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File: 1647147018485.jpg (110.24 KB, 739x860, poor fucking cat.jpg)

No. 869724

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/heavenlybunnies

Tumblr: https://heavenlybunnies.tumblr.com/
https://pileofthembones96.tumblr.com/ [ed tumblr]

Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/offthebone1996
https://twitter.com/bimbokitten96 [sw twitter]

>Formerly known as angelhair1996, howl1996, junkhun, funeralhome420 and Lunakittenxxx (to name but a few)
>25 year old heroin addict, scammer, liar, thief, and on-and-off “sex worker”
>Has overdosed thrice
>Begs people for money online to buy drugs under the guise of it being for food/medication/rent/necessities
>Refuses to get a job or do anything productive besides shitty art and poetry
>Has every self-diagnosed mental/physical illness under the sun
>Started dating her (now 42) year old “fiancé” (hereby known as Lurch) before she turned 18, calls him “daddy”. They’ve been together now for 7 years
>has a following of impressionable young girls who she has convinced to “help” her during this “tough time” in her life
>Romanticises the hell out of her addiction but rants on the internet how vile it is to do so
>”I’m not trying to be Courtney Love!”
>Tries to be exactly like Courtney Love
>Loves to share her grimy life on the internet, including awful photos of her cats laying in filth and used needles, unwashed clothes, etc
>Constantly buys cheap shit on Amazon while complaining about being penniless
>Milks her ex-gf’s suicide for struggle points

Historical Milk:
>Squandered a large inheritance from her grandmother within a year and lost the property she also inherited because she didn’t pay tax on it
>Claims her mother “stole” her inheritance money from her (she possibly used the inheritance to pay her mother’s rent and considers that “stealing”)
>Exploited Roger (Lurch’s sick dad) by squatting in his apartment and leeching off his social security until he died. They were soon evicted because they couldn’t pay rent
>Luna and Lurch then move in with her ex-addict mother in her one-bedroom poverty home, ultimately drives her mother to relapse and go to inpatient >>795390
>Her dad's apartment caught on fire; Luna spreads ashes on her face

Sex Worker Saga:
>Then began a “sex work” career, taking grimy nudes and videos and selling them through twitter for drug money, looking more and more dead in every photo
>Made premade videos, one is called PEE DRINK >>730829
>Anon leaks a ‘commission’ video where Luna calls her dad and says she’s got a stable job, then takes her dress off and masturbates for the camera. Dad sounds supportive and happy for her as she uses him to get someone else’s humiliation fetish rocks off >>758647 WARNING: SAD AS FUCK >>758661
>“Online acquaintance” of Luna’s turns up after being sent the dad video >>761016, insinuates Luna has sold videos of her shooting up in her legs via her SW twitter. Shares screencap, looks like necrosis waiting to happen >>761037
>Returns to sex work >>805775, >>810203
>A year later, anon drops “lurch gyrating Luna’s ass” and “full intercourse” vids that they bought but didn’t leak at the time: >>811491, >>811554

Eviction/Sobriety Saga:
>Luna uploads a video where her and Lurch yell at a social worker >>811724
>Electricity gets shut off >>813209 and Luna continues to refer to the owner of the apartment as "her landlord" despite admitting on facebook that they're not supposed to be there >>813354
>The apartment door lock has broken, Luna and lurch build sad little barricades >>816475, >>815981
>The cops pay a visit >>813338 and find drugs, paraphernalia and a knife. Charges are filed against Lurch >>819990, >>822424, >>824442
>As a result, Lurch now has to submit drug tests on the reg, and Luna allegedly actually detoxes from heroin (while still using methadone and/or weed, other opiates and/or benzos) >>821718, >>822657, >>823499, >>823823, >>824260
>Luna keeps claiming to be sober >>824858, >>825465, >>827008 despite still taking fucking Xanax >>825462
>”Abusive” dad relapses >>825466, is “dying” >>825993, >>826190, Meanwhile, Luna says it’s a “slap in the face” that her mother dares to be high around her >>826257
>Freaks out incessantly on Reddit about her and Lurch’s stimmy checks as it’s clearly their own income
>Luna and Lurch are attacked by neighbor’s pitbulls totally not while stealing >>831109

Assault Saga:
>Luna claims to have been raped by a stranger in her building >>840784, >>840941 Anons infight about whether or not she's telling the whole truth
>Reports the rape to the police >>841832, >>841834, It seems to go quite well
>Police now don't entirely believe her rape story >>843957, now suspect her of submitting a falsified statement
>Luna gets psych warded >>846413, Calls it the "worst day of her life" but not explaining why, posts unsettling selfies with her ekg stickers still on >>846458
>Seems to be police-related >>847120, Current theory is she lost her shit when she took all of her klonopin and psych wouldn't give her more

Recent milk:
>Neighbor breaks into her apartment, posts pictures of the police and takes videos of everything
>Dropped acid with Lurch after saying she wanted couple's therapy, wants to marry him after
>Starts making embarrassing IG videos (they're in the last thread)
>Gets fired from Alltard
>Says its for her new contract (or some bullshit)
>Cries and suicidebaits about it anyway
>Is getting evicted (again), better milk is coming soon! >>865360, >>865433
>She supposedly has decent savings (okay Luna) >>865446
>Precious widdle Tuna is too good for the Bronx >>865455
>Still ordering a ton of unneccessary cheapcheapcheap garbage in spite of pending eviction >>865460, >>868227, >>868444, >>869086, >>869417
>New ED tumblr >>865499, >>865521
>Lurch calls Tuna fat >>865500, >>865501
>Supposedly can't stay with either parent >>865579
>First court date gets rescheduled >>866447, >>866445, >>866453
>RIP pink gamer chair, also needle caps spotted >>867768
>Luna is looking sober, especially in the eyes >>867934, >>867968, >>867970, >>867972, >>868027
>Court rescheduled AGAIN >>868973
>Lurch tries to be a tough guy under the protection of the police >>869096, >>869097, >>869189, >>869251
>Lurch is prowling on Twitter (don't worry though Luna, he's gunna marry you for realzies this year!) >>869134, >>869135, >>869136, >>869195, >>869206, >>869629, >>869668
>Lurch shows off empty disgusting carpet, heroin packets and needles >>869212, >>869220, >>869236, >>869237

twenty one >>>/pt/574429
twenty two >>>/pt/591749
twenty three >>>/pt/619612
twenty four >>>/pt/657873
twenty five >>>/pt/689217
twenty six >>>/pt/734529
twenty seven >>>/pt/767687
twenty eight >>>/pt/795757
twenty nine >>>/pt/811991
thirty >>>/pt/824552
thirty one >>>/pt/832421
thirty two >>>/pt/841646
thirty three >>>/pt/848981
thirty four >>>/pt/859618
thirty five >>>/pt/865357


No. 869725

Social media:

https://www.instagram.com/heavenlybunnies (private)
https://www.twitter.com/lilcherub1996 (inactive)
https://www.twitter.com/lunakittenxxx (SW account, deleted)


https://www.deviantart.com/thatpoisonleaf (deleted)
https://www.flickr.com/people/54485349@N05 (skwisgaarskwigelf)


https://angelhair1996.tumblr.com (inactive)

Archives of past tumblr accounts:
http://skwisgaarskwigelf.tumblr.com (deleted, no archives)

The Pulp Girls / Zine:

About Luna:
https://witchycrankypoo.tumblr.com (howl1996 drama, inactive)


No. 869729

thank you OP! just sick of accidentally clicking the wrong link. now lets take some bets, what do you think will happen first? they get evicted and are on the streets together, or luna leaves lurch for her daddy and his xanax prescription and amazon account?

No. 869730

Hmmm. After court is rescheduled once or twice more, Luna crawls back to daddy, and Lurch finds true love with a Twitter sexbot.
I really hope they're unable to fuck Mama Tuna over again. Anything but that.

No. 869734

Thanks you anon for finally giving the cutest one in the house a moment to shine! He also needs a new roof & for them to quit smoking inside asap

No. 869759

I hate it! Why do I have to look at this innocent cat that has a bad eye and is clearly been mistreated every time I want to snark at a cow

No. 869761

i think they're both equally codependent, because of her bpd and her need to have One Special Person, she thinks she's in love, i think he's consciously not in love with her hence why he's always flirting with onlyfans girls and trynna cheat. despite that, they're all each other has and they're both too stupid and useless to break up and do better for themselves apart. my bet is they will find someone else to live off of or they'll be homeless together.

No. 869764

agreed nonita. it just makes me sad.

No. 869786

yeah, i agree. i hate it. poor pumpkin. something's definitely up with his eye.

No. 869792

File: 1647261903291.jpeg (543.96 KB, 828x1316, 7ADD6DCE-836C-429D-84A2-B33896…)

No. 869793

File: 1647262005271.jpeg (101.44 KB, 828x437, 3F1ED914-39D2-4B80-A813-02B7D0…)

No. 869800

>feeling good about my sobriety
>bag of fresh needles in their squat
>caps and baggies on the floor
unless lurch is using without her she's really just bold faced lying, despite literal evidence of her using. does she think people are stupid? like lurch is stupid enough to use his full name on all his social media it's so easy to find.

No. 869807

Is… is that their shower rod on the top right? In the living room by door. Oh Tuna..

No. 869809

looks like a lamp to me

No. 869813

That might be how they're barricading the door with the lock broken

No. 869817

File: 1647277212054.jpeg (359.36 KB, 828x2431, D4009E1C-3EA4-4DB4-8651-3277C1…)

No. 869826

why is pumpkin yellow where she should be white?

No. 869827

looks like the exact same shade as nicotine stains

No. 869834

filter on the photo making it more vibrant + nicotine stains + living in general filth + living in his own filth (mainly urine) + poor diet

No. 869835

Instead of getting hair dye, get an ID! And then a job! And then an apartment! Treat yourself, gurl!

No. 869839

i just want one of her followers on ig to question her about the id thing. she buys so much shit but can't get her id?

No. 869841

she'll never get it, because it's the perfect excuse for her to never get off her ass and do anything, and she can always blame that for her and Lurch never getting married.

No. 869860

File: 1647294386241.jpeg (321.08 KB, 828x1186, 79A902B8-9D60-4663-9626-46719D…)

No. 869866

Oh Lurch, you must say that to every girl! Seriously, you literally say that to every girl.
Those spots on her legs look so gross.
This is the chunkiest t-rex I have ever seen.

No. 869867


Mentioning sobriety when her skin popping marks on her legs make an appearance

No. 869868

File: 1647299360855.jpeg (675.61 KB, 828x1359, AD7DEFBF-42E6-4C4B-AA5A-65182C…)

No. 869869

surely she can feel her eyelashes peeling off right?

No. 869870

nice eyebrows

No. 869873

Luna hasn't felt anything in 35 years

No. 869874

File: 1647301329043.jpeg (556.68 KB, 828x1029, DD0101CA-9C8D-4058-A561-DE35D5…)

she looks like the receptionist from monsters inc

No. 869877

File: 1647302574900.jpeg (127.91 KB, 828x556, EB09EB48-54BA-4290-B6C7-90AB28…)

No. 869881

File: 1647304037787.jpg (511.31 KB, 800x1200, MV5BMWJjNDc4OWQtNzZmZC00YzU3LT…)

She thinks she looks so good but she looks like the white woman Joanne the Scammer was cosplaying as

No. 869882

Tfw you smoke crack and the trees start talking about you on your way to the gas station to use your foodstamps on Newports

No. 869884

Exactly this haha.

No. 869892

irony is is that her regrowth looks 1000x ‘way less ugly’ than those crispy bleached ends lol

No. 869897

but what it she’s not the prettiest one at NA? what if they don’t understand the depths of her aesthetic suffering? what if it’s just another NA meeting and she actually has to do something for herself? what would even be the point?

No. 869901

She says she likes group therapy but complained the other addicts weren't as addicted as her.

No. 869902

you dont get it anon, she HAS to fry her hair or else it would look greasy.

No. 869907

File: 1647330747403.jpeg (121.17 KB, 828x520, D7FD9F50-636A-4184-A64F-1F1C78…)

Lurch actually made me laugh with this one

No. 869909

be nice to roz

No. 869911

she's not very intelligent is she, maybe they're not "as addicted as you" because they are actually trying to get sober lol

No. 869914

This has to be the fattest she's ever been. Those ham hock arms swallowed the last trace of a wrist bone 25 pounds ago.

No. 869925

But anon, she likes group therapy! She might find petty excuses to hate every single one she tries, but she likes the idea uwu. Surely this time, she'll be the prettiest one and everyone will want to take selfies with her and there'll be a gourmet lunch.

No. 869928

File: 1647356129212.png (876.79 KB, 787x1173, PartialScreenshot_20220315-095…)

>I'm gonna look way less ugly [when my hair dye comes]
Meanwhile her face, makeup, and nails look like this

No. 869931

File: 1647358165452.jpg (155.28 KB, 1080x1326, Screenshot_20220315-082901_Ins…)

No. 869932

Is this edited? The fat on her upper arms is so curved.

No. 869933

File: 1647358477918.jpg (158.19 KB, 1080x1288, Screenshot_20220315-083352_Chr…)

Lurch seems to have been on another boomer tirade

No. 869934

I thought so at first but her other arm also has a weird curve of flab. Just nightmarish fat distribution is my guess.

No. 869936

first of all thank you to whoever made the new thread, but shit you really had to use that picture of her cat?? he’s the only one I feel bad for in this situation. she can’t even take care of herself, what makes her think she can care for another living thing?? so fucking selfishhh

secondly fucking kek at this outfit. she really wants to be the prettiest girl in rehab I mean the gas station. she looks like a trashy whore. im sure the gas station clerks have seen it all especially where she lives but I can’t help but wonder if they had to suppress their laughs because wow imagine this massive woman coming into your shop, smelling like bo and pussy, buying cigarettes and whatever junkfood with ebt, thinking she’s hot shit. and it’s the highlight of her day, posting it on social media and shit. wow

No. 869937

Looking forward to her dying her hair whatever color and having a mental breakdown because of it bc “blonde is muh identity!!1”. About to be fucking evicted but whining and bitching about your hair is peak delusion/entitlement and it is so funny to see

No. 869940

Your wandering eye is what's causing Tuna to rock Haiti so blame yourself, Lurch.

No. 869941

These comments and the "fuck you" lined up pretty well with when we called out Lurch's leering at other women on twitter. He's so old and tech illiterate he probably has no idea how to delete those tweets either.

No. 869949

If it wasn't for lolcow, I'd still be doing eyeliner like a retard. Luna's natural hair color is very pretty. Looks auburn and not mousy brown like other girls her skin tone. Imagine how nice it would be grown out long, natural and washed?

No. 869951

it doesnt look auburn at all, just greasy

No. 869952

>>869931 sounds like somebody alerted tuna and that's why lurch is kissing so much areola under her posts now kek.

No. 869959

women who don’t store a lot of fat in their waste/stomach/face tend to store it in their legs and arms. and usually ass, however in luna’s case, she was cursed with a flatty not a fatty

No. 869967

there's a joke about both of them having a wandering eye somewhere in here

No. 869979

File: 1647405687936.jpg (270.69 KB, 1076x943, Screenshot_20220315-224042_Chr…)

Horrifying. What the fuck nonnies. How does that shit not get infected, especially knowing her grimy ass?

No. 870003

Her body has built up an immunity to her grime and incorrectly applied Kiss and press-ons

No. 870012

i for one am looking forward to the dye just not taking in her nasty dead hair and it turns out some ugly gray/brown mix

No. 870015

Does it?? It looks like regular old brown to me

No. 870020

I think she once said that her natural color is auburn but yeah it looks plain ol’ brown to me. Could be the filter, or maybe she just forgot what her natural color is after years of dying it? Dunno

No. 870030

File: 1647455297416.jpeg (197.59 KB, 828x1003, 867CA878-ED53-4DBC-8290-89F360…)

he doesn’t even make sense

No. 870032

Auburn is one of my favorite hair colors. A colorist would classify this as auburn. Most people brighten auburn hair just like blondes do because, especially as you age, it leans brown looking.

This man does not belong on social media.

No. 870034

can we start putting a link to Lurch's twitter in the OP? https://twitter.com/mschumacher82

No. 870035

sage for retarded argument but doesn't auburn have red in it? i'm fairly sure her natural hair color is just a very dark brown, almost black, but i'm also not a hair colorist

No. 870036

File: 1647459420517.jpg (495.57 KB, 1080x1910, Screenshot_20220316_193500.jpg)

oof i think she's going to regret this

No. 870038

No. 870039


WOOF well, here's her newest reason to be suicidal uwu

No. 870040

she'll have a nervous breakdown over how bad it is and then bleach it again

No. 870041

File: 1647461862242.jpg (786.03 KB, 1078x1512, Screenshot_20220316-211744_Ins…)

No. 870042

Well that’s unfortunate. What color would you call this?

No. 870045

File: 1647463237598.jpg (852.14 KB, 1080x2005, Screenshot_20220316-163920_Ins…)

Anon I can't believe you didn't include the caption

No. 870046

File: 1647463770593.jpg (340.91 KB, 1080x1701, Screenshot_20220316-134858_Ins…)

Looks like she might already be regretting it

No. 870047

We've all seen how many inches you have Lurch and it is definitely below ten and has a below average look to it.

I can't even tell what color she was trying to go for. It looks so bad and patchy.

No. 870048

I'm here for this hair color, the bleach blonde became boring.

No. 870049

The color took in a really patchy way because of her uneven regrowth but I do prefer darker shades on her. If she isn't going to take care of the frizzy shape it's in, she could at least steal a warm shade of brow pencil/powder.

No. 870053

this looks like shit but it's loads better than the hay simulation for hair she had.

No. 870055

He’s confusing Toys for Tots, a completely legitimate charity, with Kars4Kids, about which many court cases and enforcement actions have been filed.

No. 870056

Is she not aware that auburn is a warm brown with red? Some artist she is lmfao dumbass

No. 870060

File: 1647474332569.jpeg (478.77 KB, 750x1025, 33EC9844-BB97-4997-9CBA-E136A4…)

The dye stains on her forehead really complete this look

No. 870061

OHHHHH my fuck…. I didn't think it could possibly get any worse…. I struggle for words

No. 870064

File: 1647474941787.jpeg (579.87 KB, 828x1384, B61B1193-323B-423B-979A-E644FD…)

No. 870066

It looks sooo harsh on her. Not her color and definitely not the "lana del rey" look she was going for. Sheesh. Red tones don't suit her and that tone will NEVER come out now.

No. 870073

and the uneven take… oh man. Her hair is so pourous she needs 2 rounds of the same color application. not back to back, but selfies are the most important thing in her life apparently so
I wouldn't be surprised if it's this week.

No. 870074

This absolute retard. I'm the one who said her hair was auburn because of the light subtle undertones that are reddish. Just like I said, it often just looks brown. The tones aren't outright red. She dyed her porous garbage hair with pure box dye at a high pH after fucking blonde/brass hair. She should have slowly used filler, then get brighter auburn hair highlights (warm light reddish brown).

No. 870077

This wouldn’t be bad if there was dimension, and if her eyebrows weren’t a grey/neutral tone. She needs to dial her dramatic makeup back.
She is also just better suited to bangs.

No. 870078

She looks like Florence Pugh

No. 870080

If I remember correctly from cosmetology school years ago, her hair being so fried is the reason it absorbed so much of the red tones and less of the brown tones. And now she's gonna have to cut her hair and start all over again if she regrets it, cause that color won't come our easily.

No. 870082

Please lay off the drugs, anon. Promise us.

No. 870083

File: 1647486099197.jpeg (114.75 KB, 1030x1434, 1647190521351.jpeg)

She does. They both have giant pumpkin heads.

No. 870084

get new eyes

No. 870087

kek, i see it

No. 870090

I don't think it looks that bad but the overly yellow foundation and grey eyebrows aren't helping. Also now it's darker I think it's easier to see how bad the condition is

No. 870097

Oh god she probably used box dye.
At least use a regular Demi color because her hair was already shit and now it looks even worse. If she just used the right hair color she would at least get some moisture and shine back.

Shave it off and start over tuna, wigs r cute

No. 870100

that's the funny thing, she bought like 3 boxes and it's still this patchy

No. 870101

Seconding >>870082
It doesn't have to be like this, crack-chan.

No. 870108

She looks like a completely different person with that hair color.

No. 870113

the hair colour is actually an improvement, i mean, she did go right over blonde so its gonna be patchy and fade out/ take a few tries.

No. 870121

British chav girl vibe
Improvement or not, her hair is so fried there's no way it can look good anymore. No matter the big chop, amazon garnier masks and healthier color. It's so wrecked it rejects the dye lol. The only option is going pixie and then growing it back natural.

No. 870122

It's also (mostly) that catfish filter she used with this pic kek

No. 870137

File: 1647529856317.jpeg (206.01 KB, 828x1299, 7D071E20-0110-4F32-98D2-7B342A…)

No. 870138

File: 1647529877702.jpeg (172.65 KB, 828x1310, 552EC112-521D-4BAF-8241-CA69C5…)

No. 870139

File: 1647529941634.jpeg (249.75 KB, 828x1286, 5BB86E44-A2EB-4182-A12A-EC2C99…)

No. 870140

File: 1647530367576.jpeg (847.24 KB, 828x1378, 0D062ADD-14FD-4154-8F09-9674BB…)

the eyelash strips on the middle of her eyelids kek

No. 870142

File: 1647530843002.jpeg (171.77 KB, 768x960, CB182983-CF9F-4B42-ACAC-1C98C0…)

her hair is giving gary wilson vibes

No. 870144

She really needs to put her moose knuckle away. Her hair looks even more like a bad party city wig now.

No. 870145

Tuna looks bad in dark colors, hair and clothes included

No. 870153

Disagree, she looks more decent.

No. 870156

Lurch clothes draped over the door probably so they can distinguish the "good" clothes from the filth pile. Bag full of trash on the doorknob as always. Now that she's got her hair dyed do you think she'll look for an apartment or job?

