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File: 1635321645721.jpeg (752.37 KB, 1920x1080, AskAMortician.jpeg)

No. 1356618

The Death Positive Movement encourages people to speak openly about death, dying, and corpses. The term "death positive" was popularized by Caitlin Doughty, better known online as Ask a Mortician. She is an American mortician, author, YouTuber, and death acceptance advocate. However, she is overwhelmingly hated in the funerary industry for:

>Joining the industry for fame and aesthetic.

>Putting out incorrect information and stating personal opinions as facts.
>Allegedly getting a college student expelled from a college she doesn’t even attend over a difference of opinion.
>Rumors of bullying other women in the industry over petty reasons.
>Trying to paint all funeral directors and embalmers as crooks who take advantage of grieving families.
>Pretending to care about the families’ wishes, but shaming them if they choose to take an approach that she doesn’t approve.
>Fetishizing foreign funerary practices while demonizing Western customs.
>Writing insufferable NLOG-y books with quirky humor.

Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
>Full of disrespectful comments towards the dead and their families. For example: flippant jokes about cremating dead babies, mocking a dead baby’s name, bashing a woman for being unprepared for the death of her mother, shaming the mother of a dead 9 year old for using the wrong credit card and choosing a quick cremation, etc.
>Judges grieving families harshly when they don’t deal with death as she would have.
>Defends a tribe’s practice of cannibalizing their dead while criticizing American hospitals for being too clean. In her eyes, this means that Americans are scared of facing death.
>Suggests letting the elderly die to fight against overpopulation.
>Caitlin went to BDSM clubs to get tied and whipped as a teenager.
>She attempted suicide because a guy friend rejected her, changed her mind and hooked-up with a random hitchhiker she found outside of her hostel.

From Here to Eternity
>A travelogue of her experiences with other death practices that she has encountered.
>Western traditional funerary practices are all bad, but whatever other cultures do is cool.
>The more time with the corpse of your loved one, the better you are at accepting death and mourning the right way. For example: People spending years sleeping next to their mummified family members = Great. People cremating their family members after a viewing = They treat their dead like zoo animals.

Will My Cats Eat My Eyeballs?
>An illustrated Q&A book targeted to kids to come to terms with death.
>Filled with cringe jokes and outdated pop culture references.

Social Media

This thread is to discuss her and other cows from the Death Positive Movement.

No. 1356619

File: 1635321733175.png (43.07 KB, 563x215, me-thoughts.png)

No. 1356620

File: 1635321924647.png (135.64 KB, 479x444, teenager.png)

Caitlin's teenage years

No. 1356622

File: 1635322065966.png (101.43 KB, 463x376, arranging-funeral.png)

Caitlin talking about a woman being unprepared for her mother's death

No. 1356625

File: 1635322424822.png (173.68 KB, 737x216, babies.png)

Her Baby Cremation Game

No. 1356627

Knew there was something off about this bitch. Looking forward for more OP.

No. 1356629

File: 1635323886658.png (90.34 KB, 472x308, ashley.png)

Caitlin calling the parents of Ashley, a dead 9 year old girl, thoughtless for using an online cremation service

No. 1356630

>>1356622 I guess i can understand her being bitter about these things. It's like that when you are a proffesional in something you get kinda detached from other people's views on the thing. It sucks and you should check yourself but it happens sometimes. Everybody bitches about their customers.
>>1356625 This one though is just creepy. I think i'm a morbid person as well but anything about babies crosses the line for me.

I watched her videos a lot back in the day, it's interresting to read other point of view on her.

No. 1356633

Has she claimed any mental health diagnoses on her social media? She always struck me as an autist with death (especially nlog death) as her special interest.

No. 1356636

File: 1635324949334.png (57 KB, 720x230, bullying.png)

Some bullying allegations from other funeral directors. To be fair, this is just hearsay. I couldn't verify them, but scrolling back on Caitlin's Twitter feed, I have noticed that she used to screenshot negative criticism that she would receive without concealing the person's name. I wonder if her fans took things too far and harass her critics.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/askfuneraldirectors/comments/c7mxiz/what_do_you_think_of_ask_a_mortician/

No. 1356637


Oh. That one. The thing that bugs me the most is that she turned her funeral business into some kind of lifestyle or fashion statement.
Her flamboyant haircut and background accessories are a complete disgrace for anyone suffering real grief.


Get your morbid goth vibes elsewhere bitch.

No. 1356639

File: 1635325806124.png (308.87 KB, 1540x1831, bullying2.png)

Summary of bullying allegations:
>Getting a mortuary student expelled over a difference of opinion expressed in Instagram
>Tearing down another woman for being too girly and making the death care industry seem cool.
>Mocking a female instructor from her mortuary school in her book.

No. 1356641

That's what I thought too. She's all around obnoxious but her anti-traditional funeral rants especially seem like autistic sperging rather than an honest attempt to inform people.

No. 1356643

It’s been a while since I read it so maybe it wasn’t as bad as I recall but I also remember in Smoke Gets In Your Eyes she tells the story of a child dying at a mall in her presence & that being a driving force spear-heading her fixation with morbidity. While that would be a tragic and haunting event for anyone, the way she recalled it just seemed like more pattering on abt how DIFFERENT she is & less a tribute to the profoundness of loss or anything actually worthwhile. So much in that book gave me pause. I received it as a gift not really knowing much about her and came out of it with a strong dislike.

No. 1356660


uh… how many editors read this and were like, totally keep the five before five dead baby thing.

i'm pretty morbid about hypothetical shit but when it's someone's real family it's different. it's so depressing to think that someone handling a dead mom or baby could be teeheeing to themselves about their corpse or about the bereaved's fucking finances.

No. 1356666

Nonas, I am so glad she has a thread. She is really obnoxious and her personality is what stops me from watching her videos - I find the topics interesting but her 2012 tumblr jokes and the fake deep voice she puts on are just too grating to me.

No. 1356670

Probably the stupid "you have to laugh about these things or else you would go crazy!" type of mindset that a lot of NLOGs and edgelords have. Bitch you wouldn't. I'm into true crime and I can't tell you how many times I've watched or listened to professionals who dealt with stuff way worse than doughy ever has and are able to share their expertise in a level-headed, respectful way, whithout acting like a quirky CSI character.

No. 1356671

Man months ago I tried watching her videos but they were just too over the top and obnoxious for me to get into. However some of the bullet points in the OP are kinda flimsy with no receipts, plus “got into it for the fame and aesthetic”? Feels like tons of people pick a career path they’re interested in for this reason. Not a lot of people pick the mortuary business for pure altruism a la Shirley Hill. Kinda like how most doctors did it for the money and prestige, not because your foot doctor really was passionate about ending bunions once and for all.

Anyways, I’ll be keeping an eye on this thread for milk because this chick annoys me to no end but so far not much that really makes her a cow except she hates babies, a bad sense of dark humor, and can’t read a room.

No. 1356672

But she majored in Medieval History and only went into Mortuary School after working in a crematory. Her thesis wasn't even death related, it was about medieval witch trials and baby demons. The story about witnessing a child die in a mall feels like she is trying to rewrite history.

No. 1356675

I enjoyed her content and am sad to hear she bullies other women as an adult. I never expected her to be here tbh. How disappointing.

No. 1356686

Death has never been a fashionable or cool thing.

Somebody tell her that.

No. 1356690

File: 1635337082102.png (35.84 KB, 454x114, deadweight.png)

No. 1356693

File: 1635337235824.png (135.09 KB, 475x464, jacob.png)

Caitlin looking through the belongings of a man who had committed suicide

No. 1356694

Caitlin is a sperg, but you're naive if you don't think most funeral directors have a strong sense of gallows humour and joke about their job a lot. It's not respectful, they don't say it in front of the families, but it's common for people who work with dead bodies to have a weird sense of humour about it. It was a gigantic dick move to publish it in a book, even with the names redacted, but the sense of humour itself is not a problem imo.

Imo she's not autistic, she can read the room. She's not joking about dead babies where the majority of her soft tumblr viewers can see her. She was making the edgy jokes in a special interest book she expected only industry insiders and diehard fans to read.

I think the industry gatekeeping and NLOG harassment of any mortician more attractive than her is much worse than making dead baby jokes. Her hatred of embalming has never sat right with me, and it saddens me to think how many families have been pressured into something they didn't want, because their funeral director would throw a tantrum if they said otherwise.

No. 1356697

File: 1635337348682.png (52.62 KB, 462x182, airline-miles.png)

No. 1356703

File: 1635338062861.png (570.56 KB, 2030x1949, embalming.png)

I have some excerpts about her views on embalming.

No. 1356705

I don’t know, anon. I’m not in the funeral industry but know a lot of paediatric oncologists as well as people who perform some pretty gruesome animal experiments, and while it’s true that all of them have developed a certain emotional detachment to stay sane, the only ones who have “dead babies lmao xD”-tier humour are callous assholes in their nonprofessional lives as well. I suspect some people gravitate towards certain industries because they’re already edgy and unempathetic and aren’t affected by death and suffering as much as others are.

No. 1356706

I get gallows humor but I'm surprised some of this got past an editor. This blurb in particular seems like it would get her cancelled by mental health Twitter/Tumblr for ableism and "othering" depressed people or whatever

No. 1356738

File: 1635343642072.png (142.98 KB, 602x492, 1635174093533.png)

She doesn't seem liked by people in the industry

No. 1356745


I still don't get why she's against embalming. Some people want to look at their loved ones one last time and it's none of your fucking business what they do. I feel like she's never been personally affected by death so her judgemental attitude just makes it worse. And I kinda liked the videos of her I've seen.

No. 1356760

Shes said many times it’s the chemicals/fumes that go in the air when they’re cremated, etc. Not WKing but she’s given her reasons pretty plainly.

No. 1356781


If I ran a business trying to guilt trip grieving families into paying thousands of dollars more than they anticipated and there was someone on the internet telling people what their options were and how cheap a funeral can actually be I'd be pretty pissed at them, too.

Love her or hate her, she is right about a lot of things.

No. 1356788

that's not just gallows humour, she is mocking her clients. add to that bullying people. can she make a joke that's not at someone's expense?

No. 1356802

She is right about certain things, but she is also pushing her alternative burials too hard. It's not for everyone and there are some families that want embalming or traditional services. Not everything has to be black or white. Not all funeral directors are money-grubbing bastards, embalmers are not twirling-mustache villains, choosing a quick cremation doesn't make you an asshole and being obsessed with corpses doesn't mean that you will be prepared for the death of a loved one.

No. 1356806

File: 1635351035434.png (315.36 KB, 598x534, haterz.png)

Caitlin clapping back at the haterz from the comment section of her videos.

No. 1356809

File: 1635351179126.png (83.12 KB, 601x261, haterz3.png)

>I have noticed that she used to screenshot negative criticism that she would receive without concealing the person's name

No. 1356810

File: 1635351212616.png (84.27 KB, 600x418, haterz5.png)

No. 1356811


She still might have no decent conception of WHY people hate her. Who would wrap your deceased family member in and have fun while clocking their cremation, just in time before dinner?
She might be somewhere in the autism spectrum, yes, but it doesn't give her the right to be an asshole in public.
Does she even know about the very concept of personal grief?

No. 1356814

File: 1635351351171.png (219.74 KB, 600x614, haterz6.png)

No. 1356819

File: 1635351529642.png (61.12 KB, 599x323, haterz2.png)

No. 1356821

This take is more stale than the corpses she cremates; Jessica Mitford critiqued the American funeral industry "The American Way of Death" in the 60's.
Yeah, she's not wrong insofar as that the funeral industry is kind of predatory and that embalming is weird, but attitudes and practices around death vary immensely from culture to culture and all of them are weird to an outsider or somebody trying to observe them from a neutral lens. Her perspective towards traditional burials comes off as very 'anthropology 101' and her praise of non-Western rituals and attitudes towards death has no moral or logical basis given that the way people handle death and mourning is entirely culture-dependent.

No. 1356830

Caitlin also criticizes Jessica Mitford for popularizing direct cremation and making Americans more detached from death. I don't really know much about this, so I don't know if she is right or wrong. I would love to hear the opinion from someone who is informed about this topic.

No. 1356836

Interesting to learn more about this lady. I watched her videos after they were recommended in the anti-milk thread, and was struck how much her interest in desth seemed to be about aesthetics. Morbid art on her walls etc. When you work with the dead you also work with the grieving living. Grief is closely linked to death and she doesn't seem to have any understanding or sympathy towards it.

No. 1356877

File: 1635357759170.jpeg (66.86 KB, 299x325, 298306_302819176513718_1637003…)

>Skull decoration
>Antique books
>Creepy painting
>Taxidermy head

No. 1356878

Bless this thread. It's nice to see her finally getting called out.

No. 1356880

Which she's not even licensed to perform but go off ig.

No. 1356883

Could be some close friend of the Addams Family in a direct-to-DVD spinoff.

I truly hate that strategically placed memento mori in the foreground.

No. 1356893

File: 1635359437689.png (439.89 KB, 2083x1630, healthcare-worker.png)

Other people who are not in the funerary business, but deal with grieving families or sick/dead people don't like her either.

>As I said, I work in healthcare. I've seen people grieve, and in no instance whatsoever did it ever occur to me that they were doing it wrong.

>The fact that Doughty felt qualified to judge people's body disposal preferences based on a year spent in a crematory is appalling. Her lack of ability to empathize was concerning (maybe the family with the child they cremated found it too difficult to have to physically call and discuss having their daughter's body disposed of).

No. 1356896

It’s funny she harps on abt how hard it is to carry/deal with dead fat people while being quite the chunky monkey herself. Guess it won’t matter when her super special perfect death happens since someone else will have to deal with it.

No. 1356900

She's up her own ass about green burials (which I'm not inherently against, it's just how dogmatic she is about how everyone should have one because she said so) and will likely have herself lain out on an LA freeway to be picked apart by scavenger birds or some shit because that's the natural way.

Also cracks me up that for someone who is so about green burials her own home isn't even the cheapest in LA.

No. 1356902

She talks exactly like a friendless high school girl who spent too much time on snark blogs. You have a platform to build bridges and inspire young people, let's piss it away by treating it like the comment section on 2006 ONTD. yasssss gurl

No. 1356903

I work in the industry and while every home is managed differently, we are not like this. Not even in private. This is a high-stress job and its important to maintain respectability and trust with families because they're having a difficult time as it is. And a lot of people I know, some of whom work in the home with me, are tired of being assumed to be this way. There's acceptance of the inevitable and then there's this weird aesthetic Catilin is obsessed with defining herself as.

I wouldn't think to laugh at someone's dead loved one because that's not how I process anything.

No. 1356905

She's very much yaaasqweenslay shit, a troon handmaiden, and rupaul fan because she's referenced it in past videos.

No. 1356908

File: 1635361712651.png (414.78 KB, 1130x579, undertakingla.png)

Did something happened to her funeral home? The website was taken down. I found this listing with the prices, but I have no idea if they are cheap for LA standards or if it's updated.

No. 1356910

This is a nearly 40 year old woman.

No. 1356913

You reminded me of a video she made with Laganja Estranja. He trooned out recently.

No. 1356916

How interesting. I only remember the time she shut down her home for a week when she made that week in the life video and did absolutely nothing career related except play around with the website.

No. 1356922

File: 1635362674663.jpg (29.36 KB, 810x138, Capture.JPG)

I can't imagine very many people are taking them up on their offer to scrape mom's bones out of the oven. She needs to drop the "empowerment" and put more emphasis on low-cost, green burials. Pisses me off how out of touch she is with average people. Though it looks like her funeral home was bought out and the new management does exactly that so good for them.

No. 1356924

She still apparently works there because in some videos she refers to Clarity as "her funeral home", so I'm not sure what's up there. I cannot see her actually owning this place because she seems allergic to doing work that isn't shilling her terrible books, a TED Talk, and being a snarky retard.

No. 1356928

She's a co-founder along with the owner of the funeral home that bought her out. Judging by google reviews of the new funeral home, she's entirely behind the scenes now and every good review thanks two other women who work there (one of whom is the embalmer kek). If this thread is anything to go by, keeping her in the back is for the best.

No. 1356931

I jokingly audibly gasped. She works alongside an EMBALMER?! Isn't that, like, her sworn enemy?

I bet she doesn't mouth off to that woman at all. She seems like a huge pussy in person.

No. 1356932

Lulz, that's so 2011. One could turn every brain fart into a TED Talk back then.
But if you're into the fifteen minutes of fame like that morbid attention whore…

No. 1356934

File: 1635363394938.png (52.49 KB, 606x413, patreon.png)

I wonder if she is just a figurehead in Clarity. With just her Patreon, she is earning at least $13,502 per month (assuming that everyone is paying the lowest tier): https://www.patreon.com/thegooddeath

No. 1356936

She reacted to the negative comments that she received in that TED talk.

No. 1356937

Why does she even need a Patreon when her videos are monetized and she clearly has a cult-like following? Plus her book sales and shitty public appearances.

No. 1356938

Her Spiderus looking ass really cares what people have to say about her. You'd think that working in the industry would've given her a thicker skin.

No. 1356940

The type of gal googling her name, every fucking day.
There are many out there.

No. 1356941

The embalmer, again according to the google reviews, goes above and beyond doing legwork between hospitals and law enforcement on behalf of confused and overwhelmed clients where other funeral homes would have told the family to kick sand, and is a massive factor in their positive community reputation. Not even Caitlin is dumb enough to think about disrespecting her.

No. 1356942

I don't know if its cowtipping, but I hope that ledditor will answer questions if asked. I'm really curious.

No. 1356944

An actual inspiration and credit to the profession.

No. 1356954

I tried to skim her pandemic videos because I swear this was in one of them, but I remember when she tried to play the victim and said that average citizens were accusing funeral directors of enjoying the pandemic because more deaths meant more money. She pretended to be asshurt by the accusation and said that she's not happy that people are dropping dead in droves at all.

No. 1356958

No? Part of being a professional in something like this is managing people's emotions. No shit someone can be dying for 6 months and their family not accepting that. It's not like they're being assholes to you. Some people have a really hard time dealing with death and if that irritates you you should probably switch professions. Also learn to sage.

No. 1356962

File: 1635365794395.jpg (52.58 KB, 900x1069, emily_strange.jpg)

Pretty funny that she tries to impress her own good™ methods on her customers instead of - maybe - listening to their own needs.
Not a good way to conduct a business.

I also hate her ridiculous, shameless goth haircut.

No. 1356976

>her gothy hair
Does she wear wigs? Her hair always looks a little too perfectly manicured, and surprisingly thick and healthy looking for how chubs and old she is. OP pic especially looks like a wig.

No. 1356980

>if that irritates you you should probably switch professions.

Full stop. Ayrt sounds like one of the asshurt stans who didn't want a thread made on her in the first place.

I've always wondered about that myself. She looks like Lord Farquad, I honestly don't get why she keeps that hairstyle. She looks like a fucking troon.

No. 1356983

File: 1635368234149.jpg (25.17 KB, 422x650, 9781474613415.jpg)

Yeah. Seems like we know where she got that style from.
Now take a look at one of her book covers.

No. 1356986

File: 1635368593791.jpg (56.92 KB, 700x467, 6777176-3x2-700x467.jpg)

No. 1356990


You see, that's just her living a lifestyle of stylish (ugly) morbidity and she tries to make a buck with it. Maybe she's in for the controversy and even enjoys all the spite.

And all that is not even very original 'cause she stole it.

Dunno why, but her silly death show grinds my gears more than it should.

No. 1356992

>but her silly death show grinds my gears more than it should.

Its okay, anon lol. Honestly, her stupid voice and facial expressions grind my own gears. Nearly every photo of her is either smug looking like OP or "shocked" with some vague reference to death elsewhere in the frame.

No. 1356993

>She's not joking about dead babies where the majority of her soft tumblr viewers can see her. She was making the edgy jokes in a special interest book she expected only industry insiders and diehard fans to read.
What? She didn't vanity publish the book in 10 copies. AFAIK she published it normally, through a well-known publisher. How the fuck was this book supposed to be read by the select few?

No. 1356995

Is that ayrt talking about smoke gets in your eyes? Because that was published by a company that's been around since the 1920s. All three of her books are published by that same company actually.

Some anons itt are sus but its to be expected because lc was bound to have some "dethLINGS XDDD" hanging around who would lick Catilin's necrotic asshole.

No. 1357003

Using skull replicas as a decoration as if you were celebrating Halloween all year long..?

With that I'd say that you will always get the customers you deserve. And maybe some boredom clicks on Youtube, too.

No. 1357004

Well thanks nonnies your all on the verge of convincing me to grow my bangs out! I promise they’re not as wiggy as Caitlins

She’s been irking me for a while but I couldn’t put my finger on it. I’ve got both “when smoke gets in your eyes” and her white saviour book but I’ve never actually got around to reading them. I’m a bit disgusted at the thought now having read those excerpts

I have worked in nursing a long time and especially in end of life care (which I’ve done in hospitals and care homes). There is a sort of… morbid sence of humour that comes along with the job but it’s never at the expense of the individual. The way she’s talked about those families - especially the children, I’m surprised she has any customers. If she was a nurse she’d have likely lost her licence.

No. 1357008

>There is a sort of… morbid sence of humour that comes along with the job but it’s never at the expense of the individual. The way she’s talked about those families - especially the children, I’m surprised she has any customers. If she was a nurse she’d have likely lost her licence.

This, right here. One of my aunts is a nurse and while her sense of humor has always been dry, she's never done this at the expense of patients or their families. We don't behave this way at my funeral home, not even behind closed doors. I know that laughter can be a coping mechanism, but I'm tired of people pushing this who are outside of either industry like they just finished their first intro to psych class and automatically know everything that goes on, because they don't. Prior to this I was working in hospice care and not once did I ever hear anyone crack jokes at the expense of any patient. I feel like she truly barely works at "her" funeral home. Otherwise, she'd know the range of emotions one can feel (and sometimes its anger when you learn of the unjust ways some people die) and what its like to have to manage that on top of the family's.

I have wondered if part of why people put up with her is because she's located in the loony bin that is L.A.

No. 1357063

File: 1635375963386.jpeg (420.08 KB, 1242x1135, 878E57C6-57A8-44A8-8B5F-A11A2E…)

She reminds me of this other bitch on Instagram who posts gore and now is charging a premium for said gore. She always cries about haters too, they looked a lot alike so for the longest I thought they were the same fat goth white bitch.

No. 1357097


I’m really hoping someone’s got some serious milk on her. Her page used to actually be interesting but I found the whole way she went about charging for images of things like people being run over in her “gore” site really disrespectful and unprofessional. She keeps pinning comments from cam girls and that on her posts aswell. So odd

No. 1357115

saging because drunk linguistic pondering but is it fat goth white bitch or fat white goth bitch, linguistically speaking? https://www.semanticscholar.org/paper/Contextual-Determinants-of-Adjective-Order%3A-Beyond-Smirnova-Lenarsky/86c776eeb9ea8bc5f16a152045e8e4bd55acb4ba

either way this is an insufferable genre of person.

No. 1357122

File: 1635384680569.jpeg (132.23 KB, 750x424, 35CDA659-DAF0-41E9-B0A8-4D0448…)

Don’t mean to a-log but i honestly think looking at gore as a hobby is weird enough on its own and the way she writes these image descriptions and the weird “check it out more in the gross room!!” thing she adds at the bottom is so off putting. like bitch you’re not advertising your onlyfans, these are real pictures of people who probably couldn’t consent to having their mutilated dead bodies photographed and put on the Internet for everyone to see

No. 1357134

I think it's probably easier to dislike her if you haven't been scammed and deceived by the funeral industry in your personal life. The sudden, surprise death of a loved one that leaves you as the soul executor of the estate while you're in a state of grief leaves you open to scam artists and liars that know how to suck every last dime out of you. I'm glad Caitlin is tearing that shit down. Those people are vultures. You'll understand when you're older.

No. 1357144

Yeah tbh I couldn’t give less of a fuck irt what the funeral industry thinks of her, at least she’s informing people of their legal rights to choose what to have done with their body once they have passed. I am more bothered by some of the excerpts anons have published from her book and her mean girl behavior.

No. 1357146

This isn't her thread. Can we not shit up caitlin's thread with other people. It was a pain in the ass to get this made as it stands.

No. 1357147

>You'll understand when you're older.

Anon, most of this site is gen x and gen y. Also fuck off with your whiteknighting.

No. 1357153

File: 1635387302426.png (564.48 KB, 2018x1998, elderly.png)

Speaking of the elderly

No. 1357156

>This thread is to discuss her and other cows from the Death Positive Movement.

No. 1357160

i mean if she literally fits into the description of this thread why can't we discuss her

No. 1357166

Maybe this thread should have been called Fat Goth Bitches kek

What is the reasoning behind posting gore? How does she get away with it on ig of all places?

No. 1357173

I always found her really obnoxious, especially her voice. A shame because the subject matter is interesting yet her videos seem to be really generic. I s2g anons are spot on when they say she makes her aesthetic the center of everything. It makes her knowledge about the subject seem superficial.
Just assumed she was likely a narc (if not just a pretentious know-it-all), and it looks like I wasn't too off the mark. She's so up her own ass for basically regurgitating general knowledge in her industry into her opinions for youtube clicks and thinks that makes her an expert.

No. 1357232

I noticed this too. She seems to have zero awareness of the grieving process and how it impacts people’s decision making, which seems like an important part of the job if you’re working with bereaved people. It’s all just snappy corpse jokes and annoyance with loved ones for not managing the burials exactly the way she wants. There’s definitely something off about her, and I say that as someone with morticians in my family who is well aware of their typical gallows humor.

No. 1357235

She types like Lindy West on Adderall. This 2007 quirky snarky libfem xoJane/Jezebel.com “yasss gurl” commenting style is so played out and tired.

No. 1357238

No way. This can't be real. This is real??? No way. Is this legal??? People buy this?? I knew there was a risk of weirdos selling your body parts under the table, but selling pictures of your dead body like some onlyfans account? Jesus. Women can't even escape exploitation in death. Now we have retarded fucking shits like this making CONTENT out of it. Oh that's just infuriating.

People who work in the "death industry" sharing stories to me is fine so long as they leave it completely anonymous, but including names and pictures and making fun of them for millions of views and money is just plain foul.

No. 1357249

Why are all the women into gore, true crime and other “edgy” topics always fat white goth chicks with weird bangs?

No. 1357252

Why is her face like that?

No. 1357255

>Women can't even escape exploitation in death.
Very off-topic, but you reminded me of a porn actress who killed herself and people were promoting her old adult films as a way to "honor" her.

No. 1357285

File: 1635403773700.jpeg (195.43 KB, 574x454, D764300D-DBA3-451E-852E-61B19B…)

Caitlin reminds me of Mrs. Turnblad

No. 1357297

File: 1635405825438.png (101.47 KB, 709x360, fd.png)

I am not a funeral director, but I have read their criticism. Most of them agree that there are scammers out there and wish that the public was more informed to take better decisions. They wouldn't have much issue with Caitlin if she was actually trying to help families identify scams or inform them of the available options. But she paints all funeral directors, especially the ones offering traditional services and embalmers, as scam artists and then pushes her alternative burials agenda. She has even mocked families in pain to get her point across. Add to that all the kids who now think that mortuary school is goth wonderland because of her. Imagine if people thought that Dr. House is an accurate portrayal of a medical professional and all the sarcastic assholes with no interest in helping people suddenly want to join the field.

Is she? Because for me, she is informing people that they can refuse traditional services and then pressures them to get alternative methods.

No. 1357306

I took a look at how other online morticians handle talking about the death and burial of babies. The woman in vidrel seems pretty emotional just talking about it. I don't think Caitlin's jokes and lack of empathy are normal.

No. 1357307


That whole excerpt has really rubbed me the wrong way. She writes as though every resident in a care home is going to end up with grade 4 pressure sores. Pressure sores happen, but nursing homes and hospitals are meticulous about maintaining healthy skin. Also her comments are so brushed off and sweeping missing the whole host of complicated reasons of why people end up in residential or nursing homes. Homes are not just places where you drop off the elderly or unwell members of your family to die in a hole where they’re ignored and left to rot. Many elderly people remain at home until their death but a lot do better in care homes as they get the social interaction they need, not just from the staff but from people around them who are similar in age and life experiences. I think she needs to pay mind that adjacent to her industry is another one full of professionals.

No, we don’t have euthanasia but we do have a lot of research into palliative and end of life pathways and ensuring that whoever is dying isn’t in pain.

And whilst I have no doubt that the funeral industry has people in it who capitalise of death and she does have some really good points, especially in regards to talking to your loved ones about death, she seems to have a very narrow mind of what constitutes a ‘good death’. There are a lot of people who when they’re well are adamant they want to die at home and then when they’re ill, decide they would prefer hospice care. There is lots of research in this area, lots of nursing journals and medical papers about it, it forms a huge part of training for people who work in those areas.

Also, a lot of people do spend time with a loved one who has just died. I’ve worked with people who have spent an hour or two saying goodbye to loved ones who have passed and occasionally people who don’t want to be around the body at all. You can’t tell someone how they should or shouldn’t process a death. I wonder if for a lot of people a funeral isn’t just a time to say goodbye to a loved one, but also to connect with family and celebrate a life and, yknow… talk to people…

Finally, dementia isn’t some kind of wierd death row sentencing where your going to end up locked up in a home and forgetting everything and everyone doomed to a tragic existence and then your dead. I could go on and on but I don’t want to clog the thread rebutting her nonsense.

