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File: 1586098201128.gif (4.23 MB, 961x1276, Luna.gif)

No. 767687

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/funeral1996/ [private]

tumblr: https://funeral1996.tumblr.com [deleted]

https://angelhair1996.tumblr.com/ [inactive]
https://rotten2thecore1996.tumblr.com [deleted]

https://heavenlykitten1996.tumblr.com [active]

Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/lunakittenxxx [SW, deleted]
https://www.twitter.com/funeral1996 [active]

>Formerly known as angelhair1996, howl1996, junkhun, funeralhome420 and lunakittenxxx (to name but a few)

>24 year old heroin addict, scammer, liar, thief, and former ““sex worker””

>Begs people for money online to buy drugs under the guise of it being for food/medication/rent/necessities

>Refuses to get a job or do anything productive 

>Has every self-diagnosed mental/physical illness under the sun

>Started dating her 40 year old boyfriend (hereby known as Lurch) before she turned 18, calls him “daddy”

>has a following of impressionable young girls who she has convinced to “help” her during this “tough time” in her life

>Romanticises the hell out of her addiction but rants on the internet how vile it is to do so

>”I’m not trying to be Courtney Love!”

>Tries to be exactly like Courtney Love

>Bleats about harm reduction while being the antithesis of harm reduction/seemingly having no grasp of the concept whatsoever 

>Loves to share her grimy life on the internet, including awful photos of her cats laying in filth and used needles

>Squandered a large inheritance from her grandmother within a year and lot the property she also inherited because she didn’t pay tax on it

>Claims her mother “stole” her inheritance money from her (she possibly used the inheritance to pay her mother’s rent and considers that “stealing”)

>Always “short on rent” or otherwise in need of donations 

>Overdosed on heroin twice in less than 12 months, even that didn't encourage her to get clean

>RIP ROGER (aka Lurch’s dad)

>Tuna and Lurch couldn’t pay rent because all their money came from Roger’s social security so the e-begging ramped up to 100

>EVICTED from Roger’s house
>Tuna and Lurch “temporarily” move in with Luna’s mother, who is an (ex) addict

>Brings along moldy, nasty stuffed animals and complains about not being able to move her other belongings (claims she lost 90% of them when she got EVICTED)

>Continuously tries e-begging along with selling nudes and shitty art in lieu of getting a job

>Her “abusive” dad continues to buy her useless shit from Amazon
>Posts pictures of her and Lurch looting graves like it’s no big deal

>Claims to be homeless for bonus sympathy points in spite of living with her mother 

>Luna and Chief have made themselves at home in her mom's one-bedroom poverty home and seem to have no intention of leaving.

>Still milking her ex-gf's suicide for struggle points.

>Seemed to be gaining weight rapidly for a while- some farmers speculated that she may have been on methadone.

>Still abusing benzos and posting pill porn, probably hooked at this point

>Still sending begging messages to facebook "friends" >>>/pt/607983
>Still buying cheap shit on Amazon and asking facebook "friends" to buy her stuff

>Still churning out sloppy drawings, has recently produced some particularly mediocre poetry

>Still taking pictures of her filthy plastic crap, filthy grave-goods, filthy clothes, filthy nails, and filthy face

>Still complaining about how horrible her life is, failing to understand that she brought most of it on herself

>Roger is interred in a filthy box in Luna's mom's poverty home

>Got a pancake voucher >>>/pt/612955
>Was banned from FB and called out in a nail shaming group

>Has lived with her mom for over a year now

>Her dad's apartment caught on fire; Luna spread ashes on her face for maximum sympathy points
>Has started to brag about starving herself
>"Found" a bra in a dumpster

>Started posting nudes again
>Then began a “sex work” career, taking grimy nudes and videos and selling them through twitter for drug money
>Made premade videos, one is called PEE DRINK
>Anon leaks PEE DRINK (mirror here) >>730829

On the last thread:
> E-begging, whining about her mother and shitty poetry all continue

> Looking more and more dead with every photo uploaded for her “SW business,” track marks now make up 90% of her arm veins, whole thing is becoming increasingly sad

> Anon leaks a ‘commission’ video where Luna calls her dad and says she’s got a stable job, asks if she can live with him for a while, then hangs up, takes her dress off and masturbates for the camera. Dad sounds supportive and happy for her as she uses him to get someone else’s humiliation fetish rocks off >>758647 WARNING: SAD AS FUCK >>758661

> horrorcow 2020?

> Huge backlash, Luna seems to be affected by the situation, says she hates herself >>760390 and SW CAREER IS OVER >>760386 >>760781. How any of them officially are attempting to earn money is now unknown.

> “Online acquaintance” of Luna’s turn up after being sent the dad video >>761016, tells the age-old story of being manipulated for cash >>761030 >>761032, insinuates Luna has sold videos of her shooting up in her legs via her SW twitter. Shares screencap, looks like necrosis waiting to happen >>761037.

> Tuna and Lurch defy the odds and reach their six year druggie-versity. Luna’s lovepost is rock-bottom level of incomprehensibility >>761830

> 3rd OD, seems like all is not well in the loveshack >>762698. Farmers are not surprised given her consumption rate >>757023 and hypothesize that the loss of Luna's "SW" income (if there ever was any) might be the cause of some tension in the relationship.

> Happy 24th birthday, Luna! Celebration includes being miserable ““in quarantine”” while whining for Lurch to marry her >>766870 and a squashed ice cream cake >>767565.

While all seems quiet on the Tuna front, we never know what can come out of two broke junkies in a pandemic.


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two >>>/snow/171004

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Twenty six >>>/pt/734529

No. 767740

“if you only knew” from 26 would make better thread pic

No. 767756

thread pic is disgusting

No. 767767

Yes, fitting

No. 767780


I posted thus at the start of the last thread, too.

https://www.instagram.com/funeral1996 (private)
https://www.twitter.com/lilcherub1996 (inactive)
https://www.twitter.com/lunakittenxxx (SW account, deleted)


https://www.deviantart.com/thatpoisonleaf (deleted)
https://www.flickr.com/people/54485349@N05 (skwisgaarskwigelf)


https://angelhair1996.tumblr.com (inactive)

Archives of past tumblr accounts:
http://skwisgaarskwigelf.tumblr.com (deleted, no archives)

The Pulp Girls / Zine:


About Luna:
https://witchycrankypoo.tumblr.com (howl1996 drama, inactive)


No. 767786

File: 1586158107211.png (1.08 MB, 1348x900, 1583369404068.png)

would've made a better thread pic. this one's annoying like automatic music on websites.

No. 767790

She posted new "poetry":

I. the uncertainty in the air leaves me hollow

is my heart still beating?

at times i check my pulse to ensure i’m still

a licking, breathing, being

the month of march dragged on until it felt like years

i’ve left my temporary “home” three times

nothing has felt less real, dissociative episodes have felt more real than this.

II. i turned 24 two days ago but i feel

trapped in my teenage years, i find

being borderline makes me feel like a child at times

hiding under

floral blankets, cradling my pink and lavender plush unicorn like my own child

with the angry outbursts, sobbing, unable to stop my impulsivity

is it possible to be vain and feel ugly all at once?

all the benzodiazepines in the world can’t cure my head

they still haven’t been able to find a cure for my

borderline goddamn personality disorder, head full of rocks.

III. i feel like nobody believes when i tell them how incredibly hard i’m trying.

IV. i try until i’m on the floor sobbing, bleeding

i try until i’m no longer verbal, hiding beneath

i try until my fingers hurt from typing job application information

i try, i try, i try

i’ll try until i die.

V. sometimes the cheap packages i order online are so i have something to

look forward to so i don’t commit suicide

how could i die when something cute and pink and soft is coming in the mail for me?

or something good for my skin? or something i can write in? or new markers?

every little reason helps.

VI. i watch your ashtray fill up on the windowsill

i remember when my aunt accidentally found my poetry and made fun of it (i cried and never wanted to write again)

my only ex-partner i ever truly loved committed suicide

my long distance ex lover who i cares for more than myself has been off the map for over a year and i think he’s probably dead too

i feel like poison

i want to be an antidote.

VII. i want to introduce the world to a fresh me when i step out of quarantine

one that spends lots of time at the library

and takes small classes about art history and creative writing

i wanna be the version of myself i know is in there

i promised to be an angel, i did, i did

touch my wings, they’re soft

i love you, i’ll show you all who i am.

No. 767792


For a person who's repeatedly dropped out of psychiatric treatment, she sure seems willing to blame her bpd for everything. Not, you know, the heroin or anything.

No. 767798

She's always going on about waiting for Lurch to marry her but she writes poems about her exes and how much she loved them?
Just shows how codepedent these two are and deep down I bet she knows Lurch will never marry her and is just using her.

No. 767800

Please do take some classes, Luna. It’ be something actually productive and useful. Leave Lurch. He doesn’t love you. You don’t love him.

God, she’s so infuriatingly close to seeing the light at points.

No. 767802

File: 1586169473715.jpeg (282.15 KB, 1200x759, 1557020989263.jpeg)


But anon, she can blame her poly-drug abuse on BPD.

Pity [pic related] never got the OP it deserved. Luna's visage could be pasted onto one of the cherubs since she considers herself as angel.

No. 767803

File: 1586171079474.png (96.6 KB, 800x812, Screenshot_2020-04-06-03-47-11…)

Because I like to tie up loose ends and because occasionally anons have asked for updates on John Raymond Apt, the self-appointed guru Luna convinced to ebeg on her behalf, here is the conclusion of his tweaker rampage against a police officer.

His ex-wife went after him in family court last fall, and the case was disposed.

If you want more details


No. 767817


"my fingers hurt from typing job applications" im crying pls never change luna

No. 767818

how much do you wanna bet she’s applying for grad jobs or nursing jobs like you just walk into a hospital and apply. she has no education and zero work history, she’ll struggle to even get into fast food but she’s too good for that

No. 767823

she is 100% applying for jobs she’s unqualified for. she has always believed she was too good for an entry level job.

No. 767831

Sigh. I enjoy Luna content for what it is, but this is a weak poem even for her. As always, it's just a repetitive diary rant with weird formatting, except even more lazy.
>is my heart still beating?
>at times i check my pulse to ensure i’m still
>a licking, breathing, being
sorry but Billy Talent wrote the same idea better lmfao
>nothing has felt less real, dissociative episodes have felt more real than this.
I don't feel like the repetition of 'real' is working here? Seems like a slappy wording rather than a conscious choice
>being borderline makes me feel like a child at times
>hiding under
>floral blankets, cradling my pink and lavender plush unicorn like my own child
No, Luna. Following tumblr trends makes you act like this and not bpd lmfao. Also I don't like how it sounds like Luna is talking about an actual kid instead of a hypotetical one. Can you even imagine the mess?
>V. sometimes the cheap packages i order online are so i have something to
>look forward to so i don’t commit suicide
>how could i die when something cute and pink and soft is coming in the mail for me?
>or something good for my skin? or something i can write in? or new markers?
>every little reason helps.
Cool excuse, still waste of money. Hate to say it, but once you reach a certain low, no plushies or notebooks will stop you from comitting suicide lmfao. It doesn't fucking matter anymore. Nothing matters beyond stopping the pain or getting out of a nightmarish situation. I know Luna is writing about her own experience, but the rhetorical question makes her sound ignorant AF. Or maybe it's just me.
>my long distance ex lover who i cares for more than myself has been off the map for over a year and i think he’s probably dead too
I also wonder how the guy (Peter?) is doing. Did he get out of the prison yet? lol
>i want to introduce the world to a fresh me when i step out of quarantine
I keep my fingers crossed for that to happen, but I highly doubt about it. Nothing has changed for 5 years after all.

No. 767837

File: 1586196106466.jpeg (30.34 KB, 480x360, AE340EEA-D1BA-4605-8EBB-222372…)

No. 767840

File: 1586198660330.jpg (630.87 KB, 1080x1652, IMG_20200406_204310.jpg)

why even post this

No. 767841

File: 1586198681632.jpg (893.77 KB, 1080x1853, IMG_20200406_204342.jpg)

No. 767842

That's not cool. I dont know why she has to constantly rip off Daniel Johnston's alien character.

No. 767843

These hands.
She doesn't even try anymore. Is she still selling her "art"?

No. 767844

File: 1586202806690.jpeg (498.03 KB, 750x1041, 253D97CE-DAF6-43EF-960C-46C46B…)


This hurts to look at.

No. 767846

and worst thing, she's not interested in Johnston at all. Not sure if she's even aware it's not just a cool design on Cobain's shirt lmfao.
The 'anxiety monster' kills me tho. She really wants to sound like a real artist, doesn't she? And yet the 'anxiety monster' comes off childish as fuck.

No. 767848

File: 1586204499296.png (357.28 KB, 480x560, trailer trash.png)

Trailer park saga when?

No. 767855

It’s Luna on and given day

No. 767882

I wonder why she doesnt lean harder into the white trash thing when Ginger is one of her idols.

No. 767893

File: 1586217568366.jpeg (1.03 MB, 971x1244, 17687C56-7208-4DCC-8B6A-21C9D7…)

posted 1 minute ago on this beautiful Monday. looking extra crunchy today.

No. 767895


what kind of retards think any straight man wants to live in a dollhouse? do these ~uwu am baby~~ girls think they're going to be 24 forever? this shit ain't cute. grow the fuck up, get a job, pay taxes, and figure your shit out.

no decent man is putting up with this shit and you certainly aren't going to be having friends over for bbqs in your shitty pink puke palace

fuck this aesthetic and these girls

No. 767896

Because she has no brain cells left to think beyond a tattoo on her arm at this point

No. 767901

damn she really fried the fuck outta her hair. it doesnt even look salvageable, she might have to cut it

No. 767903

Tuna actually did used to like him, she used to be a cool music girl on tumblr. I know now it seems like it’s hard to imagine she has any interests other than dope and herself, but 6+ years ago she had a pretty cool curated taste

No. 767912

File: 1586229935183.jpg (153.48 KB, 720x1066, Ice cream tub.jpg)

She could at least brew some UTI recommended herbal tea, but I guess that's too much work for Tuna.

No. 767913

matthew does not love her. it sounds like he despises her.

No. 767914

File: 1586232878546.jpg (96.73 KB, 720x673, 20200406_221300.jpg)

God I missed Lunas need to overshare every disgusting detail of her life.

No. 767916


Is there a reason for this? Besides her being a slob. Cause if this wAs me I would be freaking out that I had a std.

No. 767918

I know some women get them chronically and once you start getting them it becomes a domino effect where if you slip up once and hold it in for too long or don't pee after sex you'll get one immediately they can cause long term kidney issues.

But everything about the way she lives points to it being a result of bad hygiene, her grimy hitachi, being dehydrated, etc. She's not doing herself any favors being habitually grody.

What I want to know is why she always has to get carted off to the emergency room for it? They don't have clinics in New York?

No. 767919

yeah i heard that if you get a bad enough UTI it can basically stay dormant and keep flaring up over and over even if you treat it.
my guess is the initial infection was from her nasty habits but not every subsequent one

No. 767920

Moments like this are why I love this cow.

A truly classic combination of lack of self-awareness, oversharing, and victimhood mentality.

No. 767924

I remember she liked a lot of more or less obscure bands from the one blogspot interview. Looked it up but it didn't mention Johnston
>Music is one of the most important things to me! My favorite musicians are Ty Segall, Reatards, Jay Reatard, Hunx and his Punx, King Tuff, Ramones, Fang, Flipper, Dead Moon, Johnny Thunders & the Heartbreakers, Sonic Youth, Nirvana, Bauhaus, The Moldy Peaches, Black Lips, Alien Sex Fiend, The Stooges, Butthole Surfers, and old Marilyn Manson.
She also ignored his death so idk how much she likes him. I wish I could find a source on Luna bei g aware of Johnston. Someone in an old thread claimed she mentioned Johnston as an art inspiration, but I found no source on that…
Either way it's weird how she appropriates his alien creature thing as the anxiety monster.

No. 767934


Probably Lurch's unwashed dick.

No. 767936

I'm sure her kidneys are fucked anyway, adding all the drugs and benzos.

No. 767938

File: 1586247255993.jpg (498.79 KB, 1043x1865, IMG_20200407_083300.jpg)

No. 767939

This straight up looks like a corpse hand.

No. 767940

File: 1586247532194.jpg (297.64 KB, 1080x1295, IMG_20200407_101339.jpg)

you say it like Lurch gives a fuck where he lives as long as it has a roof and walls. He could live in a cardboard box if it was big enough as long as he could be high 24/7.

No. 767941

File: 1586247606687.jpg (450.85 KB, 1080x1669, IMG_20200407_102010.jpg)

No. 767942

File: 1586247698842.jpg (238.09 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2020-04-07-08-28-48…)

The comments. Oh no, please don't give her any more ideas how to scam people.

No. 767943

File: 1586247755249.jpg (1.1 MB, 1080x1504, quarentine.jpg)

No. 767944

File: 1586247779158.jpg (357.12 KB, 1080x1599, IMG_20200407_102249.jpg)

No. 767945

File: 1586247887540.jpg (292.29 KB, 1071x1526, IMG_20200407_083503.jpg)

rare case of Luna interacting with her followers

No. 767947

File: 1586247927609.jpg (625.05 KB, 1080x1829, IMG_20200407_083354.jpg)

No. 767948

File: 1586247958664.jpg (162.88 KB, 1080x1538, IMG_20200407_083442.jpg)

No. 767949

File: 1586248012858.jpg (355.54 KB, 1080x1499, IMG_20200407_083611.jpg)

No. 767950


dare I say, she looks cute here? looks like she washed her face and applied new makeup not nodding tf out, who knew basic hygiene could make a difference.

