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File: 1611181828570.jpg (207.37 KB, 1080x820, Lobotomize-all-singlets.jpg)

No. 1137319

A community of people who supposedly have multiple personalities and are Very Online about it. Most are completely self-diagnosed and demand extensive special treatment from everyone around them. If you doubt their wild claims, you are an evil cishet oppressor.

- Referring to anyone without the disorder as "singlets"
- Demanding that other people call them by multiple names, keeping track of which "alter" they are talking to
- Some of these people are "dating" their own alters
- Some claim to have child alters who must be treated like minors
- Some claim to have "fictives" or "introjects", aka alters based on fictional characters from popular media. According to them, this is totally different from kinning.
- Using extensions like PluralKit to switch between names/accounts online depending on which personality is "fronting", which implies that they have control and awareness of these supposed switches
- Insisting that you can't hold a person responsible for what their "alter" does, the biggest get-out-of-being-an-asshole card ever
- Extreme entitlement to having everyone else enable their delusions

They use a lot of trans buzzwords, probably so that people are too scared to criticize them. Recently, a Twitter thread about "things you should never say to systems" went viral, with thousands of unquestioning supporters retweeting to show how woke they are. Highlights to follow in the thread below.

No. 1137322

File: 1611181969962.jpg (567.46 KB, 1080x3766, DID systems.jpg)

Here's the best highlights from the recent viral Twitter thread, reposted for posterity

No. 1137323

File: 1611182142407.jpg (201.81 KB, 1080x652, Screenshot_20210119-184932_Twi…)

Shortly before making their thread about questions you should never ask, they were begging for questions in general. It's all a big performance of how edgy and different they are.

No. 1137325

File: 1611182409439.jpg (1023.64 KB, 1080x6344, abusive alters.jpg)

Justification of abuse and bad behavior. When you're a "system" you can always blame it on your alter!

No. 1137326

>>Give me attention give me attention I'm interesting!!

No. 1137327

File: 1611182597559.jpg (514.87 KB, 1080x3325, am-baby.jpg)

Explanation of "child alters"

No. 1137330

File: 1611183356495.jpg (655.9 KB, 1080x4063, kinning.jpg)

Explanation of fictives/introjects, which is totally different from kinning, you guys

No. 1137338

File: 1611184050520.jpg (247.1 KB, 1080x1441, fictive.jpg)

More on fictives: don't be mean to my faves, who are literally me, but also not.

No. 1137341

File: 1611184150781.jpg (466.85 KB, 1080x1655, Screenshot_20210119-181748_Twi…)

>I'm dating myself
>oh congratulations

No. 1137347

File: 1611184703759.jpg (524.38 KB, 2166x1736, givememoney.jpg)

>I can't afford costumes for all the different characters I play, so you owe me money

No. 1137357

File: 1611185295856.jpg (588.61 KB, 1080x1736, Screenshot_20210119-183052_Twi…)

>my fictional characters speak a fictional language, but this is all very real

Okay, that's it for the initial milk dump. Discussion questions!

- these people admit in their own words that they have a disorder, so how can they trust their own perception of their illness?

- how can someone date their own alter if they are never conscious at the same time?

- how can a "host" know all about their own "alters" if it's genuinely an unconscious switching? Make it make sense.

This whole thing fascinates me, but there wasn't any real dissent or skepticism to read on Twitter. Would really love to hear more opinions on it.

No. 1137370

I get the logic behind a host not being responsible for alters but it's super weird to imply you can't cut off a host because of their alters. If you've got a really good friend but that friend is always accompanied by other people who go in and out of being snappy and abusive to you, you don't have to put up with that. Sucks about your one good friend but it's not worth the abuse. Considering some of these systems apparently have alters based on full-on abusers as a way to deal with trauma, you'd expect them to understand that cutting abusers off is the better thing to do?

No. 1137383

I mean, for any of it to make sense there would have to be the slimmest possibility that any of these people actually have DID and aren't just otherkin retards

No. 1137387

My friends and I have dealt with someone like this on Discord. They run a Hazbin Hotel server where they're the oldest (28) and everyone else is a minor. They "switch" between Hazbin Hotel characters, Steven Universe, the new She-Ra cartoon on Netflix, some anime I don't know, MLP, etc. They would change their icon and name maybe 11 or 12 times a day. They claim to have OSDD 1b and simultaneously claim to work in the "psychological field", be "trained to read other people's writing", and at one point were claiming that they were going to be adopting one of the 14 year old girls in the server.

The girl wasn't up for adoption and still was in the custody of her legal, birth parents. This was pretty concerning because this admin would often have these younger users calling her mama, papa, sister, etc. And, her roleplaying as underage lesbians while this 14 year old was also professing to being into girls was just the reddest of red flags.

No. 1137390

File: 1611187902205.jpg (619.85 KB, 750x1334, Inkedimage0_LI.jpg)

No. 1137392

File: 1611188008246.jpg (707.2 KB, 750x1334, Inkedimage1_LI.jpg)

No. 1137393

> licensed (which she is no longer)
I wonder why kek

No. 1137394

File: 1611188130950.jpg (651.2 KB, 750x1334, Inkedimage2_LI.jpg)

No. 1137396

Any pics of this creature?

No. 1137397

Unfortunately, no. She never posted selfies. She fully lives as the "alter" she's playing in the moment whether it be Adora, Charlie Magne, Alastor, Lapis, etc.

No. 1137398

Is that person mtf by any chance?

No. 1137399

These were after she was called out on her behavior and began sperging out on everybody, broke the server links so nobody else could join and cap anything, changed her name to (SELFCAREMODE.exe)Gestalt for the next week or so complete with a Lapis Lazuli icon where she's wearing a beanie and smoking weed or something. It was your typical woe is me behavior and pity fishing.

Again, I have no idea. They were incredibly secretive about their offline doings other than allegedly adopting this teenager (which we assumed they were just going to roleplay this in the server until it eventually turned into kidnapping) and their oh so prestigious "career".

But, honestly? I wouldn't put it past them to be. They act like it. They were incredibly sneaky and slimey with all of this.

No. 1137400

File: 1611188706625.jpg (237.32 KB, 1080x690, Screenshot_20210119-182020_Twi…)

Searching for #pluraltalk or #pluralgang on various social media is a good way to find more milk, if anyone wants to do some farming.

No. 1137401

Oh boy a thread got made for this. I was wondering why there wasn’t one.

“Systems” have been my personal lolcows for a while now. And to answer your questions about how alters date, according to them, they have a “mindscape” where they interact. It’s like a physical location that exists only in their mind. I’ve also seen people with DID claim one alter is bullying another, sexually assaulting another or even killing another (the downsides of having a Jeffery dahmer factive apparently.)

And before anyone asks, no, absolutely none of this expanded DID lore is backed up with any science whatsoever. The terms fictive/factive/mindscape/endo systems are all tumblr-isms. (To my knowledge anyway.)

No. 1137402

File: 1611188977555.jpg (443.07 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20201201-233443_Dis…)

60+ personalities is what they claimed to have.

No. 1137403

File: 1611189144594.jpg (477.14 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20201201-231347_Dis…)

KiA was one of the many names she would change to and it obviously stands for Kit and Adora.

No. 1137404

File: 1611189145837.gif (979.01 KB, 310x252, JZ7a.gif)

>me going to my mindscape to jerk myself of

No. 1137407

File: 1611189262836.jpg (172.97 KB, 1080x1561, Screenshot_20201201-231547_Dis…)

No. 1137410

File: 1611189363967.jpg (340.63 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20201201-231408_Dis…)

No. 1137411

File: 1611189458682.jpg (386 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20201201-231451_Dis…)

No. 1137412

File: 1611189567959.png (154.46 KB, 1323x701, unknown-1.png)

No. 1137414

>"i don't get diagnosed because uuuh there isn't much research about it so psychologists won't diagnose me IT'S NOT BC IT'S BULLSHIT!!1!!!"

they're obviously mentally ill to a fault, but dee eye dee isn't real, and if it is then it isn't whatever sjw-quack version these lunatics pretend it is

No. 1137416

File: 1611189919915.jpg (403.61 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20201202-013810_Dis…)

No. 1137417

File: 1611190031705.jpg (332.51 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20201202-013825_Dis…)

No. 1137418

i've probably seen this video before on another thread, but i'll repost it since it's a DID thread. people LARPing as this goes waaay back.

No. 1137420

File: 1611190164946.png (105.88 KB, 411x349, discust.PNG)

>Jeffery dahmer factive

No. 1137421

File: 1611190169877.png (223.58 KB, 822x613, unknown (1).png)

No. 1137425

File: 1611190412724.jpeg (169.25 KB, 828x896, 6314D42E-6BDF-4B1D-9ABE-61FEBE…)

If it was real and caused by super specshul horrendous trauma as they claim, then it would be observable in African child soldiers, no? Kids who grew up starving in war zones? Schizophrenia, bipolar and even shit like BPD can be consistently found cross-culturally, DID should be too. Why would only western teens with green hair get to have multiple personalities?

Also, this tweet just makes no sense. I thought the whole point was you dissociate and don’t share memories? Even if DID was real, why would it be offensive to refer to you as the same person? You ARE the same person, why are demanding others indulge a mental disorder?

No. 1137427

Anon you don't have to post every screen shot of them talking, just post the best milk.

No. 1137429

So there's barely any research on DID, so much so that many psychologists are not even able to diagnose it, and yet you somehow had the knowledge and expertise to diagnose yourself

No. 1137430


this is all just… roleplaying. it's literally roleplaying+ some ellaborate otherkin bullshit, but all in all a roleplay. these people's "mental illness" is making their 500k slowburn coffeeshop au fic a personality.

No. 1137431

File: 1611190678801.jpg (364.28 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20201201-233230_Dis…)

It wasn't every single screenie. Its the few that were taken before it sperged and broke the server link. The posts are saged.

No. 1137433

>this is all just… roleplaying

Of course it is, but try telling them or their enablers that. I really do wonder how these people would live if they didn't have the internet.

No. 1137434

Mixing in fakeboi circles, I e-dated a couple of these autists in my late teens. By the time we'd break up, I'd have been in direct contact with all of their alters at least once, sometimes witnessing the switch in real time. There are no screencaps left from this era of my life, but I have a couple stories of the delusion up close.

