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File: 1619174497106.jpg (336.79 KB, 1080x1245, e912d7201c15015861d08745ba8dc3…)

No. 1214718

Previous drama:
>Philosophy Tube comes out as trans
>Jake Paul is unsurprisingly accused of rape
>Lindsay Ellis gets cancelled because of her tweet in which she compares Raya to the Last Airbender
>Destery Smith is accused of grooming and pedophilia
>James Charles is cancelled and demonetized after grooming allegations, releases half-assed apology video
>David Dobrik is dropped by sponsors after Durte Dom rape allegations, releases half-assed apology video
>Kalel Cullen returns to Youtube, still in her Koreaboo phase, lives in her parents basement, is suffering from an extreme case of Botox face
>Eugenia Cooney is somehow still alive
>Julien Solomita and Jenna Marbles are now engaged
>Jeffree Star has a car accident
>Trisha buys giant ass mansion with Moses, comes out as they/them
>Jeff Wittek's mysterious injury turns out to be the result of a stunt for David Dobrik's vlog where they failed to understand the basic laws of gravity
>something something Corpse Husband

No. 1214737

File: 1619178491728.jpg (83.2 KB, 493x835, Screenshot_4.jpg)

Another girl came forward about being harassed by Jake Paul

No. 1214754

I just hope that her and everyone else will bring it as good as Justine did, with actual proofs instead of empty words.

No. 1214767

thanks for the new thread op, was waiting to discuss this.

EDP445 (aka eatdatpussy445) a youtuber known for describing his many shits in public bathrooms, fighting 13 year olds, and just generally being disgusting - was exposed by a pedophile hunting youtube group for attempting to meet up with a minor. The pedo hunters are shitstains themselves clearly trying to make money out of the situation, and even start justifying being attracted to minors during the confrontation. Vid related is Charlies summary of the situation and the transcripts between EDP445 and the minor decoy.

No. 1214796

My god, this guy disgusts me. He always gave me creep vibes anyway, anyone who talks on their public channel about taking shits and jerking off isn't mentally well adjusted. I thought he was funny for like 15 seconds in 2016 kek. Glad he got exposed

No. 1215094

Keemstar is fucking retarded. He says Jake Paul's victim should have just closed her mouth in order not to get raped. I feel sorry for his daughter

No. 1215096

Wish that this is satire

No. 1215098

God, grant me the serenity to not a-log

No. 1215099

He's the one who should a-log. The world would be a better place

No. 1215118

*an hero, but yes, he should.

No. 1215123

oh wait, upon googling a-logging I realized that it doesn't mean what I thought it did lmao. Anyway, Keemstar should go and hang himself

No. 1215128

Keemstar's whole existence on this planet is a biblical plague

No. 1215130

His ex came out back when Shane Dawson's documentary aired and talked about his abusive behaviour but obviously it got brushed under the rug because Shane coddled him

No. 1215140

Why does he continue to exist

No. 1215151

hopefully someone shoves their dick down his throat next. maybe he can test his own theories!

No. 1215159

He's so dumb, if someone says 'no, and the other person continues, it's fucking assault. So many men think like him, even the 'good ones', this shit triggers me so hard.

No. 1215161

He’s a rapist too. Calling it now.

No. 1215177

are they all pedos and rapists or what? Is there a single male YouTuber that’s not either a wife beater, rapist, pedo, groomer, racist etc?

No. 1215179

The rlm dudes (knock on wood)

No. 1215211

Oh God, I would genuinely not be able to handle if any of my best boys turned out to be predators.

No. 1215220


I don't doubt that for a second tbh

No. 1215506

File: 1619245083410.jpg (29.55 KB, 615x287, Screenshot_15.jpg)

lmao Jake Paul beats a retired, out of shape wrestler who recently had hip replacement surgery and thinks he's the shit. I can't with this narcissism

No. 1216177

File: 1619353063366.png (7.97 MB, 1536x2048, idubbbzproposal.png)

Idubbbz has proposed to Anisa. What a retard.

Quite a small ring for a rich youtuber as well.

No. 1216179

File: 1619353320961.webm (2.05 MB, 576x1024, proposal.webm)

Here is them showing the ring off on Tiktok WHILE DRIVING. Such trashy people.

No. 1216180

No. 1216181

File: 1619353526413.gif (4.87 MB, 384x288, EA4CDDD5-9FFB-4AC4-A790-6F9754…)

He needs the million dollar baby treatment

No. 1216188

i've been keeping a side eye on the whole situation and it's so fucking creepy. like, yeah i can't believe the pedo hunters are worse than chris fucking hansen, they deserve some cowdom themselves. but still doesn't top the fact EDP was literally flaunting this "13 year old" to his fans. actual pedo behavior.

No. 1216192

i already thought he was retarded for staying with her (and for being himself) but i expected him to dump her before even considering proposing.
this is next-level dumbassery.

No. 1216216

Cody Ko

No. 1216257

He is such a cringe lord jesus, you all focus on Anisa but he gives me as much physical pain as her

No. 1216293

he's fucking cringe for sure but with the way he's been acting online you really wonder where his so-called standards are, kek. making videos about cringe when he's proposing to cringe personified

No. 1216348

nah, I don't think so…why do you think that?

No. 1216421

He doesn't put out enough content anymore to be "focused" on. Anisa would also be less interesting if she wasn't actively cucking him and descending into being a full on online-prostitute.

No. 1216512

i think Cody is a good guy too. what about kurtis conner/danny gonzalez/drew gooden? i wouldn't be totally shocked if something came out about one or all of them, but i would be slightly surprised. same with the RLM guys.

No. 1216572

idk, i find kurtis kind of weird. he interacts more than i feel is normal with his goofy ass underaged fans (he was ‘friends’ with this weird looking 17? year old fakeboi called sid from tiktok or something and was defending her on twitter sometime last year). i find him kind of odd, but i also just think he’s kind of a dick in general, so maybe it’s just me

No. 1216576

I'm betting on kurtis. He seems like the usual pretends-to-be-an-ally-for-pussy who ends up being me too'd. He was also friends with someone who had minor drama with a female youtuber for being mean to her or something.

No. 1216591

He seems pretty genuine, although I do get vibes that Noel and him are not as good buddies as they used to be so it'd be interesting if it was over some hidden controversy.

