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File: 1536785352601.jpg (949.28 KB, 1079x1640, luna.jpg)

No. 574429

Previous thread: >>>/pt/558885

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/funeral1996/ [private]
tumblr: https://funeral1996.tumblr.com [deleted]
https://angelhair1996.tumblr.com/ [inactive]
https://rotten2thecore1996.tumblr.com [active]

>Previously also known as angelhair1996, howl1996, junkhun and funeralhome420 (amongst others)

>22 year old heroin addict, scammer, liar, thief
>Begs people for money online to buy drugs under the guise of it being for food/medication/rent/necessities
>Refuses to get a job or do anything productive
>Has every mental/physical illness under the sun
>Started dating her 35 year old boyfriend (aka Lurch) before she turned 18, calls him “daddy”
>has a following of impressionable young girls who she has convinced to “help” her during this “tough time” in her life
>Romanticises the hell out of her addiction but rants on the internet how vile it is to do so
>”I’m not trying to be Courtney Love!”
>Tries to be exactly like Courtney Love
>Bleats about harm reduction while being the antithesis of harm reduction/seemingly having no grasp of the concept whatsoever
>Loves to share her grimy life on the internet, including awful photos of her cats laying in filth and used needles
>Squandered a large inheritance from her grandmother within a year and lot the property she also inherited because she didn’t pay tax on it
>Claims her mother “stole” her inheritance money from her (she possibly used the inheritance to pay her mother’s rent and considers that “stealing”)
>Always “short on rent” or otherwise in need of donations
>Overdosed on heroin twice in less than 12 months, even that didn't encourage her to get clean
>RIP ROGER (aka Lurch’s dad)
>Tuna and Lurch couldn’t pay rent because all their money came from Roger’s social security so the e-begging ramped up to 100
>EVICTED from Roger’s house
>Tuna and Lurch “temporarily” move in with Luna’s mother, who is an (ex) addict
>Brings along moldy, nasty stuffed animals and complains about not being able to move her other belongings (claims she lost 90% of them when she got EVICTED)
>Continuously tries e-begging along with selling nudes and shitty art in lieu of getting a job
>Her “abusive” dad continues to buy her useless shit from Amazon
>Posts pictures of her and Lurch looting graves like it’s no big deal


>Created a new tumblr account “to look at cute shit” (as opposed to glorifying drug addiction and stupidity), uses it to post the same pictures of the same art no one wants to buy and the same cheap clothes she wants people to buy for her over and over again ad infinitum

>Continues to abuse Copics and hawk off the results for drug money
>Continues to beg for useless shit via Amazon wishlists
>Similarly useless gets “found” by Tuna or “gifted by a friend”, while the “friend” remains nameless and Tuna takes every opportunity to point out how cheap everything is
>Gets called out by followers for sounding like an ungrateful cunt by banging on about how cheap everything is (spoiler: she is an ungrateful cunt)
>The quality of her art is inversely proportionate to amount of drawings she churns out (practice does not make perfect, evidently)
>Still living in her mother’s government housing which she claims is “really toxic” but is making no effort to move out of
>Kicked her mother out of her own bed and is making her sleep on the couch
>Claims she got a UTI from holding in her pee because she was too anxious to walk past her “abusive” mother to get to the bathroom (and totally not because heroin causes retention and/or she doesn’t pee after getting boned by the Easter Island statue she calls her fiance)
>Posts pictures sans makeup which prove that she is not incapable of not looking like a Yamanba, much to everyone’s astonishment
>Continues to post selfies with plants, one of which she named after her deceased cripple punk ex (and all of which appear to be more alive than Lurch)

one >>>/snow/55077
two >>>/snow/171004
three >>>/snow/190985
four >>>/snow/220048
five >>>/snow/254820
six >>>/snow/276683
seven >>>/snow/292881
eight >>>/snow/305217
nine >>>/snow/320166
ten >>394258
eleven >>403302
twelve >>414017
thirteen >>428358
fourteen >>452611
fifteen >>468770
sixteen >>480001
seventeen >>497850
eighteen >>521479
nineteen >>>/pt/540883
twenty >>>/pt/558885

No. 574432

Never thought I'd see the day Luna would brazenly admit to stealing something from a store on IG. Guess she couldn't just say she "found it".

No. 574435

loving the thread pic!

No. 574436

File: 1536785569802.jpg (67.82 KB, 719x667, IMG_20180912_223609.jpg)


No. 574437

File: 1536785619898.jpg (202.88 KB, 690x1106, IMG_20180912_224008.jpg)

No. 574443

lmfaoo she really stole this from a claire’s of all places. does she not realize that shops keep track of stolen merchandise and loss percentage factors into hours and salary given to employees?

No. 574445

yeah wow i'm shocked as well. i guess it looks too nice and new to have 'found it in the trash' and she wouldn't want her followers thinking she'd bought something! since she's sooo poor and starving and has to beg on instagram.

lol thanks i threw it together in 5mins cos there wasnt much on the old thread to use

No. 574446

… why the fuck would she care? we've seen how she treats her mom, Roger, etc. why the fuck would she care about retail employees.

No. 574448

I feel like calling her out, especially how she's so anticapitalist, but she would probably just delete and block me.

No. 574459

Man I really hope this bitch gets hit by karma SOON. When she doesn't get what she wants from her retarded followers, she steals it. When she can't steal it, she begs for it. She legit thinks that she's entitled to everything that she likes. Where the hell is karma?

No. 574466

is she still 22?

No. 574493

Wow, what a cunt. Her unwarranted sense of entitlement really knows no bounds. She’s not a teenager anymore; she has no excuse for stealing. (Not that it’s okay for teenagers to steal, but just that if you’re an adult you should really know better by now.)

Idk how she can justify this. Stealing food and stealing a plushie you don’t even need are on really different levels.

No. 574502

Yeah her birthday is in April I think. I mean all her usernames have 1996 in them so it's not hard to work out lol, she can't be older than 22.

No. 574506

oh shit you're right

No. 574530

>>574437 ugh her dirty sleeve and red inflamed cuticles

No. 574617

Lmao ew bitch what the fuck is going on with those cuticles

No. 574619

Junkie itch probably has her picking at her skin all day every day (hence why patches of it look like they’re necrotising under all that caked on greasepaint)

No. 574645

File: 1536809655386.jpg (956.01 KB, 1080x1821, Screenshot_20180913-133451.jpg)

No. 574646

File: 1536809743898.jpg (1.02 MB, 1080x1814, Screenshot_20180913-133503.jpg)

No. 574650

>begs for shit
>goes to churches for cvs gift cards for the homeless to buy makeup over food
>already addicted to one substance

Why oh why if she’s so broke is she adding yet another thing to be addicted to. It’s like when dope users start smoking crack or doing coke on top of their opiate addiction thinking a different genre of drugs will substitute the other and in the end, they just becoming fully addicted to both and have doubled the amount of money they need per day just to feed both habits.

Never change tuna.

No. 574652


will Tuna be sleeping with the fishes tonight?

No. 574653

That ship has sailed, anon. She's been abusing benzos and weed for years, and started doing crack along with her heroin several threads back.

I do like how she thinks she's so clever putting away fistfuls of bars on the daily because she got them on someone else's dime though. When those thirty-day supplies get used up within a week, she's fucked.

No. 574665

Nah, she's just fishing.

No. 574707

fucking lmao this is so immature I love it, this is the sort of shit an emo 13 year old draws. The bleeding nose and the SPOOPY TOMBSTONE DATED THIS YEAR is making me cackle

No. 574736

And then the handful of pills. As if she would ever attempt to kill herself. The suicide baiting makes me hate her even more.

No. 574738

It’s coming soon though. In my experience people resigns to commit suicide don’t advertise it. It’s usually, not all of the time though, a big traumatic shock to their loved ones. And I love the 4 likes on her post.

No. 574740

I like some of her art, but this is really fucking bad.
The tombstone, the nose and mouth bleeding, the crippled hand, these sad and happy looking stars and these cuts on the back of the arm… and what even is this background.
Waiting for the "for $80 you can have it bby"

No. 574762

I am so tired of that fucking cherub, however, I would enjoy an edit with Lurch's face on it.

No. 574792

Suicidal people announce it as often as they dont, especially when BPD is thrown in the mix.

No. 574805

You cant rule out the possibility that she will realize less people are believing her about b3ing suicidal and well see some half assed "attempt" in the next few weeks

No. 574831

someone in the previous thread mentioned it and I've noticed it too over time, she's obsessed with having her hands in almost every pic. Makes me think it's because they're the only bony thing about her and it helps her fuel her delusions about her size. idk might be reaching though

No. 574842

I have a really similar body type to her, all her weird flabby-ness that makes her look like she is melting off her frame comes from losing and gaining massive amounts of weight in short periods. Minor blogpost I guess but Im on psych medication so every time it gets adjusted or switched i either drop or gain like 50-80 lbs in ~a month so I look like a half-deflated thanksgiving parade balloon. Short of expensive cosmetic surgery there isn't much to be done about it because it's not so much an issue of fat as it is an issue of your skin's elasticity being pushed to the limit.

I wouldn't be shocked if she generally does have something like EDNOES or restrictive bulimia because it looks like she gets skinny for a while and then inflates again which could imply binge/starve cycles. EDNOES/bulimia/cyclical crash dieting is also really common in broad/tall females.

Not defending her shit personality or deplorable actions but IMHO her body is one of the only things other than her attention-seeking that lends any legitimacy to her laundry list of supposed mental illnesses

No. 574845

anon someone mentioned something about this before, the reason her body is so jelly like is because when she has access to cash she buys junk food then she runs out of money and doesn't eat, gets cash and eats junk again. its like a binge eating disorder but its not. also she does no exercise

No. 574846

If she's doing it consciously, it's EDNOES/Restrictive Bulimia. If it's just because she can't be assed to eat a vegetable and get all her nutrition from ice cream sandwiches then she really has no right to claim the ED label, eating disorders have a tragically high fatality rate and she is using a real life-ruining condition for asspats

No. 574851

I feel like her suicidal thoughts have been amped up recently as a manipulation tactic against her mother to let her stay longer. "You can't throw me out, I'm gonna kill myself! Let me get better first!" I know she's always sort of had these tendencies, but I feel like it's a lot lately, much more in your face.

No. 574856

I would bet almost anything that when mamma Tuna finally puts her foot down (or gets kicked out of her housing for having 2 illegal tenants) Luna will stage some form of insincere attempt on her own life for sympathy points

"uwu dear followers I lost 100% of my belongings and Im homeless after a suicide attempt, can I crash in your bed while you take the couch and also rob the shit out of you and pawn your valuables for dope money and leave my dirty needles strewn about your living room floor bby?"

No. 574858

I hope this happens tbh. Unless they are kicked out, I can see them leeching of tuna's mum for the rest of her life like they did to Roger

No. 574863

Did we ever find out what led to the fall of formally-successful roger?

Speculation but since he was in real estate, any chance it could have been the housing bubble popping? Or did he have substance problems of his own?

No. 574880

File: 1536867669158.jpg (187.61 KB, 720x1090, IMG_20180913_214031.jpg)

No. 574881

File: 1536867689327.jpg (183.74 KB, 720x1064, IMG_20180913_214013.jpg)

No. 574883

Jesus fuck 20 mg of xanax?

No. 574884

Holy shit did she just share her own mother's address?

No. 574885

idk why but it bothers me how she writes her address in full, fucking zipcode and all, for all to see

No. 574886

LMFAO her writing is so bad that she won't actually post it

No. 574887

Here is the address of the house we are illegally staying in, right next to an admission of taking a month's worth of the xanax which the only official tenant is prescribed.

No. 574889

>she is trying to ruin a relationship where fights were scarce, now they're often
ofc she's blaming her mother for fighting with lurch. your fights were always often, he would always shout at you for every little thing, we all know that tuna, we read your old personal blog. she's so selfish i s2g her poor mom lets her stay in her house rent free, risks her freedom for her daughter and her gross pedo bf and now she's blaming her mom for said gross pedo bf's actions. good one tuna. no one believes you.

No. 574891

I CANNOT BELIEVE this dumb bitch literally just doxxed herself. It's only a matter of time before KF gets her mom kicked out, now, because they love to cowtip.

No. 574892

Holy shit I did not even notice that.
'i wanted to be cute, to be a cherub
[presumably I am] the type to never want a job'
holy shit Luna, don't most of all? the thing is that we realize that we cannot live on someone else's goodwill and donations. jesus fucking christ
I assumed at first that she meant that her mother has ruined her relationship with luna but you are right, this is probably about lurch. her mother has all rights to be pissed off that she winded out illegally housing her daughter and her pedo junkie bf

No. 574893

Wow i’d like to hear here try and claim she ~doesnt abuse xanax~ anymore

No. 574895

i'm confused about the whole xanax situation. if she gets it off her mom's prescription, a) her mom gives them to her willingly, b) she steals them, but then holy fuck respectively that means her mom is either just enabling her and doesn't give as much of a shit as we all assume she does, or she can't be bothered to hide them better. or is lurch still prescribed them as well, in which case disregard my pissy rant

No. 574900

There's NO reason she had to post/use her moms complete address. Its not poetic and she can't be that fucking dumb, can she? I bet she did it because she wants her mother kicked out. She'll screw her "evil" mom over and be able to run to "evil" dads house.

No. 574903

Lets be real, she probably doxxed herself so some surprise packages could show up at her door like they used to at her old apartment from random people who come across her and feel bad.

No. 574904

It wouldn’t surprise me if her mom was trying to convince Luna to leave Lurch but I may be overestimating her. Luna would of course think that’s evil and abusive.

Side note: sorry for being an idiot but I genuinely don’t understand how Luna’s mother’s housing works. Does someone physically show up and check up on things?

No. 574906

she met him through her mom…

No. 574907

I doubt she wanted Luna to be with him though

No. 574908

Eh, doubt that she had some master plan. She just didn't think in her drug-addled brain that the video can be screencaped.
>Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.

No. 574909


Luna's mom brought a predatory drug dealer around her underage child and was letting her daughter do mid-hard drugs like acid when she was a fairly young teenager (14 or 15 i believe). Im also betting she's enabling her addict daughter to use under her roof. She's absolutely guilty of neglect, I wouldn't be shocked if she was supplying her daughter with pills to keep her shut up for a few minutes

No. 574910

>writing her mom's entire address where she's living illegally

How's living on the street soon enough, Luna? I'm sure the "evil woman" will be glad to see you gone.

Slightly unrelated but I reread it and it sounds like Luna and Lurch are fighting?
>she's getting us to fight
So all's not well with the love that drugs built.

No. 574915

Luna is 22 and is choosing to live with her mum, if/when she gets kicked out she'll probably guilt her dad into letting her stay with him (while complaining that his place is also 'hell'). It's difficult to have any sympathy for her when she's playing the victim constantly.

No. 574918

yes anon please continue going on about how tuna's druggie mom who introduced her to drugs in middle school is a saint.

No. 574922

lol no one's said anything like that

No. 574925

Maybe Luna's mom is putting up with and enabling her because she knows deep down that she both directly and indirectly ruined her daughter's life and sees this as a way of making it up to her

No. 574928

No. 574944

that comment doesn't say anything like that. it doesn't take a saint or even a remotely good person to see that lurch is a scumbag.
but she probably isnt trying to convince luna to leave lurch. lurch has always been horrible to luna and he's probably more bitter and angry and a dick since his dad died, especially as he's probably emotionally stunted like most long term junkies (bit of a tinfoil but just my guess). luna obviously bears the brunt of his anger and now he's more angry living at luna's mom's so she blames that on her mom, instead of lurch's emotional problems.

No. 574947

literally nothing is preventing her mom from kicking her out and changing the locks. both her parents are enabling her by giving her money and a place to stay, and while she's still young enough to fix her life, she has neither the willpower nor a person who could set her straight/who she'd listen to for that matter, so she is essentially a lost cause.

No. 574949

Guilt is probably stopping them, as much of a disaster as Luna is they probably don't want to see her on the streets.

No. 574965

For that reason and to easily get sympathy gifts from people. Notice how she links her wishlist and talks about what she wants then goes on a "I want to die!" pity spree and vice versa.

No. 574969

I think that’s a bit of a reach, anon. A lot of kids with liberal parents are permitted to dabble in drugs and booze under the parental roof because the parents would rather the kids be safe and supervised than have them go behind their back to do it elsewhere and get into strife. This applies to almost all my friends, and none of us are junkies or fuck-ups. Having her dealer come over while Luna was present isn’t an example of good parenting, but as another anon said, it doesn’t mean that she’s happy her daughter ended up in a codependent relationship with this piece of shit. Tinfoil desu but one of the reasons she hasn’t kicked Tuna out may be because she feels guilty about introducing Tuna to that cunt. Which doesn’t explain why she puts up with Lurch, though it’s likely because she’d rather know that her child has a roof over her head than be out on the streets because she refuses to leave her disgusting pedo corpse boyfriend.

No. 574973

I think in most (and especially Luna's case) the best thing to do would not be encouraging drug use kek

No. 574983

Well it clearly did not do Luna any favours. Having said that, she was fixated on Courtney Love from a young age so she would have ended up here regardless

No. 574984

many of our parents did the same thing, but only tuna's brought their shitty dealer home.

No. 574990

and saw nothing strange with him hanging with her daughter more than with her kek

No. 575006

Luna's mom probably never thought twice about bringing Lurch around her daughter because why would any teenager in their right mind be attracted to a 45 year old swamp beast

No. 575007

>swamp beast
holy fuck anon my sides

No. 575013

i mean, she also probably never thought about it cause she was drugged up

No. 575037

File: 1536886650728.png (273.72 KB, 1440x2560, 1498119920116.png)

>> I ODed please be careful you guys uwu
>>feeling extremely suicidal
Make up your mind

Image from PULL 2017

No. 575060

>implying child grooming is not a thing
Besides, the danger was not only in Luna being attracted to Lurch, but him pulling moves on her (or doing anything else inappropriate), which is exactly what happened

No. 575063

If Lurch's old FB messages are anything to go by, I really don't think he's smart enough to groom anyone. Luna had been looking for a junkie boyfriend to live out her Courtney love fantasies with for a while at that point. Lurch is obviously disgusting too but I don't think luna was manipulated into this relationship

No. 575065

Does anyone know what Luna’s mom looks like? After seeing that pic of strung out Luna at a bar with her sad dad, I’m curious about her mom

No. 575066

no one's implying that, you idiot.

No. 575067

I think she wants compliments on those atrocious nails.

No. 575084

It's easier to groom someone willing, I assume.

No. 575121

But we need to remember “he waited to have sex with her until she was legal”. Puke.

No. 575124

oh good, we're back to Everything is Lurch's fault because he's literally Hitler, and Luna did nothing wrong!

why the fuck can't people just accept they are both fucking scum and move on. whichever way you view their history doesn't change the grave-robbing, scamming, junkie leech present. move the fuck on, please.

No. 575138

Because she's only a misguided junkie, anon! Look at the influences in her life! Tuna is just the result of the adults in her life.

Ugh. It's like anons forget how she treated Roger. Her treatment of him had nothing to do with her upbringing and Lurch preying on her and even if it did, she chose to go down this path in life. It's no one's fault but her own.

No. 575146

seriously guys, never forget she completely moved into Roger's room before he was even dead

she's scum.

No. 575149

File: 1536900419314.jpg (105.76 KB, 500x666, tumblr_pf11ijjhgK1w1d39p_500.j…)

No. 575150

File: 1536900446111.gif (1.75 MB, 301x301, tumblr_pf1143KxJL1w1d39p_400.g…)

>writing poetry again…. half was a love poem to matthew half was an ode to self hatred….

No. 575152

File: 1536900566795.png (12.87 KB, 524x259, 0T5R2D6.png)

>"i don't love myself uwu"
>continues to call herself pretty, nice, smart, talented; takes a million selfies a day
sure, luna.

No. 575164

Where does she call herself these things?

No. 575168

File: 1536904585173.jpeg (511.69 KB, 2048x2048, 1472922576560.jpeg)

she used to a lot during the first few threads

look at her DBT notes too >>564308

No. 575176

Those first two lines are describing Tuna perfectly. So she definitely doesn’t see herself in a bad light. Narcissist.

No. 575179

File: 1536906065543.jpeg (1.15 MB, 1242x1691, B9298B5C-B9B1-4272-AE82-43E4B4…)

No. 575220

yeah anon i've thought this too. hands and wrists. it's why she sucks in her stomach and pulls her pants up to her waist like an old man. she's convinced that she's skinny

No. 575228

At this point I’d be willing to donate her $20 if she burned that horrible filthy pink sweatshirt she lives in because I get triggered every time I see it.

No. 575231

No. 575232

File: 1536921304104.jpg (701.49 KB, 1080x1846, omfg.jpg)

No. 575233

No. 575234

>Or did he have substance problems of his own?
Dunno if he was involved with drugs, but Luna let it slip that he was drunk quite often.

No. 575238

Fam, I dunno what’s more terrifying, the state of that shirt or the fact that 99 per cent of the time we’re treated to a glimpse of Junji Ito it’s always with only one eye visible which makes him even more nightmare inducing. Between LoonyTuna’s t-rex pose that makes her look like Nosferatu in a wig and Lurch looking like The Nun sans habit we have an entire horror movie ensemble right here.

No. 575239

>I’m not trying to be Courtney Love!


No. 575246

Well, she was lonely and desperate for a relationship. There was a post where she mentioned her friends comforting her that she will surely meet someone special after high school. Grooming is all about making the victim want the relationship with the predator and normalizing it.
Also remember that Lurch tried to OD when she went to uni/collage in cause ~he could not live without Luna~. Guy is a manipulative piece of shit toward Luna, even though he's an idiot. I guess the tactics he pulled were pretty basic.

Recognizing that she had shit upbringing and a creep preying on her does not mean justifying her awful behaviors like treating Roger bad or stealing. It's just pointing out what contributed to the creation of the horrible person that Luna is now.

No. 575248

Yeah, the tl;dr version is that like attracts like, i.e. they’re both scummy people equally complicit in their scummy relationship.

No. 575276

File: 1536939567818.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1242x1846, AF081FA4-ACA9-412B-AA7D-E42EAB…)

No. 575277

Well I guess Tuna made it through the night. I don’t know how with how tortured her soul is.

No. 575309

if you were rog youd be a drunk too

No. 575340

File: 1536961097320.png (1.98 KB, 410x128, tumblr2.png)

No. 575341

File: 1536961108681.png (568.29 KB, 815x598, 13.png)

No. 575343

File: 1536961218438.jpeg (872.51 KB, 1242x1519, 2B42DA22-D916-4EE3-9376-5B7048…)

No. 575344

File: 1536961231944.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1242x1478, 2CEC0FCA-9316-4849-9196-70DFF8…)

No. 575346

Is that one of her "sooper serious" self-harm marks on her leg? And ironic she calls something a lucky charm after she stole it.

No. 575357

Come on anon, Tuna would never take a picture just to show off her sooper serious self-harm (just trying to stay alive bby I lost 85% of my belongs I’m so hungry send me something through paypal pls uwu)!

Also, from my understanding of how luck works, something you stole wouldn’t constitute as a lucky charm because of the bad karma that would be associated with it.

No. 575358

Is she developmentally delayed? She places value on dumb childish toys, spends money like a 13 year old, still thinks the world revolves around her like a 10yo would. This is one of the saddest, pathetic lives I have witnessed in an adult. I hope one day she hits rock bottom so she can see what real suffering is like. And honestly because of her actions I hope she stays at rock bottom. She doesn’t deserve any better and she is a hopeless case.

No. 575361

ho boy there's drama starting in the comments on that pic and of course some shoplifting fandom cunt is trying to defend tuna

No. 575362

I was going to mention something like this in a previous thread, that yeah her body looks really fucking weird because of dropping weight quickly (thanks drugs) and then getting in a cycle of losing and gaining weight. Her thighs in particular seem to confuse a lot of farmers but this would be why, along with a complete and utter lack of exercise in any capacity. She's not doing it intentionally though, she doesn't have any sort of willpower to intentionally lose weight, especially not at this point lol. She desperately needs a push up bra.
If you take note, most female cows on here do this, I think it makes people think their lives are more sad and pathetic as a way of garnering sympathy.

No. 575363

lol she deleted this picture literally within the last couple seconds when people started calling her out

No. 575364

ya wanna drop the screens or what

No. 575367

fuck man i was about to start capping and went to expand comments on the post again and that's exactly when she deleted it. basically one person said something like "how could a stolen item be a lucky charm if the bad karma is in it" and a pro-shoplift tumblrina started screeching that stealing is "good praxis". luna then started defending herself, saying that "if she didn't stole, she would own literally nothing" and called out the first person by going "it just sounds like you hate poor people though". someone else started calling out the pro-shoplifter and i was waiting until luna responded to that too to start capping but she didn't even have the patience to have her self-defense up for more than five minutes

No. 575369

I know we are talking Luna here but how serious self-harm is should not be decided by how deep the wounds are unless we are talking about stitches and not mental condition

This is why you need to take screencaps instead of just mentioning whatever is happening…
this is an imageboard ffs

No. 575370

sorry for not capping it dudes, i legit had no idea she could be so lightning-fast at deleting posts

No. 575371

Adding to this the first person responded that the price of stolen goods is taken out of a retail workers paycheck and another person joined in about how shoplifting is fucked up

No. 575372

this is a note to drugs, not lurch

No. 575373

Sorry for double post but she deleted the orginal pusheen post too

No. 575376

omg she's gonna go full Luna The Victim now, she loves it.

No. 575377

Yeah it’s some weird phenomenon for cows, they all want to be the saddest girl in the world. And then they advertise it in a fantastic way. Most think they are suffering because they can’t tone their hair or get their nails done because they can’t afford it the minute they want it. Sleeping on the streets of NY in the winter, eating at soup kitchens and dumpster diving is actual suffering.

