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Hellweek begins Sunday, April 5th

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No. 763213

If you don't have the material, time, or experience to make a new thread about a subject you want to discuss, use this thread to see if other farmers are interested in making and joining one.

Previous threads

No. 763375

I keep seeing interest in a Marilyn Manson thread, since his rapey, drunken assholery is spread across several threads already. I'd make it myself, but I only know vague things like he's a hxc drunken manbaby, his GF is creepy and he's a rapist.

No. 763425

I am really interested in a Racist Uncle thread. She seems so milky, from the art salt thread

No. 763455

A friend of mine actually got some meet and greet passes and the asshole didn't wanted to take a pic with her because "you look like an Indian, leave" then he told something to his body guard and they escorted her out mind you she had actually payed a bunch of money to get that meet and greet only for this fuck ass to not want to take a pic with her just because of how she looks. This isn't the first time he does shit like this, the guy is a bit of a racist piece of shit. This guy is a total cow and deserves his own thread not to mention all the shit he made dita go through, seriously she was in love with him and only for him to cheat on her with some whatever bitch many people say it was Evan Rachel wood but nah there was another one before Evan some stripper he met at his tour and he slept around with her. Seriously the guy is a living piece of trash

No. 763470

Hey anons, I’ll try to make a thread when I get home tonight. This will be my first time making a legit cow thread so it’ll be fun,

No. 763491

Dedicated Manson thread now up at >>524620

No. 763521


This goes to a random momokun thread

No. 763590

Marilyn Mamokun

No. 763622

How could you get my hopes up like that, that's mean anon.

No. 763642

No. 763656

i love this illustration, thank you anon.

No. 763698

Sorry, first time doing this and I posted the link incorrectly…. the other anon has formatted it correctly.

No. 763726

Someone really needs to make a thread for Racist Uncle in /snow/. She's basically the worst things about all the other art cows combined

No. 764369

Am I blind or is there no Trish Paytas thread? She seems milky, but I guess she would also THRIVE at having attention here

No. 764371

She's mostly a troll, I wish she would end the vlog squad

No. 764374


She has a thread in /snow.

No. 764387

Part of me wishes invadernoodles had an active thread, but she might actually mentally snap.

No. 764568

We desperately need a Ro Elori Cutno thread. Basically she's a misogynistic scammer who turned her MLM into a cult and claims to have predicted many crises, including the current coronavirus.

(She's also really racist and anti-Semitic but rules say no race-baiting so please stick to her cult antics.) Deets here: https://www.facebook.com/roeloricutno

No. 764590


Google image search, didn't draw it myself.

No. 764645

Anisa released her onlyfans to raise money for her dying father and idubbbz has become the joke of the commentary community. Notable youtubers like Atozy, Keemstar, and Scarce are covering the story.

Anisa is also pulling an Alinity and copystrike/DMCA-ing content she doesn’t like.

Is this enough to restart the thread or nah

No. 764726

For the last time, take it to twitchthot general in /snow/.

No. 765067

lovelypeaches exposed her vag to a minor for the third time now

No. 765095

I feel like Oli London should have a thread

No. 765257

Is Zone considered a lolcow? She frequently does really cringy stuff

No. 765308

Zone? Like the hentai girl? I thought that was just some character, is there an actual person behind it?

No. 765472

File: 1585072754285.png (3.28 MB, 750x1334, 8D08581A-9C01-4861-8500-813ED1…)

Can some kind farmer point me in the direction of a TikTok thots thread? Surely there’s something out there about strawberry.hayes, lilelizaj etc? And if not, can we make one?

No. 765482

I'd be super interested in a thread if someone were to make one!

No. 765514

christ i thought that was holly homewrecker for a sec

No. 765523

File: 1585100371974.jpeg (516.27 KB, 750x1204, 33AD6EDB-B528-40B2-AC02-CA69E9…)

She and her orbiters are pretty milky.

No. 765524

Can someone link it bc I can’t find it

No. 765525

Also can we make a Dayton hypernova thread and a Amy’s life journey thread?

No. 765674

I follow Amy's bullshit, I'd be into a thread

No. 765895

Is anyone gonna make a new momokun thread or has the milk dried up for now?
I'd make one myself but I'm shit at it.

No. 765935

File: 1585340389871.png (16.96 KB, 612x130, 4ZGK4wH.png)

She has a pull thread.
For those who don't know invadernoodles is insane southern US white trash hypocrite pickme who obsesses over herself.

We need a new Holly Brown thread too.

No. 766246

We need a new Venus Angelic thread in w, new Kelly Eden thread, and I think Pixie and Costhots are close to the limit.

