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File: 1614536074565.jpg (57.52 KB, 500x880, jb6pg4qqq4k61.jpg)

No. 1172792

Photos of minors are permitted so long as they were first published on public social media.

As requested, a general thread for lolcows who are Fundamentalist Christians. Associated media includes, but is not limited to:
19 Kids and Counting/Counting On
Bringing Up Bates
Girl Defined
The Transformed Wife
The Rodrigues Family/All Things Truth Print Shop
Paul and Morgan Olliges
Created Collins for Christ/The Collins Family
Andre and Solie

Some recent milk:
>Justin Duggar (picrel) marries Claire Spivey in a super-spreader event with over 100 people, hardly any masks
>Jessa Seewald and Nurie Keller both announce pregnancies
>Kendra Duggar has her third child in just over three years
>Andre discovers the fundie snark subreddit and has a meltdown
>The Collins got investigated by CPS for medical neglect
>Two of the Bates sons were at the Capitol rally but likely left before the insurrection started
>Erin Paine has an oophorectomy (particularly devastating in a cult that only values women for how many kids they can pop out)
>Jinger Vuolo joins TikTok; hilarity ensues
>Jill Rodrigues still pushing MAGA-related propaganda
>Anna Duggar may be secretly pregnant with #7

Instagram handles of note:
@rodriguesfamilyservingjesus (private but they approve fairly easily)

No. 1173309

man people who are new to these cows are about to shit their pants when they see pictures of the rodrigues kids

No. 1173345

Especially Nurie before marrying Nathan vs. after. Jesus.

No. 1173348

there's no solid evidence of Bethany's fiance going to conversion therapy twice (said video seems to be deleted), however what she did confirm is their insane vow not to even kiss before marriage. wtf is that?

No. 1173376

Would Muslims and or Fundie European Christians cows be allowed in this thread

No. 1173387

Can someone do a breakdown of who these cows are and some of their greatest milk? I have no idea who these people are or where to start

No. 1173389

I'm wondering if this thread is really necessary, seems to have a lot of overlap with tradthots. I'm interested to see where it goes, though.

No. 1173400

I'm really interested in this thread because it seems a bit closer to fundiesnark's style and can include cows of both sexes more than the general Lauren Southern style tradthot, but don't follow most of these cows very closely myself to collect info yet

No. 1173403

Hell yeah, share what you’ve got anon.

No. 1173431

File: 1614622034439.png (1.87 MB, 840x1472, Screen Shot 2021-03-01 at 1.06…)

the rodrigues' 6-year old

No. 1173432

File: 1614622059113.png (1.87 MB, 832x1472, Screen Shot 2021-03-01 at 1.06…)

all of their kids look like this

No. 1173435

Not sure if you can post kids but that said, what’s the deal with them? Are they inbred or very malnourished or just ugly? Sad either way.

No. 1173436

File: 1614622242258.jpg (149.53 KB, 828x1792, sickkid.jpg)

here's the 4 year old with a fucked up jaw because the mother(Jill) won't take any of her kids to a doctor (mandated reporter).

No. 1173438

Here a breakdown of the Duggar I missed some things but their fundie royalty because of their tv show

The Duggar Family of 19 kids and counting/ Counting on fame
having 19 children and 20+ grandchildren from Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar,
Living in Tontitown, Arkansas. Jim Bob and Michelle turned to fundamentalism after their second pregnancy that resulted in a miscarriage. They went to a Christian doctor who told them the pill Michelle was on was the cause of the miscarried and Jim Bob and Michelle decided to have as many kids as God would give them.

Old Milk
Josh Duggar Sex Pest and the firstborn of Jim Bob and Michelle.
In 2015 Touch Magazine published a redacted police report that showed that Josh was reported to the State Police for molesting 5 underage girls in 2002 and 2003 when he was 15 years old. 4 out of 5 were siblings (Jill, Jessa, Jinger, and Joy, fifth victim unknown ) Josh told his father and punished him was sent to a Christian program in 2003 and when he returned home he apologized to whom he molested, and they forgave him. And that Josh sought God and has turned back to god”
A family friend at this time work a letter of what he knew and put the letter in a book and forgot. Later in 2006, the Duggar family was scheduled to appear on Oprah Winfrey but an unidentified person emailed the show producer of the situation and later the letter was turned over to the Department of Human services who launched an investigation. Although at that point the statute of limitations has passed in Arkansas nothing happened.
When news broke Jim Bob and Michelle, Josh and His Wife Anna all released statement
They all boiled down to Josh did something bad, but God has forgiven them through his kindness.
On May 22, 2015, TLC stated that 19 kids and counting were going to be pulled off the air.
The second police Report then came out and it was worse. Had fewer redaction and indicated that one of the molested was 5 at the time. And that Jim Bob waited 16 months before contacting authorities. Josh also confessed to his sins before any of his victims said anything.
On June 3, 2015, the first interview after the scandal broke out
Fox News aired an interview with Jim Bob and Michelle on The Kelly Files. They both just defended Josh's behavior and were proud of him for admitting what he was done.
The next interview was one Friday, June 5 with Jill Dillard and Jessa Seewald, they both also defined their brother.
then on July 16, 2015, 19 kids and Counting were canceled.
Them it Gets even worse
Ashley Madison Scandal
based on reports published on august 19, 2015 Josh was not one but two paid accounts for Ashley Madison. And that he spent as much as 986.76 on the site. His wife Anna also did not divorce him but he did check himself into a long-term treatment center on August 26, 2015. So, maybe God forgave him again?

No. 1173439

That child looks dead. Who are the rodrigues’ and why do they’re kids look like that?

No. 1173441

malnourished, kept in cages occasionally, mother claims they are naturally thin but their father is a fat load. 14 kids in one RV and the parents don't work.

No. 1173451

File: 1614623916092.jpeg (1.46 MB, 1997x1008, 8371BA06-9669-4D58-A094-2B53EF…)

What do you guys think of the Plaths, specifically Moriah and Micah? I’m glad they escaped the family, Moriah always seemed so unhappy. I think Micah could possibly be gay but not sure.

No. 1173469


Anon, you probably shouldn’t post photos of the kids here. The parents are fucked up for sure though.

No. 1173470

If the photos are posted publicly it's not against the rules.

No. 1173472

read the first line of the OP

No. 1173474

plus why shouldn't we publicize evidence that could lead to CPS finally helping these kids

No. 1173528

Wtf that kid looks like eugenia cooney.

No. 1173540

I'm getting serious gay vibes from this picture. Sage for blogpost, but it reminds me of an LDS (mormon) couple I knew from high school, the guy ended up being gay, but they had already gotten married and had children so now they're just…making it work for the sake of the church and wanting to get into the special Celestial heaven, I guess.

No. 1173541

Right? Why are their eyes so sunken in?

No. 1173616

Fuck yeah love this thread.
>What do you guys think of the Plaths
I'm still not over this moment. It's soooo good, Ethan is the best. I wish more men would stand up for their wives like this against their parents when they're being manipulative, talking shit behind their backs, etc.

No. 1173738

Holy shit, go Ethan.
I remember coming across this family via an ad where Ethan drank pop for the first time, he was so adorable and innocent, he's really matured in a short amount of time. It's awesome seeing the progress.

No. 1173911

I would recommend the fundie Friday’s channel on youtube. She can be a bit much but her videos are pretty well researched and through. Most of them you can watch in <30 minutes.

