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File: 1661371928152.jpg (241.36 KB, 1150x648, IMG_2250.JPG)

No. 1624647

Katherine McMahon, also known online as Katherine Harlow, the Madame Blush, and the Park Avenue Pinup, is a 24 year old scam artist in NYC who forfeited the college education granted to her by her decently successful family to LARP as a disabled, autistic, downtrodden, salt-of-the-earth in her endless sage wisdom sex worker. Whenever she feels like pretending to have a job, she can be seen performing burlesque in her signature sweat stained, ill-fitting, tacky glue and rhinestone underwear. She is truly one of the best costumers in burlesque. When she isn't performing, which she usually isn't, she can be found offering her "luxury" services as a financial dominatrix on Twitter. Survival sex workers speaking about their personal experience with assault beware (!), as she is seemingly only 'in community' with a single dead, trans, black woman who never truly knew her, and is now too dead to tell poisonous bird women online to stop using her name and image for ally points.

Recent milk:

> The crazy ol gal actually does it and gets two scratchy lines tattooed down her legs to look like “stockings” >>1559950 >>1561774

> After anons discovered her moid’s second girlfriend in the previous thread, she starts calling him daddy again and skinwalking her competition to try and keep her only source of income >>1561194 >>1574182 >>1597387
> Nonas delight in her ever-shrinking head >>1577198
> Kathy continues her crusade against her “abusers” >>1580397 >>1589115 >>1607610 and “stalkers” by actually “doxxing” a nurse in CA >>1590953 more than anyone has ever done to her >>1603771
> Our beloved “ACAB uplift black queens listen to queer voices anti-capitalist” seems to have lost her morals by advocating for civil and criminal action on her abusers >>1592557 and calling a woman on twitter a dyke as an insult >>1601328
> Despite her 3 absentee finsubs 0 booked gigs, and spending all her money on weed, Kathy somehow winds up low on rent! Again! Anon sums up what we’re all thinking >>1601340
> Got lunch (A single pastry shared between them) with her burlesque mentor >>1620452 and begs it to be sub-funded >>1618677
> Wears actual hardware as a collar >>1620301 >>1620393
> Spergs about how much she hates burlesque >>1618855 >>1618867
> Continues to pick fights with random finsubs and doms on twitter

Active links:
https://instagram.com/theparkavenuepinup (currently private)
https://instagram.com/parkavenuepinup (currently private)

Museum of Sex lawsuit info:

thread 1 >>1259829
2 >>1299249
3 >>1348150
4 >>1405537
5 >>1456358
6 >>1508644
7 >>1556689

No. 1624648

first thread nonas, let me know if it's shit. this was my 3rd time trying to upload it.

No. 1624671

I think it's a great thread.

No. 1624759

File: 1661379297334.jpeg (273.43 KB, 1125x664, 0840FABF-56CE-40A6-94CD-046810…)

Kathy this is so depressing why would you post on your twitter that not even your neckbeard wants to touch you

No. 1624824

Good thread well done

No. 1624871

Who is she posing with on the upper left of OP's pic? Is it a client or an ex?

No. 1624873

An ex. I think he was talked about maybe two threads ago? Not exactly sure.

No. 1624875


I thought financial domination didn't involve sex. Is she just talking out her ass again?

No. 1624897

More like she counts it as the same thing lol

No. 1625253

Steven Rise. He’s a NYC “sex worker” (read as: deviant) who is said to be abusive and is an ex of Kathy’s. She truly has exquisite taste.

No. 1626050

He this disgusting ex of hers from a few threads back. Left his dildos out and covered in pet hair. Gross dom scrote. Read the threads nona.

No. 1626052

File: 1661491621879.jpeg (206.3 KB, 1170x672, 7CE5B651-810D-4226-ABB8-F05EA8…)

This is just… so attractive? The bar is on the floor for you? Why would you admit this about your clientele? Also pairs nicely with the strange and sad implication about her sex life.

No. 1626054

File: 1661492038533.jpeg (635.38 KB, 1170x1054, 5AC94E2E-49D7-4195-8A8B-24D0D7…)

Also, Kathy’s been editing her build lately. She’s added “Goddess Who Brings Trans Women Out Of The Closet As A Measure Of Her Worth” to her character sheet.

No. 1626087

File: 1661496698841.png (70.83 KB, 596x282, Screen Shot 2022-08-25 at 11.4…)

No. 1626161

Of course, untreated personality disorder Kathy thinks working with a mentally ill man with a fetish is something special.

No. 1626185

mfw a sexworker's client troons out and she has to pretend to be deeply moved for internet points

No. 1626246

Love how she’s literally just stealing this idea from someone else. Kathy has never had an original thought in her life.

No. 1626272

love that she immediately had to be like oh I'M doing that too I'm totally having a positive influence on my (totally not imaginary) client it's SO REWARDING taking credit for someone else coming out i'm doing ~work~

No. 1626316

This may actually be the one thing on her twitter that actually helps her gain clients. Wait 2 months for the "abusive stalker clients #574" arc.

No. 1626371

And yet she hates actual women.

No. 1626625

rofl maybe thats because transwomen are autogynephilic sissies? did she think of that?
do not tell me that a man paying a prostitute to witness and facilitate his crossdressing adventures is not "becoming a woman" as a fetish!

No. 1626628

File: 1661549022401.png (1.24 MB, 750x1334, 51FEA08D-AC10-42C7-8B44-FF417A…)

She’s actually making progress on a new costume and it looks awful! Also, does it look like she’s getting that tattoo on her wrist removed or is it just blown out and aging very poorly?

No. 1626639

Looks like a corset or bodice missing the cups, held upside down so the "w" is an "m" Hopefully, this one fits her better than the last one. She should try some sort of panniers-style thing for the skirt or shorts to give her more of a shape.
Did we ever find out about her Philadelphia trip?

No. 1626668

Literally, she's a domme and being (pretending to be) "submissive" to a woman is all about the shame of acting submissive to an "inferior" creature, same thing sissies get off on - dressing up and acting as an "inferior" "bimbo" or whatever. Obviously there is crossover between subs and sissies considering the psychology required to be either.

No. 1626710

File: 1661555837242.jpg (77.26 KB, 600x400, bonnet.jpg)

No. 1627465

Is she stealing this story to make herself/her “services” appear benevolent and therapeutic after grifting a few thousand out of a mentally unwell woman and grooming her into hoeing? Or is this for performative kweer community points?
Both, probably. How embarrassing for you, Katherine McMahon.

No. 1627736

File: 1661654588837.jpeg (78.18 KB, 750x1334, 301774576_766729024539163_3862…)

Oh this is just gold. She doesn't know what to do? She should just look back at her previous rants where she calls people that don't speak up about abuse they see enablers and saying they are worse than the abusers themselves. By her own words and fucked up way of thinking she is an enabler and worse than abusers herself.

No. 1627883

Did anyone grab caps from her Friday performance?

No. 1627939

File: 1661666289548.jpeg (409.78 KB, 2340x2532, 7809DA08-17BF-4800-B6DE-C476B9…)

I will upload the videos later but for now here’s some caps. She’s looking as pathetic as ever.

No. 1627951

Is the black tarp what she was working on >>1626628 ? So she wasn’t showing progress and showing us the finished product? How fucking tragic.

No. 1628199

lmao those beige granny undies. such glamour very femme much luxury wow

No. 1628260

Wow, such professional level of craftsmanship! A middle schooler probably could make cleaner and straighter row of whatever plastic crap quality pearls or bedazzle she's thrown together. If I was a seamstress or any kind of professional in the business I wouldn't take her as an apprentice even if she paid me.

No. 1628302

This entire look is cheap and tacky, even for burlesque. The wig is awful, she needs to burn it. The outfit is even worse, but at least she “kinda sorta” made it herself. I’m just amazed that someone so bad at literally everything is so insistent that she’s a superior creature.

No. 1628306

Kek. You can see how crooked the pearls are. That black & white cap is straight-up busted Whatever Happened to Baby Jane.

No. 1628312

Her posture is atrocious. She already looks boring as fuck, and she’s using her teeth on her costume?

No. 1628385

It doesn't even appear to fit at the waist (possibly because of bulky stoned costume underneath?) and the bust-holes (?) look off. She could have put a detail on the waist like a contrast-color sash that she could untie during the show but it would also help that silhouette and look more flattering than…that. It would cost a roll of wide satin ribbon plus a bit of thread to tack it on the sides of the dress, so less than $10 and way less effort than she put into looking bad.

No. 1628416

What the fuck kind of material is this? Glam reusable shopping bags? Luxurious shelf liner?

No. 1628495

Undeniably Baby Jane.

Did she swap the menstrual belt for beige underwear?

No. 1628555

Probably doesn't fit in it anymore kek. Look at her garters barely hanging on

No. 1628911

File: 1661722960540.png (72.77 KB, 591x315, Screen Shot 2022-08-28 at 2.42…)

>financial dominatrix
Pick one

No. 1628916

File: 1661723039875.png (170.85 KB, 598x775, Screen Shot 2022-08-28 at 2.44…)

>most of my stalkers are women
>all of my stalkers are women
Once again, pick one

No. 1628929

another retard who thinks that people laughing at you on an imageboard is equal to 'stalking'.

No. 1628984

This "queer" is so quick to condemn women and defend men. Holy pickme.

No. 1629030

File: 1661728624840.jpeg (65.38 KB, 750x1334, CB65424B-35B8-43AB-B2EC-EF4175…)

Kek not even she can stand the sound of her voice

No. 1629055

She really wants the other farms to pick her up for maximum victim points, doesn’t she? This is the third or fourth time she’s acted like she has been posted there when she hasn’t.

No. 1629069

> I don't know what to do in those situations

Yes you do Kath, humblebrag about how saintly you are on Instagram

No. 1629072

You've seen those giant plastic gem encrusted gloves on her, how else is she supposed to remove them - she has no dexterity while wearing them!

No. 1629078

File: 1661731003611.jpg (572.62 KB, 1125x1722, IMG_3082.jpg)

Imagine my surprise when I clicked through to read this IG post yesterday and found a Kathy in the wild! As I understand it, the guy who made the post has pretty severe CP and uses a wheelchair fulltime. I don't think he had Kathy in mind when he wrote this post!

No. 1629081

File: 1661731067152.png (232.79 KB, 560x703, Screenshot 2022-08-29 at 00.58…)

the post she replied to

No. 1629104

File: 1661732353111.jpg (541.46 KB, 2071x1431, 1624554228052.jpg)

Was just refreshing my memory with first thread kathy milk and im wondering if this is the same dress perhaps modified, or is it just same/similar material? Or am i crazy?

No. 1629110

>>1263297 if this works, here it is originally posted.

No. 1629112

Good eye, Nona! I think it’s the same dress as the material is very similar. I can’t quite figure out if the dress had cups previously but it looks like it did?

No. 1629130

What on earth is happening with her squished tit/underarm here? If not for that, it's one of the better pictures of her.

No. 1629150

File: 1661734492056.jpeg (237.78 KB, 817x1222, 171C0BB5-8A05-452D-83B2-44F90F…)

It’s the same dress from Miss Tosh’s drop ship shop. The overwire Dita bra is the same too. She just butchered both with her “craftsmanship”. Both Kathy and Tosh knocked off Dita once again though in true burlesque fashion. Kathy is saying it’s inspired by Dior’s New Look but really she lifted it directly from Dita.

No. 1629425

They're called cupless bodices and Dita and her minions are wearing her overwire bra… meanwhile Katie can't figure out an overwire bra goes over your tit and instead sags hers so her pasties are coming out the top.
Anons, I'm starting to believe Katie is disabled because of how she simply fails at everything she tries to larp.

No. 1629447

>I'm starting to believe Katie is disabled because of how she simply fails at everything she tries to larp
it's her ~autism~

No. 1629686

Her makeup and styling was always bad but I feel like it’s gotten worse lately? The more of a cow she becomes the worse she seems to be getting at anything she claims to be a master of. It’s really interesting seeing her deteriorate as a person in such a short time!!

No. 1629937

Trying indicates there has been effort put in. Kathy doesn't put effort in. She calls herself a domme and a burlesque performer and assumes the fame and clientele will just appear like magic.

No. 1629985

>that entire tweet.

oof. Stupid Kathy, you can't pretend to be smarter than you are.

No. 1630075

File: 1661806979693.png (77.08 KB, 592x274, Screen Shot 2022-08-29 at 2.02…)

No. 1630110

Love when people do zero research, marilyn passed in suspicious circumstances considering she recently purchased a home she was excited about and was in cahoots with the kennedys (a family so lacking in care and morality they have lobotomised one of their own, and people keep dying in "boat accidents") and I've never heard of someone od-ing because of their endometriosis. She really has to self victimise and project constantly.

No. 1630115

samefag, the documentary marilyn monroe declassified has a lot of info, interviews with people who knew her, dicussion of the autopsy records and such, if anyone wants to be informed and not an idiot like Kathy, but there were strong mob/mafia ties back then with politics and hollywood and of course she was involved with both. The documentary makes it clear everyone who knew her thought it was a suspicious death/a hit, not an overdose


No. 1630147

Both of these retards really just inserted themselves into MM's story because they couldn't be fucked to understand what Bob Mackie was saying.

No. 1630257

Yo Kath, thanks for blatantly verifying that you take way more pills than necessary.

No. 1630360

File: 1661820664810.png (122.36 KB, 593x558, Screen Shot 2022-08-29 at 5.51…)

She will always find a way to make herself a victim. She's now the victim of morning people and people who actually have jobs.

No. 1630363

File: 1661821051638.png (118.46 KB, 494x819, Screen Shot 2022-08-29 at 5.55…)

One post she's celebrating however many years of leaving and going no contact, the next she's e-begging acting like she just left

No. 1630416

Wouldn't people with different schedules have an advantage with the time businesses are open? Unless you're working 12 hour days you have access to shops and stores when they are less crowded because people are working at their 9-5 jobs.
>morning people are insufferable
Not very inclusive, Kathy

No. 1630420

So the queen of disability isn't aware of grocery stores (among other places) having extra morning shopping hours solely for people with disabilities and the elderly? Some activist she is.

No. 1630422

That's too logical for her brain kek

No. 1630424

So Kathy who sits in her apartment all day getting high off of whatever while refusing to get any type of job thinks every place of business should bend to her needs and no one else's. Not like she already lives in a major city with tons of 24hr places or anything. Get a grip.

No. 1630428

File: 1661824957905.png (67.31 KB, 594x254, Screen Shot 2022-08-29 at 7.03…)

New delusion just dropped. She now performs at "luxury sex parties" and gets papped by Vogue photographers.

No. 1630433

If she’s been shot by them where are the photos

No. 1630435

Or maybe she trying to say that Vogue pays shit and she was the victim of an armed robbery? Seems way more likely.

No. 1630450

I am for sure not one of those people, but in her egoism Kath fails to think about the many disabled and autistic people that are morning/9-5 people. I know autistic men who eat basically four foods their whole life but thrive in a structured office environment.

No. 1630453

She did that one lipstick lesbian party? Bitched about people not wearing masks.

and i see Frank's rat dog is "hers" now.

No. 1630461

She did the same with the ex-roommmate’s dog. It’s weird.

No. 1630471

Take a shot every time she lumps neurodivergent, chronically ill, disabled people in with sex workers merely because she claims all those labels. They are not the same thing.

No. 1630476

lipstick lesbians aren’t even allowed. it’s only for no-curious women who ultimately want to go home to a dick at the end of the night.

No. 1630480

Is Kathy trying to say that she would commute from NYC to Massapequa High School every day? Because 10 years ago she was 14.

No. 1630519

I was just going to point that out lol she can’t keep anything straight

No. 1630529

> Vogue photographers
As if Kathy, who has a wall in her dingy apartment dedicated to herself, wouldn’t name those photographers and share said photos if she truly was photographed by Vogue.

No. 1630625

exactly. she claims to be a fashion "historian" but clearly didn't read his statement with her supposed-historian glasses on. regardless of that, MM died under extremely sus circumstances like another anon said before me. it's my personal opinion that she was killed and if she wasn't that her cry for help after an OD/emergency was ignored on purpose.

god. fuck you, Kathy McMahon.

No. 1630682

File: 1661849450151.jpeg (105.19 KB, 392x1785, delusional.jpeg)

Katherine would like $4,945-5,795 for a new tacky bird woman outfit to wear on her birthday. She really knows how to outdo herself with making it painstakingly obvious that she's a larper. Nitpick but the dress is Lavish Alice which is Windsor quality for designer prices. Such luxury.

No. 1630701

the dress is so tacky, i refuse to believe a 20$ dress would be much different. bag looks hideous as well

No. 1630707

No she should totally buy the dress and wear a boa with it. She'll look like a freshly hatched bird.

No. 1630717

That dress would be much better without the ugly pink trim at the bottom.

No. 1630744

The larp is definitely real. Nobody will buy her this shit. She has virtually no active clients who are dedicated to her in this way. The only way to get a client to buy you a 3k bag is actual prostitution. Featuring indulging in every degrading fetish these rich scrotes have. She'd never want to do that

No. 1630747

Can’t wait to see what she actually wears on her birthday after no one buys her this shit

No. 1630753

This looks like stuff you'd pull out of a kids dress up set

No. 1631141

File: 1661893027388.jpeg (50 KB, 750x1334, 4502F947-E369-4C73-8E17-A4EEB4…)

Now this sounds like some sociopath shit. What a pig.

No. 1631176

what the actual fuck

No. 1631218

Jesus christ this bitch is weird. Is she too retarded to look this up online? Why even entertain the thought of posting something that could wind up getting back to them, name attached and all. Hope she gets that autism diagnosis that is clearly needed.

No. 1631474

File: 1661915500384.jpeg (117.15 KB, 750x1334, 301779378_143580604727148_2230…)

She can't even pay a $20 application fee

No. 1631476

File: 1661915605616.jpeg (363.42 KB, 1638x2048, Nola_Teaser_Show4 (8 of 225).j…)

Her in 2020 at this event looking 70

No. 1631526

Her expression is so unpleasant she literally could not be a shittier performer if she tried

No. 1631560

I am dying at her skinny chicken bone thigh. The angle makes it look like she has only one leg.

No. 1631643

I've been thinking for a while that she must be extremely broke, like having zero money at all sometimes.

>Those feet in those shoes

No. 1631663

File: 1661937440516.jpeg (1.39 MB, 1170x2179, 85554662-3658-45FB-A8D9-D809D2…)

$450 my ass kek

No. 1631759

It barely breaks $400 usd. She’s grifting for extra weed money.

Don’t worry she’ll probably buy it and then beg for people to pay her credit card bills or find a shein dupe to afterpay

No. 1631980

Yea its pretty much confirmed that she is barely scraping by. Which makes her desperate calls to the void for "reimbursements" on twitter even sadder. Honestly it seems that a good 97% of "findommes" online are just people wanting free money and think acting mean in tweets is the way to get a horde of subs ready to give it to them. Succesful findommes have to degrade themselves as much as their subs to get devoted clients and essentially have to enter full time prostitution

No. 1632074

File: 1661974419853.jpeg (754.22 KB, 1170x2012, 0EB5B19E-852C-4240-B60A-A4C051…)

It’s almost as if we said this a year ago

No. 1632079

Oncoming terf saga? If she keeps crossing out types of clients she,ll take them she's gonna end up with nothing lol oh wait that,s where she already is

No. 1632096

No one, absolutely no one is surprised by this. If anything, sissies are the dominant one in the relationship. That's what you get for tranny pandering, Kathy

No. 1632119

File: 1661977998136.jpeg (17.42 KB, 750x1334, 87927E66-0302-4726-AAD4-E64E87…)

Her instagram asks are so fucking bizarre

No. 1632150

I guess you should avoid mirrors then, Kathy

No. 1632158

>>1631476 she’s gotten so fat…

No. 1632187

Yet has the face of a backwoods meth head

No. 1632229

When will bdsmfags finally admit that “sub” and “sissy” men are some of the worst misogynists around? Doms are just garden-variety angry moids who beat women to feel manly. Subs find women so inferior & worthless that they get off on the humiliation of pretending to be us. HOW is that any less pornsick? Both of them base their entire sexuality around their hatred for us.

No. 1632509

File: 1662013055100.png (290.32 KB, 389x721, Screen Shot 2022-08-31 at 11.1…)

sure jan

No. 1632523

reminds me of shayna kek

No. 1632535

File: 1662016987112.png (72.63 KB, 597x326, Screen Shot 2022-08-31 at 11.1…)

Deleted of course but this reply is still up. She's disgusting and just as bad an these men.

No. 1632540

I just fail to see how a candle, no matter the price tag, is oh so luxurious gift you'd brag about receiving (or knowing Kathy, "receiving") one. In general it seems kind of tacky to receive several trinkets that are worth of a total of $XXX instead of getting one item of the same value. Like someone just got you the cheapest item from every category.

Anyway I'm not going to believe she received any of those items before I see a picture of all of them together with today's newspaper and Kathy's tacky plastic bedazzled glove kek

No. 1632545

Because dumb whores are happy with shiny trinkets.

No. 1632556

Well that doesn't apply to Katie because she's not a whore

No. 1632559

In her head she is. She has that dumbass mentality, just is to ugly and awkward to fulfill that fantasy. She has to larp tweet about it.

No. 1632694

File: 1662040001568.jpeg (176.17 KB, 698x1313, 6ED88C60-FE2C-4793-A8F0-6EF3E9…)

Total: $285.03

No. 1632698

Wait I'm sorry is the underwear flavored? or am I misreading that?

No. 1632728

kek no, it’s just part of a neopolitan ice cream-themed set with ‘vanilla’ ‘chocolate’ and ‘strawberry’ styles/colors

No. 1632737

File: 1662041968234.jpg (233.58 KB, 1467x2000, taste - out of stock.jpg)

You made me curious. The “flavour” refers to the embroidery on the front. The gimmick is that there are three “flavours” (colours) and they come in a pint (picrel). Maybe Katherine’s finsub couldn’t afford the $125 (on sale) pint.

No. 1632754

Thank fuck and thank you nonnies thinking they were flavored almost gave me conniptions so I guess I'm just not "rich" enough to know this niche

No. 1632767

anyone else seeing the nose and mouth on the dark chocolate undies

No. 1632781

KEK ANON it’s like han solo in carbonite

No. 1632788

Smart sex workers ask for items with resale value. Kathy keeps having to sell off her possessions, so she should do that, too.

No. 1632808

KEK i can't stop laughing

No. 1632813

Sissification fetishists are men who think the very idea of being a woman is degrading and yet she's surprised they don't treat her, a woman, well.

No. 1632875

Oh, wow, these tacky, satin, low cut panties have been on her wishlist for over a year. I cannot imagine waiting so damn long just to be gifted ugly panties. Good for Kathy.

