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No. 1570542

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and please type ‘sage’ into the email field if you are not posting anything milky/important so that the thread is not bumped!

Last Thread:

The basic rundown:
> jonny craig has a well-documented history of drug abuse and physical/sexual abuse towards his exes. pretty much any woman he comes into contact with, he influences in an overwhelmingly negative way
> before his relationship with Sydney England, he had a toxic and drug-fueled relationship with and helped with the downfall of pettuber & fellow cow Taylor Nicole Dean - jonny is her so-called abuser, though it sounds like they were equally toxic in their own ways
> after Taylor was forced into rehab, Jonny made it seem like they were going to be back together ASAP. as soon as Taylor broke up with him in rehab, he got with Sydney and started bragging about her, then got her pregnant immediately.
> enter SYD, Aka sydsosmall/minnieskins. overdramatic groupie clout chaser who got pregnant with jonny’s heroin baby because she was feeling “old” & felt her biological clock ticking… totally mentally stable choice
> since syd gave birth there has been a steady stream of milky shit/stupid drama, warranting her and jonny their own thread, though now they’ve separated, so their threads becoming separate may be inevitable. until then…

Old milk:
>syd starts a gofundme for "personal situations" >>1234541, >>1234881 but it seems to be going towards hair and lash extensions >>1244430 (later revealed to be to cover for the car accident she caused with the guy she was cheating on jonny with) jonny’s ex amanda shows up on the donations >>1242157
> Jonny goes to jail for domestic violence >>1088190 and pleads guilty his last court date was feb 1st at 9am >>1090762
> >>1090779 Storm has unknown surgery but syd doesnt say anything and Jonny barely acknowledges it >>1091369
> Jonny contracts cellulitis and ends up being admitted to the hospital most likely caused by IV heroin use >>1107260, >>1107262
> Jonny posts two disturbing but typical (for him) videos to his instagram stories: one where he shows Syd’s bare butt and then grabs it >>1109832 it’s also noted she has a mysterious and large bruise on her leg in a generally hard to bruise area >>1110293. Audio in second vid (which was of Storm with camera inches away from him as baby lays on bed) reveals a clearly super high Jonny slurring and unable to hold the camera steady >>1110163
> syd vagueposts about someone (Jonny) cheating with someone you know. That someone posts in the thread revealing screenshots of Instagram DMs with Jonny and Syd >>1318548,Syd who accuses anon of cheating with Jonny for flirting on Instagram with Jonny and allegedly calls the cops on anon. Anon says she's known Syd since high school. In the screenshots Syd calls Jonny a waste,a fat junkie, says she'll show the conversation to Taylor so that she'll ruin anon's life, threatens anon. Syd doxxes anon on Instagram.
> anon posts more screenshots, looks like she was carrying the convo with Jonny. Syd sends anon a video of Jonny wasted. >>1319574 Turtle Mom ends up leaking the video >>1320319 and says she'll go the TX shows to expose Jonny with flyers, never does.
> tour starts, Jonny doesn't know the lyrics to his own songs so he's reading them off his phone. >>1322793, syd goes on stage to hug Jonny and makes sure everyone know he has a kid whenever he looks in the direction of a woman >>1320416, >>1320417 She also keeps complaining about how hard working at the merch table is, jonny proposes to Syd again >>1332845, >>1333002 at a concert with the same ring.
>syd, jonny, and the rest of their crew get awful matching tour tattoos >>1336731
>anon posts screenshots from cps that imply storm is not in their custody >>1338649 and Syd continues to confirm this by only posting a photo of them in a public setting >>1346847
>jonny goes radio silent on social media while syd's instagram use only increases, presumably because jonny is in rehab
>syd buys herself an iPad and starts to vague post about a new project >>1346549, >>1363620 eventually announces a date she will announce the project >>1366535 but does not announce anything.
>syd and jonny lovebomb announcing they have chosen a date for their wedding, 11/11/22 >>1367393, >>1367396
>surprising nobody, anon finds jonny on tinder >>1372864 syd responds >>1374232
>syd still trying to keep up the facade of being a parent >>1373001, >>1376986, >>1388466, >>1390689, >>1391059, >>1392428, >>1393204
>more information is found about the courtcase that likely caused JC and syd to lose custody >>1373075, >>1373156, >>1373401, >>1373420, and a previous DV case involving syd >>1373487
>syd flirts with lolbro >>1373616, >>1374083, >>1374084
>syd is alone on thanksgiving, trying to seem unbothered >>1375878 while jonny enjoys his rehab/sober living slop >>1375941 more sober living shots: >>1376927, >>1401281, >>1401284
>sydsosneaky visits storm at her mom's house for xmas >>1401841, >>1401842, and shows a picture of jonny with storm from last xmas, since he's away in sober living >>1401843
>syd makes it obvious she’s reading the thread >>1402818, >>1402823, >>1402826, >>1402828
>a fan comforts jonny about the death of a friend, causing syd to go on a sperg about him cheating >>1406759, >>1406761
>anon helps us ring in the new year by providing us with screenshots… sydsosmart gets caught cheating! and this message also proves that they lost custody of storm. >>1407044, >>1407062, >>1407070
>jonny and syd vagueposting, hinting at a breakup >>1407170, >>1407172, >>1407171, >>1407167
>syd psychotically harasses she-who-will-not-be-named >>1407204, >>1407205, >>1407217, >>1407235
>more screenshots of syd cheating are released >>1407243, >>1407258
>sticking to her usual groupie tendencies, it's some band dude >>1407304 and he is an abuser (shocking) >>1407340
>syd harasses band-dude's ex-gf >>1407393
>jonny will be out of rehab/sober living soon >>1408154, >>1408168 and posts about getting a puppy from a place called Borderline Bullies (ironic kek) >>1408355, >>1408449 (ends up falling through)
>syd lovebombs JC >>1408808, >>1408891, >>1410001, >>1410002, >>1410776, >>1412175
>jonny begins the process of removing all signs of syd/storm off of his instagram >>1408893, >>1415883
>jonny is over syd >>1412293, but syd isn't over jonny >>1412296 and is on the prowl for a new girl >>1414061, >>1417679, >>1419177, >>1419188, >>1419932
>syd goes quiet, leaving anons to speculate if she's been banned on instagram for harassment. anons find that she she has been liking clothes on poshmark >>1421811
>syd is (unsurprisingly) back, posts videos of herself and "friends" watching some shitty emo cover band >>1424827
>jonny returns to the Sac townhouse with all of his shit >>1427985, >>1427987, >>1432441
>syd says nothing about his return, ghosts and sadposts about her birthday >>1430578, >>1434657, >>1434774
>cowtipper confirms that jonny is indeed big boy pimpin, living the single life because syd cheated on him >>1430884
>jonny starts his traditional post-breakup streaming career back up >>1434930, >>1439243
>big boy pimpin starts liking tnd's instagram posts >>1436428 >>1436485
>while jonny moves on to thottier pastures, syd starts posting her perfect bawd for validation despite calling every woman in a crop top a whore >>1438537, >>1439469, >>1440433, >>1443447, >>1445180, >>1445828, >>1445920
>syd embarrasses herself >>1440188, >>1440189, >>1440548 >>1449879
>syd's sad about her life, writes boring long story posts about how it's not what she wanted but it's so perfect >>1441750, >>1443451
>syd onlyfans saga when >>1445197
>syd kinda pretends to be a mom >>1445995, >>1446838, >>1447752, >>1448894
>jonny's probably trying to pull a new girl with google translate arabic >>1447738, >>1447739
>they unfollowed each other >>1448690 but syd will never take him out of her bio >>1448923
>jonny shows his inbox on stream, apparently paid rent 3 weeks late >>1450033
>jonny has upcoming court dates >>1453819
>jonny is big mad about his lolcow thread, posts and quickly deletes a rant about it >>1453538
>jonny compares his bright future to his fake teeth, which someone else bought for him and he never paid back.. sounds about right. >>>/snow/1454287
> anons speculate that syd could be rage posting in the TND thread >>>/snow/1454731
>syd sadposts >>>/snow/1455420, >>>/snow/1455934, >>>/snow/1455956, >>>/snow/1456157, >>>/snow/1457905, and teases making an onlyfans >>>/snow/1455738
>jonny seems to visit storm more than syd >>>/snow/1458775
>jonny randomly posts an old note that his ex taylor dean’s dad wrote him >>>/snow/1462405 then clarifies it’s old >>>/snow/1462537, anons wonder if he posted it to either rile up syd or get taylor’s attention
>syd officially moves in with her friend megan >>>/snow/1463462
> jonny is active on tinder, matches with a girl named mars >>>/snow/1474385 who immediately posts about him being ‘washed up’, ‘not worth the story’ & ‘a lot of Ls’ >>>/snow/1474386, >>>/snow/1474411, >>>/snow/1474415
> jonny shoots back, negging the girl he matched with on tinder and bragging about spEnDinG heR RenT on shoes 3 times a week (probably because you can fit into kids size shoes, JC) >>>/snow/1475483
> syd tries to shade jonny on her story >>>/snow/1482229
> jonny posts a selfie featuring a bunch of dirty clothes and beer bottles in the background >>>/snow/1486532 instead of cleaning up he just scribbles it out in future photos >>>/snow/1487187, >>>/snow/1487417
>sydsomanic spams her story >>>/snow/1487040 https://streamable.com/e4jql6 with a bunch of compliments that seem like they were sent in by herself, continues to bring up starting an onlyfans and teases about a ‘certain someone’ who makes her feel ‘frisky’ >>>/snow/1486643
>taylor deleted/privated her video talking about JC abusing her >>>/snow/1488984 speculation that they’re back in contact continues
>jonny makes references to being lonely due to ramadan >>>/snow/1489269 causing more speculation that he’s dating an arabic/muslim girl, possibly named ava >>>/snow/1489450, >>>/snow/1489610, >>>/snow/1489613
>syd returns to e-begging for rent, meds and essentials for the kid she doesn’t have custody for #itsokaytoaskforhelp >>>/snow/1490473
>syd harasses anon after she forgets to crop her pfp >>>/snow/1498275
>jonny posts a pic of taylor on his story >>>/snow/1498358
>if you want to flush some money down the toilet, you can find bbp on cameo >>>/snow/1499914
>syd sets the tone for her OF saga >>>/snow/1499974, >>>/snow/1497288
>syd is suddenly on OF >>>/snow/1500737 and leaves just as soon >>>/snow/1500754
>blah blah blah something about ava
>old man goiter screams at the sky aka tmobile >>>/snow/1504574
>syd calls out jonny for being a deadbeat (hmm very interesting syd) >>>/snow/1509691
>no words just this >>>/snow/1509695
>swanfest drama between the two tards >>>/snow/1509690, >>>/snow/1509726
>jonny really does not like syd >>>/snow/1511748
>taylor is following jonny on instagram >>>/snow/1513531, according to taylor they're speaking again for the sake of "closure" >>>/snow/1515623
>jonny shuts off syd's phone (kek) >>>/snow/1514632
>jonny expected to bring the milk by coming clean about "everything" in a livestream on twitch >>>/snow/1517232, >>>/snow/1518219
>syd ready to sell him out before he can make her look even worse >>>/snow/1517429
>another court date, anon listens in and reveals that the DA wants to press felony charges >>>/snow/1517793
>blah blah blah wigglewip layna asshurt ex-bf blah blah blah
>syd brings up goiter's original baby mama in her usual self-centered manner >>>/snow/1518829, more sperging about jc >>>/snow/1518852

New milk:
>emo tucker carlson interviewed jonny to try to rehab his image >>1519019 >>1519030 syd contests his narrative >>1519027 interviewer is accused of rape >>1521347
>syd thinks we're funny >>1519078
>a lot of athena shit; she doesn't deserve the attention, check the thread if you care because it's boring af
>anons in the know spill about the incident >>1519842 >>1519843 >>1519879 >>1519915 >>1519919 >>1519924 >>1519974 >>1519979 >>1520007 >>1520565 >>1521350
>jonny pretends everything is fine after asking for support >>1519519 >>1519568 >>1519625 >>1519674 >>1519758 >>1520751
>jonny's new victim layna goes private, tea is spilled about her trip to see him >>1519544
>jonny big mad at tmobile and syd >>1520854 and some clothing company >> 1521806 tldr he's poor and angry >>1524478 >>1524789
>jonny posts a performative video about how he's never going to be kept from storm >>1521015
>jonny's cat >>1521134 >>1521315
>jonny's tattoo >>1521294 >>1521301
>layna was warned about jonny, doesn't care, actively deletes comments about the situation >>1521944 >>1522095 >>1523621
>jonny is big mad people are telling his new girl about his bad behavior >>1522005 >>1522147 >>1522495 blames syd for his bad life/behavior >>1522599
>jonny is using kratom allegedly >>1524179
>jonny publically begs tommy lee to notice him >>1526997
>jonny begs for money for storm's room, later ups the goal, seemingly to raise funds for his rent >>1527261 >>1529299 >>1529960 >>1530342 >>1531985
>syd is trying to "frustrate" jonny into using >>1528759
>anon who knows syd speculates on her bpd >>1530988
>layna is still at jonny's >>1531589 >>1532073 >>1532335 >>1532338 >>1532948 >>1532951 >>1533264
>in reality-shattering irony, syd comments on the silly little brain of jonny's new child bride, says she thought she was his last victim despite being a feral bitch when people tried to warn her about jonny >>1532862 >>1533645
>jonny is big mad that layna is posted on lcf, threatens everyone with the cyber police and a libel suit >>1533421
>Layna looks absolutely nothing like her shooped jailbait selfies, looks her age IRL, to the surprise of no one >>1558920
>Jonny pleads not guilty to child endangerment

1: >>>/snow/987337
2: >>>/snow/1038163
3: >>>/snow/1082146
4: >>>/snow/1112272
5: >>>/snow/1270218
6: >>>/snow/1316852
7: >>>/snow/1336640
8: >>>/snow/1369688
9: >>>/snow/1407141
10: >>>/snow/1426051
12. >>>/snow/1493508
13. >>>/snow/1518926
14. >>>/snow/1533736

No. 1570546

Thank you based anon for finally making a thread! If I wasn't a full blown retard, I would've done it.

I've been keeping an eye on JC/Syd/Layna while the thread was locked, and there's not been anything super milky. Just more of the same JC abusing instagram filters.

No. 1570583

File: 1656062315794.jpeg (66.53 KB, 828x1792, D92C74AE-2F14-465F-A13E-E80E43…)

Blessed be anon thank you for the new thread.

Capped this from a couple days back but it’s not really very milky.

No. 1570603

File: 1656066225028.jpeg (672.89 KB, 1131x960, 47E1CD7F-7121-40A4-BB92-EF56F0…)

Not milk, but I laughed so hard at this.

Love when Jonny’s filter glitches out and you get a real look at his filthy old skin.

No. 1570638

File: 1656071797891.jpeg (313.39 KB, 750x1334, F7C55CCA-0A8A-4BB0-A15C-25D5DB…)

JC story from 6/21

No. 1570639

File: 1656071822925.jpeg (215.92 KB, 750x1334, 45D4A534-EC53-4872-9458-33A458…)

JC story part 2

No. 1570648

File: 1656073779759.png (3.03 MB, 750x1334, 4F40295B-8BA9-4585-9962-C8D1D9…)

No. 1570650

File: 1656073811242.png (3.5 MB, 750x1334, 6101FA09-AB30-4523-AE17-F7F7AE…)

No. 1570651

File: 1656073847671.png (3.01 MB, 750x1334, 1B3D3A2F-55E2-4C69-B6C6-6D342D…)

No. 1570656

What's the point of having nice skin when your face looks like… that

No. 1570661

Soooo much money that's why you needed to crowdfund your kids room. Lmao pathetic junkie moid.

No. 1570676

File: 1656076983005.jpeg (94.18 KB, 1170x2532, 709F0E06-C0F0-4346-A9E3-139CE5…)

Thank you nonnie!!! Here’s some screenshots I got while we were waiting, I’m not sure if they’ll be in any sort of order sorry

No. 1570677

File: 1656077004479.jpeg (368 KB, 1170x2532, E5BD5539-75BA-47DD-85FE-75EB5B…)

No. 1570679

File: 1656077053491.jpeg (133.92 KB, 1170x2532, 2FFFEA61-E3E8-4778-82C0-8DF13A…)

No. 1570681

File: 1656077087265.jpeg (328.91 KB, 1170x2532, 6664CC55-2B23-446A-94CF-0AF564…)

Who had sex lol

No. 1570682

File: 1656077131067.jpeg (349.07 KB, 1170x2532, 5FD7C31D-363C-4CC7-B1EE-7A9FD9…)

No. 1570683

File: 1656077220600.jpeg (642.5 KB, 1170x2532, BF5CA6D1-40EB-4495-8984-C3706C…)

Such a long week doing what?

No. 1570685

File: 1656077311869.jpeg (123.45 KB, 1170x2532, E307343A-68B5-43FE-9874-50B9FB…)

Can someone translate? I don’t speak dumbass

No. 1570687

File: 1656077600583.jpeg (275.07 KB, 593x1650, 4D718FA9-395B-4263-BEB5-598147…)

Cut out Storm of course. I highly doubt you’ll fight very hard BBP, you couldn’t even care enough to keep your fent away from the little guy. Also so weird they call him a little god. But I guess it’s not that weird coming from a guy who also calls himself god (see next pic)

No. 1570688

File: 1656077640307.jpeg (435.04 KB, 1170x2532, EA65E942-F36D-4F6E-9396-B8F0F7…)

No. 1570689

File: 1656077739539.jpeg (282.69 KB, 1170x2532, 859AFC03-93CE-4BD3-B873-492493…)

Okay last one I got is not milky just thought it was funny that syd was popping out her collar bone so hard kek happy to be back with y’all’s

No. 1570720

Imagine being near 40 and basically living at your computer desk with a slew of rx drugs and a can of febreeze. Yes BBP, you really made it kek.

No. 1570739

Oh noo she’s almost the same height. Love yourself woman

No. 1570764

This one irritated me so much. He's been calling himself a god tons lately. A god who is peddling personalized messages on Cameo for only $75 haha. Hilarious.

No. 1570769

Flum is a flavored nicotine vape.

It’s so weird when insecure women gloat about something MOST young women have. Muh nice skin. Muh nice hair. Muh long eye lashes. Still doesn’t make up for your garbage personality.

No. 1570773

Fix your eyebrows, you greasy gross goblin

No. 1570794

number 1 on list of things no one wanted to see is probably Jonny’s rotting junkie skin, but this means he’s likely using again, good cap nona. An ex confirmed ages ago that he clean shaves when he’s high so he can pick at his face easier. Given the pitted and sore ridden state he’s in, he looks to be doing just that. Barf. No wonder he’s clinging to that bad cats filter like a drowning man to a rock.

No. 1570858

jesus she looks nothing like her pics

No. 1570869

god it’s so sad. is this all they do when they hang out? sit staring at their phones?

No. 1570881

She was there for a few weeks anon I don't think they're going to be doing something exciting every minute of the day.

No. 1570957

layna is defo posting ITT

No. 1570999

I thought he was pointing out that red irritated tattoo on his face that I am assuming is new? Otherwise yea I was thinking he shaved because he is using but it’s hard to tell; especially since he left a ‘stache. His skin is revolting it looks painful and irritated.

No. 1571004

I think he just shaved to get another face tattoo

No. 1571089

But nonnie it's the anon watching her on twitch weeks before she was relevant and knows everything about her, clarifying all misconceptions in this thread. Definitely not her. It was totally her ex who dropped her social media and told everyone they were dating before they went public, 2 threads ago >>1518419 Lots of scrotes type like 25 year old women and don't say anything negative about their ex who left them for another man.

No. 1571119


Totally sober

No. 1571141

Has he said anything at all about "the charges" or how great his public defender -excuse me I mean LAWYER- is since the last court date?

No. 1571265

he looks a lot less bloated. we'll see if that changes

No. 1571350

lmaoooo “he looks a lot less bloated” layna please stop drinking and make Mr Goiter Full of Money buy you something other than fucking skinny jeans come on. no offense but also full offense, comic books are not your highest priority rn look harder in that fucking mirror

No. 1571419

I’m not the nonnie you replied to, but in fairness he is a lot less bloated. He’s still gross, but I think any idiot can see he’s lost some of his big boi puff. Personally it makes current events even more hilarious, because Syd really did get him at his absolute lowest, and now he’s on his “redemption” arc with a new girlfriend she must be seething

No. 1571435

File: 1656135204749.jpeg (293.05 KB, 773x1913, 6A39FE9B-5C2F-4E40-87EE-AD3A0F…)

He’s constantly using a filter tho… this recent promo pic tells otherwise. Maybe she’s not as bloated but he still looks like absolute shit

No. 1571436

He has pink hair in this pic nonnie its a lot older. On his recent twitch streams it's pretty obvious he's slimmed out.

No. 1571461

Oh no, in all fairness I can assure you the true idiot is the one advocating for people to notice his false whale watchers success story ok. Can you scroll up to these >>1570603 where the filter flickers to show his goiterous jawline? Where he slimmed out, his pockets? He just got glasses as an optical illusion and had to buy a $75 Louis Vuitton landfill bag, mans is living off last months Doritos dust, overexerting his body with mouth breathing, and probably borrowing a small braziere from the foreign lady he trafficked to keep his body in the same time zone.

No. 1571485

Y'all never seen a drug addict before and it shows

No. 1571521

I'll call you a deadbeat, big boi, considering you did all of the above to your previous child who you pretend doesn't exist.

No. 1571524

Going over this for the 1,000th time since the first TND thread. It was a random hookup who claimed it was his, but refused to have a paternity test done. He did all he could but she left to canada and took the kid, ignoring any contact jc tried to make. At that point why would he claim that child as his. Claiming so would be far cringier.

No. 1571553

random hook up? fucking where. even he admits in interviews and, you know, the entire song he wrote about it that they were in a relationship at the time.

No. 1571564

File: 1656154659270.jpeg (736.8 KB, 1125x1959, 89381298-DFCD-4D04-A7CB-81D9C1…)

it wasn’t a random hookup and she’s posted this about him in the past. Also she lives in the PNW (in the US) so if he really cared he would’ve tried, she doesn’t live in Canada. He’s a liar

No. 1571756

Top kek nonna
> Where he slimmed out, his pockets?
Please never leave and also do stand up thank u
>>1571564 nonna, thank you for reposting. Its sick that layna lurks here and will read this. Will she joke about these women with jc? If i was in her shoes, I would dump him now before its too late. Like, hes not hot or smart, a good person or parent, and he reads from his phone live. What does she see in him besides a platform for reactions?
Like lady, please, value your body mind and soul more.

No. 1571910

All of his recent girlfriends have that “but he wouldn’t do that to ME” mentality. Syd and tay both publicly made fun of his exes when they were warned about him but now both of them say he’s an abuser. Layna will be no different. The only way a girl is dating Jonny is if she’s mentally unwell and/or very insecure, this is going to go down like the rest of his relationships, no doubt.

No. 1571971

I have and I know there have been looking for the new thread and it was difficult to find. I think you need to change it to show #15 and not #14 which was the last thread number.
Can you change it at this point??

No. 1571979

File: 1656191677408.jpg (145.68 KB, 720x1214, Screenshot_20220625-171106_Ins…)

For those interested in TND, some nonnies were.

