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File: 1641490116290.jpg (28.61 KB, 474x522, downloadfile-2.jpg)

No. 1410169

Coquette aesthetic or "Doelet/Dollette" is the neo Nyphette fashion trend between young women on social media. It's exactly like nymphette, only that it's apparently "less pedophilic" just because they said so (read: hypocrisy) even though the way they fantasize about Dolores Haze and obsess over being petite is exactly the same. They also dress the same and gave the same makeup, even posting the same crap Tumblr did 10 years ago.

This is how they describe themselves (clearly being contradictory):
"It is a nymphet slightly reinvented. A nymphet that has taken her power back and lives her life the way she wants however and whenever she wants. She’s an enticing dream girl. Vladimir Nabokov’s definition of nymphet is problematic and uncomfortable and doesn’t represent the community. Doelette does NOT fall into that definition. This aesthetic crosses with angel core, lolita, cottage core, and love core. Young girls with a powerful mature spirit, childlike ways, but old vintage souls with a devious spark. They’re like intoxicating immortal beings wrapped in a sweet dolly package. They’re unexpected, you never know their next move but they probably know yours. Most tend to like older men and listen to Lana Del Rey."

These girls thrive on Tumblr, TikTok and Instagram and their hypocrisy is amusing. Post any cow or calf findings here.

No. 1410199

File: 1641492462118.jpeg (223.28 KB, 750x446, 24724B1E-F4BF-4502-BB94-6223AC…)

Is there any milk in this community? It seems like if there’s no drama this is stuff that could fall into several various threads. Picrel is a personal cow of mine but she has no involvement in drama and quietly posts her monkeys.

No. 1410205

There's always drama. Waif croquettes blah blah whatevers are EDtwt levels of cruel to eachother and keep forming weird wars between themselves, plus half of them are munchies or otherwise larping hardships

No. 1410206

File: 1641493178067.png (4.25 MB, 1920x1564, 1t.png)

Not OP but they're a plague on tumblr now, lots of them are minors, others are adults trying to appear younger. There are fractions that are more like original Nicole uwu sadbbydoll but coquette/dolette have also 00's celebrities aesthetic in, and claiming "no we're not sexual/ddlg, we're better than nymphets".
I can't remember any more notorious snowflakey accounts atm but just one look at "coquette" on tumblr and woah, they're so cringe.

No. 1410208

god, i hate that 'my girl?' meme with a passion of thousand suns

No. 1410211

File: 1641493401337.png (5.89 MB, 2022x2026, 2t.png)

part 2

No. 1410215

>"It is a nymphet slightly reinvented. A nymphet that has taken her power back and lives her life the way she wants however and whenever she wants."
>"She’s an enticing dream girl."
I don't know why they claim it's so self-empowering when in reality they're just living to be perceived by other people?

No. 1410216

Looking through "coquette, doelette, angelcore dollcore" tags is enough to dislike them, and lurking their blogs is even worse. i thought it died in 2018. there's also a "traumacore" fraction that's more like original hurt sadbbydolls posting toys and Nicole.
these girls pretty much shit on old nymphettes and call themselves morally better, but also post awful shit and acknowledge themselves as the "girls that are in fact the problem". idk decide on something lol.

No. 1410302

They're really not everywhere. Tumblr is what you make of it, and it's way easier to avoid weirdos than anywhere else.

No. 1410331

I know these trends thankfully aren't really to be found anywhere besides tumblr and it's easy to avoid these blogs, but it's sad to see the aesthetic resurge nonetheless.

No. 1410411

I don't know any in particular cow in this aesthetic community, but literally all of them either have or want an eating disorder. I do see this aesthetic on twitter and pinterest a lot too. A popular coquette meme is to have a "pinterest addiction". This style usually goes hand in hand with the ed community on twitter too. I think most of them are just roleplaying for the romanticization though. Just a bunch of girls like Erin Painter. Upper middle class girls fantasizing about being that "Miss Dior Kate Moss off duty model on the way to ballet classes addicted to cherry coke and cigarettes." They're also lying about the "no sexualization" part because 99% of them have a 2nd nsfw twitter; see the pedo pandering thread. They're all the same people.
So yeah, I don't think there's any real drama in the community. But some of the cringe things they post are fun to lol at.
t. I like the aesthetic. The pink, feminine style side of it, at least. Not the lana del ray lolita side. Sorry not sorry kek

No. 1410419

File: 1641506366036.jpg (414.56 KB, 1080x1807, IMG_20220106_225623.jpg)

bitch no you don't, you pretend you do because your shitty aesthetic told you it's supposed to be your ~spirit animal uwu~. Soren already did it like 8 years ago lol

No. 1410432

File: 1641507716262.png (1.78 MB, 636x2456, sdfff.png)

>i only exist to be perceived by others
i'm surprised there are black girls trying and protecting this aesthetic to death when someone calls it out. weird cause the aesthetic is so porcelaine-whitegirl centered, and at least a couple years back it was full of female conservatives, avid Trump supporters, racist and self proclaimed nazis

No. 1410436

File: 1641507890484.png (434.59 KB, 404x606, tumblr.png)

the pink/feminine/dolly aesthetic is just pink/feminine aesthetic. what makes "coquette aesthetic" is i guess addition of wishing for having ED, ddlg vibes whilst claiming they don't support it, pseudo-strong bitch jennifer's body vibes, heroin chic and wanting to be ~*broken but pretty*~~. all the pink, feminine dress style can be enjoyed without linking to coquette aesthetic. clothes wise same things can be found in kinderwhore or kawaii style. or just pink clothes alone, idk why these girls need to name everything this or that aethstic or something-core.
i don't think these girls know who is Soren or Ginger Bronson anymore (maybe for the better lol)

No. 1410476

god i hate this aesthetic so much. they ruined the virgin suicides for me

No. 1410477

Sage because slight tinfoil but speaking of Erin Painter, I think she’s in the EDTWT community but I’m not completely sure so I don’t want to post their username here in case it isn’t her (learned my lesson from getting dragged for this in the shitty hellhole Erin Painter thread). If it is her, she’s lost a considerable amount of weight and in their bio they claims to have hit their lowest weight. If anyone knows what account I’m talking about and you’re sure it’s her feel free to post it. Also, Erin Painter’s underage slutty pictures are being used everywhere in the coquette community. Not posting those pics here for obvious reasons. It’s just depressing how they’re using Erin Painter for their aesthetic and especially her underage era photos for their aesthetic. Just goes to show how pathetic the coquette community/aesthetic is.

No. 1410480

I don’t really think this thread should exist because most people in the coquette community are minors.

No. 1410616

Not all of them

No. 1410634

They really aren't. They're mid-twenties larping as lost teens kek

No. 1410648

I feel dumb but I don't get it. What does it mean?

No. 1410653

ntayrt but they're honestly on more places than you think; lots on tumblr, tiktok, and twitter especially. i'd even argue that they're on twitter primarily

No. 1410691

That’s not enough reason for this not to be a thread as long as we don’t post anyones socials. But I agree with the other anon - many of them are late teens to early 20s doing this, like 18-23 from what I’ve seen on tumblr. People like Lily Rose Depp and Alanna (I think is the name?) get idolized and both of them are 22 so it only makes sense women of the same are trying to fetishize their whole look. Sad though, it’s a losing game.

No. 1410714

File: 1641528618866.jpg (45.18 KB, 561x695, tumblr_c022150ea4b796f3b4b1f61…)

Lots of those blogs are anonymous, just reblogging their dream girl Alana champions and Joanna Kuchtas pics. i tried to find any notorious girls that post their selfies/have blind following/have dramas. first immediately coming to mind is Alida Simone/babydarkokitten/jumpropejailbait who was already posted in old nymphet threads but i guess she still carries on & being an icon to these new girls, so she's kinda on board

No. 1410720

File: 1641529079349.png (650.84 KB, 1000x1710, 42411.png)

Anyways this one, whilst unconventional, looks like a huuge pickme/NLOG of coquette blogs. has popular coquette sideblog and pretends to be some expert on aesthetic, but she's strongly against waifspo/ED side of community. also had some drama with others i guess. some of her posts are based but when you lurk more you see she just bitches on everyone whilst making herself better. i find her NLOG posts so cringy, she calls them all stupid and unoriginal but she dabbles in same aesthetic and talks just like them. kek her "rude hot bitch" talk is so cringey, same as the fact she shits on doelets/waiflets/whatever but speaks fondly of the original nymphet shit. here's her ask tag, her name on tumblr is lovesickbrat

No. 1410723

File: 1641529273472.png (634.69 KB, 1000x1484, 424112.png)

and part 2

No. 1410736

kek wtf i follow her too but unironically love her. i don't think she really understands what the whole "doelette/nymphette" community entails. she's 50-something and clearly severely autistic, dresses in lolita, is obsessed with reborn dolls, WWE, and monkeys. iconic imo.

No. 1410739

oh my god APA enjoyers rise up! I was so confused the first time I saw her spamming nymphet stuff. I hope she and her joey ramone tulpa are happy.

No. 1410797

Just to be clear, I didn't mean that they know who is Soren, just that their shit is fake and old as fuck. The Ginger thing is on point, she was trendsetter in a way kek

No. 1410941

>doelet is an aesthetic made for and based on trauma
and this is why no one ever believes women who speak out on sexual abuse

No. 1410949

doelet just sounds like a female manlet or something kek

No. 1410968

this. i dislike the idea of making trauma into aesthetic. like concentrate on healing your trauma, not making it fashion. it's romanticising that trauma/abuse and making it appealing concept. but when you point it out, these girls are like "then WTF am i supposed to do if not romanticise my trauma?! oh excuse me for having BPD depression ptsd severe trauma but you're offended with me posting glitter xanax and hello kitty paint edits with shitty captions, i do art to deal with ~muh trauma~ and edits are art too!"

No. 1410989

it's because they're faking it, no one with real experiences would have a cringy blog dedicated to that shit because it's so cool and kawaii. but if you say that you're an evil "gatekeeper" or some other meaningless political buzzword they throw at people who call them out on their obvious bullshit larping.
at the same time i feel bad for these blogs though. it's an incredibly harmful part of the internet because it literally encourages girls to put themselves in dangerous situations (like trying to date older men) to fulfill their own rapey daddydom lana aesthetic fantasies they've had shoved down their throats by tumblr/pop culture/media. this is pretty much the same as when black and white cutting/proana blogs was a trend on tumblr and every teenage girl started having eating disorders and cutting themselves because they wanted to be like the girls on skins or whatever. i would die of sadness if i had a daughter and she turned out like the girls itt because of tumblr making girls think it's attractive to be hurt and exploited. what a horrid world.

No. 1410992

sorry for ot but the DNI IF QANON is killing me. is it that problematic? isn't it just believing pedos are breeding kids in underground tunnels? kek

No. 1411461

I'm kind of wondering who's responsible for resurgence of this thing. i mean ofc its impossible to tell exactly, but i suppose someone coined all those doelet coquette waiflet angelcore tags instead of just nymphette. these tumblrs all have the same elements that are somewhat differing from nymphets 1.0:
>ddlg creeps do not interact!
>ed/please block, don't report!
>Effy was the blueprint
>wanting to be it girls, fortune brats a'la Paris, nepotism babies, victoria secrets angels etc
>hello kitty childlike pictures with 3-word shit like "i'm so alone" written in Arial
>trauma this, trauma that, each one has trauma and so they're entitled to post toxic shit
>some post gore cause sure a symptom of trauma/depression is posting gore just like Nicole
>can't decide if they're fragile petite bambi-eyed angelic broken trauma dolls or the outgoing absolute party girlboss hot bitches
>pinterest boards
>ironic/self dragging hot girl memes in that one specific font
>a kind of rivalry who "contributes" more of old forgotten photos of 00's bimbos, 2-headed fawns and myspace fairies
That's what i make of tumblr crowd, not sure how it is on insta or tik tok.

No. 1411944

Considering the amount of sexual abuse survivors there is in pro-ana websites and anorexics in general I don't think anyone can discredit them as easily.
Most people who go through sexual trauma at young ages either distance themselves from their sexuality or sexualise themselves unknowingly, the latter being the case here.
In the end this whole trend is a terrible place for young girls and older people larping as young to talk about things they really shouldn't be talking about such as romanticizing being with a much older man when they're minors.

No. 1412012

I’m so glad you made this. I find it so cringeworthy and embarrassing

No. 1412392

File: 1641689914171.png (1.72 MB, 516x1886, 1638617760545567803.png)

This has to be one of the cringiest things I've ever seen in my life

No. 1413310

>sexualise themselves unknowingly, the latter being the case here
except there's not a single person who can go on the internet to look up pictures with extremely loaded words/tags like "traumacore" and "nymphette" or similar bullshit and make it into their identity unknowingly. they sexualize themselves very much intentionally because they need validation, which is not hard to understand considering they are mostly teenage girls or young women. the problem lies within the fact that this shit is considered sexy, cool or edgy at all. otherwise it wouldn't breed online subcultures like these. it's very much about fantasy and aesthetics, not lived experience, which is why it's all about sharing images and dressing in certain ways - most of which don't even relate to the experience at all, but is rather an aesthetic based on the way pedophilia and sexual abuse is portrayed and romanticized in media; in other words leon, lolita etc.

No. 1413440

This anon described the problem perfectly.
I think it's worth thinking about, what really means "trauma" to those girls? Do you think all of them experienced something so heavy and life-ruining? or is "trauma" anything they want it to be? like having parents that don't allow you to do something, or a boyfriend breaking up with you, or getting called ugly, idk. My point is, "trauma" and "PTSD" is getting completely washed out, like the word is losing its meaning. some of these girls never experienced anything traumatic at all, but they'll take one unpleasant thing and blow it out of proportion and call it trauma, cause that's what pretty coquette girls have, all of them must have trauma, right. Idk, maybe original nymphets started that shit because of trauma, but i don't think it's the case with coquettes, they just hop on old, slightly rehashed trend. I can't imagine that people who experience something actually traumatic, dealing with mental illnesses and problems, sexual abuse etc. sit around on tumblr creating aesthetic boards of their problems. they don't do cosplays of fawn-eyed traffiking/sexual abuse victims. don't willingly put themselves in threatening situations again just to feel like a hot sexy broken girl.

No. 1413445

File: 1641779947648.png (425.45 KB, 600x463, wxcvvv.png)

samefag and sage for long text, but
look at the overrated movies they're obsessed with. Virgin Suicides - etheral pretty girls, sad and locked away but also hot and desired by boys, even in death, cause they're so ~mysterious~. Girl Interrupted - Lisa Rowe, hot psycho who does what she wants and rules the whole hospital, cause mental illnesses are sooo hot, right? And finally Thirteen - young girls who literally make their own problems, if they don't have them, they'll create them, they'll put themselves in trouble just cause it's adult, it's adventurous, rebellious etc. They'll be hot bitches, and you know that crazy/damaged/young or young looking girls are the hottest! Look at Lolita, a young girl doind adult things and being desired by grown man, rather than some wrinkly adult woman doing adult things. that's what they take from it all. teens adapt to that kind of shit, while adult girls pretend to be younger cause that's what the world keeps perpetuating, men prefer younger and younger girls.
They do it for validation, they all want to be "sparkle jump rope queens", always looking young and pretty but also being confident hot bitches living on the edge, whose traumas and illnesses give them more, idk more "depth" and "intelligence", in their heads. I'll hazard a guess that most of them are not sticking to the aesthetic because of their traumas/problems. They're seeking or imagining their traumas/problems because of the aesthetic.

No. 1413762

honestly this one is ok, just looks like some weird cosplay

No. 1413769

agreed, the clothes she's wearing aren't looking matching in a way, but at least it's not sexual/ddlg/lolita/anorexic vibes. she tagged it stupidly ofc, but this could pass just as dolly clothes, without coquette bullshit tags needed.

No. 1415998

> Virgin Suicides - etheral pretty girls, sad and locked away but also hot and desired by boys, even in death, cause they're so ~mysterious~
It's about how everyone around the girls objectified them and that ended up pushing them to suicide. I think that goes over the heads of most girls that worship the movie and novel though

No. 1416041

I can see why though because they 100% have never read the novel which gets that point across better than the highly romanized movie…. which they probably haven’t seen either because it seems as though most are just relying on reposted gifs and screencaps from a decade ago to get the gist of it lol

No. 1416071

Wtf, nobody should idolize Cassie from Skins, her story is so fucking sad and something these sad ana-chan babies dream they could be.

No. 1416112

that's just insufferable

No. 1416135

And yet it's been a thing for years and years. it's been a thing on the highly romanticized these days "2014 tumblr" with all the AHS Arctic Monkeys pale grunge american apparel white grid on a black background normie-hipster style blogs. and its infinitely more of a thing now with these girls ugly ED/ana promoting bullshit. same with that other girl from Skins who said "lovely" all the time.
Skins were awful series overall. I really hate series/films that are based on that stupid idea that depression means sitting in a bathtub surrounded by scented candles all fucking day and staring numbly at the wall, or going to the fucking parties just to wander around with a smudged makeup and a cigarette just to feel "alone in the crowd".

No. 1416136

i can't believe this trend never truly died

No. 1416138

skins sucked. also cassie was the one who said "lovely" all of the time. didn't help that she was so "innocent", she's the perfect crystallization of everything these girls want to be and will kill themselves to become

No. 1416144

whoops you're right. so Effy was the one who cried mascara at parties. she was also skinny enough to be glorified by these morons.
I'll compile some fresh tumblr cringe later but i'll just say now that I'm seeing differences more clearly now.
Nymphets were mostly focused on stanning Nicole, cosplaying Lolita, flirting with old men and a lot of them dated old for real. they were also into ED but still kept it slightly less straightforward, and most of "nymphet hall of fame" were fat ones trying nymphet fashion nonetheless (remember Nicole calves?)
Coquettes are 100% about wishing to have anorexia/ED. some identify as "femcels" (lol) and make up imaginary scenarios. it's not as focused on being littles and shit, it's all about obsessing over Lizzie Grant, thin models and wishing to be waif-bambi-thin one day. none of them are as angelic as they think, even if they're thin.

No. 1416277

aren't these the redscare orbiter hoes?

No. 1416327

i've seen red scare in their tags, as well as Dasha. isn't it some feminism/capitalism criticism thing led by mean girls fangirls? (that's at least what i make of brief description, and i really am not tempted to listen especially since its paid i guess) is this some odd variant of pro-feminism, pseudo anti-capitalism, ignorant comunist-leaning thing? cause coquette's aesthetic is based on rather rich side of capitalism, despite uwu trailer park bullshit (they wish for luxurious things, chanel, rich men, but i doubt they're real white trash/poor people)? don't think i get this coquette-redscare podcast correlation correctly

No. 1416538

nah, it’s trad pro-ana pickmes who used to masquerade as leftists but now outright simp for Alex Jones, Steve Bannon, and any libertarian tech squillionaire who’ll throw them a bone of attention
thus perfect for this garbage pickme self-misogynist scene

No. 1416617

i hate how this movement brought back, or rather made pro ana blogs popular again. like, shameless pro ana. as in, making it trendy. "i want to be a skeleton" in tags and shit.
kinda wonder who started it all. i remember when nymphets rebranded as coquettes like 5-4 years ago, but i feel like that was somewhat completely different crowd. i don't think these current idiots know who was Ginger or Jess Woods for example. who started those white text memes, Alana Champion/Lily Rose Depp/Ana Taylor Joy worship/pinterest boards. all i've seen is tumblr though, i haven't seen insta, twitter or tiktok version of these communities.

No. 1416785

I was constantly on tumblr in 2010-2012 and this was even a thing back then. The only difference now is that the pro-ana Cassie-worshippers have joined hands with the soft-gyaru/larme girls to create a new breed of "beautifully traumatized" teenagers. It's just what being young in the online world is. Unless there is a notable cow, I don't really see why this board is necessary.

No. 1417494

Idk but i think people wanted to discuss the whole "scene" and express their dislike, and OP probably thought anons would bring up some notorious flakes eventually. i don't necessarily think the thread's bad. it could've been placed in /ot, but who knows. perhaps it needs a deeper dive to figure out and maybe it picks up some milk. if not, it's fine too.

No. 1420780

File: 1642541861451.png (49.31 KB, 728x272, Screenshot 2022-01-18 223643.p…)

No. 1421957

Kek, of course. love it whenever idiots think that they're criticized just because the whole world cannot pull it off/is just jealous! Funny this, i think among people who criticize them there often are types they wish to be (skinny, blonde, probably look good in kinderwhore/babydoll dresses and light colors) but don't make themselves into such fools. Coquette girls however usually aren't these types at all. maybe i haven't searched well but i'm YET to find any "coqutte" looking types, like they claim to look. sorry but most aren't skinny, and if they are, they still wear ugly clothes, and their faces are far from etheral.

No. 1422957

File: 1642745112398.jpeg (892.7 KB, 855x1477, F795205F-FC43-43D0-8202-B73250…)

I’m surprised she is still with her neck beard bf.

No. 1423405

or maybe it's because all of you are fat cringe womanchildren who look like pixyteri. coquette cringe is basically lolita without the weebiness, you can't change my mind

No. 1423542

Anons discussed her briefly recently either in Nicole's Calf or Nymphets: where are they now thread and said that Alida pretends to be all grown up and against nymphet/lolita shit now, but privately she's still posting lolita-esque stuff. she's still with that neckbeard, obviously she does it for the money and place to stay since she dropped school. damn i'd even rather see her living with her parents still than staying with that old man.

No. 1426444

this thread doesn’t sit right with me since 99% of that cringe “uwu nymphet” community are just annoying minors

No. 1426459

If they're 16 or older it doesn't matter. Maybe what shouldn't sit right with you is the fact these kinds of people even exist in the first place?

No. 1426619

This is so embarrassing for a 21 year old woman

No. 1426922

File: 1643161292450.png (96.51 KB, 1002x1078, coquette.png)

>DOES NOT promote or romanticise CSA or trauma
>promotes nothing but healthy coping mechanisms
>does not look to be sexualised.
LMAO. I really want to know what are nothing but healthy coping mechanisms they promote. cause so far it's reblogging track marks, self harm pics, syringes and openly pro ana pics whilst basing entire "ideology" on wishing to look like a cross of Paris, Lana, Alana and Nicole, in a thinnest version possible.

No. 1433790

It's crazy how every single item each of them are wearing is a fashion mistake. I thought these girls were supposed to be AeStHeTiC??

No. 1436073

File: 1644157720215.jpeg (163.92 KB, 694x1159, B0E6F869-9CB1-4ED0-AD1F-E4F0DF…)

No. 1436077

File: 1644158038018.jpeg (744.41 KB, 747x1370, 53C421C1-B2DB-4B76-8592-FAE052…)

her @ on tiktok is esoteric.zahra and it just gets worse

No. 1436122

>time has come for 45kg waif girls
>adolescent looking
(kek which of her feature is adolescent looking?)
God, please no. Please don't try to make this an ~now's the time for US~ thing. (As if "waif/katemosscore" 45kg girls weren't a most trending, most demanded thing in fashion since literal years, lol.)
Just cause you're 45kg doesn't mean you have to dress yourself in lolita clothes and push this kinderwhore/pastel repackadged aesthetic as something cool/empowering, or showing that around and getting obnoxiously proud that you're thin - saying this as someone in the same weight category bc of health problems. wear clothes all you want but don't try to make ~pro ana~ a commercial thing again.

No. 1436129

File: 1644162951309.png (1.29 MB, 1920x1496, tumblrrr2.png)

Here's one that's always shilled hard on tumblr for some reason, dollling.tumblr.com Aside from all the typical #coquette bullshit she posts, she's wannabe anorexic. All the ~i look like a sick victorian child~ and "Omg i got so dizzy after this i fell down" (she literally just moved slightly to the side for the camera and touched her hair, lmao). she even posted she sure must be severly iron deficient for a while only to go to the doc to discover she's not anemic at all.

I thought tumblr coquettes are the worst, but this girl is ridiculous, tiktok's def worth a cowhunt deep dive

No. 1436139

Woof she has a mug on her. That outfit and pose looks stupid

No. 1436143

Idk why all these girls identifying as coquettes post coquette style instructions being a cross of old Nicole's wardrobe, angelic white dresses and lolita stuff, but they dress in completely different clothes. if one had to judge from their wardrobe, coquette would be just 2014 Starbucks girl

No. 1436150

File: 1644165870719.jpeg (683.06 KB, 746x1296, 0C8325E6-ED31-4F14-917F-6609E7…)

She looks 25

No. 1436195

It's like one old man said he thought she was 17 and now her whole personality is being small and young and frail uwu. Lego head looking ass. You can easily clock her for early to mid 20's by her facial features alone. Flatties need to realize being shapeless and plain doesn't make you look like a little girl, you just look like 2x4.

No. 1436341

It fascinates me that so many girls in their early 20s who get mistaken for being in their older teens see such significance to a statement that’s just a few years off. Unless they gained or lost a significant amount of weight, most girls I know didn’t change that much facially between the end of high school and getting out of uni/starting careers. So being mistaken as 17 when you’re 21 shouldn’t be a surprise. It’s only four fucking years kek. Turning 18 isn’t an overnight physical transformation that makes you suddenly look matronly, hence why that age is so dodgy, you could easily be older or younger than you say. Call us back when you’re in your 40s being mistaken for a teen.

No. 1436348

>I look 17
No you look like WillNE

No. 1436349


17 and 21 year olds do look the same. And they are also the same maturity wise. Which young 20 something people will deny.

No. 1436351

Lmfao anon

No. 1436462

So are we going see her in the tradthot thread soon? it's like they always start out like this

No. 1436509

I think she might have cow potential kek

No. 1436514

hopefully shes doing this to sabotage this whole waif community on purpose because kek

No. 1436844

Maybe I'm desensitized from the pro ana scumbags thread, but she doesn't look 45kg
Or maybe she's just short

No. 1436951

File: 1644246925330.jpeg (553.77 KB, 828x1122, E524D7D6-385B-49E0-A780-FAF8C7…)

I’ve noticed that many of them have this weird obsession with Russia like how weeabos are with Japan

No. 1436957

not even an anachan but she’s definitely not LOL

No. 1436961

their whole perception of russian women probably comes from western stereotypes and that one episode in skins when they went to russia

No. 1436968

oh and how could i forget red scare dasha and anna

No. 1436974

How is some skinny waif freezing her ass off inside of a crucifix shaped ice hole considered "bimbo core". I fucking hate "aesthetic" tumblr retards.

No. 1436985

Lol this reminds me of how Yungelita faked being Russian and posted most fucking basic Russian words to prove. Her idea of being Russian was being blonde and running around in white etheral dresses in the woods (and copying Hoffmanita). Guess these idiots continue with that line of thinking, except instead of "full shaped forest nymph" it's "~waify 45kg childlike nymph~"

No. 1437001

its funny but also kinda bizarre. im not russian but i imagine if they actually got sent to some small village in siberia their fairy dreams would instantly get smashed kek

No. 1437008

File: 1644251468802.jpg (174.73 KB, 1024x1280, couple.jpg)

One of the interesting things I find about the Coquette/Nymphet aesthetic is the men they are attracted too
You'd expected some DDLG/Daddy dom cringe and there is some of it to an extent but not as much as one would expect, rather they seem to often post mentally ill, sad and broken men but who are still masculine

I have a friend whose into this whole aesthetic and the only ever men she posts are young Robert Deniro and young al pacino, I know for a fact she rematches their films almost every other week, they all seem to be obsessed with Vincent Gallo as well
other then those types, they post dead poets and eastern european soldiers(I knew one who posted Kurdish guerrillas as well)

picrel is often what you'll find on their tumblr pages

No. 1437015

that's such specific preferences, wth are they into such men
lol it would be kinda hard to be all faerie in piles of warm winter clothing

No. 1437017

it feels like there are different subgenres of this whole "aesthetic", like the ones who are into the bimbocore thing, the "fairie" ones and so on, i guess this is the result of gen-z obsession with labeling and the death of grunge lana del rey 2014 tumblr

No. 1437018

>death of grunge lana del rey 2014 tumblr
This has its own huge revival too, AmericanApparen grunge starbucks 2014 shit is coming back full force. Tbh they are 100% less irritating than coquette cause they at least stick to their ""grunge"" aesthetic pics

Why are genz so unoriginal, all they do is "discovering" these trends from 5 years ago lol

No. 1437022

Samefag but i love when they pretend they were old enough to remember certain 00's things. Like 17yo girls writing "rawr i miss Myspace" or "Omg i miss Anna Nicole Smith"

No. 1437024

my guess is consoomerism + pandemic + mainstream media becoming more artificial, just a mess in general

No. 1437025

I think it's a mob wife /bonnie and Clyde type aesthetic. They like macho violent dudes because it makes them look more ickle and soft in comparison. Also the romanticised idea of guys like this being very violent FOR you and a little bit violent AT you (but only because he loves you so much).
The kurdish soldiers fits into this too, and i think the dead poets thing is because they like the idea of grand gestures of love from mentally ill types.