No. 1632895


does she even get any replies? i mean, besides the ones that are probably just her.
i don't see why she keeps on posting this type of stuff, it's just rambling with extreme negative connotations. how much of a narcissist you have to be to just assume people would WANT to participate in these tirades…

No. 1633031

File: 1662063265887.png (36.82 KB, 591x132, Screen Shot 2022-08-31 at 11.1…)

As if she doesn't actively add to this herself

No. 1633054

She's fishing for ideas again

No. 1633064

It really bugs me how she considers gifts as part of her daily findom earnings. You can get $1k+ in gifts but if you made zero in cash, then you had a $0 day.

No. 1633082

Lol exactly. Like the other anon pointed out too, these "gifts" have little to no resale value so when she does try to offload them for cash she gets maybe $5. She has zero business sense.

No. 1633087

Where is the luxury in any of this?

No. 1633115

all her questions on social media remind me of munchies who ask questions to actual sick people to perfect their lies. she wants to keep fabricating a persona for herself, where she is a radical kweer abuse survivor with totes original ideas

No. 1633120

I would love a peek at her actual finances, I’m sure it’s hilarious. you know this bitch has no savings, no assets, no investments. the only man sending her money is her brother. and she’ll blame everyone else for this.

No. 1633125

File: 1662069494074.png (35.4 KB, 592x149, Screen Shot 2022-09-01 at 2.59…)

She just keeps adding to her list kek

No. 1633145

File: 1662071270942.jpeg (42.82 KB, 750x1334, 302762571_1016138005747720_798…)

How much more self-important and performative can she get?

No. 1633231

>having strong morals and boundaries about who you interact with
>being a findomme

Pick one

No. 1633282

What does this mean?
She really shouldn't be turning down customers because of their politics when she's this broke.

No. 1633311

File: 1662084672884.jpeg (238.81 KB, 1500x1334, 2AA65ADB-5E20-4050-B85F-2F7C22…)

And like clockwork she is back to begging for weed money. At least Shayna and other cows don’t hide behind “pain management” when doing so.

No. 1633360

Guys who prefer being subs aren't necessarily into forced feminization or sissification. There's an overlap, but it's not a circle. Luckily.

No. 1633363

Damn, should have just asked that new "finsub" for straight up cash instead of a tacky pair of panties.

No. 1633454

This bitch. If you were to take her preaching and prattling to heart, the message you would get from it is that ‘mutual aid’ is a term used for when you give BACK to your immediate community- neighbor supporting neighbor, when you can in the multitudinous ways in which you can. Babysitting for a working family. Participating in a community garden. Volunteering in a soup kitchen. Baking a casserole for your poor neighbors who have kids. Providing AID in the ways you can for the people around you. I would never have assumed it’s a phrase you can co-opt as a way to beg for weed money online because it’s just such a medicinal necessity for you to fucking function. Jesus fucking Christ, this is what happens when spoiled little children grow up romanticizing the working class; they end up too poor to fucking function, because they don’t understand that the hardship they strive so desperately to brag about isn’t one full of handouts, as much as they might have been raised to believe. Fuck my life, imagine having parents willing to pay for a full ride to NYU, and instead choosing to LARP as a prostitute, call said parents financially abusive, never actually commit to prostitution, and wind up having to beg for drug money online under the guise of moral superiority and priority. This cunt makes me want to fucking implode.

I solemnly swear I will not a-log. I solemnly swear I will not a-log. I solemnly swear-

No. 1633462

File: 1662106549199.jpeg (264.83 KB, 1170x1510, 17003EF7-C20A-46CB-BE38-FD8EA0…)

It really is fucked up that she goes from “give me weed money” to “I’m just so sick and struggling uwu pwease send mutual aid for pain management”. She uses the persona excuse while not actually having one. Insidious.

No. 1633464

I get your urge to a-log nonna but the reasons you listed are some of the reasons Kathy is my pet cow. She had the privilege and potential to really make something of herself and she threw it all away to LARP as an escort. She would rather beg online for weed money in the delusion that all of her followers love her than live a normal privileged life and face the potential constructive criticism of a boss/friends/partner. She’s one of the few cows who is here through no fault of her own.

No. 1633466

WTAF is a community sub?? Been around kinksters and SWers for a decade+ and I've never heard this term before. Google just gives me results about twitch subs kek.

No. 1633477

admittedly I'm ntaryt but
>through no fault of her own.
what do you mean by this?

No. 1633517

CP bump

No. 1633523

Those “symptoms” sounds like weed withdrawals kek maybe you actually should cut back on the mutual aid Kathy

No. 1633531

NTA, but she is saying that Kathy is a lot more privileged than other cows and didn't have disadvantage setting her back in life. I wouldn't say I really agree. I think a lot of these cows are way more privileged than average, like Jill/Pixielocks. I feel like most people are forced to grow up and can't afford to be cows

No. 1633558

No idea nonnie I even googled it I guess it could either mean a submissive that doesn't have a sole dominant or it's a submissive term for submissive that are well familiar with the BDSM community and she can't teach them/make them do what she wants

No. 1633603

In findom it means a sub who gives money to multiple dommes, ie. they aren't "owned" by a single domme.

It's dumb af to exclude them because that's most finsubs.

No. 1633627

now that you mention it, i see george floyd

No. 1634132

How much weed do you have to smoke to actively get withdrawal symptoms? Damn.

No. 1634161

File: 1662173569994.png (53.07 KB, 1500x1000, weed withdrawal.png)

>the most salient symptoms of withdrawal will present themselves in individuals who use marijuana daily or nearly daily for at least a few months.(weed derail)

No. 1634227

Well, today I learned I don't smoke that much weed.

No. 1634264

sage for blog but I smoked daily for a decade, sometimes starting first thing in the morning smoking bongloads all day long- and quitting for any length of time brought on misery >>1634161
including horrific bed soaking night sweats.
0/10 do not recommend quitting cold turkey(blog)

No. 1634544

Wtf weed are y'all smoking?? Weed withdrawal is NOT A THING!!! There're psychological elements, sure, but there's no such thing as physical withdrawal from weed. That's some psychosomatic bs.

No. 1634548

Pothead cope, or depends on how you define "psychological", as in whether all of these things >>1634161 can be explained away as "psychological," T. just smoked a bowl now and I do get agita when I don't have it too

No. 1634561

I smoked 24/7 for 15 years. Stopped cold turkey 2 years ago & had zero "symptoms." Those ARE all psychosomatic symptoms. If you can't function w/o weed, that's a YOU problem. It ain't the weed, nonna.

No. 1634606

I'll second this. Heavy smoker and have stopped cold turkey many a time. Zero side effects. It's not heroin ffs

No. 1634607

This isn't a factual source, you got it from an addiction recovery center. They'll tell you you're addicted to air if it gets people in their facilities.(weed derail)

No. 1634630

Lmao hilarious how uneducated y'all are
You can become addicted to literally anything. Porn, types of food, alcohol, even human contact. It's a part of the brain that gets too attached and gets "sick"
It's not weed causing the withdrawals necessarily, it's your dumbass brain getting hooked and then getting pissed when it doesn't get the effects it wants when it wants
Read a fucking book idiots weed (and basically anything/everything) can be addictive because the human brain is literally the worst thing evolution ever made(weed derail)

No. 1634652

Nonna, that is the definition of psychosomatic withdrawal. You literally proved the point that weed itself is NOT physically addictive & there's no such thing as "weed withdrawal." Like anon said above, it's not fucking heroin.

No. 1635234

Taking on a know-it-all attitude when you're wrong is a very Katie thing to do.
It's probably her dumb ass opiate pills from her hooker larp causing her w/ds

No. 1635382

File: 1662264129975.jpg (53.84 KB, 750x1334, theparkavenuepinup_4.jpg)

Kathy's had a lot to smoke tonight.

No. 1635402

She tries to be and tries to get everything she listed off as being against. She truly is her own worst enemy and the boogeyman she fears.

No. 1635404

> against anything used for domination
> self-identified financial dominatrix

No. 1635473

>against clout

Bitch, way to tip your hand with that one. Clout is the only reason you post uwu speshal self-proclaimed radical drivel in the first place, hopping to and fro between multiple “niche” political ideologies so reactively, based on how you see yourself and how you want the world to see you. If you think you’re a better door than a window, you’re dead fucking wrong. Katherine Harlow is so obviously a puppet version of yourself that you’d like to build out of diamonds, when you can only afford to poorly construct her out of hot glue and Amazon rhinestones. Either way, she doesn’t protect or distract you from yourself. Get off of social media and call a therapist.

No. 1635561

“Against anything used for domination” literally has a hate boner for women talking about their experiences being trafficked by men because “sex work is work” throws herself at tranny men to keep her social position and goes against the women raped by then in prisons because “trannies are women” Is she really this stupid and privileged or does she know she’s a rampant oppressor and thinks no one can see it because the only people she speaks to are other ugly freaks? She doesn’t even get paid for it, that’s the worst thing.

No. 1635578

File: 1662283913784.jpeg (815.52 KB, 1500x2668, image.jpeg)

Trying to sell her garbage again as well as showing off her wonderful grammar skills.

No. 1635607

She can sell the rope to one of her trans clients

No. 1635630

Nothing screams "I'm broke and desperate for money" more than selling random bullshit in your house for 5 bucks. Much luxury, very findom

No. 1635659

Kathy, but what would you do without the multiple cease and desists given to you by the government to protect you from your aboosive family that paid for your NYU education?
Such an anarchist, she is

No. 1635692

>Against leadership
Given that she was just bragging about how well-read she is, you'd think she would understand the really basic distinction between bosses and leaders, and why most anarchists will reject the former but not the latter.
>Against clout
She wouldn't be saying that if she had any

No. 1635726

File: 1662299256310.jpg (79.53 KB, 750x1334, theparkavenuepinup_20220903.jp…)

Same anon, that post was deleted and so was this one. I have a couple more from that thread last night incoming.
How Kathy's Saturday night went:
>getting high with weed she had to beg online for
>ranting about abusers again in her stories
>asserting her ignorant opinions as fact
>lurking her own thread
>deleting posts after farmers mention them
>tweeted on her findom twitter asking for money because she was online shopping
>included a $100+ wishlist with more perfume and another macaron pillow
>deleted the tweet (sorry no caps)
>started putting her junk up for sale for $5

No. 1635727

File: 1662299416457.jpg (65.77 KB, 750x1334, theparkavenuepinup_20220903(1)…)

She left this one up.

No. 1635729

File: 1662299449268.jpg (92.81 KB, 750x1334, theparkavenuepinup_20220903(2)…)

But deleted this one.

No. 1635733

File: 1662299698327.jpg (30.16 KB, 750x1334, theparkavenuepinup1.jpg)

And finally an unrelated copium post from Friday.

No. 1635734

As much as I hate saying it, she's so right with this one.
Too bad she doesn't understand what actual abuse is and what an actual survivor had to go through.

No. 1635761

Yep, and if she's right then that means every time she's been abusive (like calling a black SWer a dyke or taking advantage of a mentally ill femsub) it was her own choice and she has no excuse and no one should be defending her. That she needs to be removed from the communities she's involved in and ostracized because it is the right and "radical" thing to do.

No. 1635768

Omg everything you just wrote is so painfully on the nose and why she is the one cow i actually absolutely despise. There's no way she is delusional enough to believe that she is this dominant and striking showgirl yet traumatized and oppressed to the point she needs everything handed to her. There's no fucking way she actually believes her self centered and condescending blabbering ig stories about ~mutual aid~ (bitch give me a fucking break) accomplish anything besides feeding her egotistical fantasy. Ugh i can't stand her, she's the only one on here who makes me legit mad like i can barely laugh at her shit anymore she's insufferable.
Inb4 take a breath don't a-log

No. 1636260

File: 1662327738170.png (337.11 KB, 439x711, Screen Shot 2022-09-04 at 2.42…)

And then she turns around and buys MORE useless and worthless junk. I am begging her to make better financial choices.

No. 1636271

File: 1662328607715.jpeg (53.61 KB, 592x1147, sub.jpeg)

Very professional soliciting for an immediate sub on both her accounts just because she feels like it.

No. 1636274

A bondservant. She's looking for a bondservant to fetch her drugs since the neckbeard doesn't/can't/won't do it anymore

No. 1636321

Why can't she invest in a flattering costume, some dance lessons, and a couple of free weights plus an exercise mat? She'd make more money that way. Candles that she never burns that cost a week of food or more is so dumb.

No. 1636326

File: 1662332659051.jpeg (246.21 KB, 1170x856, E75A652F-0228-4EA2-AF2A-A2D02F…)

Awe, Katy cat, are the big bad nonnies hitting you where it hurts lately? This bitch would set herself on fire before taking accountability for the state of her reputation. She already had a shit reputation within the burlesque community before the threads. When you cause problems and drama everywhere you go, at what point is the problem just you?

No. 1636329

Isn't this against Instagram's rules and reportable? She already got a temporary ban recently and all her posts were deleted. Also KEK at her telling on herself, she lives in the most populated city in the US and can't find any local clients.

No. 1636353

What happened to all of her billionaire clients. Kathy, you're telling on yourself again.
>Also KEK at her telling on herself, she lives in the most populated city in the US and can't find any local clients
I was just about to write this. She's so transparent with how bad at her "job" she is, and how lonely and pathetic she is as a person.
The audacity of this bitch asking for mutual aid from struggling people and she goes and buys this. Sounds like she's the one trying to financially abuse others. How should she be held accountable? >>1635729

No. 1636403

File: 1662340034896.png (1.12 MB, 1080x2284, Screenshot_20220904-210800-447…)


No. 1636416

Whats the appeal of this dude? Why would anyone want to move in with him

No. 1636419

For Katie, his attainability.
She was technically the "hot one" in the relationship so she felt she could keep and control him but it turns out dumb bitches will blow smoke up anyone's ass for some attention. And Katie's submissive larp where she praised him and went along with anything he wanted made him bold enough to fuck other people with no shame.
The other girl is no Miss America either, but as long as she isn't completely toxic she could pull some other below average, lame scrote who is actually unattached. So I assume she either: has major damage that leads to her undervaluing herself, she's also a miserable and crazy bitch, or he's surprisingly good in bed as long as you don't look at him.

No. 1636482

> hot goth girl
only one of these words is true

He has to have a horse cock

No. 1636515

File: 1662351057211.gif (10.79 MB, 960x443, 20BB9C11-303B-448D-B47E-42DD09…)

How EMBARRASSING must it be to have gotten this man to perform a faux wedding “collaring ceremony” with you, call him your “keeper,” your “daddy,” your “sir,” to have to move however many times in the span of two years (iirc it’s been at least twice), to open up your relationship with him, and he invites the other woman to live with him. He never posts about Kathy. How insufferable must she be in person that she’s being treated like the side piece? I’m fucking cackling, I’m so endlessly happy to see this vile bird woman being treated with the level of attention she deserves.

No. 1636518

Kek it's extra funny considering she loves complaining about "community subs" like her man isn't the fucking community ogre at this point.

No. 1636527

She's gonna sell this candle for 10 bucks in a couple of months

No. 1636563

File: 1662354809579.jpeg (104.7 KB, 1170x565, C33F0494-52DF-4058-92F5-7EB128…)

Being nice is free. Unfortunately, I don't do anything for free Katie from Massapequa

No. 1636567

Katherine has said it numerous times herself, the last time only a couple days ago, that he does not fuck her. Nor does anyone else.

No. 1636635

She's too ^exclusive^ for a profile on a regular sw listing site. Her clients have to contact her via messenger dove after posting her checks dipped in perfume oil or she won't accept them.

It's a really clever way to call yourself a sex worker without ever having to even look at a penis.

No. 1636670

Play dumb games get dumb prizes

Probably playing hide the sausage with the edgy alt gf instead

No. 1637685

File: 1662408074484.jpeg (235.02 KB, 1170x557, 37647E9D-9799-42A9-9662-9F7D56…)

That’s fine and all but just saying you’re a sex worker doesn’t mean you actually do any labor

No. 1637825

Except you don't actually work, lard ass. Even shay has done more sex work.

No. 1637890

File: 1662413749767.jpeg (108.54 KB, 750x1334, 305016082_528359462390778_8269…)

She's acting as though she has done some serious body mods and not a couple tats and nip piercings lol

No. 1637907

Kek body modification and plastic surgery are two completely different things. Body mods that aren't extreme don't change your facial features. If she really didn't want to see her parents facial features, she would get a nose job.

No. 1637918

so she got her nipples permanently tattooed into hearts becuz twauma? okay kitkat

No. 1637977

You don't understand! At some point she had to see her mother's nipples so she had to tattoo hers into hearts because mommy issues.

No. 1637983

File: 1662417249005.png (34.86 KB, 591x137, Screen Shot 2022-09-05 at 3.34…)

> findom is paying us for nothing in return
> domination is labor. pay us for our work
The hamster in her brain died years ago

No. 1638067

File: 1662421549998.jpg (21.14 KB, 580x191, elevenninenine.JPG)

No. 1638218

Not even the ones who are doing a good job at selling the idea of findom would say this. They explicitly do work for what they are being sent. Even ignoring the fact that most are hiding their actually fss which is bringing in the real money, they wouldn't devalue themselves by saying they do nothing.

No. 1638231

same anon but also you would think that Kathey would want to insist that she provides value instead of admitting to being a "little white girl" who can sit aside in her privilege palace and be given money for nothing. While providing no mutual aid to all of the POC women who have to do actual torturous sex work to survive after personal and inter-generational trauma as put them at the bottom of society. This is how you really know that no one in her actual community is following or watching her. Well plus the dyke incident and when she called that sex trafficking victim a swerf.

No. 1638265

File: 1662430207351.png (98.63 KB, 590x430, Screen Shot 2022-09-05 at 3.33…)

Remember when she forgot to define consent when listing off what RACK/PRICK stands for? The farms do.

No. 1638284

File: 1662430782146.jpeg (124.19 KB, 1500x1334, image.jpeg)

Katherine, the call is coming from inside the house when you throw around butchphobic terms towards women and groups of women meant as a slur.

No. 1638311

How tf do you study boundaries like I'm sorry you don't gotta open up a book to know no means no

No. 1638324

very straight of her to believe fags calling one another fags is a problem kek also communication is better than just randomly cutting a friend off. grow up kathy the karen.

No. 1638327

The only ones that care about that are the tenderqueers she's constantly ranting about lol she really projects her hate for herself

No. 1638333

Well she believes kink in public spaces is okay so cracking open a book about consent wouldn't be a bad thing

No. 1638360

>If you’re rude to literally everyone you meet, you won’t have a community, nevermind friends
You would know

No. 1638366

thanks Kathy “are you a dyke, stalker?” McMahon

No. 1638441

File: 1662438499004.jpeg (521.77 KB, 1170x1206, 764AE44A-0DAC-4A4E-BFBA-953950…)

She is so tone deaf jfc read the room

No. 1638548

why should i care? i literally have no clue who this person is.(newfaggotry)

No. 1638605

what level of retard are you?

No. 1638621

File: 1662452275052.gif (3.11 MB, 200x339, 896D41A1-80CC-4B4A-A84F-8EDA8C…)

No. 1638723

Fucking kek
>joins random conversation
>hi guys btw i don't care

No. 1638778

No wonder her neckbeard doesn’t bang her; because then he’d have to listen to her, and I can only imagine what torture that is.

No. 1638804

This bitch is so fucking stupid oh my Lord. Why aren't we all doing findom since it's just sitting on your ass while the money pours in on its own?

Instead of "studying boundaries" she should maybe study some common sense. Obviously the whole findom schtick is transactional, no one goes around throwing money left and right without expecting to get something out of it.

No. 1639003

While you bitches were partying, I studied the boundaries. When you were gaining qualifications and experience in the job market, I was mastering the consent. While you wasted your days having fulfilling friendships and meaningful relationships, I cultivated the discretion. And now that Twitter is burning with ugly e-whores and tranny men, you have the audacity to come to me for help in begging for cheese and candles?

No. 1639019


No. 1639086

holy shit im crying, these are the funniest post ive seen in a while and almost back to back too kek

No. 1639457

File: 1662501062595.png (66.61 KB, 589x253, Screen Shot 2022-09-06 at 2.53…)

Oh fucking brother

No. 1639545

This girl can't even compliment someone right no wonder she has to rely on work that doesn't require services because she can't do a single service herself

No. 1639704

I should know better than to eat while browsing this hellsite I almost choked nonnie topkek actually crying/10

No. 1640133

She's trying to save face for the "dyke" and rude lesbian comments she made.

No. 1640695

Seeing this post and remembering the hateful shit she's said about lesbians brings me one step closer to the desire to a-log. Why on earth is she responding with the most generic, acquaintance-from-high-school tier response to a post that seems deeply personal? No wonder she's so irrelevant, she can't interact with anyone online on a level deeper than that. This canned "positivity uwu" shit won't revive her reputation lmfao

No. 1641343

File: 1662580264598.jpg (157.06 KB, 1198x710, Screen Shot 2022-09-06 at 10.2…)

She's such an equal opportunist when it comes to being mean and rude to anyone.

No. 1641380

“It may look like My Twitter engagement is shitty, but that’s actually not the case! I just don’t allow submissives in My replies” -Kathy in like a week probably

No. 1641383

"Free submissive task: comment "yes madame"" under my last three tweets" -Kathy in like a week probably

No. 1641390

So suddenly she doesn't hate butch lesbians anymore?

No. 1642283

there is no way she paid $95 for that. similar ones are sold all over aliexpress for $1-$10. i didnt find the exact one she has since i dont have time and patience to scour that chinese hellsite. but yea, this is a clearly her findomming, creating a fantasy, while asking for more than the thing was worth to get money. lets not get our panties in a bunch over her "spending money she doesnt have".
rofl. i want to believe the amazon one is a cheaper knockoff of the one she paid for, or that at least she overpaid for hers… if she is knowingly and deliberately asking for twice the price of this thing, secondhand… oh my gosh… yikes.

No. 1642295

She probably did if she bought it from a drop shipper “boutique”

No. 1642300

keep in mind how she notoriously inflates the prices on her "reimburse this" posts. then again, $5 to $95 is a disproportionate inflation of the price so you might be right. almost feel sorry for her if it werent so funny.

No. 1643069

File: 1662691487811.jpeg (589.16 KB, 1242x2256, 7684950D-E670-4454-A3F3-F9F246…)

The cheap ugly pasties, cheap rhinestones all piled on top of a Hermes box she likely got off eBay/resellers since people sell just the boxes.

No. 1643072

This is like that lotus riddled with holes. What do u call that phobia? Trich something(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1643094

File: 1662695101517.jpg (1.25 MB, 1668x2142, CrescGiftStore on Estsy.jpg)

You’re right. As usual, she took the photo* from the shop. The candle is US$6.92 from an Etsy store. Although as >>1642295 mentioned, it could be from a drop shipper since Etsy is riddled with them.
*Her photos are usually watermarked which is hilarious when you consider how she has no issues passing photos of things she wished she owned as hers.

No. 1643100

Hi newfag. It's called trypophobia.

