No. 874699

Aren't people supposed to have a job in order to get retired?

No. 874700

Jackson is a very common last name so yeah, probably coincidence

No. 874725

The irony of a jobless moron who put "Perpetual Youth" on his UWU Couple's Goals board (fucking TWICE!) now looking for retirement advice from 2 idiot paypigs…
LMAO what a worthless cretin he is.

No. 874843

I’m Only checking in for the latest milk. With all the latest Johnny depp and amber turd news i thought Greg would have been blowing up the interwebs talking about defamation, false allegations and being wrongly convicted over lies. We all know grease is the victim(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 874856

Sarah's lawyer probably told him to shut the fuck up lol

No. 874980

File: 1650908342121.png (41.86 KB, 1069x686, eghq2.PNG)

The forums url onision.net is no more. It redirects to eghq.com
Your guess is as good as mine why he's trying to wipe the Onision moniker off the internet. Or at the least distance "James Jackson" from the Onision name.

No. 874986

I guess the fact that he keeps pointing traffic from his old crap and everybody thus knows its him still eludes him.

No. 874993

How much is he charging to post in that shitty forum? Just wondering how much money the idiots who post there are giving him

No. 875003

File: 1650929990916.png (362.76 KB, 878x563, 0672676.PNG)

The only idiots posting on that forum are Kaitlind, Greg and his many, many sockpuppets.

No. 875004

File: 1650930470693.jpg (99.92 KB, 990x576, onision dot co.jpg)

I hope some troll gobbles up all his websites and does something like redirect to lifeofonion.com, Chris Hansen's YT channel, or something similar that would make him sperg.

No. 875009

Lol Kaitlin still waiting for that invitation to be part of the trinity, too bad she's too old and not cute enough for that, or else they would have invited her years ago

No. 875011

File: 1650939224695.png (578.36 KB, 1236x498, FE9C68-DF3-4B0-8D3.png)

She's working hard.
Using 10 year old beauty filter photos as a PFP.
Sending MULTIPLE gifts to buy his affection.

But don't discount her. Greg thought Sarah was the most disgusting thing on the face of the Earth. He eventually had to settle and fucked her because no one else would dare visit that forsaken house.

No. 875019

He won't fuck Kaitlyn for one simple reason. He didn't have the chance to groom her. That is his kink.

No. 875025

File: 1650947665437.jpg (142.75 KB, 540x674, FQ4oWhxVUAAglNJ.jpg)

When I read this I seriously thought this could be a statement Onision put out trying to defend himself when Sarah, Regina, Shiloh and the other girls were tweeting out all the shit Greg did.
I enjoyed the videos you did on Onision John. But you should have heeded that famous quote
>Beware that when fighting monsters, you yourself do not become a monster

No. 875132

File: 1651004072208.png (35.82 KB, 1023x323, tisnomore.PNG)

Aren't you suppose to give your loyal fans a heads up weeks before you change the websites name, redirect the url (and fuck that up because you now get a broken link "This site can’t be reached") and play around with the Admins? Its like he did all this sneaky shit and finally had to address it.

No. 875139

File: 1651008469021.png (124.63 KB, 727x705, 910F62-3A7F-489E-921A.png)

>How much is he charging to post in that shitty forum?
I don't think this is monthly subscriptions. Its how much has been donated from day one to the present.

No. 875177

Is McFly using a different username or did she finally stop giving him her Whataburger money?

No. 875197

File: 1651029949524.png (1.04 MB, 1000x568, 1622078034616.png)

McFly is not like those other lowly simps. She doesn't just give a fiver here or a twenty there. She's spent thousands on Greg. He's said it himself. Last year when the "Sarah Speaks" docu episode dropped he was manic, streaming and uploading video after video trying to push the "Sarah raped us" story. And in one of those vids he let it slip how much McFly has been giving him. It's probably gifts and the occasional cash transfer via Venmo. That video was almost a year ago. I wonder how much the total is now.

No. 875204

File: 1651039063400.png (352.88 KB, 615x488, EGHQ (dOt COm)_.PNG)

For over 6 months Greg has been using Twitter to shill his OnlyFans and those depressing "50% off for 30 days!" deals Now its all about EGHQ (dOt COm) Is this a sign his OnlyFans tanked?

Looks like he's trying to drive traffic to his born again forum. What happened to him "living in the real world" and being "a successfully boring loser IRL" then giving a big farewell? He really needs that ego stroked online.

No. 875205

File: 1651039111972.png (912.51 KB, 1459x667, EGHQ (dOt COm).PNG)

I have no fucking idea what he's tweeting about.

No. 875212

I'm surprised he isn't making the Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard thing all about himself, it seems like the perfect opportunity for him to compare himself to Johnny and say how much both of them had their lives destroyed by an evil woman and all that shit. Sarah's lawyer must have really gotten him by the balls.

No. 875224

he has done that in the past, many many times.

No. 875231

What lawyer. Dylan the wondertard?

Didn't his OF pretty much die on arrival? He would've been making content for three bored kiwis.

No. 875244

kek why is he obsessed with toad?

No. 875250

I think the point was since the court drama is on TV and social media 24/7 you just know Greg wants to point out the similarities between him and Depp (in his twisted mind.) The only thing keeping him silent is fear of legal trouble. I wish we knew more about the civil case. But him keeping his mouth shut about Amber and Johnny is all the proof I need that he's scared to talk. Fear of losing money is the only thing that can keep him in check.

No. 875266

he's grasping at straws and at the same time getting off narcissistic comparing himself to people that are actually relevant and thus willing to die on that hill. greg truly is the definition of irony, considering he's willing to compare himself to Depp without him even having been proven innocent yet (if you ask me by now, i think both depp and amber heard are just toxic and crazy). then on the other hand he claims to be super duper fan of the law and all that, yet condemned people once for subscribing to OJ Simpson. technically at the time OJ Simpson was proven innocent. (sure if he truly was is severely debatable, but still)
greg always paints himself in to a corner. he thinks he's smart yet i seen cats and dogs that are smarter than greg.

No. 875300

File: 1651100433904.png (40.21 KB, 767x267, 564832422.PNG)

You're pulling the curtain back and letting everyone see Greg's using sock-puppets. You just fucked up your chance of being flown out to the cow shack and being accused of raping him and Lainey.

No. 875315

Grease himself complained that someone on Sarah's and Regina's behalf contacted him demanding him to remove all the slander he posted about them, and soon after that he removed everything about Sarah and has been quieter than he's even been since he started YouTube. I'm surprised Sarah finally decided to take legal action, but that is the only explanation why he stopped accusing her of "rape" and deleted all his videos and tweets about her. He's definitely scared of something

No. 875316

Ephebophilic Greg Head Quarters

No. 875775

File: 1651445396730.jpg (127.41 KB, 1170x902, FRsRXLdVIAAKKe0.jpg)

Is Onision going to sue Jeffery?

No. 875776

File: 1651445803464.jpg (149.71 KB, 818x1024, FRsgkJHVIAADrjb.jpg)

He's either going to sperg or try to jump on the bandwagon and shove bananas up his ass on his OnlyFans

No. 875903

* No one cares about Jeffery Star. His style was outdated 10 years ago. And the only people who follow him are the mentally ill.

No. 875904

is that John bogeya in the background?

No. 875908

holy shit this is racist

No. 875909

kek anon I laughed so hard for some reason

No. 875911

Yeah tf. His remaining fans will be defending him but this may as well be called the bbc collection. Not surprised.

No. 875912

> but this may as well be called the bbc collection
kek true

No. 875933

File: 1651540595644.png (34.18 KB, 689x243, foodmonkey.PNG)

I'm not sure if this is confirmed information or just strong tinfoiling on KF. But it makes sense. Greg told Billy the Fridge he was going to have to do Uber or Lyft. Food delivery is much more in Onisions comfort zone. If he was working ride sharing he'd have contact with his fares and they may recognize his voice or side of his monster head. With DoorDash/UberEats he just drops the food at the customers front door and walks away.

I was really hoping Greg would get a job where he had to interact with the public so we'd get stories on Twitter from ppl who saw him.
>I think Onision was my Uber driver, he wouldn't unlock the door until I gave him a bigger tip.
>I saw Onision cleaning the women's bathroom at Target, he was hiding in the handicap stall pretending to clean the toilet and peeking at the girls that came in.

No. 875936

File: 1651543520698.png (1.31 MB, 1031x743, faggots.png)

I guarantee Jeffree Star has an inbox full of emails from Onision. The emails start with friendly requests from Greg that they collab on banana lipstick and then deteriorate into psychotic threats of copyright infringement lawsuits and wild accusations that Jeffree raped him.

No. 875952

I wonder who takes care of the children, if him and Footface are both working

No. 875968

Wdym? They have a pantry full of pop-tarts, you can easily leave the kids unsupervised for a couple of days.

All bad jokes aside, if the Ryan girl-dude still lives there, they've probably taken on the role of a live-in nanny.

No. 876020

Isn't "Ryan" working with Footface though? Someone posted a screenshot showing she works in the same place

No. 876040

i hate him and james charles even more than i hate onision, which is pretty incredible. then again i hate all influencer types.

No. 876052

If you scrolled down a few posts from the ss you saw about Ryan being employed at the same daycare you would see that some Twitter Mom emailed the place about Kai and the grooming allegations and they said Kai (and Im assuming Ryan) were no longer working there >>867255

No. 876106

File: 1651687020744.png (355.11 KB, 620x1158, 0455753712.PNG)

Trying to push his EGHQ Forum on Twitter was a failure. So its back to OnlyFans whoring.
Is it just me or does his "OMG you guys are so supportive of my OF thank you so much" seem disingenuous and hollow. He's puffing up his OF as if its wildly successful when he hasn't added any new content for months and his subs are in a steady decline. The only users still there are the dumbfucks who have forgotten they have a reoccurring monthly charge. Fake it till you make it I guess.

He's going by Greg again?

No. 876132

"Is it just me or does his "OMG you guys are so supportive of my OF thank you so much" seem disingenuous and hollow."
OF COURSE it does, because anything he ever says or does is disingenuous. he's a total narcissistic sociopath. he has no feelings to show.

No. 876141

>4 likes on a tweet posted 1 hour ago
"I'm so successful, thank you so much for supporting me <3"

No. 876144

File: 1651704337875.jpg (186.64 KB, 620x1020, 2022-05-05 00.41.06 twitter.jp…)

and no, not gene.
gene generally fails.

No. 876151

File: 1651708148974.jpeg (100.48 KB, 591x898, D0A8105C-9B15-49B6-9771.jpeg)

I knew he'd have to give his 2 cents. Hedging his bets by straddling the fence but you know he wants to compare himself to Depp and call Heard a psycho cunt. Why is he calling himself Greg now?

No. 876163


— But you have heard of me.

No. 876165

File: 1651714791548.png (27.2 KB, 709x274, washingtoncourts.PNG)

Did some searches on the WA court sites looking to see if Onision had switched his name back to Greg because of this Twitter change. I found this. Looks like Lainey changed her name in April. Im still looking for more info, like what her new name is. What were the fakeboi names she was using online? Spencer? Luke? Tbh Im thinking she finally dropped the "Im a boy" bullshit and now has some cringey/trendy female name.
They usually change the whole families names so Im looking to see if Greg and the kids are somewhere on the court lists.

No. 876168

huh. I wonder if she's trying to get a new job and hopes that getting a new name will boost her chances. Any bets? what are the cool fakebois using now?

No. 876174

>Looks like Lainey changed her name in April
That's not too long after people found out she was working at the school for disabled children, maybe that's why she changed her name? I wonder if she got humiliated when people at the school found out she sent nudes to a minor…

No. 876179

File: 1651726211592.jpeg (176.76 KB, 1241x1718, EBA1A2D7-C153-4AC9-B633-53C5BC…)

Looks like she’s going by Lucas now

No. 876233

It would suck if some unsuspecting employer did a name search and found out that Lucas Jackson from Puyallup Pierce County Washington sent indecent pictures to a minor

No. 876242

>Babe, you need an ubiquitous name like Luke or Kyle, that way you wont stand out to employers or those stalkers.

Or she just wanted to change her fakeboi personality from cool dude kai to secretive bad boy luke

No. 876248

Christ, whats with all the dumbass name changes? identity crisis much? they're going about this as stupid as they do in trying to rebrand his shitty forums. newsflash: everybody is watching you like a hawk, you fart and people know. There's no way out of this, your shitty youtube career is over.

No. 876253

She probably changed her name so she can get a job without people finding out, but she should have learned by now that's not going to work. People are going to find her new name eventually, so the change is useless.

No. 876254

Not even trying to joke here but does he even have the spare cash for this name change? Also I wonder if the ftm sex change has been legally filed yet. Last name change Greg didn't bother paying the extra cash for it

No. 876257

HOW are they changing their names this many times? This is like her 4th name change in 9 years right? Why are the courts allowing this?

No. 876273

>does he even have the spare cash for this name change?
If you have $200 you can change your name as many times as you want in WA. As long as you are not a felon.

>This is like her 4th name change in 9 years right?
Greg has legally changed his name twice. Lainey has legally changed her name 3 times.

Gregory James Daniel Birth name
Gregory James Latcha For a short time went by his stepfathers last name (not legal name change)
Gregory James Jackson He didnt want any connection to his father so he used his mothers last name on YT 2008-???? (not legal name change)
Gregory James Avaroe Legal name change when he married Lainey 2012
James ? Jackson Legal name change 2019

Taylor Elaine Anderson Birth name
Taylor Elaine Avaroe Legal name change when she married Onision 2012
Lainey _ Avaore Greg would not call her Taylor and told her she was to go by Lainey after they got married
Kai ? Jackson Legal name change in 2019 right when Sarah exposed them.
Lucas Jackson Legal name change April 2022

No. 876308

Lucas. Kai. Such fakeboi wannabe tranny names. I'm expecting Arson, Ash or Oliver next.

No. 876320

For someone who considered herself "hispanic" because of her grandmother she sure picks a lot of names that are popular for white boys. Why doesn't she pick Alejandro or something like that?

No. 876357

That will never ever work. No one can escape their past. No one.

Its just silliness at this point, what kind of identity crisis do you need to have to change your name this many times?

No. 876376

It's not so much an identity crisis, it's more about her trying to hide her fucked up past and have a "normal" life, which won't happen by the way.

Sarah said the reason Foot and Grease had a name change in 2019 was because they were trying to scape the controversies associated with their names (Grease even got triggered when someone revealed his new name in a livestream and accused that person of doxxing him lmao), this time it's the same thing.

No. 876394

Lainey's family has to think she's a mental case. They called her Taylor all her life until hooking up with Greg and suddenly everyone in her family are scolded and told her name isn't Taylor anymore they need to call her Lainey. Then the fakeboi shit kicked in and they had to call her they/them. Then they had to call her Kai. And now she's going to be correcting them that her pronouns are he/him and she will only answer to the name Lucas. She's almost 28 years old. When does this "its not a phase mom!" thing stop?

No. 876415

We get it gene, you have a hate boner for old men. Are you ever off boomerbook?

You would change everything about you too if you have greg fuck up your life and toss you under the bus. She has nowhere to go and she will always be known as a sick fuck, this is her only escape. Poetry in motion.

No. 876429

Nah they don't care, Lainey's mother and sister are 2 vapid airheads more worried about Starbucks and what plastic surgery they will get next. Lainey's dad was prohibited from visiting their house, but honestly he seems as creepy as Greg marrying women half his age and stuff

No. 876430

>She has nowhere to go

She is EXACTLY where she wants to be. She would even put Greg before her own kids, remember that?

No. 876449

Whether she wants to be there or not means nothing, the point was she has nowhere to go, she is now known as a groomer/attention seeker who nobody in their right mind would befriend.

No. 876452

>Whether she wants to be there or not means nothing
No, it does mean something. It means she will put herself before the safety of her children. She stays with her uwu-twinflame at the detriment of her kids. How much more emotional abuse and traumatic brain injuries do those kids have to endure?

>the point was she has nowhere to go

She has other choices than doubling down and staying with Greg in Washington. If I was her and I had fucked up my life so badly I would swallow my pride and admit I ruined my future by attaching my wagon to the most notorious YouTube predator/pedophile. I would divorce Greg, gather up the kids and move back to my mothers home in Las Cruces. She would have free babysitting and wouldn't have to work since her mother and stepfather are VERY well off. She could stay low for a couple of years and hope that the internet loses interest. The only reason she doesn't move back with her family is pride. She doesn't want to admit that the past decade with Greg was one big fuck up and those two kids are her constant reminder of that.

No. 876454

Also idk if anyone follows the Luna Slater thread but it's kinda eerie how their behavior is identical, it's such a cow trait.

No. 876530

Do we know if her mother / step-dad would really take her back in? After all, Greg has a habit of collecting girls from broken homes.