(I judge the face washing on the fact that we can hint her freckles through the foundation, something we usually can't given the way she cakes it on)

No. 767952


Lol what the hell would her patreon be for anyway if she did have one? Bad poetry bad art and bad porn? She might make an extra dollar a year

No. 767953

The bar is low, but I agree. She looks better on these than usual.

No. 767956

Luna’s obsession with ~planners and ~organisers is so sad. Wtf do you have to plan, Luna? Your next fix?

No. 767960

She thinks that's how she gets control over her life.
She's gonna have it soon and scribble a few things in there, but it won't help her longterm cause she can't commit to anything but drugs.

No. 767963

She used to have yip/jump on vinyl, I don’t feel like digging for the picture but I think you can see it in the pictures when she became homeless and moved in with her mom. Also, her old url was funeralhome420 because of funeral home off of 1990. She’s actually where I heard of him when I was a teen like 7 years ago on tumblr, she had a pretty big influence over indie girls as weird as that seems nowadays

No. 767984

Yeah, this is totally something you absolutely need. A life necessity.

No. 767987

God this is sad. Imagine who’s angry at her and who wants her to get medical attention… really telling that she didn’t specify that her loving fiancé wants her to get medical attention.

No. 767988

If she constantly has UTIs and can’t take care of herself, how the fuck has Tuna never had a kidney infection?

No. 767992

calm down. she had one of those glamour glow filters on. these photos unfiltered would look exactly the same as her standard crusty ones.

No. 768010

probably people online when she complains to them about a UTI and they say "well why don't you just go to hospital", and she takes that as a personal attack

No. 768019

File: 1586286227637.jpeg (1.42 MB, 1242x2062, AE7A8BE3-3348-449D-9BB6-5135D6…)

when did she ever go outside? acting like quarantine is changing her life soooo much when in reality it’s only making it slightly harder to get dope. also - why is her dollar tree bra popping out of every photo? i know it’s being done purposefully but like… does she think it’s cute?

No. 768021

File: 1586287318038.jpg (208.49 KB, 1200x1200, 29366003_500437457019180_20206…)

>Snout art history
Lmao she meant 'about' but she needs glasses to see what she writes.

No. 768022

I know they are filtered, but she really does look like shes washed her face. You can't see hardly any of the crusty buildup that's usually around her mouth. I guess she actually did use her new toner. Probably just washed with a bar of soap instead of cleanser, but baby steps. She looks high as fuck but still better than her usual "walking scab chic"

No. 768042

From the way she wrote "angry that I can't pee" and from seeing >>767912 I'm going to guess there's only one bathroom in the apartment and they're getting mad that she's hogging all the time in it.

I mean she filmed porn in that bathroom, takes most of her NSFW pics there, plus a UTI making her sit in there for ages, and then hiding in the bathroom to eat icecream.

One bathroom for three people and already Luna sounds like she spends the most time in there. No wonder they're angry.

No. 768079

>snout art history hit indanrn

somebody please translate this

No. 768080


I just took 4 bars at once time

No. 768100

Her pink babydoll uwu aesthetic is the least of her problems anon. kek.

No. 768101


Opiates can make you lose the ability to pee properly. Your bladder gets full but you just can't get it out. (Sorry, ESL)

No. 768111

Thank you. OP legit sounds like the one anon from /OT triggered by Animal Crossing. Personally I find Luna's aesthetic choices one of the things that make her interesting. I think the cutesy stuff fits her, or it would fit if she dropped all the drugs, crust and dirt… those are the issue, not Luna loving pastels and kawaii characters.

No. 768128

Not to WK but I feel like a lot of the hate for luna comes from people not understanding mental illness. Hygiene, holding a job, etc is really hard when you have bad depression and when I see the people around her willing to let her live in filth it makes me sad. Her parents completely failed to raise a functioning person (she didnt even know how to apply for financial aid when she was in school). Shes like this because the people who are supposed to be caring for her let it get this bad.

Also it kills me when she talks about loving matthew she never says a single nice thing he does other than scoring dope and the occasional shoplifted plushie.
Luna is her own problem but everybody around her is like a brick tied to her feet

No. 768140

you don’t want to open this can of worms.

many of the anons on this thread are recovering addicts, have bpd or another personality disorder, or are the product of broken homes/abusive parents. including myself. - that is what is so infuriating about her - mental illness is no excuse to steal from graves, make a dying old man sleep on a stained mattress, milk her old friends for cash, and overall treat people like shit. luna’s main problem is heroin - which she encouraged matthew to inject her with because she desired a junkie lifestyle ala kurt and courtney.

she had an inheritance, an acceptance letter to pratt, and plenty of friends who would take her in if necessary. she had more given to her than most of us. she was raised by a grandma who loved her and spoiled her, and only forced to live with her addict mom when her grandma died. at which point she could have fucked away to college.

luna did this to herself. heroin is her problem. and she refuses to do any real work to help her mental illnesses, and accept that she is making it worse. she will never end this cycle as long as she plays the victim, and as long as white knights like you exist.

don’t act like we don’t know what mental illness is like.

No. 768151


I mean, I get it, addiction and mental illness are two fucking beasts to defeat, but the issue I think a lot of us have with Luna is not only that she isn't getting help, it's that she kinda…. doesn't even seem to think she /needs/ help.

Yes, she talks a lot about how BPD is fucking up her life, which is true and really sad and difficult for her, but she's not willing to accept any help for it. See, there is no mental health professional in the world who will even try to help her until she becomes willing to deal with her addiction - and that's where she's peace'd out, or gotten kicked out, before.

I can absolutely identify and sympathise with Luna, as I too have hidden behind the mental illness smokescreen to not get called out on my addiction - but having personal experience with it does NOT mean I will ever be able to condone it.

The problem isn't that mental illness is a filthy or dirty or shameful thing, but that exploiting is to 'get away with' an addiction is fucking gross. Luna keeps talking about her mental health issue to stop people, and herself, from confronting her about her life-ruining addiction - not just her own life, but the lives around her.

Anyone can become an addict and anyone can suffer from mental illness, and I agree that none of her 'privileged upbringing' and 'her potential' matters (and I coolly disregard anyone who brings up her background as a reason to hate her like girl, we all want to eat the rich but it's blatantly disregarding how addiction works if you think any of that would have stopped anyone from getting hooked).

Yes, it was fucking stupid to get on heroin for an image, but it's also fucking stupid for a person with an alcoholic dad to ever touch alcohol/drugs. People are stupid. Live with it.

Luna's issue is that she's using mental illness as a shield that stops any criticism of her addiction from reaching her - "it's self-medication" - "you're kicking someone who's already down" - "the odds were always terrible" - "it's IN THE NATURE of people with BPD to be self-destructive" - "Luna is aware of how horrible her life is, look, isn't that taking responsibility???" No, it's not.

The issue in Luna's life is heroin. Period.

Why? Because none of her other issues, n o n e of them, will ever even be close to solvable or dealable with until she gets clean. That's how priority works. And she will not be able to get clean until she accepts and wants to face this fact. This has been a PSA.

No. 768153


Although I completely agree that it's sad neither her parents nor the school system taught her stuff like financial aid, not to mention her traincrash of a relationship with her mum's old dealer.

No. 768156

She is selfish and manipulative. Her ~poems are manipulation for people to feel bad for her and buy her stuff to make her feel better. She is a shit person that just happens to be mentally ill.

No. 768157

I was more specifically talking about the grime shes a horrible person

No. 768159

File: 1586370626758.jpg (Spoiler Image, 522.24 KB, 1080x1475, Screenshot_20200408-132917_Ins…)

Something about opening my feed and seeing Luna's pale, flabby ass doesn't sit right with me.

No. 768167

Anyone that read or seen the movie can explain how Luna was influenced by Valley of the Dolls? I've seen she has a copy of it, and the cover artwork features pills.

No. 768169

File: 1586375909359.jpg (371.8 KB, 1080x1210, IMG_20200408_215428.jpg)

No. 768174

valley of the dolls sees the characters taking a lot of barbiturates, aka benzo's dad.

all the glamour pics of xanax she does make her basically equivalent to judy garland.

No. 768191

Haven't read the book but the movie is about the old Hollywood / studio system tradition of forcing the actors and actresses to take uppers and downers to be able to work at all hours of the day. They become unable to sleep without taking the downers, or "dolls" as they call them in the film (they are supposed to be barbiturates as anon above said). Judy Garland is the most famous real-world inspiration for the trajectories of the story's characters, though the practice of the studios mandating drug use was much more commonplace than you might expect. Times were different though, in the 40s when Judy was subject to this lifestyle, governments also mandated amphetamine use for soldiers in WWII. The movie is worth seeing but it's a little hammy and corny in my opinion (maybe the book is better?), if you haven't seen too many films from this period I wouldn't let this one shape your opinion too much as there are much better from the same era.

Luna wishes she was 1/1000000th as talented as Judy Garland. She maybe thinks she feels like Judy but drugs are the only comparison. I mean Judy took shitloads of drugs and worked, and was an incredible performer and artist. Luna takes shitloads of drugs and sits on her ass and begs for handouts, and her art is, well…

No. 768198


lmao this makes me sad, that she has sat on her ass for so long to get it to look like this. it's so weirdly out of proportion to the rest of her body, you'd think her ass would be thicc but since she never exercises it looks like a flat potato pancake. i even see how nice her hip shape could have been had she taken care of her body and lost weight. i met her irl once like 10 years ago, before she started looking all fucked up, and though she was big she had a very nice face. being as tall as she is too, she could have been beautiful. luna is a cow tried and true and nothing will change that, but damn…the degradation that has happened to her ass almost makes me feel bad for her. that shit is thought-provokingly TRAGIC

No. 768228

File: 1586413190581.jpeg (553.08 KB, 750x3798, 79164C52-D32F-4B6D-8BD2-C27D05…)

FB dump

No. 768231

I’m sorry but what 8 fucking colleges did she apply to. There aren’t that many mediocre entry tier public/private schools with liberal arts depts in ny that Luna’s writing would have qualified her for.

I also don’t get why if she wants to take classes… just reapply for Pratt or go to SUNY if she doesn’t want to be separated from her cigar Indian statue. Take out a student loan like 95% of vegetables that wanna skate thru life on easy mode via higher education.

No. 768235

I know it’s a difference that’s been talked about to death, but how she looked then and how she looked now will never cease to shock me. And she acts like she’s been through some amazing glow up. She cannot possibly think she looks even alive never mind beautiful in the first photo.

I have followed Luna since the skwisgaarskwigelf days and her problem is heroin. That’s what turned her into this. Her parents did an enormously crap job raising her but it’s obvious they don’t give a shit or they wouldn’t let her live in filth as she does. Her dad needs to help her ffs

No. 768237

She's looking for an indoors pool now when all the gyms are closed?? Lmao

No. 768239

You cant help a full grown adult who does not want help.
She is perfectly content to live in filth as long as she has lurch and heroin. She has made it clear over and over that those are her priorities above all else. Any help she takes has to come within those parameters or it is no longer considered help to her.
Her father lets her come and bathe at his place, sleep in a clean place, buys her food, clothes, and makeup/face wash stuff. She doesnt actually want any more than that because it means giving up lurch and heroin for over a day.

No. 768245


I don't want to sound too optimistic, but it sounds like the beginnings of self-awareness might be creeping in now that she says she wants to go exercise/take classes/get a job. Although sometimes it feels like she wants to go to college for the wrong reasons. Like she wants to maintain the image of "cool, deep, artsy dreamgirl daydreaming in the library, I wonder what she's thinking about? She's so smart and deep because of her tragic past."

Of course none of that shit is ever going to work out unless she gets off the fucking drugs, but maybe its a start? Or maybe she's just bored and will forget about it as soon as she gets her hands on the new animal crossing or some shit.

No. 768247

I feel like she's only saying this stuff now, because she knows it's not actually an option with everything closed down due to the pandemic. it's like virtue signalling, she's saying "omg I have all these goals and aspirations but poor me I'm forced to stay inside!!" and as soon as things start getting back to normal and she could actually make it happen, she'll mysteriously forget or stop talking about it or find another excuse why she can't better herself.

No. 768257


agree. none of this stuff is possible right now and that's why luna feels like she can say it so boldly, bc when she doesn't follow up on these goals no one can say "why didn't you do those things?" if she really wanted to change herself she would do it now. quarantine has provides opportunities for lots of people to develop skills/give attention to hobbies they usually don't have time for. like luna could exercise in her home, read some books online, clean up her room…she could do any of this any day, but now that it's quarantine she acts like she was about to go outside to the swimming pool or library which she has never done before.

also lol @ "places to swim inside" as if that makes a difference with covid, whether the pool is indoor or outdoor. does she want someone to invite her grimy ass to their private pool? why doesn't she try taking a dip in the hudson river, she lives close by so it's fast simple and free!

No. 768262

She says these things but ultimately they are empty. She knows that she should want those things, she should want to better herself and change her circumstances, but at the core of it she also knows she doesn’t want to give up Lurch or drugs. She will only actually go through with it until the point of having to choose something over Lurch and she will pick Lurch every time.

At best she wants her cake and to eat it too. I really think she believes that she should be able to have a nice life, be a successful writer or artist AND still be able to do drugs. I’m sure she looks at successful musicians and artists and writers on drugs and thinks that she’s at that caliber herself. She really thinks that she shouldn’t have to give up the drugs to get what she wants.

No. 768264

Im not so sure, maybe her 3rd overdose was finally a wake up call. We dont know if shes still using dope, just benzos.

No. 768265

File: 1586449207206.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.58 MB, 512x512, old habits.gif)

Seems she's back to her "SW".

No. 768267

So convenient to blame the virus, because her stagnant life was totally changing for the better.

"too many regrets

i love too hard

i take too much

i think bad thoughts

i miss outpatient and therapy and meds

need to get medicaid

need to get medicaid

need to do well

need to do good things for myself

need to clean better

please god let me and him have our own room

a kitten perhaps


new furniture

a new job

i’ll decorate so well

i’ll prove how good i can be

there’s so much good in me

i hope i can get that $109 laptop

so i can write short stories again

writing is my true passion, true talent

i’m real i’m real i swear i’m real

i want to make a new friend

maybe in outpatient?

please i need good things

it felt like things were about to start going well

until this covid-19 bullshit

i am good. i am good. i promise.

i want to shine!

i want to glow!

i want to impress everyone who doubted me


No. 768270


No troll she’s starting to give me hardcore pixyteri vibes

No. 768272

Damn I should have grabbed a screenshot, but last night she had a pic of her ass on Tumblr saying how shes "not really doing SW anymore but covid-19 is hitting hard"

I wish she would enlighten me on how the pandemic is changing her life!

No. 768273

> please god let me and him have our own room
Um? Your mom literally sleeps on the couch while you and Lurch live in the only bedroom in the apartment and it’s filled with your hoard and stolen graveyard stuff and—

>a kitten

Please god no. Is she suddenly not happy with her ~senior~ 20 year old cat?

>$109 laptop so I can write short stories again.

I understand that it’s way easier to type up stories than it is to write them down on paper but c’mon. If writing was really her ~passion~ she’d make it work. She has a pen and paper. She’s got a notes app on her phone too. There’s ways to make it work. Also love the mention of the price. Classic Tuna.

And Luna’s poems aren’t even good. She thinks just because she writes a poem it means it’s talent. Pratt’s writing program is not hard to get into and a lot of colleges will let anyone into their writing program, unless you’re applying to a more selective school. Writing’s so subjective. Someone’s gotta tell this girl to stop with her navelgazing and her poetry would be a lot better.

If she really cared about writing so much, why wouldn’t she buy that cheap cheap cheap $109 cheap laptop instead of Rilakkuma plushes & random Hello Kitty containers that she just uses to put her Xanax in so she can take pictures of it? Oh right, because ordering cheap cute stuff online is her coping mechanism.

No. 768275

That’s bad enough. With the amount she uses she is clearly not functional. Also a much more dangerous detox. And we know she obtains at least some of them illegally. Dope or benzos…same difference in the end. She doesn’t want to be sober.

No. 768276

i wish we could get a redemption arc for this cow. imagine if she stopped doing drugs, left lurch, moved in with her dad, got friends, went to community college, stopped murdering copics and switched to watercolor or some shit, lost all that weight in her gigantic unhealthy ass, started jogging or some gay shit like that, and like…became a normal human. she'd be my problematic fav, still posting dumb shit, being a lil hotter, learning how to use makeup without heroin, being dumb as shit.

No. 768278


oh no luna what is you doing??? quitting that was the best thing you've done in months, what the fuck is this

lurch pressure?

No. 768279

absolutely lurch pressure, im shocked hes not fully pimping her at this point

No. 768280

>i don't just wanna struggle with my bpd and go in and out of psych hospitals and outpatients forever.
How many times has she been in a program- twice? Maybe if she spent more time in a psych hospital instead of complaining about her mental illness and threatening to check herself in then she would actually be able to improve and something to show for herself. And get off the drugs.
>Her father lets her come and bathe at his place, sleep in a clean place, buys her food, clothes, and makeup/face wash stuff.
That's not "helping", that's enabling. Her parents are responsible for allowing her to be comfortable enough to continue living like a bottom-dweller.
She's been talking about bettering herself for the past few months. Maybe the shut-down has made her desire stronger, but there still seems to be a part of her that wants to improve. Of course, follow-through is most of what matters when it comes to self-improvement so she's screwed.

No. 768283

I doubt she even has the desire to improve at all, but rather is trying to play it off people’s current generosity. Cheap $109 lap top, private pools, this virus has stopped my life progress, blah, blah, blah. It’s all to take advantage of the situation. There are very few people in NY and the surrounding area that have not been directly affected by covid and Luna is one of them. She should be grateful for that but she’s a grifter.

