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File: 1609429723436.gif (570.65 KB, 800x640, luna.gif)

No. 811991

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/funeral1996/ [private]

tumblr: https://heavenlykitten1996.tumblr.com/
https://angelhair1996.tumblr.com/ [inactive]

Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/funeral1996[active]
https://twitter.com/bimbokitten96 [new SW twitter]

>Formerly known as angelhair1996, howl1996, junkhun, funeralhome420 and lunakittenxxx (to name but a few)

>24 year old heroin addict, scammer, liar, thief, and former ““sex worker””
>Begs people for money online to buy drugs under the guise of it being for food/medication/rent/necessities
>Refuses to get a job or do anything productive
>Has every self-diagnosed mental/physical illness under the sun
>Started dating her 40 year old boyfriend (hereby known as Lurch) before she turned 18, calls him “daddy”
>has a following of impressionable young girls who she has convinced to “help” her during this “tough time” in her life
>Romanticises the hell out of her addiction but rants on the internet how vile it is to do so
>”I’m not trying to be Courtney Love!”
>Tries to be exactly like Courtney Love
>Bleats about harm reduction while being the antithesis of harm reduction/seemingly having no grasp of the concept whatsoever

>Loves to share her grimy life on the internet, including awful photos of her cats laying in filth and used needles

>Squandered a large inheritance from her grandmother within a year and lot the property she also inherited because she didn’t pay tax on it
>Claims her mother “stole” her inheritance money from her (she possibly used the inheritance to pay her mother’s rent and considers that “stealing”)
>Always “short on rent” or otherwise in need of donations
>Overdosed on heroin twice in less than 12 months, even that didn't encourage her to get clean
>RIP ROGER (aka Lurch’s dad)
>Tuna and Lurch couldn’t pay rent because all their money came from Roger’s social security so the e-begging ramped up to 100
>EVICTED from Roger’s house
>Tuna and Lurch “temporarily” move in with Luna’s mother, who is an (ex) addict
>Brings along moldy, nasty stuffed animals and complains about not being able to move her other belongings (claims she lost 90% of them when she got EVICTED)
>Continuously tries e-begging along with selling nudes and shitty art in lieu of getting a job
>Her “abusive” dad continues to buy her useless shit from Amazon
>Posts pictures of her and Lurch looting graves like it’s no big deal
>Claims to be homeless for bonus sympathy points in spite of living with her mother

>Luna and Chief have made themselves at home in her mom's one-bedroom poverty home and seem to have no intention of leaving.

>Still milking her ex-gf's suicide for struggle points.
>Seemed to be gaining weight rapidly for a while- some farmers speculated that she may have been on methadone.
>Still abusing benzos and posting pill porn, probably hooked at this point
>Still sending begging messages to facebook "friends" >>>/pt/607983
>Still buying cheap shit on Amazon and asking facebook "friends" to buy her stuff
>Still churning out sloppy drawings, has recently produced some particularly mediocre poetry
>Still taking pictures of her filthy plastic crap, filthy grave-goods, filthy clothes, filthy nails, and filthy face
>Still complaining about how horrible her life is, failing to understand that she brought most of it on herself
>Roger is interred in a filthy box in Luna's mom's poverty home
>Got a pancake voucher >>>/pt/612955
>Was banned from FB and called out in a nail shaming group
>Has lived with her mom for over a year now
>Her dad's apartment caught on fire; Luna spread ashes on her face for maximum sympathy points
>Has started to brag about starving herself
>"Found" a bra in a dumpster
>Started posting nudes again
>Then began a “sex work” career, taking grimy nudes and videos and selling them through twitter for drug money
>Made premade videos, one is called PEE DRINK >>730829
> Looking more and more dead with every photo uploaded for her “SW business"
> Anon leaks a ‘commission’ video where Luna calls her dad and says she’s got a stable job, asks if she can live with him for a while, then hangs up, takes her dress off and masturbates for the camera. Dad sounds supportive and happy for her as she uses him to get someone else’s humiliation fetish rocks off >>758647 WARNING: SAD AS FUCK >>758661
> SW CAREER IS OVER >>760386
> “Online acquaintance” of Luna’s turn up after being sent the dad video >>761016, insinuates Luna has sold videos of her shooting up in her legs via her SW twitter. Shares screencap, looks like necrosis waiting to happen >>761037.
> Tuna and Lurch defy the odds and reach their six year druggie-versity >>761830.
> 3rd OD, seems like all is not well in the loveshack >>762698.
> Happy 24th birthday, Luna!

In the last thread >>795757:

In between threads ( >>795390 ) Luna's mom got taken away to inpatient due to mental health and drug abuse, much moping was had

Tuna went back to druggie Facebook groups, >>795765, >>809384 went on romantic druggie dates with snowman lurch, >>796601 also said her and lurch were getting married (and then they didn’t) >>802980

Returns to sex work >>805775, >>810203 immediately starts complaining about how it’s a really tough job, guys! >>810159

Lurch’s twitter is found! Hobbies includes insane ramblings at Nancy Pelosi to give him more money. >>810263

!SOS! Luna has to detox >>802479 except no, nothing fucking came of it as usual >>802733. The milky explanation was good tho:


After Luna’s mom’s relapse and her getting taken away, ya girl is being kicked out for squatting illegally and tries to find an apartment with no credit or employment but high standards as usual. >>807537, >>809288, >>810769

Return of EVIL TOXIC MOM arc: >>811285, >>811541, >>811870

HAPPY NEW MILK! Just as farms are voting on the horrorcow 2020 award, anon drops “lurch gyrating luna’s ass” and “full intercourse” vids that they bought last year but didn’t leak at the time: >>811491 we are subjected to horrors never before seen. >>811554

New Year’s Milk continues, as Luna less than a day later uploads a video where her and Lurch yell at a social worker for kicking them out and not “the old person whose life is basically over” aka her mom >>811724 (under the guise of it being ‘proof’ that the MHA hates mentally ill people >>811702)

There’s a pandemic, our favourite druggies are getting EVICTED, New York is cold as fuck, happy new year to all.

one >>>/snow/55077
two >>>/snow/171004
three >>>/snow/190985
four >>>/snow/220048
five >>>/snow/254820
six >>>/snow/276683
seven >>>/snow/292881
eight >>>/snow/305217
nine >>>/snow/320166
ten >>394258
eleven >>403302
twelve >>414017
thirteen >>428358
fourteen >>452611
fifteen >>468770
sixteen >>480001
seventeen >>497850
eighteen >>521479
nineteen >>>/pt/540883
twenty >>>/pt/558885
twenty one >>>/pt/574429
twenty two >>>/pt/591749
twenty three >>>/pt/619612
twenty four >>>/pt/657873
Twenty five >>>/pt/689217
Twenty six >>>/pt/734529
Twenty seven >>>/pt/767687
Twenty eight >>>pt/795757

No. 811992

https://www.instagram.com/funeral1996 (private)
https://www.twitter.com/lilcherub1996 (inactive)
https://www.twitter.com/lunakittenxxx (SW account, deleted)


https://www.deviantart.com/thatpoisonleaf (deleted)
https://www.flickr.com/people/54485349@N05 (skwisgaarskwigelf)


https://angelhair1996.tumblr.com (inactive)

Archives of past tumblr accounts:
http://skwisgaarskwigelf.tumblr.com (deleted, no archives)

The Pulp Girls / Zine:


About Luna:
https://witchycrankypoo.tumblr.com (howl1996 drama, inactive)


No. 811993

File: 1609429821968.gif (Spoiler Image,9.76 MB, 500x284, whatamidoing.gif)

honorary gif mention from last thread

No. 811997

File: 1609431901337.jpg (298.69 KB, 1080x1430, 20201231_092358.jpg)

She seems really concerned about the pending eviction.

No. 811998

I have a weird feeling either she made the same post twice or this is a repost

No. 812000

File: 1609433402318.jpg (253.44 KB, 1080x1608, 20201231_094524.jpg)

I checked her ig again and she did post about Hollow Knight 4 days ago, that might be the one you're thinking of

No. 812001

so I think she made almost same post thrice as we've already read that celeste and hollow knight are so cheap cheap everyone should buy them. Jesus Luna, at least say something new about the same topic

No. 812005

that toilet paper gif is fucking haunting. is she saving it up for homelessness

No. 812023

I can’t wait for tomorrow when the cops come kick their asses to the curb. Like late Christmas only more rewarding

No. 812025


Not sure what eviction is like in NY, but if it’s similar to my state, it may be months until they can actually be thrown out.

No. 812028

i agree we shouldn't raise our empty cartons yet, but it might be faster if they're not technically being evicted (bc they had no right to live there in the first place)

like lurch said in the video posted in last thread, "you need to put a paper on the door" (eviction notice) and the lady just responded "no, because you have no right to be here in the first place"

idk but it might happen, given how much luna has freaked out for almost two months now they might be out real soon

No. 812033

>>812028 Didn't NY just announce another moratorium on evictions though? IDK how that works when you're a S8 squatter tbf.

No. 812036

File: 1609444396114.gif (1.37 MB, 264x264, 793538F4-01E9-4055-9F07-100FF0…)

???? Hoe doesn’t have a mattress but buys like 6 games for switch?

No. 812037

the stupid thing is that there's charities and programs that specifically donate/hand out used mattresses that have been cleaned out to the needy. If she really wanted she could reach out and get a mattress from them but of course she is begging for money for a new one (or drugs, who knows).

No. 812038

she bought them (or had a client/friend buy then for her) weeks ago, when she was somehow in denial about the eviction and didn't think she wouldn't have a matress

No. 812039

They aren't residents; they're squatters. Squatters have no protection against eviction due to covid.

They haven't been squatting there for long enough to have taken adverse possession of the place permanently - that takes 10 years of squatting. All the kandlord has to do is post a 10 day notice to quit the premises (and from Luna's previous whining, it sounds like that happened a while back), then file a court order if the squatters refuse to leave after the 10 days are up. Once the court order is signed, the sheriff comes to roust then out and padlock the place.

It seems like their big plan in to stay put until the sheriff comes, because why move into a motel or an AirBnB now and avoid losing all your possessions when you can shit yourself, do nothing, and act like you had no idea this was coming?

No. 812041


adverse possession only pertains to legal ownership. not relevant. they are legal tenants

>In New York, a squatter who has been residing on a property for 30 days is automatically upgraded to a legal tenant. Landowners must work quickly in order to remove squatters before these 30 days are up. (https://ipropertymanagement.com/laws/new-york-squatters-rights)

so they have to go through full legal eviction process which starts w 10 day eviction notice, followed by an eviction lawsuit if they won't leave. cops will only remove them if ordered to do so by a court

No. 812043

But still not protected from eviction by the moratorium, because they're squatters.

No. 812045


I hate to say it but no, they are legally not squatters in the state of NY. sorry but you are confusing one colloquial use of the term "squatter's rights"/becoming a legal tenant with adverse possession/becoming legal owners. also referred to as squatter's rights but meaning something very different so it's confusing.

sorry to burst the bubble but NYC has extremely notorious "squatter's rights" laws pertaining to legal tenancy. it's been all over the news causing problems for landlords for years and never changed. after 30 days they became legal residents. they will have to go through a full eviction lawsuit with a hearing to eradicate them

No. 812046

Actually if you look up the moratorium and squatters in NY there are several cases where they are being protected from eviction. Maybe government housing is different than private though. One can only hope because these 2 need a wake up call.

No. 812052

Y’all, that apartment is part of the Mental Health Association of Westchester's residential services program.

Luna and Lurch are not clients of this organization. They have no rights there. Squatters rights don't count, and won't convert into residential rights, because the apartment is earmarked for MHA.

Luna and Matthew weren't on the lease; they aren't MHA clients; they can't be squatters because they aren't in the program. They are just a nuisance. All of this goes double because they're using and selling drugs out of a building for recovery.

They might squeeze another week out of the place just because the courts are slow due to the holidays. But I doubt they make it to 1/24 there, when Luna "might have" an AirBnB.

No. 812053

We also don't know if they've gotten "fair warning"; given that it's what, a month, since luna first started to really freak out, it's possible that they were clearly and concisely informed that they would have to leave 30 days ago. That might be enough.

No. 812059

The woman did say that they spoke to her before and Tuna didn't want to talk.

No. 812061

Given how long she's been talking about this they were probably informed at least 30 days ago, if not more. She might also be banking on being protected by squatters rights and getting to stay. It'll be interesting to see how this unfolds

No. 812063

God could you imagine if lurch actually got busted for dealing? Do you think tuna would stick with him?

No. 812068

File: 1609452740636.png (543.35 KB, 1016x744, handsomelurch.png)

No. 812069

God he is such a visually unsettling human. All these filters are hilarious on him, too. Ridge Gallagher MtF lookin ass

No. 812071

Wait so do they have squatters rights or not? Covid makes things weird with eviction now anyways. Either way she and lurch will probably try to call sanctuary anyways.

No. 812073

On one hand tuna is notoriously selfish and self preservation kicks in at some point right? Part of me wants to say that she’d leave him if she needs to, but they’re so co-dependent probably and intersected that she might just take the fall with him.

No. 812074

this was already posted along with other minor Luna posts >>811763

No. 812076

File: 1609455202610.jpeg (101.38 KB, 750x347, 9646FEE3-AFA0-4FE7-A899-7C8842…)

This is from that website, the requirements to be recognized as adversely occupying/squatting by the court has 5 bulletpoints. They can’t be protected by squatters rights because they only meet 4/5 of the requirements. This is the requirement they break, and if they claim one or the other of them aren’t residing there, they break the 3rd requirement of being open & notorious (it says under that point that someone having squatting rights recognized cannot pretend not to live there or lie about being the only one squatting, or have the rights revoked)

No. 812091

But the apartment doesn't seem to be in NYC as per what >>812052 said. So if they aren't in NYC, the 30 day squatter's rights would not apply. Or am I missing something?

No. 812100

This is for the entire state of New York, the city limits have the same laws as suburban and rural areas of the state, just different speed limits and other small differences like that. Even so, I thought her mom’s MHA housing was within NYC proper limits? >>812052 stated that she’s in Westchesters division of MHA, which is in the Bronx and definitely considered NYC.
It’s also important to keep in mind that New York has complicated breakdown for their locations, there are a lot of variations of what will tell you something different about what “NYC proper” is, this is especially true for pretentious people who live there. For example, there’s 5 boroughs of NYC, and NYC is used commonly as a de facto name for the 4 mainland borough’s downtown areas, which border each other. Some people consider only the Manhattan borough to be New York City, while others would argue that all of the 5 boroughs count as NYC because this is how it’s officially defined by the state’s government. Either way, the city and state’s laws on tenant and squatting rights are the same. Second anon linked in this post, do you have any more insight? You seem close to the situation to know they’re in Westchester, from what I’ve seen in the last threads her mom was in New Rochelle. I know I should be patient and just wait for updates, but I don’t have social media so these threads have been my only look at this cow.

No. 812116


No. 812136

seconding >>812116 but her mom's place is in mamaroneck and they are serviced by MHAW, it is in westchester not the bronx

No. 812160

Ntayrt, I thought Mamaroneck was were they lived when Tuna was a teen. She doxxed herself a while back, this S8 apartament was in New Rochelle.

No. 812195

I dont know 100% what self-doxing youre talking about but I thought the one where anons got her address on a pill bottle turned out to be her grandmas old address, she hadn't updated her info at the doctor? I think you're right about Mamaroneck being where she grew up/where Roger's apartment was, but I wasn't sure we had an up to date address. Only thing I can really remember about her mom's place is it's in a high hispanic population area and Luna's too scared of everyone speaking Spanish to go outside lol

No. 812199

oh word i didn't realize it was new rochelle, but new rochelle is def part of westchester and serviced by MHAW

No. 812212

File: 1609485737753.png (621.42 KB, 720x720, Screenshot_20180913-115923_2.p…)

From September 2018 (I poached this from KF because it was faster to use their search function so no post number, but it's also somewhere in her old threads here). She went to Mamaroneck High School and I think Roger's apartment was also in Mamaroneck, but her mom's S8 is in New Rochelle.

No. 812232

I don't want to do them, but the current apartment is in Mamaroneck. It is indeed part of New Rochelle… but definitely not part of New York City boroughs.

No. 812239

oh my god I missed this, that's so fucking dumb! She doxed herself by awkwardly hamfisting an entire address into her poetry?

>I need to escape the hell that is -address- soon I won't make it. I can't be here much longer

lmfao 2 years later and she still refuses to leave

No. 812253

It looks like Tuna and her mom lived at the Mamaroneck address in 2012ish. I thought that was their current as well given it was a one bedroom unit too, but I dont think the timeline adds up.

No. 812272

Mamaroneck and New Rochelle are different towns, both located in Westchester County in the NYC metro area, tho they're only 3 1/2 miles apart. New Rochelle is further south and one stop closer to NYC's Midtown/Grand Central Station on the Metro North.

In the diary, Luna says she needs to leave the New Rochelle house because Mama Tuna is making her and Matthew fight when they never fought before (LOL, lie!) and "I miss Roger, uwu." So the New Ro house is the location of the current and recent drama.

No. 812349

lives with mom: fuck my mom, she's a loser, her life is over, she's mean, she's abusive, i can't stand her i wanna leave so bad!

gets kicked out of mom's place: fuck my mom, she abandoned me and fucked me over now that i can't live with her even though that's what i've been complaining about for nearly 3 years!

No. 812354

They are never gonna get the smell outta that room. Here’s to hoping no matter where the place is the cops come and boot them to the curb!

No. 812386

Can someone tell me what happened to the cat Lurch "found"? I couldn't find anything in the last thread and Luna is only talking about one cat.

No. 812400

she’s talking about pumpkin (found cat) as her one cat, I’m pretty sure. The other one must have died recently but she never posted about it to my knowledge.

No. 812435

File: 1609550688271.png (430.38 KB, 720x1030, sketch-1609550616774.png)


According to her ig Smokey had to be put down because he had a stomach tumor.

Also, don't remember this being posted but kek at the thought of Lurch working out

No. 812467

The only lifting lurch does is when he lifts a needle up to him veins.

No. 812489

>>812435 Kek, I have the exact same pack of tank tops from Amazon. They're flattering because they're cropped compression tops, so they kinda hold your boobs in, but don't cling to the lower stomach area, so if you wear them with something high-waisted you look super slim. Basically they're flattering on anyone, and Luna's kidding herself if she thinks the way she looks in them has anything to do with her ~~uwu anorexic tendencies~~

I promise you look just as doughy as ever once you take them off or look at yourself from the side, Tuna.

No. 812490


I'll give her credit, I think this is the first time I have ever seen Luna talk about fitness or healthy lifestyle weight loss vs romanticizing her junkie corpse body because she lost weight shooting up

No. 812493

who the fuck did Lurch rob an Apple Watch from?

No. 812504

No. 812539

Is it bad I want a link to these tops

No. 812557

File: 1609603251142.jpeg (301.02 KB, 750x1029, DB0D1DB1-D782-4F2A-93F1-37F7DD…)

nta but it looks like it’s prob these

No. 812572

i like them too lol…it always fucks me off when i see luna wearing something i'd otherwise find cute. was browsing socks on amazon once and she had actually reviewed them with a picture from her amazon account, made me not want to buy them as much tbh, she's like an anti-model bc everything she wears is instantly so grimy.

No. 812583

Luna claiming she’s 150 lbs is a joke. i’m 5’8 and 145-150 and people generally consider me on the slimmer side. there’s no way she’s under 200 lbs(no1curr)

No. 812585

thanks for the hot unsaged update on your own weight, we cared a lot
but obviously she’s nowhere near 150 pounds

No. 812588

she also has 0% muscle tone which would explain the lower number on the scale

No. 812591


because of how tall she is, i would say she's more accurately 160-180 of pure fat, no muscle. she thinks 150 makes her sound teeny and waify when she doesn't realize it's pure jiggle

No. 812594

I wish you posted a screencap tbh

No. 812671

what the hell is the white thing

No. 812673

makeshift pad/tampon bc she would rather spend her money on press on nails

No. 812694

>>812557 Yeah it's these. Obviously I recommend getting them in a color other than sickly pink, though I imagine you anons are better at keeping your pinks pink than Luna is, lol. Def worth it though, I ended up buying two packs of them.

>>812591 This. Luna is tall as fuck. 150 would be believable at like, 5'3 or something, but she's over 5'7 I believe.

Ironically, plenty of the waifish tumblr girls she idolizes are her height. They're just working out and not laying around in a smack den eating CHEAP CHEAP junk food, thus they easily look like they could be short until you see them next to someone Ariana Grande-sized.