No. 876536

I don't see why not, she visited them often (she was at her mom's when Grease and Sarah were left alone at home and all the "junk to rear" sessions happened, just as an example) so she seems to have at least an okay relationship with them

No. 876773


That before or after they found out "Taylor" was exposed as a grooming pedophile?

No. 876777


exactly, any place taylor applies to that involves working with children will run a background check that includes all name changes. 4 first name changes and 2 last name changes in itself will be red flags before even googling>>876253

No. 876809

They visited her on Thanksgiving 2019, that was after the grooming allegations came out. Her sister posted the stories on her Instagram

No. 877065

Greg's former BFF Andy Dick has been arrested again


No. 877079


I wonder if Greg was his camping buddy..

No. 877104

File: 1652397607091.png (142.61 KB, 501x494, reddit.PNG)

I saw this on r/Onision. That undercover name change is getting blasted everywhere online. I've seen the usual suspects tweeting about it, its been mentioned in some YT streams I watch, and now this. Did Lainey really think she could sneak a name change and no one would find out? She's going to have to ask the courts for another name change soon. She's so stupid I'll put $50 on her going with Spencer next time.

I'm a little suspicious about the "Would I Date You" Snapchat video. I feel like I've seen this ss before. I'm hoping any farmers with access to Lainey's super sekret social media can confirm. Lainey never really leaves the internet. She's as bad as Onision. In need of constant validation and someone to cry to when Greg calls her a cunt or tells her that Billie was better. I think it was Flutterfinn on Twitter that first broke that Ryan was living with Lainey and Greg. They also had access to all those hidden online accounts Lainey was sneaking around with. I really hope Lainey isn't stupid enough to do this.

Screenshot #2 and #3 are >>876179 and >>849598

No. 877131

File: 1652423217901.png (1.35 MB, 1441x753, 54CE58-23E0-4422-AD86.png)

I laughed when I heard she legally changed her name to Lucas. She thinks its some cool trans-boy name and all I can think of is another well known cow that lives in Washington state. A creepy sex-pest that likes to groom young girls, two peas in a pod. Lucas Werner lives in Spokane so Lucas Jackson and him can meet up at their favorite Starbucks and trade grooming techniques over a vanilla latte.

No. 877163

I think that photo is old, it looks like it was taken in their old house. The cowbarn doesn't have a closet in the bathroom, the swamp shack did

No. 877173

Did she finally trooned out? She looks manlier than usual

No. 877191

File: 1652501768337.jpg (203.87 KB, 1086x723, a4d4a127450eac5c20-uncropped_s…)

You're right. I found the Swamp Shack bathroom on Zillow. The border frame of the mirror is the same and you can see the door frame of the closet on the left side of the photo. Seems like who ever made the reddit post was hoping to get her new name out there and stir the pot.

cocking her head to the side and giving her best fuckboi pose is hardly "manlier." I really wish she would start taking testosterone or do some kind of surgery to confirm the body dysmorphia she claims to have. I think the only kind of surgery she would get is cutting her tits off. But that's only because they now look like a pair of pantyhose filled with cottage cheese taped to her chest.

No. 877212

File: 1652537750339.png (399.75 KB, 552x510, 5142022_3562112.PNG)

Onision's back making videos on his Speaks channel. He's reading this reddit post and arguing each point.

This must of struck a nerve if he felt the need to make a video about it. Nothing new. He says he's innocent of anything because he never went to jail and was never taken to court. He brings up the rumors that Sarah and the others are taking him to civil court and says multiple times he's not being taken to court, civil or criminal. He brings up Sarah but doesn't use her name and says even she admitted she wasn't groomed. He says the only reason his main 3 channels were wiped of so many videos all the way back to 2019 are for "the sake of moving on" not because of a civil lawsuit. He then says the videos he deleted were because they had less than 60% likes. So which is it? Likes or moving on? The last 2 minutes of the 7 minute video is that old ladybug video. No idea why he slapped that on the end.

I'm glad to know Greg lurks r/Onision reddit. That means he and Lainey saw this >>877104 I'm sure Lainey cried and Greg screamed at her that she cries to much to be a real boy. I'm amazed it only took farmers 2 weeks to find out Lainey tried to pull a fast one.

No. 877216

If Kai was to go full troon and beat the shit out of onion out of roid rage in a case of domestic abuse, I would probably die of laughter. Kai being a bigger male than Onion gives me light chuckles at the simple thought of it.

No. 877217

giving full Simple Jack in that thumbnail
by Onion rules, his dad also isn’t guilty of abuse since he never went to court

No. 877229

So isn't the fact that Sarah never went to jail for "raping" him and Footface proof she's innocent? It's funny how his logic applies only to himself but not to others

No. 877240

He's lying through his teeth. He said he doesn't have guns, but the report from when the police did a welfare check on Footface said he does have guns. So much for being "the most honest yootoober"

No. 877301

and greg is thirsting after belle delphine i see? she already has a boyfriend, greg, who no doubt is superior to you in each and every way. and around her own age i'm sure.

No. 877304

heres his shitty AIDS video:


now no one has to watch it on his shit channel

No. 877322

excuse me i uploaded his other shit video, this is his le reddit video in which he thirsts after belle delphine or some shit:


if you ask me he's even more autistic than i thought responding to reddit.

No. 877376

File: 1652673961142.png (668.85 KB, 1083x664, 5152022.PNG)

He's back to making daily (if not hourly) videos on his speaks channel. They're short and they all have an old skit tagged on the end to puff up the run time. I love the side by side comparison of the views he used to get just 4 or 5 years ago and how many people are watching his videos now. Those videos from 2017 almost got half a million views. Now he cant even break 3k.

No. 877377

File: 1652674576522.png (707.05 KB, 1217x564, 1634183042986.png)

In the KY Jelly Ruined My Life video he goes after some girl that says he tried to groom her when she was in middle school. She has no solid receipts so he keeps making that his retort. I wonder why he didn't try to refute that one girl who says Onision sent her a free Nintendo DS after she sent him nudes of herself at 16. That girl also had no proof of it but some internet detectives found tweets of him belly aching about the import taxes for mailing a DS to a fan around the same time.

No. 877516

In another video she said the photo was just her in a bra and a thong, which is not a nude per say but it's still extremely inappropriate since she was underage, plus he claimed all the girls who sent him underwear pictures were over 18, but that's obviously not true since this girl was 16. She also said he included the photo in a video (big surprise) but the video was taken down a few hours later. I wonder if someone has that video archived somewhere

No. 877587

hope Hansen catches wind of this.

No. 877593

best not. We don't want that idiot to ruin another chance to get this greasy fuck.

No. 877620


Since Hansen and the girl follow each other on twitter. He probably already knows.

No. 877622

File: 1652839206935.jpg (72.88 KB, 1070x1321, Screenshot_20220517-185708_You…)

Someone left a comment on his short on yt asking if he missed "lainey" and he said yes. Is that implying breakup or missing her feminine side? newfag/longtime lolcow lurker

No. 877623

Prison saga would have been great even if it was a long shot given the type and amount of evidence needed for a conviction.

But Hansen showing up to his door and Smeg pissing his pants was a nice consolation.
Plus he's financially ruined.

No. 877630

A newfag/lurker who gets a screenie of a one (1) hour old comment and immediately runs here with it? That's not suspicious or weird

No. 877635

File: 1652850595280.png (Spoiler Image, 417.21 KB, 526x366, 6759457581.PNG)

He's trying to start rumors and get people talking. Remember during the Billie saga he had a couple of videos where he'd pretend he forgot to shut off the camera and have a private conversation with Lainey about her leaving. And "OOPSIES" that convo some how got past him editing the video and then uploaded.
This is also the man who would put up random girls names in the background of his videos when Cloey was born and people were having a good time speculating what they had named her. Magnetic letters on the fridge door, large stick-on letters on a bedroom wall or those hanging letter streamers spelling out some different girls name each time.
If someone pressed him about this "missing Laineybot" comment he'd eventually admit that he doesn't miss her because she's divorced him. He means he misses the Laineybot YouTube channel or some other stupid explanation. The way his mind works is fucking weird. Its all about how to get as much attention as possible no matter what kind of attention it is.

Never forget that Greg is the guy who when people became bored of him and no longer cared what he was doing no matter the controversy… started shoving dildos up his ass and doing ass to mouth with said dildos on OnlyFans.

No. 877638

The only way Footface will leave is if he finds a replacement and forces her to sign the divorce papers, which most likely won't happen since he doesn't want to pay child support

No. 877640


I was browsing yt and saw the comment, then decided to browse here because I haven't been on gossip sites for a long time. Nothing special or suspicious. Maybe he is just fishing to start a rumor. Was that Jackson vs Jackson court post bunk after all?

No. 877641

True but to be fair I think he did OF because he's a sex addict and that website is a cash cow. I do believe he fishes for attention simply to make income. Thats just the way of the professional troll.

No. 877648

I agree. The only way Lainey leaves the picture is if Greg wants her gone. There's a particular sequence that has to be followed.
Greg finds human Fleshlight® replacement and the relationships have to overlap. Greg cannot be single or without something to fuck for more than a couple of days.
Greg manipulates Lainey into signing the craziest postnup ever seen where she gets just the clothes on her back and maybe a Starbucks coffee mug "because everything else I paid for."
Greg works the courts and Lainey to get full custody of the kids then immediately turns them over to Crazy Tami to raise so he can live kid free with his new fuck toy.

No. 877649

I would say its bunk if she changed her name and still went with "Jackson" as the surname. >>876179 If there was a divorce looming Id think she would go back to Anderson.

No. 877722

I wonder what the hell happened that made Footface become so spineless. After the full body massage on Billie she was ready to leave him and take the kid with her, that shows she wasn't always a complete doormat. But Grease manipulated her to come back and he admitted in a video that he even cried to convince her, he probably threatened to commit suicide too like he did with Skye to make her stop collecting alimony

No. 877752

The girl from the KY Jelly Ruined My Life video that claims he groomed her at 14 reacted to Greg's video about her. She seems to have anxiety and nervous tics and is a little cringey because of that. But I like her, she made me smile a few times.

No. 877753

She looks like Sarah. Coincidence?

No. 877754

File: 1652915959845.png (535.94 KB, 707x431, 345456677.PNG)

Funny you say that. She brings up that some one in Onision's comments noticed that his victims all look alike and Greg gives a shrug and "meh".

No. 877756

I don't notice any anxiety from her or nervousness. What tics do you mean..?

Totally looks like Sarah

No. 877761

Sarah with Lames chin, Billie's eye makeup
She mentions it in the video and is constantly fiddling with her blouse and head

No. 877762

File: 1652920686549.jpeg (124.57 KB, 842x545, 6576DD70-F50E-4AA5-ABA2-3BD467…)

>What tics do you mean..?

>Sarah with Lames chin, Billie's eye makeup
That explains why she caught his eye while obsessively searching his name on TikTok. Who wants to bet he starts spamming her DM's.

No. 877792

and isn't it funny how desperate Greg is to bring up anything else except the issue at hand? her eyebrows, her shirt, her hair, her make-up please focus on anything else people.
No Greg. No. We are not playing your stupid little game: You were an adult, she was a minor, you groomed her. You are evil, you need to be in prison.
There is nothing else, grooming is bad, Greg is a pedophile, he needs to be in prison. Period.

No. 877795

File: 1652957862718.png (1.36 MB, 1334x750, 1543541656700.png)

Reminds me of when he did a reaction video about Strange Aeons review of his books. He's watching it and she's destroying him, he has no counter punch to anything she's saying and you can see he's getting upset at the little digs she's making about his writing ability and plot points. Five minutes in and he suddenly leaves and comes back wearing a shitty wig, hipster glasses and smeared lipstick. He looked more like Miranda Sings than Strange Aeons. For the remainder of his reaction video he just insults her appearance and mocks her voice.

No. 877796

if that yellow mucus on the dildo is what comes out of Greg during his ass 2 mouth videos then he should really see a doctor

No. 877806

narcissistic gaslighting 101
In the case of Strange Aeons it was downright immature and pure narcissistic rage. Like a toddler on a temper tantrum. "How dare you not like my drawing? I made iiiiiit!! waaah waaaah"
In the case of this girl >>877754 and lets not forget his many other accusers, that is not something you can just sweep under the rug or make light of by making stupid little comments about their appearance. Its dead serious, and would Greg have been an actual man he would have taken it very seriously.
Any man that would be as he claims "wrongfully accused" by someone of that would move heaven and earth to prove their innocence. They would be outraged and take it very seriously, instead of making stupid little videos about it. A real man would go to the police themselves and resolve the accusations.
We have seen nothing of the sort with Greg and Lainey, instead they hide in their house when Hansen came a knocking. Now if that doesn't scream guilty I don't know what does.
Man the fuck up Greg, you're not a stupid teenager anymore, you're almost 40.
You haven't become a man yet, and my guess is you never ever will.

No. 877809

^^ You seen the size of his dick too? He'll never be a man.

No. 877810

doesn't interest me at all, but i'm sure it is.
what annoys me about this is that she >>877752 gets defensive about gregs stupid little remarks about her appearance, because thats exactly what greg wants her to. its typical narcissism, "how dare you critique / accuse me of doing anything wrong? i'll make this about you so it is no longer about me." (and especially not about the accusations. Thus taking her down to his level, and making it safe for Greg.
All I have to say about anyone who's about to debate Greg or any narcissist like him:
do not let him / them do that.
stick with the accusations, tell them flat out that it's not about you but about them and how they wronged you.
thats the number 1 tip i'd give anybody about debating Greg or any narcissist. They will try to make it about you, attack you, your looks, whatever info they have about you. they will accuse you instead of whatever, don't let them. keep the subject on them, keep them in the spotlight and keep talking about them and what they did to you.
don't fall for their trap, don't fall for their gaslighting.

No. 877820

Wait wtf is that yellow stuff!?

No. 877821

Yet he got triggered when people made fun of his fucked up skin. He made an entire video being butthurt because some artist made a very unflattering (but accurate) drawing of him and he whined and cried because it was making fun of his "incurable skin disease". He mocks other people's appearance but the pussy can't stand when others do the same to him

No. 877825

What's hilarious is his "incurable skin disease" is fucking rosacea lmao.

No. 877827

Plus Greg gets outraged whenever they misgender spaceboi taylor. Then he's trying to pose as this "good boy ally" to feminism. Even making a video about if you're a woman and not a feminist you're "fucking stupid" like its a union of sorts. Posing as an SJW yet making fun of peoples appearance. Much like cancel culture he was oh so willing to throw Shane under the bus, but now that its him he's bawwling and cancel culture is no longer good.
Grasping hard at that Johnny Depp straw while nothing has really been proven yet, other than that they're both toxic as fuck.
On top of that our boy is a former airforce shitbird cop, and the law is oh so important to him, yet he won't go to the police himself for all these "false allegations."
He's willing to ride anything and claim to be on board with it, as long as it serves him. The minute it doesn't he changes his "principles" as much as we do our underwear.

No. 877829

Exactly lmao, hearing him talking you would think it's skin cancer or something like that, he's such a fucking pussy.
Not to mention rosacea does have treatments that can improve it, if the retard didn't spend all his money on expensive electronics and flying in teenagers for threesomes he could pay a dermatologist to treat his pepperoni face

No. 877851

He also made it worse by getting chemical peals kek he probably ignored the aesthetician's advice thinking he knew better.

No. 877931

And long hot showers

No. 877932

Yeah also for someone who made countless critique videos on women and children's bodies/weight he was extremely sensitive when that pay pig said he had a beer belly in person. He sulked about it for ages.

No. 877944


Greg is hanging on to this Johnny Depp thing so hard. But what does it have to do with anything? Was Johnny Depp accused of grooming? No, he wasn't.
But Nelson Mandela was innocent! And so I must be too!
Apples and oranges Greg.

No. 877947

And then his stupid little analogies that never make any god damn sense:
"and so amber heard, has a vagina.. right, guys? she has a vagina. and now johnny depp does not have access to that vagina right now, yet she cut off his finger tip with a broken beer bottle. and so now i been telling you all along that means i'm innocent. right, guys? right."
dude is trying to seek that validation day and night for his stupid no sense fucking analogies.

No. 877948

File: 1653140271967.jpg (149.19 KB, 2076x1062, greg.jpg)

No. 877963

I remember this "Tile of truth" people dubbed it, this stupid little tile and someone captured it in a video. Lainey had written all these positive things about Greg on it, it was quite dumb. But anyway one of the words she had written on it was intellectual.
If Greg is an intellectual, then so is Chris-chan.