No. 1173933

This dude is the same dude stepping up for his wife upthread? Fucking adorable, but are he and his wife also fundies now? I know nothing about these people but am interested in this whole thread

No. 1173940

Where do you recommend someone go to read more about this family in particular?

No. 1173948

File: 1614659191467.jpg (23.27 KB, 300x203, 2005-Maxwell-Family.jpg)


oh fuck yes. anyone else been fundie-watching since the old Free Jinger days?

The Maxwell family (family blog is called Titus2) is another bunch of sad loons who think drinking Pepsi is a sin. They have a bunch of spinster virgin daughters nearing 30, still living at home with no prospects.

No. 1173953

No. 1173958

I believe they're still christians but no longer under a fundie denomination. A youtube channel called fundie Friday has some pretty good videos that break down how a lot of these families are shitty if you want a rundown on some of the older milk.
video attached is her explaining the Plath family

No. 1173980

File: 1614663359033.jpg (51.31 KB, 695x390, _99616667_turpin_family_chapel…)

This reminds me of the Turpins, why isn't this family being investigated?

No. 1173981

Holy shit thank you for saying it, I couldn't come up with the name

No. 1173993

IFB/independent fundamentalist baptists get away with a lot of shit, such as age inappropriate homeschooling and not providing medical care on the grounds that it violates their religious freedom. IMO they’re rather well protected in the us.

No. 1173994

File: 1614665565819.jpg (119.14 KB, 500x613, jeffstape_081211_3.jpg)

I think the OP should also include some of the fundamentalist Mormon crazies, like FLDS (and its pedophile leader Warren Jeffs), and the Kingstons.

No. 1174009

This child looks malnourished. What's scary to me is that this is obviously normalized enough in their household that they didn't think posting her looking this way would be a red flag. How is this legal? How are these families hiding behind religious faith to enact child abuse in a first world country? And it's on reality TV? What the actual fuck?

No. 1174042

They fled from their old home and moved to Ohio because CPS was investigating. Jill Rodrigues had even posted about a CPS visit to their home.

No. 1174314

they "homeschool" the kids and moved around in an RV constantly to avoid scrutiny

No. 1174316

the (ew) subreddit "fundiesnarkuncensored" has a few cheat sheet posts on the different fundie families

No. 1174367

Oh shit, the Kingston Clan. I remember watching this documentary years ago.

This was a good breakdown of the family. I think I missed something, was Kim's accidental running over of her child what ultimately made her so controlling? Like before that incident she was fine?

No. 1174507

>includes, but is not limited to

No. 1174527

Insane christian homeschoolers get away with anything. Literally, anything they want. Abuse, malnourishment, pedophilia, neglect, the works, because the children are rarely seen by anyone outside the home and are hardly ever in contact with mandated reporters, especially so if the parents have a religious aversion to modern medicine. The insane communities band together like rats and make it impossible for government and law enforces to crack them open and get the kids help. It's incredibly easy to isolate and abuse a child in this way.

No. 1174877

File: 1614745881686.jpg (69.24 KB, 169x473, meeting2b.jpg)

Idk why but I am always really interested in their weird oppressing clothing choices,

I know this doesn't really count as fundie but this lady's blog about randomly becoming/dressing 'quakerly' has a similarly high clothing autism level someone might get some amusement out of - http://www.quakerjane.com/index.php?fuseaction=plain_dress.plainjane

No. 1174890

This is interesting to me, thank you! Gotta wonder how her blog…which is online…on the internet…corresponds to her traditionalist views about technology.

No. 1174972

Are the 8 Passengers allowed to be talked about here? They are a Mormon family living in Utah. The mom runs a family youtube channel and exploits the hell out of her 6 kids. They get absolutely no privacy. She films everything. Unsure if she would fit here or not.

No. 1175001

Seems appropriate. That car crash video is one of the most uncomfortable things i've ever watched.

No. 1175024

She is awful. I feel terrible for her children, especially Chad. She prides herself on being a mother yet all she does is bully her children and creates an unsafe environment for them with her invasion of their privacy. Did you watch their Covid video? I can’t shake this feeling that they really never got Covid and just lied for views.

No. 1175113

Aren't they the ones who made the son sleep on the floor for a year to punish him for something and talked about it in a vlog like it was nothing?

No. 1175270

Yep! Then when they got called out on it they deleted the blog and said it was Chads choice to sleep on the floor/bean bag as punishment. Yea right. The parents are so manipulative. It has to be exhausting living in that home.

No. 1175385

These families move around a lot. Like the Rodrigues family specifically is known for being the equivalent of one of those old weird travelling gospel families that just live out of their tiny cramped camper and go to churches begging for handouts and free food. When they DO buy an actual place, its usually in a location in the "bible belt" where they can get away with pretty much anything because all anyone thinks is bad there is being gay or feeding children actual substantial meals.

No. 1175544

File: 1614811573384.jpg (108.81 KB, 716x960, FB_IMG_1614811546555.jpg)

Nathan and Nurie Keller's cringe pregnancy announcement…

No. 1175545



No. 1175549

I will genuinely be surprised if she can carry to term.

No. 1175550

I was surprised she even got periods. Her youngest sisters look like the fucking ghosts of Victorian children who died of consumption. I really wish someone could get Ohio CPS to take them seriously. The boys have rickets FFS.

No. 1175618

It took a few months for her to get pregnant, likely because she had to gain weight until she hit a fertility threshold. Most of these fundie brides have honeymoon babies!

No. 1175783

i'm more concerned about how their writing looks like a toddler's

No. 1175899

I try to give Nurie and the rodlets a pass because they are so stunted and abused by their parents but man this is insensitive. Especially because they never wear masks and are constantly traveling and gathering in large groups.

No. 1176360

JRod is a COVID denier fwiw

No. 1176413

File: 1614903970641.jpg (280.93 KB, 1125x1515, 15a22aa.jpg)

Jana Duggar might be courting (the oldest sister, she's 31)

Soz for samefagging

No. 1176437

QRD on the wissmans? Im not familiar with that family. Any links on them? Im happy for her in a way but also kinda wished she would have escaped by now with that one female friend of hers. Too good to be true I guess.

No. 1177139

File: 1614982622006.jpg (147.63 KB, 750x1264, 4963d7b.jpg)

Here's more info on Stephen, I had to grab the cap from Reddit because the Wissmanns locked down their blog. Highlights are traits that Jana has said she finds attractive in a man

No. 1177182

I have no idea who any of these people are but Ethan and his wife are precious little angels.

No. 1177235

lel that wondering eye

No. 1180515

File: 1615340161509.jpg (151.57 KB, 1080x1810, FB_IMG_1615340136926.jpg)

There is no fucking way she is showing that early

No. 1180526

it's kind of amazing how much more alive she looks than a year ago. absolutely wild how much malnutrition ages the older rods.

No. 1185649

Is this Nurie?
It could just be some bloating or something like that related to early pregnancy, she's so skinny I wouldn't be surprised of even the earliest stages showing in some way.

No. 1185906

According to Ruby, anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts are all choices you make. And rather then going to a doctor or licensed therapist for these issues, you should instead listen to her advice and you’ll be all cured from those thoughts. How is this legal and allowed on YouTube?

