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File: 1660234927066.jpg (950.61 KB, 2296x2592, combine_images.jpg)

No. 1298164

Last thread >>1280311

>>1280508 , >>1280608 Rumors that Prince William likes to be pegged.
>>1280528 The Wendy williams show has been cancelled and youtube channel deleted.
>>1280593 , >>1280777 , >>1282397 , >>1285986 the new marilyn monroe movie.
>>1280722 , >>1290810 People losing their minds because Doja Cat shaved her head.
>>1281499 , >>1281516 , >>1281732 Beyonce's styling for her new album.
>>1282309 Shakira is facing 8 years in jail over 14.5 mil tax fraud. She decided to go to trial instead of accepting plea offered by spanish prosecutors.
>>1282618 Elon Musk accused of having a affair with a billionaires wife.
>>1283296 Jameela Jamil casted in a new marvel movie.
>>1283791 Taylor Swift was ranked number one in a list of private jet CO2 pollution emissions.
>>1284635 Jennifer Lopez has now officially changed her name to Jennifer Affleck.
>>1285213 Emrata confirms her husband was cheating on her.
>>1285394 Nichelle Nicols passed away on the 31st at 89.
>>1286435 Elon musk trying to subtweet his exes.
>>1286611 Recent selfie of how Zayn Malik looks.
>>1287013 Themi era is over and now she is back to Demi again.
>>1287028 , >>1294326 creepy gross has-been comedian.
>>1287342 , >>1287343 Bella Hadid spotted looking sickly and corpse-like.
>>1290826 , >>1290643 , >>1287517 , >>1290822 People unsealed court documents which unveiled alot of bad things about Johhny depp.
>>1287519 Megan fox and Kourtney Kardashian queerbaiting.
>>1288296 , >>1288308 , >>1288313 Beyonce removes a sample of ''milkshake'' from her song ''energy'' after Kelis calls her out for song theft, turns out Kelis doesnt even own the credits to Milkshake and its not her song anymore.
>>1289063 Bill Skarsgard and FKA Twigs set to Star in ‘The Crow’ Reboot, with Rupert Sanders Directing.
>>1289498 , >>1290385 , >>1294732 , >>1294740 More Ezra Miller news.
>>1290632 Jennete McCurdy claims Nickelodeon offered her 300k as long as she doesn't speak publicly about her experiences with Nickelodeaon.
>>1290747 Austin Butlers ex-gf meeting his future girlfriend….
>>1291049 boyega-chan is back?
>>1291300 Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson break up.
>>1291372 Anne Heche crashed into a garage, fled the scene and crashed again into someone's house. She's severely burned and in critical condition.
>>1292342 , >>1293413 , >>1292407 People still losing their minds because Doja is now bald and not wearing makeup.
>>1292377 Messages between Marilyn Manson and Johnny Depp were published.
>>1294599 Olivia Newton-John dies at 73.
>>1294608 Kanye West still threatening Pete.
>>1294839 , >>1294861 , >>1294845 , >>1294867 Orange Mans home got raided by the FBI.
>>1294982 Lana Del rey tried to photoshop her rolls away.
>>1296395 Rita Ora and Taika Waititi get married.
>>1296816 , >>1296818 , >>1296889 Bella Thorne current appearance.

-This is the celebricows thread not the tinfoil one, so take all retarded schizo tinfoil conspiracies to other threads.
-Report bait/racebait/tinfoil instead of responding to them since it leads to derailing and infighting.

No. 1298170

Great write up OP, but you goofed up on Dane Cook summary

No. 1298176

File: 1660235806342.jpeg (70 KB, 872x1280, brit tmz.jpeg)

Britney Spear's kids (unauthorized) filmed her arguing with them so their father could post on the internet. Keven's intention again to show she would not be a capable mother because she is arguing they need to protect themselves against the cold.

Pretty normal discussion among a mom and her teen sons. I know they are still teenagers and all, but they are just growing up to be two leeches of her.
link: https://www.tmz.com/watch/2022-08-11-081022-britney-kids-1467914-702/

No. 1298179

well he is a gross has-been comedian kek, but yeah i should have written more on his summary.

No. 1298181

File: 1660236221725.jpeg (43.54 KB, 500x361, 64D195C1-400C-48A2-9A2A-94713D…)

To the anons talking about how #based their relationship is, this is him at 18 and her at 42. She’s known him since he was 8.

No. 1298182

File: 1660236240960.jpg (95.63 KB, 623x712, rs_623x712-180325125221-634-ke…)

The misogyny is hideous. I hate K Fed. He's a fucking hypocrite. He fucked a porn star in his kids' playroom, he smokes weed and is around strippers, but oh, that isn't embarrassing or bad parenting. Not to mention Britney being naked in Toxic was fine or in any application that makes them money, but not on her own terms.

No. 1298183

you bring this up every thread, its not milk and even if it was its still old mild. You weirdo.

No. 1298185

This the first time I brought it up eat shit please schizoid

No. 1298188

as long as she wasn't fucking when he was a minor then idk the problem?

No. 1298190

lol how defensive , retarded pickme/scrote got triggered because she cant spam the same old milk everytime.

No. 1298191

File: 1660236525774.png (1.23 MB, 1080x1370, Screenshot_20220811-094708.png)

Kevin openly with weed (account is his brother). There is a photo of his brother hugging Sean and Jayden right next to this photos in the same post so it was more than likely at the same event.

No. 1298192

funny how he always shows up when anons start talking about creepy men with younger women….its almost like they are trying to deflect and make people forget about those creepy men by always using the rare age cap couples where the woman is older.

No. 1298193

I saw this online yesterday and decided to share. Cry me a river. If you’re too fragile to handle something as insignificant as a post about predatory behavior in the celebricows thread then maybe you should go be precious somewhere else. I hate men and think they’re disgusting degenerate too—isn’t it crazy that two things can be true at one time. Getting defensive over a picture.

No. 1298195

What are you talking about? Kek it’s truly getting schizo in here, I’m one of the anons making half of the manhate posts and spamming Buffalo Bill.

No. 1298198

File: 1660236744156.jpeg (172.05 KB, 1080x1080, 6A7E0ED7-F873-49F6-A40A-F0FF42…)

I cannot believe this sack of leathered dust is about to star in a period piece.

No. 1298199

Kacey Jordan talking about fucking Federline in his kids' playroom:

Kacey Jordan also babysat Jayden under Federline's direction. I can't find the YouTube links for these yet, I will keep on looking.

No. 1298200

You posted this same shit before and are mad that some anons jokingly said it was based, get a fucking grip lmao.

No. 1298205

Are there any anons here who keep up with Wendy Williams or watched her show?

Its sad to see what she is becoming, her health is deteriorating.

No. 1298210

File: 1660237242260.jpg (Spoiler Image,173.07 KB, 1020x2207, Snapchat-1491718835.jpg)

Tommy Lee posted this on his Instagram. His wife commented laughing at it, he deleted it minutes later. I wonder if she posted it from his phone?

No. 1298214

Wow he was so cute at 18

No. 1298220

so many of these has-been rockstars never grew up, they are still stuck in their early 20's phase of shock value content and posting their private parts.
Reminds me of how Howie Mandel posting that prolapse butthole on tiktok.

No. 1298221

I have never posted it and didn’t know it was posted. You do realize multiple anons visit this site…right?

No. 1298222

File: 1660237640034.jpg (97.56 KB, 634x931, 09D767E200000514-0-image-a-3_1…)

and ? she wasn't molesting him when he was a minor and you know what I unironically believe that it would be better for society if younger men sleeping with older women was the norm
Think about it for a minute

>men in their early 20s are stronger

>they have healthy sex drives and a peepee that works
>they look their best at this age
>women live longer than men on average
>a younger man will probably not die before you
>if they want to be the provider, they have longer time to do it during your companionship
>they still have a zest for life and some goals
>younger men are not yet bitter from divorce
>by taking the younger hotties while they still have potential we may train a generation of men to be of value, instead of squandering their life away on weed, videogames and porn

on the other hand there's not much an older man can offer a younger woman, I mean at most they can offer money but that's not a key for a healthy or meaningful relationship

No. 1298225

not this shit again.
you didnt know it was posted yet know that anons said it was based,ok, go eat dog shit you oxymoron spergs i swear.

No. 1298227

she needs to basically cut off her kids for her own safety honestly

No. 1298229

maybe it's sad on a human level but she's such a vile person, has said and done some of the most disgusting things publicly at people all for a quick laugh or view and anyone who acts like that deserves all the karma in the world

No. 1298230

im seeing people say she has graves disease but i dont know how true that is.
She started spiralling around the time her husband cheated on her and got his mistress pregnant and then used wendys money to finance his mistress, wendys mom also died around that time.

No. 1298232

Nta ok but not 18? I'd agree with you if it was the case that he was like 25 or something but 18 really is too young. What can a teenager bring to the table for an adult woman? At least wait until he's an actual adult with relationship skills first.

And on the topic, has she groomed him? Like is this another one of those "oop they started dating a week after he turned 18" type of things where you know something sketchy has been going on for a while?

No. 1298235

anon she just gossiped the only difference between us here and her was that she was doing it publicly. Do you really think she deserved karma because of that.

Also she was entertaining and funny.

No. 1298236

File: 1660238196723.gif (951.26 KB, 500x273, 2901C32A-2D6C-4993-B82E-A9BF7C…)

every britbong will know him from this movie. angus, thongs and perfect snogging

No. 1298238

I think you would think differently if the genders were switched anon

No. 1298239

nta but my granddad married my grandma at 15 and she 23 and already had a child by his brother(who had died and that's why he was marrying her) its not that uncommon and its not pedophilic either, it just kinda happens sometimes

No. 1298240

nta but no shit.

No. 1298241

remember to bring this no-milk/old milk up the next thread too and the thread after that too. Since you cant stop.

No. 1298243

she raped him when he was 16, wouldn't be surprised if it started earlier than that

No. 1298244

you have the child abuse thread.

No. 1298245

Britney's kids took videos from inside her house interacting with her and ngl I actually think that first one about the lotion is scary

No. 1298248

I listened to the clips through sloan and they literally sound like a typical mother telling off her children. God for she wants her children to not be ashy and keep their feet warm in Alaska and also probably because them having no shoes on in the cold would make her look really bad. It sounds like her sons are little shit bags and it just makes me feel sorry for her even more because they have inherited Kevin's shit behaviour. I hope she gets the chancla on them.

No. 1298251

Whoops, did not see the video was already posted.

No. 1298254

In the first video, she's complaining about Robin Green Hill, one of the people who was complicit in controlling her. If you listen close, she's saying how anything she does (i.e. trying to parent) gets ratted out to Robin. She feels powerless. That first video is also cut and spliced to show her more unfavorably.

No. 1298255

Love how Britney stans just a couple months ago were going on about how great of a mother Britney was and how close she is with her son's, now their claiming her sons have no manners and want to exploit her, its all so tiresome, some retarded gays and faghags decided a mentally sub IQ woman was worth starting a whole campaign over

No. 1298262

Yeah, that's really nothing. If anything it makes her seem more normal and less crazy than her own Instagram posts. Sounds like any mom telling their near-retarded teenage son that they have to do normal human shit like wear shoes indoors in Alaska.

No. 1298265

File: 1660239288741.webm (2.59 MB, 1258x720, lHtw_bwDdVMpgOcy.webm)

Jennette talking about the hush money nickelodean tried to offer her.

to the newfag refuges here webm is a video format so you have to click on it to view the video, its not a picture

No. 1298266

It's almost like people were presented with new information. Damn, it's amazing what information can do. Shit.

No. 1298277

i find you more retarded than those ''gays''.
britney-chan who posts all the time how britney deserves to be in a conservatorship and gets mad at others and accuses them of being fans or fags if they disagree with you.

No. 1298279

This is a beyond retarded take. It's so obvious that Kevin wanted to smear Britney and it failed miserably. Go be angry with him, he's the one dragging all this shit out so he can more money for weed, hookers and fast food. God forbid that people exercised their ability to think for themselves.

No. 1298286

never defended her dumbass ex

No. 1298301

Is there a thread somewhere to talk about McCurdy’s book?

No. 1298304

File: 1660240587189.jpg (425.78 KB, 1638x2048, FZw3HLMX0AAFlTt.jpg)

Didnt see anon post the full thing in the previous thread so posting this here.
Jennette explaining why she was jealous of ariana grande.

No. 1298305

Child abuse in Hollywood thread, in fact I think it should be linked on all celebricows thread cause of how frequently the topic is brought up


No. 1298311

god I hate k fed. Anyone who were in hs in 2000's remember his cheating, lying scumbag ass. He used to be married to shar jackson who he has a daughter with, rumored to have cheated on her with britney, and his daughter literally gets ignored. There was a reality show that played a long time ago where his daughter talks about how he basically abadoned her and doesn't even really talk to her anymore, it's fucking sad. The fact that ANYONE trusts ANYTHING coming from him is disgusting, he's a scrote thru and thru.

If you're curious at all do watch this show. It also has some other interesting people in it.

No. 1298313

you can just talk about it here anon but if it gets too derailing then you can post about it in the book thread >>>/m/186682 or in the child abuse one >>1298305

No. 1298318

He's such a piece of shit. I don't think Britney was a perfect saint, but comparably she sure as hell is. He and his ugly pickme wife can hang out in strip clubs together with her kids as I'm sure that's what will happen once they are of age if K Fenderbender can even afford that.

No. 1298320

agreed. britney did nothing wrong. her kids are backstabbers for their loser white trash father who gets paid 30k a month and spends it on literal strippers and who wanted to keep her in a conservatorship for his benefit so she couldn't hire her own attorneys to fight him for custody or less $$$ wasted going to strippers. he's so fucking disgusting. her kids are stupid honestly to be in his corner in any way.

No. 1298324

britney posted a picture not that long ago that this girl drew and said how talented and amazing she was. probably more praise than she has ever, ever, ever received from her loser father. sad all around for his kids that they split up because britney probably would've probably loved to be a mother to them too if he was an actual father

No. 1298331

anon she's destroyed her face. when her injections and surgeries were brand new they were soooort of okay, in photos, but now she's a fucking latex mask muppet.
idc if some dumbass who never learned a sport or how to cook gets fat after age 25, it seems to be a normal part of life in her country, but the face destroying is unforgivable.
>kill to have a body like her
haha WOW you must be fucking ugly as shit. she looks like she's had 3 kids and a cheap tummy tuck

No. 1298334

holy fuck no one cares. wow, one woman did what millions of moids do. which is the bigger problem, hmm?

No. 1298336

jeez i hope he wasn't the one with custody of the kids because if he was they definitely got molested by someone when he wasn't watching (aka all the time)

No. 1298338

who cares, she hates women.

No. 1298340

also men age like shit so their age difference looks more like 10 years

No. 1298341

they made a movie?? is he robbie??

No. 1298342

take a shower and wash your butt for the first time in your life, reddit moid

No. 1298343

britney's a church singer from a texas trailer. whatever else is wrong with her, i think it's a safe bet that she motherfucking LOVES her kids, cares about them, and extended equal love to her stepdaughter (or whatever kevin's other daughter would be called). maybe she's mentally unstable and had a drinking problem, but as an actual person (like when she's sober) i really don't think she is an unfit mother.

No. 1298344

> i hope he wasn't the one with custody of the kids because if he was they definitely got molested by someone when he wasn't watching (aka all the time)
Kevin has always had a larger percentage of custody because that's been used as a carrot for Britney to move forward while her being controlled was the stick.

No. 1298353

File: 1660242416299.jpg (258.81 KB, 1170x1415, FZrbIHuUIAA3MqX.jpg)

Camilla Cabello has a new boyfriend.

No. 1298359

Sounded like a typical struggle that moms have with teenage sons. In my house growing up my mom would spend hours yelling at my brother to have a shower or put cream on his eczema. No idea why he had such an aversion to hygiene. I thought he was a one of a kind freak. Then years later I was living with other family and the exact same thing would happen with their 12 year old. This is pretty tame. Don't know what he thought he was proving with this. Makes him look real petty.

No. 1298373

praying that k-fed ODs on a speedball at stripclubs that he uses britney's children's money for. the man is a straight up demon and her worst mistake, unfortunately (not her fault).

No. 1298377

File: 1660243290820.jpg (155.83 KB, 690x1024, FZ5N4SsVsAA_fZT.jpg)

im seeing people say this looks low-budget and i agree, it looks like she is wearing a 20$ wig.

No. 1298381

nta but do y'all really think a low IQ subhuman could be a decent guardian to any living individual let alone 2 children, I'm sure she doesn't actively abuse them but considering her other behavior it is more then likely she fails as a mother

No. 1298382

>haha WOW you must be fucking ugly as shit. she looks like she's had 3 kids and a cheap tummy tuck
You were waiting several days to be able to say that huh.

Mothers yell at their kids when they’re misbehaving all of the time. It’s what theyre saying and how they say it that dictates whether it’s abuse or not. Don’t be melodramatic over a mundane clip. Show that you’re never actually around kids a little harder.

No. 1298386


Not a root or scalp in sight

No. 1298388

>low IQ subhuman
No one is saying Britney is a genius or mom of the year. If anything, these videos actually make me think she'd try to be a normal mom if given the chance. The thing is, she was robbed of that chance by her family, and even before that, she was robbed of having a normal life by their treatment of her. She's always wanted her own family, her own kids. It's so sad to me that she probably would have been happy living in a small Southern town, singing at church, and just being a mom.

No. 1298393

There is going to be a documentary about Armie Hammer with his exes, family and victims speaking out.

can you all just stop responding to crapchan, it is obviously her with her obsession with calling people ''low iq subhumans''. So maybe just ignore the ban evader instead of being just as retarded and giving her attention.

No. 1298410

File: 1660244484140.jpg (56.59 KB, 564x372, ijiji.jpg)

Pete davidson is going to therapy because Kanye is saying mean things about him on the internet.

No. 1298412

You know it’s all fake.

No. 1298415

UM no its not, its posted by the official accounts, i checked.

No. 1298419

can't help but think this is some kind of stunt to get kim to come back to him or some shit

No. 1298425

File: 1660245242973.png (40.22 KB, 605x264, 076.png)

No. 1298426

If the relationship between them was ever real then he's a diagnosed bpder going through a break up.. sounds about right that he'd be seeking some help either way.

No. 1298429

File: 1660245395784.jpg (71.6 KB, 1019x573, FZusoSTWYAMnc97.jpg)

>The comedian and actor, 28, is said to have decided to 'seek out help' after Kanye, 45, made numerous threatening posts about him on social media.

>The former Saturday Night Live star is said to have found the 'attention and negativity' a 'trigger' and has been receiving trauma therapy since April.


No. 1298433

this corpse looking fag is so fucking weak, absolutely pathetic

No. 1298440

i really hope society doesn't take the bait. there's always severe backlash after women make one tiny step towards their freedom. k-fed is an evil piece of shit.

No. 1298442

this is actually very normal for pete, the people who kept up with him during his ariana break up know what i mean.

People after the ariana break-up were exposing some of his bad behaviour and the controversial things he would say and alot of people didnt like him so he started threatening people on social media that he was suicidal and his mental health was bad so everyone started feeling sorry for him and left him alone and stopped mentioning any bad thing he said.

Pete is very manipulative with suicidebaiting which is telling since he is a bpd diagnosed.
Atleast this time he is not suicicdebaiting so there is improvement.

No. 1298449

Seriously, he's such a pathetic chode. Kim must be fully retarded to go from one bipolar nutcase to another but at least Kanye is talented. Pete Davidson is most famous for dating women way out of his league and having butthole eyes.

No. 1298460

I get that interviews are supposed to ask questions like that but "why proud of yourself?" is so ???? icky wtf. Like she obviously should be proud of herself for not accepting pedo hush money??? ugh

No. 1298461

File: 1660246759308.png (42.24 KB, 666x394, ijijijijwwww.png)

So im guessing Kim ended things with Pete based on this.

>They said: 'They had tons of chemistry, and still do, but she kind of wants to be single and date.

>'Kim still adores Pete and will always be friends with him. She still thinks he's the nicest and sweetest guy in the world and there's no drama or anything weird between them now,' it was also shared.

>Pete is bummed things didn't work out with Kim, but he is focused on the future in terms of his career and personal life.'

No. 1298463

Well obviously there had to be a reason he cuffed Pam An.

No. 1298467

He’s foine I don’t care

The whole thing orchestrated to give them attention and keep people from talking about Khloes surrogacy and the fact that people fucking died at the Travis Scott concert. Boring.

No. 1298468

my mom read about this to me earlier and said "what a stupidass. another entitled, fucked up male" kek

No. 1298470

these interviewers always ask the most fucked up questions and are rude, especially on gma and stuff

No. 1298471

I meant the relationships, the feuds etc. are fake dumbass.

