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File: 1618916953026.jpeg (453.36 KB, 1536x1536, bbygrill.jpeg)

No. 832421

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/funeral1996/ [private]

tumblr: https://heavenlykitten1996.tumblr.com/
https://angelhair1996.tumblr.com/ [inactive]

Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/offthebone1996 [active]
https://twitter.com/bimbokitten96 [new SW twitter]

>Formerly known as angelhair1996, howl1996, junkhun, funeralhome420 and lunakittenxxx (to name but a few)

>24 year old heroin addict, scammer, liar, thief, and former ““sex worker””
>Begs people for money online to buy drugs under the guise of it being for food/medication/rent/necessities
>Refuses to get a job or do anything productive
>Has every self-diagnosed mental/physical illness under the sun
>Started dating her 40 year old boyfriend (hereby known as Lurch) before she turned 18, calls him “daddy”
>has a following of impressionable young girls who she has convinced to “help” her during this “tough time” in her life
>Romanticises the hell out of her addiction but rants on the internet how vile it is to do so
>”I’m not trying to be Courtney Love!”
>Tries to be exactly like Courtney Love
>Bleats about harm reduction while being the antithesis of harm reduction/seemingly having no grasp of the concept whatsoever

>Loves to share her grimy life on the internet, including awful photos of her cats laying in filth and used needles

>Squandered a large inheritance from her grandmother within a year and lot the property she also inherited because she didn’t pay tax on it
>Claims her mother “stole” her inheritance money from her (she possibly used the inheritance to pay her mother’s rent and considers that “stealing”)
>Always “short on rent” or otherwise in need of donations
>Overdosed on heroin twice in less than 12 months, even that didn't encourage her to get clean
>RIP ROGER (aka Lurch’s dad)
>Tuna and Lurch couldn’t pay rent because all their money came from Roger’s social security so the e-begging ramped up to 100
>EVICTED from Roger’s house
>Tuna and Lurch “temporarily” move in with Luna’s mother, who is an (ex) addict
>Brings along moldy, nasty stuffed animals and complains about not being able to move her other belongings (claims she lost 90% of them when she got EVICTED)
>Continuously tries e-begging along with selling nudes and shitty art in lieu of getting a job
>Her “abusive” dad continues to buy her useless shit from Amazon
>Posts pictures of her and Lurch looting graves like it’s no big deal
>Claims to be homeless for bonus sympathy points in spite of living with her mother

>Luna and Chief have made themselves at home in her mom's one-bedroom poverty home and seem to have no intention of leaving.

>Still milking her ex-gf's suicide for struggle points.
>Seemed to be gaining weight rapidly for a while- some farmers speculated that she may have been on methadone.
>Still abusing benzos and posting pill porn, probably hooked at this point
>Still sending begging messages to facebook "friends" >>>/pt/607983
>Still buying cheap shit on Amazon and asking facebook "friends" to buy her stuff
>Still churning out sloppy drawings, has recently produced some particularly mediocre poetry
>Still taking pictures of her filthy plastic crap, filthy grave-goods, filthy clothes, filthy nails, and filthy face
>Still complaining about how horrible her life is, failing to understand that she brought most of it on herself
>Roger is interred in a filthy box in Luna's mom's poverty home
>Got a pancake voucher >>>/pt/612955
>Was banned from FB and called out in a nail shaming group
>Has lived with her mom for over a year now
>Her dad's apartment caught on fire; Luna spread ashes on her face for maximum sympathy points
>Has started to brag about starving herself
>"Found" a bra in a dumpster
>Started posting nudes again
>Then began a “sex work” career, taking grimy nudes and videos and selling them through twitter for drug money
>Made premade videos, one is called PEE DRINK >>730829
> Looking more and more dead with every photo uploaded for her “SW business"
> Anon leaks a ‘commission’ video where Luna calls her dad and says she’s got a stable job, asks if she can live with him for a while, then hangs up, takes her dress off and masturbates for the camera. Dad sounds supportive and happy for her as she uses him to get someone else’s humiliation fetish rocks off >>758647 WARNING: SAD AS FUCK >>758661
> SW CAREER IS OVER >>760386
> “Online acquaintance” of Luna’s turn up after being sent the dad video >>761016, insinuates Luna has sold videos of her shooting up in her legs via her SW twitter. Shares screencap, looks like necrosis waiting to happen >>761037.
> Tuna and Lurch defy the odds and reach their six year druggie-versity >>761830.
> 3rd OD, seems like all is not well in the loveshack >>762698.
> Happy 24th birthday, Luna!

> Luna's mom got taken away to inpatient due to mental health and drug abuse >>795390

> Returns to sex work >>805775, >>810203
> Lurch’s twitter is found! >>810263
> anon drops “lurch gyrating luna’s ass” and “full intercourse” vids that they bought last year but didn’t leak at the time: >>811491 >>811554
> Luna uploads a video where her and Lurch yell at a social worker for kicking them out and not “the old person whose life is basically over” aka her mom >>811724
> electricity gets shut off >>813209 and luna continues to refer to the owner of the apartment as "her landlord" despite admitting on facebook that they're not supposed to be there >>813354
> the apartment door lock has broken, luna and lurch build pathetic, sad little barricades out of… whatever they have laying around, apparently >>816475 & >>815981
> the cops pay a visit >>813338 and find drugs, paraphernalia and a weapon (a knife). charges are filed against Lurch >>819990 & >>822424 & >>824442
> as a result, lurch now has to submit drug tests on the reg, and luna allegedly actually detoxes from heroin as a result (while still using methadone and/or weed, other opiates and/or benzos (which drugs she is and isn't clean from vary a bit from post to post and also how much you believe her)) >>821718 & >>822657 & >>823499 & >>823823 & >>824260

In the last thread:

> Anon uploads video of Luna shooting up that they’d previously shared screencaps from. Shit’s horrifying. >>824650 Posted on the other farms were also pictures of Luna’s legs from march 2020, equally horrifying. >>830603 & >>830633

> Luna keeps claiming to be sober >>824858 & >>825465 & >>827008 despite still taking fucking Xanax >>825462

> note: sober, not ‘clean’! She’s against that terminology! >>828345

> Starts getting called out by some of her instagram followers >>825485 & >>827075 & >>827083

> Still claiming to be sober, still posting about all the narcotics-level medications she’s taking >>825872

> Apparently, Dad Luna got “tucked up off us ass” aka relapsed >>825466

> Says she “won’t go into detail about it” and then immediately proceeds to go into a lot of detail >>825577 & >>826232

> oh no! Seems like Dad Luna is DYING >>825993 & >>826190 (spoiler: he’s not)

> posts her life story in a bojack horseman group, also begs for free shit >>826093

> tries her hand at interior designing, 1 free Xanax for the person who can figure out what colours her plushies originally were >>826214

> Despite luna and her dealer boyfriend using around her (recovering addict) mother for TWO YEARS while driving her out of her bedroom to stay on the sofa so luna and lurch can get fucked up in her bed, luna feels it’s “like a slap in the face” to see her mother high around them when “they’re working so hard” >>826257

> Despite not being legally allowed to be there, Luna keeps buying furniture >>826397 (including a chair made for toddlers >>827595 )

> Simultaneously posts about buying CHEAP clothes and junk and HAVING NO MONEY qwq >>831992

> Fried her hair >>826806 & >>827689 & >>830470 and figured out face filters >>826640 & >>826915

> is making ART again >>826876 & >>829935

> Happy 25th birthday, Luna! No squished ice cream cake this year, only e-begging and whining about not getting enough GIFTS from her (allegedly relapsing and/or dying) parents >>826897 (except dad is apparently fine again?) >>829901 & >>829930

> Wants to go to couples’ counselling >>828230

> Dad apparently wishes luna was aborted >>828434

> gives ‘advice’ to someone on snapchat re: sobriety >>828609 and takes the opportunity to sneak in being angry at her friends for not BEING THERE

> Continues being outraged that landlords want you to have an ID and stable income to rent their places >>827001

> Meanwhile her only income is Lurch’s stimulus check, which she makes sure to constantly freak out on reddit about >>828072 & >>828074 & >>829345 & >>829767

> surprise: luna RELAPSED after ALMOST TWO MONTHS SOBER >>830307 (coincidentally just after lurch’s last hearing >>829524 and the stim check arriving)

> Lurch was apparently attacked by pitbulls from insane neighbours, totally not while stealing >>831109 luckily he’s an ATHLETE. Apparently the owners then proceeded to threaten luna with a shotgun (and proceeded to doxx them in case luna dies, bc it’ll def not be of an overdose but being shot by RABID PIT BULL OWNERS) >>831529

> Turns out luna’s psychiatrist is no longer AMAZING AND A GIFT when he does his job and prescribes medication rather than not doing his job and being a therapist and/or just giving her Xanax >>831232

> wears a mask with lovely-looking stains on the front >>832072

> misses her ex from seven years ago, even though she’d ‘be dead’ if they saw each other again (?????) >>832402

Not mentioned: the copious amounts of farmers still arguing whether or not they’ll get kicked out soon. See >>830562 . Luna has now been alive for a quarter of a century, apparently still has absolutely nothing to show for it except dirty plushies and fucked up legs.

one >>>/snow/55077
two >>>/snow/171004
three >>>/snow/190985
four >>>/snow/220048
five >>>/snow/254820
six >>>/snow/276683
seven >>>/snow/292881
eight >>>/snow/305217
nine >>>/snow/320166
ten >>394258
eleven >>403302
twelve >>414017
thirteen >>428358
fourteen >>452611
fifteen >>468770
sixteen >>480001
seventeen >>497850
eighteen >>521479
nineteen >>>/pt/540883
twenty >>>/pt/558885
twenty one >>>/pt/574429
twenty two >>>/pt/591749
twenty three >>>/pt/619612
twenty four >>>/pt/657873
Twenty five >>>/pt/689217
Twenty six >>>/pt/734529
Twenty seven >>>/pt/767687
Twenty eight >>>/pt/795757
Twenty nine >>>/pt/811991
Thirty >>>/pt/824552

No. 832422

Social media:

https://www.instagram.com/funeral1996 (private)
https://www.twitter.com/lilcherub1996 (inactive)
https://www.twitter.com/lunakittenxxx (SW account, deleted)


https://www.deviantart.com/thatpoisonleaf (deleted)
https://www.flickr.com/people/54485349@N05 (skwisgaarskwigelf)


https://angelhair1996.tumblr.com (inactive)

Archives of past tumblr accounts:
http://skwisgaarskwigelf.tumblr.com (deleted, no archives)

The Pulp Girls / Zine:


About Luna:
https://witchycrankypoo.tumblr.com (howl1996 drama, inactive)


No. 832424

Thread pic cred to >>>/pt/832079

No. 832425


Luna is 25 and Lurch is 42*

No. 832428

>randomly calls me every few months but never has a phone so I can never see if he's alive
Does she mean that Peter Callan is STILL calling her, years after their relationship ended? Sounds crazy even for a pair of junkies that e-dated as young adults?

No. 832429

File: 1618920051304.png (528.17 KB, 843x633, Screenshot (247).png)

She has posted so much throwback content on her instagram. Many genuinely cute photos from when she was a teenager. So sad to compare how she ended up

No. 832431

You wonder if she ever looks at her own throwback pics and wishes she hadn't fucked up so bad.

She and Shayna are eerily similar in this regard. They were alt kids that got greedy for attention and turned to terrible men and horrible failed bimbo addiction lifestyles to fuel their need for male attention.

If Lurch hadn't paid her any attention at all she probably would be doing something with her life. Then again, she might have hopped on the first dick that said hello to her too.

No. 832434

File: 1618921080530.jpg (1.63 MB, 935x8226, merge_from_ofoct (4).jpg)

Big fan of a shitty 'brand' attempting to scam Luna into buying their overpriced crap under the guise of being an 'influencer' and Luna shamelessly attempting to scam them back to get more chinese crap

No. 832437

Why does she bother drawing/painting at all? It's just the same shit over and over.
>half naked girl
>pill bottles
>"wahh I'm so miserable"

No. 832440

File: 1618923159898.jpeg (66.49 KB, 682x259, DA9E8D8F-83FC-44BF-BE00-C92BBC…)

So has she stopped pretending that she is sober?

No. 832443

File: 1618924272410.jpeg (130.83 KB, 750x462, EAA898B6-4AE2-4C74-8E35-DFCCC7…)

Thanks for making the new thread anon!

Chances are that this therapist actually existed in the first place? I don’t understand why they would tell her that she could see the therapist once and that’s it, seems like a waste of time for everyone involved.

No. 832444

Welcome to the fucked up American mental health system, Tuna. Does she have to fucking whine about everything?

No. 832446

">least i got the one thing i wanted lol"
Oh, boo. Acting like all she gets from her dad is an iced coffee.

No. 832448

kek I can't wait to see what drugged out shit she wears to this appointment. "I'm not taking new patients but I'll see you once" is usually code for "I have a ton of patients but I'll do an intake session to see if you're someone I can actually help". If the patient is obv a waste of time they have am easy excuse to refer them out to someone less in demand. Luna will fuck this up of course.

Thanks for making the new thread OP.

No. 832452

Weed doesn't count, obviously. Or her pills.
I feel like she only likes her art when she's high. Just like she only thinks she looks good or her makeup is great if she's under the influence of something.

No. 832491

File: 1618942369674.png (209.75 KB, 514x684, screencapture-heavenlykitten19…)

Who wants to bet she's gonna get that Channel blouse in a month tops? For CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP, of course

No. 832493

she looked pretty adorable in the picture with Tai and the blonde guy in the diner. it's PAINFUL that she thinks she had a glow up now cause she looks like a weird pale blob with straw hair and tacky Sanrio clothes

No. 832494

Didn't she already get a maid outfit? That and she got some ugly Milanoo-tier lolita dress we've never seen worn.

No. 832495

File: 1618943296447.png (Spoiler Image,697.67 KB, 731x805, Screenshot from 2021-04-20 14-…)

>had to google Milanoo
>actual section called "pole dancing costumes"

No. 832518

She's really pushing this whole "super bad eating disorder" thing hard, huh? There isn't a single existing picture of her where she isn't overweight.

No. 832520

File: 1618952598363.jpeg (235.55 KB, 750x1095, F0687A55-1A06-48B8-81E2-1A7A10…)

lol never change luna
(not like you ever will)

No. 832529

I seriously had to check whether I accidentally opened the Shayna thread by mistake. Once Luna becomes a pothead I'm going to have trouble telling them apart anymore.

No. 832530

File: 1618956114106.jpeg (100.39 KB, 750x257, 27818A1F-98E2-4729-8C39-56743F…)

Luna is still bitching on Reddit about how her ~evil~ father claimed her as a dependent on his taxes. Girl, get a fucking job and then he won’t be able to.

No. 832532

>doesn't help me at all
bitch, he pays your phone bill and buys you shit

No. 832534

same! I was like wait didn't she just spend a fuckton on peak pro lol?!

she's really dumb. I guess she must forget that money spent on heroin doesn't count as far as living expenses

No. 832574

File: 1618965015662.jpeg (475.83 KB, 1242x2003, 43573FC4-D05A-41AD-B6BD-D86067…)

the thing matthew bought her was the $70 chanel sweatshirt (apparently) and the other things were the septum clicker, nails, and maid outfit

No. 832575

File: 1618965495623.png (1006.52 KB, 1200x1200, bb335_roedelius_selbstportrait…)


No. 832577

didnt ny just (and i mean JUST - doubt she can "legally" obtain it yet) legalize weed? kek tuna fully subscribes to the idea that government approved (fda rx drugs or otherwise) = sober

No. 832579

Guess he got the money from whatever he stole from the pitbull owners.

No. 832581

File: 1618971193100.jpg (119.61 KB, 500x333, wjANVCD.jpg)

No. 832593

Wow, very sad to find out I was right about the Chanel sweater. How come they have money to spend on such overpriced bullshit when they are homeless and junkies?

No. 832600

Yeah, she's getting predictable. My guess is that they always had disposable income, the pink timbs that were found in the dumpster and were magically in her size, the dumpster Victoria Secret bras also in her size (lol), were actually bought but she was playing her owe is me cards…

No. 832601

That first bong is fucking NASTY! Any bong she gets is going to look like that one in a matter of time, kek. She won't clean it, bet.

No. 832617

the actual sale of legal weed won't go into effect for like 1-2 years because the state legislature still has to draw up all the regulations

No. 832648

there’s a great chance that this outfit isn’t going to fit her considering an asian large is like an american small/medium

No. 832654

She doesn't post a follow up pic for most of the clothes she brags about being gifted and I'm convinced this is exactly what happens more often than not. She's def not taking the time to return them either

No. 832666

Well let’s be honest- the moment that shit gets unboxed I’m sure it can’t be returned. Cigarette smoke, and whatever nasty smells she personally has would make it impossible

No. 832675


Lemme point out Luna DID NOT do dope. She was just saying she's upset she ruined tattoos she "loved" with her old trackmarks.

Current trackmarks wouldn't require a band aid, let alone one going diagonally across a vein. She just stuck it there to play with her ugly Amazon band aids for babies while pretending to be ashamed of old tracks that no one can even see.

I know most of you have never used IV drugs, but Luna doesn't know how to shoot, let alone using her non-dominant hand into a vein I guarantee Lurch took out of commission years ago with his bad technique. She started on her arms and doesn't know how to mainline. You can tell from the skin around the band aid lacking tracks running up and down the vein and the lack of Luna's tell tale lump from missing veins that she hasn't used.

No. 832676


She's clearly feeding into his behavior by encouraging calls and communication. No dude keeps calling some random fat bitch if she isn't encouraging it by talking to him or writing to him.

No. 832677


Fat ugly bitches "turn to terrible men" because no decent men want to date them. And the men aren't terrible for accepting attention from a female when they rarely get noticed and often show the type of guy they are from the beginning. Tuna and other bitches with low self esteem just latch on anyway because they're lonely.

Tuna isn't getting beaten up or forced to do anything for these men. They're living their addict lifestyles and she's choosing to jump on the bandwagon. They'd be doing the same thing regardless. She's really not the mistreated, misunderstood flower she tries to portray herself as.

No. 832679


How does someone who wears body jewelry not know that there are different jewelry sizes?! How has she bought any body jewelry without learning about different diameters when the info is literally right there, posted with the jewelry? Idiot.

No. 832681


She really thinks brands are going to actually want her as an ambassador?! No, Tuna. With her look and body type and low # of followers, the only offers she'll get are the ones asking her to buy their shit and get a discount… The same type of offers my neighbor's dog with his 100 followers gets.

No. 832682

File: 1619038108862.jpg (541.22 KB, 1079x1797, Screenshot_20210421-154757_Ins…)

Sis is looking HUGE.

No. 832684

File: 1619038608954.jpg (87.25 KB, 546x585, SmartSelect_20210421-165615_Ch…)

Seriously, what in the fuck is going on here.

No. 832686


Tuna is clearly claiming she needs to see someone asap. It's normal for places that have too many patients to agree to see a desperate person, but explain she can't be a regular client and will have to find a permanent therapist, OR she can just wait and keep looking for a therapist accepting new patients. Tuna just leaves out any details that'll show it's not someone else's fault

No. 832687

File: 1619038905816.png (124.06 KB, 227x356, rolls.PNG)

Sweetheart… your shirt is too small…

No. 832688


Recreational weed is legal in NY now. Most people don't consider weed or prescribed meds a drug. Tuna doesn't even consider illegally obtained prescriptions as drugs if she was one prescribed them because she lives in denial

No. 832692

she's that person that comes into the elevator and you takes three steps away from because of the filth and odour coming off of them

No. 832694

File: 1619040019118.jpg (49.14 KB, 1080x435, FB_IMG_1619020195202.jpg)

That's one of dem trackers however outdated

Also could be one of them toxic energy eradicaters they're still in the first

GO also obligatory bots this can't be real she's like really attractive tho from like probably a guys perspective i suppose? Idk not gay etc nonsense but look I'm gonna be honest , and mean,..

You baa LOOOOL go put it on

Search electric feel on YouTube machine it's a song, you think it them but it be y O u

Qt squad roll out brought to you by(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 832695

She look like her pussy stank

No. 832697

Lmao can I have some of whatever you’re on?

No. 832709

Baby girl where your neck go

No. 832714

she must be like 200 lbs.

No. 832717

There's so much to unpack here. She went to a therapy session with someone she's never met, dressed like that. Plus she's saying she loves her NEW therapist when she said earlier that the therapist is seeing her for ONE appointment only.

Not to mention how nasty that building she's in looks. How would any sort of medical office space have walls that dirty?

No. 832718

She probably has tighter yoga pants on underneath and has it stuffed with shit she stole from the dollar store

No. 832722

Well… if the point was to APPEAR to desperately need therapy, she nailed it!

No. 832733

Babygirl be looking like she homeless which I guess is acceptable since she technically is but I just couldn’t imagine stepping out into public never mind my own room with those crusty ass sweatpants and fluffy dander filled flip flops… she spends her whole existence on tumblr salivating over tacky pastel “kawaii” fashion and yet presents herself looking like this… I guess she could win “best-dressed” at the local woman’s shelter or something if she’s lucky. Does anyone think she can climb out of the hole she dug herself in at this point or is she truly a lost cause? I lean toward the latter unfortunately though I hope she proves us wrong. I’d say it’s a shame bc I think she could’ve had career with her art but her drawings are redundant and thus boring and lack technical skill.

No. 832737

File: 1619048532158.jpg (526.12 KB, 1280x1299, tumblr_75b43ff9898d171bdb38303…)

No. 832738

File: 1619048650391.png (1012.86 KB, 942x1782, luna1.png)

No. 832741

has she always had a lazy eye this bad holy shit

No. 832742

How in the world is that Kuromi bag already turning brown I stg

No. 832744

She always had a distinctive style but you can tell how bad it's getting over the years. The hands just look broken and awful.

No. 832746

To be honest it looks like the cat peed on it.

No. 832753

File: 1619052202135.jpeg (696.01 KB, 750x1063, DCC0BA09-57D0-49A4-BC35-E5E147…)


No. 832756

she's literally ripping off another artists and putting it into her shitty drawings
and it's basically the same drawing over and over

No. 832759

File: 1619053629516.jpeg (482.45 KB, 750x1256, BCAC70F9-BCB8-435D-A317-E4E36A…)

Couldn’t help but laugh when I envisioned Luna baking French pastries lol

No. 832761

File: 1619053810147.jpeg (44.08 KB, 750x285, A842FE22-63E3-42F7-BEEF-19C351…)

Oh uh… girl haven’t you been with him for almost a decade now? I don’t think he plans on marrying you unless you inherit some more shit

No. 832763

File: 1619053966557.png (69.98 KB, 849x655, eugenia.png)

No. 832764

Who is she ripping off?

No. 832766

I know an anon mentioned this in the last thread but could this be lipedema? Something doesn’t look right here.

No. 832769

the original artist that drew the green alien looking thing. i can't remember who it is. she has a tattoo of it on her arm. i remember one time she was talking about the tattoo and how much she loved the artist, blah blah blah

No. 832770

Daniel Johnston. Yeah she has no original ideas or thoughts.

No. 832771

her daniel johnston tattoo?? yeah that ones weird because she’s never really mentioned his music, i think she got it because his music is considered “outsider music” and she thinks she’s like them or something lmao

No. 832772

File: 1619056191756.jpeg (247.74 KB, 750x1069, 7B645FA5-9322-410E-B624-EA8810…)

Either try not being a fat fuck or choose an aesthetic that doesn’t fetishize youth. Another option is to just stfu but that’ll never happen

No. 832773

File: 1619056816307.jpeg (148.83 KB, 750x580, 5DBF763E-0ADB-4237-B7DE-4CC456…)

what is it with obese chicks and pretending they have no appetite? girl don’t eat then lol do yourself a favor

No. 832775

Bitch, you can barely afford some lacemonster from Amazon. You couldn't afford a $250+ dress, much less even fit into it. Lurch won't even marry you and it's been this long.