I'd love if Luna got into working out. I know it's a fucking pipe dream anons, but man, cardio helps so much with withdrawal if you can push through it a little and you're not actively hunched over the toilet. Wards off the chills and restless legs. Even light yoga would be good for her.

No. 812712

luna is the amberlynn reid of junkies. she can’t stick to anything. if she did yoga or cardio, it’d be for a few days. anything good for her, she can’t commit to.

No. 812745

>>812712 Yeah no I totally agree with you, that's why I called it a pipe dream. She can't get off her ass to work out when she's high, no way she's gonna be doing it if she ever gets clean/suffers withdrawal. Honestly, if she got clean (again, total pipe dream), I reckon she'd be one of those people who replaces the drugs with food and balloons up 50 lbs after getting sober.

All of this is moot, however, because Luna can't commit to anything except throwing her life away for a shitty aesthetic inspired by shitty bands and the shitty, middle-aged totem pole she's been ruining herself for nonstop for the last 7 years.

Imagine throwing away nearly a decade of your youth, your prime years, on this >>812068

No. 812750

I weigh about 140lbs and I'm way prettier than Luna. It annoys me to no end that she still managed to find a boyfriend and I'm lonely…(nobody cares)

No. 812751

Girl you are unsaged sadposting about yourself in a thread about a fat junkie, pick a struggle

No. 812752

Don’t worry anon, the only man Luna can snag is a 40yr old heroin addict who looks like a walking corpse. You’d rather nothing then that.
Luna was lucky she even got tai, and she didnt even love her back.

No. 812753

She was groomed by an ugly middle aged heroin addict who helped ruin her life. At this point, they're likely dope dating and can't stand each other if they're not high as shit. It's barely a relationship and nothing to be jealous of.

No. 812760

Girl come on it’s better to be single than with shrimp dick nodding off lurch

No. 812769

I hope there'e a lurch dies saga because he's a leech on luna's life.

No. 812770

So he becomes immortalized as an angel who did nothing wrong in Luna's mind? No way! As much as I find him a disgusting human being, I wish he fucked off from Luna's life. If he broke up with her, she would seethe (as seen in the "7 years down the drain" post) and just maybe she would realize that Lurch always was shit. She will never get over him if he drops dead, but if he betrayed her by ending the codependent relationship, she would be forced to see through years of bullshit.
Imagine Luna realizing she is a grooming victim. I know she would get crazy with shittalking Lurch for uwu trauma baby victim points.

No. 812771

That decrepit semi-animated corpse fucking off out of her life really is the only foreseeable chance she has of getting her shit together. Her dad would take her in and probably get her into a proper rehab program, possibly even pay for her to go back to school if she wanted to, etc. At the very least she would have a roof over her head and no stress related to paying bills or rent or being able to put food on the table.

No. 812792

I hope her dad stops enabling her. Tuna has to get used to working hard, not having her shit paid for.

No. 812794

Lurch may be a disgusting person but his absence, no matter how it comes about, won't make her reform from a lifestyle she chooses and romanticizes. Don't be naive.

No. 812795

I really see luna as a "there but for the grace of god go I" situation, I wonder if that's why so many people sympathize with her/want her to recover

No. 812800


someone who knew her once popped in and said she was 5’10 and lurch is 6’2

No. 812802

They are soft bbydoll losers who relate to her.

No. 812815

Absolutely people do. I also think a lot of people here are grateful they didn’t end up as far gone as Loony. A Tuna redemption arc however would be historic and I am sure there are many people here that want to see that. It’s almost impossible though. She’d have to lose lurch, get clean, stop begging, get a job and start paying back all the money she has scammed and a host of other things. IMO though she will die a scammy junkie that did nothing with her pathetic life. Who takes 7 years off from trying to improve their lives? Most people do that all day, every day.

No. 812826

nobody thinks that she absolutely would get better if Lurch fucked off, but at least there would be some chance of that happening. Or maybe at least we would get an interesting saga out of it

No. 812834

sage for autism but that jiggling gif has been living in my brain rent free for fucking days and something nasty occurred to me. If she has PCOS and irregular/non-existent periods, how come she's got "pads" in EVERY SINGLE TIME she takes photos of herself in underwear? Even Pixy wasn't that fucking disgusting.

Tinfoil but I dont think they're for menstruation, I think she does it so she doesn't have to clean her lacey underwear, she just replaces the tissue. I'm sorry for sharing that with everyone.

No. 812838

Anon you're right. Her old friend (the one with a baby) that supported Luna with money for years came forward a few threads ago about how Luna would send her disgusting pics of her vagina coated in thick white discharge for pity bucks.

No. 812843

This haunted me in my dreams until I saw the comment it’s a makeshift pad.. it looked like cottage cheese yeast coming out of her vagina

No. 812883

hobo panty liner or hobo pad, it’s sad and gross either way

No. 812915


Do we have caps of this in the earlier threads?

I don't/can't follow Tuna on Facebook, but she hasn't posted anything on Instagram or Snapchat in a couple of days. I wonder if they already lost the roof over their heads.

No. 812916

she said herself she constantly gets UTIs. so yeah probably her solution is to wear makeshift liners instead of showering after sex or changing her shitty synthetic underwear everyday.

No. 812918

i wouldn't put it past her to eat herself to death if she was sober. luna has shown that all she thinks about is drugs, money and food. she's probably been like that since a kid. kids develop obsessions over food if they're abused, neglected or live in unstable households.

No. 812921

File: 1609722047777.jpeg (Spoiler Image,479.85 KB, 750x2968, 7DD9AAC4-D3F2-4638-9350-413E16…)

I’m the anon who posted the video, I found some pics she sent me along with the video. DONT CLICK WHILE EATING. You can see the liner or whatever it is. I think you are right anon but I can’t find any pics of her discharge (pics that she sent at least)

No. 812922

Thank you for the nonstop milk anon, but you must have an iron stomach.

No. 812931

Ugh I can smell these pictures(emoji use)

No. 812964

I gotta know how much did you pay for this? You're kinda evil dude if you're the one who paid her to drink her piss.

No. 812966

NTA, but blame Tuna for that. She's the one who offered to do it for money and did it. It's dumb to blame someone else for her actions.

No. 812968

Hope this would do >>673223 and >>673264.

No. 813030

Ten dollars for the video and she sent the pictures along with it because I haggled lol. She said she needed money for “food”. Btw pee video was premade along with this video

No. 813040

holy shit lol thanks for the info. The fact that she had those videos premade and was okay with having them sold. That's really sad.

No. 813049

And that she likely rewatches the videos at least once and doesn't see an issue with toilet paper falling out of her crotch and her piss looking like an egg yolk.

No. 813130


Thanks, anon. I can see how she rationalized starting to her sell pics and videos (aside from the horrendous egg yolk one), but that… wow. I feel bad for the friend for having to see that if it's true.

No. 813209

File: 1609781657389.jpeg (115.46 KB, 828x457, F08BF284-BCB5-4092-B00A-B48D97…)

No. 813216

Umm yeah maybe that has something to do with the fact that they are trying to kick you out because you don’t pay rent

No. 813222

omg, i normally just lurk but i'm losing my mind over this one
like is she really that simple or is she just trying to put on a show for facebook? because it's difficult to believe that anyone would think to themselves "oh the apartment i'm living in illegally just had the electric shut off, that's strange! better call the landlord who is actively evicting me, sounds like their job. wait why doesn't the landlord who is currently trying to force me out of the space i'm illegally inhabiting want to help me???"

just the absolute gall of it… i cannot believe a person can be that obtuse, how does one person just never realize how constantly in the wrong they are? i know the answer is heroin and untreated bpd but it's fucking astounding sometimes how little self-awareness she has.

No. 813224

you don’t have a landlord, you imbecile, you’re a squatter

No. 813251

Haha wow, I can’t believe she called the landlord. I bet they’ll get kicked out sometime this week.

No. 813252

I'm 70/30 on this. 70% Yes, tuna, you're squatting, they are going to cut your power. Also laughing at the fact she won't be able to deny reality by playing switch all day high. 30% bummed she won't be able to give us updates when her batteries all die out.

No. 813254

Yeah I’m wondering how she plans on charging her electronics. Pre-Covid she could go to a cafe or library but that isn’t an option now. She’s gonna need her phone. Sucks to suck

No. 813257

Did she seriously think they were going to stay there and not pay for anything until the 24th? She doesn't even have a doctor's note this time.

Maybe she'll make another gofundme and throw another tantrum when people don't donate.

No. 813289

Remember, she "might have" an AirBnB on the 24th. Which in Luna-world means she messaged one person and assumed it's all gonna work out. Because obviously anyone would want two lazy, entitled, delusional, and confrontational junkies to move into their place.

And IDK what she was on about paying a year up front on AirBnB. Renting from them is like paying hotel room prices. And of they got an affordable room with roomies, they'd be out on their asses again in a week - you know they'd hog the bathroom, trash the kitchen, leave needles everywhere, pass out on the couch, bring vermin in, etc.

No. 813301

I wouldn't be surprised if Tuna and Lurch just showed up at the AirBnB to beg.

No. 813304

It actually wouldn’t surprise me. Another thing that wouldn’t surprise me is the owner looking up their names and seeing the lc threads. Hopefully they will. This could be rock bottom for the 2 of them.

No. 813306

I’m sorta doubting this for a different reason- I dunno about the power per se but they won’t shut the heat down in winter as it damages pipes and all. Regardless she doesn’t have legal reason to be there so…

No. 813308

i mean, they might have turned the temp down to just above freezing maybe?

No. 813310

Yeah, they wouldn't leave it freezing in there for the pipe reason but if the the landlord can control the thermostat (some cheap places do that), they can turn it down. I wouldn't blame them either since they're squatters anyway. Still can't believe they blamed that MHA lady for that.

No. 813311

The heat might be National Grid. I have a feeling the landlord wouldn’t turn it off bc a pipe might burst.

No. 813338

File: 1609799471122.png (498.05 KB, 507x840, squat1.png)

No. 813339

They're in an apartment building.. not a stand alone house. Pipes won't freeze.

No. 813340

File: 1609799517330.png (330.13 KB, 487x853, squatterprobs2.png)

Seems like they got a mattress and cops kek.

No. 813342

File: 1609799609941.png (364.12 KB, 496x853, squatterproblems3.png)


Now she's worried about her mentally ill mother? The same junkie who Tuna said didn't need help cause her life was over?

No. 813343

Ahahahahahahaha super polite? Just wait till the cops see all the baggies and needles.

No. 813344

Right? Who is she fucking joking? We all saw the video of she and her walking corpse "fiance" yelling at that woman for doing her job.

No. 813351

File: 1609800107296.png (258.62 KB, 955x843, squat probs cliffhanger.png)

Doubleposting but they didn't get kicked out today.

No. 813352

“When I’ve never even had a run in with the law”

She can’t be this dumb, right? The cops are there because they’re junkie squatters. Also, electricity probably got turned off because her mom moved apartments so the bill was transferred to a new apartment and the landlord took over that one.

No. 813354

File: 1609800563694.png (320.97 KB, 543x851, notyourelectricitybutokay.png)

No. 813356

Its all muddled up cause of covid and the fact that they arent really squatters cause the apartment was never really abandoned

No. 813358

why does she have electricity back?

No. 813360

Most likely because the landlord intervened and it's been switched from Mama Tuna's name to his name. (temporarily, til they find a new tenant.)

No. 813362

There are rules about turning off electric in winter, I'm guessing them being squatters means nothing if the agency had to put it in their name

No. 813364

Alas, we were so close to the Dickensian climax of Luna and Lurch huddled together under a stiff Hello Kitty blankie encrusted with junkie bodily fluids, shivering uncontrollably while trying to figure out how to make a gazpacho gruel of crushed up Xannies.

No. 813379


Luna was never once shown as polite, she was screaming right back at the lady and her ugly ass pedo man called her a bitch (probably wanted to throw in the N word too but that would make him look bad on Facebook).
love how she suddenly changed the narrative to her mom being a mentally ill woman being mistreated by MHA, when she does nothing but berate and shit on her mother who let them stay there in the first place

No. 813381

> hands shaking
Yea, either from dope sickness or because she's got dope/paraphernalia in the place. She's fucked

No. 813382

Lmfaooooooooo! Is Lurch still on probation? He probably hopped out the window to leave Tuna fend for herself kek

No. 813384

Hope they change the lock on these two mfers.

No. 813386

Idk how it is in the states but where I live specifically if police see an animal living in poor conditions they alert animal services, I'm just worried bout that poor cat and hope something can at least be done since I can barely even picture them feeding it

No. 813387

Anon you’re a poet

No. 813390

Tut tut! Well spoken. Do you think she’d go the whole “please sir I want some more” to that gruel? Signs point to yes.

No. 813391

Scumbag druggies and just general useless pieces of shit always, for whatever fucking reason, have this delusional attitude that they can waddle their asses wherever, park, and stay there as long as they wish.

Yes, she is putting on a show for fagbook so she and all her the other smelly idiots she calls “friends” can cry and bitch about responsible individuals who have to deal with them on a daily basis. After she put on that show screaming at the landlord and basically forced her mother to go into hiding to get away from her and Lurch.

She will always be a POS and anyone who is dumb enough to believe she can change is in for a really bittersweet surprise when she’s still shooting up at 40 in a cardboard box in Central Park.

No. 813407

all those facebook “friends” are just trying to get milklmao. anyone with two brain cells to rub together can see that luna and easter island head are wrong in this situation no matter how luna tried to twist it

No. 813408

I am not claiming expertise but, from what I've been told secondhand, if they go quietly they'll be allowed to take the cat and what they can carry. If the cops have to physically remove them and find drugs, they get arrested and then they will take the cat to a city or county shelter. She could demonstrate a shred of decency and take the cat to a shelter so it at least has a warm place to stay but luna isnt capable of considering any ones needs but her own.

No. 813429

>my apartment
It's not yours delusional bitch.
She's throwing temper tantrums just like Trump did when he lost kek.

No. 813438

God, them getting busted would be so hilarious and the ultimate karma. Though apart of me just wants Lurch to get busted and "muh aboosive daddy" to finally put his foot down and give an ultimatum, either she lives on the streets with lurch or she drops his ass and finally gets her shit together.

No. 813443

I wish abusive daddy would so this, but if he did I bet she'd prefer to live on the streets with lurch.
Luna is a scumbag, currently, and most junkies become scumbags, but I'm under the impression this is all Lurch's fault, he practically raised her instead of her actual parents, he's the most present masculine figure in her life since she was like 14. It's disgusting.

We never see much of him, he isn't as oversharing as Luna so we don't know exactly what he thinks or say, specially to Luna, but I'm 100% sure he pushes a "us against the world" view to her, to drill into her head that without him she's fucked, that her father wants to break them apart and control her etc.
I absolutely believe Luna when she says she have shitty parents, if they weren't shitty she wouldn't be dating the ugliest drug dealer in new york since her teens. (Not that it excuses any of her shitty behavior, but it does explain)

No. 813449

> the ugliest drug dealer in new york
idk if its bc im high but, anon this is the funniest description of lurch yet im dying

No. 813451

I'm just worried about the cat tbh.

No. 813455

File: 1609841591387.png (458.97 KB, 795x1317, Syncophants1.png)

More bitching from Tuna and her few remaining sycophants. Cause it's the cops fault, kek.

No. 813457

>everything went extremely badly

No. 813461

How dumb are her and Lurch? Taking pictures of a police officer who's already in your squat? They should be packing their shit up and avoiding eye contact whilst they get ready to go or else that officer might decide to have a little look through their belongings and then Luna would have a criminal record for at least possession of controlled drugs even if there isn't any heroin or crack around.

No. 813466


I don't know how NY does it, but cops in the Bay Area in CA typically tell girls to "take a walk" while they arrest the males for drugs, even if drugs are found in a cohabited house. So Lurch has a higher chance of going to jail for drugs than Tuna, which would be the opportunity Tuna needs to run back to Daddy.

No. 813471

Is there a website to lookup court records for new york?
I had one bookmarked on my old phone that showed all lurches stuff that time he was charged with whatever it was, but I can't find it now?
Wondering if they caught any charges.

No. 813473

kek. The entitlement is real.

No. 813500


Here's the site for NY State showing Lurch's 2017 arrest. Just did a search and no dice. But as the results page said, it could take a few weeks to be updated—esp. if the arrest was yesterday.


No. 813502

I’m sure they didn’t take dipshit to jail or we would have the Luna crying about how unfair and judgemental and blah blah the system is that they don’t allow her and lurch to live their dream lives or whatever. #freelurch and saying that all the drugs were moms and that mean old social worker framed them, or the cops planted them, or the landlord gave them a mattress and the drugs were in it. Whatever. We know her SM would be that if he had been taken in

No. 813505

They definitely don't do that here.

Yep. We'd know if Lurch went to jail cause Luna can't help but open her big mouth and whine.

No. 813509

well, if they arrested him for drugs, i'm not sure that luna would write about it. she's obviously trying to hide her drug habit still and she can't get sympathy from her "friends" if they're literal squatter junkies trying to overtake her poor old mother's apartment.

No. 813512

You're kind of right. She posts all the time about her drug use in junkie FB groups and would no doubt complain about it there.

No. 813515

Tuna and her statue are a PSA for why socialism is a bad idea. Somebody has to pay for sedentary lives just not them.

No. 813536

I live in NYC and can tell you that a lot of people here would be totally fine paying more in tax to house disgusting leeches like Luna and provide them with rehabilitation resources. Of course, our tax dollars aren't used efficiently, which is the real problem– not socialism.

I'd rather their crusty asses stay in taxpayer-funded housing than have them live on the trains, stinking them up so bad that I am retching on my morning commute.

No. 813554

Yeah I live in NY too and I’d rather them be forced to work and pay their own way in life or suffer the consequences like homelessness. And they need to kick them off the subways too, especially with Covid. Plus I definitely don’t want one of those government funded houses next door to me. I’d rather have the extra money and not give it to freeloaders that feel entitled to what I work hard for. Why should you pay for a lazy junkies electric? And a junkie won’t quit until they want to. Forcing them into rehab never works and is another waste of tax payer money.

No. 813560


A-Anon is this bait I see?

Regardless of politics, I think most people can agree they're plain assholes who played bitch games and got bitch prizes.

They don't deserve help and I hope the social worker got in the ear of every authority they'll meet in this saga

No. 813562

No it’s definitely not bait. I’m sorry it came off that way. I meant it as Tuna wants this so she can get a free ride. That’s why she is always talking about Bernie, Marxism, communism and socialism. So she can make us work for her. She doesn’t care about the actual people that need it, only herself and lurch.

No. 813569

By taking those services away from useless trash like Luna you'd also be punishing those those who genuinely need them. I don't see how some random junkie is a PSA against """socialism""" (btw. socialism isn't "when the government does stuff" and Bernie definitely isn't a socialist but I digress).

No. 813572

What services are they getting? They are too lazy to seek services. Luna didn’t want the social workers help because she had just woken up. Who turned their electric back on? Probably the landlord because he had to and now he’s paying out of his pocket or maybe it’s mha that is paying. Either way somebody in the public are paying twice for people that won’t help themselves. And seeing how these 2 live makes people suspicious about the people that do need the services. Btw, Bernie calls himself a socialist right out of his own mouth.

No. 813573

They're getting covid unemployment despite not working in years. They're also on food stamps.

No. 813578

And all while getting hand outs from Papa Tuna. There’s no way she’s not eating more than she needs to, you don’t get that fat just by just sitting around, she’s stuffing her face no matter how hard she tries to convince people she ~hardly eats uwu~

No. 813579

Meanwhile millions of people who did need it didn’t get it. I hate this system.

It’s crazy how she managed to just not work for years. Same with lurch. Like I wonder had he not met tuna would it have been some other poor soul or would he have just slummed it with roger. Does anyone remember why they left that original apartment with roger after he died? Was the lease up or did they get evicted cause I don’t remember.

No. 813582

They got evicted and locks were changed.

No. 813583

Kek. None of this would've happened if she just sucked up her pride and settled for a grimey apartment or lived with her dad.
I mean, Lurch deals and had Roger who either co-signed or already had the apartment in his name (forgot which). It still baffles me she really thought she could squat in a place that's not even in her name, or have her dad pay/co-sign for an apartment despite her not having any renter's history, income, credit, etc. and everything'll be alright. Now she has to choose between freezing to death on the streets or dumping litch king lurch.