No. 1571980

File: 1656191713142.jpg (170.79 KB, 800x1316, Screenshot_20220625-171113_Ins…)

No. 1571986

That is not how lolcow works newfag. Sage yer shit.

Not only is he deadbeat, he could have killed Storm. Fentanyl in a toddlers blood is nothing to shrug off. Dude is fucking sociopathic to continue to refer to himself as a God with no regrets. He can't own up to his shit, it's all just flexing irrelevant shit.

No. 1572019

Umm Ok nonna I was actually wondering the same.

No. 1572092

Threads are bumped to the top of the catalog with unsaved posts. Thread names and numbering have no effect.

No. 1572292

>No makeup (like ever)
Lmao I love the narc urge to just lie about complete nonsense, for no reason, as if anyone cares or would believe you. Jonny and his groupies of choice all do it and it makes me laugh every time.

Thanks for new thread OP!

No. 1572415

They mean they were searching for number 15 but this one is labeled number 14 again so it was difficult to find. No big deal, just trying to help others find the thread.

No. 1572448

Agree it is the same number as the last

No. 1572626

So taylor's living with a new junkie? I wonder how long til her pets show up on San Antonio craigslist?(Not Taylor’s thread)

No. 1572803

Even without any of his baggage, this post alone is such an enormous red flag.

This guy fried his last neuron a long while ago, there’s no coming back from that. Can’t wait for the next court dates.

No. 1573094

File: 1656286640823.png (3.27 MB, 750x1334, 50E828DD-4288-40C4-9421-D3D234…)


No. 1573101

File: 1656286799584.png (2.76 MB, 750x1334, 55C9704F-736F-45E5-97FE-D78F7E…)

Loool i hope there’s trouble with him and Layna and he’s been a hoe bag.

No. 1573107

File: 1656287081273.jpeg (346.13 KB, 750x876, F775182D-2F24-4ADD-8797-C4B9ED…)


No. 1573112

File: 1656287441847.png (2.16 MB, 750x1334, D19A7B77-F23A-4895-96AA-056EAD…)

Why is she so obsessed with talking about her skin? Is it because she sees us making fun of Jonny’s? Like that’s literally the only one up she has on him or something

No. 1573126

He was talking about a catfish back in April iirc.

No. 1573128

What I don't understand is why he enters relationships with women at all when he knows he is just going to cheat the whole time. Why not save himself the trouble?

No. 1573142

kek. that is also the face I would make if goiters tongue was anywhere near me.

No. 1573144

He’s incapable of being single but also wants to be a gangster womanizer, he wants to be able to fuck a women if the opportunity arises but still have somebody at home to meet his emotional needs. I lowkey love that skid gave him a taste of his own medicine with cheating. Like even ur trashy baby momma chose some nobody band dick over her relationship with the sUpEr TaLeNtEd Jonny craig.

No. 1573149

God he is so lame. It's funny that he doesn't realize doing that makes him appear incredibly insecure. Always needing validation from women or he won't survive

No. 1573226

Ava? Lmfao I knew she was catfishing

No. 1573232

Yeah that whole ava catfish arc

No. 1573259

File: 1656303111232.png (545.14 KB, 750x1334, CE7FE7CF-6AFB-4858-BBED-26C7B1…)

I’m sorry but what has she accomplished that has made her better than anyone?
They way she speaks to people in general proves how shitty she is

No. 1573290

No. 1573292

wooooow she wiped off her eyebrows… she really got us u guiz

No. 1573340

Great, hope she tries less of a Ronald McDonald thing and goes for a younger and softer look. Best if she takes out her stupid piercings but I don’t think she wants to look her best.

No. 1573341

I wonder what she would look like with her natural hair and brows.

No. 1573357

If there is anyone willing to Facetune what she would look like with different brow options that would be very interesting and fun, I’m too stupid so I can’t lol

No. 1573507

File: 1656334460723.jpeg (1.48 MB, 1125x2009, B5C44F81-1E3F-44BA-BB67-4D0D3A…)

No. 1573600

OMG Venus Angelic I love your work!

No. 1573673

She has six holes in her face, it makes sense why she doesn’t wear a lot of foundation. Is that even sanitary? I wouldn’t know

No. 1573811

File: 1656356691922.jpeg (245.12 KB, 1170x600, 6C22E8BD-9A6D-4F80-8AD6-7E7FB5…)

Christ this big boi is so pathetic and sad. DGD announced a tour where Kurt Travis will be featured on some songs since they are having to replace Tilian and of course Jonny just had to comment because he’s so butthurt they didn’t ask him. Let it fuckin go, you fucked it all up and you’re never getting your career back

No. 1573816

File: 1656356963945.jpeg (99.78 KB, 1170x335, 8537C4EF-2D22-4C60-B2C0-DB25E6…)

His response to some poor girl saying that any choice is better than him. I don’t even know what to say

No. 1573820

File: 1656357147384.jpeg (269.24 KB, 1170x799, 7530F54A-5AE3-4417-82D8-BD9EE4…)

All of this in the comment section of Kurt’s post. I’m hoping since it was just posted a min ago Kurt will see it and delete it. And maybe block him or restrict him from commenting because this is not a good look lol how embarrassing.

No. 1573832

Lmfao making a comment about someone's breath = kill shot.

What a fucking lover.

No. 1573840

Classic. Reminds me of when he’d beef people at shows and the rest of DGD would awkwardly avoid it/try to shift the attention away

No. 1573873

File: 1656359594646.png (3.74 MB, 1170x2532, ECE4B43C-FC71-4638-BB95-F45CBF…)

No comment lol

No. 1573879

Didn't she go out to the bar after Jonnys tour, all while saying it's the sickest she's ever been? Dunno why she has to lie about everything.

No. 1573895

File: 1656361784870.jpeg (1.64 MB, 1284x2262, 7FD43693-8955-49B2-ABBE-42B522…)

This dude is such a fucking loser. No normal person posts like this.

No. 1573904

File: 1656362669894.png (Spoiler Image, 1010.34 KB, 750x1334, 0A4D52C5-F569-4171-BFD8-B3CB79…)

Layna if you’re reading this, Jonny sent me nudes

No. 1573912

Yeah that’s when she was lying and saying she had covid the first time when she wasn’t sick and used that as the excuse as to why she couldn’t see Storm for a couple weeks after getting back from the tour and not because she didn’t and still doesn’t have custody

He’s probably talking about being scummy towards Syd in the songs. Ngl hope he does make a whole album bashing her.

No. 1573936

he always starts drama under his comments like that looks good on him. it makes him look like a fucking child and it must be so annoying for dgd.
also I went to look for the comments and I can't kek did Kurt delete them?

No. 1573937

what a fucking piece of shit. awful human. shave the pedo stache too, it makes you look your age

No. 1573954

as if he could remember any DGD lyrics even if they ever did want him back… he can’t even perform his own without a makeshift karaoke machine

No. 1573957

File: 1656365565961.jpeg (381.33 KB, 750x939, 3D15F240-551E-4B57-BF1E-C02795…)

Layna looks taller than most of his gfs which is surprising, I was expecting her to be “smol” like Jonny called her. She got a big head too

No. 1573960

File: 1656365654619.jpeg (443.39 KB, 750x745, D2BAD45D-AD8E-435C-B5EA-46E5C1…)

She looks bad with extensions

No. 1573973

File: 1656366119832.png (11 MB, 1170x2532, 585BDCF0-3649-4AF3-8AFD-A72A79…)

This pic was posted as “sensitive content” for some reason hahahah it makes me want to puke so I guess that’s why

No. 1573975

File: 1656366180187.png (3.1 MB, 1170x2532, 98B344B4-EC7D-43F2-A929-E917B8…)

Same nonnie, this is what I meant by being marked as sensitive content in case anyone didn’t know

No. 1573981

Holy shit she is so far out of his league it’s not even funny. Sweetie please for the love of god find some self worth and get away from this nasty disease ridden gnome.

No. 1574006

Never have I ever seen someone this narcissistic. It’s always about him and how great he is.

No. 1574028

KEK and what he said wasn't even enough to trigger the warning. Even Instagram thinks goiter boy should be censored
Also, what a god awful chest tattoo. I'd be embarrassed to show that off

No. 1574035

File: 1656369665340.jpeg (59.02 KB, 827x390, 8A3D3A13-EB1E-48B7-AFF7-513134…)

I really think the shit with layna is fizzling out. He’s not all over her selfies with lame comments like he was a few weeks ago. Referencing only needing himself and she’s posted more on her Instagram in the past few days than she has in months. Oh and she’s out drinking with a friend. That’s classic ‘make him regret it’ behaviour. And then also this cap. I’m probs wrong but

No. 1574048

I correlated him only needing himself to his comments on Kurts ig photo. Like not needing a band and only needing himself to do music (which is a huge cope for no one wanting to work with him anymore). You could be right though nonna!

No. 1574086

File: 1656372816196.png (1.28 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20220627-163104.png)

Sober af

No. 1574087

File: 1656372882008.jpg (169.19 KB, 750x1334, xwtrb118mW.jpg)


No. 1574106

Pretty much, since it’s literally the only good thing about her.

No. 1574111

This is absolutely disgusting. Even with bitch filters he's still grotesque. He looks like a dumpy wannabe (modern day) Dirt Nasty mixed with some inbred hick who'd wear camo hats named tanner

No. 1574208

Didn’t she get vaccinated and whinged on and on about it “going against her principles” and that she did it all to basically work a garage sale for Jonny three times or something so it was everyone else’s fault?

How the fuck do you get it twice, wash your fucking hands germs aren’t that difficult to figure out they have to enter an orifice somehow. Also people complaining about going out so much and that they got it oN tHe OnE tImE ThEY DiDnT as if that has anything to do with it. Maybe when you went out you didn’t get germs in your holes, that other time you were careless. It’s like she’s saying “she didn’t even doo anything” like a virus is going to be like “you right” and leave. Like shut the fuck up you’re not going to die handle it you germy weenie.

No. 1574210

I still cringe at how obviously fake those teeth are and how often he tries to show them off lol. It’s not a flex that your teeth rotted out of your head and you convinced your ex to fund new ones.

No. 1574216


Is Layna still playing house with him or is she back in Canada??

No. 1574229

She went back last Tuesday I think it was.

No. 1574234

File: 1656382240976.jpeg (195.47 KB, 828x1186, 08E4C8EA-575A-4121-814E-24CC75…)

Loser is on about another so called “W”

No. 1574239


You literally poisoned a baby with fentanyl but go off I guess.

No. 1574256

i used to not really care about JC. knew he was fucked up but didn't "hate" him, and at a point followed along lolcow hoping he'd get better…. but after seeing his unhinged reactions after reading here, i hate this motherfucker. daddy? what a fucking low life. he probably cries after reading here like taylor said. wish he'd just OD already

No. 1574277

Didn’t she post she was leaving her cat for over a month? Wonder why it got cut short.

No. 1574282

He’s just so unlikeable. I wish someone with more ~clout~ would take him down a peg or two.

No. 1574283

File: 1656386555009.png (556.22 KB, 750x1334, 95E29941-9A7F-4EC7-9F1B-DC3092…)

Sydney meltdown coming in 3, 2, 1…

No. 1574284

File: 1656386685713.png (2.08 MB, 750x1334, 789C56CA-598D-4AB8-B7BF-A9E635…)

Honestly, she looks SOOO much better here. She needs to take out the six piercings in her face and grow out her natural brows. She looks kinda cute here.

No. 1574288

“Best tiddie pics imaginable” bitch we’ve seen your selfies wearing your bras from Justice, and they look like A cups at the most. Still bigger than Sydney’s mosquitoes bites, but without a bra Layna’s boobs will obviously look way smaller than what we’ve seen from selfies. I think she’s getting insecure that we shamed her for long ass back that never ends, she has no ass just an asscrack. It’s funny she also tweeted a few days “I will build a booty then I will be UNSTOPPABLE”. Yeah you can build a butt to some extent.. like tone it and lift it but if it’s naturally flat as a board, it’s not gonna get kardashian level fat like she wishes.

Anyways this tweet is screaming insecurities now that she’s not with her man. Layna, you will never take the best tiddie pics imaginable. I see better stuff on IG every single day. Dream big tho, eventually jonny is gonna leave you for someone with a more womanly body. He’s an egomaniac who wants the best, you’re his first rebound after Syd, enjoy it while it lasts.

No. 1574289

Nonnie this post sounds a lot more insecure than her lame tweet.

No. 1574296

I don’t care what nonnies think. I’m just stating facts because I know Layna reads this.

No. 1574298

File: 1656388039773.jpeg (361.17 KB, 1936x1936, A316B2C9-697E-4CDF-9C58-F1E8C1…)

Lmfao part one

No. 1574300

File: 1656388206625.jpeg (549.53 KB, 1936x1936, 51DD0985-FB47-4FD9-B28C-20B2CF…)

Part two

No. 1574301

File: 1656388304592.png (2.54 MB, 1170x2532, F8637567-3524-418D-802F-6957AF…)

…..Why ask people if you don’t care about their opinion? Like am I just biased because I hate Syd or was this a sassy ass response to a person who simply answered the question she asked

(Also for context she was asking if she should shave the side of her head again or not)

No. 1574302

agreed. take notes, Skid

No. 1574303

File: 1656388352260.jpeg (604.04 KB, 1936x1936, 9FD5DC20-3706-4F0E-B6B3-E7AC58…)

And part three. Why did she even ask opinions if she’s gonna answer this way and post pics proving how “good” it looked on her.

No. 1574305

instead of asking the opinions of strangers only to keyboard warrior then back, why don't you fucking go feed your kid, snuggle with him or help him get ready for bed? oh wait that's right… you don't have custody of your kid. fuckin deadbeat

No. 1574307

Thanks for posting all of them! Sorry I posted one before you got a chance to post yours >>1574301
but glad to see I’m not the only one who thought it was rude and nonsensical nonnie lol

No. 1574337

File: 1656392575105.jpeg (929.06 KB, 1170x1619, BCEDE7CE-767C-4C1E-9A3F-3C78F2…)

Barf .

No. 1574352

Girl tf? Her tweet screamed insecurity with no girl friends to check how cringe that was, Jonny is the most insecure person on the planet and only pulls girls with issues but none go as deep as how pathetic his are. Like yes her shit is lame as hell but she got her comic books and bounced early. If she’s feeling herself I hope she goes after some actually grown man who might be able to respect and contribute to her, even if she is average.

This is post roe v wade we really don’t need to be doing that. Sydney just sucks 100x more because she made fun of the women Jonny raped and abused ok, look at how Taylor is doing after pulling the same shit.

No. 1574367

He is so ugly

No. 1574368

Wow she sounds like Sydney lol

No. 1574379

File: 1656399169798.png (3.79 MB, 828x1792, 8A5226B1-B35D-4612-A708-F7E31F…)

Taylor looks so stupid following him when he posts stuff like this.

No. 1574401

She looks fine here.

No. 1574404

I’m assuming you’re being sarcastic because holy shit this is fugly.

No. 1574405

Seriously. She looks like a supermodel compared to Sydney, Big Boi Goiter is punching way above his weight with her (figuratively, not literally, kek)

No. 1574412

So far out of his league based on what, looks alone? Because she’s exactly in his league otherwise. A 25 year old twitch streamer to her whole 100 viewers, what a catch

No. 1574414

Photo shop works wonders!

No. 1574452

File: 1656415553694.jpeg (274.21 KB, 828x1466, 74CC71C9-32B4-4723-B978-1B25FB…)

No. 1574471

Holy kek, this is another level of batshit. If you already have your mind made up don’t ask other people maybe?? She’s sounding just like Taylor and her hair saga in these. What is it with Jonny’s ex gf’s and their obsession with their past hairstyles chill tf out and let your hair heal and grow

No. 1574481

wow she looks beautiful here

No. 1574482

are you insecure about your cow udders nonny

No. 1574553

Yeah I’m very curious why this anon was so triggered over her boob selfie confidence.

No. 1574635

he forgets we have reciepts in Taylor's threads of him punching holes in walls and threatening to flush kittens. but go awff bbp

No. 1574638

There's at least one unshooped picture of Layna in this thread, just scroll up. She doesn't actually look like this.

No. 1574642

Kek she deleted these

No. 1574657

I bet he considers that the result of his drug problems and not who he truly is.

No. 1574673

Of course. Must be why he is not in the slightest bothered that he hurt a small child with his drugs. The arrogance and narcissistic attitude just keeps coming he has not one ounce of conscience.

No. 1574678

File: 1656438455344.jpeg (97.32 KB, 828x280, 23401D91-29E0-40E7-8CD9-7144E8…)

I didn’t realize Canada let 12 year old in at the bar, KEK. Extremely immature layna insert hard eye roll emoji. She may just yet be the most emotional stunted one yet.

No. 1574693

Just the sheer fact that he thinks cheating and gaslighting is not a form of abuse is making me kek… he literally admitted to cheating while dating taylor and gaslight her into thinking he didnt have a choice lol wtf is that logic goiter boy?? Also pushing syd? Smashing a hole in their the drug den apartment during tnd time? Is he fucking retarded?

No. 1574705

He hit on a friend of mine on Insta when he was with T-Dean, the day before dropping out of a Euro tour to do drugs.

Imagine being a toothless goon with single digit IQ, who is completetly unable to be self-aware. Acting like a "gangsta", resulting in unsermountable levels of cringe. Imagine embarassment for the kid having to look back on their dad acting like a tiktok troglodyte. The kid will see all the evil shit his dad did and then see him clowning around online flexing fake designer bags…

No. 1574742

I think it’s unfair to assume someone definitely looks exactly like their worst pictures irl, and their best pictures are shopped. I think this is just a good photo of her.

No. 1574767

Not to mention all of the other things his other ex’s have said. I’m pretty sure Chelsea and Liz also had stories of him being abusing either mentallly, physically or both. I’m sure they aren’t the only ones. And I’m sorry but if multiple women are accusing you of something it’s really ridiculous of you to deny it. I don’t see why all these women would lie.

No. 1574806

why is it so hard for grown men to take accountability for their actions? he probably would gain a bit more respect from people (obviously not on here) if he admitted the fucked up shit he did instead of denying it. hell, it might even earn him some good boy points for other artists he pathetically begs to work with.
but keep denying shit you've done and start fights with their fans in social media comments. it's really helping your case kek

No. 1574820

File: 1656450386442.jpg (69.44 KB, 827x262, A goiter never changes it’s sp…)

Pretty sure most recovery programmes have a whole responsibility/forgiveness bit but he’s too godly for that. Of course all addicts, no matter how fucked up, remember every action they take. It’s nice that Jonny can be sure that during all his years of addiction he was lucid enough to know he didn’t abuse anyone.

No. 1574960

You think that’s on the same level as a man who beats and raped women, has a child endangerment case, and has ruined lives getting people hooked on opiates? Seriously shut the fuck up, she is so random and your misogyny is off the charts saying she deserves him.

No. 1574984

It’s obviously Sydney lmao. There’s always some bulldog screaming at anyone who dares to say anything neutral or positive about Layna. Her mom seems to be in here too, calling those senior pictures pretty, looking very widwest phone operator in the early 2000s with nothing but a GED and every Journey CD in her station wagon and that’s all I’m gonna say.

Besides the fact that the I believe the link between her getting Covid again despite vaccination and her swimming skirt is a strong one. I have zero evidence to prove this except for my own third eye, crying from that elderly swimming skirt.

No. 1574998

I’m a male. And sorry for being harsh I just really fucking hate Layna. We were talking and flirting all of a sudden I’m blocked on IG and I find out from twitter she’s going to visit this POS. She’s no innocent angel like some of you may think. She is not a victim in this. She knows what she got herself into and truly believes she can change him. She constantly needs validation from men and always has a boyfriend because she can’t be alone. So I’m a little butthurt. But I wouldn’t touch her now after she’s been with this asshole cuz I’m not trying to catch an sti. Sorry if I rubbed anyone the wrong way… I can back this up with our text messages too (she thinks she’s slick for blocking me on IG when I still have our texts) but it doesn’t matter cuz it was before she flew out to see him. We weren’t officially dating and it’s not gonna make ol Jonny boy leave her. I cared for this girl a lot but she did me dirty and deceived me. Now I don’t care what happens to her. She’s been warned by our mutual friends and she flat out doesn’t care and told our friends something along the lines of “he mistreated his exes because he didn’t really love him”. “Just because he has a bad reputation doesn’t mean he’s gonna treat me like shit too”. So idk. I need to get over her. I probably won’t post here anymore cuz it’s like watching a car crash in slow motion that you know is gonna happen.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1575002

Kek I wonder if this is Vendetta ex boyfriend poster.

No. 1575004

I agree. She ruined her looks and it’s sad. It’s not too late to take your piercings out Syd. Maybe just keep the double nose rings. And please stop drawing entire eyebrows on your face, let your natural ones grow back and fill it in with a lighter pencil. You can’t pull of the emo alt chola style.

No. 1575005

I don’t believe this story. What 20-something year old male knows about “training bras from justice”. Still think it’s Syd.

No. 1575006

NTA but anyone who disagrees with u is obviously syd right? Layna and syd are both a 5/10, they’re not ugly but without the filters and facetune they’re plain women who u would never notice irl, its hard to find a women attractive when u know she’s whoring herself out to an abuser for comic books. I better shut up tho or else you’ll start screeching about how I’m syd for not echoing back ur exact opinion.

No. 1575018

Everyone knows about justice? I have two sisters. This isn’t Syd, why would she describe her tits as mosquitoes bites. Syd is ugly and looks like a bulldog. I find Layna attractive on the outside but that’s it. I told y’all I have texts. Idc what anyone here believes.

No. 1575019

You’re damn right

No. 1575028

Yeah right, this has to be Athena trying to interject herself for clout again. Be gone, hoe

No. 1575090

I’m not screeching, is this the same incel? Dude no one cares and it was literally in response to that psychotic rant about layna’s body. Your response was “no you”, purposefully misspelling it to fit in. You can’t read and projected your rage, take your two brain cells and go jerk off somewhere.

No. 1575093

Ok this has to be Sydney lmao. The justice thing was obvious, no male or the lesbians here are going to go off about titties lol, you’re desperately implicating either some ex or a woman while using Jonny’s favorite sexist insult, and you repeat the same insults about Sydney because you have no self awareness to insult yourself. That titty rant was 100% from a failed onlyfans wannabe, Sydney.

No. 1575100

Nah dude not buying it. What grown straight male would make fun of a girl he wanted to fuck by comparing her boobs to his actual little sisters’ and specifically where they bought training bras? The fuck? Do you think men talk like that????? Nasty.

You wrote
“he mistreated his exes because he didn’t really love him”
“Just because he has a bad reputation doesn’t mean he’s gonna treat me like shit too”

The first sentence doesn’t have correct nouns in it, “he didn’t really love him”? No. Those are both random statements worded to sound like the vile shit Sydney said.

No. 1575103

I don’t think anyone ever insinuated she’s an innocent angel or a victim. At all. Most of the posts in the threads are making fun of her for being an actual retard for dating a serial abuser and cheater.

No. 1575167


NTA but yes, men are foul and definitely talk like this

No. 1575263

Fair enough but I highly doubt they would bring up the store Justice, which has been closed for a minute now senile sydney, or know what a cup size actually is. If a man was hitting Layna up before, big doubt he would ruin getting nudes from her in the future knowing goiter would fuck it up. The man also wouldn’t suddenly nitpick her body, and talk like the only person that would be bitter goiter flew someone else in. Wasn’t Layna also in a relationship the whole time before and that ex said she broke up with him for goiter??

