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No. 1611223

Homeless and Heartbroken, but things might just be looking up…or not?

First Thread >>738758
Second Thread >>836614
Third Thread >>871951
Fourth Thread >>892447
Fifth Thread >>929121
Sixth Thread >>967636
Seventh Thread >>1031322
Eight Thread >>1087783
Ninth Thread >>1148062
Tenth Thread >>1242901
Eleventh Thread >>1421281 (locked)

Heather Steele is a former retro toy collecting and Fairy Kei fashion Youtuber who, at the end of 2018, decided to have a major meltdown and turned all her social media into a public diary. She began cheating on her allegedly abusive husband, and re-wrote herself as some sort of pop Victorian goth and witchy explorer. She got incredibly defensive of her sudden change. In her defensiveness– which she vaguely admitted was to win the affections of a man– she threw a lot of her supporters under the bus, has been unreasonably cocky and aggressive with a lot of people including former friends, and distorted the criticisms (which were towards her overall behavior) into a narrative claiming everyone is just attacking her for her fashion and hobby choices.

She has a history of incredibly self-focused and self-destructive behavior. Over the past year, she has wildly flipped between “I’m a strong woman and I don’t need to validate myself” to having public meltdowns on social media, only to delete them within an hour. Despite this, she denies she’s mentally ill and attacks the mere notion she needs help, once again using the “people hate me because I’m goth now” narrative.

Heather has alienated herself from all her old friends, but continues to act like everyone was just a bad person and she’s a victim who fled from a terrible life. She used and manipulated several people in her life, and spent her 20s being a homebody mooch, then went on to claim she was “living in a hellhole with an abusive husband” in order to garner pity for a Gofundme and claim she was going to be homeless. She is now living back at home with her parents and has a job and a car, but continues all her usual crazy and continues putting all her energy towards seeking approval from “boys” and her followers.

She has tried to start up her Youtube channel again, but doesn’t seem to have any consistent plans despite claiming otherwise. Keeps coming and leaving YouTube ad nauseam.

Other characters (because the “Ryans” can get confusing)…

>Adam: Heather’s ex husband. Not a stellar person himself, cheated and lied too, but Heather seems to exaggerate the “abuse”. Funded her and bought her gifts. Dating since 2012, engaged 2016, divorced 2019.
>Adam’s new gf: “Hates Heather”, according to Heather. Heather used the new girlfriend’s visit to springboard into a breakdown about how she was in danger and going to be homeless.
>Ryan 1: Motivational Youtuber. Heather latched onto him and he apparently tried to help the dysfunctional couple by suggesting Heather seek therapy. Eventually they both threw him to the dogs.
>Ryan 2: Ryan Z. Urbex’er whom Heather latched onto and physically stalked several times by using other people for rides. Met up again Oct 2019, Heather posted some cutesy things, and in less than a day those posts were removed and she put him on blast.
>Ryan 3: Short-lived gamer boy met through Tinder.
>Damian: On-off Urbex boyfriend. Eventually put him on blast after their 500th breakup.
>Ryan 4: Craig. Graveyard photographer Heather briefly dated, but they appear to still be friends.
>Ryan 5: Clay. Ex-boyfriend who broke up with her because she was negative. Tried to lure him back by being negative on her instagram stories.
>Ryan 6: Chase. Dated for like 2 weeks LDR and were supposed to meet IRL but he changed his mind after he realised she’s batshit.
>Ryan 7: Femryan. Stated dating the second time they met irl. After multiple breakups, Heather decided to end things for good because he wanted to go to a party on halloween instead of going to the cemetery like all of their other dates.
>Ryan 8: ChaseRyan. Short lived photographer boyfriend
>Ryan 9: aka CharmRyan/GhostRyan. who got the measure of Hag pretty quick, and confessed to ghosting her cause she was still using Tinder and living her life on social media.
>Ryan 10: BomberRyan, which sparked and fizzled within a week. >>1186214
>Ryan 11: OldRyan, ryanectomy performed in less than 48 hours of this one being on the scene.
>Ryan 12: Revengeryan / Ryanhumrevenge -@Rumhamrevenge, older alt photographer who's been hanging out with Heather. Not a true ryan because he's not a spoopy boy she wants to fuck, but comes in and out of the picture like the other ryans. Their relationship is weird and they've shared hotel rooms, but Heather doesn’t think he's a keeper for some reason. >>1288115 >>1288582 >>1289256
>Ryan 13: PapeRyan. An old friend who she lost touch with ‘because of muh stalkers’. 13, unlucky for some, certainly unlucky for him. It lasted mere weeks, Hag blaming their break up on his religious beliefs.
>Ryan 14: BloodRyan aka Lurch. Heather met her match with this one, just as impulsive, insane, childish and melodramatic as she is, he promised the world then booted her out of his home…is he to blame? Is she? Is it both of them. Maybe in this episode we will find out.

Other Characters
>Juliet/Dera: Former friend who put Heather on a pedestal. Heather took advantage of this and used Heather to stalk Ryan 2 Jan 2019. Car ended up in a ditch and they’re not longer friends. Juliet has come out to explain what happened and reflect on it.
>Sisters: Younger and older. Moved out to Cali where she met Adam at the start of the last decade under claims her elder sister was trying to kill her.
>Parents: Claimed her parents wouldn’t take her in because they voted Trump. Finally admitted to living with her mom. Says her family didn’t accept her dark aesthetic so she adopted the pastel aesthetic to be accepted by them. Currently still living with Mom and Stepdad.

Last thread:
>Heather hits the ground running with a new Ryan. May I present… PapeRyan >>1421717
>As you’ll remember, PapeRyan was either previously friendzoned, or anons just thought he was gay. >Curiously Hag decided to blame her cRaZy StAlKeRs for their previous fizzle out >>1401419
>Dressing her new Paperdoll PapeRyan >> 1424445
>The obligatory new Ryan Target mirror shot >>1424457
>Meanwhile the Great Adam Tax Swindle rumbled on as Hag still hadn’t sorted her own tax out, like the hardworking rare day off adult she claims to be >>1423168, >>1427710
>Which descends into the usual pity party >>1427711
>Adam’s Troon enters the chat (as an anon) to deliver an exposé video where Heather ‘acts up’ and throws a hissy fit on camera >>1427885
>Anons smell a rat, and in no time have figured out the real deal >>1428282
>Heather comes back at Adam’s Troon to give her side of the story >>1428481
>After multiple slides of “and another thing” we see the inevitable GoOdByE fOrEvEr post >>1428671
>Anons do some digging on Adam’s Troon and turn up a KiwiFag thread on the fat furry >>1429384
>PapeRyan appears to be in for the long haul, but don’t hold your breath >>1432260
>More shit slinging about the Tax Swindle >> 1433419
>Hag starts to backtrack >>1433563
>The HagCycle Fightback begins, Heather is not going anywhere >>1434183 and continues to rip into Adam and his loser friends, until…
>Heather is sent a Cease and Desist by Adam’s Troon, Ashley Zoe Fox >>1438856
>Anons speculate PapeRyan might be the Happy Ending that Hagther always wanted >>1439510
>Spoke too soon! Well, whatever the reason her original friendship with PapeRyan fizzled out, who gives a shit because no sooner than it was on again, it was off again >>1450608
>New HagCycle, phase 1: tales of woe, so alone, cast aside cause I’m so uniquely Heather, until here we are back at the thirst trap Boudoir Shoot stage >>1452879
>Insinuates the break up with PapeRyan is because he’s a Christian and she is not >>1452897
>Lots of boring shit in the HagCycle continues, until…
>Enter the Ryan of the Moment, Dustin/Dusty, who is eventually named BloodRyan, due to the cringe act of gifting Hag a bloodied Polaroid as a first date gift, and Lurch due to the fact he bears a striking resemblance to the cro mag Munster >>1497635
>First sightings of BloodRyan in the wild >>1502750, 1504780
>Things get off to a flying start, BloodRyan appears to be just a fucking melodramatic and insane/impulsive as Our Heather >>1504914, >>1507956, >>1510814
>Anons find Lurch aka BloodRyan’s general appearance something to talk about (this might be relevant for what’s about to come further down the line) >>1511404, >>1511405, >>1511878, >>1514520
>Within weeks (days?) of knowing each other, they are talking about living together >>1511879, which means a big move for Hagther
>Have the planets aligned? Heather is applying for a promotion! >>1516711
>It’s for her ‘dream Big Girl job’ >>571674
>Heaps of Lurchposting, anons wonder how long this will last >>1522565, >>1523764,
>Lurch is a black metal fan, anons speculate over him being a neo-facist >>1522477 Burzum/Mayhem/black metal sperging ensues
>That dispensed with, we’re back to Empowered Heather >>1527622
>In a bold shock move, a day we thought we’d never live to see, Heather has finally moved out of the storage unit >>1546058, >>1585469
>All’s well in Cringeville >>1546054, >>1546055, >>1546115,
>Are wedding bells on the horizon, or simply ringing in her mind? >>1551118, >>1551574, >>1551264
>Heather dons her best goth cosplay to attend a Cradle of Filth concert, spends most of the time doing this >>1558311
>We start to see the crazy eyes are go - identity crisis number 237457 is here: Hag is now an owl trinket obsessive Plant Mommy fanatic >>1568915.
>This is because Lurch is an owl fan and plant guy >>1557182.
>In true Heather fashion, she takes her collection to the next - completely alienating - level >>1570867
>Almost as if she’s swallowed Lurch’s entire personality, Hag is harvesting plants at the speed of light, with some success, and some failure >>574875
>Heather gets the ‘job of her dreams’ (a visual merchandiser at Target), it all really and truly seems to be working out! >>1578069, >>1579721, 1584974
>Heather’s victory speech >>1579972
>Hag shares a series of ‘I have always been a true goth’ photos for us disbelievers >>1585471, >>1585475, >>1585476
>As Lurch and Hag are posting about their next big step, anons speculate how long this madness can possibly last >>1586586
>Adam’s back in town! Or is it one of his minions? Whoever it is, It’s Revenge of the Cucked all over again according to Heather, as she goes to town with a new four story slideshow about how Adam’s trying to get her sacked from her job. Truth, or paranoia? >>1589147
>Heather vague posts, leaving anons crying out for more >>1590990
>Two weeks later, the results are in: Dustin aka Lurch aka BloodRyan has kicked her out of house and home >>1597512, 1598473, 1598742
>’Homeless’ and heartbroken, Heather contemplates the future. Some anons share their sympathy, while other simply agree that Heather has met her match this time. Victimhood beckons >>598745, >>1598770
>Cold feet about the new job beckons. Anons are screaming at the screen, rooting for Hag to do the right fucking thing for once in her life >>1600912, >>1602768
>Here is whatever the fuck this is >>1602295
>Nonnies try to work out what the breakup was about. Some say Lurch found the thread after the millenitard poster came through >>1595800, others that her crazy was starting to become too obvious so he gtfo >>1603231, >>1603786
>Much whiplash action whether Heather will stay or quit her job >>1602486 then >>1604818, >>1604876,
>Still finding time to do that all-important antiquing >>1603988
>And she’s back on The Apps >>1605657 and soliciting her services as a ‘big titty plant mommy’ >>1605661
>What’s this? A happy ending after all? Heather has indeed found an apartment that she loves >>1608062 and has been accepted for it >>1609512, >>1610129
>What will happen next? Will Our Heather be sleeping in her car until she can get into the new apartment, or will Mommy come to the rescue again? Find out in our latest instalment of The Chronicles of Heather…

No. 1611225

sorry nonas, forgot the SM…
@heather_explores (old account)

No. 1611239

Amazing work nona! I chuckled to myself reading the summary.

No. 1611240

I tried my best. Thank you nonita.

No. 1611268

Thank you nonnie for making a new thread!

No. 1611275

Great thread anon, thank you for making it!

No. 1611332

File: 1660068770239.jpg (117.82 KB, 720x1291, Screenshot_20220807-185501_Ins…)

Like clockwork, Heather started posting the cleavage photos a couple nights ago.

No. 1611350

Ah yes Taylor Swift…so metal.

No. 1611355

Whoever made this thread did an excellent job and I love you for it. Heather is one of my top comfort cows thanks to her predictable cringe on full display here once again. >>1611332 Nothing says sexy and mysterious like a 30+ year old woman gaping her mouth to Taylor Swift!

No. 1611423

Really well done thread, anon! Thank you for your service.

No. 1611428

File: 1660074864810.png (50.16 KB, 657x404, Screenshot 2022-08-09 155204.p…)

To answer the last question of the recap…apparently she got it worked out so she can take her vacation time or whatever so she only has to stay in a hotel for 2 days before she can move into the new apartment, which is supposed to be on the 20th of this month, according to a separate post.

Honestly, I'm fuckin' geeked for her. FINALLY she's taking steps towards true independence. I just hope the time home doesn't make her rethink everything and doubt herself. She should more than be able to afford the place and her bills on her income.

No. 1611448

I want to believe. But I also know that Hags will often self-sabotage in order to not have to put forth any effort. There's still time for her to invent some over-the-top melodramatic event or come up with some random, whacky reason that ruins her plans so she has to go live for free at mom's again. But I want to believe …

No. 1611525

Feeling super proud of her, you can do it Heather!!! Keep the tunnel vision! She’s my comfort cow too though.

No. 1611587

Thank you my friendly nonas, I appreciate your appreciation. Hag is one of my favourite cows. I hope the milk will be fast flowing once she gets her talons stuck into her new job. Praying for a future run-in with Lurch.

No. 1611777

File: 1660106726478.jpg (554.75 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20220810-004241_Ins…)


No. 1611778

File: 1660106847976.jpg (260.42 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20220810-004747_Ins…)

No. 1611779

File: 1660106886658.jpg (639.37 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20220810-004758_Ins…)

She must think people forgot…

No. 1611811

All of that stuff (except the mattress… I'd probably get that new) could be purchased second hand at a much more affordable price. I hope she isn't planning on spending other people's money on brand new stuff for her first ever apartment.

No. 1611817

Awesome summary nonna!
I haven't read the thread for a while, did she end up selling her stuff somewhere or did she straight up throw it away?

No. 1611832

She never specified, just announced that it was done. I'm guessing she either donated it all, or it lives in her mom's basement now.

No. 1611877

She must be a real asset to her new job already, and also her workplace is really understanding of the position she is in for them to work with her so much on this. I'm very pleased for her

No. 1611878

lurch actually made her do something, i hope she sees it through and finally gets her shit together. being self sufficient will hopefully build her character and then all she needs is mental help before she slides into the next obsessive ryan relationship

No. 1611939

She's probably planning on buying it all from target.

No. 1611958

I feel so bad for Lurch dumping her. Anyone know where I can donate to Heather? I really want to see her succeed

No. 1611991

This is sarcasm, right? I want to see her succeed too, but not on my dime.

No. 1612027

Sell your toys heather. I’ve been waiting so patiently

No. 1612029

She is sitting on possibly tens of thousands of dollars worth of pastel tat/assets and yet she still sees herself as desperate and in a position to beg. Pretty gross.

No. 1612048

despite visiting secondhand stores on the regular, this idiot will insist that everything for her new apartment is bought new (from Target)

No. 1612057


I don't at all, this was absolutely a lesson she needed to learn about being so desperately codependent. She's never actually had to fall on her ass and get her shit together. Frankly it was even a pretty soft landing for her considering she had family to help so I hope she doesn't squander it. I think it is a common experience for women to start getting their shit together and quit simping around her age tbh so it may have been the best thing that's happened to her in the long run.

No. 1612081

File: 1660144858099.png (3.83 MB, 828x1792, 78162796-4EC8-4D4D-B88A-7AF5DB…)

You have GOT to be shitting me, seriously? Kek.

No. 1612082

Lurch seemed toxic af. I have no doubt her was jealous of her

No. 1612090

yeah this is fake kek. I think he just found her thread. that’s why she won’t say the real reason he dumped her, she just says “something stupid."

No. 1612103

Please donate your money to people or causes that can really use it instead of a spoiled 30yo white chick who had the oppertunity to save money while living at mom.

No. 1612172

I think he said something about the plants in the context of it being weird that she took all of his interests and she took that as him being jealous of her plants for some reason

No. 1612181

That makes sense but I picture it as more he said something along those lines. And while it’s normal and nice to pick up on a partners hobbies I imagine the intensity which woman child heather does these things led to some sort of altercation. Perhaps her severely overreacting in some way. But maybe he is as bad as her tbh.

No. 1612227

Plant collecting is an expensive hobby. I wouldn't be surprised if he was alarmed by her spending and started to realize that he would be footing the bill for their actual living expenses as a result. This "he was jealous of the attention i gave my plants" has cope written all over it.

No. 1612231

I doubt that her intensity bothered him considering he gave her a picture with his blood on their first date. I think it's more likely that he was annoyed at her for filling his apartment with all of her plants and Heather think he's jealous. Or maybe for once she's not exaggerating. Lurch seemed to match her crazy and clinginess, so I can definitely see him getting jealous because all of her attention wasn't on him.

No. 1612257

You're joking, right? Kids are going hungry everywhere, but you want to blow your money on a middle-aged woman who's been gainfully employed for years and living/mooching off a parent and STILL didn't save enough for basic living expenses? Good luck funding her houseplant collection I guess.

No. 1612258

This is exactly what happened and Lurch made up a quick excuse that made zero sense in order to dodge the bullet that is Heather. Why else would he be going so hard for her just to do a complete 180, and right after an unsaged WK appeared no less. I’m sure he didn’t appreciate reading about himself here and didn’t want to be involved any further so he withheld the truth. It’s completely possible his ego was too damaged to fess up as well, or else she would be whinging nonstop about how the haturs cost her troo luv. (Whilst failing to realize it never was “true” if it could end like this, ofc) Instead she’s left on her own to put the pieces together erroneously as always and that’s why we’re seeing ridiculous copes such as >>1612081

No. 1612279

She must think people forgot…>>1611811

Are you on drugs? This girl doesn't deserve a damn dime from ANYONE.She had years to save but instead blew it on useless shit. She had plenty of times, in fact years to sell her vintage toys, never did. This girl doesn't deserve anymore help from the internet, she's a 30 year old woman who is an idiot. Go donate money to an organization that can actually use. Heather will take that money and buy more useless plants. She needs to figure out shit out, it's not our job to help her.

No. 1612321

Can you imagine the flood of cows self-posting if anons actually start donating to their GFM grifts? People need to get a grip itt. There's nothing wrong with rooting for Heather, but getting scammed by a known cow makes you an even bigger cow.

No. 1612358

Just went to snoop and see how much she's swindled off the masses so far and the link isn't on her FB anymore, so I'm assuming she deleted the post?

No. 1612390

Part of me still thinks she'll raise a few hundo, then "something" will "come up" and it's back to mom's. I'm having a really hard time accepting that she's suddenly going to be independent. It just does not compute. Something's gonna happen.

No. 1612427

Who the fuck thinks they need to purchase a washer and dryer for their first big girl apartment that they're RENTING? This is some Kaya level shit. Go to the laundromat, Hags. I'm from Central PA and assure you, they're everywhere.

No. 1612437

What’s crazier is that she posted some photos on her story (now deleted) of the apartment and I swear there was a laundromat in the building. If the furniture doesn’t seem necessary to buy now. She could easily do without a stand where to put her shoes until she can afford it. She’s too busy trying to make her apartment look cute rather than buying essentials until you can afford more things.

No. 1612449

she stated pretty clearly in her late-night gripe sesh the other day that the reasons she was given by Lurch for breaking up were 1) his criticism of her plant hoarding and 2) his inability / unwillingness to deal with her clinginess: she had asked him for reassurance of his feelings for her. so the "he's jealous of my plants" is her revisionism of his accusation that she is a hoarder (not untrue). as to the second reason, I completely buy the theory that he found the thread, so he probably was withdrawing because of it, she may have noticed he was acting weird and got even clingier because of it, and…cue breakup.

No. 1612455

Convenient of her to leave out how she was also full on planning marriage by month 2 of the relationship. Skipped the hair locket step with this last speedrun

No. 1612457

Lol are you new to heather? She's suffocating and insufferable

No. 1612487

last she posted about the unit, it was empty. not sure if there are multiple units but I'm kinda curious about the toys that were "keeping the door from opening"

No. 1612492

This is why people shouldn’t waste their money donating to her, no one “needs” to purchase a washer/dryer for a rental unit. She’s scamming. Even her sob story about being “homeless” is bullshit, she can sell her expensive toys and/or move back in with mommy anytime. There are people out there who really need help, not this cow.

No. 1612503

File: 1660176604965.jpg (537.53 KB, 1080x2044, Screenshot_20220810-200956_Ins…)

Now she believes in God? For years she said she never did. Now it's God, yeah ok Heather…

No. 1612507

File: 1660177091027.jpg (887.74 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20220810-201006_Ins…)

Love how she tries to justify her spending to random people on the internet still. She justify her spending on stuff she'll actually need rather list the prices of the garbage she buys at antique shops.

Its not our problem that your relationship failed and now you need money. If things worked out with him, would she still need money? I think she was gonna free load off him just like she did with her marriage.

No. 1612508

Betcha there's a cute ChurchRyan at the new job

No. 1612510

File: 1660177324712.jpg (358.75 KB, 1080x2044, Screenshot_20220810-202134_Ins…)

What a disgrace. The audacity to say that when there are people much worse off then her that are trying to rock it out without asking for money. What's next, she needs money for tampons?

No. 1612638

File: 1660187964192.jpg (568.05 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20220810-231741_Ins…)

Why do we need to give you a cookie for having to be an adult and experience hardship? You going through a hard time doesn't make you special, it means stop being a whiney brat and be an adult, do what you have to do, no one else bitches about their life except you.

No. 1612647

File: 1660189221604.jpeg (1.1 MB, 828x1628, 4E8A2D05-9162-4668-B898-17FC78…)

>I was so hungy

she was never more than a few hours away from her mom kek

No. 1612650

tinfoil: Heather told BloodRyan something about her past, and this thread contradicted it. probably with receipts.

No. 1612653

She's still a overly melodramatic lunatic who needs therapy, but I'm happy she's at least taking a step in the right direction as far as independence and isn't living with mommy anymore. I'm sure her mum is thrilled to get and keep the 20+ houseplants and however many haunted dollies out of her guest bedroom. lmao

No. 1612660

God dammit Heather, shut the fuck up.

No. 1612712

I’m not a dedicated follower of this cow but I can’t contain my curiosity about why he dumped her so harsh and suddenly. I’m not buying the official story at all.

No. 1612767

"I ended up homeless" - wow, does this bitch hear herself? Homeless is someone who has no means and nowhere to go, not someone who tried to leech off a guy she just met and then got kicked out and called her mommy for funds for a hotel because she didn't want to leave her dream job

No. 1612843


Yes, she's "homeless"…

This is the same person who claimed she was "homeless" when she moved back with her mom after her separation and had the nerve to reference her mother as the "room mate" lol Heather is the definition of a entitled white girl.

No. 1612846

File: 1660225714508.jpg (299.78 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20220811-094513_Ins…)

Are you shitting me? Who is the dumb asses giving her money!?? Let me guess, this money is going to a domestic abuse shelter heather?

May she rot in hell for scamming people once again.

No. 1612849

Wonder why she changed it from $1000 to $500

No. 1612852

Honestly, she is egregious for doing this. Her entire being stinks. Why does she never, ever learn? This is not okay.

No. 1612943

Please, quit samefagging, or at least sage more.
I think Heather is milky as it is, but there's been some obvious vendetta lately from someone particular.

No. 1612945

She pulled the same stunt with her first gofundme changing the price of how much money she wanted. Clearly she is reading this thread because now she'll justify "I dropped it down to $500 because I don't want to ask for too much"

No. 1613137

File: 1660248220694.jpg (407.62 KB, 1079x1384, Screenshot_20220811-160314_Ins…)

Also known as " you need to meet up with me and put out"

No. 1613142

this is the real reason why she shouldn't have started a gfm. RIP Heather lmao

No. 1613239

File: 1660255777846.png (639.5 KB, 1170x2532, C24C9C8A-7278-481D-B193-D66611…)

Hmm… fatryan incoming?