No. 1643121

What an actual retard.

No. 1643123

File: 1662697626726.jpg (31.91 KB, 600x451, Screen_Shot_2017-05-02_at_2.43…)

reminds me of this old meme tbh. kek

No. 1643176


No. 1644809

File: 1662846755695.jpeg (114.01 KB, 750x1334, 96AEDC98-ED07-4D14-B06A-E82DD0…)

Because someone with chronic pain could handle corset piercings being tugged on and rubbed against constantly. She is a walking meme of herself at this pointing.

No. 1644811

File: 1662846783405.jpeg (247.38 KB, 1434x1940, C7F7FBEF-0936-4EFA-AEB2-827937…)

She’s beginning to hide her stomach lol too many pastries

No. 1644823

Hello, edgy 2008 fad. Isn't this temporary anyways? Kathy shouldn't do it unless she's getting paid buckets by one of her internet trannies.

No. 1644830

Yes, it's VERY MUCH temporary! You do it for, like, an afternoon & then remove the piercings. Permanent corset piercing are NOT a thing! Somehow (kek) I doubt she realizes that…

No. 1644838

these are usually just temporary play piercings lmao

No. 1644855

Permanent does exist though the process is extremely painful and risky. It’s retarded either way and anyone who does it is degenerate trash.

No. 1644864

Yep and good fucking luck finding a legit piercer who still does shitty 00s surface piercings. There's a reason you don't see that shit anymore

No. 1644908

She’s also beginning to edit herself younger. Sick bitch.

No. 1644945

File: 1662862700139.jpeg (337.81 KB, 750x1334, 306016741_172962741971767_2473…)

One more to add to the graveyard

No. 1644963

I thought she hand sewed every rhinestone? That is all hot glued.

No. 1644968

No wonder she has no clients.

No. 1644980

Is that a new menstrual belt I see?

No. 1644983

Dermals aka a type of surface piercing are still offered anywhere that does body piercings

No. 1644985

You can't hand sew flat back stones like those. She's using E6000 or GemTac, not hot glue. She was referring to sewing those giant tacky rhinestones.
Glad she's finally admitting she's a broke bitch that has to order regular glass stones on Amazon because Swarovski was never a necessity considering how little she performs and how often she gets rid of a costume halfway through

No. 1644987

Another Manuge et Toi- the cheapest base you can buy actually. Considering how many dancers wear Manuge's designs since the straps stay in place thanks to skin tone mesh netting and boning, Katie is the only one that makes it look so horrible. Everything she touches turns to shit.

No. 1645081

Swarovski stopped selling wholesale and you can no longer use their name on your projects so she had to admit it lol at least she kept her larp straight for once

No. 1645083

File: 1662875150566.jpg (444.93 KB, 1125x1444, pink.jpg)

It looks like she's fingering some fluffy pink animal's asshole here. Some eye for detail.

No. 1645089

Correct. Dermal anchor piercings are more 'stable' than surface piercings as there's less movement around the site therefore less irritation and likelihood of rejection.

Still a very 00s trend. I've definitely noticed piercings becoming less popular in the last decade with a couple of notable exceptions (septum for example)

No. 1645097

File: 1662876702433.jpg (277.89 KB, 1300x1066, a-large-male-pig-sus-scrofa-do…)

looks like some sort of photograph in a book about livestock veterinary practices tbh

No. 1645129

dermal anchors and surface piercings are not the same thing, they're done using different techniques and require different jewelry. Surface piercings have separate entry and exit points and typically use modified barbells or rings like in the hideous corset piercing photo she posted. Dermal anchors are sort of t-shaped and the base is inserted into a small pocket under the skin. Dermals have replaced surface piercings for the reasons >>1645089 said but they require specialized training which shithole shops can't be bothered with.

No. 1645241

She looks like a Rupauls Drag Race reject

No. 1645242

File: 1662896012241.jpeg (293.42 KB, 1242x1770, 9A7C2A67-4B8E-425D-BEDD-7D9DBE…)

When has she ever dated a submissive man? The ogre that collared her was her dom, the old guy she claimed was her abusive older lover was also dominant according to her.

No. 1645256


Who else remembers when she was tweeting this shit to two people. She's obviously baiting for clients when irl she's actually a sub

No. 1645290

She probably bought likes, most of her interaction is stale

No. 1645318

This is the sort of stuff she actually should be sharing on her persona's social media, not all the political whining and complaining about her shared neckbeard. She's an idiot for wanting to be a sex worker at all, but this post is the smartest thing she's done all week.

No. 1645325

>310 likes, when she usually gets 3-5

She bought those likes. sad.

No. 1645403

File: 1662914191337.jpeg (322.24 KB, 1125x1527, 89923BA9-0625-46FF-B982-2AD02D…)


No. 1645556

File: 1662922909849.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 490.32 KB, 1170x1218, 68B06A75-6F9C-492A-B900-61040D…)

What? You want to appeal to coomers since it’s just so fuckin easy and not degrading at all, claim your title as a sex worker, talk over street girls, walk over dead trans black women, call black sex workers dykes because they disagree with you, and infiltrate queer spaces you are not a part of. And somehow this earns you the privilege of being adored to the point that coomers pay for you to exist? Spoiled cunt behavior, sheltered beyond belief to think this of herself.

No. 1645558

Samefag, didn’t mean to hit the spoiler button, just twitter whining. Sorry about my fat fucking thumb Nonas.

No. 1645607

Oh please Kathy, do it! It will certainly go as well as the seam tattoos we haven't seen ever again since you first got them!

No. 1645694

>Clients are often submissive from a more self-centered place

Yeah no shit, because the coomers paid for a service and you're the service provider. Why would they care about putting you first? I have self-centered reasons for going to the dentist and the hairdresser, but they don't whine on Twitter it. I love how these girls scream "sex work is work" and then get offended when someone treats them like a worker.

No. 1645702

File: 1662931413130.jpeg (28.59 KB, 750x1334, 3DF5F2AE-286A-4CFA-9AC8-21ECD0…)

Yet Kath gets to ask everyone anything and everything daily for free

No. 1645746

Bitch no one is asking you questions unless they're children, everyone knows to use e6000 fucking absolute retard. Narcissists love being special and needed

No. 1645799

File: 1662939125936.jpeg (234.61 KB, 750x1334, 43FE57CE-405D-417B-A0B6-27A7CD…)

No one is asking her shit about this messy work

No. 1645802

I wonder why she decided to make a new one. Did she get too fat for the old one? Why not make a new costume and cut back on the cheese wheels instead of repeating the old one? Reminder that she could make a full costume for $25 >>1586877 or a modular costume set for $50-75

No. 1645967

lol at the newly bedazzled menstruation belt. Such sex appeal

No. 1646081

The lighting makes them look like monkey pox sores.

No. 1646082

It’s funny how she’s allowed to request handholding through the most basic things but can’t be assed to answer a few quick questions without “compensation”. This woman is so sour it’s no wonder she has no friends and her coomer dipped for a new gf

No. 1646541

File: 1663017935470.png (328.41 KB, 502x838, Screen Shot 2022-09-12 at 2.26…)

She left DV over two years ago and went no contact a year and 8 months (according to her) but is still using it as an excuse to get drug money.

No. 1646549


>I had to deplete my savings

Zero sympathy for this once-savings having blob.

Madame chicken-claw needs to get a damn job.

No. 1646551

She was financially abused but was able to have a savings account that lasted her years? Cutting off your ungrateful brat of an adult daughter because she wants to play whore isn't financial abuse.

No. 1646553

File: 1663018768716.png (40.05 KB, 590x170, Screen Shot 2022-09-12 at 2.17…)

She was just saying that she's done with everyone and now she's back to begging for friends kek

No. 1646759

File: 1663034500501.png (50.54 KB, 591x212, Screen Shot 2022-09-12 at 7.01…)

KEK says the woman who drools over David Harbour constantly. Begging her once again to get her grammar in check because
>who will never love you back, despite the abusive things that they do,

No. 1646762

File: 1663034795374.jpeg (89.43 KB, 750x1334, 306959983_108809295207633_4369…)

As she posts this on insta lol s

No. 1646802


I think that lying about having severe health issues and escaping domestic violence on top of larping as a "survival sex worker", despite of these being not desirable at all, is a form of mental illness.

Also, I've been reading some health advice regarding problems such as Endometriosis and every OB-GYN seems to agree that your diet takes a huge part on your well being since it's an inflammatory process. If she's such an expert in all these chronic diseases why would she insist and keeping a diet based exclusively in gluten, lactose and sugar out of all things?

No. 1646823

File: 1663043817215.png (562.08 KB, 587x713, Screen Shot 2022-09-12 at 5.27…)

>why would she insist and keeping a diet based exclusively in gluten, lactose and sugar out of all things?
She thinks rope is good for pain so she's not exactly the brightest.

No. 1646828

No it wouldn't Kathy your chronic pain is in your uterus or wherever the fuck you wanna say it is today take an anatomy class

No. 1646835

File: 1663044942398.jpeg (169.04 KB, 1500x1334, image.jpeg)

So Katherine, who has supposedly been in the process of moving and without enough for rent for months, is claiming that she has took in a friend and is accepting "mutual" aid on her behalf. This friend just so happens to have practically the same story as her and wants to stay anonymous so all money will go to Katherine first.

Personally I'm 50/50 on whether or not this is real. If it is real, she is without a single doubt going to throw this in the unknown's face somehow somewhere down the line. This also very well could be the scrote's girlfriend and they're all in on the grift together.

No. 1646839

Every time this bitch makes kink, queerness, or chronic pain a part of her personality in a different way on an extremely surface level, my soul ascends one step closer to the astral plain. On Christ there is a reason this woman has no friends KEK.

No. 1646844

Give proof of identity, actual milk, and more than just a claim of identity. Or read the rules. Newfag.

No. 1646845

What did it say?

No. 1646847

Obvious fakepost from some newfag larping as the goth, insinuating that the thruple lived together when we know that’s not the case. And here I thought summer was over.

No. 1646848

Ntayt but that's not what that post was about kek

No. 1646850

File: 1663046033910.png (1.19 MB, 1437x899, Screen Shot 2022-09-12 at 10.0…)

The neckbeard has a goff roommate but it's not Kelsey. Her name is Liz (picrel). He parks his dog and sometimes his ass at Kathy's but they don't live together. Kelsey doesn't live with either of them. Kathy probably wants to take someone in to not feel left out kek

No. 1646854

Retard we've known about the goth girlfriend for months. Her Insta has been posted because she put hearts under his posts. Kathy has reposted stories from her. He just began streaming with Liz. Do you have a crush on him or something? This is known public information. Read the fucking threads or log off.

No. 1646856

… So what did that one say lol?

No. 1646857

File: 1663046774927.png (44.7 KB, 1208x161, Screen Shot 2022-09-12 at 10.2…)

Just a newfag calling other’s newfags while not knowing a damn thing about this cow. Kelsey was in the previous thread image ffs. Like come on at least try harder kek

No. 1646861

That's uh, something. Love it when we get entertainment from cows and farmers
I can already see the "I was abused by someone I tried to help" story posts

No. 1647132

that is 100% not a real story. its cute how naive you are nonna…

No. 1647278

>in order to diagnose and treat all of her undiagnosed conditions
This is bordering on satire. TFW your ebegging about make-believe abuse isn't working so you invent another person with a suspiciously similar story who you will be taking donations on behalf of, superb work Kathy

No. 1647456

>unlawfully fired for diagnosed disability
>needed short term disability for the time off to get diagnosed
>disability doesn't require time off, but the diagnosis does
She's so dumb. Not to mention if you were actually unhealthy to work a remote job, you'd be able to get a diagnosis no problem.

No. 1648187

File: 1663189537901.png (65.36 KB, 595x322, Screen Shot 2022-09-14 at 2.07…)

This beak-nosed bitch just admitted she has a fucking SANTA CLAUS fetish

No. 1648228

No, she's admitting to wanting to be a sugar baby but, like a dumbass markets herself as "muh sexy findomme"

No. 1648231

She’s too dumb to make it as a sugar baby either. It would be dangerous for her, she’s lacking in common sense or street smarts and men treat those girls like trash for $200. It’s escorting without even the thin layer of security escorts get. She should sit at home and keep larping on Twitter. Santa Claus is a myth.

No. 1648233

She literally admitted to having a fetish for the fat man. She already failed as a sugar baby when she was 18.

No. 1648238

File: 1663194518921.jpeg (146.7 KB, 586x1084, image12222.jpeg)

As if she has any word on this subject kek it's almost as if everyone has different sexual preferences that Kathy gets zero say on. Beginning to think she's a self-hating closeted lesbian.

No. 1648241

I bet she loves that ugly Santa, Baby song, too.

No. 1648257

>ew cisheteronormative sex
cackling, when has she had anything BUT ""cisheternormative sex""
when has she had sex at ALL?

No. 1648340

This is hilarious coming right after her admitting to not having sex in a long while

No. 1648343

File: 1663202303594.jpeg (100.31 KB, 750x1334, ABCAE407-9BBC-43D0-A783-7386F8…)

Trying to start something with a random woman once again

No. 1648406

Wow Katie, changing the world one rich Burning Man festival kid at a time. Now you've really changed the world with encouraging "yt" guilt. Go date a black man so you can make Mistress Velveeta, your BFF, proud.

No. 1648411

Kath, you can't believe what the BDSM community has because you're not in it.

No. 1648477

Where is this question coming from? Is she trying to grift for information or look for an excuse to virtue signal? She recently admitted she doesn't have any local subs. Everyone knows she has never actually pegged anyone ever.

No. 1648485

Wait so this woman was just reposting other people's photos from Burning Man and Kathy felt the need to call her out instead of taking it to them. LOL her performative shit just keeps getting better.

No. 1648547

File: 1663219047643.jpeg (124.9 KB, 1125x2000, 306628322_203324318712642_3929…)

Paris Hilton triggered her I guess kek

No. 1648588

Kathy doesn't know the first rule of sex work, which is you do what the client asks for - within your professional boundaries. So if you advertise you do pegging and they want you to go hard, they don't want a fucking lecture on how cisheteronormative a hard pounding is, they just want to get fucked in the butt.

Kathy has clearly never had an actual client, or learnt that most SWs manage to keep their personal sexual preferences separate from their professional ones.

No. 1648590

Oh no, Paris Hilton is apropriating cyber goth culture.

No. 1648781

File: 1663251814591.png (1.97 MB, 1281x852, lavendercloud9.PNG)

I went to see what the person was posting and it looks like Kathy bullied her into adding this disclaimer.

No. 1648790


Kathy isn’t attending burning man, and never has before(?) She just loves to stick her bird nose in everything. Braids keep the dust and sand out of your hair. Two box braids on white hair are just French braids.

No. 1648830

Is this about her bf's parasocial obsession with women on twitch?

No. 1649022

one degenerate bullying another. whatever.

No. 1649194

Right? Not only is she not a burning man person (burnie? idk rich white shit) but she's also not black. The only black person she has ever claimed to know or care about was a parson she stalked online and didn't mention until they were dead.
Frankly box braids and double cornrows are the only black hairstyles people with straight or thin hair should do.
And they're even using them properly as a protective style in a location where hair has a high threat of sun, wind, tangling, and dryness damage. Where they also cannot wash for a prolonged period of time. This is the right way to do it, it's not just for fashion. She's showing how little she knows.

No. 1649257

File: 1663287683238.png (38.73 KB, 1061x588, Capture.PNG)

No. 1649274

it’s posted for criticism and commentary so it’s fair use. hire a better lawyer, Kathy. oh wait—

No. 1649519

She really is retarded lol not how that works Kathy, especially when you’re not selling any content of any kind.

No. 1649612


No. 1649655

just goes to show how utterly useless that DMCA was seeing as it was filed in April and we're only hearing about it now. kek anon where did you get this

No. 1649709

Lumendatabase let's you see all the defamation or copyright claims people put against websites. Just search the name of the site.

No. 1649801

File: 1663344447337.jpeg (156.01 KB, 828x523, F92E56D7-FEE9-4303-AD80-842C28…)

kek at admitting the twitch e-thot obsessed lump of a “partner” who continues to search for female companionship beyond kathy funds her terminally online sad existence. very dominant.

No. 1650160

Lol he pays her rent yet she e-begs monthly for her rent to be covered and has e-begged for his mutt before. She is a dumb doormat.

No. 1650217

File: 1663567718218.jpeg (180.32 KB, 828x1037, 69070B97-DA9C-4114-84D0-C5844D…)

another dirty delete from a day or so ago

No. 1650256

This is such a nitpick but the way she capitalizes personal pronouns makes her sentences feel so choppy and disjointed to read.

No. 1650582

Burlesque is literally stripping which is sex work. This woman has rocks for brains

No. 1650595

girl i swear to god no one is asking you about friends or dating. she was begging for friends on twitter a week ago. her supposed boyfriend doesn't even take her out.

her life is basically lying around all day smoking weed and dreaming things in her head: dreaming that she's a rich girl in the 20s and that she's a complete femme fatale and that all men desire her and all women envy her. it takes insane levels of narcissism, entitlement and mental gymnastics for her to be able to live every day with the fact that she's just an empty, bored white girl.

No. 1651006

Nta but that's a common thing with twitter "dommes." Imo it's dumb af, but it's not just her…tonssss do it.

No. 1651008

File: 1663623083940.png (38.78 KB, 596x153, Screen Shot 2022-09-19 at 2.28…)

Guess you can call $xx.xx four figures in Kathy's world

No. 1651099


You're not supposed to brag about this type of thing until after you get paid kathy

No. 1651143

Especially since she's complained about not being paid before lol

No. 1651145

File: 1663628296922.png (435.73 KB, 590x640, Screen Shot 2022-09-19 at 2.29…)


No. 1651150

>smudge stick
>clear the air of negative energy

Lmao, why not a fucking dreamcatcher too? I thought Native Americans already told white people this was cultural appropriation and to stop doing it? That’s not very woke SJW of you, Kathy. Try as she might, she will never transcend her basic Becky rich white girl roots.

No. 1651162

Sounds like sex work

No. 1651170

File: 1663629461718.jpeg (179.77 KB, 1500x1334, 1658608587902.jpeg)

Once again, Katherine is the boogeyman she's constantly bitching about. Picrel from a thread ago.

No. 1651172

Is that like a sheet of paper with clip art 100s all over it? Bitch if you don't go to the bank and take out like $20 if you're going to be tacky as shit and post your alter. No wonder this bitch is always broke, she can't even larp as an aesthetic witch right.

No. 1651174

She has to do that because she doesn't have $20 in the bank lol

No. 1651178

She honest to god expected everyone to believe the man that is a failed twitch streamer working part time at a prop place has enough money to pay her rent, utilities, and bills on top of his in NYC? She really needs a reality check.

No. 1651282

Anti-capitalist kween

No. 1651352

File: 1663639343736.jpeg (79.45 KB, 802x518, 2DCAC0ED-13BA-42A4-B587-533740…)


four figures for crusty crystal kathy cringe at the wedding can’t wait for the crowd candids

No. 1651361

She's gonna stiffly hobble around at a wedding? What kind of crackhead wedding is this? Eager to see the pictures kek.

No. 1651371

It's funny just how transparent her parroted talking points are. She truly is a bird girl. kek

Love that this is the same dumb white girl who made an entire altar to a dead black sex worker she didn't even actually know for woke points.

No. 1651397

And then straight up called it a black power altar lol

No. 1651696

Taking bets on how long until she complains about the bride because she's so not a jealous vitriolic person..

No. 1651767

Also, doesn't she hate vanilla people and wedding rings and all that? Unless this is a queer wedding, how will she cope being so triggered?? Oh right, because it's all an act. I bet it's a straight wedding. Ms. queer anticapitalist activist over here will plaster a big smile on her face just to get some bucks. Such radicalism kek

No. 1651837

Betting on a they/them poly transbie wedding where everyone looks like their birth gender but they think they're being edgy hiring a Twitter stripper

No. 1652058

File: 1663702923338.jpeg (618.52 KB, 1170x1653, 7E35992F-A579-43D4-8A3A-0B4C7B…)

Admitting that she was a shitty sub while preaching about other people should act really isn’t the warning she thinks it is kek it only warns against her

No. 1652127


She's somehow more insufferable than Shayna like my god bitch just shut up! Go make some money to put on your little alter, find another beta to live off of so your current one can be free to live with his preference and feel less embarrassment everytime he logs onto Twitter and sees you begging for cheese and attention

No. 1652143

File: 1663707673887.png (68.79 KB, 590x317, Screen Shot 2022-09-20 at 2.00…)

No. 1652192

I haven't been reading Kathy's thread for a while, but this has so much comical potential, has she said when the wedding is?

No. 1652203

Wonder if it's the one that she said was buying her that trashy dress because she never got it lol

No. 1652226

File: 1663709915763.png (83.47 KB, 587x348, Screen Shot 2022-09-17 at 1.57…)

Have some highlights from when the farm was down…

This one is hilarious because she has one tired vintage fur in her possession but she begs for new Chinese fur monthly

No. 1652230

File: 1663710050184.jpeg (139.11 KB, 1135x567, 1223455.jpeg)

No. 1652257

wait til they learn you can make imitation leather out of things other than plastic! wait til they learn about recycling!

anyway I wonder how Kathy felt getting another year older with nothing to show for it but that crusty old costume and some shitty candles

No. 1652414

That is what you get for bragging about a moid paying before they send… you sit seething on your birthday wishing for a weird sequin bird dress. Sex work 101, money comes first.

No. 1652502

File: 1663720339213.png (68.31 KB, 596x291, Screen Shot 2022-09-20 at 5.32…)

KEK not this coming from the bitch that tells people to send her money before asking any questions

No. 1652509

what mutual aid and community organizing does she do? just because you say something doesn’t make it true. and soliciting donations from your followers to send to someone who may or may not even exist isn’t mutual aid.

No. 1652516

The Narc™ really jumped out with this one with all that self-service.

No. 1652535

File: 1663721351750.png (38.35 KB, 585x153, Screen Shot 2022-09-20 at 5.31…)

No one paid for her birthday this is hilarious (and completely expected)

No. 1652625

what kind of skill could this bitch share? kek as if she didn't continuously post about how randos try to steal her "high femme labor for free!!!" for asking where she gets her shitty stones lmao

No. 1652633

imagine being so fucking miserable that not even your near 40 yo failer twitch streamer soyjak of a scrote is willing to take you out on your birthday; I hope he is fucking the new thot that moved in with him

No. 1652648

File: 1663725387916.jpeg (112.59 KB, 750x1334, 1660098289135.jpeg)

Just about a month ago she was ranting about how she doesn't like bien friends with "baby burlesque performers" and how she should be compensated for her "expertise" kek.
Which is it, Katie?

No. 1652814

It's a shame, I'm a New Orleans anon and I was looking forward to see her at Burlesque Fest for her birthday weekend. But seems like she couldn't pull the cash to come down and network. So sad her high protocol seems to include just being outright ignored. But at least that means I can skip degen con and go to the Beignet Festival instead.