Most importantly in the second sentence the fictional man apologizes. What man do you know who apologizes, especially on an anonymous place.

No. 1575265

I don't think it's Syd but but the story sounds sketch for sure.

No. 1575274

Even if this is real it's really cringe that you "really cared for this girl" after only flirting and dming a bit. And then you sperg on lolcow about how she deceived you by going with a different guy instead (even if it is Goiter)

No. 1575280

>She’s no innocent angel like some of you may think. She is not a victim in this.
so you know how to sage, but you're not smart enough to realize we've all been saying this the whole time.

kek exactly. I think we may actually be dealing with a scrote since he can read the rules but still wants to bitch that layna wouldn't give him the time of day.

No. 1575295

What a pussy lol. No wonder she wants nothing to do with you.

No. 1575298

Men don’t apologize, and in the initial body nitpicking post they referred to when people made fun of Layna’s “long back/nonexistent ass” as “we made fun of”, fully identifying with a group of women. No one cared when “that person” posted Layna in loose jeans a long time ago, and it was pointed out a lot that not only was there someone always attacking those who didn’t insult Layna, but that Sydney is so obsessed with her own butt that it’s not a coincidence those posts showed up when she was considering onlyfans.

Sydney has also faked text message conversations before, so she’s probably trying to do that now while bringing up all these random people to blame it on. If it was a dude, no shot they would say Sydney “just has mosquito bites”, we have all seen those tragic halter photos and I don’t think she breast fed but I could be wrong.

If it was a dude why would they feel any obligation to explain themselves

No. 1575308

“He’s an egomaniac who wants the best, you’re his first rebound after Syd, enjoy it while it lasts.”

No one besides Sydney would write this lmao. There is literally nothing to “rebound” from, and goiter has never attained a decent person. There is nothing to “enjoy”. No man would be like “ok politely sorry if I came off rough, I suppose enjoy the sexually transmitted infections, your boobs remind me of my two little sisters specifically when they would shop at Justice, johnathan only wants the best and even though he’s big boi blimpin and dumped his dumpster, he will realize the tease of her swim skirt and list for her wOmAnLy body once more. Ps sorry again if I was mean” ????

No. 1575396

>he will realize the tease of her swim skirt and lust for her womanly body once more


No. 1575404

File: 1656504165625.png (14.99 KB, 730x186, fsad.png)

Goiter "re-joins" Emarosa lol. Good luck belting all those old tracks with the zimmer frame and enlarged font on the iPad

Also shut the fuck up about micro-analysing appearances, then arguing. It's fucking room temp IQ, mongoloyd behaviour. It's not milk, it's just arguing over the angle of someones hip. Fucking grow up

No. 1575448

She literally cosigns all of that by being with him dumb cunt

No. 1575509

Are they not aware of his current felony DV charges or do they just not care? Either way if he thinks this is redemption and will save his career he’s retarded. No way he can still hit all those notes.

No. 1575565

will he be reading the lyrics off his phone again? lol

No. 1575571

No he's a God. Upgraded to an ipad mini

No. 1575661

I just don’t believe this will happen. Anyone would be dumb to want to work with him again. I feel like this is just him trying to come up with something since he’s so butthurt about not being asked to sing with DGD like Kurt was

No. 1575799

Co-signing isn’t the same thing as committing those crimes, no one knows what he said to her. Way to prove you’re totally not a misogynist by calling other girls cunts, take a nap for more than a few decades and catch up.

No. 1575868

File: 1656540820445.jpeg (53.35 KB, 750x169, 89C53A76-818A-4389-B18C-D97481…)

Is he visiting her in Canada? I thought she already left. Plus he’s leaving for Houston any day now?

No. 1575869

File: 1656540897468.png (2.51 MB, 750x1334, C58E2D2C-8F29-4675-A1A2-AECD87…)

Woof woof

No. 1575870

Can y’all not scare off the milk like, for once? I wanted to see these texts and the time stamps but that anon probably ain’t coming back now

No. 1575872

Yes we’d love to see the tex messages. I’d like to get a better idea of who layna truly is.

No. 1575876

You sound so idiotic wtf not everyone here is syd. You sure sound like Athena with that nonsense.

No. 1575880

>you’re totally not a misogynist by calling other girls cunts
Lol entitled newfags are fucking insufferable. Literally nobody here cares about your feelings, if the word cunt offends you that much go back to twitter, this is not the site for you.

No. 1575881

No one knows who that is. Those texts don’t exist, and Sydney has tried to fake text messages in the past and got called out. Let it go.

No. 1575884

A, Syd’s ex definitely apologized. And y’all are stupid, that was clearly a typo and meant to say “he didn’t really love them”. Like I don’t believe him fully but I also don’t know for sure if he’s lying. I think he’s been reading the thread where people have been making fun of Layna, hence why he knew how to Sage and brought up justice cuz that was definitely brought up last thread. I’ve definitely had men talk to me like this, or about me, even worse. He’s super insecure and bitter but y’all don’t need to go all feral on him. Who would want to give milk if y’all are just shitting on him. Politely asking for proof to seem more credible could have made this go a lot smoother but oh well.

No. 1575886

Where has Syd faked texts and got called out? That has never been discussed. Lmfao I can’t stand when people make shit up that didn’t even happen.

No. 1575889

And JC isn’t a pussy? She’s better off with JC? Lol shut up you fat junkie. Go see your son that you did not see for Father’s Day.

No. 1575898

File: 1656542477428.jpeg (88.13 KB, 750x342, D443E08D-03B7-47A2-B179-BE7E07…)

Holy shit you guys I forgot I capped this the other day, I thought it was a fever dream. Comments are gone now. Haven’t we seen this troll post cringey stuff before?

Either way, I’m tucking cackling that Syd scammed everyone with that gofundme… I know it was speculated but this here confirms it. What a pos. You total the car of the guy you cheated with, get back with Jonny, promise to pay him back and make a go fund me, and then she probably blocked Sterling. God what a bitch.

No. 1575900

*fucking cackling

No. 1575901

This was liked by the friend she’s been posting so I figured it could easily have meant bf -best friend

No. 1575907

Layna’s ex (which I guess is you?) is a pussy for that ‘woe is me’ schizo post, big brain. Has nothing to with Jonny.

No. 1575925

He is still Sacramento

No. 1575928

Be careful. Y’all keep mentioning Athena’s name on here and you’ll summon her like Candyman. No one wants that again lol

No. 1575942

Who the hell abbreviates best friend as bf? No one I know…

No. 1575986

I think JC was born in Canada but idk if he holds an actual citizenship? Anyone that has a felony will be turned away at the border into Canada, so if he’s found guilty in court and doesn’t have Canadian citizenship he won’t even be allowed into Canada lol. Even travelling here with a pending felony is difficult, plus he already has some charges under his belt, that could be why he hasn’t travelled to see her.

No. 1575994

I’m still curious why she went home early when she said she’d be gone for at least a month.

No. 1575999

May have gotten bored or missed her cat or something. We would probably get more milk if anons didn't scare her away from tweeting about everything by psycho-analyzing and making fun of mundane things like getting strangers to do dares at the bar.

No. 1576008

File: 1656552652378.png (6.4 MB, 1284x2778, E83DBED7-D628-4727-917F-6BDC9A…)

looks like him and layna are done

No. 1576030

thank fuck she was boring as hell

No. 1576037

Im tfing she did more research/someone warned her, she realized how bad he was, left him and that’s why he went on his autistic rant about how he’s definitely not an abuser and is an amazing god >>1574234 >>1574379
It just seemed like a copey temper tantrum.

No. 1576039

What reason do you have for getting so insanely emotional and defensive? Who could be this attached to defending themselves, no one even cares anymore. The typo was pointed out to prove an inconsistency, as well as the many others, but you have an uncreative reason for all of them, and for what? You don’t make any sense and you are screaming at people calling them cunts and making psychotic comments about Layna’s body. It’s disturbing and no one wants to deal with that.

No. 1576040

Why does this Sonya woman cozy up to a rapist/abuser so much? She's right there waiting in her bikini when he gets dumped too. These women are so pathetic.

No. 1576042

I thought he was rich

LMao wait what? It was Sterling’s car she totaled???? How and when??? The one she wanted to “sweep off his goofy feet” and the one who beat up his actual (hopefully now ex) girlfriend? What the fuck

No. 1576047

Oh my god you really need to take a Xanax.

She is posting him as a single friend, can you please read she’s being playful and has no interest in him, he likely asked a pretty friend to co-sign. She made that clear. Why do you loathe women so much, do not answer take it to therapy and log off.

No. 1576049

It’s just as pathetic for Dillion to hang around with Goiter so Sonya is no exception. And pretty? Bitch looks like Sid from ice age. Only busted women would still hangout with this loser.

No. 1576051

File: 1656555774374.jpeg (580.98 KB, 1284x1395, 437A63AE-7608-46DB-A963-179815…)

Has anyone talked about this yet?

No. 1576053

Girl… Being any amount of chummy with this shitty chode tells me all I need to know about someone. Clout addicted and morally bankrupt. But not quite attractive enough to chase better clout kek.

No. 1576070

File: 1656558498523.png (126.16 KB, 750x1334, 570647DB-5A55-46C8-BE2B-1F652C…)


No. 1576077

Chick reeks of clout goblin due to how many stories she posts of him when they’re together and she tags him on every single one, so he can repost them. Comments on all of his instagram posts as well kek.

No. 1576078

No idea who she is and assumed she was drunk at the same party, they are in Sacramento I don’t exactly expect more. Holding women accountable for his shit is only playing his game no matter how you excuse it.

No. 1576081

If you read the threads she’s been hanging out with BBP since him and Syd split up.

No. 1576082

Look i was gonna quote ol gurl here but, this message is for anyone confused: If you are comfortable hanging around a rapist, drug addict, DV abuser, and sack of shit father (when you have a kid if yr own) you are in fact also a huge piece of shit as well.

No. 1576084

Looks like a muppet

No. 1576089

Girl I would be so embarrassed to say Jonny Craig is one of my friends……… Where does he find these lowlifes.

No. 1576115

File: 1656562770885.jpg (407.62 KB, 1078x1362, oops.jpg)

Im sorry but I just had to see what syd could be if she would stop self harming with the brows and shitty peircings(fanart)

No. 1576118

why do people feel compelled to do this and share it

No. 1576123

Sonya is gorgeous and a good mom (don’t fucking come at me, I’m not her, or her friend, stahp it Ron you’re trahmetizin meh). I’m just saying she’s pretty and Syd fucking WISHES, knock it off with her. She’s not on his broken bulb dick. We should be thanking her for advertising that he’s actually single and not keeping up this fake shitshow scenario that he’s with Layna any more.

No. 1576126

Not a good mom if she lets her kid around Jonny Craig

No. 1576130

Also. I think everyone is aware that Syd “could” be pretty. If she didn’t have all the weird black piercings, wasn’t an abusive piece of shit herself, acted right, stopped lying, stopped trolling comments, stopped trolling lolcow ffs, contributed literally anything to society etc… but alas she is who she is, a broken cum dumpster.

No. 1576132

When have you seen her kids around him?

No. 1576136

LOL nobody is a good mom if they hang out goiter. Who cares if she’s “hot” like that cancels out her association with a rapist???Even if she didn’t let him meet her child, which is stupid to assume, why would she hang around a deadbeat dad?? Her having a child only makes her look worse. Which doesn’t take away from what a POS Jonny is btw so don’t even go there

No. 1576149

Annoying to have to take time out of my very busy and important life to explain this to you but how the fuck do you know when they met? How they know each other? That she knows what we say? I’m just saying calm your tits babies, the truth always comes out. Maybe she doesn’t know. Her kids aren’t around him, so scratch that off your list. She’ll find out. But you don’t need to trash her looks, she’s literally the prettiest person he’s ever known and they joke so playfully on stories that if you’re not retarded you can tell they’re just friends. It’s like sibling quarreling most the time, literally so boring. Should she know? Yes. Does she, probably, we don’t have proof though bc she doesn’t interact. Go back to digging through Boring Layna trash WhaT CoUlD ShE MeAn bY sAYiNg BF

No. 1576152

Not like this matters and I feel retarded for even typing this reply but; “prettiest person he has ever known”? This has to be a joke.

No. 1576153

Oh you’re one of the people crying that he’s going to go to prison for life for this too huh kek. Ok go off gurl. Learn the system. He sucks. He sucks deeply. He’s not going to prison for that though. Sad as it is. Chill.

No. 1576157

This post… The state of this thread…

No. 1576178

>Annoying to have to take time out of my very busy and important life
ntayrt, but holy shit kek if you're here arguing semantics, it's obviously not. go take your meds, your mental illness is showing

No. 1576184

Obviously I was being sarcastic, I’m on lolcow when I could be sleeping. I’m not a “god”! And I don’t give a fuck about any of them I just think it’s psycho to jump in Sonya’s ass again. People pulled this shit when they first started hanging out, first it was hate on her for being his (not actual) girlfriend then it was dropped with the Layna appearance, now it’s back on her. Who fuckin cares. I’m not saying she’s a wonderful person, who knows. But she seems to keep her kids away from the dick. Maybe step off and look for the actual milk here bc this ain’t it.

No. 1576195

Uh yeah sorry my morals aren’t dictated around weather my child is around or
Not LMAO. Yeah like some ppl don’t drink or smoke in front of their kids, however hanging around a RAPIST when ur kid isn’t around doesn’t make you any better than if you did let him see your child

No. 1576202

Right like the guy almost killed his baby with fentanyl. She’s a grown ass woman in her 30’s (embarrassing), let’s not pretend she’s blissfully unaware of her good friend Jonny’s situation.

No. 1576215

Was he convicted? Just curious.

No. 1576218

Kek but why did you have to share this weird fan art here? Some people should never use Meitu.

If you’re a parent, you don’t associate with rapists; even if they’re just accused but not convicted. It’s pretty simple. Why risk the potential harm it could bring to you or your kids? You can still harm your kids indirectly just from the association to the accused. It’s not rocket science.

No. 1576235

Look I’m fairly new here but if i see anyone sticking up for heroin Zaddy or ppl who associate with him, they are a piece of shit Period. Either that or they are friends of his or themselves pretending to be their own defenders. There’s rarely proof of SA considering the only two witnesses are usually the victim and the perpetrator. Keep asking dumb questions tho…

No. 1576260

Are DGD fans attacking her

No. 1576263

There’s a severe lack of milk and it’s really showing. Can we stop ripping into everyone he hangs around with and wait for something with some actual fucking substance? Ta

No. 1576266

File: 1656570464935.jpeg (177.06 KB, 828x1234, 1119F347-538A-422F-8BF7-0C9C2A…)

Interesting what might have happened in the last couple days, both he and layna still follow one another. He was pulling out his line he says to all of his exes on her post about being “a lucky dude”.

No. 1576270

Learn to delete or say it right the first time. Next.

No. 1576271

I actually posted if people wanted to Facetune different choices on her so please stop coming after this person I’m sorry lol. When the thread was dead I really thought it would be interesting to see someone do different makeup and specifically eyebrows, etc, it’s fun and this person did a thankless favor to Sydney. Sydney literally has no eyebrows and will never purchase a flattering color, and after her trolling pretending to be someone who talked to Layna when her actual ex already came here, just to nitpick her body and scream at everyone, she doesn’t deserve it.

It’s charity but her personality, heart, and soul is so mother fucking rotten it’s not worth it. Sorry anon

No. 1576280

Probably got a grip and dumped his manlet ass.

No. 1576285

Very busy and important life made reading these posts worth it holy shit that’s so funny. This thread reads like a methadone clinic. Are all ladies from Sacramento like this and can they stop

No. 1576287

File: 1656572541083.jpeg (173.53 KB, 365x607, 8278399B-5253-47D9-9FA7-53B401…)

Yet again the ladies that hangout with goiter abuse filters and are extremely busted when not the one in control of the camera. (And before anyone spergs, she’s wearing his jacket in this photo so he’s obviously rebounding with the mom)

No. 1576291

He is seriously a magnet for women that look like men. Kek. Maybe Syd was right and he really is a closet fag.

No. 1576296

Layna looks MtF but started hormone therapy before puberty, this lady looks MtF but she started an unfortunate amount of time after puberty.

No. 1576303

How do we go from this
to this >>1576008

Wonder what happened?

No. 1576308

not the botched lip filler

No. 1576321

File: 1656576086233.jpeg (944.28 KB, 1125x2083, 0F0ABF6C-C7BA-42D5-8598-C8328C…)

No. 1576323

File: 1656576107717.jpeg (795.41 KB, 1125x1928, 52AAF668-9883-49AF-923A-3A48C4…)

No. 1576325

File: 1656576158078.jpeg (515.94 KB, 1125x1947, 8745E6C5-F6AA-47B6-B51A-D9B3AF…)

No. 1576345

I know right, that was quick. Good for her though, honestly.
How old is this woman, 50? And being a massive pickme openly playing wingman for a bloated junkie rapist, what a great person she must be

No. 1576361

This was discussed before. Is there a reason why you’re bringing it up again?

No. 1576364

We’ve already seen these, and when shared before the person was respectful enough to cover her name, since she’s not involved in any of the milk and doesn’t deserve or need to be broadcast on here

No. 1576369

Why the fuck are you posting this? I don’t recall all of his guy friends being posted on here and ripped apart over and over. Either there’s a lot of women haters on this thread, or it’s just Syd posting her venom since she doesn’t do it on her stories anymore. No one cares about this girl, stop posting her.

No. 1576391

Yes his butt buddies most definitely do get posted and ripped apart on here. Just not every single thread because that would be boring. Sonya is just as cringe as every other lowlife that spends time with that POS

No. 1576394

When this girl, goiter, and his roommate travelled for her birthday a few months ago people in the threads said his male roommate looks like his down syndrome little brother. so I think anons are allowed to say she looks like his down syndrome aunt. It’s just par for the course.

No. 1576402

They get posted, but not to the extent of hunting down candid photos of them to criticise minute details and declare them terrible parents with zero evidence

No. 1576416

Hunting down? That candid was just posted on bbp’s story.

No. 1576419

Ok apologies for that then, but the rest of my comment still stands.

In other news, do we think there’s anything to this?

No. 1576422

Nonnie thank you for this image I keep cracking up at it. Not even at Syd but at you for making it.

No. 1576424

She could be pretty but these women keep ruining their faces by injecting their top lip way more than their bottom, and then sneaking filler into their cheeks. They begin looking inhuman.

No. 1576460

File: 1656592170452.jpg (125.43 KB, 1170x1661, bark.jpg)


No. 1576497

File: 1656595473133.jpeg (550.74 KB, 1284x1475, AE8C9868-8D74-419A-9286-22F1B8…)

uh oh lmao

No. 1576507

I think the answer here is obvious, but I’m feeling autistic so let’s break it down.

BBP had a girlfriend not even two days ago, and is now out with another woman.
Men? They’re scum, and the ones who hangout with JC are 99.9% likely to be cookers who want to suck what microscopic amount of clout he has left out - so why would they care about his horrific acts?
There’s not much to say there.

Of course anonymous people are going to crow about another woman hanging with a sexually/physically abusive deadbeat drug addict.
Because why would you do that?

No. 1576510

>BBP had a girlfriend not even two days ago, and is now out with another woman.
Anon they are so clearly friends I am genuinely worried about your experience with social cues and being outside.

No. 1576513

File: 1656597283088.jpeg (910.58 KB, 4095x2730, D64FE763-FA43-4DD8-A72A-DBA255…)

had to after seeing that jumpscare

No. 1576522

Anon they were talking about Layna being his GF. Doth project too much?

No. 1576523

Some nonnies think Layna is ugly, but think legohead over here >>1574284 looks "beautiful". If anything, at least she lost some weight since then so her gigantic block head looks slightly less… solid.

Kek, this man collects dark haired alt girls with bangs like Pokémon cards. I hope his next victim is a psychotic BPD bunny boiler like Skid. This arc was boring.

Fuck me, she really does look like a fugly tranny.

No. 1576538

File: 1656599561141.jpeg (1.08 MB, 1170x1909, 9FBF7706-5BE3-499E-B7A1-B8B384…)

He missed Syd’s womanly body so much he searched for it in sinya!

No. 1576543

Can you misogynistic pieces of shit lay off? She's had literal children. Some of you really need to learn when shit flinging is deserved and when it's not.

No. 1576565

No. 1576580

Umm why would you assume “womanly body” is shot slinging??? When I read that I didn’t take it that way. Get a grip.

No. 1576581

Goiter’s lumpy/long backed women deserve it for essentially spitting in the faces of the women he traumatized and abused.

No. 1576591

Uh, why are anons getting so rabidly defensive over Sonya's ugly ass? Syd has also had children and the ratio of roasts to defensive comments over Syd's body aren't even close to how many replies defending Sonya there have been already. I personally think any woman who enthusiastically associates with that bloated corpse is fair game.

No. 1576602

No anon, Sonya is just a tiny widdle 37 year old with no clue in the world of the allegations and piles of shit Jonny has done! You could not possibly expect her to know basic easy to access information about the people she spends a ton of time with and posts about!

No. 1576608

KEK is that really his jacket? She looks so geeked about it too. Fucking cringe.

I think this isn't really milky because over many years of shows he's probably wracked up hundreds of stories like this. Sad.

No. 1576611

right? shapely women are a lot more appealing than layna who looks like a little boy.

No. 1576613

Whoops, tagged the wrong post >>1576051

No. 1576632

I think over-analyzing these women's looks is due to a severe lack of milk and boredom in the thread but I'm going to contribute anyway. Mostly because it's funny how busted Goiter's hoes are.

Shapely women? Girl her mid-section is bigger than her ass and boobs.

No. 1576684


cringe. shut the fuck up.

Back to milk and funny shit plz.

No. 1576692

File: 1656609082695.jpg (204.5 KB, 1100x688, 15g3hd-4203936668.jpg)

No. 1576701

we need a separate post for the morons to argue on

No. 1576714

Probably the same 2-3 sensitive retards projecting their own insecurities onto the rest of us just here to farm.

No. 1576734

Fr sounding like ugly moids

No. 1576768

The anons itt can be so funny but I always forgot how they loose their absolute shit when the milk dries up. This women is morally bankrupt but she’s not half as ugly as you guys are making her out to be, you sound like 14 year brain dead old boys.

No. 1576773

I urge some of you to check out /ot/

No. 1576812

hooolly shiiit. i knew JC had a daughter but never knew who bm was… and i just lurked her IG…. looks exactly like JC. there's not denying. mom is native american, daughter has RED hair and colored eyes… jesus christ

No. 1576816

good for her for severing the ties to JC. she was young and dumb but now she's mom of the century for that power move. syd should take notes.

No. 1576836

that little girl is ADORABLE. this makes me hate jonny even more. i find it hilarious though how skid thinks she sooo spesshhulll that she has a kid with jonny. u weren't the first, and u won't be the last skid

No. 1576859

NTA, the daughter looks more like mom than JC. Dark hair and eyes. The red haired, light eyed person in a lot of her IG photos is her cousin. Snoop harder kek

No. 1576860

File: 1656615603380.png (854.27 KB, 750x1334, 1E49D3E2-0FD2-4993-ADF2-E1EFEC…)

Probably hoping they get back together since he’s single now.