No. 575380

Although she may have accidentally scratched herself and is claiming “bad relapse on self harm”.

No. 575381

Is her eyelid committing suicide before she does or something?

No. 575383

nah she just doesn't fill in the whole eye properly, she's likely too blitzed to try and fill in the exact line where the eyelashes are growing without poking herself in the eye, it's unpleasant enough to do when you're sober.

No. 575385

File: 1536966418135.jpg (45.14 KB, 522x798, e3heybj.jpg)


No. 575386

File: 1536966435363.jpg (49.68 KB, 542x649, 9ffm3wh.jpg)

No. 575387

Fat upper arm, midget forearm. She really doesn't know how to take a nice photo.

No. 575393

>so idk
why is she acting coy about posting one particular selfie when she posts dozens every single day?

No. 575394

And they always look the same.

No. 575406

an example of a healthy and emotionally nourishing relationship

No. 575416

Why, because you posted about stealing a stuffed animal and thought you wouldn't get shit for it? Lmao what a goddamn baby

No. 575417

Ooo feels sorry for me, somebody said something that hurt my feelings, everybody hates me, I hate me, please spoil me with something off my wishlist. I’m semi homeless, lost 85% of my belongings, everything on my list is CHEAP, and I miss roger, he was like a father to me (and sometimes Tai when it will benefit me).

No. 575421

File: 1536970296185.png (169.27 KB, 540x960, 41776953_1123405377815824_5035…)

holy shit yall she is a broken record

No. 575422

I kinda wish they'd get reported for living with her mom, it's fraud right? like this bitch needs to get the rug pulled from under her, I saw on her tumblr her making "her" bedroom up. oh I put my lights back up! and like you know ma is never gonna kick her out (btw not sayin I'd do it I don't even know where they live and it'd be a jerk move for her mom I guess)

No. 575425

>no medication
>posted pics yesterday of benzos

No. 575426

Anon >>575417 called it. Give us the winning lottery numbers, anon.

To this day, I still don't understand why she needs a permanent home to shed a tear. She was only supposed to be at her mom's place for two weeks and she's still there months later. Girl you've had plenty of time to "grieve".

Know who else has a tough life, Tuna? Every single other person. The difference is that many of them are busting their ass for a better life while you continue to be a greedy cuntrag who thinks that she can get through life on the wallets of others.

I hope she falls into a really deep ditch so she can actually feel some kind of suffering cause this bitch clearly hasn't been hit hard enough by life.

No. 575427

It would 110% not be a jerk move for her mother to kick her lazy ass out.

No. 575429

File: 1536971164806.jpeg (745.62 KB, 1242x1574, 66701277-1EB5-451C-9183-FBD0A0…)

Comments on this post

No. 575430

the post was made on a couple simple pictures of hearts with the words "worthless" and "disgusting" in each and i just don't fucking get it…is she proud of it or is she baiting for people to start convincing her otherwise?

No. 575431

go off

No. 575432

Her MOM being nodded out triggers her? Uh, she and Matthew are nodded out all the time and probably triggering her Mom whose been sober for several years at least, is it opposite world in Tuna's head or something? There's fucking blood stains all over her shirt at the sleeves and she's always showing off her benzo collection. Just because you took a month's worth of someone else's meds in a few days' time doesn't mean you're living without meds, you bratty child.

No. 575433

we heard you the first time luna, oh my god.

>idk who follows me for a laugh

>i love all of you that support me and ask how i am
l o fucking l. when was the last time luna supported anyone or asked how they were? she sure doesn't care about the feelings of those retail workers she stole from. she has no problem following abbey brown for a laugh either, so why does she expect to be treated any differently?

No. 575434

Xanny hoard ran out.

No. 575435

Damn vapor wasn’t beating around the bush. She’s going to cry and have a “really bad relapse on self harm”.

No. 575436

It probably triggers her because her mom opted to use the xanax rather than give them to her. In Tuna's mind, she deserves it more than her mother.

No. 575437

God she is such a cunt. Semi homeless my ass. Somebody should lock her into a room with the weather channel on. Hard working people that are now actually homeless, and by the thousands. But she would need empathy for others which we know the only things she cares about are herself, heroin and children’s toys, not necessarily in that order.

No. 575439

Update: she deleted the truthful comment calling her out and has kept all the compliments/well wishes up

No. 575442

She never does. And when she does ask people how they've been, it's to ask them for money or get them to buy her things.

No. 575443

well you see anon, she is just so utterly exhausted from all the daily challenges she faces that I think we can all understand why she needs to delete some negative reality.

boy I hope she cops some new cute cherub kitsch soon so she can Insta that with her mom's xanax script

No. 575448

She is such a piece of shit. This isn’t even funny, it’s disgusting. She is a garbage person and I will never understand how anyone can have any sympathy for her.

No. 575475

File: 1536980977498.png (709.09 KB, 826x598, 14.png)

Weekly pic dump from KF.

No. 575476

File: 1536981013406.png (843.96 KB, 866x597, 19.1.png)

No. 575477

File: 1536981048176.png (874.04 KB, 861x595, 19.2.png)

No. 575478

File: 1536981084472.png (777.7 KB, 843x598, 16.png)

No. 575479

>I don't have any medication!

No. 575486

Luna dox'd herself, it's only a matter of time. I worry for the consequences her mom would face as a result though. Yeah yeah, I know she's trash too – but I understand families have weird connections so whatever.

No. 575488

new luna follower vs longer term luna follower.jpg

No. 575493

Im a long term luna trainwreck follower and it feels so good to see the scattered (and deleted) callouts. Like yes - you are a hypocrite, yes you masquerade as an impoverished eternal victim and yes your life will continue to suck as you plow through existence asking strangers for trinkets while doing shit all to actually better your life.

No. 575497

But that's only enough for half a day, anon!

No. 575498

I have plenty of issues myself but I legit fail to understand how can someone run away from truth and reality for so long, even as they smashes them in the face every day.

She can delete those comments, but she cannot erase the misery from her life. She walked into a trap and is content to sit in it despite screeching about how bad her life is.

What happened to the Good Junkie Luna from >>575168? She was never real. The reality is coming.

No. 575514

File: 1536986986236.png (13.63 KB, 569x271, uwu.png)

No. 575517

Kudos Vapor. Not gonna lie, I actively started going to work when I was 24 and only after I won a free trip abroad. I realized I love traveling and wanted to afford it in the future so I did what I had to do. When people nagged me to get a job I acted like Luna and called them the bad ones. Your motivation needs to be stronger than your habits.

No. 575519

File: 1536987521928.jpeg (424.12 KB, 640x652, 9F3CAD0D-CE06-4351-BBC7-E5B179…)

No. 575520

File: 1536987533810.jpeg (432.73 KB, 631x1072, 7D2E86D5-1C6D-49CC-9782-AEFFC4…)

No. 575523

File: 1536987708802.png (26.74 KB, 802x382, ruINjpZ.png)

No. 575526

I really wish more people would call her out, even if she deletes and blocks them. She needs to fucking hear it. She spergs and removes comments because she knows it’s fucking true.

No. 575527

i love seeing people call her out but i don't think anything is going to help her at this point. she's always going to see herself as "tortured victim why is everyone mean to me muh depression"

No. 575530

But it’s funny and we all know it eats at her. Maybe we’ll get to see her bpd acting up or more self harm relapses. If it weren’t Tuna we are talking about I wouldn’t wish that on people, but I don’t think she has these symptoms at all.. it’s always been a show to get toys, clothes and money. She brought on her shitty life herself and in 5 years she will be doing the same thing as today taking selfies, exaggerating her mental illness, still with lurch and probably still mooching of her mother. She is stunted intellectually and won’t grow and change her destiny as long as she still gets these validation posts she’s always fishing for, It’s her only identity.

No. 575538

File: 1536995281030.jpg (77.51 KB, 680x839, grumpy_cat.jpg)


Whenever I see her droopy slackjaw combined with her lazy eye (made even more walleyed looking by her lack of visible eyebrows and upper lid tightlining kek), I'm instantly reminded of pic related. I'd be mortified if a pic of me in that state got posted, and I'd probably become a hermit if a picture of my bedding/room/clothing/boyfriend was posted while being coated in a visible layer of grime…and yet she posts both aforementioned things willingly. Where is her self-awareness?

No. 575539


She's responsible for people hating her. That's like killing someone and writing "wanted for murder".

No. 575540

>stunted intellectually

This is particularly confounding to me. She was a reasonably “woke” teenager who liked to read and had opinions on social issues, now she’s an uneducated, unemployed, junkie who does nothing but play toddler’s games and collect toddler’s toys and trinkets while lying, scamming and begging her way through life. Like, what he fuck happened?

No. 575543

You wash your mouth out anon, poor Tard doesn’t deserve to be associated with Loony’s Creature from the Black Lagoon visage. Seriously though, one of the reasons she is such a huge cow is because she has no self awareness. She’s delusional. She thinks that people who comment on how grimey and scummy she is are just being boolies as opposed to making a valid point about how badly she needs to clean herself up

No. 575548

Heroin happened

No. 575549

I think shit went awry before she was in the throes of addiction. We know that she specifically sought out a life of junkie squalor so she could enact her tragic 90s grunge bbydll fantasy. Like, how is that appealing?

No. 575551

Unfortunately just like Pavlov’s dogs she is conditioned to complete an action, (like the suicide bait, self harm ect, ect) and get a treat from her followers. It won’t stop until the treats stop. Eventually people realize what an ungrateful shit she is but unfortunately there are more suckers behind them. One thing that has always stuck out with to me was when she complained “I only got a $5.00 donation all day”. Part of me wants to shake her into reality so she can see what a shit she is and part of me wants her to lay in the bed she made.

No. 575552

Yup living the dream. Only problem now is that she is an adult, addicted, gross, dirty, without skills, a job and living with her mother. And there isn’t any end in sight.

No. 575554

wasn't her mom clean for a while? explains why she hasn't tried harder to kick them out, I guess Lurch is 'paying rent'.

nice blog, thanks for that. any more inspiring stories?

my theory is it wasn't that big of a leap. she was already into edgy / punk stuff before, and from what we know, she was always not-quite-right. I'm assuming she thought she could have the ultimate edgy cred by going junkie, but wouldn't have to deal with a lot of the worst shit because she came from a (relatively) privileged background. Now she's finding it doesn't work like that, but she's too far gone.

No. 575557

I think becoming a full blown junkie is a pretty big leap. Heaps of people, farmers included, are into punk and weird shit and even recreational drug use without aspiring to be deadbeat addicts. If her parents were indeed addicts like she claims you’d think that would be more of an incentive to steer her life in the opposite direction.

No. 575571


Notice the dwindling "please buy my art" posts in the last two weeks. If she did indeed sell everything, that would explain how she has afforded to have bee so high.

No. 575575

I think it’s more likely she is getting lazier and/or starting to realise that no one wants to buy her inept scribbles and she may as well just straight up beg for money.

No. 575577

Her mom IS clean. She's mentioned before that her mom is "nodding out" on Xanax (she tried to print it as tragic, her mom nodding off on the couch, BUT THATS WHERE SHE SLEEPS. Pretty sure she's just heavily sleeping after taking her PRESCRIBED medication.)

No. 575594

She’s so fucking manipulative with her words, “nodding out” is applicable to opiates, her mum is taking a prescribed sedative, it is not the same thing yet her followers are too stupid to make this distinction and continue to buy Loony’s ~my mum is so abusive and neglectful feel sorry for me and gib moar shekels uwu~ nonsense. Fuck her.

No. 575598

so luna's mom is "nodding out" on her prescribed medication and according to luna that's "so abusive", what does that make luna then? since she's for real nodding out on opiates in her mom's bed after forcing her mom to sleep on the couch. but i thought luna didn't judge drug users/addicts? what a hypocrite

No. 575600

Easy with the shekel talk, Erik Trump

No. 575604

I wonder if she keeps all her selfies or just the ones she posts. Can you imagine if she lost her phone and some stranger found it with 2000 pics of Tuna, a few cats, dirty toys with Xanax on them and some dying plants.

No. 575609

Be more worried they'd find pictures of Lurch, ones that she doesn't upload. That could scar someone for life.

No. 575611

File: 1537018212225.jpeg (392.06 KB, 750x731, 1529408088505.jpeg)

just posting the screenshot I was talking about, she was begging for attention last time too.
Turns out her mom is on methadone, but at least she's actually fucking trying.

The hypocrisy of Luna - wandering around off her tits on heroin wearing granny lingerie, complaining about how much of a mess her mom is. She's in recovery, unlike Luna and Lurch, Luna has NO PLACE to fucking complain, she's 50x worse.

(original post >>532924 )

No. 575613

Not only that, they'd find all of her nudes as well

No. 575614

it's like a cursed monkey paw.

No. 575617

She’s a broken record of Tuna sayings. She can’t think of new ones? I can’t believe she has followers that defend her. They must hear her manipulative repeated sad stories. Are they just as dumb as her?

No. 575618

And his creepy, horror movie eye peeking out from behind something. You cant help the way you look but I have to believe the drug use killed all the tissue in his face, making him a scary statue. Every pic he looks the same and I wonder if he can still make facial expressions.

No. 575619

even if he still can, he probably isn't even aware enough to want to.

No. 575623

File: 1537022883706.jpg (85.9 KB, 627x960, 1.jpg)

when she accepted my friend request on instagram i was bored and just scrolled through her account down to the bottom, and it's really fucking daunting how the beginning of her insta is just full of normal things like making pancakes and hanging out with friends. not about to go all 'boohoo she had it all poor girl', i'm more happy for the people that aren't in her life anymore

No. 575624

File: 1537023194151.jpg (56.28 KB, 619x960, 2.jpg)

hope this small trip down a particularly crusty memory lane is fine. here's our lovely couple uh…going :V at each other?

No. 575625

File: 1537023254066.jpg (47.58 KB, 629x960, oh no.jpg)

i'll let this picture speak for itself

No. 575626

File: 1537023287653.jpg (69.02 KB, 641x960, 4.jpg)

and my favorite for last

No. 575627

File: 1537023302519.jpg (7.18 KB, 198x273, me too dude.jpg)

No. 575628

>when we have our own home to ourselves our whole lives will change

i’m so confused. does she know how to get a place to live? does she realize there’s money involved so like…. JOBS would be involved? she honestly acts like she’s couped up in her mom’s house uwu feel bad for me i cant leave roger was my father figure he’s dead i lost 90% of my belongings the only makeup i wear is cheap dollarstore who wants to buy me cheap amazon clothes i lost 85% of my belongings cheap cheap cheap…. as if one of her followers is finally gonna be like “okay luna heres the keys to a BRAND NEW HOUSE”

No. 575636

Gross. That thing must be toxic or have flesh eating bacteria on it because you know they don’t wash it.

No. 575637

There is so much wrong with this pic.

No. 575638

That is probably her goal. Passive aggressive begging.

No. 575653

Ugh maybe Tuna just lost her sense of smell since becoming a junkie because I feel like I can smell this image

No. 575724

well heroin does diminish your sense of smell so it's probably likely she's completely lost hers. but it doesnt diminish your eyesight so she's got no excuse for looking so dirty and gross

No. 575734

>triggering to be around someone high and nodding out
So you mean you and your never-to-be-husband?

No. 575759

all it takes is one little difference, one faulty circuit, to change a whole lot, anon. note the part where I said she was always a bit fucked in the head. it's like the difference between somebody who likes (thing) and somebody who obsessively collects it, fills their house with it, etc.
and parental stuff can go either way, like abused becoming abusers, etc.

oh god, I wish you hadn't corrected that. I already felt really angry and sad at the situation with her mom, and now I am really raging. It sounds like luna is taking complaints her mom has made and putting them into rotation with her usual catchphrases. she's such a fucking dog.

No. 575776

Im confused, did her abusive junkie methadone clinic lunar eclipse parents raise her or was it her uwu dead grandma gib shekelz 4 proper sendoff? Her stories about her childhood where her mom played basic 90s grunge and evil dad sprayed his Hep-C blood on her don't add up with her story of being raised by her tragically dead but not black-panther-holocaust grandma

No. 575787

She’s also talked about having a “biological dad” and a “real dad” (and Roger who was like a father and she loved so much more than her ebil parents uwu). I can’t keep up with her bullshit stories.

No. 575788

>semi homeless
this is such an insult to actually homeless ppl or ppl that live between the streets & hostels. no luna you aren't "semi homeless" you have a stable home at your mom's where you've been living for the last 2 months and leeching off, stealing her prescriptions and eating her food. i can't believe she's still doing this "i lost 85% of my belongings" shtick. her begging isn't even creative. god forbid anything actually bad happens to her, we'd never hear the end of it

No. 575793

All of this. Legit homeless people don’t have the luxury of living their life on the Internet, they’re too busy worrying about where they’re going to sleep and when their next meal will be. There’s no such thing as “semi-homeless”. You’re either homeless or you’re not. Loony clearly has two parents who care about her and won’t leave her on the streets no matter how much she deserves it on account of being a lying, thieving, selfish, greedy, ungrateful little cunt.

No. 575808

once again, this is the one thing she says that is actually true. she doesn't have a home, she has somewhere to stay which she could lose any minute. she is technically homeless, and I don't mean technically in a tumblr kind of way, I mean it as 'organisations that deal with homeless recognise this as a huge, hidden problem'
so please, get the fuck over it and let me stop defending anything this shitbag says.

No. 575810

She's not homeless or semi-homeless. When she gets kicked out of her mom's place, she'll most likely go to her dad's. She has options, homeless people do not.

No. 575812

even if she's homeless by your technical definition she's being manipulative and sympathy seeking by being vague about it and implying that it's this dire pitiable thing when it's not in her case. that's more important than semantics.

No. 575813

she is homeless, you fuckwit. 'homeless people don't have options' except hostels, shelters, etc.
Does she have any ownership or tenancy rights to the place? No.
Can she be evicted at a moment's notice? Yes
therefore, she is homeless.

Having a 'home' means it is yours and it is secure.

(and yes, I'm getting triggered because I have dealt with homelessness a lot personally and professionally, and I hate seeing people using the homeless as a club to bash Luna. The homeless get dehumanised enough as it is.)

No. 575814

it's not 'my' technical definition you tool. Like I said, you wanna go wild on her manipulative bullshit, go ahead. but fuck you if you want to move the goalposts on something that is disgustingly underfunded precisely because of attitudes like yours.

No. 575815

Tf is going on with that shiny pink thing between his legs? Lmao

No. 575817

If she lives with her mom, she's not homeless lmao. You can argue she has no "permanent address", but that's due to her living there illegally. I'd be more inclined to call her a squatter, honestly. Or what she is - a selfish parasite.

Do you think she was on the lease living with Roger? I'm a semi newfag, but I read all the shit on KF, and I doubt she was. You might as well argue she was homeless then.

No. 575818

jesus you're defensive. your definition, official homeless resource definition, whatever. she's exploiting the mental image of homelessness that most people have for pity points and that's what anyone here really cares about. i'm not even one of the anons who said she isn't homeless. luna is the one who fucks over homeless people, semi homeless people, drug addicts, sick people, people with chronic pain who need pain medicine, by being worse than anyone's worst stereotypes of any of those. she doesn't need funding so calling her out on her bullshit isn't going to fuck over any semi homeless person deserving of funding.

No. 575820

File: 1537057915241.jpg (272.46 KB, 646x464, 1480457280817.jpg)

>and yes, I'm getting triggered

Who cares. Take a break from the thread if you don't like people saying what she isn't…which is homeless.

Tuna uses the homeless angle as a sympathy and cash grab and has had a place to live for months now. She's not legitimately worried about being homeless because she knows that she isn't.

No. 575821

yup. and that's what anyone here really cares about. she could perfectly fit the government's definition or the dictionary's defintion of homeless in this situation and i still would think she's being a dirtbag.

No. 575844

anon she's living with her mom, no one will consider that homeless. ever. also your definition is completely incorrect.

No. 575845

Right! She will always have a roof over her head. She is not sleeping on the streets like a junkie in an alley that lost everything because of their disease. This is what she wants us to think, that she is on the verge of that.

No. 575847

By your definition I guess there are a lot more homeless people than we think. Anybody renting month to month are homeless by definition.

No. 575864

Right? She's not couch surfing which is what you're talking about, she's living with her parent. If Luna's homeless I'm homeless.

No. 575877

If every 22 year old living with their mom was homeless, something like 70% of them would be "homeless" lmao

She went on a long, expensive drug vacation for 4 years, NOBODY I know who's had to move back in with their parents after moving out calls themselves homeless.

She's living rent free. If she gets her mom kicked out, she has another roof she can mooch under, rent free. She's the definition of coddled child, thinking of her as a 13 year old REALLY helps. She never grew up, and given the fact her parents continue to enable her behaviour, she never will grow up because her parents are willing to pick up the slack.

No. 575957

plus if she's homeless now she was with roger too, neither of them were on his lease and the got kicked out fast once he passed and they couldn't pay.

i'm speaking as someone who's been homeless.

No. 575987

She wants somebody that has money and is easily manipulated to get them an apartment. Then next month she will beg for the rent money. This is how she plans to live her life, by other people’s charity. She does not want to do anything to improve her circumstances, but she is far from homeless. Even most shelters won’t take you unless you chronically homeless, have a mental health diagnosis, aged out of the foster system, pregnant (god help us) and a few more that they don’t fall into. The reason they don’t is because they are not considered homeless.

No. 575989

Why not get a sugar daddy to scam :))

No. 575992

no way, shes neither fetching nor charming enough

No. 575993

Hahahahahahahahaha thank for the laugh anon, funny joke

No. 575994

Well that would require work. Mental and physical work which we know she is too lazy to do. But a sugar daddy would be a great option to street prostitution if needed to keep a roof over your head.

No. 575995

I guess if he was really old with bad eyesight, hearing and can’t smell anything it wouldn’t be too difficult to go from one corpse to another.

No. 576001

Im surprised she hasn't started hooking, being a sex worker would add UWU sadgirl points to her sob story
"Donate so I don't have to sell my body" is a guilt string she still has left to pull

No. 576004

Legit if Lurch was any other creepy old man in New York, Luna would have been pimped out by now. Like she can't even sex worker properly, nobody wants gross half-ass nudes taken in a dark room, she didn't try camming or anything, she's just the laziest person alive.

I get the feeling she doesnt use the threat of prostitution for donations due to Tumblrs "sex worker positivity" thing, they love hookers over there for some reason.

No. 576005

That would involve leaving her house so it's really not worth it to her

No. 576009

Lurch probably makes the suggestion, but is too lazy to actually do anything.

No. 576010

yeah i'm pretty sure it's literally because she doesn't want to leave the house and do anything physical. you gotta give her credit, she really makes you appreciate all the work that people do. like…some people think camgirls and occasional escorts are too lazy to get a traditional job, then we have tuna here, with no disabilities, who's too lazy to even sit around on cam like shayna or get on the bus to go to someone's house like lurch with drugs. if her excuse for not getting a normal job or going to the food bank is "idk bb i called my old boss from hs but he said no :( and the food bank has ppl speaking spanish so idk" do you really think she's even going to get past the ToS page on some cam site? She really pushes the absolute limits of able bodied adult laziness

No. 576012

Followup question: Why doesn't Lurch sell his ass? There are worse looking hustlers on the street, he can pass for younger if he hides his hairline and de-age himself by taking on a goth look. They could be like that couple in the Smashing Pumpkin's "Try try Try" music video

No. 576013

i’m really willing to bet her laziness is mostly bc she’s just alternating between getting dopesick and grtting rly high which makes you extremely unfunctionational, u dont wanna do anything when you’re sick, u feel gross and icky and uncomfortable. but then idk how she’s taking 200 selfies a day. she’s obviously not able to afford daily heroin anymore

No. 576014

Samefag but also, having a thought like "I guess I ought to start hooking" would first require a thought like "Shit, I'm broke in an unstable situation and jobs don't seem to be working out, so I need to think of an immediate plan to get some money." But she's not thinking that, she's mentally 13, so she's thinking "oh i'll get money soon like maybe a fancy office job or i'll make a living off my art. i'll apply to some jobs now too! or maybe tomorrow because i'm kinda anxious and tomorrow is another day and i'm a hero for just suriviving!!!"
she probably tells herself shit like that every single day which is why nothing ever happens. it's like a teenager going "i'll wake up in 5 minutes!!! i'll do my homework in a bit!!!" except it's about basic survival

No. 576015

yeah that's true. i can't forget that her lethargy isn't all just mental. still no excuse. if she can only pencil in being high and recovering from being high, just have lurch get some speed, even molly, and make a day of catching up on some of the shit you've been putting off all year. it'll be fun!

No. 576016

If that's the case, she may well be genuinely mentally ill/disabled. That sounds like executive dysfunction. If she actually reached out for real help instead of treating the psych ward like summer camp, she isn't too far gone to save.

That wont happen, though, because shes surrounded by enablers.

No. 576017

she doesn't think she needs to work because she was a spoilt child and has always got everything she wants on a silver platter and still does. i mean lurch clearly makes enough money selling drugs to afford their habits along with luna's desperate begging, her dad's money and that 1 terrible commission she sold. since luna's high in every photo and she hasn't complained about having a bad tummy or whatever thinly veiled cover for dopesickness she used to go on about in a while.
but you're all kidding yourself if you think she'd make any money as a camgirl. there are a sea of hot camgirls out there including bbws to cater to that fetish. luna hasn't tried because she knows she'd fail. and unlike with applying for a job at wendy's or somewhere, she actually would fail

No. 576018

nah they wouldnt do anything functional on molly lol, idk why they don’t use other stims like meth tho

but then again you eventually get to a point where your stim tolerance is high and even trying to use stims while sick just makes you wanna, like, shiver and play video games, not do functional stuff, not get up and do something. she’s genuinely fucked until she gets off dope, WHY did she never go to that methadone clinic? She’s probably able to get street methadone or suboxone here or there, but why not get it from a doc?