Sorry for the sperg

No. 1357320

Not to be a dick anon, but do you work in the industry? Because as someone that does, this isn't the norm.

No. 1357327

Is she actually selling photos of deceased victims of violent crime?
And would she talk this way if it was her family member? I don't get these people.
Wow, she is the polar opposite to Caitlin.

No. 1357330

File: 1635410952672.png (165.84 KB, 1896x857, Screenshot (111).png)

Is she even licensed to do cremations? I couldn't find her license on the Cemetery and Funeral Bureau license lookup, only the funeral director one.

No. 1357334

How long does a cremation license last? I am guessing that it expired and she hasn't renovated it.

No. 1357335

2 weeks

No. 1357345

File: 1635412768972.png (469.77 KB, 577x664, necklace.png)

No. 1357352

Fuck yes, people have never looked forward to death, honestly the only peoples in history that were "fine" with death were Christian and Muslim warriors who believed a glorious afterlife after achieving death in battle

No. 1357376

File: 1635415481652.png (258.3 KB, 767x476, wikipedia.png)

She did cremations when she worked in Westwind Cremation & Burial in 2008 when she was 22. >>1356986 is from 2015.

No. 1357423

File: 1635423354736.png (713.87 KB, 2042x2247, luke.png)

Caitlin's suicide attempt
>Luke, her friend, rejects her after she writes him a long sappy letter
>She writes e-mails to her friends and family saying goodbye and specifying what she wanted them to do with her body
>She checks in a hostel
>She goes into a hiking trail in Northern California
>She says she has come there to die
>No one comes by, she decides to stop her "suicide attempt"
>She walks out of the forest
>She meets a hitchhiker named Casey and sleeps with him

Two chapters before this incident she says that working in the crematory and seeing death daily made her appreciate life and want to live more fully.

No. 1357427

File: 1635423878575.png (200.93 KB, 1110x482, dethskool.png)

Found this post on her IG. I understand that Caitlin wants to address rumors, but why put this woman on blast for her deathlings to go after? Even if she specifies that she doesn't want the person to be harassed, why not just make a post talking about her time in mortuary school without pointing the finger at someone?

No. 1357428

File: 1635423998477.png (84.81 KB, 601x239, youngfemalefd.png)

No. 1357446

>I left it for him in his mailbox in the middle of the night

Dare I say this was the part that scared him off, jesus christ lady.

No. 1357449

Samefag, she's not in any way attractive enough to get away with this level of crazy
>uwu tried to drive myself off a cliff

Understand the crazy hot scale and know your place, woman. Applies to men too, the hotter you are the more crazy you can get away with being. She's a 4 acting like a crazy level 10.

No. 1357455

Are you retarded

No. 1357456

This post says it all. This nobody woman commenting on IG isn't threatening her reputation or her career but Caitlin had to respond to it anyway because people saying something about her she doesn't like is unbearable. Gossip is inevitable and desperately defending your honor against any dumbass comment people make just makes you look unstable.

No. 1357464

Damn, Luke really dodged a bullet. Imagine the barrage of crazy he had to deal with before finally going no contact. “Your support is the only thing keeping me alive, love me or I’ll kms” is some classic emotional vampire bullshit. Between the BPD-esque antics and the dead baby jokes, the woman is truly not all there.

No. 1357465

“Don’t go after this woman” is so transparent, if she didn’t want to send her fat goth girl stans after the woman she could’ve just blocked out her name. She’s such a shitty mean girl.

No. 1357471

File: 1635432594289.png (141.65 KB, 400x300, potat.png)

more like caitlin doughy amirite

No. 1357475

File: 1635432965972.png (52.81 KB, 611x251, caitlin doughy.png)

No. 1357477

nah she's right about that stuff, most people's lives now are so separated from death that they do stupid shit like this.
i am STOKED for this thread though, i feel like i found a big bag of candy. Caitlin's persona is annoying and she's so fucking cringily full of herself.
this kind of "i collect victorian medical implements" happy-spoopy fat bitch character was bearable if you were under 25 in 2005.

No. 1357478

ehh, she's just saying what everyone with her job is thinking. i mean, maybe she should consider that saying it would upset some people, if she wants those people's money/respect, but this shitty joke is a far cry from all the nuns who've thrown babies bodies into unmarked mass graves.

No. 1357479

she would have been in high school from 1998-2001. it's probably easy to prove she only did this like, three times or at special events that aren't exactly what she's describing

No. 1357483

k i never heard of this woman but how tf does she get away with dressing up like that as a funeral director???

No. 1357490

Because she's a Youtuber, also she has some normal outfits.

I will say that she has some cringe jokes and is basically just a geriatric millineal who acts like a turbo tard on Twitter. Admittedly I've only seen like 3-4 of her longer narrative videos that all seemed pretty well made with quality footage and history, I was willing to write her off as someone who got fuked into the twittosphere 150 charachter spergatory but jfc that book LMAO

No. 1357496

>pattering on abt how DIFFERENT she is
that's all she ever does

No. 1357499

wtf she's a "death professional" but says all that retarded shit about suicide?

No. 1357501

kek @ all the anons claiming to be in the funeral industry.
i don't think that many regular users of a forum populated by 21-year-olds are morticians.

No. 1357508

Ok, prove it.

No. 1357511

ayrt, i'm saying that's my guess as to what really happened. i don't know her.

No. 1357525

“Suicidal lunatic”??? Are you fucking kidding me? She was looking for iNsIgHt into the HuMaN cOnDiTiOn and it was right there the vapid bitch, it happens with all kinds of people and it’s tragic, you have absolutely no idea what someone is going through. She is so fucking dense and insensitive, in a spiritual way. If you’re handling the items of someone recently deceased in that much of an emotionally charged way, you could probably feel it, even people who “don’t believe in that sort of thing” can feel it. What a fucking cunt, she’s not worth getting mad about but that’s not a fictional story, a person and their family was handled that way. What the fuck.

No. 1357551

File: 1635439436798.png (451.38 KB, 604x611, googling.png)

Do you guys think that she is reading this thread right now?

No. 1357556

She'd rather be checking her Patreon for e-begging money.

No. 1357568

And fatty Caitlin has “dough” in her name, is she trying to tell us something?

No. 1357570

File: 1635440247045.png (248.62 KB, 601x434, victorianfuneral.png)

Do you prefer her Victorian funeral director attire?

No. 1357573

Does it include pissing on said grave?
That would be fitting for her "services".

No. 1357594

File: 1635442247314.png (22.55 KB, 336x122, credits.png)

Someone else writes and edits her videos.

No. 1357606

I do work in the industry and I'm the one who requested this thread last week. Also,

>21 year olds

I'm over 30 and you are aware that most funeral director programs are 2-3 years plus apprenticeship, right? It's a trade, it's not something which takes 8 years to achieve licensure for. I don't understand why the baseless hostility and you honestly sound like one of caitlin's stans.

No. 1357621

Not yet, but its inevitable because as we've seen, Doughy can't stand being gossiped about. There's already been some wk itt and a few tried to stop the thread from being made a few days ago by defending her.

No. 1357622

By the way, The Dungeon was definitely a BDSM club that existed in Honolulu, where Caitlin grew up.
>a “pop-up” warehouse club type BDSM fetish event that took place once a month; whips ‘n chains ‘n flogging polls; erotica (voyeurism and exhibitionism); gothic, industrial and synth-pop DJ music & dancing

The only reference to Flesh I could find is connected to Galaxy Nightclub
>an old 2 floors club that transformed into the “AfterHours” venue on Saturday nights. It featured the Flesh, Ultra and The Dungeon events, featuring Goth music mixes and BSDM themes.

Source: https://tastyislandhawaii.com/2013/08/28/oahu-bars-nightclubs-memorialized/comment-page-7/

No. 1357623

Her wet dream: Being turned into a pile of garbage. This is her video about the human composting facility. She's so giddy talking about this because its exactly what she shames families for not doing. The woman helping her also looks like the exact type of nutter who would get jazzed about being used to fertilize someone's avocado garden in socal.

No. 1357628

I understand the humor but this picture she took is so fucking tone deaf and immature.

No. 1357631

This comment isn’t that old but it’s like criminally underrated

No. 1357637

Because she's like 40 and still clinging to this goff gurl persona even though she's supposed to maintain some semblance of professionalism, even online. No wonder the home she works with keeps her in the back. I'd be embarrassed if she were my coworker.

No. 1357642

This site has hundreds if not thousands of users from all ages and walks of life. You really find it farfetched that a few of them might work in the funeral industry and be interested in commenting on a thread about a controversial celebrity in their industry? Ok kek

No. 1357644

There's no point. Nonny sounds like one of the twitterfags stumbling around trying to integrate and assuming everyone is her age. This site's been around since 2014 and isn't some secret club.

I feel like people are going to defend her with the 'all teenagers do edgy stuff like this', but I really feel sick to my stomach knowing that she was underage and going to places like this.

No. 1357682

Fatter version of the feminist bookstore character from Portlandia

No. 1357683

I think this joke went way over Caitlin's head. A lot of people who watch weird videos comment things like that as a joke. Caitlin seems to be looking for things to be defensive about.

No. 1357690

Its a constant with her.

No. 1357691

I'm surprised her woke army hasn't "cancelled" her for this. Agree with another anon about Luke having dodged a bullet. She's gross.

No. 1357716

god she's so childish

No. 1357755

I’m surprised her woke army didn’t cancel her for mocking a suicide victim and all the other vile shit she talks about tragically deceased people and their grieving families. “Depressed madman”? “Suicidal lunatic”? That’s awfully ableist and not very professional of you, Doughgirl.

No. 1357758

File: 1635465819793.png (762.81 KB, 703x715, hahasoquirky.png)

Oh but anon that's just her gallows humor and all funeral directors totes behave that way, so declareth Lady Doughy and her cult of winged liner porkers.

Peep the comments of picrel. She and her followers are deranged. I'm not saying that babies don't die, but this woman has a fixation.

No. 1357761

File: 1635466048286.jpg (402.96 KB, 1726x1619, camille-le-souffache-caitlyn-c…)

>this morticia addams wannabe bitch

No. 1357768

File: 1635466485797.png (129.39 KB, 750x623, S.png)

No. 1357769

File: 1635466521880.png (42.89 KB, 751x427, mature.png)

No. 1357773

File: 1635466877101.png (48.28 KB, 777x437, tcfag.png)

Once again showcasing that her true intentions are her fixation with the morbid, not actually helping anybody or attempting to look like anything less than some spoopy goff mom. True crime fetishists are a plague.

No. 1357775

File: 1635467110785.png (84.5 KB, 752x688, thispersonis40.png)

And whatever the fuck this whole thing was. It looks like she was begging for some kind of engagement on her twitter by making shit up.

No. 1357776

File: 1635467153298.png (94.92 KB, 768x733, ma'amthisisawendys.png)

No. 1357785

File: 1635467900440.png (502.21 KB, 751x706, Scree.png)

Like an old fuck desperately trying to seem hip and relevant by using terms like 'iconic' as if she's a zoomer or yaas draggy. Also, way to label a child's corpse as possibly haunted in order to garner those clicks, Doughbitch.

No. 1357788

File: 1635468181167.png (90.25 KB, 755x743, bedside manner is a thing.png)

So kind and caring uwu. Celebs can be stupid at times, but they still have families and friends who grieve for them. Such death positivity. More like callousness.

No. 1357791

The lack of self awareness or empathy here screams autism to me, not really BPD vibes

No. 1357796

Are anons versed in legal jargon? I have no idea what this is.


No. 1357803

If I read it right, she is arguing that she shouldn't have to pay manager fees that she agreed upon because he's an attorney and not a manager/agent, even though he did the work expected of him?

No. 1357807

>most people's lives now are so separated from death that they do stupid shit like this

Because they're grieving and distraught? You can prepare as much as you want, but no one will ever truly be 100% prepared for death. God forbid not everyone is a stonefaced Tim Burton character like Catie and her cohorts when it comes to having to prepare their parent's funeral. Your take is shit.

No. 1357817

“Most people are now so separated from death” is a braindead take anyway. We’re all surrounded by death constantly. There has been no time, place or culture in history where people lost their primordial fear of death. Just because we developed safer more sanitary ways to handle corpses doesn’t mean people magically stopped knowing how to grieve their loved ones.

No. 1357820

Not trying to infight but have you ever had a relative in hospice care? They’re quite literally on their death bed at that point. As difficult as it is there is no reason to not make plans for the person’s passing at that point. That’s not insensitivity, being on your deathbed is quite literally the most preparation for death you can get. It’s tragic but everyone dies. It doesn’t take a fat Tim Burton fangirl to understand that, someone having a relative in hospice care and not thinking about that person’s death at all is just delusion and irresponsibility at that point.

No. 1357836

Oh fuck off with this pathetic whiteknighting

No. 1357840

Anon shut the fuck up. Hospice care or not, the reality is people will always be unprepared for death in some way so to try and shame them for not preparing and making arrangements for it sooner is fucking stupid regardless of the circumstances.

No. 1357841

It might surprise you that funeral directors are multifaceted people with hobbies. Besides, you only have to be 18 and have 60 semester credits to qualify to take the funeral directors exam in california.

No. 1357848

That anon also hasn't bothered to do any research because it's a field which more and more women are going into. Imagine being snarky about running into one or two in the profession on a female dominated site.

No. 1357853

It's not only stupid, it's disgusting and unprofessional if you're in the field like Caitlin is. Like another anon had said: had she been a nurse instead, she probably would've lost her license by now. Bedside manner is a thing and even healthcare professionals don't just walk in smiling at you going, "Heh, yeah, he's gonna die but at least you won't need to worry about that cancer anymore huh? What a load off of YOUR plate!" The only thing which has protected Caitlin from this sort of backlash is people's ignorance to look into her further and I've noticed that ever since the idea of this thread was even proposed, there's been several anons trying to keep that the same. I've never seen people go to bat for someone so hard on this site. Its pathetic.

No. 1357858

File: 1635479933304.png (42.27 KB, 597x203, yassqueen.png)

No. 1357873

File: 1635481270128.png (121.75 KB, 1250x974, babyjokes.png)

>The only thing which has protected Caitlin from this sort of backlash is people's ignorance
I don't know, the deathlings share her brand of humor. Picrel are the comments under >>1357758

No. 1357883

ayrt, i wasn't referring to the fear of death. rather the amount of experience with and proximity to death in most people's lives in the developed world. it's become this mysterious unreal monster to a lot of people

No. 1357884

i said it cause there's supposedly only 200 active users on this site, and the majority are very young weebs or ex-camgirls

No. 1357896

Never got over Luke, it seems.

No. 1357913

A lot of weebs and camgirls are attracted to the website because we have threads about them or people like them, it shouldn't be of any surprise that a thread on a funeral director who apparently bothers a lot of other people in her industry would attract them.

No. 1357915

File: 1635486070853.png (48.63 KB, 598x201, children.png)

yikes, wtf is wrong with these fans?

No. 1357934

File: 1635490698885.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 176.16 KB, 720x564, Tahv5XcXjD0.jpeg)

I want to add some things that I found about The Dungeon:

http://archives.starbulletin.com/2007/09/14/features/genegabus.html (Sept 2007)
>THE FREAKS invade Galaxy Nightclub one last time this weekend, as veteran promoter Matthew Grim pulls the plug on "The Dungeon" after 14 years of monthly debauchery.
>Now based in Los Angeles, he continues to promote and host alternative lifestyle events, including the recent "Sexopolis" party in Hollywood and a quarterly "Bondage Ball." But will Grim, who grew up in Honolulu, come back to the islands to throw another party?

http://hostagezine.blogspot.com/2011/10/punish-yoself.html (Oct 2011)
>Earlier there was the almost elitist Dungeon facebook group, which didn't allow anyone who was too young or "new" to remember the mid 1990's fetish/fantasy nights of pleasurable punishment, put on by the friendliest freak in Honolulu - Courtney.
>Welcoming/Warning us that "Where There's a Whip, There's a Way", you enter to find an array of options you wish every club could offer.
>Of course, there's the darling Dominatrices, whom people pay to be punished by. To your delectable delight, there will also be Stage Performers
>The Suspension Crew, will be living up and giving in to the multiple meanings of "flesh hookers."
>And DJs for daze including Old Skool Headliners Romell of Razed IN Black goth glory & Daniel J shedding some Light on "the rebirth of Filth, Pain, Torture & Love."
>Producer James S. went from being a spectator to set decorator, helping construct some of the devices of torture that many a slave became attached to, physically and psychosexually.
>Sensually Yours will likely be a one stop store, for a lot of the doms, slaves, johns, janes, whores & more.

tl;dr The Dungeon was closed in September 2007, but a Facebook group organized reunion events reminiscent of the ones hosted in the original club. It paints a picture of the type of events that Caitlin attended as a teenager with her friends.
Picrel is a woman in lingerie standing in front of a man in a gimp suit tied up to a giant cross or X, which might be the same one referenced here >>1356620 on her book.

No. 1357938

This is a great thread. Youtube has been putting her in my suggested list for years but her thumbnails always looked really irritating to me, even though the title might sounds vaguely interesting. thanks for the break down of her annoying shit.

No. 1357968

File: 1635498585293.jpeg (414.33 KB, 2560x1437, CsaqXXQUIAA9xC-.jpeg)

It reminds me of the soyboy face, but goth.

No. 1357997

File: 1635503670840.png (275.93 KB, 599x393, witch.png)

Caitlin's inspiration is a witch with bangs who hates children.

No. 1358031

Yeah maybe not everyone is in a mental state to accept that about a family member, I know there are a lot of ambulance chasers out there but it's reasonable that some people will be in shock and denial about their loved ones. This bitch obviously is so divorced from empathy she can't see that.

No. 1358073

>Anjelica Huston
She fucking wishes.

No. 1358082

Caitlin always picks low hanging fruit to ridicule in front of her fans to make it seem like anyone against her is dumb, sexist, racist, etc. She never shows the reasonable or justified criticism that people have against her. In her TEDEx's comments reaction video, she picked:

>someone who called her creepy

>someone who commented on her weight
>someone who made a snide remark about her being vegetarian

No. 1358126

This is what she fantasizes about? Exposing a young woman to career-ending harassment so she can get a shot at being a twitter hashtag for an hour? Tacky bitch

No. 1358131

i think she could have this attitude/image/content if she called herself a historian or "death historian" or something. she even could have done the same videos, just not as a mortician, as a "Death hobbyist" or some shit.
this kind of content is dumb and silly coming from a supposed mortician or funeral director

No. 1358133

Holy shit, you are right. I thought you were exaggerating, but Caitlin and her business partner never do anything related to their job as funeral directors. They closed their funeral home for a week for a shitty 13 minutes vlog where they sit around and work on their website.

No. 1358140

To compare, I watched other vlogs made by morticians and they:

>Receive calls from families who lost their loved ones.

>Pick up the body.
>Get and file the deceased's death certificate.
>Arrange the details of the funeral service with the family.
>Fill out paperwork with the deceased's details and the family information.
>Order the casket and vault.
>Call the church for the mass if the family wants a church service for the deceased.
>Contact the cemetery to ask them to prepare the grave.
>Make and print the prayer cards or programs.
>Organize the funeral staff for the visitation and service.
>If the deceased is a veteran, contact the military for their honors and burial benefits.
>Contact newspapers to publish a death notice.
>Make sure that the deceased looks well for the visitation. Help with cosmetic arrangements or clothes.
>Set up the room for the visitation.
>Accompany the family during the funeral service and burial. Make sure that everything runs smoothly.

No. 1358143

Seconding this. The bangs and color in particular look very unnatural. It's gotta be a wig or clip-in bangs at the very least.

No. 1358152

File: 1635530039724.png (624.21 KB, 495x616, B9xQBftnp9z.png)

this is her natural bangs

No. 1358179

Not even goth. She's a washed up gen xer who dresses in all black SOMETIMES and has a tacky, Lord Farquad haircut. Yet she's hailed as spooky qween because she works in a field people have taken to associating with goths, no thanks to her retarded ass.

No. 1358182

Nope. I wasn't exaggerating one bit and I'm happy that you posted the video for comparison.

I don't get how somebody who is allegedly so passionate about being a funeral director just shuts down their business for a week and justifies it by saying it's because they needed to vlog. And it wasn't even an educational vlog either, it was so self-serving. Even when she travels to other locations in order to shit out content, she brings absolutely nothing to the table that one couldn't have already found in books elsewhere. This woman only cares about aesthetics and having people tell her that her farts smell like Lolita Lempicka.

No. 1358183

But she's so feminist, right? kek

No. 1358184

File: 1635532732107.png (50.14 KB, 599x216, asmr.png)

Caitlin is so quirky, you guys!

No. 1358211

What confuses me is that she could have easily filmed her footage during a lunch break without closing the funeral home. We get no information about how the business runs, what she does normally or anything valuable about her life as a mortician.

No. 1358309

>If the deceased is a veteran, contact the military for their honors and burial benefits.
ok this one is very important (to me personally and to veterans/their family) and i am now very concerned about caitlin's competence. does she mention stuff like this in her videos? not all families are aware of or, if the person's relative are civilians, may not remember to do those things in the chaos surrounding a loved one's death.

No. 1358310

she seems like one of those late-to-goth gen-xers who got into it after rave culture and courtney love became mainstream

No. 1358331

I can't recall any situation in which she has. She probably doesn't actually give a fuck about that sort of thing (I'm sure the embalmer she works with handles it, not her) because she tries to be ultra woke and those types tend to write all who have served off as baby killers or just automatically invalid as human beings.

No. 1358444

I swear to fucking god if I found this creepy Ebony Dark'ness Dementia bitch doing asmr on my loved ones grave I would go Travis the Chimp on her ass

No. 1358452

She handles these topics with the same level of respect as those zoomers who do their makeup as they are describing horrific crimes.

No. 1358461

Basically, she gets off on all this corpse stuff.

No. 1358507

File: 1635591169817.png (66.33 KB, 599x294, corpse.png)

But anon, all funeral directors love corpse stuff!

No. 1358508

File: 1635591319659.jpeg (115.82 KB, 1240x681, CkXWqn_VEAEZN57.jpeg)

No. 1358509

File: 1635591468068.png (652.89 KB, 611x611, rot.png)

No. 1358513

File: 1635591753861.png (632.93 KB, 492x617, heartglasses.png)

No. 1358517

just L.A. things

nothing to see here, let's move on

No. 1358524

I can't imagine her answering calls in the middle of the night from distressed families or helping someone deal with a loss without cracking inappropriate jokes. Her passion is her advocacy work for death positivity, not the funerary business per se. I really wonder if she does any work in the funeral home.

No. 1358536

File: 1635597606228.png (438.65 KB, 2032x1506, babies-complete.png)

More excerpts from the chapter on baby corpses.

>the tiny babies practically cremated themselves

No. 1358563

>Ebony Dark'ness Dementia bitch
I’m a goth (in case you couldn’t tell) and I wear mostly black. I love Hot Topic and I buy all my clothes from there. For example today I was wearing a black corset with matching lace around it and a black leather miniskirt, pink fishnets and black combat boots. I was wearing black lipstick, white foundation, black eyeliner and red eye shadow. I was walking outside the crematory. It was snowing and raining so there was no sun, which I was very happy about. A lot of mourners stared at me. I put up my middle finger at them.(no1currs)

No. 1358565

Farmhand, why was >>1358563 red texted? Have you never heard of My Immortal?

No. 1358566

Can the whiteknights fuck off already.

Never thought I'd see the day when a janny was this new, holy shit.

What's with her fixation on dying kids?

No. 1358573

>What's with her fixation on dying kids?
~just L.A. things~

No. 1358574

this red text lmfao

No. 1358583

It could be because she saw a little kid fall to their death when she was a child and she admits she developed an OCD reaction to death afterwards.

No. 1358584

Which she should've gone to therapy for and got evaluated, not go into the funeral business acting like she actually gives a shit about other people.

No. 1358595


Boo-hoo, cry me a river. I'm sooo traumatized now.

She should go and get a therapy then instead of worshipping all kinds of corpses.

No. 1358607


No. 1358608

Zoomer Jannie confirmed

No. 1358612

This may be a reach, but with all that we've seen I wouldn't be surprised if she's a necrophile. With the bdsm shit, wannabe goth, morbidity fetish, and tweets like this and others she seems like the type who has zero respect for the deceased because at that point they're just organic matter to her. I mean, she's so dogmatic about green funerals that its evident that she thinks the bodies of loved ones shouldn't mean shit to their families. A total stranger's death becomes about her and they have no say in it, from her making videos and posts about cases she has zero connection with to talking about how ~*iconic*~ and haunted the body of a dead child is.

Her fans are fucked up and so is she.

No. 1358614

Fangz 2 nonie 4 makin me luf! BTW jannie stop flaming da post ok!

No. 1358650

File: 1635618980442.png (635.11 KB, 1115x561, necro.png)

She has made jokes about it, but I don't think she would cross that line.

(The guy on the pic is Conner Habib: https://connerhabib.com/about-2/)

No. 1358662

Lol, reading this thread in her voice.(sage)

No. 1358665

Fangs 2 da gothic ppl 4 da support! I'm unbanned now.
Is this a real skull? The photo is giving off some disturbing necro vibes.

No. 1358671

Embalming shouldn’t be practiced anymore; it serves as another pollutant and interferes with the decomposition process.

Hate her for her social ineptitude, but don’t hate her for encouraging better burial methods.

No. 1358673

No, the skull looks to be plaster/wood. All the teeth are connected and the texture is odd.

No. 1358675

No one cares. Go tell captain planet.

No. 1358677

Eat shit and die with Caitlin as your funeral director, cunt(a-log)

No. 1358678

Next thread OP should include no autistic covert whiteknighting. No one cares how many of you wanna larp pocahontas and save the environment. The thread is about the cows, not your brownie point stances.

No. 1358704

nta but doughy doesn't have a say in what happens to someone's body lol. it's the deceased's or their family's wishes and cait has even said she turned away clients who didn't want green burials and sent them elsewhere before her home was bought out. also learn to sage.

No. 1358740

You're an idiot if you think burial practices have ANY significant impact on the planet.

No. 1358890

>she turned away clients who didn't want green burials
What? Did she really do this?

No. 1358913

File: 1635663239655.png (648.56 KB, 580x617, cake.png)

No. 1358923


Yes, that's really gonna help a grieving customer.

No. 1358925

Imagine the power "impact" when the deceased drove cars that were gas guzzlers all his life.
That bit of a cremation won't change a single bit.

Corpse-Caitlin The Morbid does what any good salesman would do: She sells the idea, not the product.

No. 1358940

File: 1635672259682.png (553.6 KB, 636x664, cryingbaby.png)

No. 1358942

File: 1635672525832.png (606.16 KB, 888x554, house1.png)


No. 1358947

I doubt Caitlin knows how to do her job as a funeral director. She would just ask the embalmer to take care of everything.

No. 1358949

>basic beige retro with a skull and some old photos thrown in
Holy shit that has to be the darkest home I've ever seen. Doughy can't even do goth decor right.

No. 1358953

File: 1635676859826.png (165.81 KB, 687x555, yelp.png)

I took a look at the Yelp reviews. Maybe it's just me, but I find it strange that the grieving families were plugging Caitlin's books or YouTube channel. It seems like the other women do all the work around the funeral home.

No. 1358987

Conner Habib is the real cow in this picture, he's a fucking crazy antivax steiner nut.

No. 1359009

How do you call that style?
"IKEA granny"?

And don't overlook the ever-present fake skull, dear visitor of mine, cuz I'm speshull and edgy!

No. 1359011

do you think any of those photos are of people who are of actual personal significance to her (family) or that they're just old photos of random people for the aesthetic? the latter seems too shallow even for her.

No. 1359031

I'll bet you $10 those are random people. I've seen photos like that put up for sale for pennies in antique stores so it's not like they're hard to get.

No. 1359042

Someone as flippant about death as her isn't the sentimental type that has THAT many pictures of family on her wall. Those are randoms, maybe she has family pictures mixed in (only the really old ones though, for aesthetic).

No. 1359059



No. 1359065

Also known as death erection. Very sexy.

No. 1359068

It's really bizarre to me how much more she looks and sounds like a troon in her main footage than she does in her travel footage. Is it a deliberate attempt at being troon-like, or is she just really fucking up at her cosplay of iconic goth women? Also, I do find it extremely funny that she thinks herself to be woke when she's literally a white upper middle class woman from Hawaii who callously benefits from other people's suffering. I bet the native Hawaiians loved her.

No. 1359079

That's extremely odd and suspicious. I think back to the funerals in my own family, one even earlier this year, and I can't say that anyone would've been thinking about how to write a review or advertise some chick's book. Does she pop out from the back to close the deal with a copy or keep copies of the book on the front desk so people who are already distraught can see the quirky cat cover? This woman is vile.

No. 1359080

This was already posted upthread.

No. 1359290

this fat hot topic lurker is annoying as shit, but some of the comments here are hilariously pearl-clutchey. if you don't wanna go to the silly qUiRkY funeral home that only uses cardboard caskets, then don't. lots of cajuns and submariners are perfectly comfortable with that kind of shit, and IRL you can hear the facetious tone of voice in someone's dead baby joke so i don't think we need to worry about caitlin desecrating any of our relatives.

