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No. 763213

If you don't have the material, time, or experience to make a new thread about a subject you want to discuss, use this thread to see if other farmers are interested in making and joining one.

Previous threads

No. 763375

I keep seeing interest in a Marilyn Manson thread, since his rapey, drunken assholery is spread across several threads already. I'd make it myself, but I only know vague things like he's a hxc drunken manbaby, his GF is creepy and he's a rapist.

No. 763425

I am really interested in a Racist Uncle thread. She seems so milky, from the art salt thread

No. 763455

A friend of mine actually got some meet and greet passes and the asshole didn't wanted to take a pic with her because "you look like an Indian, leave" then he told something to his body guard and they escorted her out mind you she had actually payed a bunch of money to get that meet and greet only for this fuck ass to not want to take a pic with her just because of how she looks. This isn't the first time he does shit like this, the guy is a bit of a racist piece of shit. This guy is a total cow and deserves his own thread not to mention all the shit he made dita go through, seriously she was in love with him and only for him to cheat on her with some whatever bitch many people say it was Evan Rachel wood but nah there was another one before Evan some stripper he met at his tour and he slept around with her. Seriously the guy is a living piece of trash

No. 763470

Hey anons, I’ll try to make a thread when I get home tonight. This will be my first time making a legit cow thread so it’ll be fun,

No. 763491

Dedicated Manson thread now up at >>524620

No. 763521


This goes to a random momokun thread

No. 763590

Marilyn Mamokun

No. 763622

How could you get my hopes up like that, that's mean anon.

No. 763642

No. 763656

i love this illustration, thank you anon.

No. 763698

Sorry, first time doing this and I posted the link incorrectly…. the other anon has formatted it correctly.

No. 763726

Someone really needs to make a thread for Racist Uncle in /snow/. She's basically the worst things about all the other art cows combined

No. 764369

Am I blind or is there no Trish Paytas thread? She seems milky, but I guess she would also THRIVE at having attention here

No. 764371

She's mostly a troll, I wish she would end the vlog squad

No. 764374


She has a thread in /snow.

No. 764387

Part of me wishes invadernoodles had an active thread, but she might actually mentally snap.

No. 764568

We desperately need a Ro Elori Cutno thread. Basically she's a misogynistic scammer who turned her MLM into a cult and claims to have predicted many crises, including the current coronavirus.

(She's also really racist and anti-Semitic but rules say no race-baiting so please stick to her cult antics.) Deets here: https://www.facebook.com/roeloricutno

No. 764590


Google image search, didn't draw it myself.

No. 764645

Anisa released her onlyfans to raise money for her dying father and idubbbz has become the joke of the commentary community. Notable youtubers like Atozy, Keemstar, and Scarce are covering the story.

Anisa is also pulling an Alinity and copystrike/DMCA-ing content she doesn’t like.

Is this enough to restart the thread or nah

No. 764726

For the last time, take it to twitchthot general in /snow/.

No. 765067

lovelypeaches exposed her vag to a minor for the third time now

No. 765095

I feel like Oli London should have a thread

No. 765257

Is Zone considered a lolcow? She frequently does really cringy stuff

No. 765308

Zone? Like the hentai girl? I thought that was just some character, is there an actual person behind it?

No. 765472

File: 1585072754285.png (3.28 MB, 750x1334, 8D08581A-9C01-4861-8500-813ED1…)

Can some kind farmer point me in the direction of a TikTok thots thread? Surely there’s something out there about strawberry.hayes, lilelizaj etc? And if not, can we make one?

No. 765482

I'd be super interested in a thread if someone were to make one!

No. 765514

christ i thought that was holly homewrecker for a sec

No. 765523

File: 1585100371974.jpeg (516.27 KB, 750x1204, 33AD6EDB-B528-40B2-AC02-CA69E9…)

She and her orbiters are pretty milky.

No. 765524

Can someone link it bc I can’t find it

No. 765525

Also can we make a Dayton hypernova thread and a Amy’s life journey thread?

No. 765674

I follow Amy's bullshit, I'd be into a thread

No. 765895

Is anyone gonna make a new momokun thread or has the milk dried up for now?
I'd make one myself but I'm shit at it.

No. 765935

File: 1585340389871.png (16.96 KB, 612x130, 4ZGK4wH.png)

She has a pull thread.
For those who don't know invadernoodles is insane southern US white trash hypocrite pickme who obsesses over herself.

We need a new Holly Brown thread too.

No. 766246

We need a new Venus Angelic thread in w, new Kelly Eden thread, and I think Pixie and Costhots are close to the limit.

Also thread request for one on snow for Mykie or Mykie and Anthony, since they are becoming very milky of late. Currently documented in the Beautubers thread on snow.

No. 767185

Now seems like a pretty good time to possibly start up a CallMeCarson/Misfits thread? I can't tell how long this milk will last but it's pretty damn big.

No. 767200

Can we get a new costhot thread?

No. 767446

what's there even to say about kelly and venus?

No. 767624

FYI LJ-thread Anon, there is only a few posts left & I know you said you had thread prepared. Please post before thread closes.

No. 767693

File: 1586100067146.jpeg (681.03 KB, 750x1113, 65AD9E0B-7D44-4015-A9EC-D34C26…)

Does anyone know washed up art thot/model Alexandra Marzella/Artwerk6666? She had a moment back In the Obama era, was milky back in then, stopped being milky, and now is gearing up to be milky again. She’s a 30 y/o failed model from an ultra wealthy family who LARPS being poor sjw and is just general delusional and selfish

>got a nose job at 16, father in a banker, has never worked a day in her life

>was in sexual relationship with a 19 y/o at age of 29, accused him of rape because they had unprotected sex and he came inside of her with warning her beforehand, harassed his family to the point of having her Instagram disabled and a lawyer was involved
>Got knocked up by some other 19 y/o loser, has no job, no career (torpedoed her own small model career) no work experience, is ebegging for diapers and shit when both her parents are extremely wealthy
>Is obsessed with social justice and uses black/brown/trans people as human accessories, will probably do the same with her child

The thing that pissed me off the most is that she wants to host a birthing party in New York in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic. Not only is she selfishly creating a situation for transmission, she is putting the midwife and doula is danger for no good reason and also her own unborn baby because she could get really sick and won’t be able to care for it. Unreal.

No. 767819

omg i feel like she was mentioned in one of these request threads before but i would love a thread on her, i've been catching bits & pieces of milk about her for years just following random nightlife people in ny that used to have huge presences on tumblr. it's like everyone has an anecdote about her being insufferable, the only issue is that so much of the best stuff is pretty old at this point & so much of it has probably been deleted, or it's all on private fb and twitter accounts. i almost wish that there wasnt a red scare/"leftthot" thread thats 99% focused on anna & dasha bc stuff about them, her, & so many others could be consolidated into a general "NYC 'dimes square', china chalet post-tumblr art world adjacent people" thread lol

No. 767820


A lot of evidence of her harassing her 19 y/o ex is still visible on Facebook public posts

I bring it her up because once she has this kid she will 100% go back to being extremely milky and the e-begging has already started, classic early sign of cow syndrome onset

No. 767824

>i almost wish that there wasnt a red scare/"leftthot" thread thats 99% focused on anna & dasha bc stuff about them, her, & so many others could be consolidated into a general "NYC 'dimes square', china chalet post-tumblr art world adjacent people" thread lol
We so need this. Anon you should remake the thread like that when it hits bump limit.

No. 767847

Is anyone familiar with Lovely Peaches? I saw that she recently exposed her genitals to an underage girl on Instagram live after showing up at that girl's house randomly in the middle of the night. She really seems troubled and kind of unhinged, and it's crazy how there are people who support her antics. She's doxxed people, eaten her own feces on camera, etc.

She also kept posting publicly about wanting to kill her baby a while back. It turned out that she had just been pretending to still have custody of her child, too.

No. 767891

File: 1586214316317.jpg (624.06 KB, 1079x1980, 20200406_185920.jpg)

is there gonna be another costhot general? the other ones locked and i don't have the knowledge to make a new one myself, but there's a bit of milk in which bunny ayumi just tried shilling a gambling site, and got a ton of replies calling her out and is now trying to pretend like it never existed.

No. 767910

Finally someone said it. Her and swimsuit have been weird these past two years.

No. 767917

yeah she and susu may have had some decent things to say during the height of the moomoo shit, they've had their own share of milk, from their supposedly staged relationship, to outwardly stating their love for shota. they've been known to post and lurk but they've become cows themselves imo

No. 767923

I would love to see a thread on someone like this with actual milk. eating shit is as low as a human can get.

No. 767925

File: 1586239176322.jpeg (67.12 KB, 640x640, E8C01666-2ADC-43B4-ACA5-AB4665…)

Seconding Lovely Peaches thread. She is always up to some loony ass nonsense.

No. 767926

File: 1586239330414.jpeg (329.87 KB, 1242x1849, 875AF5C5-4795-4A5B-AD76-853E5B…)

Also screenshot of her saying she wants to drown her baby

No. 767928


Im convinced that peaches is some illuminati social experiment with how far people can love someone so disgusting and actually horrid that stars like nicki minaj could sponsor one day to make degenerates out of this generation. She has been building up her main account for a year now after she exploded her popularity thanks to delinquent meme instagram accounts. Does anyone have screenshots that really show Nicki Minaj was following peaches account at some point? She has had some good milky highlights by burglarizing and trying to eat her dog or whatever I guess but otherwise shes a horrorcow.

No. 767930

File: 1586240384040.png (Spoiler Image, 399.75 KB, 750x1334, F79ED34D-95A1-48B7-9F7C-521D67…)

I would love to see a lovelypeaches/Brittany Johnson thread.

-Ate her feces, piss and menstrual blood
-performed multiple times bestiality with a dog/puppy (it's on twitter)
-has seks on live, even before she was 18
-got a kid 2 years ago, but she currently doesn't have the kid. It supposedly lived with her dad all this time
-she said she was gonna pimp out her kid or murder her (even though she never had her)
-has crazy antics in store all for shock value
-has severe mental disorders, untreated
-began running away from home after her mother died in I believe 2013 (Cora Johnson)
-she recently showed herself to minors including malu trevejo and skai Jackson on a live stream on twitter
-she broke into malu's house and stole a shirt of her
-i also believe she broke into skai Jacksons house, but I am not sure
-she has a song burning and itching and went viral on tiktok
-her fans are crazy, I don't know why she even has fans. She also got verified by Instagram multiple times
-has a weird obsession with charmed

I am not following her, because it's horrible. But if someone follows her, make sure to screen shot. She has a tendency of posting something and then deleting it after a few minutes or hours and replace a charmed picture.

I can't make thread, but here is the best summary I can give you of the events. A lot of it has been documented in the pull thread. https://prettyuglylittleliar.net/topic/3825-stop-peaches/?page=1

And this is the twitter link https://twitter.com/oghoneymoonave/status/1012371438987304962?s=19

Primink also has a video on her.


Music (verified)

Back up (private)

No. 767937

File: 1586247185721.png (371.94 KB, 601x886, Screenshot_1.png)


Susu shilled the same site. Her video was strange and forced and she ignored all the people calling her out. They both deserve their own thread at this point with their amount of money grubbing and meitu abuse.

No. 767946

File: 1586247917914.jpeg (75.58 KB, 1024x1000, A4E61598-B7D7-4BA0-B281-A55192…)

All this seems like a pretty decent thread starter tbh. We need an organized place to observe this creature.

No. 767951

File: 1586248609644.jpeg (140.66 KB, 728x1024, 9DDF7C7B-A82C-4632-84AE-11DFD4…)

There’s so many insane posts from her. every time I think I’ve seen the worst of it there’s more.

No. 767957


SuSu Quit sexwork so it would be about her streaming now? Idk how much milk that'd provide

No. 767959

File: 1586254928838.jpeg (303.06 KB, 750x741, CF4736E9-C9A2-4F5C-A119-1D3366…)

I don’t know if it warrants a whole thread but it’s worth discussing

No. 767962

Did anyone catch the Fedmyster (https://www.twitch.tv/fedmyster) & egirl.gg drama?

It started out with Fed hiring a girl on egirl.gg named Yuna (https://www.egirl.gg/detail/7120).
She acts like she's a Grandmaster Jungle main and carried all games she played with Fed. The following days they played together more and more and Fed kept hiring her. His twitch chat kept donating and shipping them together. She 'confessed' feelings at some point and they kept flirting a bit.

Today Fed gets a DM on twitter telling him Yuna was not the one playing and that she's just doing it for the clout. Her ex-bf turns out to have played with them all this time while they shared the money. Proof: https://imgur.com/a/riJinBK

She was honest about it and told Fed, also refunded all the money he gave her through the site (around $500).

Right now Fed is milking the whole drama and streaming on his second account with donations turned off, obviously getting tons of donations

Also, this is her talking to her ex that was actually playing. Looks like she's been chasing clout all along: https://streamable.com/csdpz6

No. 767964


She needs to be put in an SCP containment facility

No. 767986

Bunny didn't so we'd still have that, plus they're both selling the same shady gfuel shit and one look through Susu's twitter at this "weird yandere girl" shit she's trying desperately to pull off now, they're both worthy of cow status.

No. 767995

File: 1586277356376.jpeg (54.28 KB, 640x291, 3E3C7795-3A36-4797-90C5-3A7052…)

No. 768082

Remade the costhot thread: >>>/w/88208
Sorry it's kinda shitty but I made it while distracted.

No. 768110

she never addresses the boyfriend rumor tho lmao

No. 768146

Anyone interested on a Maria the witch thread? Mostly known as the "ok liberal" girl who did a video response to the "ok boomer" girl. She is also necrophiliac.

No. 768559

Lovely Peaches thread >>957057

No. 768605

File: 1586624033978.jpg (52.84 KB, 1140x818, TK-Autustus Invictus_21420.jpg)

A really interesting lolcow topic would be cringey political extremist lolcows. There are lots of freaks on both the authoritarian right and left who fantasize about fucking up everyone else's lives as much as they've fucked up their own.