Spoiler: it's the drugs

No. 832777

File: 1619058315936.jpg (311.28 KB, 1791x2100, 01.jpg)

A few threads ago it was discussed and sort of assumed that she doesn't actually know who Daniel Johnston is and only has a tattoo of the character because Kurt Cobain once paid homage to it.

No. 832780

As Dr. Now would say, you don't get to be that big by not eating. She's chowing down triple the amount that she should be and pretending like she isn't.

No. 832785


One of her past usernames was “funeralhome1996”

Funeral home is the name of a Daniel Johnston song so safe to say she knows who he is. Her art style is also pretty much a direct rip-off of his

No. 832790

bad xannies?
spoiled food?
so many fun, fresh, frisky possibilities for new rochelle’s glossiest “it” couple

No. 832804

File: 1619068517164.jpg (531.27 KB, 1080x1488, IMG_20210422_070609.jpg)

this recent drawing is one of the worst
yes, we discussed this 2 or 3 threads ago and it was unearthed that she mentioned Johnston as her favorite artist in one of the interviews back when she was a tumblr royalty

No. 832820


Daniel Johnston is rolling over in his grave due to Tuna writing that his anxiety monster is saying "no one can HERE you."

Yes, Tuna, tell us how you and your bad grammar and bad writing had so much pOteNtIaL

No. 832823


Her ED clearly consists of not eating for a day/few hours and then binging on fat kid food.

Hey Tuna, that's just called intermittent fasting now. Your ED always involved eating a lot, despite your "starving" hours.

Taking food away from anyone makes them lose weight. Anyone. Even "slow metabolism" cows. There were no fatties in the Holocaust or in famine locations. People who get bariatric surgery lose weight from eating less. No one is on a starvation diet all the time and stays fat because "that's just their body". You're fat now and you were fat then. Your eating disorder lie is bigger than your fat ass.

No. 832824


"Love when dudes buy me shit", says the fatty who tries to pretend to be a riot grrl (among other things she isn't).

The only dude that buys her anything is dad and Lurch steals for her.

No. 832825


It's legal in the sense you can smoke it now anywhere in NY where people can smoke tobacco.

Cops are told to only intervene if they see a direct exchange of money for weed. Basically, they're expecting people to buy it from someone they know or bring it in from another state and then smoke it, but they just don't want cops to do anything unless it's a clear sale on the street

No. 832830

Don't you know? Getting cheap Chinese crap for photos of your dirty holes is peak feminism and female empowerment uwu. Especially since Courtney Love supposedly was a stripper in Japan

No. 832836

It's also no coincidence that Kurt Cobain wrote in his diaries about how he wanted to become a junkie, it was his choice, and he made that choice to help him deal with chronic pain. Sounds weirdly familiar…

No. 832837

What is it with obese girls and eating when they're not hungry? That's how they got fat in the first place. Luna doesnt need to force feed herself, she has enough fat reserves to get through the next two winters.

No. 832851

File: 1619119184566.jpg (81.72 KB, 464x600, johnston.jpg)

she definitely lifted Daniel Johnston's art style, even the coloring she does is not uniquely her own style.

Here is some of Johnston's work.

No. 832852


Even though Tuna boosts Daniel Johnston's style of art and the anxiety monster he created and claims she's into his music, I'm pretty sure she doesn't. The actual bands she talks about all have a certain dull early 90s sound, and Daniel's folk/ country music is nothing like any band or musician she regularly talks about liking. She's a poser in every aspect of her life. It's total karma she got addicted to dope when she just wanted it as an aesthetic. Serves her dumb fat ass right.

No. 832869

yeah but kurt had actual chronic pain. luna just idk dislocates her knees sometimes. kurt was dealing with chronic respiratory issues and severe stomach pain.

but now that you say that, I honestly cannot believe how unoriginal Luna truly is. she got the blonde hair 2000s style clothes from courtney love, she got the drug abuse origin story from kurt cobain, and some of her tattoos are just drawings from famous artists.

No. 832870

disagree, she listens to ty segall so i'd believe she listens to anything.

No. 832874

The knee dislocation would be a very, very painful event if it actually happens. I highly doubt she has an actual dislocated knee. She’d whine to the ends of the earth if she ever felt pain like that and even on her fathers insurance they would take care of it because it’s not really something that comes and goes whenever convenient. I believe ~maybe subluxation and laziness and that’s it.

No. 832920

She looks like a troglodyte lol, she was abusing filters until this point…

No. 832924

I thought the girl in the drawing was holding a powder-puff to apply blush. Didn't realize it's awkwardly holding her own face. So tired of seeing her Animal Crossing style facial features.

No. 832925

File: 1619182446061.webm (Spoiler Image,284.83 KB, 640x640, 158691844_450516472950238_6183…)


No. 832939

RIP banned anon. This is hilarious.

No. 832954

File: 1619214959494.jpg (1.02 MB, 1075x1971, Screenshot_20210423-175352_Tum…)

we are due for another tumblr dump. sorry can't post myself, essentially limited to working with an iphone 5 right now. tuna cant wipe her ass with these nails without getting literal shit in them, pic related

No. 832958

Oh man, remember how infected her cuticles were? Or she had some kind of fungus. Maybe both.

No. 832965

File: 1619223858324.jpeg (389.24 KB, 750x737, 77F9A8A9-14E1-4C8E-8E2F-E98B83…)

Ugh do you think that’s shit or blood under her pointer finger?

No. 832971

lmao the mods have no sense of humor

No. 832997

Anon my SIDES

No. 832999

It looks like a little column A, a little column B… but mostly, a fungus ridden fingernail from never washing her hands and wearing these tacky stick ons 24/7 for months on end.

No. 833000

File: 1619263846369.png (525.31 KB, 840x603, Screenshot (265).png)

can't believe my favorite piece of Luna's clothing made a comeback!

No. 833001

Apparently hasn't been washed since you last saw it.

No. 833005

File: 1619271107746.jpg (2.33 MB, 1080x13469, 24042021153037.jpg)

Update on Luna's wedding situation, among other things

No. 833006

Why this bitch so full of shit, always? I'm adopted and only knew the state I was born in and got my birth certificate. Took me googling for a half a minute.

No. 833021

File: 1619276392194.jpg (574.31 KB, 1080x2117, Screenshot_20210424-105902_Chr…)

>>833006 in florida you only need to know what city it was in and you can do the rest online. shes full of shit this isnt the reason she isnt getting it. Over $50 hahahaha suuuuure

No. 833025

Her mom can’t remember what hospital she was born in, lofl. What? What a burnout. And god Luna can’t even do the simplest of simple adult tasks at all. This girl is a waste of space and oxygen. It’s embarrassing.

No. 833026

can buy endless junk online but can’t afford a birth certificate that’s under $50…that doesn’t require you to know where you were birthed…only the city,state and your own DOB?! she’s just constantly showing that she’s a worthless human being.

No. 833028

She must not want to get married that badly then. Probably better off

No. 833032

Maybe Lurch told her it's over $50 so he never has to marry her since she spends every dollar on pink fluffy shit, kek

No. 833037

File: 1619285677109.png (677.39 KB, 900x600, luna.png)

luna's problem is luna

No. 833056

If only she was actually this self aware and this wasnt just for sympathy points.

No. 833058

she forgot to check off that those problems were causing problems with her housing, handling everyday tasks, legal matters, finances, health, hygiene, relationships, self esteem, and recreational activities, aka all of the above

No. 833061

Basically the only issues she didnt check off on were ones that either A: are directly eliminated due to her drugs of choice(downers) or B: you need to actually suffer severe mental illnesses to even experience.
The therapist is gonna get steamrolled by this strung out heifer giving her whole biopic, possibly be given a pity seroquel script then let outside to wander again and complain about her circumstances before shooting up in ways so dumb its gonna kill her before the drugs do if she doesnt drink Lurchs piss again.

No. 833077

anon photoshoped the second Luna kek

No. 833093

>frequent arguments

What do you mean? I thought Luna was a poor uwu baby whose mother and father abused her and were so cruel and Lurch was the only one that understood her and was her true soulmate? Have we been lied to this entire time?

No. 833103

“eating problems” i can’t wait until luna starts bitching that they won’t give her an anorexia diagnosis.

No. 833118

Literally all of these "symptoms" are caused by chronic drug use.
If she'll be given MORE drugs because of those "symptoms", the system is completely broken.

No. 833119

More like "be nice to me". Mom, dad, and neighbors are just worthless junkies in her brain.

No. 833120

from personal experience, ordering a copy of your birth certificate in florida doesn't cost more than $30, and it was that price solely because i requested expedited shipping.

we all already knew she was full of shit, but i figured i'd share.

No. 833121

I’ve never been a “omg lunas a great artist” anon but I did enjoy some of her older stuff bc basic bitch does Matisse/fake outsider art will always be a little charming to me but she’s really really down graded from a not so hot place to start with.

Like fresh out of middle school teenagers on twitter have full on merch stores now, it’s not hard to sell art in 2021 or even in 2018, luna could have gotten some financial independence if she ever wanted it but she doesn’t and never will and her one sad girl theme and shitty style is lackluster at her age

No. 833122

Saged because no real contribution and general rambling, but I just have to say it:

While we can all agree that Luna is still a fucked up human being who's done shitty things… I'm actually really proud of her for no longer shooting up. She's started posting more and seems to "actively" (lack of a better word It's still Luna we're talking about so don't take it too literally) make some sort of "effort" to get her life back together in some way. Like is she going to take her therapy seriously or will she treat it like the day camp outpatient thing back then? I don't know. But I'm still glad she is going to therapy.

Judge me all you want and call me a white knight but I just have a weird soft spot for her. And while she is far from being a productive member of society or some would say decent human being in general, deep down I'm still rooting for her.

Ever since she stopped shooting up she is posting selfies again and at least somewhat put the slightest bit of effort into her appearance compared to before. We're actually getting content and real milk from her. She's actually drawing again and sharing stuff from her past and reminiscing back to better days.

Is she still a cow?
Is she still a junkie?
Probably? OK, no definitely.
Is it still an achievement to stop shooting up, after hitting literal rock bottom? (I mean just thinking about the dad phone call thing… )
Fuck yeah.

Sure she did it by still doing a fuckton of other drugs but it's a step in the right direction.

Under all the crusty make up, CHEAP amazon clothing and behind the track marks, I truly think there is still a creative girl who wants to share her feelings through her art with the world. A girl who got groomed by her mom's drug dealer, who was the match to ignite the dumpster fire that we see now. She wanted to be a Heroin addict, yes, but honestly if it wasn't for Lurch enabling her in that regard I don't think it would've gotten to the extent we see now. When she met him she alienated herself from people who wanted the best for her. Wanting to be a Heroin addict or not, to have a fucking middle aged guy enable that weird fantasy and definitely also use her as a walking wallet in the beginning? Yeah that's fucked up. At her age and with her background she probably should've known better, but could she even? To even want to be addicted to Heroin because of the aesthetic, there definitely has to be something wrong with you. Luna is the embodiment of wasted potential and missed opportunities only furthered by meeting the wrong people at the right time.

Sorry for the long ass post, I'm already trying to keep it as short as possible. I have a lot of feelings towards her as a cow and person, that aren't only black and white. So while I will definitely get back to actually writing about her as a cow and her shitty and embarrassing adventures, I really just wanted to get this one out as well.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 833125

no one gives a shit about your feelings shut the fuck up

No. 833126

as one of the several people who knew her IRL only to end up here i can understand where you’re coming from. you’re neither the first nor the last to express a sentiment like this one but i don’t know that there’s redemption for her. i for one thought that past 21 she’d get a grip and grow up but obviously that hasn’t happened. ive lost hope for her tbh

No. 833127

What makes me dubious as to whether or not she can be "redeemed" is the sheer shitty lengths she's gone to that can't be excused by her being a junkie. Junkies are shitty, yeah, but she's shittier than most. I'm curious what there is beneath the drugged out surface, but I don't have high expectations.

No. 833128

We’ve all met a junkie that we say will never get better, then they do to everybody’s shock and then there is Luna. The difference between those other junkies and Luna is Luna is dumb as a box of rocks, she wants to be a forever child, even at 25. She can never redeem herself unless she takes it seriously which would mean she would need to grown tf up and she’s so far into this child like behavior that it will never happen.

No. 833144

I won't wax lyrical about it because it's been discussed before, but this is certainly a defining feature of Luna: her stupidity. It sounds like I'm being snarky but I'm not. A fair few junkies are actually pretty smart despite making shit choices and/or being shit people. Luna lacks any intelligence, be it academic, verbal or emotional. She's never shown any wit, any insight, any curiosity, any resourcefulness, any demonstrable ability to think critically, reflect or mentalise.

No. 833147

When it comes to junkies there are usually two types of smart and from what I've seen. It's either that the person is academically smart and they usually start using or become addicted because they try to cope with things related to their field (like half of the people at any given university are addicted to or use substances to cope with something). And of course socially smart/ street smart whatever you want to call it. Those people know what they are talking about and generally seem wise beyond their years, often times simply due to experience. And then… there is Luna
Who dropped out of Art School after one semester, never had to suffer any actual consequences from her addiction and definitely doesn't want to learn anything.

No. 833155

There are junkies that use to cope with past trauma. I still give no fucks about Tuna and her "my parents were addicts" ass.

No. 833157

I know anons are shitting on you, but bless your heart, you seem to have a good one. Luna is different because she put herself there, she didnt land there through homelessness or anything else, she simply used this as an aesthetic to toy with and got so far into it. Shes a dumb ass and will get no where in life even when and if she gets sober, and shes also dumb enough to land herself back in tha position.

No. 833167

What she did to Roger makes her irredeemable in my eyes.

No. 833182

Roger was the worst but she's treated everyone in her life like shit if she can't use them for something.

Her Dad is the worst until he pays for her stuff, her mom is the worst unless she buys stuff, Roger was the best dad in the world but she treated him like garbage and just used him for a place to stay and access to pills.

No. 833185

That and saying that her mother's life was over and that she didn't deserve help because of that to someone helping her…with her mom standing right there. While staying in her mom's place, no less. Without that "undeserved" help her mom was getting, Tuna would have no place to stay.

No. 833200

It’s as simple as that, the importance Luna places on anyone in her life is directly correlated to how much money, drugs, convenience and material crap they can provide for her. Anyone with pills to swipe and a place to crash at is placed on a pedestal and becomes Roger my Real Father or Lurch My Amazing Boyfriend. Anyone who tries to help her or puts their foot down is worthless to her and becomes The Mean Social Worker and My Evil Junkie Dad.

Being around people who treat you like shit if you don’t give them things is such a soul-sucking experience. Good on her if she can stop using heroin one day (and I don’t think she has), but I won’t have sympathy for her until she also stops using everyone around her.

No. 833206

I come on this thread everytime I feel like relapsing. Seeing Luna as horrible as this sounds is kinda like the biggest deterrent. Even though she isn't an actual junkie in the way most are (she can't shoot up, doesn't hit veins by the looks of it and just pretends to be an iv user,etc) her life is so utterly sad and revolting (the girl is literally living in filth with a 50yr old crackhead who probably sucks random ppls dicks for money to score and then kisses her with those lips ) and I know this from being like her once .. a very insecure girl who entertained a muuuuch older tramp bc I was desperate and filled with self loathing. She has such a sad awful life. Like I genuinely feel bad for her to some degree (then I remember she does this purposefully and seems to be mentally stunted bc I've never seen someone so fuckinf stupid like is she mentally disabled? That's a serious question btw not even trying to be rude lol like she seems to actually be stuck at the age of like 15 it's kind of scary). But anyway. Makes me so happy I never became a dirty tramp and lived in filth or ended up looking so disgusting. I got out as soon as I woke tf up and realised how grotesque that life and world is. Seeing her makes me so grateful and puts me off using like nothing else. I dont go to NA I just come on this thread lol. What a blessing to have self respect and be clean (in every sense of the word LOL) this shit is just so sad and shes gonna be one of those tramps who sits on the street with her crackhead boyfriend who pumps her out and then they fight over the tiny bag they begged for 5hours on the street to get… I've seen it so many times. She is a lost cause bc she chooses to live that way. Like genuinely chooses it. The girl is brain dead and cant see how utterly disgusting her life is to everyone. I've never been so embarrassed for someone in my life. Luna honey you're an overweight "heroin addict" who doesn't shower, wears filthy clothes and has a painfully ugly middle aged tramp for a boyfriend. You've probably got bed bugs and nits like other people who live the way she and lurch do along with god knows what kind of awful diseases and infections.. although trust me they probably never have sex bc hes a genuine smackhead and they defo dont fuck lol. Lurch probably hasn't gotten hard in years. The whole thing is so fucking sad and embarassing. And she can never escape it bc she stupidly posted it all on the internet and the world will always know how pathetic and degrading she was by simply searching her name. So sad. I'm going to bed in a clean house with my family around me and friends I've come from having g&ts in the beautiful sun with and life is so gorgeous. This thread constantly reminds me of how gross it could be and I'm so glad I'm not in that shit bc for me and the majority of genuine addicts it's not a choice and we actually suffered. Mark my words shes suffering but shes too stupid to even see it or do anything about it and that just makes it all that much sadder. God what a waste of a life.(no1curr, namefag)

No. 833208

If you've actually read the threads you know these exact points have been made 5 million times already. Go to a fucking NA meeting or something 'cause this isn't a junkie confessional thread and no one cares that you think you're better than Luna.

No. 833209

Pathetic. Go invest in a diary, no one here cares.

No. 833210

File: 1619392598626.jpg (10.54 KB, 200x221, images.jpeg-5.jpg)

Being a more successful junkie than Luna is really not as hard as you make it out to be just by reading the first few sentences. For the rest… if I want to read about being a junkie with style I'd just read Kurt Cobains diary

No. 833217

Second this!

No. 833227

>I won’t have sympathy for her until she also stops using everyone around her.
I won't even have that, I mean, Roger is dead and what she did is unfixable.

No. 833229

Sorry but how much do you have to suck to compare yourself to Luna out of all people?

No. 833251

File: 1619431879676.jpg (181.64 KB, 720x1295, Evil dad.jpg)

>zero support
>pays my phone bills

No. 833264

File: 1619449274418.jpeg (171.53 KB, 750x359, 70FD284D-A4E6-48F9-9D64-79F0D4…)

This comment on that thread made me lol.

No. 833282

she also conveniently omits that her amazon account is linked to his credit card, and it has been tallied that she spends hundreds of dollars a month on his dime for hideous sweatshop clothing and sanrio shit. just because you aren't smart enough to use his card on amazon to buy gift cards or things you can actually use to support yourself and instead choose to blow it all on crap doesn't mean he isn't still substantially supporting you.

No. 833283

With what money is she going to pay for her phone bill besides begging?
Bitch has no money to her name.

No. 833286

she claims to have 10k saved up as of the video with the social worker

No. 833290

Do we have any proof of the cc thing?

No. 833294

If they really did have 10K saved (doubt), it's long gone. She wouldn't have been crying about her Biden bucks if they had that amount of money.

No. 833299

Yes I can't find it rn she had a secret Tumblr a year or two ago where she'd post her weekly purchases from her dad's Amazon. Farmers got a hold of it so she deleted it.

No. 833300

That sounds as real as Lurch's inheritance and yacht.

No. 833302

File: 1619469179125.jpeg (165.75 KB, 750x499, 1557232824452.jpeg)

No. 833303

Ah, thank you! Here from the start but I forgot this was actually stated by Luna and not assumed by farmers.

No. 833315

she got her pedoman headphones for his bday on her father's dime and claims he doesn't support her, what a fuckin LOSER, man

No. 833320

i don’t think she had any access to the 10k. it’s more likely that her father offered 10k towards an apartment or promised 10k if she became homeless so she could get back on her feet. i’m sure now she’ll claim her father relapsed and spent all that money on drugs.

No. 833324

Can’t decide if I feel bad for her dad or think he’s an idiot.

No. 833371


Balancing her huge body on block heels is going to be great for her cotton eye joe knee and her ankles and feet. Tuna with bunions saga incoming.

No. 833469

She'll wear those once indoors and then never again

No. 833479

File: 1619574202594.png (625.18 KB, 1073x1480, Screenshot_2021-04-27-21-37-18…)

This girl lexi told me this was her side instagram supporting Shane Dawson(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 833480

https://www.instagram.com/bratz.whore/ someone told me this was her on here

No. 833493

Are you really posting your shitty Instagram on here?

No. 833497

for clout yes

No. 833498


No. 833540

File: 1619640416488.jpeg (487.53 KB, 750x942, 8F182537-1A8F-4D01-9733-32E5E7…)

She apparently wore them to therapy. I still can’t believe she leaves the house dressed like this

No. 833543

File: 1619640892276.jpeg (393.19 KB, 518x918, BC00CFDA-617A-4135-95B5-77067C…)

Uneven eyeliner, messy hair, thin ass leggings that accentuates her cellulite, cameltoe, backwards necklace, random stains on the crotch of her pants, pizza box on the floor from last night’s feeding… so gross

No. 833544

If I saw a patient walk into my office like this I would definitely think they are mentally ill, but I would also think they are unfixable

No. 833546

File: 1619641748335.jpeg (470.1 KB, 620x1064, 05E10EE9-A931-4757-A6EC-20F4E8…)

Another Tumblr selfie. Wtf is up with her legs? Like why are they so spotty?

No. 833547

File: 1619641777840.jpeg (256.49 KB, 750x556, B9F8D178-45ED-4798-96CA-14A836…)

Closer up

No. 833548

why is she trying to look asian now??

No. 833549

so she immediately found the magical girl dres from here >>833546

No. 833550

File: 1619642861422.jpg (333.9 KB, 1080x1469, 20210428_164610.jpg)

the CVS vial initially caught my attention.. but looks like bitch might be washing her hair in the sink with some good ol' V05 shampoo. bald saga coming SOON.

No. 833551

I also noted the pill bottle and it made me laugh because it's 2ft away from the UnlOckAble "broken" door. God forbid the crackheads try to break in and steal her precious meds! lol clearly not her precious xans

No. 833552

File: 1619643624110.jpg (132.95 KB, 1077x1725, PSX_20210428_170010.jpg)

from amazon, this review should tell you all you need to know. this is definitely the same shampoo, her picture is mirrored - she probably used her front camera. also weirdly its like $6 on amazon but definitely about $0.75 at walmart.

No. 833556

File: 1619645108540.jpg (234.1 KB, 1080x1920, tumblr_53b3db1ef8da3202a80817d…)

posting this full pic because god damn. this bitch is WELL fed.

No. 833558

File: 1619645495189.png (362.6 KB, 630x796, Screenshot (278).png)

How is that velvet? It looks like cheap chinese cotton, and a thin one at that.

No. 833560

had to check if this was luna or shayna, kek

No. 833563

or Lillee Jean, kek
delusional has a look

No. 833564


Welcome to what old missed iv shots look like

No. 833574

I actually thought the stains on her crotch were something on my monitor at first

No. 833575

lol random pizza box on the floor in the background

No. 833579

File: 1619652020587.png (94.86 KB, 610x248, luna.png)

No. 833587

I feel like Shay, Luna, and LJ are all the same person if they got into weed, heroin and lead paint, respectively.

No. 833593

I mean…at least the pinks match? So already a step above Shayna

No. 833596

She looks like a swollen bottle of pepto or that old lady at the retirement home eating checkers

No. 833615

Must be grease stains from all the pizza she shoves down her throat because muh no appetite.

No. 833628

Soooooo he's not "dying" anymore?
We're switching it up kek to yet another relapse?

No. 833640

File: 1619670471917.png (3.66 MB, 2054x1713, pig_PNG2192.png)

No. 833642

>Wtf is up with her legs?