No. 1216623

i do too get the vibes they’re not close friends. i genuinely wouldn’t be surprised if the tmg project broke up as soon as the money stops flowing in

No. 1216863

Yeah, he was friends with Syd and she would brag about talking to him and made a huge deal about him coming to her defense. You're time line is also correct. It's really weird. I know Syd's dad is always up her ass but why would he let his clearly mentally ill teen daughter befriend a mid-twenties youtube commentator? Just seems weird. Even if it's all performance, weird. Sorry for the tangent, just wanted to back your point up.

No. 1216883

He doesn't have any allegation against him, he seems genuine, his long term girlfriend is often in his videos and they seem a healthy couple, he doesn't seem to have any misogynistic views from his videos. Can't see any red flags in him, guy looks okay. Why do you think he's sus?
Noel on the other hand doesn't give me the same vibes, he sounds like a bit of a conceited asshole.

No. 1216947

Rhett and Link? I haven't watched their content in years, but they used to just seem like dorky dads

No. 1217075

File: 1619462295995.jpeg (250.22 KB, 1125x708, 84A607FF-1B2C-429C-A53B-D4D45A…)

Gabbie Hannah is apparently making a docu series “exposing” Trisha yada yada. Went on 3000 rants on TikTok/ig/Twitter on how everyone’s gonna know trishas so called secrets soon.

No. 1217085

You think those butt buddies (who literally married the female version of the other) are creeps? Unlikely. Wholesome families.

No. 1217239

What proof did Justine have? lol

Of course there is. You just obsess over the male YouTubers who validate your prejudices and keep you in that "men bad wahhhh" mentality bubble.

Why does she think that would make a dent in Trisha's reputation?

No. 1217248

I don’t think she’s had a rational thought in about 18 months. I half expect it to be some “Trisha controls the weather that’s why there’s droughts in California” schizoid bullshit. At least it’ll be milky.

No. 1217249

lol she wants to be featured drama on frenemies so bad. i had a sliver of sympathy for her when i saw how bad the blog squad used to clown on her looks but this bitch is so clout hungry and psychotic, it’s actually embarrassing.

No. 1217250

samefag but meant vlog obviously

No. 1217251

She is desperate to prove that Trisha is the crazy liar and that she's the victim, like this bitch is convinced she is just being unfairly persecuted by everyone on youtube who she's even vaguely connected to.

The shit with rachel oates is embarassing, like just let your shitty poetry fade into the background, stop bringing it up.

No. 1217301

The fact that the vlog squad used to clown on her makes me hate her more in a way. All those guys calling you fat, ugly and gross were fine but a woman commentating on a poetry book YOU sent her to comment on is a narcissistic, manipulative bitch? Guess it's different when she's not desperate for men to want to fuck her.

No. 1217307

Mike gives me weird casual misogyny vibes

No. 1217315

Haha no I was saying I think they're probably NOT creeps, my bad for not specifying

No. 1217321

Tbh you're right. I'm trying to think of a specific example, but I've noticed sometimes Mike will say something kinda gross and Jay sits there and makes a face or looks uncomfortable. Whenever it happens I wonder if it's because he's actually uncomfortable, or he's just worried about potential reactions.

They don't seem to give any fucks about backlash or getting "cancelled" so that makes me lean towards, he's actually kinda weirded out by what Mike says (maybe that's me being a naive Jay fangirl idk)

No. 1217341

File: 1619481318471.png (222.92 KB, 377x916, Capture.PNG)

No. 1217346

i wish this smurf-looking eyesore would stfu for 5 seconds

No. 1217361


No. 1217402

Jay seems to be the most careful with his words and the most left leaning out of the main three RLM guys IMO. He also seems to be the most image conscious out of all of them too, though relative to everyone else on YouTube none of them truly seem to give a shit.

Im a Jay fan girl too though

No. 1217551


No. 1217726

It’s not even remotely funny
“Huurr girl sexc! Ching Chong durka durka!”
Men shouldn’t be allowed to speak.

No. 1217876

where's the funny?? jenna marbles' ching chong joke was funny at least

No. 1218143

File: 1619558454023.png (692.17 KB, 558x954, bitch.png)

Gabbie Hannah is such a nasty bitch, she really has no redeeming qualities whatsoever and I really wonder how she still has an audience (other than hate-watchers).

She is ugly inside and out and she knows it, that's why she has to post cope-shit like this even tho she really hates herself.

No. 1218158

sad thing for her is even in her bra and underwear all i can see is her gargantuan nose and nostrils

No. 1218167

She is a truly hideous butterface.

No. 1218178

Nonitas, choose one

No. 1218236

I know i expect the worst of male youtubers but if danny gonzalez has some dirt on him that would really shock and upset me.

No. 1218249

bragging about necrophilia is certainly a look, but go off, gabbie

No. 1218289

It is possible to have both, anon. NPD and BPD can exist in the same person and co-occurence of NPD and BPD is a thing.

No. 1218329

yeah he's definitely raped women

No. 1218334

No. 1218391

Gabbie Hanna will make an onlyfans soon.

No. 1218415

Sorry for stupid question but wasnt keem caught trying to sleep with/trying to get nudes from a 15yr old or was that an internet rumour? I dont want to ggogle it.

No. 1218416


hot take here but yes what he said is fucked, but at least he's donating something instead of doing a video titled Accountability and moving on

No. 1218418

He has a penis I'm sure he'll be alright.

No. 1218559

Agree with you both, honestly it feels like Noel has changed a bit but maybe I'm just reading too far into things. I stopped watching his streams and videos because I get a vibe he's full of himself. Cody on the other hand has stayed pretty consistent throughout his vine and then youtube career

No. 1218628

i suspect that that’s part of the issue between them (if an issue even exists.) cody’s style hasn’t changed much at all for the last couple years, but noel has noticeably really expanded his palate and branched out into other shit. also noel is genuinely way more talented than cody when it comes to their musical projects. like to the point that it’s impossible not to notice. i wouldn’t be surprised if noel is ready to pursue his other passions and finish off TMG soon.

No. 1218744

Agreed about Noel, he oozes big ego now.

No. 1218813

"Productivity" youtubers are out of control.

No. 1218828

that wouldn't surprise me in the slightest

No. 1218966

gabbie hanna is what happens when an insecure girl with barely mediocre looks gets famous. she’s a crybaby, extremely sensitive, and can only focus on any hate she gets. she should’ve known better than to try and become internet famous if she’s just gonna claim discrimination when people don’t like her.

No. 1219012

>barely mediocre looks
You’re really, really kind anon

No. 1219073

File: 1619641046052.jpg (41.74 KB, 640x1385, gabbie.jpg)

Yeah she is legit ugly. But then again if she got a nose-job nobody would even recognize her anymore.

