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File: 1642535580013.jpeg (44.21 KB, 408x612, DB91D37A-0B83-4C97-923B-F261B4…)

No. 1420672


North Korean defector, grifter, alleged camwhore, consoomer and possible liar.

For those who are her fans; she makes clickbait content about the end of North Korea as well as “top 10 things you can’t do in NK”, or “evil fat dictator Kim Jong-un is dying!!!” while claiming her sources are from former and current NK secret agents yet shows no proof of this.

There are many contradictions about how she escaped North Korea: for example, her Wikipedia article states that she escaped to Mongolia from China as she and her surviving family went undetected by Chinese authorities with the help of Chinese and South Korean Christian missionaries. However, she states that she was being trafficked and sold to a rich Chinese man who financed her escaped to South Korea, not mentioning the missionaries helping her out. Or that her mother contradicted her stories about her father dying in the north when he actually died in China while trying to escape.

She was previously married to an ugly scrote named Ezekiel whom she had a child and but are now divorced as soon as she got her green card. Speaking of which; as of now, she revealed in one of her recent updates that she is now an American citizen.



https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yeonmi_Park(ban-evading commietard)

No. 1420688

Nice try Mei Ling

No. 1420699

gtfo beijing spy
bauhinia forever
fuck kim jong un, fuck mr. death

No. 1420718

>making it twice
>simping this hard for Kim Jong-Un

No. 1420728

I don't have any opinion about this topic, but I did have a good laugh at Jordan Peterson crying so hard while interviewing her.

No. 1420753

File: 1642540510705.jpg (34.96 KB, 728x455, My Park-1628526167870.jpg)

That's fucking hilarious.

I don't know wtf it is about her looks but as soon as I saw her and started reading about the grift, I thought…she was or is in a relationship with a white reject. She just looks like she'd shack up with an unwanted white man. His fucking hair. Not that she doesn't look weird as fuck but him? She looks like his carer. I guess she just really wanted to grift as a citizen.

No. 1420755

File: 1642540713179.jpeg (511.23 KB, 2048x2048, E3AE6701-CAF5-4FCF-BDCD-BDA8D7…)

She always looks so pumped up and greasy i can’t watch her anymore

No. 1420764

Didn't thought you bitches would stoop so low to nitpick a north korean survivor… This is a woman that was raped multiple times as a teen, had to search for her father's bones through his ashes, forced to cam… No wonder she's doing weird shit now like extreme cosmetic surgery and marrying an uggo white scrote. You wouldn't do much better if you went thru what she did

No. 1420771

>assuming her stories are true

No. 1420784

Absolutely. Everyone who knows more than you is a bitch. Her stories have raised suspicions for a long time now. Even from other defectors.

No. 1420810

Beijing shills and tankies don't sleep, anon. Ignore them unless they show proof that all of her stories are fake and I mean actually fake instead of these "well she said they escaped at 11 PM but actually it was 11:15 PM!!!" reaches. Literally all North Korean defectors have "holes" in their stories because there's so much shit you can't prove or disprove when it comes to NK and some of them change details around to protect whoever helped them but none of them are completely fabricated. We all know that even defecting is a death penalty so doing that alone pretty much makes you a survivor. She has a target on her back for speaking out and can be assassinated by the government at any point, I don't really care if she lied about her family's wealth or whatever all those propaganda-affiliated "debunking" sites are claiming.

No. 1420829

I don't know anything about her and I don't want to just jump into criticizing a NK defector BUT couldn't they force this guy to a hairstylist before the wedding?

No. 1420839

I wanted to say that if you suffer extreme trauma you will get some mild amnesia thing that I will make you switch details because the trauma was so powerful it fucked your ability to come off as coherent. Also, most of these people have a lot of details to their stories because a lot of things happen to them. If some detail seems like it isn't matching up it does not mean she is not providing the truth. I don't care if she's a right winger or left winger I care that she's is an actual victim. Also, of course she became a right winger kek I'm not even right wing but she escaped out of the most strict communist regime, what do you expect her to do? Promote communism?

No. 1420840

that's so sad she looked very pretty before

No. 1420844

based OP fuck yeah

No. 1420851

>what do you expect her to do? Promote communism?
This is a huge part if why Yeonmi is so controversial. The left hate Yeonmi because ANY environment that heavily censors opinions she will immediately compare to North Korea. She knows for a fact that communism always turns out bad, she has walked the walk in NK whether she was an elite or not. The elites aren't exempt from Kim's lunacy in the slightest. She often says that the American left deal with things in a way that remind her of how NK deal with things. I fully believe the reason she has switched from saying she's liberal to saying shes conservative is because the left she has been exposed to are Amerimutt "libtards" who just wouldn't stop shit flinging about her negative views on communism or for the story about a black woman stealing her purse

No. 1420871

So I suppose the other defectors are liars then. Not that you care enough to do research other than take her word but there are many reasons to why she can’t voluntarily go to South Korea and if she did, she would have to face the defectors tearing her a new one. She even threw her mother under the bus with the human trafficking rhetoric.

No. 1421041

File: 1642560793437.png (207.53 KB, 1339x883, FIndC3eXwAQv0lp.png)

No, she became a right winger because neocons are paying her to be a China war hawk, she works for think tanks like the Atlas Foundation. Her takes on pronouns and IDpol troons are based and funny as fuck but you can tell she's reading off a script written by a geriatric man.

>Also, of course she became a right winger kek I'm not even right wing but she escaped out of the most strict communist regime, what do you expect her to do? Promote communism?
I expect her not to lie about how there's only one working train in North Korea and that the government forces a village of starving North Koreans to push that train across the country. I also expect a board director for the Human Rights Foundation not to visit the UAE, a country that openly promotes the sex trafficking of young migrant women and girls.

Yeonmi Park and her mother have said they never ate bugs or crickets and were able to eat and afford white rice. Yeonmi grew up during the famine in the 90s and white rice (or any kind of rice) was considered a luxury. Yeonmi was not able to relate to the other defectors because she not poor and was an elite. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fidh4uSbCmI

No. 1421219

Idk about the right-winger stuff but she’s asking fucking China to help end the regime kek

No. 1421244

wow some of you retards really have a low selfesteem.

>>1421041 so what she was "elite"? If their elite survives on rice intead of bugs it's still worse than the homeless people in the west

No. 1421267

Didn't she claim she crossed the Gobi desert in her underwear at -40 degrees?

I remember she claimed she learned about freedom, true love and the evil of authoritarian from The Titanic movie when she was four years old.

Though my favorite claim of hers is that when she was famous in South Korea, she was called the Paris Hilton of North Korea. This was because her family was really close to the regime. Video related, her childhood pictures which debunk her parents having been in the working camp. Unless of course work camps have wholesome family picture days.

No. 1421277

This is true, but she's even among the defectors been called a liar and accused of stealing other survivors stories.

Theres another famous defectors book, Escape from camp 14, which the author has admitted has a lot of lies and embellishments. Funnily enough Yeonmi came out, before the author admitted these, saying the book is 100% true and she can collaborate on them being true.

Her own mum has even called her out on lying on live TV. Video related.

>“We were not to that extent. We were just never in a position where we were starving.”

I think she has just embraced this is a way for her to make quick bucks and that boomers will pay big bucks to hear this shit. She gets paid ~41k per speaking engagement. Her ex-husband is some super alt-righter who got her into this.

No. 1421278

Brave mods ITT defending the one of the few bastions of free speech on the internet by threatening to ban OPs that they disagree with. I salute you mods.

No. 1421295

So what was the point in them leaving their cushy lifestyle in the north? They weren’t being punished as severely as the lower classes and were given leeway to buy expensive products. Did they not worship dear leader enough?

No. 1421301

she went on some podcast to compare taking classes at Columbia university as worse than her experiences in north Korea. yes a lot of American college students are annoying SJWs but if you're going to defend an equivalency between the two then you have weapons-grade retardation that you should seek help for

No. 1421451

Salty teenage OP reeing that there's no applause for a cancer thread. It's the most entertaining part of it.

I remember that and the red flags it set off for anyone who isn't literally retarded. She's chasing the bucks Candace Owens style.

No. 1421467

Imagine being born in a totalitarian country, raped and beaten multiple times by old fat chinese scrotes and managing to escape! CRINGE!!1!

No. 1421670

What's the purposes of this thread? There are anons saying she had been assaulted and went through a ton of shit while OP says those are all lies without providing any proof.
She escaped a shitty regime and got some questionable plastic surgery done, probably because she's not mentally stable. That's not cow material.

No. 1421804

Can't lie, I think she's a bit tacky but nothing she does comes off as genuinely unhinged. Given her past it's a miracle she's as well-adjusted as she is. This is not threadworthy.

If you think she's a fake defector then fuck off with all the baseless speculation and come back with concrete proof.