Biden bucks. Everyone knew they would spend it on that. $1400 to look nasty as hell.

She looks like a fat bottle of pepto bismol that causes upset stomach.

I love you, anon.

No. 833644

File: 1619675162842.jpg (940.91 KB, 1080x1868, Screenshot_20210428-224512_Ins…)

when bae steals you flowers

No. 833647

That poor cat looks so unhappy. I cant wait til they have no where to go so he (hopefully) gets rehomed.

No. 833648

I'm a big clumsy slob and the way you manage is to have house clothes that get covered in grease/food and outside clothes you never wear at home. Why on earth doesn't she at least keep her 'nice' clothes nice and just wear pajamas at home to get covered in stains? Why she need to be chilling on her beanbag in a Sanrio dress.

No. 833656

she couldnt contact him while he was in the hospital. he probably was "full block" or "suppressed". each hospital calls it something a little different. pretty standard for overdose patients because hospital staff doesnt want their junkie friends or family coming in to sneak them pills, so they get no visitors and wont tell anyone that the patient is there. luna was lying as always for sympathy ass pats and free shit. he mightve also been diagnosed with premorbid dementia or some shit but who gives a fuck, he melted his own brain with all the drugs he did.

No. 833662

They really think that's their forever home since they bought a flat screen TV too…

No. 833675

not trying to blog but just giving an example, someone I know recently sent me a pic of their kitchen they were so proud of ‘cleaning’ and it was still visibly filthy, just with a little less clutter. Slobs who aren’t as self-aware have a weird blind spot for grime and think everyone else does, too.(no1curr)

No. 833679

These deadbeat asses live better than some people who actually have jobs. Here they are squatting with a flatscreen tv with cable and furniture they stole/scammed and not paying any rent or bills.

No. 833690

File: 1619719008321.jpg (345.53 KB, 1080x1815, IMG_20210429_195526.jpg)

Luna mentioned who is the sucker giving free tattoos to heroin addicts. Poor guy

No. 833691

File: 1619719515689.jpg (492.46 KB, 1080x1688, IMG_20210429_200438.jpg)

No. 833692

Lmao I know people who got some shit tattoos from Big Joes. Also wow Luna way to blow his cover, now people might try to mooch free tattoos off him lol

No. 833696

File: 1619721993039.jpeg (733.09 KB, 828x1400, 2381498C-26FE-49F2-BBA9-B2A3C0…)

“Most loyal man in the world” kek

No. 833698

>go get married so justice of the peace
>smokey who i miss sailfish

No. 833699

He looks like a homeless man that just scored a cigarette from somebody that just wanted him out of their face.
What is she proud of him for? Making sure they don’t run out of drugs? Stealing everything they have? Not having a job ever? What?

No. 833701

File: 1619725299102.jpeg (1005.69 KB, 828x1393, 8482B619-3B42-4089-8160-2F2C4E…)

Some more graveyard trinkets just waiting to get thrown into trash bags once they inevitably get kicked out again

No. 833702

At least she got lurched face and cigarette right.

No. 833703

That drawing is cute. Lurch doesn't deserve Luna lmfao.
>Some more graveyard trinkets
I really think she got them from a thrift store. They don't look damaged by weather. Or maybe I don't want to think that the plate with a quote actually was found on someone's grave… because that would be heartbreaking.

No. 833704

Why is there a half filled perfume bottle?

No. 833705

>the worse times together
Is Luna the illiterate poster who always use it incorrectly
im just joking

No. 833706

Because she stole the tester bottle.

Kek, I can see Tuna being in Shayna's thread

No. 833708


Either she nicked it from someone or it's already his and she wanted to make it look like she bought more gifts.

No. 833709

>most loyal man ever
Kek, she must have forgotten when her hobo was all over Tessa's titties and slobbering all over other women's FBs.

Without a doubt to both of these things.

No. 833712

>seven year heroin addiction
>seven year anniversary with lurch
How she doesn’t see how badly she let this man fuck her life up is beyond me, even sadder that she probably does see it and let’s it keep happening

No. 833713

Both of those parts made me burst out into laughter. I can't even tell what she was trying to say about the cats..

No. 833718

i highkey want someone to send her the screenshots of the Tessa saga for their anniversary so she gets that taste of what a sham it is. i find it odd that out of all the words to describe him, she uses "loyal" when that one can be easily disproven. is she trying to convince the naysayers or is she trying to tell that to herself?(don't encourage cowtipping)

No. 833719

bitch………. no

No. 833721

Fucking no. With that tumblr cow lurking here saying this kind of thing will high-key provoke cow tipping.

No. 833729


Are these gifts or just a weird alter? Kek I'm imagining Luna arranging this for a photo and lurch is in the background strung out or nodding off

No. 833731

Doesn't this also dispute her claim that Litch wouldn't give her heroin for close to a year into their relationship (iirc)?

No. 833733

>free tattoos for sobriety
You have to be sober first and her legs say otherwise.

No. 833737

She is such a freaking idiot. I’m sure this shop has been bombarded since this dumb, junkie, bimbo post of Tunas. Because why is she special enough to get a free tat for every month of fake ‘sobriety’? Smh. But didn’t she say that a few months ago and she hasn’t shown off any new tats and we know if she got one she would have a hundred gross selfies featuring her linebacker physique and her new tat.

No. 833742

Fakeboi? I wonder how she is doing

No. 833747

>let this man fuck her life up

lmao fuck off with this nonsense. Go shit up your own thread.("hi cow")

No. 833752

KEK she's currently busy in her own thread defending pedophiles and their right to draw child porn

No. 833766

>>833742 dont say its name you might summon it

No. 833790


I don't know how many other ways I can say this: Her legs are clearly from OLD missed shots. As in 2+ months ago. That's what they look like. These are not new at all. They'd still be more red if they were from a week ago and still be scabby within a month. This brownish color is essentially caused by deep tissue being scarred from all her missed shots. Irl these would also be slightly raised or you can feel a slight bump under the skin where the discolored spots are. These are not new tracks at all. I get this is Tuna and we all know she lies all the time, so I understand why there's so much speculation about her using her "Biden Bux" for drugs. But her old missed shots from months ago isn't evidence of anything except the fact that some anons don't know about iv drug usage, which is great. Just stop talking out of your asses like you have legit evidence of her drug usage instead of a tinfoil based off of a lack of knowledge.

Also, she's turned down offers to exchange dope for bottles of Xanax/ Seroquel

No. 833808

File: 1619807486930.png (5.1 MB, 1242x2688, D5433F94-2EB6-4B41-813D-2972BE…)

Wonder what she’s talking about

No. 833809

File: 1619807700921.jpeg (579.28 KB, 1242x2311, F312708E-6A2C-4E59-B346-93895B…)

‘Thighs caused haiti’ again

No. 833818

File: 1619818391358.jpg (390.26 KB, 1080x1356, IMG_20210430_233233.jpg)


No. 833820

if you care about your artist’s work, you won’t tell anyone when they’re willing to do free work. she doesn’t respect artists

No. 833821

she knows haiti is a place and not an event right?

No. 833822

she mean stole*

No. 833823

good looks Luna, now get back on the short bus

No. 833824

Probably somehting like Lurch doesnt have to do piss tests anymore, so he can start using again and she can start stabbing herself in the thighs again.
I'd say def something drug related otherwise she would have spewed about like like when she found the Air BNB that she was "~*~probably going to move into!!!!!!!!!!!!~*~"

No. 833825

Yeah it def has to be drug related. What else does she really have to look forward to? Plus she looks stoned outta her gourd here

No. 833832

File: 1619832354971.jpg (127.16 KB, 1080x501, IMG_20210501_032519.jpg)

No. 833833

File: 1619833187249.jpeg (300.78 KB, 750x468, 391D97FC-DF4B-4B3D-B12B-4EAF06…)

No. 833834

File: 1619833210047.jpeg (382.74 KB, 461x906, 164A9903-E4EF-462D-8950-F60781…)

No. 833852

24/7 munchies no wonder she's been packing on the pounds

No. 833865

>i wish i could live in this tracksuit it's so comfy i could wear it every single day
She's acting like she doesn't wear the same outfit for weeks on end without showering

No. 833866

Can't believe no one mentioned the hole punched in the drywall. Lurch been channelling his inner Kyle

No. 833871

>>833866 what, with the world's tiniest fist? at shin height?

No. 833874


Unless both Kyle and Lurch have miniature fists on their huge Monster-chugging physiques, that's not a dent in the wall from them. Judging on the size and location and the pictured subject, I think that's caused by Pumpkin chugging leftover Monster and trying to punch her way out of that B.O.-ridden hell hole.

No. 833879

"lurch doesn't deserve luna"

i'll never understand the anons who act like luna is some sort of 'uwu soft broken innocent bean' who is being manipulated by 'big evil lurch'. she's just as grimy as him, just as shitty as a person.

if anything, the two are a PERFECT match.

No. 833881

File: 1619879194644.png (16.46 KB, 653x392, Capture.PNG)

This is going to be amusing. Luna's spent her entire life talking about how special and unique her name is and how no one else is named Luna and the news just hit trending Twitter today that Luna is the #1 baby name of 2021.

That's one of the last few unique things about her that's gone down the drain. Now her only claim will be being conceived in a methadone clinic stairwell.

No. 833886

>i'll never understand the anons who act like luna is some sort of 'uwu soft broken innocent bean' who is being manipulated by 'big evil lurch'. she's just as grimy as him, just as shitty as a person.
You said all this shit, not me.
>if anything, the two are a PERFECT match.
Nope, she could be with a junkie her age who isn't a groomer and has some hobbies. Kinda sad to see her worshipping his disgusting ass. When has he done something for her like the drawing?

No. 833892

File: 1619883031845.jpg (100.29 KB, 1080x1466, IMG_20210501_172943.jpg)

No. 833898

>crytyping at 25

No. 833906

There's only the one who goes that far with the simping.

Really, what difference would that make? She doesn't deserve any better and even if she did, swapping out a zombie junkie for a younger model seems pretty pointless.

No. 833908

>There's only the one who goes that far with the simping.
Are you 'hi cow'-ing? I'm not sure if I get you.
Lurch is one of the most disconcerting creatures on the farms and Luna is kinda cute IMHO. And young, at least. IDK how she can fuck that man, or even be near him. I guess drugs help with that. Not trying to white knight for her, but I still think that she has more to offer from the pair. But I guess she's happy with Lurch, or at least comfortable.

No. 833912

Nta but i always find it weird when anons think Luna is the victim or she's an angel, when she made her father in law sleep on a dirty mattress and developed bed sores, and probably still keeps his ashes in a box, says her mom deserves to die and more…
Maybe lurk the old threads more.

No. 833916


No. 833918

Bitch I've been here since thread one. You can both be a victim of a groomer (I mean Luna as a teen) and a shitty person. Those aren't mutually exclusive terms for anyone who doesn't think that victims can only be perfect uwu angels.
Anyway Luna chooses Lurch everyday, so nowadays she's mostly a victim of herself.
What do you think drawing and writing shitty poetry is?

No. 833919

>not trying to wk but she's kinda cute and has more to offer.

Well done. And yeah, sitting on her ass playing nintendo all day and doing the same handful of drawings she's been repeating for years is definitely more valuable than Lurch's dealing / hustling. Great read, anon.

I know right?! Imagine thinking this scumbag deserves better anything for any reason. Roger deserved better. Rlyblonde and her mom deserved better. Even Luna's own parents deserve better.

No. 833921


thank you. how fucking hard is it to get that yeah, it's possible for shitty things to have happened to luna, and yeah, she's still done shitty and unforgivable shit herself? how fucking dense are people? what luna did to roger puts her in the bottom level tier of humans, AND her childhood was sad and messed up.

it's like the whole argument of people absolutely hating her dad and wanting him to rot in hell for being a junkie while other people only see him as a viiiiiiiiiiictim of his druggie daughter. no shit, someone can be a shit person and still get used by his possibly even shittier daughter jfc

No. 833924

File: 1619901439804.jpg (1.3 MB, 1080x5603, 01052021222940.jpg)

Stay triggered I find Luna minimally better than Lurch. At least she's entertaining.
>I know right?! Imagine thinking this scumbag deserves better anything for any reason. Roger deserved better. Rlyblonde and her mom deserved better. Even Luna's own parents deserve better.
Pure whataboutism. You might as well say that Jesus deserved better than Tuna lmfao. Also Tuna's parents are shit and their junkie daughter is exactly what they deserve.

No. 833939


I really wouldn't call him a groomer, considering she was the heifer chasing him all over town begging him to shoot him up. I'd say he just finally caved and dated his client's 18yr old daughter and shot her up with his horrific phlebotomy techniques after months of her pestering him. He certainly didn't chase after her when he's all about the hustle.

No. 833941

She mentioned him admiting he was coming to her mother specifically to spend time with Luna. That was happening long before she was 18. Typical behavior of a groomer who gains adult's trust to get access to their children. If you think it isn't grooming, IDK what to tell you, but I disagree.

No. 833943

Yeah he definitely groomed her, I don’t really think that’s up for debate.

No. 833944

Yawn, keep white-knighting and maybe one day she'll pick you.

No. 833965

File: 1619921291380.jpeg (497.65 KB, 750x1092, F5E0B946-B1AB-41D2-AC30-5BC19C…)

the longer you look at this picture the grosser it becomes

No. 833981

Lurch definitly groomed her and he is a pedophile. But that still doesn't excuse any of her actions and does not automatically make her a victim of the world she created for herself.

No. 833987

It does. You can be a victim and a bad person at the same time.

No. 833988

IDK why it kills some farmers to admit that and not just go 'cow always bad'.

No. 833998

some of you are retarded. Luna comes from 2 addicts and was groomed by another when she was a minor. She can be a complete asshole and still a victim of the circumstances she was born into.

No. 834002

None of her shitty behavior is excused because she was groomed or came from addict parents—none of it. Plenty of people go through the same things or worse as Luna and don’t end up garbage humans leeching off those around them. She glamorized this heroin chic lifestyle and this is the grave she dug herself. Some of you love to say “if she left lurch and got clean” but we all know if she left lurch (or he got locked up) she’d just go find another junkie boyfriend.

No. 834003


It has been 30 threads and farmers are still debating if she's a bad person or not.

>You can be a victim and a bad person at the same time

No. 834004

>Yes, Easter Island Bf is gross
>Yes, Tuna is a bad person

Your opinions on these two dumb cows aren't milk, so, can we please put that retarded debate at rest?

No. 834011

What's the problem with that? Victims are not saints or angels and tuna is proof of this. Get off your high horse.

No. 834021

did she "find" a new laptop "in a dumpster"? iirc she always had a ~2012 Macbook Pro

No. 834025

>>833965 that thing has so much shit visibly encrusted on it. you know it smells like cats piss and pus filled pierced ears.

No. 834036

I took some time away from this thread after finding a new cow, but maybe I am late to the game but has she actually recently got any new tattoos?

No. 834040

You would think with how many times she regurgitates her tragic backstory she would have "thighs that caused the earthquake in Haiti" down.
Why does she need more acknowledgement from random people on facebook about this anyway? Like she said, this happened in middle school. Not trying to say it wasn't cruel, but she's just turned 25 and still brings it up whenever she has the chance. Meanwhile, she has a ~totally loyal fiancé~ who's more than happy to jiggle her thighs on camera for her. Is there no way she can reframe her thinking about her body past being 13 or is this a BPD thing?

No. 834045

File: 1619977980824.png (582.69 KB, 523x510, Capture.PNG)

Someone needs to put this poor thing out of its misery with a blowtorch. There's no amount of washing that can clean it at this point.

I physically recoil at the very idea of even touching some of these nasty plushies but she slept with them on her bed at one point? And one they used to plug up the hole in the window from the window air unit back at Roger's place and never washed it when they moved.

What is it about Luna that makes her absolutely blind to her filthy surroundings? It's a wonder everything isn't riddled with bedbugs and lice.

No. 834052

I find it kind of rude how she had to mention TNBC isn't something she likes so she immediately had to paste stickers on the cover. It's a gift, she could just thank and leave the rest to herself

No. 834066


was that the fuzzy phonecase? i'm sad we don't get to see it covered in crusty filth too, luna

No. 834089

Imagine the crazy adsense money she could make by uploading videos where she deep cleans all her plushies.

No. 834122

Anyways, if you want to talk how you feel about Luna here's a thread for you >>>/ot/729850 and let this one alone.

No. 834131

She also doesn't fuck him. She's "not into sex" she claims

No. 834135


TUNA claimed Lurch came to see her fat ass as opposed to primarily being there to make money… the same Tuna that exaggerates everything to make herself feel better and is always constructing a narrative that will paint her in a positive light. Now I know for sure Lurch was coming over primarily to sell diesel, not coming to see a chunky kid pestering him about her desire to be an aesthetic iv drug user.

It was such a bad idea for Tuna to picture her new childish plushie with her collection of plushies that look like they were recovered after a disaster. The stark white just shows how filthy the other ones are.

No. 834137


Her oNlY 2 calming things? Not Bojack or smashing Copics onto cheap paper or dope or her nasty plushies or her depressed cat(s) or cheap shit bought with Daddy's Amazon account or all the free/cheap shit she receives from e-begging? You sure you only have 2 things that calm you? Not even Xanax and Seroquel? Riiiiight.

No. 834138


Anything actually expensive I assume Daddy paid for.

No. 834144


As long as her filthy stuffed animals aren't yellowed from being in the sun, it's super easy to restore them to their original color, soaking them overnight like you would to delicate white lingerie. No scrubbing necessary! She could do it for free, too! She can easily boost a stain remover solution, fill up her bathtub and add the solution, toss those bacteria sponges she calls plushies into the bath, take a bunch of Seroquel and go to sleep, and rinse them out when she wakes up in 10 hours. Then sit them somewhere airy to dry and they'll be all ready for her to coat them in her dirty crust within 2-3 days. Free and easy! Well… that still might be too much work for Tuna and her fat ass, especially since it would take away from her time spent taking selfies in ill-fitting ugly fast fashion shit.

No. 834146

How did she get the switch lite and the game? I can't remember.

No. 834147

she got it (in an inexplicable way) a long time ago. Like 7 threads back. Lurk more
Lurk more, it's literally in the previous thread
What's with the newfags ITT? She got fucked by Lurch for a video recentlish (that we sadly seen) and mentioned in a diary she wants to become sexual again.
Okay, all of this is the same person, right? Maybe browse the threads instead of asking to be spoonfead ffs

No. 834148

God, thank you. Can anons ITT please calm their enthusiasm when sperging about Tuna. We get it, you're the superior junkie to her/on the verge of relaspe whenever you visit her thread/reminded of that dark time on your life when you were just as nasty as her, she was the next uwu baby picasso with boundless potential until lurch entered her life and ruined it all, or she was born a mentally challenged spawn of satan himself. We don't need to go over this every thread.

It's honestly kind of funny how you can tell which ones are new based on how clean they look.

No. 834151

File: 1620051044803.jpg (777.75 KB, 1080x2340, 1595837484850.jpg)

kek this is what the computer looked like when she first got it

No. 834155

I'm convinced she literally does not bathe. The only time she gets remotely clean is when she waits for it to rain and then stands outside on the sidewalk.

No. 834158

File: 1620059477766.png (92.41 KB, 719x801, reddit.png)

No. 834176

Amazing how she always manages to make every post about her. Also she used to help Lurch bag fentanyl so she has directly contributed to the problem

No. 834192

File: 1620095285105.jpeg (263.57 KB, 750x735, E9A5896A-2294-4C99-A90D-1F7622…)

A portrait of the modern American family. Kind of sad

No. 834200

File: 1620110159597.png (334.73 KB, 592x852, Screenshot 2021-05-04 023446.p…)

From kf.

No. 834201

File: 1620110228327.png (273.72 KB, 1367x687, Screenshot 2021-05-04 023511.p…)

No. 834202

>I'm an online sex worker
>A man asked if he could have sex with me, the audacity!

No. 834203

File: 1620122679823.png (Spoiler Image,613.77 KB, 1073x958, Screenshot_2021-05-04-05-59-58…)

new post she posted on her spam(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 834205

To be fair, it's just a scrote being scrote. Luna is right that this isn't a way to write to anyone. I bet this creep writes the same message to women on tinder or whenever. You don't have to shit on her any time just cause she's a cow, you know. Her being a sex worker is kinda irrelevant, since she just sells videos and photos AND it would still be rude to say something like that even if she was prostituting herself IRL. Where are his manners?

No. 834206

Just put your phone on silent Luna

No. 834213


Actually, this is when she could have used this as a marketing opportunity if she was a legit oNlInE "sworker". She could have said, "I don't do meet ups, but I have some content you'd love and can make customs…"

But Tuna just puts the guy on blast so he'll never buy anything. She really needs to ask Lurch for some hustling tips.

No. 834216

Wrong profession if she wants people with manners. This issue has been going on for literally as long as prostitution has been around.

No. 834217

>Wrong profession if she wants people with manners. This issue has been going on for literally as long as prostitution has been around.
More like the issue has been going on for literally as long as men interact with women

No. 834218

Yeah sorry, that's pretty much the truth.

No. 834219

This is from Facebook messenger, does it send notifications from people you never talked before?

No. 834222

I didn’t realize she was still pretending to be a sex worker kek. Where’s the OnlyFans Luna?

No. 834223

yes but it comes as a request and you have to approve the conversation in order to reply. so she genuinely didn’t have to say anything to this guy and could’ve ignored it entirely.

No. 834225

Ah so that's where it's from. Anons, do you think she has something like a side profile for SW, or is she stupid enough to use her actual profile? I know she's mostly larping to be a sex worker, but I genuinely believe she's selling shit from time to time and I suspect a completely different profile could be milky

No. 834226

She was selling feet pics from the main fb account back when it had her real name, some anon found her in a sw group. She feels safer now since she changed her last name to Heavenly.

No. 834231

Doesn't facebook ban people (or at least punish them) for putting in fake names? I don't get how she feels safe when it's still her main account that her family and past acquaintances know about…

No. 834234

well she's implying that the possibility might be open for him if he buys her content and treats her nicer.

No. 834235

I think she's exaggerating and not considering fucking some random scrote (well, unless he would give her some insane amount of money - if you believe that everyone has their price). At least that's usually what people mean when they say 'I don't do X, but even if I did, I sure wouldn't do it like this'

No. 834297


I sense a relapse in the near future if she's on Reddit drug threads reminiscing in any capacity, even just "I'm clean but back when I wasn't clean…"

No. 834302

You need an ID to make an onlyfans, and she mentioned here >>833696 that she doesn't have one. She will probably never make one, since she's been waiting on this ID for the past 7 years she's known Lurch so that they can finally get married. I don't think she's in much of a rush.

No. 834303

of course she doesn’t have an ID lol

No. 834319

File: 1620187697517.jpeg (271.19 KB, 750x777, 6E0C2776-2821-43F2-B738-F803B3…)

No. 834326

Three months now? On March 15th she said that she was sober for a month. She's not sober either since she continued to abuse pills the whole time.

No. 834341

>My cravings for heroin are bad
>I know what I'll do, browse a subreddit about opiates. That'll help take my mind off the cravings.

No. 834342

Did she at least wash her feet first

No. 834349

No, they looked like she walked barefoot in the woods. >>714840

No. 834359

They changed that a few years back. Aliases are OK now. She feels safe now because she's an idiot and only sees her family as characters in her shitty story.

No. 834372

Not to white knight but im proud of her for getting through her first three months without a relapse, thats a major accomplishment and I really hope she stays clean

No. 834384


she isn't "clean" though anon, she's still taking masses of benzos on the daily.

for anyone who has never had a recreational benzo habit, dependency builds fast even at therapeutic doses and it lingers for a long time post-WD, and the WD syndrome is debilitating at best and deadly at worst. I recall her saying she "never had a physical dependency to benzos" which is fucking impossible with the doses she takes and the duration of her using (probably several years now, possibly even longer). she's delusional and the benzos definitely aren't helping, they warp your perception of reality intensely, lower your inhibitions until they bottom out completely, and fuck up both long term and short term memory.

