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File: 1634668623074.jpeg (76.52 KB, 1200x630, E9VOO6gVIAMVvOr.jpeg)

No. 1351285

Thread to talk about people who are radical feminists, but are batshit insane OR claim to be radical feminists, but are just using it to gain money and/or notoriety.

Warning: This is not a thread for ranting about TIMs, TIFs or COVID. Please go to the respective containment threads for that.

Anna Slatz
>Grifter with a plastic surgery addiction.
>Fired from her job as Editor-in-Chief for writing two puff pieces for the leader of a Neo-nazi party in Canada.
>Currently making a transition as a financial guru and stocks investor.

Vanessa Vokey
>Anti-mask psycho who compared face masks to hijabs.
>Assaulted a female voting booth worker for asking her to wear a mask.
>YouTube recently deleted her channel.

Meghan Murphy
>Founded the website Feminist Current and was a radfem.
>Moved to Mexico to escape the anti-feminist dystopia of Canada.
>Ditched her beliefs and doesn't feel comfortable calling herself a radfem anymore.
>Writes articles about feeling sorry for men nowadays.

Leah Tverly
>Unhinged druggie who makes crazy rants online while playing a synth.
>Thinks that hygiene is a tool of the patriarchy.
>Made a video of herself freebleeding in response to Contrapoints.
>Peed on the toilet seat and the floor of a public restroom because of a troon.

Elle Androphobia
>Anti-vaxxer, who believes that COVID is a fake pandemic.
>Believes that vaccines makes you troon out.

Amy Dyess
>Former radfem who claims that was brainwashed by Julie Bindel to join the TERF cult.
>Currently in transition to become a man and working on an anti-TERF film.
>Believes herself to be the alpha in the fight against TERFs.

No. 1351295

File: 1634668945692.jpeg (947.81 KB, 1125x1755, 72CDB9B9-95AC-47A9-B94D-9F5CA2…)

I feel like Posie Parker/Kellie-Jay Keen had some drama in the last year… but regardless her constant livestreams make me cringe.
I think I liked one thing she did, but her YouTube presence is overwhelming and off-putting and I don’t follow her any more.

No. 1351299


Amy Dyess is a cow, but not a radfem one, just a mentally unstable narcissist. There's an extensive thread on her already on kiwifarms iirc

No. 1351303

Oh hell yes, I've been wanting a thread for radfem cringe for ages. Good job, OP. I'm praying this takes off.

No. 1351312

File: 1634669952207.png (321.59 KB, 595x365, radfemhitler.png)

What about Radfem Hitler? She's a more niche one since she's with the remnants of the kaliacc people (schizophrenic racist people who like to pretend every culture they find cool is actually aryan), but I see her all over twitter lately. She makes many trads seethe which I like though. A couple of weeks ago someone found out that she actually hangs out with lefty tech journos who dox rw people and everyone went nuts.

No. 1351318

Does Ella Androphobia really believe vaccines make you troon out, kek. I remember last time that I was scrolling through her account I caught some batshit anti-mask stuff.

No. 1351319

lolwut. Am I thinking of someone else or is Radfem Hitler actually racist lmao

No. 1351345

she’s not overtly racist but unless her views have changed she is a white nationalist

No. 1351346

>kaliacc people (schizophrenic racist people who like to pretend every culture they find cool is actually aryan)
Wait what, how have I never heard of this, it sounds hilarious
Any screenshots of these morons

No. 1351349

Isn’t this thread just going to attract a bunch of seething trannies?

No. 1351373

dont wanna derail but anyways I'm unsure if anyone documented well the shitfest of kaliacc people, it ended with a schism where one of the two main 'leaders' of the community got outed for trying to groom minors into anorexia and self harm. Just search kaliacc name in google and you can find plenty of things about their side of twitter.

>>1351345 yeah she's not super vocal about her racism but her whole audience is basically white nationalist weirdos. She also interacts with the Anna Slatz too

No. 1351375

The MTF and FTM threads attract seething trannies but no one's against those threads existing.

No. 1351379

good thread! That Megan Murphy picture is cringey as fuck. This shit makes me miss mag burns.

No. 1351386

Is she a radfem though? Pretty sure she said shes not a feminist anymore because of the shit going on nowadays (and I dont blame her)

No. 1351391

kek how is being a white nationalist not a racist?

No. 1351393

It's really awful how she died but I don't get the hype for Magdelen Burn's content. Like all the online radfems, I agree with all her points but she just seemed mean and let her obvious hatred for troons/men blind her to nuanced arguments that could actually peak people.

No. 1351401

>she just seemed mean and let her obvious hatred for troons/men blind her to nuanced arguments that could actually peak people
Her "meanness" was why I liked her. I hate the notion that we should be focused on peaking people with watered down, nicely worded versions of the truth, fuck that shit. Some people just don't want to upset the apple cart or side with the non-trendy ideology. They are lost causes, move on. Women should be allowed to vent without being saddled with the task of converting peoples opinions. We shouldn't have to make our anger and hatred palatable to the masses.

No. 1351403


No. 1351408

>I don't get the hype for Magdelen Burn's content
she was a gateway to questioning trans ideology for a lot of women

No. 1351411

What drama did she have? I'm pretty sure I read that Kelly-Jay is a tradwife

No. 1351413

>Writes articles about feeling sorry for men nowadays.
How can you go from radfem to feeling sorry for scrotes? How anti-based. I'm disappointed in her.

No. 1351416

I can't speak to the twitter rat's nest in particular but you can find these schizos all over the internet if you google "ride the kali yuga"

No. 1351424

It's kinda cringe how she encourages flirting with the idea that she looks like her old pfp (I don't have a cap but it was some scrote talking about having recurring sex dreams about her) when her clubhouse picture revealed she resembles a keelber elf. Also pretty sure she's supposed to be married.

No. 1351432

Shes was super attractive, intelligent, well read and also didnt give a fuck about tranny fweelings.

No. 1351435

Yes, and moids.

No. 1351447

this, she also didn't have any cow/grifter tendencies like those mentioned in the op. she genuinely cared about women and you could tell

No. 1351452

>not overtly racist
>is a white nationalist
make it fucking make sense

No. 1351463

Agreed, she's truly an irreplaceable person

I think that what anon means is that RFH mostly shitposts and the extent of her white nationalist views she reveals these days are complaining about "anti-whites," whereas her orbiters will straight up sperg out with slurs involved at nonwhite women on the weekly if not daily. She's a lot more subtle which is why she was able to befriend more mainstream radfems.

No. 1351465

>Women should be allowed to vent without being saddled with the task of converting peoples opinions. We shouldn't have to make our anger and hatred palatable to the masses.
Cowish behavior itt begins kek. Show me where did I say ALL WOMEN aren't ALLOWED to do this and THEIR JOB is to do that - ffs I just said I didn't like her approach. Your black and white thinking and leaping to the worst possible conclusions is a sign of Ovarit brainrot… You're gonna need a thicker skin to discuss your radfem faves on lolcow

No. 1351480

Agreed but I kinda give her a pass for leaving niceties at the door because she had inoperable brain cancer. I would do the same thing, tbh.
So she was part of the merry band of weirdos who have read Evola too many times. Lovely.

No. 1351493

unfortunately. i want a place to discuss all the grifters who aren't actually radical feminists in the slightest, the bizarro We Are Suffering White Genocide spergs who manage to cape as feminists and the rad 2 trad pipeline/conservative gcs who think hating trannies makes them cutting edge "radfems" but i know this thread will probably invite in seething moids and maybe some of those trads themselves. i guess we'll see how it goes.

i think a lot of people are fond of mag berns for nostalgia purposes. she was one of the first outspoken women on this subject and her life was cut tragically short, so it makes it easier to reminiscence on and build up in your head. i liked her biting approach but i felt sometimes she could have done deeper analysis rather than just quippy jabs. but she
had no cow tendencies and was sincere so i feel no need to complain about her.

damn, i've been keeping an eye on her attempting to weasel out if she's a proper racist or just had hitler tacked onto her dn for edgy purposes. she's must be more covert these days because i haven't caught anything explicit whenever i've lurked on her page but something about her definitely felt suspect. shame she's a white nationalist. RFs have to be better at spotting the racist/trad grifters.

No. 1351494

she openly interacts with several self proclaimed right wing feminists and tradfems who both whine all day about race mixing, im shocked anyone here is surprised that shes a white nationalist

No. 1351505

>Assaulted a female voting booth worker for asking her to wear a mask
lmao what? anyone got a source on this?

I couldn't stand her content anymore once she got so bad that she blamed women for trans activism for not voting Trump.
Biden is shit but so is Trump and if he won he'd likely roll back women's rights in some other way.

ntayrt but you look more like the cow for resorting to capslock.
Mags didn't need to be nice because they call anyone a hateful bigot regardless of how nice they are, I don't remember her going overboard and telling anyone to kys or similar shit anyway. Worst I remember her saying is that tims are equivalent to blackface actors, which may be true depending on your point of view.

No. 1351581

How is white nationalism not overt racism? Unless you live in Eastern Europe I guess

No. 1351585

She was absolutely right tho? It was better for women to vote for Trump over Biden. Tell me one bad thing Trump has done to women.

No. 1351599

Saying that it's all women's fault is inaccurate. I think the only crime women have committed is being too compassionate to anybody who claims to be a minority without any kind of verification or critical thinking. I do believe that women are bullied into supporting trannies far more then men are since men being transphobic is the expectation. In some ways I do not blame them for being ignorant because misinformation shines harder than true information i.e media sites calling the tiktok teen who started the super straight trend a white supremacist despite him being Asian.

That being said, that's probably why so many radfems fall down the wild conspiracy rabbit holes. They forget that most people in this world are either neutral or blissfully ignorant on how shit the trans community is. They also forget that most normal people will never see an tim as a woman or a tif as a man even if they do entertain their delusions.

No. 1351603

Trump was anti-abortion. That’s extremely shit for women.

No. 1351613

"Assaulted a female voting booth worker" I went looking for video proof and she just kind of roughly grabbed her nametag, which is bad but like… assaulted? Why not just call it a public meltdown or something? Calling that an "assault" is just cow-tier exaggerating.

No. 1351638

It may be more of a niche issue than abortion rights like the other anon mentioned, but it was also his administration that really messed up the Title IX procedures regarding how schools were supposed to handle sexual assault accusations. The uni I worked at had such a severe drop in girls being willing to go through with investigations after their assaults were reported to us, I think the main thing was requiring the investigation allow the alleged perpetrator to directly cross examine the victim or something. Trump and his administration never had any intention of supporting women and you’re a fool if you believe otherwise.

No. 1351653

lmfao no kidding, she just turns a nametag around because it wasn't visible. calling this assault is as cowish as vanessa screeching about masks.

No. 1351703

nta but unless your being hateful and encouraging violence there's nothing morally with any sort of nationalism, blacks are openly allowed to be black nationalist and no one bothers them

No. 1351814

oh no, was the lesbian too mean for you? Her bluntness is what showed a lot of women the truth. Her videos were short and to the point, no begging, no bullshit.
Also she was literally beaten on the street by a random man before she died. Plenty of men are in the media that have an obvious burning hatred for women, but it's a problem now. smells like libfem
oh d/w, replied before I saw this. You're just retarded.
kek the rightwing trad moms are here to pop off I guess. Shut the actual fuck up.

No. 1351840

I get the feeling a lot of things don’t make sense to you

No. 1351860


well, it seems all the retarded trads have found their way to this thread.

>Tell me one bad thing Trump has done to women.

you've got to me kek'ing me

No. 1351923

OP here. I wrote what I was hearing from other radfems, so I made some mistakes concerning Vanessa and Ella's descriptions. I apologize for that. If we get a second thread, I will make the corrections:
- Vanessa had a public mental breakdown, but did not physically assault anybody.
- Ella is an anti-vaxxer, but she doesn't believe that vaccines cause you to troon out.

No. 1351933

Who cares. If you are a victim of any crime by another student you should go to the police not the administration. Just seems really naive. Biden is still worse for women.

No. 1351934

File: 1634735965288.jpeg (67.6 KB, 901x428, ed76cac9-36a2-40cf-a412-b522d4…)


>Of late, I’ve been disappointed to observe that radical feminists can be not only incredibly dehumanizing, but also misogynist.

>Being a nice or good guy doesn’t require a specific politic.
>I’ve found so many radical feminists to be deeply out of touch with what real men and women care about, think, and do in their day to day lives, on account of limiting their engagement to online radical feminist circles that not only treat men like despicable creatures, incapable of change and undeserving of compassion[…]

No. 1351971

File: 1634740073562.png (308.22 KB, 1128x703, Screenshot (208).png)

Murphy's new views aren't really due to men, rather a singular man, Benjamin Boyce
a "centrist" youtuber whose also made a number of anti-feminist comments

she's been publicly simping for him for years now

No. 1351999

>I’ve been disappointed to observe that radical feminists can be incredibly dehumanizing
>Meghan finding out what "radical" means
>Meghan finally understanding the implications of radicalism
good job Meghan

No. 1352011

I thought Meghan had a boyfriend.

No. 1352158

Has anyone been following this dude ArtofHunger on Twitter who has been meme-ing about trannies for years? He had a meltdown on a live and he’s been spiraling ever since

No. 1352199

You forgot that the groomer turned out to be a brown Indian scrote lol. Very aryan. All white nationalists and trads are a fucking joke

No. 1352214

Aren’t Indians the original Aryans though

No. 1352348

I honestly think Anna Slatz can be hilarious but I didn't know anything about a plastic surgery addiction, can someone elaborate on this?

No. 1352397

imagine throwing away all your creditability for this Milhouse ass scrote

No. 1352448

She used to be fat and once she got thin she had to have surgery to remove excess skin, I don't think this is vain or counts as addiction. Unless she's had other surgeries I'm unaware of. May be another "Vannessa assaults women" tier exaggeration.

No. 1352529

File: 1634785919483.jpeg (62.17 KB, 500x625, ew.jpeg)

The tumblr radfems are probably the most crazy. There was a troon that larped as a radical feminist and was then accepted into a ''radfem'' discord server later to be exposed as a pedo groomer and the so called ''radfem'' mods didn't do anything and instead shit-talked all the victims in secret group chats like it was high school. So much for female solidarity lol. These incidents made me never want to join any online radfem groups. It's full of online warriors and pettiness and clique-ness or this shit.

pic related is him

No. 1352536

super OT and this isn't really political opinion but Hinduism is really fucking retarded, maybe not the most morally fucked up but it is imo the most retarded religion currently existing
Brahminic Hinduism survived compared to other pagan faiths was cause it had already developed and written down its religious practices into law centuries ago, until it became part of the social order and that had some interesting results
a good e.g is how many times India bas been conquered by outsiders(persians, huns, greeks, arabs, turks, central asians, afghans, dutch, french, portuguese and the english) one of the reasons for this is the codes of Brahminic Hindu warfare, Hindus refused to use any military invocations that were not present in their Holy texts such as pikes, horse calvary and even gunpowder and neither did they ever think of using there mass peasant population as recruits, instead only there hereditary noble population were the only ones allowed to fight which had the result of murdering the entire nobility in a single battle

I don't know why any /pol/tard, hippie or liberal would choose Hinduism, its that fucking dumb of a religion

No. 1352547

File: 1634787260503.jpeg (8.97 KB, 271x275, miyafuck1.jpeg)

Check out hellokittyrazorb1adee on insta, they have all the screenshots in their stories.

Pic related is ''miya'' the ringleader pedophile.

No. 1352550

She had a BBL >>1251567, tummy tuck >>1285251 and nose job >>1244986. She has also talked about getting more plastic surgery >>1249309, >>1321867.

No. 1352574

Second anon here, I stand corrected, thanks. How can you call yourself a radfem and claim to be against beauty standards if you get a BBL lmao?

No. 1352713


anon can u explain more about this situation to me, sorry for asking to be spoonfed but its important

No. 1352764

File: 1634801064411.webm (2.15 MB, 720x1280, fFmghhcRpjDtUeBs.webm)

This online nazi/pro-ana cult is formed by groomer pedophiles (the main ones being ''Miya'' and ''Sunny'') that larp as teenage girls and then get actual teenage girls to join their guilded/discord servers and brainwash them into becoming anorexic and cutting the leaders' names into their bodies. They also have rules they gave to follow in order to become girlfriends of ''Miya''. They believe in a weird and nonsensical philosophy which is a mix of caste, white nationalism, ''aryan'' hitlerism and hinduism. They also believe white features such as blonde hair and blue eyes are the ''purest features'' and even made eye color verification (I'm not 100% sure on this one).
To get into the server you also needed to have a low bmi (anyone over a b.m.i over 19 would get bullied or kicked out) and ''Miya'' claims that in order for happiness to be achieved, you must be very skinny and if you think otherwise, you're a promoter of obesity. There are some theories that Sunny is Reiko from r9k but there is no proof of that yet. They deserve their own thread tbh.

Their current socials are:

vid attached is relevant

No. 1352779

thanks for responding so quickly. how do we know that miya is that pic (that hello kitty account said so)

No. 1352940

File: 1634825639851.jpeg (145.01 KB, 827x1274, BAF4927F-3546-4ECE-9437-9A68BF…)

when cows collide

No. 1353033

I guess while we're on the topic, my favorite thing about her is the tedious way she self-posts on lolcow and other imageboards.
>oh wow I just followed her on twitter she's hilarious is she a cow??

No. 1353100

sunny is not reiko and is also anti-ana (however you want to say it) but hes still a huge cow

No. 1353508

File: 1634882603202.png (277.58 KB, 1242x1845, 1622716555591.png)

My favorite thing is Anna's leaked chats with incels, thanking them for promoting her and sharing her thirst traps in 4chan

No. 1353609

Straight women remain embarrassing

No. 1357398

They might have done NFT shit before on https://ilongfornetworkspirituality.net/. Not sure if it's the same people but that site links to remilia.org which is also linked on the kaliacc card, and used to have links to a lot of weird pseudo-science sites. Ilongfornetworkspirituality also used to have a real-time chatroom. I went on there once when I first stumbled across it and there was someone asking about Miya, so I assume it's connected.

No. 1357405

Vokey only cares about black radfems if they never criticize or disagree with her. Ella Androphobia has a hateboner obsession with Radfem Black because she called Ella racist (she is); RFB is also a cow in her own right but she's not a racist or conservative weirdo

No. 1357890

What's the milk on Leah being a druggie? It doesn't surprise me but after all the years of following her I haven't seen anything about that.

No. 1364333

How is RadFem Black a cow? I thought she was a teenager.

No. 1367113

File: 1636665871386.png (28.72 KB, 589x318, dfjgkha;gfhgipauhgfpi.png)

shes a weirdo

No. 1367118

To be fair, I remember the horse tweet only happened because radfem twitter was having some super drawn out argument about separatism, (or a radfem saying something misogynistic? I don't exactly remember) so she said this as an attempt to make it stop.

No. 1367371

>radfem twitter was having some super drawn out argument about separatism, (or a radfem saying something misogynistic
So the usual. Almost every one on radtwt has cow behaviors or tendencies. It's like an open farm full of fresh personal milk.

No. 1367374

Wow, Meghan Murphy really lives in Mexico? A place with infamously sexist cultural norms and one of the worst hot spots for sex trafficking and femicide in the world? I hate the troon bullshit too, but those are some weird priorities.

No. 1367390

she always gets downvotes in ovarit for her trolling kek i love how she pisses off white women

No. 1367403

My Interactions with her on ovarit were weird, she's just super sarcastic and always uses godawful Emojis when its not appropriate

No. 1367463


>I left for Mexico back in January, thinking maybe I would come back in a month or two or three, but having observed my home country’s enthusiastic, almost totally unchallenged descent into one opposed both to freedom of speech and expression, as well as women’s sex-based rights, I realized Canada was no longer a place I wanted to live in.

>You may think I am being hyperbolic, but I’ve developed a rather persistent attachment to free speech and women’s rights and am unwilling to compromise.
>Fundamental rights are not something you compromise on, yet far too many of my fellow citizens have resigned themselves to complacency in exchange for an idea — the idea that nothing could possibly be awry in Canada. Not Canada — the country we constantly insist is better than almost all others. At least we don’t live in America, we tell one another. At least we didn’t have to deal with Trump, American Democrats tell us. It was such a stressful time! Gosh — the stress of having a president we don’t personally like! You can’t imagine. It’s almost as though there is a reason Hillary lost.

No. 1367464

Radfem Black was banned a couple of months ago, which made a bunch of users delete their accounts in Ovarit.

No. 1367467

Wasn't there a school shooting in New Mexico where the guy was connected with that group?

No. 1367478

The way Ovarit mods ban you is fucked up, they don't even give a warning
they just delete your account and all your comments and posts get deleted as well and there's no way to contact the mods

No. 1367486

By the way, this woman was banned from Ovarit for criticizing the Taliban.

No. 1367489

Yeah I don't believe that, The Taliban were shit on Ovarit and there was genuine fear regarding them

No. 1367493

It's possible that a mod already had something against her before they banned her and called her a racist troll. Who knows.

No. 1367503

>It's possible that a mod already had something against her before they banned her and called her a racist troll.
I think that's the most likely explanation
That said I did watch the vidoe, the comment she used to describe the Taliban as that they were a "lower form of being who can't be changed" which is something I agree with but does sound racist and something I would never post

No. 1367610

I'm glad this thread exist, a somewhat person lolcow of mine is transwomen are sexist men, now judging by her username you'd assume she'd be dissing TIms and she does but spends most of her time ranting(and I mean literally ranting) against white radfems who she calls "karens"

No. 1367678

>why so many radfems fall down the wild conspiracy rabbit holes

seeing mainstream media push this without any discourse counts too

No. 1367738

Imagine being so afflicted with internet poisoning that you move to a country that's known for its patriarchal culture and violence against women AND its violence against political dissidents/journalists to avoid a problem that directly affects a relative handful of people. Radfems really need to get their shit together and build their foundation on feminist theory rather than fear of trains or else it really is just going to end up being yet another pipeline to the far-right and losing its credibility.

No. 1367741

as awful as TIMs and TIFs maybe, they are a extremely small minority of degenerates, while they need to be addressed and criticized they are mostly a non-issue

No. 1367749

while we're on the topic of ovarit, can we talk about how downhill the site is going?

>mods having biases against certain users and banning/deleting their threads

>mods deleting threads painting majority of men in a bad light (most recent one I remember is that stat showing most men are pedophiles and most comments were butthurt as hell refusing to believe it and demanding sources)
>people provided sources backing up claim
>mod deletes thread
>mods banning radfemblack
she's weird but extremely popular so it was a dumbass move. the fuck is going on with that site?

No. 1367977

It's mostly filled with middle class moms, and maybe even have a male on the modding team because they kept talking about how men could sign up too a few months back.

No. 1367996

One that's in the middle of a huge fucking femicide epidemic no less, which Mexican women have been doing amazing work putting together a giant fucking movement to protest. I don't know how she can pretend to give a shit about feminism and say this garbage.

No. 1368030

just like spinster, they never stopped men from joining the site. since ovarit is invite based it was probably a bunch of handmaidens giving out invites to their nigels and scrote friends. i never got to join it because i didn't feel like kissing up to any leftover reddit gcers. i had already tried spinster and it was full of old reactionary white women who went nuts anytime someone said karen.

No. 1368033

I didn't expect this, one of the admins girl_undone was an avid male hating separatist on r/GC
I don't know she of all people could allow this

No. 1368055

File: 1636783386942.png (209.67 KB, 1422x935, T0zQcXPY2X.png)

really? she made the posts about men being allowed in because its a public site, and that having just women would create a hive mind

No. 1368064

File: 1636784489042.png (77.97 KB, 1076x707, dfgdfg.png)

again I'm surprised this is coming from her, she was very much against letting men in or being nice to men

No. 1368114

is there any decent radfem site at this point? fds separated themselves from the radical feminist label although they actually have the guts to be ruthless about their hatred of men despite the retard mods and podcast hosts

No. 1368228

Late af but yes lol. I was hoping more people would post about radtwt drama because it's actually insane. I don't have Twitter but I lurk and boy is there some batshit crazy ppl.

The tampon sperging was something

No. 1368264

What tampon sperging?

I still don't understand why they banned Radfem Black. Why was the cap emoji so offensive?

No. 1368283

have women regressed back to the pad vs tampon debate we fought over as retarded teens? or is it something else?

fds' endgame has always been about dick so its no surprise they call anyone not interested a femcel

besides lolcow, there is a thepinkpill.co site you can try, though it sounds like general manhate and is pretty dead. lchat has a tranny thread i read once in a while. lsa is another that i lurk, but that subforum sometimes has pickmes asking disingenuous questions to start fights. tumblr probably has the most since the porn ban. i don't even look at the mixed bag that is twitter, the moids are like roaches on there

i'd actually like to know where the blackpill women went, because most sites that branched from reddit are too tame

No. 1368312

I can try to dig up the tweet but it was essentially "using tampons is un-feminist" (her logic being because they're dangerous because of things like toxic shock syndrome) and then it devolved into infighting.

No. 1368313

File: 1636832943561.jpeg (150.62 KB, 1242x1279, FCF-ZRZVgAoBMZ5.jpeg)

Here's the tweet that started the shit show

No. 1368367

Lol I'm just watching smokinfeds stream on this rn

No. 1368422

She did a stream about this?
Awesome now I have to listen, smokinfeds is so funny

No. 1368445

the most recent one

No. 1368460

After seeing the tweets she made I can see why people didn't believe her lmfao. They're pretty over the top

No. 1368548

File: 1636868780916.png (693.83 KB, 1280x800, viva.png)

I took this from the stream

No. 1368551

it is over the top, is she trying to pull a soren? there was also another woman on gc saying that a sex doctor assaulted her with a dildo to chase her asexuality away. they should start writing something more believable if they want to succeed at attention whoring

No. 1368554

File: 1636870465512.png (1.06 MB, 771x2310, viva2.png)

No. 1368559

hi, my name is I totally made this shit up

No. 1368563

File: 1636872784759.png (299.46 KB, 885x397, viva3.png)

No. 1368601

>i'd actually like to know where the blackpill women went, because most sites that branched from reddit are too tame
same. did you ever post in blackpill ark on discord? I miss it so much

No. 1368611

These are barely readable but I read them anyways.
holy SHIT

No. 1368639

I question if Meghan would have the courage of going out and talking to the Mexican women to communicate with them.

No. 1368653

She's like a gag gift for anyone who might have possibly missed Soren.

No. 1368711

Someone not believing this is "harassment" somehow lol
This is why I can't join gc/radtwt these ppl are as cringe as the tras they complain about

No. 1368724


They talk about Lea at 1:13:35

No. 1368726

Never heard of her, skimmed through some videos of hers and in one she goes off on a tangent defending illustrated child porn while claiming that csa survivors are weaponizing their trauma to hurt lolicon pedophiles https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yREphXi1Foc&t=3951s
Jfc this chick is more of an unbearable cow than anyone in the op, at least Vokey won't start ranting about innocent kiddy rape porn being under attack by meanie csa survivors while claiming to be a radfem.
Japanese women who work with abused children say that lolicon contributes to csa https://youtu.be/RuYG656t9tk?t=148 so it's not weird that survivors hate it.
She also claims she isn't defending it, while literally defending it. Someone who doesn't give a shit wouldn't care if pedos were getting attacked by 'weaponized trauma'. A normal person wouldn't even let pedos fester in their server and would just ban them.