No. 1613257

I don't think that will happen. This guy doesn't fit her specific style of spooky boy. He isn't a photographer and doesn't post anything spooky. the only thing he has going for him is he is grovelling like a pathetic man at her feet.

No. 1613290

She probably did sell them, but in true heather fashion, blew the money on impulse buys.
Kek. This. She keeps getting involved with these rando ryans and pushing for a repeat of her marriage, not realizing that she needs to be careful. One of these days she's gonna show off her crazy to the wrong ryan and get seriously hurt.

No. 1613310

tbh my tinfoil in Heather threads has always been that the vendetta anon who never sages is her ex husband, Adam lmao
I think this person has even made a thread or two (if not most)

saged because duh, and I'm drinking

No. 1613319

File: 1660261389153.jpg (1010.13 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20220811-193159_Ins…)



Yup, here's the picture again,she stated she needed money for a washer and dryer and hag posted the picture yet again showing there is a washer and dryer in the apartment

No. 1613413

I have trouble believing that they're not just somewhere else in her house, I feel like if she sold them it would be at least a 20-page story about how people were holding her back from her true self while she was into toys and she'll recover stronger than ever and also she's keeping these few

No. 1613426

The old tenet probably owns that dryer. None of the single unit houses for rent in my city come with a washer and dryer included, but they always have a hookup for one.

No. 1613666

I was gonna say something yesterday, I smell male in this thread like who else would be shitting on Heather when she's finally doing well and getting everything right for once? Salty vendetta males, begone

No. 1613688

Not male and who in their right mind would be rooting for someone who starts a gfm for homelessness when she isn't homeless or jobless at all. She is vile. Obviously she has mental issues but given she isn't tending to them, who can truly feel sorry for her? She wastes her money, falls in love at a moments notice and goes through Ryan's at a super speed, mltalking about marriage just after someone can stand her for a few weeks and it's always the same pattern

No. 1613692

I have had this theory for a while. Whenever Adam & Co are brought up, there's always anons defending them and talking about how horrible Heather is.

No. 1613714

she's a pretty harmless cow compared to the pedo pandering, streamers who live off drama and downright junkies on this site. It's 500 dollars, who cares, she thought she was gonna avoid these bulk moving in costs by living with her bf's parents. Unchecked mental illness when it means falling in love fast and having a weak sense of identity isn't really vile, she's just a mess but fun to follow unlike some of the cows who deserve to be hate followed.

No. 1613737


Exactly. Heather is known for making up stories, making herself always look like the victim, uses friends for gain, but never takes accountability for her own actions, she just blames everyone else but herself (for fuck sake, she's using the plants as a reason for a break up people!)

No, she isn't the worst hag, but she also isn't a Saint either. I think the rest of the anons are gullible and really don't understand her pattern.

No. 1613754

exactly. who really cares if she gets some fat beta moids to donate to her so she can buy a washing machine. she's not a crackhead and is clean, so it's clear some of her money will in fact bet going to buy household necessities.

you can't really say the same of 99% of other cows on this site. Heather is basically a saint compared to every other thread haver

No. 1613759

If you think $500 is a lot of money, you must be incredibly poor nonny

No. 1613763

I donated a couple of dollars to Heather. I'm really rooting for her because she is a nice girl who has been a little down on her luck

No. 1613773

I'm sure she'll buy household necessities like moldy antique dolls and staghorn ferns.

No. 1613781

Stfu scrote. I would rather donate my money to Heather than some junkie homeless scrote

No. 1613793

And so what if she does? She'll be using scrotes' money to do it, so I could truly not care any less.

No. 1613835

i think I'll donate to her after reading old threads and seeing how deranged her ex husband and his pet tranny are.

No. 1613878

Why does everyone baby Heather. Including some idiots in this thread. Good lord.

No. 1613889

ITT: poor children

it costs like bare minimum $400 for a mattress, or for a white good (washing machine, fridge, etc). this is PER ITEM. why are people getting so ass blasted over $500, it's literally nothing esp when you're moving somewhere new. you can easily just spend all that on curtains blinds or in her case food, since she has none to move to her new place.

No. 1613907

Maybe because she has thousands of dollars of shit to sell that she hasn’t used in years? Maybe it’s because she does all this shit to herself as a grown ass woman? Maybe it’s because she spends so much money going to stores every fucking day? Maybe it’s because she’s done this before? Maybe it’s because there are 16 year olds with no support system more self sufficient than her?
That’s definitely not a scrote. No one is saying to donate to a man. Donate to women that actually need it.

No. 1613928

jesus people are getting rowdy over 500 bucks

go outside and touch some grass, heather is not that big a deal

No. 1613937

Heather does need it. It takes a lot of money to move on to your own. Maybe you are poor but there’s actually nothing wrong with donating to a woman who is trying her hardest to be more independent

No. 1613941

What the fuck happened to this thread. Go suck her tits on her Instagram, not here.

No. 1613947

Wow take a chill pill.
I'm not a scrote and I never said donate to men or homeless junkies.

No. 1613953

What's up with the heather pandering here

No. 1613956

Gtfo scrote

No. 1613965

Still not a scrote

No. 1613973

You smell like a vendettachan to me

No. 1613986

Ok. Cool.

No. 1613990

I agree with you anon it's embarrassing kek

No. 1614050

Is this supposed to be a flex? If you want to donate to someone who is brain dead, more power to you

No. 1614057

sage your shit

No. 1614068

Sage you moid

No. 1614097

if $500 is nothing she should be able to pay it herself instead of asking for a handout kek

No. 1614113


She definitely has the money, she just wants sympathy from these middle age men and get quick cash. Clearly its working since they've come on here to defend such a "lovely lady" lol

No. 1614135


Oh no, the sage police! I'm so scared! Lol loossseerrrr(sage your shit)

No. 1614176

File: 1660337854842.jpg (1.01 MB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20220812-165719_Ins…)

No. 1614180


No. 1614181

Does anyone know how to donate to Heather?(learn2sage)

No. 1614200


She is no longer is taking donations because that means she'll have to put out

No. 1614206

Imagine being this pressed someone got $500 measly bucks when people get like 20k for their transition gofundmes or whatever. Get a job.

No. 1614213

Kek, her poor writing makes it sound like she wants God to apologize to her, but he never will. I don't want to start any blasphemous rumors but I think that God's got a sick sense of humor

No. 1614225

Oh my god this site is going to absolute shit. Why is there even an argument about this?? Nobody should be touching the poop here, nobody should be invested. The amount doesn’t matter, the point is she’s being misleading about her level of need. She can be both harmless and occasionally sympathetic, and also manipulative and shitty. There’s no need to lick her ass and there’s no reason to act like she’s satan either. And I can’t believe I have to say this, but wtf, don’t fucking give the cow your money you retards.

and lastly fuck off with this ‘oh if she gets money she has to fuck the guy’ shit, maybe reddit is more your speed

No. 1614230

since when does she believe in god? Finding god and turning into a good christian housewife saga coming up next?

kek, love you nona, will listen to Depeche Mode now

No. 1614293

>touching the poop

Get out kiwi faggot. Go shit up your own site.

No. 1614397

That’s your takeaway? As if plenty of us don’t lurk the beauty parlor. Sorry mixing my terms is such a problem for you.

No. 1614410

anon, the deal is that many-to-most apartments in the US, and definitely in the region where Hag is renting, come with "white goods" already installed and she does not need to buy them like she's a first time homeowner with a new construction mortgage moving into a blank box. It's just not her situation. This thread has either a lot of foreigners (welcome, no hate at all just recognizing the difference in rental markets) or a lot of young nonnies who have never rented before.
Mattresses are expensive and no one's been shitting on that afaik. It's just the retarded ask for appliances.

No. 1614419

Samefag but this is the communal basment of an old house or older building that is split into multiple units/apts. All units have access to the basement and share the landlords washer/dryer. This is super common in the northeastern and Midwestern US where there's old housing stock.
This appliance shit is really sticking with me for some reason but I'll see myself out now

No. 1614505

File: 1660366234095.png (101.35 KB, 680x539, Screenshot 2022-08-13 004805.p…)

Pretty sure it was the moving with 20+ house plants and tons of crap that you planned to take over HIS space with instead of, you know, sliding into his life and adding your personal touches over time. Ya know, like a normal person would.

No. 1614537

File: 1660369998868.png (1.28 MB, 1170x2532, 10178FE9-3D85-4DDA-9D03-8F82B2…)

No. 1614547

Is this about clayryan?

No. 1614548

I feel like it's Damian, but I'm too lazy to dig right now.

No. 1614568

Oh yea you're right. I was off by a year.

No. 1615358

You'd think that she would have outgrown shittalking exes at 30. Heather - you look immature af airing out your dirty laundry like this. Especially little quips like "he threw everything away all day." Really showing her inability to handle rejection. I do wonder what all went down that he decided they were not compatible with sharing a living space so quickly.

No. 1615447

File: 1660452496419.png (3.95 MB, 750x1334, 1D207ED6-6BF2-46F7-9921-A3D71E…)

No. 1615451


No. 1615469

File: 1660456231543.jpg (905.34 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20220814-014925_Ins…)

Didn't he tell her if I'm not mistaken? Maybe if she looked at her instagram stories and see how clingy and attention seeking she is it might wake her up. It won't, but this is why Heather

No. 1615535

if you smell shit wherever you go, check your shoes

No. 1615565

once she gets settled in her apartment BloodRyan will come sniffing around again.

he probably just wanted a part-time GF and not a live-in one

No. 1615600

Girl if you don’t wash your hair and go to bed. Get your shit together and stop revolving your life around bum ass men and the “curse” will be broken.

No. 1615603

I actually think he's been lurking her socials, and text her after seeing she got an apartment.
There's a chance they might get back together and continue this saga now considering she has switched to nostalgiaposting about things that happened a few weeks ago with him.

No. 1615677

I think it's so scummy how Lurch was dishonest with her and dumped her

No. 1615694

People are allowed to change their minds. It sounds like she was a terror to live with if he cut things off so quickly. He saw the writing on the wall and was ultimately correct that she's insufferable, given her reaction to immediately talk down about the "love of her life".

No. 1615739

I was thinking the same thing. Anons like to say he was a liar/manipulative, but what if he simply changed his mind.

No. 1615746

they were both tards to move in together so soon

No. 1615747


Right? It would have been nice if he figured that out before she uprooted herself, but maybe he didn't realize until it was too late. Was he supposed to pretend as not to hurt her feelings? Even letting her stay until she finds a place could be bad. He could have helped her out with a hotel or something to be nice, but no one has to do that either. She had a home to return to, so it wasn't like she was going to the streets. It was super shitty, and I could see how bad it would hurt to be in Heather's situation but it's done now.

No. 1615862

Exactly this. Her trying to pin "homelessness" and "losing the career of my dreams" on him is pretty shitty. They're both retards but Heather just happens to make a public display of her emotional whiplash quite often. She really shows how undateable she is (when she shouldn't be. At all. Do some self-work girl!)

No. 1615869

Yep. Lurch is fucking gross and just as unstable but she’s a moron. What did she expect? Hell, what did we all expect? Two dumbass mentally deficient people trying to make decisions.

No. 1615895

Lurch was an asshole for making her move and kicking her out, but I can't pity her. She's been through this cycle how many times? But she never learns and refuses to change because of the "haters". Also, she could have saved some money for emergencies like this, but instead opted to buy a bunch of unnecessary plants and antiques.

No. 1615898

He didn't "make" her move tho. She had mommy to fall back on , it's not like she faced any hardship other than getting her feelings hurt from things not working out the way she wanted them to.

No. 1615921

File: 1660508143100.jpg (384.04 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20220814-143703_Ins…)

Why are you upset that he deleted you? There's no point in being friends after what he did or didn't do, move on heather. She's seriously so brain damaged to be this obsessed over someone that she knew for such a short amount of time.

No. 1615933

Istg she loves the IDEA of being so lovesick and sensitive over someone she just wants to be upset like this. It was only a few months "erasing my existence" good lord.

No. 1615978

Can she not remember the "if you were a better man" pic she posted before this?
Of course you're getting "erased" Hags. You're creepy.

No. 1615991

of course he deleted you Hagther, you’re publicly talking shit about him. jfc.

No. 1615996

She thinks she can treat people however she wants and then acts surprised Pikachu face when it pushes them away. God I hope this single saga is good for her. You have a chance to get a sense of independence Heather. Put in the work and stop clinging to made up hardships.

No. 1616026

File: 1660515114425.jpg (987.14 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20220814-181014_Ins…)

Oh, now she'll never find a boy in a new area? Jesus fuckin christ heather. Its not your plants, it's not target, it's not photography, it's you. You are the problem, you're doing something to push these guys away month after month.

No. 1616031

Oh my God get the fuck off of dating apps, actually interact with humans at events related to your interests and take it fucking slow. She acts like she's a zoomer and doesn't understand making friends without the fucking internet and rushing into pretend serious relationships.

No. 1616047

If it is too much then just do not do it, no one is holding a gun to her head and forcing her to date.

Kek at her thinking she is special for having an adult job and hobbies that countless other people have.

No. 1616065

Then don't? Being single isn't a death sentence, if anything this codependent bitch could use some time off to work on herself. She's a mess.

No. 1616090

>person she broke up with weeks ago removes her from their group chat

I don't use Instagram that much but that's what this image means right?

No. 1616097

idk why she's obsessed with dating, dating's fucking awful, talking to rando guys is fucking awful, meeting rando guys is fucking awful, out of all her hobbies this is the worst one but she keeps doing it. She should just live her life and wait to meet someone naturally, being a dating app weirdo is not the way to be for multitudes of reasons.

No. 1616116

She’s such a deranged pick-me. Most people take some time being single, assessing their priorities and working on themselves after a bad breakup. Heather is sperging about “re-entering the dating world” literally days later. She refuses herself even a moment of introspection. Girl it’s not your hobbies our your busy career, lots of people have those. It’s YOU.

No. 1616145

Can someone transcribe or record her current IG story? She’s crying about lurch but I can’t put the sound on to listen atm

No. 1616148

File: 1660524260311.gif (15.2 KB, 220x220, cute-cat.gif)

bumping porn raid

No. 1616150

File: 1660524292503.gif (11.73 KB, 443x438, ed56658f3473f40a2946ebd9e71489…)

No. 1616152

File: 1660524346397.gif (68.11 KB, 220x220, pixel-cat.gif)

No. 1616154

She keeps covering her mouth with these big walls of text… was BloodRyan actually HerpesRyan?

No. 1616155

she begged for him to take her back, she thought maybe if she had her own place they could make it work. he said no and blocked her. her heart was shattered in her favorite place (the cemetery).

No. 1616170

Post the video for those of us who don't have Insta pls?

No. 1616180

LOOOOL if that's true that's insane. Imagine thinking you can trash someone's whole character online when you KNOW you have a bunch of autistic women that archive everything you say and expect them to forgive you. Reminds me of my ex kek. What a wreck of a woman.

No. 1616182

I’m really curious about his side of the story, I hope he spills the milk. Something must have happened to go from lovebombing her and discussing marriage to dumping & blocking her within a few days, and I don’t think it was her “hobbies and busy career.” Either that or Heather finally met someone more BPD than her.

No. 1616197

I think it absolutely could be her hobbies and career because she can't be normal about them, if she's this annoying online imagine her irl, in your home… but imo the fact she can't keep a guy is both understandable and surprising at the same time? We all know Heather is batshit and clingy, but she's decent looking and moids are dumb so I keep expecting one of them to think her antics are worth it. Lurch seemed like he was an equal participant in the love bombing after all, she must have been insanely irritating for him to dump her this quick.

No. 1616225

File: 1660532419125.jpg (810.41 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20220814-225352_Ins…)

Ugh…where do I even begin?…

For years we've watched her spiral out of control, and she still hasn't learned to stop recording herself crying and posting it on the internet. I can't comprehend why someone her age continues this type of behavior. And then in a few hours, she'll delete her stories as if nothing happened.

I can forsee what's going to happen next. She's NOT going to stay in that apartment for long. She'll come up with an excuse of "it doesn't feel like home, everything reminds me of him" and She'll force herself to move back home with mom. This was the only motivation for her and the apartment was for him? Jeez Heather, I seriously can't understand how you get so strung up on a guy.

She'll move back home by the end of the year, most likely sooner

No. 1616228

I honestly think she just picks moids who are as flaky and immature as she is, and milk ensues naturally

No. 1616331

File: 1660541772863.jpg (273.95 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20220814-232725_Ins…)

No. 1616332

File: 1660541810218.jpg (234.56 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20220814-232736_Ins…)

Way to put him on blast…

No. 1616333

File: 1660541861569.jpg (723.83 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20220815-013809_Ins…)

No. 1616334

File: 1660541892056.jpg (618.31 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20220815-013815_Ins…)

No. 1616335

File: 1660542022347.jpg (753.29 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20220815-013820_Ins…)

AH…..so this is where she is getting her belief in God….Dustin sounds like a Christian boy and she had to of course, change to pretend she believes in God too

No. 1616337

File: 1660542198526.jpg (525.75 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20220815-013827_Ins…)

In conclusion….you moved in his PARENTS house and they don't want you there anymore. Sounds like his parents win since it's their house. At least he apologized and didn't say anything dickish but this is what you get when you move into HIS PARENTS HOUSE, you barely knew the guy…

No. 1616342

File: 1660542527023.jpg (368.42 KB, 990x1062, 202208151235.jpg)

This is why he's since blocked you, hags.

No. 1616343

>she thought maybe if she had her own place they could make it work
I wonder if she got the idea from >>1615565 . Not weird for an anon tinfoil, but it's crazy for Heather to try. She's insanely obsessive and all-or-nothing, in everything she does, she thinks BloodRyan will accept she's capable of a slower paced relationship? He will take her back, when he said she's got serious personal problems which she won't admit or address? She doesn't have to change for a guy, but if its clear that her personality is a deal-breaker why is she chasing him?

She let her mask slip too soon, and she's trying to put it back on after BloodRyan was freaked out by what he saw. If he wasn't lurking here before, he is now. If she was ugly crying like that AFTER talking to him, she must have been insane during their conversation.

No. 1616349

This makes her look so bad, he sounds like he has an IQ of 80 and just wants to eat glue in peace without having to repent to God for his accidental sins. Maybe I'm reading into this wrong but it sounds like he's being coached on how to deal with this, maybe by his parents. Don't answer her calls, don't engage her, even if she escalates.

>Talk to me one last time
>I need actual closure
>You made up your mind but…
Sounding like a stalker. Maybe she'll turn up at his house in the middle of the night to "get her closure"

No. 1616351

Yeah this shit is emotionally manipulatibe and abusive on her part. Insane how she's comfortable talking like this after, what was it? 3 months of a relationship?

No. 1616353

Heather is psychotic and tbh I'll stop reading this thread. Too much.

No. 1616357

I knew Heather always acts up during breakups, but this is actually scary and reminds me of my abusive ex begging me not to leave him

No. 1616364

And she wants to go back to dating after this? Jfc she's toxic.

No. 1616401

I wonder if the were weren't compatible living together was an excuse because he thought that she wouldn't be able to handle his actual reason for breaking up.

Regardless, whatever his reasoning was, she definitely scared him now. She's acting like blocking her came out of nowhere but she's been harassing him for two days. She keeps messaging him everywhere to try and get back together when he's made it clear he wants nothing to do with her. She says she wants closure but he did give her closure, it just wasn't the kind of closure she wanted. She thought he would get back together and she's obliterate any minuscule chance she had of that happening.

No. 1616403

She needs a man to latch onto and copy. She sounds like a draining leech tbh going back and forth between bad mouthing him and then begging him to talk to her. Her whole identity seems dependent on shopping and dick.

No. 1616408

>you're the love of my life..I'll never get over this.. we spoke about getting married
>He's a child
>I don't know how I'm going to start dating again
kekking hard at how desperate she seems right now, I think it's shitty that he kicked her out after she'd only just moved there but the whole thing seems so intense (which is how she likes it). People only ask for closure as a way of weaseling back into your life, good on him for blocking her.

No. 1616409

good on lurch for figuring out she is a soulsucking demon and detaching from her

No. 1616446

He's the greatest love she's ever known now, she does drum things up. Some random dating site scrote with no personality who can't handle a few plants doesn't sound like a great love to me.

No. 1616447

god damn this is worse than normal. i feel bad for hyping her up in here now about her job and apartment.

No. 1616454

He's actually surprisingly thoughtful for a scrote, I think her dialing it up to 150% with the love of my life stuff scared him off since they were considering meeting in these texts. Men know they ain't shit, so they get scared if anyone wants them too much, (like this) understandably since there is no reason to beg genericman4654 to take you back.
It's why grooming works better on girls, a woman is more likely to believe she has desirable traits and believe someone could fall for them so suddenly. Men literally offer nearly nothing and socially get away with giving you nearly nothing too, (e.g deadbeat dad is acceptable, or not doing any housework or offering no emotional support to their spouse, etc) so why care that much?

In summary Heather doesn't understand men because if she did she wouldn't act like this. Just read the mtf thread on /snow or the reddit thread on /ot for a crash course, Heather.

No. 1616456

>I will always love you

oh geez. She says she got no closure but those texts are way more than most men would do, he actually showed remorse and regret which is very rare for a moid. That is your closure.

No. 1616459

Desperation isn't attractive in anyone, it's not really a gender thing, it makes you look weak if you cling onto people.

No. 1616461

>i feel bad for hyping her up in here now about her job and apartment

It seems the shitfit was purely on a time delay, I thought she had matured for once too since she seemed relatively calm, but it seems we were very wrong

No. 1616493

so my synopsis for this shit show so far - Heather only wants to stay in the area & has went for the apartment to allow her time to ‘win back’ Lurch & pursue a relationship with him again as she is not over him (despite what she says) & has turned into full stalker mode now where she is harassing Lurch to respond.

Lurch sounds as if he is very immature for a man almost 30 & I agree with the anon that connected the dots that it sounds like he’s been coached by his parents on what to say. The Christian God Bless You & adult amicable language is a dead giveaway from a man who likes to paint with his own blood. I did laugh when someone pointed out Heather now believes in God very suddenly as Lurch seems to be from a Christian family.

I don’t doubt the existence of a man out there for Heather as the longer the internet exists the more I see there really is someone out there for everyone. FatRyan may have been that man but due to his Game of Thrones watcher on the wall-esque vibes I don’t see her sending him subtle titty pics.

No. 1616500

Lurch sounds as if he is very immature for a man almost 30 & I agree with the anon that connected the dots that it sounds like he’s been coached by his parents on what to say. The Christian God Bless You & adult amicable language is a dead giveaway from a man who likes to paint with his own blood. I did laugh when someone pointed out Heather now believes in God very suddenly as Lurch seems to be from a Christian family.

-yup, that was me! The moment she used the word "God" I'm like, hold TF up, since when? She's made it so known over the years that she's Wiccan and doesn't believe in God.

She always tries to mold herself to fit into her current BF. The guy definitely got coached by his parents as to what to say. She needs to becareful because if he's close with his parents, the next suggestion will be an order of protection.

No. 1616521

does she not realize her behavior is making anyone see how she got kicked out in a week?! she is psycho. the way she’s hunting him down on all her socials and trying to force him to talk is pretty bone chilling. only suicide baiting would be worse than whatever the hell this is. she’s desperate and manipulative as fuck, what a catch.

No. 1616527

It’s pretty cut-and-dry despite all the drama she’s spinning around it. They’re both immature and got into a long-distance relationship where they idealized each other, and moved way too fast. He realized his mistake after she moved her 20+ houseplants into his parents’ house and started acting psychotic. Now she’s acting even more psychotic and reinforcing that he did the right thing by getting away from her. My skin is crawling just reading these messages, she sounds like an absolute bunny boiler. Imagine making it to your 30s and still having this little dignity or introspection.

No. 1616533


The part "we had one shitty week" yeah the first and only week you lived together, it's not like things got progressively bad, like if it's shitty from day 1 it's not gonna get better is it. Logic is not this girl's strong suit.

I hope she calms down and still sticks to her job and apartment because despite the shitfit she's throwing that part she did right.