No. 1653003

Majorelle doesn’t have any Michelin stars. Lol

You’d think such a luxury expert that adorns Herself with the finest polyester garb and faux furs from the Amazon Marketplace would know the difference between Michelin star restaurants and restaurants that simply appear in the Michelin guide.

Better larp next time, Kathy. Here’s a free hint though. But in the future, I expect you to compensate me for my ~*~time and expertise~*~


No. 1653847

File: 1663809002023.jpeg (201.2 KB, 593x1390, 2.jpeg)

A hit dog hollers. Katherine knows the other woman is talking about people just like her so she has to disrupt and defend herself with the bullshit offensive excuse of "sex work is the only thing chronically disabled people can do!" Howling at all the skills she listed off while having a basic godaddy site and a handful of ten minute videos she uploaded almost a year ago.

No. 1653848

File: 1663809050238.jpeg (154.16 KB, 531x1222, 3.jpeg)

Pt. 2

No. 1653852

So much bullshit. Millions of people suffer from chronic pain and illness and still have actual jobs.

No. 1653859

One of her tweets >>1653848 completely contradicts what she said here >>1653847. Let her go crazy trying to figure out which ones kek

No. 1653939

File: 1663815765675.png (63.15 KB, 1178x438, Screenshot 2022-09-21 10.01.38…)

I just checked this site out of curiosity and lol Kathy submitted another DMCA complaint today

No. 1653947

File: 1663816072251.gif (458.12 KB, 262x200, BF4DB718-A26C-4956-A405-71E93A…)

She can’t even file a bogus DMCA complaint properly

No. 1653985

File: 1663819342170.png (2 MB, 808x5868, 5C0DD7B9-2C30-4B3A-A433-444D58…)

looks like birds of a feather really do flock together. kathy invites a twitty boogeyman findom over for her birthday party (which was last saturday) and now she is going through some fallout for pedo-pandering… vi is claiming pedopandering for survival and reeing with lawyer threats when people call her out on out it. Can’t wait to hear about a lawyer who will give e-begging findoms any serious legal work lol. quality company kathy.

No. 1654017

Omg Vi is insufferable! I was hoping someone would bring up this shitshow of an article: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.buzzfeednews.com/amphtml/elaminabdelmahmoud/financial-domination-findoms-sex-work yikes af

Imo Kathy just jumped on the bandwagon of defending Vi in order to gain some "clout"/be RT'd by Vi, who is more successful though no less cringey

No. 1654027

File: 1663824612501.jpeg (139.04 KB, 750x1334, 308002574_1506330959796474_557…)

She is lurking HARD

No. 1654030

File: 1663824752466.jpeg (43.96 KB, 828x249, A6597B85-E2EE-4D19-8EB9-C0408A…)

why did she delete this just now?

No. 1654034

>wishing all the performers good luck!
we got a real lady of the stage here

No. 1654039

File: 1663825810091.png (374.97 KB, 583x708, Screen Shot 2022-09-21 at 10.4…)

What about hearing your partner shame a man for respecting and loving his girlfriend? >>1601516

How about seeing your partner drool over e-whores daily?

No. 1654044

> January 19-22nd, 2023
She won't be ready four months from now? How professional.

No. 1654051

for the application deadline, which is probably soon. learn how to read nonnie

No. 1654068

File: 1663829398576.png (105.79 KB, 1410x665, Screen Shot 2022-09-21 at 11.4…)

I did read. I also read their site. All they want that requires an ounce of effort is a pre-recorded video. "I can't make the deadline" is an extremely poor excuse when she's had time to prepare for it.

No. 1654071

kek guess her pleads from almost a month ago didn't work >>1631474

No. 1654183

File: 1663846349377.jpg (24.68 KB, 559x460, 51aa1ab9cdfdf66629c3a7d8e4857c…)

>Restructuring my signature act

Her signature act of badly mincing around in clothes that don't fit her? I'd love to see what her "two new acts" are, given that she can't dance or perform in any sense of the word.

No. 1654184

If you look up the name not the stage names and then look up the address listed in Brooklyn it comes up with affordable housing under NYC gov, so she’s out here larping as disabled and a sex worker while scamming the system. Gross.

No. 1654449

Anon that’s not her real name lol it’s another stage name she used years ago

No. 1654864

It’s just weird it links to an address in an area she claims to live and the apartment looks a lot like the one she’s in

No. 1654953

File: 1663898883118.jpeg (377.96 KB, 828x1255, D69B46B5-5BEA-4455-930D-AEC085…)

looks like the spotlight started to burn @sendtovi , she cleared house and deleted every single one of her tweets. In that article you linked she mentions working under her real name out in the open cause iT’s mOrE aUthEntiC… well that really backfired. kathy’s bird girl boringness is the only reason she is even able to stay in the game, her shooting dmca takedowns here shows she is nervous with any criticism, just wait til she catches on in the wrong side of her own community LOL.

No. 1655007

Funny how the woman who praised sex work for supposedly making her rich is now crying about losing her regular job with benefits. Every single one of these e-whores lies about how much money they're getting.

It's also funny how Kathy hasn't stood up for her "mentor"

No. 1655773

Sex work is the only kind of work where you can accomodate your imaginary illness? Tell that to women who are trafficed into sex slavery daily.

Fucking cheek of this bitch.

No. 1656079

On the flipside I know someone who left SW when their disability became too obvious, she worried she'd be percieved as vulnerable and easy to take advantage of.

No. 1656087

I work from home as an editor. I can do it in bed in my jammies if I'm too ill that day to get downstairs. Kathy just has no imagination.

No. 1656139

File: 1663997559997.jpeg (171.35 KB, 828x1169, 7D76921F-739E-415E-B432-6E538C…)

ok …

No. 1656155

Restructuring her act actually means gluing more Amazon acquired stones onto a new premade base and she's too lazy to finish it.
Or she applied and got rejected. Kek

No. 1656222

Calling oneself a cult leader is the epitome of being ~trauma informed~

No. 1656616

File: 1664047373548.png (295.12 KB, 503x296, MadameCrust.PNG)

Why does she always look like she smells like day old piss and glue? much luxury, very expensive thong that digs into her skin amirite

No. 1656637

File: 1664048728327.png (696.46 KB, 824x1453, 61ACC9A5-54B8-4B69-BA02-205A50…)

And so the twilight vampire larp begins. looks like kathy found witchtok 2000 and late. Calling a switch to goddess. On a serious note it is illegal to send all these things through the mail and super gross. the idea of blood going sloppily through the mail endangering unknown postal workers makes my skin crawl. But probably just trying a new larp… doubt this sub is real.

No. 1656732

if it's real i can see this one going awry very fast, a moid who wants to send you his hair or bodily fluids sounds highly unhinged

No. 1656819

Serial killer victim arc is coming sooner than originally expected

No. 1656847

File: 1664063327673.jpeg (168 KB, 1170x814, 71292C88-B5FC-4A31-9796-66E041…)

She couldn’t meet the deadline for the festival application because her costumes weren’t ready but she is able to do her “four figure” wedding tonight. She definitely got rejected or chickened out lol funny too how she wants everyone to tell her pop a pastie after >>1654034

No. 1656970

File: 1664070457150.jpeg (339.66 KB, 1588x2048, B594933F-1B2C-49D4-A214-C7FC6E…)

nona called it
hatched fresh for the wedding

No. 1656972

File: 1664071146123.jpeg (295.24 KB, 1454x2048, F4B59019-1D58-4975-AA9C-F9C98F…)

No. 1656977

that dress looks SO cheap kek. literally indistinguishable from a "dress-up" i outfit i would wear when i was 4 years old

No. 1656984

File: 1664072120596.jpeg (453.4 KB, 1749x2500, D40767EC-466D-4589-B933-CFAF95…)

at least it is halloween season someone might confuse her as a worker for a haunted house

No. 1657000

I still don't think that the red lipstick goes with everything else and looks too harsh on her.

No. 1657002

Desperately trying to give herself cleavage I wish she would dress wear things/makeup that's flattering her natural assets instead of forcing this weird shit that doesn't work

No. 1657060

ot,but…It’s illegal to send hair in the mail??

No. 1657094

No it's not where did you hair that

No. 1657108

i know we say this every time but her makeup is atrocious. she probably reads them but doubles down because its her extra special one of a kind unique lewk

No. 1657209

USPS allows all these things to be sent domestically. It's weird but it's not illegal

No. 1657224

File: 1664095513108.jpeg (208.1 KB, 1080x1350, 308355051_1123952258218121_796…)

>“The New Look” is my latest act

>It’s inspired by Christian Dior’s 1947 “Corolle” collection. “Corolle” refers to the silhouette of a blooming flower, which Dior mirrored with A-line silhouettes for dresses and skirts. The collection became known as “The New Look,” characterized by a particular silhouette—defined shoulders, pointed busts, corseted waists, and full skirts—worn with hats and gloves. The New Look was structured, cinched, polished, and immaculate.

>Haute couture has always been my biggest inspiration for making costumes. The act endeavors to pay homage to the poise, elegance, and air of 1940s couture

>I’m grateful when people understand and appreciate the process of making costumes. It’s not fast fashion. More like fashion at a glacial pace!

>This costume comprises a silk leopard-print saucer hat (awaiting rhinestones), a tear-away black ballgown, black velvet gloves and a black lace bra encrusted in crystals and pearls, and clover-shaped pasties, also in crystals and pearls.

No. 1657228

File: 1664096080457.webm (904.5 KB, 720x1116, meY2Ph_QzpCc9sLh.webm)

Nothing more professional than getting high before a supposed paid gig!

No. 1657313

>This costume comprises a silk leopard-print saucer hat (awaiting rhinestones)

Why would she admit her costume is not ready while she's apparently using it in her ~New Act

>black velvet gloves and a black lace bra encrusted in crystals and pearls, and clover-shaped pasties, also in crystals and pearls.

why is she so damn obsessed with the rhinestones, why does everything have to be covered in plastic pearls and shiny things? What a professional performer and a creative act planner if her only idea of luxury is plastic "crystals" and "pearls"

No. 1657549

File: 1664123949684.jpeg (689.57 KB, 1080x1350, kath.jpeg)

These are so obvious I have no idea why she didn't remove them. It screams cheap.

Brown coat with black outfit. She's not even trying. Also kek how her forehead blends into her wig.

>why is she so damn obsessed with the rhinestones
Yeah why does a leopard print item of clothing need rhinestones? Unless she's trying to create some kind of ~Parisian~ Ed Hardy

No. 1657652

She wants to ruin the hat with rhinestones too. Girls needs a hot glue gun intervention!

No. 1657671

File: 1664133356340.jpeg (525.13 KB, 820x1044, dior.jpeg)

rhinestones on leopard! i've seen it done, with crystals color-matching the pattern under them, but even if done well (lol), it will absolutely argue with the existing rhinestoning. even as it is, the leopard clashes with the pearl-rhinestone clusters. just too many spotty/round textures in one ensemble. dior was all about sleekness and monumental silhouettes, not about color and texture. this is like a drag queen parody of dior!

No. 1657673

For someone with self-proclaimed ~uwu soft pink delicate ulta high femininity~ she looks awfully male.

No. 1657781

and with no word she acknowledges how much Dior was hated for putting out expensive designs after WWII, that used too much fabric that even politicians told the public that they shouldn't copy that style, because there were still shortages and people worried about more than some fabric. And the air of 1940s couture? She means war and cold winters and starvation, right? Maybe she should pay me to get a lesson about fashion in the 1930s till 1950s.
After all, I feel like she is insulting me, someone who sews for a living, makes pattern for a living, she knows nothing and talks about the process of making costumes? No, she buys stuff and puts rhinestones on it, she couldn't design and sew a corset or even a skirt if her life would depend on it.

No. 1657885

sorry to disagree with you, because you make good points. but while common people wore rags, depression era hollywood and high fashion rode on the idea of glamour. it was overly luxurious and people ate it up as a form of daydream escapism from their povert-stricken reality.

No. 1657896

Yes it rode on the idea of glamour but a lot of it was fake. Movie studios did not shell out for real jewels and fur. It was still exactly that: an idea.

No. 1657914

File: 1664148912520.png (57.3 KB, 593x261, Screen Shot 2022-09-25 at 4.35…)

Rolling over the fact that this is coming from the woman that has thrown mulitple tantrums over vAnIlLa people wearing ~SACRED~ bdsm fashion

No. 1657965

That's because she does her makeup like a drag queen.

No. 1657975

dirty deleted the tweet as always. She can’t stand by anything she says about “the community” longer than 30 minutes.

No. 1657978

File: 1664152592212.png (1.1 MB, 828x1575, D7F162EE-CD4D-4DFB-9ABD-12E6C4…)

and literally buys and wears the same wigs as dudes in drag. makes me kek cause didn’t she feud with Kim Chi who happens to be one of Trixie’s friends? The drag community doesn’t even like her

No. 1657991

Nonitas have been telling Kathy for eight whole threads now to separate her personal life from her "sex work" twitter but sure, it's everyone else that is ignorant and uneducated not Kathy

No. 1657992

That would imply that her one tweet bitching at Kim Chi got attention which it did not lol

No. 1658001

omg just found this thread, shes been one of my personal cows for so long, shes so jarring and am so happy that im not the only one who severely dislikes her

No. 1658021

how did you become aware of her, anon?

No. 1658060

File: 1664161233812.jpeg (196.75 KB, 1170x2080, 309278764_1171263140126311_374…)

The "four-figure private burlesque show" wedding was acquaintance's. Scrote took his goff queen as his date. Bitch is lucky if she gets paid $200 kek

No. 1658066

someone needs to help goff gf fix those awful extensions.

No. 1658067

The dynamic of your "boyfriend" taking his other girlfriend as his partner to attend a wedding where you will be the mildly raunchy entertainment is, how you say, extremely fucked. Like imagine this is your life

No. 1658082

File: 1664162767018.jpeg (189.88 KB, 750x1334, 308553188_1265596637533338_176…)

>metamour (plural metamours) (rare) In a polyamorous relationship, one's partner's partner, with whom one is not directly involved.
All she does is take L's in this situation. Bet she'll allude to her George Glass that totally flew out to meet her for a weekend shortly.

No. 1658089

Oooooff. Imagine working at a wedding, and your fatass boyfriend is there cucking you with a broad, ugly ass, chunky bitch. I would kms before I let something like this happen. Polyamory is disgusting, why do these women hate themselves so much? All of them could do better than this disgusting scrote.

No. 1658096

what the fuck is she wearing???

No. 1658097

Goth cow print in stretchy velvet?

No. 1658101

File: 1664164836944.jpg (8.1 KB, 257x326, 20220926_010212.jpg)

Ganbatte, button-chan.

No. 1658112

She deserves it lol Kathy gets what's coming to her

No. 1658174

KEK. kathy is getting paid pity bucks but button-chan is doing overtime for free… there's no justice

No. 1658219

File: 1664182532351.jpeg (51.1 KB, 750x1334, 76DAD6F0-18F7-4EFD-B41F-23BA32…)

No. 1658274

saw her in the comments of a dominatrix on insta

No. 1658280

Kek, what fuckery is this?

No. 1658282


Kathy should just cut her losses and let goff chan have her scrote. Both of them could do better but Kathy would actually be better off single. No worthy while man is going to want to wife an embarrassing fake e-whore who does glorified stripping on the side. Hell, even her worthless man doesn't.

No. 1658307

she admitted he pays all her bills, which is probably an embellished lie but someone definitely covers some for her to larp in nyc. Most likely a combo of family, (her brother since she didn’t “C&D him yet) , and this scrote.

No. 1658328

Thought this said c&b like she didn't "cock and balls him yet"

No. 1658436

A younger brother is not sending his wannabe e-whore sister money lol

No. 1658482

sure, only Kathy knows how people deal with trauma, there aren't people watching true crime to "understand" or work through stuff they experienced, only her way to see things is the right way.

No. 1658554

there are venmo transactions between them where he is literally sending her money in the previous threads, retard

No. 1658603

The original post in the first thread was to shiw that she did not cut off all of her family like she says because she still has him added there. There hasn’t been any public transactions between them. There isn’t proof of any transactions between them in any of the threads. He hasn’t been active in almost four years >>1283639 . Might want to get your info right before you call someone else a retard.

No. 1658607

Except there’s literally not

No. 1658648

yeah, maybe because thats what "glamour" means by definition lmao. visual deception. the word lost its meaning.

No. 1658661

nta but i was also excited to find this thread after following her on insta for a while. a good photo of her came up on my suggestions page once, and i started following, thinking shes a respectable burlesque performer/pinup model. i soon started finding more amusement in her schizo takes and shitty personality than in her actual burlesque content (which i realized was all smoke and mirrors- not in a good way).

No. 1658937

File: 1664236112686.jpeg (854.92 KB, 1125x2098, BC792E03-931D-4ADF-88DF-69050F…)

Anyone notice she successfully got lolcow results removed from Google when you search her name? (It isn’t further down the page, but didn’t want to stitch multiple screenshots together) A pity that people won’t have access to receipts of who and what she is for now.

No. 1658946

Fingers crossed other cows don't figure out they can do this, some of these people need people to know their issues

No. 1658976

File: 1664237407950.jpeg (687.57 KB, 1170x1398, 57342A1C-8E89-4ADE-A684-A1263C…)

Still comes up for me on public Wi-Fi, just looks different. It only lasts a couple days anyways. She and other cows have done it in the past. Also only applies to google’s search engine lol everything still comes up properly on the other ones

No. 1658982

american bitch

No. 1659016

File: 1664240159373.jpeg (169.86 KB, 750x1334, 308712771_665630264983227_2000…)

Shayna is that you?

No. 1659063

The fact that people genuinely think weed shots like this are classy is hilarious

No. 1659093

Don't stress, google uses a bunch of metrics to rank sites including uptime. If shaymin can keep the website online for more than two minutes then the results should be back to normal soon.

No. 1659117


She could definitely find another beta to pay her way if she's willing to put out. Especially if she's willing to pretend to be a kid and be degraded in the name of ~kink~. Shes comfortable being embarrassed by those scrote and it's only going to hurt her "business" if her "subs" find out she's actually an awkward little cuckette who has to stay in a relationship because she can't afford to leave on her own.

No. 1659119

there's absolutely no way he's footing all her bills.

No. 1659130

He isn't, he had her beg for money for his dog's vet bills and toys lmao

No. 1659288

Lmao did this prick jump off his wardrobe to squeeze into this three sizes too small suit? I can’t believe he has an outfit more embarrassing than his robes. Imagine being Kathy, unable to keep a hold of this bottom tier scrote, but thinks she can seduce an inheritance out of old rich guys. Good luck bird face.

No. 1659315

Her outrageous claim that "most of the Forbe's billionaire list" has tried to date her will always been my favorite larp solely because she gets screwed over by -10 men

No. 1659738

She's lazy even for a stoner, but I bet she only uses pre-rolls because she can fit them into her ridiculous cigarette holder.

No. 1659901

How does she square this opinion with all the bdsm shit, that's literally roleplaying the trauma of domestic abuse for the coom

No. 1660001

File: 1664316176188.jpeg (158.6 KB, 1500x1334, image127365.jpeg)

Of course the pick-me feels bad for a man that cheated on his wife

No. 1660012

For fucks sake katherine. OT but Highly dissapointed in ned but not surprised given hes a man. I hope his wife gets smart and leaves him. I bet he didnt even come forward until after he got caught and/or had sex with the person.

Its just like her to like watching those scrotes do basic shit and consider it valuable entertainment. Go consume some female literature kathy and stop being a total fucking doormat pick-me handmaiden jfc.

No. 1660032

File: 1664318240155.jpeg (803.64 KB, 1170x1860, EC139975-C32B-4D45-81FA-E6BE3B…)

>Swarovski distribution of Crystal Components is ending worldwide… late September 2021
> The selected few businesses will go through an application process and approval by Swarovski. Once and if approved, they will agree to sign a strict legal Brand Control Agreement. They will not be allowed to market, advertise, or label their product with any reference or connection to the Swarovski brand name or the crystals origin, example “made in Austria”.

She is so retarded. There’s still a handful of places online that have very limited stock of the crystals but you can’t use the name Swarovski to sell your products.

No. 1660072

File: 1664321027751.jpeg (359.11 KB, 1500x2668, image.jpeg)

Real bold coming from someone who posts pedophile fan art >>1430252 . Lolita is based off of true crimes too. Guess that trauma doesn't matter though because it's not ~queer~ enough to be performative about on Twitter.

No. 1660074

File: 1664321066980.jpeg (52.16 KB, 1334x564, cig holder.jpeg)

Swarovski made a cigarette holder that sits on a table and holds unused cigarettes http://www.kristallbuzz.com/2015/01/swarovski-crystal-cigarette-holderr.html ($109.95 buy it now on ebay) but I bet she means some trash like this ($50 on etsy)

No. 1660078

Hers is even shittier than that lol

No. 1660088

ot, but Lolita is based off of true crimes? not that I don't believe you nonna, but it's the first time I've heard that

No. 1660108

NTAYRT, but there has been speculation that Nabokov may have been influenced by the real-life kidnapping of Sally Horner in 1948. This has never been actually confirmed, mind you, and though there are similarities, I don't personally believe the novel is intended specifically to be based on that event.

No. 1660115

NTA either, but Nabakov is said to have based some of the interpersonal dynamics that were going on in the book at least on his own CSA. I'm not aware of it having been based on any real documented incidents other than that though.

No. 1660135

This crappy little stick looks leagues better than anything she's ever "made" when will she learn that patterns are vital for fashion like this

No. 1660147

Nabokov directly references Sally Horner in the book. It’s partially based on her (very short) life. You don’t need confirmation from him to understand that - especially given that he was a pretentious moid who was particularly concerned about his works being seen as completely original.


No. 1660160

File: 1664326497149.png (1 MB, 1982x829, C7DD56A1-8FD4-4741-BB3B-50BF8E…)

>I give my life to the love of my queen

>my spiritual and sexual overlord,

>Madame Blush

sounds like the start of a totally safe boundary obeying submissive

No. 1660168

File: 1664326919734.png (663.47 KB, 828x2767, 21B0F198-DEAE-4DFB-B415-746135…)

KEK , this is 100% her with her weird capitalized pronoun tic

No. 1660172

I give it a week until she complains about creepy stalker clients

No. 1660177

File: 1664327250129.jpeg (245.36 KB, 1170x637, 424B685F-E7D5-4E4D-8C75-3972B6…)

Mind everyone too that she’s already had issues with this man.

No. 1660183

File: 1664327332751.gif (480.67 KB, 220x220, jan-george-glass.gif)

No. 1660189


i am putting on my tinfoil hat , she is behind this account or at least this terrible poem

No. 1660190

File: 1664327805071.png (82.59 KB, 485x593, Screen Shot 2022-09-27 at 6.17…)

Fucking kek at her slipping up and capitalizing 'My' in this one. The misspelling of matriarch also gives it away.