No. 1368734

>I really don't think that's what she's saying, anon.
What is she saying then?

No. 1368790

You're 100% right, lol.

All of this has me remembering one of the only episodes of her podcast I ever listened to – it was a debate MM moderated between one of the women from WOLF and Kathleen Stock about allying with the right. I never listened to another episode b/c MM did absolutely nothing to hold the WOLF woman (who argued for allying with the right) to any sort of account. Stock didn't completely bring her A game, but there were so many moments MM basically let her twist in the wind in favor of propping up a woman with really obviously shallow knowledge. I guess nothing she's doing now is surprising, really.

No. 1368808

File: 1636914838041.png (653.94 KB, 859x2463, 2for1cowspecial.png)

My favorite Lea interaction, starring VV.


No. 1368814

was smokinfeds talking about Lea in that clip?

No. 1368859

SF is talking about some chick that went by maki, used to be evil pussy fetishist @femanace on twitter. She always talked in a very babyish voice and claimed it was her normal voice. Self-admitted narcissist.

No. 1368867

i thought you were talking about the tumblr user femenace and I was like "i didn't know she was a cow." The usernames are so similar, who copied who?

No. 1368878

They both seem insufferable

No. 1368886

that trauma dumping… wtf.

No. 1368914

I typoed, she was @femenace. idk if she went by the same name on tumblr, not the most unique of names.

No. 1368958

Two blondes named Anya and Kurt. And it's important to know they had pink cheeks

I can't help but think anyone who'd been forced to do the shit she describes there wouldn't even be able to type it without vomiting, much less repeatedly bring it up for Twitter arguments

No. 1369025

Plugged bloody wounds with tampons as a 5 year old and force fed the flesh of an infant. This sped might deserve her own thread, how are there people stupid enough to believe this cow

No. 1369064

There's a lot more archived:

Details of what happened: https://archive.md/hRpeh, https://archive.md/7ZiVR, https://archive.md/g9Pm2, https://archive.md/lz05P, https://archive.md/ecq9x, https://archive.md/wAFqe

Lea went to the police and they didn't believe her, but she found the address of where she children are buried: https://archive.md/T1BVO

A list of all the people who have sexually abused her as a child: https://archive.md/GUUKu

She wants set up a gofundme to hire a PI: https://archive.md/aiKH1

A teacher triggered her repressed trauma memories: https://archive.md/BD4KP

A crystal grid also helped: https://archive.md/5W6Pa

Someone suggests that it sounds like Satanic Panic: https://archive.md/H4qMP, https://archive.md/pJJsk

There was no cannibalism though: https://archive.md/dc0B1

No. 1369083

How does anyone take this seriously while making fun of gender woo? The state of gc Twitter lol

No. 1369113

i have been in some beef with this one. could never bring myself to go through all of her certifiable insanity so im so glad someone archived this. Im going to be fucking sick why does she write about this so poorly but so sexually

No. 1369121

nah i think they're different. the tumblr account with that username seems pretty run of the mill as far as radblr goes
jesus, she seems like someone who could have her own thread… reminds me of soren.

No. 1369128

File: 1636947834911.png (655.96 KB, 988x576, Screenshot (245).png)

she sounds like and dresses like a black contrarian girl who always dates the worst LV white guys

No. 1369200

These tweets are pornographic. No way any of this is real!

No. 1369240

That's not smokinfeds

No. 1369275

File: 1636975800424.png (66.55 KB, 599x284, pornographic.png)

No. 1369295

>anna slatz
>Currently making a transition as a financial guru and stocks investor.
Is her advice any good? I recently inherited some money and I'm being told that I should invest it. Should I look up Anna Slatz content for investing ideas?

No. 1369312

And she's locked

No. 1369320

File: 1636988278493.jpg (147.82 KB, 645x581, Screenshot_20211115-095642_Fir…)

She locked shortly after she tweeted about "I never said anything about cannibalism". Nothing to worry about. When her narc supply from behind private runs thin, she will open the gates again. She won't be able to resist. Prove me wrong Lea. I dare you.(don't use emojis )

No. 1369349

>Not going to explain the specific
Sis… You already did lmfao

Also idk if you're new here anon but emoji use is generally frowned upon

No. 1369676

>Should I look up Anna Slatz content for investing ideas?
Obvious selfpost is obvious

No. 1369749

File: 1637042350190.png (455.41 KB, 735x617, apeanna.png)

Anna Slatz got her fans to donate a laptop for her, all the while she larps as a financial expert and plays with $15k+ on stocks. Picrel is the type of content you will get from her.

No. 1369947

Anna Slatz is not a radfem. She does not call herself a radfem. Can you all go back to talking about this crazy woman being a cannibal?

No. 1370003

>Radfem cows
This shit: http://letsgoseparatist.wordpress.com/
This evil schizo doesn't call itself radfem, but orbits their blogs. I am speechless, go check it out yourselves, honestly what the fuck. Also beware that the comments are full of white supremacists.

No. 1370011

Anna Slatz eats people too? This would explain some things.

No. 1370104

Haven't read through this thread yet, but I plan to. I'm not a radfem, but I used to be subscribed to several of them on YT. Had to unsubscribe form Ella because she was making 20+ community posts a day screeching about covid, how it's not real and it's just "part of the war on women", how the vaccine is experimental gene therapy, etc etc. Also unsubscribed from VV who seemed pretty levelheaded at first. There's another one, named Karen, but her channel name is You're Kiddin Me Right? Or something like that. I only watched a couple of her videos, and she seemed alright, but her community posts kept showing up in my feed AND THEY WERE ALWAYS IN ALL CAPS LOCK!! LIKE THIS!! for some reason, which seems to be common with radfems. Oh, and there's a war between Elle, VV, & Karen vs Meghan Murphy. I'm not even entirely sure what it's about or what started it, but it has to do with Benjamin Boyce. Like, Benjamin Boyce had some kind of falling out with Karen and Elle and VV took her side but Meghan stayed affiliated with Benjamin Boyce.

Then VV kept spamming Meghan Murphy on Instagram. Like basically harassing her, saying that Meghan was pro-porn (she isn't) or something like that. VV kept screenshotting her own comments on Meghan's stuff and posting it to her IG, as well as posting comment slapfights she gets in. She does this on YT as well. I went to the video VV was referencing about Meghan, and she didn't even say anything good about porn, so I'm really not sure what VV is on about.

No. 1370177

i recognize one of the usernames from someone on radtwt lol

No. 1370217

File: 1637126369163.jpg (1022.13 KB, 1920x1920, Polish_20211117_000715962.jpg)

Lea / @Vive_Lez_Vulva is off private now, predictably. Technically she didn't describe in graphic detail how she chewed on the infant's (or toddler's, depending on the day) flesh, so it wasn't cannibalism. Case closed.


No. 1370228

You see people making claims like these really often in conspiracy communities; it's a shame that this stray weirdo somehow found her way into the radfem circuit.

No. 1370259

This is the problem I have with so many of them
They come across just as unhinged as the gender crowd. The anti vax shit is really annoying

No. 1370265

>They come across just as unhinged as the gender crowd. The anti vax shit is really annoying
Fuck yes, the amount of radfems I've seen who are anti-vax on radblr is insane
so many have created elaborated conspiracy theories about men creating the virus purposefully and using it is a tool destroy womankind

No. 1370269

File: 1637139975969.png (55.33 KB, 785x246, purebloods.png)

No. 1370273

Girl what have you never gotten a vaccine before lmfao jfc

No. 1370312

That "pureblood" shit is so cringey, it's on the same level as adults who always need to tell you their Hogwarts house when you meet them for the first time.

No. 1370320

I think some terfs of a certain age think that 'read another book' doesn't apply to them because JK Rowling is one of us.

No. 1370325


No. 1370328

File: 1637155914905.png (52.96 KB, 595x220, radfem.png)

She does call herself a radfem.

No. 1370330

File: 1637156511541.png (156.83 KB, 566x1054, nhk.png)

This is a simplistic and mean thing to say, but I think that while some people get interested in rad stuff because they're uncomfortable with gender or pop feminism or something like that, other people get into it because they have a mental problem that makes them believe any conspiracy they come across, and 'troons are erasing women's rights' is just another conspiracy for them.

No. 1370342

Does anyone remember the radblr drama between Elliot Morais and 715? Two radfem/ tif flip-floppers (you know the type) who had a fujo4fujo discord eromance then broke up and each made google docs airing eachothers dirty laundry. The only 715 did for Elliot is here https://docs.google.com/document/d/1USO82cbSfG8I8GSYZoFPm8YA1CJ6in8_pkQv6YGbig8/edit# but I can't find the one Elliot did for 715 so I'm going from memory.

>715 was a medical student who would draw and drink the blood of her friends and lovers for sexual gratification.

>Elliot was a DID faker who had an 'evil alter' called Nyx who she would blame stupid shit she did on. She also had a crush on a GC teen boy (biological male) as an adult.
>A detailed, excruciating case study of autoandrophilia

No. 1370366

File: 1637161981539.png (1.5 MB, 502x8223, elliotmorais.png)

>38 page analysis: https://www.scribd.com/document/489536024/Elliot-Morais-An-Analysis-docx
>Elliot died. #radfem #tw necrophilia #btw by 'elliot died' she means one of her made up identities merged with another lol

What the fuck?

No. 1370367

File: 1637162676444.png (165.79 KB, 544x593, summary.png)

No. 1370383

idk how the fuck you can think shit like this https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marisela_Escobedo_Ortiz
is more female friendly than obnoxious men in dresses walking into the women's toilets.
>muh free speech
maybe violent men in mexico don't care if you say men aren't women, but start reporting on women murdered and raped by cartels and see how well that goes for you.

No. 1370402

Thanks, the 38 page analysis is what I was referring to as 'the google doc Elliot made airing 715's dirty laundry'. It's structured as a response to the one 715 made about Elliot, since that one came first. It's where the Vampire M.D. stuff gets talked about, which is my favourite part of the saga.

Link for anyone who doesn't want to make a scribd account: https://docdro.id/zAvmDYo

No. 1370403

What the absolute fuck did I just read… How can anyone be a radfem and believe did nonsense

No. 1370404

"weaponizing >his trauma against >him, including sending >him human centipede gifs"


No. 1370408

So the Nunnery was their Discord server, pomeranian-privilege is Ari (the med student who drinks blood) and roz is Elliot/Laura… who the fuck is the necrophile, MADman?

No. 1370417

Roz I believe is the GC teen boy/ MtF flip-flopper Elliot was perving on (don't quote me on that though), MADman is Elliot I'm pretty sure.

No. 1370421

there is another document on this, by elliot morais herself, I think it's the one you meant >>1370342

No. 1370430

I think you're right, thanks.

No. 1370437

MADman is vadgina-bush. She appears in the doc anon just posted here >>1370421. She six years older than the rest of the cast of this shitshow, but decided to enmesh herself in it anyway.

Roz is the GC MtF kid (his trans name is Rose).

No. 1370445

>GC mtf

No. 1370520

Makes about as much sense as being a male woman

No. 1370593

File: 1637185647872.png (148.42 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20211117-124246.png)

Another annoying thing about Ella was how she was always reposting videos by conservatives like Brittany Sellner, Steven Crowder and Tim Pool, as if those people also don't hate women's rights. Pretty sure she would just be a conservative if it weren't for the fact that they're against abortion. She was also posting about how Bill Gates was trying to commit genocide via the vaccine but has her Amazon wishlist linked. So you don't trust Bill Gates but you wanna give Jeff Bezos your money? Bitch get the fuck out of here.

Pretty sure she's misspelling it on purpose so she doesn't get that "learn the facts about covid" sign popping up under her post or whatever.

No. 1370600

Wow she has a kf thread. Legit nutcase with the vaccine conspiracies.

No. 1370695

File: 1637194604305.jpeg (81.9 KB, 750x733, B63836AC-345B-4F17-BFAE-8634D4…)

She occasionally has good takes. I believe this unironically

No. 1370721

I think she has some good takes but her "radfems have to have babies to make new radfems or it's a losing strategy" posts are weird, especially since she seems to not really love her tradlife that much. Just the concept of having children to reproduce your ideology reminds me of the Duggars and the like.

No. 1370730

does anyone remember the drama about that tumblr girl who became a lesbian but then fucked her best friends fiance/husband or something

No. 1370819

what is mostflogged?

No. 1370823

This is true, and reminds me of a great criticism/explanation of Naomi Wolf's craziness I once read (I think from Sarah Ditum): Women like this are conspiracy theorists, and misogyny is one of the few things that actually sort of functions that way, and that means they end up believing all kinds of wacky shit.

No. 1370839

you think it's the BPD? I know that was a common talking point on radblr a few years back

No. 1370844

File: 1637214615778.png (225.54 KB, 540x615, milf.png)

>I am obviously a left wing radfem, you can see that in 99.999% of my tweets.

No. 1370864

There is a whole separate thread for this.

No. 1370866

Like the theme of larps' blog lol

No. 1370878

Naomi Wolf is a conspiracy theorist?

No. 1370891

I mean there were so "manhating" radblr radfems who secretly had boyfriend's or husband's the whole time
one example I remember was a "proud butch lesbian" who would mock bisexual women but turned out the whole time she was married to a man, had kids and was a stay at home armywife kek

No. 1370941

this is a lot less interesting when you take into account just how many radblr "lesbians" have turned out to be bi or straight, although that case plus the woman who begged her followers for money to get a lesbian themed tattoo and then married a man are the most notorious
and what's this about? I don't remember ever hearing about it

No. 1370949

The least you could do is sage your posts, moids. Also, radfem Hitler is a tranny.

No. 1370950

nta I think it's either about radfemtori or some other manhating radfem that was married to a dude, I think she had a battle axe tattoo

No. 1370952

I think there's probably some truth to the passage from Welcome to the NHK I attached to my post, that the root of that kind of thinking is feelings of inferiority and dissatisfaction with oneself while being unable to take responsibility for one's own circumstances, rather than a specific mental disorder.

That said, BPD-chans are definitely very susceptible to conspiracy theories and similar nonsense like DID and gender, in part due to lacking a strong core identity. There's also legitimate schizophrenics and bipolar sufferers.

No. 1371002

Her clubhouse profile leaked and that ended up just being a rumor, but she does look uncomfortably like a Dr. Seuss character. I wish I could remember which leftcows thread her pic was posted in.

No. 1372727

No. 1372762

File: 1637464795298.png (62.58 KB, 162x201, rfh.PNG)

Yes, thanks anon. This is her.

No. 1373007

Much more normal than I was expecting.

No. 1373086

Anyone from radblr and remember Sharts? IDK if i'd describe her as a cow, but she managed to generate drama like one.

No. 1373104

This is old milk but i wonder what happened with toppdyke.
Last i heard of her half of radblr hated her, she defended pedos, slept with a 17 yr old, harassed underage tifs, got exposed for being a past stripper and possibly lying about her sexuality.

No. 1373109

I dont know much about her but i think she was one of the top rudefems at the time along with toppdyke who harassed everyone who didnt have a radical stance like them.

No. 1373120

was Topdyke the one who was secretly an army housewife

No. 1373122

No. 1373123

I remember one time her and someone else from that crowd were trolling this random tif college student and making fun of her exceptional art. They honestly took it way too far and she ended up @-ing them with a picture of her arm with fresh cuts and a message like 'look what you made me do'. I felt bad for her but also they were the lightest cuts I'd ever seen, like she didn't even break the skin.

No. 1373148

File: 1637520874486.png (121.24 KB, 501x581, toppdyke.png)

toppdyke even has her own call out tumblr: https://getout-toppdyke.tumblr.com

No. 1373332

I honestly never understood why her and menalez would continuously throw down. Her and pronounrejector were funny though

No. 1373703

I thought that was weird too. I think it started with PR who would obviously accuse Menalez of having BPD since accusing people she didn't like of having BPD was sort of her thing. I never saw anything wrong with Menalez myself beyond being a bit holier-than-thou sometimes. It could have just been a clash of personalities since Menalez is fairly PC and PR and Sharts aren't. Could also be rooted in some ancient drama I'm not aware of, or the fact that Menalez would tend to engage with people trolling her rather than blocking.

No. 1373707

She's a total sperg, but a very funny one. I really liked her writing style. But I was never convinced the blog had two separate mods, it seemed too obviously the work of a single person.

No. 1373791

Might've confused PR and larps. Unless they're the same person.

No. 1373809

Oh I just realized I confused larps and sharts lol. Sorry nonna I can't read apparently.
Sharts is still lurking around she streams with smokingfeds

No. 1373839

>a foreveralone 4chan reject pretending that she has friends that run rudfemme(TM) blogs with her
What a miserable existence lol.

No. 1374411

larps was a controversial radblr orbiter (or radblr orbited her) who brought to it less PC language and memes, I think she left around 2018. Sharts was a less controversial radblr meme blog that was modeled a bit after larps but she was very clear that they're not associated

you're remembering something wrong since sharts wasn't a feminist

No. 1374461

elliot/laura morais here. this is extremely based. you may ask me any questions on my tumblr @rarted since i dont use this website so i wont reply here. the drama goes wayyy beyond what you might imagine including ftms with trap fetishes and did nazi alters and I'd like to share everything i have on this with other people.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1374470

I think that's opisaterf

No. 1374480

I remember her, I remember she once posted that watching Brooklyn 99 makes one a cop apologist a complicit with police brutality. which is just hilarious in hindsight cause she's married to a military man

No. 1374540

Is Kellie-Jay Jean actually a radical feminist though? I thought she was just a mom who got tired of trans bullshit

No. 1374543

She doesn't even call herself a feminist.

No. 1374618

I remember when Cathy Brennan got into it with her lol. Yes I don't think she's a feminist actually

No. 1375357

Just tell us what you wanna tell us, and post proof if you got it

No. 1376331

File: 1637957445387.png (47.1 KB, 590x262, Screenshot-72.png)


okay i decided to come back here. I'll try to keep it brief. the essence of what happened was that 715, currently aristocat98 on tumblr, who i will be referring to as ari from now, and i (laura) e-dated for three months in 2020.

im a mentally deranged neetcel autist and ari, a med student, convinced me i had did. she also copied my symptoms and started claiming to have did as well later on. beyond the cringe, the relationship ended with me receiving a callout for abuse (not sending her enough sexy lesbian texts) and pedophilia (being uncomfortable around a 17 year old guy).

so the past year has consisted in ari obsessing over me and me obsessing over ari. these are the things i have found out while dating her, as well as from moling her servers:

- ari has a trap fetish. to be clear, she's an ftm lesbian, but she gets off on imagining herself as a femboy or mtf. she's taking estradiol alongside testosterone to pretend to be a feminized male.

- she drinks human blood. she has admitted to me that she "convinces" people she's close with to let her draw their blood and drink it. it makes her feel warm and… more resistant to cold; according to her, that is. funnily enough, she doesn't enjoy drinking period blood.

- now that she's claiming did, she believes one of her alters is reincarnated josef mengele but a tranny. mtf repressor josef mengele alter. pretty much

idk how this website works but I'll drop some screenshots in this thread

pomeranian-privilege is ari/715

No. 1376332

File: 1637957536023.png (70.58 KB, 398x553, Screenshot-4319.png)

No. 1376334

File: 1637957583037.png (33.73 KB, 583x234, Screenshot-74.png)

im not a pussy bitch so you're free to look at my cringe as well

No. 1376335

File: 1637957607912.png (56.58 KB, 600x549, Screenshot-173.png)

No. 1376337

File: 1637957633871.png (68.83 KB, 614x554, Screenshot-171.png)

No. 1376338

File: 1637957665047.png (47.15 KB, 571x408, Screenshot-165.png)

sorry if theyre out of order

No. 1376340

File: 1637957742703.png (64.37 KB, 610x549, Screenshot-169.png)

No. 1376341

File: 1637957765022.png (33.89 KB, 573x266, Screenshot-168.png)

No. 1376342

File: 1637957999835.png (48.08 KB, 484x416, unknown-24.png)

here ari is "regina george"

she's talking about her did alters. one of those alters is referred to as "redacted". that's the nazi doctor josef mengele alter.

No. 1376343

File: 1637958021243.png (42.49 KB, 503x425, unknown-19.png)

No. 1376344

File: 1637958056841.png (31.7 KB, 504x296, unknown-16.png)

No. 1376345

File: 1637958078389.png (17.31 KB, 455x166, unknown-21.png)

No. 1376346

File: 1637958103653.png (38.14 KB, 495x344, unknown-18.png)

No. 1376347

File: 1637958166431.png (13.57 KB, 460x114, unknown-11.png)

here she's saying her "redacted" alter quotes the "real redacted" josef mengele. that's in fact a josef mengele quote.

No. 1376350

File: 1637958192877.png (92.66 KB, 568x176, unknown-20.png)

here's the quote in question

No. 1376352

that's it. there are more details to these events, but these are the more important aspects.

No. 1376362

File: 1637959053900.png (141.81 KB, 715x1189, lc-1_2.png)

wait i forgot this one

No. 1376368

Oh wow, I don't follow radblr drama so I had no idea it got this crazy. Thank you for the milk!

I don't know if you know this, but the artist of the kikomi-chan comics uses this site. I hope she makes a new blood-drinking FTMTF friend for Kikomi.

No. 1376385

Did this drama make it to tumblr or do I just succeed in only following sane people? I’ve seen her posts around and thought they were solid so this behavior is bizarre if true although I have to say discord screenshots and snubbed exes do not have a great track record of being reliable sources of information. The part where she says she’s an AGP seems right out of a tranny’s smear handbook since they like to claim AGP is normal and “even women have it”

No. 1376393

File: 1637962653840.gif (2.62 MB, 640x640, 35.gif)

This is your brain on yaoi, internet and autism.
>believes in the dysphoria meme and based her personality around it
>might have developed her fetishes from it
>staunch believer of tumblr DID
>transexual josef mengele alter
>transexual josef mengele alter feels dysphoric because "the host" is a virilised female
>transexual josef mengele is just one of many imaginary friends alters
>blood drinking craving because superpowers
>aware of bloodborne pathogens
>all is well, she demands tests!1 before feeding
>all of this and she's a fucking med student
She's absolutely right. Not a lolcow, 0/10 did not laugh.

They both called each other out before. See >>1370342 and follow the replies.

No. 1376411

mind linking to any callout posts talking about this? this sounds crazy

No. 1376418

is 715 actually oldfag tumblr user pomeranian-privilege? this is so sad.

No. 1376426

yeah what the hell, pomeranian-privilege always seemed fairly normal to me by radblr standards (compared to people like toppdyke or whoever)

No. 1376431


no, that's someone else. discord user pomeranian-privilege isn't the same as the tumblr user.


it made it to tumblr and other websites to some extent. 715/ari used to be twamsmahogany and meangirlvibes on tumblr before those blogs got termed. she's trying to rebrand and leave her cringe behind on her new blog aristocat98.

i was known as elliot morais, i made the trooning out ginger male market failure song people might or might not know. i have my own fair share of cringe.

No. 1376435

Why is everyone on radblr so insane? I thought aristocat98 was generally sensible and had some pretty good posts. She had some strange takes about lesbians being insecure but I never expected her to be so batshit wtf

No. 1376438

the source of the josef mengele screenshots is a public discord server called owohio. if you could get in, you could see it for yourself

No. 1376449


it's probably the result of tumblr and other social media niche subcultures attracting autists and traumatized ppl with molested asf behavior.

ari has this faux intellectual facade on tumblr while being batshit in private. her friend group dedicates their online presence to accusing teenage kinnies of abuse. she cooms to rape and nazifucking publicly, incessantly, and unapologetically.

No. 1376453

>She had some strange takes about lesbians being insecure
Now we know that was just wild projection. kek

No. 1376458

File: 1637967168288.png (65.33 KB, 558x245, Screenshot_20211126_225119.png)

oh right. she also fucked a bus

No. 1376462

File: 1637967232331.png (12.48 KB, 571x79, unknown-13.png)

her old account has since been deleted because she didn't want her degeneracy to be tracked back to her

No. 1376475

So she's just one of those rabid zoomers who dons a stable façade and feels righteous to persecute teens who mirror her retardation (since kinnie is just a flavour of DID LARP). Sounds exhausting to be like that while getting involved in RF and GC discourse, tbh.
Making shit up like any other tranny ("i'm ackshually intersex uwu") or is it real?

No. 1376481


she has ncah with the congenital features of cah genitalia wise. won't go into too much detail but I've seen it myself. she's also been on testosterone since she was 17 so you could argue it's a lie and it's all due to hrt, but i believe it personally.

those kids are just edgy teenagers who like edgy movie characters. semi recently her group called a 17 year old an abuser because he roleplayed as jason dean from heathers.

No. 1376487

File: 1637968533920.png (59.07 KB, 455x319, unknown-23.png)

i forgot about this one but she also claims to have "aspd traits"

No. 1376488

File: 1637968554497.png (109.08 KB, 280x330, unknown-25.png)

No. 1376489

Semi-related but could you post that "assist me resist me" song again while we're at it? It made me absolutely kek when I've first listened to it

No. 1376497


i currently dont have it on my phone. it should be available somewhere in one of the callout documents.

No. 1376500

tbh it's hilarious now how that song was used as proof of "guilt tripping" and "abusing" ari. it was just the result of a bad benzo popping session.

No. 1376501

Fair enough.

>semi recently her group called a 17 year old an abuser because he roleplayed as jason dean from heathers.

This is some Jekyll and Hyde shit. Judging only from her blog I really couldn't tell she was one those types.

>falls for the kweer ruse
>has transexual josef mengele as imaginary bff
>someone points out she might hate herself and others
lmao this bitch…

Anyways, thanks for the receipts. Love your ginger male song, btw.

No. 1376508

File: 1637969893123.png (42.16 KB, 733x269, meow.png)

Aristocat98 just posted this kek

No. 1376509


update, found it


the context being that my irl sent me an arrange and i sperged out after coming back from the hospital

No. 1376511


thanks. i was working on a ginger male market failure trance remix a couple months ago. i might do something with it eventually if i get the motivation

No. 1376516

i never paid much attention to this drama on radblr and was pretty skeptical of both sides for awhile, just looked like some tif slapfight, but i see this girl posting about her ex over a year after the fact. maybe she is batshit after all LOL

No. 1376520

File: 1637970860106.jpeg (752.95 KB, 1944x1547, B9CDD830-1A68-41E6-86BA-7E9061…)

Aristocat98 is Kajetan Sikorski
Jumpscare warning(emoji)

No. 1376522

It was only a matter of time until someone cowtipped.
Also, she deleted that post. Definitely lurking kek
When/if you do, create a new channel.
Scorned lovers, united in cringe. At least one of them is owning her cringe and providing some milky backstory, while the other one is pretending it didn't happen. I mean, DID roleplay that is worse than Pixielocks' and throwing around pedo accusations? Really? lol
Fucking radblr…

No. 1376526


where'd you get this? I've never seen this picture of her before, at least not that i can remember


radblr has its fair share of intracommunity drama. it's pretty much radfems/gcs who still retained the "callout culture" mentality for lack of a better word.

this group is like. trans radfems who are overly invested in throwing abuse and pedo accusations around. shrug. they went after a 14 year old at one point because that kid had stupid troon discourse opinions. wrote a callout for the kid even.(learn2sage)

No. 1376568

Omg that was you lmfao I remember when that dropped holy shit

No. 1376783

File: 1637983240584.png (140.2 KB, 618x967, fuckofffffffretard.png)

weird how she didn't deny any of the accusations tho. I guess she really is a closet psycho. That said, this selfposter "elliot/laura" (@rarted on tumblr)
is equally insane. She's known to flip flop from radfem, to troon libfem, to edgy facist, etc at the drop of a hat and blame it on "alters." She'll profess completely opposite opinions whenever her mood changes and currently hangs around the "edgy 4chan expats with animu guro aesthetic" crowd that exists on the peripheries of radblr.