I wish she would just be honest and say she's off opiates but she's been calling herself sober all this time whilst having the fucking gall to post grotty aesthetic pics of handfuls of pressed xans which she justifies as "just taking 2mg (one bar) a day to relax uwu" which is still a hefty dose even if she wasn't full of shit.

she probably DOES think this means she's "sober" because, again, delusional, but it's really shady and dishonest. she's doing herself the worst disservice at the end of the day, but what else is fucking new.

No. 834413

Read the last thread. She's not clean.

No. 834414



She's really going to fuck up her sobriety very soon judging from her obvious obsessing over opiates via posting and reading drug threads all day. She's one of those aDdIcTs that believes opiates are part of her identity and that she's not interesting or speshul without them.


You're an idiot if you also consider taking Xanax you're not even prescribed as being clean.

No. 834420

Tuna isn't in any treatment for substance abuse (and she could benefit from motivational interviewing but doesn't want that). So her language regarding sobriety isn't going to be congruent with her own actions. I'm dubious on her claims of not using heroin.

No. 834422

what is with this faggotry lately? Saying "not to white knight but" doesn't excuse it.

And she posted at least a few pics nodding recently. She cut down or stopped for a couple of weeks at best, and stopped the gap with benzos and probably some other shit.

No. 834443

I don't see why she would bother posting about her sobriety and longing to get high again on social media that isn't tied to her e-begging accounts if she wasn't sober from opiates. Reads like someone on the verge of relapse though.

No. 834463

On her being an SW- she’s totally still selling nudes and vids probably through her “SW” Instagram. I can’t think she wouldn’t be and that her shit purchases might be at least partly funded by that and her art work.

No. 834510

Agreed. She also hasn't been using at all. People who use don't need to read about it on Reddit and reminisce since they're out actually using
And to anons who think looking half dead in pics is a sign of being on dope… it's not. Tuna can take those same pictures taking Xanax and smoking a strong indica. You can't tell sobriety from her wonky eyes being sleepy.

She's definitely not a sw and nobody is buying Tuna content. She doesn't even have to do sw since daddy pays for all the fast fashion shit she nEeDs

No. 834528

Tayter tot honey, Xanax and weed aren’t sober

No. 834681

She's already said that she can't take heroin until Lurch stops taking piss tests, which could be a long time.

No. 834682

samefagging - she's clean because she doesn't have any heroin connections and Lurch isn't buying any for her. It's hard to relapse when you're entirely dependant on a guy who won't buy it for you.

No. 834703


I'd consider weed sober, but I'm a Californian so my version of sobriety differs from some people. I know the Xanax she isn't prescribed isn't sobriety at all. I'm just saying that anons shouldn't tinfoil opiate use based on a picture of her crooked eyes being half closed since it can be weed or Xanax and not opiates

No. 834705


A lot of heroin addicts use despite telling their partner they're not using in solidarity with them having to stay clean for court or drug tests. However, I believe Tuna is sober as long as Lurch is forced by his program to take drug tests. Most addicts would go out and cop on their own, but I really believe Tuna doesn't buy dope without Lurch, since she's an iv drug larper.

No. 834747

I'm a bit miffed she hasn't hit up some scraggly NYC uwu dope bunny and have them schlep their ass to her hovel to deal. Especially if lurch is gone the majority of the day. Then again she's pretty good at uh, nothing?

No. 834749

File: 1620427326812.jpeg (61.14 KB, 1125x513, 0266A7EF-030D-4087-B666-2FB015…)

Talk To Transformer once again perfectly captured the essence of Tuna off just two sentences:

“ ugh i want lolita dresses so badly!!!!!
i’m at least gonna get one when i marry matthew >:-( the obsession is real. we’ll go into all the gender fetishes another time.

anyway, i want to show you my ultimate polyamorous lingerie collection. i want to thank my boyfriends family for letting me into their house when i was thirteen (weird, i know). they are really sweet and have amazing parenting skills. ive been going over to their house and staying with their son since i was ten. whenever i had to go to school, they would drive me and pick me up. we used to do a lot of drugs together”

No. 834761

God it's vomit inducing how juvenile she is. Grow up Tuna.

No. 834802

File: 1620453298145.jpg (88.45 KB, 720x845, Rd.jpg)

>Sobriety is not worth it

No. 834830

>life still completely sucks only you have money now
>Luna: that's literally me!!!
I thought you were poor?

No. 834835


What a liar. She never has money since she never makes money. She must mean now she can use her Daddy's Amazon account AND spend money he gives her on cheap shit and not dope. So she has "more money" in the sense that she's not spending Daddy's money on drugs anymore and Lurch doesn't have to middle man all day on the street. But let's be real, Tuna… you personally don't have any income so your financial status hasn't changed in the slightest.

No. 834928

File: 1620568833092.png (10.58 KB, 486x177, luna.png)

No. 834929

Is she implying it's happened more than once, or is that just a figure of speach? What is going on with her eye?

No. 834942

Maybe she is talking about being completely wall eyed. But that is not from an “injury”. I can see her trying to use it to get painkillers in the er and the dr is rolling his own eyes.

No. 834962

File: 1620585777277.jpg (217.69 KB, 720x1210, IMG_20210509_072025.jpg)

Covered in filth…

No. 834963

File: 1620585901830.jpg (229.42 KB, 720x1165, IMG_20210509_072141.jpg)

No. 834964

File: 1620586029883.jpg (49.49 KB, 720x495, IMG_20210509_072412.jpg)

No. 834966

File: 1620586866525.png (47.97 KB, 907x317, luna2.png)

No. 834971

Maybe she rubbed her disgusting dirty clawed fingers in her eyes and it gave her an infection.
Is this even possible?

No. 834972

huh almost like abusing drugs totally wrecks your dopamine and leaves you depressed or something?? who knew there would be CONSEQUENCES!

also, no way she was admitted for an eye infection alone. she might have an eye infection, sure. but its either a flesh eating organism or theres more to the story…

No. 834973

Kek her AND Vicky with the eye infections.
Imagine being an adult who is so grimy and unhygienic that you give yourself eye infections.
Disgusting retards.

No. 834975

First thing I thought when I saw this post was that South Park episode where they all became zombies and claimed pinkeye. Cows becoming zombies lol

No. 834976

I’m so curious about the story here, she looks FILTHY. And I mean rolled in the dirt filthy, more so than her usual grime. I wonder wtf happened she’s literally caked in dirt on her skin and everything. Also nice IV access point, my ED never goes for the first knuckle unless truly desperate.

I’m so morbidly curious to see this eye infection

No. 834977

I think this is exactly what happened, not to mention the weeks old crusty makeup.

No. 834985

I thought her nails were painted at first… but I don’t think they are

No. 835005

Did she get into a fight or something? Why does her skin look like that? And all the dirt? Wtf

No. 835006

I thought maybe she was hit by a taxi and was thrown and rolled and rolled and rolled thru the streets of New York and thats why she was so dirty and in the hospital.
But apparently nope.

I also dont believe she has an eye infection. Maybe she poked herself in the face with a needle.

No. 835007

Maybe she's started larping as a munchie for free drugs, since she can't go buy some without Lurch doing it for her.

No. 835009

She probably has pink eye from all of the shit particles that were trapped underneath her tacky fake nails

No. 835012

>>835009 you dont get IV antibiotics for pink eye

No. 835014

Seriously my first thought was that she got in a fight with someone and they rolled her ass around on the floor

No. 835018

Too much of a priority put into being a disgusting trashy heroin princess rather than making a life for herself. She’s covered in filth at all times, has toilet paper flying out of her ass, blood and dirt all over. Is she surprised this happened?
I also would assume she’s probably pocketed used makeup. Her entire existence is an infection waiting to happen.

No. 835020

When you go to the ER, it's common to be started on a saline drip. I would bet that's what it is.

No. 835043

Clinical pharmd here, they don't just put anyone on a drip. They aren't harmless. She would have needed fluids for some reason. First she said eye injury then she said infection. So I think >>835006 is closer to the truth or she got it scratched and they started her on vanco and zosyn because she let it get too bad before seeking treatment and it scared the shit out of the attending. Absolutely nasty. That is… if we can believe anything she's saying.

No. 835045

You're wrong. In the US it's very common to require an IV if you are admitted to the ER. Because if there is an actual emergency (you know the reason they are supposed to be there) they need instant access for medications/blood draws for tests etc. In fact, it's standard operating procedure and you can be discharged with referral for refusal (because you're obviously not that bad off).
It has a weird placement because I'm sure she told them during intake that she was/is an IV drug user so they chose that access point to avoid her scarred veins.

No. 835046

>>835045 ah my bad sorry didn't realize you were also licensed in new york

No. 835047

good lord her veins are so shot that they had to put the IV in her knuckle???

No. 835048

blogpost but i've been to the ER (in the US) for an abx resistant UTI and they didn't give me a saline IV.
just a shot of abx in my butt cheek and a single hydrocodone pill to "help" the pain i wanted to kill myself over lol

No. 835050

Her toes are probably just spread weird, but I appreciate that it looks like she’s missing one

No. 835053

lmao poor luna, can't even get them big areolas into the built in boob pockets

No. 835057


The pAsTeL purple track suit turned into a gray track suit with additional bonus dirt streaks. What a great place to store your filth collection, Tuna!

No. 835058


I get the feeling she rubbed her eyes with unhygienic fingers, like after she made a cow pie in the toilet and then rubbed her face with her shit-speckled bloated hands.

No. 835059


I hope you're being facetious because she clearly didn't poke herself in the eye with an needle. She's not doing dope right now therefore she's not going to be playing with needles since that would make any addict actually go out and get dope. Also poking yourself in the eye with a needle is extremely difficult to do accidentally, even if you're nodding while trying to hit a neck vein. She also wouldn't be trying to hit her neck since she DOES NOT know how to mainline, muscle, or skin pop. She just knows how to miss veins in her fat legs. Plus I'm positive when she eventually relapses, she's going to make a woe-is-me post with a shit drawing of a sAd gIrL next to a needle and pill bottles stating, "I'm a failure, but I keep trying…" Or post about her relapse along with an aEsThEtIc picture of drugs or a heavily facetuned selfie demanding, "Validate me, I really need it."

No. 835060


It's harder to find veins on fatties like Tuna, but also remember Lurch fucked up the couple of veins in the crook of her arm with his horrific phlebotomy techniques. There's more veins in her arm that he never even touched (as is clear when you look at the completely unscarred spots on her arm where big veins are), but the phlebotomist can only hit those for sure if they use an ultrasound. Hands are the next spot they go to if the crook of the arm and forearm have nothing really noticeable.

No. 835062

So I want to say it probably largely depends on the hospital system and the state, but I’ve worked in the hospital for a few years and can say that at least in my area an IV is mandatory for any ER visit as a precaution should you turn emergent and they NEED access to you for emergency meds to be pushed. The policy figures rather start the IV while you’re mostly stable than try to find a good port while you’re crashing and waste time.

Back OT, I do believe Tuna that she got a nasty eye infection because they live in filth and she always has those talons on. Was it the nails? The dirty pillows/pillow cases? Her cat? Her cats poop? Her makeup habits? Meanwhile I’m dying to know more or see what her eye looks like. Can’t be that bad honestly if she was discharged the same day.

No. 835071

>Was it the nails? The dirty pillows/pillow cases? Her cat? Her cats poop? Her makeup habits?
With Tuna's nasty ass, it's probably all of the above.

No. 835078

With the amount of filth in this image alone it's no wonder she got an infection. They probably don't have access to laundry facilities at this point and any day now they'll be kicked out because it's spring/summer.

No. 835106

File: 1620694291028.jpeg (733.08 KB, 750x1061, E2C20F4A-C7ED-44F7-A8C5-C49AE3…)

There’s no way she can wipe her ass properly with these things on

No. 835120

File: 1620705372434.png (2.87 MB, 1370x1708, lurchtrade.png)

keep seeing this meme pop up and the dude reminds me of lurch so i did a thing

No. 835125

This is the funniest thing ive seen in weeks

No. 835129

I love you anon

No. 835131

suddenly remembering that post she made about shitting her pants more than once from opiate withdrawal. yikes

No. 835132

File: 1620721585989.png (216.84 KB, 494x248, 94246D22-5310-4B05-BDF4-019472…)

I’m deceased

No. 835134

Might be retard but I can't find updates on Lurch's court case. The last hearing was due the 30th of April.

No. 835139

No. 835142

people who are speculating on how she got the eye infection clearly forgot this >>832954

No. 835143

she wishes she lost her virginity to him, she lost it in the basement of a party at 14

No. 835147


I'm positive she doesn't properly wipe her ass with OR without long nails.

No. 835152

not much to add but, it's been discussed before how fucking badly hydrated she seems (mostly when the pee drinking vid came out), i know where i live people can get drips just from being dehydrated to get some fluid into you (albeit most common in children with diarrhoea etc) so that could be the case.

either way i'm fucking curious too how the fuck she got so dirty. that's exceptional even with her standards. also since when do you get admitted for an eye infection?? how fucking bad is it??

No. 835156

she probably went to the emergency room hoping to score painkillers

No. 835161

nails like these aren't cheap
where the fuck is she getting the money? is her dad funding her etsy habit too?

No. 835176

Anon how do you know this

No. 835177

She mentioned it in one of her shitty poems about "innocence lost on a basement floor" or some nonsense like that as part of a statement lamenting that she didnt lose her v-card to Lurch

No. 835185

how did you know her irl? from school? I knew her from school

No. 835212

also i knew her back in middle school, she told me about it at the time. it was with an ex friend of ours, some metalhead type kid from mamaroneck or one of those westchester towns nearby

No. 835213

i’m from the city so i didn’t know her from school— we had a bunch of mutual friends that went to your school and got closer through AIM & phone calls, later we migrated to tumblr and stayed in touch there. we met a few times irl and were pretty close before she started taking heroin. the money demands became too much

No. 835221

To anons who knew her before heroin, curious if she was selfish and self-absorbed back then (even if she was nice about it). Like looking back, did she spend a lot of time talking about herself and her problems? Was she good about listening to other people's problems without relating them back to herself?

No. 835232

File: 1620792707031.jpg (287.76 KB, 1242x1552, tumblr_272ccf4c2279da8a15a8133…)

Taken from tumblr. Is this how the dress is supposed to fit? Aren't your tits supposed to fill out the looser, top part?

No. 835233

she posted an Amazon listing picture of it here >>832491 and it sits very differently on the model. she's too wide and too tall for this dress.

No. 835237

Yeah she’s cramming herself into a dress that very obviously doesn’t fit her. What else is new? I wonder if she will ever tire of playing dress up for the internet.

No. 835238

An Asian large is probably a Burgerland small. I hate how wasteful she is

No. 835249

Gee, it's nice to see she put that stimulus check to good use

No. 835259


Nice to see she spends any money she has on cheap cosplay crap to sit around her dirt den in. Blows my mind how she doesn’t save a dime and just constantly has to have cheap trash. I cannot wait for her to be on the streets and will lose all that shit

No. 835264

>any money her father has

No. 835319

She clearly just took it out of the box because it'll be covered in Tuna grime within a week

What a weird look for a huge linebacker to be dressed like a toddler. Her pAsTeL gOtH aesthetic is hideous and confusing anyway, but for someone so statuesque and manly, this is the worst style choice ever.

No. 835380

File: 1620859127188.png (429.21 KB, 1070x1005, luna.png)

No. 835546


She didn't describe all the minor superficial paper-cut-deep self-inflicted wounds she did to herself, one of which she said was the wOrSt eVeR self-harm injury? Tuna lurks Reddit just to talk about herself.

No. 835570

File: 1620913219681.jpeg (649.38 KB, 651x1089, F86E5E0F-1311-4C5F-8B61-C0277A…)

No. 835571

File: 1620913278438.jpeg (563.09 KB, 750x1182, BFB1C25F-638A-466B-A4A3-CE6CEE…)

No. 835572

File: 1620913306003.jpeg (635.41 KB, 750x1230, AA4A3FBA-0BD0-4BBF-ADDF-CF7ED5…)

No. 835573

File: 1620913349594.jpeg (453.03 KB, 641x1086, B623826A-15B3-413E-9ECB-19DE9A…)

No. 835575

I actually think this is cute and decent, I like the colors

No. 835579

I am being very subjective when I agree. Compared to some of her other recent art, this one actually looks like some effort was put into it.

No. 835580

I know the whole thing about poor people deserve nice things too but it bugs me so bad to see her trying to look high class when she could have spent that money trying to NOT be a squatter living in her own filth.

No. 835581

You have shit taste

No. 835585

From a technical standpoint it’s not good but at least she’s doing something productive.

No. 835607

It's pretty much a copy/paste of the same old shit she's been reproducing for years, complete with all the uwu so depressed / pills / angel motif. I know the bar is pretty low for this cow but really.

No. 835609

Why is depression monster encouraging? This is a hole in Luna's art world lore. Or is depression kinder than bpd?
Imagine going to therapy in a Chanel blouse and either a designer or a repro bag and telling your therapist how poor you are

No. 835611

It's not as bad as that last atrocious outfit she wore to therapy, but it's funny how she's so out of touch with normal life that she not only thinks it's acceptable to wear that as an adult in front of your therapist, but that she thinks she looks good doing so.

No. 835612

It's a purple shirt. Is there something I'm not seeing?

No. 835618

She's going with a taxi home?

No. 835619

I second 835612. In USA, are you supposed to wear to your therapist like to a job interview or what? Please explain

No. 835620

File: 1620922730498.jpg (179.6 KB, 1080x1151, 20210513_121749.jpg)

Today in both Luna and Lurch being sober.

No. 835622

File: 1620923069496.jpg (336.65 KB, 972x2193, 20210513_122409.jpg)

No. 835623

This is kind of bizarre. Can any clinic anons explain the reasons why they may not want to decrease his methadone? Is this a court order thing because I’ve always thought that if you were voluntary that they’d work with you to make sure you are comfortable with the dosage.

No. 835638

Medfag and used to be contracted with the local methadone clinic to run labs on their patients.
Lots of addicts would come in complaining about their clinic refusing to decrease their dose, I’m not 100% sure what the “reasoning” is but I can tell you that methadone clinics are shady as fuck and just want to keep milking their strung out cash cows. Not decreasing dosage = guaranteed revenue.

No. 835643

wanting to decrease your dosage is a big red flag for intending to use again. Wanting to reduce dosage is like telling the clinic you're planning to relapse. Regardless of the patients reasoning for it, it absolutely puts them at risk of using if they have less methadone in their system.

No. 835645

Also medfag with stuff to add. Agreeing with what you said >>835643. Especially them being shady: their whole goal is to KEEP YOU on methadone forever, absolutely. With methadone once you reach your "stabilizing dose" thats it. You stay on that forever UNLESS you're switching to buprenorphine or naltrexone in which case they will help you taper to get you on the new drug. No other options unless you're experiencing major side effects and apparently thats not lurch's reasoning. Everything I just said is a summary of the ASAM guidelines if anyone gets bored.

No. 835655

lurch wants to start using again, he doesn’t want to get off methadone so he can get clean
the doctors aren’t idiots, they can see him making zero effort to be a functioning human
if he got a job and took a shower and found a legal place to live, maybe they’d start talking about cutting down

No. 835659

Thanks for that clarification; Methadone treatment is its own universe.
By and large, junkies gonna junkie

No. 835664

kek are we supposed to feel bad that the Easter island head cried

No. 835667

lmao aw poor lurch cried, now he won’t be able to relapse how tragic

No. 835673


First you usually have to meet with your counselor or the doctor at the clinic to decrease your dose. You can't just call or demand the nurses at the window. 3 months is definitely not long enough for sobriety for the clinic to safely recommend decreasing your dose and try to get off.

Also he can transfer to a clinic in another state so wanting to move isn't a valid reason to get off.

But if you're sober for more like 6 months, the clinic would feel better about decreasing your dose. You can choose to leave anytime though. He can also just call his insurance and request Medicaid stop paying and he'll be put on a financial taper. Trust me, after 2 weeks of being dropped a milligram every other day, he'll be crying and begging to raise his dose again.

NY clinics are very easy to work with from experience, but if you're not rational and sane when demanding things, any clinic will push back. Lurch is a big boy and Luna doesn't need Reddit's advice when she can literally call the clinic director or file a complaint with the state since they run the federal program. What dumbass crybabies they both are.

No. 835678


Clearly Tuna always wants sympathy and not real solutions, but Crybaby Lurch can easily file a grievance through his clinic counselor or the front desk of he feels sooo jilted. They'll have him come in for an meeting/ mediation and discuss his options and his complaint. Unless he doesn't have a real complaint… which it sounds like he doesn't.

No. 835684


As a current methadone patient who's been at clinics in CA, WA, FL, NJ and NY, I can assure everyone clinics aren't even a fraction as shady as the patients like Lurch are. Clinics try to keep patients because they fully understand the rate of recidivism. Most opiate addicts can't stay clean without medication assisted treatment. And Lurch's 3 months of sobriety after being at that clinic for years isn't going to entice anyone there that he's doing great and doesn't need methadone. Clinics encourage people to stay sober by monitoring them thru monthly random urine analysis tests and required counseling appointments. If Lurch was doing so great, he would have take homes more than the one day a week they're closed on Sundays and everyone gets a take home. Thus "liquid handcuffs" argument is the biggest bullshit when Lurch is the same addict with drug/opiate handcuffs. Clinics prefer at-risk patients like Lurch stayed on a program than taper off, start using, then come right back in 2 months.

The gruesome twosome aren't moving to another state, let's not kid anyone. The most they'll move is from their squatted in apartment to the streets.

No. 835687

File: 1620932880270.jpg (278.51 KB, 900x447, Screenshot_20210513-150726_Dri…)

This is the handbook for any methadone clinic in the US. Lurch can choose to taper, he's a dumbass.

No. 835692


Off topic but where’s her ring? I thought she was iN lOvE with it and would never take it off? Did they already pawn it for drugs?

No. 835708

Idk, she was wearing it in a recent photo. It’s pretty ugly I sure as fuck wouldn’t want to wear it everyday

No. 835709

how tf does lurch have a xanax prescription?

No. 835727

>>835692 too fat to wear it don't be ignorant

No. 835745

"he had extra because he tries not to take the whole four a day he's prescribed" lmaooo okay luna he's def not selling his scripts

she's on r/opiates they all knows she's on some dumb shit

No. 835753

File: 1620967717859.jpg (205.75 KB, 1064x1346, 20210514_004704.jpg)

She also had to mention Lurch's car accident.

No. 835756

I can barely understand what she's trying to say.

No. 835775

File: 1620999513801.jpeg (38.06 KB, 750x210, 17A3EBB4-BA83-498A-809A-AA9B53…)

No. 835776

spiraling into self-hate because your body is made of cottage cheese isn't anorexia, tuna.

No. 835780

File: 1621002852465.jpg (262.22 KB, 1080x1671, Screenshot_20210514-073312_Ins…)

lol sure Tuna

No. 835796

>we want to move to another state

Is this right up there with them wanting to get married as well? Where would they even go?

No. 835800

the only place they’re moving is on to the streets when they eventually get kicked out

No. 835801


i think she genuinely thinks that hating her fat squishy body equals anorexia. she clearly does not go hungry, especially since all the food she ever posts is fast food, junk or sugar.

No. 835802

When has she ever stated that she has anorexia?