No. 1437027

I love it when they have the gall to gatekeep shit they weren't old enough to remember.

No. 1437034

for me it's kind of weird to realize some aren't even old enough to remember the beginning of Instagram and other social media. they were growing up with first generation iPhones at most.

Maybe it's because i forgot a lot from those years, but somehow this coquette thing is more irritating than whatever from 2014-2016 tumblr

No. 1437037

File: 1644253316255.jpg (40.79 KB, 720x450, tumblr_odl76lH46S1uajb0zo1_128…)

I think most of them are at least self aware enough to realize that ddlg is cringe but still want some type of mentally ill man who is sad but isn't like an insecure softboy
so this "type"(idk what to call it) becomes the obvious alternative, the fact they post eastern european soldiers from stuff like Balkan wars or war in donbass is pretty interesting
often see stuff like picrel

No. 1437038

File: 1644253422164.jpg (137.31 KB, 942x524, kartino4ka-2020-04-19-v-14.55.…)

talking about hoffmanita, they romanticise her a lot, probably because shes the stereotypical pretty but mentally ill girl with a bad childhood, is this really what they want to be?

No. 1437046

reminds me of /fa anons on 4chan who find the taliban fashionable

No. 1437058

damn is that recent pic on the right? how the hell she let herself go so much…
It's kinda crazy like these insta girls, Hoffmanita, Yungelita, Joanna Kuchta Lilith, TooPoor, Plaaastic are already the "older generation", some of these are already worshipped like heroes by those teens. the internet time runs too fast

No. 1437062

Damn imagine being a soldier's girl for the aesthetic. just to be uwu small waif fawnlike delicate flake of snow standing next to your boyfriend.
not really an example of "strong" but surprised they aren't falling for Columbine/true crime school shooters yet like Nicole &co. back in the day kek

No. 1437069

File: 1644255406310.jpg (69.01 KB, 800x800, barbie-humana-1200x800-1.jpg)

i think the pic on the right is kinda old, seems like she deactivated her insta too. hopefully getting help for whatever issues she has and not being around the people who enable her to be like that

some other weird eastern european girls ive seen going around in this community are those irl barbies, but i think that might fall into the weirdcore category which isnt really the same as the waif thing

No. 1437070

File: 1644255462422.png (1.64 MB, 1080x946, 463E1D3C-1E73-434A-B85F-39DFA3…)

Speaking of killers I’ve actually seen some of them liking Jodi Arias (a girl who brutally murdered her ex bf) and making her selfies an aesthetic

No. 1437072

File: 1644255702979.png (545.2 KB, 600x1240, Screenshot (503).png)

>friend whose into this whole aesthetic and the only ever men she posts are young Robert Deniro and young al pacino
this is her btw
there's an element of Ironic misandry in the aesthetic which actually lures a lot of girls into it

No. 1437077

>daddy pls notice me
>i'm femcel
>i totally am male manipulator
>fuck men
>also i do everything i do for males

I don't understand. so now it's both ways? they don't know what they want kek

No. 1437082

>I’ve actually seen some of them liking Jodi Arias (a girl who brutally murdered her ex bf)
Do you know where you are? Travis was a psycho creep and a pedo. I do not support murder but I don't feel bad for him either. Jodi seems sympathetic to many anons because Travis abused her emotionally and kept her around for sex (literally called her a "three hole wonder") while maintaining a facade of wholesome pious boi.

No. 1437084

Based anon. Travis deserved it. Free my girl Jodi she did nothing wrong.

No. 1437085

>I do not support murder
sure sis

No. 1437086

Yikes if that’s the case then I take that back, I’ve never got into the case I just knew the story of her getting pissed at him and stabbing him.

No. 1437088

she went full bpd psycho and drove a long way to murder him but she killed a scrote so lc stans her along with wournos

No. 1437104

File: 1644258773404.png (848.95 KB, 1084x711, 1644258698955.png)

>I don't understand. so now it's both ways? they don't know what they want kek

its all about the "aesthetic" they probably don't believe in any of those things
they are misandrist but in a cool edgy skinny waif way, not the way "fat radfems" are
they are into dark depressed men but not the male softboys normie girls are into

this is a sad attempt at counter culture and being unique, do you really think someone who posts pics of herself like this is anything more then a wanna be edgelord

No. 1437109

File: 1644259047237.jpg (47.4 KB, 700x394, 16638651_401.jpg)

>some type of mentally ill man who is sad but isn't like an insecure softboy

why did i think of this

No. 1437111

lol that's complicated. one thing's sure though, none of these girls are things they preach to be, nor fit whatever fucked up aesthetics. most of these girls posts (like dolling girl etc) are very much like boasting they're so thin and some creepy men stalk them or someone on the street mistaken them for ballerina/kate moss/famine victim etc. Very much r/thathappened.

The counter culture factor is the most ironic, cause all things they love are 100% spawn of mainstream culture.
I'm interested in learning who exactly made the whole thing snowball, like who made up those angelcore idiotcore tags, who fished certain pictures from the net and so on. my bet is that it was an old lolita/nymphet with Lizzie Grant stan blog, who tried to paint herself to be at least 7 years younger.
My second theory is that tumblr itself is at fault. I noticed that all old, inactive blogs pretty much disappear from seach/notes etc. Old but still active blogs aren't popular. It's newest blogs that are most promoted/recommended. that's why sometimes i see fresh blogs that have only 10 posts or so, but they already have 1000 follows.
Because tumblr is smaller than ever, several trends are more likely to spread faster.

No. 1437112

kek whenever i see that pink heart choker i immediately think of Parkavenuepinup

No. 1437115

after the porn ba, most of the SJWs fled to twitter
most of those left are edgelords, open white supremacists and these edgy girls, its a pit which eventually breaches into mainstream sites like twitter or pintrest

No. 1437195

File: 1644264658690.jpeg (105.38 KB, 750x1085, 671B34EF-E961-4FAE-8A60-809E48…)

No. 1437198


Same, based anons. I was surprised once I read into the case. Not to mention Travis admitted that he was a pedophile and told Jodi that if they had sex it could cure him of his 'urges' (WHAT). He led her on forever, constantly used her for sex, made her get baptized as LDS because she wanted to get married, and then broke up with her because he 'needed to marry a 'pure' Mormon virgin'.
One less pedo scrote with a Madonna-whore complex in the world is fine with me.

No. 1437205

can i get an url, this sounds brilliant but i can't find her for the life of me

No. 1437209

File: 1644265992805.jpeg (42.17 KB, 275x274, 9C8895B5-D7C4-49EB-9198-EB4611…)

No. 1437210


No. 1437214

This isn't Twitter, can you not

No. 1437218

>can you not
2013 Tumblr called and asked you to step back into the cryochamber

No. 1437220

No. 1437226

File: 1644267253316.jpg (124.83 KB, 640x827, fdhgkds.jpg)

what does this even mean. how is pinterest equivalent to tumblr in any way ?
>too young in 2014
got me feeling like a senior citizen

No. 1437231

lmao you guys cannot be serious. while i feel bad for jodi, she is a COMPLETELY unreliable narrarator and no one can or has corroborated any claims of his alleged pedophilia, something she very obviously reached on when desperate. he was, however, a piece of shit.

No. 1437251

>Too young for Tumblr but not too young for Pinterest
Pinterest has always been Tumblr for moms so this makes no sense to me either

No. 1437252

File: 1644269900297.png (352.78 KB, 576x442, 3ayjq9.png)

No. 1437254

Someone didn't listen to the phone calls

No. 1437255

>Three words came from 2013 Tumblr
Stop projecting 444 ritalin prozac russian angel it girl baby

No. 1437258

File: 1644270771913.jpeg (260.62 KB, 827x1587, A589FC3F-59C2-42FB-85F8-4FB0D8…)

Lots of the waif girls do go on Pinterest a lot and post just as if their in tumblr too, I see them all over my feed it’s very annoying and their accounts usually look like this

No. 1437261

that's the problem with Pinterest, you click on one pic once and you'll forever have results alike on your feed
don't get the pinterest obsession either, but maybe that's why- maybe bc pinterest floods them with results with 100s of more "coquette" pics that they can repost to tumblr and get likes

No. 1437278

Good lord, they're bringing Mars Argo into this? Hasn't she suffered enough

No. 1437281

please don't tell me they consider her "coquette". eww

No. 1437316

File: 1644275115454.png (1.19 MB, 882x794, ac.png)

Can someone tell me why is this Alana Champion their poster girl patron saint? What's so special about this girl? i mean yes she's a model, but she's not exactly famous, looks absolutely fucking boring, and did nothing interesting besides that one photoshoot where she pretends to be white trash in a trailer. where did thse girls fish her out from

No. 1437322

unwashed, white, cute but not scalding hot = attainable

No. 1437326

she sorta restarted this trend and is thus fat the closest their aesthetic can get to the mainstream these days

No. 1437332

so is she doing that thing these days? lol i thought Alana is some forgotten model from early, early 00's that's no longer doing the aesthetic but somehow got plucked out of the internet archives. my bad lol
Now same question about Lily Rose Depp - she's not dressing very coquette? thought she's more of Lilith Levisis/LA soundclout/insta whore crowd (besides being daughter of Johnny Depp ofc)
(another one is Anya Taylor Joy who they ofc stan because of her weight lol)

No. 1437380

Ntayrt but I think they just love Lily Rose because “smol”

No. 1437390

No. 1437393

Has anyone famous/noteworthy online called them out on their bullshit yet? i mean i know this trend is only starting to get spread and all but if any feminist/commentary channels and whatever wanted to make an episode of toxic/brainless new trends misinterpreting feminism, these idiots are perfectly fitting topic

No. 1437395

They don't usually reach most normie spaces and self contained in their echo chambers

No. 1437397

right. hopefully that stupid trend goes outof fashion in a year or two.

No. 1437410

I don't count on that either, skinny girls who smoke and hate the current thic trend will be the one's who will flock to this aesthetic

No. 1437426

I don't get why either of these must lean into any aesthetic because hating any other body shape trends. you are what you are, doesn't mean you have to hate fat or skinny girls and only like ppl with the same shape/weight as you have. someone's underweight, wow. so what? doesn't mean you immediately feel like angelic deer or that you should push some proana trend and encourage other girls to join to romanticize tf out of it for validation. majority of these girls aren't even skinny… most not fat in the least, yes, but look healthy weight. really kekworthy how they consider themselves "opressed for being skinny and pretty" (lmao) and feeling the need of "reclaiming" anything

this is ridiculous how they produce shit like that >>1437195 completely unironically.

No. 1437429

File: 1644282377171.webm (7.29 MB, 626x480, Survival is Not Enough - Zarep…)

with the soldier stuff I've seen some overlap of Coquettes with certain militarily fetishists who are into what are dubbed "war aesthetic" or "Yugoslav war-core"
stuff like vidrel or "aesthetic" photos of soldiers in mundane settings

No. 1437440

These sluts arent skinny or pretty
Get over it(sage your shit)

No. 1437471

Thank you, finally some facts. Cuz wtf does your body type have to do with your aesthetic. The girls who like this shit are simply just retards getting swept up in a trend

No. 1437477

because she kinda looks like a child

No. 1437479

>yugoslav war-core
Jesus christ, that's nearly as tasteless and divorced from reality as those strategy game spergs who pick sides of conflicts to root for based off their video games. These losers need their smartphones confiscated.

No. 1437480

This obsession with "looking like a child" is odd. they swear up and down they're "progressive" and their aesthetic has nothing to do with paedophilia, ddlg etc. Yet in their mind best way to look good is to be be as youthful and flat and skinny as possible to resemble a literal child. Attractive, sexy = childlike. no matter how you twist it, it's kinda fucked up.

No. 1437487

i mean a lot of people dislike them ive seen a couple popular ish women meme pages on instagram talk a lot of shit about them so it should be soon to come! ive also seen fashion commentary/analysis videos about balletcore and the return of the 2014 tumblr aesthetic by mina le i only watched the ballet one because ive had more than my share of 2014 tumblr in 2014 but i think shes very well spoken and shes not huge but she has 800k

No. 1437492

is that mina le commentary on Youtube or tiktok? might check in my free time
As someone liking actual 90's grunge i always thought 2014 "soft grunge" tumblr was kekworthy back then and i think throwbacks are even dumber now, but compared to coquette it's not so bad. because looks like they don't have any toxic ideas attatched to it. from what i've seen these blogs only repost old fucking ass photos of pale/black and white/AHS/American Apparel/small cacti sets/normie jeans and jeans jackets and Martens girls with Instax 8 and starbucks coffee/Lana/Arctic Monkeys and Alan Turner for some reason. Cringe but if they want to obsess over old pics, it's fine with me, at least they don't push pro ana (so far)

I think one thing missing is full blown Lolita/DDLG/Melanie Martinez throwback. coquettes aren't so focused on that one from what i see, but i think Lolita/little kinksters will come back as "treasured vintage" aesthetic soon.

No. 1437629

I mean certain vids of this genre aren't all that bad and can weirdly calming in a way

No. 1437662

There’s a huge crossover between this community and edtwt, and the one thing they all have in common is relentless LARPing. Actual hot girls are out doing hot girl shit, not on Twitter 16 hours a day obsessing over their AeSThEtIc. Most of them are either fatties or (if they’re skinny) plain awkward girls who have to sexualize themselves and appeal to horrible scrotes to get any attention at all. And that’s fine, many such cases, but the fact these shut-ins feel entitled to gatekeep is hilarious.

No. 1437663

she makes videos on youtube pretty much all of her videos are about fashion and theyre longer i really enjoy them she seems smart

No. 1437682

kek these girls are emulating 2014 era nymphetteblur pretty well by larping as crackwhores online while being nerdy horse girls irl

No. 1437820

File: 1644326921913.png (642.32 KB, 496x1046, ginger.png)

I think it's just a matter of time before they discover their prototype Ginger. especially since i found out someone's keeping a huge archive of her halfbunny years and cringe poems and diary entries on tumblr as of 2022 (kek i forgot how bad her "poetry" really was). funny they don't worship her and old hurtcore co., these embarassing cringelords did the same fucking thing back in 2011 or earlier sans pinterest obsession and stupid whisper memes.

No. 1437925

File: 1644337902957.jpg (217.73 KB, 1009x1424, 22b566aa-0167-4459-b520-5b3341…)

a list of likes on the Coquette tag I found

No. 1437933

>2nd gen kpop groups

the absolute state of cockette

No. 1437936



So vintage kek

No. 1437937

I feel like first gen would be more fitting than second gen kpop. Kek at real milk, enjoy your pus water.

No. 1437946


No. 1437952

File: 1644340593859.png (344.45 KB, 394x700, coquetteee.png)

Just so you know, now this indie attention whore is "coquette" too kek

No. 1437956

I'm still trying to figure out how Al Pacino and Robert de Niro of all people fit the uwu pastel doelette/coquette/whateverthefuckette aesthetic they're cultivating

No. 1437958

youd expect them to be into mads mikkelsen too when you look at those other men they like but i havent seen any of them post him

No. 1437972

I feel like Mads is more of an elder millennial heartthrob, Gen Z is more fascinated with soyboys and "rediscovering" old Hollywood moids

No. 1437979

oh yeah a lot of them have that post not so ironic "i can fix him" memes and ive also seen them wanting 4chinners and gamer boys since they think those will worship them like queens

No. 1437985

File: 1644341963017.png (2.07 MB, 1308x1080, 234234234.png)

I don't get their taste in men either, like this "yugoslav-core" is the most ridiculous i've heard ina while. Why everything must be something core? Ffs this life, not a representation of -core for someones pinterest

I can't at how stupid they are. Also they cannot make memes for shit, they just type whatever fucking shit

No. 1437990

the worst thing about this is the amount of underage girls being exposed to this shit

No. 1437992

they're not just being exposed to this, they're actively making it.
took literally 2 or 3 months for this idiotic tag to spread enought to make everyone think it's totally right to smugly wish for ed.

No. 1437997

File: 1644342929489.png (669.85 KB, 410x1078, mads.png)

aand here you go. coquette mads is here too

No. 1437999

kek whos next, joe biden? donald trump?

No. 1438000

hideo kojima is a known cocquette

No. 1438005

File: 1644343239573.png (816.89 KB, 736x729, 1644343168490.png)

with de Niro its easy to understand, its mostly cause of his role as Travis Bickle in Taxi driver
the lonely, violet mentally ill man
Its not recent either, I remember people thirsting after Tavis bickle on tumblr since 2015

No. 1438006

File: 1644343279115.jpg (286.56 KB, 800x600, hideo-kojima-ingin-kojima-prod…)

waifish and dainty king

No. 1438008

yes, donald trump has such pale coquette shade of hair and such an trailercore flamingo pink cherry champagne colored face

No. 1438016

This might be controversial but I think the reason so many young girls flock to this aesthetic and identity is cause mainstream culture(especially the one's targeted at girls) is just frankly disgusting, your considered a racist, prude and pick-me if you think WAP isn't somehow a feminist masterpiece, shit like twerking and being a baddie is so normalized these days
compared to that being a thin pretty waif would seem like a much better alternative

I'm not defending these girls but I understand them, I think some of the blame should be given to mainstream culture

No. 1438023

i mean i dislike twerking and WAP too, but you're (c)rapper anon from celebricows, aren't you kek

No. 1438029

this, btw does everyone necessarily have to delve into anything? does everyone have to be some core or aesthetic? mix fashion as you like, doesn't mean you have to etheral waif proana idiot or twerking insta thot. and as for counter culture, there's plenty of subcultures to choose from anyway.

No. 1438046

I deleted my post as I ended up just listing a bunch of fashions ((goes on to do it again in the rewrite)) but honestly the choice is endless for girls, like sure if you want clickbait attention you can sexualize yourself but if you really just want a unique fashion style there's endless choices between and within goth/alt/80s, lolita, cottagecore/hippy, vintage, fantasy/flowing gowns/fairy/photoshoot, elvish/maiden styles, or high fashion, detailed embellished layers, the sexual styles are actually the minority for anyone who follows fashion and photography since they tend to focus on what you aren't wearing and simple garmets, and I don't think it excuses the nymphette aesthetic as one arising from limited options.

No. 1438072

I think it's not even about a need for a counter culture look, cause if one wants a counter culture/rebellion, they usually find it one way or another, on their own. it's about complexes, need for validation and realization they have boring lives/are far from their waif fawny ideal. also misinterpretation of all the girls/singers they idolize. not surprising since most are still cringe teens, more concerning are however girls in their 20's jumping on this train and pretending they're 15.

No. 1438308

Something tells me that the type of young woman attracted to this cringy ass shit is not because they are interested in feminism and a break from hypersexuality. They just wanna be skinny pillow princesses with daddy issues wearing kinderwhore shit from Shein instead of Fashion Nova

No. 1438529

>surprised they aren't falling for Columbine/true crime school shooters yet
Id say give it time. It's been over 20 years but columbine still manage to attract young girls following the aesthetic of wanting to be the soft fawnlike waif gf to a mentally ill violent boy

No. 1438601

File: 1644390749865.png (822.17 KB, 1384x787, what.png)

theres a lot to unpack here

No. 1438608

The good thing is a lot of these depressed mentally ill teens is that they keep these weird thoughts and uwu aesthetics to themselves/ didn’t actually try emulating these styles/life choices in real life and then grow out of it and regret being so cringe as an adult (I used to be like these retards)

No. 1438674

Barf, ofc you're real femcel and others are fake femcels, pls teach us your way queen! Wait, what about… i'm pretty i'm hot girl manipulator? So you're hot dominatrix or a femcel? lol

Lmao, that "femcel" thing running in this "scene" is perhaps the funniest thing of all because… girl, you're 15yo. if you don't have a boyfriend YET at FUCKING FIFTEEN, that's not femcel, that's fucking normal. some girls don't get boyfriends up until they're in their 20's or even quite late 20's, nothing scary about that.
They're like those middle schoolers who call their puppyloves "serious relationships"

No. 1438729

>tfw normies are stealing away your niche interest in cheesy yugo war songs
>tfw you will witness Roki Vulovic and Arkan becoming "coquette"
I wonder if they will simp after the "y2k" balkan bimbo aesthetic too, that would be hilarious at least

No. 1438748

File: 1644422402561.jpg (59.67 KB, 564x691, b62fd5db81bce154a57f638427987a…)

well if you mean this then yes, ive seen things like these while lurking waif pinterest accounts and this image wasnt hard to find on there either kek

No. 1439361

File: 1644474043449.png (409.68 KB, 402x611, Screenshot (547).png)

I just don't get the appeal of "this" fantasy and previous generations of nymphettes of coquettes didn't have this military fascination

No. 1439364

i think this is a terrible development

No. 1439366

>listening to my femcel music
>men love to throw their money at me i am desirable and hot and sexy

No. 1439384

It’s just another manifestation of women dreaming about finding the mythical knights in shining armor who will love & protect them, as society promised them existed. The idea that they can be living in this world, made hell for women, and there’s no one who actually cares about them & will come to save them is too cruel to swallow, so they keep searching for the Good Men like a blindfolded animal looking for water in the desert. Maybe military anarchist bros are the Good Men who will protect me? They must be here somewhere…

No. 1439436

sage for late but reminds me of acidburnbaby. anyone remember that bitch?

No. 1439445

yup they are pretty much the same but ive realised that the "og" tumblr girls back then seemed much more bearable than the ones now even though they are both annoying

No. 1439504

lol didn't this drama queen have her own thread here? it even got some new posts a while ago cause she hopped on radfem twitter or something. if i'm thinking of the right person
i remember the outrage when she openly posted proana, now there's no outrage, now proana is encouraged.

No. 1439534

File: 1644501180568.png (552.88 KB, 1169x757, Screenshot.png)

>I think it's a mob wife /bonnie and Clyde type aesthetic. They like macho violent dudes because it makes them look more ickle and soft in comparison. Also the romanticised idea of guys like this being very violent
that might likely be the case, relevant picrel

No. 1439554

reading Bonnie Parker’s poetry is just a deep and profound cringe
MySpace but with a kill count

No. 1439573

Lmao, we get that you hate rap nonna, but being a skinny white girl is absolutely “mainstream culture” too. Romanticizing eating disorders and sad girl pop culture existed long before the WAP video. If anything, the “baddie” look was promoted as an alternative to waif/heroin chic beauty ideals of earlier decades. And they are both equally sexualized & patriarchal forms of femininity, one just involves being curvy and constantly available to abusive moids and the other one involves being frail and constantly available to abusive moids.

No. 1439580

Look it’s not our fault the Donald is God’s favorite waif bimbo coquette Diet Coke ketchup MAGA coronavirus build the wall angel baby in the Mar-a-Lago trailer park mwah

No. 1439581

nta, she might have exaggerated it to an extent but nowadays it is true, even in regions in Europe these "thic" and rap-girl bodytypes are promoted heavily in the media and are considered the mainstream, when you have such disgusting filth being presented at you 24/7 and in all spaces(even in children shows you sometimes have characters twerking) you can't help but go to a space where something things look actually beautiful as twisted as it maybe

No. 1439585

no its all ugly and hideous shit
everything post 90s influences is ugly including this dumb anachan bimbo lolita crap from the 2000s

No. 1439586

I feel like I can smell brain rot on this post

No. 1439587

Interesting that you find “rap-girl” body types to be “disgusting filth”, yet find an aesthetic that encourages young girls to starve themselves, abuse drugs, date mentally ill violent men and promote pedo-pandering/ddlg shit to be “actually beautiful.” I think the coquettes have invaded this thread lol

No. 1439594

>Interesting that you find “rap-girl” body types to be “disgusting filth”,
objectively they are
>yet find an aesthetic that encourages young girls to starve themselves, abuse drugs, date mentally ill violent men and promote pedo-pandering/ddlg shit to be “actually beautiful.”
I never said that, I said as fucked as it maybe, the waif aesthetics are actually beautiful

No. 1439598

you can just say that you're racist, nonnie

No. 1439600

It could just be brain fog induced by starvation, tobacco poisoning, and staying up all night frantically typing word vomit over paparazzi photos of Y2K supermodels for the next hot meme

No. 1439601

Go back to Tumblr

No. 1439602

No they're not, it looks retarded, trashy, and sexually deviant.

No. 1439603

Racist coquettes coping & seething hard today

No. 1439604

>sexually deviant
Don't forget to tell her to read her bible before bed and pray to Jesus for repentance

No. 1439607

File: 1644508114086.jpg (99.49 KB, 473x506, 1617566551866.jpg)

WTF where did that come from, I'm actually mixed-race and in an inter-racial relationship, I don't know how your insinuating that I'm somehow racist
kek that got a laugh out of me

No. 1439610

So, like, what's "actually beautiful" about being a porn star 2003 bimbo with inflated lips and giant tits but a stick-thin ana body, and why is that a far cry from "thicc" body types in rap? Both also romanticize abusive/violent scrotes. All of it is degenerate lol

No. 1439612

Welp since you’re already here and you even know how to sage, tell us more about what actually draws you to this aesthetic. The majority of people find it tacky, trashy and cow-tier, but obviously you and other coquettes don’t and I’m curious to hear why.

No. 1439623

I’ve noticed this with coquettes, they ascribe moral purity to things they like. They happen to prefer this trashy moid-pandering aesthetic over that other trashy moid-pandering aesthetic, so it’s “objectively” better. They happen to idolize skinny white women, so curvy brown women are “objectively” disgusting. It’s a very black-and-white approach that is common with teenagers whose brains haven’t finished developing, which is why I’m confused by the large amount of women in their 20s and 30s still in this scene. Is it just autism?

No. 1439627

implying that "rap-girl bodytypes" are "disgusting filth" just comes off as a weird racist dogwhistle especially when the tumblr waif bs is predominantly white

No. 1439629

actually its more about being thin then the big lips and big-tits, big-tits are considered "unaesthetic"
I already explained why me and others got into it here >>1439581 and the other anon explained it here >>1438016
I'm brown you idiots, the aesthetic is actually more inclusive then you all seem to think, its more culture and body-type then race and color

No. 1439631

Oh ok, so you’re sticking with the explanation that it’s the only alternative to “disgusting” rap culture. Got it. Brain rot indeed.

No. 1439634

It actually makes sense that some self-hating brown women are involved in this scene, they’re probably the ones posting memes about cursing God for not being born frail pale blonde Russian bimbo ballerinas

No. 1439635

I hate my culture, not my race or ethnicity

No. 1439639

searches coquette on pinterest nearly all of the pics are of skinny white girls

No. 1439646

rap-girl bodytypes are disgusting filth being
>proana anorexic things look actually beautiful
>the waif aesthetics are actually beautiful
>being/wanting to be anorexic is beautiful
Kek coquette spotted.
I think small amount of them definitely lurk lolcow, i've seen one account frantically reposting specific pics from some threads
lmao, this. they hate "rap girls" but white bimbo aesthetic they praise so much is often stealing black girl fashion
>the only alternative to disgusting rap is waif coquette skinny girls aesthetic
Yes, and this anon is a fucking idiot for thinking so. Thinking white and anorexic is some counter culture to rap and twerking, kek. As if white and skinny isn't definition of mainstream.
Lots of anons already told you, crapper-chan there are plenty style alternatives to rap, but you don't listen. >>1438029 >>1438046

No. 1439649

You hate your culture, so you decided to conform to someone else’s degenerate subculture instead of doing your own thing? Ouch.

No. 1439650

So 13 year olds getting raped by 40 year old men isn't sexually deviant? You're retarded.

No. 1439651

>i hate my culture
Implying she has to try to fit in to coquette, as if coquette was a culture, because the world is only made of black people culture and anorexic white girls romanticizing EDs and violent men
How fucking limited your brain is that you have to adapt to certain ignorant, anorexia-glorifying and violent man-fetishizing aesthetic because cannot think of your own style, interests, preferences?

Hint: kinderwhore, pastel, japanese lolita/kawaii/whatever old fairy key nonsense all have same cute pastel dresses clothes elements without disgusting undertones.

No. 1439652

I feel like this is pickme-ism on crack, insisting the only options for brown women in Europe are twerking rap bimbo or white supremacist waif bimbo.

No. 1439653

Ok so what if a girl is normal BMI and she still has a big butt and big boobs? Then all of a sudden it doesn't become inclusive anymore, idiot.