No. 870160

File: 1647538392370.jpg (315.97 KB, 1077x1724, Screenshot_20220317-103057_Ins…)

No. 870162

Why does lurch look so femme kek

No. 870163

LMAOOOO I'm fucking dying, Lurch looks like a prettier lady than Luna

No. 870164

File: 1647538750553.jpeg (404.44 KB, 1170x1947, 46053E05-DE5A-430A-960B-5124FF…)

Lmfao you beat me to posting the first one. Lurch is crazy hideous

No. 870165

File: 1647538763784.jpeg (549.22 KB, 750x933, 763E65A0-82DF-4E23-83E5-59EDB4…)

Fucking RAN to this thread after she posted these LMAO dear lord. He looks like Spiderus without eyebrows

No. 870166

The filter makes them look like cute lesbians, if you also squint.

No. 870172


Jesus he’s so fucking fat now. His face is so pudgy

No. 870173

He looks so fucking inanimate! His face looks like one of those ugly doll heads that toddles butcher with haircuts and sharpies! Double chin much Lurch?

No. 870174

it would look so much better if there were layers in it so it doesn't just look like floppy dog ears, but i dont trust tuna to do that herself nor would i see her going to an actual salon because it's not CHEAP!

No. 870176

Damn I ran here to post this. He looks like a troon.

No. 870180

File: 1647543321151.jpg (630.58 KB, 1080x1344, Picsart_22-03-17_14-56-13-947.…)

No. 870181

Whats going on? Saw this in the front page and expected to end up in the TIM thread but that is lurch?????? Lmao

No. 870182

File: 1647543690457.jpg (116.38 KB, 613x862, Screenshot_20220317-195943_Ins…)


No. 870185

No. 870187

File: 1647545718421.jpg (339.25 KB, 1600x896, l-intro-1616679647.jpg)

No. 870190


No. 870197

File: 1647551833349.png (560.79 KB, 480x960, 1647368182465.png)

He's clearly going super grey and trying to cover it up with Just For Men shampoo, which always makes it look like shit.
Also are Luna's glasses are the same ones Lillee Jean just got from medicaid? See picrel

No. 870199

Kek I'm just remembering his sperg out when the cops shut the door on his face. He looks like a fat butch lesbian and was yelling like that. He looks like he could be Laur's sister. And holy hell is his hair super greasy.

No. 870200

Been together so long, and he still won't marry your ass.

No. 870202

Haven’t checked this thread in two years and this is what I see keeeeek

No. 870206

the resemblance is uncanny my SIDES ANON

No. 870207

wtf im getting Weekend At Bernie vibes. Why does he look so inhuman..

No. 870208

The filter put lashes on him I'm losing it

No. 870209

Wow he can’t even force a smile when taking a picture with her? (I know this will never happen but) Luna wtf girl can you please dump this fucking loser already? Wow

No. 870210

WHAT ON GODS GREEN EARTH!? KEK! It looks like he's zoned out on drugs and she put a pair of her (purple?) glasses on him and got close for a "cute" couples selfie that he has no idea is even happening. Holyyyy helllllll!

No. 870211

lmfaoooo my fucking sides, what is this AR generated nightmare fuel? how is something so smooth and airbrushed simultaneously so wooden and frozen?

No. 870212

Lurch looks like a middle aged high school gym teacher named Colleen. Colleen rolls her own tampons and has an impressive strap on collection.

No. 870215

File: 1647568083881.png (634.74 KB, 613x862, lurchina.png)

No. 870216

File: 1647570603105.jpeg (498.84 KB, 1600x900, 150903174608-kim-davis-mug.jpe…)

idk why but he's kind of giving me Kim Davis energy

No. 870217

I had to Google spiderus and now I can't stop laughing

No. 870231

matt-ilda shining through. this change in look is more than just filters right?

No. 870232

dont insult mama booboo like this, her looks have come SO far

No. 870233

I laughed so hard seeing this! Lurch looks so depressed that he quit caring about what he looks like in pictures and definitely didn't even care to see the picture. He's probably annoyed he had to stop chatting up Twitter SWs so Tuna could grin like an idiot.
If I recall from other pictures, his glasses are that horn-rimmed marbled black and gray kind. He's too much of a wannabe tough guy to ever pick anything outside of black and gray for glasses.
We've all seen pictures of Lurch before so if the filter is giving him that dramatic peach flush with eyelashes, I can only imagine how much of a dude Looney Tooney looks like irl.
Who told Tuna she looks good with her glasses smooshing down her nostrils? It only accentuates her lack of a well-defined nose tip.I

No. 870234

I take it back, she does have a defined nose, but that's how bad she's killing the appearance of her nose while simultaneously not maximizing her eyeglass lenses and ruining her vision. No wonder why she thinks Lurch looks decent.

No. 870235

That’s what’s blown my mind the most. This filter makes Lurch look so fun, fresh, and feminine. That dewy moisturiser skin. Those lashes and lips! Literally what on earth does Luna look like filter-free with no editing? I’d give a lot to see a totally unedited picture from her iPhone back camera in natural daylight.

No. 870236

Sounds wack but like.
I kinda like heroin, it knocks you the fuck out tho so if you use it during the day, you're fucked cause youll be falling tf asleep all day.
Overall, heroin is 7/10(no1curr)

No. 870240


No. 870241

to be fair lurch has a very long penis, its just thin and needle-like. theres a junkie joke somewhere here.

Maybe its just because she kept the ratty looking blonde for so long, but this is not bad. hopefully the purple tones fade out and she doesnt immediately wreck whats left of her hair with bleach, she would have to take it up to her chin if it didnt start falling out by the handful

No. 870242

are you on crack too anon? sage your posts and go to rehab

No. 870247

I know we’re dunking on lurch in these pics but Luna looks like a fucking alien. I guess brown is better? But it still looks hideous with those eyebrows, orange face, and yellow and/or dead teeth.

But back to lurch - is he wearing a deep V and a rosary? Wtf? And that sweaty upper lip, definitely not on a shitload of opiates or anything. Nothing to see here.

No. 870248

>deep V and a rosary
Idk about burgerland, but here in the UK that was a fashionable combination on blokes… around 2007/2008 kek

No. 870250


Was it boxed dye that she used? Did she post a pipc of the before product?
Her hair was already brassy af, so she should have gone with something ashy to neutralize the orange in her hair. She should have also gotten a protein filler so that shit would apply more evenly, but now she is left with patchy color that will probably turn brassy again once the red tones wash out.

No. 870252

Next thread pic please

No. 870254

File: 1647617245284.jpg (314.01 KB, 1436x2311, Screenshot_20220318-112654_Ins…)

It was

No. 870257

How many of you stupid bitches pretend to be so edgy and artsy and socialist, feminist, whatever the fuck on Twitter just to then go to your shitty retail or corporate job while slamming Luna Slater day in day out for squatting, not paying rent and doing whatever the fuck she wants? Cry me a fucking river about how unkempt or ugly or whatever she is, truth is she's so much more real than any of ya'll loser asses will ever be. Luna doesn't work, shoplifts from big exploitative companies, doesn't pay rent to leech landlords and just does cool drugs and lives her life doing whatever the fuck she wants while gaming the system. The most ya'll will ever do is put a dumbass sickle and hammer emoji next to your Insta/Twitter handle, complain about muh ebul capitalism and go back to your shitty boringass Walmart cashier job. Call a revolution,but those are bloody and violent and you would not survie a fucking day, while Luna would just like the last tough 8 years of her life. Ya'll are just seething with jealousy cause you know your lives, your minds will never be half as interesting as hers.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 870258

god you KNOW she posted a screenshot of the box…this girl documents her Amazon purchases like they're business transactions…

No. 870259

if this is satire it's the most beautiful thing i've read all day.

>just does cool drugs

fucking kek

No. 870260

No. 870262

Lmao sure we're all super jealous of her filthy apartment, raging BPD and hideous middle aged bf

No. 870263

The only lolcow here is you.

No. 870264

Out of all the cows you could have picked to whiteknight, why Luna?

No. 870267

>no you

No. 870268

This is so weirdly specific. Who hurt you?

No. 870269

Lol nonnie- that’s what I thought!

No. 870270

Shay & tunas threads always bring out the most deranged WK's

No. 870271

File: 1647623034023.jpeg (85.93 KB, 750x477, EAEDF142-60E6-4A1B-9CC5-AAFA54…)

Lurch commented on those pictures. I guess he isn’t ashamed lmfao unless Luna logged into his account and posted this

No. 870274

sage your shitty takes at least

No. 870279

Oh honey, I would never put a hammer and sickle emoji in my bio, that's retarded. If you really admire Comrade Tina's lifestyle so much, it can be yours with little effort. Just stop bathing and ask out any disheveled man you find in the train station. Marx is quaking.

No. 870280

Yeah, we are all slaves to the exploitative capitalist system because we have to be. Luna isn't doing anything brave or noble or dismantling the current state of economic reality by being a fat, ungrateful, homeless, junkie loser who takes advantage of everyone around her. If there were some commie revolution, Luna would bitch the entire time; she wouldn't get off her fat ass.

By the way, I'm a chemist, not a Walmart cashier. There are plenty of successful anons on this website, regardless of how bitchy we are. You sound like you're projecting. Retard.

No. 870283

File: 1647625598053.jpeg (689.28 KB, 828x1417, 0DE1D2FB-A660-42FE-BBA0-ABA7E4…)

No. 870284

File: 1647625639595.jpeg (402.02 KB, 828x1160, BCE4CF39-13B8-4DEC-9BB4-57E228…)

No. 870285

File: 1647626056487.jpg (71.88 KB, 1327x567, color1.JPG)

Ion boxed dye is actually slightly better than drugstore boxed dye. It is essentially meant for idiots who do not know how to measure out and mix the Ion color tubes with developer. All of the "chocolate" shades pull slightly red/burgundy. The specific shade she chose almost has a purple undertone to it. Is she color blind?

No. 870289

I doubt this will ever happen but I wish she’d just chop off all of her damaged hair into a pixie cut. There is no fixing all that dead hair, plus she has a nice enough facial structure to make it look alright. I’d imagine Lurch would give her shit for it but the way he’s looking these days he really has no room to talk lol

No. 870314

she will have a pixie cut by default when she inevitably bleaches the living hell out of it again

No. 870315

Are you okay, sis? Tunas easy entertainment… She's not cool or "gaming the system". She just gets lucky. It's not like she's happy or living a good life kek. She's literally just too fucking lazy and drugged out to do anything with herself. She's a laughingstock and nothing more

No. 870316

is lurch finally WKing in the thread?

No. 870320

u right anon we all jealous cus obviously our dream is to be a big fat tall junkie lazy cunt with a down syndrome looking face.
i still cant believe she was on heroin and an heroin chic but always were the fattest in the room, sad
like her dreams since she get outed on the internet is to be skinny as a needle, all this years and fucking nothing.
how do you keep being a fat ass if u “dont have nothing not even for groceries” …

No. 870323

File: 1647636516735.jpeg (58.18 KB, 500x423, 93748CB7-36B3-4F1C-ACC0-E8C698…)

“Gaming the System” you make it sound like she actually knows what she does, like she isn’t basically an adult baby completely dependant on her pedo easter island boyfriend while being holed up in a shithole buying AliExpress landfill all day, truly a commie icon

No. 870325

I really wouldn't be surprised if it was Lurch.

No. 870326

wrong typing style, just look at his Twitter or >>870271. That comment is closer to fakeboi's something, although also not close enough.

No. 870330

She's not "gaming the system" when any money she grifts (that isn't spent on drugs) is used to buy crap from Amazon/Chinese resellers. At least people who work retail pay taxes to support their local communities, which includes the mental healthcare facilities Luna abuses to fuel her addiction.

No. 870331

i don’t think he’d call her luna slater either as he always uses his own last name

No. 870339

You said what I felt nonnita, who's jealous of an unwashed, uneducated, no prospect loser like Tuna? Ohhh she's such a rebel being a leech and squatting in squalor, me and my nursing degrees are quaking in our crocs. And even if any anons ARE cashiers at Walmart, at least they HAVE jobs and don't have to turn tricks just to buy their ice cream kek

No. 870353

It's a man. 4chan men really hate gossip and this site it seems.

No. 870358

File: 1647653447078.jpeg (937.77 KB, 1170x1860, 1647651690413.jpeg)

Shayna and Luna are starting to look similar.

No. 870360

It's that other one that worships her, lot lizard queen or whatever her name is. She does this at least once a thread kek.

No. 870369

"your minds will never be half as interesting as hers"

No. 870370

I've never read a Shayna thread or know anything about her, but at least she's less fat, doesn't showcase a moose knuckle, her clothes aren't crusted over with dirt, and has better hair than Tuna. She even matches her shade of Pepto Bismol pink while Tuna just throws together toddler outfits under the guise of "pastel goth aesthetics".
I've seen anons make fun of the name Shayna a lot, but I'd rather be a Shayna than a stinky Tuna fish.

No. 870371

Get help anon - that’s the most depressing idea ever.

No. 870373

not necessarily, theres heaps of dirty chicks (like fakeboi) who have autistic paragraph rages wking tuna every now and again. Im guessing they crawl in from tumblr or insta and start to hyperventilate that someone could possibly disrespect their dear smelly heroin dollar mart baddie

No. 870378

>I'm sure this is Lurch, like that time he said Luna will get a secretarial job. They read here and get triggered.
Girl I beg you, lurch is incapable of typing normal like that. Look at his twitter or that one post he made on Luna's reddit account. Everybody would know it's Lurch the minute he typed anything here.

No. 870380

now all she needs to do is do cool drugs and she can live the life she wants

No. 870381

anon dont you known shayna does cool drugs all time? she dabs, drinks, takes her (probably imaginary) anxiety pills, and eats shrooms alone on christmas. she's so cool!

No. 870386

she looks fatter with brown hair. i didn't know it was possible

No. 870389

prob bcuz i’m not on hard drugs

No. 870401

Is she finally teaching herself some useful life skills like brewing pruno for her inevitable prison stints?

No. 870479

File: 1647737028539.jpeg (571.39 KB, 828x1371, CAE5C8E7-88F7-4A3C-8E6E-B5DCAD…)

No. 870483

shay and ellen????

No. 870485

File: 1647737644682.gif (7.96 MB, 498x498, john-jonah-jameson-lol.gif)

No. 870505

File: 1647741488583.jpeg (312.66 KB, 1500x1093, E2ED353A-8FBE-49B3-B3BF-B51C96…)

Saged cause OT and autistic sperg:
I’ve been following this thread for the past few years, and I’m sure I’ve seen it posted before—
But Luna’s “aesthetic” seems to be based mostly on Belladonna of Sadness? The hair, the eyelashes, the dead fucking gaze. It’s eerily similar.
Unfortunately, where Belladonna is pitied and beautiful in her sadness, Luna is..mud pit monster-chic.
(Dude’s even kinda Lurch-ish)

No. 870506

that was released in 2016 and luna has been doing what luna does since way before then. she could have taken some aspects of it but honestly i think it’s just coincidence. the whole aloof with bangs thing has been popular on tumblr since 2010

No. 870508

It’s from 1973..

No. 870510

She looks like she wears cookie monster pajama bottoms and smokes menthols.

No. 870511

File: 1647744449944.jpg (266.81 KB, 887x1331, t-valley-of-the-dolls-50-anniv…)

I see where you are coming from but I don't think she is familiar with Eichii Yamato's work. Based on her tendency to spam what she likes, we haven't seen any love for the film on her Tumblr. I am guessing more of her esthetic style comes from late 60ies / early 70ies and grunge.

No. 870512

It’s a cute look (imo) if done right

But I’m sure I’ve seen her reblog something from it before, though she probably never knew what it was from.

And I’m sure we’ll notice something related soon, since she lurks.

No. 870527

NTA but I’m sure she’s seen gifs from the movie floating around on tumblr, I would bet she drew some inspiration from it

No. 870531

I think it’s one of her hidden “artsy-girl” personas tbh
She’s not skin-walking Courtney Love, but Belladonna.

No. 870541

This is the worst she’s ever looked. The dark hair color makes her look way trashier.

No. 870543

Those random triangle chunks of hair pulled out of the pony to try frame her face are quite something

No. 870546

this but unironically junkies are based and i browse this thread because i think luna is cool and i want to be like her some day(love yourself)

No. 870547

I can’t believe you suburban turds.. she colored her hair like you wanted.
Yeah, it’s fried and unkept, but you speds acted like she’d be prom queen with a brunette dye job

No. 870550

You can be. That’s exactly what Luna thought too, and now she’s living her fantasy life.

No. 870555

did you get lost on the way to the mental hospital? here we put Sage in the email field before we shitpost
This is the mark of the beginning of the end of lunas hair, shes gonna get a manic impulse and bleach the shit out of whats left. also kek at 'sobriety'

No. 870563

Please don’t compare Luna to Belladonna of Sadness EVER again. Thank you.

No. 870565

Lmao follow your dreams dumb fuck.

No. 870566

Thanks for saying this anon, I've never seen this but I'm gonna watch it when I get home it looks beautiful.

No. 870567

you’re right, i think i was looking at a re-release (at 3 am no less) she could have drawn some inspo from it but i don’t think she has it in her to consume actual media besides nirvana tbh

No. 870574

File: 1647789419125.jpeg (314.58 KB, 496x747, 1642007429366.jpeg)

I think this new color is vastly better than the tri-color yellow/dishwater/black roots, it's the cut that doesn't do her any favors. And the fact that she needs a warmer brown brow color instead of literal grey.

No. 870578

If she actually had good quality light hair it'd be very pretty. Her hair is ugly here because it's damaged, patchy and unbrushed. Her new color is super unflattering, it makes her look sickly. It would look nicer with some kind of haircut to frame her face though. Maybe a blunt bob with bangs right above her eyebrows.

No. 870587

File: 1647792845764.png (1.27 MB, 960x1280, B1D79F3A-579E-4530-B5C4-69124A…)

Went back to try and find a selfie before the filter abuse. Blonde, brown, pink, whatever — her hair fucked then and I can only imagine her hair is beyond repair now. It won’t matter what color she dyes it, it will look like horseshit until she cuts it off.

No. 870593

the groucho marx eyebrows STOP

No. 870628

one thing that fascinates me about luna is how shes literally never been able to style herself. with all the makeup tutorials, hair tutorials, and fashion blogs easily accessible on the world wide web… even before the drug use, she just looked like shit always

No. 870634

To be fair most teenagers dress retarded, you generally get a better sense of style once you get older but she fried her brain before it was even fully developed. I think she sees things on other people and think it looks good on them, therefore it will look good on her. Plus a lack of observational skills lol, seen as she doesn't mind the absolute filth she lives in.

No. 870663

Her eyebrows look worse than the last time her hand "slipped" while shaving them! How is that possible?!

No. 870679

File: 1647832491274.jpeg (264.54 KB, 828x2308, 70F64B81-2717-484E-907B-6B020C…)

No. 870680

File: 1647832630845.jpeg (3 MB, 1344x5319, 31FEB974-17DA-4842-A784-99841F…)

No. 870681

File: 1647832673701.jpeg (882.77 KB, 828x1530, 07CEBDF1-5013-446A-8C06-37D7EE…)

No. 870682

File: 1647832696232.jpeg (1.08 MB, 828x1520, E3F1647E-678F-4E17-A95A-F9FA3A…)

No. 870684

i just cant comprehend why she needs so many beauty products!? is she just slathering on insane amounts of makeup and skincare all day every day? it literally does not make any sense where does all the product go… is that why lurch was so shiny in the pictures she posted the other day? or does she just hoard tons of this stuff.

No. 870687

I'll never forgive you all for manifesting this busted anime prince hair saga. She looks miles better with bleached chicken fluff hair.

No. 870690

what's with the fluffy ratty side pieces always? does she do that on purpose?

No. 870693

sooo, whos gonna tell her retinol fucks your skin if you dont wear sunscreen?

No. 870694

File: 1647838457318.jpeg (Spoiler Image,347.42 KB, 750x731, 41B0BE5A-86AD-46FC-9F0A-D0D570…)

screaming crying and throwing up

No. 870695

File: 1647839127698.jpeg (Spoiler Image,151.19 KB, 750x1140, CF6FA24A-61FF-47F5-9B55-421529…)

Lurch’s Twitter likes kek

No. 870696

Oh my lord I feel sick…….

No. 870729

Could she not have ordered a foundation that actually matches her skin tone

No. 870730

For some reason she backcombs the mid lengths which is what the ratty bits are. I think it’s a weird leftover relic of her tumblr days? I guess it makes hair a bit more voluminous/gives a slightly grungy feel. She just does it badly and randomly and not close enough to the root.

Unlike this, where that acrylic nail is not only too close to the cuticle but fucking rammed under there. My hands hurt just looking at that picture.

No. 870733

>I died again, again, again, again, again
This is autistic of me, but do you think she is being literal? Afaik luna was on 3-4 ODs, now she's saying 5? Maybe it was an artistic decision, but she seems barely coherent enough to make sense?

>thankfully the woman who raised me wasn't here anymore to see her granddaughter crash and burn like her mother.

I wish all the luna WKs would read her poetry to see how disgusting she is as a human being. Nothing is ever her fault, and she is so much better than everyone else.

Invoking the image of her dead grandma to guilt trip her mom. She knew this would happen, she watched addiction fuck up her mothers life to an extreme degree growing up, then went on to seek out the same situations herself. Did she think she was "more unique or special" than the other junkies like her mom, why did she think her life would go any differently their's?

>I'm not the type to be locked in a tower

>I slay the dragon
Kek luna isn't a girlboss.

>part of me feels stunted from the age I picked up a needle, part of me is aged from the deaths and assaults and rapes

Childlike brain, haggard junkie body.

If lunas getting this half-ass introspection from lurking this thread then it's fucking embarrassing.