No. 835806

>>835801 tess holliday level delusion

No. 835807

I don’t think she has ever specified anorexia. She has said eating disorder, which is probably true by the looks of her body, but its disordered eating like only stuffing herself, uncontrollably with sugar and junk. She does not nor ever had anorexia.

No. 835808

like every other day on tumblr for four years. she’s said she lets lurch have her food when they’re rationing food bc she has anorexia. she’s never mentioned bulimia or a binge disorder. she literally always whines about how she hates eating and her body and how fat she is.

No. 835809

A lot of obese people think that eating normal portion is restricting.

No. 835810

I’ve seen her talking about starving herself but I don’t remember her saying anorexia. Interesting. She probably has EDNOS

No. 835814

She goes fasting after binging on a large tube of ice cream or party sized bags of m&ms. She would be way larger if she didn't fast.

No. 835815

binge/fast/binge cycles are literally a recipe for weight gain
just eat like a normal person, luna

No. 835832

No. 835917

File: 1621097654521.jpeg (127.05 KB, 750x496, 9EB691A7-F925-499B-8B02-BA4E9D…)

from kf. def not weird luna lol

No. 835918

>>835917 i have no credentials, but pick me uwu

No. 835921

File: 1621099625844.jpeg (67.17 KB, 828x737, 53DA7FB5-0130-461E-8111-4A6E7F…)

No. 835924

it’s hilarious how often matthew is finding himself involved in crackhead fights lately. fitting, really.

No. 835926

File: 1621101383417.jpg (268.11 KB, 1039x753, Screenshot_20210515-135300_Chr…)

Little update to the methadone Reddit thread.

No. 835929

always so quick to throw her mom under the bus

No. 835931

I love that our lord and savior god is out there arresting people. Jesus is a vigilante? Lol sorry just thought that was the only part of her story that’s believeable.

No. 835944

They plan on suing the methadone clinic but can't bother searching a physician that has authorization for Buprenorphine.

No. 835948

gee, it’s almost like lurch doesn’t actually want to get clean

No. 835949

Not only no credentials, you forgot the non existent work history, personality disorder and drug addiction anon

No. 835952

Complaining about neighbors bringing people in when she's fucking squatting. You don't officially live there.
Also they're fucking dumb picking fights with people in the building when her door doesn't even close or lock.

No. 835956

What ever happened to “bE nIcE tO dRuG uSeRs”? I get crackheads are annoying but way to be a hypocrite. Also I really hope that social worker she pissed off is working on getting them evicted. Can’t believe she has the nerve to bitch about the apartment that she is not even supposed to be in

No. 835970

Funny how lurch, a well known thief and abuser of elders, suddenly came to this 86 year old guy's aid. Never did shit for his dad, but a random guy is worth risking his life over to intervene. Just went over to his apt "to help".

Major tinfoil, but shit doesn't line up to me. I feel like lurch was caught stealing and some guy chased him back into their squat, while luna screeched that the guy doesn't live there so he can't be there.

No. 835972

i think lurch is super territorial about castle crack apartment building because he deals drugs there and he doesn’t want anyone else stepping on his toes—not because he’s some martyr like luna is trying to make him out to be.

No. 836037

Not a tinfoil at all. As per usual her story makes no sense. How did they know the dude had stolen money? How did Lurch intervene in time? After the dude robbed the 84 year old, did he stand in the corridor shouting "I've robbed this old guys money!"? How did they both end up in Lurch and Luna's apartment? Sounds more like they let someone in they shouldn't have, things went sideways, and this was the best she could come up with to make Lurch look like the good guy.

No. 836056

Does Lurch have any redeeming qualities? Like even just one?

No. 836062

There's so much made up shit in this story alone. Once again, singling out the crackheads when she's probably worse than they are.. and it's government housing, who the fuck would have $800 on them at any given time or even stashed in their apartment?

350lbs is half a Slaten-sister. Ain't no damn way some obese guy is going to start swinging and force his way into their apartment to fight Lurch who had to play The Hero instead of minding his own damn business when they're not even supposed to be there either.

No. 836073

He could probably hammer nails with his face, does that count?

No. 836074

He appears to have a modicum of hustle

No. 836087

I have no idea what this means but I'm having fits of giggles like a tickled retard imagining Lurch build a barn like this

No. 836090

lmao anon you’re great

No. 836093

Did the whole sobriety thing happen so they can keep this housing? I know it's housing for recovering addicts

No. 836094

File: 1621202933335.png (39.4 KB, 719x288, mememe.png)

No. 836095

Luna loves to talk about herself especially when she is able to frame herself as the victim.

No. 836102

Had to do with his court case. It's twice now he's been arrested for drug related charges, if I remember correctly.

No. 836108

Untangle the rat king prior to death

No. 836122

bruh, Coach ain't high end (and I am pretty sure that is a knock-off) and that Chanel sweatshirt is like….$60. It's not like she is sporting real Hermes and Gucci.

No. 836129

I don’t see how they would be eligible for public housing on the basis of being squatters in it

No. 836130

sorry, samepost, but there is likely a long waiting list for the place considering New Rochelle
bumping them up the line because they were squatting feels like a no, also Luna antagonized the social worker when they relocated her mom
but stranger things have happened I guess

No. 836140

I get that Coach is like Michael Kors tier as far as "luxury brands" go, but it's still cringe worthy seeing her try to flex that ugly green coach bag constantly while covered head to toe in filth. It legitimately just makes her look like a crackhead who steals.

No. 836147

that “coach” bag is fugly and doesn’t even match her uwu kawaii aesthetic

No. 836175

Isn't this shit still too expensive for someone that lives in an illegal hole?

No. 836200

stolen things are free

No. 836229

Coach used to be cheugy but they’ve rebranded really well and are actually trendy again. They did a huge clean out of all their old ugly shit before this rebrand tho, and that bag is definitely from a blowout sale / outlet / secondhand / stolen

No. 836233

It's irrelevant. My point was that it's insane to wear this kind of shit to therapy when you are probably confessing to being on the brink of homelessness and poor as hell

No. 836245

sage for extremely old milk, but here's the band luna and her gf tai (aka crpl-pnk) formed together
they're not good singers, but they're clearly having fun and it's sweet. now tai is dead and luna's a junkie. life is unforgiving.

No. 836247

File: 1621300579306.jpg (166.07 KB, 841x1140, 20210517_211234.jpg)


Luna shares more information about the methadone clinic.

No. 836248

File: 1621300609332.jpg (195.71 KB, 993x1197, 20210517_211254.jpg)


No. 836268

What was he going to sue for? Can you sue for dosing outside? And how was he planning on paying for the lawsuit? What again Luna?

No. 836274

"No reason" so it was not the second wave of a deadly global pandemic raging in their area at the time?

No. 836291

is the reason for all of this is that they both want him on subs instead bc they sell better? or maybe to make him look better in a hospital’s eyes in hopes of snatching a prescription?

No. 836298

They definitely don't trust him because he looks shady.

No. 836322

File: 1621343969364.jpeg (182.59 KB, 750x675, 6885E86D-B4B6-4F0B-94D6-7E5CF6…)

ding ding ding we have a winner

No. 836333

aw this is cute.

No. 836356

so either she's lying/not telling the full story or lurch is lying/not telling the full story to her lmao i love how no matter what she posts on reddit people are always suspicious of her

No. 836363

File: 1621355880717.jpeg (365.5 KB, 750x955, 01FD04B2-14DB-4395-87CE-4043A8…)

“But I DO know the whole story! My precious Easter Island statue boyfriend would never manipulate or lie to me!”

No. 836387


This is exactly like Tess Holliday bitching about how fatties can be anorexic.

No chubby bitches, your disordered eating habits of not eating for 15 hours and then binging on fat kid junk foods and hating your body is not the same as you being anorexic. You're not deathly ill and at risk of dying from starvation so you won't be getting the pity party from anyone but other Fat AnOrExIcS.

No. 836428

I still haven’t seen a post where she actually calls herself anorexic though

No. 836434

This. I searched on Kiwifarms and it's the same as here - some retard kiwitard replies to a post sperging about how Tuna doesn't have anorexia while the post doesn't mention it anywhere.

No. 836444

Word. Restriction =/= anorexia. I kinda assume the people who keep going on about how Luna doesn’t have anorexia (even though she never said she did as far as I’m aware) are either ana-chans who are too absorbed by their illness/not getting enough nutrients to comprehend things correctly or just fatties projecting onto Luna lol

No. 836471

Im pretty sure shes confusing anorexia with atypical bulimia (purge through fasting not puking) it fits with how she shovels junk into her face starves for a few days, and then goes back to eating garbage.

No. 836507

Show me where Tuna said she has anorexia. Admitting to looking at proana content doesn't count since it is what it is no matter who is looking at it.

No. 836528

She requested meanspo from a proana blogger about a year ago

No. 836530

Doesn't mean she claimed to have anorexia. Proana bloggers are the only ones who do this kind of thing. There isn't 'proEDNOS' community with comparable culture. If someone binges and purges, they can use the 'encouragement' in the same way without following the ana 'principles'. Not to mention (from what I remember) she acted like she got hate mail and didn't request the meanspo, so IDK what was her goal there.

No. 836531

>>836530 >>836507
My god if you care so fucking much search her wayback to make sure she never mentioned anorexia no one else gives a shit or is gonna go through the effort to prove it. You're the ONLY person who cares whether or not she explicitly said it. Enough sperging. She was an early 2010s tumblr girl OBVIOUSLY she was exposed to pro-ED content and is clinging to the glory days when that was huge there.

No. 836538

ITT anons freak out over the interchangeable words "eating disorder" and "anorexia".

But >>836530 is right. Luna has never claimed to be anorexic. She has claimed to have "struggled with an eating disorder" and makes oblique references to restriction sometimes whenever she's too poor to eat constantly.

>She was an early 2010s tumblr girl OBVIOUSLY she was exposed to pro-ED content and is clinging to the glory days when that was huge there
Nobody is saying that she doesn't pretend to have an eating disorder. She's just not stupid enough to use the word anorexic when she's that fucking fat lol. She knows she ain't fooling anybody by pretending to be waifish, she's insanely tall and at least 200lbs.

No. 836539

>My god if you care so fucking much search her wayback to make sure she never mentioned anorexia
The burden of proof is on the person who brings a claim in a dispute.
>no one else gives a shit
There is at least one other person that clearly does care about fact checking
>or is gonna go through the effort to prove it.
That's on you, not on me. Maybe don't come up with bullshit claims if you don't want people to call you out on them.

No. 836542

>burden of proof

No. 836543

Did you run out of arguments?(enough with the derailing and infighting)

No. 836568


Who needs a resume or real knowledge of statistics (was she planning on doing some Moneyball-esque magic?!) when you can just post requests for jobs on people's Twitter accounts? Oh Tuna, you're hopeless and it's funny af.

No. 836569


Lurch and Tuna are the types of white savior idiots that think they're doing so much good in their
impoverished cOmMuNiTy that they squat in, so they force themselves into every little incident and fuck themselves over.

That's what they get for not learning how to mind their own business.

No. 836570


Come on Tuna, you and DEFINITELY Lurch know how to get take homes. He's been in the game long enough and has no excuse to play dumb. Counselors explain how to get take homes on day 1. Besides the Sunday take home everyone gets from NY clinics being closed on Sundays, Lurch gets a monitored UA (urine analysis aka pee test) every 3 months before they'll "phase" him up to the next level. UAs are random every month also to ensure you're staying clean and are part of what you need to qualify for take homes. Then the monitored UA every 3 months, when a counselor stands in the same room while you're peeing, is what will get you to the next level to get another take home. So crying about him being sober for 3 months isn't going to change federal requirements. Go take your monitored UA when they tell you you're eligible, Dumbass

No. 836630

File: 1621463395169.jpeg (275.29 KB, 827x1282, 2EB90155-3F99-439B-B765-233639…)

Her legs….. omg

No. 836631

File: 1621465349961.png (1.02 MB, 1234x796, $20 lip balm.png)

No. 836633

… can you get lymphedema in the thigh? god she's unfortunate.

No. 836634

She'd be cute with her ita garbage can-kei style if she wasn't a drug addict and lost like twenty pounds… Lol fuck not even 20, I'm sure there's some scrote out there who could give her a better life than Lurch but "mah drugs".

No. 836638

She looks so short now it's ridiculous

No. 836639

Tbh I’ve never had anybody watch me pee since I had a fed job before a decade of rehab. I’m sure only probation/parole officers do that. So that should mean that frozen mg/drug leveled piss, warmed in a bottle that day, stored next to your waistline would be sufficient. They are just too stupid to figure out how to scam the system after a decade. Maybe somebody else could explain the reason why there is a difference? Do they do that at certain clinics?

No. 836640

Plenty could overlook her weight, but everyone will always side eye those track marks and abscess scars. What the fuck.

No. 836641

I just don’t even understand what is going on with her thigh/knee area?!? Is it self harm or drug scars?! Or weight? Or all of the above??

No. 836642

This is sad. I’m surprised she doesn’t wear tights

No. 836644

She needs to invest in some tights, not lip balm. No one wants to see that nasty shit. And why are her lower legs so short?

Check the last thread for why they're like that.

No. 836649

Nice to see bitch got the latest iPhone since >>832682.

No. 836652

Christ almighty the state of her thighs and how massive they are compared to the rest of her. That can't be normal can it?

Didn't Luna say that Lurch used urine from her mom for a test at one point?

No. 836655

But anon, she said she was going to tell her evil dad to stop helping her with her phone! Surely Tuna wouldn't lie.

No. 836663

good eye, anon

No. 836665

File: 1621481173258.png (Spoiler Image,953.49 KB, 1000x1070, 045CF314-C342-4F50-BD54-358EEC…)

she looks just like the image results for stage two lipedema but with jarring scars. Obv not trying to be a google doctor- her lower half has been a horror show from the jump- but god they look horrible now

Spoiler for doctors office pics

No. 836684

File: 1621497650094.jpg (426.7 KB, 1280x1749, tumblr_61bb9d23e44e6354bc00b28…)

>She needs to invest in some tights, not lip balm
But then you cannot wear those uwu toddler frilly socks
>And why are her lower legs so short?
I am also confused. Doesn't seem like a weird perspective but maybe I'm wrong.

No. 836698

>toes pointing inwards like a retarded j-fag
tuna, trackmarks, scars and cottage cheese aside, you are obese and huge, you will never be a uwu cute smol bean, no matter how many frills and pink pedo shit you wear

>latest iphone but starving uwu
her electronics make me irrationally angry, this fat bitch is always whining that she's so poor and everything needs to be cheap cheap cheap and gifted and she got this fucking iphone?! wtf I hope she drops it on the street and it shatters

No. 836713

File: 1621513419210.jpg (408.45 KB, 1022x1920, tumblr_373c48945b7232aafefff18…)

Bet her legs are covered in filth, feel kinda bad for the therapist to witness this.

No. 836720

Imagine this walking into your office and you're forced to share a room with her. Even your mask wouldn't be able to stop the smell.

>clown feet

>unshaved legs
>track marks
>stinks of cat urine
>unwashed body odor
>shit under nails
>eye infection
>rambles to you for an hour about hating her parents and being conceived in a methadone clinic stairwell

No. 836722

White savior means when white people act like saints because they help non whites, like Angelina and Madonna adopting African children and acting like they're better than everyone. What the hell does that have to do with Lurch and Luna bothering crack addicts?

No. 836724

And how poor she is while she texts Lurch on her new iPhone.

No. 836727


Imo her legs look so short because of that hideous dress. I think the cut combined with those fugly shoes/socks are making her legs look stumpy.

No. 836731


she has that thing fat people get where their knees invert and go backwards because they cant support their own weight

No. 836750

i thought it only looked like their knees go backwards bc your kneecaps don’t allow fat to grow there. same with elbows.

No. 836766

File: 1621529375386.jpg (1.24 MB, 1076x1918, Screenshot_20210520-094926_Ins…)

No. 836769

What is this supposed to express besides her arrested development?

No. 836790


Caption: Fat, dumpy woman dressed like a toddler stands in front of mirror admiring her rippled, mottled rippled legs.

I see this with a lot of fat people like Tuna and it always baffles me how the upper thighs of fatties smoosh together while below the kneecaps, their legs flare out and don't touch at all. It's such a horrific look and makes it look like they're waddling since the upper leg looks attached together and just below the knees is apart and moving around. Tuna the waddling cow.

No. 836794


Tuna's scarring is normal for someone who misses every mainline attempt. And because the cut dope sits under the skin due to the bad injection technique, the bumpiness sticks around for a few years after using. Luckily with regular use of a scar-reducing leg oil/microneedling at home, she can get rid of the scars and bumps/ripples in 2-5 years if she's diligent about it.

Not all of the nastiness on her legs is from missing shots though. A lot of it is her just being fat and having cellulite from her lack of movement. The only parts from shooting are the dark scars and you can only see the lumps and bumps from missing in person if you're viewing it from the side. You can't see the bumps from missed shots in pictures or looking head on, but anything that's a large round/oval-ish dark scar is a bump irl.

No. 836796


White saviors are also what people in the hood call do-gooder white people who move into the neighborhood and try to feel like they belong as they do their best to "clean up the neighborhood".

This is basically the same description you gave, but the children don't have to be from Africa and the white saviors don't have to be Madonna. Any white person who moves into a non-white neighborhood and become immersed in their version of bettering the hood are considered as people attempting to be white saviors.

No. 836797


"Hey therapist, look at my drawings! Can you praise me and tape it on the refrigerator as I stand here in my pink frilly toddler outfit and my cellulite covered legs and flash my best snaggle tooth grin?"

No. 836798

>>836731 that's exactly what I was referring to in >>836790

I wish there was a name for this type of look. It's like the Penguin from Batman.

No. 836804


This is at ALL clinics. Some of them are more lenient about the watching part. Like Washington just makes you remove everything and then sit in the stall and pee as the stand right outside the door. Same with CA. But NJ and NY usually just have a partition they can glance through every few seconds. And no, you can't just put pee in a bottle on your waistline because they actually check the temp when you turn it in and your waistline can't reach the same temp as internally. Plus staff would easily hear you transferring from your bottle to their sample cup and glance in on you and your fucked. Being deceptive yields worse punishment than pissing dirty.

You can maybe Mike Tyson it by buying the fake genitals with a tube sticking out into the cup and the warmed pouch releasing the liquid, since that's the only way to appear like you're peeing it out.

Rehabs do not do monitored UAs. They'll just hand you a cup since they know you didn't bring in fake genitals and a tube connected to a warming piss pouch. It's a federal clinic requirement that differs slightly in the set up from clinic to clinic, but clinics like in NY, NJ, and PA are much more diligent on glancing in on you.

Out of the 5 states I've been a methadone clinic patient at, including the one in Harlem, NY, I have yet to meet a patient willing to haul around a warming piss contraption every single day for 3 months just to get 1 take home. Even if they successfully got their 1 take home, they'd have to keep hauling around nearly 100 degree piss every day until they get clean to keep their take home, just in case they get their random monthly UA. Then bring the whole fake genital/tubing/warm piss pouch contraption every 3 months for their monitored UA. Not worth it at all, especially when they can just cop when they want, just like Lurch. Why jump through hoops for a take home every 3 months when you can just not go to the clinic when you don't want to and get dope instead? As long as you don't miss more than 3 days in a row, you won't get kicked off.

No. 836808


You can use someone else's pee for your monthly random UA, sure. But not for the monitored one to get your take home.

No. 836821

Just speaking from experience that at the 5 different clinics in 4 different states only had regular, private bathrooms and a bunch of us used frozen piss every week. Never got caught nor watched. So I don’t really know what you are talking about.

No. 836832

I hope her therapist tells her that this is shit that kids do and to grow up.

You're nasty as hell, anon. Just because you didn't have that experience, doesn't mean the same thing happens everywhere else. It's obviously not all clinics like that anon said, but many of them do monitor people.

No. 836837


That dirt/grime between her thumb and forefinger though.

No. 836842

Sorry I hurt your feelings but I think you took a wrong turn and ended up at lolcow. >>836804
This anon said ALL clinics so maybe you better learn to interpret a little better.

No. 836844

Freezing piss to use later doesn't hurt anyone's feelings, anon. I disagreed with that anon, learn to read.

No. 836864

sage for old spam. but seriously is this a fucking fun house mirror?? the iPad looks so small and disproportionate lmao?

No. 836869

Anon you are right! I am sorry because I did read back and sarcasm is very hard to understand in type. And I now do understand, I think the nasty got me. It is a nasty thing to do but frozen piss lasts a year at least. It’s a whole thing but its a sickness. Freeze your urines in different, various bottles on the days you know you will pass, freeze them, microwave them to thaw in the morning, transfer them to a bottle with a temp strip and strap them or belt them to your body until the test. The inner thigh is the best. It’s bizarre but every addict knows the deal except tuna, lurch and some random anon on here. Most older addicts from the clinic teach this to the younger addicts that just need a crutch.

No. 836872

File: 1621559775664.jpeg (569.29 KB, 2048x2048, 55D285BD-7FAC-45D3-9DC2-E197DA…)

Tuna has a doppelgänger. They both even claim to have restrictive EDs. I posted it earlier in the pro Ana scumbag thread because subject of photo A is posted there frequently, but I think it belongs here too.

I know it’s an old picture of Luna but I can’t get over the resemblance

No. 836874

I think that look is, "Shit your parents dress you up in kindergarten."

No. 836884

Don’t shit up the thread with this crap

No. 836930

anon meant her leg anatomy, not the clothes tho

No. 836943

The technical name for it is ‘genu valgum’ or knock-knees — it can be something you’re born with, but also is strongly associated w/ obesity bc of the pressure excess weight puts on your joints, etc.

No. 836955

Luna has had knee problems since childhood, including frequent dislocations

No. 836960

Who cares about shaved Legs. I would worry more about her lipodema or water accumulation looking calves, her left one looks so huge compared to the right in all of the recent pictures

No. 836971

File: 1621613043260.jpg (210.33 KB, 1080x1158, 20210521_120407.jpg)

No. 836979

Lol she's also been obese since childhood, if she had knock knees as a child they would have put her in forest gump knee braces.

No. 836983

Because she said so?

No. 836988

kek methadone isnt even nephrotoxic. and renal dose adjustments arent even made until youre basically at end stage renal failure. keep looking for excuses though lurch, youll find a good enough one eventually.

No. 836997

Imagine consistently standing up for a scrote that not only groomed you but also made sure you had no chance of getting a better life for yourself (ie threatening suicide while she was in college). Fuck thatttt. I know Luna is not all right in the head but how has she not noticed what’s going on by now? She’s fucked

No. 837007

I'm thinking the police is on Lurch's dose, but Tuna won't disclose on reddit he's been in trial. Also they might think someone that cared about their health wouldn't fuck it up by being a junkie in the first place.

No. 837008

> imagine the smell

No. 837138

I have never been watched or had anyone even near the bathroom while testing and I’ve been to 5+ California clinics. They only watch if you leave the actual building after finding out it’s your test day. You can literally use fake urine and a hand warmer.

No. 837162

File: 1621722054317.jpg (438.07 KB, 1080x1543, IMG_20210523_001850.jpg)

What is all this about? Searched for #lunaslater on IG and it came up with this. Was posted on the 13th of May. Has this been discussed before? I'm relatively new to this trainwreck Luna, so forgive me.

(There's repulsing Lurch messages included in their IG post, but am not sure if they're fake or not so not gonna post em.)

No. 837163

File: 1621722530099.jpg (506.98 KB, 1080x1343, 20210522_182614.jpg)

>>837162 or you could NOT be a faggot and post the screenshots but sage? its literally SO EASY you JUST did it…

No. 837164

File: 1621722633408.jpg (636.29 KB, 1080x1337, 20210522_182632.jpg)

will post the rest cropped together as best as i can following this

No. 837166

File: 1621722750638.jpg (231.65 KB, 1793x1434, PSX_20210522_183217.jpg)

valeriea is the 1 like on the post

No. 837167

File: 1621722867301.jpg (259.44 KB, 1482x1185, PSX_20210522_183417.jpg)

anyway, i do ultimately agree, anon >>837162
this shit is most likely fake.

