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File: 1642947026031.jpeg (700.91 KB, 1559x2017, 1642282818765.jpeg)

No. 865357

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/heavenlybunnies

Tumblr: https://heavenlykitten1996.tumblr.com/

Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/offthebone1996
https://twitter.com/bimbokitten96 [sw twitter]

>Formerly known as angelhair1996, howl1996, junkhun, funeralhome420 and Lunakittenxxx (to name but a few)
>25 year old heroin addict, scammer, liar, thief, and on-and-off “sex worker”
>Has overdosed thrice
>Begs people for money online to buy drugs under the guise of it being for food/medication/rent/necessities
>Refuses to get a job or do anything productive besides shitty art and poetry
>Has every self-diagnosed mental/physical illness under the sun
>Started dating her (now 42) year old “fiancé” (hereby known as Lurch) before she turned 18, calls him “daddy”. They’ve been together now for 7 years
>has a following of impressionable young girls who she has convinced to “help” her during this “tough time” in her life
>Romanticises the hell out of her addiction but rants on the internet how vile it is to do so
>”I’m not trying to be Courtney Love!”
>Tries to be exactly like Courtney Love
>Loves to share her grimy life on the internet, including awful photos of her cats laying in filth and used needles, unwashed clothes, etc
>Constantly buys cheap shit on Amazon while complaining about being penniless
>Milks her ex-gf’s suicide for struggle points

Historical Milk:
>Squandered a large inheritance from her grandmother within a year and lost the property she also inherited because she didn’t pay tax on it
>Claims her mother “stole” her inheritance money from her (she possibly used the inheritance to pay her mother’s rent and considers that “stealing”)
>Exploited Roger (Lurch’s sick dad) by squatting in his apartment and leeching off his social security until he died. They were soon evicted because they couldn’t pay rent
>Luna and Lurch then move in with her ex-addict mother in her one-bedroom poverty home, ultimately drives her mother to relapse and go to inpatient >>795390
>Her dad's apartment caught on fire; Luna spreads ashes on her face

Sex Worker Saga:
>Then began a “sex work” career, taking grimy nudes and videos and selling them through twitter for drug money, looking more and more dead in every photo
>Made premade videos, one is called PEE DRINK >>730829
>Anon leaks a ‘commission’ video where Luna calls her dad and says she’s got a stable job, then takes her dress off and masturbates for the camera. Dad sounds supportive and happy for her as she uses him to get someone else’s humiliation fetish rocks off >>758647 WARNING: SAD AS FUCK >>758661
>“Online acquaintance” of Luna’s turns up after being sent the dad video >>761016, insinuates Luna has sold videos of her shooting up in her legs via her SW twitter. Shares screencap, looks like necrosis waiting to happen >>761037
>Returns to sex work >>805775, >>810203
>A year later, anon drops “lurch gyrating Luna’s ass” and “full intercourse” vids that they bought but didn’t leak at the time: >>811491, >>811554

Eviction/Sobriety Saga:
>Luna uploads a video where her and Lurch yell at a social worker >>811724
>Electricity gets shut off >>813209 and Luna continues to refer to the owner of the apartment as "her landlord" despite admitting on facebook that they're not supposed to be there >>813354
>The apartment door lock has broken, Luna and lurch build sad little barricades >>816475, >>815981
>The cops pay a visit >>813338 and find drugs, paraphernalia and a knife. Charges are filed against Lurch >>819990, >>822424, >>824442
>As a result, Lurch now has to submit drug tests on the reg, and Luna allegedly actually detoxes from heroin (while still using methadone and/or weed, other opiates and/or benzos) >>821718, >>822657, >>823499, >>823823, >>824260
>Luna keeps claiming to be sober >>824858, >>825465, >>827008 despite still taking fucking Xanax >>825462
>”Abusive” dad relapses >>825466, is “dying” >>825993, >>826190, Meanwhile, Luna says it’s a “slap in the face” that her mother dares to be high around her >>826257
>Freaks out incessantly on Reddit about her and Lurch’s stimmy checks as it’s clearly their own income
>Luna and Lurch are attacked by neighbor’s pitbulls totally not while stealing >>831109

Assault Saga:
>Luna claims to have been raped by a stranger in her building >>840784, >>840941 Anons infight about whether or not she's telling the whole truth
>Reports the rape to the police >>841832, >>841834, It seems to go quite well
>Police now don't entirely believe her rape story >>843957, now suspect her of submitting a falsified statement
>Luna gets psych warded >>846413, Calls it the "worst day of her life" but not explaining why, posts unsettling selfies with her ekg stickers still on >>846458
>Seems to be police-related >>847120, Current theory is she lost her shit when she took all of her klonopin and psych wouldn't give her more

Last thread:
>Neighbor breaks into her apartment, posts pictures of the police and takes videos of everything
>Dropped acid with Lurch after saying she wanted couple's therapy, wants to marry him after
>Starts making embarrassing IG videos (they're in the last thread)
>Gets fired from Alltard
>Says its for her new contract (or some bullshit)
>Cries and suicidebaits about it anyway
>Is getting evicted, better milk is coming soon!

twenty one >>>/pt/574429
twenty two >>>/pt/591749
twenty three >>>/pt/619612
twenty four >>>/pt/657873
twenty five >>>/pt/689217
twenty six >>>/pt/734529
twenty seven >>>/pt/767687
twenty eight >>>/pt/795757
twenty nine >>>/pt/811991
thirty >>>/pt/824552
thirty one >>>/pt/832421
thirty two >>>/pt/841646
thirty three >>>/pt/848981
thirty four >>>/pt/859618


No. 865358

Social media:

https://www.instagram.com/heavenlybunnies (private)
https://www.twitter.com/lilcherub1996 (inactive)
https://www.twitter.com/lunakittenxxx (SW account, deleted)


https://www.deviantart.com/thatpoisonleaf (deleted)
https://www.flickr.com/people/54485349@N05 (skwisgaarskwigelf)


https://angelhair1996.tumblr.com (inactive)

Archives of past tumblr accounts:
http://skwisgaarskwigelf.tumblr.com (deleted, no archives)

The Pulp Girls / Zine:


About Luna:
https://witchycrankypoo.tumblr.com (howl1996 drama, inactive)


No. 865360

File: 1642948931481.jpg (21.84 KB, 250x370, Tuna2.jpg)

Incoming dump. She's "getting evicted"

No. 865361

File: 1642949196396.jpg (325.58 KB, 1080x1677, Tuna3.5.jpg)

Send asspats plz

No. 865362

File: 1642949295049.jpg (191.24 KB, 1080x1101, Tuna4.5.jpg)

Please get tossed out by cops and record it for us.

No. 865366

Funny thing is, she only tells her followers half truths. They don't know (or act as if they don't) she's a squatter.

No. 865377

Exactly!! Is it really "getting evicted" when you had no right to be there in the first place?

No. 865378

I absolutely love how this bitch throws the pitty me bullshit. It's cold, but I dress in skimpy clothes all the time. Covid is worse than ever.. like what the fuck does that have to do with anything? Pay your bills dumbass. There's PLENTY of unskilled labor jobs out there. Go clean floors or do laundry in a nursing home.

No. 865379

File: 1642952774468.jpeg (152 KB, 828x1227, F4F91A0C-0AEA-4B16-89B3-BA74E5…)

No. 865380

Ignoring the second para for now, does anyone else get an admission vibe? As in, she doesn't like the word clean because she's not?

No. 865381

Oh definitely.

No. 865382

Fucking finally!! She's been squatting there for what, 2 or 3 full years now?

No. 865383

The opposite of clean IS dirty, and Tuna is absolutely filthy

No. 865384

This has been inevitable for like 2 years and NOW she wants advice? The time to ask for advice was months and months ago so you could make a fucking plan, luna, not immediately before getting kicked out because you figured someone else would’ve swooped in and fixed everything by now. whoops!

No. 865386

some advice- stop being a filthy degenerate, get a job and some warmer clothes

No. 865391

Rent a cheap hotel with your 6k in cash or whatever Tuna

No. 865397

I am so excited for this arc. It’s long overdue. Ever since her video of her going off on the social worker and all the “poor me my mommy is mean” bullshit… I wanna believe this eviction happens. And we all know she’ll post videos of “uwu mean police/neighbors/landlord abusing me!!1!” So this should be good

No. 865399

If she actually is made to leave her squat, I hope there's no possible way she's let into her mother's current place.
I wonder if mentions of Evil Dad will return. Strange how she said he was dying and then never posted about him again. He's obviously still alive.

No. 865401

Can we please fix her depop link in the op? Howl666 no longer exists her depop is now @saferthanheaven

No. 865407

File: 1642966753534.jpeg (531.97 KB, 750x1073, 349D735C-4616-4124-86E4-09006E…)

from last thread but did lunas filter give lurch pretty little eyelashes kek

No. 865413

Iirc her mother is in a controlled environment, moved there to help once again with clean living thanks in no small part to Luna and lurch’s dope habits dragging her back down. There shouldn’t be any chance in hell she is allowed to do this again. As for dad disappearing I was going to say this as well. He probably told her straight out to fuck off after her whole “uwu he relapsed” shit talking spree she went on a few threads ago. Maybe he knows what happened with mom getting moved (they could talk as exes with a kid in common) and is disgusted. We know he isn’t dead- she’d be whining about that for asspats and angry because she didn’t get to move into his apartment.

No. 865416

File: 1642971488427.jpeg (302.07 KB, 1241x1734, 215EE209-879E-4028-B0BA-F7CBFB…)

Eviction looming and she's doing photoshoots for instagram kek never change Tuna

No. 865418

Junkie ghost haunting the apartment.

No. 865419

File: 1642972583892.jpg (46.14 KB, 1080x459, Screenshot_20220123-141442_Ins…)

No. 865423

clearly hasnt brushed her hair since >>865022

No. 865427

I'm about to over explain Tuna's eviction situation so skip this whole post if you're not interested!
Tuna has until February 3rd and since she's not supposed to be there, the court will give her a date. On that date, cops will show up with the locksmith and tell her to only get necessities and that they can arrange a time with management to get the rest. They'll have 11 minutes to leave, but some cops are nice and will give 20 minutes if they're ahead of schedule.
Her followers are dumb. They only get temporarily housed during a "Code Blue" emergency, meaning unsheltered people are at risk of freezing to death. But they don't let you bring in much if it's at a shelter. Only a big city like NYC would do their Code Blue shelters in hotels. It's also only until temperatures go back above freezing.
She's probably going to have Daddy help pay for something, but I doubt he can afford to move them into a hotel which would be around $1500/month. Or she'll beg Allard.
Since she was dumb with her money and acted like she would be allowed to live there rent free as long as she wanted, her best bet is talk to a church and they'll hook them up with a tent and sleeping bags.
She truly deserves to be homeless.

No. 865429

lots of insight anon. would her and lurch be able to go to the same shelter or would it split them up?

No. 865433

File: 1642981119733.png (259.54 KB, 902x1714, luna.png)

No. 865436

Wow if I hadn’t seen and read the actual turn of events in this saga I would think she was a poor victim. Nah I wouldn’t. It would take less than a minute looking at her other self posts to realize that she’s lying. Makes me wonder if the people advising her are trolling lol

No. 865438

Legal services answered her questions alright…they just were not what she wanted to hear/handouts. And I love how she keeps talking about that idiot being her fiance for X number of years like that gives them any standing or means anything. Best start being selective and packing your shit tuna.

No. 865439

File: 1642981968251.jpg (221.43 KB, 1080x1284, Screenshot_20220123-185118_Chr…)

She's also now saying that she just has reduced hours.

No. 865443

Finally, I've been shouting it from the rooftops since last spring and everyone ignored me or said she was probably "legally renting it by now." As if you can just start paying for a squat and that covers it.
This is definitely exactly how it will play out re: cops forceably removing them. Why she acquired all that furniture I'll never understand.
All of her little commenters are operating on the basis of her being evicted because of the moratorium ending and her lapsing in rent and not because she did not even have a lease to break so all of the advice is useless. She traumatizes herself every time.

No. 865446

File: 1642984426912.png (46.09 KB, 1221x207, Screenshot 2022-01-23 193221.p…)

What money does she have saved up? She spends every penny that she gets.

No. 865450


I think a lot of us knew it was gonna happen like this . The fact it is taking as long as it has and some questions about how many fucks the landlord had added to NYC laws was always the debate. And I know she’s going to act totally surprised when they show up to boot her with no mercy for her uwu collectibles. She really does believe the rules make exception for her because up til now she’s had people to leech off of.

Anyone wanna take bets on her trying to crash at moms AGAIN even though that shouldn’t be possible?

No. 865451

These two deserve what is coming. This bitch thinks she's too good to clean toilets or flip burgers to keep a roof over her head…things that many people have had to do because of "the virus". No one is renting to someone without a job and or guaranteed income.

No. 865452

It's almost a guarantee that she's going to try to take over her mom's new place.

No. 865454

two people and a cat*, tuna

No. 865455

File: 1642988746054.png (52.6 KB, 1354x472, bronx.png)

No. 865457

So, to Luna being out on the streets is less terrifying (using her language) than moving to the Bronx? I bet she’s more comfortable with Lurch’s racist views than we can ever image

No. 865458

Prayer circle so this doesn’t happen

No. 865460

File: 1642991800442.jpg (320.95 KB, 1080x1577, Screenshot_20220123-193300_Ins…)

lol ordering more shit immediately after announcing she's getting evicted

No. 865461

Idiot should've hawked the gift card like her and Lurch trying to sell that month-long bus pass

No. 865462

Good thing renting a room in someone else's house/ with roommates doesn't require a credit check and all her saved money can cover the deposits!
Oh right, she's too good for that and wants her oWn place with Chief Bromden

No. 865464

I hope it arrives after she gets kicked out.

No. 865465

i don’t think shes getting evicted me thinks she scamming

No. 865466

File: 1642993328663.jpg (246.61 KB, 1031x1920, tumblr_c0f518eaf03d3a4ae5318a8…)

No. 865467

It depends on the shelter, but restrictions and eligibility has been eased since the pandemic started. "Families without children" can stay together in a co-ed shelter IF there's room in one.
I doubt her and Lurch can navigate the system, but all she has to do is call a simple 3 digit number (not listing it in case she lurks) and they'll refer her to apply for the Crisis Intervention Program through Homeless Coalition Services. I'm not sure what type of housing her mom was in that Tuna's in right now, but if it's through the Department of Homeless Services (DHS), since Tuna and Lurch violated rules by being there, they'll be locked out of Homeless Services for 30 days before they're allowed to apply for shelter. If they're found to be ineligible and are denied, they can re-apply and just keep reapplying if denued. They can do this all from their current place unless during court they're issued the order to be removed… It's called something like Intent to Sanction aka being removed by Johnny Law.
At court, both of them have to be present. She's stupid to even think one of them has to be in the apartment at all times since they're not going to get locked out. That's probably just her excuse for lounging at home and taking selfie all day.
Their whole situation rides on if they can navigate the system to get the free resources to keep them sheltered somewhere. But they'll both have to look for a job since their navigator will make them sign a plan for how they'll get out of DHS's shelter system- which includes proof of job and (if she really has the money) apartment searches.
She can rent a room in 1 day if that secret savings if hers really exists.

No. 865468

Samefag sorry for the housing sperg, just trying to break down how the system works so anyone who wants to know this can get an idea of what her options are if she's hardheaded about just renting a room

No. 865469

Tuna would be smart to steal garbage bags and bag up what she wants to keep and set aside the rest as things she's fine with losing. Buying more shit isn't the answer Tuba Wubba!

No. 865472

But anon they may place her in THE BRONX!! And that simply won’t do for her princess ass. She has to have her own bathroom with a claw tub and free drug dispenser and also accept nudes for rent. She really is this delusional.

No. 865473

Imagine being a low life junkie and thinking you're better than other low life junkies when you're about to freeze your ass in the streets.
I hope karma finally kicks her ass and nobody helps her.

No. 865475

Luna, is it really an ED if you simply don’t eat for a few hours?

No. 865477


i have zero sympathy because this 26 year old adult woman and 40 something year old grown (pedo) man knew full well their days in the apartment were numbered, but chose to spend their money buying stupid useless shit, clothes that they can't or won't wash, and FURNITURE that they can't take with them. Lurch is commenting publicly on her shit talking about how he's gonna move her outta state, and now Luna is on SM talking about how they're gonna be out on the streets "in the cold with the virus wah wah wah."

No. 865479

So much for that good paying job he mentioned kek.

No. 865480

Not trying to justify their age gap since it's an unhealthy power dynamic but imagine having an older partner who is unable to provide for you in any way aside from injecting poison into your body.

No. 865481

her jaw looks weirdly swollen. abscessed tooth arc when

No. 865482

You'd think that she would finally realize that he brings nothing to the table. She provided their current place through sucking the life out of her mom but he hasn't provided anything.

No. 865483

That person is so confused from talking with dummy Tuna, Looney never heard of a moving van or storage.

No. 865484

She will never realize this simply because she doesn’t bring anything to the table either and she really is at a point where I doubt she can do better. Even if she could she would fuck it up and run back to lurch cause “muh troo lurve” or something.

No. 865487

>NYC laws
They’re in New Rochelle, which is a city about 20 miles north of New York City.

No. 865495


1) Lurch's dad was terminally ill, unless the heroin make her abity to grasp time concepts null and void.. his death wasn't sudden. Make it make sense.
2) the person saying "you aren't about to lose your apartment" is correct. It wasn't hers to lose.
3) Ofcourse they wouldn't fix the window, why should they? You and easter island head don't leave and were hostile when the social worker was there to move your mom. They might be trying to avoid a physical confrontation or more likely use it as proof that you aren't keeping the place in decent order.

All in all she uses manipulative language to evoke sympathy and deflect self blame. She KNEW Roger was dying and could have both of them working to get an apartment. She isn't doing what she can to get a place, she's shopping, playing video games, and popping pills to avoid the situation. What the fuck is Lurch doing?
Sadly it is still winter, so courts might be lenient and let them stay till spring. Lets just hope Tuna dolls herself up with her coach bullshit to look good and the judge takes that as a slap in the face.

No. 865496

Inb4 "she actually looks pretty." She looks like a filtered corpse and even the filter's struggling to hide the stains on that dress.

Has she ever cleaned anything? Or does she honestly think cleaning means rearranging things?

No. 865497

I'm sorry but what part of this has a point? Are you uWu so scared that you're buying killstar? Or looking for validation that you have to add a meaningless back story into a fucked up order and them not fully refuning you and instead giving a "small gift card"?

No. 865498

>She KNEW Roger was dying and could have both of them working to get an apartment.
They were only evicted from Rogers place because roger was paying 100% of the rent and they refused to start paying it when he died. The landlord even gave them a couple months to work it out before changing the locks and throwing their shit out on the streets.

No. 865499

File: 1643023491100.jpg (2.45 MB, 3089x9619, pileofthembones96.JPG)

Did we know about this Luna ED Tumblr? https://pileofthembones96.tumblr.com/
She apparently started it in June ‘21

No. 865500

File: 1643023535978.jpeg (64.67 KB, 1031x339, 35BAFCBD-3D21-4D97-813E-8C1D42…)

And Lurch continues to be as charming as ever (1/2)

No. 865501

File: 1643023755072.jpeg (465.74 KB, 1057x2076, 55E77E30-6679-4BEF-8D09-A33609…)

And she has a scale (2/2)

No. 865502

so filthy, how can you walk on your floor literally feeling the bits under your feet and not pick up a hoover, esp if you dont even work

No. 865504

RIGHT? What’s this moldy rooster looking ass doing all day? I’d argue he’s a worse mooch than Luna.

No. 865507


the only reason they moved in with Roger was because they needed a place to stay and they thought once he died, they'd get a huge inheritance. in reality, they didn't get shit and that's why they're so bitter

No. 865508

Holy shit, how did you find it? She had one ED tumblr but deleted it (or moved) when it was posted on the farms.

No. 865509

File: 1643033218943.png (48.47 KB, 537x550, Screenshot 2022-01-24 15.05.20…)

I have archived the page just in case

No. 865510

All of this. They didn't want to pay rent and never do. No one genuinely wants to pay rent but they do it because they have to. These two bums think that they don't have to and only pay in promises of payment. Lurch should have been the one to get off of his ass first. He's far older than her and has privileges that homeless people don't have. He is an address to use, food in his fat belly, and a roof over his head. The fact that Luna doesn't question this really makes me wonder what kind of lies he feeds her throughout the day when he does want to be around her. Does she really think that he has a yacht and a good job waiting and just has to get to it? Did she really believe in the inheritance? Does she really believe that he's 6'7" with a huge dick?

No. 865511

The why is kind of moot. They lived there rent free for years. Did no saving, nothing. Are they both so inept that they couldn't figure out it would end sometime? Or do they subscribe to Ignore the Problem and Hope It Goes Away?

No. 865513

I also archived it all but it’s an obscenely long screenshot. Any hosting suggestions?

No. 865514

I doubt she does. She doesn’t publicly share their interactions unless she deems them to be positive/brag-worthy. I bet she feels disappointed by him quite a bit and just keeps mum. However, whenever one of her secret journals is discovered, we get glimpses of their reality and, we bear witness to the fact that all the «Matthew is great» is all a façade, even for her. She'll never dump him though due to sunk-cost fallacy and because it seems she’d rather die than try and be self sufficient and independent

No. 865515

Lmao you're right, nonny. That redditor is struggling to imagine why Tuna can't leave and cannot conceive of the fact that she just refuses to save enough to rent a UHaul. So many people don't own a car and manage to move, Luna! Take inspo from Shaynus if you have to.
If only we could cap this and send it to any well-meaning dunce on Reddit or Insta trying to help her. She thinks she's too good for this area but is totally fine living in a crackhouse? I hope this isn't a scam, she deserves a slice of humble pie at this point. Time to buck up and settle for what you can get.

No. 865516

> I'm not even throwing up
> I'm throwing up again

kek what is this screenshot? is it one of her conversations with Lurch or some repost bs?
also, as I'm not a tumblrfag, are the gradient tiles blurred out/nsfw content?

No. 865518

File: 1643038510403.jpeg (95.7 KB, 828x455, 1A668C9B-89D3-4F9E-9629-9EA4C7…)

No. 865519

She looks like a disgusting mess everywhere she goes and her hair is fried to hell. Her priorities are fucking shot.