No. 576020

She claims her wonky knee and bpd as her disabilities and reason she can’t work. I know vets that are amputees with major mental health disorders that work full+ time. She’s pathetic and a shame to actual disabled people.

No. 576022

Because she would have to get out of bed everyday early and get to methadone clinic and many heavy heroin users say suboxone doesn’t work for them.

No. 576024

A major issue with that is, since the economy is such shit, there isn't much incentive to get a low-level job that would pay the same or less than what benefits pay, disqualify her for certain types of assistance, and essentially be a lot of extra effort for no tangible reward other than the appearance of productivity. There is no way an art school dropout with no work history is going to be able to find a job that provides a living wage. People like her are, in part, a result of an economy that encourages apathy and stagnation at entry level so that CEOs can live like hedonist gluttons. Why should she try to get better if getting better just means being exploited for somebody else's profit with little to no improvement in your own living situation?

She is scum for how she scams and manipulates other people but her economic failings are more of a failure within the structure of capitalism than a personal shortcoming (of which she has many)

No. 576027

But she’s is even too lazy to apply for benefits. Unless she does get them and still begs, which would make sense because every first of the month she is showing things from her wishlist off that “a friend” sent her. And she is known liar when it comes to having money and aid like food stamps, sorry ebt.

No. 576028

You're right, it'll never happen because she can beg online for stuff and for as long as that's an option, she's going to keep doing it. She's said this herself.

>she doesn't think she needs to work because she was a spoilt child and has always got everything she wants on a silver platter and still does.

You hit the nail on the head. She thinks she's entitled to everything and only has to lift all five fingers to steal something.

Anon, she's relying on others for a roof over her head. If she and Lurch got jobs and saved up there would be a tangible reward. Hell, some people even work two jobs and still manage to have time for themselves. Tuna's economic failings are with herself and herself only. She's the one who dropped out of school and chose to steal from coworkers which resulted in her getting fired.

Let's not even mention the sheer amount of help that she used to get and can still get from her father.

No. 576029

She could labor. The local laborers unions pay prevailing wage ($34+ an hour, 40 hours plus a week and 1 1/2 after 8 hours in a day) they love women as it gives them minority hours, no experience necessary. That’s a great living wage even for Westchester county. Plus full benefits. But she is way too lazy for that, it would probably kill her.

No. 576030

Any sort of manual labor requires drug tests. Even if she managed to piss clean for dope, the weed/non-prescribed benzos in hey system would keep her from getting hired.

Plus, if she really does have a tragic cotton eye joe knee,there is no way she would be able to pull her own weight on a job site and she would make her co-workers miserable. No hard working blue collar american deserves a co-worker like Luna who will only add to their already overwhelming, underpaid workload with her incompetence

No. 576034

Nope your right they certainly don’t deserve that. But women are usually put on a flag unfortunately. Same money. And you can get by the drug test requirements with utd fake urine. But I wouldn’t wish that on anybody. Their safety would be majorly compromised by tuna. She’d be nodding while cars are blowing by her. But their are some very questionable, addicted construction workers out there. All I’m saying was if she wasn’t so lazy and strung out she could find a job without experience and never have to worry about being “semi homeless” uwu. She’ll just never do that because lurch, h, mom, dad and laziness. I’d love to see her camming because of the milk though.

No. 576036

she’ll probably have to go to the pharmacy everyday for a while not the clinic, can someone who has her address check how far she is from a near pharmacy? Like, i can’t imagine how she can pose for do many selfies but not take a quick 5 min bus when she literally doesnt even have work or school to worry about.

I think the reason she doesnt want to is because they’ll drug test her and she won’t be able to do all her unlimited supply of xanax because she doesn’t have a script. I’ve had a doc who was cool with prescribing benzos + suboxone/methadone but most refuse

methadone would work for her no prob

No. 576039

Just scroll up until you get to her "poem" photo. She doxxed her mom's address in it.

No. 576046

what the fuck does lurch even do all day
it feels like he's not home while luna plays dress up for insta

No. 576048

maybe he really is selling ass

No. 576050

probs watching netflix on his ipad

No. 576054

Probably lies in his coffin all day. There's only so much that a corpse can do.

No. 576063

She'd walk about ten minutes,but you really can't expect from her cotton eyed joe knee to walk such a distance.

No. 576080

wow theres a pharmacy a 3 min drive away (10 min walk)

No. 576099

Maybe Lurch really is already selling ass, would explain why he is "sex repulsed"

No. 576100

Ugh, who would even pay to fuck him though? People would probably pay him to get away from them.

No. 576113

do we know how many drawings luna has sold? i know there’s the one commission but in the last 5 months or so, do we know how many she’s sold? do you think she’s sold any? i don’t have access to her ig, so i can’t check. im curious if she’s made any money at all

No. 576114

I don’t know how the clinics work down there but upstate we have to go to the clinic everyday between 6-11am. And that is how it is for at least a 50 mile radius. Unless you have clean urine for 6 months and then they will give you a week at a time with random urines. So I doubt she would be able to do that if they are that strict down there.

No. 576128

P sure Lurch just lives the legit junkie lifestyle while Luna stays at home. I've seen a pic of him wearing one of those head mounted flashlights, they're a common junkie theft accessory, and Luna has claimed he takes the train every morning to pick up his methadone script. Whether that's true, I don't know, but she was ebegging for a taxi for him because of his ~seizures~. I doubt he's selling his ass, but he's out grifting imo.

Makes me wonder if Luna's mom is home much, if it's just those two a lot of the time, I can see arguments arising.

No. 576129

Samefagging to add this was before they were evicted, if there's a pharmacy closer to them now I doubt he's still travelling that far.

No. 576137

I really hope her mom was able to stay in recovery while living with junkies. It would be a shame if she isn’t because it’s around her now. It’s hard enough by yourself but when people around you are doing it it’s almost impossible.

No. 576140

File: 1537142586000.jpeg (1.48 MB, 1242x1409, 97250F85-3822-4164-9ACE-745854…)

Well here’s another

No. 576147

What the hell. It’s a child’s drawing. And I’m sure her “fans” are telling her how great of an artist she is. It’s too bad she can’t handle criticism or maybe she’d actually learn something.

No. 576150

I don't think she even bothers to try anymore. She gets paid then craps something out immediately without even bothering to attempt straight lines.

No. 576156


will she fix it if someone points it out? for free?????

No. 576158

It legit looks like a rotting corpse.

No. 576182

this looks like the previous commission character

No. 576183

Damn, look at that toolbar on the left! She didn't even try.

No. 576190

There are two within a fifteen minute walk, and one is just across the road from the hospital. If she would literally just haul her grimy ass up the road a bit she'd have detox, maintenance, and mental health care laid out on a platter in front of her.

No. 576213

I 100% believe she wouldn't do h if she was without Lurch, because she would be too lazy to hustle

No. 576217


She didn't go to the methadone clinic because she doesn't want to get clean. She wants everyone to "be nice to drug addicts" (read, enable) instead.


She and Lurch are not eligible for SNAP or general assistance (cash benefits). See the info posted towards the end of the last thread.

Applying for and being granted SSI requires a detailed history of diagnoses and attempting all available treatments with little or no improvement. Most applicants are denied at least once or twice and often must hire an attorney.


In Friday's KF pic dump she had only three pieces left for sale. She had only a few pieces left the previous week, too. Before then she had as many as 20 pieces for sale. Having sold nearly everything would explain how she has afforded to be so high in the last two weeks.


There is a clinic 1 mile away from her mom's place.

Guidance Center MMTP
Chemical Dependency Treatment Center
403-5 North Ave.
New Rochelle, NY 10801





The bottle is marked, "K". Considering the context, ketamine is the first thing that comes to mind.

No. 576277



She has such a unique style and she could really fine tune it GOD DAMMIT LUNA YOU'RE WASTING POTENTIAL

No. 576283

god no, there aint nothing unique about this

No. 576284

She would never have lasted at art school. You have to actually show up for class and hand in assignments and the second somebody critiqued her work she would chimp out and cry about "MUH UNIQUE STYLE".

Plus, at art school, every girl is the saddest girl in the world, she wouldn't have stood out

No. 576285

She doesn't need to go to Art School. There's more than enough information online about anatomy, drawing techniques ect. And she doesn't work so she has infinite time to improve…. the issue is that she doesn't actually apply herself. I guess that is pretty difficult with a drug habit though. And not necessarily her fault.

No. 576287

It’s completely her fault. She chose the life of a street junkie. There are junkies out there that actually work and play for their habit without scamming and begging.
Your right her art is shit and she will never improve because she thinks it’s a great, unique style. Her fans think it’s great too. But they are probably all gutter junkies too. They look like children’s drawings, streaky, zig zag lines, disproportionate and all the same. Sometimes I think anons are posting old pics again but they turn out to be new scribbles.

No. 576288

Blaming someone for an addiction is dumb. There's plenty of things to rip on Luna for but that isn't one of them.

Noone starts taking heroin for shits and gigs. It's not that kind of drug. And once you're hooked then you're basically fucked for life. I'm not white-kniting her, I just find the edgy junkie shaming stupid

No. 576290

>Noone starts taking heroin for shits and gigs.
Brush up on your lore; Luna started shooting up explicitly to become a junkie.

No. 576291

She glorified heroin before she'd even tried it

No. 576294

The very fact that someone would do that hints at a much deeper issue imo. Also I doubt someone in the early 20's truly knew what comes with being an addict.

No. 576295

She was definitely old enough to know that choosing to use drugs/addiction as part of your image is stupid

No. 576296

She watched both her parents struggle with addiction and started shooting up as soon as she could get her grubby little hands on it because she wanted to be like her 90's dope idols. She knew what she was getting into. This is literally what she wanted.

No. 576298

It’s not like a doctor pump her full of painkillers and then she became addicted. No she claims she was “a heroin addict before she tried heroin” and being conceived on the steps of a methadone clinic. She seen her parents struggle and still romanticized it. She begged lurch to shoot her up even though he didn’t want to. She specifically sought of men that were junkies. So if anybody is to blame for their addiction it would be Luna.

No. 576299

Thank you! I’ve been dealing with it for 20 years and I have never met a junkie that sought out heroin on their own with the premise of becoming a junkie, bby, grunge angel. The life sucks and she is screwed now. She will never get clean because it’s too hard. Like the flu x 1000. Maintenance meds means she needs to be in a program, random urines and she actually has to work on her issues. Less than 10% actually get and stay clean and I can’t picture Luna as one of that 10%.

No. 576305

File: 1537194031495.jpg (44.87 KB, 518x205, 1468297322308.jpg)

I 100% believe she would have, she was willing to move out of New York for heroin. the only reason she's with Lurch and not Peter is because she got dumped, she still had feelings for him for like years after. If she somehow stayed with Peter, I think her life would be a lot more turbulent.

>Also I doubt someone in the early 20's truly knew what comes with being an addict.
She was 18 when she started taking heroin. Read the threads, both of her parents are addicts. She would have seen her mom dopesick, and the effect of addiction on the people around her. It's not like she was unaware of heroin and "got into the wrong crowd" - pic related, even Luna disagrees with you.

No. 576314

it is possible to be a heroin addict and still go to college cos college isn't full time (3 days of the week. or she could do a part time course and only go one day a week) and a lot of lectures you can find online if you're too sick to go in. you can still study from home. also you can take out loans to help with the cost. i've done it. luna's a self fulfilling prophecy though. she has that typical heroin addict idea that she can never be anything more than an addict….apart from for her it's not in a sad way, because that's what she chose and wanted. she probably thinks she's unique for feeling this way as well.

but as anon >>576285 said there are plenty of tutorials online she could use that teach you almost everything. she could definitely benefit from life drawing classes as well. i'd bet there's a lot of them in nyc, and if she goes to the bronx to cop she can certainly get the train a bit further to improve her art. but she won't do it. it doesn't help that all her followers constantly suck up to her and tell her her art is amazing. and it definitely doesn't help that she's vain and deletes all comments aiming to help her. but when she churns out shit for commissions like >>576140 i don't know how her followers still eat it up. because someone's paying for that shit that took you 5 minutes luna. if you want more ppl to buy your art, you have to actually try

No. 576325

What she wrote sounds poetic uwu but she made her mind believe she had to get addicted. She choose this downward spiral. Like Trainspotting says, why didn't she "Choose life. Choose a job. Choose your future"? She was a 'child' that didn't know better, wanted to be cool and hip like the cool things she idolized. She's now "conciously avoiding changes" to quote AIC's tribute to her bby Layne.

No. 576328


I think Luna may have bpd after all. People with bpd very often have this atractions to things they know to be destructive, and many times believe it's their 'destine' to self destruct. Having this posture towards a drug as destructive as heroin and feed it with documentaries about addicts (which are not very pretty)just shows she has a deep atraction to everything she believes or knows to be harmful.

Yes, I do think she did it on purpose. Yet I don't believe that was a choice she made in the best of her mind.

That kind of stuff doesn't need to happen If kids like her, showing signs of bdp, are treated. Most of people diagnosed with bpd won't match the criteria 10 years later. If she was treated back then she could be sober today.

No. 576330

Yup functional addicts are the hardest to get into treatment. And there are functional addicts with jobs, family and friends. Some addicts use just enough to not get sick, test shots, clean needles. And then theres Luna trying to get high. Chasing the dragon. I cannot imagine what rock bottom would be for her.

No. 576339

myth. there's very few, if any, functional addicts who inject. There's doctors that abuse opiates but thats about it.

No. 576357

yeah,after a while of IV heroin addiction, it becomes really really hard to be functional. maybe the first few months you’re living life as always, but not after long term use. most functional addicts are those who don’t inject, this goes for stim addiction too. “just using enough to not get sick” becomes extremely difficult when you’re chasing the rush. i don’t think luna has any hope of being functional until she quits H. she can still pop xanax from time to time but the cycle of chasing the rush and getting dopesick she’s most likely in right now is rendering her completely useless. the problem is she does not care

No. 576361

I wish I could blog a little, but I won’t. And I can’t argue the fact that there is very few. But there are some and they do inject.

No. 576374

On a totally separate note, has anyone finished the new season of Bojack Horseman? Not wanting to post spoilers here just yet. I’m wondering if Luna did, because she might stop watching it after how it ended in the three final episodes. It probably hit too close to home for her and now she “can’t watch it because of my bpd”

No. 576377

File: 1537209765937.jpg (Spoiler Image,133.41 KB, 640x853, 3YcOmOYDQCYG92clyohNTNy4nNFXJZ…)

I thought of her when I saw this tbh

No. 576382

that might have been true decades ago but because so many famous artists/musicians were heroin addicts, it's been very romanticized so ocassionally people will choose heroin simply because of the clout and reputation it has. luna has literally admitted that she is one of them. are you new? even aside from the music/art connotations, the fact that you inject it and normies think of it as ~the hardest street drug~ makes it attractive to edgelords and teenagers with something to prove like lilith. Drugs that no one takes for shits and gigs are the ones that have repulsive, embarrassing side effects, are obscure and unknown, and have bad associations even within counter culture. Heroin is absolutely not one of those.

No. 576455

File: 1537225580298.jpeg (1.22 MB, 1242x1480, BB1ACD17-5262-46F5-88B1-2B83D4…)

That’s literally her except she doesn’t even try that hard, lmao

She posted about bojack 2 days ago and since she has nothing better to do she definitely could’ve finished it by now but she hasn’t said anything else about it

No. 576456

It's not even like Luna's not been given the opportunity to deal with her addictions. She went to rehab BEFORE taking heroin, it was only for weed but I imagine she was given a lot of therapy/advice regarding addiction in general. Not that she listened to any of it, she just used it as an excuse to talk about the harder things she'd done and got away with. She was in therapy in 2017 but stopped going because it required her sobriety to continue.

No. 576461

lol right? luna would never wake up to go to a flea market or set up an EasyUp tent

No. 576466

Many anons seem to think that Tuna is helpless in her situation and completely ignore the fact that this is what she wanted. She doesn't want to be sober, she wants this life because she can be high all the time, not have to lift a finger(outside of stealing) and gets what she wants on other people's dime.

No. 576469

I don’t think anyone has ever claimed she is in a helpless situation

No. 576476

I honestly have no idea why so many farmers are adverse to the idea of Luna having BPD or some other serious mental health issue (beyond the ones arising from addiction). They almost treat BPD/mental illness as if it were some sort of positive quality to deny her. Of course Luna is mentally ill. She consciously decided to get hooked on heroin for fashion purposes ffs, not to mention that she was treated for mental health issues prior to getting addicted, and accounts from people who knew her suggest that she had/has some sort of problem.
>that might have been true decades ago but because so many famous artists/musicians were heroin addicts, it's been very romanticized so ocassionally people will choose heroin simply because of the clout and reputation it has
This is true, same goes for benzos right now (God help any dumb teen who embarks down that route). Not to blog, but my cousin started using heroin because his rock idols did. It's profoundly stupid, but teens are stupid and especially so if there's an underlying mental health issue involved.

No. 576480

yeah some farmers want cows to have no real unfortunate qualities at all and to just be completely lying about every single thing. like they don't like the idea of her having bpd because then she'd have an "excuse", but she doesn't. She still has a million options and resources she doesn't take advantage of even if she has honest official diagnosed bpd

No. 576491

Yeah, it's really weird but I guess there's an impulse to believe that somebody who does a lot of bad things is just evil, and anything that can explain the bad behavior or remove the person's agency is hand-waved (plus there is the contingent of mentally ill people who don't want to share anything in common with the subjects here). In reality, if somebody has a long track record of bad behavior that isn't connected to a bad trait (e.g. impatience) or can't be completely explained by something like brain damage or an addiction, there's probably some form of mental illness or personality disorder at play. There's no such thing as a mentally healthy person who just chooses to be a bad person.
>She still has a million options and resources she doesn't take advantage of even if she has honest official diagnosed bpd
Yeah, she's a lazy fuck. If she's lucky enough to kick her habit and survive for another decade or so then it'll probably get better with age, but chances are that fentanyl or infection will get her long before then

No. 576510

having bpd isnt even an excuse tho, it’s not like people with bpd are incapable of seeking treatment and wanting to better themselves. luna just acts like her bpd makes her incapable of getting better

No. 576521

not true in all cases obviously, but most borderlines are self-aware enough to know what their illness does to them and that they need to take responsibility for seeking treatment ex. DBT, hospitalisation, re-entering the workforce or schooling. failing that though, it's really common to see diagnosed borderlines wishing they didn't have the disorder whereas luna seems quite proud of it.

No. 576525

yup. the borderlines i've known who refuse to believe they're borderlines are the ones who let themselves become total out of control assholes, but the ones who are self-aware learn to notice which behaviors are from bpd and which ones are reasonable, and they feel guilty when they do something they know was fucked up and try to control it or get help. luna is such a weird case because she knows/believes she has bpd, she most likely knows what the symptoms are, yet she either doesn't notice or doesn't care when she does textbook bpd behavior like manipulation or sympathy-seeking, and she doesn't seem to think of it as enough of a problem to really try to manage it. i guess she's just happy she has something solid to use as tumblr oppression neurodivergent clout

No. 576528


>if somebody has a long track record of bad behavior that isn't connected to a bad trait

Personality disorders are defined by maladaptive traits.

No. 576544

it's more like because it always results in armchairing which adds nothing to the topic

No. 576552

This. Also, you can't diagnose someone with an active drug addiction with a personality disorder, because the signs of addiction are known to mimic symptoms of PDs.

No. 576553

It happens at least every couple of fucking days.

Did she take this with Vicky Shingle's camera or something

No. 576573

File: 1537250172699.jpeg (865.45 KB, 1242x1309, 103B1798-12E9-4CC6-AC25-48D250…)

No. 576574

File: 1537250185900.jpeg (1.25 MB, 1242x1784, E78B7D4C-628E-4955-900F-DD0503…)

No. 576580

are you.. taking it home or something

luna on a skateboard would be an absolute riot

No. 576623

No it will be tacked on the wall at an odd angle and become part of the new hoard. She lost 85% of here belongings so now she must collect it back. They probably stole it from some kid that walked away for a second.

No. 576627


Ugh. Smoking cigarettes in bed. That's disgusting and dangerous.

No. 576628

$10 says "throwing out" means left in the yard by the kids who own it and "found" means stole.

No. 576629


Seroquel is used for bpd. It's very expensive. In my country you can receive it from the goverment if you can't pay for it (truth for most families) 100mg for a month here would cost 362 dollars, while in the US, according to google, about 752 dollars if you're not using the generic form, that has more side effects.

Is she getting it from some kind of aid? How does it work?

No. 576630

she’s obviously getting it from lurch or her mom, god forbid she get her own script

No. 576631


It could be, but that would mean some of them has something like schizophrenia or bdp and are under know treatment… Unless the U.S government has the money to be throwing around expensive pills or they are trafficking it. It's not a drug people use for kicks because it just doesn't do the trick, but maybe they are getting it to…sleep? Weird.

No. 576632

seroquel is very frequently prescribed as a sleeping pill, I’m guessing it’s just for insomnia or something

No. 576636

inb4 she paints this and tries to sell it

No. 576638


true I get the same as a sleeping aid in lower dosage than used for bpd treatment which starts at about 100mg I think

No. 576639

Or for bi polar disorder. It helps with severe mania. But I think that’s off label.

No. 576640

Even that’s a bit low for anything but sleep aid. It’s not unusual to hear 600mg plus for some. But it’s shit for a sleep aid at that dose. 100 or less works great for sleep, gaining weight and spending twice on groceries. Sleep eating is very common.

No. 576641

Seroquel is sometimes abused by the xanax crowd when they can't get that. Weird but true.

No. 576643

Seroquel is an antipsychotic prescribed for all sorts of things, often as a sleeping pill and it doesn't cost specifically more or less than any other psych med and has a generic form.

Nothing is prescribed for BPD on its own. Its a personality disorder and there aren't meds for that. People with BPD often also suffer from depression and anxiety, so meds can be prescribed for that.

No. 576648

no, it has absolutely no recreational value at all. people may use it to sleep during withdrawal which is probably what you’re thinking of, but it’s nothing like benzos

psychiatrists frequently do prescribe seroquel specifically for BPD moodswings & impulsivity. we know there’s “no meds for BPD” as anyone with access to wikipedia knows, but psychiatrists can still play around with specific medication for the specific symptoms. it might work for some people, might not for others

No. 576659

If they use seroquel for insomnia they could've easily replaced it with melatonin or valerian. They are so one track minded you'd probably go nuts spending a day with them

No. 576660

Nice Macbook Pro for someone so poor and homeless uwu

No. 576664

Tuna has insurance, so theres no way that quetiapine is expensive for her. It’s one of the most common drug used to treat many of mental illnesses.

No. 576687

>sees Lurch and a juice bottle int he same picture
Please don't go peeing in bottles at a house that ain't yours, Lurch.

The same way she gets every other drug? From other people.

Can we please stop this dumb mental illness shit.

No. 576701

I know luna and skinny are not often used in the same sentence but she is not even close to seroquel-fat. You can fast and starve and shoot smack all you want, seroquel turns you into an absolute blimp. She's obviously taking somebody else's meds to get a downer buzz/fight detox side effects

No. 576703

File: 1537296487278.png (47.28 KB, 799x422, Screenshot_2018-09-17-19-49-51…)

I was banned for armchairing.

Were all of the anons who were discussing her mental health banned?

No. 576707


Meds are free on Medicaid in the US, but neither of them is on Medicaid.


No. Seroquel for insomnia is off-label.


Diphenhydramine is the most commonly used OTC sleep aid.

No. 576717

yup. i'm >>576525 and i was banned for 9 hours for armchairing. i know the rules and i thought it was fine because i wasnt actually claiming luna was bpd, merely discussing the possibility. onion gets called a narc every other post so i figured it was fine. but message received, i won't discuss bpd at all here since it's derailing and farmers are sick of the topic

No. 576730


Anyone else really surprised she and lurch have any desire to maintain normal circadian rhythms? I've never met a junkie, or even non junkie NEET/burn out that doesn't just stay up all night and sleep during the day.

No. 576736

yeah just, why bother medicating yourself to sleep when you have absolutely nowhere you plan to be the next morning. it's like she just loves any excuse to take any drug even if it's non euphoric

No. 576741

I really don't understand why everyone on KF seems to think her art is unique or even remotely good. There is no effort in it and there are far better "versions" of this overdone style on tumblr.

No. 576762

i'm surprised luna has fucked up her sleeping so much that she can't sleep with just heroin. heroin knocks you out & it still makes you sleepy after long term use. it's like none of her body works at all. all she does is lay in bed though and she never exercises so i can't imagine she'd naturally be tired at the end of the day. she's so unhealthy

No. 576765

you guys deserved your bans for derailing the thread.

cat food sitting in front of a musty fan, smoking cigarettes inside and ashing into a cup, clothes piled up haphazardly in the corner.. sure doesn't get any more junkie than this.

No. 576772

Do we know for sure she’s taking it at a normal, reasonable bedtime? She could be taking it at 4am when the sweats start coming. It can knock you out for awhile and works great while dopesick for that reason. Some people try and fight through the initial waves to try and get a benzo high, but I think those people are full of it. It doesn’t feel like that to me but I can’t speak for everyone.

No. 576781

yeah I bet she's just taking it whenever

No. 576796

they could be, but as far as i know, medicaid is REALLY STRICT about prior authorizations and getting whatever paperwork done by a dr. before they approve of anything, so i doubt highly that luna would go through the effort.

No. 576824

I go back and forth with whether they have Medicaid or not. Probably not because Tuna would never complete the paperwork and if they did have it we would probably see more pics of drs appointment and er visits for drugs and sad girl points.

No. 576834

i think she’s not using as much heroin anymore and is alternating between getting really sick and getting high. where would she be getting like $100 a day? when she complains about not being able to sleep, she’s sick. she’s nodding hard in lots of pics so heroin still affects her despite a tolerance

No. 576843

Oof..salty ho.

