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File: 1659005254214.png (406.51 KB, 495x600, eww.png)

No. 1280311

Last Thread: >>1264035

Ricky Martin might have or might not have groomed his nephew, made him or made him not a twink: >>1264041 >>1264413 >>1264507 >>1267674 >>1268215 >>1268216 >>1268230 >>1268233 >>1268239 >>1268339 >>1268554 >>1268588 >>1270039 >>1270051 >>1271182 >>1271183 >>1271216 >>1272774
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Ellen might become the new flash >>1264135
Lana and her white trash boyfie visiting his future home: >>1264261
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Khloe gets another child (via surrogate) from her unfaithful on-off partner >>1264499 >>1269954
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Trump vs Elon, even a broken clock is right twice a day, they say: >>1264792
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Armie Hammer finally back working: >>1265224
Elon creating Embryos left and right, just for funsies: >>1265225
Lil Uzi goes the enbie way, to avoid responsibility: >>1265370 >>1266745 >>1266836
Jennifer Lopez is no more: >>1266230
Some Nonnies clutched pearls because Julia Fox' toddler saw tits during an art exhibition: >>1267065 >>1267439 >>1275279 >>1275297 >>1275678
Sam Levinson and the Weeknd create new borderline pedo mini series with Lily Rose Depp: >>1267301
Sonar warfare made another white whale victim: >>1267511 >>1267512 >>1267530 >>1267578
Anons don't take it well: >>1267516 >>1267520 >>1267521 >>1267527 >>1267609 >>1267566 >>1267623 >>1268157 >>1270556 >>1271679
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Liev Schreiber and Naomie Watts 13yo offspring caused discussion: >>1268309 >>1268312 >>1268315 >>1268319
Some bs about a three minute airplane flight vs a 40 min car drive, to cause fake uproar so that Kylie stays somewhat relevant: >>1269422
Tony Sirico died, is rumored to save children on set from pedos: >>1269607
Kris Jenner, being a rich c*nt, as per usual (old news): >>1269936
Brad Pitt wearing ugly clothes: >>1270248
Evan Rachel Wood comparing Amber to Weinstein: >>1270747
Alicia Silverstone is clueless how to raise a healthy child instead of a serial killer with mommy complex: >>1271012 >>1271023 >>1271066 >>1271171 >>1271179 >>1271297 has now her own thread: >>1271444
Some painful nostalgia (Mutya Buena): >>1272491 >>1272492 >>1272493 >>1272496
It's Britney, bitch: >>1272679 >>1272835
Julia Fox emulating either a centaur or a satyr:>>1274160 >>1274167
Body dysmorphic wanna be beauty doc discusses face of another body dysmorphic: >>1276719 >>1276720 >>1276721 >>1276725 >>1276769
JoJo Siwa is not a lesbian, she is gay!: >>1277383
Selena Gomez looking strange: >>1277678
Erin Moriarty looking scrawny: >>1277687
Keke Palmer is annoyed getting compared to Zendaya: >>1277796

No. 1280313

Sorry for the every other citation link not working, was my first time, should have just used commas instead of spaces.

No. 1280316


I've never seen a man that looks more like he's made out of dough than this guy in my life

No. 1280331

Thank Elsie for the hide button

No. 1280344

Perfect threadpic, although utterly terrifying

No. 1280390

New thread!! Yes thank you non

No. 1280396

my eyes! spoiler op pic pls

No. 1280479

Completely OT but the Erin Moriarty made me kind of sad because I have similar features to the shit she did in her pretty face (I have a horse face with the deep cheeks).
At the same time I have no idea why would she ruin her face like only to look 5 years old that, I also be my like "mfw I look like that"

No. 1280499

File: 1659023283220.jpeg (380.28 KB, 960x861, 9E5B619A-CD41-499D-A17D-C136C7…)

Has anyone else been getting ads for Ricky Martin videos?

No. 1280508

File: 1659023622987.jpg (108.43 KB, 682x1200, FYvtDLnWAAQZ48H.jpg)

No. 1280525

File: 1659024784047.jpg (37.78 KB, 1100x754, 20220728_181239.jpg)

Marina unfollowed Lana

No. 1280528

File: 1659024916417.jpg (236.69 KB, 1141x1172, 20220728_181523.jpg)

No. 1280531

lana doesn't even have an instagram lol, that account doesn't exist.

No. 1280539

Um she does have a instagram, she just changed her @ to @honeymoon.
Some of you……

No. 1280541

File: 1659025524092.jpg (52.09 KB, 1200x390, 20220728_182546.jpg)

It looks like marina unfollowed everyone so it has nothing to do with lana

No. 1280568

#PrinceOfPegging is trending

No. 1280569

File: 1659026746697.jpg (41.64 KB, 828x434, FYw3akHXkAAyh4A.jpg)

kek somebody on twitter replied with picrel to this story

No. 1280573

Kek. Either it's William or some random ass Royal, no one outside of UK has ever heard of.
I am just surprised that a whole as family has the same sexual preference/kink, but then, they are inbred and basically the same person, genetically.

No. 1280593

No. 1280600


It's William everyone knows it.

No. 1280608

File: 1659028124898.jpg (82.85 KB, 498x754, 5215.jpg)

This is real.

No. 1280624

Oof, her accent is all over the place.

No. 1280641

File: 1659029263032.jpg (43.09 KB, 620x879, MMMakeup.jpg)

She's gorgeous but she's too petite Imo, Marilyn had a fleshier body. Also the makeup doesn't seem acurate, it's missing the little lower eye wing.

No. 1280652

File: 1659029526458.jpeg (80.45 KB, 677x383, 96352784-5E94-4D4D-B012-11B758…)

Nicki Minaj’s house is on a public sex offender registry because of her shitty husband. Don’t care if mods ban for “doxing”, it’s not doxing if it had to be legal public knowledge.

No. 1280655

File: 1659029609801.png (475.19 KB, 893x367, MMANA.png)

Body comparison.

No. 1280663

>prefers her husband getting his sexual needs fulfilled elsewhere
Kek, might as well call him a nuisance already. Everytime I hear anything about the british royal family, I think that my country getting rid of our own monarchy through a military coup might have been a blessing in disguise.

No. 1280664

she’s a supposed multimillionaire but chooses to have a baby with a rapist who still wears toddler clothes

No. 1280669

She looks fine, great actually. She doesn't need to be a 1:1 body double to play a convincing Marilyn.

No. 1280676

File: 1659030092474.png (242.8 KB, 820x854, FYovqTJUUAECs-S.png)

Silly, but going viral, Kate Bush interview

No. 1280684

This movie might be good and I'll probably watch it, Im not sure how much Ana resembles Marilyn though.

No. 1280722

File: 1659032144421.jpg (243.02 KB, 1169x1448, FYh-owYVEAEwJ1c.jpg)

She is getting backlash for this. How dare she post an unflattering normal photo, she should look like a sex object at all times.

No. 1280729

i agree that she doesn't need to look like a sex symbol all the time but sometimes i feel like shes fishing for those 'DOjA IS SOO RELATEABLE!!1' buzzfeed articles

No. 1280730

I hate when old shit randomly becomes trendy 40 years later. Like come on. Who the fuck in the last 30 years has spoken about kate bush? Is this 1986?

No. 1280733

She's been big on tumblr for the last like 3 years.

No. 1280734

Nice nitpick. No1curr if the actress has a nicer body than marilyn. It's marilyn, she's supposed to be hot.

No. 1280735

My point exactly.

No. 1280739

The lsafags are always up kissing her ass and bringing their worship here in the celebricows thread. She’s cringe, her music is boring, she doesn’t care about anything not even her own music career so I also don’t care. It’s just another attempt at relatability that celebrities do with us peasants, nothing but an empty facade to fill her cold empty black soul.

No. 1280741

File: 1659033079080.jpg (139.38 KB, 755x744, doja.jpg)

shit like "i miss classy celebs", "we pretend we do not see", "Plz put back on the makeup shorty"

No. 1280745

Everyone who likes good music. She is an icon.

No. 1280746

Marilyn has a nicer body thought.

No. 1280747

the hate boners some nonnies have for doja cat is hilarious

No. 1280752

It's not a normal photo, she's purposely trying to look bad. She's done this multiple times before to be quirky and relatable.

No. 1280753

this deserves to be on the mount rushmore of retarded takes

No. 1280755

It’s okey to post a picture of your natural face of course but the angle? It’s on purpose and ppl are talking about it i guess she got what she wanted

No. 1280759

I don't think that anon is saying Ana de Armas has a nicer body or that she's not as hot as Marilyn nonna. I think you may have read it wrong, Ana is just skinnier and not as curvy as Marilyn (especially with the shapewear from the 50s/60s).

No. 1280777

File: 1659034408468.jpeg (271.2 KB, 1534x2048, FYrsYsrWQAAIYJZ.jpeg)

I'm so excited! I love the vintage style posters that they released

No. 1280798

I like Ana but I feel like her face is a bit too full and cutesy to resemble Marilyn perfectly. Not that it’s a glaring issue, just not who I imagined would ever transform into Marilyn Monroe.

No. 1280844

Her head is shaped funny

No. 1280854

Looks good. The anons slamming her here are being weird and reek of jealousy.

No. 1280858

Me, asshole.

No. 1280860

I wasn’t excited for this, but this poster is actually really sweet. Maybe I’ll have to see what comes out.

No. 1280861

No she looks like a gamine and Marilyn was a romantic

No. 1280865

Me. Running up the hill and babashooka are timeless. Placebo cover of running up the hill is also good.

No. 1280868

No one cares fashion sperg. The poster looks good. I like vibe. Go infight on YouTube fashion shorts or something, otherwise we can have other opinions.

No. 1280869

No one even slammed her

No. 1280892

wow she has tiny boobs that are somehow also ugly. was it really too hard to put some padding in the dress of the woman playing marilyn monroe

No. 1280893

samefag; she also looks nothing alike and makes the film look lifetime-tier cheap

No. 1280896

why are people mad? it's funny

No. 1280897

it's true though. they look nothing alike in any way.

No. 1280904

she looks pretty but the accent is awful. i skimmed the youtube comments and nobody seems to be commenting on it, i dont get it? it was the first thing i noticed.

No. 1280910

Some of the posts in here remind me of the time a poster claimed that their gay male friend posts frequently in the celebricows threads without being clocked. Somehow, I don't think it's just one faggot in here kek

No. 1280915

Marilyn is a over-hyped sex-worker.
If she existed today then she would be one of those Instagram thots.

No. 1280920

have you ever watched any of her movies? she was actually a very good actress and she had great comedic timing. i feel that aspect of her is not talked about nearly enough

No. 1280922

I kind of hate how Hollywood is really just profiting off of her legacy and keep exploiting her even after her death. the film is also based off a book of her life fictionalized and it includes her getting violently sexually assaulted. Ig they really can’t let that women rest

No. 1280937

Welcome back Marilyn-chan

No. 1280950

I always heard she was a terrible actress, that not true?

No. 1280953

Nah. Not all of her movies are great, but she's good in them. Some Like It Hot is a classic.

No. 1280966

look, right on schedule:

No. 1280967

she is a terrible actress, her whole fame comes from her being provocative, scandals and attention seeking.

No. 1280968

most gay men worship women like her you dumbass.

No. 1280976

Oh yes, the attention seeking nature of being constantly exploited by men.

No. 1280991

poor exploited sex worker

No. 1281005

don’t listen to marliynchan, nonnie. watch ‘don’t bother to knock’ or the misfits. shes fantastic in both of those

No. 1281006

Agree, The Misfits was a great film.

No. 1281008

The part was written for her and based on her. She's a mediocre actress.

No. 1281012

Yes, sex workers are exploited that's the whole thing, exploiting women

No. 1281014

Poor baby had no agency.

No. 1281018

She wasn't a sexworker (sex appeal and sexwork aren't the same) but even if she was you're still being retarded

No. 1281019

She was a proud whore. Stop victimizing her.

No. 1281021

>If she existed today then she would be one of those Instagram thots.
What's even the point of saying this? Yes, if people from the past were born a few decades later they would be different people and have different lives. So what?

No. 1281023

i don’t understand why you’re so angry about her? okay so she slept with a lot of men, so what?

No. 1281035

She didn't change the @, she switched to her second account. @lanadelrey does not currently exist. Some of you…

No. 1281077

Who were you talking about?

No. 1281078

Not someone super famous but I just saw Jo Koy and he's a fucking alcoholic mess. They trotted him out on stage as a special guest during a comedy show I was at and he was so wasted he couldn't even complete the bits. I guess that's the real reason why Chelsea Handler dumped him.

No. 1281083

how can you tell she has ugly boobs just from that photo? kek she's not even topless

No. 1281085

Get the stick out of your ass anon no one is tripping just stating their opinion. You’re the one that’s infighting.

No. 1281102

Marilyn Monroe, shortly before she died, wrote in her notebook on the set of Let's Make Love: “What am I afraid of? Why am I so afraid? Do I think I can’t act? I know I can act but I am afraid. I am afraid and I should not be and I must not be. ”
The actress is the only female culturally empowered to act. When she acts well, that is, when she convinces the male controllers of images and wealth that she is reducible to current sexual fashion, available to the male on his own terms, she is paid and honored. Her acting must be imitative, not creative; rigidly conforming, not self-generated and self-renewing. The actress is the puppet of flesh, blood, and paint who acts as if she is the female acting. Monroe, the consummate sexual doll, is empowered to act but afraid to act, perhaps because no amount of acting, however inspired, can convince the actor herself that her ideal female life is not a dreadful form of dying.

–Andrea Dworkin, Right Wing Women

Marilyn deserves pity. She lived a wretched life, was sexually abused in childhood and as a grown woman, and lived with extreme mental illness. As far as I'm concerned, men and their depravity murdered her. I get upset when I see other women calling her a whore when she lived a life that was so lonely and wretched. She's a tragedy.

No. 1281114

Marilynchan is definitely just a bored troll or genuine sperg. What's the point of barking "WHORE WHORE WHORE" every time her name is brought up? Literally what's the point, at least make some good arguments.

No. 1281123

Sage for slight off topic but I don't understand why people only judge biopics by how accurate the casting is. Shouldn't it be about the performance? I'm suspending my disbelief enough to watch a movie, I can ignore an actress having boobs 2 cup sizes too small to be accurate, especially in a movie adapted from a book with shaky accuracy from the jump.

No. 1281157

People don't actually care about how accurate the cast is or else they'd be blasting a shit ton of other movies. It just gives them a chance to body shame so they eat it up

No. 1281190

Kim Kardashian really is the new Marilyn.

No. 1281191

damn i didnt recognize him rip

No. 1281193

this must be bait

No. 1281207

What happened? His face is so pudgy in a weird way.

No. 1281209

He did this to himself.

No. 1281212

Im pretty sure the Marilyn-'chan' is that deranged tranny. Or maybe it's paki-chan sperging about 'whores' as usual

Marilyn's life was not only tragedy and degradation, she owned the first independent studio outside of the studio system which is a large part of the reason Hollyweird turned against her and started spreading ridiculous rumors about her. A lot of people repeat the bullshit myths like her having trillions of abortions that left her unable to conceive when her autopsy showed zero evidence of any abortion. She just couldn't have a baby due to ectopic pregnancy proneness and endometriosis. Marilyn's reproductive system was hell for her. She had gallstones and other extremely painful problems but very few took her health problems seriously because of who she was, they all thought it was in her head. I'd compare her to Britney Spears (who she resembles) before anyone else

No. 1281214

Looks like facial harmonization to me, idk for sure tho

No. 1281215

and the ego of a toddler too. i will never forgive her for prolonging that fad pete davidson fame

No. 1281227

He did tho, he had a perfectly fine face before he ruined it with fillers. At this point everybody knows fillers will most likely leave you looking botched if you go overboard with it. Anyway, the surgeon must be held accountable indeed.

No. 1281301

Damn so we had a scrote in here this evening, huh?

No. 1281303

File: 1659059128921.jpg (1.53 MB, 3020x3972, ariana.jpg)

I'm sorry this isn't milk, but I just saw this picture of Ariana and god her face looks so different. She literally has a million different faces.

No. 1281306

She needs chapstick.

No. 1281313

Oh okay

No. 1281315

This always irks me with female casting in general, especially when an actress is cast to portray a “sexy” character, or a real life sex symbol like Marilyn. There’s always people saying the actress isn’t hot enough/doesn’t have large enough breasts/doesn’t have a big enough butt or something similar. I know Marilyn was known for being sexy and all, but no actress is going to have her exact proportions and face. It’s silly to expect that.

No. 1281323

she actually didn't. she is well documented as not being super into sex, and more in search of personal fulfilment through learning/studying.

No. 1281327

is that picture or a CAD render
i can't tell what she looks like from this airbrushed shit
she was born beautiful though, tf is wrong with her for turning into a shitty austin powers prop? did dan seriously touch all of them

No. 1281328

This looks like great value Marilyn. She doesnt look good.

No. 1281329

this chick's body is not even close though. she has tiny burgermutt tits and a fucked up filler face.

No. 1281335

isn't Marilyn a burger too tho

No. 1281337

I hate it too, anon. And I hate how people perceive her as a dumb bimbo when she was born in an era where women had zero rights. She was out spoken for her time.

No. 1281346

>burgermutt tits
Mental illness

No. 1281353

ikr what the fuck

No. 1281354

>this chick
must be that gay moid anon was talking about

No. 1281381

She's everything Beyonce wishes she could be without Jay z's permission

No. 1281396

Singer of Milkshake song

No. 1281398

a burger outlier. that's why she stood out so much and got famous

No. 1281401

what did she doe? something recently? i can't find anything with google

No. 1281403

it's true though. you guys are all born with terrible boobs. either zero boobs (fine) or tragic boobs (don't cast girls with them as marilyn monroe)

No. 1281406

What exactly is wrong with her boobs besides being a different size? How are they "tragic" kek

No. 1281461

The trannys have been all over these threads lately. I guess they can't see how their constant nitpicking of women's bodies just reek of jealousy and instantly clocks them lmao just because we don't call them out on every single post they seem to think they go unnoticed. Their delusions are just.. chef's kiss

No. 1281466

oh i'm a woman i just don't get how ana de armas was born with such dull boobs. how do you get on tv looking like that

No. 1281473

..that still doesn't explain what's supposedly wrong with her boobs. they look normal.

No. 1281483

Beyoncé is annoying as fuck to me and I don’t listen to anything of hers. I will listen to the first song of the new album just for Tommy Wright, though. I’m interested in the dynamic.

No. 1281499

File: 1659067736664.jpg (3.11 MB, 4569x3509, beyonce 1.jpg)

The album got leaked already, but I'm going to wait since it literally is getting released in a few hours. I want the full experience of listening to the songs and probably getting visuals for the first time. I'm really excited! Even if I don't care for what seems like pandering to the LGBT (specifically the G and T), I'm interested in the house and retro genre this is supposed to have and I think this album will be fun and upbeat.

With that being said, I'm not stoked about the styling for this album kek. I see that she's trying to do something eclectic but I'm not sure about it. Maybe it will grow on me when the music videos are released also why are her titties out in so many of these

No. 1281513

her music is very boring but I had high hopes for ivy park - and none of it has really made any impression? other singers have good lines, like jessica simpson and rihanna. i wonder why bey's falls flat so much.
this pic is great though, agreed

No. 1281514

i am still here and while ugly, still have a vagina, sorry nonita.

No. 1281516

File: 1659068623982.jpg (702.01 KB, 2357x1471, beyonce 2.jpg)

Samefag. Some of these I like a lot and some of them are meh to me. The one with the furry sleeves feels very Beyonce.
Also, I'm an idiot. It doesn't come out in a few hours, it's out now

No. 1281525

These retards cant tell who's who just report anyone saying OH THIS IS X REPORT
Get those faggots banned we dont need them here they enable pedophiles to hide here not even joking why do you think we speak to you in code.

No. 1281544

File: 1659069886103.png (3.22 MB, 1660x1306, Screen Shot 2022-07-28 at 9.43…)

Ooof the back of Cara Delevingne's legs.
There's also a video of her digging through her car and pulling weird facial ticks. Looks a lot like she's tweaking.

No. 1281546

is that some skin condition like excema or some drug thing, looks itchy

No. 1281547

Me, waking up to 101 new comments on the thread, hoping it's new milk. Nevermind, just the usual infighting on Celebricow.