No. 1439655

Both rap girls and coquettes say the same thing in different packaging
>I hate men but I want a bad boy
>I hate men but I want money/attention
>I'm a bad girl, I'm so crazy and off the walls and insane but I'm also ~*hot*~
>I want to be glamorous and attractive (rap girls want to be glamorous as in sexually domineering, coquette girls want to be glamorous as in attracting pedophilic scrotes who will want to "protect" them)
>I want to be foreign and exotic (rap girls want to be from any/all tropical parts of the world with brown skin, coquette girls want to be from cold parts of the world, especially Slavic, with pale skin)
The only differences are the coloring (blond/white vs brunette/brown, bold/loud colors vs pastel/muted ones), which unhealthy/exaggerated body types are praised (skinny vs thick, MILF vs nymphet), and that coquette is more pretentious (red scare pod lmao). It's almost like all of these "subcultures" are for lost teenage girls/women and there isn't some massive difference between them. Coquettes are definitely more racist, though, that's something that can't be denied

No. 1439656

It's called only being raised on the internet and not interacting with your peers outside the internet.

No. 1439658

Notice how these morons never focus on the aesthetic of the man and place the important of aesthetic on themselves. Soo empowering amirite? Nothing says being proud of being a straight woman like fapping over the aesthetics you want for yourself and other women like some AGP tranny and ignoring men outside of being older scrotes who spoil you because porn culture said so kek

No. 1439659


No. 1439660

You’re so right but it’s sad to see it in action, all these young women and even little girls who only view themselves as competing porn categories.

No. 1439661

Coquette has never been inclusive for black girls of all shapes. That's what black girls write on their blogs, but i've never seen that kind of idea shared by white girl accounts.
Instead, all these white girls praise themselves on being "porcelain milk white, my skin is sickly white like a victorian child omg halp i'm iron deficient i might faint like a fawn!!!"
Each one of them wants to be snow white Russian girl that's 40kgs and they openly wish for ED/anemia.

No. 1439668

Its not about men, its about myself and what I show to the world, my boyfriend doesn't care what I look like, he loves me for who I am

No. 1439670

Then why are you trying to defend this subculture when it's still disgusting filth?

No. 1439671

Coquette comes from Europe too, doesn't even originate from Russia (although since the current crop of smelly elite men fetishize Slavic teenagers this is what they aspire to be). It was usually used for French or English whores/courtesans during the 19th century. How did it get merged with lolita and the Y2K blonde worshiping culture?

No. 1439672

No because you're stupid and only care about how women look like since like most women obsessed with themselves, don't care about how men come across since they have little standards for him while giving all standards in the world for women.

No. 1439673

It’s genuinely sad that any woman thinks her only choices are between two aesthetics that are both hypersexualized, glorify self-destructive behavior and fetishize male violence.

No. 1439674

Lol, not about men but you all write on your blogs that you're all about appearances and how your males see you. you follow all the conventional pretty rules and crave male gaze.
Don't twist it into some feministic empowering "me and myself" bullshit since you all bitch that you want boyfriends and males to stare at you, or that you're femcels (while also claiming to be female manipulators kek)

No. 1439677

It's merged by you, coquettes. Your blogs combine everything. For fucks sake, you even call Mads Mikkelsen "coquette".
It doesn't originate from Russia, it's just you wishing to be pale, blonde, etheral Russian nymphs running in Russian woods. you fetishize russians just like you fetishize yugoslavian soldiers

No. 1439678

File: 1644511394765.jpg (79.06 KB, 828x647, tumblr_d028a8e906b3ab70fa2c1ed…)

I stay away from the problematic stuff, the ED and glorification of anorexia
I guess I just like the aesthetic, I like seeing ballet, nice architecture, good looking men smoking, rock music and grunge, not seeing women twerk or shake their asses(but that's just me)

No. 1439682

Why are you calling me a coquette? tf my post was roasting it for how inane the movement is

No. 1439683

Ok so you admit this is just about you “liking the aesthetic” and not about it being ObJeCTiveLy more uwu beautiful pure & Godly than that those disgusting FaaAAAaaat rap girls, then?

No. 1439684

if you think the men are hot then it's true that you dont care about men's looks and keep obsessing over women's looks like some tranny

No. 1439685

Since when ballet, nice architecture, good looking men smoking, rock music and grunge is #coquette? I like rock and grunge too, and i'm not coquette, can you imagine kek

You can like all of the listed without smashing your coquette tags on everything. You can look for this on ballet/rock related spaces, not pinterests of coquettes. These things aren't exclusively coquette property. The world isn't made of twerking girls vs. coquette. you gotta be really childish to think so.

No. 1439686

Yeah I don’t know why that anon was calling you a coquette. I read your post as critical of how schizo, internet poisoned and all over the map this “aesthetic” is.

No. 1439687

oops sorry anon, i misread and thought you're coquette chan saying it didn't come from Russia etc. to highlight how ~inclusive~ and ~black ppl welcoming~ it is

No. 1439688

So if it's just your personal preference, what did you hope to gain by attacking girls who don't have the body type you're into and trying to make it into some deep feminist thing about "actual beauty"? Lmao

No. 1439691

the latter part is though, I do think think rap girls are degusting and their music video's make me wanna hurl
cause I hurl when I even attempt to watch rap music video's

No. 1439693

Everyone else hurls at pedophilia anon

No. 1439694

>Boohoo girls from rap videos are FAT and DISGUSTING just cause i dislike rap
>whenever i attempt to watch rap video
KEK nobody forces you to watch rap videos? if you continue your attempts it only proves how obsessed you are

No. 1439695

Lmao! I think this conversation has run its course, but I’m still curious if the rap hating celebricow anon is the same person as the rap hating coquette anon or if they’re two different schizoanons

No. 1439696

Leave her alone anon, she just told you she needs Cardi B videos as reverse thinspo to kick off her purging sessions kek

No. 1439697

where the fuck did pedophilia come from, I am against it
I mean the fact that I am getting called racist for not liking rap music, despite being part black myself

No. 1439699

damn it, guess you're right
it's definitely her, also prob same anon who stans Willow and MGK cause "at lEaST he doesn't have twerking bitches in his videos!!!"

No. 1439700

I think it’s the “I hate my culture” and calling other black women’s bodies “disgusting filth” that has people thinking you’re racist, honey.

No. 1439701

stop it alright, cardi B is a disgusting person and I hurl when ever looking at her

No. 1439702

You're trying to defend a subculture that glorifies pedo scrotes/massive age gaps lol

No. 1439704

Kek noooo, I’ll exit the thread immediately if MGKanon comes here

No. 1439705

File: 1644512294176.jpg (9.56 KB, 261x193, images.jpg)

got something for you
(i don't like Cardi b either but imagine getting hissy fits just cause you hear words "Cardi B" kek)

No. 1439706

It’s ok girl, go smoke a cigarette and pray to your altar of St. Lily Rose Depp and the nausea will pass.

No. 1439707

God what a disgusting troglodyte, how people find this suitable for a human being to look like is beyond me
kek I'm actually darker then her(no1curr about ur skin color )

No. 1439709

The jannies won’t like it but I really wanna just start spamming this thread with Cardi B photos to make all the lurking coquettes lose their shit kek

No. 1439711

Autistic racial complex you have. Still haven't answered why you don't care about men's aesthetics btw

No. 1439712

File: 1644512580886.jpg (96.42 KB, 1242x1238, c66b9c73151921f00d42373abab095…)

Got a ~coquette~ Cardi b for your pinterest coquette-chan
(Ok, that's the last one, i swear)

No. 1439715

>idolizes white culture
>calls black culture “disgusting filth”
>shout-out to her white boyfriend every other post

“I don’t know why people think I’m racist, waaaah!”

No. 1439721

You should stan Cardi for helping you achieve your weight loss goals then, rap-anon.

No. 1439724

The fact that you think rap culture from American is somehow related to my half black african culture is just telling
aw she was cute as a kid, shame what society and mainstream media does

No. 1439725

Imagine if we all spammed Pinterest with gifs of rap girls twerking and tagged them #coquette. The combined coping, seething, binging and purging would destroy every sewage system in the world.

No. 1439728

you have to be over the age of 16 to post here

No. 1439729

The fact that you don’t know rap music (as well as rock & grunge) has roots in traditional west African musical forms is also telling, but go off.

No. 1439732

But you’d be praising her if she grew up to be a chain-smoking anorexic ddlg promoter who fetishized mental illness, huh? Kek

No. 1439733

You've been whining about being half black on lolcow for like… Years. Go back to doing something else because every time you start posting the boards go to shit.

No. 1439737

NTA but all Africans would also find this cringe. >>1439685 is right, please find an actual personality. You can like all sorts of things from all sorts of cultures without trying to be another clone (especially a clone in a community you won't ever be able to fully conform to - you'll always be a diversity hire, ultimately to be looked down on for not looking fully European, very demeaning)

No. 1439739

Ah yes proving your better by spamming porn
why do people do this, people who aboustetle hate rock, metal and grunge music always bring up "um achtually black people invented all that, so you can't enjoy it without enjoying awful rap music"
also the idea the idea rock was has roots in west African music is a myth that needs to die, black Americans did develop the ground work for what we call classical rock music but that's it, grunge specifically came from working people in new England
also I don't what your trying to say, I'm only half west african, I have nothing to with black american culture or history

No. 1439742

Oh god, it is the same anon cow. Everyone stop responding, hopefully she’ll retreat to her home thread soon where she can sperg about MGK in peace.

No. 1439743

Not that anon, but you clearly don't know much about grunge. I know it's hopeless and I don't want to derail with musicsperg but anyone who's interested in this topic should learn about Bam Bam, they were really fucking cool

No. 1439748

>what we call classical rock music
>grunge specifically came from working people in new England


No. 1439749

lol imagine hating black people so much you cannot admit all rock and its genres came from blues, madeby black ppl.
grunge came from bands from shitty towns in America, not England

No. 1439751

Grunge emerged from the US Pacific Northwest which is nowhere near New (or old) England for that matter. This anon is fucking bonkers.

No. 1439753

>Ah yes proving your better by spamming porn
Thought you all romanticize porn stars and slutty Y2k stuff

No. 1439754

How old are you? I’m not trying to dox you, just trying to figure out if we’re dealing with a child or a brain rotted adult.

No. 1439756

looked them up, degenerate porny lyrics(no thank you)
>lol imagine hating black people so much you cannot admit all rock and its genres came from blues, madeby black ppl.
I never said that, I said african americans created rock music and I was disputing your claim that it came from west african styles(believe me, I've listen to that crap, its not at all the same)
I guess the only thing you could say sounds semi-rock like is the Turaange people's music, bet they are north africans with who sorta blacked themselves by mixing with slaves but keeping their Bedouin culture

No. 1439757

this. also grunge artists were inspired by black ppl this will be overrated and too obvious example but Kurt Cobain loved Leadbelly

No. 1439762

but Lana Del Rey's lyrics aren't porny right

No. 1439763

This just proves my point further that rap culture utterly destroys a people and isn't worth preserving and when I say I hated "my own" culture I didn't mean black culture, I meant my father's culture
which allowed men to be lazy and to lay about all day, and also generally I just find it ugly to look at
I don't listen to her

No. 1439767

>Bam Bam
>porny lyrics
Are you retarded? And let me guess, you've never listened to a Hole song in your life but you retweet their pictures on Twitter, right? I should've guessed, all these coquettes are LARPers lol

No. 1439768

how dare you, she's coquette kween~

No. 1439770

File: 1644514845350.jpg (23.53 KB, 563x453, a9653574b8cb8c59693b51657c2998…)

whats happening in here

No. 1439771

File: 1644514901923.png (16.53 KB, 422x344, 1234.png)

Coquette-chan, you Lovesickbrat by any chance? whiteknighting coquette and lying to herself that it's not ED-centered and it's inclusive is her fav hobby

No. 1439772

We all have different tastes

No. 1439773

Not that anon, but no you don't, kek. It's all the same shit

No. 1439774

anon she related to, shhh don't break her illusion, she's ~*rebel coquette*~ not like other coquettes uwu

No. 1439779

Too bad she attacks and seethes about other girls who are ultimately doing the same thing (trying to cope) kek

No. 1439780

>boohoo we're opressed
When arguments are ending, it's time to pull the "i'm poor victim of bullying" card, right?
>coping girls
your copying is literally reblogging pedo photos and wishing to have anorexia. but good luck with copying with your impressive idiocy and racism

No. 1439781

>using incel words like blacked
>constantly brings up her Nigerian father and how repulsed she is about Nigerian men hitting on her for being mixed race over the years
>constantly derailing threads with her racial inferiority complex and sperging about how rap culture is subhuman while idolizing equally subhuman and degenerate parts of other cultures
>obsessing over skininess but born with a pear shaped body that she projects her hate for on other women
>mad over being mixed race living in the UK instead of being fully white like her mother
>self-admitted bipolar, probably visits bipolar to mania sperg

I've been seeing your posts for years now and I have one question, aren't you fucking tired of being a race sperg and derailing every worthwhile discussion with your neurotic obsession over race?

No. 1439782

*visits lolcow

No. 1439783

You're not coping with anything other than boredom, you literally look for MORE reasons to be traumatized and wishing to have eating disorders and mental illnesses.

No. 1439786

Kek why is this image perfect

No. 1439787

File: 1644515667928.jpg (14.9 KB, 600x431, 76e.jpg)

You all are being the ignorant one's here, making fun of girls who simply want their own space in a disgusting world, also y'all are way more racist then anyone I've seen on Coquette spaces, the level of ignorance thinking that somehow being african means that I'm related to black american culture
its like saying Irish people are related to Ukrainian culture

No. 1439792

see >>1439779
Stop playing the victim. Also, stop using "y'all", it's cringy and you sound like the "disgusting, filthy" rap culture you were sperging about. You were literally shitting on African culture earlier too, don't use it as a shield when you know you hate yourself lmao

No. 1439797

You literally say "i hate my culture" whenever you're going on your racist nasty hate tirades against rap culture, anon. I've been noticing you post for years now and you're a fucking lolcow.

No. 1439798

Just a passerby, but i think black anon is (mostly) right, rap girls bodytypes are ""disgusting"" because they're mostly a product of extreme surgeries, not natural. Coquette isn't any better but i wouldn't be defending rap neither, than genre has done a massive damage to african american culture, and i understand why anon wouldn't want to associate with it. She should choose another aesthetic tho

No. 1439803

Thing is, no one here is defending rap culture. It's just that this coquette shit teaches the same shit values and is just as degenerate, but with white skinny blonde girls and a need to be "fragile"/breakable instead. Anon claims she isn't even American, but she's literally obsessed with black American rap culture and comparing everything in the world to it. Extreme brain rot

No. 1439804

She's not black, she's mixed race and makes that clear whenever she goes on rants about black people being subhumans.
I dislike what rap culture has done to the community too but that anon is a self hating retard who's been doing this for YEARS.

No. 1439806

File: 1644516184515.jpg (19.39 KB, 320x240, 76B.jpg)

alright WTF, why have you created a profile about me(I mean you got most details right except my father isn't Nigerian, though many african men do fetishize me cause I'm mixed)
also not pear shaped and have never vented about my body on lc
finally someone who gets it and I'm not even advocating for ED and being thin, I actually try to condemn the ana-chans

No. 1439808

because you've been posting like a retard with this shit since at least 2017 and it's obnoxious as hell

No. 1439812

still creepy asf, what do I do that was so note worthy that you remember every detail about me for years

No. 1439813

Can you seek therapy for your racial issues? I'm pretty sure I've seen your posts too, you love sperging about black women in particular (surgery or not) when they haven't done anything to you. Stop lowering the quality of this site

No. 1439814

I still don't get why the jannies haven't IP banned this schizo for destroying multiple threads with racebait and attracting other >>1439798 retarded racebaiters.

No. 1439815

File: 1644516570548.png (463.98 KB, 432x589, well.png)

how do they hate their fellow coquettes and try to accuse them of being poser while at the same time being almost self aware enough to realise the irony in all of this, i mean how are all of them going to be ethereal fairy waif female patrick batemans at the same time, its pretty funny to watch

No. 1439816

literally how is she a racebaiter ?

No. 1439819

I dunno anon, rarely have there ever been any consistent shitposters like you especially the ones who keep doing the same crap over and over again.

No. 1439820

Yeah she literally only uses being half-black as a shield whenever people accuse her of racism. The rest of the time she's posting hateful screeds about African AND African-American cultures, pulling fake music facts out of her ass and idolizing random blonde girls. She's fucking nuts.

No. 1439824

It's all she does, this thread is just one example of it in action

No. 1439826

that's cause most people here making up random shit, I tried to be genuine and assumed my history would be lost in the sea of other mental cases on this site, but clearly I underestimated the autism of some users, kek

No. 1439827

no you're a special kind of stupid.

No. 1439828

File: 1644516990501.jpg (63.2 KB, 550x604, 1603731200639.jpg)

not that, I meant that so many users seemed to create random scenarios after random scenarios, I was just being myself and assumed no one notice me and most people would forget, didn't assume anyone would piece a rough outline of more or less my life
Honestly impressed and frightened

No. 1439829

If you're recognizable enough that multiple people on an anonymous site, over many years, can point you out like this then the problem is you. Not ~creepy~ anons.

No. 1439830

You forgot
>constantly sperging about her white boyfriend and fetishizing being in an "interracial relationship" even though she's 1/2 white herself

No. 1439833

File: 1644517134399.jpeg (88.27 KB, 1170x1170, 7CD7211D-DD28-4208-8AB5-304814…)

This thread is a mess

No. 1439834


If yourself is being a schizoposter who has to bash swathes of people because of your own complex and bring in 4chan /pol/ lingo every now and then then yeah… maybe you need a therapist or a better family support system kek

No. 1439837

I am visibly not-white though and so we are in a inter-racial relationship, its not that complicated and I don't fetishize the relationship, I don't like him just cause he's white, I like for the man he is and how he treats me

No. 1439838

You literally sperg nonstop about the same 3 topics on multiple threads. How could people not notice that? Most other anons are normal people with diverse hobbies and interests; you just scream about rap. No one was even talking about race on this thread until you started posting off-topic bullshit about Cardi B and now it's a fucking mess. How could other anons not notice when it happens consistently, every time you show up?

No. 1439839

No one gives a fuck about your boyfriend anon, you do realize this constant oversharing is how "creepy" anons came to know so much about your life right?

No. 1439840

File: 1644517500478.jpg (9.97 KB, 389x391, 726b1f19ee025bcdade8ed1cc1450e…)

No. 1439843

I do not understand how its confusing, despite being mixed race I am still very visibly black, as black as most african americans as my father was a full west african and thus my boyfriend and I are in a inter-racial relationship

No. 1439844

No one cares. You have racial hangups and racial inferiority issues. Stop sperging about it in every thread and get some help. Please.

No. 1439848

>derails an unrelated thread complaining about American rap culture
>says "I hate my culture"

"W-why are people associating me with American rap culture? That's so racist, w-where on earth would they get that from???"

No. 1439849

I am not with my boyfriend just cause he's white, I don't have any racial hang-ups, I like my boyfriend for who he is
I hate rap culture not actual black american culture and I separate do not like west african culture
Its men are lazy, materialistic, don't do shit and allows men to continue this cycle

No. 1439850

>as black as most african americans

You've never even been to America, how do you know how "most" African Americans look?

No. 1439851

where do you think, television and the Internet

No. 1439852

does self hating anon see us as her african dad and therefore do this shit to get our attention, daddy issues?

No. 1439853

fuck off, tragic mulatta
nobody cares about how you hate Cardi B and love white dick

No. 1439854

She thinks the more mixed looking celebrities are representative of the black american population lmao

No. 1439855

I think the funniest is how anon sperges "I just stated my opinions!" but must resort to coquette aesthetic because she's so unoriginal and cannot enjoy multi-cultural things without putting idiotic tags on stuff, and without dying to be skinny white girl objectifying herself. because they're white American culture, not pitiful black American culture, and there are only 2 style choices in the world, innocent and pure skinny white coquettes or fat, disgusting, ugly, twerking black girls

No. 1439858

I'm guessing she thinks disgusting FAT slag Cardi B is African-American too, kek

No. 1439860

>I don't have any racial hang-ups
Ask a therapist

No. 1439862

WTF I don't have a specific disdain for cardib, I dislike all rap girls in general, regardless of race
>and there are only 2 style choices in the world, innocent and pure skinny white coquettes or fat, disgusting, ugly, twerking black girls
I never once said or even implied that though

No. 1439865

this thread was never meant to be great but not like this either kekk

No. 1439869

File: 1644518701136.jpg (55.54 KB, 1280x720, rYhYdzQ.jpg)

Oh god, fucking Rap Anon just torpedoed another thread.

No. 1439872

yes you did:
You literally cannot enjoy simplest, coquette-unrelated things without tagging it coquette and identifying as coquette.
You present skinny coquette girls as a magnificent alternative to disgusting fat rap girls, and fight to death to defend some shitty, toxic, ED-obsessed, white-centric, and pedo-inclined trend.

No. 1439876

would 99% bet she's also the one doing the MGK/Willow sperging, but nah since she's racist, she'd hate Willow. MGK stanning still stands possible
Now i wonder if she's also the same person shitting Grimes thread crying over how Elon is cute and fine bc he was once bullied in pre-school lol

No. 1439877

File: 1644519202517.jpeg (68.97 KB, 1080x1080, 1631780404284.jpeg)

You know what I'm done explaining myself, I'm leaving
you all have created your false assumptions about me that aren't at all true, I'm not some white worshipping racial self hating light brown mulatta who dates any random white man and envy's white women

though mixed race I am still phenotypically african, I think certain aesthetics are better then others, I have never envied white women and I am dating a man who happens to be white and I love him for being a wonderful man who treats me well and can step up be a man
I hope you all have a wonderful life, cause you all won't see me again

No. 1439879

nonnie i hope you are just bored and really good at baiting, if not then please go to therapy

No. 1439880

>I hope you all have a wonderful life, cause you all won't see me again
…Ok? Good riddance (c)rap-chan.

No. 1439881

10/10 dramatic coquette lolita purple prose, nabokov would recommend

No. 1439883

Rapanon is SOOoo offended anyone would think she could relate to black American rap culture (even though she constantly obsesses and wanks - sorry, "pukes" - over rap girls), yet she finds white American Lolita Red Scare coquette culture so relatable she feels compelled to defend it on lolcow? Make it make sense.

No. 1439884

>because they're white American culture, not pitiful black American culture
black american culture is objectively worse tho, they have tons of serious issues

No. 1439886

I'd be excited about this announcement if I didn't know you'll be back asap shitting up another thread with rap spergouts

No. 1439887

Your kween is leaving, plz go with her

No. 1439889

File: 1644519510685.jpg (10.02 KB, 236x234, EhkB_7JXcAoW-CN.jpg)

No. 1439891

i know they have, actually i think both cultures are full of problems. i'm not fond of rap, twerking etc. but this anon's racist point of view is hilarious. she thinks every black person on earth is all the same and likes same things, hence she hates them. and it doesn't matter if a black girl is a good person, if she twerks/likes rap, she's despicable, disgusting, obnoxious human being, right crapper anon

No. 1439892

I thought you said you were leaving?

No. 1439895

stfu clown
i'm not her, i'm just saying

No. 1439896

File: 1644519772380.gif (643.58 KB, 500x260, t61QEcU.gif)

No. 1439897

File: 1644519802751.gif (772.66 KB, 500x262, ssgPI2N.gif)

No. 1439899

File: 1644519830187.gif (110.93 KB, 499x356, RVCEKkq.gif)

No. 1439905

is a moid spamming the thread or what?

No. 1439908

I think it's to ward off (c)rap-anon

No. 1439910

Good riddance.

No. 1439911

great bait mate

No. 1439914

is bait if you get pissy about the truth

No. 1439915

Yup just trying to make sure she stays gone kek

No. 1439916

white american culture is also full of tranny pandering and race baiting just like black american culture is. sides of the same coin IMO

No. 1439919

Please stop replying to rap anon stans

No. 1439921


No. 1439923

She’s ruining the celebricows thread now…sperging about fat women and subhumans.

No. 1439928

NOOO i knew she'd just switch threads. she'll never be gone. and she'll always be easily recognizable, lol.

No. 1439937

It cracks me up that she says "how do you anons know so much about me? creepy!" yet she rants so autistically about such specific topics that her typing style is recognizable anywhere. She probably was obsessed with trains until she randomly watched a Cardi B video.

No. 1439938

File: 1644522072310.jpeg (136.82 KB, 500x731, EA2A88EA-1948-40E9-A699-60260F…)

rare based “coquette” whisper found

No. 1439941

Nah she's been doing this for years, anyone "bored" enough to keep up such an insane persona for so long still needs therapy.

No. 1439942

I actually wouldn't mind them if this was true but a lot of them are in their 20s and 30s

No. 1439950

Tbh a lot of teenage woc gravitate towards smelly methhead trailer park cockette aesthetic because of this lipstickalley incelsectional feminism idea that "woc are always perceived as strong mules and are not afforded the white privilege of being seen as a retarded bimbo in need of protection by a yugoslav war criminal

No. 1439961

>putting other women down bad
>red scare

Kek what

No. 1439964

Fragile, pure and unsexualized red scare culture like banging 70 ugly men who never call you and fetishizing blowjobs because they make you feel filthy and don't make you cum kek. Not a fan of rap girls either but they're purer on the basis of wanting pleasure for themselves instead of just being some sad asexual Shayna-like receptacle kek

No. 1439988

This is a decent point actually. Rap culture is sexist & gross af, but at least female rappers discuss their own pleasure & sexual agency somewhat (even if it's ultimately designed to appeal to moids.) Bimbo waif culture is literally just about becoming a fragile damaged doll for men to abuse. They're both misogynistic trash subcultures, but it's hilarious to pretend one is more FeMiNiSt than the other because they fetishize skinny women instead of curvy women kek

No. 1439990

>discuss their own pleasure & sexual agency somewhat
Then turn around and date/marry abusive scrotes that cheat on them and beat up and sometimes rape women

No. 1439993

I just said it was gross and trash, anon. Just pointing out the hypocrisy of claiming coquette is pure & feminist for sexualizing emaciated teenage girls instead of adult women with boob jobs and BBLs. And both subcultures idolize violent abusive moids so there's no moral high ground there either way.

No. 1440001

Again, this is propagating the absolutely retarded take that WoC around the world only have the "choice" of emulating the worst aspects of sexist black American pop culture or sexist white American pop culture, when the possibilities are endless.

No. 1440018

For real, it's sad that some of the more self-hating (often mixed) black and latina girls default to slavaboo pedotrash when you can absolutely be dark and not a BBL monstrosity

No. 1440022

This. There's a world beyond Pinterest lol

No. 1440033

>akshually, women singing/rapping songs written by misogynistic moids for obvious coomerbait pornsick reasons is based and empowering!
Great, now we have libfems in the thread. Hope you enjoy your stay. I hate Coquettes but I can't actually believe you're all stepping so low as to defend literal porn music. You all sound like stan twitter refugees. You don't belong here and can't integrate for shit with your retarted and dangerous opinions just to fight like exceptional individuals with that (c)rapper bitch. Grow up.


Based. But maybe these girls desperately flocked to Coquette because there's no relevant aesthetic for poc slim girls as far as I'm concerned (Correct me if I'm wrong).

I know what you mean anon but name me at least one trendy 2021 fashion subculture that has melanated skin+no curves as a must, I can't really think of any.

No. 1440041

the idea that everyone has to find an “aesthetic” is retarded
just be a thin black girl, don’t stan gross pedo-flavored nonsense

No. 1440043

nta but is it a MUST for it to be TRENDY in 2021 aesthetic? i mean, instead of thicc trend and coquette trend, you can choose whatever old aesthetics/subcultures or make your own mix of things, without calling it aesthetic. use imagination, not expecting the mainstream media to propose you certain, schematical, already decided ways of being. it doesn't have to be trend or whatever's desired lately. like kek you don't have to twerk your huge plastic surgery butt, and your don't have to starve yourself to "waif" size to fit some etheral shit dresses. dress normally, or dress vintage, or goth, or alt, or tomboy, or weird, or put whatever you have in your wardrobe without thinking, why does everything have to be on "trend" or "aesthetic"? This obsession with aesthetic is weird

No. 1440047

Neither of the anons you're replying to said anything similar to what you're accusing them of. Both maintain that rap culture is trash kek

No. 1440061

AHS Murder House and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race

No. 1440066

1) no one said any of that, which is why you had to make shit up instead of quoting them directly

2) there are plenty of aesthetics for poc slim girls (they literally invented the “art ho” label) and nobody needs an internet-approved “aesthetic” anyway but go off

No. 1440069

No one is defending rap culture here, and no one would’ve even mentioned it if crap-chan hadn’t attempted to use it to extol the relative moral & feminist purity of coquettes kek

No. 1440079

Black fashion models/vogue India type of stuff, I guess, but you're right. There's nothing wrong with natural curves tho, too bad bodypoz doesn't really celebrate them. It's either hamplanet mode or diaper ass.