No. 870737

>I wish all the luna WKs would read her poetry to see how disgusting she is as a human being. Nothing is ever her fault, and she is so much better than everyone else.
Not exactly a WK, but that part in itself doesn't seem that awful to me. Wouldn't it only count as guilt tripping if she has shown this to her mother (who isn't entirely blameless, though Luna is responsible for the state of her life for good amount of years)? I think that Luna's sperging about her mother being a junkie whose life is over, stating that she lives with omg awful crackheads like she is better etc. are much more heinous than that "poetry" passage (unless you interpret it with the above in mind, but on its own it reads like an admission of intergenerational failure laced with self pity).

No. 870738

not like she goes in the sun ever anyways…. sure its fine for sitting in her squat
i actually don't hate these pictures of luna, like she doesn't look good (the purpley red hair just makes her look so jaundiced with the foundation choice) but at least she isn't heavily abusing filters here (i dont use them so i genuinely can't tell if she is or not here but it looks more like her real face), and doesn't look like shes nodding off

No. 870739

You mean her "crypt"/"tower", kek

No. 870740

She's definitely using filters.

No. 870741

my bad, i really can't tell with that shit, but at least this one isn't as glaringly bad as the one she kept using that gave her that awful nose highlight and gave us lurchina

No. 870742

File: 1647866796034.jpeg (84.56 KB, 828x236, 7F9E2C30-0D5B-49E3-BBD4-BB8C96…)

on Reddit she says 5 times

No. 870743

she never stopped using heroin

No. 870744

My theory is she stopped using just for the time Lurch had to piss clean for court, and that it was a fake display of solidarity but it was actually because no way was Lurch going to cop just for her. As soon as that finished they were back on the smack. That little forced tolerance break is probably why she OD’d two more times (I’m pretty sure the last time she posted about overdosing she said it’d only happened 3 times but correct me if I’m wrong cos I’m too lazy to find receipts)

No. 870752

The state of her natural nails must be very, very bleak.

No. 870760

File: 1647879067583.jpeg (212.29 KB, 828x1705, 1F06199A-BE90-4FA8-BB8E-969612…)

No. 870763

i think this is it. when lurch was forced to be clean we saw less of her typical heroin activity, more bento activity. but imo we are back to square one, using heroin and e-begging. but she realized more people will provide her with sympathy (and gifts) if she claims to be sobef

No. 870765

benzo not bento kek

No. 870766

I think she bought at least a dozen of those lip gloss tubes in the past 6 months, does she eat it???

No. 870774

If you look at all of Luna's shrines and tables she never seems to run out of anything, she just acquires and hoardes more beauty products to add to the pile.

No. 870775

With the state of her body bento works too lol

No. 870777

Lurch is so useless as a partner. She must be heartbroken about having to leave some items out, even though they were cheapcheapcheap. Why doesn't he just go to ulta and steal like he usually does for her birthday? Meanwhile he's on twitter subscribing to random women's onlyfans. Maybe that's why he told Luna to simmer down on her ulta haul lmfao.

No. 870793

File: 1647887693224.jpeg (174.59 KB, 750x1192, 4850ADC1-65D7-4999-9A99-1D2E29…)

No. 870794

Fat open mouth corpse

No. 870798

That hairstyle really suits her. It looks like the poop emoji and that is such a match for her.

No. 870799

She's got that Shayna neck brace look going on cause she's so fat. God how can she think she looks hot. I wish I had her confidence in the moments where she posts these pics.

No. 870800

the fucking crust by her mouth made me gag

No. 870801

i genuinely wonder if part of it is because she straight up cannot fucking see kek. she has prescription glasses but hardly ever wears them. could be why her makeup is always sloppy and she posts pictures where there are visible stains on her stuff and she looks objectively awful. of course i think 90% of it is just her being lazy disgusting and delusional. but i always wonder how blurry her vision really is.

No. 870803

File: 1647891156796.jpeg (509.84 KB, 828x1227, 37197C6E-F992-4AE8-A6A1-4E10C7…)

No. 870804

I've been thinking this forever, I really do think she's blind as a bat.

No. 870807

When you're as high as she is all the time you don't really notice filth, and if you do you don't mind it. That's the reason she always thinks she looks good even though she's so crusty.

No. 870810

Sorry for blogposting but I've been an addict and my makeup got SO fucking bad the worse the addiction was. I think Luna's sobriety claim is (of course) a load of horsecrap and she's just too fucked up to do her makeup. Her brain is so fried, she doesn't have the motor skills to do it anymore and to her it looks normal because she's in lala land.

No. 870812

she's totally creeping into a more "goth" phase right now kek. any bets on what's next? i'm thinking a screenshot haul of cheap shein trash. maybe all the black will help conceal her filth

No. 870814

File: 1647894057420.jpeg (201.7 KB, 750x1166, F8910913-B917-405D-A2CD-567D18…)

No. 870815

File: 1647894104972.jpeg (153.23 KB, 750x1188, A1B82A24-BB58-46B6-A884-CF2FF8…)

No. 870816

File: 1647894151729.jpeg (156.25 KB, 750x1174, B69F0A4D-0886-41D2-858E-7582D8…)

perhaps i was wrong about the black concealing her filth. is that foundation on her dress?

No. 870818

Why does she keep doing the Zoolander face? It does her no favors.

No. 870819

All I can see is the trash hoarde in the back she was "going to throw out" weeks ago and the newly added bedsheet that it looks like someone dope-sick-shidded on in their sleep

No. 870824

That trash is their new barricade, like they had the microwave and cat tree before the lock got fixed.

No. 870828

File: 1647898843835.jpeg (350.88 KB, 828x2342, 2DFB1F6E-E322-4280-BB62-07C309…)

aww she finally replied to fakeboi!

No. 870829

>satanist look
topkek, what?

No. 870831

Is this the first an only time she's replied to fakeboi? When its offering to buy her something?! HAHAAA Tuna will never change, always grimey and gross in every way kek

No. 870836


Black is a terrible clothing choice for Tuna; the filth shows so clearly on that dress!

No. 870845

I know this is overused but she really looks like a troon here.

No. 870850

Kek fakeboi was just here a month or two ago saying she wasn't buying Tuna stuff. She finally got the cow's attention.

No. 870851

She’s responded to her before but she’s never really chatty with her in public. Fakeboi also claimed they talked every now and again via DM >>>/snow/1398583
I think fakeboi is too invested in Luna and a lost cause

No. 870853

Indeed! She’s been offering Luna her old shit for a while too and Luna has never taken her up on the offer, I’m glad she was able to finally buy her attention.

How can anyone read Luna’s threads and believe you’ll be her saviour and the one person she won’t use and discard? Fakeboi, don’t get into debt over Luna. I don’t say this to be mean but she will never be your friend.

No. 870862

Anons, chill. She's clearly still only on the benzos, weed, and whatever-a doctor-will-prescribe train. You can tell because her old muscled spots on her legs are now just gray scars. She's on that "obsessing over something I can't get so I'll write about it to try to sound knowledgeable waaahhh" post-opiates phase.
She'd be selling piss drink videos and begging for "food money", not asking her unemployed loser for beauty products.
Anons always reaching for the "she's back on fetty" tinfoil when there's no proof and you'd all be bitching she should've stayed off opiates. Her priorities are not those of an opiate addict.
Can we stop having the fetty tinfoil anons every month when there's not even slight proof?

No. 870865

Nobody cares about your shitty makeup as an addict.
We've all followed this thread and she's sucked at makeup her entire life. Taking fetty at 18 doesn't "fry your brain" otherwise countless of addicts who started using at 13 soulful have degrees. For all your blog posting about addiction and yet you're literally trying to sell 1980s/90s DARE propaganda.

No. 870871

What makes anyone think she ever STOPPED selling creepy old guys videos of her doing humiliating things?

No. 870874

Is her size 3x? Is she confirming her plus size?

No. 870877

killstar is notorious for running small. I'd guess tuna wears an xl/1x (well, we all know she crams herself into much smaller clothes, but she SHOULD be wearing xl/1x). but it says "model wears a 3x". the image doesn't change based on the size the customer chooses.

No. 870878

agree. if she was using heroin again, she'd be dropping more hints about it (intentionally or not). remember her "secret" drug blog where she'd brag about scamming people?

No. 870888

>itll be really cute and baggy on u
Watch tuna get it and post pics, it will be neither cute nor baggy kek

No. 870897


She’s doing the same pose Vicky shingles does with her hands on her waist giving the illusion it’s smaller than it actually is

No. 870906

That's sad, fakeboi. You can do better.

No. 870918

where can I find that blog or screenshots?

No. 870926

What the heck is she doing with her tongue

No. 870929

I agree, when she's using heroin her typos are constant and everything she posts is hilariously inarticulate. Currently, her writing is pretty lame and hack, but it's legible.
That blog was deleted ages ago because we found it. You can find screenshots on like thread 1 or 2. Unfortunately the whole thing didn't get archived but it's a real eye-opener for how Luna really feels about the dopes that send her money.

No. 870937

isn't she fat as fuck? XL seems small for her. From her weight mentioned in the previous thread, she seemed like 3XL, maybe 2XL.

No. 870941

Can she please throw out that fucking foundation, it doesn't even slightly match her skin and it's getting me triggered

No. 870944

You can see the chair she broke 32 days ago >>867768 in the background.

I know, I know, Luna treats her home like a dumpster and I shouldn't be surprised, but it's making me sperg out for some reason. I don't understand how anyone can live like that.

No. 870949

File: 1647965371275.jpeg (593.95 KB, 828x1132, E0A1A708-49C4-465E-8BEC-4861B0…)

Love that the filter added sparkles to that bottle of cleaning spray, as it is truly the unexpected star of the hovel

No. 870950

Might want to delete this post or change your profile pic anon

No. 870951

File: 1647965536112.jpeg (235.6 KB, 750x1184, 4361A323-2E1A-4067-A699-6FC4E7…)

oops got too excited to post and forgot to crop

No. 870952

It's their new barricade, I wrote here >>870824.

No. 870958

That’s a £30 shirt from Killstar lol. How does she afford this?

No. 870977

They’ve been having some good sales lately. I also bet she uses those afterpay apps too to split up payments.

No. 870980

did you miss the very recent videos lurch filmed showing needles and bags? there is proof. i swear you're the same anon that shows up every thread and thinks you're the only junkie/ex-junkie here so you can be condescending.

No. 870984

yea i don't see where people are missing that… they need to go suck up to tuna on instagram/tumblr or something and stop wking unsaged in this thread. we don't care. she's not sober.

No. 870985

fakeboi says shes sending tuna a 2/3x shirt so surely we'll find out soon enough

No. 870989

File: 1647980488391.jpeg (443.52 KB, 828x1399, 3511D1AE-4678-47E0-BC88-E537D1…)

It seems like everyone this bitch meets gives her something lmfao

No. 870990

How are those anons wking? The posts are very critical towards her.

No. 870993

Her face has jaundice.

No. 870997

They clearly never throw out their trash. So I wouldn't put much stock in ex iv users having a rigs/sharps containers/ empty bags lying around.
And Lurch thinks he's being sly about doing things behind Tuna's fat back/back fat.

No. 870998

You do realize some people following these threads might maybe work with iv users, or know them, or that after numerous threads, there's possibly multiple anons that aren't retards about being unclear about iv use. But it makes sense that someone making wild assumptions about other anons would make them about a cow.
The topic that's constantly being brought up is Tuna, not Lurch, using opiates when there's no proof that she is. We should all know by now what Tuna on opiates is like, c'mon tard.

No. 870999

Ohhh, the dad's gf Tuna stole a bunch of shit from!
Kek @ "give". EViL Dad and Mom, rlyDumbBlonde's mom, and a few followers like Fakeboi are the only ones pity giving her shit.

No. 871011

File: 1647991459584.jpeg (1.03 MB, 828x1370, 6ECC0167-29A0-4642-9C42-14B116…)

No. 871035

the sizing epends on the brand, right? I wonder if we will be able to locate the t-shirt to see what are the actual measurements

No. 871037

You're really naive if you believe that. Especially those alleged anons who work with IV users should know that if Lurch uses, there's no way in fucking hell she is staying sober. Also, she's posting benzos all the damn time so wtf, why are we even discussing this? Does taking copious amounts of benzos count as being sober now?

No. 871038

And what are you selling? Junkie propaganda? Who even said anything about "taking fetty at 18" lmao

No. 871048

Someone tell her that's not how you fucking pick up cats. How does she not get scratched to shit by the poor thing

No. 871052

I actually like her hair in a bun compared to the rat’s nest of it being worn down. That being said I am 0% shocked that she seems to be lurking rn because she lives off of internet validation and has to know the verdict on her new hair, see the plants now blocking her enormous grotesque trash dump. Also - it seems like Lurch’s most recent bouts of infidelity are erased from Twitter (although still there if you go far enough). I thought there might be a breakdown or at least a shitty poem about Lurch but I guess that wouldn’t fit their uwu perfect relationship aesthetic in her distorted perception of reality.

No. 871061

I'm "selling" reality about a opiate use symptoms and what we all know about what Tuna looks like on opiates, not assuming she's using, Samefaggot. "Junkie propaganda" would mean I'm encouraging drug use, which clearly I'm not.
Here's another hard hitting fact: a person with a chronic addiction often will hide their drug use from their partner- Just like they would hide chatting up Tessa catfish from their partner.
You must have forgotten your initial comment where you said she's dEFiNiTeLy using heroin (which is fetty, btw- unless you want to next say she's an opium user since it's the sAmE). We all know she isn't sober. You just started arguing the sobriety part because multiple anons have pointed out there's no evidence supporting fetty use. A junkie is traditionally someone that uses opiates, but you're clearly a zoomer if you're applying it to all drugs.

No. 871067

Just like Tuna, depressed Pumpkin lost the will to fight for a better life. The cat has Stockholm Syndrome and resigned itself to thoughts of "at least I have this big cage I share with 2 giant creatures and shitty food and can shit and piss anywhere".

No. 871083

File: 1648050361911.png (4.1 MB, 1100x2048, 7C1B76E9-DA7F-49BD-A1C6-29C15E…)

No. 871085

i know it's the angle because she's trying to look thinner/the way she teases her hair but holy fuck her head looks enormous here

No. 871086

"40 year old supermarket cashier with 5 kids" vibes.

No. 871089

Just FYI, outside of America the word “junkie” has different connotations. Where I am a junkie is a junkie is a junkie, whether they’re on smack or crack or speed. And we definitely don’t use the word “fetty”. America is not the world.
For example

smoking the cigarette down that far is junkie behaviour kek

No. 871095

Yassified Karen on dope and Amazon gift cards

No. 871096

damn when did lurch come out as they/them pronouns? i really dont think he would be able to hide his use from the big tuna… unless he does it when she's blacked out on benzos. i mean i guess i will give some benefit of the doubt there, maybe he does just use during rare moments she leaves the squat to steal some "cheap cheap" items or when she's passed out.

No. 871100

I've been thinking Lurch is out of the squat and Luna is alone 90% of the time guarding the house from the meanie landlord. He has a lot of train pics.

No. 871102

Every time she posts a picture of herself smoking indoors, my heart breaks for Pumpkin. Poor baby.

No. 871109

File: 1648064141179.jpeg (611.55 KB, 828x1271, C50AA835-9915-48CF-BBA2-A022E1…)

>2 days before my birthday
Or 1 week before your next eviction court date, whichever way you look at it I guess

No. 871112

Two codependent longtime junkies living in a squat. One does all the scoring. But somehow, he's able to hide his using from his partner who has built her entire life and aesthetic around being a junkie. Great fanfic.
(and traditionally, junkie = heroin you sheltered cunt)

He would be. When Luna was talking about having a wad of cash for rent, that's why. He'd be spending all his time dealing, ripping people off and stealing shit.

No. 871116

File: 1648070063413.jpg (187.28 KB, 1440x1001, Screenshot_20220323-134658_Ins…)

I'm glad I grabbed this screenshot earlier, I had a feeling she would delete the comment and now it's gone. Pathetic.

No. 871117

KEK, good catch

No. 871123

umm no clearly pinterest copycat tattoos, fake nails and more CheaPPP skincare are more important !!

No. 871125

Gotta wonder if these people that call her out are just subtle as fuck farmers or her followers are just legit tired of her shit after pulling this stunt for how many years now?

No. 871128

What kind of shitty tattoo artist will literally take the design off someone else's skin and copy it for a new tattoo? Tuna PLEASE… Shower thoroughly immediatley before your appointment
And I wonder who she begged the money out of for new tattoos. Unless she sucked dick for them

No. 871129


probably a basement scratcher or one of the sketchy spots on st marks. you can't get a tattoo in a licensed shop in NY without ID

No. 871138

Definitely farmers and not at all subtle about it. Who else would care to call Luna out?

No. 871144

This person seems like a legit follower. I've seen her before on tuna's posts. I'm glad people are starting to get tired of her antics.

No. 871147

What if all of her followers are farmers then? Because no one can be that stupid and defend her actions

No. 871154

That’s weird she deleted it, because in the first instance she actually replied? She said something along the lines of “I’m on like a dozen wait lists for a place, just waiting for one of them to get in touch”

No. 871156

>thinking they’ll be in touch with her

Tuna’s confidence and optimism are inspirational.

No. 871157

Wtf, learn to read, I never said anything about heroin? I only said that she's clearly not sober. Also, I'm not a burgerfag and where I'm from, a junkie is someone with a general drug addiction, not just heroin.

No. 871168

Saw this reply too before it got deleted, swear that she's used that response many times before also

No. 871170

She says this shit about applying for jobs too. Unless you successfully get a callback and see a place, your housing situation is still not fixed. She should be spending every waking minute making calls right now.

No. 871175

File: 1648144438038.jpeg (741.96 KB, 828x4171, 13C2E3A9-B43A-46E4-8015-516DE2…)

No. 871176

That hair color is so white trash

No. 871177

that's definitely her goal

No. 871178

I will never understand why she puts so much volume on the sides of her hair instead of on top. My guess is that she teases it, but it just looks like she slept on it.

No. 871182

It's not on purpose. Her hair is so fried It's a puffball. It's flat ontop from not washing it.

No. 871187

The plants hiding the trash hoarde is cracking me the fuck up every time
Hi tuna!

No. 871195

she definitely teases it and has said so before but she only does the bottom for some reason, it was much more obvious when her hair was long

No. 871196

I don't think the hair is that bad, it's the fucking yellow face

No. 871199

surprised no one has said this yet but she should just dye it black. there were pictures of her pre-heroin and lurch days with black hair and it definitely suited her the best. at this point anything would be better than the faded splotchy brown she has going on here.

No. 871208

Absolutely! It suits her skin tone better than any other dark color. The only other shades that look good on her are light blonde, white and bright colors imo but if she attempted any of those with the state it's in right now she'd be bald the next day.

No. 871210

File: 1648179101981.jpeg (71.08 KB, 640x1000, CE85AFEC-9AB0-4403-9282-3DA839…)

i think the reason why her foundation doesnt match its bc she paint her face with some app or something, it looks so weird

No. 871215

Thank you for finally saying this so we can stop calling a fetty addict a junkie. That's been embarrassingly sheltered of anons.

No one expected a Eurofag to know about an American cow, which is why an anon gave you the heads up. Now that you know, don't be as hard headed like the 2 anons thinking heroin is huge on the East Coast when over 95% of the East Coast "heroin" supply is powder- meaning it's lucky to even have traces of heroin in it. There's literally toxicology tests from the DEA showing the majority of the East Coast and NE market are synthetic opiates despite what dealers claim it is. Mexico is the leading distributor of heroin- meaning unless Tuna's on west coast, she's never done anything remotely resembling heroin.
It is also common in major cities like NY to cop and shoot in the bathroom or park. Not one jUnkIe is going to wait to go home and use. We've been in an opiate epidemic for years now and anons just spout shit and look dumber than cows.(derailing)

No. 871216

Ahh sorry I assumed you were one of the anons saying:
>when lurch was forced to be clean we saw less of her typical heroin activity, more bento activity. but imo we are back to square one, using heroin and e-begging.
>As soon as that finished they were back on the smack.

I'm glad neither of these idiots was you

No. 871217

Epidemic or not: drug addicts are junkies.

No. 871218

How are you so mad calm down

No. 871219

It doesn't matter the drug, being a junkie is her lifestyle so it fits to call her one

No. 871221

I disagree, literally no one looks good with dyed black hair especially if you're already halfway to being a corpse

No. 871222

oh my god shut up junkie

No. 871224

Can we stop calling it "fetty"
It's fentanyl, it's 3 extra letters.

No. 871229

jesus christ please shut up, everyone hates your posts

No. 871234

her dye job wouldn't look nearly as atrocious if she learned to do anything with her hair. this rat's nest look ain't it. like steal a fucking a brush or something, god damn. she looks like alice's dog.

No. 871235

File: 1648219367583.jpeg (664.88 KB, 828x1442, 28A66406-5DDA-41D8-9C75-D2F2F2…)

No. 871236

it’s like that specific shade of burgundy brown that was popular in 2009

No. 871237

instead of buying a nice interview-appropriate outfit or something to keep her warm when she’s homeless, let’s buy trashy 3” long press-ons that you can’t wear to any job. the grime caked underneath these clear nails will really complete her hobo chic look.

No. 871245

the other tattoo on this slide was a hand tattoo of a rose. why is she unemployed and even considering getting a jobstopper

No. 871246

She probably didn’t even think about that since she has been unemployed basically her entire adult life. Those crusty facial piercings don’t exactly help her case either if she goes in for an interview (lmao)

No. 871247

File: 1648226878076.jpeg (118.9 KB, 750x1206, 12F6C2E9-3843-4F44-AC9C-565635…)

i genuinely don't understand where she gets the money for this shit

No. 871248

selling vids drinking her own piss + her dad's credit card

No. 871249

My tinfoil is that Lurch is still out stealing and "buying online" is her new "found it in the trash, my EXACT size". That or papa tuna is still bankrolling his 26 year old adult child and she realizes that her multiple "thanks mom/dad/friends mom" will catch her heat with her court dates looming ever closer. If that's the case then she only shows self awareness when it interrupts her addictions.