No. 1200326

File: 1617378044164.jpg (763.5 KB, 1080x1541, Screenshot_20210402-104042_Fac…)

>pregnancy photo
>stuffed animal on bed

No. 1200349

do they live in a mobile home? no shame against mobile home living but it just gives them more redneck vibes than they already have

No. 1200412

That’s a high-end trailer for travel

No. 1203455

She looks so much better now that she’s away from her narc mom. Her smile seems more relaxed, her hair looks healthier and she even seems to have put on a bit of weight. Good for her.(necro)

No. 1203532

File: 1617828700678.jpg (782.54 KB, 2560x1920, 6603933-scaled.jpg)

Yeah, that's definitely the back bedroom of an RV/mobile home. They always look like picrel, with cabinets over the head of the bed.

No. 1203570

She’s pregnant, of course she’s put on weight.

No. 1203572

at least it's just the two of them in there and she's allowed to eat more than once a week.

No. 1204765

File: 1617988363899.jpg (884.61 KB, 1078x1869, Screenshot_20210409-121159_Ins…)

Sure David

No. 1205016

Why isn't this fuck wearing a mask? That poor server

No. 1207993

I feel like I stepped into the pro ana thread by mistake.(necro)

No. 1217815

File: 1619539193028.jpg (828.33 KB, 1080x1561, Screenshot_20210427-105932_Ins…)


No. 1218061

or as they are known in the Duggar family, a "brood sow"

No. 1219890

File: 1619732942872.png (1.8 MB, 1508x1302, Screen Shot 2021-04-29 at 4.44…)

Arrested for fraud by the feds. That mugshot tho, top kek

No. 1219919

They're holding him on no bail too. Sounds like someone fucked up baaaaaaad.

No. 1219978

You think its cp related? No bail is making me think it's pretty fucked up

No. 1219981

He does not look sober. Did he know this arrest was coming? Wasn't there some money laundering/white collar crime speculated because of that empty "car lot" Jim Bob owns?

No. 1220055

Money is on CP and laundering. With all of the kids running around those fundi homes it would be a surprise to find out that no children were involved in the crimes (as victims).

No. 1220067

Apparently it's to do with a raid on his car lot.

No. 1220233

If it was cp-related why would people be saying fraud?

No. 1220408

File: 1619798937460.jpg (307.56 KB, 1124x1885, b3a980a.jpg)

Hearing is starting. Media cannot report until after the hearing so any minute.

No. 1220439

File: 1619800827725.jpeg (Spoiler Image,113.76 KB, 757x699, E0PE_JvXMAw6uGs.jpeg)

Spoilered due to the nature of the charges. Fuck.

No. 1220440

Honestly, who didn't see this coming?

No. 1220455

but UNDER THE AGE OF 12?!?!?! holy fk that's messed up. i thought he only had a thing for teen girls…

No. 1220459

I guess the raid on his workplace was because he was using the company computer to do so then? What a sick perv.

Is this the one who molested his sister?

No. 1220461

Yes, several of them.

No. 1220463

Oh my god.
I wasn’t expecting this either but >>1220440 made me look him up, he had been doing these exact behaviors since he was a young teenager to his own sisters, all of whom were young children. He’s the oldest and he was 14-15 at the time he was finally caught. A state judge had his record expunged. His father took him to see a state trooper who ended up being arrested for the same charges that came out today.
I think this is so shocking because of how often this family was on tv, with cameras on them for weeks. Cases like this are always horrible, but these charges while being so notorious and having the brand image that they do is just extreme.
I don’t know if it’s the condition of them being fundies or their family specifically that let this play out the way that it did, but this is actually evil.

No. 1220475

Yeah, he had multiple victims (5?) as a teen, including two of his sisters.

And I don’t really hang him being a pedo on his religion, but I do hang it on the climate of his cult. His parents knew, and blamed the victims and told him to knock it off. And pushed extreme modesty on the daughters.

But Pedos don’t stop with their fuckery unless they go to jail, usually. But for every pedo there’s usually a group of enamblers and people in denial, which is definitely the case here.

No. 1220479

>cp under 12
Fuck him I hope he gets thrown away for the full 20 yrs, gets brutally beaten in prison for being a pedo, and his stupid enabling wife can shut the fuck up about him being such a "good provider uwu" he has kids at that age and younger. And jerks off to them

No. 1220555

Disgusting piece of shit. And to think the sisters he molested defended him on national television

No. 1220559

The duggars idea of “protecting” the girls was to make rules like boys can’t carry any of the girls or sit them on their laps and they can’t be alone together. Then coach them to forgive him for sinning, and what they could have done to help him not sin. Meanwhile they kept Josh in the house and covered for him. If the family friend hadn’t also been molested, his abuse of his sisters would have never gotten out.

No. 1220567

File: 1619812924407.jpg (37.44 KB, 1042x152, Screenshot_1.jpg)

According to a Youtube comment, Anna wanted to leave him but the parents wanted her to stay because Christian family values uwu

No. 1220588

Her brother offered to help her escape. And her sister is now married to a millionaire. If she wanted to leave she could have taken their help, but she didn’t. She’s brainwashed at this point. Remember they tell these girls that if their husbands sin it’s also partly their fault. I’m sure they laid down the guilt and Jim Bob told her to stay and he’d take care of her family.

No. 1220617

>Jim Bob told her to stay and he’d take care of her family
Because he does such a good job with that. This whole family needs to be investigated
Anna is now looking at being a single mother of 7 with no education or stable employment history. That should scare her into leaving but idk if she'll break free.

No. 1226553

File: 1620579170036.png (511.63 KB, 575x768, uidngjpbhqx61.png)

here are some of his bond conditions. he's staying with another fundie family (the rebers) because one of the conditions is that he can't return to the big house or his and anna's warehouse.

during the zoom bond hearing, maria reber testified that she didn't know the severity of pest's charges, had never been alone with him and was uncomfortable with the idea of it. the rebers also have a 22y/o daughter who lives at home and gives piano lessons to children on the property.

No. 1227767

Surprised it hasn't been mentioned yet that not only did Josh have CP, but he had Daisy's destruction, cp that involves torture of a toddler created by child rapist and murderer Peter Scully. All CP is bad but he had the worst of the worst.

Itll be interesting to see how bob and Meech try to defend their golden boy having toddler snuff

No. 1227781

where'd you hear that anon?

No. 1227824

Not original anon but we know that Josh had files named "dd" and the investigator described it as "some of the worst we've ever seen" and said one of the victims was 18 months old. All that together points to Daisy's Destruction.

No. 1227835

Reading about DD was like reading what happened to junko furuta for the first time. And the fact that they allowed bail when he needs a life sentence thrown at him

No. 1229785

they act like all sins (and all pornographic material) are equally bad but i have a feeling they know this is worse than even the ashley madison scandal. they'll say anything to downplay the severity though, anything to keep them from looking like failed parents.