No. 1440086

that hasn't been relevant in years kek

No. 1440098

>n-no nobody said rap is empowering
>they're purer on the basis of wanting pleasure for themselves
>female rappers discuss their own pleasure & sexual agency
bullshit, they have no agency, they only ~discuss~ their sexuality because rap has sadly became porn music as >>1440033 said, they're equally pathetic if not more than coquette girls, the things you have to do to be a relevant rap girl nowadays are pretty humiliating

No. 1440115

what youre surprised that people take note of anons who stick out? there are anons here with nicknames and yeah if you consistently post this shit for years regular users are going to remember you

No. 1440120

Love how this thread is now just back-and-forth spergouts about rap culture vs. coquette culture, it was never a good thread but Crap-Chan's legacy is truly cancerous

No. 1440129

FKA twigs

No. 1440132

I know right like why are we fighting about this, I think majority of us agree that these trends/labels/aesthetics are fucking stupid anyway and women should just do what they want. It is disappointing that crap chan got to anons bc some of the coquette discussion was actually kind of good

No. 1440140

I'd say let's abandon the rap related discussion entirely and try to carry on with coquette bullshit subject entirely. I'd post some but i ran out of coquette content to post for now, maybe someone else finds something to laugh at on pinterest or tiktok

No. 1440147

They are both different brands reflecting the same misogyny mirror. Now let's get tf on topic, frens.

No. 1440156

I think the coquette related discussion was slowing down anyway bc this subculture is so boring. There's only so many Whisper memes and recycled Tumblr autism you can post. When the most spirited debate was about a completely different subculture, maybe that's a sign the thread should just die kek

No. 1440160

File: 1644537565175.jpeg (726.83 KB, 1125x1515, A29B9521-1A46-4855-91B9-98BE5E…)

but its totally not sexual and definitely isnt a rebrand of the lolita aesthetic

No. 1440162

perhaps? or it can stay and be revived every once in a while.
anyways i'm not an OP of the thread but i'm glad we had a conversation and a couple of laughs at this aesthetic though
it seems like they don't know what is coquette and what isn't, each of them feels competent enough to set out their rules hence idiots who play the whole lolita ddlg bullshit still and idiots who feel morally better cause they're pure, sexless and femcel but also totally pretty and manipulator. kek

No. 1440168

It's almost like "coquette" is internet-poisoned schizo nonsense that's just a lazy rebrand of an earlier, even more embarrassing nonsense aesthetic. You know when people are labeling Red Scare, bubble baths, ballet, architecture, green tea, DDLG, eating disorders, cottagecore, and Mads fucking Mikkelson "coquette" that the term means absolutely nothing.

No. 1440174

i talked with anons on other site about coquette once and remember they told thankfully it's only happening on tumblr and nowhere else, so it means nothing - and now its spreading. i never google coquette but i think google might actually throw results now while a month ago it would show nothing, lol. i hope it never gets picked up by some sort of media…
it's irritating when you see everyone from Courtney Love to Kurt Cobain to idk, Mars Argo tagged as "coquette aesthetic", but coquette Mads is just something other it still amuses me the most.
I'm starting to think they'll call Draco Malfoy coquette next cause he's pale and blonde kek

No. 1440190

File: 1644540205325.png (465.06 KB, 604x732, nylon.png)

Anons… Nylon made an article on coquette just today.
i haven't started reading yet so i can't tell more but media are already aware of this shit. And it doesn't look good
>it's romantic and empowering

No. 1440191

No. 1440196

This is great news actually, you know an aesthetic is over once mainstream media picks it up

No. 1440202

haha, hopefully. if coquettes are really about ""rebelling against mainstream"" (lmao, by using most mainstream elements ever) and "trying to create their own untrendy safe space", then logic says they should drop coquette altogether cause now it's… "mainstream"
But honestly i think they'll be disgustingly proud of themselves and use such articles to validate their disgusting shitshow, cause they're literally 12 year olds mentally.
really disappointed Nylon didn't care to notice that trend is based on proana/kink/pedo/white trash stuff primarily.

No. 1440212

>"Although there is a huge lack of POC in the community"

crap-chan btfo(racebait)

No. 1440225

What the fuck has become of nylon mag. Or is it just American nylon?

No. 1440255

I really wouldn't consider Nylon mag mainstream at all. Most normies aren't reading it. When it hits Time mag, then it'll be mainstream.


>really disappointed Nylon didn't care to notice that trend is based on proana/kink/pedo/white trash stuff primarily.

It's a magazine run by hipsters; they don't care. They use to have those hypersexual American Apparel ads in their physical mags.

No. 1440271

not amerifag so i didn't know what sort of mag is Nylon besides noticing it looks like some glossy pseudo artsy hipster bullshit that sometimes has famous photographers shooting stars, models and nepotist it-girls from LA.
sure it's not like Time mag, but i was very surprised it got mentioned at all in any sort of internet magazine. bc coquette was a bullshit term made up by tumblr idiots. a paper term. something that was never needed to exist, like couldn't people just wear feminine and neo romantic?

how pathetic that Nylon seems to write separate texts on angelcores and other, these tags mean nothing. bc wtf is eternitycore or lovecore

No. 1440275

fashion mags like vice, iD and Nylon should start paying tiktokers if their "articles" are just going to be written versions of tiktok videos. lazy research.

No. 1440290

Nylon is a pretty mainstream publication if you’re in the American beauty & fashion community. But this article is part of a series about a bunch of different internet “-core” trends, so I don’t think coquette is hitting the big time just yet.

No. 1440294

Trashy magazines & blogs have been content mining social media posts for years now. The Daily Mail literally just reshares bikini photos off celebrities’ IGs with some bland copy attached. It’s dogshit lazy “journalism”, but it generates quick content and you can make an intern to do it.

No. 1440321

Nylon cover was one of the prizes for the last 2 ANTM seasons, it’s very mainstream.

No. 1440322

It's not mainstream, get over it.

No. 1440328

KEK you sound really mad about it. It’s on national tv. Mainstream. Get over it.

No. 1440370

I hate coquette culture just as much as anybody else but let's not defend rap-culture and pretend for even a moment that it's somehow "empowering"
both are equally bad, only difference is one is the mainstream and one is a mostly internet based sub-culture

No. 1440376

File: 1644554462180.png (289.43 KB, 538x591, Screenshot (529).png)

Jesus Christ why would anyone make this
not to sound like an SJW but yeah this is like so fucking problematic and offensive

No. 1440384

We dropped this hours ago and that point has been made 50 times already, late-chan

No. 1440624

That was in 2012, and that reality show ended in 2018. It's not relevant. Some boomer network like CNN would have to do a piece on it. Or some super popular reaction channel on YouTube does a video on it.

No. 1440681

Why are you so defensive? It is relevant it’s been mainstream for years hence it being the prize in 2017/2018. Idek what you mean by 2012. Just because some boomers might not know, which is doubtful, you’d be surprised who watches that shit, doesn’t mean it’s not well known. Your arbitrary checklist of some YouTuber or news channel or fucking Timelol does not dictate what makes something mainstream. How about you actually go look up the definition and tell me if that doesn’t apply to nylon?

No. 1440717

File: 1644603682939.jpg (86.42 KB, 593x600, ceca.jpg)


cecacore when? kek

No. 1440825

Anyone else know Dasha on Twitter?
>claims to be slavic coquette
>open white supremacist
>says she blocks "femcels" (any girl, or anyone who points out her lip fillers or push up bra)
>sent a guy pictures of her cutting herself
>anachan being gassed up by retarded right wingers
>tardwife but insists on posting pictures showing off her boobs

No. 1440827

Samefag, shes kinda famous on rw Twitter for being the ultimate slavic trad wife

No. 1440854

post link dumbass, are we just supposed to type dasha into the twt search bar and hope for the best?

No. 1440855

I know these idiots are talked in Leftcows threads, but idk how many threads i'd have to go back to find any info. totally don't get the whole craze about them, however
>claims to be slavic coquette
>open white supremacist
Lol no wonder coquettes love her

question though, is that the same Dasha who had some ridiculous love triangle drama with some other chicks they shared flat with a few years back?

No. 1440858

samefag, ofc if you mean Dasha from Red scare

No. 1440864

i did the work myself, i assume this is the dasha nonna was talking about


seems milky enough, gonna have to make a burner account now kek

No. 1440878

File: 1644613172329.png (219.76 KB, 764x1304, dasha1.png)

self-proclaimed aryan waifu.
tweets every hour, speaks butchered english but i have a feeling shes faking it for uwu-points.

No. 1440881

File: 1644613291202.png (12.81 KB, 636x110, dad.png)


No. 1440894

File: 1644613780598.png (982.07 KB, 616x832, whereeyes.png)

she definitely had work done. Where the fuck are her eyes though lol

No. 1440897

File: 1644613847140.png (850.7 KB, 768x2400, dad.png)

okay im done shitting up the thread, this bitch has nearly 23k tweets

No. 1440899

>Implying plastic surgery isn't dirt cheap there

You can literally troon out in some Russian shithole for the price of an iphone kek

No. 1440904

do you mean mina? i dont think its the same dasha this girl seems younger to me

No. 1440909

If you have the option to be in a relationship with a "whore" then by definition you are not involuntarily celibate (incel). I love how these girls try so hard to fit in with online edgelords but they can't even understand basic terminology.

No. 1440919

Please tell me I am not seeing her unironically retweet Varg. Please do not tell me the coquettards have not gone the whole way around to Varg Vikerness. This is what happens when pickmes get gassed up by RW Twitter men with flags in their username

No. 1441139

Are you sure this isn't just a chronically online scrote catfishing for attention from other scrotes.

No. 1441262

File: 1644648441109.png (7.44 MB, 1242x2208, A7A38FC5-C92A-4E94-9E3C-25C1A1…)

The Joanna sugar baby prostitute that Alida hung out with and escorted to see Lana live thinks she’s a movie star now (if I’m not mistaken)

No. 1441269


could be but she posted pictures of her russian skincare/hair products and i just dont think a male would go to that length to catfish

No. 1441271

I asked if anyone knew her because I couldn't find her account. I knew she was well known enough for someone to recognise her from my description, hence why I asked if anyone else knew the bitch, dumbass

No. 1441322

brb going to the tradthot thread and asking if anyone knows The Blonde Woman kek

No. 1441489

kek def looks like shes faking it, shes not writing correctly but somehow manages to spell all the words correctly?

No. 1441523

File: 1644681903851.png (134.28 KB, 904x810, kek.png)

i looked up her old tweets and she used to be a kpop stan it looks like, harmless but kinda funny how she went from kpop stan to white supremacist

No. 1441538

samefag but i also noticed she writes haha in "cyrillic" as xaxa even polish is latin, is she a west slav larping as an east slav?

No. 1441553

File: 1644683061746.png (116.06 KB, 922x667, keeeek.png)

kek wtf

No. 1441559

self hating white girl confirmed

No. 1441595

File: 1644684799276.png (30.51 KB, 883x159, expelled.png)

heres something about her getting expelled from school at the same time as some school shooter, she doesnt seem super milky overall but its fun to see what these coquettes are actually doing

No. 1441602

The femcels that Dasha blocks are the girls that are/were part of the incelcore subculture and used to be part of ICG before it was nuked. They usually self-identify as "femcels" and hate on her because they see her as competition for RW moid attention.

No. 1441605

File: 1644685664432.jpg (19.29 KB, 400x400, spooky.jpg)

As others have mentioned, coquette subculture differs from the millennial/early gen Z nymphette culture in that the archetype of the ideal male is different. I don't see a great deal of interest in older men from such girls, but rather there's more of a hybristophilic Bonnie and Clyde preoccupation with rough balaclava-clad semiautomatic-toting males. Examples would be Billy from Buffalo 66, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, etc.

Something that I haven't seen mentioned here yet is the platform in which these subcultures proliferate. Nymphette shit was mainly confined to tumblr which was pretty much an entirely female space whereas coquettes are on twitter and there's considerable interaction with esoteric RW BAP twitter and I think this has influenced the scene considerably.

No. 1441622

dasha is 100% real

No. 1441633

i'm butthurt that my 180cm ass and german face can't dress like this so i have decided to hate them. post the milk, that i may a-log.

No. 1441638

most of the girls discussed cant dress like this either hence why they dont post their face/physique(sage)

No. 1441646

whats BAP?

why would you want to dress like a pedos wildest dream, anonchen?
180 cm tall and german face sounds beautiful not gonna lie

No. 1441647

File: 1644688641827.jpeg (145.16 KB, 750x1114, FFA77266-DCC1-4C89-B6C6-0B7E10…)

how do they post shit like this and not be embarrassed

No. 1441652

>180 cm and probably thin
Girl most of these girls would be jealous of you. They idolize light skin/hair/etc. to the point it's absolutely weird and your height is perfect too. You can also still dress cute and feminine in a way that fits your body and face.

No. 1441683

you sound beautiful and why would you want to dress like this anyway

No. 1441690

This is so retarded, why is every single thing "empowering" nowadays? That word means nothing anymore. Getting a fucking job is more empowering than this shit yet no one talks about that

No. 1441702

File: 1644693932300.jpg (78.75 KB, 1400x1050, n4scgse21iuz.0.jpg)

No. 1441711

>with esoteric RW BAP twitter
What is that?? I'm not a twitterfag.

No. 1441713

dude, all of the coquettes i've seen that had their selfies up were average height to very tall, often fat, or at least average, all very plain. thin ones that i've seen (dolling, that tiktok girl who claimed tobe 17 upthread), are tall/tin but normal weight, even if they claim tobe of so fainting 40kgs. zits, dark hair, sometimes glasses. sometimes Grimes nose. NONE of them dressed in those etheral white dresses showing arms or any sort of coqette attire. They CLAIM to be coquette ideal and dress as such, but in fact none of them does.
I'm thin (not that anyone cares ofc) but i wouldn't like to wear "coquette" cause it's stupid. anon buy cute babydoll/kinderwhore dresses, they fit everyone. fuck ideal coquette measurements, fuck coqutte canons.

No. 1441717

samefag but wanna add they'd possibly fetishize tf out of you for being German, just like they fetishize Russian and Polish. they're most USA girls who are bored with their lives
Also i hate that coquettes have already imprinted on ppl that stupid assumption that you gotta be ~anorexic~ and ~short~ only to wear feminine stuff. idk why, bc of Ariana Grande maybe? hate that they think feminine wear = coquette

No. 1441718

>they dont like ugly old stinky scrotes but they like ugly unstable scrotes instead

what's with subcultures of women preoccupied by their looks having abysmal taste in men? is being excessively vain and placing all the duties of beauty on women a sign of being a retarded pickme? hmmm

No. 1441730

they already kinda do, search "alpine milkmaid aesthetic" like why does everything have to be an aesthetic

No. 1441735

BAP is Bronze Age Pervert, who is a seminal figure of the ‘fetishising Ancient Greece’ and subsequent ‘right wing body building’ Twitter subculture. That should tell you everything you need to know about the brand of masculinity these girls are attempting to appeal to.

No. 1441745

File: 1644698187678.jpg (21.97 KB, 400x400, O9waSZzh_400x400.jpg)

BAP stands for Bronze Age Pervert, BAP was an online natural bodybuilder who released his own sorta manifesto book on Amazon called the Bronze Age Mindset
It was natural bodybuilding philosophy mixed with old world and nietzschean ideas of masculinity, now this book would have gone completely unknown and would have had no impact what so ever, that is until some liberal academics and started using it as an example of how bodybuilding and working out inherently fuel right-wing nationalism, this eventually brought the book to the spotlight and it started being shared among right wing online spaces and this caused a feed back loop, cause more online liberals and SJWs started talking about the book and this got more people interested in it
BAP twitter is a sub-sect of Tard/right wing twitter that actually practices their ideals to an extent, cause they have this thing where to be part of BAP-twitter you have to post your body and book collections and if your body isn't muscular enough you can't join their special club

These are the typical BAP twitter accounts that might explain what their like

basically they are just gym bros on twitter
Eh from what I've seen, different guys seem to idolize different ideals of masculinity, for they even have some Muslim members who post Islamic philosophy related to exercise, there are even a couple commies who post about soviet lifting "aesthetics" the only think that really unites them all, is that they hate neo-liberalism and are really into natural bodybuilding

No. 1441751

I'd love to know why too. A lot of the aesthetics these girls do literally have the guy as an accessory to the aesthetic rather than be part of the aesthetic. I think, since coquettards want to be angelic and holy, then part of the aesthetic is to have an awful evil boyfriend but is soft towards them because they're so uwu that it makes evil melt

No. 1441752

Between Varg and BAP coquettes are doomed, but since a lot of them are into Red Scare they will inevitably be funneled into these parts of twitter more and more if they use it

No. 1441784

Damn it idk coquette thing and their preferences, especially men preferences, are getting more and more illogical and nonsensical to me. normally i wouldn't care but these stupid aesthetics are starting to creep into the things/sites i like to visit. you can't search any pic (normal pic! Nothing very coquette) without their idiotic core tags.
Say what you want but nymphettes, i hated them but at least they didn't pretend to NOT be fucked up and not all about disgusting things, they were way less popular and thankfully they went totally out of fashion fast. tiktokers flexing their coquette pinterst boards are now called "content creators". creators. of 10 sec video showing secondhand recycled stuff. How the fuck are tiktok kids creators of ANYTHING?
Hoping for this shit to end by summer/autumn 2022

No. 1441897

File: 1644716179827.jpg (69.19 KB, 400x593, tumblr_dbe9e53d427778c58c0f883…)

Can someone explain why is Chloe Sevigny worshipped by coquettes and not only? whenever i saw her on tumblr i always asked myself WHAT's so special about her and marvelled at how fucking plain faced and boring she is. In every single photo, no matter who took it, she looks boring. Boring clothes. Boring poses. Same fucking boring as fuck half-stoned, half-smug, intentionally uninterested face. Bonus, she's one of those method acting idiots and allegedly had real sex for film. there's not a single thing that's interesting in her look, face, and her personality must be even less interesting.
And coming back to coquette, i don't see any #coquette "quality" about her either… wtf
sage for chloe hate sperg

No. 1441907

File: 1644716773829.png (173.7 KB, 392x492, 80247024974.png)

it's the vibe she gives off.

No. 1441986

File: 1644724651594.jpg (198.85 KB, 1080x1318, 1637990820502.jpg)

The only thing I am aware of BAP twitter is this meme, I used to think this was ridiculous and thought the black girl was an exception for dating that guy but after seeing (c)rap anon's sperg outs and behavior, It starts to become a little more plausible

No. 1441994

File: 1644725720534.jpg (33.23 KB, 550x413, 20211230_144113.jpg)

does she even know that he posted this?

No. 1442016

File: 1644727647469.jpg (570.22 KB, 1852x2397, gettyimages-51096568-157376764…)

i guess she used to dress kind of effortlessly weird/cute and was in indie art house films, she just gave off the darling partying brooklynite almost socialite vibe

No. 1442018

But that's exactly what it is, anon. If you have a keen aesthetic sense, you will HAVE to selectively euthanize it towards men, because your only other option would be to become some sort of a female volcel. Who do you think can tolerate gas station sushi better - a normie or a chef with an exquisite palate?

Women are simply more beautiful than men, it's an indisputable scientific truth. Beauty is a female sexually dimorphic trait. "Beautiful" men are more likely to create daughters despite most conceptions normally skewing male.

The whole balaklava cope is fucking sending me because it has to be the most blatant attempt at hiding the tardy hideousness of an average guy to avoid tainting your "aesthetic" - the equivalent of putting up a shitty picture to cover a mold stain. I hope these chicks get well soon, I really do.

No. 1442062

File: 1644733620430.jpg (182.1 KB, 1080x1183, 59b3dc.jpg)

I'm gonna disagree with that simply cause what are considered beautiful or feminine traits in men are incredibly subjective depending on culture
facial hair for e.g is a big point of masculinity in many Muslim nations to the point where "beardless" is used as an insult, but in African societies it's barely an issue and they can't even grow facial hair so they have different ideas of masculinity, so someone like the Rock would be considered feminine in certain nations simply cause he can't grow a beard but a 5'8 ordinary man would be considered masculine just cause he can grow a beard

In north korea chubby men with round faces are considered to be "beautiful men", while men who are thinner and have sharp angular features are considered to be ordinary
It is subjective

No. 1442074

kek love these. ayrt, i'm just a tall&large alsatian woman. i guess i am not a fatty but idk i think waifish body and delicate facial features is the beauty standard to most people. especially with the internet making everyone's aesthetic, i think lots of us feel ugly after seeing so many pictures of long haired, very skinny, small-nosed girls in loli-ish clothing or 90s crop top stuff.

No. 1442115

Did Dasha delete her Twitter? Twitter wont even let me open her page

No. 1442119

Waifish? These modern uggo thots are NOT

No. 1442122

KEK Can all the MTF degens please move to Turkey to be near this gender affirming king

No. 1442123

i noticed the same thing must be something about her changing her @

No. 1442143

anon, how old are you? I get it might be upsetting to look at that shit, but in reality, it matters to exactly one kind of people: underage coquettes, or 20yo coquettes pretending to be younger than they are. Adults don't fucking care. Males don't fucking care. Women don't fucking care. People have diverse tastes, but i wouldn't say tiny shorty anorexic nymphy girls caring about aesthetics more than anything meaningful are biggest beauty ideal to actual adults. Absolutely not. Look, these girls are whining "femcels" for a reason, mayve because no man nor woman could stand their idiotic takes and interests. real life is not television or internet, in real life nobody cares about waif ideals and core aesthetics. i know the world went more insane than ever since development of social media, but coquettes are NOWHERE NEAR real impact on the world, and nowhere near being people's chosen go to ideal. i wouldn't call coquettes mentally ill (they're not), cause that would only be a compliment to them, but they're fucked in the head in some other way. I guess no man/women would like to dress up as Yugoslav soldiers to roleplay with their Bambi waif who'd pretend to be their Lisa Rowe kek

No. 1442167

File: 1644759863531.jpg (492.87 KB, 640x1007, French romantic postcards, 192…)

Sure, women are more beautiful but a good looking man isn't as rare as you're saying. The reason why they're so scarce this days is partially because of the grooming standard has gotten so abysmally low that the average man would probably improve by quite a bit if he lost weight and had better self grooming. They could push their male partners or pursuers to better groom themselves to fit into a coquette aesthetic like pic related. But since they're as pornsick and brainwashed by the current heterosexual gender dynamics that a man must be ugly, violent, and unstable to be a true man they go for that despite it being the opposite of traditional as much as their aesthetic likes to align with it.

No. 1442169

A civilized and gallant looking man should be apart of the coquette aesthetic. Adding violent yugoslav war criminals to the mix is a perversion and inappropriate addition to this historically influenced aesthetic.
Not like they care though, but still. It's gross.

No. 1442171

File: 1644761019256.jpg (29.89 KB, 524x429, 0494cfeeddeb32316cd503cfb4f690…)

also any basic faced man can be ugly or good looking depending on a change in diet, exercise and grooming
any of the Yugoslav war criminal dudes these women lust after can like a dignified gentleman with just a change of facial hair and clothing

No. 1442176

I suppose "trad" men on the internet would prefer to rather idolize vikings because they come closer to their brusque and unrefined lifestyle than they do the upper class gentleman of history. what they neglect is that if the men are brutes usually it means the women are too (to some extent) and bronze age/neolithic periods practically had men and women sharing many roles, which is something both coquette tards and bap fags pretend didn't happen. the truth is if you have a culture with refined and dainty women like what coquette girls look up to you couldn't get that without refined and gentlemanly men since brutish men couldn't make elegant daughters.

No. 1442182

That’s not the poster’s own picture and the girl is photoshopped in

No. 1442183

what the hell is the point of that pic and the meme? i don't get it

No. 1442207

File: 1644765184249.png (111.92 KB, 574x666, dasha.png)

She does mention that she lives in poland sometimes, but she insinuates that she's originally from russia (dasha is not a polish name) and makes tweets about learning her future husband russian etc.. But the thing is, i speak a little bit of russian and in pic attached when she responded in russian she used male adjectives to refer to herself… So she's probably using a translator.
The other person said: you need a reconstructive face surgery
She replied: I prefer being natural (male form), as i (male form) was born (male form).

No. 1442211

Lmaoooo larping as a fucking eastern european girl is she? this is embarrassing.

No. 1442214

File: 1644766189020.png (634.53 KB, 840x676, 156379806625.png)

but even then Vikings did practice some personal grooming, according to the account of John of Wallingford, a 13th-century English monk
>"The Norsemen were according to their country's customs - in the habit of combing their hair every day, to bathe every Saturday and to change clothes frequently"
bathing once a week and changing clothes isn't a high but but It was some degree of personal grooming

Also you're right regarding "barbarian women" Aramean, Viking, Nanman, Mongolian women were all known for their fierceness and "unfeminine natures", they didn't fight in direct combat besides men but they weren't scrawny and dainty damsels in distress
They were active members of their communities who served a number of roles, elderly women were often respected and sought as sources for advice and women overall aided the men in combat in support roles
picrel is what a real Viking/barbarian woman would have looked like

No. 1442227

KEK of course. if she couldn't grasp the right forms for her fake Russian then she better not tries to fake Polish in longer sentences, cause she'll eventually get lost in various endings and rules and context. Polish ppl would laugh tf at their romanticized views of them, i'm sure Russian girls too. They're normal ppl not some coquetteland nymphs.
I mean they probably base their whole "coquette Russian" on Hofmannita and "coquette Polish" on Joanna Kuchta, but jokes on them cause Joanna ran around in American Apparel and other very American stuff, sitting almost exclusively in America.

No. 1442311

Lol exactly, these aren't beauty nonas. They're "handsomeness", which is cope. The grooming thing (also lol at the chincel beard cope, nature's balaclava I guess) is a deliberate obfuscation to mitigate the fact that very few men are most women's looksmatch.

What we define as "attractive" in men is "handsome, "stately" or "interesting". Those aren't objective beauty.

No. 1442314

File: 1644779997003.png (946.8 KB, 1208x1132, og coquette.png)

Kek i know she's not really the same train of thought as usual coquettes but still associates with this term and gets hissy fits just cause people don't follow her guidelines! Let me anons introduce you to ORIGINAL COQUETTE!
lol no matter what you do you WON'T change the fact coquette is a breeding ground of pro ana, idiocy and pedos. Coquette was invented only because Tumblr banned "nymphet".

No. 1442316

File: 1644780083695.png (53.81 KB, 426x692, og coquette2.png)

~you're all so stupid but i'm still part of you culture, just not like other coquettes~

No. 1442321

Is that our crap-chan? kek not as thin as she was bragging about
also any pics of her white bf whose totes not racist

No. 1442323

I was thinking the same fucking thing for a long while, hence why i'm posting lol. her comment of "aesthetics" was made after we talked the same thing, lol.

No. 1442325

not sure but that's worth a dive (doubt she tagged him but we shall see, i'm pretty sure i saw her sperg on her boyfriend)

No. 1442327

First guy literally has similar features to the woman beside him. You're weird

No. 1442346

Ok, not the crapper chan, she dated black guy as of 5 months ago. idk if it changed now. music taste should match as i don't see her listening to black ppl artists but not white boyfriend. she's a fucking pretentious NLOG still, who says black people invented coquette and that she's responsible for the outbreak of coquette trend. i think if that was her she'd throw a bigger fit though but who knows.

No. 1442352

File: 1644783359617.jpg (18.38 KB, 340x315, cdffc8be1b0f9a8a2464d61d171286…)

why do these tumblr bitches think theyre the blueprint for doing the most basic things, if you wear a turtleneck and a tennis skirt people arent going to think you're an "og coquette", rather just some random girl

No. 1442392

File: 1644786543841.jpeg (1.27 MB, 1220x1680, 06D87D1A-A546-4844-B099-68419F…)

Is alida still into this junk or did she stop skinwalking lana

No. 1442397

File: 1644786909108.jpeg (377.72 KB, 1089x1491, 40640605-2C2B-496A-ABF3-9BF866…)

She looks different, I used to think she was so pretty but she doesn’t look the same anymore

No. 1442403

We talked about this a month back in other thread (Nicole Calves or Nymphets: where are they now thread) and turned out she pretends to be all grown up and "above this", given a speech on how stupid she was and how she's not into this toxic stuff and not copying Lana anymore. But in reality she still posts nymphet/lolita stuff on her second account (?) and still dates that same older male. So… she's still kind of into same old stuff, but pretends she doesn't/does it more lowkey.
she changed her look slightly (last time i've seen her she was a redhead, she got back to blonde?) but that's about it, probably.
She doesn't actively participate in coquette thing, i think she considers herself above it in a way that SHE'S the trendsetter/"legendary figure" for those girls, not equal with them.

