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File: 1586585328240.jpeg (Spoiler Image,11.04 KB, 275x269, 1586247917914.jpeg)

No. 957057

So I decided to just make a Lovely Peaches thread and copied my initial post form PT to here. Enjoy. It's my first time making a thread.

Lovely Peaches is a crazy girl who got famous for doing outrageous things. Below some of the things she has done

>Ate her feces, piss and menstrual blood

>performed multiple times bestiality with a dog/puppy (it's on twitter)
>has seks on Instagram live, even before she was 18
>got a kid 2 years ago, but she currently doesn't have the kid. It supposedly lived with her dad all this time
>She said she was gonna pimp out her kid or murder her (even though she never had her)
>has crazy antics in store all for shock value
>Has severe mental disorders, untreated
>began running away from home after her mother died in I believe 2013 (Cora Johnson)
>she recently showed herself to minors including malu trevejo and skai Jackson on a live stream on twitter
>she broke into malu's house and stole a shirt of her
>I also believe she broke into skai Jacksons house, but I am not sure
>She has a song burning and itching and went viral on tiktok
>her fans are crazy, I don't know why she even has fans. She also got verified by Instagram multiple times
>has a weird obsession with charmed

Make sure to screen shot. She has a tendency of posting something and then deleting it after a few minutes or hours and replace a charmed picture.

Don't bother contacting the police. CORA IS NOT WITH HER. She posts old pictures of Cora and police know of her situation.

Pull thread. https://prettyuglylittleliar.net/topic/3825-stop-peaches/?page=1

And this is the twitter link https://twitter.com/oghoneymoonave/status/1012371438987304962?s=19

Primink also has a video on her.


Music (verified)

Back up (private)

No. 957415

Here are 2 links I forgot to include:

Primink: https://youtu.be/9QGysqV4ubk

Malu trevejo Flash video:

No. 957480

She posts pictures of her shit on Instagram. Just a warning. I found out the hard way.

No. 957722

Did anyone ever notice she is like a more mentally ill Black Trisha Paytas?

No. 957723

mmm trisha didn't go as far as to eat human waste but who knows in a few years

No. 957750

Jesus, she only has a thread now. Not too long ago, she was on "tour". This is basically just a bunch a teens getting excited by a mentally unfit person humiliating themselves in public.

No. 957909

can this annoying bitch just disappear off the face of the planet already? ive heard about her for YEARS and i thought she would've just shot herself in the face by now.(a-logging)

No. 957919

dude chill

No. 957929

she's a troll everyone knows she doesnt actually have custody of her kid

No. 961556

Is she always in hotels because she’s on tour or is she escorting?

No. 961565

She doesnt have a place to live. So mostly she lives in hotels/motels and has seks with dudes so they pay her.

No. 964839

Blair White made a video about her….

No. 964857

Who cares. Blair is such a fucking boring person, I don't know why they thought it was a good idea to become a drama/commentator channel.

No. 964973

File: 1587800514226.jpg (173.15 KB, 504x500, 20200425_034034.jpg)

This person is disgusting. I hope her child grows up happy and healthy. Glad she doesn't have custody.

No. 964983

Seconding this. She’ll probably just state the obvious and be like “yikes she is gross” yeah no shit she’s gross, everyone has been knowing this for the past 3 years. Why is Blaire White barely saying anything about it? Guess she ran out of material for Yaniv

No. 964996

File: 1587808312276.png (Spoiler Image,358.96 KB, 663x962, peachesshit.png)

Warning: She eats shit.

What the actual fuck.

Apparently she's getting rich from all the si called game and shooting music videos and going to real studios.

No. 965000

Gross question but why is so yellowish, like it's the color of baby poop.

No. 965003


Yellow pop is caused by poor liver function. Usually seen in alcoholics or people with hepatitis.

Considering who she it's, it's probably both.

No. 965005

She's a troll and these are old pictures she posts over and over again. If I remember correctly, her kid is with foster parents.

No. 965015

It's from bilirubin. Like when you throw up but there is nothing but yellow bile.

I wonder what is wrong with her. Physically not mentally.