No. 1219201

this image startled me

No. 1219295

File: 1619659762651.png (121.65 KB, 439x672, Screen Shot 2021-04-28 at 9.27…)

Gabbie Hannah continues her victim Tyrade.
This 'docuseries' is gonna be so milky. She's so desperate for support that she's buddying up with WOACB… sad

No. 1219312

omg not withoutacrystalbrain…
she must be out of mtv teen mom drama.

No. 1219343

File: 1619664593223.jpg (221.08 KB, 1080x1159, Screenshot_20210428-224709.jpg)

Gabbie Hanna's online harassment pushed Trish into a breakdown, she also posted a 18 minute video talking about it.

No. 1219346

A light breeze could push Trisha into a breakdown

No. 1219348

Trish's video.

No. 1219372

She’s literally done videos of the thousands she spends on fillers, Botox, laser hair removal, micro blading, hydra facials, etc. so she has no problem with procedures or spending hella money on them, she just refuses to fix her fucking nose. She got nose filler to “reshape” some areas but her editor left in her cutting off her injector mentioning it in the consult, and it cut to later in the conversation lol. So she has tried to improve it but refuses to just get the fucking surgery with some of the top surgeons all around her.

Same with tana talking about her botched nose all the time but never fixing it despite making bank.

No. 1219380

two insufferable people going at it but not even in a funny way.
Has she given anyone a reason to support her? Even when controversial youtubers would go on their sympathy tours they'd try to act humble for like a week

No. 1219383

She looks like a bitter old woman that smells of cat pee.

No. 1219388

old trish jumped out for a second. if only this had been filmed on a kitchen floor.

No. 1219406

i know trish is batshit but i kinda feel bad for her right now. gabbie is an absolutely vile piece of shit and to play off trish's mental health issues is just gross.
gabbie is manic af right now and it's only gonna get worse. i feel like she's gonna end up hospitalized by the end of this.

No. 1219415

For Tana it makes sense for her to not get her nose job redone since a re-do of a botch job can fuck up the nose even more depending on how much the original nose they shaved off. But I agree Gabi has zero excuse her nose is huge and disproportionate all around making her look like a basset hound.

No. 1219419

>basset hound
kek why is that so accurate

No. 1219459

peep the summers eve kek

No. 1219597

honestly if gabbie ever got a nose job it would only further her victim complex because people would always use that to prove she's insecure

No. 1219601

she proves she's insecure without it though so might as well get that monstrosity taken care of

No. 1219606

She proves that every time she opens her mouth.

No. 1219675

I watched Jeff Wittek's video about his accident and I predict that David is actually gonna kill someone in the future. He's so fucking irresponsible and out of touch with reality

No. 1219688

as grim as it is, i don't think david's going to get an actual reality check until he DOES kill someone. he seems like such a sociopath with the way he's responded to the people that have gotten hurt for his gags that i wouldn't even be surprised if he wasn't affected by it though.

No. 1219701

noel has always given me high school bully energy and cody is his doormat friend that laughs along at everything fucked up he says.

No. 1220655

Waiting for Gabbie to release this "docuseries" and then claim that this is all just a "character" and that everyone who believed it is an idiot.

No. 1220690

>Drew Gooden tweeted this at the grown age of 23
These twitter people are so boring yawn. Why are they all acting as if 23 year old people in 2016 were bombarded with as much social justice theory as they are nowadays? Surely, a joke like that wouldn't fly in 2021 but he made it literally on the 1st of January 2016, the peak of the tasteless edgy humour era. How do people even find these tweets?
I'm glad he apologized but there are some really angry people under the original callout tweet who are flashing their "Don't comment if you're not affected by this!" cards

Wait until the zoomers find out what Joji used to do before putting out mainstream music, I'm surprised he lasted this long without getting cancelled

No. 1220737

yeah like i’m pretty jaded by youtube stunts but that one legitimately shocked me, i cannot believe he hasn’t taken any legal action against david at least for medical fees

No. 1220798

Anon have you been living under a rock that already happened

No. 1220823

Yeah because he is. Sorry guys but I feel like it’s pretty obvious . But I hope he’s just a misogynist and not a creepy rapist, though

No. 1220827

There should be a reasonable cap on empathy for people who swing from excavators on social media for money. These people need protection from themselves, he was fine with letting his psycho buddy fuck with his life until it didn't pay off in the way he wanted it to. We're all supposed to feel pity as if it was all unavoidable lmao.

No. 1220828

ayrt and yeah pretty much, though I would be surprised at nothing from a weirdly hostile-about-women fat guy. he also has zero good taste except for star trek but anyone who likes scifi knows that trek isn't shitty.

No. 1220861

File: 1619855610705.png (1.48 MB, 1144x706, hila klein.png)

Hila Klein is possibly the biggest cuck in the universe. She sits next to her husband and the father of her child as he talks about whores and how they are "just hussling" and "misunderstood". She nods in agreement, her eyes are blank. Her hair is dyed pink to resemble a 19 year old whore whose porn her husband likes on twitter and proudly has on his podcast that he does with her, his wife.

Hila Klein has let Ethan murder her soul and shit on her heart for the past 10 years because he makes a lot of money. Her eyes are glazed over, she is dead inside. Every day she asks herself "Why didn't I just stay in Israel and marry that nice jewish man my mom tried to set me up with? Why did I go to america with this Schmuck who does not value me at all?"

But then she remembers that she lives in a mansion and gets to make her shitty art into a fashion line and she gets up and she makes him the tendies and she sits and smiles as her husband talks about how much he wants to fuck women 20 years younger than her.

Pour some fucking anthrax in his cereal you dumb bitch.

No. 1220864

while I'm not denying that anyone would want to blow their brains out listening to 'memes amirite' for 3 hours and giving minimal feedback, hila comes from a background where women are either hasidic and extremely reserved or sex positive and trashy, and it's very rare to see an inbetween. seems like after not seeing her family for a year she got to break out of those chains and actually speak and try new things with her looks. she mentioned a month ago (?) she was going to see her family for a holiday and since then she went back to being dead silent.

No. 1220868

I still cant believe she's with this fat, ugly scrote.. and now they have a child. What a crazy world. I dont even feel bad for her because she openly lets him shit on other women or thirst after them. she's definitely dead inside

No. 1220874

I have no sympathy for the bitch who was in the military smiling and posing with a gun. Sure it was mandatory, but why all the Instagram like photos?