No. 1298473

Anon you sound crazy, Britney Spears is obviously not a low IQ subhuman? I agree a drooling retard rubbing shit in their hair shouldnt be in charge of children, sure. But I think a woman who is capable of speaking a known language, physically capable of moving, and knows the difference between right and wrong is capable of taking care of children. "Failing as a mother" is relative, and nothing we've seen from Britney Spears indicates she is failing in any particularly meaningful way, you dunce. They're out of diapers and eating food, think they're good. Unless you're one of those mommy haters who thinks unless mother is completely perfect and pristine they've failed, failed, failed!

No. 1298477

It’s crapchan. DNI.

No. 1298480

it's clearly crapchan but has she always hated britney? i thought she primarily or only hated black female rappers or rappers in general? or is it anyone who isn't emilie autumn?

No. 1298487

>i thought she primarily or only hated black female rappers.
No she sometimes goes after women/men of different races too.
She seems terminally online especially with her ''subhuman'' obsession, crapchan is like a failure neet version of doja cat kek.

No. 1298522

At least she hates everyone equally

No. 1298524

noooo she definitely doesn't hate everyone equally

No. 1298586

dudes iq is 50 at most
i once saw an interview around 5 years ago in which he asked a serious news reporter what color her panties are
the other members of the band all looked like they wanted to die

No. 1298649

She can rot in hell tbh

No. 1298657


No. 1298701

Why would you lie like that? Pathetic and moid tier

No. 1298722

Yes Pete I'm sure you're very traumatized from the time you sat in a millionaire mansion having sex with Kim Kardashian, taunting Kanye with pictures of yourself in bed with her, and living in the lap of luxury. Shut the fuck up. I wonder if Ari need trauma therapy after you suicide baited or sent her nudes to her ex. BPD manipulator moment I s2g he just feels bad because his favourite person abandoned him (and she should)

No. 1298729

Have we really reached this state of society where a mother cant even criticise or discipline what a son does.
I watched the videos and in one of them she is telling her sons not to go barefoot in the store and her sons are getting pissy over it and getting angry that she is telling them off for not wearing shoes……can anyone pls tell me how this is abusive or have we reached a incel society where unless a mother accepts everything her son does then she is abusive?????

No. 1298732

yes. that is kind of always how society has been. i know numerous males who have had abusive fathers but blame and hate their meek mothers for being like "please put on your coat", while they adore their abusive fathers. they're all fucked up and so is society. to have children in this society as a woman is a losing game and is playing into the hands of the patriarchy.

No. 1298754

I rather believe, it was an old people and tech mistake.

No. 1298794

>she looks like she's had 3 kids and a cheap tummy tuck
Anon, do you leave the house and look at other humans at all?

No. 1298798

Crapper Anon you are so painfully unfunny, can you please expand your vocabulary.

No. 1298801

Are you talking about britney?

No. 1298808

File: 1660259844860.jpg (168.65 KB, 1005x745, xGXcAMz.jpg)

would best dressed count as a celeb now that she gets fashion collabs and red carpet appearances? she's basically zoomer alexa chung now kek

No. 1298811

File: 1660259967871.jpg (194.59 KB, 1336x666, fUcRrgn.jpg)

>Ezra's saying he doesn't know where Ana Rosa is
>his other girlfriend makes post saying business insider is lying

No. 1298813

I don't think so, imo she's more like an influencer but I wouldn't mind an influencer thread tho.

No. 1298814

I always forget he is younger than me wtf

No. 1298816

I never knew they made a movie, either! I used to laugh out loud reading those books in high school

No. 1298827

I would have never recognized her voice from these videos, it's so different from her baby voice I'm used to hearing

No. 1298844

Grimes is featured on a song with Bella Poarch in Bella's new EP kek. now people becoming popstars off of tiktok fame kek.
Sidenote, is it just me or does Bella's music sound a lot like Melanie Martinez's? Apparently bella is friends with melanie.

No. 1298877

says unavailable?

No. 1298891

it comes out at midnight for your timezone

No. 1298938

You're right and the other nona's have some serious cognitive dissonance with their own behavior if they think she somehow deserves whatever's going on with her just for gossiping, same shit we all do here lol.

No. 1298959

and yet he constantly made jokes about the threats the whole time he dated kim kek. he's clearly faking this

No. 1298965

Hahaha it's me, ugly as shit anon, and you must be high off your own piss if you think you're more attractive than her. You can't ever convince me that she's not prettier than like 85% of the women you see wherever you live. I'm short, have no butt, thin limp hair and both my titties could fit into one of her titties and still have room, so yeah I'd kill to look her lol. Nothing more unattractive than an ugly or average bitch who thinks she's hot shit so I hope your personality is at least better than it seems here cause if not, girl, I feel so bad for you.

No. 1298974

Wendy Williams had some serious one-liners, people are so dramatic

No. 1298978

I was too old to watch that kind of Nickopedoe stuff when it was still being filmed so I don't know much about Jennette but I'm proud of her for speaking out. Why celebs like Ariana would continue to defend Dan Schneider is beyond me

No. 1298981

ty im an idiot

No. 1299005

nta but there are actual runway models who use this site

No. 1299006

ew she willingly fucks a gorilla

No. 1299007

File: 1660270845437.png (366.15 KB, 412x838, jamila wishes.png)

who is making this series, those infinite typewriter monkeys?

No. 1299009

I'm a woman and my mother and I used to have half hour screaming matches when I was a teen because I didn't want to wear some pants she bought me or some shit.

No. 1299012

translation from BPD: Hey guys, I finally figured out how to use this situation for positive attention

No. 1299013

he is gonna get sooooo fat in his 40s

No. 1299014

samefag woops lol i didn't know they broke up. fucking borderliner needs asspats after completely normal non-special life event

No. 1299016

these people who constantly spout off about nEgAtIvItY are always the ones creating it

No. 1299018

why does his penis look like an actual hot dog

No. 1299019

maybe she hates…americans? idk maybe she's just high

No. 1299021

"help i dished it out and then someone tried to make me take it!!"

No. 1299025

yes and they're not that fat where I live

No. 1299027

I have never heard of her but she looks really pretty and I like this photoshoot

No. 1299034

Proof though? Cause I feel like a successful runway model wouldn't have the time or interest to keep up to date with lolcow threads. And why would a model care so much about Bella Thorne to need to insult anyone who calls her pretty? Sounds more like an anachan teenager tbh, even the typing style is juvenile.

No. 1299040

>actual runway models
>source? kota

No. 1299043

God she’s fuck ugly, an even uglier version of Hila Klein. No idea what he sees in this predator

No. 1299082

File: 1660277372676.jpeg (684.39 KB, 1612x2304, 043F142D-6295-44B2-AA6B-81E2D1…)

No. 1299085

Good. For once the DUI driver is the only casualty.

No. 1299095

after just reading about her life, this is very sad and makes a lot of sense. unfortunate she couldn't just uber her way from a bar but apparently her father (a baptist minister) was one of the first men to be diagnosed with AIDS and died shortly thereafter. he raped and molested her from infancy until she was 12, giving her genital herpes at a young age. her deeply disgusting and religious family has denied her abuse throughout her life and chastised her for being bisexual consistently.

No. 1299097

Absolute fetid horseshit, you aren’t a runway model Beverly you’ve been in a schizoid coma for a year please call your mother she misses you

No. 1299106

I saw a tweet that said this looks like a parent teacher conference kek

No. 1299109

Anon, what the fuck?

No. 1299119

nta but the girl in the photo you guys are arguing about is a nasty fat sausage, idk why people are defending her butterbody.

No. 1299121

Maybe because we're not anachan worshipping teenagers who call average weighted women "butterbodies." But enjoy your starvation induced muscle wastage or whatever lol

No. 1299129

File: 1660283446543.png (3.14 MB, 1580x1390, come on.png)

>starvation muscle wastage
anon she's huge. i'm 35. you don't have to blow up like this especially if, like her, you don't have kids.

No. 1299133

> I feel like a successful runway model wouldn't have the time or interest to keep up to date with lolcow threads
Not that anon but you’d be surprised
She looks perfectly normal on the left, she’s not too thin, anyone who thinks that’s what “anachan” looks like must be a burger

No. 1299134

she has been probably watching her weight compulsively since she was like 8. she's well within her rights to gain a few. she still looks hot, i just don't care for her filler or boob job. her weight is fine and her fat distribution is still attractive. jesus christ after over half of her life being dedicated to remaining thin and hot i think she's allowed to enjoy herself and care a little less about her body image

No. 1299136

ayrt and i don't know what's so wrong with staying her normal size like on the left. i love brownies and burritos too but you can eat enough to feel good without becoming a blimp.

No. 1299137

No one said Bella looked anorexic.

No. 1299139

yah runway models are all under 25, they're as busy as most people with minimum wage full time jobs. runway =/= famous lol

No. 1299140

She looks fine

No. 1299141

File: 1660284622191.jpg (23.89 KB, 310x465, bella-thorne2.jpg)

she is anachan there on the left, she has said she was too stressed to eat. you can see the loss of muscle in her legs and how she looks more topheavy in her shoulders and arms because of the muscle and fat loss in her legs. her more normal sustained weight through working out and staying healthy looked like this and made her look more balanced, albeit still thin and fit. the analook started coming when you can tell she was losing muscle and looked like she was just eating less. the left is yes, still a perfectly normal body but you can tell she started losing muscle and fat quite a bit, and was sustaining that weight likely due to her restricting instead of staying fit and healthy as she did previously. she looks fine in both pictures.
that isn't her "normal weight", she looked comparatively sickly because she wasn't sustaining that weight healthily, as she admitted. throughout most of her career you could tell she was well nourished and worked out, but was slim. she admitted that she went through periods where she was too skinny from not eating from stress.

No. 1299147

well maybe don't have your persona be based on shitting on uglier and fatter women. then there won't be retaliation if you lose your looks and expect everyone to not judge you even though you spent years judging them.

No. 1299148

File: 1660285119167.png (972.92 KB, 611x723, bella.PNG)

samefag but eventually it got to this point, where you see the muscle and fat particularly in her legs and hips were totally gone and she had very little muscle at all. she has really great fat distribution and muscle definition when she is staying healthy and eating. there's a reason why she says she's proud of going from picrel to being slightly heavier now, because she was struggling. she's not a "blimp" now at all and she, along with every other female celeb, is entitled to not always be as perfectly attractive as society wants them to be.

No. 1299149

i don't know about her drama about others. what did she say about other women?

No. 1299150

your pic isn't a fat slag from ipswich like the music festival one though. the recent ham picture is the one people are shitting on.

No. 1299153

read my actual post before writing this garbage. i posted that because anon was suggesting that the red outfit pic was her normal, sustained weight/physique, and it wasn't. red pic was her when she was not being healthy. she was typically (aside from when she was a teen), around what i posted, because she was working out and eating healthy. the difference between the redoutfit pic and the bikini pic is pretty drastic in terms of physique. and wtf is with your vendetta and nasty way of speaking?

No. 1299155

what nasty way of speaking? everyone in canada talks like this

No. 1299160

File: 1660286233679.jpg (19.67 KB, 500x404, 1655424925601.jpg)

please….. no weightsperging……… i beg…………….

No. 1299165

Lmao “eat shit please” the politeness

No. 1299168

File: 1660287970278.jpg (72.18 KB, 700x933, b1sABWJ.jpg)

ikr nonnie. maybe for once we can not sperg about weight or race. a girl wants to dream

No. 1299171

File: 1660288535812.jpg (422.27 KB, 1216x1034, 1660267005351739.jpg)

No. 1299173

File: 1660288582050.gif (6.73 MB, 480x270, 2_g5uQ.gif)

picrel are the nonnies itt

honestly the first thing I noticed about those bella thorne pics is the fact that her face has the alcohol bloat, can't all be fillers

No. 1299174

File: 1660288655252.png (1.36 MB, 1557x870, Screenshot (441).png)

picrel stolen from the chins but kek

No. 1299182

Is Ezra dating a troon? Has a man face

>Not that anon but you’d be surprised

No. 1299184

Looks like a pedo stache. Fitting.

No. 1299198

File: 1660293649813.jpeg (223.35 KB, 854x1280, 2856497F-512D-48F8-8C41-6DF6AE…)

God Aaron Johnson was really one of the few incredibly attractive men. Like his features are seriously perfect. Past tense not because he’s aged badly but I just hate his current styling with the long hair and beard/mustache thing whatever he’s got going on now. I never see guys that good looking with women who look like a horse. Sam taylor is genuinely very ugly in the face and also looks emaciated, it’s not about her age, someone like Monica belluci or Winona Ryder looks like who I’d expect him to date if he prefers older women.

My theory is he’s either an incredibly unshallow man who just so happens to be genetically blessed (this is so rare) or he cucks her and she doesn’t mind. Orrrr she really did groom him.

No. 1299199

Samefag or maybe he’s like the many beautiful women who date ugly old scrotes, in it for the money (doesn’t make sense since he could make plenty on his own) or has low self esteem and a warped self image from years of being in the public eye

No. 1299201

Tbf according to their story it's obvious she groomed him, and men are easier to groom since they are nothing but coomers. A lot of men dream of being groomed by a 'milf' because of the amount of porn they consume, it's crazy. However, I wouldn't be surprised if he also sleeps around, most Hollywood stars do that.

No. 1299202

I'm sorry but this hairstyle is ugly. It almost reminds me of the broccoli style.

No. 1299204

yeah and many moids have mommy issues/Oedipus complex

No. 1299209

Blow up? Lol if that's what you call a blow up you haven't been here very long. But like what's so wrong with letting people call her pretty or average weighted and just moving along, what's the point in being so adamant in trying to convince other anon's she's ugly or "huge?" If someone with that body type sees those posts calling her pretty then they feel good about themselves or less insecure, if someone that size reads spergy posts calling her huge and obese and saying she let herself go and doesn't love herself then they feel like shit, what's the point in that?

No. 1299237

File: 1660299228857.jpeg (121.49 KB, 1024x683, 8DA0A64A-7AA9-49D1-8C08-77B6D4…)

Lmao yeah I was kinda thinking the same thing actually anon but back when he had that style it was cooler cause not associated with TikTok eboys and anything is better than his current mess

No. 1299249

>anyone who thinks that’s what “anachan” looks like must be a burger
based nonnie
I have no idea who the fuck this is but google tells me she's 24 and she's already getting fat holy shit
I'm in my 30s too and at a normal weight, but I'm also from europe,like to stay healthy and being fat around here is disgusting

No. 1299259

>Amber Heard is in Tel Aviv despite Israelis are literally bombing the shit out of the Gaza kids
It’s funny because us dumbass shitskins from the shittle east decided to support her the most considering abuse is prevalent there, I now no longer will support her, hope she gets beaten up by an Israeli soldier.

No. 1299261

File: 1660301682880.jpg (5.98 KB, 274x184, download.jpg)

>I'm in my 30s too and at a normal weight

No. 1299264

Ikr, in my culture being overweight is heavily chastised too, I feel like bullshit woketard “body positivity” and “fat phobia” fuckery is endemic to anglophone countries/cultures as a cope for the fact that so many people are just lazy, greedy slobs and wish to “normalise” their grossness
Fucking this, nona. It’s what the hmara deserves

No. 1299275

File: 1660303424545.jpeg (Spoiler Image,362.72 KB, 1125x1428, 2B8C8DA5-A935-416B-BD37-566A7D…)

He still has it on Twitter posted, his washed up vine “star” wife is posting about how totally funny and unbothered she is about it on TT because she’s cool girl, yet constantly making TikTok’s of how insanely jealous and absolutely obsessive she is with this decrepit moid

No. 1299279

also to add she was following him all on tour but got Covid recently so he’s gone without her for once and this is the first thing he does while away from her kek

No. 1299287

>anyone who thinks that’s what “anachan” looks like must be a burger

I really and truly think, even as a burgerfag, that the majority of us have no idea what the normal bodyweight range should be because it's so fucking skewed due to the fact the average weight/height of the american woman giving a BMI of almost 29.

No. 1299290

File: 1660304855307.jpeg (156.98 KB, 1570x1046, 2345678908765432.jpeg)

Can you faggots shut the fuck up about Bella it's been 3 fucking days. The belly flab isn't even hers it's a pattern on the dress you fucking retards. No one cares how much you bitches weigh or how old you are, stop fucking blog posting.

No. 1299292

Body positivity is a direct counter movement to the idea that heroin chic and ultra thin models were the standard for beauty. There are people out there who go to unhealthy lengths and do drugs on the weekend just to stay tiny even if it makes them miserable. Its better to have "everyone should be happy and not feel like killing themselves because of a standard" than having a culture where people breathe down your neck about your body. The reason we have them in anglophonic countries (and most of europe) is because we're trying to develop past the idea that women need to be petite.

Inb4 anyone calls me a fatty, I'm an athlete and my sport requires muscle which leads to an alarming amount of women on my team dropping out or developing EDs because people chastise them for not being skinny despite being healthy

No. 1299303

File: 1660306919275.webm (4.37 MB, 576x1024, 31854de53a200a0caff7986c860e9b…)

Demi Lovato mentions her ex Wilmer in her new song.

No. 1299305

she looks like she fits the body printed on the dress more than pic on the right anyway. regardless of the dress, she looks fine, and her face suits the extra pounds well. whereas when I gain weight, my face is one of the first things you'll notice.

No. 1299307

how the hell is the weight sperging still going on omg, i shouldnt have linked the bella posts in the op……

No. 1299313

File: 1660307463140.jpg (213.9 KB, 1200x1510, iggy-azalea-in-tgiht-shorts-at…)

That's because Iggy's body is photoshopped to absolute fuck and her ass and hips are fake.

No. 1299314

File: 1660307523162.jpg (214.23 KB, 833x1131, ew.JPG)

No. 1299316

Whose grandma is that?

No. 1299321

Oh God, please don't tell me he's Patches on to a new victim? Who is this unfortunate soul?

No. 1299323

he looks cute.

No. 1299328

oh she really makes it blatant that its about him lol, i wonder if he will respond.

also for newfriends, webm is a video so you can click on it.

No. 1299334

File: 1660308708681.png (19.81 KB, 1251x166, Widow marriage.png)

my grandfather's family were war refugees and his brother died and so my grandfather had to marry his wife, it was a tradition in my ethnic group(that Jatts) that when a man dies his closest living male relative(usually his youngest unmarried brother) marry his wife and become the father of his children, believe me this was better then how most moids in south asia treated widowed women, where they were abandoned or forced to become prostitutes, my family last practiced this tradition up until the 70's, where one my distant uncles who was 16 married a widowed 40 year old and had 2 children with her before she passed, it wasn't perfect and looked down upon but compared to the alternatives it was far better(derailing )

No. 1299337

Thats weird… I don't remember clicking on the "irrelevant stranger's incestuous backstory" thread

No. 1299338

Nona I'm sorry that occurs where you live but like why was your first grandpa marrying a 15 year old in the first place? And please don't expect us to think of your grandfather as some kind of hero for saving his brother's child bride from prostitution as if it's some big sacrifice on his part, he's a child rapist, end of story. Also why are you blogposting this in the celebricows thread?

No. 1299339

isn't that Lindsay Usich but with new hairdye? or am i blind

No. 1299343

I know she has some type of disease, but is she also abusing drugs? A lot of people claim so.

In other news, Anne Heche is expected to die from her injuries.

No. 1299345

Paki anon?

No. 1299348

The grandpa was 15 anon

No. 1299350

he looks like he's been drinking a lot

No. 1299353

Then cancel out that first sentence but the rest still stands, there's no way the 23 year old just waited until she was 18 or for her consent. That's not how these arranged marriages (or men) work.

No. 1299354

File: 1660311049371.png (3.14 MB, 996x1502, burgers stfu.png)

you really think the girl on the left is anachan? no one's bone rattling. we're saying that bella is fucking fat. "obese" starts a lot sooner than amberlynn territory.

No. 1299356

I think that's just a germanic/eastern french descended woman. We all have man face, but with the higher body fat of natal women so it's not like…thaaat ugly. Right? RIGHT??

No. 1299357

Nta but girl we are done with this topic, and no one called the girl on the left anachan, stop stirring the pot

No. 1299358

ayrt lol didn't realize that was iggy

No. 1299359

I'm not seeing it. He just looks like a standard-issue hollywood ken doll (but for undeer-18s) in this pic. Like Chris Evans or brad Pitt, you know? Objectively attractive, i guess, but in a bland sex doll sort of way. i don't think anything of value was lost.

No. 1299362

He looks like his IQ is lower than his heart rate

No. 1299363

Neither of them is fat or an anachan, stop rattling

No. 1299365

heroin body and literal ana is bad, yes. no one here is advocating for that. i'm sorry your disney girlfriend has legs that look like literal ham hocks. we're not judging her character based on that - we're just saying it is ugly and unhealthy.

No. 1299366

kek I know it's a pattern; i'm not blind. She has a god damn stomach roll on the left. She's a fat bitch, and on the right is a fat bitch with a bunch of surgery and photoshop to make her a waist. bella is not disgusting, but this new body is in no way "average" or notably attractive. she looks like a 40 year old mom of three who is "doing pretty good"

No. 1299367

What's up with hollywood being gay for Israel? They don't even make movies there so I don't really get what the personal benefit is if you support their "Settlements" aka child murder.