No. 1281548

thank you for the important contribution

No. 1281551

Fr like if she brought milk then yeah go off but otherwise what, you think you're better than the rest of us other anon?

No. 1281581

yea it looks more like a skin condition, she has it on the elbows too, honestly with cara i've always felt that she is just another spazzy autistic woman, just famous…and a little bit of cocaine too i guess

No. 1281607

Second post is the crazy /meta/ troon, just ignore it

No. 1281610

i meant "you people" as in burgerinas, not women. i'm a woman too, but not a le 56% mutt or whatever you're called

No. 1281615

Nta but was that not obvious from "burgermutt" kek

No. 1281616

those aren't tweaker marks, colour is wrong. looks more like some rash or abrasion from fabric allergy to me.
she sometimes has very small cokehead skin-picking marks, but not this big or this many. and again, they're the wrong colour. she's just a very normal cocaine person tbh.

No. 1281621

americans aren't a race kek. maybe i will be sexist since compared to even fat and ugly french women yours are still gross.

No. 1281624

Pft French men aren't actually women.

No. 1281625

NTA but what is it about American boobs and Ana's boobs in particular that gets you so riled up

No. 1281633

haha go back to tumblr. what is mixed? ana is a white burger.
all i meant was her boobs in the netflix still are unmemorable and mediocre. bad shape. and her face is too fake with filler to look good as marilyn monroe.

No. 1281640

calling people 'mutts' kind of gave off a different impression. though wdym with shape

No. 1281650

a mutt is a burger. i'm going to bed now illiterate boardchans.(infighting)

No. 1281665

This is making me lose my shit

No. 1281691

Ana de Armas is cuban and spanish you retarded fuck

No. 1281702

nta but that's white.

No. 1281707

Black Cubans and Spaniards exist, dummy.

No. 1281726

But she's not American, which is what that anon was sperging about.

No. 1281732

File: 1659077689144.jpg (79.46 KB, 1170x1183, RENAISSANCE.jpg)

I'm about halfway through picrel right now, and I honestly I think it's a really good album so far. Is it better than her other albums? No, but it has a lot of dance and self-confidence tracks that are easy to groove to which is exactly what I wanted and expected. There's some more intimate ones sprinkled in too. I know farmers don't have the highest opinion of Beyonce, but I think she usually delivers with the music.

No. 1281737

Is it all stuff similar to the 90s house song one?

No. 1281741

It has similar lyrics. "Move your body, I'm that bitch, having fun with my friends, I'm free" type of stuff. A couple are different lyrically. Most of them are very upbeat. I haven't finished it yet, but if you're looking for something as emotional as her other albums this isn't for that. It's definitely an album for people to dance to.

No. 1281744

Nice. I've been looking for something more upbeat and I actually like that 'release your mind' one on the radio, I'm not into the super meaningful ones just the background dance music ones and would be thrilled for 90s house to return in popularity as a genre. Will have to check it out.

No. 1281820

can we get rid of this tranny/moid

No. 1281899

what in the actual living fuck happened to her and Selena Gomez? I always used to think of them as the "cute babyfaced" singers, especially Selena Gomez, both of them were dolls

No. 1281923

File: 1659101352610.jpg (104.73 KB, 720x970, Screenshot_20220729-092758_Chr…)

No. 1281952

marilyn stans are retarded obese chans or sex-workers. In the same posts calling another actresses boobs ugly but then getting mad when people call marilyn a sex-worker.

No. 1281956

>Marilyn stans
That was just that Blaine guy that has been making really bizarre posts all over /ot/. I wasn’t aware of him until last night but his posts are getting really easy to spot, they’re so fucking weird.

No. 1281964

you're splitting hairs to cope with your mediocre tits

No. 1281967

you guys. i just woke up, my vagina is still here. just because i hate your actress doesn't make me a moid kek

No. 1281972

idk who that is, but there is a major hypocrisy on how they kept sperging about this >>1281964

Because some anons were here quoting fucking andrea dworkin just because we said marilyn is a sex worker, but that anon is out here sperging about womens ass, tits and saying which women from which nationality's are ugly.

No. 1281973

you got banned for infighting a couple of hours ago no one cares.

No. 1281992

I won't precisely answer to the tranny and/or faggot, just know that we see you, don't think for one second you're blending in. I'm sure most nonnies just prefer ignoring you because it feels dirty talking to you.

Kill yourself, let the world breath a little. Literally get rid of the diseased vehicle of fucked up genes that is your body, i'm sure even your cells are embarrassed to work for an organism as pathetic as yours.

No. 1282015

How the fuck is this man still awake after all of that

Scroll meta a little bit.

No. 1282018

Who even says they're the same anons? Just let it go already.

No. 1282027

Because his posts were all identified and deleted and he’s now in meta flipping shit.

No. 1282037

There are multiple posts defending Marilyn from different, actual farmers that are still there.

No. 1282092

I'm sorry but she is so painfully ugly and bug-eyed, and her skin looks atrocious. She should thank her lucky stars that makeup exists
Can we start stigmatizing the phenomenon of women having no solid identities of their own and desperately trying to be/look whatever is in at the moment, i.e. whatever teen girls are into? Because it's creepy and pathetic

No. 1282262

Off-topic sorry but some anons months ago were saying they want to see a celeb astrotheme thread for fun so i made one. >>>/m/225475

No. 1282294

Doja literally looks like she has progeria on that picture lmao

To be honest i think it's dumb to take unflattering pictures on purpose but i also admire her because most nonnas, and i would argue most women, wouldn't dare posting something like that. I know i could never.

No. 1282299

I think you'll like it then! Even America Has A Problem and Church Girl are not meaningful. After listening to the whole album I can say that Plastic Off The Couch is the only somewhat meaningful one and that's because it's about Jay-Z. Even then, it's not emotional and fits well with the other songs. It's not the same as like, Azealia Banks house music though.

I was actually kind of thinking that Beyonce and FKA Twigs had similar paths in terms of their last two albums. Lemonade and Cellophane were both about heartbreak and relationship woes, and then Renaissance and Caprisongs were more lighthearted. The only difference is Twigs got out of the relationship kek. Anyway, sorry to keep posting about the album!

No. 1282309

File: 1659123030495.jpg (169.57 KB, 833x1250, shakira-nestandard1.jpg)

Shakira is facing 8 years in jail over 14.5 mil tax fraud. She decided to go to trial instead of accepting plea offered by spanish prosecutors.
Picrel is just her spending time on a beach, one of the recent photos.

No. 1282311

She doesn't deserve this

No. 1282316

i wouldn't be surprised if she was guilty of this given pique was evading taxes at the same time too

No. 1282320

can I opt out of blending in as well? I don't want to be on your team because you sound like a deranged, self-loathing incel

No. 1282324

Yes, go check /meta/ UH was right and thats probably a man attacking them.

No. 1282347

And why not? Regular citizens get witch hunted for every single tax penny not paid by accident.

No. 1282349

yeah yeah i'm the tit sperg, the meta tranny is someone else. i don't know what he's posting but he better not be copying my tit trolling

No. 1282352

wow maybe some of the music industry rapists could face 8 years in jail? i'm sure they're committing tax fraud too.

No. 1282397

The moid director added an explicit rape scene to 'Blonde' even though Marilyn was never raped in her adult life. This shits so gross, this reminds me of that korean actress who was only told she had a sex scene in the middle of filming. These moids will use any opportunity to fulfill their sick fantasies.

No. 1282399

File: 1659127375401.jpg (73.55 KB, 603x791, moid.JPG)

samefag forgot to include pic

No. 1282400

look at her smile, she looks just like a scheming goblin. she's def getting away with it and she already knows it

No. 1282404

Oh so it's just another movie where they rewrite her history for profit and add a gratuitous rape scene

No. 1282411

>thinking you can read a woman's mind from a casual unrelated picture
just moid things

No. 1282412

For real. What men actually goes to jail for tax fraud?

No. 1282416

Why is this fucking allowed? I will def not be watching it. This is disgusting. Adding a rape scene because–?? Is a huge issue. How was this greenlit?

No. 1282417

Well as we all know, Netflix doesn't have a problem with depicting prepubescent girls in sexual situations.

No. 1282418

Al Capone.

No. 1282432

Good. I'm fucking sick of the immunity of the rich. You already won at life, stop fucking over everyone else by evading taxes you greedy fucks.

I hope in the next decade it becomes more common to come at these celebrities. Like another nonna said, every regular citizen, struggling financially or not, is stalked for any minor error. I don't particularly want her to go to jail, but i hope she's at least punished and pays more than her due to compensate the fraud. Bitch.

No. 1282474

This makes me so fucking mad. When will moids stop sexualizing rape and women's suffering. Oh wait never, because they're eternally defective subhumans

No. 1282475

File: 1659132199299.jpeg (127.86 KB, 640x327, F1A82C5E-B08D-4D0B-A7B0-53F4B7…)

Not to play devils advocate but it is based on a novel by Joyce Carol Oates, which also has a rape scene. It’s not supposed to be a biopic on Marilyn’s life.

No. 1282482

File: 1659132602916.png (2.04 MB, 1600x2845, ariana grande makeup free.png)

She shared a make up free picture recently but it appears that the vaseline on the camera lens is still there.

No. 1282483

It's still awful imo. Even if it's not supposed to be a biopic or biography, why make a fanfic about her life?

No. 1282486

Samefagging to say I don't mean you I mean the author, sorry but some people have been dancing on eggshells for too long for me not to be autistically clear on some things.

No. 1282508

In no way am I defending some scrote director's decision to include a graphic rape scene in his shit movie, but I find it really weird to say she 'was never raped in her adult life' as if that's something anyone is capable of knowing. Do people really think actresses from the 20th century were forthcoming about their experiences with sexual assault? It's actually more reasonable to assume that every actress from that time period was raped by somebody during their career, if you know literally anything about the entertainment industry. Men's magazines were full of 'chasing the secretary around the desk' jokes back then and nobody thought it looked like rape, imagine what Hollywood producers got away with. Just ask Shirley Temple. Anyways I hope all male directors who include rape scenes in their movies burn in hell.

No. 1282520

Tons of people don't come forward about their rape and have to rely on those who speak up to be their voice and I don't think there is a damn thing wrong with that so I fully agree with you.

No. 1282521

> Anyways I hope all male directors who include rape scenes in their movies burn in hell.
There is no need to show the actual event itself except in those rare movies where the woman then brutally murders all the rapists, and those should never be shown to children or people with too low an IQ.

No. 1282535

That's the point though anon, we don't know and there's no point in assuming. I doubt the director is doing it to bring awareness to sexual assault of that time.

No. 1282537

Damn did Ryan Murphy make this or what

No. 1282576

I was joking. It's something that non-autistic humans do sometimes
I wish that women like Ariana and Grimes understood that being this thin after like your mid 20s makes you look older and more haggard

No. 1282618

File: 1659137943229.png (407.06 KB, 475x760, Screen Shot 2022-07-29 at 4.39…)

Muskrat is denying the affair with Sergey Brin's wife by posting this rather bizarre photo

No. 1282704

This has deifntely been said before but He has a spy kids thumb head

No. 1282731

The apartheid clyde doth protest a bit too much about this doesn't he?

No. 1282751

It's like the polyamorous redditor meme, but they happen to be rich.

No. 1282772

File: 1659142350928.jpeg (82.86 KB, 735x962, E2DBDA21-7738-478E-955A-4A2FE2…)

> Soyjak faces
> Aposematism hair
> Tranny flag colored wannabe Tron outfit
You can make the autistics rich but you can not undo the autism

No. 1282789

i really hope some kind of disclaimer is put before anyone watches this that it's complete historical fiction. people literally will take tv/film at face value.

No. 1282851

File: 1659149361007.jpg (118.66 KB, 764x762, Screenshot_20220729-224735_Chr…)

Beyonce is a douchebag but this guy looks awesome

No. 1282858

She looks neither old or haggard

No. 1282860

lmao that fat, ugly rapist-defending sow deserves it as much as her husband

No. 1282861

Fuck that misogynistic faggot

No. 1282876

Yeah it does, which is why she looks neither old or haggard

No. 1282884

Men, learn how to make a movie/show without sex/rape scenes challenge.

No. 1282886

why cant he act his age

No. 1282890

yeah this guy's pretty cool.

No. 1282968

File: 1659164353735.png (136.99 KB, 555x495, captura-de-pantalla-2022-03-11…)

Can't decide whether her fillers wore off and that's why her face doesn't look like a dodecahedron anymore or it's just the filter that changed her faceshape

No. 1282987

File: 1659165996089.png (Spoiler Image, 101.96 KB, 475x760, huge_faggot.png)

I'm sorry nonnas

No. 1282989

she looks good though??

No. 1282991

Gaspar Noe left the chat.

No. 1283007

>that's their 'fucking problem'
way beyond sick of this JUST SHIT ON THE AUDIENCE trend
i really fucking hate these people why do i even bother

No. 1283107

>aposematism hair
It's painfully easy to identify someone whose brain has rotten from spending too much time on 4chan
agree to disagree, even with all the filters I can still see that her features/skin looks kind of rough due to the lack of fat in her face

No. 1283148

apartheid clyde is still so funny, God I love AB

No. 1283150

> being this thin after like your mid 20s makes you look older and more haggard
lol you must be fat
they both look good, being thin/skinnyfat at a relatively normal weight is good

No. 1283169

File: 1659183858407.jpeg (402.22 KB, 630x917, EB66C8C4-DF8D-408E-AE20-9C3986…)

Those big fake boobs yeesh jay z looks so ugly I would never let him cheat on me

No. 1283172

File: 1659184081114.jpeg (270.41 KB, 563x559, 29AB2200-0020-4FF7-BCBD-6DE894…)

Poor blue Ivy I only hope she doesn’t look too much like her dad when she grows up, she’s still just a kid. But imagine being as hot as Beyoncé and fucking this man who looks like one of those medical drawings where they enlarge the nose and lips or something to scale the sensitivity

No. 1283173

File: 1659184150422.jpeg (64.94 KB, 828x1792, 8D379F77-87E8-49CB-863D-AA04DC…)

No. 1283174

File: 1659184206461.jpeg (62.92 KB, 500x447, C95650DB-A438-4523-8D66-1AC5CE…)

Lmao he reminds me of a fish creature did you know he had a lip reduction surgery kek that was the least of his worries, he should’ve had a rhinoplasty and a skull reconstruction

No. 1283175

I will never get over how ugly this man is

No. 1283178

Clearly you are jealous of Beyoncé because only a successful bad bitch could sniff this man who totally isn’t the missing link

No. 1283180

Spoiler that pic NOW I have just eaten

No. 1283182

File: 1659184473738.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 45.25 KB, 600x597, 1A84C88A-4D04-4C2C-B4AF-AF76F7…)

No. 1283189

Glad I cancelled my Netflix subscription long ago. You just KNOW that scene will end up on every porn site imaginable, as always. Scrotes are fucking soulless.

No. 1283225

Fuck that scared me

No. 1283281

Just caught up. Was hoping >>1267566 became thread pic. RIP

No. 1283296

File: 1659195896166.jpeg (126.4 KB, 517x807, 4E0F6E55-529C-439C-BF81-DBEAAF…)

Came across this recently. Jameela Jamil talked about her new role in the MCU.

>"Titania stands out because I think she's the most annoying of them, actually. I think she almost doesn't need to use her strength, she could just annoy you to death. And I think that is a superpower that we haven't really utilized enough. She's also very glamorous. I like the fact that she's a bit curvy, and I like the fact that she's completely unselfconscious. She's completely unselfconscious and so, so weird. We'll see."

The original casting call for Titania was also described as "a glamorous social media influencer, Kardashian-esque with a dark side."

Also some quotes: "being a woman is a bit like being Batman", "some people online think I am a villain", "you'll see that she embodies the antithesis of everything like that I stand for."

Been feeling meh about it ever since I first heard but also curious to see how it would turn out. Some of these shows feel like a hit or miss.


No. 1283300

so she's playing herself?

No. 1283305

Ayrt that was my thought too tbh kek. Sometimes I find her irritating, sometimes I'm neutral. But really it's starting to seem like the roles she gets are just versions of herself. First Tahani on TGP and now this.

No. 1283372

What is this from? I just realized I own the pants he's wearing lol Tibi silver sporty nylon joggers

No. 1283382

Is she method acting? Because the green text really annoyed the crap out of me, immediately.

No. 1283430

If you're familiar with Jameela, what she says there feels similar to how she actually is. She's a bit of a very vocal SJW kind of a person, terminally online, while trying to seem quirky and original in some form. She may mean well but just comes across as way too much. There's other stuff as well like possible Munchausen's, various bee incidents, and issues with her mother but can be looked up and don't really feel like getting into it. I def think her character will likely be annoying in some way, but to be the most impactfully annoying among some of the other Marvel duds, I guess we'll see.

No. 1283449

>if the people i'm trying to sell this to won't buy it it's their own fault
>profit? ?

No. 1283455

idk he's not any more ugly than any other heterosexual woman's partner. i actually didn't even know you guys cared about men's looks at all. which is fair, tbh i can't even tell the difference between supposed attractive and ugly men so maybe it's a very fine line you can't perceive if you only like women.

No. 1283457

i love tim roth

No. 1283458

ok but how does she make it into a courtroom dressed like that? please address the IMPORTANT topics, nonita

No. 1283503


Beyoncé's huge fake boobs are really obvious now. People will still say she's had no surgery and she's just naturally curvy but come on. Anyone with eyes can see those boobs have a serial number.

No. 1283565

Hahahaha the fact that she’s claimed to have been “chased by a swarm of bees” like three times will never not be hilarious to me.

Specifically the time she said they were “attacked by 500 bees!!” and Mark Ronson said he didn’t remember that and "one or two individual bees approached, slowly" lmfao

No. 1283582

File: 1659211055595.jpg (157.37 KB, 946x2048, FYsTgiMXoAcDRek.jpg)

No. 1283583

“I’m a bottom” you’re not a faggot.

No. 1283598

The only reason why I know she exists is because her fans keep building conspiracies that she will come back to her ex Pattinson for at least 6 years now.

No. 1283599

File: 1659212442645.png (25.92 KB, 710x803, 1659196765984201.png)

The disgusting script.

No. 1283604

I hate this so much. Is anyone surprised that Netflix doesn't mind this shit after Euphoria?

No. 1283605

Maaaan, I am getting terrible secondhand embarrassment

No. 1283613

Samefag sorry, I couldn’t even get through half of it. You just know he had one hand down his pants when writing this personal fantasy of his and he will be even more thrilled when he can see it. Men like thsi should be castrated

No. 1283625

what the fuck

No. 1283626

i don't believe for even a second JFK was like this. not that he wasn't a gross typical scrote but this is apalling and unbelievable and clearly wishfulfillment

No. 1283632

Yeah this is director moid is definitely fulfilling his sick fantasy.

No. 1283636

>On the television: Flying saucers are destroying Washington.


No. 1283638

You need glasses. I may be a lesbian but I know a bridge troll when I see one. Jay-Z just has the money to make it a very fancy bridge to lurk under.

No. 1283668

Hbo made euphoria, netflix made cuties which is arguably worse so… lose lose ig

No. 1283670

At this point, they might as well add aliens

No. 1283676

cuties isn't really worse and netflix didn't make cuties

No. 1283689

"one or two individual bees approached, slowly" is a really funny phrase to me. the image of two bees slowly sneaking towards mark ronson and jameela jamil like lions stalk their prey

No. 1283691

for sure a troon or enby saga incoming. she's a confident, career-focused woman not too interested in "traditional" feminine dress who is used to looking very uwu small and young who is about to turn 35.

No. 1283692

nonnies, join with me in a seance to raise arthur miller's vengeful ghost to eat the faces of everyone involved in this.
fucking sickening that in that woman's entire life literally only one human being EVER gave half a shit about her.
now after death, she lives on as an avatar of men's oppression of our every cell.

No. 1283695

JFK was said to be annoyed with his own sex addiction? supposedly he'd get a headache/tic suppression-like symptoms if he didn't fuck at least three times a day. women also said it was really perfunctory get-it-over-with sex and not romantic at all.
in that case, i don't know why he couldn't just not do it, but maybe at that point it's like when you're addicted to coke and don't want to snort a line for breakfast but still have to.

No. 1283696

Wow I hate Ana de Armas now.