Anyway both her and the ex gf she's here raging about are literally clinically insane aiden troons (with self-admitted fetishes for turning into men) and only incidentally ""radfems"" when they feel like getting some attention for saying controversial things. Our guest Laura right now is especially desperate for our attention, picrel are recent posts from her tumblr blog.

No. 1376864

File: 1637986064772.gif (1.11 MB, 250x250, 1482181833410.gif)

She posted her tumblr 3 days ago and received one (1) reply, then dumped everything at once. Probably no one messaged her.

Besides getting "even" with her ex, I don't get what she really wanted with this (considering she DFE before, it's not like she can handle online heat). It's entertaining either way. Zoomers…

No. 1376902

iirc her handle had something to do with bubblegum and/or her name was kelly. not sure if i'm conflating two different people. pretty certain her name was kelly and she was a mom/child-hating childfree nurse, though.

No. 1377022

I thought kelly was opisaterf

No. 1377028

amazing, I hadn't seen the part where ari decided to have DID too. Doesn't seem like a wise move when a lot of the sympathy for her/ mocking of elliot morais was based on elliot having fake DID. Definitely the most batshit radfem drama I've ever seen, worse than a lot of gendery drama. I'm still curious about the role of uteri my duderi and luka in all this because there's no receipts on them but it's clear they were in the servers where it went down and they occasionally speak about it without details

kelly is opisaterf yes. iirc the story is that she identified as a lesbian but had sex with her friend's boyfriend (fiance?) who was in the military. Took a while to admit it on tumblr and eventually did and started calling herself bisexual but not acknowledging the contradiction of dating a soldier while being presumably a leftist. Eventually he dumps her for unknown reasons (from what I understood she's an unstable person in general) and she starts making posts on tumblr directed at him and/ or his friends who apparently knew the blog apologizing and saying she's accepted it but she'll never forget him or whatever. Very bizarre posts, I unfollowed her around that time for obvious reasons. Eventually she either deleted them all and changed her url slightly (previously had dashes in between the words op is a terf) or deleted the account and created a new one entirely

No. 1377039

So… is Laura a farmer or was she googling her name?

No. 1377082


luka is normal. he's just a dysphoric radfem, doesn't have much of a role in all of this beyond being my friend and being targeted by ari and co as a result.

uterii-my-duderi is minty. her role in this is more complex. ari owns a discord server called the nunnery, which was previously minty's before the ownership was transferred to ari. they had beef because minty is a tankie and ari was a zionist back then and they got into israel/palestine discourse.

additionally, it's related to this:


this trans woman is called cassidy, we call him flaccidy as a joke. he was in the trusted channels of ari's nunnery besides being an admitted pedophile; to my knowledge, ari and co assumed he was harmless and handled the situation terribly.

he targeted a young teenager and was gross towards a couple other people. this kid was reluctant on talking about it, so minty shit talked the kid for refusing to give her receipts for a callout.

in conclusion; never trust radblr bitches. worst mistake of my life.

No. 1377086


i lurk sometimes, but i found the thread while looking for some other post that had namedropped me. so, essentially, the latter.

No. 1377158

File: 1638045782766.png (30.75 KB, 519x259, military waifu.png)

Lol I never knew that about opisaterf. I just knew her as the radblr woman who had body dysmorphia and was constantly posting pictures of her surgically altered face. Insisted it wasn't hypocritical to be against tranny surgery while continuing to get lip fillers and shit and was very defensive about that and about having a Nigel.

No. 1377167

I wouldn't describe a schizo former prostitute who can't decide whether she's FtM or not as 'normal'. She's pretty harmless as far as I know though.

No. 1377188

not former prostitute, former "sex worker". High chance she's done nothing more than sell semi nudes and sext desperate old men

No. 1377193


i wont go into too much detail, but he went on dates and slept with johns. these johns were aggressive and have physically assaulted him before. the people in his household didn't allow him to get a proper job beyond prostitution and sugaring.(sage or post proof)

No. 1377194

She said on her blog she was a 'full service sex worker'

No. 1377248

File: 1638062735048.png (13.07 KB, 492x227, luka.png)

No. 1377411

File: 1638092130565.png (89.51 KB, 646x889, ac7748e8a4f6a29481e4ca5f0e9a91…)

Menalez literally has BPD. This is her old blog and it's still there in her about. https://rnortal.tumblr.com/faq

No. 1377445

how old is uterii-my-duderi?

No. 1377453


i believe she's around 26 or so

No. 1377458

Where did you get this and is she Polish? Highly doubt she has a scrote name in her ID kek

No. 1377462

does anyone remember radfemale/lesb14n/etc? Seemed pretty spergy, she was also a nurse so I am wondering if she was >>1376902 She had a new url every 2 weeks or so lol

No. 1377463


she's polish. she's been transitioning socially since she was 14 and medically since she was 17. she has talked about it in her blog i believe. so she got her legal name and gender change after being on testosterone.

No. 1377465

File: 1638108918446.jpg (234 KB, 1080x667, Screenshot_20211118-155349_Twi…)

user in picrel is really based so I'm extremely surprised to see that she's friends with the cow grifter Anna Slatz (as stated on her Twitter)

No. 1377466

sorry for doubleposting but i can post proof from our dms if anyone's interested. i have no idea how that anon got her legal name and that picture, since i dont remember ever seeing that selfie. i wonder if it's actually one of her friends trying to start shit somehow.

No. 1377477

Wow, that's cringe for her. I assume her parents are wealthy and liberal since nobody else would have the resources for that kind of bs (and tbh, in that case it would be better for everyone involved). IDK if I should feel bad about her transition or detransition (if it happened?). Has her blog been archived anywhere?

No. 1377483

File: 1638111790062.png (8.73 KB, 454x60, unknown-29.png)


yes, she's wealthy. her mother bought her an apartment and she goes to med school.

she hasn't detransitioned though. on her blog aristocat98 she talks about being a dysphoric lesbian but in private she identifies as an ftm lesbian bigender femboy. picrel

her old blog twamsmahogany has some archived posts: https://archive.md/twamsmahogany.tumblr.com

and so does her other blog meangirlvibes: https://archive.md/meangirlvibes.tumblr.com

(they've been terminated)

No. 1377489

why do all non western fakebois come from wealthy backgrounds? just something I've noticed…

No. 1377499

Thanks! Existing as a woman under that name is pure cringe. People here aren't exactly woke. Maybe in big cities, but even then probably mostly some millennials and zoomers. She's making a weirdo/walking joke out of herself for no fucking reason other than a retarded fetish. Her name and surname are both male, so I can only imagine the face of a poor obgyn seeing that Mr Kajetan Sikorski is next (I don't doubt she goes to private ones, but still). It's not like in the USA where many name forms can be unisex depending on context and surnames are same no matter what sex. To think that 10 years ago teenagers being gay, depressed and acting out in a way of looking emo was the hottest talking point, kek.
Poorfags can larp but will never get anywhere. Probably have too many other problems to worry about on top of homophobia and poor mental health. They also don't have enough time to fuck around on Discord or Tumblr and become VIPs there, so we don't notice them as much.

No. 1377789

I think you answered your own question? Because they can afford to. Also they have too much leisure time so they end up on places like tumblr, discord, and twitter and get groomed.

No. 1378089

Larp on top of a larp, which is on top of another larp. Fascinating.
Queer™ is a luxury product. You can't afford it if coming out as "bigender lesbian" or any other imported gimmick would provoke social ostracism, put you out of a job and on the streets.

No. 1381874

File: 1638431430872.jpg (194.85 KB, 685x539, 83838388338888.jpg)

The tranny tier costumes are something else, is she trying to copy hontra?

No. 1381894

She claims to have been a troon before, but from what she showed she looked like a regular butch lesbian. I'm not sure what was supposed to be so tragic about the snippet she showed? I don't know in which video it was, since she spam uploads a lot. She got over the supposed dysphoria through some talk therapy and the weird wigs and awkward make up are apparently part of her being cured? She likes to quote Jordan B Peterson, so maybe she thinks women have to be feminine in order to be mentally healthy? I'm not sure why being cured of dysphoria has to include larping as hontra.

No. 1381905

I think she's just being facetious.

No. 1381944

Who is her?

No. 1381981

This seems like a bit anon

No. 1382022

No. 1382320

Does radblr still do goldstar discourse? It would float across my dash sometimes, and the people heavily invested in it all seemed to have the most exceptional takes imaginable. From "when you talk about being a lesbian you're attacking me, personally" to "a real lesbian wouldn't let herself be groomed".

No. 1382462

they do and it will always be a contentious hot button issue as long as the question of female sexual orientation is viewed as a black and white dichotomy of purity/enlightenment vs debasement and defilement.
everyone involved in those polarized takes which are 100% incoherent outside of radblr is genuinely very damaged.

No. 1392191

File: 1639433637340.png (125.33 KB, 752x646, Untitled3.png)

Radfem Hitler going live tonight with Richard Spencer on twitter Spaces. He might have met his match for the biggest fed out.

No. 1392194

Kinda excited to see this shitshow

No. 1392314

what are the chances someone will have a recording of this when it's over (which it probably is by now)?

No. 1394182

> Leah Tverly

Tbh this bitch is fucking hilarious to me, she seems like someone I'd hang out with.

No. 1394842

She'd be my #1 for a Dinner For Schmucks type event

No. 1396614

Anyone knows his past or current urls?

No. 1405253

File: 1640903977131.jpeg (2.44 MB, 1646x1723, 2B835B2D-403A-48D6-A064-8F2907…)

What even is this?

No. 1405265

Kind of a weird listen. Richard is super agreeable with lots of superficial charm.. I can see why they say he's so dangerous.

It's funny because they are pretty crypto with their true feelings, I guess if they weren't it wouldn't be allowed on Twitter. A lot of the facade falls away once they start taking calls though. The whole thing can be summarized basically by saying "women having standards is a good thing actually because the white race needs to birth more chads, and less incels, for the upcoming race war" lol.

No. 1407420

radtwitter should bring back lescel drama im bored(sage your shit)

No. 1407437

there's nothing to say about little ol lescel, chewwy however…

No. 1407510

Pretty much all of Richard's stuff is like this. His podcasts on odysee all come across very reasonable and he has a charm until you step back and think about the actual implications and subtexts of them.

No. 1407527

I'm not sure about VV and EA but the reason why Karen from You're Kidding Right had/has a problem with Benjamin Boyce had to do with his interview with Blaire White. She was annoyed how Boyce was not asking Blaire questions about why he's so sure that he's a woman and why he has TSA women pat him down at airports. She was annoyed with how the interview really wasn't enlightening or interesting because Boyce was too much of a coward to really have Blaire analyze on why he thinks he's more of a woman than the troons he argues against Another reason why she was annoyed with Boyce was because she didn't approve of him thinking using words like "whore", "slut", and one other word I can't remember as a descriptor for women.
And finally she really took annoyance with his interview with the AGP James Shupe and how Boyce didn't get any insight from how his wife felt about his transition and something about him running around in his backyard with an assault weapon.
And that's all I can remember. I get why some may think Karen was being over-dramatic but I do understand where she's coming from. She's just annoyed because people like Boyce who are interviewing TIMs never seems to ask actual thought-provoking questions questioning the gender ideology.

No. 1407529

I'm sorry anon but I don't agree with this one. Exulansic isn't a cow, the wigs and all that are just jokes. I think her content is actually some of the best critique type videos against transgender ideology, her ongoing response series on Jazz Jennings is very thought-provoking and I think it's helpful that she knows about therapy and biology which helps strengthen her critiques when she talks about the damages that the surgeries do to the body.

No. 1407550

Maybe not a cow but I find her to be incredibly smug sometimes. I don't understand why she insists in talking this way >>1405253 it's completely obnoxious. And no, "I'm too much of a prodigy to talk normally" is no excuse.

No. 1407687

MENSA cope is common when you are born very ugly

No. 1407833

what is lescel drama? also anyone here remembers celestia/disabledgirlism/brythnc prncess? kek

No. 1407856

Kekeke, iirc there was some video where she was talking about how smart you have to be to accept gender ideology in the first place, then like, doubly smart to reject it. She's as egocentric as the next girl online, she just thinks she's smarter as opposed to prettier.

No. 1408034

NTA, that makes sense and i understand both sides but the thing about benjamin boyce is that he's not a feminist ally or gender critical or anything like that, he's just "anti-woke" and a slightly conservative centrist (don't take this as me defending him, i find his contrarian-ness really annoying). so of course he's not going to challenge blaire white on his identity when blaire is on his channel for being "heterodox" compared to the rest of the trans community. he does feature feminists and detransitioners on his channel because they go against the grain of "wokeness", but he also had some MRAs and other center-right, "anti-woke" people.

from what i know is that lescel is a fandom pro-shipper that agrees with terfs on some things (anti-trans and anti-prostitution) and orbited radfem twitter to the point of being mutuals with a decent amount of radfems, until they found out she's into lolicon and incest fanfics? someone correct me if i'm wrong, i'd love to know more lmao

No. 1408342

>Benjamin Boyce isn't a feminist

I understand. Yeah at the end of the day he isn't a feminist and he won't really have meaningful discussion with TIMs like Blaire and Rose of Dawn and how offensive what they're doing is to women since he isn't a woman and more than likely the reason why these two loons and the AGPs like Debbie Hayton and James Shupe agree to come onto his show because they know that Boyce will validate them. You'll never see these people go to speak with a gender critical person or a radfem because they'd not give them the validation they crave.

No. 1408476

I dislike Boyce as a person but I followed his channel for a few years because I follow a lot of people with different opinions to develop critical thinking and debate skills; he has interviewed gender critical people and radfems, but his channel is for an anti-liberal/SJW/woke agenda, which is the thin line most of his guests have in common. He has criticized gender ideology being taught in school, but also critical race theory. Expecting hard hitting feminist commentary from a man who just likes being contrarian and his main issue with trans politics is because it's "liberal" seems pointless even if it can arguably be good he's platformed many detransitioners

No. 1408488

Oh no anon, I didn't mean Boyce. I meant Blaire, Rose of Dawn, and the other TIMs who go on Boyce's channel, I was saying it's not surprising why these m3n don't actually debate or converse with gender critical people or radfems because they won't get validated. I'm well aware Boyce has had gender critical and radfems and I do give him some credit for that.

No. 1408911

Wait lescel is a user? I thot it was a lesbian incel or something lmfao deets pls

No. 1410585

File: 1641518541799.png (453.51 KB, 748x890, lescel.png)

"lescel" does mean lesbian-incel, but this person used that word as her username so that's what people call her. her actual name is nicole and her old username was tomboyfucker or something like that

No. 1410589

>from what i know is that lescel is a fandom pro-shipper that agrees with terfs on some things (anti-trans and anti-prostitution) and orbited radfem twitter to the point of being mutuals with a decent amount of radfems, until they found out she's into lolicon and incest fanfics? someone correct me if i'm wrong, i'd love to know more lmao
This is correct, some radfems are still mutuals with her though.

No. 1410638

that's funny, i wonder why? i thought radfems would be against someone with moid-y fetishes even if she claims to only like them in fiction. but then again, a lot of them seem to have skeletons in their closet in their sex lives, or only care if an actual man is like that but not a woman

No. 1410703

a woman that likes to read about people/cartoons doing morally dubious things will never be as bad or cause as much harm as the average scrote, no matter how gross or weird it might be, and a lot of other radfem (adjacent) women agree. even if it's used for pornographic purposes (which it mostly isn't) it objectively will never compare to porn. but you're right, a lot of twitter "radfems" do have skeletons in their closet when it comes to their sex/romantic lives, and its mostly the ones who have a very big problem with the "proshipper" radfems

No. 1410712

OT but why do you think that is?

No. 1410725

why they have a problem with the proshippers? probably because it's shocking and gross at first sight, and if you're not involved in fandom you wouldn't understand why someone might make or look at explicit content for any reason other than to jack off and imagine themselves involved in the scenario to live vicariously through it. as for why its specifically the ones that lead lives that are incompatible to radical feminism, its probably because they're trying to compensate. I'll give Charlie bugtoucher as an example, who's endlessly called lescel a pedophile. she converted to judaism for her husband (who is apparently not jewish anymore? but she still is) and also "performs femininity"/looks and behaves like the average femoid and defends her right to do it as a "radfem". these are all antithetical to radical feminism, but i guess we missed our chance to ask dworkin for her thoughts on ao3

No. 1410728

i forgot to add, for a lot of them it also most likely is because they themselves like "proshippy" things but are in denial, ashamed of it or do it in secret as to not be ostracized, I've seen it enough times for it to not be a very common case

No. 1410751

>can't sage
>defending loli

No. 1410754

females who are "proshippers" or whatever are fine but lescel's biggest crime was being annoying as fuck and thinking she's different from all the other tards on radfem twitter just because "wow wamen that likes problematic content, browses lc, and is ironically racist #2edgy4u"

No. 1410758

you are actually the very first and only person to say this ever

No. 1410764

i don't care about being original i just wanna talk shit about her. damn can't i just be a hater in peace?

No. 1410910

FtM/radfem flipflopper vibes off the charts

No. 1410995

If you're chewwy aka @FEMMECELLS you're legally not allowed to talk or even think about lescel because of youre huge one sided beef with/vendetta against her.

No. 1410999

lmao hi chewwy you hypocritical bitch, go back to sperging unsaged in shayna’s thread or whining about your botched titties and simping for your paypigs who tell you not to get raped. so lovely.

No. 1411005

i wasn't being sarcastic chewwy, i literally meant that you're the only one to ever say that because you made it up lol

No. 1411024

I will get banned, but this literally just looks like Lescel or one of her mutuals wking herself and samefagging.

No. 1411092

NTA and don't have receipts, but I was close-ish to him at the beginning of his initial twitter account and can confirm

He always did this kek, make fake screenshots, say someone else is an alt of his, people on the internet aren't as savvy to this kind of manipulation like they used to so a bunch of them fall for it

No. 1411118

AYRT, that makes sense, but back when i used radfem tumblr (which is probably a lot different from its twitter equivalent) a lot of them were "antis" when it came to fandom (the only exceptions were ones who told me in private) because even if hentai or fanfics aren't real they're still misogynistic/glorifying/etc, but i don't have an opinion on the fandom discourse either way since i think it's too black-and-white, not unlike a lot of discourse among radfems

No. 1411186

proshippy/problematic circles are extremely tranny/queer poisoned, i wouldn't be surprised if as time went on and the discourse got more mainstream the insufferable or downright horrible genderfags in them pushed more women to resent queers and eventually look into radfem, the opposite can also happen, where terfs who are very annoying about the morality of fiction push others to stop caring/pretending to care about it. I've seen both happen, the former happened to me

No. 1411205

something similar to the former happened to me too, so i don't think it's impossible for someone to be anti-porn with real people/anti-prostitution/trans-critical but "pro-fiction" or think there's a gray area in certain fetishes, but i haven't found very many who are in public since there's a mild purity culture within these spaces from what i noticed

No. 1411425

Chewwy, shut the fuck up. This is why you have no friends.(hi cow)

No. 1411537

Who the fuck is chewwy….

No. 1411542


who the fuck is chewwy. lescel had like 400 followers give or take(?) is it that impossible that someone else who lurks (aka me) thinks she's an annoying retard jesus christ. leave that other dumb bitch chewwy alone

>legally not allowed to talk or even think about lescel
god forbid an anon makes fun of an annoying twitter cunt who had a PUBLIC profile. go back to twitter and suck her off there instead of accusing me of being another girl

No. 1411556

"chewwy" "hi chewwy" "you're chewwy" "gtfo chewwy"

is this anon having a stroke on this thread? Does ANYBODY even know who tf "chewwy" is? Jesus christ the retardation, I cannot stand when people bring their interpersonal dramas onto a thread and expect everyone to know what they're talking about.

No. 1411659

Why is that troons can always stay on task but radfems always get bogged down in stupid infighting. Exulansic is currently having some stupid drama on yt about whether males who have CAIS should be counted as women. Who gives fuck on either side? Why is everyone arguing over this bs?

No. 1411677

a lot of radfems are reformists so they have a tendency to engage with opposing views to try to encourage a change in social standards. yeah constant discourse is annoying but what do you expect for a social media based feminist? also kek at the implication that trannies are good at staying on task and not dying on some hill about their loli hentai or being called chestfeeders. their infighting and internal witch hunts are enough to feed dozens of threads here and on kiwifarms, there is really endless milk on the tedious pedantic shit that queerios fight amongst themselves about.

No. 1411678

Troons fight amongst themselves all the time, Contrapoints has repeatedly been "cancelled" for stupid shit like calling himself an "old school transexual" and implying enbies aren't valid or smth. The only thing TRAs have in their favor is money and big pharma

No. 1411690

Does anyone know the rumor of some radblr being run by a 40 years old scrote pretending to be woman? Or was it just rumor run by troons to "owning up the TERFs"?

No. 1411718

Honestly I was firmly in the camp that exulansic isn't a cow and I'm still in that camp but I definitely see how she can be overly pedantic and a bit full of herself now.

I was watching her jazz episodes and in one she was talking what a good figure drawer she was and how she was naturally gifted because she was so good… Went to look at her drawings and they're fine? But not amazing lol. They're okay for a hobbyist.
She definitely has an inflated sense of self at times but I think that's a minor complaint.

No. 1411750

which one

No. 1411798

No idea but all these dumbasses outed themselves as twittertards here lol. This is not something to be proud of, you know? Make sure not to accuse anyone of being a newfag, twitterfag in any other thread, heh.

No. 1411806

I am getting furry art when I search for chewwy in tumblr…

No. 1411810

yeah I couldn't find any radfem adjacent profile when I looked lol

No. 1411841

she is femmecells on twitter

No. 1411879

I absolutely believe she is a cow or will become one. I think people are going easy on her because a) not a lot of people create content like hers b) she's very ugly and people feel sorry for her so they overcompensate for any negative bias they might have against her.
The fact that she looks awful, however, shouldn't be important anyway as the biggest problem is how obsessive she is. Her demeanor is also very unpleasant and not due to some noble explanation such as being direct and honest, you can tell from her facial expression that she enjoys shitting on trannies. Either to make them feel bad or (my guess) to elevate herself and feed her ego.

I'd have more empathy if she was a real detransitioner who went through all kinds of surgeries and hrt. It would be normal to feel damaged in that case and become somewhat obsessive about debunking TRAs. In her case, she only desisted. Her only real damage is probably feeling her past self was dumb or misled- big fucking deal.

No. 1411893

Yeah I could see her going down the graham linehan obsessive trail and self sabotaging

No. 1411917

>leave that other dumb bitch chewwy alone
Nah that dumb big headed bitch has a long history of harassing of other women, classic bpd-chan so if anything she should leave us alone instead of vendetta posting about her former friends on lolcow.

No. 1412146

I can see her becoming cowish. She reminds me somewhat of Jordan Peterson with her low affect, emphasis on being highly intelligent (which I'm sure she is, but not as much as she thinks, same with medical knowledge kek), and obvious neuroticism.

I mostly like her, but her petty, inelegant arguing over CAIS males has made me lose respect. she's being super obnoxious in YouTube comments.

No. 1412246

i wonder how much time you've been in lgbtq++++ spaces online at all because there is a TON of trans infighting. the transmedicalists VS the tucutes, the people who think neopronouns and enbies are valid VS ones who don't, the ones who think transsexual is an offensive word VS ones who don't, the people who love contrapoints VS the ones who hate him, i'd argue even though social media is awful for political discussion, at least most radfems agree with one or two things

i know the "transwomyn" account on twitter was called out for being a scrote who flirted with radfems in dms, but he still has followers

No. 1412366

samefag who doesn't hang out round troons because they are troons.

But, despite all the infighting that goes on amoung troons, they can always band together to send rape threats to JKR and whoever else steps out of line.

OTOH, radfem/gcs seem to get bogged down and distracted from talking about troon degeneracy when they get involved in infighting.

Karen Davis has seemed to stop talking about troons and spent the last few months bitching about Arty Morty and Gender Dysphoria Alliance. Ovarit's always having fallouts over how radfem is to radfem.

Eh, it's probably my fault for wrong expectations. Men have always been way more committed to hating women, supporting men who hate women, and cracking down hard on any man who was like "it might be possible, that maybe, possibly, women are people?" then women have been to hating men.

No. 1412384

I've seen several groups of women in the UK protest so idk what you're talking about. Yes infighting happens but there are actually women out there trying to do things and make change

No. 1412426

you sound like an autistic transmed honestly

No. 1412435

i came into the troon debate shit by proxy of having weeb-y interests in the past, so that probably says more about me. i have seen some "anti-TERF" tumblr posts get derailed because the OP was a "tucute" and a "transmed" agreed with them, so petty infighting does happen. i feel like it's a universal human thing, but it does get frustrating seeing smart and funny people like karen davis waste time complaining about vaguely-gender-critical-but-not-radfem people

i wonder why it's the UK that gets branded as "terf island" aka where shit gets done while americans are dumb as fuck about this shit. i guess helen joyce's book explained why but i'm not british so i can only take her word for it that the UK is less politically divided while most american liberals are wrapped in identity politics and white guilt

No. 1412438

are you talking about the one with the hair fetish who plaigarizes posts from old deleted radblrs and flirts with lesbians? he's never been confirmed as a scrote but it's glaringly obvious to anyone who's ever been in fetish communities. he's one of my personal cows kek, even though it's super aggravating whenever i see one of his plaigiarized posts getting hundreds of notes

No. 1412447

what's his username?

No. 1412532

The us is also much bigger and has a much larger population than the UK. I feel like it's easier to be divided with how alienated Americans are from one another.

No. 1412584

anyone know where lescel is from? because i have a feeling i know who she is lmfao

No. 1412626

She lives in a third world country, no idea which one but she’s posted her face previously.

No. 1412644

Post her face

No. 1412666

She is from Brazil most likely. Bio says "esp/en/ptbr"

No. 1412677

This just seems like vendetta posting at this point… This isn't milk

No. 1412765

I have friends in common with her and I'm pretty sure she is in Uruguay

No. 1412779

She is Brazilian, Can confirm because she's my neighbor.

No. 1412785

Her old bio on Listography says she's learning Portuguese and will block anyone who supports the Venezuelan government, so I think it's most likely she lives there.


No. 1412791


No. 1412792

She's venezuelan but currently living in Argentina.

No. 1412798

Not anymore

No. 1412824

Can you beautiful unemployed ladies spare me from the vendetta posting? The milkiest thing you'll ever find on me are my ao3 bookmarks :/(:/)

No. 1412833

I agree, none of this is milky and reeks of vendetta posting, either from that chewwy chick or a third party.

No. 1412836

Can we get back on topic? This vendetta posting is embarrassing.

No. 1412902

I personally don't have a vendetta against you and find you funny when your tweets are unlocked, I just found the radfem backlash against you amusing since a lot of them aren't any better if this thread is any indication

No. 1412941

Honest question: who DOESN'T enjoy shitting on trannies?