No. 837169

The whole Tessa thing happened YEARS ago, not sure why someone decided to make this weird "cheater archive" account now (well, recently). Cowtippers have nothing better to do I guess. Are Corey Duffel and/or Rachel Travers cows here? Those are the two in the other post on the account.

No. 837171

File: 1621723676066.jpg (374.14 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20210522-183907_Ins…)

its literally nothing. tunas post was 13th may. no idea who the other dude is (corey duffel?) but that post was 5th april

No. 837182

like >>837169 said, it’s not fake. “tessa” is a farmer that catfished lurch 4 years ago. lurk moar.

No. 837189

All of these screenshots are in past threads. It's real, Luna just didn't really seem to care.

No. 837218

God I wish Tuna newfags would at least google before shitting up the thread with stale milk

No. 837219

This is literally prehistoric milk. Learn2newfag

No. 837245

It’s very important to read the old threads if you want to really understand most of the farmers absolute disgust for Luna. She shamelessly begged back then in a way that’ll really piss you off, her treatment of Roger, the Tessa situation and nothing has changed as far as her shopping addiction and using people. But she had others in her life back then that she used until they ditched her. There is a lot of gold in those threads, go read them!

No. 837259

I don’t mind seeing the Tessa saga reposted because it was hilarious. Highly recommend others go back and read.

My favorite part was when he went on an entire journey to buy cocaine just so he could actually get hard enough to take a dick pic for Tessa. If I recall, he even sent a picture of himself on public transportation like “going to get coke so I can take a picture of my cock for you, my princess Tessa!!!”

No. 837261

my favourite was when he called someone's boobs succulent

No. 837310

lmao I almost forgot about the whole Tessa situation… wonder what it would take for Luna to fall out of “love” with Lurch at this point

No. 837312

Omg! Lofl, thats the best! So much gold and then we have a dumb tuna flopping around trying to scam money off of the internet and she didn’t know he may have used it for his Tessa dick pics.
>>837261 Tessa. And then luna started trying to keep succulents shortly after. She had no idea how we laughed because she is fucking completely clueless.
Was his navy seal post after the tessa situation? I can’t remember the exact timeline but that gave me a giggle too. If I met him in an alley without LC then I’d probably be scared because I’d think it was the end of the world and stone started coming to life, but since I’ve seen him on here I’d probably laugh at his long, expressionless face and call him Lurch. These 2 are in our very worst dreams.

No. 837316

File: 1621828452999.jpeg (361.29 KB, 750x909, EE729009-F966-4661-86B4-8FD9E2…)

unfortunately it doesn’t matter what your wpm is when a majority of what you write doesn’t make sense

No. 837317

File: 1621828531100.jpeg (277.55 KB, 750x781, D1465130-8784-4D4E-AE45-6A124C…)

at least she’s not totally oblivious to her situation?

No. 837318

Does anyone remember which thread the Tessa saga was?

No. 837320

luna’s never been oblivious. if she was, this thread wouldn’t be full of white knights constantly. this is her MO. wallow in self-pity and self-hatred, think of ways to fix her mess, then do nothing but take selfies and buy shit.

No. 837324

File: 1621835918459.jpg (259.49 KB, 1080x1037, 20210524_015803.jpg)

She really is looking for asspats tonight on reddit.

No. 837328

No. 837364

File: 1621869977074.jpg (Spoiler Image,169.62 KB, 720x1181, ew.jpg)

Posted a pic that looks like she fingered herself while on her period, idk why someone would post something like this.

No. 837365

This would be believable if her whole reason for doing drugs in the first place wasn't to live out her fantasies of being a tortured artist and living up to the likes of Kurt Cobain. She just wanted to be 'cool and special' and now she's a full blown addict that'll say anything to justify her drug use.

No. 837373

…here we go again

No. 837384

File: 1621878342105.jpeg (803.66 KB, 750x932, 452CA99E-37B4-4D2E-828D-FCD3A2…)

What is that supposed to be in her hand? A knife?

No. 837415

File: 1621896684324.png (1.04 MB, 692x1384, 1.png)

No. 837417

File: 1621896723498.png (35.45 KB, 1028x608, 2.png)

No. 837418

File: 1621896757809.png (799.97 KB, 661x2114, 3.png)

No. 837419

File: 1621896838627.png (110.07 KB, 1052x231, 4.png)

No. 837420

why would you share this jfc

No. 837423

File: 1621898023653.jpg (163.21 KB, 1080x1290, 20210524_191159.jpg)

For context

No. 837425

>i've been doing a rly good job not eating or barely eating. i have zero appetite so it's easier
Kek… your body says otherwise, Luna. How do these fat wannarexics convince themselves that anyone falls for this?

No. 837428

File: 1621900380722.jpeg (235.46 KB, 828x1374, 6E53D704-E828-4EB8-AB9D-D72382…)

Meanwhile fatty posted this just yesterday kek

No. 837430

Here she goes doxing herself again.

No. 837455

She's such an idiot.

No. 837461

This is probably frozen yogurt from Forty Carrots at Bloomingdale's.

No. 837491

>i've been doing a rly good job not eating… I have zero appetite
>liquid coming out of mouth and ass
lmfao really Luna? Sounds like she's still eating but her junkie body won't let her keep any of it down. Hardly ~TW ED.

No. 837499

I don't think she's leaking out of her ass as we speak. The comment cleary wasn't about how she's feeling right now but what happens when you withdrawal from opiates.

No. 837548

How exactly is that clear? Not having a go, but is there additional context to the post?

No. 837553

No. 837566

File: 1621979155761.jpeg (123.02 KB, 750x389, BD19D32E-8AAB-4B45-AF2E-EC4D37…)

Question was “What is your biggest regret caused solely by your addiction?”

No. 837643


Same anon that's been to clinics in 5 states and you're right, CA's UA to move up a phase isn't actually monitored. But they do temp test your sample at random when you turn it in and that's what they consider monitored. But NY, NJ, and PA actually monitor the UA to move up a phase, but how up close they are at monitoring depends on the clinic and the staff.

No. 837645


Tuna fish must really believe that wearing large, baggy, shapeless clothes in pastel colors like a little kid in hand-me-downs will make her look so smol and tiny and kawaiiiii.

No. 837647


She does a gReAt job not eating for maybe 8-10 hours and then gorges herself on high fat, high calorie, over-processed and sugary foods and snacks that are cheap cheap CHEAP… like so many other fatties and chunky monkeys that assume their half a day of sTaRvAtIoN will make a bigger difference than the other half of the day spent cramming food in their fat faces while they complain about having a "slow metabolism" and "anorexia".

No. 837667

it'll just look like she's wearing a discarded circus tent

No. 837672

I hate the one with a heart on each titty. What the fuck

No. 837676

File: 1622059406415.png (286.7 KB, 588x979, Screenshot (333).png)

I think she looks skinnier in that photo, but that maybe the pose, photoshop or something else

No. 837677

It’s because she is pushing the fat towards her ass and holding it there with her thighs. Trying to convince herself that it’s her body’s faulty and not her brain.

No. 837681

File: 1622061504928.jpeg (1.46 MB, 1242x2202, 9B104B1C-1807-4114-97E6-46ABEE…)

We stan a lumpy queen.

No. 837682

This grossed me out more than the piss drinking video.

No. 837686

She needs skin coloured tights and a different shirt.

No. 837695

that skirt is too short for her. if she bent over her ass would be out.

No. 837696

Lumpy Space Princess deserves better

No. 837698

Is her fingernail dying?

No. 837702

File: 1622082312348.jpeg (360.04 KB, 750x860, 528B0CA5-CBAB-4B7F-9F4C-27D2C3…)

No. 837714

would whine about starving and cutting every other day but lmao okay luna

No. 837724

I know we already knew she can’t cop for herself, but I’m not sure if she’s ever admitted it before. Imagine being a junkie for this many years and never once getting your own shit. Somehow makes her pedo totem pole even grosser - if I’m on drugs, you are too, and if I’m forced into sobriety then so are you.

No. 837728

Lurch giveth and Lurch taketh away

No. 837729


Let's be real here- Lurch never forced her or pushed her to use. This was her dream pathetic aEsThEtIc for at least a decade before Lurch came around. If she was such a legit addict that wasn't into it mostly for edge points, she could very easily cop. No real opiate addict would ever say they can't cop for themselves. They'd walk across the entire state of NY for dope if they craved it badly enough. She most likely doesn't cop for herself because she doesn't know how to middle man like Lurch so she would have to pay for dope, which can't be bought with Daddy's Amazon account. And since she also never went with Lurch to meet the people he cops through, she probably realizes how quickly and easily she'd get ripped off.

She uses when he's using because he either brings it home and she claps her hands like a toddler excited to play, or because she sees him clearly high and wants some too because of "muh mental illness/ cotton eye Joe knee/ depression/ parents/ internet bulliez/ big thighs/ aesthetic".

I'm positive Lurch would be more than happy to use without having to supply her with dope and shoot her up. And if she had dope that she didn't share with him, he'd easily get his own.

Also her "forced solidarity sobriety" is her attempt at showing true love and joining Lurch in not using for his probation requirements. As in she chose to stop using to support her statue.

OT, but Tuna and Lurch should have been featured in the movie Dope Sick Love, which is on Amazon Prime now and perfectly depicts how pointlessly over dramatic some addicts like Tuna are.

No. 837731

First time she ever admitted from what I can recall. She never was the whole junkie way, more like a pampered bored and rich kid way.

No. 837759

sage for blogging a bit, but I used to use with my boyfriend, not H of course but we did hella drugs every day and I remember being young and dumb as fuck living with him and all I wanted to do was enjoy my artsy aesthetic and get my bf to buy us drugs every week.

Its pretty addictive to just live in an image you've created for yourself, be safe in your bubble at home and let your partner do all the dirty business.

I place my bet now that if she sticks through and gets proper sober, she will actually realize how retarded she is being with lurch and dump his ass. Its sort of hard to see the person who buys drugs for you in a bad light, as they are like a savior in your addicted eyes. But the moment the rose glasses come off that person becomes super gross.(no1curr)

No. 837825

She's so creepily codependent on him. Basically her only personality trait is trying to please him

No. 837843

Kinda ot but how it is possible to not know how to score? I live in EU country and here you can get any drug you want if you know how to use tor browser.
Is it legit difficult to score in US or is this just Luna being useless as usual?

No. 837848

>Let's be real here- Lurch never forced her or pushed her to use. This was her dream pathetic aEsThEtIc for at least a decade before Lurch came around. If she was such a legit addict that wasn't into it mostly for edge points, she could very easily cop.
If Lurch is the only person enabling her drug habit and without him she would not be able to get drugs, doesn't it prove that he is more or less responsible? Not to mention that he is a dirty groomer.
Also, are you implying that Luna has been dreaming of being a heroin addict since she's been 8 AT THE MOST? That seems kinda extreme even for her. If you were right though - IDK how sane it is for someone to decide to become a drug addict after they spent their entire childhood daydreaming about it.

No. 837877

File: 1622150434009.webm (1.33 MB, 702x1280, 1622145961850.webm)

A look at Luna and Lurch's squatter basement

No. 837883

File: 1622153412887.png (5.86 MB, 2556x1360, lunaaa.png)

No. 837884

File: 1622153452459.png (58.69 KB, 658x1024, lunaa.png)

No. 837885

File: 1622153525643.png (350.46 KB, 677x1167, lunaaaa.png)

No. 837892

File: 1622155421479.jpeg (Spoiler Image,391.77 KB, 750x938, AAA4CF4D-0358-4E30-AECE-3D0F2B…)

caption: i haven’t worn makeup in three weeks so my eyes would heal but i feel pretty good today and idk why i decided to smoke in the bath but here i am with a genuine smile and no makeup
not this coming week but the week after i should be going to get some new ink and my bridge piercing and i’m totally psyched


No. 837893

File: 1622155447258.jpeg (Spoiler Image,388.44 KB, 750x926, 2F180423-6E96-4955-8F21-B4B5FA…)


No. 837894

That poor tooth is so grey.

No. 837902

You know what, this was actually sort of okay and had more self awareness than her usual stuff.

I know she’s hopeless but I would love to see her get into an NA cliche phase. Chain smoking, writing about her life, telling stories about how cool and hardcore she used to be at meetings …

No. 837905

Read what they wrote - she would have to actually pay for it and that would make her sad. She could easily get it but would have to do something to pay for it. And if it hadn't been him (or if he drops dead) it would just be another like him. He's interchangeable.

No. 837908

Oh good god put some Olaplex in that damaged rats nest please

No. 837915

File: 1622169244988.jpeg (257.44 KB, 750x945, 601B34F9-25DC-4351-AF30-C900A4…)

let’s see how this goes

No. 837916

File: 1622169360283.jpeg (154.18 KB, 750x646, 6F5097F0-11EE-4245-B9C6-922238…)

No. 837920

It's not any harder to buy drugs online in the US than it is anywhere else. She's lazy and doesn't ever try to learn how to do things herself. Plus you can't hustle to get a quick fix when you order online, you have to plan ahead and have the cash to float.

No. 837971


She's dreamt about being a heroin addict since her young teens when she realized how all her favorite musicians were heroin addicts and she aspired to be one ever since.

And Lurch bringing back the drugs she asks for doesn't make him responsible for her using. Every addict is responsible for their own drug use and life decisions, unless Lurch has been forcing her to use (which he doesn't).

And grooming is such an overused term these days… just because 17 yr old Tuna pulled a trailer park move by throwing herself at her mom's dealer and asked him to shoot her up doesn't make him a groomer. Also, if you're within 6 months of your 18th birthday, you're actually legally allowed to make your own decisions on having sex with anyone over the age of 18. People need to understand that actual grooming involves much more than an older guy responding to the flirtations of an insecure fatty who wants to be an addict.

No. 837973


Uhhh… this is not an okay "poem" at all, especially when she suddenly starts with badly generic rhyming towards the end. It's as cringey as the basic "I can't fly" woe-is-me line she throws into everything she writes.

Based on the typos, you can tell this is mostly just stream of consciousness writing with no editing. Tuna isn't a writer at all.

No. 837975


She's begging her psych for tips on how to handle her mental issues?! Tuna, that's what your therapist is for. Your psychiatrist is just going to give you meds that you CAN'T abuse and then you handle the rest of your issues with your therapist. How can she completely ignore this fact after so many years of mental health treatment?

No. 837976

>She's begging her psych for tips on how to handle her mental issues
To Luna, the only way to help her mental health issues is by getting as high as possible on whatever's available. It's so transparent that she's pursuing this exclusively for stronger meds, and getting angry that the psychiatrists won't give them to her.

No. 837980


Absolutely this. Especially since she went out of her way to pick this psychiatrist since he previously gave her a script for benzos. She's simply throwing a tantrum because she's angry he won't give her benzos to hElP her.


It's also important to note that Tuna doesn't know how to hustle at all, other than her dad's Amazon account.

No. 837981


I don't mean to be a Debbie Downer for anyone who's rooting for Tuba, but she's clearly not at all done with addiction and far from the path to eventual sobriety. She's constantly on Reddit reminiscing about her addiction and obsessing over all the things she misses about her time larping as an iv drug user. She does absolutely nothing to fill her time besides online shopping on Daddy's Amazon account whenever she's not sharing her war stories about heroin all over social media. She talks about how she wants to go back to using heroin "occasionally" while her legs are still riddled with scars and lumps from all her old missed shots. She's already back to her painfully obvious drug seeking behavior with her psychiatrist that makes her "sad" for not listening to her hints and giving her benzos. She's pointed out even in her shitty poem that, like a lot of self-obsessed heroin addicts, her whole sense of identity is tied to being a heroin user. And she hasn't changed her situation and surroundings at all, which essentially means her version of sobriety is entirely dependent on Lurch's ability to stay off dope.

Tuna, you're 100% going to relapse as soon as you get the chance to be with a free bag of dope.

No. 838000

He's been coming to Tuna's house to creep on her long before since she's been anywhere 17 or 18. Literally admitted to finding excuses to visit Tuna Mama. He admitted to it once he was in the clear. IDK why do you discuss if it was grooming when that was clearly Lurch's MO
>People need to understand that actual grooming involves much more than an older guy responding to the flirtations of an insecure fatty who wants to be an addict.
People need to understand just cause cow bad doesn't mean she's to blame for every bad thing that happened. Also bold of you to assume you are the only one who knows what is "tru grooming" and what is not, especially when you don't remember all the facts

No. 838007

Why do we need to keep beating this conversation over the head?

She was already using drugs before she met him. She wanted to get addicted to heroin.
He was already around and doing drugs with her mom.
Druggies flock and cling to other druggies.
Neither of them can do better than the other and they both saw mutually beneficial advantages in each other to keep getting high.
It’s not fucking rocket science

No. 838033


wild thought: it's possible for all of this to be true, and for lurch to still be a fucking groomer.

saying he's a groomer and luna was groomed doesn't excuse either of their current or past behaviour, it's possible for luna to have been groomed while also 100% having responsibility for her current life

No. 838035

File: 1622231644757.jpeg (764.2 KB, 1242x1665, 170AADE4-EF78-439A-8A63-CF52E9…)

Idk if my eyes are bad in my old age, but this is supposedly new but it looks like the crotch is stained or discolored?? Idk, more crap she pulled from Amazon.

No. 838037

those are probably her pants

No. 838045

Looks like she’s wearing dark panties or no panties with a full ass bush

No. 838074

idk, to me it definitely looks like the latter since you can't see the rest of the panties

No. 838098

it all looks a bit discolored. you can see it around her love handles and a bit around the straps. could be the filter trying to fix the mess that is her life in an abandoned hellhole.

No. 838107

Did she forget to do makeup on her left eye or did the filter not register that as an eye or whats going on here

No. 838127

Loving the pooper scooper in the background

No. 838145


could be both. she's said she's had an eye infection stopping her from wearing makeup, so who knows, maybe she made 1 good decision and didn't wear it on that eye.

and we know her face filters are struggling to keep up even when she goes all the way

No. 838175

first one looks like a tumblrina hank hill shitpost

No. 838181

File: 1622304076595.png (49.72 KB, 897x449, luna.png)

No. 838198

Jesus fucking christ those legs

No. 838250

File: 1622331397743.png (65.93 KB, 1321x451, drugs.png)

No. 838252

File: 1622331494089.jpg (288.96 KB, 1022x1920, tumblr_2a0b6f5ba1f244d59f6b7fa…)

No. 838253

With all the filters she applies you'd think she'd make her eyes look bigger and less piggy.

No. 838272

she must be excited about the klonopin script

No. 838274

Ew look at the front of that jacket. I can't believe she goes out in public like that.

No. 838275

How is she managing to look more like a corpse than Lurch? Those dead eyes are so creepy

No. 838285

She went like that? Maybe he took pity on her for being dressed in filthy as fuck clothes.

No. 838293

The way she does her makeup makes her eyes look like she has fetal alcohol syndrome

No. 838297

TBH a mild case of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder makes sense from what we know of her mom and would partially explain a lot of her behavior.

No. 838298

If she had a Hello Kitty washing machine bet she would wash her clothes then.

No. 838299

that is roughly 1 klonopin per day…..I wonder how quickly she is going to burn through that.

No. 838306

she looks like that because she fucking wants too. tuna mom did nothing wrong

No. 838308

Her mom's a fucking drug addict too retard.

No. 838310

Tuna made her into one

No. 838311

Her parents met at rehab, newfriend.

No. 838313

She wouldn't have drug addicts for parents if she didn't want to

No. 838314

is it the filter or did she genuinely apply her highlighter like that?

now anon, not many people know this because she absolutely never mentions it for pity points, but our dear beloved tuna was actually conceived on the steps of a methadone clinic

No. 838317

>our dear beloved tuna was actually conceived on the steps of a methadone clinic
the deepest Luna lore kek

No. 838331

christ that dirty hoodie. If you're going to constantly wear pale, pastel clothing at least wash it first goddamnit.

No. 838337

It'll last 3 days at the most and the next time she visits the psych we're gonna hear about how he "doesn't wanna help" because he won't up the dose.

No. 838338

She's made the psych her new dealer.

No. 838352

File: 1622393876946.jpeg (122.18 KB, 1080x1547, D32B7F99-98FD-48B9-8782-808FA6…)

do you see it too?

No. 838356


Idk why its so funny but it is.

No. 838359

hold on. these are maternity underwear…

No. 838361

Omg, that image absolutely fucked with my mind. Firstly I thought the doorknob was something on the floor in the background. Then I thought it was black knickers and the white/grey part was her skin and she had photoshopped a belly on but only halfway down. Then I finally saw the titty hanging out.

No. 838365


Bless you, anon. I'm not very good at i-spy.

Anyway, who remembers that song…? "Do your tits hang low, do they wobble to and fro? Can you tie em in a knot? Can you tie em in a bow?"

No. 838367

Every cow I follow flashes lately, what's up with that. I know they all lack self-awareness but come on.

No. 838377

File: 1622408333547.png (75.51 KB, 913x515, kind luna.png)

No. 838378

I see that Luna and fakeboi went to the same kindness school on tumblr

No. 838384

Please don’t summon her lol

No. 838385

Is it normal to be on that many different meds??
I heard seroquel fucks you up and makes you feel like a zombie

No. 838388

I've taken seroquel for migraines, it kinda does.

No. 838392

It's called a cocktail and many of us take them, so it's pretty normal in the mental health community. It's trial and error of what's going to work right for you. Seroquel is an anti-psychotic. Lamictal to stabilize mood. Clonazepam for the anxiety. The amount of Seroquel she takes is very low, and I doubt she's on a high dose of Lamictal. She's definitely going to have a good time with the Clonazepam. It can knock you into a coma for hours, it's not fast in and out like Xanax. I want to know how she's going to survive with rationing one a day. It can't last very long.

No. 838394

samefag, and yes, Seroquel makes you a zombie. Everyone gets it when they're put on a psych hold. Not to blog post, but I took high doses of it and would fall asleep at the wheel driving to work. Yes, it's very sedating.

No. 838395

No it's not normal and actually, this is a sign that her psychiatrist is dumb as hell. You can take more than one medication for sure, but you add them one after another in a span of weeks to months, and not like 4 meds at the same time. Otherwise, you don't even get the chance to see which medication works, and which doesn't. That's also why I'm not slightly surprised that she got that Klonopin finally. And yes, Seroquel makes you fucking tired and let's you sleep for 12 hours if you're lucky. No wonder Luna loves it

No. 838396

Fuck, I hate how hard this made me laugh. Luna has obviously been garbage for a while, but it never ceases to amaze me how awful Lurch is, to her & in general. Her not knowing how to cop to me just reads that he's kept her that isolated & clueless on purpose, if she even occasionally went with him she'd at least know some people, esp with how much of a "hustler" Lurch supposedly is. I mean she even had outpatient, ik they sometimes frown on making friends within group, but she has no one who knows someone? She must just push everyone she meets away with her obnoxious e-begging

No. 838399

Lmao I was gonna say it looks like a tranny

So anyone think they gonna finally get the boot in June or are they somehow the luckiest illegal tenants ever?

No. 838407

Of course people don't smile or sound happy when a fat, grimy, mentally ill slob dressed in toddler clothes approaches them.

Lol what other cows did?

No. 838419

>food, pads, cat food, litter
But you'll spend Daddy's money on jewelry and fast fashion clothing instead of on those priorities? If you're using toilet paper in your underwear as a pad, how about you not buy a Sanrio bag and instead buy some hygiene products.

She looks like a walking zombie. How can anyone not take one look at her passing on the street and not think she's either a drug addict or mentally ill? She has to reek of cat piss.