No. 1299368

Bella probably just got off of coke or something.

No. 1299369

Why does it look like a hot dog

>almost 29
What??? Ok I have heard the 'mutts are fat' joke but 29 is something your doctor mentions. It should not be a "average".

No. 1299370

File: 1660311809551.jpeg (511.94 KB, 2048x1360, 3D2FE1A4-FD4B-49B6-BD26-0016D4…)

He was perfect in Nowhere boy.

No. 1299372

He's groooosss and creeeepy. I hate him.

No. 1299373

He looks like goth Grimace

No. 1299374

can you guys stop being such zoomer retards about this fob who is just trying to learn and socialize. don't fucking attack her jfc. just talk like normal friends

No. 1299376

bella is fatfatfatttt

No. 1299378

"talk like normal friends" do you know where you are? does she? most of the people here are cunts tbh

No. 1299379

then socialise and learn by lurking or reading the rules you retarded newfag, instead of shitting up the site.

No. 1299381

I beg you to get a personality beyond caring how fat people are an laughing at them. It's not the serve you think it is. No one finds it hilarious irl, you have to go to sad girl 4chan and shout out to other weirdos like "amirite ladies?? Fat people are subhuman and inherently character flawed kek!"

No. 1299382

if you spend your youth flexing on other women with your "hot body", you don't get immunity when you let yourself go.

No. 1299383

File: 1660312200940.jpg (84.94 KB, 1024x985, 1658792146847.jpg)

No. 1299384

you're really gonna shit on her for being a redneck who just now got the chance to speak to the wider world, huh
she didn't invent the traditions that have been drilled into her brain for 18 years. maybe act normal instead of attacking and driving her away

No. 1299385

Pretty much the entire western world is gay for Israel as a result of social conditioning based around misplaced guilt. It would be nice if they had that energy for our people being subjected to genocide (I needn’t point out the irony there) my family is Palestinian Christian, most people in the west don’t even know we exist, all Palis are unhinged jihadis and terrorists as far as they’re concerned

No. 1299386

he is not fat.

No. 1299387

Can you fucking weight sperges just take it to snow or some shit. Go call camgirls fat, we just want to move on st this point.

No. 1299388

You bitches tire me, it all sounds like yapping at this point.

No. 1299389

>my family is Palestinian Christian, most people in the west don’t even know we exist, all Palis are unhinged jihadis and terrorists as far as they’re concerned
??? the fuck? my first thought of "palestinian" is the christians, just like with syria. it's an ancient country?? and wahhabists and salafis are very new? man i should go to america some day. it sounds wild

No. 1299391

all i hear is [angry roll jiggling noises]

No. 1299393

To be honest I didn't read the original post I just sperged, sorry I didn't know she was like the newest of newfags, but I'm reading the posts about Israel and Palestine now and I feel bad and am interested in hearing what she's talking about

No. 1299398

If only more people were like you, nonita (incidentally, part of my family is Assyrian who fled to Palestine during the genocide, and you’re absolutely right because Christians existed in that area before Mohamed was even born). Generally speaking western media is EXTREMELY biased in Israel’s favour. American media more so than anyone else. I love that Lebanon banned Wonder Woman on account of that piece of shit Gal Gadot smugly posting about how proud she is of her beloved IDF

No. 1299400

I mean we did have movements condemning the actions of Isreal and showing support for Palestine. But I don't think I have a good enough view of the situation or what groups support Isreal more. Personally I haven't encountered people that really concern themselves at all with what happens in the middle east except zoomers that advocate for peace. But the movement went by quickly, just as any movement does when it comes to the middle east.

No. 1299403

You're the tranny spammer aren't you?

No. 1299414

anon. marrying someone ELSE'S brother isn't "incestuous".

No. 1299416

I think recently more people have started to take notice, especially during lockdown when everyone was terminally online and there was conflict happening that celebrities were posting about (Bella Hadid got an instagram post of her dad’s Palestinian passport taken down for seemingly no other reason than he is Palestinian) so her making a fuss (and rightfully so) would have reached a lot of people who otherwise wouldn’t take any notice of us “uncivilised” people being blown up, but that energy dissipated fairly quickly. Iirc Emma Watson also tweeted about support for Palestine that made a lot of white (mostly male) people mald. Y’know, the sort of people who you’d expect to find on stormfront under normal circumstances, they just hate Arabs more than they hate Jews

No. 1299417

kekek no I'm the france-chan who called you all at last time as well. honestly you people, you are all fat.
The tranny doesn't sage and also sadposts in the monkeypox thread.(le rattle-rattle )

No. 1299419

how did this thread get so derailed….

No. 1299420

ayrt im >>1299389 and maybe USA people don't pay attention because the east in general is far away from them? i still think they're all very stupid, but in singapore or turkey or serbia i guess things that happen in palestine are probably less "distant" and "foreign" than they are to americans.

No. 1299421

Well calm down then lol, I'm not even fat I'm the Nona with no curves who said they'd kill to look like Bella. I have a 12 year old boy body I'm literally trying to get fat lol now hippity hop away and smoke a fag you annoying froggy

No. 1299423

oh man i completely forgot about lebanon. (canadafag here). but that's right! israel fucking fucked them up! holy shit that "war" was so messed up. every country should ban marvel movies though. they're boring and the dialogue is 100% cringe, it's shit. and wack. those movies are shitwack.

No. 1299425

>I'm literally trying to get fat
never true. your head will spin and you'll want to kys when you do get that first fat pad on your stomach. you want curves like kim kardashian, you are lying about "ohhhh poor meeee i would keeeeelll to gain weight"

No. 1299428

Fucking kek, my hatred for marvel knows no bounds

No. 1299433

Bitch BELLA THORNE I want a fat tummy roll and fat thighs and a fat ass and fat titties like BELLA FUCKING THORNE. My god you anachans are headfucked, am I talking to Nikol from the scumbags thread? How many times do I gotta say I don't think she's "fat" fat and I want to look like her. Kim looks like a disgusting caricature come to life, I'd rather keep my disappointing stick body than look like her. Also cope harder some of us have a decent enough metabolism and a small appetite that we can gorge ourselves to nausea and still not gain, sorry you have to spare yourself to one baguette or croissant per day to stay anachan thin lol

No. 1299434

File: 1660314215008.jpg (17.89 KB, 283x424, sdfghjk.jpg)

Also samefag but

No. 1299441

File: 1660314588837.jpeg (48.47 KB, 500x499, E59CBDB0-6A44-40C7-8B59-C9F565…)

No. 1299449

Nta but dont worry, women look great when they have a body that is indicative of someone who enjoys life so put a little weight on. You literally get that kind of body from doing nice things like drinking a glass of wine or enjoying interesting dinners kek the anachans will get cardiac arrest jogging on the spot using a pillow to muffle the sound at night in a miserable years long nightmare fearing they will look like a living breathing human

No. 1299466

ayrt, you don't write "samefag" in reply to someone else's post. you write it when you respond to yourself.

No. 1299470

>you can't enjoy life unless you are obese
guys you think cindy crawford and heidi klum don't enjoy life? why must you only think in extremes? look at all the ranges of bodies up to BMI 25. you DO NOT get bella's fatbody from "a glass of wine" or "dinner" good lord.
also, your very specific example tells me that you are a recovering anachan who just has no ability to do anything in moderation.

No. 1299477

There is literally nothing attractive about gaining weight from your shitty lifestyle and over consumption. Bella is lucky in that her fat distribution is nice, and the curves in some areas suit her, but in other areas she just looks chubby in an unattractive way. She was a greasy gremlin when she was skinny, she’s probably pigging out now that she’s heavier. Just love yourself

No. 1299481

Oh… I thought you were supposed to claim samefag when you post something right after you already posted or when you reply to someone's post twice. I've been here like 6 years have I been doing it wrong this whole time?

Thank you and I agree completely lol, I don't know why anachans think everyone wants to be underweight or very low bmi like them. I used to be closer to Bella's weight and was very happy and confident with how I looked but then I got hyperthyroidism and lost a bunch of weight and then got covid and lost even more. My metabolism and appetite has been messed up ever since but I'm trying to get back to my initial weight before the loss, I was quite happy with my belly pooch. The anachans will take a 180 on their stance when they get a bit older and they're hormones start dropping and they get that saggy plastic bag look lol.

No. 1299482

I’ve never paid any attention to her body because I was always too distracted by how greasy she always looked, pictures you could smell for light years

No. 1299485

None of you are going to agree with each other. What is even the point of fighting? I cannot wait for new jannies to come in. Weightsperg happens every fucking thread and every single time you guys sound like idiots because you know none of you are going to agree. Just stop.

No. 1299490

>heidi klum and cindy crawford
Nona you know more people than just celebrities exist right? Also are you like 45? Who references Cindy Crawford and Heidi Klum anymore lol

No. 1299496

File: 1660316750483.png (9.61 MB, 1242x2688, 91CE0260-09EB-44BE-A36D-727987…)

Since we’re weight sperging, Mindy looks healthy and happy.

No. 1299497

I am 35. Those are both women who are older, had kids, and eat at many great restaurants and bakeries. They don't look like bella thorne or the piggies I see at gen z concerts where I work.
also, I give celebrities as an example because anon isn't going to know who "my neighbour kelsey" or "professer bentley" are.

No. 1299498

we just want to be feminists without HAES fatstagram bitches getting in here and kelly-lenza-ing up the place.

No. 1299502

she's mean to other women

No. 1299503

Head to toe Chanel too. I don’t love it but she looks good! Having a little bit of chub once you get to “a certain age” isn’t always a bad thing as it can make the face look younger (not that there’s anything wrong with a woman looking her age)

No. 1299513

Now if only she could be funny. She's so stale and unfunny, she ruins everything she touches. I'm convinced she purchases spots on TV shows or something because nobody would think of her naturally when casting.

No. 1299517

File: 1660317416814.jpg (368.4 KB, 1440x2160, heidi-klum-gntm.jpg)

You're 35 and you're acting like a teenage anachan sperg? Damn that is not the flex you think it is lol, I don't believe for one second you're truly happy and confident with your life and appearance. Also celebrities are poor examples compared to normies because they have the money, time, and professionals that keep them looking as nice as possible for as long as possible. It's so naive that at 35 you're comparing a famous model to your neighbors, and thinking you know how Heidi Klum eats on a daily basis lol. Besides you're argument is redundant because she has the same tummy as Bella now.

No. 1299519

That teen show she wrote/produced for Netflix that is purportedly inspired by her own experiences as a teenager has got decent reviews, mostly praising it for “breaking down Asian stereotypes”.

No. 1299520

Why did I think this was Kesha

No. 1299522

Pretty much everyone in hollywood is jewish

No. 1299528

nta but why do you keep announcing that you're 35 like three times every thread? no one cares and it's sad that you keep saying it, tell your therapist girl not us

No. 1299532

I think everyone knows that but doesn’t want to spell it out lest the schizoid mods bring down the ban hammer for “racebait”

No. 1299533

File: 1660318210801.jpg (76.47 KB, 634x824, 57923555-10825359-image-a-10_1…)

Ana chans are cranky because they're starving. Go say some affirmations and eat a steak, you'll feel better.

No. 1299534

Praying I don't turn into a body obsessed retard when I hit 30.

No. 1299536

No. 1299540

There's a huge difference to how goyim acresses end up vs Jewish. An early example Marilyn Monroe vs Liz taylor. One was basically prostituted and the other adored like a empress

No. 1299541

Her presence is so soothing, we are blessed. And she's never been happier since gaining weight, the anachan's malnourished brains can't cope

No. 1299542

Which one are you? The froggy or the 35 year old who announces her age like a single digit child gearing up for their next birthday?

No. 1299546

File: 1660318726500.jpg (3.25 MB, 3925x2944, ap22216570430921-2dceca1166ed5…)

Alex Jones continues to show how much of a piece of shit he is by saying he isn't losing any sleep over what he did, that the media blew everything out of proportion and misinterpreted him, and that he won't be paying any of the money to the families because "he can't afford it" despite staying at one of the most expensive hotels in Omaha. Nothing surprising.

No. 1299561

i mean i agree with calling out the middle-aged ana-chan who spergs about other celebrities but Lana del rey deserves to be made fun off for being a fatty now considering she was the one who had a ceratin image and fanbase full of ana-chans obsessed with l0lita and prostituting.

No. 1299576

File: 1660320069945.jpg (139.03 KB, 962x836, FZ5yiYxUIAA9cSY.jpg)

Ezra Miller chilling with his mom.(Ezra has his own thread)

No. 1299581

File: 1660320138468.jpg (97.34 KB, 962x941, FZ5yiYwUIAIfIad.jpg)

idk why people are lying that he is on the run when is openly showing his face and chilling.

No. 1299583

File: 1660320290346.jpg (74.08 KB, 962x690, FZ08LoyWYAYafzM (1).jpg)

No. 1299587

Fucking jump scare. The degenerate has his own thread in /snow/ now tho.

No. 1299589

stop minimoding to visit your trash thread, stupid fuck.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1299590

File: 1660320682726.png (40.71 KB, 972x306, ggva.png)

>this new body is in no way "average"
Stop capping kek. Most of you guys are fat as well as gay

No. 1299595

at 35 you seem to have nothing going on in your life except for being ana-chan who also looks older and haggard like most ana-chans do at that age.

No. 1299596

If I were his mom I would beat the fuck out of him for being a piece of shit woman beater. I'd force him to change his family name to not be associated with him.

No. 1299598

I think you're still confused anon kek. Her grandma was 23. Anyway I'm not sure why anon told us that weird shit but I guess anything goes in this thread right now.
I love these dresses, I've being seeing them around more recently.

No. 1299599

I'm not the 35 year old anachan anon, I'm literally tired of reading the weight sperging. There's nothing abnormal about Bella Thorne's body, Americans in this thread have just brainrotted themselves with media industries that force women and young girls to starve themselves, and now they're suffering from delusions.
Her body is average for her country of origin, maybe even a bit thinner than average. I don't understand the reeeing.

No. 1299600

Already posted but he has a thread now

No. 1299601

The funny thing is nowhere did I say she had to be obese to enjoy life. I said she would look ok with a bit of weight on her, in the same way Bella looks ok with a bit of weight on her. Is Bella obese? No. She just has a bit (translation for anachans: a small piece) of weight on her. The fact either of you immediately interpreted "a bit of weight" as me advocating for obesity says a lot more about you two thinking in extremes. Moreover, tell me how an occasional glass of wine or a nice dinner is in any way an extreme unhealthy act for the obese?

No. 1299630

The "omg she's soooo fat wtf" posters honestly seem like chubby, self-hating LARPers, or (at best), failed models and actresses raging that she's more famous than them without struggling as hard as they do to maintain a specific size. That's the only way it makes sense for them to be seething so hard about this celebrity, especially if they themselves are American. That's literally the average woman for the USA, but with a BBL and heavier makeup. Whether or not anyone considers it healthy or even attractive, nothing about this warranted so much infighting

No. 1299634

So it looks like the mods are active, I never would have guessed considering the tranny, racebait thread and other posts that are still up, I guess this is where the janny draw the line.

So were not allowed to mention Ezra who is a a celeb anymore or milk related to him? but i guess sperging about weight or what your grandmother did is approved…

No. 1299635

Omg I'm sorry I completely botched the reading comprehension on that one, sorry esl anon if you're still lurking. I thought you were defending pedophilia and I sperged, I've seen too much on these threads but I need to reel it in and take a minute to fully read each post before I reply, sorry nonna's.

Also I really like that dress too

No. 1299638

File: 1660322748360.jpg (125.46 KB, 1080x1025, y5xn3ny8f8a81.jpg)

>fatty fat chan this
>haggard Ana chan that
>poo poo pee pee waaah

Stfu both of you and get some muscle. Pic related Silje Torp at 47.(derailing weight sperg)

No. 1299640

Wait what racebait are you talking about? The burger chan jokes or the froggy baguette jokes? Lol neither are racebait Nona go back to twitter.

No. 1299643

Literally the only people who post the way they do are self hating fat girls on EDtwt who do coquette larping and celebricows weightspergs. They make it so obvious that they're weightarded

No. 1299646

File: 1660323048363.png (1.06 MB, 906x1372, Screen Shot 2022-08-12 at 9.30…)

I went ahead and made a thread to discuss "I'm Glad My Mom Died" in case anyone wants to chime in:

No. 1299647

File: 1660323074414.jpg (140.61 KB, 600x432, shut-up-the-both-of-yas-303707…)

stop with the weight sperging reee

No. 1299650

She's talking about the racebait threads the /pol/tard makes daily, dingdong.

No. 1299652

Oh I thought she was talking about this thread specifically lol

No. 1299654

It's okay, anon. Let's stop fighting.

No. 1299656

File: 1660323316265.png (1.28 MB, 1206x938, Screenshot 2022-08-12 205542.p…)

No thank you, retarded gymbros brainwashed women into believing right is healthy and better looking the the left. You can fall their propaganda as much as you want but don't shill it on us.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1299657

Thanks anon, this thread is infested with the most room temparture iq retards.

Nice to see that mentioning ezra js the biggest priority to the mods though.

No. 1299658

We need a weight sperg containment thread at this point

No. 1299661

yeah we heard you the first time, go whine in meta

No. 1299664

because you don't have to "hit the wall" at 25 like you all believe. there are many old chans who do not go to seed
i am froggychan and agree with >>1299536

No. 1299665

why do you think the only options are lana potato or anorexia?
>35 is middle aged
how is this less insane than thinking you can only be eugenia ana or lithium weight gain lana? moderation, healthy body type, middle ground. this is the way

No. 1299666

He's very funny, to me. Like a real life angry donald duck

No. 1299667

oh he looks scary here

No. 1299668

No. 1299670

That containment thread was made by a janny and >>1299587 is probably a janny too especially with how fast that anon got that ban, so because that one janny has made that snow thread about ezra now we are not allowed to talk about him here because thats what she wants, who the fuck do you think you are onky the fucking admin to command new rules like that.
shitty janny kiss my ass.

No. 1299671

i'm gay but not fat. 55kg is a good weight for a female.

No. 1299672

Froggy-chan don't put words in my mouth, I never said "hit the wall" ever in my life and I wouldn't cause it's not even a thing. You're scrote possessed, go away.(infighting)

No. 1299673

her body is abnormal and americans have brainrotted into thinking it's normal
she's fucking gigantic. her legs are the size of a 5'3" woman's waist.

No. 1299674

oooh so offended that anonymous poster who hates fat girls put words in your mouth
so inappropriate for this serious political debate
you think 35 year olds ar emiddle aged because you eat twinkies and drink faygo then go surprised pikachu face when you lose everything at age 25(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1299675

That's the most retarded take I've seen in those whole weight war. Her leg is the size of a 5'3 womans waist in the same way her fingernail is the size of your brain. Her legs are normal thigh sized

No. 1299679

Nta but if you think putting in weight is the same as "losing everything" then you're really telling on yourself

Pack it in girls it's just the anachans

No. 1299689

I didn't call 35 year old's middle aged retard you have the wrong anon. And I'm not an anachan, I'm the one with hyperthyroidism who said "I'd kill to look like Bella," and I'm 27 faggot. I know it's you Blaine

No. 1299696

Kek offended the janny

No. 1299710

Are you ban evading.

No. 1299722

Yeah but I'm a tranny not someone who cares about making another thread instead of looking up the existing one, bump to knock the porn down(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1299757

File: 1660326983234.jpeg (464.27 KB, 828x1104, 7020BEC2-CF20-420F-ADA2-C3ADFC…)

Anne heche just died

No. 1299767

File: 1660327290161.jpg (127.63 KB, 479x774, 19525.jpg)

Armie Hammer vibes

No. 1299773

He sounds… special…

No. 1299780

Ezra vibes kek

No. 1299788

Is there a chance she knew something she wasn't supposed to know?
I'm asking because "car crashes" have been used in the past to get rid of witnesses of crime and pedo rings.

No. 1299789

Zoomers must be creaming their pants rn. That's some 2008 cringe right there.

No. 1299794

be careful when mentioning him kek.
anon what zoomers this is more like millennial shit, i say this is a millennial and all the edgy shit men would do then and the creaming their pants reactions.

No. 1299798

Nonna I just meant that they also like that kind of stuff/glorify weird shit like this. You didn't have to take it so seriously.

No. 1299803

File: 1660328741155.jpeg (653.26 KB, 828x1073, 5D482608-D6D5-4C50-8CDF-586DDF…)

I’m probably the only person here who cares but this is a bit shit and frankly more upsetting than someone who incinerates themselves while driving under the influence

No. 1299807

You could make an edit of it mimicking emo Myspace aesthetic, nostalgiacore and webcore are a thing among zoomers (because of course they are).

No. 1299809

Damn, RIP.