I can definitely understand opting not to do this, as it would probably draw some unwanted attention from said extremists and create more work for the site team. But especially since 2015, these people have become more visible, less fringe, and younger.

Pictured is Augustus Invictus. He faces multiple allegations of rape, and he was recently convicted of threatening to kill his wife, abusing her, and I think kidnapping her. He's an open fascist who keeps running for public office. He's written books on everything from implementing fascism to his own drug experiences (which seems ironic).

An obvious one would be Richard Spencer, who sees himself as the leader of a post-American "ethnostate." He compared Trump to Hitler in a positive way, has a serious drinking problem, and dragged his wife by the hair across a floor in front of their kids.

There's Chris Cantwell, who was the focus of Vice's documentary on the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville. He has multiple assault charges, has a long history of being a really lame libertarian-turned-racist activist, and runs a racist talk show.

There's Mike Enoch, who's a Nazi who divorced his Jewish wife when his Nazi followers found out about him. There's also Andrew Anglin, who runs the Daily Stormer. He went from a hippie with violent anger problems, to a Neo-Nazi who runs possibly the biggest Nazi publication currently running. He made the shift because he tried to start a cult with people in Southeast Asia, but the villagers he tried to recruit wouldn't follow him, so he got really upset and decided he must be superior. Then there's Nick Fuentes, a college dropout who basically just trolls conservatives for not being fascistic enough.

To balance things out, on the left there's Jason Unruhe, a Stalinist/Maoist LARPer who fantasizes about murdering people and committing terrorist attacks, when in reality he's just a fat greasy NEET.

No. 768634

>Then there's Nick Fuentes, a college dropout who basically just trolls conservatives for not being fascistic enough.

I love this guy so much. I would love to see him brigaded by radfems or some shit. I love listening to him on destiny debates he says "Shu shu quiet time" like whew seriously my favorite.

No. 768654

I would love to see this thread! As someone who is fiscally conservative, socially liberal and just a bored consumer of internet, there are so many amusic cooky characters out there. My favorite las find was Vice's founder, Gavin McInnes who apparetly is now a far right extremist and threw a hissy fir demanding his neighbors remove "Hate has no home here" signs from their own lawns while also maintaining that he holds libertarian beliefs. Nice mental gymnastics there.

I knew nothing about Nick Fuentes prior to this post, is he really a troll? Wikipedia describes him as a cookie cutter alt right holocaust denier guy who probably takes himself a little too seriously.

No. 768693

(Sorry if this post doesn't make much sense, I'm high right now.)

I actually went to college with a girl who got connected with Augustus Invictus. She was a Philosophy/Gender Studies major at my college, but I think she dropped out due to mental health or money issues or something? Around the same time, maybe, she posted a whole bunch of "interviews" she did with Augustus. I assumed she because friends with him, I had no idea she was a dominatrix/in a relationship with him. Later on, she apparently broke up(?) with him and started posting about how much of a stalker Nazi he was? She even wrote a book about how she was fooled into dating him because she was so captivated by his philosophy chops, but she had noooooooo idea he was a Nazi for a few months.

Then she did a lulzy AMA about it.

No. 768718

Thankyou anon, this is glorious. Crossing my fingers for a thread.

No. 769068

File: 1586881584151.jpg (384.4 KB, 1080x1398, Screenshot_20200414_172405.jpg)

That autism LARPing girl died, though her thread is locked. Just found it interesting

No. 769081

can you link to her thread? i’m interested. do we know why she died?

No. 769124

No. 769156

This is shocking to me I thought she was faking being ill and autistic i guess she proved me wrong Rip ugly unique girl

No. 769159

>Rip ugly and unique girl
Lmao. But, she WAS faking her sudden onset autism and mutism, she also in the end munchie'd her way into having feeding tubes and living in filth with those can't be good. There was a p active thread with info on kf but I've not checked it yet, I wonder if she got Corona?

No. 769203

Are you sure?
I'd glanced at her thread before, but never dug deeply. But this video is really convincing, so if she just acted this out, it'd be pretty impressive

No. 769208

Yes. Several of her lies including her sudden extreme autism/mutism have been pointed out in her thread (I think).
She was sick, but not to the extent she made or tried to make people believe.

No. 769265


KF has found more info about her mental state and familial childhood sexual abuse being a probable factor in her going off the munchie deep end.

No. 769301

I wasn’t entirely sure if it was on here or on KF. But either way, she was full of shit.

No. 769610

Shallon Lester. She's full of shit and plays psychiatrist.

No. 769920

I like her, am interested in any milk if she’s got it

No. 769945

New onion thread plz

No. 769978

another pnp thread?

No. 770150

Plays psychiatrist,pretends to be feminist but tears down women all the time, dates young men, sexual tweets of Justin Bieber when he was 16, compulsive liar (said Beyonce is retarded because a source said so, kissed Harry styles backstage SNL,dated a Kpop star, related to a famous poet that has no offspring etc)

No. 770245

I have been waiting for her to have her own thread here. many YouTubers are calling her out. I hope she gets a thread here. She admits she has NPD, I am sure there is more milk to be found.

No. 770261

Puhhhleassse can we do a thread on that milky crazy bitch. The milk is frothy and creamy for me coffee

No. 770435

fuck yes i'd be soo grateful for a thread on shallon

No. 770487

New onion thread? Anyone?

No. 770506

Jim Saroka thread pleeeeeease the guy is a fucking nut but so much milk to be had

No. 770552

onision thread please

No. 770641


I second this. We need a Jim Saroka thread.

No. 770643

Thirded for the Jim Saroka thread

Yes please on the new Onion thread, it's been several days now without anything.

No. 770655

I agree but his social media is on lockdown.

No. 770725

File: 1587586677216.jpg (373.91 KB, 1280x1280, tumblr_p94z34cECK1sa2fzgo2_128…)


- radical marxist SJW transitioning into male
- obsessed with les mis, trying to write les mis fanfiction and draws his OCs all the time
- incredibly aggressive and hostile to anyone who whispers the slightest contrarian idea to literally anything
- feature of roasted BBC documentrary regarding his pregnancy:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KOTap-sQhu8 (highlights: upset about strangers assuming he identifies as a woman while pregnant, uses term chest feeding and very upset when others dont, calls himself a laboring MAN. very upset when he had to be listed as the baby's mother on the birth certificate. NOT in documentary, but calls his period his monthly revolution, wants them to not be called feminine hygeine products because its triggering)
thankfully he isnt raising his baby genderless. ps if someone makes a thread, do not post the baby…
- changed names 9000 times
- complains about being 'poor' when spends all money on cosplay, 1-3 day trips to parts of the UK or france, vintage shit, etc. 0 financial literacy, not interested in learning
- inherited 80,000 or 100,000 something like that from living grandparents' life savings. spends on transitioning, travel, top surgery(?), vintage shit worth thousands, nothing for the future or betterment of the situation of him, his husband (also ftm), or his 2 year old
- flipped out at an anon who called him about this
- he and his partner cosplay gay enjolras/grantaire together in 'historic photoshoots'
- rages when he doesn't pass or people misgender him IRL, often writes about this.
- more of his lulzy content came before he became obsessed with his les mis fanfic
- his fanfiction is basically his self insert as trans rad fem Enjoloras (FtM) and their kids with Grantaire
- he sells it and people buy it… i have never read it, it seems to be researched at the very least
- its more his personality than creative outputs (i never read his fic, but i have seen his art and its ok) that makes him unbearable…

No. 770726

File: 1587586858372.png (30.26 KB, 200x256, thumb_disgust-31682839.png)

No. 770730

who really cares as to what pronoun is used for him on lolcow. point is he or she is nuts and thread worthy.

documentary is only like 25 minutes so watch it for a laugh. dorian's husband (FtM) is in it too

No. 770782

It was less confusing to read and made clear that she now wants to be identified as male. Calm sister.

No. 770818

File: 1587639361298.jpeg (715.42 KB, 1125x1598, 1ED2ED81-5053-4DE2-80E2-BC8A23…)

Should Sora The Troll get his own thread? Thinking about making one. He has cow potential yet covers his tracks very well because of his jobs outside the interwebz

No. 770853

I'm interested. But idk how to start a thread.

No. 770895

do the following
>provide any milk he may have (ex shitty situations or cow behavior he would display)
>provide any evidence or videos you may have of said behavior
> put their social media

do NOT include
>Personal information (adresses, etc)
>his family or significant others (unless they are big cows themselves)
>anything that can harm or dox him

No. 770911

File: 1587685506272.jpeg (426.68 KB, 693x1125, 0877AE28-AA78-4FA2-AF6D-7D81DD…)

Are these photos allowed as “cow behavior”?

Also this caption translates to “dad, please cum in my pasta”

No. 770912

File: 1587685550113.jpeg (954.62 KB, 1657x1125, 20E7998E-55CD-4998-968C-79D83C…)

No. 770932

nah cow behavior would be along the lines if he scammed someone, if he cheated on someone, or if he said something then does the complete opposite, if he harassed minors or scammed his fan base or if he abused his "influencer" status and manipulated his fans, stuff like the photos you showed here isnt milky its just plain retarded.

No. 770941

you seem kind of new. he could go on /snow/. being a retard on the internet is def a cow qualification.

No. 770968

yeah I didn't it wasnt but if these pictures are the only cow like thing he is doing then why even make a thread you will end up getting a shitty thread red text.

>you seem kind of new

wow how original, havent heard that one before. the guy isnt even worth a thread to be honest the only thing closest to milk he has done is interact with weenus but other than that the guy is just a tryhard.

No. 771015

File: 1587744765069.png (158.41 KB, 1404x1155, Screenshot_20200424-013155~4.p…)

This dude black Knight is a lolcow

No. 771016

File: 1587744799090.png (907.55 KB, 1440x862, Screenshot_20200423-142824~3.p…)

No. 771017

File: 1587744831299.png (562.89 KB, 1410x2056, Screenshot_20200423-142818~3.p…)

No. 771019

again, you sound new. there are threads for calves and offshoots of cows/flakes all the time even if they aren't extremely milky.

No. 771023

What if he doxes himself when mentioning birthday, birthplace, current city, current and recent occasions himself? Is that allowed?

He’s been good about not mentioning his and his family’s names or what roles he did for his current occupation. However, he let it slip a couple of times that his dad is a local politician (will not put the latter).

No. 771038

yeah and those thread remain barren and get necroed all the time but okay

No. 771042

Well it’s been made

No. 771144

NerdECrafter should get a thread, shit art and is a cow herself

No. 771178

File: 1587845398536.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 271.16 KB, 1539x2048, EVQS4N8UcAIrhnk.jpeg)

For the love of god someone make and thread on aheago doll/@Harapinkangel on Twitter.

>Bat shit crazy sw

>Spends entire life on twitter bullying others for trivial shit
>Lords her precieved privilege over anyone, and everyone
>Unattractive but blames colonialism
>Gatekeeps anything and everything
>Including ahegao cuz "muh Asian"
>Not even Japanese
>Tries to cancel anyone who disagrees
>Slew of deleted tweets all over her Twitter from her victims
>Resorts to race, skin colour, bodysize as an insult but heaven forbid someone do it to her
>Is the absolute epitome of fake woke, likely insane
>Thinks it's trans with the only take on trans experiences
>Doesn't experience dysphoria
>Presents as completely female
>Uses "muh transness" to silence all logical dissent
>Don't send me your dick if it's ashy
>Fave words include kkkracker (kek), fatphobia, transphobia, racist, systematic, bitch, weeaboo, colonizer, cis, white, ugly, yt (no clue, I'm sure it's derogatory though kek)
>Unironically believes white people created gender
>They also apparently created dysphoria kek
>It actually says fat pussy, is just fat
>Urm a college student pre med that makes me totez smrt!
>Only Asian people can reclaim and do ahegao~
>People who think there's only two genders are fUkiN uNeDUcATeD
>Muh sex aboose
>Calls self "tranny" in bio, publically slanders any and all who dare to do the same
>All cis people should kill themselves
>Send me money for muh pain
>Seems to hate other sws more than Shayna
>Anyone who charges more than a toenail clipping (which is more than her) is a pRiCe sHaMeR
>Anyone who can form a sentence in response, is a "pea brain"
>"Can your pussy pay rent? I don't think so no one wants to fuck you"
>"Cis people have rocks for brains this is why y'all shouldn't be breathing"
>"Ask my only fans percentage. And stay in your over saturated lane"
>"East Asians are the fucking white people of Asia"
>"How's it feel to only have 75 followers?"
>"White Latinx weeaboo what's fuckin knew! I'm shitting on you too!"
>"I have 16k followers and top 7% on OF the little cracker you're defending is a spec of dust compared to me"
>Proudly admits to being blocked by the majority of NSFW Twitter

This is just the 15th - 27th of this month, there's no telling if or when the madness will end. Someone please document this Trainwreck. I'm an autist who's never made a thread, but I've got many an image to dump. Watch out for spoilered image, it's confronting.

No. 771183

File: 1587846112693.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 341.42 KB, 1539x2048, EWECjlLUwAYiakg.jpeg)

Samefag. 26th*
She took her moves straight out of Shayna's playbook.

No. 771256

wtf her twitter
>trans woman
>entire pussy out

No. 771261

Ahegao Doll/Harapinkangel

I'm my phone sorry it th links retard

No. 771430

Dump some details? All I know is her videos are long and vexing, and she buys craft kits meant for tiny children and then acts surprised that they are shit. Of course they are shit. Craft kits in general are samplers for absolute beginners, and there's no reason to make a "nice" kit for a little kid, 99.99999% will just end up in the trash after a few months. I guess she does it all as clickbait for little kids, but it's still ridiculous. Other people her age have been making professional level crafts for a decade or more.