No. 1422036

mods seething and coping over people being skeptical of an obvious psyop. libtard moment

No. 1427950

I finally finished the Joe Rogan pod episode with her. It was 3 hours, but I would listen to it in 20 minute bits, not because it was boring or anything, but because it would start to become 'too much'.

I do believe she escaped, and I believe she was raped, and I believe the main line of her survivor story…I believe North Korea is one big horrific gulag where people eat rats and doctors reuse needles, etc.

But some of what she says is so outrageous that my brain is putting up red flags, but I don't understand why she would lie about such details when just the fact that she escaped North Korea alone is already such an incredible survival feat. She really reminds me of my roommate who has BPD and is a pathological liar who embellishes the details of her stories for no seemingly good reason except to seem more interesting.

I was hoping people in this thread would have more nuance than the Redditors who snap at people for dare questioning a North Korean refugee, but that's the thing. Nobody wants to be the asshole to question it. But grow the fuck up because people DO lie about shit. Like with rape survivors, it's pretty awkward to outright accuse them of lying, because people don't want to believe that someone would lie about that…but we've seen time and time again people lying about horrific trauma just for the 'street cred' per se, attention on social media, etc.

I do believe she was raped though, my point is there are some things that are off. Like when she said she walked through the Gobi Desert for 24 hours in -40 degree Celsius with nothing to eat while already being extremely emaciated and malnourished. I'm sorry, but my intuition finds that very hard to believe. Or when she says in North Korea, there's no word for 'love'…I challenge that.

She also talked about getting recently robbed by 3 black women in Chicago and says there were like 20 bystanders watching the whole thing and calling her racist for trying to call the police. Not even after the fact, but as she was getting robbed people witnessing it were shouting 'racist'…? I understand if it was on the internet but no…I find that story very bizarre.

She says the wokeness she experienced at Columbia was worse than North Korea…I find that quite shocking coming from a North Korea survivor. And that liberal news outlets refused to have her on unless it was to talk bad about Trump? I don't think CNN is THAT terrible.

It's these finer details that make me question everything she says.

No. 1427969

> She really reminds me of my roommate who has BPD and is a pathological liar who embellishes the details of her stories for no seemingly good reason except to seem more interesting.
Maybe she does have BPD and who the fuck would be surprised when considering the trauma she’s experienced?

> I'm sorry, but my intuition finds that very hard to believe

Literally no one gives a tiny rats ass about your intuition. Provide evidence supporting your claims or gtfo

No. 1427982

File: 1643254588088.png (221.07 KB, 646x350, image.png)

North Korean defectors are notorious for fabricating stories, especially when there is a financial incentive or severe perceived power imbalance involved, to the point where researchers have to use creative methods in order to approximate the truth about the country; see https://sci-hub.se/10.1080/14672715.2019.1611462. It makes sense when you consider that they were brought up in a culture where failing to adequately lie and asskiss can get you killed or thrown in a prison camp.

No. 1427989

I don't doubt she developed the habit of lying for her own protection and childhood trauma and being taught to be suspicious of everyone but it doesn't take away from the fact that these could be fabrications, especially coupled with going around being paid to be a guest in right-wing spheres and the fact that South Korea offers rewards (now up to $867,000) for North Korean defector stories…do you know how much people make giving speeches? It's mind boggling.

>hurrr no one gives a fuck about your intuition hurrr i need proof hurrr

I didn't ask anyone to care, and you asking for evidence from me about someone else's personal anecdote from a completely closed-off country is so intellectually dishonest and immature. Go back to Reddit if you can't handle it.


No. 1427991

The robbery in Chicago is such a stupid thing to lie about as that absolutely would have made national headlines. No way that shit happened and no one said anything. I wouldn't be surprised if she was outed for lying about a bunch of stuff because it's not like too many people would know otherwise.
It is also very dumb to compare a liberal college to a totalitarian regime, considering one of those doesn't even let you have a voice. I won't comment on any of her stuff on NK since I'm new to her, but it does seem like she's turning this into a grift. Going 24 hours in sub-zero temps while being emaciated and basically naked is… impressive to say the least.

No. 1428078

I love that you assume her mother isn’t bullshitting just because its her mom… her mother could be ashamed of the story or trying to downplay it because it involves her. Or maybe theres shit going on behind the scenes that we dont know about.

No. 1428154

maybe I'm misunderstanding, but it seems like the female defectors are downplaying their trauma out of shame? IDK not a good example of defectors exaggerating their stories

No. 1428180

Let's say her mum was lying. Where do the photos come from? The photos that she herself has acknowledged to be her parents.

Work camps do not have yearly family picture days.

Proof has been posted. Chances are she's lying because she makes 40k per speaking engagement. She has nothing more to say about her time in North Korea, so now she just says whatever right wing scrotes want her to for that bag.

Which is in its own way good, scrotes deserve to get hustled out of their money.

No. 1428293

File: 1643299278434.png (2.46 MB, 1125x2436, 5CEC10E0-5E9E-4F51-9123-9E84D1…)

Yeonmi-chan is going on tour

No. 1428308

Unfortunately the scrotes using her as a pawn are probably making way more money off of her than she's getting for speaking engagements; she's a great propaganda tool because NK is objectively a horrible totalitarian country and she can make shit up because of this + it's next to impossible to verify stories from NK. It's kind of sad that she's being used as a pawn because she was raised in a culture where participating in a lie is part of day-to-day life, but then again she's also making a boatload of money off of spreading disinfo so fuck her.
I'm stupid and accidentally screenshotted the wrong part of the paper; there's a section on financial and publicity incentives.

No. 1428324

I’m more interested in where she gets her secret NK info from, she made too many videos on Kim Jong-un dying/being overthrown and nothing on the internet comes up.

No. 1428359


Right? Seems like she is milking her NK refugee status to suddenly become "Voice of North Korea" literally her YT channel name, because nobody can disprove her. Hell, I don't even think 99.9% of NK knows what is going on with Kim, only what is happening in their village. So where is she getting this info from? Even if she has family & friends there, how would they communicate with her?

In Rogan's pod, his silence was deafening at times; he knows it's bullshit. But, he wouldn't question her because the outrageousness brings clicks to his channel too, as with all these other lolbertarians she has collab'd with. I notice too when Park began to speak too long and fumble, Rogan would interject and start speaking for her, completing the narrative, and then quickly changing the subject to political correctness, or something more general. Like saving face for her.

No. 1428598

I actually didn’t think anything she said was strange until I saw her associate with bottom of the barrel alt right men like Laowhy

No. 1428611

Being anti CCP = alt right? lmao

No. 1428622

Sage your shit and yes both of them make money and take literal scripts from far-right and republican shills when doing public events, that makes both far-right at least, alone. You stop being tangential and become involved the second you start spreading propaganda and especially when you start pocketing money from it. Nta but you irk me by deliberately being obtuse and retarded when you could be smarter than this. Are you a burgerfag?

No. 1428627

Asian and far right doesn't even make sense. At best she can be a libertarian.

No. 1428639

seethe harder wumao, not a burguerino

No. 1428648

I don't know about the bystanders part of her story, but someone was arrested for that robbery. https://cwbchicago.com/2020/08/cops-use-taxi-cab-transaction-to-track-down-mag-mile-robber-prosecutors-say.html

I've lived in Chicago and do think it is unlikely a mob of white people were calling her racist for calling the police. However if it happened as described in the link, Yeonmi ran to catch up with the robber and confronted her. Maybe the robber & her friends instigated some kind of "you crazy bitch, how dare you!" thing. I have no idea, just thinking about what might have happened.

I believe Yeonmi is a survivor and I hate seeing her get involved with right-wing wackjobs. She escaped a dictatorship and witnessed horrific things. She's a vulnerable person still, and these men are eager to make a buck off of her tragedies, her prettiness, and her articulate speech. If she weren't pretty, if she weren't able to speak well, they would not care about NK much if at all. But Trump also promotes Yeonmi, so that's another reason these chodes want to coopt her.

If she has discrepancies in her stories, gotta say I don't care in this case. Other formerly elite citizens have defected. The author of "The Aquariums of Pyongyang" was part of an elite family until they fell from grace and were sent to labor camps.

No. 1428654

Just because it's contradictory that doesn't make it not a phenomena. Trannies are contradictory as well but they still unfortunately take up space in the material. There's so many "Nazis" and far right people who aren't white or American/European.

No. 1428676

She also stated as matter-of-fact that Kimmy was losing weight because he’s dying of a terminal illness when that nigga probably had weight loss surgery. I remember back in July/August reading some article (can’t recall if it was scmp or nyp) that wifey was partially responsible because “the children needed their father” or something along the lines.

Nta but not everyone who doesn’t trust this bitch is a commie

No. 1428711

Are you dumb? Look at Japan's history and alignment during WWII.