It took me a solid minute before I realized. Imagine hanging out of a crop top that's nearly to your waist.

No. 838461

she’s gonna fucking die on that clonidine. i can’t believe they have her taking that three times a day alongside seroquel and klonopin. i genuinely think she’s gonna OD soon.

No. 838467

Wouldnt be her first time and if she can survive fent laced heroin od’s im sure she can survive an inevitable OD from abusing prescription drugs because we know shes not gonna OD by taking her recommended doses. Rip tuna but an OD death or being murdered by a rogue crackhead has been more likely in her cards than getting her shit together the past atleast two years.

No. 838468


No. 838469

File: 1622449427242.jpg (297.94 KB, 1080x1035, Screenshot_20210531_092334.jpg)

they're not, it's these underpants from Amazon, they constantly came up when I searched for any underwear that wasn't a thong, and she gets everything on Amazon

No. 838470

Nourisht0flourish and Eugenia Cooney.
>this is a sign that her psychiatrist is dumb as hell.
I think he's just one of those immoral pill pushers, Luna specifically wanted to go to this one psych that is "good for her", I took that as "the one that overprescribes whatever you want".

No. 838474

>Imagine hanging out of a crop top that's nearly to your waist.
…while lifting your arms over your head. damn that girl's self esteem, I'd off myself rather than get naked for a camera

No. 838477

File: 1622457009653.png (143.48 KB, 493x361, Clipboard02.png)

I was rewatching something I loved as a kid and holy shit, I KNEW Lurch reminded me of someone.

No. 838482

It’s truly incredible to me that she isn’t doing heroin anymore simply because she can’t cop. It speaks to the level of laziness that might actually work in her favor. While all odds are on relapse as soon as lurch is off his probationary period, the fact that she hasn’t even TRIED to get it for herself is astounding, mainly because it’s ridiculously easy to do. Is she too afraid to go up to someone and ask? I’m glad she’s at least off of H, “sober” is questionable. While she is prescribed some things, she looks way too fucked up to not be taking more on the side. I believe she’s kicked H for now, but curious to see how this saga unfolds…

No. 838483

sage for semi blog post but, i dont use but know people who do, who actually uses h anymore?? maybe its just the area im in but everyone here just calls it dope and seems to want fent over h ?? maybe just more proof shes not really a junkie just likes romanticizing it and living the lifestyle(blog)

No. 838494

File: 1622472579049.jpeg (544.67 KB, 750x1086, AADCAA24-404B-4F28-B863-A21BBB…)

this photo lowkey frightens me lol

No. 838498

I always wondered why she never noticed how filthy her clothes were but seeing her eyes in pics lately have explained it. They never look focused like she's always out of it.

No. 838505

All of those meds make you a zombie at high enough doses. The doctor has basically prescribed the light from her eyes.

No. 838506

Her haircolor looks so nice in this, just a haircut and her hair would be perfect. It's so thick

No. 838513

I think I remember her naming all these health problems she has like a possible learning disability and something with her weird ass eyes

No. 838514

How much you wanna bet that she's been wearing those panties since this image five days ago >>837676

Her eyes have been drifting like that since she started heroine.

You clearly missed >>838352 and >>837681 . Her hair is a stringy mess.

No. 838534

Its not thick, its poofy because its so damaged.

Also. Does she actually have a dead front tooth?

No. 838535

It is def on its deathbed. So grey

No. 838593

no bullshit, this underwear is really comfortable

sage for ot

No. 838610

File: 1622547817335.jpeg (24.39 KB, 250x424, 359F75B4-A7D2-4D1F-804D-65FA80…)

No. 838612

What is this, milk for ants?

No. 838620

Why does she constantly act like the most important thing right now is that she likes herself or that she has nice pictures of herself? Get a job Luna

No. 838640

I know we all know she's full of shit but it's especially funny how, in most of these recent pics, she's doing that ig pose where you lean forward and stick your ass out to make it look like you have an hourglass figure. Doesn't really mesh with the whole self love body pos shtick she's been spewing.

No. 838641

File: 1622566073355.png (363.24 KB, 537x905, Screenshot 2021-06-01 124823.p…)

Nta, but here's a bigger size.

No. 838644


Fuck, we all wish someone could groom her now because Tuna is the most wild looking fatty beast that could use a good grooming.

No. 838645


No amount of prescription drugs will help those clothes clean themselves, Tuna. She literally looks like she rolled in dirt or wiped dirty hands on the front of her sweatshirt. How does she get anything that filthy without working?!

No. 838647


It's also important to note that Lurch has no reason to bring him when he hustles for their dope. She'd slow him down and make him more of a target because she looks like an inexperienced tag along. Tuna or any "gf" is often more of a liability for dudes that hustle, unless it's a bitch that knows how to support her man on the block, like keestering the dope since cops search women less. Regardless, she should still know how to cop without hustling since going up to a dealer and swapping money for drugs is easy af. I guarantee Tuna hasn't had a desire to learn to cop for herself or hustle, just like Lurch surely doesn't want her around dragging down his profits.

No. 838653

Tuna, if you feel gross, you can take the selfies without posting them. Just a thought.

No. 838666

Lol, she apparently hates it and doesn't want to hide but she used to share pictures of her with a needle in her arm, and contort her arm in selfies to show off the gaping wound. If it wasn't Tuna, I'd say that the realisation of what she's become has kicked in, but I doubt it has.

I find it hard to believe Tuna has never gone with Lurch to score. Didn't she used to go to a methadone clinic? She would recognise faces, and ask them for contact details to score (cop). I'm presuming Easter Island Head has a phone with contacts? She could have easily saved a few to her own phone… She's not that fucking dumb. Every junkie has a way of sniffing out junk,even if they are scammed along the way. If she's even failed at being a junkie which ~uwu~ she so wanted to be, then there's no hope for her.

No. 838667

Also, people have noted continually that all of her clothes, bedding, furniture and teddies are covered in filth and grime.

What actually causes it though? Because even new clothes are dirty in a couple of days?? Where does all the dirt come from? I've seen genuine homeless people who don't even have clothes that dirty. It's like everything is covered in a film of dirt and filth.

I also refuse to believe she can't afford detergent/tablets. She could even scrub them herself in the bath if she doesn't have a washing machine.

No. 838672

I think she just doesn't care if there is grime. I suspect perhaps the floor is very dirty and that's where the clothes get the grime from.

No. 838679

that apartment probably hasn’t been properly cleaned since her mom left

No. 838687

That's probably it and tbh, that's fucking disgusting. I was gonna say, when they were both doing lots of heroin, they both might have just blocked out the filth, but they're apparently sober now. Surely seeing that shithole when sober would make you want to clean it. I'm sure if they both did a little each day, that could get on top of it. I dunno how anyone can live that like. She apparently loves the feeling of being clean, so why not clean the whole house and then she'd truly feel/be clean. Imo, she's one of the worst cows. At least other cows seem to care about their hygiene and homes.

No. 838709

File: 1622601142309.jpg (Spoiler Image,653.1 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20210602_032757.jpg)

Ok, so the first pic is her legs 3 years ago compared to her legs now. Massive weight gain and scars from skin popping/injecting drugs terribly. Users of 20/30 years don't have scars that bad from shooting up.
Horrifying. I think they look even worse contrasting against the frilly toddler dress. She's trying SO hard to look pretty, innocent and uwu but she just looks like a chunky scarred mess.

No. 838720

Where would she even get money to cop for herself? Dad's card doesn't buy drugs. I don't think she doesn't know any dealers, it's just that if Lurch isn't bringing it, she doesn't have money to buy it. Lurch hustles, she tried being a sexworker but I doubt that's getting her enough cash.
I could be wrong though, I honestly don't know the price of drugs and sex so correct me if that's the case.

No. 838726

Jesus Christ, that difference is disgusting.

No. 838727

if you have brain function and boobs, you can cop. i mean christ, they apparently live in a building full of junkies top to bottom. you’re telling me she has no access to any connections? she can’t find anyone to get her some heroin or even subs? luna has just been coddled to death. she got pills and weed from her parents until lurch came along with heroin and the occasional crack. if he truly left and her doctors cut off her scripts, she knows damn well she could find a connection. she’s just dramatic like always.

No. 838730

I agree she can easily find connections. I'm not sure she can pay them.
>if she has boobs
have you seen her boobs?

No. 838733

Its crazy how bulbous and round her thighs are. They're like 2 basketballs under there

No. 838734

I don't think she understands how to smile.

No. 838735

I don't know the prices of dope in the states but in the UK she could do a blowjob or full sex and get a bag of heroin which would last her for a day or more. Especially if her tolerance is low, seen as she apparently isn't using opioids anymore. Imagine the fiasco of our sex repulsed Tuna giving a blowie down an alley or in the back of a car.

No. 838737

Off topic, but she's known for taking many pictures of herself wearing questionable outfits and makeup. It's because she's bored and high at the time. Heroin doesn't just make you nod out, it can make you "productive". Because it makes you feel good, you actually have the energy to do stuff. However, she has nothing to do, so she just spams the internet with selfies. The drugs are making her think she looks good, and also making her not pay attention to detail as much. That's why she has posted pics with lipstick smeared off her lips and her false eyelashes hanging off. She's fucking high, thinks she looks good and the faux confidence the drugs are giving her contributes to her posting selfies. It's a combination of boredom and drug induced delusion. Sorry for the blog and derailing, I've just been going back through her old threads and a lot of people questioned why the fuck she posted such pics. That's why she slaps on loads of makeup and "cute" outfits when she's not even going anywhere - to post it on Instagram etc. She also loves the validation.

No. 838739

Anon don't you remember Luna bragging about how she manically was scrubbing the floor with bleach, after her mother left?

No. 838743

Wow, kudos for the comparison pictures. Horrifying. And you’re right, her attempt at looking cutesy just serves to make the juxtaposition of her legs even more nightmarish. She really needs a good pair of high waisted jeans or some plisse trousers.

No. 838750

I don't think Luna knows how to properly clean anything, they have like newspapers/magazine pages on the counters so they can just throw them out and not wipe it. Bet they eat from paper plates with plastic cutlery too.

No. 838758


You sound as familiar with clonidine and kicking opiates as Tuna is.

Your blood pressure raises while kicking so her dose of clonidine is simply meant to diminish the restless limbs and help you feel more normal by leveling out your blood pressure. Taking the relatively low dose of clonidine 3 times a day that doctors give while kicking certainly won't kill you. Clonidine is the least dangerous medicine that will help with opiate withdrawals. In actuality though, it doesn't do much unless you're actually in the throes of a bad withdrawal. Even then it barely makes a difference. So Tuna claiming how much it helps her after she's already kicked 2-3 months ago is definitely psychosomatic. The only thing it might help with is her blood pressure from being so fat.

Tuna isn't going to die from clonidine and she isn't doing anything beneficial for her non-existent kick. Even though doctors like to talk about post-acute withdrawals like you'll be suffering from quitting opiates up to 6 months after kicking, you'll only be dealing with mental issues like cravings and depression and boredom. Which is everything Tuna is experiencing and also NOT helped at all by clonidine.

No. 838765


Maybe she's scared the dealer will post pictures of her on lolcow and everyone will know she caved and got high, kek

She'll probably blame her own anxiety on being unable to cop, but it's probably more likely she's lazy and doesn't know wtf she's doing since she just larps as an addict just like she admitted her "love" of baseball is really just her larping as a sports fan to seem more appealing for Lurch. She also must now know that she'd get ripped off by someone like Lurch offering his middle man services only to hustle her and leave her with nothing, or if she's lucky, rip her off with a batch of heroin heavily laced with fentanyl and other fillers. Like most opiate iv drug users, Tuna most likely prefers a ratio of more heroin to fentanyl, as she's mentioned before how she likes how busy and productive she gets on heroin, whereas a batch of dope cut with a larger proportion of fentanyl will make you lethargic and constantly nodding/ aka feeling constantly blacked out.

So I guess Tuna "can't" cop since she knows she'll get ripped off and either end up with nothing or end up with a mystery batch of dope. Since she's not much of a legit heroin addict anyway, she'll be totally fine continuing to abuse her medication from the psychiatrist.

No. 838769

The situation is a tad confusing. So Lurch has a court date amd will get tested? She is going clean in solidarity but wants to cave but can't score because.. reasons?

No. 838772

you are not funny

No. 838775

She is “joining in solidarity” only bc Lurch isn’t bringing home smack anymore. As soon as he starts using again she’ll crack

No. 838778

I think she's doing it with Lurch to prove to court "look we BOTH got clean, please give us another chance!" but if he gets off they'll be back to smack in no time. It's easy for her to come off it knowing after the whole court fiasco she'll be able to use it again. Like, for her this is just something that has to be done. You can tell she's gonna go back on it by the way she romanticises the lifestyle still.

No. 838780

Any idea when the next court date is?

No. 838793

File: 1622665031612.jpg (483.02 KB, 1078x1344, Screenshot_20210602-161545_Ins…)

She really took sad girl aesthetic pictures during her therapy zoom meeting. It's all for clout and Xanax.

No. 838817

Luna's a dumbass who not only doxes herself but also her therapist. She's going to a place called alssaro counseling services but it doesn't look especially milky so I won't post the therapists page.

No. 838819

samefagging but I've only just realised what she's doing
>using an iphone to take a mirror selfie in a tablet during a therapy zoom call
what the fuck? Her therapist must have noticed, why can't she just screenshot

No. 838838

Ugh she is truly insufferable, sometimes I feel bad for Luna but when she does shit like this it’s so obvious she does not care about helping herself at all.Her entire existence is devoted to a shallow aesthetic, which is funny since I’m sure she thinks she so ~*deep*~ and misunderstood. It’s like no Luna you’re about as conceited and vain as it gets. Your therapist is probably giving you solid advice and all you can think about is taking a selfie. rant over.

No. 838845

she has really mastered the “lights are on but no one’s home” look. totally brain dead.

No. 838848

also screw her for posting a picture of her therapist without her consent. that’s so weird and inappropriate

No. 838850

File: 1622674534949.jpeg (570.85 KB, 750x1022, B031B248-9E5C-4C06-81A5-EC8C6D…)

caption - “therapy zoom chat but pretend you don’t look like shit”

her obsession with her appearance makes no sense to me since she almost always presents herself as a dirty, unkempt whore. you would think someone who is hyper insecure about themselves would put much more effort in their appearance, right? the amount of brain damage she must have to look in the mirror, completely “sober”, and not only think she looks acceptable but to also post pictures of herself on the internet for everyone to see is astonishing.

No. 838864

VCing where the other person is a small little box and you take up the whole screen so you're staring at and talking to yourself. Classic.

No. 838869

Anyone who has Luna on IG know if she ever deleted this photo? So funny

No. 838870

Still there

No. 838873

I wonder what the therapist was thinking while looking at Luna being so zonked out of her fucking gourd that she can barely keep her eyes open. Whoever wrote all those zombie med prescriptions for Luna needs to lose their license.

No. 838880

He was thinking something along the lines of “wow this annoying bitch won’t shut up and smells like fish” and gave her a Klonopin script so she would finally shut up

No. 838890

Yeah what the actual fuck. The therapist is meant to be on the big screen, not yourself. She’s so fucking narcissistic.

No. 838891

Not there anymore, I wonder if she had a moment of clarity or if someone called her out.

No. 838892

I tried searching webcrims but came up with nothing. Maybe they purge people from results when cases have been adjudicated. A lawfag might know.

No. 838894

Still up on her tumblr

No. 838897

File: 1622712744342.jpg (293.97 KB, 720x1195, Ig.jpg)

Still there. She never really deletes posts on IG, I appreciate that lol.

No. 838902

I'll bet her therapist lets her do this kind of shit to have a (valid) justification for diagnosing her with narcissistic personality disorder. Since it doesn't have this "uwu I'm a frage lil angel and can't handle my emotional emptiness" cliche like BPD has, Luna certainly won't like that as people diagnosed with NPD are basically labeled as shitty with even more shit on top. No one thinks narcissm is cute and it happens quite often that BPD is falsely labeled as NPD and vice versa.

No. 838903

how did you find out the name of the therapy place? that's crazy

No. 838909

File: 1622728275564.png (45.27 KB, 680x325, Screenshot from 2021-06-03 09-…)

I actually think in addition to BPD and NPD, Tuna matches pic related in every aspect. (source: Mayo Clinic)
Sage for speculation.

No. 838910

File: 1622728479449.jpg (140.96 KB, 1502x1127, 5f7227a7f435127f05b95bbe8df9d6…)

The pink car is so her kek.

No. 838911

lmao so I’m assuming no one pointed out the nipple?

No. 838919

There aren't that many licensed therapists in New York with the same name lol. https://www.alssaro.com/doctors/sarah-davis/

No. 838927

My bad. I guess it all just blurs into indiscernible pastel vomit at a glance

Imagine not having one single friend to let you know about your nip slip, she really has burned all her bridges

No. 839000

I refuse to believe she's sober. She looks whacked out of her fucking head. If it's not heroin, then prescription benzos. She actually makes me ill.

No. 839050

File: 1622771104653.jpg (268.93 KB, 719x684, IMG_20210604_024056.jpg)

I mean, yeah, she was still trying to be Courtney love (the hair, the dresses, the tiara which Courtney wore) back then but at least she was cute. This was a few years before she met Lurch. She's gone downhill a lot and so quickly. I think she was always gonna be fucked up, (being conceived on the methadone stairwell kek and having a junkie mother) but I think Lurch was her biggest downfall. I don't even think he likes her all that much anymore. They're both rotten. I wonder who will die first…

No. 839083

File: 1622776865581.jpg (310.78 KB, 1080x1867, Screenshot_20210603-201335_Ins…)

This is the third time she's posted this picture. The last two times were as the final picture in a series of other selfies. Four months sober, huh?

No. 839100

File: 1622779750175.jpg (Spoiler Image,126.35 KB, 717x402, IMG_20210604_050635.jpg)

Spoiler for gross but wtf?

No. 839106

this is fake right? looks edited and she almost always writes in lowercase

maybe just wishful thinking on my part lol that shit is nastyyy

No. 839115

She was never cute, she was just young.

No. 839116

Anon here who posted that pic. A friend who has Tuna on her FB sent me it. They might be fucking with me… Shall txt and ask.

No. 839118

Also, where are the usual abundance of spelling and grammatical errors?

No. 839128

File: 1622787823564.png (41.7 KB, 715x192, Screenshot from 2021-06-04 02-…)

This bitch wants eyelash extensions? Where does she think she'll get the money? I guess Daddy will pay.

No. 839134

With her bad hygiene she'll be having eye infection part 2 and lash mites.

No. 839135

why is she always holding her hair out of her face? girl get a barette

No. 839137

She should do it. Even people who take great care of their lashes by brushing them twice daily, not wearing mascara, and using a specially formulated eyelash cleanser will lose some of their natural eyelashes, leaving them looking patchy when the extensions are removed and necessitating another set be applied. If she doesn’t want to risk fucking them up whilst she rolls around in her filthy bed she should buy some silk pillowcases. She can’t afford the upkeep and she can’t even wash her clothes let alone cleanse and brush her eyelashes twice a day, so she’ll be left with bald eyes and looking even more Downs than she already does.

No. 839141

>can anyone recommend me a place with good writing prompts
back at it with 'internet search engines have not yet been invented in tunaland'. I know people can ask the question after browsing the available options because they want to know what worked for others… but this is Tuna we are talking about, who puts zero effort in pursuing her hobbies.

No. 839152

I don't know why everyone keeps saying she was "cute" before Lurch, girl was a fat pig then and is a fat pig now. Just because she didn't look like a decomposing corpse that had drowned in the sewer it doesn't mean she was much better.

No. 839154

Hard agree. She’s always had an unfortunate face, which of course can’t be helped, but she’s never worked out to improve that monstrous body, never dressed in a way that flatters her, never eaten well and has never taken care of herself or her appearance in any way beyond slapping on makeup.

No. 839188

Before, she always had some sense of style. She could have been a cute punky girl had she stuck with that instead of her heroin Disney wanking fantasy

No. 839205

File: 1622826162456.jpeg (115.45 KB, 750x520, 9EC310CD-FF7B-48A6-B769-797360…)

uh ok luna

No. 839206

File: 1622826276509.jpeg (731.43 KB, 750x943, 0AC52DF0-C403-4A92-8C01-6F03BB…)

caption - “ loves when clients buy me a, a lazy oaf dress, b, rly needed to get new skincare stuff cos i’m basically out and having that skincare routine has helped my mental health a lot lol”

she posted a few pics of various skincare products as well.

the lazy dress really suits her

No. 839207

File: 1622826380935.jpeg (476.15 KB, 750x931, 12D7FE8F-7C42-4A91-8866-46F7E5…)

legit looks like she just got off the short bus

No. 839208

File: 1622826510984.jpeg (618.06 KB, 750x1066, 3D71D9C7-F777-4815-BBF1-B1B383…)

received some patches to make her clothing look even more retarded

she posted other shit on tumblr but I can’t be bothered to screenshot all of it right now.

No. 839213

She asks people instead of googling because other people knowing that shes creative is more important to her than pursuing creativity

No. 839245

holy shit that looks terrible kek
the way the fabric folds under the patch and the knot is tied on the front…stitches be looking sloppier than her split ends

No. 839262

File: 1622838673376.jpg (64.45 KB, 719x486, IMG_20210604_213102.jpg)

Fuck all, love.

No. 839265

File: 1622838886174.jpg (395.04 KB, 719x1335, IMG_20210604_213306.jpg)

What's with that face? She actually looks at those pictures, thinks "uwu I'm so cute" and posts them, regardless of the fact she actually looks mentally disabled. Like she needs a carer.

It's also a very punchable face.

No. 839282


yeah getting lash extensions is totally what someone should be doing after they just had the worst eye infection an ER doctor has ever seen. Definitely won’t be a problem having objects that trap dirt, makeup, and dead skin cells glued directly above your eyeball.

Also upkeep tends to be around $200-$400 a month. Sure, there’s a lot of variation in price and some cheaper options (no volume, partial sets etc) … but the point is, this is a completely idiotic expense to take on when you’re both unemployed and squatting.

Although, tinfoil but I’m starting to suspect they finally called that lady they berated when mama tuna was moving out. There hasn’t been any uwu I’m about to be homeless talk or complaints about shitty 250 sq ft apartments being shitty for awhile. I think they might allowed to be there now.

I’m sure they’d qualify and I’d imagine the organization would rather just make them official residents than have to keep dealing with squatter and eviction bs. Squatters are more likely to destroy shit and evictions cost money. Probably not worth the effort (especially with Covid) and expenses to kick them out just so a different pair of junkies can move in. Might as well keep the ones that are already there and just make them official so they aren’t a liability for the organization.

No. 839302

File: 1622844695301.png (1.48 MB, 828x1425, landscaping.png)

No. 839306

File: 1622845747579.jpg (4.32 MB, 1080x17281, ZomboDroid 04062021221107.jpg)

God that plushie looks so cheap. I know it's nothing compared to "landscaping", but still.

No. 839315

Yea, her mental health is really suffering….Shes really enjoying that klonopin lol

No. 839318

landscaping? that’s what she calls stealing from graves now?

No. 839320

Isn’t this the same tard that wanted to learn cross stitch a few months ago? Surely she could have learned something in this amount of time. What a wasted life.

No. 839321


No. 839324

File: 1622854329807.png (124.54 KB, 1158x1070, luna1.png)

No. 839325

File: 1622854385733.png (898.53 KB, 2400x806, cheap.png)

No. 839326

Yeah he does landscaping… Thats why he's got such a sun tan and he's not at all white as a fucking corpse from never being out in the sun

No. 839342

File: 1622861485233.jpg (Spoiler Image,325.86 KB, 719x866, IMG_20210605_034613.jpg)

Spoiler for - well, I don't think it needs an explanation.