>>871235 it's OK hunny. When the cops forcibly remove you , it will be harder to get wifi for Shein. One way or another you'll have to address it!

It really is odd.

No. 871250

>>871249 Jesus sorry for the reddit spacing. When is the next court day by the way? First week of April right?

No. 871253

File: 1648233325914.jpeg (865.67 KB, 750x1060, 0C0DCB4E-B623-43EE-8FCA-17137F…)

No. 871263

Did your fortune tell you that you and your junkie boyfriend are getting some bad news at eviction court in a week or two? Some comeuppance for stealing remembrances off of people's graves for your little alter.
Her septum could be flipped up but her crooked bridge piercing would cost her even a McJob, much less the cushy office work she desires.

No. 871264


i totally believe that she would steal from peoples' graves and i've seen it referenced here before, but does anyone have screenshots of how this was found out? was she seriously dumb enough to brag about that online?

No. 871266

File: 1648238944205.jpeg (211.01 KB, 750x1099, 16A2FAB5-E468-4CFA-9039-3276C0…)


No. 871272

it wasn't, it was farmers speculating forever. Only "proof" was a weird photo of Lurch digging around, but that's it. Luna stealing from graves is a suspicion repeated so long people think it's a confirmed fact.

No. 871275

People really thought she stole a functional hello kitty radio from a cemetery. The only 'proof' those people had was that it was dirty, unlike how spotless she keeps the rest of her possessions

No. 871278

There's a photo series of her some ways back crouching in a cemetery next to some suspiciously identical angel figurines. Her and Lurch used to go a lot and she has dozens of them. I think it's a pretty good theory.

No. 871280

File: 1648243189570.jpg (627.01 KB, 696x2752, 1554317168754.jpg)

You have to admit the sheer number of dirty religious iconography including prayer candles, a wilted bouquet she "found," and her constant graveyard selfie trips with Lurch from like 2016-2019 look very bad. Pic related is highly suspicious. She stole blankets from her boyfriend's dying father, I really don't think it's a stretch.

No. 871281

File: 1648243304670.jpg (397.04 KB, 961x1280, 1557235473007.jpg)

No. 871283

File: 1648245886184.png (1.18 MB, 720x959, 1526342728869.png)

Lurch digging in a tipped over grave with a suitcase, next post from Tuna was a haul of prayer candles.

No. 871284

File: 1648246030747.jpeg (30.27 KB, 220x275, 1570666984228.jpeg)

No. 871285

I would say McDonalds is always hiring, but would anyone really want her working there with her filthy ass hands, stinking up the place, high as hell, touching people's foods and stealing a few fries when she thinks no one is looking? She would easily gain another 50lbs there cause she would be around food the entire time. Just the mental image is gross. But she would also never work anywhere with a dress code.

No. 871288

Swear she's used that "hiring manager is on vacation" bit before. If she's talking about the secretary job she had like 10 years ago, she's off her rocker if that's the extent of her job search lol. She really is hopeless up to the very end of the squat saga.

No. 871289

Yeah but people were going nuts with the theory. Prayer candles and those little statues, yeah those are from a grave. All her hello kitty merch was daddy's credit card

No. 871291

Can't forget that she also thinks older people shouldn't receive help because their lives are "already over". It wouldn't be beneath her to steal from the dead because their lives are also already over.

No. 871296

File: 1648252526313.jpeg (55.31 KB, 286x371, C3828BD6-EC2F-4263-9AB5-377593…)

Shirt isn’t even at her squat yet and it’s already stained.

No. 871297

Mcdonalds would be way too difficult for her. She would need (I almost said wants, as if she actually wants a job kek) a job where she can sit around and organize papers by color or some shit like that. Something that requires zero brains. You know, like rolling balls of wax or making flower doodles.

No. 871298

Fetty is actually the heavily cut version of fentanyl. It's not pure fentanyl.

No. 871299

Ntayrt but it is annoying to see anons making wild claims about hErOiN that isn't even correct or accurate. Anon(s) that 2-3 of you "hate [their] posts" isn't wrong either.
It's possible to laugh at Tuna without trying to put down anon(s) just because your misinformed statement is embarrassingly wrong and you didn't even Google it to fact-check.

No. 871300

It's all from Daddy's Amazon account or Mom/Dad buying her birthday gifts.
You know she's probably told them about how knowing something cUtE is coming in the mail makes her not off her lard ass.

No. 871302

Money's not the issue, Tuna? Good thing you can pay for a guarantor, then!
Is not having a steady source of income a barrier towards anything besides renting a room? Good thing you can just keep begging your old boss from years ago- it's not like there's hundreds of remedial jobs in an office that you could just, like, go on a website or app and apply for! There's only 1 job and she has to get a 1 bedroom apartment!

No. 871306

she must be high as fuck if she still think the “my old boss” lie is still working kek

No. 871309

File: 1648266567562.png (1.11 MB, 970x970, 1DA93D1D-23DD-41E1-BD49-4C8118…)

Lol yeah tuna, you fucked up and created a ton of problems for yourself and now you have to deal with them, how about that. Of course life is mentally tiring now that she’s (ostensibly) not numbing herself to the mess she’s made. Wtf kind of cakewalk did she think this was going to be?

No. 871317

Wouldn't surprise me if he has used that lie on her too tbh. If they actually wanted her to work there they would have hired her already. Everything is always "just about to happen" in her life but nothing ever changes.

No. 871318

No. 871324

File: 1648279402632.jpg (185.55 KB, 720x1064, Skincare junkie.jpg)

On her passive-aggressive bullshit, she reminds me of Momokun.

No. 871329

“i know more than an esthetician”

No. 871330

You literally made your life this hard, Luna. You came from a privileged upbringing and threw it away for heroin and middle aged pencil dick. Stop acting like all of this was done to you against your will. You had all the tools and threw them away.

No. 871331

let us not forget when she “found” a lot of those trinkets they were covered in soil

No. 871333

She's absolutely going to ruin her skin barrier using way too many products. She's not smart enough to be able to fix that once it happens. Good luck to being extra dry and homeless.

No. 871334

nothing 20 layers of the good old crusty cake on foundation cant fix

No. 871336

We all know what her bedding looks like, she probably does need to deep clean her face every morning lol

No. 871341

She puts a sleeping mask on her face every morning? Lol

No. 871345

File: 1648307786355.jpeg (528.25 KB, 1125x1866, 52EE4335-866B-4E0E-8E63-F0F512…)

Well if she wasn't already aware of Aliexpress I expect to see an even greater influx of cheap cheap cheap gifts to herself incoming

No. 871346

she will be long evicted before the items arrive though

No. 871364

I have such a hard time understanding why people want to buy her cheap shit. Shes about to be evicted, right? Why would anyone throw money at her? Shes not nice, shes not cool, shes not positively influencing anyone.
If anyone wanted to help her, it should be uber rides for interviews/ interview attire/ or applying for rent assistance programs.
Her supporters are enablers, and they love it.

No. 871369

These people probably buy into the ~self care~ meme, buying things and sit on your ass all day instead of doing something to change your situation.

No. 871410

Giant statue of Lady of Guadalupe for this white bitch. Kek. She was definitely hitting up Hispanic/Mexican graves. Even landscaping, who is supposed to remove everything from grave sites to maintain the property still leave large statues and santos alone because people who leaves these items return weekly to clean them.

No. 871412

This is why I think this bitch is cursed. I hope her ass gets haunted.

No. 871429

Exactly why they're definitely stolen. High quality, older, vintage religious statues and figures sell for quite a lot of money due to the aesthetic and sentimental nature of them. There is no way she's able to afford so many of these.

No. 871446

i’m 100% sure the only reason she steals/“collects” these is so when she dies someone takes an aesthetique pic to spread around on tumblr with some dumbass caption like “bedroom of a young beautiful junkie, died of OD, approximately 2022”

No. 871461

File: 1648349312930.jpeg (173.4 KB, 750x1006, 6C4EB817-E486-497C-878D-252955…)

fucking yikes

No. 871462

File: 1648349342831.jpeg (256.04 KB, 750x1259, 34B1715B-29C9-478D-96A5-19040C…)

she looks like she's gonna swallow him

No. 871470

File: 1648351631515.jpg (173.44 KB, 986x1280, IMG_20220327_002338_296.jpg)

From her tumblr. They really started dating not even a month after she Turner 18. Fucking yikes.

No. 871471

File: 1648351839584.png (1.13 MB, 887x1920, tumblr_1c5ae54a89526b0a7b5004d…)

No. 871472

File: 1648352046651.jpg (128.54 KB, 926x1280, IMG_20220327_003343_248.jpg)

I often forget how gigantic she is

No. 871476

File: 1648354491116.jpeg (615.56 KB, 803x1311, C1B67D16-2180-46CB-BE8B-0F1194…)

look at his eyes wide-ass open like he’s just seen da big areolas. an absolute creature.

No. 871480

>my legs are so scarred
>wish they'd be gone now
ok kelly ronahan

No. 871483


thank you for that nightmare fuel nonny

No. 871484

He was "into you" tuna….? Really…? I think he seen an easy target and ran with it. The pictures look like nothing more than a creepy photo shoot. There's nothing between the two of you. Looks so stiff and forced.

No. 871485

File: 1648358412694.jpg (Spoiler Image,491.6 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20220327-061729_Chr…)

I'm sorry

No. 871487

File: 1648361797498.png (403.69 KB, 864x1824, Screenshot_20220327-021319.png)

No. 871488

File: 1648361826951.png (416.34 KB, 864x1824, Screenshot_20220327-021329.png)

No. 871489

File: 1648361849057.png (360.48 KB, 864x1824, Screenshot_20220327-021340.png)

No. 871496

god she's so retarded.
i don't understand why anons keep insisting that mcdonalds or any fast food job would be too difficult for her to maintain. i worked with tons of slow burnt out addicts who would mess up orders or fall behind during rushes and they wouldn't get fired much less written up. she could at least fucking try, suck it up and take public transportation/walk the rest of the way and make due with the shitty life she's created for herself. fuck, even lurch would be hired at a shitty fast food place if they put even 3% effort.

No. 871497

Yes, she COULD get a fast food job. But does she WANT to? No. Not at all. And she'll come up with any excuse to keep it that way.

No. 871510

ew i always forget her, pixielocks, and shayna all have disgusting stretched ears. imagine the stank coming off any one of them.

No. 871515

jesus christ. every time luna and lurch get along for 5 minutes she just spews this bullshit for days. news flash girlie: you’re supposed to feel close to your partner almost always

No. 871521


No. 871524

>>871470 why is lurch always wearing a mask on his chin? they're just sitting in their squat kek

No. 871529

Hides the double chin I guess

No. 871530

maybe he wears a mask in the house to cover up tuna stank

No. 871562

it's like a sea of red flags. never dated a single guy in real life throughout high school, dated a drug addict felon online, fell in love with her mom's older drug dealer on sight, and as soon as she was broken up with and was emotionally vulnerable matthew swooped in and kissed her.

No. 871566

File: 1648401834307.jpeg (Spoiler Image,812.05 KB, 828x1530, 23D707E2-6EA0-4783-9D86-C683F3…)

kek lurch learned how to not reply to every single thirst trap he likes on twitter. Luna must be so proud

No. 871570

File: 1648404954476.jpeg (344.82 KB, 828x1125, D756DA00-79C1-4719-AEA6-21354B…)

No. 871577

whoa what the fuck. she really is starting to look like lurch

No. 871580

isn't she on a ~weight loss journey~? Really hope she shows the satanic t-shirt from fakeboi kek. Sidenote, but if they are talking in PMs, why offer it to Tuna in a public post which will be scrutinized?
This simp is years late, people have been telling Luna about AliExpress in comments for so fucking long. Luna doesn't care because it's inconvenient to wait, she needs to consoom now now now!!!

No. 871588

Tuna. You can't see how pathetic that story is? Basically she's saying how no one ever wanted her and when her Tumblr bf broke up with her she invited her mom's drug dealer over and it was happily ever after. All they did was dope-date. Shes high and that's where the "loving feeling" was coming from for that post.

No. 871614

She's always on benzos, hence always high. We know this.

Omg look at the difference in appearance for what Lurch likes on Twitter >>871566 vs what Tuna puts on when walking around Lurch >>871570

Of course he's lusting after fantasy girls- his irl perpetual gf dresses and looks like the "before" in weight loss pics.

No. 871628

File: 1648440138835.gif (871 KB, 498x372, king-of-the-hill-bobby-h-ill.g…)

The way Luna is a 2010s tumblr-dwelling """feminist""" but is gushing over her low-life Neanderthal fiancée when she knows he looks at other women online and calls her disgusting and bodyshames her is catharsis

No. 871629

File: 1648440141570.jpeg (301.32 KB, 828x1244, 59EECF64-C9DF-4932-8CB4-5E2CA6…)

No. 871630

File: 1648440170330.jpeg (297.67 KB, 828x987, DF738BD3-F104-4BE0-80CA-D30376…)

No. 871638

There's no valid reason why you fucking run out (all the time) of your prescription.

No. 871652

>I legit have no idea what I look like.
>I showed Matthew a picture of a body much larger than I am.

Really, Tuna? If your dysmorphia is so bad, how do you know it's much bigger? Goddamn her lying bullshit is so easy to point out.

No. 871653

Bitch has withdrawal symptoms from misuse of medication and cannot connect the dots, she really is dumb as fuck. How the hell does she get all the “I am the smart one!” is beyond me.

No. 871654

Tuna gets 30-90 days of medicine and can re-up 3 days in advance. If she's short on seroquel, she's taking at least 3 extra days of medication. No wonder why she's obese. I guarantee she insists she needs it because when she's awake she's soooo depressed.
Her schedule is literally wake up whenever and take benzos and smoke evil dad's weed, eat whatever, play with her little switch games, eat whatever, take a million filtered selfies/write bad poetry/ post about nothing on Reddit, eat whatever, take more benzos and seroquel when she still has some, sleep. There's more eating and benzos throughout the day, but I edited her schedule for brevity.

No. 871655

She's acting like Tumblr is WebMD when even if she didn't want to have an in-person/virtual doctor's appointment, Google will actually give her a more useful and accurate response than any of her usual 1 or 2 notes on Tumblr.

No. 871660

File: 1648458723443.jpeg (140.6 KB, 750x582, F0168C83-CEB0-46A4-81EF-56AD33…)

How about you just fucking leave already? They’re not your neighbors, you’re a squatter. The fucking audacity of this bitch drives me nuts, like oh poooooor tuna, she can’t sleep! You don’t have a job or fixed schedule, you don’t do shit all day so why are you complaining? When is eviction court again? I can’t fucking wait for these two assholes to lose their nasty hoarder den and get thrown into the streets. Luna will most definitely end up at one of her parents places but lurch is fucked. I hope she surrenders Pumpkin like she should have done years ago but she’s too much of a selfish bitch and uses the cat to feel better about herself and her “family.” Apparently lurch also bought her a stuffed animal, what a charmer. Just more shit to toss!

No. 871663

>I find myself looking at a photo of a person who is much larger than I am and showing it to Matthew asking him if this is what I look like
I wonder if that's why "lurch called her fat" a few weeks ago. He told her the truth and she freaked out.

No. 871665

“I’m fat but I’m not this fat, right Matthew? …RIGHT MATTHEW?!”

Seeking validation as always

No. 871679

I hate Lurch as much as the next gal but if my gf was constantly showing me pictures of fat women and asking "do I look like this? Don't lie. Am I FAT?" I'd probably lose my mind. I imagine if he ever says yes she's like "But she's fat so you think I'm fat!" Completely untreated personality disorder moment.
Do we have the next eviction court date?

No. 871687

File: 1648488271674.png (92.17 KB, 815x670, Screenshot 2022-03-28 10.23.22…)

april 6

No. 871690

her profile looks like a brick

No. 871696

I bet it rechedules for another month. Atleast we will get to see Tuna glaming it up crackhead style again.

No. 871706

Yeah, one or two more reschedules in store. Her surprise Pikachu face when they're finally evicted from the squat they claim to hate so much will be glorious though.

No. 871709

File: 1648510385211.jpeg (1.39 MB, 828x1326, 9972D95C-4E0B-479B-9AF2-A8C46D…)

No. 871712

giving "baby fever" vibes

No. 871713

I actually really liked this until I saw the cigarette. Sigh.

No. 871715

this actually looks pretty good. imagine where her skill would be now if she didn’t throw her life away for new york’s ugliest drug dealer

No. 871717

y'all are high right? her art style is so ugly, i even know a girl irl whos as insufferable as tuna, has TWO of the same tattoos (tooth and vonnegut grave), and she paints/draws EXACTLY like this. this style is dime a dozen with tumblr girls who love courtney love and it's the ugliest thing ever. throw up vibes.

No. 871718

Anon art is subjective, fyi.

No. 871720

File: 1648518501227.png (906.68 KB, 864x1824, Screenshot_20220328-214642.png)

I always forget how long her toes are

No. 871721

File: 1648518630084.jpeg (213.26 KB, 828x1734, 431439B1-400B-461A-B3AD-237310…)

With the caption

No. 871722

kek such an alluring sales pitch, Tuna

No. 871723

File: 1648519295924.jpg (190.86 KB, 1500x1323, 814iEcPVUeL._AC_SL1500_.jpg)

She needs to get some of this, I hear it's cheap-cheap-cheap!

No. 871729

File: 1648522410235.jpeg (116.62 KB, 957x921, 72253A19-1237-43D0-8124-9B88F7…)

god she is unfortunate looking

No. 871750

No. 871752

I think while Matthew is out scoring, she has to pony up her end as well. Gross and sad.

No. 871753

probably the same. it’s not like luna was ever going places before lurch. she was dating a homeless drug addict who was in jail right before she started to date man of the year over here.

No. 871762

all those little scabs on her thigh are fucking gross. and why does it look like there's a dent in her knee?? is that the cotton-eyed joe knee kek

No. 871764

writes a book about how inlove and lucky she is to have lurch, is pedaling her ass the next day for drugs while claiming how much she hates doing it lol fucking bleak

No. 871768

How did Matthew get the name Lurch anyway? I checked the first thread but no dice. It really is the perfect name for him

No. 871770

File: 1648539214433.jpg (17.87 KB, 466x461, Lurch_1991.jpg)

he got it because he looks like lurch

No. 871772

File: 1648543823396.png (1006.07 KB, 970x647, Vof6UxqzW779tPcmFqwkLd-970-80.…)

No. 871779

Bet this is for giantess fetish

No. 871782

she looks special needs

No. 871789

>>871715 I beg of you, go look at some art that isn’t on IG, nona

No. 871826

This girl's biggest problem is that she's fat. If she was actually thin and kept her blonde hair she'd be quite beutiful in that frail, mysterious and edgy blonde heroin chic junkie. She lives in NYC as well? It's such a shame. If she had that shmegeh aesthetic and moved to Brooklyn and kept doing xanax and seroquel she'd be genuinely cool?? And she's way prettier than Michelle anyway, she'd have so many Insta followers looking up to her alternative lifetyle??

No. 871831

What the hell are you on about, anon. She has way bigger problems than her weight.

No. 871832

No. 871833

kek what the fuck

she airbrushed her feet but left those nasty fucking thighs WHY

No. 871834

File: 1648589728706.jpeg (108.09 KB, 960x539, iu-123.jpeg)

No. 871840

Manic pixie dream girls like you always seem to forget while daydreaming that Luna does NOT live in NYC. She lives in Mamaroneck, NY which is 27 miles away from New York City. She is not heroin chic from Big Apple, she's a trashcan full of Xanax living in a kinda small city

No. 871842

File: 1648596428678.jpg (175.79 KB, 1080x1466, Screenshot_20220329-162602_Tum…)

No. 871844

well, good news for Luna, he won’t be her neighbor after she gets evicted

No. 871848

File: 1648597827439.jpg (89.39 KB, 939x498, db335ed1a172fe10350a1e7fb8e360…)

"abject filth" isn't the same thing as "heroin chic" or an "alternative lifestyle"

No. 871850

horrible take and also you’re wrong

No. 871851

and what did lurch do about this?

No. 871853

File: 1648600230870.png (360.95 KB, 864x1824, Screenshot_20220329-202935.png)

No. 871854

File: 1648600266068.png (442.86 KB, 864x1824, Screenshot_20220329-202945.png)

No. 871855

File: 1648600312261.png (382.42 KB, 864x1824, Screenshot_20220329-202957.png)

Lurking confirmed?

No. 871857

File: 1648601625502.jpg (235.56 KB, 1080x1234, tumblr.jpg)

Not milk, just a small cow crossover

No. 871859

>Spike Lee
Get off Tumblr, watch some TCM

No. 871860

>an issue I’ve had since childhood which is my gums getting puffy

It’s called brush and floss your teeth more than once a year, retard

No. 871866

She always makes pipe dream lists like this and then never follows thru.
And why are you bleeding thru clothes all day. I know whatever period issue she has but… You literally sit home all day near a bathroom. Go change your shit as often as you need to. Maybe if you weren't high and/or lazy and gross it wouldn't happen.

No. 871867

File: 1648611131990.jpg (639.05 KB, 1078x2183, Screenshot_20220330-053150_Ins…)

No. 871868

File: 1648611157116.jpg (590.7 KB, 1078x2184, Screenshot_20220330-053207_Ins…)

No. 871869

Is this just a benzo high or did her mean "neighbor" share his crack with her?

No. 871872

Oh god please don't reproduce Luna

No. 871873

File: 1648612911031.gif (8.86 MB, 400x226, 79104A0B-3D68-48EB-B4D1-E6C716…)

>hey maybe even a child!

No. 871875

File: 1648613563253.png (306.98 KB, 537x468, manicorcrack?.png)

was coming here to ask the same shit. apparently lurch is finally getting her a ring, after being engaged how long?

No. 871879

>>871875 wasn't her engagement ring, a ring that her dad gave Lurch?