No. 1616534

>suicide baiting

Don’t give her any ideas, I wouldn’t put it past her. This feels like the final nail in the coffin for anons who were rooting for her to grow up and get her shit together. She won’t, this level of crazy runs too deep. She’s unable to see her own problems and she’s just going to keep chasing Ryans and scaring them away with her insanity. I expect her to quit everything, move back in with mommy and keep collecting knickknacks & trolling dating sites once she realizes having her own place isn’t going to bring this Ryan back.

No. 1616537

File: 1660568527797.png (3.28 MB, 1440x2106, no heather.png)

She needs a bop on the nose with a rolled up newspaper like a misbehaving dog, imagine putting this nightmare fuel up while trying to get your ex back (and I'm a doll collector)

No. 1616538

she's reminding me of my ex so much it's hard not to a-log what a psychotic cunt!

No. 1616543


Its still on his page. It's so cringe to see she stooped this low and posted this on his band page. This definitely drove him further away.

No. 1616544

is this a pic of Heather dressed up???? please tell me it isn't

No. 1616549

Stfu. You sound like a scrote

No. 1616550

The mask and wig is a halloween costume you can buy, I saw some other person I follow wear one last year, so pretty sure it is her

No. 1616553


Of course it is

“Poor” lurch & family are living in their own horror movie being stalked by the this doll

No. 1616557

Maybe lurch sent friends here

No. 1616563

Not disagreeing with you about Adam or that Lurch sucks, but Heather is still acting psychotically. I get that it sucks to get broken up by someone after you uproot your life and that not getting closure feels awful however, obsessively trying to contact them isn't the answer. He made it clear that he wants nothing to do with her, so she needs to just move on. She needs to focus on her 'dream' career and finally having her own apartment, not begging a man to get back with her when he doesn't want her anymore.

No. 1616565

Yes that's her and one of her phases when she was into creepy doll/mask photography cuz one of her guy friends was into it and it's his hobby. No surprise. She posted him on her stories right now. She's reminiscing the moments before BloodRyan. I thought she was super into the doll stuff and photography but of course she dropped it when BloodRyan came around and the doll photography friend disappeared.

No. 1616568

oh there are definitely scrotes in this thread.

but also i think many people are just getting worried she will drop her job & apartment with how she is acting. i think as long as she doesn't move back home it's OK and she can be as retarded as she wants because it's hilarious

No. 1616571

She needs to seek therapy or whatever. It's long overdue. She's unable to control her emotions and just deal with the fact the relationship was trash and better off not looking back of someone can ditch you like that. She only knows how to sabotage things not fix them.

No. 1616573

they're from kiwifarms for sure.

No. 1616576

Does Heather have a thread on Kiwi Farms?

No. 1616578

Are you being serious? Kek.

No. 1616583

Holy shit you’re insane.

No. 1616590


So, would it be better to string heather along further and then drop the bomb on her let's say after a year? It's shitty, yes, but there was nothing concrete here, they are two immature people that did this shit way too quickly. If he saw the red flags the moment she moved in, it was wise to end it there then to drag it out any longer, regardless of that fact that she moved from home to live with him and his parents.

No. 1616600

File: 1660573321004.png (97.75 KB, 1024x1024, 8e7.png)


No. 1616608

She doesn't have a KF thread and it doesn't look like she's ever been mentioned there. She seems like an odd choice for even the BP gorls to get interested in let alone the scrotes? Idk. And I'm not sure if the outsiders ITT smell of kiwi to me tbh.

No. 1616636

I’m the anon who admitted in /ot/ I’d been through something weirdly similar except I moved to a different country, got dumped and years later I really don’t blame the guy for getting rid of me, even if the way he did it sucked. I was immature. If someone’s in your house who you don’t want there, especially if they’re behaving erratically I don’t think you can really afford to be timid about it. I don’t think lurch did it very well but I don’t think Heather deserved a better breakup either. Scuse my blog, I’ll eat my ban but I just don’t have much sympathy for her and if anyone would it’d be me.

Anyway, holy shit, she has such a warped idea of what love is. She’s claimed to have loved so many guys after a couple weeks or months and then writes all this melodramatic shit about being ‘thrown away’ when latching onto someone like a remora doesn’t work out, it’s just so fucked. This is insane behavior, she really stepped up the creepy attachment this time.

No. 1616643

I find the demands to go back to kf so irritating, I’ve been accused of being a scrote so many times, people here cannot comprehend that a lot of women read kf and scrotes are perfectly capable of shitting up the thread without originating from there

No. 1616645

Same. I use KF too and honestly the ratio of the sexes there depending on which thread is more balanced than most forums probably. I'd guess like 65/35 or so. Plenty of women and plenty of places gross scrotes congregate other than the "perverted younger(?) brother" site. It's tiring being accused of scroteposting for not keeping the tone or the narrative, I don't think any Kiwis care about Heather and if they did they probably care about her because they also come here.

No. 1616647

there's at least one anon in here who screams KF scrote at any post that's calling out heather's psychotic behavior. as if you have to be a man to see that she's acting completely fucking unhinged right now.

No. 1616648

Honestly if she would have just got her apartment and lived her life Lurch would have been crawling back in no time. But she's not even moved in yet and already begging him to take her back.

No. 1616653

seems like the same anon thinks it’s “psychotic” to block someone on social media so it’s not too surprising. tbh that anon and Hags should kiss

No. 1616665

would you shut up already?

No. 1616671

From the texts I'm kinda getting that there was an opening to meet up again, but she bombarded him with love of my life, best friend pleading and scared him off. She managed to stay relatively chill and normal up until now, considering what happened. I think she just cannot stand to be alone in her own company since she was ok until her week off.

No. 1616687

File: 1660578269222.jpg (956.43 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20220815-114408_Ins…)

Well, she's doing what she does best. Using quotes to portray her emoness.

No. 1616703

File: 1660579332762.jpg (369.11 KB, 1080x1701, Screenshot_20220815-120131_Ins…)


Smart move, completely disable comments in case she reproduces more insta accounts

No. 1616735

Could you imagine posting all that unhinged shit on his BANDS page?!

No. 1616822

I think you’re right, she might have been able to salvage something if she played it cool, but….she’s Heather. I don’t know of any cause other than insanity that would make her publicly mourn for her mOsT mEaNiNgFuL old flame >>1614537 and then turn around and insist it was Lurch the entire time. The whiplash is staggering. It’s no wonder all the cute spooky Ryans aren’t lining up to be compared to exes, put on blast, and stalked! It’s embarrassing how she only hustled for an apartment because she thought it might give her a chance with her moid, who she flip flops between hating and loving. This is a new low for her.

No. 1616840

Yeah if Heather was acting this psycho in his parents' house, he probably had no choice but to kick her out. I doubt they wanted to wait another month or more until she had squatters' rights in hopes she'd get her shit together. Can't really blame him for blocking her either, if she's stalking him all over social media. Sometimes you just know when something isn't salvageable and you need to cut & run.

Bottom line, Lurch seems just as immature and flaky as Heather, but it doesn't make me a "scrote" to have little sympathy for a middle aged woman acting this way. It's super easy to avoid this situation by not letting your ENTIRE life revolve around a moid you've only been dating long-distance for a few months. Also this shit happens in all of her relationships, so she is clearly the common factor.

No. 1616842

Middle aged? She is early 30's…

No. 1616874

lol - middle-aged… she's 32. Infact many people on this thread make her younger at 30… at 32 she should know better. Heck at 24 you should be more mature than Heather is at 32.

Straight to the point - Heather is a sabotager, she sabotage's anything good in her life, I'm just waiting on her to give up the apartment next and then her job.

I used to be friends with someone who (alarmingly) similiar to Heather when it came to relationships. She hopped from one man to the next and all were through online friendships that never panned out in the real world. Heavy on the love bombing over social media or messages. Making huge plans very early on - marriage/kids/moving countries….
it's fantasist nonsense. Heather is on another level as at least with my former friend, she kept down a job & had an apartment. She wasn't that dumb to play Russian Roulette with the staples of independance.

Lurch is very immature for his age, not having a go at him for living with his parents still, in this economic climate, it's understandable but he seems very dependant on mam and dad. His parents probably did not like Heather from the start. Maybe they thought she was too old for Lurch (4 years between them) maybe they felt as though she wasn't suitable (they seem very religious) or they thought their son & Heather were moving too fast. Also could just be the reason someone they barely knew was moving into their house.

Heather thinks by harrassing someone on every possible platform, it will somehow make Lurch want her. It won't. Anyone with common sense would see that. He's sent her a pretty clear message that he doesn't want anything to do with her. I wouldn't be surprised if she turns up at his parents house or parks outside for hours to see if he is with a new girl. She was claiming he had a new girlfriend within days of their 'love story' being ripped apart. She's so dense. She thinks that rational saying he dumped her because of her love for her plants that she only got into a few weeks ago (after meeting him) If I was Heather, I'd be looking at the common denominator why so many of my flings were coming to an end after 3 weeks max… hey maybe I'm the problem. Maybe I want too much too soon. Lurch gets a Grade A mention here aswell as he was just as delusional but she was definetely the instigator with the marriage post. She's unhinged.

I don't think we're just dealing with a cow who has grand plans to be a stay at home wife (nothing wrong with that if that's what you want & your partner is fine with that) she's mentally inbalanced. Those recent posts prove that to me. We all have bad days but this is manic depression behaviour. She's probably inventing narratives in her head based on some truth of what happened and making out they are much worse and Lurch is the villain in every one. You cannot reason with someone like that.

No. 1617101

Exactly. I have no idea why people in this thread seriously give this insane woman money. She didn't deserve Adam and the tranny's treatment but she should seriously seek help at this point.

No. 1617125

calling she’ll sublet the apartment out in 3-4 months citing these nonnie’s reasons. maybe even her parents bail her out with $1000-2000 so she can lower the rent to sublet it quick. she’ll blame everything on this latest retard.

No. 1617134

honestly, it must have been bad leading up to her moving in for him to drop her after 1 weeks. guys will typically put up with a lot of shit. the guy was already ready to dump her ass but decided to let things play out cause men are lazy like that. she definitely did or said something during that week that broke the camels back on an already rocky relationship. she wants to pretend everything was perfect up until that week but nobody changes their mind that quick. guys keep their emotions guarded like that but are always thinking and plotting the whole time. and honestly, good for him from escaping her crazy. she probably forced all this on him and made all the plans and now blames him even though she was the one who put everything into motion.

No. 1617148

One thing I noticed about Heather and her hobbies is she will drop her hobbies when she finds someone she likes. If she doesn't like the man enough he hates her because she has "extreme hobbies" but when she truly likes someone she becomes a clone of him. Even after they break up she will continue keeping up these new hobbies. She absorbs what she likes about people and it becomes a part of her identity and she will claim she has always been this way. With Ryan Z (and Damien) it was the bandos and cemetery pictures. With Lurch it's plants, owls and God. She will always be a "plant mommy" until she finds a new Ryan to attach to and get even more hobbies.

No. 1617149

Adding: She drops her old passions while she is absorbing new passions. During the past 3 Lurch-filled months she barely posted any photography or went to cemeteries and abandoned places. She went to a few but it dropped off by at least 80%.

No. 1617164

this. she wasnt in love, she was just infatuated with the idea she wasnt alone and was successful in something for once in her life. shes mourning and crying over the person she thought she had become and not actually over anything that would make lurch unique or desirable.

also OT but its fucking infuriating when someone turns from “awe, theyre taking sn interest in something i like” to “theyre acting like theyre into this way more than me”

No. 1617192

Would be hilarious if she's persistent on this Lurchryan and he's stuck with a psychotic ex in his area because of his dumb moid brain dumped her in a week

No. 1617512

It's worth remembering for the narrative's sake that it was in fact his parents that threw her out and not him, she moved into his parent's house.
He really shouldn't have moved her in considering it was never his house, I think there was a whoole other thing going on with his parents and him which is aside from their relationship, like we're missing a lot of the story but at a guess:

>weird son finally gets a girlfriend

>good for him
>"i love her we're gonna get married she's gonna live here"
>ok son
>heather actually moves in
>wait wtf
>heather is just as crazy as the son
>two crazy 30 year olds in the house
>and all these huge plants
>yeah no she's gotta go
>absolute mayem
>heather gets an apartment
>weird son texts her because he's still a bit interested
>"I was crying in the shower and pleading to god"
>more mayhem ensues
>panic block and shut off comments
>both heather and lurch have a mental breakdown for a few days

And that's where we're at now

No. 1617642

I agree, it’s so immature that Lurch blocked her out of nowhere when he’s responsible for the whole mess

No. 1617643

Why shouldn’t people give her money? I think Lurch dumping her out of nowhere was insane. And only after one week too. I hate how Heather was mistreated because an immature moid couldn’t communicate with her properly

No. 1617649

because this is lolcow and since you all seem to have forgotten, we don’t interact with the cows, retard. This and the post above feel like bait, it’s very obvious Heather has a big part in this mess.

No. 1617651

stop samefagging. and no, anons should not be donating to cows gofundmes. anons are here to laugh at cow behavior and heather's recent psychotic reactions are milky

No. 1617717

Here's the thing. When she left her husband all those years ago and asked for money, it didn't take her long to not only turn on the people who gave her money but also immediately start spending a lot on the notorious crap she buys. Anons itt were racking up her bills and it was hundreds of dollars a week sometimes iirc on worthless hobbylobby target junk. She made a big deal about donating money back herself after her last gfm and never did, just kept buying literal crap and then got mad about people holding her to her own promises. She also refused to use any resources available to her through the state like foodstamps or shelters because it was beneath her. She was never homeless, her family 100% supported her through her separation. She just wanted free money and had the perfect sob story or it. She is a very disingenuous person and clearly has not changed.

She also has a huge tendency to over exaggerate her needs. She says she can't afford food but that's because she always buys food out, never cooks for herself which is way cheaper. (Also notice her weight never changes, she definitely is eating.) She could live off 1 of each kitchenware for a while while getting settled instead of buying entire sets, it's just her. Go to a laundromat instead of buying a w/d. Skip a car payment and deal with the interest later when she is more settled. Hell, she could sell her pastel toys for a few thousand at least but she is too proud and weirdly vindictive to do so. (Although all the hate she got from that hobby seems entirely in her head? I think only the ball jointed doll hobby actively hated her.)

And more importantly, she could get a credit card. Or if she has one, actually use the credit card for these housing purchases and pay it off later instead of ebegging to get everything for free.

She knows what she's doing. If she was offering to pay people back for loaning her money that would be one thing, but she wants to take advantage of people financially by using her sob stories. (Her breakup, while an unfortunate situation, was plainly not that bad and she always has a safety net.) I'd wager in a month or two she will start showing off her spoopy home goods purchases that rack up a few hundred dollars.

That being said, if some desperate moids wanna throw her money then w/e. And as much as a train wreck as she is, I also home she can eventually learn to be independent without her family or a man. But if some well meaning ignorant people who work hard for their money fall for her tactics, that is what anons itt are hoping to prevent by bringing up her past actions.

No. 1617725

>that is what anons itt are hoping to prevent by bringing up her past actions

Anon no, we’re here to laugh at the trainwreck and that’s it. I get you’re well-meaning but there’s no need to write out her entire MO, it’s on them to read the threads. Please integrate and ffs stop writing essays. The idea of Heather with a credit card is funny though, I’m sure that would go great.

No. 1617754

I know we've sort of collectively decided that Lurch was living with his parents, but do we have proof of that besides him having his parents get rid of her? Isn't it possible that he just asked them to meet her to get her stuff because he didn't want to see her/deal with drama?
I always had the impression that she was moving into a place that he was already renting, but I'm open to being wrong. I just don't see it as definitive that they were living with his parents.

No. 1617791

if you really have to ask this question then you're in the wrong place.

No. 1617876

I'm wondering the same - it sounds more like he had his own apartment/space, likely with his parents paying for some of it. He seems a bit 'failure to launch' so his parents either pay for everything or handle everything, including his gf situations. Would be interested to know if they were living with his parents though, and Heather just wanted to portray it as if they had their "own space" within the parents' house.

No. 1617894


If you want to be dumb enough to give her money, then go ahead. Go comfort her, no one gives a shit what you do here.

No. 1617911

lol maybe you should have taken all that time you wasted deleting and re-posting new replies to actually read.

No. 1617918

The thread has just become newfags who can’t sage giving their shit takes and arguing over whether we should cowtip, sorry for skipping over your novel and editing my posts I guess.

No. 1617929

File: 1660677834043.png (138.55 KB, 953x630, what is reading comp.png)

>replies within 10 mins each time to posts that are hours apart
It's kind of strange how much you are trying to shut down people wanting to discuss Heather in a Heather thread while terminally camping here but go off I guess. Sorry you can't handle more than a few sentences at a time.

No. 1617932

I think it’s crazy for Lurch to string Heather along like that and then ghost her. Lesson learned Heaterh, never get involved with crazy moids

No. 1617935

Who cares? I’m kinda ocd and it beats samefagging. All it shows is you were hanging out here too, kek. Not gonna shit up the thread any further with this, if you don’t think the thread has tanked lately then more power to you.

No. 1617944

Yep, big gotcha moment. Leaving a tab open while afk is the same as stalking a thread like you.

Interesting that you aren't answering why you are trying to shut people down from discussing Heather and saying the thread has tanked when there has been plenty of milk lately. Why are you trying to divert so much? Other than the idiots trying to defend why it's fine to send her money when she's up to her old scams again and you shitting up the thread, it's been as milky as ever.

But if that's too many words for you: maybe go touch some grass fr, you seem way too invested in sperging here.

No. 1618016

kek you dodge as much as all the ryans

No. 1618069

Personally I thought they were in their own place, he asked her to leave but she wouldn't until his parents took charge and forced her out so there wouldn't be any manipulation or arguments. She seems desperate to meet up with him to try and beg him back, him getting his mom to make her leave was probably the only choice

No. 1618186

Leaning towards the parent's place tinfoil since she mentioned that she tried get her own apartment to make it work. Regardless, having your parents evict the gf you lovebombed into thinking marriage is an absolute manfetus behaviour

No. 1618348

The plan with getting her own apartment was so that they could live separately while still being a couple, so I don't think that necessarily means anything about his living situation. She was saying that he told her they weren't compatible living together, so it's not like she was trying to get a place away from his parents for him to come move into with her.

No. 1618382

>Regardless, having your parents evict the gf you lovebombed into thinking marriage is an absolute manfetus behaviour

This, her reaction was OTT but he literally went along with it all, lovebombed and then bailed, absolute manfetus for sure.

No. 1618423

I agree. I feel so sorry for Heather. Lurch is so shitty for ghosting her like that too

No. 1618424

Heather isn't a cow, she's a traumatized woman who has been abused by moids her entire life. Shame on scrotes her for calling her crazy(unsaged wk-ing)

No. 1618437

learn to integrate or leave. Heather is a cow and has proven to be a cow over and over again.

No. 1618439

I swear you've posted this same comment 5 times

No. 1618446

How is Heather a cow? If anything Lurch is the cow

No. 1618460

Lol have you read the threads, dumdum? Heather is a deeply disturbed milk giving cow. The fact that a guy can even ensure more than a week with her is a miracle. These pro heather posts are either herself or her target co-workers

No. 1618461

Bitch, SHUT THE FUCK UP. Read the fucking threads, that will tell you how. And they can both cows but you need to get off of their dicks. Can you not take the fucking hint that you’re the only person with that opinion? This is a heather thread and she will be shat on it for her psycho antics and no matter how hard you try to convince ppl she’s an abused little angel you won’t and we will call you stupid and keep talking shit. She’s abusive to the small brained Christian boy, harassing him. He may have fucked her over but he didn’t abuse shit and is actually less of a cow with how he handled it and because he’s actually kept quiet

No. 1618464

I can hear your whiny troon voice through the text, why so wild anon?
Lurch is most definitely a cow too, take your meds.(infighting)

No. 1618467

Ooh buzzwords troon and take your meds because you know I’m right and you have no actual rebuttal. I said he was a cow.. but less of one because he doesn’t act as psychotic as heather, reading comprehension. Go donate to her gfm and kys

No. 1618477

Gtfo scrote

No. 1618498

Ignore those other replies anon it must be bait or summerfags. Nothing else makes sense cause heather is a desperate retard who dates desperate retards like most desperate retards do. Who the fuck decides they're in love and should move in together after only a few months of dating? Desperate retards

No. 1618519

Don't bother replying to them. It's the same troll making comments about how innocent Heather is and then using buzzwords like scrote and troon to make you seem like the crazy one.

I wonder when mods will actually ban them

No. 1618541

Where tf are the mods?! Nobody cares about you bitches arguing over who is/isn't a cow. You're ot contributing anything. We just want to watch the dumpster fire burn.

On the last thread there was an Instagram post from lurch saying he had his own house so I don't think he was living with his parents. My guess is he had his parents pack her things and chose not to deal with her because, surprise surprise, she's acting like a psychopath over this breakup.

You got your closure from his last message to you, Hagatha. Move on and wait for the next poor soul who's personality and interests you can absorb.

No. 1618560

well, thanks for demonstrating what I meant by the thread tanking. mods clearly don’t give a shit

No. 1618571

File: 1660757340091.jpg (296.87 KB, 828x704, 1.jpg)

She's so devastated by losing the lover of her life that she's already on the prowl for a new Ryan

No. 1618580

christ i would almost prefer her e-stalking BloodRyan over this broken record "muh hobbies 2 qUiRkY" shit again

Heather just join a meetup group that is about photography or a book club or something. She loves dressing retarded so why not a LARP or re-enactment group or d&d or some other gay shit? Literally anything adjacent to her 2spooky hobbies and she is cuter than 99% of most nerd girls so she will be swimming in mediocre dick in no time

It blows my mind every time I go to this thread that a woman who is decently cute and tidy and gets her tits out on social media has 0 orbiters. She must be truly insufferable

No. 1618608

“Heather just join a meetup group that is about photography or a book club or something. She loves dressing retarded so why not a LARP or re-enactment group or d&d or some other gay shit? Literally anything adjacent to her 2spooky hobbies and she is cuter than 99% of most nerd girls so she will be swimming in mediocre dick in no time.”

Okay don’t lump people that like to cosplay or do re-enactment or maybe play D&D as ‘gay shit’ people like that they like - as long as it doesn’t harm others, don’t shit on peoples interests just because you aren’t into it.

There are many girls & women interested in those ‘gay shit’ interests you describe that are attractive or pretty or whatever you want to call it. You sound like a moron, claiming anyone that is into ‘nerd’ shit is unattractive if they are female & Heather is the crowned jewels. You sound like you’re definitely male & secretly in love with Heather with the weird championing how ‘cute’ she is.

She’s not ugly but she’s not a looker either. She’s plain looking. Bland even. But it’s personality that make her a cow.

No. 1618700

Sounds like you’re into cosplay, D&D and that other kind of gay shit.

This thread has turned into a complete dumpster fire of sensitive fags and I don’t even hate cosplay. Fucking christ.

No. 1618711

File: 1660768825333.jpeg (1.76 MB, 1125x2001, A40AC545-829C-427B-A17B-D20287…)

everyone please stfu and refocus your attention on heather and (possibly) the return of femryan

No. 1618712

Posted on her stories. Is that a guy?

No. 1618713

ofc it is. Heather wouldn't spend time with another woman. He does kind of look like femryan! And she was posting old videos of him on her IG the other day.

No. 1618717

your obvious samefagging is obvious

No. 1618722

He looks 14

No. 1618737

The only advice I have for her is google and google fucking maps. Jesus, Heather. This is why people think you’re useless.

No. 1618738

I honestly do hope she meets some other "antique obsessed weirdos" out there, she could use some decent platonic friendships instead of focusing 100% of her energy on her mediocre moids of the month.

No. 1618745

that is definitely femryan. she recently started to follow him on Instagram again.