>on the phone with the host, my current partner

>"hi anon, my other alter is co-fronting"
>i'm a good gf so i go along with it
>attempt to talk to them both at once
>awkward because it's the edgy trauma-holding child alter who is nonverbal
>give up and talk to host normally
>it's fun, just two retards chatting
>time to say goodnight! i tell her i love her
>nonverbal alter finally speaks
>(i can tell because the host has purposefully pitched her voice down to sound like a moody child)
>"ew, gross"

No. 1137457

kek, at least you tried to be a good sport about it. got any more stories, anon?

No. 1137459

Imagination and daydreaming by another name kek

No. 1137479

File: 1611194412709.webm (12.56 MB, 324x720, liluuhhhh.webm)

I always love how these alters all like using social media in the exact same way and share the same knowledge of platforms and willingness to appear in servers and videos. It really is roleplay/otherkin with an extra step.

No. 1137487

>one of the "male" alters holding a baseball bat
>"haha cause geddit men like sports hahaa this is how you can tell"
>also wears a shapeless hoodie when its a twauma holder uwu

Every. fucking. time.

No. 1137495

File: 1611195187253.jpg (321.88 KB, 720x1600, fne58tnzdxu51.jpg)

Here's a person who doesn't just have alters, she contains 15 whole "systems". All of these systems have fancy names and contain a bunch of alters.

No. 1137499

File: 1611195278088.jpg (219.69 KB, 720x1600, gyc80ze0exu51.jpg)

But wait, there's more! One of her alters has her own DID system. Her mental illness has mental illness. It's like a DID matryoshka

No. 1137505

File: 1611195518150.jpg (143.43 KB, 1067x1956, 8t80yjeggkt51.jpg)

Also I'm seeing a lot of Corpse Husband "alters" recently. Imagine having a fandom so unhinged your fans literally believe they are you.

No. 1137506

File: 1611195542208.gif (668.14 KB, 220x144, B1F3E452-8515-4FBC-A7CB-B1CFA1…)

me running from the Jeffrey Dahmer and Ted Bundy factives in my mindscape

No. 1137511

>trigger song

So does this mean this song summons them or some shit?

No. 1137512

File: 1611195786312.jpg (60.39 KB, 1534x279, vowadhbc4ru51.jpg)

>I'm a factive of a (later admitted to be fake) Onceler fictive that our Onceler kinnie former host dated several years ago

A few years ago I strongly identified with a fictional character. During that time I met someone who through DID believed they were said fictional character. We dated for a while but don't anymore. However, I now identify as this specific person's alter. I don't just identify as the fictional character we bonded over; I specifically believe that I am my ex roleplaying as this character.

These people deserve each other holy shit

No. 1137513

Yes, listening to Corpse Husband turns them into Corpse Husband.

No. 1137515

The Onceler icon was all I needed to know that this person needs to be neutered.

No. 1137558

thank you for the translation, because what the fuck

No. 1137559

Why do I feel like these are seasonal and situational “systems”?
Like she’s at the beach
>beach time baby! I will proceed to pick the personalities I made up to be at the beach!
>I have lots of personalities to pick for each moment of this season too!
Rainy days
>which personality should I pick for this exact day?!
It must be so mentally exhausting to keep up with so much bullshit.

No. 1137592

I miss when kids could have OCs without calling them alters.

No. 1137700

File: 1611208206137.jpg (289.51 KB, 1080x990, Screenshot_20210120-214528_Red…)

Thanks to this post I now know r/DIDcringe is a thing. There is so much incredible shit in there. Apparently it's popular to make tiktok videos, Instagram stories, etc "introducing" all your alters, complete with full makeup, costume, voice, and mannerism changes.

There's also a ton of gatekeeping within the community over who really has DID or not – probably because they are aware that a lot of it looks really stupid, so everyone is trying to prove that they're the "real" one among fakers.

No. 1137721

What cracks me up is when people show up in comments in DIDcringe like “ok it’s super fake lol! But headspace technically exist and you can date there. We technically have 2 people dating in our system -Sable” or whatever trendy bullshit name they invented.

I’m wondering if the illness faker subs is not plagued by the same disease of equally retarded fakers looking down on others.

No. 1137726

File: 1611211292423.jpg (50.43 KB, 1080x356, starscream-fucker.jpg)

Yeah, from what I can tell, DIDcringe is mostly composed of people who think that the disorder/community is real, but just the specific subjects they're making fun of are faking. It's wild.

No. 1137729

This is one of the cringiest things I've ever seen. So glad this thread got made

No. 1137736

File: 1611212626437.png (143.75 KB, 1080x779, Screenshot_20210121-144929.png)

DID is real anons, I know of a female patient at rehab who has it, (in SEA, not in white sjw central). Of course she had lived an actual horrible life, having been abused and taken advantage of by family all her life. The best way I can describe it is that she felt like a literal programmed NPC, like she was less than a whole person instead of a bunch of quirky characters in one body. I couldn't tell which one was the real "her", if there even was one.Her "alters" were not obvious, you can't tell when she switched, and she wasn't on the internet to have been poisoned by speshuls on social media. Having DID is such a sad situation, you definitely won't be able to set up a carrd organizing all your "systems" lol

No. 1137753

I just read this whole thread and having a really hard time wrapping my head around this amount of unbridled insanity. This is even crazier than bugchasers. How are these people not in a straight jackets?

No. 1137772

File: 1611215745317.jpg (514.33 KB, 1080x2779, did-denial.jpg)

I believe that DID as you described it is real, but the actual disorder bears no resemblance to what these snowflakes are roleplaying online. I wish there was a way of differentiating that this thread isn't about the real disorder. But it's hard to find the right words when the whole online community is obsessed with proving that they really have it.

Pic related
>if you're afraid you don't really have this disorder, just convince yourself you do

No. 1137800

Sperg below
I truly believe that they should come up with a totally new name for whatever “real” DID is. In its current form, dee eye dee is a label that mostly exists to be misused by laypeople and ignored by professionals. It’s forever weighed down by the insane LARPers, proven frauds and the debunked “multiple personality theory” surrounding it.

No. 1137830

I would like to know just why did being mentally ill become something cool, special and valid. I mean, shouldn’t these people, or the ones that are “not faking it” be considered disabled and unable to even go out to get groceries on their own?
I guess liking the idea of being coddled forever makes sense when you’re a stupid ass teenager, but would anyone really want to be completely dependent on someone for the rest of their lives?
i know this is a sperg but I’m really baffled

No. 1137835

Probably because they think it makes them "interesting" or "quirky". Or, so they have an immediate excuse to use when/if they act like a pos. I knew someone who faked their suicide then came out and used their "did" as a cover-up when people started catching on.

No. 1137838

I understand what you’re trying to get at but it’s not super special to be able to change your behaviour based on the environment and what goals you want to achieve. i just don’t see how that can be a defining symptom when it’s literally impossible to find someone who doesn’t do that.

No. 1137844

Anon you are so bad at reading. Pic literally says
>those WITHOUT the disorder can regulate their behavior based on their environment

No. 1137845

This reads like something you'd find on an astrology/horoscope blog

No. 1137861

I mean I remember schizophrenia being "cool" in my dA days. It was treated similar to how these twats treat DID. Like a demon voice they would draw OCs of. And didn't every e-girl have "BPD" a few years back?

It's just now you can't call people out on their bullshit without beginning boolie uwu

No. 1137924

This sounds a lottt like the DID Youtube crowd

No. 1137968

>let it be known not EVERYONE who goes thru something traumatic comesout of it with a dissociative disorder
yea but…trauma is supposedly the cause of these disorders. not everyone who is traumatised develops such a disorder but everyone with such a disorder is traumatised (allegedly)…so what's the logic?

No. 1137993

This, what absolutely retarded logic.

tinfoil sperg blogpost whatever:
Disassociation, amnesia, infantile responses/regression, referring to oneself in third-person when discussing trauma, and so forth, are all real elements of ptsd. Many of the aspects of DID are logical at the core, but taken way out of proportion and turned into a fun privilege trend justified by trauma, despite the fact that the majority of people have experienced something traumatic. people really forget nearly everybody is traumatised in one way or another and that healing from this is part of growing up lol. eliminating symptoms of ptsd did whatever is the means to realise this. trauma is not an excuse for anything and DID is just narcissism. "uwuw look at me im twuauamatised,,,nd therefore i am dating doctor who but its real because muh tw/trauma and youre being v hurtful rn ://". as long as they keep their nonsense in twitter and discord.

No. 1137995

I think a good goal for the thread would be to find out when/where these terms were first coined. ready to tinfoil tbh

anon pls hahahh

also isn't DID basically schizophrenia and amnesia?

No. 1138001

none of them are ever named sth like "mike" or "lisa" it's always shit like HELIOS or GALAXY

No. 1138016

Not trying to claim anything but that paragraph sounds very similar to other disorders and there's also barely any research on DID.

No. 1138052

what the fuck is a sexual protector? my fucking sides what is this nonsense kek

No. 1138092

I'm confused. It's literally the same anne hathaway looking bitch in different clothes. She even dances in the exact same retarded way.
How are we supposed to believe this shit?
>Yes, listening to Corpse Husband turns them into Corpse Husband.
I assume so that they can masturbate as Corpse lmfao. It's like an irl version of Naruto's sexy jutsu

No. 1138100

File: 1611248093020.png (7.45 MB, 3804x3264, collage.png)

SystemsCringe was the worse version of DIDcringe, but I think the new mods that came from DIDcringe purged some of the old content to try and be better than the original sub owner.

TL;DR the original sub owner Cloz, who said he was a late twenties adult male, had to out themselves as a fake after being bullied or something in one of their servers - they're really just a psychopath wannabe teenage girl with npd or something. She'd use multiple accounts and pretend to be completely different people, complete with stolen selfies, on discord to commit widespread harassment of the people in her servers and in DID and other servers. She got a twitter dedicated to documenting her cringe and lies. Pic related.

No. 1138107

File: 1611248462857.png (3.02 MB, 1920x16796, screencapture-cooler-north-tag…)

A few years back I accidentaly ran into the Cooler North system on tumblr (https://cooler-north.com) and was terrified ever since, especially since he takes the worst dick pics I've ever seen (they may have been mercifully deleted by now).
It always irks me how the 14 y/o alter is the sexual one.
Anyway this person has been running multiple blogs for or their special OCs for a multiple years. There really must be something wrong with them, but not what they would like us to think it is…

No. 1138151

She looks like Anne Hathaway, this whole video is uncomfortable.