No. 1283698

i don't think he'd be doing all of THAT specifically though. you can have a sex addiction without all of this rough nasty shit

No. 1283700

maybe his money is clouding my lesbian eyes the way it clouds scrote eyes then. thank you for dragging me back from the brink of straight for pay, nonita

No. 1283707

oh yeah i was agreeing with you. in that, he was unlikely to be strongly emotional towards a woman in any way, good or bad

No. 1283708

euphoria is BAD SHIT and cuties is FUCKING DUMB. that's the difference.

No. 1283709


No. 1283710

>her features/skin looks kind of rough due to the lack of fat in her face
It's painfully easy to identify someone whose brain has rotten from spending too much time on /snow/

No. 1283711

Nta but Cuties is almost cp-lite, so I think that makes it worse imo. At least Euphoria has adult actors.

No. 1283712

Did you even watch Cuties?

No. 1283720

From what I could already see was bad enough. I don't want to finish it.

No. 1283742

A woman including a rape sex in her fanfiction for shits and giggles pisses me off more.

No. 1283748

It makes me sad that we can't have media centered around women without sexual assault being a theme. Men dont get this treatment. I understand SA affects women disproportionally more than men, however it's just depressing to only see women as either sex objects or victims of men.

No. 1283749

I agree so much. There was no reason for it.

No. 1283750

it's not like she wrote the script

No. 1283766

Arthur Miller was still abusive. After she had died, he said she wasn’t “smart enough to survive”. No man in her romantic life was good to her.

No. 1283786

Ayrt no idea kek. All I know about it was she only appeared for a few seconds with that shot in the trailer that and people criticized the wig. The outfit kinda looks cheap too tbh.

No. 1283791

File: 1659225061457.png (325.13 KB, 828x1792, C62F1DEB-2BE1-4B0A-95AE-B98641…)

Taylor Swift was ranked number one in a list of celebrity’s private jet CO2 emissions, flying in her private jet 170 times since January. Jay-Z, Kim K, and Travis Scott also made the list.


No. 1283793

Agree with you on all points. Whether or not it did happen, there isn't any justifiable reason to include it. Feels like recent biopics I've been hearing about are just getting more exploitative, Pam and Tommy for example. No consent from Pam.

Went to the Twitter thread you provided. >>1282399 does have screenshots but earlier in the tweet thread the director reportedly said "It's an NC-17 movie about Marilyn Monroe, it's kind of what you want, right? I want to go and see the NC-17 version of the Marilyn Monroe story." And if people don't like it, it's "their fucking problem." What a fucking scrote

God wtf.

No. 1283795

Interesting. That's a bit excessive but unfortunately I doubt her fans will care. I don't keep up with her, why would she be flying so much?

No. 1283799

>you have to swallow
Yes thats exactly the internal monologue of a woman getting raped.
Scrotes should be castrated.
By the way why are they acting like facefucking was normal in the 50s it's clearly some pornsick novelty.

No. 1283844

i cannot believe i'm trying to find context for this but maybe because it's the president, she's trying to please him? idk, i hate it regardless. i'm so disappointed, i was excited for this…

No. 1283914

the fantasy of a depraved scrote

No. 1283926

File: 1659234776144.jpg (46.77 KB, 403x392, efd.jpg)


No. 1283928

Ewww I can't even read the whole thing. KAM.

No. 1283932

trying to imagine JFK saying these lines is going to give me a fucking aneurysm

No. 1283994

File: 1659240672580.png (813 KB, 1125x829, stan_cringe.png)

gay male rhetoric has been a disaster for the womanrace, but I think she means that she likes having a guy pleasure her during sex, without doing any actual work on her part(hence referring to herself the powerbottom) which is honestly what most women should expect

No. 1284004

this is why the only shows i watch are ouran high school host club and american dad

No. 1284005

where is she even going in her jet? isn't she a big loner IRL and the squad thing is just her media image?

No. 1284006

aw man what a dick. fucking moids.

No. 1284007

what happened in Chile, there's nothing when I google it.

No. 1284009

she's apparently close with her family so maybe that explains it

No. 1284014

lmao nonita that's exactly how i reacted the first time i saw it. just some dumb slang and i think it means "child"

No. 1284018

uh ok so then I guess they're typing it that way to do a "black" accent like when they type "y'all"? twitter people are so weird, it's a bunch of white girls and trannies trying to be black while calling everyone else racist.

No. 1284020

LOL i'm so old, i read that and was like "oh ok well if it's to see her FAMILY then nothing's wrong" jfc

No. 1284021

not saying I don't believe it to an extent, but has Deuxmoi ever been right about anything, isn't that site comprised mostly of gay moid and faghags who think every male celeb is gay and every female celeb is some type of addict

No. 1284028

File: 1659243421268.jpg (133.82 KB, 987x1200, EtqdTcIWYAE96O4.jpg)

spot on.

No. 1284034

Has to be trolling

No. 1284044

two subhumans who deserve the company of each other

No. 1284050

Based and queenpilled

No. 1284054

Powerbottom literally means she does all the work.

No. 1284056

It's basically child in a southern accent, you drop the d so it's kinda like "chai-l".

No. 1284063

somehow i doubt internet SJWs are trying to sound "southern" when they do this slang

No. 1284064

Powerbottom means a bottom whose more demanding and dominant while still getting fucked, anyway I don't like using fag talking points for straight relationships

No. 1284065

I didn't say they were, can you read nonna? It comes from southern black people.

No. 1284069

that's the thing, any even decent knowledge linguist can tell that black american english is just a variation of southern american english, however woke whites don't realize that and think its only a black people thing

No. 1284071

NTA, I don't think that Anon was disagreeing with you. Read it again. They're just saying, that even if it's a Southern thing, that people use it to sound "cool" without knowing it's a Southern thing.
I am not American, when I first read it, I thought it was a way to say "chill", in context of the sentences it made sense for me. At least more than "child".

No. 1284073

I wasn't trying to say they were using it because it's southern, I just responded to the post because anons seemed to not understand the word. I was just trying to explain why it's pronounced and spelled like that. I know that, because it's become popular slang on the internet, most people using it these days are neither black nor southern. I'm not even really sure what this is about anymore kek

No. 1284077

File: 1659248419081.png (334.42 KB, 598x1045, Screenshot 09.png)

seeing her stans actually try to defend over this is so entertaining, it proves that these people are by natural subhumans who will follow whoever they deem better then them, in another life these people would have followed Hitler or Stalin

No. 1284082

i thought they dropped her after she agreed to be in that movie with the abusive director. guess they forgot about it after a week lol

No. 1284099

I hate all moids but I hate faggots the most. Fuck the handmaidens who enable this shit too.
Anyone who is part of a “fandom” is legitimately retarded. No hyperbole, you have to be mentally impaired to participate in that nonsense

No. 1284237

tbh I am surprised how people didn't react much towards the Kardashians for flying instead of taking a 20-minute car ride, I only saw a post about it here

No. 1284254

I think all their fuckery is just par for the course at this point, people are more surprised when they don’t act like morally bankrupt vacuous parasitic wastes of space

No. 1284298

Ironically I think the Kardashians are what inspired this deep dive into how pathetic celebrities are.
The KUWTK subreddit talked about that flight, and how often Kylie was pointlessly flying.
Then came Drake, and now Taylor.
They’re all useless.

No. 1284335

i'm not american so i don't know where AAVE comes from, i'm sure you're right that it's southern too. but internet sjws are for sure doing y'all and chile to sound like one of their black people reaction gifs (which are also kind of cringe and i don't know why anyone would use them? "ain't nobody got time for tha" i don't think you should post that unless it's your own dialect of english, otherwise the "funny" part of the gif is the way she talks and i don't think that's something you should laugh at if you're supposed to be woke)

No. 1284336

i thought that was clearly fake and meant to make them look even more rich/above us.

No. 1284373

I weigh 47 kilos, so no, I'm not fat. I just prefer when women are lean with defined muscles rather than them trying to starve themselves into looking 14 again; I don't think it's attractive when women in their late 20s/early 30s look, sans filters, like they're frail skeleton-witch hybrids with huge bobbleheads who live in swamps in the name of trying to be smol and waif-like. Don't get me wrong, I think you can be very, very thin and look great e.g. Kate Moss, I just don't think that Ariana Grande specifically looks good. Her arms look like they belong to Dianne Von Furstenberg and her face radiates the same desperate "America, please love me again" energy that Ellen Page exudes
But she DOES look rough because there isn't much fat on her face, hence why she relies on fillers to not look like an anorexic extraterrestrial; that isn't a /snow/-tier opinion at all, and the reason why you think I'm reaching is because she's using filters. Look at the skin texture of people who are underweight (especially anorexics) or who've rapidly lost weight; they often look gaunt and scary, especially after you've passed a certain age and the collagen in your skin is more easily depleted.

No. 1284391

Samefag. I admit that I exaggerated about her thinness/appearance. Her skin looks normal in other pics/videos, but for some reason I was convinced that she had those overly pronounced lines around her mouth that very thin people tend to have when they're severely underweight, like Ellen Page. My bad

No. 1284396

>47 kilos
so you're a midget, or underage.

No. 1284415

>I just prefer when women
Nobody gives a fuck about your preferences for women

No. 1284419

File: 1659281718633.png (15.24 KB, 441x210, hmm.png)

Taylor responded saying she loans her jet.

No. 1284422

>implying an individual's CO2 emmission is affecting the earth in the slightest

blame the corporates before falling for this carbon footprint bs. her jet could go out of commission right now and it wouldn't improve the atmosphere one bit in the grand scheme of things kek

No. 1284431

i love how the pumpkin-girls/faggots change up their tune when it turns out Taylor Swift is the celeb who uses her private jet the most even when she has nothing to do.

Weren't there anons here wishing death on kylie jenner because she used a private jet a week ago….

No. 1284443

The richest 1% (aka not that many people) contributes to over 50% CO2 emissions but sure individuals' emission doesn't matter in the slightest. It sure does when you're rich as fuck.

No. 1284448

nta, but you can weigh 47 kg and be a normal height/adult. I weigh 48kg and am the average height for a woman in the US. It's not impossible.

No. 1284454

The richest 1% globally. If you’re middle class in a developed country you can easily hit that qualification. I don’t make enough money to afford a 1-bedroom apartment where I live and I’m still in the global 1%.

No. 1284456

Slightly shorter than average, and no, I'm in my early 20s.
That's true, but nobody gives a fuck about you not giving a fuck about my preferences either

No. 1284457

those anons are just hypocrites anon, they were wishing death on kylie a week ago but now that their two-faced queen Taylor does it then they are all defending it.

No. 1284491

File: 1659287746777.jpg (183.53 KB, 718x718, 20220731_183215.jpg)

Kek, so much for all the uwu sympathy Twitter had for her when Red Scarf (or whatever) came out. Twittards will eat her as happily as they would defend her

No. 1284495

>taking something so seriously
chill autist its a joke and she rarely gets called out on twitter. Most people forget Taylors scandals in a week, its why she has a career.

No. 1284500

well duh.

No. 1284526

>I’m in my early 20s
Which is the only reason why you give a fuck to nitpick about women not fitting your shitty little 21 year old standard instead of branching out to care about other things

Name one time an anon has wished death upon Kylie Jenner, please

No. 1284532

File: 1659290532966.jpg (24.99 KB, 1068x120, kylie1.JPG)

>Name one time an anon has wished death upon Kylie Jenner, please
this was posted two threads ago

No. 1284533

File: 1659290580242.jpg (33.82 KB, 1852x129, kylie2.JPG)

there was another one as well

No. 1284556

Okay so I hope Taylor swift crashes. Do you feel better now that there’s some equality here?

No. 1284582

you taylor fans are unhinged, you are the same trash as kanye fans.

No. 1284635

File: 1659294434399.png (289.82 KB, 601x615, Screenshot.png)

minor celeb news, but Jennifer Lopez has now officially changed her name Mrs. Jennifer Affleck, honestly I think these two deserve each other

No. 1284642

What a waste of such an iconic name.

No. 1284669

i'm 175cm and 55kg and i look pretty freaky. making it 47 and 162cm has got to look even freakier
whatever my point is, you're beautiful just the way you are and can eat, nonita. eugenia cooney is a bad person.

No. 1284672

please, i want to know what it is

No. 1284673

lolol it's so true, if they say "early 20s" instead of a number it means they just turned 21

No. 1284675

File: 1659295553489.jpg (132.51 KB, 1151x1151, E7aK1V4XsAMJIO9.jpg)

jlo and ben affleck are proof of the supreme bonds between a latina and her bland tall white bf

No. 1284678

i unironically love that they don't try to pretend they give a fuck about each other beyond "we get along and both put work first"
sociopathic power couple goals

No. 1284703

>Jennifer Affleck
what a dumb bitch. Women who take the last names of scrotes deserve to be bullied. Giving up her iconic Lopez last name is a dumb move.

No. 1284716

File: 1659296917664.png (454.44 KB, 586x393, fds.png)

what is she doingggggg

No. 1284718

Plus Affleck sounds like affliction

No. 1284720

Who let MGK put on 5 inch stiletto nails?

No. 1284721

stop the bait

No. 1284736

it's possible to care about other things while still being vain in a celeb gossip thread, but bless your ugly heart for trying. I will dedicate my next nitpicking of a celebrity's appearance to you
why him of all narcissistic, cheating men? he seems like such a worthless shit who will cheat on her with a 23 year-old blonde from Raya in 3 months tops
disembowelment is a proper punishment for those nails

No. 1284770

goodbye j lo, hello j afl

No. 1284831

No honey, you are not. Or are you a billionaire (in $ or €). Globally means, well, globally, not nationally. You wouldn't be in the upper 1% even in North Korea, where the general population is piss poor.

No. 1284838

She is like Kim when she started dating Kanye/married him. Changed her whole behaviour, style, body, never smiled, just to fit into the narrative of Kanye.
Megan lost all little identity she had left.

No. 1284847

We really tried to root for her after she went on tv whining about how no one’s wanted to take her seriously but this is the greatest example on why she should never be taken seriously. It’s like there’s an invisible collar chained to this woman’s neck and everywhere MGK goes, she goes, everything he does, she does, everything he says, she says. It’s the ultimate male asslicker thing to do, but she really wanted us to feel sorry for her for her nonexistent acting career? She’s just a political bisexual that knows her attractiveness and proximity with male figures via “”relationships”” is convenient to her own fame and celebrity, she’s just a disingenuous bitch that looks evil

No. 1284933

she's clearly an idiot but she really does look amazing

No. 1284985

File: 1659308980307.png (209.36 KB, 2332x2000, 406807F4-B867-437A-B367-29F375…)

The global top 1% makes more than $125/day.

No. 1284993

maybe this is her midlife crisis? like in hollywood if you're a woman your midlife crisis happens when you're 36 maybe?? tbh i think they're just both dumb as rocks. mgk's kid has more iq points than all four of her parental figures combined

No. 1284996

this is the best post in the thread

No. 1285015

Anon I'm sure most of us think they're both annoying, it's just less surprising when the Kardashians/Jenners are doing something shitty because it's par for the course. Also I've seen only like one anon defend Swift here. KarJenners get shit on all the time in these threads.

No. 1285033

People who talk like in picrel I immediately try to avoid, fandom/Twitter/wherever these weirdos lurk is like a disease

Same. It's ridiculous and I keep reading it like the country as well

Yeah it's weird they call other people out for appropriation or racism and they still do this kind of thing kek, the hypocrisy is what's annoying. If you're gonna be loud and annoying at least stick to your guns.

No. 1285035

Isn't Kim doing a similar thing now with Pete? I swear an anon pointed out before she was basically skin walking Ari in her bleached hair era or whatever

No. 1285042

It happens when you’re like 25 honey.

No. 1285056

i am beginning to get a little concerned with gen z. your "20s" last til you're 40 now, and the fact that some of you keep parroting this 25 line makes me think you really do not get off the internet/phone ever. your small post tells us that you have "dated" someone on discord that you never met in person.

No. 1285057

I’m talking about the psychological toll of Hollywood on actresses, retard.

No. 1285071

ah shit it's this asshole again

No. 1285080

"living on" $125 a day isnt the same as earning $125 a day

No. 1285160

There's an agency that loans out private jets to rich people who aren't rich enough to own their own jet. This is just the PC version of her explaining that she's not rich enough to own her own jet

No. 1285173

Anon i think this is spending ("living on") 125 a day, not earning 125 a day

No. 1285176

Samefag oops sorry for repeating what the other nona said, i didn't see her post.

No. 1285197

What do other anons thinks Ariana and Grimes' BMIs are? In my not so expert opinion I think Ariana is 17 or 18, probably a low 18 and Grimes is 16.

No. 1285201

I swear someone has asked this exact question in a Celebricows thread a while back. Why does this keep coming up?

No. 1285209

Someone asked this back in >>946277. Only remember because it was the same thread that Alex Baldwin's set shooting came up and this was in the middle of it kek

No. 1285213

File: 1659328612070.jpeg (143.48 KB, 640x1032, 9C01B418-07D1-4CEE-8F90-AFF453…)

Emrata seems to confirm her ex was cheating by liking a bunch of negative tweets about him kek

No. 1285218

Is her hair a wig now? Lately the hairline looks really wiggy which is adding to the troon aesthetic

No. 1285224

File: 1659329571794.jpg (112.85 KB, 634x1127, hold_your_baby_right.jpg)

I feel bad for their kid, imagine being raised by two vapid, self absorbed, idiots, rough af, also they named him Sylvester Apollo Bear

No. 1285229

Right? She's been shown to not care about even holding her kid right and most times whenever I hear about them it feels like she's using him as a prop. These shallow ass celebrity moms I stfg.

No. 1285240

Me too, nonnie! He's a talented actor, & I thought he was so attractive when he was younger, esp in movies around the time of Reservoir Dogs.

Looks like one to me, I've noticed her wearing more wigs lately. Be nice if she'd at least switch it up with the constant middle part.

No. 1285299

>you Taylor fans are unhinged
I’m a casual listener of her music at best and I don’t stan celebs at all, I just think you crying about how protected she allegedly is because some random anon halfassedly alogged Kylie Jenner is retarded. Find something better to whinge about.

>recreated old pics for nostalgia attention
Every time

If she got a makeup artist and stylist that didn’t hate her she could still look extremely beautiful.

No. 1285305

She’s been wearing wigs for a long time. She was even wearing a wig in the before photo comparison. She just needs to wear a better one.

No. 1285328

what does him being tall and white have anything to do with their relationship

No. 1285352

Looking like a Madame Tussaud's wax figure on the right tbh

No. 1285363

No, it's pick-me life crisis.

No. 1285366

Rinse and repeat.

No. 1285379

You're right, I didn't look close enough. That one definitely looks better than what she wears now, which is crazy since wigs have only gotten better (I'm assuming, esp for the rich)

No. 1285383

Maybe she doesn't want baby hairs showing this time, though I'm just guessing. They did seem to make the hair look better

No. 1285394

File: 1659340818338.png (436.24 KB, 800x599, a294e13daf0f2deb29a3ed44113499…)

Nichelle Nicols passed away on the 31st at 89. What a badass icon, I love that she helped recruit women for Nasa. She also had a four octave vocal range, which I didn't know. Super talented & a legend, may she rest in peace

No. 1285395

I know she is not the best person, but i cant help but wonder wtf is gonna happen once she breaks up with her weird "boyfriend".

No. 1285399

Rest in peace, Legend

No. 1285400

I'm currently playing a Sim I named after her. She lives in the future and is an astronaut.

No. 1285404

RIP. What an icon.

I'm only guessing but I have the feeling that if that happens she either won't know what to do with herself, become dependent on someone else or fade again from the spotlight. Neither looks good for her. It seems like one of the only reasons she's still being discussed at the moment is because of her odd teenage angsty like relationship with MGK and maybe that could be why she's pulling all this weird shit.

No. 1285412

File: 1659341559979.jpg (19.51 KB, 300x400, b2e9496b17a86b70b348a8091da25a…)

First one isn't a wig, second one might be tough. Unless she got her baby hairs lasered off like Kim.

No. 1285419

May she rest in peace, she was such a wonderful and beautiful person. Luckily we have all her work so we can always remember her!

No. 1285427

She’s immature af.

No. 1285435

Nta yeah it's immature but I'm all for exposing cheating scrotes, whether it's through liking a petty tweet or announcing it to the public. They deserve the slander for not being able to keep their dicks in their pants. Emrata is not my cup of tea looks-wise at all but this inbred Habsburg looking scrote should've been lucky that she even ever gave him any attention.