No. 1299812

Anon, I don't think he's dead yet.

No. 1299828

File: 1660330059208.jpg (87.85 KB, 424x750, gaga.jpg)

Gaga botched

No. 1299832

Oh my gosh, she really shouldn't have got that much filler.

No. 1299833

Nta but how in the world is right unhealthy

No. 1299834

File: 1660330302345.jpg (102.04 KB, 768x1152, jakepick.jpg)

tbh I get what he's saying, see I used to work with children and I felt a sense of power that's really hard to describe, I would never ever hurt them but I had the power too and the idea never left my mind, for someone like Jocob whose naturally bigger and stronger then most adult men I'm sure that's how he feels all the time, like he's in a world made of cardboard, I'm sure he imagines how he easily could kill others if he wanted too

No. 1299835

honestly I think you guys arguing about her body are just getting thrown off by how unfortunately unflattering those shorts are.
its tragic you'd think rich famous people would have, like, a stylist or someone to stop them from wearing something that doesn't fit or flatter at all.

No. 1299836

Noooooo jfc she needed to stop after the first round. Why do they always go for bigger?

No. 1299837

literally who

No. 1299841

File: 1660330929241.jpeg (182.48 KB, 1168x1578, C078BD6B-9708-4A1D-8032-7154DC…)

who could this be

No. 1299842

Oh noooooo. She was so unique looking in her Bad Romance era, what had she done to herself?

No. 1299845

File: 1660331050554.jpg (159.74 KB, 762x1351, gagalips.jpg)

should have posted her trying to sell those new lipsticks, it's uncanny. can't wait to see her tho

No. 1299876

nta but
>His 1988 novel “The Satanic Verses” was viewed as blasphemous by many Muslims, who saw a character as an insult to the Prophet Muhammad, among other objections. Around the world, often-violent protests erupted against Rushdie, who was born in India to a Muslim family. One riot killed 12 people in his hometown of Mumbai.
>The book was banned in Iran, where the late leader Grand Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini issued a 1989 fatwa, or edict, calling for Rushdie’s death.
>The death threats and bounty led Rushdie to go into hiding under a British government protection program, which included a round-the-clock armed guard. Rushdie emerged after nine years of seclusion and cautiously resumed more public appearances, maintaining his outspoken criticism of religious extremism overall.
>Police said a state trooper was assigned to Rushdie’s lecture and made the arrest. But after the attack, some longtime visitors to the center questioned why there wasn’t tighter security for the event, given the decades of threats against Rushdie and a bounty on his head in the Muslim world offering more than $3 million for anyone who kills him.

No. 1299888

This is bad. Like I appreciate that shes trying to use unshooped pictures sp women know what it looks like irl but christ the lips. Like an inflamed bum hole

No. 1299891

hope he will recover quickly, unbelievable that there is still a reward for killing him out there, but what can you expect from people that burn books…

No. 1299893

This is why Muslim scrotes are the worst. This is awful.

No. 1299899

We finally hear her voice! She sounds like an anime villain tbh. Also that bitch lyin’ about Kimmy getting the coof

Edit - forgot video

No. 1299900

what are you talking about retard? why are you typing in an accent?

No. 1299904

it's true. muslim scrotes are the most misogynistic and violent of all men. i pity all muslim girls

No. 1299915

literally all religion, especially abrahimic religion. given that islam shares the same root abrahimic text as judaism and christianity, they're all rotten apples grown from the same disgusting immoral tree. hell, even some sects of buddhism have been historically known to subjugate women and young boys. it is almost as if these large religious power structures are made by men and thus as a result are built all around male domination and female subjugation. islam isn't a lone wolf, they just get the most talk about it because the west, especially Burgerland love to act as though Islam is the only abrahimic religion built on female subjugation (it's not). just look at the bible belt and all the evangelical churches or small cult communities that freely groom their daughters either for their own pleasure or to "hand off" to someone else. trying to act as though this is an islam only thing is laughable at best, it's like republicans vs. democrats. they're both bombing (in this case raping) kids and women, one just pretends to be morally superior to the other and the other doesn't care to pretend.

No. 1299923

Why would the families agree to rehash painful memories to sue him? All that happened is what anyone with a brain knew was going to:
1. he didn't "learn his lesson" and doesn't give a shit. Any followers he still has also don't give a shit.
2. He will never pay the money back.
3. Lawyers get richer

What a waste of time

No. 1299932

>is french
anons don’t bother, she is suffering enough

No. 1299941

I tried to watch it but it's a little hard to follow, is there a tldw of this? Also you're totally right about her sounding like an anime villain kek

No. 1299944

I cannot stand him. Joey King better and less pretentious

No. 1299948

File: 1660336282284.png (357.83 KB, 1677x674, 543234543.png)

>trying to act as though this is an islam only thing is laughable at best
Islam is very clearly the worst in the world right now though. It's like comparing a broken leg to a leg that's been hacked off by a machete. Islam is a fucking cancer. Not racebaiting, brown people are great but there is no ideology in the world right now that's as dangerous and retarded as conservative Islam.

No. 1299962

She made a speech about dear fatty getting a ‘high fever’ but forced himself to do inspections of medical facilities and pharmacies when he should’ve been resting but he cares u guize! She blames South Korea for spreading the virus and plans to annihilate them as revenge, or something.

No. 1299978

Yeah ngl I don't judge anyone based on skin colour but you really have to question diehard muslims. When I open any social media theres a 1 in 10 chance I'm going to see a random Muslim guy try to defend Mohamad being a pedo or acid attacks on women like

No. 1299981

how is this whole country even real

No. 1299985

die hard muslim/Islamic brown scrotes are terrifying and i don’t care if that’s race baiting

No. 1299988

File: 1660339126894.jpg (Spoiler Image,131.55 KB, 722x501, 5545548.jpg)

Lizzo keeps posting

No. 1299993

So trashy!!!!

No. 1300011

Oh my, spoiler that thing! I wasn't ready for that

No. 1300021

Yass queen

No. 1300023

Will North Korea have a female leader before the USA?

No. 1300040

There’s videos of her crashing into apartment complex garages before this crash… she was by herself and very clearly under the influence of something. She did this herself by herself.

No. 1300041

she looks cute

No. 1300044

that's very sad. she seemed to live a very tortured life and was sexually abused since infancy by her father. there are some wounds that never heal, especially if your family denies your trauma. her father died of AIDS as a gaybashing baptist minister who'd trawl gaybars at night after shaming people during the day for various "sins". she got genital herpes from him as a baby. i feel really, really bad for her.

No. 1300051

File: 1660342635758.jpeg (1.33 MB, 1170x1990, F772C8A0-C8B5-47FF-A83F-C8DB51…)

She’s also alluding to getting married for attention

No. 1300053

cute??? she looks trashy. yas queen take pics for coomers

No. 1300056

I'm a oldfag as well but what are you trying to prove, want to be a cool momma coquette wannabe dearie. Embarrassing behavior.

I´m gay,not American an probably also thinner than you. Stop being a stupid hoe.

She sounds hot.

No. 1300066

i still think she looks cute. i'm not surprised women in the industry are objectifying themselves. it's disappointing but to be expected. she still deserves props for carving out a niche for herself as a fat woman in this industry and creating decent music. i wouldn't be able to do what she does

No. 1300076

>she still deserves props for carving out a niche for herself as a fat woman
Not that hard if mcdonalds is your sponsor

No. 1300084

Kek. The first pic doesn’t even look like she has a big booty only elephant legs. The completely shadowed shot of her in the ocean looks like a wet dog or sea creature. If you showed someone that they would immediately think animal.

No. 1300106

Yes she's a fatty and ugly but "animal" is a bit much

No. 1300108

She should pull an Adele, lose all the weight and make HAES people seethe

No. 1300111

File: 1660345327649.jpg (127.23 KB, 1200x899, 20220813_010101.jpg)

Lmao Kim broke up with Pete when he tried to propose to her.

No. 1300117

why doesn't he try to date the millions of women and girls who are professionals and normal people rather than be an annoying social climber

No. 1300122

He's honestly very feminine.

No. 1300127


No. 1300131

that'd be hot if he was more interested in being quasi normal

No. 1300135

That still wouldn't work. He's a bpd shithead and they'd only tolerate it but for so long.

No. 1300141

Holyshit, men hit the wall so hard.

No. 1300144

File: 1660346948088.jpg (35.92 KB, 306x520, m-7_1660289023594.jpg)

No. 1300147

iconic, amazing, spectacular. show-stopping

No. 1300149

Thank you for explaining. And very sad. I am okay with ex-muslims who preach against that horrid and vile religion. Muslims are violent, especially the scrotes. unhinged. I hope he can recover from this.

No. 1300150

wtf spoiler that shit

No. 1300153

There's something about her body that is extremely unappealing to look at. I cant figure out why.

No. 1300154

Her legs are very muscular looking, almost manly because of the contrast to how skinny she looks waist up

No. 1300155

Its the face that needs a paper bag, she looks like she worked on her body almost too much. It's impressive but yeah spoiler it next time I thought it was a troon so I got scared.

No. 1300166

Samefag forgot not to sage to bump the scrote shit down

No. 1300199

File: 1660350294231.jpg (45.42 KB, 667x376, 1633586602494_G9D3GHOKM.2-2.jp…)

Britney's kids are devil spawns
- the kids are KGB agents, they secretly film her when she's in her bad moments and send the recordings to their father, Kevin Federline
- Kevin Federaline posted these illegally recorded videos online
- kid says he’d tell the whole story about his mom in exchange of 5k followers
- says in the future he will tell the story and become really popular
- Britney was considering retiring from music, he was like: what? what are you saying? like you know how much bank you make off of that stuff?

No. 1300200

i believe this. i truly believe she has basically no one. if i was her i'd cut these fuckers off frankly

No. 1300206

This is a really basic and kinda ugly dress considering she's a celebrity. Ik it's just for a photoshoot but ew

No. 1300207

look at the way they talk. kevin had so much influence on them its sad as fuck she needs to cut them all out.

No. 1300216

File: 1660351068565.jpg (131.42 KB, 903x1073, 31kevin45.jpg)

The leaked videos contain:
>Britney giving her sons lotion for his skin
>Britney scolding her kids not to be bare feet in public and cold weather
>Britney telling her kids to respect women
>Britney teaching her kids about skating

No. 1300223

File: 1660351251654.png (609.15 KB, 674x539, asdfghtrgdfsvfgd.png)

He was married to Olivia Wilde, one of the drivers who helped "collect" women for Weinstein. No way he's not somehow involved with that or at least aware of it and turning a blind eye. Sorry but my sympathy lies with mentally ill abuse victims not old pervy scrotes

No. 1300237

he was never married to olivia wilde. he was married to padma lakshmi

No. 1300265

But he dated her, too many connections to Weinstein for it to not be suspicious. It's still sad he got attacked but it's not a competition. People can feel sad for both Anne and him simultaneously, neither people are perfect but don't deserve what happened to them. So lame to try to be like "this one's sadder guise." I do appreciate him for speaking out against islam and continuing to do so even after threats against this his life though, we need more people like that.

No. 1300277

I love how he's making it sounds like the kids went through something incredibly traumatic. The videos are just "average southern mother scolds her hardheaded sons"

No. 1300290

If he's going to betray his mother, can't he at least aim a little higher?

No. 1300332

I heard she had an accident before the big crash, but she refused to get out of the car and continued driving. So I doubt it
I heard she had a troubled past but I wonder why she couldn't have just done the coke at home or just taken a cab. This isn't some teen making a mistake.
I feel like at that age you have to know that you can't drive under the influence like that. I don't think she deserve to die or anything but I do feel bad for the lady who lost her house as a result of the crash.

No. 1300353

Nona she once she parked her car, took off her shirt and walked through the desert until she found some random women's house. Knocked and asked to come in and shower, and then made herself at home on the couch and when the home owner asked when she was leaving she replied with "I'm god." This isn't some rebellious teenage mistake this is mental illness, it's not right what she did but she clearly wasn't well enough to be assumed to be able to think rationally at that point. And she probably had some form of personality disorder or dissociation from being abused her entire childhood. Mania is hell of a drug especially when mixed with actual narcotics. I'm so sick of people being like "why couldn't she just do…" Because she wasn't in her right mind, the brain goes haywire and they get to a point where nothing they say or do makes sense to anyone but them and the connections that were once made in the brain aren't functioning anymore. It's why some people in a manic episode can take like 5 bullets to the chest and still be up and walking around or why they end up cutting off a toe or something because they think that limb is possessed.

No. 1300356

i dunno to me it looks hypocritical for a man to act super scrotey while calling out a scrotey religion.

No. 1300367

I don't see any proof that Anne had bipolar or mania. I think she walked into that person's house because she was super high on ecstacy at the time.
It sucks that she was abused but so were millions of people. I don't see why I have to be very sad for her when she has millions of people grieving for her already and her actions affected others negatively. It would be great if we could be super understanding of everyone's situation but it's not possible.

I also had never heard of her until this week. kek

No. 1300439

Kek late reply but this literally just says the same thing over and over again. I hate these celebrity articles and it’s basically why I come here for celebrity entertainment.

No. 1300452

Ecstasy wouldn't give reaction like that for days at a time if she wasn't already dealing with some sort of serotonin imbalance. Also the proof is in the behavior, and the history of trauma, plus you've only heard of her recently, how would know if there's "no proof" if you don't even know who or what you're talking about? You don't necessarily have to have bipolar disorder to experience a manic episode. And it might have not been mania but something else with psychotic features. But she acts too similar to people experiencing those things for it to just be ecstasy or teenage behavior.

No. 1300456

Agree. She was 53. Whether she had some sort of personality disorder or not, she knows at this age when she is getting a certain way. >>1300353
is ridiculous, we don't excuse people with BPD doing crazy shit because a lone thing set them off, so why excuse this older woman? She knew how she was at this point in her life.

No. 1300482

putain mais arrête de la ramener tu nous fous la honte avec tes conneries

No. 1300552

Do you live under a rock or are you just an illiterate sped?
Anyone who drives under the influence is a piece of shit, at least she only physically harmed her own selfish ass and not anyone else. Absolutely no sympathy here.

No. 1300566

>Do you live under a rock or are you just an illiterate sped?
this thread is for celebrities anon

No. 1300573

He’s more famous than half the people posted here…

No. 1300580

not that nonna but I haven't heard of him either, nor is it that milky. So stop whining about your husbando being so irrelevant please

No. 1300581

when else has he been mentioned besides the news today? not even trying to be mean i literally never heard of him

No. 1300589

He's probably only known amongst muslim people.

No. 1300592

Everyone with an interest in literature knows him

No. 1300600

Anon this is so accurate, I had a period of my life where I was stuck in the ana way of thinking brainloop, and it was 100% self harm, I couldn’t truly enjoy things because I’d feel like passing out or be so cold and it made me cranky. I had a bf at the time who said he doesn’t like when I diet because I act like a bitch— but that meant nothing to me because most men would prefer a woman as thin as possible before looking sickly, in fact when I gained just a couple pounds he started making a big deal out of how I was getting close to his weight (he was super skinny).
You can be sick before you appear sickly on the outside. I hate that people see someone like Taylor swift at her thinnest as “healthy fitness goals” when she admitted herself she was starving. An anon said we don’t have a proper idea of what a healthy body looks like and I actually totally agree, but not in the way they were implying, it’s the opposite. Extreme thinness to the point of a woman losing her period is seen as goals as long as she still has tits. Whereas people who are obviously in the healthy weight range, someone like Bella for example or Ariel Winter, are considered flat for being jiggly and soft… how most women naturally look due to carrying more fat.
And no I did not go from Ana Chan to fattychan I’m a healthy weight now but still dated a guy who told me I was overweight, in a simple matter of fact way, then pulled up an old pic of me with an ED and asked if I can look like that again lmao anyway fuck scrotes bc they’re the ones who actually drive anorexia imo, angry rattlers in this thread are hungry and dizzy and cold just trying to cope.

No. 1300601

File: 1660363774740.jpg (41.83 KB, 328x475, C5xxFXPXEAI_vvX.jpg)

Someone pointed out that her scolding her kids for being barefoot in public may have had something to do with picrel (when Britney went into a gas station bathroom barefoot). Obviously it would be a normal thing to tell them off for even if this hadn't happened, but something to consider I guess.

No. 1300602

Holy fuck sorry for the blog anons but maybe other past ed havers will find it helpful
I’m currently on my phone while having period shits and guess I needed an outlet

No. 1300603

Not even that, he is an acclaimed writer who had a bounty placed on him by a head of state. There’s a reason why it’s headline news. On actual legitimate news outlets.
You have to be 18 to post here

No. 1300608

That's fucking stupid. Like she even remembers this. People are so dumb, do they not realize that she doesn't view her life through the lense of 2005 paparazzi photos like we do

No. 1300609

holy shit he's not anyone's husbando he's a famous writer. go offline and open a book for once in your braindead zoomer life

No. 1300614

Yeah, you're right. Anyway, since recently we have an actual news thread >>1254738
Maybe better to post such updates there so illiterate celebfags don't whine

No. 1300617

This thread cannot go 2 seconds without anons being mad about something

No. 1300625

Anons say "go back to lsa!" for every little thing so I'm surprised to read so many posts of insane weightsperging and not a single "go back to skinny gossip!"
Not even joking if you consider someone gaining weight the milkiest event of the century, that is a place you can indulge in that. You don't even need to pretend you're not bone rattling.
For the small chance some might finally understand, I'll spell it out. Women don't owe it to you to look exactly how you like it or to be what you consider pinnacle of health. It is not milky because it is not funny or absurd or rare or even immoral since it is not harming anyone but them and even that is arguable. Not talking about haes bullshit which no celebrity other than Lizzo really spews. Bella Thorne gaining 20 pounds is just not interesting enough to post this much about to anyone not obsessed with body image. So many posts just saying "she is fat" over and over and losing their shit because some anons didn't agree. Like noone can be okay with carrying a little bit of extra fat in their body. Brainworms tier. Get a grip or go back to skinny gossip.

No. 1300627

File: 1660365421642.png (964.47 KB, 1013x1741, B0A70F37-B40A-49EF-96CE-ACAFB1…)

This is the image I’m talking about anon not the other set kek

No. 1300635

I'd have thought it was a rock.

No. 1300646

I thought it was a shaggy dog

No. 1300665

agreed completely anon. why are anons so angry over women existing not as the "hottest" version of themselves?

No. 1300666

yes because it's extremely dark?

No. 1300691

reading comprehension, zoomer-chan. i said that my neighbours are also not fat and look nice, but they aren't suitable comparisons for a nonita who doesn't know who tf they are. So I used celebrities, who a person reading can visualize.

No. 1300693

gaga whyyyyyy i used to love her

No. 1300695

this might be the greatest troll i have ever seen

No. 1300697

So much foundation…it looks worse than if she wore nothing

No. 1300700

she comes off as really lonely. she should stop posting like this, it's too obvious that's she's pretty much the exact opposite of her musical persona

No. 1300701

but my post was sincere..not even a zoomer either

No. 1300703

good. he's fucking crazy. if they'd married he'd cheat on her after the first mundane day they spent together.

No. 1300705

why does she look so ugly here

No. 1300706

disgusting. literally give a moid everything he has including his life and he still thinks of you as an animal.

No. 1300708

he's a sexist bastard. read the moor's last sigh and marvel at his hatred for women. all the women in that book are 4chan-tier straw stereotypes.

No. 1300709

No. 1300710

salman rushdie is a celebrity. he's even been in a movie with hugh grant. you can read books and not just instagram the covers, zoomerchan.

No. 1300711

are you saying you think salman rushdie is a fictional character

No. 1300715

so you're not fat but the thinnest you got was still bigger than a man
"really skinny" men weigh 140-150 pounds kek
I hope you're 6 feet tall because KEK

No. 1300717

this body positive sperging makes me laugh because in every single thread on this site people are calling the woman in it fat or ugly (except for eugenia cooney)
you should see what happens whenever someone tries to post like you did in arrow de wilde's thread

No. 1300718

not true, my ex was 125 lbs at 5'10, some men are even thinner. i dont even see anon mentioning her weight there but i'm only skimming
ot =/= snow but for some reason you retards refuse to understand this

No. 1300811

Anon I would stop responding to the weight spergs if I were you. Most of them seem like baiting scrotes or just anons from snow who can't integrate in other boards and their brains are fried from dissecting the same porn from a cow they hate a thousand times.

No. 1300856

Whatever thread it happens in, it's boring and makes the thread unreadable. Here to be entertained not read anons mentally ill incessant nitpickings about someones weight or vagina or whateverelse. Which is why I never even go on those threads. It's obvious many anons frequenting celebricows agree with me on not wanting it here.

No. 1300873

Nta, but I really do not think it has anything to do with age. The average person where I'm from, regardless of age, would not know who he is. It's not anything to get worked up about.

No. 1300885

File: 1660381208543.jpeg (167.71 KB, 1080x1350, CF07F373-9D58-49BA-9C4C-C21E7E…)

She looks good.