No. 1504005

Nonnies were posting in thread suggestions for this. It looks really interesting. Welcome to Plathsville is about a religious family run like a cult falling apart but oh my God it's the milkiest thing ever
>dad is a fucking skin walker. Major pedo vibes, all the children look uncomfortable around him
>the mum is an ex party girl druggie whore turned Christian wonder wife, currently exerting her narc powers to control the family by using the weird dad as a weapon
>oldest son left because the mom accused his wife of being possessed by evil spirits. Nearly beats up his dad on camera, runs away to Tampah with her and breaks up anyway
>oldest daughter is never spoken about because she escaped to the other side of America
>second oldest daughter slowly morphed into an alt whore, boyfriends drags her slutty outfits, admits on his YouTube channel that he cheated on her
>second oldest son is a model. Mom has a network of stalkers who stalk him for her
>the younger children are being kept from the older children to protect them from "seeds of rebellion"
New season coming up and I swear to God I'm willing to bet money they're going to be exposed as a weird sex cult at some point in the future

No. 1504032

Of course the dude who tells his girlfriend to not wear something slutty is the one who cheats! The plath kids make me sad, look at Lydia that's the saddest girl I've seen. I hope she snaps one day and makes her mother sad

No. 1504108

Here's the shit head boyfriend. He has his own YouTube channel now, this was posted 2 months ago and he talks about Moriah here

No. 1504125

They're all so blonde, Varg is shaking

No. 1504177

I mean is she still with him when all this is public?

No. 1504204

You know they seem so strict on everything but are okay with letting the girls wear "heavy" makeup.

Like how they fuck do they pick and choose what the kids are allowed to do.

No. 1504356

They're going to address it in the new season out soon

You think that's bad? The girl, Olivia, that married into the family is ostracized partially for using toothpaste that the parents didn't agree with. The older son she married to get into the family didn't hear a swear word until he was 15 and never had a coca cola until he was 21. Also nobody seems to wear shoes so I wonder if that's part of it. The parents also basically pick their kids dating pools by only allowing relationships with the children of other families who the parents like

No. 1504361

File: 1650269850380.png (273.82 KB, 480x478, plathville-son-killed-15744527…)

Kim, the mom, accidentally ran over one of her kids and killed him in 2008. His name was Joshua and as far as I know he was about a year old. I often wonder how much if this trauma contributes to the way the family is changing. There always seems to he something there you can always pick up on that you can't actually put a finger on. You know none of them are particularly happy despite what they're saying. It's very uncanny

No. 1504391

Bleached tho lol

No. 1504393

File: 1650275548434.jpg (188.45 KB, 1000x563, intro-1610397142.jpg)

I watched an hour long video about these fuckers once. I'm obsessed with freak American families. I went back and watched it to gather up some background milk
>the mom has been trying to get the family on TV for years
>the mom believed the public would glorify her as a mega mom but what actually happened was massive backlash concerning her parenting style
>the mom has written a book on parenting and insisted Olivia read it before she gets married
>Kim is known to keep a stash of junk food and use her phone all day. The second oldest girl in the house, Lydia (15), is the one who does all the housework and child rearing
>the mom comes from a background of alcoholism, domestic abuse, and sexual abuse, likely contributing to her rough college days as a drugged up party girl
>there was a blog written by the mom and dad listing their farm as a B&B hoping to capitalize on their fame but they've taken the whole blog down
>The Plaths seem to run in the same circles as two other famous religious TV families (the Rodriguez & the Pearls families) indicative that they're independent Baptists, but it is never explicitly stated what their beliefs are on the show. It was only ever described as "conservative Christian"
>none of the kids ever had friends growing up. They weren't allowed. They were homeschooled, which actually causes a confrontation on the show where Micah and Moriah call the parents out on their bullshit parenting
>the family is not allowed have salt or sugar (???)
>nobody is allowed to have bank accounts or social security numbers
>nobody is allowed to celebrate holidays like 4th of July or whatever
>Micah and Moriah seem to be the only ones fully aware of their own naivety. Moriah in particular is shown to be trying to absorb things like gay people, which nearly causes a blow up from the mom
>there is a secret older daughter, Hosana, who is known on Christian TV for her music appearances. She isn't discussed on the show and most people wouldn't know she exists if they didn't know her as the best friend of a girl from the Rodriguez family
>Micah and Moriah were kicked out. Its said on the show that they moved, but revealed by Olivia in the interview that they were told to piss off when the family moved homes
>the family only moved homes because they tracked down Ethan and Olivia after they cut contact and moved closer to them
>Ethan nearly got set up with Jill Rodriguez
A LOT of what is going on here is the mom being an obvious narc maybe BPD

No. 1504396

File: 1650275885053.jpg (370.04 KB, 1080x1080, PhotoCollage_1650276761703.jpg)

Ethan getting hotter as the fundamentalist Christianity leaves his body. He is literally 21 in the first picture and barely 23 in the second picture

No. 1504520

File: 1650296150614.jpg (117.01 KB, 750x1334, wr9pt0mdkwi61.jpg)

I just started season 2 and it hurts to see how much the family puts Lydia in the "housewife/mother role". I hate how Kim clearly wants to say planting seeds of evil into the younger kids, but calling it rebellion.

Also, Moriah destroyed her lips

No. 1504530

I’m so glad this post was revived. The Plath family is insane and I feel so bad for those kids.

No. 1504531

It’s natural which makes it more creepy somehow. Literally every single one of them is white blonde

No. 1504544

I will say none of those kids are ugly.

No. 1504667

Aw man…nooo! She's always had questionable makeup and fashion taste but I never held it against her because she grew up so sheltered. She was already so beautiful. Why would she do this to herself?? I guess on the bright side, she can have them dissolved when she comes to her senses

No. 1504689

Not sure how they all came out with good looks and for the most part, good hearts given their psycho ass parents but alas

No. 1504690

File: 1650312967116.jpg (51.44 KB, 800x445, welcome-to-plathville-kim-plat…)

It's a miracle none of them are ugly considering these are the fucking breeders

Nonnie, would you mind posting some of her Instagram feed for nonnies without Instagram? Thanks

No. 1504737

The way Kim bitchs at Lydia for texting with a boy? I hate her I hate her. She speaks as if Lydia is already running away to have sex and do heroin but she was just texting a boy about idk fundie things? Psycho bitch.
Lydia's Instagram looks like what fundie mother of 15 would post, even her clothes, is so sad. At least she spends time with the siblings who left, so maybe she can find independence

No. 1504792

Oh jesus.
>As Kim recalls on the Plath family website, it was fall 2008, and she was busy moving trees using the family's Suburban. "I looked for our 17-month-old Joshua, saw that he was away from the vehicle, then pulled forward to get the next tree. In a panic, I realized what had happened. I ran over our Joshua," she admitted."

I know this must have been traumatizing for the family, but why the heck was she driving around while a 17-month-old was running around alone? Couldn't she have had him sit in the car instead?

No. 1504913

The mom isn’t bad looking, just very corn fed. The dad on the other hand gives off prince Phillip mummy vibes.

No. 1505018


The mom is for sure why all of the children are attractive. I agree, she’s not ugly. She was probably very popular for that reason in her party days.

No. 1505304

OT but I'm glad this thread is up and active again, the fundiesnark subreddit is broderline unusable now.
>stickied thread on how to spot "TERF rhetoric"
Trading one male-worship ideology for another, it's tragic

No. 1505526

Yep. I'm a former fundie and they sure don't like those of us who don't follow the "perfect ex-fundie script". Honestly, that stickied post about "spotting terf dogwhistles 101" could have been written by Gothard himself if it was a different topic.

No. 1505560

Barry (the dad) has said before that the family blame Ethan for killing the baby. Ethan was supposed to do a head count to make sure all the kids were in the vehicle, and Joshua was left outside. Barry didn't want to blame Kim so they just pushed it all on Ethan

No. 1505563

Samefag but they were adults blaming a child for the death of his siblings. They should have been more responsible, they killed their baby son out of negligence

No. 1505568


I think that had to have fucked with the older kids and their relationship now with the parents.