No. 871881

she does lurk, but I dunno, everything she listed is common sense stuff, like…see a doctor, no shit. throw away your trash, ya think? it is also all things that aren't really what people focus on here…like her impending eviction while she seemingly has no plan, that she constantly spends money in the midst of said eviction, that she doesn't shower and thus isn't clean in multiple ways. Instead it's about her herpes and how she is conscious that being evicted is bad for her credit, but seemingly has internalized nothing else about her situation.

she is absolutely on something that makes goals feel attainable…but nothing will actually happen once she's come down

No. 871883

Yeah I was gonna ask what happened to that ring, probably finally pawned it for drug money

No. 871885

She's had at least 2 other engagement rings, including the granny one from her dad. The other had a stone that literally turned yellow from her filth.

No. 871886

This is how people talk right before they die

No. 871887


Lurch has kept the old adage of giving a ring worth three months of his (paltry) salary. Very romantic. Here's to another 8 years of a long engagement that will never end in a marriage!

No. 871889

he'll prob be dead in 8 years

lmao can you imagine how mangled his sperm would be? that baby would have no fkn chance

No. 871891

This. Why not report the SOB, beat him up or pull off "yeah send her to me" and help the girl (arguably, that option could put the girl in even more danger, so maybe it's a horrible idea)? Still, Lurch could have - should have - done something.

No. 871893

He made a dozen more promises that he won't be keeping and told her that he was going to run him over with his yacht.

No. 871897

So their next court date is April, yet she has a june 30th exit date? Is this this idiot really planning on that much of extended court dates or does her brain got the worms?

No. 871899

it’s incredible how distanced from reality she is. even if she wasn’t broke with a drug problem, severely mentally ill, homeless, with an abusive partner she would be so overwhelmed when she realizes babies =\= cats. babies can’t thrive if you feed them once a day and let them piss on some newspaper in the kitchen. they’ll just die.

No. 871902

Run him over with his yacht IM CRYING!!!!!

No. 871905

Christ imagine a Luna pregnancy saga. Scratch that imagine having Luna and lurch as your parents

No. 871906

whew someone is manic

No. 871907

File: 1648642065358.jpeg (80.5 KB, 640x799, 1_YFli-qDx2gGNro9nXa33dg.jpeg)

No. 871915

“Settle on a vacate date of June 30 so I don’t get evicted and ruin my credit score”

Anyone knowledgeable in eviction court think this might work out for her? It sounds ridiculous to me since she’s fucking squatting but she has been so ridiculously lucky these past two years… Will she face any consequences for squatting, like paying back rent or something?

No. 871933

I don't know what she means by credit score. You get a credit score by opening a line of credit in your name. For that you need, a ssn, PHOTO ID, and bills mailed to your current address. She pays no bills and we all know pf her no ID saga.

No. 871934

I can’t figure out if she’s out of touch with reality, has a nightmarish case of arrested development, or both. She seems just as deluded with her writing - she wants to publish a novel, a poetry book and a book of short stories? Does she realise how hard authors have to graft and how long it takes to write and publish a book?

No. 871935

She does seem mentally retarded. She should get checked because maybe she applies for some government assistance, idk how it works in USA but in lots of European countries you get some help if you’re this slow and clearly can’t function.

No. 871936

she had a house in her name, no? her grandmother's house that was given to her in her will?

No. 871940

She thinks she’s entitled to three more months of being in that apartment because why? Girl get the fuck out lol

No. 871941

Nah I think it’s just being borderline and an addict. She is capable of taking responsibility for both, she just won’t. If she started taking treatment seriously she’d probably still be kinda dim and naive about the world, but she could work and function. She’s just determined not to.

No. 871942

I’m not sure about that, the way she speaks, her expectations of the world, it screams “intellectually I’m a mediocre 11 years old”.

No. 871943

I mean, when you decide to break from reality full-time via heroin as a teenager, and then isolate yourself for several years, I imagine your knowledge of the world stops developing around there. That doesn’t mean she can’t learn, it just means she’s years behind from being tuned out for so long.

No. 871945

Samefag, I just think this way of thinking plays into her uwu im so helpless narrative. She’s stunted and fucked up, maybe inherently kinda dumb, but helpless and disabled? No. She wishes.

No. 871946

Your credit score doesn't always have to do with credit cards. It includes defaulting on any money owed. If you don't pay your bills your credit score will drop. Eviction court relies on state specific laws. My parents had to throw out some dead beats who just stopped paying. As far as I know, most states uphold tenants rights and it lets scumbags use the system. In most states, eviction needs a 30 day notice then trial. For some reason, they're postponing, but that happens a lot in any court proceeding. The landlord probably doesn't want to deal with court and documents so they might choose to be nice and let them leave by a certain date. In worst case scenario, such as the building not being up to code, etc. they will still owe around 1/3 of rent. Since there's no contract I'm not sure how that would be evaluated. I'm guessing that Luna and Lurch have lived there long enough that it's implied to be a "month to month" lease agreement. Even those tenants are hard to evict.

No. 871967

She had a foreclosure, possibly. That doesn't involve getting a mortgage loan. She has no credit to be affected by being evicted. She already had the eviction from Lurch's dads govt. assistant apt.
All kind of different lines of credit though.

No. 872014

plus non payment of student loans from Pratt would affect it correct?

No. 872054

File: 1648683222146.jpg (55.33 KB, 297x1280, IMG_20220330_203203_904.jpg)

More shit she bought. "a john" sure thing babe, is that your dad's name? kek

No. 872056

kek i have her on snapchat and she posted a rant bitching about how she was 19 cents short at the liquor store that she "goes to multiple times a week" and how they're sooooo rude for not giving her the snack that she couldn't pay for. the entitlement is insane. she said "i've always paid them back" indicating she's done the same thing multiple times at the same store already.

No. 872057


sorry for the blog sperg, but as a student struggling to gather rent this month and unsure about the immediate future regarding food and health etc, FUCK HER. if only we could all get away with shameless squatting in stolen apartments and buying crap on daddy's card, but the indignity involved is too much for most people. her pointlessly buying all this useless shit she's going to break & throw away honestly is surprisingly so much more rage-inducing than any of her heroin shopping. FIND A JOB AND A HOUSE TUNA

jesus Christ I can't think of a cow more frustrating than her. waiting on the eviction saga.

No. 872060

"as A sTuDeNt stRuGgling To GaThEr rENt thIs mOnTH" holy shit honestly shut the fuck up. you can scrounge and scam too ya know.

No. 872062

She never went to Pratt. Getting accepted into the creative writing program at Pratt is one of her many copes for how her life has turned out but she ended up going to a cheaper school for a few months before dropping out to shack up with Lurch.

No. 872067


Put on your big girl panties and go suck some dick

No. 872071

Begone scrote.

That's some bullshit ugh. Is there any way you can record and post? I can only imagine how husky she sounds about not being able to buy more junk food.

No. 872073

They’re helping you fulfill your pro ana waif pipe dream Luna be grateful

No. 872076


Please anon we need a screen recording(emoji, unsaged)

No. 872077


Her only disability is an overwhelming sense of entitlement and extreme laziness. She's forever harping on about "joint pain" and using it as an excuse to not have a normal job, yet she's too lazy to even apply for SSI or SSD.

She chose to throw any kind of potential she might've had on an "aesthetic" and a gross old man

No. 872079


She's too self absorbed to be able to care for a child. She'd just use the baby to have people buy her cheap, cheap trinkets to fulfill her uwu babygirl persona

No. 872082


kek harsh but fair. thanks for the reality check, I'll go grab my stripper heels

No. 872083

let’s be real she’d get an abortion and use it to get handouts from her friends and make shitty sad poetry

No. 872118

File: 1648710067150.jpeg (755.92 KB, 828x1388, 669B4B00-97BE-4069-8FF9-48F2A5…)

What goes up must come down I guess

No. 872120

Not getting enough asspats on her posts, I see

No. 872126

Yes, stop being a talentless garbage and actually start doing something with your life. Works like a charm. Get a fucking job Tuna.

Jesus this girl really is just all make believe, idk why so many people now believe that you can be “smart and talented” if you “believe in it” and somehow it makes you it. Back in the days people had to work for their success and earn the reputation of being smart and talented.

No. 872129


That's true but in all honesty it beats her having a child that'll just be a part of the system (no hospital in their right mind would let her bring that child home)

No. 872130


If she actually participated in therapy sessions besides just using it as a way to get coddled, she'd learn coping mechanisms. Or maybe if she actually used those DBT workbooks she posts pictures of now and then. She's a lost cause

No. 872131

that’s why you went to therapy, to learn what to do when you feel down you dumb bitch

No. 872133

>no hospital in their right mind—

This right here. No hospital would ever let a junkie bring a newborn home without at LEAST some sort of home check—and what is this? They don’t even HAVE a home! I don’t think a hospital would take too kindly to a squatter’s address, plus the fact that her blood is probably packed with benzos.

No. 872135

on one hand, being pregnant would give her the sads because she’d gain weight. On the other hand, if you’re a certain kind of deadbeat, nothing gets you sympathy and cash from strangers like a baby you can’t afford to care for. Thank god she’s never gone that route and I hope she never does.

kek, the mania didn’t last very long

No. 872141

please god, please make this retarded bitch infertile for life. amen.

No. 872153

“I called my old boss and asked him if he had anything he said said he has lots for me to do but he has to ask the guy who approves people to work there who is on vacation until Tuesday”

Guess that never happened…

No. 872163

gosh tuna, maybe you'd be able to afford something "pricy" for yourself more often if you cut back on the mountains of cheap cheap cheap garbage you're always buying

No. 872172


Why does she act like her old job is the only job in existence? (Plus didn't they fire her for stealing? Lul)

For someone that spends as much time on the internet as Tuna, she should've at least figured out how to find and apply to jobs

No. 872173

They probably don't even remember who she is or what she looks like. It's been years.

No. 872175

She really thinks the harness is gonna look on her like on the model, huh? Is it even the right length? It seems to me that to pull it off, you need to be skinny or have good proportions at the very least. Otherwise it will be too small and/or just showcase hanging fat.

No. 872183

I wonder if she even has a resume

No. 872184

idk why but after reading this i wonder why she doesn't try to look for someone who wants a personal shopper. she's good at that much at least.

No. 872185

File: 1648760976679.jpeg (595.79 KB, 750x1108, 9F1F817B-53A0-42D0-8B02-6640E4…)

Birthday begging for video games

No. 872187

But anon… she said she applied to HUNDREDS of jobs and no one called her, boohoo! I feel like she's kinda fucked. She's 26 years old and has zero work history besides the few months she crafted with alltard. How would she explain NEVER having a job at her age. Imagine her trying to answer interview questions kekkkk

No. 872190

i think god already hear u, doesnt she used to rant about having POC for years? which i know it doesnt make u fertile but theres a big chance that u cant get preggo plus all the drugs, her system must be fucked, shes literally dead inside

No. 872201

luna, you actually need to put in work to feel better. you can't just go to a psych and ask for an all-healing prescription. you constantly complain that they keep upping your dosage and not trying a new medication, but meds will literally not fucking help you when you go "home" to your piss infested apartment and continue with your degeneracy. get you a job, be HONEST with your therapist and psych, and replace heroin with weed if you MUST have some sort of substance. god fucking dammit tuna. taking different medication while doing absolutely nothing else is like putting a bandaid over a gory wound.

No. 872208

File: 1648773705405.jpeg (354.89 KB, 750x1114, F4C70585-5C69-46D7-935A-0ACAEB…)

No. 872210

you guys are all so fucking pathetic lol

No. 872211

imagine being obsessed with a literal mentally ill addicts behavior and keeping up to date with them and constantly hate posting about them. like you guys are so obsessed and involved in her life it's literally sick. the only people that frequent and post these threads are absolute losers. i know lunas a lying stealing piece of shit but wow. this is just embarrassing behavior. ill get all sorts of names for saying this shit and im not defending her at all im just like lol. you guys are pathetic. i don't care cause ill never check this thread again but just a suggestion tho. compare your life to normal non neet shut in people and then kill yourself.(unsaged autism)

No. 872212

She also said she applied to school at one point, like if that would do her any good. How often does she leave the squat without someone? I'm convinced she can't do much for herself or by herself

No. 872213

> i don't care cause ill never check this thread again
1) Too many words for someone who doesn’t care. 2) You obviously check other threads/are involved with the site. Does this mean you accept you’re (also) a loser? Will you follow your own advice?

No. 872214

all the anons that are gonna reply to my post are just showing i hit a nerve lol(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 872216

> ill never check this thread again

No. 872218

Personal shopper for what? Personal SheIn cheap cheap cheap shopper for useless trinkets?
>small waist/big hips combo
More like extra large waist/larger, dumpy, flabby hips combo. Why are fatties always convinced they have "small waists"? The delusion…

No. 872223

>doesn’t she used to rant about having POC for years

anon I needed that laugh so badly I’m not even gonna call you a dumbass

No. 872224

Kek this had me going too. Thanks to that anon for brightening our day

No. 872225

why do retarded zoomers talk like that. "imagine LITERALLY keeping up with a literally mentally ill literal addict? i'm literally not defending her tho but imagine"

come kill me yourself anon.

No. 872235

She's so fucking annoying

No. 872237

zoomers run off emotions and text based simple english

No. 872239

I think at this point her only way into any kind of gainful employment would be some kind of scheme or programme for recovered addicts. The thing is Luna doesn’t actually have variables that would class her as a vulnerable young adult who fell into drugs as a result. She’s not a care system leaver, hasn’t got any intellectual disability that she knows of, wasn’t a young carer, wasn’t deprived of education, she didn’t even grow up economically deprived. These specific demographics of people with adverse experience are who a lot of those types of programmes are aimed at and cater to. She’s probably only entitled to schemes aimed solely at recovering/recovered addicts which I’m sure are oversaturated. She’d have more luck if she’d actually had any adverse experiences in her life.

No. 872241

Since eviction court and the free mediators people work with during the eviction process mainly want to prevent people from being homeless, they'll work on negotiating terms that works for both parties. So Tuna's eviction assistance can negotiate that she'll agree to leave on June 30th in exchange for the eviction not being taken to court. It's very common in an eviction for the landlord to agree to any terms that'll help them save money for themselves. Most don't even say you ever have to pay back rent on the amount owed, just gtfo.
Think of it like a settlement or compromise.

No. 872242

I saw someone comment that they would buy Luna the stuff for her switch (well they said “I’ll see what I can do but if not I’ll send you a free art print!”) and Luna has since deleted the post so I guess she got it

No. 872243

Everybody in the US over 18 has credit, unless they've never paid any bill- no phone bill, no Netflix, etc. And even if you have no credit/ great credit, adding evictions proceedings will void anything of importance with your credit score.

No. 872247

If she didn't want court she could just leave, but she's just buying herself more time to horse around buying trinkets, clothes and skincare, pose for selfies and beg for money and gifts.

No. 872248

False. For 1 if you don't have a line of credit for a period of time your score will lower. If perse you don't have and credit effecting bills out for 2 years you will have 0 credit. Tuna has been squatting for what, 3 years or so at her moms gov't assistance apartment having no outgoing bills at all (utilities) much less ones that rely on a credit score (cell phone etc).
From a forclosure (she failed to pay property and inheritance taxes on her willed house, the state seized it to even the debt) that happened when she was 18/19. Over 6 years ago.

No. 872254

She could work at Goodwill or Salvation Army, they actually have good programs for people who struggle to find work. She struggles because of laziness and not disability, or mental health issues, or even a criminal history but they even look past your resume gaps to help you get emoloyed if you show you want and need the work. Goodwill did a lot for a friend of mine. She could also find cheap cheap CHEAP clothes and home goods at work. Just a thought.

No. 872261

File: 1648825282148.jpeg (185.06 KB, 828x1584, 06479BD5-DF55-46D0-A182-96565F…)

No. 872262

unless someone is gonna hold up her pancake tits, not gonna happen

No. 872263

>I also rly want one like between my breasts but like 1-2 inches below them idk what tho
so at her hips

No. 872265

She's "hella anxious" because in her BPD mind this tattoo is going to change things magically somehow but she knows deep down it isn't going to do anything but waste more money. She's been putting this out there so much and so often, that whatever happens is going to be a disappointment for her, but she'll post cope stories about how great it felt and she finally got her new ink uwu like she does when things are shit with Lurch.

No. 872267

I don't know how to describe it but, I think you're right about this feeling with Luna re: spending money. It reminds me of that movie Confessions of a Shopaholic. When she gets that chain belt, when she gets that new tattoo, when she gets that plant her life will be in order. She'll be "the girl with the rose tattoo" who will then be ready to take on the world and solve all her problems, if she can just get one more thing! She should watch that movie. No material goods can replace the joy of doing something proactive to better your life.

No. 872276

bless her tattoo artist for putting up with her stench for a prolonged period of time. if her tattoo doesn’t get infected, it’ll be a miracle.

No. 872277

first she needs to make money so badly she will do sw which she includes she hates. then she wants to spend 160 on a ring? and then she is short for snacks at the liquor store?? now she is getting a tattoo??
She consistently says she has money to move out but this makes 0 sense.

No. 872278

File: 1648839261362.png (5.02 MB, 828x1792, 46C8833A-10E7-47DA-8981-AFB701…)

why would it be free?

No. 872279

not sure but I have a feeling she's getting something else, and they're doing one of those "get x done and we'll do this for free if you want it."

No. 872281

It's going to get so fucking crusty if she does. I bet she's paying for it and lying so she doesn't seem like she's wasting what little money she has

No. 872285

File: 1648843334522.jpeg (1.29 MB, 1170x1690, 34704E55-2F58-4658-AE01-0F7665…)

The irony of Miss cheap cheap cheap posting this

No. 872286

File: 1648843365326.jpeg (1.14 MB, 1170x1897, 7F475AF5-7912-4154-81A8-56069D…)

Bets on how infected it will get?

No. 872287


You would be horrified how often junkies and homeless are allowed to take their babies home from the hospital. Basically if she could avoid actively using in the hospital, more than likely she would get to at least leave with it. (I work in a hospital)

No. 872288

What a boring ass tattoo.

No. 872289


I don't remember which thread it was but I distinctly remember her saying she had an artist that gives her "free" tats for her sobriety. She has an excuse for everything she miraculously comes across while having no money

No. 872290


Aren't hospital workers mandated reporters? Every day I lose more and more faith in the system and humanity

No. 872292

Social services gets involved and we always know they are users, but the bar is incredibly low for what actually gets your child taken away. They prefer to keep tabs on the family and give the parents every opportunity to keep their child. Tbf, the system is incredibly fucked up and a super small percentage of druggies actually clean up for their children.

No. 872293

File: 1648845611845.png (3.23 MB, 828x1792, CA222E37-59E6-4193-8E47-97C918…)

two tattoos and possibly a piercing

No. 872294

this is genuinely such a great idea and a relatively realistic job prospect for her, like my local Goodwills always had regular staff who would have otherwise had trouble keeping most other jobs (mentally disabled people, ESL/ immigrants, convicts, recovered addicts, part-timers who were involved in one of those programs where you volunteer work at goodwill as a type of probation r to help clear your record etc) and the work is mostly not hard at ALL, her dumbass wouldn't even have to be a cashier, she could just do the item sorting/ shelf stocking in the front. you don't really have to be social, smart or experienced like at all. Luna if you're lurking these threads get off that cotton eyed joe knee and go apply to your local salvos and goodwills, even with your "physical disabilities" you could just accept donations from the back, sit back down on that bum knee and sort through donations all day. idk why i'm writing this though because she'll only ever have excuses for why she CAN'T work. wishful thinking i guess

No. 872295

Reading this made me think: is Luna on birth control? I like to think that her mentioned extremely heavy. Was just that. However, it could have easily been a very early miscarriage. The one good thing Luna has done is not bringing a child into her fucked up situation and hope she doesn't decide that going off birth control will fo' sure get Lurch to marry her.

No. 872296

i think she has PCOS. she thinks she does and although she seems to be a severe hypochondriac, i’m inclined to believe her. she has a lot of body hair and her periods appear to be severe.

No. 872298

yeah i believe all her tattoos are free. more evidence that karma hasn’t hit her at all yet.

No. 872300

She must’ve fooled them

No. 872301

I was offered a free deep helix at a piercing place because the apprentice needed practice doing them and I was already getting a piercing. She might not be making it up. Probably something like that. She should avoid more facial piercings, though, she can't keep her mouth clean and she's "trying to find a job,

No. 872305

File: 1648850029383.jpeg (253.91 KB, 828x1323, 8191EF1B-1686-4EB2-A88A-A382BF…)

No. 872306

File: 1648850458407.jpeg (1.56 MB, 3464x3464, 03CA6DDC-C333-4546-96FC-C340DF…)

No. 872308

Holy fuck that cherub is so bad. Why does it look like it's face is superglued to its arm and its trying to pry them apart?

No. 872309

i RAN here as soon as i saw the cherub because it's so jacked kek its face is so smushed??? also sage for nitpick but god i hate how she keeps calling it "ink". is she too lazy to type out "tattoo"? does she not know how to spell "tattoo"?

No. 872311

Kek, a valiant effort nona. Type sage in the email field to sage, not the comment field.

No. 872313

File: 1648853394602.jpg (22.35 KB, 256x365, The_World_is_Yours.jpg)

What's even the significance of these two? Just some images she stole off Insta?
This piercing was an awful idea, she will not be able to keep it clean.

No. 872315

>calling it ink
maybe she got brainrot from reading the Vicky thread kek

No. 872320

That poor cherub looks like it's saying, "I can't believe this is my life now."

No. 872327

File: 1648858547593.jpeg (547.79 KB, 750x1092, B9D4BAFF-A846-4936-8389-F4450D…)

holy consoomerism batman

No. 872328

>a rock to scrub my feet
It's called a pumice stone tuna, it says it right on the packaging ffs

No. 872332

Her poor mom is only loved when she's buying Tuna things and not when she keeps her from living on the streets.

No. 872333

she didn't even shave her arm? the guy didn't even shave it for her?

No. 872334

holy shit. whose taxmas was it? Luna surely won't get a tax refund but maybe her mom or dad's?

all this fancy skincare and she still looks fucking filthy. how.