No. 813585

What >>813582 said. They bought themselves some time from getting evicted with a doctor's note from Roger's doctor/nurse when he went tot he hospice. Tuna thought they were going to stay there forever thanks to that note and before Roger was even dead, she had taken over his bed and decorated it. It didn't buy them much time though cause locks ended up being changed. I assume the same thing is going to happen with the place they're in too and that's why they don't want to go outside of it.

I doubt they even have renter's insurance. Unless they had it in cash right there in front of the landlord, why would a landlord believe two people who decided to squat and not pay during the two years, would actually be able to pay them? And if they truly had an untouchable $10k, they'd be in a hotel. I don't believe that they actually have that much.

No. 813586

Based police officers. I love seeing scrotes cry about how women have it easy when it comes to the law. One of the only areas we “have it easy” in. You know men are always the reason women get into that kind of situation too

No. 813588

also landlords google their tenants too, it's not just potential employers. all the landlord has to do is google luna's name and bam, all the evidence you could ever need to refuse someone.

No. 813593

I’m so confused as to why the coppas haven’t kicked them out and got their electricity back? Like they’re not paying rent, why aren’t they forced to leave?

No. 813596

thats not how that works anon

No. 813603

The eviction moratorium was extended in NYC i thought? They probably can't physically remove them yet

No. 813604

They aren't legal residents, though.

No. 813607

I actually don't think that actually matters with the moratorium tbh? They still can't just throw people with nowhere to go out on the street. They must know this which is why they haven't bothered packing anything up

No. 813612

They would have to provide a hardship declaration for that to prevent an eviction. If the landlord thinks they're a danger to the other tenants, they can also be evicted.

No. 813613

No. People can still be evicted for non-rent related reasons, the courts are still seeing eviction cases. There are plenty of homeless on the street in NYC that aren't in random properties they have no right to stay in.

The police have no reason to. They don't remove people until there's a court order to have them removed. That's why squatters are such a problem in NYC. There's nothing to legally say they cannot stay there yet, which sounds stupid but it's the way the law works.

No. 813614

samefagging - Luna/Lurch dont have squatters rights, but they do have some sort of tenancy rights.

The laws in NY say that if you've lived somewhere more than 30 days, then you are considered a tenant in some regard, even if you're not on the agreement. That is why the police won't throw them out without an official eviction notice from the courts.

Not from NY so if another anon wants to clarify/correct go ahead.

No. 813618

just a question that i have after skimming the recent pages on the luna thread over on kf.

does she still have grandparents around? she always cries about her epic badass nazi killer feminist grandma who was a black panther and marched with mlk and blah blah blah but i don't remember any other grandparents mentioned.

also, didn't she have a house gifted to her by her grandma? if it got taken from her for not paying the taxes on it, I can see why she's having trouble getting a landlord to rent to her.

No. 813621

That makes sense. I thought they must have some kind of rights in this that they're banking on. They don't seem all that scared of being thrown out any day now

No. 813624

at least one grandpa is still alive, she mentioned him buying her stuff a month ago >>805421, honestly Luna talks about dead people more than she does living. If someone's alive and not buying her shit, or part of a sob-story she can use for donations (like her fathers house fire a while ago), she won't mention it.

No. 813626

I assume they're just waiting until they're physically kicked out to keep from spending their pretend $10k. I bet it's just some bullshit that Lurch told her just like he told "Tessa" that he had an inheritance.

No. 813635

Saging cause newfag sorry guys,,

Iv been binging these threads for the past few months and it has been a wild ride. Thank you for the milky new year gyrating ass vid anon. I have 1 question tho that no amount of stalking these threads has been able to answer for me n i wont be able to sleep till i know. Why do u guys call matthew lurch? Is it because of his awkward stabbing motions he makes when he trys to fuck luna with his flacid penis like in that last leaked sw video.

No. 813637

File: 1609903530139.jpg (9.3 KB, 300x300, Lurch_1993.jpg)

Lurch is a character from The Addams Family, sort of a tall Frankenstein's Monster kinda guy

No. 813639

I imagine her dad would be the one to cover any of the cost, including things like renter's insurance. Tinfoil, she was probably betting he'd put it in his name but, put his foot down when he found out she was looking for apartments outside of his price range/didn't want to settle for the cheaper options because I seriously doubt these two knuckleheads have any savings/money aside from whatever Lurch gets from dealing.

No. 813690

This might help non american posters, kicking out a squatter is very difficult here. Only because then it becomes a legal case and then you're in the court system and cannot remove them untill the case is completed. They can and have sued landlords for having them removed before a court case is completed. The pandemic has only made this a more congested issue.
Before it is asked, no cop will do anything until courts order them to. The squatters can and will sue them for removal, false detainment, possible assult, etc.
NOW onto this particular case. If the apartment complex is apart of a government section 8 program, then removing them would be not so difficult. It is legally stated anyone not on the lease is to be removed. (It would just take them following up with proving they are physically there, non compliant, and not a part of the section 8 system). But if it is a privately owned building that happens to accept section 8 renters, that will mean Tuna and Lurch are there untill the courts have them thrown out. (Could take months and sometimes even a year or 2).
Sorry for the sperging, but it might help with confusion.

No. 813714

That makes a lot more sense now (non American here). regardless it would be surprising if they didn’t get officially kicked out/arrested soon since the authorities and landlord are bound to find the drugs: paraphernalia in there, it does appear to be just housing for section 8 plus lurch is a felon and no one is going to fall for another go-fund me scam from these two, most people following Tunas antics at this point know they’ve lied, manipulated, fucked off so many people and that they aren’t the innocent victims in this situation especially, even if you didn’t know anything about them you’d see straight through the bullshit story they are trying to spin right now

No. 813722

Found this, idk how up to date it is, but I hope they get their dumbasses arrested.

No. 813777

luna and lurch were there illegally the whole time, since it's section 8. i think you need a special privilege to inhabit there. i hope MHA puts a new person in there so luna and lurch are forced out

No. 813785

Oh I’m sure they would love to move a new renter in except for one thing- they would have to have time to clean that place so we will see them evicted long before a new tenant is allowed there, and you can bet on lurch and Luna fucking the place up some more now that they are “uwu so rude to us” and “omg we are persecuted for no reason!” . I’d be really surprised they don’t tear out the walls and leave 95 juice bottles of piss spilled everywhere to try “sticking it to the hater social services and mean ol landlord”.
They really are fucking cockroaches

No. 813790

thanks for the information anon, I didnt realise there was a difference between how Section 8 and private landlords can evict problem tenants.
>It would just take them following up with proving they are physically there, non compliant, and not a part of the section 8 system
could that be why the police were called and asked for their IDs?

No. 813791

File: 1609958137246.png (229.53 KB, 796x988, CLmQWsY.png)

No. 813807

I’ll take “shit that never happened” for a hundred Alec… sure they stomped all over your air mattress.

No. 813809

fucking finally

No. 813810

You didn't have any furniture. What is it with this bitch claiming things that don't belong to her? Oh wait, taking shit that doesn't belong to her is her thing, nevermind. Maybe they should use some of that 10k to buy a new one since they decided to brag about it and post it online. Anyone who sends them shit is retarded.

Anyone want to bet that she's going to make another gofundme since she needs to raise money?

No. 813811

How about just getting and keeping stable, legal jobs so you can just rent your own place like a normal member of society.
DEADASS never seen anyone work so hard to be a lazy bum.

No. 813814

lol can't wait for these brain-fried drug addicts to finally get karmic justice. From what Lurch was saying in the recording the other day, Luna sperging about the property damage, and this shit, it sounds like they think they can somehow fight this.

These dumb fucks are in for a rude awakening if they think they're legally in the right, or if they're even in a position where they can delay the eviction notice a year in court. A lot of the tactics scumbag tenants use to delay the courts decision won't be possible for them.

No. 813831

You're not going to litigate your way outta eviction, looney.

No. 813836

I’m confused, is she going to have to fight charges for this or is she fighting to stay in the apartment via court?

No. 813837

Who knows. But she would definitely have to prove covid hardship if she doesn't want to get evicted.

No. 813854

That is EXACTLY why the cops were called. You think Tuna was their first junkie squatter?

No. 813860

She's got court costs to fight the eviction. She wants to say the cops destroyed her property.

No. 813871

they're dumb to try to fight this. They have a lot more to lose than a place to crash. First off it may just make the police more likely to come up with a reason search them and bust them for drug charges. Second if they do get busted even for a personal amount or the possibility they're gonna end up in jail and even if they can find some opiates in jail there's inevitably going to be some violent dope sickness with no comfort meds involved. They've both been addicted long enough I wouldn't want to be dope sick with their tolerances for even a few hrs. This has to be nothing more than their latest money making scheme

No. 813872

Cops came to put the paper on the door!! Lurch was like put the paper on the door so I know it’s real. And they did.

I am honestly cackling that this gruesome twosome is actually finally going to get their comeuppance. Also can’t believe they think they have a leg to stand on in court when they know they’ve been illegally squatting. Just mind blowing.

Also sure that the cops didn’t stamp on their air mattress. Why would they even?
She’s just trying to hustle money out of the sob story. She’d have pics if it happened.
The mattress is just deflating from her Haiti thighs weighing it down.

No. 813874

>>813872 post caps

No. 813882

File: 1609991211910.png (1.31 MB, 1606x1634, Screen Shot 2021-01-06 at 10.4…)

guess she still has pumpkin somehow

No. 813884

File: 1609991329922.jpg (83.69 KB, 500x667, tumblr_186cd6195ef945ec642ed13…)

No. 813889

I’m not that anon but post caps of what exactly? Maybe you didn’t understand that anon in some way because she said nothing to post caps about. It’s still pretty good speculation considering the circumstances.

No. 813896

Oh man, I'm cackling. Just when I think these two can't get any dumber they do shit like this. I really hope this snowball effects into her and lurch finally getting booted and slapped with possession charges. She's been given more than enough time to leave but instead chooses to waste her time with this stupid asf get rich quick scheme.

No. 813901

Way back in the day she complained that her mom took her inherence money that her grandmother supposedly gave her.
She also once begged for funds on go fund me or some shit to have a second memorial for her already dead-for-a-few-good-years grandmother because “there were so close uwu~ “ and more Facebook idiots gave her some money.

That other anon that said she talks more about dead people than living is right. She does it for money. She did it with he dead ex Tai and Roger even when all accounts point to her taking advantage of them when living. She’ll do it to her own mother one day watch. Real scumbag shit.

No. 813902

God the milk was so fresh in the old threads. Her cotton eye’d joe knee will not be a fucking classic.

No. 813921

She straight up never mentioned Roger until he was right about to die, then it was all "uwu he's the father I never had"

No. 813922

She busted her knee falling down some stairs while dancing, I just know her dancing is atrocious.

No. 813930

No one is gonna want to put their foot on their dusty fucking mattress haunted with the ghosts of bedbugs past and present

No. 813933


yea with some claim like this ya gotta bring more than that. Unless you are referring to the vid with the social services lady where they were talking about the paper on the door.

No. 813938

If the anon that made the "they posted a notice on her door" would supply caps of where they got that info, that would be appreciated.
From what I can hazard to guess, eviction started when Mama Tuna went to rehab. So if they gave legal notice to have MT removed, this would be a legal all clear of residents. The notice on the door would be a you have a maximum of __ days to vacate or be removed. So pandemic protocols have no bearing. This is only if the anons post is true.

Here we are though, she still hasn't gotten a job. Even with McDonald's that only asks that you send a selfie to get a job there. Not even mentioning her alleged airbnb. So she's escaping into her drug den and hoping this all bows over magically. All while Lurch is..???

No. 813939


>when she does nothing but berate and shit on her mother who let them stay there in the first place

I don't feel bad about her mom at all, she's the one who introduced Lurch to Luna, she's the one that normalized drug use in front of her child and she's the one who teached her stealing is a-ok. Like the old adage says: play stupid games, win stupid prices.


>Scumbag druggies and just general useless pieces of shit always

And that's why Luna ended up the way she did. Her parents were scumbag druggies and, like >>813443 said, that's how Lurch was able to swoop on in.

>I absolutely believe Luna when she says she have shitty parents, if they weren't shitty she wouldn't be dating the ugliest drug dealer in new york since her teens.

I don't think it excuses any of her shitty behaviour either, but I wonder why so many anons here and Kiwi Farmers alike seem to give her mother a pass. Honestly, this whole family is fucked - the grandmother who gave her all that money's probably in her grave thinking she should've just donated it to charity.

No. 813940

Because she isn't the first child to have addicts for parents. She's an adult that acts like looking out a window is uwu traumatic. She needs to drink from a glass of grow the fuck up and get over yourself, not Lurch's piss.

No. 813946

because her mom being a shitty parent in the past doesn't mean she deserves to suffer the rest of her life if she's trying to stay clean and better herself.

No. 813950

>I don't think it excuses any of her shitty behaviour either, but I wonder why so many anons here and Kiwi Farmers alike seem to give her mother a pass
Farmers have an absolute retarded tendency to cream their panties over whoever opposes the cow at the moment, especially if they can be perceived as a victim. All to dunk on the cow more. See qUeEn Lucidia, sIlVeR fOx Hansen, SuCcEsFuL yOuTuBeR Shane Dawson and of course DoRiAn'S lOvElY gF. Then they act all surprise Pikachu when it turns out that the other person was scum as well. Everyone is ignoring that Luna's mom was horrible to shit on Luna more.
They 100% deserve each other.

No. 813956


Lazy bitch doesn't even have to do that. Her and Lurch can just go online and fill out applications for free government assistance and get their OWN food stamps and housing instead of mooching off her mom's government assistance. As a life-long addict, I'm really surprised Lurch hasn't taught Tuna a damn thing about hustling and making the most of their low-income status. Most addicts are resourceful in the sense that they quickly figure out how to get by on nothing so more money can go towards drugs, since they know no one else is going to give them money to support their habit. It's annoying to see these kids that don't even know how to be a damn drug addict and expect to get drug money from e-begging "donations". She can just go sit on a corner in NYC and panhandle. A female panhandling in any major city can easily make $60-$100/hr, especially when it's cold out. How can anyone be so terrible at being a drug addict?!!

No. 813958


Jails give "kick packs" to help people with opiate withdrawals. It doesn't help as much as buprenorphine or methadone or even gabapentin, but it's better than nothing. Also addicts with no former arrests like Tuna will just get sent to a rehab program and probation for a simple possession charge, with a judge advising her that she'll be sent to jail only if she doesn't follow through with treatment.

Luna doesn't even have to go through withdrawals. Months ago I had talked to her about getting on a methadone clinic which is fully covered by Medicaid and will even help getting her a medical weed card. No withdrawals at all and it even gets rid of cravings and can even get you high all day if you raise your dose enough. I can't remember the dumb excuse she gave me, but it was basically just her saying, "No… but can you buy some art to help me out financially?"

No. 813959


BTW, drugs and especially opiates are EXTREMELY easy to get in jail and prison, like even easier than copping on the street. They just cost double or triple what you'll pay on the street. Tuna has no money but all she'd have to do is ask Daddy to put money on her books for "food" or to order her shit from commissary and then trade it for opiates.

No. 813961


I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I'm positive she won't get evicted and will leave on her own. Anyone who lives in an urban city knows how long evictions take. Even though she wasn't supposed to be there, she's been there long enough and has possessions there that she's considered a tenant in the eyes of the law. Even if you have a roommate that isn't on the lease and doesn't pay rent or any bills, you still can't just kick them out if they have any personal items there, which serves as prove they live there. The cops will just come and let the person back in. As much as Tuna and Lurch deserve to get kicked out, it won't happen anytime in the near future. Even if all the documents are filed by building management, she'll probably leave on her own within a few months before it even goes to court.

No. 813962

They are in NY so anybody hoping jail is in their future should give that up. Heroin is in small amounts is small beans right now and they are literally releasing pedo’s and murderers because of the bail laws and covid. Even if they found some they would just get an appearance ticket and sent home. That is as long as lurch isn’t on some type of community release from his past drug charge. Then he may do a couple of days.

No. 813963


Tuna's mom didn't get evicted. Being relocated by your CARE team because your shitty kid tried to hijack your home isn't eviction.

No. 813964


Exactly. Once you're 18, you have absolutely no excuse for blaming Mommy and Daddy and your childhood for the state of your life. Go to therapy, get on meds, fix your life. There's the people with shitty childhoods that work on self-improvement and moving on from the past and the people that use their "childhood trauma" as an excuse for why it's okay to spiral while blaming everybody but themselves. Tuna is the latter and therefore gets no sympathy from me.

No. 813965


This is 100% true. Everyone needs to accept that Luna and Lurch aren't going to jail and aren't getting evicted, even though we can all agree they deserve it. And you're exactly right, Lurch would be in and out within 2-3 days for a possession charge, unless he's on probation or had a warrant out (which he clearly doesn't since the cops didn't take him to jail when they were in their apartment and ID'd them).

No. 813966

She got evicted from her last place. The landlord dumped all their shit outside. It's hard to force people to leave but it's not impossible, and Luna will not leave by herself. What she learnt from last time is that she shouldn't ever leave the property because then they can kick her out, I honestly cannot imagine them leaving willingly. This is section 8 housing, this will not be the first time they've dealt with someone like Luna.

You're right about her being a legal tenant in the eyes of the courts and it WILL take months, but there's no way Luna's leaving by herself. She has nowhere to go and the longer she stays there, the more sympathy she can get online. Luna is STAGGERINGLY lazy, I see her sitting on that air bed for the next 3 months playing animal crossing and wondering why the world is fucking her over.

>anybody hoping jail is in their future should give that up
this though. Lurch was caught dealing heroin not that long ago (2017?) and he was just put on probation after like 6 months of going thru the legal system. If every junkie in NY got put in jail their jails would be overflowing lmfao.

No. 813967

> Months ago I had talked to her about getting on a methadone clinic which is fully covered by Medicaid and will even help getting her a medical weed card. No withdrawals at all and it even gets rid of cravings and can even get you high all day if you raise your dose enough. I can't remember the dumb excuse she gave me, but it was basically just her saying, "No… but can you buy some art to help me out financially?"
samefagging but this is what I mean by Luna being staggeringly lazy. Someone literally told her how to get free weed and methadone and she was like "ehh can you just send me money instead?"

No. 813978

nobody is getting evicted. like previous anon said, her mom is getting relocated and luna and lurch forced to leave because they don't ever lived there. luna keeps using the word "evicted" to make sound more understandable her situation.

no one had to put a notice on the door because, her mom likely talked to MHA about her tuna problem and the mom was OK being relocated, she knew about it already. maybe she didn't tell tuna this, so tuna and lurch were surprised, but the truth is it was probably an agreement between tuna mom and the MHA. mom is not getting evicted, tuna isn't getting "evicted" so she doesn't have the same rights like "you have to put note on the door before you kick us out."

ugh i hope her mom will be doing better once she escapes the tuna curse. what a mess truly

No. 813984

Like another anon said, she needs to drink a glass of grow the fuck up. She's had a lot of help and squandered each one to be a moocher because as she said, "It works". People feel sympathy for her mother because of the amount of salty bullshit that came out of her mouth about her mother and in front of her during the encounter with the MHA. Get over it.

Exactly, a lot of kids grow up with traumatic childhoods. Is how they choose their future that matters. Therapy exists for a reason. A lot of people end up pretty okay because they had to be, but Tuna chose this. She left a rehab cause her friends had left and the food was bad, like wtf kind of excuse is that? The bitch also stole pillows and a blanket from an old man with bedsores while he was dying. Tuna's parents can be blamed for the drug use and Lurch, but can't be blamed for Tuna's selfishness.

>This is section 8 housing
It's why Tuna would be kicked out. The MHA has made it clear that they don't want her there especially after the shit they said and are actively trying to get her out. The only way they'll be going to jail though is if they try to physically fight the cops next time they're there. Lurch talks a lot of shit (kek like his navy seals copypasta rant when he got caught with tessa), but he's too cowardly for that.

In the recorded argument, the woman said that they tried to help Tuna but Tuna didn't want to talk to her cause she had just woken up. I assume they've spoken before so in some way they did know. Tuna was also talking about looking for an apartment within a specific time frame.

No. 814001

File: 1610043020627.png (15.3 KB, 732x115, Untitled.png)

>her mom is getting relocated and luna and lurch forced to leave because they don't ever lived there
This has been repeated multiple times in the thread and someone linked the page I ss'd this from, but I'll post it again.

No. 814003

okay but have you considered that without tuna mama we would not have tuna? Sorry that not everybody is crawling up the ass of a junkie who allowed a creep to groom her daughter. I do hope she will get her life in order though.