No. 878000


No. 878008

He keeps saying he's innocent because he isn't in jail, not realizing that Sarah isn't in jail either. So by his own logic Sarah is innocent and all his accusations of her raping him are false. Fucking retard

No. 878043

"there's proving, and then there's knowing", jimmy

No. 878049

By the same logic, his father isn't guilty of anything Onion claims he's done either. The man was never in jail or even been to trial for what he claims.

No. 878077

awesome point.
i think i said it here before but he once said that if you subbed to OJ's twitter you must unsub from him since blablabla
well OJ was found innocent of the murder of his wife at the time too. so he must not have done it, right?

No. 878082

Even his boyfriend Nicholas DeOreo said the rape claim is ridiculous and no one believes it. McFly and Kaitlyn are probably the only retards who pretend they believe Sarah raped him, and it's just because they don't want to make their master angry. They know very well it's bullshit too.

No. 878097

File: 1653272892320.png (73.54 KB, 594x626, 3.PNG)

and fatboy-oreo also said that he saw the proof that lainey sent nudes to sarah.

No. 878100

File: 1653273519006.png (46.17 KB, 966x250, 87432.PNG)

Bye bye EGHQ.com So how many forums does this make, are we in the hundreds yet? My first question is did something illegal happen behind the scenes? He seems to dump his websites/forums when he done some shady shit and is afraid the feds may find out. Second question is who the fuck is donating to keep this shit alive? Or is it just the same type of lies he tells on Twitter.
>Thanks for all the compliments on my hair
>The support on my OnlyFans is crazy, and I cannot thank you enough

No. 878105

That carries about as much weight as Onion saying anything but OK. Glad he left it to the cops though. That turned out really solid.

No. 878106

File: 1653280436142.png (676.96 KB, 595x1151, 454688.PNG)

Now hes "Greggy Depp"
God I wish Kaitland would bring up Laineys name change. Sometimes I wonder if she's doing a long con.

No. 878112

If he wants to be like Johnny Depp so bad, he should sue his "abuser" Sarah like Johnny sued Amber. Oh I forgot he's broke and too much of a pussy to do that (also he knows he'd lose the case)

No. 878113

File: 1653282848418.jpeg (85.84 KB, 959x461, A15F760-DE9A-42E5-9C3A-415DC98…)


The name change is cringe but isn't a social media influencer suppose to get more than a dozen likes? Funny part is on the rare occasion he leaves his comments open all he gets is the usual "groomer" "pedo" remarks.

No. 878116


What makes you think he would sue the right Sarah?

No. 878180

File: 1653357964890.jpeg (140.54 KB, 828x304, C6B75B98-5B54-4116-9956-7C7767…)

This chick is calling Lolcow liars.

No. 878184

Chick sounds retarded. Was she drop on her head?

No. 878185

She sounds like Onision.

No. 878186

We shouldn’t make fun of people with Down syndrome. Onision husband/wife will cry.

No. 878187

Funny how this retarded wench called us”Liars” and “Clout chaser” does she know what we are?

No. 878188

Stupid Down syndrome bitch soon will see what Lolcow is about. Don’t fucking call us”liars” and “clout chasers”(take your meds)

No. 878189

This bitch deserves her own thread.

No. 878208

File: 1653369887706.png (30.71 KB, 395x294, rapestreamnewscows.PNG)

Taken from the other farms, but is this the embarrassing come back?

No. 878221

No. 878245

File: 1653424869819.png (564.47 KB, 720x900, ruskreg.png)

there's this russian sort of hype house, and theres this one guy in there who always reminds me of greg. (a young greg, though) to be fair i'm sure "russian greg" is a nice kid though.

No. 878256

Anyways since this thread went to shit already, I was wondering how Footface is dealing with having to work to support herself, her lazy husband and her special needs children. I wonder if she tried to down a whole bottle of antidepressants mixed with alcohol yet… after all she told Sarah once she'd rather die than get a job

No. 878264

It’s kind of funny that she used to be so smug about getting with a “rich famous YouTuber” and probably thought she’d never have to work, and yet here we are.

No. 878267

I remember she called herself a "trophy wife" on Twitter once (that was before she started pretending she was a boy) and even Grease made fun of her for that. For one trophy wives are supposed to be super hot and sexy, lmao

No. 878268

File: 1653460053784.png (423.38 KB, 1033x680, 659757657811.PNG)

I fell down a deep rabbit hole watching youtube videos about tiktokers faking mental illnesses. We all know how Lainey would jump on every social media trend as soon as it came out. Since there's no way to know what she's doing IRL since she's hiding online I cant say this will 100% certainty but Im almost positive that right this minute she's faking one or more illnesses. My bet is she's claiming to have tourette's and dissociative identity disorder (multiple personalities) The cherry on top would be if Lainey is running around that house telling Onision she has BPD. Oh the dreaded BPD!

No. 878412

I’m still fascinated to see where lainey ends up and how long she’s able to hold on. It’s sad that she’s said she’ll never go public with her experiences with Greg because im sure we’ve only seen a slice of things. She’s also probably never returning to the internet herself at this point. Tbh I’m surprised she was able to keep Greg off for so long.

Not related but in terms of legacy, why would lainey leave up “internet celebs I would date” with a thumbnail of her lovingly gazing at Billie and “onision was not loyal” with “cheat” in the thumbnail. Those are the top row out of the five remaining…

No. 878420


She literally breastfed for five years straight BY CHOICE, when it’s completely unnecessary to do so, she doesn’t get to bitch and moan about wanting to be a man. Fathers don’t breastfeed.

No. 878442

Honestly, Lainey was a broken person in the beginning and Greg just steamrolled her, giving her the rest and leaving her completely broken.

No. 878450

was she? she was a teenager. I think she'd be a normie if she'd never met him.

No. 878453

Taylor was Greg's simp, thats how the shit started.

She'd have to die for her to ever leave Greg.

No. 878454

nta but they're right. lainey was a teen (16 or 17 I don't remember) but she was 100% broken even before greg. There's an old post in the older threads about her ex bf being a rapist and how she was a rape apologist because of it. She's 100% a pickme/doormat and if she wasn't doing it with greg she'd be doing it with whatever guy she's with.

No. 878457

Sarah is broken too and even more so than Foot since Sarah's mother is a drunk who let her get abused by a family member, but she still managed to do the right thing and get the fuck out. There's no excuse for Footface, especially considering she has children and she subjects those children to hell just cause she doesn't wanna leave her "greek god"

No. 878459

oh no, I'm not saying she should be excused. She's just clearly a weak minded person who's both easily manipulated AND also probably a shitty person to begin with because she's so fame hungry. How she's still trying to have secret social media accounts is just one clue that she's itching to try again.

At this point I'm sure she doesn't ''love'' greg but is with him out of convenience and will fight to stay with him out of habit. It's easier to stay with the monster you know than the monster you don't. But I can bet you, if any youtuber that's semi famous/rich gives her attention, she'll gtfo greg for that guy right away. Sarah's even mentioned how often she talks about running away/leaving but obviously can't/wont both out of necessity and habit. It's like same situation as abused women in toxic relationships that fight other people about their relationship being ~soulmates~ while the guy drinks, cheats, lies and abuses her. Except we really shouldn't feel bad for lainey because she's been proven a shitty person far before greg.

No. 878461

Yeah, she even admitted she wanted to marry Shane Dawson and that emo guy whose name I always forget, and there were some screenshots from 2012 of her bragging to a friend that she was getting married to a "famous YouTuber. I always found it extremely ironic that Greg called Skye a golddigger even though when he married Skye he was still a nobody and had no money, if Skye is a golddigger then what does that make Taylor?

No. 878462

I honestly don't doubt that their marriage is going to end in divorce and the fallout will be ten times worse than all his previous, especially since lainey will get way more money than skye for a lot longer.

If she wasn't such a spineless piece of shit she'd see how much power she has over him because his biggest fear is paying alimony, and use that against him to get him to like, I dunno, treat her with basic respect? Or literally anything? Not saying that's the right or healthy thing to do but I'm surprised she's so clearly unaware how much she has over him.

No. 878464

I'm not sure that, at this point, she has any power over Greg.
She was the one getting caught for sending nudes to minors, not Greg. And Greg probably has a lot more dirt on her after living with her for so many years.

I don't know which of the girls said it, might have been Maya, but Greg apparently asks questions about traumatic events, only to use that knowlegde against people. If he does that to literal strangers, I'm convinced he knows Lainey inside and out.

No. 878465

it's true but I'm pretty sure one could argue that lainey was doing it for greg, or was a victim herself, or close to the under ages' age blah blah blah at least legally speaking, but you can't argue against alimony payments.

No. 878467


Lainey, by all accounts, was a normal teenager with a loving family. Her ex was shitty and a creeper (she was 14-15 and he was 17) and coerced her into sex or possibly raped her. Other than that, she had a sister she was close with, parents who were divorced by involved, and also a loving grandmother. She was an honors student involved with gymnastics and cheer at her school. Like all teenagers, she had cringe taste, so she liked YouTubers like Shane Dawson and Anus. She (un)luckily got one to notice her after she simped hard enough and was at the right place and the right time. Any of her or Anus’s attempts to claim her family was abusive are ludicrous. Your teenage bride’s father doesn’t like you? A 26 year old “entertainer”? Can’t imagine why.

No. 878474

She said in a video her ex leaked her underwear photos to the entire school BEFORE they started dating and she dated him anyway, so it's not like she didn't know he was a complete piece of shit, and even after he pressured her into sex she continued dating him for years and only broke up with him cause Onion started talking to her. I think she has an humiliation fetish and likes to be with men who treat her like trash, she's really fucked up in the head

No. 878476

I didnt see it mentioned in this dialogue about Lainey but I thought Id add a couple of events in her childhood and how it may have fucked her up in the head making her easy prey for Greg.
She said her step brother tried to fuck her and no one in her family believed her.
When she was in elementary school, her teacher molested her and a few other girls in class. It was whole big thing with her having to testify in court.

No. 878478

File: 1653721083249.jpg (45.75 KB, 384x603, Screenshot_20220523-210428_kin…)

Someone at KF uploaded a ss of "Lucas" showing off the addition she made to that horrible flower tattoo she got a while back. They say its a recent shot, she doesn't look more masculine than before.

No. 878481

uhm if you check the last post on that thread, the person that posted the screenshot on your post apologized because she/he found out it is from 2 years ago

No. 878484

Given how long we have not seen nor heard from Lainey, those are completely new to us.

No. 878485

well done on admitting to being new, stick to the facts.

always the same recycled shit here. She is hiding, and not gonna pop up on line if she knows what is good for her. Her reputation is dead.

No. 878487

I get your point, I really do.
It still doesn't really make sense to me that she lied to her family about going to university while she moved in with Greg behind their backs. Or why she let Greg humiliate her by cheating on her multiple times, and as the cherry on top, blamed her for it, yet she didn't feel like leaving him. She's visited her family multiple times, so there seems to be a connection there. Still she prefers to stay with Greg than return to her family. That's a telling sign.
Don't get me wrong, I don't want to imply Lainey's family is abusive in any way, shape or form, but it's pretty apparent that she's a lot closer to Greg than to her own family, even though he treats her the way he does.

No. 878491


She's stubborn that's why. She wants to prove to her family and everyone online that her marriage to Greg is one that's going to last forever.shes lazy and two kids deep, no one else is going to let her fuck around the way Greg does. So she puts up with him treating her like shit

No. 878503

File: 1653771656777.png (46.46 KB, 891x474, 76344.PNG)

What month were they married in? I know it was 2012 but Im unsure of the month. Could Lainey be waiting for the 10 year mark? I know there are certain state and federal laws that only get triggered once the 10 year mark of a marriage passes. Once you are 10 years and a day and THEN get divorced you get special terms.

No. 878504

>well done on admitting to being new, stick to the facts.
Wow you are butthurt by telling you they're new to us? Your reply doesn't even make any sense to what I said. New, to us. Learn 2 read and stop being fanny flustered about shit, just because you were wrong and someone points it out to you. And no I am not new, I've been following Greg since he was with Shiloh, so stfu.
And fuck you for actually making me explain it to you, but alez, thats how stupid you are.

No. 878534

They got married in November of 2012. God, it would be beautiful if Lame served him divorce papers on their 10 year wedding anniversary and got the fuck out.

No. 878543

I'm rooting for her tbh

No. 878558

it's been a while but i seem to remember the house being through some kind of trust (in the kids names maybe?) to stop the IRS getting it which would probably mean it was outside of the divorce assets?

No. 878562

Why? So she can laugh at you while sitting in their cold barn? Kek

No. 878565

rooting for her?
maybe in the first couple of years I could understand people cheering Lainey on to leave Greg and start her own life. But she is now just as bad as Greg. She's the one who sent nudes to underage girls and asked those same girls to send her photos in return. She's the one who brought a teenage girl into her home and allowed her husband to mentally abuse and eventually fuck in the ass, literally. Fuck that creepy bitch. The only reason Id be happy that she divorced Greg is for the grief it would bring Greg, not that it would make her life better. Another plus of a divorce is that the kids (especially Cloey) would be away from Greg.

No. 878577

Grease is broke now, and she's the one bringing in the money working with retards while he stays at home jerking off all day, so wouldn't that law work against her then? Plus you're putting too much faith into that doormat

No. 878590

Wasn't the money that Skye received after the divorce deemed to be income earned DURING the marriage that she was owed? So if Lainey can prove all the income Greg earned during the 10 years, then prove she helped in some way (helping with his channels etc.) but was not properly compensated she will be owed that "back pay" and he will have to pay her out over a period of time. Even if he's making minimum wage at the moment Onision will still have to pay her monthly until the debt is paid off.

No. 878597

"alimony as long as the spouse can pay"
gorg is making what, no more than minimum wage rn. If she were to ask for alimony it would be almost nothing(and you know onion would fight it anyway). she's screwed either way

No. 878599

All this talk of alimony. What makes any of you think that greg would ever allow her out of his sight. No, this will end in murder/suicide. He would never allow the real "truth" to come out of her mouth.

No. 878601

I don't doubt greg has it in him to fatally harm another person, he's clearly had fantasies about it. I don't think he'd ever off himself though. He's way too into himself.

No. 878603

He almost left her and Troy for Billie a few years ago though? It isn't so much about Greg allowing her leave, it's about her wanting to leave, which she doesn't. She admitted herself in a livestream a few years ago that he tried to divorce her several times but she just refused to let him do it

No. 878604

You're rooting for the woman who allows the males in her daughter's life to abuse her? The one who neglected her toddler daughter to serve her husband tater tots and let her fall out of a second story window? That woman? Please don't reproduce, anon. The world already has enough doormats.

No. 878605

I see what you mean, but Onion also hates not getting his way and most if all, consequences. He'd kill Lainey in a fit or self righteous rage but the instant he was about to get caught for it, he'd kill himself to avoid repercussions. If anything, I see him taking out the whole family, children included, to punish Lainey's family.

No. 878611

good, those two deserve eachother. greg petrified of having to pay alimony and both of them scared who's gonna rat on who first.
perfect outcome for the both of them, couldn't be happening to nicer people.

No. 878614

I just think that she has a chance of redeeming herself if she gets out of that marriage and has therapy.
Of course this doesn't apply to every bad person who was abused, but in her case she could've been a relatively normal person if the grooming didn't happen.

No. 878615

How did she just… not let him do it? Imagine all the dirt she has on him kek.

No. 878616


Laineythot said before that he would just scream and say he didn’t want to be married whenever they fought or argued, and she’d basically just roll her eyes and say, “That’s not how it works, we can’t just break up, we’re married”. I don’t think he ever actually served her divorce papers, even his shitty, fake ones he types up and prints out (and deluded himself into thinking are legally binding). The only time she seemed to take it seriously was when he was seriously leaving her for 18 year old Billie. Only when he saw all the backlash did he realize he cares more about his reputation and offered to come back, and spineless Thot eagerly took him back and has been smug ever since.

No. 878643

i agree with what youre saying but
>when he saw the backlash did he realize he cares more about his reputation and offered to come back
i recall that billie talked about this (after leaving onion) and she said she felt really guilty and like a home wrecker. she never got along with lainey but she pitied her cause of the kids. she originally said yes to becoming the new onionwife but got cold feet and begged onion to be in good terms with lainey. if it werent for this onion would probably be in his fifth marriage right now. he never cared about his reputation cause hes a narc who thinks he never does wrong.

No. 878658

>she felt really guilty and like a home wrecker
only after she had behaved in a very selfish way. also, since she got along well with greg (compared to the other victims - the bar is low), it makes me think that her personality is not that good. birds of a feather and all.

No. 878663


Greg considers his alimony payments to Skye to be like slavery so a second alimony check AND child support would assuredly drain his bank account. He probably didn't get a prenup because he's a fucking idiot with legal documents

No. 878674

prenups aren't worth shit. i think onion is likely to do a lowtax or maybe a chris watts if they go for divorce.