No. 1359300

Sorry that this thread isn't catered to your specific tastes.

No. 1359301

I feel the same lol. I was really hoping this thread would actually have something good, but it's been extremely boring and milkless so far and anons here seem a little too sensitive lol. So she's a little pushy about green burial and has some mean girl tendencies, who cares? We all have mean girl tendencies, that's why we're on lolcow. This thread is just pearl clutching about dead baby jokes and nitpicking her hair and weight, grasping at straws and trying to force milk when there's none to be had. inb4 "Stop wking her! Reee!"

No. 1359319

I may be a "mean girl", but I have at least a little empathy. If I lost a child, I'd be horrified to see the mortician I hired writing about what a cheap callous bitch I was for being distant and low on funds, or writing about how she made a game of "pitching my infant in the furnace" or whatever. And as someone who has lost someone to suicide, her ridiculous fantasizing over what that man had in his backpack and referring to him as a potential madman or psycho is beyond tasteless. Maybe if these were jokes about made up cadavers, or she didn't sensationalize actual people's deaths as their supposed post-mortem caretaker, people wouldn't be as up in arms. But she's literally selling intimate parts of her clients lives (and deaths), all while slandering them, and she can't take even the slightest criticism in return. It's literally part of her job to treat her clients and their mourning with respect, and she can't even feign it for a second. Forgive me if I'm wrong, but I think there's a pretty huge difference between making fun of retards who are a threat to themselves or others, and selling the details of your client's lives and deaths just for clout, all while shitting on them because you don't think their funerary plans are aesthetically cool enough.

No. 1359343

kek you all are just bored after 2years of lockdown. this is a website where people make fun of dying drug addicts& anorexics as well as wish death upon troons and grimes, but somehow this cat lady's crappy book is a bridge too far?

No. 1359348

>It's literally part of her job to treat her clients and their mourning with respect, and she can't even feign it for a second
yeah so the people who go to her are the ones who themselves make the kind of dumb comments she does. like, there's a kind of guy who wants to make his kids eat a "sry u died" cake at his funeral, and that's who her clients are

No. 1359350

Bold of you to assume I'm reading or participating in those threads.
You don't have to be here if you aren't enjoying it.

No. 1359357

Did we all really need to know your opinion?

No. 1359358

No. 1359360

Whiteknight or not, you're still derailing the thread.

No. 1359371

Its just more newfags who didn't read the rules to bother to know the distinction between /pt/ and /snow/. This thread is here for a reason.

No. 1359377

>Makes a roast about how she's a crazy and entitled death fetishist with no sense of professionalism
>"I did this out of respect and appreciation, I really like her work!"
Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if drag queens like her because it's like looking into the mirror for them. Not only does she look like a bloated man wearing a Party City wig and clothes from Target, but she's just as much of a narcissistic coomer with a fetish for other people's suffering as the average misogynistic moid.

No. 1359382

I watched a single video of hers and it was so cringe. Not only was she not interesting. You could feel her negativity giving from YouTube. She's a sad human being and I can't wait til she is cremated, cause I don't see anyone paying for this girls funeral.

No. 1359389

Of course, she had to react to this. She is salty af that the drag queen was accurate.

No. 1359395

Caitlin didn't include these on her reaction video:
>David and Bert, the survivors of this 1956 plane crash, were different in how they approached cannibalism: they were thoughtful, rational… dare I say sexy?
>Lake Superior is a lot like me on a first date, once she gets you she's not giving you back.
>I'm often asked if I'm tempted to draw on the decedent's face with a Sharpie and the answer is no… holds laughter
>A lot of UK sellers won't even ship body parts to the US because the laws are so vague, I've had some British woman's thigh on my Amazon wishlist for four months. What have I got to do to get the thigh?
>I'm about to come at you with a brand new book which took me 6 years to write but it's essentially a 4 pages about how my dog will consider eating my corpse.
>My funeral home is being investigated because I presented a body where I switched the arms and buttocks because I don't know my ass from my elbow.

No. 1359405

Then hide the thread and go back to your drug addicts and anorexics threads.

No. 1359418

Sorry, I wanted to add the caption.

No. 1359429

I don't see the issue. Yeah its weird and gross as fuck but this is how I expect everyone working in that industry to be. You think doctors who perform abortions are any different to this? Its essential people have that mindset in order to do their job well tbh and I'm glad she's being honest about it

No. 1359431

No you're right, it would be much better for society if our morticians were crying and mourning every dead body they saw. I can't imagine how that would impact their ability to do their job in any way. It would be much more professional if when grieving families came in the morticians acted really grossed out and emotional around the dead bodies… She clearly shows professionalism around families etc. Her book is basically a published tumblr post that clearly wasn't intended to be read by random families

No. 1359464

I’m not personally super bothered by a lot of this, but are either of? you really unable to realize that there are more options than being so autistic about death that you brag about speedrunning baby cremations and berate every grieving person who isn’t up to your standards, and literally having a breakdown at the sight of a body? Like, people are clearly complaining about her lack of professionalism and inability to even pretend to sympathize with people dealing with traumatic losses, not demanding to know why she doesn’t think dead things are icky.

No. 1359555

Being an emotional mess or an edgy Morticia Addams wannabe are the only options, sorry nonny. Professionalism? Not in this house.

(Gotta question why anyone is standing up for this woman)

No. 1359586

File: 1635776427730.png (725.16 KB, 934x601, house2.png)

No. 1359588

>It's necessary
Nine out of ten embalmers disagree! Seriously, though, have you even read the thread? She's considered an unprofessional asshole by basically everyone in the industry.
>The only two ways a person could respond to death are by making dead baby jokes or crying uncontrollably
Are you actually retarded, or have you just never been to a funeral? People aren't demanding that she act out the role of a professional mourner (though she would probably like if they did), they're just saying she shouldn't publically trash talk the dead for not killing themselves in a way that satisfies her aesthetic, or the families of the dead for daring to pay for her services, but not the services she wants. Anons upthread were right that she would be fired and banned from the industry if she were a nurse. She would probably write a tell-all memoir about how she had a comatose patient who disappointed her because he didn't wake up at a cool moment and wasn't as elegant as they are on TV.

No. 1359592

If that's what you think makes a good mortician, would society be much better with women like Isabella Janke managing funeral homes? She has a collection of gore and would never have an ounce of empathy for any grieving families. Her Discord full of questionable material wasn't intended to be read by the general public either.

No. 1359593

She likes that wall enough to move her furniture around just so she has an excuse to post about it again. It's funny, because the photo wall feels tacky and not thought out, just like everything she does.

No. 1359630

File: 1635781937819.png (547.9 KB, 2018x1830, cannibalism.png)

On the topic of cannibalism,
>The Wari’ were mortuary cannibals, meaning their form of cannibalism was a ritual performed at the time of death.
>This total disappearance of the body was a great comfort to the family and community.
>The difference is belief. The Wari’ had belief in the importance of total bodily destruction.
>North Americans practice embalming, but we do not believe in embalming. It is not a ritual that brings us comfort.

No. 1359631

Drag queens promote through Caitlin because her and her audience are already the main demographic for drag queen content AKA dumpy straight women who want to be sassy iconic faghags. It's not that deep

No. 1359632

All that money just to live in the corner of a highway antique store.

No. 1359637

The recent influx of Caitlin WKs (although I think it's just a few newfags) are welcome to go haunt another thread if they think this one is too pearl-clutchy or not milky enough. Bye!

No. 1359657

you have to be 18 to post here

No. 1359676

ritual cannibalism also causes prion diseases like kuru if you eat the central nervous system but ok doughy

No. 1359681

Its been happening since anons requested a thread about her and one person pitched a tantrum novel about why she wasn't a flake and didn't deserve a thread. A lot of farmers clearly consider their diabetic bat mom a fav and thought she was untouchable much like others who ended up posted. Its pathetic the level of caping there is. Did all the little alt girls feel personally slighted or something.

No. 1359687

It's not all that surprising to me that there's a decent amount of pudgy white girls with true crime obsessions and senses of "humor" entirely based on people suffering. They're probably the same musty rats who still use 4chan and think that drag queens are based.

No. 1359695

Like it was said upthread the next thread needs to have a note in the OP about autists coming here to defend her. This isn't PULL and anons get banned in every other thread if they compliment or defend cows and it's no different here. I swear to god the only other time I saw this level of asslicking on here was when ready to glare got a thread, so you're probably right about it being some subset of anons that are obsessed with true crime, gore, and cloaked in dollskill.

No. 1359795

this is my all time favorite quote, incredible use of travis the chimp as a verb, 11/10

No. 1359817

>North Americans practice embalming, but we do not believe in embalming. It is not a ritual that brings us comfort.

Literally who the fuck is she to decide that for someone else? Most families, especially those with someone who died in a horrifically gorey way (car accident or something along the lines of), favor embalming because otherwise its an extremely devastating thing to have to see all throughout the ceremony while you're in shambles as it is. Someone they love is already gone and they've had to do tons of planning, contacting services and relatives, figuring out assets and the will, etc and seeing them with their skull smashed isn't the final image they want in their memory. So sorry that people aren't nuanced enough for poor, tormented Caitlin Doughty, who must've went through such pains to jerk herself off to and salivate over what other cultures do with their deceased for this toilet paper she calls a book.

This feels reminiscent of her funeral foods video. You could see how smug and giddy she was to introduce morbid concepts to the audience for the shock factor first and foremost. Not to mention the author she cites in the video (Lisa Rogak) has already been under fire for years for that death warmed over book which she wrote because it has absolutely zero citations. Its just a giant, outdated book written in 2004 with two pages per country followed by the author's lazy ass to throw recipes of her own. She may as well have cited cracked.com

No. 1359826

She's literally just mad that it doesn't feel ritualistic enough for her. You may be wondering what part of needing to see the person one last time after they're dead isn't ritualistic enough for her. I think that it's that it's not "exotic" enough for her tastes ("Ew, ordinary people in America do it? I only like things poor foreign people I can fetishize do."), and also she can't be bothered to get/renew an embalming license, so she can't get money from it. I don't particularly like embalming, but I can't say I can scorn anyone for choosing it, especially not for the superficial and judgemental reasons Caitlin does.

No. 1359862

>she can't be bothered to get/renew an embalming license

She never had one to begin with. The embalmer she has as a coworker seemingly does all of the work and even beyond that if the reviews are anything to go by. Caitlin's free to dislike it, but a lot of her reasons (like not grasping that cow farts do more damage than embalming fumes) are reachy bullshit she hypes up so people look upon her as some sort of martyr when the reality is that she's a spoilt brat from Hawaii who found a niche she could manipulate people in for attention and money.

No. 1359878

idk they don't seem like they'r defending her, they all kinda sound sick of her as anyone else…more like they're agreeing with some ideologies and attitudes she follows but separating that from her youtube act. she really pisses me off too, but not not the unemotional/joking stuff, for her stupid 2008 aesthetic and big fat ego

No. 1360155

I am not a lawyer, but this is what I understood. The timeline of the events:

>Evan is a lawyer and manager, but not a licensed talent agent.

>In December 2011, Evan helped Caitlin negotiate a deal for a TV show called "Dead on Arrival".
>In January 2012, Evan helped Caitlin negotiate potential TV projects like "All Things Dead", "The Joy of Death" and "Ask A Mortician".
>In February 2012, Evan and Caitlin sign a written contract, where he would offer management services in exchange of 15-20% of her yearly earnings. The contract specifically states that Evan is not a licensed talent manager.
>In February 2012, Evan and Caitlin are in discussions with National Geographic Channel for a show.
>In October 2012, Evan negotiated a docuseries about either Caitlin's daily life as a mortician or following her around the world talking about death rituals.
>In July 2013, Evan is in negotiations to get Caitlin's content hosted by Studio D&A.
>In September 2013, Evan represented Caitlin for a possible interview with the BBC.
>In May 2014, Evan is in negotiations to make Caitlin the host of a new TV series and an appearance in a docuseries called "The Seeing Machine". A writing, voice-over work and appearance on the Smithsonian Channel is also in negotiation.
>In June 2014, Caitlin fires Evan.
>In March 2015, Evan sues Caitlin for her refusal to pay compensation for his work. Caitlin countersues him arguing that the contract she signed should be void due to the Talent Agencies Act.
>Evan argues that Caitlin is trying to avoid paying his attorney fees.
>In April 2017, Caitlin wins the case and she doesn't have any obligation to pay Evan.

No. 1360175

Do you know what newfag is?

No. 1360182

File: 1635846082552.png (31.46 KB, 524x140, react.png)

She admits it herself.

No. 1360199

File: 1635851577823.png (247.62 KB, 361x514, clarityfunerals.png)

Does anyone find it suspicious how fast her Ask A Mortician schtick took off?

>2006-2007: Caitlin works in a crematory for Westwind.
>2008-2010: Caitlin goes to Cypress College's Mortuary School.
>2011: Caitlin starts her Ask A Mortician channel and creates the Order of the Good Death.
>2014: Her book "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes" is published.
>2015: Caitlin and her business partner open Undertaking LA.
>2017: Her book "From Here to Eternity" is published.
>2019: Clarity Funeral Home buys Undertaking LA. Her book "Will My Cat Eat My Eyeballs?" is published.

How was she getting offers for TV shows as early as December 2011, barely two months after she created her YT channel? Has she ever actually worked as a funeral director? The reviews at Undertaking LA and Clarity never mention her, unless it's to talk about her death positivity advocacy. Add to that all her book commitments, talks, workshops, YT stuff, etc. I doubt she has the time to help in the funeral home. Ironically Caitlin is all over Clarity's IG and there's not one mention of the embalmer who is doing all the work.

No. 1360237

Listen to how reverently she talks about this drag queen. Not trying to get into OT politics sperging, but why is every leftard youtuber obsessed with Paris is Burning?

No. 1360247

File: 1635862381482.png (1.82 MB, 1200x1800, 4.png)

I looked at Order of the good death's website and all involved were women of similar age, seemed really similar to Doughty. This lady even has the same haircut. Thoughts on this Order in general?
>Back then the Order’s founder, Caitlin Doughty, was a young funeral director working in Los Angeles, where she witnessed firsthand how the funeral industry set families up for failure both financially and emotionally. But let’s be honest, “funeral industry reform” is not a fun, sexy topic for advocacy.
Isn't that exactly what she thinks though.

No. 1360248

So the biggest contributions of this drag queen is bringing the words "shade" and "realness" into the mainstream? What an accomplishment. I can see why he deserves more respect than all those dead children.

No. 1360253

File: 1635863103166.jpeg (144.96 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpeg)

The women that appear in her channel also have the same haircut.

No. 1360255

nah she's done collabs with people who didn't look like her. imo they're just the same archetype of millenial edgy women who never got over blunt bangs

No. 1360256

Btw, does anyone know what happened to Caitlin's business partner in Undertaking LA? She does not appear in the staff page of Clarity.

No. 1360269

This is so embarrassing.

No. 1360283

File: 1635867941668.jpeg (21.28 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpeg)

How about this one?

No. 1360321

So she screwed someone out of money even though they did what she asked of them?

It looks like she herself probably runs that page and the rest of the funeral home workers just let her do it because it shuts her up. They're the ones doing the real work they went to school for while she wants to brand build and giggle on Twitter on about how different she is for wearing all black. Honestly, how embarrassing. Also, it does seem suspicious that she'd be getting TV show offers that soon..

No. 1360326

She is a crook and a greedy funeral director, exactly what she criticizes kek

No. 1360328

Does this Bitch have absolutely no understanding of how mourning impacts the mind? Two parents losing a 9 year old child could even be out of touch with the world for months let alone 2 weeks after her death. Silly mistakes and thoughtless actions are like the standard outcomes of extreme grief. It doesn’t make them shitty parents.

No. 1360337

File: 1635875544385.png (360.08 KB, 591x614, beginnings.png)

She made her YT channel on October 1, 2011 and uploaded her first video on November 2, 2011. The negotiations for her first TV show started on December 12, 2011. She was a recently graduated mortuary school with around one year work experience in a crematory. Her early videos, even with her current fame, only have on average maybe 250k views. I am not sure if she was seeking these TV offers or someone approached her, but it's weird either way. Why would TV channels even have negotiations with Caitlin, when she was nobody at that point?

At least, this tells me that she was never interested in working as a funeral director. She wanted to become famous and be the Bill Nye for death enthusiasts and young goths. Also, "The Joy of Death"… was Caitlin pitching these names for the shows?

Anyway, I found something disturbing while I was looking for the specific dates of her channel's milestones. Caitlin's first YT video has photos in different angles of a dead dog surrounded by flies accompanied by the sound of electronic music. The poor animal was run over by a car. You can see his disfigured face and bowels plastered on the road.

No. 1360345

No, she doesn't anon, because she expects everyone to act like her wannabe NCIS goth chick self. Everyone needs to just get over death and make jokes about it 25/8 because haha edgy and totes all who work in the industry do it and we're all just pearl clutchers!

>shots of a mutilated animal with electronic music in the background

Such a credit to the trade. Truly. This is groundbreaking, little deathlings!

No. 1360351

Anons in the industry: Do you have to work in a funeral home to maintain/renew your funeral director license? Can you keep your license if you change professions?

No. 1360356

It varies by state (and I believe country as well), but where I live a license expires every two years at the end of the month of April.


No. 1360382

Ecological disasters are so zen and kawaii. I thought that she was all about her yuppie greenwashing business, but films dead animals and mountains of trash and calls it beauty.


No. 1360433

In highschool I dated a guy whose dad owned a funeral home and they lived above it. Gallows humor dad jokes constantly, it would have been weird but I was used to my mom working in the ER and talking about her work at dinner and joking about stuff.

No. 1360456

kek you really all think words are 100% academically serious unless accompanied by "and i oop" "TFW" "/s" or a drag queen tiktok. it's true though, comedic prose has never existed throughout history so caitlin should know better than to type that.

No. 1360500

Or people know how to recognize subversiveness, but whatever makes you feel better.

No. 1360581

you somehow read the opposite of what anon said

No. 1360629

My bad anon, kek I've been up since 5am

No. 1360737

Yeah, anon, because it's not like Caitlin's words perfectly align with her actions and explain her online petty behavior. That tweet is clearly in jest because she is your fave and she can do no wrong. Revealing the truth about yourself while half joking is completely unheard of and something that has never existed throughout history.

All those times when she was taking screenshots of negative comments from random nobodies, reacted to them on camera or sent her deathlings to harass people who badmouth her were funny little jokes. I am sure the people on the receiving end were laughing non-stop.

No. 1360740

I was wondering if she is "working" in that funeral home to keep her license. Clarity gets the free publicity in exchange of putting her name in the Staff page.

No. 1360744

I honestly didn't know how much of the information she was saying was false. I'm honestly surprised she hasn't been "canceled" or held accountable on a major scale. I feel like if anyone else was spreading so much misinformation they would have been called out so quickly. She gives me "pick-me girl" energy sometimes with the tweets idk how to explain it.

No. 1360754

>It looks like she herself probably runs that page
If this is true, then it's pretty sad that none of the women who keep the business running are given any credit or appreciation. Isn't she a feminist? Even the male staff member gets a special post dedicated to him and his life achievements.

No. 1360808

File: 1635940628036.png (800.24 KB, 1113x615, pickme.png)

>She gives me "pick-me girl" energy
Caitlin used to upload photos of random fat women in public and let her male friends make fun of them

No. 1360809

File: 1635940708635.png (95.42 KB, 597x446, mmm.png)

>Why would TV channels even have negotiations with Caitlin, when she was nobody at that point?
It really makes you think.

No. 1360811

Caitlin is "feminist" when it suits her publicly, but it's pretty clear that she has always been a hateful pick-me. Just wannabe goth flavored. And since she chose a niche vlogging topic and alt girls have been fetishized for a few decades now, she gets a free pass to do whatever she wants.

That's exactly what she is. I hate her cultural videos the most because they have never once felt sincere. They've always felt like she's just some spoopy version of a feed the children ad and she hopes that everyone afterward will like.. invite her home for pozole and tamales or some shit. And it's always so smug, too. I'm not saying that people can't appreciate other customs nor am I claiming appropriation, but it's just the way that SHE presents herself. She can't even hide it. I can't tell if she hates being white that much and wishes some other family would "adopt" her or some shit or if she wants those woke points for how she pronounces capirotada.

No. 1360816

But.. that is why you picked it, Caitlin. Partially, at least.

Holy shit, she's so fucking defensive all the time.

No. 1360832

wow, such feminism

No. 1360872

I love the irony of calling out someone making fun of fat people
>on lolcow of all places

No. 1360873

I love how we can shit on Shoe0nHead for doing the same thing, but not Caitlin Doughty.

No. 1360878


She's supposed to be an all inclusive mall goth death lady. Making fun of fatties isn't good for her feminist brand

No. 1360896

And Shayna.

No. 1360899

I love how you people keep coming here to complain instead of just hiding the thread. Whiteknighting the cows is against the rules, so fuck off already. And you can't say that you aren't, because you are. You keep coming back to devil's advocate or outright defend this woman by downplaying anything she does as either normal or not that bad. Like >>1360873 said: shoe0nhead gets shit on for having shamed other women's body types. Shayna has been given shit for being nasty about other women's bodies. Lori and Mariah, too. I'm sure there's other cows who do it whose threads I don't frequent.

No. 1360901

There’s nothing “ironic” about pointing out the hypocrisy of fat pick-mes who mock random fat women for minding their business, go stan your doughy kween elsewhere

No. 1360903

File: 1635951939278.png (228.71 KB, 603x460, lolcow-foolery.png)

No. 1360940

Except for her questionable tweets from 2017 and her lack of tact in her books, is there any real milk about her?

No. 1360948

there's like five anons making fun of the hypocrites pissiing their pants over caitlin in this thread, it's not just her
mocking death stuff isn't milky, i'm sure there's tons of "funny" funeral directors all over her country

No. 1360950


No. 1360951

File: 1635956795269.png (41.47 KB, 855x397, 1635795467895.png)

Threads allowed to be here. People need to get over it.

No. 1360956

no one's against the thread! we just want real milk and not "weh weh caitlin made a dead baby joke SO OFFENSIVE now brb i gotta go tell luna she deserves to have her organs ripped out and a lead pipe shoved up her ass while she's still alive"(whiteknighting)

No. 1360976

And guess what, anon? If there's no "milk", the thread will die organically. There's literally no need for you and others to keep shitting it up with your opinions about what is and isn't milk by YOUR standards.

Anons requested this thread, it was created, and here it is.

No. 1360982

It's also bold of you to assume that everyone in here is some sort of a-logger or visits every single cow's thread or, hell, even posts in them. Holy shit, the only other time I saw anons this pressed about a thread being made was ready to glare's so if this is because you darkincloset nonitas feel slighted then you need to seek professional help.

No. 1360996

Isn't it normal to go over a person's history in the first thread?

I am not sure what anons are expecting. Not every cow is a junkie, sex worker or a hot mess who can't hold a job. Just hide the thread and let others discuss her.

No. 1361019

It is normal. Newfags have a hard time understanding the difference between the three cow boards and who belongs where. Then there's the issue of asshurt stans. This isn't PULL, gurugossip, beautyguruchatter, lsa, or r/drama and they don't understand that. It's not a place to defend actions of a cow.

No. 1361140

File: 1635974992929.jpeg (236.05 KB, 750x1042, C7CB634D-626F-490C-B23E-22F784…)

No. 1361141

File: 1635975066195.jpeg (159.75 KB, 750x950, 33C3B8C4-693D-4388-9E49-BE732E…)

Found these on the way back machine. Pretty sure this is what the Reddit person was talking about when referring their friend Mac. (Also apologies for uploading one image at a time and for the shit layout I’m on my phone)

No. 1361144

File: 1635975198966.jpeg (313.72 KB, 622x1042, B33CE992-32DF-49EC-83D0-A0DFFE…)

No. 1361146

File: 1635975238821.jpeg (318.48 KB, 619x1187, F66D2C18-158D-40AE-9EB0-D38BFB…)

No. 1361150

File: 1635975405219.jpeg (114.76 KB, 750x408, 1CBF8F7A-2947-425A-98DB-439471…)

And screenshots of the “source” article she included in her blog post. Just incase anyone is interested.

Also not sure if it’ll work when others click it but just incase:

Link to way back machine news article: https://web.archive.org/web/20110929152726/http://www.dailynews.com/ci_18973442

Link to way back machine ofcaitlins blog article: https://web.archive.org/web/20110928100045/http://www.orderofthegooddeath.com/blog

Sorry for the multiple posts I couldn’t attach all the images to one post

No. 1361152

>a greedy funeral director
Yeah, I think that's what the villain's name was supposed to be about. She's chasing after all that dough!

No. 1361155

Holy shit, you're amazing. I was just thinking about this story last night and was going to do some digging for it after work today. Bless you, anon. I hope all your dreams come true.

No. 1361159

Thankyou! I hope I clipped everything so it’s readable. I usually just lurk on lolcow I don’t usually post

Her website all the way back to 2011 appears to be archived including her blog posts if anyone wants to have a look through them.

No. 1361160

Here's to hoping that screenshots of this one also surface soon.

No. 1361173

Reading that post again it sounds like the other student posted something on their personal Instagram and Caitlin was that bitch who took it to the dean to get the other student in trouble. I’ll have a dig through her Instagram anyway and see if anything turns up

No. 1361184

Its disturbing how mean spirited this woman is for seemingly no reason. What the fuck happened to her to make her hate other women so much?

No. 1361193

File: 1635977870457.png (38.62 KB, 730x332, must resist.png)

Its going to take everything in me to not cowtip and ask her about her nasty blog post.

No. 1361397

File: 1636009436553.png (1.8 MB, 1765x5488, mac.png)

Wow, fantastic job, anon! I hope you don't mind, I am adding an one image screenshot of Caitlin's post.

Archives to that specific blog post:
(The last capture is from July 16, 2017)

No. 1361412

>One hates to be a hating on my other female morticians, but the issue is that she’s also being very publicly kitschy about death.
>Call me one of those “grumpy” morticians, but if you have a public platform as a young female death industry worker, don’t be cutesy.
>You’re young and pretty, that only makes your voice more interesting. Don’t squander it with some Hot Topic dethgurl BS.

She seems jealous that "Mac" got an interview with a news outlet and not her. Caitlin is everything she is criticizing in that post. I think she was scared that this woman was going to beat her to the punch and become famous with her brand of quirky female mortician.

No. 1361418

>don't send her hate though!!!
>includes the posters handle

No. 1361425

As long as you pay your renewal fee, which is every year in California, you keep your licenses. You don't have to be practicing.

No. 1361427

File: 1636014335802.png (212.73 KB, 1508x1740, DanniComment.png)

Daniella, the woman criticized in Caitlin's blog, defended herself in the comment section:

>Caitlin, if you would have bothered to read the rest of the article (or at least include the rest in your own blog entry, instead of trying to twist the interview to support your own claim) you would have seen that I also made it a point to say that I have many other interests, besides the ones people automatically assume I am into (by default of being a funeral service professional.)

>I take my career very seriously, and am always very careful how I portray myself when speaking about the funeral industry.
>Just because you work in the industry doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate other interests, nor does it mean that you shouldn’t celebrate them.
>Oh, and no, I don’t shop at Hot Topic.

No. 1361437

This is so ironic, considering this woman's entire brand is kitschy as hell, painful blunt bangs and all

No. 1361440

I know Wired has its own issues, but seeing vidrelated is what made me realize how unprofessional Caitlin is. Compare the way she talks to how this guy does. Like you can tell he has a bit of a sense of humor about it, but generally discusses his work in a grounded, respectful way.

No. 1361452

File: 1636020190981.png (564.01 KB, 1444x1745, comments.png)

Other comments:
>I am continually shocked at women who feel the need to tear other women down–especially those who seems to have, at heart, the same professional goal in mind. I don’t know if it is jealousy, a sense of competition, or some other factor going on here, but maybe you should try supporting each other, for once.
>I think you’re just jealous. I don’t see her standing cheerfully next to boxes of dead folk or showing photos of herself working a crematory with a bright red dress and knee high boots. Personally, I would be offended to be the person you were cremating or in one of those boxes. It appears to me you were trying to be cutesy, too.
>now, just because shes not blogging about death or wearing all black, gothed out with bettie bangs and holding a skull, doesnt make her any less legit or take away from her mortician credibility.

Caitlin's response:
>Life is confusing. Seriously though, I thought I had deleted it. #responsefail

No. 1361488

It's pretty funny that a woman who's far from thin is mocking fat people publicly, yeah
She is so obviously jealous that it's borderline creepy
>as a young female death industry worker, don't be cutesy
>you're young and pretty

No. 1361506

Watch this Ask A Mortician video, for example. She starts off by saying how not like other girls she is by not talking about her favorite mascara, pumpkin spice candle or lip balm. Her October Favorites are:
>Everest dead bodies
>Mütter Museum to go see distended colons, the skulls collection, skeletons of people with rare diseases, etc.
>A wax moulage of a face with primary syphilis, that she bought recently at a death salon
>Spoons with a dead centipede and Cthulhu skull made by a co-founder of the Order of the Good Death, who also makes crime scene dioramas
>Dish towels with medical illustrations of skeletons

Caitlin would never be publicly kitschy or cutesy about death.