No. 965027

She’s always used as a reaction image meme and it disturbs me so much, why is it funny…

No. 965112

File: 1587831868753.jpeg (509.14 KB, 2048x2048, C528C17D-57D1-4887-93B6-709E61…)

No. 965137

Fuck Blair white. She literally sucks Jeffery star's dick despite him being the same piece of shit she supposedly tries so hard to take down.

Easy. Little white girls see a mentally ill black women acting wild and they are entertained. They don't care about her suffering, they don't care if she is a horrible person. The don't even see a human that needs help. They just see a clown.

No. 965157


The thing is she's actually really smart and down to earth in some ways. In one video she answers a question asking how she has so much confidence and she actually gave a great response.

She's incredibly mentally ill. Not much is known about her childhood, but I read that apparently she was eating shit and acting like this since she was a child. Kids would pretend she was a virus and rub away. Apparently her parents tried to get her help and gave up. She broke down the most after her mom died when she was 13.

She's just absolutely bizarre. The way she speaks about her daughter sounds a lot like she's mimicking how she was treated. All of the online gawking fuels it.

I thought the Nika and Jaelle shit wasbad but this girl is a full blown horrorcow. I'm surprised she's not on pt with multiple threads.

No. 965170

It's worrying that she has hinted at having some fucked up childhood, yet her Dad had custody/care of her baby, that always seemed off to me. Should the baby just be left with family after seeing how she turned out? Her lack of sexual boundaries sure gives the impression someone sexualised her as a child.

No. 965239


The whole situation is so bizarre. Like I have no idea how someone ends up so depraved. Her father is a pastor but due to him having such a common name no one can find anything on him.

CPS has been called ad nauseam so apparently she is safe.

No. 965256

Her mother killed herself according to J. Aubrey on YouTube. And she’s been a runaway since.

No. 965261

Your post hit me in a way I couldn't describe. I can't watch Peaches' videos or anything like that because it's too off-putting.
100% chance that if Peaches looked like she could be Amanda Bynes' cousin, people wouldn't be laughing, but showing concern and trying to get her committed.

No. 965303


People have tried. There was a whole movement calling CPS to make sure her kid was safe but also got her well being as she was a minor when she started getting notorious. People have trying to get her help for years. The thing is she won't take out and continues doing whatever it is she does.

No. 965333

Yep. Also she named her daughter after her mom. If you look up “Cora Johnson” with her previous location in Louisiana (which is currently escaping me), you’ll find an obituary that references Brittany. Definitely some weird shit going on

No. 965335

No. 965373

File: 1587868873736.jpg (451.79 KB, 1080x2220, 20200425_224057.jpg)

Posted some screen shots of a message with a client.

No. 965878

Some really fucked up shit must've happened during her childhood for her to turn out like this.

No. 966719

File: 1588174833396.jpg (550.9 KB, 1066x1610, Screenshot_20200429-112324_Ins…)

Peaches gave some dude bugs after sex.

No. 966724

She was bullied and her mom killed herself, vid related. There's another clip of her crying about being bullied but I can't find it.

Pretty sad to think about how this is the affect of bullying on someone.

No. 966751

Reddit has a thread on peaches too, I read on there that she was a victim of sex trafficking? citation needed as my proof is reddit comments r/lovelypeaches

No. 966849

i thought it was common knowledge at this point regarding peaches that she was a victim of sex trafficking and sexual abuse. she's talked about it in numerous livestreams and had a full on breakdown the same night after she was held hostage? by a pimp. j aubrey did a video on it where that's one of the main themes of her issues.

No. 967005


Yeah she started running away at 13, but only fully committed to the streets at 16 after leaving her baby with her dad. She allegedly was used as a sex toy with up to 21 guys a day, every day, until she managed to get out and become a prostitute.

She is a bug chaser and claims to have bugs, herpes, aids, warts and other STDs. She post about how having your pussy burn, itchy and ooze is normal. Her laughing at giving men diseases. If you look at her vagina she doesn't appear to have any of these ailments.

She's just bizarre.

No. 967165


it makes sense she would claim to be a bug chaser and post about it a lot, considering she's mentally ill and clearly has a lot of childhood and sexual trauma. considering she still engages in sex work and was pimped out not too long ago, she likely uses it as a coping method, a way to get back at them, or a way to avoid the way she used to be treated by men.

No. 967194

Seeing this is sad and makes me feel like now you can't hate her, she does need help but then remembering all the unacceptable shit she's said about her child is still so fucked up and anger inducing.