No. 1442554

>now this book would have gone completely unknown and would have had no impact what so ever, that is until some liberal academics and started using it as an example of how bodybuilding and working out inherently fuel right-wing nationalism, this eventually brought the book to the spotlight and it started being shared among right wing online spaces and this caused a feed back loop, cause more online liberals and SJWs started talking about the book and this got more people interested in it

sage for OT but its insane how this shit happens so many times and they still never learn, same with the OK symbol
by giving these idiot meatheads attention and notoriety they basically create an audience for them(learn2sage)

No. 1442635

My thoughts exactly. She was a famous singer and married a war criminal in a ~~beautiful white gown, but she is an actual successful businesswoman

That's always what I hated about these nymphet/coquette/whatever name it's rebranded styles. The fashion style can be pretty cute in itself, I love the vintage girly vibe of it, but they turn it into a fetish. Then you can't wear it because it's cute, since you don't want to be seen as a pedopandering loon.

> fapping over the aesthetics you want for yourself and other women like some AGP tranny
I always wondered if women can be autogynephilic btw. When you see how bad some go out of their way to fetishize a certain aesthetic, it makes me think that it isn't only internalized male gaze.

No. 1442675

File: 1644835041325.jpg (64.76 KB, 564x1126, 71fd360f55f061189136de55d8fbd5…)

>I love the vintage girly vibe of it, but they turn it into a fetish.

so true, this is one of the things that annoys me the most about this aesthetic phenomenon, stuff like picrel gets colonized by coquettes and suddenly turns into some uwu daddy shit even though its originally just a cute simple outfit reeeeeeee, damn ive even seen princess diana in their coquette pinterest boards

No. 1442685

That's… literally normal clothes worn by normal person. Don't believe a person pictured lifted it out of her wardrobe thinking it's #coquette. nothing unusual about turtleneck and plaid skirt.

Nobody in Europe cares for that shit. select young idiots probably do - online, but it has no real influence on the fashion world. If it ever gets mainstream, it'll only be praised in America, and fade out fast.
I'd also like to notice that all these countless -cores are all the same, and share the same clothes and sets of rules. I checked the "core" bullshit section from Nylon and literally all "aesthetics" share same things. Coquette ain't different from angelcore, or even "grunge fairycore" (kek).
I forever kek at idiots thinking 2014 tumblr hipster clothes are "rebellious", it was an ideal normie wear. that's what the least creative/original people worn. Arctic Monkeys, 1975, 5SOS, Marina and clean, organized, black and white aesthetics and skirts from American Apparel, very grunge.

No. 1442852

>szipuje z jungkookiem
>piękna ikonka
kek this girl is polish pretending to be russian
(sage for being a latefag)

No. 1443141

Wasn't Alida Simone kidnapped at one point? My understanding is that sbe was reported missing on the news. She also apparently came out and said that she was being abused by those older guys so I'm surprised to hear she's still dating the same guy. Really, really creepy story

No. 1443144

She wasn’t kidnapped; she ran off with a boyfriend who she later claimed was abusive. She was reported missing though because of it but came back like “teehee I’m fine guise!” Not the same guy she’s with now but he’s a creep too that’s been around her since she was underaged. She’s going on 22 now though and still likes to talk about how she “looks like a child” when she doesn’t. She’s the creepy one at this point.

No. 1443168

Holy shit, that's awful. She started a YouTube channel as well. She only uploaded once. I wish PULL was still up because I never got to read the drama with her

No. 1443208

Her entire PULL thread is archived. not sure about archive.is but all pages are still on wayback machine.

like anon said, i'll add that the guy she ran away with apparently abused her and went to jail. She was 16 at the time.

No. 1443858

File: 1644941149654.jpg (108.44 KB, 720x409, 20220215_161645.jpg)

>Hitler, Nazi
And here I was thinking this was just with the new coquettes kek. I'm willing to bet her supposed nazi views were imposed on her by the older boyfriend. I don't recall the original lana del rey lolita nymphet girls having a thing for right wing moids

No. 1443984

File: 1644950741538.png (437.48 KB, 564x500, 345345.png)

Not only boyfriend. Before she started him, she was hanging out with girls who were racist, posting Hitler stuff and being open Trump supporters, pretty sure thread mentions them. when she discovered her thread, they flooded it with whiteknight comments "Whyy are you bullying her pls stop she's a beautiful girl she doesn't deserve this uwu" and Alida posted alleged "apology" on insta stories, but continued to post that sort of stuff other places as usual. Ironic how much of them were racist/right wing.
If anyone wants more ancient milk (well, at least 5yo milk) on nymphettes/millenial coquettes, here's another thread. got kinda milky cause they all discovered the thread and had a big nymphette fight with PULL, lmao. using same "arguments" as coquettes do now. lowkey curious if they still sit in their nymphet phases.

No. 1443993

File: 1644951172799.png (542.57 KB, 1800x826, alida.png)

Alida "clearing up" Nazi/drama stuff. TLDR: b-but i was a minor! and the rest was made by bullies online and PULL closed bc it was unimaginable!

No. 1444075

File: 1644958817544.jpeg (741.46 KB, 1242x1521, B24DDCB4-7C0E-44D7-87BD-08EAC9…)

Pretty sure every mentally ill teen acted like they could have fixed them but Alida pretending none of this ever happened is funny to me. She would call herself a nymphet but now that she is an adult and aged out she’s pretending it’s problematic if she was still 17 she would still act like this

No. 1444264

File: 1644975451162.jpeg (126.67 KB, 750x742, F77C335A-FC80-46E3-B416-D36826…)

So quirky

No. 1444347

who are all of these girls

No. 1444368

creepy doesnt deserve this

No. 1444446

If she truly thought it was problematic her active tumblr would not still be fucking jumpropejailbait

No. 1444569

I associate this aesthetic with bdd, borderline disorder, autism, and being too much of a beta femcel to objectify men so you do it to women instead while claiming to be "straight"

No. 1444586

from the top left- idk lol, creepychan, cassie from skins, nicole dollanganger, lana del rey, that one weaponized anorexia youtuber, and angelina jolie in girl, interrupted

No. 1444626

Is creepychan the one who became a fakeboi?

No. 1444637

File: 1645014242960.png (781.84 KB, 1572x680, creepychan1.png)

lol stop obsessing over creepychan, she's boring af, did nothing besides striking stupid horror girl poses in kinderwhore dresses and being a cringe pretending to be all about that ~blood~. she was just as boring and cringey as coquettes.
No, she became kinda famous model who these days does nothing at all besides weirdly sucking up her cheeks from the inside. Oh, and she now sells her old 4chan pics as NFTs. what a hero.

No. 1444639

File: 1645014384995.png (1.12 MB, 1414x816, creepychan2.png)

The narcissism is hilarious. lol you're not as special and influential as you think you are.
everything she did was done on the internet way before her.

No. 1444682

File: 1645020613510.jpg (289.91 KB, 720x961, 20220216_141928.jpg)

This is fillers, right? I mean I've seen girls with large natural lips and they don't really have this shape

Alida used to fight tooth and nail claiming her lips were real when they're the most obviously filled looking lips jesus the shape of them

No. 1444713

File: 1645022612668.png (1.2 MB, 672x1394, Screenshot (499).png)

her boyfriend, but he's actually not racist /s

No. 1444813

File: 1645033725102.png (335.54 KB, 1366x657, 1626044468254.png)

Kek, turns out my rattling ass browsing autistic pinkpill imageboard is pretty uwu lana del rey lily rose depp brandy melville cigarette waif vogue french coquette of me. Don't get me wrong, I do see a huge overlap inbetween coquette/waif and lolcow (femcel shit + the physical criticism of other women) I even specifically remember seeing My Year of Rest and Relaxation memes in the book thread. The waif entry on Aesthetics Fandoms used to include picrel, which kills me because even though this place reeks of hyperfemininity and stacy larping, I don't think the person who wrote this really understood the very radfem/anti troon nature of lolcow. I honestly would like the whole asstétik if it was just about romantic and girly clothes, skinny european bs and scrote hate

No. 1444814

Yes, you can see how the skin above her lip is also swollen with filler (likely due to migration).

No. 1444833

Aside from what you mentioned, i don't get what would they make of lolcow for other reasons. some of farmers don't necessarily engage in threads you mentioned, some primarily lurk select threads as a kind of internet gossip when they're bored or like to write with others in /ot threads. Either way, the girls coquettes idolize would be largely mocked on lolcow (if they aren't already), as well as certain attitudes and behaviours they present, also their men preferences. same with their stupid romanticizing of mental illnesses and aesthetics. idk maybe they think it's "lolcow enough" if they just put on some front adn pretend to be bitchy and rude. idk as stupid as it may sound, i come here because it's one of the very few female based places where i can laugh at things i hate/consider amusing and have other anons understand why. not because i think i need to be femcel and that's what femcels do, and not because i think i'm hot because that's what some hot girl thing to do.
What i'm trying to say is that ppl use lolcow because they do, not to be #aesthetic. These girls only spend their days on sitting and wondering what and HOW should they do next to be as valid coquette as possible. maybe someone told them it's "cool and so french manipulator" to lurk lolcow, kek.

No. 1444834

Also the proportions are completely unnatural, her lips are practically bigger than her chin

No. 1444846

have you been to the celebricows thread, like the half posters seem like ana-chans and there is some level of intersection here

No. 1444864

Yeah, the way some of them worship celebrities like Elle Fanning and Megan Fox makes that kind of clear

No. 1444876

right. so that's where farmer coquettes are sitting, lol. they probably discovered celebricows through some completely other site and they only write in celebricows. hence all crapperchans and anachans.

No. 1444889

>Women are simply more beautiful than men, it's an indisputable scientific truth. Beauty is a female sexually dimorphic trait. "Beautiful" men are more likely to create daughters despite most conceptions normally skewing male.

No. 1444892

Source: Everyone's eyes

No. 1444956

She looks like if you slapped her in the mouth, the stuff they use to lube the insides of Nerf guns would spray all over the place

No. 1445038

I think this is the result of scarethots finding this site, realizing it's better at whatever redscare claims to be doing, and pretending they were "farmers" all along. This is the "cooler" mean bitch club now, in their eyes.

No. 1445040

The ana-chans were the ones sperging about elle having "cankles" for dozens of posts.

No. 1445057

Lol this actually explains so much. Now i know who's responsible for random Anya Taylor Joy posting, they're quite fond of her as she fits their NY starving it girl aesthetics. "Grimes is actually pretty and talented" are obviously coquettes too. Tinfoil: Grimes&Elon whiteknight fangirl was a coquette/crapchan.
Another girl they're prob responsible for bringing up is Margaret Qualley and Ariana Grande. I don't mean specific Ariana milk, i mean when these idiots argue about her weight for 1/2 of thread for no reason, wk-ing her cuz she's so smol and thin!
Also it's 100% coquettes sperging how Paris didn't age at all/Paris is a ~qween~ and a legend. all millenial anons who remember "the real Paris" of the 00's admitted Paris was a fake, yucky person and the "trends" she introduced in fact contributed to Y2K era normalizing "women as brainless sextoys" thing to the extreme and spawned bullying at schools just for not looking like Paris. but then only a week later a new thread is made and coquettes piss their angelic, imaginary Agent Provocateur lingerie over how Paris is a legend.
~~*Lindsey and Paris were my role models*~ Bitch, you were literally 1 year old. in 2005. at most.

No. 1445102

paris didn't age at all because she was born looking like a postmenopausal swamp hag and is still one. ageless queen

No. 1445139

even some azealia-stans could be potential coquettes
think about it she's skinny, crazy, has had only white bf's, is "semi-ironically" racist and insults other women based on their weight all the time

No. 1445248

File: 1645094891738.jpg (45.89 KB, 850x400, vintage emo boy.jpg)

Posted a few Anya pics and I'm not part of the coquette comm. OR AM I? OH GOD.
I think Anya is being posted just because she's pretty and has a depressed-chainsmoker thing going on, Azealia is being posted because she's the blueprint for the batshit insane woman. So yes, I guess there really is a big overlap. Farmers = OG coquettes confirmed

No. 1445306

no but you sure made a couple of coquettes happy that day kek
i mean, i can't remember Anya TJ having any milk at all but could be wrong
I noticed a while ago that celebricows is suddenly filled with people who whiteknight/are standing out sorely, like they selectively criticize some ppl while getting offended when someone else offends their favourites. so my guess is they're only sitting in that one thread and don't even know about this one? kinda makes me want to randomly call coquette aesthetic bullshit in celebricows thread and see if they start raging.
There's also one ultimate coquette thing we forgot about: they are the ones getting hysteric when someone laughs at Lana Del Rey or calls Lana fat

No. 1445332

Wasn't there milk regarding a pedophile who groomed a trad girl in the old Varg thread? It just occured to me that if coquettes are taking an interest in Varg like Dasha has, we might see a new form of Lolita where they larp as viking wives instead of regular cottagecore tradwives.

No. 1445354

File: 1645110127670.png (645.06 KB, 512x1464, Screenshot.png)

The para-miltiary thread on /m/ is also another coquette sanctuary, /m/174377
especially with the nonna's who post eastern european soldiers and war insurgents

No. 1445355

File: 1645110292154.png (776.41 KB, 1164x748, 6777.png)

picrel also probably makes it obvious, an unwashed, unstable and likely violent scrote, which is ideal man for our uwu-coquettes

No. 1445415

What's with people's deal over fetishizing people who come from cold cultures?

No. 1445426

File: 1645116903632.jpg (58.49 KB, 549x364, a0vz6n8vi8461.jpg)

well I guess traditionally those regions have interesting headwear and jackets, those can be considered "cool" for some people

No. 1445430

I too want to ride everyone from rainbow six siege

No. 1445437

They'd have to be like >>1442214 said, so this won't appeal. cause they can't be sad uwu fragile viking princesses! i lowkey wish photography existed in those times, so actual viking women could be photographed so coquettes could shut up with their viking flirty lass obsession. i mean we have info, drawings, reimagination in films etc but maybe real photos would speak to them louder
eeeew that's an obvious coquette.
would be funny if there was introduced a new thing on LC, like when posts are flagged "newfag" some obvious coquette's posts would be flagged "coquette". guess they intergrated here too easily, besides standing out in celebricows

Question: what do you think is the age category of coquettes posting here? zoomer or, let's say, 24+?

No. 1445471

People grow out of being a coquette (or similar subcultures). I imagine coquettards are teenagers for the most part and then a handful of Luna Slator types whi are a bit older

No. 1445655

Covert racism.
> It's not that I'm into white boys…. I'm just into boys from cold countries ^^

No. 1445680

Inuit are snacks (frozen snacks)

No. 1445716

Are we now conflating cockette with military fetishism?

No. 1445771

It's not exactly an unwashed Aryan kek

No. 1445853

offended coquette spotted

to be serious though, i don't know much about correlations between coquette idiots and military fetish, first time i heard of it is this thread. so maybe anons who know more can tell how to differentiate a "normal" military fetishist and a coquette? but i were to take a guess, there must be certain repetitive patterns, like same pictures and same things they say.
Wouldn't it be like… military fetishists like soldiers cause they like ppl in military clothes, and they can like people of all nationalities, whereas coquettes are obsessing not about boys in soldier uniforms, they obsess over their idea of manly, tough, violent and probably fucked in the head grumpy men doing violent manly stuff like serving in army, and serving as a tool to flesh out fragility, beauty and whiteness of his so angelcore much nymphette girl. AND soldiers they reblog are strictly 1. white 2. east european or IIww nazis.
like it's about their stupid ideas of romantic relationship. their Bella and Edward going on the front. (yeah it's a thing, zoomers of all aesthetics ""semi"" ironically stan Twilight now.)

No. 1445911

what does having a white bf have to with coquette culture ?

No. 1445924

coquette chan literally spells it out it here >>1445355, the difference between her type and usual military fetishists

>I do prefer the combat/survival/survival training aspect over the uniform fetish, as well as the political history of these conflicts but I still like the "aesthetic" of soldiers and insurgents

>especially of eastern european one's or anywhere that's chilly
>I admit that it is somewhat problematic, so there are lines that I don't think should be crossed, e.g any gore posting, shipping/sexualizing and any Persofnication of the conflict with anime chibi fan-art

No. 1446024

I'd love to see how an actual relationship would play out between an internet-addicted cockette tumblrina who collects eating disorders, and a rugged Eastern European war veteran LMAO

No. 1446076

File: 1645179688642.png (578.67 KB, 781x712, 4msoo6.png)

Oh no, are you the nonnie who kept fucking up the thread with moralfagging posts? I know /snow/ became filled with newfriends, but please realise that this is a fem imageboard. Posting here and complaining about women sexualizing scrotes seems a bit tone-deaf, especially considering how common military fetish is and how some farmers also browse chan boards like /k/.
I honestly don't think it's that deep; the reason why there is an interest overlap is because coquette is 100% made of terminally online women, same with LC

No. 1446134

File: 1645187953056.jpg (260.25 KB, 1242x1767, FJ-WREQWQAYU3ck.JPG)

I swear these bitches have worst taste in men then even most DDLG-fags
like Jesus Christ what is even the appeal of this and how does one convince themselves that these are somehow attractive moids

also just look at the tags

No. 1446135

>tacky hyperfeminine girls lusting after tacky hypermasculine guys
Why are you surprised?

No. 1446146

cause they look like they smell

No. 1446198

someone's triggered
are you going to call us out on kinkshaming, too? sorry you're into such coquette fetish kek

No. 1446217

This is a collage of photos of the famous actor Tom Hardy. Many women lust after him…

No. 1446231

And he is ugly and looks poor

No. 1446234

He may not be your type but liking famous actors is the least milky thing coquettes do.

No. 1446253

File: 1645202204649.png (980.41 KB, 596x1202, 12.png)

similarly related, noticed some coquettes I follow post channing tatum and zoe kravitz pics as sort of "couple goals"
I mean I get it, she's a thin woman who looks like she smells like cigarettes and he's a racist looking white man with an ogre face

plus this Halloween pic of them

No. 1446259

>racist looking white man
How does someone look racist? Is it just by having white skin or…

No. 1446273

File: 1645203681152.jpg (91.22 KB, 640x800, 1629410676315.jpg)

Tell me he doesn't like a white trash skin head

No. 1446292

Just cause he's fucking bald? Many men are bald, it's just unfortunate genetics.

No. 1446301

this is suuuch a longshot but i'd really appreciate it if you guys could give me some advice on how to get my best friend out of this hole. for the past couple months she's been posting this shit on social media (her private instagram which i'm on, and a lot of male randoms who are oggling at her basically blowing up her lifea) and tiktoks. it's basically gotten to the point where everything she does is a mirror reflection of this thread, posting her copy of My Year of Rest and Relaxation, lily rose depp crap, faking/overecaggerating substance abuse to seem edgy and problematic, and most concerningly for me pro-ana stuff. I don't feel equipped to deal with her eating disorder because I used to have a severe one that I managed to get over (which she doesn't know about, it was before we met) and I don't want to get sucked into her problems. I've been distancing myself but I think it needs to be addressed or else i can't be friends with her.

i'm 18, she's 17 and we're both about to go off to college. she doesn't have a ton of other friends so i see next year for her as just more isolation/descent into this online stuff unless she wakes up to how toxic it is.

No. 1446303

This sperging is kind of weird cuz I feel like women have always thought Tatum is hot. And at least Zoe isn't one of the 5 boring white bitches that every coquettes like to post.

No. 1446305

you could maybe post this thread or show her posts like >>1446134 to show where she's headed
question, what type of men is she posting about ?

No. 1446310

can't really show her the thread bc i've posted about her in it and i wouldn't want her to see. my concern is i'm pretty sure she interacts with this kind of community (how else would she have started posting the aesthetic herself?) so clearly being exposed to it wasn't a deterrent. if anything, it's a community for her that she can get a lot of attention in, because despite being pretty wallflower in school, she's naturally very pretty, blonde, etc.

i don't know how much more specific about her i want to get, but i read more of the thread that talks about these girls posting soldiers etc in terms of men and she's definitely into that whole edgy right-wing aesthetic (she recently discovered red scare i'm pretty sure). i'm pretty politically open and don't mind non-liberal opinions at, but my concern is she doesn't understand the consequences of posting "extremist" stuff, even if you're just being edgy, that's identifiable with your face/name. she listened to me when i told her to take something down that was too extreme, but like i said, by and large i've been avoiding addressing this as a whole.

No. 1446344

You both sound kind of toxic and too online. I mean, you’re posting this on fucking lolcow. 17 and 18 is so young and you will both literally have new personalities after your first year of college. If you aren’t getting support and legitimate friendship out of this relationship, start distancing her now and surround yourself with people you respect and don’t have to babysit. Also go to the advice thread in g next time jfc

No. 1446358

File: 1645210877549.png (444.42 KB, 602x624, 1645210443794.png)

>in terms of men and she's definitely into that whole edgy right-wing aesthetic (she recently discovered red scare i'm pretty sure). i'm pretty politically open and don't mind non-liberal opinions at, but my concern is she doesn't understand the consequences of posting "extremist" stuff, even if you're just being edgy, that's identifiable with your face/name.

That's one of my biggest issues with this current coquette trend, these girls who don't really understand these conflicts, romanticizing war and fetishizing the people who have lived and suffered thought them, just cause it's "aesthetic", but it's not all wars, just wars or conflicts that happen in Europe and if not Europe have people that look white-ish(which is why some focus on the Kurdish and lebanese conflicts)
I'm not even a pacifist who thinks all conflicts are pointless and that we should shun all military stuff, I just think there is wide margin between celebrating your military and this "ooh aren't war crimes based hee hee I'm such a quirky girlboss"

This twitter thread is just western women romanticizing the conflict in Eastern European

No. 1446366

I get what the skin head anon is saying but home boy is from the south, he just looks Like That lmao. redneck genetics + bald head = skin head looking ass.
>t. nonna who is half redneck

No. 1446369

I don't think there's a way for you besided showing this thread, cause to my knowledge there are no websites such critical of coquette. there are blogs/tumblr who criticize, but not in depth as to point out what exactly is wrong.
Don't be a chicken, show the thread. make sure she reads ALL of it. if she gets pissed when she sees your posts, just tell her the truth, that you're worried and stuff these delusional idiots she looks up to post is deranged, and she's making a huge fool out of herself. If your friend is so fucking stupid to get offended when you worry about her/pass some criticism/want to help her get out of this toxic shit, maybe she's not worth hanging out with if she values the opinion of random lily rose depp pro ana obsessed butterfaces across the internet more than opinion of a friend.

Alternative idea: screenshot entirety of this thread, on computer it gets easier and faster, sans your posts about your friend. and show it to her when you meet her face to face.
If it doesn't help, let go, maybe she'll grow out of it in 3 years or something.

No. 1446390

please go back

No. 1446416

File: 1645216159516.png (63.71 KB, 678x668, 1.png)

You both are children brain-wise and I can guarantee that she’ll grow out of it and you’ll grow out of her. You’ll most likely make new friends and cut her off (sorry, but yeah. The fact that you posted your pseudo best friend story on lolcow kinda shows it) so don’t invest too much of your time into “saving” someone who’s in the middle of a late teenagehood edgy phase while you have college to worry about. Let her have her wannarexic tradthot phase and ruin her life in the process, since she’s apparently too dumb to make an alternate account unlinked to her real self and real life acquaintances
Also, in case it wasn’t obvious, don’t show her the thread because not only is it a shit idea but we also don’t need any more people who can’t integrate; speaking of which, have picrel aka normie edtwt cuntquettes finding out what lolcow is and having a moral outrage over it https://twitter.com/cr0nakgs/status/1494073381695770635

No. 1446424

>now i just feel bad about being nb [retard emoji]
Desistance is imminent with this one I can tell.

No. 1446426

kek they're crying over TRAnsphobIA but say nothing of the misogyny or the murder idolization. Shit's a fucking joke.

No. 1446428

File: 1645217258504.png (600.1 KB, 928x1224, fucking clown world.png)

>you can insult other women, berate their self esteem and say they'll never be skinny but as soon as you don't validate mentally ill men's feelings you're completely immoral

Not to sperg on troons too hard in this thread but holy fucking shit

No. 1446430

Where does that post come from btw? Based nonna making twitter ed larpers angry

No. 1446435

Id like to see what you think is an attractive man so we can laugh

No. 1446670

there's a definite white trash face out there that's very recognizable. it doesn't mean they're actually a racist but it's a definite look

No. 1449278

File: 1645527937965.jpg (133.61 KB, 720x887, 20220222_111744.jpg)

Dasha privated her account. Did she find the thread? If you search just her Twitter handle there are a bunch of recent replies to her mentioning a break. Some mention the way she presents herself

No. 1449349

This sounds like a cope to me, honestly. “I don’t care cus you’re twansphobes!!”, okay girlie purging up your grandma’s banana pudding.

No. 1449390

Could be a coincidence, but some might know about this thread bc they get tipped. seen about 3 once that weren't even mentioned by name, just included in pic collage. Which is kinda hilarious, they quietly lurk this thread and then run fast as fuck to warn girls mentioned itt, or post about how they get shocked by lc culture.
(coquettes, if you're reading here, pls stop shitting up celebricows thread with your anachan talk and go back to twitter overall)

No. 1449793

>>1449349 the issue is that they're as retarded as them. They want to be cute liberal skinny dollies loved by everyone even if the ideology of "pro-ana spaces" is anything but that, and they know it and feel "Bad" and want to compensate. So on top of ED retardation u got that too. It's even worse when they troon out themselves. Their the body dysmorphia becomes so bad that they become gendespeshul aidens and feel invalid and it must be evul calories fault!! when they're nothing but annoying autistic women following a "femenine aesthetic" for making things worse, and always would be. God i want to a-log so bad. I prefer the bone-ratting anachans here derraling every celebricow thread that these retards. At least those are honest.

No. 1450512

File: 1645657226569.jpeg (486.28 KB, 828x935, 43CDF010-A6FD-4E59-99AD-3A0B61…)

“we are nothing like the nymphets !!”
also them:

No. 1450946

I've yet to see a coquette troon. Pro ana genderspecials absolutely, but never a coquette genderspecial. At most you're going to see a she/they but they wouldn't dare deviate from being a girl since the aesthetic heaving relies on being female

Speaking of which, didn't gay men eventually start being "faunlets" (the male side of the first lana del reytard lolita larpers)? We will see moids make their own version eventually, if not then we will see FtM community make a new coquette

No. 1450992

Lol they did, they were posted in Nicole calves i think. It's as hilarious as it sounds like, lumpy butterfaces with Bieber cut, dressed like pseudo-victorian 5 year old boy in frilly socks and too short pants. However at least one of those "faunlets" looks like a girl who got a standard tumblr gender cut.

I gotta say at least nymphet/lolita idiots mostly fit the aesthetic, some had the fitting look, those who didn't at least had the right clothes. Coquettes are mostly all anonymous and those who post selfies look nothing like their blonde haired pro ana idols.
Interesting how their aesthetic is existing entirely in their heads. The whole point of their community is cataloguing random celebrities photos under one tag, trying to convince that's coquette, but they don't even wear clothes they lust so much after. Nylon can shout all day how coquette is a legit happening thing, but if you think about it, it's an imaginary aesthetic that doesn't exist. Coquettes don't wear their own fashion, and ofc celebrities named "coquettes" never had this aesthetic in mind. It's the same as if one of us started a blog and posted pinterest pics of girls in cow print/lavender clothes and shoop "sage" print on shirts and tag it as "lolcowette" or "farmerette"

No. 1451433

File: 1645752595901.jpeg (788.66 KB, 828x1030, B82FF791-5A4E-4DA6-A04E-D6965C…)

Am I the only one that thinks this aesthetic isn’t really that bad until they bring in gross lolita and ddlg and proana shit

No. 1451459

yes, it’s fucking retarded pickme shit even without the pedobaiting

No. 1451461

Try to sage next time but the thing is, it’s so engrossed in the pedo pandering they’re inseparable.
It’s literally just vintage fashion from 40’s-70’s but more teen specific rather than women’s fashion if you really just want the “aesthetic”

No. 1451481

Thats what ruins a lot of popular aesthetics imo. Theres always gotta be the pedobaiting girlies shitting up the tags and larping as teenagers even though theyre in their mid 20s

No. 1451589

Why are you posting this? I follow her and she literally just turned fifteen. Some of you guys overanalyse teenage girls following trends. Trends having harmful undertones have always existed and there’s no point in chastising the teenage girls that follow them for it. Besides, I don’t see what’s wrong with this picture. I’m not her I am just mutual with her and thought this went against the rules

No. 1451693

why are you following a 15 year old

No. 1451707

not anon you relate to but
>I follow her
>I am just mutual with her
>Totally not her!
Kek, of course. I know you coquettes are starting to flood Lolcow because you think it fits your "mean girl/Lisa Rowe" aesthetic, but you really need to stop forcing your proana/racist bullshit in celebricows and policing other people's posts.