No. 1138223

File: 1611254490217.jpg (250.8 KB, 1080x1837, victimofmyself.jpg)

The disturbing part of all of this is how perfectly they are set up to deny all responsibility of their own actions. Anything from snapping at someone to being an actual pedophile can be excused away as "alters", according to them.

Even if some of them are actually experiencing this in their head (which is doubtful) that doesn't mean that they are actually different people in reality. It's still one person suffering a psychotic break. The voices aren't distinct people, they're fragments of the same person. These "systems" get up in arms that us "singlets" aren't playing along with the delusion, but there is no logical reason that the world needs to validate their "disorder".

No. 1138267

He's pretending to be behind that music Youtube with millions of subs? These need to come with some kind of translation.

No. 1138274

File: 1611257096439.jpg (253.62 KB, 1080x1279, Screenshot_20210121-074937_Red…)

Humans are a product of their experiences. We react to different situations based on what we've learned and experienced over our lives.

These "systems" are basically co-opting experiences that they haven't had. Like if you're a teenage girl, you can't literally have the experiences that makes a twenty-something male who he is. At best, you're roleplaying the teenage girl's perspective on what it would be like to be an older male.

Some of them claim to have alters of different races, which is crazy racist. Your white ass will NEVER know what it's really like to be a POC because you're walking around in a white body, being treated as white. There is no "alter" that can truly replicate what it's like without experiencing it firsthand. It's not like you caught an actual POC, Pokémon style, to keep in your brain. You're a white person pretending, or a white person with a racist delusion.

Same goes for having any alters that are older than your actual body age. You've only had so many years of maturity, and your "older alters" are at best a performance of what your young mind thinks it would be like to be older.

No. 1138293

I actually think this youtube vid one might be legit. If you have other mental illnesses like dysphoria / disassociation and you don't have control over when you 'switch' in and out then it might be likely. The really fake ass ones are the ones on tiktok where they change out of their outfits then say they 'switched'.

No. 1138296

* or things like depression ptsd or bpd etc etc as a comorbidity

No. 1138301

so cringe and annoying to see these tiktok fakers

No. 1138305

Yeah. He was really a she, and she was pretending to be this musician who was hiding being a system while also running cringe subreddits. The twitter filled up the syscourse hashtag for a couple days.

No. 1138310

So it was actual impersonation? not one of those "this real person is also one of my alters" situation?

No. 1138319

This thread is already such a treat holy fuck my sides these people are completely batshit. First it was anorexia, then it was schizophrenia, then BPD, now this. I just—

No. 1138323

Literally none of them are real, anon, because identity disorders don't present the way that these terminally online attention-seekers are pretending.

No. 1138330

My favourite part about this video is how multiple "alters" do the same edgy wink/tongue thing. Welcome to internet DID, where your clothes change while your mannerisms stay exactly the same.

No. 1138332

An impersonation. I don't know about the musician, but she as him claimed DID and schizophrenia and almost every personality disorder under the sun. That endfawr account was her real self account, and you can probably still google a lot of shit under that handle. She even had a shitty soundcloud where she'd post bad mumble rap before she deleted it, and I heard from others that her server dedicated to her music had a "daily endfawr" selfie channel. I was lurking one of her servers before shit hit the fan and she'd spam her pics, music, and shitty fanfic; she's just some white girl.

No. 1138342

File: 1611260280653.png (1.02 MB, 1504x2048, Screenshot_20210121-201631.png)

Two minutes in Tumblrs DID tag gave me this two for one. As if having DID isn't special enough so they need to add gender onto it.

No. 1138379

lol you are exactly what someone described above: one of the "did"fag-army acting as if any of this mess is anything but pure idiocy and roleplaying.

No. 1138421

these people are going to make me abelist. They shouldn't date unless they want to converge or what ever special word they use to no longer have other "alters".

also OT but all the people I knew in High school that used to claim to have DID were heavily autistic weebs that used their "illness" to basically write fanfiction in their heads, they grew out of it realizing it was their untreated/undiagnosed autism that made them think that way.

I feel bad for the people with actual DID/any mental illness since so many people online want to claim them for cool points when in reality actually having DID/autism/ADHD/BDP/Bi-polar/PTSD/OCD is a living hell to where you literally can't regulate anything in your body and brain and all of these kids think it's a fun little badge to add to their bio, while they spread around anti-therapy rhetoric.

No. 1138443

File: 1611268019665.jpg (55.63 KB, 664x588, Hugo_01.jpg)

Sure. My DIDfag romantic conquests include a girl who was literally locked up in a mental institution for her disordered personality and suicide ideation. Our love affair was hindered by the hospital staff collecting her phone every evening, plus the chemical castration of her industrial strength SSRIs. She was also clinically obese, but that's just further proof that I made terrible decisions in my youth.

>20+ alters, most of which are inspired by anime characters

>youngest is a toddler inspired by Hugo from the game OFF (pic rel)
>apparently it cries incessantly in the headspace
>there's a chance she was actually having an auditory hallucination, but we'll never know
>host is bilingual but this one only speaks French
>i am a good gf so i will entertain the pretend video game baby!
>going well so far, even though my French is rusty
>can't remember the word for "bite," literally just say "bite" like in English
>"anon… do you mean mâcher?"
>yes. yes i do.
>bite is slang for penis
>if DID is real i said penis to a baby

No. 1138444

So "alters" often have a specific "role" they're fulfilling in the context of the "trauma" that caused the DID. A "protector" alter is one that "fronts" in situations that would make the other alters uncomfortable. The way I understand it and based on the alter's description, a sexual protector would "front" whenever they're in a sexual situation because she's flirty and sexy teehee so she can protect all the other alters from unwanted sexual attention.

Sorry for all the air quotes it's really hard to talk about this shit without sounding retarded

TBH she's rather cute aside from being obsessed with being mentally ill (she also has a lot of tiktoks about therapist-shopping to get an autism diagnosis). She's only 17 so maybe she'll grow out of it.

No. 1138447

File: 1611268174484.jpg (477.97 KB, 720x1600, gz93zbzzdxu51.jpg)

Forgot to post that one of these "subsystems" is basically just a cluster of Harrison Potter characters.

No. 1138472

That or they have maybe one or two 'normal' names (the screenies I posted above, whenever the person switches to 'Jack' their icon changes to Alastor from Hazbin Hotel) while the rest are canon fictional character names from other people's series as seen above with the She-Ra, Steven Universe, etc.

And people just play along with it. I don't understand why. Its fucking embarrassing.

No. 1138479

Doublepost and completely forgot to add but I went back looking through the chatlogs. They claimed to have been diagnosed with the osdd 1b at age 4 due to a mental fracture and being abandoned. They also claim that their doctor 'diagnosed' them as clinically insane. Pretty sure no professional uses that as an OfFiShUl diagnosis for someone experiencing mental health issues.

Apparently, you get an osdd diagnosis because you don't really fit the DID criteria.

No. 1138519

i don't get it, has fanfiction fallen out of fashion in zoomer circles? has all the weird puritan "anti" rhethoric made them stray away from writing fics (bc it's ""problematic" or w/e) so they resort to this? i swear, the way they present it is literally just fanfiction and larping fanfiction in reality.

it's a lot healthier to just write out long, cringy fics and make a thousand OCs than to do this. seriously.

No. 1138539

DIDfags keep trying to one up each other to see who has the most unique and traumatized alters. Surprised no one seems to have given an alter its own system so far.

No. 1138573

they have, anon, >>1137499

No. 1138784

I'm so glad this thread exists so that I can watch the crazy, like holy shit

I remember encountering people in the olde RP sphere that would believe that they were said character, but that was pre-tumblr and pre-DID-larp

This is almost like the people who took RP too seriously and then just ran with it. Shit's wild.

No. 1138861

File: 1611303323113.jpg (281.19 KB, 1080x1391, Screenshot_20210122-001119_Tum…)

They're right about one thing: this is embarrassing.

Online-DID has given the way to next level parasocial relationships where the kids believe that their favorite YouTuber lives inside their head with them. They can both be and date their idol inside their own head, and insist to everybody else that it's real. I'm sure nothing could go wrong with that.

No. 1138864

saged for blogging but

I’m so glad that when I was 12-15 this wasn’t popular or cool cuz I seriously suffer with maladaptive daydreaming & have many “characters” & “places” in my head, sometimes bleeding into my always lucid dreams…. I could see myself getting sucked in like a wannarexic (I have an ED but loved pro ana forums & obsessed over my illness)

It’s so easy to see how these socially inept teens decide that instead of talking about their make believe land they claim trauma & pretend their OCs are really living in their head, instead of just residing as ideas & daydreams in their head

No. 1138868

IIRC this guy used to have an entire thread to himself, or was at least in the OP image of a previous DID thread.

So one alter is another alter’s mother but the mother is 25 while the daughter is 16. I don’t know why I’d expect logic from anyone posted in this thread.

No. 1138881

If these teens would daydream, write in a journal or even write fanfic, it would be normal. They only need to say they know it isn't real. I was very into various fandoms growing up and a wonderful part of it was sharing your thoughts and feelings. Lots of people roleplayed and were super into it. But it being a shared experience elevated it.

But if you claim you are these these people, you cut yourself off. It isn't a shared interest anymore. They just talk about themselves and decieded what can be said. I don't see anyone wanting to interact with these people for long.

No. 1139224

File: 1611336519905.jpg (72.37 KB, 640x937, x0q7ncx4aq661.jpg)

No. 1139283

File: 1611341117911.jpg (81.15 KB, 750x1334, r51xlc89fmw51.jpg)

This one boggles the mind. Another Corpse Husband alter, but this one identifies as a "fictive", meaning an alter based on a fictional character. But CH is an actual person? They don't seem to identify as "Corpse Husband the internet persona" which would make more sense, but "Corpse Husband the actual person", as implied in this comment they posted:

>We would never sexualize the real corpse! We know he hates it and we actively speak against sexualizing the real corpse. Corpse came out as a hypersexual alter bc we hyperfixiated on his horror content during a time of sexual abuse around a year ago (before he was over sexualized). His role as a sexual protector has nothing to do with his voice or current status, he just happened to be placed with that role. I hope this clears it up.

I don't even know what that means now. I thought if you "grow" an alter this way then it's a factive. But it seems like this factive identifies as a fictive, so it's a self-aware alter that knows it's not real? What?