No. 967211

There was a video of her squeezing her pussy boils. I don't think i have it anymore tho

No. 967234

That video belongs in the trash tbh. It's for the best.

No. 967371

not to sound all delicate but it freaks me out how many teens think she's just a funny meme. it's some seriously worrying shit, and its fucked that it seems like people taking it seriously are kind of a minority. idk how her online accounts even survive to be honest, why would any social media site want to be associated with her shit

No. 967754

Just thought I'd update the thread with some milk from this past week since no one else has.
>>>Yesterday peaches had sex with like 10 guys on live yesterday, vid related (some of the lives are still saved on her story)
>>>She flashed her vagina to Kayla Nicole and Woah Vicky
>>>She made a makeup tutorial (not milk but thought I'd mention it)
>>>She rubbed shit all over her face and drank piss a couple days ago.

No. 967755

One of the videos of Peaches flashing herself, skip to 5:50

No. 967756

Drinking her piss

No. 967759

Uh… how is this video of her pussy allowed on Youtube…?

No. 967760

Rubbing shit on her face. View at your own discretion. I would turn it to a webm but I'm too lazy

Youtube admins are probably at home cause of corona. Its the same with Instagram.

No. 967762

Sorry for spamming but I forgot this video. Dancing naked on live.

No. 967768


Her lying her ass off about his dick is sending me

No. 967870

The thing that you guys don't seem to grasp is you can be sex trafficked and not like…tied to a bed or something. I highly doubt she doesn't still have a pimp or at least someone who helps her get clients. She is homeless and always staying in hotels which is typical of prostitutes with pimps. Surely she is still being trafficked.

As for the bug chasing and other disgusting things, it's a reflection of how she feels about herself. It's like she thinks this is what she is worth, so that's why she does disgusting things like eating shit and being proud of oozing genitals. There's tons of videos of her acting completely insane and hurting herself. Crying and rocking and slapping herself in the face over and over again.

I can see how someone who is already mentally unstable, and bullied as a kid, starts to run away and is sucked into the horrible underbelly of society where she is preyed upon. It exacerbated her self worth problems and made her sicker and sicker until she reached a point of no return.

No. 967918

Here is an old video by Repzilla, I think this was the first time she got a lot of attention for threatening to pimp her baby. I know it's Repzilla but he claims to have seen a video of her performing beastiality and uploading her own underaged nudes. But the most interesting thing about this video is the comments left by a woman claiming to be lovely peaches' stepmom…

No. 967919

File: 1588388198583.jpg (286.03 KB, 730x1224, pstepmom.jpg)

Here are the comments, she says peaches doesn't have access to Cora. I don't know that this the truth but it would make sense as to how peaches' mental illness went unnoticed and how she came to be like this.

No. 967922

File: 1588388850057.jpg (135.19 KB, 720x1032, Holly-Marie-Combs-fan-lovely-p…)

Also Lovely Peaches is a mega fan of the tv show Charmed. If you follow her snapchat(plovesya2001) she's always watching it and will posts fan edits of the show often.

No. 968398

Yeah I actually saw the video. A year or two ago. She actually did suck a puppies dick, I couldn’t watch the rest of whatever she posted on her Instagram story because it disgusted me but she’s actually done this stuff. Just goes to show that she does literally so much degeneracy it all gets lost

No. 968462

At least she got good taste in tv shows…

No. 968629

KF has a thread on peaches and last I saw the beastiality vids were up there, showing her tongue-kissing a pitbull and doing oral on a different puppy. it's honestly disgusting and i would recommend not watching even if you're morbidly curious

No. 978226

She trys to blame her behavior on mental illness. Theres no doubt theres something wrong with her brain. But if you just blame behavior on mental illness and you know it's wrong. YOU KNOW ITS WRONG THERES NO EXCUSE. WHY THE HELL DOES SHE STILL HAVE ACCESS TO THAT CHILD!. she recently got banned off tok tok. Thank God.
Does anyone know her from her childhood. ? Can you confirm if she was like this in school? Did her teachers think she had down syndrome?
She flashes in front of children defending pedophilia and she sexually abuses dogs. Why isnt this cow locked up?
Shes so sad she has to deactivate her comments on social media.