>there’s no point in chastising the teenage girls that follow them for it

Sure Jan, no point in pointing out that you normalize pedophilia and pro ana? Just cause you follow something blindly doesn't mean it doesn't matter what you're doing. You were the ones who made the rules for that shit. Lily Rose Depp, Alana Champion, Skins actors and all people you post DIDN'T CALL THEMSELVES coquette nor pro ana. Random little girls in ballet dresses and shoes that you post certainly aren't coquette nor pro ana. Mass media didn't create that trend, it just provided separate films, music and styles that you recycled and called "coquette", even though these things had nothing to do with your shit. You idiots are the ones renaming everything, forcing people into categories and aesthetics that they didn't even have in mind, and normalizing pedo undertones. You are the ones perpetuating those behaviours. that trend didn't exist (not in this form) until you dug out old nymphet blogs rehashing it to even worse form snd all eagerly hopped on a train,cause now you have excuse to romanticize pro ana and wish for mental illnesses (and excuse is community of enablers). Pro ana blogs were shamed at least for a while; you actively try to make it come back full force. You openly embrace that shit. All the while presenting yourselves as pure, kink-free, morally better than nymphets. Except your community is bursting with things you claim NOT to be. Nymphets whined about their daddies and old men, which was irritating, but not as much as you idiots masturbating over photos of Yugoslavian soldiers. You literally fetishize people at war; will you jerk it off to Ukrainian or Russian soldiers now too? (Not even mentioning idiots who foam at the mouths for nazis and Hitler. lets leave poor nazi loving teens alone, right?
It's disgusting how you always boast you look or want to look "waifish", "underage" or "childlike". How you equate being hot with being childlike. How you post children pics with "coquette" tags. certainly just a trend, not a problem? Love it when you all can be pro ana, racist, nazi lovers, hybristophiliacs, posting pedo content, dressing up as child rape victim, saying you wish to be famine victims, or you look like a child, or making up your nonexistent "trauma" just to fit in with other blogs and justify why you're behaving like idiots. But when someone calls it what it is, you get all offended cause how dare we criticize teens who just follow trends! How dare we bully poor teenagers!
sage for length

No. 1451715

Because she's probably 15 to 17yo too. Lolcow is infiltrated by dolettes and so on (hey coquettes, take it as an open invitation to get back to tumblr, everybody here laughs at your aesthetics).

Adding to coquette chan btw
>Trends having harmful undertones have always existed
So that's your justification for thinking trends with pedo undertones are alright? "I know we're toxic, teehee, I'm gonna own it?" Why don't you make it into a Whisper meme, i'm sure you'll get 2 new followers on your Pinterest! People in this thread said 1000s of times that there's a way to get rid of toxicity from this shit. Easily
1. Wear cute/vintage clothes without slapping aesthetics on everything. believe or not that stuff existed without you pushing coquette tag 2. You can like celebs without calling them coquettes, you know. 3. Don't be/post pro ana 4. Don't pretend you have eating disorder 5. Don't skinwalk Lolita 6. Don't post photos of children as "coquettes" 7. Don't treat people like objects just so you can use them as an accessory for your coquette imaginary scenarios. Now, if you cannot grasp it that coquette clothes are nothing else than vintage/pastel clothes, i'll put it that way: you dress like coquette without doing everything else that coquettes do.
But of course you wouldn't like that, you're too busy listening to Red Scare, wishing to be Alana, Cassie or better yet Eugenia Cooney, "girlblogging" and adding 1000s of tags to get likes.

No. 1451729

Whilst lurking in the 'coquette community' I came across a lot of girls that are calling themselves 'femcels' and 'female manipulators', claiming to be number 1 shoegaze/mitski/radiohead fans, Eva sperging, making scrote tier jokes about the joker/Patrick batemen, and dressing more masculine/'grunge'. They're extremely cringe and retarded. You would expect them to be somewhat far right pick mes but a lot of them larp as 3edgy5me misandrists. I don't understand what it has to do with coquette though, if anything they're opposites although they seem equally try hard. I would expect them to have their own speshul asstetik community though, in typical zoomer fashion. As with most aesthetics, they're a bunch of normal woman trying to be something they're not.

No. 1451774

It's not an ugly aesthetic, however it the pedopandering elements to it are too strong. It's mainly, what? 60s-70s fashion and sometimes 90s high fashion as an aesthetic. These things alone aren't pedo pandery but the way coquettes do it is very much pedo pandery. If you like this aesthetic you can go for the vintage look but it's better to stick to age appropriate vintage to avoid being a creepy faggot. Other than that really the heart shaped cakes or pretty teapots and some deers or whatever the fuck is neutral

No. 1451776

I picked up on the "femcel" thing too. They have no idea what it means, but I'm willing to bet they picked it up in an attempt to further their pickmeism towards rightoids. They think being the cool 4chan it girls adds extra points to their tradwife larp

No. 1451807

I 100% agree its pickmeism, they definitely say it to seem different and cool. However, Im not sure if its related to the right or not. Most coquettes on social media are typical libfem leftists. On normie sites like tiktok and twitter, 'incel' is used to describe a man with alt right beliefs, but I usually see 'femcel' used to describe nlog women who think they're different, some left wing and some alt right. I think these zoomers use both words somewhat incorrectly, but it seems 'femcel' has a different and more positive meaning to them than 'incel'. I've seen a lot of self-proclaimed femcels on social media, but I've never seen a man admit to being an incel. I never thought I'd read chan lingo on sites like tiktok and twitter, it's even more cringe when used publicly and unironically.

No. 1451818

Femcels and "female manipulator" are the same ones, like once they claim to be femcels but also totally some flirty bitches who get all men they like! wtf
And yes, perfectly described. It's mostly grunge/Patrick Bateman 17 year olds who stan Phoebe Bridgers, Mitsky and Courtney Love, they/thems, dress tomboyish, think smoking is some awesome skill, think aAmerican Psycho and 2 packs of Benadryl are their perfect evening recipe. I followed an account who used to post normal grunge shit but turned out to be this zoomer cringe
aren't exclusive to coquette and they're so fucking annoying. wow, you're so "edgy", you just discovered most mainstream and obvious "psycho" themed film ever.

No. 1451870

It's so tryhard, I can guarantee that before those things were trendy these zoomers were 'true number 1 fans!!' of some different flavour of the month, and had a completely different style taken directly from tiktok and Pinterest. What I don't understand is how it's 'coquette'. To be honest I don't understand what that even means. Isn't it meant to be feminine Lana fan hot beautiful girly fashion pink and so on? I see this specific brand of coquette wearing basic 'grunge' jeans and sweaters in dark colours and listening to new wave/shoegaze/alt or indie rock. It's basically a revival of Tumblr grunge but worse. I haven't seen them calling it that yet, they just join coquettes to be cringe together.

No. 1451892

From my experience, i've only seen Tumblr "grunge" normies are tagging themselves 2014 grunge/2014 revival and those ppl didn't use coquette. So those who blog/tag themselves as coquette probably only do it for clout. Coquette is nr 1 searched thing so they literally use all of those nonsensical tags to boost their dumb blogs/selfies/following rate.
I think grunge femcels you're talking about however are a bit different from Tumblr grunge cringelords, they're usually nonbinary/tomboy crowd who actually listens to grunge and alt music. happy American girls who obsess over shitty horror films, get piercings and lesbian hairstyles and are still naive enough to think tumblr is everything, so they lick asses of their "mutuals" as if they were all conjoined. 2014 grunge idiots on the othr hand are normies who die to wear Vans, jeans, black or white American Apparel skirt, white grin on black pattern and buy a cacti set from Ikea. Those idiots are thinking "grunge style" is clean American Apparel grid skirts, black and white pics, and when they say "grunge music" they think Arctic Monkeys, The 1975 (kek), The Neighbourhood, Marina and The Diamonds, Lana, Sky, Ed Sheeran, eventually listening to "Smells Like Teen Spirit" once in a blue moon, but not enough to know full lyrics. whoever called it "grunge" was fucked in the head. it was just a normie/hipster wear.

No. 1451923

File: 1645814424204.jpeg (126.14 KB, 828x968, 19817202-C78D-4494-AF33-6C2FF1…)

there’s no way this isn’t bait.

No. 1451931

File: 1645815278622.jpeg (45.74 KB, 531x492, 1645813335997.jpeg)

reminds me of this one from the pro ana scumbags thread, im not surprised this is some "uwu super sad fairy girl with soldier bf" moment for them

No. 1451966

Fucking hell, this is starting already. whiteknight that one, 15 year old coquette! but we are just mean adults picking on you for following a "fun" trend, right?

Ukrainian people are fighting for their freedom, even though they all know their fate is sealed. this pilot would rather be sitting at home doing nothing in a free country instead of being considered "hot ghost of Kyiv".
you just know it's bored burger girls posting that shit, sitting safely in California

No. 1452025

Just a bit of tinfoil, but do you think maybe they picked up "femcel" from right here on lolcow? There are coquettards in a few of the threads. They might have seen the word thrown around but, not understanding imageboard culture, just think it's like saying "bitch" or "cunt". They use it in the same context as "oh I'm such a bitchy girl haha"

No. 1452089

I wouldn't be surprised it that was the case. also they probably looked and thought like "omg that's soo mean girls/celebrities circa Y2K internet!" ironically, they spin being called femcel as a positive thing, while it's really not positive here. femcel seems to be their version of unironic NLOG.
And idk but i really cringe at people using lingo outside of imageboards. there are certain words so ingrained here that whenever someone uses it unironically elsewhere sounds ridiculous. not in situation where you have two farmers having a talk outside of lolcow, but… idk, coquettes thinking they're cool 4chan girls and pretending they integrate well.

Really surprised they stay around. This place is very openly anti-coquette and most often mocking their idols.

No. 1452107

Not necessarily surprised they come here. Coquettes love the mean girl persona so they probably hang around the EDtwt thread in /ot/ as well as the pro ana scumbags thread and the egirl thread, because they are shitting on people who are in their little retard social media circles

It might also be coquettes defending Varg in his thread

No. 1452190

The use of chan lingo outside of image boards is what makes it seem so obviously try hard. I don't think it's used here unironically very often, even for anons who are by definition 'femcels'. It's mostly used as a joke. They must not actually know what it means, because it's not very hot model feminine asstetik of them to proudly admit they're too ugly/autistic to find love or sex. I might be wrong but I think that if coquettes use this site they must stand out to other farmers, because the way they act on social media is pretty obnoxious and would be noticed here unless they change their demeanours. Most coquettes are woke zoomers, so it's surprising this site isn't too transphobique for them. They would be cancelled for admitting to using this site on tiktok or twitter. I'd also expect them to be too attention seeking to cope with being anon. I'm pretty sure only one or two anons sperged about this thread, it's likely they are 'coquettes'. If they really are using this site they should go back to twitter and understand that they don't belong here, as I imagine they are some of the worst posters on this site. Or they could further shit up r9k if they're feeling brave for extra pickme points.

No. 1452266

File: 1645842728850.png (2.27 MB, 1242x2208, F9D82332-EADD-4A28-A92F-313A8F…)

Alida Simone is still seething about pull tards calling her lips fake

No. 1452379

Could be, but they're not here for a long ride. Remember that they're dependent of their social media image and this is an evul terf site. They would spam a few threads and leave immediately when they see the mtf/ftm/femboy threads (they would die on the spot if they saw the hidden boards kek) for fear that their social score decreases for just looking at it. And yes they can't blend at all, is not just average newfaggority. Honestly they would fit better on cc but is not "mean girl" enough.

No. 1452386

kek i hope they actually find the mtf and so on boards, i accidentally stumbled upon lc as an unknowing handmaiden but after looking at one or two of those threads i was changed forever

No. 1452392

File: 1645864551638.jpg (77.31 KB, 720x1311, 20220226_053444.jpg)

No. 1452415

It was extremely obvious when lolcow became a trend on Tumblr. I think it was over the personal lolcow thread when tasha1 got posted, but they stayed for the Tricia Paytas/H3H3, leftcows, and celebricows threads. A lot of Tumblr radfems are obvious lolcow users/lurkers too. These girls all seem like sort of losers irl and I think the idea of a mean girls only club is appealing to them and their Stacy larps (showing how little they understand board culture kek).

No. 1452447

This, idk how stupid one's got to be to not understand that farmer lingo is ironic. none of us uses it in real life, talking face to face.
Seeing these idiots put some basic terms in their caps is funny cause half a year ago they'd scream it's offensive, but now they're the ones using it 100% seriously, kek.
They do stand out, even if they learned to sage and all. Most obvious is celebricows thread. We had crapper chan, we had other anons agreeing with her and hating on black women in rap circles, we had idiots getting hysterical when based farmers laughed them off for calling Dakota Fanning ugly bc she has cankles. They're always the one who get idiotically offended over mocking certain celebs, like "we can bitch at everyone but NOT my favourite celebs!" and cue "You're all just jealous and mean women picking on everyone!" posting. just like they get error mode when they're supposed to laugh at some coquette idol, suddenly it's mean and awful to pick on pretty girls! damn
Outside of that they're obviously typical SJWs who'd shit their pants at MTF threads. i believe some of them don't know how to navigate this site properly, or else this thread would be flooded with whiteknights. Idc, they hope they get called out more often tbh, esp next time they start with their racist/cankles spergouts in celebcows

No. 1452460

I think a lot of the anachans in various threads could be coquettes. A lot of them are pro ana. Also the occasional tradthot larpers. I wish the board culture here was enough to drive them away. It's not a mean girls stacey club at all. I'd assume most farmers don't engage with zoomer 'aesthetic' culture, and it's mocked frequently on all boards. Perhaps this is an unpopular opinion but even without all the gross pedoshit bone rattling I find the aesthetic kinda bland and sometimes just ugly. Most coquettes I've seen just wear basic brandy Melville clothes and loads of pale colors and pink. I think another thing that might attract them here is the man hate. Surprisingly a lot of them LARP as misandrists whilst also living for male approval. Wait until they come across the beliefs of more extreme radfems on here. I think they believe, like most zoomer 'subcultures', that their style is somehow empowering. I hope they all get called out for their obvious twitterfaggotry and are eventually somehow driven away. I rarely visit crystal.cafe but I bet if they're here they'll be on there soon as well if they're not already.

No. 1452486

>crystal farm

No. 1452563

kek sounds like some kind of meth lab

No. 1453045

Kek, this is so autistic and scrote tier. You cannot tell me this is not the new normie harley quinn larpers. You're right about it being the fem equivalent of moid reposting joker shit

No. 1454586

File: 1646119136130.jpg (223.8 KB, 828x891, 37281947.jpg)

Kek at the warping and the sausage arm

No. 1456693

Dasha? This editing suggests her arm is the same thickness the whole way down, she removed the crook of her elbow. It's hard to take her "I'm not sexual stop sexualising me" thing seriously when she puts so much effort into… this

No. 1457710

File: 1646415214271.jpg (61.74 KB, 719x334, 20220304_174511.jpg)

The irony of this coming from the "everyone look at my boobs guys c'mon look-wait no look, guys, I have boobs" girl. What level of BPD is this?

No. 1460272

That's not bpd, she's just a pick-me

No. 1461116

File: 1646744679927.jpg (147.42 KB, 735x721, c9cde86025525e5678aecb2aea0714…)

>girlhood is a bunch of stereotypes and performative femininity
Sometimes I'll stumble across something like this and it just sounds super troony

No. 1461156

that's what I think too whenever I see their retarded lists like this lol

No. 1461417

just fucking euthanize me

No. 1461692

File: 1646792657833.jpeg (324.37 KB, 750x891, 4B0536EF-8E8E-4EC7-A90C-6932A7…)

No. 1461744

File: 1646795192529.png (278.14 KB, 756x1678, asdasds.png)

YES, these idiotic lists are so fucked up and laughable, and all of these aesthetics bitches do the same lol. sitting with their lists and marking "check" because the world will fall down if they don't buy Lily Rose Depp, iced lattes and dainty panties

This one's not coquette but aside form the list alone this is so kekworthy. like ok kid, you're not mad that Dark Academia or whatever prefers European literature and forgot about your stuff, you're mad as fuck that people read European literature at all. reading European literature = being asshole. alright. And lmao the girl thinks everyone in Europe is collectively white, as if latino, black and asian ppl and writers didn't live in Europe at all

>Oscar Wilde

>Jane Austen
very latino

No. 1461761

File: 1646796134361.png (196.37 KB, 596x740, kla2.png)

The funny thing is, that same account is literally one of them
Also, this is another thing I've noticed with these accounts. Since like…late 2021, they've been making the exact same posts complaining about the e-girl bunny ear hats and Demonia platform boots, and the comments are all full of "coquette" girls acting like this shit wasn't their style like 2 months before hopping on the "coquette" trend, a handful who still dress like that but basically beg for permission to be seen as "okay", and a few more complaining that dressing that way is pedo-pandering, even though the whole coquette aesthetic is just the TikTok version of the nymphet aesthetic.
I'm convinced that it's less about the actual fashion, and more like a weird ritual or tradition among them. It's an in-group affirmation that they're so different from the other users on TikTok, even though they're all NPC-like and embarrassing with their copy-pasted personality traits and the same "coquette" outfits and "-pilled" usernames over and over. None of them are creative or original, and knowing that really seems to plague them kek

No. 1461764

File: 1646796420372.png (697.65 KB, 810x822, c2fss.png)

But of course coquette is not a pedo aesthetic, right?


how pray tell me one becomes fawncore
cause i guess only deer are able to perform being full fawncore
Lmao yes, seen a good number of shit like this where they made whisper memes with absolutely pointless stuff

No. 1461802

File: 1646799416417.png (3.13 MB, 1228x1332, 000000.png)

>>I'm convinced that it's less about the actual fashion, and more like a weird ritual or tradition among them. It's an in-group affirmation that they're so different from the other users on TikTok, even though they're all NPC-like and embarrassing with their copy-pasted personality traits
Literally all of what you said. In 2021 they all were sitting on tiktok dressing like egirls with color hair, chokers, demonias, neon colors, plaid skirts, cat ears headphones and glowing gaming accessories/chairs. eventually sat on tumblr reblogging mall goth and getting wild about Kittie, Korn and Slipknot (another neotumblr thing that i absolutely hate).
These idiots don't even wear coquette clothes, i doubt they even own them. They just make plans to be messy french girls manipulators living rich and famous and being pure albino fawns at motel kilos trailerparks. They all admit they sit 6 hours on tumblr or pinterest aimlessly and make moodboars and fake scenarios because their life is boring. It's hilarious to me how they all think they discovered tumblr and now they rule it as "girlbloggers". Like, they came here because tumblr is not trendy anymore, and they're ofc soo anti-trendy and counter culture. Bitch, tumblr was there before you came with your girlblogging shit. sure it got empty after porn ban, but annoying nonbinary SJWs stayed, as well as actual antisocial people who got bored, or wanted to post online but didn't want to get facebook, instagram or twitter. All these coquettes came flooding because they heard on TikTok that Tumblr is empty. none of them liked American Apparel, Lana, Marina, Sky, Melanie Martinez or whatever back in the day like they claim, because they were 10 years old or less at the time.
Good luck growing up and peeling off that coquette cringiness when you all get older i guess. But funny enough, i can't imagine what they might turn into post-coquette graduation cause they really don't have any personalities or interests outside of their fake blogger fantasy.

No. 1462412

File: 1646865610234.png (457.16 KB, 2048x1999, Screenshot_20220309-163641.png)

No. 1462422

She clearly does not have the hang of the aesthetic just yet kek. She still sounds like a retarded he/it/ze tumblr user. Hot flash heat wave? Lmfao real nymphet/coquette/anachan pedo waif of you!

No. 1462440

>”things” that make me happy
>black people


No. 1462441

>lily pads
>black ppl
I fucking lost it

No. 1462528

Literally this whole list is stolen from cottagecore faggots who go by she/they and demand their friends call them Frog. The coquettes haven't an original bone in their body

No. 1462773

File: 1646894793342.jpeg (24.29 KB, 246x246, 73B00340-DBA6-47CE-9FA4-871C00…)

>black ppl bring my nymphet heart joy!!
That’s a paddlin’

No. 1463194

tumblr would actually say it's "grunge fairy aesthetic"
yes it's actually a new thing, don't ask me what it means cause idk. all i know is Nylon article said mushrooms lol

No. 1464111

File: 1647022209071.jpeg (443.64 KB, 828x558, 5DE385E6-9E24-4DC6-902A-4F7212…)

So much cringe

No. 1464268

at the risk of sounding like a retard, are there multiple hidden boards? i only knew about one

No. 1464327

File: 1647037477771.png (375.74 KB, 491x873, girlbye.png)

has anybody posted this chick yet? all she posts about is being small and weak and "young" despite being in her 20s. the tiktok ones are some of the worst.

No. 1464465

The bikini kill in all that I’m dead

No. 1464471

bikini kill would hate these types of girls

No. 1464526

she's been posted here but ya, this chick needs an ass whooping lol

No. 1464583

is this girl a larp or troll? i can’t tell. stupid af either way to do this bs publicly. yeah girl ur gonna have to become a housewife with this kind of internet presence

No. 1464592

>”i feel so much better living my tumblr life than real life”
reblogging pictures of starved super models and pretending to be christian isn’t a “life”. it’s called being a loser

No. 1465170

Question though, how the hell are they not writing butthurt posts about this thread yet? if they browse lolcow, how have they not found it yet
lol why is pretending to be christian on the list of coquette? imagine those legions of legit coquette christians who do don't have to pretend they're christian. from kids, to adults, to grandmas attending daily mass and weekly rosary meetings. so doelet, much coquette
WHY are people so obsessed over sagittarius in venus or virgo in sun uranus in moon blahblahblah shit? it's so fucking boring. i swear every bitch on the internet brags she's "scorpio rising" and thinks it's such an achievement, idk why, is it like "hey, scorpio rising is almost close to scropio in general, right"? Being astrological scorpio is fucking overrated, and saying this as an actual scorpio

No. 1465701

They pretend to be Christian because it plays into their innocent uwu Bambi pure blah blah larp. That, and because it helps them appeal to the rightoid retards they've decided to pander to for some reason

No. 1465711

She's obviously a troll

No. 1466028

File: 1647154380371.png (611.09 KB, 1588x2048, Screenshot_20220313-004810.png)

No. 1466030

File: 1647154487374.png (1.1 MB, 1369x2048, Screenshot_20220313-005408.png)

No. 1466117

someone needs to cut these girls internet connections off for a few weeks at least

No. 1466183

File: 1647177502507.jpg (184.55 KB, 1080x1562, bk.jpg)

No. 1466213

dont know if she is trolling but she probably is with the ''looking adolescent'' part considering she looks like a 30 yr old teacher.

No. 1466765

waiting for the next step of coquette fashion: sorencore

No. 1466810

let's hope they won't find soren then. tbh i'm still surprised they found ginger. i mean, ofc it's not in the least surprising they love her aesthetic wise, i mean how the fuck they even got to know about her. the only scenario i can imagine is some old Ginger fan, or old Nymphette/old Tumblr chick digging this out and posting on her coquette blog towards new audience.
otherwise i don't think they wouldfind her. all these old fucking ass blogs aren't findable anymore, not just because most were hidden because NSFW filter.
old blogs are disappearing from search in general. tumblr is hiding old blogs from search, from likes and from reblogs, which pisses me off btw. you can only access old blogs if you remember their addresses.
not sure if we have tumblr general or anything like that on /ot but idk, Tumblr became a really, really weird place. gives mixed feelings.

No. 1466815

Ayrt. Kek they're all pro ana faggots and Ginger Bronson is classic thinspo. They more than likely found her while cruising through MPA or in some ancient Tumblr thinspo blog

No. 1466858

File: 1647223339950.png (801.89 KB, 889x490, gb.png)

True, that's prob correct. That's pretty fucking ironic though that they use pics of her when she was Ginger Bronson, instead of pics from her actual anachan phase when she was "just" poetry-writing Courtney Love-ripoff fawn waif Kayla Day. they got it all wrong. not sure if they only know of her as Ginger what but lol they're ""missing out"" on the actual proto-coquette content from her Kayla days. i mean… this is Ginger

(bonus: just learnd Grimes was a huge fan of her too lol)

No. 1466859

sage for blogshit but I just wanna say how much I hate this aesthetic, My friend's friend is really into it and calls her self a "real life ball jointed doll" and it's so fucking obnoxious. she's from a really cool culture as well so i wish she'd embrace that more instead of the whole uwu im so soft and waifish thing.

god her face is unfortunate

No. 1466956

Not every woman wants to repopulate with a scrote and be trapped in a potential unfaithful marriage.

No. 1466959

Unpopular opinion: the nymphet coquette is disgusting but the ironic girl blogger types of memes/shit posts can be sorta cringe but it’s not problematic or milky. Iced coffee, crystals, nicotine, cigarettes, Lana del Rey, and astrology is most of what the aesthetic is

No. 1466966

>real life ball jointed doll
ew Nicole fan i see
>she's from a really cool culture as well so i wish she'd embrace that
what kind of culture? is she black? i'm asking cause the amount of black girls wanting to be pale white trash waifish coquette is really something. not sure if they hate their own people and culture as much as Crapperchan but their hatred for their own skin color and some sort of whitewish is annoying. i haven't seen latinas making idiots out of themselves (yet) tho.
>god her face is unfortunate
lol this horrid photo is like a flag and national symbols for coquettes. sorry but she looks like those small french dogs with faces squished from years of idiots misbreeding them, because of that angle. Alana Champion worshipping is retarded, she's boring af. Whose famous daughter is she anyway to be able to make such a career? i've seen that she hangs out with Lana del rey for some reason. which coquettes probably eat up

No. 1467012

lol sorry not sure if anyone seen my previous post but had to delete cause i completely misread someone's post but anyways.
Agree that 2014 throwback/dark academia whatever starbucks girls aren't problematic if that's what you have in mind, but girls who call themselves "girl blogger" are exactly the same thing as coquettes. as for ironic girl bloggers… what? i don't think any of them is ironic about what they post, even if they feign being haha so Lisa Rowe so sarcastic girl. they're really into that shit

No. 1467019

nah she's an eastern european minority group that has its own language and culture. she doesn't completely ignore that part, i'm not asking her to wear traditional dress every day it's just kinda cringe that she'd make her entire personality into "soft fragile russian ballerina bjd pale skin girlblogger"
the coquette/trad overlap is the worst

No. 1467074

kinda agree, what annoys me about these people is that they have to fit into this certain box and all their "interests" are adjusted towards that, like why cant you like patrick bateman or pink dresses or whatever without having to be a girlbloggerpilled bambi bimbo fairy babushka

No. 1467108

File: 1647245691785.png (108.6 KB, 1080x795, 1cip3vvkiwn71.png)

the obsession with cigarettes is an anachan thing, im so sick of seeing the most unfunny "all i ate today was coffee and cigarettes hehehe" posts that are supposed to somehow be funny.

No. 1467110

File: 1647246244339.jpg (35.06 KB, 800x450, 0e9.jpg)

i'll tell you what happened
>saw ginger mentioned in the nicole thread
>found the ginger thread
>started reposting pictures from it to tumblr and tagging them with "coquette" and "dollcore" and shit
>created an endless archive of ginger's deleted posts
>made it the first thing that shows up when you search ginger bronson on tumblr
>made a post mentioning the archive
>made it the pinned post on the dollcore blog

No. 1467256

Lmao i wouldn't be surprised if they found Ginger because of this thread. me and a couple other anons mentioned Ginger in the beginning
I gotta say, at least original nymphets had their "superstars" you know? they had people directly getting clout off the aesthetic and getting closer to whatever level of "notoriety", even if it was miniscule. they had Nicole, Kayla/Ginger, heck even offshoot nobodies and copycats like Millie Dollgraves or TortureGardens were once praised in that scene.
Coquettes… literally have no leaders or ""artists"", they are taking old stuff and reheating it in a microwave.

No. 1467318

If that’s all they have I just know their breath smells like shit kek(sage your shit)

No. 1467332

the closest thing I can think of is schyler reign or alida simone. but even then… not every coquette knows about them like the sadbbydolls with nicole. I think I've noticed a pattern with nymphet/coquettes, they started with fiona apple and lana and kate moss and lily rose depp, but slowly they've moved on to mars argo and nicole dollanganger and creepy chan. they just post every single aesthetic photo of every single girl they like until she's overdone and move on. so I'm guessing now they're moving on to ginger bronson (and maybe soren lolol)(sage your shit)

No. 1468970

>i love having brown eyes
Lmaoooo why do they all feel the need to say this? Totes not a cope.