This isn't milk, but I find it unnerving how Karen has started to mimic Exulansic's manners, esp. laughing. She has given me the creeps for some time now, she seems a little off for some reason

No. 1413475

I think these ladies getting way too obsessive is going to be their downfall

No. 1413498

idk what you mean, it's completely normal to be that singleminded.

No. 1413521

I feel like she plays up how ugly she is not washing her face, crackhead wigs, etc as if it'll make her seem that much more intelligent. Her lady-genius-autismo schtick is cringey and while everyone wants to go on about how intelligent she is, I don't think it's hard at all to recognize that a male tranny is still a male.

No. 1413547

Eh I agree that it's cringey, but I do think she's much smarter than the average person, and in all fairness she has been looking more presentable recently (esp compared to her super early TikToks)

She's admittedly below average but I don't think she looks UGLY in those rare moments when she puts effort into her makeup/hair/skin/lighting/angling/etc. She's about as attractive as Sarah Jessica Parker, who looks decent when styled well

No. 1413569

To be clear, I don't give a shit about how naturally ugly she is or isn't, I think she chooses to present herself in such a way as to suggest she's 2 Smart 2 Shower. Maybe she is significantly smarter than the average person, who's to say, I watched a couple of videos and just saw someone being weirdly smug and pedantic about basic biology which seemed kinda retarded to me but whatev.

No. 1413731

i somewhat agree, i respect TERFs who are educated and have a sense of humor but it is depressing when most content they make or talk about is tranny shit, like yeah, their logic is inconsistent and it's funny to laugh at it, but i get so tired of being reminded of agps who jack off to being babies and shit like that, over and over. i like laughing at people but i don't enjoy getting sick and angry constantly, but whatever floats their boat

No. 1413898

Honestly if they just did a video like once a week or something it wouldn't seem so unhinged. But it's everyday…

No. 1414738

I really am grateful Exulansic is doing what she's doing. Her commentary on Jazz Jennings with the medical aspect is very thought-provoking and showcases the realness of the situation he's in.

But I agree about the CAIS thing. I feel like she was a bit way out of balance there. I know that technically CAIS are males but there's just no denying that they went down the path of female socialization even though they have internal testes. I know they don't menstruate but if I'm not mistaken, they aren't born with penises right? And they don't get testosterone because the testes are usually non-functional right?
I just feel like CAIS are the one rare exception who should be allowed to be seen as women because of the socialization.
I think the reason why Exulansic feels the way she does is because she thinks TIMs can take advantage of this and start saying they have CAIS as a way to be allowed into female only spaces.

Aside from this though, I'm just gonna have to agree to disagree with her on this but it doesn't take away that her commentary outside of the CAIS debate and how helpful it can be because I don't really see any other channels dissecting the trans ideology like she does.

No. 1414743

>Karen Davis on Arty Morty & Gender Dypshoria Alliance

I've gotta agree. I understand why she's criticizing Arty Morty and calling him out on his nonsense with the whole "AGP is a sexuality like homosexuality", it's really toxic to insinuate such stupidity. And I also get why she's critiquing Gender Dysphoria Alliance and their shadiness like how are they really helping gender dysphoric kids & teens when Buck Angel who's a leader on the group thinks kids should be able to transition around the age of 14?
Point is, I do think her criticism are justified but I wish she would take a break from it and move onto other topics because it's getting a little repetitive and there are other troon nonsense she could bring attention to because contrary to what some think here, I think she is good picking up on bullshit in these interviews with AGPs and troons.

No. 1414860

yeah, i find karen davis funny and likable but i had to unsubscribe from her channel over her almost daily videos about agps and stupid male allies and whatnot got really depressing for me personally, since i know they exist and have dealt with them, but i don't want to be constantly reminded of them.

CAIS is the intersex condition where someone is XY but has a female phenotype? i get it's complicated but i honestly would consider them to be female with a medical disorder instead of male, but i get why others would disagree. biological sex is based more on gametes than solely chromosomes

No. 1415263

File: 1641992919282.jpeg (199.66 KB, 1170x896, 9C09FB44-93B6-4E51-8A13-6D6644…)

this tweet is cracking me up, i feel like siri would have a more compassionate response if i told her i wanna kill myself

No. 1421160

Did Exulansic really coin the term "gender atheism"? At 22:55 she says she did, but I'm pretty sure I've seen the term used way before her

No. 1421688

No way I've seen it used years ago in places like r/gendercritical

No. 1421877

no i've heard it around for years. she has a very high opinion of herself kek

No. 1422886



Apparently she's also "really good at art, just naturally talented at it" .. I guess that's another fug cope that needed to be inserted into talk about Jazz's sister.

The thing is I like her content, especially on Jazz, but the interjections of personal anecdotes and the r/iamverysmart babble is tiresome. She's clearly middle age so it's surprising to me that she isn't embarrassed by it.

Anyways I'll get off her case now all things considered she's alright.

No. 1422911

Samefag. Sorry guys just came to the thread to post this then went back and read >>1411718

Apologies for redundancy.

No. 1430650

idk maybe I'm just fangirling for Karen Davis but what I don't get is why everyone holds her to some high leader standard and critique. She's said multiple times the channel is just for her to let off steam. why does the community immediately make public "radfems" leaders when they might not want to be?

And it's good that she keeps talking about the lgb alliance, it seems like a tra grift especially after hearing that creepy ass groomer shit buck angel said in the latest video. I wonder why lgb alliance uk or whatever hasn't said anything about the canada one.

No. 1432412

I believe this is due to there being a general lack of strong radfem voices out there. It is still rather risky (socially and economically) to speak out on the issues. All you need to do is look at how people like Kathleen Stock and JK Rowling are treated for rather mild views. Also, you need a certain character to be an effective online communicator. You have to be articulate, presentable, educated on the topic, and also have (at least some) charisma.

All this to say that with the limited pool of 'applicants' people are probably just clinging onto and propping up whoever they can get really.

No. 1432415

File: 1643752370121.jpg (330.5 KB, 1080x1762, Screenshot_20220201-164607_Ins…)

no real milk on this person except that they're a self-loathing scrotoid who I heavily suspect of posting on this site, whether on this board or /ot/. he offers no real contributions to feminist discourse himself outside of quoting actually important women's opinions and words. he is not straight forward with feminist women about being a male even though he's been in many a DM, and he gets really sheepish if you ask his sex directly. god I hate men like this so much

No. 1441413

A Slightly Twisted Female is kinda of a rising figure among youtube radfems despite her horribly inconsistent editing

what I'm most interested is the fact she reminds me a lot of radfems on lolcow and some on radblr
not the normie tard women who call themselves radfems, these are women who are at an intersection between radfem, social conservative and communists
meaning they are actually feminist and call out traditional moid misogyny, but they are socially conservative and will use terms like "degenerates" to refer to people and will have kinda gender essentialist view that men will always be physically superior to women and lastly they tend to have some socialist view points and will praise communist governments and talk against liberal capitalism

ASTW is the best example of this type, she makes fun of red piller types of men but thinks pregnancy is this divine spiritual gift given to women by the holy goddess and will sorta body shame people who she doesn't like, calling them fat, ugly, low-T and degenerates

No. 1441430

It always makes me laugh that being a degenerate is seen as a liberal trait, to the point that if you correctly call a disgusting pervert a degenerate you are called a conservative. I just hate coomers, sorry that makes me a 50s housewife

No. 1441436

calling someone a fat degenerate subhuman doesn't make you exactly left-wing

No. 1441524

it doesnt make you right wing either unless you want to show me which candidates are making this a bullet point in their campaign

No. 1441588

Does she id as radfem though?

I think it's a good thing she talks about pregnancy because I follow all the gcs on youtube, less on radblr, and no one else really talks about it. I mean, I'm never having a kid but since most women do, it's something that needs to be brought into the conversation.

Also, she did a video about why women should get a gun in a low cut top dancing around all sexy and another in a bathtub and man did she piss radfems off. It was hilarious.

No. 1441632

She says that she's not a radfem. She follows some of the beliefs but but not others likee marriage to men, men protecting women and having children.

No. 1441830

there is buzz on radtwt about some woman stealing $40,000 from a charity meant to help women exiting the sex trade. her handles are deactivated, but the organizers of the charity have verified that this did indeed happen. i'm not sure how much i believe it, but it's been good for lols

No. 1441847

any proof that they're male? tbh this site is just as scrotey and this thread seems to deliver no actual milk

No. 1441851

post caps

No. 1441960

No. 1442013

that’s not a cap

just a reminder this is an image board you’re using

No. 1442015

File: 1644727504391.png (330.93 KB, 670x1021, catfem.png)

No. 1442019

File: 1644727882987.jpg (187 KB, 642x1063, catfem1.jpg)

No. 1442027

File: 1644728552189.png (247.08 KB, 529x833, catfem2.png)

No. 1442030

File: 1644728716924.png (153.64 KB, 522x505, catfem3.png)

No. 1442047

>physically superior

A common mistake. Tard strength at the expense of short lifespan, shit tier immune system and accelerated aging isn't "superior", it's just tard strength.

No. 1442050

do we even know who this "catfem" user is? or is it just some rando on a discord server? You need to do more to explain what and WHO your caps show bc there is not enough context.

No. 1442051

oh okay so it was some random woman/man scamming women's aid charities and not a radfem?

No. 1442052

her takes are awful. very tired of these conservative dude-defenders gaining traction in radfem circles just because of troonery takes, it's so infuriating. just watched a whole vid of her defending the nuclear family and saying society has been destroyed by "us" (who? feminists?) "fragmenting" it

No. 1442055

the Brittany Murphy affect

No. 1442063

Actually they don’t dipshit, the entire synopsis is posted in autistic detail the link above. Someone said they wanted caps since this is an image board. She was a fixture in some stupid radtwt cliques.
Would you like your ass wiped for you too

No. 1442064

well she makes fun of scrotes as well and seems to have some takes from FDS

No. 1442083

The reason we ask for caps and explanations here is because links, especially links to milky things, go down— and when they do, the info will be lost if not capped and summarized. Lurk more.

No. 1442089

yes I have multiple DMs from him

No. 1442096

File: 1644743848920.jpg (174.17 KB, 1080x1907, Screenshot_20220125-154902_Ins…)

kek Brittany Ortiz is truly unhinged. the woman is personality disordered to the max–-calls radical feminism a femcel cult, posts porn of she and her moid on main, created multiple socks in an attempt to frame rando RFs as harassing her but she was harassing herself etc. she even posted about lcf being a "troll radfem website". anyone recall her harassment of Lisa Michele (actual feminist YouTuber)? when it was happening a month or so ago I was going to post about it in this thread but there was a lot of shit to sort through so I didn't

picrel is from an instagram story. the preceding slide said "life is too short to not flaunt your sexuality" lol

No. 1442100

File: 1644744108508.jpg (351.25 KB, 1080x1663, Screenshot_20220125-162851_Ins…)

not a full screenshot, sorry, but here's a comment that Brittany reposted from one of her dumb orbiters wherein they suspect le epic radfem troll cite lcf of cyberbullying her. ASTF is a narc and a half.

No. 1442105

WTF was I not aware of that, I just thought she was a bit extra and maybe not well informed but this is just straight up awful behavior and lying
also kinda curious what her scrote looks like

No. 1442111

okay? so can you post the proof?

No. 1442114

File: 1644746436242.png (518.76 KB, 944x518, aslightlytwisted.PNG)

this is her husband. i have an issue with "i love masculinity" women within these circles. you want to deconstruct gender ideology but sing praises about femininity and masculinity, which relies heavily on nonsense categorizing of general human behavior as if it is exclusive or should be exclusive to one or the other sex. it's just annoying but not surprising as she calls herself a libertarian (i doubt she means a left libertarian given some of her content). there's no deconstructing gender ideology without dismantling the inherently oppressive and nonsensical hierarchy that is gender and all that is associated with it.

No. 1442117

He looks exactly like I thought he would, I don't even know she would get involved in radical feminism
she seems like she's just like any other white trash mom with 4 kids

No. 1442136

I'd rather not out myself by posting the DMs but if anyone wants to ask on his public Instagram if he's male, feel free. like I said in my initial post, he's not forthcoming about advertising his y chromo but he will confirm if you ask. he also recently "exposed" another stealth male in the community, which I thought was pretty ironic.

No. 1442137

File: 1644752622251.jpg (96.02 KB, 1080x1894, Screenshot_20220125-154913_Ins…)

No. 1442157

lets be real, 99% of the time, "deconstructing gender ideology" is just a fancy way to dress up garden variety moral disgust against trannies lmao. just like rightoids, they hate trannies because a lot of them are ugly and gross, not because they have any investment in gender abolishment.

i remember how back on /r/gendercritical, the tagline was "we support TIMs if they just live their lives as GNC men in dresses instead of claiming to be women". now, over at ovarit they have weekly threads about how ALL GNC/feminine men are disgusting AGP fetishists. and judging by some of the comments from anons in the lesbian thread, they hate butches, too, they're just less open about it. according to your average GCer, being "GNC" means being a middle aged women that wears jeans and doesn't wear make up every day, not actually flaunting gender norms in any way that is actually socially prohibited.

its so obvious that at this point, the GC/radfem/FDS sphere has just become overrun with reactionary karens who would've freaked out at the fags 20 years ago, but that's no longer acceptable so they settled for trannies. a while ago there was a thread on ovarit where they were freakin out about how pre-pubescent boys wearing feminine clothing is dangerous to girls because apparently wearing a skirt will turn normal 10 year old boys into bathroom rapist AGP superpredators. and no one is willing to call out that type of satanic panic / one million moms shit, for whatever reason, maybe because the community is small and they don't want to alienate anybody. but in the long term, they're just pushing any women that isn't a brainrotted reactionary boomerbrain away.

No. 1442161

Anyone remember when Posie Parker and her gang of fat housewives showed up at a BLM protest to yell "GO WASH YOUR DICK!!!" at young black women?

No. 1442162

Why I left Ovarit in a nutshell.

No. 1442163

Handmaidens aren't people anon, get with the program!

No. 1442243

pics or GTFO

No. 1442653

pp is a rightoid attention whore who's been noted as a lesbophobe & racist (specifically anti black and anti Chinese) for years. why anyone would support her grift is beyond me, but people are dumb I guess

No. 1442657

File: 1644831885117.jpg (190.99 KB, 1080x593, Screenshot_20220214-044339_You…)

some boomer GC dork's lurking this thread kek

No. 1442658

the anti trans camp is so big it attracts people from all across the political spectrum.

No. 1442752

File: 1644845326343.jpg (79.6 KB, 1080x509, sperg.jpg)

Lol, the OP is that sharts person from tumblr… How are they all such cows?

No. 1442757

yeah, but if you are meaningfully left wing and anti trans (e.g. for gender abolishment), you'd have to differentiate your political aims from the right wing anti trans sperging (e.g. "back to traditional gender norms") and GCers/"radfems" for the most part just don't do that. it's hard to take "left wing GCers" seriously when obvious reactionaries, racists, tradwives, anti-feminists and white nationalists like abigail schrier, posie parker and those FDS mod fatsos are silently tolerated or even celebrated. anna slatz claims to be a marxist on paper but her twitter is just standard tranny hate and virtually indistinguishable from any right wing GCer. there's so much reactionary garbage in this community that you'd have to be either very naive/apolitical or right wing yourself to think that it's a good idea to share a label with these people.

like, i doubt that someone like katherine mckinnon is a n enthusiastic girlcock enjoyer but she's gone out and adopted a mildly trans-sympathetic position and explicitely distanced herself from GCers and called them retarded because once you are in that position, any meaningful feminist politics take a backseat to bathroom sperging and obsessing over what some ugly AGP diaper fetishist is up to on twitter. this is easily observed in any radfem sphere community where tranny hate always gets 10x the engagement of any other feminist/gender topic.

No. 1442764

speaking of mckinnon, it's also funny how dworkin has become the patron saint of GCers but if you actually go and read her books, like most 2nd wave feminists she consistently spends about 30% of the time just re-iterating that womenhood shouldn't be defined by biological traits. there's a talk I can't remember the name of where she literally equates divine-pussy-feminists with nazis lmao. like mckinnon, i don't think she'd be a yasss queen trans supporter but it's extremely obvious that she'd consider a feminist movement that operates on a website called "ovarit" utterly retarded.

No. 1442767

Based posts anon. As a GNC lesbian I was ultimately turned away from all these GC/"radfem" spaces because of the low-key homophobia and thinly veiled conservative beliefs regarding gender. To them the solution to the tranny problem wasn't to abolish gender roles altogether, for them it was for the butch lesbian to learn to put on makeup and heels and the effeminate gay twink to become "a real man".

Regarding the FDS stuff, it was also ridiculous for them to shamelessly mooch off men and call it peak feminism. I support female liberation and earning equal pay, not gaining easier access to a man's wallet.

No. 1442795

right, i've noticed that they get extremely victim-blame-y whenever a butch complains about getting clocked as trans or threated as a threat, basically saying "well, put some effort into not looking/acting like a man, then".

FDS i find fascinatingly schizophrenic, because at the same time where they are rightfully angry about ongoing male patriarchial violence, they are also extremely angry about men not upholding the stereotypes of patriarchial masculinity (confidence, leading, courage, stability, strength, resilience, success etc.). in "will to change", bell hooks points out that there is a common and seductive feminist fantasy that we can get rid of patriarchial violence while also having men uphold all the positive patriarchial behaviors listed above. you can really see this spelled out explicitely in attitude in e.g. ->>1442137 but as hooks notes, this is obviously impossible because men don't pop out of the womb any more confident and resilient than women. the "bad" and "good" sites of patriarchial gender norms are interlinked.

i think ultimately, this is why true gender abolishment is so unpopular, because to truly, honestly recognize that men should be allowed to divest themselves from strength, resilience and domination and live as "effeminate loser faggots" and women from beauty, nurturement and feminine mystique and live as "ugly mean hags", requires a deliberate, ongoing struggle against behavioural patterns that most of us reproduce almost every day.

No. 1442800


sorry, my brain is fried rn, meant to sage and the post i was talking about is >>1442137

No. 1443193

Doesn't Anna call herself bisexual or something

No. 1443196

Celestia is the biggest radfem lolcow out there and probably one of the earliest too.

No. 1443201

I hate how radblr has so many alt-right and "racism fandom" orbiters. I just want to read about radical feminist reactions to current affairs, not get a crazy post explaining how white men are going to save the world from the "rotten Jew".

No. 1443203

>The only thing TRAs have in their favor is money and big pharma
Being male helps the most.

No. 1443223

Dworkin is baby's first radfem author. I do appreciate her work - her concepts are not esoteric and she writes with a lot of righteous anger - which is why she is so appealing to so many women and gets them interested in radical feminism in the first place…but she was not infallible and wrote things that these so-called social media "radfems" would find off-putting.

On the other hand, all the trannies who say Dworkin is "pro-trans" are ridiculous. If Dworkin were alive today, there's no way she would support the current trans movement. Yes, in 'Woman Hating' she said that "every transsexual has the right to survival on his/her own terms" and thus should be "entitled to a sex-change operation […] provided by the community as one of its functions."

But she was sharply criticised by Janice Raymond (the absolute queen TERFism, I love her) in her article 'Transsexualism: The Ultimate Homage to Sex Role Power'. Dworkin came to agree with Raymond and eventually helped edit the landmark work 'The Transsexual Empire'. In her later life, Dworkin dedicated herself to anti-pornography activism so she never spoke much about trannies ever again.

No. 1443366


FDS aren't radfem at all, they just agree with radfems on some stuff.

I swear to god, I don't get how women completely fail to get what FDS is about.

They aren't about ending the patriarchy, they are about surviving it.

>confidence, leading, courage, stability, strength, resilience, success

These traits aren't inherently male, they're inherently good. A male with these traits is less likely to abuse a women/treat women like crap than one who does not have them, so they advise to only date men like this and don't date men who aren't like this.

They clearly tell women to never depend on a man for money. Get your career and your bag so you can always be ready to leave him if he turns out to be a piece of crap.

They aren't about what men should be, they are about what kind of men women should date. They aren't saying men can't be "effeminate loser faggots", they are saying don't date them. Cause who in their right mind wants an "effeminate loser faggot" anyway.

They often go off the deep end on some stuff, and I am annoyed at myself for typing all this out, but damn, how people just willfully misunderstand what they are about drives me nuts.

I lowkey don't trust anyone's feminist analysis if they don't get that the heart of FDS is just about how to date while avoiding shitty and/or abusive moids. That's it.

No. 1443389

File: 1644895088634.png (8.6 MB, 1668x2388, D9785667-53D6-47D2-890C-904BC6…)

I get what you're saying and admittedly I find most of the principles of FDS to be very refreshing and useful. It's so important in this day and age for women to have proper standards and boundaries with regards to dating.

What I dislike about FDS, and forgive me if this has changed - I haven't looked at it in awhile, is how they uphold the institution of marriage as the end-all be-all of any romantic relationship. On reddit I can't tell you how often I would come across this sentiment and just a general shaming of LTRs with no ring.

Some women don't want to get married, so what? Some women (such as myself) have already been married and through a divorce and may have no interest in going through ut again. On FDS there's a general feeling that if you have been with someone for an extended period of time with no marriage then something is "wrong" or some shit, even if you're perfectly happy with your situation.

I really feel this so much. It truly sucks being so politically homeless while having strong convictions. There's so much right wing moralfagging trash in "GC" spaces these days. I have no proof, but I imagine many of these are older women with entirely too much time on their hands. Anna Slatz is a joke, def not a Marxist lol. There are some Marxist radfems on Twitter and they are nice enough but some are ultra tankies who dabble in conspiracy bullshit.

I'm attaching a pic from a very popular male GC on Twitter who seriously put this utter stupidity on a pillow and people are actually buying it! It boggles my mind.

Sorry and thanks for letting me rant!

No. 1443453

abigail schrier is not a white nationalist

No. 1443463

exactly! their praxis is ultimately materialist and prescriptive of things women can actively do to help themselves in the world that we exist in right now.

No. 1443465

my issue with FDS is i can easily see it becoming encapsulated by capitalism and becoming just a diluted lifestyle brand.

No. 1443596

That's been the plan quite a while now. People read too much into FDS, it was created by a femcel and a sugarbaby who is obsessed with the 48 laws of power. Turning it into some sort of brand has been the plan since the handbook.

No. 1443838

she doesn't seem to be, but she's definitely a major conservatard, she's published in koch brothers funded propaganda rag journals and a lot of her writing has major "children are the property of their parents" vibes.

i'd advise you to read some actual serious, published structural feminist analysis of masculinity instead of what people on forums and blogs are saying. bell hooks is a good starting point.

and like >>1443389 says, I don't see how FDS is about just "surviving" the patriarchy. if that's your goal then just don't get married, don't get knocked up by a moid ffs. if you are a middle class western woman then nobody is literally forcing you to. FDS is all about attaining the traditional nuclear family middle class white picket fence lifestyle that they were promised in the disney movies they were force-fed as kids, minus some of the more obviously oppressive characteristics. that's what all their dating advice is centered around. i've seen them get very obviously racist/cryptofash about it, too, basically talking about how they need to find a guy with "high quality" genes so they can get his high quality jizz and have presumably high quality babies … wtf

No. 1444068

Super late but I knew her irl kek. Her husband is army. She ghosted on plans a lot, I guess to find the time to write fanfic about her husband on tumblr.

No. 1444069

Nonas need to understand that FDS is populated by women who spent their prime years pickmeing and (predictably) got absolute jack shit out of it, then "discovered" the option of not being a bitch to other women once their lives have been sufficiently ruined by moids. Trying to look for some beautiful feminist philosophy in what they're doing is pretty pointless.

That being said, FDS actually needs to be separated from radical feminism because it's ultimately a great option for normie straight women. It doesn't strip them from any of their aspirational Hallmark-Disney bs, isn't too pinkpilled and overall raises standards for men. You don't need every woman to be a radfem.

No. 1444072

Nonas need to understand that FDS is populated by women who spent their prime years pickmeing and (predictably) got absolute jack shit out of it, then "discovered" the option of not being a bitch to other women once their lives have been sufficiently ruined by moids. Trying to look for some beautiful feminist philosophy in what they're doing is pretty pointless.

That being said, FDS actually needs to be separated from radical feminism because it's ultimately a great option for normie straight women. It doesn't strip them from any of their aspirational Hallmark-Disney bs, isn't too pinkpilled and overall raises standards for men. You don't need every woman to be a radfem.

No. 1444087

Your description of the problem with FDS is spot on. A lot of anons who are fooled into being "empowered" by the thought of a man becoming their personal paypiggy don't either understand or actually care that in order for men to keep up the "traditional male role" i.e. having all the money and confidence in the world, the disproportionate male privilege must be preserved. The man isn't going to be crawling at your feet begging to buy you that diamond engagement ring and expensive dinners just because, he's fueled by the fantasy of being a macho man who can buy any bitch with enough money and success and who sees women as objects to own.

I have to disagree with you on it being a great option for normie straight women. Normie straight women are the biggest demographic of women and if they're memed into thinking that the best they can and should do is getting an engagement ring worth 10K and free dinners out of life, all by submitting to pleasing men, feminism is absolutely going nowhere. It's not raising standards for men either because we all know it's a larp for these women, they're absolutely settling for the worst of the worst defective males after they've enjoyed their little powertrip on leddit.

No. 1444098

You are a normal, idealistic, by-the-book Tumblr gender abolitionist radfem. Before you reply, let me just say that this isn't an accusation or an insult. We have all been there. But let me disagree with some of your main points.

What happens eventually to many self identified radfems is some sort of pivot. Some become tardthots, some regress into libfems or make concessions (see: MacKinnon, who will never be taken seriously regardless), some become apolitical. And then there are people who retain their beliefs, but also notice that things just don't work the way radical feminism describes it in practice. Particularly gender roles.

The most glaring example of it is the idea that men under "patriarchy" are encouraged to display "positive masculinity" in any way. That is a mystification designed to dupe you into thinking that you're getting something in exchange for feminine deference, which leads many radfems to conclude that "gender abolition" can be made palatable to men and pro-male women if only they offer something like "you stop murdering and raping us, I pick up the check at the restaurant and let you wear my pantyhose". They will never accept your "deal" because men run the show. They're not really "forced" to adhere to any standard in the first place and there is no punishment for deviating from it, it's all a sham. They'll sell you movies portraying "women and children first" as they drown them to save themselves. "Valor" in war isn't a thing, and neither are knights in shining armor. Males habitually use "feminine" emotional manipulation and heartstring pulling to maintain dominance, and always have. You're not offering them anything they don't already have full access to.

This is one of many fallacies of "gender abolition" - the one where self proclaimed "gender abolitionists" actually take "patriarchal" descriptions of gender roles at face value, and (again, not insult) I would probably blame autistic tendencies here. In practice, the only rule of "patriarchy" and "masculinity" is that there are rules for you and no rules for men, which is why I reject these words in the first place - there is only male dominance/parasitism. Trans women are the most glaring example of this. If tomorrow you proclaimed that men no longer have to be GI joes, they'd find a way to have a higher social standing than you by being wailing loser faggots. And it would be entirely at your expense.

The idea that some silly, jaded straight women are delaying this "gender abolition" by expecting some nebulous "effort" on Valentine's day rests upon the assumption that "masculinity" is what it says it is. It's not and it never has been.

No. 1444127

>You're not offering them anything they don't already have full access to.
This hit hard anon. A post beyond based, all around.