No. 768304

it would be nice if she improved but she writes posts like these every few months. check the past threads. it's just another manipulation tactic for money and/or sympathy

she had track marks all over her legs in her leaked sw pics.

No. 768307

this. each one always seems more real and self aware than the last but it never amounts to anything. each one seems like maybe it's different this time but it never is. she's just doing what >>768257 said. pretending that she would normally do all these things to project a certain image to people who aren't familiar with her.
don't get me wrong i hope she gains a will to do something other than heroin one day too, but if she does, it's probably not even going to follow this pattern.

No. 768316

>she had track marks all over her legs in her leaked sw pics.

got receipts to back you up, there: >>761037

Given what an actual horror show her arm veins are >>738935, >>739409 it's a) pretty safe to say she's still on dope and b) no surprise she's moved on to the legs, which is afaik not a good place for a shooter-upper to be in.

Which reminds me: didn't she use to complain/brag about how Lurch was always injecting her bc she couldn't do it herself? When did that change? Or am I getting her mixed up with TND

No. 768319

even better, around new rochelle, where the covid-19 outbreak in new york started kek

No. 768321

no that was her, she treated it like it was cute

No. 768341

my least favorite thing about the luna threads is the people who say “we don’t know if she’s still in dope” - she is always going to be on dope until we hear otherwise. stopping dope cold turkey has some gnarly side effects and we WOULD hear about it. dope is their entire life. she has no desire to stop. she’s on dope until she says she isn’t and we have proof. that is how hardcore drug addiction works.

No. 768393

is she reusing the same sharp for weeks at a time? how else do you have your legs get to lookin that bad? just never rotate and just blow out area after area?

No. 768403

File: 1586510579367.png (440.32 KB, 798x1220, 1471629538385.png)

Found this post from >>>/snow/166889. What is she going to do when her teeth start falling? Would make it more difficult to get a job.

No. 768406

File: 1586514271722.jpg (870.88 KB, 1080x1795, Screenshot_20200410-052317_Ins…)

Do we have any double agents? I doubt she'd manage to weed out everyone.

No. 768407

this is terrible news, I love visiting Luna's bizzare world. Really hope some anons will survive the purge. Luna is my fave.

No. 768425

personally i kind of ddoubt she'll go through with this. or if she does, she likes the attention too much, she'll post pictures of herself and e-beg no matter what and her new accounts will be found just like her previous ones were lmao

No. 768428


My guess, honestly, is that she might have started lurking in the keelwaters of the dad video - that received such a HUGE backlash and discussion, and since it was a commission vid I doubt the thought that it'd be made public went through her head. We know she's made commission videos that haven't leaked (the shooting up vids one customer requested) so it doesn't seem too far fetched an assumption.

For all of Luna's online infamy, it seems like it's actually had relatively little impact on her actual life, but that vid probably really affected her, esp if people actually sent it to her father. I'm making that guess bc it's the only time she's changed her behaviour after something like this - people have been talking about her for years, but that was when she seemed to care for the first time (actually deleting her sw accounts despite probable pressure from Lurch/her mum to earn money).

No receipts unfortunately, but she has mentioned that she stays away from threads about her and her general lack of response to them/us pretty much confirm that. I'm pretty keen to believe that's changed now, though, what with all of her shit leaking like a sieve at this point.

With that said, I think going offline would probably be good for her general health, but bad for her attention need (and obviously a loss for us). Would be interesting to see what happens with her if she does and how long it lasts tho.

No. 768429


she forgets everything she says immediately after she says it. i don’t think she’ll go through with it. she enjoys the infamy too much.

i am shocked though that these threads haven’t even slightly shown her the errors of her ways. she’s completely not self aware. she has the most intense case of arrested development i’ve ever seen and is so stubborn about her drug use being totally fine. if she deleted all her social, and only let in her white knights, she’d be fast tracking to death.

the only way we’d find out about luna is when news of her final overdose came about. hopefully her abusive “fiance” goes first, and instead of finding another drug addict, she seeks out help instead.

No. 768431

Oh please, this p.o.s. junkie isn't getting off line. She's making her hug box smaller to weed out the people calling bullshit on her scams.

Her half assed attempts at emotional manipulation are pathetic. All you have to do is look half a page up on any of her posts to see her contradict herself and see the holes on her uWu homeless art waif story.

No. 768433

Here I thought Luna might've been oblivious to the fact that she's posted on sites like here and KF but I doubt she'll get rid of everyone. She came back after being outed as a huge scammer on Facebook and she needs the attention/e-begging too much to get rid of everyone.

No. 768444

I actually hate her.
Does this bitch really think she's a good person who deserves good things to just happen to her?
She's a (child)grave robbing, scamming drug addict that stole an old, dying mans bedding and then kept his remains in a box.

Luna is a horrible person and she deserves her miserable life. The only bad thing about it is, that it makes her parent's lifes just as miserable.

No. 768454

This reminds me of that person who told her about having a patreon.

No. 768465

she's always known about the threads but afaik is one of the only cows who actively avoided them in the past. i agree with >>768428 that the dad video has spurned some ACTUAL regret in her. i don't think it will really change much but expect her to keep an eye on these threads a little more in the future.

No. 768471

she's probably given up already, considering the situation was that bad before all drug abuse went down. i bet she has a plenty of bone loss going on in there and that's something that can't really be fixed.

i think her dad could/would pay for her dentures, but i don't think she would use them. there's a big chance she should have several pulled, but she's too drugged to notice or care. she probably doesn't even care once they start coming out. if she did manage to wear dentures, she probably wouldn't take them out like ever and that in an infected mouth would be bad enough for a dentist to deny prosthetic treatment.

on a side note it's eerie to see her type coherently. her output is a mess nowadays.

No. 768477

>i think her dad could/would pay for her dentures

It's no use anyway.
She won't stop using every drug she can get and she won't stop eating sugary thing.

No. 768524

I am Luna’s close personal friend who recommended she delete social media because it’s just embarrassing watching these threads. Will she listen? Who knows but it would be shitty of me to sit here and not say something after seeing these threads over the last year or so. Also, I do know for a fact that Luna does know these threads exist but refuses to look at them, which is probably a good idea considering the content. I’m optimistic but I’m also well beyond the denial I used to be in that kept me oblivious to how she really was. I’m coming to her now after a falling out and nearly a year of not speaking. I basically said “hey you’re gonna die and all these people are going to watch it happen and laugh about it and if that doesn’t make you want to make some changes idk what will”

I guess now we wait

No. 768528

My prediction: She will not make any changes because she does want to get off all her misc drugs, and she does not want to dump her enabler. She says she wants to chnage, but she does literally nothing to make chnages happen. So nothing will happen. I hope you do not have your hopes up, Anon.

No. 768566

I've been following her IG for years now and followed her on tumblr since like 2014, I left a cutesy comment on that post so let's see if I survive the purge.

I wonder if she realizes plenty of people in this thread have been following her since she was actually a cool person and are horrified by her decline, not just random haters or whatever.(cowtipping)

No. 768569

"Close personal friend" but failed to acknowledge she is an attention seeking person and deep down all she wants is being a celebrity.

No. 768575

Hope you also given her a constructive criticism of her writing while you were at it kek
From her post it seems like all she got was 'mean people are laughing at me, so I need to hide better uwu and continue doing the same shit', so congrats.

No. 768620

File: 1586633493596.jpeg (417.17 KB, 1242x2152, C2949A31-4015-41E2-B6E1-62082A…)

No. 768646

I mean…I basically told her “I’m coming to you because I’ve been watching these threads daily and it’s impossible for me, being who I am as a person, not to reach out and at least say something” I told her either she wants to get clean or she doesn’t, and if she doesn’t, that’s her choice but when she dies it’s going to be entertainment for others. Trust me, I’ve tried A LOT to get her to get help in all aspects of her life. There may be things about her personality that are just permanent now and it is what it is. But I know who Luna used to be and for that reason, I tried one final time before giving up completely. No, I didn’t criticize her writing because who cares??? She’s going to die, which I would consider to be a much more pressing issue. The optimism I do have is minimal and only exists at all because I’m just a very naturally hopeful person. My assumption is that nothing will change. Nothing ever does. But there’s a 1% chance that it will and for that reason, I took this one last opportunity. I didn’t tell her anything she didn’t already know. She’s known how bad this was for years and has done nothing but get worse. So I certainly don’t think this time is going to be different. If she takes what I said as “hide your activities better” rather than “stop humiliating yourself for strangers on the internet” then that’s on her. Also I certainly realize many people on here knew her before she became who she is now and are just watching in horrified fascination, because I am one of those people. Is she beyond help? It’s very likely. But Luna and I were incredibly close at one point and she does trust me and for that reason, I figured one more try wouldn’t hurt. I don’t enjoy watching her suffer, but I do acknowledge that the bed she’s lying in was made entirely on her own. There’s nothing wrong with making an effort. If Luna doesn’t care or listen, so be it. I did what I felt was right

No. 768652

nice blogpost but get off your fucking high horse. she deserves to be made fun of, she's a shitty person who lies and scams others, on top of STEALING FROM POTENTIALLY CHILDREN'S GRAVES, because she thinks she's too good to get off her ass and earn money for herself like everyone else.

No. 768656

I mean I literally just said she has made her own bed? There’s nothing at all wrong with reaching out to someone I know personally and being like “here’s another reality check”

I at no point said that she doesn’t deserve anything. I’m really not sure why anybody needs to be hostile but ok(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 768659

if you were Luna's actual friend, you would buy her a cheap cheap used nintendo switch and a brand new copy of new horizons. It could even get you a generic 'omg a friend got me this' post on instagram. I bet Luna would appreciate it much more than whatever the fuck you are doing kek

No. 768660

Forget her and take care of yourself, man. Drug users can only help themselves and you're wasting your time.

No. 768661

the correct thing to do is say jack shit here (unless its milk) and jack shit to her face unless its important, this was not. nobody should enable her by buying her useless entertainment items, she has plenty, all its saying is "oh its fine to sit on your ass doing drugs all day" its not. plenty of people could use the money more and for better things than Nintendo's newest cash sucking machine

No. 768663

this. she isn't even ragged on as hard as most cows, plenty of people feel bad for her and worry when she doesn't post, despite the fact she got herself into this mess herself and actively continues to live this lifestyle

No. 768698

Just to be clear, you realize that I was being sarcastic right?
As far as I've seen, alll Luna cares about is if her 'friends' (can you even call it friendship if only one side is emotionally invested in a wellbeing of the other?) can buy her shit that she wants.

No. 768713

File: 1586687135283.png (166.01 KB, 720x946, Bleach.png)

Haven't seen this posted here.

No. 768716

Maybe I'm an idiot who doesn't understand bleaching, but how the fuck does she need three boxes to go from >>767151 to >>768019 ??? How does she even accomplish wasting that much product? I can dye my whole hair with two, and we have the same thickness/length.

I'm suspecting she mooched money for three boxes off someone, only bought one and spent the rest on drugs or something. What was the most recent intel on her fraudulent ways?

No. 768719

Adding in the fact that her hair is ALREADY bleached, she really only needs 1 box for root retouching, even if she’s let her roots grow a few inches 1 box is more than enough. Then just need the toner on top. No wonder her hair looks so fried if she is rebleaching the whole lot each & every time.

No. 768720


My Mother gets them all the time and she is not sexually active. She even gets them when she in hospital.

Last year I had UTI's about 6 times in a year. Thankfully I no longer get them.

Not peeing means there os something wrong with your kidneys, if i go 24 hours without peeing, they put a cathertor in me to release the pee. My guess she has bad hygiene and kidney issues.(blog)

No. 768721

Latest poetry:

still dreaming of white hospital walls

hospice walls?

cheap lighting that flickers sometimes and

days that are set in routine

I usually wake up at 5am because they refuse to give proper sleep meds to me but in the past i’ve found friends who say i can wake them up and they’ll come watch TV with me but then

8am, morning meds

10am, morning therapy

11am, lunch (slop)

12pm, afternoon therapy

1pm, visiting hour

2pm, coffee (non-decaf of course), you can tell who the addicts are usually because they flick their fake sugar packets

4pm, visiting hour

5pm, quiet time

6pm, TV

7pm, TV

8pm, night meds

9pm, sleep (but i can’t! ever!)

sometimes i enjoy schedules, at least i know i have a purpose

why do i find myself always missing hospitals?

a therapist would probably tell me that i miss the structure, never being alone, a long drawl of things

i guess that’s the truth

and it feels good to feel like i’m making progress in my mental illness

and god it feels good to act “crazy” without anyone blinking an eye

i remember empty visiting hours where nobody came to see me at all during a five day stay, and i’d watch people with their families, laughing and smiling

i’d go sit in my room and cry and write and sob and feel alone alone alone

i also remember a different five day stay

where my ray of human sunshine would come for the first visiting hour, go sit downstairs for three hours, and then come for the second! every single day!

i couldn’t believe i was so loved, he even brought a huge teddy bear the nurses somehow let me keep and brought me flowers he picked himself!

i always wanted to be the pretty one there

but there was always someone gorgeous, and they were always so skinny with long dark hair and i was a blonde blob

the beautiful mess is a myth created by men with control issues

they want their “beautiful mess” so they can build them up

and then beating them down worse than before, act like it was her mental illness, and either run, or build them back up and do it all over again

thank god i’ve avoided men like that

on my outtake day the feelings are always mixed

part of me, excited, to show the world a new and stable me

part of me, terrified, because i’m not really stable and i’m scared i’ll never BE stable, and i’ll miss the routines

the last, anxious, to go back to outpatient for the thousandth time expecting a different result, definition of insanity?

or is that the way this treatment works?

No. 768722

>anxious, to go back to outpatient for the thousandth time expecting a different result, definition of insanity?
>or is that the way this treatment works?

Please tell me this is true and that she'll (attempt to) get treatment again, it'll be the highlight of my Easter.

Not to stan too much, but yeah, Luna, that IS how it works and it's normal to feel dubious and pessimistic about it. We all do.

Not sure of the truth in all of this, but who knows, maybe her weird behaviour lately was the start of a redemption arc. I'm not gonna bet any money but it would be a nice surprise.

No. 768725

i actually enjoyed reading this but it's once again just thoughts and not poetry. if she got rid of the weird spacing and trying to make verses and force metaphors, she could focus on writing instead. she's good at description and i understood what the hospital was like for her.

No. 768755

File: 1586702663948.jpg (470.56 KB, 1080x1805, IMG_20200412_164414.jpg)

No. 768756

File: 1586702690412.jpg (492.11 KB, 1078x1818, IMG_20200412_164354.jpg)

No. 768757

File: 1586702714426.jpg (235.61 KB, 1075x946, IMG_20200412_164330.jpg)

No. 768758

File: 1586702744878.jpg (502.81 KB, 1080x1956, IMG_20200412_164312.jpg)

No. 768765

Wtf is under her nail in this pic

No. 768768

I thought she has no insurance and therefore cannot go? Though I bet her dad would figure sthg out…

No. 768769

How many stick on nails does one need.

No. 768772

so many microbes

No. 768773

These always surprise me, most of the time it's difficult to imagine she's capable of thinking about anything other than "must get dope" and "must get cheap crap off amazon".

No. 768774

She’s high when she writes these. That’s why they all sound the same.

No. 768782

i'm shocked she's never gotten some kind of infection or abscess when shooting up with such poor hygiene

No. 768793

I hope she gets help but she is so fucking shallow. She’s angry that she isn’t the prettiest one there.

No. 768797

I think it goes deeper than that and she has a point. If you are considered an insane bitch by society, if you are young and insecure you may get memed into wanting to at least be pretty so you don't feel completely worthless

No. 768799

Honestly agree. This thread is entertaining but I think there's still a tiny glimmer of humanity left in her.. somewhere. Therapy can and does help so many people, me included, and I hope she can make it stick this time.

No. 768836

>considered an insane bitch by society,
she is
>completely worthless
she is also this
the best way to cope is to take responsibility and change. worth is earned, not innate.

No. 768849

Nah every human has worth. They can choose to fuck others over, which she has done, and it diminishes. But she still has worth. Probably an unpopular opinion on here but I still think she can get dat redemption arc. Unlikely, but anyone can turn their life around.

No. 768875

What is that manga?

No. 768877


No. 768890

does anyone know what the deal with the new heavenlykitten1996 instagram js? It's clearly not luna but this person has luna slater tattooed on their leg, it was posted in the last thread

No. 768895

You are missing the point. Luna was restating in her own words a popular feminist criticism of a sexist trope, referring to how it has affected her. Carol Joyce Oates defined it in the most concise way;
>Erotic: meaning you're "desired."
>For madness is seductive, sexy. Female madness. So long as the female is reasonably young and attractive.
The 'tragic sexy mad girl' (or a type of manic pixie dream girl) trope is not only a Luna issue, a certain slightly cowish artist made an entire career based on criticizing it.
Sure, Luna may be vain. But that part of her 'poem' is not a proof of it at all. Her obsession with stick-on nails probably makes a much better argument for your case.
Maybe it's the same sperg that was spamming retarded Luna name pics a thread or two back (including the tattoo). I really hope it's photoshop.

No. 768898

I’m still surprised to this day there are people who stan for Luna and think she can get better while lurch is still present in any way in her life. The fact both of her parents have given up trying to separate the two of them long ago is deeply disturbing. I’d say any discussion of her affecting real change in her life would have come after lurch kicks it but I somehow feel like he’s been a junkie so long he has like, cockroach strength and will outlive Luna.

No. 768905

Addicts, especially of hard drugs, generally come in two categories: Those who die, and those who don't. Either your body gives out within a couple of years, or you're guaranteed to live through the fuckign apocalypse.