No. 1428754

laowhy is a dumb fetishizing scrote but i wouldnt say hes alt right. i'd say serpentza or whatever his name is rides that line more so than him. both are clear misogynist's and racists no matter the politics

No. 1428769

Yeah but laowhy sucks serpentza’s cock. They’re constantly praising and promoting each others’ videos on the community page on YouTube. And nobody can deny that serpentza isn’t a far right idiot.

No. 1429443

According to western media, Kim has died many times already.

No. 1429520

I wouldn't be surprised if she was lying to downplay the story. Yeonmi says the mother was raped by traffickers and then sold as a sex slave to (in Yeonmis words) "a retarded family". I think a lot of people wouldn't want that trauma to be public knowledge.

And if Yeonmi is actually making that up, holy crap, that is the weirdest shit you could say about your mom

No. 1429715

Fatso dies more times than Goku kek, time to find the dragon balls!

No. 1429800

Laowhy is alt-right? Where do you guys get misogyny from? I block out most of his arguments that I don't agree with but I'm not totally against some right-wing opinions (free speech, a few theoretical benefits of free markets) and I think China is a shithole. I really enjoyed learning about quality control over there because China has a major problem with safety in their production even if it's racist to admit that (which I don't think it is as it is distinctly a Chinese production attitude lol).

No. 1430035

>right wing opinions
>free speech
go back to sixth-grade civics

No. 1430397

File: 1643501193034.jpeg (1 MB, 1125x1723, 17A08F6B-5A9A-4353-BC92-2ECD93…)

Why is she wearing a nazi-affiliated brand? Some “the enemy of my enemy (communism) is my friend” shit.

No. 1430411

NK is full of fake defectors running intelligence ops in different countries at the behest of the current dictatorship. They've been caught and exposed dozens of times in just the last few years alone. All this lady represents is perhaps their boldest attempt in this regard. Consider her endless media tour a way of an insulated country learning how media infrastructure works outside their own propaganda echo chambers so it can be replicated more effectively and efficiently.

It's the same as China cooking up scholarships for students to study abroad but said students are really just being used as operatives to help the CCP stay on top of what universities are progressing in what globally. The same as South Korea being just as totalitarian but strategically amending certain capitalist ideals and modalities making stupid Western countries think they're the more forwardly progressive of the two and just both just the same entity wearing different masks so to speak. It's a new phenomena for the West to deal with but in and of itself is as old as time.

Living proof these intelligence grifts work, right here.

No. 1430432

Are you insinuating this chick is a North Korean agent or something? I get that she was part of the elite but why send her and her family to talk about how horrible Best Korea? What can fatty and co. gain from this?

At this point, both Koreas should just merge. They’re two sides of the same coin.

No. 1430504

File: 1643511716415.jpeg (69.18 KB, 626x403, E98035D9-02D0-4DA3-8F89-0A38BC…)

>North Korea Survivor

No. 1430521

The gain isn't a global reappraisal of North Korea. The crossed that line decades ago, were entirely aware of doing so back then just as they still are now. It's just no longer worthy of anymore time and effort to deceptively cultivate a fake positive image of society over there.

The gain is the infiltration of structures they don't yet possess and haven't yet weaponized, and structures they haven't properly kept up with the times in and cannot effectively weaponize anymore. In other words this woman has been on everything from Spotify to YouTube regarding podcast circles (JRE and Lex Fridman are two very big examples), to The New York Times and dozens of other online and offline publications as well as academic circles such as university talks and even TEDx talks. And that's just in the United States alone.

Understanding how all of these different structures work in modernity, how best to weaponize them not only against their own people but globally as well would the best thing that NK could do as far as intelligence operations go currently, and the easiest way they could do it would be just to send out one of their own with a story most wouldn't want to impeach due to the horrific nature of it and would be easily picked up but news organizations salivating for anything new out of that country especially from a "defector" who "lived it". She opened a door, they let her in, and this is how information about about some things work here you don't want in their hands gets pipelined right out.

It's even better for NK that to things so widely in the public eye because for the most part people naturally want to empathize with the good in others; they don't want to be hyper critical of awful things like stories of this nature and I can't blame anyone for that. It's very difficult to do but it's helpful TO do it because that's just the world we live in now. I feel bad for Koreans overall because they've had to eat a shit sandwich for centuries with this avaricious power dynasties that just look at the common people as a slave caste that they can subjugate with horrors and misery endless for no good reason and no matter who gets in power nothing ever really gets all that much better. So in saying "two sides of the same coin" you are right, unfortunately.(learn2sage)

No. 1430527

From reading your posts I just realized… what if those sooper sekrit agent connections she boasts about are just obtaining info from the outside world through her and she says the opposite? For example: “they’re telling me the regime is falling u gaiz” while her audience eats it all up.

Although China is doing a better job at infiltrating kek(sage)

No. 1430533

Why dis bitch lyin tho? She’s never seen a map of the outside world and she didn’t know she was Asian wtf

Of course all the suckers in the comments section believe her

No. 1430759

I feel like serpentza does a bit more than ride the line of being an alt right retard, in one of his videos he rants about South Africa and shows a picture of a whites only bench to represent the good old days before the ANC ruined everything and "unsavoury types" who don't know how to act started getting money.

No. 1430896

Doesn't she always say that she didn't know she was Asian because they teach them differently in school? Like, they teach them that Koreans are pretty much the master race, and that the rest of the world is just rampant with Americans (who are depicted with forked tongues and cat eyes). She talked about it in ome of her school videos

No. 1431855

I’ve seen enough documentaries where they show maps of Asia/Australia in schools and depictions of white American soldiers getting shot or bombed to know that’s bullshit.

No. 1432635


Serpentza and laowhy89 are grifters who exploit anti-Chinese sentiment because they became total losers in China thinking they would be treated like celebrities for being white (as a white person who went to China, some are excited to meet foreigners especially if you have light features but some people let it get to their head) and resent it, and are white supremacists who represent a disturbing amount of the white male sexpats with Asian wives. It's a thing.

They will go to the furthest lengths just to shit on China to the point where it gives me second-hand embarrassment, but a lot of it is just pure hypocrisy, and a lot of what they say perpetuate the dehumanization of Asians and just plain racist

>calling Xi Jinping Winnie The Pooh, a yellow bear with beady eyes, because they can't think of any other meme, and they think it's not racist

>they knowingly promote another sexpat English teacher who killed his 2 dogs while making videos about dog abuse in China, and deny it

>says that the Beijing dialect of Mandarin sounds like 'someone with special needs'

>Winston always talking about the glory days of apartheid in South Africa, of course doesn't outright wish for apartheid to come back, but would show pictures of white people sitting on whites only benches, and says the native black people's nouveau riche wealth is undeserved and from corruption and don't know how to run a country, while either oblivious to how and why white people are in Africa in the first place or just won't go full mask off

>calls Chinese people uncivilized for spitting and shitting on the street when people literally do the same thing in every city

>calls Maori politician Nanaia Mahuta who was slightly sympathetic to China in NZ 'chin woman' and won't even say her name and draws on their face mocking her tribal tattoos

>bullied Uyghur women off the internet for not agreeing that China is oppressing them

>they say the worst part of having Chinese wives is having to deal with their families attaching themselves to them 'instead of having the government take care of old people' which is rich coming from them. What did you think would happen when you married a Chinese woman? So they should abandon their family & culture?

>using "my Chinese wife does x, y z etc" for clickbait

>Laowhy seeming disappointed in the hospital literally right after his wife gave birth that the baby looks more Chinese than he thought, and also calls keeps calling her 'it'

>Laowhy makes her wife sit on the floor in the car while visiting family in the US as they make racist jokes towards her

>calls all their Chinese critics "wu-mao" meaning the CCP pays them 5 cents for each comment

>Winston: "sometimes I have Chinese friends too but it's fleeting" hmmm wonder why…

>Winston fradulently presenting himself as a 'trainer of doctors' but turns out he's just like the 'white monkeys' (white people who teach English or do odd jobs like acting in China) he makes fun of, but without the humility.

>not to mention they both present as experts of China when they are either just wrong, too stupid to understand cultural differences, or deliberately doing this to grift to their loser audience

there's so much more…

No. 1432813

idk they seem kinda racist but I feel like most westerners of any race do similar things? like they aren't the only people who call Xi Winnie the Pooh. You seem like someone who is really defensive of China for some reason.

No. 1433449

There’s a China-hate thread on kiwi farms, you know

No. 1433959

File: 1643926268688.jpg (75.31 KB, 640x826, 9etgGipBkM14zpQmydv1kih5GUpxlq…)

I feel like a lot of people on lc don't know how wild the stuff she says is. She makes claims like North Korean officials have harems of women that have been detoothed for sexual purposes and that there's no word for love in North Korea. Regardless of what she may or may not have survived through, you'd have to be a retard to take this stuff at face value.