No. 1361545

The worst part about that NLOG comment if it's word for word is that she does wear makeup, and it wouldn't be too far-fetched to expect all her makeup and candles to have a kitschy death theme all year round. Women who buy always buy the most stereotypical "preppy girl" seasonal stuff would actually still be much more interesting than her, since at least there's variety with them.

No. 1361557

She could have easily talked about the funerary industry from a female perspective without tearing this woman down and dragging her name. But Caitlin fucking loves humiliating people in public, so she had to include her photos and news article. What a bitch.

No. 1361590

Lmao, projection much? Caitlin is SO obviously jealous this woman is doing her exact brand of "Hot Topic dethgurl BS" better than her. She's basically a wittier, more attractive version of Caitlin. Hell, she even does the quirky black lob with bangs look better kek

No. 1361595

Kari the Mortician and Little Miss Funeral are also good examples of professionalism.

No. 1361596

this lady seems very nice and helpful in terms of being a "modern" funeral director? all the things caitlin accuses her of are on the list of things caitlin did in the OP (unless i'm reading this wrong? it seems like caitlin is the one being a hot topic weirdo and this new lady is just trying to be active in her community)

No. 1361597

>crime scene dioramas
the fucking cringe

No. 1361609


all this useless morbid shit

No. 1361611

I'm trying not to blogpost, but this made me a little emotional because it's a very similar reason as to why I chose this career field. She sounds like an amazing person with a gentle heart.

Caitlin is absolutely the worst for tearing her down and making her seem like she is this casket bimbo.

No. 1361612

File: 1636045710128.png (203.08 KB, 561x546, motivation.png)

Daniella, the woman criticized >>1361140, is an embalmer from LA and belonged to a collective similar to the Order of the Good Death. But unlike Caitlin's which has people from different trades, Daniella was part of a female-only funeral directors group. She was interviewed for Vice a couple of times (https://www.vice.com/en/article/7b7g34/applying-makeup-to-dead-people-is-a-real-science-202, https://www.vice.com/en/article/3b7g55/dating-in-the-death-industry-209) and seemed to be well liked by many funeral directors (https://connectingdirectors.com/3143-funeral-directors-are-human-too-not-creepy). I think Caitlin saw her as competition.

Some excerpts where Daniella talks about why she became an embalmer (http://www.the-beheld.com/2011/10/daniella-marcantoni-mortician-chino.html):
>In 2007 I lost my aunt to breast cancer. My aunt and I were extremely close—she’s like my mom. She was the most gorgeous woman ever, and at her funeral I was really disappointed. It looked as though they didn’t put any effort or anything into her makeup. There was no personal innovation or care. And I was like, I know I’m in the right industry now. Because I don’t want someone to sit there and stare at the casket and see the most important person in their life, and see what I’m seeing and feel what I’m feeling right now.
>When you see abuse or neglect, you take even more personal responsibility to really just take care of that person. Because it’s like, Well, no one else cared for them for the past year. They’re going to be in my care for four hours—I might as well do the best that I can with the limits I have and the amount of time that I’ve been given with them. Once they’re dead they can’t do anything. You’re helping someone who can’t help themselves.

No. 1361616

Sorry, I deleted the post because I thought that the formatting made it unreadable. I repost it >>1361612

No. 1361618

Doing gods work, anon.

No. 1361619

I find it funny when Caitlin's fat goth stans come here saying "this is just how funeral directors talk with their GaLLoWs HuMoR, get over it!" Yet the vast majority of funeral directors in the public eye (like this lady and others posted itt) are able to discuss what they do in a mature, respectful way without any suicide or dead baby jokes. Caitlin's Hot Topic dethgurl stans are just as immature as she is, so ofc they don't get how trashy and unprofessional she looks compared to other people in her industry.

No. 1361625

I forgot to mention that Daniella was also a freelance makeup artist who worked in weddings and proms to be able to afford high school and college. She seems like a nice and hard-working woman who went into the funerary business with the right mindset.

No. 1361626

File: 1636046935492.jpeg (382.8 KB, 750x1188, 1DFA25CF-D03F-4A0A-955C-7650AE…)

It’s just her gAlLoWs HuMoUr

No. 1361627

File: 1636047017069.jpeg (260.49 KB, 750x1190, 2FDAD4E3-A867-4A39-A758-AA50F0…)

Dumpster diving funeral flowers

No. 1361628

File: 1636047075384.jpeg (216.93 KB, 750x1182, A07C3BF7-7E33-4CB2-A03B-534D30…)

No. 1361629

File: 1636047157015.jpeg (277.45 KB, 750x1196, E8002D7A-7428-4C72-ABC5-110A82…)

I might be reaching but this still made me feel some kind of way. Especially after reading how she rifled through that guys backpack that she cremated

No. 1361630

File: 1636047215185.jpeg (241.24 KB, 750x1185, A36F4DEC-F4A3-4E3F-9B43-5295D5…)

No. 1361632

File: 1636047263222.jpeg (345.45 KB, 750x1188, 4597C24F-D09F-42B3-AFB4-A49E0C…)

No. 1361633

File: 1636047315269.png (803.65 KB, 615x609, passport.png)

Ever wonder how she looks without the bangs?

No. 1361636

File: 1636047497297.jpeg (284.04 KB, 750x1188, 43830B59-4C4A-451B-8208-F4B528…)

And her old mortician business cards which are super professional of course.

I was going through her Instagram last night. Screenshot the old posts I thought said a lot about her personality despite not being the milkiest. (I was looking for evidence of the story that she’d sent personal opinions of another student to the dean of her school and got her in trouble, but like I said before the way the post was worded made it sound as though the girl had posted on her own Instagram and Caitlin had screenshot it and taken it to the dean, not comments made on caitlins profile).

No. 1361649

File: 1636048377053.png (1.23 MB, 750x1334, 0A944623-90E6-439B-A189-DF5311…)

Caitlin once again hate keeping about how an unexpected death should be handled. Tells mother she should have told her five year old daughter - who has access to the Internet and smartphones dontcha know, what a horrible waste of space he was and includes graphic details of his suicide. (Correct me if I’m wrong but I’m sure suicide charities say not to include graphic details of the death when discussing a suicide? )

Also please note that she manages to get in a dig at the mothers appearance aswell.


No. 1361653

I have a suspicion of who that girl is and the situation that might have led to her being expelled. I am still deciding if it's worth it to share this information. I am not completely sure since she disappeared for a few years and there are some missing pieces in the story. Also seeing as there are many Caitlin stans here, I don't want to send harassment on her way.

No. 1361655

They'll materialize eventually again to tell us that these posts don't matter because they're old and that she's "changed" or some shit. That will be the narrative even though the narrative prior was that she never did anything wrong period.

Twitter would have a fucking field day.

So she's always had that smug look. Also holy shit that forehead.

No. 1361658

Understandable, but if you do share you can block out her username.

No. 1361663

>Also please note that she manages to get in a dig at the mothers appearance aswell.

I am once again asking why she hates other women so passionately. Its a commonality throughout all of these instances of her harassing somebody else or even being a not-so-subtle narc like >>1361628

Seriously, when Luke rejected her did he have a type that she now fixates and projects upon as some sort of weird revenge?

No. 1361667

>It’s kind of hard to feel sorry for his estranged wife Taylor, as she gives post-suicide interviews to Entertainment Tonight, crocodile tears rolling down her botoxed lips.
>How is you daughter going to feel when she finds out from TV or a school friend that her father was an abusive, debt ridden son of a bitch who killed himself?
Damn, tell us how you really feel, Caitlin.

No. 1361676

I hope I’ve managed to embed the YouTube link properly, sorry if I haven’t nonnies! It’s a video she did with a death doula.

I’m just spitballing some thoughts but, I’m curious, she’s talked about death doulas a few times. I’m from the UK, are death doulas a common role in the USA? She never seems to talk to palliative care teams or nurses when talking about “death positive” careers. Palliative and end of life care over here is usually treated holistically. There’s a lot that goes into it and I find it interesting she’s seemingly never promoted people who work in the medical field or explained how it works from a medical prospective? She doesn’t talk about what happens if you do die in hospital, what the nursing staff do or how they’re taught. Surely that would be an interesting perspective? And still feed into “death positive” careers? Maybe the medical careers aren't UwU spooky enough? The only perspective I think I’ve seen her give is that care homes are awful and your loved ones are abandoned to rot and get horrific bed sores (which unfortunately does happen but it’s the exception not the rule).

I think someone else mentioned it up thread but she would have been better suited to being a death historian than a funeral director, she just can’t seem to help but let her personal bias enter her profession

No. 1361683

File: 1636050350639.png (37.98 KB, 608x191, books.png)

The link doesn't work, but…
>Binding books in human skin, known as anthropodermic bibliopegy, is believed to date back to the French Revolution, but the process became popular in the 19th century. In most cases, the skin was taken from unclaimed bodies, poor people or people of color.

No. 1361685


No. 1361688

Fucking kek. Can you imagine if Luke married an embalmer and that's the reason why Caitlin is so against it? She has sworn to take down embalming as revenge for taking him away all those years ago!

No. 1361694

File: 1636050838733.jpeg (224.07 KB, 750x1183, FE9407CD-93CC-403D-A304-C67542…)

I imagine she used an image like this one, though this picture was from two years later. Her Instagram doesn’t go as far back as 2011

No. 1361700

File: 1636050955595.jpeg (304.32 KB, 274x1190, 3FDC7A11-CC51-4F8B-810E-EF8B32…)

No. 1361704

this reads like straight up holocaust denial

No. 1361706

So, she's also a necromancer? Wow, Caitlin Doughty, you're such a credit to the trade. Your stans are right and you totally didn't deserve a thread here. This story totally, 100% actually happened and doesn't at all read like bullshit.

No. 1361708


I’m not familiar with Stan Twitter but would she not have been cancelled for both jamming to her Latino music and using the N word?

No. 1361709

i've worked with women like caitlin before and idk if this makes sense, but there's a type of competent woman with a HUGE chip on her shoulder/insecurity about her looks that pushes people away or comes off as shitty because she's projecting. then the fact that she's pissed eveeryone off confirms the bias against her that she only imagined in the first place. like in 30 rock when liz lemon thinks she was bullied but it turns out she went into every interaction negatively and that's why no one liked her in school(?)

No. 1361710

I'm willing to bet that most of of cult never followed her from her not so humble beginnings, so they don't even know about any of this. I mean, look at the awful blog post about Daniella. The only account of that is from someone who personally knows both Daniella and Caitlin, who also works in the field, and it was a lone comment on the subreddit for the career itself. The user even brought up that Caitlin removed that blog post despite it being up for many years, likely because she and her cul- I mean, "team", knew it would be a PR nightmare for her.

No. 1361711

>mental hospital themed restaurant
the fuck
PS that moid is ugly

No. 1361714

she looks like a 90s bully who would beat up smaller, cuter girls while her weird posse of pink-haired/lip ring friends (who unlike her, had boyfriends) laughed

No. 1361718

americans are extremely resistant to palliative care or "giving up"(as they view it) and entering hospice.
i don't like caitlin specifically, but this thing about death doulas may be part of a larger attempt by younger americans to make "pulling the pllug" less taboo/scary.

No. 1361719

Thought she was so big on environmentalism? Why not compost them? Not very green or sanitary of you, Caitlin.

No. 1361720

ok seriously caitlin? where is her brain. how tf do you think they got HUMAN SKIN to do stuff with. does she think any of those people whose SKIN WAS TAKEN consented in any way or weren't horribly treated and desecrated etc
what a dumbass. does she really think you could get a human skin book without something seriously wrong happening to make it possible

No. 1361722

i find her story to be specious and homosexual.

No. 1361723

Right? Not very woke of her kek

No. 1361725

File: 1636052235365.jpeg (284.11 KB, 279x1210, DFBDAD29-3AC7-4F17-B356-1081ED…)

This ones not really milky at all but I grabbed a screenshot anyway because she couldn’t resist the urge to call an unnamed woman a whore (who is only known as having an on again off again relationship with someone, she’s not even named)


No. 1361727

i knew something was off with this bitch. she got recommended to me and i watched like 2 vids, and just drifted away afterwards. I already hate youtubers (retarded thumbnails, target audience is always teens and early 20s) and influencers in general because theyre always guaranteed to be garbage human beings, and shes yet another one. She clearly carries this deep hatred for other women for some reason, and never grew up past the high school mentality. i can only hope she pisses off the right one day.

No. 1361732


>i can only hope she pisses off the right one day.

Most funeral directors already have a negative opinion about her and the only ones who seem to lick her ass are non-industry folk. And she celebrates it by referring to herself as a "rabble rouser", which is totally something that a 40 year old woman who is attempting to unite people for a cause should do. Yes, we should all celebrate being alienated and loathed by our respective career field like some edgy shit.

A rebel without a cause. Truly.

No. 1361734

File: 1636052753987.jpeg (149.54 KB, 477x992, 66CE3910-BDDA-4D7C-B042-68785D…)

No. 1361735

She makes me want to a-log.

No. 1361745

File: 1636053643014.png (288.92 KB, 601x471, prolonglife.png)

The excerpt from her book about hospices and euthanasia, plus this tweet… I get the vibe that Caitlin prefers if we just let old or sick people die.

No. 1361746

Besides Auschwitz, I recall an IG photo that Caitlin uploaded of Sachsenhausen iirc

No. 1361747

File: 1636054056764.png (315.7 KB, 596x611, selfiekek.png)

These types of losers always want to larp as Daria

No. 1361748

She does. It was discussed in the threads on the subreddit, but I forget which videos they were referring to. Pretty sure it was her pandemic ones.

No. 1361750

Ayrt and I can totally see this being the case for Caitlin Doughty. There's just something about how she looks in the first pic in >>1361633 and like >>1361714 said, she looks like the type who bullied other girls because she's jealous and pudgy with a troon hairline. What you said also lines up with her trying to reclaim the rabble rouser title as if its something empowering and admirable to bully other women, spread misinformation, and gaslight other people during their most vulnerable time into following your whims instead of their own or what their deceased would have wanted. She is a fraud and a bully and the only people who cape for her are people who were already a lost cause in the first place.

No. 1361751

File: 1636055366982.jpeg (181.61 KB, 750x974, A0337D01-2F90-46FE-870A-4B0838…)

How dare you wear designer clothes, be cute and plan themed funerals for the wealthy!


No. 1361752

File: 1636055649915.jpg (70.72 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

>plan themed funerals

Kari the Mortician did a Q&A recently where she briefly mentioned themed funerals she's done and one of them was a stripper funeral. Of course, people were surprised to hear this, but themed funerals do exist and if its what the deceased wanted then its what THEY wanted. People have Star Trek themed weddings, so why would a themed funeral be shocking to her?

Also, as if Caitlin has any room to talk. She dresses like her entire wardrobe comes from Macy's.

No. 1361753

File: 1636055791352.png (637.67 KB, 745x728, it doesnt fit babe.png)

Or cramming herself into anything she thinks looks uwu goff.


No. 1361754

I don't think I'd go that far, I think it's just standard Caitlin brand "oh this bad thing didn't leave anything with a noticeably goffic enough aesthetic for my tastes :(", just like how she was disappointed by the lack of edgy stuff in that suicide victim's backpack. It's not denial, just a privileged person being sad that less privileged people don't suffer in a kitschy fun way that she can post on her Instagram.

No. 1361756

This. Caitlin expects the world to be like a Burton film and when people don't play along she either bullies them or gets other people to do it for her.

No. 1361760

File: 1636056252838.jpeg (310 KB, 750x1126, BB31D24F-48E3-49FE-832E-AC2AE7…)

She also bitches about that same funeral director (Elizabeth Meyer) here in a esperare post on her blog. She goes on to detail a fictional story about a female funeral director that she hated but I decided to not include the images because it’s a fictional book she read and not a real person


No. 1361761

This reads so NLOG-y that, frankly, the post itself is bile worthy. I get not liking certain fictional characters (some are designed with that in mind), but this screams desperate and insecure. I can't imagine chimping out over someone who isn't real like this and of course its a woman. She's even threatened by fictional women? What the fuck am I reading.

No. 1361763

Kek The Tim Burton comparison is so painfully on point. Burton has always been a privileged, financially well-off white moid with the standard tacky well-to-do white person aesthetics like suburbia, heterosexual monogamy, and appropriating foreign cultures, just with a coat of black paint and a couple skulls thrown in. It's 1 to 1 with Doughy. Also, the only good thing hes's ever supposedly made wasn't even actually made by him. Riding off of other people's work and talent, where have I heard that before?

No. 1361764

Sorry if I didn’t make it clear (or I’ve misunderstood you), the bit of the post I included the image of IS a real woman, a real life funeral director.

then she goes to hate on a fictional woman, but I didn’t include that because I don’t wanna confuse people who might think she has valid criticisms of how women are portrayed in fictional media. (Spoiler she doesn’t she just hates on the book for the sake of hating on it).

No. 1361766

Oh no, I understood your original post and my point still stands. I followed the link and read further down.

No. 1361768

My apologies nonnie!

No. 1361769

File: 1636057132473.jpeg (173.94 KB, 750x1153, 646EF18D-39E4-4F7A-B2C1-DC7B3C…)

No. 1361770

File: 1636057174512.jpeg (214.44 KB, 750x1251, DEBFB886-83A8-4649-80AB-B4382F…)

No. 1361771

File: 1636057228411.jpeg (211.22 KB, 750x1155, B087C516-3798-4D69-B3AB-26D603…)

No. 1361772

File: 1636057252265.jpeg (156.22 KB, 750x1115, F86D3AFD-8BFB-4201-A483-5B5618…)

No. 1361775

File: 1636057320872.jpeg (205.83 KB, 750x918, DAA811FE-0785-4D0A-AA1D-BB330F…)

Apologies I couldn’t get this all in one screen shot. Hating on Lindsey Logan because she dared to do her community service cleaning toilets in a morgue


No. 1361776

Hate keeping yet again even though its just a case of a celebrity doing their ordered community service. Lindsey didn't declare that she was a spokesperson for the industry, yet Cait's aping over here like she stepped on what she considers to be her territory. And, oh no the Google algorithm is working the way its intended and so when people look up that particular morgue, they get the latest news story affiliated with it. Is she actually retarded?

Again with randomly bringing up her hatred for designer and again, its a woman she's feeling slighted by somehow. She reaches for shit to be offended about.

No. 1361777

in the past she'd post things written by guests on the order of the good death blog, and these were often interesting historical articles or accounts of someone's personal "unusual" way of coping with the death of a loved one.
i never watched the videos, but you are right in that any video with a thumbnail is shit made by a shitty person. it sounds like the only good things on her website(s) are made by other people.

No. 1361780

look i know i shouldn't sperg on weight considering how fat i am, but i think that anyone bigger than kate moss wearing those babydoll dresses just broadcasts I HAVE A GUT AND AM DRESSING TO HIDE IT. idk i just hate this desperately trying to look young aging goth look, it looks like she's putting so much effort in and getting very little reward

No. 1361781

kek he was on the swim team at hollywood high

No. 1361782

File: 1636058216517.jpeg (308.69 KB, 750x1252, F5450650-980A-4B97-BA57-FCC14E…)

No. 1361783

File: 1636058239229.jpeg (263.88 KB, 750x1105, 51F4EA99-57E7-48D3-92D9-D53BF5…)

No. 1361784

samefag, i mean burbank high

No. 1361785

She could easily style herself as corporate goth, but she doesn't try. It would flatter her more than the shit she wears now. She goes for the kitsch she claims to be oh so against or dresses like a dumpy, public school guidance counselor.

No. 1361788

kek is she literally saying lindsay isn't punk enough for the morgue?
she puts all this effort into making death fun and accessible then when she feels threatened by a "popular girl" encroaching on her territory falls back on the stereotype of "woooo spooky morgue u can't handle it"?

No. 1361791

Combined with this, her Latino radio station shit, her writings, and how she tries to sound Latina when she announces 'capirotada' in this video its pretty clear that she has a hard on in particular for Latino culture and wants them desperately to consider her one of them.

No. 1361792

well guess what caity, now people will learn about those unmarked graves as a result of googling the famous person who has drawn attention to the morgue.
are we sure she didn't do her share of embalming? she sure writes like someone who's inhaled a lot of formaldehyde

No. 1361795

Of course, anon, don't you know? You have to be punk rock to work in morgues. Everyone there dresses like ItsBlackFriday and never smiles unless they're offering you a cookie (shaped like skulls and bats, of course!) from a cookie jar which is oh so conveniently designed to look like a human head!

No. 1361796

Do we know if this even still happened today? She didn't post anything new about it on Twitter.

No. 1361797

File: 1636059395401.jpeg (204.72 KB, 750x870, 29C980B5-0939-4C97-84AB-0A97A1…)

She spends this entire blog entry fawning over a mortician that appeared on The Batchelor (I looked for the episode but couldn’t find it online). Then at the end couldn’t RESIST the oppertunity to shit on her


No. 1361798

File: 1636059432604.jpeg (41.48 KB, 210x305, C4DB5568-3F85-4EC3-87C3-D4E887…)

For reference this was the mortician featured on the show, her name was Shawntel Newton

No. 1361805

Mukbang is a Korean concept, she constantly references how she grew up in Hawaii, she seems to be desperate for a cultural adoption by Mexicans, she constantly talks about how enlightened foreiners (particularly non-white foreigners) are about death, and she loves interjecting words from foreign languages into her speech if she can (the "non?" here >>1361775 made me cringe, as someone with relatives that are native speakers of French). I get the feeling she's desperate to seem "cultured", particularly in non-white cultures, but in her attempts she just seems particularly white in all the cringiest ways.

No. 1361812

File: 1636060842284.png (8.76 KB, 1026x92, not subtle.png)

They've been quiet since the one samefagging up the thread, who also tried to sound as if she were multiple people, was banned for wking and I don't imagine there's room for them to defend her with all the recent screenie dumps over the last several hours. Probably retreated to /ot/ to do more of picrel since they're newfags and think that if they bitch hard enough the thread goes away.

No. 1361816

So, another woman who is thinner, dresses better, and is conventionally attractive compared to Caitlin Dumpy. Not defending this woman's taste in literature, but this feels like Cait yet again trying to be like, "I'm not like those OTHER WHITE GIRLS!11! I'm DIFFERENT because I know how to pronounce 'pho' and put Valentina on my fruit like REAL CHICANAS DO!1!1"

No. 1361823

File: 1636061558560.jpeg (185.12 KB, 750x993, A0875D85-3040-4803-9244-855F68…)

Caitlin receives an email from a terminally ill person who tells her she finds the tone of her funeral home offensive (I can only imagine as this post was written in 2013 this person found her because they were looking for a funeral home as they were planning their death)

Caitlin proceeds to write an entire blog post about why she can speak about death with her uwu goth humour as much as she pleases


No. 1361824

File: 1636061626280.jpg (76.32 KB, 720x1024, ErBLwYKUwAAr9So.jpg)

All I thought of was this meme. Can some anon shoop Cait into it kek

No. 1361854

File: 1636064760142.png (127.53 KB, 801x793, oh the fucking irony.png)

No. 1361862

File: 1636065403781.png (745.35 KB, 963x885, pressed.png)

A post on the blog of Caitlin trying to "dispel myths" about what death positivity is.


She couldn't resist getting a dig in there about 'too much black for your sensibilities'. She obviously knows she's a joke and people have criticized her and her cult. And, the hashtag is exactly what she's trying to say that it isn't: A bunch of "goths" who look dumpy as shit, sharing 3edgy5me maymays on their pages in low quality yet overpriced velvet oxblood overcoats.

No. 1361893

>Reeee people only hate me because I'm goffik and they're preps!
People hate you because you commodify and fetishize death and suffering, Cait. You're not oppressed for wearing black eyeliner and watching The Nightmare Before Christmas every December.

No. 1361905

>a show all about her
>graffiti that is allegedly "her"
>obnoxious banner on she and her roomie's wall
>previous negotiations for a tv show

But she's totally in the business to help other people and everyone itt is just nitpicking hypocrites. Yep. 100%.

No. 1361909

File: 1636071739005.jpg (115.19 KB, 540x692, tumblr_pkj2tsdLZP1u3w5fn_540.j…)

She is fucking wide and haggard in the face. I hope it pays well to frown/scowl all the time to keep up her goff charade. Those lines.

No. 1361913

File: 1636072063174.jpg (162.25 KB, 900x1200, trunchbull but midlife crisis.…)

Those chins. Maybe eat less of your precious cApIRotAdaA, Doughy.


No. 1361924

File: 1636073572704.png (1.45 MB, 1200x1800, 0B89409A-1FC0-49C5-A8EF-F14E6F…)

So I can’t find anything else interesting in her blogs but other anons feel free to have a look and screenshot better than I did.

I decided to have a look at the staff on her “order of the good death” website and would surprised at the lack of people of colour she employs considering I was under the impression that was important to Caitlin our white knight and saviour. She has one Asian woman employed but I couldn’t find much about her.

I assumed all the other staff were white until I read their bios, there is one woman who claims to be Mexican - or Chicana (we’ll get to that). Okay not all Latinos are brown, my bad.

Her name is Sarah Chavez.
Twitter: https://twitter.com/sarah_calavera
Instagram: sarah_calavera

Her bio on the orders website reads:

Executive Director

Sarah is the co-host of Death in the Afternoon Podcast, co-founder of anti-racist nonprofit, the Collective for Radical Death Studies, and co-founder of feminist death site, Death & the Maiden. As a founder of the Death Positive Movement she is passionate about addressing the underlying issues that adversely affect marginalized communities’ experiences of death. Sarah also writes and speaks about decolonizing death in the Chicano community, food and death, and obscure death history. For interviews and events contact Tara Perez tara (at) orderofthegooddeath.com

I’ll add some screen shots in the next few posts but I don’t wanna clog the thread up with my text so I’ll just spurge here. I thought it was interesting looking through her social media that she clearly feels that she has a strong connection to her Mexican heritage, yet clearly doesn’t speak any Spanish? Correct me if I’m wrong (because I appreciate that the Mexicans I know personally might not be a great source of information) but Spanish is a huge part of their cultural identity no?

She also refers to the Latinx community and, again I could be wrong, but any Hispanics I’ve known have said they despise this term and regard it as a slur (the X can’t be pronounced properly in this word in Spanish) and regard it as “white people shit”. Surely someone so embedded in Mexican and Latino culture would be familiar with this line of thinking?

She also refers to herself as Xicana (chicana) which I looked up, the X is used in place of the ‘ch’ as an X is used commonly in indigenous languages. Yet from looking through her socials it appears she also can’t speak Nahuatl (the native language of the Aztec/ Mexican people, of which there is a big community in LA).

Maybe I’m wrong but I assumed as language is often deeply connected to these cultures and if your working with people’s death rites, combating racism, advocating for marginalised and underprivileged people of your minority group, celebrating your culture and history, you’d be able to speak the languages of your people (or at least just Spanish) no? Would that not be part of the services you’d offer? Speaking in the native tongues?

No. 1361925

File: 1636073605224.jpeg (301.65 KB, 750x1202, 018279CC-9F50-40DD-AF0F-FA1D5A…)

No. 1361927

File: 1636073671765.jpeg (114.78 KB, 750x599, BB6192D5-039D-4944-B186-EFAE29…)

No. 1361929

File: 1636073736669.jpeg (279.05 KB, 750x1334, 5C7CE4DB-566F-4319-815B-77B7DB…)

Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong about any of these things anons!

No. 1361931

Literally no Mexicans I have known save for one who was converted to the #woke crowd takes Latinx seriously. This extends to the other Latinos I've known as well (Puerto Ricans, Chileans, Dominicans). And the Latinos I have known who have relatives back in the native countries clown them if their Spanish is poor, so I seriously wonder about this girl with her, "I'm a proud Chicana but can't speak Spanish." I'll concede that children of immigrants don't always end up using their family's native tongue and it can die out altogether (its happened in my own), but with all the context provided, this girl really does seem like she wants those poc points. Its likely why Caitlin jerks it so hard to Mexican traditions harder than any other cultures she's mentioned in her "research".

No. 1361934


But, we're not about kitsch here or making death Hot Topic-y! Nope!

No. 1361935

Right? This is why I double checked to see if she could speak Nahuatl aswell but from her social media she can’t?

Not to blog but my partner is Mexican (as in Mexico, Mexican) which is why those things immediately jumped out at me as super odd. I thought it was so wierd that save for a few words she doesn’t seem to post in any Spanish. Not in her comments or her less professional posts about her life, not in both English and Spanish. Nothing.

No. 1361941

nah there were at least three. one of the complainers was me and i didn't write picrel, or the post claiming to have relatives in the industry. after i finished coming down from my coke binge i forgot what my problem even was with this thread so maybe that's what happened to the other angry peeps.

No. 1361942

Damn anon, I hope you're gonna be okay.

No. 1361944

like caitin doesn't have a jar of artisanal pickles with a raven on the label next to a wooden board shaped like a bog body in her kitchen cupboard (she uses the board for charcuterie arrangements where the pickled onions have a clove stuck in them to look like an eyeball)

No. 1361945

i'm gonna be COkay haha get it?