No. 1300889

her cheekbones look less freakish here. were her cheekbones partially filler? her face looks way more normal and symmetrical. the makeup is atrocious though

No. 1300890

That 90s brown liner/pale lips combination needs to be killed with fire

No. 1300893

I don’t understand why she’s so popular, there’s nothing at all remarkable about her. No one would look twice at if it weren’t for her parents, it’s not like she’s exceptionally pretty or talented. She’s a rich, thin, half French nepo kid, that’s all.

No. 1300895

She has filler in her cheeks yes

No. 1300896

And she looks good there.

No. 1300899

His hashtag is Johnny Depp's latest 'art' piece… tinfoil anons, speculate!

No. 1300901

really not much to tinfoil, kfed is the exact type of white trash abusive liar that feels vindicated by johnny depp's smear campaign against his "crazy female ex". mind you, even though britney hasn't said a fucking thing about k-fed and has been a wonderful ex considering all that he put her through

No. 1300902

File: 1660382975405.png (241.74 KB, 396x258, lily rose.PNG)

wow, it's really apparent how much she injected her cheeks for no reason. granted she was considerably younger here and has always had very pretty cheeks but she really has been looking like the Jigsaw with those clown-like oversized cheekbones. girl simply does not need it, she's pretty enough

No. 1300903

I completely forgot he even existed until he was brought up here, which is probably testament to how insignificant he is

No. 1300906

I really fucking hate how “normalised” cosmetic procedures have become. Fuck society for making young women feel like they’re defective for having a natural face

No. 1300910

File: 1660383850346.jpg (71.32 KB, 640x488, IMG_20220813_114313_895.jpg)

It was predictable

No. 1300920

those awful duck lips

No. 1300925

File: 1660384651894.jpg (49.92 KB, 564x564, 96906b1edac3fb32d5522446eda90a…)


No. 1300932

Kek the first pic reminds me of that memed horrible nikocado ass picture with his asshole out. Disgusting stranded whale looking ass

No. 1300975

Lizzo is rancid, every picture of her smells like a combination of mildewed dishcloth, a festival port-a-loo and a Red Lobster dumpster in the middle of summer

No. 1300977

Yep. Yep it was.

No. 1301117

>not that milky
he got stabbed

No. 1301152

pretty based ngl

No. 1301155

Exactly anon he was Asian and had a crazy metabolism and no muscle so yeah his weight was very low lol

No. 1301160

And no anon the thinnest I got was not that point, when I was dating him I was slowly going back to a healthy weight and on one hand he’d say I should just eat and not diet but on the other when he’d weigh himself he’d insist I get on the scale too lmao he was ugly and insecure tho so he’d constantly neg me over dumb shit

No. 1301182

what if we get a hitman to take out the surgeon who keeps doing everyone's faces like this

No. 1301188

lmao. where's my harpoon?

No. 1301192

Yeah and because there's no discernible silhouette, but you're right it's a shitty picture.

No. 1301218

Honestly I don't mind the weight sperging when it's just an anons opinion but most of the time it's an anon responding to a message along the lines of "I actually think she looks good" with an absolutely unhinged rage about what a fat pig everyone is. They try so hard to change other people's minds rather than just accepting that people feel differently about chubby/fat women.

No. 1301222

i'm so glad we're almost at 500 posts in this thread and around 150 of it is just ana-chans and whale-chans going back and forth. all of you shut the fuck up or make your own little discourse thread so it doesn't happen here. we literally don't fucking care about your rolls or your bones.

No. 1301228

Ayrt. We stay winning tbh kek. Enjoy your glass of wine, I will too

No. 1301233

Bone rattlers big mad anon could crush their skinny boyfriend’s neck. Boo-hoo.

No. 1301235

They’re literally the “no cap fr fr” poop colored curly hair white faggots. So disgusting. Britney can afford to have them both sent to the shadow realm, can’t she? I hope she makes that leap of confidence somehow. Worthless slabs of meat.

No. 1301237

Unironically slaying! Starting voice-training as of now to sound more like her.

No. 1301239

I feel like some anons think its their job to defend their body type as being the ideal, seeing it on both sides. Nobody comes to the celeb thread wanting to read about some rando anons body goals or their past ED. Like save it for another thread.

No. 1301240

File: 1660400315718.png (531.65 KB, 1080x1920, meiotic ass phase.png)

It's all I can think of

No. 1301270

is this the next amber heard? better summon the male rights activists and handmaiden moid goons en masse.

No. 1301339

I don't get it, she looked so cute naturally
fucking this, in this day and age you're asked why aren't you getting surgery
it's wild

No. 1301360

Stop blogposting, no1curr.

That looks like a rock indeed lmao

No. 1301424

Genuinely interested where you’re from if you don’t mind answering, I thought he was world famous

No. 1301431

Fuck Amber Heard she should get fucked by a soldier
However fuck federline more. Britney spears is a mentally ill sweetheart who should be protected by all costs.

No. 1301486

File: 1660412369613.png (272.9 KB, 609x867, briney.png)

Britney's ex-husband Jason Allen Alexander, who was married to her for 55 hours, tried to enter her locked bedroom as she prepared to marry Asghari.


No. 1301495

”the black problem” let me post all this bbc- is that why you’re mad?

No. 1301507

File: 1660412738462.jpg (297.04 KB, 720x1026, 20220813_190159.jpg)

I was explaining why Pete Davidson was weird with Ariana (never forget that he got 10+ tattoos dedicated to her during the whole 4 months they were together, got engaged after 24 days, and started going out with Ariana a day after breaking up with Cazzie David with a text message after a 2 and a half year relationship) and found this. It's kind of weird to think they were friendly enough to text back and foward about their personal lives but still hated eachother

No. 1301547

probably because both of them are fucking unhinged and lovebombed each other

No. 1301564

File: 1660415237641.jpeg (47.12 KB, 270x360, 3E9CDDCD-F775-4F47-8632-04192D…)

Looks like a drag queen, why the hell does she wear those stupid split bangs in everything? Did she demand it in her contract? Lol

No. 1301591

File: 1660416158641.jpeg (32.15 KB, 495x619, 31C56161-098D-4FAE-BFEA-F0D75D…)

She would look much better without the ugly ass fringe. Picrel is ofc an edit someone else made because she would never let go of “muh signature hair” ig.

No. 1301598

i thought most anons hated her previous face, at least based on past posts about her

No. 1301645

What the hell is going on with her legs

No. 1301649

Lmao I didn’t know it wasn’t a boulder until I saw your comment

No. 1301653

I prefer the fringe lol

No. 1301699

i think this is probably right, because when everyone makes fun of lizzo for being fat, no one gets defensive. lizzo is what they call morbidly obese, but that other girl (the blonde, not the brunette in the red) is just normal fat, and if you have a small waist you can be normal fat and be hot IRL/away from hollywood, NYC, paris etc.

No. 1301701

sorry i don't understand? is the meme saying assad's government killed salman rushdie?

No. 1301704

yeah can a janny get in here and remove the kpop faggot shit
i don't get how anon's boyfriend who weighed 125 is okay but 130lb women calling bella thorne a ham (she is) are bone rattlers

No. 1301707

nta but i'm gonna guess Iowa

No. 1301708


No. 1301746

… you think Ariana Grande and Jeanette McCurdy lovebombed eachother?

No. 1301752

nta but Pete and Ariana did

No. 1301759

As an Italian, ouch and mama mia lol

No. 1301763

I literally thought this was AnnaSophia Robb until I read the other post

No. 1301786

IMO it's because she looks like a human dessicated packet you get with medicine or whatever. Her skin looks really unhealthy and weirdly taut? I personally think her lipo belly looks the freakiest because it's technically skinny but the shade of her skin looks sickly and she has loose skin.

What has she done to herself? Is it a byproduct of her drug use or something else?

No. 1301798

It’s just fast weight loss, looks sallow like that

No. 1301800

File: 1660427953444.gif (1.48 MB, 632x304, 166035168034211550 (1).gif)

Her son is looking to play stupid games & play stupid games-win stupid prizes, I guess.

No. 1301841

she's had aggressive lipo - if you go too far the skin looks dry and stretched over the muscle, like you got someone else's skin put on your body and it didn't attach right

No. 1301855

Oh okay I knew she got a mommy makeover but must have been a second round then? Personally I think she’s pretty she just looks really unhealthy, like her coochie leaks battery acid

No. 1301896

except that's not true. you can't just say a woman who isn't 100% fit still looks good or cute without anons sperging about how she doesn't, how she's a blimp and disgusting, comparing them to fat mother of 3s, animals, etc. come on. there's a very one sided problem here and it's the persistent ana-chans who refuse to allow women to not look like movie stars every minute of their lives and insist that anons who offhandedly say they look alright are "wrong" and or must be fat (at least untrue in my case). i posted that i thought lizzo looked cute and numerous anons were upset. i think she does look cute. she's also obese. she can be both. it's not healthy or ideal to be obese, but she still looks cute to me. some anons just don't have an interest in policing women's figures.
it's the lipo. you see that lipo problem happen a lot in the stomach area or upper arms in particular. many plastic surgeons are butchers.

No. 1301899

>Fuck Amber Heard she should get fucked by a soldier
moid moment. seek help for your bandwagon mentality, particularly if you are a woman. amber heard's hate is the exact same coin as the 2008 britney hate. the only reason britney got vindicated at all is because she had to suffer in silence for 13 yrs. women have to wait decades for any measure of "justice" and receive little to no compensation or reparations for their mistreatment and abuse

No. 1301969

Amber heard is a piece of shit but wishing harm on her is scrote tier fuckery. A woman can be a garbage person and still be a victim of abuse, the two aren’t mutually exclusive

No. 1301989

File: 1660440262255.jpg (254.61 KB, 1914x937, chalamet60550.jpg)

Timothée Chalamet screenshot from his new movie Bones & All. He looks like Machine Gun Kelly.

No. 1302013

Is that thing his hair?

No. 1302049

File: 1660446565379.jpeg (80.15 KB, 1104x824, FZ7iAwLXkAEYFf6.jpeg)

Michelle Branch's husband, Patrick Carney from the Black Keys, called the cops on her for slapping him after she found out he was cheating on her while she was at home with the baby. She's out on bail already since she's breastfeeding.

No. 1302053

File: 1660446863265.jpeg (638.7 KB, 2048x1709, C5F00B36-EAD7-465A-9BAE-BB5764…)

Imagine cheating on your wife and then being such a prick you press charges when she finds out. This man is hideous btw.

No. 1302054

That ugly fuck should have been lobotomized the second he first spoke to her.

No. 1302055

men who call the cops on women for a slap after doing them wrong are the biggest pieces of shit. oh, you fuck over your 130 lb wife and cry like a bitch to get her in trouble? get fucked, patrick carney. he doesn't even give two shits about how calling the cops on the child's mother affects his child. this kind of shit ends up affecting custody battles and the kids end up in the hands of shitty men like this asswipe. don't ever have a man's kid, anons. ever. it's the biggest trap and it is only ever used against women.

No. 1302056

she did this asshole the biggest favor by even looking in his direction even once, and look how he repays her.

No. 1302057

File: 1660447061723.jpg (93.12 KB, 800x700, lmao.jpg)


No. 1302058

this is why women shouldn't settle for ugly moids, these entitled tiny sacs become even bolder

No. 1302071

I don't find him ugly but I think he looks much older than he actually is. I just googled him and it says he's 26 but he looks like a 35 year old with makeup on to me?

No. 1302073

she wrote this whole long article about his cheating and psycho moidery back in 2011 that stuck with me ever since because of how much he fucking sucks. (that video for tighten up is god damn disgusting too). I can't remember the title and am having trouble finding it on google, but he's been a cow this whole fucking time and I can't believe she's stayed with him.
Anyway, maybe someone smarter than me can find the old article? i think it was linked on gawker and stuff but it was 11 years ago kek

No. 1302074

haha he got fat and has fake teeth

No. 1302078

She looks like a scrote

No. 1302080

Does anyone else wonder if Jennette might be bisexual and had feelings for Ariana at some point that she may not have come to terms with fully due to her religious upbringing? iirc Ariana has hinted in the past about liking women as well.

No. 1302082

I don't think there's really any evidence for that. Jennette made it pretty clear her problem with her back in the day was that everyone treated Ariana way better than they treated her, and that Ariana came from a rich family and got to live the dream nepo baby life while Jennette was being sexually abused to pay the bills for her whole family. Doesn't really sound like there were any romantic feelings there.

No. 1302083

>Ariana has hinted in the past about liking women as well.
kek, literally every pop-star is a faux bisexual

No. 1302103

No. 1302106

You’re insane

No. 1302130

File: 1660452359614.png (416.65 KB, 608x396, uglysister.png)

I'm between being sad because AnnaSophia Robb never made it big because she is super cute and so much better looking than Lily Rose Depp. And Elle Fanning. Elle looks like she has a hairy face from putting on her foundation wrong.

No. 1302131

I agree, I've always loved Annasophia Robb. She's beautiful

also lol >uglysister

No. 1302133

He looks like he's about to tell her he's trooning out in real time.
Run, Michelle, run. You are so much better than this.

No. 1302135

>Elle looks like she has a hairy face from putting on her foundation wrong.
I feel like you really thought this was a scalding drag when it sounds retarded as hell

No. 1302137

Anna looks like a basic Amanda Seyfried or Anya Taylor joy

No. 1302138

File: 1660453037371.jpg (13.12 KB, 218x280, annasophia.jpg)

She has that cute little nymph look

No. 1302141

When he’s right he’s really right

No. 1302142

File: 1660453335688.png (78.57 KB, 1192x382, bieber.png)

No. 1302144

>hairy face

No. 1302146

Lily Rose Depp is stubby legged like a dachshund with massive cankles; if she was an actual model or performer and not a nepo baby she would have been nitpicked and roasted by some old instructor to such a scalding third degree burn that she would never set foot in front of a camera again. Her body is legitimately among the worst that I have seen in Hollywood. Most of her striking features are exaggerated due to filler. She doesn’t possess any talent aside from looking like a child for pedo scrotes. Out of all the nepo babies I think I dislike her the most simply for how much she’s achieved with such a shit genetic outcome given her parents kek.

No. 1302148

That nonny has obvious brain damage.

No. 1302149

Copypasta energy. Although what is it with some anons in these threads being obsessed with cankles?

No. 1302151

bieber pretty based in this tweet

No. 1302179

She’s cute. Who gives a fuck.

No. 1302181

File: 1660456655715.jpg (43.98 KB, 800x500, Untitled-design-2022-04-20T164…)

she's quite pretty without the massive amounts of filler that warp her face and make her look bizarre, which she absolutely does not need. you ever seen her brother? he really got unlucky considering his parents. i feel really bad for both the kids given that depp was likely verbally/emotionally abusive towards them, and at best, neglectful.

No. 1302187

Anons like that always sound bitter that they’re not the nepo babies or something. Like yeah, and? There will always be nepo babies. She’s cuter than a lot of them and she doesn’t even do anything offensive

No. 1302237

Nigga looks like he's about to take Louis Creed up to the old Miquemacque burial ground to bury his dead cat.

No. 1302296

KEK nonnie. I think he looks like Richard Osmand, God damn how are these guys having affairs? Do lanky uggos with premium faces have 10/10 pp skills or something?

The girl on the right is adorable. I think it's sad that girls like her are destroyed by plastic surgery, she has a very sweet face and cute smile

No. 1302298

She should have hit him in the face with a frying pan several times honestly

No. 1302302

File: 1660468062240.jpg (92.35 KB, 717x865, Fanning.jpg)

I think Elle looks better with less obvious make-up

No. 1302307

She's very cute and both styles suit her

No. 1302315

some ugly guys have a cheating forever fuckboy inside of them that can only be freed by money or fame, but women still see them as the humble homunculi they appear to be and don't see it coming

No. 1302316

Wispy curtain bangs or a sparser fringe would suit her the best imo.

No. 1302329

Being honest I don’t find either parent particularly attractive but what the fuck lol he got pretty much all their bad traits.

No. 1302331

I hate this makeup on her. Her face doesn't match the futuristic baddie vibe they have going on here. Looks like she mutated from Kylie Jenner.
She looked basic before but way cuter than she does now.

No. 1302337

File: 1660472867303.jpg (36.94 KB, 739x742, IMG_20220814_122229_944.jpg)

bad news

No. 1302374

Interesting article, thanks for posting nonny. For what it’s worth it sounds like they were both pretty fucked up in this relationship, his first wife admits to being a pretty hardcore alcoholic and vaguely references cheating on him — I looked into the Rolling Stone article she mentions and it turns out she fucked his best friend lol, she left that detail out of her account. Of course he was off on tour cheating on her constantly (he finally admitted to one blow job, a year after she confessed….sure guy) so not saying she’s the villain, just sounds like a fucked relationship all around.

Anyway Michelle Branch should’ve hit him harder and calling the cops on the wife you cheated on and the mother of your nursing child is complete pussy crybully behavior.

kek nonnie

No. 1302385

Poor sod looks like Pete Doherty.

I always had some odd familiarity seeing pics of Lily Rose, then I saw a pic of Kate Moss. I find, they look uncanny similar, face wise.

No. 1302387

He looks already, like she did.

We have this unconventional male attractions thread, I bet, not even he, had been featured there. I don't mind lanky guys, but this one is too much.

No. 1302398

When he dies we're celebrating with champagne.

No. 1302482

your post is stupid and unnecessary, go lick some balls

No. 1302484

how did you find a picture where annasophia looks so bad

No. 1302486


No. 1302487

kek he's not even lanky anymore. he's just a tall chubby guy with an insane looking face

No. 1302489

If you are so concerned for the wellbeing of mentally ill women, then you can go volunteer with them or donate to charity. Telling me off on here for being insensitive doesn't help anyone

No. 1302508

I don't know if you are joking but that's Elle Fanning

No. 1302514

Forever angry that this piece of shit had the audacity to get close to Sharon Tate

No. 1302521

wtf are those comments on this video. german, english, korean? what a weird mix

No. 1302563

i meant annasophia who is on the left. she looks worse than elle here
i want to squish elle's little cheeks kek

No. 1302566

for real. she's better off dead than with him, same for her kid. You Must Remember This has an episode on their relationship and he is the scrotiest scrote that ever scroted. Gave no shits about her, or the baby they were expecting, and just did everything he could to keep her gaslit, uninformed, and under his control. No way was he faithful to her and no way would he have stayed when the baby was born. He would have gone away for the entire recovery period after the birth, fucked high school girls on quaaludes the whole time, and would have left Sharon and the baby for whoever the top model of 1975 was.

No. 1302616

That’s Dakota Fanning………..damn this is embarrassing for you

No. 1302643

i'm so embarassed that i mixed up some hollywood blondes who are sisters and don't know or care about me, how will i live this down

No. 1302680

this is a fake post made by Noah Vela to promote Noah Vela's song.

No. 1302693

File: 1660500017803.jpg (54.51 KB, 720x235, 20220814_191745.jpg)

Looks like BPD retard moid dating season is over. Now all we need is Kourtney Kardashian to divorce Tattoos McBaldy and we're good to go

No. 1302701

That sucks, these two are the funniest couple in hollywood rn

No. 1302706

The Wall has no mercy. Oh well! There are other skinny white boys.

No. 1302711

Too bad BC they're fucking hilarious together lmao

No. 1302716

No. 1302722

yeah fr, never fucking breed its a disaster for womankind

No. 1302725

they are both beautiful?? I swear anons here need to go outside more

No. 1302727

Megan and Kim should date each other for maximum publicity

No. 1302784

So much for their weird twin flames Twilight larp. What is it with celebrities and having BPD? this is literally Pete and Arianna again

No. 1302805

He will probably live a long time out of spite (same with woody allen)

No. 1302819

This way she just looks like any other indian woman. I work with dozens of women who look like this. Pretty, absolutely, but doesn't stand out.

Her bangs are her signature, as mild as they are.

No. 1302820

I still would. Oh god I would.

No. 1302842

anon just move to america or canada where there's tons of white people. you can find a guy who looks like that who isn't prematurely aged and also a freaky LA disgustoid.

No. 1302850

File: 1660509166411.jpg (396.36 KB, 2048x2048, 20220814_222723.jpg)

No. 1302852

File: 1660509192580.jpg (167.71 KB, 1080x1532, 20220814_222815.jpg)

Define breathtaking

No. 1302858

ew, he looks like these art students in Lyon who spend their time smoking weed and cigarettes and getting drunk in gay bars while dressed like garbage but in a pretentious way.

No. 1302859

Megan and one of the other Kardashians have been lesbo p*rn baiting not too long ago. Was lame male gaze bs but still, it might happen

No. 1302874

How am I a moid for thinking they are a funny couple? They're literally playing out pre-teen fantasies by claiming twin flames and doing blood rituals despite being 30+. Absolute cow behaviour, easily the most entertaining couple in hollywood at this moment.