No. 1220876

when i used to watch H3H3 as a teen, i would always get the sense that Hila felt absolutely miserable with him and it seems its gotten worse over the years,i feel fucking awful for her

also Hila if you're possibly a lurker im single

No. 1220877

idk if anyone has talked about this elsewhere but does anyone have opinions about keemstar accusing trisha paytas of sexual harassment / attempted sexual assault?

No. 1220881

I'm probably very late to this, but SNL made a sketch about David Dobrik

No. 1220882

There is nothing wrong with knowing how to use a gun, lmao. I hope she still has one and decides to do the right thing one day, shoot Ethan in his big dumb head while he is making a TikTok to creep on 13 year old girls.

click click bang(a-logging)

No. 1220883

I think habit and a fear of change keeps them together, like many other Youtubers. And also the kid

No. 1220885

File: 1619861612763.png (228.72 KB, 726x592, keem1.png)

Keemstar is trash and I hope he gets asscancer.

No. 1220888

File: 1619862291235.jpg (310.96 KB, 1080x1011, Screenshot_20210501-021809_Twi…)


Here's the tweet where he accuses trisha of attempted assault

No. 1220889

What a fucking idiot

No. 1220890

File: 1619862648205.webm (16.69 MB, 320x568, keemtard.webm)

He is only doing this because Trisha and Ethan called him out on Frenemies for saying he doesn't believe Jake Paul's victim cause he doesn't understand how youc an be orally raped.

"Just close your mouth lol" is basically his take, he doesn't understand that a 200 pound man can force his penis into the mouth of a 100 pound woman and why she didn't "just bite it".

I don't think it needs to be explained why he is retarded for saying this and disgusting because he has a DAUGHTER and still says these things.

No. 1220891

File: 1619862673891.png (171.29 KB, 657x621, keem2.png)

No. 1220892

go back to twitter retard

No. 1220893

I wish someone forced their dick down his throat

No. 1220895


david is voluntarily paying for all jeff’s medical bills. which im assuming is why jeff has gone back for two corrective surgeries to push the injured eye forward. jeff says in the doc the additional surgery is mostly cosmetic. i honestly feel like jeff is playing nice with david until he feels all the surgeries are “done” and than after he’s healed up we might start to see more of Jeff’s actual rage towards David come forward.

No. 1220896


yeah she made it 100% obvious shes trying to pull a joaquin pheonix. but she plays the batshit psycho desperate for attention way too well.

No. 1220909

I have a feeling that Sl04n lurks here and this is where he gets the topics for his videos. I don't have anything to back it up, just a feeling

No. 1220912

File: 1619870132332.jpeg (654.83 KB, 1242x748, A5D89CB1-F739-4261-94B5-B0F1E3…)

They are trying for a 2nd baby through IVF

No. 1220913

I thought this was an April Fool's video at first but no he is actually serious…

The thing that irks me the most about this guy is how manufactured and artificial his whole personality is like everything about him is optimized and taken from somewhere else. I used to listen to his and his brother's podcast and amongst the listeners his brother, who doesn't have an online following besides said podcast, was the clear favorite since he was a lot more natural and funny. The other thing that made me really cringe hard was when he talked about trying to find a wife and about how he asked his female friends how he could look more attractive to women.

No. 1220915

Yea I have no idea if it's his tourettes but the fascination with titties was a lot. Even the frenemies episodes the tension between him and trisha is getting weird too.

No. 1220922

>tfw you are our of ideas for "productivity" content

one thing to be more productive is not to watch too many productivity videos kek. seriously productivity focused channels sometimes are too much and do more harm than good

haven't seen much of him so i didn't know that.it makes the video even sadder.why even watch anime if you are going to skip it.read summaries/reviews/commentary(in 2x speed at least ofc), check some fanart and that's it. making leisure activities like watching media into a productivity contest is low-key psychotic

No. 1220925

Call me an autists but I'm 100% sure she's a lesbian in deep deep denial(armchair)

No. 1220941

There was a recent episode where Ethan said some weird shit about Trisha squirting, they played it off like friendly banter but it was really gross and weird. I think I've heard them acknowledge Hila off camera before, I don't know if it'd be worse if she constantly had to witness him talk like that or if he only does it while she's not around

No. 1220950

Lmao what are you talking about? He's very clearly repulsed by Trisha, she's the one who constantly hits on him and tries to get him to "wrestle her". She constantly brings up her squirting and OnlyFans shoots and he will outright say that he finds it gross.

He likes is women prepubescent and skinny. He clearly has a crush on Belle.

No. 1220954


The Belle stuff is the first time I got that vibe anons are talking about from Ethan. Just totally disrespectful while Hila is right fucking there while playing it like he's just really curious and trying to figure out why people like it. Like no Ethan, you clearly fucking like it yourself. He plays dumb all the time.

No. 1220975

nta but the most recent episode he was like going on and on about the squirting and trish was trying to change the subject lmao

No. 1220979

Is their first baby through IVF? Are his swimmers that bad quality?

No. 1220982

i don’t think so but look at him, he’s not exactly the picture of health kek

No. 1220983

i don't remember if the first baby was through ivf but it's very likely. hila has some kind of problem with her uterus, idk if she ever mentioned exactly what it is tho

No. 1220987

doesn't help that she's 33

No. 1220990

Only 33?? I thought she was older than than that tbh. I thought she was like 35 and Ethan is around 40

No. 1220997

File: 1619881370254.png (59.47 KB, 350x392, h3h3.png)

Ethan's only 35, although to be fair he's been going grey since his twenties.

No. 1220998

They both look older than their ages imo

No. 1221016

I barely know who these people are and I always thought the fat guy was gay lol. Now I'm reading he's married and has children holy fuck the state of the world(no1curr)

No. 1221035

I don’t think the first baby was IVF, I remember them saying that it took a really long time to conceive Theodore and just when they were about to give up, Hila fell pregnant. When they said they were having IVF this time my first thought was because they don’t have sex anymore kek.

No. 1221131

she does or did loved him… there's a video where they tell the story about being poor not able to get some bell pepper and then they start selling drugs THIS WAS when they were on their early 20's and tbh that sounded like love to me.

Plus Hila is insecure and now dying her hair? looks like she's finally able to do those thing she didn't do when she was younger and tbh knowing how Ethan is, he must be consumed by the fame, power and the podcast pretty sure if Hila has not evolved in that way with him, she's only staying with him 'cuz she's like grateful or sum shit that he took her away and now she's living in a mansion. Sorry for the rant, bye.

No. 1221137

yeah honestly i think she's just significantly higher iq than him and she's annoyed by him now lol staying for the money and stability because she comes from a traditional upbringing. the anon sperging about ethan "shitting on her heart" or whatever does not seem like the situation at all.