No. 814012

File: 1610045182080.jpg (242.85 KB, 1080x1680, 20210107_114546.jpg)

Really seems concerned about her living situation. Also, what the fuck is going on with her mouth?

No. 814016

she doesn't drink water and she's a dry crusty bitch, what do you think anon?

No. 814018

>okay but have you considered that without tuna mama we would not have tuna?

What does that have to do with anything? Should we go thanking every cow's mom for fucking up their kid? We can start with Mariah's mom, then. And she will get her life together now that her daughter and her leech isn't with her.

Hope they change the locks now that she left the house.

No. 814023

Sure tunas mom is a scumbag bag for allowing lurch to get near her daughter, but why are people glossing over the multiple drug blogs she had back in the day idolizing drug use and talking about how she actively wants to be an addict and how she begged lurch to shoot her up for the first time? How many other kids of druggie parents had a bad childhood but didn’t idolize their parents drug use? Why does Luna having a shit start to life totally absolve her of the fact that she’s a shit stain of a human by other means
- grave robbing and general gritting/stealing
- that time her and lurch sold drugs they knew were laced
- stealing blankets/food/pain drugs from a dying man that a friend had dropped off for him
- neglecting her cats
- not accepting help to get better that her mom and dad tried to give her to correct their wrongs. Removed when she left outpatient cause the pizza/food sucked.

No. 814024

>What does that have to do with anything? Should we go thanking every cow's mom for fucking up their kid?
If she wasn't a shit mother, she would't end up with Lurch and Tuna overtaking her abode. I don't see why I should pity her and act like she'a poor victim of mean bad Luna. If you wanna say "ruining Luna's childhood doesn't mean she should suffer forever"… oh well. Shouldn't have let Luna and Lurch in. She made her choices as much as Luna did.
Sometimes both sides are shit.

No. 814025

>Why does Luna having a shit start to life totally absolve her of the fact that she’s a shit stain of a human by other means
Literally nobody is denying that Luna is horrible. Her mother is constantly woobiefied though.

No. 814027

I mean one thing that everyone agrees on is that Luna is a leech. To that degree I can feel bad for her mom. Did she reap what she sowed in a way sure, but as far as I can tell she and Luna’s dad have been trying to get their lives on track and I’m not gonna fault them for trying to shelter their daughter even if they realize it’s enabling her. I imagine most parents do have a hard time cutting their addict child off. Especially is they know what it’s like. However I can’t defend or wrap my head around why she’d let lurch stay too knowing he started both their addictions

No. 814028

>why are people glossing over the multiple drug blogs she had back in the day idolizing drug use and talking about how she actively wants to be an addict and how she begged lurch to shoot her up for the first time?
you forgot that mama also got Luna into the junkie idols that she worships to this day. I would cautiously say that therefore mama may also be at least a bit responsible for Luna's glorification of drugs. She was actual living junkie pushing Nirvana and Alice In Chains on her daughter, how is it surprising Luna obsesses over all this shit and thinks that drugs are cool? I mean I guess she could have rebelled, but sadly shit didn't go this way since she saw how 'cool' drugs are

No. 814030

Tuna's mom deserves to be treated like shit by her daughter. You reap what you sow kek.

No. 814031

came from a trashy, addicted family. junkies love to talk about going way back and talking about how they're family and this and that. lurch has provided luna's mom with so many drugs that i bet she feels obligated to help him out, no matter how toxic of a relationship he's in with her daughter.

plus, he's clearly an impulsive liar with delusions of grandeur. oh, he's a psych major, he had huge houses, he has a huge inheritance, he can treat anyone he wants with items of luxury. i'm sure both female Slaters fall for his shit. Luna's dad seems to see right through it, which is why lurch isn't allowed at his apartment.

No. 814033

Luna and Lurch are using their white privilege to the max. Let's face it, if they were POC they would've been handcuffed by now, or worse.
Also I'm surprised Luna doesn't show off her xans in this time of horrible things done by mean people acab, because she needed a shit ton just to do nothing.(no1curr)

No. 814036

>Luna's dad seems to see right through it, which is why lurch isn't allowed at his apartment.
They talk like buddies with each other though, so sadly Tuna Dad seems fine with Lurch as long as he doesn't live in his house. Or he doesn't want to further alienate Luna by waging war with the love of her life

No. 814038

>reddit spacing
>"play stupid games, win stupid prices."
oh fuck off retard

No. 814039

inserts current issue blm shit into this thread. plenty of cows are known criminals and don't get arrested. it is not because they are white. a white junkie is not desired any more than a black junkie. also kek using the term p o c erasing the racial identities of every non white group by mashing them into one

No. 814054

What proof do we have of that though? Luna loves to lie and exaggerate? Either way personal accountability needs to kick in for Luna. I love nirvana too but I haven’t shot it heroin yet lol

No. 814081

it's where they live, not the color of their skin. NYC cops don't have the time or the money to arrest every junkie they see, they focus on violence and serious dealers.

No. 814128

But maybe if you grew up seeing your mother doing it as long as you can remember, like if it was normal, you would.
Nobody is saying that because Luna's mother is also a shitty druggie that Luna isn't. They are both shitty junkies. One thing does not exclude or excuse the other.
Yeah, a lot of kids of junkies grow up fine, but a lot don't. I don't understand why anons refuse to accept that a fucked up childhood often makes a fucked up person. Nobody says that as a way to excuse the cow's behavior.

No. 814133

Can someone please explain what cotton eyed joe knee means and why you call it that

No. 814135

No. Lurk more.

No. 814148

what proof do we have on anything beyond Luna's words? Some things there is no other proof on. Feel free to disbelieve, but I don't see a reason why beyond wanting to absolve her mother of another fuckup. Luna used to adore her mom and used to show off a collection of tapes. I find it much more believable that they once belonged to Luna Mama than that Luna hunted them instead of cds. Not to mention Luna's mom was the right age to experience the grunge craze.

No. 814157

File: 1610095618149.jpg (155.7 KB, 517x651, 1469726358237.jpg)


I briefly lurked out of curiosity and I was expecting a deformed knee, but it seems (I could be wrong) to be some sort of dance. I guess she fell while dancing and she used that as a lame excuse to justify being lazy and to beg for spare change… so she hasn't changed very much.

No. 814160

She was at a cotton Eye Joe concert and fell over the bleachers lmfao

No. 814161

interesting how when he was alive ol' Roger was just "matthew's father", no mention of how "uwu he's more of a dad to me than my real dad" no "i love him so much i will be so devastated bc he's such an important person to me"

just…begging for more cash that will inevitably be turned into dope by the day's end

No. 814170

I will never understand why the corners of her mouth are always so brown and crusty. Does she use some kind of oral tobacco product or something?

No. 814173

She doesn't bathe but once a month when her dad lets her in.

No. 814177

It's either cold sores/herpes simplex sores that she only really gets in the corners of her mouth, or it could be angular cheilitis, a fungal infection. Neither would surprise me for Tuna.

No. 814194

Can't find more now, sorry. >>522132

No. 814198

File: 1610113172777.png (22.46 KB, 510x322, 1484277327203.png)

No. 814205


A lot of people grew up with addict parents and listened to early and mid-90s grunge without getting strung out on heroin. Listening to music written by addicts doesn't mean the listener is encouraged to be an addict. In fact, most music written by heroin addicts also includes songs about how shitty addiction is. This is a personal choice Tuna made. Unless her mother was forcing her to get high, it's no one's fault by Tuna. She's also a grown ass, dehydrated woman now, not a little girl. There are no more excuses at this point.

No. 814206


No. 814208

Because of her BPD, she IS a "little girl" still, she has the emotional functioning of a young teen. And she admitted herself that she glamorized heroin, that she used to watch vids of people shooting up because she thought it was cool, she loved movies about heroin, she was into heroin before it ever got into her and she spent her entire young adulthood building a personality solely around her drug use, she never had a chance to get away because as soon as she almost started her life, her creepy pedo BF faked a suicide attempt to get her to drop out of school. Shes done nothing but heroin since she was 18, she has no adult experiences like renting a space or learning to cook/clean or living with roommates or getting to class/work on time, its her fault in the end but functionally she might as well be a child.

No. 814209

She's a grown ass woman. This is getting pathetic.

No. 814210

well, her fucked up family life certainely helped her. some people reject life led by their parents, others sadly follow in their footsteps. I don't see why it's so hard to admit that Luna's family/childhood contributed to the monster that she became. Doesn't mean she is justified in fucking herself and everyone over, but she IS a sum of everything that ever happened to her AND her own shitty decisions.
Also as >>814128 wrote, junkie music surely must sound different when you are growing up in a house in which heroin/getting high is your parents' religion. Lol
You will not change my mind on all of this.

No. 814222

>I don't see why it's so hard to admit that Luna's family/childhood contributed to the monster
No one is even saying that. Anons are saying that other people have the same sob story and that Luna needs to grow the hell up because she isn't a child that can blame her parents forever. Onion does that and he's fucking 35 years old. When does the "my parents made me this way" excuse expire? When should she start acting like an adult? When she's 40? No one gives a single shit about changing your mind, anon. Like you, everyone is entitled to an opinion. Luna's a lazy, entitled bitch that can't blame her parents forever for her life being shit.

No. 814223

If someone grows up watching their parents go through the cycles of addiction and all the drama and pain that comes with it and still chooses to glamorize the lifestyle they know first hand is shit, thats entirely on them. It's not like she had no idea it would be like this.

No. 814225

>Luna needs to grow the hell up because she isn't a child that can blame her parents forever
this I agree with, though it's irrelevant. I feel she will never get over herself because it requires work and isn't instantly gratifying. Plus she's codependent on Lurch.
>No one gives a single shit about changing your mind, anon.
Oh I know, that was my way of stating that
>Everyone is entitled to an opinion.
Maybe I misunderstood what anons meant because it felt to me that people ITT are denying the basic psychology fact that childhood tremendously affects people. There is a reason why therapy focuses on it so much.

No. 814237

Here I thought Lurch didn't have an ID because that's the only reason the two junkies in love couldn't get married. At least now they'll be homeless together.

Isn't Lurch still on probation or something for that?

No. 814251

Tinfoil, but I reckon the real reason they haven't gotten married yet is that if they do she'll no longer be her daddy's dependent and she'll start having to pay big girl taxes and insurance

Well that and Lurch gets the milk for free, so why buy the cow

No. 814284

taxes in NY are income-based, as is healthcare. If she has no income she wont have to pay either

No. 814304


He only got brought up on the lighter charge (simple narcotics possession in the Bronx) and got off with community service but kept missing the completion date for said service and continued to get extensions.

Don't recall any further posts on here or Kiwi Farms re: his so-called legal troubles beyond what I just mentioned. And you KNOW Tuna wouldn't be able to shut up about them if he had further obligations. Hell, she's the type to turn probation—or even outstanding community service for that matter—into a reason everyone owes her emergency $$$.

No. 814329

Wait this is so funny I’m fuckin ded

No. 814330

Anon please sage and don’t use emojis you’re going to get b&

No. 814356

also we live in 2021, who the fuck doesn’t know how bad heroin is? i was being shown videos about the damages of drugs in 7th grade. everyone has gone through DARE. Luna has had the same amount of knowledge of any of us, if not more since she saw first hand what addiction does to a person. she chose heroin because she’s a fucking moron. the fact she had to get Lurch to shoot her up shows her parents at the very very least didn’t give her any opportunity to do the same drugs as them.

No. 814358

>she chose heroin because she's a fucking moron
This, and that's not even the full picture. She chose to become a heroin addict because she thought it'd be "aesthetic" to live the sensationalized life of heroin addicts as portrayed by popular media. She wanted to have her "aesthetic" and she got what she wanted, but now wants to complain about all of the problems she faces in life as a result of her choice, as if she didn't choose it.

No. 814387

No one chooses to be a fucked up junkie for aesthetic. No sane, well adjusted person would just see some pics and listen to music and go "hmmm, ruining my life doing heroin might look supa cool!". That's why her family troubles are being taken into consideration. Nobody exists in a vacuum, not being influenced and influencing others.
Just because you don't like someone it doesn't mean they are 100% a monster who turned out shitty just because they are rotten since they were born. Some of you seriously sound like teenagers

No. 814390

Are you new? She literally said it's her medicine and so she could be a better artist.

No. 814391

She has said multiple times over the years that she wants to be like this. You must be new. No need to defend addicts, we are talking about LUNA, not everyone else in the world.

No. 814395

nta but it seems to me that op is well aware and means that no well-adjusted person from a sane family would decide to be a junkie just for the aesthetic. If Luna apparently decided to do heroin because art and aesthetics, she clearly was fucked in the head before shooting up for the first time.

No. 814412

File: 1610216969354.jpeg (106.84 KB, 827x1326, E1903777-6FF0-4DFA-9410-A178F4…)

Via KF, Lurch is back on FB kek

No. 814417

You must be new as fuck. Read the first few threads if you're going to be blaming us for something Luna said many times before.

He's gonna be on the hunt for more succulent breasts. I wonder if we're gonna get a new sperg rant when he gets caught again.

No. 814423

Wow, this time he is actually paying attention to Luna. I guess he is desperate for help from her dad's side.
I'm looking forward to him being retarded on FB. I genuinely love his bizzare writing style.

No. 814429


A lot of idiots do things for the aesthetic. In the mid 90s/early 2000s, we called people like Luna posers, where she's obviously trying her hardest to fit into a scene because she thought it's cool. She honestly probably doesn't think heroin addiction is so great anymore, but she's still stuck on this lifestyle because she doesn't know who else she is without this aesthetic. Some people get caught up on the title of junkie and are afraid that they won't get attention, sympathy, and money without the title. Especially when this has been her "Hilaria/Hillary"-esque grift for all these years and her entire personality.

A lot of people from urban areas in the 80s and early 90s witnessed their parents as heroin or crack addicts. Some followed their parents into addiction and some didn't, but once you hit 18, it's your choice to keep going with addiction or get help. Considering I've personally offered Luna assistance to get clean for free and she's turned it down and just asked for money instead, is proof that this is her choice. Not even Lurch's choice, because she could easily leave him. If you continuously create your own problems, don't cry to anyone about your situation. There's enough mental health resources that are easily accessible to her that she chooses to ignore.

No. 814433


Most people feel like kids even into late adulthood. I've heard plenty of middle aged and senior people saying they still feel like they're 16 on the inside. We're all scared, insecure, little kids deep inside. But adults know life doesn't stop no matter how we feel.

She isn't even willing to be work hard at being a good addict, damn. She doesn't know how to shoot herself up, probably has never even muscled a shot, probably relies on Lurch to go to the needle exchange and get dope, doesn't know how to hustle and solely e-begs… she is the most codependent drain I've ever seen for an addict. If she didn't have a hole for Lurch to fuck and didn't have family to sponge off of, I don't even think Lurch would be with her. It's tiring to carry someone else's addiction on top of your own.

No. 814435


Clearly Lurch is a real addict and Luna is an addict for the aesthetic. I also think she's created a lot of her mental health issues and amplified relatively minor problems with the regular highs and lows of heroin addiction. I wouldn't put it past her to claim BPD just to give her an excuse to be more of a POS.

No. 814438

>If she didn't have a hole for Lurch to fuck and didn't have family to sponge off of, I don't even think Lurch would be with her.

I’m honestly inclined to believe he would, there’s absolutely no way he could bag someone that’s as young/okay looking as Luna, being so furiously hideous as he is while also being fucken 300 years old

No. 814441

Aesthetic aside, tuna is now a real addict. She has been using for far too long not to be.
This is a very sad story, although not for the same reason as Luna would like us to believe. She is a victim of herself. But I can say that watching her “life” unfold has probably helped keep at least a few anon addicts clean.

No. 814452

File: 1610230699556.png (54.6 KB, 1300x171, luna.png)

No. 814454

I followed her music tumblr back in the day and yeah, Luna was always posting pictures or poems glamorizing drug abuse and would say that she wanted to be an addict. And an addict she is, now.

No. 814465

Told y’all this shit will never not be a fucking classic. Kek between that and the big areolas and that photo of lurch staring wilding at that dog. Never change tuna. Never change.

No. 814466

I wouldn’t say she hasn’t done anything. She went to Pratt and dropped out because of the dumbest reason I can’t remember (it’s in the old threads I think it had something to do with wanting to smoke and not wanting roommates in her dorm) she’s always wanted to be coddled and at some point you can’t continue to use shitty childhood well into your adulthood.

No. 814468

Lmao this person has to be new. Did newfags forget about the multiple drug blogs she had on tumblr before she even started doing heroin regularly. Her mistakes are her own at this point.

No. 814474

File: 1610241551222.png (267.43 KB, 1080x1490, F16954B1-B570-467F-B4A3-11871C…)

I was just looking at the first thread yesterday and I’m probably the last one to find out the areola thing is in her “poems” also.
Sage for ancient milk.

No. 814475

Uugghh. I haven’t read any of her old “poetry” in a few years and it’s even grosser now. >>ur age feels so good is vomit inducing. And if glitter stays on you for days Lurch then shower more often you pig.

No. 814484

File: 1610249402368.gif (505.04 KB, 220x201, 8B59AF0A-6EFB-4B54-A3A0-27E035…)

This is fucking nastier than the actual footage of him limp-dick humping her mangled body

No. 814485

she gave the lamest excuses for dropping out, but it was clearly all about lurch

No. 814486

If it wasn't so funny, I'd put it on the same level of nasty as her drinking her own pee.

No. 814488

>>814474 Good lord, I completely forgot about this absolute work of art.

If this was the kind of writing that got her into the Pratt institute, I fear for the future of the English language lmao.

No. 814495

I can’t believe you losers are invested enough to spend your own time money and resources helping her. Relax captain save a fiend

No. 814506

>sane, well adjusted person
kek you must be lost

No. 814509

Does anyone know what purse she’s carrying? The label looks like coach. Curious

No. 814510

Probably a cheap Coach knockoff

No. 814511

Ironic because I’m pretty sure her reasoning was “all these addicts created amazing things on drugs I can too”
But all she is is a washed up drug addict who can barely draw

No. 814513

they're saying she's not sane or well-adjusted anon, l2read

No. 814519

It was fucking hilarious when anons would make their own versions of Luna’s shitty poems.

No. 814520

File: 1610267112167.png (298.03 KB, 371x659, 76123CE4-C798-4F99-8108-C6D5F7…)

I found it in the old thread but holy shit. This is the one have did it for me. Fucking hilarious she gave her life up to be with this.

saged for old milk

No. 814521

File: 1610267165655.png (62.97 KB, 470x580, F99D6206-D348-434B-9323-97A3EA…)

Also it’s crazy how this bingo sheet still applies 2-3 years later to her kek

No. 814524

I haven’t read back this far but come on Luna 11 inches

No. 814525

Holy shit she never changes.
The only improvement in years is that she's drinking her own piss now instead of Lurch's. Everything else is the same.

No. 814527

File: 1610274949120.jpg (14.36 KB, 650x650, search-1013911_960_720.jpg.gal…)

Better call his chode carmen sandiego because where in the hell are those 11 inches. Where, Tuna? Where??

No. 814529

another thing that has changed is that she's no longer selling her art.
idk if it's 11 inches, but his dick is long and thin.

No. 814542


Of course it's not 11 inches! It'd be one of the longest penises in history then!

It is probably 6.5-7. So above average but not amazing by any means.

No. 814549

as horrid as this is (and it really, really is)
it is Shakespeare compared to the word salad she churns out now

No. 814557

All I want is a Vicky crossover then an inevitable cat fight over the keeper of the crypt himself.

Can FB and Kiwi anons curb your enthusiasm/autism when posting?

No. 814566

My vote goes to Luna and Shayna sex worker crossover. I know it's impossible but they are made for each other
not either of those but what do you mean??

No. 814568

NTA, but what autism? I'm appreciative of the milk they bring. It was a normal post.

No. 814570


Don’t forget about that one ex that killed themselves she likes to bring up

No. 814644


she didn't drop out of pratt she dropped out of (i think) brooklyn college. no idea if she got into pratt but if she did she didn't attend

No. 814646

careful anon, bring up how luna constantly uses tai for boo-hoo points and her white-knights will say that she "has every right to mourn a lost friend"…

just like how she 'mourned' roger in his shoebox before it got crushed.

speaking of, what do y'all think happened to our good manpowder roger?

No. 814648


I'm the anon that offered to help her in the past before I knew about these threads. Some young addicts don't know how to find resources to help them when they're low income/ homeless and it's not uncommon for more "seasoned" addicts to offer advice on how to get free help and avoid withdrawals. It's not trying to save anyone, it's simply former addicts trying to show newer addicts that it's easy to get help once you figure out the system. Once you get off of heroin and see life is better without it, you're more likely to want to show other addicts who think life is hopeless that there is a way out.