No. 1139284

File: 1611341128476.jpg (66.91 KB, 750x1334, 88cruc89fmw51.jpg)

No. 1139286

File: 1611341292019.png (217.85 KB, 1078x763, Screenshot at Jan 22 19-48-09.…)

Oh. It's actually been explained, as much as you can explain this lunacy:

>we dislike the term factive. It implies that they are a copy of the real person. These introjects based on real ppl are only what we perceive these ppl to be with random stuff out brain decides to add. These introjects will never be these real ppl. They are just modified versions of an already fictional persona you tubers take on for the sake of entertainment. TLDR; these introjects are just modified versions of entertaining personas you tubers put on. Factive implies that they are exactly like the real person even tho they aren’t and never will be. So they use fictive or just introject.

No. 1139289

File: 1611341328485.png (157.24 KB, 936x751, Screenshot at Jan 22 19-49-06.…)

No. 1139293

How do you have a living person as an alter? How do they explain this possibly working when DID is supposed to be based in your personal traumas? Do they watch that content creator and simply pretend their alter is living a double life, with one of those lives inside of their body? This is legitimately hilarious, these people may not have DID but they certainly are deranged.

No. 1139298

Here's an explanation of factives/introjects in a thread by someone who's concerned about their friend "developing" a factive of the OP, and of course some of the comments tell them it's just something that happens and nothing to be weirded out by, even though this alter is attracted to OP's partner. Which raises a million questions about boundaries and shit, holy fuck.

>As others have said, it's an imprint not a carbon copy. This means they really, really trust you and their subconscious decided you were the safest person to have to the point they kinda needed their own you. That doesn't make them you directly.

Also, relevant to the Corpse Husband thing, something about when someone with a fictive alter meets someone else with the same fictive:
>When our fictives meet doubles it is important to approach as sorta "kindred spirits" (that's our system name lol) and understand while you were both created on the same idea, that doesn't mean you're the same person. Introjects of the same person/character can vary WILDLY from eachother. And it's important to understand they can't control the fact that they exist.


No. 1139299

File: 1611341955372.png (120.91 KB, 939x541, Screenshot at Jan 22 19-59-27.…)

No. 1139309

You'll see a lot of Dave/Davids, but 99% of the time they're fakebois who identify with a Homestuck character of the same name, so there's that.

No. 1139315

File: 1611342872157.png (141.81 KB, 925x470, Screenshot at Jan 22 20-10-23.…)

Speaking of Daves, this one is larping a hurt/comfort fanfiction with their girlfriend, switching back and forth between the "abusive" alter that intimidates the gf and then back to the concerned boyfriend. To add another layer, the abusive alter only abuses the girlfriend so he can torture the host, who's his real intended victim. So it even has an aspect of how he's not abusing her, he's abusing himself so, uh, checkmate, or something.

Can't make this shit up.

No. 1139407

this is a really sad and traumatizing situation for the gf, i hope to god she wake up to the bullshit and leaves

No. 1139436

to get a diagnosis is very hard, and often unsafe
what????? how is it unsafe lmao? these people should at least try to be more convincing imo.

No. 1139886

They probably mean that it's not safe to "come out" as a system to their family or some shit, because they'll get told they're faking and get triggered by it.

No. 1139888

File: 1611386726482.jpg (227.65 KB, 1080x1021, Screenshot_20210121-000318_Tum…)

Sorry for double post/unsaged, I hit reply too early. Have another ridiculous screen shot. This whole "disorder" is about being random and quirky and pretending that makes your life hard.

No. 1139924

Oh my, must be so hard to pretend your OCs are preventing you from listening to the music you want.

No. 1139944

I can't believe I'm alive to witness kinnies 2: electric boogaloo.
(Slightly OT but would it be worth having a kinnie thread? They sperg so much when people do things they don't like to their "comfort characters" and are hilarious but it feels so similar to this shit so I don't know if it'd even be worth differentiating the two since they're pretty much the same thing)

No. 1140005

are there any big name kinnies anymore? i don't think kinnies are that big on tumblr, but all the tards seem to have moved away from tumblr and have gone mostly to twitter so maybe you can find something there. if you find any milky cows then maybe it's worth a new thread, but i'd just post them in here for now

No. 1140035

what are these words

No. 1140043

death metal isnt even weird. why do snowflakes always bring it up when they need a "weird" "quirky" genre for their joke. sage for mega nitpick but ffs

No. 1140568

Replying to a 2 day old post but, if anything they're the type of people who the puritan stuff should welcome to writing fic. The people angry about fanfiction or ao3 or whatever are usually mad at the 20+ women with jobs who they've decided are all nasty, white, straight women who are "fetishing mlm" and whatever else the crime of the week is (shipping a 20 year old and a 30 year old being pedo or whatever). I have seen a couple of self-proclaimed systems who write fic and from the snippets they post on twitter, they're all awful. I don't think these people just want a creative outlet, they want to be special and able to victimise themselves for pity points and maybe a cheeky go fund me for something alone the way.

No. 1140821

File: 1611476853994.png (40.13 KB, 541x478, 1.png)

I have this personal lolcow who:
>Is ftm genderqueerio on low t dose, calls it male slime
>Has a system, one of them is a furry edgy goat, the other one is a teenager edgy boy into knives and slashers, draws fanarts of both and wants to make a comic out of them
>Says she has BPD PTSD Chronic pain and DID
>obsessed with taking ativan and being mentally ill
>literally posts everything on her main blog

But I've posted her before and she felt so assblasted that had to use her semi-popular tumblr blogger friend to defend her. I really have no beef with her. She has accused me of being a terf before -something I'm not- but she's just funny to troll and like I said, my personal snowflake that I love peeking through her fucked up life. Idk it's doctorguilty on tumblr

No. 1140822

File: 1611476879363.png (23.38 KB, 538x367, 2.png)

No. 1140825

No. 1140907

thanks for posting screenshots! how did she know it was you posting her before? does she lurk here?

No. 1141094

File: 1611517657028.jpg (56.86 KB, 851x837, Ee_q4gyXsAIjnv-.jpg)

No. 1141226

File: 1611525885171.jpg (390.45 KB, 1080x1130, 20210124_crop.jpg)

I know there are plenty of people among both farmers and professionals who don't believe DID exists at all but I found this checklist on how to spot a definite fake "system" really interesting. The full paper should be available at this doi and I'd recommend checking it out: http://dx.doi.org/10.1300/J229v02n04_04
My favorite DID cow is DissociaDID because she pretty much checks all available boxes on this list. She has talked about events in her distant and recent past in very clear chronological order, accidentally slips into referring to herself as "I" constantly even when explicitly referring to a different alter, shows many negative emotions in videos, has shared details of her trauma - she's made videos on how she doesn't want to talk about her trauma because she's already spent years doing self help TED talk type speeches at local libraries and the like, where she even says she volunteered details of her trauma - and of course she's in the DID community.
From what I've read fictive or nonhuman alters are thought to be theoretically possible in that the child brain not only lacks a clear understanding of what the difference between fact and fiction is but also tends to latch on to anything and everything it remotely enjoys to escape severe trauma, leading to things like a child, for example, gaining alters that are based on characters from shows they like or books that made them feel safe because that makes them in turn feel safe and protected. This is, of course, completely different from the way online ~systems think fictives etc. work, which is "any character from something I like at any point in time suddenly becomes my alter". To circle back around to DissociaDID, she (in)famously acquired a fictive alter of a guy from Sense8 and spoke in a ~Spanish accent and craved Taco Bell or whatever when he ~fronted.

Sage so this hopefully doesn't come off as medfagging, just wanted to share some views actual professionals who work in this field share. Like I've said before there's plenty of people who know much make than me who don't think DID exists at all and that's cool.
And reposting because I forgot to sage like a complete clown.

No. 1141242

File: 1611526963023.jpg (126.45 KB, 508x610, chunky.jpg)


Saged for ot but his fangirls are gonna lose it when he can't hide anymore and it turns out he's a doughy average white boy and not a sexy ripped daddy dom

No. 1141265

Personally I’m enjoying this version of lolcow where we post research papers as milk kek

Anyway anons before you blame this all on narc zoomers, remember that DID faking has a long and proud tradition. Sybil (the book about a woman with DID) is what brought the disorder into public consciousness and mainstream acceptance. Decades later she confessed she made it all up.

No. 1141282

also saged but if that happens i honestly predict there's gonna be a big enough fraction of fans who stay for the voice alone, we've all seen the "unattractive men I would definitely fuck" threads.

No. 1141363

Wasn't she coerced by her therapist who specialised in DID? Sybil was forced to go along with it because she was emotionally and financially dependent on her.

No. 1141387

Yeah I could’ve been clearer about that. Sybil made it up but she was basically forced to by her therapist. If I remember correctly she threatened to cut Sybil from mental health treatment if she refused to go along with it.

OT but everything about corpse husband is cringe. I don’t understand how someone can get an army of simps for having a sore throat.

No. 1141461

the netflix logo is sending me

No. 1141507

i appreciate your effort in trying to be legit and providing a somewhat reliable source, anon, but i think a go-to way to identify a fake "system" is when it's composed of things like a fkn Corpse Husband alter or Bakugo from MHA

jk jk thanks for the source tho, it looks pretty useful

No. 1141515

saged for sameposting and ot; i know nothing about CH and don't listen to his music but his retarded fandom makes me wish oh so much that he does turn out to be the farthest thing from this tumblr-esque daddy dom wet fantasy, so much so that it's ridiculously difficult to defend. picture sth like, suburban dad, but not even the suburban dad you'd want to fuck.

No. 1141545

she does and spergs each time she finds out.>>1140907

No. 1141708

File: 1611583003847.png (291.6 KB, 683x571, CA484C4C-DE2D-43C0-9D4A-E8FC2A…)

Somewhat related to systems/kinning etc, just wtf

No. 1141709

File: 1611583043598.jpeg (84.14 KB, 640x729, A4DEE0D7-F7D6-42EE-9AA0-24A2E5…)

No. 1141710

File: 1611583140244.jpeg (82.18 KB, 640x725, FE6089AB-E808-4FA9-B6F0-5D2C75…)

No. 1141729

>when you shift to another reality
Is this what Chris Chan wanted to tell us about the merge? Is this what me merge was all about? Kinnies going rampant on the internet?