No. 1221162

File: 1619896167561.jpeg (54.48 KB, 453x453, 2FC033FC-1B40-4F8E-9EA1-EB9A43…)

Ethan didn’t always look bad either. Based on this photo they look pretty well matched imo. Honestly Ethan could significantly improve if he just stopped stuffing his face and lost some weight.

No. 1221244

>he makes a lot of money
In the last two years he makes money yes, but they used to be so destitute neither of them had cars and couldn't afford a bell pepper
How do you explain her staying through at least five years of that?

No. 1221299

Are you stupid, young, a male or naive? 33 is still years away from the menopause.

Yea they seem like they're in love, doubt ethan will be the only male to openly comment on naked women in front of his partner.

No. 1221404

I think they still have a healthy relationship, don't see how she only staying with him for the money can be true if they've been together while poor, gone through a lawsuit, and talk about future plans together like another kid or pet.
Ethan definitely still spews bullshit especially when he's unchecked by Hila or Trisha. Him devolving into just repeating titties while talking about the hot tub thing is cringe

No. 1221410

If a man is in love with you and respects you then he wont thirst over other women especially in your presence in front of a big audience.
Ethan is trash and his wife doesnt have any backbone, thats why hes with her.
He cant get a respectable woman with confidence and her own opinions or he would cry. Im still disgusted by him being so thirsty for that weeb girl with pink hair

No. 1221412

Many women i know easily get pregnant at 30-40 so im kinda shocked hearing that.
im starting to believe more and more the study that said masturbating too much affected your sperm quality kek

No. 1221420

>33 is still years away from the menopause.
female fertility sharply declines after the age of 35, it's not rocket science

No. 1221421

It was discussed (by me tbh) in the closeted celebrities thread in OT that Hila might be closeted and with Ethan because she wants a traditional family and her desire for that outweighs her desire for a truly fulfilling romantic relationship. Tale as old as time especially in more conservative cultures. Would you rather have kids, or a partner you were truly in love with?

If that isn't the case, the other anon was right, Ethan used to look decent and was funny (neither of which is really true anymore kek) and was a ticket to another country, which can be an added bonus for people.

As for Ethan disrespecting Hila, I wouldn't stand for that if I were her. I think either she is gay and isn't jealous because she isn't romantically or sexually attracted to Ethan, OR she is trying very hard to be a "cool girl". Here is a long clip where she gets tearful talking about Ethan (hypothetically) looking up a girl who DMs him and says he's hot. Starts around 9 mins in? Another stupid theory I have, Ethan is disrespectful to Hila because he really doesn't get how much more conventionally attractive she is than him. His parents are also pretty mismatched, his mom is pretty and his dad is ugly.(tinfoil)

No. 1221428

and she's 33, not 35

No. 1221437

and still struggling to get pregnant? what kind of hill is this to die on?

No. 1221442

Her DOB says 33 but her uterus says 55

No. 1221443

I know the conversation is on h3h3 right now and that Gabbie hasn't done anything milky in a few days but am I the only one who legitimately hopes that she crashes after her manic episode & ends up going to a mental health facility for her sake? In the case of a lot of narcissists/bpdfags it seems like the only thing that makes them stop acting like shitty people is the realization that they're not human and that they're capable of being harmed

No. 1221445

*not inhuman
sage for being a retard and not knowing how to type

No. 1221448

no i’d rather people just stop giving her attention all together and she fade into an even deeper obscurity than she’s already in

No. 1221449

OT but I think the hill is that suggesting age 33 is too old to have a baby is wrong, its only at 35 that it STARTS to decline, women's fertility doesn't just drop down a cliff at 35 anyway. I do think they already have one kid and they're being kinda OTT about the sadness/difficulty of getting pregnant with their second.(medfag)

No. 1221456

nobody said it was too old to have a baby, just that it gets harder

No. 1221474

As you say, it's not a hard line which ist why it is harder to get pregnant at 32 than at 31 and therefore even harder at 33 than at 32. Fertility starts declining at 30 but it does so way more rapidly at 35 where every pregnancy is a high risk one.
Considering Hila already having trouble to get pregnant before could mean that her decline in fertility might have started earlier. It's not rocket science.(medfag)

No. 1221491

this tinhatting is so extra you'd think Trisha wrote it. She's a mature woman married to a terminally juvenile scrote. I'ts a tale as old as time but it's not that deep. I am sure they have their moments. Ethan certainly kisses her ass and bends over backwards for her still.

No. 1221493

I never liked Drew anyway. He won’t get canceled tho bc he’s a young white boy with tons of fan girls

No. 1221498

anon please kek
its so normalized among israelis you really cant blame her for it, it was during training too so she probably thought it was cool to handle a gun for the first time like the rest of the 18yr olds there.

No. 1221501

ethan really is just a stereostypical pervy old jew. thats why he is obsessed with slutty porno shit tier women who pedobait.

No. 1221504

his dad is a pervert too, ethan spoke once on the podcast how he likes or RTs porn on twitter openly

No. 1221507

His video on the Dan Schneider guy involving Ariana grande has screenshots in it with snowflakes on the pictures, the exact snowflakes that went on during last winter, with the exact pictures posted here.

No. 1221552

So gabbie is buying bots on tiktok lol I suddenly lost access to a second account and when I got back in it was all emptied and the only person it followed was her how sad can you be tbh

No. 1221555

that's stupid, there's nothing wrong with just looking up the person. she's just being emotional/insecure

No. 1221568

He is upset about his dad retweeting porn cause it's disrespectful to his mom but he DOES THE SAME THING! Rules for thee but not for me.

These posts are so fucking annoying and I wish they were bannable. Not every woman you're attracted to is secretly a lesbian. Stop being creepy and weird.

No. 1221570

This clip is disgusting.

Expecting your partner to respect you has nothing to do with insecurity. You are probably one of those people who have been brainwashed by the scrote media to think that your boyfriend jerking it to porn of other women is normal and if you have an issue with that you're "insecure" instead of a perfectly normal feeling that almost all women who are not emotionally broken experience. Degenerate fuckfaces keep spreading this bullshit because they want to keep jerking it to women who are not their partners instead of having self control and respect. Fucking vile. Respect yourself.

No. 1221581

>Not every woman you're attracted to is secretly a lesbian
>girl slides into a dude's dms
>dude looks at her profile out of curiosity, carries on with his day
sorry, how is that disrespectful towards the gf? sounds like you have a little problem with insecurity as well

No. 1221592

Because why look? Nothing comes out of that other than stroking your ego if she is hot or stroking your cock to her bikini pics. And worst case replying back to her to start up a sexting/exchanging nudes/cheating situation like all the other desperate scrote youtubers who have cheated on their wifes because an attractive fan messaged them.