No. 1576883

Wow, his first bm is absolutely beautiful. The best looking girl he’s been with. And her husband is extremely handsome. Good for her.

No. 1576886

Like make up your mind syd. Is he a manipulative abuser? Or is he the one who got away? I don’t know how she gets through the day just constantly contradicting herself every five seconds, must be stressful

No. 1576887

Yeah it really makes me happy to know how the trajectory of baby momma and daughters lives went after they separated themselves from him. Everything he touches turns to shit and I’m glad they got away before that could happen to them in one way or another

No. 1576897

For everyone shitting on Sinya’s looks, I would love to see what you all look like. And yeah it’s shitty he’s hanging with her but the dating tinfoil is fucking annoying. You’re sending a message that a female can’t be friends with a male without them being involved romantically. Anytime Jonny posts a picture or a girl or with one everyone is automatically screeching that’s his new girlfriend. Is was appropriate for Layna because we immediately found out they were dating. As Syd would say, that’s small brain nonsense.

I don’t think it’s fair to drag someone who hasn’t been confirmed dating JC, and once y’all find out they’re not dating (bc they’re fucking not) y’all are going to look really stupid.

I couldn’t care less if this comment rubs anyone the wrong way. I know it’s going to catch some heat, hopefully someone in here agrees with me… I’m on your side and here for REAL milk but I’m not responding to any replies. You all are acting insane and I don’t argue with mentally ill anons.

No. 1576904

Thank you, I posted the above comment, at least someone in here has a brain. It’s obvious they’re not dating. All of the comments are just straight up bullying at this point. Yes I know this is lolcow and this is what we do. I thought we were here to make fun of actual cows but some people just enjoy making fun of anyone or everyone.

No. 1576909

Looks a THOUSAND times better here

No. 1576930

“sHe’S wEaRiNg HiS jAcKeT hE iS oBvIoUsLy ReBoUnDiNg”

Wow. Just wow. Some of you clearly never leave the house and have no social cues if this is the logic. I wear friends jackets all the time if it’s cold and I didn’t bring one. Lol i’m gonna avoid this thread for a few days until people stop acting retarded. This is not even skim milk.

No. 1576966

my god this woman is really martyring herself for shitting out a degenerates baby.
you could’ve just had an abortion. she’s just as pathetic and narcissistic as all his other exes

No. 1576977

File: 1656619903653.jpeg (1.96 MB, 1242x2107, EBEFC745-A8B2-4765-B446-AD1944…)

>absolutely beautiful

her icon is shooped. she is obese, has a massive FUPA, tattooed a fucking beard onto her face and is part of some kind of cult. she is no more mentally put together than any of his other exes.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1576986

She's indigenous you fuckwad, it's not a cult. Have you been sitting on anachan twitter for too long? some of you need to visit the deathfats thread and learn what obese really looks like

Also. Can we not discuss the first baby mama here? She's cut her ties to JC and isn't a cow. Anything positive said is going to attract someone to nitpick her looks to hell

No. 1577013

She is beautiful and so is the family she’s created. What a weird nitpick. Maybe question why you’re being a freak and tearing her apart. She has nothing to do with JC for good reason.

No. 1577018

You should really think before posting stupid petty shit like this or you’ll be accused of being syd. Because let’s be let’s be real, that was some real syd-like shit to say. First of all, you chose probably the only bad picture of her, so that’s not much proof. And everything else you said is really just grasping for straws. Most importantly, OG BM is living her best life and has done nothing wrong so please stop bringing her into this mess she made a point to run far away from. Spare her also from the anons like the one I responded to, who repeatedly project their insecurities like they seem to do with all other women posted in this thread.

No. 1577020

This thread is why you don’t associate with people like Goiter when you have kids. Some of you are unhinged kek

I miss the days of Syd making canned soup for BBP and taking his photo; looking like a kidnapping victim while pretending to be one big happy family.

No. 1577023

>I lost my meds
Less words next time please

No. 1577029

no one cares. stop

No. 1577071

Ok, so after being warned by everyone and their cousin's cat about Jonny, it still took her multiple trips to Sacramento to finally understand how much of a mongoloid he is? Was this not obvious from the get go?

This is why Jonny will always have options, because some people are too stupid to accept hard facts.

No. 1577080

Oh hey, my prediction re: Layna was right. I talk some shit but this thread has devolved in the last 24 hours.

There’s some agenda here re the ex bm and this new friend, the reaches are reminiscent of the kind of shit Sid jumped to back in the day. Take from that what you will.

Also kudos to this Sonya, way to friend zone Jonny and let him and everyone else know you’re not interested in his goiters now hes single.

No. 1577081

The turtleneck was top notch. The things that man dealt with just so he had a cover life to replace his body content with fentanyl constantly. He really deserves it. Sydney’s cooking was that of very thinly repressed rage and psychosis, absolutely mad. I miss the proposals that she jiu jitsued him into, the beach photos with eyebrows always showing exactly how insane she is.

As far as Sydney’s posts maybe we should just ignore them. It’s either her or some dude being dumb as hell. We only insulted Sydney because she ripped apart every single female human who so much as followed him or commented, before that it was pretty lame to go after how the women around him looked. It never mattered until Sydney began her hostage takeover. She is short but she is stout with hatred.

No. 1577095

File: 1656628696873.png (1.2 MB, 1284x2778, 72FC6922-E95E-40E4-AAA4-8F60E3…)

Using astrology to explain why you’re such a narcissist and can’t shut the fuck up about how perfect your skin is (with IG filters)

No. 1577103

Shit like this should just be deleted jfc

No. 1577107

But bullying the middle aged mom insisting on being a good friend of a rapist/abusive piece of shit? Carry on.

No. 1577109

I would kms if I was this miserable of a person. You took time out of your day to go and lurk a random womens social media so you could screenshot the worst pic she posted and call her ugly? Some of you are absolutely feral.

No. 1577114

Seriously and she was only associated with jc before even Amanda/Liz/Chelsea… Leave this poor woman alone.

No. 1577116

File: 1656631125116.jpeg (630.17 KB, 1170x1150, CA0322EC-5687-4A84-86BA-063D11…)

Sonya really looks like a dude, especially around her more feminine friends. She resembles handsome squidward

No. 1577121

KEK. But stop

No. 1577135

This is absolutely the most retarded thing I’ve ever read on this site. Embarrassing.

No. 1577139

Cope harder, syd.

No. 1577151

Not Syd it's just hilarious how much manly women with bad hair love being around JC. Syd included.

No. 1577172

The girl really doesn’t look anything like him. She doesn’t have red hair or colored eyes she looks like Her mom.

No. 1577206

She looks like she's wearing a baloney mask here.

No. 1577209

why does everyone think this native woman is connected to jonny? he had a girl with a chick named larkin brown back then I don’t think this is her

No. 1577212

Larkin's the Canadian baby mom?

No. 1577213

This is such a weak argument. I don’t need to be a chef to critique food and this extends to other aspects of life.
I think so as well, specially because she did these very public posts for a little bit over a decade. Some anonas will say “tHeY aRe FoR hEr DaUgHtEr” and while true, they were mostly for the audience of Jonny’s onlookers. For me it’s weird to need this validation of “a job well done” from strangers.

No. 1577215

no jonny and larkin were together in 2010. he released children of divorce in 2009 which was about his kid. ayrt is talking out their ass

No. 1577216

> talking out their ass
Unsaged, too. Watch this derail the thread for a bit.

No. 1577222

>Watch this derail the thread for a bit.
lmao? derail what exactly? the thread is just infighting about the attractiveness of random women. you can’t break something that’s already fucking broken KEK.

No. 1577228

File: 1656640826995.png (1.34 MB, 1284x2778, 465AD543-56E5-469E-BB1E-F0CC8F…)

Oh no he’s on tiktok now

No. 1577244

I’m surprised SkidSoNarcissistic hasn’t made a tiktok tbh. A platform where she can post endless videos of herself trying to be the edgiest cool punk rock babymama whilst throwing in subliminals about the super famous band babydaddy she’s obsessed with linking herself to, seems her ideal circus ground

No. 1577256

when you lurk through native american chicks instagram there's a photo of her and the daughter after she was born dated january of 2009 so this is on par with that timeline

No. 1577257

not gonna post cause it's a child and i don't want to further drag OG bm into this, just wanted to second this comment

No. 1577261

this sound like sydney… get the fuck over yourself you wannabe chola sharpie white trash idiot. how does it feel not having custody of your baby and knowing the only bit of clout you're ever gonna get is via an anon imageboard?

anon musta triggered her when they said she wasn't special nor the first baby mama KEK

No. 1577266

to be fair on first bm's part, in her defense if she dated jonny 2008 era, jonny was 22, so who knows how she was. this was pre amanda, chelsea, liz, taylor and syd. she obviously didn't have anyone warning her at the time and was most likely just young and dumb. to the anon saying she shoulda have aborted or whatever, you're unhinged and seriously sound like sydney or no better for your deranged comment

No. 1577300

insane that this even needs to be stated.

No. 1577305

File: 1656644846116.jpeg (612.62 KB, 750x842, 6C0044DF-544A-453F-A5CB-271BA1…)

Y’all this picture is super recent, was taken while they were touring together and look at the pupil size comparison. I’ve been on the same medicine Jonny is taking before and you can’t get high for 30 days (can’t even feel it, I’ve tried) and your body can only get high again if you miss your monthly dose of the Vivitrol shot. Is he not on it anymore? I just have no other logical explanation for why his pupils are pinned.

No. 1577307

I bet goiter gave her a nasty case of STDs and
That’s why she has been so ill hence wanting to kick that hep c laden retard to the curb.

No. 1577308

Who’s the best looking girl he’s been with, then? Because y’all love to shit on everyone. Are y’all on your periods or like Syd who hates women. Or IS this Syd? This comment was so unnecessary

No. 1577311

What does your icon look like then, you absolute cunt? What do you look like unshopped? She looks fine here, leave her alone. Her recent pictures are beautiful

No. 1577313

Also, that’s not a Fupa she has something in her pocket you hating ass bitch.

No. 1577315

easily Liz

No. 1577319

Tie between Liz and Lindsey imo

No. 1577320

Everyone just needs to shut the fuck up about the first bm and Sonya. Like that’s it. Okay she’s friends with him, you don’t know what kind of person she is though? Not everyone of Jonny’s friends is a shitty person. He can be very manipulative, or they are just kind hearted people who doesn’t judge someone for their past. Obviously some friends of us are probably shitty are but you don’t know these people or how they treat other people. Sonya doesn’t sperg and harass on their stories every day. I’m not wking but he needs good company right now, to keep him busy when he’s not making music. It does wonders for addicts. Regardless of what he’s done in the past, I’m maybe the only one who wants to see him stay sober. Wishing someone would stay in their addiction to inevitably die is pretty shitty. In b4 all the groupie comments, I am just an ex addict myself so I don’t like seeing others in that position.(infighting)

No. 1577321

I agree lol they are both thriving too, I love that for them

No. 1577324

I don't think he's actually on vivitrol because he's still using kratom. Maybe I'm wrong, but shouldn't the vivitrol also block the effects of the kratom?

No. 1577330

File: 1656646062609.jpeg (194 KB, 750x638, EDE53A60-6F22-49D1-88DB-518AAE…)

Looks like opiates aren’t in the ingredients. So I’m guessing it wouldn’t block opiates.

No. 1577331

Sonya is a grown woman approaching her 40's with a child of her own, there is no way so doesn't know about what a shit person Jonny is. She's just as much of a loser as his other retarded friends.

The first BM however? An angel that this thread should leave alone.

No. 1577333

File: 1656646241479.jpeg (155.71 KB, 750x454, 392F7408-0F6A-4C72-8266-A2834B…)

Looks like Jonny is breadcrumbing this sobriety. Meaning he’s not using opiates, but using a sythentic form. To feel like he’s on opiates. But if there’s no opioids in the ingredients, why are his pupils small? Makes me wonder if he used while on tour and does Kratom at home….

No. 1577334

Maybe he actually did relapse. The charges not being dropped(kek) + The scammy twitch fundraising + Hes been shaving lately + Layna and him ending abruptly. Is really going on tour soon?

No. 1577335

I didn’t say she didn’t know about his past, i I’m saying she’s not judging him for it. Probably trying to lift him up because shaming addicts only makes getting sober harder.

No. 1577338

I don’t think he has a tour coming up but he’s going to Houston to record music.

No. 1577341

We aren't here to baby a middle-aged clout demon pickme. Who in their right mind would spend their free time with an abusive manchild cringe-lord, and parade him around on their Instagram stories? Weird people who don't have very good friends to keep them in check.
I'm all for rehabilitation but he doesn't do the first step and admit what a piece of shit he's been to the women in his life. Any self-respecting woman would either keep that friendship on the down low or not have it at all.

No. 1577342

She can do better honestly. I think she was naive and manipulated, love-bombed and I hope she stays away for her own sake. A newly sober 36 year old father with an almost two year old and an evil rabid baby mama is a lot of baggage on a 25 year old whose in university. I think she just realized she took on more than she thought, and it wasn’t the rockstar lifestyle she envisioned.

No. 1577347

What’s wrong with sharing good times on her ig stories?? Everyone does that, it’s like Snapchat? Her age has nothing to do with her posting pics of her happy and having a good time. We don’t even know how old she is btw. fillers can age you, but her age doesn’t matter. I haven’t seen her bring Jonny around her kids once, the kids are obviously spending time with other family members. Like you’re gonna shame someone for posting having a good time? Who cares if Jonny is there, she’s hanging out with other people too lol.

And by the way, he has apologized. To Taylor. It takes time. He did a public apology to Chelsea and her family. Everyone in recovery makes their amends on their own time.

No. 1577350

Your dumbass can’t read cuz she said the post about BM #1 should be deleted, not a Sonya post.

Lol you really thought you did something there

No. 1577352

You are wking this chick too much to not be her.

No. 1577355

No. 1577357

Kratom still pins out pupils. It acts very similarly to opiates and can make people nod off with high doses. Less dangerous but he's 100% abusing it if he's using it at all, there's no way Jonny has the self control to do otherwise.

No. 1577358

Actually the majority agree with me, so you look real dumb now lol

No. 1577363

The state of this thread. We are now discussing if hanging out with a known rapist/woman beater/CHILD ABUSER, makes you probably a shitty person or not. Kek. Do you think if he was some random nobody she'd jeopardize her entire reputation to be nice to him? Maybe the couple extra hundred Instagram followers really is worth it to these weird bitches.

No. 1577364

I’m just trying to say that this is what happens when there’s no milk. People make fun of any female posted in this thread regardless of who it is and I’d love to see what everyone of you look like.
People who deserve to get shitted on in here are the actual cows and the terrible people.
The fact that so many of you are saying Sonya’s is a piece of shit “no matter what”, sounds like growing up y’all were the type to just hate on a female cuz your friends do or everyone else does. Some weak ass shit. Follower mentality.
So much unnecessary misogynist things get said in this thread and 90% of us are women. That’s sad. Learn to love yourselves. Or don't, and keep clogging up with the thread with the Sonya discussion (yawn). Y’all act feral when there’s no milk.

No. 1577365

It is so distressing to post something like this. Is grabbing Goiter by the face not a cry for help to her friends?

No. 1577366

I wouldn’t even know what to call the next thread that I’m about to start working on cuz y’all keep spamming it with this Sonya chick. No this isn’t her you fucktards. Y’all just look absolutely insane right now. Leave room for the real milk and go do something productive.

No. 1577367

So does anyone else care that Jonny probably relapsed lol. I really didn’t see it coming

No. 1577369

He didn't "probably relapse". Their pupil difference could be easily explained with his friend having done some drug that makes his pupils bigger. Jonny's don't seem pinned. No one cares.

No. 1577371

You really do sound new here. Any female that associates with Jonny probably hates herself or other women. Why would Sonya get the pass? Because she has enough years on her to be crafty enough to avoid having to actually suck his broken/infested dick for the clout?

No. 1577378

I never have this urge, but I'm trying so hard to not hi cow

No. 1577400

ok unhinged anon. that’s probably the only bad pic she has on her insta. you can find actual candids/unshooped selfies on her acct and tagged pics and she’s gorgeous. she’s prob just secure enough with herself to not care about posting unflattering pics, and obviously doesn’t need to use insta to post thirst traps for validation. which is a lot more than can be said about syd or the others.

No. 1577404

Glad this person was banned. Shame on you.

No. 1577409

Which one of you was compelled to edit Syd into a 9 year old girl. I can't

No. 1577411

hi taylor(hi cow)

No. 1577414

KEK im ded. she's still ugly to me because her personality is so vile

No. 1577419

I actually agree with this and wish people had this energy with Layna as well. I know we are used to Syd being a fucking psycho but none of these new girls have done a single thing wrong in my eyes.

No. 1577425

File: 1656652501453.jpeg (631.09 KB, 940x1625, 8B3BA409-F6D9-40DA-9595-31AD36…)

posted 20 hrs ago under TND's last tweet (1/4)

No. 1577426

File: 1656652524446.jpeg (446.31 KB, 928x1064, 209CBFCC-23EF-4A04-9294-F0D697…)


No. 1577427

File: 1656652576639.jpeg (94.43 KB, 720x1369, 653A5D6B-032D-42A3-BD14-9AA35D…)

screen caps (3/4)

No. 1577428

File: 1656652626822.jpeg (98.63 KB, 720x1359, 83891804-9872-476B-8A9F-D2C7A1…)


No. 1577432

i don't even know what to say anymore about taylor… girl what the fuck. we know jonny's terrible but she straight up ruined her own life by her own accord. just don't understand

No. 1577434

That’s honestly so sad. Jonny started this and she just keeps falling further down. The world is a cruel place so of course his disgusting self will keep on living and she’s going to be the one who ends up dead in a shed.

No. 1577440

not wking the pos but taylor may i remind you taylor was warned by multiple women and an entire scene and she not only ignored and pranced around like a cocky little cunt but she also accused the women of lying and put them on blast to her massive amounts of followers (at the time) in attempt to have fans lash out and discredit them. she did it to herself. what i don't get is how mama dean enables her to the point she's "zooming away" with this obvious methhead in her own house, around her disabled son and around animals

No. 1577443

this is a major exaggeration of what happened when Taylor was warned.

No. 1577464

Honestly its probably Dillon in here constantly wk he’s up Sonja’s ass too and he’s willing to do more than suck jonny off, be his chauffeur and other half of the rent, and basically just his bitch

No. 1577486

File: 1656658248834.jpeg (1.09 MB, 828x1473, C040D5C2-4446-4470-9DF1-1070FF…)

If she had her kid she would post about him like she does her cats

No. 1577503

Wait this is the same bitch that cleaned his house too. Kind of pathetic to be doting on a loser this much and wanting his approval.

No. 1577520

Surprise surprise

No. 1577590

Unpopular opinion and not trying to wk but honestly I think the whole thing with hating every girl Jonny comes into contact with is just weird. I don't think Ava catfished him, I don't think Layna was a clout chasing demon, I don't think Sonya is some shitty fat mom with bad morals, I don't even think Taylor deserves any of what is happening to her, his first baby mama def does not deserve to be brought up in here. What I really DO THINK, is Jonny is extremely manipulative, regardless of fame. I think he is very predatory. He really does ruin anything he touches, and I think a lot of these girls have their heartstrings tugged and want to help him because of some story he gives them. Then when they start seeing who he really is and they leave, he starts ruining them even more because he thinks he's so amazing and above it. I think our loathing should be focused on him and not every single woman he comes into contact with like they're all villains. Hi cow me or whatever I don't care, just saying to focus on the major problem in every single case.

No. 1577598

I actually said kudos to Sonya before but now I’ve thought about it, it is fucked up to vouch for a known abuser to your friends/following. You can be a pal to someone without potentially putting women at risk by suggesting they date a guy who has literally been charged with DV in the last 12 months, chats shit about women and how they look and is in recovery (so shouldn’t really be focused on relationships)

No. 1577607

She seemed like a huge pick me with that wingman post.

No. 1577618

What’s weird to me is that he almost immediately deleted that after reposting it. It made me wonder if he’s actually two timing them or something. I thought that was fishy. A couple days ago he commented on her photo saying he’s a lucky guy?

No. 1577624

Hating every girl that is around Jonny gives this overwhelming aura of One Direction fan that passionately hates the girlfriend of their favourite member. It honestly feels like this thread is a 50/50 split of Jonny haters and fans sometimes. Especially the nitpicking of the girls looks. Like when Layna posted that she was drinking around Jonny and people dragged her for being unsupportive… Felt like fan behaviour.

No. 1577630

File: 1656679514124.jpeg (42.29 KB, 863x1600, signal-2022-07-01-134046.jpeg)

Whilst all you fat fucks analyse peoples bodys on a microscopic level…

"ask yourself why you even give a fuck?"
Goiter, you seem to put ALOT of effort and time into appearing like you don't give a fuck. Ironically you end up just lookling like a sensitive, reactionary, pussy.

Anyone above a room temperature IQ knows people who scream "I'M THIS" constatly, usually are the complete opposite.

No. 1577704

If Layna and Jonny really split I’ve got a strong feeling that maybe she’s just a normal girl. She thought and believed that he changed and maybe he did some wicked Jonny shit so she run away. Like TND multiple times wanted but couldn’t because, well, she’s not normal.
It’s just a tinfoil. I honestly don’t think they broke up.

No. 1577727

This is so sad, wow. Hopefully this is TNDs rock bottom but knowing her she's gonna OD in the street somewhere. I'm sure in some sick way, it's relieving. She can be her addict self freely instead of tip toeing around her family & getting online to lie about it.

No. 1577812

Anyone who says whatever to rape and a plethora of past abuse towards women is weird. That makes you a shitty person by association. No ones jealous of these loser women.

No. 1577821

Why would you think they didn’t break up? Sonya literally posted “here’s my single friend”.

No. 1577835

Cause they may be just messin with us. Or jokin

No. 1577863

Taking things way too literally. Came across to me as just messing around.

No. 1577867

That's a little weird of them if so. I think they broke up.

No. 1577893

They are like super weird so everything is possible

No. 1577929

File: 1656703036132.png (2.09 MB, 828x1792, 0B9DFF62-43B3-4806-9AAF-44A169…)

Lol they ain’t broke up

No. 1577939

That doesn't really mean anything. Maybe they're on good terms.

No. 1577946

The fuck? Either Goiter is lying to Sonya about being single or that was really cringey of her to post out of nowhere.

No. 1577989

This doesn’t prove anything, she still flew home super early. Anons speculate she dumped him so he’s probably just gunna continue talking to her until he’s positive he can’t get her back or until he finds her replacement. In the last couple days he’s been following a lot of girls on ig, that’s what he does when he’s single.

No. 1577999

this guy is so manipulative. I'd bet anything he wriggles his way back in. especially since, no offence to layna, but she seems really naive and gullible.

No. 1578012


‘Followed loads of girls over the past few days’

He’s followed one since yesterday and 3 overall in the past few days- one of them is a tattooer.

I always look at the follows to see who he is creeping and he’s not upped the following at all

No. 1578076

This is very weird behaviour to keep track of every new woman he follows and when he followed them

No. 1578080

Jesus if this isn’t Sydney you guys are just as insane.

No. 1578111

Jonny’s life isn’t nearly interesting enough for this level of sleuthing jfc.