No. 865520

File: 1643038795591.jpeg (43.19 KB, 500x469, 498FE67E-BE0F-4074-889E-11D1B4…)

It’s just something she reblogged, picrel. She did add “#me trying to talk to tnis person i like”

No. 865521

File: 1643039339352.jpeg (Spoiler Image,2.83 MB, 2218x6976, 6608C953-02D4-4E88-BE32-861701…)

No, the remaining images hadn’t fully loaded when taking the screenshot. Here it is fully loaded, a few are a bit questionable so I’ll just spoiler

No. 865522

100% agree. He's mooching a woman's apartment and her daughter's pussy. Except apparently Lurch finds her to be too fat, which is funny, because what did he expect from her after years of pumping her full of H?

No. 865523

I truly understand the sentiment but let’s not pretend she wasn’t fat before Lurch, kek

No. 865524

Oh, of course. But he still went after her back then. It's also funny since he thinks because he's tall he can't get fat despite proof of his old man gut.

No. 865526

Lurch is definitely not a prize, but keep in mind Tuna is mean and rude af also (like when talking to the social worker about her own mom) and she always paints herself as the victim (like when posting her "I'm so scared, I'm being evicted for no reason with my fiance of 8 yrs when it's cold and how will all my clothes and blubber keep me warm" bullshit)

No. 865527


He's bringing the drugs and doing all the scamming that gets them through the days. She gets busted trying to do even the simplest shoplifting. It's OK to hate him but also admit that he's the one keeping shit going. Luna sits around all day playing animal crossing and sad blogging, neither of which brings in food, drugs or anything else.
I don't get how half of this thread is junkies wanting to talk about their expertise on needles and the other half is people who have apparently never known junkie couples before.

No. 865528

Someone on the other farms found it and posted screenshots in Luna’s thread there.

No. 865529

I completely agree with your assessment of Lurch keeping the hustle game going and he's the one with a benzo script. Tuna mooches the benzos from Lurch, and evil mom and dad.
Tuna couldn't figure out how to survive without him. She sits around and waits for him to make everything happen since she's like her favorite brand- a "Lazy Oaf".

No. 865530

File: 1643043812007.jpeg (378.66 KB, 828x899, 1402CDEB-0A9D-4553-9533-168C88…)

This post from her “ED” tumblr made me laugh the most. Look at the top right corner and you can see how the struggle is real for her to suck her gut in and tense her abs, with her gritted teeth and chin to chest.

No. 865531

I laughed out loud at this kek

No. 865532

File: 1643044462466.jpg (916.94 KB, 971x3649, Screenshot_20220124-120647_Sam…)

Kek she wants everyone to "recognize [her] disease" that she thinks about "CONSTANTKY"! She's basically saying "validate me for my fake ED!"
She's really lousy at this ED larp since anyone with knowledge of weight loss knows losing or gaining 5lbs is water weight. So her losing 6 lbs all the time means she's always losing or gaining only a pound aka she's not losing anything.
I could be thinking of another cow, but I thought Tuna said somewhere she lost like 10-15lbs after her "rape" story because she was soooo depressed.

No. 865533

File: 1643044661666.jpg (585.12 KB, 1080x1285, Screenshot_20220124-121705_Sam…)

I hate your level of filthiness, too, Tuna

No. 865534

I always assumed the ED she occasionally referred to was binge eating disorder because from these bodychecks she’s just been getting fatter and dumpier looking every month. But I guess that’s not glamorous to blog about

No. 865535


it's so cringe and embarrassing to hashtag your body pics "ana" and "ed" when she's obese.

No. 865536

The state of that place in the background… Hope they change the carpet after they throw these two out.

No. 865537

I would say post it here, just with a 'large file' warning or spoiling it for that reason. TBH I wasn't able to archive more than what is visible to archive.is, so probably not all posts

No. 865539

She looks like a chinchilla after rolling around in dust. And you just know the majority of that dust is kitty litter

No. 865542

She’s stuck in like tumblr 2015 when pro-Ana blogs were everywhere. You’s still following blogs like this in 2022.

No. 865543

File: 1643052832284.jpeg (55.23 KB, 741x232, 20C1D117-86F0-4BF6-9D29-5D9E75…)

why is she still active on r/heroin? surely they cannot be good for someone who is supposedly clean?

No. 865544

'i don't know how to exercise' so she can join 5000 FB groups for acnh treasure islands but she can't youtube videos on exercising at home? she's never heard of jogging?

No. 865545


that's what I was thinking the entire time. She better not just abandon that poor thing on the street.

No. 865546

Saged for OT but if they're officially not on the lease for the apartment which we all know they aren't, why wouldn't their electricity get cut off? Like, who's paying for that and the water and Wi-Fi bills?
Here you'll easily get the electricity cut off if you have x amount of unpayed bills.

No. 865549

In certain cold weather states they tend to not sever services as it could lead to death. But this is a valid question since it was never their apartment at all to begin with and they certainly wouldn’t have their names on anything like utilities. My bet is the landlord has to keep it all on just to keep pipes from freezing or lunas dumb ass from trying to heat the place with the oven or candles and blowing them all to god.

No. 865550


Meh that's what their asses get for being addicts and having a kid. I feel like Tuna herself should be supported by one of them since they're the reason she's like this. But she wouldn't ever get better if she's coddled all her life. She lives in a nice part of new York, so I'm sure they have heated bus stops she can sleep in when they're kicked out and lurch proves to be useless in providing for them

No. 865552

in a big public housing complex utilities are usually included in the monthly rent

No. 865553

>I feel like Tuna herself should be supported by one of them since they're the reason she's like this.

Luna thinks so too, which is partly the reason she’s in this mess. what kind of entitlement? she’s an adult, she’s her own responsibility now.

No. 865554

Her father was and probably still is willing to support her provided she moves in with him… and gets clean I guess, though IDK how much since Tuna Dad also is taking recreational drugs

No. 865572

File: 1643072947214.png (263.7 KB, 600x836, Screenshot 2022-01-24 200800.p…)

Well deserved. Wouldn't have happened if you learned to save money instead of spending it all on dumb shit.

No. 865575

Lol so now she can cry that her "magical thousands of savings" was taken by the bank and now and has NOTHING and it's definitely because of the big bad bank, and not because she's a lazy loser who refuses to work and spends whatever she can on shitty low quality clothes and hello kitty trinkets. Sucks to suck Tuna!

No. 865576

just either pay your monthly fees or get a bank account with no monthly fees? All her “problems” are so easily solvable if only she and lurch werent such incapable adults

No. 865577


as she is it's either her dad or the government that will be bank rolling her. I'd rather it be her father. Someone who could actually use the help should be getting the resources tuna would find a way to get on.

No. 865578

So between these screenshots she managed to GAIN 40 pounds despite carrying on about starving herself the whole time. I’m sure whining on tumblr will make the pounds drop off any day now.

No. 865579

File: 1643076242073.jpeg (287.34 KB, 828x1951, 81C6B240-4527-4B35-B961-298BB6…)

She says she can’t stay at either of her parents

No. 865580

File: 1643076409022.jpeg (552.77 KB, 828x1196, A7D6DEBF-5F05-4C6F-8C2E-C1F078…)

fucking disgusting to think she actually sleeps there. absolutely filthy. rip to whoever has to scrub that whole apartment in a hazmat suit next month

No. 865581

its like a room you see on that crime scene cleaning channel.

No. 865583

would the government really bankroll her? no idea how benefits work but I was under the impression you had to at least look like you’re looking for work or trying to improve yourself.

literally all of her problems would be solved by getting a job. any job.

No. 865584

>I don't have friends
Oh right, Rlyblonde or whatever is just a bank account not a friend.

No. 865586

people without children can get Medicaid (government healthcare) and EBT (food benefits) but to get actual income benefits, you need to be a parent or to be on disability, which requires a detailed application with doctors’ references and is hard to get

No. 865587

She's just fucking around online hoping/waiting for someone to miraculously solve her eviction issue. Lol she's had years to figure this out
Hilarious how she says staying at a motel will eat thru her money fast, BITCH that's why people have jobs, so they can pay their rent/bills every month. She's really dumb asf

No. 865588

And a motel won't eat through her money nearly as fast as she does on useless shit.

No. 865589

More like "filth-encrusted bed with never been washed plush toys that should be burned."


No. 865596

She obsesses over it all the time and wants to get her fix of being v the "knowledgeable" ex fetty addict (although she probably says she was a heroin user) when in reality Lurch just isn't out middle manning to get fetty for them thanks to his probation.

No. 865597

It's illegal in NY to cut off electricity for non-payment, just like they can't be locked out without going through the judicial process

No. 865598

Tuna's dad is prescribed benzos and smokes weed which are both totally legal. Tuna doesn't have a benzo script at all so she's the only one recreationally using benzos, weed and the occasional "acid therapy" which Lurch brings it back to her fat ass.
I doubt her dad would agree to let her move in since his place is only big enough for him and his gf who stays over sometimes, let alone big enough for her, Lurch, and 2 cats too. You know she wouldn't leave her "fiance" out like that.

No. 865603

Strangely, she deleted the comment asking her if she could stay at her parents’ or get a hotel.

No. 865607

why isn't she trying to sell her art? she has some authenticity. I've seen people with less skill monetizing their art. It's so sad she's given up life at 20, given up on her aspirations to be with an ugly and old drug dealer

No. 865608

A few threads ago she was complaining about electricity (or maybe water?) and that her landlord was ignoring her calls. This would make sense why the electricity was miraculously turned back on in a short amount of time.

No. 865609

lurk more newfag, she has sold her art in the past. also she's 25.

No. 865610

You mean “sold”, right? She scammed a bunch of people

No. 865611

in NY to get EBT without children, being elderly or having a disability, you have to either work at least 20 hours a week or be enrolled in a career training program through DSS

No. 865612

Tuna wouldn't qualify for SNAP (aka EBT) but Lurch does since he goes to a methadone clinic and that's considered being in a drug treatment program. Although there's currently P-EBT which loosens federal requirements for Able Bodied Adults Without Dependents which Tuna could get, but Lurch most likely applied as a 2 person household for his existing EBT benefits which would give them around $450/month on his EBT card. If he's doing that, Tuna can't apply. And I'm positive he's doing that since she manages to stay so fucking obese.
Tuna says she doesn't have good credit, but she's REALLY fucking herself over by going through the eviction process. It's better to have bad credit than to even have had eviction proceedings started, let alone being fully evicted. Their only options would be rooms for rent since we know she has no concept of how to raise her credit.

No. 865617

she has some art for sale on her depop, anon posted her updated username in this thread

No. 865619

she'd probably lose some weight if she literally cleaned anything in her house lol

No. 865622

Make it a “ pro Ana” challenge and she probably would kek

No. 865623

File: 1643127274948.jpeg (356.74 KB, 828x1049, AFF5741C-1B7F-4DB4-A8AA-3C86C3…)

Tuna using her time between now and the 3rd of February wisely.

No. 865624

Those clothes are going to look so pretty in a garbage bag outside. She probably thinks she's safe cause someone told her that she can keep her place if someone is always home.

No. 865625

is that a literal bag of cat shit behind her?!

No. 865626

I love that shes so self obsessed that she can't frame a selfie better to hide the embarrassing filth, damage, and shit bag in the background.

No. 865627

Dear Lord that door is rotting just like her front tooth.

No. 865631

She does but she's inactive/unresponsive. A while ago I asked her if she had a certain peice or if she was doing commissions and she ignored me. She has no interest in selling her art even though they're all priced at 80+ and could give her some decent money to throw at Amazon trinkets.

No. 865632

Her audacity to post an image written "anti capitalist" when she is one of the most consumerist people I've ever seen in my life. And now she's running the risk of living on the street because she preferred to spend all the money she earned on "work" on junk from China. Well done. Everything this girl does is performative and empty.

No. 865635

I thought it was a sock, but I went back to look and zoomed in and I think you’re correct. Vile.

No. 865636

Thanks for the explanation, I don't really know much about the drug situation in the USA. I also didn't remember what exactly Tuna Dad was using. Judging by the cursed sex work video, I think he would take her in had she been serious about changing her ways… but without Lurch for sure, IDK about her cat.

No. 865643

File: 1643134987743.jpeg (487.33 KB, 828x1199, 4E803923-A654-43D3-B13C-A7CC36…)

she changed into 3 different outfits to take selfies in but couldn’t be bothered to pick up the bag of cat shit behind her lmfao

No. 865649


The state of the floor behind her gives me the creeps. Aside from the crust in the cracks is that cat piss or lurch piss (lol).

I hate how she is dragging her cats into this shit. Almost everyone loves animals so this feels like her trying for the sympathy “uwu my cats gonna be homeless too” ebegging lane. She treats the cat as a means to an end not an actual pet.

No. 865651

If she's not on a lease and is squatting it's 100% legal to turn off any utilities. Thing is, apartments don't actually turn off utilities between tenants in most cases, they just transfer responsibility back to the property owner. What is likely is that the property owner has been paying for their utilities for months/years since Tuna's mom left.

No. 865652

unfortunately she’s more likely to drag the cat along with them on the freezing cold streets of new york, as opposed to giving it to a shelter so someone who is mentally competent can care for it

No. 865654

It always looks like she has a vicegrip on that cat.

No. 865655

its also possible they are going the freegan route of using the ambient building temperature to keep their apartment warm

No. 865657

Tuna's mom was there under section 8 housing. That property offers gas, water, and heat so all of that is covered by the property anyway. Tuna's Daddy probably pays electricity.
Ironically, the building is also a smoke-free apartment.

No. 865659

No, she was not there under section 8 housing. It's a halfway house for recovering addicts that come from long term recovery centers, homelessness or prisons.

No. 865683

Why does her face look so incredibly different? It can't just be makeup, can it?

No. 865685

How would it be a halfway house that let Luna and Lurch move in? They let couples in but not adult children and their significant others.

No. 865687

It's filter too.

No. 865688

Luna and Lurch were not supposed to be there, that's how. There have been attempts to remove them.

No. 865690

literally read the thread header or lurk more?

No. 865691

she’s been using extremely heavy filters that change the shape of all your facial features for a while. in some of the acid trip videos you can see it glitch out when she moves her head around

No. 865697

It's not a halfway house, sober living or transitional housing since I Googled the address and they last had an apt available for $1400/mo and I looked up the addresses for any sober or transitional living buildings in New Rochelle and this isn't one. Tuna's mom maybe received housing assistance through an outreach program but I assumed section 8 due to it being in a regular apartment building and the infrequent walk throughs.
Sober and transitional housing in the US are more strict and there's an in-house manager. Guests are only permitted short stays and usually either have to be pre-approved on your list of only a couple people or leave their IDs with the house manager/management while visiting. They also don't let you stay indefinitely and they assist you with transitioning out to your own place. If you break the rules, they kick you out and don't help you go to another living situation. Getting housing through some kind of outreach program will help find you a hotel or apartment to live in and cover your rent/ the rest of what you can't afford. You have to maintain sobriety, but they usually have random urine analysis (UA) tests. You can only have guests up to 14 days. Same with section 8, they just don't help you find housing and they don't do UAs. Both will conduct walk throughs, but not as often with Section 8.

No. 865699

do all of the apartments in the complex look rotted and desolate like theirs? i can’t imagine paying $1400 for that hellhole

No. 865705

It's a bad building in an otherwise extremely expensive area. Luna just thinks she's above living anywhere within her price range. She's right that she would never make it past a credit check since she probably has none as she's never paid a bill on the regular before. I'm still marveling at how the hell she thinks she's going to weasel out of this. She's only ever lived by the grace of other people before. Do you think dear old Evil Dad will set her up somehow?

No. 865734

She's not smart enough to fake her way through an apartment application which, if done right, can still get you an apartment with bad credit. If she really has so much money saved or Dad gives her money, she can get a guarantor, which most apartments in NYC take. A guarantor is like a co-signer you pay up front and it allows people with bad or no credit to get apartments.
Like I mentioned before, her best option is to suck up her pride and rent a room that allows couples

No. 865741

And cats.

No. 865742

she sees a new psychiatrist every few months, I dont see her owning a cat being an obstacle when she can just ask them to write an ESA letter

No. 865745

>fake her way through an apartment application which, if done right, can still get you an apartment with bad credit.
she can't do that because she has literally nothing to put in on an application and neither does the moai.

No. 865746

File: 1643257615758.png (156.55 KB, 1536x788, Screenshot 2022-01-26 232520.p…)

She doesn't seem all too afraid of losing her place. She's been begging for help in order to play a game that she doesn't know how to play. I really do think that she believes she'll be able to keep the place by simply not leaving.

No. 865756

Is she implying that the girlfriend didn't have to break up over bf watching gore cause it's not necessarily done out of enjoyment of watching violence and suffering (not sure I buy it)?

No. 865757

File: 1643270953474.jpg (570.29 KB, 1080x1772, IMG_20220127_090322.jpg)

Holy hell Luna, shut the fuck up you pick me. This is unacceptable. It wasn't even some industrial accident (bad enough and I don't want to imagine it), it was some ISIS beheading. The woman was incredibly based to leave ASAP even if it was inconvenient.
No wonder fakeboi stans (stained?) her, they are two gore watching pieces of shit

No. 865760

I expected her to be downvoted to hell but I guess I have too much faith in people. Seems like all the commenters share Luna's views. She's found her crowd amongst the goons and pick me's on reddit.

No. 865762

People saying the man dodged a bullet are psychotic. He was watching the videos right next to her and people are saying she's too coddled or shouldn't be looking when he was obviously watching it next to her like an exhibitionist. Sage for ot

No. 865770

They really are psychotic. Those psychos may be dumping on that girl today but she should consider this a win. It's also not surprising that Luna takes enjoyment in the suffering of others but will cry and whine when she faces an iota of suffering or discomfort. The goriest things that she has probably ever seen are her own legs and the streets that she will be kissing on February 3rd.

No. 865777

Welcome to New York. Upstate she could probably rent a tenement single room with a shared kitchen/bathroom among 5 people for $800 but even studios that close to the city go for at least 1k. She needs to get out of NY, its not like shes tied to a job here or still dependent on old connects for dope now that shes sober.

And of course she watches gore, she grew up as an edgy kid in the 00s and runs a xanex/sanrio blog gore is part of that whole scene. If she stepped away from the sad cherubs and actually drew some gore she could probably make a buck or two off her art. Also if you watch porn you have no moral highroad to shit on people who watch gore.

No. 865779

>Also if you watch porn you have no moral highroad to shit on people who watch gore.
Where the fuck did it came from?

No. 865780

Exactly what I said. If you watch porn, you are actively giving money to the rape and exploitation of women regardless of if you pay for it or not. If you watch gore, as long as you don't directly pay for it, the people who made the gore don't get paid for it or rewarded for your viewership. Watching porn is more immoral and more of a societal harm than watching gore.(derailing)

No. 865781

fakeboi?? lol

No. 865784

She could get a really shitty apartment in upstate for $800. It'll be the size of a shoebox. The two bedroom place that she wants though is going to cost her around 1k. Tuna makes porn and makes it sound like it's against her will so she's twice as bad for doing that and watching gore by your definition.

It definitely feels random. No one even mentioned porn and both are pretty shitty things to watch but they felt the need to defend watching gore.

No. 865785

File: 1643312929803.jpg (28.7 KB, 432x277, rwrv2.jpg)

No. 865786

The cheapest place I ever lived in NY was in a house that had been cut up by room into student housing. Each floor had its own bathroom (so 3) and one shared kitchen between about 30 people. It was $800 a month and even that was cheap because it was student housing. It was conditions that nobody who wasnt a drug addicted college kid would be willing to live in.

And its not immoral for a woman to sell sex, its often done out of desperation especially globally, but it is immoral to buy access to consent/sexuality because money is coercive and negates true freely given informed enthusiastic consent. Im just saying, if you consume porn (which most people do) you dont have the moral high ground to judge people who watch gore

No. 865788

>It's not immoral for a woman to sell porn but those who buy it are the devil?


No. 865789

Shitty apartments in the middle of nowhere are usually pretty cheap out here. What you said makes zero sense. It's not immoral for a woman to sell porn but those who buy it are the devil? So if they don't buy it then she won't make any money, and at that point why is she selling it? The sellers like her are just as bad as the buyers. It's especially so in her case because she involved her father in her sex work without his consent. He had no idea that he was called because someone paid her to do so and for her to touch herself right after. She knew that it was used to get someone off and didn't care.

No. 865790

To be honest Im pretty sure what was done to Luna regarding spreading her SW clips without her consent falls under revenge porn and was a sex crime. And it is not immoral for women, out of desperation, to trade sex for survival. It IS immoral for people to take advantage of women struggling to survive by essentially raping them for pay. Not sure what part of that is unclear.

And there isnt really a "middle of nowhere" in NY unless you go far upstate which is still expensive due to state taxes. She would have more luck moving somewhere like Pennsylvania, but if she moved that far from home she wouldn't be able to hit up her parents for benzos on the regular.

No. 865792

moralfagging on lolcow is societally righteous of course

No. 865793

File: 1643314182962.png (192.99 KB, 496x757, Screenshot 2022-01-27 150837.p…)

>spreading her SW clips without her consent falls under revenge porn and was a sex crime.
How does that change what she did?
>unless you go far upstate which is still expensive due to state taxes.
Okay, anon.

No. 865794

Im not moralfagging Im just saying maybe yall should be a little bit more careful before you cross the line and commit sex crimes on a public forum. Spreading private SW clips without permission falls under revenge porn laws in NY and is illegal and if she had the wherewithal she could take legal action.

And it doesn't change what she did, but it is pretty fucked up that her desperation was so exploited that she was being coerced into such degrading acts.

Also not sure where that apartment is but sign me the fuck up because Im paying twice that for less space. Maybe WAY upstate apartments are cheaper but shes not going to find anything other than a single room for less than $800 where shes living now

No. 865795

Uh, she wasn't coerced into drinking her own piss. Nobody forced or threatened her. Morality and desperation aside, she did it because she wanted heroin money.

No. 865796

wasn't replying to you unless you're the same nonnie pearl clutching about porn vs gore. as if the motivation to look at a video of sex is the same as the motivation to look at a video of killing

No. 865797

Get off your soapbox, nobody was talking about porn. BTW most farmers are against porn, which you would know had you lurked. Not only you are preaching to the converted, you also moralfag for no goddamn reason. Go spread your gospel on plebbit if you care
>commit sex crimes on a public forum
I'm impressed a newfag is capable of using sage. Or is that you, fakeboi?