No. 1435022

There’s a video where she was supposedly picked to be part of the pleasure squad kek

No. 1435041

Bitch lyin’ about Kimmy’s aunt, she’s alive

No. 1435149

> Is Kim Jong-Un Gay?

No. 1435199

I'm glad somebody made a thread about Yeonmi. How many videos did she made now about how kimwhatever is dying, he lost weight, he got surgery, he is sick, he is dead, he's not dead, his sister is poisoning him, etc?

No. 1435202

Did she? I saw one where she said she met one member of the pleasure squad but I didn't know she was picked to be part of it.

No. 1435279

I had to skim the video to see if it was about her and the title is clickbait, it’s other defectors telling their story.

No. 1435368

Good article that helped me learn a lot about her she in the same breath will talk about having to eat lizards and tree bark while also bragging about being able to own a Chanel bag imported from Japan. Lots of defectors fabricate stores but she’s at the top of the list for the most outrageous lies https://thediplomat.com/2014/12/the-strange-tale-of-yeonmi-park/

No. 1435565

Holy shit CCP shills made it to lolcow, they really do lurk every corner of the internet. Most of your retarded greentexts are intentionally taken out of context or straight out lies and while I don't care about wking for two moids and can confirm that Winston is an edgy autist every now and then (especially about the chin tattoo thing) I do hate tankies simping for CCP just to be contrarian idiots more

>bullied Uyghur women off the internet for not agreeing that China is oppressing them

KEK those "uyghur women" ("Guli from Xinjiang"/"Story of Xinjiang from Guli") were literally ethnically han Chinese actresses hired by the government to post propaganda about how "there's no genocide in Xinjiang and we aren't oppressed at all, come see for yourself uwu" when an actual uyghur person couldn't be able to use Youtube OR twitter due to immediately being arrested for using a VPN.

>calls all their Chinese critics "wu-mao" meaning the CCP pays them 5 cents for each comment

五毛党/Wu-mao is literally what the Chinese themselves call them kek, there's a goddamn wikipedia article about them

No. 1435771

Hey, alt-right moid

No. 1436387

File: 1644180540511.jpeg (803.72 KB, 1915x1125, 370DAB41-FCF9-4D34-AA22-6119CD…)

Wasn’t that nigga dead?

No. 1436388

File: 1644180579302.jpeg (1.29 MB, 1862x1125, 678856CA-2DF1-4B95-B796-979167…)

‘Cause he seems to be alive and kicking

No. 1436403

File: 1644181632895.png (327.78 KB, 634x450, B9753101-7D01-4283-AA1D-029627…)

Don’t know much about her, seems like a ham, I saw one funny image once after she was on joe rogan which was as much a joke about his show as it was about her stories

No. 1436411

NTA but you’re seriously retarded and morally bankrupt for denying a genocide based on what THE GOVERNMENT PERPETRATING IT has to say about it. Your logic is literally:
>world: hey china stop genociding a minority population
>China: Genocide Isn’t Happening Here
>you: well, since the west is sometimes biased against Chinese policies, that must mean the Chinese government always tells the truth! The genocide is fake just like China says and anyone who disagrees with this faulty logic is an alt-right moid.

No. 1436422

This insult doesn't even work because alt-right moids consider China to be "based and redpilled" since CCP is implementing racist, homophobic and misogynistic policies.

No. 1436426

I lost track of what was happening because when western-media went hard on uyghur genocide stories every chinese source I had clammed up defensively even if they had previously been openly discussing how fucked the tension between state authorities and muslim minorities has been in the region for a few decades since the famous riots and terrorist attacks. like if you were openly muslim it was harder to travel through checkpoints and the surveillance-state environment was like chinese Patriot Act shit.

No. 1436629


No, The reason why the “genocide” isn’t happening is because it was literally fucking made up by Adrian Zenz and then picked up and perpetuated by the feds. China has a very hard crack down on domestic terrorism that is arguably MUCH more humane than what the states does in Guantánamo Bay. Reducing what’s happening in the region to “Muh genocide” just shows completely flippant ignorance about the history of the situation.

No. 1436667

So please explain to me the history then

No. 1436697

Why are there so many posts like this here and on /ot/ lately?

No. 1437260

we are literally at war with china and have an economic incentive for anti-chinese propaganda. so anyone who questions anti-NK or anti-China propaganda is a communist shill? Is this the 1950s? i don't think a wumao would have this level of english to be able to understand nuance, irony, slang etc. let alone find this website. i would never want to live in china. i'm just saying we should take everything with a grain of salt you fucking moron.

No. 1437282

>i would never want to live in china
Alt-right scrote detected

No. 1437290

since when does not wanting to squat when you take a shit ever make you alt right

No. 1437387


No. 1437450

Taiwan will never be independent.

No. 1437451

Wait, what…? Huh? Where does she come up with this stuff topkek

No. 1437498

you do know china has regular toilets, right?

No. 1437500


Surprised you forgot the time laowhy86 dug up an unmarked grave of human remains in Taiwan while his wife [filming] cries in distress telling him to stop but he laughs the whole time and tells her to shut up and that it would be good for his vlog.

Can't make this shit up. He and his buddy serpentza will do anything for views. And the video is still up on YouTube too. Beyond Logan Paul type of shit.



No. 1437635

I want to comment only on the below part, I don't know these people but I trust that they are shit.
>calling Xi Jinping Winnie The Pooh, a yellow bear with beady eyes, because they can't think of any other meme, and they think it's not racist
Haven't the Chinese came up with it in the first place? Winnie The Pooh is banned in China for that reason. It's not racist IMO and it's what triggers Xi Jinping the most, I assume. Is that some American logic when the Chinese can do that, but if a white person does, it's no-no and racist? Madness

No. 1437746

File: 1644315874603.png (179.14 KB, 897x281, Screenshot (507).png)

One pretty important detail that I feel should be mentioned here, about the claims she makes

most of the claims she makes aren't actually her own creations, rather they are claims that are taken from south korean tabloids
South korea has a direct stake at vilifying the north and cause north korea is closed off and has no real method of communication with south korean news agencies, any ridiculous claim technically could be right and never refuted
so usually what happens is some south korean tabloid makes up a ridiculous exaggerated claim about practices in north korea, which gets up taken by the mainstream press and then gets translated to English and you get articles like this, I'm sure we've all seen these dumb claims that are all likely fake

No. 1438038

So much for that sekrit NK info she likes to tote around. There were comments asking how do they know this is legit info and most of the replies were “she can’t reveal where because she’s be risking their lives!” or “if she reveals the spies, they’ll be put in a camp!!!”, the vibe feels like one cannot question the narrative, kinda like her dear leader’s propaganda. And maybe there is some truth about KJU never taking a shit, dude’s probably constipated from all that cheese and gourmet food he munches on kek

No. 1438799

Some of these “facts” feel like she’s narrating a k-drama about Kim’s love life while occasionally adding “oh woe is her, she’s suffering or dead” rhetoric. I doubt his lardass has sex 2,000 times a day yet these are tru fax y’all

No. 1438929

She’s basically a drama channel. Does she ever mention how people can help NK? Or any political options for people to be helped?

No. 1439025

File: 1644442211340.jpg (55.86 KB, 551x700, animesher.com_taiwan-hetalia-1…)

god this shit is so fucking old too. go make your own thread then you stupid whore cause this is one is not about ADVchina also taiwan #1 cope and seethe plus imagine giving this much of a shit haha

No. 1439078

Hell no, she asks for prayers and to get the American and Chinese govts to give a fuck about Best Korea which patreon and PayPal Lina are plastered throughout the videos.

No. 1439081

Tsai Ing-wen won’t fuck you.

No. 1439791

My favorite part about Yeonmi is how much she loves negatively comparing everywhere else in the world to NK (Columbia U, South Korea, Chicago, etc), but cries about how horrible her life in Norse Kreeuh was and how thankful she is for freedom. TBH the only reason why she hasn't remarried to some alt-right white supremacist scrote is that she's a single mom with a hapa son.

No. 1440089

>Winnie The Pooh is banned in China for that reason.
Winnie the Pooh isn't banned in China. Where do you people even come up with this bullshit?

No. 1440113

Why isn’t she taking care of her son instead of grifting? Or get a job? This is like the gold standard amongst female cows.

No. 1441679

this is really good, thanks for the link nona

No. 1442278

Please stop making these videos, the man ain’t dying anytime soon.

No. 1442305

not banned, I literally went to a mall in shanghai where they had pooh bear plush dolls
chronic reddit users

No. 1442388

Like, how many times has he died already?

No. 1442791

Over 9,000

No. 1443146

His wife gets knocked up more times than Kimmy dying, wished she’d talk about Lady Kim’s alleged multiple pregnancies as a change of subject.

No. 1443154

hey chang, you realize you stick out like a sore thumb, right?