No. 1618755

Your bait is obvious
I had a feeling her “mourning” wouldn’t last long. Surprised she went back though I thought she’d hop on tinder for the next guy that wears mostly black

No. 1618797

This is quite a plot twist if it's him since femryan and her got along well for a month, and she dumped him because he went to a halloween party instead of spending time with her (aka a silly reason) and now she has experienced the reverse where she got dumped for a silly reason, so I guess they're square now

No. 1618812

File: 1660776523327.jpg (263.6 KB, 828x1429, 865.jpg)

it is him anons

No. 1618823

jesus heather can you not be alone for five minutes lmao

>I don't really have friends in Pitt
wasn't she gushing about her target friends earlier when she was talking about going back? ouch

>and before anyone says just be alone, that's not what I want

>I enjoy the company of others, talking to people and I deeply desire a real loving relationship
read: I need skin to crawl in to

No. 1618900

File: 1660784927754.jpeg (1.7 MB, 1125x2034, E8BC50AA-AC36-4C33-9116-47749D…)

Annnnnddd there it goes.

No. 1618902

Came here to post that too. How does she not understand that if she really liked plants, she wouldn’t resent them after the breakup?

No. 1618910

File: 1660786396669.jpeg (425.34 KB, 827x1450, 5AD59A9E-DBBE-415C-A076-B6B97C…)

And me. To post this, and the latest SoyBoy FemRyan cringe.
I hate the way Hag is so fucking neglectful. But a load of plants, pretend to be into them, toss them in the garbage. Wasteful idiot. Same with everything she collects - hoards.

No. 1618943

also proving his “dumb” reason for the breakup totally right. he didn’t dump her because she was interested in plants, he dumped her because she actually didn’t give a shit about the plants and was just skinwalking/hoarding/wasting money

No. 1618946

Those plants are doomed the minute she meets a new Ryan with different hobbies. I hope she rehomes them instead of just letting them die, but I wouldn’t put it past her.

No. 1618953

>muh Cradle of Filth shirt
>muh traumatic plants

No. 1618956

Out of everything she’s done - this is what takes me over the edge

No. 1618963

Can't get over how FTM he looks. How can his face be so hairless? Is it confirmed he is really XY?

No. 1618990

File: 1660792331869.png (3.98 MB, 750x1334, EDB199E1-A5B1-44C9-AE02-FED98A…)

What in the fresh hell is this

No. 1618992

Don't worry, Anon, that was from when they were dating.

No. 1619001

He looks even more feminine

No. 1619003


This is all to make Justin jealous. She must think in some way he made another insta account to watch her, or simply, he's seeing it on here. Either way, I don't think he gives two rats ass and she needs to stop making herself look ridiculous

No. 1619008

What about the last dick she was just chasing? Her best love ever? Her emotional permanence is nonexistent I swear.

No. 1619017

File: 1660796841781.jpg (940.95 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20220818-002143_Ins…)

I think I need to keep my opinion to myself on this one..

No. 1619022

This. Really everything she posts is solely for someone else as grim as it sounds. Sadgirl posts for sympathy comments. Attempts at flexing and humblebragging for the "haters". Desperate thirst traps for potential -Ryans. Love posting to make an ex jealous. Didn't wanna jump the gun and root her on for possibly dunking on that inbred moid by turning around a shitty situation but she's emotionally arrested at 13 years. Wish she'd keep a journal for all these embarrassing posts.

No. 1619034

No you don’t. Call him a faggot loser whose probably gonna be wearing heather’s clothes soon enough because she’ll put up with any bullshit for anyone until they drop her, because let’s be real.

No. 1619035

Wasn't this one quite a bit younger than her too? I wonder if she's just going to cycle through any of the old ryans who might give it a second shot.

No. 1619063

File: 1660802888480.png (1.44 MB, 1080x3266, StitchIt_20221808020354_695.pn…)

Just gonna repost these old rant screenshots about FemRyan for posterity. This was after her HIV scare, when she wasn't sure if it was FemRyan or BomberRyan who might have infected her. IIRC it turned out to be a nasty prank by a random person.

No. 1619065

File: 1660802972818.png (194.1 KB, 1080x1379, Screenshot_20220818-013455.png)

This too.

No. 1619083

>9 months ago
Shes dated 7 other Ryans since then, insane

No. 1619096

Obviously a rouse to make Lurch jealous. Sad. This is what 18 year olds do, not 32 year olds.
Posting all pics of them dating aswell trying to imply they are current… Lurch had a lucky escape.

No. 1619107

This shit is why this bitch needs a therapist. If she doesn't get help noe she will lead to the baby trap and when that fails she will dump the kid like a house plant.

No. 1619121

Honestly I love this cow, it was literally yesterday she was writing crazy things about "you're my best friend, I just wanna hear your voice again one more time" on Lurch's page, and now she's over it and happy as larry the next day with femryan again

I have to say femryan was my favorite one of her ryans, let's see how it goes on round two

No. 1619187

That has to be an old ss because femRyan dumped her Halloween 2020.

No. 1619206

She is so pathetic

No. 1619221

It’s crazy, though I’m surprised she didn’t latch onto Lurch like she did the original ryans.

This is old milk but I was rereading the old femryan posts, and found it funny/ironic she was STILL stalking ryanz when her and femryan were together. She also said something to the effect of “good luck honey, you’re going to need it” in reference to ryanz’s new gf, meanwhile I just checked and 2 years later ryanz and new gf are still together, and heather has blown through how many ryans since then? I lost count. Kek

No. 1619231

can someone do a ryan compilation with the years/duration for each? if it fits on a page…

No. 1619274

File: 1660834773983.jpeg (442.45 KB, 1046x2172, D4C1D8B0-CC4F-41D9-9F0B-66011F…)

Course it is nonneth. Just before hanging out with FemRyan she was posting wan looking photos of her in a Cradle of Filth t-shirt. Meanwhile Lurch (I love how he’s hardly ever referred to as BloodRyan, as if he’s been excused from that tarnish) has been posting trad memes all day and night, slamming women like Hag, and making it patently obvious that he’s looking for a TradWife that’s gonna pump out twenty plus mini lurches so they can go live like Varg in the middle of buttfuck nowhere. Hag is so, so clueless.
FemRyan’s Reddit comment history makes for cringe reading. The top post I think refers to Hag, the lower down, more recent one…who knows, but kek I could imagine it does. Remember that semi-supporter of Hag ‘bigbird’ that was coming in here for a while?

No. 1619325

What’s his Reddit, I wanna see

No. 1619353

ArikinSkywalker. We already went down that particular rabbit hole at the time but I just had a little revisit.

No. 1619358

Bottom feeder might recreate. Replay this fucking shit please?

No. 1619395

Lurch's instagram has been private since the breakup, share SS please? I've been very curious about what he's been posting.

No. 1619410

Second/thirded, I wanna see his tradwife posting

No. 1619514

File: 1660855981490.jpeg (2.62 MB, 2716x2209, CBEA4EE2-AB8D-4AC1-AAFC-353F1A…)

This kind of stuff in his stories. First three obvs him, then the others are the kind of stuff he’s been posting from this Trad_West_ account. He’s a total moron. Love these moids that think their opinion on anything is at all necessary.
Nonas were right, he’s into god. If this is the kind of shit he’s into, how the fuck did he ever think Hag and he would be compatible?
His grid posts are just graveyard photos.

No. 1619522

Bi sexually degenerate moids reposting trad memes will never not be funny. When are these retards going to get the memo they are the modern males these memes make fun of.

No. 1619530

Faggot, please.

No. 1619549

I assume he thought her moving on fast meant she was willing to get married and start having children asap, but he was too retarded to realise she was just crazy.

Lurch fancies himself an alpha male when he couldn't even break up with his girlfriend and had to get mommy and daddy to do it

No. 1619582

Didn't an anon guess he was probably a channer right when they first started dating based on his rightwing metal music tastes? Seems like they got it right, also (needless to say) Heather's taste in men is appalling.

No. 1619634

It’s always the stupid, inbred looking ones who want to pass on their dead end genes so bad

No. 1619648

File: 1660865656572.jpeg (768.12 KB, 828x1467, D75ACFA8-0A9C-453A-83B4-86B8FF…)

I love her too. Her psychological make-up is sheer lunacy. People to her are just chess pieces she moves around - badly. The dolls. The spider. The plants she’s about to let wither and die. All props that she plays with until she has another personality shift.

The delusion of this post…
>it just isn’t for me
It has to be for everyone at some point or you’re going to come unstuck pretty fast as a human being. Which we know Heather has, multiple times.

No. 1619662

She should dig up old Louie in the cemetery & dance with him under the moonlight. Then take selfies in her car with him. He’s not going anywhere & won’t leave her. DeadRyan

No. 1619694

if you can't live alone with yourself for some time there must be something wrong with you and it feels like she needs someone to manipulate and also to rely on, someone who creates something new to obsess about, a new personality trait.

No. 1619714

File: 1660870666238.jpeg (1.71 MB, 1170x2028, DFD56440-98B0-4B21-9915-AC1918…)

more femryan posting to bait him back

No. 1619724

Incredibly feminine as always.

No. 1619736


She might as well date a chick if she's going to go for these fem boys. She might have better luck.

No. 1619741

didn't she claim she was bi? she would never

No. 1619754

This is so stupid. A moid who already dumped you isn’t going to get “jealous” if he sees you out with another moid a week later, he’s just going to think you’re a desperate whore and pat himself on the back for dodging a bullet. Most of us learn this as teenagers though.

No. 1619756

Omg he’s just as cringe as Heather, maybe worse. I beg of you to get some taste Hags.

No. 1619773

bottom left "muh cats!!" meme kinda seems like a dig at Heather and her plant mom shit

No. 1619777

Oh yay, she can kinda fixate on an ex as some placeholder to her dependent nonsense. She's a goddamn xenomorph… latches on to someone with no regard to the actual person, absorbs their traits, her host nukes the site, rinse and repeat

No. 1619809

File: 1660884289824.jpg (2.98 MB, 3072x4096, 22-08-19-00-41-50-878_deco.jpg)


Yup. She's done it with every guy so far. Guess she doesn't like owls anymore since her and Justin are done. Remember how she always said she loves to dress "boys" up in her dream clothes? Do you ever see her wearing beanies or flannels anymore? Nope, because she isn't with fem boy anymore.

No. 1619816

do more!I want to see all of her weird transformations with each boyfriend because you are so right.

No. 1619830

File: 1660886830829.jpg (692.17 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20220819-005720_Ins…)

No. 1619857

Ok I'm back on my tinfoil bullshit, once again convinced that Lurch is totally some kind of white supremacist. Trad memes + Christianity + neo-Nazi band(s) fan? Surely I'm not the only one who thinks this.

No. 1619869

A neo-nazi who gets his mommy to deal with his ex and lives with his parents and yet posts shit about women wanting cats instead of kids. This guy doesn't only look inbred his IQ seems to prove it too. It's too bad him and Heather couldn't start pumping out kids in his parents house like white trash does, would have made for an interesting saga.

No. 1619905

File: 1660901716812.jpg (824.07 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20220819-005649_Ins…)

Why would you post this heather? This is so embarrassing for arik…even the name is embarrassing

No. 1619917

i wouldn't be surprised if this guy crossdresses in private or troons out eventually

No. 1619951

File: 1660908802053.png (635.31 KB, 810x459, gottacatchemall.png)

a quick collection

No. 1619952

Tinfoil coming up, but maybe heather didn't want kids and wouldn't come off of birth control and that's why the relationship ended.

No. 1619953

Damn, you're right. It was so shitty of Lurch to dump her like that. I feel so bad for Heather now

No. 1619960

That’s why they’re both idiots for moving so fast. You talk about things like that before you move in with someone. Try again.

No. 1619967

Just report the weird wk

No. 1619999

I doubt it was this, she's often expressed that she wants kids (usually in the form of crying over the fact that she'll never get to have any because nobody loves her).

No. 1620006


There was a whole rant she did on her Instagram after they broke up saying he wanted to marry her and have kids. So she must of been on board with it. But I don't think we'll ever find out why they broke up unless he speaks on his side which quite frankly, i don't care. They ended, heather needs to learn how to be on her own without a man.

No. 1620013

"damn i feel so bad for Heather now because of this baseless speculation some rando threw at the wall to see if it would stick"

do you ever read your own posts before slamming the Samefag button or are you just stuck on repeat? reevaluate your life, autismo.

No. 1620081

christ, I keep forgetting what Lurch really looks like so seeing him was like a damn jumpscare—then again, so are half the dudes in this pic. this compilation really does show how abysmal her taste is lmfao

No. 1620095

Does anyone know if it's possible to see dates on lolcow posts? I'd be down to make this compilation but at this point all you can see is the year things were posted, which doesn't make for a very precise timeline.

No. 1620100

If you click(phone) or hover(computer) on the top of the reply where it says "posted two months ago" it will display the time and date it was posted

No. 1620189

She's always maintained after Adam she never wanted to get married again, nor have kids. She's posted about that repeatedly in the past. It will be interesting to see if she reverts back to that philosophy or if Dustin changed her mind for future Ryans.

No. 1620210

Tinfoil, but heather also mentioned her career as a breaking point and it looks like LurchRyan would prefer a stay at home mom. So maybe heather having a job was actually a point of dispute between them and not heather looking for bs reasons why he dumped her.

No. 1620214

Heather herself said that he encouraged her to apply for the position because it was in his area, but considering it was Heather who said that who actually knows? She's not the most reliable narrator.

No. 1620227

Wow he even made her apply for the job I feel so bad for her, it’s all his fault. we should donate to her gofundme. i kid

No. 1620345

watched her IG stories after the break up and she mentioned the reason of the break up: she needed 10000x time a day confirmation of Lurch his love for her. Repeately asking him “do you still love me?” “Do you think I am pretty? “Do you still want to spend the rest of your life with me”. She claimed these questions were valid to ask 1000x times a day because of her abusive past and abusive ex. These stories where she talks about this are posted by another anon is the previous thread. This and the 20+ houseplants were according to Heather the reason the Lurch dumped her

No. 1620362

After seeing his meme choices and after reading some reddit screencaps from the breeder subreddit I think Heather was correctly sensing he didn't love her or want a life with her, specfically, he wanted to live out his tradlife dreams of having 5 hideous children while she does all the childcare.
I think due to the three hour distance somehow he didn't realize her working life is very important to her, all this boyfriend and hobby stuff is literally a hobby to her which is why she blows hot and cold all the time.

No. 1620443

They are both such incredibly massive cows, no wonder it imploded

No. 1620456

Damn, I remember when Heather was dragging FemRyan to filth and now she’s back to showing him off just to make another shitty Ryan jealous. She is so transparent, this is why no one wants her and she can only land a dude with probable AGP or Nazis with microdontia. Everyone is seething!

No. 1620574

Nonna you got me keking over microdontia nazis, ily

No. 1620601

File: 1660968444227.jpg (677.79 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20220820-000757_Ins…)

No. 1620602

File: 1660968630695.jpg (752.27 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20220820-000804_Ins…)

No. 1620614

isn't she moving to Harrisburg? That is nearly 40mi away from Gettysburg. Or is that what all PA people do? because Lurch doesn't live in Gettysburg either.

No. 1620753


Who the hell knows with this chick. We'll see what post in 24 hours, will probably be in texas.

No. 1620802

Even ugly dudes don't want her. Sigh I keep saying she just needs an middle aged man in her life who just needs a female companion. Could care less about her hobbies and is just there to take her pictures.

No. 1620813

here's her issue though – she wants more than a body, she wants a perfect clone of herself but with a dick

guys have indulged her but they second they want something different, they're not being supportive and are cast out

what she wants isn't possible unless she's willing to let other people drive once in a while

so a middle-aged dude who wants a female companion would need to somehow match her intensity for EXACTLY the right things ALL the time
the ALL the time part I think is what kills people, imagine never getting a break from Heather

No. 1620977

File: 1661021556011.jpeg (Spoiler Image,751.92 KB, 1748x1003, 0FD03CD4-A33F-4617-B8BE-EF5888…)

For those wanting the latest from Lurch. Is he having regrets? Or just thirsting for a tradwife?

No. 1621024

weird creep but he has good music taste

No. 1621038

His music is also pretty good, but I feel gross, knowing how awful he is in general.

No. 1621125

File: 1661034323248.jpg (746.5 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20220820-174730_Ins…)

No. 1621129

File: 1661034414250.jpg (816.63 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20220820-174739_Ins…)

No. 1621130

File: 1661034461240.jpg (611.83 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20220820-174747_Ins…)

Ah, the display cases she used for her toys. I'm sure her antiques will look nice..

No. 1621204

File: 1661037511321.jpg (752.8 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20220820-191853_Ins…)

No. 1621211

she really did have a whole hoard of shit in the storage huh. I am scared she's gonna doxx her own address by showing everyone the whole layout of the house, she already has that psycho troon after her and shit.

No. 1621286

>living completely on my own
This is something to get excited about when you're 18 - early 20s. She's over 30. This is not a flex, it is the boring, average, expected state of being for someone her age. She's so frustratingly stunted.>>1620602

No. 1621296

I don’t believe it. I’m sure mommy is paying for something. Or at least will be in a few months when Heather can’t trap a man and freaks the fuck out and wants to come home.

No. 1621304

Why does she look like she's aged twenty years?

No. 1621321

kek. heather needs to do something about that bathroom lighting asap.

No. 1621357

File: 1661055134689.jpg (148.98 KB, 1080x592, Screenshot_20220821-001048_Fac…)

Ah moving from spooky places to the true horrors of semi-urban living

No. 1621358

>>1621357 she moved in an apartment in the heart of the city, what did she expect?? She's in for a rude awakening lol welcome to the horrible world of renting!

No. 1621364

File: 1661056290314.jpg (834.72 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20220821-003010_Ins…)

Wait till your upstairs neighbors start stomping their feet and having the police called to respond to the same apartment number for domestic disputes lol

No. 1621383

Finally seeing Heather live independently is like picking a splinter from my brain. I'll take the wk ban, 'cause I just know her cretin ex husband and his tranny butt buddy are seething with her every success. I really hope she can power through this transition and figure out who she is (instead of trying to impress the guy of the week).

No. 1621401

It’s so weird seeing someone her age just barely start figuring out the real world. It’s Saturday night in the city, if she’s this bothered by her neighbors on day one I’m sure we’re in for a treat.

No. 1621404

How long before she starts a gofundme so she can break her lease?

No. 1621427

Ok Karen, spoken just like someone who openly laments about not having any friends. I’ve never seen someone this sheltered without a severe mental delay or from a cult, tbh.

No. 1621438

Bets on how long it takes for her to have a complete breakdown the first time someone gets drunk and knocks on her door because they forgot their buddy's apt. number

No. 1621462

> I just know her cretin ex husband and his tranny butt buddy are seething with her every success
And so obviously doing so in this thread.

No. 1621517

Yeah it’s clear how many haters here are her ex husband. It’s really sad people refuse to root for Heather and are putting her down even though she’s trying her best. I really think she is going to succeed this time. It’s great that she’s managed to come this far in life even though so many men have put her down(unsaged wk-ing)

No. 1621519

Your unsaged wking every morning is way more obvious

No. 1621581

not saying she hasn't had help in the past, but Heather is Heather's worst enemy
Heather is still a cow, so let's see how this will be everyone else's fault this time

>people refuse to root for heather

we've been rooting, she's just self-sabotaging and we recognize the signs. it's cute you think so much of her but sit back and let her disappoint you

No. 1621597

I hope Heathermum forbids her to move back home and she actually has to grow up finally. But I hope a lot of things that don’t come true.

No. 1621625

oh look, it's the heather fan again. if you had any reading comprehension and would read through the past 11 threads on this cow you'd realize that her problems weren't created by men. sure, moids suck and her husband was trashy but the 15+ guys after weren't even that bad and are also exactly what she is looking for in her perfect spoopy boi. heather has a ton of obvious mental problems which she doesn't tend to and I don't take offense in any guy who doesn't want to be around her long term because who would? she is a

No. 1621641

>It’s really sad people refuse to root for Heather
Entitled much? She's a stranger with a lolcow thread, sorry that I don't care about her wellbeing? Most people are here just to laugh at her antics.

No. 1621658

I'm so confused. Why are we supposed to root for Heather? She's really immature but that's because she's been supported her entire life by her ex husband and her mom. Why am I supposed to feel sorry for her?

Also I don't get why it was wrong that Lurch decided to kick Heather out of his parents' place and asked for his parents' help. I think Heather is definitely the kind of person to not get a hint and then his parents had to intervene. I think that was a way better idea than dragging the relationship out any longer. Lurch definitely seems like a racist guy but I still think he's allowed to break out of a relationship

No. 1621670

Eh, it's still shitty to lovebomb someone into thinking marriage was on the table and then kick them out one week after they uproot their life to join you. Manfetuses deserve no sympathy.

No. 1621671

I'm happy for heather but femryan reappearing has got me tinfoiling. I hope he doesn't weasel his way into her apt, his housing sounded unstable and he was using heather as a mommy replacement. If she's got a problem with her neighbors smoking weed and drinking, didn't femryan do that too?

Would be great if Heather stopped being a lolcow but I doubt it's going to happen. She makes the same mistakes over and over with men.

No. 1621854

I wish I understood why this is a theatrical, emotionally abusive cow with multiple threads here and by the state of these replies, you’d never know it. I think hanging out in Heather’s DMs is more appropriate for some of these anons, jfc.

I have the same tinfoil. It’s quite entertaining how Heather is very vocal about her preferences yet pursues men that don’t align with them at all, hence the cycle of chaos we watch.

No. 1621862

I'm not really that sympathetic to Lurch, I'm just asking why it was wrong to kick Heather out after they broke up. Were him and his parents supposed to let Heather stay? I guess normally that is the nice thing to do but I don't get the feeling that she is the best houseguest

No. 1621949

This is the exact excuse Heather says when she tries to write off these threads. It's too stupid for more than 1 person to believe it. Not to hc but this is some deep delusion as a wk if this isn't Heather doing her daily check-ins to see if she's impressed anyone here yet. She already posts solely for this thread. She needs to learn how to live for herself at the ripe age of over 30. Stop posting to change opinions, stop changing interests to impress short-lived romances, just be a fucking adult.

No. 1622419

File: 1661179667431.jpg (1.49 MB, 1079x1914, SmartSelect_20220822-094807_In…)

Bohemian goth phase*

No. 1622810

what the fuck, she just had a GoFundMe and now she’s rug shopping?
the nerve

No. 1623076

File: 1661228856614.jpg (799.07 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20220823-002718_Ins…)

No. 1623125

What she doing at target that requires this speech I’m

No. 1623128

unsure if genuinely asking but she does the displays that show off new products and whatnot

No. 1623164

You know what… good for her for finding so much dignity and valor in what she does

No. 1623181

Agreed. I momentarily lost hope when it looked like she had just got the apartment to try to win Lurch back, but now that that's not happening and she's still giving things a go, I'm starting to feel a little proud of her again.

No. 1623235

‘I spent every day on my dream and going the extra mile’ except you didn’t. You were willing to jack it all in after one week because your Addams Family honey broke things off.

No. 1623348

Wasn’t she trying to work LESS hours recently because she had no time for her dumb ass photography or whatever.

No. 1623385

i will say, Heather seems to give her all at work and take it seriously which is more than you can say about a lot of cows

No. 1623510

File: 1661275831045.jpg (129.52 KB, 1080x1919, haunted_butterfly_1.jpg)

Heather sharing memes like she's been to more than one show in her life.

No. 1623942

Exactly, her work ethic puts her miles ahead of other cows. It’s her romantic life that needs work.

No. 1624116

File: 1661330466965.jpg (1.12 MB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20220824-043928_Ins…)

I will say for a city apartment, that kitchen is pretty well maintained and does look very nice. I've been following heather for years and I gotta say, I'm…..I'm happy for her. Now if she can just get some mental help, she would be on the right track to success.

No. 1624126

The kitchen is wildly outdated, but it somehow fits her bohemian goth target plant mommy style at least. lmao

No. 1624274

kitchen is in great condition for a cheap rental

No. 1624698

She thrifted that flour/sugar canister to go in her future home with BloodRyan, kek.

No. 1625510

File: 1661448264079.jpeg (664.6 KB, 828x1538, D8E45551-F4FF-4AD5-8DB3-443E28…)

No. 1625929

sage because I missed capping it, but yesterday she documented buying an antique poetry plaque of some kind and her finger was very inconspicuously on top of the price tag. she also bought an owl spoon rest and played it off like it was a kitchen essential. also posted her new over-the-top spoopy coffee/tea station + decor.