No. 1141735

Oh my god yes shifting is the weirdest niche community I've ever stumbled upon, and I've read forums about carfucking. Wanting to go to fictional universes you're obsessed with obviously isn't new but shifting is like the freak child of astral protecting and hypnosis. What's honestly really baffling to me is that so many in that community are quote unquote shifting to Hogwarts. It's 2021 and children are still obsessed with Harry Potter? I would've thought they, like kinnies and DIDfags, would have shifted (heh) to whatever media is popular among children nowadays but for some reason the most popular shifting destination is still Hogwarts.

No. 1141754

File: 1611591693223.jpg (361.34 KB, 1080x1188, Screenshot_20210125-075611_Red…)

DID "systems" are constantly infighting over being "traumagenic" (disorder caused by trauma) vs "endogenic" (disorder caused from within). Traumagenics are generally taken more seriously because it doesn't make sense to claim that you got this disorder without trauma. This has morphed into "your trauma is a privilege" because convincing people that their disorder is real is the true goal of all this role play.

According to >>1141226 it's also a sign of faking to make a big deal of your trauma. The reason for this is that true DID is the psyche's way of protecting itself from memories of trauma that are so severe, a person cannot handle the knowledge of their own experiences – so they rationalize that it actually happened to another person within them. That's why volunteering specifics, sharing it with people other than the closest confidants, and generally announcing their trauma to the world is also a sign that someone does not have DID. Because if they were genuinely reacting to that trauma, the DID would shield them from reliving it and sharing it.

>10. Having been a member of a community self help group

Basically includes EVERYONE larping DID online. They are creating their own lore to convince each other that it's all happening, but the very act of participating in that proves that they aren't really suffering from DID. The louder someone insists, the more obvious it isn't real.

The entire online community surrounding DID is fake, but that doesn't stop everyone from scrambling over each other to prove that they're "more real" than the rest. And having the "trauma" to "prove it" has become a privilege in a community where everyone gets their validation from attention.

No. 1141822

About 5 years ago, there was a fairly popular Tumblr user who claimed to have a DID diagnosis and was seeing a specialist for it. This was before systems/DID/alters became a big thing. Her alters weren't interesting, which made her story slightly more believable.
Then a couple years later she announced that she had been misdiagnosed by her specialist and actually suffering from narcolepsy. IIRC she also seemed to disapprove of the surge in self-diagnosed DID? Does anybody else remember her?

No. 1142197

dang. I hate DIDdlers

No. 1142266

george_weasley_simp, femaledracomalfoy_ and shitandpiss3 are all making excellent points

No. 1142270

I'm glad there's a thread for this shit, I'm in an art server and there's this one girl that uses some discord bot called pluralkit to be like 6 "alters," most of which are of course fictional characters, and I've more or less contemplated leaving because I'm tired of walking on eggshells with a roleplayer basically(no1curr)

No. 1142296


On the topic of dissasociadid, there’s something i just dont quite get, I haven’t followed the whole thing closely so dunno if this has been discussed before.

She claims in her videos that DID happens when a kid suffers extreme trauma and has no parental figure to turn to. I can get behind that (like kids kidnapped and kept in terrible conditions), or even Kim Noble looks somewhat convincing and alludes to child rape. Same with that other woman who was on 60 minutes and was raped by her dad and even had to have vaginal and rectal surgery. Those are horrifying examples of abuse that happened to kids by their own parents.

But Chloe seemed to live with her parents for a while and i thought she had an ok relationship with them. Are they aware of what she’s spouting? Is she basically saying she suffered an intense trauma before the age of 5 and her parents were nowhere to be found?

Has she ever alluded to what kind of trauma she suffered besides trying to kill herself when she was a teen (which has been debunked)?

No. 1142377

>DID is starting to become trendy
>trisha paytas tries to milk it saying she has it
>antony padilla also shames her for "faking" this fake mental disorder cause he's the mental illness police annoying as shit
>trisha makes a video pretending to switch alters
>on frenemies explains that the first did video was her self diagnosing because she related to it.
>but the changing alters video was 100%% trolling because she wanted to make fun of people with """"DID""""" switching alters on camera.
>PEOPLE RAGED AND RAGED for her switching video to this day
>she deleted it but its honestly sad cause i think once she saw the "switching" videos were so obviously fake she wanted to mock this dumbass crowd

in conclusion, DID community is fucking stupid but they're surpringly large and supported by dumbass muh mental health people

trisha mocked those terribly fake alter videos and they absolutely deserved it. its crazy the amount of backlash she got over this made up mental illness for spergs

No. 1142404

File: 1611656539411.jpg (70.39 KB, 680x609, 20210126_111922.jpg)

I'm an absolute retard and somehow managed to get my two favorite DID cow mixed up. I was actually talking about The Entropy System, not DissociaDID aka Chloe. Chloe seems to actually have serious mental issues or at least is much better at faking it, whether her ~alters are real or not so she's a bit closer to a horrorcow for me. Let's just pretend that I dissociated too hard to remember who was who while writing that post kek
I mean I'm not trying to defend her but parents aren't the only possible source of trauma. Preschool or very early grade school offers plenty of possibilities for child predators or physically and/or sexually abusive people in general to get a hold of a child.

This is older milk so I'm saging but according to this reddit screenshot I found (so take that with as many grains of salt as you like) DissociaDID got caught scraping purported trauma victims' stories and personal history from trauma victim groups on Facebook by asking for detailed descriptions of their trauma.

No. 1142411

File: 1611657428670.jpg (396.46 KB, 1080x1776, 20210126_crop.jpg)

Samefag: clicking through from that image brought me to this twitter account, which gives me anti-O vibes but is nevertheless pretty milky. It supposedly fact checks DissociaDID videos but mostly posts assorted milk: http://twitter.com/dissociatruth
Chloe also dated and defended Team Piñata for a while, another system, who had gotten outed for drawing weird sneeze fetish art of underage characters. I think calling making art of Tails from Sonic "producing CP" is a bit overblown but it definitely is gross and sketchy and I understand why a community built around supposed trauma stemming from child sexual abuse would want to immediately oust Team Piñata. The full details can be found in their thread on the other farms or in this reddit post. This too is old milk but seemed worth sharing since this is the first official thread and all. https://www.reddit.com/r/DissociaDID/comments/g1f1sx/a_summary_of_the_teampinata_allegations_repost/

No. 1142450

Totally agree on the source of trauma for sure, but I thought i heard Chloe or whoever else say that DID develops when the child has no parental figure to help them out during repeated trauma. It did seem to make sense when the victim was a young kid abused by their own parent with no one to turn to.

I absolutely believe that 99% of them are bullshitters. They seem to have pretty much a normal family life and I know it’d be horrifying if they really did get severely abused in the past, but I honestly can’t believe it.
Even Kim Noble and Jeni Haynes either straight up explain or allude to repeated childhood rape. Chloe had a “split” because Trisha was mean to her once.

I really don’t care much for illness fakers or munchies, but DID fakers really take the cake for me. It just annoys me so much that they can suddenly decide the end of their faking when life catches up with them and be like “woop we all fused in the end guys! Thanks for the support over the years, show’s over ahah also never question my mental illness it’s rude ok”

No. 1142500

File: 1611670446093.jpg (Spoiler Image, 478.57 KB, 1080x1469, 20210126_crop_4.jpg)

Sage for more medfagging.
A child doesn't necessarily have to lack stable parental figures to theoretically develop DID, they just have to think they do. The fictional example in this excerpt -spoilered because it describes childhood sexual abuse- from Haddock's Dissociative Identity Sourcebook is a good example of a situation in which the home life of a child could be great but still be perceived in the moment of the trauma as unstable enough that intense dissociation might seem like the only way out. If abuse occurs at an institution like a school, for example, the trauma can be intense even if the homelife is stable because unless the child immediately tells their parents and is believed and action is taken, the child will have to go back to the place where the trauma occurred over and over again.
Hope this helped explain why trauma that occurs outside the home can also be so intense a child might walk away with permanent dissociative tendencies.

No. 1142640

i find it lowkey weird howmany of these kinnies and DIDfags are into harry potter, given what a huge overlap there is between the trans community and these otherkin types. i thought jk was a big fat TERF to them, why would they be so into HP then?

No. 1142643

> Is she basically saying she suffered an intense trauma before the age of 5 and her parents were nowhere to be found?

Soren might be dead but her spirit lives on!

No. 1143832

File: 1611792017642.png (623.8 KB, 544x1768, 11111.png)

How surprising is that DID spergs are also trannies and kinnies?

No. 1144405

>announced that she had been misdiagnosed by her specialist and actually suffering from narcolepsy
Anon remember more about her and what symptoms she had? This sounds more interesting than all the fakes in this thread

No. 1144662

She must have been around 16-18? I remember her being relatively open about the DID diagnosis, like posting alters' handwriting 'samples' from her diary and discussing her childhood trauma. She also seemed to really trust and depend on her psych.
At some point she stopped posting about her DID, then took a hiatus. When she came back she made a post saying that her narcolepsy was misdiagnosed as DID. Apparently the DID medications had also disrupted her hypocretin production, making the symptoms worse. She didn't really say it explicitly, but she seemed to imply that her psych had told her the PTSD and narcolepsy symptoms were proof of her switching alters. Like the sleep episodes were somebody else "fronting". After that she pretty much stopping posting.
If I can find her blog I'll definitely try to fill in the gaps.

No. 1144850

Was it Isa/Euo?

No. 1144851

That reminds me of a video that was recommended to me of a woman showing what it's like having DID. When it was showing that two of the alters are dating and the child alter is their kid I was really confused

No. 1144968

Yes, thank you! I knew it was something with three letters.

No. 1146159

OT but this dude came out a few years ago with a video saying they lied about their DID. I used to follow them a lot.

No. 1154830

File: 1612703767725.png (162.89 KB, 500x750, tumblr_3107d01d1fd773b7dd6686e…)

No. 1156181

I've been catching up on the Only Human channel on youtube and saw there's an upload of "My Multiple Personalities and Me".

Posting because two of the women in this I believe they believe they have DID, the other two are treating it like a game - "Kai" and "Franz" come in around 4:12. Idk if they're active online, I'm still looking, but they're a couple who both claim to have DID. Their "alters" have the usual fakeboi names and, well, watch and cringe.

No. 1156853

File: 1612872221986.jpeg (933.83 KB, 1319x1399, 8A8FC53C-91BD-43BA-AD90-2F3536…)

No. 1156878

didn't stop her from dying her hair and taking selfies though. Whose taking care of her?