Just put the mail in the trash and move on with your life, how hard is that? You don't need to look at your "options" if you are happy in your relationship. Ethan is a disgusting scumbag and he probably only hasn't cheated on her because he self-admittedly gets no offers from fans cause he is so repulsive.

Expecting a base-level of respect from your partner has nothing to do with insecurity, cool-girl-chan.

No. 1221595

i’m glad you said it anon, it’s mega autistic and the people that go around multiple threads literally acknowledging their tinfoiling are obnoxious

No. 1221596

Anon, your age is showing. Are you 15?
Ethan was collabing with very larger/popular creators long before anything within the last two years.
He was close with PDP, Philly D, Idubbz, Filthy Frank, and Post Malone. His biggest video was Vape Nation from 2016.
They’ve been rich for a long while.

No. 1221603

File: 1619954842962.jpg (18.6 KB, 300x300, klein-hila-image.jpg)

>Not every woman you're attracted to is secretly a lesbian.
But anon she's hideous

No. 1221606

This is just a very normal and plain looking skinny woman. What's the big deal

No. 1221613

>normal and plain looking skinny woman.

No. 1221621

Tbh I think she could've been really pretty if she had taken care of herself. I think her aging this badly is also in large parts caused by her lifestyle which is living with someone like Ethan

No. 1221636

She'd look so much better if she gained some weight

No. 1221639

I think she’s been trying to gain weight for a long time.

No. 1221682


this is dumb and definitely influenced by the male concept of "the wall" (which ignores that women aren't fully developed until mid-20s)

the risks are overblown, esp if you live in a country with regular (+ affordable) healthcare. Why do you think more women are having kids in their 30s vs 20s?

It's when you're 45+ that it gets a bit more dicey, even then women have been having kids up until menopause for most of human history

No. 1221685

File: 1619967676587.jpeg (123.31 KB, 1014x557, 116FEC64-A6F1-4743-9F6F-35D2B1…)

She looks like Ethan’s mom

No. 1221687

I think ‘hideous’ is a bit overly dramatic anon

No. 1221699

File: 1619969630026.png (236.91 KB, 348x257, d33882574552d6680a8c0edad8b6e9…)

I don't like Ethan either but how someone could ever feel sorry for this dumb horse-faced manipulative bitch is beyond me. She is unfunny, has 0 talent, negative charisma and the intelligence of an ape.
All the anons simping for her are retarded.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1221707

I mean I don't get the love for her, but I also don't get your hate for her, although I admit I don't watch their podcasts because they're shit, so my exposure to Hila is mainly from their youtube video era.
She was much more popular when she was the silent "straight man" rounding her eyes and laughing at Ethan's antics because people could project whatever over her why persona, when she actually opened her mouth and "came out of her shell", it turned out she doesn't actually have much to say worth listening to.

No. 1221714

Jesus christ anon get help
She's not even interesting enough for you to be this mad at

No. 1221717

To be fair Hila’s original role was filming and video editing- which she is very good at. I agree that it was a mistake for her to integrate more into the skits and eventually the podcast…

No. 1221720

>Why do you think more women are having kids in their 30s vs 20s?
Because people in their 20s can't afford kids. Human biology has not changed, society has made it so people in their 20s can't buy a house and afford kids on a single-income household anymore. By the time a lot of women are "ready" to have kids and can afford it, they have difficulty to conceive. If you can't afford expensive treatment you're fucked.

No. 1221721

People would be complaining if she was sooper hawt too and paired with ethan. She looks fine, her and ethan are in each others leagues. A lot of these youtube personalities shoot waaaaaay outside of their league

No. 1221725

Vape nation was still less than five years ago. They were not rich enough to stop doing videos and default to podcasts then. If my age is showing then yours is too, since you apparently don't even remember their early videos. Literally couldn't afford a bell pepper.

No. 1221747

holy shit! his mom is hot

No. 1221784

>are you 15
Ironic af coming from the person who only knows them as rich.

No. 1221797

Tbh she used to show glimpses of some kind of personality like the dunnies or dork dancing with ethan

No. 1221835

ily bell pepper anon

No. 1221895

I am merely one of at least two bell pepper anons, but I speak for all of us when I say we love you too

No. 1221939

What? Biology hasn't changed you're right. Child mortality rates are much better and less women die in childbirth. The body isn't finished developing until mid 20s. Carrying a baby is extremely labour intensive and high risk for teenage pregnancies. That's why a lot of young mothers get c sections. You're incredibly misinformed and strange.

No. 1221940

Kourtney Kardashian had her first kid at 30 and then had 3 more with ease. Khloe her younger sister in her mid 20s at the time was struggling to get pregnant and joked Kourtney just has to sneeze to get pregnant. We even saw the first two births how she had an easy labor and pulled them both out herself lol. A healthy woman should be fine but it doesn't hurt to go to a doctor if you've been trying for months and nothing happening. It's judt more publicised fertility treatments and funny enough a lot of the issue is with men's sperm but men's bodies are rarely remarked upon.

No. 1221966

Apparently yes, I have been living under a rock lmao
Some of his new songs are still used in tiktoks so I assumed zoomers haven't found out about Filthy Frank, my bad

No. 1221969

2 days late but I'm with you anon.
sl04n's videos are like a timeline of what's being discussed in this thread. His research seems to consist of skimming lolcow and being spoonfed by his Twitter followers.
The Xtina video left out a whole chunk of her career, his Britney timeline of events sometimes doesn't match and tbh it seems like he didn't know anything about Britney before he realised he could make money talking about her (he's really no better than Britney's dad in that regard)

Some PO Box package's from "fans" also seem more like a sponsored Ads
I get the vibe he's not as authentic as he tries to portray (especially looking at his old videos, he is much more aggressive)

No. 1222117

I think theres a lot of youtubers that use this site for info while kinda beating around the bush for where they got the info from. I mean i can see why youtubers dont wanna list this site lul, but if youre gonna use stuff that cant really be found anywhere else but lolcow, then just be honest and say you got it from lolcow.

No. 1223212

his mom looks like the other mother from coraline. but yea she is hot

No. 1223581

Dunno if anyone saw that Carson's Fandom made r/CALLMECARSON_2.check it if yall want to loose braincells.
>victim blaming.
>fanboys in denial.
>wholesome carson memes (Wholesome hebophile)
>Clingy stan behavier.
The other day a Grooming victim posts to this sub, states she's been in Sams position but calls it "Attention seeking" & blames her for Carsons actions.
Diplorable statments.