No. 771443

Anyone heard of James Saroka? He's an insane, deluded liar who abuses the shit out of his girlfriend and livestreams all of his bullshit. He is literally fucking evil and has smugly admitted that he beats his girlfriend.

He also has scammed people by lying about running his own charity, and basically sexually assaulted a girl who was in a hospital after he talked to her briefly on Twitter.

No. 771468

He’s undoubtedly an insane POS, but I can’t help but wonder if giving him attention will just make it worse. Not totally sure why Repzion even made a video tbh

No. 771473

Second this..

No. 771475

He legit seems like a way worse version of Onision. I definitely think he should get a thread.

He may feed on the attention, but it will only lead to him destroying himself. Exactly like what happened to Onion Boy.

No. 771480

I can see where you're coming from, and somewhat agree. I'm just worried for Katie. There's no telling where it will go. Probably pointless to question morality on LC but just my opinion.

No. 771510

Fair. The whole situation's horrible. Excuse me for sounding like a simp, but she seems so nice and she's pretty, so it's a shame she's under the control of this evil, sociopathic loser.

No. 771539


It's downright terrifying to see how he treats his girlfriend. She looks emotionally destroyed by him, and seems to try so hard to stay on his good side. It almost feels like this piece of shit is going to inevitably kill her if she stays trapped in this relationship. The cycle of abuse only gets worse. Poor girl.

No. 771717

Holy fuck what a psycho. Thread please. I would love for his behaior to be documented

No. 771946

This is late af but stupid me wrote that at 4am and didn't think to say "yt" out loud kek. She's obviously just shortening "whitey"… I'm embarrassed.

He looks like a legitimate sociopathic foot. Katie seems like a really nice girl accepting such extreme abuse from the equivalent of a human toenail no less.

I'm worried for Katie but coming around, I doubt she'll leave him at this point, she's in too deep. Like maybe a thread will do damage, but at the same time maybe she'll read it and gtfo before it really is too late? I'm torn but I'll probably be an avid reader if a thread is made.

No. 772516

Can we get a thread on that one cat killing bitch? Or is lolcow not the place for this psychopath

No. 772578

I agree,
There’s already people who have been documenting his antics on Twitter/yt for awhile..he’s 10x worse than onision and there’s more than enough material to warrant a thread on this psycho

No. 772693

File: 1588540786593.png (136.41 KB, 552x624, saroka.png)

I came across this, and it really disgusted me. A Kate Saroka (his gf) wrote a novel. It has one review, by Jimmy, who trashed it. You can tell from the review he never read it, he's just insulting it. This guy legit deserves to die.

(screenshot from Goodreads)

No. 772798

Honestly someone needs to kill this man before he lays eggs. There's no place on this earth for someone this unapologetically awful, and that's saying something. Even murderers are nice to their girlfriends/families in most circumstances?

No. 772854

Will someone please make the thread already? I cannot gather all the resources and this guy is such a piece of shit.

No. 772894

That's fucked up! If you hate it just keep your mouth shut or offer constructive criticism. This guy legit surprises me with his creativity in being a giant fuckin ass hole.

No. 772908

can we merge the Shane Dawson and Youtube General threads in /snow/? they aren't active enough on their own and there's too much overlap

this is extremely sad. her book looks so cute.

No. 772919

You forgot a shot at his looks, the dude is the epitome of beta cuck physically and mentally. Only a micropenis would bully his attractive, meek, other half. He's lucky she's so kind, most women would spot those sanpaku from a mile away. Among other things. I can't fathom why this retard acts like a "Chad" other than narcsessism has rendered him blind. Sorry for ranting, the dude's just awful.

No. 773045

File: 1588707501474.png (425.16 KB, 577x885, musk.png)

Could we please make one on elon musk? There's so much snowflaky shit surronding him (and grimes)…

I know we have the celeb-thread but it's hard too keep track of all the crap musk does.

No. 773094

Both of them are sooo painfully "hello fellow kids" it's absurd.

No. 773195

File: 1588758197241.jpg (Spoiler Image, 516.13 KB, 2240x1260, fm.jpg)

Do we have a thread on people who dress like… this? This is Fecal Matter (her username) and I know I've seen some girls who look like this on BarcroftTV and miscelaneous youtube videos. They're not egirls, and they're extremely absurd looking to be just an alternative fashion kind of thing. They dress like this daily if possible, in the most outrageous uncanny valley way.

A lot of them are into looking like an alien/goblin/elf/non human creature, mix creepy and cute shit, have this kind of "aesthetic" that involves bugs or bodily secretions and just are very disgusting looking. Kinda like Rotting Dolly's photos, but they're not exactly "living dolls"

Is there a living doll thread, anyway?

No. 773196

There should be a thread on Grimes and Elon Musk indeed

No. 773198

this sounds juicy

No. 773200

I don't really care if people dress outlandish, but I did think it was trashy as fuck when they had that picture of a dying child on their posters.

No. 773273

dude's face perfectly captures how i felt when i initially came upon these fucks

No. 773319

Seems like more of a /snow/ topic, if even that. I don't think they're doing anything wrong. The only regretful thing about people like that is that they spend their 20s being scenesters, then by the time they're in their 30s they find themselves uneducated, without much serious employment history or skills, and with disfiguring body mods, and I think life hits them really hard when they can't count on their parents' support anymore, which is kind of a shame.

No. 773337

I'm sorry what? Please give the deets anon. I'm new to those freaks

No. 773342

TBH I think this describes a lot of "geek" things, and I think we'll witness many meltdowns over the next decade, as the parents of the very first generation of internet snowflakes continue to retire and die. I think it will put a dent in conventions and gaming as well, because a ton of people can only afford cosplays, merchandise, games, $1k con weekends, etc… because they live with or mooch off of their parents.

No. 773407

offtopic but I think that would be actually refreshing to see. Less snowflakes and attention whores, more quality over quantity, less cossthots etc
But also, less milk

No. 773412

You're missing the point of this site.

No. 773594

I think they will still go supernova on the way out. The midlife crisises are just beginning. Corona is going to ding the convention addicts who live like panhandling junkies, too. I expect some wailing once cons announce new dates, but the 23 y/o no job crew can't go because nobody will buy their bad art or cosplay leftovers anymore.

No. 773643

A Haydur nation thread would be great

No. 773792

Is there a Dahvir Vanity thread?

No. 773796

?? The only FatTuber who’s discussed here is Nikocado, and only rarely. It would be weird to have a thread about reaction channels and not the people being reacted to.

“FatTubers and Their Haters” might be a better choice?

No. 773836

there is a anti-o flake thread so yeah threads about reaction channels exist too.
Haydur nation has been very milky lately especially Charlie gold who has a thread on kf.

No. 773857

There's a really old one in snow I think, this seems like the time for it to get bumped though.

No. 773867

Yes, there is both an Onision thread and an Anti-Onision Flakes thread. It’s weird to have just an antis thread without any threads on the people the antis are reacting to.

It would make more sense to have a thread for both, since nobody seems to want to create a thread just for the YouTube fatty channels.

No. 773880

why not just stick them in the general youtuber thread?

No. 773975

File: 1589130610333.jpg (220.11 KB, 1571x974, PicsArt_05-10-01.06.17.jpg)

Is there a new Vicky thread? She's been gathering equally milky locals lately it seems. I can't wait for them to hang out after quarantine is over.

No. 774122

Can anyone make a thread about call out channels who show their faces? They’re cringe

No. 774240

Is there a Dahvie Vanity thread? To keep up with all the allegations?

No. 774251

Is there anyone in Canada or the GTA who can make a thread about Rachel Rehling aka Blair Ryder aka Kyle Rehling. That’s a Toronto cow right there

No. 774789

Guys does anyone know what happened to Sheena Duquette? Has the milk gone dry or has she straight-up just fallen off of the face of the earth?

No. 774790


i mean… where's the milk, though? Fecal Matter (matieresfecales @ instagram if you wanna check them out) are absolutely provocative freaks, but that's kinda the point of what they're doing. i mean idk if "fashion i don't understand" is milky, exactly.

it'd be like going after fetish accounts like "look at these freaks into giants and shit" like sure it's weird but where's the milk?

unless you meant it as a "let's discuss people doing freaky but fascinating shit" in which case i'm fucking down. do we have a fashion thread?

No. 774932

Milk went very dry. Check out her most recent dead thread and the vendetta anon who came by every few weeks to bump it.

No. 775124

File: 1589580027962.png (430.33 KB, 1161x470, grlwood.png)

Found this on GRLWOOD's instagram, they immediately deleted this but i took a screenshot, does somebody have an idea what's the fuck going on?

No. 775384

it was reposted on karen ledford's personal instagram (@doctor_korndawg). people are speculating that rej (the singer) removed it. there isn't a ton of info out about it yet. i don't think it's that milky, unless there are more developments

No. 775443

File: 1589736132283.jpg (99.86 KB, 1242x1663, IMG_20200517_192242.jpg)


Some people on Twitter posted how she would dm girls who would follow her (now ex) bf death threats cause they followed him. Recent screenshots are less than 2 months old and when she got called out she tried to pretend to be uwu wholesome reformed, Fed's WKs accepted her lie.

I think she really deserves a thread. Many people in Twitter thread actually said they had her threats over interacting w her bf too.

No. 775444

File: 1589736342932.jpg (144.06 KB, 720x1090, Idior.jpg)

No. 775475

rej just posted her statement on band's instagram, it seems kind of shady, she's clearly deflecting

No. 775561

I'm actually more inclined to believe Rej.

No. 775718

i don't think this discussion warrants its own thread and it's probably more suited to one of the /ot/ discussion threads, i want to talk about it more but we should stop shitting up the thread requests thread

No. 775776

is there a new confession thread?

No. 775913

File: 1589948979454.png (749.31 KB, 854x576, diginee.png)

Could we please please please have a new thread on Digibro and his girlfriend May? there's so much milk going on right now and he's just a very very milky cow

Quick run down of his past events:
>Conrad Collins
>Anituber, but started in the mlp fandom
>College drop out in his late 20's
>Very prone to drama, he gets in constant fights with other people on youtube. He has many sagas, including the Mother's Basement saga, and the Mumkey Jones saga, Digibro vs Gigguk saga, etc
>His friends are pretty milky and delusional as well, worst offender is EndlessJess, who plays with children toy's on sewer water
>Used to pull out midly interesting content on anime analysis, got a large cult-like following that ate up anything that came from his arsehole
>He's very pretentious, often thinks he's undoubtfuly right, does not fact check, and proclaims to be the "otaku gonzo journalist" and "never ending content machine"
>He's a lolicon, does not bathe, does not brush his teeth, and his room is full of posters of naked loli anime girls. He even coined a name for his lazy style of clothing (can't remember at the moment)

Cut to around 2-3 years ago, and to this day
>Meets May, his current girlfriend and fianceé
>Enables anything digibro does, and digibro in turn makes her go with stupid choices like dropping out of college and moving to another state with youtube money, she hasn't worked a day since they moved together
>They pass their days drugged out of their mind with weed
>Digibro slowly stops putting out content, the quality drops very hard
>His channel drops views and subscriptions at a steady phase
>Starts surviving on "rant videos" on his side channel

A week ago
>Patreon money, twitter follows and youtube at an alltime low
>Drops a new music album with lackluster mixing and horrid vocals, amv visuals, and one of the songs hints at him trooning out soon
>a lot of people start unsubing because the songs are just edgy teen cringe songs
>he has mentioned that he wants to be a loli girl before so this isn't that far of a stretch

>He came out as a MtF
>New name is Digi-nee, as in "big sister digi"
>His gf is now calling him "wife"
>He even had a secret twitter for his "alt femme persona"
>shaved his beard and painting his nails
>fans are calling him a lesbian
>his mental health is really spiraling down into oblivion
>a lot of fans are unsubing and if he keeps going down, he won't be able to support May's and his way of living anymore
>??? the future unfolds into madness

He has a kiwifarms thread too, and I think he might have a thread on snow, but quickly died. This new troon era milk is in my opinion worth checking out.

No. 775914

File: 1589949251624.png (30.15 KB, 604x330, digi.png)

a little taste of the milk soon to unfold

No. 775917

File: 1589949952486.jpg (327.2 KB, 1125x2001, digi no.jpg)

and some stuff from his past, there's so much more out there

No. 775918

File: 1589950045726.jpg (344.39 KB, 1125x2001, digi no1.jpg)

No. 775968

I'd be interested. I think this works well enough as a summary already. Put it in /w/

No. 776113

Made the thread here

No. 776166

Can someone make a new Youtubers General thread? The last one reached its limit

No. 776229

We need a new Venus thread and a new Nicole Eevee thread in /w

No. 776287

The new Nicole thread is here.


No. 776420

Has anyone herd of MochiiBabii on YouTube? She’s a fetish feeder and has gained a lot of weight in a small amount of time, she used to be 115 pounds and is now 240 pounds. Seems to be quite milky however I can’t find anything about her online or her boyfriend. Her friends and family haven’t seen her yet either…


No. 776432

watch me kill myself in slo-mo!

No. 776466

How exactly does she seem milky though besides catering to an unhealthy fetish? At least provide anything remotely milky. Otherwise this just seems like you’re a man who’s trying to push her in hopes to get more content of her.

No. 776482

There's a kinkster thread in snow I'm sure. She's not enough for her own thread but you could add her there

No. 776485

I suppose you’re right, I’ve never seen something like this before it’s just watching someone kill themselves with gluttony. The shock factor is how unhealthy she is when she gets winded from putting on a skirt but other than that no milk!

No. 776489

File: 1590226162589.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.72 MB, 1242x1641, 5B3E59C1-FCFB-4D20-B386-3DA3FC…)

would be cool if someone made new Venus thread.

No. 776512

no it wouldn't, go back to pull

No. 776521

Relatively newfag, I know there’s a DID thread but has there ever been or is there any interest in a BPDfag thread?