No. 872335

Skincare is as much as what you put into your body vs. what you DON'T put into it. Especially drugs. Heroine (and opiates) can be kind to aging compared to crack, but putting toxic shit into your body will prematurely age you. Skincare can be as simple as cleansing, moisturizing and avoiding sun damage, but Luna treats her depression with a spending addiction. It's a lazy way to feel productive.

Fuck man, does that cherub have a partial Glasgow smile? I'm not seeing some optical illusion with whatever the fuck is going on with it's mouth? Even Vic can do better than this (not counting the hilarious deer woman proportions).

No. 872338

If that tattoo was free, it still isn’t worth what she paid

No. 872339

File: 1648863858848.png (386.04 KB, 539x337, consoom.png)

literally just said holy shit as i saw this on tumblr. i cannot understand her hoarding.

No. 872341

File: 1648864843511.jpeg (1.17 MB, 828x1430, A0869B66-D4C5-453E-AB54-A70730…)

No. 872342

Ohhhhhhhhhh so her mom got tax returns back and tuna guilted her into wasting money on tattoos and oops other junk because there were "great stores" in the area. The high, happy, "new confidence" feeling from a new tattoo/piercing doesn't last forever tuna. Maybe ACTUALLY improve your life and you'll feel better

No. 872343

I can't believe she let a piercer get that up close and personal to her rotting teeth. My sincere condolences

No. 872344

Her cheeks are getting droopy. Happy 25th birthday Tuna!

No. 872345

Looks like it’s tattooed over self harm scared so the shading is fucked up

No. 872346

i think they just suck. look at the hands. like, what the fuck were they thinking? i honestly vicky could’ve done better.

No. 872348

sincerely hope those new tattoos were free like she said. fucking awful

No. 872350

I thought at first it just looked funny because of the scar but if you look at the left side of the mouth, it's clearly fucked up and looks weird

No. 872351

for me it looks like one small self harm scar (right under the eye of that thing), the rest looks like hair, every professional should be able to handle that amount of scarring.

No. 872353

File: 1648871365351.jpg (461.65 KB, 949x930, Screenshot_20220401-224846_Sam…)

The trailing of the mouth

No. 872354

The linework on the cherub looks a little better than whatever is going on with that rose. But the mouth is continuous with the jaw, one hand is twice the size of the other and where the upper arm and part of the torso should be on the left there’s just…nothing. It just looks really off.

And oh my god, she went for the piercing, that’s an infected nightmare waiting to happen.

No. 872355

samefag, check out the size discrepancy in the wings lol. A shitty, sloppy tattoo for a shitty, sloppy person.

No. 872356

Kek at how she's only embarassed by her calloused feet but not the rest of her filthy appearance.

No. 872358

The tattoos are one bad thing, but that piercing man.
Labret piercing can rub on the teeth or gums if not in the right place, or lack of cleaning around it can lead to build up. Gummy Luna mouth incoming with her absence of dental hygiene. This is why you research any piercing first.

No. 872359

KEK I'm a Tarotfag and if she actually pulled these cards for a reading it's fucking hilarious.

No. 872367

now i cant not see it

No. 872368

not like she can afford a $600 custom piece, so our poor loona has to pick flashes.

No. 872370


I assume her mom paid for the tattoo and only the tattoo. She spent the 2 hours she had to wait shoplifting at all the "good stores [to steal from that she's not usually next to]. It's no coincidence every single item is small and easy to smuggle out.

No. 872371

Would you be willing to tell us why? Perhaps other nonas are into tarot but I know nothing about it and wouldn’t know where to start

No. 872372

She probably brought in the pictures from a pinterest pic.

And most artists don't charge differently for flash or custom- it's either a flat rate or hourly rate.
Adam is actually a good artist based on the lining of both pieces. He just clearly isn't the one that drew the original s.

No. 872374


Oh my god it's going to be a disaster. Minor blog but when i got my vertical labret, i had to be really careful with eating and drinking, and you sure as hell shouldn't rub cheap cheap cheap chemical balm on your lips when there's a fresh wound there. She also smokes and will probably not be quitting until it's healed. And don't forget the two fresh tattoos that also need to heal. She's such a dumbass holy shit

No. 872376

File: 1648902920015.jpeg (199.51 KB, 735x1312, 7541C31E-53B8-4037-982C-5564C7…)

are we sure? not a tattoofag but parts of the rose look messy as hell to me.

No. 872378

Yeah she seems pretty lucky thus far with piercings not getting infected but the vertical labret is a slightly different ball game.

No. 872379

File: 1648904980876.jpg (478.97 KB, 1079x1431, Screenshot_20220402-080858_Sam…)

The pictures are 100% pictures from insta or something that tuna wanted to rip off, she previously posted them.
And I looked at Adam's instagram and his tattoos look mostly decent. He probably just fucked up tunas a little because this (pic related) walked in and he wanted to get that crusty stanky bitch out of there asap

No. 872383

if luna is being truthful (she's always saying that everything she gets is free) and the tattoos were "free" i'm leaning towards her and mama luna paying the guy with xans and he fucked up the tattoos bc he's the kind of guy who does tattoos for free if you give him xans. his ig shows decent work but other than vicky, i don't really know a single tattoo artist who puts up their bad work. he probably knew he fucked up.

No. 872384

Damn, it actually looked better before the shading imo.

No. 872386

Yeah, those aren't considered bad or sloppy. You look more for the consistent line weight. No tattoo is going to be 100% perfect before shading- the shading is what hides imperfection.

Adam Kaplan isn't someone that trades drugs for tattoos. He's not well known at all, but the people who know him say he's a stand up dude. He also told a mutual that he hasn't done free sobriety tattoos for anyone recently so Tuna definitely paid for those. Those aren't expensive though and would be $250 or less for both since they're black and gray, on Tuna's fat arms, and aren't intricate. I bet Tuna gets birthday money like a child and spent it on iNk. How many basic bitch black and gray rose tattoos does a fat arm need?!

No. 872388

Does anyone have the original picture Tuna posted of this pinterest tattoo? I have a feeling the face/drawing of this ugly cherub is just what the picture looked like and not due to Kaplan's figure drawing incompetence.

No. 872392

yeah, this is it. >>871109 he just entirely fucked up the whole thing. i don't even know.

No. 872393

Why does she mention that she rarely spends time alone with her mom??

No. 872394

ayrt & fair enough, I don’t wanna put down a decent artist. But if he phoned it in for tuna I wouldn’t blame him kek

No. 872395

>getting the dry patches again
Sounds like she might be developing dermatitis/sensitivity and the doctor gave her a steroid cream like hydrocortisone. This is what can happen to you if you slather your face with too many products (especially actives), but somehow she's convinced this method works "best" for her despite contrary results. Story of her life, really.

No. 872396

The only research she does on the products she uses are the star ratings on Amazon or Ulta, she doesn't know anything about active ingredients or the skin barrier or anything like that. she also believes the cuter the package, the more she needs the product, so she's slathering a bunch of fragrant products on her face and fucking up her skin, which contrary to her belief, doesn't look perfect or great at all.

No. 872398

File: 1648921567780.jpeg (513.06 KB, 1123x1856, F6B55CC3-1062-4DF4-8D94-EE6D0E…)

Not only is the art just bad and sloppy but as one anon pointed out he didn’t even shave her arm or if he did, he didn’t do it correctly as you can see visible hairs poking throughout and it looks like he also tattooed over a mole which is a big no no so like…yikes for her lol

No. 872400

The reference >>871109 isn't even that good either, but in comparison with Luna's it's super cute. This looks absolutely nothing like it, holy shit, what happened.

No. 872405

idk anon some artists dole out decent sized flashes for about $120 and upcharge their customs, but yeah she definitely ripped this from pinterest/an instagram tattoo page. the rose is decent but he messed up on the angel for sure. he didn't completely fuck it up there's way worse artists out there etc. etc, but i'd be pissed if i had that droopy cherub shit on my body. being a "stand up dude" aside, that wasn't executed in the best way and it shows in his work. an unrealistic part of me thinks he did it on purpose and this is her karma lol, mole coverup!

No. 872408

File: 1648929448302.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1190x1513, 6E7C11B7-87D5-4B56-9AAD-7E0C1E…)

No. 872409

Damn she looks scary. And look how gross the floor is. Tuna we can see your garbage hoarde peeking from behind you backdrop plant cart, you'll have to adjust it for your next selfies

No. 872413

She looks so deformed. Her arm is so bulbous and her floppy tits just hanging there? Her face looks so tiny but her hair weirdly huge?? How is she feeling herself when she looks like this.

No. 872414

my thoughts exactly, how she isn't embarrassed of that ginormous arm and tits pointing downwards is astounding. we've already covered that it's probably the filter she uses but her beady little lazy eyes are frightening

No. 872415

i don’t know much about piercings but that new lip piercing already looks like it’s gonna reject

No. 872416

Everything Luna does is underpinned by an attempt to get pity, so probably that. Am I tripping or is it the case that when her mum was relocated Luna wasn’t allowed to know to where exactly in case the same thing happened again?

No. 872419

File: 1648934820561.jpeg (821.41 KB, 828x1374, 4920D23A-D7E9-44C4-A96E-4BD416…)

I love the eye from the filter she used showing up over her hair. Her whole eyebrow is gone. Also I’m pretty sure there is a rash on her face by her mouth (left side of the photo, looks like she’s tried to cover it some with her hair)

No. 872421

Anon, I laughed so hard. Underrated comment.

No. 872424

looks like she’s having some major swelling and redness from the piercing that’s spreading to her cheek somehow. or she fucked up on facetune or something

No. 872425

she looks like a partially decayed corpse. quite literally. its like an autopsy photo

No. 872429

File: 1648952437078.jpeg (824.87 KB, 713x1288, 2FBA03B1-C0C3-4C69-A868-59CD30…)

what the fuck is up with her neck? are those track marks or some sort of rash? also said shes dropping acid with lurch tomorrow, happy early birthday tuna!!!

No. 872438

You don't have to shave every hair to tattoo. It's to help with lining and shading, but a hair sticking straight up isn't going to affect a tattoo either way. No decent tattooer is going to trace another artist. He's doing his style of that pinterest shit Tuna wanted. We don't know what he went over and it could've just been a freckle, which is all of Tuna anyway. Anons, if you don't know about tattooing other than looking at your own or are just nitpicking the tattooer because you're assuming you know what's up, now is a good time to stop and focus on the cow because you're looking autistic and misinformed. Kaplan did his job and didn't fuck it up. If it isn't your style or you're not into his take on that lame design, that's fine, but circling Tuna's ugly tattoo isn't going to make you look more knowledgeable. Kaplan probably wasn't stoked on that boring shit either, but work is work and he got paid in cash. Move on.

No. 872439

If you're dumb enough to call it "flashes" and dumb enough to say you'd be pissed about a cherub that he drew, asked if you liked it, you agreed and he stenciled it onto your skin, asked you if you liked it again and approve of the placement, you agree again, then you get pissed it wasn't as cute as your trendy pinterest pic, that's on you for being dumb.
It's on Tuna, not Kaplan. His work speaks for itself. It's not pure perfection but honestly no artist is perfect every time because it's all done by hand. It's solid work though. And he didn't put it on his IG page because that's supposed to be your portfolio showcasing YOUR shit, not the shit other people bring in that you do for a paycheck.

No. 872441

Good Lord anon, you really had to be the idiot this thread. Another anon explained what track marks look like in the last thread and the one before that and every time, an idiot anon sees dots or a random group of dots or scabs and thinks they're track marks.
Pin this to your lapel:
Are they perfectly round pin-prick sized scabs in a line following along a vein?
Is there noticeable bruising at least a cm around the pin-prick sized scabs?

No- NOT track marks
Yes- Most likely yes

For muscling or skin popping:
Are they perfectly round pin-prick sized scabs with a large bruise or swelling or lump approximately an inch around the scab?

Yes- Skin popping/ muscling tracks; they'll never be in a group or line because you put the needle in 1 time and inject.

No. 872442

Her piercing is so swollen holy shit, rejection saga when

No. 872445

anons, it really doesn’t matter how technically skilled he is at tattooing when the art is the problem. the proportions are awful and he couldn’t draw a face that makes sense.

No. 872446

File: 1648964901395.png (2.48 MB, 1440x2431, Screenshot_20220402-224509.png)

yeah there was definitely time to be like "uh that is going to look fucking stupid" but tuna probably couldn't get both her eyes to focus on it before approving it

No. 872447

I want to see her rash so bad! what is going on!!!

No. 872448

sorry for samefag, I don’t think he deserves to be dragged here or accused of taking drugs as payment just for being associated with Tuna, but I don’t think these deserve such an impassioned defense either.

No. 872449

Oh shit she's straight up hiding it with her hand here. Can't be covered with her filters!? Must be BAD!

No. 872450

Her lip is swollen as hell, I've never seen a lip this swollen from a labret, it's not gonna last a week kek Either she takes it off ASAP because she can't handle the swollen lip or keeps it on and gets a severe infection if she doesn't have one already. Can't wait to see more of it!

No. 872451

It's revolting how Tuna can get piercings and they actually last, like the bridge one we all thought was gonna get rejected but it's still going strong. She lives in filth and never cleans them yet they're still there. This labret though, being a piercing closer to her filthy mouth and decaying teeth is gonna be fun to watch as it gets infected. I'm assuming it started already from the rash on her face, must be real bad if it's affecting her face as well.

No. 872452

Rash is dermatitis from living in filth for over several years. She slathers foundation on her face and never washes it off, reapplies makeup and then does her uwu skincare when she feels like it where she mixes CHEAP fragranced products on her face.. that’s going to create a rash eventually. She’s too fucking stupid and gross that she can’t realize sleeping in her makeup for days/weeks at a time and never bathing or washing her bedding causes dermatitis. She’s just a filthy drug addict, nothing to see here but looool the cherub tattoo is so fucking bad, it’s droopy disappointed face is hilarious

No. 872453

Fun fact, the swelling can last up to two weeks and her lips will be chapped as fuck and peeling the first month. It'll be bad

No. 872454

ok but i'm genuinely just curious, can one person explain to me what the fuck is going on with her neck and why it's looked like that in multiple pictures? sorry i don't really care to know what track marks look like i just wanna know why her neck looks like that i've just noticed it before and it looks nasty, almost like the kind of rash you get from hospital tape residue ? this has nothing to do with the face rash either that, yes she is hilariously covering here.

No. 872459

>kaplan kaplan kaplan

kek are you autistic and your speshul interest is tattooing? my bad for using the ~incorrect term~

No. 872460

will you shut the fuck up about your nigel? no-one gives a shit about you whiteknighting some random tattoo dude.

No. 872462

>He's doing HIS style of that pinterest shit Tuna wanted.
> didn't put it on his IG page because that's supposed to be your portfolio showcasing YOUR shit, not the shit other people bring in that you do for a paycheck

Not a ~NY crustpunk but that's retarded. How can it be a "Pinterest copycat tattoo" and a tattoo "in his style"? Why wouldn't he post it on social media if its "his version"? He didn't refuse to copy another artists work, he copied several aspects of the tattoo and didn't post it online because not only is it bad, but he stole it. You don't have to literally trace a tattoo for it to be plagiarized??

Dude accepted her money do to this derivative shitty work and have his name attached to it.

No. 872463

the funniest part is that by using his name so many times here it's possible it may have SEO implications kek

No. 872466

Her piercing for sure is going to reject. The bar is way too short to accompany swelling and will eventually dig into her lip.

No. 872468

there’s an anon who pops up once in a while in various threads to sperg the fuck out about tattooing terms, like enough that I’ve noticed. I wonder if it’s them lol

the only surprising thing here is that she doesn’t get more visible rashes and skin infections

No. 872469

ok you got me there anon, she does just live in filth, maybe i shouldn't be questioning it too much

No. 872471

that bar doesn’t look near long enough to account for swelling. did she just not want to buy jewelry twice?

No. 872473

when does luna not wanna buy something?? other than her fucking id and birth certificate

No. 872476

I know this has been mentioned in the past but what the actual fuck is going on with her eyebrows? Surely no one believes this is shaving. It seems to be getting worse.

No. 872481

The thing on her neck looks like residue from a bandage.

No. 872482

probably she's picking/plucking at them obsessively. she can pretend to be chill about this apartment situation all she wants but surely she's freaking out and that can manifest in dermatillomania/trichotillomania.

No. 872483

her eyebrows (or lack thereof) and her pupils are jarring to say the least

No. 872495

Even though she is cringe warning gore in /pt love u

No. 872498

Shut up and stop bumping every thread report it and move on

No. 872499

No. 872500

File: 1649007319815.jpeg (188.51 KB, 1241x1407, 948FF593-EE6C-4E01-8EF3-E3EE5A…)

being a mouth breather is not very cute, luna

No. 872501

File: 1649007449092.jpeg (790.67 KB, 1242x1648, 01DA8320-5EC1-45AC-8976-3EB673…)

this is corny but also look at how much she is suffocating that tattoo

No. 872503

File: 1649007606747.jpeg (187.65 KB, 1242x1523, 922D3588-D528-4221-AB7B-9AA1E7…)

No. 872504

Is that her leg or her arm?

No. 872507

use context clues ?

No. 872509

saw this on the front page and went "oh no, luna…." when will my sympathy finally burn away

No. 872511

File: 1649008788924.jpeg (215.92 KB, 828x1364, CF7C0070-54DD-49CF-90DC-1098AD…)

those teeth omg

No. 872512


Jesus fucking christ acid in no way makes you act like that, especially the shit percentage anyone takes post 90s. Goddamn moron acting like she's in some retarded ass 60s scare tactic movie. What's next Tuna, gonna say "I can fly now!!" and jump out a window?

No. 872515

File: 1649010290311.jpeg (812.24 KB, 828x1532, B3E08F52-0B24-450B-82C0-D2DBA6…)

her front tooth is so fucking discolored

No. 872518

I'm fairly certain it's the aztec clay mask she uses on her face and just didn't bother to make sure it was all washed off. To see that it's still there days later >>872515 is pretty gross

No. 872520

What the hell? …..is that a thick cake of plaque/tartar/fuzz on her teeth? That is so fucking disgusting it looks like there's a retainer over her teeth but it's just grime?

No. 872521

she’s got some Jonny Craig level bloated-ass hands. I get the mouth breathing cause her bottom lip has to hurt, but it makes her look even more empty-headed than usual.

No. 872522

File: 1649014355626.jpg (683.88 KB, 1078x1354, Screenshot_20220403-143007_Sam…)

Why is she looking like so "gender-challenged" these days?

No. 872523

Looks like a man wearing one of those fetish latex female masks and a wig

No. 872525

wtf is this an edit? why is she suddenly looking like this?

No. 872526

Lmaoo she looks like a tranny

No. 872528

You can tell that she hasn't flossed in years.

Tranny Tuna is not a look.

No. 872529

For one terrifying second my brain identified this as photo of a pregnant woman

No. 872530

Is she just slacking on hiding her weight or has she gotten much fatter recently?

No. 872531

Besides the obvious, being her lack of hygiene and style or grooming skills, seems like PCOS and excess weight. Women with it who put on weight usually start looking very manly. Like Porgie etc

No. 872532

Sage for samefag but also her tits look like a man’s chest because they’re hanging down to her stomach so her cleavage absolutely look like a man’s.

No. 872533


I thought this was a Trisha pastas blow up doll for a second…

No. 872535

probably a combination of worse styling than usual + using heroin again

No. 872537

File: 1649027020121.png (731.4 KB, 864x1393, Screenshot_20220403-190219.png)

No. 872538

his chin looks like a ballsack kek, also her lip looks so god damn swollen

No. 872540

Tinfoil: the omnipresent beanies hide the lobotomy scars

No. 872541

this is my favorite theory so far. he looks very no thoughts head empty

No. 872544

File: 1649029696946.jpeg (391.76 KB, 750x1078, 9E05F812-EF15-48E9-8F36-1C1E2A…)


No. 872545

Ong nonnies i can’t anymore

No. 872549

holy shit her wrist looks SO HUGE now.. Lurch's arm is fat as shit too. Deathfat saga when?

No. 872550

File: 1649032380488.jpeg (71.36 KB, 1280x720, 98D8913A-88CB-4A65-8CF7-89392B…)

her high school level perception of psychedelics never ceases to be hilarious

No. 872551

Girl look how orange you fucking look girl

No. 872555

well she's not wrong there

No. 872557

OMG the rose is on her hand? When I saw the first pic I thought she had grown some sense and got it on her calf going onto her foot. I… I’m speechless.

No. 872558

nothing says “i need a job” quite like tattooing your hands and fingers before your arms and legs are filled

No. 872559

You're right. She looks like one of those old men who crossdress and they don't know what looks good or how to style stuff and wear those really (obvious) shit wigs which are stiff and not styled, sorta just plonked on their head.

Also I'm loving the juandiced foundation.

No. 872560

her tattoos are so poorly planned and placed for someone who claims to be an "artist." there's no design flow and she has repeats of the exact same motifs. 3 black and grey rose tattoos now, two of which are right next to one another and two teeth in different spots… what is the point? none of her tattoos follow her anatomy in a flattering way either, they're just slapped on. kind of fitting that its just like everything else she does. half assed and repetitive.

No. 872562


yup, this shop has open availability, makes fun of their competitor artists who are popular and fully booked, doesn't require ID, and does multiple tattoos and a piercing in one sitting on a new client? def not gonna have the best work

No. 872563

Makes sense I was wondering about the whole her not having her ID and being able to get tattooed. Red flag any shop that shit talks other shops with great work. Yeah that piercing is too small, looks like some cheap ass silver and with all the foundation tuna slugs on her lips, smokes and drinks piss, yeah that’s uh gonna reject. Eviction//rejection saga let’s go

No. 872565

licensed NY shops require a picture ID with a birthday or a picture ID with a birth certificate (luna said she doesn't have this either,) so i'm guessing that either the shop just said fuck it, or her mom signed off on it as her "guardian." the latter case still should have been a red flag to a reputable place if this happened.