No. 1285436

That orange skin is ungodly

No. 1285438

when a certain mood hits i tinfoil that there is a huge conspiracy to destroy and demoralize women with birth control drugs, troonery and faggotry, beauty and fashion, and media of course and most of all. each spearheaded by men. for what purpose idk

No. 1285443

>husband cheats on you multiple times with multiple women
>you have a baby
>you like a couple twitter posts showing support
>”OMFG that cunt is so immature”

No. 1285447

Cheating is way more immature. As long as she's humiliating her cheating husband she's in the right.

No. 1285451

Nta, agreed with all of that. Don't like Emrata at all but one that scrote looks like the rat that he is, and two I guess this is how some celebs acknowledge cheating rumors now. Not by saying anything about the other person and risking any sort of uproar but by lowkey liking tweets. I'm not even surprised by the guy's behavior. A lot of them really think they can just fuck around.

No. 1285465

her son and her former business manager/possible romantic partner had a battled for her conservatorship, I wonder who won

No. 1285468

The expectation that women should be willing to undergo the torture of fucking with our hormones whether we want to be pregnant or not…it is a conspiracy. I was bc-free for my whole life until I was diagnosed with endometriosis and it progressed even after cauterization surgery. I went on the minipill for awhile but now I think I'll go off of it because I truly hate it

No. 1285480

A true trailblazer. Rest easy.

No. 1285481

… it's the higher end of underweight. it's nowhere near eugenia-tier jesus christ.

absolute icon. may she rest in peace.

No. 1285572

Holy unnecessary procedures that do nothing but make you look like an alien coomer fantasy, Batman!

No. 1285581

I’m just asking because I want to know

No. 1285645

not important and start a pro ana thread if you care so much, loser

No. 1285646

for a model she has zero sense of personal style or greater fashion trends. it's sad, but not as sad as what she did to her face.

No. 1285648

tim roth was SUPER hot in reservoir dogs. I like captives, the bbc movie he did. he's beautiful in that one too
old Tim in lie to me is up there too. that show is only for girls.

No. 1285650

File: 1659372292533.jpg (71.37 KB, 400x608, nichelle.jpg)

she was so cool

No. 1285651

"might be"
good lord, nonita. make some irl friends.

No. 1285654

KEK at his nails. They look so autistic and retarded

No. 1285660

she looks like posh spice here and that's not meant to be a compliment. 20 years older than she actually is

No. 1285968

Why'd you put my reply in this, idc about BMI either.

No. 1285978

I swear it’s sunless tanning oil that’s been big with a lot of brands. I don’t think a spray tanning person could keep their job after that. But those oils will make you look like a mother fucking buffalo wing.

No. 1285985

She had a kid and just broke up with her husband she’s going to look tired. I was actually surprised she’s 36 because she looks younger but holy shit is she stupid. Comparing someone to Posh is the highest compliment at any age and this idiot who can’t hold her baby right doesn’t deserve that.

No. 1285986

File: 1659390325952.jpeg (141.74 KB, 640x806, 16D02643-D769-40BA-A167-18538B…)

All the actual issues with the film, and this is what they're choosing to acknowledge?

My dumbass accidentally made a new thread. Also I checked out the thread, why are there a bunch of stans namedropping their idol? Am I missing something?

No. 1285998

File: 1659391419681.jpg (1.15 MB, 3146x4718, Megan-Fox-2021-iHeartRadio-Mus…)

It's not a wig, it looks like she got her baby hairs lasered off which makes her hairline look unnatural.

No. 1286017

I'm not pro ana but since this sperging occurs every time these women are posted I thought I might as well ask. And since nobody replied to say I was wrong I guess most agree with me

No. 1286025

she's got some sort of hairpiece on. there's a fucking line where it changes colour in the middle of her scalp

No. 1286026

samefag *across her scalp

No. 1286036

I'm on mobile and didn't see what page I was on before I posted. /m/ was the last place I was on and I thought I moved to this thread. I'm embarrassed as shit kek.

No. 1286042

File: 1659394906763.jpg (266.57 KB, 720x1069, 20220802_001916.jpg)

Breaking News: Elon Musk is a Lana stan

No. 1286043

this is embarrassing

No. 1286048

people not acknowledging your post doesn’t mean they agree with you, you’ve clearly asked this question before like >>1285209 pointed out and we’re tired

No. 1286050

They ignored you ana chan goofy ahh question because we're all bored of weight sperging. Why even ask when the topics are peaceful? You wanted to stir shit and bone rattle at the same time

No. 1286051

Let me guess him and Grimes think they are Joker and Harley Quinn.

No. 1286054

>Elon Musk
>Suicide Squad version of Harley and Joker
>Lana Del Rey
What a shitty crossover kek. Elon should stop trying to be a memelord and Harley and Joker are a terrible couple, Suicide Squad a terrible film. Not surprised he's into that.

No. 1286055

File: 1659395502261.jpg (1003.32 KB, 2045x2922, megan-fox-straight-pink-hair-1…)

No. Picrel is the quality of her wigs.

No. 1286058

it starts in the exact same place across her scalp in this photo too

No. 1286059

i thought it was funny

No. 1286060

Stop talking about things you don't know anything about.

No. 1286062

not really, it's exactly the kind of "funny" "shitpost" a 51-year-old upperclass twit would try to make. it would be embarassing if he was under 40

No. 1286063

Is her dress meant to look that wonky? Looks like something someone would get from Shein.

No. 1286064

No. 1286065

Yeah I doubt he's embarrassed by it and certainly par for the course from Muskrat trying to be a dumbass memelord but I definitely felt secondhand embarrassment from it.

No. 1286066

Every time these women are posted doing their stupid, forced, contorted poses you anons buy it and reply saying oh my god, she's wasting away! But sure, I'm the rattler

No. 1286071

Surprisingly there's been no off the rails weightsperging about celebrities in this thread so it makes no sense you seem to be trying to kickstart it again.

No. 1286075

Projection there missy, because I don't weight sperg due to a general understanding that anorexics battering eachother in a thread completely derailing from the actual milk is worth nothing. It's just you and the other rattlers

No. 1286077

This is an incredibly funny way for Elon to try get Grimes to notice him

No. 1286082

Starting to think we're just getting baited by someone who seems to want us to devolve to weightsperging again when we're actually having a peaceful thread for once without all that crap. We should ignore it

No. 1286084


No. 1286085

lana weightspergers get banned now so maybe bmiposting should too

No. 1286090

Hard agree

No. 1286102

She was out spoken during a time where being a black woman in show business was incredibly hard. When I heard of her passing this morning, it was a silent day for me. RIP Uhura. She will always be a legend.

No. 1286103

Based anon. I salute you

No. 1286152

This father of 7 should be changing diapers, not posting on twitter. Someone kill him already

No. 1286170

great to know that on top of being a piece of shit person he also likes or is at least willing to pretend to like shitty music

No. 1286222

She does that all the time anyways, it’s pathetic because he has the means to do some interesting things for his partners but doesn’t it’s so boring. Imagine him trying to seduce you or anyone lmao

No. 1286313

Wasn’t the walking roll of nickels just sperging about this song as well? God those two were meant for each other truly.

No. 1286435

File: 1659428014046.jpeg (165.62 KB, 750x419, 1A4C32DA-DFA8-476B-9142-399464…)

He’s saying Harley Quinn is a mix of Amber Heard and Grimes. He wants to manipulate a manic pixie dream girl so bad

No. 1286449

They all do.

No. 1286471

And those two guys seem to me between an asshole and a piece of shit (arrow hits target)

No. 1286475

This scrote is in his fucking 50s or something and tryna subtweet his ex. How far can you be fallen off jesus

No. 1286489

not only that but he is a billionaire spending his time tweeting shit to be relatable to neckbeards.

No. 1286500

shit music taste

No. 1286545

File: 1659441345925.jpg (280.56 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20220802-124344_Twi…)

Nicki Minaj fired her long time assistant (kate_miller7) for supposed fraud, and she's came out with a whole gallon of milk. The more important things she's said:
>paid $75,000 for her song Freaky Girl to be played on the radio
>owes the IRS $173 million
>her husband is abusive - pushed Nicki off a lodge
>her husband would say horrible things to the assistant when Nicki wasn't around
>coke addict, dabbles in crack
>Beyonce and Jay-Z stopped associating with her when she bailed out her rapist brother
>Ariana no longer friends with her because of homophobic remarks her husband made about Ariana's brother
>supposed sex tape of her, Wayne and Drake floating around the industry (also implied that Nicki only stays friends with them so they won't leak it)
>laughed at Megan Thee Stallion when news of the Tory Lanez shooting broke, said she was faking it
>Rihanna doesn't like her anymore, only hangs around to make sure the child is safe
>has her management pay fans to defend her on social media
>paid off Cupcakke and Lady Leshurr to say their label made them diss her
>was aware Kenneth was a rapist before marrying him, didn't care
>her documentary has been denied by every major streaming service because of her husband

No. 1286549

is the Joker (who pushed Harley Quinn out of the window to make her die) then between him and Johnny? Don't worry Elon, nobody will forget how you cried after Amber Heard, when she dumped your sorry ass
kek what kind of shit lawyer did Nicki Minaj had, that the NDA clause is so useless. I hope the drug part will not make people sympathise or try to excuse her behaviour

No. 1286551

File: 1659442221840.jpg (77.48 KB, 527x680, 900e5-16594166561509-1920.jpg)

the picture is of a random woman's and the stories are littered with grammatical errors a multi-millionaire's assistant wouldn't make. i call bullshit

No. 1286552

Inlove to see her ruin opportunities offered on a silver plate and relationships because of her piece of shit husband. I don't think her being fully aware that he's a rapist before marrying him is exactly news though, I've seen several times that they knew each other for a very long time, probably even before he committed that specific crime.

No. 1286555

which one of the stories do you mean?

No. 1286560

>coke addict, dabbles in crack
just like doja kek

No. 1286576

Not to ezrafag but it's been oddly quiet around him

No. 1286605

maybe his millionaire dad has finally put him in a clinic?

No. 1286617

harley quinn is more like an evil britney, if we're going with celebrity comparisons
grimes is boring AF and amber is just a regular psycho.

No. 1286619

nicki and cardi b are some of the worst people i've ever heard of. like worse than charlize theron or amber heard, somehow. (amber because she's a dick, i'm not that weirdo who thinks she made a conspiracy to fake johnny depp hitting her)

No. 1286620

oh my god EVERYONE STOP GETTING FUCKING FILLERS AND PS. even the small tweaks this guy has puts his face in rubber mask territory. seriously. it just fucking ruins whatever you already had, can everyone please stop.

No. 1286621

maybe he died

No. 1286623

it's embarrassing exclusively because he's a billionaire pandering purposefully and knowingly to 16-22 yo coomers

No. 1286625

Depp is a psycho too, just look what he wrote with his friend Marilyn Manson

No. 1286627

he looks unwashed af

No. 1286629

You are a loser for real

You know Elons fat ass really sees himself as the buff powerful knight shrouded in mystique in Player of Games

No. 1286635

he really gave up on his relationship with Gigi so he can be a abusive druggie, who wants to bet that he never visits his child.

No. 1286639

correct. depp is the psycho, not heard.

No. 1286649

unpopular opinion but he actually looks way hotter now

No. 1286650

Oh no, who would have thought the pedophile on the sex offender registry would turn out to be abusive?! I’m appalled and absolutely devastated at this groundbreaking news


Nice reddit-tier insult that contributed absolutely nothing to the thread

No. 1286651

This obvious fake stan twitter bullshit

No. 1286653

he might if he took a better picture. picture is terrible, angle is terrible, lighting is terrible. otherwise i don't mind dyed greasy hair and tattoos

No. 1286658

idgi why am i a loser for liking her? she's really beautiful and an actual strong female role model. when she was on star trek it was way harder than we can imagine for women to get ahead like she did. she did this photoshoot and owned it, wasn't embarassed or anything and didn't let society keep her down

No. 1286660

His face looks like a bloated fish and he looks like he smells. Celebrities need to stop with the plastic surgery and just try to actually take care of themselves, are they all too lazy?

NTA but they both would be homeless drug addicts if not for their fame, they are both skeevy to me. They both always look unwashed and drugged up. It's okay for you to feel differently but no need to try to "correct" an anon who has a different opinion.

No. 1286663

ayrt i agree. i meant that amber heard is a regular jerk, she's not a tragic character like harley quinn. depp abused her pretty badly but he didn't turn her into a jerk, that's just some people's personality.

No. 1286671

they'd "both" be homeless drug addicts because she took recreational drugs (hallucinogens and empathogens primarily) a few times like every young person does in hollywood? she came to hollywood with like $100 at like 16 and managed to make a decent living UNTIL he financially, emotionally, physically, and sexually abused her , then abused her through the courts to the point of putting her into debt. he's the one who can't financially manage. she has a normal 500k house and was independent. don't sit here and be an obnoxious "both sides" retard when you don't know shit and just want to ignore the fact that he's the malignant force here and the actual drug addict. people can recreationally partake while partying in their 20s without being addicts.

No. 1286678

Wait I am dumb as fuck I misread and thought you were one of those puritans that was condemning her for doing bondage photos oh my god forgive me anon we are on the same page.


Truly terrible misunderstand that is my fault entirely

No. 1286684

I had to google this because I couldn't believe emrata was 35. google says she's 31, do news outlets not fact check easily googlable things like age anymore?

also I know anons call her uggo a lot but she's far more beatiful than a man like he deserves. he's legitimately ugly. stupid cheater

No. 1286687

wtf I've never heard of anyone having their baby hairs lasered! why would you do that? they look good I don't understand why you'd fuck with your hairline like that

she isn't 36. she's 31, born 1991

No. 1286698

The kardashians did it and talked about it as well years ago I think

No. 1286748

Lana is the new baby mama?

No. 1286794

Lmao!! Its what she deserves honestly

No. 1286814

yeah most women on this website posting beautiful women are doing it because we love/are in love with them kek

No. 1286815

i think she was beautiful before she injected so much. it's honestly saddening to see the difference before and after, wtf did she do to her mouth

No. 1286849

File: 1659463113169.jpg (87.55 KB, 640x800, 1273085.jpg)

she's a retard but not as stupid as she could be. at least she sometimes does shit like this, which is more than what i expect she'd do. she shouldn't have had a child at all. she's not ugly, she's definitely attractive but has an odd look.

No. 1286863

No like I genuinely thought it was one of those anons that constantly talk about how horrible famous women are and we shouldn’t “stan” them for “sexualizing themselves for the moids” and compare non-pornographic photos of women to porn, I was offended for no reason at all

>Armpit hair being one of the most natural and single most homogenous traits of women yet triggers men of all creeds horrendously to the point that this is considered brave and empowering

No. 1286893

Can people stop using pick me when they clearly have no idea what it means.

No. 1287004

Has the minors and baby Ezra was with been rescued yet? The last update was that he escaped to Japan somehow

No. 1287013

File: 1659470510044.jpg (113.93 KB, 717x614, 845524.jpg)

Themi era is OVER

No. 1287014

Nonnie, having a greasy hair kink is not it, seek Jesus

No. 1287017

File: 1659470738594.jpg (59.34 KB, 600x800, show-11478-1886786783.jpg)

Are you joking anon

No. 1287019

kek knew this coming.

No. 1287020

File: 1659470810577.jpg (58.81 KB, 1280x720, 1589949791706.jpg)

No. 1287025

nta + not attracted to him at all but he looks so constipated in your pic

No. 1287028

File: 1659471442205.jpg (162.9 KB, 729x773, 843548.jpg)

No. 1287033

>longtime love

No. 1287038

He looks so lumpy like a baby bogdanoff

No. 1287039

i wish to never encounter people who defend Amber like yourself IRL, and i don't care how unpopular this is to say on lolcow, completely unhinged to come at her defense and depict her like you do. if this is what a nice person looks like to you (an untreated sociopathic BPD piece of shit) i'm sure you are a nightmare to be around IRL, take meds, all of you. it feels like an alternate reality hearing how you portray her, and actually seeing her behave.

and Depp can die for all i care he's a waste of oxygen as well so you can't throw your usual insult about me being a pickme fatty who wants to fuck him, or you can actually since it's all you guys have to say.

get help

No. 1287040

longtime better not be longer than 5 years

No. 1287055

jesus fuck that anon sperging about her face was right
why did she do this

No. 1287057

that chinstrap beard with the sharp corner needs to die. i hate men who have it.

No. 1287059

What a fucking blimp. Is it really that hard to have fewer than 6 beers a day?

No. 1287119

We seriously need to stop encouraging women to date men so much older. this is insane. she is literally old enough to be his daughter.

No. 1287120

Sage for blogpost but I had a whole argument against a fat "non binary" (literally a commie moid) about the importance of gate keeping the LGB community because gatekeeping is necessary to keep faggots safe and he fought tooth and nail to defend Demi because "actually it's not our place to dictate her gender". Well looked here now, fat German bitch

No. 1287121

I can’t believe fat german boy would do this. He hasn’t been the same since the bluntensmoken cave incident..

No. 1287144

File: 1659478093845.jpeg (285.09 KB, 750x938, FD575B6A-597F-4A67-AAEA-1676D8…)

No. 1287151

Lol she’s right though plus it’s his agency that put that out trying to get good PR. He’ll be forgotten by Christmas

No. 1287155

Is there a chance she will start acting like a normal person or was her drug abuse that bad?

No. 1287170

They've been together for 5 years, so since she was 18. Fucking barf. I wouldn't be surprised if they actually started dating before she was 18 and just kept quiet about it.

No. 1287223

I was thinking to myself, i hope she takes all his money and make him buy her a lot of shit, but even in that scenario i don't understand how she can handle this relationship.

not only is he absolutely butt-ugly and old and bloated all over, he's also a misogynistic piece of shit. remember when Vanessa Hudgens got her private nudes leaked years ago and he publicly shamed her to get a quick laugh? like these pictures weren't STOLEN from her and completely private. Hudgens was dumb and always seemed like a pickme but oh really you're coming at the woman who got her boundaries broken for the whole world to see and you think it's funny? what does this young woman think oh my god how can she be ok with even just being in the presence of this scrote.

No. 1287297

AAAAHH what the fuck? I just googled that dude and he looks like John Waters' makeup artist dressed David Thewlis up as a rapist with AIDS.

No. 1287342

File: 1659488347532.jpg (27.94 KB, 300x410, if you only knew.jpg)

Guess who's back on coke?

No. 1287343

File: 1659488395922.jpg (32.61 KB, 300x434, bella haddid.jpg)

She's skinny, so she is happy I guess

No. 1287346

NTAYRT but lmao why are you so pressed about nona pointing out the difference between a 20 somethings woman casually doing drugs & fighting back vs the 50 something man who's been an addict with rage issues for over 30 years? You say you arent but you certainly sound like a typical depptard

No. 1287366

did someone edit this pic? kek

No. 1287374

buccal fat surgery way too young + yo-yo dieting + nose powder = corpse face

No. 1287380

she looks like 14th century feudal peasant

No. 1287382

I just know the deranged skellies on that one "pro-skinny" forum are seething hard and bone-rattling as we speak, still calling her a fat cow kek

No. 1287427

tf happened to her face? if you cover her creepy face her body doesn't look that bad, just like one of those weird bodybuilders

No. 1287517

File: 1659502919232.jpeg (89.35 KB, 1170x630, FY8qr4VUsAE9ESo.jpeg)

Shouldn't really be shocking to anyone given his extreme drug and alcohol but Johnny Depp has erectile dysfunction. Hookers have been saying this for years.

No. 1287519

File: 1659503225352.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 437.11 KB, 3240x1350, image1233.jpeg)

Megan Fox and Kourtney Kardashian pretending they're lesbians or something idk anymore

No. 1287521

Toilet tribadism. Lovely.

No. 1287546

I can already imagine twitter saphics being all over this, despite these two being the most embarrassingly straight women ever, I feel like we've gone back to the 2000's, where every pop-starlet seemed to be a faux-bisexual, but now instead of it doing for the male gaze they do this for the woke gaze

No. 1287547

It works because so-called twitter sapphics are also doing it for the woke gaze.