No. 1361946

man i don't know why but those bangs make her look so sad. desperation maybe? they're just so obviously fake. like they make it clear she's trying super hard to have the image she does, because why else would you put that much effort into making sure you have those bangs

No. 1361948

i was under the impression that day of the dead isn't the big deal it's become since the discovery that you could get white people's money from it? and that girls like this chick definitely did not grow up celebrating it?

No. 1361950

That's super unusual for not only everything which they claim to stand for (the Order, she, and Cait), but also because they're L.A. based and there's a pretty diverse community there. The fuck kek
Maybe their "services" are also regarded as "white people shit" and so Sarah doesn't need to know Spanish, because nobody's coming in.

But its okay when woke goffic casket mom uwu qween does it, just not other people she feels threatened by.

She looks like John Travolta in drag.

No. 1361954

>She looks like John Travolta in drag.
i think we have a contender for next thread pic

No. 1361956

File: 1636075991564.jpg (77.95 KB, 800x575, 3RNWRBZHRZGL5L7TAPBJ3CCJAQ.jpg)

Tell me you don't see it.

No. 1361965

I hope I don’t get in trouble for going too OT but I’ll attach a video about the celebration in Oaxaca incase anyone wants it. My understanding is that (In typical Mexican fashion) it’s very much about the family and like any traditions it can differ from family to family and between regions. Also it’s not unusual for them to just have small celebrations at home with close family and not go to grave sites especially when they’ve emigrated out of Mexico and can’t return every year. The day of the dead the rest of the world sees is commercialised and obviously removed from the original traditions.

She must not have any customers from the community she claims to care so deeply about. I can’t imagine many of them comming to the girl who doesn’t speak more than high school Spanish for their loved ones funeral just because her grandparents were Mexican. There’s gotta be tough competition in LA for that kind of clientele as it is, and I’m not sure how well there “uwu special eco burial traditional funerals are bad” are going to go down.

No. 1361974

I wanna see these bitches arrange a Zoroastrian sky burial. Now that's eco-friendly.

No. 1361985

caitlin actually has written about that a lot and is very much in favour of it kek. i think she reposted an interview with one of the guys who carries the bodies up there/cuts them up
she still took that uwu hot topic tone though

No. 1361989

And funerals at home, amongst family are traditional and yet Cait has harped on and on about how those are shitty and bad because tradition is bad and not eco friendly enough for her. Or do they get a pass because they're Mexican?

No. 1361994

whaaat i thought she was pro-home death care? haven't seen her videos but my sister loves her and said she gave advice on DIY funeral stuff. who would be against a funeral at the family home?? that's like the most wholesome and least industry-ish way to do it; body in the front room, kids in the backyard, aunties cry on the couch and grandpa shares secret booze with teens in the back. man i gotta go write my will now, hang on

No. 1361995

File: 1636083297085.jpeg (179.66 KB, 750x850, 6A6669D6-AEC3-45AF-A837-EB1C77…)


My apologies anon apparently we were wrong…

No. 1361996

File: 1636083434679.jpeg (179.56 KB, 1241x1552, 858C8535-FC74-4A2C-B084-1A5D6F…)


Also If anyone thought that was a source she added to that tweet, it’s not. It’s a poem

No. 1361997

god this is cringe. get off twitter and learn your ancestral language maybe sarah? whatever this is, it's a waste of valuable studyin' time

No. 1362049

What happened:
>An old man collapses on the street and is taken by the ambulance.
How Caitlin sees the situation:
>A funny thing happened on the way to the mortuary! I wanted to give my card to a guy who left in an ambulance tehehe

Hilarious, Caitlin. I thought that her books were bad, but these blog posts are fucking worse.

No. 1362067

File: 1636094432546.jpeg (197.29 KB, 1074x694, 3Ks5nzQ.jpeg)

That guy makes the artwork for her books and videos:

>mental hospital themed https://www.reddit.com/r/pics/comments/1joqq3/a_mental_hospital_themed_restaurant_in_tokyo/

Picrel is how the restaurant looks like. There is a guy in the comments who links a photo of him drinking out of a mannequin head too.

No. 1362071

>More dead people = More business
I see what you are doing, Caitlin. Always going after that dough.

No. 1362082

Like with Daniella, Caitlin skipped a few details and twisted things to make Elizabeth look like some kind of bimbo.

Elizabeth was working in the fashion industry, but it all changed when her father died. She planned his funeral services like it was party. It became a celebration of his life. Now, Elizabeth has people who come to her, share their fears and plan their funeral services in life. All of these are things that I thought that Order of the Good Death would want, but because she is pretty and works with wealthy people, Caitlin vilifies her.

>When Meyer was 21, she lost her father, an entertainment lawyer, to lymphoma. She took it upon herself to give him a fitting send-off. “I planned it like an event. It was a success!” she says. The casket was hidden under a blanket of peonies; songs by the Stones and David Bowie were played, loudly. “Someone said, ‘I want to dance,’ and my best friend, Ali ­Hilfiger”—Tommy’s daughter—“said, ‘Go ahead, then, dance!’ ”
>Meyer’s mother was horrified to learn of her little fashionista’s career change. “She thinks I’ve been fixated on death since my dad passed away,” says Meyer, who wears her father’s Rolex every day. For her part, Meyer finds the job cathartic, now that she’s gotten over her initial discomfort.

No. 1362086

>If you had to pick one grungy place overflowing with corpses to get a brutal mortality punch in the botoxed lips, LA County Morgue is it!
>You really have to hope that she has any self awareness at all and will use this death exposure to turn her life around. Although, to be fair she’s not much use as a productive member of society. She’s only interesting as a drugged out former child star.
Yeesh, why does Lindsay getting community service in a morgue make Caitlin so angry?

No. 1362096

Aren't most people in Latin America Catholic and prefer traditional funeral services? They usually hold a 2 day wake with an open casket and have a mass at church. A lot of them are against cremation for religious reasons. Is Caitlin or Sarah going to lecture Latinos and tell them that they are doing it wrong?

No. 1362105

File: 1636103983960.png (371.22 KB, 602x487, creepymortician.png)

This blog post is super creepy. No wonder Luke ran away from her.

No. 1362113

File: 1636106753654.png (131.93 KB, 595x530, riiight.png)

Anon, she's a bestselling author who owns a funeral home, not trying to "break into" anything. How dare that casting director imply that she is trying to make a name for herself in the death business.

No. 1362114

File: 1636107087656.png (67.6 KB, 597x289, pharmacy.png)

So we are not the only ones who think that Caitlin looks like a troon kek

No. 1362138

On first sight, many others will think that, too.
Her clownish outfit somewhat hints at an unexperienced troon.

No. 1362145


That's hilarious and unfortunate as fuck. She probably bubbled in the wrong gender option on an insurance form and now she's gotta pay for it. Kek

No. 1362152

God she REALLY hates all women who are younger, prettier, richer, more successful or mog her in any way, doesn’t she?

No. 1362159

Latinx is pretty hated, since we have our own version of it: Latin@. The only people I have ever seen use the x are Americans or woke Latinos who have consumed too much media from the US.

No. 1362163

File: 1636116381697.jpeg (99.5 KB, 720x1024, Cait.jpeg)

She looks like an old lady that is about to prepare herself a bath.

She is pro-funerals at home.

Enjoy, little deathlings.

No. 1362167

god there's an extra layer of shitty to that story, because what her dad died of has become almost 100% curable in the past 20 years. i had hodgkin's lymphoma stage 4b and from the start the doctors were just like "oh yeah you'll be good as new in 6 months, here's a list of wig stores bye" i felt so sad for all the kids who died of it in like 1999

No. 1362168

she sounds 14

No. 1362192

>Claire has a terminal illness… but I AM DYING TOO. ACSHUALLY, WE ARE ALL DYING. So your opinion about my jokes are not more valid than mine!!1

No. 1362198

File: 1636118662349.png (425.1 KB, 599x563, goff army.png)

Why does everyone in the Order of the Good Death think that holding a skull is cool?

No. 1362199

Yknow I was looking through the orders site and both her and her latinx friend Sarah’s twitters and they’re really pushing for this human composting thing and I just can’t imagine many people wanting this option

They really want to (rightly) preserve the traditions of marginalised groups but at the same time they’re pushing for something that would drastically change those traditions. What are future generations going to think when they hear “well they just composted their family and threw them on the communal gardens” what are they going to think about doing that to POC, no marked graves, no nice jar of ashes at home just “yeah we’re not sure where they put them, like a huge unmarked grave they just threw the composted remains onto”

Just a thought

No. 1362202

>Every woman who isn't hyperfeminine is a troon
No. Fuck off

No. 1362203

File: 1636119632470.png (157.49 KB, 510x239, quote.png)

>Death positivity has always put the needs of the family and the dead body first.
>If we do not discuss it, are we not doomed to repeat the mistakes of Western death culture of the last 75 years? The denial, the disconnect with grief and the dead body…
There is a real disconnect on how Caitlin defines death positivity and how she actually treats death in her professional life. She talks about putting the needs of the family or their deceased, but then shits on them publicly if they choose embalming or a non green alternative. She also lacks empathy to understand grief. She treats corpses as cool props, instead of someone's loved one or family member.

No. 1362221

Sis, it's not about her body, it's about the caked on pale foundation and cherry red lipstick, wig-like hair, and bad choice in clothing. She probably wouldn't look like a troon if she dressed for her body type and made up her face to suit her feautures (or even just go bare). Ironically, her attempting to be hyperfeminine is exactly what makes her look like a troon. No one would ever get confused if she were bare faced, hair pulled back, wearing a t-shirt and jeans, but she's trying to rip off Morticia Adams while 80 pounds heavier and while having much less feminine features.

No. 1362223

File: 1636122429217.gif (1.77 MB, 500x238, tumblr_nxevytIPtf1qh296fo2_500…)

This is straight from the Fight Club's opening scene kek

No. 1362230

its true somehow..she actually looks more feminine in her no-makeup ponytail high school photo

No. 1362232

Sorry for the blogpost, but I've been a fan of hers for years. Ate that shit up. Followed her socials, watched her videos, all that shit. Some of my friends knew I follow her and gave me her books. The crematory one and the death culture one.
I barely got through 3 chapters of the crematory one. She is absolutely insufferable in her books.
Like, I am a morbid bitch. I am a goth. I worked with corpses (animal ones granted) and enjoyed the gore to a certain degree (you can find beauty in death if you look at it a certain way), but the way that bitch talks about her human clients?? Un-fucking-believable. Harping on a fat man for being fat and cumbersome, dead baby jokes, snooping through suicidal person's belonging in search of some revelation? That's just so TACKY.
I stopped watching her videos a while ago, because her more recent ones have been really in the vein of true crime and sensationalizing dead people, never even mentioning how the families of the deceased might feel while she makes off-colour jokes about their grandparent's corpse.
I used to idolise her and while she does have some weight to her words, I wish she wouldn't capitalize on that "death-obsessed weirdo that everyone in the industry hates because she speaks the truth", because what ever the fuck being death-positive even means? Death-neutral maybe. But being positive about dying? Tacky. Doubt she'll have the same views once she's old and sick and dying.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1362233

Begone, twitterfag

No. 1362236

Bless you, anon.

No. 1362237

I’m not from Twitter I’m the one who posted all the screen shots yesterday. I was using Latinx mockingly, if it didn’t come across in my text then sorry.

No. 1362238

I think the composting is for white Americans, but everyone else gets to keep their traditions and desired burial methods. For example, see how Caitlin talks about ritual cannibalism. The Brazilian government was evil and intolerant for telling the Wari' to stop eating their corpses even if it can cause prion diseases. On the other hand, people's desire for closure and seeing their loved ones one last time through embalming is selfish to the environment and a scam peddled by the funeral industry.

I wonder how Caitlin is going to handle the people of color or marginalized groups who embrace traditional burial methods though. Is she going to be as insufferable as she is or is she going to tone it down? Like mentioned >>1362096, a good chunk of Latin America has Catholic influences.

No. 1362241

You should have read the previous posts where we were talking about the latinx thing >>1361924, >>1361931, >>1362159

No. 1362242

This makes me wonder about the female professor Caitlin mocked in her book, which was also mentioned in >>1356639

I wonder what really happened there.

No. 1362258

Vote for next thread pic.

No. 1362272

File: 1636128421070.jpeg (37.95 KB, 544x272, CX-VkbnUQAEaAYM.jpeg)

This is a nitpick, but why is she holding an orbitoclast and a hammer? These tools were used for a lobotomy, which is an unethical procedure that was performed disproportionately more on women:
>At a time when women were expected to be calm, cooperative and attentive to domestic affairs, definitions of mental illness were as culturally bound as their treatments. A surgery that rendered female patients docile and compliant, but well enough to return to and care for their homes.

>putting the party back in death care
>Mortician + Death Enthusiast
>VIP not RIP

As someone upthread said: tacky.

No. 1362273

it's for that spoopy goff asylum vibe nonny uwu
Sorry to ask to be spoonfed, but can someone sum up what Doughy said about that female professor?

No. 1362277

She doesn’t use any tools, does she? She just wraps people in shrouds and puts a little towel under their chin to keep their mouths closed. She doesn’t embalm, she doesn’t use anything that might mean holding mouths or eyes closed, so I doubt she even knows what those objects are for

No. 1362282

It also makes me wonder if there are more stories out there about Caitlin bullying other women. We would have never found out about Daniella without that Reddit comment.

No. 1362284

Which stans were so quick to immediately discredit as a lie despite it including a lengthy, firsthand account. It wasn't even dramatically told, it was pretty straightforward and believable.

No. 1362295

File: 1636131767876.jpg (3.02 MB, 4032x3024, image.jpg)

I’m trying to read her book now (I’ve owned it a while) and one thing that’s driving me insane is that she doesn’t use any references, she surely used references as a history major?

Also, Caitlin, there’s a reason that number is the way it is and I’d assume if you’d done the research you claim to you’d know that. If you ask healthy people where they want to die they’ll say at home, but as people get sicker they tend to change their minds, they want to be free from pain, they don’t want to taint their home for their loved ones, how would your husband sleep in your bed tonight knowing you’d died in it this morning and he’s watched the undertakers haul you off it? And that’s not accounting the people who die suddenly and unexpectedly and didn’t have a choice to die at home because it was too sudden.

Also if anyone else was considering reading her book, don’t. She writes like an edgy middle schooler who’s found the thesaurus button on Microsoft word and changed every third letter to a more exciting adjective.

No. 1362297

File: 1636131882392.png (52.37 KB, 676x216, bullying3.png)

I went back to that thread and found this comment made by that redditor expanding on the student story.

No. 1362300

It’s a shame her Instagram only goes back to 2013, she was at school in 2011

Unless she has another account she’s wiped the evidence from her Instagram

No. 1362308

Don't worry, anon. I was a fan too until I read her book.

No. 1362319

File: 1636134045073.png (79.5 KB, 622x231, antimilk.png)

Wait, according to the anon who requested this thread, the student attended a completely different school than Caitlin.

No. 1362325

Is she suggesting that hospitals should smell like urine, sweat and gangrene to be more death positive?

No. 1362329

File: 1636134605319.jpg (3.36 MB, 4032x3024, image.jpg)

No. 1362331

File: 1636134724162.jpg (3.13 MB, 4032x3024, image.jpg)


Of course hospitals should smell like piss and rotting humans anon! And just like during the bubonic plague we should just litter our streets in corpses and marvel at them decaying! Throw a fresh one on the pile just like a lasagna!

UwU just goffik things!

No. 1362340

Bitch what the fuck. The River Ganges isn't a marvel, it's a festering hole of disease and filth. They throw trash and defecate in that very river. I love mushrooms and moss, but I don't want to see them growing in my home. She's an actual retard.

No. 1362343

File: 1636135200452.png (125.18 KB, 596x595, breakup.png)

This is a bit random, but it seems that Caitlin's past time is to go restaurants, eavesdrop and tweet about it.

No. 1362344

File: 1636135230727.png (130.32 KB, 596x574, firstdate.png)

No. 1362347

File: 1636135476096.jpeg (249.78 KB, 750x1121, D5D2A4BE-AD24-43FD-97A4-EB008C…)


She also takes pictures of random people without their consent

No. 1362350

Telling that "as an excuse to avoid intimacy" are her own words and not a direct quote. She will literally hate random women for no fucking reason

No. 1362355

File: 1636135843086.jpeg (229.83 KB, 750x1180, 1828FFF2-3B1C-4BD9-9468-A5DCB6…)


More pictures of people in public without consent

No. 1362357

File: 1636135891896.jpeg (281.43 KB, 750x1193, 9BF763BD-71EF-49C0-8373-67CE96…)


Not even children playing with their dolls are safe from her taking unsolicited pics

No. 1362363

>"I started on team him"
And you still are, aren't you Cait? You absolute pickme.

No. 1362368

>haha look at these fatty Jews getting their nails done!!
What is wrong with this woman?

No. 1362412

File: 1636141203161.png (355.45 KB, 598x613, onpoint.png)

At least she does know what they are for, I guess

No. 1362448

I wonder if this was Claire Wineland who died of Cystic Fibrosis.

No. 1362455

There are really nice "burial orchards" and woodlands and things starting to become available in the UK. They do have markers, too.

No. 1362456

Love how she can't fish for twitter likes clapping back at this thread or else it'll draw attention to her saying nigga or all the times she calls a woman a plastic bimbo whore completely unprovoked. Keep up the good work

No. 1362459

> death enthusiast

This is not very tasteful. I wouldn't want my loved one's body handled by someone who seems to get off on death.

No. 1362473

I still wouldn't put it past her to pass it around to her friends and have them show up to wk her. I'm uncertain if she knows the thread exists just yet, but I'm sure she will in time. Like someone else said upthread, she's totally the type to Google herself everyday and that SEO is eventually gonna work if it hasn't already. Remember when it bit Usagi Kou in the ass earlier this year?

The way that the comment is worded, it does look like its someone Caitlin wasn't even attending school with. She graduated ages ago and that comment is from two years ago, Instagram itself was created in 2012. It also mentions Caitlin's "colleagues" aka the Order of the Garish Dipshits. I wouldn't put it past them to have a group DM or WhatsApp where they orchestrated that sort of shit together, Sarah included. They think they're The Craft or something. >>1362319

No. 1362485

This is par the course for her. Vidrel is what >>1360337 talked about when she filmed at the Salton Sea, labeled it as 'decomposition zen' with electronic music blaring, and there's images of a decaying dog, tons of trash and rust, etc. This isn't a place of beauty, its an ecological disaster site.


No. 1362489

She's.. bragging about being a creeper in the caption. This is disgusting.

No. 1362499

I think she’s going to be positively beside herself when she finds out the thread exists.

I’ve taken the Liberty to pre prepare her statement to her stans

*Deathlings! It has come to my attenzione that there are trolls among us. They have scoured far and wide, through the archives of the internet in a futile attempt to weave a web of lies about moi!

They have uncovered some vague ancient posts I once made of valid criticisms of other women in the industry, as you all well know I am a pioneer of women’s rights! I am aghast at the mere suggestion that I would deem another female unfit for the role of a mortician, I simply suggested that the funeral home isn’t the place for a young attractive lady with her designer shoes and interests beyond that of the morbid and macabre. I am sure my dear death kings, you are all well educated enough now that the life of a funeral director/ mortician is a bleak one, filled only with the longing for death and the solitude it brings.
It has also been bought to my attention that these trolls have found evidence of me using a racial slur, which had me feeling most obtruse, I would never lower myself to such a level as I have donned to donate money to black women entering their formal funeral educación! Despite this bold, and selfless act I have yet found a black woman i feel good enough to take a role at my funeral establishment or offer any kind of apprentaship to a young POC attempting to enter this industry (formal apology comming soon to my Twitter feed).

Regarding this discourse the trolls have also bore accusations that my dear, dear xacana/ Latinx friend Sarah of offending the Latinx community! No she does not speak Spanish or any native language of Mexico, and she has grown up with all these privileges afforded to a white woman in Los Angeles but that does not mean that her grandparents struggles are not her own! We must not allow the trolls of the internet to discontinue her role playing or forbid her to continue masturbating to her persecution fetish!

That is all for now my dear Deathlings, I shal return to you soon with a new video where I crudely mock and make fun of traditional funerals and perversely salivate over other cultures, herelding their exotic, oriental and tropical death practices for us to all gawk at with our mouths open like we’re peering through the tiger enclosure at the zoo.

Viva la morte!


No. 1362500

Whoever has her first book can post the "Deth Skool" chapter mentioned in the original post >>1356639 That's where she apparently mocks the female instructor.

No. 1362502

Is she part of the death positive community or a mortician/funeral director/funeral industry worker? If she's just your run of the mill true crime reader, that belongs in its own general. If there isn't one already, you could make it.

No. 1362504

I hope this becomes a copypasta.

No. 1362508

File: 1636150281621.jpg (2.95 MB, 4032x3024, image.jpg)

The chapter is 12 pages long and I’ve only got the physical book not an e book so I’ll just photograph the pages where she talks about teachers

No. 1362509

File: 1636150343714.jpg (2.97 MB, 4032x3024, image.jpg)

No. 1362513

File: 1636150605770.jpeg (1.07 MB, 1574x2100, 8DC73039-D764-48B6-AD6F-B6F670…)

No. 1362516

>colonialist bearer of ill-advised deathways

What a fucking martyr you are, Caitlin Doughty, for not taking a job offered overseas BY THE FUCKING PEOPLE WHO LIVE THERE.

No. 1362529

>Ew, no! Not baby blue! Not hospital scrubs! Let me handle corpses with my bare hands while wearing black clothes from Kohl's!
>…oh, also I guess it sucks that no one cares about these impoverished brown people that I, the white savior, totally care about.
She tries to make it seem like she's mostly upset about poor people suffering, but it's clear as day her hate of embalming stems from not finding the procedures to fit her idealized goffik mortuary aesthetic.

No. 1362542

File: 1636153463131.jpeg (1 MB, 1452x2276, 282D5553-693D-4A20-ABDA-DC6524…)

She has such a Wierd thing for Latinos. What is it they say about writing a book? You should kill your darlings? Like if it’s irrelevant take it out even if you like it

What was she upset that she wasn’t the white girl that the tattooed latino man got pregnant? Why include that? It’s so odd

No. 1362581

I'm starting to wonder if Luke was latino. Her fixation is fucking bizarre and fetishy. I find it hard to believe that even a quarter of her "deathlings" read her books, because there's just so much weird shit they'd take umbrage with over on the birdy app.

No. 1362583

>hates that the majority of the deceased were homeless

So then why didn't she go into a field to specifically help out with homelessness?

No. 1362586

File: 1636157761268.jpeg (259.46 KB, 750x1179, 2C71CCFE-D3E7-42C3-84F1-FDDF16…)

Maybe, but the guy she was with for several years (and might still be with? He doesn’t have any social media I can find and she doesn’t post about her love life) was definatly a white guy, Matt smith as The Doctor (doctor who) wannabe. I’ll add some pics


Exactly, also, what else did she expect? You can’t just leave homeless people lying dead on the street they have to go somewhere somehow. It’s unfortunate but it happens.

No. 1362588

File: 1636157809612.jpeg (256.51 KB, 750x1182, 3FBB5736-340E-4704-96D6-C7D8A8…)

No. 1362589


No. 1362590

File: 1636157869146.jpeg (341.14 KB, 750x1193, 8CBB31B9-988B-4BC9-91BA-4A9F3F…)

He was also the guy drinking out of the skull in the mental health restaurant pic earlier in the thread

No. 1362593

They're hideously made for each other, but seriously if she's still taken then why the fuck is she so nasty about other women still? She has a dick to ride, so what's the problem? Does Landy ogle thinner, younger and better dressed goths?

No. 1362594

Ah, yes, the ever-popular "heterosexual couple obsessed with queerio shit who refuses to use gendered terms for each other in hopes people might think they're gay until they correct them".
Why do they look like a TIF/TIM couple?

No. 1362639

File: 1636162466864.jpg (266.08 KB, 750x500, auschwitz_3.jpg)

What the fuck is this amerifat talking about? Is she confusing the town Oświęcim/Auschwitz with the concentration camp? Literally nobody has a mental image of Auschwitz-Birkenau as of a "beautiful summer camp". Is she braindead???

No. 1362646

realized she was talking about a cemetery in Oświęcim. Which is still bs cause if I checked right,it was used as a burial ground in the 17th century. During WW2 it was destroyed by Germans. No concentration camp victims were buried there (I WONDER WHY). This is still retarded, she's talking out of her ass while trying to sound profound

No. 1362682

It’s okay anon (and I imagine a lot of others) thought the same thing at first. Im surprised she didn’t clarify in the post because the way it’s worded makes it sound like she’s talking about the literal concentration camps!

No. 1362703

he looks like an exceptional rick moranis

No. 1362706

kek of course she has a boyfriend who weighs less than her
moids who are too small to beat women into submission always go for insecure hamplanets. they deserve each other though so it's ok

No. 1362714

He also looks like a genuinely miserable person to be around. There's just something about his entire look, especially the facial expressions. He looks like he thinks he's better than everyone else so it would make sense that they're together.

No. 1362721

He looks like every other millennial with a complex who grew up idolizing "nerdy" or outcast type fictional characters and despised anybody conventionally attractive or successful (just like Cait), so when he grew up he sought to emulate that and advertise how mentally deficient he is.

I'm trying to understand what the fuck exactly it is with my generation doing this, but it's so prevalent. Cait does it with trying to be the goffick archetype, her moid looks like he's trying to be Matt Smith, and there's other cows I can't name at the moment but it's the collective autism built around fiction and tropes and its exhausting. Just get it out of your system by cosplaying or going to a ren faire once in a while and then be a functioning adult the rest of the time.

No. 1362747

i know what you mean but in my experience you should grow out of it by age 21 after learning that there's no time for that shit in the jobs market we have. when you're working 12 hour days in a kitchen or on a roof you realize that transmetropolitan is just a comic book.
or maybe people who figure that out don't socialize with the ones like caity's wiener boyfriend so we don't know what's going on there

No. 1362748

yah he seems kind of angry in every picture

No. 1362752

I imagine Caitlin Doughty is as psycho as she was when she threatened suicide over Luke, so he's probably trapped with her. Maybe she's constantly hateful towards other women because she knows he could find someone equally autistic and scrawny as himself, but 50 pounds lighter and doesn't sound like a troon impersonating Maggie Smith.

No. 1362796

File: 1636177104460.png (703.97 KB, 1115x555, natefisherdoppelganger.png)

How long ago were these? I thought she was dating this guy.

No. 1362798

File: 1636177153807.png (746.77 KB, 617x615, birdwatching.png)

No. 1362815

Sorry I didn’t check the thread for a few hours so I didn’t see anons continue to discuss him, I did say in the original post I wasn’t sure if they were still together (I should have added a time, they were from around 2015) I must’ve just missed the newer ones, my apologies for not making that clearer guys

No. 1362854

File: 1636183075898.png (52.1 KB, 459x160, six-feet-under.png)

This photo screams "Love me or I'll kill myself".

Caitlin is a big fan of Six Feet Under and Nate Fisher. In her chapter "Push the Button", she talks about buying the boxset of the show with her first paycheck and compares herself to him. Nate was the main character and imo an asshole who always acted enlightened/holier than thou because he was good at comforting grieving families. He used green burials towards the end of the show to make himself feel like he was a better person than he actually was.

Spoiler of the show: He forced many women to get abortions, got another woman pregnant while he was in a relationship with someone else and cheated on his pregnant wife.

Oh, remember Jacob, the "suicidal lunatic" >>1356693? Caitlin accused him of being a cannibal because he wrote the word "anthropophagy" on a map.

No. 1362859

What is the origin of the photo on the business cards? Is that a woman humping a skeleton?

No. 1362868

Wait, one class of embalming made her a trained embalmer that could be a candidate for a job offer in Japan?

No. 1362872

File: 1636187047926.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 73.74 KB, 510x960, 87B7864D-EDCC-4F5B-A42B-A17DE1…)

It's silent film actress Theda Bara, and she is definitely humping a skeleton. If you needed any more confirmation that Caitlin is just in it for the uwu quirky 'goth' aesthetic…

No. 1362897

Hang on, she works with roadkill and dead babies but caring about expensive shoes is what makes her wretch? How unsanitary! Disgust is a physiological reaction evolved to make us avoid pathogens so we don't get sick, just like pain is about avoiding further damage.
Does she really think her my immortal "prepz fuck off!1" mentality is cute or is she just too autistic to understand the optics of that kind of childishness outside her internet hot topic hug bubble?

No. 1362923

File: 1636199127612.png (35.05 KB, 599x117, bass.png)

Maybe the anon who said that Caitlin might be interested in necrophilia is not so far off.

No. 1362941

After posting this I re-read the post and she did say that she expected Auschwitz to be "brutalist" so what else could she be talking about than the concentration camp??? I'm not even sure if people even make the mistake of calling the city the German name (Wikipedia doesn't). She doesn't know shit. Does she even realize that the cemetery is part of the town and not the nearby, more famous concentration camp? Looks like she googled a random photo to write this load of crap.

No. 1362991

He looks nothing like the actor, is she retarded? He looks like a redneck who works in his father's auto garage and chews tobacco. But of course the caption is her talking about how "on brand" it is for her, she only cares about optics and aesthetics. I bet if someone suggested she wear pastels, she'd hiss at them and think its quirky.