My guess is that some kind of situation arose in the past that has made Luna's parents more afraid of what she'll do if they state an ultimatum than what might happen if they stay together - or who knows, maybe they're fucknuts and like the guy. It's pretty sad they aren't pulling the plug on their support unless she gets some help/breaks up with him, though.

No. 768907

Dunno about Luna's mom, but I vaguely remember the dad not liking Lurch one bit and wanting him to stay away from her? Something like not letting him into his pad. I do not remember clearly and may be wrong, does anyone remember what I am talking about?

No. 768915

I have the same memory. Also it's telling that any time Luna visits her dad for a bath, take out food, weed, and drugstore shopping sprees that lurch is not around. I remember that was one condition her father did give. I think lurch may have visited there briefly, maybe to drop her off or pick her up, but dude definitely isnt welcome. I think its the real reason she sometimes bitches about visiting her dad. She wants all the free stuff but she cant be without lurch for a damn day.

Contrast that with Luna's mother letting Lurch hang around her place while Luna was a teenager and now all 3 are living together.

No. 768927

i am 98% sure that lurch was there when the kitchen burned down in her dad's apartment, which is weird because why would she need him there

No. 768930

She was supposedly helping him clean up the mess. I assume Lurch was also trying to “help”. In reality she was artfully smudging soot on her face for pity selfies. It’s pretty clear he’s not allowed to be around the place often though.

No. 768960

I suppose the flat was fucked up enough Luna Dad begrudgingly allowed lurch to help. As a one-time exception.

No. 768990

The art fooled me into thinking it was a manga.

No. 769051

If memory serves, the tone they had talking to each other in the fire videos were joking, like pals. there is this entirely prevalent idea about how much tuna's dad really hates lurch - and except from the fact that's what normal people would do, we never exactly got any proof.

No. 769086

I recall a similar energy. From memory I believe it's more of a "he cant spend the night or be there without Luna's dad present" kind of thing. They've gone out as a group a FEW times, and were clearly at least amicable in the fire video- it sounded like he just wasn't welcome to stay the night or be there unsupervised. Probably a small attempt at not enabling the relationship too much. Her dad obviously knows that Lurch is in the picture to stay for now, just like the drugs- but doesnt want to totally enable it 100%. Also, he knows Luna steals from him as is; I doubt he trusts them together in the house lol.

Tldr; he doesnt seem to HATE Lurch….but also obviously doesn't love or trust him.

No. 769100

File: 1586906682859.jpeg (440.94 KB, 750x2207, 4956B36A-718D-46AA-A009-1B8529…)

Luna posted a bunch of pictures on her Fb. (1/4)

No. 769102

File: 1586906843022.jpeg (508.52 KB, 750x2845, 64EA430D-E4E9-47F8-8B64-DD43FD…)


No. 769103

File: 1586907173347.jpeg (633.08 KB, 750x3656, 52295899-5C87-4328-BD1D-452853…)


No. 769105


gods, I hope her trip down memory lane is getting her motivation for the outpatient/getting clean. She's so pretty, under the grime and the heroin.

No. 769106

File: 1586907481158.jpeg (863.59 KB, 750x4952, B6B1D4F4-6139-4B94-AF64-555FC0…)


No. 769107


flooding, but jesus christ this took a turn for the worse. It's so fucking sombering, what she's become in a few years

No. 769108

File: 1586907721086.jpeg (54.96 KB, 750x338, BB283038-B302-4A79-8B89-922A8E…)

She also posted this about how she’s not getting a check

No. 769109

she needs to shut the fuck up like her dad isn't the reason matt hasn't left her nodding out in the gutter. her dad has every right to that check. l

No. 769110

i think she means "dependent"??

No. 769112

Wow it’s almost like… you’re fucking financially dependent on your dad, tuna.

No. 769116

A quick Google says her dad could only do this if she earned less than $3700 last year. There was a bottom cutoff for the stimulus check, I couldn't find it in a reasonable number of clicks, I think it was under $3000. If she didn't earn anything, didn't report anything on her taxes, or didn't file taxes, she wasn't getting a check anyway.

No. 769118

Nah, that's classic Tuna.

No. 769120

She’s 24 and not in school. There isn’t child support for a 24 year old. How was he able to count her as a dependent? Maybe I just don’t understand. This is a set up to an ebegging scheme. I can see it now “I was depending on this check to get food, a toothbrush and basic cheap everyday needs, oh and copics so I can finally be the artist I was always meant to be”.

No. 769123

That was my first thought too anon, but google says her dad can still claim her as a “qualifying relative” if she’s over 24

No. 769129

Given the amount of Amazon crap she orders using his card, and probably cash infusions, she IS his dependent.

Her mom is the one that should get to claim her, though, given that she is feeding and housing her daughter 100% - IF Daddy Luna isn't kicking into the rent fund so Luna and her mother aren't going homeless. Even though alimony and child support are long ended, as her father he may well be sending money to Mama Luna for rent and expenses on behalf of their daughter so that she isn't selling her ass on a street corner.

And in every case, her check would rightfully go to one of her parents and not herself. All they have to do is show they supplied more than half her living expenses: either parent is providing those things.

No. 769131

My first thought was she’s on his health insurance or he pays for it in some form, especially since she’s under 26 still

No. 769133

Her mom lives in section 8/ government assisted housing. Luna isn't allowed to live there. So she wouldn't be able to claim her and keep her housing. Luna has also hinted at her mom potentially using again?

Tldr; her mom wouldn't be able to claim her and her getting the check would possibly be worse enabling.

No. 769134

>If she didn't earn anything, didn't report anything on her taxes, or didn't file taxes, she wasn't getting a check anyway.

this. none of the stuff with her dad claiming her as a dependent matters because she's not eligible anyway.

No. 769145

i wonder if lurch is getting a check?

No. 769147

So much has changed in NY I guess. What happened to turning 18 and figuring life out as an adult? And now parents can claim a drug addict, loser, worthless, dependent 24 year old? WTF? No wonder they have enabled Tuna so much, she is a breadwinner in a fucked up way

No. 769148

File: 1586923011715.jpg (84.84 KB, 720x720, middle-class-refrigerator.jpg)

Reminds me of this.

No. 769150

i doubt it, unless he secretly has a straight job luna hasn't told us about. i feel like if he did she wouldn't shut up about what a super hard worker he is

No. 769153

No she means she does not get a check, at all. Her father still does it’s per individual basis.

I think she might technically qualify for some onetime pandemic relief money but in all honestly, I really, I mean I don’t see her being able to complete the process of filing.

No. 769157


You couldn't find it because it's not true. There is no minimum income requirement to receive the stimulus check.

No. 769174


Dependent status for income tax purposes isn’t only for children. Relatives that you provide more than 50% for can be claimed. Lots of adults claim elderly parents as dependents later in life, especially if the parents move in with the children. It just depends on whether or not it affects social security or disability for the claimed dependent.
Also, she would not get a stimulus check if she does not file taxes, get ssi or ssdi. She would have to go to the website and fill out information in order to receive a check because it is based on income tax being filed, not just your income. I doubt she ever did that either.

No. 769189

Im pretty sure Lurch is on food stamps so hed get a check that way, you just need to have a record of either paying taxes or receiving benefits to prove you actually exist. Shes mentioned their food stamps running out before.

No. 769229

I thought she was deleting her FB?

No. 769232


>Lurch was struck by an NYC taxi

did he say "i'm walkin' here!"

No. 769241


Again, not true. Non-filers will receive a stimulus check.

No. 769242


Nope, receiving SNAP or even GA is not enough. And he is not eligible for continuous SNAP in NY because he is able bodied with no dependents. The NY regulations were posted in a previous thread.

No. 769257

File: 1587012542798.jpeg (122.29 KB, 750x585, 4B8FCC41-6DD0-4F69-B29D-E49829…)

Forgot to post this from her fb


No. 769270

okay so shoot me, but does anyone else kinda feel v bad for Luna.. redemption arc prays

No. 769271

Damn and here I was thinking that this meme would only apply to the EU. But welcome to hell fellow working class murricans.

No. 769274

would you still feel bad for her if it was your relatives' graves she was stealing from?

holy fuck not to mini mod but can we start banning all the luna stans by now cause they shit up every goddamn thread

No. 769276

to be fair we dont have a solid proof she steals from graves… she never admitted to it and wasn't caught red handed. Though the one Lurch photo snooping around a grave was very suspicious indeed, Indon't like how it's treated like a fact when it's based on farmer's assumptions.

No. 769278


She may not be a confirmed graverobber but she's still been a selfish brat who didnt even wait until her father in laws body was cold before taking his belongings; took advantage of a woman with cancer to buy her unnecessary shit; and scammed people who were nice enough to purchase her "art". On top of all the shameless e-begging and the supposed accounts of Lurch cutting bad H.

No. 769281

How about you start saging your shit first

No. 769336

kill yourself, white knight. there, better? point still stands. all you apologists are just as bad as luna herself and are the reason she's still going because she preys on dumbasses exactly like you who take pity on her. she latches on to these kind of comments and keeps believing there's still no reason for her to get her shit together because "oh well if SOMEONE out there says it's not too late for me and things aren't THAT BAD i guess i can just keep doing the same amount of drugs uwu"(infighting)

No. 769379

> photos of them flipping over graves holding a large backpack to hold things
> luna has a large assortment of soil-covered weathered stone cherub, religious, and angel type figurines in here possession

that’s enough proof for me idk.

No. 769383

>a large assortment of soil-covered weathered stone cherub, religious, and angel type figurines in here possession
I never noticed those things being literally soil covered. Would like too see an example. Judging by the condition, she could get those angel figures at a goodwill, salvation army or whatever you guys have in the USA.
It's possible she steals her trinkets from graveyards, but it's not certain or confirmed.

No. 769390

I'm wondering the same thing.. the tattoo seems real.. the account seems real.

No. 769400

The accounts now private

No. 769445

No it wasn't her, she was some kid who seems to idolize Luna and other scummy people, she always was uploading pictures like that onto her stories.
Funnily enough, we were mutuals and I think she saw she got mentioned on here and bawleeted and removed everyone from her follow list.
Sage for irrelevance

No. 769911

So she's not a minor, not a student under the age of 24, not a spouse. Did he claim her as disabled?

No. 770099

in NY you can claim up to 26 but it would only really make sense if she was on his insurance.

No. 770205

File: 1587364277059.png (201.36 KB, 239x324, kiwifarms.png)

No. 770212


Her eyeliner has been looking pretty clean lately, is our girl no longer nodding out when applyingit?

No. 770231

Her hair seems to be in better condition too? At least it looks like in that picture.

No. 770234

I think this is an older picture of her

No. 770235

>>770205 She actually looks… kinda hot in this

No. 770236

Yeah until you look down and see those titties.

No. 770251

why is there a group of women on this site that NEVER tire of nitpicking every single cow's tits i find it fascinating

No. 770258

Might be similar to the phenomenon of men watching too much porn and so develop an unrealistic expectation of the female body than what is reality. Maybe farmers have just spent too much time watching egirls and costhots who can afford to get their tits fixed that they forgot that the average woman doesn't have perky boobs and who furthermore have no desire to butcher themselves in a vain attempt to please the masses. Imo Tuna has a cute chub body that would be better if she quit drug use and developed some personal hygiene.

No. 770262

nta but it’s so weird. it’s not like luna chose to have the breasts she does. anons act as though her chest is equally as offensive as her begging for dope money. it’s so retarded

No. 770265


hey, come on, how fucking dare she not be ashamed of her body??? more importantly how dare she not have porn-perfect tits??????

it will never cease to surprise me that despite numerous reasons to legitimately shittalk someone, some people will still go for shit that no one could possibly control (without surgery), as if breast shape was a reasonable reason to hate any woman – oh wait most of our shit society thinks it is

like we don't need to go nitpicking for reasons to hate luna, she's given us plenty already

No. 770338

lolno it's fine to nitpick stuff like that when she's willingly trying to make money off the nudes.

No. 770342


that's true.

so it's pretty much confirmed she's "a sexworker" again?

No. 770345

people don't have to have perfect bodies to be sex workers stop finding excuses to project ur insecurities about ur tits onto her

No. 770347

People have been complaining about her tits for years before she even was a sex worker lol. And in any case that's a shitty excuse and it's also fucking annoying that people keep derailing every single thread with complaints about her tits out of all things, I cannot fathom anyone over the age of 15 spending time doing that or even caring at all

No. 770354

This. Also she seems to have a bruise/trackmark?? on her arm too, which caught ny attention more than her tits. Yes, they’re unfortunate, so what

No. 770371

I was suprised she hasn't done anything new or crazy with her appearance while in quarentine
But then I remembered this is just regular ol life for her!
How incredibly boring!

No. 770475

She chose to be a fat, lazy fuck; so yeah she did choose to get those pancakes.

No. 770484

File: 1587459359227.jpeg (83.53 KB, 740x743, 216A96E7-4CF4-4081-91F5-E8A701…)

So I’m not sure if this Instagram is hers. Sorry if this isn’t new or anything but since she posted about creating a new account I tried typing in some of her usernames and found this. The “safer than heaven” clocked me that it was her but it was originally posted in a Cyrillic language and links to some weird dragon Neopets-esque site. If she really isn’t accepting new followers then it’s one of the better things she could do tbh. She has a social media addiction and needs to lay low.

No. 770489

It's unclear whether this is Luna, or still some rando Russian girl named Yolanda who had the username for a while. It's been mentioned earlier; >>768890, >>769445 (pic of what I assume is Yolanda's tattoo: >>768620 ). She had posted a bunch of selfies and was tagged by her friends and stuff, so it was definitely a real person and not Luna posing.

I also used to follow Yolanda, but seems they caught on bc whoever it was ain't in my followers list anymore (I have an alternate acc with like 15 people I'm following, so it was easy to check them all).

I know Instagram didn't use to let people take usernames that had already been claimed at one point in time, but not sure if that's still the case, so I don't know if Luna even could claim the account at this point.

Whether Y changed username, blocked suspicious people or just deleted the account I don't know, but it's unclear whether heavenlykitten1996 is still her or if it's Luna or someone else.

Either way, it's clear this person wants to be left alone so I think we should let it be. I think I've written up all the info that's relevant for us, so we should let this person be unless we get some kind of indication of an actual connection to Lun.

afylp, I agree with you, it would be best for Luna to go anonymous for at least a while. Dunno if creating an account under one of her known old usernames would be especially smart tho.

No. 770491

I’m the anon who posted the pic just there. Yeah, she has always had really predictable usernames. Just any combination of “heaven”, “1996”, “angel hair” or whatever and you can probably find her.

I honestly would love for Luna to do a 180

No. 770492

This pic is a year, possibly even 2 years old. And it’s already been discussed to death.

No. 770541

File: 1587492291752.png (100.84 KB, 616x568, Screen Shot 2020-04-21 at 12.3…)

i think this person is also going around on tumblr under luna's old url sending asks to radfem blogs

No. 770542

Pretty sure this is a sideblog of that fakeboirottengirl kid who always eats Luna's ass on her posts

No. 770555

kid? she's like in her mid 20s and has a husband

No. 770565

lol @ the titty coping itt

No. 770568

File: 1587507324858.jpg (772.82 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2020-04-22-00-14-15…)

it's in russian tho so I think it's the instagram girl

No. 770575

how would her tits be perkier were she thinner lmao, if anything they would be even pancake-ier

No. 770616

Her tits look like an egg yolk hanging from a nail. No one my age looks like that and we are in the same age bracket. No one hates her because of her tits but dont pretend like its common to have flapjack lookin tits. Of course people are gonna make jokes about it… its the same as her ass which looks like the behind of a 60 yr old woman. I feel like anons only defend a cow when they see themselves in them. If you were so offended by low blows you wouldn't come to this website at all. Srry you guys also have flapjack tits kek

No. 770626

didn't want to derail the thread and post about her, but since she's already being discussed, she posted a picture of emmy (australian girl who had a thread here briefly who died) and reblogged an old video of her, along with some of luna's selfies. she's definitely a farmer, or at least lurks, and made a post about how she has a crush on "the past version" of "this girl", maybe emmy or luna. seems like she might have a romanticized sort of fixation on broken girls who have gotten posted here.
also, she saves and reposts luna's gifs and selfies… if she is the same girl who got her name tattooed, i almost wonder if she's a low key stalker or something.

No. 770627

File: 1587526877381.jpeg (344.7 KB, 1280x1280, A540E60E-398A-408E-B6F3-0B3703…)

samefagging to add that she's the sole interaction on a lot of posts from this blog cataloguing all of luna's old pictures, not sure if all of them were deleted but a quick scroll tells me many of them are old and were likely on her now deleted blogs, like this one with tai. this is some weird fangirl shit.
sorry for the shitty collage, don't have access to a computer right now.

No. 770630

File: 1587529640949.png (43.4 KB, 523x162, Screen Shot 2020-04-21 at 9.26…)

it's gotta be about luna, or at least definitely not emmy. emmy didn't change that drastically over the years and she wouldn't be still seeing her.

No. 770634


holy shit, I had no idea about any of that. yolanda needs to fucking chill, I'm getting worried for luna here

No. 770646

File: 1587551722062.jpeg (142.08 KB, 749x1093, E5243285-3EB9-4E59-9BE1-8CA236…)

Oh, she’s definitely a stalker

No. 770652

OT but who's the australian girl she's obsessed with? sounds familiar but idk how to navigate tumblr and I can't find any of the pictures.

No. 770653

you don't know how to navigate tumblr??? just scroll down.

No. 770686

it's emmy/serotoninblue. i think she was from new zealand but lived in australia for a while.

No. 770690

Tuna telling someone to get a hobby is so rich. She doesn't even know what a hobby or job is.