No. 1287558

File: 1659508852321.jpg (196.93 KB, 1080x1350, kourtneykardash-179431958-4733…)

Kourtney seems like the most uptight person ever, none of this punk rock lesbian bullshit is even close to being believable but I guess it doesn't even matter

No. 1287564

The way they're looking up at the camera… it's for the woke gaze AND the male gaze

No. 1287573

Anyone who is saying it’s for the “woke gaze” are retarded. It’s obviously for their stinky ashtray breath scrawny little husbands to jerk eachother off to and nothing more.

No. 1287588

File: 1659511525149.jpg (920.99 KB, 2048x3276, kkk.jpg)

I never cared or know much about Kibbe styles but this isn't hers. Her Cro-Magnon brow negates any cutesiness her height suggests and the broom in her ass directly contradicts the carefree attitude the clothing is giving off. Also, 2006 Tumblr called and wants the cross dress back.

No. 1287591

You are so right, that style suits her like tits suit a lizard

No. 1287599

That's not how you sage, anon.

No. 1287604

She looks lost.
Also, kek, at her wearing a Rammstein hoodie. Idiot.

No. 1287614

What shoe is she wearing in bottom left?

No. 1287633

another Bear??? this is the third one so far!

No. 1287662

wow far right is actually sreaight up offensive and lesbophobic

No. 1287675

saging, but she looks kind of cute in the top right picture. maybe because it's not a full-body one?

No. 1287678

this screams Xanax

No. 1287692

It looks porny and male-gaze as hell, can't imagine it appealing to any wokester

No. 1287711

Looks like stills from a horror movie kek do they not realise how fake and disgusting their faces are?

No. 1287715

When will the trend of looking like a Kim K clone die?

No. 1287769

It's from Balenciaga, given that Kim has a deal with the label, I assume they all wear it

No. 1287806

why is only that one 'lesbophobic'? why would the rest not be considering they're very obviously spank bank material for straight moids? please go back to twitter and stop being retarded

she looks literally like a corpse, what the fuck. those sunken in eyes are legitimately terrifying. even the tone of her skin is on some shayna clifford shades of grey type shit

No. 1287858

Ezra is trending again on twitter because of that Bat Girl movie being cancelled and The Flash is still going ahead. kek some of the tweets are so funny i can't help but laugh at these people crying and sperging but still making sure they call him 'they' i am a troubled retarded ezrafag and i dont call him they

No. 1287879

They're all lesbophobic.

No. 1287904

ot but what the hell is reflecting on the far right picture? Looks like a decayed dick or something like that kek

No. 1287982

why they name their children a dog's name?

No. 1287983

yeah they all are just that last one is so aggressively so i can't believe it got published

No. 1288016

Words have meaning.

No. 1288040

yep and the one i used means hateful towards lesbians

No. 1288057

my cat is called bear!!!!

No. 1288061

File: 1659550333422.jpg (1.41 MB, 958x1061, GF6uHl8.jpg)

LOL I can not wait to see twittertards heads exploding over this

No. 1288069

At "best", he was in his late 40s fucking a girl who just turned 18. At worst, he was fucking/dating her while she was underage (I personally believe the latter). Just let that sink in. This girl could literally be his daughter. It is grooming no matter how you spin it and we're supposed to accept this as a normal relationship.

No. 1288070

i am sorry, i mean, why they name their children a dog OR cat's name?

No. 1288071

well yeah 14-16 is age of consent in many places and i'm sure these guys have enough money to go on a trip to one of those places with their high school girlfriend

No. 1288074

Bold of you to assume Hollywood scrotes of all people give a fuck about age of consent laws kek

No. 1288078

Sorry, I got heated when I typed my story out and forgot to actually sage kek my eyes were clouded with frustration towards genderspecials

No. 1288093

Megan's been bi, but it's def pandering regardless since she's dating a man and this is forced as fuck. Also, didn't Kourtney have a weird thing with an underage tiktok girl?

No. 1288101

>Megan's been bi
not really. the things she's said about other women makes it sound like she dislikes women if anything.

No. 1288103

>2006 tumblr

No. 1288113

Holy fucking fillers, kek. He looks horrendous. Probably been a decade since I'd last seen anything of him but WOOF. Looking like John Travolta over here lmao

No. 1288118

you don't have to sage on /ot/

No. 1288130

yeah she's never been with a woman. her "i lost my virginity to a stripper named nikita when i was 16" story was fully made up. she admitted so in the new york times magazine cover story about her that exists for some reason.

No. 1288134

also those clothes are pure 2013. that's what hipster girls from small towns who moved to nyc and dated bike couriers wore from 2012-15

No. 1288135

she's claimed it since 2009 but maybe it's so she's not like other (celebrity) girls

No. 1288136

every celebrity woman has been saying it since 2005

No. 1288138

That is the most likely explanation.

No. 1288140

Reminds me of two basically cloned IMVU characters "sexy" dancing with each other, awkward af looking lol. I feel bad for both their kids, I'd be so embarrassed if my parents were doing this while I was in middle school.

No. 1288166

Ok, that mistake is understandable. Thought you were a newfag that doesn't know how to actually sage, kek.

No. 1288185

Kek, she looks like she grabbed most of these outfits from dolls kill clearance sales. That pink mini dress is especially unflattering & childish looking on her. She really needs to dress for her body/shape, she could definitely pull off a dramatic gothy or punk-esq look, but this is not it.
She looks worse than the gen z babygoths in my libshit college city who wear so much fast fashion they smell like cheap Chinese plastic, lol. That fum de AliExpress, if you will.

No. 1288296

File: 1659561993489.jpg (149.11 KB, 1080x602, Screenshot_20220804-001437_Chr…)

Beyonce cleared out the sampling rights for milkshake but didn't reach out to Kelis. Kelis doesn't own her music so she didn't have to but Kelis thinks it would be common decency to do so. Beyonce also removed the word "spazz" from one of the songs like Lizzo did a while back. It's not super milky but I feel like Beyonce have a shady stealing tendency like she copied Amerie's style back in the day.

No. 1288302

what she did is wrong but its not stealing. Kelis signed the rights of ''milkshake'' to Pharrell, so technically that song isn't Kelis anymore.

No. 1288306

And this is why real lesbians dont get taken seriously. At all.

No. 1288308

Beyonce didn't steal it, Kelis doesn't own the song and she wasn't a writer or anything on Milkshake so she wasn't credited on Energy. I feel for Kelis and understand why she's upset but if anything, this should have been between her and Pharrell

No. 1288313

She clarifies her real beef is with Pharell on an instagram live.

No. 1288315

Planned marketing stunt imo. She saw the lizzo situation and couldn't think of another word that isn't too offensive so just used spaz again. The Kelis thing is probably real though

No. 1288338

I really don't think it was a PR stunt. I really didn't see anyone complain about it (and I actually was thinking about how Lizzo was dogpiled for it but Beyonce wasn't) and spaz has been a common slang term for years. In fact, I think the only person I saw calling Beyonce out was Ben Shapiro kek

No. 1288630

File: 1659582169291.jpg (91.97 KB, 1080x549, beyonce.jpg)

No. 1288644

Oh shit you're right lol. I think the clip I saw of him saying she shouldn't say spaz was probably taken out of context.

No. 1288661

You forget that "sex work is empowering" is currently considered woke. They think it's great for women to be porny because it's considered very girlboss. It's horrible.

No. 1288735

i love how she didn’t even bother with she/they bullshit went straight back to she/her because pronouns have been less relevant recently LMFAO demi, you are so predictable

No. 1288750

I feel bad for her. She was obviously going through a maniac phase and instead of helping her they humor her delusions. At least she didn't get a titchop or something.

No. 1288778

when the fuck did this retarded pronoun thing start?
i am so fucking sick of this retardness

No. 1288800

how nice that we can demand artists change or remove lyrics and they have to do it now
i know it's Beyonce, but this is the start of something shitty imo

No. 1288802

or lizzo was the start

No. 1288809

ackshually it started with a weird al song

No. 1288838

you're all wrong, it started with the black eyed peas in 2003

No. 1288839

good luck to the future generation because they will live in a world that comes with a trigger warning for everything and be wrapped in cushions

No. 1288909

File: 1659615599051.jpeg (650.85 KB, 750x1103, 0B1F2126-4CDB-495B-B772-98E969…)

Chrissy Tiegen is pregnant again, great another useless, vapid, terminally raised by nannies celebrity sprog in the world

No. 1288925

>woman rightfully annoyed at a moid
every time

No. 1288926

This bitch is dark-sided. I think she has a gun to her faggot husband's (too dick to even remember his name) head at all times

No. 1288928

File: 1659616762843.png (113.63 KB, 269x182, Untitled.png)

this face they all have is fucking nightmarish

No. 1288933

fairly certain she's not a sith but they do have a wierd dynamic

No. 1288987

i think i sperg about someone's PS face every thread so thank you for making me feel VINDICATED

No. 1289029

It looks like Zendaya pumped full of fillers to cosplay Khloe Kardashian

No. 1289050

They really all have the same face and are trying to make it seem like the most desirable one even common people should strive for. I can go to the next super market right now and find a 40 year old mother of three and she will be prettier than any Hollywood celebrity because she looks like an actual human

No. 1289063

File: 1659628174153.jpg (323.83 KB, 1303x1135, 0_0y75yF6yOJvnZ.jpg)

Bill Skarsgard(guy who played pennywise) and FKA Twigs(pop-star who got STD's from Shia labeouf) set to Star in ‘The Crow’ Reboot, with Rupert Sanders(the old guy Kristen Stewart had an affair with) Directing, production on the reboot is underway in Prague, Czech Republic

>In what marks some major momentum for the long-awaited reboot of The Crow, Bill Skarsgard, who played Pennywise the Clown in the It franchise, has been tapped to star as Eric Draven in a new reimagining of The Crow. Rupert Sanders will direct the pic with Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter FKA Twigs also starring. The revenge thriller is written by Academy Award-nominated Zach Baylin .

>Crow was an indie comic written and drawn by James O’Barr in the late 1980s that told the dark tale of a man and his fiancee who are assaulted and killed by a gang after the couple’s car breaks down. The man is resurrected by a crow and exacts vengeance on those who took his life and the life of his love.
>Twigs is playing the girlfriend/fiancée. The role was not significant in the original movie, but sources say that in this reimagining, the part has been reconceived into a co-lead. It is unclear if the character never quite dies, perhaps returns in some supernatural form, or may even be a representation of the crow itself.

Honestly I think Bill Skarsgard is a good choice for Eric, unsure about how twigs performance might be and really worried how the director will handle the film, he's only ever directed Snow White and the Huntsman and Ghost in the Shell

No. 1289106

Have Twigs ever acted in anything?
>Pattinson and Kristen's old love interests are in the same project
Boy, I can't wait for people to build tinfoils. What a coincidence kek.

No. 1289111

File: 1659630964343.jpeg (1.28 MB, 1242x1936, 394BC071-8AFA-4C61-B2D0-B17864…)

God she is looking absolutely botched these days. I remember when you’d only see this kind of overwork done on 60 year old women.

No. 1289112

No. 1289115

File: 1659631049029.jpeg (1.56 MB, 1242x1453, 993C1155-445A-4CA7-BDA4-E7EBF0…)

Vogue magazine recently posted her old face. I never thought she was super pretty but comparing to now, she looks beautiful. Why do women hate themselves so much.

No. 1289118

I can't remember the last time I heard someone say "spaz" in the USA, to mean anything at all, it's like a 80s - 90s Valley Girl word. I do find it kinda hard to believe both Lizzo and Beyonce happened to use this pretty outdated slang term that happens to be offensive in the UK within weeks of each other. It's not offensive anywhere else in the world, and it's such an easy one to change and not look THAT bad. I don't know, I actually do think it is marketing. No one is going to get mad at Lizzo or Beyonce longterm for saying "spaz" and they look like good people for listening and learning. And the songs get listened to to confirm the 'spaz' shit.

No. 1289119

Absolutely wrong type of nose for that role and wrong type of face, not crowlike at all, shit casting choice

No. 1289125

Someone on Twitter said her face looks like a balled up fist and I will never forget it

No. 1289138

She looks like the amerimutt meme and her kids to as well, very unfortunate. Surgery hasn't improved it at all though.

No. 1289140

File: 1659632765862.jpg (197.22 KB, 576x467, Untitled-1.jpg)

>>1289138( race bait)

No. 1289153

File: 1659633769204.png (252.91 KB, 597x334, irmavep.png)

People keep saying how the main character from Irma Vep remake was written based on Kristen Stewart, and she appeared as a cameo during its last episode. The creator admitted to that.
>“I don’t know that many American actresses,” he previously told Vanity Fair, “so when I write a part for a young American actress, yes, I get inspired by what I spied from Kristen.”
>He spoke similarly in another interview. “There must be elements of Kristen,” he told The New York Times. “Kristen is haunting the film.”
>"I think that was always what Olivier had in mind," Vikander says of Assayas bringing Stewart aboard, even briefly, as the Twilight performer's own career and personal life reportedly inspired elements of the character of Mira. "He knew it was a small part and they know each other very well, but it was more about writing it though he didn't know if she'd say yes to come and join us."
The mc has a British ex-boyfriend who has a singer girlfriend, also an ex-girlfriend that was her personal assistant, has similar fashion sense too (same with the portrayal of ex-bf), along with smoking habits and similar mannerisms and body language.
I got curious and decided to check whatever Kristen is up to right now.

No. 1289162

Kek, which forum?

No. 1289217

File: 1659637630906.jpg (33.04 KB, 630x450, 112.jpg)

>Kristen Stewart had an affair with
WTF, apparently Kristen Stewart cheated on Robert Pattinson with a married guy old enough to be her dad

No. 1289218

yeah that was a huge scandal at the time. he was the director of that film she was in. he looks like an actual corpse, wow

No. 1289224

Didn't Robert Pattinson also cheat on her though? But I also heard that their relationship (kristen with rob, not the other guy) in general was actually PR.

No. 1289231

Probably Skinny Gossip.

No. 1289241

Yeah, he hooked up with a bunch of women back then. There were some jacuzzi pictures too.

No. 1289244

Nta but I guess it isn't such a big deal then. But I still don't understand why she would stay married to him then. At that point just stay single or look into a different relationship.

No. 1289260

Her personality is absolute dog shit though. Let’s not forget for years she was harassing and bullying numerous women and literal children. Her “not like other girls” act is tiresome as well

No. 1289273

File: 1659641230855.jpeg (104.29 KB, 828x337, 0878835D-CABD-4AF9-B6D1-94583A…)

This isn’t even recent but I needed you to know I cackled at the mental picture of Jeffrees bone lord knees knocking together as he hobbles around the desert ass naked like a skinwalker under the moonlight. Imagine seeing him from a distance.

Their relationship wasn’t even real and he got so much undeserved sympathy.

No. 1289279

File: 1659641547721.png (138.77 KB, 1210x366, Screen Shot 2022-08-04 at 3.32…)

No. 1289282

She cheated on Soko too. which like..how. She's beautiful

No. 1289294

She was fine in Honey Boy

No. 1289385

Ezra Miller is like a spider: it's awful to know he's there, but it's much worse when you can't see him anymore

No. 1289430

Just wait till the skeeters bite you in the buttocks and you get poked with stinging nettle, betcha he puts his clothes back on then

No. 1289442

what? soko looks like a fat transsexual. there's some red carpet photos where large amounts of expert makeup do a lot of heavy lifting, and she's easier to look at in those, but other than that what are you on

No. 1289449

why did all these men who look like howdy doody start to be considered hot? chris pine, harry styles, bill skarsgard, all these cake mix mascot looking crackers with smiles like a baby shitting while you hold it

No. 1289453

"hay guibe"

No. 1289455

well she hates all other women too, so don't feel too bad for her

No. 1289459

That bitch would get sunburnt in one minute.

No. 1289478

File: 1659654333729.png (1.79 MB, 788x1078, Screen Shot 2022-08-04 at 7.06…)


No. 1289498

File: 1659655434215.jpg (286.01 KB, 1068x909, Screenshot_2022-08-04-16-23-46…)

No. 1289506

why is this pedo still allowed to walk around

No. 1289508

can they just put this bitch in jail already

No. 1289511

Finally some Carmen Sanditheygo news

No. 1289519

Don't care, would still fuck

No. 1289524

I fuvking hate this vile hog but why do we have to sperg out on her unborn child, grow tf up.

No. 1289563

My favorite was Tokata claiming homophobia for finding the clown makeup comment abusive. This girl's brain is completely fried by this lunatic

No. 1289633

You're probably too old for him kek

No. 1289811

No. 1289875

you are correct

No. 1290186

Maybe people will finally start being open about other actors being insufferable assholes on set.

No. 1290306

File: 1659685725713.jpeg (202.48 KB, 950x534, 7E38B7E6-B546-4CE8-BCE5-12E3A0…)

You will never be as sexy as Edward furlong in the crow!

No. 1290316

File: 1659686483978.jpeg (88.57 KB, 1125x1382, 4924EE80-DD11-494B-8394-D67AFD…)

>smiles like a baby shitting while you hold it
Anon do you realise how accurate this comparison is…

No. 1290318

I hate paedophiles so much for ruining him, also the fact that he was introduced to cocaine and heroin at just 13, its honestly a miracle that he still managed to look for as long as he did

No. 1290330

Infuriating that they can go from someone so talented and attractive to someone who looks like they smear their own fecal matter on the walls

No. 1290336

Oh fuck off! We don't want another stupid Crow. We want Shelley killing her rapists, a good soundtrack and zero woke shit! I can't stand that pug nose goblin.

No. 1290355

Ezra Update: iNabber just did a video discussing allegations against Ezra and apparently he is still roaming around like the guy from DOOM.

Side note, the kid he "saved" from her "abusive parents" is absolutely horse shit grooming. The "abuse" was her parents being transphobic and saying she was a girl, and Ezra took her to Hawaii to heal from bigotry. Now I'm not saying she has never been abused but its awfully fucking sketchy that a large group of people are now painting him as a saint for this. Sets a really weird precedent when an adult man can whisk away a random child and be the good guy

No. 1290369

There's also another 12 year old nb (100% that's a girl I guarantee it) has been given an order of protection against Ezra because he was being menacing to the family and acted inappropriately towards the child. People have began theorizing that Hollywood is funding a smear campaign to have Ezra nerfed for being nb, and others believe Takota Iron Eyes own family is paying people off. Many many conspiracies that boil down to this being the transphobia case of the century

No. 1290374

Are they just gonna ignore that Hollywood was singing praises to him for serving nb lewkz and realness, and that troonery is en vogue now? Hollywood wants to create more troons and enbies and that's a fact. But nope. Whole world is a transphobe. These people are bent

No. 1290385

Some bits from the article
>On the set of "Asking for It," in fall 2019, Miller often wore long robes, a cape, and a unicorn head despite scorching temperatures, crew members said. (The ensemble was not part of Miller's on-screen wardrobe.) Many people on the set commented on Miller's pungent body odor, and one production staffer told Insider that Miller appeared mentally scattered. "It was kind of startling," the production staffer said, adding that Miller seemed to be "just kind of floating from place to place, room to room."
>A few months later, while filming the TV miniseries "The Stand," Miller incessantly screeched, spit, and interrupted the director by screaming during filming, Kevin Armstrong, an extra on the show, said. A second person said Miller would yell erratically on the set to get a reaction. Armstrong said that when he complained about Miller's behavior, the person in charge of extras told him that Miller was method acting because their character was mentally unstable.
>Miller's presence was poorly received by some Icelanders, who said the actor was aggressive and emitted a putrid stench. The actor, who rarely changed out of the same loosely fitting bohemian clothing, strolled the frigid streets of Reykjavík barefoot, revealing long, pointy toenails and what looked like an infected gash on one foot, three people said.
>The actor became fixated on her [rando Icelander] breeding capabilities, she said, and worshipped her "perfect" womb by "talking to it, looking at it, hugging it," and laying their head on her stomach.
>On January 29, Miller and their house guests called Tokata's parents to tell them Tokata was incapacitated after having taken LSD four days prior. Iron Eyes and Jumping Eagle flew to Vermont the next day. When they arrived, they said, Tokata was "out of it" and "incoherent," screaming so relentlessly that she lost her voice for several days.
>Tokata told Insider that while she was in South Dakota her parents treated her "like a prisoner" and forced her to participate in ceremonies with a medicine man who made her "inhale my own burning hair as he cut it off my head." Tokata says her parents told her that she was "possessed" and that if she contacted Miller again, she'd die.
>"Tokata was very clear with me," Ignatius said. "She said: 'I love going by the name Tokata. And I think it's a beautiful name.' And Ezra said, 'No, no, no, you like going by Gibson now.'" Tokata's only reaction was "deflated silence," Ignatius said. Tokata, who is nonbinary and uses she/they pronouns, told Insider she goes by both Tokata and Gibson and came up with Gibson herself.
>Ignatius said that when Miller and Tokata returned to Vermont in May, the actor's mistreatment of Tokata continued. He said Miller hid Tokata's phone from her and at one point screamed obscenities at Tokata for wearing makeup. He recalled Miller saying: "What the fuck are you doing? Putting on this fucking clown paint?". Tokata said she was never screamed at. "That was queer dialogue about a badly applied rouge on my part, which I appreciated," she said. "I think the fact that a catty comment made by a queer person about makeup being considered abuse is actually quite homophobic rhetoric."
>"I want to invest in your future. I want to make you somebody," the now-12-year-old recalled Miller telling them.
>The child last saw Miller on June 4, when Miller showed up at their apartment building dressed in a cowboy hat and boots asking to buy horses for the 12-year-old.
>Someone who visited the farm this spring said that rifles and pistols were strewn around the house and that there was heavy marijuana use without proper ventilation. On one occasion, the visitor said, he saw Miller blow marijuana smoke in the baby's face and use their arm to waft more smoke in the baby's direction.
>Legal documents filed by Tokata's parents said that in April, family and friends of Miller and Tokata discussed staging an intervention and looping in Warner Bros. But Warner Bros. and Miller's mother, Marta, backed out.
>In the protection order, Tokata's parents say Marta has enabled Miller. Jumping Eagle recalled that when she told Marta that Miller had assaulted her daughter, Marta said Miller would have to "be spiritually accountable to Tokata."
What a mess

No. 1290426

isn't it common knowledge that this was mostly bad PR and used as a tool for her/by her to get away from the PR relationship with rpatz?