No. 1302877

Fuck off back to reddit with this logic

No. 1302878

She looks pretty sexy here.

No. 1302879

Samefag; I like the weirdness.

No. 1302882

You’re just an asshole, they use these kinds of captions for everything.

Right. Perfectly good cringe fodder.

No. 1302890

You're retarded

No. 1302903

File: 1660513269543.jpg (138.11 KB, 984x877, 20220814_233809.jpg)


No. 1302905

File: 1660513291636.jpg (70.37 KB, 1122x900, 20220814_233825.jpg)

No. 1302907

File: 1660513498088.jpg (93.59 KB, 781x1439, 20220814_233929.jpg)

No. 1302908

File: 1660513610191.jpg (45.41 KB, 689x836, 20220814_234005.jpg)

No. 1302910

File: 1660513711510.jpg (144.07 KB, 1062x913, 20220814_233945.jpg)

No. 1302911

god who gives a fuck about these cunts
get a hobby celebrity drama dick suckers

No. 1302916

Youre in this thread, bitching about this thread.

No. 1302965

Yo what the fuck how did I not know she had a brother and depo a son. This shit is blowing my mind.

No. 1303013

How lame. At least own up to it and make a feud to boost your sales, zoomers are weak.

No. 1303047

Noooooooooooooooooooooo they’re so fucking funnyyyy. I bet he just wants to write literally the worst break up music ever, like full nickelback.

No. 1303094

why do cameras even exist if everyone just AutoCADs themselves anyway

No. 1303095

the ones that never leave the country because every time they do they make zero friends?

No. 1303096

god zoomers really did take us back to 1958. "weirdness" just means "completely normal hot girl with unpopular haircut" now?

No. 1303097

wait he writes his music?

No. 1303177

File: 1660533366145.jpeg (193.54 KB, 828x685, 177D19A5-C1A0-4A2D-9F40-6C6E8A…)

She’s right and she should say it.

No. 1303179

File: 1660533396714.jpeg (456.75 KB, 828x1450, EF2E6266-D022-4C75-B4B8-009138…)

Meanwhile, this is the shit being pelted at her because men are freaking losers.

No. 1303181

I cannot take this seriously coming from her.

No. 1303186

Yes let’s hold some stupid shit about her “showing feet in racist tinychats” over her head forever, that’s normal and also very healthy

No. 1303187

this is so stupid. she says "look fuckable" she still looks fuckable. she put on her makeup and sexy clothes. if she wanted to sound believable instead of just fishing for muh feminism asspats, she should have said "and all anyone wants to talk about is a haircut"

No. 1303189

File: 1660534483030.jpeg (66.65 KB, 550x550, 9CF310EF-318F-45D0-9C47-A7B453…)

The managers who keep forcing this kid to get jaw filler are only shooting themselves in the foot.

No. 1303190

Have you ever watched any of her music videos? Or listened to any of her lyrics? It's fine to have sex appeal and I even enjoy artists who do it, but it's so stupid for her to pretend like she doesn't care about being "fuckable" and doesn't try to appeal to men. At least own it, and not make up a bullshit excuse for why she shaved her hair. She doesn't even need an excuse for that.
But you're right though, her shoving her fingers in her mouth for moids who also probably live in their mom's basement is pretty relevant here.

No. 1303192

Given the response from the scrotes, being bald is clearly enough to make her unfuckable to some of them. I'd get your criticism if her complaint was people expecting her to be feminine, because she's definitely still hyper feminine, but she's clearly responding to men making a big deal out of finding her ugly with her head shaved.

No. 1303195

Embarrassing, lol. Might as well say “omg my friend had my phone and typed this and accidentally sent it”

No. 1303196


No. 1303220

Wow, he used to be gorgeous.

No. 1303224

It’s literally just a tweet in response to the onslaught of rage that her shaving her head triggered in a lot of scrotes. You know every tweet doesn’t have to be some radical political statement, right?

No. 1303229

Who said anything about making political statements? Jesus Christ.

No. 1303235

I’m begging you Doja… pls see the light & enter your terf era

No. 1303241

It's the attention-seeking behavior. I saw a study from a few years ago that came to the conclusion that both actors and actresses scored significantly higher than nonactors on antisocial, narcissism, histrionic, borderline, and obsessive-compulsive personality disorder scales. Mentally healthy people don't crave the spotlight and external validation to the extent that some of these celebrities do

No. 1303250

I mean…welcome to stardom? what did she expect lol

No. 1303291

I doubt it's jaw filler, it's probably just the wall, drugs and repeated STDs and him losing his buccal fat.

No. 1303337

kek did he delete every post on instagram? The videos backfired so much on them kek. They really thought everyone will say that Britney is abusing them, when she literally tells her spoiled sons normal things. He probably lets them do everything and has no rules. Idk what he told them but they are so stupid for believing taking his side will be better for them. Federline has no money and they soon could move out anyway. Imagine risiking your inheritance just to do what you want for like 2 more years. I wonder how he will treat them when Britney does no longer pay him child support (and if he tries to stick around for the chance that Britney would still give her sons money and that they will pay for him) or if he will ignore him for his other kids Also, wasn't there even a tarot reader or so who said Britney will need to cut out her sons out of her life in the future?
he probably did the buccal fat removel thing, which aged him a lot and drugs

No. 1303348

You don’t have to act facetious about the word ‘political’ sarcastically thrown in when I obviously didn’t mean it literally.

Did you recently start wearing glasses?

No. 1303440

No, the ones who use grindr every single day they're out of the country.

No. 1303449

I still don't understand what this nobody is famous for. Cardi's music is shit but at least she has some sort of skill. What does Bella have to offer besides pandering to coomers?

No. 1303455

File: 1660565354100.jpeg (655.56 KB, 750x1115, 4AD2986A-03ED-4EFA-A30A-3FAF21…)

I don’t know whether this will crop weird on mobile but apparently this unwashed TikTok manchild is gloating about grooming MBB (she was 16 and he was mid 20’s) and getting her to eat his ass. Unclear what his goal was other than outing himself as a disgusting nonce.

No. 1303461

the fuck? Can he be jailed for it?

No. 1303474

Why are they always called 'Hunter'?

If a moid has a dumbass fucking name like that, it should be a red flag in itself. It's like a poisonous tree frog being brightly coloured.

No. 1303481

Old news

No. 1303482

Katie Hopkins got shat on for saying she judges people based on their names, but I have to admit, much as I usually hate her, she was unironically 100% correct in this one instance.

I have never heard of a moid called Hunter who wasn't a complete piece of shit.

See also: Tyler, Taylor, Ryan, Connor, Kyle, Todd and any other name popular with fat Ameriburgers.

No. 1303496

I agree with her too. But that was the interview where she said she doesn’t like location names yet her daughter is called India kek

No. 1303498

Gotta disagree with Kyle

No. 1303501

She meant city names like Brooklyn and Paris, rather than the names of countries. I can see her point, but she explained it poorly.

She's still awful, though.

No. 1303502

Emma Watson also pushes to make it legal for pre-teens to get operated to be trans and was in the Pandora Papers. She just goes with the wind and is a hypocrite. BUt back to the Palestine topic: I saw last year so many posts and comment sections literally spammed full of Pro_palestine comments to the point that it was literally the majority of the comment section everywhere for several weeks if not even 2 months and so many of the comments were just copied and spamed by everyone under every post and instagram removed none of them, not even when it was totally spam. Don't take this as me siding with any side of them

No. 1303509

Male celebrities don't need to look fuckable to be successful look at Ed Sheeran, Jay Z, The Weeknd, Jack Harlow, Marilyn Manson, Drake

No. 1303511

I saw someone call their kid 'Gunner' the other day.

I think that's the most retarded conservative Ameritard name I've ever heard.

No. 1303514

Women don’t either depending on who they blow (same for men tbh but this site isn’t ready for that conversation)

No. 1303516

Gunner isn’t an American name you fucking retard

No. 1303535

>Implying burgers don't hear the first syllable of the name and think, "Yes. This is the name of my brave, strong warrior son."
Come on, nonna.

No. 1303583

I really thought I was the only one who thought timothee chalamet got so much work done.
He actually got a little bit of work done on his nose too and not just his jaw and chin.
Now his face looks huge (puffy?) and he just looks a mess. I feel like at a certain point, plastic surgery just stops photographing well.

No. 1303597

Sounds like you’ve never left your shithole country before

No. 1303598

What other name does this apply to though? Very flawed thinking anon.

No. 1303635

In the past, Katy Hopkins could have had her own thread on /snow/. Remember when the dirty cow was caught shagging outside in a field? And her being up her own arse all the time being a hated media personality was just a weekly bang of milk

No. 1303637

File: 1660574271502.jpeg (283.88 KB, 1170x684, 561856A9-C0C0-443F-AA6A-529843…)

“Your face looks like a foot” has me cracking up. I’m glad Michelle has a tour starting. I hope she has fun, makes lots of money and leaves Footface McGee in the dust

No. 1303643

She knew who he was before she married him and stuck beside him through multiple scandals. She’s a handmaiden sorry anon.

No. 1303745

She is absolutely right and so many dumbfucks here were roasting her for shaving her head, further propagating the harmful stereotype that women are insane as soon as they do anything in their life that isn't people-pleasing. Mental illness is never instantly brought up when a man does a weird thing, but for a woman it's immediate. It's the whole "women are hysterical" thing that has been harming us for centuries and centuries. And it's not a laughing matter; women literally used to get ostracized from society, harmed or even killed because of this shit.

I don't care about Doja and what she does on the internet, don't like her sense of humor, and i know she used to be a pickme webcaming with 4chan scrotes, which is disgusting. But anyone can grow, all of you act like you were born perfect radfem terfs, but no woman is born deconstructed. We were all socialized to be handmaidens and pickmes, it takes work to change. Start being more humble and let other women grow, cunts.

No. 1303757

>Oi least I dun get shat up whilst doin maffs in schkewl innit

No. 1303765

I’ve noticed the “women are people” thing doesn’t really extend to celebrities apparently which is ridiculous. “They knew what that were getting into” okay so they don’t deserve to be respected because they’re in the spotlight? The cross they have to bear in your eyes is being constantly berated?

No. 1303774

it's not filler, jaw implants look different than what he has. no, i'm afraid timmy's problem is just male puberty.

No. 1303779

"bella poarch" sounds like some expensive species of argentinian fish.

No. 1303780

why is he so shiny

No. 1303784

it's supposed to be "Gunnar" a norwegian name pronounced like "good" with out the d, then "nar" pronounced like "far". I knew a mutt with that name and even though it was spelled right, he and his whole family said it wrong. so i think the e-spelling is the next step from that.
so, still fucking stupid, but the kid is not named after literally guns.

No. 1303785

File: 1660580825854.jpeg (19.47 KB, 220x215, how patti looks like.jpeg)

Footface McGee? More like, in the court of the crimson foot.

No. 1303859

File: 1660584827911.png (1.29 MB, 1276x1100, Screen Shot 2022-08-15 at 10.3…)

Ugh can we not

No. 1303874

Wow I guess women in the industry really have it easy! If they're not attractive they just have to suck scrote Dick.

No. 1303878

You lost me right at the end.

No. 1303898

Can you name one female Hollywood star that is as hideous as Ed Sheeran, Jay Z or Jack Harlow? I can not. Women most definitely need to be at least conventionally attractive in order to get roles or deals. That's why they all get PS and are always styled to the max. Ed Sheeran literally shows up to the red carpet dressed like he just woke up. Which female star can get away with that

No. 1303904

I can but tbh they're the 'token fat person' that usually gets stuck in z list movies after 1-2 big movies, not really a consistent year by year appearance. Gabourey Sidibe for example.

No. 1303923

I only know actresses, like that Spanish one, that get fetishized for their unconventional looks, and are more of a muse for a specific director.
Or like that one from "Girls" that everyone hates (sorry I have pms brain fog, I can't remember names today), who wrote her own script/show.

No. 1303938

File: 1660588838105.jpg (61.9 KB, 1000x562, intro-1577480224.jpg)

Lena Dunham was the writer for Girls, and are you referring to Paz De La Huerta? I believe her parents were Spanish born, picrel

No. 1303943

File: 1660589139033.jpg (203.71 KB, 1080x1440, images.jpg)

are you talking about america ferrera? only reason i think that is because she often gets cast as the ugly/weird looking girl. Duno if shes spanish or not im just kinda assuming here lol

No. 1303954

I nearly had a couple answers (Kathy Bates, Tilda Swinton, Toni Collete) but the truth is all those women still have to look presentable and clean even if they're not conventionally attractive per se. More than I can see for the scrotes you listed. Women always have to put in more effort, even if they're "supposed" to be ugly.

No. 1303994

File: 1660592344541.jpg (148.09 KB, 1119x787, 20220815_213434.jpg)

Its 2022 and there is still drama between Nicki and Cardi, Nicki still acting like a dumb pickme and enabling her fans unhinged behavior.
The wackiest part is that Cardi saying go stream was about Bella and had nothing to do with Nicki so why did Nicki even insert herself into this.

No. 1303995

File: 1660592398288.jpg (106.71 KB, 1130x952, 20220815_213447.jpg)

No. 1303996

File: 1660592494024.jpg (168.74 KB, 1026x863, 20220815_213500.jpg)

No. 1303999

File: 1660592585451.jpg (175.17 KB, 927x978, 20220815_213519.jpg)

No. 1304000

File: 1660592676248.jpg (178.71 KB, 707x1204, 20220815_213537.jpg)

No. 1304084

these dresses are fucking hideous, i hate them and how fucking porny and sexualized modern day clothing is

No. 1304085

I am very uncool and I have absolutely no fucking clue what any of them are saying

No. 1304094

he looks like someone drew a little mustachioed face on a tube of braunschweiger

No. 1304097

File: 1660598552507.jpg (59.13 KB, 500x500, normal lady.jpg)

paz bogged herself after being repeatedly raped by harvey weinstein.

No. 1304098

kathy bates is just fat, she's not even ugly

No. 1304100

i see we're toppling the patriarchy by fighting amongst ourselves again. i've got a good feeling about this time, though! arguing over some dude's dick is totally owning the scrotes

No. 1304115

um what…..

No. 1304117

are you that retard who is spamming your phone number now in different threads because your post makes no sense, also their ''fight'' has nothing to do with a man or dick.

No. 1304157

Anon that’s literally a bot leaving the number use your brain

No. 1304175

File: 1660602245961.jpg (274.42 KB, 1905x1073, normani.jpg)

Pop stars are embarrassing

No. 1304178

What the fuck is this? context? looks like they all fell at the same time

No. 1304190

Just Normani dancing…

No. 1304222

Idk if it's newfags but anons will accuse anyone of being anyone. Like why try to invalidate what they are saying by accusing them of making some other post, instead of just addressing what they said in the post you're replying to

No. 1304256

The audacity of the bitch, performing during her performance

No. 1304264

scrote or pickme

No. 1304275

Nta but the comment was obviously sarcasm kek

No. 1304284

File: 1660606015574.jpeg (295.52 KB, 1194x1184, sintitulo.jpeg)

Nayrt pretty sure she means Rossy de Palma. Paz is still conventionally attractive compared to Rossy.
Rossy was a muse of Pedro Almodovar in the 80s and 90s.

No. 1304286

Anon pls

No. 1304300

I'm autistic sorry

No. 1304306

File: 1660606757520.jpg (102.17 KB, 800x533, 59809.jpg)

NTA and off topic but I just watched a movie with her in it last night. She used to be so cute. I hadn't heard of her before so I looked her up. Plastic surgery really fucked her face up. She looks like two entirely different people

No. 1304314

This is kinda off topic but why does this woman always have the same haircut and why does she always wear red lipstick. She isn't that good of an actress so she confuses me. Is she some kind of style icon like Alexa Chung or something?

No. 1304336

I love her and they did her so wrong.

No. 1304374

Thank you anon, she was absolutely beautiful and enigmatic in Boardwalk Empire.

No. 1304385

File: 1660609775916.webm (2.98 MB, 1280x592, 1660565792881031.webm)

Footage of Anne getting put in an ambulance.

No. 1304457

File: 1660612905873.jpg (258.6 KB, 1200x1200, D8VK_iTU8AEChlu.jpg)


No. 1304463

Nice image. I hope that's an elf twink.

No. 1304498

imo it’s an iconic look

No. 1304499

oh no sorry i just made the dick coment as a general example of ways women fight amongst themselves.
but the first half of my post, whatever tf this insta feud is about, it just looks like that meme of the two kids fighting while the other kid lights up in back.

No. 1304500

i didn't know performing meant perform sexually
popstars are embarassing, i agree. every one is vidrel

No. 1304501

i love her. she does have that aura/personality that just makes it work.

No. 1304502

she was kind of a meme & nyc club staple 12 years ago

No. 1304558

this post was soo good until the last sentence…

No. 1304560

did…did she spring up and claw forward in the stretcher

No. 1304564

File: 1660622906108.jpeg (125.64 KB, 1080x1080, 1660619905930146.jpeg)

kek Ezra did not write this himself

No. 1304570

I don't want him to apologize I want him hunted and caged.

No. 1304575

Lies. He needs electrocution therapy.

No. 1304576

these are all actresses though which is vastly different. there will always be "ugly" or "fat" roles for actresses. Male singers/rappers can be marketed to somehow be sold as attractive to women and young girls. Actors too, really. But if a woman is in the music industry she will never make it to the top if she's not conventionally attractive and that's the truth. Maybe there's an outlier here and there to help the industry look diverse but every female popstar or rapper or what have you fits the status quo. If they don't, they're not gonna last.

No. 1304590

No, I meant Rossy de Palma, a Spanish person, as in Spain, the country.
Paz' mother is US and white, and Paz is conventionally attractive minus the blown up doll lips, her antics are weird, tho.

No. 1304596

It's also the alc, it bloated her face so badly.

No. 1304605

Someone PLEASE explain to me how this monster can be someone's muse? I'm serious, she looks like the monster from the movie Mama ffs. Also I don't think she's a great actress, just ok.

No. 1304643

this photo is genuinely so scary to me. Can someone explain why.

No. 1304653

Maybe if you weren’t such a sheltered pussy you wouldn’t see Paz De La Huerta as a jumpscare

No. 1304654

File: 1660628400537.jpeg (Spoiler Image,60.26 KB, 828x978, 95069E91-F1BC-42C4-B973-1BE7CD…)

No. 1304672

I wasn't sure if I should open this with no description but I did and this made me kek a little

No. 1304679

Repugnant brown toothed tub of lard Lena Dunham is a nepo baby, and you can blame Judd Apatow for her career. I’d feel confident betting on the fact that everyone in Hollywood hates her, and her equally uggo NEET husband clearly only married her for money. Ed Sheeran is one of the ugliest moids alive and his music makes me want to rip out my eardrums. If he wasn’t famous he’d probably still be a virgin

No. 1304684

I recently decided to watch Honeydew, a horror movie from 2020 and while it was kind of good because I couldn’t predict what was happening, I was shocked that they open a box and Lena Dunham is in it as a drooling quadruple amputee. Like you know they thought she was perfect for that. She over-acted as always and didn’t even have any lines. But my point is that I believe she is a joke to everyone else as well.

No. 1304729

>and getting her to eat his ass.
a-logging in my head.

No. 1304732

I fucking hate men
Me too, nona

No. 1304733

Why would a 16 yo girl eat a man's ass FFS. Why would ANY woman of any age do that? inb4 she was groomed to do it. No one on their right mind would think this is ok

No. 1304734

Watch WB scrap an entire Batgirl movie that was COMPLETELY finished, and then let Ezra off the hook and continue to finish The Flash because he said he was vewwy, vewwy sowwie.

No. 1304736

>I was shocked that they open a box and Lena Dunham is in it as a drooling quadruple amputee
Legit had to go check, because I thought this was a joke.
Movie sounds good, though, nonna.

No. 1304737

Meh, that Batgirl movie had a troon in it as one of the central characters. We may have dodged a bullet, there.

No. 1304745

It looked like trash anyway, so I am sure it would be as bad as the TV show, if not worse. They didn't nuke JUST the Batgirl movie, they also got rid of a lot of DC and non-DC movies and TV shows. I can only hope they will get rid of Gotham Knights because it's terrible.

No. 1304749

watch him being locked up in his house by his family on the command of WB, so that WB will not have to scrap The Flash until June next year and the family will not have to pay for the movie etc.

No. 1304751

Truly could never recreate the absolute state of my brain the moment that they opened that freaking box and revealed her. I yelled. I was cackling rabidly. She was overblinking the whole time it was so weird. Like your only job was to be a retard and you over-acted that.