No. 576844

File: 1537321578504.png (844.97 KB, 1125x2436, 957700B5-BD95-4C40-A95B-986994…)


No. 576845

File: 1537321671669.png (722.9 KB, 1125x2436, 3B1C373E-3083-4816-B2F8-BD1B56…)

Ban me, sluts. Evasion exists, and its pretty dang easy!

No. 576846

File: 1537321720036.png (1.06 MB, 1125x2436, EFF38D15-A853-4964-8E82-94268A…)


No. 576847

pretty sure she knows about the thread already :)

No. 576848

Actuallllly she already knows about this site so….. nice try?

No. 576849

Your red text doesn’t phase me. I’m using like a million other IPs. Pointless fools.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 576850

lmao you really thought you were doing something

No. 576851

>hey hun could u lend me $300 for a cheap lawyer after my father in law died and I lost 85% of my belongings this cruel and evil site started bullying me for being basically homeless

No. 576852

Weak bait that only made them look bad.

No. 576858

clearly youre not that clever if you think a lawyer would take on a case against internet boolies. fucking retard


No. 576861


No. 576865

this is hilarious

No. 576870

As someone with mental illness and experience with family members selling heroin and having random chicks over who used, I was prescribed seroquel. 500mg in the morning. Heroin addicts take it even steal seroquel to curb their withdrawal side effects.

No. 576872

her liver must looks like a shriveled up prune by now

No. 576873

In NY, it's very easy to get medicade honestly. You even can apply online. There's no going into meet with anyone from "welfare/social services/govt"

No. 576881

she doesnt even read her messages unless it’s a response to “wanna buy my art”, i’ve tried messaging her before. also, she knows about lolcow, she just doesn’t like reading them/checking here because it upsets here, way to go whiteknight, you just ruined her entire day

No. 576912

lmao what an absolutely spastic

No. 576919

Serious shades of spergchan. Reminds me of Kiki at her most unhinged(minus all of the gore and cp she posted).
Anyway wanna-sperg try harder.

No. 576923

Can't she just get health care through her dad?

No. 576928

Comments on this post. Does this mean she was definitely dopesick? I’m unsure bc I hate beans so tbh I would puke if I ate them too lol

No. 576929

File: 1537325677938.jpeg (225.86 KB, 1242x863, CB98A5D7-750F-4276-9FE0-362978…)

I’m the worst I forgot to attach the image sorry

No. 576932

Wow, much starvation. Beggars can’t be choosers, LoonyTuna.

No. 576944

Of all the people that you could white knight, why the fuck would you choose a lazy junkie??

No. 576955

nah, I know what I am thinking of. I used to know a group of people who abused xanax and seroquel (and valium if they could get it, but that was rarer - Ausfag here). I don't know why, but that's how it was. The street value of the latter was about half of the former.

yeah, this thread is usually so good at being on point /s

I'm embarrassed for you

he kicked her off it

No. 576956

Neckbeard confirmed. Tuna doesn't want to fuck you, fam. Get help.

No. 576957

try to keep it on subject then you tard

No. 577029

lol honestly. not only was that post super embarrassing but luna has actually said before she knows these threads exist but not to message her cos they make her sad or something. but this site doesn't go after good people: good people aren't cows. luna only ended up on here cos of her blatant scamming and rudeness. so that whitenight jizzed their pants about "doing something good" and cowtipping but theyre just defending her awful actions which makes them an awful person too

No. 577039

>this site doesn't go after good people: good people aren't cows

This x 10000000. We don’t create/participate in these threads about Luna because we find addiction and mental illness amusing, we rip into her (and Obeseion and Drainythot and Vicky Shingles and Dasha and whoever the fuck else) because she has proved time and time again that she is a garbage person. Lying, stealing (including from her own mother, her boyfriend’s dying father and random graves and fucking advertising it) and scamming people makes it not only difficult but impossible to have sympathy for her even if she is legitimately ill. Even in spite of this there are still farmers who insist on re-hashing the same “but if she cleaned herself up/ditched lurch/stopped begging/went to art school she’d be okay!” argument ad infinitum when we all know she’s a lost cause. And this, dear anons, is exactly why she’s a fucking cow.

No. 577050

If the person wking her actually knew tuna irl, she would steal, beg and scam them too. Hell she probably even scams her Prince heroin dealer. I can see her pinching some for herself while lurch is nodding out. I’m sure after this long she has learned to shoot herself up. If not then she is a failure at that too. Lazy, scamming, begging, thief before addiction and mental illness.

No. 577142

I read through all the threads multiple times and have three questions
1. How was it confirmed that she was fired from her job for stealing. Is there receipts/sauce on that?
2. How was it established that she was robbing graves (speculation based on religious trinkets or is there some kind of evidence?)
3. Where did the nickname "lurch" come from? I know the origin of Jinji Ito, Chief, Areola guy, but cant find where he got the nickname Lurch

No. 577144


i can only answer a few of these, but…
1. it was a local mamaroneck rumor that ended up being substantiated (for me at least) by the family friend of the woman who hired her to paint murals, iirc i shared that here but theres no strict receipts so you and i gotta take these peoples' word for it
2. in lunaspeak "finding things" = stealing and shes always randomly hanging out at graveyards and "finding things" there
3. no idea sorry

No. 577147

File: 1537383359126.jpeg (14.88 KB, 480x360, 395D4348-65C2-41FC-B6FB-C5029A…)

3. I’m guessing pic related.

No. 577148

Has she ever responded to these accusations or does she just delete everything

No. 577149

couldn't tell yu if anyone has ever confronted her about those specific ones i dont think. people generally dont come at her bc she just dirty deletes

No. 577151

Not sure if this counts as armchairing (if it does im happy to delete it) but the dirty deletes make me doubt her BPD diagnosis. One of the main criteria for BPD is that you don't separate positive and negative attention. The typical cluster-b would engage to prolong the attention even if it was negative- more like Spoopy Ash or Dearly Departed Julay

No. 577162

That Lurch is about 9 billion times more attractive than Chief Areola

No. 577167

I think it’s because of his expressionless face and dead eyes.

No. 577169

File: 1537387140592.png (17.85 KB, 591x295, 6PzBtOr.png)

1.) see pic attached. i don't know if there's anymore evidence, but fwiw she's bragged about having ~sticky fingers~ before and has admitted to stealing from her own dad.
2.) she once posted a picture of lurch digging under a tipped headstone ( see >>518515 ). that picture, along with her love of stealing and her array of religious trinkets, led anons to that conclusion. and knowing luna, they're probably right.

No. 577170

And looks younger than Chief Areola.

No. 577171

If I recall, after that cemetery trip, she started showing off some new miniature angels that she "acquired".

No. 577173

what are you even talking about? do you mean HPD?

No. 577177

No, BPD, although NPD and HPD also fall in the same category (cluster B personality disorders) so a lot of the traits overlap

No. 577242

Oh my god can we stop discussing cluster B/BPD traits? Mental illness manifests itself differently in everyone, and no one’s actions are going to fit every single symptom to a T.

Luna is a junkie. It’s stupid of us to keep going down the list of BPD traits trying to nitpick a diagnoses in. She is an addict; she’s going to act like she’s mentally ill in some capacity ffs.

No. 577263

Can we stop this once and for all? Luna has been diagnosed with BPD by a professional, iirc even prior to becoming a junkie. Can we just acknowledge that the professionals who diagnosed and treated her know better than we do and leave it at that?? It doesn't even matter if she has BPD or not so I'm not sure why this is even a topic of interest, though some of the comments about mental health in this thread are aggressively stupid and difficult not to reply to just by virtue of that. Let's all just stop.
Even if that didn't happen, it's pretty easy to put two and two together- Luna has a bunch of filthy religious objects, Luna is cheapskate who won't pay for these objects, Luna is self-centered, Luna steals, and Luna pokes around graveyards. Pretty despicable.

No. 577266

Show some proof that she was officially diagnosed and not just Tuna's word and sure. But this whole song and dance of armchairing in every thread is utterly annoying and always makes Tuna look like /snow/ material rather than pt, and ignores all of the fucked up shit that she does that can't be excused with some lame ass disorder that she claims to have.

I agree with the second half of what you said though, it doesn't matter if she has it or not because she's still an icky, spoiled, self-centered, entitled, whiny piece of shit who needs to keep her hands off of things that don't belong to her and get a job.

No. 577271

*sure we'll believe it.

No. 577283

Yep, it is a Luna problem, not a BPD problem and not even necessarily a heroin problem. She acts shitty to fuel her habit but not all addicts are as terrible as her nor are the mentally ill.

No. 577319

i cant figure out chief, would someone humour me

i always thought it was addams family lurch too (maybe something about his behaviour? i havent seen anything addams in years)

No. 577321

File: 1537408361671.jpg (30.36 KB, 300x200, Cigar-store-Indians-l-of-c-300…)

He looks like one of those old "Cigar Chief" statues they displayed outside cigar stores. Basically just the blank, emotionless stare and weird face structure.

No. 577323

Oh my fucking god, I had no idea, but it’s uncanny kek.

No. 577328

hahahaha oh shit
thank you so much this made my day

No. 577334

Look up easter island statues. He looks like just like one.

No. 577397

File: 1537415234787.jpg (78.43 KB, 500x667, IMG_1792.JPG)

Omg I'm dead lmao

I always thought of king tuts death mask but I think yours is more accurate

No. 577428

File: 1537420277234.jpeg (8.02 KB, 259x194, images.jpeg)

He reminds me of a certain type of English look. Like Roger Waters or Chris Squire.

No. 577465


You can drop this too you know. If BPD doesn't explain her stealing, being uncaring to other pepple, ebegging why does it matter if she has it? It's part of Luna canon and makes sense when you see her relationship with Lurch and constant flipping between 'I love you/I hate you' when applied to family members.
Also I am genuinely curious what proof could be shown of that - do American mental health professionals give a diagnosis on a certificate? I am genuinely curious cause here all the notes stay in the doctor's office and your only 'proof' is medication or the homework that you get.
Sorry but seeing people 'anti-armchairing' over the internet despite not being a shrink and never meeting Luna is just as annoying. She was diagnosed with BPD years before heroin, went to the group therapy, learned some basic DBT and got kicked out of it/stopped going. This is what we know. Seems legit to me. It's not like cows can't have mental illnesses.

If excessive talking about BPD is a bannable offense, so should be 'she doesn't have bpd cause I say so' as it provokes people talking about the issue more (yes, like me here) and is fucking annoying.

No. 577468

File: 1537423121874.jpg (165.95 KB, 720x1020, IMG_20180920_075758.jpg)

No. 577469

File: 1537423154507.jpg (259.36 KB, 720x1106, IMG_20180920_075724.jpg)

No. 577471

File: 1537423175162.jpg (257.05 KB, 720x854, IMG_20180920_075743.jpg)

No. 577487

more like "slowly decaying together" - bitch can't be bothered to water her plants so they're dying, and she's melting away too.

No. 577493

Anybody else find it weird that she gets crushes on baseball players and then pretends it's interest in the sport? Every time she's gushed about baseball, it's been about specific players -the baseball card she got with some dude's signature, the big pitcher guy she tried to defend from fat-shaming, this guy. She never really talks about their skill or ability, just how much she ~~loves~~ and ~~obsesses~~ over them. Always @s them too, like they'd be able to see it on her private profile…

No. 577507

anything to feign interest enough for lurch i guess

No. 577544

Luna's thread has always been filled with blogposting anons who share traits with her and don't like being grouped with her and can't contain their not all bpd sufferers/junkies sperg. Desperate to defend themselves even though we're not talking about them.

Every single thread, without fail, there will be the following anons
>junkie/former junkie posting about how you can be a functional addict
>someone getting offended if you discuss her bpd, probably because they have it and aren't like Luna
>someone else with an art degree offended someone likes her doodles

There should be a bingo sheet.

No. 577558


>luna should do ASMR for whatever reason

No. 577580

yeah and there's also
>someone who thinks lurch corrupted luna and she's a misguided person who needs saving
>someone who jacks off over her art cause she's "got such a unique style"
>someone who's been in poverty and hasn't read the threads and gives a load of self help tips that luna will never do, like apply for medicaid or go on methadone or apply for fast food jobs
>anons saying "i would send her some money if she wouldn't spend it on heroin" "i would send her some money to show off her crackpipe"
(half of those are jokes i get it, but it's said so often. no dont send luna any money)

No. 577586

Every fucking idiot from the tri-state area will eventually go on a Yankees/Mets binge. It’s basic bitch shit.

No. 577655

I miss the anon who kept suggesting in almost every previous thread that she should record herself smoking crack/doing heroin.

No. 577658

I wonder why she isn't a Mets fan given that it'd probably play into her ~sad girl~ aesthetic. She'd probably be able to relate to them more because they're losers too.
That's honestly hilarious.

No. 577659

There is actually a fairly large market for that

No. 577705

Really? Well shit Luna could do her drugs and get paid for them too. It’d be a step up from her noodz.

No. 577711

I think its more of a gay meth thing but Im sure here is a market for girls shooting up too

No. 577781

any insta updates? she blocked me for calling her out lul

No. 577789


I'll repost the weekly KF pic dump tomorrow.

No. 577812

She hasn’t posted anything on IG since those most recent drawings

No. 577815

Are you new to the internet, fam? There’s an entire tumblr subculture that revolves around hos shooting dope and smoking crack. None of them are half as lulzy as Tuna, she’d have a captive audience if she chose to go down that path.

No. 577841

she claimed to be diagnosed at a time / age when such a diagnosis wouldn't have been viable. of course the bitch is mental, but that doesn't mean we need anything about BPD either way. the only fucking reason it comes up so much is because bpd anons get triggered and sperg about it. >>577544 sums it up.

No. 577850

Luna has been seeing therapists all her life, iirc she's bragged about having a therapist since she was 5, prior to her turning 18 (and starting heroin) she had a bipolar diagnosis. Sorry to keep this going but 18 isn't a "not viable age" for diagnosis for borderline. I mean I'm not going to argue what she has because I don't care, bitch has some sort of untreated insanity. The name of the disorder is irrelevant, she's not doing anything to fix it, so she's just a normal junkie. Do people have more sympathy for Luna because she's a young pretty-ish girl? She's no different to the hobos on the street people go out of their way to ignore, they're just as ~mentally ill and valid~.

It's not as black and white as people in this thread act, as if scumbaggery and mental illness are mutually exclusive. She's not an angel without wings waiting for her redemption because she has a mental illness, and her horrible behaviour doesn't mean that she's faking. People are nuanced, she's a liar, but that doesn't mean EVERY SINGLE THING she says is untrue. A LOT of horrible human beings are mentally ill and incapable of rehabilitation due to their own problems (i.e. not wanting help and choosing their mental illness over recovery)

No. 577859

Anybody that thinks having a mental illness is an accomplishment is mental. She wears it like a badge of honor. And she gives others with any diagnosis a bad name because she puts it out on the internet with all of the other horrible traits she has that are not associated with a mental illness. She just uses that as an excuse to get away with things and to keep people from calling her out because she is oh so fragile.

No. 577860

File: 1537511295720.png (154.39 KB, 1000x1100, 1b1.png)

did my best

No. 577895

You left out
>Luna should do ASMR!
>Luna should go to art school!
>Luna is technically homeless!
>I’m triggered!!1!!11!1!

No. 577900

File: 1537533587015.png (157.66 KB, 1000x1100, 1b1 2.png)

No. 577917

Is anyone else kinda surprised she hasn’t milked Mac Miller’s death the way she did Peep’s?

No. 577918

mac miller is too normie i guess
or at least he was around the period when luna stopped mentally aging

No. 577919

Yall fucking complain about this and that then go elsewhere. Snoozefest post lmaoo

No. 577920

This is just more derailing guys

No. 577930

yea ok but a luna bingo would be better & more relevant to the topic. like about her posts.

No. 577947

File: 1537552115312.png (62.97 KB, 470x580, 1532089622453.png)

No. 577956

Only thing I would have added:
>conceived on steps of methadone clinic on a full moon~
>let me know hun, even 5 dollars would help. HUN? HUN? LET ME KNOW.
Otherwise spot on.

It's like this thread repeats itself because Luna repeats herself. It's hard to point out anything new when she just repeats the same 10 sentences over and over.

No. 577957

File: 1537554781529.png (149.78 KB, 400x225, vlcsnap-1564675.png)

Tuna makes a brief appearance in Videodrome y'all

No. 578076

File: 1537576240262.jpeg (1.55 MB, 1242x1867, 0BC40E15-3FE7-44E4-8C27-1CACC8…)

Luna hasn’t posted, but was tagged in this

No. 578079

I hope she submits the one of the cherub telling her not to hang herself

No. 578085

Or “will I be ok”, or an “am I dissociating”. Oh any new art will be hilarious.

No. 578138

Does anyone have that
>when u see the big areola
pic? the one where lurch is crouching down and at first the pic seems normal but then you see his fucking eyes

No. 578144

File: 1537585819967.jpg (60.04 KB, 661x500, 1476842108006.thumb.jpg.86e6b9…)

No. 578146

File: 1537586432752.png (298.03 KB, 371x659, 1476751175857.png)

No. 578152


<3 thank you!

No. 578165


I can't believe he doesnt have some kind of wasting disease like hep c or HIV.

No. 578166

god why would luna post this pic?! if she really thinks he's handsome in any way. this is a horrible horrible photo of him even if she somehow finds his usual lurchmug attractive. sometimes i wonder if she actually doesn't find him attractive, but just needs muh validation and a junkie partner

No. 578167

He probably does. His leg rots away every year it seems.

No. 578170

this is why I scroll past a lot of the photo dumps when they happen. she takes the exact same shots with the same captioning bullshit over and over and over again.

because drugs, anon.

No. 578181

I wonder why she hasn’t mentioned this yet, you’d think getting into a gallery show would be a huge deal in her uneventful life. That’s what this image implies right?

Is she so dead set on making people think she’s “so poor send money uwu” she won’t advertise the fact her art’s going in a show?

No. 578189

That's a shot of last year's exhibition, not this year's. According to her Instagram that painting was sold to someone else in June '17.

No. 578247

I can’t cope with his face, he legit terrifies me, especially when we are unfortunate enough to get a glimpse of his beady monster eyeballs. No wonder Loony has a habit, I would too if I had to wake up next to that every day.

No. 578328

tinfoil but I hope she did not abandon ig due to the cowtipper…weird to see no new posts for a whole day

No. 578344

File: 1537647138798.jpeg (Spoiler Image,282.69 KB, 920x1305, 35A50F79-CEDE-400C-814E-85BD30…)

God he really does look like a Junji Ito drawing…
Fucking terrifying.
Spoiler for super creepy drawing, but the resemblance is uncanny.
I hope the cowtipper at least posts her response. Otherwise that was just really cringe and pointless of them.

No. 578457

File: 1537667300360.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1242x1638, 11AA26A6-F8FE-4518-9067-464502…)

Something else she was tagged in 7 hours ago so she’s definitely been on IG and has access to her phone. Idk what this drawing even means lmao

No. 578474

More tinfoil but I think she’s too dependent on asspats to abandon social media, plus I don’t think she can resist ebegging. She’s known about these threads and people who follow her for the lulz for years, hence why she only accepts requests when she has exhausted the resources of her existing pool. She’s probably just cripplingly dopesick or too much on the nod to post.

No. 578477

She posted a lot of pics looking high as shit just recently so yeah she's probably sick now

No. 578479

I will forever be incredulous as to how she gets her copic illustrations so streaky, you’d think that being high would result in a lighter touch but she mutilates those markers like there is no tomorrow.

No. 578490

Plus she uses such thin paper that the ink soaks it up when it first touches it, hence streaky coloring

No. 578494

Hi I just discovered this website and am a follower of Luna. I accidentally tagged her in this and would like if you took this down.

Thank you :)

No. 578506

sure! there's a button next to the pic that says hide, click it and it will delete it and hide it from everyone ITT!

No. 578512


thank you ! Sorry if this ruined your thread in some way !

No. 578514

The girl on kf tried to imitate her style on the cheapest, thinnest printer paper she could find and still couldn't get it THAT streaky, imo she must be using porous paper like you get in pencil sketchpads or something.

No. 578516

Agree with this. Pretty sure this has happened before, she takes a few days off to be extra sad about it, then back as though nothing happened.

Gotta love our helpful anons, good job.

No. 578694

has it really been 4 days with no posting? by luna that is

also is nobody friends with her on fb anymore or does she not post

No. 578808

File: 1537743675088.jpeg (489.25 KB, 1242x1899, 6D710183-08F6-40AC-99A3-9FF263…)

Nope, she hasn’t posted anything on Instagram or tumblr. I was scrolling through her tumblr likes and saw this, though. Not sure how old it is so idk if it’s already been posted in a previous thread but yikes

No. 578813

"we all have our vices" only applies when your life isn't being completely ruined by your vices causing you to moan and beg to eveeryone
just like "poor people deserve nice things" is only appropriate when you're not guilt tripping everyone you can get ahold of into giving you money for supposed survival

No. 578818

File: 1537744681173.jpeg (451.51 KB, 640x925, EE43B165-F73E-4E41-BA45-F66270…)

>>578694 I’m friends with her on fb, she just posted this. I’ve actually had her on all my social media for years and gave her a lot of money when I hardly had any myself. A few days ago I got a message from someone’s on insta telling me to google her name bc she commented on one of my pics and dude, I am pissed. I really liked her up until that point too bc not to blogpost but we have a lot common in terms of mental health stuff but reading this is so fucking yikes dude. I must have given her like hundreds of dollars over the years because it was always stuff about not being able to pay rent or have toilet paper or her father in law dying and I felt bad!!! But now I now the truth….Like jesus bitch I need money for drugs too (not heroin level dw), difference is I work six days a week at my piece of shit waitressing job to support my terrible habits. I have been in the place where I genuinely have been too mentally ill to work so I understand more than most but don’t fucking lie and take advantage and scam people for heroin money what the FUCK (sorry this is all news to me and I’m super pissed)

No. 578824

I'm sorry anon. :( I'm glad you found out now than later. Thanks for the update

No. 578904

dont feel bad, anon. the one thing she is genuinely good at is emotional manipulation

No. 578916

I'm so sorry anon, people like you are how Luna survives. She's done it to hundreds of people since 2015 and then just discards them when she's done with them.

She's 100% a conman, she lies through her teeth and knows how to manipulate good people. She could probably tell that you identified with her and sunk her teeth in especially hard - how many times did you hear about her PCOS literally killing her and "not eating for 3 days"? It's sad that she can manipulate so many charitable people tbh, you're a good person for trying to help a stranger on the internet, but there are a lot of fakers online who take advantage of the good willed.

No. 579057

Ah, I’m sorry anon. It sucks that she’s scamming genuinely kind hearted people, and it makes her even more despicable. Hopefully more people who have been taken for a ride find out what she’s really like.

No. 579116

File: 1537762818159.jpeg (141.24 KB, 750x1334, 92E196D0-16CA-4AA3-A5EC-47DE9F…)

damn i used to know luna in middle school. she actually seemed really cool around age 13/14. i lost contact with her though and i remember a couple years ago i asked my friend how she was doing and she told me “oh yeah luna’s trying to get addicted to heroin for the aesthetic now.” she hit me up back in 2016 too (pic related). she was asking me for money and i asked her for her paypal and told her i’d send her like 5 bucks without the intention of actually getting around to it after i remembered she was on heroin. she proceeded to lose her shit and i blocked her from being able to send me fb messages after it became all too clear what the money was for.

i have a theory that she got addicted to online shopping after getting with lurch. it seems like the only thing she genuinely loves besides heroin. i was in an abusive relationship too minus the drugs and i had a similar thing where i felt so empty and shitty the only thing that made me feel a little alive was getting shit in the mail to further cement my identity as the kind of girl i wanted to be/the kind of girl my boyfriend wanted me to be. her shopping addiction seems to be as bad if not worse than her “heroin addiction” imo. it’s an actual problem that she would never admit to because it would invalidate her “poor can’t get a bite to eat” persona. she’ll definitely never get help for it.

i’m definitely not a defender of tuna especially after seeing her con minors and abuse her pets and roger, but it’s still tragic to me. i know that her weight was one of her biggest sources of insecurity all her life and i honestly think that’s the root of what’s driving her crazy. she reminds me of this girl i went to college with who was obsessed with her body and with food, had a binge eating disorder but couldn’t admit it so she would lie and say she was anorexic despite being chunky and eating junk all the time. tuna definitely has problems with addiction, food and money: shopping addiction, binge eating problems and an inability to understand how finances work. but those things aren’t glamorous. she won’t ever seek help for them. it’s funny how she also can’t admit that she’s hit af because she knows how true it is. being fat as a kid can definitely turn you into a person who’s truly obsessed with looks and trying to redo their childhood over and over again to make it better—i’m guessing that has something to do with her obsession with kid’s toys and baby aesthetic. she wants people to know she had a troubled childhood but she can’t admit that it was all because of her weight. i don’t really know how she got that fat, or why her body’s so fucked up looking, but i wonder while reading these threads if she would have been an even more catastrophic bitch if she’d been skinny and conventionally attractive. she definitely would have gone for someone better than lurch i know that much. it’s like she’s punishing herself for being hideous by ensuring that she wakes up every afternoon to that haunting easter island mask with the NPC hair…….

No. 579122

there's something immensely satisfying about her desperate messages. got any more message exchanges you feel like sharing?

No. 579124

File: 1537763423849.png (724.45 KB, 942x597, 2.png)

No. 579155

This shit makes me so fucking angry, the flagrant entitlement on this cunt. On what planet are people supposed to subsidise your life choices in lieu of you getting a job like the rest of us? Fuck her. Seriously.

No. 579169

>damn i used to know luna in middle school.
What was she like before all the edgelord highschooler stuff? It's hard to imagine Luna as a child, without the drug aesthetic.