It's pretty obvious that she wants to be small and petite and ~uwu so smol~ but she's built like a man. Broad shoulders, chunky legs, small floppy tits and a big flat arse like an elephants, all stuffed into these "cute" pink clothes that have an almost childlike quality to them. I'm not saying don't dress how you want, but she simply can't pull this aesthetic off. Imo, it just doesn't suit, ahem, larger women.

Just how dirty she is also and her scars etc. It looks awful against the pink. She's never gonna be the cute lol flower she wants to be. Never.

No. 839343

Sage for spelling mistake

No. 839344

That camel-toe. She has one fat fanny packed into those shorts.

(Imagine how those shorts smell)

No. 839345

File: 1622862023926.jpg (592.59 KB, 1563x892, IMG_20210605_035855.jpg)

Sage for tinfoil but this is a card Tuna wrote Lurch, the right pic is a card Lurch apparently wrote for Luna a few years back.

Is that the same handwriting? Did she write that card to herself?

No. 839356

No the one on the right is definitely by Lurch, they write their a’s differently.

No. 839358


No. 839363

Lmao at it seeming like lurch couldn't come up with one genuine compliment for luna
>you're the best

No. 839371

Oh my fucking god thank you for pointing this out

No. 839372

Wow, such a delight to read epistles from the brilliant mind of Baseball-Math Supergenius Lurch

No. 839379

Omg it's exhale you dumb twat

No. 839380


Smol bean culture is cancerous

No. 839384

Its because Tuna is stunted from drug use and probably a learning disability and was raised on tumblr during the babifuckdoll/nymphette/smol sugarbaby trends from when she was a teenager.
People wanna blame Lurch for her obsession with bimbos and bimbo adjacent shit but anybody who has followed the threads knows that comes from her stunted tumblr days, shes pretty much looked forward to suffering a fate akin in Anna Nicole Smith as long as she gets to feel like shes a main character :tm:

No. 839389

>as someone who's had chronically chapped lips since childhood

talking about crusty lips like its a chronic illness. Bitch drink some fucking water!!!!

No. 839395

I remember she's a mouth breather, this causing chapped lips too.

No. 839396

Underrated comment kek

No. 839420

File: 1622911098989.png (Spoiler Image,746.95 KB, 1020x755, ed.png)

No. 839431

> looks at painting of slightly chubby pear-shaped person with unscarred skin
> tries to tell self that’s what she looks like

No. 839435

I mean the tits alone…

No. 839456

File: 1622926615358.png (110.95 KB, 1356x653, lipo and boob job.png)

No. 839459

If she hasn't had a haircut since she was 18 and had black hair, why isn't the bottom of her hair still showing the remnants of the black dye?

No. 839461

for some reason my dumbass thought she may include actual things she needs to get done, like finding a job, but of course not. Boob jobs and lash extensions are more important silly me

No. 839463

or find an apartment since they're literally squatting in a place where the landlord has removed their lock but yknow priorities

No. 839469

She's absolutely trimmed her ends at some point, if she was really growing her hair out with 0 cutting since 18 it would be way longer. Either by haircut she means like a real haircut at a salon or perhaps she really hasnt taken a scissor to her hair since she was 18 and has lost her ends over the years due to breakage

No. 839472


anon thank you for posting this, it looks just like him and damn I loved that film as a kid

No. 839473

you're gonna feel silly but it's because she bleached it. Bleaching the color out + chemical haircut

No. 839479

her hair would be a terminal length for a lot of people even if she hadn’t fried it
honestly given how she’s destroyed it with cheap bleach it’s kind of amazing it’s as long as it is
actually trimming off the ruined bits would give it a chance to grow more healthily

No. 839480

I don't understand why she feels the need to bleach out the yellow in her hair, just get a good purple toner shampoo and conditioner! It's so much healthier than frying it with more bleach.

No. 839495

#1 need. #2 want…welp that was fast.

No. 839498

File: 1622954430323.png (664.39 KB, 681x1426, Screen Shot 2021-06-06 at 12.3…)

no haircuts since 18 though…interesting. i'll never understand why people out themselves like this. i mean this was only three threads ago

No. 839503

Boob job? Just the other day she was saying she's ok with her saggy tits… >>839306

No. 839507

she’s a bipolar BPD mess anon. she also goes from “ugh look at my fat disgusting mess pig body” to “lmao i look cute and sexy today” about five times a week.

No. 839520

I understood her post as no professional haircut by a hairdresser. Especially since she mentions not having any hairstyle. Cutting split ends isn't helping in that regard.

No. 839535

File: 1622991358007.png (35.61 KB, 1155x328, thinspo.png)

No. 839536

yikes the pro ana stuff is so cringe, I wish she could learn to just eat a balanced diet

No. 839537

why seek out generic meanspo when this thread is the same thing just personalized?

No. 839538

lmao that is true

No. 839540

Don't you have a not-husband you're supposed to marry any day now? Why is she constantly going on about her exes?

I doubt that's helping her at all when even Lurch couldn't stop her from eating an entire icecream by herself after she locked herself in the bathroom to do it.

No. 839545

Not to look out for Tuna, but I doubt this kind of "inspo" helps anyone, especially people who suffer from mental illness. This kind of self-bullying language is just going to manifest in really fucked up ways. I guess she doesn't really care about that and just wants to be thin, her own self-esteem be damned. Meanwhile there's plenty of material out there for self-acceptance and self-love that she could check out while trying to learn more about feeding herself better and nutrition. If it's not instant gratification, she doesn't want it.

No. 839546

Tuna needs Lizzo in her life.

No. 839550

It's not meant to help, that's why >>839537 referred to it as 'meanspo'. It's pro-ana. And kek at reading so much into it. Are you new here?

No. 839574

File: 1623027330984.jpg (172.13 KB, 500x618, tumblr_5ca002c5c9f32c953e618c1…)

No. 839592

File: 1623036885307.png (586.35 KB, 1260x907, Screenshot 2021-06-06 233312.p…)

That towel is fucking nasty, but who's surprised.

No. 839596

her drawings are literally copying daniel johnstons art lmao

No. 839597

Looks like another eye infection waiting to happen

No. 839629

Sex repulsed tuna drew a vibrator into her art, huh?

No. 839643

she stopped being a few threads ago and wrote in her diary that she wants to work on her sex life (which doesn't mean much in terms of following through, but still). It's not a "gotcha" you think it is though.

No. 839654


She's probably on benzos?! You even reading the same thread? She even admits she is. Klonopins ARE benzos and yes, she's finally been prescribed 1 a day for the next 2 weeks (which will inevitably turn into her buying more when she runs out after abusing them all, under the guise of "But they're PRESCRIBED!")

No. 839655


Tuna and Lurch should just be up front with one another about their interest in strangers on the internet. Tuna can carry on an imaginary relationship with her locked up ex she never met and Lurch can carry on sexting his beloved catfish Tessa. Since they don't have sex with each other anyway, at least they can get validation from internet personas and maybe it'll make both of them feel fulfilled and loved.

No. 839656


I've seen real punks sew patches onto thick leather jackets with dental floss way better than Tuna sewed this patch on. She dresses like a fat child with her muu muus and tacky patches.

No. 839657


You must have missed out on the numerous comments a thread ago asking why they're not kicked out and the subsequent answer and screenshot showing anyone in NY state has "squatter's rights" 30 days after staying somewhere so they can't be kicked out. Then Tuna started procuring all of the ugly child furniture to toss in her filthy room as some anons started thinking all that furniture is just going to be dumped when they're evicted.

One last time for the anon who missed it, Tuna and Lurch are NOT getting kicked out due to the fact that they're squatters/tenants and can only be removed through the extremely backed up court proceedings for evictions if the housing program takes them to court, which is costly and not guaranteed.

Similarly, a quiet neighborhood in the Bronx has about 6 dudes who went into an empty building and started living there, selling drugs, and having prostitutes and clients frequenting the building, racing ATVs up and down the street and throwing parties, starting up the electricity until the property management noticed it and turned it off again, and they can't even be evicted now due to them being there longer than 30 days and the backed up courts. If NY state can't kick them out, Tuna and Lurch definitely aren't going anywhere without them choosing to leave.

No. 839658


"Inhale, outhale…"

I bet Tuna outhaled with relief when she saw her new painting is so unique and different from every other "I keep trying" drawing she does

No. 839659

They don't live in NYC proper though. So I don't think the
rule of squatter's rights after 30 days apply. More than likely, the courts are just backed up, slowing down the eviction process.

No. 839669

Does she still have contact with her online-only ex that she never met?

No. 839670

oof she legit looks 40 here and that t shirt is filthy

No. 839682

File: 1623104517434.png (730.52 KB, 1018x749, cheap.png)

No. 839683

That poor bedding set would turn grey green in less than a week. Kiki and Lala do not deserve this.

No. 839684

I get the feeling you're being facetious but honestly yeah if she could learn to love herself (genuinely) then she could get closer to knowing her true self and not the idealized cartoon Sanrio bimbo she thinks she is.

It's clear that's what it's supposed to be. In her search for better mental health, pro-ana garbage will not help. At the end of the day, though, it will probably be one the of least harmful coping mechanisms she adopts. And no, unfortunately I've been beholden to her bullshit since her threads started in /snow/.

No. 839687

File: 1623108974255.jpeg (402.35 KB, 750x979, CDF748EF-0649-48E0-AE12-044CFA…)

I don’t get this bitch. She consistently goes out in public wearing outfits that “show off” her gut, nipples, cameltoe, and scarred cottage cheese thighs, but this is where she draws the line? Huh?

No. 839688

File: 1623109144620.jpeg (302.8 KB, 632x645, A7673652-0A89-4E68-A9FE-E34F03…)

also wow that double chin… guess the meanspo hasn’t been working

No. 839689

File: 1623109938353.png (81.61 KB, 780x398, Screenshot from 2021-06-07 19-…)

Yes, Tuna, because you are the sickest and the most damaged UwU

Sage for stupidity

No. 839694

File: 1623114900118.gif (332.22 KB, 498x498, tenor.gif)

No. 839695

of course it says angel on it lol. there is nothing angelic about this woman

No. 839699


Applies in the state as a whole IIRC.

Sage for non-contrib

No. 839703

It does and we have gone through this many times and every time there is some anon talking about “NYC proper”. Squatters rights apply throughout the entire state unfortunately.

No. 839708

I hate her constant "push all my hair forward" look. You're not tricking anyone into thinking you have volume tuna. It just looks fuckin sloppy.

No. 839712

imagine sitting in an apartment with gas and electric, surrounded by meaningless trinkets, and posting about how your mental illness is the worst of them all and how tortured your mind is.

No. 839720

You’re right anon, so I can only imagine how her body actually looks in this dress without the posing, sucking in, and heavy filters

No. 839748

No more updates on her dad? She was really agitated and pushing this narrative of him dying a few months ago.

No. 839750

such first world problems, i know. it’s gross. idk if she even realizes how lucky she is to still have a roof over her head. granted bpd isn’t exactly a walk in the park, but fixating on how it’s the “most painful” mental illness doesn’t accomplish anything…

im sure she’ll bring him up again when she needs something, whether that be money or attention.

No. 839752

it's pretty clear to me that she obsesses about her appearance so publicly so she has something to do all day so no one will ask her why she doesn't, like, find gainful employment lmao. like, the way you do or do not fit into some le babygirl thot dress is the least of your worries tuna.

No. 839760

I respectfully disagree. I think the fact that she plays dress up for the internet every day makes it even more obvious to her audience that she has an overabundance of free time and needs a job.

I don’t believe she is trying to be manipulative for once. She is a highly insecure woman that needs attention and validation, especially when it comes to her appearance.

If she was pretending to be an “influencer” (god I hate that term) and trying to shill products, I would agree with you.

No. 839781

File: 1623183585818.jpg (371.83 KB, 719x1180, IMG_20210608_211916.jpg)

"we were hitting it off rly well" - is Luna going off Lurch or what?

No. 839789

Jesus, Tuna, it's a hospital not a place to go trolling for new dick

No. 839805

I hope she cheats on Lurch lol

No. 839806

Huh, maybe there's something to spending time with men around your own age after all.

No. 839807

No, she just has no friends

No. 839812

i'm starting to wonder if luna is realizing that when they're both sober, she and lurch have literally nothing in common and aren't good together.

No. 839821

Is her hand filthy or am I just seeing something? Can she not even be arsed to wash her hands??

No. 839849

Have you seen her towels? >>839592
How can her hands ever be clean if she dries them with that.

No. 839872

>not trying to be manipulative
>spends all day fishing for attention and validation … so people will buy her shit.

OK then.

No. 839896

I hope so, I don't like Luna but lurch is a million times worse

No. 839910

honestly i wouldn't be surprised if she meets someone new there. people in inpatient/outpatient programs are typically in very vulnerable places mentally and often bond over trauma.
sorry for blogpost but it happened to me and quite a few others i knew when i was doing an outpatient program. they were very strict about not dating others in the program but that didn't mean it didn't happen.

No. 839957

File: 1623297517002.jpg (Spoiler Image,231.89 KB, 1022x1920, tumblr_874d7d8691e37bc401465ef…)

New tuna blog just dropped. Seems like it's ED-centric and I haven't had too much time to look through it but there's some self harm stuff, heroin stuff and a lot of self hatred. Be warned, this is pretty bleak.

>tw self harm

>stupid me got touch up razors for my brows not intending to use them for self harm and literally used them the day i opened them

>also yeah my therapist wants to see me twice a week now loool

No. 839958

File: 1623298323795.png (789.32 KB, 719x1038, 20210609_090903.png)

>the tags

No. 839960

File: 1623298832531.png (83.53 KB, 1058x624, lurch is a dick.png)

wow, i was scrolling through and found this gem. why does she act like lurch is so good to her? i get anons make fun of her weight 24/7 but for her "fiance" of years at this point to use that shit against her when he probably knows how self conscious she is about it is foul imo.

No. 839961

File: 1623299165461.png (4.76 KB, 535x178, luna 1.PNG)

i wish she'd stop getting herself in the worst social circles

No. 839962

Based Lurch. Luna is an awful person and everything bad that happens to her is well-deserved.

No. 839964

Can we spoiler that kind of shit? Yeah I’m obviously a little bitch but it’s fucking gross.

This new blog is cringe af. Classic bpd move of taking pics of your self harm scars for the internet to see. It’s a shame or something that she can’t put this energy into something positive. She says she wants to get better but then does shit like this. Hopeless case

No. 839971

Where did you find it? Oh she'll definitely lock it up once she checks here, someone cowtips and ruins it for everyone or she starts getting more farmers as followers.

No. 839981


I don't want to be that person but I'm gonna be that person, those 'cuts' look like cat scratches, I mean Tuna if you're going to cut at least put the effort in.

No. 839982

File: 1623311957175.jpeg (1.43 MB, 1073x1736, 36F6A47B-CA47-4ED0-9545-CA2903…)

Luna took a trip down junkie memory lane and as expected, her precious memories are laced with a layer of grime. The pills in the bottom of a dirty, blood-soaked purse is what really did it for me

No. 839983

File: 1623312061839.jpg (94.35 KB, 393x853, IMG_20210610_090101.jpg)

The dirt on her ear stretcher thing is really sending me

No. 839984


Can she explain how tf her purse got so much blood in it?

No. 839985

File: 1623313152314.jpg (134.5 KB, 1080x1025, Screenshot_20210610_091922.jpg)

No. 839986

File: 1623313750666.jpeg (519.63 KB, 750x952, D8AAE0C4-DF27-44F2-8B53-B550B6…)

any crazy bitches from westchester recognize this room? this is where she was signing her outpatient forms. im so curious

No. 839987

what I’ve learned from her side blog is that she eats real good for a broke squatting junkie. she mentioned a steak sandwich, chinese takeout, and two different kinds of cake

No. 839988

I’ve never seen someone say so many times that they’re “trying to use their DBT skills” whilst doing shit like this. She bangs on about sobriety and bettering herself, and so far that’s amounted to buying herself masses of ugly clothes that hardly fit, whinging and crying on the internet, joining pro-ana groups, seeking out media related to drugs, and oh bought some razors to scratch herself with and post online about. How old is she again? 26? Too old to be doing this pathetic shit, especially when she tries to get sympathy “I’m working sooo hard uwu”

No. 839989

this made me feel kind of sorry for her…that's a shitty thing for a partner to do

No. 839991

File: 1623315594810.png (773.28 KB, 828x1792, 843CAAC7-AE9B-4773-8BEB-5E3056…)

>me and my fiancé
>nobody wants me
>posted immediately after the post about the guy she met in the waiting room

Maybe she is looking for the next host to glom onto.

No. 839992

Lol dont worry, luna is the world's most unreliable narrator. Ever since I heard her retelling of that social worker incident vs the actual truth in the video, I can't take any of her claims of abuse seriously. Luna manages to make herself the victim of every situation regardless of what she did. Imo it's likely she said something nasty to antagonise him now that she can't do that to her mom daily, then got upset when he responded negatively. Doesn't say why he randomly started calling her hideous.

>ate ice cream and Chinese takeout
>drank probably less than 2 litres of water over a whole day and brushed her teeth
>wonders why she isn't losing weight
This fatty logic holy shit lol. She's not even trying, she's just doing the fat person thing where they pretend that they don't eat anything, but they can't lose weight due to "starvation mode" and normal dieting tricks don't work on their special bodies. Keep a calorie journal Tuna, your drug fried brain can't seem to remember all the junk food you're eating.

No. 839994

Most likely digging inside of it with bleeding trackmarks on her hands/arms.

No. 839995

File: 1623328929718.jpg (346.2 KB, 1022x1920, tumblr_6b17ccf310a7a4d11b750b3…)


"can’t sleep since 4 it’s 6:30 having one cup of bolthouse farms strawberry banana drink 130cals

why does it already feel like i failed the day lol i should probs fast the rest of the day

god i need to buy a scale asap my body dysmorphia is so bad i have no idea what i look like only a scale will tell if anything changes"

No. 839997

This anachan saga will be short lived. She won't be able to keep up with it and she'll end up abandoning it.

No. 839998

>Based Lurch. Luna is an awful person and everything bad that happens to her is well-deserved.
Shit bait. If not, consider sudoku. Imagine calling that disgusting scrote parasite based in any context, holy shit

No. 840000

File: 1623338438023.jpg (446.12 KB, 1280x1929, IMG_20210610_172014.jpg)

No. 840001

how is that plushie already so matted and dirty? she only got it a couple weeks ago and it looked brand new. what is she doing to the poor thing?

No. 840002

She's been claiming an eating disorder since thread #1, wtf are you talking about? She's just not very good at it

No. 840003

File: 1623338876335.jpg (609.05 KB, 1022x4550, ZomboDroid 10062021172648.jpg)

No. 840004

I wonder if she realizes the granny panties only serve to make her look bigger. Maybe that's the goal, so she can wallow in self pity for longer

No. 840005

how are lace boyshorts granny panties?

Like i get the hate on this girl, she brings it on herself, but some of you people are just pulling at straws.

No. 840006

File: 1623339642233.jpg (322.88 KB, 1080x3465, ZomboDroid 10062021173925.jpg)

She already posted so much it's hard to keep up
>should of
>hundreds of reblogs
Is that what anachan brainrot does to you???

No. 840009

Honestly what Tuna needs is to go to the gym. Even if she sticks to ~*anorexia*~, she’s still going to be skinny fat because she has zero muscle tone

No. 840010

File: 1623341702692.jpg (1.13 MB, 1280x12636, merge_from_ofoct.jpg)

My God, there is so much bullshit and I haven't even reached the bottom of the blog
Some highlights:
>she DID get those expensive Lazy Oaf dresses (featuring the hideous one with hearts on titties)
>she was close with Tai even after her suicide (wtf)
>some luna lore
Sorry not sorry if the pic dump is imperfect, it already took me too much time and I'm not uploading those pics one by one

No. 840011

File: 1623342616498.jpg (192.02 KB, 451x3010, merge_from_ofoct (2).jpg)

No. 840013

I've looked and haven't been able to find it… does anyone have a link for her Amazon Wish List? I don't want to send her anything, I'm just morbidly curious.

No. 840014

I think she's too stupid to make an actual wishlist, she just posts a lot of screenshots

No. 840047

The way she's pissing away her therapy and future outpatient treatment like this in the name of dangerous coping mechanisms… she really does not change.

No. 840051

File: 1623363101654.png (26.65 KB, 806x306, uber.png)

No. 840065

File: 1623367867443.jpeg (153.52 KB, 750x862, 246ECE83-5F77-420B-8C8B-9DF5BB…)

wonder how much longer this pro ana bullshit will go on for

No. 840067


Probably whenever her tumblr gets terminated for using “proana” tags; they wipe anysort of ED blogs without warning

No. 840073

Aaaaaaand it's gone

No. 840075

Good! She is too fucking old for this shit, it's embarrassing!

No. 840089

Have you considered getting a real job so you don't have to be called a pig for money? No?

No. 840109

She is too old for this shit and that aside, it’s totally unnecessary. objectively she is overweight and unfit. She couldn’t even do 20 squats for gods sake.
Had she started a blog where she kept track of all her meals, calories, workouts and even bodies she aspires towards and dropped all this “boohoo pro ana I hate myself cigarettes for breakfast” shit, it would’ve all been above board. She could have kept her blog and gotten some engagement and accountability.

But she always has to be histrionic and hysterical and get maximum sympathy for being the saddest baby angel. She can’t just go on a diet to get to a healthy functional body; nobody would feel sorry for her then. She had to characterise it as her being in the grips of an eating disorder instead.

No. 840110


By going for the most extreme and damaging way to deal with her weight it means when she gives it up and goes back to how she always is that will look like the right decision. It's classic drama baiting and not wanting to seriously change her life long-term.

She is definitely too old for all this.

No. 840113

Always cry typing about how poor and starving she is but buys crap worth hundreds of dollars all the time, never misses a meal and has the latest iPhone, a Nintendo switch, a flat screen tv, an Apple watch, a laptop, an iPad and lives inin an apartment without rent or bills to pay.

No. 840126

File: 1623421404108.png (352.42 KB, 763x716, Screenshot from 2021-06-11 10-…)

This bitch.

I went ahead and looked up all the products and added them up. She spent $68.78 on all this stuff.. She claims she had a gift card but I'm not buying that.

No. 840128

Didn't she buy a lot of products not even a month ago?

No. 840129

Wait WHAT. How do you eat an entire ice cream cake in one sitting? Even for 2 people that's a fucking lot. What is that like, 5 slices per person? No wonder she's such a blob

No. 840131

File: 1623423649713.jpg (892.35 KB, 1080x2277, Screenshot_20210611-110004_Chr…)

She might've had a gift card if she "returned" shit she stole from there. It would be on brand.

No. 840132

Bitch doesn't have valid government ID though.

No. 840139


Tuna's towels have more shit on them than a shoe polish rag. It's like she doesn't wash her face or shower with soap and water… she just appears to splash water on and scrub the filth off with that towel/shoe polish rag.

And yet despite the heavy black streaks on the towel, she somehow always leaves remnants of black eye makeup on her bottom lash line and takes "no makeup" pictures while in bed, somehow not realizing how it makes her eyes look like they're drooping more than usual

No. 840142


Anyone in NY state, not just NYC. Actually, the 30 day "squatter's rights" rule applies to most (if not all) states, even pre-pandemic. It's well known and a dream for a lot of punks in states all over the US to post up at an abandoned residence for 30 days to get their squatter's rights.

No. 840144


Luna is already on the hunt for someone to flirt with in her mental illness program so she has a reason to actually show up, dressed to kill in her best ill-fitting dirty baby clothes and show off her drooping tits, lumpy scarred legs, ratty hair, and expensive Amazon makeup applied with bad techniques that cancel out the quality of the makeup. She sa