No. 770698


I'm pretty sure neither of those two are Luna.

No. 770702

Are you even following the conversation? It's not Luna. Besides, writing shitty poetry and drawing sadbbydolls ARE a hobby

No. 770710

Not until now. I saw the screenshot and the name looked like Tuna's username. That's true, shitty poetry, poorly drawing sad self-inserts and a million selfies are hobbies.

No. 770713

You do realize hobby is something one does for fun and doesn't gave to be professional or good. Luna has plenty of hobbies, it's her professional life that's lacking

No. 770772

yolanda deleted all the asks she got but people who are obviously farmers were cowtipping the shit out of her, which is autistic and against the rules. idk how to express my opinion without potentially being banned for minimodding, so i'll just leave it at that.

No. 770812

The blog is now just pictures from weheartit, I can't find anything about Luna or the Australian girl. Thanks to whichever autist cowtipped, it was getting milky

No. 770814

Why do TERFs like tuna so much? If it isnt the same person thats a weird coincidence that two diffrent TERF blogs with the same pink aesthetic stalk/asspat her

No. 770817

it's not that weird of a coincidence. the users of this site skew lesbian/radfem so if they found her through lolcow it's not improbable

No. 770821

File: 1587641491500.jpg (84.76 KB, 523x358, Screenshotfrom2020-04-2312-29-…)

No. 770827

taking into account she mentioned being Luna's actual friend and how quickly she started talking about farmers, I wouldn't be surprised if she is the anon who adviced Luna to private everything

No. 770837

File: 1587650157297.jpg (125.28 KB, 720x1435, Lmao.jpg)

Bold of Tuna to like this post, when at >>768267 she was complaining lmao

No. 770993

File: 1587715720102.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 189.53 KB, 750x498, 941F3054-6A80-4EE2-8545-EEEC8D…)

why does this creepy doll look so much like luna

No. 771001

why indeed

No. 771033

File: 1587757894957.jpg (49.29 KB, 546x427, instagramgirl.jpg)

This is from funeral1996/Yolanda's tumblr, she said she wanted to look like Luna but she deleted that post as well kek

No. 771117

what a bizzare girl. Said Luna is her actual (probably online?) friend and yet she skinwalks her down to the account name and look. She seems off mentally

No. 771120


It's kind of creepy, actually, considering Luna got the snowball that ruined her life started by aspiring to a certain aesthetic. I'm honestly surprised it's taken this long for someone to start walking in her footsteps.

With that said I hope this person is just digging the look and won't actually get hooked on heroin over it.

No. 771125

is the second picture lhofmannita or is it just a really scary skinwalk

No. 771131

File: 1587817162878.jpg (55.53 KB, 562x488, Captura de pantalla 2020-04-25…)

I don't understand why anyone would try to skinwalk someone whose life is such an absolute trainwreck. Maybe in her early days I could understand it better but she is sad and hopeless right now. I wonder if anybody has told her about the account.

Can anyone with drug/medical knowledge tell what pill this is? Taken from Yolanda's tumblr

No. 771136


in the USA it's not common for prescription pills to be in a pack like that, unless antibiotic or something short-term like that. i have once had that kind of pack for a .125mg of ativan prescription, but those are big pills, i guess either antibiotic/over the counter medicine or if she is not in USA it could rly be anything.

No. 771155

isn't she russian or sthg

No. 771173

Tons of pills in Russia look like that so there's no telling.

No. 771211

Pretty sure anon who capped is Russian, not the girl.

No. 771239

If she's not in the US it's probably co-codamol aka codeine. Which is sold OTC in most countries outside the US. Can't find an exact match, but many brands look very similar. Plus she skinwalks Tuna so she probably thinks she's ~super hardcore uwu~ just for taking codeine.

No offense but wtf are you talking about lol. Blister packs like that are NOT common at all for prescriptions in the US. It's extremely rare. Usually the only time you get this with a prescription drug is in samples given by doctors. Otherwise you get a personalized bottle. OTC drugs are often in blister packs, but even this seems to be less common now in the US because people tend to buy in bulk. Typically any amounts over 25 doses is in a bottle.

No. 771241

Looks like paracetamol.

No. 771244


yes i think you misunderstand me i meant these packs are not common in the USA. only time i have got it for prescription is trial of ativan. but over the counter medicines will look like this lol in her picture it looks like an anti-allergy medicine

No. 771273

she is answering asks on her blog in russian/ukrainian, anon. Besides, go to her blog on your own and you will see it's in russian for you too.

No. 771277

File: 1587890728186.jpg (272.96 KB, 720x1154, 20200426_094438.jpg)

All I had to do was look up white pill with tick on it. Not difficult.

No. 771280

File: 1587895717415.jpg (145.31 KB, 1080x1001, IMG_20200426_120728.jpg)

imagine romanticizing this shit

No. 771290

Why in the hell is this milkless nobody still being discussed?

No. 771292

Because there's been no social media activity from luna in quite a while, people are bored and this is the only Luna-related news right now.

No. 771298

i think i found her on vk (Russian social media site) and she's from Moldova. she has a bunch of normie pics on her instagram and vk, but also a lot of nirvana/90s content. and if you search her vk name, she has pinterest with courtney love pics. I'm that bored i swear(offtopic)

No. 771302


jesus christ, you people are really going crazy-crazy in this quarantine, huh?

i know we're all thirsting for milk but what the fucking hell are you doing

No. 771389

i don't think it's that bad to talk about the stalker girl. if luna actually inspires an impressionable teenager with decent life prospects into a life of grime and drug addiction, it will be just sad

No. 771511

It's been two weeks since she last posted something. The friend who told her to go private is dumb af because how will we know if she's still alive?

No. 771531

…and you think this worries the friend somehow? Why should it? She probably is in touch with Luna directly, or got added to her new account (if it exists)

No. 771761

File: 1588121842182.jpeg (184.4 KB, 750x1123, 092C402C-50F0-4DAF-830E-DA7220…)

she’s alive and still on the same account

No. 771762

File: 1588121866260.jpeg (269.61 KB, 750x1102, 145A169A-E0F5-4BF6-8130-D08AC1…)

No. 771793

File: 1588150468672.png (707.35 KB, 935x594, Capture.PNG)

Looks like Luna wants to go incognito. Rest of the post says " i want a fresh start with people who care ABOUT me and don’t use me for entertainment. i should’ve done this long ago. comment if you want to be added to a new account but i may not add you."

No. 771794

As if that'll work. Either she'll wind up adding more farmers or she'll get tired of having 10 followers and her need for pity/asspats will make her open her accounts again.

No. 771795

God, she looks awful.

No. 771797

yes. another farmer posted this 19 days ago

No. 771845

i've noticed she's stopped finding "wow…this perfectly good lipstick/80 dollar victorias secret bra/sweater/whatever with no garbage stains on it…just lying out on top of the garbage in the open!" things ever since department stores shut down…she really makes me roll my eyes, jesus

No. 771854

File: 1588193337624.jpeg (166.82 KB, 730x894, 9817D674-0CF2-4DE3-944B-CC10DB…)

holy shit

No. 771855

appears she’s using a new shade of foundation equivalent to a “mime face paint” pure white

No. 771856

For the love of God tuna, brush your blasted teeth.

No. 771858

File: 1588195298307.jpg (85.57 KB, 663x527, Screenshotfrom2020-04-2922-21-…)

Luna's life, reputation, veins and dignity were irreperably damaged 6 years ago today!

No. 771870

Sixth anniversary and they both look miserable. Tuna looks like she's about to cry.

No. 771875

I think she's pretty but here she is legit terrifying. Like a crazy old grandma

No. 771884

File: 1588205231888.png (688.21 KB, 622x922, MXDDkpo.png)

No. 771887

I dont understand why she still posts when she all she gets is 0-2 notes and a thread update whenever she does. Like she said she's Going Dark but she's still using her public tumblr, she still has farmers added on FB and she hasn't so much as changed her ig username. What was the point of the big announcement?

No. 771903

Even her mane that she's usually so proud of, looks so flat and thin. Hopefully this is a wake-up call for her.

No. 771912

File: 1588219053068.jpg (525.52 KB, 720x1560, Screenshot_20200429-215617_Chr…)

Oh nice, a whole new animal to neglect and raise in squalid conditions.

No. 771918

i’m so mad about this. what do you think are the odds they just stole someone’s cat cuz they thought it was cute? that story seems like her typical fabricated nonsense.

No. 771919

she does NOT need a young curious cat running around with all of these pills exposed all over the place. young cats will eat ANYTHING.

No. 771921

>legit though her back legs were broken coz she wouldn't move
Wut? So did he schlep a moaning roadkill into a shoebox, or did she just pull this out of her ass completely?

No. 771925

File: 1588225707675.png (141.25 KB, 750x1061, 1496513635315.png)

Wait, does she now have 3 cats?

I haven't seen her talk about Pepper in a long time, but I don't think it died since Luna would be writing dozens of bad poems about it.

No. 771926

Old photo btw

No. 771938

Pepper died last year, I think in the summer, and Tuna was panicking because she didn't have where to bury the corpse. She posted pics of her smiling and with a leg up a wall. Then she found a vet willing to bury it.

No. 771943

how do those people dare to own pets when they cannot afford vet visits?

No. 771973

Luna would have a baby if she could just to have one and can't afford it. That's just how her greedy mind works.
She wants pets, she wants her dad to die so she can have his house, she wants her mom to sleep on the sofa forever so she can have her bed, etc.

No. 771982

File: 1588257261244.jpeg (187.81 KB, 750x1118, 640B8F30-7BF2-4A49-BE2B-755EEB…)

she really did just steal someone’s cat, huh?
there’s no way i can believe that this cat was abandoned and unable to move just two weeks ago.

No. 771986

hope someone puts up missing cat posters soon lol. could literally be someone's pet who goes outdoors and maybe lost its collar or didn't have one. luna is not responsible at all and should not have pets, and i agree with the anon who pointed out that she leaves pills everywhere that her pets could easily swallow

No. 771999

What is it with cows and stealing people's pets??

No. 772027

Imagine you’re in the middle of quarantine in fucking New York City and some steals your cat

No. 772036

What is it with junkies and cats?

No. 772040

Cats are considered an "easy" pet to a lot of people. They don't need to be walked and a lot of people think their cats don't need social interaction like dogs do. Basically you get all the nice feels of having a companion animal without feeling like you need to do any of the work.

Also cats are pretty easy to find since there's such an abundance of strays here and even shelters that let you adopt dogs usually have an adoption fee and an adoption process to see if you're a fit owner. You don't stumble upon many "stray" dogs.

No. 772111

the box photo is supposedly from when they brought it home. i’m sorry but no “abandoned sad cat with two broken legs” is stark fucking white. looks like someone’s cat escaped and she decided it was hers now.

No. 772113

but they aren’t easy… sure, many of them aren’t as active and don’t require walking. but cats can get places dogs can’t (smaller spaces, high up spaces etc) they’re very sneaky and need to be looked after more than dogs in many cases. cats are also allergic to most house plants and love to chew on garbage like plastic, strings, medicine blister packs. more people are prone to killing cats than dogs because of these misconceptions. luna has absolutely no right to subject innocent cats to open medication and dirty needles laying around. the old cat is probably used to these things but the new cat will almost certainly die.

No. 772128

nta, context clues

No. 772141

Exactly what I was thinking. I wonder how the white fur will keep up living with them, because we've seen Tuna's dirty feet.

No. 772161

Anon, I know it's Luna and she's a liar and a thief, but there are thousands of stray cats out there

No. 772163

File: 1588311745635.jpeg (389.99 KB, 640x898, 2ED95EAA-BDED-4862-B50B-DF66DD…)

sorry for the retarded cropping, i’m on mobile

No. 772164

File: 1588311766750.jpeg (361.02 KB, 640x900, 5388325E-5E16-4668-BC48-5DAB2F…)

No. 772169

What is a disabled card? They give them out for metal rods? Heck I got 6 but I don’t get a “disabled” card nor cheaper anything here in NY.

No. 772172

There are thousands of pet cats too. I think the most likely scenario is that she found the cat, loved it, knows deep down that it could be somebody's but loved it too much at first sight not to take it. I wonder if it's chipped? Has Luna ever taken a cat to the vet?

No. 772179

File: 1588325860510.jpg (604.1 KB, 1042x1188, Screenshot_20200501-043530_Ins…)


No. 772180

Probably because one look at Lurch and he looks sketchy as fuck. She probably thought he stole someone's disability card and was trying to scam free tickets with it.
Imagine all the money he's saved with that card when he's hopping trains to go middleman drug sales.

No. 772198

Why is Lurch even taking the subway? You know neither of them are essential workers trying to get to their jobs. It’s gotta be for drugs.

No. 772202

wtf did this bitch really just take a photo of the woman working at the subway and post it. how obnoxious. lurch and luna are both going to die of covid, the subway is the most dangerous place to be right now and especially in the bronx (i assume that's where he went because he always go there). if they are going out so much to buy heroin i'm shocked they didn't get sick already

No. 772221

File: 1588343877033.png (29.4 KB, 782x244, disability.png)

The reduced fare Metrocard has pretty specific disability requirements for mobility issues. I'm not sure if a metal rod would count. You have to apply for the card, get a doctor's signature, etc.

No. 772234

Your Easter island looking pedo bf couldn't hop on the train using a pass he probably stole to sell people fentanyl. Boo fucking hoo.

No. 772236

So little miss ACAB goes crying to the police when they can't hop on the train to score?

No. 772264

Love the amount of times she uses the word "fiance." Girl, he isn't going to marry you

No. 772267

luna probably doesn't realize that lurch can't just flash his "disability" benefits card and get a reduced metrocard and that you need to apply for it.

No. 772269

File: 1588357826057.jpg (2.02 MB, 2160x8640, imgonline-com-ua-twotoone-eSfL…)

No. 772279

Why does she live this washed out mauve colour??? It looks dead, like her.

No. 772281

the first lolita dresses are on aliexpress for like $50 if I remember correct, they are probably rather shitty tho

No. 772282

>they're only 80 something bucks
Imagine being so nuts you think you need an ~$80 ballgown made by underpaid children in a sweatshop to wear around your mother's apartment. Can't wait to see the tiaras she wants to match with them.

No. 772283

No. 772284


yeah also who the fuck thinks they're gonna get anything even remotely worth the money? like 80 bucks isn't cheap normally but it's fucking peanuts for a dress of that much intricacy. gross.

No. 772295

File: 1588366485712.jpg (54.73 KB, 284x576, Uf1c9f0fde41b4af989a8bec8e3f7b…)

found the dress on aliexpress. Pic related is how it looks when shipped.
Also the cost without Amazon markup is $68 kek

No. 772296

The knee length Lolita dresses are actually from bodyline I’m pretty sure? At least the top two images. She’d probs get a better deal there to be honest…

No. 772299


jesus christ it's so /bad/, who in their right mind would buy this???? just save up and get a proper dress made, don't subject yourself, your skin and your wallet to this shit

oh god i can feel the fabric creasing just thinking about wearing that nightmare

No. 772303

I'm cracking up at the thought of Looney Tunes ever saving up money to get a ball gown made custom for her. In what world would that ever be feasible?
Also cracking up at Tuna wearing this monstrosity traipsing around her mom's apartment with a needle dangling out of her arm, covered in make up and shit stains within an hour of owning in.

No. 772306

IDK about bodyline shops but on Aliexpress they are for 38 dollars

No. 772312

What an entitled twat. Most people are just trying to eat nowadays and tuna wants somebody to buy her ugly ~cheap crap from amazon so she can feel better about herself. $80 could be food for 1 week for somebody. Or an electric bill.

No. 772332

lmaooooo the beanie pulled over the sunglasses while indoors will always be an iconic lurch look

No. 772371

File: 1588400501776.jpg (363.39 KB, 1280x1707, tumblr_457b187901f419e85ed6167…)

>babe makin dinner

No. 772377

File: 1588406193184.gif (2.66 MB, 300x196, 1588205304961.gif)

>That mutant slabbing olive oil over the stove

No. 772379

god his fucking hair i'm gonna puke

No. 772381

like please just cut it man….. im sure hed be treated less like a freak if he didnt look like one

No. 772382

I hope Luna gets a wake up call soon. It’s redundant to think so, as she’s been living this lifestyle for 6 years, and she has achieved literally nothing. I hope that that cat she stole manages to escape somehow or that someone realizes that it’s gone. You know she’d never take it to the vet.

She looks worse than ever before too.

No. 772386

Why are his arms so flabby? I’ve never seen a man who wasn’t 70+ with arms like that.

No. 772392

I think that’s just scarring from skin popping/shooting up or whatever, giving the illusion of flab..? Or maybe he really does have the physique of an elderly person

No. 772395

she wouldn't have those titties if she didn't choose to a) gain and lose weight like an ebt metronome from shitty junkfood and b) sit on her ass all day being a pillhead junkie (and read chose insomuch as she chose to be a heroin addict, one of the main things she is hated for - her total failure, nay refusal, to take any personal responsibility for any aspect of her life).

so yes, those tiddies do be whack.

No. 772403

I know, it’s embarrassing. Most people would just refer to their fiancé as their partner, husband/wife, or their boy/girlfriend or whatever. Repeating “fiancé” sounds so obnoxious honestly.

No. 772407

It's because he never exercises, never drinks water, and does drugs all day. The same reason Lunas ass looks the way it does.

No. 772410

File: 1588428373532.jpg (616.02 KB, 1080x1980, IMG_20200502_160459.jpg)

poor llamas, they will be so dirty soon. Wonder if they are stolen or from amazon binge

No. 772412

File: 1588428512932.jpg (1012.5 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2020-05-02-14-33-29…)

No. 772414


her goddamn eyes. how can she not see how fucked up she looks

No. 772500

Does she really hate her appearance if she's constantly taking pictures of herself?
Also a shower and fresh clothes usually help, Tuna.