No. 1290446

please, Robert Pattison and her were just a PR relationship

No. 1290474

It still was an affair cause he was a married man and as stated old enough to be her dad

No. 1290557

>That was queer dialogue about a badly applied rouge on my part

why did this make me laugh as hard as it did? It sounds like something you'd hear in a poorly-written woke tv show

No. 1290564

no one said it was not bad or an affair just that she was never in a real relationship with Pattison. The comment was not meant for the green text but for the black one

No. 1290566

That was just a PR thing to generate interest for the Snow White film and she also needed an exit strategy for her (also PR) 'relationship' with RPatz. If you look at the pictures they look forced and why is it that she looks into the camera several times yet didn't feel the need to run away or something?

No. 1290571

This. Pattinson had his own milk in the past, but his PR team and parents' money always made sure to get rid of paparazzi pictures, despite everyone knowing that he is a drug addict and a serial cheater himself, which is quite interesting tbh. Pattinson's stance on the whole drama always seemed way too perfect, it all felt like it was a plan to drag Kristen's reputation because she can't do anything about it. Cheating is a terrible thing but it's bizarre to me how every time a man does that in Hollywood no one cares, while if it's a woman who ends up being the cheater she starts having an army of haters and all of the press would keep posting negativity about her.

No. 1290591

>bizarre to me how every time a man does that in Hollywood no one cares, while if it's a woman who ends up being the cheater she starts having an army of haters and all of the press would keep posting negativity about her
This 10000%

No. 1290596

sanity prevails!

No. 1290602

File: 1659700832216.jpeg (111.08 KB, 1170x731, 92A339B7-482C-471D-8B6D-587BFE…)

Ben Affleck’s daughter is a clone of Jennifer Garner and she is not having it

No. 1290607

she's really beautiful in some pics but I just can't look past her hair in this one? girl why

you're really committed to this, huh

oh my god she really is the spitting image of her mum

No. 1290615

Does BenAff have a fetish for Jennifers

No. 1290621

File: 1659702930991.png (740.1 KB, 609x703, hm.png)

Well, that's awkward.

No. 1290623

Meant to reply to >>1290602

No. 1290632

File: 1659704283741.png (1010.19 KB, 708x759, jennette#.PNG)

No. 1290634

File: 1659704468546.jpg (87.08 KB, 700x893, sub-buzz-2019-1659108457-20.jp…)

He looks more like Steve Buschemi and Harry Styles (not a rockstar) than all these rockstar types like Tim Curry and Brandon Lee that Hollyweird somehow thinks he looks like

This story just 'broke' in my country but I wanted to say this neanderthal looks fucking horrendous. His lips look like an actual prolapsed asshole. The pickmeisha comments in here about this affair are reminding me of the kpop thread where scrotes get off scot free, integrate to the radical feminist site or fuck off

No. 1290637

File: 1659704681146.jpg (112.91 KB, 857x1197, 12.jpg)

Queen shit, the most based thing you can do is step away from those parasites and be your own person

No. 1290643

File: 1659705300640.png (1.36 MB, 1644x3262, Screenshot_20220805-151311~2.p…)

Haven't seen anyone posting this, but maybe it's because I kind of rushed through the thread. I really find celebrities so pathetic and predictable, but I'm glad that at least the general consensus in the amber and depp case is shifting

No. 1290648

I feel such an amount of superiority anytime I see anything related to the case, cause I never gave a shit about it, I didn't know what it was about, I didn't know who Amber Heard was, all I know is that a bunch of subhuamans cared way too much about the pointless drama between two other low IQ subhumans who happened to be famous

No. 1290656

(C)rapperchan? Is it you? Be still my beating heart…

No. 1290662

That means we can insult people and be rude without consequences as long as we claim nonbinary and queer talk

No. 1290664

Other people cared about it because of its impact on DV cases of normal women. You're not above others for not caring about celebrity drama.

No. 1290666

but I am though, celebrities are jesters that deserved to be mocked, the only people I care about in the Industry are the children and no one else

No. 1290674

Wow, such an edgy input. She is not like other Anons, she is (c)rapchan.
So, I may be in the minority on this side but I am all for social justice (or do you just hate the "warriors", I can understand that) but this shit has to stop.
People being rude, hurtful, predatory and then claiming NB, and every one isn't allowed to call them out, anymore.
And to be frank, they are 99% males, who use NB as an excuse for being shitty, just like your "regular" moid behaves shitty.
Gays men and drag queen calling everyone bitch and women fishy, male enbies harrassing young women, grooming them. Losing their shit when someone calls them "he". And then people say, that's just their trauma. Fuck, killers also have trauma, they are still accountable for their doings.
The mental gymnastics of social media goes parcour, just that no one has to feel offended (triggered, as they like to claim).

No. 1290685

She is prevailing iktr, fuck all the people who yet again tried to buy into the lie that men are susceptible to ~ultra nuanced~ abuse in any sort of position where it’s them against a lone vulnerable woman being dogpiled by an audience. All because he is a “charming” liar who only got support because of the nostalgia factor. Anyone who believes this sort of absolute bullshit about all women being some sort of cunning manipulative Jodie Arias types is a certified retard.

Wow you’re such a dark triad stacy, everybody clap

No. 1290695

my poor baby. sweet little eddie, ruined by hollywood.

No. 1290698

yes that's why i wrote it. chris pine is the worst offender imo

No. 1290701

fr. Funny thing on the Amber Heard supporting thread they had a post a few days ago, which shows that many bots were subsceribed to the r/justifeforjohnnydepp subreddit because it wa sjust so unorganic and that the engagement rates are very low.

A big fuck you to all the celebrities, who supported Johnny Depp and now have to take back their likes. I hope they will get backlash and will get branded as "bystanders/abusers, who silenced an abused woman". If I would be a celebrity I would have kept quiet about the whole thing. I never believed Depp was innocent because he is a nightmare to work with (and in the now released document alledgly even Disnney found him hard to work with and that this was the reason, why he got no jobs anymore. The Amber thing was just happening around the same time and I will never forget how bad of a father (and most likely) husband he was to his daughter and ex-girlfriend

No. 1290705

>wa sjust
Did you have a stroke?

No. 1290715

probably just phoneposting, i too make a lot of typos when phoneposting

No. 1290720

300k? fucking seriously? what year do they think it is

No. 1290721

it's really sad how proud of herself she looks here

No. 1290731

It's offensive how low this is.

No. 1290734

He reminds of that suuuper ugly guy from stranger things, the one with the anorexic gf

No. 1290737

We are getting closer to a world where you aren't allowed to say anything unless you claim a particular phrase and background which excuses you of all bad actions. It really just facilities male domination because all the trannys use it, and alongside them the handmaidens. It's just funny how non binary and queer is now an excuse instead of just taking responsibility or saying yeah I had a bad day and I said something that was mean etc and apologize

No. 1290741

Nta but did you have to be autistic about obvious typos that were extremely easy to overlook

No. 1290747

File: 1659712182669.jpeg (1.41 MB, 1170x1883, F93AF7E0-A899-4182-80B8-B6D82A…)

I literally thought this was a joke lmao, but it really is Vanessa Hudgens meeting Kaia Gerber

No. 1290756

File: 1659712915845.jpg (40.96 KB, 768x432, terminator-2-ed-furlong.jpg)

don't you fucking dare compare him to any on stranger things, edward furlong was once every 13 year old girl's crush after being forced to watch Terminator 2 by their dads

No. 1290758

yeah that's actually 100% factual. me and my friends had the biggest crush on furlong in t2 way back when.

No. 1290760

who is he

No. 1290762

I thought this was Elizabeth Banks in goth makeup.

No. 1290764

i'm assuming austin butler? he's 30 now, vanessa was 3 yrs older than him. they dated in 2011, he's now dating 20 yo kaia gerber

No. 1290765

Is it out yet? I hope she goes all out. Ariana who sucked dan schnieder dick for all her success will be secretly fuming that she could never be this real.

No. 1290769

Austin Butler, who apparently hasn't stopped larping as elvis

No. 1290790

if anyone knows where i can find a pdf of this book id be forever grateful.. im poor but i wanna know the drama

No. 1290793

i will never understand how so many people think what depp did to heard was justified bc she shit in his bed like years of abuse and shes the bad guy bc she took a dump on his pillow.

No. 1290801

it wasn't even proven that she did it, it was likely the dog that took the dump or jd himself. depp supporters are losing their shit since they paid for this and then they don't like what the unsealed documents have to say kek

No. 1290810

Doja Cat shaved her head which looks cute imo but then she also shaved her eyebrows on live. Is she just having fun playing with her looks or is this a sign of her struggling a la 2007 Britney?

No. 1290812

She's desperate for attention at all times. Every day that she isn't trending on Twitter she dies a little bit inside.

No. 1290817

File: 1659716782652.jpg (152.66 KB, 1400x2125, 714l-Ja-VAL.jpg)

Coming out on August 9 it seems. The title is brutal though.
I'm sure it will drop to libgen once it comes out.

No. 1290820

her proportions look extremely off in this picture. like her head is huge, her hips jut out weirdly… like i get the 80s babysitters club aesthetic it’s going for but it looks soooo weird

No. 1290822

File: 1659717170298.jpg (2.8 MB, 2302x4096, InCollage_20220805_093244884.j…)

Here are some of the altered photos he submitted.

No. 1290826

No. 1290830

absolutely based

No. 1290834

really incredible.
>shills narrative that amber is the one who submitted edited photos, astroturfs narrative so retarded incels pick it up and attack an abused woman who he literally wants to be destitute for not allowing herself to be abused any longer
>fans unsealing court docs reveal HE was the one submitting edited photos the entire time
him and his entire time are some of the biggest DARVO utilizers i've ever seen. it's really disgusting. i hope everyone who received praise for "doing such a great job and defending the REAL victim!" has their reputation absolutely destroyed. depp has literally been notorious in hollywood for his abuse and misconduct but the entire world did nothing but shit on a battered woman for months as a way to "get back" at women for me too. it's so beyond repulsive.

No. 1290839

god, and people disagree with me that he looks like an inbred jatt sindhi fisherman

No. 1290849

This is so cathartic

No. 1290857

File: 1659719400651.jpg (206.15 KB, 872x842, dfgdgddf.jpg)

Apparently, instead of using the book to name the various predators she has dealt with on the set, she just makes sure to name drop Ariana multiple times and blame her for being popular enough to be her co-lead and visibly happy because it made her feel bad about herself lmfao. Jesus be a pick me.

No. 1290859

the book isn't even out yet, do you really think this isn't cherrypicked for celeb dramu?

No. 1290864

were you that anon from the depp/heard thread who claimed that he wasn't white kek

No. 1290867

even if it was a PR stunt, didn't it lead into the director and his wife divorcing over it? If it was just PR why did they divorce?

No. 1290869

She’s leaning forward, she’s petite, and her head is big compared to her body. Any other stupid shit you’d like to complain about Detective BDD?

No. 1290870

To be fair, Ariana has a gigantic platform and chose to use it to praise a massive Nickelodeon pedophile (Dan). Ariana has more reach than any of his victims ever will and she just outright ignores the abuse or pretends Dan is good, all the while child stars are still being hired (and abused most likely). Fuck Ariana Grande, she's a pedo baiting pickme anyway

No. 1290871

File: 1659720625135.jpg (2.52 MB, 3918x2622, opium-pic.jpg)

I never claimed that, I just he said looks like an inbred jatt and one of the many many heroin or opium addicts that are found in lower punjab

No. 1290874

>Tom Hanks
Why does this name keep reappearing when people talk about pedophiles

No. 1290886

holy shit ur right

No. 1290889

I can't imagine the rage Jenette felt when she realized she'd been duped. I'm listening to Jenett's podcast Empty Inside right now and she does mention struggling with arrogance and feeling like (paraphrasing) "I'm just as good or better as that person who has [thing], so why don't I have [thing]?"

No. 1290928

File: 1659723686895.jpeg (407.85 KB, 828x368, 2555DC98-B597-4A90-AFCF-A9E91E…)

The "allegations" that were made about him a few years ago by some girl who claimed she molested him as a child were proven false, but who knows

It's always the ones with the wholesome images

No. 1290930

Why would she as a young girl be at Tom Hanks home though I’m just wondering

No. 1290934

she has never been a stable person ever since her career took off tbh

No. 1290936

still trying to take the attention off her dming that teen

No. 1290943

I thought this was a drag queen for a second

No. 1290984

File: 1659727498949.jpg (129.53 KB, 1200x616, 20220805_212330.jpg)

Im seeing vile twitter faggots (who are all nicki fans) bring britney spears in this and comparing who looks better bald…

No. 1291000

I am completely homophobic and its the faggots who made me this way

No. 1291012

This what happens when you base your career on being hot and pretty because the moment you decide to do something unconvential then people lose their minds.
It reminds me how everyone lost their minds when katy perry cut her hair because she marketed herself as this long black hair big booby sexual pastel girl whose music was manufactured and her sole purpose was to be pretty.

No. 1291025

File: 1659729942146.png (15.87 KB, 604x242, IDU1cDELRtaduROYdd0N7Q[1].png)

it's what happens when you say you're gonna do something and set out to do it

No. 1291041

>Ezra called out for grooming, abuse, cult shit
>Nickelodeon about to get its reckoning
>Depp's dirt is exposed thanks to his own retarded fanbase
Holy shit is our timeline finally taking a turn for the better?

No. 1291049

File: 1659731125695.jpg (798.31 KB, 1170x1650, KING.jpg)

He is such a king. Yall's faves can't compete

No. 1291051

missed you babe

No. 1291055

can somebody link this thread? too lazy to dig for it myself

No. 1291064

I love you Boyegachan. You're the only good namefag here.

No. 1291071

only if men actually go down in the process, what's the point in exposing them if nothing happens to them. also kevin spacey just lost a massive sexual harassment lawsuit

james franco and shia lebouf are coming back so there's converses too

No. 1291072

No. 1291074

Please let it be the og and not an imposter.
We missed you Boyega-chan.
You can take that into your list.

No. 1291077

This is true. Watched T2 for both him and Sarah connor. Based and cuties.

No. 1291082

I aspire to have someone cape this hard for my mediocre ass. Your love is an inspiration.

No. 1291092

what are they on, her head is shaped like a lightbulb

No. 1291094

Thank you! He does have a pug nose. that shit has been bothering me. And I would pay so much for Shelley having her own film murdering men.

No. 1291096

Oh wow. She really got all of Jennifer's genes.


No. 1291100

Why does this man think he is more important than he actually is?

No. 1291142

hi dan

No. 1291147

short women have big heads, it's not even a weird looking picture. also on book covers there's gonna be a lot of photoshop to make it graphic/"aesthetic". the anon you replied to is a dumb person.

No. 1291150

those guys with the too-close eyes have cousin parents. you see them in brampton and scarborough as well. i think their non-retarded parents work and bring their fucked up flipper spawn over because none of these genetic dead ends ever have jobs or even crime careers. they just wander around taking pills and trying to rape 12th graders at the streetcar stop.

No. 1291156

her skull is like a cross betweean azealia's and rossy de palma's. peanutbulb. britney has a mannequin head and can wear any hairstyle.

No. 1291159

he's a dumb london bitch who can act in films but sucks shit at literally everything else in life, even basic conversation.

No. 1291189

But he dummy thick tho

No. 1291247

She submitted doctored photos, too. Stop being a retard.

No. 1291300

File: 1659744120350.jpg (161.32 KB, 1080x856, Screenshot_2022-08-05-17-02-06…)

No. 1291308

NY Times just did an interview with her. Mentioned this, and also what "broke" her, when on set doing Sam and Cat, Ariana came in gloating she had spent the previous evening playing charades at Tom Hanks house . Which also made me do a double take because why would a very young Ariana be doing that? weird.

No. 1291311

I can understand her being pissed… even aside the Dan thing, didn't she film a bunch of Sam and cat with Ariana "inside a cardboard box" because ariana was busy and couldnt be arsed?

No. 1291365

i'm relieved for her children. i hope they are with the nanny most of the day and don't really connect with their crazy dad or irresponsible mom

No. 1291370

it's because Dan, the predator, would have known to have someone to build up, make popular, and never touch/molest.
this gives a predator the plausible deniability they need to harass less popular/fatter/orphaned/whatever actors on their show (or in their theatre, platoon, etc.)
Ariana was the "golden child" in this situation, and jenette, the one with the most to lose and most problems (no support at home, uncaring stage mother), was both easier to harass and unlikely to be believed if she ever came forward.

No. 1291372

File: 1659749569940.jpg (400.61 KB, 968x690, Screenshot_2022-08-05-18-29-21…)

Anne Heche got plastered, crashed into a garage, fled the scene and crashed again into someone's house. She's severely burned and in critical condition.


No. 1291373

samefag, so even if ariana didn't know what was going on (doubt it), jenette will still feel some enmity towards the person who was safe from what she herself went through.

No. 1291374

still less insane than ellen page.

No. 1291437

Jesus she looks like she's on meth. They have her under a sheet thing on the gurney and she just shoots up and starts flailing around like a zombie.

No. 1291481

Ah yes, potential goring people with your car, so based and stable

This has been shown time and time again and will continue to repeat itself throughout history. Abusers and men in general will always prey upon the less conventional when it comes to their degen proclivities because they want to have plausible deniability to fall back on. “Why would I do that to her? She isn’t even that pretty.” “Why would I pick her? X or Y is more beautiful and they have testimony I never harmed them.” A male tactic that should be explicitly easy to see through at this point.

No. 1291514

Its also worth noting that Ariana's family was loaded
>She is the daughter of Joan Grande, the Brooklyn-born CEO of Hose-McCann Communications, a manufacturer of communications and safety equipment owned by the Grande family since 1964,[16] and Edward Butera, a graphic design firm owner in Boca Raton
meanwhile Jennette McCurdy claimed she grew up in a "dysfunctional Mormon family" and became the family's breadwinner as a child, of course Dan was going to creep on someone who had to deal with all the bullshit to support her family

No. 1291530

drunken breakdown over becoming an old soft butch that hollywood assholes ignore = less crazy than frankensteining your body and quitting food

No. 1291532

ew, Boca.

No. 1291555

Get back to me when Page deliberately puts others in danger and crashes a car into a house

No. 1291575

Ellen openly advocating for medical abuse of children is literally putting others in danger.