No. 872578

Lmao doesn't she actually have 4 black & white roses?? There's that one on her thigh too. Jesus Christ, girl is a rut of uncreativity.
Also I agree with others who said they'd be upset about the cherub. I'd be so miserable if I ended up with a tattoo that awful, especially in a prominent spot

No. 872584

well since she got an apparently free labret piercing she probably had zero intentions of paying for the jewelry, or probably didn’t want to pay once for the piercing bar and again for a nicer piece of jewelry once the swelling is down. i’ve never really seen her talking about replacing jewelry or upgrading it or anything so i don’t think body mods are things she likes to drop money on once she has them done.

No. 872586

she needs her teeth scaled yesterday they are fused together with plaque so badly it looks like she’s wearing an invisilign tray

No. 872587

I don’t live in NY but same applies in my state, even with a “guardian” you have to have some form of identification, so clear to say the shop is sketch as fuck. Tunas tattoos regardless if she want a hobgoblin, are going to heal and fade like pure shit

No. 872588

File: 1649071388263.jpg (551.21 KB, 1024x1024, Picsart_22-04-04_08-29-55-808.…)

Don't do drugs y'all

No. 872589

I always think of the band DIIV when I see stuff about Luna Slater…she literally lives that lifestyle. It's a shame that she's gotten a bit big and not as pretty anymore..but I still like her and think heroin is a cool lifestyle if done right <3

No. 872591

ah shit, she really looked kinda
cute before

LMAO oh yeah heroin is such a cool lifestyle…wtf is wrong with you, you absolute retard

No. 872592

what the hell lol

No. 872593

Go do some heroin nonna!! I’m sure you’ll love it!

No. 872595

How exactly can you "do heroin right" lmao

No. 872596

Yikes, sounds like that one infamous dude on reddit who purposely got addicted to H. If there's only 1 lesson to learn from lurking here it's that this shit is quite literally the opposite of a cool lifestyle

No. 872600

It's so funny that she's embarrassed about buying a pumice stone but bold enough to post pictures of herself when her eyebrows, hair and titties look like that

No. 872602


Lmao you're just as dumb as Tuna. Please do H for the "aesthetic" and bunk up with her and Lurch on the streets

No. 872604

File: 1649085573745.jpeg (412.21 KB, 750x1108, 9C7756D4-6DD8-43B4-94CB-AE1162…)

I don’t understand what she is trying to achieve with the hair rollers… it looks incredibly sloppy. Also I see she is wearing the same outfit and leftover makeup from yesterday. Ew.

No. 872605

I just stumbled across her thread on the other farms and I can't get the sound her hair made while sge was brushing it out of my head. It sounded like thick straw and gravel.

No. 872606

File: 1649085949129.jpeg (115.81 KB, 828x615, B81E5CAE-77C4-4DE1-B41F-437A4A…)

This is like the third time some tard has come in praising tuna and her lifestyle

No. 872607

the hair doesn't even look nicely placed, it just looks messy like she stuck her head out the window going 80.
She also 100% lurks because now she's posing with a bra on after everyone roasted her saggy pointy obesititties. it's a shame the bra did… absolutely nothing but cover her nipples.

No. 872609

She may just be picking at them, but loss of eyebrow hair is a very common sign of thyroid issues. Considering how rotund she is now, she could have fucked up thyroid function. Or a skin infection from how nasty she is.

No. 872612

Her hair is so froed it can't curl properly

No. 872618

File: 1649089790099.jpeg (898.18 KB, 828x4033, 87218F9B-25CE-435D-815B-57A431…)

No. 872620

Her fucking hands! I know the swelling can happen after long-term use but those mitts are new. Nobody can convince me she’s not back on heroin (no, not even you, junkie sperg)

I’m tinfoiling now, but I just noticed her rose tattoo is placed over a prominent vein in the hand/wrist. Wouldn’t be shocked if her poor tattoo placement is actually strategic. Or it could be a coincidence, who knows.

No. 872621


She's trying to get on Daddy's good graces for the eviction saga

No. 872624

Ew imagine visiting your father with your tits and gunt on display. Absolute trash

No. 872625

holy fuck do you guys see the blood stains on her hip in the bottom photo? Tinfoil because I've never used IV drugs, but they look a little suspicious to me.

No. 872626

she looks horrific but at least she wore a bra i guess kek

No. 872628

i was just about to point those out too, so nasty, how can she go out like this!!!

No. 872629

samefag >>872620 but lol I’m thinking more about it, anons yesterday noticed it was strange that she could’ve picked anywhere and she went for her non-dominant hand and wrist. And she’s planning on a sleeve à la TND. And bloodstains on her pants on the same side of her body, as might happen from resting her hand there. I also don’t know if a tattoo alone would cause her hand to swell up like that. I really do think she’s shooting up in that area, or plans to. It’s tinfoil but like…I’m really wondering.

No. 872634


Imagine being her father having to be seen in public with her, I'd be mortified

No. 872635

File: 1649097784431.jpg (13.06 KB, 291x173, jesuschrist.jpg)

Lol, ANONS, I knew I recognized this botched angel from somewhere. I work with vector art and it's the most generic shit that comes with vinyl print programs. I only know it because customers choose a similar angel and I always think the product was fucked up somehow until I see the original line art is exactly the same. I do not know why people never noticed how fucked up the mouth is. You can find this cherub in several forms, but it's mouth is always the same. This artist definitely has a book of designs to choose from. >>872293 The thicker the line the more the illusion of cheek/smile get blurred.

No. 872636


anon pls im dying

No. 872639

The attempt at rollers is cracking me tf up. Can’t believe she considers this a good hair day and would voluntarily post this picture of herself. It’s fascinating how bad she is at styling herself and basic skills that even the most plain women have. The reason why I ever started following her in the first place on tumblr many years ago is bc she showed up on my feed and I was in awe of her mustache and makeup LOL

No. 872648

lmao at first I thought this was just him realizing they're actually going to be homeless soon

No. 872649

I finally feel less alone. Luna looks like she is comforting Lurch

No. 872654

File: 1649108350322.jpg (81.13 KB, 1068x650, Screenshot_2022-04-03-21-38-09…)

From the other farm.

No. 872655

File: 1649108377441.jpg (58.92 KB, 1080x551, Screenshot_2022-04-04-07-54-11…)

No. 872656

I looked there and couldn’t find an explanation for what this means, other than that maybe the landlord filed an objection to whatever excuses Luna’s giving the court. can any lawfags explain?

No. 872658

My husband's a lawyer, I've had him weigh in on these two in the past about their squatting so I'll see what he says. Looks like a motion was filed but no decision has been made yet. Probably just a stalling tactic.

No. 872659

This is what I found and assuming it's the same thing it's basically saying that the landlord failed to name a person on the original eviction filing and so that person would be exempt from the eviction claim? "John and Jane Doe" were named so that would cover anybody/everybody. I feel like it's just a stalling tactic that will piss the landlord off more and make them less lenient to settle on a "move out date" like tuna had been dreaming about.

No. 872660

File: 1649111104961.jpeg (514.58 KB, 828x886, 9920E7D1-2A3E-439C-8438-050172…)

No. 872662

File: 1649111337222.jpeg (679.81 KB, 828x1401, 773653A3-246B-45E5-831E-65F8DA…)

No. 872663

File: 1649112580613.jpeg (534.6 KB, 828x1022, 1FE0C376-8EA5-4AEB-BBB0-122974…)

The fact that she so happily posts these pics of her dead tooth/teeth is so disturbing to me on such a visceral level. Ugh, bless her heart.

No. 872664

kek, thats hilarious. clip art tattoo

No. 872665

hate my asshole dad who takes me out to lunch to support me after my court hearing & clearly hasn’t given up on me despite me giving him every reason to

No. 872666

Is she… visiting her dad in the same clothes she's been wearing for the past 2 days? >>872408

I was going to express disgust that she'd visit her dad wearing that given her phone call saga… awkward on all levels. I hope he never found out what went on with all that.

No. 872668

no i totally thought the same thing, with the caption and all

No. 872669

File: 1649117928429.jpg (Spoiler Image,58.78 KB, 447x330, lydonteeth.jpg)

Every time I see her teeth all I can think of are Johnny Rotten's teeth and how he had a green-ish film growing on them from never brushing them that turned out to be some sort of mold.

No. 872670

If only dental floss came in cute pink packaging with a cat on it.

No. 872671

fat bitch

No. 872672

plaque is a biofilm, literally bacteria that’s multiplied so much it’s a visible mass. It’s fucking disgusting and idk how the fuck anyone can tolerate the thought of that just chilling in their mouth. Ugh bad dental hygiene makes me shudder, she is so rank.

No. 872673

it’s insane to me that cows like luna and shay will shit talk their parents all day and then go and get presents and shit from them as soon as it hits their birthday or christmas. “seeing my dad is always.. something.” no one forced you? you’re a grown ass woman. most 25 year old women aren’t going on shopping sprees with their parent’s money for their birthdays.

No. 872674

File: 1649121484576.png (1.08 MB, 1054x1026, Screen Shot 2022-04-04 at 7.11…)

No cat, anon, but we are living in the age of consumerism. Of course there's cute floss in bamboo, silk, small glass bottle holders for floss and amazing scents.

No. 872675

dont forget the splotches of blood staining the pants. really ties the outfit together.

No. 872679

easy to say that's the best thing you've ever had when you only eat frozen/junk/fast food and never cook.

No. 872684

File: 1649145295335.jpeg (228.82 KB, 828x861, 816C8AFF-5BA8-4E53-9943-9F9709…)

“Stressful” = he asked what my plans for the immediate future are
“Depressing” = he wouldn’t give me money and only bought me a few trinkets!!

No. 872685

me too, it makes me shudder. she has that plaque i see on those scaling videos on youtube that care for homeless people that haven’t had access to hygiene products for a long time. it literally isn’t hard to prevent this when you have more or less stable access to clean running water. toothbrushes and toothpaste is actually incredibly cheap cheap cheap. you could brush just once a day for a minute and prevent build up this bad, you don’t need a whole involved routine with floss or fancy mouthwash or whatever. you might still get cavities eventually but at least you won’t need numbing for a simple prophylactic cleaning. if only she put as much effort into basic hygiene as she does her ~*~self care skincare routine~*~ and her other cosmetic-only indulgences.

No. 872696

the funniest part to me is how much money and energy tuna puts into her skincare routine (which does little to nothing for her; every time she posts a picture with all that shit on her face she looks like a slug), yet she doesn't realize that she's ugly because of her teeth, hair, lazy eye from doing drugs, hygiene, and most of all, her rank ass personality - all of which are fully her own fault. drowning yourself in cheap cheap products (that aren't even absorbing into your skin because you layer too fucking many of them) won't fix you, tuna. you need therapy and a toothbrush.

No. 872708

anon I was going to say looks like she's going for the tnd method of covering her tracks. It's crazy that they would rather put something permanent and hideous on themselves instead of like sheer long sleeves or makeup. a lot of addicts seem to believe that some day they'll get clean but the tattoos seem more of a sign of being all in, never thinking they'll make it out, which is incredibly grim

No. 872733

File: 1649202752811.jpeg (223.32 KB, 796x2400, consumah-luna.jpeg)

I was genuinely so curious how much skincare she has now considering how huge and increasingly numerous her hauls are.

I went back 12 weeks on her Instagram and tried not to repeat products from one pic to another, had to stop cause the collage was getting too long.

No. 872739

that's insane, not only is that SO MUCH for such a short period of time but constantly switching products all the time messes with your skin/hair. You're supposed to find something that works and stay at it for a while. I have a feeling she probably uses all of these like maybe 2-3 times total. What a complete and utter waste…

No. 872746

Wow. Remember when her mom used one of her products and she acted like she pissed in her oatmeal? Good thing she has a slew of other things to use!
why don't you get your dad to order you a hello kitty toothbrush and floss set you dim bitch

No. 872758

If anyone has a link to this, I'd love to see it.
Damn, really shows how much the tattooist fucked up the perspective of the back wing.
Jesus, wtf.. she really is a hoarder of anything cheap. It's not even like the lil freebies Ulta & Sephora give out sometimes. She shops so much for literally never having a taxable income. I wonder if she spree shops more when she's manic/high or depressed or shit, maybe any emotion makes her shop at this point.

No. 872783

jesus christ. luna if you lurk here you are doing nothing good for your skin. in fact more harm than good. get your crusty crusty makeup off with a micellar water and then use that cerave cleanser. get a good toner, vitamin c serum for mornings and a retinoid for evenings, and invest in a good moisturizer and high spf non-comedogenic sunscreen. maybe a hyaluronic acid serum if you have dryness. and for fucks sake use a clean towel on your face and change your pillowcase frequently. and do it regularly. that’s the only way these products have any actual benefits. that’s like all you need if you don’t have serious dermatological needs. her rash is probably from all the products caked on top of her nasty makeup.

sage for skincare sperg. i just don’t understand how someone can be so chronically online and do so little research into things and then just buy a bunch of useless products that probably interact poorly and wonder why she has dermatitis without connecting any dots. she is so useless and stupid.

No. 872786

That was called that a "Warped Tour Tan" in the early 2000s, where kids just wanted to tattoo only visible spots like their necks and hands with everything else empty. They were also called posers.

No. 872788

FYI, Tuna has ID. It's just expired which is why she can't do anything requiring a current ID, such as anything handled by the state or federal government.
Any tattoo shop or piercing shop knows you're older than the age in your expired ID. Shops where you've been to before to be tattooed or pierced (especially by the same person), don't require you to bring ID again. They don't turn in ID info to an agency; it's just so mom can't come in later and threaten to shut you down because you didn't ask their 15 year old for ID. Also about 75% shops in the US and UK don't ask for ID if you have other tattoos that are clearly done professionally.
Tuna anons love their crazy tinfoils as much as Tuna loves fatty foods.

No. 872789

Tuna never shot into her hands because she doesn't know how to mainline even in large arm and leg veins let alone hand veins that blow easily. Lurch helped her mainline in her arms back when he was hitting her at the wrong angle all the time, then those veins became scar tissue, then she started sloppily muscling in her legs. Her hands are legit just fat like the rest of her. Muscling or even skin popping is never done in your hands. Hands only look swollen after you've burst enough veins from mainlining in your hands that blood struggles to flow back towards your heart and pools in your hands, which also gives them a reddish appearance.
Why are we surprised the Tuna has old blood on her pants when she never washes anything and those 2 dots are 10x the size of blood from iv use?
There's plenty of ridiculous shit about her to laugh at rather than lean into yet another "she's shooting uuuppp" accusation when nothing from the past few months bears any resemblance to even light iv use.

No. 872790

Anon, you're trying to help someone who thinks a Trump version of corpse paint is a hot look and collects these products for ~aesthetic. It's beyond a lost cause.

fyi, we all hate your babbling about this hobbyhorse of yours. Just move the fuck on already.

No. 872791

samefag but you can pipe down too kek. Junkie lectures never add anything to the thread except another layer of grime. And there's been plenty of evidence she's back on the gear over the last thread so not sure why you're trying.

No. 872794

I’m lazy but just search “Luna Slater” on Kiwifarms

No. 872797

Anons. The reason she doesn’t have a job has NOTHING to do with tattoos, shitty quality or not. Plenty of high paying corporate jobs do not care if you have tattoos, let alone fast food joints. I don’t know where this 1950s era attitude is coming from, but members of Congress openly display tattoos (not that that is a high bar). It is 100% her lazy entitled attitude and drug use that prevent her from being employed. This goes double when a large portion of jobs are work from home where tattoos can be easily concealed. If you have any valuable skills, tattoos are not a barrier to employment in this day and age.

No. 872801

can confirm. sorry for blogposting but my employers are tattooed from head to toe and they're well-respected in their line of business. like anon said, shake the outdated attitude. she's unemployed because she's lazy and disgusting and doesn't have a single marketable skill or redeeming quality. i'm sure the tattoos won't do her any favors, but they're definitely not what's stopping her from finding employment.

No. 872802

File: 1649253083760.jpeg (399.64 KB, 828x1128, FE972E5D-0979-40D8-BC42-EC3626…)

The delusion

No. 872804

These products aren't even "cheap" per se. I'm familiar with a lot of them:

>Babylips is very overpriced for chapstick at about $4 a tube

>Physician's Forumla Rose primer junk is about $12 (and made me break out like crazy. Loaded with fragrance)
>Both those Florence products are $12 each on the low end
I use that Cerave in the same size and it's about $12
>The Ordinary is usually about $8 per bottle

This is only a handful, a lotnof the others I don't recognize and none of this is including shipping as she never leaves the house, so most of this is coming from online. She spends a lot of money on skincare. And none on tooth care kek.

No. 872810

I feel like this must be shit she steals. It's not that hard to do even if you're fucked up on drugs.
She's even said multiple times that she likes to steal while on benzos. She like to preach that her stuff is cheap cheap cheap because she thinks it makes more sense as to why/how she has so much when in reality no one spent anything on it.

No. 872825

Maybe some of it, but anything from Florence or The Ordinary is coming from online aa she doesn't havw an Ulta anywhere near her. I don't have a hard time believing that when she gets money, it goes to this shit.

No. 872844

ayrt, did you miss the part where I said
>not even you, junkie sperg

yeah that was referring to you. I don’t know why you take this so fucking seriously. You really don’t have to lose your mind every time someone posts some tinfoil on a gossip website, and nobody likes reading your screeds. Forgive me for speculating that a longtime heroin user might be using heroin. Your constant need to be right just brings the thread down when it really doesn’t fucking matter.

No. 872846

File: 1649264998703.jpeg (771.95 KB, 828x1556, 57857A02-33D0-40EE-90C0-54DB21…)

No. 872850

that shit is $19 per tube

No. 872851

good thing she got it on a five-finger discount then

No. 872857

Target carries Ulta products now

No. 872862

File: 1649273130225.jpeg (85.27 KB, 828x471, 0B2C87DE-599B-41D8-80CD-747F89…)

looks like some movement happening in the courts coming up

No. 872863

excuse my ignorance but does 'motion' in this situation mean that there's going to be a verdict posted on the 22?

No. 872865

possible but not likely
the landlord probably filed a motion that likely says “get these assholes to stop fucking around and let us evict them”
if the judge grants the motion, there would probably be one additional court session after that

No. 872869

This was elaborated on on KF. Seems tuna had a motion to stop the eviction filed and the landlord objected to it.

No. 872895

since covid started most hearings have been being adjourned moreso than usual. i'm not sure how it is in westchester county but most places in the tristate area are extremely backed up, also still remote, it would just be a zoom meeting.

No. 872897


in NY and esp NYC and its suburbs an expired ID isn't valid. their paperwork is regularly checked by the health dept who give out citations for expired copies. the ones who do accept expired or don't id just cover the cost of the citations bc they make extra money taking all the walk-ins that other artists refuse

No. 872914

File: 1649288980257.jpeg (597.2 KB, 828x1336, 918FB9C8-CD44-40AF-BED2-25503B…)

No. 872916

Her caption had me cackling. I'm getting evicted soon but my arm looks cool with my robe.

No. 872918

The press-on pushed DEEP inside the thumb cuticle makes me wanna spew!

No. 872924

What's the point of the 2 rose tattoos right next to each other lol

No. 872930

There are literally photos upon photos of her hands covered in track marks. And before you assume you’re the only anon here that knows that looks like, you’re not. She has without question shot up into her hands countless times. She’d even place her hands in position to show them off in true bpd attention whore fashion. Not to mention, lurch posted a video with a bag of rigs, envelopes and a spoon visible this last October, long after the sober LARP began. Seriously, read the damn threads starting at #1 before you start sperging easily disprovable bullshit.(infighting)

No. 872931

File: 1649298081517.jpeg (Spoiler Image,77.04 KB, 339x289, FC5538E7-B5CC-40AC-8ECD-2A7D8E…)

Here’s a freebie to get your homework started. All I had to do was google it. And this isn’t even close to the worst of what she’s posted in terms of her tracked up hands. She’s probably not shooting into them currently, but to say she never has is just straight up retarded.

No. 872932

ugh the pointer finger too. tuna you do not need to have them shoved up under your cuticles girl

No. 872937

Damn, thanks for the info, Anon! Idk why she doesn't just use the CeraVe & a couple things from the ordinary, that'd be plenty probably.

No. 872943

How is it that she can't buy anything to save those cuticles? Ulta has cheap manicure kits and cuticle pushers.

No. 872946

goddamn anon, are you the same jackass sperging about _muh fetty_ or do we have two kween junkies here? you sound absolutely retarded. luna may not be doing dope consistently but she absolutely has not been off it as of last thread even, just look at her pinned pupils, even staring at the sun doesn't do that naturally.

my guess based on a reading of the evidence on hand instead of my own stupid opinions about smack, she got on methadone since we never heard a peep about withdrawals from a girl who complains about literally everything, and she's still doing dope with regularity as often as can be afforded.

No. 872947

also, what the fuck does that even mean, "10x the size of blood from iv use"? there's not a size limit on blood droplets you absolute idiot. where is it you think that blood on her pants came from?

No. 872953

Ntayrt but she's not at all considered a long-time fetty user. And if none of it matters then maybe you should chill when anons correct sheltered kids like you. You're telling anons to let you make unbased tinfoils about Tuna but not to correct you, then when they do, you get mad and say they should shut up and let your idiocy run rampant.
Yes, most of us are fully aware Tuna isn't on opiates anymore. There's always like 3 anons that insist "her pupils are pinned (in the sunlight!" Or "Scabs+blood = tRaCk MarKs!" Or "They have needles in their house because surely they cleaned up after they stopped using before!"
Here's my crazy tinfoil contribution: She's DEFINITELY smoking opium!! That discolored tooth, her body movements… anyone who disagrees with me should shut up because this is all just fuuun!"