No. 1578149

File: 1656718701857.png (9.93 KB, 516x99, Screenshot (108).png)

Okay I just creeped his tiktok and saw Layna comment, so I creeped through her account and found this. Don't think they broke up.

No. 1578209

I know he could just be throwing this phrase around with no actual meaning but god damn does this guy “fall in love” so easily. Like he cannot be alone and it’s a bit sad

No. 1578215

Can confirm he's been love-bombing the shit out of her.

No. 1578229

She also seems like a weak little bitch if you ask me, I doubt she’d leave.

No. 1578235

No one asked you, literally no one wants to deal with whatever you’re projecting onto her and how much you hate anyone with a vagina that comes anywhere near goiter.

No. 1578239

File: 1656726963566.jpeg (462.13 KB, 828x1295, EC5317EE-B229-4E2A-BF73-0470D7…)

Layna seems very extremely not confident yet she tries to talk like goiter with her wannabe gangster jonny talk

No. 1578242

it's song lyrics genuis

No. 1578243

I was very wrong. There’s no way he would say this if she dumped him, I guess Sonya just made a dumb joke and layna went home early for one of a hundred possible reasons other than a break up. I was so hopeful she came to her senses and left him, ugh.

No. 1578251

I don’t care if they’re lyrics she’s constantly trying to act like him or what she thinks
He will like … “ I take awesome tiddy pics” being one

No. 1578262

In what world is she constantly trying to act like what she thinks he will like?

No. 1578277

Nonnie I don't know where you're seeing Layna do this. She's into anime and manga, maid catgirl outfits and shit. Very different vibe than goiter and what he chases. She seems like more of her own person than most of the people he's dated.

No. 1578321

tinfoil but i feel like layna definitely got upset about something with jonny and now he’s love bombing her on all her socials. she’s not even replying back to him like she normally does. sonya’s story saying he’s single even if it was a joke probably didn’t help either.

No. 1578358

File: 1656736522832.png (1.04 MB, 750x1334, 64B99D9E-FA6F-466B-8DD8-BB8FA4…)

Well well well

No. 1578367

They are definitely pinned lmfao but go off Layna

No. 1578372

Thank you. Some people need to lash out and project their own insecurities on other females. It’s sad. Y’all sure love to talk about Syd but you’re definitely acting like her with all the misogyny. It’s just clogging up the thread but it’s not gonna stop so oh well

No. 1578380

File: 1656737631575.jpeg (1.41 MB, 1125x1989, F407F6E3-1181-4922-9CB1-2F2A4E…)


No. 1578383

File: 1656737840720.png (1.66 MB, 750x1334, 1679E39A-9D5D-43AC-8165-0D29E3…)

Girl what ass are you showing out for LOOOOL

No. 1578385

I’m not gonna cow tip (I don’t even have a twitter) but i really hope her mom sees this tweet

No. 1578390

Take your meds anon

No. 1578397

the filters are killing me
a middle aged man filtering like a teenaged girl

No. 1578400

How does this mean I have meds to take

No. 1578401

You’re acting like I just went on a meth rant sperg or disrespected someone’s looks. Fuck off

No. 1578407

File: 1656741575764.jpeg (82.02 KB, 690x923, DF6D4868-0BDC-47F5-9111-88730B…)

Heh. First thing I thought of when I saw this

No. 1578417

man i wish i was skinny

No. 1578436

Why on earth is she with that manlet.

No. 1578441

“I won’t leave him because I’m not weak like all his ex’s” -Syd sometime last year

Hmmmmmm the similarities tho

No. 1578442

Who are you responding to and what are you talking about

No. 1578443

Start running, swim skirt.

No. 1578447

Sydney is mad that she got called out for larping everything goiter posts about including “fitness” for literally .004 seconds. Like pay your phone bill and take up pottery. Maybe don’t lie this time to a judge about him being abusive or not, which one is it and can you leave other women alone.

I wish goiter fake wired his jaw shut and super glued his hands in fucking mittens so Sydney dingle berry would do the same thing and just seal herself shut in a dumpster of shame and FUCKING SILENCE FOR ONE FUCKING MINUTE.

No. 1578450

Is this actually her house? I assumed it was the friends.

No. 1578456

This sounds like Layna who else cares to keep tabs lmfao. I don’t think it’s Syd like we wish it was

No. 1578459

Awww. The “more womanly” body comments must have gotten to her. Interesting for her to post something like this for the first time. Also desperately trying to keep JC in her orbit,

No. 1578461

Has Layna even lovebombed him back? Maybe they did break up or get into a fight and he’s trying to make it up to her

No. 1578462

The person saying to go take your meds. Right above my reply

No. 1578469

It doesn't seem like she has to try to keep him around at all. He seems pretty desperate.

No. 1578472

Syd he's already saying he's in love with her, and it's obvious he's more of the pursuer here. She could post photos in her shapeless pants that accentuate her long back/no ass and he would still be pining in the comments and trying to scare off competition.

No. 1578484

Sydney Jesus fucking Christ literally you and there’s like five threads of your single white female fatal attraction murderous controlling shit, going on tirades in comments and stories about any single human with a vagina that so much as commented, replied to, followed, or breathed near that infectious sack of goiters. Literally only you Sydney, no one one in any solar system comprehensible gives a fuck what Jonny Craig is doing, we all just wanted to see how the murder suicide was coming along ok. Holy fuck you have tried to blame your obvious shit on Layna, “Athena”, “Sonia”, the other past baby mama, and Taylor and even she is too busy “zoomin” around and shit. Just leave them out, it’s really not that hard to get a man at all, log off and figure it out dumpster.

Layna is doing her thing, we all wish she would understand how much better she could get than goiter, but no your wide Roblox birthing ass has not made her jealous Sydney and she did nothing to have to deal with you. Learn from her instead dumb ass.

No. 1578530

File: 1656758777520.jpeg (126.12 KB, 1125x534, 9D5B3206-2C93-4AD3-9A5F-3C400E…)

Why does he follow Chelsea on Tiktok

No. 1578531

It seems like he’s going on an apology crusade. Making amends?

No. 1578605

Doubt it. Apologies and amends are not in the big boy register.

No. 1578607

lmfao he already unfollowed her. He must check this thread religiously

No. 1578645

Either that or she blocked him the minute she saw he followed since she probably wants nothing to do with him

No. 1578686

File: 1656776005414.png (5.51 MB, 828x1792, DDA65CB4-EFED-4231-BAEB-71861C…)

what’s the funhouse?

No. 1578706

psych ward

No. 1578707

clearly the psych ward

No. 1578855

Christ she’s in the PSYCH ward?! Jonny really knows how to pick em. Guess you’d have to be batshit to entertain goiterino

No. 1578867

I actually hope Layna leaves Goiter. Look at how fucked up all the women he’s left are. One of them is still in a fucking PSYCH WARD. Another still has a heroin addiction. He is leaving victim after victim with irreparable damage and trauma.

Layna seems like she genuinely has a mild learning disability or is just simple minded to me but otherwise a nice girl and Jonny should leave her be.

No. 1578918

She's not in the psych ward currently, she was saying how she was years ago because of Jonny.

I hope she has a wonderful day today honestly. Fuck him for trying to cause more harm. Glad she called him out.

No. 1578974

You can bring your dog there?

No. 1578992

I feel the same way and it’s really nice to see people here being supportive of this girl. I know people hate Taylor but I felt she was similar in terms of ignorance and potential damage, she was so young and opiates are a death sentence. Goiter gets seriously insecure because people don’t believe he can read, he could never handle what he puts people through and the recovery. Him trying to trigger an ex and try to still control her or use her to “prove he’s not abusive” ironically is fucking vile, and he keeps tabs on Taylor in the same way only she really might be beyond help which is heartbreaking.

No. 1579001

guys she isn’t in a psych ward currently. The video is her saying today is the anniversary of her trying to commit suicide to escape her abuser/her life 7 years ago. she said she’s going to make today a good day and not mope but she woke up to Jonny following her on tiktok. She explains your abuser will always be your abuser and she hopes he gets hit by a truck

No. 1579002

Exactly. I genuinely don’t think this girl has the mental capacity to even consent to a relationship with him.

She’s 25, appears to be unemployed, lives with her parents and is fucking him for comic books so it seems like she genuinely has a light mental handicap that Goiter is exploiting. Bloke has a nose for vulnerable young women like a bloodhound.

No. 1579004

(Just to clarify i do supoort Layna escaping him and i’m not trying to be derogatory but 25y/ + can’t work a job normally signifies some sort of disability)

No. 1579052

File: 1656803293209.png (569.12 KB, 1284x2778, 09C34A01-AB4E-4408-B218-48AC51…)

Grown man talking like a wattpad entry

No. 1579066

Wow. Jesus fucking Christ how pathetic is a man to have to do that to feel any semblance of false power or ability to make anyone feel anything.

She’s cool and strong as fuck for what she survived and had no one warning her about. Great for her. I don’t even think Taylor was able to form enough of her brain, especially in the environment she grew up in, to be able to have the ability to fight through something like this kind of abuse and an opiate addiction. Abusers have no concept of how much work, resilience, and introspection it takes just to stay alive to try to rebuild something, that’s why they have to keep attacking victims, because they’ve always been afraid. With the government openly trying to kill women I really don’t see people like goiter or the men (and Sydney) who associate with him as human, and they just want to drag anyone down with them, in this case including an infant.

No. 1579074

This is embarrassing coming from a supposed grown-ass man.

No. 1579078

Denies allegations, also refers to sex as attack hmmm

No. 1579079

Not that it matters but he’s referring to lyrics to one of his songs with DGD, which he was listening to in the previous story before this one. I say “listening to” and not “singing” because he clearly barely remembered what any of the words were kek I’ll get a screen grab

No. 1579083

File: 1656807076859.jpeg (243.12 KB, 1124x751, 46C3806F-7D97-4F88-AB83-19417D…)

Lyrics in question. I used to love this song but it’s now ruined because of him

No. 1579088


Proof he doesn’t remember any of the lyrics he wrote with DGD so he would def be reading off an iPad if they reunited (which they won’t.)

Also…. I hadn’t thought he relapsed yet but this is the first time I’m really thinking he has. I’ve been following him for a long time and I just feel like this is looking like how he acts/looks/sounds when he’s using. If so it’s real ironic he posted the sobriety thing too

No. 1579106

I really hope Layna doesn't go back to California. I'm genuinely scared for her.

No. 1579122

File: 1656811584565.png (467.24 KB, 1284x2778, EB8661C7-908F-457E-802B-38B977…)

Dude why can you never buy your own shit? Claiming sober but never has money. Can’t even take care of your own pets????

No. 1579130

Literally costs $20-$30 at most at like Target. Mr big boi big spender can’t afford one I guess

No. 1579131

Did he not get his cat checked out at the vet right after he adopted him? Shouldn’t he already have a carrier? a cat carrier is like 15$ at Walmart, why even borrow somebody else’s when you own a cat, like you’re gunna need it more than once.

No. 1579136

You think this guy is responsible enough to take his cat to the vet? That’s cute

No. 1579156

Imagine thinking this love bombing abuser saying I love you means anything at all

Why does she always type/talk like she’s black. She makes it so obvious when she posts in these threads too, providing info on her twitch streams no one watches typing in that same ghetto speak. Bitch, you’re from fucking Edmonton. Stop pretending you’re black

No. 1579158

File: 1656816698649.jpeg (207.87 KB, 828x1481, 03E69473-842E-44B7-8D5B-2A2E8C…)

I thought this exact thing it seems so much like he’s high and also here in his latest story!

No. 1579161

I must be missing something but I really don't think she types like she's trying to be black. That Instagram post looks like the first instance of it and it was song lyrics. I don't see anywhere else where she does it.

No. 1579185

Or just buy one at the store???
At this point I don't think he even knows what the actual definition of sober is

No. 1579186


No. 1579190

She talks in a mix between toddler speaker and internet-speak anon, make fun of her for that instead of something that doesn't exist.

No. 1579209

I noticed that too! It’s not particularly egregious or any more than any other white girl on Twitter. But I personally find it annoying and always notice, makes me wanna shove her little emo mop head into a locker.

On that note I can’t wait until Jonny gets jumped for claiming Blood all the time on the internet. I wonder who runs his neighborhood. Hope he gets pistol whipped. I saw some bloods bottle a woman and shatter her orbital unprovoked. They’d definitely fuck up a fagotty white boy. Didn’t he dox himself with the doorbell camera pic? Can’t wait till you get piss pounded Jonny.

No. 1579212

Gang gang harder

No. 1579218

File: 1656828042733.webm (17.92 MB, 576x1024, Jonny Craig - @jonnycraig4l - …)

I hope everyone that still thinks Jonny is not an abusive piece of shit listens to this. Here’s the .webm. Quality is horrendous to be able to host it locally.

No. 1579220

Lol that’s Jonny’s bit. This is a very simple observation.There’s some nonnies lately that have been so reactionary and triggered by other anons for some reason. You all sound paranoid and cunty, calm down it’s not that serious.

No. 1579221

File: 1656828248496.webm (4.06 MB, 296x640, singinf classics .webm)

No. 1579224

Isn't it a red flag when addicts start counting ahead of their sober days? Dude doesn't follow any sort of guidelines to staying sober despite his numerous stints to rehab. What a fucking waste.

No. 1579225

Isn't it a red flag when addicts start counting ahead of their sober days? Dude doesn't follow any sort of guidelines to staying sober despite his numerous stints to rehab. What a fucking waste.

No. 1579227

File: 1656829563791.webm (2.59 MB, 480x854, Sober is me.webm)

.webm (1/2)

No. 1579228

File: 1656829660246.webm (1.6 MB, 480x854, “bruh”.webm)

No. 1579444

Wooooow “name a time a celebrity has been rude to you”. As if Jonny is a celebrity lol but I literally randomly found this searching tags of him on tiktok. Also Layna is a lot cuter than y’all are making her out to be, I watched all her Tik toks. She needs to stay the fuck away. Also, I could not find that comment where Jonny says he’s in love with her on any of her videos



No. 1579458

File: 1656863441014.png (772.05 KB, 750x1334, C16C8BAE-E97C-41AE-9C9A-AE5A50…)

Y’all, Taylor is definitely not on meth you guise. I’m just gonna post the stories, I don’t know how to record the videos of her and Kassi all drugged out.

No. 1579459

No. 1579460

File: 1656863485293.png (766 KB, 750x1334, 1BA3524C-3141-4012-9B84-761F5E…)

Two out of six where she ironically says this is the last rant.

No. 1579461

File: 1656863520271.png (886.91 KB, 750x1334, 4B3EAFA7-0ADA-45C0-B6E1-FF1103…)

Jesus Christ tay

No. 1579462

File: 1656863548703.png (865.69 KB, 750x1334, 925FE64D-F51B-4922-9584-4AD8B2…)

Number 4…..

No. 1579463

Are these new stories Taylor posted? Perhaps we can help.

No. 1579465

Yes, they are still up. Posted 9 hours ago so 2am her time

No. 1579466

File: 1656863643842.png (492.87 KB, 750x1334, 3C296D83-B5CA-439B-8979-B6C114…)


No. 1579467

File: 1656863674968.png (577.38 KB, 750x1334, 980EDA0C-0423-4EF5-B820-CB056F…)

The last one. I haven’t even read any of these yet. Lol I just had to share

No. 1579473

I don’t think they lied I just think Layna or Jonny deleted the comment. I couldn’t find the video with the comment and I watched all of them, unless it’s the one where she has like 300k likes on it.

No. 1579475

Yeah he did dox himself and when he was at the pool with Dillon and sonya he lives in the “pocket” area off Riverside so there probably are a bunch of bloods.

No. 1579478

File: 1656864459515.webm (609.96 KB, 480x854, 01.webm)

Here you go, Nona.

No. 1579484

File: 1656864693148.png (5.56 MB, 3645x2160, 02 03 06.PNG)

I combined all the images into one. They are 02, 03 and 06 respectively.

No. 1579487

File: 1656864843064.webm (482.63 KB, 480x854, 04.webm)

No. 1579493

Taylor, your heart rate is that high because you’re on METH. How do you not understand that. I don’t believe it goes over 170 like she says, that’s grounds for hospitalization. She must be doing the heroin with the meth to balance her heart rate/blood pressure.

No. 1579495

File: 1656865468646.webm (184.31 KB, 480x854, 05.webm)

For the sake of clarity, Taylor posted her Stories in the following order:
1st - >>1579458
2nd - >>1579478
3rd - >>1579484 - Photo on left
4th - >>1579484 - Photo in the middle
5th - >>1579487
6th - Video in this post
7th - >>1579484 - Photo on the right
8th - >>1579460
9th - >>1579461
10th - >>1579462
11th - >>1579466
12th - >>1579467
Perhaps this will inspire someone to make a new thread for her.

No. 1579497

PLEASE go make a Taylor thread. I’m sick of all this Taylor talk here. It’s fine to mention in reference to something relevant bu this isn’t the Taylor thread.

No. 1579498

Hopefully she comes back and lets us know on which video it was and confirm it was deleted.

No. 1579505

I am literally begging you guys to go make her a new thread. She has nothing to do with Jonny anymore so posting about her just derails this thread. Taylor literally does this shit multiple times a year, she’s just a pathological liar, it’s not milk.

No. 1579509

Six long rants and they all say the same exact thing. Her meth and heroin use has gotten her to the point where the doctors think she will need a wheelchair. Here’s a stellar idea: stop using meth and heroin Taylor. Go back to fucking rehab

No. 1579512

You’re both right and I’m sorry. I just wanted to help >>1579458 in her archiving efforts. Since Taylor was in Jonny’s orbit, I figured it wouldn’t be too egregious. I’d delete but I’m unable to do so.

No. 1579513

His comment is still there. It’s on this one:

No. 1579519

She’s honestly gorgeous.

No. 1579523

File: 1656867085363.jpeg (572.05 KB, 750x998, 04621D37-67AF-4068-83DE-443D70…)

I agree. She looks pretty in all of them

No. 1579528

But anonnnn we have to enthusiastically proclaim everyone is hideous or else we’re WKs dontcha know.

No. 1579533

Who gives a shit what any of them look like? It’s not the point.

No. 1579537

No doubt there will Never be an apology I’m sorry storm for hurting you and putting fentanyl in your system(emoji)

No. 1579539

File: 1656868274778.jpeg (64.26 KB, 827x864, 89A926CC-59F8-4F9C-9D98-66498F…)

Sorry forgot to add this pic

No. 1579542

I don’t, I just know when someone admits a cow isn’t the ugliest human alive a long derail is just around the corner

No. 1579552

She's honestly the prettiest person he's been with in a while. It's hard to tell with ig because of facetune but TikTok confirmed it for me.

No. 1579597

File: 1656874870281.jpeg (394.13 KB, 1125x1325, 0A8668A8-3D52-4416-ABDC-DD419F…)

this aged gracefully

No. 1579666

You can Facetune tiktok and videos. You can also bodytune videos now too. Do you realize what time we are in? Either was she is way prettier than syd and syd is prettier than Taylor so he does keep upgrading imo. Syd is definitely crazier than Taylor tho.

No. 1579668

This is for Taylor’s new thread not here.

No. 1579687

File: 1656880225841.png (1.18 MB, 1284x2778, 2AA7D75F-25C6-4010-9CBC-B78481…)

All she posts on her story is shit about her zodiac sign, how beautiful she is without makeup, or BBG

No. 1579801

What did she expect having a kid with a scrote with a money over bitches face tattoo? Brain dead

No. 1579822

Her lower face is quite jowly to me. To each their own, she looks like a typical cute girl in the Midwest, nothing to write home about and also her videos are filtered to death, just look at the blurring and smoothing filters on her skin.

No. 1579846

They honestly don’t look filtered to me at all, coming from someone who can point out filters easily. Just looks like the usual smoothing that comes from low lighting. But she definitely uses a high angle to her advantage to hide her jaw/jowls.

No. 1579909

Wouldn’t be surprised if he’s already cheating on her. They’re long distance so it’s even easier for him. He always cheats

No. 1579914

Did he ever actually cheat on Syd? I just remember her being a psycho about every little thing but no actual proof of him ever cheating.

No. 1579979

File: 1656911666745.jpeg (686.28 KB, 1170x1600, D7C5664C-4F41-461A-8E3C-1A1459…)

Hey guys check out my beautiful skin and smol frame. Also this is the only time I’ve worn make up in a whole decade, I NEVER wear make up can you believe it??

No. 1580001

did she see jonny had a gaming chair so she went out and got one with her crowdfunded money

No. 1580004

She had that gaming chair next to his in their apartment it’s not new.

No. 1580006

my bad just assumed after the whole gym ordeal but does she even play video games?

No. 1580011

I didn’t realise she had a new thread my bad

No. 1580012

She doesnT have one

No. 1580013

File: 1656917761288.jpeg (74.83 KB, 750x205, E8712DAE-0BED-4CC6-B22E-763F38…)

Is she pretending to be bi? Either way this tweet is stupid and no one cares that ur the only dark haired friend, jfc. This is why I hate twitter. Just a place for narcs to talk about theirselves into the void

No. 1580014

Syd is prettier than Taylor? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Syd is the worst looking one he’s been with. Face and body wise.

No. 1580019

Pretending to be bi? A very shitty thing to say. Quit combing through a normal random girls tweets for milk because you're bored and get a life.

No. 1580021

How the fuck would you know if she's bi or not retard.

No. 1580032



“A random girl’s” tweets? This is not a random girl. She’s been discussed here for over two threads now. This is Jonny’s new gf, she’s in the thread pic you fucking moron. Which means she is a cow and is fair game. This is the only tweet I’ve posted of hers and I get screeched at, yet other farmers post her tweets all. The. Fucking. Time.

If y’all are so uwu offended by Layna being made fun of I suggest you not come back to the site because it’s not gonna stop, until they break up she is officially a cow. So get the fuck whoever yourselves, and go cry about it to someone who gives a fuck. Because I’m the last one to care what anyone of you think lmfao.

No. 1580033

She’s choosing to date an abuser and you’re calling her a normal girl. Sweetie, get off lolcow you are way too sensitive. Worst has been said about her

No. 1580035

Nta but imo Taylor WAS prettier before she got with Jonny, she threw anything she had going for her away with her grotesque lips, drug addiction and face picking. It’s honestly sad.
This women could tweet “I like the colour red” and anons would find a way to rip her apart for it lmao.

No. 1580037

Nice sperg but it’s not going to make your life any less miserable. Your original post was retardation at its finest. I’m not even trying to WK but seriously.

No. 1580038

It’s Jonny’s favourite color so they unironically probably would.

No. 1580040

No your “type” is a rapist pos who has abused his last FIVE girlfriends that’s we know of, and you think you’re gonna be lucky number 6? Honestly you deserve whatever abuse comes your way because you’ve been warned. You read this site. You’ve looked him up. And you don’t fucking care. Amanda, Chelsea, Liz, Taylor, Syd we’re all abused and that’s only who we know about. Imagine how many other females there are.

This is why I have no sympathy for Layna. She is obviously intelligent, can make something of herself going to university but Jonny is gonna fucking trick her into moving in. I don’t understand why anyone gets offended when she’s made fun of and I didn’t even come for her looks. You sound like Layna herself. Anyway she has access to google, she knows every single thing she has done. Just like Taylor and Syd did. And she flat out doesn’t care. So keeping feeling uwu sorry for her, she’s a grown woman and can easily break up with him while their still long distance. Maybe it’s gonna take something very terrible to happen for her to learn her lesson. And I don’t mean I HOPE he abuses her, I’m saying it he does, she knows about him and has been warned, so IF he does - no, I will not feel bad.