No. 814651

Tuna doesn't care about any of that and never will unless Lurch leaves her.

No. 814654

Clearance Coach bag from T.J. Maxx that no one else wanted because it's ugly af that a "friend"(dad) bought her.

No. 814655

My money's on Tuna claiming the cops threw his box away or her evil aboosive mom stole it for sympathy points, but really they spilled a piss jug on it

No. 814658

everyone is so generous in assuming that lurch didn’t just steal it

No. 814691

What do you mean anon? He clearly found it in the garbage! Right next to a bottle of foundation and a nintendo switch!

No. 814752

You must have had optimism when you wrote that then. Old people in this thread that have been following her for years know that now.Most of us the same or close in age to her. We’ve watched her basically stay in a childish stunted state while we all went through the normal changes of life. People here have probably changed jobs, got new apartments, finished school, or made general life accomplishments while she has stagnated. That’s why people here get hostile when someone new stumbles into here and tries to preach to us about how she “could see life is so much better when you’re off heroin” because no shit. We watched her leave outpatient because she didn’t like the pizza they served her. We’ve read screen cap after screen cap of other people genuinely showing and at time giving her resources not just in the form of food,money,clothes, but actually direction to programs that could help her and she has denied them every single time.

Probably because so many people called her out for never even sending the art.

Didn’t she scam on a crowd funding website for funeral expenses or something after? Sad to know Roger went out in a shoebox.

Funny thing about that is how Tai didn’t even in fuck with her in the end. On her cripple punk tumblr or someone way back showed a screen shot with her telling people to fuck off and stop asking her about her ex kek.

No. 814770

I think Tai deserved so much more than Luna riding her coat tails and namedropping her. she was actually disabled and participated in activism. she wasn’t a junkie either which is honestly sad, that not being a dope fiend is praise worthy.

and if you look at photos of luna and tai, luna seemed so much more alive. yeah, she was chubby and awkward looking but she looked like someone you could actually befriend, not someone you see and instinctively hold your breath around while clutching your purse a little tighter.

No. 814773

>she wasn’t a junkie either which is honestly sad, that not being a dope fiend is praise worthy.
Why she would be in the first place? Is being a junkie that normalized in the USA? I feel like Luna and her family are definitely not the norm. Most people aren't junkies

No. 814775

File: 1610354258620.png (19.86 KB, 491x242, 869D1846-4CD9-4C30-A54C-E7A5A3…)

I think in some circles yeah, with the opioid crisis and stuff but it’s not glamorized in the way Luna shows. I’m sure there groups of edgy people who are like her but at least where I’m located being a drug fiend isn’t anything to be proud of and is looked upon as trashy.

You know how when you’re younger some people make smoking weed their personality? It’s like she’s doing that with heroin,crack, and pressed pills.
Sage for old milk and not contributing, but Luna and Taylor are the only people who take it so fuck far on the internet. (Taylor romanticizes her recovery and relapses while Luna romanticizes being in addiction and “uWu PoVe RtY” )

No. 814814


Same anon that tried to help her- I completely agree with you, now that I'm privy to what kind of piece of shit she is. I admit I never knew these forums existed and saw her IG and felt bad for the dirty, chubby kid. She really paints her life as if she's innocent and stuck in addiction so I thought she might benefit from someone walking her through the process of getting free methadone so she could move on with life. Once she turned down the offer and still had the balls to ask for money and I read these threads, I knew she doesn't deserve help. I'm glad she didn't take the help I offered because I'm sure she'd be a leech in my life right now.

No. 814870

>>814012it looks like she has it on both sides of her lips might be a sign of an STD of some sort

No. 814886

>she was actually disabled
eh I mean I know it's contentious but Tai was only diagnosed with "fibromyalgia".

No. 814941

i mean i live in Baltimore so maybe i'm surrounded by a different culture but almost everyone is on something around here. you see people nodding out on the sidewalk, people itching while in line at stores.

No. 814943

fibromyalgia is a debilitating disability, especially for somebody so young. Tai required mobility accommodations and Luna wrote about needing to tie their shoes for them and shit like that, we can wax philosophical about how "disabled" luna is with her supposedly bad joints and BPD but Tai was legit disabled.
Also not to armchair but am I the only one who sees possible undiagnosed autism in Luna, especially given her former gifted child to nonfunctioning adult pipeline status. I mainly notice it in terms of fixations/special interest (sanrio, pastel, heroin, courtney love) and it would explain her low-pitched monotone voice and constantly wonky facial expression

No. 814948

File: 1610410085975.jpeg (982.66 KB, 1125x1394, E3451DD8-7EBF-4B24-BE70-F9C095…)

tbh I didn’t recognize her at first.

No. 814954

props must be given to snow for hiding her rotting front teeth

No. 814958

>possible undiagnosed autism
She has BPD, can someone have both at the same time? Pls no hate I'm just curious.

No. 814960

Yeah, Im diagnosed with both and so is a friend of mine, its not uncommon for undiagnosed/late-diagnosed autistic girls to develop cluster-b spectrum disorders due to lack of intervention in childhood causing complex trauma

No. 814964

She actually has a pretty smile, shame about the rest of her

No. 814965

File: 1610412814398.jpg (225.31 KB, 1080x1837, 20210112_005303.jpg)

Limp dick lurch

No. 814966

He looks scarily like a gray alien im that

No. 814968


Why the hair in front of her left eye see through??

No. 814970

this is how trannies look when they set the snow filter to max

No. 814972

snow filter.
hard to take this or any of her recent pics as what she looks like. prob a lot more gray and crusty without em

No. 814976

Does lurch have some kind of illness that could stretch out his face that much? I mean I’ve been here for awhile, seen his younger pics and his jaw didn’t hang that much when he was in his 20’s. What the hell happened? I honestly want to know because he doesn’t even look human.

No. 814981

Lurch looks like one of those long lost products of Victorian era incest.

No. 814986

lynn ann vibes

No. 814993

>tranny with fibro
100% larping munchie

No. 814995

Maybe all his teeth fell out, that can make your face look weird

Even with the snow filters he still looks revolting kek

No. 815000

No. 815003

I'm just going to roll my eyes and not engage in the topic of munchies with "fibromyalgia." Luna is definitely not autistic, ano; she's too manipulative for that. BPD is somehow mental health professionals are cautioned about diagnosing all willy-nilly, but Luna might be, idfk and neither does anyone else who hasn't sat down and assessed properly for it.

What we do know about Luna is that she's a liar and manipulative, so her recounting her life as a "gifted kid" should not be taken too seriously. It's not like she was doing trig in middle school, playing piano, or valedictorian. Luna had structure under her grandmother and did fairly well in school. She probably didn't take advanced classes or do any work in STEM, but her grades were probably good in the classes she took when she had a structured environment. Simple as that.

No. 815035

Some people are just straight up ugly. They don't need some illness to be it, just managed to hit the ugly branches of DNA.

All of this. Nothing Tuna says can really be taken seriously without proof. She grew up on tumblr and self-diagnosed herself with things before. No one knows and will know until she sees a doctor that can diagnose her.

No. 815038

Exactly what I meant. It's an undeniable fact
Oh my god, you are so fucking dumb! Of course SHE choose to do heroin because SHE thought it looked cool. But she WAS living with real addicts who were reinforcing that this behavior was normal and cool.

Yeah, a face like this could only be a product of inbreeding.

No. 815043

ntayrt but sheesh, chill out

No. 815044

the piss jugs in the back

No. 815046

You guys remember her whiny “poems” about her BPD ugh~

Also to the anon that asked if she was autistic sent me for some reason. I personal thing she slow and mentally disabled in some regards at this point but don’t thinks she’s on the spectrum. I’m pretty sure she lurks here sometime so don’t give her any fodder for her Facebook pity tour.

No. 815053

Kek someone’s sensitive after being dogpiled in replies. Lurk moar and welcome to the boards newfriend.

No. 815055

Luna lived with her maternal grandma until her grandma died when Luna was 14, because she had some form of cancer but she refused to get treatment. Luna says they call it suicide. And this grandma left her a big inheritance and a house, the house was lost because Luna didn't pay taxes. Obviously this grandma had high hopes for Luna.

No. 815062

File: 1610429528326.jpg (58.61 KB, 1080x451, 20210111_223038.jpg)

Her caption for this same picture of Lurch on her ig, kek. She's gone from "we're going to get married soon" to "we're basically married already"

No. 815064

File: 1610430028697.webm (3.22 MB, 404x720, tumblr_qmt30lLOy21xxzxb4_720.w…)

Caption from Tumblr:
>this is what i deal with several times a week in this shitty ass building

No. 815068

Ghetto junkies. She can always move if she doesn't like it but she and Lurch fit right in. And who the hell does he think he's going to hurt? He got his ass kicked the last time he tried it.

No. 815069

Kek kicking people out of a building they are squatting in.

No. 815075

i guess luna is oblivious to the fact that lurch is indistinguishable from the other crackheads in this video

No. 815076

File: 1610433222557.jpg (501.96 KB, 720x3704, imgonline-com-ua-twotoone-K8mD…)

Never knew she was born in Florida.

No. 815082

wow, an actual lucid writing from Luna. A rare treasure.
Has she posted the mentioned selfie anywhere?

No. 815086

Think it's this one >>814948

No. 815104

HOW is she such a dumb piece of shit. Lurch was gone for a few hours, and she did more productive and positive shit in those few hours than she has the past year. Luna? Cleaning? Scrubbing? Still not her flat and a weird decision to make considering they'll be booted to the curb any minute but still. okay girl.
So the conclusion she's drawn from this is.. She needs to hurry up and marry Lurch. I can't with this bitch.

No. 815118

The cleaning session is still better than Luna cutting herself with God knows what

No. 815122


Her and Lurch are fully engaged in this dispute so who does she think she is to complain about this lifestyle?! People in urban areas see drug fights and shootings all the time and we keep walking. Join in the argument and it's your own damn fault for not minding your own business.

No. 815123

"Matthew had stuff to do" probably dealing in the Bronx/robbing cars lmao

No. 815124


When you're high on heroin, it can motivate you to clean and do "boring" shit you usually wouldn't want to do.

Luna has a skincare routine?!! And she can't even moisturize her lips?! What a joke. She knows nothing about health, beauty, makeup, drugs, or life.

No. 815154

this really shows how bizarre and borderline inhuman he looks in person

No. 815158

actual cryptid caught on camera

No. 815161

ROLF at Lurch's "New York Tough guy" voice, he sounds like a foreign actor trying to play an American

No. 815162

File: 1610463163707.webm (439.38 KB, 720x1280, tumblr_qmt2vx11dI1xxzxb4.webm)

No. 815165

File: 1610463299716.png (2.02 MB, 1451x4421, screencapture-heavenlykitten19…)

I know some of this already was posted but I will not be playing cut and paste

No. 815170

Not only is she not trying to sell her art anymore, she won't even respond to requests about it. I like her art and was willing to throw her a few bucks for a marker portrait since I have some extra christmas money, I hit her up and she never responded. Probably for the best anyway since shes not filled orders in the past but you'd think with all the fat girls she draws for free shed be happy to doodle me for a quick $20 (which was more than she charged for a video of her drinking piss). Oddly enough that kind of put the nail in the coffin of my sympathy for her. Im a career artist and I get the struggle and before i get all socialist spergy I think its shitty that grants for artists are so rare and bare-bones but she would literally rather drink her own piss than take a commission. I dont understand her priorities.(cowtipping)

No. 815174

why would u buy her stuff? dont touch poo dont be retarded

No. 815175

rewatching the eviction video and she has a super autistic voice. from the low-tone to the flat affect even when shes raising her voice in emotion to the way she over-pronounces her words, she sets off my radar

No. 815176

Mainly because I felt bad for her (im also trying to make it as an artist and believe in supporting small artists) but I thought a portrait by luna would be an interesting little piece of internet memorabilia if nothing else. I also just genuinely think her art style is cool and like I said I wanted to support a relatively unknown drug-addicted artist because i know the struggle of being one. But shes not even an artist anymore, just an addict. Its so sad.

No. 815177

Lurch with the filters is a dead-ringer for Andi Dier

No. 815186


She deals w her ugly junkie bf getting involved in conflict for no reason? And none of them are wearing masks, obviously.

No. 815217

This vid also shows how little street smarts Luna actually has. I’d never have a camera rolling during an altercation in ghetto housing. She’s actually lucky somebody didn’t smash her phone. She can’t even be a gutter junkie properly.

No. 815218

Anyone else thinking she's doing this so it's another point for them getting to stay there longer? I remember reading about how making a squatting place "liveable" gives them more of a reason to be labelled as "tenants" opposed to "squatters"

No. 815228

Can anyone tell what they were fighting about? I could barely understand these guys

No. 815234


>this pick of me genuinely smiling with zero makeup on helped my confidence

>I’m super self conscious about my smile and teeth and not wearing any makeup but i felt pretty and was genuinely happy today

keep deluding yourself tuna, a shit ton of filters is more phoney than make up. you don't look like that irl

No. 815294

she's the worst kind of person, she has the mentality of a rich girl (despite never being rich) who deserves it all just cause she wants it and thinks she's better than junkies, but she also romanticizes and loves being a junkie.

No. 815298

Yes lol But I remember even the walls they dirtied up.
Sad they can't bother buying a cleaning product if it's so good for her mental health.

No. 815306

No way, Lurch without his hat? I thought we'd never see the day. Was honestly hoping for a skullet but his face is already so disturbing that that might be overkill.

No. 815310

Give it time anon, he's middle aged and his hair is already pretty thin and gross it's probably just barely hanging on

No. 815311

Deal with what, exactly?
She posts it with no context and clearly lurch is involved in the situation. So he must be part of the problem.

No. 815312

It's just like her "Look at how the MHA treated us! We were perfectly polite!" but her video contradicted what she said.

No. 815321

It's hard to make it but it sounds like the guys they are kicking out aren't supposed to be there. Ironic isn't it.
They seem to be worried that these guys coming in and out of the building will catch police attention. All so they can keep squatting unbothered

No. 815410

File: 1610519317175.png (457.75 KB, 1158x1188, 9kb6xMm.png)

No. 815429

File: 1610527563378.jpg (2.04 MB, 1280x11307, 012021094449.jpg)

fakeboi commented "your teeth are so cute" on the post with 4 Luna snapchat pics and that's so creepy to me

No. 815435

>me nd some of my unicorns i need MORE
Going from "literally homeless you guys" to "I need to spend money on more worthless stuffed animals."

No. 815437

Holy shit in picture 2 and 4 she looks SO boss-eyed. One of her eyes has always been a wanderer but was it always that bad?

No. 815444

She will need an original birth certificate or a baptismal record, the clerk would not accept a copy. A new ID is a little over $90. After she’s married and wants his last name, she will have to pay a renewal fee for a name change. (recently married in NY)

No. 815448

In third pic that looks like their bed and not an inflatable mattress on the floor.

No. 815473

Fake boi still comments on all of her posts to a weird obsessive level

No. 815488

I love how Tuna's just acting like they aren't going to get kicked out. She's really treating it like they're going to be there forever.

Since when was an ID $90? The highest on the NY website is $43.
I don't think they'll be getting married. They would never make it to their own wedding on time and it costs money. They skipped out on getting an apartment from MHA because Luna was too sleepy.

No. 815492

File: 1610546742006.png (199.08 KB, 752x852, Screenshot 2021-01-13 090138.p…)

Tuna trying to rip people off. She's not good on mailing people stuff that they paid for so I doubt the person would ever see the card. Also hearty kek to the person giving theirs away for free.

No. 815493

File: 1610546861587.png (200.35 KB, 627x708, Screenshot 2021-01-13 090158.p…)

No. 815498

Doubt the ID thing is the real reason they aren't married. If Luna gets the documents somehow, Lurch will find some excuse. He doesn't want to be tied down.

No. 815506


I literally laughed out loud at her boasting about her hip-to-waist ratio. It's probably waist: 42"; hips: 50" = soooo curvy thicc!!

No. 815511


She would probably be less insecure about her teeth if she flossed and brushed that white cheesy stuff off her teeth and gum line. That's gotta make her breath smell like hell. And to think Lurch makes out with that and they probably just are swapping their cheesy white teeth gunk back and forth when they kiss. Just looking at her shit-eating grin with all that discolored plaque caked on her teeth is enough to act as an appetite suppressant.

No. 815515


I'm positive MHA was never going to give her and Lurch an apartment. They probably wanted to talk to her to work with her on a reasonable time frame for when her and Lurch are expected to leave. Even if Luna was the sweetest, best squatter in the whole world, the most they'd do is point her in the right direction to fill out an application for their program.

No. 815517


"I'm not selling, just offering"?!! You're trying to get money in exchange for a Metrocard, but you don't consider that selling… wow. Stupidity at its finest.

No. 815519

The second person isn't selling. Luna is. Learn2read.

No. 815523

tuna posting with the industrial strength filters instead finding a place to live. Priorities.

No. 815557

I think anon meant that everything, including marriage license and name change after the fact will cost about $90. She will need to get her ID amended after marriage if she takes his last name. And she most definitely will.

No. 815622

she'll probably take his name unofficially but won't go through the $$$/effort to do it on her ID or anything since that's money she could be shooting up

No. 815625

Yup, you are probably right about that. It really doesn’t matter because it’s not like she is going to be getting her drivers license, seriously applying for loans or heck even getting a job. I can’t imagine them even spending money on a marriage license tbh. Luna pipe dreams never fail to amuse me.

No. 815627

i know we're all used to seeing too much of her unfortunate life, but taking a step back and objectively looking at what luna posts online is so bizarre. discussing about her getting her own ID is just… whew.
i cant imagine being in a situation in my life where i am publicly telling people "yeah i need a new birth certificate and im saving up to buy another record!!!"
why cant she see how fucking strange this all is

No. 815643

lurch look like an aging dyke with a musculoskeletal condition filmed on the elevator camera from the elisa lam case

No. 815671

someone tell luna there is a free apartment up on the roof, its just a tiny bit damp

No. 815679


holy shit, anons. i love you.

No. 815695

File: 1610604648626.jpg (160.87 KB, 828x856, huCcNFl.jpg)

No. 815699

>door has no lock
>dude trying to kick it in

Gotta love junkie fights.

No. 815702

i hope he doesn't shoot her, i would miss the milk kek

No. 815706

She really is super dense. Why would the landlord fix the lock if you and your walking statue aren't supposed to be there? Don't pick fights with other junkies, idiot. I hope she doesn't get shot, but I hope Lurch gets his ass kicked again and Luna gets a wake up call. Doubtful.

No. 815707

Luna you don't have a landlord, also feel like this is the first we've heard of the evil horrid neighbours, aboosive mom is gone so Luna has to shift blame in the weirdest ways so she doesn't feel like she's caused all her own problems

No. 815712

Even though they put themselves in the middle of those conflicts >>815064

With her butch lesbian pedo boyfriend picking fights with the neighbors, of course someone's going to want to shoot them.

No. 815716

Well you were asked to move but didn't want to why ask people to do something for your ass, and I bet the conversation wasn't at all polite. It's karma.
Time for little miss ACAB to call the police

No. 815719

I was agreeing with you. You're right, she didn't bother mentioning these new villains until her mom moved out.

No. 815729

I know it's something that's mentioned all the time and it's been mentioned a few times in this thread already, but despite her heroin junkie lifestyle she has no street smarts whatsoever. Starting shit with your violent cracked out neighbors from your window because their noise is interrupting your nod? She deserves to get the front door and her head kicked in.

No. 815730


If you get shot, you'd have no one to blame for not minding your own business. You live in an urban area and will rightly be fucked with for yelling out your window for people to stfu. They're outside. You're inside. Quit complaining. You're not even paying rent.

No. 815731

File: 1610625774495.jpg (805.54 KB, 1079x1812, Screenshot_20210114-070011_Sam…)

I found these old posts and laughed at how Lurch acts towards her. She can say how much they love each other, but he loves heroin way more than her.

And also, kek at her pointing out how fucked girls are who "fetishize" addiction when that's exactly what she's always done.

No. 815733

File: 1610626072034.jpg (385.98 KB, 982x892, Screenshot_20210114-070648_Sam…)

Another old post I found where asked trying to call out spoiled poser punks… yet she mooches off her mom and dad as an adult, making her the same pathetic piece of shit she's bitching about

No. 815736

Right? She's squatting in a section 8 apartment so she can do drugs all day and she still has the audacity to complain that her neighbors are loud? The fuck

No. 815738

a female junkie dating a male junkie. Truly a pinnacle of queerness.