No. 1505572

The fuck, why isn't she in jail? People get sent to prison for leaving their kids in hot cars, but not running them over?

No. 1505577

It's thought of as a "freak accident". We really dont know what happened as a result of the death because they never address it beyond the fact it happened and then a source outside the show spoke about how they blamed Ethan. People on fundie gossip groups are well aware of Ethan getting the blame

No. 1505605


WOWW. I just checked that post and two of the "Terf Dogwhistles" are, I kid you not:

- "Women only spaces: this is a bit of a hard one because there are spaces that should be for women, yes, but terfs usually use this with other dogwhistles."

- 'Science says this!'/Biased study: if a terf brings in studies, they are most likely either going to be read completely wrong by them or be incredibly biased."

No. 1505613

Well, I guess they're like mallard ducks. They have so many babies because nature is inevitably going to take a certain percentage of them before they reach adulthood.

Sorry, my seat in hell just moved closer to the fire for that one

No. 1855421

The Rodrigueses are a fundie/quiverfull family who for a while were in the same social circle as the Duggars but as far as I know they have not gotten any TV specials/series or anything of the sort. The mom Jill is very active on social media and I think has something like 10k followers?

Regarding the children's gaunt appearance I think it is pretty obvious what is going on here: Like many fundamentalist families with too many children they are hard up for cash so meals are scarce or just meagre. But in Jill's case there is an additional, very insidious element with her food issues stemming from previously being very overweight. She sells Plexus and and several times I saw screenshots of her praising her older girls for how "trim" they are.

So in my opinion I think it is a combination of simply not having enough to feed their children adequately, and not really thinking it's a big deal because in Jill's mind thin=good.

No. 1861842

File: 1689033889863.png (365.08 KB, 612x542, Lori.png)

With the current happenings in the fundie community, this thread deserves a necro.
For the uninitiated, here's a quick rundown on some of these families that haven't gotten one yet in the thread.

the transformed wife/Lori Alexander
>Posts really dumb takes on her blog and twitter
>Admits to physically abusing her kids and encourages others, including her own children, to do so as well to theirs
>Says women should stay at home with their kids and take care of the house with no assistance, had a maid and nanny when raising her kids.
>Says women shouldn't go to school or work, went to public school, college, and worked as a teacher. Her daughters work, too.
>Says women should rely on the charity of others if they fall on hard times instead of being able to work, but brags about never donating or tithing while being rich.
>Her husband cheats on her and instead of blaming him and leaving she says that she wasn't submissive enough and tells women to do similar of their husbands cheat
>Has made posts about women burning in hell right after they died so their grieving families could read it.
>Doesn't wash her hands

Derrico Family
>Deon and Karen have a show called "Doubling Down with the Derricos"
>They have 15 biological children from 6 pregnancies, one being a set of quintuplets
>There is an adopted son, Derron, formally named Jasper before the adoption, who no long wants anything to do with the family because they allegedly committed identity fraud against him and ruined his credit
>There was another son, Juan, Derrick mentioned having from another relationship but has never spoken about him since
>Karen was found guilty of welfare fraud in 2018. Karen and Deon were/are not married and Deon claimed she was an unpaid intern at their house that was claimed to be a nursery in order to gain SNAP benefits.
>Deon faced 13 felony counts and one misdemeanor for real estate scam in 2014. He went to trial and was acquitted. His partner in the scam pleaded guilty. He would pay to use someone's deed, or forge the owner's signature, in order to take mortgages out in the owners' names, turn their properties into slumlord rentals until they were foreclosed on, and then when they were put on the market at a reduced price he would buy it. He is proud of this and views it as an investment.

Collins Family
>Karissa met Mandre while going clubbing in a god honoring way.
>Currently have 10 children
>They don't change their kids' diapers and one of the kids, Anthym, has had at least two UTIs that have gone septic. Recently had a picture of Armor with a very full diaper and was very dismissive and "it isn't even that full yet".
>Karissa makes the kids scream prayer at all hours of the day and night. She had them also do this when she was in the hospital for her miscarriage in order to try to bring the fetus back to life.
>When the kids get sick, it is because they have sinned. One of the kids had a sore throat, most likely from scream praying, and was yelled at to confess their sins and what they have been lying about.
>The kids are not ever supervised. They break each other's bones and have almost completely cut off one of the toddler's fingers. That child had/has to have physical therapy after it was reattached.
>Karissa edits images of her kids to have lighter skin, hair, and eyes.
>Karissa homeschools all the children and only spends 15 minutes of lesson time each day for the kids. She does not teach them math because "they learn enough math at the store with me". None of the kids are literate.
>Mandre can have time away from the kids, but Karissa can not. Karissa wanted to cut the grass to get away from the kids for a minute and he said she was abandoning their children.
>Will probably end in one of the family members getting killed or murdered
>Friends of Shaq

Rodrigues Family
>Jill and David have 13 kids and have a traveling ministry and printing business.
>They are currently on the run from West Virginia CPS and hiding in Ohio.
>Jill will point at everything she takes a picture of. This has been dubbed The FingerTM
>The RV they use has a baby cage
>The kids are all anorexically thin.
>Janessa had a stroke in utero causing her to not have a corpus callosum. It is speculated this was caused by the copious amounts of caffeine Jill was consuming in Plexus, the MLM Jill shills
>Timothy, the eldest son, went to Christian pilot school and got engaged to a classmate. Jill did not like that and made him go back to live in their RV. His classmates alleged Jill screams and throws objects at the kids.
>Nurie is the golden child and all the other children, except of Janessa, are not Nuries. She will find any excuse to bring up Nurie when talking about her other girls.
>A redditor who claimed to know the family made allegations that Dave will keep the kids up all night with sermons and Jill will make them write letters about how great of a mom she is as punishment. They will also withhold food from them as a form of punishment.

>Shiny Happy People came out at the beginning of June and all the fundies are bitching about it and blaming gay people.
>Kaylee, after having to take care of her grandmother and younger siblings so Jill could gallivant around, had complications with her pregnancy and has delivered her first son, Gideon, prematurely. Jill has taken it upon herself to shove a camera in Kaylee's face at the hospital.
>David Waller, husband of braindamaged Priscilla who sister to Anna Duggar, is accused by one of the victims in the Shiny Happy People docuseries of helping Bill Gothard take advantage of people.
>Maranatha is allegedly getting a divorce, along with her daughter, Bobye.
>Girl Defined's brother, the eldest Baird child Michael, went on reddit and talked about how their mother was dismissive about the sexual abuse he suffered as a child. She is currently trying to convince him to stop going to a nonchristian therapist who "only wants him to be in a perpetual state of victimhood".
>Timothy is in a courtship and might have an engagement announcement soon
>Renee might have lost her courtship due to Jill not respecting the guy's privacy
>One of Karissa's kids is injured again
>Karissa made a post about "leaving your womb open while raising your children" basically just treat yourself like an incubator.

No. 1861983

Thank you for the write up, when I have a few minutes I'll be going through and posting the receipts from Girl Defined's brother

No. 1862000

it's incredible that none of these women have pulled an Andrea Yates, being basically forced into birthing babies 9 months apart.

No. 1862518

Thank you nona!! Amazing summary on these miserable fucks
I hate lori alexander so much, evil fucker.