No. 1304758

really??? Damn, it would have probably been a SJW movie and would have turned more men against women playing big superhero roles. Let's not forget that most who watch superhero movies (and especially DC) are older men and nerds and would have skipped the movie (because DC does not have a storyline like Marvel right now, where you can't skip a movie to understand the storyline) and Batgirl is played by a Afro_Latin actress and Batgirl is in the comics a white red head and most comic fans want the actors to look exactly the same and are already unhappy if even the outfit is a little bit wrong. They already were mad that Gal Gadot is not as strongly build like Wonder Woman is in the comics, even though she still looks a lot like Wonder Woman

No. 1304799

Wonder Woman isn't Marvel but I do think Gal Gadot and WW are overrated. Superhero movies in general are becoming too much, I imagine the Multiverse idea they have going for the MCU is just going to be a big mess as well it's already so convoluted.

No. 1305064

Why does she look like she was built in Madame Tussaud's basement

No. 1305066

I'll never get over that he looks like Jon Cryer

No. 1305168

File: 1660672243434.jpg (68.32 KB, 450x550, 1660672289.jpg)

Zach Braff and Florence Pugh broke up!!
>“We’ve been trying to do this separation without the world knowing, because it’s been a relationship that everybody has an opinion on,” Pugh told the magazine, without specifying at what point this year the couple called it quits.
>“We just felt something like this would really do us the benefit of not having millions of people telling us how happy they are that we’re not together.”

Apparently they stopped dating few months ago and she was caught spending time with on a beach with Will Poulter, people assumed they were dating but they said no. (But eh, who knows.)

No. 1305179

Finally. She can do so much better than this washed up fugly aged moid

No. 1305183

he looks like he has the old people smell.

No. 1305185

I thought that was official these few months ago, I remember nonnies being happy for her when she was hanging out with Poulter, either way great news

No. 1305195

i swear this was a while ago. but i dont care as i am so happy, he was punching sooooooo high and she deserves better and is better than that crusty old man

No. 1305199

ezra, i accept your apology, t. ezrafag x

No. 1305204

Go post that in your hybristophilia tumblr account then

No. 1305219

File: 1660674607551.webm (1.42 MB, 474x514, 1660565792881031-online-video-…)

No. 1305260

literally looks like a photo of a father with his child

No. 1305284

File: 1660677951775.jpg (104.92 KB, 540x643, oldpervyguycartoon.jpg)

No. 1305326

nta but that's so weird, as far as I know she had severe brain damage from the smoke and burns all over her body. How was she able to move so fluidly? I expected her to be unconscious

No. 1305327

Why is he apologizing?? he should be jailed. he literally assaulted people.

No. 1305392

Some anon poster her with another dude on vacation a while ago. I’ll dig

No. 1305396

File: 1660685442572.jpeg (1.37 MB, 1242x2106, 390A8E8C-DF93-4F9B-BAB7-1A2702…)


No. 1305404

Good for her realizing a young muscle moid was better than that geriatric mutant

No. 1305409

Courtney Love is one of the biggest women rock musicians and more respected before plastic surgery, also a lot of women punk musicians as well.

No. 1305413

i thought that was charlie puth. they look exactly identical

No. 1305420

File: 1660687212035.png (183.67 KB, 384x548, 166068717514559973.png)

There's a conspiracy theory that she got suicide-ed.

>"sex trafficking film anne heche"

No. 1305422

File: 1660687292676.jpg (128.66 KB, 1200x630, 0_diananote.jpg)


""This particular phase in my life is the most dangerous — my husband is planning an accident in my car. "Brake failure and serious head injury in order to make the path clear for him to marry Tiggy."

No. 1305491

Where is this from…?

No. 1305513

I've been rewatching Scrubs as a comfort show this past week, seeing this pic is like a jump scare. He's covered in liver spots, for fuck's sake. Men don't hit the wall, they slam into it at 120mph and burn the whole thing down

No. 1305517

File: 1660694129550.png (994.12 KB, 736x756, Screen Shot 2022-08-16 at 4.56…)

he even looks like her actual dad…its so creepy

No. 1305523

No. 1305528

She was high on cocaine and that, combined with an adrenaline rush, is probably why she was able to sit up and start flailing like that. My guess is she probably went into cardiac arrest in the ambulance and by the time the doctors were able to jumpstart her heart in the hospital, her brain had been starved of blood for too long. It's pretty sad, really. I hope her ex husband has money, because the homeowner and the lady who was renting the property are going to milk every last dime out of Anne's estate. One of her sons is still a minor.

No. 1305664

Britney getting a conservatorship and not him is fucking insane.

No. 1305683

Courtney’s first nose job was paid for by her label because she was adamant that she would need one to be more successful, and she was right. Probably why she was cool with her daughter getting work done. It’s stupid as fuck that consumers require women to do that, and then simultaneously attack them.

No. 1305729

Not completely related to this but I've been thinking this for a while. Aside from herself as a person, most of Nicki Minaj's songs and features these past few years have been so bad and I wish she would just hang it up already or at the very least take a long break. It feels like she's lost her touch or maybe just doesn't care anymore because her fans will eat up anything she puts out, and every time she makes a call back to an old lyric or song it feels like she's saying "Hey, remember when I used to be a good rapper?". Now most of her stuff sounds the same and there's no diversity like with her older songs. I also feel like she's trying too hard to fit in with new rappers.

No. 1305732

>Why would a 16 yo girl eat a man's ass
>No one in their right mind would do this
>inb4 she was groomed
I worry for you.

No. 1305734

I noticed some anons here like to blame teenage girls for being groomed recently. I don't know what's even going on anymore.

No. 1305735

I feel like it's the celebricowfags leaking into other /ot/ threads.

No. 1305736

I enjoy a few of her songs but doesn’t she work with Dr Luke who is known for being a rapist and had that lawsuit with Kesha? She’s a good performer and all but most pop fame can be traced to some creepy executive pumping out songs and paying for media attention/streams. After that whole fiasco knowing he fucked over another star why would you even agree to give him the time of day?

No. 1305749

This thread attracts the worst anons

No. 1305769

Gay men

No. 1305772

Ayrt. Lots of moids brag about 'integrating' here and totally going undercover at girlycow.info, it's probably them. Normally I wouldn't respond to a day old comment, but I think we should all point and jeer at this kind of behavior. Some moid is literally bragging about grooming MBB and somehow it's her fault, cool, so rule one of misogyny. Women are responsible for what men do, and she was a fucking 16 year old.
She does, & I like her less since finding that out. He was a known freak by the time she signed, there's no way she didn't know.

No. 1305774

Good he’s nasty and old and liver spotted and looks like he’s perpetually smelling his own farts. Hope he breaks a hip.

Courtney Love got plastic surgery before she became famous, idk what you’re talking about. She got a nose job right off the bat.

No. 1305777

Again, it’s gay men. Obsessed with pop culture with the most retarded braindead takes on it as humanly possible.

No. 1305807

The ezrafags must be gay men

No. 1305832

I actually thought this was J Peterson and his daughter for a sec

No. 1305847

File: 1660719850342.jpg (2.56 MB, 2560x1707, Flow-Festival-2022-Princess-No…)

I have to vent about Princess Nokia. I'm fully aware and thoroughly intrigued by her larping antics and have been following her since her Wavy Spice days on Tumblr. A cow through and through but imo she's also a magnetic performer and I have seen her live twice before.
This weekends performance at Flow Festival was really weird, however. She was wearing picrel, which didn't really surprise me seeing her new sex kitten persona, but even then it was half assed. At one point she explained it away by the airline having lost her luggage, but she was also looking generally disheveled. Also, she had no backup dancers or any visuals for the stage, apart from one shitty unrelated graphic loop of a favela-esque building. This makes no sense to me, since in her 2017 show at Flow Festival she had local talent collaborate in her show and they meshed well together, and from what I've gathered they have had some form of contact still.
Truly the most unnerving part of the show was Destiny herself. I was so uncomfortable listening to her rap about her "little titties and fat belly" on stage while sporting her new lipoed bod with bolt-ons. The whole show was also way more sexual than the two previous ones, in a way that didn't really suit the music. It felt like she was in the sunken place tbh.

No. 1305912

I love her song tomboy and don't keep up with celebs so it's jarring to read this and see she's opted for surgery. Sure she can change her mind but in my head I thought she was level headed and self confident enough to not do all that nonsense. Such a shame.

No. 1305938

Scrolling real fast made me think that this was her and Zach and I wondered why does he look so geriatric now. Learning that it's her dad is mind-blowing. She surely can see it too, right? Right?..

No. 1305947

There was a comparison in one of the older threads. The resemblance is uncanny

No. 1305955

I was certain they already broke up when someone posted about it a while back and the photos of her and Will followed, but I guess it must have still been speculation at the time - which could have turned out to be right anyway

>"it's been a relationship that everybody has an opinion on," Pugh told the magazine

Tbf when you're in the public eye anyone can voice an opinion on what you say or do regardless of who you choose to be with, they might not like to hear the people's opinions on their relationship and tbh idrc much about these two but it just didn't seem right. He looks like he could be her dad.

No. 1306013

File: 1660740132651.jpg (252.05 KB, 1284x2102, 1660655253300694.jpg)

No. 1306014

File: 1660740364440.jpg (102.63 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

“My small breasts. And my little frame. And my sweet, little girl voice. It exudes something in people that is extremely passionate and tantalizing. I swear to God all of your men fantasize about me and probably wonder what it is like to be with someone that is as small as I am.”

No. 1306032

> she used to be a pickme webcaming with 4chan scrotes

No. 1306035

God I love that quote so much, it's pure, raw, unfiltered cringe. I still can not believe she said this unironically. What a perfect representation of every pseudo-trad, pedo-pandering uwu pickme bitch ever.

No. 1306055

File: 1660743376000.jpeg (74.3 KB, 749x689, E5532705-AEE2-4A4B-A7E9-49CF99…)

This bitch can't be serious. Someone please come tell me I've missed the joke.

No. 1306061

Please do it kek

No. 1306081

Yeah I also still like her music, but she's a total cow and her male gaze-y sex kitten aesthetic isn't doing it for me at all. She used to be cute in Tomboy MV and whatnot. But nowadays I find it ironic how she talks about being a tomboy and loving "boys' clothes" in her songs, yet if you look at her IG a lot of it is full of pretty sexual imagery. I used to follow her on IG but it started to feel like such moid pandering I got tired and unfollowed kek

Omfg I had never seen this quote before and this is the most embarrasing thing ever

No. 1306095

File: 1660745245350.jpg (89.13 KB, 634x793, 61465103-11119747-First_look_T…)

New Addams Family

No. 1306103

This seems like it's aimed at someone who didn't want her to get surgery. Nobody would ask unwashed Twitter masses what to do to their face. Doubt she just forgot the appt too. Two years kek she probably booked it recently.

No. 1306105

What's her height and weight? So I can have a good laugh.

No. 1306107

This is a recent pic so… >>1305847 gaze upon the beautiful nymphette

No. 1306109

Google says
>Princess Nokia Height is 5 feet 5 inches (165 cm) tall and her body weight is around 55 Kilograms

No. 1306112

File: 1660746045071.gif (1.91 MB, 500x245, tumblr_8e5043068a173507e9fb602…)

No. 1306115

This looks wrong. Morticia doesn't really look like Morticia, Wednesday doesn't have a glassy eyed doll stare, and Gomez doesn't look as whacky and bubbly as he should

No. 1306117

Calm down anon, it' just a woman with a big nose.

No. 1306120

Looks very half assed imo. Like a family cosplay for Insta or FB.

No. 1306124

lmao never seen her but if this is her nymphets phase im surprised cause i thought they were supposed to be anachan 110lb and less no matter the height

No. 1306136

Ikr?? It was such a bitchy thing to ask

No. 1306145

What makes the quote weirder is she stole it from a trans identified male who was talking about his experience as an underaged prostitute

No. 1306160

what a bullshit, Gomez is such a bad choice, I might watch it, but I already hate it and will watch the original Addams Family after that again.

No. 1306167

File: 1660748892282.png (6.9 MB, 800x1823, one phone to rule them all.png)

>Princess Nokia
I have no idea who the fuck this is but there's only ONE Nokia princess and that bitch ain't it
pic related

No. 1306168

they all look ugly. they somehow managed to make catherine zeta-jones look more homely than angelica huston

No. 1306178

exactly nonnie

No. 1306181

File: 1660749326667.jpeg (973.89 KB, 1368x2048, 6F77BD2F-1E34-4651-9F85-A3A799…)

Maybe an unpopular opinion but I guess it could have been worse. To me it seems like at least with Gomez they made him look more like he did in the original cartoon. I would have to see the TV series when it comes out to pass any further judgement on it though

No. 1306193

These costumes look cheap as fuck

No. 1306195

So she's actually a bit above average in terms of height then. Why am I not surprised?

She looks completely normal here. She has much bigger breasts than I have, does that mean I should become a singer?

No. 1306203

Looks like cosplay to me. I can tell they're gonna take everything that was charming about the earlier versions and have Wednesday just be a shy emo kid who needs a normie teen crush to set her straight and have Morticia and Gomez be unhappily married.

No. 1306210

i’m feeling catherine zeta jones actually. she’s looking fine.

No. 1306222

File: 1660752011233.gif (4.41 MB, 540x400, tumblr_9b41c24111da90dfcb9f025…)

wow, they did gomez dirty. nobody can top raul julia though, rip

No. 1306223

Damn really where’d you hear that?

No. 1306228

No. 1306229

File: 1660752864550.jpeg (438.19 KB, 1728x1049, 8596B65D-0870-4FF0-A6CA-8768E0…)

No. 1306233

Not this shit again.

No. 1306242

Nta, but this is a thread about celeb gossip and drama. If you can't take someone posting milk or receipts about someone you stan then just hide the thread and get out.

No. 1306244

Keep In the Court of the Crimson King out of your fucking mouth

No. 1306248

What would possess her to do this? When your dignity and self esteem are down bad. Reminds me of the women on /soc/ and /r9k/

No. 1306262

File: 1660755206478.jpg (48.21 KB, 750x750, nokia.jpg)

didn't she get "soft" blacklisted for not paying producers/dancers she was working with awhile back? plus when she was accusing Ariana Grande of stealing music from her several artist came out pointing out that she had stolen beats from them including the one used on her song "Mine" she deleted everything related to the so called "theft" when people started calling her out, from what I remember she's known to be hard to work with on top of this shit

No. 1306279

courtney was never full on ugly. she just had a wide nose. that's attractive woman + one «ugly» feature, same as any taylorjoy with wide set eyes or jennifer grey with her original nose

No. 1306280

File: 1660756327544.jpg (105.16 KB, 630x1200, is rossy!.jpg)

don't be weird, she's fun!

No. 1306281

based natas57250. pete looks like someone slapped a bunch of sausage meat on a mannequin head and his personality is 1000X worse than that

No. 1306283

porn and the internet have 12 year olds thinking you eat man ass whe you lose your virginity

No. 1306284

agonic motions (if she was that close to death already) and coke or meth can make you flail while unconscious anyway.

No. 1306300

her dad looks like a sleazy stage parent

No. 1306301

it's sad because to me it shows she doesn't even have the basic competence to pivot to a clothing or makeup line when your music fame fades

No. 1306311

i never know who this is but i have seen pictures of her and thought she was pretty and had a nice fitness body instead of ana, and shows a pretty face instead of covering with makeup. i think she shows beauty without performing for men, but now learning about her actions makes me sad. she's very much a cow. i don't think i want to hear her music.

No. 1306316

>"it's been a relationship that everybody has an opinion on," Pugh told the magazine
kek so then stop calling the paps and act in a movie to get attention instead

No. 1306319

soooo fake "oh i made an appointment as a JOKE like two years ago lol haha well you know what would be so funny? if i like, ACTUALLY show up and get a surgery. i'm such a 4chanz trololol i sooo don't know ANEETHING about this stuff"
who tf has been inflating your lips and cheeks, asshole? elon put money down for the nosejob he wanted and you've lost his attention enough that you're giving in now.

No. 1306321

oh no. that is very messed up. i don't like this.

No. 1306323


No. 1306327

acting like she's not botched already

No. 1306332

he looks like a goth ricky gervais in the comic. the new guy is lumpy, not chubby. he doesn't look "fun and bubbly" as an earlier anon said
and new morticia looks fucking botched and bogged, like ezra miller did her surgery.

No. 1306334

please, let's not fight. retire with me to the fripp-wilcox estate to run with the bunny herd and forget the ills of the world.

No. 1306336

Morticia looks more like a Desperate Housewife of New Jersey.
And Gomez like some paedo from the Nickelodeon channel.
Wednesday definitely is just a shy emokid (like the anon in >>1306203 suggested) that everyone picks on at school.
And Pugsley looks like someone who’s escaped from the Umbrella Academy.

Sad and unfortunate. And pathetic. The Addams Family is such a classic, not some edgy cosplay nor a low-effort sitcom.

No. 1306351

File: 1660758987074.png (998.98 KB, 1080x2025, 1660749211071982.png)

Scrotes can't deal with her new haircut

No. 1306353

>i thought they were supposed to be anachan 110lb and less no matter the height
Literally none of them are, those communities are just one big larp.

No. 1306356

Bit weird to do this without Lurch but ok

No. 1306361

We've been over it again and again and again. The milk is spoiled and sour at this point.

No. 1306377

File: 1660760331104.jpeg (204.85 KB, 750x407, 3AA85F1C-547F-46D8-9797-A737C3…)

It’s so funny when a moid’s entire world falls apart just because a woman he was into isn’t as fuckable to him anymore. they are so sensitive
She doesn’t even want a nose job. Idk what other options she has, like fucking with her eyes or jaw just for the sake of getting plastic surgery to fulfill her transhumanism fantasies would be dumb but rich people are, so maybe she’ll go for a fox eye look or whatever will make her look less humanoid

No. 1306391

i don't understand how a haircut makes a woman not hot. her face looks the same, so is her body, in fact it's like if she had a ponytail 24/7? in africa short hair just means you're under 25 pretty much. i don't get how haircutting turns her ugly. that would be like if changing into shorts makes you ugly.

No. 1306392

they're going to have wednesday turn normie from her boyfriend's influence and think they're so funny for subverting the "goth daughter" plotline. barrrffff

No. 1306439

I am from EU and all I have around me are white ppl. Not many look as cute as this guy. I love his cow eyes and his weirdo jaw.

No. 1306457

ah so you love timmy specifically. well maybe you can become an actress and sleep with him while you work on a movie together! you can save the rest of us from having a non-zero chance of him liking us

No. 1306463

I'll do it for the nonnies at home.

No. 1306469

File: 1660764672198.jpg (107.32 KB, 1600x1570, front-portrait-woman-beauty-fa…)

Yeah I never understood why moids like sleek ponytails so much when from most angles the head looks basically like the girl is bald. But absolutely foam at moath at shaved head that looks the same. Like what's the cognitive dissonance there.

No. 1306472

I hate to tell you think, but they like ponytails because of the hair in the back. They don’t care about the front they just imagine grabbing onto the ponytail part.

No. 1306481

I kinda love it. All she needs is a long leather coat, red shirt and a couple more piercings and she could play a female Spike from Buffy. Hot.

No. 1306486

>I never understood why moids like sleek ponytails
It's a porn thing.

No. 1306492

As previous anons have stated, it’s a porn thing. My bf in hs wanted me to wear pigtails because “they were like bicycle handles.”

No. 1306494

this is horrifying especially since twin tails are commonly associated with kids

No. 1306496

I don't care if it's a porn thing for moids but I have had a buzzcut for years now and I do feel a ponytail gives a whole different look, you can definitely tell the difference by looking at the front, plus irl people are 3D and moving, so you often see the actual ponytail.

No. 1306499

they do it on purpose because it keeps them both relevant and also keeps their braindead fanbases entertained lol

No. 1306505

Yeah 99% (if not higher) of publicized celebrity drama is faked

No. 1306534

Luna's bf was busy

No. 1306559

that's what I fear, not the charming stuff that it's okay to be weird and just go outside taking a moon bath and stuff like that. Sure, we will have to wait and see, but it might be true, that Wednesday will just have a roll where in the end she finds a normal boyfriend and changes to be with him.

personally, I always preferred John Astin as Gomez, I just think that he and Carolyn Jones as Morticia have a nice dynamic.

No. 1306579

Just don't forget to use a condom, trust me on that.

No. 1306635

Men deserve death for real

No. 1306645

Girl, keep it to yourself. It’s not a brag that you’re a nyu degenerate with less than stellar taste in giving it up just because a man’s attractive. You probably knew he had it and all the girls he fucked and fucked him anyways.

No. 1306665

thats the plot of the musical. its absolute shit

No. 1306669

File: 1660778837137.png (742.08 KB, 958x1198, 1660779932956.png)

No see the first anon didn't post all the pictures, heres the second one

No. 1306671

her face is flawless and moids don't deserve her

No. 1306673

Should’ve used the areola pic

No. 1306678

Hey is John Astin related to Sean Astin???

No. 1306679


No. 1306681

That's disgusting! Holy fuck sometimes as a lesbian you think you can talk to striaght moids about girls but no way. Not even close.