No. 776532

not trying to tell you what to do, but i feel like that would be a horrible idea for so many reasons… i can already picture the nonstop "i have BPD, and…" blogposts, "i'm not like the other cluster Bs" virtue signalling, vitriolic A-loggers, incessant armchairing of people who may or may not have it, milkless vendetta posts, attention whoring selfposters, "what if they cared enough to get better" white knights galore for the total disaster cases (a la luna thread), "someone with BPD abused me" blogposts, that's just off the very top of my head. even casual discussions related to BPD on /ot/ tend to bring some of these out of the woodwork. it would be a total shitshow.

No. 776556

Every thread turns into a BPD thread eventually.

No. 776562


And in a flash I see why you’re right. I’ll let that sleeping dog lie. Thanks, anon.

No. 776599

no frank hassle thread? a guy who is closely tied to sam hyde and harasses innocent people in public?

No. 776849

If feederism is interesting to you for the wtf factor, browse through the chance carmichael /600goingon700 thread on KF for a terminal case

No. 776852

can someone please make a new celebricows thread in ot? i'm not savvy on how to make threads nor do i really know enough of the milk to recap and i don't want to make a bad thread.

No. 776871

File: 1590402558259.jpeg (233.02 KB, 750x433, 5F6D9005-D36A-4B0D-9A2A-3F47C9…)

Brittany Venti shitted up the Shoe0nhead thread, she basically called farmers ugly and got defensive because anons disagreed with her Stefan Molyneux “women after 30” bullshit in a shoeonhead video. Wherein she just repeated what farmers were saying in the thread . Someone pls make a thread,. She’s such a pickme self hating ass bitch. I don’t know where she got this ego from, knocking other ethots down as if she’s not the same as them

No. 776899

she also uses drugs in order to keep eating without throwing up. wtheck

No. 776908

She also looks like a hammerhead shark, working that into thread pic would be gold

No. 776952

File: 1590433359266.png (415.3 KB, 661x711, noms.png)

For some reason Venti has always been allowed to get away with a lot of self-posting her content on lolcow and I'm not sure why.

If you decide to make a new thread about her, make sure you check /snow/'s tradthot general threads for some dirt on her, since she started out as a r9k egirl. Her Sh0eonhead spergouts were always gold since she was jealous June got more attention for being a pickme than she did. Looks like someone else tried to make a thread about her on /snow/ a year ago but it isn't very good and a farmhand locked it. Make us proud anon!

No. 776969

File: 1590438145339.jpg (97.95 KB, 606x960, IMG_20200525_151643.jpg)

She also has a 38 page thread on KF. Apparently she is a high school dropout but she was quite unfortunate looking and fat in her younger years and perhaps bullied, unlike shoe. Which may explain why she is so miserable today.


Someone also mentioned she has lost both her parents and recently her gpa from covid.. so personally I have a bit mixed feelings going in on her. I think she's probably a very hurt and self hating person inside. She especially resents being mixed.

No. 776971

>dead/absentee parents meme
I think we should pump the brakes on this pseudo empathy trend that I've seen crop up recently. Tons of people have dead or absentee parents and don't turn out to be lolcows.

No. 776986

>>776952 No one cares you cum gargling faggot!

No. 776991


The girl ain't right. I can't really think of anything really bad she's done to anyone except herself and maybe some cuck boyfriend.

No. 777049

File: 1590472851464.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.69 MB, 1920x2560, 20-05-26-16-00-32-124_deco.jpg)

Harapinkangel continues to be the most autistic creature known to man. Mind the spoiler.

No. 777070

Gee you're angry.

No. 777071

she's kind of cute but

No. 777077

If there's one thing I've learnt from lurking her Twitter, it's you can't rationalise crazy.

No. 777083

don't want to continue to shit up the shoe thread but an anon there posted
>Venti and her army of robots would shit up her thread real quick.
does this ever happen in the tradthot thread?

No. 777088

I don't see how it's an issue so long as anons report the posts. Moderation always deletes raid postings. I recall a bit of a brigade during the peak of tradthot threads in 2018 but obviously they survived it for the mentioned reasons. That's how we got rid of robot posting.

It's an empty threat, posts like that don't really survive unless moderation allows it. Forgot to mention with the new rule of "Hate a thread? Hide it." really drives it all home.

No. 777092

Ntayrt but someone with similar motivations as Britney herself seems intent on decrying the very idea of the thread, so you're not wrong in calling it an empty threat. They're also accusing anyone who speaks poorly of Britney of being a samefag… Kinda makes me wish someone would make one ngl kek. The robots make it all the more enticing imo.

No. 777113

File: 1590509832210.png (9.54 KB, 1065x90, G5CITbb.png)

I just noticed this post in /ot/.

It's from three hours after brittany's video about shoe was posted in the shoe thread. No one replied to the post about the video until seven or eight hours later.

No. 777114

relax anon it's just bait that worked, look at all the replies and now you're tinfoiling about it in thread requests

No. 777116

we don't talk about her often. it's interesting timing.

No. 777122

Normally I'd agree but what this anon said >>777116

No. 777124

No doubt she's actively lurking and doing damage control. She hates shoeonhead but she can't handle the backlash when she posts her content and gets clapback for it because she's a failed shoeonhead herself. She treads a fine line between producing on the nose content and exposing herself as a jealous mediocre female to her simps.
>"Brittany is pretty!"
>"We shouldn't have a thread because there will be whiteknights!"
Lmao, painful selfposting. Her whole gimmick to begin with was spamming her content to 4chan, and then reacting like a sperg when they'd inevitably come to insult her on her twitch livestreaming. She started out her egirl career baiting outrage views and then pretending to be retarded and bullied. In 2018 she made a GofundMe for "harassment" and only got $45 out of the $20k she had asked for. Super transparent. That's how she got a following, not because she was actually interesting. She thinks the internet has forgotten so now she's trying to push a narrative that she's being attacked for being half-black, having hot takes, and being a 'pretty' girl even though that's not the case.

Anyway her ED page explaining her shenanigans went down, but the wayback machine is happy to help.

No. 777136

Yikes, chill I'm that anon, and I wrote that comment AFTER watching the video that was posted on the shuwu thread.
Say what you will, make whatever thread you want but this tin-foiling about selfposting especially with someone who is extremely familiar with chan culture and LC as a whole would be stupid on Brittany.

No. 777138

And you know this because i said some naughty words, my god you're a presumptive dumb cunt!

No. 777139

sage your stupid infighting anon

No. 777141

O my god, imagine being such a shit snorting retard that you believe ED, HAH!

No. 777142

With retarded posts like this you don't deserve it.

No. 777146

You need a timeout.

No. 777147

honestly the site-wide sperging is so bad right now that i don't even have the energy to report because it's literally every active thread

No. 777163

black dresses broke up because they couldn't handle teens using their music on tiktok. they frequently get into drama over dumb things because half their identity as a band is having mental illness and being a furry. is there a thread where we can discuss them

No. 777271

Very late, but here is a nice write up: https://thelinknewspaper.ca/article/body-dump

No. 777282

She's trying to lie low while still self promoting in the Venus Angelic thread at the moment.
The twist is that Venti is probably lolcow's most active user.

No. 777401

Venti reveal when

No. 777453

I'd be down for a venti thread if mods tagged all of venti's posting sitewide ala mystery and kooters. As funny as her wk's infightinh would be, it'd be 1000x more hilarious seeing just how long she's been seething in the shoe and weenus threads.

No. 777494

Seems gurugossip got hacked or something

No. 777671

Sorry if I needed to sage, but can we get a thread on Muse?/Wes Moast/Brittney Simon situation? or is she already in the Munchies thread?

No. 778130

File: 1591032343036.png (271.36 KB, 1440x1851, Screenshot_20200531-182004~2.p…)

Can we get a thread on this MRA/Mgtow lolcow named spacepan like he's completely insane

No. 778182

File: 1591045940215.png (84.97 KB, 724x613, saveas.PNG)

is anyone interested in a repzion/repzion gf thread in snow? drama surrounding him and his mess of a GF started months ago and now twitters joined in on mocking him. its my current favourite trainwreck
>accuses a 16 year old of spreading child porn of his girlfriend when really she was 19 and it was a public image from a cam site catalog
>"edgy" humor including transphobia, nazi shit, bestiality
>opened communication with current GF at age 12 before meeting her at 19
>GF cheated with him with a sugar daddy, got pregnant, aborted it
>releases a cancel culture is bad!!! video while being cancelled

this is just to name a few, its mostly his bat shit girlfriend ruining his image but i've always found him egotistical and annoying. pic related, part of his GFs apology which he wrote for her

No. 778206

100% do it

No. 778250


here it is for anyone interested. i'd recommend someone to go into the google doc and post more of his GFs batshitness, theres also some past racist tweets and weird shit with repzion I might go find later on

No. 778305

Leon Chiro deserves his own thread between the sexual harassment, racism and lying about being hired by Ubisoft as an official cosplayer

No. 778459

This is an underrated post

No. 779112

Can someone make another Nika and Jaelle thread? The current one is probably going to be locked soon because Jaelle keeps shitting up the thread with self posts.

No. 779116

honestly anon i'd collect screenshots, wait it out and just try to start one back up when farmhands are actually on the site like it's embarrassing to have such obvious periods of no mods on a known female imageboard that can't even ban torposting right like we're fucked really aren't we girls

No. 779131

Charlie Gold

No. 779160

didnt she scam 500k from viewers on a weightloss gofundme?

No. 779202

File: 1591571912948.jpg (174.3 KB, 1574x2260, 1575584849065.jpg)

Can we get a ddlg/pet/age regression community general? I'm sure there are anons much more educated on that shit. Erin Painter was so fun, but she's not milky enough to have her own thread anymore.

No. 779231

I'd like to second that request, there's a few threads on /snow/ that are dead overall with a few milky cows that we could lump into a new thread.

No. 779232

we had one before (which is where the erin thread came from) that died (probably because the erin thread) so go for it.

No. 779255

File: 1591614193581.png (946.72 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200608-210306.png)

Not sure where to put this but dollskill just popped.

No. 779257

the fact we're all slumming it in quarantine so she had to get dressed for this and chose a titty top, monster energy belly ring and her underwear band hanging out. i know it's alt fashion but alt fashion doesn't mean you can be blatantly disrespectful with your clothes because im goffik jesus christ it shines through in absolutely everything

No. 779408

>not sure where to put this
Obviously not in this thread then. Not sure why you even bothered posting this in the thread but that drama isn’t even thread worthy. If anything it will be forgotten in a week and it isn’t even a big deal.

No. 779454

calm down

No. 779754

File: 1591913009154.jpeg (133.39 KB, 1024x798, FE4F05D0-6E34-43C7-B4DB-00FB1C…)

Would anyone else be interested in a looksmax/ body dysmorphia/Dr Mew/plastic surgery addict thread and all its associated weird trends and beliefs? I follow plastic surgery/beauty discussion online and I want to get stuff down but the level some people take it totally insane.

No. 779760

I think there’s already a plastic surgery thread in /ot . Low key that nose job looks nice though

No. 779833

Yes!! It's unrelated to the current PS thread bc that's more for advice and not the world of looksmax spergs

No. 779845

That’s why there’s already a thread in /ot, You’re thinking of the /g thread which that board is specifically for advice

No. 779846

You right, I'm retarded

No. 779993

do you guys think we need a JK Rowling thread? Just one to round up all the hot takes and drama on twitter? It's being spoken about around the site (in OT mostly), there's a lot of celebrities and people commenting on it via twitter and I'm sure people want to talk about it.

No. 780034

I'd be interested. I can see how farmhands/admin might consider it to overlap with the gc threads too much but there's tons of milky goodness happening.

No. 780086

Not worth it because it's usually nothing but TRA n trannies screaming n wishing her deaths.

No. 780199

Would anyone be interested in a Rooster Teeth thread given the recent drama happening?

No. 780217

What is happening?

No. 780262

Mica made a tweet about how her time at the company was not good at all. The way none of her coworkers defended her when their neck beard incel fans would sling racist/homophobic and misogynist things at her. She also implied that they were semi using her just to get in the goods with her famous dad. On top of all of that Joel was quietly let go AND Bernie has left. There’s been slow trickles of ex-employees coming forward to say they were underpaid and basically worked for free at times. I know there’s a lot more but these are the ones I can think of off the top of my head.

No. 780290

File: 1592243090393.jpeg (151.03 KB, 630x1105, C0E4D2BC-4879-4929-B790-0DDCC9…)

Anything about officialhambly? Her TikToks keep appearing in my feed. She has a million followers but some of her stuff looks really … unfinished. She also recently jumped on the Vogue trend and missed the point of it being for BLM calling out Vogue.

No. 780509

File: 1592331135410.png (1.19 MB, 872x580, dress1.png)


i looked into it and couldn't find much.
im not saying she's perfect but enough of her stuff is well done that this one feels like an outlier.

I hate the green curtain dress but to be fair she did say the corset was made separately/earlier. some of her older stuff is garbo so i guess it's not surprising.

No. 780512

it looks shoddy as hell. it's not as bad as some cosplayers but it's not good.

No. 780734

Holy shit peep those nostrils

No. 780799

idk i dont think it's nearly as shoddy as the green dress. definitely not lolcow-level shoddy.

No. 780800

Yeah, she’s not an Lolcow at all. She hasn’t done anything controversial either. Seems pretty vendetta too me tbqh
That’s not her anon

No. 781100

File: 1592618994038.jpg (737.32 KB, 3406x1458, Collage_Fotor1231242_Fotor.jpg)

Anon, you wake up in the middle of the night and see this staring at you, what do you do?

Not any milk, but this Non-binary Queer Pan asexuel person has an exceptionally terrifying mug.
Instagram: kawaiimagicsaltkornet

No. 781137

Looks nice, no nudes?

No. 781138

I didn't know Kanadajin3 had a twin.