No. 872956

either you’re the same anon or there’s multiple annoying autists itt who have similar spergouts

No. 872957

Agree. All these junk queens screaming about needle angles and appropriate size blood spots. So, the war on drugs works? Even a decades long IV using Easter Island head and a uwu heroin try hard tumblrina can get clean ASAP cuz one of them had to piss test for a few months? Forget about Lurch’s pics. Those are old! Junkies who are clean always leave entire open bags of freshies lying next to bundles and baggies right in front of where they’re sitting.
Like, what the fuck am I reading? Kek this junk nonnie wants whatever fairytale inducing drug the other junk nonnies are slamming into their delicate hand veins at a 25* angle..

No. 872959

There actually is a correlation between wound size and blood droplets size

No. 872960

I can't be positive, but I think there maybe, just possibly, could be more than 1 anon here that lives in the US and either works directly with addicts in a needle exchange program in NYC which is how they know there's a difference between fentanyl and fetty, or has other knowledge of fetty use, such as reading the thread and learning from others. I know it's a big surprise, considering we're on a thread for a straight edge cow, but just like Tuna bathing sometimes, strange things happen!
I mean, there's clearly more than 1 idiot that thinks they know the sIgNs of "heroin" use, so…
Is it that difficult to understand that Lurch can go to the clinic, cop, and use, then loiter all day and come home with Tuna being none the wiser, especially in her benzo state of blackout?
Thanks anon, I have never seen this actually and I've been following the threads for a few years

No. 872961

She's not on methadone. We know she literally traded in her fetty for full-time benzos. It's not hard to kick dope on a little methadone for a couple of weeks at the most. Why else do you think people at clinics like Lurch's sell spit-backs? Why else do you think clinics offer the 21 day detox?
I hope you're not a parent because your kid will have to endlessly put up with off-the-wall accusations about drug use kek

No. 872964

I never said you were wrong. I said you’re annoying autists.

No. 872965

Anon, it's very common for a couple that used to use opiates to have 1 partner use while they're out and the other partner to not even know- especially if one partner is on a shit ton of benzos.
Tuna on opiates is Tuna not getting getting all dolled up for apartment photo shoots, not playing with a ton of skincare, not being this fat, not having just old muscling scars but bruised lumps everywhere, and not needing to reminisce about the good ol' days of using and obsessively missing getting high. But you 3 anons that insist she's on opiates just because Lurch probably has slipped up a few times are just going to run with your wild assumptions.

No. 872966

I'll take a few anons posting accurate info using correct terminology if it would make even 1 "she's on heRoIn!" tinfoiler pipe down and realize they're making themselves look foolishly stupid.
There's anons in this thread and have been in codependent, opiate relationships and know all too well how common it is to hide a slip-up from your partner when you both agreed to stay clean.

No. 872967

samefag, it’s not even that we think you’re incorrect it’s that you’re completely insufferable and have to throw in bitchy comments and tYpE LiKe a rEtaRd when you could just make your point and stfu. Take the fucking hint already.

No. 872968

Tuna on opiates also begs for cash. Tuna on benzos just begs for shit to fill her materialistic obsession

No. 872969

Nta but you telling anons to shut up for being right has to be the most insufferable thing I've read on here

No. 872970

fine, if the majority of people here are happy reading this screeching whenever someone isn’t a drug expert, then I guess this isn’t the thread for me.

No. 872971

You got a mouse in your pocket? What is this "we" shit. Don't lump all of us into your "let me be wrong out loud and don't correct meeee!" Be dumb with the other couple of adamantly wrong anons in the corner while the adults laugh at the cow without having to resort to making shit up to further some made-up narrative

No. 872974

If you can't respect and learn from anons that literally point out that they work for the needle exchange in nyc because you'll throw a bitch fit over being corrected over being wrong, then gtfo and don't let the door hit your ignorant ass on the way out

No. 872975

Imagine taking lolcow this seriously

No. 872976

like, I’m not here to respect anyone, be an adult or learn jack shit. who is?

No. 872979

>we're all so sick of being corrected when we're wrong!!
>oh wait most anons would rather laugh at a heifer for shit that's true than made up shit?
>fiiiine I'm leaving
We know that you'll be back to screeching about how mad you are about your stupidity being halted, but once the other wrong idiot shows up

No. 872981

We're here for entertainment, but most of us aren't entertained by a couple of incorrect children running on this thread making up shit. Thanks for admitted you're a child that enjoys spreading incorrect information so you can just go now

No. 872984

I would say imagine being dumb enough that you would rather be wrong than given the correct info but don't have to imagine

No. 872985

fetty sperg anon, please find a better outlet for your energies. no one cares about your incorrect reading of the evidence.

No. 873092

Quit being a fucking little bitch with shit in your baby bitch diaper and just fucking leave, why do you have to announce it? Insufferable and a drooling moron, everyone else in this thread TOTALLY cares(calm down)

No. 873151

File: 1649437006600.png (635.71 KB, 864x1280, Screenshot_20220408-125548.png)

Guys, let's go back to laughing at the cow

No. 873153

File: 1649437099089.png (851.62 KB, 864x1377, Screenshot_20220408-125742.png)

Old Hollywood is a great look for when you're out on your ass in the streets

No. 873154

i can't stop laughing at how she forcibly shows her "iNk!" in every picture

No. 873157

Tuna needs to go back to her dirty hello kitty look. I know a lot of women who love the old Hollywood look and it's 50% surroundings. Pretty apartments with fresh cut flowers, and a weird obsession with fancy glassware. Tuna over here uses a dirty cheap black robe and put curlers in her hair last week and thinks she's Liz Taylor.

No. 873161

File: 1649439670287.jpeg (392.98 KB, 750x1056, CE27D666-E6F2-4D3C-97DF-5E8866…)

please luna for the love of god steal a bloody lint roller wtf

No. 873163

Since her face filters started going so overboard her pictures all have such an uncanny, soulless vibe

No. 873165

File: 1649440150177.jpeg (356.09 KB, 750x1029, BD7AC742-24E3-419F-8A91-A51CB4…)

I thought the footage was recorded by a security camera, not a stranger?

No. 873168

what the fuck she STILL hasn't throw away that chair yet

No. 873176

There's a piece of cat turd right on the floor behind her. Old Hollywood glamour, indeed

No. 873180

yeah she previously said security camera. idk why a stranger would record it and then provide her with the video?

No. 873181

she should do the american girl doll teeth challenge on tiktok but with her fucked up top lip

No. 873182

File: 1649451435891.jpeg (526.95 KB, 638x943, 99B77F57-9FA3-4F2E-8999-2E6C32…)

There are so many things off about this picture, but this is the bit that disturbs me the most. Her fingers are twice as long as her palm? It’s from using the shrink tool on her waist, maybe?

No. 873188

I think you guys are forgetting it's Tuna and she's stupid & benzoed and despite what she thinks, has little writing skill.
I read this as
"It (the rape) was caught on camera. (It was) by a stranger, but because…" and then goes on to the traumatic responses.

No. 873195

damn you got a tuna dictionary or something? that’s incredible

No. 873199

Thank you Nona. That makes sense now.

No. 873219

She broke it 49 days ago. Incredible.

No. 873223

Still changing up the story every time she tells it to wring out the maximum pity. She's so fried.

No. 873233

Kek she posted this on Snapchat with the caption “feeling myself.” She genuinely thinks this is a good picture.

No. 873235

the way she’s conveniently getting her tattooed hand into every single picture now is so funny

No. 873236

Yeah I don't think so, she just can't keep her story straight. And also I like how the original reddit post doesn't even apply to her since she DID report it, she just has to inject herself in any way possible and let everyone know she was "raped"

No. 873268

File: 1649529644745.jpeg (697.62 KB, 828x1244, AE538FCD-87CB-4EED-8741-590AAD…)

No. 873269

she’s going to look even more like sideshow bob kek

No. 873273

Girl your hair is frizzy af. Volume does nothing for it. Holy shit she's dumb

No. 873281

looking like Goddess Bunny these days

No. 873289

There's so many filters she looks like a dolphin lol

No. 873298

Does she have filters that make her look skinnier or is she actually losing the weight? Confused because she doesn’t look like an absolute potato in these most recent photos…

No. 873305

Don’t know if filters or simple distorting the ratio of the photo but look at her hands in the picture, she fucked with it

No. 873307

I am literally begging for someone, anyone, to teach her how to properly use curlers

No. 873312

She’s online all day you’d think she would watch a YouTube video on how to use curlers.

No. 873317

File: 1649556187382.jpeg (357.94 KB, 1125x1593, A0869553-CDB4-4AC3-9457-6B6225…)

So now she can afford new tattoos and piercings? While being evicted? Okay then…

No. 873321

buddy where have you been?? look up thread.

No. 873328

Why does she think her hair looks cute? It doesn't at all… it looks like a ratty nest of a doll who was pulled out from the bottom of a toy chest. Shit she's probably gonna use that as inspo for her next shitty poem

No. 873340

her tits and arms and pretty much everything looks like a mannequin wrapped in rotting hooker skin. buffalo peederast typeashit

No. 873376

KEK anon. tell us how you really feel!

No. 873410

That swollen mitt yikes

No. 873416

Photo on the right looks like one of those Soft White Underbelly “interview w/a prostitute” videos.

No. 873418

Am I going crazy or has she actually used a blur tool on the back of her swollen hand? I didn’t see it until now but the texture seems to change there, what reason to do that if not to hide tracks

No. 873447

o shi u right

No. 873481

100% steals it. it's all small bottles you can put in a pocket or slip down a sleeve.

No. 873488

lost it at the thought of Luna walking into the store with just her tits hanging by her hips in a tiny top and her camel toe all out in those way too tight bottoms and shoving bottles into her clothes but they’re not discernible considering all her natural lumps and bumps. though let’s face it that walking bacterial colony she calls a coat is perfect for lifting.

No. 873490

File: 1649697561808.jpeg (462.27 KB, 750x1099, A315BC51-1DEA-4E7F-A273-93B339…)

No. 873491

File: 1649697990283.jpeg (290.55 KB, 449x784, EB9ADEC9-8B09-48A6-ABD7-46D120…)

No. 873493

File: 1649698974998.jpeg (471.43 KB, 750x1085, 455A98FD-2DF3-4D23-A67A-B4CCB3…)

“Haven’t taken any benzos in a few weeks” but recently posted about how much she pays for Klonopin. Interesting. Wonder if her mother hooked her up with the Xanax

No. 873494

File: 1649700831035.jpeg (148.18 KB, 828x581, 8B3123C2-A077-41DA-A694-1F9CE3…)

No. 873495

File: 1649701078758.jpeg (823.55 KB, 828x1530, AC77EABA-E65F-421D-8F70-148CC9…)

No. 873496

File: 1649701348503.jpeg (202.36 KB, 750x1022, 547AF283-7D50-4630-882B-8E9F0C…)

the way she talks to people is so unpleasant. i wonder if she stopped doing all that skincare because she's been lurking here.

No. 873498

if what she’s saying is true, are we expected to believe that luna just spontaneously stopped using heroin a year ago and has been completely successful since? or she lost access via lurch somehow and she just never found a way to get it? like I get that there hasn’t been blatant evidence but there’s nothing in her history that says to me she’d be capable of this.

No. 873499

So… Tunas mom comes over and she suddenly has a bunch of pills.

No. 873500

File: 1649702946958.png (778.86 KB, 435x810, CDB1297A-AF03-45F0-9599-CB2005…)

No. 873501

she’s seeing a dermatologist before a dentist?! lmfao

No. 873502

The lack of self awareness is just phenomenal

No. 873503

She looks fucking retarded here

No. 873505

nothing to see here just sunning my tits

No. 873506

It's the eyes looking in two directions for me. Also how does she manage to look like she's in her 40s even with filters?

No. 873510

Why did she come over? To give you Xanax? And you’re the victim. Shut the fuck up.

No. 873512

File: 1649708812117.jpg (124.91 KB, 644x900, cow-utters-working-parts-dairy…)

I think the word you were looking for is "udders"

No. 873515

File: 1649709457982.jpeg (538.18 KB, 828x1320, 9CD4DE63-B4A7-49A4-88AD-1D0708…)

third nipple confirmed?

No. 873522

File: 1649710886116.jpeg (361.84 KB, 750x1059, 63066FEE-8B52-4B16-9DBE-E3D562…)

You feel gross because you are gross

No. 873523

File: 1649710947250.jpeg (306.51 KB, 750x752, 79BB582D-BA25-428B-8576-A2B250…)

Those brows. You would think she would know how to do them by now. Also why the ashy color?

No. 873524

File: 1649711042878.jpeg (Spoiler Image,309.17 KB, 750x739, 9FFF6291-9544-4A48-9EC3-79BF55…)

She posted a picture of her udders like the class act that she is. I spoiled the pic in case anyone is eating while browsing this thread

No. 873525

how is her cleavage so droopy looking even in a push-up bra where she’s obviously posing so that her girls look “good.”

No. 873527

File: 1649711221914.jpeg (300.37 KB, 750x1015, 03DAD1E6-0134-45EC-8D9F-063E95…)

You know what, fuck her mom for giving her Xanax. Wtf is wrong with these people

No. 873528

Now she knows how her mother felt when two junkies came to live with her.

No. 873529

All these pictures… HEY LOOK AT MY TATTOO Hey look at my tattoo! Comment about my tattoos! Hey I got new ink wanna see my tattoo?! Etc etc.

No. 873534

I mean she probably bitches and moans and cries about how bad her anxiety is and that she NEEDS benzos to “function” aka take selfies and cake makeup on her face, her mom is an addict and that’s probably all Luna wants from her, drugs and material items. She doesn’t care about her parents or anyone else beyond that, and when her mom was sober, Luna caused her to relapse. Luna is also 25 and altho she’s fucking retarded, she is capable of making healthy decisions. Plenty of kids with addicted parents go through the trauma of their parents using infront of them and even have their parents deal drugs to them and they did not end up like Luna. It’s just another excuse for her to be a lazy piece of shit and take zero responsibility for her life, as she says she was “born into the addict lifestyle.” It’s fucking stupid.

No. 873543

you know she took all of the xans pictured here too…. what a waste… benzo users always get that illusion of sobriety and take way more than they need. honestly i agree, fuck her mom for giving this to her. also fuck luna for pretending she's sober and hasn't been taking benzos recently when she's obviously always fucked. her mom probably gave her some when she met up with her for her iNK appointment too. how anyone can follow this bitch seriously and try to give her advice is beyond me. why does she even still post pictures like this online? "sober" my god damned ass.

No. 873558

One eye sees past nods the other sees present sex work… see you space junkie

No. 873559

So let me guess. You knew your mom's script was re-filled and so you guilted her into coming over to give you some. She was on her own prescribed medication and it "triggered you" that she didn't give you more of her script? So you went into a crying tit baby rage just like when your psych wouldn't refill your one script and she had to call a wellness check on you?

>I don't deserve to have to deal with this shit

Lmao then don't invite her over just so that you can take her prescription. And the fake concern about her getting home okay is pathetic when you dead ass said in the past that her life is over and she doesn't deserve help?

No. 873561

Or you invited her over to pressure her into letting you and lurch stay with her and she said no lol so you flipped shit, accused her of being high and she's a bad mom again, unlike when she went and bought you two tattoos for your birthday even though you're old asf and shouldn't be asking for birthday presents from mommy anymore. Or maybe it was lurches script and you gave your mom some so she'd get high and agree to let you live with her and when she still said no you kicked her out on the streets high.

No. 873562


But wasn't she the same one that came around her sober mother high as fuck and helped lead to her relapsing? This cunt

No. 873563

you mean she came over to the section 8 housing she got kicked out of bc of you? bc you and your junkie bf moved in and won’t leave?

No. 873582

Lurch was her mom's dealer. Wonder if she went to score and gave Tuna xans out of guilt for being a shit mom. Then Tuna proceeds to shit on her mom for "not being sober". She complained about her mom relapsing even though she was openly using around her!! Wtf. Her brain is cooked. There is no hope for her.

No. 873589

kek her arm being as big as her tit

No. 873591

its still too early for her to be using ANY lip products right now. i had a medusa and had to wait about a month before i could use lipstick, and thats not even pierced through the lip kek

No. 873594

Her neck looks like a damn birds here, wtf. Kek her filtered to death face is giving me melted Michael Jackson vibes.
Also her labret is gonna get infected so fast with her putting lip gunk all over it already.

No. 873595

She's going to be upset when the derm suspects contact dermatitis and tells her to stop using makeup and ""skincare"" for a while so they can find out whats causing it

No. 873605

I'm waiting for her lip to rot and fall off of her face from the lack of piercing aftercare but every time I come to the thread it hasn't happened yet. Disappointing

No. 873608

I love you.

No. 873614

cue the 10,000 "i feel ugly" selfies

No. 873616

Lives in filth and never washes her makeup brushes, towels, bed sheets or clothes, just wears them straight from a bag. Stop wasting doctor's time saying you don't know why.

No. 873632

you all talk as if her bad eating habits and drug consumption are not involved in her bad skin, it doest matter how many face products you use, you need to take proper care of your health to look like it, she uses anything to cope

No. 873633

Her idea of taking care of her health is eating a bowl of fruit, not eating for an hour, and writing about it to get her gold star.

No. 873634

someone please correct me if I’m remembering wrong but doesn’t she also hate drinking water? lol

No. 873636

I'd bet she has perioral dermatitis which can be caused by overuse of heavy face creams and moisturizers.

No. 873641

File: 1649801823919.png (761.19 KB, 864x1230, Screenshot_20220412-181628.png)

No. 873642

File: 1649801847880.png (777.13 KB, 864x1244, Screenshot_20220412-181632.png)

No. 873643

File: 1649801952527.png (786.48 KB, 863x1197, Screenshot_20220412-181842.png)

She actually does look larger

No. 873645

and she's never washed it since

No. 873646

The fucking gap between her fake Shein lashes and lash line is so bad.

No. 873648

File: 1649803238201.png (3.93 MB, 1100x2048, DBD76AE5-C772-4CC1-814B-945235…)

her floor is fucking disgusting

No. 873650

Wtf is that discolouration? Is this tiles or stained carpet? Literally pig pen i could vom

No. 873653

it looks like water damage. That said, I'm living in a shithole, but my floor looks nice and my cupboards still have all doors… at least her plant is still alive

No. 873655

she has so much clothes, enough to forget that she owns some of them lmao and she has some nerve to beg people for clothes that she "needs" that will likely be worn 5x (till it's filthy dirty) and then thrown out

No. 873656

File: 1649806921923.jpg (869.68 KB, 1080x1915, Screenshot_20220412-183634_Sam…)

She posted a spooky video where shes just rubbing her arms and captioned it about how she "loves her arms" (at least this time she didn't include sound, so no heavy mouth breathing!)

No. 873658

File: 1649807112868.jpg (369.82 KB, 1080x2097, Screenshot_20220412-183758_Sam…)

Also I'll just leave this pic here without any tinfoiling of my own about track marks

No. 873659

File: 1649809039413.jpeg (1013.86 KB, 828x1569, AF5E0A8B-8602-4100-B0D9-6FB4B6…)

what is going on with her hair

No. 873660

Damn her upper arms are fat af

No. 873662

kek gotta pull the plant stand behind her to cover up the chair that is still there

No. 873664

File: 1649811365364.jpeg (508.23 KB, 750x1102, B57D8F83-9117-4AF8-9959-218817…)

No. 873666

what an utter fucking lowlife. she really is incapable of putting herself in other's shoes. Mom gave me xanax but fuck her for being addicted again even though it's my fault!

this pic is new right? what's with all the bruising and redness on her inner & outer thigh?

holy shit look in the upper left corner you can see a bright white line in the corner and then piss yellow nic stains! people who smoke inside are disgusting. I never noticed quite how nic stained their walls were until now, poor pumpkin

No. 873681

there's no way she's owned anything for ten years. it would require her to do laundry

No. 873684

Why does it look like she’s blurring the back of her hand again? It goes darker there and changes texture. I know ppl are sick of the junkie tinfoil but that’s all the evidence I need considering she never took time to blur her cottage cheese thighs which had plenty of old tracks worth concealing in pics for her vanity- these are new

No. 873685


Seriously what's the point of getting a vertical labret when you're hiding it with a million filters kek

No. 873713

File: 1649867081306.jpeg (480.19 KB, 828x1152, 30669006-8B31-4CFA-850A-C75764…)

interesting bruise on her arm

No. 873723


lmao at luna calling the days old leftover makeup on her face a no makeup kinda day. also is that literal grime next to her nose?

No. 873743

That's her old abcess pit in the crook of her arm but she does have fresh, bruised track marks under her "me" heart tattoo that she keeps showing off lately >>873658

No. 873771

File: 1649908952268.jpeg (215.16 KB, 828x1299, 66E17D31-AD13-4BFD-BED5-B3FDCB…)

This picture was posted 28 days ago. Notice the conspicuous lack of track marks under the ME heart tattoo vs her recent pics where they’re visible.

We can finally put the “heroin sober” delusion to bed.

No. 873777

Her hugeness always surprises me.

No. 873788

Where is her super cute Satanist style t-shirt from fakeboi?

No. 873796

Wow. Is this the fattest she's ever been? Looks like it. Melted her hair off, face getting eaten alive by rashes, dead toof continues to brown…uwu?

No. 873819

kek she has such a weird tiny bellybutton. usually fatter people have bigger ones but hers is so tiny.

No. 873832

good catch anon! i know people are saying she isn't acting like she was before she quit but it's normal for using to be a bit more manageable initially after a relapse. That said it's going to go south very soon and she'll be right back where she was. sad esp with her constantly talking shit about her mom's use but unsurprising as she didn't get sober for herself in the first place

No. 873836

lol anons were so over-the-top nasty only for me to be proven right. forgive me for feeling a little smug.

No. 873839

yes and i’m 99.9% sure she is lying about her weight or using a borked scale. i was an avid follower during the hipsville days when she was pretty open about being ~260 lbs. a few clothing items from that era have made an appearance lately and if anything, they look tighter than before.

No. 873845

My brother's 5'11" and 265 lbs. Luna's definitely 20 or 30 pounds lighter than him.

No. 873846</