No. 978230

She doesn't have access to her child and hasn't in a long time which is why she was posting pics of her daughter at a couple of months old when she would have been over a year old. More recently she's posted some updated pics of Cora at toddler age but now those pics are months old as well. IMO she's both mentally ill and a gross troll her internet antics have gone on for years starting when she was an underaged runaway.

No. 1002935

Yooo this thing is literally disgusting there’s literally proof of her killing a dog as well as making out with it she’s so disgusting and needs to be put in prison for realll, there’s also been recent posts of her calling her daughter a worthless hoe and shit like that(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1002962

Wheres the proof?

No. 1002973

File: 1594010228042.jpeg (214.54 KB, 750x868, BBD17773-F13C-45D5-8077-F06D77…)


A video of Peaches saying she hopes Charli d’amelio gets raped by a big black man

No. 1003071

There’s proof of everything on Instagram, “peachesdeletedasf” on insta has everything….

No. 1147275

Waiting around to see exactly which bunker breaks her legs the way she broke that poor doggos out of frustration(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1147304

she didn’t break the dogs legs, the dog is fine. she was lying

No. 1147364

God I fucking hate zoomers and this awful attempt at trolling/humour. Anyone defending this mess whether it's hurdur jus a ~uwu~ TR0LL GUIZZZ! Needs more mental help than peaches.

No. 1612756

Idk if this thread is still alive or not to today, but I was going to ask y’all if you haveany encounters with her fans because a person that I know (who has now moved to Norway since October 2020) has traumatizing experiences with the fanbase since the beginning of 2020. This person is no longer a Peachling (a name of the "fanbase" Peaches has).
There is even a question that should also be answered in addition : Do you think the so-called Peaches fanbase "Peachlings" should be considered a terrorist group? I personally believe so because all in all, they have done multiple dangerous things on social media, especially on Instagram.

No. 1612760

Another thing to add on to this thread that no one talks about is that Peaches is also collectively Self-loathing/Racist/Colorist to her own kind and others as well. I will be updating the list in a new comment if I can remember at least more, here is a list :
1. 2019 - A statement of Peaches saying that Black people should "shut up and pick your cotton", then proceeds to say that they do not have their freedom of speech and calls them the N-word after this. This statement went viral on Tiktok in 2020 after that.
2. 2019 (2nd part) - Peaches again after making the statement that "Black people should go back picking cotton" she aggressively slaps herself multiple times and repetitively saying the N-word with a Hard R.
3. 2020 - When Peaches was in Florida to host her "Pool Bash Birthday Party", she and her friend (I believe her name is Smokincigs) went to Wendys to pick up food and a Black Wendy’s employee literally refused service to them immediately. Peaches then goes on a rant saying that the Black Wendy’s Employee should instead "pick her cotton" and proceedingly calls her the N-word. There is no information about the identification of the Black Wendy’s employee being targeted in this situation, but we would like to hear from her experience with Peaches.
4. 2020 (2nd part) - Peaches in an Instagram story was also caught being colorist to her own kind, and harassingly direct messaged a dark skin model (forgot the user) by altering the lyrics of Beyoncé’s Brown Skin Girl into these words :
"Brown Skin Girl, Your skin is just like DIRT"
5. 2020 (3rd part) - Peaches again in a deleted screenshot of a news article (If I could find it) saying that she can’t wait for "Slavery to become legal again"
As far as the research that I have done for the years of 2019-2020, the hypocrisy has been proven that Peaches "uplifts Black Women" when in reality, she is secretly continuing to attackher own people. Even the majority of Black people both nationwide and worldwide believe that Peaches shouldn’t be considered as a part of the Black Community as she does not value the purpose of Black women in society, based on the information that I have found undercover.

No. 1612762

No. 1612765

Peaches being racist Part 2

No. 1612766

Peaches being racist Part 3

No. 1612771

Section : Mocking the beauty of the Spanish language
1. 2019 (December) - A video of Peaches prank calling the police has been found mocking a Spanish line in Nicki Minaj’s verse in a featured song in Karol G’s Tusa
2. 2019 (?) - There is also a Video where Peaches is mocking the entire Spanish chorus of the song Taki Taki(go back to twitter)

No. 1612780

> Mocking the beauty of the Spanish language
This is corny as fuck. literally who cares about this coming from someone who said she’d prostitute and kill her baby. Spanish isn’t even a race.