No. 1443157

What will her video title be when he actually died? She used up all variations by now

No. 1443182

He lost weight though, he ain’t going nowhere

No. 1443527

File: 1644908364172.jpeg (59.72 KB, 740x489, F7E75416-38E1-4862-ACEA-A70A83…)

I hope she adds this to her future thumbnails kek

No. 1443530

No. 1443767

File: 1644933029138.png (572.5 KB, 500x848, 17894545789.png)

Sage for major nitpick but I'll never understand why she dresses like this. The oversized fur coat really tops off the pseudo bougie hooker vibe. She must look like a chicken with her skinny legs poking out from under that thing.

No. 1443817

Well when you grow up as the Paris Hilton of NK your going to have some expensive shit that looks bad

No. 1443919

She always dresses provocatively to the point her female fans sometimes tell her to cover up. I wonder if she’s street walking

No. 1443945

File: 1644946840634.png (889.36 KB, 1209x880, 17987654345678.png)

I noticed the majority of her comments and likes are just about her appearance, or her "heavies" as her scrote fanbase would say. I used to wonder why she doesn't delete these comments but I guess she's lowkey fishing for them. Maybe I'm just a cynical prude but the last thing I would want after a lifetime of being exploited by men is more objectification from them.

No. 1443951

She looks so used up in this one like a ladyboy who needs to work in the streets to feed his sick psrents

No. 1443983

Her time slutting it up in China must’ve really desensitized her

No. 1444067

I never understood that claim either. South and North haven't been apart that long. Surely people remember sarang (love)?

No. 1444113

Her eyebrows are literally on the top of her forehead. Why do so much plastic surgery if you come from a poor background without even human necessities provided. Her image just doesn’t match her claims at all

No. 1444245

Wasn’t she on the SK equivalent of Real Housewives early in her career? Someone here might remember.

No. 1444365

Off-topic but is Jang Song-thaek actually still alive?

No. 1445478

Is she mad that Daddy Kim won’t fuck her or chose her as his wife? Why so many videos on him dying?

No. 1445525

File: 1645126453936.jpg (422.74 KB, 1080x1764, IMG_20220217_203143.jpg)

fuck off with your plebbit obsession and Google for once

No. 1445531

This is seriously so embarrassing, please stop

No. 1446020

you're very dumb

No. 1446233

This isn’t mentioned enough but she once claimed that she was on the fat man’s hit list for speaking out against the regime. Press x for doubt

No. 1452331

>shows videoclip featuring Big Kim, Lady Kim and Auntie Kim
>by now, everyone knows aunty Kim is alive
>”Kim Jong-Un totally killed his aunt you guys!”
Comments section shows how stupid everyone is

No. 1452400

First: North Korea is not a communist state. There has never been a communist state. There has been socialist states, but never a true communist country. If anything North Korea started as a Stalinist-socialist model but moved heavily in a different direction in the 50s-60s. At this point they are a theocratic dictatorship. They are an authoritarian-capitalist society where the leader enforces class structure instead of abolishing it. The Kim’s exploit the working class, instead of the working class leading the Kim’s as is one of the core tenants of communism. You could argue North Korea is closer to fuedalist society than communism.

No. 1452419

good post

No. 1457396

File: 1646371432517.jpeg (537.42 KB, 1114x796, DB1E9452-11E8-4863-B411-DFEBB1…)

Found another possible lie: supposedly, the wife and La Ursupadora (is Hyon Song-wol even his side-chick?) are enemies but they seem to get along well, there’s also footage that all three (her, Ri Sol-ju and Kim Yo-Jong) get along or at least don’t mind the other.

I was expecting an irl k-drama, much disappointment. /s

No. 1460016

I’m not sure how accurate this information is, given it’s Best Korea and the channel is run by DPRK-cocksucker but it was interesting nonetheless.

No. 1460096

unfortunately I don't think this is reliable at all… seems like a scripted and OTT attempt to discredit her at least to NK citizens
>"Park Yeon Mi is nothing but a poisonous mushroom that grew from a pile of human waste."
whoever wrote the script should join lolcow

No. 1460097

samefag but I guess beyond the ad hominem attacks I can't disprove the actual info they provide. I appreciate them pointing out the contradictions in her story

No. 1460456

So what do you think her true origin is? Was she just a rich girl who’s family had fallen from favor, hence why they tried to escape or is she a spy secretly working for the regime and supplying them information like that anon and other comments on YouTube claim?

One thing’s for sure, I don’t see her giving her extra money to her fellow countrymen nor has she expressed wanting to help them other than “please US and friends, help free my people from this evil regime!”

No. 1477875

Well, now she’s shilling her sister’s channel to corroborate their sex-trafficking stories

No. 1500911

File: 1649896590128.jpeg (1.33 MB, 1125x1374, 2B982543-C2CA-4137-9540-204FE1…)

I…wtf?! Is she going Anna or does she just miss her country?

No. 1501032


holy shit that video is messed up

No. 1503646

nihao ma wumao

No. 1503905

She’s always been so skinny. Her bony frame and all the botched ps makes her look like a troon

No. 1504995

>>1500911 nah, it's pretty common even in South Korea to see women that thin. That's their beauty standard.

No. 1504997

She was caught lying about North Koreans having to push train lol. There's literally a working metro subway in Pyongyang and people generally ride the bus to go to other cities..

You guys should really watch the documentary "Loyal Citizens of Pyongyang" and "Propaganda Game", it's very eye opening how much false propaganda there is about the DPRK. I'm by no means saying the country is a utopia, just that there's many lies also from the side of the US.

No. 1505150

Looks like she is missing a chromosome or 3.

No. 1508282

File: 1650588898570.jpeg (536.81 KB, 1512x1125, 873CE644-4B63-44F6-8A9A-09C2C9…)

Is there any proof of “Leo Shim” being an actual person? I tried googling her but only results for Kim’s wife show up.

Supposedly, she is rocket-man’s ‘lost love’ who was sent to the gulags because her cousin or uncle escaped nk (guilt by association)

No. 1508320

File: 1650591761854.jpeg (32.88 KB, 500x400, 8E220508-3DFF-4C09-B7A3-58DDB9…)

…nonnies are you ok? you sound like hostages. are they forcing you to say this about NK defectors? do they have your families?

No. 1508324

this thread had to have only been made to weed out the lolcow feds

No. 1508400

her biggest critics are actual koreans with lots of knowledge about real defectors, they call her shit out in an instant and so she grifts in the US balancing ugly white men and getting fillers on top of petty book sales.

wouldnt be surprised if she was one of those "korean-speaking chinese" on the border to NK herself and just created this story, she has literally zero evidence and backtracks on her stories all the time and conflicts with her mothers details. Even on the Rogan podcast she claims she was robbed in Chicago in broad daylight and was surrounded by hecklers telling her to not be racist. No police report of course.

the lady knows her audience and gravitates to it, first it was the US then she narrowed it down to alt-right white men

No. 1508748

based nonnie finally an informed take ITT

No. 1508889

I want to preface this by saying I'm not Kim Jong Un, nor do I have affiliations with him even though it would be an honour, but gun shots

No. 1509202

Kim Jong-un is fat and I would not have sex with him…unless if forced.

No. 1514463

yea nobody ever gets robbed in chicago, that's an alt right dogwhistle

No. 1514528

Learn to sage.
nayrt but
>she was robbed in Chicago in broad daylight and was surrounded by hecklers telling her to not be racist
>was surrounded by hecklers telling her to not be racist
Being purposely obtuse isn't helping you make your point.

No. 1518512

It is safe to say that she is lying; KJU isn’t going anywhere, there is no revolution or uprise happening over there. Just last week, he has solidified his power and position onto the people with that parade, now his people view him and his wife as their literal emperor and empress. Does that seem like KYJ’s puppet to you?

Sure, people are not content with the regime as other inside sources say but they’re not gonna ‘uprise’ - nobody wants to end up in a forever-labor camp and they are already used to the regime, also; something-something Asian culture

No. 1519080


David Yun is based and hot

No. 1544908

She hasn’t posted videos in a month and she didn’t even react to the recent military parade, has she stopped posting because it was useless to milk her “Rocketman is dieing!!!” content or is she just busy “touring”?

If she posts again after this post, she probably lurks here.

No. 1561433

File: 1655302447082.jpeg (326.05 KB, 1125x993, 83C1048B-12DF-4CCA-8609-CCD31F…)

Why do former commies think being right-wing is the solution? Hey man, not everyone likes how the left is doing things like with the troons and all but at least students aren’t forced into worshipping creepy Joe.


No. 1561596

I kinda get why immigrants from communist countries tend to be conservative (specifically from Cuba and Venezuela but can really apply to any communist country tbh) but what I hate how there’s absolutely no room for nuance. I remember this Twitter post from the 2020 election season where a guy’s dad (a refugee from Cuba) put a Biden sign on his lawn and people made a huge ass deal of it.

No. 1561615

I remember seeing her videos like 8 years ago making the rounds on tumblr! Jesus Christ what did she do to her face

No. 1561641

She discovered capitalism.