I would hardly call it a tinfoil to assume what she showed was not the only $ spent. She rly can't fucking help herself, she's the most impulsive, least self-aware cow - girl has three personality traits: spending money, declaring herself a perpetual victim, and publicly whining or bragging about every damn moment of her day. it took her an entire ass day or two after posting the go-fund-me to start bragging on her useless purchases this time. last time iirc she held off for a while. she's becoming braver and more stubbornly indignant by the moment.

heather is one of the more benign harmless crazytown cows, kind of in the vein of Abby Brown - but exponentially larger ego, and minus any shred of self-awareness, confidence, self-assuredness. Minus any show of enjoying her life. Heather just seems so perpetually unhappy; at least Abby seems to enjoy her phases and the criticism mostly bounces off her. I've rarely seen her victimize herself or be over the top woe-is-me, definitely not enough to be notable (let alone the extent of Heather Explains). I guess that's the difference and why so many farmers like Abby as a person and root for her in comparison.

but heather is one of my favorites ngl. it's way more fun than it should be to watch her consistently self-destruct with every thought and action. I can't fathom refusing to read the room THIS hard

literally she doesn't have to stop any of her self-sabatoging actions, if she would just stop damn posting it all and trying to justify it to everyone and realize she'd be way better developed looking at why she justifies it to herself. it's easier to get defensive against the world tho.

she takes 190% of her personality from external sources. I feel the reason she falls off hobbies so fast with no return is that she doesn't truly enjoy any one tiny thing she does, because it's never ever been for herself- it's always been to prove it to the world, the haters, the exes. Her life reeks of shit and it's like she doesn't even know she has her own shoes on to check, she just plugs her nose and whines at the people around her and gets increasingly frustrated at the stench of "everyone else". life isn't this hard for everyone heather.

anyway this turned into a rant lol. I try not to armchair, but I will say the poor lonely turd reminds me heavily of people I've met with oppositional defiance disorder. they're angry at everyone else because the defensive/rebelliousness floods the self-awareness part of their brain.

No. 1626091

Anon I'm glad you're having a nice time ITT but there is no need to write a dissertation.

No. 1626198

File: 1661514638394.jpg (245.96 KB, 1080x1919, img (2).jpg)

This looks really good, as a book nerd

No. 1626210

She definitely has an eye for it, hence her job

No. 1626249

They do but I never understood why she collects them when she doesn’t even read.

No. 1626271

30yo woman puts a handful books in a bookshelf and people give her asspats for it, lol no wonder she is so codependent

No. 1626391

Good catch. Wow that is hilarious that she is already posting about buying useless crap after another gofundme.

Wasn't she just spamming about not being able to afford food and not being able to eat for days a week or two ago?

NAYRT but are you the anon complaining about some posts having "too many words"? Stop trying to shut people down discussing Heather in a Heather thread.

All the whiteknighting is definitely suspicious. Wonder who is trying to paint that narrative, considering she has no friends.

No. 1626567

File: 1661542865479.jpeg (1.66 MB, 1125x1966, A16381DC-F719-426D-8AC5-361869…)

I noticed the thumb placement, too. When I moved into my first apartment poor as hell the dollar store provided my spoon rest. She’s a fucking spoiled asshole.

No. 1626686

>literally had a fulltime job

What's with the poorfags itt, it's just a spoonrest luv. Not like she posted a reel grinning from her new Tesla, she's clearly buying cheap or secondhand stuff with her ~wages~ from her ~job~ and the couple hunned her simps threw her was for the first month's rent/deposit. Not particularly envy inducing imo.

No. 1626731

You must be new here. Also a raging cunt.

No. 1626760

bruh have you not been reading the threads? shes literally a hoarder

No. 1626783


No. 1626861

Sorry you can't afford a secondhand spoonrest kek, she shops antique 90% of the time, how expensive can it have been? $10? Really silly thing to hone in on. She is a hoarder but currently is setting up a new apartment and actually needs various items.

No. 1626927

No, I haven't commented on the length of other posts before. I'm not trying to shut down discussion, I just found it superfluous for that anon to write seven paragraphs of armchairing and their observations of stuff we already know about Heather.

No. 1627018

So happy she is using that gofundme money wisely

No. 1627026

And as said before she could have easily saved up that 500 dollar when she was living with mom.
But all she is ever doing is shop shop shop.

No. 1627056

File: 1661595429648.jpg (245.4 KB, 828x1275, IMG_4094.jpg)

this idiot spent all her money on useless ugly antique trinkets and not getting herself some groceries

No. 1627062


sage for tinfoil & please claim ur post if I'm wrong, but big ol' tinfoil hat on rn. new thread just started and the wk'ing is absolutely overbearing. I stopped clicking post #s cus it started being more clicks than not after a while. anyway out of curiosity it would make me so so happy if mods would check this thread and the last for suspicious posts made by same IPs. otherwise if ur just super duper proud of this manchild and celebrating her every big boy move, k cool a woman in her 30s got a job and an apartment. glad you're happy for her; read the last dozen threads and throw her a cookie if ur still inspired. enjoy feeling good about yourself.

the rest of us are trying to make rent/food/medical in failing economies left and right, dodging covid and self-entitled idiots/fascists, and frustrated at a cow's consistent live-with-mommy & buy $1000s in antiques while crying poor, homeless, desperate, abused, pls go fund me, it's only $1000 i mean $500 I swear, also here's a cute non-essential I COULD NOT RESIST. frankly it lessens the effect of words that generally hit people very hard, and she makes me angrier by the moment. she takes every damn thing for granted and playing it off like she's so so extraordinarily brave makes it harder for any victim of the system to be taken seriously. she's a victim like all of us no doubt, but my god if she doesn't play into it and use it to suck the life/resources from others.

she deserves more than 7 paragraphs about her tbh. like u didn't scroll rant after rant about her for novels of threads; but oh no someone decided to post a couple critical thoughts in one post. oh lord help us, this bitch suddenly doesn't want to read once it's not wk'ing kek

like said before, if she would just refrain from posting every second of her life she might garner more sympathy/pride. as the current climate is, ngl it's frustrating as hell seeing some baby-ass NEET meet adoring applause when paying a first month of rent / getting&keeping a retail job / putting books in a shelf?? what??

her threads are going to absolute shit and it makes me wonder if it's newfags not reading, a determined wk(/Ryan?), or Hag herself.(enough)

No. 1627094

Putting "stuff" before your basic needs (food) is a sickness. The bjds, the 90s toys, the antiques, the tintypes, the books, the antique dolls, the plants, the 50 bags of clothes.. hoarding is a mental illness usually brought on by trying to fill a void in ones life. If anyone actually believes Hag when she says she's going to become a minimalist, you're in for a rude awakening. That spoon rest as big as her hand is going to become clutter in her tiny kitchen, where the more stuff she has out the smaller it will look and less functional it'll be. She will never stop buying all the things until she gets professional help.

No. 1627128

Thank you. This thread is trash now with all these fucks in here.

No. 1627130

>how expensive can it have been? $10?
right, $10 isn’t much for normal people, but Heather has a fucking gofundme and is crying about her empty fridge. like set your spoon on a saucer or paper towel for now and buy some fucking rice and beans, retard.

No. 1627138

unhinged behaviour, it's not whiteknighting to observe a cow without talking about how much you hate them, you seem deranged and you also shut people down if they don't hate her as much as you'd like(infighting)

No. 1627268

You're a dearanged moid. stfu

No. 1627308

Moid or not, that anon actually has a good point.

No. 1627309

It’s so fucking weird that she just HAS to buy an owl item because her ex loved owls. Heather get your own interests please I’m begging

No. 1627323

Does anyone feel like now that Heather’s moved out of the house, her thread should be closed? She has a career and lives independently now. I don’t see how she is a cow(whiteknighting)

No. 1627355

Huh? She's obviously still obsessive, hoarding, and overly emotional – all whilst broadcasting this dumb shit to a public internet audience. We love to see it. She's just in a different town. Closing the thread makes no sense, come on now.

No. 1627359

Just shut the fuck up.

No. 1627362

She finally managed to move out, and now she is facing the totally unique challenge of…having to feed herself. Cue 50 insta stories about how she is a strong woman overcoming adversity!

Please just get a new Ryan already.

No. 1627366

I wish I knew why the mods have abandoned us, it’s sad I’ll be waiting till Jesus comes for an IP reveal of this turbo retard

No. 1627381

I think IP reveals are only done when there's actually something significant to reveal. Someone WKing or posting bait is pretty inconsequential.

No. 1627562


agreed, and tbh is it inconsequential if it's shitting up the thread into supposedly 90% simps out of nowhere? if it gets shut down whatever but it seems p obvious what's happening

like most of us seem to root for heather to some extent or other, we can express a bit of pride without licking her asshole over it for post after post. it's almost like folks here are forgetting she has a cycle of self destructing and milking herself - it's consistently 1 step forward, 14 steps back with this cow.

read the threads or keep your newfaggotry/whiteknighting/brigading to yourself

No. 1627651

Compared to other things that have gotten people's post history revealed? Yeah, it is inconsequential.
I have read all the threads and have been here for years, Heather is one of my favorite cows. Not sure why you think there's only one anon responding to you, but it's starting to come across as a little paranoid.

No. 1628563

File: 1661708991900.jpg (226.94 KB, 1080x1919, haunted_butterfly_1-1.jpg)

This "daddy" shit is nauseating.

No. 1628896

Wtf heather, you're always saying how proud you are of how far you've come and shit. You've lived rent free with mommy for over a year and didn't save enough to pay first last deposit and groceries?! Begging people for help and then turning around and posting about how proud you are of yourself for your accomplishments..bitch please. People who support this cow are the real deranged moids.

No. 1630638

File: 1661841091538.jpeg (822.98 KB, 828x1509, C0A08424-D8FA-4C40-AFF0-0862E7…)

No. 1630678

>I'm lonely because I have no social life
>Better comfort myself with all my hoarder possessions and whine about it online.
For fucks sake heather what happened to your amazing new team at work? What happened to seeing Gettysburg's night life? She said over a week ago that she was too busy unpacking to socialise, now she's crying because nobody magically appeared in her apartment while she was unpacking >>1621204

No. 1630685

Welcome to moving to a new city heather! Making friends as an adult is hard but doing it without leaving your apartment is impossible, she needs to get outside and meet people

No. 1630756

Aargh! Cows like Heather are infuriating when they post I’m depressed, no one to talk to, I have no friends, I have no boyfriend (lover ugh - why does she use that term?) what do you want the internet to do? Sort your life out for you…. receive a shit ton of DM’s from your part-time insta fake sugar daddies, or the sad fat men that want you to date them but you ignore as they’re too fat & ugly for you to give the time of day. Stop moping & taking the sad selfies of with vacant eyes & live life! I thought you had a bountiful list of interests & rich hobbies to pursue. What about photography? What happened to your passion? No. Instead I will stop at various points taking sad selfies in my apartment thinking of a caption for a story I’ll delete in an hour when I don’t get the response I want as it will just be the fat dude in my DM’s.

No. 1631044

You moved in like two weeks ago, get a grip.

No. 1631310

So suppose she meets someone at a social gathering or a "nightlife" spot who is also looking for friendship in Gettysburg and then that person follows her on insta and sees shit like this.

No. 1631995

File: 1661967884263.jpeg (847.72 KB, 828x1535, E8EEC727-5279-4579-8BC6-B5F504…)

No. 1632021

pardon my autism but what are those orange gobs? is that cheese?? marmalade? why does the edge of the left side of the bagel look normal but the right side looks like a lovecraftian horror?

No. 1632037

Cream cheese and marmalade

No. 1632182

She is so sad and filled with negativity. Who would want to be her friend?

No. 1632546

She made a post on insta recently asking for people to collab/hang out with in the area, and got about 20 offers. So what is with these forever alone posts?! Everything is a life-changing disaster with her, and she seems like such an energy drain.

No. 1632578

in b4 "wow, heather is so brave and strong for being able to finally stock her fridge with something nutritious like bread and cheese and she managed to prepare it all herself and feed herself, we are all rooting for her"

No. 1632645

she doesn’t actually want friends or hangout buddies, she just wants a Ryan

No. 1632932

Exactly, her "anyone want to hang out?" posts are specifically intended to bring forward a potential new Ryan. Any replies from women/men she isn't attracted to don't count in her view.

No. 1633014

File: 1662062733066.png (4.99 MB, 1125x2436, F23F3A13-1583-43E9-B310-15C888…)

I have done no research so I’m not sure what she means, but it feels like an excuse to use to NOT go to this. She complains about being lonely and then does nothing to help with it.

No. 1633112

File: 1662068724252.jpeg (225.29 KB, 1170x1609, 147919E1-70C3-4FB5-9B62-39553D…)

The 40-year-old suspect used a Facebook page called “The Grand Wunderkammer” to market his body parts online. The moid looks the part too.
Here's the article: https://indianexpress.com/article/world/pennsylvania-man-tried-to-buy-stolen-human-remains-8099015/lite/

No. 1633169

Well holy shit. Hahah

No. 1633300

File: 1662083458317.jpg (797.18 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20220901-215103_Ins…)

No. 1633322

She really loves broadcasting how petty and immature she is as a whole. Why even bother posting when it’s just piss poor self pity?

No. 1633401

File: 1662094631790.jpeg (261.32 KB, 828x1472, 1B076C42-70A8-49B9-8770-C53352…)

No. 1633443

This is so embarrassing.

No. 1633458

If you're so desperate, why don't you use the gofundme money to hire a gigolo to have a cuddle with you.
Such cringe

No. 1634139

can’t she take even a couple of weeks off from RyanQuest? so bleak

No. 1634407

File: 1662215492589.png (219.11 KB, 1080x1288, Screenshot_20220903-103119.png)

Interesting development. I wonder what this is about.

No. 1634519

File: 1662226102519.jpeg (571.53 KB, 1080x1917, A53675B9-A2D2-4F57-8EF6-C3B4BB…)

I got these screenshots last night before she went private

No. 1634529

probably directly related, wonder if he found her insta? that's gross and unnerving I give that to her.

something I've never thought of: is Heather an only child? that's also something you can ask of a sibling, but asking the internet? Heather stop

No. 1634533

Holy shit, that's terrifying. All moids are bastards, I hope she stays safe.

No. 1634541

I hope someone would take her up on the offer but frankly it couldn’t just be a one off thing if he’s paying this much attention to her

No. 1634567

I'd lock it all down, too. God men are soo gross.

No. 1634576

Jesus Christ that's horrifying. I'd be terrified too. Why do men always have to be such fucking creeps?
She has a younger sister, so, not much help in this scenario.

No. 1634582

might be worth asking family (+ their SOs) vs more internet strangers though, also hoping worst case the landlord will help her out, like escorting her in and out

if nothing else having the landlord witness it would help in filing a police report if need be

the fact he came up to her like that is so fucking gross

No. 1634594

I feel bad for Heather. She isn’t a cow, she’s a traumatized woman who needs help.

No. 1634604

She's both lol

No. 1634614

now that's one hell of a spooky boy!

No. 1634629

She's making it up for attention. She has savior issues and is trapping the next poor soul into games. Ffs people get a grip and put it together.

No. 1634634

Kek. Thanks for the laughs nonna

No. 1634642

God what a creepy jackass. In bad faith this could sound like another one of her ploys for a boyfriend but I still wouldn't put it past a moid to exhibit moid behavior like that. Heather you need to invest in some lockup safety and self defense. I know you like to dabble in the damsel in distress department but this isn't the time for it.

No. 1634656

It sounds like he did this just to frighten her, men get very offended about women who live alone or with other women. Idk what she could do about it, sounds like the garage opens into the street? Now I know why apartments usually have underground parking for residents only

No. 1634665

idk nona this shit happens pretty often. scrotes be scroting out in public. many get off to scaring women

No. 1634906

Lmao she’s so dramatic. Girl you literally JUST moved to that town a few weeks ago. Leave your fucking plant collection alone for a minute, stop moping online, and go out & meet people like a normal adult. I’m sure Gettysburg has groups for photography or plants or any of her other hobbies where she could meet like-minded people, but not while she sits at home waiting for a life to fall into her lap.

No. 1635067

Stfu unsaged scrote, women all over the world deal with this shit on a daily basis. Heather is a cow, but she’s also a vulnerable young woman who lives alone. It’s not remotely difficult to believe a local creep noticed and is harassing her.

No. 1635376

I don’t blame her for not going out. Gettysburg is full of sketch people and she could be assaulted. You sound like you have no idea what you’re taking about

No. 1635600

I’m not buying it. This feels like I must make something up to try & get attention from Lurch hoping he is secretly stalking her page. She’s probably put her IG to private to stop people screenshotting her posts & sharing them here. I don’t buy some guy would openly admit he had a girlfriend but was like I’m here for you to hook up with. She’s always saying people want to kidnap her or traffick her when she went to urban places when reality a guy just walked by. Yes there are loads of creeps out there but this feels like it’s been made up by Heather for attention & wanting to feel like people are worried for her so she gets a barrage of dms from her bag of overweight & old simps

No. 1635606

Ntayrt but how big is the rock you live under? There's sketch people literally everywhere. She's from Pittsburgh, for fucks sake. Nona suggesting a photography group wasn't saying anything out of pocket. That's a pretty good idea for her situation.

No. 1635609

why is this bitch always catered to? moids are disgusting and shit like this happens everyday if you don't live a coddled life inside your mommy's house. good luck finding a landlord who would actually talk to anyone for an hour, trying to calm them down…unless of course it's poor little heather

No. 1635764

I agree. As Heather is a victim of abuse, it’s not shocking that she doesn’t want to go out. Some of these bitches here are delusional

No. 1635879

How about a NO. Men get offended by women who live alone?? Ahahahahahahaha….gtfoh It's classic Heather permanent victim mentality. She's trying to get Lurch to run to her rescue. Wake the fuck up kid.

No. 1635881

She's not from Pittsburgh. She's from WASHINGTON, 45 mins away. She's a giant fucking liar and she always will be. Maybe you should gofund me her some cash for a security system?? Ahahahaha(SAGE)

No. 1635908

Spoken like a true moid.

No. 1635910

??? I'm literally saying she should get out of the house and not live in fear. You shouldn't be drunk this early. "ahahahahahaha"

No. 1635956

heather's ex husband/his tranny friends being itt is so pathetic. we all know when it's you losers posting, either be less obvious or just fuck off.

No. 1636022

Do you think people living alone in cities just don’t leave their homes? lmao

No. 1636172


EXACTLY same thing happened to me at the third day I moved and lived in my new place. This happened 9 months ago, guy keeps looking through my window but no harm. Creep.

No. 1636301

I’m a woman who lives alone in a city and I don’t go out because I care about my safety, you scrote

No. 1636423

This is believable. Anyone ITT who thinks males don't do this sort of thing to women all the time … you're being ridiculous.

However, baiting randos on the internet to come over and be your fake boyfriend is idiotic (and dangerous). Hags probably thinks she might score a new Savior Ryan out of this. It's pathetic.

No. 1637194

I totally agree this happens. But Heather always has something happen … to the extreme. A guy walks by her & makes eye contact for a moment ‘he tried to kidnap me’ gets into a minor fender bender ‘I have PTSD’ goes into a field on the way to an event ‘a farmer is going to shoot me’

In no way, am I trying to argue this harassment doesn’t happen to women from random creeps, it happens all the time, but Heather likes to make things worse or makes things up for attention. I do believe she is posting this in the hopes her ex sees it & wants to come to the rescue. When the love bombing & trying to rekindle the romance & then wanting closure which never happened when he blocked her, she’s now playing the victim card to get him to care for her. Also agreed openly inviting random men to come over & pretend to be your boyfriend is incredibly stupid. Life isn’t a Hallmark movie where Ryan Gosling appears at the bar to save you from a drunk creep by pretending to be your fiancée.

No. 1637493

What's with the basic retort that anyone who doesn't blow smoke up heather's ass has to be a man?
I got harrased like this by a neighbor and so have countless of other girls but no-one of us was on a one hour long call with our landlord getting asspads from him. Heather isn't 19 in her first apartment, she is a 30 year old women who can't handle life and this thread is full of yes girls who think it's world changing if this bitch manages to feed herself without eating the spoon

No. 1637504

This is exactly it. It’s a spoiled privileged woman out in a city for the first time. Yes there are tons of creeps. Yea it’s fucking annoying. But a landlord driving around to protect her? Making countless posts “I’m safe everyone.” Bitch some random creep talked to you and now she’s being stalked in her own home. Please.

No. 1637705

I mean it literally was a guy standing in her garage before she even took the key out of the door, different from street harassment since it was her actual home (or at least a part of it)

Surprising to me that she hasn't really been harassed before with all the constant baiting she does to men, wandering around graveyards on her own etc, maybe the constant stream of ryans and her mom/other family members kept them away.

No. 1637979

They live right next to each other. Same fucking house pretty much. I don’t doubt he was an asshole and scary even. But it’s not like it’s seeking her out. They share a space.

No. 1638108

All she wrote was neighbour, how do you know they live next to each other specifically? And standing inside someone's garage to proposition them is still massively intrusive unless you're a friend of theirs, which he clearly isn't
are you the garage creep
I don't stand in my neighbours driveways to proposition them, and if I did it would not be cool because we "share a space" which, no you do not share a space with strangers who live nearby to you

No. 1638116

Like I said, absolutely a creep. I’ve lived in downtown areas. She’s mentioned her driveway is right in the street. This person was absolutely out of line and gross but casing her house to steal her shit? Probably not. Harassing an attractive girl getting out of her car? Yes. Happens all the time.

No. 1638120

File: 1662424786152.jpeg (473.02 KB, 1125x1965, CAF4CAE7-569F-4F12-A915-EF435B…)

This was also posted and deleted recently.

No. 1638290

Oh so it's the same guy(s)? She should get a discount kek, what a bunch of charmers. Hassling and beating women. The house looks nice though.
Sending thoughts and prayers to their girlfriends.

No. 1638297

Samefag, just noticed the kids scooters and stuff. Whew. Think I'm getting a mental picture of what these guys might look like.

No. 1638326

File: 1662431717923.jpeg (903.86 KB, 828x1512, 81D2EF22-B8ED-41CC-BC51-92A022…)

Instagram is no longer private

No. 1638384

You sound like an idiot. Her landlord really needs to do something before things get out of hand

No. 1638443

why is it her landlord’s problem? he’s not her dad

No. 1638537

If the neighbor harassing her is also the landlord’s tenant, it’s absolutely his problem.

No. 1638563

Yep agreed, the other (moid) tenants shouldn't feel like they can literally walk on someone else's property they paid for, make noise, harass them etc. Even if it's a different landlord next door it's still his/her issue to deal with since it's their property being trespassed on.

No. 1638573

Why this cow lookin like that uggo self poster spoonie came back and discovered modern filters lmao

No. 1638625

Even without the harassing, I’d be annoyed as hell to live there next to them.

No. 1638939

Why is she posting the front of her house?! That's the most unsafe thing to do

No. 1639321

File: 1662495722285.jpg (422.55 KB, 828x1466, HVWLRmWuDj4&.jpg)

kek she really thinks she's special

No. 1639343

How is what she's doing "completely insane"?! Does she not know how many people are obsessed with Halloween and spooky shit?!

No. 1639486

it's called have multiple interests heather omg

the layout is pretty uggo though, especially the random mat in front of the bookcase

No. 1639546

>styling a bookshelf
It reminds me of when she used to refer to taking pictures of headstones as an extreme lifestyle.

No. 1640372

Reminds me of the white girls who do something mild and their friends call them crackheads for being so “wild”

No. 1640535

File: 1662537467295.png (1.73 MB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20220907-005051.png)

>>last decor purchase of the month


No. 1640546

File: 1662538598138.jpg (417.59 KB, 1920x1214, InShot_20220907_010756873~3.jp…)

samefag, but tonight's thirst traps

No. 1640563

>doing something completely insane!!!
I mean, decorating your living room with musty old dolls and outdoor halloween welcome mats is pretty cringey at your age, but I wouldn't go as far as saying it's "insane" heather. She so desperately wants to be so much more than the white bread and mayo that she is. lmao

No. 1640631

Right? She's been going shopping for dumb Halloween decor on a daily basis lately.