No. 579185

File: 1537769405288.png (162.28 KB, 750x1334, 9748D369-94A9-437D-A9A8-46ED0C…)


yeah i have the messages she sent before that asking me for money. i’ll post the second photo in a sec

No. 579186

File: 1537769423812.png (167.88 KB, 750x1334, 4323FEF5-F376-45A7-A5FE-4E7CC9…)

No. 579192

i really only met her irl once because she was a friend of my childhood friend, but we had a strong online relationship with a couple other friends of that friend. she was honestly very sweet and carefree back then. we would video chat a lot and send each other photo booth fashion shots. one time i tricked her into thinking i had like an ounce of weed by showing her a bag of green tea on video. i remember she always bailed on hanging out irl though and i think it was because of her weight. i was so excited to meet her finally. this was around the time of the incident where some girl said she hadn’t expected luna to be so “big” and luna was telling one of our friends about it, i think it had like just happened, and she seemed actually upset. after that she was always just “too busy” to hang out. i thought she was really cool and i thought we were similar people. literally i don’t know what happened (i mean i do but like…..???). also our friend group used to say how she had family problems but not really, like it was complicated, and her mom lived in an “apartment” which was code for her being poor compared to her millionaire mamaroneck friends (i wasn’t from the same town but i lived in another less afluent but still suburban area). i thought that was kinda funny.

side note, i seriously think her joint problems are due to her weight but she can’t say it. fuck that cotton eye joe shit. joint pain from being overweight can be just as painful and debilitating, if not more so, than whatever nonsensical injury she has been making up this whole time. but it’s not cute and kawaii so who cares!!!!!!!not tuna

No. 579193

I was wondering when she’d get to watching this. No spoilers, but if she gets to the end of this season and doesn’t take a hard look at herself, she really is the most oblivious lost cause to ever exist.

No. 579194

oh and also she still dressed like that in middle school. she didn’t fully dye her hair yet i don’t think but when i met her she had on a cramps crop top, mini skirt with tights or something and a bunch of pins on her jacket. i was like damn she is so cool lol. and for the record her hair is most definitely light auburn brown as it was when i met her and NOT red (am a ginger, can confirm)

No. 579198

No. 579204


>>are u rata khans

>on messenger

>doesnt look at name

No. 579209

The online shopping seems like more of a privilege / entitlement thing to me, because her (evil, abusive, worst ever) dad is paying for it all. I'd have a fucking shopping addiction as well if I could use someone else's credit card.

How big was she, though? In the old days photos of her, she seems a bit chubby but not obese or anything. Would make for an interesting explanation of all the 'feeling cute' photos where she looks like a fucking trainwreck.

No. 579229

i met her irl and i think shes overweight for sure but not that much, but shes tall as hell and likely pretty big boned also like her frame is large in that way, the overweightness doesnt help but shes just imposing and i think for someone who loves the tiny waif bb aesthetic thats completely horrible

No. 579230

i met luna around the same time, also did loads of video chatting with her first ex and some other people from up there in wchester but i was from the city so it was obviously harder for us to meet up, we didnt meet til later and that was to get acid when we were like 19? i'm the acid anon from earlier

No. 579234

She looks big (as in tall and solid and frankly terrifying) in her pics, like that kind of solid you can only be if you’re tall and big boned as opposed to plain fat. How tall is she anyway?

No. 579236

iirc she's like 5 ft 9 or something crazy

No. 579238

>when i met her she had on a cramps crop top, mini skirt with tights or something and a bunch of pins on her jacket

She could have been part of my crew in high school, it’s sobering (literally and figuratively) to see that this is where she has ended up instead of being art ho punk bitch in college, going to shows, contributing to zines, with friends her own age instead of being a grimey thieving scamming lying degenerate with no friends save for Junji Ito’s mummified corpse, a horde of festering plushies and fucking Animal Crossing. But y’know, she obviously likes being a ~sad girl uwu~ for the ~aesthetic~ because if she was really that depressed and desperate she’d ditch Easter Island in favour of daddy’s swank Manhattan apartment, so no sympathy. The fact that daddy’s apartment is even an option voids any potential sympathy for her financial predicament. I bet if her parents cut her off she wouldn’t be so fixated on maintain her image because she’d actually be forced to worry about life shit like putting a roof over her head as opposed to larping as a homeless person for tumblr points.

No. 579239

Oh right, I was thinking she’d be like 6ft (I’m just under 5’9 so that probably skews my perception of “tall”). She looks really imposing though. I’m inclined to agree that her size was/is a huge (no pun intended) contributor to her state of mind and subsequent behaviour. Tinfoil desu, but she was probably hoping that heroin would magically turn her into a waif.

No. 579256

was her first ex from mamaroneck? if this was like ~2010 it’s possible we’ve been in a group video chat together with tuna lol

No. 579258

she was pretty huge when i met her. i remember knowing that her weight was a problem before i met her and her being shy about meeting people because she hid her actual size online. her face was mad pretty though. like yeah her mouth was kinda weird but before heroin her face was fucking adorable, online and in person. those pictures of her when she was younger are pretty accurate to how she looked irl. like some of the other anons here i actually think she looked better when she was bigger—it wasn’t healthy but it sure beats losing 40+ pounds from heroin. where did she think all that extra skin would go? obvi she’s too self-destructive to lose weight healthily because it’s part of her ~anorexic suffering~ story but people would still congratulate and support her if she lost weight healthily and posted about it i’m sure. it’s like really hard to lose weight and especially as much as luna would have to in order to be healthy again, but she seems to only be interested in struggles that involve overcoming a very specific type of adversity that she has created from a collage of heroin addict memoirs, nirvana songs and kid’s stickers. oh and for the anons talking about music taste she was way into nirvana since like 7th grade. that’s one thing that she already had before absorbing lurch’s personality. although she used to be more into kurt and stuff than courtney. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

No. 579274

I don't even know her but that sounds about right, lmao. All of her issues seem to come from her being chubby when she was younger then she eventually got fat in her high school years. Instead of eating right she just ate crap and thought heroin would cure her fatness. Now, she's saggy and deflated.

A lot of us here thought she was cute when she was younger. I remember her Tumblr pics with her ex gf and she had a big Nirvana poster on her wall nothing about Alice in Chains, tho. She used to just listen to indie bands from Burger Records(?) early punk music, Nirvana, and some Hole. Now she claims to be obsessed with Alice in Chains but she never even mentioned them until she got with Lurch. She pretends to like things he likes for some odd reason.

No. 579282

judging from pics of her and when i knew her in middle school she has always been extremely overweight. the only pictures of her where she looks normal have been baby pictures to my knowledge. so i think she has always been around that size but got fatter in high school. when i met her she was pretty tall and big and looked a lot older than 13-14.

No. 579287

File: 1537805001184.jpg (16.05 KB, 480x360, 1503637141780.jpg)

>if you can spare anything at all
>ten or even twenty dollars

The audacity of this bitch. How can someone still be so entitled when they're begging?

No. 579293

>>579185 As an actual Poorfag I can confirm that $20 is a ton of money and more than enough to live off of for 1-2 weeks if you play your cards right. $20 to just survive over three days is such bullshit wow

No. 579303

File: 1537806427814.gif (765.77 KB, 244x180, 1473556990014.gif)

>she wakes up every afternoon to that haunting easter island mask with the NPC hair……

That is truly the most haunting thing to wake up to.

She really seems to think that she's entitled to other people's money. I wish she felt that way about soap and water.

No. 579305


jfc does she know that usually when people ask for "literally any donation" they mean any dollar counts? or at least start it at 5. she'll accept no less than hour or double of someone's job wage.

i'm so hungry! please! i'll take anything! even if you want to just order an XL pizza to my house that would be fine!

No. 579307

And a cake! That would feed me for days!

next day
Hey does anyone have any money to spare, i'm starving

No. 579341

Hasn't she posted pictures of food she's gotten before and in the very same day posted "pls need money, haven't eaten for days"?

I know she took pics of all the junk food she bought before and there was nothing cheap or healthy among it. She always gets stuff like Chinese food, icecream, etc.

No. 579358

extremely possible, he was from mamaroneck hahahaha

No. 579385

And whatever's left gets spent on McDonalds or a pizza run. She could easily go to a damn grocery store and buy things on sale, but she won't. She's too good for that.

No. 579405

Last night I was looking at different threads on Luna bc insomnia and found some direct quotes from her tumblr/Instagram that answer some questions people are asking in this thread, like:
“Does she know she’s repeating the past/is she doing it on purpose?”
Luna: “You’ll do everything you swore you’d never do” (referring to herself)
“Why doesn’t she get a job?”
Luna: “Being a heroin addict is a full time job”
“WHY did she start doing heroin?”
Luna: “I made the choice to start because of my chronic pain”
“Is she trying to be Courtney Love?”
Luna: “Things I have in common with Courtney Love” (proceeds to list them all)
“Does she realize what her face looks like up close???”
Luna: Posted a closeup pic captioned “like my mustache”

Sorry for contributing nothing new if you’ve already seen these posts but I saved the screenshots if anyone wants to see, gives me way less sympathy for her.

No. 579414

File: 1537822368646.jpeg (302.07 KB, 750x911, 18FC42B3-B0DD-47FD-A1B2-26AC80…)

bwahahahaha, idk who’s this „lostgrrrrl” is, but she reminds me of tuna, I wonder why… (imaginary sage)

No. 579416

File: 1537822388921.jpeg (281.64 KB, 750x815, E8A58A08-4718-4415-9B19-3F3965…)

2/2(stop derailing)

No. 579443

This shit aint milk.

No. 579449

I agree, even though she was extremely overweight she at least had a cute face and looked like she had some life in her eyes as opposed to the current Weekend at Bernie’s visage that’s a combination of drug use and having the Bog Man permanently affixed to her.

No. 579452


Stop trying to make lostgrrrrl happen, it’s not going to happen.

No. 579560

People on here bring up the fact all the time that she only eats total junk , buuuuuuut in her defense ( as much as someone could actually defend her or lurch ) opiate addiction is famous for making people crave sugar even years after they've been sober. And most fast food/junk food has sugar weather it's a sweet or not.

No. 579598

yeah but getting high and nodding also makes you not really give a shit about eating, thats why lots of people gain a lot of weight on suboxone. the problem is that she alternates between getting high and getting sick - she cant afford as much dope anymore, not enough to use constantly

No. 579606

She was fat before the heroin anon, you don't get fat for no reason. The junk food predates the drugs, and is just another symptom of her inability to think ahead. She has absolutely 0 self control, she just does whatever she wants on impulse.

No. 579658

Can we add "people saying what they think Lurch looks like" to the bingo thing?

We get it, he has creepy eyes, a long nose, and a gaunt face. Stop posting random crap with those traits.

No. 579922

File: 1537924758697.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1242x1862, 1D6A67EC-2114-4495-AB59-8C1286…)

No. 579923

File: 1537924771540.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1242x1769, 6437EACC-B611-48FB-B81A-C89E54…)

No. 579924

File: 1537924785095.jpeg (711.53 KB, 1242x1267, A60E8AE4-DBA8-4128-B6DC-AA549D…)

No. 579925

File: 1537924796236.jpeg (1011.8 KB, 1242x1688, 8DC366ED-D747-435F-BF54-FB4A5B…)

No. 579926

File: 1537924818157.jpeg (546.42 KB, 1242x1648, FFACDF10-B4A4-4434-98D3-316CC9…)

No. 579927

File: 1537924829253.jpeg (1.14 MB, 1242x1807, D3DC9B1C-9C7E-45FB-8AE1-A16A93…)

No. 579928

File: 1537924841152.jpeg (1.29 MB, 1242x1390, CC31396E-98ED-4315-9749-931EBA…)

No. 579929

File: 1537924855357.jpeg (1.22 MB, 1242x1375, C364FD46-1F1D-4DE3-98E4-303F79…)

No. 579934

She must've just found this dress, it's surprisingly cleaner than her other clothes.

No. 579937

I can't believe this is what she does all day. No wonder she had piles of clothes at her old place considering she changes 2-5 times a day just to snap pictures before tossing them to the side.

With the amount of effort she puts in getting makeup on and dressing up for instagram along with all her begging private messages, you'd think she'd actually find a hobby or a job.

No. 579945

I imagine her thinking about thinking about getting a job but then she's like no wait…I'm mentally ill it's ok I CAN'T do it

No. 579949

ngl for a junkie and a woman in general she has amazing hair, i would kill to have mine look like that.

No. 579956

You can have it! Just never brush or wash your hair until it starts to mat up.

No. 579964

it's a valid compliment there's no need to go at her for everything. her hair is very long, and despite its length seems thick and shiny.

No. 579966

It's healthy and isn't fried at the ends, she just "floofs" it up so it looks unkempt. Hell, it's not even greasy. Is she being forced to wash? Her dead skin isn't as bad as it used to be, either.

No. 579969


I still say her mom leaves out cleaning supplies once a month as a hint.

>But I can't today, I'm wearing black and don't want to ruin my clothes!

No. 579977

I just can't with you people like how bad is your hair that you think hers looks good

No. 579980

Bleached hair takes a hell of a lot longer to get greasy anon, she can probably get away with washing it a lot less than if it was her natural colour. Plus fluffing it up would make it appear less greasy too.

No. 579984

Exactly. She used to feel proud of her mom brushing out the matted parts of her hair and if I recall, said that she doesn't brush it too often cause it hurts.

No. 579986

Definitely gonna agree with you there, bleached hair gets fucked up at the ends super easily, especially when you're a nasty ass addict, so it's really impressive that it looks that healthy. Definitely is mega tangled/matted though.

No. 579988

yeah and
>haven't taken a pic of myself in 2 weeks

like is that supposed to be cause for alarm? i mean i like having nice selfies but taking them is kind of exhausting so i can't imagine being so addicted to taking them that 2 weeks without is even something that you notice

she spends what precious little energy and motivation she has on selfies even when she has countless recent ones.

>good hair for a woman

tf does this mean lmao

No. 579991

>and a woman in general
how do you skip the two words after that? do you have selective reading comprehension

No. 579994

yeah that still doesnt make sense

No. 579999

The confusion makes sense. That anon makes it sound like women don't normally have amazing hair.

I feel like we should add this to the bingo sheet. "I wish I had hair like Tuna's!" Cause it's said in nearly every thread.

No. 580004

because women normally don’t have amazing hair? do you go outside?

No. 580006

where the fuck do you live where the women have worst hair than luna??

No. 580012

This hair discussion is derailing and pointless

No. 580017

yup, that's what i meant. regardless of if you say "in general" or not it still makes it sound like women don't normally have nice hair at all or like women have worse hair than men. i'm sure that wasn't the anon's intention though. let's just stop talking about this.

No. 580020

if you didn't want to talk about this why did you get triggered in the first place

No. 580024

shut the fuck up all i did was ask what they meant. i thought it was worth asking, just not bickering about for more than a couple replies. can we move on now?

No. 580060

Two whole weeks without a selfie?! That crippling anxiety really takes a toll. (And lol two weeks, it's been a lot less than that. The ridiculous lies …)



No, this is very important business, we need to sperg more. Please post several more replies about letting it go.

No. 580151

File: 1537995227982.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1242x1835, 58BD3419-9CAB-48DC-B118-784F1C…)

No. 580152

File: 1537995239916.jpeg (1.38 MB, 1242x1605, 75EE3020-F001-48CC-B7C1-0AC1BC…)

No. 580154

You want to be good, Tuna? Give your mom a fucking break and move the hell out or get a job and help her out.

Her mom must have some really good neighbors to not report her, especially when Tuna's taking lingerie selfies in front of the window.

No. 580159

File: 1537996378497.jpeg (1.34 MB, 1242x1853, 4BBB1B10-B881-44D2-A501-ED1B37…)

No. 580166

File: 1537998359104.jpeg (146.8 KB, 640x642, 22EA5005-E867-4F2C-90A4-7E111E…)

No. 580170

>taking a million selfies in her mom's place
>is having extra homelessness

Oh ffs. Guess she's going to add "I dislocated my shoulder and can't afford copay to see my doctor!" to her laundry list of excuses.

No. 580175

All the doctor does is pop the arm right back into the joint. Wasn't Matthew a sportsball dude at one point? He ought to be able to pop her arm back in, no problem. They already have "recovery painkillers".

But since she's just making shit up now, like, why would you pick that? It's obvious from photos both her arms are working just fine, and she's clearly still living at her mom's so what "extra issues with homelessness" could she possibly be experiencing?

I'll answer: they're out of heroin.

No. 580179

right like you pop the shoulder back in the joint if you don't its incredibly painful like you can't just hang around with your arm out the socket and like do arms just pop out too? lol it's not like you dislocate your shoulder once and then it always happens (prepares to be wrong) bitch just rolls her shoulders and hears a click and thinks omg it's dislocated!

No. 580248

File: 1538012663799.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1242x1566, 6B90CE83-FB2B-4CB1-86DB-F58A99…)

No. 580249

If she lives with her mom bitch has a home

No. 580251

i wonder what she and lurch will do after they finally get caught and thrown out?

No. 580255

luna will sneak lurch into daddys when he has to work or whatever

No. 580265

How much you wanna bet that her mom asked her when was she leaving and that's why she's acting like this?

No doubt about this at all. I don't think her dad would put up with it, judging by his expression in the last photo of them together.

No. 580284

If she loved it so much she should've fucking fought for it, not wait helplessly when she knew months in advance they were going to be evicted. She didn't even try (E-begging doesn't count).

No. 580323

how fucking deceptive to call living with your mom and hoping that you don't become homeless "problems with homelessness"

that's like getting a weird mole checked and going "sorry i was at the doctor for cancer"

No. 580338


bitch is just straight up lying.

No. 580365

I mean, if you have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, your arm just randomly popping out is a thing that can happen. And after that it can keep just…happening…but it's also usually easy to pop it back in.
That being said, I'm pretty sure Looneytunes doesn't have that or else we'd be hearing about it 24/7 along with CHEAPCHEAPCHEAP and "I lost 85% of my belongings plz gib cash bby."

No. 580430

How can somebody be "extra homeless"?

No. 580474

she said "extra issues with homelessness and food". like homelessness and food are issues as well as…being a spoiled heroin addict, for example

No. 580499

File: 1538076523148.png (361.45 KB, 786x640, OQrE6Ol.png)

No. 580588

I don’t have caps or anything but I know for a fact she used to claim to have EDS and that was part of why she walked around with that cane and she claimed the chronic pain it gave her was just another bullshit reason as to why she took opiates/opioids.

No. 580611


Look at that convoluted pose to hide her large body. Sharp, calculated Angles of hands, fingers, and torso. Pressing the waist in to create the illusion of curves. Black to hide loose skin.

Taking selfies is Lunas only hobby besides online shopping. You can tell she has put a lot of time into presenting her body in these deceptive ways.

No. 580618

She always stands like that.

No. 580627

File: 1538103499126.png (536.8 KB, 542x896, q7TnvTG.png)

couldn't find exactly what you were talking about, but found this. close enough

No. 580651

Does anyone have any extra milk to the theory Lurch deals? Seems like that could be the reason they aren’t going under right now. Why does her mom let BOTH of them live there…? What mom lets a 40 year old man live wither daughter? Drugs?

No. 580693

Goddamn, I forgot how beady her eyes are without makeup.
We've always commented on her weird, completely unnatural poses, and now we have confirmation that it's completely intentional, which makes it even funnier.

No. 580737

no rights to be there = no, she doesn't. bitch is homeless.

No. 580738

Unless someone is really stirring shit up, or the people are just assholes, most people in those places won't report for a bunch of reasons. I kind of wish someone would report her to get this bitch out of her mom's hair … but that would mean her mom would lose her place as well. Feels bad man.

No. 580744

don't start anon

No. 580762

if anyone reported her i have a feeling luna’s mom would get in more trouble than luna herself. she would get kicked out, sure, but her mother might face fines or even jail time. i don’t really know how these things work. the fact that luna is in her mom’s bed with lurch and her mom is on the couch makes me think her mom is a total pushover and i kind of feel bad for her. she might not even be ok with lurch staying there but can’t say no bc her daughter probably said some shit like, “mom im gonna be ~literally homeless~ if u dont let me stay here and i HAVE to bring matt ill literally dieeee without him!!!” and it’s possible her mom doesnt want her staying with her dad either. idk what kind of terms tuna’s parents are on.

No. 580826

Not sure why everybody keeps calling Luna fat. She isn't Ashley Isaacs but she isn't somebody that I would look at and think "she is overweight" even when she isn't posing. She's broad and boxy and has a lot of loose skin, but if she really is as tall as she says she is, she's actually rather small. She looks unhealthy AF but I don't think her weight is what causes her to look like shit, it's the pasty grey dope-skin and the pinned zombie eyes and general aura of grease and filth and being the human form of sloth and vanity combined.

No. 580905

>>580762 I’m so curious about the actual deal with Luna’s mom. She’s either using and thus tolerates lurch bc he can get drugs or she’s a pushover to the max and just let these 2 move in and take over. There’s not a lot I’ve read about her that doesn’t seem like just speculations

No. 580911

I understand her mom for not kicking her out and wouldn't necessarily call her a pushover - she might feel like she fucked up with her daughter, which she probation did being a drug addict and all and now…well now she's harvesting the fruit of her own motherly efforts. It's not that easy to kick your own kid out especially if you weren't a role model yourself.

No. 580921

uh think its cus of the state of her thighs which are entirely made from cellulite

No. 580923

Cellulite isn't fat though it is just a genetic thing that some women get because of irregular hormones, you could be 90lbs and still have cellulite

Idk, not to white-knight but with everything that is disgusting about luna as a person her weight doesn't even register.

No. 580924

The same people calling her fat are the ones who would be facing off like a heard of horny walruses to pick a girl who looked like her up from a bar.

No. 580926

File: 1538161447756.png (3.06 MB, 1080x1556, 1535583629588.png)

Oh stop it, just check the last thread if you want to know why people think this. It's not that hard. No matter how tall you are, your legs are not going to look like this for "omg grey skin" reasons. Her weight is definitely the cause for her legs looking like this.

No. 580964

it doesn't matter what it is, her legs look fat. I don't think people even comment saying she's fat that much either, they comment on how nasty her body looks


No. 580965

What the hell is up with these WKs lately? No, she's not homeless, yes, she is a fat slob. Christ.

No. 581003

yes it is
>Cellulite occurs when fat deposits push through the connective tissue beneath the skin.

you don't have to be fat, it is fat though.

No. 581004

there are no men on this site, anon.

No. 581062

luna calls herself fat

No. 581074

The "she's tall so she's not as fat" argument really only works if we only have her actual numerical weight to go off. Like, if we were picking on her for being 180lbs then found out she's 6'2" or something then sure that makes a difference, but we have photographic evidence out the ass that she's just a fat tall girl.

No. 581177

If anything, her height reinforces just how large she really is, because it would proportion itself out if she wasn't overweight.

No. 581197

She's maybe not technically overweight anymore I'll give you that, but she has about zero muscle. She looks alright in some pictures. In others? She looks, and is, fat.
And no, her being tall makes it worse not better…

No. 581222

this. i'm tall and it's the opposite. you can gain way more fat and still be skinnyfat/look skinny in clothes because there's more surface area. it takes a long ass time to gain so much weight that many people think you look fat at first glance. i have no idea where anon would get the idea that "she looks really small for her height!!!"

No. 581239

she's "skinny fat"

No. 581550

Um I guarantee if you put Luna’s height/weight into a BMI calculator she would be overweight.

No. 581565

yeah she's 100% overweight, bordering on obese, even for her height. she just used clever angles and pulls up her pants like urkel to hide her belly. even in pics where she's in underwear she's wearing high waisted granny panties.

no she's just actually fat. skinny fat is when someone is skinny but with no muscle and untoned and has a bit of a belly. like shayna in /snow

No. 581979

Actually its her loss of weight and not caring for her body by other means (proper diet and exercise) for why she looks like that. Not because shes ~obeeese~ get a grip. It's loose skin hanging around fat deposits because theres no muscle there for it. You can nitpick how unhealthy she looks but if you're not some anachan loser it's pretty obvious her thighs looking funky are because of how fat she used to be, not how fat she is.

No. 582024

File: 1538242110073.png (Spoiler Image,159.86 KB, 242x350, fatty fat fat fat.png)

I'm gonna sperg because this is annoying and I thought we went over this in the last thread. I wouldn't consider her thin or skinny but shes not fat and her thighs are not just cellulite. She used to be super fat, dropped a shit ton and now yo-yos. She has no thigh muscle to fill anything out or to help burn off the big of extra fat that does remain in her thighs, but the reason it looks so wonky is because of excess skin. Like in this image, or a majority of other images you can find regarding drastic weight loss. She looks like a granny because grannies also loose elasticity in their skin so it sags, she lost weight and doesn't take care of herself, so her skin sags. Mystery solved.

No. 582033

Regardless of whether or not you all think Luna is "fat", she is OBJECTIVELY overweight

No. 582035

annnd we can tell the milk's dried up. yes she looks like shit, but does 1/3 of this thread have to be about her disgusting bod?

No. 582189

File: 1538252432386.jpeg (Spoiler Image,13.98 KB, 197x256, download.jpeg)

Lol Luna's doing the thing Tess holiday does - hand on her tubby stomach to simulate an hourglass figure. It looks like her hand is on her hip if you're not really looking, but its not lmao.

No. 582191

No idea. Whenever the milk starts drying up, WKs pop up to pick fights with other anons over shit that we've been talking about over the last million threads.

No. 582273

can't wait for luna to be thrown out of her moms and we'll all be reunited

No. 582310

File: 1538265724767.jpg (23.58 KB, 500x384, BGMtiA-CMAAqQAp.jpg)


>like urkel

No. 582398

File: 1538281630092.png (163.52 KB, 1000x1100, tunapoast 3.0.png)

Was like, totally homeless and unable to update the thing.