No. 1362996

File: 1636212466602.png (233.64 KB, 474x2042, comments1.png)

I am the anon from >>1361653. I still don't feel comfortable sharing too much information about the girl who is possibly referenced here >>1356636. I don't want to be responsible for making her a target of harassment once again.

I will call her "Ellen" to make it easier to explain the situation. As I said previously, there are a few missing pieces on this story because Ellen deleted her Instagram and disappeared for a while. I was able to locate one of her personal accounts. These are the facts:

>Ellen was a mortuary student. There are many posts where she talks about her classes and takes photos of her books and homework.

>Ellen was part of an online community of morticians, ranging from students to licensed funeral directors and embalmers. The purpose of the group was to share ideas and discuss the industry. They would sometimes talk about ethics and people who make the industry look bad. For example, they are against funeral directors pressuring grieving families to buy expensive caskets. Caitlin was also a topic of conversation in this group and was not well liked.
>This online community of morticians currently has more than 14k users.
>In 2016, Ellen responded to a post that Caitlin made regarding the laws surrounding embalming. They both went back and forth disagreeing with each other.
>In 2018, Ellen made a negative comment in Instagram about Caitlin’s time in mortuary school.
>Caitlin took a screenshot of this and made a post about her >>1357427. While she told people not to harass Ellen, many people in the comments directly tagged her, mocked her and went through all her social media accounts.
>Caitlin was pretty active in the comments section and joined in with her fans dog piling on Ellen. They made fun of what clothes she wears, what she does, the posts she makes, etc.
>Caitlin directly confronted Ellen in the comments section and asked for evidence of her claims. Ellen talked about Professor Baxter, which Caitlin denied knowing.
>Ellen tried to change her username many times and Caitlin’s fans kept harassing her and tagging her with her new username each time.
>Ellen deleted her Instagram.
>Ellen stopped mentioning mortuary school for years.
>Ellen has changed majors and is no longer a mortician.

My thoughts:
I am not sure if Ellen was expelled because I can’t find any information about that, but she was indeed harassed and people went through her other accounts to find information about her. I wouldn’t be surprised if she got in trouble for that Instagram comment, which was not nice but did not merit all that hate. She was a random nobody, so I am not sure why Caitlin found it imperative to put her on blast to her thousands of followers. I suspect that the person in Reddit might have been someone from that online group of morticians who saw how everything went down.

I am adding some screenshots of the comments section. Ellen’s personal information and username(s) are hidden with blue. Caitlin’s fans are hidden with black.

No. 1362997

File: 1636212643808.png (248.05 KB, 477x2135, comments2.png)

No. 1362998

Is she aware that the reason for the corpses lying in the streets during the bubonic plague was that there were just too many people dying and too few able to collect and bury them? Not having enough resources to deal with a pandemic and it's many dead is really nothing inspirational.

The more I read of this thread the more convinced I get that this is some sort of fetish for her.

No. 1362999

Anon, I completely understand and thank you for this even still.

No. 1363001

File: 1636213045835.png (217.9 KB, 473x1750, comments3.png)

In this comment thread, Caitlin and Ellen have a conversation. Since Ellen deleted her account, we only have Caitlin's messages.

No. 1363003

I'm actually tearing up a little reading these because she harassed this young woman out of a field she was passionate about. Caitlin's fans have the audacity to claim there's jealousy on the other end? CAITLIN IS JEALOUS OF EVERY WOMAN SHE COMES ACROSS. Even total strangers at a night market, for fucks sake!

She's absolutely vile and doesn't belong in this profession.

No. 1363008

That top comment is the exact type of asskissing I've envisioned from her fans, especially if more of them were to find this thread and Cait were to make a "public apology/statement" about things pointed out here.

No. 1363011

Caitlin and Ellen don't talk that much. I want to make a correction and say that Caitlin didn't demand evidence, but I am guessing that Ellen felt pressured by all the fans harassing her.

P.S. Ellen seems to be doing much better. Please don't share her account if you find it. I think she deserves to be left alone after what she went through.

No. 1363013

I have no social media so I doubt I'd find it, let alone know what to look for. Thank you again for this contribution to the thread. It helps to piece things together, even with Ellen's responses missing. Caitlin still shouldn't have sent her little hot topic clique after her, she knew very well what she was doing. The woman could've paid it no mind like any other adjusted adult, but no, she had to act like it was a threat to her ill-gotten money. Wouldn't put it past Ellen to also be younger, prettier, and sweeter and that also stuck in Caitlin's arse.

No. 1363022

oh my god that story and the screenshots are fucked up. that woman had to just change her whoe career? what the fuck?

No. 1363024

Caitlin believes herself to be the supreme authority on who deserves to be working in the funeral industry, regardless of the little blogpost she did a while back about how she cannot "make" people into morticians. You disagree with her and how she makes the rest of the trade look? Ready the pitchforks and angry mob, in classic medieval history major fashion no less.

No. 1363025


Good god she’s an idiot. What is with this Sherlock attempt?
Just because there are little records detailing how people felt about the bodies stacked up in the town square during the bubonic plague doesn’t mean they didn’t feel horrified, saddened, and grief stricken. Also, wailing and yelling due to grief is culturally the norm for many cultures, especially in the Middle East, jewish communities, and Eastern Europeans, are they faking it too?

No. 1363034

It's not Latino, anon, so its automatically not ethnic enough for her.

No. 1363041

File: 1636218414804.jpg (1.64 MB, 4032x3024, image.jpg)

Funny you should mention Middle Eastern and Eastern European cultures.
I’ve got her book “from here to eternity” (I’ve actually got her first two books but I’ve been slow chewing the first one and uploading potentially interesting parts of it to this thread) and I was under the impression that the book covered a huge range of cultures from across the globe, so I was surprised when I opened it and she covered three American states (California, Colorado, North Carolina), Indonesia, Mexico, Spain, Japan and Bolivia (Pic related) I haven’t read it yet but considering how huge the world is and the wide range of cultures and death practices that she apparently travelled the world for and that’s all she covered? I think she may have just picked the most shocking or exotic practices and covered those but I’ll report back once I’ve read it

Thankyou for uncovering and uploading this. I think a big part of Caitlins problem is that she isn’t always right. It’s like she’s got this massive fear of being wrong so shrouds herself in her echo chamber and lashed out at any and all criticism. I don’t know much about the career of a mortician but I imagine it’s much like many other professions, that you need constructive criticism to grow and become a better practitioner

Also I was thinking of uploading the entire chapter from smoke gets in your eyes where she talks about witnessing the death of another child when she was little. I think it explains a lot about her and actually made me feel quite sorry for her (she was only a little girl when it happened, I can be irritated forever at an adult but children are so innocent in those situations). It’ll be like my other posts where I take photos of the pages but I don’t know if lolcow will get in trouble if I do that.

No. 1363042

This is, again, very reminiscent of Lisa Rogak's book called "death warmed over", which Cait alluded to in her funeral mukbang video yet didn't mention by name explicitly. Rogak's book also includes countries, albeit more than Cait's, but there's no citations, no references, and each location only has two pages followed up with the author's own recipe variation of what is traditionally eaten. The book has a lot of complaints for not only the lack of sources, but for getting some cultures completely wrong or lacking enough depth (because two pages per chapter per country? Seriously?). She also tends to treat the "white" cultures within with this sort of textbook air, like you can tell that there's no enthusiasm in those chapters, but the section about tribes in Bali (which she doesn't even name which tribe, just says primitive) who use water from corpse washing to prepare rice pudding? Giddy as hell and is like a proto Caitlin. The book was originally written in 2004 and I have an electronic version.

No. 1363049

You mean seeing the little boy fall to his death in a shopping mall and she claims that because her mom never talked about it again, she turned into what she is today? It was discussed briefly upthread, but I can't say that I feel sorry for her. Her parents could've handled that better, but she ultimately grew up making someone else's death all about her. If anything, that coupled with her sneaking out to bondage clubs as a teen screams spoilt only child syndrome.

No. 1363060

>I can be irritated forever at an adult but children are so innocent in those situations
Wait until you get to the chapter "Demon Babies"

The second book has sources, but each chapter is short. The information about each culture is a bit shallow and based around Caitlin's perception of them after visiting that country for a few days.

No. 1363061

Yeah I saw people discussing it earlier in the thread but I still felt a bit different about it reading it in the book and like it was a bit brushed over here? Maybe I’ll just try and write a summery of it instead just for the sake of cataloguing it.

No. 1363066

So, she more or less did what Rogak did, sans recipes. Even with sources, the contents of this look surface level at best, just like the author she attempted to one up.

No. 1363075

Go for it, anon. Couldn't hurt.

No. 1363088

Her obsession with children is weird and irritating.

No. 1363091

jfc ken russell had a more accurate portrayal of the plague in The Devils than cait has here

No. 1363093

i'm scared to hear what kind of asshole crap she says about michoacan. maybe i'm a bitch but it doesn't seem like a great idea to include that province in a book about treatment of dead bodies published this decade. like maybe just stay out of it if you're not mexican? let me know if i'm stupid for saying that

No. 1363094

There are tiktoks with more accuracy than anything Caitlin Doughty has done kek

No. 1363100

I wouldn't go as far as to say that you're stupid for feeling that way, given the context here and how Cait is very much one of those holier than thou, privileged white chicks who tries to seem woke, but rather she fetishizes and holds up other cultures for people to balk at. There are actual historians who aren't the ethnicity of any of the cultures which they teach about, but they don't put on this weird dog and pony show for Twitter points the way which Caitlin does. She's evidently desperate for cultural adoption from Mexicans and has a white savior complex, like somebody needs to tell this woman that Twitter and tumblr aren't real life and she doesn't need permission from an actual native before she purchases her Nestle brand Abuelita.

She also has this thing where she intentionally presents topics for shock factor, knowing most of the general public will of course react accordingly, because she knows that if people are put off she gets to play the smug and holier than thou "enlightened" role and chastise them for their reaction. "Oh, you don't fancy the idea of your loved one's corpse being eaten by wild animals? Well, in THAT CULTURE it's a GOOD THING because it means they weren't an evil person. It's okay if you don't understand though."

It's very much intentional and I'm surprised nobody's brought that up yet.

No. 1363103

File: 1636222771462.png (196.08 KB, 1024x667, willmycat.png)

I have her third book in digital btw if anybody would like some excerpts. It's the most tolerable one of the three, but a bit inappropriate for children. I would say that it's more suitable for teenagers.

No. 1363109

To add to this, look at her writings or watch the videos where she presents information about another culture. It's very clearly her attempting to channel the 90s Addams Family films, where she gets to be gleeful about what she's relaying to the audience (regardless of how questionable or morbid) while you as the viewer are expected to be appalled. She'll even mock that appalled reaction before following up with more information or why she's "right". Its a manipulative, performative power play thing.

No. 1363113

Hey anon, I have a favor to ask from you. I read her books a few years ago and there's something that has been bugging me. I remember that when she was talking about old people and euthanasia, I was picturing Alaskans putting old people to die on ice floes. I am not sure if Caitlin brings up that comparison or if I was getting it from her words. Since you are reading the books… if she actually does say that, can you please post a photo of the page?

No. 1363121

I will keep an eye out for it! I’m not quite at the halfway point yet but I don’t recall it being in an earlier part of the book, if I see it I’ll put it here


When I’ve finished the first book I’ll go through that one, I’m very curious to hear what she has to say about there in particular aswell. I think it’s pretty safe to say though she does have a certain fetishisation for Latino/ Mexican culture from everything we’ve seen and read.
(Also I’m totally speculating of course but I wouldnt be surprised if she’s one of those white women that likes to fetishise and sexualise people of colour - specifically Latinos, but never want to actually date them. She badly wants to be seen as part of their culture but doesn’t have any clear relationships with them - neither platonic nor romantic. Just my opinion).

No. 1363122

Ayone know if the info about Tachibana no Kachiko in this video is correct?
It reminds me too much about Death paintings - the practice of buddhist monks to study and draw dead beautiful women (sometimes from history) in the different stages of decomposition as a way to overcome their heterosexual desire. The phenomena has been criticized as misogynist.

No. 1363123

I could summarize that chapter for you if you want so you can verify if she is at least accurate.

I don't think that the problem is that she is talking about the death rituals from Michoacan while not being Mexican. The problem is that she doesn't come across as respectful. It feels like she is pointing and taking photos like some death tourist.

No. 1363124

More like they wouldn't touch her. Even if a Hispanic man wants a white woman, why would they go for Caitlin, who would definitely be an embarrassment when brought home to their family? She's 1000% gringa and no amount of her praising abuela's pozole would salvage that relationship. She seems like the type to only buy Maria cookies and guava spread from the latino aisle of the big name grocery chain and flap her mouth to the nearest, unlucky latino who is nearby about how much she just loves their culture and respects it.

No. 1363125

This. There's nothing wrong with not belonging to that culture, but Caitlin is fetishy and treats it like farming for woke points.

No. 1363126

This is true, I think POC are usually pretty wise to the fetishising white girls and hightail it quickly. She’d be fine for a quick shag but you wouldn’t take her home to your mother so she could sit there proudly mispronouncing Spanish words and practically flicking her bean at the dinner table to the thought of going to Mexico City’s day of the dead parade

No. 1363127

>flicking her bean

Anon, if this was intentional fucking kek

No. 1363141

I'm leaning towards the former. Some anons think she's actually autistic, but I don't see it. I see a mean spirited, 40 year old woman who knows how to bully and manipulate others, who also knew exactly what she was doing when she tackled what she believed to be a niche subject when attempting to carve out a name for herself. Caitlin Doughty never mentally matured beyond her high school years and that's pretty evident by everything presented itt and what's yet to come. She is an extremely miserable person, undeserving of all the praise and opportunity which she has received. It's so telling how her stans were quick to herald any dissent as jealousy when it's always been Caitlin who is jealous of others.

No. 1363142

File: 1636227921008.jpeg (985.78 KB, 2100x1574, BA4EFA90-6044-4552-B113-6DDBC1…)

No. 1363143

File: 1636227978692.jpeg (1009.57 KB, 2100x1574, 3A6258C5-E846-406A-9790-150651…)

I think I’ve worked out what makes me so irrationally angry when reading her books. Ironically it’s her own mention of nurses that made it dawn on me. I know there’s a few healthcare/ nursing anons lurking on this post but read both pages - particularly the bits I’ve highlighted and tell me she wouldn’t be told to leave halfway through her shift in a healthcare environment.

She says she doesn’t envy nurses for having to deal with bodily fluids on the regular, yet she became a mortician, surely the decaying bodily fluids your dealing with are far worse than what a nurse deals with? Also nurses do wash their end of life patients, their dentures are removed because of the risk of aspirating on them. I’m sure it’s not very death positive for granny to choke to death on her own teeth.

Her language towards the woman she was caring for would have her thrown out. I don’t know how I’ve gotten this far into her book but am still surprised to hear her making comparisons to making the deceased look more appropriate for the family and putting lipstick on a pig. Yet I still thought it was shocking.

Her reluctance to put the elderly ladies stockings on. Trust me Caitlin, there is nothing stopping the family peeling back the sheet and checking she’s wearing them, because they do check. People come into the care homes all the time and make sure 102 year old ladies who are bedbound and have to be hoisted everywhere are wearing their bra. It was this moment it dawned on me, you can’t be bothered Caitlin, it’s got nothing to do with dignity (and you don’t get to decide for someone else what is or isn’t dignified) you just straight up, cannot be arsed to do the hard work.

No. 1363147

This further leads me to believe that most people who claim to be fans haven't actually read her books. I refuse to believe that people wouldn't be up in arms about how self-involved, callous, and frankly fucking nasty she is. I'm sure there's a small fraction who read them in their entirety and either forgot this entirely or are just as tone deaf and shitty as she is, caring only for their own AeSthEtiK and how goff they appear to others, but certainly it's not the majority. I guess people just automatically assume all authors are infallible now, as are all people in every single profession, as if you can't be a degree holder who also makes mistakes or is just a complete mongrel like Caitlin is.

Fuck this parasocial bullshit.

No. 1363165

I wouldn't be surprised if her actual reason for having a hateboner for embalming is because it's too much hard work for her and she never would've passed the licensing for it, so she just made up some half-assed environmentalist reason and since greenwashing is easy to convert people to she rolled with it. She could've easily just been a funeral director on her own without the license to embalm, not every director does both. Some are both and some are just one and that's perfectly fine, but after seeing this passage and others it seems like Caitlin is allergic to actual dirty, hard work.

No. 1363169

File: 1636230535485.jpeg (234.78 KB, 750x1198, 8C18A633-5C70-43BC-9D08-828681…)

I 100% agree with you. I just think she’s learnt how to be the bully and dress it up. She has her circle of orbiters who keep her well padded and away from criticism.

I think at some point she was perceived as undesirable by some chode (Luke most likely) and really internalised that. Decided to take down any woman she perceived as a threat and then was able to stand on her moral high ground.

I know I pointed this out before but she made an Instagram post where she offered funding/scholarship for black mortuary students, and I get that collage is very expensive in the USA, but she doesn’t actually employ any black people, she’s not offering an apprenticeship. Paying for school is nice but it’s not giving a career. Pic related

Because heaven forbid someone snatched her career from under her. I mean, props to seeing a gap in the market that you could exploit and make money from, but it’s always been at the expensive of tearing others down and pushing them out of your way.

No. 1363170

File: 1636230565020.jpeg (213.26 KB, 750x1093, 905E182B-B474-4F1D-AFBD-09FDB9…)

Comment on the scholarship post

No. 1363172

my problem was more that michoacan is where the dismembered body parts/pody parts thrown on the dancefloor/alarma-style corpses used as a warning stuff was invented.
i don't think it's good to be even slightly vaguely fetishizing "cool death stuff" from there when cartel violence and horrific treatment of bodies is such a huge problem there specifically at this moment in time.

No. 1363174

i'm suspicious of anyone who was promoted and then suddenly completely ignored by the coilhouse gang because the other people that happened to were warren ellis and ales kot, so those girls are clearly good at spotting douchebags.

No. 1363175

Because she doesn't actually give a shit. I've brought up vidrel in this thread and when this thread was being requested, because its literally 17 minutes of wasting somebody's time and was very clearly made in the post BLM narrative world just so she could scrape some more of those precious woketard points without actually having to do anything. You learn nothing from this video, she seems genuinely emotionally detached the entire time (I bet if it was a Latino funeral home, she'd be in full costume though with the flower crown, complete with her terrible wannabe Spanish accent!), and it closes with no real solutions or meaning. And nothing in here is profound or couldn't be explored and explained better by other people.

No. 1363177

Kalma is a fucking moron to not see it. "T-Thank you for your gracious scraps, qween!1! uwu"

No. 1363178

also, casual fans may only read the blog, which is often posted to by people other than caitlin, and has had a lot of good articles. so they could be reading good content by other people, about different topics than her books, but thinking of that stuff as "caitlin's work"

No. 1363181

>"caitlin's work"

Which is a problem in itself because the other members aren't receiving anywhere near the same amount of credit or attention as Caitlin, but I have a feeling she keeps it that way. Just because she refers to the Order with 'we' and 'our' doesn't mean anything. She enjoys being in a position of authority.

No. 1363184

Of course she only did it a month after the whole George Floyd thing. Hilarious.

No. 1363188

Of course anon! How could I have been so foolish! Any longer than that and she’d have actually had to give a shit!

It’s actually heinous. She might as well plagiarise their work because people are going to so heavily associate whats on that blog with her

No. 1363201

A part of me wants to feel sorry for them, but if Sarah is any indication of what types of people the Order is comprised of, I rescind any sympathy. I'm sure there have been maybe one or two genuinely, well-meaning and naive people who stumbled across the Order and have contributed content for them, but it seems as if its Caitlin, Sarah, and whoever else leeching off of one another. Cait "gives" them "exposure" and "work" and they give her basically free labor and content, or what I'm assuming is free labor because according to the Patreon and the website the staff gets paid solely from donations made by the cult. Don't quit your day jobs.

No. 1363209

File: 1636234065568.jpeg (72.15 KB, 750x603, D5D4F81C-56FC-43D7-827F-540189…)

Omg I’m so dumb well spotted anon!

No. 1363212

File: 1636234181218.jpeg (291.11 KB, 750x1334, 33C0AEAB-7768-46F0-9F5D-AC2A34…)



Also correct me if I’m wrong but despite Caitlin saying this was for black students the scholarship application page itself doesn’t say this? It speaks of Henrietta herself and why she was an important and pioneering figure for mortuary science but nothing about the applicants needing to come from a black background?

No. 1363220

File: 1636234460205.png (137.31 KB, 862x701, Scree.png)

Everything I've googled only talks about Henrietta herself and you're correct: There's nothing about the scholarship being only for black people.


No. 1363227


Okay forgive me because I’m from Europe and don’t understand American scholarships but would that not be some kind of false advertising? There’s nothing that states that it is for black students even on community college of balitmores website

Can scholarships specify this?

If you didn’t know of Caitlin and saw this scholarship available and that you met the requirements you’d just apply for it

No. 1363228

Scholarships can absolutely specify if they're for people of x ethnicity or people of x ethnicity pursuing a career in xyz or whatever. So, yeah, she did falsely advertise this with the hopes that she could look #woke, get that sweet asskissing, and preyed on the public's general ignorance yet again that somebody wasn't attending that particular college or wouldn't look it up and call her out on it. I also don't know if the Order gets to decide who the scholarship is awarded to. I'd think that would be up to the school in question, not Caitlin and her clique.

No. 1363231

But they were funding the scholarship, so surely as part of their negotiations with the college they could specify that they wanted this to go to a black student and refuse to work with the college if the terms wernt met? I mean ultimately why would a stipulation like that matter to the college if they were still getting paid through the donation?

Because if it was that important to the order they would have ensured that this specific requirement was met no? They’d have worked with the college directly or with an organisation that works with black students to make sure the college adhered to that

I think this has gotta be pretty high on the list of shady things Caitlin has done

I remember watching a Kat Blaque video ages ago and she said she was always weary of white people who do the most, it’s almost like guilt and I think this is the sort of occasion where that really applies

No. 1363235

File: 1636235966326.png (814.58 KB, 1016x873, lying bitch.png)

No, I get it and you're absolutely correct. One would assume that if it meant that dearly to Caitlin the White Savior Qween, it would've been made very clear to the college in question and would be included on the scholarship information page. Even on the Order's support page, it specifies ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about the scholarship being limited to black students, just that they "hope it creates opportunities for black women."


Screenie'd in case they find it and try to edit it later, god knows they're shifty enough to do it.

No. 1363236

Samefag, but its also extremely telling to me that Caitlin not only tried to assuage her white guilt with this, but attempted to cover her ass for being such an unabashed cunt towards other women. This "offer" was created a week after Floyd was killed, not even a full month now that I went back and checked, and rather than choosing a mortuary program based in the city where Floyd was killed she tried to tack on something a little "extra" to boost her cred. Both black AND a woman?! Wow, she's SO #woke!

Also, if this was to "create opportunities for black women" in the field, why wasn't that specified in her self-congratulatory tweet/Instagram post? Why is it only on the Order's website?

No. 1363237


True that wording on their page is very careful. It doesn’t say that it is explicitly for black female students. It was created to “provide funding” for black women to study mortuary science.
it doesn’t say “we created this explicitly to fund black women through mortuary school in honor of Henrietta”

And tbh it doesn’t matter what their site says if the actual application isn’t limited to the group it was intended for. It looks more like they were a big name donor and then expected the publicity they provided to be enough.

And as I said before, she doesn’t employ any black women. She doesn’t have any black women apprentices. Just her Latinx mate and one Asian lady.

An occasional shout out on your Instagram and a video every six months isn’t enough Caitlin. You can’t put your money where your mouth is for a month as bare minimum and then sit back and enjoy the asspat ride forever.

I’m glad I thought to google that and that it’s screenshot and archived here. If you don’t care about social justice that’s fine, but it’s another thing entirely to pretend you care and then not follow through.

I’m gonna pour a glass of wine and wait for the stans to cancel her

No. 1363238

>If you don’t care about social justice that’s fine, but it’s another thing entirely to pretend you care and then not follow through.

That's the thing, yeah. Its fine not to give a shit, but its another thing entirely to pretend to care for the optics and constantly look down your nose at everybody else as if you're more enlightened and cultured the way that Caitlin does, then not follow through with it. I'm pretty sure if she was just normal like Kari or Little Miss Funeral or Caleb Wilde, nobody would bat an eye, but she has a track record of being an insufferable bully who really has no room to be throwing stones at anybody.

No. 1363245

File: 1636237534042.png (171.23 KB, 412x393, hilarious irony.png)

This is from the Clarity Funerals Instagram page and I couldn't help but scoff at the irony of this being her caption.

No. 1363247

File: 1636237600312.png (113.09 KB, 405x381, so cute to shame people.png)

Another post on the same page. I don't have IG so I just screenshotted it this way. But sure, she's totally not guilting/shaming people.


No. 1363252

>work with an organization that works with black students

They easily could've Googled to find one. Its not difficult.

"100 Black Women of Funeral Service"

No. 1363258

File: 1636239066828.jpeg (155.83 KB, 750x1248, 0DFFEFDC-D511-490A-9567-29EFAC…)

I’m going to add the screenshots of the people currently on her staff page incase they decide to suddenly hire a black woman upon finding this thread. Obviously she could have black women working at her company but they’re not in high enough positions to be featured on her staff pages. I don’t think lolcow records dates so I’ve taken these on November 6th 2021, Caitlin opened her first funeral home in 2015 (Undertaking LA) and Clarity at end of 2019 - feel free to fact check me on the dates.

Jeff Jorgenson - Clarity
“I want to work collaboratively with families to create celebrations and memories around a life that has been lived well.”
Jeff Jorgenson, our co-owner and funeral director, spent years serving families in more traditional funeral homes. Ultimately, he felt those funeral homes were too interested in maintaining outdated traditions, upselling families, and controlling choices the families themselves should be making. So in 2012 he opened Elemental Cremation & Burial in Seattle, reflecting his desire for a greener, more affordable funeral experience. His love of logistics and removing barriers is what make Clarity Funerals the smooth, accessible experience for the families we serve.

No. 1363261

File: 1636239177758.jpeg (163.75 KB, 750x1252, 8C88C502-821A-423F-B2BC-593008…)

Taryn Thornton - Clarity
“Walking with families through the process is a journey that we can take through healing.”
Taryn Thornton, our Funeral Director and Office Manager comes to us with deep experience in both traditional and progressive funeral practices. She has a BS Mortuary Science degree from Cypress Mortuary College, is a licensed California Funeral Director and Embalmer. Her experience serving families embraces a holistic approach of self-guided funeral practices with professional direction to create healing experiences.

No. 1363263

File: 1636239278566.png (2.85 MB, 750x1334, F42D5F09-F7AE-46BA-955E-2DFC81…)

Sarah Chavez - order of the good death - “Latinx”

Executive Director

Sarah is the co-host of Death in the Afternoon Podcast, co-founder of anti-racist nonprofit, the Collective for Radical Death Studies, and co-founder of feminist death site, Death & the Maiden. As a founder of the Death Positive Movement she is passionate about addressing the underlying issues that adversely affect marginalized communities’ experiences of death. Sarah also writes and speaks about decolonizing death in the Chicano community, food and death, and obscure death history. For interviews and events contact Tara Perez tara (at) orderofthegooddeath.com

No. 1363264

File: 1636239358625.jpeg (156.74 KB, 750x1262, C50B918C-1A9B-4B47-80B4-DC3A22…)

Louise Hung - order of the good death, Asian American

Producer & Writer

Louise has been writing about death, death history, and death mythology for more than a decade. She is the producer and co-writer of Ask a Mortician, co-host of Death in the Afternoon, and is co-host and director of The Mortals’ Market. When she isn’t researching Iconic Corpses or the magic of the middle ages, Louise writes about Asian American culture, experiences, and connections to death beliefs and rituals. Based in Brooklyn, NY. Louise can be reached at louise (at) orderofthegooddeath.com

No. 1363265

File: 1636239379789.png (51.46 KB, 902x468, snip.png)

He apparently never even went to mortuary college. His degrees are in totally unrelated things. He also didn't begin working in anything funeral related until 2011. Its not inherently bad to change career paths, but it seems like all he saw was a business opportunity.


No. 1363266

File: 1636239431023.jpeg (190.52 KB, 750x1268, 7A9BEE15-D46D-463A-8770-75090D…)

Ericka Cameron - order of the good death

Program & Development Coordinator

Ericka serves as the Program & Development Coordinator for the Order of the Good Death. In this role she leads fundraising efforts and manages projects to advance the mission of the Order. In addition to advocating for universal access to a ‘good death’, Ericka is a passionate defender of disability rights and bodily autonomy. When she isn’t chatting with donors or making spreadsheets she enjoys cross-stitching cat-related puns. Ericka can be reached at ericka (at) orderofthegooddeath.com

No. 1363267

File: 1636239497652.jpeg (262.11 KB, 750x1251, F649E8DB-65D6-4B61-B870-4F5E9F…)

Caroline Reilly - order of the good death

Social Media Content Contributor

Caroline is a culture and health journalist from Boston. She regularly contributes to a number of publications including Teen Vogue, the Washington Post, GQ, and Vulture where she writes about everything from medical misogyny to menswear in film and television. When she isn’t working she can be found scouring the internet for the best Nordic noirs and parenting her neurotic Italian Greyhound, Rocko.