Also thread request for one on snow for Mykie or Mykie and Anthony, since they are becoming very milky of late. Currently documented in the Beautubers thread on snow.

No. 767185

Now seems like a pretty good time to possibly start up a CallMeCarson/Misfits thread? I can't tell how long this milk will last but it's pretty damn big.

No. 767200

Can we get a new costhot thread?

No. 767446

what's there even to say about kelly and venus?

No. 767624

FYI LJ-thread Anon, there is only a few posts left & I know you said you had thread prepared. Please post before thread closes.

No. 767693

File: 1586100067146.jpeg (681.03 KB, 750x1113, 65AD9E0B-7D44-4015-A9EC-D34C26…)

Does anyone know washed up art thot/model Alexandra Marzella/Artwerk6666? She had a moment back In the Obama era, was milky back in then, stopped being milky, and now is gearing up to be milky again. She’s a 30 y/o failed model from an ultra wealthy family who LARPS being poor sjw and is just general delusional and selfish

>got a nose job at 16, father in a banker, has never worked a day in her life

>was in sexual relationship with a 19 y/o at age of 29, accused him of rape because they had unprotected sex and he came inside of her with warning her beforehand, harassed his family to the point of having her Instagram disabled and a lawyer was involved
>Got knocked up by some other 19 y/o loser, has no job, no career (torpedoed her own small model career) no work experience, is ebegging for diapers and shit when both her parents are extremely wealthy
>Is obsessed with social justice and uses black/brown/trans people as human accessories, will probably do the same with her child

The thing that pissed me off the most is that she wants to host a birthing party in New York in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic. Not only is she selfishly creating a situation for transmission, she is putting the midwife and doula is danger for no good reason and also her own unborn baby because she could get really sick and won’t be able to care for it. Unreal.

No. 767819

omg i feel like she was mentioned in one of these request threads before but i would love a thread on her, i've been catching bits & pieces of milk about her for years just following random nightlife people in ny that used to have huge presences on tumblr. it's like everyone has an anecdote about her being insufferable, the only issue is that so much of the best stuff is pretty old at this point & so much of it has probably been deleted, or it's all on private fb and twitter accounts. i almost wish that there wasnt a red scare/"leftthot" thread thats 99% focused on anna & dasha bc stuff about them, her, & so many others could be consolidated into a general "NYC 'dimes square', china chalet post-tumblr art world adjacent people" thread lol

No. 767820


A lot of evidence of her harassing her 19 y/o ex is still visible on Facebook public posts

I bring it her up because once she has this kid she will 100% go back to being extremely milky and the e-begging has already started, classic early sign of cow syndrome onset

No. 767824

>i almost wish that there wasnt a red scare/"leftthot" thread thats 99% focused on anna & dasha bc stuff about them, her, & so many others could be consolidated into a general "NYC 'dimes square', china chalet post-tumblr art world adjacent people" thread lol
We so need this. Anon you should remake the thread like that when it hits bump limit.

No. 767847

Is anyone familiar with Lovely Peaches? I saw that she recently exposed her genitals to an underage girl on Instagram live after showing up at that girl's house randomly in the middle of the night. She really seems troubled and kind of unhinged, and it's crazy how there are people who support her antics. She's doxxed people, eaten her own feces on camera, etc.

She also kept posting publicly about wanting to kill her baby a while back. It turned out that she had just been pretending to still have custody of her child, too.

No. 767891

File: 1586214316317.jpg (624.06 KB, 1079x1980, 20200406_185920.jpg)

is there gonna be another costhot general? the other ones locked and i don't have the knowledge to make a new one myself, but there's a bit of milk in which bunny ayumi just tried shilling a gambling site, and got a ton of replies calling her out and is now trying to pretend like it never existed.

No. 767910

Finally someone said it. Her and swimsuit have been weird these past two years.

No. 767917

yeah she and susu may have had some decent things to say during the height of the moomoo shit, they've had their own share of milk, from their supposedly staged relationship, to outwardly stating their love for shota. they've been known to post and lurk but they've become cows themselves imo

No. 767923

I would love to see a thread on someone like this with actual milk. eating shit is as low as a human can get.

No. 767925

File: 1586239176322.jpeg (67.12 KB, 640x640, E8C01666-2ADC-43B4-ACA5-AB4665…)

Seconding Lovely Peaches thread. She is always up to some loony ass nonsense.

No. 767926

File: 1586239330414.jpeg (329.87 KB, 1242x1849, 875AF5C5-4795-4A5B-AD76-853E5B…)

Also screenshot of her saying she wants to drown her baby

No. 767928


Im convinced that peaches is some illuminati social experiment with how far people can love someone so disgusting and actually horrid that stars like nicki minaj could sponsor one day to make degenerates out of this generation. She has been building up her main account for a year now after she exploded her popularity thanks to delinquent meme instagram accounts. Does anyone have screenshots that really show Nicki Minaj was following peaches account at some point? She has had some good milky highlights by burglarizing and trying to eat her dog or whatever I guess but otherwise shes a horrorcow.