No. 1444219

marry me

No. 1444514

>There are some Marxist radfems on Twitter and they are nice enough but some are ultra tankies who dabble in conspiracy bullshit.
exactly my issue with them as well, you can't be against the patriarchy and also praise mass-murderers like mao and think Assad and Putin are actually in the right for suppressing their people

No. 1444670


first of all, I've never claimed that men are encouraged to show "positive masculinity" (a term that most proper abolitionists hate?)? that's literally what patriarchy is lol.

you have a very idiosyncratic view of how power in human social systems works that goes against virtually all historical research ever done. being in power has never meant that you don't have to adher to socially dictated rules. e.g. in just about every historical society (including matriarchial ones), the lives of kings, clergy and aristocrats was strictly codified. like, you say that "valor isn't a thing" but concepts of honor and valor have been used as extremely efficient tools of social control for thousands of years. when there are endless historical cases of men preferring to waste their own life in battle/suicide etc. over being dishonored/emasculated in some way, it should be obvious that these are systemic norms going beyond the desires of individuals that also apply to men. without this, you don't really have any good explanation for why patriarchy has been around for thousands of years, except for borderline conspiracy theories or biological essentialism that doesn't compute with what contemporary science says about sex differences (i've noted that "testosterone inherently makes men hate women" is popular in certain radfem circles, because it neatly solves this, while also making feminism impossible as a political project, so you can neatly sit on your ass and whiny about trannies all day, because nothing can ever be done anyways)

and you call it "tumblr feminism" but it's pretty much the position of most everyone that takes feminism seriously as an actual political project? like, you even admit that the political alternatives to "idealism" are becoming a tradwhore, becoming a normie centrist or just giving up. in what world is that preferable, politically? there are also a lot of parallels here to how people point to "people are inherently greedy and will always rip you off if they can" to disprove all far left politics as idealistic and impossible.

and of course, by god, the continuance of patriarchy doesn't hinge on the shoulders of FDS, I was just pointing to the incoherency of their messaging.

No. 1444701

it's pretty fucking terrible advice for your average normie woman. i have simply never met an educated urban middle class woman below the age of 40 that thinks some moid she barely even knows yet committing to paying for expensive dates out of nowhere is attractive. it's too much commitment too soon, it stiffens the atmosphere and who wants to date someone that's stupid/pathetic enough to dosh out a bunch of money on a stranger they'll likely never meet again? of course it attracts weirdos that lucked into some kind of overpaid bullshit tech job, which of course they think entitles them to an old fashioned "real feminine" wife.

there's also an interesting class dimension to FDS. despite the girlboss LARPing, most of them seem to be lower middle class and terrified of social descent. and, of course, "rich man rescues middle class woman from financial destitution" is a trope that goes back to jane austen. it's pretty much the foundation of the "romance genre". most of their weird sexual politics are just transposed class politics, they'd just rather dress it up in feminism than be honest about it.

No. 1444829

I'm glad I didn't waste my time reading any of her works then, she seemd like a subhuman and subhumans can only create subhuman ideas

No. 1445010

Not the anon you replied to but thanks for writing this out, you actually managed to turn it upside down and make a very compelling point and I applaud you for it.

>i've noted that "testosterone inherently makes men hate women" is popular in certain radfem circles, because it neatly solves this, while also making feminism impossible as a political project, so you can neatly sit on your ass and whiny about trannies all day, because nothing can ever be done anyways

This is honestly a huge issue with the radfems who rely on bioessentialism as an easy excuse not to thoroughly deconstruct power structures and accept compromises. It ironically plays into the incel narrative of muh biology making me do disgusting things, even if it was the case it's also ultimately defeatist. You can never enter an age where you can just lock men in cages to chimp out all day long so should we just lay down and die right there? Men are motivated by their own social codes and their obsession with the elusive chad is the embodiment of their fear of their own emasculation. If they weren't so preoccupied with trying to impress other men by objectifying and violating women they wouldn't be motivated to do so. Even the "my monkey brain wants my seed to be carried on" claim translates to "I'm terrified of the other men who will laugh at me if I'm a limp dick loser who can't get a crumb of pussy".

So the "men should be allowed to cry too" statement is true in a sense because if men were allowed (again, by other men, not women) to be vulnerable without this fear of emasculation surfacing they wouldn't have such a visceral defensive reaction. But it was once again hijacked by their insecurities and turned into "we should be able to exploit women for endless amounts of emotional labor and make them think we're brave for it" because if they have to give in an inch they need to make women pay for it. How I personally see it the only way female liberation can begin is for women to gain more positions of power and strip men of their need for this macho charade. In a sense you could call it similar to domesticating a wild animal. It's just not a process that can be done over one, two or even three generations but it's already in the process. People who resist it, like incels, are a self-destructing group removing themselves from the gene pool, they actively tarnish their own name to the point they will only increasingly attract the worst of the worst. The problem practically fixes itself. No more desperate woman marrying and giving children to them like they would've in the 50's when they had no choice.

However, the real threat to female liberation is women being fooled into these seductive but regressive ideas of "individual empowerment" like FDS and sex work. They're both basically just being dependent on male ownership but just Made Cool.

No. 1445083

I was going to textwall you on every thing that's wrong in your reply, but I changed my mind. I'm interested in your immediate assumption that pivoting towards bioessentialism equals inaction and giving up.

It wouldn't happen to be because it contradicts the notion that men are "socialized" to hate women, right? And therefore implies that you can't really raise them to be more tolerable?

No. 1445154

This reminds me of all the radblr radfems talking about wanting to start "real violent revolution" against men and that non-violence will never work against men and I never understand it
you can't fight men IRL, not cause its wrong morally but that you physically can't

No. 1445202

But liberal feminism and girlboss individual empowerment are compromises.

>How I personally see it the only way female liberation can begin is for women to gain more positions of power and strip men of their need for this macho charade

What do you think causes this need, and what makes you think that women having higher social status will reduce it?

No. 1445218

>It wouldn't happen to be because it contradicts the notion that men are "socialized" to hate women, right?
nta but why is this such a bitter pill to swallow? Excluding risk-taking tendencies influenced by sex hormones It's scientifically true and denying it is literally agreeing to the ladybrain/malebrain division and giving men permission to be uncivilized sociopaths because that's apparently the only thing they can and will do. It's not only "inaction and giving up", it's agreeing with the male narrative of them being entitled to being beasts.

>What do you think causes this need, and what makes you think that women having higher social status will reduce it?
Because men are the ruling class due to their higher social status? If they were always second class citizens like women, do you think they could've been able to oppress us for centuries?

No. 1445316


regarding the need for macho charade, I think it's important to look at how gender relations don't exist in a vaccuum (this is one of the main points of early, marxist-influenced radical feminism and also much third wave feminism). both women and men are political subjects that "live in a society" and masculinity has historically been a way to decide over who has the sovereignity of violence in a given society, who gets to rule over life and death. furthermore, men may be stupid but their basic self-preservation instinct tells them they'd rather not go fight and get hit with a sharp stick or sword. narratives of masculinity (you can find a "warrior class" in just about every historical society, even matriarchial ones – "masculinity doesn't necessarily correspond to biological categories here, see also women in contemporary armies) has historically been what "socializes" violence and ritualizes death in the name of the social (e.g. going to war with other tribes/societies over resources etc.). the socialist-feminist point here is that industrialization has made it technically possible to feed everyone without having to constantly bash each other's head in. but this also show's how feminism cannot exist in a vacuum, because history has shown that upper class women dend to tolerate masculine violence to defend their own class interests (e.g. there doesn't seem to be a large difference between male and female politicians when it comes to approving military budgets and militaristic expansion) while to get rid of masculinity thus also means to reform how society deals with violence, production of resources and political power in general.

No. 1445324


well, yeah? of course I wouldn't want to give up on the idea that misogyny is a social phenomenon and not a biologically determiend one. pretty much the entire history of feminism from wollstonecraft onwards has been one long critique of bioessentialism because it has historically been the main justification for male supremacy. you can pick up virtually any foundational feminist text that isn't "the transsexual menace attacks" or "the holy diaries of the divine pussy goddess" and find a critique of bioessentialism in a prominent place. bioessentialist pinkpill doomerism is a seriously fringe position and to be taken seriously it would have to not only refute most of what contemporary science says about sex differences but also most of feminist history.

No. 1445398

>it is literally agreeing to the ladybrain/malebrain division and giving men permission to be uncivilized sociopaths

Why would socialization theory be the bitter pill to swallow? It's designed to make feminism palatable and marketable. I see no issue with this on a PR level.

From what I see, your issue with bioessentialism is that you don't like what you think implies, not because it's untrue.

>Because men are the ruling class due to their higher social status?

That's not what I asked. Why do you believe that losing status removes the need for "macho charade" and therefore misogyny? What do you think men will be doing in your proposed society, and why would they cease to be violent towards you?

No. 1445405

I'm not sure you aware, but radical feminism is a seriously fringe position.

What does contemporary science say that refutes bioessentialism? I'm interested.

No. 1445447

File: 1645119630379.png (319.83 KB, 628x1084, Screenshot.png)

I'm talking about shit like picrel

No. 1445449

Nta, but I have a question, do you personally believe we deserve misogyny?

No. 1445451

Let me answer your question with a question:

Why do you immediately assume that biological essentialism means we "deserve" it?
There's some commentary here on how females internalize while males externalize, but I won't go there.

No. 1445453

>From what I see, your issue with bioessentialism is that you don't like what you think implies, not because it's untrue.
Okay, I'll bite. Do explain what about this dichotomous brain sex is true and provide appropriate scientific studies, not just theoretical fringe feminist writing that assumes we live in a vacuum where no outside influences hidden in society's structures have an effect on how we behave. I won't be holding my breath. And as for why bioessentialism is bullshit, I'll start with a good example. The age-old claim that girls mature faster than boys which causes them to get better grades at school because the school system is designed to favor them - an accusation that got thoroughly debunked by all fields of study yet still exists as a meme to justify boys not being disciplined as much as girls are and to ignore how much more societal pressure is placed on girls to perform with their studies and socially.

The only part about bioessentialism making sense is men being physically larger and stronger in size compared to women making it easier for them to attack them, but we don't live in pack of apes anymore and we have laws in place. Abusing their physical assets generally have consequences. So the only real power they have over women is structural and based on exploiting the female socialization that's used to turn us into docile servants. Or, do you believe we're like that just by nature because of muh bioessentialism?

It's funny for you to claim that "you think it's untrue just because you don't like it" while your incel rhetoric thinks bioessentialism is factual just because you've swallowed the easy solution of "socialization doesn't matter, it's all just biological" which is just as good as blaming misogyny fairies for implanting brainworms into men and accuse others of being naïve sheeple who brought into some "marketing ploy" without explaining yourself. Like the other anon said, bioessentialism has always been used as a weapon to oppress women and justify male entitlement and it's outright curious for someone to vehemently rally for it while claiming to support women.

No. 1445472

I don't but I do remember when she got into it with Cathy Brennan because of homophobic statements she said years ago

No. 1445483

how do you explain cultural differences between misogyny? it is a sad fact that in some countries men just are more sociopathic and homicidal than in other countries. was it cultural shame or actual compassion for women that stops men being absolute chimps in more equal countries, i don't know, but why do women suffer more in some cultural environments and less in others, if socialization pays no role in anything?

No. 1445498

I didn't mention brain sex once, but it's interesting how this is your immediate assumption here. I know exactly what kind of dogma you you're trying to refute, because that's typically all radfems see every time someone rejects social constructionism. It's usually something along the lines of "if bioessentialism=true, then brain sex=real and women=forever inferior might as well kms".

The scientific position is that most human behaviors are both nature and nurture. Social customs start somewhere, however. No radical feminist ever explained who "socialized" prehistoric men, why this socialization emerged in the first place and why males try to exploit you even when they're not masculine.

>The age-old claim that girls mature faster than boys

This age old claim is biologically misleading at best and untrue at worst. An organism that lives longer can't possibly mature earlier. It can be made to, but it's not its optimal trajectory.

What actually happens is ahead-of-schedule synaptic pruning in girls. In both sexes it's typically associated with early life stress and low socioeconomic status - richer and less stressed people overall experience delayed pruning. The sociological interpretation is in line with what you believe - this is a result from being ridden with stress and responsibility from early age, likely due to caretaking expectations. Boys benefit from delayed pruning because they do not need to anticipate anyone's needs. Instead, their needs are anticipated, which in theory would let the brain to dedicate more resources to abstraction.

What's interesting is that females are expected to be subordinate whether they're seen more competent or less competent. Surely the logical conclusion would be that boys are retarded for longer and therefore should defer to female authority, right? But, paradoxically, the moral conclusion is that being more retarded should actually absolve them of responsibility and make them your boss. In Muslim cultures, a prepubescent boy is above a middle aged woman in social status. This notion, of course is flipped on its head whenever women display some sort of "biological" behavioral deficiency. This also means they should submit and men should lead. Most stereotypes on what gendered behavior is "biologically" are contradictory and not in line with empirical observations, the age old "women are more emotional, males are not allowed to be crying faggots" meme being a great example. Males are universally (and biologically) more impulsive, prone to wishful judgments, are more likely to act upon them and commit the vast majority of crime in every country for this reason. There is no way that the gender that's celebrated for its impulsivity and violence is also somehow "more rational". All males are already crying faggots because you provide them with care and live at the mercy of their feelings. Males who are physically weaker than women are still as violent as other males, so it's not an issue of body size and opportunity. In the end, the only thing about "socialization" that is constant is that you get all the responsibility, and they get all the power. The school system meme is a boymom and failson delusion that doesn't even need any credible studies - today's mode of learning is objectively more forgiving towards "kinetic learners", "delayed maturity" and other unhinged retardation. In the glorious boys' gymnasiums of the past, boys were beaten and raised in a semi-military hierarchy. Male children perform better in coed environments, while female children perform better in single sex ones, which again suggests that male presence is an unnecessary stressor for girls, likely because males exploit female prosocial tendencies and subconsciously solicit babysitting from them. At this point I should expand on the topic of why gender is already abolished for men, but this post is plenty long.

Tl;dr: do you see how it's not biological essentialism that's the problem, but how it's interpreted and perceived?

No. 1445513

It's consequences. You can file that under essentialism (males are aware of tradeoffs between pursuit of sexual opportunity and immediate danger) or social constructionism (it's less socially acceptable to act on your misogyny in the west, at least in terms of direct violence). In the end, it depends on whether a male thinks he can get away with it.

If socialization theory is to be believed, you can raise men to not see the need for said violence in the first place. And that's probably possible all the way until the onset of boner.

No. 1445526

nta but that still really doesn't explain it, northern european, namman, pre-Islamic berber soceites all treated women like human beings, there was an understanding in those cultures that while women may not be as big and strong as men they still serve purpose beyond making babies or for sex, often they served as healers or the spiritual advisers
Namman women were entrusted with the knowledge of tattooing(tattoos in nanman culture were a symbol of adulthood in that society and a male without tattoos was not considered a real man and the only ones who could tattoo were women)

No. 1445557

File: 1645128223898.png (157.94 KB, 1407x791, troonsupermarket.PNG)

Not that I give a fuck about "gender-diverse people", but good god. You have to have really fried your brain with 24/7 troon seething to constantly get set off by minor shit that does not matter. They're like a bizarre mix between the passive-aggressive mundaneness of a suburban Karen and the psychotic paranoia of a /pol/tard antisemite.

No. 1445571

File: 1645128646578.png (133.54 KB, 1380x775, contrapointslol.PNG)

Another Ovaritian apparently gets SO triggered by CraPnt's mundane milquetoast video essays, tacky lightning and terrible hairline that she can't even spell out his name without having a breakdown.

No. 1445574

my mind filled these in as contrapenis and pussytube

No. 1445579

File: 1645129156918.jpeg (56.18 KB, 640x595, 51CA387B-6816-45DE-B48A-EEC8B3…)


No. 1445594

You are being really petty dude.

if your are going to post milk from ovarit, find some actual milk. not this weak, watered down, soymilk bs.

No. 1445604

No offense, but a lot of these are on the same level as "holy and revered pre-colonial third gender gods" theories from troons. Vague historical notes about having female priestesses and advisors is not a reliable indicator of everyday women's burden of male parasitism, much like having female CEOs today. It may simply take a different form. Additionally, any smart leftoid will tell you that certain "equitable" modes of social organization are not scalable (see: anarcho-communism). We are not a prehistoric nomadic tribe - if those societies were in fact more equal, it's likely because their mode of production didn't require female subjugation to the same extent. Guarding females takes energy and effort.

That's not men being nicer, it's them not bothering to be meaner because they can have what they want already. Show them a more efficient way to acquire resources and propagate their lineage, and watch all of their enlightened nonmisogynistic socialization poof into thin air. That's largely why most of these groups are extinct in the first place, particularly the pre-Islamic ones.

If cultural differences are to be used as a blueprint for female liberation, then your only option is to change the way males extract resources from you. For example, a lot of more "enlightened" indigenous populations seem to be free of stuff like honor killing, but in exchange you are expected to practice polyandry and mate almost indiscriminately. The anon above is completely correct - like most predatory or parasitic animals, men understand that some prey isn't worth the risk of injury - or worse, killing all the females while trying to monopolize them and therefore being left with no mating options at all. So why fight if you can have what you want for free? Ironically, this is solidly in line with incel/Petersonian plans for male pacification.

>If you won't be my wife and you want peace, then you should find a different way to supply me with female resources. Hookers, government supplied gfs, access to your spaces with no questions asked. If you refuse, we have no reason not to attack you because life is pointless without access to women.

You may have noticed that Western societies treat women better largely in exchange for making them more accessible. Sure, you're no longer one man's private property. But then there's porn, the normalization of prostitution, sex tourism, mail order brides, female mimicry and a myriad of other ways to outsource what men want from you. Male attitudes aren't different, just shifted. The underlying "need" isn't gone, merely displaced.

No. 1445647

imagine being this bothered by contrapoints of all people

No. 1445661

honestly he's fucking annoying

No. 1445679

Contrapoints is one of the most misogynistic troons out there, and that's really saying something

No. 1445930

this is one of my issues with some radfems, the unwillingness to admit that you are better then the vast majority of women around the world
seriously you won't lost any power if you admit that Islamic societies or Sinotic societies are far far worse then those in the west, you always to make it seem like we are all on equal footing and that swedein is just as saudi arabia

No. 1446470

Medusa is based

No. 1446484

you're really smart nona and I've enjoyed reading your posts very much

No. 1446680

Fuck PP or Kelly Shit whatever the fuck her name is now. Thanks for sharing this.. rightoids are cancer.

No. 1446682

Also I just remembered this and now I'm sad.

No. 1446684

The first one is milky, second one is understandable/common sense

No. 1446711

Reading this thread is a lot like reading the Vox Day or Jordan Peterson threads on Kiwifarms. The only difference beyond the gender perspective is KF isn't anon so there's fewer "wow omg you're so smart I love reading your textwalls" because it's a little harder to sockpuppet when you have to register for an account

No. 1446746

wow, that’s so true anon! you must be really smrt

No. 1446798

This blog reads like the deranged child of stormfront and theblackpill, with a side helping of paranoid schizophrenia

No. 1446933

File: 1645272923177.webm (10.55 MB, 1018x1674, Screen_Recording_20220218-0535…)

here's Rad Jewess (who's been banned from that moniker on Instagram for threatening to beat up "femcels") on a completely normal one. this woman is close friends with Brittany Ortiz, A Slightly Twisted Female, who calls radical feminists cultists and posts porn on main

No. 1446934

File: 1645273001657.jpg (186.02 KB, 1080x1765, Screenshot_20220218-053547_Ins…)

No. 1446942

can someone explain this to me
I can understand why some concerned conservative or tard women call enter GC spaces, but I never expected in a million years for e-whores to enter our scene

No. 1446947

Hes usually based on the tranny issue though

No. 1446948

>threatening to beat up "femcels"
Damn, what's wrong with femcels now?

No. 1446950

Where has anyone said that butches have to “look more feminine”?

No. 1448152

For me, the reasoning for someone's opposition to the tranny issue matters. I know for some they consider it an "ends justify the means" but I disagree. Ben is a rightoid who is riding the monetized contrarianism grift that's so profitable lately. He doesn't give a flying fuck about women or our struggles. His opposition to TRAs begins and ends with "they're on the same side as the Evergreen protesters" and that's it. Anything else he squeezes out of ~the conversation~ is complete bullshit, just take a peek at his comments section sometime to see the demographic he's pandering.

No. 1448310

LMAO I came here to post this. Since no one ever posted a concise rundown I guess I'll do it.

>Twitter user NoLongerJohn1 is a former John who now gives large sums of crypto to random prostitutes to atone for his past actions. This could not sound more bizarre but no one seems to have any real info on him so moving on.

>Twitter user catbossfem catfishes as a prostitute and grifts 40K off him
>For some reason she then brags about this to Andrea Heinz, a former brothel madam who now speaks out against the industry (again, moving on)
>Andrea is disgusted and posts the DMs to her twitter
>Andrea censor's the names, but Sharts and her circle are instantly able to identify it as a personal cow of theirs
>Andrea confirms it as catfem when they ask

Sharts gives a summary of catfem's past antics in the writeup on her website
>Chronic attention seeker and NEET known for shitting up discord servers while off her tits on hallucinogens.
>grifted a couple hundred bucks in some radfem discord by pretending to be raising money for the server owner, who was having financial trouble
>Rich family so doesn't even need the money
>Makes up a lot of random shit, most notably an abused Mexican bisexual girlfriend who she just kind of stopped mentioning after a few days
>Currently wandering around Mexico alone while tripping major balls on LSD (family and friends are all in the US)

No. 1448401

wow, she sounds like a very sick person. horrible. i don't understand how you can lack the shame to do all of this. rich girl stealing money meant to help the financially distressed… unbelievable.

No. 1448476

So much Reddit spacing in this thread. Y'all yourselves are the cows of this thread huh? Why not go to 2X to write walls of texts?

No. 1448613

File: 1645460083288.png (239.24 KB, 264x469, have you seen this woman.png)

She seems to lack any ability to feel real remorse. I forgot about it when doing my writeup, but the only reason she told Andrea and NoLongerJohn is because she was on a "super profound" magic mushroom binge (probably financed by the money she stole). She also bragged about what she'd done in a discord server shortly before Andrea broke the story, but no-one took her seriously at the time.

Sharts also posted screenshots of catfem planning to accuse a random taxi driver of sexual harassment to see if she could get settlement money (doesn't seem like she went through with this thankfully).

No. 1448616

File: 1645460435561.png (258.98 KB, 267x528, mira.png)

Here's another photo of her doing the closest thing I've ever seen to the AGP smirk on a woman. I don't know why it was taken in what looks like a concentration camp shower.

No. 1448619

I feel this is the end result of obsessing over troons 24/7, your gonna end up somewhat deranged
she should get a hobby or find a boyfriend

No. 1448626

I think it's just what happens when a sheltered person with pre-existing personality/empathy issues is enabled to remain a NEET for too long by overly-permissive parents and then gets fucked up on psychotropic drugs out of boredom. Being a NEET is really unhealthy long-term.

No. 1448629

honestly, I came here to laugh at deranged radfems, not read their manifestos. what a waste of a thread.

No. 1448651

late as fuck but she isn’t separatist, she’s a rich woman who is married to a man. She’s just not anti-separatist

No. 1448653

It's a real shame this thread got shit up, but there are still some real gems: the woman with the Soren-tier trauma narrative, the vampire radtif with the DID girlfriend (though admittedly DID-chan did shit up the thread a bit until she got banned), the self-proclaimed lesbian with the military Nigel who wrote that reverse navy seals copypasta about how he's a good boy who hasn't killed anyone and this recent druggie scammer. If you know any radcows that haven't been posted pls do a writeup.

Got any funny stories about her or anything like that?

No. 1448657

that bitch banned me for a week cause I was apparently defending males too much(I wasn't, I just thought 5 year old's shouldn't be gender segregated) and your telling me she was married to a man and is a housewife

though do you have receipts about it, cause I'd love to see it be true

No. 1448677

what is with western internet radfems and white supremacy? lately, i’ve been seeing a considerable amount of non-white radfems on twitter and tumblr (sorry) complaining about the increasing presence of white supremacists/fascists in radfem spaces

No. 1448680

gender critical conservatives get lost.

No. 1448685


troons trying to divide and conquer radical feminism by calling it white supremacy

No. 1448692

I didn’t say she was a housewife, just that she’s rich and married. I don’t have receipts but she was always pretty open and transparent about that.

No. 1448693

There was a bit of discussion about radfems being into weird conspiracies upthread that might be relevant:
Any sort of materialist feminism will posit a highly complex system of social conditioning that exists to perpetuate female oppression, rather than treating misogyny as an individual action. This scratches something in the brains of those who believe in the Secret Lizard People.

No. 1448706

post milk or hide the thread dummy

No. 1450315

No. 1450316

File: 1645643670278.jpg (104.51 KB, 1080x1080, smokinfeds.jpg)

No. 1450317

File: 1645643778835.jpg (84.95 KB, 1080x1080, smokinfeds1.jpg)

No. 1450466

jesus christ, this is some real pick-me shit

No. 1450528

>palling around with bottom of barrel the /pol/tard incels


No. 1450863

wtf this is vile

No. 1450991

"muh white supremacy, muh nazism"
I don't like smokinfeds but iirc isn't she latina?
reminds me of when people disparagingly call nick fuentes the mexican leader of the white race lol
til buck breaking is a slur kek

No. 1451034

>Uhh isn't she Latina? It's ok to be a braindead tradthot who sucks white incel dick and spergs about black women all day!
Oh boy, here comes a /pol/tard pick-me to defend another. Also, "Latina" isn't one race lmao

No. 1451060

I literally posted the first negative comment about smokinfeds in this thread at
you fucking buckbroken brainlet.
Where did I say she's ok? I'm saying it's hysterical and overdramatic to claim a latina is a white supremacist nazi when you can just say she's racist.
also way to prove you're really hysterical by accusing me of being part of some smokinfeds defence force /pol/ army.

No. 1451069

>repeats the word "hysterical" like a mantra, while actually behaving hysterical
>gets angry that random people can't psychically tell they posted some shit anonymously 3 months ago (sane behavior)
>gets fixated and autistic around the words "white supremacist"/Nazi as if these days it's not extended to self-hating /pol/tard bottom-feeders who wish they were white
Hmm, which half of the human race acts this way? Really makes the noggin jog…

No. 1451079

File: 1645720749653.png (23.71 KB, 1036x205, 22.png)

>repeats the word "hysterical" like a mantra, while actually behaving hysterical
no u
>random people can't psychically tell they posted some shit anonymously 3 months ago
>Hmm, which half of the human race acts this way? Really makes the noggin jog…
>my conspiracy theory about smokinfeds /pol/ defence force was proven wrong, time to make up a new braindead conspiracy theory about how anyone who thinks I'm an idiot is a man
>claims other people are fixated and angry, while being so fixated and angry that you're double posting. kek

No. 1451080

File: 1645720889626.jpg (11.56 KB, 640x334, svoin.jpg)

Quit your bitching and post milk, kek

No. 1451427

are you ok?