No. 1894563

File: 1694113598633.jpg (99.73 KB, 640x1387, 31dldrqm3skb1.jpg)

Reviving with recent Collins news(necro)

No. 1895461

File: 1694254064536.jpeg (192.99 KB, 640x860, 04CE91DD-2A9D-4B5F-AE57-2780C1…)

From Karissa Collins’s Instagram account. Let’s not be the nagging wife ladies, the husband doing bare minimum is already too hard on him!

No. 1895464

File: 1694254148147.jpeg (130.95 KB, 640x485, 7CACFF03-FC4D-49E2-8E27-58EDDD…)

“He can parent and discipline as he likes to”

Did Karissa just admit to letting her husband abuse their children?

No. 1895465

File: 1694254278315.jpeg (85.12 KB, 569x680, 96A768BB-8DD9-4A24-A78F-657193…)


Karissa is only 38 years old. Fundie lifestyle ages you.

No. 1895467

File: 1694254411055.jpeg (180.71 KB, 640x872, 7B87CC4C-A672-4029-9877-1D23B1…)

No. 1895468

File: 1694254552686.jpeg (153.55 KB, 640x710, C7BBA34D-F9C7-4D2E-8773-1E8E97…)

Karissa would rather die as a martyr during childbirth than be a present mom in her TEN kids’ lives

No. 1895480

>complete surrender of our womb
>take and give away as he pleases

Did the more degenerate cow threads rot my brain or does this sound as fetishy to you as it does to me ?

No. 1895483

No, it sounds that way to me too. Slight blog but I was raised in a pretty strict weird Eastern Euro Pentecostal church and I remember ideas like this being spouted and not having a name for what they were. When I discovered like BDSM freaks and even worse paraphilias etc it made sense. It absolutely is a fetish for a lot of these people but they often don’t see it that way lol

No. 1895484

Are these the same retards who refuse cancer treatment because it’s ‘gods will’?

No. 1895521

How does she know good doesn't want her to have children with every man who wants to fuck her? She's preventing a lot of children from being born by only having sex with one man instead of every man.

No. 1895956

Karissa went to lunch after her baby stopping moving completely due to UTI.. then she started scream praying in the ICU when the child was declared septic

No. 1895957

File: 1694344678131.jpeg (121.94 KB, 640x560, 15711B11-DD77-4021-A3CD-8D0165…)

Karissa may have a spinal issue after birthing ten children. Her posture looks so awkward in her reels, does she have scoliosis?

No. 1895959

File: 1694344745861.jpeg (161.84 KB, 640x828, 1EF51569-ADFE-4E26-A9E8-40AC41…)

Absolutely qualified to homeschool ten children.. I wonder if those kids can read or do simple math

No. 1897547

you called this one anon. they were finally caught
13 Children Neglected For 30 Years In A House Of Horrors | The Turpin Family

No. 1897633

File: 1694632672992.png (421 KB, 2020x984, Screenshot 2023-09-13 at 15.15…)

NTA but the Turpins were convicted and sentenced years before anon made that post. I believe those anons were talking about the Rodrigues family and saying it reminded them of the Turpins. Hopefully the Rodrigues parents meet the same fate and the children are better off than the Turpin children in the aftermath, because the Turpin children were pretty fucked https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Turpin_case

No. 1898000

File: 1694690265103.jpeg (104.37 KB, 597x792, C49C0F74-0BDE-4A10-89EF-41162C…)

Motherbus / Americanfamilyroadtrip just announced her 8th pregnancy. For starters the family of 9 lives on a bus. The older 6 kids sleep in bunk beds on the back of the bus while the parents sleep in a bed that lowers from the ceiling in the main room of the bus. It’s uncertain where the youngest one sleeps. They drive all over US but Texas and Florida are the most frequently visited locations. They don’t even share nice scenery like some van lifers do.

No. 1898001

File: 1694690316106.jpeg (111.1 KB, 583x800, B2F7C5A4-9F91-47A8-840D-6516DD…)

Eyefuxking the camera KEK

No. 1898002

File: 1694690349121.jpeg (101 KB, 640x508, 09C51942-A8E0-4F0D-9255-B312F0…)

No. 1898026

File: 1694694443125.jpeg (77.62 KB, 455x633, DF7B13A7-E706-4729-9F7E-34608A…)

Karissa continuing to film with her sick and injured children. Child using crutches has to be in her video.

No. 1898652

File: 1694784082660.jpeg (111.64 KB, 640x763, 4B5316D3-1041-40A1-8730-52D323…)

Her husband cheats on her, karma

No. 1898653

File: 1694784145001.jpeg (101.15 KB, 453x677, 2F419A76-11DB-455B-93F9-09C3D0…)

No. 1898698

Does anyone know where I can read or watch a TLDR on how this woman became this way? I see her brought up frequently in various YT vids but I don’t know much about her actual backstory.

No. 1898717

File: 1694792920304.jpg (1.47 MB, 1290x7012, IMG_5201.jpg)

Some updates on the Plaths:
>Kim and Barry are divorcing. Kim is dating Isaacs (3rd oldest son) flight instructor. It's possible she cheated on Barry with him. Flight instructor had been friends with the family, was at their house for dinner with the entire family including Barry.

>Olivia accused Kim of stealing money from Ethan and participating in a mlm. Moriah and Micah post a statement in their moms defense and cut off contact with Ethan and Olivia.

>Olivia says that since Moriah is out of her life, she finally has time to connect with her sister Lydia Grace. Lydia has a strained relationship with Olivia and compares her to Kim, says Kim and Olivia are a lot alike and that is probably why they don't get along. Lydia Grace and Moriah used to be best friends until Olivia and Ethan got married and Lydia says she felt like Olivia chose Moriah over her.

>Barry is jacked now

No. 1898732

That fundiesnark subreddit had a lot of info on her, her brain tumor, how she basically went to college, had an education and a job and baby trapped her husband so she can stay home and be lazy. She didn’t raise her kids besides hitting them, just had nannies and maids to watch the kids and clean the house. Her hatred of women that work, vote, are independent I think comes from how her husband cheated on her with a woman from work iirc, so in her mind, this wouldn’t have happened if all women stayed home. She also hates that women can divorce and leave abusive husbands when she thinks it’s more godly for women to endure all the abuse and rape. She doesn’t look healthy but idk how long she’ll stay alive since her brain tumor isn’t cancerous

No. 1898777

Thanks nonna, I’ll do more digging there. She’s fascinating in a horrific way.

No. 1898782

Not a TLDR but the motherlode of info about her is here:


Lori's so extremely online the freejinger gals can trace her every move.

How surprising (not) that her "ministry" arose from spite, rather than love for the Lord.

No. 1899093

She could have left her cheating husband and live her life in peace, but she chose to turn a blind eye on the source of her problems aka her cheating husband, and chose to hate other women. I think she hates what her life has become, she hates her choices, she hates herself and she wants other women to suffer out of spite. Christianity was just a tool to spread her internalized misogyny

No. 1899097

File: 1694861970137.jpeg (63.26 KB, 739x415, 5EF8ABCA-9BAA-4861-B746-78B9FE…)


More like men prefer to have extramarital affairs with a colleague kek

This woman is so sad and depressing. I wonder how much the brain tumor contributed to such a sad, spiteful life. In her fantasies husbands stay loyal to submissive broodmares but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Men find truly Biblical women boring and they chase independent women with actual personality and try to change them into a housewife

No. 1899655

File: 1694950535099.jpeg (106.58 KB, 514x573, C0A18392-4F42-4CE9-B89C-ACCC1D…)

When your kids stop visiting kek

No. 1899657

File: 1694950608427.jpeg (190.58 KB, 640x950, 17CB1BEE-BAC0-478B-91E1-BF417A…)

Karissa hired Christ as a midwife
This is a full blown mental illness

No. 1899742

Starving herself at 30 weeks pregnant? Kid doesn't stand a chance.