No. 1291577

Ah yes, very comparable to crashing your car without any regard to who you can hurt for attention

No. 1291587

It's the meta tranny coping over the fact that he supports child abuse and posts cp, don't bother replying to him, just report it.

No. 1291595

Her guardian angel was really watching out for her, wtf

No. 1291598

Ew no I’m not, I literally just find the comparison melodramatic and not even parallel in any way—it’s just an excuse to shoehorn more gc shit where it’s irrelevant. Please stop giving him the attention he doesn’t deserve.

No. 1291599

>severely burned and in critical condition
>guardian angel

No. 1291601

She's still alive though, someone had to be looking out

No. 1291603

Yeah, being critical and covered in Deadpool-tier burns is such an angelic save. Please be serious.

No. 1291605

Did she die though?

No. 1291606

>implying death isn’t a gracious release for something like this

No. 1291608

Anon pls. I'm basically saying it's a miracle that she's alive

No. 1291609

No. 1291631

He has a son just two years younger than her, wouldn't be surprised if she was just there for a birthday party or something.

No. 1291706

I like her but is it just me or is this really obvious jealousy and pretty cringe
I have no doubts Ariana is very annoying to other women, she is a huge pick me and also very pretty and in those days she did that whole innocent uwu Lolita shtick, recipe to being hated by women
I guess I’m just surprised she basically admitted being intimidated by her because she got to be a costar and was getting more opportunities
Seems super embarrassing but I assume it’s therapeutic for her, just cringey to imagine young jeanette sitting there fuming because ari came in whistling like Snow White acting like a loli and thats what “broke her”

No. 1291712

The book is not even out yet, OPs picture is from some random article. It's best to wait for the book and judge it yourself than trust some random journalist.

No. 1291713

Samefag but I also feel like as annoying as ari guaranteed was, it’s misplaced anger. It’s like choosing to be a stripper then getting mad at another stripper because she makes the most money by doing favors on the side, which you feel you shouldn’t have to do, but expect to make the same amount of bank. Yes it’s fucking corrupt and disgusting but that’s reality in Hollywood and everyone knows it. Jeanette shouldn’t be involved in a business run by creeps and pedos if she has a moral compass that prevents her from doing whatever Ariana did to get where she is today. Copious plastic surgery, anorexia, pedo pandering, clout fucking and race shifting are likely just the tip of the iceberg. and it’s good that Jeanette ultimately chose healing and being sane over making it big. Obviously the real criminal here is Jeanette’s sick mother for putting her daughter into this world from a young age.

No. 1291720

…it's not like "choosing to be a stripper" at all lol they were kids. it's more like being exploited as a child and then being pitted against each other as young girls/sexualized objects of desire isn't it

No. 1291781

I have Jeanette’s book rn lmk if y’all have any questions I’m gonna start it tonight

No. 1291786

Stop acting like you know him.

No. 1291791

What is Pete going to do about the fact her name is branded on him kek

No. 1291802

File: 1659788909579.jpg (119.75 KB, 600x731, 04UP-MARILYN-articleLarge.jpg)

At least we're genetically diverse. The opposite of "mutt" is inbred. Whenever people call Americans mutts, it comes across to me like a weird cope about how being inbred makes Eurofags "genetically superior" or whatever.

Also, plenty of women have Monroe's measurements, they just aren't as lucky as she was. She became famous because a photographer was taking propaganda photos in an airplane factory where she worked as a riveter during WWII. She also had tons of work done on her face, as you can tell by picrel, which is what she looked like before all the surgeries.

No. 1291820

anon you are responding to that 14-words russian anon from /g/ or a moid, don’t even bother

No. 1291829

Literally the first thing I thought of was tje fact his BPD ass got her AND her kids named tattooed on him. When they grow up they're gonna think it's weird as hell tha he did that after only a few weeks and their mum was like "yeah ok this is cool let's keep dating I see no red flags" kek

No. 1291834

kinda excited to see which dude she goes for next. fingers crossed for a weirder pairing.

No. 1291835

This is actually an excellent observation. Predators go for vulnerable people, and McCurdy (an abused child who had to work because her entire family depends on her) was miles more vulnerable than a girl with a budding singing career and rich parents who were able to protect her. A predator wouldn't molest Arianna with a 10 ft pole because the risk is too much. Imo Arianna is still a bad person for having the reach that she does and still opting to praise Dan

No. 1291838

I'm praying Elon Musk but I think she'll either fuck MGK during one of Megan's weird fake lesbian Kourtney Kardashian larp photoshoots or she's going to get back with Kanye

No. 1291849

Pretty sure it was in the novel in some form. It's a brutal examination of womanhood under patriarchy using Marilyn as an example. I just wish that a woman was directing the Blonde movie. A scrote absolutely shouldnt be allowed to and has no business doing that

No. 1291850

Her dating the forbidden man (adam driver) would be hilarious, Kanye will loose it for good kek

No. 1291854

>spent the previous evening playing charades at Tom Hanks's house.
Jesus fucking christ how old was Ariana at the time? This is probably Jennette naming names without putting herself at risk. I mean put two and two together dumbass, what grown man would have a teenager over for "charades." What else are readers supposed to get from that other than the very obvious writing on the wall, you'd have to be an idiot teenager to think "oh Tom Hanks just likes playing charades with teen girls!"

No. 1291867

File: 1659794576331.png (282.71 KB, 540x601, Screenshot.png)

from what I've looked up about the book, it seems that's what she's going for, she can't give names(more then likely nick would sue her for defamation)

No. 1291869

>Blaine namefagging up for nine hours
This ship is sinking

No. 1291871

Definitely just to generate buzz—they were all small and faint for a reason. Super easy to cover up or ignore. I guarantee they planned it.

No. 1291873

oh no, she hit a wall that belongs to two elderly tax evaders, oh nooo, not LA people getting hurt, we have to keep them safe

No. 1291874

you're both idiots >>1291720 has your answer.

No. 1291876

KEK nope that was me, france-chan. you people have ugly breasts.

No. 1291880

kim kardashian + elon musk would be appropriate and what both of them deserve.

No. 1291896

Adam Driver is married and has hopefully more brains than let it come to this.

No. 1291897

Tom Hanks has kids himself. Calm down, tinfoil anon.

No. 1291900

Nona you are truly retarded if you think pedophiles don't have children, but you're a moid, half the anons in here are so I'm not gonna bother trying to reason with you.

No. 1291904

>we will never see all the artistic insults and diss tracks Kanye would dedicate to him

No. 1291913

But what IS an ugly breast, you still never answered

No. 1291925

ana de armas' sad ones

No. 1291929

>defending someone for drinking and driving

No. 1291931

They just look normal tho unless there's some other pic I'm missing, or unless you hate small boobs in general

No. 1291932

this is moid logic

No. 1291937

you're retarded if you think that anon is implying that pedos can't have kids. she's clearly trying to point out that Ari might have been at Tom's house visiting his son. also i'm not a moid, and ntayrt, i just have common sense.

No. 1291940

Nta, manboob

No. 1291942

Well you're retarded if you think Tom Hanks, who already has pedo accusations against him, and is friends with well known convicted Hollywood pedophiles, just had Ariana over to play charades with his kids lol, I wish I had that level of naive hopefulness in the world.

No. 1291947

Nta but deets on the accusations? I never heard of this before.

No. 1291948

That was not my point. He had her over because of his kids. Some anon said in a comment that one of his sons is two years younger than Ariana.
You don't need to accuse everyone of moidism just you don't understand them.
It's not, when I think he had her over for a game date with his kids. She still would go on an gloat about meeting Tom Hanks.
But I wasn't there, so what do I know. I just found Anons reaction extremly over the top, when she doesn't even think about the fact that Ariana maybe only was there for his kids. It's just not enough info to scream pedophilia.
And as other anons says, her family is loaded and has influence, it's a higher risk to molest her than anyone else.

No. 1291953

Some guy accused him of molesting him as a child before "suiciding" off a bridge before any of the claims went to trial. He was also friends with a lot of the men close to Harvey Weinstein. I think there's more but you'll have to do the googling yourself I don't usually spend time in this thread and all the anons in it suck and annoy me so I don't want to be here much longer, pretty sure it was talked about in earlier celebricow threads though if you want to google search it.

Wah wah, go cry in the vent thread about the big mean nona's insulting your celebrity crush or pseudo daddy or whatever.

No. 1291998

File: 1659803932596.jpg (43.86 KB, 400x593, terminator-1-1-2795390971154d6…)

Speak for yourself, Linda Hamilton was it for me

No. 1292031

ohh i never even thought of that! you're so right. man tits are very ugly.

No. 1292032

no i was making fun of troons, not literally praising her for drunk driving

No. 1292034

i don't think he pedoed, for sure has fucked some 16-18 year old(s). but i'm guessing that hanks' main offense will turn out to be "was present at and aware of pedo actions". like how angelica huston was hanging out in her room while roman polanski drugged and raped that kid.

No. 1292044

ugh she made me appreciate badass mom characters so much

No. 1292045

File: 1659807161952.png (330.99 KB, 513x386, fucknick.png)

He also made her wear a bikini.

No. 1292109

I wish they hadn't made that movie to begin with. There was absolutely no need to revisit Marilyn's life once again.

No. 1292114

Imagine the milk! The Kardashians would ruin Elons mental health in about a month

No. 1292126

File: 1659811662111.png (84.14 KB, 500x414, kim-kardashian-west-kimkardash…)

Kek I need this. My favorite part of the Kardashians getting with new guys is seeing how (some of them) change to fit what their man likes. I would expect more of picrel if she goes for Elon.

No. 1292130

kanye is also a weeb though. they seemed to hate eachother so maybe she didn't care.

No. 1292133

Yeah, but a lot of her style these past few years came from Kanye. I'm just saying I think some of the Kardashians change depending on who they are dating (Kourtney being an obvious example).

No. 1292139

i like that the word "obsessed" when used by someone to describe their own interest in something, is now a reliable indicator that they just read a wikipedia article about it this week.

No. 1292149

Dan Schneider die a painful death and go to hell challenge

No. 1292159

Ahahahaha Elon has shit mental health already

No. 1292338

>”An important cultural document.” -Lena Dunham
What an endorsement. If you want people to take what you have to say about predators seriously, maybe try not putting praise from one on your cover

No. 1292342

File: 1659822853321.jpg (165.4 KB, 947x2048, doja.jpg)

They are calling her mentally ill for shaving her head and not wearing make up to the gym.

No. 1292345

Men rape their own kids. Your point?

No. 1292346

Honestly the shaved head suits her.

No. 1292352

Wait, what did Lena Dunham do??

No. 1292354

Oh my god I forgot she shaved her head. I got scared for a sec because I didn't know who this was kek

No. 1292356

That bra looks so uncomfortable it’s making me feel strangled and neck pained just from the pic

No. 1292362

do people wear makeup to the gym? wouldn't it melt and get in your eyes and on your collar?
and why is cutting your hair mentally ill? i mean, i guess it's kind of a children's haircut if you're black but being cutesy and wearing kids stuff or school uniform-esque clothing seems to fit her whole image pretty well?
idgi, are all her fans gay men who think she's paid to be their literal doll or some shit? i don't even like this woman or her music but it's fucked how this mass REEEing occurred just because she like…got a haircut and washed her face

No. 1292368

She is mentally ill, but not for those reasons

No. 1292369

nta but she molested her younger sister

No. 1292377

File: 1659824454052.jpg (834.8 KB, 1072x2736, mmn.jpg)

Not sure if anyone mentioned this yet, but this came out a few days ago. Messages between Marilyn Manson and Johnny Depp were published and it just confirms everything anons speculated about in Marilyn Manson threads. Lindsay Usich made a police report saying he beats her up, and confirms her family threatens him with some shit. Not that it's surprise for those who followed the drama, but I'm just mostly laughing at how this coward ofc messaged his bff "Johhny help! Lindsay went Amber on me uwu i'm innocent pls pls can i come for a sleepover i'm so scared pls"
He also sued ERW back. If this ever goes public, it's gonna be a shitshow bc Johnny Depp's fanboys and fanwives will storm to protect his bestie and hate on all the women involved

No. 1292397

Even psychologists will call women who don’t conform and have no interest in conforming mentally ill.

No. 1292407

The shaved hair is a good look for her but the lack of eyebrows make her look sickly. She talked about wearing wigs to the gym in her explanation of why she decided to shave her head. I completely support her wanting to be free of the shackles of always having to worry about her hair but I don't understand why she shaved her eyebrows. Just don't pluck them if that's another thing you want to be free of. I guess she is experimeting to find what she feels most comfortable with which is fine ultimately.

No. 1292416

oh my god WHAT

No. 1292417

I didn't get why she'd shave her eyebrows at first either but I realized it's probably something I'd do if I wanted to shave my head for the reasons she did. I'd want a complete restart with all the hair on my head and to let my previously plucked eyebrows grow back all at once, even if I look weird for a while.

No. 1292420

Ayrt, that makes sense nona

No. 1292423

If you're ready to shave your head, why not take off the wig and just tie your hair back or braid it so it's not in your face?
Nothing wrong with shaving your own head and eyebrows, this all just seems a bit much

No. 1292449

Oh my gooood men need to be slaughtered on the streets like pigs. Vile animals

No. 1292452

yah i think you can shave your eyebrows "iunno, just to see what it looks like" and that's the most likely explanation for most sudden/silly changes in appearance.

No. 1292454

but then why do you need the hair tail in the back if you keep it tied up all the time. if you want zero hair in your face, the most logical choice is to just remove it all. growing hair to only keep it in a rope on the back of your head doesn't make any sense

No. 1292463

oh my god this is too funny. I dunno if anyone was following the MM thread before it got moved to the trash threads, but lindsay was a TERRIBLE person to any girls going near MM and her and him have a very openly toxic relationship where he'd regularly call her a pig/be abusive to her and cheat on her, while she'd claim how they're soul mates blah blah blah, skinwalking dita von teese (who tbf is also a shit person)… Everyone tried to warn her that MM is a shit person but she refused. And now she's getting the exact same abuse tatics.

No. 1292466

File: 1659831846706.jpg (145.17 KB, 740x746, 84246.jpg)

In a new interview, Kevin claimed that their kids choose not to see their mom and that they haven’t seen her in months.

Maybe she is truly not ok and #freebritney was a huge mistake.

No. 1292469

People are so angry about her not being afraid to look human and not be their Barbie doll and I think it says more about how we treat women than anything else. It makes people so angry that they consider it “entitlement” to just exist like that when it literally doesn’t mean anything at all. God forbid a woman show herself without eyelash extensions and some stupid 25” ponyhair lacefront.

No. 1292470

No one forced this bitch to wear wigs, she could just wear her natural hair but it's like she thinks society doesn't accept natural hair which is why she has to sweat with her real hair underneath Partycity wigs, and now she is trying to make it sound like self acceptance..but all she does is slap a wig on bald head instead, who cares

No. 1292471

Oh if god doesn’t deal with this disgusting chinless fat ass rat soon someone else better

No. 1292472

Kevin Federline will literally never stop milking Britney for relevance

No. 1292476

It shouldn’t be a statement or a message, but it objectively is. Nobody in their right mind wants it to be this way but it’s true—the backlash she’s receiving is proof of that. It’s retarded that it’s considered “bravery” or whatever but misogyny really is that terrible.

No. 1292487

Nice to know you don't experience negative reactions to your natural anon but that's not the case for everyone.

No. 1292492

It is still a self created problem when women keep catering to moids and then blame the moids. Fuck men but why continue to handmaiden them? We are talking about a singer who is widely famous and rich, she can cry someone else a river. If people can't wear natural hair in America then it's time to address the problem and women coming together to erradicte it instead of continuing the be masturbation material for disgusting men

No. 1292494

Tell us you’re not black in the West without telling us you’re not black in the West

No. 1292498

Sounds about white. You have no idea how much of a hassle 4c hair is, she even made a live talking about how frustrated she was with it. She never liked her hair. Her decision to shave it and wear wigs makes perfect sense.

No. 1292500

What does her Shaving her head have to do with moids?

No. 1292506

You literally sound like one of those Karens who jump down black women's throats when they complain about a foundation being ashy. You are projecting. If you knew about the care and the discourse around her particular hair type which is 4c, it's extremely common for people with this hair type to get frustrated when caring for it because there is very little you can do with it without it breaking or worrying about it messing up by the end of the day. It also doesn't tend to grow long and is prone to extreme shrinkage. Doja may be an attention whore, but she is probably genuinely frustrated. Your opinions really don't apply here because you have no idea what you are talking about.

No. 1292508

It's not that foreign of a concept for black women, but imo it's just insecurity. She doesn't like her hair.

No. 1292512

I actually agree with this. Why wear wigs to the gym? It's a fucking gym. If she's scared of people judging her natural hair (which I kind of doubt, she takes silly/unflattering photos all the time, has had her wigs look busted/lifted and doesn't give a fuck if people reee that she's "ugly" - which I like), I'm sure she has money to put together a home gym. Is she like, contractually obligated to do workouts on live? Because that just means she'll slap a wig and heavy makeup on anyway and deal with the same shit. If her sponsors/audience negatively judge natural black hair so much, bald with no eyebrows will make even lower numbers
I have natural hair too, I know the struggle before anyone calls me white kek

No. 1292513

I hope that he gets his comeuppance. i mean, he's cancelled, but i hope this doesn't turn around and people don't give him Johnny Depp treatment (from hate to blind worship again).
Manson's last thread was rightfully moved to thrash (mainly because of that crazy redhaired Chroatian chick? she vanished i guess). But if there's ever any public process and there's a lot of Manson news, i hope we get it covered somehow. now that the newfags and Manson fangirls are out, a new thread could work out (but not at the moment, there's not enough stuff to post about). if any more news on Lindsay surface, i guess i'll post it on Rock Celebricows thread instead.
I haven't checked up on Manson drama in like 2 years, idk what was going on with this case though. from my understanding, Lindsay is still with him nonetheless

damn stop wit the "oh maybe freeing her was a huge mistake". Kevin Federline is an attention whore and will do anything to paint her as a crazy bitch. Even if she is crazy, does it mean she should be forever locked in her house and followed by her creepy father on each step? she's adult woman. there are 10 times crazier chicks than her running free and the world doesn't suffer because of that. let the woman be, crazy or not. she'll probably never be ok, not after what was done to her. pbut it's people responsible for her breakdown who should be punished, not her.

No. 1292516

Does she wear wigs to the gym though? The original anon just said people were making fun of here for NOT wearing makeup to the gym.

No. 1292543


Do you defend other cows too like you defend Brittany? Lmao.

No. 1292547

Kim is nowhere near white enough for Elon. He has two types and she doesn't fit either - no matter how much Kris tries it kek

No. 1292549

are you as butthurt about anyone else as much as about Britney?
is that much of a thing to be against putting people under conservatorship? go cry about freeing Britney elsewhere, i think her father would agree with your brilliant ideas

No. 1292563

NTA but I think one can acknowledge she's weird but also not want her in a conservatorship at the same time. It's not like that would help her.

No. 1292578

But-but-but-she went to the movies with him at Staten Island!! And he bought her ice cream at CVS which was super sexy and relatable!

No. 1292586

Ugh, Kevin was a piece of work who rode Britney’s coattails and I think I remember rumors that he cheated on her too. He was always a scumbag.
I’ve found her instagram posts hard to watch. Spinning around, talking a mile a minute, rambling, and pulling her pants down in videos, it feels like she’s still definitely not ok. I don’t like that Asghari guy either, he has the same untrustworthy vibes that K-fed did back in the day.

No. 1292593

even if free britney was a mistake, the people taking care of her still need to be NOT her dad, mom, or previous "Assistants".

No. 1292595

nta but agree. if you're any other race in north america you still see so much pressure put on your black friends from their own mothers and grandmothers and aunts, from other women in their lives, to do such exact things with their hair and makeup.

No. 1292603

>Spinning around, talking a mile a minute, rambling, and pulling her pants down in videos, it feels like she’s still definitely not ok.
I think everyone agrees. she doesn't look fine. but i don't think staying locked up in that house, loaded on drugs and dependant on everyone else, like some stupid anons wish her to be, would help her anyhow. she's been locked for 14+ years, did it help her? it fried her brain even more. But keep her locked up for 20 years more, it sure will get her better!

i think she was on wrong drugs, and ppl surrounding her are shit. isolation fucked her up too. Ashgari guy is just next leech and guess keeping her unwell is in his interest, i think he couldn't care less about her tbh.
This. but it would be very hard to find caretaker that would truly want to help her, not just next person who'd take advantage of her illness and mooch all her money instead

No. 1292622

The end of this clip is so funny, she says "all the Terry Jo's and the country girls in my chat like 'are you okay sis?' 'are you okay?' I'm doing just fine Terry Jo, I'm doing dandy." Lol I love Doja so much, she truly is a gem.

