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No. 1003170

Left, right, doesn’t matter. They are all cows whom aren’t very good at their jobs.

Discussion of international politicians is welcomed!(shit thread, redundant)

No. 1003270

inb4 trump

No. 1003276

Inb4 /pol/ fag shit and racebait

No. 1003288

this thread is against the rules

No. 1003289

I view politicians as comedians at best and guillotine fodder at worst. On that note, my favorite politician has always been Jeb Bush. A true Aspergic for prez, we'll all get little turtle figurines and hoodies from him someday.

No. 1003294

This a muy bad idea. Delete effectively.

No. 1003297

File: 1640313610176.jpg (417.86 KB, 2400x2400, 25144253-karl-lauterbach-spd-b…)

Just thinking about them makes me feel dread tbh. In Germany almost all important ministers now look like the antithesis of the sector they're employed in. For example, pic related is our new health minister, who is a not so subtle alcoholic. I wish I could spoiler images on /ot/.

No. 1003304

File: 1640315831019.jpeg (159.19 KB, 1648x1099, rob-ford-crack-video.jpeg)

Rob Ford was the test run for Trump.

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