No. 1660197

Yeah if I were her, I wouldn't be publicly talking about how much I hate true crime right now…

No. 1660208

dewd the levels of larp it takes to legitimize her presence as a findom is embarrassing. To see this and not cringe !!! She needs to stick with her park avenue pinup cause she can pull off drag grandma core, and stop putting a square peg in a round hole with this persona.

No. 1660292

The spelling is terrible, I don't think this is her but it does highlight the level of weirdness required to be a "sub"

The way this is phrased makes me think this guy might be religious, the framing of it is very similar to how religious people speak about god/jesus. I can't see this going well since this is also undoubtedly the same guy who wanted to send hair/blood/etc to her. I hope she hasn't given him her real address.

No. 1660408

File: 1664342012204.jpeg (210.64 KB, 828x722, 9D4027FF-AEA4-47E9-AE47-56C21E…)

any guesses on who she is kvetching about now?

No. 1660512

that 80s nutria coat always cracks me up. my grandma has five.

No. 1660536

She probably imagines she has clout and thr rest fits her to a T. Projecting maybe?

No. 1660954

it's obviously her, the writing style is the same.

No. 1661020

File: 1664399010235.png (142.94 KB, 591x615, Screen Shot 2022-09-28 at 2.02…)

Billionaires really trigger her

No. 1661132

File: 1664403241861.jpeg (216.92 KB, 828x623, 8B33E165-4F0F-48D9-BEB7-DAFFFF…)

Also confirms her Madame Blush twitter is her main twitter account, or the one she spends her most terminally online on.

Additional proof is that the submissive twitter account likes vague aspirational statements which is her daily fodder.

No. 1661145

File: 1664403765289.jpeg (138.92 KB, 828x491, 74534277-E0BD-4039-9C7B-702D7C…)

dirty deleted these along with this one. I’m sure her peers love her habit of subtweeting. What a snarky dumb bitch, a domme who can’t stand by anything she says. Weak

No. 1661158

Lol she hates Machine Gun Kelly so much she blocked him twice. Imagine having time in your day to do all this.

No. 1661311

File: 1664413447147.png (67.23 KB, 589x269, Screen Shot 2022-09-28 at 5.58…)

High dose of copium today

No. 1661314

File: 1664413524046.png (102.6 KB, 592x496, Screen Shot 2022-09-28 at 5.58…)

Her 'perfectionism' is why she can't be fucked to put out content

No. 1661452

File: 1664421166068.jpeg (329.97 KB, 828x1162, BC15CFD1-2ACC-4051-BA75-D744F4…)

When she posted this on her main Madame Blush twitter, she goes to her fake submissive account and bitches about the same subject in the same timeframe. She is talking to herself.

No. 1661459

I thought this was a real sub but I'm now thinking she really is talking to herself, the writing style is too similar

No. 1661560

Its her, the long hyphen gives it away

No. 1661566

Lol she's her own supply, she must be really desperate rn. I wonder how that wedding went and if anyone got footage…

No. 1661574

File: 1664434248347.png (76.49 KB, 585x329, Screen Shot 2022-09-28 at 11.3…)

> femme labor
Jean Louis, a male, designed the dress while Bob Mackie, also a male, sketched it out. They both hand sewed crystals onto the final and mockup dresses. Women worked on the dress as well but to claim the whole thing was 'femme labor' just for the sake of a performative tweet is retarded. The dress wasn't mishandled because of misogyny - it was mishandled because a fucking novelty company owns it.

No. 1661576

Kathy, Kathy, Kathy, did you learn new big words? Procrastination does not gel with perfectionism..

No. 1661686

File: 1664453344589.png (624.06 KB, 488x848, Screen Shot 2022-09-28 at 11.5…)

Every time she glues shit onto to shit it looks like some sort of pox. Ed Gein Jr

No. 1661701


There's no way this isn't her. She's got a very distinct faux intellectual, lofty way of communicating. Especially through text. She's hellbent on being pathetic I see.

No. 1661713

File: 1664456999941.png (1.32 MB, 1978x901, C966A6F4-13AA-4BF6-B71B-E12E44…)

Finally people are calling her out for the lunacy of wanting this piercing. Worse is that she is

Nothing like -choosing- an expensive dangerous and painful piercing body mod procedure to match your disability activism Kathy.

No. 1661715

File: 1664457262562.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 544.11 KB, 828x1201, 745CC0BF-3196-4E50-8F6B-D2AA55…)

Bonus for wanting to touch up the seams one month in, the uneven lines must be driving her insane.

No. 1661724

She's been talking about getting touch-ups since like a week after she got them. Bitch can't even afford her pErMaNeNt PiNuP 'mods'.

No. 1661734

God this just looks so tacky, and I imagine will not age well. She is such a stupid cunt.

No. 1661743


So tragic. These are the cheapest of the cheap when it comes to vintage fur. They always feel brittle to touch too. It would look cute, styled with items of its own decade. Instead she looks like an aged woman, bringing out the “nicest” pieces in her wardrobe. You can buy full length 1950s mink coats at any antique store. Why is she so clueless?

No. 1661754


I’m just echoing what’s already been said at this point, but it’s so ludicrous. Why would a tattoo have anything to do with stocking fetishism? Scrotes like the stockings themselves, the feel and swish on the fabric. Not just the look of them. She wants vintage coomers, but doesn’t even begin to cater to them.

No. 1661761

>I really wanted these when I was 14

No. 1661848

how does it already look like it's been sitting in a chain-smoking aunt's attic since the 70s

No. 1661887

That's the mixing of ivory and white elements. It looks partially yellowed.

No. 1662108

controversial opinion but i think she could pull it off, for a photoshoot at least. it suits her unconventional features and her marie antoinette hooker style. but we all know she neither has funds for such frivolity, nor a good photographer.
hell, even in the vintage days it was considered kind of trashy lmao. people wore it out of necessity to keep warm, not to flex. its like wearing walmart puffer jackets and acting like theyre canada goose.
exactly what im thinking. why couldnt she settle on one color? cream and snow white does not mix, just like navy and black doesn't mix. everyone knows that. it would look infinitely better as either cream and crystal, or white and crystal…

No. 1662230

When it comes to tattoos, there’s a reason for the phrase “bold will hold.” Thin ink like this is gonna bleed and blur in probably less than six months. I bet they are already, and that’s why she’s getting them “touched up,” if she even is, which is dubious considering that it’s Kathy. Pretty Pinterest delicate princess tattoos look cute on paper, but age like milk. Also, can’t believe it’s been a month and we have max three pics of these tats considering it’s just been such a huge part of her dollification “journey.”

No. 1662254

What a scammer. Usually tattoo touch ups are free within the year, but even if it wasn’t, it wouldn’t cost as much as a brand new tattoo since most of the work (placement and original ink) is mainly done. She’s just trying to grift $800 worth of weed money.

I’m surprised at her ignorance here. Needle play is something that’s quite frequent at kink parties, and they’re then removed right away. People either do it for the look of it or for the feeling of it. More proof that she’s really just an online domme larper that’s never involved in any actual events.

No. 1662416


No. 1662622

bump to hide cp

No. 1662699

Her writing style is too obvious this is the most pathetic of her larps

No. 1662727

File: 1664547100340.png (372.75 KB, 652x652, 05F6141E-8414-43A2-824D-E868F4…)

These look so off to me because they don’t follow the natural curve of the leg like a seam would, they look more like when people get something like picrel. She can’t even commit to her bullshit bOdYmOdS properly kek

No. 1662953

File: 1664562659407.jpeg (349.94 KB, 828x1220, 106CE0EB-D3D5-4A6E-B931-719DD3…)

she really has the audacity lol, nothing less than mediocre then performing in front of your boyfriend’s fat girlfriend at a wedding allowing yourself to be completely being cucked for $1000. Or making an entirely fake submissive twitter account of a “submissive” who radiates serial killer energy. But the problem in her life is straight women. Give me a break, she is projecting so hard her image is on the moon.

No. 1662967


Insufferable when straight women try this hard to separate themselves from other straight women. The closest thing to a “girlfriend” she’s ever had was sub fresh out of the psych ward from her failed findom pyramid scheme era. Hope you’re happy playing second fiddle to another woman, Katherine! It’s the closest you’ll ever get to a happy relationship with either gender!

No. 1662968

>was genuinly excited to receive fucking mac and cheese for valentine's day
She should consider keeping some posts in her drafts kek.

No. 1663000

File: 1664565540630.png (939.33 KB, 1325x790, B846D7B8-5B43-4A6D-8A5A-7DF8EE…)

she needs to admit thIs whole FemDom larp is to satisfy her fetish for black woman. She inserts herself in their spaces the most, and develops pseudo emotional friendships with them online, as evidenced by her unending obsession with @MissVChicago. She is only marginally successful on twitter with engagement because of the ignorance of these woman who are interacting with her. In reality she is a time-waster for them and a moid herself. It is only time before they realize she is at skinwalker stealing clients by commenting on their twitters.

No. 1663014

She's right that the bar is in hell/that women should value ourselves more and all.. but come the fuck on, she's dating a guy with an entire other girlfriend who he pays more attention to. Like pick yourself up and have a little dignity first.

No. 1663102

File: 1664572900315.jpeg (226.07 KB, 1279x640, image.jpeg)

No. 1663129

Guess her retard brain already forgot that just two days ago she was posting how she was was “heartbroken” for a mediocre man that cheated on his wife

No. 1663136

"Mediocre men" would be a step up from these disheveled dirtbags. Even boring Brad from accounting is out of Kathy's league due to her deranged behavior.

No. 1663190

KEK this is the perfect illustration of how much that tweet was projecting. I really can't think of a bar lower than dating a "dom" who is into polyamory and flirts with twitch streamers publicly like a boomer who thinks they care to read his replies and walks you around on a leash while he's in a star wars shirt

No. 1663234

File: 1664584128470.jpeg (612.1 KB, 828x1387, 44688E42-0405-4117-B3D8-D9F54C…)


Kek he just posted this, our straight girlfriend Kathy continues to simp over mediocre men.

It’s embarrassing. Pick yourself up.

No. 1663236

It is very obvious he watches her threads closely now and takes every chance he can get to dunk on her, whether he realizes it or not. Pick yourself up, Kathy. You dirty-deleted >>1663102 because you know you're projecting.

No. 1663240

Oh my god, he's even uglier from the side.

No. 1663264

Is kathy the type to threaten suicide if her man leaves her because wtf why, as a man would you act like a petty female and secretly dunk on her like this instead of leaving and being with your chunky goff gf?

No. 1663288

My thoughts too. That facial hair is disgusting.

No. 1663289

He is her lifeline, so she probably has a scripted freakout whenever that is threatened.

Tinfoil she asks for money from him all the time swearing up and down her career will take off, but instead she is racking up the IOUs from him and his friends, whom she constantly subtweets about.

No. 1663541

File: 1664626058995.png (1.16 MB, 1080x1488, Screenshot_20221001-080521-626…)

Am I reading this right, she's trying to sell her used underwear now? Kek

No. 1663611

I love how she talks such a big game about being a totes for real survival sex worker, but can't bring herself to sell actual used panties. Like she's just straight up selling unworn tags-still-on underwear and what? She thinks coomers will want this?
At the end of the day, for all her posturing, I think she is secretly disgusted by sex work. She refuses to debase herself, and that's why she makes no fucking money lmao

No. 1663671

File: 1664637988334.jpg (55.77 KB, 915x680, neanderthal scrote.JPG)

No. 1663753


Her larp is to impress other women. Not sure why she settled on sex work but she's like one of those sanrio hoarder girls who collect Sakura Miku figurines but don't know any of her songs and don't even like anime/weeb culture.

No. 1664231

Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I'd expect the selling used underwear market is seriously saturated by now, especially since covid.
I don't know where to put this, but I'd really like to see a polyarmory general thread. I come across so many, "I had a stable, loving long-term relationship I could have enjoyed for the rest of my life, but I wanted to also have a sidepiece and now my life is in shambles" posts and I'd love to share how stupid they all are.

No. 1664278

Please make an r/polyamory thread. It’s fucking hilarious scrolling through it.

No. 1664390

It's definitely a competitive market. Also the price for stockings shouldn't be more than for panties. Unless you find a stinky feet fetishist.

No. 1664699

I would love one of those. I have a personal scrote who is polyamorous and it backfired so hard on him kek

No. 1664721

No. 1665104

File: 1664749109310.jpeg (93.69 KB, 1136x320, image.jpeg)

It's okay that she spams people with empty one-word replies but it's crossing a 'boundary' when you do it to her

No. 1665109

At this point I am convinced she is a leech, definitely has a fetish for black woman as a submissive herself, and she is using the desperation of other e-whores begging for moid money as the basis of her character larp to try to integrate in the community. After she created that fake submissive twitter @MBismypurpose , I am fully convinced she has no real friends outside of the internet and she doesn’t have any clue or direction with her Madame Blush larp.

No. 1665117

Yup. The fake sub account was what convinced me she’s not even a failed sex worker. She’s just a crazed “femsub” larper with a fetish for skinwalking black dommes who are actually survival SWs. What a weirdo.

No. 1665155

File: 1664753371864.jpeg (422.76 KB, 828x1355, 8F93767F-7917-4A9B-B6A1-3173A2…)

She is commenting a storm to all these FemDoms cause she was invited to the #FemDomBall2022 which honestly is an entirely milky event in its own right.

No. 1665160

File: 1664754131809.png (2.14 MB, 800x1645, 8117442E-738A-45BC-8611-3236CF…)

kek this femdomball2022 is a hogswarts themed party were everyone larps as a witch, with the unfortunate dynamic of dozens of moids in latex masks mouth-breathing in the corner the entire time.

But now I know where kathy gets her fashion sense

No. 1665179

> if you can fly to London next week

kek Kathy has to beg for weed money, she ain't going long-haul

No. 1665270

File: 1664763992243.png (2.05 MB, 828x1712, 582F86E6-1038-453C-BD2B-4AD773…)


over this, pure kek.

No. 1665468

I mean… it leaves me speechless too kek

No. 1665507

Any woman that accepts this is not a fucking dominant woman.

No. 1665548

File: 1664795733952.jpg (482.99 KB, 739x1373, SmartSelect_20221003_131526_Fi…)


Fucking KEK!
She slapped a wig on Mr Ed and called it a day

No. 1665683

File: 1664812809292.jpeg (612.4 KB, 828x1129, FA2E8119-11AC-4656-909B-9E0DC7…)

You can see the serial killer eyes behind the butterfly, actually disturbing.

No. 1665889

Thanks for the nightmare fuel nonnie

No. 1666231

File: 1664849881347.png (86.8 KB, 593x403, Screen Shot 2022-10-03 at 2.40…)

If she would have been fucked to do two seconds of research that she claims she is so good at, she would have seen that the man in question is not a sex worker but a damn podcaster

No. 1666235

File: 1664850019921.jpeg (237.4 KB, 2250x1334, image.jpeg)

So supposedly she got a job… but she is already complaining about ~boundaries~

No. 1666264

First of all, Congrats Kathy on the new job! Kek w/ complaining about boundaries the first day, honey it is the adult world and people suck, but you will learn how to cope. Maybe a good time to delete the humiliating larp and focus on the day job.

No. 1666304

File: 1664855864097.jpg (166.15 KB, 600x886, LadyLucieLatexParkAvenue_bce22…)

Sage for old shit but I was bored so I was looking at her web page and saw that she has a latex store listed as one of her media links.
It is old as hell but I don't remember this being discussed. This is genuinely the best I have ever seen her look. The other full body has her face looking fucked up though.
Link to the item:

No. 1666325

Tinfoil that her awful choice in wigs and her signature purple eyeshadow are an attempt to emulate the professional hair and makeup someone else paid for from this photoshoot

No. 1666326

It was briefly discussed in the first thread. There’s caps of her looking geriatric at this brand’s cut-rate fashion show. It was from four like years ago though so she wasn’t as batshit yet.

No. 1666328

48 hours in and she’s already a victim. She can’t even be happy for herself. What a sad existence.

No. 1666344

Very telling that she deleted the first one where she announced she has a new job

No. 1666602

Something tells me with a start like that it's going to be short lived

No. 1666629

Is labor history not taught in schools? I went to a mediocre public school in NYC and was taught labor history and about unions and shit lol

No. 1666652

File: 1664893503957.jpeg (154.03 KB, 828x880, 5D106294-ED75-4EF0-8416-F66D1B…)

This is so fucking annoying. You know what also is a massive form a privilege? Thinking about
your labor the first day on the job. She has nothing in common with the lower class. Despite her boogeyman parents, they afforded her college education, which costs thousands of dollars. She was granted the privilege to play dress up while being unemployed for years, coasting on unemployment likely from leaving her first job, which 100% was granted to her by her middle class status and education. Her college education is probably the only reason she is able to get a job in NYC despite not having one for years, all the while not settling on two miserable part-time customer service type jobs. She has the immense privilege to choose not to debase herself or be a stripper because she is not a survival sex worker what so ever, she has the literal privilege to choose her path going forward.

She is just being a nasty scrote-minded femsub seeking attention for free with herself commenting on all these survival sexworker twitters. Like said before, what a weirdo.

No. 1666738

Katherine literally, literally cannot stop compulsively shitting on victims of sex trafficking in some sad attempt at making her seem like a more experienced dom. This is so embarrassing, I wonder what kind of conversations scrote and goth must have about her behind closed doors. Imagine associating with such a vile, hateful, jealous, ugly, narcissistic pterodactyl of a woman.

No. 1667130

File: 1664927350894.jpeg (136.89 KB, 1242x2208, 306108671_193921256359455_8191…)

He's not exactly a ray of sunshine himself

No. 1667381

File: 1664944295376.jpeg (575.91 KB, 828x1181, 2E2F7A13-6C2E-46B1-8218-AE7977…)


Really adding to the conversation here. Reply guy energy.

No. 1667382

Lol didn’t Kathy tweet about how she loved hearing this dude talk about consent? He sounds like a sour asshole. Telling someone who is sharing an insight on the importance of life / using it well and he goes to telling him to blow his dad? Is he projecting where did that even come from.

No. 1667585

She really doubled down after reading >>1665104 huh? Keep lurking Vulture.

No. 1667587

File: 1664968217741.png (48.53 KB, 591x196, Screen Shot 2022-10-05 at 4.12…)

If $25 is all it takes to gain access to you, you're a fool

No. 1667652

File: 1664974638922.png (346.41 KB, 588x471, Screen Shot 2022-10-05 at 5.54…)

May be a nitpick but she claims to be educated and invested in pop-culture of the past yet doesn't realize how absolutely retarded her caption is in relation to this movie

No. 1667678

What exactly is "classic" about looking like a cross between an average twitter aiden and a bad cosplay?

No. 1667685

oh shit cow crossover. has anyone else seen the Nicole Cliffe milk in the Laverys thread on kf? I think she's talked about elsewhere too like on Reddit. truly a batshit lady.

No. 1667803

File: 1664986770017.jpeg (297.82 KB, 828x801, 39036573-7D14-4253-BB1E-C117CC…)

kekekekek, this thread really stays in her mind.

No. 1667890

Just. log. off. You do not need to post your entire life online.

No. 1668118

They never want to confront that part of it. Ever. They rather attack people for being anonymous online (which you should be lol). People don't realize how weird the things they do are because it's online.

No. 1668120

File: 1665008473737.jpeg (55.9 KB, 750x1334, 310562234_201828655546698_3930…)

No. 1668132

Did Kathy change her name or something?

No. 1668140

Not legally

No. 1668277

File: 1665020759296.jpeg (48.45 KB, 750x1334, 310706533_627630658987116_1180…)

She is so full of shit. Being a cunt online isn't domination. Wasting money on redoing costumes isn't burlesque. You can call it "working with cannabis" but it's still a drug addiction. Go ask the neckbeard for rent since you love to lie about how he pays for everything.

No. 1668279

File: 1665020886156.png (297.33 KB, 586x473, Screen Shot 2022-10-05 at 6.49…)


No. 1668288

it’s past the 5th so rent was paid, she’s ebegging for weed or refuses to make herself basic meals until her job pays out.

>working with cannabis

What does that even mean?

And kek, that 4 figure wedding paycheck really was blown fast huh?

No. 1668289

she probably got a min. wage job as a budtender kek

No. 1668297

What a fresh, new take on "go fuck your mom"! I wonder if Katy recognizes the cognitive dissonance of bitching about how rude tweets and lolcow posts are literally violent while being a bangmaid for a man who posts incest jokes. What a perfect match.

No. 1668299

File: 1665023001533.png (Spoiler Image, 2.15 MB, 1591x1264, 1A7E66F8-BB15-4E29-ACD9-668C0F…)

She has been riding Master Carmine @CarnalCarmine ‘s presence on twitter lately , a black domme who flew from San Francisco and is now in New York on tour, and bird woman has been probably begging to see her for free as the leaching femsub she actually is.

No. 1668303

>working with cannabis
what a funny way to say weed addiction kathy

No. 1668314

Sounds like she got a job in one of the sketchy exotic snacks bodegas/illegal dispensaries that are a dime a dozen here in the city

No. 1668347

why does she always like the tackiest and ugliest things?? these just read wicked stepmother to me, and definitely not in the 'domme' kind of way she'd like

No. 1668367

Not to take away from anything you said but her parents did fuck her up badly. Commonly narcissism does develop from extreme cruelty and negligence or extreme coddling/smothering from parents. They really fucked her up for life, she will never function like a normal human being. Even people with bpd can lose their diagnoses if they go to therapy and stabilize facets of their lives, narcissists cannot, it's actually so so rare to diminish the way they behave. Kathy will never stop being delusional or grandiose, she will continue to rage and be stuck with herself; she will continue to have nothing to her name, miserable life of using and belittling people

No. 1668440

this looks like the chunky plastic jewelry drag queens use to match their gigantic wigs.

No. 1668453

She does wear drag wigs and makeup so it tracks lol

No. 1668456

File: 1665043617885.jpeg (634.13 KB, 1170x1156, 635DD7C0-E3F6-449F-B2EC-5992C8…)

The least she can do is buy jewelry direct from Swarovski instead of whatever the hell this crap is. They have ugly chunky pieces too lol

No. 1668726

honestly if she was smarter she would get many more gigs being a bio queen. not to give #freebusinessadvice but she literally has all the gear to do it. The sexwork larp is so confusing with her convoluted boundaries that no moid wants to navigate. she could just lipsync Marilyn Monroe songs in a brunch bar with other drag performers. the effort required is minimal. She just stay dumb

No. 1668740


Oh please, unless they actually abused her and not just cut her off when she decided she'd rather be a fake sex worker than get a real job, her parents only fuck up was spoiling her so much. It's clear she's always been an entitled little shit, someone who actually has financially abusive parents won't be so comfortable asking randoms online for money or living off a neck beard. Kathy's parents ruined her the same way shaynas parents did. But spoiling those little shits too much.