No. 1363270

This one attended the same college (Cypress) as Caitlin and has degrees in mortuary/funeral.

Can't seem to locate her LinkedIn.

Also has no background in mortuary or funeral, but has written for xojane.com and other publications. Her degrees are for art and theater. https://www.linkedin.com/in/louise-hung-1085b187

Degree in sociology, but also no actual mortuary or funeral work. https://www.linkedin.com/in/edcameron

Hers hasn't been updated in ages. https://www.linkedin.com/in/caroline-reilly-98214719b

No. 1363273

What I'm seeing here is that the Order is comprised of mostly people with zero qualifications or experience in the field of mortuary science, mostly writers who have contributed to hack online journalist spaces, and one dude who just saw a business venture. Tanya seems to be the only person besides Cait who attended college for this career path.

No. 1363275

I believe the one from Cyprus- Taryn, is the one the anons were talking about up thread who is both an embalmer and seemed to be doing a lot of the work (or at least from reviews).

Interesting how so many people have no experience, makes me think she employs people without experience so they don’t question her moralities. If you employ experienced people they’re going to question you, inexperienced people won’t question if your being ethical

No. 1363276

That's exactly Caitlin's intent. She's got three friggin' writers and one dude who just knows how to manage. Like I said, I get that people can change career paths, but to be a part of something as pretentiously named The Order of the Good Death and only two of them are qualified to be doing anything with the deceased? Technically, only Taryn is qualified because Caitlin isn't even licensed to embalm and she could technically own the home and manage it herself if she wanted to.

Caitlin is the exact kind of crook she's accused other funeral homes of being with Jeff over here, clearly only having gotten into this because of money.

No. 1363277

*I meant Taryn is the most qualified compared to Caitlin, my bad.

No. 1363286

Well yeah and Taryn only works for clarity not the order of the good death and she’s an embalmer which is apparently what Caitlin is against…

No. 1363294

I'm sure it chaps Caitlin's ass to be the one who has published books, had her SPEDtalks, and running a youtube channel while Taryn gets glowing reviews on their business page aka the place where people are actually looking. Because god knows her dEtHlingS aren't on there since none of them have used her services.

No. 1363303

Part of me wonders if she’d even care. It seems from quite early on she had it in her sights to be publishing books and online content and being famous in some sort of way, that’s why she was so harshly tearing other women down who came to the public eye as a mortician - she was straight up terrified someone else would be prettier and more exciting than her and snatch up her fame and fortune before she had the oppertunity to.

Caitlin has employed someone who seems more qualified than she even is, let her have the glowing reviews, to her deathlings Taryn is making sure that Caitlin looks good. Just like the articles on her blog, it’s all about how it makes her appear.

I’m sure most of her deathlings copies of smoke gets in your eyes are largely nothing more than expensive coasters for their coffee mugs. Her own writings suggest how much she has no real care or interest in the dead and their loved ones.

No. 1363324

also the "i should have had this idea sooner" phrasing. black people don't need you caitlin, get over yourself.

No. 1363326

aww what happened to that nice lady from texas who used to be with them? the one who actually had a plan to start a by-the-families'-wishes modern death salon place with no pressure to do any one thing?

No. 1363327

what the fuck is this headshot

No. 1363329

Right? For something that's supposed to be a respectable non profit to be taken seriously? She looks like Lena Dunham.

No. 1363332

She either realized what a heartless cunt fraud Caitlin is and left or Cait couldn't stand the idea of someone possibly outshining her and fired her. I wouldn't put it past Caitlin to have also badmouthed her professionally in certain channels just to ensure that the woman would have a difficult time getting employed elsewhere. Can't have anybody usurping the Order!

No. 1363345

i work at an art college where half the teachers are high during lecture and they wouldn't let us have a headshot where your shirt is falling off. that woman looks like an idiot.

No. 1363347

could a non in the industry make a post with the actual facts about embalming? i think a lot of us only learned about it from caitlin's writings, and it would be helpful to my dumb ass to see how it's actually impacting the environment and what modern funeral directors' opinions of it really are.

No. 1363367

NTA But if you do this anon's request, please include the impact of putting an embalmed body into the ground, not just the effects of the fumes from the embalming itself. Don't try to sell us on embalming, and don't try to prevent us from embalming. Just the facts, please.

No. 1363369

nta but I did find this incredibly detailed explanation when looking for other opinions on caitlin

No. 1363376

The Mortuary Science Bachelor's program at Cypress College was only started in 2017/

No. 1363377


No. 1363382

Whatever that means. I'm just trying to give some small information about the program when relevant.

No. 1363384

I think the site is being raided again because its unsaged and it's the same type of unwarranted vitriol as the posts which were cropping up all over.

No. 1363388

nta but as a lame nerd i bet there's some kind of autist argument that could be made for embalming and sealed caskets directly accelerating entropy. wonder if anyone's said that yet. probably.

No. 1363391

Embalming would decelerate entropy since it slows down/delays decomposition, which is a type of entropy. Not sure about sealed caskets though. I might say they also don't directly contribute to entropy either though

No. 1363443

You can archive them, anon

Clarity Funeral Staff: https://archive.ph/NLTpn
Order of the Good Death Staff: https://archive.ph/eS5Hp
Order of the Good Death Funding Support: https://archive.ph/viIhf

No. 1363457

Omg I’m such a dickhead, Thankyou anon! In future I’ll do that

No. 1363463

File: 1636263121107.png (519.11 KB, 752x660, fellowship.png)

>CCBC has partnered with the nonprofit The Order of the Good Death to raise funds for students enrolled in CCBC’s Mortuary Science program
>Make a donation today!
>Contribute to the Endowment Fund
Is the Order of the Good Death paying the tuition or just raising the funds?

>For the academic year 2020-2021, the undergraduate tuition & fees at Community College of Baltimore County is $6,918 for Maryland residents and $10,062 for out-of-state students.
So it's less than what Caitlin earns per month through Patreon >>1356934

There's also this: https://www.orderofthegooddeath.com/good-death-fellowship/
>This grant will provide funding to three recipients (fellows) to launch or advance their existing work on a specific project in their area of expertise
>The grant is open to the public. All fields and professions- regardless of area of expertise- are eligible
>How Much Are the Grants? $5,000 – $8,000
>Applications may come from anywhere in the world.

The Henrietta Duterte Scholarship is different from the Good Death Fellowship. Neither of them are specifically to help black women though. I also noticed that the Baltimore Community College uses photos of students with different ethnicities to promote the fund, while the Order of the Good Death purposely chose the only one with a black woman.

No. 1363467

It's okay, anon. Your posts saved me a click lol

No. 1363491

File: 1636270589723.png (155.69 KB, 475x567, Mexico.png)

But the problem is Caitlin herself, not her nationality, which makes her unable to talk about Michoacan with respect. She doesn't care about bringing awareness to social issues or understanding the culture beyond the gory or unusual details. She doesn't even talk about cartel violence or funerals.

A summary of the chapter:
>The parades of Dia de los Muertos in Mexico City was a result of a James Bond movie. The government was afraid that the people from around the world would come and expect to see the celebration as portrayed by Spectre (2016).
>Her friend Sarah Chavez takes her to Michoacan and tells her about Mexico. She says that she grew up with self-hating Mexican family members who wanted to assimilate to life in the US.
>Sarah was not allowed to learn Spanish by her family and didn't feel a tangible connection to Mexican culture.
>In 2013, Sarah lost her baby after 6 months of pregnancy. Frida Kahlo's miscarriage story gave her comfort and was the gateway into her own Mexican roots. Sarah and her partner Ruben (Mexican American) visited Mexico that year during Dia de los Muertos. This gave Sarah relief because her pain was finally recognized. Sarah and Ruben also visited Guanajuato to see El Museo de las Momias. She cried while watching the mummy of a little girl dressed in white because she thought she looked like an angel.
>Dead children were considered saints and called Angelitos. They were painted or photographed. Sarah was moved by the way that these children were treated in Mexico.
>Back in the present, the women are carrying pan de muerto and fresh fruit. Caitlin is admiring an altar made for a guy named Jorge who died at 26. His family members bring their ofrenda and children run around with their faces painted as catrinas.
>Caitlin and Sarah visit many homes, make offerings and talk about specific details of their altars.
>Caitlin says that she has attended Hollywood Dia de los Muertos celebrations, but they lack the emotion she is seeing right now.
>They arrive to the cementery in Tzintzuntzan. There is a little boy lighting the candles for his grandma's grave. Sarah stops at a grave of a little boy named Marco, who died at the age of 1.
>Sarah tells the story of how she lost her son. During her second ultrasound, the doctor discovered her baby was underdeveloped and had trisomy 13. She had to walk by a pro-lifer screaming at her to get her abortion.
>If only the Mexicans living in the US would continue their Dia de los Muertos traditions… Unlike Americans, Mexicans have powers of healing and don't deny death. Western funeral homes are rigid and cold.
>Caitlin and Sarah visit Frida Kahlo's Casa Azul in Mexico City. Caitlin speculates about Frida's feelings about abortion. They look at Frida's urn, death mask and paintings. She remarks on Frida's Angelito painting hung above her bed. The end.

No. 1363519

File: 1636275528707.png (125.12 KB, 598x557, father.png)

What a contrast to how she reacted with David Bowie's death.

I thought she had a bad relationship with her dad.

No. 1363535

So basically that chapter is more about Sarah and not about Mexican traditions.

Look I feel for her, loosing her baby must’ve been absolutely awful. But doesn’t it say more about her being failed more by the healthcare system (I don’t understand why abortion clinics are separate from sexual health and early pregnancy units, that’s where you have your termination here, I think with later terminations they’re done in gynocology) and she obviously didn’t seem to have much in the way of bereavement counciling.

I’d even argue that there’s nothing wrong with finding comfort in other cultures celebrations when you’ve gone through something so tragic. But your family arnt self hating because they decided to asimílate into American culture. That’s what happens. You’ve gone your whole life with no concern or recognition for it, not even being identified by others as Latino, so why the larp now?

And it honestly makes me question more why she hasn't fucking learnt Spanish! she doesn’t actually understand the traditions, she’s not going into the church, she’s not speaking to the local people, she’s just looking at the way they honour children and being like “yup, that’s it!”.

This chapter is Caitlin and her American friend being death tourists in Mexico.

No. 1363562

Not a funeral director, but I found this:

>Furthermore, especially in instances of vehicular accidents and chronic disease, embalming is important to the family members. It restores the individual to an acceptable condition and helps provide the family with what is called, a 'positive memory picture'.
>A positive experience facilitates the grieving process.
>Environmentally, the concern of embalming is mainly associated with the use of formaldehyde, which the United States Environmental Protection Agency lists as a probable carcinogen. This is a potential concern for embalmers and requires special training and protective equipment.
>The main concern that proponents of other funeral preparation options have is placing formaldehyde in the ground. However, cemeteries are dedicated parcels of land that are generally owned by municipalities or privately held. Moreover, they adhere to strict city, county and/or state regulations.
>Despite the current debate on embalming, there is consensus on one key point, though: When it comes to decisions related to the final resting of family members, families today – just as in the past – should know all their options and have the needed time to decide what works best for the deceased and for them and their grieving processes.

>The three goals of embalming are as follows: preservation, presentation and sanitation.
>Formaldehyde has been identified as a cancer-causing agent. Embalmers must wear full body coverings and may also wear a respirator when working with embalming fluids. As long as the embalmer takes all recommended precautions, the danger is limited.
>As the body breaks down, the chemicals used in embalming are released. These chemicals can enter into the soil and could possibly filter into water sources consumed by humans. Embalming fluids may not be considered an environmental issue when the remains are housed in a sealed casket and burial vault. An alternative is to have the body cremated, which will also destroy the chemicals during the process.
>There are many valid pros and cons for the embalming process. However, the decision is up to you and your family to choose the option that is right for you.

>The unfortunate truth of the matter is that both options have some negative side effects. Cremation requires a lot of natural gas and produces a lot of excess CO². The burning of dental fillings within the cremated remains can also pollute the atmosphere with mercury when the body is cremated.

Hopefully an anon from the industry can verify this information.

No. 1363631

Also not a funeral director but I found this journal article


>study was conducted in Nigeria, samples of soil were taken from the cemetery and from upto about 2km away

>extract ”Cemeteries represent a source of environmental threat due to their potential to accumulate and dischargelarge quantities of contaminants produced by the decomposition of corpses. Effluents can carry microorganisms and heavy metals through the soil to water resources. Since these environments are pollution point sources, people living close to cemeteries maybe exposed to elevated levels of extremely hurtful contaminants to human health. Experimental studies have shown that as human bodies and casket components degrade and decay eventually they could release inorganic and organic constituents that can infect various environmental media, such as ground water, soils, vegetation and surface water in the end causing human health ills”

>reference to a UK journal by the environmental agency that suggests over half the pollutant that arises from decomposition will happen within the first year and decline in subsequent years - I can’t read the UK article but I thought that point was interesting as embalming isn’t huge over here

> the soil itself is the biggest indicator of how quickly contaminants will be removed (ie is it well draining?)

> reference to a study in Brazil where the ground water was studied, describes a domino effect where the water was polluted with inorganic materials and harmful pathogens

>soil at the cemetery was also contaminated with types of materials used for burying the dead (largely metals and heavy metals)

I’m not gonna lie I don’t understand all the geological science information that came in the subsequent paragraphs so if anyone wants to take a crack at that be my guest.

However I will post the conclusion of the study

>CONCLUSION - This study has revealed some level of pollution of soil and water by metals, embalming chemicals and agricultural herbicides. The physicochemical parameters of soil and water were generally found to have values below NESREA and WHO recommended limits in both analytical and control samples. The concentrations of metals in soil samples were also lower than the WHO and NESREA permissible limits except for Cd and Cr metals whose concentrations in water were above WHO permissible concentrations. Organic pollutants detected in the water samples were generally lower than the WHO recommendations for drinking water quality. The contamination factor and geo-accumulation index used as models to determine the pollution status of soil and water samples from the study area revealed that the soil contamination by heavy metals is generally low except for Cr metal. It is nevertheless, worth noting that persistent consumption of any water contaminated with embalming chemicals or heavy metals even at low concentrations over time may have health effects on the consumers.”

Also the abstract does reccomend green burial practices and strict monitoring of the soil and water in the area

No. 1363694

So she still lied in the end about it being specifically for black women.

No. 1363735

Four writers actually and one dude with a BA in management. All the women except Cait and Taryn are art majors.

No. 1363736

>So it's less than what Caitlin earns per month through Patreon

So then why can't she make the donation herself? Surely the savior qween, who gets tons of money from her public appearances, youtube, book sales, and job wouldn't mind parting with money considering its a material possession and we're all temporary and going to rot in the earth anyway, right?

No. 1363737

Taryn and the guy work in Clarity, not the Order of the Good Death.

No. 1363738

oh damn i was thinking that since a seaed coffin removes matter from the matter cycle completely it would be contributing to entropy

No. 1363739

Its still strange to me that she has someone zero background in the field working with her. He's only worked with apparently one funeral home prior, but otherwise it looks like he's jumped industries to follow the money. Also, why not another woman if she's allegedly so feminist?

The Order of the Good Death also seems like a bitchy response to >>1361612 where Daniella belonged to an all female group of funeral directors. As in, Cait created the order not only because she wanted to power trip, but also because she wanted what Daniella had.

No. 1363746

the "self-hating" descriptor wasn't necessary or very nice.

No. 1363748

samefag; wasn't referring to you, i assume those were caitlin's words

No. 1363759

Fucking kek, right? If those are Caitlin's words or even Sarah's, they're still really shitty. Neither of them have the right to decide someone's identity like that, least of all some white guilt ridden bitch from Hawaii who attended a private high school and has basically had everything handed to her just because she figured out how to bully others. Sarah is equally as pathetic.

No. 1363764

File: 1636310101196.png (43.46 KB, 479x180, selfhating.png)

I just want to clarify that those were not my words.

No. 1363770

Are green burials becoming more profitable than traditional funeral services?

No. 1363771

File: 1636310541741.png (1.49 MB, 1436x1079, Freaky_as_shit.png)

Sarah sounds like she's the one who is self-hating over here with this larp. People assimilate when they emigrate to other countries, its normal, my own family has done this and it doesn't mean anybody is self-hating.. just holy shit. She's acting like they picrel'd her.

No. 1363773

No. 1363780

It shows a gross misunderstanding of the complicated nature of moving country and adopting to the new home and making sure your children feel settled there. As another anon pointed out Caitlin (and sarah) have shown they they either arnt interested in or completely oblivious to the reasons why people of a particular culture behave the way they do. They don’t understand the economical climate, crime or other sociological issues, they just rock up, point in that direction and like a pair of giggling schoolgirls point and gawk at what the natives are doing and then brag about the gory or prettier practices online.


I think it’s pretty clear that Caitlin has from the get go, planned to become famous (and subsequently wealthy). She was barely out of mortuary school and writing books and starting her YouTube, she brags about years of experience but it was really years of grafting for the money and fame. She’s not actually interested in furthering anyone else’s career. Like mod_mortician commited (I posted the comments from her Instagram post announcing she was starting the fund earlier in the thread) she took a situation that was not about her, at the height of its importance, and made it about herself. Her white guilt was glaring in that moment.

I wonder if he had the money to invest?
No experience but a high position (and I’m assuming highly paid too).

No. 1363781

I know what it means, but I was wondering if it's worth it to jump industries and go into alternative funeral services or green burials specifically. I think Jeff put a lot of money into it. I think he bought Undertaking LA and founded Clarity. Did he do it because of the potential profit or because of his convictions?

No. 1363782

The fact that she is from hawaii is so funny to me…how can someone be goth when they live in freaking Hawaii, place of sunny beaches? kek

No. 1363786

File: 1636311562048.png (96.62 KB, 751x585, posturing.png)

It doesn't even seem well thought out considering as it was pointed out upthread, their funeral home isn't even the most affordable "green" burial one in L.A. There are others, but Cait is totes about helping the downtrodden of society and as articles have touted she TOTES wants to put herself out of business!

No. 1363787

I’m gonna go out on a limb and assume it was a profit move. Green washing is rife at the moment, consumers want to make what they think are going to be more conscious, ethical and ecofriendly decisions but oftentimes they can end up being as destructive as the original practices - or at least no where near as green as the consumer thought it would be

No. 1363789

Of course it was a profit move, look at the dude's work history on his Linkedin and his degree is in project management. Dude didn't work for a funeral home until 2011 and even then it wasn't in a role that actually matters. Its been said several times throughout the thread that this is greenwashing bs and most people aren't necessarily against green burials, but being shamed into doing so or outright scammed just because some yuppie with a complex from SoCal needs to assuage her white guilt doesn't help further the cause.

No. 1363792

Sorry if I end up double posting to reply to this

I’m not trying to make a political point, but make a behavioural comment:
Does anyone remember when Nigel Farrage started the UK Independance Party, he had this huge shtick that he didn’t want to be prime minister but that he was absolutely commited to the cause. As soon as the UK voted for brexit he quit. He actually now has a whole new party that he’s the leader of.

Caitlins “I want to be out of a job” is the same shtick. It’s genius actually, like perverse psychology. What a great marketing tool, go to the person so passionate about this cause they want to be fired from it! it’s a revolution It makes you look so ethical to the uninformed.

No. 1363793

100% spot on, anon. Its word play, the bitch absolutely does not want to be out of a job. She wrote three books which are basically her jerking herself off.

No. 1363796

Is anybody from the funerary industry online right now? Some anons would like to learn more about embalming >>1363347, >>1363367, >>1363562, >>1363631

No. 1363798

i feel like they wouldn't refer to whites who move countries and assimilate (ike my family did in china 2 generations ago) as "self-hating". i get a very fetishistic vibe from caitlin wrt to any culture that isn't WASP. and that attitude, to me, signifies that she thinks of that culture as dominant/most privileged, if she considers it to be "boring" or "baseline". that's still fucking racist, and probably part of the reason a lot of POC won't hang out with non-foreign whites in north america, if that's the attitude they have to deal with.

No. 1363799

maybe all the sad homeless people bummed her out and turned her goth. i went to hawaii once and there were so many literal beach bums it was like hooverville

No. 1363800

man this thread is becoming such an open and intellectual/educational discussion, it's kind of sweet, for an imageboard. let us hug.

No. 1363802

If homeless people bum her out, moving to California was a mistake

No. 1363803

>moving to California was a mistake
this is all you needed to write

No. 1363805

You know why she moved there though, anon. Everyone goes to L.A. when they're trying to make it big. She could've gone back home and if she gave a fuck so much about green burials, helped out with the state of Hawaii. Its absolutely disgusting in some parts not even necessarily due to tourism, but the locals are also to blame for trash dumping. She could've worked with her precious poc there, but nope, she chose California and we all know why. The other college she attended was in Chicago and again, if she cared so much about poc and the plight of black funeral homes, why not stay there and help out?

No. 1363816

It still doesn’t explain why she’s not employed many POC though. Surely she would have to at least parade that she and her company are super progressive?

She doesn’t seem to have many friends or professional acquaintances that are black or POC, unsurprising really. Why would you want to associate with someone who would just want to use you for your skin colour and show how woke they are (and make a profit off you) it’s almost as if yknow, people of colour are, infact, people. But she treats them like a spectacle, writes her self congratulatory book and uses cultures and traditions she doesn’t understand as a perverse freak show to stare at.

I wouldn’t be her friend either.

No. 1363833

She doesn't seem like she has many friends period. I don't even see the Order members and she ever casually hanging out or taking photos together. You don't have to befriend every single coworker or person you collab with, but I would've thought that if these women came together united for this uwu noble cause uwu, they'd be meeting up or talking regularly. They seem like they all keep each other at arms length and its this parasitic relationship like mentioned upthread.

No. 1363848

Very true, we’ve already seen that she sees other women as competition. She proberbly doesn’t know how to form deep lasting friendships when she’s constantly competing

No. 1363850

ayrt, i was thinking like she doesn't employ them because deep down inside she doesnt think to because she still thinks of them as "lesser", it's just her stereotypes are "positive" ones

No. 1363856

derail but i agree, and the main thing that makes it really hard for me to socialize with or befriend straight women is how so many of them view other women as competition. i know we have our own sort of drama as lesbians, but the unsupportive/self-oppressing attitudes of straight coworkers or my male friends' gfs is very hard to navigate, for me. idk what it's like if you're not attractd to other women but i can't really find the energy to be mean or suspicious to a woman more beautiful or successful than me. i am happier seeing them as examples if not crushes. women like caitlin are self-sabotaging via their high school insecurities that no one else cares about

No. 1363869

Nta but I'm bi and I also feel that. Cait being straight doesn't help things, not to derail, but it certainly does play into her hatred of other women and sabotaging them. As much as she claims to be an ally, feminist, or whatever at the end of the day she's an absolutely insecure person who thinks herself superior to others and ultimately deserving of great things while everyone else can go kick rocks. It also explains why she places troons above actual cis women and you just know that when she and her off-brand 'The Craft' clique find this thread, one of the first things they'll do if they even make light of it on social media is posture about how we're all evil terfs. Because having the approval of men masquerading as woman is more important to Caitlin, because they're no competition to her in reality, than the camaraderie of actual fellow women. The site won't be mentioned by name because she knows doing so would allow people to come read the think for themselves and they'll intentionally cherry-pick posts making fun of her weight so she can make herself seem like a perfect little victim.

No. 1363880

Oh they will absolutely hint at the posts about her appearance despite the fact there’s only been one or two comments about it. The majority of the thread is actually quite intellectual with genuine criticism from people in the same or adjacent fields and commentary on how she conducts herself and her virtue signaling woke holier than thou attitude. She won’t name the site because her stans might come here and take off their rose tinted glasses.

Everything that is here has come from her herself. It’s her words, her posts, her books with actually intelligent and thoughtful responses.

I’m fully expecting some bottom feeder you tuber at some point to find the thread and take all the evidence anons have collected and do a call out video and palm it off as their own(wouldn’t be the first time).

I’ve long thought that actually aside from the obvious bit of trolling, a lot of the anons that frequent the site arnt quite the shit lords they’re made out to be, they’re disillusioned by contemporary culture and parasocial relationships and can work together completely anonymously to gather a wealth of information for zero personal, social or financial gain. I think this thread is a good example of that! I do love a good snarky comment or two, the savage humour on this site is top notch

No. 1363884

i think the angry/weirdo anons are all confined to youtuber threads or the weeb threads and weebier parts of /m/. the girls in this thread and the fun parts of /ot/ seem like whatever the zoomer equivalent of "hipster" is, or lesbians following whatever the zoomer equivalent of goldman-style anarchy is.

No. 1363887

Man, I have no idea what we are, but I'm okay with it and I'm happy that other anons felt that there was something off about this woman. Something about her bothered me for a long time and it was difficult to articulate and that seems to be echoed by other anons as well. It was just something you could feel when watching her, like the insincerity and smug, self-importance shone through despite her best efforts to seem like a martyr rebel who was taking up helm for the oppressed. Her stans have gone silent because there's no way to defend her unless you're willing to admit to the codependency of the parasocial relationship between influencer and fan and once you consent to that, there's really no helping you.

No. 1363895

I think the stans have gone quiet because they were expecting a nitpick thread and not the actually informative and critical thread it’s become.

I stopped watching her about a year ago for similar reasons, there was just something off about her. She doesn’t even write her own videos, you’d think that as an ‘accomplished’ author she’d at least write her own content.

I still can’t get over how she duped so many people with that scholarship fund. What an absolute self congratulatory fraud. Way to make a serious movement about yourself Cait.

No. 1363902

>She doesn’t even write her own videos, you’d think that as an ‘accomplished’ author she’d at least write her own content.

Not even just that, but you'd think that someone who claims to be oh so passionate about the funeral industry and its future as she does would be writing their own content and enjoy doing so. There are small yt channels which are nothing but somebody recounting 'creepy' shit they found on the internet and even they write their own content. Caitlin can't be assed to do hard work. Ever.

>I still can’t get over how she duped so many people with that scholarship fund.

Yeah, I do hope that what >>1363880 said is true about a bottom feeder coming here and putting that tidbit on blast along with everything else. Its pretty gross and concerning that she's cultivated such a following that doesn't question anything she does, yet she demands them to be skeptical and question the industry which she works in just because she said so.

No. 1363924

I wanted to return to the discussion about embalming, caitlins biggest issue is the effect that burying a body that’s been embalmed might have on the environment.

Before I go any further I’m no chemist, scientist, funeral director or whatever so take what I say with a grain of salt

I had a look for the most common chemicals used during embalming, which is formaldehyde, glutaraldehyde, methanol, humectants and wetting agents as well as other solvents.

Formaldehyde is actually made in the human body, it’s biggest issue is being an irritant when inhaled.

Formaldehyde is normally made in the body. Enzymes in the body break down formaldehyde into formate (formic acid), which can be further broken down into carbon dioxide. Most inhaled formaldehyde is broken down by the cells lining the mouth, nose, throat, and airways, so that less than a third is absorbed into the blood.
According to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, formaldehyde is normally present at low levels (less than 0.03 parts per million) in both indoor and outdoor air. Materials containing formaldehyde can release it as a gas or vapor into the air. Automobile exhaust is a major source of formaldehyde in outdoor air.

It’s actually present in a huge number of things, pressed woods, home insulation, invented gas, wood and kerosene stoves are also releasing more into the air at home, it’s in tobacco smoke (and worse when breathed in as second hand smoke), it’s in low concentrations of beauty and cosmetics products like lotions, shampoo, conditioner and nail polish. Professional keratin hair treatments also have formaldehyde or formaldehyde releasing agents which can raise the percentage in the air causing a potential hazard.

Workers in industries that make formaldehyde or formaldehyde-containing products, lab technicians, some health care professionals, and funeral home employees may be exposed to higher levels of formaldehyde than the general public. Exposure occurs mainly by inhaling formaldehyde gas or vapor from the air or by absorbing liquids containing formaldehyde through the skin. In one large study of workers in industries that make or use formaldehyde, the average level of formaldehyde exposure was 0.45 parts per million (ppm) overall, with less than 3% of workers experiencing more than 2 ppm on average.

Source: https://www.cancer.org/cancer/cancer-causes/formaldehyde.html

I can’t access the linked journal but from what I can see on google there are attempts to find alternative chemicals for use in embalming that will reduce the risk that comes with having regular exposure to formaldehyde (warning though: this experiment was conducted on dogs). I didn’t even think of this before, I know Cait has a massive hate boner for embalming but I honestly don’t think the practice is going to just go away because some hippy in LA can’t be arsed with it, but maybe there’s oppertunity to find alternative chemical processes for preserving the body? One that has less risk to practitioners?