No. 878681

File: 1654004892907.png (593.83 KB, 720x900, rusgreg2.png)

i think that russian hypehouse greg looks exactly like young greg.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 878685

We're seriously going to call an 18 year-old being manipulated "selfish"? The power imbalance between them was insane, don't act like her decision making wasn't compromised on multiple fronts.
Can we please stop posting this irrelevant Russian normie?

No. 878690


According to Thot, she did sign a prenup. That being said, it’s almost certainly something Grot typed up himself, not anything legally binding whatsoever, but his freshly 18 year old bride didn’t know the difference. When it comes to Trot and Clot, there has to be some legality when it comes to child support, so he’s fucked either way.

No. 878693

coping, seething and dilating asides, doesn't he look exactly like greg?
I think he does.

No. 878695

NTA but I don't really see it and frankly I don't care

No. 878696

Maybe I should ask someone else then, I just need to have it acknowledged and then i'll stop bringing up Russian Greg.

No. 878710

You see a chance of the woman who groomed her underage ward, who was fine with her husband grooming her too and cheating and bringing all these young women around her children, redeemable? She is just as bad as Greg, power imbalance or not. She enjoyed ruining these girls' lives, and she has actively sought out underage/barely legal teens to groom for her husband. She belongs in jail and far away from any children.

Speaking of any sightings of her Lucas Spencer account?

No. 878841

NTA, but I would certainly call her actions selfish. She was 18 years old, and before entering the Grease Hovel, she was an adult capable of a rational thinking. Greg isn't Johnny Depp here, he had lots of haters and people calling him out with proof before she decided to accept his money, mid fame on youtube and join the thruple.

Why is everyone willing to call out Lainey when she wasn't much older than Billie? Yet if you call the Billie the tamest of insult, selfish - like she was, you trigger reactions like this? I won't defend the shit Greg pulled on Billie, but at the end of the day she was a classic homewrecker.

No. 878859

A lot of people don't deny Billie was a cow herself even before she got involved with Grease as she defended a literal child rapist who was arrested for sodomizing a young girl and then killed himself, but even she was smart enough to leave Grease and never come back even though he harassed her for years via email begging her to come back. Footface not only stayed with him but she also was complicit and helped him abuse young girls, they're very different

No. 878878

All of the others, maybe with the exception of Skye, who was the first and didn't have any information on Greg, were equally as blind as Lainey and they all had their fair share of problems as well. That includes Shiloh, Billie, Sam, Maya, Sarah and whoever else was there. Adrienne, however, was smart enough to abandon ship after two weeks, and so was Hannah Minx for ghosting Greg. It should also be noted that Maya and Sarah were actually drawn in by Lainey, not by Greg. Greg just couldn't accept being left out.
That's what makes Lainey unredeemable for me, she's in way too deep. At that point there was enough information on Greg accessible on the internet and people tried to get through to her multiple times. But not only did Lainey freely let Greg walk all over her, which ended in her having the boy with him as an unfit father, she also helped Greg lure in more girls from broken homes. Anon above me already said it, she's complicit. She sure enough started out as a victim, but now she's nothing more than an enabler.

No. 878880

In other news, decided to see what Shiloh’s been up to. She goes by gender-special pronouns now.

No. 878883

Haha I remember getting absolutely lynched on here after calling Billie a skank. I thought she was a skank then and I think she is a skank now. There isn't a major youtuber she hasn't slept with. When you're 18 and go to live with a couple to have sex with them, congratulations, you're a skank.
Meanwhile she's also doing onlyfans while putting buttplugs in her ass.
Tell me again how she isn't a skank.
Skank, skank, skank.
I just calls them as I sees them, hon.

No. 878891


greg put a white dildo in his ass for cash too. I'm failing to see how greg isn't a skank too. I guess sticking things in your ass makes you a skank? noted.

No. 878894

i dont think anyone is denying that greg is a raging slut. just type his name in xhamster and you can see his asshole, taint, balls and soles.

No. 878895

the whole onion ecosystem is all skanks all the time
except for Skye, maybe, because she and onion were both teens when they got together
but it’s skank city otherwise

No. 878906

File: 1654283074146.jpeg (989.25 KB, 960x1512, 7489D5EA-0ECD-448D-9E0E-1D8BB2…)

She also has a business in blinging out teeth.

No. 878924

Of course, Greg is also a skank and so is Lainey. However, it used to be that no one was allowed to say that Billie is a skank. Mind you, I have nothing against her, I just think she's a skank.

No. 878926

Who said he isn't a skank? Thinking the victims are not perfect angels doesn't mean we're on his side. Greg is a skank, Billie is a skank, Sarah with her clogged asshole after doing anal on Lainey's chair definitely is a skank. They're all skanks.

No. 878956

Know who else is a skank, gregs mother Tami. That bitch looks like she could suck start a Harley.(refuses to sage)

No. 878986

Greg's mother is an incestuous whore. There's a difference. She gave Greg full naked body massages (Greg told this himself in several videos) and most probably had sex with him.
Hence his proclivities for incest.

No. 878988


We should be friends. You just know some of those massages ended "happy" For both of them.

No. 879047

File: 1654386387197.jpeg (86.92 KB, 713x729, courts.wa.202081197-E1AA.jpeg)

I was snooping around old court records concerning Laineys name changes and found this from 2020. Greg and Lainey live in Pierce County and any legal action they took/take while living in their old swamp shack or the new cow barn will be in Pierce County District Court or Pierce County Superior Court as seen here >>876179 I know James Jackson is a very common name but I feel Troy Jackson is not. Since the court case was held in the same County they live in along with the unusual name means its highly possible this is their son.

Its a personal injury case. Did they allow another child to get hurt because of their inattentiveness? But this time it happened on someone else's property so they're trying to sue for damages. I'm unsure who A Street Associates LLC and Balli Road LLC are that they are suing but I can see how it probably played out. Lainey and Greg allowed Troy to wander off while they were in town, he got hurt on some commercial property and now they're looking for a payday in court because they cant fucking watch their kids or keep them out of mortal danger. I wonder how often their local hospital ER staff see those poor kids.

No. 879056


I am not a lawyer, but I don’t think a 5 or 6 year old child would be listed as a plaintiff in a civil case.

No. 879060

File: 1654392045071.jpg (88.93 KB, 689x787, courts.wa.XZ625515A-RC43.jpg)

Same here, I'm not a lawyer either. I was just putting it out there for someone more knowledgeable and with better detective skills to find out more or sniff out if its actually their son.

>I don’t think a 5 or 6 year old child would be listed as a plaintiff in a civil case

Again, I'm not a lawyer but both children were listed separately when Greg tried to sue Hansen. So it seems children are sometimes listed as plaintiff/petitioner in civil cases.

No. 879074

File: 1654409650634.png (512 KB, 614x671, comeback.PNG)

Greg reveals why he's been spamming Twitter with nonsense tweets every couple of hours and making shitty videos every day that can barely get 1k views. Its not his attempt at a comeback. No, that would be silly, he understands his reputation has been irreparably damaged and the public are lemmings that believed the lies. He's making videos on his Speaks channel because
>I'm really bored

I don't know what's worse, failed comeback or being bored. Did he really think he could make a comeback and then did a "JUST KIDDING!" when he saw that his tweets get one or two replies and those are usually from Anonymous Gene, and single digit likes. Plus his videos barely get 1k views, maybe 3k if he's lucky, and the comments seem suspiciously like bots or socks. Or is it worse that he's bored? A married man almost 40 with two children is "bored." Is he home all day with the kids while Lainey is out there wrangling tards?

Best part of the video is he says that if you want to speak to him you must be an adult, because if you're not over 18 he HATES you. Why does he have to bring up his dislike of underage kids every time he makes a video? The last time I heard someone go on and on about their hatred for a group of people was a televangelist that would pound his fist on his podium and scream about his hatred for "those demon inspired homosexuals and pedophiles." Fast forward 5 years and everyone found out that he was diddling the underage boys in his congregation during camping trips.

No. 879076

God he's ugly. Get a job greg.

No. 879086


>I'm really bored

Aka I'm not smart enough to find and get into a new hobby, so I'll just keep doing the same stuff I've been doing for decades now.

No. 879089

Advice about how to combat boredom:
>take a shower
>get a job
>talk to the kids
>read a book

No. 879112

Did he get bored of fucking Ryan's ass in the shower already? Time to find another substitute!

No. 879130

Game of Thrones ended 3 years ago, why is the retard using a photo of Daenerys as is profile picture now? He's always so out of touch with what is trendy, like the true old fart he's becoming

No. 879161

Same reason he's still on Death Note, Christopher Nolan's Joker and that Paranormies fuckboi brothers show from 80 years ago, he's an old man stuck in the past. He's almost 50, you know?

No. 879217

File: 1654561326375.png (1.13 MB, 1749x619, Onision Receipts Jun 6, 2022 (…)

Greg says there's no changing peoples minds about him but here he is in his most recent Speaks video releasing messages between Sarah and Lainey trying to show he's innocent of grooming and proving that Sarah is the one who raped him and apologized for it.

No. 879218

File: 1654562333576.png (1.22 MB, 1747x621, Onision Receipts Jun 6, 2022 (…)

He's learned to censor out phone numbers this time. But Greg stipulates that he'll show the original screenshots to the right person
>again there's that same number it can be uncensored for a high level social media influencer to confirm the authenticity it's the same person
What "high level social media influencer" is willing to associate with you Greg? The only one that still does interviews with you is Rape Stream News. And even now Craig knows your name doesn't have the same pull it used to and he has to put you on along side fellow lolcows like Foodiebeauty and then try to push a love connection between Greg and Chantal. Craig actually asked Greg if he would fuck Chantal or be willing to bring her into his "throuple" during that interview.

No. 879234

If he wants "justice" so bad he should get a lawyer and show those texts messages to a jury after suing the person who "defamed" him, or at least go to the police and report his "rape" but of course the pussy will never do that. Also no one gives a fuck about the Sarah drama anymore, no one's been giving a fuck about it for like a year now, and showing old ass screenshots he already showed before won't change anything. He'd have to find another victim to gain his 10 minutes of relevancy that he so desperately wants again, not bring up old shit.

No. 879235

How is that proof ^ that looks like shit he made up himself.

No. 879248

the fact that lainey was actualy worried she's a groomer and sarah reassuring her has me in TEARS. this man just keeps digging their own graves even deeper.

No. 879288

File: 1654584109862.jpeg (90.12 KB, 598x624, AuOOETbXIMKo.jpeg)

He's monetized his Twitter and is begging for donations to keep Forum #162 up and running. Who wants to bet the only one that puts a fiver in the hat is that autist Kaitlind. And its not name calling because she admitted to being a retard.
>KaitlindC 12h I actually have borderline Asperger's which affects my ability to socialize like a normal person. It's been hard for me to make a lot of friends because of my lack of social skills and sometimes I have a hard time communicating in certain ways which I feel makes me seem awkward lol.

No. 879296

lol why fund any of his pieces of shit when he shuts down that shit site in two weeks anyway? greg never sticks to any of his sites because he needs to shut them down after peddling his cp to keep the cops off his back

No. 879305

I wonder if he uses these websites to scam his retarded fans asking them for donations to keep the website up. It's odd he keeps deleting them and then making a new one so often, it's looks like he's just using them as an excuse to ask for money

No. 879309

Had that thought as well, especially since he can diguise his ulterior motives and hide behind "I wanted to create something great for us as a community! It's for you guys!"

No. 879312

Is the case already over with? Since he’s back to make “Sarah raped me!!!” allegations

No. 879319

>that fucking expression resumes his entire career in one image

Goddamn, he's aging old fast kek. Also, why is complaining that "he's bored"? Shouldn't he be buried in school work or did he quit/get kicked out and I missed it? Or should he be taking care of his devil spawns? Nope. Still in his coom cave trying to somehow make a comeback. He is chris-chan levels of dodging work and responsability.

No. 879337

We all know he doesn't give a fuck about his fans, and it wouldn't be the first time he commits fraud. I did some research and apparently what he's doing is illegal… It would suck if someone reported him…

No. 879358

File: 1654663441759.png (549.44 KB, 1439x641, Capture6720222215.PNG)

The e-begging continues
>OnlyFans model: OnlyFans.com/Onision - Bitcoin Me:Strike.me/OnisionDotCom - Tips: Venmo.com/Onision

If his Onlyfans was actually doing as well as he boasts he wouldn't need to jump on Strike.me and Venmo. What else is out there that he can try to scam money with? Is there a twink version of Sugarbabies Greg could try to join? Maybe another failed GoFundMe.

No. 879379

Exactly, slight power-level i've been a webmaster myself for over 20 years now and i've never asked my visitors for any donation. The fact that Greg just keeps changing the website what kind of content consistency do they get for their payment exactly? A place to talk? Oh sorry, changed the url again all your posts and DM's are gone. Oop, changed it again you guys, message me for a cool avatar.
What kind of shit is that? Really?

No. 879380

He must have the most dedicated fans ever because I seen website visitors flip the fuck out for far less, like changing the theme or closing down a section. Say they close down /w/ here in example or /meta/ watch people freak the hell out and yell at the staff. You'd be amazed.

No. 879394

> musician
> author
> web designer
the delusion kek

No. 879403

His only remaining fans are Kaitlyn and McRetard. Even if they were bothered by the changes they definitely wouldn't complain to him since they're scared of making their master angry and him not wanting to talk to them anymore. That's the same reason why they pretend they believe Sarah raped him. We all saw how pissed off he got at PoopBeck when she offered to fix the grammatical errors in his shitty books.

No. 879404

Its funny because when you hear the word Simp usually you picture a scrote in your head wearing a fedora and sucking on a vape. But when you look at people like you mentioned, McRetard and Kaitlyn the hard reality hits that women can be simps too.
I always think personally that being a Simp is also a mental disorder, its just not been analyzed yet in psychiatry. It might even be the worlds first Internet related mental disorder.
When you look at the amount of money Simps spend on their idols, and how Tamara even went as far as to live on dog food just to give Greg money, you tell me: is being a simp is not a mental disorder?
I'd say that it is.

No. 879417

File: 1654716127693.png (386.66 KB, 597x479, 8676555.PNG)

So he's sexting for cash?
Who wants to take bets that Greg ends up on Chaturbate before the end of the year?

No. 879420

File: 1654718142450.png (374.38 KB, 734x412, U0OTM2MTMzMjQ.png)

>and how Tamara even went as far as to live on dog food just to give Greg money

You have your Onision Lore mixed up. Tamara fucked dogs. It was PoopBeck that ate dog biscuits because paying for Greg's Patreon was a higher priority than buying groceries.

No. 879468

>if you're not over 18 he HATES you
Footface was under 18 when he started fucking her, does that mean he "hated" her while he was pounding her underage pussy behind her parents back? The way this retard contradicts himself is amazing

No. 879479

oh shit, forgive me. sometimes I get stuff mixed up in my head, its easy to see where I went wrong though right with the whole dogfood / dogfucking thing? plus they're both equally retarded.

who the hell in their right mind would pay to sext with someone? let alone greg of all people? its like cameo all over again where Greg tried to charge people a 1000 bucks for a shit video. i swear to god him and foot are about a stones throw away from becoming rentbois.

No. 879491

Probably trying to monitize his haters again. If he can’t make YouTube money from people hate watching him anymore, maybe some small percentage will pay to send him hate or call him a groomer directly. I hope no one falls for it, he doesn’t care and just wants to make money and feel smart about taking money from people that hate him.

He killed his real revenue with stopping the circus of rotating new/camera-loving girls through his house. If he hadn’t been gross and crossed the line with Sarah, or even had chosen Billie over Lainey way back in the day he would be making money on YouTube videos still and probably some from “collabing” with girls on OF. Thank god for so many reasons that didn’t happen.

Lainey will refuse to come back on which is probably smart for her but boring and without chaos around him, he’s unwatchable.

No. 879517

He should have noticed by now he's boring and uninteresting as fuck by himself, all the relevancy he gained throughout the years came from the scandals that involved him abusing girls, without the scandals he'd be even more irrelevant than he is. I'm surprised he didn't accuse "Ryan" of raping him and Footface yet to start the Sarah shitshow all over again and get the same attention he got, with big YouTubers making videos about him and stuff.

No. 879521

File: 1654827725752.png (39.56 KB, 664x241, Screen Shot 2022-06-10 at 12.1…)

what is she majoring in?(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 879599

That reminds me, Greg mentions that he's bored here >>879074 but didn't he sign up for a college or something? Did he drop out already? How can he be bored when he should be studying?

No. 879603

File: 1654861012919.png (7.5 KB, 256x256, onisionlaineybot.png)

"onision and laineybot" by a creepy AI, felt it was too good not to share.