No. 865799

She was coerced into SW in general, and who knows what kind of coercion went on behind the scenes with Lurch. She was openly unhappy with doing sex work, anybody who bought her content was taking advantage of a desperate addict at her lowest. That isn't something to feel good about. And like I said, if she had the sense to, she could get whoever shared those videos in real trouble.

No. 865801

File: 1643319554335.jpg (85.76 KB, 720x896, 1566447205558.jpg)

>She was openly unhappy with doing sex work
Wrong again, moralfagger.

No. 865802

Yes, cherry pick this one manic post and not the 25 or so that she posted with some variation of "SW is so degrading, SW makes me feel disgusting, I don't want to go back to SW but I have to (which again leads me to believe that there's some coercion going on behind the scenes)" like you found the single post where she pretended to fill the myth of the happy hooker in order to draw in more punters when almost all her posts about SW, especially her recent ones and ESPECIALLY post-rape, have been about how she hates SW and doesn't want to do it and feels degraded by it

No. 865807

it’s not coercion, she just refuses to get off her ass and work a normal job, like most of the other sEx wOrKeRs on this site

No. 865811

Please, enlighten me as to what job Luna could work? Fast food would be too fast-pace and she can't stand for a full shift because of the cotton eye joe knee. She doesn't have the adult social skills to work in any sort of sales. Her knee would also probably prevent her from all the crouching/kneeling that you would have to do in a stock/warehouse job. She doesnt have the social skills to waitress. Cashiers in America stand all day so that is also out. Receptionist jobs these days generally want at least a bachelor's degree. Hair/nail salons require years of tech school before they will hire you. She has a public history when her birth name is googled that leads to 35 pages of a message board talking about what an irredeemable piece of shit she is and all the bad choices shes made since she was 17. Shes also only been out of active heroin addiction for a couple months compared to years of using. Even if shes trying to start an honest life for herself, which it really looks like she is doing, her chances at any sort of entry level job are pretty much null when there will always be a candidate without her baggage.

No. 865812

she "has" to for what? trinkets, heroin and shein hauls?? she doesnt pay bills, all her SW money goes towards cheap useless shit she wants for herself

No. 865813

I don’t understand, why are you making excuses for her? She could work a regular job if she had a higher threshold for discomfort/humbled herself. She most definitely could work a fast food job, or something in retail. She is not seriously disabled by her knee. She could make something of herself if she tried. The learned helplessness is gross and exhausting…

No. 865815

all of the others have a list of excuses this long, too. she’s nothing special. everyone has to work. she chooses sex work.

No. 865820

File: 1643326939954.jpeg (102.12 KB, 750x878, 9DB61B01-777F-4458-8CBB-B3DBA5…)

No. 865828

oh please, fakeboi. she’s not physically incapable of getting a real job. there’s tons of real jobs out there she’s more than capable of doing that don’t require any degrees. shes just lazy with absolutely no ambition whatsoever to do anything other sit at home, play Nintendo and take selfies for online validation.

No. 865831

I agree that she’s unemployable, but you’re talking about it as if it were out of her control. Her lack of social skills, hygiene, education, physical fitness—none of this just happened to her, these are the direct consequences of her own refusal to better herself or her situation in any way. She put nothing into life, and so she got nothing out. Too bad. Sometimes a person just fucks up their life and it’s their own fault.

No. 865832

All physical things and tied to this idea she has of herself. Where’s the “I need to take therapy seriously”, “I need to stop using”, “I need to make myself accountable”
fakeboi, you’re too invested in defending her and she won’t be your friend, no matter how much you come and cape for her

No. 865834

i wonder what she did?
>the last good thing in my life
i would assume either something to do with lurch or something to do with housing?

No. 865836


No, she wasn't. That's why she couldn't even do it properly. She had little to gain and NOTHING to lose. He isn't even capable of coercing her into putting down the cake and fruit punch.

No. 865841

You know nothing of the law, it's not a crime to buy clips she sells for literally anyone to look at. You are retarded. Anyway!
I think she's referring to her housing situation, which was not a good thing given it was stolen. She was committing a crime by living there. If she stays with her dad she's said Lurch isn't allowed to come. Do we think it's likely she'll crash there in February, ladies?

No. 865842

I do so love those rare times when some white knight comes to defend and die on a hill made of the lard that Luna herself built. Aside from that? I think what will happen is she will whine to daddy. Dad just might say she can stay a little while, caveat being NO LURCH. Depending on how bad it is she might go for it….just long enough for dad to go to work or his house to “oops another fire uwu!” Only this time her frail demented using beloved father (according to her future post on it if it happened) died tragically of smoke inhalation cause he was totally on the nod. Then we get the same saga but different address.

No. 865843

Either there or with her mom with Lurch tagging along like a zombie.

No. 865848

luna could def get a call center/wfh job. most of them couldnt give a shit about criminal records or even do a drug test. they mail you the equipment too. also i was a receptionist for a nursing home and i didn't need a degree at all. and iirc from an older thread, she did some office gig, so that experience could help her get a job. these excuses only feed into her woe is me *~damaged bbygrl angel uwu~* bullshit. you're not helping luna, you're enabling her.

No. 865855

Didn’t she get fired from stealing from that job? fakeboi is too enamoured with Luna to see what we all see. She had people willing to pay for her doodles and she couldn’t even do that

No. 865857

Yeah in the uk at least, there are plenty of smack heads doing call centre jobs and making a living that way.

No. 865866

There’s a massive labor shortage across the US at the moment, and there are a heap of programs that focus entirely on rehabilitating people like Luna to get them back into the workforce. I’m confident she could do something if not work for Pizza Hutt who will hire felons.
She has plenty of opportunity, she just won’t take it.

No. 865874

File: 1643386649207.png (136.79 KB, 608x851, Screenshot_2022-01-26-09-17-20…)

She could absolutely do Pizza Hut or a call center, really any baseline job. Cotton-eyed Joe knee is her weird munchie holdover lie from when she was pretending she was "cripplepunk" like Tai and needed a cane.
All her excuses for not doing what she needs to prevent herself from being homeless are ridiculous if you list them. She can't get on a lease because she doesn't have a real job, she doesn't have a job because she doesn't have an ID, she doesn't have an ID because she can't drive to the DMV without a car, she can't walk to a bus stop to go to the DMV because she has a disability and on and on. I don't know why she bothers asking redditors for help when she won't even be honest about the facts of her situation which are: "I'm lazy and don't want to put in any effort to get out of this mess." Picrel is her sending her laundry list to random redditors like they give a shit.

No. 865877

that's fakeboi, ignore her lol

No. 865884

Not sure if you're the one who's made multiple posts claiming anons are fakeboi, but no one in here is stanning Tuna so who gives a shit who an anon is when we're all anonymous? Everyone saying Tuna could get a job but is too lazy is absolutely right so stfu trying to give anons names.

No. 865885

This right here. And with the current state of places doing anything to retain/attract workers, AND her having at least some familiarity with the many MANY programs that try to help druggies to not be , ya know, druggies? She could ask them for help and they could probably point out the jobs she could do where they would account for her “knee issues”. It’s just she doesn’t want that.

No. 865887

because luna only has 1 supporter… lmao, no. there's more than just her

No. 865888

She’s so annoying, like yeah you offered them money AFTER you squatted and leeched taking advantage of the moratorium. Then she expected them to accept her money, after she squatted and damaged the property and lost the owner tons of money in rent? I don’t feel sorry for scumbag slumlords, but my mother in law is a landlord (a good one) and if someone pulled that on her because of the pandemic it would have been shit. Tuna is trash and somehow can’t put two and two together. Crossing my fingers for a true homeless saga.

No. 865889

no it wasn't bc of that. her typing style also stands out >>865794

it wasn't me, i've just made that one post

No. 865890

File: 1643397170792.jpeg (469.37 KB, 750x1106, FE3171EB-D9F4-4C1B-828C-A9EB27…)

No. 865892

Yep, and it's called Eviction.

No. 865894

File: 1643400836431.jpeg (55.08 KB, 622x441, 904ADFE4-3294-4A50-A7DC-D7FB3B…)

kek anon

No. 865895


Pressing X to doubt she ever had the money she "tried to offer". She stopped bleating about the "10k" she had saved around the same time her father stopped being mentioned. He probably said he'd cover a deposit and a couple months rent if she got clean and worked her program and her brain interpreted that as "if I stop shooting H I'll get thousands" which then turned into "I have 10k"

No. 865901

Not only the style, but defending gore (that fakeboi is obsessed with) by saying that porn is even worse and therefore watching gore is somehow okay. Like those two aren't mostly separate issues. Pretty sure she sees it this way as an antiporn gorehound.

No. 865903

Has Luna ever heard of not sitting on her ass all day while she rots from the inside out due to copious drug use? She ruined her teeth, her hair looks like absolute dog shit, and she’s obese. So many of those things were preventable, but of course she wants the easy way out of her own preventable actions.

No. 865906


> cashiers in America stand all day so that is also out

Not to sound like I’m capping for capitalism but there’s a good amount of unskilled jobs in America she could learn to do. The only reason she incapable of working them is herself.The only think preventing her from adapting is herself and I hope we do get a glimpse of Luna long-tits and the adventures of wooden Indian.

I expect dear dad to bail her out again.

No. 865908

File: 1643419900655.jpg (297.93 KB, 1080x2176, Screenshot_20220128-173014_Sam…)

I literally just Googled jobs in New Rochelle

No. 865909

She’d never, she thinks she’s too good for these.

No. 865910

But anon! None of these are sit down jobs! Her thighs caused the earthquake in Haiti and you want her to stand? Are you trying to take out the world? The only people who ever understood her needs was her grandma who killed herself by not taking medicine and her dad who was like a dad to her more than the dad that helped her get conceived on the steps of the methadone clinic.

No. 865911

No way. Not with her uwu anxiety.

No. 865912

the jobs are there but her internet history has completely ruined any chance of getting a job anywhere

No. 865913

McDonald’s and Dunkin’ don’t Google prospective employees, trust

No. 865914

>Are you trying to take out the world?
ANON! Your whole post! My sides! Kek

No. 865916

Kek I always thing that’s funny when people bring that up. People who have done way first move past there toxicity being posted online all the time.

Luna can turn her life around to be better at any time starting with a starter job at any time.

No. 865917

What the fuck are you even trying to say?

No. 865920

Ntayrt but do you not have a phone or autocorrect? "People who have done way worse move past their toxicity being posted online all the time."

Girl needs to avoid mom and pop shops and corporate. Franchises will be her bread and butter. No one has time for googling employees. Either way girl will need to change her name.

No. 865938

You're the idiot who tried to spell "their" as there and "worse" as first, so…

No. 865941

Luna working at Chuck E. Cheese, I can see it. The children would probably just assume she’s a fnaf stand in.

No. 865943

I dont even want to imagine this stinky bitch anywhere near children

No. 865946

those two aren’t even the same anon you illiterate retard. does autocorrect really mystify you that much?

No. 865969

File: 1643480216259.jpg (490.9 KB, 1022x1920, tumblr_1c5b9134bdc4159e14a7817…)

every time i see her long ass toes i wonder, does she walk or slap the floor?

the sight never fails to shock me(nitpicking about feet)

No. 865995

File: 1643496492934.png (41.84 KB, 1262x347, sex work.png)

No. 865996

Out of all things in this picture it's the toe nails? I can't even look at it for too long because there's grime everywhere, it's like "spot the clean thing"

No. 865998

Cam work? This is interesting. Shayna 2 incoming? I can imagine Luna doing stuff on Chaturbate or somewhere where she doesn't get a lot of cash

No. 866009

Tuna's referring to her "online sw" attempt where she offers to sell pictures/gross videos and being sad no one but people saying they like "thicc" girls even message her with potential interest. We all know Tuna wouldn't actually cam. Plus there'd be no one but farmers in there laughing at her.

No. 866011

If Tuna just cut back on the $10-$14 pack of 'Ports, she'd the money to hire movers/moving truck in a couple of weeks.

No. 866017

File: 1643523218435.png (19.89 KB, 1088x122, Screenshot 2022-01-30 010717.p…)

Lurch seems to use her reddit too or he speaks through her. He acts like people should know who he is. I don't even know why he would be on a subreddit about hip-hop and rap culture when he hates black people.

No. 866018

I really like the implication that being a cam girl is as hard as being a doctor…why say anything tuna? you're neither of those

No. 866020

But why is she holding the bottle with both feet up into the picture like its some magical aesthetic item that just makes the photo when its literally a water bottle. That's probably the most excersjde she's had all week straining to hold that bottle into the photo with her legs

No. 866021

That’s what made me laugh too, just the world-weary and knowing tone with which Luna is speaking to a doctor of all things. As if the naive doctor thought being a cam girl would be all sparkles and light.

No. 866022

In her recently revealed ED tumblr there was a bit of a theme of including bottles of water in pictures. It was almost always an empty Gatorade or Arizona iced tea bottle which was refilled with water and she’d make sure to add that to the caption (“it’s WATER not Gatorade!”). Which makes me thing she rarely drinks water unless she’s on a diet or watching her weight, in which case, she maybe really does see it as some magical liquid. Enough to hold it aloft with her monkey feet to snap a picture and hope it makes her thinner.

No. 866025

Oh I get it, she's showing her supposed "ed" since she says she smoked her gross menthol cigarettes and drinks water when she's trying to starve herself for a few hours before the next pizza and ice cream party

No. 866026

Same fag, my page didn't reload until just now and I agree with you 100% about her supposed ed behavior

No. 866027

She's got some hairy hobbit feet. I don't know why she thought this picture was worth sharing.

No. 866030

I'm having war flashbacks to Lurch wiggling her asscheeks and a wad of toilet paper falling out of her snatch. PLEASE LUNA, no cam work! Spare us…

No. 866042

>sincerely, matt
what a fucking boomer kek

No. 866057

when did an ED account come up? is it linked in the op?

No. 866059

it's so weird how he uses her social media. is she just cool with this? is he too geriatric to figure out how to make his own accounts?

No. 866060

File: 1643577237627.jpg (1.03 MB, 1078x2098, Screenshot_20220130-151312_Tum…)

Did someone say hobbit!?

No. 866062

it was brought up here >>865499

No. 866063

File: 1643578909457.jpeg (464.33 KB, 828x2431, B18C243A-1CDD-408D-BBFB-116FA6…)

No. 866064

File: 1643578948349.jpeg (418.46 KB, 828x2317, 79C6F1E3-358E-4654-BA7A-B133EE…)

No. 866065

File: 1643579105573.jpeg (938.81 KB, 828x1389, 19A72880-3CBF-4B53-84D3-721635…)

making good use of her last few days in that apartment

No. 866066

soooooo the same as every single other day then?

No. 866067

Right? She's facing eviction and let's be high and focus on looking cute for attention on the internet.

No. 866069

thanks! my bad for not lurking more. appreciate it. the way she poses to look smaller is bizarre and unnatural

No. 866072

Luna and her wrinkled duck lips ugh

No. 866076

This is why you're going to stay a fat ass, you fat ass.

Pretty much.

No. 866093

File: 1643595268939.jpg (231.28 KB, 1080x1692, Screenshot_20220130-191114_Ins…)

Lurch is already weird looking but this is probably the worst picture of him and she keeps reposting it

No. 866095

she yassified him with that filter

No. 866096

I can't help imagining that those Ssips cartons behind him are full of his piss

No. 866097

File: 1643598516147.jpeg (469.39 KB, 2048x2048, 3BA0C7CC-58BD-4398-8EFF-CDA85E…)

She’s been lying about her weight on her ED blog.
she mentioned recently the only time she’s been under 200 lbs was in 2017 when she was doing crack, she said it was so emotional she “cried about it”
however she said over the past couple years she’s been at her heaviest in a while, but posts that she weighs 191 last year? pics included, because that is NOT a body under 200 lbs at 5’11”
she also says recently that she weighs 230+ lately
is she lying about her weight to impress the ana folks on tumblr?

No. 866098

Love the filter-shrunken nose and adjusted jaw and the sexy eyelashes

No. 866100

File: 1643613764926.jpg (188.21 KB, 1050x1033, Screenshot_20220131-021520_Sam…)

I agree… unless her scale is legit broken and she doesn't know his to calibrate it.
For reference, someone at 5'11 191 lbs would like like this… (1/2)

No. 866101

File: 1643613813744.jpg (195.08 KB, 1080x1013, Screenshot_20220131-022240_Sam…)

Vs 253 lbs (2/2)
I think she's around 250-260 lbs

No. 866103

Kek he looks like an old lady with that filter on. Lurch troon saga when?

No. 866106

File: 1643630846108.png (8.12 MB, 1242x2688, 53516BB3-C82E-44BD-BDFF-DCE6C3…)

absolutely. 190 lbs on someone that tall, while overweight, would look very “normal” to the majority of people. not tuna however… our resident giant. i agree she is at least 260-280. it takes quite a lot for someone close to 6 ft to look as massive as she does.

No. 866108

If she were 5’3” maybe I’d believe she was 191 lol

No. 866113

File: 1643636640378.jpeg (90.92 KB, 828x400, 8297E67E-1379-4E9F-97E8-B3303A…)

At least he’s aware

No. 866114

kek idk if he's talking to tuna or himself but i'm laughing either way

No. 866116

Well, this farmer has been blocked. No more milk from me. I'm not even sure why….. Maybe bc Lurch keeps liking my posts. Tbh I thought it was Tuna doing it.(admitting to cowtipping)

No. 866129

she looks like she's wearing diapers.

No. 866130

animalcopbarbie is that u? It’s probably bc u made it very obvious in her comments

No. 866131

the urge to like his comment is strong, but i will refrain

No. 866140

He literally looks like an oblivion NPC

No. 866144

She still hasn't started packing it seems. She really does think that as long as someone is there that they can't kick them out.

No. 866145

why would she? she’s never had to face the consequences of her actions. everything is a joke to her

No. 866147

>why would she?
This. Luna knows her tenant rights and how to be an annoying Karen. Last time she was evicted from Rogers place, the landlord dumped all of her shit in garbage bags outside the property when she and lurch were out. She was sperging about how that was illegal under new York tenancy laws, the landlord is supposed to rent a storage locker, and she was going to sue him for all of her lost possessions.

She's said a couple times that there's always someone at the current squat to make sure they don't get evicted the same way again. That's her version of preparing for the future kek

I'm assuming the company running her the building will do it by the book and she'll be even more pissed when bailiffs physically remove her.

No. 866160

File: 1643674917586.jpeg (29.83 KB, 196x196, 796855ED-B731-4846-BF16-655B26…)

Patiently awaiting them uploading videoclips of the people removing them reeeeing about being woken up and literally being abused etc etc

No. 866168

File: 1643680530816.jpg (244.4 KB, 1080x1544, Screenshot_20220131-175422_Chr…)

his shirt says die terrorist scum and it's from a conservative patriotic nutbag "guns are life" merch website

how does "communist" luna deal with his anti BLM views?

No. 866170

She probably shares the same views these days.

No. 866171

File: 1643682072867.png (120.13 KB, 1332x701, Screenshot 2022-01-31 211443.p…)

First she was pro gore and now it's "omg too much i wake up in tears".

No. 866195

some people use gore as a form of self harm

No. 866197

No. 866199

lurch is a right wing boomer, the only reason he even attempts to pretend to be a leftist is because he believes the right's lies that the left is full of unconditional endless hand-outs for anybody who shows up (and then he rage-tweets at Nancy Pelosi when his free money doesn't come).

No. 866203

exactly this. i’m a little surprised no one has asked tuna about this yet, since she plays a SJW online

No. 866205

Nta but can autist anons quit trying to guess the name of the anon? Just like that "ignore fakeboi" anon, we're all anons for a reason. Some of us don't even follow Tuna on social media so your attempt at outing other anons makes you look like a douche.

No. 866207

He's getting kinda pudgy, damn. Him being a beanpole is like half the reason Tuna found him attractive at all. Court date coming, ladies! Any predictions? Mine is that she cones home from the appointment with a bunch of paperwork she doesn't understand and takes photos of it to post to Instagram.

No. 866208

I think she’d enjoy him getting fat, that way she’d be daintier by comparison

No. 866211


My bet for court is they get thrown out on their asses and if they are lucky they get 72 hours to quit the premises. I don’t see that they have any recourse here- they weren’t supposed to be there in the first place. Further they pissed off the social workers trying to help mom.

No. 866239

My tinfoil is both their names are on the order but they'll try to use their "buddy system to prevent eviction" scheme as a legitimate excuse as to why only one of them shows up. Also Tuna will show up to court in a crop top "tO fEeL cUtE."

No. 866244

Has anyone found their eviction court case online? I know lurchs has been posted in the past but I can't find the new york courts website anymore.

No. 866262

File: 1643830187932.png (56.17 KB, 774x874, 2022-02-02 11_28_09-WebCivil L…)

i found this

No. 866263

File: 1643830254203.png (37.81 KB, 797x431, 2022-02-02 11_30_19-WebCivil L…)

No. 866264

ooo great find anon!

No. 866266

So tuna doesn’t even know when she’s supposed t go to court? Papers say 4th, she says third….much adult there

No. 866269

Uh oh, it says it's at 10am. Tuna hates waking up in the morning. Think they'll push it to later in the day so she can get her beauty sleep?

No. 866270

At that rate she would be in a coma. No amount of beauty sleep will fix that

No. 866272

Luna isn't ugly. Her body isn't in the best shape right now but if she lost a little bit of weight and hit the gym she'd be a real junkie doll riot grrrl hottie. The saddest thing about Luna is her weight. If she had a better body she's actually be pretty cool/aesthetic.

No. 866275

Anon, she has a mustache, her hair looks like a bad wig, her front tooth looks fake cause it's rotten, her makeup looks like it was done by an 80 year old with Parkinson's, and her eyes don't cooperate. I'm sorry that you fall for her filters, but nah.

No. 866276

Can we not do this again for the umpteenth time

No. 866277

File: 1643842355275.jpeg (443.62 KB, 1242x1873, F4265660-E1EC-43D1-A8A6-3EFB5D…)

No. 866278

>a little bit of weight
50 pounds or more is not “a little bit” even if the rest of what you say is true, which I would dispute

No. 866279

Why is she still having stuff sent there? She is so damn dense.

No. 866280

I swear every fucking thread there has to be someone saying “uwu cute “ blah blah. Great you have an opinion.

Love her “friends” sent her more useless shit

No. 866281

>The saddest thing about Luna is her weight.
for me it is the piss drinking and calling dad videos for $20

No. 866300

You're about to be evicted but at least you have cute bunny ears. Maybe you can wear them to court.