No. 772510

She's had that blue cupid crop tank for what, 2 years now? 3? Usually cows go through these sort of "phases" of aeshetics, but she's been stuck in the same aesthetic since 2016…

No. 772511

File: 1588458373496.png (181.49 KB, 524x321, lol.png)

No. 772513

File: 1588458518036.png (637.72 KB, 736x1100, PrHrrLw.png)

>i need a switch
>i need them
>need these
>i need it
>i need more yankee gear
she's so damn selfish

No. 772514


Things i would particularly not put in my mouth right now: cigarettes found on a train in the NYC area

No. 772517

File: 1588460566707.jpg (25.95 KB, 800x450, 1577119666201.jpg)


No. 772519

Omg, no kidding! Some sicko probably planted them for the first idiots that would come along. Covid saga when?

No. 772523

Cigarettes a "good omen". Good omens would not involve products that give you cancer and heart disease.

And he totally "found" those, and then swiped them from people who weren't looking.

No. 772531

>Reblogs screenshot from a 3DS game
>Ugh I need a Switch

No. 772546

it made me almost want to send her a switch and new leaf. almost.

No. 772615

No. 772617


Are you insane?

No. 772620

clearly a joke. sage your autism

No. 772630

NTAYR it was a joke, you can't play new leaf on a switch

No. 772811

It's genuinely shocking that she hasn't picked it up already, given how bad it is in this area, how the poor are disproportionately affected, and how filthy she is.

No. 772831

eh, not that shocking. she literally does not leave the house apart from scoring dope anyway, she's not actually exposed to it too excessively tbh

No. 772848

File: 1588623136051.jpg (71.37 KB, 500x667, 9TRKltX.jpg)

No. 772852

one of the worst pics of her i've seen, i feel really bad for her

No. 772855

I don't know why there are people in Luna's threads saying she has nice skin and no acne when she posts shit like this.

No. 772858

why? Her life is the exact result of her choices.

No. 772861

Are her and Lurch chunking out again or am I losing my mind?

No. 772864

What the hell is happening with her face on her right side? That can't be acne bumps.

No. 772869

File: 1588636761288.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1242x1588, C01AA3B2-D11A-4209-9BE2-A3CC0B…)

from instagram

No. 772883

this really is the worst picture shes taken holy shit

No. 772895

no it's not just you, it definitely looks like she's gaining weight

No. 772909

It looks like under her highlight her skin is raw red and patchy - Lunas always packed on her makeup heavy but it’s insane in this photo and really shows that whatever is going on underneath that makeup isn’t just normal acne and breaking out, girls definitely put on a considerable amount of weight to in just a couple of months

No. 772927

empathy is not that nuanced sometimes. regardless of the fact she caused her own suffering, you still see that suffering and feel bad because they do

No. 772943

I feel a lot worse for Roger, her mom, and the parents that see their children's graves all picked over.

No. 772947


way to miss their whole point, dude. You can have empathy for more than one person at the same time. It's possible to think someone is a piece of shit and still recognise that the whole situation is just fucking tragic.

I can be sad to see a young girl ruin her life and still think she's shitty for doing shitty things. Get a grip on the complexity of human emotion.

No. 772987

I hate when people act like sympathy is a zero sum game. Its sad that a girl threw her life away like this. Its sad that people have been hurt by her. The two can exist at the same time

No. 773053

File: 1588709281465.jpg (279.64 KB, 1080x1437, IMG_20200505_210727.jpg)


why are you virtue signalling so hard? you're in the thread to gawk at a trainwreck just like the rest of us, nobody here has the moral high ground

anyway here's another depressing selfie she posted yesterday. imagine the smell of that outfit by now.

No. 773056

File: 1588709680413.png (121.36 KB, 1021x925, sad.png)

I thought Nicole's calves were depressing but imagine being such a low piece of shit that you look up to luna so extra depressing what on earth does anybody see something positive

No. 773064

I feel bad for these people, not in the ironic way but idk, I hope they're doing well.

No. 773080

There's no way this isn't an elaborate troll

No. 773089

File: 1588718684379.jpg (230.89 KB, 1080x1228, IMG_20200506_004345.jpg)

and of course it's a farmer.

No. 773098

File: 1588721259486.png (1.59 MB, 600x2907, AsA0TtB.png)

No. 773106

love that all the clothes she wants are just "aesthetic" pajamas lol
really shows that she has no intention subconsciously to get out of bed or live a life that doesn't revolve around leisure

No. 773108

the fact that she thinks the tie-front crop too is “cheap” when it’s $15.99 with $4 shopping is proof she’s never really struggled with money. that would be $2.99 at a thrift store.

No. 773154

File: 1588737232817.jpg (496.29 KB, 1280x1704, tumblr_e12fcb365fd1d185aa95a01…)

No. 773155

File: 1588737337803.jpg (285.5 KB, 701x1120, Out and about.jpg)

No. 773156

File: 1588737377020.jpg (132.16 KB, 708x1068, Hhfbdbsb.jpg)

No. 773166

holy shit does she ever wash her face? this is the most crusty she's ever looked and i actually physically cringed when seeing the full size.
it looks like she has dried glue all over her face (wtf is going on with her smile lines??) and it's starting to peel at the edges.
i'm just….so confused as to HOW she can manage to look this disgusting. and to think it looks okay? yikes.

No. 773172

Good god. It looks like she's used paint on her skin, piled way too much on and rubbed it before it dried. This is tragic and visibly foreshadowing what she'll look like when she dies, for those morbidly curious. Like a wax sculpture being left in direct sunlight. This is going to replace the photo of TND's decaying gums as worst thing I've seen on this board.

No. 773174


She looks like a dried-up painted corpse.

No. 773178

File: 1588745788928.png (429.45 KB, 728x561, Screenshot (97).png)

uhh did anyone else notice the literal eyelash in her scrunchie for some reason

No. 773181

definitely noticed but thought it was a random chunk of black hair coming out of her braid.

No. 773183

I thought it was a feather but is it really a fucking eyelash!?
Lmfao why tuna

No. 773186

File: 1588752524607.jpg (1.57 MB, 2160x2880, Clockwork Orange.jpg)

She's looking like a rejected Korova milkbar mannequin.

No. 773192

File: 1588755229017.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 461.74 KB, 750x1067, 03E69DAC-E6C8-469D-A85A-E5BFFC…)


Ew what the fuck
Is that gunk just pouring out of her pores?!

No. 773197

most likely flaky and dry skin

No. 773216

File: 1588770632595.jpg (1.04 MB, 994x1185, howdoesshedoit.jpg)


No. 773229

for some ungodly reason she turns up the sharpness on all her photos its probably not as bad in person

No. 773230

Tfw you think you look like The Belladonna of Sadness but you really look like dirty glue remnants and sebum given human form.

No. 773280

File: 1588798673127.jpg (721.85 KB, 1080x1768, IMG_20200506_225634.jpg)

new bpd workbook ordered. i dont think she even finished the last one. she was barely 20 pages in or so kek

No. 773281

File: 1588798763996.jpg (487.65 KB, 1079x1706, IMG_20200506_225940.jpg)

No. 773282

File: 1588798859809.jpg (508.33 KB, 1080x1760, IMG_20200506_230124.jpg)

No. 773284

i dont think she understands that the workbook is useless without the weekly group and individual therapy. The intensive therapy is why DBT has a high success rate, the workbook is worthless if you arent taking the therapy and classes to apply it. And DBT worksheets are free on life. For somebody with no money she loves to waste it. This is even stupider than a plushie

No. 773285

>This is even stupider than a plushie
that's harsh, the book can still teach her more than a soon to be dirty plushie

No. 773286


This looks way better than her regular style. And way better than actual lurch.

No. 773288

agreed. this is kinda cool, she might be able to make a quick buck doing these sketches of people if she fleshes them out a bit as opposed to always trying to sell the same sad blondie luna girls smoking hello kitty cigarettes

No. 773290

def gained weight… impressive for a poor heroin addict who never eats.

No. 773293

File: 1588801951946.jpeg (330.93 KB, 1242x580, 01AEA896-92F1-4643-BA8F-F79549…)

Yikes..it seems like Smokey is dead.. it’s crazy how she makes everything about herself though…

No. 773299

it's her cat, wdym

No. 773302

What I mean is that she milks everything…now she’s definitely going to make her wish list even more apparent because her cat died and she NEEDS those CHEAP clothes.
I doubt Smokey did not show any signs :/(:/)

No. 773308

Sucks to lose a pet but I highly doubt he didn’t show any signs. She doesn’t seem like the kind of person to regularly take her pets to the vet for check ups and shots…

No. 773311


cat. she meant to write cat

No. 773314

Is it hers? Clearly says matthew had it since 1999

No. 773335

How convenient that she gets a new cat right before putting Smokey down
And if he was acting normally, why did she take him to the vet. Ok toony.

No. 773336

came here to say the same thing. and a few weeks earlier she wrote that "i want to explore with you, even a new kitten too!" poem. So imho all of this was planned in advance. Time to get a new cat as the old one is halfway dead already. RIP Smokey.

No. 773339

So she probably knew it was sick and instead of getting him care and making him comfortable, she just swipes a new cat off the street. W o w.

No. 773341

Don't be obtuse, she's lived with it for years. It's as good as her cat at this point.

No. 773343

"i'm scared of what he'll do" - what the hell does she mean? does she think he'll beat her for neglecting his cat, or he'll overdose about his cat? i don't know if i've ever witnessed someone suicide baiting on account of someone else before.

No. 773346

File: 1588814046892.jpg (2.9 MB, 1889x2380, narc therapy.jpg)

dont worry guys, just an hour after talking about how devastated she is over smokey's death our sweet lil tuna is back to her typical selfie sessions
>between sobbing of course uwu

No. 773347

Cats are difficult to tell when they have tumors in the stomach or intestinal track. They seem fine, maybe some light vomiting which is often written off as the cat eating too fast. You can catch it and they’ll be too far gone. It isn’t unheard of. I believe her on this one.

No. 773356


Smokey probably took a noticeable downturn in the last few days which led to Luna deciding to take the cat in. Animals don't have noticeable indicators often of cancer. Cats may vomit more frequently, but it's not clear what any vomiting may be from, especially if infrequent. When the tumor has the animal knocking at death's door is when it will be clear there's something wrong. Even attentive pet owners can be struck unexpectedly by a pet's death from cancer.

No. 773360

File: 1588816560940.jpg (908.77 KB, 1520x2048, tumblr_3bc1b671501f4ca87e12189…)

i find it interesting how she wants to be the main character in this tragedy. two large crying depictions of herself and the cat that the work is dedicated to seems to only have a small feature. i don't doubt that she feels some genuine sadness about smokey's passing but her way of soothing any distress is to make it all part of her story and weave it in, focus on its impact and consequences that relate to her, her art about her life and her long list of tragedies that go right back to being conceived on the stairwell of a methadone clinic.

No. 773361

…. She is fucking LARGE.

It seems like all of a sudden. How does someone gain so much weight so quickly?

No. 773372

jeesus her art is getting worse

did luna get this cat put down without telling lurch?? why is she worried what he will do

No. 773376

this is a phenomenon that has always puzzled me. it happens to lurch too. obviously cycles of various drugs and junk food, but i wanna know the precise science behind it. it takes her a month to gain what appears to be 30 lbs or so - which explains the lack of skin elasticity. back when she was heavy into crack, she was way thinner. same for matthew. it’s so bizarre. i’d give anything to be a fly on the wall to witness their eating habits.

No. 773414

Looks like she has a row of sores on the left side of her upper lip.
Her reactions to everything is just so bizarre to me. When the other cat died she took selfies outside as well while talking about struggling to find someone to bury the cat.

No. 773421

File: 1588847534982.jpg (745.22 KB, 1079x1982, IMG_20200507_123125.jpg)

she immediately went back to amazon thirstposting inbetween mourning Smokey

No. 773422

she confuses me. a special angel hairbrush? if she's going to choose to be unemployed/an addict she has to accept that there are drawbacks that come with it that include not being able to buy new clothes every week. she's very much still a spoiled child

No. 773429

The TangleAngel hairbrush is beautiful to look at, but not really that good at what it's supposed to do. Wetbrush is a much better choice for tangly hair. Though I guess Luna only cares about the brush look lmfao

No. 773432


She mentioned earlier (around her birthday) that they have good stamps now. So as someone with literally no impulse control or self awareness (and shit taste), I'm sure the food choices she's making are absolute garbage.

If somehow she had money fall put of the sky, she would buy McDonalds even more than she already does and balloon to be hundreds of pounds.

No. 773436

>>773361 Used to have an ED, so I know a bit about it. If she's going periods of time without eating (too high, too poor, or too lazy) then over time her metabolism will slow right down. So then when she does eat, her body puts it straight on as fat to prepare for the next inevitable period of under-eating. IMO that's how she gains so rapidly over such short space of time(nobody cares)

No. 773466

File: 1588870411619.jpg (696.42 KB, 1016x878, luna_tuna_slater.jpg)


sad emoji

No. 773489

wow it's crazy what just pen pressure alone will do for her. this comes off charming and casual, whereas when she mashes her pen into the paper like >>773360 it just highlights all the mistakes and looks clueless. Knowing she has it in her capacity to loosen up her wrist and vary her line weights just makes her usual art even more frustrating. It's such a simple fix that wouldn't require technical knowledge or anything.

No. 773493

luna's art will never grow because she has decided that this is her "style". She cried about not doing well in AP Art because she "could only draw in her own style" and "nobody respects art that isnt realism". She is never going to grow because every critique is either an attack or "they dont understand my deep art"

No. 773515

File: 1588887371137.jpeg (122.58 KB, 640x796, 003BD8EA-0DB6-470F-820D-4AB640…)

No. 773519

yeah it's so frustrating to hear because the problem with her art isn't that it's just not realistic. there are so many things she could do to make it look better without being even a tiny bit more realistic. varying her pen pressure, making things symmetrical and proportional (still as a cartoon), and making her flat color actually flat for starters. none of that requires reading a book on fundamentals or doing life drawing or anything. it just requires some focus. she just draws in the most lazy, disengaged way possible, she might as well be glued to the tv while drawing absentmindedly. Maybe that's what she does. >>773281 was probably one of the few times she was actually engaged and focused while drawing, because of acid vs heroin.

No. 773556

hmmm, just how shit is the immune system of a rabid drug user

I hope skulltron gets it and dies

No. 773559

i know she's dumb and probably believes that "just the flu" hype, but i hope she enjoys her even worse lung scarring. even if she ever managed to kick the heroin how is tuna going to survive when she's older, even over 40?

No. 773567

How does she whine and complain about everything else but now shes just like
"Eh I think I have corona but its whatever"

Probably making it up because she wants pity and concern.

No. 773574

in such proximity to free subway cigarettes? colour me surprised. I was wondering when this was gonna happen. wonder if her and chief make it thru.

No. 773612

File: 1588930859324.jpg (66.39 KB, 708x597, Dsvnsb.jpg)

No. 773615

She doesn't care about the cat being dead at all. She just wants to use it as a way to get free stuff for herself and that's scummy even for her.

No. 773617

this is so funny she literally has no audience, nobodys gonna see her posts especially if her blog is set to be unfindable from google or tumblr search engine

No. 773622

Next post from her will read "I need a switch because it's cheaper then therapy" she has a DS and a version of animal crossing. Just delete your previous save file and start over to distract your poor fake grief.

If she cuts off her arm, I will personally buy her a switch and animal crossing. Just to see her retarded junkie ass try to play it one handed.

No. 773629

God, Luna, just say it. “I don’t give a fuck about my dead cat and I NEED a Switch for muh uwu mental health”

No. 773632

File: 1588941438837.png (101.18 KB, 490x560, rsz_screenshot_from_2020-05-08…)

No. 773642

probably an unpopular opinion because of the odd number of WKs in this thread, but this is what she needs to hear if she ever has a shot at getting better. Getting asspats and being coddled with gifts just supports the kind of life she's been living.
Nothing will probably come from this and she'll just cry 'uwu abuse' but I wish more of her followers gave her some tough love.

No. 773660

This is pathetic… on the one hand, she said what all of us think about her, but on the other hand, coming to her blog and saying that stuff directly to her shows how invested she is in a stranger's life.

No. 773663

Meh, she needs to hear it. And she needs to hear it more than once. But of course she’ll just block that person and delete the post and stick her fingers in her ears and make an “announcement” that she’s leaving social media (again)

No. 773664

I honestly wish this would happen more often even… but its hard to shame someone into changing when they have no dignity left. She's a disgusting human slug.

No. 773666

Honestly rather sounds like a former friend writing that, it seems very personal - but why is that person calling Lurch Michael? Is that his real name? I thought his name was Matthew?

No. 773673

to me it sounds like a triggered farmer, especially with the wrong name (we call him Lurch usually so it's an easy mistake to make). No new information present beyond what's on the farms.

No. 773682

Have we had Luna cowtippers before?

No. 773697

fucking autist she is going to get scared into hiding and there will be no milk for anybody

No. 773705

Yeah we had a crazy therapist on here trying to “help” Luna a few years ago. And I think possibly a few others contacting her and giving her $$ because they felt bad or something for her.
She’s just a pathetic sloth that will probably always be a pathetic sloth. I truly think Luna is beyond help. She’s still begging for useless plastic even though the world is suffering from real problems that they didn’t cause themselves.
While I agree with what was said by the possible farmer on tumblr I definitely don’t agree that she’s not a real junkie. She definitely is a junkie. Where did they get baby shots from? Maybe in the beginning but not now. Her arms and legs tell that story.