No. 1612819

No. 1612939

Why would you be a fan of this girl anyways she does nothing the homeless bum down the street wouldn't do just as good or better. That friend of yours sounds dumb as hell in he first place

No. 1670167

she was seen dancing naked in a hair salon

No. 1808894

Has anyone else noticed her strange obsession with Jisoo? Couldn't really see how a fat black shit-eating lard could idolize some kpop idol. Atleast with Nicki Minaj it made a bit more sense lol

No. 1829088

Yes it’s very creepy. She goes to concerts and begs for money to get front row and see her. She will threaten to kill herself over her.

No. 1829090

File: 1684346655735.jpeg (329.15 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_4022.jpeg)

This is a dead thread but she was also recently on Judge Mathis, suing over crawfish

No. 1829183

i can't find the whole episode yet but it shouldn't be too long until it is up

No. 1829305

Video of her at a blackpink concert where she screams after actually getting noticed by jisoo, there is also a video of her throwing a tantrum like a 3 year old before when she wasn’t able to get a ticket, deranged honestly

No. 1829314

File: 1684371346106.jpeg (371.07 KB, 1284x1426, IMG_4060.jpeg)

the guy she was going against in the episode is close to her, follows her and everything. i’ll try to find it. pretty sure she’s doing this for her “music career” like she says.

No. 1829317

honestly can never tell if she is trolling or if she’s serious or if it’s both

No. 1829347

I mean, she eats shit. I'd say that goes a little beyond just being committed to the bit.

No. 1829370

both. she’s genuinely psychotic but gets hyped up by trolls to do even crazier shit than she normally would to get attention.

No. 1829394

A clearly mentally ill woman being used as cow fodder even though it's obvious she isn't quite right. Shock horror

No. 1829405

File: 1684387509253.jpeg (695.3 KB, 2634x3427, 439BAE3F-C7C2-4D08-AF8B-49A406…)

I honestly kind of think the same thing but she’s done and said a lot of things that prove she at least has enough self awareness to know the shit she does is fucked up. The police checked on her after she said she would murder her dog and told everyone she beat her dog up, they went to her home and she was completely normal and sane. She calmly told them she does it to get followers and promote music. They literally left her alone after that.

I think she is obviously mentally ill and traumatized from what she has been through but a lot of the insane shit she does online is for money and attention since it’s probably the only thing she can do at this point. She’s said several times recently the weird shit she did in the past was trolling but again no sane person would threaten to kill their child and dog.

Her being 20 years old and threatening 16 year old charli d’amelio with a big male rapist all because she unfollowed her. She’s done fucked up shit that even other traumatized retards would never do. She used to always threaten teen influencers with this shit.

Honestly I don’t think she is the full lolcow in this situation, half of that goes to the underage tiktok trolls that dog her on but she still has a lot of responsibility.

No. 1829522

That video is sad but made me kek. When she said she does this thing because her followers like it the cops pull up a fan account with 400 follows and they're like
>This isn't worth it for 400 people
Peaches pulls out her phone with her hundreds of thousands of followers and the police and genuinely shocked, surprised, and saddened. Gen Z culture is wild.

No. 1829888

at the time it was 1.2 million followers which is fucking insane. i’m glad she died down in popularity and her old account got banned

No. 1829892

File: 1684443976073.jpeg (170.51 KB, 1242x1353, 31E570E8-6AD2-4407-A57F-4C5044…)

Her second account where she defends herself doing horrendous things and claims to be a “peachling” even though it’s obviously her. She deletes all her tweets every few days. People almost always catch on. Her followers are all underage gay twitter trolls that probably know it’s her

No. 1829901

File: 1684444384646.jpeg (162.56 KB, 1242x1701, A186FFB5-D1A5-4FCA-A2A8-4E5A1F…)

when you search her spam username and peaches this comes up, kek. lots of tweets come up where it looks like she was arguing with them over herself not being a bad person

No. 1895880

Yikes I didn’t know Lovely Peaches was a Jisoo sasaeng. News outlets including Kpop related ones should already be investigating this by now.(necro)

No. 1902879

File: 1695476237545.jpeg (167.99 KB, 1125x1431, IMG_4250.jpeg)

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