No. 781150

I genuinely think she's 50

No. 781168

I mean, it's not her fault that she looks like this, and she seems to be enjoying herself while taking these photos

No. 781208

selfpost? you spelled asexual as "asexuel" and her profile has it spelled as "asexuell".

it might worth posting her in the fakeboi thread but someone just living their lives while being an unfortunate looking autist isn't that interesting on its own.

No. 781290

It's called copy and paste you autistic Sherlock

No. 781462

Can we have a thread on Kate Yelkovan/Ann Frank? Young girl doing skits at 13 who ended up with a pedophile and then faked her own death and had been a trainwreck addict since?

No. 781505

That just sounds like a Tuna 2.0 thread where people wait for her to die. Having an awful situation as a child and being mentally fucked because of it doesn't always a cow make. Sometimes it's just sad and not milky.

No. 781515

Thread request: Mindy Minx
she should be either in pt or snow
why: -overly repetitive content
-her relationship with grandpa husband which smells fake
-cringy family meetings with grandpa husband and her own family where they all try to get along except you can smell the cringiness
-lying to her followers that she needs money to have a baby with her grandpa husband, receives said money and spends them on tacky home decor, salon dyes and target/walmart clothes
-constantly deleting negative comments unable to accept criticism
- spends shit ton of money on hair extensions only to remove them a week later
- goes on DR Phil to whine about ''haterzz''
I can come up with more but this is just at the top of my head

No. 781555

I agree. This girl went through some fucked up things. Tuna was a spoiled brat.

No. 781609

She’s actually dead, her mother made a post about it on Facebook. Don’t see a point in a thread of her, specifically because there’s already a thread that talked about her (dead cow thread)

No. 782002

File: 1593069366179.jpg (41.14 KB, 293x340, Aleksei_Makeev.jpg)

I'm interested in any info on Aleksei Viktorovich Makeev a.k.a. Alextime a.k.a Lord Nazi Ruso. His presence on the Internet was mostly outside of English sites so info is few and far between. The thing that piqued my interest is footage of him dating back all the way to 2001. Considering he was locked up in 2017 in quite a stunning climax, his antics are done and have been for a bit. I think there's an interesting story to tell, at least for an English-speaking audience. Not sure if a Russian YouTuber or something has already covered the topic in detail.

No. 782036

That does sound interesting, Anon. Unfortunately we only deal with current and unfolding drama here. If he's locked up and not creating milk, this isn't the right place to post him.

No. 782108

new egirls thread please

No. 782261

Do we have a thread to talk about genderspecial and non binaries? I don't think I can post what I find in the fakeboi thread as they are not really the same and not want to go off topic

No. 782434

No. 782453

No. 782593

Is there a gacha thread? I wish there was but most of them are under 16

No. 782685

We need a Rowling thread, she's posting frequently now and there are so many mini-cows in the comments.

No. 782915

anyone posting about the something awful drama?

No. 782981

There's a thread in snow about lowtax. It's not very active tho.

No. 782999

File: 1593609100444.jpg (287.59 KB, 720x1281, 20200701_150858.jpg)

No one is going to talk about Erin's instagram "comeback"?

Said she'd leave right after but few hrs ago she wrote that she'll stay abit more, claiming "it takes a few days for ig to deactivate her account". Still never fixed ger addiction ig

No. 783042

It is the second time she has done that. She is covering it up by sharing some alibi BLM stuff and then other profiles. That way her going back to Instagram has a purpose because she is "not actually back, just having an important mission here!!" She is still addicted to it and has to let her followers know that she is doing awesome. It is good that she apparently changed some things, but she should just stop using her accounts altogether.

No. 783131

worldofxtra is a dictionary definition of "lolcow", really surprised there is no thread about him.

No. 783160

I'm laughing that Gabbie Hannah bawleeted all her socials days ago and noone gives a fuck enough to talk about it.

No. 783178

can we make a dirt request thread?? for those of us who are out of the loop on milk or want to know if someones milky

No. 783270

Is anyone interested in a Super Smash Bros. community thread? Especially with all that's gone down today with Keitaro publicly admitting he had sex with an underage drunk girl (he was 29 and she was 16, about to turn 17 when it happened). Just a lot of shitty behavior towards women/female Smash players in general in Smash community.

No. 783274

you're in one

No. 783424

A breadtube general would be really cool for some of the cows mentioned in Shoe0nHead's thread, like Vaush, ContraPoints and Ashleigh Coffin, and would also work for cows like Hbomberguy and Riley Dennis.
If Greg becomes distanced enough from June but somehow doesn't warrant his own thread (doubtful tbh) I think he would work in there too.

I would definitely be interested in a Smash thread!! There's endless potential because the community attracts predators, sexists and manchildren.

No. 783469

There is a breadtube general on ot >>>/ot/419669

No. 783521

Whoops, sorry, I'm dumb as shit and didn't think to check /ot/. Thanks anon!

No. 783580

no i mean if you need a rundown on a cow

No. 783607

generally the idea is to lurk and read old threads. and thats why a good op is important, it gives a summary worth reading.

No. 783659

As would I. There is SO much drama going on in the Smash community right now.

No. 783684

anyone interested in a seeking arrangements cringe thread? I joined the site mostly out of boredom and it was unbelievable how many insane & stupid people are on there, and the weird shit they put on their profile

No. 783706

omg yes anon!! i used to lurk on there for entertainment. throw that shit into ot.

No. 783883

very interested

what website?

No. 783960

I am too lazy to make a thread about her and never made a thread before on pt and i don't wanna fuck it up by newfaggotry, so could anyone please for god's sake make a thread on Mia Khalifa? She's been milky ever since she's claimed she were forced by someone to be in the business. Honestly if she wouldn't have gotten the revenue for it I wouldn't care but for real..

No. 783961

Are you a scrot? She has a valid point and doing porn isn't milky anyway, there would never be enough to warrant a thread

No. 783973

If you didn't even keep up with her lies, why bother responding? this is pt and not the vent thread. And it's about lying and begging money, weirdo.

No. 784020

Who cares? Do you have a personal vendetta against her? What you're really suggesting is a thread to discredit her claims and doubt her victimhood. The porn industry is fucked up and she's not making any claims that are hard to believe. Shouldn't she keep the revenue if she did the work, coerced or not?

I don't think you understand what determines if a person needs a thread here. It's not for any minor celebrity who happens to have a Twitter.

No. 784024

Also where do you get off telling someone where they have to post when you just admitted to being a newfag?

No. 784040

>I don't think you understand what determines if a person needs a thread here. It's not for any minor celebrity who happens to have a Twitter.

I’m unfortunately responding to one person perhaps but calm your tits autist, if you don’t wanna comply to a request in a request thread just don’t do it, it’s that easy. Jeez. No one’s forcing you.

No. 784043

Can someone make a new Victoria Bella Morte thread? Last one reached thread limit.

No. 784072

new egirl thread please

No. 784189

I'm the first person who said mia doesn't warrant a thread, and this one isn't me, so you have at least 2 people telling you to sit down and shut up, newfag dumbass

I think that anon meant to reply to seekingarrangements anon about the possibility of a thread

Definitely an interesting shit show with a wide cast but would just boil down to gendercrit again

No. 784216

ok idc anymore already autist
seconding! and the supersmash thread needs to come too pls

No. 784282

New onion thread plz!

No. 784317

New Vicky Shingles thread, please, any one good at making threads. She's drunk posting and photoshopping again

No. 784638

she actually looks pretty alright in her tagged pictures,but yeah,not milk

No. 784682

hannah pixie snowdon?

No. 784699

Any more milk on her though? She was brought up in the instagrammers thread recently iirc and it was interesting, if you have more info definitely add it there

No. 784844

File: 1594259124163.gif (1.2 MB, 360x640, (@___anneris___).gif)

>i love this illustration, thank you anon.


No. 784896

cheated on her boyfriend with oli sykes, then married oli sykes and within a year she had cheated on him because he was abusive… ran away to live in australia with jade, who she dumped when she went to toulouse to live with guy, the man she cheated on her husband with, tattooed illegally while in france, then dumped guy and moved to nepal with a woman who had a dream of making a spiritual community there but then hannah kicked her out of her own project. she acts like such a cringy white saviour, says things like galdem/mandem/babylon/jah despite growing up in doncaster, uk. she would tattoo people when she was so stoned the needle would go deep enough to cause granulations in the tissue. parliament tattoo in london cut ties with her, she is known to scam because she frequently has people in her instagram asking when she’ll be shipping their merch because it’s been weeks.

No. 784901

plus several other things. been waiting for her thread anxiously but lack the skills.

No. 784912

same, i typed up that blurb but i know there must be people out there with juicy gossip that would give more context. i thought she was ok even after her divorce but her “hempire” was just the limit. like ok luv u smoke weed, it made her nepal trip seem like a growing op

No. 784963

iirc there's a body modded/ tattooed people thread in snow where the likes of monami, grace neutral, Pauly unstoppable were discussed but it died down a while back. That would be a great place to put it and we could discuss the others too

No. 785040

thanks, let’s hope i don’t get banned for necroing

No. 785561

Why can't Charlotte Charms get her own thread again? She doesn't even belong in the cammer thread anymore because she no longer cams (afaik)

No. 785603

She keeps planning to cam again, but you know how that goes in Charmspeak.
If she ever becomes more active you might be able to make a case for a solo thread.

No. 785684

how is there not an 8 passengers thread? they’re a crazy family vlog channel and the mom is absolutely insane and exploits her 6 young children like crazy and humiliates them. she took away her son’s bed for 3 months as a punishment. she considers eating dinner a “privilege”

No. 785702

File: 1594717826576.jpg (48.35 KB, 576x1024, DELETHIS-MOTHERFUCKER.jpg)

>she considers eating dinner a “privilege”


No. 785800

>unironically avatarfagging
learn the board culture

No. 786187

If that's a pic of the "anon" fucking kek. I've seen this autist's writing other threads. If it's not them, and they're using some random woman as an avatar, that's still kek worthy.

No. 786217

It’s clearly not the woman in the picture posting this. Just some moid simping for some foriegn instagrammer. It’s embarrassing he even edited one of her pictures with a gun just for posting.

No. 786320

Do we have a bad plastic surgery thread? I went through the catalog and for some reason didn't see it but it feels like we must have one. If not, where would that go? /ot or/snow?

No. 786355

we definitely had one in /ot/ for a long time

No. 786530

Is child abuse really milk,really milk,?

No. 787077

It’s too bad racist uncle is a cow that has run dry. It’s a pity how irrelevant she became. All she draws is horrifying porn now and she has the audacity to shit talk holly brown.

No. 787112

I'd be interested in a bad parenting thread general, but it would tread a very fine line due to the fact that the topic would be bringing up minors.
It's odd to me because we've definitely had bad parent vloggers posted here before (ie. Hartley Hooligans, Daddyofive, etc.) but with the new rules I could see newfags fucking shit up by a-logging the kids. I hate bad parents and love exposing them though.

No. 787350


I thought Daddyofive were the worst youtube parents until Onision and Laineybot's kid fell from the 2nd floor onto her skull.

No. 787640

Lovely peaches is legit mentally retarded. There's a cow then there is someone who is obviously not all there. Honestly the lovely peaches saga has never interested me. It's just too horrifying. Cows are usually borne out of their lack of awareness and desire for fame, importance and attention. I feel like lovely peaches is just legit brain damaged and has the mind of a toddler. I don't think she's entertaining enough to be a lolcow, she's just disturbing.

No. 787644


I think a bad parenting thread would be taking things a step too far. There is gossip and shit talk and making fun of people for embarrassing themselves and whatnot then there is getting deeply involved and invested in people's personal and family lives. If child abuse is genuinely taking place it's a legal issue and that's for the law to deal with. I don't think farmers should get too involved. There is also a risk of witch hunts. When a spiteful person or mob doesn't like a parent usually the first thing they target is the kids.

No. 787646

I want a hiding in my room thread. There is so much milk on this guy.

No. 787652

I think there already is one?

No. 787724

This isn’t PULL

No. 787856

Why out yourself as a PULLtard ? Stop shitting up the site and go fuck off to gurugossip or KF…jfc

No. 787862

They aren’t outing themselves as anything. It’s just some ban-evading moid replying nonsense. He was in the thread earlier >>785702
and is still just avatarfagging and replying nonsense. Just ignore him and move on.

No. 787893

Could someone make a new TND thread, please? I'd do it myself but I'm farting around on mobile only.

No. 789945

Could someone make a new Leda Muir thread?

No. 789946

No. 789964

can anyone PLEASE make this bitch a thread already?? she is like the biggest cow of the year! biggest freeloader manipulator taking advantage of her gulible subs due to her nice girl persona
i tried to infer my opinion on her on gurugossiper as she has a thread there but that website is shit with their censorship and playing favoritism. God forbid you mention the word ''cooter'' there.