No. 773706

File: 1588962720308.png (29.81 KB, 499x178, cropped.png)

No. 773738

File: 1588970930407.jpeg (827.86 KB, 1242x1804, 3783215A-4E3F-4019-8D58-B84CE8…)

The reply:

No. 773745

fakeboi needs to realize luna doesn't want her friendship or her advice. she just wants money. she writes out lengthy replies to all of her posts and luna ignores her every single time.

i don't think her supporters realize how many people luna has hurt through the years without remorse.

No. 773753

File: 1588976179713.jpeg (1.89 MB, 1242x2148, 86693F26-A13A-4C94-87CA-868A50…)

Looks like they wanna be tuna

No. 773757

File: 1588976458893.png (50.08 KB, 576x406, rsz_screenshot_from_2020-05-08…)

Samefag, is this the same fucking autist from before? Stop fucking cowtipping, there won't be any milk if you keep constantly attacking cows and letting them know that they're watched. Tumblr cows are known to be especially skittish

No. 773758

File: 1588976622874.png (126.47 KB, 589x972, rsz_screenshot_from_2020-05-08…)

This is fucking crazy, there must be about 10 asks from the same autistic anon to fakeboi.

No. 773765

That's a man, baby

No. 773789

Is that Chris Chan???

No. 773793

one of luna's supporters on tumblr (not fakeboi) thinks bianca devins (a 17 yo who was murdered by a fucking incel) deserves less sympathy than luna…

i say let luna get em for all they're worth.

No. 773794

bianca devins deserve 0 sympathy

No. 773811

Very edgy anon, ty.

No. 773814

This is an imageboard, post proof

No. 773872

Is this a troon?
Because ive never seen a "cis" girl fail so hard to pass

No. 773874

seems like a female w/ those lips

eh, a self hating woman dying because she decided to pander to incels isn't very sad to me

No. 773879

can't tell if you're serious. if you're not serious, examine why you hate gnc women. if you're serious, you're retarded. that's clearly a woman

No. 773882

stfu this a thread about a doped up scammer not retarded gender arguments.

No. 773886

NTA, it's a gnc woman. They repost radfem and gendercrit shit.

I get that she needs this drilled into her brain but she's only gonna turn around and collect her precious ~victim bux~ and ghost again. This reads like a farmer, could have just said "I used to know this girl" to throw people off the trail. Imo someone who knew her would be more cordial, like other friendanon who tipped recently. Even "tough love" isnt usually that tough when it comes from previous friends. Luna will never learn, and in any case it's not our responsibility or purpose to care if she gets better. Our purpose is to enjoy the show, not act like some sort of ~internet rehab~ life coaches.

No. 773891

I don't think she's actually gotten any victim bux via tumblr/fb in a very long time? Everyone who helps her seems to be irl

No. 773892

You can spell it out for her, but it won't get pass her thick skull. She thinks she's entitled to everything she wants, but without having to work for it. It's a flaw from how she was raised.

No. 773894

I think you're right that it's mostly irl people enabling her right now, but for all we know she's still messaging random followers/fb friends for money and swapping vemos in the dms or something. I find it extreamly hard to believe shes not mooching off her followers still. She still plasters her Amazon wishlist everywhere and we all know how good Luna is at thanking/shouting out people who buy her shit. Tbh I wouldn't be surprised if shes mooching just as much and keeping it on the downlow now that she's extra paranoid about her following à la >>771793

No. 773904

Yeah i just think that she doesn't really have any active followers on tumblr apart from her calves who are addicts themselves, her fb friends might help though idk. She should never have deleted her original tumblr, it was her biggest audience and I think the only people that know her now know all about her tricks

No. 773952


But the wrists?!?!

No. 773955

Yep, just a few months ago.

People like that naive idiot is why Tuna will keep on asking for handouts. As she said before, as long as she knows that it works, she's going to keep doing it.

The only thing that's going to help Tuna is getting thrown out and having no place to go for real.

No. 773960

File: 1589117245380.jpg (266.85 KB, 1080x1971, IMG_20200510_152746.jpg)

No. 773974

File: 1589129353012.jpg (124.15 KB, 640x853, tumblr_2c780f16c19f3c976da7979…)

saged for unrelated but fakboi is one of my personal cows she constantly liveblogs meltdowns where she posts her slice-and-dice and writes luna-tier poetry about how she was "suitty in preschool". Pic related its her most recent "art"

No. 773999

File: 1589143283743.jpg (465.63 KB, 1080x1761, IMG_20200510_224150.jpg)

No. 774003

File: 1589143475563.jpg (272.78 KB, 1080x1454, IMG_20200510_224442.jpg)

Luna's suffering has finally came to an end

No. 774004

File: 1589143607183.jpg (717.08 KB, 1080x1990, IMG_20200510_224710.jpg)

No. 774005

File: 1589143677870.jpg (292.78 KB, 1080x1451, IMG_20200510_224824.jpg)

No. 774006

File: 1589143781654.jpg (413.54 KB, 1080x1710, IMG_20200510_224930.jpg)

No. 774012

Dare I say it? She looks cute on the top two pictures. The lack of the usual eye makeup and the non-crusty lips make her look so much better.

No. 774013

I feel like this cat already looks extra greasy. Like previous photos of her cats, they always looked haggard??

No. 774014

wow this makes luna’s art look like picassos

No. 774043

I actually thought the same and took a closer look at the cat to see if it was just me, or if the cat just looked dirtier due to knowing its associated with Luna.

No. 774044

File: 1589153477234.jpeg (1.32 MB, 1242x1771, 13BE0D6F-59F9-4A4C-BB31-FC6D55…)

newspapers on the counters and a toaster in the middle of the stove. very classy and totally not drug den-y

No. 774062

This cat looks. Upset.

No. 774064

File: 1589164018540.jpg (916.61 KB, 1440x2167, 20200510_222506.jpg)

Yiiiiikes. Filthy bitten down fingernails, the lotion bottle has black grime all over it, and her thigh in the water looks like a bloated drowned white corpse.

Also shes been buying an awful lot of stuff with the help of her "friend's mom." Its probably a fan of her's or her dad, and she wants to seem less spoiled.

No. 774072

Imagine frying your brain so hard that you don't give a single fuck anymore that your soap is covered in black mold, and that you just smeared purple hair dye everywhere.

No. 774083

That stove is so filthy…..

No. 774085

File: 1589174295685.jpg (1.39 MB, 1080x4538, Ghzbxbdv.jpg)

The whole post.

No. 774102

the improvement????!

No. 774108

It’s the charcoal face mask. Still dirty tho

No. 774109

>a friend's mom
Is that the one who was a cancer patient or am I thinking someone else?

Everything is so nasty looking in this. The stovetop, the side of the oven, and even the top of the toaster are all discolored. It looks like they've got roaches or something. Plus the wallpaper in the back is torn off and it looks like there might be a bug in the bottom of the salt shaker?

No. 774138

I don't think it's rlyblonde's mother. I think both of them are out of the picture by now. I somehow really doubt that the 'mom's friend' really exists. Why would they spend on Luna's useless ass instead of their own family or at least Luna's mom? And on an expensive and useless notepad nonetheless…

No. 774151

luna has the means to buy herself these things, or at the very least, swipe them from the store. she has her father’s credit card loaded onto her amazon account, and more than enough government-provided supplemental income to supply her with both food and non essentials like face masks. but she will never admit that because it doesn’t fit her narrative! living in squalor is part of her personality - her “aesthetic” or “brand”. she needs people to believe the only way to obtain not only necessities but non essentials like face masks and purple shampoo, is to be gratuitously given these things by a stranger, despite her only contacts these days being lurch and her parents.

No. 774164

lmao yeah her "friend's mom" ordered stuff for luna on mothers day of all days. suuuure ok ok tuna. such a weirdly specific lie to make

also that aveeno bottle of black mold legit makes me want to vomit how does she not see this
can somebody tell me if these bathtubs pics are taken at her moms or her dads house?

No. 774171

If you look back in old threads from she used to visit her dad a lot there’s bathtub pics, iirc his bathtub is on the opposite wall so the “ledge” is on the wrong side of this picture. I also remember those bathroom pics being a lot cleaner and whiter.

No. 774192

It's at her mom's because the floor tiles look like those from her piss video.

No. 774274

Last time she said a "friend" bought her something she slipped up and admitted her mom bought it for her. >>763764 So yeah there's def no "friend's mom"

No. 774331

It's sad her mother buys her things when they supposedly don't get along? Actually, why doesn't she kick luna out?

No. 774337

because she doesn't want her baby on the streets

No. 774366

She feels guilty for having been an addict who didn’t care for her child properly, so she’s just compounding things by enabling her completely now.

No. 774368

i just don't get it? like i mean whatever if you don't want to be a high-flying girl working a big job, it's cool if she just wants to chill and listen to courtney love but she really doesn't wanna support herself? every year goes by it's gonna be harder to rely on others until she's off the deep end with no work or life experience. it kind of amazes me how she really won't do ANYTHING for herself

No. 774369

Because she’s entitled to the world, anon, and everyone should give up their hard earned money they got from their jobs to give to Luna because she’s so poor and struggling and NEEDS a switch so she can play animal crossing

No. 774380

not defending her but would she even be able to hold down a job with her drug habits? she takes benzos like they're candy

No. 774387

She really couldn’t, no job would take her. Not even fast food would, could you imagine her working there? No way could she stand on her feet for 8 hours or deal with people

No. 774388

File: 1589298567741.jpg (334.18 KB, 1080x1709, IMG_20200512_174928.jpg)

No. 774391

samefag, is she lurking or what? >>774012
>Dare I say it? She looks cute on the top two pictures
hope it's a coincidence

No. 774392

i love her but why does she take the same pic over and over again! this aesthetic is getting stale like she should switch her hair up or something

No. 774438

Her hair looks like a bad wig. its so matted it must be so itchy

No. 774452

wow the wuhan flu bux have gone straight to her midsection apparently, my girl's looking like a fully flying spinnaker

No. 774474

Former ny area drug addict, I can explain what is going on with lunas massive weight gain and loss. What you are seeing is someone on a high dose of methadone going on either Iv cocaine or crack binges.
Most ny area drug addicts get on methadone at some point because methadone clinics are free with Medicaid, a high dose of methadone mixed with a benzo is essentially a cheaper heroin high (watch the documentary methadonia), and methadone clinics in the nyc area do not care if you continue to use drugs. In fact, The more you use the more aggressively they will raise your dose to get you even more sedated from the methadone and ‘help’ you. Other parts of the country have very different methadone programs but the nyc area is notorious for this.
Methadone, especially in high doses, causes massive water retention, weight gain, and facial swelling. I have seen girls get on methadone and gain 100lbs within 6 months. Even if you barely eat, your body will swell up and you will look fat.
Most heroin addicts switch to crack, shooting coke, or taking Xanax with their methadone, once they get on it. Methadone is so strong, once you get above 100mg heroin is completely useless and most see it as a waste of money.
I believe that Luna is bingeing shooting coke and not smoking crack. I think she glamorizes using needles and looks down on crack as ‘ghetto’. The nyc area is one of the few parts of the country where shooting cocaine is still common Among street level drug and addicts and 10$ shooters coke bags are sold.
Iv cocaine is no joke. It’s a stronger faster high even than crack. It wears off quickly, and people become insanely desperate for another 10$ so they can get another shot. I think lunas been doing the methadone Xanax combo for a while, and the recent weight loss, broken out skin, and desperate sex work, was the result of a binge shooting cocaine. That would also explain the tracks all over and shooting into her legs because coke is much harder on your veins than heroin, and people tend to shoot coke every half hour because it wears off so quickly. She probably stops eating while on coke binges and misses a few day’s at her clinic so the bloating goes down.(no1curr)

No. 774475

Sorry newfag can’t edit.
Anyways I think she’s not on a coke binge rn and back on just the methadone Xanax combo. That’s why she’s gaining weight and doesn’t need sw anyMore cause methadone is free and benzos are cheap.

No. 774516

Thanks for the perspective, this is actually super interesting. She used to snort coke in high school, and its documented in the first few threads that she smoked crack at least once (but who smokes crack just once?). I agree she doesn't seem to be on heroin anymore, she's just.. different from her heroin days.

No. 774559

that actually totally makes sense re: methadone and weight gain, plus iv coke leading to weight loss and and blown out arm veins. thanks for the thought blog anon.

No. 774561

Her mom's friend must be the magical dumpster.

Tuna probably suicide baited and/or guilt tripped her.

No. 774575

Thanks for info anon. That sounds rough. I hope whatever happened that got you to that place you’re doing better now.

Not to derail but wouldn’t it be easier for her to just use meth then?

No. 774593

Not only thank you for the insight, but thank you for the documentary. I watched it a few hours ago and it was upsetting, to say the least. Sage for off-topic. I could absolutely see her being in that sort of routine

No. 774672

I genuinely want to know what she would possibly write in this?
Its a day planner, right?

"Wash my hair today!!"
"Re-up Day!!!!!"
"Amazon package arrives!!!"

No. 774693

She going to put stickers in it like she does with everything else. It’s got no purpose whatsoever in her world other than that.

No. 774695

And to put pills on it for aesthetic pics.

No. 774710

File: 1589414849805.jpg (418.77 KB, 1080x1709, IMG_20200514_020756.jpg)

No. 774711

File: 1589414877640.jpg (480.45 KB, 1080x1912, IMG_20200514_020741.jpg)

No. 774712

Has she ever bought herself anything with her own money? What a pathetic existence. I mean, everyone likes receiving gifts. But to be completely unable to provide anything for yourself. What the hell man. That's so pathetic.

No. 774735

So Luna got
>2 sets of fake nails
>knock off air pods
>new shirt
>new pants
>new sweatsuit
>ear weights
>lip scrub
>knock off slippers

And Matthew got
>new pants
>new hoodie

Shes really so incredibly selfish. All that redundant shit for herself and what sounds like two essential clothing items for Matthew. No wonder he was so quick to cheat on her.

No. 774736

>Has she ever bought herself anything with her own money?
Drugs. That's practically all.

No. 774743

But..but..but, I thought she wasn’t getting a stimulus because her father claimed her or some bullshit. Most people, except for the super poor, are using that for food and bills. Why do the poorest use it for plastic crap and tv’s? It’s really hard to feel bad for people that use a economy booster for shit.

No. 774750

She's using her MOM'S stimulus check, which is even shittier. She's going to be begging for food in a few days, watch.

No. 774752

File: 1589425101486.jpeg (1.35 MB, 1242x1708, 7FAEA4D5-B6C3-46D9-A52F-8E41BC…)

> my mom was a vet tech so she knows things
> even tho drugs destroy your memory
> and our elderly cats were neglected
> and we supposedly had no idea the last one was sick

No. 774762

It takes like two years AT LEAST to earn a vet tech license. Not to downplay Luna's mom but I'd bet money she was a veterinary assistant, not a full-blown vet tech. That's not to say she can't do much in the way of basic animal care, lord knows plenty of veterinary assistants are extremely competent and do as much as the techs do, I'm just saying I think Luna is bluffing. Big surprise…>>774756

No. 774763

File: 1589426335607.png (941.49 KB, 1080x1560, Capture _2020-05-13-15-39-10.p…)

I seen this posted earlier on her Tumblr and screenshoted it,
She must have went back and added the part about her mother buying herself the dvd player and the vet bill stuff (yeah right) because her original post ended after how super duper sad she was.

No. 774767

off topic but that methadonia doc had some of the most retarded narration i've ever heard.

No. 774812

So a check designed to keep her drug addict mother stable during a pandemic has to go to Luna because she NEEDS AirPods? What a selfish, entitled bitch. She truly has no rock bottom

No. 774814

No, meth really isn’t common in ny the way it is on the west coast/Midwest.

No. 774820

idk man, my dad was a heavy meth user for years and lives in new jersey, so its definitely around

sage for blogpost

No. 774846

If she's not making sure to call shit cheap she's making sure to specify "small" and "fake"

No. 774848

File: 1589475219634.png (1.18 MB, 1920x2356, screencapture-heavenlykitten19…)

whole post feat fakeboi comment for future reference

No. 774854

her MOM bought her some of this stuff with her stimulus check…….holy shit that check is for food and basic necessities, if her mom had extra fuck-you cash left over from the stim check then she must be really be well off! except that doesn't fit in with luna's narrative, so she sounds like an idiot. is this just a way for her to escape saying that she used HER stimulus check on this amazon crap, so she can continue to say she never received hers…..it's like she literally doesn't understand the value or use of money at all, an assumes everything she needs to keep her alive is just owed to her…oh wait…

No. 774879

boy those bell bottoms are going to be super flattering, hope we get pics. great job interview pants kek

No. 774883

I have no idea why anybody overpays to buy generic basic sweatshop clothes online, like sweatsuits, when you could get a similar thing for less at Walmart or Target. At least you know the clothes at a real store fit, and won't come in a completely different style/color because the picture was stolen, or come with holes in the seams, or made of LulaRoe quality polyester.

No. 774884

because she's a heroin addict, anon. if she gets a few dollars she's going to spend it on heroin. buying online is the only way for people to ensure that their money goes towards something that isn't heroin for her.

No. 774885

nah she uses her parent's money for amazons stuff, because she has the account to her dad i'm assuming. money that goes to her paypal is money her parents cannot track, and that's what she uses for heroin. maybe she has access to her dad's credit hard online, but the stuff she "earns" from scamming people is 100% her heroin money.