No. 1451429

this site is for women, scrote

No. 1452206

sorry it hurts this bad we wont find the most appropriate micro label for your racist queen

No. 1453737

the 40k histrionic girl is back up @caaatfeeem. not much milk posted but she is faceposting and sharing screenshots of her dms with the john to absolve herself. oh, and smokinfeds is liking her selfies as she posts them probably because pre-racist outing she was trying to convince catfem they were friends for discord leverage. so now like the villain of a childrens cartoon shes been carted off to a padded cell screaming in despair that shes stuck with her idiotic, noisy henchman

No. 1453854

where are you getting this milk? post receipts pls

No. 1453925

File: 1646058448140.jpg (341.5 KB, 1080x1920, FMpNiwtWQAQpUiD.jpg)

NTA. Here's a link to the twitter https://twitter.com/caaatfeeem
She posted a selfie (picrel) so it most likely actually is her (although I guess someone could have just grabbed it from a discord server before she DFE'd). lol at her using the cat to hide her chubby cheeks and chin

There isn't much milk, but I'll post the more interesting stuff.

No. 1453930

File: 1646058823777.jpg (257.46 KB, 922x2048, autism.jpg)

Here's a screenshot she posted some messages NoLongerJohn1 sent to her, I guess to try to clear her own name by making him look worse. I figure former sex-buyer radfem male orbiter cringe is relevant to this thread.

No. 1453934

File: 1646059069073.jpg (274.04 KB, 922x2048, niceguy.jpg)

Apparently after 25K she decided to quit while she was ahead and just ghost, but he continued to send money to her unprompted which is pretty funny honestly

No. 1453950

File: 1646060045114.png (657.89 KB, 600x1710, misc twitter.png)

Here are any tweets from her that're remotely relevant. Still in Mexico, still manic as fuck.

No. 1453981

File: 1646065717172.png (75.19 KB, 304x675, Screenshot_20220221-184728.png)

i managed to pull this one that smokinfeds posted in the fight server to absolve her where she lies to the john about being raped and needing medical bills covered for it

No. 1454466


a slightly twisted female makes video supposed to be on smokinfeds running a nazi discord, 99% of it is off topic. she is more offended by people upset at smokinfeds than she is with other racists in the video like a separatist balking about race mixing. she thinks that this is an opportunity for feel good girl power growth and invites smokinfeds to host a questions and answers stream on her racism as if woc want to talk with a racist being moderated by someone who sympathizes with her.(learn2embed)

No. 1454483

File: 1646106874106.jpeg (335.12 KB, 828x943, 47A751C1-497F-4E2C-9921-1BFDF3…)

She's out of material so she's looking for new people to attack.

No. 1454651

> Abusing their physical assets generally have consequences
this made me laugh it's so nieve. 3 women a day being murdered by their men in america alone and you actually believe the only power men have over women is structural? The ignorance.

This thread really morphed into a bunch of libfems misunderstadig what bioessentialism even means and bleating on about purity politics. No shit you have to align with people you hate to get your goals met sometimes. Politics 101, retards. The right have known this forever and will work with people they absolutely loathe to get what they want done. This is why they don't moan about having to ally with feminists to beat trannies. If you really think the only allys should be the pure of spirit ones in YOUR personal opinion, we may as well give up all our rights now. I want milk not this fucking sociology 101 content. Pathetic.
this thread is infected by scrotes. kys.

No. 1454738

her username is "a slightly twisted female" you complete dumbass.

No. 1455434

she refuses to actually read any actual radical feminism but wants to call herself one. she's an idiot and she's trying to throw other women under the bus who she thinks are "too over the top"

No. 1455761

File: 1646237327083.png (275.36 KB, 496x1686, catfem 2 march update.png)

He DFE'd unfortunately (he didn't do this until very recently, so I believe it was triggered by catfem resurfacing from her drug binge to post screenshots and shit-talk him). They both seem like complete insane people, this is the stuff of netflix documentaries.

No. 1455784

That first photo is EDC Mexico, right? Guess that means she's somewhere near Mexico city. Also means that's definitely a new photo and not an old one someone's using to larp, because the festival was going on the day she posted it.

No. 1455977

It is unconscionable that there are people actually trying to triangulate this woman and vilifying her for robbing this man. This john (ahem, serial rapist) was reaching out to vulnerable, destitute women directly; sending them text walls about his pied piper of prostitutes fantasy, and she’s the heel? His girlfriend is an ex prostitute? This absolute waste of oxygen is still addicted to his financial power over women. So what if she selfishly robbed him? Guerrilla activism as far as I’m concerned.
The only road to redemption for this coomer is paved by shell casings one of these hookers eventually plugs into his fucking chest cavity.

Meanwhile, you have someone like smokinfeds, someone with her face plastered all over the internet, and based takes about troons. She has a edgelord past, and you are all laying her out for the trannies to pick her apart like it’s a goddamn Mongolian sky funeral. Predictable behavior from teenage radfem antics. If they don’t perfectly fit the ideological mold, you are the first ones frothing at the mouth to cast them out.

We are never getting out, and all of you retards deserve every bit of oppression dealt to you.

No. 1455981

play stupid games, win stupid prizes

No. 1455984

Are you touched in the head? “Stupid games” is one thing, but it’s all talk of female solidarity until one of these women isn’t socially palatable for y’all. Not like it’s trannies or men doing this, you cunts are cannibalizing each other

No. 1455985

ToUcHeD In ThE Head, assuming that people on a thread laughing at radfems identify as radfems. Go back to sperging in the Exulansic KF thread

No. 1455990

Please. Go back to making incel-tier hit pieces about your pathetic interpersonal codepencies next time one of them fails. Which they absolutely always will.

No. 1455992

Gee, who do I know who makes baseless accusations and posts word salad all day…..

No. 1455995

word salad + apparent need to defend smokinfeds + can't handle pushback, HMM. Rings a bell!

No. 1455998

Dunno if the suggestion is that TT is posted the catfem/feds spergout but it doesn’t sound like her

No. 1456012

both of them fucking suck. fuck the john and fuck the rich girl who impersonated a woman lied about being raped and put in the hospital so she could go on a shrooms vacay. she coulda taken that money and given it to real prostitutes instead of making up bs appropriating their struggles

No. 1456036

As if it’s her duty to make sure this scrote’s crypto washing is done responsibly

No. 1456038

its her duty not to lie about experiencing the horrors of prostitution to troll ppl u trog

No. 1456046

I wasn't trying to 'triangulate' her or whatever the fuck, just saying that the EDC pic was verifiably taken the day it was posted, which proves it's actually her and not some larper (and she really is living it up in Mexico on stolen money). If you don't want people to mention that you were at a massive music fest, maybe don't post pictures of yourself at a massive music fest.

You know she also stole money from a radfem discord server, right? She's not some robin hood type or whatever you're imagining. Making excuses for someone's bad behaviour just because they claim to be on the same team as you is what trannies do, not normal people.

No. 1456047

who cowtipped

No. 1456051

if this is regarding catfem i dont think its cow tipping cause shed be too manic to respond coherently in the thread

No. 1456068

Ehh, her tweets are about as lucid as the posts itt. Could also be smokinfeds or some other cow.

No. 1456072

>all of you retards deserve every bit of oppression dealt to you.
Please, elaborate on this "female solidarity" you speak of

No. 1456110

File: 1646263073124.jpg (1.64 MB, 4096x4096, disgusting.jpg)

Ladies, is it sexy to not shower for days?

No. 1456124

is this the radtwt fakeboitherottengirl?

No. 1456142

File: 1646265043520.png (28.33 KB, 1306x172, fakeboitherottengirl.png)

Wait, which one is fakeboi?

No. 1456156

astf is lurking her, said so in her video

No. 1456171


No. 1456193

Nonnas how do you feel about the radfem community as a whole? I've been lurking for about a year now with radfem content and yet I still feel conflicted because I feel there's so much infighting and lack of consistency.
I go on ovarit and it's barely radfem content and mostly a mix of scrotes/tradwives/people who are just there to rant about trannies, plus they banned some prominent radfem women apparently. FDS creators originated in radfemmery apparently but they've separated themselves from that while a noticeable amount are tranny supporters. There's the occasional radfem youtuber like Vanessa Vokey but they go full retard and be antimasker or some other dumbass take. Not to be melodramatic but I feel a bit lost sometimes because this movement seems so chaotic

No. 1456206

I've been here for 5 yrs anon and while I'm not certain I'd call myself a radfem I definitely overwhelming agree with them on a lot and when I first peaked did a lot of reading that helped me work through feelings I was having

I think the current "community" isn't really a coherent community because like you said there's a lot of people who just come in because they want to hate of trans people and aren't actual gender critical in the sense of analyzing and understanding why radical feminists are against many of these things. I think you just have to be able to keep a level head and decide things for yourself. I'm never going to fully agree with everyone but it definitely is nice to find common ground with women who don't believe in gender bullshit. I think radfem circles get into dangerous territory when they start to become hyper online and are focused on dumb infighting…. That being said I can understand wanting to call out grifters.

I guess I don't really have an answer for you anon. I've managed to make some level headed friends, we don't agree on everything but when we do disagree we just discuss things like adults. I do believe there's a real inability to rationally discuss things online because it just ends up becoming these weird online battles.

No. 1456504

File: 1646303401446.png (420.84 KB, 683x1167, E22BBKg.png)

guess whos been following some blond hair white womans OF feet pics ad account. guess shes looking for an aryan feet queen XD

there was a new big doc that dropped yesterday with a lot more recent, worse shit in it. but this takes the cake for me.(XD)

No. 1456532

File: 1646308585315.jpg (1.93 MB, 501x7600, Screenshot_20220303-064329_Fir…)

After 8 years of this bullshit, the online community is a solid dumpster fire. There are sane women, but they usually end up leaving quickly for in-person engagement or are hard to find.

It's best in my opinion to create or cultivate women's groups in your local area - not necessarily radical feminist in name. Or if you can find women through online groups that want to actually engage in political actions (like god forbid, actually scheduling a meeting with your senators), that's better than re-hashing the same shit for years on Discord.

After what happened with the money for WomenPicketDC (picrel, link to full piece - https://web.archive.org/web/20210711175324/https://uncommongroundmedia.com/how-betrayal-shame-in-the-womens-movement-keeps-holding-us-back/ ), I'm vary wary of the women who try to organize these bigger types of events. The GC side in particular is prone to grifting and truetrans taint licking.

No. 1456562

File: 1646311604164.jpg (651.37 KB, 624x4148, ASTF_Nihilism_WS_Vid_Comment.j…)

ASTF having an extremely normal one to the slightest bit of criticism. 4 comments of sperging out.

No. 1456588

Which video was this on? I saw a few attack dog comments on the livestream comments under the one she did about smokin feds. She can’t handle any criticism and gives me borderline personality vibes (face piercings, clown tits, hypersexed, psycho). Has anyone been able to find ASTF’s old mommy blog? It was called “a slightly twisted fairytale” but looks like it’s been deleted. So she’s got 4 kids — but only one daughter she’s using as a shield as this commenter pointed out (the one she keeps calling “phenotypically black). Are her other kids white? That tatted up prison partner of hers isn’t one of her baby daddies from what I’ve gathered. She’s white with a last name like Ortiz and then said her black daughter’s dad came from the actual motherland of Africa.

No. 1456594

How do you write all that and not notice the irony of accusing someone else of having a victim complex (twice!)

No. 1456597

and you dox people, shut the fuck up. go back to your treasure trove of pics to wank to. nobody cares if she stole money from your little dipshit server.

No. 1456600

I'm confused by this reply. Do you have it in your head that I'm someone in particular?

No. 1456636

yeah i think we got a cow tip here

No. 1456650

File: 1646320401915.png (3.42 MB, 2082x4225, gSuUfvL.png)

some of her other instagram follows are damning. this one posts nothing but alt right content and it wasn't made until Dec 28 2021. So she followed this account this year. So much for if she wants to pretend her being racist was all in the past

No. 1456665

Do you really think pointing out that someone posted pictures of themself at a huge event in Mexico City a week ago while on vacation counts as doxxing. Do you think the fact that a hallucinogens enjoyer attended one of the biggest EDM festivals is going to allow her 'enemies' to magically intuit her personal information. And why are you talking about wanking out of nowhere.

No. 1456669

You got a link to the doc?

No. 1456672

No. 1456675

Thanks anon.

No. 1456676

> Which video was this on?
It came from the video linked in the message I replied to. I'll embed in this reply - "Nihilism and White Supremacy in Extremist Radical Feminist Separatism"

You'll get to it quicker by sorting comments by newest.

> She can’t handle any criticism and gives me borderline personality vibes

I got BPD vibes from her very early on, before I had seen her freak out over anything. Now that I've had more time to assess.. The whole package all together strongly reminds me of an ex-friend with BPD, particularly the way she always casts herself as the victim and never responds proportionally to disagreements, but is sugary sweet to those who give her asspats + don't challenge her.

> Has anyone been able to find ASTF’s old mommy blog? It was called “a slightly twisted fairytale” but looks like it’s been deleted.

It's still up - https://aslightlytwistedfairytale.wordpress.com/

Though it does look like from the oldest post on there, that there were other posts before that got removed since she returned from her mommyblogging hiatus.

> https://archive.ph/mHIHS

> My blog hiatus is over, I am returning the threshold.

Also some insights into why she gets so fucking deranged over anyone criticizing her parenting from that same post

> An illness in my family brought incredible challenges and changes. What started as physical became something deeper, it revealed psychological and spiritual wounds that needed healing. I learned who my true family is. And sadly, I also learned who they aren’t. I learned that my parents can never and will never be who I need them to be. A truth I’ve known in my heart since I was a child, but a reality I so desperately tried to change and control as an adult. But I can’t make them something they aren’t. I have this dream of what a mother and a father are supposed to be, and I know that my mother is unable and my father unwilling, and perhaps unable, to be what I need. I’ve made the incresibly painful and healing decision to continue my path without them, something I should have done a long time ago yer I clung fervently to this dream that maybe one day they’ll change. And because I wanted my children to have the “perfect” family. But I can only control myself, and being a mother is the most important thing I have ever been called to do and regardless of the pain of my childhood which has seeped into my adulthood, I will continue to nourish myself and blossom into the mother I always dreamed of and continue to give my children the love and purity of childhood they are entitled to.

> What I know is thatI am a good mother. I don’t need anyone to validate this for me. I am an amazing mother. I am flawed, oh yes, but I was born to do this job and I will wake up every day with the same imperative: to grow and seek more deeply to develop myself as their primary caregiver and the springboard off which they will jump into the breathtaking paths of their own beautiful life journey.
> . . .Somehow, when every other part of me was falling apart, the mother in me still stood up and marched on in strength and determination. I can’t take credit for this strength because I know now that it has a divine source. Motherhood is where I feel the greatest peace.

And some cringe shit about her (now ex-)husband.

> I realized I love my husband and that marriage is hard, but it’s supposed to be hard. And that just because it’s hard doesn’t mean it isn’t fighting your ass off for. Sometimes I walk the line of being a little girl and a woman and when I want to fall over to the side of my childishness I must remember that I am a goddess. The mother is a goddess by definition, but to claim that role is a choice and a struggle.

> My husband is a good man and a good father and we were destined for each other from the moment of our birth. We are meant to be. Sometimes I freak out, but fear is wasteful and useless in times like these. We are each other’s shelter. He is my home.

No. 1456684

File: 1646323908811.png (11.62 MB, 722x12828, aslightlytwistedfairytale_A Se…)

Thought I could upload image and embed video in same post
Blog post print out

No. 1456692

radblr is behind radtwt by two years at this point. smokingfeds was shitting over black criminality like two minutes after her dollar store beauty supply tiktok went viral on radtwt LOL. crazy bc she really nestled in with a lot of black radfems (to the point of doing a podcast with one), wonder whats up with the cognitive dissonance there

No. 1456734

can someone please explain what she is on about me, I have read 3 times now and I still don' t get what she's trying to say

No. 1456735

You have to find the laidback, smart women who have pulled back from the inane aspects of online community. Radblr seems like the widest community where you can most easily find pockets of women like this. On radtwt, if a woman's account follows/interacts with radfem and GC content but includes tweets on her timeline about other topics or interests regularly she might be worth a follow. Getting burned out and dipping from online radfem discourse is a regular occurence unfortunately. Personally, even though I respected and gained insight from many women in online radfem communities I very rarely vibed with any myself.

I don't think it's cognitive dissonance, back then they really did think smokinfeds changed and were optimistic.

No. 1456763

Plastering your children’s’ faces all over the internet, especially when you are in the habit of having hot takes, will never not be idiotic to me.
Take your fucking children off of the internet.

No. 1456768

smokinfeds was always suspect with her chan/imageboard lingo. not that it can't be used correctly but these women tend to be of a particular persuasion, and this comes as virtually no surprise. she's trash. hope she disappears honestly. i still miss pronounrespecter, she did it right.

No. 1456790

I meant on the part of smokinfeds. If she hates black women so much why did she do so much to befriend them?

No. 1456803

many racists are the type to think they aren't racist bc they think of a concept of good black people who ""act white"" versus inferior black people who dont. talk to any conservative and they will tell you about how they have such normal black friends who arent like those oh so horrible looters from the george floyd protests

No. 1456829

This is a post made to her mommyblog in 2015. She says she first learned about radical feminism around the Fall of 2021. This post would be before her two latest daughters were born.

> took her 2 kids to some school night social event where they released sky lanterns at night

> some foofoo shit about what the seasons mean to her
> think she is then talking about the impacts of her cancer diagnosis on her. she has talked about her history with some kind of ovarian/reproductive cancer and chemotherapy in her YT videos.
> despite cancer struggles, feels her children are doing just fine. talks about how important motherhood is to her
> talks about how she 'found God', by which she means 'love is the answer, love is always the answer'
> segues into talking about parental support issues, feels her parents never lived up to her expectations and now accepts they never will.
> issues with her (now ex-)husband, makes excuses for him
> more marriage issues. claims they are destined for each other. supreme cope because they end up divorcing due to domestic abuse issues (something she has also discussed on YT before)
> expresses thanks for supportive friends and family through her cancer
> more foofoo shit about how she feels reborn due to coming out the other side of cancer and that it's winter
> more about her kids, shocked her youngest is already 2, more 'love is all i need', seems very happy with the school her kids attend

No. 1456830

File: 1646335034862.jpg (4.1 MB, 2900x10296, Smokinfeds_final-0.jpg)

Smokinfeds document in collage form for easier reading. Read top to bottom, left to right. Part 1.

No. 1456831

File: 1646335067553.jpg (3.57 MB, 2900x10296, Smokinfeds_final-1.jpg)

No. 1456835

She is such a freak. Bella janke vibes.

No. 1456844

ime radblr is where the best of the online community can be found. Because tumblr’s format makes for longer posts than twitter, it allows more serious and in depth analysis, as users basically write and share a lot of small essays. Of course there’s weird bpd flip-flopping idiots there too but they’re easy to skim out because they do nothing but make edgy jokes and reblog memes.

No. 1456845

Is this not Jess M. Foley? She's also a confusing character. I can never tell if she's a "'"radfem"'" larping as a conversative or vice versa. Idk what her most recent TikTok account is but @jessmfoley is still up and her last post was on 2/14.

No. 1456854

samefag but the movement attracts so many idiots right now because it’s seen (incorrectly) as a conservative hate group due to trans activist propaganda, so conservatives who like being edgy and stirring up shit jump in thinking that’s what the movement is, and then when they advertise themselves as radfems, that attracts MORE of their buddies and similar thinkers who assume that’s what the movement is, until you have half the movement made up of conservative attention seekers dragging the title of radfem through the mud. And by their nature, they are the louder half.

No. 1457072

>FDS creators originated in radfemmery apparently but they've separated themselves from that
more info on this? (reposted because retarded)

No. 1457094

>following stonetoss
> self hating latinos that are neo nazis
birds of a feather ig

No. 1457139

>listen to woc/black women
proceeds to talk over and sperg at a black woman for calmly stating her opinion lol

No. 1457167

its the internet so theres a pipeline of people who were too logged on before to people who are in these spaces now. it's not the nature of radical feminism to make people insane, but the nature of the developmental stagnation these people had in places of the internet they were before here. just because you understand women are adult human females doesn't mean you stop having all the other bullshit behaviors of a queer theorist overnight. same for women who come here from conservative spaces. the internet radical feminist movement should be considered like any other internet politics collective where we realize the behaviors here are spurned on by too much screen time moreso than ideology.

No. 1457206

jesus this video.
people in the comments start going off about lesbians being just as abusive as men when she shares an excerpt from a lesbian separatist

No. 1457342

why do you think this thread is populated by actual radfems and not stealthing bunker trannys and other /tttt/-adjacent creatures?

No. 1457345

the banning of r/gendercritical destroyed the centrist part of the community and the only people dedicated enough to stay drift into more extreme ideologies from fear of further persecution and general mistrust of all authorities and institutions.

No. 1457346

Did this smokinfeds chick used to go by the tiktok sailorjuul or troontown? Because she looks like some pickme handmaiden bitch that went by that handle who used to make fun of feminism and just jumped on the troon hate bandwagon. Does she even claim to be a feminist or radfem or anything rn or did troon hate just take over her content?

No. 1457347

yeah that's her

No. 1457349

or just women who don't need to blame muh patriarchy for every struggle in life

No. 1457350

you are on an imageboard off shoot of 4chan's /cgl/ at this very moment.

No. 1457355

Eh, of all the groups you could spend time hating on, you pick radical feminists (or adjacent, since I’m sure this thread is full of grifters)? It’s kind of odd to brag about.

No. 1457360

Don’t be obtuse, the culture is vastly different here now. Plus, behaving like a 4channer outside of the website happens when someone looks up to the people there and doesn’t see them as degenerates.(sage)

No. 1457361

Yeah that's the problem with the current troon movement and the backlash against it. It's leading all these retards with retard thinking patterns who quickly shift ideologies every season now leading themselves into what they think is true and honest feminism. So bitches that not even a year ago would recoil at anything feminism related and whine about "muhsandry" are now apparently hanging around in radfem servers all cause they say the most lukewarm elementary gender critical takes lmao bye. This is just another part of her edgelord persona, the moment this troon shit dies down she's gonna go back to spouting feminists are a bunch of uptight bitches who hate men so I'm not sure why >>1455977 thinks this chick is the next coming of Dworkin (pbuh).

No. 1457362

Who's bragging? They're in here posting L's, I'm in here laughing

No. 1457368

Honestly as a non-white woman I've already given up on radfem stuff. I hate the over prioritisation on shit related to trannies. Don't get me wrong, it's important, but there is not enough focus on femicide. There are women who literally have no human rights. I am being rather vague here, but that's the kind of stuff i care more about. Not to race bait, but the reasons for this is likely the case is because it doesn't effect white women who are the majority and have the loudest voices in this movement, not to mention all the racist radfems that infest the movement. That being said, i really dislike black radfems too because from being "radfem" they spend too much time crying over black men when a black woman is dying every 5.5 hours, but they don't give a shit. It's that or they worry about random conspiracies.

I've always cared about women's problems but I have never found a good space to talk about them until i found a different movement that finally puts women first and provides actual tools and advice to help women navigate this shitty world. It's the only instance where I've seen liberal women, conservative women, women who don't want kids, women who want to be trad actually get along together and help each other out, even if we don't always get along. It's also helped me to understand that feminism doesn't need to be intersectional or else everyone will be fighting for the attention being hoarded by the white women who tend to have the biggest voices. I have also seen how so many women will swear up and down about being a hardcore feminist who is pro-women but still be overly moid-identified. I think i have found peace.

No. 1457369

most of them are hypocrites and jump from a trend to another from an ideology to another in search of an identity

No. 1457373

Started with lurking radblr back in like 2015 and I'm still here today with my own secret terf blog. I think it is because I "peaked" relatively early on that the retarded or deserved in-fighting doesn't really phase me anymore because this shit is cyclical at this point. This is essentially all that you will see if you spend all your time in internet spaces, whether they are echo-chambers like ovarit or tumblr where you will be engaging in the separatism debate for the 60th time while also dealing with gendies sending you death threats. Tbh, I think the vast majority of self-identified radfems are really just common sense liberal feminists and would be better off interacting w/ less online/normie libfem types and slowly "peaking" them rather than wallowing and doomscrolling in whatever social media of their choice

No. 1457392

some real retards in here

No. 1457405

about the level of discourse you can expect from RaDicAl FemInIStS

No. 1457409

this is a cow thread you fucking sped not andrea dworkins diary horcrux

No. 1457419

100% you've read harry potter but not andrea dworkin

No. 1457431

wrong the only book ive read in my entire life is Captain Underpants vol. 4

No. 1457433

still a more comprehensive read than muh feminisms anons read of this threads purpose

No. 1457443

nta but the hot takes of a random fatty who did no research put any sources in her work aren't worth much for my feminism

No. 1457453

wow, absolutely no shit. i've been here since 2015. the difference is that using chan/imageboard lingo NOT on an imageboard is very different than actually being on an imageboard. tends to give off major NLOG energy.

No. 1457638

i love these hand wringings too lol. like us posting on an imageboard doesnt make us racist any more then posting on tumblr makes you genderqueer. smokinfeds is out following racists on her instagram and was posting in racist chatrooms. we are not the same.

No. 1457769

File: 1646418974189.jpg (381.63 KB, 768x960, a14d49de5f01c215f685aca2a7357b…)

What a martyr

No. 1457792

the thin blue line gender critical facebook mommies need to lose their access to mspaint for the good of us all

No. 1457921

File: 1646427294568.jpeg (279.44 KB, 1170x765, 1474C749-A25E-4D7F-B139-18C636…)

Le artiste

No. 1457971

you don't have to answer if it's too revealing but what movement is this exactly? at this point i'm tired of in-fighting from people who supposedly agree with the same things and just focus on a goal that anyone can fight for.

i wish "radfem" keyboard warriors would get off discord and tumblr and volunteer at a local rape shelter or do abortion services something, but they'd probably get offended by how the victims are probably "handmaidens"

No. 1457974

Nat but I've definitely seen some radfems organize and do that. I think a good majority of ppl though aren't activists and just want to be around like minded ppl

No. 1457985

I meant bragging about “not blaming everything on the patriarchy~” when that’s most people’s standpoint. I wasn’t defending the people in this thread, which I also opened to read, just your nlog-y reason for posting in it.

No. 1457989

No. 1457991

Most organisations like your describing are essentially run by “radfems”. The alternative “liberal feminism” distinction pretty much refers to TRA’s and OF pimps in reality.

No. 1458073

if TIMs aren't kept out of really any social justice movements they colonize and dominate them. if that happens, femicide will never be discussed because it isn't inclusive of AMABs.

No. 1458160

possibly but I thought not because of this line.
>That being said, i really dislike black radfems too because from being "radfem" they spend too much time crying over black men when a black woman is dying every 5.5 hours, but they don't give a shit. It's that or they worry about random conspiracies.

No. 1458197

I watched it the other day so I can't give you an exact time stamp but it is early on in the video. Maybe like 10 min in??? She calls us losers lol

No. 1458225

Comments are still there. I checked.

The timestamp you're looking for is 36:35

No. 1458255

Did anyone else see the video ASTF posted on IG today? Had nothing to do with feminism but had a distinctly Colin Flaherty/Jared Taylor/Richard Spencer vibe. Is she too tone deaf to realize that could be seen as some type of dog whistle? Especially after such a major revelation in the terf circle this week wtf was the point of posting a random video of black criminals?

No. 1458257

I mean she barely condemned sf and went on a long ramble about how multi racial her family was instead lol. Can't expect too much from especially when she flagrantly ignores comments from black women that are in good faith and attacks them just because they slightly criticize her.

Can you post it anon?