No. 866301

kek I wonder what she’s actually going to wear to court? crop top stained with makeup & bodily fluids and sweatpants?

No. 866305

Tuna and Lurch are representing themselves in court, oh god. The landlord's lawyer is going to obliterate them.

No. 866307

normal for a holdover. if they were trying to argue non-payment because the landlord wouldn't make essential repairs or something they would want a lawyer, but if you're getting kicked out because you're broke then you're not going to be able to afford representation.

No. 866308

File: 1643856952909.jpg (68.65 KB, 1080x901, Screenshot_20220202-185359_Ins…)

lol rip to an annoying ass cowtipper

No. 866309

File: 1643857460222.png (140.51 KB, 792x527, Screenshot 2022-02-02 215921.p…)

You're days late with that and no one cares now. I don't think anyone cared when anon came here to cry about it.

Anyway this is from kf. Any guesses on who the person obsessed with her is? She's been doing the running out of stuff beg for so long that you'd think people would catch on by now.

No. 866310

File: 1643857603041.png (656.81 KB, 837x837, Screenshot 2022-02-02 220501.p…)

Be sure to order a place to live too, Tuna.

No. 866311

Maybe fakeboi? I assume with the "amazing reviews" whoever is buying her the stuff is ordering it online, so maybe not someone who knows her irl?

No. 866312

File: 1643859218303.jpeg (263.06 KB, 828x1399, 17569977-703F-4C2C-8F26-3975E2…)

love how she’s like “it’s only $4 so it’s not a big gamble” but she didn’t even pay for it lol

No. 866313

the filter is making lurch look like her long lost female cousin from uzbekistan.

No. 866314

File: 1643859341628.jpeg (378.58 KB, 828x1963, 3ED17004-AA35-420A-AFA9-A6393B…)

No. 866315

The "obsessed" dude is probably just evil dad asking her what her plan is once she's evicted

No. 866320

File: 1643862419680.jpeg (77.64 KB, 1000x1000, 8562B914-40F4-40CB-AFA0-F2DC0A…)

The internet tells me these headdresses are common (?) in Lolita fashion. Lolanons, is that the case? To me this headband cannot be styled in regular outfits, especially those Luna wears. I hope she received an Amazon gift card, the alternative is that one of her friends/supporters thinks this is a way of helping her and that’s just idk, too much? And idc they were only $12.89

No. 866321

Either fakeboi or the moid that bought her porn and shared it

No. 866334

Did she accidentally use the face-swap feature or something?
Good to know this is probably the year they get married. Just like all those other years.

No. 866371

My guess is some sex work customer, we've already established that fakeboi is too broke to send her gifts and she says "dude" so my guess would be somebody she met through SW. Is she back to that?

No. 866380

fakeboi here, it wasn't from me, Ive literally never given her anything more than a kind word. I don't exactly have anything more to give, and if I did, Id be giving it to my IRL friends not some casual internet acquaintance who's art I like. I have not and will never give her money so yall can stop speculating every time she says something came from a friend. The only thing I ever tried to give her was my old LV Tshirt because she was doing a Satanist aesthetic and it fit and I don't want the shirt anymore so I thought it would be nicer to offer it to somebody who might want it rather than let it rot in my closet. In the future, once she has worked to build back up trust among her customer base, Id consider buying art from her but even that Im not going to do until multiple other people pay for and receive art and it is high quality/the quality they paid for because I know she has a history of taking scam commissions. But one of the "perks" of being poor is that I can't just throw my money around on e-girls I have to spend it on real tangible shit to survive instead.(fakeboi out)

No. 866386

It is very common, but not this amazon shit, no one who takes the fashion seriously would wear these ears.
That specific headdress without the ears is one of the most common ones cheap lolitas buy from aliexpress.

No. 866387

File: 1643918067417.jpeg (736.47 KB, 828x2688, 1887528A-98A5-4EB4-958E-6E4629…)

No. 866389


I thought her plan was to just never leave the house ever again to avoid getting locked out and fully evicted? Or is that just what we all speculated. Either way if they're both out they're probably fucked now, I've had landlords lock me out without even an official eviction notice and I was far from a squatter so good luck loony

No. 866391

File: 1643918544715.jpeg (465 KB, 828x1447, 7817FA77-C7BC-4943-8C6D-37F597…)

No. 866392

I thought no moids bought her porn lol the only customers for her sex work videos were curious farmers

No. 866393

Uglier girls have been successful at sex work. My suspicion is most of her moids are black men who like thick girls (shes complained about clients who like her for being curvy and how its triggering to her) and middle eastern men who are into blonde white girls. Middle Eastern men aren't a particularly lucrative market, because of the currency exchange rates they are hard to get significant cash out of, but often much easier to get cheap gifts out of (at least in my experience with SW).

No. 866394

Kek. Right lard ass. These two deserve each other and their upcoming homelessness.

No. 866395

Not fakeboi but you’re an actual miserable cunt for saying that, how did that screenshot warrant that response? Wow

No. 866397

no one cares about your moralfagging

No. 866400

I assume Lurch is home doing his usual nothing.

And if she's being this carefree then she either has a place to stay and isn't worried about tomorrow or she truly thinks that they won't be evicted. Here's to hoping it's not the former and both of her parents tell her that they can't stay with them. These two really do deserve rock bottom for all of the abuse that they put Roger and her mom through.

No. 866404

>(at least in my experience with SW)

you were doing really well at avoiding blogging right up til then

No. 866405

Since she lives in a daydream and has never actually faced any serious consequences for her actions, I assume she is deluded enough to think that she won’t get evicted… and if she does she assumes mommy and daddy will save the day. If they don’t they’re evil and will shift the blame to them, easier than to take responsibility

No. 866406

Tbh I don’t think even if her mom wanted to help her she COULD. Think she’s in a controlled living situation of some sort. And dad? Funny how we only heard something about dad recently and that wasn’t good. I do however love that “dad gave him this shirt” bitch please lurch probably stole it from dad or never came from there at all

No. 866408

and what does she have to say about lurch referring to black folks as “the blacks” on twitter and claiming they have an easy life?

No. 866414

She’s so full of shit! Luna we’ve seen what Matthew says about black people on Twitter or is that your dad hacking into his account?

No. 866418

Not only is her dad hacking his account but it's also her dad's account. That's Luna logic.

No. 866423

i don't even really think the landlord could actually help her and take the money. it's section 8 housing. they probably have renters lined up to move in. in new york, at least in nyc, you can't even apply for section 8 anymore because of how many people are on it. why would she think that she could just hand the guy some cash and just move in? without any background check, no credit (poor credit on matthew's part definitely), nothing? that's not how section 8 housing works. they were fucked from the beginning with it being section 8.

No. 866425

KEK yeah OK, just some concerned passerby, OK.

Yeah, it's this. Her entire life is powered by delusion and the longer this drags on the more she believes they've 'won'.

Such a convenient cope she has - everything bad is evil dad. (My guess is he cut her off or gave her an ultimatum. Bonus points: she tried getting him to let them live there)

No. 866432

her makeup is tragic

No. 866434

4th of feb..todays the day!

No. 866435

My bet is she'll make some excuse as to why she can't be in court today.

No. 866439

storm hitting the east coast right now but not sure about where she is, i'd like to assume the snow/rain has stopped though and now another big storm is hitting

No. 866440

It’s pouring here in Westchester right now and will be all day. I don’t think they’re predicting snow though (and even if it does snow it probably won’t stick), so she won’t be able to use that as an excuse

No. 866441

not sure how NY is doing things, but many courts are still virtual. if thats the case she has no excuse.

No. 866442

it’s always the crusty, bitter, drug addled homeless motherfuckers who say shit like this.

No. 866443

i would assume this too…. but we all know tuna and her excuses i could see her trying to blame the storm anyways kek … we gotta use her delusional junkie cheap cheap logic

No. 866445

File: 1643987959542.png (40.48 KB, 795x479, 2022-02-04 07_19_04-Window.png)

rescheduled to next month. sigh

No. 866447

File: 1643988804024.jpeg (239.98 KB, 1259x998, 862DB18D-3CB0-4ED0-8AD9-C6FCB4…)

>talking to different renters daily looking for somewhere to go
The attitude that just reeks out of her posts is something else and of course, captain save a cow is in all her posts advising her, kek

No. 866448

Where’s karma again?

No. 866450

"Talking to different renters daily" is not the flex she thinks it is. Life would be so much easier if you didn't treat yourself as immune to criticism Tuna. That little trait snowballs into a lifetime of problems.

No. 866451

File: 1643991561792.jpeg (289.46 KB, 824x1364, 31099994-3D7B-4D6C-ADCE-32907E…)

No. 866452

File: 1643991603183.jpeg (221.33 KB, 828x1375, 4F9AAF8E-67C9-4DD1-9220-EE7F4D…)

Karma isn’t real, I guess

No. 866453

File: 1643991644989.jpeg (259.14 KB, 828x1320, CC75BD08-564A-40EB-9C09-BD0508…)

No. 866454

relatable? the doll house?

No. 866455

This bitch's luck is unbelievable.

No. 866456

Dilapidated? Abandoned and perhaps forgotten? Discarded? Knowing Luna, it was just aesthetic and maybe “I’ll be homeless soon”

No. 866457

Save the outfits, you’ll need them

No. 866458

Pink pile of garbage chucked out on the curb. Just like Luna is about to be.

No. 866460

Of course he's the type to not wear his mask properly.

No. 866461

Kek his mask. It's beyond even below the nose tards!

No. 866462

imagine going to court in shitty fake nails and ratty ass fur coats

No. 866463

This bitch should start buying scratchers with the luck she has. It is so hard to not a-log.

No. 866464

File: 1643993974877.jpeg (627.77 KB, 828x1358, 8635E361-DC09-4550-A6E2-C0DA94…)

just dodged homelessness for another month but still a uwu sad bun

No. 866465

the black sunglasses on a rainy day really add to their junkie aesthetics. i wonder if they made lurch take off his beanie in court

No. 866467

It looks even more ridiculous than I hoped for, thanks Luna

No. 866469

why does she look like she just had her wisdom teeth removed?

No. 866471

Lord help whomever gets stuck with luna and lurch as housemates. In a few months time they'd have to go through the eviction process as well.

No. 866472

>also to the ppl making a joke out of me housing wise
Oh god, she really is lurking, is she? I never believed that, but I think I do now. Does anyone have any counterargument?

No. 866473

An anon noticed her swollen jaw almost 2 weeks ago >>865466 when it was only on one side. Yikes Luna, more than one dying tooth in that mouth.

No. 866474

Someone could be telling her everything that's being said here. I wouldn't be surprised if it was her asslicker that lurks here.

No. 866475

because she is morbidly obese?

No. 866479

I think it’s just the filter she’s using

No. 866483

Damb, I was so looking forward to hearing this outcome.
She should be looking for a job, too. Like, anything really. Of course she's not getting any takers, neither she nor Lurch can produce pay stubs for literally almost a decade. At this rate she's going to need to work something out like renting a single bedroom in someone's house.

No. 866485

Anyone renting her a room would instantly regret it. I don’t see that happening really- whether she and lurch there know it I’m sure they smell foul- they are just used to it so they don’t see it. I don’t see them getting flat mates.

No. 866486

Look at what she wore to court. Can you imagine what she would wear when she shows up to look at the place?

No. 866490

i can't believe lurch looked more presentable

No. 866491

To be fair, he's been there a lot so he should know by now. But Tuna would want to be the prettiest and coolest one there even if it wasn't presentable. She wants to have people breaking their necks to get a look at her. That people should love her because she wore her best dirty socks with ratty slippers, stinky clothes, bathed a week ago instead of her usual month, put on her best tacky cheap nails, teased her tangled blonde dog fur, and arrived with an easter island statue on her arm.

No. 866503

Filter or bulimia… or she might be sick

No. 866504

No. 866506

File: 1644021800212.jpeg (829.68 KB, 828x3946, C6C595FD-AADF-4423-BCE7-4555B6…)

No. 866508

what the fuck is on that book?

No. 866509

File: 1644024033802.jpeg (1.34 MB, 1242x1762, 36A45495-96BD-4EE6-9679-AB7F6E…)

how Luna sees herself

No. 866511

Let’s not start with the fan art

No. 866512

I thought eh this isn't too far off, then I scrolled up to compare and lmfaoooooo. That headband really doesn't do her any favors

No. 866513

this argument again? have you seen the OP?

No. 866518

You know what was meant, we don’t need to see several edited Luna images. Especially when the anon was all “she’d make decent money on her sex work if she did this but don’t show her”

No. 866521

I’m confused too, we’re not allowed to comment on her pisspoor attempt at sex work now?

No. 866563

I don't think that's what that anon was saying.

No. 866569

File: 1644039564409.jpeg (80.14 KB, 828x1267, A7B85A4F-73B0-44C8-9670-EDF880…)

No. 866575

it's honestly not THAT much of a fantasy shoop. Like, if she learned how to fucking do her makeup the proper way and lost some weight, this would be attainable. Hell, even with her hamster jowels, proper makeup would still make her look ok.

No. 866594

The headband is so ridiculous I can't imagine anyone actually wearing one in public

No. 866600

I'm just in awe that she wore a cheetah print coat to an eviction hearing… like she doesn't get how retarded that looks.

No. 866624

watch it be delayed again and again and fucking again. It’s absolutely astonishing, at this point I don’t think we’ll ever get to see the Tuna homeless saga

No. 866633

What might cause it to be rescheduled? And why does it list John Doe/Jane Doe?

No. 866639

The doe thing is in case there are other squatters they aren’t aware of- basically “everyone at this apartment needs to gtfo” and in legal terms it gives whomever they DONT know is there a chance to have a day in court. As for the delay could be Covid related, maybe just more paperwork needing to be seen. Maybe the judge was trying to be merciful and give them just a little more time to find some place to be.

No. 866648

File: 1644086317053.jpg (170.23 KB, 1080x986, Screenshot_20220205-103749_Ins…)

i think lurch is very proud of himself for knowing court bulshit just enough to get it rescheduled

No. 866659

How is one more month in squalor a "pretty well" situation?

No. 866663

how is not getting evicted that day, but inevitably getting evicted in one month a good outcome? as if they’re going to attempt to “pack” ?? they deserve each other. just all around stupid.

No. 866665

File: 1644094029449.jpeg (655.14 KB, 828x1367, 0D9CD27B-89DA-427E-AF97-0A4880…)

No. 866666

File: 1644094283116.png (672.77 KB, 1388x862, luna.png)

No. 866670


No. 866672

You have to download AND allow the app to send you notifications. Stupid lard ass.

No. 866683

As if she seriously would put everything she ate in that app

No. 866685

Jesus Christ, the part choice is irrelevant to this wasteland of fried, matted straw

No. 866693

Hey don't bring the poor hamsters down to her level!

No. 866699

File: 1644118120871.jpeg (759.08 KB, 828x1434, 7C19B219-552B-4C1B-9528-8A13FD…)

No. 866705

didn't that top used to be white?

No. 866709

>ever since a creepy old man made weird comments about the shape of my v*gina in the pants
Christ, Tuna, just buy some looser pants so you don't have a camel toe. Size up.

No. 866710

I thought she was more referring to the "reshape your face" notification which is hilarious because she tries to filter the shit out of all her photos because she looks like that

No. 866724

Even with this photo filtered to hell, I feel gross looking at it. Wtf is up with her skin? It's so uneven and fucked up, her armpits and neck are darker than the rest of her and the filter's made it pink? Love the sparkle filter over her dead drugged out eyes

No. 866725

Tuna is obviously referencing both of the notifications together anon

No. 866729

Tf is she on about? She wears those pants all the time… another weird pointless tuna lie i guess

No. 866736

Wtf is her issue with the middle part. She’s sperging about it for says now?? Stop wearing it if it makes you feel shitty. The fishing for compliments is so damn desperate

No. 866742

File: 1644160266605.jpeg (347.82 KB, 828x1153, 84595DF8-0050-4F20-82D5-DCDDD2…)

better hope it shows up before march 4!

No. 866744

lol I think she got triggered by the thing zoomers say about side-partings being dated and old-fashioned. Rather than accept she's not 18 anymore she's clinging to trendy aesthetics

No. 866746

File: 1644161718862.jpeg (169.35 KB, 750x653, 38A02D94-C878-4668-9398-864984…)

I think it was all the heroin love

No. 866748

tunas life wouldve been no different lockdown or not. she jsut likes to blame things out of her control for things she has full control over.
lockdown? work out at home. diet. clean your place. go methadone clinic to get some sort of social programs rolling.
shes fully in control of her life but keeps blaming her mom and dad for stuff that at this point they cant possibly control. tuna is peak level delusion and thats why she will forever be my favorite cow.

No. 866752

this is infuriating. how would her life have been different? she has lived in a completely different “pandemic” than most people. she got a free apartment and loads of shitty trinkets out of it, and continued to be a useless, jobless fucking bum, just as before.

it’s so hard not to A-log this bitch.

No. 866761

Remember tween she was growing out the fringe? She made it sound like a full time job kek

No. 866762

She confused COVID with LURCH. Understandable with the drug stupor she is constantly under.

No. 866789

She was literally always sitting in bed and barely leaving the house way before covid, lying for attention again.

No. 866790

She should be glad for covid cause without it she would have already been evicted and wouldn't have had her precious Biden bucks.

No. 866791

Lmao her mom is buying her lingerie as she's facing homelessness. surejan.jpeg

Bonus points for pointing out it's "cheap". Bet she whined to her mom about "losing" her package. Seems like she rotates between "cheap gift card" ,"lost package", "friends mom" and "my mom" when it comes to aquiring shit. At least she's moved on from "I found this exactly in my size" bullshit.

No. 866809

What exactly would she have been doing if there was no covid? She doesn't work or study, she hasn't got the money for travelling and she said herself she doesn't have any friends, so what exactly has she missed out on?

No. 866810

100% on dope here

No. 866814

Luna, you’re nearly 30 and six feet tall. what the fuck is wrong with you.

can you imagine seeing this cockeyed cotton-eyed-joe–kneed retard, with her cameltoe, crop top, leopard print coat, crusty press-ons, cold sore/old makeup-encrusted lip ring, dead and rotting teeth, mustache, filthy house slippers, haiti earthquake thighs walking down the street. begging you for change for her CHEAP CHEAP shein lingerie.

this is all covid’s fault

No. 866823

>Luna, you’re nearly 30 and six feet tall. what the fuck is wrong with you.
This isn't a problem
>can you imagine seeing this cockeyed cotton-eyed-joe–kneed retard, with her cameltoe, crop top, leopard print coat, crusty press-ons, cold sore/old makeup-encrusted lip ring, dead and rotting teeth, mustache, filthy house slippers
This very much is, by which I mean her lack of personal care.
How easy would it be to do something about that tooth? Seems pretty grim even for someone in a better situation, but I'm not a dentist

No. 866824

Her being 30, six foot tall and putting on stupid bunny ears is what the anon is saying is a problem.

No. 866827

>nearly 30

No. 866831

Are you explaining to me what the other poster said? Yes I know and I disagree. I mean the ears aren't the best, but I see no problem with wearing cute clothes or Lolita no matter the age if you style it well
the eighteen y/o zoomer crying about turning 25 someday mentality strikes again

No. 866832

no, I’m a 30 year old woman who would die of embarrassment on the spot if I saw her on the street wearing grimy lolita bunny ears, on top of everything else I mentioned.

and she’s closer to 30 than she is to uwu teenage lost angel princess baby.(lrn2sage)

No. 866835

File: 1644245269690.jpeg (502.43 KB, 3464x2161, 669AAEB7-FD92-4858-8617-18A9E0…)

Not milky at all, but caught tuna in the wild complaining about how her parents TOTALLY don’t give her any money under the comments of a vice article kek (it was an article about millennials who still get an allowance into adulthood).

No. 866838

>the eighteen y/o zoomer crying about turning 25 someday
Please learn to read, I'm not shocked since I expected either. I was implying the "nooo you are ancient hags, no fun things allowed" attitude. Unless you are okay with other women Luna's age wearing Lolita, provided they aren't filthy? 25 is literally in the middle, unless you think that a 19-20 years old already cannot wear cute clothes. Anyway Luna would have tanked any outfit with her filth anyway

No. 866840

Put your bunny ears on and sit down.

No. 866843

File: 1644251939694.jpeg (774.73 KB, 828x1184, 455D72ED-E630-42D8-B7C8-F7A311…)

Sage for not really milk. Tuna adds to the hoard. Her last haul from Ulta was mid-January.

Flattered that you think I’m a zoomer and not an ancient hag, by the way.

No. 866844

I wasn't specifically defending the ears, they will look bad on most people. They are still the least of Luna's image problems

No. 866845

I’m just playing. They definitely are the least of Luna’s problems and I think anyone would find those ears difficult to style. But hey, she has new lip butter and moisturisers and therefore not a care in the world!

No. 866846

Not thinking anything, I especially wouldn't call anyone an old hag. There is a minority of farmers that think there is a cut off for "fun" hobbies and behaviours for anyone who isn't 18 (like imageboards) and I was referring to that. Zoomers are more common, but the mentality isn't confined to only them.
Anyway why does she need even more skincare? Seems like she is using it to cope with stress

No. 866847

lol her acting like she didn’t blow a massive inherence from her grandma who was very supportive and spoiled luna for her entire upbringing. spoiled kid life who happened to end up in poverty due to her WANTING to try heroin. stop cosplaying as a poor neglected kid and accept you did this to yourself. you’re just an ex-upper middle class kid with parents who still love you for some reason parading around as a poor new yorker despite living in one of the nicer communities.

No. 866848

I think you’ve hit the nail on the head. Buying “cheap” skincare products - which to be fair, compared to clothes, games, books, kitchenware etc are more inexpensive - and doing her skincare routine are the only coping strategies she has beside drugs. So instead of utilising skills like help-seeking or problem solving, she’s just getting high putting face masks on every night and wondering why all her issues aren’t fixed yet.

No. 866853

What really confuses me is why she needs so many products with the exact same purpose? Unless she is shoplifting again and just grabbing whatever.

No. 866867

Not only did you receive a house and a large inheritance Luna but you still get money from your parents. Shut the fuck up already.

No. 866869

this bitch.
her mom bought her that black robe not even 24 hours ago. and doesnt her dad still pay for her phone bill?