No. 774888

i know this? i'm saying "my mom gifted me a few things from her heroin check" online from amazon instead of cash in hand to go to target (in the middle of a pandemic)

No. 774919

How is this possible tho? You need a bank account to deposit that check and credit card to use it on amazon, I’ve never ever heard of Luna talking about buying anything we her own card, only her dads card that’s hooked up to her account. I think her mom prob did give her some of the money, because she herself is probably zonked out all day on Xanax. She was a drug addict and she now lives with 2 junkies without even a bedroom for privacy, there is no way she is sober. Idk if Luna can even get that check, at least the people I know that have gotten it are people who pay taxes in the last 2 years. I feel like technically thought that check could be for food but the govt also doesn’t care if Luna spends it on junk as long as it’s getting spent.

No. 774921

The check is for most Americans even if they haven’t filed taxes ever.

No. 774926


Amazon is pretty much just wish.com with extra steps. Most of the cheap clothes on amazon are from wish or alibaba, they just cost ~$15 instead of ~$5.

Not sure why a former gifted child hasn’t just figured out she can buy visa gift cards on amazon with her dad’s payment info and then use those for anything she wants. Could probably even load her PayPal with them

No. 774930

It exists in south and central jersey but if your going to Newark, harlem, the bronx, LES, anywhere in nyc outside of the gay scene and 34th street to cop your going to be seeing crack/coke not meth.

No. 774931

oh anon, no.

No. 774939

File: 1589510695631.jpg (290.83 KB, 720x1186, 20200514_204325.jpg)

Looks like she's still shooting up in her legs. That abcess in the crook of her left elbow is looking better at least.

No. 774988

File: 1589533763832.jpg (81.83 KB, 1024x798, qbaoh-13ya4.jpg)

back to amazon thirsting

No. 774989

File: 1589533794500.jpg (424.21 KB, 1080x1981, IMG_20200515_110907.jpg)

No. 774991

Pretty sure that's Roger in the bottom left of the photo.

No. 775020

Luna actually has a pretty facial structure (in low quality when you can’t see her horrorcow makeup and skin) it’s a shame she decided to waste her whole life on drugs. I bet if she just had a normal healthy lifestyle she wouldn’t even be that overweight right now

No. 775041

dude i know. she actually been looking better in these last few pics and you can kinda see what she would look like if she laid off the drugs. used to know her irl and with the exception of her teeth she was super cute. she complains about being fat and ugly way too much for someone who could potentially have been a cutie IF she didn't absolutely wreck her appearance with drugs.

No. 775093

lmao you mean the bit with the flag on top? good eye, roger must've been a serviceman eh?

No. 775094

I think like nycfag blogposted, in these last few pics you're seeing what she could look like if she laid on the cocaine.

No. 775122

wild how she could have bought an urn with her stimmy check but instead bought more amazon shit. do they sell urns on amazon?

No. 775123

he's long dead anon and it doesn't really matter anymore. why even pay for an urn at this stage? it wouldn't mean anything

No. 775126

i disagree. maybe in the pics with dark hair, blonde luna has always been fugly. not heroin addict ugly, but just below average. maybe it was the fat face? she should switch to amphetamines to get to a normal weight for once. being a flabby mess isn't cute

No. 775130

If it doesn't matter, why not scatter his ashes in a nice place?

No. 775134

i guess. but it's not going to happen. she doesn't care. we know this

No. 775149

File: 1589593060165.jpeg (128.12 KB, 455x470, 95CD7EC8-B5B7-4A6F-A6C3-61DA01…)


I disagree… Luna ‘s face in high school was was like potatoe, growing up her facial structure has developed, you can see relatively nice cheekbones and chin symmetry and a nice mouth shape

I’m not shilling her and saying she hasn’t turned herself into a horrorcow 90% of the time but sometimes in 10% of pics like this I can see the wasted potential and it’s sad

No. 775155

the only meaningful place they could scatter his ashes would be a hospital, as if to say "oops, we were completely blitzed off heroin and crack, sorry we didn't bring you to the hospital much sooner"

No. 775177

The flag is the nasty one they've had up on the wall forever and was on the wall in the old apartment.

They need an urn or at least a wooden box. The last time we got a close-up of Roger's cardboard box it was collapsing in from all of Lurch's stuff on it and looked like it had water damage at the bottom. The box isn't meant for longterm use and eventually it'll degrade in all that filth and then all that's left is whatever plastic bag the ashes are in.

No. 775203

I agree, anon. I think she could be really pretty if she tried. Actually caring for her hair, different makeup, more flattering clothes.

No. 775204

I have a theory she would have looked like Emily Browning if she didn't fuck up her looks with drug use and weight gain.

No. 775268

File: 1589665910844.jpg (491.59 KB, 1080x1761, IMG_20200516_235201.jpg)

No. 775269

File: 1589665932937.jpg (482.39 KB, 1080x1861, IMG_20200516_235119.jpg)

No. 775270

File: 1589665957337.jpg (358.01 KB, 1080x1837, IMG_20200516_235102.jpg)

No. 775271

File: 1589665982451.jpg (536.78 KB, 1080x1674, IMG_20200516_235046.jpg)

No. 775273

File: 1589666084891.jpg (567.51 KB, 1080x1751, IMG_20200516_235032.jpg)

No. 775276

File: 1589666129457.jpg (640.84 KB, 1080x1811, IMG_20200516_234958.jpg)

No. 775277

File: 1589666219395.jpg (396.25 KB, 1061x1512, IMG_20200516_234850.jpg)

No. 775378

Great, she's about to go through the "pastel pink 2000s paris hilton bad grrrl" phase that gay men on Tumblr already went through in 2016.

No. 775400

File: 1589719576841.jpg (405.26 KB, 1080x1342, IMG_20200517_144619.jpg)

No. 775401

File: 1589719618750.jpg (518.3 KB, 1080x1796, IMG_20200517_144604.jpg)

No. 775402

File: 1589719664926.jpg (434.2 KB, 1080x1171, IMG_20200517_144538.jpg)

No. 775403

File: 1589719715858.jpg (565.02 KB, 1080x1620, IMG_20200517_144525.jpg)

No. 775404

File: 1589719752207.jpg (816.71 KB, 1078x1836, IMG_20200517_144503.jpg)

No. 775405

File: 1589719776310.jpg (475.5 KB, 1080x1776, IMG_20200517_144444.jpg)

No. 775406

File: 1589719808799.jpg (521.73 KB, 1080x1779, IMG_20200517_144406.jpg)

No. 775412


huh, she almost got the proportions right in this one.

No. 775442

She didn't tick off "I'm comfortable depending on others" in Box 1.

No. 775491

Did she have a miscarriage or smth?

No. 775492

When is she going to realize that it's not her bpd and she's just in a toxic relationship?

No. 775493

its probably about her ex that committed suicide. luna has pcos so she cant get pregnant

No. 775505

The angel looks lile Kurt Cocain, so thats who I assumed it was about

If she had a miscarriage, we'd hear all about Im sure.

No. 775516

this looks like chris chan drew it lmao. anyone whose ever said "why doesn't she just do art instead of heroin!" have no grasp of art or addiction

No. 775532

what the fuck, are you guys new to Luna? She always draws the cherubs like this and they have nothing to do with potential pregnancy. The Cobain connection is also a reach though slighly more plausible. Anyway >>775493 is right, it's most likely about Tai and possibly Roger. I think we've already seen the sketch for this but I can't find the post. Not sure if Luna commented on the meaning of the doodle.

No. 775572

I have always wondered, what is that crusty thing on her bottom lip? Is it a piercing or a wart? I can’t tell because of how she plasters foundation on her face

No. 775577

it is a piercing

No. 775645

File: 1589842241048.jpg (2.78 MB, 3072x2773, foto_no_exif.jpg)

Pray always her recovery

No. 775646

File: 1589842681255.jpeg (41.59 KB, 383x680, B4B59323-D95A-4A86-8021-D6919A…)

No. 775650

File: 1589844207164.jpg (255.08 KB, 720x485, NO NO NO DONT YOU CHOKE.jpg)

>Not subscribing to secular Slaterism(get help)

No. 775672

You could give junkies all the money in the world and they'd still end up begging for food, tjat's just the way it is.

No. 775683

Did you seriously manually remove that picture's EXIF data because you feared farmers were going to try and find you?

No. 775684

i wouldve

No. 775686

No. 775687

she probably didn't want luna to find out who she is.

No. 775688

Is this a personal photo from a friend and not a social media repost?

No. 775691

it's the anon's personal photo i think. >>775650 i'm assuming this is too?

No. 775693

is this the 2020's version of writing to prisoners?

No. 775694

I'm >>775683, I used multiple reverse image search engines and found 0 copies of those images online. It's safe to say the person posted them took them.

No. 775696

did luna make this?? i am confused

No. 775697

no it's a lolcow chaser

No. 775716

Calm the fuck down. No, I'm not new to Luna, it's just a possibility I've never seen anyone mention before.

Btw, Tai wasn't blonde.

No. 775721

Read the threads. She draws blonde cherubs identical to this in most of her works. It’s a motif that she clings to. Stop tinfoiling, for all we know this could be for her dead cat, she likes to hold pity parties for any passed being that she knows.

No. 775722

File: 1589887064037.png (917.93 KB, 739x959, ffs.png)

yes its more likely that Luna had a miscarriage and didn't mention it, because the Cherubs have blonde hair…

She posted the linework weeks ago with a caption mentioning Tai, Roger and her grandma.

No. 775723

thank you anon, I was sure she posted something about Tai, Roger and so on but could not find the post

No. 775738

No worries there. Luna’s too brain dead to care about doing that detective work.

No. 775770

You know Luna is naturally a redhead, how would she have a blonde baby?

No. 775771

No. 775772

yes that would certainly be completely out of the realm of possibility

No. 775807

no she's not, all these luna newfags

No. 775839

Ok enlighten me then, what's her natural hair color? She said it herself ffs

No. 775840

she said it once when she was trying to do sex work but she's shared her nudes online before and it's not true lol

No. 775852

>believing a word that comes out of tuna's mouth

No. 775867


i cant believe im analyzing luna's art, but she always draws those cherubs, they don't represent anyone in particular. plus, why would she be on the phone to talk to the cherub if it's right next to her? it's probably about tai/smokey/lurch's dad. she has pcos, which makes it very difficult for her to have a child, so a miscarriage is not something that would happen to her. also like the other anon said if she did have a miscarriage she would milk that sympathy for all it was worth

No. 775871

also lurch doesn’t seem like someone with viable sperm, even if he wasn’t more likely to nod off in the middle of sex than finish

No. 775895

was she ever diagnosed with pcos? wasn't that just something she diagnosed herself with, like the eating disorder and cotten eye joe knee?

No. 775896

Lurk more we went through this nearly every thread for 27 threads

No. 775897

File: 1589941276524.png (514.84 KB, 1026x1544, SluYFAy.png)

No. 775898

File: 1589941310106.png (389.41 KB, 873x925, fFLHq1y.png)

No. 775921

i know this is a dead horse but that wall is so damn dirty and i cant comprehend how it could get so bad.

No. 775927

Jesus christ the grime on this photo makes me physically ill

No. 775931

>including the sign which says Pumpkins favorite toy with the yellow piece of plastic she's obsessed with taped to the wall so I don't lose it
What a deeply depressing sentence.

No. 775964

File: 1589977614165.jpg (58.4 KB, 500x597, tumblr_263cc6e4199b9757a3d41f8…)

gatorade bitch

No. 775966

File: 1589978144425.jpg (127.34 KB, 500x667, tumblr_cfdfc3643beb44ffa0bc44c…)

"pumpkin has gone above and beyond with the affection we desperately needed after losing our heart in smokey, especially for matthew after nearly 21 years for him. i don’t know what we’d be doing without pumpkin right now. she’s a playful angel who is barely over a year old and at just days after it being a month since we found her she is already deep in my heart and i love this baby."

No. 775987

At least this writing was not some of Luna's worst attempts

No. 776009

Lol if you bothered to read past the first 3 words youd realize the cat isnt dead

No. 776031

tuna's hands are like cast iron pans seasoned over time w/ a blend of liquid foundation, nicotine, charcoal face mask residue, and body oil>>775921

No. 776044

Why does Pumpkin’s fur look matted/greasy? Luna’s hand grime?

No. 776045

Probably the cheapest cat food diet, poor water intake and a disgusting home environment.

No. 776073

she fixated on the weirdest shit. how come every time she mentions the new cat she has to include that she’s ~barely a year~ or ~just over a year~

No. 776151

Great it's fur is already getting dull… I hope this cat can escape from there, it doesn't deserve to live around this behemoth's needles, pills and cigarette butts.

No. 776160

File: 1590053714893.jpg (365.37 KB, 1080x1415, IMG_20200521_113335.jpg)

am I supposed to believe some rando Luna calf spent $50 on her for no reason whatsoever? During economy downtime?

No. 776161

File: 1590053745440.jpg (35.52 KB, 1080x323, IMG_20200521_113303.jpg)

No. 776162

File: 1590053779477.jpg (94.95 KB, 1080x671, IMG_20200521_113249.jpg)

No. 776164

Because the years of drug abuse, eating like shit and sitting on her ass
24/7 isn’t self harm’…

No. 776169

Didn’t she say her mom bought those for her w her stimulus check money? Now it’s a random instagram follower, why even lie about that?

No. 776171

maybe she figures saying it was an insta follower could embolden other insta followers to do the same?

No. 776172

scroll up, she said it was her mom and a follower >>774848

No. 776178

I can’t wait to see those bell bottoms on her, they should be real flattering, lol.

No. 776181

File: 1590068560574.jpg (611.32 KB, 1080x1440, IMG_20200521_154243.jpg)

No. 776182

File: 1590068727526.jpg (410.68 KB, 1080x1930, IMG_20200521_154534.jpg)

No. 776183

Another big tub of coffee icecream. Don't wonder why she gains weight.

No. 776185

for some reason, imagining luna seriously reading the communist manifesto makes me laugh out loud

No. 776186

Nitpick, but that book's not the Communist Manifesto, it's "Das Kapital" solely by Marx (the Manifesto was by Marx and Engels.) I'm still getting a crack out of imagining full-on-Marxist Tuna.

I have some faith in her given she's the typical art school liberal, but she's the kind of person to read the first few pages, say "I've never heard half of these words", and donate it to Goodwill.

No. 776198

That particular hardback version is worth about $50, I wonder who and or where she stole it from and how much she's going to sell it for a hot bag.

No. 776210

she got it from her father as mentioned upthread

No. 776222

the only reason communism even appeals to her is because she thinks it'll let her continue to sit on her ass and order shit off of amazon.

No. 776261


This so screams late 90s-early 00s genx edgey hipster, I actually laughed out loud. I know that's what she wants to emulate, but most people take inspiration from their favorite cultural movements, not literally try to LARP them. The only thing she's missing is Prozac Nation.

No. 776262

she's not larping them, these are just books she enjoys? nitpick

No. 776304

so she shouldn't read books that are relevant to a time period/zeitgeist that she's interested in? ok

No. 776319


idk if she can read is the only thing

No. 776339


Her LARPing a grunge 90s genx junkie is a running joke on Luna for years, all the way down to her choice of a boyfriend. There is no legit interest or she would have at least ONE other interest in that was contemporary or not connected to 90s culture. This image just struck me as especially transparent.

No. 776352

They feel like props, just like her plushies. Maybe she read a few pages here and there in highschool.

No. 776384

you and I both know she has never read these books come on

No. 776770

The Marilyn Manson book being there is ironic considering that thread going on in snow about him being a shithead rapist

No. 776775

File: 1590356606264.jpg (184.8 KB, 720x1064, Mm.jpg)

In case you didn't know, she's been his fan for a long time. Pictured is a bingo she did last year of her favorite artists.

No. 776795

she even used to own a figure of Manson. But what can you expect from someone who thinks that Courtney Love did nothing wrong? Bet she turns the blind eye toward any of Manson's fuckery in the same way.

No. 776808

>five head anniversary

No. 776819

File: 1590369658248.gif (953.98 KB, 480x360, original.gif)

>implying courtney love did anything wrong

No. 776861

File: 1590391038533.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.33 MB, 1440x5761, IMG_20200525_091125.jpg)

>still buying into the 'feminist queen' lie of CLove in 2020
Anyway I find it interesting that Luna has no problem stanning someone who has went so many times against her ideals. I think her interest in Courtney Love, Manson and the like is very shallow, which is why she has no problem stanning shitty people like them. Though I dunno how you can read the Manson book and ignore him beating his mother and other examples of being a crap person.

No. 776863

wait maybe i missed where i said she was a feminist queen. she is an evil sexy woman and i love her for it. there's no need to print out an extreme couponers list of receipts of fucked-up shit she's done, i think the dogs on the street know about her antics. imagine even caring, nobody's cancelled anymore anon. "feminist queen" im screaming

No. 776864

File: 1590391488629.jpg (60.47 KB, 275x428, cl_down.jpg)

samefag, you're mad because she invented falling aren't you anon

No. 776872

She’s been “spiraling” for fucking years now. Do something Luna. How has she achieved literally nothing in the past six years?

No. 776881


>fake boobs and fillers

The amount of a money she’s wasted on drugs/cheap amazon crap in just the last few years could have probably covered both of those + dental work for her rotting teeth, wtf lol

No. 776906

if luna gets plastic surgery i'll eat my hat

No. 776954

she'd probably die under anaesthetics

No. 776966

File: 1590437353089.jpg (169.75 KB, 720x720, 65602.original-1058.jpg)

this is kind of sad, why fake boobs and lip injections? such a far cry from the riot grrl my body is a political statement short-haired luna that once was. hopefully she was just mouthing off because i don't think i could deal with seeing luna go down the pnp route

No. 776970


Lip fillers alone would cost her 800-1000 in the nyc area, I don’t see her ever having access to that amount of money at once so yeah I don’t think it’s happening

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