No. 879619

Good for her, I bet this will make Grease and Footface mad. Btw I think it's funny how Grease tried to destroy her life by accusing her of rape but she's doing 100x times better in life than he is

No. 879635


* a rape Onision never officially reported.

Making him a rape apologist.

No. 879638

Mr. 2.3 GPA is probably enrolled in an online class with minimal work

No. 879644

File: 1654886422225.jpg (3.06 MB, 3021x3954, GPA.jpg)


No. 879752

File: 1654931315467.png (295.59 KB, 585x533, 9086764766.PNG)

>Probably trying to monetize his haters again
You hit the nail on the head. Now he's hoping to get a fiver here and there just to have people he previously blocked come back and hate tweet him.

Speaking of his Twitter. Has anyone noticed he's sending out 3 or 4 word replies to random people. >I love this meme.
>Wonderful advice, very smart.
>Not today. Bravo.
He's replying to rando's almost every minute. I counted over 40 short tweets in one hour. Is he that bored? This must be a bot he's using and it has to be for some kind of financial gain. Like you get a nickel a tweet or something.

No. 879777

I hope it is a bot, knowing him he set it up tardedly and it will end up costing him his precious checkmark twitter account.

No. 879783

If they're blocked on Twitter how are they gonna see this tweet? Fucking retard

No. 879807

I'll give him $5.00 to unblock Chris Hansen

No. 879827

File: 1654991814632.png (590.45 KB, 998x471, 8688GF45-876GPL.PNG)

He just added this to his "book-online, schedule an appointment" page on his forum.
Is it that he cant find a job because of his reputation or he isn't willing to join the workforce because its beneath him to rub elbows with the great unwashed.

No. 879836

how long before you think he'll figure out no one is paying him money?

No. 879860

Just give it to Chris, he needs it as much as Grug.

To call him a retard is doing a dis-service to actual people with mental disabilities.

No. 879870

oh come on guys, 50 bucks to join him in his hugbox with his 2 remaining fans is a bargain! seriously, who the fuck does Greg think he is? "I'm the banana guy, guys! i was on tosh.O once!"
What a fuckhead.
Get a job, Greg.
If Lainey where to leave right now, it would be the perfect timing. Then he'd have to pretty much get a job, or become Andy Dicks rentboi. Oh wait, Andy Dick hates him now, I forgot. Well, someones rentboi. Although he's too old for that, too.

No. 879874

I think he forgot no one gives a fuck about him when there isn't a barely legal girl accusing him of abuse. I already said he'd have to find another dumb slut - i mean, victim if he wants some relevancy again

No. 879877

At this point he should just start offering blowjobs at truck stops or alleyways for 5 dollars, or even better make Footface do it for him since she has a lot of experience already by sucking his greasy dick for years. He'd be more successful in getting money that way than begging online

No. 879889


Obviously you don't follow Chris Hansen. Must be a dramatuber simp.

No. 879904

Almost all those photos he chose are old as fuck, only the first one seems to have been taken less than 10 years ago. He's so self conscious about getting old and uglier, it's hilarious

No. 879925

Chris Scamson is a degenerate too, give up the simping for the has-been. He took his money and ran. Him and his bitch Gene sure helped those girls.

It is hilarious watching him deny that he ages. Forever living in the past. It is a joy to watch him fade into irrelevancy.

No. 879928

>It is hilarious watching him deny that he ages. Forever living in the past. It is a joy to watch him fade into irrelevancy.
Or how about him denying he's a narcissist? Then again his primitive cerebrum doesn't fully understand what a narcissist is (2.19 GPA, our very own "intellectual", according to him and Taylor) other than "someone liking themselves."
He's a text book narcissist. Just look it up, he even scores in the highest grade of narcissism since he wanted to start his own cult, thats about as narcissistic as someone can get. There is no higher grade narcissism than what Greg has. Yet he can't admit to it which ironically also fits exactly in to what a narcissist is. They will never ever admit to it, nor will they ever see a therapist. After all, Greg knows everything!

No. 879950


You are obsessed with a 3rd rate character in this story. Just tell me where Gene touched you.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 879968

Observant, not obsessive. Remember how he is a laughing stock that has dozens of accounts?
Also, learn to sage, newbie.

Narcissism always fascinated me on an observant level. His whole life is a trash fire on every level yet he sees it going along perfectly, no problems. Dude has been outted for grooming, tax evasion, and destroying wetlands. He has had to downgrade twice now on his properties and lost his money form YouTube. Yet here he is still going. How he has not unlived I will never understand.

No. 879970

>he sees it going along perfectly
I don't think he does. He knows his life's fucked. His fucking waterbrain just can't take responsibility for it.

He's a harmless, defenceless victim in his mind. It's absolutely fucking astonishing listening to him doing mental gymnastics to get himself out of having to apologise for things or right his wrongs.

No. 879976

What are his accounts?

No. 879996

That amazes me too, he just keeps on trucking somehow. I seen people leave the internet forever for a whole lot less. I think he's one of those people he can't stay away. He has told Youtube and Twitter goodbye god knows how many times, yet he can't resist. He has to come back. Now if that isn't narcissism at its finest I don't know what is.

No. 879997

Chris Hansen promised us Greg and Lainey where going to prison and it hasn't happened. People are going to bring him up, specially considering Hansen put out a 3 part documentary on Discovery+ about it.
Personally I don't understand why Hansen never just did a sting on them, had he done that quietly he could have had them already.

No. 880005

Some sperg accounts that he makes. He begs for attention but nobody cares. Scamson bailed but he is still failing like a true autistic.

Sometimes I wonder if he has ever thought about actually staying offline, but he did try online schooling but by all accounts he was laughed at for that. He must be desperate for some sort of narc attention if he cannot stay away from his dead accounts, YouTube, Twitter etc. Currently offering to unblock people for $5. Desperate on a whole new level.

No. 880022

I think it's a mix of his nacissism and him not being able to let go of the lick of success he had in the past because of his ex-wife.
And I guess he's also found out by now that he's not educated enough to get a regular, somewhat well-paying job.

No. 880024

File: 1655146475751.png (27.6 KB, 615x219, 6758546.PNG)

>does a new photo shoot for his OnlyFans
>hours later he's stuck on the toilet constipated

Looks like he's shoving dildos up his ass again and packed his fudge. Sad thing is the only ones subbing to his OF are creepy old homos like wjreulback/Billabonic. I hope these geriatric faggots keep pushing him to go bigger and more extreme and Greg ends up with a blown out rosebud and wearing diapers for life.

No. 880028

To be fair Grease and Foot not being in jail isn't completely Chris fault. The Pierce County police is a joke (they basically let Josh Powell murder his kids) and the FBI is being sued by dozens of victims of sexual abuse because they botched an investigation and let an abuser free to continue abusing nearly 100 girls (that's proof they don't take that type of case very seriously). I'm hopeful that after this FBI lawsuit some changes are going to be made, they will start taking investigations more seriously and finally put in prison a certain groomer who sent photos of her saggy tits and pussy to a minor, because that definitely is against the law

No. 880030

File: 1655149359097.jpg (82.5 KB, 680x680, f5753870a40ccef114a6cb88e7f485…)

No. 880040

I hope he ends up like the Mr Hands guy

No. 880046

File: 1655155374320.jpeg (67.88 KB, 615x432, 8182C78-E497-4133-AA6C-8BFD8C.…)

I've never understood why he proudly boasted that he hasn't read a book since high school. Are we suppose to believe he's flipping through text books on human behavior now? At most he may be binging youtube videos about human psychology in some failed attempt to better himself or figure out a better game plan to groom some new little girls.

No. 880049

This is so embarrassing, at almost 40.
Maybe he will learn that he's fucked in the head from one of those books.

No. 880058

Elisa Jordana the gold-digger that was trying to scam as much cash and clout from Andy Dick before he OD'd for the final time, was talking about Onision to her friends on stream. She still thinks Greg is "a great guy" but she admits its wrong that he's fucking underage girls. Her excuse for Greg is the girls are throwing themselves at him. And when a 16 year old girl is throwing herself at a 30 year old man there's no other option than to fuck her. The main reason I bring this clip up is that it may show why Elisa is such a champion for Onision. At the end of the video Elisa admits she understands Greg's plight because she used to get wet for some TikTok dancer, then she realized he was still in high school. Pedo's of a feather, groom together.

No. 880072

File: 1655164981920.jpg (198.42 KB, 887x1259, 4re376y7u8uu.jpg)

That incurable skin disease seems to be getting worse.

No. 880136

Harrowing. I want to shave his eyebrows off

No. 880157

It must be hell for him to actually look into a mirror and see that looking back at him. No amount of make-up/filters will let him forget that he is a grotesque goblin. It seems to be getting worse with age and that is hilarious.

She has to be some kind of covert- pedo. Even Andy Dick as vile as he is called out Grug for being a groomer. The mental gymnastics it takes to defend Grug should be an Olympic sport.

No. 880187

he does the exact opposite of everything advised for rosacea, from taking long hot showers to doing home skin peels to not wearing sunblock to eating nothing but sugar and carbs
ODD is a helluva drug

No. 880188

Footface ruined her life because of THAT, lmao. Imagine ruining your entire life and future because of a guy who looks like a pepperoni pizza except more greasy, ew

No. 880194

File: 1655232510138.jpg (157.35 KB, 720x502, IMG_20220614_193919.jpg)

Considering how much he bleats on about other people's hygiene, he really is the most hideous creature inside and out. his teeth look like they have years of fucking cheese on them, and oh god his pube brows. The one hanging over his eye…
How a man this gross ever thought he had the authority to judge the appearance of others is beyond me

No. 880200

Lmao, you know when guys get old and their eyebrows, nose hairs and ear hairs get super long? Grease is exactly like that. That hair is like 2 inches long

No. 880245

File: 1655263931337.png (166.79 KB, 913x668, DB82C74-9B69EAFF-9FC3-41AC-CB6…)

Are we suppose to believe that all those ratty wigs ARENT sitting in a dusty box in his cum cave? I doubt he threw anything away and wants his fans to buy new wigs and costumes so he can turn around and sell it on whatever online site he uses to sell all his used tech. This is truly desperation. He must be hurting for money.

No. 880275

Has he taken any pics of his asshole yet?

No. 880283

I'd expect him to go "gay for pay" with old geriatric fucks given only old queers are willing to follow his OnlyFans at his point. Nobody wants an old queen either. He's probably tired of getting pegged by the uwu space prince since Shane Dawson turned him down and wants to move onto bigger and "better" things.

No. 880298

Remember, the poor boi can't afford chemical peels and Botox anymore

No. 880316

do you mean recently or ever? cause not sure about the former but i've seen way more of onision's asshole then I ever thought I would or ever wanted

No. 880322

File: 1655376268224.jpg (19.66 KB, 275x275, 1485492754535.jpg)

That reminds me, lets all make fun of Greg's fake 1000 yard stare again, he liked to pose in pictures. The manchild never seen combat and only ever guarded a fence in Korea like the shitbird he was and only got married so he could live off of the base and even that was too much for him.
Stripped naked in front of his CO and cried btw.

No. 880338

Lol, he said being in the military made him depressed and he tried to kill himself because of it. Guarding a fence is such a hard and traumatic work, poor Gwegoowy.

No. 880388

>Stripped naked in front of his CO and cried btw.
I didn't know that lol. What's the full story?

No. 880396

iirc he claimed to be doing a SERE course (Survive Evade Resist Escape) which is taught to pilots in the event they are shot down behind enemy lines. Supposedly he was required to slaughter a rabbit as part of the "Living off the Land" section. He refused to kill the rabbit, and then stripped off to prove he was "human, not a robot". Because we all know robots eat rabbits.
Then claimed Conscientious Objector status and cried. Was very briefly put in a cell. Then quickly drummed out of the service with a General Discharge Under Honorable Conditions (NOT an Honorable Discharge). And THAT is Grub's version of the story.

Various military sorts have appeared in interviews on YT claiming that it can't have gone down like that because useless shitbird gate guards aren't given SERE training.

Not sure what the definitive truth is.

No. 880411

I just spent the last half hour trying to find a video he made telling a totally different story about the stripping down naked incident. I couldn't find it but Ill try to give a brief rundown of what I remember.

He was told to clean the barrack by a commanding officer. Another CO told him not to clean it but because Greg felt first CO was a higher ranking he followed his instructions and started cleaning the barracks. The second CO got pissed and wrote Greg up for insubordination, when Greg was brought in front of his superiors about this whole incident he went mental and stripped down and was put in the brig for a few hours and then let out to eat lunch was not put back in.

Does anyone else remember this story? It seemed like Greg felt he had the choice of who to listen to and when he realized he was going to get in trouble for it and there was no way out of it he did what he always does, freaks out in some irrational way.

No. 880439

File: 1655446453514.png (689.22 KB, 853x489, 87674533.PNG)

I found the video. The story about him stripping naked starts at 7:15.

So the the timeline I would say is this
>refuses to skin a rabbit in SERE
>tries to get Conscientious Objector status so he can get out of the Air Force
>tells his superiors he is depressed and had attempted suicide with his service weapon
>is put in Relieved Of Duty Squad until they can kick him out for good.
and while he was in this Relieved Of Duty Squad is when he went mental and stripped down in front of his superiors because he didn't want to clean other airmans posts and was going to get a letter of reprimand.

It's funny that the final straw that broke Onision is basically the same as some kid telling his mom he's not going to clean his room because dad told him he didn't have to clean his room and dad is the head of the household.

No. 880450

Also according to some sources he was diddling his superiors teenage daughter and that was one reason he was kicked out.

No. 880455

File: 1655469646421.jpg (57.32 KB, 400x400, tumblr_btw.jpg)

Our special boy stuck with fences too, remember the wetlands incident? He had to build a fence, and oh boy that fence sure was shitty! He even made a sign with what looks like crayola fucking magic markers.

Yeah they make you do that in the airforce, its either a rabbit or a chicken it depends on what they have available. The airforce is about as smooth sailing in the military as you can get, in some instances when you're somewhat important like say an Air traffic controller they even make your bed for you, no joke. (at least here, in my country, they do)
Its fine if you don't wanna kill an animal, lots of people can't including myself, but then hey guess what? maybe you shouldn't join the military, you jackass!

From what I always understood the bunny rabbit story was the true and honest version, then again, greg always lies so who knows. I do know he was shitcanned from the military for making that shitty youtube video pretending to be an actual soldier spouting horse shit about shit he literally never had to do himself, sporting that same fake 1000 yard stare and mimicing a really weird dance of his people.
he truly lucked out they discharged him somewhat honorably, if i had been his CO i woulda discharged him for rabid autism.

No. 880456

imagine what a dumb shit he truly is, because had he stuck with the airforce he could have made a really good career from that. the airforce is the best kind of military you can get in to with some of the best benefits out there for a jackass such as himself. of course that would mean putting in actual work though. and not fucking teenagers.

No. 880515

Yeah, Guy had it all while in the military; a paying job, a not-ugly wife with a personality, stable housing, no financial struggles because the military took care of their soldiers. This faggot really thought he hit the jackpot with his YouTube “career” lmao.

If he stayed in the chair force, he wouldn’t even have a thread here or kiwi farms and could’ve gone with his life in privacy like he wanted. He has himself to blame.

No. 880530

I wonder if he looks at the clusterfuck his life has become and regrets his life choices. Everyone thinks he's a creepy pedophile, is living in a depressing cowbarn that doesn't even have a bathtub, is jobless since with his reputation no one in hell would hire him, is stuck in a marriage with an ugly manwife who he hates, the list goes on…

No. 880570

Definitely, but with the exception that he blames erveryone else in this world for his downfall and paints himself as the.

No. 880582

I was thinking about this yesterday, consider Greg had not been like Greg right, mentally immature: He would have been on Youtube during the golden era same as he was now, making a ton of money while in the airforce. He would have invested his money wisely while making a career in the airforce. He could have been long since retired from youtube right now happily married to his wife Skye and being a respectable member of the airforce with a good career and no toddlers falling out of windows or people accusing him of shit. No Discovery+ documentaries, and fans thinking about you fondly from back in the day when you were a youtuber.
However, all that is not the case. Greg done goof'd and is now a lolcow with a mounting debt and a confused footwife.

No. 880604

Regret implies you apply some kind of agency to your own actions to the results. Greg is a narc, so nothing is his fault.

No. 880651

That's a very good point, to Greg everything is always someone else their fault.

No. 880652

Also, Greg reminds me of Robert Downey Jr. in Tropic Thunder in that image and God I hope he's narcissistic enough to google that one.

No. 880657

Hm, don't know why the word got scrapped. Sorry for that.

No. 880675

It's a mystery how he still has people around who support him financially. Every person in their right mind would have gotten by now that you can't buy friendship and looked for some real friends who are actually interested in them.