No. 767930

File: 1586240384040.png (Spoiler Image, 399.75 KB, 750x1334, F79ED34D-95A1-48B7-9F7C-521D67…)

I would love to see a lovelypeaches/Brittany Johnson thread.

-Ate her feces, piss and menstrual blood
-performed multiple times bestiality with a dog/puppy (it's on twitter)
-has seks on live, even before she was 18
-got a kid 2 years ago, but she currently doesn't have the kid. It supposedly lived with her dad all this time
-she said she was gonna pimp out her kid or murder her (even though she never had her)
-has crazy antics in store all for shock value
-has severe mental disorders, untreated
-began running away from home after her mother died in I believe 2013 (Cora Johnson)
-she recently showed herself to minors including malu trevejo and skai Jackson on a live stream on twitter
-she broke into malu's house and stole a shirt of her
-i also believe she broke into skai Jacksons house, but I am not sure
-she has a song burning and itching and went viral on tiktok
-her fans are crazy, I don't know why she even has fans. She also got verified by Instagram multiple times
-has a weird obsession with charmed

I am not following her, because it's horrible. But if someone follows her, make sure to screen shot. She has a tendency of posting something and then deleting it after a few minutes or hours and replace a charmed picture.

I can't make thread, but here is the best summary I can give you of the events. A lot of it has been documented in the pull thread. https://prettyuglylittleliar.net/topic/3825-stop-peaches/?page=1

And this is the twitter link https://twitter.com/oghoneymoonave/status/1012371438987304962?s=19

Primink also has a video on her.


Music (verified)

Back up (private)

No. 767937

File: 1586247185721.png (371.94 KB, 601x886, Screenshot_1.png)


Susu shilled the same site. Her video was strange and forced and she ignored all the people calling her out. They both deserve their own thread at this point with their amount of money grubbing and meitu abuse.

No. 767946

File: 1586247917914.jpeg (75.58 KB, 1024x1000, A4E61598-B7D7-4BA0-B281-A55192…)

All this seems like a pretty decent thread starter tbh. We need an organized place to observe this creature.

No. 767951

File: 1586248609644.jpeg (140.66 KB, 728x1024, 9DDF7C7B-A82C-4632-84AE-11DFD4…)

There’s so many insane posts from her. every time I think I’ve seen the worst of it there’s more.

No. 767957


SuSu Quit sexwork so it would be about her streaming now? Idk how much milk that'd provide

No. 767959

File: 1586254928838.jpeg (303.06 KB, 750x741, CF4736E9-C9A2-4F5C-A119-1D3366…)

I don’t know if it warrants a whole thread but it’s worth discussing

No. 767962

Did anyone catch the Fedmyster (https://www.twitch.tv/fedmyster) & egirl.gg drama?

It started out with Fed hiring a girl on egirl.gg named Yuna (https://www.egirl.gg/detail/7120).
She acts like she's a Grandmaster Jungle main and carried all games she played with Fed. The following days they played together more and more and Fed kept hiring her. His twitch chat kept donating and shipping them together. She 'confessed' feelings at some point and they kept flirting a bit.

Today Fed gets a DM on twitter telling him Yuna was not the one playing and that she's just doing it for the clout. Her ex-bf turns out to have played with them all this time while they shared the money. Proof: https://imgur.com/a/riJinBK

She was honest about it and told Fed, also refunded all the money he gave her through the site (around $500).

Right now Fed is milking the whole drama and streaming on his second account with donations turned off, obviously getting tons of donations

Also, this is her talking to her ex that was actually playing. Looks like she's been chasing clout all along: https://streamable.com/csdpz6

No. 767964


She needs to be put in an SCP containment facility

No. 767986

Bunny didn't so we'd still have that, plus they're both selling the same shady gfuel shit and one look through Susu's twitter at this "weird yandere girl" shit she's trying desperately to pull off now, they're both worthy of cow status.

No. 767995

File: 1586277356376.jpeg (54.28 KB, 640x291, 3E3C7795-3A36-4797-90C5-3A7052…)

No. 768082

Remade the costhot thread: >>>/w/88208
Sorry it's kinda shitty but I made it while distracted.

No. 768110

she never addresses the boyfriend rumor tho lmao

No. 768146

Anyone interested on a Maria the witch thread? Mostly known as the "ok liberal" girl who did a video response to the "ok boomer" girl. She is also necrophiliac.

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