No. 1668750

If by "working with cannabis", she means she's working in a weed growery, I've heard those places are very unpleasant to work for because they have so many people that want to play with weed all day and they can replace you easily.

No. 1668880

doubt it’s a growery, she’s probably a cashier in a dispensary

No. 1669246


It’s more likely this situation >>1668314
Which would be super sketchy. Legal Cannabis dispensaries are medical only still in NY. They aren’t selling recreational yet.

No. 1669876

Is she going to try to sue them too?

No. 1670066

Eventually, when they dock her pay or fire her for not showing up when she feels too sick to work.

No. 1670627

File: 1665276162695.jpeg (54.83 KB, 775x331, 1659044653094.jpeg)

Saging for old thread content but I didn't see anyone mention the fact that this lazy "activist" couldn't even be bothered to check her messages to see who she told about the crazy sub to right her side of the situation now. For someone who supposedly cares about people knowing what's right and spreading awareness, she really doesn't care if there is anyone out there blindingly hating on some mentally ill girl. Granted the worst that could happen here is that she's pre-blocked from some other scammy findom taking advantage of her mental health but still.

How can anyone trust grandma beaky to be part of any actual anarchist/radical groups if she can't even ensure proper communication of the information she knows lol

No. 1671211

Those were two separate incidents. The second one that was posted on instagram was a man. It was already discussed.

No. 1671304

File: 1665365295439.jpeg (141.99 KB, 750x1334, 310583158_135942225855986_5910…)

The jokes write themselves

No. 1671306

Her bra's falling off again. She should really fix that.

No. 1671308

Oh no! Poor thing had to do the absolute bare minimum for a few days. How ever will she recover?

No. 1671361

Katherine really needs to learn the difference between just showing more skin and actually being titillating kek

No. 1671527

Huh, funny how she’s still claiming to do burlesque after “stepping down from the toxic community” and taking her burlesque twitter down after months of no new content, and no real shows to speak of (other than the performances she gives in her head and then tells twitter about like they were real).
Anyways, I wonder how long it’ll take before this job “working with cannabis” has granted her the title of “all-knowing weed scholar with basically a masters degree in the medical science of recreationally being high all the time.”

No. 1671539

This bitch accepted a cushy tour guide job and got written up for spending 8 hours a day in the break room "resting" for her "multiple severe disabilities".
Can't wait to see how she spins a victim narrative from being a cashier
>my civilian vanilla job won't let me bring my sleeping bag to work! I'm not even allowed to smoke all the weed in stock! Capitalists are trying to murder me!

No. 1672123

God these gloves don't fit her at all either can this girl not buy a single thing that actually fits her?

No. 1672312

File: 1665485942980.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 65.05 KB, 1075x353, image.jpeg)

What a shame that billionaire larp never took off for her. Now she's left with this…

No. 1672379

File: 1665491992914.png (Spoiler Image, 1.09 MB, 1568x941, 334C6BAE-A875-4326-B27E-9AE6D5…)

If this woman retweeted my content I would puke in my mouth a bit and instant block, but Kathy seems to love to be associated and retweeted to openly pedophilic submissives. I didn’t even dive far, and this domme retweeted nazi content and other disgusting shit. Kathy is disgusting and probably spends all day at her job looking at porn of moids

No. 1672386

File: 1665492482129.jpeg (503.71 KB, 828x1094, 971F761D-67A9-46AC-A3AE-9948A9…)

something wholesome to kek at that this domme posted on her depravity feed. One of the worst simultaneously undercooked while burnt apple shart.

No. 1672421

I’m baffled at how this is possible

No. 1672429

She's a sadist, right? Making someone eat this is a sadistic act.

No. 1672483

File: 1665500167719.jpeg (730.38 KB, 828x1210, 6C419354-493D-49C1-9538-4C6F34…)

samefag, had to post, this woman is literally a glimpse of kathy 20 years in the future

No. 1672490

I wish I could agree but this outfit is a lot cuter than anything we’ve seen on Kathy.

No. 1672558

>If I call it a galette maybe they'll think it's supposed to be shitty

No. 1672562

>Pay tribute to me, slave. Give your goddess $200 because I deserve it.
>Hey guys… I'm a bit short on my rent this month… if u wouldn't mind subscribing and donating and sniffle smashing that like button uwu

No. 1672589

Gross. This is the "bf" that won't claim her, right?
It's already sad enough to sit by & pretend to be The Cool Girl about your moid's video game addiction. To pretend that you don't find it utterly pathetic that he wastes hours from every day just zoning out screaming at pixels on his adult ipad like a pacified toddler. But for him to mock & insult the non-video game addicts that are trying to offer him help. To offer him insight into how gross & useless the rest of the world sees him as… well this man is never changing kek. I guess it's the moid that a girl like Kathy deserves, but christ I would have Lizzy Bordened him ages ago.
He's the worst combination of soyish nu-male consoomer mixed with the classical aggro male basement-dwelling barbarian.

No. 1672620

she looks like a real dominatrix who is actually going to crush some sacks and fuck up some serious commas! With her coat done up, she is unassuming and effortlessly intimidating.

Not like the average mlm twitter whore posing in Amazon lingerie, pretending to be a smol doll ebegging for rent and weed, all while being leashed and collared to a screeching gamer with another gf who doesn't even want to hangout.

No. 1672850

File: 1665523849401.png (478.67 KB, 599x769, Screen Shot 2022-10-11 at 2.33…)

No. 1672870

I cant get over the second hand embarrassment I get every time I come to this thread
"Brushing shoulders with beautiful strangers"
What? Other male pattern baldness connoisseur with their finest Ali express furrrsssss

No. 1672901

Love the coat, hate the rest. Also nonnies, who here doesn't believe she really has subs? raised hand

No. 1672907

she needs to see videos of how those "furs" are extracted.

an old Chinese ban banging a cat-sized creature on concrete by the tail will make her feel soooo fancy wearing those luxurious furs! the rabbits in factories are….treated in a similarly abhorrent way. western luxury brands are going vegan for a reason. not only is farming animals to kill them and cut off their skin cruel, there are no laws in china to curb harm. it's all fair game

No. 1672954

Ah yes nothing more sexy than the image of a pudgy midget cosplaying Baby Jane in a raggedy old fur reeking of cigarettes and alcohol soliciting randoms

No. 1672963

>a few years ago
Is that what we're calling 20 years ago now?

No. 1672992

File: 1665530651252.jpeg (906.39 KB, 1170x1957, 17B4E1CC-B1F9-44B1-8435-5314F9…)

Another L for Kathy the Cuck

Somewhat ot but related to Kathy’s dyke comments: the wedding venue is tagged in this post so it takes all of two seconds to find the wedding they attended. It was between two women that are friends of the gawf gf. No pictures of Kathy’s “performance”. They don’t even follow her.

No. 1673034

Why are you trying to compliment some random troon?

No. 1673128

File: 1665543224452.png (225.63 KB, 585x739, Screen Shot 2022-10-11 at 7.54…)

… should we tell her?

No. 1673136

Damn she is really is that retarded

No. 1673175

kek nona thats so telling! they totally only booked kathy because goth girl or the ogre asked them to privately. cannot imagine being more cucked than this. getting booked out of pity cause you have no friends or talent so the couple you fuck sometimes has to take you to their friends events so you dont feel sad.

No. 1673189

That’s assuming she was even booked and she’s not just lying about it. To be honest, I don’t think she’s had a show since she claimed to have performed one in Philly, and I don’t think she even performed there, either.
Maybe she’s lying about performing at the wedding because Frank took Kelsey instead of her, and she has to be included in some way, even if it’s just in her own head. Maybe she’s lying about the new job, too, because it makes her mad when nonas tell her to get a job. I refuse to believe a single word out of this lying narc’s mouth without proof.

I thought Kathy was already collared, KEK. What makes her think that her sissy diaperfag following can afford / is willing to buy her this? She can’t even keep a man, let alone manipulate one into blowing thousands of dollars on the first bracelet she’ll ever own that isn’t made out of nickel and rhinestones.

No. 1673198

File: 1665547491542.jpeg (436.76 KB, 828x926, 34A44702-1664-4F4A-9918-38E841…)

she is so high, a shy hand? Literally seeing things

No. 1673200

File: 1665547635654.jpeg (223.99 KB, 828x1341, F211F883-3E9D-4292-BDA6-0A9869…)

Meanwhile the scrote who collared her is always on the lookout for greener pastures

No. 1673238

She really needs to reign in her homely ogre scrote. His audacity to reply to attractive women while he himself looks like a fucking golem. Males are males are males are males.

No. 1673273

Her arm shoop to look extremely skinny in comparison to everything else.. god this bitch is so retarded and Kathy's scrote is so fucking stupid kek

No. 1673315

File: 1665559835205.jpg (50.18 KB, 297x444, attrition-movie-poster-md.jpg)

Kathy really is the biggest most pathetic cuckquean on this board,she really has no one that loves her. I don't even think she has friends that aren't her delusion-based ghosts of black sex workers. Any smart woman could do better than get dragged along by numale Steven Seagal.

No. 1673407

File: 1665574343734.png (775.85 KB, 600x800, E5FC94F5-4C9E-4D7C-BDC9-266C2D…)


I’m cackling. I genuinely can’t imagine the embarrassment of being pity guest at a wedding and having your moid take another woman, they seem to have had a nice time together too, bet that made her seethe so much. I wish I could’ve been a fly on the wall seeing her shitty “performance” holding back the tears while her moid gets off with another woman

No. 1673429

File: 1665576732369.jpg (604.2 KB, 1079x1484, SmartSelect_20221012_140822_In…)

I love how the "other woman" looks like contrapoints

No. 1673483

File: 1665581185437.jpeg (1.16 MB, 828x1143, 1B232E1A-C93E-4AF5-8FFE-264315…)

To be honest Kelsey looks so much more personable than Kathy. Kathy’s miserable narcissism radiates so much she has to painfully contort her face to even look half as friendly or socially functional. Too bad they are both bound by a miserable scrote who spams for twitch followers but never goes live.

No. 1673555

I mean, unless you count the cringy "collaring" ceremony. Which had an audience and they cut a cake afterwards.

No. 1673592

her eyebrows are god awful but in a chubby millenial hipster way she is kind of cute, at least compared to someone beaky like kathy dearest. she has soft features, needs to stop with that harsh black brow and do a more natural round brow.

No. 1673852


yeah she just seems like a totally average alt twenty something. The fact that she works in a bar means she must have at some social skills. A stalk of her insta shows she has a group of friends too, Kathy Cuck must hate her kek

No. 1674080

jfc, those godawful magic marker eyebrows, this moid's type are indeed women with bad eyebrows

No. 1674153

File: 1665628271216.png (62.89 KB, 592x254, Screen Shot 2022-10-12 at 7.33…)

Girl get a fucking grip already kek you're not a showgirl or a burlesque dancer

No. 1674154

Wtf is a showgirl in 2022? In the twentieth century, clubs put on revues with lots of dancers and showgirls. Does this happen anymore outside of the Rockettes? The term definitely doesn’t include Kathy. So delusional.

No. 1674161

That wasn't a compliment, and if it was, it was paid to Bob Mackie.

No. 1674226

What a random coincidence I just watched this exact movie tonight and now it appears in Kathy's thread… It's almost poetic, Kathy is almost as delusional as Steven is

No. 1674304

Strippers. Burlesquefags are strippers who either couldn't make it in the clubs for varying reasons or are retired from them - save for a few that do work in clubs. Katherine has never been in a revue, never has step foot in a strip club, and can't call the three times a year she paces in some dirty apartment or bar burlesque so why she felt the need to pipe in is a mystery kek

No. 1674386

File: 1665662579637.jpeg (146.25 KB, 828x704, 36CB7051-5ADD-4557-988C-2700CF…)

She dirty deleted this one, kek, she probably screeched at her moid for cucking her on Instagram last night.

No. 1674387

Huh, it actually makes sense that she likes to vent all her rage about that at twitter coomers since she has to cope the rest of the time. Interesting observation.

No. 1674395

She reminds me of Julia fox here, especially during her own dominareis saga.

No. 1674445

For someone who has a personality entirely constructed around being a *~domme~* with notes of munchie illnesses, she is really fucking bad at her job. Is the bracelet not supposed to be worn by the sub, while the dom holds the key? So she’s begging Twitter to pay thousands for her to have a key while some sweaty tranny man walks around wearing a nice bracelet lmao.

No. 1674450

She should double down on this language, no more of that snooty high society shit, this was hilarious and 5x more eye catching than any of her stale narratives about cigarette ashing

No. 1674619

File: 1665688272924.jpeg (404.07 KB, 828x1545, 53643EEF-3128-4A59-A150-D2D716…)

She quietly un-retweeted all her fake submissive’s page’s content. RIP her most hilarious LARP. Madame B is my Religon been dead since 9/27 KEK.

No. 1674758

File: 1665700993454.jpeg (140.25 KB, 827x1070, 19479F0C-1742-44AF-9B4D-ADACB0…)

proof she deleted her tweet praising her fake submissive

No. 1674867

File: 1665709484555.jpeg (287.41 KB, 2250x1334, image.jpeg)

Massive burlesque copium continuing from yesterday's showgirl vs burlesque shit

No. 1674869

File: 1665709567758.jpeg (388.38 KB, 1500x1334, image1.jpeg)

Once again standing up for a celebrity despite talking about how pathetic it is to do so kek her black woman fetishization comes out as well

No. 1674871

>able to be a living piece of art admired by audience members
The ego here kek

No. 1674872

File: 1665709704800.jpeg (165.09 KB, 1500x1334, image2.jpeg)

She is butthurt over people calling out her singular dishwater grey costume. The nerve to even imply it is a "classic" that people book her for… DELUSIONAL

No. 1674877

This wouldn't sound so batshit if she actually put effort into making costumes and stage personas. She has one main costume that is a ripoff of a ripoff of a ripoff of a ripoff. Persona? Good luck having that with ripoff costumes and zero professional presence. It's laughable that she goes on and on about what burlesque dancers can and can't call themselves and how people should view them when she doesn't even get booked. She can't even grasp here >>1674872 that people book acts. They might like a certain costume over another but they are not paying any burlesque dancer to show up just to admire their costume. They are booking their act.

No. 1674887

File: 1665711388308.jpeg (181.24 KB, 584x794, ezgif-5-27f0334529.jpeg)

YWNBAS - you will never be a showgirl

No. 1674890

… Does this bitch truly not know/understand showbiz history?

No. 1674892

File: 1665711690178.jpeg (43.96 KB, 750x1334, 311588471_5589595071087405_146…)

Oh she MAD mad kek as she says, die mad about it

No. 1674895

File: 1665711819469.png (442.57 KB, 482x849, Screen Shot 2022-10-13 at 6.43…)

She's lurking

No. 1674896

She she research all the suicides and murders connected to burlesque and showgirls

No. 1674899

I am so glad to know in my lifetime I will not to have to sit and cringe watching a wincing woman who is shapeless with pale raw chicken skin wearing an itchy crusty dusty trypophobia inducing fashion disaster. Just take the L Kathy and try again.

No. 1674901

So is "showgirl-style burlesque" a cope for bitches who can not fulfill the height, weight, talent, and beauty restrictions real showgirls have? Sure sounds like it to me.

No. 1674905

It always has been. Cabaret and revue history is dark but burlesque's history is a lot darker. What's often brought up is how burlesque and it's dancers are looked down upon more than their showgirl counterparts. There are reasons for this but modern burlesque dancers rather gloss over that by only acknowledging bits and pieces of America burlesque within the last 100 years.

No. 1674914

File: 1665713640013.jpeg (118.43 KB, 669x372, kek.jpeg)

Stacy Showgirl vs beaky kathy

No. 1674916

I danced in the past and imagining Kathy walking into the club gives me personal pleasure. Especially if she ever tried to talk to a Cardi type. Her kind of narcissistic cluelessness is hilarious and comprises one of the most hated types of customers in the club.

Her insertion into burlesque showgirl cope bullshit gets on my nerves. In modern context burlesque co-opts club culture and obscures the obvious scary bullshit that occurs inside clubs.

No. 1674917

Oh that's just straight up embarrassing for her. Do Better Katherine.

No. 1674926

Can't even get cast in a show but sure, keep burning those bridges!

No. 1674930

The large stones on kAthy’s corset have no context what so ever. literally slapped on, especially the bra cups.

No. 1674932

It gets funnier when it's documented that no audience member looks at her, let alone admires kek >>1556614

No. 1674975

File: 1665720098484.jpeg (282.18 KB, 828x1162, 0BCD070A-05F7-4AFF-B6A2-26D6B7…)

someone must have read her for filth

No. 1674981

Cardi isn't going to domme you Kathy, calm down

No. 1674983

File: 1665722299757.jpeg (317.39 KB, 828x1114, 333FD327-6F83-4219-83D0-AA9296…)

>liberals, white feminists, and SWERFS

So her own reflection

No. 1674986

It's impressive how literally everything she complains about is a projection. She's constantly screaming about privileged white Karens co-opting sex work. Uh girl, the call is coming from inside the poorly bedazzled house.

No. 1675002

File: 1665724433006.png (1.63 MB, 2289x1177, 85107AD2-1104-4B5E-B28A-CEB5EF…)

she is having a narc breakdown right now with her talent on burning bridges with her “allies” on full display. Bonus points for her replying to this woman a full day later only to rage at her, then find out they are on the same side. She saw
>white, young & able
lost her reading comprehension skills and raged.

No. 1675005

File: 1665724720428.jpeg (538.88 KB, 828x1122, 83E5451A-69A2-452B-B7A7-1B285F…)

The source of her narc breakdown is people talking about these five performers I never heard of

No. 1675030

The one is Tosh who she met up with last month or whatever. The brunette next to the guy is another burlycow.

No. 1675039

File: 1665728504784.jpeg (42.76 KB, 750x1334, FA94BBCB-F37D-4890-A097-8D9C22…)

The call is coming from inside the house

No. 1675051

You know Katie is just trying to act like she's a supportive of a black woman and, because she has nothing better to do, insert herself into online dIscoUrse. She really just bickers with everyone online so she isn't fooling anyone by constantly saying "discourse".

Miss Miranda is to the right of Miss Tosh. Her husband is a famous pinup photographer and she models for companies like Secrets in Lace and Playful Promises. Katie tried to bite Miss Tosh's outfit and look so hard and failed even harder. Katie really needs to just get a basic bitch job because it's clear she'll never fulfill her own glamorous showgirl fantasy. She performs less than a baby burlesque dancer… dancer being the key word here

No. 1675054


The real reason every person in every community of hers is a toxic, ableist, uneducated perpetuator of abuse, is because they have to be in order to fit this narrative that Katherine is a mistreated, misunderstood martyr to the world. Otherwise, it just looks like she’s a privileged narc who, on a pathological level, needs to turn everything into some sanctimonious argument as to why she’s the most discriminated and scorned woman to walk this earth, and you’re dangerously uneducated for not knowing so in the first place. Humble yourself, bitch. Nobody is crying for you when talking about how bitches in bedazzled wheelchairs might have a hard time in showbuisness.

No. 1675063

File: 1665733866241.gif (185.88 KB, 220x211, 8C22D8BD-D2FB-40D2-87F0-425D29…)

“physical ability or the appearance thereof is the requirement that people have to be able to meet to be hired for these gigs”
>I don’t know if this has been my experience as a disabled performer
We will be remembering this little tidbit the next time she goes on a rant about muh discrimination. Cows always tell on themselves.

No. 1675066

File: 1665734440096.png (55.76 KB, 592x217, 742C12BB-072E-4D57-A24E-658CB1…)

Two months ago it was the opposite kek god forbid she does some self reflection to see that she isn’t cut out for either. No instead it’s everyone else that’s the problem.

No. 1675098

What do these heifers think people are paying money for? No one is paying for a ticket to watch ugly, untrained, cheap tacky costumed bores flailing around a dance floor unless they are your friends who feel bad for you because you’re embarrassing yourself. If you are unable to give a performance because you’re disabled then wtf are you doing trying to sell yourself as a performer? If you can’t meet the requirements of a job who tf do you think you are expecting your customer to pay you anyway? These freaks don’t get booked because they have literally nothing to offer. Imagine booking someone to fix your roof and they arrive and say oh I can’t actually do this work because I’m disabled, but you should pay me anyway because I really want to be a roofer. Fuck off.

No. 1675492

Didn't she sperg the FUCK OUT over Kim wearing the Marilyn dress and how she fucking ruined it?

But this is the kind of craftsmanship that should be WORN AGAIN AND AGAIN

No. 1675622

>Thank you perverts
wtf kathy???

It's hilarious how the actual point flew over her head. Quality costumes are indeed superior and shouldn't be thrown out. But that doesn't mean you wear the same single outfit over and over again to the state of disrepair. Maybe if she had at least 2 other costumers this would be reasonable. The costumes would last longer because you're not wearing them as much. She's so dumb.s

No. 1675677

In all fairness, Katie rarely wears her single costume except when she's home alone fantasizing about performing at a fictional event

No. 1675855

File: 1665820850282.jpeg (320.46 KB, 1170x1527, 5E07133D-ABC7-4705-9ECD-02FCFD…)

Nothing screams female supremacist more than saying on your sex work twitter that women who don’t fit into whatever made up box in your head are inferior to men. Perfect way to show men who’s boss and not at all the reason only mentally ill sissy trannies flock to you!

No. 1675865

She can argue all she wants but it will never change the fact that female supremacy is a real ideology that includes every single female that has been and ever will be.

No. 1675866

File: 1665822160606.jpeg (125.76 KB, 750x1334, A579426C-DE70-4818-B1E6-B649AD…)

>we autistic people don’t participate in hierarchies
>women with internalized misogyny are not equal to women without it
So violent! Is she going to blame constantly contradicting herself on “autism”?

No. 1675909

So - it does NOT include troons.

No. 1675987

File: 1665839231467.jpeg (277.87 KB, 1170x1195, 7F67F1B7-3E06-4E7F-A971-123A44…)

Both of them are breathtakingly stupid.

No. 1676203

>female includes trans women
It quite literally does not

No. 1676254

trans “women” are just men with externalized misogyny, upholding the patriarchy for men’s own benefit. fuck off, Kathy.

No. 1676415

File: 1665879014247.png (71.67 KB, 584x363, Screen Shot 2022-10-15 at 5.10…)

Slightly OT but boasting about getting your breasts augmented for sex work isn't happily and loudly upholding patriarchal standards? K.

No. 1676443

Lol just give her her own thread if you want Kathy probably needs a boob job more than this girl so she can actually fit into her burlesque costume

No. 1677173

File: 1665968418489.jpeg (201.63 KB, 828x950, 8185B00B-BA25-452D-B2E2-DB5EA5…)

Kathy’s moid has been calling for vigilante justice for amouranth’s abuser, but not a peep from Kathy about the situation, and think we all know why lol.