No. 1580043

Keep that same fucking energy when someone elee posts something “retarded” lol you aren’t doing the lolcow police. I’ll post what I want and it takes two minutes out of my day so not sure how that makes me miserable. Layna is fair game. Y’all have posted about her too I’m sure. Yall are you wking too hard to be her, I never even said anything terrible but worst gets said and everyone chimes in. Go to bed Layna. Jonny’s still texting my home girl I told you about LOL since I know you’re reading this. And I even tried to tell you nicely about it.

No. 1580045

These stupid bitches don’t even deserve to see the milk but we’ve talked about this Layna. It hasn’t stopped and it’s not going to lol

No. 1580046


Whoever this is needs to chill out. It’s obvious it’s the same person because of the borderline broken english in each comment and exact same type style/weird bad grammar. Your life seems genuinely miserable if that plain boring tweet bothered you this much.

No. 1580059

Nonnie. As earlier anons have said, Layna isn’t very milky at all. She’s not a cow. She hasn’t really done anything to deserve the amount of piled on hate she’s gotten throughout the threads. She’s just a regular girl. As an earlier anon stated, the focus should be on goiters crimes, and not on tearing down these women for absolutely no reason. That’s exactly what he would want. Why would you appease him like that? Maybe the people in goiters life currently are just nice people that are trying to see the good in him. Sonya, Layna, and any of his current friends. There’s nothing inherently milky about that or cow-like. The focus should be on the actual shitty behaviour.

No. 1580145

Some anons genuinely don't like Layna regardless if she deserves it or not and don't think she's ~ gorgiuezz ~ like some other anons because we actually live in areas where attractive women live. Grow up. It's very suspicious how there will be a sudden influx of posts not only wking Layna but flat out singing her praises.

No. 1580155


This thread very clearly documents her struggle with her learning difficulty, anon.

No. 1580205

Agree with you, I’m convinced the hate and the moronic “if you disagree then you must be Layna” shit is from the same fucking loser. Proper incel vibes off them tbh

No. 1580304

>Go to bed Layna. Jonny’s still texting my home girl I told you about
I mean that’s cowtipping, but I’m very interested to see your proof of BBG cheating. If he is indeed cheating with your “home girl” you should be able to ask her for screenshots as proof? Right?
I agree with everything you said, she hasn’t done a single thing that’s cow behaviour, but I don’t think telling anons here to leave her alone is going to do anything. They’re obviously dead set on hating this woman, so just let them hate her? Don’t take it too personally.

No. 1580307

100% Jonny and Sydney were really funny but who cares who he’s dating, and no one wants to read hate blogs about a random girl because someone misinterpreted a tweet. Idk it’s weird and makes people uncomfortable, layna’s fake ex cover story after we already handled like two other bitter exes was beyond.

Yeah, might have been the incel instead of Sydney previously or both of them, no idea why a male would try to socialize here when it’s made clear no one wants to put up with that. No one wants to know a man compares boobs with people they’re related to wtf.

This is a good example, saying “maybe we live in a place with ackshully attractive women” is stupid as hell lol. She’s pretty, you literally can’t get over it and no one cares if you disagree, stop trying to force people to be as bitter as you. You don’t have to find her pretty but chill and get a grip.

Also is sterling the same one that Sydney totaled the car of? Was that before or after she told him she wanted to “sweep him off his feet” because if she said that before that’s a good idea of the damage she can do lol

No. 1580354

Just my opinion, have you seen Taylor lately? It’s bad, syd actually looks younger and imo has a better body than Taylor. Taylor use to be super model pretty until the drugs. I’m not talking about syds ugly af eyebrows or face tats. Or Taylor’s ugly hair, I’m talking about just their face and body structure, and how it has been over the yrs. Syd looks way younger than Taylor, when I look at Taylor’s most recent pics she looks mid 30s. Sorry for spelling error little tipsy here. Happy 4th y’all,

No. 1580426

File: 1656968332572.png (9.58 MB, 1284x2778, F2887432-1E48-411B-AFE2-C4A367…)

Congrats Lanya, you scored big time with this hottie

No. 1580451

>Some of us live in areas where actual attractive people live.
Yes in NYC and LA Layna would look like a 6. Everywhere else she’s probably an 8 which is significantly better than average. But why repeat incel talking points when that’s so beyond the point? She oozes insecurity already which is probably why she’s with someone like goiter in the first place.

No. 1580456

File: 1656970960273.jpeg (878.12 KB, 2828x2828, 9D9D714F-4674-4638-97DC-77DE86…)

took me forever to find this thread again!
all im gonna say is that everytime i see Layla, she reminds me of Don Draper as a kid lol

No. 1580475

Tagging the anon who said he “slimmed out”.
Noticed he’s proudly indecently exposing his inflamed goiter right after TAYLOR talked about her NUTRIENT DEFICIENCY CAUSED DISEASES. This is obvi a mating call and I swear to god if Layna goes back for more picture books I will fax a picture of this man to the Canadian police every ten minutes until they bring him in for questioning or a lunch date since police there don’t have guns.

No. 1580483

See this is funny and cute, it’s not that complicated to make a joke instead of ripping someone apart. Nice to know Layna at least has a promising future of growing up to be a very handsome man, unlike the man she has selected.

No. 1580532

She looks gorgeous here

No. 1580552

Girl take better care of your homegirl if she spends her time sexting this man >>1580426

No. 1580554

Yeah can the person who created the thread update the fucking number already?? It’s been brought up a few times and no one can find it because it’s listed at #14 just like the last thread, at least change that so the thread is available for people.

No. 1580595

>since police there don’t have guns.
All police in Canada carry guns on active duty, you’re probably thinking of the UK.
I’m positive somebody already said this but, u can’t update the op. Once a thread is made it can’t be edited, this isn’t social media.

No. 1580651

File: 1656995575733.jpeg (372.47 KB, 1284x2282, 92E7E14C-9E03-4073-B7A6-CB230B…)

spot the difference

No. 1580653

Finally, we get one of these for the most deserving person in the thread.

No. 1580655

How are you so dumb that you can’t find this thread? You must be new and don’t know how to use the catalog. Because this thread is literally higher up in the catalog than the old one and isn’t hard to miss with the three whores of the apocalypse as the pic

No. 1580657

It's so depressing that Jonny is the most evil person involved and he's phased out of the thread pic entirely… These used to be my favorite cows to read about but we went from cataloging Tay's animal neglect and Syd's psychotic behavior, to now shitting on the appearance of a young girl who hasn't done much apart from being a bit spacey. I understand that there's probably something not right with her if she's choosing to date JC, but some of you might fail to understand just how manipulative sociopathic people like him can be. I'm not saying she's some innocent victim but can we at least find that out naturally instead of resorting to this depressing analysis of her facial flaws and the way she dresses? That as a young woman in her 20's most likely analyzes on her own in the mirror each day? I echo that for all of the vile shit you guys have said about Sonya as well.

No. 1580659

The thread pic is related to Jonny tho… it was made to clown on how Jonny has a type. Also, this isn’t the first time he wasn’t in the thread pic. Anons are just bored right now because there is no milk. Don’t worry nonnie, Jonny has been a milk machine for over a decade and I’m sure we’ll be talking about him again in no time.

No. 1580662

True anon, some women have a brain disorder that attracts them to men that will hurt them. They want to be the one to change him, to re-write their own trouble childhood but this time be able to actually change the aggressor for the better and make him/her actually love them. Sadly it never works and the troubled childhood is just repeated into adulthood and they live a life getting abused by each man they meet.

Instead of dating a chode like JC she should go to therapy. Being a joke online surely won’t help either but that’s her own fault.

No. 1580663

File: 1656998168894.jpeg (277.72 KB, 1170x1970, 0B440D84-4DAB-47D7-823E-0F22AE…)

Not milk and just an observation but he's watching Stranger Things and hoping awful hard that Max dies soon. He hates a strong woman with her own personality so much it bleeds into fictional shows he watches.

No. 1580703

File: 1657002652245.webm (2 MB, 576x1024, download.webm)

I find it interesting that she posted this shortly after goiters comment. I doubt she's going back to California.

No. 1580711

You fucking retarded speds.
We do not have to go over how hot/ugly Jonny’s current or ex lovers are every single day.
We talk about Syds eyebrows and Layna having a flat ass and whether they are “hot” as if any woman who has had sex with Jonny Craig is worth a shit.
It wouldn’t be so bad if it didn’t constantly attract whiteknights to flood the threads.
Unless it’s particularly milky, please stop.

Also farm hands/admin I will rightfully take my ban for the many rules I am violating, but I am just tired of these retarded farmers

No. 1580716

how do we even know if jonny and layna had sex yet

No. 1580719

I think Sydney is beautiful and beautifully misunderstood.

No. 1580795

Someone got into their moms hidden crack stash

No. 1580817

new taylor thread so we can stop shitting up this one:


No. 1580901

I could, but everyone just shitted on me so why should I? I’d rather keep it between Layna and Jonny and I. Y’all don’t deserve milk. I’ll let their relationship crash and burn in silence. This ain’t cowtipping when Layna messaged me first

No. 1580906

Yea she crashed sterlings car, he replied to a comment that she didn’t pay him back any of the gofundme money, it’s posted a few days ago in this thread I can’t find it rn

No. 1580941

The gofund me didn’t say it was to pay back somebody’s car she wrecked tho.

No. 1580944

I didn’t shit on you nonnie and I know a lot of these others are rude af so I get where your coming from. Please for my sanity I appreciate your milk mama pleeeeeeaaase!!!

No. 1580970

Yes but his ex came in here to confirm the godundme amount was to the amount of repair costs. The gofundme was advertised as for "mental health, art supplies, medications" etc which is obviously a load of shit lol. Embarrassing that an adult would even make a GFM for anything other than emergencies.

No. 1580978

Oh you sweet summer child

No. 1580996

I call BS

No. 1581121

What is this?

No. 1581123

Yes it was? You haven’t been reading the threads. The first time we found out about it the cheating at all someone came in and said “Syd’s been cheating on him with some sad band dude and they were drinking and drinking, that’s that the gofundme was for”

And if you even remember the gofundme saga, she clearly stated in the website bio she was was in accident and the car was harmed but not her.

No. 1581126

but you really think Jonny isn’t texting other girls? Especially them being Long distance? Lmfaoooo even his friends know he talks to other girls

No. 1581130

I don’t doubt it at all but you’re posturing as if you have some insider info and I call BS on that. How would you know his friends know he's texting other girls. Are you his friend? And if you are why are you posting here outing him.

No. 1581131

Because Jonny has lots of friends lol he doesn’t he won’t know who this is

No. 1581133

Same broken english schizo poster, I don’t buy it.
Not doubting him texting girls though, slimeballs gonna slime.

No. 1581134

I’ve been talking to her about it, the main thing is she doesn’t want lolcow to know who she is and we have both agreed we don’t think Layna has enough of a spine to walk away anyway. It won’t change their relationship. I will try to convince her though

No. 1581148

This isn’t about Layna leaving this is about the MILK nonnie. She/you could easily post the screenshots between herself and jonny without lolcow knowing her identity if this is real.

No. 1581227

If this >>1580901 anon is telling the truth I wonder when they sent her the “proof”. Maybe it was recently and that’s why she left California early ?

No. 1581260

Their story doesn’t even make sense. This person is saying they sent Layna proof, but then also says there’s no point in posting the proof since Layna won’t leave anyways.

No. 1581298

File: 1657061218781.jpg (574.3 KB, 1422x2465, TxE.jpg)

See people talking about him being single. Just wanted to share that I was scrolling randomly through explore page on IG and saw this yesterday. Can't be too into layna if he's liking random girls pictures, right?

No. 1581301


God this thread is a fucking mess lately. Are we sure Layna even left Cali early? Like is she confirmed back at her home in CA? She was there for a minute but maybe she went elsewhere in her travels or whatever. All signs point to them still being together so maybe curb the speculative fanfic as well as the endless boring discussion of Layna's looks (she's extremely mid, end of). Like damn.

No. 1581316

Who cares. Liking pictures is not cheating nor is it milk.

No. 1581319

Mid but definitely hotter than Syd and Taylor. Which makes me mad because JC doesn’t deserve to upgrade.

No. 1581505

Quite literally a mid-off between these 3 women.

No. 1581514

This is fucking devastating! What?! Why?! I recently saw my husband liking a female friend’s post and thought nothing of it at the time but I realize now that he’s cheating!! A mess, how can I go on?!
Stfu dude pull your bonnet over your face and scuttle off, people are allowed to fucking like posts.

No. 1581601

Kek I went to go creep and saw Layna’s liked at least 5 of her pictures. Could this mean Layna is cheating?

No. 1581744

Yes she went home. If you were paying attention you’d see she’s been sick and then streaming from home. July 3rd goiter said she was supposed to fly in but her flight got cancelled and how he might spend the 4th alone maybe bbqing with Shan.
The video is still up there if anyone wants to grab the other details and post the video about him and syd having to go to a parenting class together.

No. 1581747

Syd thought it was cheating didn’t she hahaha so he still pulls the same shit just different female

No. 1581826

File: 1657129005930.png (1.09 MB, 1252x1252, Untitled-2.png)


Are you 4? Listen to yourselves. Jesus christ the cringe. Your subjectivity isn't useful to anyone/anything. Shut the fuck up.

No. 1581848

Not any of these anons but… You’re replying to things 2 and 3 days ago. I think it’s best to just ignore these people than engage with them. All your doing is giving them reason to keep that type of conversation going.

No. 1582040

Wait she was supposed to go but her flight got canceled? I thought he was going to Texas

No. 1582276

File: 1657155154020.jpeg (426.35 KB, 828x1472, C3A3AF71-F109-4B93-824C-D21514…)

Why do I feel like this is directed at Taylor kek? He also posted a video about waiting at the airport for somebody, thought maybe it was his gf but she doesn’t seem to be there so who knows.

No. 1582280

File: 1657155383438.jpeg (56.02 KB, 828x1702, 98EEE34B-F8C4-44A8-8151-0F992E…)

This bitch is just as obsessed with BBG as Taylor is lol.

No. 1582282

Project harder you tard. Johnny has a clear, recorded pattern of being a fuck boy and this is part of it.

No. 1582312

Im Jonny’s stories he said he was “waiting at the airport” but now he’s back with his computer. Did he go pick up Layna again or is he in Houston now?

No. 1582331

File: 1657159136650.webm (588.2 KB, 480x854, Waiting at the Airport.webm)

He doesn’t mention he’s waiting for someone.

No. 1582333

He’s a fuckboy but if you are a human with a brain, liking photos is not cheating. Unbeknownst to Skydney.

No. 1582335

File: 1657159405655.webm (884.02 KB, 480x854, On the Computer.webm)

No idea if Layna is back but him using his computer doesn’t preclude her from having returned. What is he watching? I have a feeling he identifies with the character.

No. 1582342

He’s not in Houston he didn’t go because he doesn’t know how to care for a cat and his cat got sick So he stayed it’s all in his twitch video. I think layna is back her Sunday flight was cancelled

No. 1582386

File: 1657163262399.jpg (2.25 MB, 4656x2328, 20220706_200728_HDR.jpg)

I'm in Sacramento right now and it is not dark it's 8:06 and the Sun is still out so I don't know where he is or what airport he's at right now

No. 1582392

Lmao you guys can just wait for them to post shit like maybe hang back

No. 1582401

Sorry for not saging my first post but I'm not assuming anything I just know that the sun is still out in Sacramento LOL it's the other anons unless that was an old video that cannot possibly be in Sacramento

No. 1582409

This is from The Boys and for context this character is being cancelled for, uh, murdering an unarmed black kid. He then goes on to put another person in a wheelchair during his apology so maybe Jonny should let the episode play a little longer before identifying too heavily, kek.

No. 1582420

yea homegirl, this actually is cowtipping, youre tipping off the cow so they can do damage control before you leak the milk. Know what it is before you say it ain't, or produce dairy, friend.

No. 1582469

That airport ig story was from last night.

No. 1582533

Cowtipping refers to making any sort of contact with the cow instead of just observing them in their natural state. You know like how people would go cowtipping back in the day with real cows?

No. 1583022

This almost makes me want to root for him. But then I remember it’s Jonny Goiter and that makes it practically impossible.

No. 1583200

File: 1657248672856.png (8.24 MB, 1284x2778, FEB073EC-9399-46CC-B6AA-B7DDED…)

Jonny driving with the nonalcoholic beer in the cup holder.

Also judging by the monster can and black hair, it looks like Layna’s back in california

No. 1583204

Great you guys scared away the milk now they won’t post anything.

No. 1583209

Yes we scared away the non existent milk that didn’t actually sound milky at all, and did ya know “gullible” isn’t in the dictionary?

No. 1583259

She might as well move in. She’s constantly leaving her cats. It’s expensive to fly out once or twice a month, I wonder who is paying for it.

No. 1583263

It doesn’t seem like she has a job so I’m guessing he’s flying her out on his dime.

No. 1583265

Considering her career is twitch and she has like 6 views per streams im gunna say he’s paying for it.

No. 1583278

So he’s basically paying for pussy and companionship. She doesn’t have a dollar to her name just like Syd, how does her mother feel about who she’s flying out to go see?!

And for fucks sake I hope they are using a condom every time, but I have an extremely eerie feeling she’s going to get knocked up soon.

No. 1583288

Are those rhinestones on his jeans, beyond the fake rips? Those are rhinestones on his size dwarf jeans, behind the fake rips.

Like look we all warned Layna and literally no one wants to watch another Taylor situation where a sheltered girl gets her life ruined, how do you get in a car with a man wearing rhinestone jeans like dead ass come on girl.

No. 1583330

We don’t all keep up with his twitch videos. I appreciate the update tho, unlike the other rude ass anon who was like “do y’all even keep up?” Like no, I’ve got Better things to do than watch Layna’s boring ass streams or goiters

No. 1583401

Only smelly old goiter can be both with Layna and single at the same time. He probably gaslights her into thinking she's insane for questioning why his smeggy little PP has someone elses vaginal crust on it.

Funny how the modern internet person brain is like… "Junky? Sexual abuser? Abusive? Fraudster? Awful to everyone? Pending felony? Can't see his own child?….. ahh this will be perfect for me because hes nice to me now and again."

No. 1583406

File: 1657281974104.jpeg (201.7 KB, 828x1483, 60E3BAC0-1FED-4E86-A8DF-FF771D…)

It’s storms birthday. Jonny hasn’t posted anything about it, although he’s probably not awake yet lol.

No. 1583441

File: 1657284921425.jpeg (759.92 KB, 1125x1910, F31BDFC5-E2CC-42C7-933B-659831…)

She’s just using his birthday to shit talk Jonny

No. 1583454

He’s what 2? Of course he’s an angel right now. Very naive of her to think that because he has her features at this age he didn’t inherit any of jonnys bad genes. Or hers for that matter. It really is gross the way they use him as a prop to shit talk each other. Mostly her actually.

No. 1583462

>So thankful he got 95%my features and heart full of compassion/love with zero poison from the other half that made him
Imagine growing up and seeing that your mom wrote this manipulative narcissistic shit for YOUR birthday? Poor storm, since he was conceived he’s been nothing more than a tool for skid to use against BBG. If anything his so called “love and compassion” probably comes from the woman raising him, which isn’t you skid.

No. 1583472

File: 1657290241345.jpeg (493.09 KB, 1936x1936, 22202B63-9632-4DF5-BB37-448177…)

Of course Layna would find this funny and retweet it. I swear she has no brain if she was to is and thought it was appropriate to post, given the allegations around her current boo. She flat out doesn’t care

No. 1583498

Nonnies in this thread are fucking crazy kek. He let his kid overdose on Fent and has an extensive record of being abusive to every single woman he's been in a relationship with not to mention pushing hard core drugs on them. Taylor is a full blown methed out heroin addict now because of goiter boy. I wouldn't hold your breath for goiter boys redemption arc since his basically the harbinger of women ruining their lives and children growing up with a drug addict absent father right now.

No. 1583509


Layna is clearly a sheltered retard but I don't vibe w/ the sentiments in here about how BBP is taking advantage of this homely naive internet girl from small town Canada thus she's not a cow or worthy of criticism herself. Jonny's Wikipedia page has it's own multiple-paragraph section detailing all the allegations against him, and that's just like a cliff notes version of his long storied history of being a massive piece of shit. He has pending felony child abuse allegations right now for fucks sake, like how do you just ignore that? It's not like she doesn't know the exact type of person he is already. We all dated real pieces of shit in our 20s, it's what you do, but to involve yourself with someone at Jonny's level especially with everything out there about him now says something about her character too.

No. 1583511

Thank you nonnie, well said. They all lose sight that poisoning his kid with fentanyl is a pretty big deal and the fact footer is prancing around like he has done NOTHING wrong and he is a god that should return to his rightful spot on The throne lol(DGD) is straight disgusting. Layna deserves what’s coming.

No. 1583513

i don't like BBP but taylor's an idiot on her own. may i remind you how she tools bits and pieces of his ex's stories and claim them as what she experienced. Liz was one of his ex's who mentioned how he jokingly held her down and tied to shoot her up. after that, taylor took that info and ran with it and made it seem like this dude held her against her will and shot her up…. not the same situation. taylor willingly let him shoot her up cause she didn't know how to get a vein. jonny may have been the catalyst but taylor ruined her own life. we can agree they're both awful people and abusers to their children, women and animals.

No. 1583522

I sort of agree but not everyone reads the wiki page of their summer fling.

No. 1583527


…they don't? He's flying her out (allegedly) and she lives on the internet. You really think Layna has never done any research whatsoever?

No. 1583554

"So lucky and proud to have pushed him out of my nasty vagina and then lost custody"

No. 1583588

Layna is very aware. She just doesn’t care. He abused his last five relationships (six including first bm) and that’s only what we know of. There’s more, and she doesn’t care. It’s gonna end badly or she’s gonna end up pregnant if she doesn’t leave soon. At this point she is a cow and fair game. They’ve been together for like three months now, she definitely knows and I’m sure he’s tried to tell her all of his exes are just lying. She either believes him or believes he will be different to her cuz he’s sober. It’s very difficult to feel bad for her

No. 1583657

File: 1657311714037.png (4.96 MB, 1284x2778, 69760AD4-5A4A-42C8-B4D2-AEB1CF…)

No. 1583669

I thought he was a junkie loser that she's so happy her kid doesn't take after? It never fails to amaze me how quickly she goes from flat out hating him and his "aboosiveness" to then crying about the fact that he dumped her after she cheated on him. Like which is it?

And it is pretty fucking funny that her cheating was all it took for him (a serial cheater) to end the relationship no questions asked kek

No. 1583670

i see bdp bitches getting these same breakdowns, word for word, for their child brithdays lol psychos
and also >>1583657 way to show youre miserable Syck.

No. 1583680

Holy shit he drugged your son… messed up bitch

No. 1583696

God, shut the fuck up you narcisstic bitch. Go take your son out to the park or something instead of using his birthday to smear campaign Jonny and give yourself ass pats. Literally any other day would've been okay to call out how much of a deadbeat dad he is.