No. 1223591

I swear burgers have some sort of collective psychosis, literally nowhere else in the world has the "you're sterile by 30" meme. In my country women are rightfully paranoid about getting surprise pregnant until they're like 45. Is it the fluoride in your water or the 5g towers in your vaccines or some shit(derailing)

No. 1223617

it’s just the aspiring tradthots who post nonsense here about “omg your eggs dry up”
doctors in the us tell people to use contraception until menopause just like they do everywhere else

No. 1223643

It's the destructive cultural influences of 4chan, the "manosphere", hoteppery and other incel bullshit. America doesn't have arranged marriage and women here are fairly sexually liberated and currently surpassing men in education & earning power. So loser scrotes think the only way they'll get laid is by scaring women into settling down with subpar men, with claims they hit some arbitrary "wall" and lose all their fertility by 30. Unfortunately only the dumbest tradthots fall for their crap, so they still fail to get laid and instead write manifestos and shoot up random malls and cinemas.

No. 1223655

moids really resort to wishful forced memes when reality continuously slaps them in the face lmfao

No. 1223867

The US has a much bigger trad lobby than most other developed countries. I once looked up the difference in amount of stay at home wifes in the US vs my own country and it was a difference of 15%.

Most women where I am from have children in their 30ties and no they don't need any expensive treatments to make that happen and we don't have more disabled children walking around either. Cope

No. 1223987

Everyone in this thread is retarded confirmed.

It's literally just some people have an easier time getting pregnant then other people. Age may factor but not really until 45. Khloe and Kim just got the shitty uteruses in the family.

I just feel bad for women over a certain age unless they're fit and healthy cause they're just usually not the same health as they were in their youth and children sometimes take a toll on them harder then a "young mom". But that's about it and there's plenty young, fat, unhealthy moms lol.

No. 1224010

File: 1620231481982.jpg (207.52 KB, 1024x854, istockphoto-891102446-1024x102…)

I liked him for awhile. I thought he was a little annoying but that's not the end of the world. Until I saw a video where he opened viewer fanmail and started autistically flipping out having a "panic attack" all because a viewer sent him cute stickers of an animal that "triggers" him, but he's so afraid of the animal he can't say what it is and called it "the f-word". Full man baby melted down over some innocent stickers and turned it around to show what he was panicking over and it was just the most innocent cartoony cottage ore froggy lmao what the fuck. Actual women with ptsd aren't allowed to be triggered over little things but this adult man is freaking out and shaming a fan for not knowing he hates frogs so much he can't say their name and panics seeing something like Pic related, as if his entire channel isn't him speculating about little girls being sexually abused by old men

No. 1224129

>17 y/o groomed by a 19 y/o
whaaaaa? don't be a retard

No. 1224197

I mean, who hasn't solicited child porn as a 19 year old? carson dindu nuffin mang

No. 1224215

The "child porn" thing is like. A technicality. There's nothing wrong with a 19 year old flirting with or dating a 17 year old. If he was 21 or something it'd be creepy and weird as shit and maybe something to ~cancel~ him over but it's still not pedophilia

No. 1224228

So the burger midlife infertility meme is because burgers are fat and unhealthy so they can barely walk by 30 let alone reproduce. Sasuga USA

No. 1224312

File: 1620260540739.png (106.12 KB, 1033x405, Untitled.png)

my ranking of the Funny Internet Comedy Guys(no1curr)

No. 1224314

I don't understand, they're all the same person

No. 1224317

No. 1224378

kurtis is funnier than danny imo

No. 1224492

Asking for nudes from a 17-year old is soliciting child porn. There's no "technicality" to speak of.

No. 1224541

I think she really loves him.
But i've always hated how he thirsts over random women and porn stars…
I will never understand how some women are ok with their significant other thirsting over porn stars, let alone openly in front of you.
Poor girl, I think she thinks it is normal behaviour.

No. 1224543

poor jakey doesn't deserve this

also ss tier is the supermega boys.

No. 1224569

ok keemstar

No. 1224578

Cody lower than B. I like Jakey but maybe I just have bad taste.

No. 1224595

I love Jakey, but that boy needs to get out of NYC.

No. 1224615

i like most of their content but this is really just ranking different flavors of "smug man tearing into random topics" kek

No. 1224633

Why? What's going on with him?

No. 1224644

He moved to the city right when COVID started, had a clear and slow mental breakdown as the year went by, and proceeded to disappear from the internet for going on 6 months. NCY will eat you alive on a good day, I think it was all just (understandably) too much for him.

No. 1224647

sound logic there. let's distill it then
>is it breaking the law?
>is it wrong in any way morally?

No. 1224682

Love those boys. They seem to get out of trouble for the most part

No. 1224808

there is so much gabbie hanna drama that at this point I can't even keep track.

apparently one of the things that happened was that she sent her newest poetry book to rachel oates, and rachel made some videos dissecting the poetry and criticizing it and this drove gabbie insane, calling rachel a bitch etc.

there's also some drama with trisha paytas and someone named oscar wylde. there are so many videos that I don't even know which one to link.

she's truly losing it.

No. 1224841

You're right Nonnie! Carson has all the right to keep soliciting a 17 year old's nudes!

>(Sarcasm, for smoothbrains.)

No. 1224859

They are all the same…

No. 1224866

oh no, teens exchanging nudes.

No. 1224869

She complains about making no youtube money or getting engagement whilst never producing content to consume. There are so many things she could do like post bts of her music making process, do some videos on writing prompts. Instead she spends her days cooped up in her dirty house being angry for no reason.
The important detail is that she only got pissed at Rachel a whole fucking year after the video. Gabbie is truly deranged, she needs to quit the internet and go and get some serious mental help.

No. 1224870

You still shouldn't be sending nudes and receiving nudes even as a teen. To blog a bit, but i remember police coming to my school and talking to us about this top and they stated it would still be considered cp no matter who is in possession of it.

No. 1224875

well the law is the law, still there's nothing predatory about it

No. 1224880

You included Jakey but not Eddy or Gus? Much to think about.

No. 1224910

Exactly. I confuse all the names because they have such basic similar personalities and humor

No. 1224942

I have no idea what the hell she's trying to achieve. She seems deranged on twitter and tiktok, but on her patreon she's claiming it's all trolling?