No. 1469090

I actually want to know what French girls think about them. like what do they think about these idiots wanting to be "messy french girls"

No. 1469400

File: 1647395137081.png (1.49 MB, 1458x2048, Screenshot_20220315-204249.png)

they desperately want to be different from ig baddies and thots (who are generally not pale thin brunettes). it's just 2012 tumblr "I'm not like other girls" shit rebranded

No. 1472555

File: 1647582633733.png (3.19 MB, 750x1624, 32A1061F-E72E-4281-BDD6-9A2A39…)

She thinks she’s special while repeating literal podcast redpill dudes online…. Also supporting mail order brides is a low that I haven’t seen a tradwife support till now lmao

No. 1472899

We think they look dumb as fuck.

No. 1473387

File: 1647647636078.jpg (16.21 KB, 400x400, IMG_9521.jpg)

literally takes pictures solely focusing on her udders, lmao

No. 1473411

File: 1647648545245.jpg (450.25 KB, 2048x2048, BC60C8C1-9199-4DE0-9D3A-D57335…)

yeah I really doubt those are natural, probably does have fillers. someone pointed out in her curiouscat that she isn't a natural blonde, while she seems to have proven that person wrong with pictures of herself as a child she covered her face where she's a bit older, presumably to hide the parts of her face where she either had work done or photoshops

No. 1473461

File: 1647650547477.jpg (249.45 KB, 485x655, IMG_7819.jpg)

she's originally from Afghanistan, either born there and immigrated or her parents are Afghans. is delusional claiming she looks like a teenager, I commented on one of her posts that people in their early 20s look young and that's normal that doesn't mean most people would mistake her for a teen or that it's a flex if they did, she only brags about it because it's part of her pedocore aesthetic. she replied and? and then blocked me, so she has no problem admitting she fetishizes adolescence. she's a wannabe social climber, removed "hypergamous girl blogger with outstanding morals" from her bio when told continuously how being a gold digger isn't the flex she thinks it is. has a habit of calling people "NPCs" who disagree with her, also removed my comment when I said "being a normal girl's the most esoteric thing you could be, not an afghan with an individuality complex". her whole shtick is being hyperfeminine yet has a relatively deep voice, caterpillar brows and a square lego head, no curves, doesn't even look or sound feminine so she needs the whole coquette thing going for her to be perceived that way.

No. 1473466


oddly enough they dont even look like lolis or anything like that at all. if i never heard about that coquette shit, i would just assume they are regular women. most are dressed pretty regularily, while the ones that dress weird still look pretty old. i wonder if they really think they look like some kinda actual loli, or are just lying to themselves

No. 1473500

her mommy milkers are disgustingly big

No. 1473519

i wouldn't say that term if they were nice looking perky boobs on a modest woman who wasn't purposefully showing them off as the main focus of her selfie while being a pickme ofc. like, if i'd seen equal sized boobs on any normal girl with a little bit of cleavage, i would've said boobs. they're on a botched looking racist "aryan waifu" lolcow who has the nerve to call other women whores while specifically taking pictures of her chest, and they look huge and not perky, therefore udders come to mind.

No. 1473560

File: 1647655809741.jpg (274.42 KB, 1500x2048, IMG_7411.jpg)

curious how u say nothing about the person calling them "mommy milkers" sounding like a scrote, here to stick up for aryan waifu perhaps? or maybe ur mad that urs resemble udders too? it's the perfect term for a racist lolcow's giant tits she draws attention to in her every selfie, stay mad.

No. 1473684

because i reported him retard

No. 1473815

Anyone know Dasha's new twitter account?

No. 1474004

If you look kinda closely at the bottom of her cleavage, you can see that she's wearing a push up bra. They're not even what her boobs look like

No. 1474261

File: 1647720718433.png (408.22 KB, 445x706, ZozwUZl.png)

Has anyone posted about @dootnoot/haileyvivers? I thought that she was just another left wing meme blog but she seems to be coquette/nymphet adjacent.

No. 1474267

File: 1647721036318.png (310.37 KB, 436x679, 4s1hcvI.png)

samefag, she was recommending nymphet alumni to her followers

No. 1474269

I dread to ask: what the fuck is nymphet alumni?

No. 1474286

a podcast by some women who used to be active on nymphet tumblr. they just talk about fashion aesthetics, celebrities/e-celebs and politics occassionally.

No. 1474297

She obsesses over being a traditional girl who just wants to have babies but fetishizes being skinny and adolescent looking like make it make sense girl. Also she literally replied to a comment that said she looks 25-30 saying that their just “looking at her through Eurocentric standards!” Lol at pulling the race card. I’ve seen middle eastern girls older than her that look younger , she just can’t accept not looking like a little teenage girl since she’s seemingly based her personality off that

No. 1474611

Middle eastern girls who become these western version of trad wives are always the ones who come from liberal families where they have way more freedom than other brown girls . Literally shit talking feminism while on tiktok in a miniskirt and pajama shorts bitch go be modest and maybe learn to cook

No. 1474859

Does she know that the moids she's pandering to with a tradwife pedo larp are mostly looking for white slav girls to creep on?

No. 1475145

If you tell her that she’ll come at you with “see feminists are the racist ones!!”

No. 1475283

Ah, so shes down syndrome levels of retarded? gotcha. Explains the unusual face shape

No. 1475343

no, she's coquette levels of retarded. no one with down syndrome says shit like her. would argue they understand basics of feminism as opposed to that bitch.
As for face shape, well. that's what happens when you're not pale blonde bambi russian wife. i'd honestly say she's trolling but it would be too good to be true.

No. 1475592

This is so funny. I don't wanna blogpost with "as a WOC" , but I can always tell when bringing up white women's racism is motivated by actually wanting to address racism vs woc that just whine about white women purely out of sexual jealousy (the female version of r/aznmasculinity). These bitches will never admit that the ONLY white demographic that would even pay mind to their SJW whining are the "yt feminists" that they think are worse than white men. Notice that they'll almost never directly call out racist white conservative women, because they know white conservative women wouldn't give af about their screeds. In fact, they'll pretend that white feminists are indistinguishable from racist conservative white women, which in my experience is just not true because I do not think that the occasional ignorant remark that has no malice behind it is the exact same as someone calling me a racial slur. Admitting that would be contrary to the desire of these women to covertly whine about men they are attracted to (white or otherwise) having a preference for white women instead of them by acting like calling white women basic beckies or in this case "jealous cat ladies who are madddd that their men prefer women of other races!!1" is some kind of act of anti-racism instead of general cattiness.

Of course, what is most amusing about this brand of retard is that she wants to act like she is above "third wave feminism" talking points because she is esoteric based tradwife hypergamous adolescent girlblogger, while using the cheap idpol tactics associated with the ideology~ she thinks she is above.

She is the Afghan version of redpillchick from the tradthot thread, with even more cringy delusions and talking points kek.

No. 1475883

>>1475592 She just called someone racist for assuming she has student loans, so

No. 1475993

i was scrolling through tumblr and found a coquette/messy french girl blog using kim jong un as an aesthetic, sadly i didnt save the @ but im not surprised since he fits that american psycho not like other world leaders box, but still what the fuck

No. 1476059

>jealous that so many swedish men are marrying thai women
Does she mean the white pedo scrotes who sexually exploit women and children from poorer countries? She's defending that? Why, because they're fucking brown women so it makes her feel like she's got a chance (though they're some of the worst males)? What a life. If your choice is between the white incel, the brown incel and becoming a cat lady, what's the point in all this shit? Isn't it tiring?

No. 1476353

Jeez it’s like she gets stupider everyday. I remember like a month ago she made a post saying she doesn’t aspire to be a tradwife and just wants to be a spoiled trophy wife who does her own projects and then she started posting about being a submissive tradwife.

No. 1478055

File: 1648005071922.png (105.49 KB, 996x904, legoheadpashtun.png)

desperately wants to appeal to the kinds of ephebophilic trad men who want a submissive white teenage bride to take care of and spoil like a child but even the AI thinks this pashtun actually looks older than she is, its actually sad. because men with preferences like that are also the kinds who are likely to cheat on their wives when they age with younger girls, or to find a new one and leave them altogether. when she grows older i bet she will feel really stupid for idolizing this kind of relationship dynamic and wanting to be entirely reliant especially on these kinds of men.

No. 1478348

i cant help but think shes an fbi agent trying to catch predators kek

No. 1478893

She made a post saying that men who lose attraction to their wives after they give birth are disgusting which is so funny bc she idolizes being skinny n adolescent , that’s the whole reason this phenomenon exists , pedophilic beauty standards. There’s serious cognitive dissonance going on with this girl.

No. 1480751

She went to high school in northwest Sydney, so she's probably born here

No. 1486301

File: 1648589106600.jpeg (553.31 KB, 828x1210, 51B301B8-797F-48AB-8483-93CAF0…)

Omg a moid going to kill a women! so aesthetic!!!!!!!

No. 1486784

i wonder what lily rose depp and alana champion think about becoming these girls idols

No. 1487160

This is some of the blatant pandering I've ever seen. "Oh, you're a based Patrick Bateman poster? Ok kill me then uwu me too I'm like you. Love me. Choose me #lolita"

No. 1487285

I lived in France and it was generally seen as a weird American thing to copy “French girl style.” Most women in France don’t wear berets and striped shirts, and dress like everyone else. But lots of Europeans also idolize “American style” and try to copy Kim Kardashian or Paris Hilton, so I think the unrealistic ideas about how people in other countries dress based on their models & celebrities go both ways.

No. 1487311

Imagine feeling “sexual jealousy” toward other women over ugly white scrotes (or any scrotes for that matter.) Like damn girl calm down, most men will fuck anything. I’m sure they’ll gladly throw you a bone too if you pander hard enough, no woke theatrics necessary.

No. 1487433

It's hilarious, she is actually referencing a tiktok made by a SEA woman who said that "jealous swedish feminists" want to ban mail-order brides or something because they are jealous. This bitch was actually trying to brag about disgusting white scrotes taking advantage of her own countrywomen to own Swedish feminists, as if any Swedish feminist is gonna be jealous of being an old white scrote' silver medal cumrag.

No. 1488158

File: 1648745076564.jpeg (224.05 KB, 750x1190, D47E5988-B484-4C6C-A7F9-37EBE7…)

Wow so different and unique. Everything this type of edge lord posts is extremely contradictory. “Tradwife” but interested in porn addicted incel scrotes and browsing degenerate sites. No TikTok e girl is “trolling” anyone. I bet teenage TikTok users like this are the most insufferable newfags. And why do handmaidens wish to browse a man hating site anyway. Save it for r9k.

No. 1488163

All "doelettes" are just basic white girls (with the occasional confused basic brown girl) desperately trying not to be boring, but too cowardly to embrace goth or emo

No. 1488165

she better not be on here. i hope she sees this and realizes women on lolcow arent 'trad'

No. 1488211

this isn't a troll?

No. 1488329

it'd be funny if one or both of them denounced this sad excuse of a subculture but alana's done creepy pedo pandering photoshoots so i doubt it
>gossip on lolcow
fucking underage handmaiden tiktokers get the fuck off my board REEEEEEEEEE

No. 1488342

Literally has a satire tag… It's a troll.

No. 1488407

I'm going to ask what the fuck this means and if someone says it means she wants to bang Ted Bundy then I'm going to jam a knife into my own liver

No. 1488437

it's not ted bundy related, it's about ted kaczynski, the guy who sent bombs to people through mail and also generally propagated anti-technology beliefs

No. 1488577

that was more like nymphet sadbbydoll thing
>gossip on lolcow
they only read celebricows and military jerkoff threads confirmed. eventually ana girls general. how else they haven't noticed this thread yet? maybe they don't know how to use catalog?

Is there any notorious and milky trad celebrity? Maybe someone should do an experiment and criticize some tradwife star in celebricows, see if they fly to whiteknight. maybe then they realize lolcow's not a trad convent,lol

No. 1488632

>desperately want to live in the Bay area
This one made me laugh the most. It's so random. San Francisco (or most of NoCal…I really doubt she's talking about Oakland lol) doesn't really seem to suit the aesthetic they're going for.
>Ooh yeah I totally wanna live in an area I definitely can't afford surrounded by rich tech bros and homeless junkies. The fog is such an aesthetic. Perfect for when I stand on the Golden Gate Bridge looking sad and hoping Vincent Gallo shows up and talks me out of jumping before calling me a fat bitch.
I suppose she's more likely talking about Palo Alto and only romanticizes it because of that shitty James Franco movie. Either way, I guess I'll give her points for not obsessing over nyc like the rest of them

No. 1489045

I wonder how it would go down if we criticised Lana del Rey or one of their other idols like Lilly Rose Depp or Kate moss.

No. 1489051

I’ve never understood the hype behind lily rose depp she literally looks like Chrissy Tiegen to me but a young white version. Does anyone else see it

No. 1489224


No. 1489538

That already happened a few celeb threads ago. Every time someone laughed at Lana, there was a FLOOD of newfags (disguising as regular users) whiteknighting her and discussing musical and lyrical merits of even least popular songs, discussing her boyfriends etc. And everytime a farmer says Lana is fat, they accuse them of editing her fatter or yell that it's not that bad! it's better than before! etc. We were fucking done at this point, so they made a Lana stan thread on /m but they still fanpost in celebricows. Ngl i was irritated that we can shittalk everyone but not Lana and wondered wtf happened and why suddenly everyone here stans her so hard? now i have the answer lol.
i'm pretty sure the random "___ has cankles", Lily Rose Depp dating whoever & Anya Joy Taylor posts were them. black woman hate is obviously (c)rapper chan, from what i've seen she's still raging in new thread, just more lowkey.
I'm all for calling out coquettes here whenever we recognize them. they ruined Celebricows threads for me.

No. 1491446

kek what a horseface she literally has no room to gossip about anyone

No. 1491448

File: 1649005684297.jpeg (156.58 KB, 828x581, A2059622-B610-478D-B755-2289E0…)

Oh the irony

No. 1491484

This video is obviously satire, even has it in the tags, and boring as fuck but got this many replies. I can't help but think this is a selfpost and she's samefagging.

No. 1495433

File: 1649340136874.png (690.95 KB, 500x745, B073EF1F-9F5E-4AD2-B093-C8B9B7…)

Sylvia doesn’t deserve this

No. 1495748

File: 1649372110527.jpg (219.53 KB, 1080x1350, H1cqP7w.jpg)

Is it just me or is the Heavn by Marc Jacobs coquette bait? There's something suspicious about the amount of 2edgy4u influencers they use promote it. I've noticed some coquette blogs follow them.

No. 1495752

File: 1649372333694.jpg (122.71 KB, 647x809, XAlFHgk.jpg)

samefag, this post and caption was on their official insta. it reads like a tumblr blog:
>hi octane was sofia coppola’s short lived 1994 comedy central show centering around fashion and fast cars. with her best friend zoe cassavetes, sofia interviewed legends like martin scorsese, keanu reeves and kim gordon, as well as acted out a series of short skits. the show linked the worlds of fashion, celebrity, and motor culture in a totally fresh form of variety show. full episodes are now on youtube

No. 1495900

I don't understand why people think this girl has style and look up to her for inspo. I don't think she is a bad person or anything, I just don't know what kind of crack people are on to think her clothes look good

No. 1495907

her and her little clique seem like the most insufferable people ever, hate that brain dead zoomers who have no taste of their own now try to emulate everything she does

No. 1495945

File: 1649389513018.jpeg (66.99 KB, 828x496, 50699AB5-C4FF-4973-AE48-BF762A…)

No. 1495948

KEK this would’ve been the perfect cover for this thread

No. 1496403

> (with the occasional confused basic brown girl)
late but this made me laugh anon kek

No. 1497477

File: 1649554983662.png (1.28 MB, 850x678, alanac.png)

Who's this girl? don't recognize her. i only know Alana Champion is their goddess, but i don't think she considers herself coquette? all she does is just wearing tank tops and underpants and making stoned faces in some white trash-stylized houses that actually are owned by some rich kids in Los Angeles.
(Btw, who's famous rich kid is Alana?)

As for the pic anon posted and the outfit, this might as well be cottagecore bait or whatever, but select few fashion edgelords definitely pick up the coquette fairy grunge angelcore bullshit. Not all of them - i think most of giants and smaller ones as well threw it away in favor of 00's revival that is going on now. i think there is a certain clothes brand that is pandering to Angelcore, i'll post if i find it.

No. 1498248

That’s enya umanzor aka enjajaja from vine. She was known for being loud and annoying in her vine days and it doesn’t seem much has changed from checking out her recent stuff. She does a lot more modeling now and fits the y2k/unif aesthetic more so than the coquette one, tho maybe she’s going more in that direction now.

I also wonder what people like alana or lily rose depp or anya taylor joy think about these girls idolizing them. Tbh they all seem like the type that would low key enjoy it and have it boost their egos. I’m not saying that as a hater lol because I actually like anya and lily’s okay (i don’t really know anything about alana) but they all just give off that vibe to me

No. 1498271

Nta, I can’t believe that’s enjajaja, crazy. I haven’t thought about her since vine idk how she’s still relevant besides the bleached brows kek. I feel the same way about them loving being put up on this pedestal. I also can’t get over Lily hanging out with Lilith(Claire) way to scrape the bottom of the barrel

No. 1498466

I can't imagine being worshipped by coquettes is flattering. Even if you enjoy attention, people aren't too keen on a community notorious for pedo baiting and sucking up to 4chan scrotes being the type of people who to worship you

No. 1498576

they need to not bring fiona apple into this. she would not support any of this and doesn't deserve this. her music is not ldr tier anyways so i'm not understanding the association. is it because criminal was their perfect aesthetic and she was just gorgeous and ana when tidal came out?

No. 1498675

Yeah I can’t see myself enjoying it either because I know that about them, but I’m willing to bet celebrities like the ones mentioned don’t. They probably only see the pretty aesthetic pics on tumblr and pinterest and don’t dig too much deeper into it. Idk they just strike me as the type of girls who’d be posting similar stuff (more the aesthetic elements not the redscare and 4chan stuff) if they weren’t famous. Lily rose has also publicly spoken about having an ED and I strongly suspect Anya does as well, so I can see them engaging in the more proana aspects too. Hopefully they’re too smart to be flattered by these girls idolizing them and just laugh it off as a weird side effect of celebrity
Yeah I wish they’d leave Fiona alone. But it’s totally the ana combined with the broody, too cool vibe she gave off in a lot of photos and videos. They don’t really post any recent stuff about her now that she seems happier

No. 1499130

I don't think people know about that side of coquettes. People who don't have tumblr and don't research coquette side of the net either don't know about coquette at all, or associate it with dresses and girly pastel style of dressing or whatever. that's even what magazines are trying to push so hard, articles about "new, playful, romantic style of dressing called coquette", supplemented with obligatory pro opinion from a 15year old expert from TikTok.
Alana & Lily look like vain bitches who'd feel flattered nonetheless, don't know much about Anya Taylor Joy but she's in the mainstream acting, don't think she'd care about pandering to wannarexic teens online for attention at this point.
Criminal video also has their dream storyline, anorexic party girl sleeping with men, rolling body around on the furniture, calling herself a bad, bad girl playing with ppl's hearts etc. cringe.
Fiona fits their "fragile bambi-eyed fawn like anorexic girl" ideals. of course only in times of her 1st album, suddenly coquettes don't post Fiona's recent years home pics, with wrinkles, nerdy glasses, dog, smiling.

No. 1500222

Just another brainwashed idiot with a shitload of internalized woman hate. Doesn't surprise me, she comes from a culture where the moids are all violent woman hater pedos and women are seen as second class citizens, her dad is probably a disgusting misogynistic pig and her mother an abused doormat too.

So many of these cockette chicks seem to have shitty religious right wing authoritarian fathers, which is maybe where their weird 'submissive womanchild uwu doormat' vs 'abusive meathead daddybf' schizophrenic ideals of feminine and masculine seems to spring from.

No. 1500223

Kek. Please someone draw this one of those pink tumblrina harness bras on femjak, but with her saggy tiny boobs poking out.

No. 1500232

They idolize Fiona Apple because she was just as bad as them when she was younger kek being older doesn’t erase someone’s past but I take most people in this thread are (rightfully) under 40

No. 1500267

yeah i don't want to WK Fiona but still i don't think is the same, she was/is legit mentally ill while most of these girls are just bored larpers

No. 1500405

how was she just as bad as them? she was raped and only went ana because she associated her SA with her developing breasts and hips and wanted rid of them. as far as the criminal video goes, i highly doubt she had any or much artistic direction considering she was literally 18 or so and it appeared to have been ripped from the calvin klein ads that were already hugely popular. fiona was never ana for aesthetics.

No. 1500701

Honestly this, Fiona Apple was raped in her apartment block by a stranger as a child and developed an ED as she was ashamed of having a womanly body as she thought it would attract negative male attention.

These instagram girls romanticize adult-child relationships, want to look like jailbait and brag about attracting pedo moids while posting content that purposely dog whistles to both wignats and pedos. I'd wager most of these girls were never abused and are likely spoilt suburban sheltered upper middle class brats who hate anything that threatens their idea of a perfect whitebread existence. The jailbait thing is a fetish for them, not a cry for help.(sage)

No. 1500707

No need to use scrote language(minimodding on a month old post)

No. 1501007

Honestly this. I've been to Paris multiple times as I'm Yuropoor.

I can assure you nobody in France irl dresses in berets or the j'ai eugh e-girl parody of what Americans think a French girl looks like. In general Parisian fashion is very safe and boring, Parisians tend to wear drab and dull but high quality, well cut clothing. It's really nothing exciting especially day to day. The French are very scared of looking like theyre trying too hard.

I saw thousands of navy mackintoshes and basic black wool coats, but basically zero pink ballerina cardigans, head to toe Chanel logos and Bella Hadid style 90s sunglasses while carrying baguettes, or other Emily in Paris style bright pink ensembles or berets. Even those floaty milkmaid angel pixie mini dresses are seen as kind of tacky.

Most French would see you as a silly fashion victim and obvious tourist. I really don't know why the American croquettes have this silly quirky ideal of how French girls look and act. They're honestly quite deluded and tryhard and I recommend they tone it down if they ever visit France lest they want to look like a dumb foreigner or get kicked out of certain museums/churches for dressing like a skank.

No. 1501044

> the American croquettes

No. 1501262

Lmao The ironic part is she wears mini skirts and sleeveless dresses in her videos and even made a video in teeny pajama shorts. This is all extremely taboo behavior in an actual traditional Afghan family and would have you labeled trashy and ruined by westernism/feminism in a trad Afghan community and be gossiped about. She even made a video about how she loves the male gaze bc it’s normal thing to want men to look at you when you go outside. Saying this shit out loud is cringe enough but coming from a brown background… like our men already accuse us of dressing up for the sake of random male attention and that’s where the justification of forcing to cover comes from. Meanwhile she out here proudly claiming it. That would get you labeled a whore by any trad Afghan mother. Like she literally comes from a rather westernized background and uses the privilege of western feminism yet prances around in miniskirts on tiktok while shit talking feminism it’s an absolute joke. It’s so tone deaf since there’s brown girls who would get their ass beat and freedoms taken away for doing that stuff. And she literally said she’s “open to white men” once. She’s not even trad by her own cultures standards despite always using her race as a gotcha and how “staying at home is normal for us , ur being racist !” she just wants wignat /BAP Twitter male attention , that’s why she mentioned jealous Swedish feminists. I seriously wish some gossipy actually traditional Afghan mothers would get on her page and humble her, surprised that hasn’t happened to her in real life.

No. 1501500

Very late but what site is this, nona? Sage for ot.

No. 1501529

>I really don't know why the American croquettes have this silly quirky ideal of how French girls look and act
Americans have a very weird skewed perception of the world around them. Coquettes definitely do when they try their russianbimbocore bullshit thinking every eastern European woman is a model standard beauty tradwife with great fashion, completely oblivious to the realities

No. 1501536

Yes, and they think all Slavic women have milky blonde hair. Being Slavic for them is being a forest nymph sitting in a snowy forest and feeding strictly on wild honey from the forest, running barefoot through the woods and through the etheral grounds filled with ticks etc.

Speaking of russianbimbocore… is wanting to be Russian still in fashion now, as Russians are cool with killing Ukrainians? are Ukrainians not slavic core enough for croquettes? is wannabeukrainian a thing yet? so many questions

No. 1501940

Yeah it's weird, they think all Russian girls look like Natalia Vodianova and Ruslana. They romanticize that blonde blue eyed babyface polcel's ideal only, forgetting that Russia is a massive country full of numerous different peoples, phenotypes and races and one of the most mixed places on earth.

I too wonder if the Russkie larpers are dropping their pretenses now that Russia has fallen out of social favour.

In ma onion, coquette and nymphette lifestyle is 100% about the male gaze and being a pickme. Ties in with looking tiny, childish, harmless, sad, needy, anorexic, frail, submissive etc to appeal to these kinds of predatory, pedophilic men. It's no surprise it's started overlapping into wignat and pol stuff since it also purposely shuns ethnic girls and deems them too masculine, vulgar and loud for their movement, and also glorifies laziness, sugarbabying and total passivity and submission to men.

Since most scrotes idealize Slav women as big titty skelly orthodox submissive naturally gorgeous Aryan supermodel bimbo tradwives, it only makes sense that a group of pickmes would pose themselves as Slavic women in a desperate attempt to appeal to such men. It's so strange that they literally lie and alter their identity purely to virtue signal to skeezy moids.

I assume this is why most of them give up on this larp when they hit their late twenties. Maybe they finally realize starving yourself and faking your nationality just to get sleazy hebephile moids to give you a crumb of attention isn't worth the effort. I actually think the coquette style is pretty and harmless in itself, but the intentions and views of many of the girls who follow it and men who fetishize it are highly questionable and it's a shame. The movement is tainted by these overlaps.

No. 1501954

Also being racist and anti feminist buys you le based and le red pilled points when trying to appeal to such moids. Just say the n word, talk about how much you think women's rights were a mistake, and vent about how much you love cleaning and dream of scrubbing a man's skidmarks off the toilet bowl. You're a shoe-in for landing your own polfag betabux. Then you can take edgy aesthetic photos, like in a bikini in his trailer park with his gun collection, or closeups of his cheeto fingers in your mouth. Who knows, maybe if you help him groom underage girls over discord, he'll buy you that scuffed Dior purse you always wanted from therealreal.

No. 1501965

anya taylor joy is a normal weight, though? and she's also tall, don't they all want to be 'smol'?

No. 1501989

nekosnailz is a wannabe voidch4n, and probably is secretly into ddlg-littleplay.. also is like 17 and wears childish shit. and is mutuals with nyabeat (a n4zi)….

No. 1502018

wrong thread twitfag

No. 1502019

How did 90s fashion models become entwined with nymphet culture? I can vaguely see how the cottagecore-ish look developed from the vintage lolita look, but what is it about 90s fashion that appeals to people trying to be ethereal fairies?

>I actually think the coquette style is pretty and harmless in itself, but the intentions and views of many of the girls who follow it and men who fetishize it are highly questionable and it's a shame
The strangest part of coquette/lolita fashion in exactly this. How in the name of God did dressing like a dairy maid in a fairytale end up evolving into a weird /pol/fag grooming nightmare?

No. 1502025

she lost a lot of weight in the past like 2 years so maybe they idolize her for getting "soo skinnee" and she's a ballerina too so i can see why. tbh their interests are all over the place they constantly contradict themselves

No. 1502068

File: 1650015797327.jpg (260.81 KB, 831x1327, tumblr_233fbd9a51b8358488e7666…)

This is the ultimate ~coquette~ photo of Anya Taylor Joy that was making its rounds on tumblr "oh to be Anya Taylor Joy drinking coffee on a a sidewalk". She's smoking a cigarette and drinks Starbucks coffee, and lost weight. the ultimate wannarexic tumblr girls dream.
that pic was even posted in celebricows (or a variation, seen atleast 2) and newfags discussed if she lost weight again or not. (can tell they don't like Dakota Fanning's more famous sister though, they said she's got cankles and everybody just couldn't believe they are discussing this)

No. 1502146

Nta but I think it’s pictriev

No. 1502241

If you told me this was a candid of a ballerina on her lunch break I'd believe it. Between that and the doc martens, I can see why they cling to her even if they have to just pretend she's anorexic. Do the coquettes who don't like her call her a fat slag? I've seem them call girls smaller than Anya obese

No. 1502504

File: 1650056177110.jpeg (40.33 KB, 980x528, 104E4208-607E-42EB-80C1-534E43…)

I don’t think they have to pretend she’s anorexic, or at least having periods of severe restriction. She often has the classic noticeable redness in hands and feet that you’ll see sometimes from the poor circulation. Seems like she’s gained a little back recently, but she was worryingly thin for a minute there

No. 1502507

It's weird, when their idols like Lana or Lily gain weight and get cankles they basically pretend they don't exist and only post pics from times when they were skinnier. Their worship is very conditional.