No. 815739

No. 815742

Thanks anon, I didn't remember these little tidbits of Lurch lore.
It reminds me the kind of shit he used to tell during the Tessa era:
>That super hot and rich girl gave me money, also I have a yacht and a huge dick and inheritance.

No. 815744

nah all junkies need to shut the fuck up

No. 815750


Not everyone loud is a junkie and not every junkie is loud. Anyone living in a city knows you don't yell out your window at anyone because if you piss them off enough, they just know where you live and you become a target, like Luna proved. Luna is clearly on some level of spoiled baby privilege if she's not minding her own business.

No. 815751

File: 1610639255484.jpg (224 KB, 1034x923, Screenshot_20210114-104558_Sam…)

Some old Luna poetry.

Kek at "the embarrassment hurts".

No. 815752


Imagine writing "has my originality died" when you've never been original at all.

No. 815754

File: 1610639520328.jpg (Spoiler Image,411.89 KB, 803x1215, Screenshot_20210114-105052_Sam…)

More old Tuna Tumblr shit.

I know plenty of junkies that don't leave their Needle Exchange supplies all over the floor. This bitch is so dirty you know her house is still like this but with piles of filthy stolen clothes.

No. 815756

File: 1610639659821.jpg (310.25 KB, 864x1229, Screenshot_20210114-105359_Sam…)

From the Tuna archives, explaining why being an addict is so appealing to her.

No. 815757

File: 1610639730713.jpg (196.11 KB, 886x1228, Screenshot_20210114-105541_Sam…)



No. 815758

Right. Just mind your own and you will be fine living in an urban area. It’s not like she is living in the suburbs, where people pay real money to have some peace and quiet.
But I can’t help but think this is a work up to online begging for a “new” apartment. I don’t recall her ever complaining about the neighbors until she started complaining about the eviction.

No. 815759

File: 1610639874429.jpg (207.96 KB, 868x1029, Screenshot_20210114-105746_Sam…)


Yet her archives have shit like this that show what a poser she is

No. 815760

File: 1610639959301.jpg (198.68 KB, 851x717, Screenshot_20210114-105927_Sam…)

Anorexic Tuna archives

No. 815767

>I've been attracted to this since I was young and my mom put on her nevermind cd, probably because both of my parents are recovering heroin addicts.

No. 815771

> Restricting is so easy
> Is a fat fuck

No. 815773

"i listened to nirvana once and now i'm addicted to heroin and it's all my mom's fault"

No. 815779

This right here summarizes Lunas entire thread lol- and all her motives in life

No. 815780

OR loud junkies could shut the fuck up and stop screaming at other useless junkies to get a job

No. 815781

They aren't supposed to be there anyway, so they can blame themselves for their own hell.

No. 815785

File: 1610646549087.jpg (205.13 KB, 772x452, Screenshot_20210114-124747_Sam…)


Even Kurt thinks posers like Tuna belong in hell

No. 815786

File: 1610646768178.jpg (305.61 KB, 1080x495, Screenshot_20210114-125220_Sam…)


As much as Tuna wants to claim she identifies with dead drug addicts, even her idols would hate her.

No. 815787

File: 1610646816988.png (177.52 KB, 500x600, e1c78e80d7d43f47f0f422a515b01a…)

He was right.

No. 815789

I mean her mother (and father) was/is an heroin addict soooo

No. 815791

Soo Luna should have known better than to glamorise addiction and seek out heroin for the aesthetic

No. 815802

File: 1610651326140.jpg (42.98 KB, 862x201, Screenshot_20210114-140611_Sam…)

Hilarious old post from the Tuna archives. I hope Lurch is still sending her bimbo hypnosis videos. The hypnosis must be working in some regard since she thinks his junkie Kid Rock look is even hotter with her Snow makeup filters.

No. 815803

exactly what >>815791 said. there's so much misplaced sympathy for tuna. instead of feeling bad for the life that she herself has chosen, feel bad for the people's lives that she interferes with when she e-begs, squats in their homes, and tosses their ashes to the side after swearing up and down that they were 'the closest thing to a real father that they had'.

fuck tuna and fuck the wks for her.

No. 815811

okay I know I'm way late but lmfao wow this is how you end up as collateral damage. The cringe. Not their fight. Also I like how Lurch is the grossest looking gutter junkie out of all of them

No. 815813


Obviously, in most cases, "self reliance" and "junkie" are antonyms…but you'd think at some point, at a time like this, a self-preservation instinct would kick in, esp. for someone who's been playing this game as long as Lurch has. I'm his age and while there are plenty of middle-aged manchildren about in the NYC metro, he takes the cake. His mental age comes across no older than 13-14 y/o and IMO, that's being generous.

Just for keks I ran a search on Thumbtack for locksmiths servicing Zip code 10801 and there are plenty of well-rated dudes offering to do the job for less than $200, w/ some less than $100. With an extra $600-1200 in pocket from their gubmint checks, most people Lurch's age—let's be real, most people who have hit 18—would figure 100 bucks is a smart investment for personal security & peace of mind. But junkies are gonna junkie and you know that every spare cent falling into that grim duo's grubby little mitts goes straight to the dope man!

No. 815814

(Forgot to add: of course the smarter money would be on an SRO, apartment downpayment, or another non-sketch, LEGAL housing situation. But as the Gruesome Twosome is determined to ride their current situation all the way to its inevitable conclusion, fixing the door after making enemies with the other cracked-out/smacked out squatters just makes TOO much sense I guess.)

No. 815815

Not feeling bad for Luna, just think that if anons mention hearing one nirvana song, they shouldn't skip tuna admitting that her parents contributed to her positive perception of heroin.
I like having the whole story.

No. 815820

Read her poems. She retells how her mom was driving high almost killing Luna and her grandma and Luna had to witness cops handcuffing her mom against the garage door. And her dad used to yell at her, and once he cornered her on the balcony and she considered jumping. Her dad was the one who got control of his life and was working on his sobriety when she was a child.

No. 815828

she's also a known liar who embellishes her stories for pity points.

No. 815871

This. I wish these newfags that keep coming here to whiteknight her will read the threads. Lying is what Tuna does. It's how she gets money from people who keep pitying her.

No. 815893

im here from Luna thread one and still think her childhood (especially her mother) partially fucked her up. Doesn't mean she's not deciding to live a junkie life with Lurch now.
my favorite relatively small shitty thing she used to do was taking selphies with ambulance taking Roger away to hospital

No. 815894

I don't think anyone is denying that, just that she's a grown ass woman now and needs to start taking responsibility for her actions before a fellow junkie shoots her for opening her mouth.

Can't forget when she chose that time to beg for money and decorate her room with the blanket Roger was using when he was sent tot he hospice. Can't recall if she used it for the bed or floor, though.

No. 815908

It literally doesn't matter, NYC has winter laws so it's illegal to file for eviction until April, period.

No. 815916


oooh she's gunna get fucked on taxes lmaoooo

No. 815920

again, they are not in NYC but westchester county. different laws.

No. 815939

Anons still don't know she doesn't live in NYC, it's embarrassing at this point.

No. 815979

Landlords can evict in the state of NY anytime of year if the tenant is in violation of a lease. The only reason she’s not out now is because COVID not “winter laws”

No. 815981

File: 1610718394758.png (733.69 KB, 600x750, 9.3.png)

Saw this discussed on Kf, looks like they barricaded themselves in the bedroom.

No. 816011

Because the front door doesn't lock? Jesus christ thats dark
Why not just go buy a new lock at home depot its literally not that hard? Lurch should be able to handle that as a 40 year old man

No. 816036

if they leave the apt there's a chance they won't be able to get back in

No. 816050

This feels right- if they leave and the landlord “fixes “ the lock what recourse do they have since they aren’t supposed to be there in the first place?

No. 816068

They don't both have to go

No. 816096

File: 1610737467323.jpg (366.63 KB, 773x1184, Screenshot_20210115-140156_Sam…)

This post from Tuna's old FB posts is hilarious and incredibly self-aware.

Tuna and Ariana McMillan need to get together so they can talk about how they don't deserve all the eViL haters when they're just talented arteests while they get high af and their bf's stay out of the house to get away from them.

No. 816098

stop reposting powdered milk, anons can go read old threads if they want to

No. 816102

File: 1610739275024.jpg (169.6 KB, 693x2299, Screenshot_20210115-143302_Sam…)

In her old poetry she even points out what a poser she is by admitting no one pushed her into addiction and she specifically searched her privileged life for a way into addiction.

No. 816103


Sorry, but these are relevant because a year later, nothing has changed at all. The same posts and bad poetry could be from today.

A lot of us don't look at old threads and a reminder of her past choices and poetry helps bolster our point that she deserves no sympathy.

No. 816105

And they can still evict her because of COVID. In order to not get evicted, they have to prove that they were facing hardship from covid.

We know already. You've been posting old milk for a whole damn day. We know that Tuna hasn't changed, we don't need expired milk to prove that.

How is spoonfeeding newfags like they're babies any better?

No. 816135

Nothing ever changes with this bitch and it never will. Half the time this thread only moves because of sour milk like this and all the uwu poor Luna, if only she could get her shit together. Because who cares that she's a horrorcow graverobber, the important thing is Lurch sucks.

No. 816137

I wish there was actual proof of her gravestealing beyond photo of Lurch digging in a grave. Because while it's close enough, still not a proof of where all those Hello Kitty trinkets come from. Farmers keep repeating it like a confirmed fact when it's not.

No. 816154

I don’t think it’s just because of the hello kitty crap, there were a ton of candles and religious trinkets too. Of course she could have stolen them out of stores though.

No. 816211


I considered that myself and for shits and giggles looked prices for locksmiths & new lock installs in New Rochelle, NY. 4- & 5-star rated guys can do this for under $100 but Luna and Lurch would have to:

A) go w/out at least a bundle of dope in the next couple days (which they won't) and

B) somehow break through their junkie-induced inertia and utter inability to plan ahead (which they apparently can't).

BUT!! Complaining on her social media takes hardly any time or effort—and better yet, gets Luna that sweet, sweet attention she constantly craves. That door ain't never gonna lock again…as long as these two are squatting behind it, anyway.

No. 816214

Locksmiths check IDs for ownership of the residence, so Luna & Lurch can't do anything.

No. 816245

they could buy a smart lock and install it themselves but that would be so much moneeeeeeeeyyyyyyy and would cut into their dope fund

much as she whines, she's ok with her door not having a lock as long as she can get her fix

No. 816279


Good call. And even if they did spare the $$$, do you really think Lurch would be capable of installing it? Or capable of bothering to learn? Unless it's dead-simple and offers instant gratification, it won't get done.

Tuna's latest saga reminded me these are the same people who went without a working shower/bathtub for what, almost a year? Who were fine with bathing at most once a week, at the kitchen sink, for the entire summer in a region where it's often in the 90s and humid as hell. Who piss and moan that they can't afford food, but blow every cent not earmarked for the dope man on Chinese takeout, pizza, ice cream, etc. (while Tuna accuses the majority teenaged followers from whom she grifts that they're shaming her, as a poor person, for wanting a treat, waah waah waah, sobsobsob)


Quel dommage! Guess they will have to pray the bed holds, kek.

No. 816282


You can VERY easily steal a new door lock, deadbolt, or even just a door chain from Home Depot and install it with a basic screwdriver. Free, easy, and very easy to install while high af on Luna's precious fetty. Her inaction is a lifestyle choice, not a result of being "poor".

No. 816289

File: 1610828460962.jpg (208.13 KB, 1066x1476, 20210116_201325.jpg)

So lurch is a super hero now. Saged because its not fresh milk. We all know they are both fucking strange and its not that interesting. But this made me laugh n i thought i would share anyway.

No. 816325

File: 1610850451617.png (655.06 KB, 1029x855, luna2.png)

No. 816326

File: 1610850507260.png (548.03 KB, 805x2389, luna3.png)

No. 816329

Oh my god this dumb bitch.
Get a fucking job Luna.
Also isn't she moving into her ~air bnb~ next week!? Whoohooo! Better start packing, right!!? kek

No. 816330

imagine being 24 and looking this corpse-like

No. 816333

It doesn't take $600 to keep the lights on Tuna and you're just a squatter who doesn't pay any bills anyway.

No. 816338

>> hungry with bills to pay

Like strung out with drugs to buy. And uwu shit to collect

No. 816352

Lol so much for the $10k in savings they totally had

No. 816355

how does she even get a check..she didn't work. how did she even file taxes with no income? how is she eligible for a check when she didn't lose her job or has no dependents? doesn't make sense

No. 816356

must be lurch's..

No. 816384

Didn't know drug dealers needed to file taxes.

No. 816388

I'm wondering if it's maybe her mum's check she applied for in her mum's name?

No. 816392

I think he's a SSI recipient on disability (the rod he has in his leg from the car accident that stopped his "baseball career"). So he's getting the stimulus. They also each get food stamps every month, around $400 total (just guessing the sum).

No. 816394

wow this bitch. she’s really starting to piss me off.
these metrocards are apart of a program for low income people. you have to sign up for it, and it supposed to relieve people from transit fares. i don’t know how she and lurch scammed three of them out of the system, especially since she doesn’t have an ID apparently. glad to see she’s ripping off literally every program NYC has to offer.

No. 816404

those three cards belong to some rando in the fb group who tried offering them to luna, but as she said in the comment she wasn't looking to acquire one but sell hers. we've been over this. i hate her too but learn2read before you comment.

No. 816475

File: 1610920731604.png (417.68 KB, 502x850, Screenshot 2021-01-17 165700.p…)

Maybe you and your walking corpse should shut the fuck up next time, Luna.

No. 816478

Yeah that's why you don't pick fights with crackheads you moron. Are we supposed to feel bad for you?

No. 816482

implying that she and Lurch aren’t stealing other people’s ids. I have no doubt in my mind that they’re stealing identities. how tf were they looking for apartments without IDs? I fully don’t believe lurch has a valid ID and is using someone else’s. they were scamming the government and ruining her mom’s life, why wouldn’t they ruin a stranger’s?

No. 816484

Is the barricade really to stop the angry neighbor, or the police?

No. 816485

Most likely both.

No. 816498

I know its been pointed out but the fact that neither of them have bothered to walk to a hardware store for a new lock or door chain sure is something

No. 816504

That wont stop the cops when they come to break down the door and remove you from the property you do not belong on.
Funny how the "broken lock" issue came up just before her mom left.

I dont believe any of her stories.

No. 816506

File: 1610930404566.png (23.12 KB, 736x192, Screenshot 2021-01-17 193854.p…)

Lurch got his $600 drug money. I hope the cops pay them a visit while they're high and we get another Tuna meltdown. "You won't believe how these cops treated us."

No. 816512

Love the giant pile of garbage and debris in the kitchen there. Classy. Of course it’s tuna and I’ll never be surprised how she works so hard at not working at all

No. 816515

So they put a microwave, a cat tree and a couple of empty suitcases in front of the door to keep a crackhead out? That’s the best either one of them could come up with? I’ve known some really dumb people in my life but these 2 together only operate at a 10 year old level.

No. 816533

Tuna and Lurch are worthless and I hope the cat gets a proper home with a family that actually cares about her. They're basically crust punks now and nothing's worse than a crustie with a pet.

No. 816538

Random thought sage for OT I guess. We all know heroin is Lunas one true love and she’s dabbled in crack here and there, but I’m really surprised she’s never tried to get into meth. Maybe if she became a tweaker she’d actually be productive

No. 816542

Meth isn't easy to get in NYC, esp compared to coke and dope, so they're aren't a ton of tweakers. Plus, she's so concerned with drugs being cool, I can't imagine her admitting to using meth

No. 816547


I can think of so many advantages to Luna becoming hooked on meth.
- Her depression would be better due to the dopamine and serotonin surge
- She'd clean and be more productive
- She'd feel more comfortable with her nasty body during sex since She'd be focused on the sensations
- She'd lose weight quickly.
- She could hustle all night and actually have the motivation to do it
- She'd like it more than crack for sure
- It lasts much longer than heroin or coke and definitely crack
- She can have Lurch shoot her up so much that the hit makes her cough so she KNOWS she's getting high af

Meth would literally be the miracle drug Tuna wants.

Plus we can have a good laugh.

No. 816548


Tuna is not in NYC and yes, you can find meth in most scummy trash areas now. It used to be rare in Oakland and SF and now it's everywhere since it can be made at home in a water bottle. Tuna can find it where she lives, trust me.

No. 816549

Meth is pretty easy to get unfortunately. But I think you are on to something with her not admitting it. Tuna sees herself as junkie royalty because she shoots heroin. Even druggies have a hierarchy and methheads are at the bottom.

No. 816553

big fish in a small pond

No. 816558

I can be misremembering, but I think Luna wrote a blog entry about doing meth and hating it. As an anon above wrote, she was disappointed in herself for doing it because heroin is so chic.

No. 816560


Tuna should totally do meth therapy since it'll make her hate herself less as long as she's high, it'll help her kick dope even if she's on a super high dose because it gets you moving and you don't notice the depression, anxiety, restless and crampy body that comes with withdrawals, she'll save money compared to her usual drugs… yeah Tuna, get on that meth medicine!

No. 816565

Google “meth New Rochelle” (where she actually is squatting) and you’ll get pages of news reports on meth busts.

No. 816570


sage for nitpick but meth was rare in the bay maybe like 2-3 decades ago but now it's just another over saturated market. It's also the opposite coast of Lurch and Tuna so?

What's with all the meth talk anyway? Sounds like some nonny is missing their fix.

No. 816573


Same original anon- that's why I said it USED to be hard to find meth in Oakland and SF and now it's easy because you can make it at home. It's an example of how prevalent it is everywhere. I know it's not near Tuna.

And no one is missing meth because clearly it's bad for anyone. But if Tuna insists on doing drugs, at least she could do a drug that would temporarily fix all the shit she bitches about. And she could hurry the fuck up and hit her rock bottom and move the fuck on.

No. 816574


The facts are simple:

Tuna claims illegal drugs are her medicine.
She's fat and constantly talks about wanting to be skinny.
She's depressed.
She's lazy.
She has no motivation to move or clean or bathe.
She claims she wishes she liked sex more.

Answer: Meth.

Me advising Tuna on a drug she could actually (temporarily) benefit from is hardly me missing it. But heroin clearly isn't helping her depression and lifestyle at all so she should really try something else. Anything else, including meth.

No. 816575


Fair enough. For a lot of people this would be right near rock bottom – cat tree security and all. Tuna seems like she has a few more levels to crash through though. Sad but I really think it's gonna take Lurch, or herself, dying for any significant change.

No. 816576


Sage for blog post but meth really does help if you're trying to kick dope cold turkey and don't have/ don't want kratom or gabapentin. Doesn't matter how bad your dope/fetty addiction is, meth will make a cold turkey kick a million times better. It won't help as much with a methadone kick of more than 10mg/day though since by the time you feel better after a month, you'll have a bad meth addiction.

Tuna doesn't want to kick drugs though. She can get on a methadone clinic for free due to her lack of income but she chooses not to.

No. 816577

File: 1610985504366.jpg (343.46 KB, 980x1566, Screenshot_20210118-103535_Sam…)


Tuna has never and will never know struggle. She was outed in an old thread for being a spoiled Baby Huey whose "addict parents" might not even have been as addict-like as she'd like the internet to believe. They were probably former users like most older people who lived in NYC in the 80s and just on methadone, yet Tuna played up their addict shit for sympathy and cool points. Her mom sounds like she used, but Tuna was primarily raised by her grandmother and probably didn't see much.
I wish Tuna would hit rock bottom. She has the cushiest life for a supposed addict that has never worked and it really shows how privileged she really is.

No. 816579

File: 1610987099735.jpg (Spoiler Image,451.1 KB, 888x1328, Screenshot_20210118-110850_Sam…)

For anyone that wonders how horrific Luna's veins must be even though she's only been shooting up for a few years, here’s some old evidence from her Tumblr. Lurch, a supposed professional addict, shoots her up at a frighteningly vein-damaging angle (he should be anywhere between 15-35 degree angle if they're mainlining, 90 degrees is only if you muscle the shot) and the blood in the chamber of the rig shows they're mainlining since only you register to make sure you're in the vein. He also didn't bother to tie her off, which helps keep veins from rolling, which is necessary to minimize damage in your forearm veins.

I can only imagine what Lurch's veins are like, which would explain all the rippling in his arms from most likely numerous missed shots and resulting abcesses.