No. 1156918

File: 1612880424484.png (41.13 KB, 519x782, d3im38e-0c8fad90-f6ea-41c9-8f1…)

From my 30 year old boomer perspective, it seems some people took their deviant art original characters way too seriously.

No. 1156929

I tend to agree with you.

No. 1157064

>'I was once at a fairground on a ride that really spins you around and I zoned out through all of it and couldn’t remember any of it.'
>'I just remember being dizzy after. I think it was the adrenaline, it was my instinct because I felt like I might be in danger.'
>muh fiery middle aged persona snatched muh body when i was on the scary ride and i was scared
>muh DID make me forget fair ride

my fucking sides. swear that this woman just made up something quick before she hit 26 so she can milk assistance and her boyfriend for all her life. imagine being that useless that you end up like this.

No. 1210969

File: 1618715261019.jpg (288.22 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20210417-215627_Tik…)

>This retard has a son that he is raising with the help of his "alters"
>has a series of tiktoks where all the alters try new foods for the first time/ films their reaction
>claimed to have been diagnosed LAST YEAR and can already switch alters with ease
>all the alters are sexist stereotypes. One of the female alters does chores, while a Male one goes to work
>recently made a tiktok going through a Starbucks as a female alter, a worker allegedly recognized the female alter and wrote a note just for her… when I paused the video of the drink being passed , the note was blank

No. 1210970

File: 1618715377356.jpg (413.33 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20210417-214932_Tik…)


Samefag but the note does not exist in the frame where it was passed to them, and then it magically appears.

No. 1211019

KEK. Accurate tbh.

No. 1211030

File: 1618721892856.png (925.28 KB, 736x992, screenshot.png)

You can literally see the "to" in the frame you posted.

No. 1211244

I was at a party awhile ago and this chick there started speaking with a full on British accent mid sentence and phased in and out of it all night bc she has a British alter that only comes out when drunk or some bullshit

Makes me wonder if a white person started using AAVE and/or saying the N word whether they could successfully play the ‘Uwu I have a black alter’ card and get away with it. I dearly hope not but fuck, who knows these days

No. 1211299

Were you at a party with Icky Vicky? kek

No. 1211302

This is the only thing that kinda makes me believe DID could be real. She gains nothing from it. but no one in this thread has it obvi

No. 1211307

>has a gay male alter

she is the blueprint

No. 1211321


No. This is nonsensical. Of course she gains something from it- attention. All of this is some desperate ploy for attention.

She thinks this crazy shit didn’t affect her kid? Of course it did. No clue why social services was on her earlier, but goddamn they should have just taken that poor kid away.

This is so bizarre- all these alters can come right on out on command in front of a camera? MMMM. Suspect.

No. 1211395

They should have taken the daughter away on the basis of “salome” being an emotionally abusive personality. The video was a good laugh though. Especially “bonny” crying while the daughter was stone faced.

Kek yeah this shit never makes sense. She can control when her personalities come out? Aren’t they supposed to need an outside trigger that corresponds with their purpose of creation? DID is clearly attention seeking behavior, maybe she couldn’t cope with shit in life, but the personalities obviously aren’t real. Forcing them onto others is narc shit. I feel bad for her daughter.

No. 1211693

Most of these DID nutcases to me seems just extreme pathological liars. They are clearly mentally ill in a way, just not one of the cool ones people feel sympathy for.

No. 1213351

She was a DID weirdo? That’s crazy I know her from online when we teens but she was an enviable art hoe going to school for film in nyc I remember she made a movie about her ED and I thought it was frustratingly tasteful

No. 1213828

File: 1619047471058.jpg (324.61 KB, 1080x2104, Screenshot_20210421-191700_Tik…)

I'm really glad this thread was made. I came across this one account on Tiktok. I wasnt sure what to make of it. She supposedly got a job at Starbucks recently but how does that even work….?


No. 1225363

i'm just kind of baffled that a lot of these people claim their alters are different races. it's especially embarassing when they think they're native american and give themselves "native" names. and then their comments are like "i have a native american alter too!"

on a different note, why do so many people have junko enoshima alters?

No. 1225470

File: 1620408452879.png (1.1 MB, 1213x2048, Screenshot_20210508-032552.png)

Does anyone remember this Australian cow from the early anachan threads? (I'd say circa 2013-2016).

She posts about having DID now and posts as her various alters, one being a transman.

No. 1236340

What in the fuck did I just stumble on…

Well hello Tulpa 2.0's
What fucking retards

No. 1236376

How in the fuck is something this blatantly false getting defended by this many idiots?

Like, I can believe DID's an actual disorder, but the fucking idiots who are the most vocal, and open about their 'experiences' with it are so fucking obviously faked, and just spewing shit.
Like, none of these people are actually traumatized, none of these people are actually experiencing this 'switching', or have 'littles' or 'demons' or 'nonhumans' all running around in their head they can talk to whenever they please, and switch to on command (which of course always requires a clothing change and/or account switch).

Like, this isn't even close to what DID is defined as. This isn't how this shit works, and over 90% of the time these people 'never came out about it because they were worried about being bullied', or 'totally had some trauma happen to me that caused me to split even though I'm an adult and only kids can have it happen', and then of course immediately afterwards these people starts developing dozens of new alters as they get popular because of how many people feel sorry for them/relate/what-the-fuck-ever.

Like, what in the fuck. None of this shit is eve in the vicinity of what actual DID is defined as, and yet I see people who were calling out shifters and shit on how unhealthy, and clearly fake the behavior was, openly, and actively defending this ludicrous shit even though this shit grew in popularity at the same time as shifting did, and very, very fucking blatantly or the exact same reasons

No. 1236410

i'm surprised no one here has brought up the minecraft youtuber fandom's "psychotics" and self proclaimed DID nutcases. if you look up "mcyttwt ableism" you'll find threads with thousands of retweets validating these kids and cancelling people who so much as question them.

No. 1236423

Good god, this is why cancel culture was so important
It kept unhealthy shit like this from becoming as mainstream and 'UwU i'm so special and fun' sounding as it has.

I'm amazed at how defended it is too considering the amount of backlash for, like, real DID, not this fake 'look how popular I am' shit, is going to be once people start getting called out on their shit/admitting to faking it for the clout but now they're bored of it like has happened with every other fucking idiotic 'look at how special I am' fad

No. 1236440

File: 1621802557459.jpg (545.83 KB, 641x2206, use some fucking critical thin…)

Oh my fucking god
What is wrong with people?!
No you do not have 100+ alters at age 15, in a fairly stable homelife, black or not, no you are not every member of HLVRAI, no you are not Himiko Toga, no you are not Bendy, no you are not fucking Angel Dust, no you do not have 5+ children even younger than you in your head.

And people are defending this person, agreeing with their points, and using them as arguments about how 'muh trauma totally real' and all sorts of shit when until like, a few weeks ago or whatever, this person had never even once spoken of DID, no mentions of fictives until they started spouting shit about how 'fictives are people, so don't sexualize them', and 'endos dni!', '#totally not tulpas', etc, etc.

Now I don't know if this idiot had their 100+ alter page earlier than that (though I really fucking doubt they've had that up for long), but if they did then they sure were quiet about 'defending their disorder' until this shit started becoming 'mainstream popular 'I have a disorder that makes me special and cool!' fad #473: Look at all the people in my head I'm totally not roleplaying as! edition

No. 1236442

Minor correction, this idiot was talking about their 'alters' for at least a few months back, they just don't tag shit right despite 'trying to support my disorder'

Still not very long for their nearly 3 year old blog, but longer than a few weeks, and explains why the other idiots are so quick to agree on this '100+ alters' idiocy

No. 1236451

Sage your shit newfags

No. 1236524

No. 1236527

is this you ireny?

No. 1236535

what's wrong with them in admitting that they'd like to roleplay as their ocs. I've seen rp as living people. Still weird but it's much better than saying your alter is corpse husband or lance from voltron

No. 1236548

You realize this is an alter list right?
They ain't admitting to roleplaying as both their OC's and the dozens (they only post first names of characters on this' of popular game/show characters on it, like the entire cast of HLVRAI (plus a number of offshoot alternate versions of said characters) they're 'admitting' to having these 100+ characters in their head as alters that front for them and shit

Hell, they literally use one of the hazbin ones as an example of how 'fictive's don't have to be canon-compliant so if you insult them we'll beat the shit out of you'
It's just ridiculous how people are so willing to accept these idiots as totally having this disorder, to the point of defending them, when they're as blatant in faking it as this.

Like, this kid is 15 years of age and people are actually buying that they have DID to this degree, and with only fairly recently highly popular (especially in the big shipping circles, all of which this fucker was a part of before claiming the DID) characters as their so called fictives.

Also, you gotta love the 8 'littles'. Implying this kid (and yes they're 15) has that many younger 'kids' in their head too.
And fuck do I bet you anything

Also, mate, this person has factives, they've talked about having factives and defending the concept of them, pretty certain all of their unlisted ones are factives seeing as how their mention of having a factive was that they kept it unlisted (i.e. most likely MCyter's they want to RP as but they can't put up because the moment they do they'll be called out by the rest of the DID-fad communities for faking it seeing as how a good majority all hate that side of the community)

No. 1236551

Is there a way to get access to the paper without paying $45 for it?
Like, I'd love to read this so if one of these retards ever starts trying to start shit I can shut them down, but not at that price

No. 1236586

sci-hub always does the trick for me, just google it to find the current link bc they keep changing it

No. 1236588

thanks mate

No. 1341329

I swear to fucking god all the people who fake disorders look all the fucking same. Either their a retarded Devon Erikson clone or an "UwU" anime cosplayer that only cosplays the "edgy quirky characters". Honestly these faggots just want attention because they have parents that don't love them. Like, OK. I get your dad hits you and shit but that doesn't fucking mean you have a disorder lmao.

No. 1343579

Agreed. I dont think any of them at all are legit. I'm actually surprised how many people believe this crap.

No. 1346795

There's a woman like this I follow sometimes. I'm fine with like kids doing this shit since they're kids and they're stupid but she's literally in her 20s and goes around calling people 'singlelets'. Gotta love how she has 30+ alters and all of them are danganronpa characters.


No. 1346943

So how would people who swear they are reincarnations of famous historical figures fit into all of this? I've seen some accounts of those on Instagram and they act like they can summon their past selves or relive their past memories or some bullshit

No. 1347304

>characters that she hates are in her system
How does that even work, do they literally live in her head rent free?