- she frequently blogs about buying useless expensive decorations, expensive trips, lots of trift store shopping hauls, going to the hairdresser (A LOT), dermatologist (A LOT) , has a new Honda worth 20 k, has a house with a pool inherited from her grandma, gets frequently lots of stuff sent from her subs, she seems to live a comfortable live, her husband has a freakin police officer pension affording anything she wants yet she complains she cant afford paying 20 k for an IVF. So what does she do? Goes the donor route basically shes like '' you cant give me the baby? im gonna take another mans sperm'' . her husband thinks he hit the jackpot with her so he has no backbone to challenge her, biggest simp of the year
- her husband doesnt seem too excited about it, actually he be looking depressedd AF. She was squealing the whole vid, while he was about to cry .A lot of people noticed this
-he had a vasectomy 20 years ago so he obviously doesnt want more kids. he wants to enjoy his retirement. she knew that from the moment she met him and was OK with it. she does not respect his choices at all. yes people can change their minds, but i doubt a man in his 60s want to take care of a crying baby all day and night plus he doesnt look happy. pretty sure he would lose his mind soon
- so going back to her complaining about not affording the IVF and going to sperm donor route which is messed AF especially when the man is old and you have alternatives, IN THE SAME DAY she posts this video, like just about an hour later, she posts on her instagram a gofundme link claiming a fan opened for her ( YEAH RIGHT) and asking people to donate money to her IVF
ABSOLUTELY SHAMELESS this woman is! this was all set up from the get go for her to go off her ego, and not spend a dime on the baby thing
-and the gullible followers are swallowing the bullshit god forbid you say anything in her comment section. your comment will either be removed, or her rabbid Karen followers will attack you
I actually think this woman is worse than Onision ,and that is because Greg is pretty much transparent all the time with how shitty he is , but this woman is worse because she has facade and with that she is succesfully manipulating gulible people to donate money when she could afford it. LIKE GET A FUCKING JOB YOU LAZY BITCH! its 20 fucking k not 200 . STOP trying to manipulate people into giving you money when theres ACTUAL people who need it

No. 789972

This would be a shit thread that would never go anywhere lol

No. 789975

if you look on gurrugossiper what is said about her, i would highly disagree. There's plenty of things to be said about this cow

No. 789976

I'd say put her in the YouTube's thread. She seems a tiny bit milky, just not enough to warrant her own thread.

No. 789978

That cow sounds more interesting than the shit going on in a lot of threads in /pt/. I'd also say try it in the youtube thread maybe, eventually she gains enough interest for a thread on her own. But maybe think about what else makes her milky

No. 789979

When I hear about e-beggers I'm kinda in. I'd say make her a thread and if it's not active enough, it can be closed later. It would be nice some fresh faces here.

No. 790045

Is there a Fundie (Christian fundamentalist wackjobs) thread already? Like for GirlDefined, the Duggars, and the batshit Rodrigues brood. They’re getting wilder by the day but wasn’t sure if there was already a thread or interest for one.

No. 790048

I want this so bad. There's a trad thot thread so I feel there should be one of these too

No. 790093

Ohh another vote for this please! I get a lot of my fundie milk from the Tard Baby General thread on KF but I'd love a general one here.

No. 790258

Third vote, I like casually lurking /r/fundiesnark but lc really has the best format for reading up on/discussing cows.

No. 790852

Do we have a thread on spazz Queen of Spades? Not only are there hrs of streams about her and tons of SSs of her threatening others (while claiming permavictim status without showing any proof,) and exchanged nudes with rsn (they’re repulsive but hilarious.) If not csn we start one cuz I have enough for a google drive replete with her encouraging others to commit suicide.

No. 790935

I remember someone - cow or not - who might've got involved in some drama and the only pic of them I remember is their huge tits in a jack-o-lantern shirt. Anyone remember who they are?

No. 791012

File: 1597726777817.jpeg (733.78 KB, 750x1277, 56C390B2-AA0E-4447-87C2-39DB38…)

Have you guys seen that @unicoleunicron girl on tiktok? She has an instagram and other social media too but I haven’t rlly dig into those yet. She makes videos about being a “starseed”/talking to aliens/etc and is generally fucking insane, used to be on meds but stopped taking them and made a whole video about how she did it and “doesn’t need them”, said she actually DATED ELON MUSK IN THE DREAM REALM and that he uses his dreams to communicate with his employees to be more efficient, constantly talks about how she has her own cult, got upset and turned off her comments bc people kept saying she was (obviously) schizophrenic. I couldn’t tell if she was serious or trolling at first but she does have a tattoo for her cult so. She also sells merch for it too, makes shitty music about it, and has a whole website for it.

Would anyone be interested in a thread on her, or is there another thread she could go in? I feel like she’s definitely cow material on grounds of how insanely delusional and obnoxious she is.

No. 791017

I've never heard of her or what being a "starseed" is but that's definitely an interesting enough basis for me to want to read about if it gets a good OP summary at the start of the thread.

No. 791030

I think a thread of crazy tiktokers would be good but this chick is crazy af. That other "light worker" who regularly posts herself speaking light language would be interesting tho im not so sure she is really milky.

No. 791038

There's a few docs on her and the "unicult" she runs. I think vice did one as well. She's fairly well known but I think a crazy indigo stared bitch general would be better

No. 791382

the entire "witchtok" community is really hilarious, constantly getting into drama, and i think unicole totally belongs. there's something new and milky every single week.
there are a few people who do 'light language' on tiktok, but the thing that makes unicoleunicron so milky is that she responds to criticism by attacking her critics and making videos of herself crying when people say "this could really affect people with untreated mental illness". she also profits off the membership of her 'cult members', the lightworker people are just kinda kooky and weird but they could be discussed in the thread too

No. 791845

What ever happened with that thing about somebody having "hexed the moon"?

No. 791879

File: 1598171669444.png (181.77 KB, 1440x885, Screenshot_20200823-092201.png)

I've been following baby_misery (Fifi Martinez) on Instagram for a while and she seems like she has some potential. She's a comic artist:

>At least 30 years old

>Lives with her parents and waxes lyrical about them being 'abusive'
>Goes through these dramatic relationships with dudes that look like her dad and posts like everything online in comic form
>Immediately calls the dude she just broke up with 'abusive' when she spent 1 year or so making art of him and posting how in love they are
>Total narcissist

No. 791931

File: 1598224163251.png (157.96 KB, 535x387, screenshot.png)

it begins

No. 792007

Don't have a clue who this is but it's always an eyebrow raiser when someone close to them cops them being mentioned on lolcow instantly

No. 792015

Yup. Sis is a farmer.

No. 792018

Or she’s a self poster lmao

No. 792025

I found this guy who basically sings about his issues in life in a very cringe way.

You can look at his entire channel.


No. 792027

This girl named Sharlene saroka who is infamous on the app called periscope constantly losing her shit over trolls etc when she should just leave the internet.


No. 792031

mother 4 thread? it's been over ten years since they started hyping it up and they barely have anything to show for it. sounds like there was a lot of drama among the devs too about copyright or some petty shit

No. 792059

would love it, but is there any actual milk? Like in detail?

No. 792150

File: 1598320975374.png (157.69 KB, 597x539, drama.png)

Looks like they scrubbed their old Twitter account, but they've been in development hell for a while now. Constantly promising the game will be released soon, but then they'd go quiet and miss their deadlines every time. Rebranded as Oddity RPG, apparently, which delayed the game even longer (shockers)

Found this in a reddit thread on the old mother4 reddit, can't seem to find the original announcements this is referring to tho. Honestly just sounds like a trainwreck or another Duke Nukem Forever.

No. 792152

I don't see anything particularly milky in the post, so I'm guessing you're right.

No. 792176

I feel kinda sorry for this guy. How did you possibly find this?

No. 792177

Is someone going to make a new thread for Pixy? I want to follow what's going on with her

No. 792198

Anyone making a new Luna thread?

No. 792408

Seconding both

No. 792479

File: 1598545338498.jpg (457.63 KB, 1080x1620, IMG_20200827_145139.jpg)

I just wanna post this somewhere cause wtf is going on with her body. She posted pics in a different outfit around the same time and she's looking normal

No. 792483

wisdom tooth lookin ass

No. 792487

You do it. Now.

No. 792489

Don't listen to this anon. Wait until someone can make a decent thread and summary and don't just slap up a quick half-ass job. I doubt there is any urgent Luna milk that NEEDS to be posted. If she leaves Lurch, ODs, goes to rehab, her mom kicks them out etc then sure make a shit thread to post milk. But Luna selfies, kawaii pills and AC posts aren't real milk.
Thanks in advance to the anon that does make her new thread though!

No. 792498

I do like having her content archived in one place, and lolcow is the easiest one to save on archive.org.
Nonmilk can be saged as always, some people enjoy Luna discussion even if not much is going on atm.

No. 792586

Lmao I thought it was some photoshoped parody for the next thread pic.

Someone from KF found a wild Tuna showing off her fentanyl stash on a Facebook group, more screenshots on her thread there.

No. 792623

This. I’m dying to hear how her job interview at the Japanese restaurant turned out.

No. 792871

jazmin bean thread pls(emoji)

No. 793065

What is there even to discuss about her?

No. 793079

Can we have another anti-anime thread?

No. 793082

What is going on with the PT thread? Did we ever get a new one, or are we supposed to use the one for her mom?

No. 793177

No I guess everybody is too lazy/busy to create one, same with Luna. I would but I simply do not have the time to do so

No. 793211

more preferable to wait for a good op than have a half assed one slapped together.

No. 793469

Can we have a thread about the degenerates on tik tok

No. 793495

Too much potential CP on tiptoe than I am comfortable with

No. 793533

No. 793554

please make a tiktoxic thread.

No. 793631

This would be a great thread

No. 793801

Wait, what the fuck? CP on tiktok? I've never heard of that. Well I don't use the app but still.

No. 793825

vaush thread. he gets discussed in shoe0nhead's threead a lot but he is so much more milky IMO. a pedo, racist, "brosocialist" sex pest with a hamplanet of a gf. check out his kiwi thread for more cringe

No. 793917

I'm down for this, I also think Kevin Gibes (also from Kiwi) needs a thread here as well.

No. 794195

Seconding a Kevin gibes thread, he's horror cow level and makes my blood boil. Also he's starting to regret his neo vag which is delicious milk

No. 794326

Vaush thread is really a must by now. Being Shoeue new daddy and all.

No. 794427

Danny Choo
> king of the Weebs, son of shoe mogul Jimmy Choo
> raging narcissist with a victim complex
> serial stalker of celebrities
> owner of Smart Doll
> "It's not a defective product, it's wabi sabi!"

Mirai Suenaga
> generic OC donutsteel schoolgirl
> Danny's mascot

Danny is obsessed with Japanese schoolgirls and fap. Moved to Japan, started "Culture Japan" ironically misinterpreting Japanese culture for weebs abroad, on his blog.
Read about his history of stalking and marvel at his disturbing lack of self-awareness in his autobiography: https://archive.dannychoo.com/en/posts/how-discovering-japan-changed-my-life?lang=en

Danny loves anime tiddies. He used to be a Volks (hobby company) fanboy and used a Volks Dollfie Dream (anime tiddy doll) to make a custom doll of his OC Mirai. Toured the volks manufacturing plant, then asked Volks to make an official Dollfie Dream (DD) of Mirai. Volks said "No." Danny's ego was so damaged by the rejection that he cried to daddy Choo, and daddy Choo gave baby boy Danny $30 mil to make his own big tiddy anime dolls. Despite his own dolls being near-replicas of DD, if you even mention Volks in a tweet or comment Danny will perma-ban you from his shop (even if you've never bought anything from him).

Danny's doll company is Smart Doll. It was called Smart Doll because the dolls were originally little robo-doll smart phone accessories. Now they're just regular dolls because robotics were too difficult, apparently. He's done shitty things to fuel his ego like not crediting his doll sculptors, photographing himself in front of a workstation as if he's done all the work. After one of his sculptors rage-quit and exposed him on a public forum Danny now claims he's the designer, not the sculptor.

Danny uses his dolls to RP petty revenge fantasies against his "haters" (anyone who doesn't worship him) and fills the doll product pages with baffling rants that read like an alien trying to simulate a human experience. Here's one where says having to deal with customers is literally the same thing as being a victim of the trans-Atlantic slave trade: https://shop.smartdoll.jp/products/smart-doll-courage

Danny doesn't want you to buy his shitty, overpriced dolls. In fact, he actively discourages it, because you're too much of a fucking idiot to be worthy of holding his OC waifus and any quality control issues or defects are YOUR fault, not his. Every time a customer receives an unsatisfactory product, Danny has a social media meltdown and adds another point to his disclaimer: https://info.smartdoll.jp/en/posts/before-you-buy

There's so much more that could be said about this man, but we'll leave that for his thread if he gets one.

Summary of choice antics posted on Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/HobbyDrama/comments/gsc4gc/anime_fashion_dolls_wabisabi_or_how_to_call/
Detailed summary about Smart Doll, by not Danny: https://nasilemaktech.com/comic-fiesta-smart-doll/

No. 794447

Holy fuck who is this absolute legend?

No. 794491

I need this cow in my life. Great summary anon.

No. 794633

Holy fuck, anon, this shit is glorious! I am utterly flabbergasted at this cow and my day is now amazing. Who knew my favorite shoe designer had a degenerative son!

No. 794690

No. 794794

Pixyteri thread when?

No. 794833

please make a thread, this is a perfect summary to start one

No. 795281

This would make for a great thread, thought I was the only one noticing how insane he is.
Many years ago I I read the section of his site about him obsessively stalking a Jpop idol and drawing self insert shipping art with her and was pretty shocked.
It was like holy shit, this girl needs a restraining order against Danny level of weird.

No. 795312

seconding this

No. 795390

File: 1600040588909.png (143.81 KB, 828x867, nthXnl1.png)

Will there be a new Luna thread? Her mom is in inpatient.

No. 795408

Someone make this please

No. 795480

I would make one but I'm not funny enough, please someone make this thread

No. 795498

>at least matthew and i and pumpkin have the place to ourselves

Unbelievable. The nerve on this girl.

No. 795501

please do it anyway, just update the last op and it will be fine

No. 795589

Choo summary anon here. I don't know how to post new threads to this board or which area he belongs in.

If another anon wants to make a thread and copy-paste from my summary that's fine by me.

Since others were interested here's his social media and websites for an OP:
> instagram = https://www.instagram.com/dannychoo
> twitter = https://twitter.com/dannychoo
> shop = https://shop.smartdoll.jp
> blog = https://archive.dannychoo.com/en

No. 795623

"funny" OPs are tryhard and cringe anyway. Just summarize the drama.

No. 795742

Was there even any drama in the last thread? In my opinion it would be fine to just copy paste the previous thread description and just update the title and previous thread link. How do you guys feel about that though?

No. 795744

That's what most threads do anyway. It's fine.