No. 1458307

No. 1458308

>gender critical
>not a radical feminist
lol, the fact that ppl don't understand that gender critical was just another way to say radfem

yes it works anon

No. 1458312

File: 1646459515504.jpeg (344.55 KB, 1125x2136, 251CC466-120C-4F2D-9213-679288…)

And her corny ass attempt at AVE w/ these comments. In her tepid smokinfeds response video she spent like 20 min giving a blow by blow account of the time she went banshee mode in a wawa over two strangers in an argument. I wonder if this cringe ratchet cosplay is informed by her relationship with the face tat guy. Pretty extreme shift in persona from the mommy blogger posting 43 pictures of her kids at a woowoo Waldorf school fairy circle.

No. 1458324

I mean its black boys being criminals, its not new information
everyone actually knowns that, unless your a super woke liberal who lives in absolute denial about crime statistics

No. 1458337

Yeah no shit, chimp outs in apple stores happen. But why post it — and then follow it up with some hokey ebonics? Not only is it not in line with her “I luv me some black womyns” shtick, it’s also kind of weird timing with sf stuff. and like also way off topic for her terf lite IG page

No. 1458868

dumbass racistfems in this thread one of you cant even sage

No. 1459025

I'm half black myself, its not a racist stereotype that black men commit a disproportionate amount of crimes and act like well >>1458307

No. 1460956

File: 1646720123707.jpeg (194.46 KB, 1266x538, C81EBCE8-D24B-474A-A258-36DC28…)

Anybody here follow this account? She has a podcast that I quite enjoy, and it's rather chill.. but her Twitter is batshit. to me, it's indistinguishable from your regular rightoid conspiracy nutjob. She posts shit like picrel daily.

She's like a complementary different person from the podcast, it's weird af.

No. 1460958

File: 1646720201859.jpeg (797.62 KB, 1315x921, 1615AB87-3E0F-42DB-B883-7D70AF…)

Horseshoe theory in full effect.

No. 1460970

I guess it all just depends on what you think of George Soros and the Open Society Foundation, because the connections are easily verifiable.
>The International Renaissance Foundation (IRF) (Ukrainian: Міжнародний фонд "Відродження") is a Ukrainian NGO founded by George Soros […] It was founded in April 1990. IRF is an integral part of the Open Society Foundations

No. 1461307

Anyone else remember radblr "TIRFs" and "transmed radfems"? They really were an embarrassing bunch.

No. 1462268

Yeah, gayarafem was a "TIRF" until recently. Make of that what you will. You all will be so angry about smoking fed, but she always sticks up for women under attack.

No. 1462377

1000% you haven't finished a book since you were mandated to in high school

No. 1462379

samefag but i was making fun of you

No. 1462409

>thinking being a tirf is worse then a neo nazi
>pretending feds was a woman champion
>ignoring feds treated everyone like ants
>ignoring feds treated most radfems like cows

No. 1462699

oh I'm sure there is a connection, I would honestly be surprised if there wasn't. It's more the "George Soros bad/evil" shit which is a main talking point amongst nazis and other far right nut jobs. It goes along with the grand Jewish world domination conspiracy.

Considering her other posts that are very conspiracy minded I just find it really distasteful.

No. 1463251

Compiling this doc is the weirdest scorned male stalker behavior. Were you in that edgelord neckbeard server with her? Did she reject your advances or something? Actual women don’t seem to care about this, except for a few weeping neets on Twitter.
Say what you want about smokinfeds but maybe consider therapy or employment. Suicide is also an option

No. 1463314

This is a gossip website and people like receipts.

No. 1463373

gossip and low-functioning autism are two separate things

No. 1463422


No. 1464099

File: 1647020559524.png (25.34 KB, 505x280, mags.PNG)

This self-aggrandizing bitch is too fucking much.

No. 1464135


kek so blatantly obvious how much she loves being compared to Berns

No. 1464160

This is the kind of pathetic shit you type when you yourself are a pick-me masquerading as a radfem kek

No. 1464775

Yeah, smokingfed was dating some hermaphrodite who has a vendetta agenda.

No. 1466093

I heard the ex-"girl"friend is ugly and ginger, with a beard?

No. 1467076

Gender critical never meant radical feminist. Gender critical are autistic homophobic conservatives

No. 1467688

GC is an umbrella term for people who oppose trans ideology, so no, not all are conservative. The amount of superiority "radfems" derive from being more ideologically pure than some GC mom who's a bit more trad…well, it's pathetic. Most of you child radfems all are closet gender autists who are crankily withdrawing from porn addiction and the testosterone you snorted or shoved up your own asshole for all those years you worshipped at the altar of flaccid estrogen-fluffed tranny cock. With you sex traitor keyboard warrior retards steering the ship, the future is absolutely hopeless. You might as well go back to tumbler and refill the Rx on those testosterone suppositories that gave you shitty thinned skin and stubble. Or you can continue seething and projecting vitriol onto the basic bitches who unequivocally are NOT the ones responsible for the fact you don't have any god damn nipples. You can blame yourself for that, along with the woke cunts who adhere to more socially acceptable (and less "autistic" - you're all fucking autistic btw, what is in the water?) liberal politics.

No. 1467759

and youre withdrawing from anger management

No. 1467799

No, I'm just tired of the condescension shown to the average woman, when she is unwilling to adopt your niche, political "stinky hairy armpit" copium. It doesn't make her conservative, and she's not the one who encouraged you to chop your tits off.

No. 1468434

The original GC reddit was a radical feminist one. The word morphed from there

No. 1469138

File: 1647383664947.png (11.92 KB, 505x200, idiot.PNG)

Exulansic is now alleging that when she called the caricature anti-semitic, she was being le troll.
Does ANYONE buy this?

No. 1469235

I understand Nigel "forgot" to do the dishes again and made you pick up the kids from sports practice, but you don't have to take your rage out on us lmfao.

Is it really? The origins of this stuff is always muddy, but the anon getting buttblasted over radfems itt fails to realize that had it not been for GC feminists (radfem or not) most of the anti-tranny talking points would been straight up homophobia and would have definitely not have been feminist-friendly for the most part. The normie women she wants to go to bat for have lukewarm acceptance or quiet disapproval over feminist-y issues. Why she thinks they're the unsung heroines of some greater movement I'm not sure. This Feminist-Conservative alliance is good for shit that can be dealt with for politics purposes, like bathroom bills. That's not to minimize the importance of shit like this, but like once this is said and done (bs inshallah this tranny shit will die) every stripe of feminism will have to go through an uphill battle because the usefulness that normie slightly trad GC moms have to any kind of women's movement (even the most lukewarm libfemmy type one) is kinda 50/50.

No. 1469433

i'm pretty sure gender critical and radfem were synonymous up until recently (a few years at most) when more people who are politically moderate or otherwise not a radfem on any other issues started criticizing transactivism?

smokinfeds can be an example of that in a way, i remember she said in this interview with upperhandmars (who is some weird centrist/conservative TIF that interviews GCs and detrans often) that she calls herself GC instead of radfem because she isn't pro-marxism. so i guess that's why a lot of trads and conservatives are jumping onto the GC/faux-radfem train

No. 1469504

smokinfeds calls herself a radfem now. she's not a trad. she also does a lot of activism in her real life, which is more than most of you all can say for yourselves.

No. 1469517

What activism? Screeching at black women? Lol

No. 1469531

It's funny that RFs like to claim" radical doesn't mean extremist!" while behaving like lunatics who can't stomach any level of criticism against incredibly divisive members of their own group. Exulansic, smokinfeds, and Karen Davis are the exact representatives this movement deserves. Exulansic is a bullshit artist, smokinfeds is a troll, and Karen Davis is a bully. The fact that they've amassed a cabal of retards to defend them in the name of radical feminism only serves to undermine the ideology. These women, like their supposed ideology, fall apart under the most cursory level of scrutiny.

No. 1469538

no. actually helping disenfranchised women in her community materially in the ways she can. do you even know what she has been through in her life? you don't even know her. she's been less PriViLeGeD than most people on radtwt. go back to masturbating to your own immaterial virtual bloviating on tumblr. sewer slide is also an option.

No. 1469541

>You Don'T eVeN kNoW hER
>makes assumptions about an anonymous poster

No. 1469568

>immaterial virtual bloviating
thesaurus-chan look in the mirror

No. 1469609

Yeah, "helping disenfranchised women" and then going home to suck Neo-Nazi incel dick on Discord and shit on other women to impress scrotes. Definitely not basement dweller behavior. You can say "suicide" here, by the way, it's not Tumblr or Twitter. Get help lol

No. 1469704

As far as I know GC was a euphemism for radical feminism because they couldn't get a radfem sub or it got banned or something?? That was my understanding and then ppl kinda took it to mean not like other radfems at some point.

No. 1469866

AYRT, i wasn't calling her trad or whatever and i was quoting something she said in the past as an explanation why non-radfems might be otherwise GC and so many literal conservatives who are just homophobic jump onto the movement, because they're not on board with communism/marxism/far left politics. but i know some radfems consider communism patriarchal too so who knows, i'm just an onlooker to this trainwreck

No. 1470510

File: 1647465491289.png (18.77 KB, 501x214, lesbait.PNG)


No. 1470772

i don’t get it. maybe im just retarded but what is wrong with what she said here?

No. 1470880

LMAO racist-ass discord posting is materially helping women. get lost. she's not a radfem, she's a terminally online painfully racist chan pickme appealing to horrific neo-nazis. many who comment on her insta happen to also be male, funny, that. i guess in addition to the "radfems" she has duped or who are also similarly racist. until she atones for her past anyways and disavows it fully i couldn't give a fuck about her obligatory (imaginary) material volunteering done to rehabilitate her image

No. 1470981

she's brown and hispanic, how the fuck is she a neo-nazi

No. 1470992

why do you need this explained to you as if you cant read this thread

No. 1471046

There are absolutely hispanic and brown far-right racist types. The gen-z groyper movement is full of them.

No. 1471052

The first two sentences are fine. The third one, with "no matter how much I prefer them" is a total wtf?! from a lesbian.

No. 1471063

I wish asherah's garden wasn't shut down because I remember seeing her tiktoks and posting a screenshot of one of them where she was still a one-of-the-boys NLOG type making a joke about rape victims. She's not a "radfem volunteering to help women's lib" lmfaoooooooo. She hates trannies, that's it. I think there is something to be said about more women from different political backgrounds growing a little bit of their backbone and espousing talking points that actually center women, but we don't need to pretend like they're feminist activists coming to save the day. There needs to be a higher bar for feminism and who gets to be a feminist.

No. 1471064

Heyyy, Terri's livestreaming rn. Been a while

No. 1471212

Terri strange? Isn't she not a radfem anymore or something?

No. 1471235

Even if Smokinfeds was an actual activist in real life (doubt it, that anon reeks of being a simp/whiteknight), the fact she runs an alt-right discord and posts the n word constantly is what makes me judge her. Not everyone is politically pure and I'm fine with that but I still think being outright racist even as a joke is super trashy when non-white/non-western/etc. women need actual feminism the most. There's more to being GC/RF than acknowledging men aren't women and vice versa.

People who aren't white can still be racist (either to other races or people of their race) or pickmes to racists and historically there were non-white allies to white nationalism.

No. 1473014

Magdalen Burns had a terminal brain tumour and she still had more control over her mental faculties than any of the cows ITT

No. 1473165

you when you think being trad doesn't qualify as being the biggest sex traitor one could possibly be. hit a little close to home, huh
also when you think women hating their hairy armpits isn't aiding the troon phenomenon. it's actually hilarious when tradtards think they weren't the first ever sex traitors to set the standard of throwing other women under the bus. kek

No. 1482917

Both are brainless

No. 1488347

File: 1648758850888.jpeg (126.88 KB, 1170x276, C0A137DE-FC50-46D1-9866-78BD40…)

No. 1488416

this moron isn’t even a radfem, I don’t know why you’re posting her here

No. 1488494

Are you too stupid to remember to read people's usernames? Tradfems are the polar opposite of radfems.

No. 1488572

pretty sure this is the radfem who makes james shupe face edits and hangs out with exulansic. she is really a radfem.

No. 1488603

Radfems do not call themselves tradfems or vice versa. The groups mutually hate each other. You're just embarrassed you have dyslexia

No. 1488611

you cant understand a sarcastic url. youre just enraged because you have autism.

No. 1488695

That's not a sarcastic URL, have you seen what she posts? Sounds like you are the autist my friend.

No. 1489367

Technically I do notice a slight overlap on social media, in the sense that some trads will follow TERF/GC accounts because they meme on trannies and porn addicts, but that's where the similarities end. Radfems are clowns but there's so much more to 2nd wave feminism than thinking trannies are annoying and porn is gross.

No. 1491507

Yeah. It’s upsetting how many right-leaning and white nationalists appropriate radfem rhetoric while having very little knowledge of its other foundations (anti-cosmetics, criticism of heterosexual sex, separatism)

No. 1500919

File: 1649896980439.png (62.59 KB, 543x329, Screen Shot 2022-04-13 at 7.41…)

smokinfeds is doing gayops on kiwifarms

No. 1501112

is there proof?

No. 1501181

I've also been confused with how everyone seems to call these people radfems, when in reality they seem more like women discontent with the treatment they receive from men in right wing spheres. I mean, they are completely justified in voicing their complaints considering the behavior of right wing men in general, but despite all that, I fail to see how they qualify as radfems.

No. 1501416

Their criticisms aren't invalid or whatever, but at a certain point they are still choosing to prop up the moids in that rw sphere in spite of all the shit treatment, so is there really any point in complaining if they'll still make excuses for the same men? At a certain point they are choosing to ally themselves with men who openly hate their guts and then act shocked when these men act like the misogynists they knew they were from the start. It's like getting in the shower and making a twitter to complain about how you got wet. I don't see how that's compatible with feminism, it's more in line with personal venting than doing anything for women, so I'm with you.

No. 1501598


theres an overlap for sure, i think "GC" is practically its own thing now to differentiate from "radfem"

No. 1502061

gc instead of radfem because normal people don't switch from one insane group to an even more demented one.

No. 1507478

File: 1650512168089.jpeg (34.59 KB, 400x600, godwhythefuckishemakingthatfac…)

Karen Davis of radfem youtube account "You're Kiddin' Right?" has a public KF page now and it sure is something. I did not realize she was so milky.


No. 1507535

File: 1650517247025.png (22.42 KB, 1210x82, smokf.png)

Not related, but from the same thread. smokinfeds was mad at women for using the word "bitch"? I guess the rules for her incel daddies are different from the rules for femoids kek

No. 1507556

Thanks for sharing. Really sad reading that it's just like exlansics and kathy davis downfall (and all the others that seemed normal in the beginning). Why do they all go crazy after a certain point.

No. 1507580

lmao what a bitch

No. 1507837

Lack of reading comprehension. She is accusing that account of leaking ss, not implying she runs it herself.

The account that created the Shupe KF thread is hers.

No. 1507878

That nonna probably means gayops bc exulansics whole server is seething trying to find out whos posting in her KF thread

No. 1508354

Is there any merit to the claims that she's a pedophile? I saw a Youtube channel post a video about it, but I think it was taken down. The channel was called "Gender Critical Watch" so, yeah, it was a TRA, but it still had actual footage of her getting drunk and sharing some weird story about seeing a "cute little boy" at the bus stop, and she joked about "her panties sliding off" at one point… For those who watched her channel, does that sound familiar, was there a bigger context to that?

No. 1508542

she's not a pedophile, if anything the people trying to create some drama with her are pedophile apologists. i often put her streams in the background and she was never drunk in any. the cute boy at the bus stop was from some story from when she was young (so she was the same age as the boy). i think i know which one it was so i'll try to find it later.

No. 1508547

ok not later, found it
the story starts at 18:40. she pours herself wine around the 8 minute mark and sips the same glass for 10 minutes so she's def not drunk

No. 1508616

Just look at this cringe. It's that starts retard that has been skinwalking the larps sperg for several years already. Any sauce on their "rudefemme" gang? By that I refer to sharts, pronounrejector (yep they skinwalked PR too), floxita, spookyterf.
Ps: sharts is a such fucking retard it's unreal. I remember following one of her fastest-terminated blogs - nullgender (skinwalking null? she had his retarded dog pfp on this blog), and this turbo autist posted pics of her chest muscles as a way to own the gendies. Sorry don't have the sauce to this anymore, it happened 1-2 years ago.

No. 1508666

File: 1650630259138.jpg (385.06 KB, 1080x1950, Lolfl.jpg)

The girl who stole 40k is back on Twitter @catfemxoxoxo. Highlights include calling her high school to threaten teachers and an arrest warrant put out

No. 1508733

I see, thanks for clarifying. I was skeptical since it was a TRA Youtube channel that claimed it, and it was taken down. KD has more real ammo against her than some weird childhood story.

No. 1508749

I remember when that happened too. I also remember either sharts or pr ended up leaving their first blog after they posted something about how women in domestic violence stay because the violence makes them horny so the sex is really good. Then when all the feminists around her obviously disagreed she just doubled down and kept bringing up hybristophilia (ignoring that the context wasn't insane hybristophiles but regular women being abused). I also remember them getting into drama with Menalez because they kept using BPD as an insult… Also a bad look in a feminist community where there's more traumatized women than average and therefore more BPD sufferers. I don't miss that time on radblr, they were both fucking annoying and only capable of repeating the same jokes over and over again.

No. 1508753

Thats the og larps and pr. Cluster b wars was ages ago

No. 1508755

I remember that drama, it was Larps who made those posts and she cited fucking Camille Paglia to make her point LMFAO.

No. 1508758

File: 1650641254404.jpg (814.14 KB, 972x4313, Miramulgund.jpg)

Same anon. Catfem is ebegging now too.

No. 1508760

Larps stanning camille paglia was so cringe

No. 1510098

File: 1650777407314.jpg (284.33 KB, 2656x560, 111.jpg)

skimmed through her account and she reminds me of a "type" you find a lot on radblr spaces, they jump from pagan socialist to greek orthodox feminist to stalinist atheist 5 times a year, their talking points are a bag of alt-lite, pink-pill FDS and obscure 20th century political theory
>men should be submissive around women
>simps for varg and wants babies
>self compliments her natural "thick" bodytype

No. 1510256

File: 1650803714904.jpg (12.55 KB, 340x338, 1614754328239.jpg)

so not pedophilic but jesus christ that was cringy

No. 1510259

Are you the "All men should smoke cigarettes, it's so hot" poster kek

No. 1510461


it’s not just radblr, all the early 20s very online women in the radfem/gc/“not a radfem I just hate men” world are so insecure in their identities they might as well be troons. hopping from niche to niche wherever someone will listen to their rants about whichever new edgy edge they have adopted

No. 1512645

except smokinfeds is a lesbian and doesn't have any men in her life besides family?? she's not a white nationalist. she's jewish latina. her edge posting days are over.

No. 1512742

The mini thread is about RadicalTradwifeism not smokinfeds

No. 1512762

Why do so many anons in this thread keep caping for Smokinfeds? She's not gonna fuck you.

No. 1512773

she is going to fuck me tho

No. 1512832


lmao no the groyper server she was a mod for belonged to her live-in boyfriend oogaboogaliberal

No. 1512849

Fucking kek. Stop this neo political lesbianism shit. You guys are ridiculous lol

No. 1513400

File: 1651088287803.jpg (15.24 KB, 1092x132, 66aydfvqwjewoo612.jpg)

No. 1513455

She is not attracted to men. Do you know what else she is not? A dick panderer. Say what you will about her past, it is not part of her present. I would trust her to defend women more than I would trust most. People change, and since many radfems have pasts that involve comphet and transition, perhaps you all should get off your high horses.

No. 1513487

Honest question, how long as was "her past" being alt-right if she still orbits people like that on Instagram? I'm all for forgiveness (one of the smartest radfems I know was an ex-libfem and ex-prostitute) but I don't understand this simping. I have a hard time believing she truly changed.

No. 1513530


comphet is one thing but common sense is another, she rly used to live with that groyper incel?? did he secretly have a vagina or something?

if it’s rly behind her then she would have covered her tracks, but nah she got all her clout from being Juulzog the NLOG, girlfriend of oogabooga, on tik tok and then just coasted into radfem spaces pretending to be a lesbian which is sus asl

No. 1513584

Anons fighting over her sexuality are retarded but you need to develop empathy for women of color to understand why so many radfems are disgusted with the way she ran that server

No. 1513623

I think some people who are fans of her are conflicted because Feds is a WOC too. But she's not black, which is why her hanging with groypers and spamming the N word is still racist. Especially when her being active in that server wasn't 5 years ago or anything, it was recent.

No. 1513633

I would not consider her a WOC bc hispanic can mean white too. There are indigegnous hispanic women like Melissa Lucio and then there are Hispanics who have majority Spaniard bloodline. To me saying hispanic or latino is automatic color status is like 1/16th cherokee princess territory. There are nuances. But i agree that the anti blackness is still racist. Colorism exists even in poc communities.

No. 1513929

here’s a thought, i don’t care what her internet crimes are. the problem with these little radfem circlejerks is that they’re approximately 5 minutes graduated from the tumblr gender dogma. if you’re gonna do so much work to smear someone, at least make it a fucking man

No. 1513934

is she a furry or something this is so pathetic and cringe.

No. 1513958

Whats with the racial insensitivity in these youtube radfems? Aside from sf you habe karen and exulansic with jews always an inch from their tongue, karen calling black women handkerchief heads, vanessa vokey saying blm is a terrorist organisation and breonna taylor was a drug dealer who deserved death

No. 1513975

white radfems are explicitly racist. they're the ones hanging strange fruit for reckless eyeballing.

No. 1514015

File: 1651148163187.jpeg (162.41 KB, 828x683, 5A0BE4DC-D402-46E7-901B-1C3322…)

radfem orbiter previously known as the url kendallroy has apparently realised she’s a lesbian and not bi, despite being in a relationship with a guy for years and outspoken about being bisexual in the
past. she’s kind of defensive about it too. i don’t get it. it’s not like she lived in some conservative town. she lives in nyc

No. 1514018

This fucking nlog. She was with her moid for YEARS. She's not a lesbian. I can't wait for her terrible book to never be published

No. 1514059

Lmao shes writing a book now? Whats it about?

No. 1514088

It's litfic so it's not about anything. She has a bunch of other books/movies that people actually like she can compare it to, but can't actually describe it on it owner merits kek. She doesn't belong in this thread anyway because she is very adamant about even though she's a feminist she will still cape for trannies. Peak handmaiden behavior

No. 1514091

That's not really answering the question. I think callout posts are only good for milk and are almost never justified but I don't understand why so many people are defending her.

No. 1514102

she does reblog from terfs occasionally though but i think she thinks of herself as being trans inclusive with some radfem views

No. 1514104

i thought the book wasn’t picked up by any agents?

also i just remembered when she would refer to her scrote as mr kendallroy on her old blog. totes a lesbian though

No. 1514139

>karen and exulansic with jews always an inch from their tongue
is this about exulansic saying that her caricature was antisemitic or is it something else?

No. 1514238

Oh youre in for 57 pages of a treat. The deeper you go the more jew obsessed it is

No. 1514343

Damn she's really back?

This might be overstepping as a Hettie but I just don't understand this. How do you "realize" you are only into the same sex after have 0 problem with opposite-sex relationships for years. It's one thing to be a lesbian in a shithole 3rd-world homophobic hellhole where LARPing as straight is for survival, or some conservative small echo chamber of a town where God and Jesus rule over everyone. But like you said, she is in NYC. I can see why lesbians are defensive of their community and lesbian identity, like you have the whole world telling you that you just "need the right dick", and now these women that just got scorned by some dude and are now entering their "men ain't shit" phase claim to be lesbian until they find another moid to date to then be like "well you know i just did some more exploring and…"

No. 1514552

File: 1651190985109.jpeg (177.89 KB, 828x523, 46756B80-C685-453B-847B-5A1184…)

give up the larp sis

No. 1514922

Wasn't comphet a term invented by a political lesbian? Lol…

No. 1515232

Yes, and the actual essay about the concept is different than what it means on social media. It wasn't lesbian-specific originally.

No. 1516091

her ex was a either a politician or a public facing journalist who she used to write gay fanfiction about

No. 1516099

The way comphet went from an analysis how society literally forces women (regardless of sexuality) to be dependent on men financially (especially so during the time it was written) due to patriarchy and other factors that limit women's independence without a man to weird poliles Twitter/Tumblr girls going on about how they can't stop fucking moids while being a lesbian because "ugggh comphet" actually pisses me off so bad.

Especially when they ignore that compulsory heterosexuality, as first described, affects all women.

No. 1516142

I'm not a fan of political lesbians in general but that one essay was one of the first radfem things I read that made me go "hm, that makes some sense" (when you ignore the part that it proposes political lesbianism as a solution). But it's like "comphet" and "compulsory heterosexuality" are different things. It seems like the most a modern internet radfem has read are a few Dworkin quotes and that's it, they don't know the actual beliefs behind it besides "men aren't women" and "porn bad"

No. 1516455

>many radfems have pasts that involve comphet
No. Many radfems have pasts that involve enjoying sex with men but when they turn radfem they pretend to be lesbians for clout

No. 1521968

File: 1651879555857.jpeg (214.04 KB, 828x478, 7694C692-6EC8-4E70-972E-404795…)

Who is Kori?

No. 1523660

File: 1652077658874.jpg (181.16 KB, 1080x1189, rf drama.jpg)

uterii-my-duderi confirmed farmer

No. 1523661

Dumb assumption from fakeboi cause the term lolcow isn't even from here.

No. 1523664

It's more likely that she browses lc (where there are many radfems) than a place like kf or ed

No. 1523665

We didn't invent the term lolcow lol

No. 1523666

fakeboi is such a retard lol, I can promise her thread wasn't kept alive by just one person. Uterii might be a lurker but honestly I don't get a huge farmer vibe from her. It's not milk either way, the equivalent of going to an AA meeting to tell everyone one of the attendees is an alcoholic.
Maybe more people should talk about AoS here though, wasn't she also in on that insane drama with the friend who drew pedo rape furry porn?

No. 1523670

I feel like I completely missed that thread or have forgotten about it. Reading through it, there's more than enough reason that she has one kek. I think my breakfast is coming up again.

No. 1523678

Bump don’t scroll

No. 1523707

They could never give it up, let's be real

No. 1523923

Plenty of tumblr radfems use words like lolcow and troon because they heard it from larps and pr. Most dont know what it means. I wouldnt take this as a sign she posts here

No. 1524428

>larps and pr
Ah, those were the days

No. 1536851

File: 1653288629180.png (32.76 KB, 587x302, Capture..png)

Anybody catch this? I'm no longer active on radtwt because of shit like this.

No. 1536853

File: 1653288713530.png (34.58 KB, 591x365, Capture 2.png)

Samefag. But this is how I found out about it.

No. 1536857

nta but I don't think you have to be a farmer to know that fakeboi is a lolcow. Also, it's not like this website is a secret, she (fakeboi) posts about herself here constantly so it's not crazy to think someone would look her up.

No. 1536868

File: 1653290646059.jpg (66.42 KB, 1022x731, It's_All_So_Tiresome.jpg)

Radical feminism is by its origin a milky ideology, a bunch of upper middle class white and jewish women in academia endlessly sniffing their own farts is gonna produce a lot of retarded shit

No. 1536892

File: 1653297034239.jpeg (245.31 KB, 1233x2048, 97E02184-2940-4BF0-AB02-1778B4…)

The woman she’s talking about was made fun of because she is a pick me who went on a rabid rant about radfems, made fun of CSA victims, made a lesbophobic comment before & her bf is a racist.