Tuna can't even get herself a competent addict to shoot her up. The Needle Exchange is where addicts get most of their supplies from and would have given them unlimited free rigs, ties, cookers/twist 'ems, alcohol pads for cleaning injection sites, a SHARPS container for proper needle disposal, AND, most importantly, step-by-step info on how to shoot up, complete with drawings to show what angle for muscling, skin-popping, and mainlining. Tuna please go to the Needle Exchange instead of having Lurch go for you, so you can learn basic harm redux. This is obvious to any real addict, which makes you seem even more like a poser addict for trendy Tumblr points. You are truly an embarrassment to the heroin-addicted community.

No. 816583

What a grim pic…
Also it's recommended to drink lots of water for veins to be visible and Tuna is dehydrated AF.

No. 816588

You are misremembering.
She smoked crack.

No. 816592

Jesus Christ that gives me the creeps. It looks so painful and unnecessary. Why hasn’t lurch learned how to shoot somebody up yet? Is he incapable of learning at this point in his life?

No. 816595


Also, Lurch's constant leg clot issue is most likely due to shooting up in his femoral artery, which is right next to his ugly pencil dick. I've known a lot of male addicts who end up in the hospital with life threatening leg clots or deep-vein thrombosis (DVT) due to hitting their femoral.

His leg clot probably has nothing to do with his old injury from getting hit by a cab.

No. 816597


Drinking a lot of water is something phlebotomists say to patients to help make their jobs easier since fuller, juicier veins are more prominent.

No fucking junkie in the world hydrates well before shooting up. They'd rather spend hours trying to hit and yell at everyone around them rather than hydrate before a shot. Plus for a heroin addict, the difference in your veins between hydrating and not hydrating is relatively minimal.

No. 816599


Even putting a heat pack on your arm is a more useful tip for hitting a vein for than hydrating. You're talking like addicts are going to do some kind of prep work days in advance to be more hydrated when that's never going to happen. This hydrating tip is only useful if you're about to go to a phlebotomy appointment.

No. 816602

I’m the first anon that suggested she should try meth in the first place. I’ve never done meth but I’ve had an adderall script since high school and I was just thinking how much better off she’d be if she just had a different drug of choice lmao

The list of reasons anon said it would be better for her were my thoughts exactly, plus would make for insane milk

Coincidentally, I’m not the other anon from SF/Oakland but I’m also from there lol can confirm there’s lots of methheads in the bay, especially east bay and beyond like Hayward. Most strung out white women like her that I see out here are on meth. Heroin is clearly an east coast white people thing I see

No. 816603

Also adding to this, she could easily have both an adderall AND benzo script if she wanted to. I do. When I want to be productive, or when I need to calm my anxiety, they’re both there for me. She’s never not had health insurance, this has always been an option for her.

Ok fine if she thinks she’s too good for meth but I don’t even think adderall crosses her mind which is interesting to me since she’s all about popping pills(no1curr)

No. 816605

>I did adderall once in high school, that's why I think meth would be good for tuna.

Anon… please sage your retardation.

No. 816614

Seriously. I wondered where the line of thought that meth would help Luna in any way, shape or form was coming from but this explains it. What retard thinks giving a heroin/benzo addict some meth would help them clean up their act? At best she'd do some stupid shit, otherwise if she picked up a meth habit along with everything else she might lose what's left of her damn mind or just straight up keel over and die.

No. 816621

Right! Junkies are just too zonked and shit around them ends up being a disease festering shithole, methheads actively participate in making that environment a disease festering shithole by thinking they are being productive. Luna is already gross and if she started doing meth then somebody would have to condemn every place she enters. She’s too much of a natural pig to suggest she tries meth.

No. 816624

File: 1611014498869.jpeg (639.27 KB, 828x1330, E029DA2A-9C87-4369-BA8F-2F642B…)

No. 816625


I refuse to believe this is real and not a kiwitard trying to catfish

No. 816626


>Get the fuck out of my fucking building that I'm illegally squatting in cause you're gonna blow up my spot

No. 816698

nayrt and i think it’s kind of a silly/naive sentiment given how far gone luna is, but they said they’ve had a script since highschool not that they did it [once] in hs

No. 816700

>>816624 Could be this anon?

No. 816715

Did I say once in high school or I’ve had it consistently since then? Learn2read, fag

Not a retard, but also not a pro junkie like your clearly. You sound as proud as Tuna

Anyyyyyways, my suggestion still stands and others seem to agree the bitch would be better off as a tweaker or someone with an addy script. She’d be active, motivated, skinny.

Adderall could even fit the strung out model aesthetic she wishes she could pull off. It’s very LA chic! Might be a nice pivot from……. this……

No. 816719

Sage your shit. Luna did dumb druggy shit like adderall in high school too, some of her older "poetry" talks about her crushing pills up and snorting them, and having blue snot afterwards.

Lunas preferred drugs are always the ones where she can nod off, but even when she was on crack she wasn't productive. She just rearranged the furniture in her room every couple days and piled her plushies in a different way for pics every few hours.

No. 816733


Black tar heroin is a west coast thing and white powder dope is an east coast thing. Tar is extremely cheap and easy to get on the west, but it's double/triple the price up in Seattle.

No. 816734


You've clearly never done dope or meth or crack if you're saying meth has less of a benefit to her than heroin. Tuna could solve her privileged depressed fat white girl problems with meth since her problems are extremely stupid.

No one is encouraging drugs for a normal adult. Just Tuna due to her "problems" and the milk aspect.

No. 816735


Btw, meth makes you obsessively clean and while high, you're not depressed at all. You can pertains go from shooting dope daily and never cleaning and always being depressed to shooting meth daily, cleaning and rearranging all the fucking time, and happy and not depressed.

No. 816737


This is the stupidest comparison. Crack does not make anyone clean. It gives people schizophrenia and OCD. Meth will make anyone clean. Anyone.

For anyone curious about the difference between meth and snorting Adderall, a shot of meth will keep you going 8-12 hrs while snorting Adderall will only work for about 6 hours. Taking an extended release formula orally would help about 10 hours, but Adderall doesn't give the kick that a shot of meth does.

She doesn't care about nodding as much as she does getting high, given her cravings for crack that she's talked about.

Just to reiterate, meth isn't good for the average person, but I fully agree with any anons that also say she'd be BETTER OFF as a meth head than a junkie.

Tuna can then fit the old drug joke, What's the difference between a junkie and a meth addict? A junkie will steal your shit and a meth addict will steal your shit and then help you look for it for 8 hours.

No. 816738


I lived with a meth addict for a year and she never cleaned, was extremely depressed and fat as fuck. Probably the grossest person I’ve lived with. I highly doubt doing meth would magically cure all of Tuna’s problems, it would just make her spiral faster, and maybe start picking at her face.

No. 816740


If you've never struggled with a heroin, meth, or crack addiction or at least used all 3, saying junkies are this and meth addicts are that is based on society and movies and less on the reality of drugs.

But if someone is unmotivated, depressed, fat, unable to control their eating and appetite, unwilling to clean, yet they want to be on drugs while making their lives seem better, meth helps. Plus she'd be able to kick dope on meth. Then to get off meth, she can downgrade to some extended release Adderall and not have to experience the depression with kicking meth.

But let's be honest, whether you think Tuna would be better off on meth, heroin, or dead, it doesn't matter because she's just going to maintain her shitty status quo.

I'm also the anon that offered to help her get on a methadone clinic for free and get her the free rides to the clinic and she declined and asked for money. So I apologize to anyone who thinks my suggestion of "meth therapy" for Tuna, but the woman clearly wants to be on drugs. I'm just trying to at least suggest a drug that'll temporarily make her life better.

I'm sure she'd rather die with some good, happy, skinny days under her belt in a clean house than OD on dope depressed and fat and dirty.

No. 816741


She probably wasn't shooting it or her addiction was so bad that her tolerance was extremely high.

She also maybe had ADHD and meth made her lethargic. Her shit could have been laced… there's a million reasons but everyone is different. There are also always exceptions and no rules to how people react to drugs. The meth is a suggestion for Tuna just because we all know dope isn't the right drug for her.

Sage for blog post but after only 9 months of shooting meth, I was able to sleep right after a huge shot and my desire to clean lessened since my tolerance had gone up.

And Tuna picking her face already happens all the time. Maybe cleaning would get her away from her reflection.

No. 816742


I fully support seeing spoiled Tuna Casserole spiral. She really deserves a quick descent into real addiction and real homeless bag lady shit. This constant pastel puke Amazon fast fashion nightmare bullshit is far from the real life of most unemployed addicts. She lives in a privileged bubble and will always live like that until she hits rock bottom.

Maybe I'm rooting for meth use because I want her to spiral until her daddy notices her picked apart face amplified and extreme weight loss and cuts her spoiled ass off.

No. 816744

people telling tuna to go on meth is comedy gold. the bar is so low for her.

No. 816758

You can't help someone that doesn't want help. Besides Kurt did heroin to self-medicate, other drug is not glamorous for her. https://www.radiox.co.uk/artists/nirvana/how-krist-novoselic-warned-kurt-cobain-off-heroin-with-no-success/

No. 816761

this is one of the most retarded posts i’ve ever seen on lolcow kek congrats. you live in the bay and think heroin is an “east coast white people thing”? do you ever leave your house?

bottom line, luna is a filthy, self-indulgent, entitled mess. her hygiene and house keeping was well below subpar before she even started shooting up (you can see this in pics of her room in high school that was constantly a wreck). meth or even adderall would make her stop eating but there’s no way in hell it’d make her productive. she’d literally just tweak out hyperfocusing on animal crossing all day, MAYBE rearrange some plushies at most, and then cry about the comedown. any anons thinking meth instantly makes you clean and get actual productive shit done are naive as fuck lol

No. 816762

File: 1611069324034.jpg (144.8 KB, 935x495, Screenshot_20210119-101312_Sam…)


The anon saying meth makes you clean is speaking from personal experience and not from watching movies or reading Wikipedia.

And found old evidence she doesn't like snorting Adderall. Hence she should try a shot of meth and see if she'd like her body and aesthetic more because her current drug use doesn't work like she thinks it is.

No. 816763


She tweaks out cleaning when she knows dope is coming. She'll clean on meth at least more than she does now. Meth would seriously improve the trivial shit she bitches about.

But to her it's not a "glamorous" drug so she'll just stick to her current "glamorous" heroin and get abscesses from Lurch not knowing how to shoot her up.

No. 816765


Tuna likes to (have Lurch help her) shoot shit. It makes her feel so uWu damaged.

Meth is not a fixer for most people's problems.

Tuna's "problems" can be temporarily eased with meth:

- weight: Meth helps with rapid weight loss
- overeating: Meth is an appetite suppressant and will get her metabolism rolling
- lack of motivation: Meth will keep her busy doing shit all day. She'll want to get shit done. That's just the way the drug works and that's a fact.
- wanting to get a good rush: Shooting meth gives a strong kick that'll make you literally cough and she'll get the warm surge she wants
- Depression: Meth gives you a surge of serotonin and dopamine that'll get rid of even the worst suicidal feelings… as long as you're high. The comedown when you shoot it won't make you want to die like crack or coke does. It'll just make you crave it and go get more.
- Finances: In the beginning, she'll save money because meth will last the whole day when you start shooting it. And she won't be buying food because she won't be hungry.

Yes there's side effects, but honestly, is Tuna's life really all that better without meth? She's a failure either way. If her current drug of choice is failing her and clearly not doing a damn thing for her weight, depression, confidence, and lifestyle, why not try something different?

No. 816772

anon this is the third time you’ve posted your autistic meth listicle

No. 816777

What is going on in this thread? It's just been walls of text about how great meth would be for Tuna. Again another example of a thread clogged up with shit that isn't getting flagged by farmhands, meanwhile elsewhere anons are getting banned for much less

No. 816785


You really are asking what's going on with this thread?! This is Tuna we're talking about. I consider it completely normal that anons are suggesting she get on meth/stimulants.

Quit crying about the lack of farmlands to police your precious Tuna Casserole thread.

No. 816787

Plus your dumb snitchy ass isn't even responding to anyone. You're just crying to nobody that your cop-like farmhands aren't stopping anons from suggesting other options for Tuna's shit life like meth.

Honestly, where tf do you think you are? This is the whiniest shit that is just as pathetic as Tuna yelling out the window for people outside to keep it down so she can take shit selfies at her squat.

No. 816791

Yikes, seems like you need to lay off the meth yourself there bud. Chill out

No. 816796

meth anon… are you a NY meth dealer? is that why you’re trying so hard to convince luna to take it up?? it’s really fucking weird

No. 816800

they're just totally fried because they've been tweaking since childhood >>816602 what a genius coming into the Tuna thread to boast of their years long prescription drug addictions. really weird

No. 816801

shut up and focus on getting those bees out of your teeth

No. 816816

This was exactly my point with the farmhand comment up above. Why is this autist constantly spamming about meth in here. Does Luna even come to lolcow? Nobody cares about your scripts or how you think it's going to benefit someone you don't even know. It's super fucking weird and annoying too. Let's move on already.

No. 816820

To put the meth argument to bed…Luna is CHOOSING to be like this. She WANTS the depression & the filth. She purposefully makes everything dirty & grimy then takes 1000s of photos to show off how disgustingly she lives. This is her aesthetic. She does not want to change, she wants to be like this, the moaning about the depression, mental disorders & oppression is just part of her persona as she so desperately wants to be seen as a heroin bunny and struggling artist. All her heroes died from/use heroin & she wants in on that gang and to be seen as one of them.

No. 816850

Of all the recycled milk and autistic tinfoiling in here for 4+ years and I cause the biggest uproar and get banned cause I suggested another drug of choice to keep the milk going? LOL….. I have to laugh……

If ur a cracker junkie like Luna and I struck a nerve just say that….

Sage for fuck y’all lmfao(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 816852

sage goes in the email field, retard

No. 816858

Fuckin’ under appreciated kek

No. 816860

You got banned for blog posting not suggesting another drug. Blog posting is really looked down on here and after 4 years you should know that.

No. 816926

Fucking hell I saw there were so many new posts and I thoughr something exciting must have happened. Then it's just loads of some twat going on about how good meth is for making you want to tidy up. JFC.

No. 816957


No. 816965

Nah we aren’t using that language. You need to check yourself.

No. 816976

Yo can we get a mod up in this bitch to clean up >>816972 and >>816957 's racebaiting and Meth-chan's endless sperging? Jesus fucking Christ. Get it together, anons.

No. 816977

Calling out the derogatory terms when’s mods aren’t cleaning it up is beyond reasonable. Don’t be mad that I said something to someone using that term, especially if this site isn’t going to do anything.

Nothing is milk here. It’s all meth sperg and inappropriateness. I’m not going to idly with and read while that term is used here. Sorry you don’t care. This entire thread should be banned and that person should be held accountable for their racist antics.

No. 816980

I missed 816972 what was it???

No. 816989

Can y'all please at least sage your shit if you're gonna keep it up?

No. 816990

>Y A L L

No. 816991

File: 1611112063311.jpeg (Spoiler Image,209.22 KB, 750x497, 80B48A5B-4A68-4D03-B98B-1EB264…)

Haha wow, that meth sperg was something else. Please chill tf out - I know your parents probably didn’t pay much attention to you growing up but no one here cares about what drugs you’ve done. Get help.

Anyway, Tuna has been making good use of her time by copiously playing Hollow Knight (until her “hands were cramped”). It’s almost like she doesn’t care if she ends up homeless.

No. 816993

>>816991 tsym for getting this thread back on topic. Also where was this posted? Holow Knight facebook group or something?

I'm with you though, It's crazy to me she's seemingly got no plan whatsoever for the coming month's living situation.

No. 816997

Of course! Yeah, she’s been posting a lot in the Hollow Knight Geoposting group on Facebook, talking about her experience with the game. Honestly pretty boring stuff and not milk-worthy, just found it amusing that this is how she is choosing to dedicate her days when she soon won’t have a roof over her head.

No. 817001

Yeah recommending any kind of addictive substance to an addict is fucking retarded. Can we drop this now?

No. 817034

if anything is gonna kill Luna faster, it’s introducing meth into her system. she’s on fucking benzos 24/7 for fucks sake. her blood pressure is probably already fucked constantly from the heroin and xanax and taking meth sounds like she’d just immediately have a heart attack or stroke or probably both.

someone just wants her to straight up die lmfao.

No. 817040

File: 1611126374810.png (2.45 MB, 1417x1134, that's a whole mf lot of X 4 N…)


No. 817054

Im convinced meth anon and powdered milk repost anon are the same person.
Just stay on KF for the sake of the thread.

No. 817058

Not the same person. Never seen those fentanyl posts from her fb so I posted this.

No. 817082

Took a two month break and thought I would follow up on Chief and Areola, I see we are on the verge of eviction 2, and "I lost all muh stuff" all over again?

No. 817083

File: 1611149492422.jpg (558.16 KB, 972x2959, Screenshot_20210119-114235_Sam…)

Old FB post from Tuna, but a lot of anons seem to throw the pedo term at Lurch and while I know he's a scumbag like Luna, it doesn't sound like he groomed her. I know Tuna lies, but she claims they started their co-dependent "relationship" after she was 18 so all that tinfoil is meaningless. He's not the pedo anons want to believe he is, just an opportunistic addict that responded to Luna crushing on him like any other ugly male that can't find a decent woman.

He's disgusting, but so is Tuna. She would have found an addict to be with even if it wasn't him. And dating a man way older when you have Daddy issues (even fake Daddy issues like pampered Luna with her Daddy's money and shopping sprees) is very common. As long as she was within 6 months of turning 18, Luna fucking Lurch isn't the big controversy anons make it out to be.

I honestly don't blame Lurch for going for a girl that threw herself at him, especially since he's ugly and broke and an addict. He's just being himself and living the same addict lifestyle as he always has. Tuna the poser addict is fully to blame imo

No. 817084


This is hilarious that Tuna is so deeply engrossed in her game that she completely ignored the post on her Twitter offering her up to $1000 for a commission custom painting, while constantly talking about how broke she is. She could have bought so many games with that money (if that person was serious about their request).

No. 817086


Or it could be that she's not completely braindead and realised that someone offering $1k out of the blue for a painting was clearly taking the piss? Maybe I'm giving her too much credit.

No. 817087


It's been dropped. Stfu and quit bringing it up.


I think a lot of us want Luna to hit rock bottom sometime asap so she can actually make some kind of change in her life. As much as we all dislike her, I don't think anyone wants her to die. It seems everyone is fed up with her pampered addict life (what a weird oxymoron) and want her to hurry the fuck up and lose everything so she learns addiction isn't glamorous and aesthetic and desirable.

No. 817088


In the old threads, someone whose friend used to cop from Luna about 3-5 years ago mentioned Luna would sell "dope" that was actually 100% fetty. The person OD'd because Tuna never disclosed the fetty in it and claimed it was dope. They only found out when they went to the hospital and the drug test came back with no dope and all fetty in it.

Luna is known for lying to people about drugs to make a sale. She's a scumbag that deserves to OD. Every heroin addict knows how fucked up it is to misconstrued what drugs you're selling, especially a deadly drug like fetty.

No. 817089


Even if she figured it was fake, you'd think someone desperate for money would still respond and either ask for more info or say no. She didn't even respond since she was so busy cramping her hands on her video games.

No. 817091


This is a Tuna Casserole thread. Some anons need to stop bitching about the shit anons discuss on a gossip thread, as if there's soooo much quality shit to discuss about Tuna. I get that no one needs to see tons of posts advertising meth for Tuna or tons of old milk posts, but not all of us have read every thread. I personally don't mind seeing old milk because I just started reading this a couple of months ago while I was bored. Telling people to go back to KF just because you don't like certain posts (that you don't even know who's posting since this is all anonymous) and assume they're from there is weird gate keeping behavior on a damn Tuna gossip thread.

Can we have a little more unity here and quit bitching about each other's posts and begging for farmhands like we're narc snitch bitches?!

No. 817095

She’s probably just too lazy tbh. Doing the commission would require actual effort. She would have to buy the materials, plan the composition, paint it, package it up, and then take it to the post office to ship it. Too much work, easier just to e-beg right?

No. 817098

Tuna is straight up lying in one of her Mathew stories then. An earlier version she says “Mathew is so respectable that he made us wait until I turned 18” to have sex and here she is saying she met him after she turned 18. But like you said, she lies a lot.

No. 817099


I just read the post on Twitter and the guy actually offered to reimburse her for 100% of the supplies and costs related to the commission. She could have had free art supplies from the commission, but blew it off to give herself carpal tunnel from stupid video games.