No. 1899837

Stop wearing glasses. It's God's will whether you can see or not. Stop wearing sunscreen, it's God's will for you to sunburn. Stop riding on airplanes, it's God's will that humans can't fly.

No. 1899838

Sciatica is a common long-term complication from pregnancy.

No. 1900085

this is sad and infuriating. that child will develop serious problems from her utter retardation.

No. 1900222

File: 1695034286223.jpeg (154.34 KB, 640x800, 5260DEC9-912E-4352-94E2-29396B…)

No need to use our brains nonas

No. 1900223

The kids are frequently sick or injured with broken bones

Most of the child rearing is done by her oldest daughter

No. 1900309

Given how often she's given birth already baby will probably be out in one sneeze.
Now I'm all for homebirth but not even having a midwife there is nuts

No. 1900410

this baby (Anthym) is two now — the one who was hospitalized with sepsis from sitting in dirty diapers

No. 1901225

Karissa leaves the decision making, cooking, cleaning and homeschooling to Sky Father and his 13 year old assistant Anissa. You don’t have to worry about your responsibilities as an adult when you dump them on your eldest daughter I guess

No. 1901228

File: 1695210374004.jpeg (160.87 KB, 640x1136, 9DACB022-DFE3-47A3-B43F-3F1EDB…)

She posts exploitative photos of her kids in bikinis, again. Many people have been reminding her the dangers of predators and pedophiles lurking online yet she ignores these warnings.. this reel was particularly off putting as she deliberately highlighted the child’s revealing outfit.

No. 1901229

File: 1695210624215.jpeg (52.1 KB, 401x489, CBBFEA27-564F-4405-BDFE-573F75…)

Karissa singing to infertile women at an event. If you trust God with your wombs you might have a God honoring uterine rupture someday nonnas!

No. 1901328

File: 1695224466448.jpeg (727.58 KB, 902x1286, IMG_3569.jpeg)

Is this image sincere or satire? I have not laughed this hard in a while

No. 1901430

I love how specific it is

No. 1902275

Yes it’s from her website. The biblical message written in halloween font is boomer tier kek

No. 1902277

File: 1695378244780.jpeg (196.65 KB, 640x808, 8EC7EFA9-3B05-4EE7-BDD8-887275…)

More gold from Karissa.

Who cares if you parentify your oldest kids and your homeschooling doesn’t meet basic standards. Who cares if your body is giving a bunch of signals about back to back pregnancies not being healthy but you can’t stop talking to sky dad and sky son.

No. 1902278

File: 1695378382736.jpeg (18.83 KB, 668x459, 55F93E42-C4FB-473B-8085-2103D2…)

“My children prefer sharing”

Is it because you haven’t given them any other option and they’re not allowed to socialize with children from other backgrounds?

No. 1902281

This is like ironic poetry. She clearly cares so much and wants to kill herself

No. 1902284

Kek, they're like animals shitting out a whole bunch of cubs every year and 25% of each litter becoming roadkill.

No. 1902292


Imagine giving birth to a dozen of kids and then blaming your parentified child for what’s supposed to be your own responsibility!

No. 1902301

They are so blonde Varg has second thoughts about the churches he has burned down

No. 1902338

The son on the far left has brown eyebrows, does he really bleach his hair? Gay lol(learn to sage)

No. 1902867

Plath kids are surprisingly well adjusted and self aware for a fundie family. Their narc mom’s plan to fame backfired on her when their show was met with heavy criticism because of how much she isolated her children and her creepy ideas about a harmonious family

No. 1902868

File: 1695473879946.jpeg (115.47 KB, 640x937, 971269C5-843B-495F-9C2C-3581B7…)

She asks the kid to ask god about the baby’s gender. Kid replies, mom isn’t convinced he actually “asked god”. The kids hesitates and pretends to ask god as he is coerced by his mom. Fundies just teach their kids to not think for themselves and convince boys every idea that appears on their mind is God’s word. This is child abuse.

No. 1903027

Sun-bleaching is genetic, so it could be natural that the whole lot of them have darker roots and/or brows but only the boys and youngest kids have white-blonde hair because they probably spend more time outdoors.

No. 1903986

lets not do mental gymnastics for the TV family, much more likely they just bleach their hair.

No. 1904495

File: 1695733066587.jpeg (161.18 KB, 640x852, B80A1F6C-FC35-45A3-8396-6F1165…)

I wish she stopped after the second paragraph so we would just laugh at Karissa “not being like the other girls.” This is beyond disgusting. It is so disturbing to read her post about her underage children’s fertility and her writing about their reproductive organs.
Karissa is so obsessed with her uterus aka “womb” that she doesn’t understand how awkward it is.
I know she doesn’t care about protecting her kids from predators online but talking about their fertility is taking it to a whole next level.

No. 1904496

File: 1695733211823.jpeg (146.76 KB, 640x812, ADC1F3F7-46B3-40E3-B076-6F48FE…)

It’s like a confession and a proof of her internalized misogyny. And how she sees other women as “emotional and dramatic”.

No. 1904498

“I see my seven daughters and I see seven wombs” I can only wish the absolute fucking worst to this creature

No. 1904500

This is definitely one of the weirdest things I've read in a while. I don't understand how having boys would less work either unless she planned on emotionally neglecting them and ignoring what to they do to other people in favor of "boys will be boys".

No. 1904672

Sad to see how far down "besties" and "empathetically emotionally healthy" are on this list behind being wombs, servants, and belonging to a patriarch.

Retard bitch setting her little girls up to be eaten by sharks.

No. 1904720

File: 1695758944937.png (32.74 KB, 630x277, Screenshot 2023-09-26 at 4.08.…)

She also has 3 boys, she just decided to single out her daughters in that post. Also: they all have the dumbest names ever in history.

No. 1904778

Half of them are just nouns of objects. Ansyr??? Like answer? Did she name her child by mistake that when she meant picking up her phone?

No. 1904846

i thought anchor was bad but then
what in the mckaiyleygh hell

No. 1904847

These names alone should be considered child abuse lmfao

No. 1904908

>seven financial burdens
Implying that it's free to care for male children? Do you just leave the boys in a field to be raised by wolves? Also like. Women can still earn money, even in fundie cults.

>seven hormonal time bombs

Because men don't have hormones or go through puberty. As we all know, they come out of the womb as fully formed, miniature adults.

>seven wombs to give to the Lord

This makes it sound like she's planning to use them as human sacrifices.

>seven empathetic emotionally healthy girls

I like that this implies that men are empathetic and emotionally retarded. Kinda true tbh, I'd have seven daughters over one son any day.

>seven future besties

Yeah. Maybe like. Two future besties, and the rest only call you when they need money or someone to babysit their own kids.

No. 1904911

Love how some of these names would be retarded even if they were spelled correctly. Homegirl literally named one kid "answer" jfc. There are a bajillion Jesus-y "A" names and she still went out of her way to pick weird trailer trash shit.