No. 1677251

File: 1665975036501.png (44.25 KB, 592x183, Screen Shot 2022-10-16 at 7.53…)

Doesn't stop her from doing it though

No. 1677254

File: 1665975210161.jpeg (110.71 KB, 1242x2208, 309484947_616624803474008_6234…)

He's being extremely performative

No. 1677255

File: 1665975233121.png (49.81 KB, 1080x1376, Screenshot_20221016-224947~2.p…)

When did this happen?

On the flipside he never talks about her or signal boosts the few shows she manages to get into

No. 1677411

He's such a moron, the woman is tied financially to her abusive moid and a bunch of troglodytes turning up to beat up said moid would achieve nothing in terms of actually freeing her, this shit will take months

No. 1677440

her husband belongs in jail. hope the law doesn't derp out and fail to hold very obviously abusive males accountable again.

No. 1677461

True but it doesn’t mean he can’t ALSO get the shit beaten out of him

No. 1677549

I think it is hilarious how it is typical for Kathy to hop onto major discourse and she comes off as a advocate for those who are being abused, and then we have Amouranth who is going through a well documented fucking scary abuse, and not a peep from Kathy at all. I think she is jealous of her moid LOLLLL

No. 1677709

Sage for dumb but I want to hear Kathy's hot take on the recent jewelry heist on her namesake https://www.nbcnewyork.com/news/local/watch-this-500000-park-avenue-jewelry-shop-heist-wasnt-part-of-a-movie/3910447/
Can someone explain what this controversy is to the uninformed

No. 1677740

There's discussion on it here >>>/snow/1676613 and vidrel is moistcritikal's summary video of it (covers quite a bit).

Basically, Amouranth (top titty/hot tub streamer and OF girl) revealed at the end of her last stream that she is 1) married, and 2) her husband is incredibly abusive. Her husband screams at her over the phone, threatening to kill her dogs, delete her socials/destroy her career, and financially ruin her, among some other things I'm probably forgetting. He has access and control over all of her finances (2FA to everything is apparently linked to his phone number). Amouranth has wanted to come out before to say she's married but he insisted she didn't because it would negatively affect the business.

TL;DR turns out very successful titty twitch/of girl was being pimped out by her husband

No. 1677753

God I fucking DESPISE moids, hope this woman gets justice. In regards to Kathy, she is an absolute dipshit for not supporting her in every way possible. She can't even let go of her jealousy to win internet points. I say this because clearly Kathy doesn't give a rat's ass about empowering women, only herself.

No. 1677772

File: 1666033204771.jpeg (563.76 KB, 828x1530, E60034C4-082C-4468-B099-B83A63…)

Fraenkthemoid definitely has his take on the situation lol, kathy just seethes

No. 1677774

File: 1666033291744.jpeg (141.29 KB, 828x444, 8F4244AC-126B-4345-8E1E-57914E…)

Meanwhile Kathy

No. 1677779

It's really crazy how Kathy won't speak up as she loves to claim all the time that she's a victim of financial abuse herself.

No. 1677817

File: 1666037651267.jpeg (78.78 KB, 750x1334, 311807292_2213133782201315_670…)

She expects people to still believe her? She has a different excuse every week.

No. 1677825

File: 1666038302264.jpg (87.93 KB, 640x480, ezgif.com-gif-maker.jpg)

>I need money until I get paid by my new job
>I need money because my job pays minimum wage
These threads were free advice on how not to be a broke bitch and a better performer but you've chose to quadruple down on everything instead. Seethe harder.

No. 1677830

No. 1677876


She's definitely not now because her scrote is so vocal. At this point Kathy probably convinced herself amouranth deserved it all. You know she hates women, especially the ones who are prettier than her.

No. 1677879

Kathy you have nothing in your bank account because you're a spoiled upper middle class white girl who never learned how to budget funds. You have a scrote paying a majority of your bills, where the fuck is the money going? It's not going into developing your skills as a glorified sparkle stripper, not going towards fixing your mug nor your flat hair or flat ass, hell it probably didn't even go towards upgrading your phone or costume. Bitch prolly spends all her $12 a hr on cheese.

No. 1677880

inb4 Friday when she's begging for "pain relief"

No. 1677908

>You have a scrote paying a majority of your bills
He's not lol he has to live with several other people… he can't even afford himself

No. 1678058


Oh wow, my God… She's pathetic. Absolutely no reason to hold on to him outside of her ego then.

No. 1678080

the scrote is her brother

you know Kathy is seething that this woman is
more successful and more abused

No. 1678190

>the scrote is her brother
You're fucking joking right it's her bf where tf have you been

No. 1678246

Nta, but there’s screen shots with her Venmo transactions and her bro sends her money. He’s in finance or something similar

No. 1678272

That tracks but I'm pretty sure anon above here was saying her scrote bf with the goth gf is also her brother maybe I misread

No. 1678334

Once again, read the threads. She follows him on Venmo; there are no screenshots of transactions between them and he hasn’t been active in years. He’s not financing his failure of a sister’s life at like 22.

No. 1678343

You gotta be a special type of retarded to believe a kid brother is paying all of his sisters bills

No. 1678436

the “kid brother” is a full-grown financial analyst, and why would he be on his sisters Venmo, under her sex work name, if he’s not sending her money? I doubt he’s funding her life but she 100% hits him up for “pain relief” and cheese

No. 1678442

You know the whole signature outfit thing would be a whole lot more impressive if it was something that was a personal fit and not something she could just buy off the rack again. Hell, considering how bad it fits and the fact that she poured a kid's art project on it until you can't see the corset anymore, someone could buy an Aliexpress corset and add glitter and end up with a better product if they altered it to fit. Her problem was she did the typical untreated narc activity which was to assume she had all the skills to make the perfect costume on the first attempt (before she even had money to buy a corset to fit her) and now has to double down on the cope because she's emotionally incapable of admitting to herself that this was just an ok first attempt that can serve as her beginner costume.
Seriously anyone with time could do what she did, and anyone with some natural taste or a modicum of eye for detail could end up with prettier stone patterns

No shit you're surrounded by SWERFs you Low Empathy fashion disaster, the only women who think prostitution is fun are the girls sitting on cam calling themselves "sex workers" and women coping with their low self esteem by thinking stripping on amateur night helps and makes them a sex worker while their boyfriend pays their rent

No. 1678483

She has a degree from NYU and
work experience with them but couldn't find a job that doesn't pay minimum wage? She must not have any good references kek

No. 1678722

You can't expect good references when you ragequit because of "disability discrimination" and sue your other workplace (the Museum of Sex) for "sexual harassment".

No. 1678727

>threw away ability to go to college to pretend to be some autist

I hate rich people. Wow.

No. 1678776

He's not on her sex work Venmo dumbass

No. 1678795

File: 1666128368853.png (24.12 KB, 361x169, Screen Shot 2022-10-18 at 2.27…)

You do know that kid brother just means younger brother, right? Not literal kid? Anyways, she's had that Venmo account… it's not her sex work one. Not that surprising she has her younger brother on an account she's been using since before she claims to have gone non-contact.

No. 1678906

Tbh siblings with allowances do exchange money all the time especially when one is not doing well, it’s a roundabout way to sponge off your parents without making contact w/ them. I know people who had their parents “cut off” but still receive care packages from parents mailed to them through their siblings. I definitely don’t think frankthemoid gives her much cash for rent, and the general consensus is that is is barely scraping by with her gigs, so it is likely she sponges off family indirectly with zelle or something.

No. 1678908

there is no such screenshots, why do yall keep saying that??

No. 1678919

File: 1666138060790.png (43.37 KB, 593x205, Screen Shot 2022-10-18 at 4.59…)

She'd rather spend the few dollars left in her account on her submissive fantasy

No. 1678926

No one’s brought it up yet but she was probably coasting off of whatever money she got from the lawsuit. Makes more sense than her brother sending her anything.

No. 1678959

How long ago was that lawsuit? Are you sure Kathy can budget that well?

No. 1678966

Buy some fucking soup maybe? Why even give money to another domme, since you hate lesbians so much? Unless it’s to further skinwalk as a queer. Also isn’t she already collared by her “keeper”? Has the faux wedding pictures and everything. Guess that isn’t working out, KEK. Can’t imagine why.

No. 1678970

I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure it was dismissed. There's no judgements or settlements listed for it

No. 1678972

File: 1666143969871.jpg (440.75 KB, 1080x1420, Screenshot_20221018_214036.jpg)

The last of the 5 documents for this case. No settlement was reached, no judgement made. She either dropped it or the judge threw it out

No. 1678976

File: 1666144407181.jpg (284.45 KB, 1080x1404, Screenshot_20221018_214302.jpg)

Their response to her lawsuit even pointed out her trivial inconveniences and how giving her all the accommodations she requested would mean she's unable to do the basic requirements of the position. Like a wheelchair-bound person can't stand long enough to get a high paying construction worker job, then after they're hired, admit they're handicapped and have to be allowed to work from home and stay seated. That means you're unable to do the basic job functions. This is the bait and switch scam Katie was trying to pull.
Kek, she was making $13.25 at that job that was only part time, 20 hrs a week. Definitely mooching off her parents at the time.
Tinfoil, maybe they still pay her rent and she's just that spoiled that she refuses to talk to them outside of reminding them rent is due.

No. 1678996

> Plaintiff, not Defendant, was responsible for the breakdown [in interactive process]
lawyer for "this bitch"

No. 1679009

>Plaintiff, even with reasonable accommodation, could not perform the essential functions of her job.

so she has always been a lazy bitch

No. 1679014

File: 1666148801682.gif (98.69 KB, 953x714, exD1oUj.gif)

Ily anon, if you have any more receipts please share!
So she couldn't prove any disability and ghosted. It's incredible to believe that Kathy would keep pulling the same shit after all this time when her grift was already exposed years ago on public record by the Museum of Sex's legal team. I'm looking forward to Kathy's minimum wage slave arc, maybe she'll finally learn some personal responsibility when faced with real hardship.

No. 1679021

File: 1666149459593.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 386.96 KB, 828x1370, B612D8E0-06D4-4142-8CF7-CEF79C…)

raging through multiple sexualities right now

No. 1679025

File: 1666149954258.jpeg (401.07 KB, 1554x2048, FfZMBu7WAAAYihk.jpeg)

It's probably just me but her wrist looks broken??

No. 1679029

holy hell she looks like a tranny here. even more than usual kek

No. 1679036

Go outside

No. 1679042

What she says:
>I’m bisexual, but I prefer to play with women
What she means:
>I view women as sexual objects
What she says:
>In the context of Domination, I’m mostly “straight for pay”
What she means:
>I’m a submissive but I’ll pretend to be dominate online for money

Thanks for confirming yourself that what’s been said about you in these threads for the last year is true, Kathy!

No. 1679050

Lol girl covered her giant schnoz in every picture up until a couple years ago and she can’t post any picture of herself without blur set to 200% but sure… she’s sexually aroused by herself

No. 1679067

I am once again asking Katherine to point out the lavender in her costume

No. 1679101

just the ill-fitting saggy gloves

No. 1679132

Kathy probably just doesn’t know who Amouranth is and she’s too self absorbed to care about any twitch girls

No. 1679185

Does she really have the first part of a quote from Gatsby on her ribs and the last part of the quote on her hip? In two different fonts? I wonder which she got first.

No. 1679273

>I prefer to play with women
>The "women" in question >>1626087

No. 1679293

Whoever is making these gloves for these burlesque girls is absolutely scamming them. They look no different from costume gloves and I bet they cost a fortune compared to something you'd find at a basic costume shop. Gloves like this are so unforgiving when they're not made to order because everybody's fingers are different lengths so inevitably a tip here or there will be too big. There's no point paying big bucks for sophisticated gloves unless you actually fit them perfectly (or are capable of alterations) or you've had them made to order. Even ignoring her ridiculous rhinestone job the gloves just do not look sophisticated in any way. Reminds me of a young girl putting on her mother's cheap gloves, too long in the fingers and just overall ill-fitting

No. 1679306

If I could give any advice to Kathy (aside from give up the larp) it would be do some fucking squats. No one is turned on by that Hank Hill ass.

No. 1679307

You think she didn't just buy cheap Chinese made "fancy gloves" on Amazon?

No. 1679365

She did spend on the badly fitted corset though instead of saving for a custom or going cheaper since it was off the rack anyways. I thought these gloves came from that same overpriced place or one of those other brands you see on Twitter among strippers (like that expensive low quality pink robe a few threads back) . Honestly if this was from Amazon that would be the first smart decision she's made considering she rhinestoned it to hell and back anyways. But it wouldn't be the first time she's overspent for off the rack brand name shit for the sake of saying she got it from the brand.

You would think Miss anti-capitalist would actually go for an artisan corset but of course not, even if it would be actually luxurious to get one of the many talented new York seamstresses/artists to build you a custom corset. Better to go for some stripper brand nobody will care about lmao. Hell she could get something nice done by a local theater student doing commissions and then DIY on top if she requires rhinestones, it's cheaper and the work would still be amazing and brag worthy

No. 1679397

This really shows that she's never had an original thought in her head

No. 1679518

File: 1666210636070.jpeg (57.38 KB, 750x1334, C8170449-7FDA-4BE0-B2D7-5B0F04…)

Kathy’s fighting with bots again kek

No. 1679541

There was zero need for her to announce this lol delete whoever you want and move the fuck on

No. 1679546

She should have cropped this picture at the torso, her ass is nothing to show off. That and her too big gloves makes this look like some kid playing dress up in mommy's glorified stripper costume in all the worst ways.

No. 1679683

File: 1666218829413.jpeg (167.43 KB, 467x1551, .jpeg)

She fell for that clickbait "men aren't having sex" tweet

No. 1679721

then why give them what they want by doing sexy stuff online ffs

No. 1679754

File: 1666224828151.jpeg (575.65 KB, 1170x1668, B675DCEB-AF8C-48A2-AE34-067E9A…)

In one tweet Kathy shows she can not take a joke, forgot she has compared findom to drugs and addiction herself, and projects. Amazing.

No. 1679757

Thought she didn’t interact with men for free?

No. 1679769

…she's a "sex worker". Does she seriously expect her clients to follow her using their main accounts using their real identities?

No. 1679792

Common sense is lost on her

No. 1680083

Sage for no contribution but Katherine blocks her stories to anyone she thinks is suspicious. I followed her before I found out she had a thread here, when I had a phase where I got into this pinup stuff. I followed her with my main account and I had a pretty normal feed lol I think she got suspicious because I am from another country, but my account was open and she could see my first name and pics of me doing normal things, pics of my cat, stuff like that.

I thought it was weird that she stopped posting stories abruptly, and I thought she must be kind of lowprofile, so I unfollowed her. A few months later I discovered the threads and I put the pieces together and she is really paranoid. I think she spends her day checking who sees her stuff, who doesn't interact, who's a possible "stalker", all because of marijuana-induced paranoia.

No. 1680094

Literally why her sex work is a LARP. She is the last person to be discreet, which is required for her desired audience. She just mad because she knows she is being a dumbass in public.

No. 1680097

File: 1666274266549.jpeg (139.26 KB, 828x646, 4BC6AB39-FE33-4050-BCCE-37106B…)

Classic Kathy trying to speaking for sexworkers like she is one. We haven’t forgot you made a fake account with your poetry from the point of view of a rapey scrote to get brownie points on twitter.

No. 1680156

Me, reading lolcow during my 12-hour workday that started at 4am

Kathy: “I had to block 25 bots this morning. It’s exhausting!”


No. 1680300

Almost identical story to yours - I followed her before I knew about lolcow and then she disappeared, turns out she blocked me, and then I later found this thread

No. 1680324

The woman she is talking about is a SA survivor and used the same damn language sex workers use but that wasn't good enough for all the idiots attacking her

No. 1680326

Yeah she's been doing this since before the threads and before her first account got nuked by Instagram. There was a point where she was blocking most women which directed them here lol

No. 1680428

For once in her life, Kathy is right though

No. 1680457

So for us non NYC/burlesque anons, what was the deal with Kathy before the threads? I figure more of the same but I'm interested if she always acted this way or has become more unhinged over time. Some of her paranoia makes some sense after discovering her thread and knowing people were watching her (even if it's over the top), but pre-lolcow? That's so weird

No. 1680470

People who knew her offline that don't have anything to do with burlesque have posted here before. From the first thread >>1275050 is a good rundown. >>1511543 has "interviews" she did during the pandemic in 2020. Sounds like she has always been a bitch. Definitely became more unhinged with time which is why threads were made.

No. 1681489

File: 1666455520982.jpg (190.09 KB, 800x1132, bodyweight exercises.jpg)

I know this is a couple days old at this point, but holy shit, Kathy. You are a performer and your money is made on sex appeal. You sell photos of your body online and you're constantly scrounging for weed money. Take a hint. You don't have to spend money to improve yourself. IIRC, your disability is endometriosis and there are no excuses:
Picrel is how she could exercise while spending $0 on equipment. She could do dancersize https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8O25sBxbf7U
She could learn a burlesque routine that isn't "stand, cringe, pose" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ut0pdxyju-0
Hell, she could even just do some cardio https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n0Dnf5Y0_Hk
and continue being as cringe as she wants to be.

No. 1681959

Damn nonnie do me next kak

No. 1682064

File: 1666523830166.jpeg (141.47 KB, 828x698, FD8BD367-4E9C-4DBD-850C-C7E196…)

online meetup vibes

No. 1682081

Wonder if this is a client or a "legit" boyfriend and she's copying her scrote's polygamy shit

No. 1682112

her second boyfriend's name is George Glass

No. 1682584

Do you think she's hoping he seethes when he sees this?

No. 1682744

I think you got Katie mixed up with someone- she's performative, not a performer. You have to perform to be a performer.

No. 1682753

i wouldn't be surprised if this is just a fake ploy for attention from her scrote, sheesh

No. 1682806

File: 1666577234554.png (78.58 KB, 584x337, 1654579736856.png)

You already tried this LARP in June Kathy. Be more creative.

No. 1682810

File: 1666577415366.png (417.37 KB, 593x537, Screen Shot 2022-10-23 at 7.11…)

Bald bird woman realness - with a touch of inconsistent nose editing since she's such a perfectionist!

No. 1682823

she looks (and dresses) disturbingly like if my grandma (RIP) went through 999 face filters

No. 1682827

That beret is so fucking ugly and tacky.

No. 1682832

Don't be rude anon, I'm sure your grandma has better taste

No. 1683258

Would a cuck even enjoy this? They're not in a relationship with her so they're not getting to experience her choosing someone else over them or infidelity. I mean maybe if she were live streaming having sex with him later as a private event for cucks or something or selling the ability to sit in the room and watch them fuck but otherwise what are they paying for here? They might as well just donate to a pretty twitch streamer a boyfriend

To say nothing of the fashion choices, has she even read the story or even watched a play adaptation? I honestly think the saddest part of her fake sophistication LARP is the fact that she hasn't even read enough to know what she is faking and referencing beyond abridged libfem hottakes on twitter or Instagram (at least when she's not too high to read).

I mean honestly, she lives in New York and acts high class and like she supports artists but I bet you she hasn't even seen a single play. I'm not even talking big budget broadway, I'm thinking small art Productions that cost about 20 bucks a ticket she could support then brag about later. There are countless small designer shows she could attend. She has access to museums and libraries to actually learn fashion. Hell She lives in the age of Google but doesn't read these mostly public domain stories and reference books for her craft/supposed life passion. Won't even watch the endless hours of free tutorials on styling historical fashion because she thinks her passion equates automatically to ability when she doesn't even have much passion to begin with

No. 1683325

I'll take my nitpicking ban for pointing out how she's legit got a droopy cock nose.

No. 1683408

File: 1666630075553.png (55.67 KB, 389x347, 1000000hrs in paint.png)

You are an inspiration nona
10,000,000 hours in ms paint pls no bully

No. 1683554

amazing. only missing the rupaul drag race eyeshadow.

No. 1683556

Was the inspiration for the face by chance our own Shayna Clifford? Lol

No. 1683567

File: 1666642471665.png (140.96 KB, 1157x231, example of a cope.png)

i just thought about her sudden nostalgia about a high school fling in a previous thread. >>>/snow/1610754
>before : seemed pretty normal and sound, having cute photos taken with the guy, listening to lana del rey while daydreaming about him, plans to move in together and go to uni etc.
>now : a penniless whore e-begging in the void and a side piece to an obese basement dweller. constantly complaining on twitter.
i wonder whether all of this peacocking about luxury, superiority and adoration is a cope for the fact she failed her attempt at a healthy life. no, you misunderstand, her situation is not the result of any fault she might have, it's just that she's sooo above normie life and regular vanilla relationships. she isn't a hollow useless mooch who complains all day, but a forward-thinking sex goddess, a compassionate artist and disability activist courageously facing hard times. maybe it's even a way of sticking it to people she went to high school with.
what's most funny and disingenuous about her is her contradictions. virtue-signalling about social justice while being a domme ; valuing luxury goods while shitting on capitalism ; "feminism" but thinks prostitution is glamourous or empowering ; feigning to be bougie while being on unemployment/having a minimum wage job ; saying she likes only select elite people while playing house with a random neckbeard who won't commit to her or even be monogamous ; her whole schtick about supporting sex workers while picking fights all the time ; masquerading as a dominatrix when she's submissive.
that's why her e-whoring doesn't work. who wants to submit to a whiny opinionated victim ? no aura, no allure, no mystery, just grievances and a beak.
lmao artist anon, thank you

No. 1683594

File: 1666644865601.jpg (35.3 KB, 617x347, aussieshitpost.jpg)

No it's a repurposed Aussie meme

No. 1683811

Advanced read of character.

It's true, Narcissistic thinking truly affects all points of perspective. It feels like a common characteristic in /snow cows… blindness and looping self sabotage to prove or pretend otherwise.

No. 1683909

File: 1666667748079.png (1.05 MB, 828x1715, EE7DEA13-61F3-4C7C-89B5-D22DF3…)

continuing her cringe use of Velvet for twitter points

No. 1683997

This is a masterpiece, thank you for blessing me with a hearty kek

No. 1684005

File: 1666680917030.jpeg (92.63 KB, 1500x1334, image.jpeg)

Is she previewing her next scam?
>IMMEDIATE MUTAL AID NEEDED!! I am a traveling showgirl and the airline lost my one and only costume. I will be suing but in the meantime I need $10,000.

No. 1684015


No. 1684042

wait until this retard hears about what airlines do to wheelchairs (as if she has any actual disabled friends kek)

No. 1684334

saged for reply to old but I know what the caption means is that "her body was like marble [the smooth, pale, precious material]", but put next to an image of Kathy I can't stop reading it as "her body was like a marble [completely round, transparent, thrown against other marbles for fun, and easily given away for a shinier, prettier marble]"

No. 1684353

You telling me this well-traveled, wordly madame does not know airlines won't allow you take airtags on international flights? kek.