No. 866888

that doesn't count it's not an allowance. Luna deserves cold hard cash payments weekly, she is so disadvantaged and there are so many switch games she doesn't have

No. 866890

This worthless bitch has a newer iPhone than people who work 40+hours a week. People who have truly suffered trauma & are facing eviction are not posting selfies and talking about someone buying them a silk robe. She & the loser she is with deserve eviction.

No. 866892

File: 1644290861428.jpeg (463.03 KB, 828x1191, 102CE4DF-645B-456B-8404-6532C3…)

No. 866896

Why doesn't she treat the rest of her skin this way? Oh, cause that requires soap.

No. 866900

She says this same shit every time she acquires some new face products. At least you'll be "glowing like an angel" while homeless. Btw, you can steal that line for your next poem kek

No. 866908

>There is a minority of farmers that think there is a cut off for "fun" hobbies and behaviours for anyone who isn't 18
Personally I think that women like luna in their mid 20s desperately clinging to youthful teenager trends makes them look older than they are. The way she presents herself as a coquettish teenager makes me think "damn you're too old and fat for this shit." not to nitpick her weight, but if she dressed for her size people wouldn't think she was over 250lbs.

Nobody shit talks luna for playing animal crossing and enjoying pluhies which are "fun" things associated with young people. She's got the same problem as shayna - they look like fat old women emulating children.

Luna is THIS close to being a pedobait freak. Idk if you guys have seen how much traumacore she reblogs? How much she leans into ddlg shit?

No. 866909

Samefagging and maybe anons disagree, but luna looks younger and slimmer in this pic because there's no pastel pink cropped babygirl stuff?

I don't hate the bimbo aesthetic but luna can't pull it off at all.

No. 866910

>Luna is THIS close to being a pedobait freak. Idk if you guys have seen how much traumacore she reblogs? How much she leans into ddlg shit?
She used to be into ddlg, but no longer is. I know it will not change your mind (to the contrary), but I find the almost pedobaiting comment ridiculous

No. 866911

lol ok anon. I've read her poetry where she infantilises herself and talks about Lurch's old man dick. I've seen her reblogging suspect shit. The profile pics on her deleted tumblrs are traumacore memes. It's all for the aesthetic and she's not into it anymore.

I don't think she should be cancelled, but her youthful hobbies aren't why anons are telling her to grow tf up. It's because of how she acts.

No. 866913

How can you say, with any certainty, what she is or isn’t into? I don’t recall her saying she wasn’t interested in DDLG anymore

No. 866915

She did say that - that she is repulsed by the whole thing. I think it was in a screenshot from a Facebook group. Then she had a brief DDLG phase again (I may be misremembering, it was a sexual phase for sure) and currently she has suggested she has no sex life.
I don't remember in which thread the DDLG shame happened, could have been 2 years ago. I will try to find it if it doesn't take much effort.

No. 866918

File: 1644322652136.jpg (125.98 KB, 966x896, 08022022123059.jpg)

Found it, both posts are from 2019. However I think you two are right and this was only a way of getting people out from her back. I'm not even gonna comment on that stupid pacifier. Soon after she has put one of those Little For Big bodysuits on her want list and started her "career" as a sex worker with a clear ddlg angle.
My mind focused on the cutesy clothes and Sanrio shit (which isn't pedobaiting at all) plus I remembered the above comment. Still, the idea of Luna pedobaiting is ridiculous to me because of how she looks. Just like Shayna, she cannot "pull it off" (not that would be a good thing). Of course, doesn't mean she cannot try to.
IDK if she is still into DDLG due to lack of interest in sex that she has mentioned, but the facts don't look good.

No. 866922

You can't really believe anything that she says. She says a lot of things that contradicts her behavior and things that she says. She's a pathological liar.

No. 866923

File: 1644330131992.jpg (220.62 KB, 714x1267, tuna.jpg)

It was probably rescheduled because they don't have valid ID'S and they lied saying they will get them until next month.

Also I saw this on reddit, under her comment where she said she can't move far away because they have no car.

No. 866924

Even bringing up "canceling" Tuna of all people telegraphs the fact that you're from Twitter. There's no accusation you could make re: old DDLG shit she's posted on social media that would fuck her life up more than she already has kek. We're the only people that give a shit about her online anymore.
I think this may the only sensible, applicable advice for her situation she's ever received that hasn't come from here. Of course she won't read it. It's crazy how the moment these two get a little more borrowed time they just squander it all over again. The clock is ticking, Luna.

No. 866926

>It's crazy how the moment these two get a little more borrowed time they just squander it all over again.
Too true. The first thing she did was buy more dumb shit and Lurch went to social media to talk about how well things went all because it got pushed by a month. They're hopeless.

No. 866931

And lurch and tuna are too stupidly “head up ass” to realize that in a month, in two months? Nothing will have changed. What miracle do they think they will pull out of their asses to save themselves in a short month? Is lurch out hustlin to change the outcome? Is Luna? Nope! That’s what makes the schadenfreude here. And the more they ignore it in the meantime the harder I’m gonna laugh.

No. 866932

>unless you’re waiting for a 25th hour Hail Mary

That’s exactly what she’s waiting for, because she’s always had her Hail Mary in the past.

No. 866950

Tuna ≠ spend time wisely.

No. 866953

File: 1644357896007.jpeg (511.49 KB, 828x1487, 46659AF5-6E77-4511-A539-B3CA64…)

kek why did I get banned for this? it is saged. farmhands are nearly as retarded and useless as Luna.

anyway, it’s good to see she’s prioritizing before her impending eviction. I wonder where she’ll charge her Switch when she’s homeless?

No. 866957

it’s because no one’s gives a shit that you’re a 30 year old woman.

No. 866989

Funny how she stopped posting on there the same day this was posted. And some still debate that she doesn't read here…

No. 867009

The blog has a lot of time gaps. Does the October-January one coincide with the first discovery of the blog?
She could have changed the URL or made it private if she didn't want snooping

No. 867017

I don’t think so, I think either she “suddenly” realises how she really looks or Lurch insults her which prompts another wave disordered behaviours

No. 867060

File: 1644462287100.png (20.85 KB, 1166x148, Screenshot 2022-02-09 220416.p…)

And yet you put down crackheads all the time, Tuna.

No. 867061

Lol, there is no man obsessed with her… She just doesn't want to get blasted by people for irresponsibly spending money, so she pretends it's from a "client", or her mom, or a friend.

She's also so entitled and is so used to other people bailing her out, that she doesn't actually grasp the magnitude of the eviction situation and how bad it could be. She just thinks someone will magically help her or they won't actually evict her.

I would love to see these two creatures on the street without their filthy trinkets.

No. 867062

not even crackheads. she constantly berates her mother for having the audacity to get addicted to drugs like the filthy junkie she is. unlike luna who did it bc her poor knees get dislocated sometimes.

No. 867063

And for getting help at her old age. You know, since she's a junkie who's life is pretty much over.

No. 867065

Luna is just beginning to shine!!

No. 867108

File: 1644502139229.jpeg (263.61 KB, 828x1461, 56E59205-BCB6-45A4-BE63-B1CF46…)

This is like an optical illusion - looks like an okay picture at first glance. Then you realise the filter gave her new eyebrows, what’s that weird piece of hair pulled forward from the back to go over her ear? Why is she cradling a house plant?

No. 867109

File: 1644503021619.jpeg (421.45 KB, 828x1227, 688AB05E-C638-4C94-80DA-2F8BE6…)

No. 867127

When is she going to stop trying to be "cute"? She's a hulking filthy junkie, who just looks ridiculous wearing "cute" attire and bunny ears.

You can't polish a turd, but you can cover it in cheap cheap pastel clothes and accessories.

No. 867130

I wonder if she'll keep up the same selfie game energy when she's homeless. Seems like life is all about popping pills and looking at herself through the phone, y'know, the good stuff.

No. 867131

Surprised the ears are still white

No. 867134

Give it another day.

No. 867135

What the fuck is that on her lips?

No. 867136

Crustys, dead skin, she doesn't drink water, her skin is complete shit outside of filters.

No. 867142

Don't forget like 30 layers of lip butter. She loves a completely superfluous product.

No. 867144

File: 1644531976492.jpeg (218.72 KB, 1242x780, E98E3961-962C-4032-AFBB-422398…)

You'd think if she was that sick of hearing it all she'd do something about it kek

No. 867147

You've heard it everyday for a decade…. yet…. you've done absolutely NOTHING to change it…. ??
So you're OK with just being a total loser leech. All you want to do is make stupid excuses instead of making ACTUAL effort to change your life. You just bullshit everything. It's no one's fault but your own. You are not this way because you "were conceived on the steps of a rehab uwu" kek

No. 867153

lmao the audacity of this bitch. no one pays attention to her outside of this thread. on top of that, we receive all of the blame for her not turning her life around. imagine if Luna was forced to truly confront reality and admit the only person holding her back is herself. her brain would combust. “Having haters” justifies shooting up for the rest of her life and never getting a real job, even though she can stop posting the content that gets her hate at any time. and if we weren’t here, she’d just use some other tired excuse like being a methadone clinic stair baby. she should be grateful Internet autists care enough to keep up with her when the reverse is no one giving a fuck at all and her still being in the bottomless pit she dug for herself.

No. 867158

File: 1644543031719.jpg (111.15 KB, 1320x309, everyone*.jpg)

Luna, what have you done to improve yourself or even your situation? No pity from me, your life is pathetic, you are fat, you are gross and you are a loser. You’ve stated facts but done so in a way to garner pity and then manipulate those foolish enough to fall for it. This is one of the things that’s repulsive about you.
She’s in “spiralling” again.

No. 867159

And yet you've done nothing about your situation besides whine about it and try to get people to buy you things to make you feel better. You treat people like shit and deserve nothing but shit in return.

>your life is pathetic, you are fat, you are gross and you are a loser.
I imagine you said this in Venom's voice and it was beautiful.

No. 867162

objectively those things are accurate
and she could change them

No. 867166

except like all this thread is, is anons giving advice on how she could change her life for the better. she just gives excuses on why she can't. hey, get sober! "well, actually, i can't get fully sober bc that's not realistic for me and matthew." hey, ditch the walking plague! "well, actually, i can't bc i love him too much and we need each other." hey, get your ged and your degree! "well, actually, i can't bc it costs too much and i'm too mentally ill." and it goes on and on.

No. 867167

Can't forget her favorite excuse, "I don't have my id or birth certificate yet".

No. 867168

And if her having no ID etc was why they got bumped from court you can bet she won’t ever have ID. She’s just too stupid to realize that won’t change anything. Lurch is just that dumb too

No. 867183

File: 1644570643245.png (426.83 KB, 1725x2048, Screenshot_20220211-030931.png)

in january on her main blog she said her actual weight

No. 867186

I still don't get her excuse as to why she can't get a copy of her birth certificate. Even if it os in Florida, you can order it online. All she needs is her ssn, maybe the legal names of her parents. I think it's $25 or something.

No. 867187

I still don't get why she said 6lbs when the difference between those two weights is 14lbs? Can she not count?

No. 867188

6 kilos maybe

No. 867189

Damn unless she is literally 6’0” or taller that’s an obese (30+) BMI for both of those kek
I know she’s hulkingly tall but not that tall, right?
It’s also insane that she acts like she has zero idea how to lose weight without setting herself up to fail like the way wannarexic yoyo-dieting will set her up to fail. 50% of Americans are trying to lose weight right now and although I know the success rate for obese people like Luna is pretty low, it’s not like there’s a dearth of resources out there on effective CICO methods. She’s just acting helpless about it because she’s obsessed with finding the most self destructive method to fail at and then cry over on Tumblr when she ends up even worse off than before in order to get empty asspats.

No. 867195

I had to get my birth certificate via mail order last year to get married. You're right. All you need is your SSN and your parents SSNs. You can do it online in 10 mins and it's like $15. I have no idea what's stopping her. I'm sure if she told her parents she needed their SSNs to get her birth certificate so she can get an ID and work they'd be delighted.

No. 867196

I got mine from across states, I didn't have my parents ssn.

No. 867197

Learned helplessness? Weird entitlement? She feels others should solve her issues and let’s not forget Luna is incapable of doing the simplest of tasks. She is constantly asking for things easily discovered with a simple Google search.

No. 867199

I don’t think Luna will bother getting her birth certificate or ID anytime soon. it costs $26 and she has obviously had the money to do it. she doesn’t even need her parents’ SSNs, just her and her parents’ names and her birth city.

but not having her ID is just too convenient of an excuse.

No. 867200

I have a theory Lurch is probably the one who is telling her that getting your birth certificate and getting an ID is ~ssooooooo difficult because he doesn’t want to go through with “marriage”

No. 867202

That might hold water except we know she’s aware of the thread, along with many other people in her online world telling her how to do things over the years, plus the irl people she knows. Nah she’s just lazy. She knows how to do things she just sees “money for ID could be a uwu cute new shirt!”

No. 867205

File: 1644597043283.jpg (40.88 KB, 500x388, goodsandservices.jpg)

But Tuna, if you had a real job you could buy many you depop baby tees. And have an apartment or room no one is actively trying to remove you from.

No. 867206

she’s 5’10” iirc
definitely in the obese range, though on the lower end

No. 867213

File: 1644604744755.gif (4.28 MB, 480x360, luna_trying_to_change_her_life…)

No. 867214

Anon, I thought this scene while reading. Get out of my head

No. 867215

File: 1644606159709.png (142.99 KB, 2048x533, Screenshot_20220211-130134.png)

she's 5'9 and lurch is 6'6

No. 867220

File: 1644614800947.png (88.7 KB, 1451x558, Screenshot 2022-02-11 162608.p…)

She's such a hypocrite. She doesn't want to be judged but wants to be the judge. Shut the fuck up, Luna.

No. 867221

File: 1644614970450.png (51.24 KB, 1186x491, Screenshot 2022-02-11 162846.p…)

The cost of living for her has been $0.00 for the past few years and she still doesn't pay anything. People told her to get out of the area but she refuses for no reason at all and now wants to complain about it.

No. 867222

She doesn't seem to grasp that these programs only work if you actually want to change and put the effort into it.

No. 867227

Right, like they can't wave a magic wand and make it all better. She actually has to put effort into it and work hard but she'll never do that.

She's a lost cause, honestly.

No. 867241

File: 1644668469351.jpg (182.89 KB, 720x1278, Tuna the gamer.jpg)

3 games that total $100

No. 867243

nigga get a job

No. 867254

>im fat and ugly
>i have no money
> i have no where to move
>hey im gonna buy ANOTHER game to waste my time
Cant wait for her to get kicked out. Shes so fucking stupid and lazy

No. 867265

File: 1644686792184.jpeg (131.02 KB, 633x977, CEF543A7-F5CA-48E1-8662-DA59B5…)

i forgot about lunas ig so i looked it up and found a wannabe like u must be real fcked if u want to be this whale

No. 867266

this is probably just a reference to a song or movie, this girl probably has nothing to do with her, chill

No. 867270

It's a Nirvana reference. "Safer Than Heaven" was the name of their demo tape.

No. 867275

luna wishes she could be this skinny lmao

No. 867286

File: 1644696396416.jpeg (15.21 KB, 299x168, 3E17C272-4C28-41FE-B9FA-0A3FB6…)

every time she complains about having no money my brain monologues this over and over

No. 867287

like, fr “try something new” okay so why not try something new like getting that id sorted and fill in some job applications smdh

No. 867289

lmao do u know that luna is spanish for moon, the suicide blonde reference too (CL) and her obvious pictures like ofc luna wishes she was this skinny

No. 867293

nta, i know we're bored here but girl…….. liking nirvana and courtney love and having a typical tumblr girl style is extremely fucking common and was not invented by TUNA of all people

No. 867294

it says moon when you view her profile in english too. it doesn't say luna. she barely posts and other than the lyrics has nothing in common with luna. please stop embarassing yourself.

No. 867300

File: 1644703764835.jpg (43.57 KB, 500x500, Tumblr_l_368187903247516.jpg)

No. 867301

Suicide blonde is an INXS reference

No. 867306

This is old as fuck. Been posted in many, many threads.

No. 867315

Wow this girl is basically what Tuna thinks she looks like

No. 867328

didnt invent it, but definitely did it worse than everyone

No. 867350


No. 867385

It makes me feel weirdly sad to compare Luna then to Luna now. When she was in high school, Luna looked like basically any of the mildly white-trash "artsy" alt-fashion girls I went to school with who eventually managed to grow up to live happy adult lives. But of course Luna's thrown her whole life into the dumpster, and hasn't mentally matured a single year since high school.

No. 867403

Shut the fuck up. Smells like self post. No one cares about Luna wannabes because Luna is a dime a dozen, just particularly lulzy which earned her spot here.

We're all those games "CHEAP!" Or did a "friend" get them?

No. 867486

File: 1644927543391.jpeg (236.83 KB, 828x1792, 6F861C9D-434D-4A7D-860F-30959F…)

No. 867487

What's with the black eyebrows, wouldn't brown be better

No. 867489

I would kill to see what she looks like without all this resent photo editing shes been doing

No. 867500

smaller than baby steps, but she finally realized the lip piercing was doing nothing for her. not sure if it's the filter or what, but her makeup and lash application looks better here too.

No. 867503

here’s hoping she decides to ditch the lop-sided bridge piercing too

No. 867518

They do look a lot nicer imo. The patchy blonde ones weren’t doing her any favors

No. 867528

File: 1644970434227.jpeg (994.26 KB, 1168x3455, 4B617A38-5643-4350-8BA9-4FBB31…)

I wonder what's caused this sudden motivation, shame she can't put it towards more urgent things such as housing

No. 867532

she’s bipolar. the end.

No. 867538

Maybe she got good news…or crack…either way, she has like 20 more days to dick around I guess

No. 867539

I hate how entitled this bitch is. She's constantly begging for people to buy her stuff while buying a ton of shit in the middle of the begging. I hope no one gets her anything.

No. 867543

It's just about that time when she arranges some of her hoard in an aesthetic-wannabe grouping for some pictures. Happens every so often. Maybe one of her "crackhead neighbors" shared with her.

No. 867552

Didn't she "borrow" that Hunter S. Thompson book from Alltard months ago?? Yeah, she's not giving it back…

No. 867578

She clearly reupped on benzos

No. 867617

A little over 2 weeks, Tuna. Apply for l a goddamned, BIRTH CERTIFICATE, ID and a JOB.

No. 867627

File: 1645044258005.png (700.78 KB, 577x835, Screenshot 2022-02-16 154244.p…)

From kf. Tuna not minding her own business but wants people to stay out of hers.

No. 867628

File: 1645044309959.png (215.72 KB, 605x842, Screenshot 2022-02-16 154259.p…)

No. 867632

File: 1645044995795.jpeg (1.01 MB, 828x4181, FE79A6F8-E0CA-43BA-A429-C69DB9…)

No. 867635

He really let his racism show in this rant. And if he'd rather be in a zoo then get a job and FUCKING LEAVE. They're fighting tooth and nail to stay in that place. The landlord is trying to evict them and they refuse to budge. And Matthew, no one believes that you're a 6'6" badass, stop it. You're a scrawny man with a beer belly who can't do math and you have a bum knee. You got the shit beaten out of you before, stop it. Just sit there, shut up and wait for eviction.

No. 867637

“the mentally ill people who are placed here with no supervision or toxicology tests” ……but luna doesn’t count because you’re both squatting, right?

No. 867638

sure thing I can tell who aren't the good people in that building… and sorry, if you hate your life there so much, then, well, move, maybe? From my own experience I know that it can be hard, but I never lived in such fucked up surroundings and still moved without money and support and according to Luna they have money saved from not paying rent, so, get a car and move. Guess complaining feels better than taking action and changing your life.

And not every mentally ill person needs supervision, Luna maybe, but not everyone else.

No. 867641

Lol lurch talking like they aren't crackhead felons themselves. Come on dude

No. 867647

Wonder why he referenced Terre Haute (apparently has a medium security prison in Indiana according to google) and ADX (supermax prison in Colorado) specifically? Like the US has hundreds of state and federal prisons and neither of those are local to them.

No. 867648

File: 1645052403943.jpg (130.99 KB, 817x596, be nice to drug users.jpg)

Is this also a shirt that was donated to you, Luna? This is one of the many reasons I don’t get why some nonas defend her. IRL Luna is vile, just like Matthew

No. 867649

Samefag because I know how shit can derail. Make no mistake, I think Matthew is worse than Luna but she has demonstrated she not only shares his views but can be (and is) rotten on her own

No. 867655

File: 1645056347266.gif (1.08 MB, 320x240, 0345A348-C5F3-49EB-8A6A-F5C13E…)

Matthew I fail to see who asked

No. 867662

i'm fucking dying at him writing this long ass prose on her IG talking about how badass he is and how vile crack is, but heroin is totally chill. what a fucking loser.

No. 867665

Jfc imagine dating a geezer who writes fanfiction about beating up other drug addicts on your instagram post. They're both way too stupid to mind their own business and need to rubberneck to make everything about themselves.

No. 867668

Kek this was my favorite line, too. So close to self awareness. So close.

No. 867669

File: 1645065493438.png (90.12 KB, 969x644, fakeboi.png)

can't believe you guys ever stopped posting about fakeboi, she's been incredibly milky lately

No. 867670

File: 1645065689591.jpg (93.98 KB, 1091x700, 1136445.jpg)

>You're a scrawny man with a beer belly who can't do math and you have a bum knee
Same energy as picrel

No. 867671

She has her own thread but it’s not very active

No. 867672

Right? He's a junkie too but thinks he's somehow better because his addiction isn't crack.

I love it, anon.

No. 867690

File: 1645084681889.jpeg (454.32 KB, 828x1215, 66AAEEF7-CCC5-4F3F-9324-571D63…)

No. 867691

File: 1645084736407.png (2.46 MB, 828x1792, 7E7BC80C-8BB3-403C-AC06-DFEE72…)

No. 867698

Nothing says sexy like a hunchback with a dead eyed stare showing a hint o’ areola.. Luna’s edited face makes her feel sexy. Or not ugly. There is a difference for many people. Love to see the robe’s debut and it already has make up/ash/grime on the lapel, left sagger and robe tie.

Damn straight. Like you wear all your clothes for weeks on end until they won’t stretch any further. Why get clothes you could, I dunno, work in or keep you warm when you could get… a polyester robe. I’m sure it and her two fluffy crop coats will keep her toasty warm when she’s out on the street come March. But I have a feeling the only minute she’ll be spending homeless is when she’s recording her ebegging video: The most tragic recovering addict talented artist ever is illegally thrown out on the street by Evil landlord who wouldn’t accept her [Dad’s] generous offer to start paying rent. Why does everything bad always happen to Luna? She’s only gotten years of free housing, she deserves forever free housing so she has more time to think about trying to get back into painting.