More on topic though: has anyone spotted Luna in any Facebook groups recently? In the recent past she seemed to be active in those when she was being less active on insta/tumblr/etc.

No. 582541

I suspect she is lying low due to an influx of criticism on her posts (several of which have been capped and posted here and/or KF) and being ~extra sad and hungry and homeless uwu~ (translation: longer periods spent being dopesick due to lack of funds to procure drugs because followers are wising up to her scam). Would sage for tinfoil but alas.

No. 582570

It's not WKing to point out the one thing she isn't lying about. No fixed address = homeless. Why is that so hard to understand? You're as bad as the anons who insist Luna dindu nuffin and everything is Lurch's fault.

I think the criticism bit is right, but most of her funds come from Lurch's activities. Her 'art' hardly ever sells, and her followers wised up long ago about her ebegging. She isn't bringing in shit at the best of times.

No. 582571

anon ffs we're not talking about her having rights over this home or that its hers, she lives within a house not on the streets so she is not homeless

No. 582576

"no fixed address" but she's been living at her mother's for MONTHS. it may not be where her mail gets sent but tuna isn't living on the streets which is ACTUAL HOMELESSNESS ANON.

No. 582591

Like the anons above said, she's been living with her mom for months. If it was only for a few days or weeks then I'd see your point but that isn't the case at all.

No. 582810

Where is her mail being sent if it’s not going to her mom’s address?

No. 582821

I really doubt it's getting sent anywhere else. All she has to do is put in her mom's address for all the amazon junk her dad buys her. Unless the fact that it's government housing somehow prevents that…?

Also, having it sent anywhere else would require Tuna to actually leave the house. Which we know she would turn into a huge production.

No. 583058

File: 1538339860012.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1242x1800, 10234240-F8B5-4DC4-AF05-6FCFFB…)

No. 583073

Holy yikes she is looking more and more like lurch

No. 583278

Mte. She’s using it and lurch too, I reckon? How long have they been there now? Lol times up soon I bet

No. 583382


>government housing

Source? The building was last sold in 2011. I am unable to find it listed as owned or managed by a state or county agency as supportive housing.

No. 583478


It's called section 8 housing. Private landlords subsidized by the government if they choose to accept a low income household . I don't think there's a registry.

No. 583500

same. i also found a listing for an apartment in the same building on zillow. the estimated mortgage is over 1k. tinfoil but is luna lying about it being section 8?

would they have apartments for sale in a mostly/strictly section 8 building? i don’t know how all that gets determined or anything but i feel like luna might be using this for more for her tragic background

No. 583564

yes they would. section 8 just means the landlord will rent to low-income housing and report it to the government to get subsidies. all you do is give the info on the units you want to rent to the section 8 official you work with and they fill them with section 8 applicants.

many landlords choose all or none, but some choose to house both.

No. 583568

also why not call the landlord and ask if that building offers section 8 housing?

that's not cowtipping at all just being curious.

No. 583751


have people really wished they had luna’s hair? SAD!

No. 583761

>>521860 from a few threads ago is all that anons could find about Section 8 on Luna's social media. Seems like one person said "her mom's in government housing and Luna can't live there" and we ran with it, but it was never really confirmed.

Because it's a bit weird to phone some random junkie's mom's landlord just to get dirt for a lolcow thread. Be our guest though.

No. 583767

Didn't Luna mention at some point that she's not supposed to/allowed to be there because it's government housing? It's more plausible than not that she's in Section 8 housing anyway, given that she's a junkie/former junkie who's okay with her junkie daughter and her junkie daughter's boyfriend lounging around all day in her 1bdrm apartment.

No. 583776

luna says a lot of things tho

No. 583889

I tried to post about this yesterday but the site was spazzing out and wouldn't let me.

Thread #17, 4 months ago she said she could "only stay for a few weeks" and people assumed that was due to her mom being in section 8 housing. I couldn't find an instance of Luna saying it, only she couldn't stay there. In the same thread there's a screenshot of her going to social services for EBT (4 months ago post eviction) i don't know why we thought she wasn't claiming any welfare but she clearly is.

The fact she applied for food stamps means that it's probably not section 8

No. 583951


I am aware of how Section 8 works. But New York state also has supportive housing, and "government housing" would seem to imply ownership or management of the property either directly or through a non profit agency utilizing government grants.


As a ABAWD she is eligible for only 3 months of SNAP in a 36 month period, so she doesn't receive it now, so her claim that her food stamps were cut off is true but not for the reason she gave. The policy precedes Trump. >>>/pt/568577

No. 583953

You don’t need a permanent address for ebt and can literally live on the streets to qualify. She probably claimed ~homeless to her counselor in the hopes she would qualify for $$. I don’t think Luna is smart enough to scam the state but Lurch probably is. She probably would qualify for ssi though because she is obviously mentally handicapped.

No. 583960

Aren’t you a supposed to have worked a certain amount of time based on your age to qualify? Like you earn x credits through working and someone your age needs to have y credits, or something.

No. 583975

File: 1538497599852.jpg (230.67 KB, 720x1011, IMG_20181002_182509.jpg)

this is referring a popular tumblr pic of a grave

No. 583979

File: 1538497972739.png (159.07 KB, 500x396, i-told-you-i-was-sick-1046646.…)

No. 583982

Not for ssi, ssdi is different and that’s based on what you have paid in to social security by having a job. Anyways I was half joking about Luna being able to get ssi because they require long term proof of a qualifying disability and drug addiction doesn’t count. If you can work at all they will deny you and she can. And they don’t care if it’s at McDonald’s because if they did everybody making minimum wage would be on ssi.

No. 584061

i actually like this one kind of…(not paying $75 plus shipping for it tho)

No. 584123

File: 1538526913437.jpeg (964.64 KB, 1242x1564, ECD9FAE2-78B6-4E5D-BCD8-82752F…)

No. 584124

File: 1538526928818.jpeg (1.86 MB, 1242x1848, 721E773E-0BBE-4FA5-9C7C-8959A1…)

No. 584126

File: 1538527044282.jpeg (1.51 MB, 1242x1857, 92084ABA-7473-4DD7-937A-C3DF7C…)

No. 584129

luna's art is surprisingly getting better (imo)

No. 584132

Damn, that sheet/whatever surface she has her sketchpad on is fucking grim. Thought it was patterned but it's just super stained.

I've had to stop looking at Luna threads because she just irritates me so much. "Lack of living situation" please girl, you're living with your mom and she took in you and your boyfriend for free. You have so many options but all of them require some sort of sacrifice so you're just comfortable being a piece of garbage instead.

Of course she can't give a shoutout to the person who bought her the sketchpad. I imagine she just bought it herself with daddy's amazon account.

Also, how is drawing one thing every day when you literally don't do anything else "pushing" yourself? She's not disabled, she doesn't go to school, she doesn't work, she doesn't volunteer, she doesn't clean, she just sits around on her lazy ass high on pills and heroin every single day and complains.

I know I'm probably alogging at this point, but I suppose tonight I'm just in some sort of mood and seeing Luna whine about how ~*~hard~*~ her life is uwu makes me fucking rage.

No. 584133

>giant pile of clothes in the corner
"Lost 85% of my belongings!"

No. 584135


Oh look, it's the first of the month, the exact time EVERY MONTH where Luna gets an infusion of Amazon wishlist goodies from a mysterious "friend" who is never mentioned by name.

Definitely not Daddy Slater.

lol look at the bathtub feet, wonky eyes, streaky background coloring, and uneven tile geometry.

she's just so fucking cringeworthy bad at art and lacks the self awareness to improve.

she's drawn this same bathroom tens of times, never changing or improving it, just substituting one motivational cliche phrase for another.

same potted plants, same vines, same face style (outlined nose, bottom lashes, eyes with one big pupil), same pill bottles and xans, same hairy legs and saggy breasts, same wonky, un-anotomical hands holding a cig.

luna does not, and never will have, the divine spark of inspiration. she is not an artist.

No. 584136

well it could be one of her online scammies that got her that…she has a ton. ik bc i was one of them unfortunately

No. 584137

According to Zillow, a 600sqft apartment in that building is 1800/mo. Even if it's a few hundred lower, would an older woman with a history of opiate addiction and a current benzo habit be able to afford that on her own?
The SAD pills and udders do look more three-dimensional. Maybe she's laying off on the crack.

No. 584143

>luna does not, and never will have, the divine spark of inspiration. she is not an artist.
imo she did have potential. Drawing is one of those things where natural aptitude is important for becoming even remotely 'good' and shows in amateurs. The problem is that she stopped developing once she got hooked on drugs. She may never have been able to master the craft, but if she was getting training or making an effort to improve then it probably would have shown. Whether she would have been creative enough to break out of this derivative style is questionable, tho.

No. 584161

I so want her to be forced to get a “living situation” and within a month she will see what the majority of the human population deals with on a daily basis - bills. She is lucky as fuck that she gets to live under a roof, in a freakin bed and obviously eats for free.
Every first of the month a ~friend is pulling through and buying her things. More like her father gives her a monthly allowance that she squanders on junk. Tuna is gross.
And what is up with all the wks? Her “art” is always the same, she always has artist block because scribbles are not art.

No. 584175


That's for SSDI. You must apply for SSDI and be denied before applying for SSI. As the other anon stated, applying for and being approved for SSI requires a detailed history of diagnoses and attempting all available treatments with little or no improvement.

Most applicants are denied at least once and must appeal which can also be denied, and there are two stages of denials and appeals. Often applicants must hire an attorney who collect their fee from the applicant's back pay. In many locales people whose income qualifies for benefits qualify for free assistance from a government SSDI/SSI case worker. The entire process usually takes at least a year.

Where I live having a pending SSI case entitles applicants to cash general assistance (which is reimbursed to the county from back pay) and food stamps.


And the disability must significantly impair daily functions as well.

Drug and alcohol dependency and addiction are not considered disabling conditions, but physical and mental conditions resulting from dependency and addiction can be qualifying disabilities.

tl;dr Luna wouldn't qualify.

No. 584177

File: 1538536823075.jpg (840.81 KB, 2048x2048, F07_BC952_B892_426_F_9_F54_3_C…)

Nicked from KF.

She's getting into the Halloween spirit! Lurch, of course, is always spooky.

No. 584180

What is this pose trying to convey?

No. 584182

Looks like a hand out for receiving from her doting benefactors

No. 584185

File: 1538538835306.png (668.94 KB, 625x468, enhanced-16296-1446574409-1.pn…)

i think its from daria?

No. 584193

She's already living in a terrible situation. She's sharing her space with three people in a cramped, filthy, smoke-filled 1bdrm apartment that is probably crawling with roaches (even the good ones that are regularly sprayed in the NYC get them) with nothing to do but buy cheap shit on amazon and doodle. She needs to be on the streets, though. She's adapted to living in filth and seems perfectly comfortable. There's no way she's going to improve herself unless she spends some time out on the streets.

No. 584197

What this anon said >>584182

Also the pose is like the basic ones that little kids draw.

No. 584200

three people anon? i thought she was only mooching off her mom with lurch, who is the third?

No. 584206

Her art is so much less offensive when it's not colored in. Why doesn't she ever try to sell just the linework?

No. 584258

My bad, I meant two.

No. 584296

They've been there so long that her mom's room is starting to look like their old bedroom at Roger's place.

No. 584314

She needs to be on the streets because she's a nasty bitch who deserves it. There's no way she's going to improve herself, period.

No. 584353

while i don't like her art and while her coloring is poorly done, I still think that what makes her art somewhat enjoyable to the eye are the colours.

No. 584357

same. luna could excel at being a colorist if she put in the effort

No. 584361

what? this shit again? the way she colors is worse than most middle schoolers and many children. if she can excel at being a colorist literally anyone could

No. 584367

nta but it's not about how well it's done regarding technique but more about the color she uses and how she uses them

No. 584395

Can we please not start this shit again. It's a brand new week and we haven't fallen back into the same ol' routine…yet.

Yep. She's never going to wake up and get better until she's out on the streets with no one left to enable her by giving her shelter and food.

No. 584398

but thatll never happen bc she'll just run back to her rich daddy

No. 584410

No, she really couldn't.

Even if it did, I simply can't see her breaking out of this. She chooses this, all of it. Actively chooses it. If she has to do it harder, her begging will just increase proportionately, as we have seen before.

No. 584530

her art looks like a toddler colored it in a coloring book. at least before she adds color it's not sloppy as hell

No. 584950

I’m curious what Luna’s mom looks like, I’ve never seen a single photo

No. 584956

Wow has this bitch really been living with her mom for 6 months already?
So much for "just a few weeks" and "temporary".
Luna, 6 months is a LONG time to "couch-surf" someone's house. You've 100% moved in by now and have no plans to leave.

No. 584979

I did the basic search of Luna and can’t figure out if her mom is [redacted] or not because I still don’t quite understand whether her mom has her dad’s last name or not so that may be a different female relative(read the rules)

No. 584984

Pics definitely exist in previous threads, specifically a picture of Luna as a newborn in the hospital of her and her mom, and a recent picture from when Luna took acid last year or two years ago in November I think? And her mom brushed her hair out and “kept her safe” while she was “tripping extremely hard”.

No. 585001

i swear i also remember seeing a picture she posted where both her mom and lurch are lounging on like a couch and a chair and they both look pretty rough.

No. 585013


>5b Do not share names, pictures, or social media of people unrelated to the drama being discussed, for example family members, friends, or coworkers.

Not only are you attempting to break this rule, but you posted the name of someone who may not be her mother.

No. 585014

I know there is definitely a photo of Luna and her Mum from like a year or two ago, It’ll be threads ago though but I’m curious to see it again. From memory her Mum just looked like a normal mum.

Actually I wanna find it and pair it to the photo of her dad I wonder where she gets her features from

No. 585016

No. 585027

File: 1538722487749.png (823.73 KB, 750x1334, 1512186662036.png)

No. 585028

File: 1538723032535.png (97.78 KB, 636x694, 1497568731886.png)

newborn pic in case anybody wondered what she looked like young. >>397278

The picture of her laying on a couch is like last thread, or the thread before. You can't see her face and it's clear she didnt want to be photographed, but it was her birthday so Luna had to make it about herself and take photos for instagram.

No. 585034

The same abusive mother who has given her bed up for Tuna and her pedo corpse and letting them stay with her rent and bill free? Such a terrible parent!

No. 585065

blogpost but I had a nightmare this night that everything around me was so grimey and disgusting and cluttery and it is directly related to me reading this whole Luna thread last night

No. 585066

i mean she also brought Lurch into the house and let him date her minor daughter.
I'm not defending Luna but her mother deff isnt a good parent.

No. 585069

that happened to me once too years ago after a reading marathon of that skeletal girl Ashley. i had nightmares about her

No. 585072

It’s so sad that this cute little girl turned into the Luna we know now. Damn.

No. 585079

She was actively an addict then (Matthew was her dealer), and is in recovery now (maybe… I think it would be really hard to be in recovery with Luna and Matthew around). So yeah, she wasn't a great parent. I also suspect that is why she took Luna in, because she was trying to make up a bit for that. But a literal moron could have seen how this was going to fall out in terms of Luna and Matthew never moving out (she definitely should have seen it when they were literally evicted from their old place because they couldn't be assed to get jobs to stay where they were, even though they loved it so, uwu). She def needs to work on making better decisions.

No. 585081

File: 1538742657516.png (234.51 KB, 720x1094, Screenshot_2018-10-05-14-27-32…)

I applaud her ability to post about something so offbrand of her sadbby image as baseball.
I would feel like I'm ruining the instagram aesthetic by it lol

No. 585089

It sounds like Lurch ghostwrote this.

No. 585093

im sure she only got into baseball because of Lurch anyway

No. 585097


Yeah, that’s the general consensus. They didn’t have any shared interests besides drugs and the commercial end of 90s grunge so Tuna feigns adoration of baseball out of fear that Junji Ito will one day be sober enough to realise that they have nothing in common.

No. 585337

Um, isn't this technically CP? Might want to delete.

No. 585338


i do not like this

No. 585363

what was it?

No. 585366

Photo of teenage tuna playing the guitar with her udders out

No. 585384

File: 1538821215913.jpg (21.23 KB, 300x360, 09.jpg)

can we please make this an official lolcow term when referring to a cows chest?

No. 585387

It pretty much already is, anon.

No. 585410

Can we get a censored version?

No. 585432

File: 1538844068995.png (153.76 KB, 500x389, IMG_2044.PNG)


After I read that I decided randomly to google junji ito cause he was my one of favorite manaka back in the day and look what fucking comes up like 10 or 11 in images

No. 585437

Was this the pic seriously referred to as CP? Jfc.

No. 585444

Well, yeah, it shows one (part) of her underaged nips so…

Are you not an adult or something?

No. 585445


I actually talked to Peter shortly after he and Luna split and he was talking about wanting her back and loving her, but Luna was already on Lurch's necrotic dick. If Luna still had real feelings for him and wasn't just fetishizing the melodrama and sadness in her life she could've gotten back together with him.

No. 585464

Can you guys stop posting the picture? It doesn't matter if you think it's ~not cp~, it can still get the site owners in trouble. It's not even a new picture or milky in the slightest, so it's just creeps posting underage nudity.

No. 585501

File: 1538858678677.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.03 MB, 1125x1758, E1A2BE8E-83B9-44A5-AD2E-705CD8…)

Quick someone bleach my eyes. Lurch is too creepy

No. 585522

File: 1538863286384.png (520 KB, 827x596, 6.png)


The full pic.

According to the KF Friday pic dump, she didn't post any art for sale this week.

No. 585527

Thanks for posting this for the 20th time. Very milky.

No. 585553

I'm still amazed he's lived this long, especially with all that nasty shit that happened to his leg.

No. 585573

That was so disturbing, Tuna’s posts about it were legit barf-inducing. They’re such a disgusting pair. Regardless of how questionable her mother’s parenting is, she shouldn’t have to put up with having two diseased looking unhygienic freeloading festering pieces of shit and their two mangey cats stinking up her apartment while she is forced to sleep on the couch and gets dragged by her daughter on social media for being ~so abusive~

No. 585592

Does she just redraw over her other shit? I swear she has done this dumb pose 20 times.

No. 586573

File: 1539082674813.jpg (951.74 KB, 1080x1800, 20181009_125641.jpg)

Tunagram dump incoming

No. 586574

File: 1539082706932.jpg (392.33 KB, 1080x1298, 20181009_125520.jpg)

No. 586575

File: 1539082719566.jpg (331.75 KB, 1080x1405, 20181009_125539.jpg)

No. 586576

File: 1539082738404.jpg (535.71 KB, 1080x1417, 20181009_125554.jpg)

No. 586577

File: 1539082766804.jpg (754.52 KB, 1080x1478, 20181009_125616.jpg)

No. 586582

oh she's still alive, bummer

No. 586585


I figured out >>584177.

It's the sad girl junkie arm pose.

Looks like she got her mom to brush her hair for the second time this year. And she repays her by leaving their junkie sweated clothing strewn all over her bathroom.


No. 586646

Something must be happening behind the scenes - Luna can't help but post all day, every day but the past week or so she's been really inactive. What's she doing with her time if she's not taking endless selfies or doodling?she has literally nothing else to do but post on insta/tumblr. If she was doing lots of art she'd be posting it, so it can't be that she's just busy with ~commissions~ or anything.

I wonder if her Mom is forcing her to do something (therapy, rehab, SSI application, etc.) or she's just found a facebook group to post in that we've not found.

No. 586662

She seemed to stop posting after anon cowtipped. Could just be that.

No. 586770

File: 1539128545299.jpeg (274.23 KB, 750x1186, E0CD913B-FB59-4341-995A-D157B8…)

Tuna posted at least a dozen pictures on Instagram today. She apparently went outside, probably stole some copic markers, saw a nice cat, and is now home and very upset for some reason.

No. 586771

File: 1539128565078.jpeg (222.53 KB, 750x1200, 1DC1D6BC-F4F6-4F33-8FE0-B6277F…)

No. 586772

File: 1539128580755.jpeg (241.46 KB, 750x1196, AE367458-E112-466C-9944-16A16B…)

No. 586773

File: 1539128610483.jpeg (296.26 KB, 750x1104, ADEB053A-F3C8-4B67-B0C1-ADE20A…)

Sorry about the horrible crop on these.

No. 586774

File: 1539128625706.jpeg (302.99 KB, 750x1097, D41B2490-6C90-4427-A518-2E8B15…)

No. 586777

File: 1539128702718.jpeg (240.93 KB, 750x1083, D0E580E1-7183-4484-BA03-E40B13…)

No. 586778

File: 1539128720920.jpeg (396.56 KB, 750x1098, 99C12BD5-DD7C-45A1-889E-EFDFBA…)

No. 586784

File: 1539129219501.jpeg (386.76 KB, 750x1124, 5D00BF2D-664C-47AA-8DF6-593459…)

No. 586786

File: 1539129398044.jpeg (287.79 KB, 750x1194, E2D1E814-7187-4FF0-B72E-1A93D0…)

No. 586787

File: 1539129447439.jpeg (296.21 KB, 750x1129, AF1407A7-0D65-45D1-9BBB-337142…)

No. 586789

File: 1539129804357.jpeg (593.43 KB, 739x923, 8A93FE39-E30F-4979-83EE-883DDB…)

The track marks dear god

No. 586801

File: 1539131130430.jpeg (330.51 KB, 750x1098, 97ABED3A-3DA0-4C5D-A3D0-A11CAB…)

No. 586802

File: 1539131168789.jpeg (407.34 KB, 750x1072, DB212563-2FDF-4F2F-9B72-92FAF2…)

Not sure why she’s so devastated suddenly after going outside for the first time in weeks.

No. 586803

File: 1539131181543.jpeg (354.25 KB, 750x1108, DC923606-C321-48E1-8ED0-509AC9…)

No. 586804

File: 1539131288789.jpeg (236.17 KB, 750x1099, 87BE55C8-75C6-4475-A5C4-0B3D4E…)

omg anon how could you leave out the caption it’s the worst part

No. 586806

File: 1539131355813.jpeg (207.53 KB, 750x992, 51F29537-3C19-4524-9273-79BCF6…)

No. 586807

File: 1539131388969.jpeg (159.44 KB, 750x1110, 83181CF4-150D-431F-BC3A-40CBAE…)

Does anyone else see the text bubble in her screenshot? What does it say?

No. 586808

Oh man I didn’t notice it when I capped it! I was too busy with the marks and the weird titty stain on that dress

No. 586809

to me it looks like
>this is fucking everything up

No. 586810

“This is fucking everything up”

No. 586815

There’s trackmarks all over her hand, jeez.

No. 586816


It deadass looks like a literal vampire is hiding behind her to grab her torso

No. 586818

why doesnt she cover it all up with full coverage foundation before taking these pics? it’s like she wants to show off how ~addicted~ she is

if she has anxiety why the fuck is she taking short-lasting xanax and not something like ativan or klonopin or valium idk, all I know is xanax is most helpful for panic attacks and not long-lasting general anxiety.

Tbh her anxiety is probably just benzo withdrawal. i can see her taking a full 2mg all like “guys im not abusing benzos theyre just really good for muh anxiety!!1”

No. 586825

File: 1539134595362.png (68.9 KB, 430x280, sure-jan-35296341.png)



No. 586833

>today was terrible… by the way, gimme money

I don't know why I thought that was Lurch's hand grabbing her but the truth is still equally gross looking.

No. 586836

Also notice the
>Deliver to Elizabeth-New Rochelle
She's getting her shit shipped to her moms house using her moms name. And/or using her credit card?

No. 586837

this seems weird.. Luna going for a walk by herself… is it possible that her boyfriend dumped her?

No. 586839

Would of had a million suicidal selfies by now if that was the case

Tbh I think she would actually seriously consider it if they did break up she’s way to codependent

No. 586842

She's making herself far too obvious. "I'm so sad! Having the worst time!" and then starts begging for items.

No. 586870

But you're carrying them around the garden section at Walmart. Walmart didn't gift them to you, Luna.

No. 586932

idk why but her eyes are freak me the fuck out in this picture

No. 586965

Man I'm tinfoilng so hard right now lol. Seeing as she literally tattood the word "hell" on her body last time she thought she could lose Lurch, it's not that.

But Lurch does have to go out and do shit during the day, (pick up his methadone etc) Luna never goes with him because she's lazy and I think his friends (if he still has any) find her weird tbh. If I was a nearly 40 year old junkie, I wouldn't want Luna there either. She's liability having overdosed twice in a year, and given her BPD I imagine she's a terrible friend.

Last time she pulled the "I'm outside by myself so mysterious" shit, she was going to the doctor for antibiotics, for her gross abscess. If she's not admitting why she's outside, it's because it's embarrassing or it doesn't glamorize heroin use. She's fine admitting when she's stood outside an EBT office, so it's not like she has dignity, it's just whatever she's doing doesn't fit her aesthetic.

Tbh I don't even know if the "lone walk" thing is part of her ebegging, it reminds me of toddlers being proud of doing something unassisted. "Look I did something mommy!" Bitch is regressing even further lmao.

No. 587005

right like you just take xanax when you need it right? not every single day. she's obvs addicted to it at this point too

classic depression walk to fill time

No. 587023

Seems she got some tips from a shoplifting Tumblr. She is literally in the Walmart garden section, she stole these. Lmao. At least take a picture at home, she just exposed herself. (Doesn't matter as she already admitted to stealing a plushie.)

No. 587025

Any legitimate doctor (at least in the USA) would not prescribe xanax for a period longer than a month TOPS unless they were giving out like 5 a month for attacks. For long term use they give you ativan/kpins and even then they dish them out like bread at Auschwitz.

No. 587041

Mild tinfoil but I think its giving her a little too much credit to say she is ripping off C-Love. She is in the age group where she would have seen the Sprouse twins a lot on TV growing up, they were in a film called "The Heart Is Decietful Above All Things" where the female lead played by Asia Argento was a "Dreamy Psycho Druggie Grunge Girl" inspired by CLove. It was practically required viewing for anybody in that age group who wanted indie/edgy cred. It is more likely that is who she is trying to rip off with her look, given that she didn't really get into 90's music until Lurch.