No. 795763

Made the Luna thread since nobody else was willing >>795757.
Sorry if it's shit, I didn't want to comb through the old thread for drops of powdered milk.

No. 795958

I second this. He has a lot of potential as a cow.

ot but is someone making a new PnP thread? It's never taken this long.

No. 795984

i think the dog dick she’d posted to her ig put everyone off

No. 796805

Someone should make a new Moo thread already. I’ve never made a thread so it would be shitty so waiting here.

No. 796882

There’s a first time for everything. My first thread was a Vicky thread when no one else wanted to make one, made me realise that it’s actually kinda fun.

No. 797029

Anyone want to do a new Pixyteri thread?

Her last thread is super old so there’s no summary, and the thought of writing a whole /pt/ summary is daunting.

No. 797176

I’ll make a new pnp thread if anyone wants it. She’s been uneventful since she moved but she’s sperging about her only client and bringing up her Breasts Like Daggers book again

No. 797270

Yes, please!

No. 797325

there already is a pnp thread with 118 posts?

No. 797331

Where? Can you link to it? I haven’t found one

No. 797342

Go to snow and just check the first few pages???

No. 797349

Okay”???” Sorry! It’s not obvious to everyone. I didn’t know that was how you did it, I’ve been following her threads for years but that’s all i do on here. I’ve always just googled the previous threads and all show up, but this one clearly didn’t. Thanks!

No. 797454

Great. For years? Dang try integrating baby.

No. 797469

What about a "hippycrites" thread for all the fake nomadic/spiritual types who preach self acceptance despite shopping and plastic surgery?

No. 797470


No. 797883

Romaarmy on tiktok seems to have fights and online drama going on but I'm not familiar. Anyone?

No. 798229

Can someone make a new MtF thread? I would again, but I don't have a working laptop with me rn.

No. 798618

File: 1601756190772.png (404.38 KB, 333x604, csa.png)

Is anyone interested in a thread about Creepshow Art? She's been mentioned in the artist salt thread, tl;dr she's a drama youtuber who narrates over her shit-tier art, circlejerks with other dramatubers like Ready to Glare, acts like a bumbling teen despite being 27, overshares on Twitter and has major "unpopular fat girl is cool online" cope personality, definitely lurks lolcow


No. 798619

that would be interesting!

No. 798627

She is definitely cow material to me. Her commentary on other cows makes her a metacow and her size makes her a megacow.

No. 798632

is it weird to say that i could tell she was a fatass just by her voice alone before ever seeing this pic

No. 798655

Is she the commentator that talks about being homeless every time she's criticized?

No. 798661

No. 798670

Yeah and looooves talking about her crushes on girls while married to man (not judging particularly but it's what it is)

Speaking of youtubers, I'm sorta surprised there's no thread on the gabbie show/gabbi hanna. She's so overthetop and 'manipulative' (if you're like five)

No. 798674

yes agreed. Would love to see a thread on her she's very much a cow

No. 798713

Cool, I only follow her twitter spergouts and don't know enough about her Youtube drama because I can't stand her voice, can anyone contribute a summary of her YT milk?

No. 798718

You can still be married in a heteroromantic relationship and feel attracted to also another gender. Get over it, it’s called being bisexual.

But I second this. Specially with the drama with Tobi, I’d like to se a Shannon CreepShowArt thread too!

No. 798730

gabbie hanna is usually discussed in the youtuber general thread in snow, which is probably where she belongs. she only creates drama when she needs to promote shit so her thread probably wouldn’t be active enough to be separated from the youtube thread

No. 798853

Didn’t she cozy up to Keemstar even tho she also likes to pretend to have a moral high ground to other cows?

No. 798887

File: 1601922381633.png (35.72 KB, 592x122, Screenshot at Oct 05 20-23-00.…)

Yes, and H3h3 and her are buddies now that he flexed his connections to have her (and some other) channels remonetized. Thread needs to happen seeing as she's already lurking ITT and tweeted pic related hours after >>798670 was posted. She's an endless source of cringe and is bound to blow up soon because she keeps involving herself in drama and desperately sucks up to other youtubers including Edwin's Generation and edgelords like Keem and John Swan. She flipflops between "I'm an ~idiot human~ who should have no responsibilities uwu" and doing her moralfagging youtube lecturer routine.

No. 798901

I remember watching one of her videos and almost immediately realizing she lurks.
It's kind of annoying that she and other drama/commentary channels like Edwin, Repzion, etc. come here to lift info because they're too lazy to do their own research. And then she tries to take the moral high ground

No. 798966

She absolutely used to lurk and post in the Artist Salt thread, I'd love to see her reaction to getting a thread of her own. I'm tired of her super simping over literally every other YouTuber in existence.

No. 798970

she got her posts outed once too didnt she? not sure if i can recall. i think i also remember that everyone in the artsalt thread agreed to not talk about her and give her the attention. i always tinfoiled it was her making those posts since her terrible art and ugly mug were the only things ever talked about kek

No. 799063

File: 1602035650974.jpeg (22.69 KB, 400x400, 8AFF52F5-9196-4E33-97C5-8FF7D2…)

Can someone make a rooster teeth and achievement hunter thread?

No. 799103


god i want there to be one so bad

AH has been milky for years and i'm celebrating ryan's exposal so hard

No. 799118

Hol’ up

I used to love RT quite a few years ago and Ryan was my fav, what happened here? I can’t find anything milky on him, but maybe I’m looking in the wrong places. I would love a thread to catch up.

No. 799132


Ryan and Adam Kovic were exposed as cheating on their wives and sending nudes to (in Ryan‘s case a 17 year old) fans.

I‘m not surprised. Ryan has been a creep for years.

No. 799133

right now it’s all on the youtube thread on snow

No. 799189

>>799063 RT thread will only attract scrotes, they're already crawling on the Youtuber General thread

But if you have milk drop it in there. I absorb so much RT by living with someone who loves them so I'm morbidly curious. Can't wait for Fiona to leave and expose their tOxIc wOrK enViRoNmEnT because she stands out like a sore thumb diversity hire and seems miserable.

No. 799195

you’ve already been told on that thread: just because people disagree with you doesn’t mean they’re men, kek. just say you’re mad and go

No. 799235

she already did kek

No. 799615

New Vicky Shingles thread please. Current one is at max limit.

No. 799637

New Onion thread when?

No. 799639

You beat me to it but yes seconding that, humbly requesting a new Onision thread.
If it's already being worked on forget I asked and thank you in advance.

No. 799655

Is there any news on pixyteri?

No. 799782

Day 2: still no Onion thread

No. 799785

People don’t want to make threads because there is so much bitching if the poster picks the “wrong” picture or leaves something out.

No. 799801

I mean, nobody knows who makes the thread so if anon is being concerned about a few bitching anons, that's super autistic. People will post in thread even if it's shit.
Also, I think most anons use mobile
now and it's impossible to make a thread on mobile.
So, go forth newly empowered anons and make your own new thread.

No. 799805

Is there anything even remotely milky going on? Thread can wait a week for all I care, it'll be the same shit either way:
>streams only for the same 20 tards to tune in
>possible OF posts nobody cares about
>twitter sperging
>new upload on his channel nobody will watch
>something possibly milky happens only for it to fizzle out into nothing
>anons writing the same paragraphs on why he's washed up, ugly, retarded, etc.
Rinse. Repeat. Unless Lainey fucking dies in the coming week, we can wait.

No. 799825

I quit doing it because I would spend 30 minutes reading through the autism, self posting discord friends, and no-sage in the last thread to make the summary and choose a popular choice for the pic and then discover while I was doing that, someone impatiently posted a botched one was rightfully complained about.

There needs to be better instructions on how to do it maybe I guess.

Yeah, this is about right.

Still, I'll make one now.

No. 799831

Ok new Onision thread at >>799829
Can't post on old thread because of limit

If there was any milk hidden by sage that I was supposed summarise, well… be mad.

No. 799840

As someone who has been regularly keeping up with Onision threads since beginning, I know what you're talking about. The effort to keep his threads organized and summarized is worth it imo and I appreciate what you do

No. 799858

How about a thread for the beanshype situation on Twitter? She incriminated herself for marrying a dementia patient she cares for, laughing about how she will take his sole inheritance when he dies and that he's loaded. She nuked her account but the situation is still developing.

No. 799860

File: 1602620626381.jpg (98.01 KB, 598x1122, beanshype.jpg)

Forgot to add pic related

No. 799869

File: 1602627098589.png (423.73 KB, 664x1154, tPpiqR9.png)

seconding this

No. 799873

I could try making the thread unless somebody else wants to do it

No. 799885

Nevermind my OP making skills aren't up to it. The screenshots and information is out there if someone else wants to do it.

No. 799888

File: 1602648766396.jpg (68.04 KB, 665x469, mugshot.jpg)

This man who goes by Poe/totallynotpoe/thecomedianpoe/Psycho Jack Films has been on my radar lately. He's 22/23 years old and is a self proclaimed "daddy" or caregiver for his live-in girlfriend, who is a little. They make videos together detailing their polyamorous lifestyle with the other emo girls he forces into their relationship that only last a few months at a time. His live-in girlfriend works at Burger King while he spends his days e-begging, whining about being an adult and dodging a slew of allegations against him.

Their videos are incredibly cringey but I think whats worse is his TikToks where he literally churns out a shit ton of embarrassing content daily. A large amount of his videos/tiktoks are him begging for money from his underage followers to provide more money for his super cool internet famou$$ """lifestyle""" (I.E. hair dye for his goffick partners and fast food delivery/sex toys for himself). He clearly has a porn/sex addiction as some of the videos are him scrolling through his internet history, which shows hours of his time being spent on porn sites.

He was arrested semi-recently and went on Tiktok begging for money to be bailed out. His mugshot has been going around lately because he has numerous accusations of being a groomer, pedophile, and being physically abusive to his exes.

He also had a child with one of his girlfriends that he "gave up" because he couldnt handle it then went to make tiktok skits and jokes about it. Literally has Onion levels of narcissism.

No. 799892

I've never heard of this guy, I'd be interested in a thread

No. 799919

Kinda boring but if someone can be fucked they should make a new ridiculous photoshoppers with Albany Cope as thread pic. Anons dug up some pretty incriminating old pics last thread.

No. 799923

Omg Thank you for posting this. I was on tiktok and he popped up singing some song about polyamory which was cringey and I looked in the comments and people were mentioning drama but it didn't say who he was and it wasn't his official account so I had no idea who to Google.
I would love a thread on him, he sounds like a freak

No. 800004

I would be interested in a thread on poe! I've been casually watching his antics for a while. He's been accused of grooming his underage fans but I currently can't find the evidence for that right now. His girlfriend Kitty looks fucking miserable in all his videos

No. 800022

File: 1602780775578.png (431.36 KB, 611x613, スクリーンショット 2020-10-05 100153.pn…)

I think a thread on schizophrenic anitwitter cults could have potential. They've been popping up on every platform imaginable lately but I noticed a newfag tried to make one but it had a shit useless OP so they were banned. I have caps I could contribute but maybe it'd be better to contain that shit in existing threads like the tradthot one or incel one (I think there was one in OT at one point? I forgot). I've seen a few related users posted in the leftthot thread and the scrotes in these cults brag on twitter about raiding /w/.

They've been way too wild lately, making unironic suicide pacts (which is honestly more alarming than milky) but I'd feel dirty for giving them attention since it could encourage them or I'd just make a thread myself if anyone cared.
Another problem is the pickmes involved are generally cosplay thots that are likely to be farmers so that could be hell for mods to deal with. Pic related.

Never heard of this dude but he sounds pretty deserving of a thread.

I'd be interested in both of these as well, I know there's plenty of RT milk in the general youtuber thread but there'll be enough content for a decent thread.

I've been waiting for a Creepshow thread for a couple of years just because something about her superiority and tone of voice drives me insane. I have no clue how she's so confident about her art when it looks so… bland? It was obvious to me from just the first minute of hearing her talk that she obsessively reads lolcow all day every day and I'm glad it wasn't just me thinking that.
I have no clue how she manages to doxx her full name all of the time by 'accident'.

I imagine any girl that speaks in that way must be a farmer or that most of us are secretly huge cows ourselves and it makes it torture to watch most female commentary youtubers even if they're not as cringe inducing. It really sucks because edgy male commentary channels are so stale.

I don't have a problem with youtubers using the farms for research material it just pains me when they don't put any effort into hiding that, knowing how to intergrate or clearly won't bother to research other sources.

No. 800023

>schizophrenic anitwitter cults
We already have the animecore thread

No. 800150

I'm suuuuuuuuper interested in this, plus throwing in some other animeavatars shenanigans

I know this is a joke but I feel like this is different for some reason

No. 800151

interesting, would like to see it

No. 800564

No. 800871

I dont know why theres still no Gabbie Hanna aka thegabbieshow thread she so problematic right now. I am quite tired of speaking about her on the GG discord as the snowflakes there are so uptight and like to play the moralistic wolfs. God forbid you say anything about her hot dog tits. You can say anything about the nose, but the tits draw the line. ugh

No. 800971

File: 1603162383209.jpg (312.16 KB, 1280x720, 1590348337129.jpg)

Tennille Kalitta/Jensen/Brenner/Wilton. Been around the interwebs forever. Has most recently turned to vlogging, channel Wilton in Real Life. Thrice-married, birthed 3 children she didn't raise due to neglect, lives in Northern Michigan in a falling apart-trailer with husband #3. 43 or so years old, 300+ lbs, terminally unemployed, currently living off husband's disability. Any time she comes into money, splurges on crap and then cries poor every other moment. This ss is from her most recent blog featuring her most recent splurge, the Jeffree Star Blood Lust palatte. Typical bizarre choice, since she doesn't wear makeup. Witness the results. Her vlogging seems some kind of strange attention-whoring compulsion, since she gets over the top butthurt by even the
Smallest of criticisms.

No. 801014

Even after reading this I still think I'm looking at a no-effort MtF transgender.