No. 1561689

It's because most of them come from money.

No. 1561822

Al Jourgensen from Ministry and his rich family escaped Cuba during Castro’s early reign yet that nigga simps for the left.

No. 1561925

Didn't his daughter sleep with Onision?

No. 1561933

Haha yeah, and he didn’t like how experienced she was sexually and romantically. Oh and he accused her of having a dirty vag and giving him an std - which were proven to be false.

No. 1616661

File: 1660576612710.jpeg (507.07 KB, 1125x1526, 266397C9-6ED9-4CCD-8B86-005180…)

Her new book is out, still gritting from her defector status and will probably shit on America’s lack of freedom or something, idk.

No. 1616670

File: 1660577057708.jpeg (423.9 KB, 585x990, 01B3C0B5-D32C-4F44-A10F-E868C3…)

Oh and here’s a candid picture of her kid

No. 1617748

She looks like an anorexic prostitute, and that's not even an outfit it looks like something a teenager would wear to forever21 before they form a fashion sense. I guess this is what happens with pick me's so thirsty for attention they'll seek the male gaze even in front of their young son. Poor kid. And it's so obvious it's embarrassing.

No. 1618263

The amount of shoop on that cover, yikes. She's barely recognizable here.

No. 1619101

I…how many videos has she made about Kim dying again? Holy shit lol

Btw did she get implants or is it the shirt?

No. 1619133

She's had implants for years now. And fuck I hate that fake high pitched baby voice she puts on and that "uwu so cute and esl" botched pronunciation of everything. That's not what she sounds like in a casual setting. I saw a video of her about a year ago at a party and she sounded just like any other average Korean woman who's been in the west over a decade, not some childish, fresh off the boat anime character.

No. 1619143

I unironically think Kim Jong Un is /snow/ thread material. He's such a weird looking guy and all his lies are hilarious. He's also died like 90 times according to Yeonmi so like

My theory is that this is her "hey what's up gamers" youtuber voice. Everyone on YouTube sounds weird in their videos compared to their real life or podcast appearances

No. 1619191

Kim Jong is perfect cow material even without Yeonmi embellishing shit. The western education and ties to famous celebrities intrigues me too.

No. 1619215

File: 1660826901357.png (699.32 KB, 634x1026, anachanyeonmi.png)

Sorry to reply to something from 4 months ago but Yeonmi has always been a bit anachan, this is from around 3 years ago, saged for very old milk.

No. 1619218

File: 1660827051380.png (759.18 KB, 783x1079, anachanyeonmi2.png)

Samefag but another example of Yeonmi's "uwu so smoll and wittle" anachan complex. This one's from around 2 years ago I believe.

No. 1619241

Basically all these defectors, if they are even defectors, are liars or at least play it up for a Korean or American audience (what else have they got going? incredibly hard to survive in a new country).

The only actually normal content you'll find about how North Korea works is Chinese tourists talking to them.

No. 1619251

Imagine bragging about never weighing more than the recommended weight of an 11 year old girl topkek. Not sure if I even believe her, if she was at such a low weight chances are she couldn't even have gotten pregnant.

No. 1619292

Imagine being proud of assembling a chair. Only a total waste of air who has never done anyting worthwhile in their life thinks this is an achievment worth writing about.


No. 1619327

It’s crazy to me she’s built a career on her escape from a propaganda ridden cesspool to spreading propaganda for a different cesspool.

I guess having to pay fat alimony checks can make you do the dumbest shit for money.

No. 1619359

Lol why do so many gringos refuse to believe that this shit happens, as if it wasn't common in any dictatorship.
OT but I'm venezuelan and one time we had an "unauthorized reunion" at my college faculty (it was literally just a lame talk about democracy, inside a classroom, organized by students and authorized by the dean) and armed groups led by government officials showed up to our faculty and they beat up students and raped several girls inside campus. I know because I personally know the victims. One of my classmates ended up needing facial reconstruction surgery and all
And our dictatorship is supposed to be much tamer than North Korea's, this woman might be a cow but I don't doubt for a second that she got raped by police or government officials.
Also lol at gringos believing that rich tourists passing by can even get a grasp of the realities of a dictatorship lmao you guys need to leave the house more.

No. 1619440

File: 1660849021311.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1125x1917, 0E4F6EEE-8F1C-477E-B304-2BEB6F…)

Make it happen!

Ironically, the bitch she wants everyone to feel sorry for got fat after her last few pregnancies during the Covid years.

She was from the elite class so press x for doubt.

No. 1619475

File: 1660852246797.jpg (Spoiler Image,114.79 KB, 1080x1080, classy.jpg)

spoilered for nippy but this bimbo couldn't even manage to fully tuck her nipple away before using her implant combined nursing titties for male attention, doesn't really seem like a traumatized trafficking victim to me but maybe sexualizing herself for disgusting men helps her cope. she posted this to her own facebook btw and even after people pointed out the nip slip she kept the photo up

No. 1619527


it's literally the opposite. almost all of us start off taking stories like yours at face value and then end up not believing it because it keeps being revealed people are bullshitting us constantly.

like younger me would've bought what you are saying 100%

No. 1619688

You do realize you make no sense right? "Starting out from zero in a first world country is so hard that she has to lie to survive", but at the same time she was so high class she left her comfortable life in a wonderful country to start out from zero somewhere else?
The reality most likely is (assuming she's really high class, which idk and idc) that she used her connections and money to escape a fucked up country, to be able to live like a free bitch in a normal free country. She has an outspoken attention whore personality that stands out like a sore thumb, that would have made her a sure target for government violence in North Korea.
Having a fucked up past doesn't mean you'll become a good person, in fact I'd say it makes you much more likely to turn into a cow, so her being a cow doesn't neccesarily mean she's lying about what was done to her.
Luckily you don't have to take my word for it because the UN carried out an investigation on government abuse and human rights violations against students, children and civilians in my country, and found evidence of not only sexual violence but also torture, forced dissappearances, unlawful and violent house raids, arbitrary imprisonment of children, among many other things. There's also news reports and pictures everywhere that you can look up for yourself if you're oh so skeptic woke freethinker that you can't fathom the possibility that maybe the very same dictatorship that has been in power for what has been the worst 24 years in modern Venezuelan history could actually be evil???

No. 1619703


honestly i don't know why you think any of this is new or different from the usual. you are all "look at you stupid gringos" and then act like we don't understand that the UN can lie and that it isn't an independent source and you haven't actually posted proof of anything. like honestly just fuck off

No. 1619711

So? Stan her somewhere else.

No. 1620599

Lol if you had even bothered to glance over the reports you'd see the claims are backed up with links to articles, pictures and videos, in every page the statements are supported with proof. Idk why I was expecting a gringo to at least look at a thing before claiming shit about the thing, my bad.
However I'm fine with posting any proof you want to make it really nice and easy for you, if you take your demands to a more appropiate thread, as to not clog this one with a bunch of pictures completely unrelated to this thread's subject until you're satisfied.

No. 1620972

Dude, no1curr. fuck off

No. 1626014

Is anyone still thinking about about making that KJU or a Kim Dynasty thread? I would help but idk where to start, not to mention there are plenty of fun characters in his life like…
>bougie wife and baby-momma, got fat
>psycho younger sister who does the dirty work
>old ass aunt who disobeyed daddy’s ordered and got married to someone with a low songbun, husband was eventually offed by grandchild for rebellion and wanting economic reform
>artsy faggot older brother who loves boomer rock and stalked Eric Clapton all the way to London
>oldest brother who tried to sneak into Japan with his kids and hoes to go to Disneyland, eventually was assassinated under lil’ bro’s orders
>dead dad who was so ronery
>dead grandpa and founder of Best Korea
>…Dennis Rodman

No. 1626231

this website is mostly used by americans, you people did a genocide there lmao nobody with 2 brain cells to rub together wants to hear your takes on north korea, if you want to suck milk out of lying south korean tabloids go to the kpop thread

No. 1626260

I would be interested in that thread, but don't know enough to make it

No. 1626274

Please do. There is so much misinformation about Dennis Rodman being helpful in negotiations or whatever when in reality he is a complete joke in NK only coasting by on his fame.

No. 1626879

Done! >>>/snow/1626877

No. 1626886

There's plenty of Canada and Brit fags here too dummy, who are well aware of America's wrongdoings with NK but it doesn't make NK a paradise or mean their own government isn't also responsible for the shit taking place there. Also "you people did a genocide" kek, are you are a retarded boomer or something? The zoomies and millennials here didn't take part in anything America did to NK dumbass. Go back to yahoo answers or reddit or whatever shit site you crawled out of faggot. I can smell the gatorade and cheeto dust accumulating on your gunt through this post alone.