No. 1347373

File: 1634223701968.jpg (247.34 KB, 1080x1556, 20211014_225125.jpg)

The cringiest and most obvious faker I have seen is Sevencsystem on tiktok. Every fucking video she zooms in on her dumb fat smug face. She streams for ages and sits there defensive and aggressively slurping down cans of monster and only answering questions about did.

She has claimed to have did and tourettes. Claims that some alters dont have ticcs like others.
Has a terrible fake English alter named Collin and she's terrible at doing the accent so sounds like a bad Aussie accent.
Claims her alters are dating each other.
Is legit trying to sell plastic flowers in monster cans as 'art'
She 'switches' during lives and puts on voices which she forgets to keep doing halfway through.
In every one of her tiktoks she has this air of 'beat that' like she's bragging about being a fake retard.
She either has Pcos or is taking hormones to troon out because she has a patchy pube beard.
She has like every platform and 20k followers yet ive only seen her mentioned on reddit twice.

No. 1347944

Her Twitter is chock full of statuses about she doesn't and shouldn't have to work. She apparently currently works at a hotel reception (highly doubt) but all her statuses say she works for door dash.

No. 1348615

This guy gives me the biggest narcissist vibes.
I feel like the only reason his retard wife enables it is because they make money and get given shit by fans.
The most entertaining thing is to watch their live streams.
I saw a live unboxing of packages and its very obvious that she is sick of him. I noticed if she's getting more attention in the chat he will pipe up and do something stupid to be the centre of attention. The amount of times she rolls her eyes or tells him to grab another package is infinite.
She is very clearly done with him.
I somewhat feel sorry for her because they have a child together but she's an enabler like Lainey to Greg, so fuck her.
A good mother would get divorced and keep their kid away from this weirdo.

No. 1348616

This is the stream.
The way she has to correct this manchild several times. Its like having a second kid. He also harasses her cat and she tells him to knock it off several times before he listens.
She also has to remind him to reward the dog for going to the toilet outside.
Fuck the money and gifts, I would have left the second he started being a troon. Cannot believe they have a child.

No. 1399126

This thing is now doing porn.
Made the mistake of looking at it's twitter. Hairy fat man's body with different sized tits and so fat that she has to dig to touch her vagina.

No. 1414202

So I came across this video about a tiktoker by the name fo "Twosoulsonebod". She has an alter named "James" her name is "Jesse". Anyone knows if she does the male voice by herself? It was so jarring because it's a decent male voice she does for "James" is it her lip syncing? Is she a troon?
Then she did some cringey videos "kissing" James. Anyone came across this idiot before? She has a video up right now smelling her arm pit and "talking" to James about how "she" smells. My internet is taking forever to download the tiktok video so I'm just going to post the video I was watching, for context on her.

No. 1415028

I came across this one too when I was watching some of that sevencssystem's videos because they put out some attention whoring video which was an apology for 'fakeclaiming' twosoulsonebody and went on to say it was one of their alters that 'fakeclaimed'
I didn't see a whole lot of their content before she privated but there's a heap of memes of tiktok about her Jessie and James thing being pokemon alters. Its bizarre how she will have mini conversations out loud with herself while in the middle of talking.
There is a few did cows including both of those mentioned that claim to have alters dating. I guess noone will touch them with a 10 foot pole so they have to date themselves

No. 1415033

I feel like they are all faking but the most attention whorey ones seem to make it a competition of who can outcrazy each other.
You have 3 alters? Well I have 300.
You have human adults? Well I have 7 adults, 6 'littles', a dog, a cat, a pony, 8 trans alters, and 9 fictives.
They claim to have alters who are already existing people like k pop stars or streamers. They also seem to like to add new weird rules such as instead of one personality coming out, they can have blends of different ones. They claim that they can date in the inner world and all sorts of stupid shit. Its like watching tumblrinas with Munchausens

No. 1415735

When I was a young teen, like 12-14 I claimed to have bipolar (which I thought would just be extreme mood swings from sad to happy and when I ''took my medicine'' I told my friend to look at me because I'm about to become really cheerful again lol). Another friend claimed to have schizophrenia and we went through a lot of different phases (like j-rock, emo, scene, "androgynous" etc.) and I also lied about other really ridiculous things I'm so glad we didn't have something TikTok back then to broadcast our tomfoolery to the whole world.

It's the adults who are in these faker communities and keep on pretending that have me concerned.

No. 1416195

Yeah it's crazy that the older ones encourage the younger ones.
Some of the extreme ones will say that 'its more harmful to fakeclaim than it is for people to fake!'
It's fucked up they continue playing pretend down the track.

No. 1523122

they prolly a fucken death metal poser too
"yea i listen to cannibal corpse!!" fuck outta here ya dag(sage your gatekeeping)

No. 1524001

The reason the male voice is so good is because he's a troon, the female voice is the fake one

No. 1536463

Honestly I think this explains a lot

No. 1539333

File: 1653487252478.jpg (156.24 KB, 720x1037, Screenshot_20220525-165411_Chr…)

Pretending to be mentally challenged like you're Maddie Ziegler in Sia's autism movie bc just having split personalities wasn't quirky enough

No. 1541373

File: 1653618743757.webm (14.78 MB, 576x1024, fragmented_sike.webm)

No. 1541374

i can't believe she has the time to LARP as transmasc Sybil when she's a mom. absolute madness wtf.

No. 1541484

what gets me she would "switch" and remember the video draft. i thought "switches" happen from triggers anyways like for example, "oh i got fired from my job today" so boom a switch. lmao she only put on a sports bra and makeup. i can't keep up with their LARP rules or their split kins, sigh

No. 1541488

forgive me for my samefagging sins but i realize i meant push up bra.

No. 1541752

Actually their official line is that they integrated. Honestly compared to the LARPers of modern day, this is almost believable.

No. 1541831

it's sad to see how tiktok and discord are teaching kids that in order to like something, you have to be mentally ill about it

No. 1543207

The amount of autism in this post is insane.

No. 1543824

guys these people definitely all have DID.

No. 1565142

File: 1655581915411.png (90.13 KB, 1060x306, fucking idiot.png)

stumbled upon this dumpster fire of a person who simultaneously drivels on about how their 'unorthodox' trauma is valid (ie: saying their reaction to a breakup is trauma, and traumatic enough to cause an actual alter) while yelling at their mutuals to validate them lmao. theyre still secretive but not so much that it stops them from writing actual fanfiction and making half-assed 'information' posts about mental illnesses they've been larping online. picrel this is from one of their posts about did and how their """alter""" failed to alleviate their rotting toothache. also - tf is a seizure trigger?

i can post more if people are curious since this idiot will air any laundry out for a crumb of attention lol

No. 1565689

"i'm sorta sensitive, as you can tell" that made me chuckle, my god. please post more screencaps

No. 1566043

Isn't it like… if you "know" you have DID/multiple personalities without being told by a professional, then you don't actually have it and are just attributing characters to your moods? Tik Tok has a lot to answer for.

No. 1566571

yeah i'm pretty positive you are right. from what i've heard, people with real DID won't usually know that they switched or when they did. there's actually a documentary on a moid named Billy Milligan who killed & raped but wasn't found guilty due to his DID/multiple personality disorder. it's fucked up

No. 1567425

File: 1655782868419.png (5.21 MB, 1242x2688, 1E73E331-602B-4EE0-A5BF-495E30…)

No. 1567459

That's actually a copypasta, I've seen it a lot on radfem blogs for some reason

No. 1567474

I've watched that! I'm sceptical he was actually suffering DID, it was a very trendy diagnosis in the 70s and psychiatrists trying to make a name for themselves would push it as a diagnosis. I can imagine it was a very tempting get out of jail card. Literally. He definitely had mental health problems though, shitty childhood will do that to you.

No. 1567508

Ntayrt but why are you like this

No. 1567523

You're retarded

No. 1567533

ntayrt but when did anon say DID as a whole is fictional? also your point about heart disease makes me roll my eyes. medical diagnosis and mental diagnosis are not the same thing.

No. 1568195

File: 1655847637857.png (632.48 KB, 1208x977, comp.png)


i really need to make more because this moron generates cringe-worthy posts like he gets paid by the word lmao but heres a small compilation for now. pink text posts are "edu posts" about disorders he claims to have and wants to educate people on (such as autism, did/osdd, bpd, pure-ocd ((also fakes epilepsy too btw)) and its all so much horseshit. hope you can see one of his sources is literally a fucking blog off al gore's internet. that and having the audacity to ask for donations and then quotes fucking MAYO CLINIC as a source.
also believes that switching is voluntary like he's playing DnD or some shit.

No. 1568495

how old is this person? they talk like they are 15 and had their first psych intro class lol

No. 1568542

File: 1655886333394.jpeg (220.9 KB, 960x670, 59E01C09-0659-4BB9-ACE9-930918…)

you would think so but no they’re almost 23 kek. picrel this is just one of their many instances of whining about how valid their trauma is (bc trying to convince everyone totally looks honest and genuine). i firmly believe that he’d latch on to a new diagnosis if he stubbed his toe or something

No. 1568589

File: 1655893735296.jpg (319.74 KB, 1079x977, Screenshot_202.jpg)

>also - tf is a seizure trigger?
Certain stimuli can trigger a seizure in epileptic people, that's why you always get those "this game contains flashing lights and might not be suitable for people with epilepsy" warnings at the beginning of modern video games. Flashing lights, visuals that move in certain ways, and for a medically unknown reason, yes, hyperventilating. I think it's a pretty well known seizure trigger second only to the classic flashing lights so it's a handy and easy thing to incorporate into your larp if you already hyperventilate multiple times a day and want even more attention over it KEK

No. 1568609

File: 1655895211416.jpeg (185.47 KB, 960x1708, 1A8BB3C2-4E1C-45C3-8534-8404A5…)

lol go figure - i found their first posts about some character they liked being epileptic and then immediately larping as epileptic + writing 3 fics about said character. all they do is brag about how bad their seizures are while always claiming to not be photosensitive + being able to control them. not to blog but ive lost family to epilepsy i really cannot stand this bitch

No. 1568611

File: 1655895398608.jpeg (383.21 KB, 960x2312, 46014DF0-1321-41D4-A195-B908E5…)

couldnt fit 2 images on mobile sorry - heres some more. i cant believe people like this exist. most victimized person in the entire world syndrome - what do we have so far? pure-o, bpd, OSDD, epilepsy. OT but he whined about his eating disorder too saying shit like “guys i haven’t eaten in 8 hours this is bad” no bitch its called sleeping.