And kek at her going to multiple stores and wasting money on those overpriced plastic molds of Poe.

No. 1640679

File: 1662554970803.jpeg (11.56 KB, 292x172, download.jpeg)

>plastic molds of Poe
So that's what those are. I thought it was Einstein. They are so ugly, and poor likenesses.
I'm just impressed by how she has even less authenticity than a 6th grader who just discovered Hot Topic. And she's old enough to have some taste, but even the Halloween houses designed for chain stores have a better look.

No. 1641601

>I thought it was Einstein
Kek I thought it was George Washington. I mean, Gettysburg is a great place to get into United States history. Idk if living that lifestyle is extreme enough for her.

No. 1641973

File: 1662615575088.jpeg (277.74 KB, 1312x1080, 1D2BD431-84A7-4E23-B397-06AFB7…)

You look exactly the same

No. 1642082

kekkkk does her ~new hair~ ever look new??

No. 1642094

It's the emporer's new hair, the hairdresser seems to do virtually nothing each time.

No. 1642101

ends of her hair possibly trimmed, hair curled, and lipstick is on. what a makeover kek

No. 1642412

Looks literally the same hair except styled & different lighting….. kill me

No. 1642988

Just the most deranged looking selfie.

No. 1642991

File: 1662686451813.jpeg (460.71 KB, 828x1494, 4BF2DB15-DD07-42D3-A6D6-6ED1F1…)

So fucking quirky as usual Heather

No. 1643058

She’s a pretty girl but I wish she’d get some better styling. The brassy highlights, outdated beachy waves and “goth soccer mom” fashion sense are aging her at least 10 years.

No. 1643061

>ooh, the cute boys can’t handle my GoFFiK SpOOkiNeSs
Heather, you are a 30 year old woman. She pulls this Tumblr teen edgelord shit constantly and wonders why it drives mentally healthy adults away.

No. 1643141


No. 1643237

The weird thing is that this would be super easy to make sound interesting and intriguing. Tell him you're interested in early photography and Victorian curios, is really not that hard.

No. 1643331

I was thinking this too, it has to be the way she’s wording things. “I collect pictures of dead people and their hair” sounds unhinged. “I collect early photography and Victorian curio” sounds classy. It’s the difference between a try-hard doing everything they can to be different, and an authentic person just genuinely enjoying their interests. She really should learn the difference.

No. 1643389

I root for her too often and then am always brought back to reality in one tinder story/ insta slide. Sigh.

No. 1643666

100%. She talks like a 16 year old edgelord, how are men in their 30's supposed to find that attractive?

No. 1643732

They don’t that’s why she dates these young guys

No. 1644642

File: 1662831507948.jpg (452.11 KB, 828x1463, IMG_4461-3.jpg)

Hag will do the most basic thing and still expect asspats

No. 1644663

Fucking canned tuna, gourmet.

No. 1644690

"At least I can kinda cook for myself"

Girl where?? You made a sandwich kek

No. 1644729

kek, I can't cook, but that's the minimum I could prepare for myself to eat. Making a sandwich is not cooking, it's just bread you put stuff on.

No. 1644798

File: 1662846108596.jpg (476.33 KB, 1080x1919, haunted_butterfly_1-1.jpg)


No. 1644827

It looks pretty good. I'm glad to see Heather is making so much progress

No. 1644873

>>1644827 …she made a sandwich… ? isn't this something you should be able to do by the age of like 6?

No. 1644950

I hope this is sarcastic

No. 1645233

do you want to wipe her ass or something? making a sandwich isn't cooking and being proud of a random 30 year old woman for making a sandwich without killing herself isn't something you should showcase here

No. 1645264

Clearly this is sarcasm you fucking dipshits

No. 1645770

File: 1662936122544.jpeg (854.73 KB, 828x1466, B77F66AB-C6FC-4528-BB34-4807BD…)

No. 1645777

Oh, man. Those glasses do her no favors at all. The shape isn't exactly flattering, but even just changing the colour of the frames might save her from looking dead-eyed and greyed-out.

No. 1645818


Whatever happened to being ~vegetarian and ~vegan, I thought all the OTHER people in her life were the ones that put SUCH pressure on her to just eat whatever was there?

A lot of canned tuna is pretty bad… if you're aiming for a pescatarian diet that's not it.

No. 1645839

File: 1662943161617.jpeg (493.63 KB, 1125x1982, 0564A629-B008-45F9-9062-921E70…)

Love a bland ass bowl of squash and rice.

No. 1645861

Yeah, it may seem hard at first to find friends if you're relatively young and don't drink, but it's actually not that hard.
Go to a coffee shop. Get online and find a local group that gets together and does something random like hiking or playing board games. (D&D is popular right now and it's somewhat goffic, right?)
Or maybe – I dunno – talk to all those people at your new job and maybe ask one of them to get lunch.
She's the worst with the melodrama. Probably still trying to bait back LurchRyan.

No. 1645911

idk if she's lurking but she tried kek

if she is: Heather, sweetie.. I see you can attempt to cook some veggies, but that looks dry and bland as fuck.

literal children can look up YouTube videos to make something more appetizing than that

No. 1646019

She doesn't want friends. Especially not women. She wants a Ryan.

No. 1646056

>Hopeless bimbo
Oh heather… You're not dumb, you're crazy. Really surprised that she called herself a bimbo considering her entire life revolves around not being like other girls.

No. 1646130

She knows that, nonna. She's fishing for compliments from Ryans who say her crusty corpse hair collecting hobbies are totally intelligent & fascinating.

No. 1646191

Idk, is she smart? She works at Target.

No. 1646570

File: 1663020615937.jpeg (375.62 KB, 1320x1080, B31A0F3F-2248-4B45-B161-4C78DC…)

No. 1646663

Sorry girl, but the social spots for people your age are bars.

No. 1646683

why doesn’t she try to make some friends and not single-mindedly RyanQuest?

No. 1646777

The secret is do not do this. Any of this.

No. 1646819

Maybe it isn't just the dating scene that's hopeless, hint hint.

No. 1646824

she’s like taylor swift’s down syndrome little sister

No. 1646833

File: 1663044853696.jpeg (198.7 KB, 1188x1080, DEB9B418-2DD1-48DF-AD99-D320CE…)

No. 1646886

Kek The dead eyed thirst posting with the ‘boo hoo poor lonely me’ captions - her idea of sex appeal cracks me up

No. 1646897

Kek where do you get this idea you're goth, Heather? You listen to Taylor Swift and look normie as fuck.

No. 1646986

wow she's still clinging to being "goth" huh? i thought she gave that up once she started dressing like the girl defined sisters

No. 1647004

I'm still so interested in the hammerhead shark Ryan situation. What made him freak out exactly? The threads? Heather herself? I would pay a small amount of money for him to pop up here and share the milk.

No. 1647006

File: 1663073347004.jpeg (1.37 MB, 1125x2020, 7B373348-AD8D-4CA9-9216-00568E…)

Heather please. Those glasses are terrible.

No. 1647061

He was an immature moid, what do you expect?

No. 1647166

This is so embarrassing I wish she could be less obvious about her thirst traps for once.

No. 1647168

That’s hilarious!!
Taylor Swifts Down syndrome little sister.
Spot on with an extra double chromosome

No. 1647172

File: 1663092415887.jpeg (73.26 KB, 505x685, 4C1223E7-9E25-43BF-B0BE-6C8292…)

No. 1647175

She looks like she’s in prison.
Is that her version of a booty shot?

No. 1647225

Lmao I'm glad somebody caught a ss before she dirty deleted, I forgot to. What a sad excuse of a thirst trap

No. 1647299

Hags' evolving style seems to be turning into "christian influencer core"

No. 1647675

I was trying to place where her sstyle evolved to and it's 100% some yuppie jesus mommy vibes. Hilarious that she still tries to push this narrative that she is "goth" somehow. lmao

Ain't gonna lie, these look like men's boxer briefs. Is she thirst trapping in an ex Ryan's old undies?

No. 1648016

considering she's dated some skinny-ass ryans, there's a good chance you could be right about the boxers, kek

No. 1648109

File: 1663182389886.jpg (2.26 MB, 3264x2856, collage.jpg)

How desperate do you have to be to spend hours on dating apps?

Anyway, seems like the neighbour issue is resolved.

No. 1648122

Honestly I think she sabotages relationships at this point on purpose. It almost feels like she just wants an arsenal of "spooky boys" to hit up again later. That or she just is addicted to trying to be the most quirky girl they've ever been with so when it eventually goes south she can feel all manic pixie dream girl about them still pining after her (even though it hardly ever seems to actually happen). I don't know man…regardless of what's up she seems to way too smug about ruining everything these days.

No. 1648263

Smug and punchable Karen energy - what a shitty attitude. Even more sad that instead of befriending said neighbour girl, Heather would rather snicker behind her wall eavesdropping. What kind of interaction does she expect from posting things like this, inbetween her flat ass Mormon-esque thirst shots?

No. 1648345

Come on nonna. It's unwise to befriend women who date men who are on parole, surely you know this.

No. 1648381

Heather doesn’t have friends in general. Literally anyone to socialize with would be an upgrade. This neighbour seems to be as bad with men as she is, for once something in common!

No. 1648504

File: 1663214841934.png (2.13 MB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20220914-203419.png)

my eyes couldn't be fucking rolling harder than they are rn. she's so uncomfortable with being with herself… if you need someone with you 24/7 so badly make a dang online friend out of a simp or two and call them when you're out.

she's so frustratingly useless. like her whole personality is damsel-in-distress and she's not happy without a dude slobbering after her, eager to provide. she should just sugar or get a paypig at this point tbh.

No. 1648524

Why should she befriend the girlfriend of a felon who harassed her? It smells like scrote itt

No. 1648537

> Smug and punchable Karen energy - what a shitty attitude. Even more sad that instead of befriending said neighbour girl, Heather would rather snicker behind her wall eavesdropping.
Overstretching can result in an injury.

No. 1648564

Wow, how convenient and serendipitous for him to just disappear like that, and so dramatically and righteously too, what a tidy resolution to this saga! Now Heather can continue her life just the same as if he never existed in the first place.

No. 1648586

>Doing my freak stuff
>Eating fast food
Definitely the kind of freaky stuff that would cause anyone to be forever alone. Surely it has nothing to do with the constant whining.

No. 1648672

Yes, agreed entirely, like…it would derail into a whole thing if we discussed this any further itt but "lol no" covers it nicely

No. 1648725

Not defending his creepiness but when did he sexually harass her? He walked in her garage and spooked her, sure, but sexual harassment…?

No. 1648740

He asked her out while invading her privacy in her garage, that is sexual harassment when a stranger makes sexual moves towards you. Same as if a stranger asks you out or compliments your appearance in the street or a public place. If it's unwanted and with "romantic" (bearing in mind he's a wifebeater felon) intention it is sexual harassment.
Sexual assault is when someone physically interacts in an unwanted sexual way, harassment is generally words and actions, which is what he did.

No. 1648750

I just wish she could see beyond her own entitlement and self pity to accept her actual personality flaws. She's so attached to this image of herself as a misunderstood outsider who dared to dip her toe into a mean, rejecting society, only to be used and abused by evil, stupid, ungrateful men. Everyday in her victim fantasy it's Heather vs the entire world. In reality it's more like Heather stirring up the shit and pretending she's not holding the spoon, no, not her, she's never even seen a spoon in her whole life!
When will she accept she's a grown woman who's been in a string of unfulfilling relationships, some downright toxic, which is sad, yes, but not unique? Why can't she see that she can grow and heal and forge meaningful connections if she'd only put in the work to change her behaviour? When will she stop waiting for everything to fall in her lap? When will she realise that her cycle isn't getting her what she wants?
I wish she'd go to therapy, at least then she'd have somebody to talk to. Failing that, maybe she could start reading self help books and make actionable plans to get out of this rut. She could even use spite as a motivator like
>You couldn't love me? Who cares, I'll love myself!
She's already (sorta) on that track with posts like these >>1646833 and other overdramatic hate posts, but she won't do it. She won't ever help herself. This is her 12th thread of crying on instagram and deflecting blame. At this rate she'll be 50 years old putting the latest spooky boy on blast for not texting back quick enough.

No. 1648946

I am positive the neighbour sexually harassing her didn’t happen. It’s convenient that it’s now all over & wrapped up just like that.

Heather has issues with needing attention from the opposite sex online to feel valued. She doesn’t want a female friend. She wants a boyfriend. She wants Lurch back & was probably hoping he was lurking on her stories to see the post of allegedly being harassed & for him to come to her rescue. It was a last ditch attempt to get him to get in contact under the guise she was frightened. Play a victim & be rescued by bolts in his neck.

It didn’t work & now she’s on the hunt for new dick basically. She’s manipulative af.

No. 1649118

File: 1663278178058.jpg (391.13 KB, 1080x1920, 20220915_144242.jpg)

Pls where the spooky ryans at?

No. 1649123

Nitpick I hate when people don't just get on fucking Google. Look up a fucking goth club or bar yourself ffs.

No. 1649145

Lmao lurk more Heather. I've got some bad news for you girl, it's gonna involve going to a bar.

No. 1649158

"that's fine because I'm my own person."
of course her way of dressing goth is so uNiQuE and sPeShUl that she looks like she's pulling up to one of those folding-chair churches for sunday mass with her two young children cedar and fawne. and right after she's going on a trip to target to buy another beige ditsy floral sack dress. you know, so gothic

No. 1649202

So she was shunned out of the urbex/cemetery photographing community and is now trying to latch on to the goth community? She should at least try a little harder. Stop dressing like a mom and try to pretend you like goth music.

No. 1649214

I bet she gets no replies. Just look it up yourself. She gives Britney Spears IG vibes with the erratic & bipolar posts. One moment I hate my life. Next hour I’m an independent woman who needs to be true self. Cue the reminder she was a goth teen in a few hours. Those old pics she likes to reuse every so often so all the imaginary people on her social media accept she’s a big titty goth.

No. 1649277

Unfortunately she isn't going to fit any better into the goth community, because she doesn't like goth music. It's kinda important for being part of a subculture to actually like the basic elements of the subculture. No matter how many times she insists she's a " big tiddy goth gf," the Taylor Swift lyrics and frumpy Midwestern soccermom styling say otherwise.

No. 1649299

If you can’t enjoy your “favorite” activities alone, you probably don’t actually enjoy them that much. Her only hobby is men.

No. 1649375

Honestly with the state of the goth scene as a whole in the states right now, I'll be surprised if she can find much to begin with. Let alone find any actual "goth" men around. Good thing her actual type is emo boys and balding metal heads I suppose.

Can't wait for the inevitable meltdown when any actual goths want little or nothing to do with her.

No. 1649467

File: 1663301443298.jpeg (1.15 MB, 828x1526, 3B2FD243-BE9C-4383-A3A4-0D1398…)

https://streamable.com/80vukg “She’s not like other girls” Jesus Christ the fact that this was make unironically by a woman in her 30s makes me want to crawl out of my skin. Why is she like this?

No. 1649469

I got chopped and skewered once for mentioning on here that so many women millennial and above love to be described and how embarrassing it is and this is exactly the sort of thing I was talking about. “She’s like fire, but also ice. She will burn you with her light and then get so cold you can’t bear to touch her.” Shit like that. What is this phenomena. Watching too many movies and wanting to be the protagonists love interest?

No. 1649534

Some kind of self-objectifying Manic Pixie Dream Girl fantasy, maybe?

No. 1649561

File: 1663316060788.jpeg (141.79 KB, 828x413, B4A22F3F-A2F8-40A1-BC13-3AD46C…)

No. 1649563

File: 1663316166755.jpeg (445.91 KB, 828x2055, 0E96C05E-1971-4468-80C6-F4D6C5…)

Rythian seems like the perfect cringelord Ryan for heather, his name even sounds like Ryan but edgier. He honestly seems like the exact male version of Heather, down to the Halloween decor and jumping spiders. But I’m positive Heather is ignoring him because she thinks she’s too good for him

No. 1649566

And actually called rhythian? Kek we didn't even come up with that one? How embarrassing!

No. 1649582

From the name alone, they are destined kek, reply to Rythian's dms Heather

No. 1649597

He honestly looks exactly like her type

No. 1649649

He's even holding a plant. Too bad Heather doesn't actually like plants.

No. 1649657

omg haha no way. This man is PERFECT.
His name! He has a freaking jumper spider. Remember the one she kidnapped & kept in a jar. But I will say she will not go for him as he’s got that goblin look about him & even though she looks like she’s got Downs Syndrome, she will think she’s too attractive for him. I’m saying that, she went for Lurch so maybe there is hope for him.

No. 1649658

Please tell me she already deleted this. It's bad enough that I had to watch it, I can't imagine anyone in her real life having to see it too.
Also her hair is in such bad shape, absolutely fried and brittle like straw. If there's anything I wish Heather would do it's style herself better. Go back to her natural colour, ditch the red lipstick, and get better glasses.

No. 1649661

File: 1663331257205.jpeg (Spoiler Image,89.02 KB, 439x363, 7F49C94A-BB1B-4209-83FE-94D2E8…)

Heffer I vant your blood.
Tickle my beard Heffer.

No. 1649722

Its just narcissism anon, has nothing to do with when she was born

No. 1649827

He's not even bad-looking, its just hard to suppress the full-body cringe when searching his pictures for something positive to say.
Of course, Heather will get on her high horse because he smokes and drinks, and pitch a fit when he doesn't immediately ditch his normie friends and unique interests to be her zombie lackey. Same shit, different Ryan(ian).

Fingers crossed, though.

No. 1650155

File: 1663561532741.jpeg (397.8 KB, 828x1474, 63193376-6FC4-4D71-B911-B07771…)

No. 1650198

Maybe a therapist or psychiatrist could help out with those questions. Too bad Heather thinks mental health help is only for people who are insane lunatics and there is nothing wrong with her cuz she is always perfect until she's not. Also "people say I'm beautiful and interesting" bitch, where? Also sounds like some real sympathy/pity complements.

No. 1650254

I personally think she's fairly pretty, bad styling aside. And if she didn't insist on being a martyr about her interests, they'd be pretty engaging as well. Photography, history, Victorian oddities and refinishing antiques are all genuinely interesting hobbies, she just makes them seem intolerable because she won't stop describing them as "I love dead people but especially their hair," and talking about how extreme her antique-mall lifestyle is.

No. 1650295

These pity parties are the worst, only because you can clearly tell she is so up her own ass she doesn't understand why people won't enslave themselves to her. Just admit you don't want real friends and boyfriends Heather, you want servants. You might actually get somewhere being honest with yourself

No. 1650376

Well do something about it Heather.
You are 32. Befriend people at your job. Go on Facebook and see if there are any photography/historical/steampunk groups that meet up once or twice a month. It’s Halloween soon so there will be loads of spooky events you can go to. Stop whining at everyone as if someone can just fix your life. No one is telling you ‘you are beautiful and interesting ‘ that’s just you lying on social media to make yourself feel better about yourself. You want to meet someone romantically, tell them you are Heather, you work at Target, you like history & collecting antiques. Not the latter I buy dead peoples hair & want a vial of your blood. No one remotely even open minded will go near you as they’ll think you are a delusional nutter. You don’t have to be a ‘normie ‘ if that’s what you are so hung up about. Just be a fucking person with interests.

No. 1650427

I think so too, but the millennial styling and the fact that she still acts like she’s 16 really cancel out everything else.

No. 1650573

But what is she doing different other than not living with her mom?! She still never really hung out with anyone and just walked around antique malls and graveyards alone?! I just don't see a difference besides her actually being an adult now.

No. 1651128

File: 1663627671166.png (640.13 KB, 515x916, 1.png)

IG story dump

No. 1651130

File: 1663627705704.png (658.86 KB, 515x916, 2.png)

No. 1651134

File: 1663627813443.png (451.99 KB, 516x916, 3.png)

No. 1651137

File: 1663627906833.png (490.02 KB, 516x916, 4.png)

No. 1651146

Lmao, I guess she’s in her spicy straight era now. She’d only date a woman who was male, named Ryan and had a dick.

No. 1651175

She is one of those "bisexual women" who only do it for the male gaze.

No. 1651226

This is a joke right? There is no way in hell she’d ever date a woman. And all of these story replies are so cringe and hard to read. She’s embarrassing.

No. 1651227

Meanwhile I'm wondering who in their right mind would be crushing on her. I can't think of any reason to want to date her except to fix her.

No. 1651684

File: 1663671968729.png (1.55 MB, 1071x1774, Screenshot_20220920-070343~2.p…)

She needs to stop saying no one wants her ass meanwhile she is always ignoring these losers that keep trying interacting with her.

No. 1651753

answer Rythian's DMs Heather!

No. 1651901

While posting in the shower.

No. 1651982

She’s submitting these herself.
She always does to talk about herself or flirt with herself. It’s embarrassing

No. 1653321

File: 1663778200515.jpeg (830.42 KB, 828x1470, 893DDD7A-76B0-486E-89DA-9EA5CB…)

No. 1653373


The ridiculous self pity is so off-putting and I think one of the major reasons she can't find anyone to put up with her. Tbh I think she's looking the best she ever has and she's finally moved out of her mom's and has a decent job, there's zero reason for her to be moping like this. I've never seen someone so dick sick in my life. Go buy a vibrator and quit crying.

No. 1653422

Totally irrelevant, but I never noticed those piercing scars before

No. 1653514

She complained about them for years non stop.

No. 1653543

It makes me tired just reading her whiny captions, why does she think anyone wants to date someone like this? Get therapy girl

No. 1653564

she sounds like a relationship/friendship person who writes you a message every hour, at least, and if you don't react after 5 minutes, she will be heartbroken and angry at you and tell you all that bullshit that she is all alone, that no one cares about her, etc. Honestly, I don't like using that phrase, but she is high maintenance and I feel like you wouldn't be able to have one single moment for yourself if you were to be in a relationship with her.

No. 1653609

She is the most infuriating, annoying, fucking arrogant piece of self pitying dogshit that I’ve ever known of to be damned by their own choices. She makes herself sad because of a break up. Um stop getting into relationships, equals no breakup, equals no sad??? Heal. Stop burying your bfs on top of each other. She’s FINALLY moved out, all on her own, without needing a second income. Huge props, dude! SHE ADMITTED THAT SHE’S WORKING HER DREAM JOB. So she gets a lot of enjoyment out of it, hell yeah. BUT she’s at the lowest part of her life rn? Excuse me? Get out of your own butthole, girl. That’s why you have no friends. You’re grown, act grown.

No. 1653747

Those poor plants are just reaaaaching for some good sunlight. Fuck you heather you horrible plant mom

No. 1654312

This dumbass could be a millionaire, find a cure for cancer, end world hunger and would still say she's miserable because she doesn't have a Ryan in her life.

No. 1654393

She's a merchandiser.

No. 1655816

File: 1663972971733.jpeg (319.68 KB, 828x1462, F9E06DC5-EAED-4941-B99C-F07460…)

She’s such a miserable person it’s infuriating

No. 1655845

She acts like her life is over lol. I can't have sympathy for someone as defeatist and sensitive as her.

No. 1655858

how miserable lmao
go to an event heather, a club, a meetup, drinks after work, anything

No. 1655860

I couldn't imagine being so pathetic. Getting mad over couples??? Ew. Gross. Get mad when you're giving a hot dude the old lazy eye and his girlfriend mogs you but getting mad over just couples? Pathetic. You're not even trying, you fucking autistic beast.

No. 1655870

Samefag but maybe I just don't get this mentally because I don't believe I'm ugly. I'm married but multiple times a day I see hot dudes I could pull but I don't because I'm not a bitch. Buy a satisfyer pro 2, Heather. You'll find a dude quick once you get the engine revved up.

No. 1655897

Wow heather, I’m sure you’re so “nice”. You’re such a “nice” girl, huh. Seeing all these happy couples….how dare they?! Don’t they know you’re “nice”, and funny, and cool you are?! Ugh such distaste. Much anger.

No. 1656202

Elliot Rogers saga soon?