No. 880696

For someone who wants to be seen as a bloke they sure do keep getting ‘cute’ ‘feminine” tattoos

No. 880705

Nothing will ever beat Gurg's DoNOtENGaGe tattoo

No. 880715

They put that sort of tattoo on ped0philes is prison, seems greg got his early.

No. 880716

All her tattoos are ugly as fuck too. She was trying so hard to copy Billie's tattoos, but like everything else she tried to copy from Billie, they came out looking like a joke.

No. 880776

This. That tattoo is the single worst one I've ever seen. And you just know Greg has convinced himself that people who say it's bad are "just haters who are only saying it because they don't like him".(sage your shit)

No. 880968

that pic is 2 years out of date. my tinfoil is that footface has been on t for a while and ballooned up like some of them do and has a pube beard

No. 880979

That scared little bitch could never give herself the T shots. Did you see the video of her watching Ryan give herself shots. Lainey is freaking out the whole time she's recording it, grossed out about the needle going in. She's still larping as a high school boy. Changed her name to Lucas, cutting her hair short to attempt a butch look and buying her clothes in the junior boys section of Target. And that's all she will ever do. Mind you Id LOVE if she did something permanent like hormone therapy or surgery but that will never happen, she's to wishy-washy and anxious.

No. 880994

Kek she’s almost 30 and still larping as a barely legal twink.

No. 881075

It would be HILARIOUS if she went on T. Grease is disgusted by body hair and her clit on T would probably be much bigger than his deformed baby carrot, but he couldn't divorce her because of child support so he'd be forced to be with a super hairy chick with a giant clit for the rest of his life. Unfortunately that will never happen cause Foot is a coward though, makes me sad

No. 881322

This is exactly why I tinfoil that she's chemically transitioned. She's a coward, enough so that she won't leave him, or be seen with him in his current state of disgrace, but this would effectively keep Sex Pest Greggy off of her and bonus sterilization from the T! No more kids to neglect! Living the dream, Taylor Elaine

No. 881395

File: 1656509267908.png (63.01 KB, 952x467, 4585647.PNG)

This made me laugh. Are we really suppose to believe he was "a superior writer" and his teachers thought so highly of him they pushed him (without his request of course) into advanced classes. I've read his books and watched the numerous YT book reviews. The thousands upon thousands of typos and misspellings can be forgiven. But the grammatical errors and total lack of coherent storytelling shows he's a shit writer. The way he goes on and on about his teachers mustache and looking like Stalin makes me think its bullshit. Greg has said on many occasions that when someone tells a story and they have overly detailed descriptions about the incident it must mean they're being truthful. I've seen him do it before. He'll tell the story about how Sarah admitted to raping him TWICE and describe what color beanie she was wearing when she said it. Ohhh it was a maroon beanie, okay then that must mean you're telling the truth Greg.

No. 881398

The funny thing is, even if Greg completely made up that story, he really paints his teacher in a bad light, raising multiple questions about his general judgement.
So, no matter whether it's a fake story or not, under no circumstance does that statement flatter Greg in any way. kek

No. 881402

>Greg has said on many occasions that when someone tells a story and they have overly detailed descriptions about the incident it must mean they're being truthful.

Except the oposite is true.



No. 881413

>highly capable writer
>the now deceased Joseph Stalin

No. 881417

File: 1656518603818.png (931 KB, 952x960, ddd.png)


No. 881422

Is this a story about his teacher's likeness to Stalin or his great writing ability? And lol at this absolute retard thinking his high school life still applies. I had college writing abilities in grade school, but I'm not all that great at writing as an adult. Children that are behind in certain subjects usually catch up, but the same is true for over achievers. They usually slow down to their peer level. I mean that's IF water brain was telling the truth. American high school students write like shit, so I wouldn't be surprised if he had decent sentence structure and some teacher thought he was "advanced."

No. 881429

Here's how good a writer you really are, Greg:
"to the now deceased Joseph Stalin" would imply that when you had this teacher, Stalin was still alive. Stalin died in 1953, Greg. Bravo, Greg. Bravo.

No. 881435

ESL and this took me out too. Maybe Greggums is a time traveling pedo, like in that one novel.

No. 881454

I don't think she'd want to keep him off her, remember that the smug cunt used to fluant her giant hickies was was proud of them.
She enjoyed immensely being his cumrag, and I don't think that changed

No. 881466

Is this guy really flexing is 2.19 GPA?

No. 881469

Lol he's such a superior writer that even one of his most loyal ass-kissers PoopBeck, who was eating dog food in order to have enough money to support him, pointed out the grammar mistakes in his shitty books

No. 881470

Yeah cause the opinion of a guy who compared himself to a dictator who starved millions of people to death totally should be taken seriously (if that story is even true, which I doubt)

No. 881480

>> 881466

Yes special education students are smarter. much.

No. 881481

Grammar mistakes wouldn't even be that big of a problem if he was an actual good novelist, but he isn't. I've seen writers before who have shitty grammar but write wonderful novels, simply using spell-check and having their works proof read.
Greg however is writing about "aliens who look like agent smith but with a bigger head" (almost literal quote from memory, and yes i've actually read his stupid hit) and thats just God awful writing. He's such a shitty writer that he even gets his edgelord OC's name wrong and sometimes writes "Greg" by accident. Thats how awful a writer he is. His stories are stupid, edgy tween shit, yet even worse than "my immortal" which was at least entertaining at a comedic level.
Greg's "talent for writing", much like all his "other talents" leave much, much to be desired.

No. 881482

To give you just one example: Mark "Chopper" Read. An Australian inmate and general terrible person who was dyslexic, made tons of grammar mistakes and spend most of his life in prison turned out to be a great writer who mostly drew from his own experiences as a criminal. Yet grammar wise he couldn't write for shit, no education even admitted to that himself had no issues with that, yet many of his books became best selling novels, because he told a good story, unlike Greg.

No. 881797

File: 1656806883657.jpg (131.3 KB, 386x502, da_bibby.jpg)


No. 882081

File: 1656980320370.png (26.95 KB, 753x444, 392765344.PNG)

Since its fourth of July I wonder if he was setting of M80's and fucked up his hearing because he wasn't far enough away from the blast. The upside is it will hopefully curb his return to making his horrible music. Now we just need him to go blind to stop him from making videos and writing books.

No. 882121

Thank you for confirming this about Taylor. It's good to know this cowardly predator still isn't getting a pass and no one has forgotten she's as creepy as her delusional husband.

My nightmare is she comes back like nothing was ever wrong and gets ahold of an even younger demographic who doesn't know about her yet.

My comment probably should've been saged, but it continued to time out while attempting to do so.

No. 882124

sounds more fucked than just noise damage. could be rare covid complication or similar

No. 882131

Good. I hope he feels like shit.

No. 882151

She'll never come back to the public eye. She didn't want to be "YT famous" she was fine riding Greg's coattails. The only reason she made her own channel and patreon is because Greg pressured her. She'll never brag about the "Onision/Laineybot" name ever again. The days of boasting "I'm famous on the internet" when meeting people is long gone. What I do fear is her trolling for little girls on other sites behind the scenes. I mean look at Sarah and Regina. No one really knew about them in the very beginning. She kept them hush hush, her dirty little secret. With Lainey keeping her private life truly private and not slipping up by showing or saying something online its harder to figure out if she's trying to groom another girl. I can see her lurking around some trans forum looking for young meat. Trying to be a mentor to some confused girl who's attempting to transition, offering to move the girl into their home because the girls parents don't understand her wanting to become FtM and letting Greg once again manipulate everyone and talk his way into fucking a new little girl.

Luckily there are some dedicated people that keep an eye out. The twitter person that figured out fakeboi Ryan was living with them for months. The farmer that figured out she had changed her name to Lucas to hide her reputation. Lainey should understand that she's never really going to be out of the public eye. As long as she and Greg continue to do sketchy shit, the watchers will expose it.

No. 882153

File: 1657031215613.jpeg (93.75 KB, 781x374, 15DCF60-DE9A-42E5-9C3A-15F5F.j…)

I thought the same thing. Hearing loss because of repeated loud noise like him wearing headphones while editing and cranking the volume up would take time and it wouldn't be this sudden "what the fuck happened?" Having fireworks go off would cause ringing and muffled sound for a day but usually goes away soon after. Even if its not COVID related this sounds like a serious issue that he's been dealing with for days. Knowing Greg he wont go to the hospital he'll try to fix it himself. Just like how he attempted to drain an abscess he had on his upper eyelid by sticking a needle into it. Watch any recent video and you can see one eye is slightly droopy with a little bump still visible and it will probably look like that forever because of Dr. Onision.

No. 882168

Do we know if Greg's Spotify is still monetised? He still gets quite a few streams every month thanks to Spotify algorithms.

25k listeners a month comes to about $250. Greg's on over 6x that (although I think returns diminish the more listeners you have). It's still not much, but GOD I'd love to see it stamped out.

No. 882197

*Greg's dirty little secret. Lainey isn't into women, she did it because Greg pressured her. The only reason she would groom another girl is to dump the kids on them and make them do housework.

No. 882207

That, and she enjoys seeing girls getting humiliated cause she hates other females. That's one of the reasons why she baited the girls into going to their house and then left them to be destroyed psychologically by Grease, the sick fuck enjoys it and feels superior when her "Greek god" is humiliating other girls, especially if they are prettier and younger than her (which is always the case). She's a bitter, jealous cunt

No. 882269

Not trying to wk Greg but sudden complications from headphones or loud noise that don't go away can happen and doctors can't really do much other than give Prednisone at the hospital and hope it goes away. If you damage your hearing you're kind of fucked

No. 882352

And let's hope his deformed dick stops working too so he'll stop wanting to fuck little girls

No. 882353

Maybe he's pretending he's going def just so he can get disability benefits. He was trying to get benefits from the military cause he's "depressed", he's probably trying to pull the same shit again

No. 882408

you generally can’t get disability for hearing loss in the US, deaf people can do most jobs and there are agencies that help them find work

No. 882423

Grifting pitty pennies from his remaining two fans. I see.

No. 882428

If that's even true, how ironic that a guy who hates disabled people is now showing signs of a disability himself. First his daughter became disabled from falling off the window, now this. Karma is coming HARD for him

No. 882627

Onision is going on Captain Content's RV:


No. 882629

Onision confirmed for RV

No. 882654

Not in a million years do I believe that captain will leave southern California. If Greg would go to them then I will believe this. Imagine the hate donos.

No. 882656

I assume he'll chicken out, however Elisha seems to be his lure.

No. 882661

File: 1657325821607.jpg (762.74 KB, 1536x2048, KAF_Newsletter9~2.jpg)

From the Kermit and Friends server.
Maybe Goo will return and harass Onision.

No. 882696

I have no idea what this shitty show is even about but we for sure can expect Grease to accuse Sarah of "rape" for 2 hours straight as he usually does. I hope he slips up and reveals something incriminating about himself and Foot.

No. 882720

It's IP2 and its a very deep rabbit hole, I suggest you look in to it. It got started years ago because of Ice Poseidon and live streaming. Just google for things like "IP2 always wins", I been watching the stuff now for over a year and its unreal. There's so much to tell, but trust me Onision will fit right in there.

If Goo ends up boning Onision it will be hilarious.

No. 882732

File: 1657379683411.png (83.57 KB, 770x474, 74681.PNG)

I really hope Greg hooks up with these freaks and spends a week traveling around the PNW in a smelly RV. The only reason I kinda know about these people is because Andy Dick got arrested for rape because he was hanging with this group. These people seem to be heavy drug users and mentally unstable. And they dont fuck around. They dont go on Twitter and YouTube crying to their fans that they got assaulted and try to get someone cancelled with hashtags and "social justice." No, they actually fucking call the police and get people arrested. Id love to see Greg spending a little too much time with one of these weirdos and getting accused of rape because they passed out (after shooting up or drinking too much) and woke up with lube in their asscrack and Greg was the last person they were around so it must of been Onision who diddled them. Please let this happen.

No. 882746

I'm ready for the cx effect on Greg. Things can get worse and it will be glorious content.

No. 882747

I hope they set him up to be arrested like they did with Andy Dick lmao. Andy is obviously no saint but all that rape and arrest shit seemed to be a setup for content, they seem to do literally anything for content and views

No. 882750

I hope Goocheese accuses him of rape, she does kinda look like a teenager after all…

No. 882755

Yup, and i kinda forgot to give this warning when i mentioned IP2, but seriously, heed this warning: do NOT get involved with IP2 in any way, shape or form. Trust me on this, do not post on their communities forum or other message boards. And if you do not heed my warning remember to never ever give them ANY private detail about yourself, do NOT become a streamer yourself.
Sure, you can just do the opposite, but remember I warned you. These are a people that make 4chan and kiwifarms look like they Disney forums. They're like Encyclopedia Dramatica times a billion and they destroy anybody they come in contact with.
This is not an exaggeration, again, you can ignore my warnings about them and maybe even feel i'm being over dramatic but I sincerely pray you don't need to have to find out for yourself exactly what they are. People have literally died on IP2, lost their kids and had their life completely and utterly destroyed. More so even than with 4chan or ED.
If you do decide to interact lurk for as long as you can, learn every inch of it, and mostly hang back. Thank me later.

No. 882795

It's really not that serious.

No. 882803

No. 882809

I wasn't planning to do that

No. 882817

Is that you Royal Black?
Have you hooked up with any other pedo boyfriends that abuse your kids?(hi cow)

No. 882866

And the way off award for 2022 goes to you! Since when the fuck did Royal Black ever involve herself with IP2? In fact you are talking to the one posted that who also happens to be the one responsible for first exposing Royal Black. But go ahead, say some more retarded shit lel.

No. 882946

Sorry for posting off topic, but does Royal Black have a thread here? Would be lovely.

No. 883005

That dumb bitch thinks Onision still has a lot of fans. This isn't 2012 anymore, you dumb whore. Everyone besides 2 or 3 desperate chubby cat ladies hate him. Plus she said his fans wanted to get with him when in reality he was using his footwife as lure and then forced himself into the mix. You can tell this hag doesn't know anything

No. 883009

>dumb bitch
>dumb whore
Sounding a lot like an onision chimp out rant there, moidy mcmoidface

No. 883081

Kek he wouldn't insult himself like that

No. 883084

personally i think Greg will chicken out of going on the RV, because he's the worlds biggest pussy.

He's far too scared of being maxed out, because he's a fag.

No. 883311

File: 1657793590764.jpg (35.04 KB, 800x600, k6dv6bkohww51.jpg)

So it looks like Captain Content decided to go with a bunch of boring nobodies instead. Greg kinda fucked up since they all feel he's a pedophile, nobody wants him.
So its a glass half full type thing.

No. 883337

Whose "they?" I know that there's audio of Andy Dick and Elisa sort of arguing about Onision and he outright calls Greg a pedophile, but that's from months ago in an older thread. Is there video of Captain Content and his friends saying Onision is a pedo? How much of a piece of shit do you have to be to have that group of weirdos not want to hang out with you.

No. 883668

File: 1658015314518.jpg (78.81 KB, 1585x249, Image1.jpg)

So what happened with this exactly? Was it another thing made up by you know who, is it going ahead as planned? What?
That mention is from 5 months ago, and nothing has happened since then.
Then of course we also had the Sheriff and the FBI, hjs anyone ever asked Chris Hansen, Sarah or Regina whats taking so long?
I can already hear Hansen saying "these things take time" but we've been waiting how long now, 3 years?

No. 883702


Wouldn't you like to know.

No. 883718

Yeah no shit Sherlock, I'd like to know, why do you think I asked?

the no saging kinda gave it away, I think I was right about that Sarah / Regina-trial being a hoax.

No. 883765

what's your point nonny

No. 883865

File: 1658118365555.jpg (116.46 KB, 629x571, FX6v7nDUsAAeqMLc.jpg)

He's either had a stroke or has been popping more eyelid cysts. I can see some discoloration spots so that must be the remnants of the chalazions he pokes with dirty needles. That thing is droopy as fuck.

No. 883873

Each day he's looking more like Quasimodo

No. 883894

File: 1658128969608.png (674.2 KB, 919x563, Onisimodo.PNG)

You're not wrong.
Doesnt he have a growth on his back near his spine, like a ball of fat (hump/hunchback) or something he he wont have removed? And wasn't Quasimodo partially deaf from the ringing bells? Greg was crying about losing his hearing a couple weeks ago. >>882081
Its all coming together.

No. 884692

Monday Blaire White is releasing a Onision video. Should be interesting. Her guest will really upset Onision.

No. 884697

One has-been lolcow slinging shit at another, sounds great.

No. 884700

Greg is such a lolcow that he makes Blaire White look good.