No. 1568618

File: 1655895775408.jpeg (243.8 KB, 960x796, 6EE0B784-28CC-49F1-9DFA-FF9C4B…)

last post but this is just too funny. faking so hard you forget how it works

No. 1568637

Holy shit lmao. I actually kek'd. I have non-epileptic seizures and browsing social media can be a minefield because of it. There's no way anyone suffering from seizures would forget to tag, especially if you spend so much free time sperging about it. Jesus Christ, at least put some effort into your larping.

No. 1568674

>complex partial seizure that lasted for 24 hours
Lmao what the FUCK. A seizure lasting for more than 30 minutes is a medical emergency because a seizure is every part of your brain going into chaotic overdrive all at once so every moment during a seizure another neuron in your brain can and will completely burn out and die. The longer the seizure, the more likely you are to carry away permanent brain damage - and by "longer" people mean minutes, not hours. If you're in a complex seizure for 24 hours you're either a vegetable by the end of it or dead. This bitch is insane.

No. 1568688

File: 1655899510130.jpeg (346.22 KB, 960x926, 2CCE6A22-4A04-486F-832D-6ADA8C…)

to be fair they are braindead so at least that tracks lmao
still pisses me off that he tries to get “online clout” off muscle spasms that most likely stem from sitting on his ass and reading about illnesses he can latch on to all day. picrel is another thing i found he just does not stop. how do you look like ed sheeran and get to ego to think you could get away w this

No. 1569180

Complex partial seizures don't result in the classic "on the ground twitching" that most people think of when they think seizures, they're more staring into space types similar to absence seizures, but they definitely don't last that long either. I suspect this person is either bullshitting or is stretching FND (non epileptic seizures in this case) into a claim of epilepsy.

No. 1569628

File: 1655974188445.jpeg (447.62 KB, 960x1187, 330BABED-0F6D-4622-AE0B-C8DC3E…)

so close to realizing yet so far

No. 1569631

File: 1655974549492.jpeg (285.16 KB, 960x714, A4589E9C-CD46-455F-A0CC-07A547…)

claims to not have reg amnesia only emotional amnesia ????? literally picking and choosing “symptoms” so that they’re quirky enough to have osdd but not enough for it to impact their life in any way shape or form kek

No. 1569634

Not shitting on mother's with mental issues but whenever I see DID people or troons who are parents I feel so sorry for the children and also wonder where they get the time for larping such nonsense.
Reeks of narcissism.

No. 1570058

i thought you guys were talking about my best friend from middle school this all lines up so well its kind of scary.

No. 1573119

Kinda surprised to see someone I used to know in this thread lol. But anyway, they told me in DMs that they're mtf.(sage your shit)

No. 1736626

File: 1672768228504.jpg (1.84 MB, 1080x7048, Screenshot_20230103_194807.jpg)

Sorry for necro, here's a DID larper from reddit. People called her out in the comments.

No. 1736665

This reminded me of a personal cow i had in 2019/2020 on instagram, does anybody know her? She was a fakeboi, her posts hat that instagram discourse zepeto style, her alters included like seraphim and beelzebub, she was really hilarious towards anyone god i wish i kept the screenshots

No. 1736725

i know one exactly like this, but i'd be potentially outing myself if i disclosed her username. was she in her mid 20s & had lots of piercings?

No. 1736863

what i don't get about these people is that they claim to be devastated and barely functional from mental illness yet have these elaborately organized and maintained systems. People with truly severe dissociative disorders are not going to be capable of that shit.

No. 1737272

idk her age but she did post a lot a lot about piercings and even wanted that "corset" stuff that is just temporary for pictures but she thought those were like long term kek

No. 1737429

don't be sorry, i miss this thread

No. 1737572

always funny to see the bpds that pretend to be DID immediately flock to be offended

system is just their word to mean their group of alters, but you're right. people with severe dissociative disorders aren't going to be so organized to make shit like detailed carrds for each alter.

No. 1740089

This DID LARPer appeared on a German state-funded YouTube channel recently. The channel itself is about your typical cancerous idpol shit, paid for by what is essentially taxpayer money.

In the interview she claimed that her "DID" was caused by the horribly traumatic experience of… her parents working too much and giving her too much money. I am not even joking.

No. 1740118

I'm just someone who did some abnormal psych classes, but I'm pretty sure that someone with actual DID isn't going to know everything about each one of their alters. They are supposed to operate "independently" of each other and it just feels like lost time, not "I was so and so yesterday night".

No. 1740124

yeah with "actual" or what we think DID is, but most of it is a crock of shit and just us not fully understanding issues related to complex trauma yet. also consider applying what's known about memory in relation to conditions like dementia or alzheimer's.

>not "I was so and so yesterday night"

not fully disagreeing with you cause most of these people are genuine lying retards or confused borderliners, but with all the modern devices that someone can record themselves on so as to recollect lost information on themselves the next day, it can be dismissed like that simply.

No. 1740276

File: 1673267764589.jpeg (124.39 KB, 718x1354, 1FF3DD9D-51CA-400E-BF46-ED8ABC…)

I could watch a whole movie about did cringe

No. 1740341

I wish i could. I get second hand embarrassment just knowing these retards exist.

No. 1740652

Lmfao this girl is relentless. Her fake voice, her virtue signaling.. might be the most annoying of her group. She deserves to be posted a loooooot on here lol

No. 1740679

Would it be dumb to post a specific user to ask for opinions? She's not very cringe and doesn't seem to be playing things up for attention as she's not that popular. Stumbled across her back when I was on tumblr years ago and have been reading her blogs every now and again ever since out of curiosity. I don't know where I stand on DID but I typically lean to "if it is real it's probably nothing like what kids on the internet depict it as" so I'm interested to hear what other people think about less dramatic accounts

No. 1740680

Forgot to sage fuck

No. 1740694

Just post them here, you don't have to block names either. DID has been questioned over the years by professionals, personally I agree with an earlier anon that it's not what we see online. Anyone posting about it online don't have anything close to what DID would be in real life.

No. 1740768

File: 1673316542233.jpg (352.72 KB, 1080x2114, SmartSelect_20230109_175015_Sa…)

Main blog is https://fangirlinginleatherboots.tumblr.com/ , DID blog is https://collectivelychatty.tumblr.com/

She's been posting for years and the "story" has been pretty consistent from what I've seen. She used to be a little popular but it was for fandom art, her stuff barely gets attention now so it doesn't seem to be motivated by that. She occasionally did the "this specific alter(s) is posting right now" thing but was the same person (for lack of a better way to put it) the majority of the time. In all the time I've been reading her blogs she has only had one major host change and their personality (or the limited bit I can gather from online posts) does seem to have changed. I can dig for specific posts later but nothing has ever really jumped out at as a huge red flag to me. The biggest thing would be the claim of ritualistic abuse but even then she speaks about it sparingly and seems bothered by how misunderstood it is (i don't think she's claiming satanic panic level stuff, just that her religious school was cult-like). When she first started bringing it up it was before the host change and she seemed hesitant to talk about it, though she did get a therapist that encouraged her to talk about it more. Interestingly the "current host" posted not too long ago that the "old host" really liked that therapist, but that the current one thinks he was more damaging than helpful. If it's a larp it's a really long and elaborate one

No. 1740832

File: 1673319324607.jpg (67.31 KB, 500x649, 1635164235404.jpg)

From reading what you said, she could be genuine but in the sense that she's confused and really stuck in her primary coping mechanism. I could medfag a little to elaborate if you want but I'm already sperging a lot.

>Interestingly the "current host" posted not too long ago that the "old host" really liked that therapist, but that the current one thinks he was more damaging than helpful.

Iatrogenic DID is commonplace and a major issue for people seeking help, tons of therapists and psychs wanna find the next Sybil and get their five minutes of fame. The majority of therapists aren't good at their jobs and are ill equipped for complex trauma anyway.

>The biggest thing would be the claim of ritualistic abuse but even then she speaks about it sparingly and seems bothered by how misunderstood it is (i don't think she's claiming satanic panic level stuff, just that her religious school was cult-like).

This is the only possible red flag to me, but she could still be genuine as I said. Religions fuck people up, especially children, and we as a society regularly ignore it. Religious Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is a real enough thing, for example there are lots of people that struggle with vivid nightmares of burning in hell for their possible sins. Coming from an Abrahamic perspective, girls in particular are inundated with ideas such as how they are inherently sinful, evil temptresses of men, and have bad natures just from being descendants of Eve the doomer of man. That's psychologically abusive and can cause girls to act out in all kinds of ways over the course of their lives. Even if you come from a less culty sect or family, it's still dependent on how the child takes that information in and processes it. Satanic panic is definitely bullshit though, and I personally dislike how it's called ritualistic abuse when it's probably just repetitive abuse in a religious setting or theme.

picrel for content

No. 1741012

From case studies and working with diagnosed individuals in a therapeutic setting I believe DID is real, but it’s rare & extremely debilitating. It looks like severe memory loss, blackouts and mood swings irl. I only worked with one woman with distinct “alters” and she had no memory or knowledge of them outside of a disassociative state. You will rarely encounter these individuals outside of a psychiatric or therapeutic setting because they can’t function in society. Anyone coherent enough to develop “systems” based on fictional characters and celebrities, let alone blog about them online, is LARPing imo.

No. 1741014

>From case studies and working with diagnosed individuals in a therapeutic setting
>I only worked with one
>disassociative state
lmao no you didn't, you can't even spell dissociative correctly

No. 1741015

Sure, bc no one makes typos online. And I’m not a mental health professional, this was occupational therapy and a few people I worked with were diagnosed with DID. Take it or leave it, I really don’t care.

No. 1741019

I'd want to know how to correctly spell the words related to my job or how to spell the name of my disorder correctly. weird how one hundred percent of fakers can't spell dissociate correctly and always use disassociate.

No. 1741378

>I could medfag a little to elaborate if you want but I'm already sperging a lot.
Please do

No. 1741423

I think it’s quite telling that 90% of these retards claim their “alters” are anime characters. I think most of the egregious ones are doing it just for tiktok likes/engagement because I refuse to believe that anyone, let alone medical professionals, entertain this turbo autism and validate it.

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