No. 1292626

Anon i love you, finally some common sense. The messed her further as it usually does because the role of caretaker is usually just a fancy word for owner. She needs the help of multiple unbiassed professionals and a tight group of Friends/family to look at her because is far too much work for one person. But i'm sure that her horrible family already burned the bridges with all the people who could mean well many years ago. It's not looking good for her.
Britney's case is not unique to her at all. Conservatorships are messed up at core because the relationship between the person and their caretaker usually become abusive quickly. It's just a lot of power to have for one person. And the persons who get put intro a conservatorship are also fucked beyond repair, it's not the type of mental illness that could get better someday, that is one of the core points for applying for a conservatorship in fact.
So no Britney is never going to be the same and if she even gets better is going to be marginally better. That doesnt mean she should be owned like a dog & made to perform non stop for private shows so her parents could milk her dry before she dies. Not only because it's cruel but that is just going to make her mental condition worse

No. 1292638

I don't get the joke. Terry Joe?

No. 1292639

No. 1292643

She means uptight prissy country girls, Terry Jo is kind of like a southern Christian white girl name. She does a valley girl accent while saying it and it's pretty funny.

No. 1292648

I was just reading an article on the Kevin Federline comments, and at the end it's mentioned Britney's pregnant again. Of course I clicked away and can't find the article again. Anyone else read this?

No. 1292670

File: 1659851087405.png (235.08 KB, 298x496, b.png)

She had a miscarriage a while back

No. 1292674

no no I knew that. The article mentioned, I guess "quoting" Kevin, that she was pregnant again after recently suffering a miscarriage. That's why I was curious

No. 1292722

even if this is true, which i highly doubt, being "crazy" doesn't mean you should be trapped in a conservatorship. if that was the case that means like 60% of you on here would literally lose your rights just because of everyday and commonplace mental illness. this is literally not what conservatorships are for. you have less rights than a prisoner in conservatorships/guardianships. you seriously think most people with mental illness deserve to have less rights than prisoners?

No. 1292724

File: 1659858310397.jpeg (95.98 KB, 600x884, EF133DE4-76BE-4318-A9AC-62D8FE…)

Ezra Miller can be replaced in any of his roles by this blue eyed twink from the new Sandman show on Netflix. Ezra is not special.

No. 1292727

conservatorships are not meant for mental illness, they are meant for serious neurological impairment or complete or near complete physical and mental incapacity. conservatorships rely on COMPETENCY. if britney underwent actual tests by doctors not provided by the conservatorship scam, she would not fail the test. she is not incompetent. conservatorships are for the incompetent, not the mentally ill.

No. 1292732

yes, but he's not vaguely asian looking like ezra was(I swear it was an accepted fact that he was part asian on tumblr for years)

No. 1292734

Too bad he’s a genderspecial uwu queer cult leader narc who should probably be arrested for his abuse of women. I won’t be sad to see him canceled.

No. 1292759

Why does his mouth look like it’s puckered with contempt. He looks like a bitchy nun.

No. 1292760

>it’s a self created problem
Girl, fuck you. Why the fuck are anons itt always lacking in basic brain function. Nobody is giving her a cookie, she didn’t ask for one either, stop blaming women for supply and demand and putting a ridiculous amount of responsibility only on celebrity women. Any excuse to shit on women and act like they’re supposed to be the sole bearer of values and morale Jesus Christ it’s retarded.

No. 1292764

Ahh thanks Nona I'm dumb I was thinking about the lady that was lost at sea for 48 hours.

No. 1292766

Do you not see how racist your comment is? You do know being black is not synonymous with lsa, right? They made points you clearly never took into account:
>inb4 go back to tumblr or some other baseless insult
This isn’t stormfront and black women are allowed to point out an experience you clearly know nothing about. You can just admit you’re ignorant to yourself and move on.

No. 1292768

Just heard about this, came back to see what my fellow nonnies would say kek.

Kek in what world does that outfit seem anime inspired? She just had her hair dyed and called it a day.

I would think so too.

As much as it would be nice if Jeanette confirms everything that's wrong with Nickelodeon sadly I think it would take much more to take them down. Ari has still shown support of Dan and I highly doubt she's going to change her tune to back any of her former costars even though she's blown up to be a massive star in comparison to the rest which honestly seems undeserved

No. 1292776

There isn’t much she can do and she knows it. It’s been an open secret for this long and nothing has happened. I think people are acting disappointed and are bitching it’s not “juicy” enough, they want to read about child abuse not her petty teenage grudges which is kind of fucked up. She was just honest about how she felt at the time and people would rather nitpick her for being honest she was jealous of Ariana rather than detailing abuse she could never elaborate on without being destroyed legally.

No. 1292799

File: 1659863980766.png (99.28 KB, 1356x1246, FZcKRv5WYAIxnKv.png)

More McCurdy stuff from the interviews. https://www.washingtonpost.com/arts-entertainment/2022/08/05/jennette-mccurdy-memoir-interview/.
Have anyone read the book yet? Maybe it's on tоrrеnts somewhere?

No. 1292807

Looks like he’s sucking his cheeks in to me, but I don’t care. Ezra needs to be jailed and replaced. It won’t happen because of his rich and powerful daddy, but one can hope.

No. 1292811

Wait… What???? What exactly is funny? I've never seen or been amused by anything this lame has ever done or said? Honestly confused… people truly find her funny or talented?

No. 1292812

Ayrt, exactly what I thought. Weird to see anons nitpick Jeanette for what she said because what else can she really say without being potentially legally destroyed. She might be able to leave things here and there maybe but Jeanette isn't big enough in Hollywood to take on Nickelodeon and come out in any way unscathed. I just hope she's doing better now.

Although I do think it's odd that a testimonial by Lena Dunham is on the cover, but I'm guessing it was a choice by the editor or whoever does the cover design to put that in, I don't really know. I haven't seen any other famous people talk about or comment on it.

No. 1292822

Im happy that she's doing okay and healing but I really wish she would go vendetta mode and name all names and expose all those pedowood nonces

No. 1292824

She used to be in tinychats with racist 4chan type guys making jokes about white supremacy, this girl never had a drop of self respect and sells out everything in exchange for the tiniest amount of attention and praise

No. 1292881

She shaved her head, whoopty fucking do? Why do You sound so upset over a celebrity pick me finally making decisions for herself?

No. 1292888

She’s into that whole alien beauty aesthetic
It works for her features tbh

No. 1292969


At this point it should be confirmed fact that Shitneider has a "if I'm going down you are going down too" kill switch on other people. He had pedo friends working in the productions, like the one who had an "incident" with Ariana. It is a high possibility that most execs in Nickelodeon are pedos or compliant. People are speculating Nick is so protective of Shitneider because he used to rake in money, but it is more likely that there is some Epstein fuckery going on there. Nick should be eradicated. I hope they don't pester Jenette with legal shit and she continues to live her life, I also hope one day she can truthfully talk about this without jumping hoops (if she wants to of course)

No. 1293019

What "features" does she have aside from looking like a dead fish at the supermarket that nobody is willing to buy because the eyes are looking in both directions????

No. 1293058

ezra looks pretty russian/kazakh to me. and not mongolian, i mean modern russian/kazakh. though i guess central asian counts as asian on tumblr. for example american internet white girls don't seem to get that persians and cantonese people have things in common due to both being "asian", but aren't literally the same thing, just like french and danish people have things in common but aren't both the one ethnicity "EUROPEAN" or some shit.

No. 1293059

ezra's horrifying but this dude looks inbred

No. 1293062

File: 1659888812357.gif (1.9 MB, 245x400, 727491f224810bf770e8e6cd852b1b…)

ewww he is ugly, at least Ezra is nice looking

No. 1293065

yeah i would for sure. america isn't so great to live in, just go vendetta then fuck off to berlin and act in surrealist lesbian theatre. there's only consequences if you wanna work in hollywood which it sounds like she doesn't.

No. 1293067

every half white girl does that for a spell in her teens or early twenties though

No. 1293073

>nice looking
>posts .gif where he looks like he's seconds from digitally raping you while calling you a fat snaggle toothed bitch and stealing your purse

No. 1293076

anon I could post more suitable gifs from a Pinterest board to prove my point but I dont want to get banned

No. 1293078

> calling you a fat snaggle toothed bitch
kek anon!!!

No. 1293081

>is nice looking
*was. post how he currently looks

No. 1293148

Nice looking? With his gremlin feet and sjw personality?

No. 1293158

good looking as in having a handsome face. did i mention his gremlin feet or sjw personality?

No. 1293175

>there are only consequences if you want to work in Hollywood
Yeah that’s why all of Kevin spacey’s testifying victims are dead. You don’t know how reality works at all clearly.

No. 1293176

Yeah, she said she did in the video in >>1292407 and complained about her wig coming unglued while she was trying to exercise

No. 1293223

That's fair, I only saw the pics so didn't know.

No. 1293238

>mentally traumatized boys with no one to talk to about their rape are all dead
wow what a mystery. moids kms from rape all the time because other moids dgaf about them.
please return to the tinfoil thread, conspirachan.

No. 1293245

I swear to god, some of you all can seem literally blind at times

No. 1293327

One of the accusers that died was a woman, wtf.

No. 1293395

No, absolutely not.

No. 1293411

sage for OT, most half black girls(with black dads) don't usually go as extreme as doja cat did, but most of us do have an incredible self loathing period, where we hate everything to do with blackness

No. 1293413

File: 1659904684046.jpg (198.78 KB, 1284x1751, IMG_1295.jpg)

Is she genuinely okay or attentionwhoring to the maximum?

No. 1293415

why not fight her if you're so bothered, she's just stacymaxxing and haircels like you stay mad

No. 1293417

File: 1659905013365.jpeg (30.6 KB, 800x800, 08b527a0cd11602d391159fece7c8d…)

she looks like one of those crying baby masks.

No. 1293419

I have a tinfoil that she's purposely ruining her brand and image on purpose, so that fags, faghagds and stan twitter users will stop stanning her

No. 1293420

It’s just a silly picture, she always tries to be a meme and likes that type of comedy. Not sure why it has to be some mental breakdown just because she posted a weird quirky photo.

No. 1293441

She's always been goofy though I don't see how one dumb picture is her being mentally ill or anything. If anything it's the second option but why is all this a bigger deal with a shaved head? Bitch just doesn't want hair anymore!

No. 1293449

ever since she went after noah schanpp twitter faggots and stranger things fans hate her and this sudden nitpicking that everyone is doing to her on social media is because of that, she really shouldn't have went after that faggot.

No. 1293451

She's been annoying before that honestly.

No. 1293454

i know! im saying that people only care about it now.

No. 1293461

Are you new to these threads or something? People, including her own fans, have been doing this since the beginning of her career. She’s always been polarizing.

No. 1293463

sigma female

No. 1293474

good for her, i wonder if she'll stop shaving her body hair too

No. 1293475

im not talking about these threads airhead, im talking about how twitter and almost all of social media used to kiss her ass but now its the opposite.

No. 1293476

Look at how many of them died and when you retard

No. 1293486

Is his parents related?

No. 1293497

Literally cryinghis head is too big for his tiny baby face why are men so ugly

No. 1293498

He is British, so take that how you want.

No. 1293501

>People, including her own fans, have been doing this since the beginning of her career. She’s always been polarizing.
Are you fucking retarded? Referred to both airhead. Social media always hated her.

No. 1293512

Oh this didn’t need to be said, I knew the moment I saw the photo.

No. 1293531

Would wear that top

No. 1293646

i think she's - bear with me now, here's where it gets a bit complicated - trying to be funny.

No. 1293656

How old is he here? Lots of anons itt are attracted to the teenage version of him, creepy

No. 1293672

hilarious, tell me more.

No. 1293701

>>The title is brutal though
Nah, it's really cathartic to see. A lot of people have a safer, happier life after their parent[s] die. I'm biased from personal experience, though, but don't wanna blogpost. There are parents out there doing everything in their power to drag their kids down to hell with them so when they finally die, it's like a weight off their shoulders and they can finally rebuild their life. I ordered the book immediately and can't wait to read it. She seems to have suffered a lot because her mother wanted her to be a star above all else and she had to be around sexpests from such a young age, be pressured to lose weight just to be told she'd never have the right "look", and just got shit on constantly - remember when her phone was hacked and people were harassing her about it and making comments about her body? Fuck everyone who used and abused her, I'm happy she is finding peace and exposing the pedo fucks at Nickelodeon while at it. She seems sweet and intelligent and deserved better.

No. 1293722

she is starting to reminds me of that /snow/ schizo, lucinda something. too bad she will go back to being an annoying pickme once she starts taking her meds again.

No. 1293928

she was a "stalker" who had said she'd witness him assault people, not a direct victim

No. 1293956

kekkkkk this guy was in the show Sweet Bitter which I watched a while back, he isn't purposefully puckering, his face just looks like that. Terrible actor, that pout is something I've joked about with friends since. Not keen for the remake knowing he's in it.

No. 1294018

seems like an asshole faggot tbh

No. 1294020

File: 1659943248353.jpg (642.66 KB, 648x829, 49849494949444.jpg)

bad cap my bad

No. 1294022

Alexa Chung has always seemed really smug and obnoxious too. I remember you presenting Popworld on T4 back in the day bitch, you ain't special.

No. 1294035

File: 1659944410316.jpeg (373.35 KB, 1171x2090, E823EA37-E10D-44DC-8579-D95571…)

No. 1294047

i can't with his teeny tiny mouth he fucking needs the joker surgery lol

No. 1294053

I want to watch The Sandman but he looks so annoying and infusible that I don't want to see his annoying face

No. 1294059

File: 1659947777636.png (336.38 KB, 639x483, dane-cook-young.png)

I used to have a crush on him when I was younger I didn't know he'd end up like this

No. 1294062

You really didn’t see it coming? Dude has been a deadbeat creep since day 1

No. 1294064

I was blinded by his hotness and energy, like when he wore that black tank top on comedy central pouring water all over himself, it was just .. you know

No. 1294067

File: 1659948298447.jpg (44.64 KB, 1200x501, IloveJenna.jpg)

Do it for her. Jenna Coleman is one of the best actresses, always playing the best roles.

No. 1294075

well east russians and kazakhs have mongolian blood in them thats why they look, well, mongolian

No. 1294079

kekkk I can't tell if he's blue steeling on purpose or just suffers from perpetual gay face

No. 1294080

Anon this comment killed me lmao actually accurate though, I’m really not a doja ass licker who thinks she can do no wrong but the girl is genetically blessed, she’s legitimately still at stacy status bald headed and browed, when her face is beat and she’s not making a goofy expression lol

No. 1294086

File: 1659951115515.jpeg (145.96 KB, 675x1200, 079FF82A-EE75-465C-BCF5-F6B302…)

Yeah you’re right anon, her features are objectively aesthetically unappealing

No. 1294094

It will be hilarious if you say all of this shit about Doja but think Elle Faning is an eternal beauty

No. 1294095

Looks like budget Ariana Grande

No. 1294098

File: 1659952940968.jpg (125.12 KB, 1080x2020, mt9z59zm5bg91.jpg)

Picrel reminded me of this clown, when I saw the screenshot.

No. 1294103

Botched af.
Also unpopular opinion but this is kinda what I see when I look at Lily Rose Depp. Her head shape is the same kek

No. 1294104

What a jumpscare. Her and her overgrown walking baby looking husband of hers match.
Tbh same.

No. 1294107

He looks like a lazy eyed steveo

No. 1294109

Could you be any more dramatic.

No. 1294122

Ariana Grande doesn't even look like Ariana Grande.

No. 1294133

this made me kek

No. 1294141

True KEK

No. 1294154

same here girl. i was like 16 when that special came out so it was prime time to be attracted to unwashed 20-somethings

No. 1294237

I adore Jenna Coleman. I loved her as Victoria my mum always tells me we look similar! I wish.

No. 1294241

Elle fanning is most definitely an.. eternal? (Do you mean ethereal?) beauty next to doja cat lol

No. 1294242

I always thought that they both looked average to me, I see more beautiful women when I'm walking downtown.

No. 1294293

>le pugface is le beauty
No that clanckleted giraffe isn't

No. 1294303

He looks like a code lyoko character to me

I hate alexa chung genuinely, she’s extremely pretentious and racist.

Ariana Grande wishes she were a black woman tbh

No. 1294326

File: 1659974701845.jpeg (815.76 KB, 1094x1089, B2B5F4F0-2151-4B30-8D17-F3F15C…)

No. 1294331

how is she racist ?

No. 1294355

that was one of the most retarded replies i have read on here

No. 1294356

that is fucked!!! that is my dads and younger sisters age. The same age gap!! That makes me shudder

No. 1294375

>le i can't deny her pug face and all the overrated shilling of her as some icon of beauty while i shit on other women
>le i gotta come up with something fast!
>that was one of the most retarded replies i have read on here
Try again.

No. 1294380

kill yourself

No. 1294381

Anon I don't care if you agree or not. I am referring to your typing style and just general attitude kek
> 'le'
> le pugface is le beauty
> No that clanckleted giraffe isn't
You type like a 14-year-old moid

No. 1294391

God you're embarrassing.

No. 1294392

The way you are triggered over that pugface but don't shy away from shitting on other women, tells me everything about you. I speak the way you will understand
>you are le hypocritical mayo

No. 1294395

Can we all agree that both elle and doja are average at best and it's just good marketing. There are far more beautiful women than those two.

No. 1294408

This is so fucking disgusting. I was gonna ask 'WHERE ARE HER PARENTS' but knowing pedowood her parents probably happily endorsed this shit

No. 1294423

File: 1659979823736.jpeg (661.65 KB, 1227x2304, 35B1D1A1-54C8-4072-884F-BA2EFF…)

Why invite such young women to your 40 year old scrote game night? And who lets a 15 year old in?

No. 1294433

Is that fucking Seth Green on the bottom left? Oh they’re all going to hell

No. 1294440

You really are retarded. This doesn't have anything to do with them anymore. It is about you typing like an absolute moron. Integrate
> you are le hypocritical mayo
Neck yourself

No. 1294443

File: 1659981618861.png (436.43 KB, 840x859, 170-kb-png-angry-pink-wojak-11…)

Can these deranged cocksuckers stop selling their children as sex slaves for five fucking minutes. Her life hasn't even started yet and it's already been ruined

No. 1294448

Kek, hard disagree

No. 1294464

>genetically blessed
meh, her head shape is weird and egg looking

No. 1294520

alexa chung is so boring and has literally no personality or skills. who is her dad because i want to know how she gets work??

No. 1294521

his face looks like a hamburger

No. 1294523

File: 1659986048839.jpg (478.91 KB, 1080x1442, 1659980988197996.jpg)

Hard times for J.Afl

No. 1294524


No. 1294530

>middle-aged moids hosting ""game night""
>have only young girls (certainly underage) attending
Yeah I think we all know what this really is

No. 1294532

Stop spreading missinformation, they are still together just both doing their own thing at the time

No. 1294533

She looks like one with her stocky legs, keep coping puglover

No. 1294534

File: 1659986210159.jpg (64.77 KB, 700x420, nonny that pic is doctored to …)

No. 1294537

nta but i personally love elle fanning's squishy cotton candy doll look. she's very hot, but not "pretty" in the billboard model way.

No. 1294539

disagree, pugs are adorable and i love them
doja, she was cute before she did whatever the fuck surgery she had on her body

No. 1294543

what's up with the ugly houses they all live in?

No. 1294547

looks too tall to be seth green to me? idk is that him? looks more botoxed than i remember. fr though that dude in the front does'nt look 5'4" but i could be retarded

No. 1294571

File: 1659987552900.jpeg (438.77 KB, 1638x2048, FTdYx4VXEAEEXQL.jpeg)

mads mikkelsen really seems to be the sole normal man in pedowood

No. 1294585

They are swingers probably

No. 1294599

File: 1659988830103.jpg (76.7 KB, 727x729, rip.JPG)

No. 1294608

File: 1659989422761.jpg