No. 884718

Why? No one even remembers who Onision is anymore, just let him die in irrelevancy. But since she's gonna do a shitty video anyway I hope it at least exposes Footface working in a daycare with vulnerable children cause that's what is really important, that groomer shouldn't have access to children ever

No. 884767

File: 1658549499845.png (60.8 KB, 685x385, my final video.PNG)

His latest "stand up comic" video has an intro title sequence. Could it be true? Is he going to leave the internet for the millionth time?

I really hope he joins the workforce because I want the "I saw Onision working at ________" saga to begin. I can just see the same teen fuckwits that are ratioing his tweets, egging his house/car and putting his home address in sketchy online ads start to harass him IRL at his new job. Greg will blow up and strip naked in front of his manager to prove he's human.

No. 884776

>instant death
I wish.
Anyway I doubt he will leave the internet.

No. 884785

Yawn. The same retarded shit he's already done at least 500 times now. "I'm leaving the internet forever" just to be back 2 weeks later at most

No. 884953

Trying to get pity points again. And maybe some donations from his remaining fans trying to buy an online friendship.

No. 885031

File: 1658774976269.png (1.41 MB, 1041x680, 7252022.PNG)

Two of Greg's favorite people are going to be talking shit today. I hope we get a spergout from Onionboy.

No. 885035

>Chris Hansen

No. 885043

are you new?

No. 885051

Out of the hour long show they spent a whole 3 minutes talking about Onision. Its funny how irrelevant Greg is now.
starts at 43:40

Nothing new that hasn't been seen in earlier threads.
Hansen says Greg has not been criminally prosecuted as of yet.
They joked about going to his house. Greg hiding in his basement and calling 911.
Mentioned Cloey's near death fall from a second story window and all the other police calls/reports.
Hansen brings up the Epstein and R.Kelly cases as to why it sometimes takes years to bring sexual predators to justice.

Hansen seems to be moving away from Greg going to jail and leaning towards a civil case.
>I know that there are things in motion that will likely hold him accountable in the not so distant future. I'm confident. I had a discussion today in preparation for this. There's not a lot more I can say about it. I feel there's going to be some legal repercussion before too long.

No. 885065

>Hansen says Greg has not been criminally prosecuted as of yet.
No shit, Chris? Maybe if you hadn't lost Sarah's laptop?
>They joked about going to his house. Greg hiding in his basement and calling 911.
I will never understand why you didn't just do a sting, like you did with TCAP. You would have had him already.
>Mentioned Cloey's near death fall from a second story window and all the other police calls/reports.
Tragic, but old news is old.
>Hansen brings up the Epstein and R.Kelly cases as to why it sometimes takes years to bring sexual predators to justice.
Actually both of those went pretty quick. We heard about it, they did a documentary, and they went to prison.
>Hansen seems to be moving away from Greg going to jail and leaning towards a civil case.
Over what exactly? What would even be your case? I'm sorry Chris but I don't believe a god damn thing you're saying. And these little leftover breadcrumbs you sometimes throw us just to shut us up ain't helping nothing.
Lets face it anything Hansen touches turns to shit. Hence why that other pedophile freak Dahvie Vanity isn't in prison either. I wish to God someone else had handled Greg, someone capable.

No. 885075

File: 1658796088299.jpg (187.52 KB, 1264x490, MV5BMTdiYTQy.jpg)

>Maybe if you hadn't lost Sarah's laptop?
It was lost? I thought it was sitting on Vincent's desk the whole time. Eventually it was mailed back to Sarah and she walked it to her local FBI office in Michigan. And what exactly was on the laptop that would of gotten Greg thrown in prison? All I've ever heard is there might have been evidence of Lainey sending nudes of herself to underage girls, and requesting nudes from those same girls.

>I will never understand why you didn't just do a sting, like you did with TCAP. You would have had him already.

Greg always skirted the law. He waits till the girls are 16 or 17 (AOC is 16 in Washington)then pounces. TCAP couldn't pretend to be a 12 year old fan and get Greg to drive half an hour to her house for a sting. Not because he's too smart to get busted. He's just lazy. He vets them through Lainey or his loyal fans and then flies them to his home.

>Cloey's near death fall. Tragic, but old news is old.

No matter how "old" that incident gets I'm glad when it's brought up because it shows how shitty parents they both are. Lainey for not properly supervising her children while on her phone cruising for new prey and Greg for video taping his injured daughter while she laid on the concrete driveway with a cracked skull because he was terrified the police would think he did it. And we cant forget the notorious sado-sexual tweets he made while his little girl was in the hospital.

>Epstein and R. Kelly cases. Actually both of those went pretty quick. We heard about it, they did a documentary, and they went to prison.

Epstein had been accused as early as 2000. Victims had gone to the police and Feds and nothing was done for decades. He was finally arrested and committed suicide in 2019. R. Kelly had been accused as early as 1990. Victims and the victims families had gone to the police for years but he was allowed to continue abusing girls and boys for 3 decades. He was finally arrested and imprisoned in 2022. 20 to 30 years for justice to be served and a sexual predator to be put in prison (or an early grave by suicide) is not what I would call "quick."

>What would even be your case?

I think you're confused. Hansen wouldn't be the one bringing the civil case against Onision. Sarah or any of the other girls Greg has slandered online could sue him much like Johnny Depp did to Amber Heard. Sarah would have the best case imo. Greg called her a rapist. He made dozens of videos and blog posts accusing her of raping him and his wife. That's defamation and we saw how that went for Amber Heard. Greg has no money now, you cant get blood from a stone. But you sure as hell can garish his income for years until he pays off the settlement.

No. 885078

How fucking boring. they should have talked about Footface working with children to make the Karens go crazy over it and destroy her chances of grooming those kids for her pedo husband, and make her cry a lot tonight because she got exposed again. Missed chance.

No. 885087


That you greg? Sounds like it is.(hi cow)

No. 885119

Yes, "non-saging-kun", I'm really disappointed that I didn't get to go to prison and I feel i'm a piece of shit.
If I were as stupid as "non-saging-kun" i'd claim you where Chris Hansen now, but i'm not that stupid. You have a point too, sure, but Chris Hansen did drop the ball tremendously. He fucked it all up and everything he touches turns to liquid shit.

No. 885120

Just one more thing: No matter which way you slice it Hansen wanted to get Greg in prison and failed miserably. I think a sting could have totally worked. Greg isn't exactly the mastermind he thinks he is, a good looking decoy could have totally exposed them both. Of course he should have done all that long before saying publicly he was going after Greg and Lainey. A good reporter would have done that. But Chris isn't a good reporter.

No. 885128

Chris got his money (and possibly bpd pussy).

No. 885133

File: 1658841546920.jpg (95.38 KB, 1600x308, 0a51300afa44b4907713ea8fa2b7e9…)

Why so serious?

No. 885157

File: 1658862302914.jpg (67.09 KB, 800x649, pepe-the-frog-holding-a-cigare…)

No. 885199

File: 1658894402656.jpg (49.33 KB, 427x360, FYmwipRVUAIDn0S.jpg)

He's been tweeting nonstop since 7am. He's all over the place.

angry that people say no one watches his videos or reads his books
trying to counter the trolls who are saying the links to his forum are IP grabbers
doubling down that he was blackmailed into having sex
lawyers, police and witness say Onision is not a criminal
people want to deplatform him to silence the truth
everyone in the documentary lied to make money
tweeting screenshots showing that Chris Hansen and Jeffree Star have blocked him.
angry that people are tweeting out clips of him talking about willingly having sex with Sarah, calling it "out of context"

I could go on and on. He's replying to randos on Twitter. Is this because of the Blaire White / Chris Hansen interview yesterday?s

No. 885200

Could you post screenshots?

No. 885201

File: 1658897260295.png (299.84 KB, 1038x750, 64781.PNG)

I recognize GMT Master from Kiwi. He must be lurking all the "hate sites" to rile himself up. We can only assume he's watching r/Onision & lolcow right now.

No. 885204

When he's acting maniacally like this it usually means something happened "in real life". Maybe one of his kids cracked their skull due to neglect again

No. 885211

Agreed, I also believe he acts like this online when something in real life is getting him riled up or spooked.

No. 885234

Is he too slow to understand that his books are only read to be made fun of later, or is it him covering his ears with his hands going lalalala?

No. 885288

Footface only had kids to please him (he has a impregnation fetish), she doesn't give a fuck about those kids. She even admitted to Sarah that she puts him before her own kids

No. 885289


Too funny that gene can troll Onision enough to get him to say his name.(this is an imageboard. post screencaps)

No. 885353

File: 1659019377758.png (598.84 KB, 1281x783, Onision Polygraph Test.png)

Now Greg is taking a polygraph test to prove his innocence/honesty.

Am I reading his tweet wrong or is he insinuating the test was administered by the police?
>Certified by the police department
This was a big thing a year ago with a lot Youtubers. "The Polygraph Challenge" Of course Greg is late to the game. Usually it was a test given to a couple in a relationship. It would be light hearted and funny. You need someone to ask the questions and read the monitor, but Greg has no IRL friends and I highly doubt Lainey will do it.

No. 885354

File: 1659019677829.png (184.96 KB, 1799x651, onisionbullies.PNG)

No longer are they "haters" "stalkers" or "Anti-O's"
Greg found a new term for everyone that thinks he's a piece of shit. Onision Bullies.

No. 885370

Theres a reason polygraph tests aren't admissible in court Onion boy - it's because they're not reliable.
Not to mention, if you fully believe you did nothing wrong, even when you did, of course the test is going to show you didn't "lie". Lies have intent. When you're so narcissistic that you believe you can do no wrong, it's very easy to delude yourself into thinking it's an absolute "truth".

Not to mention, Onion has joked about rape multiple times, so that's a pretty piss-poor defense right there.

No. 885393

File: 1659034642795.png (16.27 KB, 718x227, Capture72822.PNG)

I guess it was cop that gave the test. Plus it was at a police station. Hmmm, I wonder what the fuck went down that he had to take a polygraph concerning the allegations against him at a police station. And I wonder how "innocent" the test came out since he likes to spin things in his favor.
>the polygraph said inconclusive when I was asked if I groomed Sarah, that means I'm honest and not guilty.

No. 885425

Does CPS ask for polygraph tests? I'm not from America do idk how things work there. I'm wondering if this test could have something to do with the child neglect and his creepy behaviour towards his daughter after she fell from the window.

No. 885428

No. No government agency asks for polygraphs as they are not admissible in court.

No. 885463

The police absolutely do. They trust them and think they're way more reliable than they actually are. Police theory is 100% retarded. I got a major in it. They widely use tactics that force false confessions and will cross you out of suspect lists if someone passes a polygraph. >>885370 Onision is definitely not a good candidate for polygraphs if he truly suffers from NPD. I don't want to armchair, but George Contanza's "it's not a lie if you believe it" is not really a joke. People can also pass lie detector tests if they don't trust the reliability. It's just a measure of physiology. I got plenty of inconclusive results when I took one for class demonstration because I have an anxiety disorder.

No. 885465

File: 1659065605789.jpg (226.46 KB, 944x1136, 1.jpg)

Onision said his polygraph was taken at the police station by a "very experienced female officer" But Pierce Country doesn't have a female polygraph examiner. So hows that work?

No. 885479

Could be Pat (Patricia)

No. 885482

No. 885487


This is so weird. Why reveal this now? Why did he hold onto it for so long if it supports his casr? He's been waving around that other police report as "proof" he didn't do anything for years - it's like his main supporting document.

I think it originally came back inconclusive and he's doctored it in desperation, honestly.(learn2sage)

No. 885503

File: 1659099351862.jpg (1.19 MB, 1920x1080, Gary-Ridgway-GettyImages-28208…)

Polygraphs don't mean jack shit. Psychopaths easily beat polygraphs, and Greg is a narcissistic psychopath. There are many, many cases where psychopaths passed lie detectors with flying colors, also because they're unreliable as fuck. Case in point? Gary Ridgway:


Guilty as FUCK, killed many women, yet passed the polygraph without breaking a sweat. Its also why more often than not they won't allow a polygraph to be admitted in to the case as evidence. Since it means fuck all.
I get why Greg now clings to this polygraph like the sticky shit he is, but its entirely meaningless.

No. 885516

Exactly, if anything that polygraph test just proves he really is a psychopath

No. 885518

The guy is grasping that straw and clinging on to it for dear live but it doesn't mean diddly squad. The way he was talking he's full on expecting to get "uncanceled", well that isn't happening. Because he's still a pedophile, not even IP2 wants him.
Dude desperately needs to figure it out. Since he always feels like a mopey tween anyway he should be flipping burgers at a shitty burger joint. Don't creep on the actual teens though, Greg, because then the 17 year old pimply faced manager will fire your ass.

No. 885522

File: 1659109482435.png (46.44 KB, 592x374, 356561.PNG)

He always over exaggerates and tries to puff himself up in any situation. He seems to be trying to say he got a job in law enforcement and that's the reason for the polygraph test.
I'm positive that the test didn't have any questions about him being a groomer or all the other allegations that got him cancelled. So I guess he thinks that because he passed a test with general questions about his past and any criminal behavior that means he's honest and anything else he says is the truth.
The only job in law enforcement that I think Greg could get is some kind of rent a cop job. Mall security or something similar. I hope Greg understands that any job he gets is going to get swamped by calls from people letting his new employer know about his shady past. What is any employer is going to think when they find out their new hire has a 4 part documentary about him on the Discovery channel that chronicles his grooming and sex pest behavior.

No. 885523

Someone on kf uploaded the polygraph test video greg made available to paypigs on his site. I hope its not against the rules to link to kf. This link will just bring up a page with the video player only. I dont know how to download and reupload to LC, sorry.


No. 885529

File: 1659111367106.gif (258.33 KB, 290x165, giffdcc8db564.gif)

>in other news I got some rosacea medicine.

No. 885545


Oh dear lord. He's talking about a pre-employment test. That doesn't ask anything specific. just generic shit like "Have you ever stolen anything" basic shit like that.

No. 885549

oh, shit, he’s almost certainly getting a job as a security guard
that’s why the polygraph lady isn’t from his local police, she’s from wherever the job is at
Perv Blart Mall Cop saga begins

No. 885563

I can't wait until the doxxers find out where's he's working and get him fired like it happened to Footface. Retard should've kept his mouth shut about this new job instead of bragging about it to the internet where thousands of people hate him.

No. 885646

I was an entry-level paralegal at a firm dealing with real estate and corporate transactions. while training to prepare documents to be served via mail, one of the trustees was onion’s dad who would be served along with others. I was coldly fired after working for only three months so I don’t give a fuck about disclosure anymore.

No. 885654

I'm confused as to what you're saying. Do you have info on Onision or something on his dad concerning Onision?

No. 885663

No, his dad was named as one of the trustees named in the client’s estate whom the firm was serving documents for a trial. The firm works various corporations and mortgage/financial agencies around the country hence why he was listed on our database. I found out because I was overshadowing another paralegal working on the case months prior but didn’t post about it right away due to the confidentiality agreement. Since I’m anonymous here and my employment was terminated, I figured I let y’all in on not-so-relevant milk. Small world, huh?

No. 885690

File: 1659195386187.png (182.38 KB, 500x281, tumblr_inline_pkxaj9JvjF1uaatm…)

Has Greg been completely honest with his new employers about all thats going on, and WHY he now needs to get a regular job?

Because you might want to mention that, Greg, you most HONEST youtuber you.

No. 885704

childproof barrier salesman

No. 885759

But didn't he use to say that being a security guard in the air force made him depressed to the point he put a gun to his head (unfortunately someone stopped him), not to mention the whole stripping naked in front of his boss to get discharged? Lmao this is going to be a shitshow, this narc cannot stand taking orders from anyone. I just hope this time no one's around to stop him, if you know what I mean

No. 885763

"I'm a former cop"
Yeah cause that worked so well for you. Poor guy who is going to have to see your deformed pimply little cock when you inevitably strip naked in front of him too

No. 885764

File: 1659230142657.png (65.34 KB, 611x664, 564789.PNG)

In other news his "incurable skin disease" is still uncured.

No. 885768


Onision was in Security Forces… if he was a cop why doesn't he say he was a MP? Because ONLY MP's are cops, not Security Forces. Security Forces guard things, buildings, a land area and equipment. Greg was nothing but a security guard. And one that didn't even complete his term of service.

No. 885773

Damn, he really is broke then

No. 885784

I hope his rosacea gets so bad it deforms his nose with big balls of sebum (rhinophyma) and needs surgery to fix it

No. 885789

He did not get selected for this job, he’s just trying to make it sound like he did. I wonder if they ripped up his resume in front of his face, or waited until he left?

No. 885793

He's very careful with his words in that video.
>I applied for a job. I am employed but at the time I was applying for a job where they said I had to take a polygraph and so I did.

The way I interpret that statement is that he is currently employed, probably with DoorDash or Uber. But months ago he applied for some job that required a polygraph test. And because he answered truthfully to questions like "is your legal name James Jackson… have you ever done illegal drugs?" he thinks we're suppose to believe EVERYTHING he says is the truth.