(source: Went USA-Sweden last week and was not allowed airtags in luggage, despite the media saying they are now allowed (they were banned previously)

No. 1684768

File: 1666737579763.jpeg (75.18 KB, 1500x1334, image.jpeg)

No. 1684776

Just wondering, how are airtags banned? I don't see how there is any way airlines could check for that sort of stuff in people's luggage

No. 1684861

So true Kath, I also hope everyone involved in upholding the deeply abusive sex industry gets what's coming to them

No. 1685000

Most things that run on lithium batteries (vapes, phones, airtags) aren't allowed in the hold because of the likelihood of combustion. The likelihood goes way up when they're cheap Chinese made ones or in cheap Chinese made goods. In Europe there was a spate of those stupid "hover board" things catching fire at random because of the batteries.

No. 1685382

They ask you whether you have one in your bags and then ask you to take it out or deactivate it. A coworker has to throw hers away when she travelled a few weeks back. I also assume they show on scans.

No. 1686228

>being a disability advocate with a black power altar
>gleefully schadenfreuding about mental illness ruining a black man’s life
pick one

No. 1686397

She's a larping weirdo but Kanye is a degenerate, racist, sexist peace of shit. Everyone should be happy his mental illness is taking him out of the ring

No. 1686882

Taking an anti Kanye stand is the only truly pro woman position she's got lol. I'm honestly proud our beaky isn't so brain dead she thinks calling out a black man is racist. Especially an unrepentant bastard like Kanye.

The irony though of Kathy calling out the guy with totally untreated mental illness while she's totally ignoring her obvious cluster B issues and suppressing the emotional load with weed and ignoring good advice which is basically the road Kanye took and that's how he got here. Free advice Kathy, go find a pdf of the neurodivergent-friendly dbt workbook, it's an imperfect book to help easily triggered people get basic dbt skills. I recommend it for any nonnas out there recently post abuse, bpdanons, or as a beginner trauma recovery as it's not bad. It's not overly intense but should give you tools to start adding to your toolkit. The book is for Autistic people but I found the material is still usable for others

No. 1688232

File: 1667078789093.jpeg (121.99 KB, 750x1334, 313078658_647035606963126_1588…)

Can't wait to see how she sexualizes this

No. 1688311

This is a tasteless at costume choice lol the grieving underage girl is this "sex worker's" costume? What are we supposed to think she relates to the abuse victim? I guess since Max never got her ass beat Kathy can wear her shit safely

No. 1688512

File: 1667102070434.jpeg (569.73 KB, 1170x1494, B27B64B2-3C56-4EEB-BC30-25CCAA…)

So close yet so far from getting it

No. 1688550

She can't even pretend to be competent at the job she's LARPing…

No. 1688574

You would think openly stating that you hate men would also mean that you understand men are the problem but no, Kathy has to make it so other sex workers (read: women) are the problem

No. 1688867

Things nobody has ever said to her

No. 1689009

the way she says this shit and yet continues to cape for male attention 24/7

No. 1689029

I hope some real sex workers jump in and laugh at her for this hilarious take.

This post shaming real sex workers who tolerate men, while she is publicly collard to her bunny pasta valentines gift giving man partner… Shes lucky she has no irl human contact because her shit takes make her deserve a hard femme slap in the beak for speaking over those who actually do the job.

No. 1689303

File: 1667166212159.jpeg (368.63 KB, 1500x1334, 9F444A66-7B84-4A3B-A21A-3CE8D8…)

>white men art and literature bad
>posts bookshelf full of white men art and literature

No. 1689319

Like we can all agree white men aren't all history says they are, but most people aren't. And when white women like this try to appeal to liberals by shitting on white men if feels like when black men shit on black women to get the affection of white people/women. White men aren't shit Kathy? White men like the man who raised, the man who is you brother, many of your friends, the men who have provided for you your entire life, everyone you have ever publicly dated?
>>1688512 Also I think she needs to google ethics. Sex work is bullshit and not truly a life saving service, but it is completely unethical to serve, statistically almost exclusively, a demographic of people you "hate" get a different (any) job. That said based on the new side gig I guess she doesn't need to worry about the ethics because she isn't actually getting clients.

No. 1689320

>everyone you have ever publicly dated
Hate to break it to you but Francisco Ramos isn’t white lol

No. 1689328

>White men like the man who raised, the man who is you brother, many of your friends, the men who have provided for you your entire life, everyone you have ever publicly dated?

Based on what anons have written on this very website about what the above group have done to them, I can confirm [white] men aint shit. Some of the things men who are supposed to be your family/friends/partner do is reprehensible.
Nothing could peak a woman faster than being a sexworker though, so at least Kathy is starting to wake up

No. 1689353

How do I know Kathy never read a single book, not even the ones we were required to read in school. Did she sleep through all of Shakespeare? Sherlock Holmes? There are some exalted classics that I personally believe are dogshit (Who the was Hannah Arendt's editor and why didn't they tell her that "banal and boring" as a major theme is a really bad idea for a book?), but it's because they're pretentious and meandering, not because of who wrote them. This is a bad look for an educated, high-society persona.

No. 1689394

File: 1667172306643.jpeg (71.11 KB, 750x1334, 1459A737-F9A7-4F7E-87AF-8AE568…)

Lowly “budtender” dispensary worker confirmed via complaining about not being tipped by huwhite men

No. 1689403

In New York only medical cannabis is legal so Kathy thinks people who need it for an illness or pain management should tip to learn about the medicine's (weed) effects. She would throw a fit if the situation was reversed. She tells on herself yet again.

No. 1689408

"A budtender is a title of a staff member who works within a dispensary or store where medical or recreational cannabis is sold.[1] Their job is to offer suggestions to customers, answer questions, handle products and showcase products being sold.[2]"

why get tipped extra for doing your normal job?

No. 1689409

She calls herself an educator and claims to be ethical yet expects people to additionally pay her out of pocket to do her job and gets mad when they don’t

No. 1689416

How much more of a capitalistic piggy can she be? It’s real low to expect and demand money from people, especially the elderly, that are looking for information about a drug they have little to no experience with for pain management when it’s your literal job to inform. She’s being paid for those 30 minutes by her place of employment so why does she care? What a greedy entitled brat.

No. 1689418

So much for being a proponent of harm reduction

No. 1689419

File: 1667174324933.jpeg (70.31 KB, 1500x1334, 979EB0F2-FA78-47A6-A5DF-0DE86C…)

She is so full of shit

No. 1689423

This beak-nosed bitch is getting fired by the end of the year

No. 1689427

Interesting coming from the woman that posts fetish art by male artists showing women in extreme distress

No. 1689438

Only medical cannabis dispensaries are allowed, but there are a ton of unlicensed and unregulated “dispensaries” that are really just shoddy bodegas selling (mostly) fake products. I highly doubt she’s serving actual patients.

No. 1689442

She couldn't even stop to use her brain for one second and realze that old people buying weed products probably have cancer? Or is that not common knowledge?

No. 1689479

Huh? You’ve had this job for how long and already have something to complain about? Shut the fuck up and be gracious when helping old people in your service job, especially when you’re selling ‘life saving medicine’ to the elderly who don’t know dick about weed and probably need it more than you. The empathy and grace is where? Because I can clearly see where the entitlement is. If all you can do is bitch about the life you have, how dare you sit there and claim to be The Most accommodating and virtuous woman to walk this earth? If you’re not getting tips, maybe it’s just because you honestly aren’t that pleasant.

No. 1689549

There is nothing she won't complain about. Literally everything she does, even things she says she loves, she has a complaint about. what a miserable bird woman.

No. 1689630

She's literally being paid by the hour to do this…
Does this dumbass not realize tipping is to make up for restaurant owners not wanting to pay minimum wage? Most jobs don't involve tips and she's should be glad she's working hourly because she wouldn't be paid if nobody came in otherwise. This idiot thinks her job is to accept clients who magically know their order before coming in and then take their cash and get bonus tips for having the most basic conversation you can be paid to have with a customer. Imagine if someone at Walmart expected tips everytime they had to tell someone what isle something was in. It's basically Beaky's mush rain logic

No. 1689652

Her job is so lax and easy that she can be on her phone while clocked in yet she still manages to cry about something

No. 1689676

But nona, Kathy has never actually been a real sex worker. Never so much as seen a client face to face. Awkwardly stripping in a dive bar doesn't really count.

No. 1689808

She's not starting to "wake up" because she still makes the sex workers the problem instead of men.

No. 1690006

Y'all think one of her ~abusive~ parents got her that cushy job? Cuz normally they want someone friendly and intelligent to be a budtender. Unless she really is one of those random white girls the bodega shop owner wants to fuck so he hired her.

No. 1690115

File: 1667239149532.jpeg (51.52 KB, 275x259, 1643834709425.jpeg)

Just putting this here to remind everyone that Kathy didn't believe in voting earlier this year >>1433136
Ofc she'll renege on her ~RaDiCaL~ values to publicly bitch about a woman who's more successful and influential than she'll ever be. They're not even in the same state so it's not like Kathy's vote matters anyways kek

No. 1690119

File: 1667239650174.jpeg (140.5 KB, 828x616, 8356D293-B0A1-415B-8D76-0FF73C…)

she has a job where she can go to work literally blazed out weed all day and still doesn’t make the effort so revealing

No. 1690123

File: 1667239964851.jpg (123.51 KB, 750x1334, 313208692_165781166132654_7905…)

That's funny, she seemed fine this morning.

No. 1690292

Unfortunately this is the best she’s looked in a while.

No. 1690294

That hairline is going fast

No. 1690303

Apparently she refuses to get bangs because her mom had bangs? Why not just get a different style of bangs. It would still be an improvement.

No. 1690327

As someone who has little siblings that are direct victims of CP, this really burns my ass. Fucking brain dead sluts like kathy and shay and every woman who gets an OF dont realize that every move they make towards their so called "careers" is just another fucking step backwards for women and childrens safety. I wish someone would try to pass a law outlawing porn entirely. Nothing good comes from it. I hate it here.

No. 1690332

Coming from the bitch who cant even afford her weed because the taxes on that shit are sky high? Rich! Really though. I NEVER tip. Only at resturaunts that have sit down serve style tables. Other than that, sorry. The economy is fucked. I paid my taxes. Besides, no one tips me at my job sweeping up the weed that goes into those fucking dispensaries. Get over your entitlement kathy.

No. 1690401

I wonder if she'll start associating her receding hairline with a disability

No. 1690554

She managed to associate her weight gain with abuse (she was ~starved~) so wouldn't be surprised

No. 1690621

File: 1667276364953.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 221.81 KB, 1440x1440, 313324663_441980558079003_8967…)

Speaking of hairlines… Click for a Halloween scare

No. 1690630

damn Steve aoki let himself go

No. 1690738

Every woman's nightmare: The Coomer

No. 1690752

his cosplay of a creepy metalhead with bad breath is on point omg

No. 1690784

I love the sign by his head letting us know he's mentally and physically slow

No. 1690959

"We have Justin Whang at home."

No. 1691022

I can feel the Facetune radiating off this picture. I also forgot she decided to go as Max from Stranger Things on Halloween because she did such a shit job with the costume. I thought she was just going jogging before I remember she doesn't exercise.

No. 1691034

She's too much of a narcissist to buy a red wig huh? I can't even tell she's supposed to be a character, just looks like some random who went too hard with Photoshop.

No. 1691055

the left eye floating up into the atmosphere, kek

No. 1691132

how does this beast have 2 women interested in him?

No. 1691150

As s braindead as they are, the main problem is still moids.

No. 1691178

File: 1667334475280.png (3.26 MB, 1170x2532, ABDBB873-5C56-46A3-A129-33BB62…)

What a friendless loser

No. 1691197

Also daddy issues.

No. 1691220

He's a broke bitch. They're not after him for money lol

No. 1691303

File: 1667348542463.png (151.34 KB, 1080x1370, Screenshot_20221101-182942~2.p…)

Meanwhile on her "sex worker" twitter she's talking to herself and pretending it's a sub again

No. 1691358

I"M SCREAMING!!!!!! Kek kek kek this is the grossest thing I've ever seen! My sides oh lord

No. 1691749

why tf does she always do that stupid capitalization thing when she does this??? its like she WANTS ppl to know shes faking

No. 1692370

File: 1667456768295.png (87.48 KB, 592x353, Screen Shot 2022-11-02 at 11.2…)

>a fetish for ballerinas, showgirls, pinup girls
Women inherently are not a fetish. We are not objects. We can not be reduced solely to our body parts. She has a very sick mind and view on women.

No. 1692371

She grouped women with inanimate objects as an afterthought. She really should get her mommy issues sorted out.

No. 1692376

She doesn't have a fetish for any of those things, she's just listing what she thinks men would find both sexy and classy.

No. 1692436

If she likes ballerinas so much, you'd think she'd at least study how to move gracefully. It's not like youtube lessons cost money.

No. 1692533

I think she has it in her head that the more fetishes she “has,” the more legitimacy she has as a sex worker. She’s so out of touch with actual e-whores that she doesn’t realize that a) they rarely have fetishes themselves for the types of content they make, and b) people have foot fetishes, or voyerurism fetishes, or whatever…even the most coombrained retard imaginable doesn’t have an “art fetish.” I think she thinks it makes her look classy, or worldly or something…it just makes her look unbelievably retarded.

No. 1692543

She uses the word 'fetish' like how a normal person uses the word 'admire'. She admires showgirls and ballerinas, but she's a bitter NLOG pickme so admitting she admires a woman or hobbies women like is completely out of the question. She has to sexualize it like a scrote would.

No. 1692800

It's a dumb BDSM thing. Dom's pronouns are always capitalized and subs never are. A lot of people don't do it because it's fucking stupid though.

No. 1693293

"Art fetish" like how?
Or more like fetish art? Does she wanna get fucked at the louvre or what's going on here?

No. 1693315

It means she wants men to think she's cultured when the closest she's gotten to Paris are those tacky Laduree macaron keychains.

No. 1693433


A round trip to Paris from NY is like $450. Why doesent she just take her massive money or get her oil barons to sponsor her.

OR, she could get a real job and pay for a cheap ass flight herself.
Gez,she's so fucking pathetic.

Also, she lives in fucking NYC how come she isn't visiting museums or galleries more often? Galleries are fucking free and they often come w free wine

No. 1694668

They're free? I remember being astounded at how much it cost to see the Met's main collection when I went in 2010. Maybe it's a recent change though.

No. 1694806

If you live in NY you can pay whatever you want to get in. I’ve given them a penny before. But I think AYRT is talking about smaller galleries with new works, not museums.

No. 1694972

Yeah, meaning privately owned galleries n such.

Also there are plethora of free art museums in the NYC so she could live her fake fetish 24/7 if she actually cared

No. 1694990

File: 1667701183896.png (41.58 KB, 595x178, Screen Shot 2022-11-05 at 7.18…)

She complains about things that don't even concern her

No. 1695072

This is why I love wokesters, they honestly think there's a way to practice the fetishism of unhealthy power dynamics while divorcing them away from the dynamic in the first place. You can't divorce the ableism or racism from these scenes, the racism and ableism is what's being fetishized in the first place

No. 1695158

Please be considerate and practice your *FinDom, FemDom, high-protocol service, submissive training, worship, objectification, [forced] feminization, sissification, dollification, bimbofication, cuckolding without being sexist.
*taken directly from her sex work website

No. 1695564

File: 1667776460295.jpeg (847.74 KB, 1170x1865, 2F49ADD1-3B63-44B5-9F60-30562B…)

> asks question because she’s desperate for engagement
> gets answer
> ??? doesn’t understand ???
Don’t abuse prescriptions and live off of weed kids

No. 1695577

Honestly surprised we haven't heard a spicy socialist take on the state of Twitter and Mr. Musk from our residential findom

No. 1695587

her liberal anarchist ass will probably copy what that "anarchist butch" account on twitter says lmfao.. and she will still engage in supporting/legitimizing pornography like the liberal she is while complaining about billionaire misogynist elon lol

No. 1695632

It's not even her fucking dog, and it's not a puppy by 18 months old.

No. 1695658

she’s too disabled to commute but not too disabled to take care of her mutt and walk it regularly? doubt

No. 1695947

File: 1667835373448.jpg (844.67 KB, 1080x1786, IMG_20221107_093233.jpg)

Would it kill this bitch to actually take care of her wigs and brush them from time to time? the blur around her head is getting more horrid with all the messy hairs around her head. I bet she doesn't even wash them and probably smell foul af with all the built up they must have. Watch a fucking tutorial or something and stop being a slob, Kathy

No. 1695954

Top fukin kek that blurring on the hair is embarrassing! Wig maintenance isn’t that hard Omg

No. 1695956

File: 1667838000740.png (1.55 MB, 2480x3508, bra fitting guide.png)

Now that you've suggested it? Nope. She refuses to do anything people talk about on her thread. Sorta like how she refuses to wear a bra correctly.

No. 1695973

That eye makeup is just bad, the eyelashes look awful and the eyeliner is sloppy. The shadow is poorly applied and for fucks sake what is going on with that wig??

No. 1696041


It's probably a synthetic wig and she's too afraid to manipulate it because she doesn't want the "curl" to drop or something. Low-key begging her to watch a wig tutorial because I know that shit looks terrible in person.

No. 1696151

It is a synthetic wig and she got it from a drag queen tranny’s “small business”. One brush through and that thing is falling apart kek

No. 1696152

Anyone have a cap of her asking people to find her a strap-on from the other day? She was asking for a glitter one. You can see the replies in her likes.

No. 1696323

Figures she's too retarded and bad at budgeting to get a human hair wig. She's a "performer", she needs to be investing in her craft. Hell, be impressive Kathy… Make a wig yourself.

No. 1696470

It's just portrait mode.

No. 1696586

File: 1668032572968.jpeg (972.07 KB, 2250x4002, image5.jpeg)

"Read a book" she says as she regurgitates the same takes from the same Twitter profile without having any actual reading comprehension.

No. 1696589

I can't believe she's telling women that the answer is performing self-abortions. I hope she gets knocked up by that neck beard just for this comment.

No. 1696602

File: 1668033911201.jpeg (359.9 KB, 1597x1560, image123.jpeg)

How exactly does Katherine McMahon from Massapequa think she's making large shadowy corporations and governments feel "unsafe"? They certainly aren't shaking in their boots from her attending NYC Pride once in 2021 in children's play heels; that's hardly a march, let alone a riot. Putting up an altar dedicated to a dead black woman with the Black Power book featured is certainly scary but not for the reasons she thinks. Direct action isn't reposting and regurgitating other people's work a couple times a month on her Instagram where she has less than 10,000 followers. Topkek at "I am not a political educator" as a comeback when she literally used to label herself as so. She should learn the difference between a political resource and a political opinion because butchanarchy isn't a resource.

No. 1696604

You know she's thinking this is her contribution to society and she's actually making a difference here.

No. 1696605

File: 1668034046079.jpeg (78.55 KB, 750x1334, 314910310_1485228385331810_319…)

>You're welcome for the labor and the lesson
Oh brother

No. 1696613

She wants everyone to believe she's an educated political activist making a difference but reading other people's political discussions online exhausts her and makes her want to disappear? Kek okay then. Whatever helps her sleep at night.

No. 1696615

Real activism for a girl like her would be making nice with your family so they can give you mutual aide money to distribute to the actual poor.

No. 1696616

She llloks like a child wtf

No. 1696618

File: 1668034895729.jpeg (369.34 KB, 2484x2208, image.jpeg)

Meanwhile from the neckbeard… They can not earnestly believe they are doing more bitching on social media than going out and actually voting.

No. 1696692

she looks like yassified projared

No. 1696797

I fucking hate how all his insults are just tumblr sperg, that is now only used by twitter retards

No. 1696846

Nonnie I am dead. Why does she look like him lmao

No. 1696962

She really melted down for 7+ posts because someone pointed out that her anti-dem sperging comes off as conservative, holy fucking shit. That's pathetic for someone who supposedly considers herself a radical anarchist. If she were really the state enemy she claimed to be, we'd know, she wouldn't stfu about it

No. 1697042

So in her mind:
>don't vote
>complain on Instagram
>progress will just happen and the bad people will go away!!!
Also this idiot is talking about how her vote doesn't matter cause gerrymandering means minority voices get fucked over not realising she's a white person being used in gerrymandering who could be using her vote to increase minority issues in her area to counter the republican vote who have a damn near perfect turnout every year which is why their people get elected. Brown people are drowned out and the most of the left only larps like they care like beaky so they can't counter the right vote. This idiot doesn't realise she's part of the exact problem she's complaining about and is trying to politically justify it

No. 1697083

Omg her idiotic entitlement suggesting that a concerned pro-choicer read some black power book in response to the basic reminder that female autonomy was on the ballot. What a malignant bird.

She looks hilariously stupid holding this stance, giving the huge turnout of gen Z voters who did the opposite of her advice and made for significant results

Time for this useless and defective comrade to get into some new larps

No. 1697201

Doesn't take much to get him into promoting misogynistic violence against women…

People in another state voted for someone he didnt like – so he suggests spitting in the faces of all females. Weird cope.

No. 1697298

Since she's such a radical, she should remember the words of Malcolm X, a marxist: be careful or you will be made to love the oppressor and hate the oppressed. She has to pay more attention to the "hate the oppressed" part. To hate the oppressed instead of bringing them to light is to work for imperialism.
Does she think Lenin came to a bunch of workers in a factory who barely had time to think about anything but work and said "read books, do your own thing" with that arrogance? Does she even know what groundwork is? It's not possible that someone has read Marx and not understood the phenomenon of the oppressed who love their oppressors, he explains exactly what are the imperialist traps created to keep the worker away from communism. Would she turn to a black person and call the person a racist because they reproduce acts of racism after years of being taught to do so by society as a whole? Why does she do this to women and workers? Why would women and workers want to take her side if they look at her, a so-called "radical", and find a rabid dog that doesn't even understand what she's talking about?

No. 1697344

Katherine should learn reading comprehension BEFORE being rude to someone who is on her side and in solidarity with her.
>educate yourself
>be curious
>ask questions
>read a book
>but don't dare to try to do any of those things with her

No. 1697365

She speaks as though her personal political beliefs and opinions are the only right ones. Alluding that someone isn't politically educated because they haven't read the same book as her and walked away with the same interpretations does the opposite of what she thinks it's doing. Regardless, if she was grounded in her politics she wouldn't meltdown when someone barely brushes against an online post that wasn't even made by her.

No. 1697488

I winced at that too. What a fucking idiot. Women died out of desperation to end their pregnancies before abortion was legal. How about mutual aid for crossing state lines, Kathy? No? Just "share tips for how to perform a medical procedure on yourself and try not to end up infertile or bleed to death"? Cool, cool.
Fuck me.

No. 1697489

That reply wasn't even rude, it just wasn't kissing her flat ass.

No. 1697490

This fucking moron. People living on reservations can vote, they are just less likely to have the things needed to do so because of fucked up socioeconomic circumstances (the right ID, permanent address etc).

No. 1697535