So essentially it's a Russian nesting doll of her copying a character who copied C-Love who copied Nancy Spungen

No. 587042

I'm the same age as her and we talked a LOT up until she started doing heroin and i dont remember her mentioning anything about that movie or the sprouse twins lol… she wasnt really into disney iirc

No. 587077

File: 1539195118988.jpeg (73.91 KB, 750x421, 2772064A-0CD8-4AF5-99A0-CAEA3F…)

apparently items from thrift stores don’t have brands—cuz luna is 2poor to afford an expensive Brand item of clothing :’(

No. 587086

look at the tag on the dress, you ass

No. 587187

Some thrift stores remove all tags in clothes. Not sure why.

No. 587193

Are you a newfriend? Luna literally compared herself to CLove, spams her photos, loves Cobain and the like.

No. 587220


The tags in overstock items from manufacturers or stores could be cut or removed to prevent returns.

Or the previous owner could have removed the tag.

No. 587284

who would want that grimy mu mu anyway? was it that dirty when luna bought it geez

No. 587319

File: 1539226472166.jpeg (1.37 MB, 1242x1812, ACC4C575-FBF7-4BA6-AFED-B5DD07…)

No. 587322

File: 1539226711791.png (573.36 KB, 575x613, blackout.png)

No. 587324

File: 1539226794380.jpg (53.22 KB, 500x375, tumblr_pgerk0jzaj1w1d39p_500.j…)

No. 587332

"at least i can keep my anxiety managed for five days" she says as she seemingly takes four at once..

No. 587400

Sometimes you've just gotta wash your filthy clothes.

No. 587616

JESUS her hands. Not to blog post but I've spent some time around heroin addicts and the only time
I've seen so many hand trackmarks like that was on homeless 40yr old men who were too mentally ill or too stupid to take advantage of a needle exchange. I cannot believe she's got so many fresh tracks on that hand, Christ alive. She's retarded even when it comes to being a junkie.

Get some clean needles, take a hot shower, and do some jumping jacks like a normal junkie if you can't hit a vein. Don't jab the same dull needle into your hand repeatedly, Luna. The junk will rot your veins eventually, but you can stave off some damage by not being completely retarded with your injection method.

Fuck's sake, and she pretends to be all about harm reduction.

No. 587660

just wait till she starts to shoot in her neck
you know it's coming

No. 587661

lol I don't think anybody ever taught her how to inject properly. Lurch was injecting her in the crook of her elbow until she turned like 20 or something, the first few years of heroin she didn't inject herself. Then for some reason when she hit like 20 or 21, her hands became DESTROYED and she OD'd. I have no idea how you can be on heroin for like 5 years and still not know how to take it properly.

She talks about harm reduction, but she uses the same needles and cotton swabs multiple times, shares saliva with Hep C sufferers, injects into her fucking HANDS when even Lurch isn't that far gone. >>560009 - we don't usually get pictures of Lurch's hands, but im pretty sure he doesn't have any visible trackmarks in that pic, despite Luna having one on her hand in the same picture. There's a scrape on his knuckle, but people don't inject into their knuckles right?

Bitch is 22, there's absolutely no reason for her to be injecting into her hands. Usually addicts like to hide they're addicts from normal people, but Luna has specifically chosen the most visible injection point (that isn't her uwu heavily made up angel doll face). If her half-dead, rotten-legged boyfriend doesn't inject into his hands, why the fuck is she?

No. 587662

doubleposting but I just wondered something - which hand is her eye tattoo on? Half of her photos must be flipped because her eye tattoo and tooth tattoo seem to switch sides quite a lot.
It's not important, I just wondered if the track marks would be the FIRST thing a job interviewer would see after shaking her hand lol. Her "I totally applied for jobs" lie from like a month ago has still been triggering me

No. 587680

Fuck you Luna, make your own $20 if you think that's so ~cheap~. Wash your clothes, you have plenty of things to wear anyway. You don't need more.

No. 587702

This just shows how she is a spoiled rich girl who has never really had to work in her life

20 dollars is almost 3 times the national min wage

No. 587746

File: 1539307146187.jpeg (1.79 MB, 1242x1829, 3457C070-0719-4808-8438-3F7388…)

is she trying to suggest her dad is dead?? lmao bitch you posted a picture with him like a month and a half ago at most.

No. 587816

File: 1539319833579.png (1.24 MB, 750x1334, FB135032-43B2-4E96-A2AF-F6242F…)

she signs her name luna schumaker like a goddamn 13 year old doodling in her notebook the name of her school crush. theyre not even married shes fucking psychotic. would say lord have mercy on her soul, but after seeing all the shit on here, Fuck That and Fuck Her

No. 587829

Nah u forget that Luna's REAL dad is Roger. U know the old man they leeched off of and promptly stole all his shit after he died.

No. 587842


change your profile pic, anon

No. 587895


Are you REALLY trying, Luna? You could have changed something in the six months you've been living rent and responsibility free, with all the free time in the world that would make any working adult jealous.

Have you honestly been trying? What have you tried? Have you done any hard work? Or are you just getting older, more saggy, and less braincells?

Luna is a spineless fat slug with no convictions and no ability to work hard.

Also, kek at the identical four fingered hands.

No. 587897

Is Lurch still claiming he can't marry her because he's got no ID?

No. 587920

Yep. An ID doesn't even cost that much.

No. 587941

No no her "real dad"(before roger) was some homeless guy who disappeared and died

No. 587950

Oh I meant like father figure but honestly could be that too.

No. 588010

File: 1539380582589.png (121.98 KB, 1080x624, 20181012_174311.png)


No. 588046

When he got booked for heroin dealing last year it became apparent he has ID and Luna changed her story to "we'll get married when we have the cash" iirc.

No. 588055

File: 1539389062452.png (710.86 KB, 851x598, 15.5.png)

Weekly pic dump from KF.

She posted several more pics of plants and teddy bears on her outing which I won't repost.

No. 588056

File: 1539389105144.png (812.84 KB, 869x598, 25.png)

No. 588057

File: 1539389143002.png (740.79 KB, 850x597, 26.1.png)

No. 588058

File: 1539389185993.png (685.72 KB, 852x596, 26.2.png)

No. 588059

File: 1539389228804.png (750.31 KB, 929x463, 27.png)

No. 588061

File: 1539389302479.png (716.72 KB, 934x452, 30.png)

No. 588062

File: 1539389363687.png (650.98 KB, 936x525, 32.png)

No. 588063

File: 1539389405039.png (706.12 KB, 817x596, 33.png)

No. 588064

File: 1539389460939.png (736.79 KB, 908x442, 28.png)

No. 588065

File: 1539389516315.png (634.98 KB, 938x451, 31.png)

No. 588066

File: 1539389559404.png (671.31 KB, 816x597, 34.png)

No. 588067

File: 1539389611571.png (609.77 KB, 815x598, 35.png)

No. 588068

File: 1539389651594.png (704.95 KB, 820x594, 36.png)

No. 588069


The entitlement on this bitch, fucking hell. And I will never stop being triggered by the copic abuse. THIS IS WHY YOU CAN’T HAVE NICE THINGS, LOONY.

No. 588080

File: 1539392804760.png (69.34 KB, 646x216, Untitled.png)

>free CBD oil
so… stole it off her mother or her father?

can't get library card but can get amazon deliveries… I know what she means with the proof of address stuff (a utility bill etc.) but still, priorities. Hell, the book is cheaper on amazon than the "cheap" $20 dress she was begging for. It's so cheap, cheap, cheap!!!

No. 588108

maybe im being a nitpicky asshole but i have never had to give a proof of address to get a library card before…usually you just put ur addy on the form but idk

No. 588127

tbh i think she just stole it from the library

No. 588130

Tuna would never return the books so it's smart for the librarians to not give her any without a proof of address.

No. 588136

>I don’t rly have an address

ffs you live with your mother you stupid cunt, enough with the ~homeless uwu~ shit, no one is buying your manipulative entitlement

No. 588143

> i have never had to give a proof of address to get a library card before
You weren't covered in blood stains and track marks though, wouldn't surprise me if they were being especially difficult because they don't want junkie hobos in their library lmao.

No. 588144

File: 1539408780668.jpg (569.29 KB, 1080x1325, 20181013_073123.jpg)

Oh Tuna, you disgusting pig, you need to wash your dirty ass shirt before.

No. 588192

It depends on the library- a couple of my family members are librarians and it varies. And they usually try to bend over backwards to give people who are homeless (or "homeless" like Tuna) access to the library anyway.
Buuuut the librarian in this case probably saw those trackmarked hands and nope'd the fuck out lmao.

No. 588199

Especially since we saw she has no qualms about sing it for Amazon shit.

No. 588202

Exactly. Her inability to be consistent with her ~sad girl~ narrative is astounding. It’s not like she’s using her brain for anything else, she’s either too lazy to fabricate plausible lies or her brain is so fried from all the drugs she is incapable of keeping up with them

No. 588213

Locked out of her phone? What does that mean? Did she not out and keep her fingers on the unlock screen?

No. 588221

Libraryfag here. I’m not sure where she lives at the moment, but the Mamaroneck library does require proof of address. It can be any piece of mail with name & address though, not just a utility bill. Plus some form of photo ID. I’m finding it hard to believe Luna hasn’t had a single piece of mail delivered to her mom’s.

Can’t speak for Mamaroneck (or wherever she is), but my library still gives cards to homeless people, even if they look like grimy junkies. It just expires sooner than regular cards, so they’d have to come in and get a new one and either confirm they’re still homeless, or give their new address. If Luna is ~so homeless~ then she could just tell them.

No. 588222

lol I hadn't even noticed that anon, I wonder if her iPhone has been iCloud locked by her Dad due to her putting purchases thru on it or something - mega tinfoil but hear me out.

How many times do you have to put in the wrong unlock passcode to get it locked for A MONTH? That seems kinda unlikely to me lol, whenever I've heard someone talk about being "locked out of an iphone" it's because someone's iCloud locked it due to theft. Also looking at Apple Customer Support, you can backup and recover devices that are disabled due to the passcode lock, and she mentions that she can't back her phone up.

No. 588238

Somebody as "poor" and "cheap" as her should know almost every graphic novel/comic book/etc ever is up on the internet for free somewhere

No. 588245

File: 1539446788321.jpeg (299.85 KB, 1242x1168, 4AB35F0D-6FDF-413D-B41C-9044CA…)

You forgot the comments anon, where she openly says she doesn’t have a dryer so she definitely doesn’t wash her clothes.

No. 588269


>injecting into her hands

Fat people who do IV drugs often have to do that, their fat makes arm and leg veins hard to reach. That's why she uses her hands, or whatever arm veins she used to use are blown already. Not sure what I think she feels about her track marked hands, it seems that she wised up about bragging online since her early days. Tracks on the hands are ugly and not ~aesthetic pale angel bruises~ and I think she knows she won't get hired looking like that. Which is what she wants so it works out for her.

No. 588270

Samefag but I had two fat friends who shot in their hands after like a year this is kinda irrelevant to anything though.

Luna needs to do something milky besides taking 4 bars at once. Judging from the velvet pants photo she was high as batshit. She sounds happy, positive and productive lately so that means money for dope. Must be dad's allowance or the payments from art.

No. 588283

i would like to ask all those ppl paying 70+ dollars for computer paper what's it like to be booboo the fool?

No. 588293

that tinfoil sounds right to me. fuck I'd love to see her dad get sick of her shit and cut her off.

Or it's just Lurch doing his thing. She sells fuck all art, and I don't think her dad is stupid enough to give her an allowance as such.

No. 588301

Where does she get all this religious imagery? She can't afford to buy books or magazines and she mentioned the library so is she just tearing pages out of art books?

No. 588303

probably ripped them from the pages of books at the library. maybe she got caught doing it and that could explain why she can't go back to the library

No. 588307

>I need a library card to check out this book but I can't get one

>Hey guys look at me reading this book at home in my bed!

Did she steal the damn book?

No. 588311

to be fair, you can get like 10+ catholic postcards for 50 cents at flea markets where i live. Idk how the situation is in america

No. 588313

Maybe it's a regional thing? In New York I think you have to, every library I've ever joined has required it.

No. 588318

She talks about stealing from shops at the train station, she probably swipes magazines

No. 588320

Lmao, she probably did get caught ripping pages out of books/flat out stealing books. Librarians aren't stupid. They most likely had someone keeping an eye on her because she walked in, high off her ass and looking sketchy as fuck, and they saw her stuffing shit in her purse. She's already known at her CVS for stealing.

No. 588368


Her mom's flat is in New Rochelle.


The pieces she just mailed were sold as far back as August.

No. 588369

File: 1539479989598.png (725.36 KB, 859x596, 24.1.png)


These are the pages she posted in addition to >>587816.

No. 588370

File: 1539480022620.png (711.67 KB, 861x594, 24.3.png)

No. 588371

File: 1539480074893.png (722.09 KB, 864x596, 24.4.png)

No. 588372

File: 1539480114375.png (683.34 KB, 859x598, 24.5.png)

No. 588373

File: 1539480146926.png (597.06 KB, 864x596, 24.6.png)

No. 588374

File: 1539480178200.png (660.74 KB, 864x594, 24.7.png)

No. 588492

Not trying to defend Tuna, she def doesn't wash her shit, but everyone doesn't have a drier to go with their washing machine anon. Or is that a thing in America to always have both?

No. 588494

in the states it's pretty requisite… either you have a washer/dryer or you dont and you go the laundromat which obv has both… blogpost but that was a big culture shock for me, how do europeans dry their clothes in winter? i just hung them on my radiator

No. 588507

File: 1539515725110.jpg (1007.11 KB, 1080x1889, 20181014_131507.jpg)

No. 588508

File: 1539515737915.jpg (100.46 KB, 267x495, 20181014_131525.jpg)

No. 588509

File: 1539515767264.jpg (527.25 KB, 1080x1777, 20181014_131303.jpg)

No. 588510

File: 1539515808094.jpg (814.2 KB, 1080x1825, 20181014_131249.jpg)

Muh evil dad uwu

No. 588518

She deleted her tumblr again.


No. 588520

I got distracted by her birds nest hair that I didn't see Lurch in the background shoving food in his mouth.

>cheap buffer in the bronx

Isn't the Bronx where he goes to score?

No. 588522


I work with collage and pardon the word, it's cheap. I usually can get old magazines in thrift stores for about 50 cents. Also, considering she goes to cemeteries to get stuff, it's also possible those are stuff people put in graves.

I don't think she's necessarely stealing books. She could be, but it's not expensive and out of her financial reach to get this kinda of stuff.

No. 588545

She could just go to the laundromat that she passes by and most likely steals clothes from.

No. 588547

She steals everything she can even if it is within her price range, anon.

No. 588549

but she posted about wanting a library card to get the book and then magically hours later she had it anyway. so obviously she just took it.

also kek at the farmer recommending her a Junji Ito comic in the comments of >>588063

No. 588568

The library website says that if someone can't bring an utility bill and ID with residence they could pay $75 annual fee. That's how I understood it. https://nrpl.org/how-do-i/ Anyways I'm betting on her stealing the book. She says she wants to get the other one too. This is the lowest of the low. I do hope she ends returning them tho, wishful thinking :/

No. 588571

No. 588575

yeah that's absolutely no excuse for her to not wash her clothes. loads of europeans don't have driers and we have drying racks/airers and radiators. she lives in filthy clothes because she doesn't have a drier? that's the dumbest excuse i've ever heard

No. 588581

yep she could absolutely wash her clothes if she wanted too but that would go against her ~*junkie trash angel*~ aesthetic

No. 588584

Hasn't she posted about taking religious art books from her dad's place? I think that's where she gets them too.

No. 588590

File: 1539551080789.png (12.23 MB, 3087x3087, 996639C6-64DB-4C91-AFD7-306F7F…)

Her newest post… all I see is the lady from the grudge.

No. 588626

File: 1539564235672.jpeg (679.13 KB, 750x1147, 2D60C15F-DD65-4329-BD36-D7024D…)

For all the farmers wondering why she’s still a fat bitch in spite of her habit, this is why. Great to see her spending the shekelz she’s scammed on good wholesome sustenance.

No. 588627

File: 1539564476485.jpeg (661.1 KB, 750x1141, 89F04AF6-10E7-4168-9FDB-6AE419…)

How much do you want to bet that she ransacked the fuck out of this grave?

No. 588630

File: 1539565589076.jpg (495.18 KB, 1080x1610, Screenshot_20181015-120735_Ins…)

lmao I wonder if that's where this thing came from.

No. 588632

So she's got no income, Lurch has no income, and yet they've gone out to a buffet and to get icecreams instead of helping her mom pay for groceries.

No. 588634

That's definitely mold and dirt on it so it's entirely possible it came from a grave where it was exposed to the elements. She must think that since they're dead no one will care if she just takes whatever she wants.

No. 588636

She posted pics of several (what are presumably kids’) graves so I think it’s highly probably that whatever that Hello Kitty monstrosity is came from one of them. Of all the awful shit Tuna does the grave looting is one of her most despicable hobbies

No. 588640

Not having ever been to a buffet myself (they aren’t a thing in my country), is it possible that they stuffed themselves and did a runner or do places like that make you pay beforehand? She’s obviously the sort of person to do that, plus I’d hazard a guess that a cheap, tacky buffet is the only eating establishment besides McDonald’s that wouldn’t turn away a pair of filth encrusted junkies who look like vagrants

No. 588652

>home is where the cat is
>has 2 cats at her mom's house
>still homeless.

No. 588664

That pic isn't one tuna actually took, it was a reblog from someone else.

No. 588666

buffets in the US like that are usually like $12/person and they're shitty and have cafeteria tier food. common for lower class people to go there.

No. 588670

you gotta pay beforehand, im guessing shes with daddy this weekend

No. 588720

This is one of the (many) things that boggles my mind about her. If she's such a supposedly ~~~spiritual~~~ person who's into crystals, Tarot, etc., she ought to know that it's really bad mojo to go around stealing shit off graves.
Strong in the cognitive dissonance young Tunafish is.

No. 588725

It's a radio alarm clock

No. 588745

I can only imagine she finds some way to justify it to herself. She seems to vaguely have thoughts that she’s a bad person but to her it’s not because of her morally repulsive actions, it’s just ~her BPD~. I think despite being a spoiled rich girl she identifies with being poor and suffering so she probably thinks whatever entity she believes in would forgive her because she’s so poor and needs these angel statues uwu!

Does anybody know if she was raised Catholic? I wonder if her fondness for that imagery actually comes from anything in her life or just for the aesthetic.

No. 588746


Something Tuna is up to right now is she's been paying a lot of attention to some of her more 'spiritual' followers and has started posting more in the same vein. It's far from an original concept but she's not even creative enough to one up with her own photo ideas

No. 588754

Completely agree anon

No. 588755

File: 1539614153809.png (101.54 KB, 589x561, JP0PEBt.png)

No. 588756

File: 1539614182041.png (464.44 KB, 899x599, VIxXCMK.png)

No. 588757

File: 1539614194014.jpg (111.48 KB, 500x666, tumblr_pgmff5JnuH1w1d39p_500.j…)

No. 588758

File: 1539614217027.png (622.98 KB, 1150x602, kDqMS2q.png)

No. 588761

i don't understand her obsession with religious iconography? and then she does tarot readings lol

No. 588774

People would pay you to keep your clothes on, not for taking them off, Tuna.

No. 588777

yeah, it's almost as if people could have different interests…

No. 588788

at least she’s coming clean, i guess.
before it was “i need money for food,” “i need money for rent im homeless,” “i need money for hospital bills.” now she’s just straightup selling nudes for … ugly amazon clothes. aren’t you “homeless”? shouldn’t you have other priorities besides tacky amazon shit? she’s so dumb

No. 588790


if you're going to plaster religious, particularly christian, iconography all over your room/belongings, you should be aware that tarot and anything related to the occult is sacrilege

No. 588794

Chill, she's not Christian. She enjoys the aesthetic.
You don't have to be Christian to have Christian shit around your house (though I suppose to the believers it might be a blasphemy). A lot of people enjoy the kitschy look. It's also popular with sad baby girls because of how feminine, vintage and soft plenty of christian shit looks. Not to mention all the angels which are just attractive visually and as a symbol.
People like Luna usually like christian shit in a subversive way which is not related to following the religion.

Sorry if I am not explaining it in the best way.

No. 588818


it just proves how intellectually dishonest she is then. she might as well have stars of david too if you're going by that logic.

No. 588836

File: 1539638357324.jpg (689.81 KB, 1080x1565, Screenshot_20181016-081812_Ins…)

she already deleted this post, after someone called out her dry af lips I guess?

No. 588840

Christian aesthetic has long been commodified, even with Christians in mind (that's how we ended up with plastic rosaries and laughably bad Virgin Mary figures). Nothing wrong with enjoying the artistry and the kitsch as long as someone is not pretending to be a believer.
Judaism is entirely another matter with nazi death camps. Besides, star of David does not have quite the universal reach of angels or Jesus who are cultural icons that everyone has connection to. Even atheist artists often take inspiration from christianity because it's the religion people gro up with. You can't deny that parts of Bible are iconic and relatable.

Those are my five cents, but I am a non-religious person so it's hard for me to be offended about appropriation of christianity, especially since it's a huge part of culture I grew up in.

No. 588860

Santeria…Hoodoo…and other African or Mexican-American folk religions that heavily incorporates Catholicism. Luna doing this isn't THAT much of a stretch, anon.

No. 588894

>intellectually dishonest
kek, please. as if any of that shit means anything to begin with, it's just aesthetics.

No. 588896

File: 1539652042408.jpg (85.98 KB, 856x811, Capture1.JPG)

Luna has been posting her poetry on her blog and I do not have the time to cap it all but the Oppenheimer/Bhagavaghita allusion killed me and had to share


No. 588897

I. preteen girls going through puberty

are the ones who are still accepted to

shoplift makeup from drugstores but

the preteen in me still loves the thrill

i’m just a piece of shit.

II. i always thought if i fell in true, true, love

that gaping emptiness in my chest that leaves a hole in my heart

would finally mend itself and i’d be hole again but

even the strongest love in the universe i still feel

something… missing… something is empty.

III. the funniest thing about my parents

are that they’re deadbeats who convinced themselves they’re saints

half the scars on my body were burned there

with a cigarette while listening to my dads voice through the phone

maybe i’m just weak, but his words are like daggers

i thought i finally escaped the hell that was living with my mother, my mother who has no respires to improve, whose highlight of the month is her xanax prescription being ready

my mother who lives to nod out on the couch with the TV blasting, my mother who has no reason to live

but here i am, i’ve lost my home and i’m trapped with this useless capsule of an

empty human being again

she’s already dead, she’s just a breathing,

bloated, corpse.

IV. when i have anything, i promise i won’t share a cent with you

don’t worry

you’ll die alone.

V. i will be a fucking goddess and you will be

buried beneath a nameless stone in potters field

next to the love of your life, who spent his last decade of life picking up cans in a shopping cart

here lies whoever, nobody cared enough to check

i’ll spit on your grave, i promise

even if i sob while i do it.

VI. i count the years that go by with every inch my hair has grown

from a black bob to blonde angel hair nearing my waist

the weight keeps falling off, i can finally see a hint of cheekbones

no matter how my looks seem to improve, i’m

still an empty shell of a human being


VII. therapy is a joke

psychiatry is a fraud

life isn’t even fucking real anymore

i’ve already lost all i had

what else is left?

VIII. the emptiness never ends

this life is null and void

i would’ve given up anything in this godforsaken universe

for you to still be breathing

my true dad.

IV. you were my father.

X. my only true father.

No. 588898


I. emptiness is just a feeling that no longer leaves

my heart is loved, but that

hopelessness chains itself between my ribs

theft isn’t a talent

i truly thought having real long blonde hair would change my life

or being below 160lbs would make my life better

but some of the most beautiful people were still found

no pulse, noose around their neck, needle in their arm, no pulse


i don’t think i’m that far off from that.

II. too poor for treatment, too weird for recovery

no matter how many beautiful dresses you wear

your skin is still filthy a few inches beneath

all i wanna do is hide forever.

III. i used to think if my eyeliner wings were thick enough i’d look tough enough

that men wouldn’t say words that sicken me anymore

or maybe i’d think i’d look cool or something

but before the day ends i just cry it off like always

gray smudges cover my freckles, gray smudges reveal my vulnerability

IV. i’m much too sensitive for this world, a wilted flower

i always prayed my pulse would die out before 30

i’ve been compared to delicate flowers but i’m

not a flower, i’m shattered glass

if you get too close, i’ll hurt you

i hurt people even after i break to pieces.

No. 588899


I. i’ll always do anything for you and

when my life ends only your name should be

mentioned , the first one to teach my what love is

or that love can really be forever

fairytales are bullshit but you’re as good as it gets for me

darling, we are forever

II. the mother i used to protect

will always pick pills over her own daughter

i’ve tried to forgive, but it’s been too many times now

love has blinded me that way

my empathy always blinds me to maliciousness

my eyes burn from crying and mascara stains my face

anything i take, she deserved

she deserves to have her life stolen

shes the nasty liar my father warned me about

not that my father does much better

III. i could melt into a puddle

and only one human would be there trying to make my liquidized body into

petals again

i can’t wait until we can escape new york

together, always

my mother, the destroyer of worlds, relationships

yet some part of me still feels love for her? why?

she deserves to be alone with her television as always

IV. i’ll never be the same again

no matter how many time they force me into the psych ward

no matter how many veins collapse

the innocence has long been lost, memories of being driven to the methadone clinic at age 6 with my mother

this isn’t the life i wanted

my smiling face has been swallowed

i’d have to take 60mg of xanax to forget as much as i want to

i’ll never grow the angel wings i so desire

V. i wanted to be cute, to be a cherub

but i’m just a mess

i want to sparkle, to fly, i want to be glamorous

i wasn’t the type to never want to work, i’m used to always having a job

but here i am, just so goddamn empty.