No. 1626984

Calling out suspicious political figures and their near-grifty habits is one thing, actively shilling for any empire in modern day is another. Fuck politifags and their constant dick-sucking of their preferred oppressors, go back to /pol/, scrotes.

inb4 "anyone who isn't on my side is a scrote" we all know it's you, faggot. Probably got bored trying to shit on KF on twitter, you're now shitting up this site too.

No. 1627019

No contribution, just glad this scammer is getting exposed

No. 1627083

The link isn’t working and I can’t find it. Did it get deleted?

No. 1627331

There's a few books about North Korea that are pretty good but the author's normally don't have a strong media presence. I'd recommend 'Without You There Is No Us' and Dear Leader by Jang Jin-sung

DailyNK is also a good source for news normally

I have seen her channel floating around in my recommended a few times but scrolling through here and looking at the titles of her videos… lol. If anything looks like the headline of some scandalised tabloid I'd give it a pass

No. 1629338

Yeah, some anon or jannie got pissed at the thread and banned me

No. 1629350

Annoying. Looks like there is another thread here though:

No. 1629991

File: 1661803519191.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1125x1719, 21849628-4582-4495-BA40-F89948…)

My tinfoil is she’s hooking/sugaring, change my mind!(sage)

No. 1630012

File: 1661804501516.png (470.92 KB, 1437x1023, 1646532870189.png)

Here's what her book says about the Paris Hilton thing. I haven't read the rest of her book but this came up in a search. It's pretty well known that tv shows take advantage of vulnerable people and if she was being paid for it (or thought she might make money from it otherwise) it makes sense that she would go along with it since North Koreans have problems getting employment in the south. It's also pretty obvious that a North Korean isn't going to have access to real Chanel (and it made headlines when Kim Jong Un's wife did).

I do think she has exaggerated some things intentionally but I don't think her overall story is a lie.

No. 1630160

Rich North Koreans deserve everything bad that happens to them.

No. 1630214

i like how this started out normal then devolved into screaming and crying within 2 sentences. stay schizo nonnie, im sure the army grandpa or whoever you're caping for is smiling down at you from the big comfort woman rape dungeon in heaven

No. 1630560

Her mom stated in a tv program in earlier posts that their experience living in NK wasn’t “that bad”. My guess to why they lost it all and had to defect had to do with one of her relatives pissing off Kim Jong-Il really badly.

No. 1630705

Girl what? Which government do you think I'm caping for? Fuck the troops tbh, I couldn't care less about army/military/navy fags, and I'm Canadian so certainly not pro American military and I have an ex navy grandpa whom I despise and will celebrate when he finally kicks it, you're mistaking me for some US military dicksucking boomer when your post is the one that reeked those vibes. "You people did a genocide" I literally read that in an old man voice cause there's no other way to read it lol.

No. 1630720

Whoooo let’s bomb Vietnam again!!!


No. 1630806

Thinking things weren't that bad is a normal trauma response. I'm not trying to defend them, just pointing that out.

I think it was her dad that tried to escape or something and that caused her family's status to fall.

No. 1630816

Not making yourself look any smarter here tbh

No. 1631419

lol imagine caring if you come across as "smart" on an anonymous image board dedicated to gossip and shit talking

No. 1632424

Then he shouldn’t have pissed off the Kim’s in the first place while keeping their cushy lifestyle.

I agree with >>1630160 why should we feel sorry for North Korean richies, because muh freedom? They have enough money to bribe the authorities to have enough freedom and if they’re caught doing shady shit, they won’t be severely punished unlike the lower classes. So again, why should we feel sorry for the richies?

Fuck them, it’s the defectors with poor backgrounds who suffer the most

No. 1632486


No. 1632550

Can the anons caping for Yeonmi like fuck off or something? This isn't the place for defending her, no one cares and she isn't going to fuck you. Go to reddit.

No. 1632599

It's like they don't realise you can be a grifter and victim, the two aren't mutually exclusive.

No. 1632607


i swear it's always the same type of person. upper middle class usually second gen immigrants who want to suck up to western conservatives while also playing up the identity angle on liberals. they always sperg out when you don't give them any deference or allow them to co-opt the suffering that they are usually at least partially responsible for at home.

they don't even care about people like yeonmi beyond the fact that us not buying her bullshit makes it harder for them to do the same thing.

No. 1632897

In a recent post, she considers herself an ‘enemy’ of the woke kek

No. 1638646

File: 1662458142443.jpg (182.89 KB, 720x626, 20220906_114039.jpg)

Also found this odd as it is very easy to find North Korean "sarang" and love songs. I've watched a few of her videos but not since that claim. It's such an extreme and obviously false statement about basic human nature that even if there would be a grain of truth in it, it is difficult to take anything she says at face value after it.

And a classic, even if not human: Computer of Love

No. 1641402

File: 1662584744933.jpeg (57.45 KB, 575x523, 51DD0298-569F-4354-A975-F7C0FE…)

Her son is so cute! He’s an interesting mix of Asian and ginger, reminds me of my own hapa nephew (though he doesn’t have reddish/brown hair)

And kek at this bitch claiming Big Kim wants to kill her, she’s probably at the very bottom of his shitlist

No. 1641438

i can't take her seriously at all, maybe she would seem more credible if she was the only defector in the world but like…. other north koreans who have left exist, and most of them who arent trying to sell books will tell you they left because it's a horribly impoverished country who's sovereignty is constantly undermined and cant participate in global trade and it sucks to live like that lol not because its >muh litchrally 1984

anyone who feels the need to run their mouth on korea and doesnt realise south korea would have just sank into the ocean by now if not for the US propping up their govt by pumping it with free money is a lost cause tbh, disregard completely

No. 1642007

Right! The government had to build a wall, and shoots defectors, because it's just another ordinary country.

No. 1642132

did i say it was a paradise or did i say what is presented in the media is a caricature with no resemblance to reality? answer fast retard

No. 1642367


>> There has been socialist states . . .

>> The Kim’s exploit the working class . . .

Your political sperging might be slightly more credible if you weren't an outright illiterate.

No. 1642542

be quiet everyone, the unsaged newfag has something to say

No. 1642547

>> Seething illiterate commie

No. 1647030

Damn that was a pathetic attempt at infighting, what a loser

No. 1708338

She looks like she’s made of plastic!

No. 1708356

Current interview she has with some literally who

>has no South Korean friends, is only friends with Americans because SK’s are judgy
>eating beef in North Korea is very illegal
>admits that the U.S is better than South Korea
>North Korean food is very plain

No. 1708442

Is any of these milk though? Just sounds like she wants to be Americas lapdog now. Probably a trauma response, whatever her trauma entails.

No. 1708905

File: 1669335913305.jpeg (36.63 KB, 500x370, 9924BBC7-E649-4664-B29A-EDF3D6…)

No. 1709127

Her face is so shiny, and she really needs to hire a stylist with all the grifter money she's making. The hooker shoes at a political event is not a good look, neither is that 2010's glitter dress.

No. 1710208

File: 1669448927692.jpeg (247.32 KB, 1125x629, 8176DD00-5230-4FB0-B15B-3DF33C…)

No. 1710800

>more like she wants to be conservatives lapdog since she’s saying how america can turn into North Korea from being too “woke” if she told the truth she’d just say that that’ll only happen if America keeps having moids in charge

she reminds me of that woman who faked being a survivor of 9/11 too. But since yeonmi is backed by alot of money, it’ll take a while

No. 1729141

File: 1671243522350.jpeg (765.61 KB, 1125x1307, 5CBDF889-AA90-4CAA-8759-D718CA…)

Why can’t she leave her face alone? She was pretty before she decided to butcher her face with muh capitalist $$$$. In a recent video, she stated she has health issues after enduring muh hardships in Best Korea and China, still milking the rags to riches story I see.

>not a communist state
That might’ve been true in the Kim Jong-il era but norko still consider themselves communist, just not in the traditional sense as with China and Vietnam.

>”In his closing address at the Conference of Cell Secretaries of the Workers’ Party of Korea in late April, Kim mentioned the word “communism” six times. His recent claim that North Korea aims to become a “communist utopia” is a notable change in rhetoric.”


No. 1729336

Does anyone even believe any of the shit that comes out about North Korea anymore? It’s pure American propaganda bullshit. There was some YouTube documentary talking about how makeup is illegal in NK and you can go to jail for selling or possessing it. I talked to a girl who actually lived there for years as an expat and asked her and she laughed and said that was ridiculous and that she had a whole case of it when she went through customs and it was fine and she wore it everyday there. The only thing you’re not allowed to bring into Nk is bibles or porn. Military flight paths show it’s America antagonizong NK and constantly trying to fly into their airspace and do war games. Not the other way around. So much nonsense.

No. 1729354

I can understand their need for nuclear power and to improve their living conditions. I’m sure most of us do not agree on how their government runs things but I can’t help but tinfoil that the US and allies want to keep NK in its shithole state for eventual takeover.