No. 867706

The Easter Island Statue Who Cried Wolf over here. Complaining about mentally ill drug users and felons when you are also mentally ill drug users and felons. What benefit do you provide the community to make it a better, brighter place, Lurch? At least these people probably have a legal right to live there under a leasing contract and aren't about to be forceably removed next month kek.

No. 867717

All Tuna and Lurch know how to do is cope and project. We're drug addicts, but we're GOOD drug addicts who are just down bad. We're squatting, but we DESERVE a place to stay. Everyone else is just crackhead trash but they have their reasons and no one can judge them. Kek.

No. 867730

LMFAO so we’ve discovered FaceApp i see.

No. 867732

File: 1645130227815.jpeg (732.01 KB, 828x1354, C15BCE9A-73B4-47DF-AEED-DC6DCA…)

robe already looking 3x filthier than the last picture she posted in it last night

No. 867734

Is being blonde really worth it when your hair looks so awful? Why bother with the upkeep if you're not going to take care of it? Story of her life, I suppose.

No. 867739

Personally I like to see how bad hair can look. The unblended extension look is a refreshing one. I hope she'll bleach it off then try wigs whilst teetering on being homeless again.

No. 867743

Excluding our beloved Queen, it seems that all the cows here have fried damaged beyond a head shaving hair.

No. 867752

Sir is out here writing emails to the local government seemingly unaware it’s just his gfs Instagram comment section. Normal.

No. 867761

back in like 2013 / 2014 (i think) she had clip ins with her super short bob. she didn’t even attempt to hide the tracks. just random long hairs clipped whenever.
i’m trying to find a photo but a lot of her existence has been wiped and my phone crashes once i scroll a ways down her IG

No. 867762

File: 1645150447651.jpeg (118.38 KB, 1070x1151, 7EDE046B-BA22-4360-8EDC-9110F5…)

1. what the fuck is wrong with her teeth 2. LOL at the filter giving the cat eyebrows

No. 867768

File: 1645163768642.jpeg (499.08 KB, 960x1550, 65BD94B3-DF57-4E7C-8E1E-D1B9F8…)

She broke the chair lol

No. 867769

Damn, her fat thighs destroyed Haiti and now a chair.

No. 867770

Are those needle caps on the floor?

No. 867771

File: 1645169573554.png (3.09 MB, 828x1792, 8D766CD8-5374-4A26-B83A-5F4702…)

No. 867776

her tits look like pussy lips

No. 867778

House of 1000 keks, anon you made my morning

Good spot! 'Sober' my ass. Although with how often she cleans they might be from 2 years ago

No. 867779

Doesn't even have a job or a gaming PC and isn't even scared of the eviction.

No. 867781

She's not wrong though.

No. 867782

I thought so too but wasnt gonna say it because if you're mistaken then there's gonna be 10 anons asking If you've ever even SeEn a NeEdLe!!1?

No. 867783

Good riddance, kek, that thing was filthy.

No. 867785

It looks like the shit old ladies buy on those late night shopping channels on over the air TV.

No. 867786

Everything in that room is filthy.

No. 867789

We predicted it, the cheap ass desk broke after how long, a few months? Watch the pink aesthetic furniture be replaced before sorting out a place to ya know, live and keep your shite

No. 867790

this is such a classic fatass move I kek’d

No. 867791

Anyone know what the comments say? I’m curious and don’t have her on Insta cuz she’s private

No. 867794

File: 1645201586884.jpeg (325.41 KB, 828x1214, 5E119E9E-568C-4DBA-9385-7EA03F…)

No. 867796

oh i completely agree

No. 867800

I almost want to start a list of all the things she's bought since their February 4th trial (including stuff she says other's bought as I suspect as another nonny said she says someone else bought it if she feels guilty) I wonder what the total comes to??

No. 867804

Of course not. Lurch would never leave needle caps on the floor. That's a crackhead thing to do and Lurch the wealthy mathematician, baseball playing, crackhead beating superhero is above crackheads. He may be a junkie but he's no crackhead. I feel disgusting just sarcastically putting him in a good light.

No. 867805

File: 1645221728191.jpg (123.56 KB, 500x667, tumblr_myycuaUCFV1t85ptvo1_500…)

I remember that era - she looked an absolute state then as well

No. 867817

File: 1645232285706.png (531.65 KB, 768x1024, 1466901157919.png)

went back to like thread 1 to see if i could spot any needle caps that luna used to have lying around and i'm about 90% positive that it is

No. 867827

File: 1645243553251.png (338.11 KB, 638x835, Screenshot 2022-02-18 20.04.26…)

No. 867828

This is better than now imo

No. 867838

Well yeah, she's literally rotting now

No. 867845

extensions anon from before - this era was funny but not the one i was referencing. it was right after lurch and her started hanging out and she bleached her hair. like right after peter i think. the extensions got bleached too. i’ll go hunting for some pics later!

No. 867846

File: 1645280020722.jpeg (525.58 KB, 1242x1805, 8FD4020B-F2E6-4B21-907C-FA19B9…)


this post- peter era

No. 867847

File: 1645280152307.jpeg (806.4 KB, 2048x2048, CE35E3F2-EF2E-4DA3-BA97-AAF039…)

there aren’t any candid photos - i assume she deleted them - but i vividly remember photos when she first started hanging out with lurch in which it was windy and you could see the clips were just clipped wherever and were still black

No. 867852

File: 1645281755743.png (157.57 KB, 250x334, tumblr_ncvvfbpR1t1qgq30qo2_250…)

the actual clips aren't visible in this one but you can see where she just stuck the extension on top of her hair

No. 867854

File: 1645284673287.jpeg (375.92 KB, 828x1423, D2CD9FD5-3EE7-4B4A-ABCE-4EA19E…)

No. 867855

File: 1645284720085.jpeg (574.24 KB, 828x1437, 384CAFFC-BBD1-4E78-ACF3-A8FF14…)

No. 867856

I swear it's the third time he writes about ups and downs and things getting better. Is that his default mode or what?

No. 867857

Kek why did he have to mention that it was on discount? He probably had the biggest discount after stealing it. He has no money and can't make money.

Promises, promises. Where are the results?

No. 867865

the way she says the seat is tilted so she slides down… I'm actually thinking she assembled the chair incorrectly, and it looks the part as well. To be fair it's rather easy to get the seat part wrong during the assembly (happened to me and a couple friends) but it's also something you notice immediately. Her chair wasn't necessarily shitty quality. It's her brain. kek

No. 867866

He writes that because he is trapped in Luna's BPD nightmare Favorite Person life. Her life is always going to be ups and downs, she will make sure of it. And she will bring her favorite person with her on the ride. Addiction is the easiest way, really. But even if all of those baby cherubs she has plastered to her walls and stolen gravestone angel trinkets actually come to life and literally suck all of the benzos, dope and the actual addiction itself out of her tiny, Lucinda-like body with their combined holy uwu powers, she will still manufacture drama to feed her constant changing emotional state and feelings of emptiness. Living with BPD is hell, but living with someone who has BPD is its own hell.
Don't any of you retards accuse me of WKing Lurch either, I'm not.

No. 867869

Lurch is a pedo who deserves to be homeless and alone. He shouldn't even be with Luna but for some reason she never realizes she was groomed by him. Why won't she ever realize it? I thought BPD meant that you see your favorite person as the worst sometimes too, but this never happens with her. All she does is vaguely post about how he told her she was fat once on her eating disorder tumblr. The only way her life can improve is getting a job, leaving him, and getting therapy, but she'll never do the first two it seems.

No. 867876

You okay there? He writes that because he's a jobless junkie that cannot offer Luna anything beyond empty promises and racist rambles in her instagram comments

No. 867879

i wish my man would give me phony jewelry and then tell me it’s because they were waiting for jewelry to be up to 33% off

No. 867888

Sis, c'mon… it really looks like it's made of plastic and came from a 75 cent machine. It's not cute or pretty. He could have stolen something better at least

No. 867901

What you don't see in this photo is soap. I also wonder how old those toothbrushes are for the bristles to be splayed like that.

No. 867902

File: 1645309839754.jpeg (812.41 KB, 814x1430, 8A9CC3CF-73C2-427D-AFD8-AD0C1F…)

No. 867903

Can you imagine your friends parent taking you out shopping, and being so shameless as to choose any of this shit pictured for them to buy you?

No. 867905


> trashing bad quality clothes

> replaces them with clothes from Target

How depressing thinking Target is good quality.

No. 867911

The absolute shamelessness of it all. No self-awareness to stop herself and say, "why am I making a friend's mom-not even family- buy me all this makeup and skincare that is not necessary for my survival?"

No. 867912

You'd think that she would be asking for a place to live, but nah, her skincare is more important than a roof over her head.

No. 867913

eh, dropping $30 on some drugstore stuff for your kid’s down and out crusty friend is more reasonable than letting her and her creepy groomer boyfriend stay with you

No. 867916

he’s a junkie scrote. junkie scrotes either steal, shovel snow in the winter, mow your lawn with cheap/stolen mowers the rest of the time, or all of the above. i think luna actually has mentioned lurch used to mow lawns for cash. all junkies do it for drug money.

No. 867920

File: 1645319878065.jpg (198.77 KB, 1063x1729, Screenshot_20220219-175337_Tum…)

To me this sounds like he fucked up/pissed tuna off and is desperate to reel her back in and keep her under his control. I'm sure she gets (very short-lived) moments of clarity where she says fuck it and threatens to move in with her father and leave him behind or something.

No. 867921

The friendmom definitely spent a hundred or couple hundred if you include the clothes. Target has ulta shit now, those skincare products together could easily be $15 or more each

No. 867922

Kek, they're a team, not a family. Why isn't he looking for vacant apartments? It does sound like he fucked up, though.

No. 867925


No. 867926

Probably including the cat.

No. 867929

The way he phrased "vacant apartments" felt instantly like "to squat in" to me.

No. 867931

def stolen

No. 867932

For sure. They're gonna end up in a crack den even worse than their uwu horrible place they're in now kek. What a life… desperately going place to place to squat. Losers.

No. 867934

File: 1645332103913.jpg (971.78 KB, 1078x1946, Screenshot_20220219-223928_Tum…)

Her fucking benzo eye kek. So sober.

No. 867935

Her eye is fucking funny. She really needs to lay off the drugs and wear her glasses that the taxpayers paid for.

No. 867936

File: 1645338689747.jpeg (149.79 KB, 828x647, CC571716-0DA9-4757-9C03-4D09C2…)

yearly birthday begging starts now

No. 867937

File: 1645338764855.jpeg (583.68 KB, 828x1074, AF0A1EF8-2139-4A3A-8A2F-960C69…)

No. 867938

kek yes please get packages delivered to your squat a month after your court date. smart.

No. 867939

I hope the courts gives her the greatest eviction for her birthday so she can't get any of this shit.

She went high as a kite. She couldn't even be bothered to be sober for the friends she's been using as an ATM for years.

No. 867940

File: 1645340360269.jpeg (657.08 KB, 828x1421, D543FDAA-6C51-47C4-9B21-D365EE…)

I give it a week tops before it snaps

No. 867941

terre haute was where timothy mcveigh (the oklahoma city bomber) was executed, and the adx is where ted kaczynski (the unabomber) is being held

No. 867942

We will never see that bra again, I guarantee it. She is going to throw it in her mountain of clothes for it to be engulfed by dusty babygirl crop tops

No. 867943

File: 1645349614595.jpeg (281.26 KB, 828x1443, C03CB038-6CE2-461D-8E73-3AB44D…)

No. 867945

With these sunglasses and her lazy eye she reminds me of the main character in May (2002).

No. 867947

The crazy bitch in May was much cuter though

No. 867948

File: 1645360063116.jpg (Spoiler Image,303.28 KB, 700x700, camouflageandbalayage-wetbalay…)

honestly, shorter styles would flatter her more. She should just chop it all off to shoulder or chin length and dye it a light brown. If she actually had a job and some kind of income, balayage and a root melt to blend her new growth to the old would also look good. She would need that over processed bleached hair to be color corrected, but it is workable. I like looking at hair train wrecks and imagining the possibilities.

No. 867949

>so old and disgusting
she's going through her pixyteri arc

No. 867950

he probably went on one of his tirades calling tuna fat and now is trying to apologize so he can keep her reeled in

No. 867954

This, to me, is the prime example of Luna never growing up. In middle/high school, my mom would feel bad for my friends who came from shitty families and would do something nice. But asides from baby showers/weddings/PhD or masters graduation parties, I never interact with my friend's parents. What 20something is okay with their moms taking their friends on shopping trips? Wouldn't Tuna's story make more sense if it was her friend buying her that stuff?

No. 867957

It’s so weird how she’s self aware enough to always write paragraph-long captions about why she needs this junk and how it was cheap/free, but she absolutely can’t stop herself from sharing pics of her hauls. She’s so materialistic and obsessed with shopping

No. 867958


I was just thinking about the same thing- and wondering what the truth is. We know she hasn’t really got that many friends only some paypigs maybe and a buncha online types. I just think it’s “I went and shoplifted this”.

No. 867963

File: 1645388484290.jpg (19.43 KB, 656x258, Screenshot 2022-02-21 092042.j…)

Ah yes because 10lbs is so noticeable when you're Lunas size

No. 867965

any update on her “new contract” for putting socks on plant pots?

No. 867967

most of it being water weight probably anyway lol

No. 867968

File: 1645393829286.png (3.64 MB, 828x1792, 650019AD-0EE8-429B-92D2-52FCE9…)

There is no way in hell she is sober in this lmao. Yes Tuna tighten up that flabby ass.

No. 867969

Tomorrow…? What's stopping her from doing a youtube search right now?
She's off her gourd taking selfies like this. I don't think anyone is going to be focused on her skin being clear when her eyes are pointed in two different directions.
Also >just starving isn't enough to stop being fat
No shit? You are doing the most extreme form of trying to lose weight, and we can all see it's not working. It's almost like these things have to be earned instead of happening magically with no effort.

No. 867970

File: 1645399048275.png (4.5 MB, 828x1792, 270EA720-D5EC-47C3-B085-DB8ED3…)

What in the fuck is going on here

No. 867972

File: 1645401516821.png (475.97 KB, 557x830, Screenshot 2022-02-20 185722.p…)

These are starting to remind me of her heroin photos. It's not even a center part and one of her eyes isn't even minding its own business.

No. 867974

Apply for a job, Luna, not school. School costs money, jobs pay money! Don't add debt to the load before you even have a permanent address, jesus Christ.

No. 867975

File: 1645402729836.jpeg (798.07 KB, 1242x1666, D33A04F7-468E-492B-B322-7132A0…)

wuh-oh! she’s getting the crackhead t-rex arms again!

No. 867976

She has this vibe like she's going to die soon.

No. 867978

All these new selfies of her looking high AF, if you take it in comparison to matthews “uwu let’s not fight “ bullshit makes it look like they had a fight, she thought about bailing and chief no nuts decided to keep her under his thumb by getting her some shit to get high with.

No. 867979

Maybe she thinks she'll take a college course, have evil dad pay, and live in a dorm with lurch kekkk

No. 867987

maybe her dad pulled the ol’ “you can stay with me if you’re in school” or alternatively maybe luna is about to pull the reverse: “dad i’m in school and really need somewhere to live”

No. 867989

I wonder if that's what they fought over. He was the main reason why she left school before.

No. 867992

there's no way in hell Tuna's dad would let Lurch tag along, and Lurch wouldn't stay with Luna if she weren't providing a roof over his head. so romantic

No. 867996

is bet a solid $5 bill this is exactly what happened.

No. 867997

She’s hiding a giant stain with her hand. You can see it in the pic on the right. She’s high af and couldn’t be bothered changing her shirt.
I’ve never used glue on nails but I have a feeling her fingers and nails shouldn’t be that red? How does that even happen? Over time or from gluing too tight!

That was def a syringe cap and she’s def using again. Doing the “hide my tracks/blood stains” pose. Never seen a junkie bleed through so many shirts. Goddamn. Maybe her crook came back.

No. 867998

File: 1645419140778.png (4.11 MB, 1100x2048, DA2544D8-6A38-40A9-99EC-A0D344…)

from her tumblr. the caption says
> feeling my body for the first time in years. i haven’t felt good about it in so long. 10lbs isn’t shit but if i can do that i can do the whole 50lbs

No. 868000

Lurch photobombing like a cryptid.

No. 868002

Anons are hoping to manifest milk from this boring bitch. Please skip this comment if you don't want to read a sperg about Tuna's reality full of nothing but benzos and Lurch.
I understand the anons thinking Lurch is tricking her into staying because they think she could have a real life without him, but let's stop the delusions. The bitch is staying all on her own. She wouldn't be wanting to go to school for sports journalism if she wasn't trying to impress Lurch. Remember years ago she said she was trying to get into baseball for Lurch? If she was setting up to leave him, she wouldn't consider going to school for something sports related.
Lurch doesn't need to cop fetty to "keep her under his thumb" because as an addict, him copping for her means he's going to get high. And then his random monitored drug tests with his probation officer are fucked and he'll have to take the tough guy act to county jail. It's not like the methadone clinic where you can sneak in some other methadone patient's clean piss. Just because former fetty iv users have an old cap laying around when they're dirty af with a nasty floor doesn't mean they're back on fetty. We all know she's cockeyed. She's on benzos… a lot of them. Plus she'd be gloating on tumblr and Reddit about the great high with aesthetic pics if she was muscling in her dimpled earthquake thighs again. Her arm veins are fucked and not coming back thanks to Lurch's bad iv technique.
Tl;dr - She's the same stagnant loser as she's been since she got off fetty.

No. 868003

I remember reading an article about those Amazon pants she's wearing that promised to lift anyone's booty. Good ol' dad's Amazon account and rlydumb's mom coming through with more clothes after her clothes get dirty and Tuna's ready to throw them out.

No. 868005

Do we have any evidence that Lurch is still on probation? If he isn't then they're probably using again cuz they're junkies. I don't think she's likely to openly brag about using again because she gets marginally more positive attention and sympathy for being ~in recovery~.

No. 868007

Kinda like >>868002, I don’t think there’s anything more nefarious going on for Tuna than usual. She is high out of her gourd. Who knows on what specifically apart from her steady supply of benzos. It did also look like a syringe cap on her floor. But I don’t think there’s any deep narrative there. Her and Lurch are probably feeling a little more stressed as their renewed court date fast approaches. Neither has any coping skills or problem solving strategies so they’re just doing extra drugs and each arguing with the other for not having found a lovely little house for them to squat in. Lurch texted Luna probably because she was icing him out or he’d gone out to cop, and the only way people like this know how to try and repair a relationship following a fall out is via text anyway.

No. 868008

>Just because former fetty iv users have an old cap laying around when they're dirty af with a nasty floor doesn't mean they're back on fetty.

Agree with the points made but… Anons have come from heroin fb groups and told us that luna cops from there without lurch? The needle caps are directly under her desk chair? If they were random ones and people hadnt told us she was meeting up with guys online for heroin, id be more likely to believe she's not on heroin. Wasn't the group called heroin bunnies or something?

No. 868010

her pupils are absolutely tiny. no doubt in my mind she's using h again

No. 868012

File: 1645443845128.png (17.13 KB, 617x168, Untitled.png)

samefagging but I found it. It's only an anon post so take with a pinch of salt.

No. 868013

Everyone has a tell. With her, the more fucked up she is the more she loses control of her wonky eye.

No. 868015

she’s completely using again. what is going on here?

No. 868016

Don't be daft. If you're talking about >>867970 she's directly in sunlight.
Pupils are bigger in shade like normal, genius >>867972
If she was high off fetty (and yes, that's different from heroin on so many levels, unless you want to start saying she's on oxys because they're all opiates to you) her pupils would be the same exact size in shade. That's how pupil dilation works on any opiates.

No. 868017

Those aren't opiate pupils. They're larger towards the end when she zooms in, but earlier they're smaller. That's normal dilation, not small in every single picture regardless of lighting.
Slow milk seems to always equal "she's using heRoIn" anons.
She has no qualms with talking about her addiction on Reddit since she thinks she's anonymous and I'm not seeing her usual opiate talk on there. That's Tuna's tell.

No. 868018

Every time with you fucking experts. You can't positively tell from her pupils whether she's using heroin again or not but she definitely looks like she's half-way toward nodding the hell out.

No. 868019

Terre Haute is where federal death row prisoners are held on death row and are executed

No. 868020

im 100 percent more concerned with the amount of dirt on her neck… she doesnt own a cheap, cheap washcloth ? not even a hello kitty one ?

No. 868023

File: 1645455459710.jpeg (178.23 KB, 1242x1377, D64114AA-7DAB-4A5E-9735-191264…)

and some anons will believe she’s sober

No. 868024

Kek, what in the name of baby Jesus is she doing? Bizarre behaviour

No. 868027

File: 1645463231379.png (Spoiler Image,590.76 KB, 592x1050, Screen Shot 2022-02-21 at 11.0…)

the very image of sober here

No. 868028

Why do women with scabs on their titties feel the need to broadcast them? Nightmare fuel

No. 868029

Shortly after this, she makes a weird gesture with her hand like she’s tweaking her nipple (the one opposite the breast she’s holding here) but she completely misses the nip and just grabs some titty flesh instead. It’s so strange.

No. 868030

So we're all just ignoring that Luna apparently has no idea what a center part is?

No. 868032

that bra is holding on for dear life

No. 868033

So are we just ignoring the fact that 🗿 is in the background discussing deals with some guy about pimping tuna. Looks like she found another job.

No. 868035

I thought it was something on TV (as nasty as it is lmao), but it does kind of sound like him. I guess Tuna and her sexual trauma will have to take a backseat as long as Lurch is bringing her something get high with. I'm sure this will go swimmingly for the two of them.

No. 868036

That's definitely Lurch. Same accent and everything.

No. 868039

she said her mom's friend not her friend's mom.