No. 801069

File: 1603212714506.jpg (89.64 KB, 562x1000, worrysome.jpg)

Aidan Gallagher is really starting to freak me out.

I was hoping that his weird vibe was just an unfortunate side effect of being a child actor, but it’s beginning to look a bit closer to the bone than that, and with his new 20$ a month chatcult my concern is shifting to his fans.

He might have been driven nuts by childhood fame and betrayal but the end result is the same, he’s begun to treat people in questionable ways. I would like to see a thread made because he’s kind of a gaslighter and it would be good to have a place for screenshots that he can’t have his fans report or take down.

No. 801072

He's the umbrella academy kid right? What's this about his chatcult? I'd like to know more.

No. 801077

sounds milky but imagine all his underaged fans coming onto this board to whiteknight him. bad idea.

No. 801091

File: 1603216499807.jpg (734.44 KB, 1352x1090, patreon.jpg)

Basically he started a Patreon where he’s more or less selling access to himself, which seems like a recipe for disaster on it’s own, but from what I’ve seen it only gets messier from there because he’s way more turbulent than he looks.

The discord isn’t really that exciting, since it’s all just one room, but it’s only been a month and a half so the worst is yet to come. From what I’ve seen, you can get kicked fairly easily, which sucks for 20$.

If I had to give a rough comparison so you know the sinister play of subtlety going on, the way he gets angry and defensive with people is like a weird guitar-boy shadow of the way Jeffree Starr does conflict resolution, down to the iffy understanding of the law. It’s always wrapped up in some convoluted context where you could make an argument for his side, but he’s naturally gifted when it comes to twisting the knife.

No. 801098

Honestly I knew this kid is a raging narcissist the second I saw him on screen playing that little fucker in The Umbrella Academy. I know people are good at acting, but not as good as that, and his character doesn't have five minutes in the series where he doesn't shit on people for being subpar. Would love a thread but I guess it might be closed soon with a forwarding towards the Celebricows thread in (now closed) /ot/.

No. 801121

You can post her in the YouTube thread?

No. 801131

No. 801279

File: 1603283650184.jpg (258.33 KB, 854x1293, Screenshot_20201021_132513.jpg)

Can we have a fresh alida /prism Wolfe thread? After hanging with older sugar babies, she now has a relationship with a 40+ guy,and preaches self acceptance despite clearly editing her appearance and having fillers. She used to have a thread on pull where people had uncovered her scamming followers by trying to rip of other artists on etzy. Seems like there's something deeper going on there.

No. 801407

Kek, I literally just saw this cow on IG when searching in the dakota rose tag. No idea who she is but that was funny to me.

No. 801438

do you have any unshopped pictures of her? all i know is that she was/is really into lana del rey

No. 801484

The main one that comes to mind is one she edited of herself as a baby so it looked like she was born with her lips instead of owning up to fillers. Don't think the pictures would be allowed on here due to her age at the time they were taken but you can find them on her old thread on pull with the original unedited photo and ones of her pre fillers

No. 801571

isn't posting baby photos of cows ok? It has happened in many threads
The rule is supposed to protect actual children from getting threads.

No. 802252

Is there a thread on this guy here already? I have only seen Rogue Internet Man cover him as his own personal lolcow.






I am not much for making threads but there is milk there.

No. 802343


Kek. Not sure this guy is popular enough but he sure is pitiful.

No. 802784

Can someone make a new thread about Usagi Kou? Her thread got the 1100 notice.

No. 803030

second this, would make it but I’ve never done one and I don’t want to fuck it up or miss anything

No. 803294

Can we have a separate babivampire thread? Its taking over the e-girl/e-boy general and people keep derailing. It seems like she's milky enough to finally have a thread.

No. 803673

File: 1604608877821.png (582.71 KB, 1413x567, Screen Shot 2020-11-05 at 12.4…)

Can we have a thread about Sayathefox. She's a serial photoshopper and liar. She claimed to have had 10hr surgery related to cancer but was posting pictures in south Korea the next day. Took a year off and came back with a new face. ( new nose, tits and possibly jawline). She has a past history of begging for donations in exchange for cosplay pictures but never produced. ( was suspected of using the thousands on PS) Whines about her mental health but gets bitchy if fans ask her what's wrong. Claims her extremely photoshopped hips and plastic tits are all-natural. She used to lurk here and on PULL as she sent stans to defend her on PULL. ( Unfortunately, screenshots have been lost due to PULL shutting down)

No. 803675

File: 1604609074925.png (212.12 KB, 428x429, Screen Shot 2020-11-05 at 3.39…)

>All natural.Not edited or plastic surgery

No. 803761

File: 1604676014539.jpg (735.01 KB, 1080x2059, 20201106_151709.jpg)

Not sure if thread worthy but definitely a lolcow. Found her through a rude comment she left on one of Erin Micklow's posts from the alt thread.

Normie tranny tier uggo that has bought all of her followers, 50k yet only gets maybe 1 or 2 comments and 20 views per post. Fake likes and no engagement. When called out on it she claimed she's just smart for "hacking the algorithm" and typical narc that deflects everything

No. 803798

Doesn't seem like enough milk for a whole thread. Does it fit in one of the group thread themes?

No. 803878

Yeah, seems like it could go in the instahoe or shooping thread.

No. 804220

At first glance, I thought that was Jeffree Star. How uncanny.


No. 804447

Anyone into a possible Munchausen by Proxy/Munchausen by Internet snowflake?

Marybeth Marr is a youtuber, dog groomer, attention whore, and scammer.

She's obsessed with finding a diagnosis for her daughter, Kelbee.
She says Kelbee has Autism, but the Mayo clinic confirmed she doesn't. Marybeth's been deleting content where she admitted this, and just chooses to say she's autistic anyway.

She shaves the girls head because of "sensory issues" and has put her back in pullups (she's 4) because she constantly has diarrhea. Sure.

She currently has a Gofundme where you can see all the shit she's put this kid through. All kinds of tests but nothing's been found, so she's hospital shopping.

She's already raised $15,000.

A few people have just started following her on r/munchausebyinternet.

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClIF23Xtf5drIEIqZWZ9bcQ

GoFundMe: https://www.gofundme.com/f/help-kelbee-fight-ibd-medical-costs

No. 804449

I would love to have a munchie thread again.

No. 804458

I would love one, but last I heard munchie threads were banned

No. 804463

Munchie threads have been allowed again but all the dedicated farmers into munchies have moved onto reddit or KF. I'd love a munch thread here but I don't know if it'll take off again. LC had the most comprehensive threads until they were banned by Admin and I think that was a terrible decision and major loss for LC content. KateFarmsShill is one of best munchie hunters and she used to be one of ours.
If you do make one, you'll have to put a huge warning about blogging bc no1curr how bad anons super legit sickness is compared to a cows.
If it does become a popular thread I'd apply to Jannie it since I hate farmers blogging but love munchies and can only lurk at KF and won't go to reddit.

No. 804482

I think it's worth giving a shot if someone wants to make the thread. It might bring more people to the site. LC has been sorta fading these days.

May I ask why the threads were banned at one point?

No. 804563

It was full of munchie farmers themselves. Most threads were full of people saying “this munchie can’t possibly have this illness because I have this legit totally real illness” and then they’d go off on long paragraphs of their lives and illnesses like anyone cared. I liked the munchi threads too but they were so irritating to read. The Reddit is full of them too.

That and also the usual infighting and such.

No. 804618

File: 1605212899573.gif (3.52 MB, 466x222, cakefail.gif)

I looked and couldn't find anything. Could we have a baking/cooking thread perhaps in OT? I wouldn't mind having a thread where anons could share recipes and tips.

No. 804620

Just start another one. We've had a few but the most recent one was locked during /ot/'s closure.

No. 804696

File: 1605243777201.jpg (33.71 KB, 351x492, ga8bsSG.jpg)

Would anyone be interested in a cosplay thread in /g/? Mostly for advice and posting resources or pics. It doesn't look like there's a thread like this, at least in the first few pages of /g/.

No. 804698

I would love too see that happen, I’m no good at starting threads but seconding this idea.

No. 804738

That would be fun. As long as we talk about actual cosplay stuff and not the only fans whores

No. 804840

Can someone please make a new thread for Jonny Craig & Syd.so.small aka syd.o.knee?

Recent thread is full:

No. 804888

Is done

No. 804950

So, seems like there's a bunch stuff regarding Ashley b coffin, when was the last thread? can't find it, might be time to do a new one

No. 805012

piggybacking off this as related somewhat, but could we perhaps get a convention/cosplay drama thread in w? There's interest but we are kinda clogging up the costhot thread. I know we had the cringe thread but I think having a general thread might work better since it's already been necro'd once

No. 805049

There’s an Ashleigh Coffin thread on /snow, last post was since your post. Find some milk on her!

No. 805050

my bad, it’s on /pt/

No. 805064

Jenna Lynn Meowri? Fegalvao?

No. 805083

How about a thread for Belle Delphine skinwalkers? I see so many of these girls on Instagram that wear the same pink wig and make her expressions and then edit their face to look identical to hers. A lot of them really could pass their pictures off as Belle because they've gone so far to skinwalk her and edit their photos.
Example I can think off the top of my head is rusty.fawkes on Insta but I come across these girls daily on my explore feed.

No. 805100

I think there was a copycat-thread about this but it might be autosaged since belle's thread is.

No. 805158

This is just e-thots/instahoes general

No. 805817

File: 1606067336047.png (294.38 KB, 493x532, A1C1687D-349F-43E9-B8FB-16E471…)

Would anyone use a dialectical behavioral therapy thread (most commonly used to treat bpd/addiction/eating disorders) in ot?

No. 805836

yes pls

No. 805883

Oh no, the Victoria Bella Morte / Vicky Shingles thread is locked. That was a really quick one. Usually Vic threads last at least 3 months but the last one was wild with the incel guy blogging in her thread and then the other girl Kayla aka obese Vic posting as well. I'm requesting a new Vic thread.

No. 805925

Tbh I wanted to make a simple thread about people discussing youtubers they hate, youtubers they like, and other stuff. But I'm afraid it will cause too much infighting.
also my fear that it wouldn't get too much traction so

No. 805948

File: 1606153381683.jpeg (995.24 KB, 1242x1802, 73506A77-088B-49BD-AB77-F322D9…)

I’ve been thinking about compiling a thread on the YouTubers and Twitter/Reddit groups that are obsessed with Katie Joy Paulson. She has her own lolcow thread. But her critics are becoming more insane than she ever was. Most are catty and dramatic Teen Mom fans, Christian fundamentalist housewives determined to defend the Duggar family/19 kids and counting “Quiverful” extremist Christian cult, Shane/Jeffrey and/or Tati stans, Amazing Atheist type sex creeps who stand by a man Katie Joy accused of workplace sexual harassment because #metoo is men’s oppression.

Aside from the handful of solid and legitimate criticism and milk on Katie Joy. Most seem to be cows themselves. They spend most of their time accusing her of neglect because the husband is the “stay at home dad” while she works full time. Accusing her of “lying” to subscribers about her addictions because she isn’t forthcoming to strangers about a possible relapse?
Stalking her hometown and posting local news articles where she was interviewed about her special needs son
Many have been implicated by police for harassing her neighbors and photographing her neighbors
Scumbag analysis of a video where she opens up about her experience of being drugged and date raped. Try to debunk her word choice where she describes coming in and out of consciousness as proof of consent. Evil
Bad faith / pea brain interpretations of much of her posts and content. I.e. she speaks out on a reality tv abusive douchbag who tried to start a rumor his ex boyfriend has aids. The Reddit claim: “Katie defending the ex is actually /spreading/ the rumor that a man has AIDS” somehow ignoring that she has to state the rumor in order to debunk it and defend the man from the abusive ex.
Pic: when the farmer becomes the cow

No. 805981

anon that's actually a cool idea. I would like to see the thread!!

No. 806097

It’s kind of like how Amberlynn Reid’s critics became the cows themselves.
I visited her Reddit thread to try to get a grasp on the Tati lawsuit and “doxxing” but it was just filled with boomer-level memes making fun of her makeup and speculating on why she and her husband sleep separately (it’s because he has to watch their young son but they wouldn’t accept that).
I would be down for the thread because I know there will be some good cringe, as long as it doesn’t devolve into putting Katie on a pedestal. She’s posted the link to lolcow so it’s safe to say she lurks

No. 806184

Huh? They don't have children

No. 806185

Definitely the aim would be to mock the cringe found in the commentary crowd surrounding her. Which is truly overflowing. “But Katie bad” / “but Katie good” would definitely be off limits. Debunking stupid accusations circulating on the subreddit would be ok for the sake of milk. But it’s a fine line

No. 806188

Katie and her husband have a son. The Reddit was speculating her marriage was falling apart because her husband has been sleeping in their kid's room because he was sick or something

No. 806431

New Onision thread please?

No. 806437

Eugenia cooney and Lilly Singh threads

No. 806484

There was a really fat 90df thread in OT. Can it be brought here? Is it milky enough

No. 806485

not really a request, just awaring you all of this guy

tl;dr conficted pedofile and retarded impulsive criminal makes absurd stolen valor claims, goes off to iraq/syria to "fight isis", does fuckall over there and takes selfies, brags to journo that he's a biker named Necromancer, gets outed as a chomo.

kinda old but maybe there's some cow archeology or hidden milk somewhere

is it stretching the cow analogy to refer to old milk as cheese?


No. 806488

Sorry anon, Onion thread is on autosage until something milky actually happens.

No. 806620

imo the YT general thread in /snow/ is a good place for them, neither are really interesting enough to merit their own threads

No. 806621

That was an interesting read anon. Looks like that guy/pedo is now with antifa in Denver. I'm sure he's still quite milky and will keep him on my personal cow roster.

No. 806818

Onision thread is full now, new Onision thread, please?

No. 806821

New Gregory von der Poo thread:

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