No. 1656304

Any guys see these posts they will be put off 100%… she wants someone to ‘save her’ like in the movies & she’s incredibly negative & won’t help herself in anyway, no one wants someone like that. If she embraced her hobbies fully (I mean immerse herself) & lived her life, did photography projects & through herself into working out and eating healthy (she’s constantly posting about losing weight & being vegan) take the reigns of her life . She’s still young & she acts like her life is over.

No. 1656333

To me she’s always been him but moids will fuck anything so she still gets some chances to couple up. She’s just insufferable

No. 1656525

File: 1664041791943.png (7.58 MB, 1179x2556, AB10CF5C-3F67-48D2-B160-A600F3…)

This lipstick, hair, glasses combo is her worst look yet.

No. 1656560

I hate it. She needs more eye make up, maybe some black eyeliner.

No. 1657033

Ew, her hair is yellow.

No. 1657356

The clashing of the glasses and hair there is the biggest sin IMO.

No. 1657667

Her eye doctor was right, those glasses are not a good look for her.

No. 1657680

File: 1664134430902.jpeg (41.44 KB, 640x781, 450929CA-51E2-476F-943C-B9B584…)

She looks like one of those little old ladies from the 40’s that would judge you when you bought sanitary products & didn’t hide them in a paper bag.

No. 1657907

Honestly if she went dark she would look a million times better. But she’s deluded herself into think she looks like Sharon Tate so there’s no hope.

No. 1659141

File: 1664249282688.jpeg (320.11 KB, 1223x1080, FDB0D326-E1AB-47C4-8D25-A52E31…)

No. 1659142

File: 1664249339578.jpeg (358.58 KB, 1224x1080, E4060FD1-CEF1-4645-BEBC-97CF08…)

Wow, black furniture. She’s so brave

No. 1659144

This is the mentality of an 18 year old in her own apartment. Heather you're 32, its pathetic you haven't had ONE of these experiences in the 14 years you've experienced since 18.

The funniest thing to me is I live in Central PA in the boonies and u managed to find a dude who likes spooky shit, antiques, nature all that shit. His name UNIRONICALLY is Ryan lmao not kidding. We met on a homesteading forum. She just needs to know her likes and find people online that way. Dating apps aren't great for anything but hookups usually. Go niche Heather. Drop your weird ego.

No. 1659149

Actually happy for her that she’s enjoying living alone, even if it’s for something as simple as making food at 3 am.

No. 1659153

Not to mention the original Ryan with the ghost hunting YouTube goes antiquing all the time. So it’s not they don’t exist, she just messed up her chance with all of the many “spooky boys” she’s dated in the past. But ofc she won’t own up to it

No. 1659155

The thing is, if she acted less like a whiney cunt about literally everything, it would be so much easier to just be happy for her. It's not uncommon to be stunted from an unhealthy long term relationship, but the way she presents things is just so obnoxious that it's difficult to root for her. Like, I'm glad she's moved out of mommy's guest room and got her own place, she got that promotion at target, all good things, she's finally catching up on becoming a proper adult. But then she turns around and makes posts about how she spent 5 hours on dating apps with "no luck", how she binge eats fast-food while crying in her car, etc. and it's like girl, what you need is a therapist, not another shitty man, goddamn.

No. 1659158

File: 1664252502954.jpeg (564.74 KB, 828x1446, 1C7AEA7E-9C16-44AF-871E-6403BA…)

No. 1659164

>my life is so boring I'm literally watching paint dry
What a superb way to attract someone, Heather. I'm sure they'll all be clamoring for a piece of that action.

No. 1659191

I like how she made sure not to cover the cleavage with the text, very subtle
>bait images for coomer males
>scraping the depths of dating sites trying to find good men
>why can't I find any men
>somehow finds men who share her interests regardless of her self sabotage
>breaks up with them all within two weeks with the exception of frankenryan who she waited until she moved in with (at about 3 months) to sabotage
>sent him crazy messages post-breakup to make sure he never returns, then forgot about it all the next day
>why am I single

My permanent view about Heather is she absolutely doesn't want a man, since luck keeps throwing half decent weirdos at her and she manages to break up with them all before a few weeks have passed. She likes the early stages of dating and getting male attention but, naturally after a shit marriage with a guy who still stalks her to this day, doesn't actually want a ltr with a male. But also doesn't want to be alone. And the cycle repeats forever.

No. 1659224

Damn anon, when you put it like that it seems sadder. Somewhat agree with your take, although I think her self sabotage is an unintentional side effect of her past with her ex. I think a lot of her self worth comes from being "desirable" to men in a general/male gaze way, but she doesnt want to "settle for someone who isn't perfect" so she puts extreme ultimatums on her boyfriends, expecting them to fit a crazy ideal. Then it's their fault for not being The One, and throwing her away over "nothing"

Lurch was a fucking loser but I'd love for FemRyan to spill details. He got dumped for watching TV, heather ghosted him for months, recontacted him for "I need to make my ex jealous" date photos, then they broke up again shortly after?

No. 1659306

With how she is a hard-core needaman I'm suprised she isn't one of those trad pick mes.

No. 1659547

I don’t see how Heather is a cow still. She lives independently and has a successful career. I feel like so many people here are scrotes who are jealous of her or her ex husband who is stalking her

No. 1659612

>>1659547 she doesn't have a 'career', she's a glorified shelf stacker - and i'm happy for her, i truly am, but it's not a career, it's a job, and i don't know why people keep bigging it up
she's a cow because she cycles through men and then whines about being sad and lonely

No. 1659644

She is a cow.
She’s still the same person she was two years ago, the rants & poor me posts are the same just about a different guy and a different city.
… what are you even doing here defending her? That’s so sus.

No. 1659777

she's a visual merchandiser which is a career.

No. 1659795

that is literally just putting stuff on shelves and on mannequins. in europe we call that 'shelf stacking' and it is not a career. a career is something that requires years of training and qualifications like teaching, nursing etc. the only job in target that could be considered a 'career' is manager. i hope she gets there. i'm still rooting for her despite her cow status

No. 1659819

Heather has made itty bitty baby steps into potentially leaving the farm someday, but her time is not now. It's great she's moved out and got a promotion, all good things that she should be doing. However, her constant oversharing on social media, her always trying to hard-sell herself as being so freaky and quirky and "not like the other girls", her obsessively and compulsively revolving her entire life purpose around this week's latest tinder match, etc. is why she is still a cow.

Visual merchandising is a little different than just stocking shelves. She's responsible for making displays as well. It can be a pretty big career move at higher end boutiques or luxury brand stores, but it's definitely not life changing at a Target. I do hope she figures her shit out too though, she's honestly her own worst enemy at this point.

No. 1659873

File: 1664309796183.png (214.26 KB, 840x3752, visual-merchandising-2.png)

You're wrong. There are plenty of reasons that Heather is a cow without pushing inaccurate info.

No. 1659878

this infographic just proves that it's not a career, it's a job, and that's absolutely fine. i'm sure it's a step up from what she was doing previously, but it's minimum wage work where i'm from

No. 1659886

Sup Heather! Come here often?? If you're going to lurk at least take notes. You're pathetic as fuck("hi cow" )

No. 1659913

Visual merchandising is a career for people who do things like high-end window displays at big department stores, or who design the entire layout of a boutique from the ground up. This is not what heather does. Target sends her a plan and she sets up the store according to it. It’s like saying someone is a carpenter because they can build ikea furniture.

No. 1660141

her boss probably told her she could switch up the end caps with whatever was selling well/in season and she is running with the “i have creative freedom and am a visual merchandiser” angle like some desperately trying to bulk up their resume

No. 1660689

File: 1664375643492.png (891.5 KB, 1071x1864, Screenshot_20220928-075254~2.p…)

Heather just realize you can't keep a friendship. You're only interested in having a line up of boyfriends. You'll never have a "tribe".

No. 1660716

Just wait in half an hour we’ll get a car selfie with text how sad and lonely she is

No. 1661008

File: 1664397672161.jpeg (268.99 KB, 1229x1080, 2E585DAD-2280-4F53-A9EC-C75B53…)

No. 1661099

Join a book club if you're so lonely, Heather, DO something. October is around the corner, I'm sure there will be plenty of discussions of books with your ~spoooooky~ interests.
I wish someone would compile all the screenshots we have of her complaining about not having a boyfriend just to drive home how fucking absurd she is. i would do it myself but I don't have the patience

No. 1661136

File: 1664403314351.jpeg (370.88 KB, 651x850, 3A863505-1E7A-40A3-AF48-DBF0BA…)

This reeks desperation.
What thought did she have in her head that thought posting this was a good idea.
Looks like she’s got two strands of hair.

No. 1661152

Anon scroll up this was just posted

No. 1661494

File: 1664425105366.jpeg (730.45 KB, 828x1443, C506A109-50FC-41E3-B12B-265BC7…)

She deleted this so I guess that’s not actually gonna happen

No. 1661696

She needs therapy, not the gym.

No. 1661722

Why not both? It would give her something to do. And she should stop eating so much fast food if she wants to lose weight

No. 1661813

Sure, but if she’s going to the gym for the wrong reasons (get hot, find dick), it wouldn’t accomplish shit. Therapy should be her number one priority. But we all know that won’t happen.

No. 1661821

She was way bigger than she is now when she was with Adam. She lost a ton of weight and that's when she started her Ryan hunt. While still being married might I add.

No. 1662093

File: 1664480964361.png (1.66 MB, 1080x1501, Screenshot_20220929-154313~3.p…)

I thought this was Heather for a quick sec and thought did she actually get he hair done and get better glasses. Turns out Heather follows her too.

No. 1662166

Yeah she does at first glance. Heather in an alternative universe where things worked out. The style isn’t so unique but yep can see the inspiration behind Heathers style sometimes but it doesn’t have quite the same affect.

No. 1662447

This is who she's skinwalking? Sad.

No. 1663552

File: 1664627802477.jpeg (1.56 MB, 1179x2082, F522F43A-FDA1-4285-924B-6FDB59…)

She can’t not post herself in a towel.

No. 1664302

File: 1664673287121.jpeg (398.17 KB, 1170x2023, C91A4737-83BE-4255-B912-A79F58…)

How tf do you get banned from Tinder?

No. 1664305

Kek. She probably got banned for harassing a Ryan who wasn’t interested in her

No. 1664308

If you lied about being older than 18 when creating it you can get banned even years later (pretty sure).

No. 1664331

Lmao, when will she realize she’s the problem? There’s not some magical dating app out there filled with hundreds of Ryans with the exact same hobbies as her who all reside in Gettysburg.

No. 1664379

Tinder wasn't around when Heather was under 18 tho.

No. 1664477

1.Fake profile & policy violation
2.Inappropriate and offensive language
3.Being homophobic
4.Racist comment
5.Spam accounts
6.Posting inappropriate pictures
1.Fake profile & policy violation

I just google the possible reasons and those came out… I'm super curious about what happened because all of the above are pretty embarrassing (wouldn't be surprised coming from Heather though)

No. 1664514

Maybe spam accounts since she re-signs up for these apps so often, they might think she's a bot

No. 1664757

File: 1664726155410.png (1.01 MB, 624x1112, Screen Shot 2022-10-02 at 7.00…)

Heather's hobby of taking photos in graveyards is so much more hardcore.

No. 1664758

File: 1664726229049.jpeg (340.82 KB, 1080x1919, haunted_butterfly_1.jpeg)

It looks like Heather is fishing for attention. Things must be drying up at the old well.

No. 1665114

Heather, girl, no one cares. Get therapy and a grip on reality please.

No. 1665714

It's not hard to imagine Heather creating fake or multiple Tinder profiles, probably to stalk former Ryans.

No. 1665827

>after what you all did to me, I proved you all wrong

Bitch what. 90% of her followers don't even know what the fuck she's talking about. Why can't this woman be happy for herself instead of turning every "success" into a fuck you? Get help.

No. 1665900

it's for male attention, nonna. She wants potential Ryans to reach out to her so she can sink her claws into them while they think they need to save a damsel in distress.

No. 1667537

I’ll be honest ladies this heather bitch is hot af and I wanna touch her leggies so bad

No. 1667541

Get psychological help, thirsting for the cow leads you into becoming a cow.

No. 1667543

Just tell me that she’s pretty and that I’m not losing my mind and I will be happy

No. 1667545

She is pretty tbf, it's her personality/self sabotage/excessively high expectations from men that seems to be the problem

No. 1667570

Anybody been keeping up with her cat saga? More learned helplessness. Honestly, this series bothers me more than her usual shit posting abt being lonely and needing a boyfriend. She lives in an area with resources to help her with this, but must be easier to complain abt the noise and defend herself from being cancelled.

No. 1667611

This is an image board. Post caps if you want to discuss them.

No. 1667681

File: 1664977748091.jpg (174.37 KB, 1080x1753, SmartSelect_20221005-084839_In…)

No. 1667683

File: 1664977775296.jpg (392.21 KB, 1080x2054, SmartSelect_20221005-084744_In…)

No. 1667684

File: 1664977811511.jpg (567.81 KB, 1044x1933, SmartSelect_20221005-084805_In…)

No. 1667686

File: 1664977850136.jpg (615.11 KB, 1080x2092, SmartSelect_20221005-084814_In…)

No. 1667688

File: 1664977875516.jpg (584.57 KB, 1079x1918, SmartSelect_20221005-084819_In…)

No. 1667700

What a fucking asshole

No. 1667741

This isnt milk. She met an outdoor cat that is potentially someone else's and didn't steal it by taking it in.

No. 1667782

I think it’s pretty ridiculous she thinks she’s going to get “cancelled” over this cat though.

No. 1667804

I thinks it's milk because she is being extremely defensive out of no where. My theory is that 1 person likely DM'd her and genuinely asked if she thought about fostering the cat and that's why she's going on this rant.

No. 1667828

Like posting YouTube videos of cats in heat. It’s unnecessary.

No. 1667872

Heather sees a cat. Notices the cat is acting strangely. Looks it up and realizes the cat is in heat. The end. Holy shit. Why does she always turn everything into some kind of dramatic saga of The World v. Heather?

No. 1667891

Yeah, I thought this was gonna be about poor abandoned Timmy, the cat she ditched and then just never talked about or brought up ever again.

No. 1667896

So did I. I didn't see this random cat outside her house as remotely interesting. Anon saying it is always a dramatic Heather vs The World is right.

No. 1667979

File: 1664999395061.jpg (868.51 KB, 1068x1876, SmartSelect_20221005-144941_In…)

No. 1667983

Turtle-lookin ass trying to post thirst traps. Someone needs to take her phone away, this is just embarrassing.

No. 1668008


Who is in heat? Heather or the cat?

No. 1668048

she looks like the horny therapist from lucifer

No. 1668220

File: 1665016188916.jpeg (245.88 KB, 1080x1919, haunted_butterfly_2.jpeg)

saged because it's the same moaning as always 1/2

No. 1668221

File: 1665016283583.jpeg (217.62 KB, 1080x1919, haunted_butterfly_1.jpeg)


No. 1668274

She’s a lost cause. Chubby women with dorky hobbies get dates and relationships all the time. She’ll never admit her raging personality disorder is the problem.

No. 1668316

Heather. You need friends. Not a boyfriend. Friends to do your hobbies with. Then you can potentially meet a nice man organically instead of wasting your life away on dating apps instead of "doing the things you love".

No. 1668362

Spot on nona!

No. 1668641

Kek. Nice one nonna

No. 1668796

i havent checked heathers thread in forever so apologies if im missing something but when did she start calling herself chubby?? its so bizarre and off-putting, she looks the same as ever

No. 1668855

It’s annoying. She’s a very neutral body type. Not chubby at all. She’s using it as a reason men won’t date her when it’s really her psycho personality.

No. 1668897

It's so dishonest. She is literally NOT goth. What the fuck makes her think that liking antiques, ghosts, and photos is unique? It's like… basic.

Totally agree. Make a friend, go out, and meet someone normally. And maybe quit shit posting your life away in your car.

No. 1668963

>>1668855 She's fishing for compliments. It's pathetic.

No. 1669013

She’s always putting herself down but doesn’t actually mean any of it. Chubby. Goth. Fat titties. It’s just to divert from the real reason guys can’t stick with her which we all know is because she is insufferable. She’s incredibly immature & self centred. She isn’t ready for a relationship. As the other anon said she needs friends.

No. 1669318

>thousands of likes based solely on her photos and bio
>'why can't anyone look past my appearance and hobbies?'

What the fuck else are they 'liking' you for if not that?? The only thing they would know about her is how she looks and what she's interested in! It's only when she actually talks to them and spergs out that they get turned off.

No. 1669420

she must assume that the guys go on an online search for more information about her and then find all the stuff written about her and therefore everything is ruined, etc. For me, the case is clear, she likes to suffer and if she can't post about her suffering, she will create something that makes it possible. I can only imagine how a relationship with her must be, she calling 24/7, annoyed and aggressive when someone wants to be alone for some hours or not liking one of her "hobbies"…

No. 1669474

Exactly. Clearly men have no problem with her body type or her weird hobbies. She looks fine and moid standards are in the gutter anyway. It’s her batshit crazy, clingy personality that’s scaring them away and she refuses to admit it because it would require getting therapy and working on herself instead of moping around her house playing the victim.

No. 1670724

File: 1665285394165.jpeg (289.92 KB, 1244x1080, 4FAF1FB2-812C-42DC-AFCC-970549…)

No. 1670859

I think it was a year ago. Whenever mask Ryan was around. Shortly after she first took the photoshoot she used in >>1651134.
After that she started eating Sheetz in her car every day, and binge eating in her car to avoid going home to mom. She tried to lose the weight for a week, before sperging more about food and deciding she's a thicc big toddy goth gf. Some of her Sheetz autism in an old thread: >>1249942
Always find it funny when she uses the mask/lingerie thirst trap, that was the last time she put any effort into maintaining her body and it's old as hell. Idk if she hit an age where her metabolism slowed down and her skinnyfat became regular fat? Either way she always covers 90% of her body except her tits in more recent thirst traps, so I don't think she's happy being "chubby."
All of her EXTREME HOBBIES involve a lot of walking, so she's clearly only doing it as performance art when other people are with her. If she was really into everything she spergs about, she'd actually bother to do it alone.

>I'm not sure I could have a terrarium
Lol weird that she admitted this out of nowhere in a dramatic unrelated text wall. Heather didn't attempt to take her spider pet to her new home, didn't even ask. Haven't seen her stupid dolls in months either, almost like she has no hobbies outside of waving red flags to keep men away.

No. 1671145

File: 1665344946136.jpeg (913.22 KB, 828x1443, E8C74742-E24C-4D94-A0C7-897ED0…)

Get a new hobby then

No. 1671155

Honestly, Heather should just go for it. He really does seem perfect for her.

No. 1671483

Only hobby she wants is buying stuff, and going to the stores with bf to buy stuff.
>losing all faith with the other sex
she forgot she was pretending to be bi

No. 1671510

File: 1665388836771.jpeg (199.59 KB, 1080x1919, hb.jpeg)

the apparent reason Lurch ended it

No. 1671654

Heather, shut the fuck up retard.

No. 1671702

Oh piss off Heather he didn't dump you because you had a couple nightmares. How diluded can someone possibly be? Is it so hard to admit that she has major codependency issues that most likely are the demise of EVERY one of her relationships, that she has to tell herself that he told her to take a hike because she had a BaD dWeAm??

No. 1671876

If her "nightmares" factored into the breakup at all, it's because they're a very transparent BPD attempt to get attention by throwing a hysterical fit. And when he didn't respond exactly the way she wanted, she really lost her shit

No. 1671908

Lord don’t let her find out that graff dudes like urbex and almost always need a ride and a place to stay

No. 1671975

File: 1665442582738.jpeg (851.44 KB, 828x1463, 2D52D5DA-049E-4E5D-AC54-8F6DD0…)


No. 1672010

File: 1665447542332.png (4.6 MB, 750x1334, C8B624AF-E49C-48B4-A177-44BDEC…)

kek only Heather could see some random ducks and make it about her.

No. 1674037

hard agree. she cant find anyone because she’s putting pressure on this person to tick off every box that would fulfil her needs. she wants a best friend, she wants a lover, she wants a social media partner, she wants someone who will uproot their life for her, she wants financial support, she wants them to have all the same hobbies, likes and dislikes as her. shes incredibly pathetic to be putting this out there. on top of the fact the main points she claim make her such a good person she only recently acquired in the last month or so.

No. 1674733

Where are the nudes?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1674734

go back

No. 1674737

Cut your dick off

No. 1675011

She’s full of shit. Sorry but I’ve spent time in Central PA and Heather is a Gettysburg 8 just by virtue of being non-obese or a junkie, having all her hair and teeth, being gainfully employed etc. Even her blatant personality disorder wouldn’t be enough to scare off that many local men. She is either really picky or she’s coming across extremely off putting if she can’t get ANY dates across multiple platforms. Probably both.

No. 1675060

Yeah, I'm imagining she very consciously made the decision to pretend to be asleep, then pretend to wake up freaking out from a horrible nightmare, woke up hammerhead shark Ryan and wanted him to go straight into comforting her for however long she wanted him to.

No. 1675339

tbf if that happened and he balked at comforting her after a nightmare, the relationship was not gonna last.

No. 1676601

She ignores 90% of the people who contact her, it's why there are so many nonnies posting here lol. People see her being pathetic and asking for friends/boyfriends so they reach out to her, she acts like an entitled cunt, so they google her name and end up here.

No. 1677968

File: 1666047598549.png (3.45 MB, 750x1334, 26BB515B-E775-41A7-9FD8-874A06…)

No. 1678034

File: 1666053353087.jpeg (934.38 KB, 828x1450, 9D56D05D-D12F-45F0-BEBB-713413…)

No. 1678052

I give it less than a month before she's back home with mommy

No. 1678056

I wonder what happened with work for her to think she is on the chopping block.

No. 1678063

i always wondered why she had so many threads. like sure she was a decent sized youtuber but really her life just seems fucking sad and boring.

No. 1678085

Her ex husband and his tranny sidekick obsessively post here quite often. I never understood it either, but Heather is my comfort cow now. I'm rather fond of the rinse and repeat of her life. This cow gives no curveballs. We always know what to expect from her cyclic antics. It is pretty shitty (and very obvious) that her ex husband still hangs around here though.

No. 1678296

Bpd level 10000

No. 1678443

her poor mum, she thought she was free at last

No. 1678460

Same here. Heather's antics are harmless (or rather harmful only to herself) and familiar. She can be frustrating to watch because it seems so obvious what she needs to do to grow and develop, but at the same time her refusal to change is what makes her a stress-free cow. Plus the vibes ITT are comfy as hell. I love my fellow Heather anons

No. 1678480

I’m also dying with curiosity. Knowing Heather she will spill eventually

No. 1678516

2 theories, based on how predictable Hags is: she's overdramatizing because she made a small mistake at her easy-ass job and thinks she's "about to be fired! o noes!"
Or she brings her unregulated emotions/tears into the workplace, expecting to be coddled, and people at her new job are starting to react negatively to that.

No. 1678530

I am thinking the first one too. She probably got one talking to about her mannequins looking too boring and she thinks she’s fired.

No. 1679271

File: 1666188886642.jpg (283.98 KB, 716x1274, Screenshot_20221019-083739_Ins…)

Wow, she's really giving up, huh? She looks pretty happy behind that caption.

No. 1679361

Tinfoil.. she made up the whole on the chopping block thing to get mommy to take her back in.

No. 1679367

Let's see how long it will take until she complains that she is an outcast, so alone, has no friends and there aren't any adventures around. The problem is not the place where she lives, the problem is that she has to take herself with her and not matter where she goes, she can't outrun herself.

No. 1679374

Truth is, she’s a phony.
She is incapable of staying off social media for more than 30 minutes & all the ‘spooky’ hobbies & her photography is all for her online persona. In reality she does shit because she’s not interested in any of it otherwise she’s be out there living her life & not posting every second online.

No. 1679435

Do we think maybe she’s just “heading home” for a visit and looking to get a reaction from the few followers that somehow care by being vague enough so they think she’s moving back when she’s not (yet)?