No. 868041

File: 1645474766686.jpeg (77.76 KB, 828x496, BF95EC6C-DAF4-4818-9D8D-8EA7B5…)

Couldn’t get the image out of my head

No. 868043

It’s Taxi Driver playing in the background

No. 868047

her post says "friend of mines mom" which would be her friends mom. not her moms friend

No. 868050

Wrong Matthew, like >>868043 said, it’s from Taxi Driver. Linking so this is put to bed quickly (skip to 1:29)

No. 868051

Kek I just noticed that Lurch is starting to bald. I thought it was just the sunlight but nope, he has a giant bald spot. Can you imagine some balding flabby junkie trying to intimidate you while saying how much better than you he is while squatting in a run down apartment? It's hilarious. He's like a modern day Gollum.

No. 868058

>sexy toilet pic
what kek

No. 868059

File: 1645489738450.jpg (373.13 KB, 1080x1241, Screenshot_20220221-192615_Sam…)

She knows she's not sober and so do we. We've been knowing she overdoes the benzos to get high and here's the proof she knows too.
Taking screenshots of the video another anon posted just to point out she's not sober isn't redundant af.

No. 868060

File: 1645489768753.jpeg (464.67 KB, 828x1392, 960CD01D-4729-4FC5-A3F4-7315C8…)

No. 868061

File: 1645489797898.jpeg (572.34 KB, 828x1365, AA1D46EB-F47E-4D79-9B3F-BC5737…)

No. 868062

File: 1645489949294.jpg (226.28 KB, 1080x1029, Screenshot_20220221-193116_Sam…)

Sorry, *is redundant af.
Here's the explanation behind the weird videos and out of it expression: she blacks out. Welcome to benzos!

No. 868063

She's really going to age her skin since she clearly doesn't use sunscreen, hence the sun spots along with the freckles.
Kek at her covering her gross lips

No. 868064

couldn't hide that mustache tho kek

No. 868066

EWWW look at the yellowish-white crust on the corners of her mouth…. please put the filter back on Tuna

No. 868072

it's just a funny pic anon chill out

No. 868076

File: 1645497187346.jpeg (762.45 KB, 828x1158, 8DC9E6C3-AE61-4F57-A66F-D4E57F…)

more begging

No. 868077

Fucking mooching leech. She's possibly getting kicked out soon but keeps asking for shit anyway.

No. 868089

Why would anyone but Lurch gift her anything for their anniversary? It’s bewildering how entitled she is

No. 868091

This is her with eating, says she's fasting but forgets she drinks juice and eats junk food. Lurch gets mad at her for eating a family sized ice cream pint.

No. 868096

File: 1645515986638.jpeg (80.47 KB, 358x640, D49025F1-3D1E-45FC-A7F7-07A6B0…)

From her ig story

No. 868098

Sorry but nah, I wish, that's definitely the sunlight.

No. 868100

File: 1645521968148.png (586.49 KB, 628x707, Screenshot 2022-02-22 042448.p…)

You might be right but I'm not sure, anon. This part really looks like a bald spot.

No. 868101

Kek she abuses them all the time, and tolerance goes up pretty quick with benzos especially if you're regularly abusing them. >>868062 I would guess whenever she starts spamming social media whenever she's blacked out, from personal experience there seems to be a weird correlation between being blacked out on benzos and wanting to film everything, hence the documented weird behaviour lately. She has simply switched one DOC for another, hopeless.

No. 868102

So they also wrote on the walls, why are junkies like this kek.

No. 868104

I think you mean toddlers since writing on the walls is a toddler thing, which is on par with her emotional level. Junkies are either nodding, cleaning, or doing regular shit while feeling euphoric. Writing on walls is something you do while blacked out (like on benzos) or manic/sleep deprived from stimulants.
Tuna would be soooo flattered you think she's a jUnKiE like her heroes Kurt, Courtney, and Layne when she's really a housewife benzos kind of basic bitch.

No. 868110

everything she does is for aesthetic purposes. she’s doing this plus hoarding plushies and religious imagery so when she dies/ODs photos of her room will be reblogged on tumblr for years to come. she wants to be so tragic, so poetic. just like kurt’s post-death room pics.

No. 868111

I don't take benzos, but this sounds exactly like what Tuna's doing

No. 868116

if "junkies are cleaning while feeling euphoric" is a thing, why are almost all of them as filthy as luna? genuine question, I haven't heard that before.
(i thought they are filthy bc they don't care about anything else but their high.)

No. 868117

benzos don't really make you euphoric, but they do completely eliminate anxiety, so if you're the type of person who gets so stressed about housework you cant get anything done, they can be helpful in that way.

No. 868121

When you're high you feel physically great, you don't feel sweat or grease or any of that so they don't feel the need to shower because they don't feel gross

No. 868136

File: 1645557763261.jpg (492.3 KB, 1031x1920, tumblr_762049e3ce7ed19dce7dc35…)

They have moved their bed to the other window. Such a cute cat tho aww

No. 868137

File: 1645557867780.jpeg (610.29 KB, 828x1244, FAF6E8BC-1535-41CD-ABED-A96C48…)

Luna thinks she’s a content creator?

No. 868141

File: 1645563919262.jpeg (712.26 KB, 828x1436, B87C015D-C327-41EC-9EDF-61E245…)

No. 868162

she's so puffy looking holy shit

No. 868164

Or maybe you could wash your fucking shit so you dont have to throw it out… damn, if you cant afford the laundromat, boil some fucking water and dump it into a bin, add soap, and bam, now you can handwash your clothes before they become so saturated with yoiur disgusting funk that you have no choice but throw the stuff out…. maybe you could save money for DRUGS or better yet, a new place to live.

No. 868165

Looking at her just makes me feel so absolutely disgusting. The greasy, ratty hair, the dirty hoarde in the background, the ugly unflattering outfit, shitty benzo'd-out makeup, and she just looks like she positively reeks.

No. 868167

It's not that she can't afford to do her laundry, she just flat out refuses. She said in some post a long time ago that she just absolutely hates it and just doesn't do it. She's so fucking gross.>>868164

No. 868168

what the fuck is that white shit on her boob?
she looks absolutely enormous compared to this era >>867975

No. 868171

whats that round thing sticking out on the side of the boob facing the camera? Are her nipples THAT far down and over?

No. 868172

At first I thought "there's no way" but I think you're absolutely right, she just threw those tiddies right in there without a second thought.

No. 868175

I'm prescribed them and while you feel relaxed after taking one before a panic attack, it's more that you feel the immediate release of discomfort. It's nothing like oxys where you feel insanely happy. Benzos are just plain sedatives to me and I feel nothing euphoric. Do I just not take enough to feel "high?"

No. 868176

AYRT and nah like i said there's no euphoria like opiates. if you took more you'd probably just fall asleep/black out harder/do cringe things you regret. sorry for the sperg anons

No. 868177

I seen that too, and thought she had a 3rd nipple or something cuz I think her actual boobs are pointed straight down

No. 868178

Sorry, I meant to agree with you and then ask other anons if there's a benzo high or experienced one? I really don't see benzos making Luna look like this >>868027
I can't see anything but heroin high.

No. 868179

Doesn't help that she thought that she was pinching her nipple when she wasn't even close to it.

No. 868180

File: 1645590960970.jpg (378.19 KB, 1079x1821, Screenshot_20220222-162852_Ins…)

congrats luna, you went from being a loser in high school to a loser adult

No. 868181

How long until Lurch gets as fat as Luna?

No. 868183

…what? didn’t she date that guy, peter or whatever? she whines about him like every two months. or her ex tai? what is she on about?

No. 868184

She really doesn't realize how pathetic her description sounds. And holy hell is Lurch a fat ass now. They aren't broke at all, they're looking more plump than usual. He's shaped like a butterball turkey.

No. 868185

I love this picture
>lurch laying on a pile of filthy plushies
>Ash tray on his gut
>prominent love handle blob
>"hell within" scribbled on the wall

No. 868186

can't believe he has the audacity to call luna fat when he looks like this. Why she hasn't left him yet is beyond me, must just be sunk cost fallacy at it's finest.

No. 868188

Ew he looks so fucking disgusting and like he smells like shit. She's gotta be doing something to look at him and want to write something so humiliating.

No. 868189

She doesn't look at him with both eyes.

No. 868190

It depends on the junkie, and by junkie I mean am opiate user. Zoomers call any drug user a junkie, but they also misspell ho so…
People that are filthy on opiates would be filthy without opiates. A lot of opiate users are clean, have full time jobs, have degrees, and look normal besides the straight rows of scars over veins from mainlining. Being a dirty junkie is someone with a predisposition for being filthy.
Notice how Tuna was filthy when she used hERoIn (which was just heavily cut fentanyl) and now she's filthy on benzos and weed. Drugs have nothing to do with someone being crusty.

No. 868191

Underrated comment of the thread thanks anon this cracked me up.

No. 868194

File: 1645610166775.jpeg (838.62 KB, 1242x2159, 985D6200-C005-48D0-A125-52C628…)

Sage for drug sperg but not particularly, whenever benzos are abused they basically just make you either pass out or blackout and do stupid shit, deffo no euphoria, but for someone in Tuna's situation it can be felt as a "more positive" escape (being that passing or blacking out on drugs is better than life). Imo benzos aren't abused for the drug themselves but more to escape life and anxiety, basically sleeping pills that counteract any anxiety.

No. 868198

File: 1645615137603.jpg (96.51 KB, 525x680, maxresdefault.jpg)


When will he drop the Izzy Stradlin cosplay

No. 868203

Don't know who that is, but Lurch would be lucky to even be the fun house mirror version of this guy. >>868194
Ahh that makes sense. Getting off opiates makes people gain weight, although Lurch and Tuna gained a lot more than the normal amount of weight gain. Lurch is still on methadone so that contributed to his weight gain too, but Tuna can't even use that excuse.
She did say before how much she likes sleeping to escape from reality. Because making her life better and staying awake to look for a job and a room for rent is totes too hard for her fat ass.

No. 868204

her cat in the bg plotting an escape

No. 868205

Iggy Poop

No. 868207

she could order her certificate today and probably get it in 1-2 weeks. Like what is she waiting for

No. 868208

wow, his face even has the same texture as a Moai head

No. 868210

what does lurch actually do all day long? we knopw what tuna is (or isn't) doing, she posts all the filthy evidence for our enjoyment. even had some weird ass hobby she called a "job" a few months back, and got gifts from her enabler that way.
however we only see lurch when tuna posts evidence of his existence, but she never writes how he is wasting his time away every day.

No. 868211

File: 1645638927304.jpeg (673.02 KB, 828x1368, C708BFDA-AD30-41ED-B871-70CC78…)

No. 868212

File: 1645638960359.jpeg (209.19 KB, 828x1339, DBB44058-CA94-437F-99B3-6528A8…)

Posted the order back to front, sorry

No. 868213

Must have stolen it off a lil old Maria, we love jewelry that looks like that. Source: am a beaner.

No. 868214

I love you anon.

No. 868215

God, look at dem slops hanging for dear life in that tube top.
Looking like Trisha Phatass

No. 868216

She's going to need more than her birth certificate to get a new ID. In New York, if your ID has been expired for more than 2 years, you have to start all over again and get a new ID from scratch. That means you need all kinds of proof of age and identity.

No. 868217

Her hair looks like decay. How does she feel sexy about any part of this? Is it the benzos?
Is it part of her bpd nightmare to be blonde? Think of how it would turn her entire appearance around if she went back to her natural color instead of looking like spores are emanating from her scalp

No. 868219

File: 1645641929268.jpg (16.43 KB, 190x314, 20220223_134500.jpg)

What is happening here?

No. 868222

Bad editing to make her waist thinner maybe?

No. 868224

Her skin is the same pasty yellow beige as the walls and her arm has some weird fatty pockets. You can see it vetter if you zoom.
But if she gets the birth certificate she can get a SSN and that will get her most of the way there. You just need two pieces of government mail with your name and current address (I'm sure she has plenty) or a couple bills. Even if she moves, it would still be fine to have her old address on there. Better to start than to never register ever and keep living as an unperson

No. 868225

It will still be too much work for her to do all that. She's lazy as fuck.

No. 868227

File: 1645649349040.jpeg (703.92 KB, 828x2712, 327EE029-A12D-4BBB-BE21-E1428E…)

little over a week before her eviction court date, clearly shes spending her time & money wisely

No. 868228

File: 1645649768977.jpeg (233.32 KB, 828x1201, AB865F79-D6B3-4C79-BF0F-407D50…)

Kek fakeboi. Why would you lie to her like that?

No. 868230

There's a great little day in the life indie film called "A Thousand Junkies" directed and acted by ex-heroin addicts that probably describes his life pretty well. Pawn a car stereo he stole or traded with some extra dope, hit up everyone you know to see who's got dope to sell, sit and wait for someone to show up for hours, they didn't show up so you go across the city to sit and wait for someone else, score enough to not be sick anymore, wake up and start the whole process over again.

No. 868233

Even her weed looks like shit

No. 868234

Kek Luna in a wolf cut would be great

No. 868235

This image is pure distilled Tuna. The fact that THIS picture fills Luna with love and pride truly sums up everything about her. She really thinks going from being a relatively normal high schooler to attaching herself to a grotesque, bloated, pockmarked and now obese 40-some smack addict is some kind of success story. Wow luna! You really showed everyone!

She’s not even pretending to be concerned. maybe she thinks the court will of course take pity on our poor little waif and give her the rent-free apartment she so obviously deserves. I cannot wait for the meltdown when reality hits.

No. 868237

He's fat because he's fat, Tuna. Sobriety didn't do that, food did.

Use that cane in the background Tuna and limp your ugly ass out the door that it's next to.

They'll probably get another month in the apartment that they keep talking shit about but won't get the fuck out of.

No. 868238

Is this the first time she’s acknowledged her grime?

No. 868239

Perhaps she’ll wear this fetching outfit to the eviction hearing? Oh please, let her wear this outfit to the eviction hearing!

No. 868241

Is fakeboi trolling her!? Her body would even larger with a pixie cut and that tube top skirt combo is one of the least flattering outfits she's ever worn kek

No. 868251

I mean, her hair is fucked, she might as well cut the ruined parts off and start again at this point.

No. 868256

File: 1645667604872.jpeg (621.65 KB, 828x1337, A1C1D073-0889-463A-B9D0-376544…)

No. 868260

File: 1645670225750.jpeg (1.24 MB, 1242x1415, CA9AC604-51D2-4BFD-A1A5-43F40C…)

3 days late but did they steal this… from a train? what is happening here?

No. 868262

Imagine being in your 20s and looking like…this.

Fuckin' state of it.

No. 868263

File: 1645675149219.jpeg (292.37 KB, 1125x1219, 84F05679-2413-422C-A169-66C26F…)

Found a cow in the wild in a group I’m in on fb

No. 868266

File: 1645676276238.jpg (895.9 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20220224_041527.jpg)

This is very similar to her necklace; it's gold-plated tat. Hers looks even cheaper than the one I found.

No. 868267

The outfit is terrible, but honestly I agree with fakeboi on the hair, I’ve thought before that she would look sooooo much better with a pixie cut or just short hair in general in her natural color. But anything is better than what she has right now tbh.

No. 868268

At first glance I thought her boob crack was a vulva.

No. 868270


No. 868273

she always looks like she thinks she's doing a modeling campaign.

No. 868278

Not quite the east coast junkie life. It was clearly dramatized, but junkies in LA and NYC know where to cop so it's not really something that takes much time to hunt for. Back when Lurch and Tuna were using, he would go to the Bronx and middle man all day to get dope to bring back to Tuna's lazy fat ass. It surely helped him stay skinny fat back then. The life of a middle man is:
- Lurch waiting around in the Bronx for someone to ask him if he knows anyone holding, or he sees someone wandering and asks…
- Lurch: what choo need? HEroIn (actually fetty)? I got choo. How much you tryna get? Okay, let me talk to my boy. Lemme see the money. Cool, can you kick down a bag for me? Thanks. Wait here.
- Either runs off with money like if it's the end of the day and he's going home or he knows he'll be leaving that spot or if buyer isn't standing close enough to keep an eye on him/ doesnt demand to be within view of their money OR he cops, takes a couple bags or takes some of the money from overcharging
- brings drugs back, asks for his bag as payment.
- profit: free dope from pilfering some and asking for more as payment, or free money

No. 868279

Agreed. A pro hair stylist tip: fat faces/round heads look best with shorter hair. Long hair is weighed down so it's flatter on the top and sides. Shorter hair will give the roots more volume and sides (without having the ridiculous horribly backcombed hair) and will balance out the width of the face.

No. 868296

Sage for drug sperg, but seriously, why is it so complicated to score in NYC etc? I've read about this a lot, in Burroughs' works.

Admittedly, I am in the UK, but I know people who use H and they ring someone, they send their guys in the car and they drop it off. It's done in 10/15 minutes and you don't even have to leave your house. There's none of this fucking about copping on the street and going through a middle-man.

There isn't only one dealer who drops off either, there's 4 to 5 dealers who come to you. Even if they're not using the car (trying to avoid police or it's broke down) they'll send a "gofer" (usually underpaid young lads) on a scooter or bike and still drop it off at your house or meet you close-by.

Is it usually people who are from out of town and don't know who has H? Because I imagine people living in that area would have a regular dealer…

No. 868301

File: 1645731364813.jpeg (357.34 KB, 828x711, 9D460813-077F-4110-ACDD-E297A5…)

No. 868302

File: 1645731416649.jpeg (793.22 KB, 828x1410, C907F71B-BB84-44E6-90E6-415BE9…)

No. 868303

There's drug corners where dealers stand outside selling to anyone who walks up but usually the suburbanite users only know the general area and are not sure what corner to go to. When the suburbanite steps off the El/subway it's pretty obvious they're not from the neighborhood & why they are there, so guys like Lurch will approach them and offer to help them get dope in exchange for a bag.

No. 868305

File: 1645732390514.jpg (23.52 KB, 327x327, IMG_20220224.jpg)

No. 868306

pumpkins eye looks swollen. i hope its just the filter making it look like that

No. 868307

The "my hand slipped" eyebrows. Bitch just say you're doing the trend, like I saw on plasticnproud…

No. 868312

No one wants what you're offering, Tuna.

Poor cat needs to see a vet for that swollen eye, but all of their money goes on weed and useless shit.

No. 868314

Of course the switch is visible in the background lol. I'm sure none of her followers asked for this sloppy "content".

No. 868316

Poor people cop different

No. 868317

File: 1645742994156.png (145.16 KB, 1878x616, Screenshot 2022-02-24 174843.p…)

She's drug sperging right now. And not surprising that Matthew the racist is watching movies that have racism towards black people.

No. 868318

Doubleposting to laugh at her phone telling her that her face doesn't look like a face. Finally something in her life is telling her the truth.

>i am an iphone 12 pro max

She also wants to be a journalist but can't even speak her native language.

No. 868320

take these retarded movie opinions back to twitter

No. 868321

They never came from twitter and what I think about the movies doesn't matter nor is it the focus of the screenshot so chill.

No. 868325

File: 1645746341140.jpg (193.21 KB, 1080x723, Screenshot_20220224-174311_Tum…)

Trolling too hard kek

No. 868326

I already know she's a farmer, but here she really sounds like those autistic RF posters

No. 868327

Well…, I guess her rape trauma I has subsided…,

No. 868328

Someone tell her to stop pulling this face she looks special needs

No. 868330

what is RF, Nona?

No. 868331

What in the ellipses followed by more unnecessary punctuation? You sound like a redditor. Talk shit about her being barefoot on a sofa they took from the trash and haven't cleaned properly. Not WKing for Luna but the way some anons want to talk about sexual assault makes you sound like a dumb ass man.

No. 868339

It has nothing to do with being poor. Most people living in metropolitan cities in the US don't even have cars and it's not efficient to drive to drop off drugs when you can literally stand in an area and get 10x the amount of customers in a shorter time period. It's a dealer's world.
Plus like >>868303 said, out of town people come through looking for dope.
Even if you're from the area, you can't always go to the same dealer since they're not always out at the same time or same spot or they don't have dope because their source got busted.

No. 868340

No one is making fun of real rape or sexual assault victims. Lying for sympathy and attention isn't rape.

No. 868342

what kind of filter makes the purples so saturated and bright

No. 868349

There's definitely something up with his eye, it looks swollen and his third eyelid is readily visible.

No. 868350

>my facial recognition stopped working out of nowhere

Probably because both eyes have to look at the phone to unlock it.

No. 868358

yeah but she's 5'10 and built line a linebacker so short hair would make her look like a dyke, the longer hair is better

No. 868360

File: 1645800978906.jpg (89.98 KB, 744x971, 3b4ca2e64e5ee0734369eeaee4118e…)

that filter makes her look like Pete Burns kek

No. 868370

File: 1645814792004.jpeg (125 KB, 828x616, DBFEAA21-675C-4983-9C15-A5CD0A…)

comments on her ig from this pic, they look the same because the filter gives them the same face kek

No. 868386

Imagine if the cat has worms, the apartment looks filthy as is but having your cat’s worms around, delightful.

No. 868389

I just imagine the poor thing leaking worms everywhere he goes potty and sits. Poor baby must be so uncomfortable.

No. 868414

Not short like a pixie, but a neat bob. Something she can't fuck up too much.

No. 868443

stop imagining that

No. 868444

File: 1645894753565.jpeg (460.06 KB, 828x2692, B6512368-E31A-46C3-B7D3-FC8638…)

she cannot buy anything practical for the life of her. you can’t wear any of that to a job interview or eviction court

No. 868446

and she can't wear that with her body type and her height. I'm tall myself and everything from Aliexpress and stuff like that is just way to short for an normal grown western adult.

No. 868449


"Full grown western adult" lmao, average north American female height is 5'4. Aliexpress fits fine (albeit poorly constructed) when you aren't giant or a fatass

No. 868451

Luna is both of those

No. 868452

most women around me are above 1,70 m and for that height those aliexpress stuff is too short, except you are very young and want to flash your ass. But I'm not here to tell people what to wear, I know that for my height those things are too short (and the fit is mostly horrible).

No. 868453

I truly can’t wait to see her in this shit. imagine a filthy, homeless giantess stumbling around wearing this stuff, eyes pointing off in two different directions, mouthful of dead teeth, slurring, “CHEAP! CHEAP!” while she tries to fondle her nipples hanging somewhere around her waist, but misses

No. 868462

If we're lucky, she will only receive them while homeless.

No. 868467

Judging from the skirts Tuna keeps posting pics in, she likes to flash her fat ass at home

No. 868468

They'll arrive within a month so she'll probably get them and we'll get to laugh at the pics of her in them so it's a win win for us

No. 868470

File: 1645917006392.png (263.59 KB, 1266x920, Screen Shot 2022-02-26 at 6.09…)

>I just found out my girlfriend was raped


No. 868473

>the dude was super disgusting literally a homeless dude
The irony.