No. 1502513

>How in the name of God did dressing like a dairy maid in a fairytale end up evolving into a weird /pol/fag grooming nightmare?
I know this is a rhetorical question lol but a lot of stormfag propaganda imagery just overlaps with blonde uwu Russian jailbait forest nymph imagery and I assume they found each other through pinterest or something. Being a coquette also seems to involve having your entire personality revolve around your boyfriend and the relationship with your (huwhite) boyfriend so it makes sense they start picking up their poltard bf's habits and views. Like I said many of these girls want a provider and the only men willing to betabux without being total simps are mostly conservative guys who think women should stay at home baking and milking cows. So it makes sense these girls change their image to intentionally virtue signal to these type of moids.

I knew a wholesome church girl who liked baking and stuff, she has a bf from 4chan now and she's gone full poltard so I can't talk to her anymore without her sperging out about n*ggers and Jews and eugenics despite calling herself a Catholic and the fact Christian heaven is described as being full of different ethnicities, it's sad. I won't be surprised if she goes full Varg/pagantard soon.

No. 1502591

It’s interesting how so many random internet communities eventually become radicalized. I heard a podcast about how the New Age/essential oil/wellness mom community became overrun with QAnon and other /pol/tard conspiracy theories in 2015-16. I always wonder whether these subcultures are deliberately targeted for propaganda at some point, or if they just organically bleed together as a function of terminal onlineness.

No. 1502668

It's weird, I used to follow a bunch of middle eastern tradwife types on Tumblr and a lot of them ended up close to or dating polfags from that site (before everything edgy got banned)

A few years later and I'm seeing more white girls with that coquette aesthetic espousing the same ultra conservative views and interacting with these same kinda guys.(sage your shit)

No. 1502875

What's insane about this is that at least essential oil people have an overlap with spirituality and naturally has schizos who would easily radicalised into something like Qanon. the coquette thing is barely more than a few aesthetic pictures and pretending they're sad, it's based on Nabokov and Bella Hadid catwalk fancams like how tf did it even manage to get radicalised the way that it did?

No. 1509314

File: 1650706180089.png (2.03 MB, 750x1334, IMG_2616.PNG)

Somebody please put her out of her misery

No. 1509344

Talking about "the matrix" while wearing a floral, cottage core dress is a weird aesthetic for sure

No. 1509378

What does late stage capitalism have to do with abortion? If anything, the capitalist powers that be she’s referring to would be against it as well, as tall pyramids need wide bases. The traditional nuclear family unit also consooms like crazy. This whole anti-capitalist doomer thing just isn’t compatible with trad interests.

No. 1509391

"7 days out the womb"
She really thinks abortion includes newborns?

No. 1509411

Why did she go from "teehee people think I'm 12" to some tradwife larper?

No. 1509511

this bitch sounds like such an insufferable retard

No. 1509518

The venn diagram of pedophiles and trad men is a perfect circle

No. 1509773

A floral cottagecore dress that’s probably from shein for that matter

No. 1509923

Can she shut the fuck up pretending to be this woke anti capitalist? She literally once said in her comments she wants to marry a rich man and have a bunch of maids do all the chores for her and bragged about not knowing how to mop bc her family always had a maid to do it. Your literally the capitalist cunt you speak of . Sis just wants to be Kim kardashian but the trad version so it’s cool and woke and different

No. 1510081

File: 1650775442886.jpg (122.55 KB, 631x792, z6DMp3m.jpg)

Why do they romanticize dating ugly scrotes so much? Also what's up with the crossover between coquette bloggers, leftists and wannabe catholics. it's like they wannabe tradwives but with left wing politics. it's bleeding over to the fashion editorials because i've noticed that some writers for dazed and i-d follow these blogs.

No. 1510087

File: 1650775897746.jpg (207.32 KB, 1398x792, 7iy8fTv.jpg)

they do this because they all read mark fisher and listen to the red scare.

No. 1510099

>cute aesthetic cigarettes
how are they not aware of how embarassing this is?

No. 1510109

File: 1650779664712.jpg (76.74 KB, 828x1259, w35c4x5q1k381.jpg)

red scare and its consequence have been a disaster for the female race

No. 1510230

I never met a mentally stable woman who listened to Lana Del Rey. I also don't see what people find so beautiful about her.

No. 1510232

>>1509314 This lady is an embarrassment to the Afghan community. Best believe, she will marry a white guy non-Muslim guy, if she were a true "trad" she would be wearing hijab and not attention seeking for thousand of men too see.
>>1474611 Afghanistan isn't in the middle east, she isn't middle eastern.(unsaged derailment)

No. 1510239

Esoteric.zahra gives off the same vibes as Effina. Both non-religious but come from a Muslim background so they think it puts them above white women when it comes to being "trad" despite being very western in every other aspect.

No. 1510247

>Afghanistan isn't middle east
Kek. Coping. Also I'm sure no Muslim woman wants to be a Muslim traditionalist unless they've been brainwashed. I'm Muslim myself and wifebeating, cheating, taking second wives, etc. are all stuff Muslim "trad" men do so of course she's not going to end up with one of them if she has any sense.

No. 1510249

>>1510247 how is saying Afghanistan isn't in the middle east coping? No Afghan I know calls themselves ME. I'm just letting people know cuz everyone has this misconception that Muslims are all Arabs when majority of us are not.

Afghanistan is in the same region as Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan.

Also majority of Muslim men ik only have 1 wife. It's not every Muslims fault you hate your daddy.

No. 1510251

As cringe as these coquette hoes are. I find it really ironic that this site focuses waaay more talking about women they don't like despite claiming to hate ""scrotes"".

The few male personality bashing threads I see are mostly about troons which let's be honest, most of you do not hate them bc they "oppress women". You hate them bc they're mentally ill freakshows.
This website is full of hypocrites who have penis envy.

No. 1510253

Stop coping about your shithole country

No. 1510254

Afghans are middle eastern and they even look the part. I'm turkish and we had a lot of afghan immigrants who raped and killed countless women. Afghan men are very very dangerous and if a woman doesn't want to risk her life living with a man who thinks raping little boys is ok and women aren't human, then I say she's the right one. She's incredibly based and her content is troll shit anyways, it's so obvious from her act but since it brings her attention, she'll keep it going. She's just like that Brittany girl.

No. 1510261

nta, no one here is arguing that afghan scrotes aren't a bunch of violent misogynists of the worst degree, but they aren't geographically part of the middle east, culturally they are more closer to regions of northern India then the middle east, In fact the official state version of Islam the Taliban practices based on a sect that had its origin in India


No. 1510277

File: 1650806965690.png (947 KB, 967x725, 791db719657d7bd31cddd427736ca2…)

I really don't wanna defend her but are you all serious, yes she's cringe asf for being a coquette but deriding her for not being into her traditional afghan culture is ridiculous, afghan scortes make ever turkish scrotes seem like feminists in comparison, regardless if her whole shtick is genuine or not, anything is better then a muslim scrotes and especially afghan muslim scrote in comparison

No. 1510314

Go back.

No. 1510317

This is true, but I don’t think we necessarily blame her for not being into men from her background. It’s more that she’s trying to use her afghan background to her advantage in seeming more trad, but doesn’t actually show characteristics of being a trad afghan girl, which is partly evident from her planning to marry outside of her race. So we’re just calling out her hypocrisy.

It’s crazy how much influence Lana has had on coquette/wannabe hypergamous culture when she herself was recently engaged to someone younger than her, more attractive, and probably less wealthy. I hope this tells them something.

No. 1510345

Are you trying to fish for coquettes to reveal themself lurking in the thread? 'cause it worked, one posted this >>1510251 within minutes of you bashing Lana Del Rey kek

No. 1510429

Nonnie, you sound a little retarded. It must be because you posted this soo many hours after iftar and you are in dire need of more nutrients. I'm sure secretly eating a snack won't hurt!

It's not about memes like race loyalty, Islam, or other cringe ideologies. The stupid shit she posts on tiktok is a vanilla pintrest board version of her own shitty culture, so it is just hilarious to see the discrepancy between her wanting to be a super soft uwu tradwife while presenting the way she does as if the culture of her ethnic group that she (purposely or incidentally) doesn't practice isn't the logical conclusion of the retarded shit she preaches that she obviously doesn't want to follow kek. She boo-hoo while and bitch about feminism or whatever as if the currently life she lives isn't literally because her parents clearly decided to live a more secular and liberal lifestyle because some of the shit she wears wouldn't fly in many more practicing Muslim households. Talk about biting the hand (in this case, ideology) that feeds you lmfao.

Behind every retard who complains about capitalism and girlbosses while wanting to live a life of excess where they don't do any labor is going to be a faildaughter of the highest degree.

No. 1510467

no ones deriding her for not being in to her trad ethnic culture, we're deriding her for her hypocrisy of larping as a trad girl who hates feminism and liberalism when she literally lives the lifestyle of the average liberal feminist western girl thats completely opposite to actual trad living.

No. 1510482

My Afghan mother had a breakdown when she caught me posting tiktoks in a skirt and I had to delete my account bc my mom was terrified of relatives finding it she acted like I made an onlyfans. and I was never allowed outside on my own to go on little adventures (bookstores, cafes, etc). If esoteric.Zara lived in an actual trad Afghan household shed be screaming crying throwing up and miserable and hate traditionalism. This little cutesy coquette girl wearing pretty dresses getting nails done going out to the mall and bookstore and cafes on your own and other places in the city dressed in miniskirts in the hopes that “men look at you” and “living life likes it’s a Lana del Rey song or Sophia Coppola film” shit would not fly in a trad Afghan household at all. You’d be told to get your head out the clouds and sit down wear a scarf quit being a whore and that you have no business going outside you should be washing dishes instead. She literally is just like effina , claiming to be trad for the aesthetic while living the stereotypical western liberal life . How I wish I could trade places with these tone deaf privileged retards.

No. 1511127

to catch coquettes lurking the site, all is needed is to go to celebricows thread and call Lana fat. coquettes will crop up like mushrooms after a rainy day, getting all worked up because someone dared to criticize queen or call Lasagna fat. second, call Doja beautiful, or praise women from rap scene, and in a minute you will summon (c)rapper-chan demon to hatesperg on rap women being subhumans. i'm pretty sure a braindead whiteknight who rided Grimes thread to stan Elon was a coquette too.

No. 1511289



Anya Taylor Joy is ugly, smoking is bad, also none of you will ever be slavic bimbos with paramilitary fag husbands

No. 1511847

Be careful, (c)rap-chan has been known to shit up this thread too

No. 1512018

NTA but is (c)rap-chan a coquette?

No. 1512031

(C)rap-chan haunts the celebricows thread and waits for people to say something good about rap for her moment to strike. She is speculated to be either black herself or have one black parent because a lot of what she says indicates that she is self hating when she talks about anything to do with black people. It's unknown (but likely) that (c)rap-chan is a coquette because she has posted in the first coquette thread and a lot of her criticisms seem to be that black people lack what a lot of coquettes think black people lack

No. 1512067

wasnt this one >>1410720 speculated to be crapperchan too?

No. 1512205

If that person turned out to be the (c)rapper, I wouldn't be entirely surprised. We think the (c)rapper is a self hating black woman, so if she was going to self post then she would likely so it here hoping other people would also say weird shit about her being black to validate her feeling, maybe?

No. 1512224

File: 1650985298917.jpg (50.19 KB, 535x810, 83543e03bcfe6f8c8841cb2af3bc87…)

Has anyone considered that the Russian obsession coquettes have might have come from people like Kate Kusmina? There are a handful of Russian pro ana "models" that had this aesthetic long before the coquettes started to appear. There are a few others I can remember but not off the top of my head, particularly a girl named Polisavuun (polysavun?) who was talkative about her orthorexia and lie about being 18

No. 1512259

true but anon said
>she was in the first coquette thread
THIS is 1st coquette thread. crapper chan posted right in THIS current thread. anons who haven't witnessed her spergout need to scroll up a bit to re-read this shitstorm to see. she admitted to be half black iirc and she was whiteknighting coquette style hard. everybody repeated like 100 times that this style is based on pedophilia, but she conveniently ignored it and bitched about preferring the beautiful coquette style over black street style etc. and whined "b-but how dare you shit on young girls who only try to find their own place in the world! how dare you shit on traumatized girls who are looking for coping mechanisms!" in celebricows, when people told her to gtfo and reminded her she promised to leave the site and never come back, she whined she only ever said to be leaving coquette thread not entire LC, because we are brainless and hypocrites and understand nothing, or something like that.
not a selfpost, i was the one who posted that chick. she definitely looks like someone who browses lolcow or PULL at least. we wondered if that's a crap chan but it didn't match, the boyfriend she posted wasn't white but maybe that was her older boyfriend not current, no way to check.

No. 1512270

i thought it's a residue after first nymphette wave. russian chicks in LA were a trend on insta 7 years ago, people like Hoffmanita and Krasei or Lopholora (don't remember which one of them was Russian, maybe both). Yungelita pretended to be Russian princess Elita Harkov (kek, first off Charkov is in Ukraine and if she was a real Russian, she'd be called Elita Harkova) long before the coquette larpers.
Honestly though, i think coquette want to be Russian because they associate being Russian/slavic with blonde hair and being a tradwife in a country of militarized, tough men. (even though these "tough men" of Russian army in reality are limp, lame little cunties in soldier to soldier combat, who know nothing about war and drop like flies, if they're not actually busy killing and raping women and children with their older colleagues, who are more experienced in tormenting civillians.)

No. 1512403

Russia has a really high rate of domestic abuse and murders wherein the husband/boyfriend kills a woman. It's so common for alcoholic husbands to just rape and beat the women over there. It's heartbreaking to see coquettes treating it like it's a kink thing or a cool Lana Del Rey thing

No. 1512562

(c)rapper chan spergs out in both this thread and the celebricows thread. everytime someone says anything nice about doja's looks she starts whining about how skinny black women aren't preferred, she wished more women dressed like coquette or street style etc.
now that you brought up PULL
This post reminds me of the PULL thread on girls who pretended to be russian/slavic. Most of them dressed like nymphettes.

No. 1512846

Kate Kusmina is definitely the type of person who would have a PULL thread about her. She was kind of a coquette in the sense that she was an anachan neet who wants to be a model, pretends to like books, posts about her coffee and cigarettes, etc. The only thing she's missing is the tradwife shit

No. 1513003

No one mentioned Mars Argo dropping new music? I see her posts on tumblr popping up with coquette tags.

No. 1513029

It was mentioned in the poppy/Sinclair thread

No. 1513106

not a fan but she doesn't deserve to be called coquette. pretty sure she has no idea wtf is that.
but what can i say when even Mads Mikkelsen is tagged as coquette lol.

No. 1513173

Tbf Mads Mikkelsen is the dream man for coquettes who lean towards Lolita. He's an older man, hes handsome (?? I see him posted in the unconventional attractions thread idk ??), and he's European. He's not the right European for Russiaboos but his vague European accent is enough to fit the bill. Plus, Hannibal fits in with their "I need a psycho bf owo" thing

No. 1513600

Besides ~Daddy issues~ I think it’s because it makes them look better in comparison, a lot of scrotes are ugly in general. Most girls attracted to this aesthetic tend to be either average or ugly so it makes sense.

No. 1517632

File: 1651479659352.png (1.26 MB, 750x1334, IMG_2987.PNG)

Oh, so she's completely lost it? Cool.

No. 1517651

Isn't this girl a troll? Whoever is posting her should get over their vendetta.

No. 1517808

Someone tell WillNE that lululemon is trashy

She's a troll but not in the way tu might be thinking. She is a tradfag coquette, but she goes out of her way ti get a reaction from people in the same way tradwives always post boomer ass feminist tears memes to rile people up

No. 1524527

File: 1652135136792.jpg (444.83 KB, 1080x1202, qX9Y1Q6.jpg)

They really are dasha and anna's daughters. They are making patreon pages now.

No. 1524594

she looks like a person poorly carved out of soap

No. 1526331

have you all seen the recent cockette discourse on tumblr. a couple of the usual dickheads one of them being that lovesickbrat girl all attacked this girl @loverfawn for something she said about the aesthetic and then the girl took it back and the majority of them forgave her but now someone else, @thiskittywitty is calling the fawn girl own for a fake apology and insulting the self proclaimed "og croquettes" she also said shes gonna expose the loverfawn girl in some way.

No. 1526333

oh this bitch is a absolute jackass. her tik tok consisted of a bunch of tradwife very cringe pick me poetic bullshit and once I guess people started realizing how bored and pathetic it was she left the app and said it was all just satire. also her book fucking sucks and her writing is absolute garbage but if anyone dares have a negative comment about it she gets her followers to harrass them

No. 1526351

Its really weird the way @lovesickbrat demands credit for the existence of the community(newfag)

No. 1526676

File: 1652363601038.jpeg (304.11 KB, 750x557, C583D6F1-4C4D-4108-96C0-4FA5AA…)

I'm not sure if anyone else remembers her but back when I used to be into this aesthetic and didn't know any better I used to watch her videos. Nothing too milky except from the fact that she was dating an adult man when she was still underage. Doesn't seem like she has grown out of this either despite being an adult

No. 1526678

Tf is the clown post

No. 1526774

File: 1652373765786.jpeg (129.37 KB, 1170x428, F98D2D0A-0DA3-4F26-A3FC-F9045C…)

Not part of the community, lurked the thread and decided to check it out. These bitches are so funny and retarded, especially this one. Imagine taking any of this seriously

No. 1526816

File: 1652376902528.jpg (50.88 KB, 1097x421, retard.jpg)

Coquette Nigelposting in the Celebricow thread

her other posts

No. 1526832

Lmao, i honestly think it's hilariously ironic they're harassing someone for sugaring and dating old men, everything that they used to love and everything they STILL indirectly glorify, just doesn't practice themselves because they're teenage girls or femcels. she's right, who the fuck would care about some croquette's new rules? lol. i know we criticize sugaring/30yo men dating girls, but honestly, it's this girls own case if she's sugaring or not, what does a group of croquette strangers has to do with her choices. both of the sides are fucking cringe anyways.

No. 1526835

ok idk what is this all about anymore. i just KNEW sooner or later they'd start thaving shitstorms over what is the truest coquette and who is the most original lol.
thanks for advertizing lolcow and making more coquette idiots coming here. thanks a fucking lot.

No. 1526859

Omg, sage for ot but the celebricow thread is more deranged than ever. Coquette lunatics like Boyega-chan and (C)rap-chan fighting back & forth and pages of sperging about Henry Cavill. I'm just waiting for MGK-chan to show up. The girls are not ok.

No. 1526874

i miss the old thread on her; she used to be really milky back in the day bc of her promoting blatant pedophilia and being a total bitch in general. nowadays she doesn't do much but doesn't seem to have matured out of it

No. 1526882

I don’t understand why she did it since no one likes or will defend her here and LC doesn’t like these stickbug pastel retards in general anyways

No. 1526885

How was boyega-chan a coquette? She just kept spamming her husbando. Crapper chan on the other hand was making pseudo-intellectual posts and sperging out every time someone who wasn't skinny got praised.

No. 1526913

I thought she made some coquette sounding comments in the celebrity thread but I could be wrong. (C)rap-chan has actually posted in this thread and admitted to being a coquette.

No. 1526915

>anyway's I'm not scared of you, I can rip tree bark off with my bare hands so some fattie whose obsessed with her own ass doesn't intimidate me

This might be the most schizophrenic post I've ever read on this site and that's saying a lot.

No. 1527010

File: 1652390901875.jpg (339.1 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20220511-213254_Twi…)

>Dasha has her slav larp scrutinised itt, in particular her fake "I can't speak proper English uwu" shit ( >>1440878 )
>her account randomly disappears
>she reappers speaking perfect English and using American lingo like "y'all"
At least she knew when she was caught and didn't try to double down. I discovered her new account because she called out an anorexic for spending all day neglecting her kids so she could be on EDtwt kek

No. 1527429

anons, it's the other way around. it was confirmed actually the (c)rap chan who was the MGK sperg.
(c)rap chan both posted here and on several celebricows thread, revealing it was her but even without that it's incredibly easy to recognize her. she's the one raising hell whenever someone mentions Doja Cat. she's the one whiteknighting MGK and arguing he's better than others because "he doesn't have subhuman bitches twerking in his videos" (lmao). all of that was revealed in one celebricow thread, don't remember the number. anons who recognized her way of bitching said she's been posting on LC for years and hating herself for being mixed and grieving that black girls wear streetwear and twerk instead of wearing coquette dresses.
>sperging out every time someone who wasn't skinny got praised.
Ironically, she's probably one of the anons who jump to ppl's throats whenever they called Lana fat

No. 1527439

File: 1652437073478.png (335.01 KB, 1374x1080, lsb.png)

Jfc this bitch is spending all her days seething about skinny women. we get it, you're fat. move the fuck on.
Also kek at the anon saying she's bitching about Alida all the time, so true. she's seething about every popular coquette/nymphet cause she can't stand that she isn't the one glorified as ~le master creator of coquette~

No. 1527440

File: 1652437361313.png (175.64 KB, 1366x898, ddddd.png)

this idiot is like a mix of annoying high schooler and bitter old woman. i haven't seen someone such delusional and hateful person on tumblr in a long time.
truly astounding some of these chicks are licking her ass for "bringing back/creating coquette", makes me think she's sending anon asks herself

No. 1527441

File: 1652437520132.png (55.66 KB, 864x446, 4.png)

she only SCREAMS about racism when it's exhibited by women she hates, when it's men she doesn't care. when it's Alida posting racist shit, everyone go kill yourself all hell is raised, but when it's a guy, shrug

No. 1527446

File: 1652438099576.png (517.91 KB, 462x1080, daddy.png)

>i sugared
So this is the one harassing others for sugaring, calling out age gaps and "saving" that brainless "community" from evils of DD/LG, lolita, sugaring and nsfw elements from the original days? ok
Bitch doesn't know what she wants, speaks pro and against original simultaneously while flexing she was the "OG nymphet" too. her bullshit stories about her boyfriend, fucking around and past "toxic relationships" are so kekworthy too, very r/thattotallyhappened.

No. 1527449

File: 1652438530703.png (50.31 KB, 472x358, 5.png)

No. 1527451

The problem with this is that ok it's kinda normal to develop crushes when you're young, but the teacher crush girls are more about taking moid teachers creeping on girls (grooming, statutory rape, etc) and presenting it as this dynamic wherein the man is innocent and they're some kind of nymphet femme fatale that seduces him. It's still a pedopandering mess and I get the vibe that a lot of those girls have suffered some kind of sexual abuse because it's not normal to create an entire community based around obsessively seeking the attention of much older men

No. 1527456

File: 1652439491753.png (831.26 KB, 902x828, dasha.png)

Lol, right. Like one of the top tweets:
>imagine asking someone where they wanna go for vacation and they say fucking Tennessee
How would you know if you're "slavic fawn"? Slavs usually don't know/care if vacation in Tennessee is cool or not.
That must be her alt acc cause when you scroll a little you can see her older tweets still larping as Russian. "i went to Yusupov palace" sure Dasha. Also imagine the desperation to pretend to be russian so hard that you pretend to be typical russian not listening to what west says about russia/Ukraine war. girl you're a burger, european at most.

No. 1527461

>it's kinda normal to develop crushes when you're young,
Yeah it's normal for some to crush on teachers, girls in my class liked one of our teachers but that only manifested in them gossiping and saying he's hot and that's all. none of them started wearing nymphet attire acting hypersexual and flirting hard with the guy, or at least writing their fantasies down on tumblr while reblogging child porn and abandoned places. it's just not normal to participate in all that "teacher crush" part of the tumblr.
LSB however is unnecessarily poking the bear and kind of referencing the side of tumblr that was long dead. it's easy to imagine coquettes jumping back on that trend

No. 1527599

Nobody gives a shit about your stupid vendetta post, ana-chan.

No. 1527965

ayrt, that side of Tumblr is dead?? I haven't been around Tumblr for half a decade but considering nymphet stuff never really died I always assumed that shit was ongoing. I don't see coquettes jumping for teacher crush though, I think they're more interested in paramilitaries or rich guys

No. 1530887

File: 1652725804148.jpg (883.87 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2022-05-16-20-26-04…)

shes right for once

No. 1531924

File: 1652819672049.jpeg (594.05 KB, 828x1371, 0A0B9729-C3F9-4398-A748-B9E445…)

So embarrassing

No. 1531944

>coquette is a culture
>with its own literature and music
>coquette has ~history~
>cultural icons
I'm dead. yes you're all sooo ~special~ and ~important~. they're so irrelevant and that even fucking nymphettes had their more of "history" and nymphette "icons" than them. at least nymphets didn't try to pretend they're a whole ass "culture" that has any imprint on society and the world's timeline kek

No. 1531952

The culture is literally just anorexia and being groomed

No. 1532139

Anon those dasha's are two different people, slavicfawn is the russiaboo and the other one from >>1440878 was some vlad pick me girl

No. 1532180

what’s her @ anon?

No. 1532228

anyone know Dasha's (suskadoll, not the other dasha that was just posted.) new twitter? she has to have made one lol, no way she didn't.

No. 1532316

It’s @lovesickbrat

No. 1532454

Why are there so many different Dashas? Do they choose it like trannies choose aiden or Quinn?

No. 1532525

Isn't one of the anachan bitches of Red Herring podcast named Dasha? (sorry, for the love of god i can't remember rn how the podcast is really called but you anons will know). I bet 99% of the coquette Dashas on Twitter are burger chicks larping as Russian and slapping on the first Russian name they found online. for real i confuse Dashas from this thread too, they're all the same

No. 1532569

Because it's the most run of the mill stereotypical Slavic name for a girl. None of these girls are creative or original. It's the same reason all their usernames are some variation of "slavic fawn bimbo angel nymph" or some shit, they don't even consider that there are more names than Dasha. It's like if I decided to start larping as an Amerifag and changed my name to Megan Waters or something

No. 1532594

File: 1652892032632.jpeg (Spoiler Image,588.54 KB, 828x1353, 14B3FDCA-6AAB-4848-B423-01392C…)

of course they would find Hunter Biden hot

No. 1532611

No way. This has to be a joke, there's nothing even mildly coquette about him unless they think hes an irl Clare Quilty

No. 1532654

well their username says 2008 so that explains it

No. 1532668

File: 1652897545801.jpg (426.35 KB, 1242x1767, why.jpg)

never doubt the coquette urge to lust after men who are some flavor of gross, smelly, violent and mentally ill, I mean just look at this

No. 1532670

i wonder is lana del ray is still fitting of this aesthetic now she is fat kek

No. 1532690

They only use her old pics lmfao

No. 1532703

kek anon, i'm gonna start calling their podcast red herring exclusively from now on (it's red scare)

No. 1532736

Tom Hardy is a good actor but he looks like a total crackhead in these photos

No. 1532737

Mads did coquette better

No. 1532738

Kek nonna, now you're making me wonder if there's a Russian girl out there LARPing as an American on Tumblr and calling herself "Ashley Johnson Smith" or something

No. 1532831

Mads Mikkelsen I can understand because he's respected and looks dignified (so the embodiment of the older man figure). But Tom Hardy? Hunter Biden? They're not even hot in a "wow they're scarred and violent" way like male model posing in paramilitary shit or Dracula. I can't understand these girls

No. 1533473

Tom Hardy cleans up decent for red-carpet appearances but they deliberately picked the worst looking MySpace-tier photos from back in his crack whore days, absolutely deranged I cannot with these girls kek

No. 1533506

File: 1652976061608.jpeg (324.04 KB, 828x729, 85D376C6-D8CE-441D-BF6F-507200…)

No. 1533521

she forgot about hanging out in a kitchen apron and dusting off the house with that 50's hoover and popping valium pills in secret lol.
How many more months/years you all give this idiotic trend, i want it to be over already

No. 1533581

I gave to wonder what "when I behave" means. Being pathetic and useless I guess

No. 1533741

File: 1652997282928.jpg (39.67 KB, 620x400, gettyimages_507771408.jpg)

do these people not realize the idealized 1950s housewife era that they idealize so much was an extremely brief phenomena, hell even most white people didn't get enjoy it, before that most american families had both the husband and wife working and having some third party(usually a grandparents) help taking care of the kids, families and communities were inter connected back then