No. 1583700

She just admitted to Jonny hurting the baby, confirming what we already knew but I thought with an ongoing case you weren’t supposed to talk about it? Like she just incriminated herself. Any legal anons feel free to chime in if I’m wrong. She already posted that one story “remember how you hurt our son” but quickly deleted it

No. 1583701

He was probably waiting for ANYTHING to allow him to leave her without looking like he abandoned his “little family” for no reason

No. 1583705

She’s got crazy eyes in this pic lmao

No. 1583751

I think it’s pretty messed up bbp isn’t acknowledging his sons bday. But he does suck as a human being so it’s make sense that he would suck as a dad.

No. 1583756

kek she really thinks she’s got the whole narrative under control as if everybody can’t see she’s a deadbeat using her son as a prop & bargaining chip

No. 1583770

File: 1657321678869.jpeg (280.4 KB, 821x1470, 37882DED-88E4-4FAE-8964-D78BAA…)

>Breaks my heart that a new female, pride, and ego is more important than us
yesterday he was an abusive piece of shit and today shes jealous of his new gf lol? These posts are embarrassingly salty, your “perfect angel” is turning two, smile, celebrate, put your phone down and stop fucking complaining so much.
Jesus anon leave him alone he’s VERY busy playing half life /s. Maybe he forgot? I think skid has him blocked so who would remind him kek?

No. 1583799


I know she’s only posting this for pity points but the first rule of being a good co-parent is not shit talking the other parent to your child, and I just know Sydney’s gonna be that type of person. She outs herself every fucking time she posts. Does storm even get a cake? Do they sing to him? Gifts? Or is HIS birthday really only about you, syd? Fuck I hate her.

No. 1583801

Also, someone please explain to me how this 2 year old is m sew ~talented~ Cuz I really need to hear this

No. 1583836

do we think goiter forgot today is storm's birthday?

No. 1583841

10000% it's 6pm PST and he hasn't even gone to see him.

No. 1583847

They literally almost killed their kid and she knowingly baby trapped a man who has violently abused women and minor girls that he raped, his whole life. She could have easily had an abortion, being in California and also when it was legal, but she had a kid with an active lifelong fentanyl addict and sociopath. This is all goiter deserves and less, but not the kid.

And yes I also think it’s fucking hilarious, and also even worse because the other guy is also a woman beater. If they did end up dating and Sydney had custody, that’s who she would have been perfectly fine raising a son around. I hope they homeschool him and keep him as disinterested in guns as possible.

No. 1583854

Not only talking shit but publicly gloating that your kid looks like you (he doesn’t) and not the other parent makes my skin crawl, that’s weird as fuck

No. 1583860

Thank you for saying this, Nona. This thread makes me feel crazy for all the wrong reasons. How can anyone listen to >>1579218 less than a week ago and write they think this time he’s finally “mending”, on lolcow of all places, is beyond comprehension to me.
Sydsopsycho indeed.
Exactly, I don’t know how she doesn’t understand this when it’s so clear.
Such a punchable face.

No. 1583867

Is this picture new or reused?

No. 1583881

Imagine trying to keep the family together after your partner put fentanyl in your child’s system. That’s beyond my ability to understand.

No. 1583883

The fact that the 'one mistake' that tore 'her family' apart is her cheating and still trying to keep them all together because she loves?
Not the fact they are in court for a felony on child endangerment for drugging their child with fentanyl… that mistake is okay?? She's so embarrassing. Poor Storm.

No. 1583900

the filters on this though

No. 1583917

>using your sons birthday to shit all over his father
>tried keeping goiter despite his drug use nearly killing their son and getting him taken away
>humiliated and berated BBG on the daily; publicly. Including sending some random fan girl a video of him nodding off
>I’m not one of his weak little exes
>I only made one mistake! Pick meeeeeee
>how dare he date someone else

I guarantee that if goiter boy texted Syd and said he wanted to get back together she would 100% do it.
I also believe goiter had been looking for an “out” for awhile and the cheating was the perfect opportunity.

No. 1583921

I think he was using her to keep using fentanyl. He had one million chances to break up with her, his ego couldn’t handle her cheating and playing his game lol. They both deserve each other but I’m not happy they’re recreating Ted Bundy’s childhood with the kid.

No. 1583996

File: 1657349358211.png (8.22 MB, 1284x2778, 536051A8-30C4-4576-BF89-4C6F46…)

She just looks sooooo excited to be there. Probably rather look at her phone than the Mucinex monster sitting across from her.

No. 1584016

File: 1657351863420.png (3.17 MB, 828x1792, D920CC80-FB5D-4AF9-B0AD-43589D…)

Two shots glasses for someone sober lol

No. 1584021

Referring to other women as “females” says it all. Syd, you’re a massive sack of shit

No. 1584154

And she’s writing all of this on a picture of her newborn son on a birthday neither of them were there for.

No. 1584195

Eh, one of them doesn’t have anything in it and the waiter could have brought 2 thinking they were both drinking.

No. 1584197


he has the hands of a super morbidly obese person, jesus christ

No. 1584203

she got like 3 outfits i swear

No. 1584208

I'm glad goiter chose pussy and fucking up his sobriety over seeing his son. Storm doesn't need him in his life.

No. 1584212

File: 1657387971292.jpeg (378.58 KB, 1170x2378, 9701942C-81E0-44D6-8308-2FA407…)

No. 1584222

I honestly don’t know what makes me more furious. Syd being the ultimate narc and making storm’s birthday all about herself, or Jonny seemingly completely forgetting about it?

No. 1584256

Where are all the "Layna is gorgeous" anons with these photos, lmfao. Long midface, karen jowls, and knotty nose say hello!

No. 1584261

Is that his car or a rental? I thought he didn't have one. Also interesting that it's registered in Texas.

No. 1584266

Incoming nitpick. What kinda women is even comfortable spending the day with a man when you know he’s missing his child’s birthday? Not saying it’s her fault because it’s 100% on Goiter but I just wouldn’t be comfortable dating somebody who put me over their child on the one day that’s supposed to be all about the kid. Talk about showing your true character. But shes obviously questionable to even date him in the first place so no surprises I guess.
Please, let’s not do this again.

No. 1584269

I think she would be stunning if she didn’t have those shitty bangs. She needs a more flattering haircut.

No. 1584284

She's pretty but that eyeliner is bad

No. 1584294

It’s Dillon’s car and he’s been seen driving without a license multiple times with layna in the car too.

No. 1584311

1. It's not a classy look at all. I guess it's an under developed prefrontal cortex, or low social intelligence. She has to distance herself emotionally from the objective. Similar to how people stay with war gang/criminals, it must be an ability to live in cognitive dissonence comfortably. Often stemming from early child hood abandonment/trauma/environment/parents involved in crime. The criminal father figure if you wanna get Freudian. Also everything I've just said is conjecture.

2. Thankyou. Yes.(armchairing)

No. 1584339

Black hair and a big nose! His type really never changes.

No. 1584389

Her saying “not give me a chance” makes me 1000000% believe she’d get back with him if given the opportunity. Embarrassing.

No. 1584534

Whoever said she doesn’t use filters on her TikTok was mistaken

No. 1584604

It doesn’t pop up that she uses any filters, I think it’s more angles than anything.

No. 1584652

Am I crazy or does she look like if Taylor and Syd had a baby…

No. 1584660

We don’t know if he forgot about Storms bday. Since they don’t live together they may be celebrating on another convenient to grandma date for example. And not bragging about him on socials jus seem maybe a lil bit more mature to me. Idk.
I don’t want to wk him just that’s really a far reaching conclusion.

No. 1584664

I was thinking the same thing. Realistically I highly doubt he forgot Storms birthday.

No. 1584699

Mucinex monster! I lol'd so hard anon!

No. 1584700

Forgot Storms birthday and now doing damage control on the thread kek

No. 1584704

We all know he forgot because he would have taken the opportunity to talk about what a great dad he is because “you ain’t gonna put I forgot my sons birthday on my name”

No. 1584705

And? There are ways around them actually showing. Doesn’t mean she’s not using them bc she looks drastically different than this

No. 1584737

AYRT. I never said he forgot, the whole point of my post was that he knew his birthday and chose to reschedule in favour of his gfs visit. But now that you bring it up, I totally agree it could’ve been a custody thing or he just didn’t want to have to deal with skid, I mean them fighting in front of storm probably would’ve been worse than BBG rescheduling for another day.

No. 1585016

File: 1657478626469.png (221.69 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20220710-114307.png)

According to Google and some news site, Storm was born on July 13

No. 1585034

File: 1657480544974.jpeg (575.2 KB, 828x1425, 74EFC757-1D79-4495-AE27-0019BF…)

Tbh idk but she has 7-8-20 tattooed to her hand

No. 1585035

File: 1657480793992.png (5.18 MB, 1170x2532, 5848D8CB-87F6-45A2-B1E7-B3655E…)

Google is not always accurate. I went back and she posted this last year on July 8th.

No. 1585048

Says they announced his birth on the 13th. Which makes sense cause they did wait days to post about it and there was speculation something was wrong because he said in the announcement he would “explain everything later” and then never did.

No. 1585077

File: 1657486138665.jpeg (115.26 KB, 640x621, C1E88A71-DBB5-4013-906F-0438E6…)

So fitting

No. 1585087

Next thread pic please.

No. 1585123

I mean…one would think she'd know the date she pushed a baby out of her vagina, pretty hard to miss

ROFL amazing!!

No. 1585130

bold of you to think she has done more for Storm than lie back, zone out, and let them pull him out of her snatch. Jonny, even less.

No. 1585131

I agree that google was wrong but I honestly wouldn’t have been suprised if syd had messed up what day she birthed him because she’s such a deadbeat

No. 1585162


She didn’t even do that, I’m pretty sure she’s a c section mom so storm was brought into this world the same way he was conceived. On her back with absolutely no effort involved.

No. 1585169

Why are ppl in this thread (or is it still mainlt one person) so insistent that his new girl isn't pretty? She absolutely is… like ok, she knows her angles and shoops or filters. Thats literally every single girl on the planet? Lol. Its so strange to me when ppl deny objective attractiveness just cuz they dont like the persob. Every person jonny has dated has been pretty, just bc they hv bad taste doesn't make them ugly smh

Personally I think she looks better than tnd and syd, but they're attractive too (esp tnd pre-drugs)(why even bring it up again)

No. 1585172

Why are we still talking about this? Who fuckin cares if she’s butt ugly or the most beautiful girl in the world? Certainly no one cares if you feel one way or the other about it. Don’t you read the thread and see how much everyone hates it when this is constantly talked about? Read the room for god’s sake

No. 1585178

File: 1657499261587.jpeg (551.51 KB, 2048x1462, 02EB174A-4E34-4D78-A3D9-745EC3…)

late but this is possibly the most pathetic thing I’ve ever read. and the way she’s constantly like “MOMMY this MOMMY that” feels like overcompensation. also picrel

beauty is subjective but the new girl is fugly like all the rest, sorry

No. 1585191

fuck off with this crap, having a c-section isn’t anything for anyone to be ashamed of
syd should be ashamed of everything else, mind you

No. 1585205

Agreed. The milk is just dry and anons itt have nothing else to talk about this Layna other than her selfies/photos of her because she’s not giving them much else to talk about since she ain’t crazy like Syd. Maybe she’s just a regular sane girl who doesn’t do drugs which would probably be positive for ole goiter boy. Not that he deserves it.

No. 1585227

I think it’s a couple anons who really dislike her but because she doesn’t post anything milky all they can do is pick on her appearance. Don’t get me wrong I think she’s a shady person for being with an abuser but she’s undeniably attractive. It’s the same anons who post her normal ass tweets and try to make milk out of nothing like these >>1580013 >>1574678

No. 1585232

Lmao girl it’s literally lighting, when you take selfies obviously you can see in your screen what is flattering or not, if it’s candid you can be caught in some overhead/harsh lighting situation which obviously doesn’t affect just women, but anyone will use that as an excuse to say someone is “not pretty” which is honestly ugly. There’s a clear picture of her in the thread subject, you can tell she has a bump in her nose like almost everyone, and youthful looking fat in her face. In some lighting those things can look different but most people know you can just turn more lights on, it’s not the person’s fault. If you were on a date with a girl and the lighting wasn’t the best, would you say something or actually enjoy her for who she is and know you’re in the same damn lighting so your personality better shine too? If you heard goiter pull something like that, would you not laugh at his dumb ass? Don’t be like him that’s all I’m saying. Or do, but admit you’re basically a Sydney.

No. 1585235

Uh that literally has always meant he is going to get her on drugs, that is all he is known to enjoy. You guys can shit on her all you want but that is exactly what goiter wants, some us vs. them psychological bullshit to mess up her mind with, exactly like he did with Taylor and Sydney. The more Sydney posts here pretending to be two different exes and a “home (intentional space) girl”, the more goiter has to leverage and that’s all he can do. I wouldn’t be surprised if the people insulting her are goiter’s friends.

No. 1585250

>she has a bump in her nose like almost everyone
Major cope, lmfao
>and youthful looking fat in her face
Yeah, all in her lower half of her face in the jowl area.

No. 1585255

anon who call Syd “Sydney” is the only posting in this thread lol
nobody cares about Layla, shes clearly fucked up enough to be with BBP. nobody is better than other, they all should have known better.

No. 1585291

You’re gonna get hi cowed for this but yeah anons are bored and reaching far.

No. 1585342

File: 1657521089290.jpeg (982.44 KB, 1145x2074, 5D42AD3B-E507-49B4-B547-6FE6C3…)

So is the next court date on Wednesday or

No. 1585346

File: 1657522162602.png (1.59 MB, 1170x2532, BDA897E3-E076-4EE5-BEEF-A49F18…)

Movie hopping Sunday = broke and age 15 mentally. Tell us more about all the money you have, BBP.

No. 1585372

Court stuff

No. 1585492


I'm with >>1585191 what is this cult mentality of hating on women who had c-sections.

If I was giving birth I would scream until they knocked me tf out and c-sectioned. Fuck that.

No. 1585542

Yeah not to blog but as an emergency c section mom, I woulda much rather pushed my kid out of my vag and been sore down there for a week than have to recover from major surgery while trying to care for a newborn.

No. 1585552

What other guy is a woman beater?

No. 1585553

File: 1657551334767.jpeg (151.36 KB, 482x805, 1B1AC1E1-27AC-421F-B512-F734B6…)

They r at the movies “movie hopping” rn how cute couple goals 4L

No. 1585561

that’s a normal thing to do in your thirties, totally normal
what a success story Jonny’s comeback has been

No. 1585562

She does bahahaha

They can name their future and probably eventual baby Trailer Skidmark.

No. 1585581

Would you rather him spending the night shooting up? I think it’s nice seeing him do relatively normal things that aren’t getting wasted/partying.

No. 1585618

Movie hopping in your thirties isn't normal… it's what 14 year olds do to act cool and fit in.
Also, I feel like this thrill seeking attempt(?) Just comes across as hes broke as fuck.
Definitely says 'grown man changing his life around'

No. 1585633

Unfortunately, I can’t answer honestly or I’d catch a ban for a-logging.

No. 1585636

yes, the only two options a thirty-six-year-old man has for an evening’s entertainment are shooting up and movie-hopping like a middle schooler
things like “seeing one of his children” or “spending time with friends” are right out, apparently

No. 1585724

Probably another reason he needs to hang out with little girls is because he’s mentally a child as well. No grown ass woman would look at him and say they respect that.

No. 1585749

File: 1657564301334.jpeg (208.33 KB, 1080x1350, signal-2022-07-11-192951_001.j…)

No. 1585751


Yup I can confirm, it's impossible to access a movie theater whilst high. lol never give old Goiter the benifit of the doubt

No. 1585782

Yes sneaking into the new Minions movie is such a normal adult thing to do. Honestly I feel like it would be more normal for him to be shooting up

No. 1585978

File: 1657575891749.png (3.81 MB, 1284x2778, 731D0ABD-8D23-423B-B5DA-48FE11…)

They’re talking while lanya is there yikes

No. 1585990

Clearly it’s a friendly exchange if he’s posting it for Layna to see.

No. 1586014


Guess he’s talking about Sublocade?

No. 1586021

Still a bit weird of him to update her contact photo with such a recent pic idk, that means either she sent it to him or he was scrolling around on her ig looking at her pics lol

No. 1586025

that or vivitrol is my guess

No. 1586026

Newer iphones let users upload their own contact photo as a default, don't think too much about it.

No. 1586034

way to admit she was never clean

No. 1586057

aww BBP is thirsty

No. 1586061

Just based on that screenshot it kind of looks like she reached out to him first, with the “just wanted to let you know about the shot!”

No. 1586070

The guy syd was cheating with and apparently also totaled the car of. His actual gf came here and posted receipts and pictures of the bruising all over her face from him. I really hope she’s ok now, but literally if it wasn’t goiter putting his hands on syd she would only choose another man who openly hits women. If I remember correctly the gf at the time had publicly posted about his abuse so she knew.


No. 1586129

File: 1657590147746.jpeg (179.56 KB, 828x1470, 042F9E07-B671-4E1E-9C19-26BA21…)

Goitre getting a hideous tat. He really thinks he’s so special “the One” lol. Vomiting in my mouth.

No. 1586152

Big yikes

No. 1586156

File: 1657594199168.png (8.62 MB, 1284x2778, 7AF1645C-61E7-4BA2-9325-4E01F4…)

that’s so awkward bringing someone to your tattoo appointment especially your significant other

No. 1586164

can't wait for the skid meltdown

No. 1586170

Her hair looks really thin and damaged here

No. 1586177

This is pretty normal. Although usually when I do it we’re both getting work done at the same appointment lol not one of us facing completely away watching a movie

No. 1586180

lol when I was 17 I went with my boyfriend to watch him get a tattoo done. Johnny is just so immature I don't know how any woman could stand being with him. Of course he thought this is what she'd be into.

No. 1586184

Is this not the dude syd cheated on Jonny with?

No. 1586209

Haha I was thinking the same thing. Exact look alike.

No. 1586221

he must be nauseous looking at that cracked screen all day

No. 1586223

File: 1657603896581.jpeg (184.55 KB, 327x707, 9F4E74C1-047D-4D09-BF23-E4577C…)

No. 1586233

File: 1657605139257.png (10.83 MB, 1170x2532, FE0D6A46-8589-4607-9B14-8F6C00…)

Home girl must hate speaking to goiter, she’s always on her phone.

No. 1586254

Kek high roller can't afford a $60 screen repair?

Imagine replacing your heroin addiction with a low effort egirl addiction. All his money must go on flying her out, she's a pretty low end sugar baby to settle for comic books and movie tickets though.

No. 1586257

She’s literally only there for the comics that’s actually so fucking funny lmao

No. 1586261

File: 1657610971833.jpeg (149.51 KB, 873x789, 3F7E2422-43BD-4CDC-92BA-69760A…)

Is he more Smashmouth singer or guy fieri, having a vagina makes me face blind to men like that

No. 1586262

File: 1657611122141.png (1.63 MB, 750x1334, 45F67179-1CE8-4059-AC31-875CF3…)

Umm is this the day storm od on fent? When she left for the store?

No. 1586263

File: 1657611248805.png (970.34 KB, 750x1334, 6B85E9E9-CFEA-48BB-AFC8-852082…)


No. 1586269

Jfc her eyebrows are terrifying no matter what state they're in

No. 1586270

>had to care for a newborn while recovering from major surgery

Anon where tf was your husband or Mom? I could never let a loved one suffer like that

No. 1586287

File: 1657615330788.jpg (137.2 KB, 600x600, 5df1e4e52c32010ac28dd1b6-large…)

thought big goit was wearing one of these at first kek

No. 1586294

Seriously and since she’s in Canada flights are even more expensive.

No. 1586319

Neither. His hair looks like he's going for some stupid anime kid look

No. 1586323


You mean to tell me they grew back once already and she shaved them off to little nubs again? She could’ve had a clean slate and yet chose to have Rottweiler brows a second time??

No. 1586341


No. 1586342

The financial situation is interesting.

His out goings must be higher than his income.

Outgoing: Lawyers, legal fees, rent, child support, fake designer, bad tattoos, food, drugs, alcohol, debt, loans etc

Income: Twitch, royalties, features. (probably not alot)

He's never flexing from exotic locations or any assets of real value.

No. 1586350

Well he doesn't pay for half of your "outgoing" list since public defenders are free, and he doesn't drink or do drugs anymore, and has nothing that requires a loan. We don't even know if he's in debt. Major ridiculous tinfoil.

Ntayrt, but not every new mom has parents or a husband/ bf/ partner. Some women do it on their own and don't need your invasive questions.

No. 1586358

File: 1657629318238.jpg (31.07 KB, 600x940, 700.jpg)


That's some really retarded logic. It's "tinfoil" to someone else to speculate, but it isn't "tinfoil" when you speculate the contrary.

Also imagine believing old Goiter that he's sober for the billionth time. lol

You'd be perfect for his next GF. Gullible and retarded. And you believe that a washed up scene junkie is doing well surviving off 1/6 royalties and that he isn't on drugs/drink. Send him a DM maybe?

No. 1586405


That’s what I have been thinking. He’s always flexing that he’s so wealthy, but he has never shown to have any assets (real estate, shares, placements, etc.).

This lead me to think he lives “paycheque to paycheque” blowing all of his of his rather small royalties on vapes, rent, flights and fake designer crap.

No. 1586417

This would explain the over reaching in his attempt to appear rich. If he really had it, he wouldn't need to remind people every 30 seconds on the internet.

My tinfoil is that there is credit card debt from the touring/drug days. You don't make bank being 1/6th of a couple of niche bands. Maybe a few inheritances has kept him afloat. My guess is he finances/borrows alot of the things he has.

No. 1586423

Jonny, it's okay to be under the poverty line. Maybe take up a trade and become a role model for your kids? Rather than acting cringey gangsta on social media?

No. 1586460

At work.. they were as supportive as they could be but unfortunately dads don’t get more than a couple days off for paternity leave and my mom is the only income in her household. Apologies for blog just felt the need to explain.

No. 1586462

Wasn’t it mentioned quite awhile ago that jonnys dad works for an airline and he gets free tickets? I swear I saw that somewhere. Wanna say it was right after the tnd split.

No. 1586476

No it was before storms first birthday because he was 10 months old. I believe it was May 2021
I think he has money but he spends it on dumb shit/doesn’t save and it’s a lot less than he makes it seem. it’s super telling that he had to live with skid after they broke up until he found a roommate. Sombody posted an email a while ago where you could see his rent amount, it was a couple hundred over 2000$, so I assume he can’t afford that by himself, even now that’s he’s “sober”. I mean it makes sense when all he has is music/merch/features to make money off of.

No. 1586503

If he flies her out enough maybe it will wear her down and she'll just move in. I think that's what he's hoping for

No. 1586597

>>1586263 syd has thumbs for toes and its always freaked me out

No. 1586870

Is Sacramento better than the Canadian shit hole she is from

No. 1586872

She’s from Edmonton so they’re probably about similar. Edmontons a way bigger city though.

No. 1586966

Edmonton has some of the worst weather in Canada aside from Murderpeg (Winnipeg) and the far east coast, they get like 2 weeks of summer weather right now (but with the added bonus of mosquito and black fly swarms) and the rest of the year is dark, cold and frigid. I could see her, or anyone for that matter, wanting to stay in California long term.