No. 868474

File: 1645919115765.jpg (124.56 KB, 1080x617, Screenshot.jpg)

No. 868476

Bitch you were online posting about it 5 mins after it happened.

No. 868479

>posts herself in a tiny ass skirt and captions it “tease”
>”i’m too scared to get the mail or go outside at night!!!!!!”

No. 868480

Stop talking like a scrote wtf

No. 868481

Lmao Lurch wishes he was that cool

No. 868484

anytime i start to feel a little bad luna she show how hypocritical and fakeshe is. she wears a shirt that says "be kind to drug users!" but talks down to crack users, her bedsheets have nicotine and dookie stains on them, but has the nerve to make fun of the homeless?

No. 868487

no advice. no "i'm sorry, here's why she might've broken up with you based on my experience." just constant self-absorption. she is insufferable.

No. 868489

>>868470 wasn't her original story something to do with laundry?

No. 868495

Idk why but the near constant "almost 8 year fiance" insert really fucking grates on a bitch. No one talks like that.

No. 868496

if i remember correctly, she said that he was black, she let him into the building, there was no fluids, and the rape kit was a bust. oh, and he ran off afterwards. but she also said that she couldnt remember a single detail about his face so who even knows if he was actually disgusting? or even homeless? yeah right. what a stereotype that at 7 am a homeless black guy asks her to let him into the apartment building just to try to rape her.

and to add to it: isn’t it weird that their neighborhood is terrible, shitty and their building is so crime infested and full of drugs but they have security cameras? she waited months to tell lurch and by that time, the landlord still happened to have the footage? i call absolute bullshit.

No. 868505

she also mentioned something about “only being worth $20” so it was suspected as a hooking situation that went awry, luna loves to put herself in dangerous situations so she can later add them to her trauma narrative and use her never ending sob story to justify her drug use and terrible behavior. girl needs the boot. nothing else will make her see that her life is irreparably damaged besides cold reality. she complained about being evicted but in the 2+ years she’s been squatting, she might have actually been able to get an apartment through low income housing and that’s by doing the bare fucking minimum/applying. she whined “it takes YEARS to get into housing!!!” bitch you have been squatting for YEARS. that is the very least she could’ve done for herself and “the love of her life uwu” but she’s fucking retarded. sad to think that someone being thrown into the streets would bring satisfaction to a lot of people but that’s because of who she is as a person and she needs to be punished for once in her life.

No. 868512

Anon's not wrong though. Stop posting like Tuna.

No. 868513

Her story changes more than her head cheap cheap cheap outfit.

It's fake af. Maybe she just got groped at the most. Security cams would've backed her up but she bitched the cops said it looked consensual. She probably let someone in, he was drunk and grabbed her saggy tit, someone walked in and the guy split. It's rApE.

No. 868514

Her poems are notoriously fake

No. 868515

Kek if he's been your fiancé for that long, he don't wanna marry you!

No. 868516

isn’t she technically homeless though? is squatting considered legally homeless?

No. 868531

yeah, she’s still not a tenant and she doesn’t have the same legal rights as a tenant. it just means she has to be evicted bc the landlord was lazy.

No. 868536

File: 1645988185802.jpeg (178.52 KB, 828x1221, ACC337F5-5CF0-47F9-B4B1-EE03B4…)

she always does this shit. it’s so fucking rude and obnoxious. i saw her in the wild commenting on someone’s post (who she looks to be good friends with) about going to rehab and she comments this. just looking at what she said compared to everyone else’s comments gives me secondhand embarrassment. it’s like she has no self awareness. all she thinks about is herself and things she wants to buy.

No. 868541

no you just don’t understand they don’t have their social security numbers and birth certificates to get their IDs! that’s all that’s stopping them!

No. 868549

She's like an emotionally stunted teenager. Of course she would feel nothing for someone going into recovery. She already resents former alcoholics and thinks theyre know-it-all's in recovery groups.

No. 868552

maybe my online circle is just very different from hers, but I’ve never seen anybody make these posts besides Luna. like just a compilation of the Amazon stock photos for things she’s bought recently? I don’t understand why she does this

No. 868553

Probably hoping the friend will send her the shoes or offer to buy her a pair tbh

No. 868554

Tuna is all over this chick's posts but never gets a reply. Looks like tuna also tries copying her. Kek

No. 868556

It’s just Luna i guess, though making such photocollages used to be pretty popular in tumblr around the early 2010’s from what i remember.

No. 868557

Tuna is obsessed with this chick. In her comments saying how hot she is, over and over asking her to text her and shit. 100% shes the reason the "razor slipped" on her eyebrows.

No. 868558

It looks like Luna is skinwalking her. With the velour suit the posing the makeup

No. 868559

She probably didn't even read the caption. She dgaf about what this person has to say and only cares about their aesthetic.

No. 868560

Yep. As of 2 hours ago, luna was begging her to message her.

No. 868563

Luna also bought the same exact kuromi chain top and takes the same hand-in-cig on a filthy blankie shots.

No. 868575

I wanna say they write alike

No. 868576

She's also probably why tuna was so desperate to set up a "gaming desk" even tho her dumbass doesn't need a gaming setup for a handheld game. Snuff seems to be an alcoholic, maybe tuna likes to catch her when she's drunk enough to be convinced to order shit for her, since we all know tuna is only "friends" with ppl who she can use

No. 868577

File: 1646026148296.jpg (39.5 KB, 749x497, tumblr_19b898413bd9fae2f5a3590…)

Apologies for OT. I just came across this pic and found it interesting how even Nancy Spungen of all people showed up to court looking more appropriate than Luna did this month.

No. 868598

File: 1646055593209.jpeg (394.73 KB, 828x848, F6F2FAB4-7D9C-4A3A-87E4-C5341F…)

No. 868599

Based on how stretched thin they are and the muffin top, those pants definitely do not fit

No. 868602

File: 1646060424755.png (1.53 MB, 1057x974, Screen Shot 2022-02-28 at 8.59…)

for anons that don't have IG, the "dream shoes" in question

No. 868610

theyre stretched so thin that theyre see through lmfao

No. 868625

luna's guide to bullshitting yourself into thinking you lost weight: declare leggings your "goal pants" (and still stretch it so much the black colour turns white)

No. 868629

They still don't fit, Tuna.

No. 868630

File: 1646077300215.jpg (51.97 KB, 768x432, 84465161-21_wuornos_-testimony…)

aileen wuornos looked better in court than luna

No. 868637

File: 1646082611004.png (100.14 KB, 1217x515, Screenshot 2022-02-28 160758.p…)

I'm just going to assume that she applied to five and not 50 cause she can't count at all. Her own boyfriend hasn't even worked so why is she harping about her mom not working? Her mom was good enough to shelter her lazy ass and her corpse looking boyfriend for years so she better start looking grateful cause she has an eviction looming over her empty head.

No. 868638

literally every single service job in america is hiring rn. and plenty of them don’t have a dress code. when i worked at mall stores, most of them didn’t care what we wore. so she could even show up with her hot pink sweatshop crop tops and leggings. fold some clothes and work a cash register for 6-8 hours a day. it’s not much money but it’s more than she has now.

that being said. it’s all hypothetical. she doesn’t have transportation to get there, no work ethic, smells like shit and wouldn’t pass an interview, wouldn’t get along with the other employees, can’t be trusted to work her scheduled hours, and MOST importantly, can’t be trusted to not steal cash or merchandise

No. 868639

File: 1646084952325.jpeg (368.76 KB, 750x852, F584AB88-8225-4742-80D1-31A070…)

Someone’s cow tipping lol. They’re not wrong though

No. 868642

literally saw these at a random sports outlet/overstock store for like 30 bucks, sounds cheap cheap enough for luna. why she never shops in person baffles me. like when she gets fake nails shipped to her she could just buy at a walgreens? does she even have a bank account?

No. 868643

I don't know why they bothered. She won't reply and if she does it's going to be snotty and she'll just post less.

No. 868646

waiting for another "everyone is laughing at me" tumblr post

No. 868648

She's gonna start trying to hide her socials better if people keep doing this shit.

No. 868657

File: 1646090834649.jpeg (768.74 KB, 828x1442, 7A034AC5-EF79-4E3C-A400-DD134D…)

cope harder tuna

No. 868661

>wah im not the pretty young blonde taking drug pictures anymore uwu woe is me

No. 868666

>>868661 My exact first thought, you beat me to it lmao. Was on mobile a moment ago and thought it was an old tuna pic before I hovered over it.

Man, 30 is only 4 years away. When it comes to looks, age is indeed just a number, but when you've smoked indoors for over a decade and spent 8 years shooting dope and eating cake with a retarded fuckboy (fuck-man?), the cute little smile lines most women get in their 30s are quickly replaced with saggy jowels, butthole lip wrinkles, and other signs of premature aging. Shayna doesn't even do heroin and look how her skin's holding up. Luna's fucked.

It's always the most haggard-ass bitches that cling to this uwu lolita baby angel shit the hardest. Wasn't Luna just posting about being pressed she won't be the hottest girl in rehab? kek.

No. 868670

Tuna is so mad that this girl is a 1000x cuter and cleaner version of her kek. And funny how she can call someone pathetic. Tuna, look at yourself and your situation!

No. 868671

>Tuna, look at yourself and your situation!
And at her boyfriend. He can't stop slobbering over photos of random women.

No. 868680

Right like if he logs onto her reddit and sees this he will probably go into super groomer mode and try to talk to this girl lmao.

No. 868682

>>868680 not trying to tinfoil but i can absolutely see Lurch lurking /r/heroin or benzos or whatever, seeing this pic, and turning to Luna like "hurrr durr babe she looks like you" and causing Luna to have a BPD identity crisis because even she can see she's decayed, at least to some extent, way past whatever stage of fucked up the girl in the pic is currently at.

No. 868687

Who is that girl?

No. 868692

These will soon be trashed because she'll break their stitches between the legs. On her wannarexic tumblr he reblogged a while ago something about pants holes because of her Haiti earthquake thighs.

No. 868697

Tuna the pick me, jealous of other girls because she only gets 10 likes and a laughing face react on her potato sack body shoots

No. 868698

even if she was accepted for one of those fifty jobs she still wouldn’t be allowed to work. idk what the laws are in the us as i live in the uk but when my passport expired at my first job, i had to bring in a copy of my birth certificate and national insurance card as proof of identity for the files and stay on the payroll. everything with this girl goes straight back to id and that birth certificate. until she bothers sorting that it’s safe to assume she just wants to rot and ride the high of getting cheap shit from amazon in the mail. who needs a job to challenge you mentally when your pedo creep of eight years can just occasionally call you fat making you think bragging about losing a few lbs on ed tumblr can then be classed as productivity?

No. 868701

Because it's dad's Amazon account online and he's got going to give her anything like cash for her unnecessary junk

No. 868702

Burger here, it depends on the job. 99% of fast food jobs just have you text them with your picture and that gets you the job. You don't even need an ID. Just fill in your info for w2s (tax forms) SSN, address, sometimes bank info for direct deposit.
Kind of off topic but I don't know NY tax law, was Tunas friend boss supposed to give her a w2? I know with some states if you make under 5k you don't need to claim it.

No. 868703

Nobody wants your spam links

No. 868704

Yeah that's common for fatties because their inner thighs from vag to knees are constantly rubbing when they walk. I remember a chubby girl telling me this like 15 years ago and Tuna is like 2 of her put together.

No. 868705

Only if she had a legit business with a TIN/EIN, like if it was a sole proprietorship or LLC, which I doubt it was. It was like a babysitter job where the person hiring you just gives you cash or a personal check. Under the table jobs covered by Daddy don't provide w2s.
This isn't a "NY Tax law" thing either. It's just business laws which apply to any business in the entire US. State/Federal tax laws stipulate how much is set aside for taxes while some states don't pay state taxes, only federal. Either way, if it's a registered business, a w2 would have been given but I'm doubtful it is since she keeps changing what the business does.

No. 868707


No, if everything was above board and best business practices were executed, she would have been issued a 1099-NEC if she $600 or more, but only if she received payment directly. If she was paid via PayPal, no tax forms would need to be issued.

No. 868708

Not just rubbing but squeezing her ham thighs in them will make them give out, that's why she likes skirts and dresses so much.

No. 868709

just some random who posted in a drug subreddit that tuna replied to

No. 868711

It's weird that she likes skirts and dresses, though. She talks so much shit about her weapons of mass destruction but loves showing them off.

No. 868712

"weapons of mass destruction" kek now we know what russia will be sending to ukraine next

No. 868725

File: 1646153796939.png (116.81 KB, 398x643, tunacore.png)

God, I found this looking at the retarded 'core' tags on tumblr. Tuna is aesthetic now.

No. 868749


No. 868751

I love the idea that people believe Tuna is doing… this as a conscious aesthetic and not literally that she needs to get her eyes checked for not being able to see the filth in her squat. Nicole Dollanganger used to like her insta posts sometimes and I don't think Luna was 100% in on why.

No. 868791

its not necessarily that they think she is looking like that on purpose, zoomers just need to label everything this way. idk how to explain it, its really dumb. what is even the difference between
it is this generations mental issue
sage for point less

No. 868801

just seems like they're trying to maximize reach. last i recall (jesus christ years and years ago) tumblr made it so a post would only appear in the first five tags listed, wonder if that's still a thing

No. 868854

No it's not, the search system is more fucked up than ever and all your words in tags shows up one way or the other

No. 868873

Luna is very quiet considering they have eviction court again in a few days. What’s the likelihood her and Lurch can just get it postponed again?

No. 868892

I get the impression that her and Lurch have some sort of "plan" and that's why they're so calm, like continuously show up missing required identification or documents. I'm just speculating, though, would that even work? I'd imagine courts are used to people trying to buy time by dragging things out, but I dunno what they can/do actually do about it.

No. 868911

court is tomorrow morning and she hasnt posted since >>868639. hopefully they didn't scare her off from blogging about it tomorrow

No. 868918

Yeah, whoever sperged at her on Reddit is a dick. Don’t spook the cows, it can fuck up the milk supply. They could have at least made it look like they were going off her post history and still called her out if they felt the need so bad to try and be all righteous.

No. 868929

File: 1646337381083.png (90.6 KB, 1433x631, Screenshot 2022-03-03 145505.p…)

Yes she has, it's just irrelevant shit though. Anon shouldn't have cowtipped, especially if they were going to be a newfag about it and make it obvious.

No. 868951

she's such a typical redditor with the "my favorite series is breaking bad!!" bullshit.

No. 868953

File: 1646370238029.jpeg (640.56 KB, 828x1358, 3F79D195-8821-4141-948F-6AD97E…)

No. 868954

You don't need id or documents to be in court since being under oath is sufficient enough to say you're the person. And even if they didn't show up or don't have any documents supporting their argument, then the landlord gets their wish.

No. 868955

jfc that BROW

No. 868956

File: 1646371567321.gif (9.95 MB, 695x287, ugh.gif)

Even the cat is scared of his face. God damn he's ugly.

No. 868957

What an AWFUL picture. Definitely a type of creature.. His big-ass arm and hunchback that tapers off into a t-rex forearm/hand is all I can see at first and then noticed his scary profile where he looks nodded out and truly like an Easter island head. It looks like he smells like cat pee. On the bright side, looks like they're packing their shit up getting ready for eviction! Or is that how they organize the hoarde.

No. 868960

Tuna never knows what fresh clean laundry smells like, she wears the new clothes without washing them then they end up in a pile of dirty laundry. That place stinks.

No. 868964

What time is their court hearing ?

No. 868965

according to a post about a month back it should be at 09:30

No. 868966


Guaranteed the place REEKS. Druggy sweat, cigarette smoke, cat piss and litter, mildewed filthy clothes and unbagged garbage are all contributing to the noxious miasma

No. 868973

File: 1646406597282.png (24.39 KB, 796x407, 2022-03-04 07_09_43-Window.png)

rescheduled, again!

No. 868974

File: 1646406716653.jpeg (596.71 KB, 828x1172, 22E322E1-F993-473D-A9FB-FC7C0D…)

No. 868977

I mean, she feels ugly bc she is ugly

No. 868978

File: 1646409995553.gif (4.03 MB, 480x342, F3EC6C25-FDB7-4170-83F6-0B77FC…)

??? Can they just do this over and over

No. 868981

how can one person be so useless, yet so lucky?

No. 868982

How does this roach always get so lucky

No. 868983

File: 1646412379713.png (38.7 KB, 664x351, Screenshot2022-03-04-09_38_56.…)

this is from the ny courts website. i'm completely clueless on this as im not american and have never been to court, but could them not dressing appropriately be a reason they keep having to reschedule?

No. 868984

I think they've got 1-2 rescheduled max. It's still pretty cold outside. As long as it's cold, they're gonna save some time because MuH HoMeLeSs

No. 868985

She's useless because she's lucky. She's never had to get her shit together.

No. 868989

America does like to put policies on behavior that should otherwise be common sense…but I think in this case, the "dress code" is more of a suggestion if you want to do all you can to make the court rule in your favor. You want to not look like a jackass if you're convicted, and the court doesn't want to look like a jackass if they let you go.

No. 868991

This bitch is always dressing like great value Joanne the Scammer when she goes out in public.

No. 869004

Exactly. She’s “lucky” but she is still going to get evicted eventually and lose most of her shit.

Wonder if evil Mom and Dad will pull through or if they’re both sick of her shit too.

Imagine dating a 40+ year old man and he can’t provide for you at all… how sad and now he’s a fat fuck lmao

No. 869005

Like look at this neanderthal mf… ugly poor fat n MIDDLE AGED lmao has accomplished nothing in his life besides being a junkie leech and groomer.

No. 869006

It's just telling basic information for idiots.
As mentioned before, having your hearing rescheduled is very normal for extremely backed up cases. It has nothing to do with luck or not dressing right. Every court is backed up in the US because of covid- traffic, criminal, divorce. The oldest ones usually go first and their mom's building didn't file papers at the beginning of the pandemic or anything.
Unless it's a pressing issue like immediate public safety, it's normal for it to get pushed back until they catch up with the date the documents were filed on.

No. 869008

At least records will show they knew about the potential outcomes for awhile and can't use the "but we need more time" excuse! Plus it won't be winter so they can't use the "I'll freeze to death and need to wait to get more free shelter" excuse.

No. 869009

Can you get blacklisted from Section 8 housing? Because lmao

No. 869010

She would never apply for it anyway. Tuna hates doing paperwork unless it's a mental illness questionnaire.

No. 869011

The funny thing is that (minus the groomer part) Luna will be the same in the future.

No. 869012

She doesn't have section 8. So no, she can't be banned for something she doesn't have.

But if someone had it and violated the lease/ agreement, you're not allowed to apply again for 30 days. But again, this isn't even Tuna's situation.

No. 869013

And only one she can take a picture of and post on social media.

It also has to lead to pills or medication or she won't do it.

No. 869014

But I’d imagine having an eviction on your record from squatting in a section 8 apartment wouldn’t look too good if she was trying to apply??

Either way she’s screwed lol, idk why she doesn’t just buy a used trailer or something with that 10k she totally has saved… She could be the most uwu kawaiii girl in the trailer park! But nooo she has to live in Westchester or NYC lol

No. 869016

ty for the explanation anon, now i can stop tinfoiling about it

No. 869018

He's not even a junkie anymore so quit giving him that excuse. He's not even a leech because Tuna seems to leech off of his cucaracha survival skills. He's just a bum.

Judging from every definition of grooming I've read, it has to be done deliberately and meant to purposefully manipulate. I remember some anon previously said he doesn't have to have that plan, but it clearly states it has to be done intentionally. Anons get upset that not all of us believe he's a master manipulator. Tuna was into him and was enamored that he was a super cool bAd bOi and he was soooo cool and that he wasn't just glad to have a bitch into him, but I'm having a hard time believing his dumb ass was using 'teen psychology' to trap her. And no anons, we're not talking about your experience with an older man/ groomer. We're not wking either of them. We're talking about the fake ass mathematician who really thought a YouTube bimbo hypnosis video is real. I genuinely think Tuna is smarter than him and she's a dumbass even when she was at her smartest. I'm even more likely to believe she groomed his ugly un-groomed ass moreso than I believe he set out with intentions to make her trust him and then he'd trap her under his Dr. Robotnik like spell for-ev-er. The Jonny and syd thread got me thinking about it because some idiot anons paint Tuna as a victim, but she's hunted for these dumb addict dudes she thinks are so beautiful when they're just dumb. Tuna tries to play the victim like against her big bad parents.

No. 869019

Any eviction or even the eviction proceedings just beginning make it impossible to rent without a guarantor or co-signer. It doesn't matter if you squat in section 8 housing, the upper west side, or sacred burial grounds. It's squatting.

No. 869020

It does sound like you're praising Tuna a little.

No. 869021

It might just seem that way because of how dumb and incompetent I think Lurch is. I've read his social media posts and he has no rational thought.

No. 869022

So you're wking.

No. 869023

The bar is low for this idiotic codependent couple of losers that found solace in each other being a reject.
Again this isn't about blaming real victims. This is about both of these bums being non-victims, in my humble opinion. I don't expect to be believed, I'm just thinking out loud based on what I just read about groomers.

No. 869024

Wking who? The person I called dumber or dumber?

No. 869025

No. 869026

>I genuinely think Tuna is smarter than him and she's a dumbass even when she was at her smartest.
>she's hunted for these dumb addict dudes she thinks are so beautiful when they're just dumb. Tuna tries to play the victim like against her big bad parents.

You really have an odd perception of what a wk is.

No. 869027

Ok, forget it, you don't have to team up against me now.

No. 869029

That whooshing sound over your head was just really, really loud

No. 869030

No. 869031

>I'm even more likely to believe she groomed his ugly un-groomed ass moreso than I believe he set out with intentions to make her trust him and then he'd trap her under his Dr. Robotnik like spell for-ev-er.
what the fuck am i reading. even she has admitted that lurch was hanging around her mother just to get to underage tuna. some more scathing evidence has been posted in the last few months (i think by the facebook anon), but i cannot be arsed to find it

No. 869032

Yeah Luna is toxic af but at the end of the day Lurch groomed her as a minor so he is automatically a bigger piece of shit than she is in my book.

No. 869033

So how much longer is nasty ugly obese Lurch staying around?? If Lunas folks can’t guarantee them housing he’s out I bet

No. 869034

Especially since he's already been cheating on her.

No. 869035