No. 1679451

And its SO easy to make friends in an environment like Target. You have literally hundreds of coworkers to pick from. Surely one of them you get along with enough to hang out. But if they're not a cute spooky boy who wants to do exactly what Heather wants, I'm sure she doesn't see the point.

No. 1679485

100% she is just heading home for the weekend or for her days off from work.

No. 1679614

File: 1666214503188.jpeg (544.7 KB, 1256x1080, 16D5C2A7-F52C-4131-A41F-149E1B…)

No. 1679625

Such goth

No. 1679672

File: 1666218251212.jpg (257.21 KB, 1080x1350, a9f648e6014e4dae6d5f2fb3f13ac6…)

wow look at all of these goth queens.

joking aside those boots are hideous.

No. 1680093

She goes home and the first place she goes is Target?! Make it make sense lol

No. 1680153

She probably went hoping all of her old coworkers would beg her to come back. She needs to stop with the skinny jeans, they are so unflattering.

No. 1680181

Her whole "esthetic" is Target butch lesbian. So far from goth!

No. 1680279

The black Target-brand hiking boots… I can't believe she stood in the store taking so many selfies. She really does think she's the prettiest little flower. She doesn't ever even change the angle of her face, or that smarmy smile.

No. 1680464

File: 1666314197884.jpg (554.67 KB, 1080x2316, Screenshot_20221020-205752_Fac…)

This… after repeatedly stating how alone she always was and that there is nothing back home for her and nobody she misses. Which one is it, woman?

I wonder if she's really this oblivious to just how often she contradicts herself or if she either doesn't care/thinks everyone has the memory of a goldfish.

No. 1680467

what the hell is up with he gross pic of her nails and a bruised arm?

No. 1680540

heather that would imply that you have friends back home

you NEVER talked about friends. you always talked about how aLoNe you are all the time

you have no idea what you want kek MAKE some friends, girl! hang out with people "you miss more than you can ""bare""", invite them over to your house in central pa, come home every so often, keep in contact jfc this isn't rocket science

No. 1680731

File: 1666361357092.jpg (574.85 KB, 1080x2316, Screenshot_20221021-100759_Fac…)

Apparently keeps fucking herself up at work. Lol

No. 1681919

File: 1666495284231.jpg (613.58 KB, 1080x2316, Screenshot_20221022-232029_Fac…)

Looks like Mommy dearest has had enough of her shit. Finally. Jeesh.

No. 1681932

this is giving julie terryberry vibes. no one needs to just air out their family issues on facebook.

No. 1681963

this was written by a woman over 30, just wow

No. 1681969

File: 1666502995231.jpeg (623.71 KB, 1080x1873, 49D5F8C4-BDCD-44EE-9D58-2629A0…)

No. 1681975

God, what a drama queen. Heather's life is always falling apart over the most insignificant overblown bs.

No. 1681977

Then dont lose your job, i dont get it how can she be this retarded?

No. 1681979

Love how it goes from "mommy is mad at me" to "my whole family has disowned me"!!! In just a matter of minutes.

No. 1681986

>No one gives a fuck about me
This is not true Heather. You have LC's attention. Kek

No. 1682004

>security deposit

Sell your fucking toys.
Stop acting like you aren’t sitting on possibly 10s of thousands of dollars of assets.

No. 1682009

What we have here is the living embodiment of "well if it isn't the consequences of my own actions". You want to be the unique girl that isn't like anyone else and yet expect to find groups that are like minded and into the same things? You keep dating the same ryan prototypes off of dating apps. You keep doing the same things and expect different results.

No. 1682010

Welp…how long before she makes a gofundme?

No. 1682011


I thought I remember reading that she threw out or gave her toy collection to goodwill after she cleaned out her storage unit?

No. 1682014

I really hope not. Can anyone confirm? I think it more likely she already did this and just squandered the money than for her to straight up donate them.

No. 1682020

Seems to me like her mom is tired of seeing her self sabotage constantly and wants no part in it anymore. It'll be much harder for Heather to sabotage everything in her life when her mom won't let her move back in

No. 1682094

Let’s be real Heather. Your mum finally got you out of the house & wants to reclaim her life back. You are 32 & were living rent free in her house, spending all your dime on stuff. She didn’t want to push but when you finally decided to get up off your arse & be independent even if it was for some random dude off the internet, she didn’t stop you. Heather you will move mountains for a rando you just met but not for mummy dearest.

Sort your shit out. You should have been saving a bit out of your pay check each month & been making a good impression at your job. Knowing your outbursts in the past & unable to take responsibility or see you are the problem, I can only guess you’ve been calling in sick & letting down your colleagues. As it’s always me, me, me. You need to grow up! You only want to move back home so you don’t need to pay rent again & go back to wonderland where you spend money & wander around cemeteries, and don’t have responsibilities.

No. 1682110

File: 1666530875530.png (98.33 KB, 627x350, Untitled.png)



it was last thread, I think post-interview? we were dubious over whether it was real (multiple units?), or where it actually went, which after hearing
>my mom got mad that I didn't pack more of my stuff to take

I'm willing to bet the anon that suspected she merely moved the items into her mom's house may have been correct kek
the toys still live and despite her saying "that was never the real me" she's never going to let that shit go
trust me I'm also waiting

No. 1682153

Poor mom. She finally got her freeloading 32 year old daughter out of her house. Two months later she shows up and tells her she's coming back and, oh yeah, mom has to help her move everything and clean up her mess yet again. Heather will never act like an adult until she knows sponging off her family isn't an option anymore.

No. 1682178

Why do I feel like this isn't the whole story? You weren't texting back fast enough, and that's the only reason she was upset with you? And then you blow it all out of proportion >>1681979 to make it seem even worse. Poor Heather, her whole family disowned her just because she didn't pack up enough of her stuff!

No. 1682198

>Why do I feel like this isn't the whole story?
because it's not, it never is kek

"not texting back fast enough" is a weird thing to say in general – if it was dire, why not call?

>family ran me out
this confuses me, I thought it was just her mom at home? I think she has a sibling, but I didn't think they were around

No. 1682206

She probably asked her mum if she could move back in & her mum (quite rightfully) has told her you’ve just moved out, we’ve helped with your security deposit & helped you move & you want to just move back in? Her mum probably feels her daughter is an ungrateful twat & can see the future of Heather just moochin off her til she dies.

No. 1682212

she usually just refers to her mom when talking about home, so I'm interested in why she changed it up to "family" which implies plural people

though yeah I'm sure her mom is rightfully pissed that she spent all this money to help heather and she's already crying to come home kek

No. 1682218

why would they be texting if she was at her moms house? i thought she meant they were having a conversation irl

No. 1682241

My guess is she was driving to her moms and her mom probably said “tell me x y z before you get here” and she did not so her mom probably was short w her and she read the words “you’re out of the family” instead of “pls communicate like you’re 32 and not 15”

Love this comfort cow.

No. 1682357

My tinfoil is that heather starts calling off a bunch of days, because she really thought she was gonna pull off losing her job and apartment consequence free because mom would let her back in. So she shows up to her parents with some of her shit packed, and for obvious reasons doesn't give her mom the full rundown on her plans. Heather is surprised her mom tells her to fuck off and that she can't move back in, Heather loses her shit and dramatically drives back home while crying. She could either be full of shit about losing her job, which she won't disclose the truth as to why. OR she's on thin ice with them after the last shit she pulled, but just has to show up which she obviously doesn't want to do.

No. 1682450

1 week ago
>I have 1 year left on my lease
>my mom disowned me because she wouldnt let me sleep at her house
>I'm pretty much expecting that I'm getting fired this week.
>I don't know how I'm gonna move back to the area

Can Heather make it any more blindingly apparent that she is planning on mooching off her mom??? She hasn't even lost her job, she just tried to move back in to her mom's house over the weekend, and her mom told her to fuck off. Mom telling her to stay in the apartment she's still paying rent on, and go to the job she still has is the same as being disowned. She can't drop every single responsibility she has and go back to living with mom, because Mom's sick of it, and Heather is throwing a tantrum. Her mom is clearly aware of Heather's manipulation tactics too, good for her setting a boundary down and not letting Heather stay "for a day or two because its dark/late", she would have never left.

Really makes you wonder who her "friends" are back home she's dying to move back for. Not a single one of her "friends" have a couch she can sleep on for 1 night?

No. 1682461

samefagging but same page nona lol. Agree with all of this, I think she's on thin ice at her current job and her BPD brain thinks that means all her coworkers hate her, therefore Gettysburg is totally ruined as a town and she should stop going to her job.

No. 1682468

I can't imagine someone as immature and unstable as her could be any kind of reliable employee. But I could also see her fully sabotaging her job so she'd have a sob story to guilt mom with.
I don't know rentals in PA, but since there's normally penalties for breaking a lease I'm sure whatever $ her mom ponied up for a deposit is gonna disappear. It's so easy to waste money when it's someone else's.

No. 1682495

I think she is trying to sabotage her job too. She keeps saying "I'm about to get fired". Bitch you work at Target. If they wanted to fire you already, they would have.

No. 1685090

Her insta has been private for quite a while now, please don't be stingy with the story screenshots, friend-nonas. They may not be super milky, but I miss my comfort cow.

No. 1685235

Its been pretty boring ngl. She's been going about life pretending like everything's fine. Still going to cemeteries, antique stores, etc. Yesterday she bought some more knick knacks "for herself" even though she just told her mom a couple days ago she doesn't want to bring more things to her apartment because she's afraid she's "about to be fired."

No. 1685400

Sage for no news, but it seems to be unprivated now. Go get your comfort cow fix while it lasts!

No. 1685691

File: 1666829450166.jpg (856.6 KB, 1080x2316, Screenshot_20221026-200836_Fac…)

For such a terrible area her taggers are refreshingly understated. Also… she's obviously being targeted(don't use emojis/emoticons)

No. 1685715

I need a microscope to see this terrible attack, this is obviously just some bored teenager wandering past and nothing malicious

No. 1685717

holy shit kek she's never encountered taggings and think it's like peak gang ghetto behavior. Was she raised in a gated community? Houses in the rich neighborhoods here will get tagged once in awhile.

No. 1685728

some 16 year olds are practicing tagging on her garage door and she's like Is ThIs A tHrEaT tOwArD mE

No. 1685730

I can’t read what it says but of course she would think it’s a threat wtf

No. 1685736

Hahahahhaa shut the fuck up Heather. Idiot.

No. 1685747

Peak Karen behavior. Good lord Heather. It literally doesn't mean anything. Probably just some bored teenagers who want to become graffiti artists. I can see Heather aging into some kind of paranoid conspiracy theorist at any rate.

No. 1685788

I didn't even see the tags at first kek

No. 1685790

Be careful Heather, these tags mean a big dangerous gang of "low lives" are going to come call you a fake goth next time you're home. I think you should call the cops.

No. 1686050

Setting up more excuses to bail, I see. Heather lives in the hood! Her life is in danger!

No. 1686436

She is 100% the white woman who calls the cops on the black dudes standing too close to her mailbox or something. Insane.

No. 1686632

Her reactions to things are always so … off. It's like every day is her first day on earth. She doesn't have a baseline level of acceptance or understanding of regular stuff that nobody else would think twice about. How does a person end up like this?

No. 1686663

Agreed, it's honestly like she's always looking for problems to have, often before there even is one?

No. 1687761

New problem for her to have, should she choose to take it on…Lurch has a new gf. No caps cause don’t want to post new girl, but she is super natural, not Karen Glamorous and I can see Hag losing her entire shit over it.

No. 1687820

Does he still have his old ig username?

No. 1688024

share with the class. post a pic.

No. 1688079

Does this timeline match up with Heather’s recent depressed posts about work and wanting to move back home?

No. 1688221

Its @onlyremnantsremain now

Ah it’s too cuntish. Go look at his profile, it’s in stories.

No. 1688237

It’s private, post it!

No. 1688239

File: 1667079226200.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.01 MB, 1529x1089, 155BB770-F0C4-4D1F-9834-4E39B6…)

Ah fuck it. A spoiler and no links gives her half a chance.

No. 1688259

probably privated due to heather

we'll see how much longer that lasts

No. 1688263

I don't understand how this hideous creature gets any girls. Is it really that bad in PA?

No. 1688412


I'd LOVE to see what you look like nona

No. 1688420

regardless of what anons look like, it's plain for all to see that the scrote is hideous beyond even the average scrote. he's also a retard (he tried to date heather)

No. 1688432

He is truly one of the ugliest dudes I’ve ever seen.

No. 1688454

Lurch, is that you? learn to sage.

No. 1688491

I do what I want. Eat shit

No. 1688518

She’s great looking considering how actually revolting Lurch is.

No. 1688533

He looks and acts inbred, charming. Why are you still lurking your exes thread, fam? You have a new partner now who is still punching above your weight, count your blessings and gtfo

No. 1688546

I'm laughing so fucking hard he is literally the ugliest man I've ever seen. Holy shit lmfao Heather really was uprooting her life for this ooga booga inbred neanderthal

No. 1688569

It's hilarious to see how easily you speds talk to someone who isn't on here. The world is about to be locked down for 10 days. You've been warned.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1688590


No. 1688605

Soo…we don’t all agree that he’s ugly, anon? Cause that’s the point. He’s ugly. Anyway, heather isn’t exactly ugly or pretty. She’s a “plain Jane”, but her cringe makes her eh. But he’s genuinely ugly. Even if he’s a great guy and his personality is 10/10, no. I don’t want my kids to look like that off-hand.

No. 1688613

You're either him or someone equally as ugly since you're on here defending his "good" looks, and if you are him, Heather made a lucky escape since you sound totally deranged.
>The world is about to be locked down for 10 days.
Touch some grass

No. 1688631

I'm not surprised considering his trad wife desires that he has an Asian gf now.

No. 1688756

Not really. I don’t think she’s seen any of this, a car story meltdown would be the go-to if she had, surely?

No. 1688967

She looks like a nice sporty lesbian, why is she dating a literal goon.

No. 1689619

haha… wow Heather, THAT'S what he picked over you?? you may as well give up now, girl

No. 1690261

File: 1667250006873.png (10.11 MB, 1284x2778, AD8B8A31-91F7-4315-8977-DED1AB…)

Normally I just lurk for fun but this made me laugh so hard. She legitimately has no idea what “working hands” look like. She really thinks retail is “working hard” in comparison to, say, carpenters or welders etc. Heather, hun, if you read this, your hands look like any other girl’s and they prove nothing.

Not saying she doesn’t work hard because retail can definitely be taxing but like, get a grip girl. Lmfao.

No. 1690367

Your hands are dry.

No. 1690602

Huh?? What is even she referring to? Those two super faint scratches?

No. 1690899

heather, just-
look up what "working hands" look like, this is embarrassing
they're hard, calloused, probably dirty, they don't have nicely kempt and certainly not long nails

you lifted heavy stuff for like two days max, take your fucking trophy

No. 1691050

File: 1667326749832.jpg (366.46 KB, 1080x1919, haunted_butterfly_1.jpg)

Of course it's someone else's birthday and all she can do is talk about herself.

No. 1691126

Well, of course, she is her biggest fan.

No. 1691265

File: 1667344153655.jpeg (Spoiler Image,262.47 KB, 827x1470, 3993FFAD-E417-4157-A74A-4041D2…)

Just for you anon. Last one I’ll post of Lurch. Spoiled because Lurchmoid. Point of me posting - proof that Hag can not have seen any of his latest news or she would be losing her shit right now. Further illustrating how creepy it is that she latches on to other peoples hobbies and keeps them as her own.

No. 1692031

dude rebounded fast. I wonder if he goes through girlfriends as fast as heather goes through boyfriends kek

No. 1692130

Lurch has known of his new gf, liking her pics etc, for at least a year, so…

No. 1692575

Oh damn, crying car nervous breakdown selfies coming right up!

No. 1692605

It looks like he doesn't use a pillowcase and that makes me want to barf.

No. 1692844


I was thinking that too. Also wtf is up with his hair, it's soo bad. Get a new hairdresser, dude.

No. 1692942

It looks like he has that repulsive teenage boy/incel smell and the whole room reeks of chicken soup tier b.o, an old gym bag mood sweat, and jizzy socks.

No. 1693033

He has multiple swastikas on his knuckles. Curious about the rest of that tattoo.

No. 1693048

Holy shit I never noticed that before. Heather, you dodged a fucking bullet girl.

No. 1693063

File: 1667524768278.jpeg (34.13 KB, 251x403, 1660855981490-01.jpeg)

Same anon as >>1693033
I went through the threads for a more complete picture of that tattoo, and this was the best I could find. Notably, there are several clear pictures of the owl tattoo on his other hand, but none of this one.
I rotated it and fucked around with the colors a bit to try to make the details clearer. It looks to me like a wolf (or maybe a fox?) with a tiny human skull tied to the top of its head, with the swastikas as part of a decorative border at the bottom. Nazis famously had skulls on their caps in that same spot, and neo-fascist groups seem to love wolf imagery. Tinfoil, I know, but I personally think it's compelling.

No. 1693296

Those are not nazi swastikas you imbeciles. Those are hindu swastikas

No. 1693303

Same for the tiger. I believe its called kkachi horangi. It is also a common depiction of it in asian art. You see it a lot in tattoos these days.

No. 1693341

i swear half these nonnas are completely sheltered

No. 1693426

A white American boy getting Hindu swastikas seems totally fine and not suspicious to you at all? As demonstrated here, the average person is just going to look at those and go "swastika," so it's a rather bold choice.

No. 1693460

we never said he was fucking smart kek

No. 1693533

You're definitely right about that. While I will admit my ignorance about them being Hindu swastikas (I guess it has to do with the orientations of the 'tails'?) I just think that, in the West, the swastika has a particular connotation that can't be helped, and a white American who already flirts with neo-paganism/fascist imagery isn't a great candidate for reclaiming it.

No. 1693660

you didn't have to go to all that trouble when you could've just linked >>1619514
and how can you think that looks like a wolf lmao

No. 1693866

You stupid shits have entirely too much time on your hands. Get a fucking life.(all of your posts are just defending that man and not saging....interesting )

No. 1693888

Anon he’s a white boy in central PA. There’s approximately zero chance he grew up with Hindu swastikas as part of his culture. However there are a lot of white nationalist groups in that area. He knows what he’s doing.

No. 1693900

You stupid shit could sage your stupid shit too though

No. 1693904

Hi "anon"

No. 1693945

They don’t even look like swastikas to me just average intertwining but square lines. He’s a sheltered af Christian boy I don’t think he’d even make the correlation to how it looks

No. 1693998

File: 1667604480776.png (2 MB, 1080x1846, Screenshot_20221104-192147~2.p…)

What happened to here "losing" her job? Her being over dramatic like always.

No. 1694003

File: 1667604625293.jpeg (403.29 KB, 1230x1080, 56CCF791-FBEA-4F59-87BB-F40135…)

No. 1694006

Wut, she was having a breakdown a few days ago wasn't she? Heather straight up needs medication.

No. 1694039

>48 hours
>9 days.

Her shifts are 6ish hours? Bleak.

No. 1694060

Did people say those things? I don't remember the older threads.

No. 1694071

Heather, no one is mad that you are so gawfik and still wearing pumpkin spice plaid. In fact, no one cares.
Lol I love how she seems to think if you are goth, you can only dress exclusively goth, any time you have clothes on your body. Actual goths don't care. But it's all a performance for her anyway, so of course she'd think that.

>you'll never figure me out
Heather you are the least complex human on earth.

No. 1694082

Her ex husband was legitimately very abusive, posts here, and it seems like he trolled her youtube comments with weird stuff back when she changed style years ago (she thinks it was youtube viewers but I think it was him since youtube viewers love goth and alt fashion and live vicariously through alt-youtubers, often people live in religious or backward areas where they can't dress or act alt themselves), and the comments are really weird and in line with stuff he said), the stuff she lists there is stuff that he said to her, not lolcow people

Pretty sure like 80% of her hangup about being "weird" is due to his massive overreaction to her interests and fashion, dude acted like she was marilyn manson when she's just a livelaughlove goth mom. For some reason she internalized it as valid critique when literally nobody thinks her style or interests are edgy.

No. 1694118

Yeah, her current cycle of Ryan-hunting just screams "trying to reclaim the years I felt I lost while with my shitty SO", she has so many obvious hangups from her failed marriage that's only worsened by her BPD that a therapist could help her work past… Buuuut, no.
Shopping addiction > Mental health

No. 1694143

I think she's so opposed to seeing a therapist because she got 5150'd and views therapists as the enemy

No. 1694187


Pretty sure it's a 302 in PA, to be fair.

The only one I've ever seen over inflate her "goth" interests is her own damn self.

I like how her "apartment" is now a "house" too.

No. 1694273

Yeah, she's super stuck on the idea that seeing a therapist=crazy.

No. 1694333

No I meant the stuff like you'll never drive, never get a job etc.

No. 1694792

Yes. Still stems from the same guy. It’s all the same time period and now it’s been years and she is still saying the same things.

No. 1694943

File: 1667694905397.jpeg (404.4 KB, 1214x1080, F693CC2F-C12B-4884-AB93-00C1D0…)

Too bad, I’m ready for a new Ryan saga

No. 1694947

Lmao maybe he ghosted you because you literally said yesterday that you've accepted you'll always be alone.

No. 1695235

how does she not see that public desperation is a Ryan-repellent

No. 1695561

No, no, she's never done anything that other people would find repellent, it's quite obviously a supernatural, wholly unexplainable curse!

No. 1695952

>I'm super goth
Literally where Heather? In one photo of you from over a decade ago? She wears nothing but flannels and ugly target dresses these days. When was the last time she wore any of her killstar horde? And even that is mall-goth at best. Her weird obsession with trying to convince people she's "totes super goth" is straight up delusional. We have eyes Heather.

No. 1695982

File: 1667841970486.jpeg (377.32 KB, 828x1939, 0AF8D92D-935E-4DEE-88EA-246F1A…)

No. 1696003

Because “not being so hot looking right now” is why she doesn’t have friends. Clearly she’s looking for her next Ryan, not a friend. Also likely fishing for compliments that she is pretty

No. 1696019

File: 1667845403309.jpg (113.44 KB, 719x1080, Screenshot_20221107-132135_Ins…)

32 comments and not a single reply from Heather yet.

No. 1696027

Cause most of the offers to hang out or chat are from women

No. 1696043

So you've worked 9 days in a row and only pulled 48 hours? At 8 hrs you should be at 72. Better not splurge if you aren't even pulling ft hours.

No. 1696204

Of fucking course

No. 1696207

only Ryans need apply
she’s tried the same thing over and over, and she’s all out of ideas

No. 1696279


You don’t work hard.

Try doing those hours over 5/6 days like the rest of us. hell I work outside in winter and I don’t even think I work especially hard. She’s so fucking dramatic(unsaged blog)

No. 1696467

This isn’t funny anymore it’s just cyclic and depressing

No. 1696686

File: 1668042298203.png (755.74 KB, 1179x2556, FF524196-FA9B-4463-AA28-7F69E1…)

Please seek therapy.

No. 1696693

She has her comments limited too. What is she afraid of?

No. 1696728

File: 1668045974289.jpeg (401.06 KB, 685x1798, A670408F-B058-4D16-9384-D66A41…)

What is she even talking about, she clearly read the comments enough to rant at this account and there aren’t any new ones since then.

No. 1696733

So this is why she has been so quiet on Instagram. She is so fucking sensitive and defensive.

No. 1696742

Did she reply to anyone else or ignore all of the women and ugly moids wanting to connect?

No. 1696833

File: 1668059754352.jpg (868.67 KB, 1079x1784, Screenshot_20221110_004919_Fac…)

She doesn't want friends, clearly.

No. 1696837

File: 1668060212665.jpg (124.95 KB, 1057x576, Screenshot_20221110_010134_Fac…)

More time on dating apps compared to forums or groups if she really cared about meeting friends

No. 1696848

It's sad when you think about it, Heather isn't ugly and she's not that bad behavior wise, and more repulsive cows manage to have partners. I'm not a wk but it's def interesting.

No. 1696884

and she always emphasises how "nice" she is, kek, I don't believe a thing she writes, she comes of as extremely needy and like someone who will make a drama if you don't shower her with attention 24/7