No. 1586973

Sacramento is kind of a shithole itself. Not to say it doesn’t have its qualities but definitely not living the California dream in sac kek

But I idk much about Canada or the town she is from.

No. 1587014

kek at canadians calling one of the safest countries in the world's cities "murderpeg"

No. 1587017

Sorry we don't have school shootings on the daily here, but by capita Winnipeg has the most murders than any other Canadian city. And it was a joke Anon, it's how most Canadians refer to Winnipeg.

No. 1587064

People call edmonton “Stabmonton” because of the abnormal amount of stabbings that happen; don’t get your panties in a twist.

No. 1587077

A Canadian apologizing “for not having school shootings on the daily” is funny, you are forgiven.

No. 1587377

Anyone know what was going on today that Skidmark was dreading?

No. 1587383

Her general existence?

No. 1587436

File: 1657744348803.png (1.01 MB, 750x1334, 4CA538FC-D93C-41D7-8176-E0E3D0…)

She posted this video 2 hours ago, it’s not worth uploading so I’ll transcribe:

wet lip smack “in 5 hours… shit’s gon’ suck”

No. 1587438

Wondered the same, but both her and Jonny’s next court dates for drugging their choild are 8/15 so who knows

No. 1587486

Like that was such a clear loud obnoxious lip smack that I almost feel like she did it on purpose so we would post her here haha perhaps we’re posting about Big Boi and Wiggle too much and Skid is wanting attention

No. 1587493

I was wondering if she’d slowly phase out of the threads but remembered goiter has to deal with her for the next 18 years through storm so she’s here to stay and I sort of love that.

No. 1588023


Big Boi Goiter ft. Yung Wiggle and lilskid

he raps about how he is totally not poor, and the girls will do auto-tune renditions of their insta story rants/tweets

No. 1588184

Probably court and/or Goiter related. They have court tomorrow at 9am. BBP is probably staying in SCC until tomorrow.

No. 1588210

Is it tomorrow? Someone up thread said it was August 15, not July. I’m not sure how/where to look court things up

No. 1588244

Yawn. It’s not tomorrow, you are not kissing anything.

No. 1588626

File: 1657886403304.jpeg (164.67 KB, 1080x1408, signal-2022-07-15-125635.jpeg)

I wonder if the all sexual abuse allegations where "soft" or "hard" pimpin'?

No. 1588827

File: 1657909976299.jpeg (232.94 KB, 828x1387, AA3C0438-6D44-470D-B2E2-4890DC…)

Wonder if Lyana has been “feeling yucky”lately since being with her bf because he obsesses over Ana d Armas and is already starting with breaking her self esteem down making her feel less than or if it’s she stands in the same bathroom mirror taking selfies that skid took booty selfies in.kek

No. 1588902

Classic love bombing before he ruins her life too! Enjoy it while it lasts, boo, I’ve seen it with literally all his ex’s

No. 1588911

Or could it be all the lolcow posts calling her ugly.

No. 1588945

File: 1657919708529.jpeg (50 KB, 1284x298, 497FD6C8-4835-4959-BE82-727129…)

Forgot to post this but for the anons who were curious about what Syd was talking about on Wednesday.

Wonder how that parenting class went

No. 1588975

Well, kiddo, you're looking yucky recently too. Those meager fruit plates aren't staving off the alcohol bloat in your face and your body is starting to go the same way. We can tell because you wear three outfits on rotation. The solution? Get far, far away from Jonny Crap, it's been proven time and time again that the longer someone is in proximity to him, the faster they go downhill, and with a face like yours, you need all the help you can get.

No. 1588988

File: 1657924290189.jpeg (79.34 KB, 500x505, 5D58FBB2-AEDB-4DB5-AD1B-B05AB6…)

Oh goody I’m just in time for the layna is ugly vs layna is beautiful loop again.

No. 1588991

Some anons itt are very giddy to try and convince us a pretty girl is “homely” for some reason.

No. 1588994

I wish mods would just show us all of Sid's posts. It would make everything so much more entertaining. Also, mom said it was my turn to say Layna's cute.

No. 1588999

Subjective opinion, dismissed

No. 1589028

File: 1657928089593.jpeg (352.29 KB, 1284x2282, 5A8FCAF7-F698-4FAA-8D7F-338240…)

Does he have daintier feet than syd orrrr…
probably gets his shoes from the kids section at Nike

No. 1589031

Just a thought but if they’ve never revealed her post history its most likely because she’s never actually posted here. Mods called Athena out SO FAST for self posting, there’s no reason they wouldn’t do the same to syd if they knew it was her. And I don’t think she’s smart enough to even know what a vpn is.

No. 1589048

File: 1657930023306.png (2.93 MB, 1170x2532, 09655F55-A449-44F5-A6D2-960DCA…)

He did the same thing for “Sidney” lmao. The man is dead inside.

No. 1589075

I thought he did but I didn’t want to say anything omg that is hilarious!!!! Goiter is soo original. Haha

No. 1589077

Wow was this in an old post or still on her page?

No. 1589111

File: 1657933724284.png (597.89 KB, 1080x1133, Screenshot_20220715-163826.png)

Just gonna leave this here…

No. 1589124

Anyone see in the TND thread how she admitted her and jc never stopped contact?

No. 1589152

They called Athena out so fast because she was dumb enough to post a screenshot that was clearly from her own twitter account. They haven’t revealed Syd’s because there’s no way to identify if Syd has posted unless she did something like that. So I’m sure she’s posted but they can’t label hers without knowing for sure.

Parenting class? Where does it say class? It just says “co parenting” period. Maybe they had to be at the same place with each other for something related to Storm. Maybe grandma wanted to tell them something or maybe a doctors appt or something? I’m sure he’s exaggerating by calling it “parenting” lol

No. 1589166

Lmao mods don’t need someone to out themselves to know if they’re self posting. Go lurk creepshowart and which ever thread emzotic got outed in. If she was consistently posting as much as she gets hi cowed here mods probably would’ve recognized her but there’s not been a single post labeled as hers in three years, go off tho.

No. 1589211

Athena is also a buck-toothed retard who filmed herself talking trash about lolcow whilst literally (and drunkenly) taking a shit, thus proving why she was ever mentioned here to begin with. She should not be mentioned again, she’s a try-hard pick me loser who was butt hurt that fat boy actually didn’t want to fuck HER. Which is funny in itself.

No. 1589227

parenting classes are routinely ordered for people who have their kids taken away

No. 1589243

Funny as fuck she lives in his city/state and he could’ve been fucking her for free for however many months but he chose to fly someone else in instead.

No. 1589249

“Maybe grandma wanted to tell them something” so she called a summit called “co-parenting” instead of using a telephone? Or the internet???

No. 1589546

I swear, half the people on here are 13

No. 1589556

No. 1589564

Kek even Jonny knows she's riddled with STDs

No. 1589593

Literally >>1589077
“Is this still on her page” well considering the fact it’s a story and stays up for a single day, no it’s probably not. How can you even use lolcow and not know how instagram works lmao?

No. 1589650

Okay well maybe I gave a poor example but I still don’t see why him saying they are “co-parenting” means a class

No. 1589707

Probably mediation. Which is common in custody cases.

No. 1589862

This thread is such a train wreck >>1581744 mentioned the parenting classes Johnny referred to in a video. It’s a shame people aren’t archiving the milk and are simply referencing it in passing because it’s obvious not everyone is following along and it leads to >>1589152 , >>1589249 & >>1589650

No. 1589880

Lmao you serious who the hell wants to archive this most people just want to laugh we are not logging their locations or whatever, nothing at all happened

No. 1589881

You’re right, this thread is a mess. Hence why whenever people start speculating about whether his new girlfriend is home or at his place, ugly or pretty, etc etc I tend to skim over it because it’s so boring. Sorry that caused me to miss the only time a co parenting class was mentioned lol. Anyway moving on

No. 1589885

File: 1658034992793.jpeg (119.85 KB, 685x845, 1F07DF27-4602-47AB-BC67-A232B9…)

nothing like a man in his late 30’s wearing a hot topic choker

No. 1590000

Do you understand where you are? Milk is archived so speculation can be kept to a minimum and what is discussed is reality and not absurd fanfic. Johnny discussing court mandated co-parenting classes with Sydney is milk.

No. 1590461

screaming, where's the OG pic?

No. 1590531

File: 1658115642549.jpeg (338 KB, 828x1459, ECA045FD-78A5-40AD-A484-4109FF…)

The cartoon Jonny tattoo on full display really pulls this pic together.

No. 1590669

I think it’s so weird that she won’t admit she doesn’t have her child. It’s so obvious from everything she posts.

No. 1590673


People who are REALLY INTO Nightmare Before Christmas and Disney (like enough to get a tattoo) are so cringey.

No. 1590792


She looks like one of the Millionaires girls from the late 2000’s/early 2010’s and I mean that in the most disrespectful way possible.

No. 1590806

Goiter, Layna and Co set off fireworks last night. Seriously acting like 15 year olds.

No. 1590945

when the psychotic bm is glowing more than taylor

No. 1591018

The Layna compliments are getting to her so she has to compliment herself lmao.

No. 1591036

File: 1658181370469.jpeg (819.92 KB, 1284x2080, 1C887F2A-260C-471F-84C2-8C77DF…)


No. 1591038

Just creeped this cow-tipping retard, they need to off them self.

No. 1591040

It looks like they tweet at her a lot

No. 1591043

They’ve tweeted at Layna 9 times. Cow-tipping farmer or SydSoPsycho.

No. 1591273

Pitiful syd. Sydsopitiful.

No. 1591346

Clearly a farmer. I get that SydNeedy is in here so much that she's considered a farmer, but anons, not every post that is petty or centered around Wiggie's looks is SydNeedy.

No. 1591356

Agreed but it would be quite funny if Syd created a burner account called “TND Fan”

No. 1591440

A sagey personal rant here, funny how the standard for these girls is an known abuser with 0% personality just cus he copied craig david on a mathcore album back in 2008.

That's like dating Ted Bundy cus he has a cool model car collection.

No. 1591472

This is so accurate.

No. 1591515

File: 1658233782273.png (8.8 MB, 1284x2778, 7CD2B6B5-F226-4E2B-8F44-F76E41…)


No. 1591532

Is this supposed to be a response to the fact he did the same thing for Syd? If so then wow she really thinks she did something there lmao. She’s awfully proud to be bumming around his pig sty of an apartment for weeks on end. Apparently she’s not putting that maid outfit to good use. Really don’t understand how she’s not embarrassed/ disgusted with herself for stooping this low. Gotta have severe issues to still be attracted to jc after spending more than a couple days with him.

No. 1591535

Also did she cover his face on purpose because she knows deep down he’s ugly af?

No. 1591560

besides the mirror message, I’d be so embarrassed to post this. it really showcases the bare closet, crusty towel, soap out of the dish, toothpaste on the counter and mirror, cans and bottle (beer?) on the counter, and obviously the sink is probably disgusting and dirty since there’s draino on the counter. just filthy

No. 1591575

File: 1658238974789.jpeg (284.49 KB, 476x803, 5F62D272-1559-4BEB-8A01-486990…)

Bathroom’s still nasty but that’s (n/a) ginger beer. Can’t find the exact bottle but it looks like Reed’s

No. 1591593

I was thinking he saw how ugly he looked and made her cover his face, because she didn’t use the coveted “bad cats” filter of course

No. 1591596

She's lowering her head and still almost as tall as him

No. 1591616

Of course all he has in his bathroom is Draino and foot powder. Do Layna's bangs start in the middle of her head?

No. 1591626

That sink looks GRIMEY grimey even with the filter. I guess nothing gets cleaned if Dillon's girlfriend doesn't scrub it.

No. 1591636

The amount of fucking cans and bottles all around the bathroom… Even if it's not alcohol, it's gross as fuck

No. 1591701

No excuse but pure laziness if he’s legitimately sober.

No. 1591723

File: 1658254838832.jpeg (279.94 KB, 1284x2778, 34DBA917-5F21-4364-AFA9-15E87D…)

for you <3 (but seriously why is a 30y/o man in a dog collar)

No. 1591727

File: 1658255300838.png (403.7 KB, 459x699, Untitled.png)

No. 1591757

wdym, he is clearly a total goth daddy here! the white hoodie and baseball cap scream "goth", the wrinkled face screams "old dad"

No. 1591762

Spiderhead is staying with him right now so I’d assume that’s his honestly and JC put it on as a joke.

No. 1591801

File: 1658263700401.jpg (302.43 KB, 1080x1238, Screenshot_20220719-214326.jpg)

Looks like Kim Jung Goiter is have a peace summit with the mayor of spooky town and some guy they pay to avoid being called racist

No. 1591813

He looks like he's wearing geisha paint on his face. And get rid of the fucking baby bangs and rapist cop mustache already, JFC.

No. 1591821

Mayer of spooky town. I can’t

No. 1591822

It's giving bottom.. probably wears it while they peg him

No. 1591828

File: 1658266956315.png (399.19 KB, 1080x1156, Screenshot_20220719-143909.png)

BBG so not pressed, gotta let everyone know how not pressed he is

No. 1591829

Has he always talked with this utter retardation?

No. 1591844

Sadly yes. Early DGD lyrics for example.
Recently he's been on the following platitudes:
- Double negatives (don't let nothin' etc) and "hood" talk.
- Using the prepetual: "big things coming, working on myself" statements etc etc.
- Telling everyone how little he cares about stuff without being prompted. Proving the contrary.

No. 1591849

Layna post your LV bag.

No. 1591855

Literally couldn’t tell whose baby bangs you were downing, from this distance the giant spider web on the spooky mayor legitimately looks like blonde baby bangs.

Goiter looks like the worlds fattest toddler in a sunhat.

No. 1591891

Haha I see it

No. 1591897

File: 1658273054377.jpeg (20.37 KB, 310x163, 3BD00EAE-A949-4151-8370-5AB4BE…)

BBP giving real Mr. Feeny from Boy Meets World in this photo

No. 1591907


No. 1591908


No. 1592047

Wow. I’m the one who asked, I just can’t believe it goes back that far. It’s so bizarre to me bc none of his former bandmates seem to speak like this so I was curious if it was like… a learned behavior from someone close or something.

Although… I guess he also could have learned it from his junkie dealers too, that makes more sense haha. Hey fatboy drop your black act, you’re allegedly sober now and people might just might respect you a tiny bit more if you stop acting like a fucking white girl with dreads. Attempt to speak intelligently, imagine!

No. 1592049

Same anon but I just laughed bc Layna is actually starting to talk like that a bit too kek. Not a good lewk babe.

No. 1592303

The psychological term is Code-switching or Bilateral Speech Conversion. It's similar to a defensive mechanism in the wild in order to "blend in". Similar to how people mimic accents when they move somewhere. The question is… why convert to "street" language when on social media? In interviews he doesn't put on this act.

No. 1592583

trying to appeal to zoomers with Gen Z's version of AAVE

No. 1592591

Good point. Strange market to aim for when he could be making nostalgia bucks off the emo kids who don't know he's a smelly old Goiter yet.

No. 1593142

Took a listen to the music of the new addition to the goiter family. He’s singing about taking opiates. Seems like sober boy is hanging in the right environment it to relapse kek.

No. 1593402

File: 1658421940697.jpeg (197.99 KB, 992x1600, signal-2022-07-21-174510.jpeg)

what's true? that you're a cunt?

No. 1593418

It literally costs nothing to brush your tongue.

No. 1593432

Lord of the thrush

No. 1593521

EW Layna lets that tongue touch her!!!! WILLINGLY!!!!

No. 1593586

File: 1658432377274.jpg (64.63 KB, 640x1138, 295091228_577829100406705_4839…)

How pathetic that Syd posts BBP's zodiac story after her own. Get over him girl, quit obsessing.

No. 1594032

LOL. She’s so fucking wacky. Syd, he broke up with you like 8 months ago and has a new girlfriend, stop reading his horoscope!

No. 1594555

Or at least if your going to read it, don’t embarrass yourself by posting it. Like I get we all sometimes do weird shit when dealing with a break up but normal people do it in the privacy of their own head

No. 1594658

This sounds like any drug addict though.

No. 1594766

I hope they get back together soon. Anyone wanna place bets?

No. 1594775

imo Jonny would NEVER get back with her because she cheated on him. I think it’s clear he wants nothing to do with skid and probably won’t ever again, it seems like he hates her.

No. 1594915

Wishful thinking Syd.

No. 1594957

File: 1658542276582.jpeg (684.42 KB, 1170x1846, E16EA34A-395A-4AC5-B47D-2526AC…)


No. 1594977

File: 1658543300941.png (4.82 MB, 1284x2778, C52F7239-0233-4A3C-95D1-0519B2…)

she finally did it

No. 1594980

Sorry but whoever this Celeste person is, is the clown. Yes I understand we talk about them here but constantly replying to them on twitter or messaging them or commenting on IG is just pathetic. It accomplishes nothing. But really I still think this might be Athena herself since she can’t help inserting herself or it’s Syd. Because who would care this much to keep writing these tweets?

No. 1594981

Awww poor thing wasn’t getting enough attention on this thread anymore

No. 1594988

I doubt Syd would make an account titled TND fan but I could imagine it being Athena. I mean who cares that they were humping before Layna was in the picture other than Athena herself. Or could be a total random with too much time on their hands.

No. 1594989

Ew. Imagine willingly typing out the phrase “JC’s cock <3”.

No. 1594992

same anon but I can’t believe I just typed that phrase out… EW. EW.

No. 1595105

File: 1658554965272.png (1.13 MB, 1284x2778, 0FA21351-79FD-4BCC-A1C3-A71CD4…)

“big butt little frame” she’s shaped like a refrigerator what does she mean

No. 1595119

"tattooed and pierced"
Jesus, does that scratch art on her wrists even count as being considered as such? She's perpetually fifteen. I feel bad for Syd and her remaining brain cells

No. 1595148

Sydney just write your stupid fucking height in numbers. Maybe that you’re involved in ongoing litigation, someone has to have a fetish for a little bitch with a lot of paperwork and potential travel restrictions for attempted child murder. I would encourage her to lie to porn consumers by claiming milf status, but since she doesn’t have custody she could sexualize being “pretty much a baby sitter” and leave out the time restriction and that she requires another legally appointed and responsible witness to baby sit her during what is referred to as a visitation. If stock photo of black roses is what she’s taking up her best advertising space with after talking about this for what feels like way too long for such a bad decision right in the middle of a custody battle, can’t wait to see what she will replace it with once she really gets her shit together. Edge of my seat.

No. 1595159

I doubt someone would openly state their sexual health on their instagram, and then make a twitter to talk about how dirty someone is for hooking up with them, in third person. Stating that “Athena posted it herself first openly” sounds like an excuse to redistribute the personal information through public harassment. Literally no one gives a fuck who these people are besides Sydney, not even their son.

Imagine your mom trying to convince the world your dad has herpes with a fake fan account of his previous girlfriend, all so his new girlfriend will break up with him because Sydney is the only one who will fight through the herpes for him.

No. 1595164

Her entire tiktok is just her eye fucking herself and miming to lame rap songs, she’s even more narc than any of his exes. Peak cringe.

No. 1595189

Anyone catch her live on IG?

No. 1595193

Yes it was massively boring. Basically just her and Meghan giggling like crazy over nothing/inside jokes. One person asked if she was high (she was acting stoned off her gourd) and she got really mad and said things like "why do you think I'm high, can't I just laugh with my best friend?" and "we're not all Jonny Craig, THANK GOD." Nothing of actual interest happened during the live though, at least not in the 30 mins I saw

No. 1595265

File: 1658578244732.jpeg (1.41 MB, 1170x2213, 8AA9BB13-F5B0-4BCA-B014-42CE81…)

No. 1595270

Ew wtf is going on with her face. Why would she post this?

No. 1595326

Looks like a sun burn+scrunching her nose.

No. 1595341

I wonder what kind of content she’s going to post. Syd, OF isn’t for your shitty makeup tutorials.

No. 1595354

Looks like a massive pink eye to me in addition to the rash or whatever

No. 1595371

Maybe she rubbed her eyes after touching the dildo she uses to peg Big Boy

No. 1595377

Her OF is her massive nipples and just a bunch of her ass and her acting like she's touching herself. 90% of it is just pictures of her ass, it's like soft porn where it's not interesting

No. 1595430

Screenshots?? Thanks for reporting either way !

No. 1595469

15 bucks a month for ass shots? Someone is high

No. 1595490

Ew she doesnt even have that great of an ass… she truly has nothing to offer even for OF. Poor syd

No. 1595625

I have screenshots but I wasn't sure on the rules of posting someone's OF content

No. 1595627

Also she just posted a 20 second video of her sprawled out and pulls up this skirt thing where you can kinda see her kitty and she's rubbing it

No. 1595630

Shayna’s thread always posts it just fine so I’d say it’s okay

No. 1595638

File: 1658611831337.png (Spoiler Image, 1.51 MB, 1439x2015, Screenshot_20220723-172923.png)

No. 1595640

File: 1658611859706.png (Spoiler Image, 2.05 MB, 1440x801, Screenshot_20220723-173016.png)

No. 1595645

Are you delusional? Syd is a BPD retard and a fool but that is a peach. PLEASE stop nitpicking.

No. 1595646

File: 1658612013684.png (Spoiler Image, 2.49 MB, 1440x1274, Screenshot_20220723-173343.png)

No. 1595647

Don't make me hi cow

No. 1595650

Sorry! I felt like she was bending the spine a lot at first but you’re right, my b.

No. 1595651

Spoiler this shit you inbred fuck. You have time to delete

No. 1595662

wow no wonder it took her so long to start posting. this is depressing

No. 1595679

She really lost it. “UMM NO ARE YOU HIGH?!? you probably won’t answer because you’re a b-“ fake smile

She said “dammed if you do dammed if you dont” and mentioned how she can’t win because she is either high due to fat heroin fingers or too depressing.

I didn’t have enough storage to screen record it

No. 1595709

File: 1658616275304.jpeg (70.07 KB, 661x500, 1611254216366.jpeg)

No. 1595710

Kek thank you I was waiting for this

No. 1595723

I could have gone my whole life without seeing syd’s salami nipples

No. 1595727


I am in fucking awe because these are exactly like Luna's kek

I really don't feel like vomiting right now but a side by side comparison would be nice for Syd to see the next time she lurks

No. 1595736

was literally about to type i think it's athena's
bucktoothed ass

No. 1595751

bro what the fuck. ok this is NOT COOL. i don't care how much of a bpd deadbeat mom retard psychopath Sydney is. this crosses the line, this is so wrong, this is super cruel and unfair and violating to THE ANONS who lurk here…. why would you burn our fkn eyes like this, i was eating

No. 1595754

Why are her nipples so weird but her boobs aren’t even big does that happen when you have a child

No. 1595757

this pic itself making me go workout now. this is what happens when you don't take care of yourself and instead spend all day doomscrolling lolcow and making fake accounts to win your ex back

No. 1595758

File: 1658618866115.jpg (Spoiler Image, 143.1 KB, 1078x538, Bigerolas.jpg)

No. 1595759

it’s not just from having a child, trust me. but I’m sure it didn’t help.

goddamn, imagine ruining your body like this for a baby you didn’t even keep.

No. 1595760

No shame to people with big nips but I am just flabbergasted right now. I was not expecting this lol. “I’m syd so smol except for my massive nips of course!”

No. 1595763