VI. one day you’ll see me, draped in white lace and silk, platinum blonde hair

as long as the eye can see

white feathered wings, blue eyes like a victorian doll

i’ll show them the angel, the intelligent girl, the artist, the poet, that i am

i’m more than nobody

VII. and without you, i’m nobody

and i’m just fine with that

i’m used to being nobody but

love is real love is real love is real love is REAL

VIII. surrounded by religious even tho i don’t believe

the intake lady trying to get me into the psych hospital cos i wanted to die and needed to detox tried to covert me

i listener like i cared but i didn’t

i don’t feel alive anymore

cuts cover my thighs, wrists, upper arms, but i skipped my tattoos cos some part of me still cares

i’m hidden

a hiding place in my own confused head

i feel like i’m in limbo ever since you died

even with blonde hair, floral lace panties, pink velvet skirts, lace socks and sparkling eyes

i still feel like i’m the demon, baby

IX. (it’s inside where i hurt)

evil hides, good shows itself, but is one really so superior to the other?

good and evil are cousins anyways

they think i’m trying to hurt them on purpose but i’m just hurting myself

don’t take it so personally.

X. you are the last and final good in my life.

No. 588901

fucking. leave then

No. 588902

>my mother who has no respires to improve, whose highlight of the month is her xanax prescription being ready


No. 588903

File: 1539652991220.jpg (103.21 KB, 1200x1200, 030438.jpg)

Someone suggested she use some ChapStick another person suggested she drink water

No. 588904

File: 1539653439639.jpg (16.07 KB, 412x309, Capture.JPG)

At least she admits she's a piece of shit.

No. 588906

Wow yeah fucking projecting much??

No. 588929

File: 1539657331462.png (32.62 KB, 444x522, SI74hjf.png)

oh luna

No. 588930

File: 1539657349719.jpg (134.85 KB, 1241x1241, 4f89wy5wc9k11.jpg)

No. 588931

How the fuck do lips even get this dry? Holy shit, for someone who spends their entire life fixating on her appearance and seeking validation on it she really has no self awareness when it comes to her looks. The crusty lips, the proliferation of hair on her face to rival my grandfather, the inability to blend foundation or apply eyeliner (as another anon said a few posts back, she should never attempt a wing because not only does she not have the requisite ability, the shape of her eyes make her look like she has fucking Down syndrome).

>inb4 someone tries to claim that the drugs have impaired her judgement

Bullshit. I mean, obviously they have done in myriad ways (exhibit a: ditching her friends and college to squander her inheritance and shack up with Nosferatu) but there are plenty of addicts who still manage to present as functioning members of society. Fix your shit, Loony.

No. 588933

File: 1539657904690.gif (234.32 KB, 210x131, 32BD439E-C5A6-43E6-AEE2-09FDAB…)

I don’t know what’s worse, her copic abuse art or this hilariously awful “poetry”.

No. 588977

I actually don't think her poetry is that bad. Some verses are bad but some of it is good really.
It's better than her art.

No. 588984


she got into an "elite writing program"?????? im losing my absolute shit over her poetry right now. its like she takes textposts from tumblr and splices them with lists of aesthetics and fake diary entries that are just exposition of her life

No. 588985

Liked a few pictures of her cats, not even her art, and got this message. I’m weak and can’t be mean so I sent a polite response back, lmao I’m scared she’ll start spamming me with messages like she’s done with others

No. 588986

File: 1539666927343.jpeg (74.73 KB, 1091x262, B54E1986-504D-48DD-A376-919BB8…)

Ugh sorry refreshed the page and the photo didn’t attach

No. 589038

Pratt isnt elite at all lmfao NY artschoolfriend here Pratt is the lowest tier art school in the state other than maybe SUNY Purchase, they have a selective visual arts program but everybody i know who applied to their writing program got in and the only people I know who went were the ones who couldnt get in anywhere else. They are a private school, they take pretty anybod that will cut them a check

No. 589065

Longtime lurker of lolcow but first time poster so if I did this wrong sorry-But I know some people were spectulating if Lurch still sold drugs,and if Tuna's word is anything to go by he apparently isn't.I asked myself on IG because it is something I have to do myself to make money for this habit.She said that the fentynal crisis in NY makes it too risky.Going to guess after his arrest he decided it is better to stay low.I have a new tablet so once I figure out screenshotting will post.

No. 589066

How dare she have the nerve to talk about working. It is true that there are no GOOD jobs, especially for somebody like her, but everybody i know (WITH a degree) is working shitty min wage retail/food serivce/warehouse jobs. Nobody in our generation has a good job they are happy with but the rest of us bite the shit sandwitch and go to crappy jobs for exploitativly low paychecks why does she think she is too good to stock shelves

No. 589067

I hope she overdoses on those fuckng xans, assholes like her are why people who actually NEED medication are denied and treated like junkies(calm down)

No. 589070

I regret thinking she was worth giving a brick about. She's despicable, I'm sorry I blogposted before about how she could turn her life around.

No. 589073

Those arent even poems they are winey blog posts with awkward line breaks

No. 589079

File: 1539702244465.png (479.79 KB, 805x542, Screen Shot 2018-10-16 at 11.0…)

Her nails look so infected.

No. 589090

It's so bizarre how she's writing poetry about her mom being depressed and having a substance abuse problem when Luna literally will not shut the fuck up about how she's depressed and loves xanax. Will she ever become self aware?

Also, most 23 (?) year olds don't feel the need to bitch about their parents because they have jobs and don't have to live with them or rely on them for money. She's so spoiled it's unbelievable. These "poems" made me realize she's actually too selfish and careless to fix her life

No. 589098

Plenty of people in their 20s live with their family but in most cases it is because they went to school and have student debt to pay off before they get buried in interest. But they live like adults and clean up after themselves and are damn greatful for the safty net.

She has done literally nothing with her life for half a decade. It is almost impressive.

No. 589099

Ew… how filthy can one pair of pajamapants be. You're disgusting, Luna

No. 589204

File: 1539730914610.jpeg (23.9 KB, 635x135, CEA46689-A4D6-4CA4-9585-EC3653…)

but your style is already copying animal crossing

No. 589235

File: 1539740818694.gif (403.35 KB, 650x650, 06850.gif)

Oh my god. It's that really awful how to draw manga book series that there are a bunch of memes of.

No wonder her art sucks.

No. 589245

i can't believe i actually fucking recognized this homestuck gif

No. 589247

File: 1539742116688.jpeg (37.19 KB, 323x456, 356A964D-7C3F-46EA-8C2D-08181A…)

Oh good, we can look forward to more anatomically incorrect monstrosities hawked at a grossly inflated price. Whoever is responsible for this “how to draw manga” example clearly had Tuna in mind with those Downsy eyes.

No. 589255

Which bits do you think are good, and why? And most importantly, how do you get anything 'good' out of that mess?

>if Tuna's word is anything to go by
LMAO good one anon

No. 589302

File: 1539755373090.png (44.25 KB, 845x377, 4sYQMN9.png)

No. 589303

File: 1539755454145.png (33.38 KB, 553x485, KhkyoEP.png)

full poem:
no matter how many candles i light the wicks break off

smother my face in lavender cloves so i can play pretend, like i’m in a lovely garden

find everything wrong with me every time i catch myself in the mirror

my body wasn’t made to be small

on anyone else, it’s beautiful, but on me, i want to disappear

i didn’t mean to run the scissors over my legs again, after over a year of avoiding it

but the blood looked so beautiful

i surround myself with crystals and stones, lavender and rose quartz, malachite and jade

i convince myself these rocks really mean something

i convince myself these candles protect me

friends and family seem to think i’m trying to hurt them but

i’m just trying to hurt me

i don’t know how to fill the void

music, art, poetry, i feel like a fraud

i’m nobody on one night and i’m the world on another

i feel so alone

it feels like i’m glued to this bed but only i can escape

nobody else can help me

i save me.

No. 589304

File: 1539755501235.jpg (82.93 KB, 500x625, tumblr_pgpwq3VYBj1w1d39p_500.j…)

>the self hatred tonight is real

No. 589305


The writing is definitely not poetic, but really revealing into Lunas mindset. And how vain she is to the core.

>i wasn’t the type to never want to work, i’m used to always having a job

Laughable. Projection. Just because you write it doesnt make it true. When has she EVER had a job? When has she ever had a job that lasted more than like ninety days?

>one day you’ll see me, draped in white lace and silk, platinum blonde hair as long as the eye can see. white feathered wings, blue eyes like a victorian doll. Ill show them the angel, the intelligent girl, the artist, the poet, that i am

It's funny how her motivation doesn't come from within, or a feeling of creativity, it comes from wanting to be perceived by others and acknowledged for the contrived aesthetic she desperately clings to. She's thought in her mind "I AM This", or "I want this" without ever making any effort to become something real or change her lazy habits.

Like someone will ever look at her and think she's an artistic angel, beautiful Victorian cherub instead of a lazy, awkward, lumbering oaf ADULT with no job or education.

What an embarrassing, deluded fantasy to write out on the internet.

She mentioned her "long blonde hair" like five times, as if the flaccid, fried, bleached hair is anything to be proud of. Literally everyone grows hair, Luna, it doesn't make you special. It's not even her real hair color.

She has nothing real to take pride in so she relishes on the fact that she has blue eyes and c a grow hair, like those are accomplishments instead of human genetics.

Speaking of genetics, the apple doesn't far fall from the tree. She complains about her lazy mom but comically fails to take a critical look at her low achieving self, who has had 6 months (at least) living rent, job, and responsibility free.

In that time, a better person than Lazy Luna could have made a work of art, started a business, got a job and saved to travel, learned a new language or hobby, made some friends. But what did Luna do?

Fucking online shopped, played DS, and took Instagram selfies.

You think your mom wastes time on TV? You literally do the same thing loafing around on the internet and squandering opportunities.

Courtney love had music in her heart, and she had the bravery to be an artist and do something with her life. Success requires effort.

Lazy Lunas definition of success is other people perceiving her as the image that she's made of herself in her head.

Except that will never actualize because any adult doesn't care about aesthetics and will see her for what she truly is. A low achieving, lazy, unmotivated, lump of bleach.

No. 589308

>It's funny how her motivation doesn't come from within, or a feeling of creativity, it comes from wanting to be perceived by others and acknowledged for the contrived aesthetic she desperately clings to

This to the power of infinity. You can see it in how little effort she puts into her work, almost as though she is being forced to do it like schoolwork, so she does the bare minimum required to get a passing grade. She doesn’t take pride in it. She barely even pretends she takes pride in it. Her entire attitude is incongruous with with genuine creativity and artistic intent. She clings to it for dear life because her ~uwu sadgirl bbygrl tortured artiste aesthetic~ is the only thing in her life she attributes any value to besides her toxic codependent relationship (which is just an extension of that aesthetic anyway).

No. 589318


>lavender cloves


>I save me.

I'm out.


>But what did Luna do?

You forgot the drugs, anon.

No. 589343

What irked me was her writing about her mom choosing pills over her daughter. Bitch, she took you in at the risk of her own housing.

She talks about her mom nodding off on the couch, as if we don't see pics on the daily of Luna doing the same damn thing under her mother's roof. Bitch, she was in recovery until you and your Juni Ito sidekick showed up on her doorstep. She's responsible for her own choices, but having two active junkies living with you (at least one of whom is literally stealing her medications) was a huge mistake on her part and made her life and recovery so much harder than it had to be. Luna has no empathy, appreciation, gratitude or self-awareness at all.

No. 589370

Those are not the same though. The Luna one is a translated japanese book which features competent, if outdated art from the 90's. It does not have anatomy advice though, just advice on how to draw archetypical female characters.
I know you wanna tear Luna a new one but it's annoying to see you talk shit when you are wrong.

No. 589372

stop being so autistic. any of those old how to draw manga books are shitty and don't teach anything.

No. 589375

I know people have been saying this for the last like 3 threads but jesus Christ she's REALLY starting to get manface. Why is her nose getting so fat and Lurch-esque?

No. 589385

What I find weird is she plasters renaissance art all over her shit but none of her references are old-timey books on anatomy or the human form. I did a quick look up on Amazon and there are "Renaissance art for beginners" books for sale… If religious art is her weakness, why is she learning from Learn to Draw Manga weeb books? She doesn't watch anime, and before her trip to the library last week I don't remember her mentioning manga.

> It does not have anatomy advice though, just advice on how to draw archetypical female characters.
those books still sound like they'd teach you incorrect techniques and not help you in understanding basic concepts, so they'd be worse than other methods of learning to draw.They're probably okay to use as a reference amongst other media, but learning how to draw from them is how you end up with all the weird big-eyed weeb artwork on DeviantART.

Maybe Luna has no understanding of anatomy and perspective because she's learnt all her skills from shitty "LEARN TO DRAW QUICK" books. I think the only real book she has there is "Drawing People: How to Portray the Clothed Figure" - looking at it on amazon it seems to give actual contextual advice on how to draw clothing, rather than step-by-step "draw along" templates that teach you how draw "pretty gals" in the author's style - https://www.amazon.com/How-Draw-Manga-21-Bishoujo/dp/4766111486/

No. 589453

File: 1539804700337.gif (341.47 KB, 275x168, 1539336836355.gif)

>Courtney love had music in her heart, and she had the bravery to be an artist and do something with her life.

No. 589467

i get how you might find it weird, but i know it's not uncommon to have a certain taste in art, especially the kind you'd keep around your house, and the art you make. i wouldn't put my art up around my house and i can't execute the kind of art i WOULD keep around my house

but also i doubt tuna takes art or aesthetics /that/ seriously, at least not like that

No. 589471

File: 1539809605202.png (52.01 KB, 500x397, michael-jacksons-this-aint-it-…)

i love courtney love's music but GIRL

No. 589472

her artwork is littered with candles, cherubs, and halos though. Good examples here >>588064 & the Cherubs feature in most of her artwork that isn't "girl awkwardly sticks arm out while looking sad." I get your point, but it seems like it has a heavier influence on her art style than manga of all things.

No. 589473

fair enough… but those things appear as thematic elements as opposed to stylistic ones, like stickers around these bizarre protagonists she makes

No. 589507

i bet she'll be begging for the renaissance book in a few days, she probably didn't even think to look it up on amazon

No. 589524

File: 1539824070921.jpeg (125.42 KB, 750x1034, 02C8A7F1-FB0E-4C7D-A5A8-7AD438…)

caption is “second half of my most recent poem on heavenlykitten1996.tumblr@com if ur interested in my poetry still”

No. 589525

File: 1539824293671.png (233.01 KB, 750x1334, 69C911D0-CDAF-4538-AF13-613FB4…)

luna’s new poem pt 1

No. 589526

File: 1539824319676.png (248.68 KB, 750x1334, 491C0DBA-4969-4AF7-8B4C-3480DD…)

pt 2

No. 589527

File: 1539824337145.png (229.63 KB, 750x1334, 1703DCD9-4E8B-4C4A-9A3C-927053…)

No. 589528

File: 1539824476161.png (241.21 KB, 750x1334, B6168124-BC2B-4C99-9FD2-99A91C…)

pt 3

No. 589529

>i have blonde hair

Only because you dye it, jfc

>do any of those things define a person at all?

>probably not

Then why the fuck are you constantly using them to define yourself when it’s not even relevant to the narrative?

No. 589530

>i bang my head against the wall as hard as i can

Well that explains a lot

No. 589535

File: 1539826759085.jpeg (74.1 KB, 1126x243, 0FDB3F51-A9FE-4E04-9126-E5BE22…)


No. 589536

>I yell at the people I love often
>my moods are so uncontrollable

Here I thought her dad and mom were abusive but it was Tuna the whole time. What a surprise.

No. 589537

She read that damn 'homeless anon' on this thread, lol.

No. 589551


>i could apply chapstick for hours

evidently NOT

No. 589555

File: 1539831922078.jpeg (121.02 KB, 800x617, D98F320C-A047-40CF-99AC-93B7C5…)

No. 589556

just looking at those nails gives me pink eye

No. 589568

This is exactly how she pictures herself, kek

>white silk and lace

No. 589569

>It's funny how her motivation doesn't come from within, or a feeling of creativity, it comes from wanting to be perceived by others and acknowledged for the contrived aesthetic she desperately clings to. She's thought in her mind "I AM This", or "I want this" without ever making any effort to become something real or change her lazy habits.
Therein is the folly of Luna. There's nothing to her beyond her "aesthetic". That's ultimately all she is. There's a chance that she could have done something with herself because she has some sort of natural aptitude for the arts (please don't kill me), but there isn't enough going on in her brain to do anything with it. Yet she fancies herself creative and would never develop her skill to do things that don't require much creativity, like medical drawings or still life.
This is like the description of a tumblr Mary Sue

No. 589574

Sorry to samefag, but for those who are wondering, the I, II, II, III…IX etc. she uses in some of her poems are most commonly used to clearly distinguish sections of a poem, most famously used in beat poetry by Ginsburg and Pound. It's INCREDIBLY pretentious to use them for mundane, self-focused stream-of-consciousness poems, let alone small ones that don't have 'chapters' that need to be distinguished. There's absolutely no artistic reason why she would need to use this convention. There's a nearly 100% chance that she's copying the conventions of popular beat poems without understanding why she wouldn't need to use those conventions to write stream-of-consciousness about how shitty her mom is or whatever.

No. 589584

She obviously thinks that using this format solidifies her credibility as a ~true artiste~ who takes her craft very seriously. Bitch, you are not the female incarnation of Burroughs. Trying to emulate that style is fucking stupid. It was stupid back then (for the most part) and it’s stupid now.

No. 589590

Nah, she'll just steal it.

that's fine with me, because I'm right. lol. 'semi-homeless' isn't a thing. Being 'in crisis' is, which is what I presume she was thinking of, but that only applied after Roger died and before the locks got changed.

she didn't say on who. Maybe the cats have super moist lips now.

I don't know about aptitude, but I do feel like there is a big question mark about what she could have been before this mess. I hate the bitch with a passion but I can see that she used to have at least a little depth once upon a time. I can't imagine it would have translated into anything other than 'small, dedicated following on Etsy' or something, though.

No. 589596

File: 1539842450242.jpeg (717.04 KB, 1242x1209, 081C70D5-7EF3-469F-898D-F92175…)

No. 589597

File: 1539842462705.jpeg (311.42 KB, 1241x1564, 6E8F82C9-4E59-4B5E-9E5B-8F7AD2…)

No. 589599

File: 1539843647715.png (668.33 KB, 754x930, Wym0rWo.png)

No. 589600

File: 1539843678825.png (637.85 KB, 784x646, e7bu5mc.png)

No. 589622

And Luna's poor mom can't have anyone from the building in to fix it because then they'll find out about Tuna and the Chief.
(But yes, dear, please tell us more about how your mom's inconveniencing YOU. Fucking hell.)

No. 589623

Literally would be homeless if her mother wasn't keeping her there in secret, risking her own well being for them, and this bitch is complaining? Luna, you and lurch should be under a overpass right now.

No. 589626

Isn't that all speculation though? All she's said is that her mother was going to let her stay there for a month or so.
For all we know, that was just her mother attempting to set some boundaries.

No. 589628

She is the result of highschools telling their artsy kids that they can do art as a career right away with no backup or real income. She thinks shes so special that her art shod support her while the rest of us try to cram it in between shitty dayjobs because some public school teacher who watched too much "dead poets society" inflated her ego

No. 589630

Fucking this. The sheer audacity to complain about having a free fucking roof over her head. How do you go from claiming to be homeless in one breath to complaining about having to sleep in a sweater because the fucking house you are living in SANS RENT has busted heating and your ebil abewsive mother can’t even get it for fear of being evicted on the grounds of breaking her tenancy agreement? You ungrateful cunt, I hope you and Nosferatu get booted out before winter sets in so you can experience the joys of being truly cold and homeless in New York.

No. 589631

wtf are you on about, anon? She has been there for over six months. She isn’t just staying there, she has moved in. The festering hovel she proudly posts endless pictures of is her mother’s room that has now been overtaken with mouldy plushies and secretion-soaked clothes and bedding that haven’t been washed in a decade. The best thing her mother could do at this stage is burn the entire fucking place down because no amount of fumigation will be able to salvage that petri dish of an apartment.

No. 589632

File: 1539856085232.png (6.16 KB, 383x105, P8oIyT7.png)

No. 589633

Us too, Luna. Us too.

No. 589640

File: 1539865648870.png (158.25 KB, 480x816, dbt skills.png)

Even her workbook says she should wash her clothes

No. 589645

watch luna ignore all of these except for "get a manicure" and beg for money for SELF CARE UWU

No. 589664

sorry to offtop but where can I download this?

No. 589670

No. 589674

“can someone buy me these cheap cheap fake nails off amazon pls i dont have a psych or medication i have borderline according to my dbt book this would cure me pls help me out hun”

No. 589679

A lot of mentally ill peole have major problems with hygene and not being able to keep spaces clean. If nobody in her life is compelling her to, she has likely become so clutterblind and used to being dirty that it does not even register. Of all the things to consistantly rip on her about, i feel like her hygene is the least justified, as it is one of the only things that backs up any legitimacy of her claims of the severity of her mental illness

No. 589688

Are you fucking kidding me? It was like 50 degrees last night. What does she need heat for? Damn this bitch is way too comfortable for a junkie.
Sadly it doesn't seem like that's going to happen. Now that she's settled in, she could probably keep this up for years so long as her mother is alive and too far gone on benzos to care about sleeping on the couch.

No. 589694

people get lazy and slobby like that just from being depressed though

No. 589698


>spends the entire summer screeching "CAN'T WAIT 4 FALL and then bitches when it's fall


This. I'm really starting to think that Luna lied about only being able to stay there a month. The lights? The houseplants? The packages? The "decor"? The bitch done moved in, LEGITIMATELY moved in, and is acting like she could be booted at any second for sad girl points and scamming opportunities.

No. 589711

I can't help but notice that fucked up plant, they stretch like that when they're not getting enough light

It's not even that cold lol is there anything she won't complain about omg and yeah I think she's literally just moved in but cus its not HER place she thinks she can count herself homeless or some dumb shit

No. 589728

plenty 23 year olds live with their parents. I know she's american and it might be different there, but in my country, it's more unusual for a 23 yo to live alone than with their family.

> sleeping in a winter hat
Lurch is always wearing a hat, how does that man still have hair ?

I'm not the most hyegenic person ever, I've known people deppressed out of their brains whose appartment smelled like utter filth and who were always sweaty and everything was a mess but Luna is next level. She is horribly disgusting. I have NEVER seen that level of filth in someone outside of some legit homeless people. Her "dirty with make up and fake nails on top" bs reminds me of those Versailles people who would never bathe then splatter lead make up and perfume all over them.

No. 589737

luna is fucking lazy. end of story. depressed or not, a depressed person doesn't enjoy living like this.

No. 589745

Lurch is the damn human form of heroin for her. Ugly, always in a creepy way in the background, she says she loves him even though everyone warns her he's no good to her, she sees him as so cool… What's more to say, really…

No. 589751

…i agree ? idgi, were you disagreeing with me?

No. 589761

oh no sorry! i was agreeing with you.

No. 589762

There are a lot of people like that in general. You don't need a mental illness to be a lazy fuck.

No. 589864

Sorry, I'm guessing my post focussed too much on the one month thing and not enough on the Luna's mother not being allowed to have people staying with her thing.

I'm talking about how everyone says that Luna's mother is going to get in trouble or evicted for Luna being there when there's been no screenshots or mention of that from Tuna. It just seems to be speculation that a large number of posters have accepted as fact.

No. 589879

I feel like there have definitely been times we've seen him hatless, and it was clear that he was balding…I know that definitely has to be part of why it's so long, to look like there's more…but then again that's probably mostly because he doesn't care to cut it or anything…

No. 589901

chapstick dries yr lips DUMMY

No. 589913

File: 1539949205250.png (5.19 KB, 638x123, Untitled.png)

No. 589914

File: 1539949221046.jpg (87.98 KB, 500x666, tumblr_pgteu7svh21w1d39p_500.j…)

No. 589915

File: 1539949241528.jpg (85.5 KB, 500x666, tumblr_pgteu8VFhf1w1d39p_500.j…)

No. 589916

File: 1539949269994.jpg (166.13 KB, 500x673, tumblr_pgtlqqx1Qn1w1d39p_500.j…)

No. 589928

>I'm talking about how everyone says that Luna's mother is going to get in trouble or evicted for Luna being there

Many landlords DO evict you for having people stay over a certain length of time, because it establishes them as legally tenants. This is why their old landlord couldn't tell them to gtfo out immediately after Roger died… he had to go thru the process (and they make it a lot easier for him because they didn't pay their rent). So, while you are correct their is no evidence as such, we know that Luna's mother lives in gov't subsidized housing which is for HER, not for her two deadbeat leeches; and 2) they have stayed WAY over time of what any lease or landlord would consider as visitors (or the law either). Luna's mother has created a huge problem for herself and the landlord (as L&M are legally tenants now), and I guess we'll just have to see how it plays out.

No. 589939

Did she draw her self insert with a badly drawn Kurt Cobain?

No. 589944

If the Kurt Cobain fucker is asleep why is his eye open?

Legit tho this looks like it took more than 5 minutes to colour - the pens aren't bleeding into each other (except the sunset) and it's not streaky as fuck - wonder why this one was so important.

No. 589947

She's starting to look like a cryptid with those beady dead fish eyes, big body and t-rex arms.

No. 589956

Is this the first time she has ever drawn a male figure that isn’t a cherub?? Also, kek not even trying make it look remotely like Nosferatu. On the plus side, she ditched the Animal Crossin