No. 1306682

thank you sweet eurochan

No. 1306683

gtfo faggot

No. 1306687

He's his dad

No. 1306689

Samefag to say Patty Duke is his mom. John Astin is his dad but not his bio dad.

No. 1306692

File: 1660780133859.png (1.45 MB, 1108x1246, Screen Shot 2022-08-17 at 4.49…)

sage but are you sure about that?

No. 1306695

I watched the trailer Tim Burton’s account on insta posted and… Wednesday as a character is a mean girl. Not originally but she has been for awhile. The fact that in 2022 they’re still trying to make her out to be the weird outcast that nobody likes doesn’t work anymore lol she would 100% be popular in an e-girl way.

No. 1306697

File: 1660780475401.png (699.76 KB, 958x1198, 1660781548801.png)

Ok how about now?

No. 1306703

I didn't see the teaser posted. I'm gonna be honest the addams family just doesn't have the same charm as they do back when they first aired. This isn't because of the reboots, it's because the addams family was supposed to be a subversion of the american nuclear family sitcoms. they were different at the time.
but now being gothic is more mainstream it doesn't feel quirky and weird, it just feels try hard.
i genuinely do not buy teenagers calling wednesday a freak when her style got highjacked by mall goths and then e-girls. and now having a dark humor is considered cool not freakish.
if anything she would actually be popular kek.

No. 1306712

>Wednesday as a character is a mean girl. Not originally but she has been for awhile. The fact that in 2022 they’re still trying to make her out to be the weird outcast that nobody likes doesn’t work anymore lol she would 100% be popular in an e-girl way.
kek nonnie i thought the same thing here
she is 100% a mean girl. one thing i'll give this reboot credit for is putting her in a school full of other edgy kids, instead sticking her in a highschool with outdated tropes and pretending it applies today.
their still playing up the outcast thing but now it's not because she's an nlog but because she's the new girl. other than that she's a drop in the water there.
tbh her new schools feels like a play on pretentious dark academia zoomers.

No. 1306714

She's adorable, moids are gonna Millie Bobby brown this actress aren't they

No. 1306716

Wait what. I never knew about this cause I don’t follow royals stuff, but isn’t this basically proof he did it….

No. 1306718

Thankfully she's at least not underage, unlike Millie

No. 1306720

File: 1660781871253.jpeg (58.21 KB, 800x450, E28C9D55-EB4F-41F7-8508-C141C3…)

No. 1306732

I think about this every time the 90’s sequel comes on. Wednesday, Amanda, and even Debbie were one in the same. If writers were smart they’d make whatever future iteration of Wednesday befriend the stereotypical popular girl or make Wednesday popular a la Marcia in the brady bunch parody movies. It would be more on par with how the Addams are actually pretty conventional but in their own ways.

No. 1306736

Yeah the dresses different = automatic outcast isn’t a good trope anymore. Especially when being “goth” isn’t shocking anymore like the other anon pointed out. Don’t go all euphoria on her since she is young but making her the cool popular girl (doesn’t even have to be the mean girl anymore) would be a better modern fresh take.

No. 1306737

Jfc I need to remove anymore from my vocabulary

No. 1306741

kek I feel that shit

No. 1306749

File: 1660784039472.png (434.56 KB, 517x479, pete with a thicc ass and weed…)

he looks like a character from a bug's life

No. 1306753

Nonnie… It's common knowledge that he gave a bunch of girls the clap back in college. You don't have to get on her ass for making a joke about it.

No. 1306754

She got plastic surgery though like what?

No. 1306786

That is something I didn't think of, but you have awakened something in me, nonnie.I always though Daisy Ridley was endearing and didn't get men that would poo-poo on her looks. She would rock tomboy/butch fashion.

No. 1306825

kek go back to the leftcow thread
Im aware but no sage and tRuSt mE, humble brag(ew) if I’ve ever seen one, is weird. A rando would’ve been like “haha yea get chlamydia.” Everyone knows, like you and I said and probably anon when she fucked him

No. 1306828

thanks nonies!

No. 1306829

"weed backpack" kekek

No. 1306850

Sorry I'm drunk and on ambien I don't understand, some anon here fucked Timothe?

No. 1306852

None of those anons you're replying to but the other one didn't say she fucked him, where is this coming from

No. 1306854

File: 1660792317956.jpg (78.07 KB, 960x759, 5634b3c0df11b194e740dbf39f7e44…)

No. 1306856

I guess but she was already in a porno-focused horror film, “X” came out earlier this summer and showcased her in lingerie it was so uncomfortable since she looks like a teenager, 15/16 maybe. She’s definitely Hollywood’s new it girl I think.

No. 1306861

Most likely
Context clues.

No. 1306863

sf >>1306861 and got chlamydia kek

No. 1306866

A broken clock is right twice a day, that sounds retarded

No. 1306867

I bet she jumped up and down and squealed when he finally replied to her bs post.

No. 1306869

A couple of you are so harrowingly autistic that it’s ruining basic banter. That’s the joke you moron. He had chlamydia. The joke is made often.

No. 1306872

We need more details.

No. 1306879

He’s the player of games, the player of games

No. 1306881

The fact that he felt the need to reply to this says a lot. He still wants a harem of women he put through bimbofication; elf ears would ruin that for him. She’s baiting him.

No. 1306915

kek nona that gave me a hearty chuckle

No. 1306939

I thought the same anon, the charm is kinda gone. Not everything needs to be remade and rebooted. Some stories were popular because they were more relevant during their original run. I doubt Leave It To Beaver would be a smash hit nowadays kek.

No. 1306941

Anon said verbatim
>make sure you wear a condom trust ME
it’s not that hard to decipher, she’s an nyu student that got chlamydia from him. I’m also 90% sure when it first came out there was an anon that said she got it from him in these threads.
It’s not autism, it’s critical thinking. Like I said it could’ve just been “you better wear a condom or you’ll be nyu alumni” or something along those lines, not a personal reference.

No. 1306946


No. 1306947

Are you…trying to prove that anon right? There's nothing that implies that anon had sex with Timothee Chalamet. Saying "trust me" doesn't imply they had a sexual relationship, and does not imply a personal experience. Your tism is showing.

No. 1306948

No you’re just ate up in the head. Well-know lore.

No. 1306956

I am that anon or else I would’ve said ntayrt
I am so very aware of the lore as I said there was an anon who said she got it from him.

If you don’t understand nuance there’s no explanation for you at this point, you all obviously haven’t read everything or cannot comprehend.

I really can’t believe some of you, especially lately. There’s almost 100% a chalamet fucker amongst us and you all just want to call me out for saying the obvious check me was obvious instead of getting some real milk and grilling the girl that should’ve worn a condom and was making joke. I’ll admit I was a little harsh when calling it out but there’s no denying the implications of the post.

some of you may need to cope harder because you didn’t fuck him even if it meant the clap. or you’re the nyu babe tryna save face when this is anonymous. spill deets or shut up, if you’re not her then just shut up

No. 1306963

i don't think there's a 100% chance of there being a chalamet fucker here at all. you're really wildly overestimating the likelihood and that anon could have meant it literally that she got it from him, or knew someone that did, OR just that she's very aware of the rumors. even if she meant it literally it doesn't mean she necessarily fucked him, she could have also meant that her friend did or something

No. 1306988

What? I just said that because he apparently spread some STDs all over New York City according to a rumor. You don't want STDs, do you? Also I'm a virgin and he's not my type

No. 1306991

I'm French, I'm ESL so I think I made a mistake when wording my post? I never went to the USA btw. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

No. 1306999

I was not the person you replied to in the first place or I would’ve stated it. I am not attracted to him. But yeah, okay.. Sure, if that’s the truth then next time be a little more clear. ”Trust me on that” is an expression used when you’ve had the experience of whatever you’re referring to

No. 1307000

I've seen people use that expression without personal experience so I wasn't sure.

No. 1307001

No you’re legitimately just autistic as fuck

No. 1307047

I went to see a movie this afternoon and Boyega was in trailers for not one but two movies before the screening. I instantly thought of Boyegachan, that’s impact.

No. 1307049

i hope boyegachan works her way up to becoming his agent. no one in the world would work for him harder

No. 1307050

File: 1660810292892.jpeg (139.79 KB, 900x600, 5A9B5CD1-ABAA-4E48-9A32-DEAB88…)

She was hideous, picrel from Sid and Nancy. Face like a smashed crab.

No. 1307063

I love her, my mum is a massive almodovarfag so I grew up watching her in his movies. Also, her cameo in vidrel. I feel like her entire existence is one of no fucks about beauty standards

No. 1307064

They both looked like good movies actually, and didn’t notice his hips in either of the trailers

No. 1307072

File: 1660811046732.jpeg (119.55 KB, 827x1080, 16868C1E-1652-4DB9-AC57-372062…)

Not a fan of this outfit or any sort of 2000’s comeback look

No. 1307084

Me neither, I fucking hate it. I don’t like Doja Cat or her music but I do like that she told everyone with an opinion on her appearance to go fuck themselves

No. 1307086

this isn't even 2000s, it's just ugly and not really cohesive

No. 1307089

Her tweet read more like defensive insecurity because her scrote fanbase didn’t like it, doja’s an obvious pick me at the end of the day

No. 1307090

File: 1660812279218.jpeg (187.36 KB, 827x1573, BD43E769-29E7-4FEB-AEA9-00E366…)

Remember we used to make fun of these trends

No. 1307092

the only thing that's really nostalgic are the buffalo shoes and thong exposure on top, but they were two totally type of styles that didn't really meet in the 2000s. no one wore whatever the hell she's wearing otherwise

No. 1307093

I’m inclined to agree but I still appreciate that she said it. Her fan base is psychotically parasocial, which is largely on her for insisting on being ~quirky~ and ~relatable~ but Stan twitter really makes me want to a-log. Especially the faggots.

No. 1307100

A crime against fashion. Even the tshirt is ugly. How can you fuck uo something as simple as a tshirt.

No. 1307111

I like outfits that are ugly, but this isn't really working. Even if she just changed the colors on some of the items it would be better.

No. 1307112

The Doja stans itt are honestly annoying. Yes, sometimes things will be brought up if it's relevant or if someone asks about it.

No. 1307156

So, he basically says, all it needs for him, to be convinced someone is a woman, is a long haired wig.

No. 1307159

No. 1307163

You are so stupid. You need to go back to elementary school and learn to read from the beginning.

No one said that they slept with him.
Would be the same if I would deduct from your statement, that you have been with him at NYU, just because you know that he attended there.

No. 1307164

File: 1660820253116.png (794.63 KB, 1164x665, gross.png)

Kim's body looks fucked, how is it even possible to move so much fat to an area on the body that doesn't already carry it naturally? And then her skinny little calves poking out, it looks almost cartoonish. It must be horrifically lumpy and probably just looks like lipedema at this point, I guess that's why she's always wearing extremely tight clothing to even it out. Fucking bizarre, I'll never understand the appeal.

No. 1307165

No. It's rather, some anon is stupid af and doesn't get the context. It's probably some guy trying to infight.

No. 1307167

No, your post was worded perfectly fine. I don't know why that person insisting on their Cluster A PD brain fart conspiracy, you slept with TC. Watch out, next they say is, that you must've slept with him because he has a French name and you are French.

No. 1307168

she got da diaper on

No. 1307171

Is that a new or an old pic? Because last time I saw a pic of her, she was blonde and thinner.

No. 1307175

just seeing tristan there makes me so irritated. the moid just cheats on khloe 24/7 and she doesnt drop him because….????
and although i understand why they dropped jordyn woods for having kissed him (i’d drop a friend too if she kissed my sister’s husband. specially while my sister was pregnant), it just doesnt make sense when they just didnt drop tristan.

No. 1307179

I don't know, I don't watch the show just short clips on youtube. I guess it's old cause I just realized North is pretty young there and I think she's around 9 or 10 now. It's crazy how she has the exact same smile as Kanye in that pic though

No. 1307181

File: 1660822561233.jpg (215.42 KB, 900x1350, kim 060502 pure nightclub 01.j…)

she had such a beautiful body (and face). i don't understand why when people would constantly praise your body for your already perfect body, that you'd touch it?

No. 1307185

The lollipop booty+thigh combo look needs to end already

No. 1307187

One simply "Cannot keep up with the Kardashian's" plastic surgeries.

No. 1307188

Ngl this looks pretty good to me

No. 1307194

File: 1660824299974.jpg (4.46 MB, 3000x2000, LBHYVHZONVFQJNEA6IDEHJYEXQ.jpg)

Oh damn she is a lot thinner now, still has that disproportionate diaper butt thing going on though

No. 1307196

File: 1660824404619.jpg (135.73 KB, 800x1200, https___hypebeast.com_wp-conte…)

Samefag but wanted to show the side angle for comparison to the previous one I posted: >>1307164

No. 1307205

File: 1660825553800.jpg (487.54 KB, 2216x1118, awwwwwwww.jpg)

Kanye is so pure when he's with his kids idc what anyone says I love him lol

No. 1307207

>that fivehead
Be serious

No. 1307208

Crazy ugly stupid faggot smiles at the camera and suddenly he’s “so cute” lmao gtfo here. He looks like he’s missing a chromosome

No. 1307209

This scrote is disgusting for sure but all the replies being
>uwu she is so beautiful and perfect, wtf how can someone assume she is no longer attractive???
Yet the moment Doja shaved her head many of you nonstop can't stop yapping about her being mental and ugly for it.
I see yall and know what you are.

No. 1307212

I ship her and John Boyega.

kek I can already imagine this. Bit if the Thimothee fangirl wants to feel reassured a little, I doubt I'll ever meet him irl, I know he has some French family members but I'd be surprised if he visited them on a regular basis to begin with. And there's no way I'd go to the USA, I'm not an ameriboo anymore and I have nothing to do there. So if any other anons want his STD ridden dick you don't have to worrt about me.

No. 1307214

>“you better wear a condom or you’ll be nyu alumni” or something along those lines, not a personal reference
that's literally what the post said. you either missed it or are retarded and illiterate

No. 1307215

Go back to LSA

No. 1307216

there are lots of french people here, my english is not great and iunderstood. the person who complains that your std joke made no sense cannot read. they are stupid.

No. 1307217


No. 1307218

she looks like she smells bad. idk why. she looks like her smell is barbie perfume and "skipped my shower today and yesterday"

No. 1307219

literally just too spoiled and lazy to exercise. that's it.

No. 1307221

everyone in here has been saying she looks hot all thread, wtf you talking bout

No. 1307222

Lol why are you taking it so personal, I love the faggot even when he's not smiling what's your point?

No. 1307224

Oh yeah I imagined all the
>omg doja is insane she is gonna repeat britney 2007 soon

No. 1307228

Nta but kanye is a shitty person in general, kind of weird to call him "pure".

No. 1307229

Do you guys just wake up around the same time and come on lolcow to get mad and argue? lol

No. 1307232

Don't care I love him and he's pure imo

No. 1307236

Hi, Macaiyla.
lmfao anon

No. 1307237

>he's pure imo
But..how? all his behavior is literally the complete opposite. he's demonic

No. 1307242

Shit taste.

No. 1307245

Yes! All her sisters are crusty looking too, like they smell of stale BO and bin juice covered up eau de teenage girl’s locker room
That anon just wants an excuse to sperg about the mean “yt” women

No. 1307246

Show me one man who wouldn't get the same reaction of disgust if another Nona said they liked him, show me one bitch lol I'll wait

No. 1307247

I'm mixed on it. Some of it looks cute and I'm happy to see more girly looks and color on women - I was so sick of grey/black/beige atheleisure. So boring. This ain't it though. I can't stand when people wear clashing colors. Love the city bag though.

No. 1307248

99.999999% of male celebrities are trash and if you like them enough to call them pure you have shit taste. I don't need to give names.

No. 1307260

Lol, girl chill I just said he's pure when he's with his kids, not that he's a flawless human being. But it doesn't matter I don't wanna bother with any more back and forth, most of you just come here to argue anyways and I'm tired

No. 1307267

nta but what kind of responses do you expect when you come in stanning a shitty moid. literally no one here likes him (and rightfully so) so of course you'll get disagreements

No. 1307270

Blah blah I don't care
Also no one go to the OT catalog there's cp

No. 1307278

The leggings over the shoes are so ugly. It offends me more than her weird surgery body

No. 1307307

sage for OT but she's an example of a self hating brown girl with an absent/abusive black father and a white mother who did not know how to deal with a mixed kid, though most don't ever go as extreme as doja did

No. 1307355

yeah it's like they have the level of hair product in that only a teenage girl who woke up late and didn't have time to shower or even properly wash her face would use, and then 2006-teenager levels of too much makeup, so it makes you remember that smell

No. 1307360

i think some of us are up very late in our time zone and arguing with people who just got of 9 to 5 work so it turns into a tired and drunk angry spiral

No. 1307366

File: 1660838162965.png (7.22 MB, 2000x2400, image.png)

I'm so sorry but I have flashbacks whenever I see somebody getting the blonde buzzcut bc it reminds of the time when many of the female celebs had it in order to look "different" yet they all appeared like clones of each other.

No. 1307378

wow if it wasn't for the fake tits and fake butt she'd be super skinny now
i wonder if the surgeries are reversible at this point

No. 1307383

Katie's hair looks like that of a mom of a nearly grown up daughter with an "edgy" bleached buzz cut. Then some moid comes along and tells them they look like sisters. This is the reaction picture.

No. 1307449

File: 1660841754981.jpg (100.15 KB, 412x600, KG07lQX.jpg)

Brad Pitt has some nerve starting a smear campaign on Angelina Jolie. This is what his kids have to say about him

No. 1307480

Which kid? Did Angie get ahold of their insta account?

No. 1307485

File: 1660843032642.jpg (136.88 KB, 736x1106, ac390352c22ab89d0733e583082571…)

She looks awful nowadays she looked best just before she met kanye

No. 1307532

File: 1660844629273.jpg (25.89 KB, 503x411, 3edgy5me.JPG)

Squirt Gun Kelly smashed another glass on his fave again. This time during a concert. After the edgelord move he declared "I'm rich, bitch!"

No. 1307535

here the vid

No. 1307586

File: 1660847928469.jpg (96.09 KB, 674x1024, Young_Courtney_Love_3.jpg)

No. 1307614

which kids account posted this? As far as I know none of the kids have confirmed accounts…

No. 1307645

File: 1660851178426.jpg (1.95 MB, 3264x3264, pickme.jpg)

It's sad to see artists like Kali Uchis, Doja Cat, etc become the biggest pick-me's (maybe that is how they've been this whole time and they are more vocal about it now) and they have gotten a tremendous amount of work done that they seem unrecognizable.

Kali Uchis had a great look and sound in her early days and seemed pretty "chill" for the most part which made her unique in the beginning but now she dates rapist scrotes and has become a major pick me…you can say the same about Doja Cat but she has kind of always been a vocal pick-me who panders to incels and 4chan dwellers and same with Princess Nokia but she's more of a cringe-edge lord who can't choose one ethnicity to stick with.

Once women enter the music industry they are forced to pander to scrotes to stay relevant which it's no secret but still find it disappointing.

No. 1307647

File: 1660851444472.jpg (57.51 KB, 800x1200, Tony-Dalton-age.jpg)

Man, I really like Catherine Zeta-Jones but she just doesn't give off an elegant, spooky air in this pic, like the other anons say it looks like a cosplay for a fun photoshoot. And don't get me started on Luiz Guzman. I know people have argued they're supposed to look like the original Addams family where Gomez is short and fat and ugly, but come on. If they still wanted to cast a Mexican-American actor I'd choose Tony Dalton, hands down.

No. 1307650

File: 1660851637582.jpg (2.19 MB, 1677x2000, image.jpg)

I have never understood this, why do you expect celebrities and especially pop-idols(who are often far dumber then even the general public) to act like functioning human beings, they are wealthy and famous that's the only thing that makes them seem above regular people when in truth they are often way more pathetic then the average person, Beyonce is a cuckqueen married to a man who cheated on her 1000 times before and will cheat on her 1000 more, Ariana is married to some scrawny normie chicano, Madonna ha been with every fugly scrote since the 80's, and most female pop Idols end up with loser fugly scrotes, despite the powerful manufactured pop idol image, these women are more often then not sad self hating idiots who go after any man in their social circle who gives them attention, the best they could probably do is some rich normie whose not even the least bit famous

No. 1307654

File: 1660851972386.jpg (38.52 KB, 750x1122, young-courtney-love-in-black-a…)

kek what a face, she was 16 there, i think. i still love hole's music

No. 1307657


Thank you for your input nona, my post might have come across in a very confusing manner but you make a very valid point.

No. 1307664

how did this…

No. 1307665

turn to this?

No. 1307670

cause she's a pop star……. her producers will have her gravitate to whatever genre of music is popular at the moment

No. 1307678

I mean, bleached pixie is always "cool". Someone always has one no matter what year it is. Jean Seberg, Twiggy, Annie Lennox, Pink, Tilda Swinton, Miley Cyrus, Nene Leakes All different styles and popular in different decades an