He wants the "Onision Bullies" to assume he got some type of law enforcement job that requires a polygraph. We all know his history of twisting and playing with words Example- "Id never do anything I wouldn't do with a friend" when he hooked up with Billie. Or Lainey telling him not to have sex with Sarah anymore so he convinces them that anal isn't really sex. He lies by omission or plays fast and loose with definitions.

No. 885797

File: 1659244243210.jpeg (316.84 KB, 614x1110, 323691-75AB-4A00-BBCE-ED7.jpeg)

Greg will be on Elisa Jordana show Kermit and Friends this Sunday. I hope someone asks why he backed out on cruising in Captain Content's RV.

No. 885807

How do you know he wasn't selected, is this information public? I'm not doubting he wasn't, I'm just wondering how you found this out.

No. 885808

She was probably reading his kf thread, they’re convinced he’s still unemployed .

No. 885829

No hard evidence. Just reacting to the first part of the video that >>885793 quotes. He’s doing his laughable verbal gymnastics to try and mislead.

Seems like the general consensus here and there is that he’s doordashing or flipping burgers? Soooo you think he impressed them with his polygraph and he’s mall copping it up, kek?

No. 885880

He’s not entirely like cwc, he hasn’t raped his mother yet

No. 885885

File: 1659311819322.jpg (9.27 KB, 195x259, download.jpg)

You can't rape the willing. Specially not if its at their own initiative. Greg's mother crazy tammy used to give him full naked body massages (he told this himself in videos) so you bet your ass she fucked him too. Knowing a walking boner like Greg, and a complete incestuous new age weirdo slut like crazy Tammy, yeah. They fucked.
So Captain Content says he still wants Greg on the RV, so when the job doesn't pan out and you know it won't Greg should give him a call.
With all the hate donations Greg and Captain Content will make bank on that shitty RV, plus there's a chance Greg can fuck Elisa. Which would be hilarious too, since Captain Content likes Elisa yet she won't give him the time of day.
Oh, Elisa is Andy Dick's fiance, by the way. And she clearly has a thing for Greg, she had him on her shitty podcast very recently again.

No. 885892

But I bet he jerked off a bunch of times remembering the naked full body massages she gave him. Ew.

No. 885893

Elisa is way too old for his taste, she's over 30. But then again he's desperate to fuck anything that isn't Footface's loose cloaca so who knows. Elisa is way more attractive than Foot too… maybe he'll do "junk to rear" with her, since that doesn't count as cheating lol

No. 885924

Grunt loved it when Tammy called out his name during sex with her boyfriend

No. 885929

You mean her black boyfriend Greg? Because he was a black guy.

No. 885934

she’s had multiple boyfriends called Greg if you know what I mean

No. 885935

I'm sure Tami gives a lot of sloppy toppy at Pacific Cascade.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 885981

I watched it but it's nothing new. She gives him a platform to tell his lies and even a lot of her viewers hate it. Elisa is not doing herself any favor but I think she also doesn't care.
I bet Greg would never have thought that someone over the age of 14 would be so uncritical of his stories kek. He wasn't flirty with her which suprised me so maybe he isn't into her. I don't know if she's really too old, he also liked Jaclyn Glenn even though she was an exception.

I'm pretty sure she's 42. She likes to lie about her age and say she's in her early 30's but she clearly looks closer to 40 and it doesn't add up with her career.

No. 886121

File: 1659398255938.jpg (10.97 KB, 300x168, download.jpg)

She's trying to do something she isn't good at, which is interviewing people. The only reason she's a little somebody is because she's fucking Andy Dick. very sometimes, I reckon, since he's either strung out on coke or fucking Chicken Andy up the ass in the RV
He's her meal ticket, as pathetic as that is. Just think about it: Name one movie or show Andy Dick has been in from the top of your head. No cheating, no googling, although even if you look at his IMDB page I doubt very much you've seen anything with him in it.
I haven't, in any case.

No. 886124

Actually she’s known for Howard Stern too and her previous ex’s too

No. 886158

File: 1659417541648.png (821.73 KB, 824x563, House Chores Rap Song Jul 31, …)

Watched his House Chores Rap video and noticed a telescope in the backyard. I wonder if his neighbors have a teen daughter with a 2nd story bedroom.

No. 886176

She isn't even fucking Andy Dick, she's just exploiting him in hopes of getting famous. Their relationship is staged or maybe in her head it's real, who knows.

Apparently she's going to buy an RV and I really hope it happens and that she invites Onion so we can watch him be retarded and overwhelmed surrounded by other people kek. Especially since the people Andy is surrounded by are all drug addicts. It would be hilarious

No. 886178

File: 1659437955833.png (664.59 KB, 777x534, Capture8222.PNG)

Early on in the interview they talk about his Onlyfans and he says he almost collab'd with Momokun. Was that in some earlier thread and I missed it? That would of been a beautiful collision of cows.

No. 886187

yeah she was with that one fat buddy whats his face, one of the minor side characters on stern.
that would be glorious where it not for the fact that Greg is a lot like Chris-chan, he expects people to come to him, he's afraid to leave the house and travel. Afraid people wanna hurt him, and rightfully so.
Would you happen to mean Tessi with Momokun, or is there some chick out there calling herself Momokun? If you mean Tessi then yeah someone been trolling him about a year ago, pretending Tessi wanted to collab with him on onlyfans (aka fuck). He fell for it and even bragged about it on his twitter. He was super duper psyched about it.

No. 886189

Isn't Momokun that fat chick who dresses like a cow?

No. 886190

Greg specifically said Momokun when talking about perspective collabs on Onlyfans so idk. But yes I do remember him bragging that Playmate Tessi contacted him and wanted to fuck on OF. I had no idea who she was and Googled her. I watched some clips of her on Twitch and she seemed mentally unstable. I remember thinking if Greg did hook up with Tessi she'd probably end up stalking him, boiling Dobbs in a pot and burning his house down.

No. 886194

File: 1659453360333.png (778.65 KB, 1146x554, D14F9711-4D90-429C-B970-A2EE97…)

The whole interview consisted of Elisa sucking his dick, Greg telling his "I was raped and all the women in my life are psychos" stories for the hundredth time, the other guests not really knowing who the fuck Onision was, and the comments section being spammed with pedo and groomer for an hour straight. I loved that Greg would pretend not to read the comments and finally it would get so bad he'd sperg out for 5 minutes about it. Why does he do these interviews? At the end he didn't convinced one person of his honesty or innocence.

No. 886198

Her thread is right here. >>879844

No. 886262

File: 1659488394934.jpeg (453.68 KB, 1125x1105, 9C771241-CCCE-447F-B648-A8D71E…)

Did he write an autobiography this time or am I missing something? Also the chair force should’ve sent his ass to Iraq/Afghanistan when they had the chance.

No. 886307

If it's really an autobiography I won't be surprised if he turns into L or God right in the middle. kek
It'll be an interesting read, especially since he likes to twist details, so it's another window into his weird mind.

No. 886329

Holy shit I haven't checked the onion threads in a while and he is looking SO rough

No. 886420

His face looks like hamburger meat

No. 886436

Jesus Christ, he really thinks he's some sort of hero don't he? with his fake 1000 yard stare.
nigga, you were stationed in north korea where you guarded a fence. you were a shitbird who lived off of base which was the whole reason for you getting married in the first place and you couldn't even handle that, so you made sure to be kicked out spergin out stripping naked in front of your CO REEEEEEEEEEEEEing autistically, and then when that didn't work you made a shitty youtube video trying to be edgy.
Good grief I never seen anybody being so god damn hung up about having been in the airforce, most people don't even mention it ever unless someone asks and most they mention is "oh yeah i was in the army for a few year". its like a sticky shit, it ain't a big deal, fucko. not unless you actually seen some god damn action and had bullets flying around your head. and even then they never ever talk about that shit.
get a grip, man.

No. 886448

wish he had been stationed in north korea
(kek I know that was a typo)
his little MY DIARY DO NOT READ “book” is so unbelievably retarded

No. 886449

File: 1659617830200.jpg (6.67 KB, 225x225, images.jpg)

oh right it was south korea, slip of the tongue. I wish that dumb asshole would stop pretending he was special forces and having done 58 tours in vietnam or some shit.
that fat old piece of shit keeps faking that 1000 yard stare and even had the audacity to make his url "americanairforce.com" like he was the only nigga in that shit. what a fuckhead.
he's NEVER seen action, never fired a gun except for blanks in training, and he's a stupid dumbass.

No. 886491

File: 1659646014464.png (879.01 KB, 1280x720, vlcsnap-2022-08-04-22h45m34s69…)

I was watching this documentary on Rose West ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HhQBtMnGHxk ) but doesn't this look a lot like Lainey?
Fred used to pimp out Rose, maybe an idea for Greg to make a quick buck?

No. 886511

He charges $5.00 to get unblocked. How much you think it is to beat on Kai's nasty ass cunt? Think its cheaper than what his mom charges?

No. 886516

I hope Gines reads it

Kek he really had that domain?

They've been compared to the Wests so many times. I don't know, they're like a lite version of them but Lainey is an actual doormat unlike Rose. Fred killed himself after she let him down in court, the dynamic is not the same.

No. 886579

File: 1659666303744.png (239.07 KB, 544x522, Screen Shot 2022-08-05 at 11.2…)

i guess laineys back to being a girl eh greg

No. 886596

Is this a Hercules reference?

No. 886627

File: 1659707945236.jpg (120.8 KB, 544x522, 1659666303744.jpg)

No. 886628

Sisterfarms leaked Greg's new book/autobiography, in case you feel extra bored today or want to have a good laugh.

No. 886800

That looks exactly like her when she dyed her hair black and was letting her shitty pixie cut grow out lol

No. 886803

Exactly. One of the girls (I think Ayala) said Footface is just as nasty and manipulative behind the scenes as Grease is. She only was a uwu anxious smol bean uwu in front of the cameras, in real life she is a nasty piece of shit just like her husband

No. 886867

he’s posting it chapter by chapter to his hugbox, so, yeah?

No. 886874

AYRT, why would Greg post his own book there? He wants sympathy and asspats, not scorn and derision.
The only motif I could see there, is Greg trying to call out YouTube reviews, since if they know what's in his book, they have to have visited the other farms. Not sure what he'd gain from that, though.

No. 886877

>since if they know what's in his book, they have to have visited the other farms.

But… He's posting it chapter by chapter on whatever his garbage website forum is called right?

Isn't that where otherfarms got it from?Like, a forum where anyone could make an account for free, yeah?

No. 886886

yes, the tinfoil makes no sense
i think the chapters of the sekrit diary of greg onion, age 36 1/2 are only available for the “elite” or “immortal” paypigs, though
Occam’s razor suggests that somebody just paid the $10 or whatever to leak, rather than that onion decided to leak his own garbage

No. 886896

No shit? He really thought anyone ever believed he was gay or bi? A gay or bi man wouldn't be interested in fucking strictly young GIRLS like he is, he never fucked or tried to start a relationship with a young boy or a man. And he can say Footface is a "man" as much as he wants, she still has a pussy and a pair of tits and we all know that's all that matters to him

No. 886910

I never tinfoiled, I just asked a question. It seemed strange to me that a book gets leaked at exactly the chapter he's working on right now. As if some troll would have direct access to his shitty Apple hard disk.
You are forgetting that Greg is a narcissist, and to a narcissist any attention, good or bad, is narcissistic supply.
I never said it was him, but I wouldn't put it past him either.

No. 886911

Plus he could always play the victim afterwards, going "you Onision 'Bullies' (as he calls them now)" are soooo obsessed with me that you posted chapters of my book on KiwiFarms oh my gaaawwd. I can already hear him say that shit in a video.
There's so much benefit to him "leaking" his own shitty book that I could totally see him doing that. Hell, its not like he hasn't before with his weirdo psychopathic BDSM shit

No. 886918

He has enough haydurs willing to leak stuff and who have leaked stuff before. Weird theory.

No. 886923

The farmer decided to risk her IP address to onion’s site in order to leak his crappy autobio. Maybe you should be a little more grateful instead of tinfoiling.

No. 886934

it’s leaked at the chapter he’s on now because he releases it chapter by chapter

No. 886949

File: 1659868785838.png (1.04 MB, 640x1045, OnionDiary.png)

> the sekrit diary of greg onion, age 36 1/2
Thanks for the inspiration.

No. 886952

No-one is "forgetting" that waterbrain is a moron narc.

Your tinfoil is ludicrous.

Curb your insanity.

No. 887014

Its pretty unlikely he leaked it himself. I'd put 15$ down that some kiwifag coughed up the money for his "immortal" bs and leaked it, end of story. Besides, his books get shit on from every corner of the internet, I imagine he'd only want to release it to people he's certain are on his side (paypiggies)

No. 887023

File: 1659916048114.jpg (9.55 KB, 600x315, AbeOik6.jpg)

No. 887024

File: 1659921060145.jpeg (603.29 KB, 2511x783, D39C00E3-A078-4F0D-B96A-D392C0…)

>I'd put 15$ down that some kiwifag coughed up the money for his "immortal" bs and leaked it, end of story.

The kiwifag didn't pay for a membership to get the full chapters.
Each time Greg releases a chapter he puts out a "teaser" and you can read the first 3 or 4 paragraphs for free on his blog section of the forum. If you want to read the full chapters you have to become a member. The kiwifag compiled each freebie chapter teaser, spoiled it and made a full post about it. Greg has boasted that each chapter he's written is 5,000-6,000 words. Each spoiler chapter on KF is just a few paragraph, so its further proof the kiwi fag just copy/pasted the free teasers.
How do I collect my 15$?

No. 887033

thank you for clearing that up
gurg is such a shitty writer that those short abruptly ended things could have actually been the chapters, but this makes more sense

No. 887051

More proof he didn't get that security job he applied to. If he did he wouldn't have so much free time to write so much, not to mention all the time he definitely still spends jerking off to Loli porn. It looks like passing the polygraph test wasn't worth shit, lol

No. 887079

They do one background check and its all over. Maybe thats also why he keeps changing his name. He's stupid enough to tell the internet each time he's applying for a job, trolls call in and thats the end of that. Maybe Lainey is making him get a job and he just spoils it every time just so he can say "see Lainey, i can't get a job because 'onision-bullies' keep ruining it! so just let me stay home and write my book, i'm sure it will be a best seller since i'm so good!"

No. 887111

I find it hilarious that the retard was bragging about passing the polygraph test, when he didn't even get the job that demanded the test in the first place. He's such a fucking joke. He has to brag about small and irrelevant "victories" to feel better about the huge failures in his life lmao

No. 887131

Yeah, like when his daughter fell from the window he just HAD to mention that "an ex tried to accuse him of murder" or whatever he said about Shiloh, and it made him look even more weird. He can't keep his mouth shut about shit from the past that end up making him look worse

No. 887167

When you really think about it Chris-chan and Greg have a lot in common, with the only exceptions being Greg being an incel able to pull some very broken little wallflowers, and Chris actually having some talent artistically. Yeah, I know, sounds wild but just take a minute to compare the two.

No. 887176

I hope Greg sees your post and makes 15 tweets about it.

No. 887179

Just take Gregs books in example, and compare them to the early Sonichu comics (not the later ones where Chris became actually insane) to see that Chris-chan is a much better storyteller than Greg.
Go look in to it, i'm convinced you'll agree with me. I'm not just saying this because it's Greg.
Chris is the better writer.

No. 887180

No I was agreeing with you

No. 887197

I know, I just needed to underline my statement. Again, I'm not even saying it because its Greg, I just feel Chris-chan has him beat creatively.

No. 887320

Gregma also shares Chris-Chan’s attraction for ‘motherly figures’

No. 887343

Anon, I love it! Thank you!

I hope Tammi realizes the parallels and leaves the country before it's too late.

No. 887776

File: 1660368193621.png (55.78 KB, 726x511, 5467546711.PNG)

He has these little "clubs" his fans can join on the forum. He boasts that he has hundreds of members yet there are only 17 ppl that have joined this fanclub within his fanclub. Its telling that he barely broke double digits. I personally think that all those "hundreds of members" are past members of all his other sites. He keeps lists of those people and their information then grandfathers them into the lower tier of whatever new site he makes. I've never joined any of his forums/sites, but I'm sure if you have you randomly receive emails from Greg saying "Congratulations you are now a member of my NEW site, here are your login details."

No. 887834

Wasn't there a bunch of people on Twitter complaining that they got added to his shitty "new site' without their permission a while ago? They said they used to be his fans and were part of his site years ago, and Grease was using their emails from their old accounts to add to his new site. I don't remember the details exactly cause that happened a few years ago, but I definitely read something like that going on Twitter