No. 1536896

File: 1653297252295.jpeg (43.32 KB, 720x317, 2A5000CB-ADB3-45A6-9339-2E5AAB…)


No. 1536898

File: 1653297315613.jpeg (56.38 KB, 622x475, 54946C52-4088-4677-93BE-59ECEA…)

samefag (last one sorry)

No. 1537086

I still think making jokes about her suicide attempt is pretty fucked up, especially coming from a group of feminists

No. 1537104

people who say shit like this do not believe misogyny is a problem

No. 1537116

Just because you got butthurt over her edgy pickme comments doesn't really justify mocking her suicide attempt but then again maybe I just have more empathy than the average twitter radfem!

No. 1537120

It's Paki-chan. She doesn't even think massacres are a "real" problem unless they're happening in her own country, she told American women they deserved to lose their rights to abortion, she wishes she could marry a Nazi male, etc. Just a failed tradthot

No. 1537189

Kek, he's not wrong.

No. 1537278

probably paki-kun

No. 1537420

File: 1653342885935.png (585.37 KB, 900x863, 261-2611429_transparent-pepe-c…)

I've literally never been a part of radblr so nearly all the radblr posting in this thread is irrelevant to me, but I remember uterii from Spinster (and also Cliterati) and she was a hardcore tankie who stanned the CCP and DPRK and legit simped for Kim Jong Un. Idk if she's still like that but that's how she was back then (2019).

No. 1538580

She still is. That's why she considers herself a "gender critical marxist feminist" instead of a radfem. She also used to have a weird habit of wanting to "convert" people into being Stalinists like her.

No. 1539721

Whether it is Paki-chan or Paki-kun, nothing will be funnier than watching these overprivileged and overeducated idiots seething about feminism or liberalism or whatever ideology that they benefit from.

No. 1544173

I am starting to legit hate "slightly twisted female". She's such an unbearable boymom. I don't know what's feminist about her other than she hates trannies, but not even. She gets pissed at her audience for not crying over sad trannies regretting their gash surgeries. She says shit like boys are ackshually more emotionally deep than girls they just can't express themselves as well. And don't get me started on her obsession with the nuclear family and paternalism. I get the feeling she just wants to coddle men and boys and is pissed they're not upholding their end of the bargain by "protecting and providing" (and not turning into troons). She wouldn't make a peep about feminism if we lived under a "benevolent patriarchy".

No. 1544629

Does she even claim to be feminist? Sorry for needing to be spoon-fed but I think all feminist spaces need to be cleansed and women who solely bitch about troons or their Nigels who are just there to perpetually bitch need to be purged. I also think some feminists need to recognize the perpetual bitchers and not put any labels on them.

No. 1544651

anyone following radbad's latest spergout? it's fucking glorious

No. 1544669

File: 1653966112002.png (309.03 KB, 627x1470, rbdtn1.png)

So for context, rad-bad-and-dangerous-to-know has a second blog named havekat where she tries to sell her art by claiming she is in dire straits. She's been doing that for ages but we'll get back to that later. Earlier this week she jumped onto the post of a small radfem artist's (who specializes in invertebrate drawings with slogans on them) post and started aggressively insulting the artist in increasingly unhinged ways.

It is suspected she was trying to get the artist "cancelled" in the radfem community so that radfems would start supporting her art instead, a conclusion that is supported by the fact that immediately after all this, radbad started reblogging her own "buy my art! im gonna be homeless!" posts from her havekat blog to try to get more customers.

anyway here's the beginning of her spergout (1/2)

No. 1544672

File: 1653966423510.png (634.17 KB, 667x1531, rbdtn2.png)

(2/2) She then starts accusing the artist of supporting genocide… for drawing a beetle…. and claiming that anyone who disagrees with her is simply uneducated on the topic. By hilarious coincidence, a woman who had done extensive real-world anthropological field study research on the rwandan genocide chimes in to defend the poor artist, to which radbad just calls her a "white saviour" despite the fact that radbad herself is white (despite all her attempts at racefaking in the past… long story)

No. 1544677

File: 1653967041418.jpg (77.21 KB, 1371x412, kdsflkfj.JPG)

despite drawing essentially all of radblr to shit on her for being insufferable, she continues to try to convince everybody that the big artist is a terrible awful person who shouldn't be supported, and that everyone should instead support her art since she is going to be homeless if people don't start buying her art! Except for the fact that it has been proven she lives in a million dollar house with her mother, who is also a scammer that went to JAIL for defrauding an elderly man for $150,000 (picrel)

someone sleuthed this out and created a post and blog revealing her identity and scams, but radbad somehow filed a complaint with tumblr and got it all deleted. I tried in vain for a while to find an archived version of this post, but could only find it as a reblog on someone else's blog with all the pictures now expunged: (https://menalez.tumblr.com/post/685134505225388032/she-got-the-blog-receipts-deleted). If anyone has the original image or an archive, please post! this rabbit hole goes really, really deep.

No. 1544713

Oh my god, I recognize her from >>>/snow/1529603 , she seems absolutely unhinged

No. 1544723

All of this gave me a good kek. NGL the art is absolutely retarded Tumblr nonsense (I cannot imagine a sane person putting it on their wall), but the artist doesn't deserve all this screeching and accusations. "Nobody wants their love to be validated by a cockroach" made me lose my shit.

No. 1544727

File: 1653972350914.jpeg (11.6 KB, 275x43, 1652389371411.jpeg)

the linked post seems to be wrong, but I found what you were talking about here >>>/snow/1523081

Seems like she is totally insane. The discovery about her mother also being a criminal fraudster is so interesting. What do you think, genetically a crazy narc scam artist or just raised to be that way? This quote from the thread you linked made me kek.
I used to not like the artist's stuff that much but it's grown on me kek. I like her genuine love for little bugs and sea creatures.

No. 1544732

her home was likely sold off, her mom's on parole and there is no way to know if she's lying or not. That post's a tad crass.

No. 1544735

File: 1653972697812.png (232.67 KB, 421x901, Screenshot 2022-05-31 at 00-50…)

that shit's fucking bonkers, my god. what's wrong with her and why does she have any enablers at all? and she's now saying she's 27?? jesus lmao

No. 1544746

(straining not to hicow) ok lmfao. From the post:
>She talks all the time about how her mother is a poor, fail elderly woman that she tirelessly cares for and needs donors to give her money to ease the expenses.
>reality: mother is a scam artist who was working a job and capable of defrauding an actual disabled elderly client for $150,000.
>pretended that she was homeless for seven months sometime before she allegedly signed her current lease in October 2020
>reality: during that time was a kindergarten teacher who had a house with a husband or brother

not to mention her racefaking history. It's safe to assume most of what she says are lies.


tbh it doesnt seem like she has any supporters. basically everyone on radblr is clowning on her rn and everyone outside of radblr is making anti-terf callout posts about her lmfao

No. 1544749


No. 1544750

>From the post

No. 1544754

File: 1653974016083.jpeg (252.32 KB, 582x1898, 3D3A8BCD-7A41-4E5A-98F5-F4D70A…)

For extra keks here’s her losing her shit at some poor person who liked her art enough to add an image ID description for visually impaired people onto one of her art pieces. (1/2)

No. 1544755

File: 1653974038764.jpeg (247.33 KB, 549x1811, 09049E5E-1696-40B6-A165-5D9270…)

No. 1544757

File: 1653974223157.jpg (89.86 KB, 1255x703, tumblr_mkxjvjXft71s5drvyo3_128…)

this is all purely speculative, lol. the "scam" blog seemed to have a grudge against her.

I stopped giving her the benefit of the doubt the moment she started saying that her art will be worth bajillions in 20 years or something. It's manipulative and cringy. Seems like she doesn't want to work and thinks she can grift online instead. Definitely takign a cue from her mom here…

No. 1544759

??? your first paragraph implies that you don't believe that she's a scam artist, but your second paragraph implies that you do think she's a scam artist. Am I having a stroke or are you having a stroke?

No. 1544762

How is she scamming anyone? She's embarrassing and pitiful. but I sincerely doubt that she's humiliating herself online for funzies. I feel bad for her. Poverty's not fun.

Her art is super amateurish and she sounds really irate which isn't gonna entice the broke college students on blr to spend 50 dollaroos on art crappy water logged paper art.

No. 1544764

assuming you're ta i was replying to, you just said
>Seems like she doesn't want to work and thinks she can grift online instead. Definitely takign a cue from her mom here…
which implies being a scam artist, like her mother. and now you say
>How is she scamming anyone? I feel bad for her.
do you have DID or something? kek. genuinely not trying to infight i'm just confused as hell about what you're trying to say

No. 1544769

lol do you think she's holding a gun to people's heads and telling tho buy her shit? chill, weirdo. stalking randos online's not a talent.

No. 1544771

lol someone else say it i dont wanna cop a ban

No. 1544776

Tbf I think it's justifiable if she really did stuff like made fun of CSA victims. If you say edgy shit on the internet, don't be mad when people say edgy shit back.

No. 1545085

File: 1654017168602.png (6.01 MB, 2132x3008, havekatmortgage.png)


if you search her sideblog havekat for the term suicide and death youll see she was threatening killing herself if no one helped her make rent and even left a fake suicide note after she was outed for conning. she pretended to OD on benadryl and then conveniently threw it up and had no adverse affects. but in some versions of her story, her mom intervened. in all versions, she-and this is the hilarious part- called her doctor about it and was put on ""suicide watch"" where her elderly criminal mother would be her caretaker, and then she proceeded to post on tumblr and go on a three hour walk to make prints. no 72 hour hold anywhere. completely true story everyone clapped.

her ebegging posts threaten shit like "i told you there would be repercussions". searching her blog for any terms like suicide, death, crisis, poverty, overdose, suicide watch, benadryl, etc. is a fucking laugh. bonus cackling comes from when some 19yo flirted w her 30+ yo ass on anon and she went on a tangent about how she fell off a bike when she was 7 and was forever traumatized, or how she "liberated a german shepherd" outside of a marijuana dispensary and named it kush.

yeah that house probably got repo'd for mommys crimes but they could have sold that million buck manor any time before while radbad was crying on havekat about being in ~abject poverty~ (search those exact words to see) in 2016.
she said in her post-outing fake suicide note that she moved out of that childhood house in march 2019 and that shes been living in airbnbs and homeless since then save for her current lease. but theres a now deleted post from 2020 where she claims to be on a MORTGAGE.
she's not in poverty and she's not humiliating herself for funsies. she's a bonafide pathological narc who can't help but flail around in feigned victimhood while simultaneously pretending to be the most adored artist to ever live.

her twitter hav_kat is pretty cow-worthy too, with her telling tumblr staff how she's going to khs if they dont delete the posts about her then in the same breath demands they buy one of her art pieces and hang it up in their HQ

No. 1545092

samefag as above i meant to respond to your retarded ass

No. 1565134

wow, i'm not surprised at all about anna slatz because she posts like a former libfem retard and now caters to reactionary rightwingers. all of her patreon posts scream fake to me and she sends gifts to all of her subs. i wonder what she's going to do with all of those women's addresses she's collecting. she seems like she'll break any moment.

No. 1569601

she even has a thread on here

No. 1571165

File: 1656118480905.jpeg (160.16 KB, 750x878, AEE8FDB6-895E-48D3-9CBD-D7FF5A…)

Stock doesn't consider herself a radfem but like Meaghan Murphy she got too deep into antiwokery and decided to say the most tonedeaf, edgelord shit possible.

No. 1573093

I mostly agree with her, but I've also stopped watching her videos as much because of this. She has gotten increasingly cowish the more I watch her, and a lot of the posts in that thread are right. Apparently she recently got locked out of Youtube for a while, but she's back making videos. I haven't even watched any yet.
Meghan Murphy is so weird. Her creepy infatuation with Benjamin Boyce is disgusting, and seeing her double down on her recent shift in views is kind of embarrassing. But then, at the same time, her most recent interview on Joe Rogan was actually pretty good. She namedropped The Transsexual Empire and talked about how rad fems had been in the fight a long time. I feel like she's well-read, but can honestly be influenced by the company she keeps a bit too easily.

No. 1574326

I don't understand her crush on Boyce either, in every fucking interview she's weirdly flirty with him and giggling like a school girl

No. 1574455

when anna was the editor for the baron, she wrote two puff pieces for michael thurlow >>>/snow/1247541, the president of the neo-nazi party in canada and the troll in the rachel leeds-minkin thread >>>/snow/1557779

No. 1577517

File: 1656663675637.jpg (366.11 KB, 971x2058, Aroomofmyown.jpg)

Bumping this thread to present the absolute spergery that followed the abolition of Roe v Wade in the states. Some women advocated for a sex strike against their moids in response.

Thus came the not-so radfem tumblr user a-room-of-my-own, sperging over the past days on the effectiveness of a sex strike and accusing participants as being holier-than-thou Christfags, only serving the cause of republitards.

TL;DR if you don't ride your moid you don't really want abortion rights. Grow up and realize how cock-crazy het women are

Original post:

No. 1577523

another idiot take from this windbag. dunno why women on radblr didn't rightfully treat her as a laughing stock when she posted her paranoid theories about lesbian couples wanting to abort/euthanize baby boys or whatever.

No. 1577531

File: 1656666802107.jpg (1.23 MB, 970x5889, Manhoodaddiction.jpg)

Just today she embarassed herself further by bringing up AIDS, STDs and gay sex. I don't know why French radblr is so obsessed with religious comparisons. Frogscrotes look like shit.

No. 1577557

She sounds actually retarded here. Like this is some next level spergery. This is some mental illness type shit

No. 1577627

She also used to work for Rebel News which is basically a conservative news outlet that acts as a front for ongoing donation scams to lure in naive boomerbux

No. 1577675

File: 1656683266479.png (603.9 KB, 714x767, 323r4323.png)

No. 1577927

I don't get what's the issue here though, If your in a relationship with a guy who doesn't support abortion rights, you shouldn't stop having sex with him, you should break up with him cause why are you in a relationship with a guy like that in the first place

No. 1577948

File: 1656703890609.jpg (208.11 KB, 1042x772, WomenCantControlSex.jpg)

Bold of you to assume every single dude out there supports abortion. Her supporters all assume it's an attack on het women's sexuality.

No. 1577967

I don't know about the rest of you, but If have a long term relationship with a man, then I'd expect him to have these baseline left wing views, again why y'all dating conservative men

No. 1577994

It's all fun and games until he proposes anal and bjs as an alternative.

No. 1578100

sounds like my ex. Ugh

No. 1578288

I don't understand what she sees in him? I follow his channel for his detransitioner interviews, but his solo videos are so annoying and conservative. His interviews are decent because he rarely interjects with his views outside of asking questions, but as a person he's just a typical contrarian anti-woke guy.

No. 1578863

Isn't it a stereotype of the French to be extremely over-fixated on sex? And maybe it's just me but this is such a similar reaction degenerates make when someone kinkshames them lmao. Very unhinged like it's somehow an attack on their identity

No. 1578957

File: 1656794099712.jpg (886.94 KB, 971x2861, TheNotSoCringeCompilation.jpg)

There's a lot of overreaction on French radblr. They're all assuming it's an attack on their sexuality as if themselves couldn't help it. It's even more baffling when ARoMO claims to be choice celibate, yet shames sex-strikers and outright calls them leftcows/troons. I bet she wouldn't even lift a finger either kek.

No. 1579010

File: 1656798547459.jpg (222.59 KB, 1080x1001, Screenshot_20220701-040051.jpg)

rasblr is as unfriendly and weird of a place as any special interest-driven youth-majority space on the net. the only difference is that there's no males being shitty in it. I've stopped pretending that it's a "community" a ling time ago. It makes it so much bearable this way.

>picrel, the shit scrotes post on kf makes me glad that radblr exists

No. 1579012

Murphy seems to have renounced feminism after ahe started dating some scrote. She's said lot of weird stuff in recent memory.

No. 1579219

This entire thing is even more funny because one of the popular sex strike posts is made by a het woman herself. And yet these women having a meltdown over the post act like it was mean lesbians shaming straight women for their sexuality or they think it is lining up with what conservitards think women should do or acting like proposing a sex strike feeds into the idea that women can't enjoy sex.

I can understand a woman with a pro-choice bf/husband who is good in bed and would actually help her in getting an abortion if they have to cross state lines to do so who wouldn't want to participate in a sex strike. However, how many men like that actually exist? Especially for us trigger law red state women, how many men are there in these areas that are worth the risk of pregnancy when birth control/condoms fail and no abortion? Shit, how many men are worth even getting on birth control for? So many women complain about how shitty in bed men are, how they can't find the clit, how sex positivity was a failed project because men still cling on to the madonna/whore complex and treat them like fleshlights yadda yadda. Lie back think of England, faking orgasms etc. It is 100% possible for men to actually be good in bed and make PIV work, but so many of these scrotes choose not to care about their wife/gf/hook-up's pleasure. These women want to defend their right to take Ls during a politically dangerous time. And, to take these Ls with men who could not care less. Embarrassing, especially in the age of vibrators and dildos.

No. 1579260

File: 1656836247583.jpg (406.02 KB, 972x2168, ContraceptionIs100PercEffectiv…)

The funniest part is the more this shit goes on, the more they're turning it into a OSA vs SSA women, prude vs promiscuous and the mentally well against the mentally ill.
>hey uh sex strike because I don't want to be pregnant and potentially die from complications because relitards in US are against abortion?
>So you want straight women to stop having sex you prude??? Don't you know you're playing the same game as conservatives??? Are you even aware straight women with healthy sex lives exist outside???
>ratings under post
For all the autism radblr features, at least there's no moids circlejerking on their own retarded posts.

No. 1579410

I think the percentage of straight women on radblr who are actively having sex with men is…very low. and thats putting it mildly. I can think of MAYBE two or three who are in straight relationships. The majority of hetfems are spending most of their days thirsting over 2D moids or being some of the most rancid and unappealing femcels youve ever seen

No. 1583719

he looks like a soyjack lmao. wtf is wrong with her

No. 1583724

She is right tho, you all conservatard """radfems""" are really showing your true colors with this meltdown over her post

No. 1586666

File: 1657654136548.jpg (144.77 KB, 1685x484, 11.jpg)

Are tankie radfems allowed here, I think they are just as milky as the conservative leaning radfemcs, like one of my personal cows krupskayarian(danerys stan as well), she presents herself as a separatist radfem(full on advocating for women's only work communes) but is a massive tankie and thinks that the Soviet Union didn't commit any atrocities and that the rapes by Russian solders reported in Ukraine are fabricated western propaganda and she's not the only one, I have encored my fair share of tankie radfems on radblr, who will be posting about how all men are inherently evil and then moments later will be arguing about how the holodomor was fake CIA propaganda

No. 1586920

Tankie radfems are so unfathomably cringe, i'd love to see them posted here. Uterii-my-duderi (now brand-new-uterus) is one of the worst offenders on radblr, constantly screeching "holodomor don't real" and "Stalin did nothing wrong".

No. 1592334

File: 1658330186099.png (50.03 KB, 599x373, Screenshot 64.png)

reminds me of this aboustetly insane post by medusa
>Radical feminism is the Assad, the Stalin, the Kim Jong Un, the Mao Zedong of all feminisms. It is the feminism so purposely misunderstood, lied about, slandered, trashed by a huge bulk of the political spectrum. But all it is for is total liberation of women.
she also unironically praises Mao and Stalin


No. 1592383

File: 1658333444926.jpg (350.39 KB, 799x2115, HiRetard.jpg)

You could make yourself less obvious next time btw

No. 1598327

File: 1658866637532.jpg (89.23 KB, 590x921, mat walsh really.jpg)

Has Birdie Rose ever considered herself radfem or just gender critical? Either way, she's getting a reaction for her list of "men I like", which includes idiots like Matt Walsh, Gad Saad (the guy who dragged Macy Gray online) and increasingly nuttier people like James Lindsay.

No. 1598383

keeping a list of men you like screams autism

No. 1598451

The fuck she means she can't screenshot it?

No. 1604161

justin bieber???? lmfao what an autistic list

No. 1604470

Capitalization for My Personal Trainer but not My brothers. Funny

No. 1604995

File: 1659433959157.jpg (1.16 MB, 2512x4807, ASTF.jpg)

Just saw this on Britanny's community page. The original post was made two months ago but she commented on it again (bottom screenshot). While I agree that the message she received was fucked up, it doesn't come from them directly but from a supporter and Brittanny doesn't need to play innocent. I saw her weird as fuck video about Lisa Michele, it was misogynistic and anti-feminist. I wish I had saved it because that was the moment I realized something's really off with ASTF. I have seen other creator's followers say fucked up shit (for example, some of Karen's followers are insane), but you can't control them and Brittanny is sending her followers to those other women too by rambling on her page about them. Why are so many Youtube GC/Radfems such cows? They're constantly involved in drama.

No. 1609470

Honestly Lisa seems completely harmless to me and I remember her mentioning this drama in a stream awhile back.. she didn't get into any specifics and legit seemed to just want it to end. RR also seems like she wouldn't hurt a fly, imo they are pretty cut and dry radfems.. boring even.

I can't see either of them endorsing this weirdo.. it's probably just someone with a personal vendetta against ASTF. I could see her channel by its nature accumulating those types.

No. 1615588

File: 1660478162151.jpg (109.48 KB, 1024x1024, unnamed.jpg)

I've obversed this fight between ASTF and LM the last two weeks and for me it seems that Brittany is a narcissist and batshit insane, also really obsessed with Lisa. Lisa hasn't really mentioned her at all except in the comments of one of her last videos where she vaguely referenced the current situation (not directly). Apparently she called the police on Brittany because of the harrassment and since then Brittany has been having a meltdown, she's made multiple community posts (directly and vague) and streamed about it , in the stream addressing the situation she was called out for doxxing LM and started explaining it and then suddenly had "to go" and cut the stream. It's super fishy.
She is mainly fighting with this person called Trans Women are Sexist Men but her focus was on Lisa the whole time without any evidence that Lisa is behind it or encouraging it. Her followers just suck it up, I also think she deletes critical comments.
Picrel is a screenshot she posted on her community page thinking it makes her look good for some reason. It's showing what a feminist she is, apparently not having sex is a thing to shame someone for. These women always show their true colors when they are having meltdowns.
Overall the emphasis on "no job" seems like projection - is Brittany even working? I don't think so. I'm getting extremely bad vibes from her. She has such a hate boner for radfems.

No. 1615592

File: 1660478869261.png (977.18 KB, 2678x846, comments.png)

samefagging to add this comment of hers which sounds very alt-right. It seems like she isn't critical of the capitalist system at all. She's also very aggressive and hateful towards many commenters like this one.

No. 1615822

brittany is truly deranged and obsessed with radfems. i think she wanted to get "in" with the smart girls and they saw thru her and now she's furious lol(namefagging)

No. 1615965

Tbh I'm so sadden ASTF is giving max cow behaviors, especially when she commented like a crazy person under the black woman comment.
That suck so badly because as a midwife and a mom she as a very interesting point of view to give to GC feminism. If she could at least behave in her comment ( and don't make those weird rant live stream ), >>1615588 like there is a lot of NEET radfem who legit don't experience and observe form of social sexism you get when you work/ study so it create a gap between lived experience and can lead to discord ( she say "obviously no sex life" but it could be clever and instead of wanting to be witty could tell that they police/put input on situations they are not part of because it s the issue at hand). It's enerving because yes when some radfem got angry at her for filming in her bathtub it was ridiculous but it do not need a thousand of videos on it.
Also maybe because she is from a rather stable upbringing but her strange capitalistic views and >>1615592 sound super stupid like "you are a menace and everyones burden !!!". The commenter's way of living is not good for their own health but she sound so dumb. And her obsession with the nuclear family is the smallest viable community to raise a child is so false and 50's propaganda.
Sorry for the giga blogpost but I'm so sad there is no public radfem that is not unhinged.

No. 1616452

Yeah it was like that from the beginning, she's been sperging at them when she started her channel end of last year because she got criticism. Of course some of the criticism was stupid and imo misogynist but the way she handles it is embarrassing.
What also makes me cringe is that she is SO new to feminism in general and acts like she's this new authority. She has an inflated ego because she got a lot of followers (compared to others in the niche) in a relatively short amount of time, probably because her focus is on mothers? She is kind of relatable when you don't see through her bs.

>>1615965 I'm with you, I honestly thought it's nice to have someone who comes from a mother perspective but since some radfems hurt her ego she's on a vendetta against them and paints radical feminists as mother hating lescels, man-haters etc. It makes her turn into an MRA.
I don't see any chance that it gets better, she hardcore spergs at any criticism, even if it is written in the most well-meaning manner.

I'll only follow her for milk now, there are some small radfem and gc youtubers I watch but it's truly frustrating that most of the relatively bigger ones have mental problems

No. 1618725

she is deranged 100% but she is also right about the " secret girls club" comment in regards to radical ramblings tbh… rr is an unhinged lesbian separatist neet, true to the name ramblings i guess, who thinks she can dictate what's "truly radical feminist" or not based on her extremely limited and biased viewpoint of the world and lisa just laps it up like the malnourished garden weed she is

brittany is unhinged and should not be as popular as she is but rr is also weird as fuck and recently told someone on her youtube that it is not possible to really be a radical feminist if they are heterosexual and partnered with a male even if they follow multiple other radfem principles. i guess it's not hypocritical at all for her to accept her sexuality but if het women do it they're essentially looked down upon and their opinions are cast aside bc they're not "proper" radfems. she just reminds me of every other middle-class neet i met on radtwt who didn't learn social skills and the ability to have real conversations with women from different lives/backgrounds because they made up this wacky idealized picture of what a real radfem is in their vitamin d deficient brains

No. 1624079

I have to say nonny that I've never gotten actual neet vibes from RR aka Grace, and I've been following her on different platforms since around 2020 but I do get what you mean. not trying to wk (maybe a lil lol) but still, fuck Brittany. she's absolutely an undiagnosed cluster B menace that'll go undiagnosed or unrecognized bc these types of women are unable to obtain self awareness. without blogging, just being self aware is so liberating. sucks for her that she's not but I think she's gonna be ok since it seems Brittany's really into getting attention.

No. 1625779

File: 1661463696253.png (49.11 KB, 897x379, please_stop.png)

imagine calling yourself a misandrist radfem and also literally defending genocide

No. 1625918

not to derail but holodomor is literally nazi propaganda

No. 1626010

Nona, no. It happened. I'm sure the Nazis were like "lol look at Stalin starving his own people!" but that doesn't mean it didn't happen at all.

No. 1626093


No. 1626110

need a helicopter ride, commie-chan?

No. 1626208

Moids cannot be predated by women

No. 1626295

File: 1661525321370.png (Spoiler Image, 1.73 MB, 1280x1435, tumblr_ac6d355afc5e25fe70986c9…)

Sorry 4 bumping an old post but here's the muscle pic you mentioned. Got it from this wildly unhinged callout blog I found while looking for something else. https://genderistderist.tumblr.com/

No. 1626300

File: 1661525450208.jpg (24.94 KB, 522x447, 81h7o80gb7L._AC_SX522_.jpg)


weak b8 from the same sector of the user base that keeps bumping the thread on the nork refugree

the commiesphere moid of your choice is not going to pick you, just stop


No. 1628895

Why do you care so much what they think lol.. if you are secure in your radical feminism just move the fuck on