No. 1905732

File: 1695906849172.jpeg (49.52 KB, 640x228, B52612FF-F2E3-460F-8DD5-FA92AB…)

Karissa thinks every idea that pops up in her mind is God’s word

No. 1905734

File: 1695906949112.jpeg (100.5 KB, 640x976, 10A7F178-6335-4EBF-999F-29FF65…)

It’s almost like purity culture is bad for you

No. 1905761

I wish she would just break free. I always feel like she’s a step away from getting it. Maybe in 5-10 more years.

No. 1905808

File: 1695916670561.png (136.6 KB, 751x805, Screenshot 2023-09-28 115458.p…)

Bell family on instagram are sending their son to a fundie college, people in the comments are calling out this shit. Feel bad for the kids, with this many there's no chance they get a good education.
link: https://www.instagram.com/reel/CwnNDuSAhCQ/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link&igshid=MzRlODBiNWFlZA==

No. 1905814

holy shit my mom went there. she dropped out because it was so deranged. they have RAs that inspect your room and take points off if your bed isn't made like you're a little kid. you also have points taken off for stepping on the grass. they also did not allow interracial dating until they were required to by law and even now all relationships must be approved by the school. women aren't allowed to leave campus alone.

No. 1905829

An innocent enough question but not something that would penetrate the fundie /quiverfull brain

No. 1905929

File: 1695931973694.jpg (184.42 KB, 1076x579, karissa and maundrae.jpg)

Karissa Collins was always one of the more interesting fundies to me, because she has a black husband. Not that there's anything inherently wrong with that, but most other fundies have a "white nationalist" bent to them. So it just seems really out of left field. Especially since her husband doesn't seem to care about the daughters, only the sons (typical, for a religious scrote) so them having 7 girls is a real travesty. Also: Karissa is that type of racist who sees her husband as "one of the good blacks", but doesn't seem to understand aspects of blackness and black identity (idk how better to describe it. One example, she doesn't know how to style her daughters's curly hair and just leaves them looking frizzy and matted) so their kids will grow up either extremely self-hating or lacking an identity. Again, a travesty.

What a trainwreck, honestly. Also, are there no black women fundies? I know of a few more black male fundies but they are all married to white women.

No. 1905934

File: 1695932564963.png (641.82 KB, 828x5697, bhr3gpqzpu071.png)

Also, gigakek at "I always had a love for hip hop music and dark skin" and the fact that they had their first date in a Walmart.

No. 1905937

There are a ton of black female fundies/tradthots actually. They’re mostly like Candace Owens aka as whitewashed as possible. It’s pretty sad because they constantly throw other black women under the bus for being too ghetto, loud, opinionated etc.

No. 1905961

>What a trainwreck, honestly. Also, are there no black women fundies?
tons of them, they are only discussed on LSA forums though and not much else and they are essentialy white fundies but black, they aren't usually white-washed like Candence owners(she's a neo-co)

No. 1906126

>black women fundies
Voddie Baucham’s daughters are serious lolcows

No. 1906873

Nah the fundie money is too good to give up nonna

No. 1906874

I didn’t know he only cared about the sons. That’s just so sad because they have seven daughters. When does he insinuate he doesn’t care for the daughters? Karissa’s post about her daughters alludes to the fact that she has deeply rooted internalized misogyny and I don’t know how much she can truly love her daughters

No. 1907126

>she doesn't know how to style her daughters's curly hair and just leaves them looking frizzy and matted
In the age of Google, there's no excuse for this.

No. 1907254

File: 1696154291765.jpeg (129.9 KB, 640x893, 8F710F49-9D53-4296-9432-A430C2…)

Totally not regretting having so many kids

No. 1908327

Are you kidding? She's too dumb to critically think about her fundie beliefs, and she's too immersed in the culture to ever consider stepping out of it. She spent 10 years of her adult life sitting around waiting for her father to pick some dude to fuck her, had a bunch of dry pussy orgasmless sex resulting her her moidspawn ripping her up, finally got a daughter to groom into being a dumb bangmaid like her and her barren sister, and now has to spend all her time grifting to other unaccomplished Christian bangmaids to make ends meet. Her moid is more introspective than her, which granted isn't hard to do, but it really says something about how lacking in intellectual curiosity she is. I do kinda get a kick out of how obviously she hates her moidspawn though kek, theirs is the only fundie family that treats the daughter better than the son

No. 1911966

File: 1697028044392.jpeg (223.34 KB, 640x862, A0622377-1F77-45C5-BFA3-B6954A…)

Karissa loves her daddy.. I mean her God

No. 1911967

File: 1697028216261.jpeg (186.33 KB, 640x856, 1217A4C1-81E5-47A9-A5A2-590347…)

Are we surprised Karissa, someone with lots of internalized misogyny has started to play favorites and compare her children to each other?

No. 1911975

really disgusting language anon

No. 1912030

nta but you should try growing a fucking backbone before posting on this site lmao

No. 1915034

File: 1697546157868.jpeg (166.1 KB, 640x879, E6952979-113A-4C54-BD29-4E48BE…)

Making sure her daughters grow up with zero self esteem

No. 1915035

You kind of do post like a moid anon

No. 1915045

Nah it was moidy

No. 1921566

Moids, famous for disliking male children and valuing girls over them. Did you think this through before posting?

No. 1985403

File: 1713096455413.jpeg (386.63 KB, 1290x2060, IMG_4007.jpeg)

Motherbus is drooling over her “handsome husband” and alluding to their seggs life. Aren’t fundies supposed to act modest?(learn2integrate/sage your shit)

No. 1985404

I always find her facial expressions uncanny idk how to explain

No. 1985415

Most fundie girls’ parents pick gay, femme, obviously soft-eyed looking men for their daughters to marry on purpose. It’s their strategy: marry naturally soft cuckish pretty faggots for your headship, and you are less likely to get abused or bullied. They know submitting to a fuckin red pill man or demented egoistic patriarch ain’t no walk in the park, so that’s why fundie girls love their conversion camps and marrying closeted men with soft eyes. Eg. Kaitlin Bennett’s husband, Abby Shapiro’s husband. They don’t have the “hard eyed” look(sage your shit)

No. 1985416

>aren't they supposed to be modest?
Yes but surprisingly no. Modern tradwives are obsessed with advertising how they're always available for sex, talking about how much they value traditional roles for women in marriage that include never rejecting your husbands sexual advances, and the likes of that. It's always going to be bragging rights to women like this because it looks better in those circles to claim you love pleasing your husband to deflect the "wives had to pop valium to cope with their husbands" allegations

No. 1989811

Choosing Biblical Womanhood over Modern Feminism - A discussion(not milk/please sage)

No. 1989824

I though they’re a lesbian couple in the thumbnail.

No. 1989896

Which of you want to be my biblical lesbian wife

No. 1989999

Angela Ucci, Christian who says she got saved out of the New Age. Her friend Alyssa was the one who kept praying for her to see those practices were wrong. Her testimony is very dramatic and great. She seems to be truthful for the most part except on her celebrating Christmas logic which is not the same as her no yoga or halloween logic, she says she belongs to no denomination of Christianity but she is in the true church still, and does follow significant Manosphere red pill Christians, false preachers like deliverance’s Isaiah Saldivar.(sage your shit)

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