No. 1737936

>burger propaganda
Saged but you realise that not every country in the world is consuming American propaganda, right? The rest of have also gotten our own news and info from NK and find the state of things absolutely horrific. Your friend got a good run of the place because she's not the average NK citizen. Dictatorships are full of things like famine, weaponized rape, covered up murder, corruption, etc. Yeonmi and other grifters are lying but you can't honestly tell me you think NK isn't a hell hole run by a tyrant just because your mate could wear makeup. Of course they're not going to give her the true NK experience when she can move her ass back out of the country, that would be a stupid thing to do to someone who can leave and tell people

No. 1745134

Yeonmi made another “poor Mrs. Kim uwu” video for the 100th time to grift off the recent Harry and Meghan scandal and the comments are not having it with muh oppreshun olympics.

P.S: Yeonmi-san, no matter how much you simp and want everyone to feel sorry for her; young Imelda Marcos will never fuck you.

No. 1745292

The reason they are constantly showing off their missiles and nukes is simply a deterrent, so that the US won’t invade them. US doesn’t invade countries with nukes. They have an American vassal state and military base on their border constantly trying to antagonize, sabotage and spy on them, no wonder they’re paranoid.

No. 1745351

This is the best documentary (independent South Korean/German production) on North Korea out there. You can see its not ideal but still a functionable state, It has to be

No. 1745416

Their regime is shitty but there’s definitely a lot of American propaganda garbage bias surrounding the reports about NK.

Shame DPRK citizens aren’t allowed to marry foreigners, I would marry a North Korean moid, some of them are kyoot, the fact they dress in 40s outfits and the entire country is in a timewarp is kind of neat, and they’re pretty much the only men in the whole world who haven’t been raised on porn. This British girl was talking to one of the guards and he seemed so friendly and nice. Sage for my fantasy sperg.

No. 1745488

It says video is unavailable for me do you mind positive the bare link?

No. 1745489

No. 1745519

Don't fetishize other nationalities.

No. 1745522

KEK anon she only said she'd marry a NK man basically because "they seem nice" - no one's nationality exempts them from criticism or compliments.

No. 1745526

Title of the Doc is Daily life in North Korea - “My Brothers and Sisters in the North

No. 1745527

Thanks non but i still can’t watch it kek i guess it’s not allowed in my country

No. 1745633

Do you live in North Korea?

No. 1745650

Wherever you crawled out from please go back

No. 1745754

Women cannot fetishize moids, go back to twitter and sage your retarded libfem takes

No. 1745804

Slightly ot but a few years ago I read somewhere that defectors whom were once high-ranking officials would complain about their jobs as janitors and whatnot while living in South Korea, feeling entitled for not having a bougie job like they did in the North. It’s kind of funny yet sad at the same time.

No. 1745957

Nta but how are you on the internet but not aware of fujos who fetishize gay men in media or aidens who are literally power rangers mighty morphing themselves into anime boys?

No. 1753424

This video pretty much sums up what we’ve been talking about over the last year, and there’s supposedly a part 2 coming out.

No. 1755859

vidrel explains that Yeonmi Park isn't a unique case, the greatly exaggerated stories of north korean defectors are a ploy between the US and the S. Korea government, the aim is to shit on North Korea as a backwards place to the point that it comes across as a cartoon

No. 1755876

They even make a variety shows/idol shows in S. Korea about these defector women
It's very fucking weird.

No. 1756216

just government propaganda in action, nothing to see here

No. 1761905

Laowhy and Serpentza should honestly have their own thread.

No. 1768354

ot but there’s another “famous” defector who escaped from NK and comes from an elite background, which she admits. Nara Kang is a pseudonym she uses to protect her fam back home from any repercussions but idk, she low key praises the Kim’s and seems infatuated with her country’s First Lady in her videos despite not agreeing with how they run her country. She gives me spy vibes. As of recently, she also got the dorito chin kek


No. 1768469

Definitely a spy

No. 1769943

File: 1676597062459.jpeg (587.49 KB, 1125x1045, F371ECB1-8C97-475F-B3FE-0A11DD…)

She’s starting to resemble a sex doll, one that caters to scrotes with yellow fever. Also, her book is one big bitchfest about how wokism is literally juche.


No. 1769958

They’re both super milky, I wish they had a thread. I actually love them but would still like to read about all their drama in one spot.

No. 1770075

>I actually love them
being fond of bottom of the barrel yellow fever moids = ngmi

No. 1770086

Uses a pseudonym but happy to appear in videos. Her family must feel so safe kek.

No. 1772058

No. 1772744

This is so embarrassing…

No. 1772771

File: 1676926988299.png (332.25 KB, 559x437, z25jk69f6uq91.png)

it's kinda hilarious to think that she's unironically done more damage to her own cause than any kind of North Korean propaganda, all she had to do was write a book, appear in a few TV shows and she'd be set for life, but her story feel apart on account of her contradictions and it's her own damn fault

No. 1773071

she keeps fumbling the bag on like the easiest grift imaginable, she really is atrocious at it…

No. 1773158

File: 1676967795551.gif (192.53 KB, 124x126, strategy.gif)

all she had to do was keep her story consistent and not make cartoonish claims that could easily be refuted

No. 1788886

A bit late with this but she was in a podcast with literally who’s “sharing” her experiences in NK while they, including her are treating the whole thing as a joke. Okay yeah, it’s a comedy channel but why agree to go there to retell your boohoo woe is me sob stories/dear leader has over 9000 sex slaves and laugh like it’s nothing?

No. 1788895

what even is her end goal with this act?

No. 1788933

Fame and money probably. Fuck the poor North Koreans, right?

No. 1789182

Idk is she so wrong here? She is traumatized and got shelter and safety’s from the US so I’m not surprised she has these strong patriotic feelings. The portion about the pronouns isn’t wrong either I think all the anons here agree.

No. 1789768

What are you trying not to understand that this plastic bimbo is a fucking war hawk who sold out her own country for great American cock? Other than “my ppl r suffering”, she hasn’t named a charity or openly helped ‘her people’ with giving food or defection plans yet wants people to be help her get rich. Thae Young-ho is on the same boat as another sellout defector-war hawk

No. 1791008

File: 1679193084354.jpeg (186.08 KB, 1999x1125, BB1EC669-CF26-4F0B-A1E1-96E6CE…)

Honestly if she wants us to feel sorry for anyone in tubby’s family, it would probably be his kids. For awhile now, Big Kim’s been dragging his daughter out to missile launches, military photo-ops/parades, etc. while making her pose showing affection to him in a creepy manner. Meanwhile, his bitch wife who’s totally a ~poor victim uwu~ does nothing, allows this and accepts being in the background because she has her own agenda to uphold regarding Kim and their children; it’s evident she’s the type to put her husband over her own children’s comfort.

Dennis Rodman should’ve kept his mouth shut about Ju-ae’s existence in the first place.(sage your shit)

No. 1791019

File: 1679193738877.jpeg (306.56 KB, 1920x2400, 17D870D9-8C18-4B8B-92D0-657E9F…)

It’s so creepy how she’s dressed and showing affection like his wife had at fucking 10 years old. I really hope Kim isn’t like Grease and is waiting to molest his kids when they’re older, I really do.

No. 1811970

Yeonmi seems to be shifting gears lately. Her videos until recently were mostly about how sorry her audience should feel for Kim’s wife and now she wants said audience to feel sorry for his sister instead because she wants to open up the country while portraying the wife is now some manipulative bitch making power moves; no mention of the “mistress” either…form now. She also admitted that NK will never be liberated in the foreseeable future and hopes for whoever runs it will be kinder to the people (lol).

Her analysis seems to be spot on for the most part, except for Ju-ae being the next dear leader given that Best Korea is patriarchal af and the tabloid rumors she usually likes to emphasize.

No. 1812028

Male take

No. 1812038

Retard thinks if yound food to North Korea people actually get it. I'm seriously tinfoiling that there are North Korean shills or agents on here. "Sold her own country" wtf. So if a goverment is abusive to you, you should still suck it's cock and be a good patritoc slave?

No. 1812143

If North Korean peasants didn't receive the food aid we sent, they'd all be dead by now. It's not like the elites need MREs, they have money to buy whatever foreign luxuries they want, even when no one's allowed to sell them to them.

No. 1812421


nta but when the sanctions triggered food shortages in NK they just opened the border with china so people could ferry whatever they needed back and forth. Over time they built up enough that China has basically replaced the other aid programs and floats NK through droughts and whatever else. They don't accept aid from the US over the last few decades because of the tendency for countries to use NGOs as cover for their intelligence agencies. So Yeonmi is a huge bullshitter, but they don't want or need her help.

No. 1828422

This plastic hoe still thinks Kimberly’s still after her like bitch, you not important enough to whack. If anything, he and his minions watch her videos to laugh at her and gush about “her heavies”

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