Caitlin always talks as if there’s only one alternative to the current system and waves around her embalming hatred flag, but yknow there’s other possibilities

I could be wrong about any and all of the above so again if any funeral anons want to way in go ahead

No. 1363938

The industry is way more progressive than it seems, but that doesn’t fit the narrative of people with YouTube channels and books to sell. Eco-friendly products that make it past prototype stages are developed by or with assistance from funeral directors that want to serve their families better. There are hang ups with legislation of certain disposition methods, but it’s also funeral directors who are advocating for new technology. Funerals homes are always made to be the money grabbing industry taking advantage of people while grieving, while in actuality we just follow they laws that states and the federal government impose. My home specifically hasn't had any demands for green funerals, but that doesn't mean that others have had the same experience and ultimately its up to personal preference. I'm for alternative funerals. I'm for green burials and solutions, but what I'm not for is the way things have been misrepresented by certain people. I've never witnessed nor heard of a single cremation performed because the family had concerns for the environment. We also never pressure families to choose any particular disposition whether full service with embalming, immediate cremation, or anything in between.

Consider this as well: Most people who are grieving having just lost a family member would not have environmental concerns being paramount in their thoughts. Again, I am not against green funerals, but I've really never had anybody telling me that they hope the environment is appeased or what have you. I'm trying hard to word this in a way that doesn't come off as rude because its been a very long week and I'm exhausted. >>1363562 >>1363631 >>1363773 >>1363924 These posts have actually significantly contributed to the discussion and put things in a more concise way than I could, for fear of sounding as if I'm trying to push anyone in either direction. Also, how far away is your closest green cemetery? Its probably a significant distance. How many people are driving in their cars from how many miles away to that cemetery? Consider how much natural gas is used to cremate the average adult compared to how much gasoline is used to transport a body and have their friends and family travel for a green funeral. Both are bad for the environment, but until there’s more green cemeteries cremation is still going to be the technically greener option in most cases. The industry is shifting to more environmental options, but the laws generally aren't there to make it widely accessible. Funeral Directors don't exist in a vacuum. We are governed. If you want change, you need to petition your lawmakers. The demand also isn't everywhere. Again, the demand is increasing in the industry overall, but there are specific areas where traditional burials are still the default. When you don't have much access to green cemeteries, then you can't really justify the cost of having green burial material.

No. 1363957

i'm a plastics hobbyist and formaldehyde is way less of an issue (if we're talking consumer/individual impact on the environment) than single-use or limited-use plastic products. i LOVE plastic (protip: no one is ever a casual plastics fan) and it's seriously fucked up that it was EVER marketed as a disposable material. we don't need to reduce plastic use or manufacture, we need to recontextualize it. plastic shopping bags and tampon applicators and styrofoam cups should never have been invented. it's a futuristic material that can never be destroyed and kills pretty much everything once it starts breaking down. it is not for temporary use; it is an excellent building or medical equipment/prosthetics material

No. 1363959

samefag: PS caitlin is wrong. pls do not ban me for autism

No. 1363961

if she cares about cancer from toxic waste she could donate some money to helping with early childhood toxic waste exposure in the rust belt and the indian ocean & south china sea. "cancer clusters" exist in all these places and we've just been acting like it's totally normal for a town to revolve around the cancer hospital.

No. 1363969

Plastics anon, I'm pleasantly surprised to see you show up itt because there was something I refrained from posting last night because I was fearful it'd be seen as nitpicking or something else. Now, I've found conflicting sources on this, but could you tell me how long it takes for plastic to decompose? I've found sources which say that it never actually does and sources which say 250-500 years.

Caitlin has shilled Border Angels on a past video, which is an organization which leaves canned goods and plastic gallons of water out in the desert for migrants attempting to cross the U.S. border. These volunteers also allegedly go out there and clean up the trash, but I find it hard to believe that they're able to scale the entirety of this desert landscape and get every single piece of trash. Not to mention, getting it before an animal gets a hold of it or gets stuck in it and dies or ingests it.

If she's so concerned about the environment, why doesn't she give a shit about the fact that Border Angels has claimed that they've left 1,200 gallons of water out there?


Apologies if this is a nitpick, but I just find it to be highly ironic and hypocritical coming from the woman who is screaming about burial processes. Also, is this plastic even bpa-free? Doesn't say.

No. 1363973

She wouldn't. She hates children.

No. 1363978

Also, isn't there something which happens when hot plastic water bottles are left out in the sun or was that just some chain email myth? The thing about cancerous particles leeching out and getting into the water itself and then us drinking it. Wouldn't this happen with these plastic gallons sitting out in the desert for who knows how long?

No. 1363979

>how long it takes for plastic to decompose
it never decomposes. in the 250-500 range it may start to "break down"(physically break apart) but it cannot biodegrade in any way. SPERG TIME! stuff like corn-derived "plastic"(not actual plastic) can eventually decompose a little, but for many reasons trying to switch to that stuff just doesn't work.
>gringos leaving plastic in the desert
yeah what? there is no way they are picking up the trash or even finding it when they go back. the ground moves a lot more than you think, even in warm climates, and if you read up on search and rescue accounts of long-lost corpses (example: https://www.otherhand.org/home-page/search-and-rescue/the-hunt-for-the-death-valley-germans/) you might be surprised to see how long modern synthetic materials stay intact. it's part of why stories of military service members disappearing in the jungle or desert have decreased so much in the past 70 years.

No. 1363982

haha what? 1200 gallons of water is enough for 1200 people for one single day in the desert. why would you brag about that

No. 1363984

>why would you brag about that

Because its white guilt shit.

No. 1363985

So, as I suspected: she's a hypocrite.

No. 1363989

i'm white and she's just making me feel guilty that we're just as dumb as everyone says we are

No. 1363991

Do you think she screamed at her parents growing up that they need to leave Hawaii because they're filthy colonizers? kek Her parents still live there afaik.

No. 1363992

has caitlin shown any support of/for forensic body farms and/or donating your body to those when you die?
a supposed feminist undertaker who cares about the environment would jump at the chance to promote those, since women are the majority of murders and missing persons cases, and that type of "burial" would be both ecologically beneficial and help train detectives to find&save more women.

No. 1363993

i bet her parents are super nice and supportive, like bam margera's. the sweetest people always end up accidentally raising the most spoiled narc kids. it's sad kind of

No. 1363994

Seconding and I pose this question to the bookanons because she may have written about it in there. She did do a video on it a long time ago though.

No. 1363995

Damn anon, I can actually see the parallels now that you mention it.

No. 1364009

Four minutes of absolutely nothing.

No. 1364018

File: 1636326752832.png (85.18 KB, 267x282, so fetch uwu.png)

Her thumbnails have always irked the shit out of me with the stupid exaggerated facial expressions she does. They're even worse in motion. So iconic though, an entire family being murdered and mostly women.

No. 1364029

File: 1636327237020.png (1.37 MB, 1616x649, autism.png)

No. 1364074

i mean, femicide is bad but autocrats who oppressed by virtue of believing they had magic blood aren't much of a loss. while they were acting like tragic prisoners they had hidden jewels sewn into every inch of their clothing like fuckin smaug or some shit. it took a coupe reloads to kill them because they were covered head to toe in diamonds and rubies and coins. the cccp are a bunch of shitheads but the tsars were just as bad.

No. 1364077

tinfoil: there is some aspect of how white americans have evolved/interbred that has led to so many of the women having these epic lantern jaws. amanda palmer is another example. so is laura dern. i hope caitlin does find her imaginary mexican bf just to prevent further generations of women from turning out so troon-faced

No. 1364078

agreed. that had no information and her acting sucks ass.

No. 1364083

This is par the course for most of her videos, as pointed out with >>1363175

Most of them are her acting like a retarded shithead while presenting a serious topic, but because she's Caitlin Doughty, she knows her braindead audience won't ask any questions about the parlor tricks.

No. 1364087

File: 1636332534242.png (257.81 KB, 753x743, ugly ass ring.png)

As discussed upthread, even if she didn't lose any weight and simply lost the wiggy bangs and/or went barefaced she'd look more feminine. She looks like a normal girl in her early passport photo. She can't dress herself for shit and her hair makes her look like Lord Farquaad. All that money and she can't hire a personal stylist, but she was proud to drop money on an overpriced geode ring from Nordstrom as if its some sort of flex.


No. 1364092

File: 1636332940695.png (176.57 KB, 1108x830, Screeee.png)

Also, gasp! Purchasing from NORDSTROM!? Surely, the SUPER WOKE QWEEN OF DEATH would never!


No. 1364096


If she did she wrote it in invisible ink

No. 1364148

kek i think she's joking, not flexing. she's making fun of how it came from some boring ass "normal people" store (by her standards)

No. 1364252

Thank you so much for answering, anon ♥

No. 1364288

Are you talking about the woman who used to work with her in Undertaking LA?

I am just surprised to learn that there are BDSM clubs in Hawaii where they let underage girls get whipped.

Thank you for taking your time to write this for us, anon. I really appreciate learning about the industry. I hope you have a wonderful week!

No. 1364307

File: 1636359059327.png (257.8 KB, 1000x654, bellemort.png)

I think this book anon >>1363041 is right, so I am adding a summary of The Thud:

>Caitlin spent the first 18 years of her life in Hawaii.

>Her first experience with death was at the age of 5. Her pet fish, Superfly, had parasites that stripped him of his colors. One morning her mother found Superfly floating on his tank and told her he died. She poked at the fish to prove that he was dead, just to have him come back to life with all her jabbing. Her dad disposed of Superfly on the toilet anyways and went to the pet shop to get her a new fish, Superfly II.
>At the age of 8, Caitlin and her father went to the mall for a Halloween costume contest. She was dressed as a dead prom queen and won the prize money, $75. She changed out of her out and was looking for her father, when she saw a girl climb up where the escalator meets the second floor rail. She tipped over the edge and fell 30 feet, landing on her face. The mother of this girl yelled "my baby, no, my baby!" as a crowd formed.
>Her father went directly to Caitlin and made a joke to not follow that girl and just take the escalator instead. She didn't thought it was funny. She couldn't sleep all night long. Her parents took her for chocolate chip pancakes and never spoke about the incident again.
>Caitlin talks about how North America is built on death and how high child mortality used to be. She talks about how close to death children used to be in the past. They used to be pallbearers for other children.
>During a Girls Scout field trip to the fire station, Caitlin asked a fireman what happened to the girl at the mall. She wasn't satisfied with the answer and wished she knew more details. She wasn't sure if the girl is dead or alive, but was too terrified to ask more.
>Caitlin developed OCD as a way to control her fear of death. Her teacher called her parents when she started to drool and spit on her shirt. She says that she should have received Cognitive Behavior Therapy, but her parents didn't believe in therapy.
>As she grew older, her OCD subsided and her thoughts about death stopped. She had developed death denial in order to move on with her life. Caitlin laments how much better her life would have been if she was introduced to death as a friend.
>As an adult, Caitlin is trying to fix what happened to her at age 8 and working at a crematory is her way to heal. Her dream is to create La Belle Mort, a modern and sleek house of bereavement where children can engage with mortality early on.

No. 1364314

In Will My Cat Eat My Eyeballs, she talks about the possibility of donating your body to Body Worlds and how the process of plastination works.

In Smoke Gets In Your Eyes, her crematory had contracts with two anatomical donation facilities. They delivered body parts for her to cremate. Some quotes:
>Science Support is essentially a body broker, accepting whole dead bodies for donation and then dividing them up and selling the parts, as a junkyard does for old cars. Science Support isn’t the only name in the body-broker game. Several large companies trade in this macabre (but quite legal) field.
>There are many positives to donating your body to science. In the modern death landscape, body donation is the only surefire way to make sure your death is free. After your death, Science Support will pick up your corpse, transport you to their facility, use you to cure cancer (note: results may vary), and then pay for your cremation at Westwind. Indeed, your body might be used on the front lines of medical research.
>Unfortunately, not every dead body goes to what might be considered “noble ends.” There is a slim possibility that your donated head will be the head, the head that holds the key to the mysteries of the twenty-first century’s great disease epidemics. But it is equally possible your body will end up being used to train a new crop of Beverly Hills plastic surgeons in the art of the facelift. Or dumped out of a plane to test parachute technology. Your body is donated to science in a very… general way. Where your parts go is not up to you.
>Did that mean I was considering such an end for myself? Au contraire. I had a violent reaction to the thought of being fragmented in this way. It seemed like a serious loss of control to have my head lying in a box somewhere, the unbridled anonymity, only a number and my shellfish allergy to define me. My mother had always told me that it didn’t matter what we did with her dead body: “Just put me in a Hefty bag out on the curb for the trash guys for all I care.” No, Mother. Donating your body to science was certainly noble, but I revolted at the thought of anonymous portions, sections, and parts scattered about town.
>Then again, death brings an inevitable loss of control. It seemed unfair that I could spend a lifetime making sure I was dressed well and saying all the right things only to end up dead and powerless at the end. Naked on a cold white table, boobs flopped to the side, blood seeping out the side of my mouth, some random funeral home worker hosing me down.
>I, of all people, had no rational reason to be against scientific donation, against the fragmentation of the body. Part of the fear is cultural. The dismemberment of the body prior to a Tibetan Sky Burial is difficult to accept even though, rationally, cremation is just another kind of fragmentation. The cousin of a friend was killed in Afghanistan. There was a brief period of time after the death that his mother received distressing reports that the roadside bomb that killed him had sent his limbs in all directions. She was relieved to discover his body was intact, even though his body was flown home to be placed directly into the cremation chamber, transformed by fire into thousands upon thousands of anonymous chunks of inorganic bone.

No. 1364317

It was a bloody and prolonged execution involving minors. Nothing to make fun of.

No. 1364322

File: 1636363717115.jpg (170.52 KB, 1280x720, ohno.jpg)

They are dramatic and silly, which makes them perfect for thread pics tbh

No. 1364347

this is ot so I apologize but
>i LOVE plastic (protip: no one is ever a casual plastics fan)
I love you, qt plastics enthusiast

No. 1364352

File: 1636370488234.jpeg (67.11 KB, 680x602, CD88dFqUEAAfytR.jpeg)

The woman in the video is Katrina Spade. Caitlin helped to promote her Kickstarter >>1362272 to fund the Urban Death Project, which raised $91,378 in 2016:

>The Urban Death Project is a new system that utilizes the natural process of decomposition to safely and gently turn our deceased into soil. The project is creating a meaningful, equitable, and ecological alternative to existing options for the care of the dead.

No. 1364364

File: 1636371298290.png (468.16 KB, 726x620, tvshow.png)

This article was a while ago, so I wonder if they are still working on it or if the project was scrapped:

>Paramount Television and Anonymous Content are developing a series, based on Caitlin Doughty’s memoir “Smoke Gets in Your Eyes: and Other Lessons.”

>Dunsky commented, “It’s a very rare thing to be given material of such emotional depth, wit, warmth and clear-eyed sense of purpose. Caitlin is extraordinary in every sense of the word. We look forward to turning her vision into a terrific show. I’m thrilled to be a part of this team.”
>Doughty will serve as a consulting producer on the project.

No. 1364384

>material of such emotional depth, wit, warmth
The warmth being from the crematory oven as Caitlin competes about who can cremate the most babies in an hour?

No. 1364391

The description of La Bella Mort sounds exactly like what Elizabeth was doing, even down to the detail of working with celebrities and wealthy people >>1362082, >>1361751. It must have really pissed Caitlin off that another woman was able to accomplish what she wanted to do.

No. 1364439

Lmao anon you a real one.

No. 1364441

I get where ayrt is coming from, but what you said was basically my point. The children of that family weren't responsible for what was happening to the country and the youngest iirc was disabled. I get that it's happened throughout history, to murder the people in charge and all and to not spare their family in many cases, but it was still really fucked up. But, you know, Caitlin hates children and women so of course this was a great topic for her.

No. 1364445

I keep thinking about the name she chose for it. Does anyone else think she wanted to call it La Petite Mort, but couldn't because it's a sexual euphemism?

No. 1364450

File: 1636382932193.jpg (104.04 KB, 1080x379, 20211108_094702.jpg)

They're baaaack kek

No. 1364460

File: 1636385011517.jpg (83.03 KB, 768x511, Lesley-Fitzharris-BOYD011.JPG-…)

When I used to be a fan of Caitlin, I remember that she promoted Lindsey Fitzharris, a fellow member of the Order of the Good Death. She made an appearance in an Ask A Mortician video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YI-pW4X_uE0) and went on many book tours together.

Lindsey is a medical historian, wrote a book called "The Butchering Art" about Joseph Lister and is working on a book about the history of plastic surgery. Her videos are centered around the medical past and the evolution of equipment and instruments used in the field. She was a guest on the Joe Rogan podcast a couple of years ago and currently has a show with the Smithsonian Channel.

…and I just noticed that Lindsey and Caitlin don't follow each other anymore, so I guess they had some kind of falling out. I wonder if there is drama behind the scenes in the Order or if Caitlin struggles to get along with women who are successful.

No. 1364461

There are threads on this site where things are dug up from years and years ago, stories of people that went to high school with cows etc.
This is one of the most interesting threads on the site, the stans are butt hurt.

Maybe! I thought it was a my chemical romance reference, lots of fans back in the MySpace days used Bella Muerte.

When I read through all her old blogs the other day it seemed super apparent that from very early on she was planning on a game and fortune career, as someone else said that’s why she moved to LA after all. Her plans seem to have kept falling through but there seems to have been several talks about a TV show with non getting off the ground. I’d have to reread the blog to see if the talks came before the channel (maybe the channel wasn’t started to be a career in its own right but more of an actors reel to show to networks as a peek of the sort of thing she wanted to create). A book would have helped cement her legitimacy to a network aswell surely?

No. 1364462

I thought it was a reference to "mourir de sa belle mort", meaning you die naturally, peacefully or of old age.

No. 1364463

Oh my god, Doughy being an MCR fan would be hilarious.

No. 1364465

It also wouldn’t be a surprise, that song is from three cheers and all the way through black parade they had a spooky aesthetic. Made a lot of songs about death or dying, did the whole black parade is dead thing in Mexico City

Though maybe their music wasn’t Latino enough for her, it certainly wasn’t played on Latin FM or whatever station it was she listened to

The phrase Bella Mort does just make me immedietly think of them, other anons had far more intelligent ideas than me

No. 1364466

It's the favourite band of a certain My Immortal character, after all.
> Meanwhile, I pot on a blak ledder mini, a blak corset with urple lace stuff all over it, an black gothic compact boots. MCR were gong 2 do the concert again, since Volxemort had taken over the last one. I slit my wrists while I moshed 2 MCR in my bedroom all night, feeling excited.

No. 1364471

Compare with this. >>1361612 She hates embalming and holds up indigenous burial practices as authentic because her personality is rooted in being a nlog bitch who shocks and impresses you by being a girl who's not scared of a decomposing body. A carefully cared for, respected body isn't gross or shocking so it's an opportunity to show off to an audience that was denied.

No. 1364479

They're accusing people of being paranoid now despite the fact that they're the ones who keep returning to the thread in /ot/ every few days hoping someone backs them up. Its transparent and pathetic. The stans need to fuck off from the site.

No. 1364481

The way her bangs shake as she says "Hellooo everyone" with a smug smile like we just can't believe she's about to zomg EAT PITHA with a DRAG KWEEN. Yes Caitlin, you're the most NLOG to ever live, shock me with your deviant behavior

No. 1364484

Lol she does the exact same thing in >>1356924

"When Iiii die, I would like my body to be eaten by animals." Pause with shit-eating "can you believeeee what I just said?" grin on her face. You can tell she expects head pats for her brave NLOG-ness

No. 1364487

>several talks about a TV show with non getting off the ground
This is why Lindsey and Caitlin's falling out caught my attention. Caitlin also had negotiations with the Smithsonian Channel to have her own show >>1360155, but it hasn't worked out. Since she is a petty and jealous bitch, I wouldn't be surprised if she felt like she deserved Lindsey's opportunities and did something behind the scenes.

No. 1364489

For someone who is supposed to be teaching death acceptance, she sure likes to talk about death in as dramatic and "isn't this gross lol!" way as possible. Gross content gets you a lot of youtube clicks though, of course.

No. 1364493

File: 1636388374389.png (93.71 KB, 629x285, endocannibalism.png)

That kid ain't right. Who the hell wants to talk about endocannibalism with the checkout lady at Walmart? Death positivity is just an excuse to be a creep.

No. 1364498

>the woman who used to work with her in Undertaking LA
I don't know, it was around 2012/13 i think? it was a white lady with a mullet sort of haircut with baby bangs. she was sweet and i read her pitch for a funeral home and it sounded very nice. a lot like "la belle mort"(stupid fucking name caitlin, french isn't an aesthetic) mentioned in >>1364307 but for adults/families and not an ego boost.
btw, caitlin could afford to make her stupid kiddie playhouse of death right now if she really wanted to, but we all know she's just doing the nigel farage thing described upthread.

No. 1364500

shouldn't she be against body worlds since plastinated bodies aren't composted and no one's actually going there to learn? it's just ten year olds gawking.

No. 1364505

>“Just put me in a Hefty bag out on the curb for the trash guys for all I care.”
fake. her mom definitey did not quote frank reynolds kek

No. 1364506

dm me for my thoughts on room-temperature vulcanization

No. 1364508

i am a pastry chef and if your mortician sounds crazier than a pastry chef, you should get a new one.

No. 1364511

looks like lindsey branded herself as a historian instead of a fake funeral director and through this honest labour was able to have a better career.

No. 1364512

she's a bit too skinny to be an mcr fan

No. 1364625

Wow huge difference in tone, knowledge and professionalism. This guy's autistic/weird as you'd expect from a mortician, but he has so much more technical knowledge of how bodies are prepared than Caitlin seems to. An experienced, working mortician vs. the pseud deathfluencer.

And somehow as he's sharing these nitty-gritty body prep techniques, he shows more humanity than I've ever seen from Caitlin - says he applies Chapstick and facecream to bodies while he works because of his "great concern" their skin might appear cracked to loved ones at a funeral. He also discusses burnout and says "giving families the chance to see their loved ones one last time" is what keeps him going some days. Actual empathy vs. Caitlin's off-putting mix of maudlin fakeness, preachiness and cringe jokes. Honestly I used to watch her but this video really highlights what an asshole she is in comparison.

No. 1364628

>He also discusses burnout and says "giving families the chance to see their loved ones one last time" is what keeps him going some days.
anon, my heart

No. 1364637

I know, he's weirdly both surgeon-level technical about the human body while maintaining empathy and a good grasp on the ethics/stakes of his job for grieving families. The youtube comments are all like "if this guy's not my funeral director, I'm not dying" lol. I admit I searched to see if he had his own show but no luck, not enough of a famewhore I guess

No. 1364662

Yeah, huge difference in attitude. He sees himself as a "helper and a fixer" whose job is done mainly for the sake of the grieving family.

No. 1364664

To me this is one of her better videos, it's a little cringe like everything she does but it's straightforward and respectfully explores funeral traditions worldwide. I'd be less annoyed by her if she stuck to this educational format vs. the morbid DETHGURL Orgish-lite shit where she's just doing gore but with a historical sheen.

Anyway not to derail ur comment anon, as a Latina I absolutely diagnose her as a white girl who wants to be spicy, and when she says "capirotada" she sounds Japanese kek - timestamped here if anyone wants a laff


No. 1364677

Yeah no way in hell this girl is full blooded Mexican, she is this 1/4 Latina at most. Her features aren't Mexican or any type of Latina (I'm Latina and I wouldn't clock her as one of us, Mexicans especially have strong genes and a very distinct look vs. Puerto Ricans or South Americans), her hair is dyed dark (peep the lighter eyebrows), and most tellingly, she has blue eyes - a recessive trait, meaning both parents need to have passed along the blue-eyes gene. Meaning it's very likely that both her parents are white.

This explains why she doesn't speak Spanish too, if your parents speak the language you will pick up at least some. She seems like a basic college educated white girl who buys all this woke "Latinx" shit which yes, actual Latinos hate, reaching way back in the family tree to grasp onto her Mexican grandfather or whatever and styling herself as Chicanx for Twitter points. There are a ton of these nowadays. She even has Dio de los Muertos makeup on in her social pfp lmao, she is working this brand way too hard. When someone just "is" something they don't have to sell it. Feels fake as fuck honestly.

No. 1364678

Its cringe that she refers to it as a mukbang and also as mentioned upthread, she's citing an author whose book literally has no citations itself for the tribes of Bali nor does it specify which tribe. Even when you Google that, Rogak is the only "source" of such a claim, so she may as well have lied for shock factor. That whole book has no formal research to back it up. The author didn't even travel to those places.

No. 1364686

Honestly the biggest evidence she's a whitegirl is Spanish people don't name their kids "Sarah" lmao. Grifter detected.

No. 1364688

File: 1636403302272.jpeg (378.14 KB, 1080x1440, images.jpeg)

TBH She looks like an even older, more haggard Zooey Deschanel.

No. 1364698

>my raging atheist of a partner

>le classic "i hate babies - i mean mini meatsacks amirite" posting

These two are just a match made in r/atheism and r/childfree heaven aren't they(sage)

No. 1364786

File: 1636412897745.jpeg (86.18 KB, 625x625, F76B1EEC-B4A1-4CBE-8A9E-955811…)

No. 1364847

File: 1636420142370.jpeg (248.96 KB, 750x1187, E542E84E-A492-4E1E-BCFD-233F2A…)

You are correct anon, from this Instagram post she appears to only have one set of Mexican grandparents

I’m glad I wasn’t the only one that thought her Latinx larp was odd, my boyfriend is Mexican (and I mean Mexico, Mexican) but I’m white (and literally from Europe) so I’m not usually good at catching things like that and obviously I didn’t just want to take his word for everything as I appreciate that mexico is a vast place and the culture changes through the regions.

Her use of Latinx struck me as really odd, like okay call yourself whatever you want but I’ve largely heard Latinos express dislike for the term as the X can’t really be pronounced in Spanish - plus the plural or gender neutral term would be Latino. It just shows a real lack of understanding of the language.

Plus going through her Instagram she only really seems to focus on the day of the dead celebrations. She clearly doesn’t have any connection to other holidays and their traditions because she wasn’t raised with them and hasnt integrated with (other) Mexicans to learn them.

She seems big on social justice but doesn’t actually do anything to support Mexican people, just reposts shit on Instagram. If you care so much wouldn’t you, for starters, learn Spanish and secondly, pick something to really help your community. Rocking upto the occasional protest and blogging on Twitter about how your oppressed isn’t helping. She, and I’ve said this before I apologise, shows a great lack of understanding of the complex issues that face Mexican people on a social and economic level. She’s not far off Caitlin, dump a few barrels of water in the desert and that’ll do.

Much like Caitlin she’s there for the uwu spooky aesthetic and asspats.

Thankyou for your comments anon I appreciate hearing someone else’s perspective on her that’s much more knowledgeable on the subject than me. I’m curious if you read the other anons summery of the chapter on Mexico in “from here to eternity”.

No. 1364891

I still can't get over how her username includes 'calavera'. If anything really shows the lack of genuine interest in her culture and only a desire to be spoopy uwu, it's that glaring shit and her sugar skull aesthetic.

It's just.. I can't anymore man, kek. Why don't they roll up to the REAL MEXICO (in the immortal words of Carlos Mencia) and ask people about their plight, the corrupt government, Santa Muerte and what she expects in return if you go seeking her help.

No. 1364906

>Santa Muerte and what she expects in return if you go seeking her help
thanks anon, i was about to go to bed but now i guess i'll stay up watching my windows with a shotgun all night

No. 1364919

I hope somebody is compiling good info for the next thread's OP. This one moved so damn fast.

No. 1364995

Since so many anons seem to like this mortician, this is Part 2.

How do morticians get into their profession?
For myself, I always grew up kind of surrounded by death, if you will. I found my best friend dead in his bed when I was four. I had a sister that was born before me that passed away and we'd always visit her grave. And then for about 10 years when I was a kid, we lost a close family member. An aunt, an uncle, a grandparent… every year for about a decade. So I was around funerals a whole lot. It made me understand that this is something important and worth doing.

Could that line of work cause PTSD?
Well, the truth of it is, it can be a very emotionally taxing job. You do see a lot of things that you just don't wanna see. Graphic injury, increasingly decaying bodies, burying children… all those things are really, really, really hard. But there are a lot of good things too. For instance, when you come across a situation like that, you're in a position to actually help a family in a way that nobody else can. As for it causing PTSD, maybe? I think it depends on the person, but I think if you put the idea that you're there for help first, kind of before your own emotional investment in it, that's probably the ticket to keeping you free of those debilitating anxieties.

No. 1364999

File: 1636442555416.jpeg (81.38 KB, 630x900, CBxcFN9WIAATVBP.jpeg)


>Me and my boss. Lucky to work for such a great guy! #blessed

No. 1365006

I didn't know that pastry chefs are that crazy…

The idea was not bad, but it was not well executed imo. She just takes some bites out of each dish, comments on it and move on to the next one. It feels too scripted for a mukbang.

I guess Sarah doesn't see anything wrong with calling her grandparents self-hating Mexicans and then use them for Instagram likes.

No. 1365007

>while they were acting like tragic prisoners they had hidden jewels sewn into every inch of their clothing like fuckin smaug or some shit
Yeah, because they expected to survive the ordeal and wanted to have money to get by. What the fuck is wrong with you? I don't support monarchy in any form, but the fate of Romanovs was cruel and unjust. Especially since mostly children were murdered after being kept alive (and therefore given hope) for months. Even servants of Romanovs were killed

No. 1365026

Bold of her to assume this is an Anglocentric representation of death, and not Santa Muerte, considering the white robes. Fetishists really don't know shit about what they're fetishizing.