She could've used the David Dobrik momentum when people dug up that he was kinda mean to her in his vlogs, if she wanted attention. Would've made so many people sympathetic towards her. But she choose this route instead.

Nothing she does makes sense.

No. 1225240

you think 19 year old scrotes aren’t capable of being predators?

No. 1225248

Of course they can but what exactly makes it predatory if the girl was 17? It's not like she was in middle school. It's dumb and illegal and skeevy but not predatory or grooming

No. 1225355

its not predatory if its two teens consenting between eachother. do you think its illegal for minors to have sex period/ do you think they dontn do it anyways? lol

No. 1225513

Why was this person banned? Power tripping jannies are fucking cringe.
Also Kurtis is too high.

No. 1225599

Jake Paul was trying to intimidate floyd mayweather (i think logan was supposed to have a fighting match against him?) and got the shit beat out of him. kek i love the last few seconds where you can see his scared ass face. he honestly deserves worse for the sexual assault hes done to girls.

No. 1225611

Ooh who’s gonna win this fight, the rapist or the wife beater?? They can both jump off a cliff. This is my issue with male sports in general, there’s usually nobody to root for.

No. 1225619

Why couldn't he break this fucker's nose. Next time send him to the hospital.

No. 1225970

Controversial opinion, but I do think Gabbie is the yt community’s punching bag. I don’t really give a fuck about this Rachel gal but I do know that it was a trend to review/trash Gabbie’s poetry. I can imagine that felt pretty horrible to see your work so widely panned.
I’ve never consumed Gabbie’s content beyond hate-watching her music videos, so maybe she is just a constantly grating person that people can’t help but want to make fun of, idk. But I get why she’s angry. I like that she’s vocal about it, but she’s really good at garnering the opposite of sympathy kek

Also lmao the video of Trisha asking Gabbie to stop starting to shit with her. Meanwhile Trisha uses her platform on Frenemies to manically accuse and attack other youtubers (alongside Ethan, he does the same shit) every single week

No. 1225971

Samefag, reminds me, I’m so tired of Trisha bringing up her mental health on frenemies. It’s like her therapist introduced her the concept of voices and that’s her favorite thing to talk about now

No. 1225974

i think this is all a big act because she's an attention whore

No. 1225989

If it's content creator and fan, it is predatory. It's also not that fucking hard to not request nudes if you know that the other person is 17, but scrotes are scrotes.

No. 1225991

What a fucking idiot…I wish someone beat them both up

No. 1225996

If you preface your poetry book by telling people some of your poems are just fillers that you rushed, you deserved to be panned tbh. She did send out her book to reviewers, including Rachel, so I don't know why she was shocked it got reviewed.

No. 1226002

I agree with you on her being a punching bag, she's a narcissistic bdp bitch tho, and she deserves the criticism. What brothers me is the other youtubers framing it as some sjw thing or acting like she's worse than other problematic youtubers.
Just say you hate the bitch, find her annoying like everyone else does, make your video and go.
>Also lmao the video of Trisha asking Gabbie to stop starting to shit with her.
Trisha can be legit entertaining but I can't stand people defending her and drinking her victim complex kool aid.

No. 1226130

I know there isn't much milk right now but i would love to have a trisha paytas/frenemies/h3 thread.

I would make one but it would be really shit. I just know that within a few months we are going to get some serious milk. Trisha has been consistently saying antisemetic shit while still preaching how woke she is and how much she changed.

Both Ethan and Trisha are cows. I would just love to be able to shit talk them every tuesday. I am so intrigued by that show. They really think they are untouchable people right now.

No. 1226135

I would love this as well!

No. 1226234

H3h3 stans try to downplay the fact that she physically (and most likely emotionally) abused her fiancé. She may be right about some people but that doesn’t change the fact that she is a shit person herself.

No. 1226354

Sorry for no clip but does anyone else remember an earlier episode of frenemies where Moses talks about how his family reacted to trisha and her chosen career path? Trisha makes a joke(?) about Moses joining her for a shoot and Ethan tells trisha not to force Moses into doing porn because his family will disown him and it will fuck up his life. Trisha is obviously offended but Ethan doubles down and reiterates that she shouldn't, and that she's "very persuasive". As someone who had little exposure to trisha before frenemies that segment really stuck with me…she comes off as someone who needs to get her way always and will wear her boyfriends down until they do what she wants, aka a manipulator. She doesn't really seem like someone who should be given a platform imo

No. 1226357

And there's also the fact that she brags about going through Moses' phone everyday. Maybe she's cooled off on talking about it for now but she probably still does it. that's incredibly disturbing behavior

No. 1226359

I've been praying for a frenemies thread. I genuinely can't believe we don't have one already!

No. 1226363

I'd love this. I also watch the show every week and can see the writing on the wall for some bad shit to come. There is zero chance that Moses and Trisha will make it down the aisle and I'm sure there will be HUGE fallout then and lots of drama before that. Trisha is so weirdly compelling, I know I'm not alone in enjoying her even though she sucks in a lot of ways and is nothing like the usual person I'm into. She's a weirdly likable trainwreck (who is absolutely faking whatever new schizophrenia bullshit she's spouting, just like she faked being trans, just like she faked being a chicken nugget, just like she had a gay boyfriend for show, blah blah) and h3h3 used to be funny but seems to have had a lobotomy in the last four or five years. Would be a thread with a lot of potential imo.

No. 1226369

is this what you're talking about?

No. 1226380

she’s the punching bag bc she lets herself. if she just embraced the monster meme and the jokes about her book, she’d have been fine. gabbie lets the comments get to her which is just screaming for more comments and more trolling. she always has to be the victim. like when she deliberately provoked ricegum into grabbing her phone from her after filming him as he told her to stop and then cried about how he hits women. ricegum is the absolute worst and she made him look like the good guy bc she can’t stop starting shit.

is it easy to make videos on her? yeah but that’s entirely her fault. if she didn’t engage, she’d be fine. she’s been crying about the haters since she was exposed as a joke stealer on vine. she should just learn her lesson or embrace being a mentally ill mess like trisha does.

No. 1226384

the "lobotomy" you're talking about is probably the lexapro he's taking lmao

No. 1226406


I don't get why she does porn TBH like I'm sure it brings her a lot of money but all her youtube videos do super well and she posts multiple times a week so there's no doubt she's already making thousands a month just from that.

There's nothing wrong with sex work but I find it kinda weird for her because it doesn't really match the content she puts out elsewhere. IDK, I don't think she's a bad person but I do think she's pretty ignorant about a lot of shit and has a ton of bad habits in regards to manipulating and being manipulated by others.

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