No. 817102

File: 1611152948951.jpg (676.32 KB, 1080x1822, Screenshot_20210120-092637_Sam…)


Guess the potential client realized he's an idiot for trying to hire fucking Tuna. Major kek. Even if the guy isn't serious, just imagining how crushed Tuna will feel when she finally sees the request makes me laugh out loud. She's probably going to hit him up incessantly with some excuse as to why she couldn't respond yet could post video game screenshots, then offer to do a commission at a discount. I really hope he says no if that happens.

No. 817104

>I get that no one needs to see tons of posts advertising meth for Tuna or tons of old milk posts, but not all of us have read every thread.
Than read it on your own? Spoonfeeding is against the rules for a reason. Stop wasting posts on bullshit that no one cares about.
If you think there is a place in cow threads for blogposting, bizzare unrelated tangents and chat, Kiwifarms really might be the place for you. It's impossible to read a thread there and not wade through powerleveling and irrelevant autism.
Still not buying it's not a kiwifag cowtipping.

No. 817105

He’s probably better off. I wouldn’t put it past her to take the money and then never send the art. I feel like she’s done that before actually.

No. 817108


If you don't think you just posted a bizarre pointless tangent about KF and blog posting and spoonfeeding when no one said any of those are okay, then you and Tuna are on the same level of intelligence. Stfu and move on and quit bitching about unrelated KF shit.

No. 817134

NTA but yeah, spoonfeeding is against the rules so stop posting ancient milk and go read the previous threads by yourself.
Also, newfags writing wall of text after wall of text on meth and fanfictions on ~how Tuna could turn a life around~ need to be a bannable offense imo.

(Sorry for the minimod but I keep reporting them for the last few days and they're still here obviously. It's getting annoying)

No. 817140

File: 1611161625566.png (159.71 KB, 306x272, lurch.png)

>I LoVe YoU mOrE tHaN LiFe ItSeLf

No. 817144


Thanks for sharing that you're a crybaby snitch oldfag. You and Luna have a lot in common. Can we move on and quit pretending like anybody gives a fuck about your whining?

No. 817159

sometimes I just think about the post with this pic and the caption “tfw u see the big areola”

No. 817170

still gets me everytime, was scrolling saw you said it and laughed. does someone still have it for old times sake..

No. 817185

Even more disturbing is the quality of the syringe. The numbers have damn near rubbed off meaning it has been reused countless times. That bitch has gotta be riddled with hep c.

No. 817191

especially because Lurch is so old he most likely has passed on several IV-based diseases to Luna. She's going to be shocked when she finally goes to a doctor and gets tests done.

It also just dawned on me the reason why she probably has a lot of UTI related issues is her use of toilet paper as hygiene products, especially if she leaves it in/on for a while.

No. 817194

she bragged a few years ago about her and lurch being the only people without Hep C that she knows, i wonder if thats still the case

No. 817235

Hep C is no walk in the park. I doubt she wouldn't mention it or at least vaguely mention her symptoms if she had it.

No. 817243

File: 1611186448799.jpg (913.65 KB, 2048x2048, PhotoGrid_1611178042549.jpg)


Did anyone else know she's on Reddit?

The other day an anon mentioned Lurch not knowing how to shoot her up and Tuna should just go to the Needle Exchange for a free pamphlet with step by step instructions. Not surprisingly, I guess she does go. She just doesn't actually understand the concept of harm redux.


A lot of addicts reuse the same rig to hit during the same session. It can take hours to find a vein and instead of changing it every 3 jabs, a lot of addicts just keep using it until it gets clogged. Especially someone lazy like Tuna. Also, Tuna using the same rig has nothing to do with getting Hep C. Even if Tuna and Lurch shared rigs, as long as neither of them have it, they won't get it. A dull rig WILL seriously fuck up your veins and make it very hard to hit, especially considering Lurch is doing it completely wrong.
You can live a long normal life with Hep C as long as you don't drink alcohol. And now, you can get rid of Hep C (rather lower to undetectable levels) for free within 3 months.

It's great a lot of anons here are clearly not hard drug users but the tinfoiling is extremely unnecessary and spreads misinformation.

No. 817244


Most people with Hep C who don't drink experience absolutely no symptoms at all, coming from someone who had it for 15 years and at least 25-30 others that did as well. And now everyone I knew that had it including myself got the free treatment either via Medicaid or other free programs.

No. 817245

No. 817249


Tuna and Lurch might have hep, but only if they share needles with strangers. And most people don't do that anymore, thank goodness for the Needle Exchange.

No. 817251

Ah yes, how could one forget about her epic monologue here? I wonder how she feels now that she's descended even further into the rabbit hole becoming the stinky, dirty and nearly homeless junkie she denounces so firmly? Her own bias of wanting to be a functioning person in society (lol) despite her drug use really illuminates how she really feels about addiction. There was never anything glamorous about her using H. Real life or death shit, though.
Love how serious she is bragging about being a fashion icon while using yet she can't wear a bra or dress that fits her properly.

No. 817259

Does rig just mean needle? Also when she said “the register on this is beautiful” with the needle, does register just mean the amount of blood that’s in a needle?

No. 817288

Or straws, which is unlikely…I think.

No. 817293

rig does mean needle, registering means when you finally pull up some blood into the needle - confirms you're inside of a vein and can safely push down on the plunger

No. 817295

My post about lurch giving her IV-based diseases wasn't meant to spread misinfo, it's just seems very sketchy that he isn't a carrier for something. Let's face it, he's 40, probably has had many partners and probably shoots up with other people. Especially if he's a dealer or around other dealers. It's probably never crossed Tuna's mind that Lurch could easily be lying about being clean from xyz. Or that it may be a good idea to make sure everything's good by getting a checkup. I get it, she's a poor addict who has no insurance, but damn Tuna complains a lot about having uti's and other health issues.

No. 817302

Idk why but it tickles me that she uses "very tall" as a compliment

No. 817310

Has she mentioned anywhere recently about the air bnb shes supposed to be moving into in four days? Kek

No. 817359

Why would you pay for an Airbnb when you can squat for free. I'm surprised that she has managed to dodge homelessness for so many years.

No. 817362

Because where would she keep all her dirty ass stuffed animals ???

There are so many fucking decent squats with running water and electricity in NYC. About fifteen years ago I was living in a punk house out there for a few weeks. There is even a doctor that works with the needle exchange that has an office where he does tests for HIV, gives homeless junkies a clean bathroom to shoot up in, and will even demonstrate the correct way to find and hit a vein. I cannot tell you where because I was too high/drunk and it was too long ago, but nyc has so many resources it’s ridiculous. You just have to know the right people.

Those crust punks she talks so much shit about house any and everyone traveling or in a hard spot as long as they pull their weight/throw in money for beer and necessity’s etc.

No. 817370


You're completely right, although there aren't as many real squats anymore that'll let in newbies. I lived at C Squat for 5 years (which isn't a crusty squat anymore) and there aren't many open squats anymore. You gotta be close with the people there.
Yes, there are tons of resources for addicts in every major city. That's what harm redux is. It makes using safer for everyone, even non-users. Public bathrooms even have sharps containers. Tuna can easily get all her junkie supplies in a safe way and never need to share needles. The Needle Exchange also gives free naloxone and teaches you how to use it. My good friend works for the Needle Exchange in NYC and even does harm reduction graffiti murals around NYC commissioned by the city in partnership with the exchange. And the public injection sites in NYC are amazing because you can use and staff there will check on you so you won't OD. Some places will even test your dope for you to check if there's fetty in it.

Tuna can safely use and live a completely normal life… if she chose to. Even in her old Tumblr post, she pointed out someone copping from her has to go to work.

No. 817371


Lurch isn't even a dealer. He's a fucking MIDDLE MAN. Being a middle man means strangers trying to cop (like tourists) ask you where they can cop because you look shady enough to know. Then he cops for them and that's when the hustle takes place. You claim a higher price and cop a bag or 2 for yourself. Or you steal some of the dope and give them the rest. Or you get a newbie and take their money and don't come back. He can leave Tuna with the stranger while he cops and then Tuna can answer a call from Lurch and pretend he was arrested. Free money, free dope, and the stranger can't do shit other than try to find Lurch and beat him up (don't do this if you're reading it Luna, because someone will probably be able to tell they got scammed just from 1 look at your fat ass and kick your ass). Middle man-ing is the shadiest shit out there and is very common in urban cities with addicts who don't have the funds to deal or will just use all the dope they're supposed to deal. This isn't shit people do unless they're desperate and practically homeless (which I guess Luna and Lurch almost are).

No. 817373


I know Tuna used to take suboxone, but she didn't understand how to take it. She had a script since they're easy to get but she'd only take it when she'd be dope sick while she waited for more dope. And it actually takes several days of taking it for it to actually kick in and keep you from being dope sick. I think that's as far as she ever went to try to get clean. She even said the psych ward she went to gave her 10mg of suboxone but it wasn't enough and she still said she shit on herself. But she's said Lurch has been on methadone since he was 17 (and he was 33 when she made the post), so she knows where to go to get help. She just doesn't want to get help so I quit trying and now I just come here and laugh.

No. 817374


All needle exchanges and methadone and suboxone clinics have a doctor working there. It's a federal requirement for them to even operate.

No. 817375


I have never met 1 crust punk in my entire life that'll let a junkie and her junkie bf stay at their squat rent free when they're not traveling and don't have any connection to the punk community. Not gonna happen. Even C Squat won't let random stay there anymore. You have to know someone. Sorry Tuna, no crust punk is going to take care of your poser ass.

Also, most punk squats have a heroin-free policy. You can do almost any other drug there but NOT heroin. There's a stigma against it in the punk community because of how many punks are former junkies and steer clear of it.

No. 817379

how do you know that he's a middle men?

No. 817381


Because I read. >>817243

No. 817382


Seasoned addicts easily recognize middle man douches because they come at you asking if you need anything, then when you tell them, they'll ask for your money to get it for you. Local addicts who know this game will say fuck no, tell me who has it and I'll buy it myself and will walk away if the middle man doesn't point the real dealer out. So Lurch is obviously scamming tourists and casual users.

No. 817383

The middle man shit was a few years ago, I wouldn't be surprised if hes graduated to dealing, especially since that anon said he knowingly sold fent

No. 817391


Luna knowingly sold fetty too.

I reached out to my friend who works for the NYC Needle Exchange and sent him a picture of Lurch and he's been a known middle man and has even tried to create middle man deals in front of the exchange van and they told him to leave. And that was literally last year.

Lurch also doesn't have the self control to deal. Dealers give low level sellers a certain amount of bags and a free one for themselves. They expect money or dope back and Lurch would fail and get murked.

No. 817392

File: 1611239934319.jpg (93.54 KB, 905x777, Screenshot_20210121-093246_Sam…)


Old milk to prove she uses the same rig 10 times or more (which isn't uncommon with heroin addicts even if they go to the exchange) and that Rich Daddy is cured of hep like the other anon mentioned

No. 817393


I'm the anon that offered to help Luna with the methadone clinic and I can tell you officially how dumb I feel for that and will never try again. She wants this. No other drug will help her, no other people will help her. Have fun, Looney.

No. 817396

File: 1611240526624.jpg (54.76 KB, 911x212, Screenshot_20210121-094735_Sam…)


Her "poetry" is so fucking awful. But she knows she doesn't write real poetry and just rambles with line breaks… as she rambles with line breaks.

No. 817398


Luna always talks about "dissociating" while taking tons of selfies and plastering posts all over social media. Does she just not know what dissociating is?! Because I'm pretty sure none of the shit she does while "dissociating" is actually dissociating.

No. 817410

File: 1611243011771.jpg (391.01 KB, 720x3045, Ghost girl.jpg)

No. 817411

did she JUST discover snapchat filters in the year of our lord 2021? She never used them before now every pic she posts has that "make ugly girl pretty" shine filter

No. 817420


Nah, remember the old posts from 3 years ago where she took pictures using a Snapshot filter of her as a fox or some dumb eared shit and she was like, "Oh, I see why everyone likes Snapshot filters!"

She's probably just "dissociating"

No. 817421


I bet she was "gifted" all those mini desserts, just like when Amanda bratoutoffathell claimed her AirBnB neighbors gifted her mini desserts to welcome her to the "hood".

No. 817422

My favorite is the first one with her picket fence teeth peeking out below the filter so it resembles buckteeth, kek.

This is legitimately terrible, the part with the immortal man seems lifted from some song lyric and the whole thing reads as some 13 year old's attempt at slam poetry. I can't understand anons who sing praises about her poetry, I guess it appeals to people who were into ellen hopkins-esque ya novels.

No. 817426

damn, every now and then some anon posts "ackchyually, luna's poetry sucks, idk why you guys praise it". Funny how literally nobody is saying that. Once an anon posted that retarded take after like 6 posts shitting on Luna's masterpiece.

No. 817427

File: 1611247404006.jpeg (70.8 KB, 750x239, 91506A81-8042-4ED1-84D1-5EB77A…)

Spotted Luna in the wild in the illnessfakers and munchie snark subreddits.

No. 817428

File: 1611247439193.jpeg (335.09 KB, 750x1167, 082A7B95-5F0A-4CD6-91C1-6C4FC5…)

The rest of her recent posts and comments are all like this, lol

No. 817429

Welp looks like she’s got drug money for a day or two and uwu too cute crap incoming.

No. 817433

She eats pretty well. She had pizza, Chinese food, and now cheesecake within the past week. Guess she gave up on “starving herself”.

No. 817436


good to see she's still using her dead ex for sympathy points and to gatekeep.

i also saw that she was commenting on a reddit post made about another horrorcow, kelly.

No. 817438

File: 1611251055689.jpg (98.32 KB, 1008x646, luna.JPG)

I confirm she just posted this (even though I feel like she has already said this somewhere). Also lol at her description and browsing Kelly Chompurrs (?) thread. It's literally a lolcow watching another lolcow.

No. 817439

File: 1611251159295.jpg (77.49 KB, 753x436, luna2.JPG)

No. 817440


Luna loves to trot out these exaggerated sob stories, whether for pity points or to try to prove that she can't help the way she is and it's evil Mommy and Daddy's/ some dead ancestor's/some stranger's fault. It's never Looney Casserole's fault.

Her attention craving bullshit is one of the many things that makes me despise her existence.

Yet she'll also make statements like, "Stop using mental illness as an excuse to be evil!!" (Which she posted previously when referring to people saying Donald Trump is mentally ill). I don't get how she can be such a walking (or rather lazing about) contradiction and not realize everyone sees right through her shit. She uses "muh mental illness" to explain her ranting "validate me puh-lease!", her addictions, her lack of human decency, her narcissistic self-esteem, her constant attempt to rip people off… and a million other shit that's completely her fault for not doing anything to better the life she hates.

No. 817442


Looney Tooney and Amanda Bratoutoffathell have the same ability to tell long-winded stories that no one asked for in a rambling tangent from whatever the initial post was. They should be friends since they're both in NY and fat and into drugs. They could commiserate with one another and swap stories about how no one takes their extreme anorexia seriously just because they're fatties.

No. 817443

stop trying to make
>Tuna Casserole
>Looney Casserole
happen. It's not gonna happen.

No. 817446

Aside from the drama with the neighbors does this bitch even leave her squalid shack anymore? It’s like she’s a shut in . Which is fine nobody in the real world needs to put up with her, but it seems it’s been awhile since we’ve seen “uwu so cute” pictures of her anywhere but her bathroom or bed

No. 817449

She mostly lives the sedentary life of a house cat.

No. 817451

File: 1611254216366.jpeg (70.07 KB, 661x500, 2E9F5B33-FCEB-4077-8798-B7CA39…)

i found this just for u, anon

No. 817460

Ntayrt but thank you for posting this again, I had no idea which thread it was in and didn't want to have to go back through them all to find it.

No. 817479

blessed be thy name, anon.

No. 817505

File: 1611272013254.png (122.26 KB, 822x684, evil dad.png)

No. 817511

the implication that indeed only works for people with rich parents is pretty amusing. come up with a new excuse, Luna.

No. 817517

on what earth did luna apply to "over 100 jobs" sjdhdksv god damn

No. 817524

Bitch needs to stop acting like she's too good for a fast food job. Most of those places will hire anybody.

No. 817527

File: 1611284692804.png (320.13 KB, 667x840, Screenshot 2021-01-21 220455.p…)

Taken from kf. That place would be filthy as hell.

No. 817530

>i had perfect match in terms of what they needed
fucking kek. gas station attendant? i don't even think that's in the realm of possibility for her

i would kill to read a cover letter written by Tuna. unfortunately she's far too lazy to put in the bare minimum amount of effort.

No. 817544

And she would
Last a day before she ate all the snacks and emptied the register or had lurch “rob” her in a seven eleven / gas attendant job

No. 817559

gas station cashier turnover is high exactly bc of junkies like her. i’ve had junkies nod out while counting my change. they never last more than like, a month. and that’s if they don’t steal.

No. 817560

we've had this conversation a thousand times, Luna if not on a functioning level to work. Shes apparently not even on a functioning level to sell her art anymore. She couldn't keep up with the fast pace of food service and she doesnt have the people skills for retail. As long as she is on heroin, the only thing we are going to see luna do is more heroin.

No. 817570

Now funded by the federal government— your taxes hard at work.

No. 817577

Love how she's acting like that's any better, like no Tuna you were groomed and no matter what light you try to put Lurch in he's still a piece of shit

No. 817579


This reminds me of the old thread when someone reposted looney Tooney's FB post where she reposted a video of 2 junkie gas station attendants nodding off and bitched about people laughing at them. "You guuuuys, this isn't funny! Addiction is nothing to laugh at!" She probably just sees herself in that video and is mad that it could easily be a video of people laughing at her nodding off.

Hey Regina George wannabe of Lolcow, no one is trying to make anything "happen". You getting butthurt about anons calling TUNA CASSEROLE whatever they want doesn't mean your peer-pressured self should feel like you have to say that too. Your insipid post is now going to make me call her Tuna Casserole or some form of that from now on, just for you.

No. 817584

>Your insipid post is now going to make me call her Tuna Casserole or some form of that from now on, just for you.
the point of anon boards is to blend in. it's clear that you are the same angry anon sperging at everyone who disagrees and using unfunny nicknames for Luna. You do you tho.

No. 817585

You're falling for Looney's fake bullshit if you think she can't work while on heroin. There's a lot of full-time workers with way worse addictions/mental illnesses/disabilities that go to their jobs in customer service and food service. Chewy.com had people snorting and shooting drugs in the bathroom before they went remote during Covid. So did Bank of America's corporate offices in California. I even worked customer service with someone who had only 1 hand and only 2 deformed fingers on her 1 hand and she STILL answered calls and typed and worked full time.
Like we all know, Tuna's most likely applying for jobs that she's not actually qualified for or is dwarfed in experience by others. Tuna thinks she's way more talented and smart than she actually is and probably thinks she's above most customer service jobs and definitely food industry jobs.

No. 817586

If Tuna and her H.P. Lovecraft lookalike statue are such "hustlers", they should figure out how to hustle the government to get low-income housing. Especially if Lurch is legally "disabled" (which he probably isn't otherwise care navigators would have helped him find housing).

She leans on her rich Daddy's money so heavily while dogging him that it's disgusting. Either be an independent drug addict with your skinny fat loser bf who will never marry you and learn to actually hustle on your own or go back home to Daddy like the spoiled fat slob you are. Her lies and excuses are pitiful. Daddy claims her as a dependent because SHE IS dependent on him. He pays for all the dumb shit she claims she needs and even her cell phone which she says she's had since she was 10. Myself and many others didn't get a cell phone until we could afford it ourselves. I was 17 when I bought my first cell while living alone and working for $7.50/hr plus tips in a shitty food industry job, paying for my own studio in West Oakland while heavily addicted to heroin and she's had a cell since her Daddy bought it for her when she was 10 and STILL can't pay for it herself or pay for a place to live or find a job?! C'mon, you're just not trying Tuna.

No. 817588

I thought the point of anon boards was to anonymously discuss cows. I didn't know the point was to "blend in". But I guess saying Tuna Casserole doxes me so hard that she'll figure out who I am and come for me. Thanks for the heads up and for giving me the okay to do myself.

No. 817593


No. 817601

no1curr about you being a better junkie than luna, go write in your diary about it

patches anon, everyone hates you.

No. 817605


Ntayrt, but an anon uses half a sentence to mention that she was a functioning addict at 17 and pointing out that Tuna had no excuse for her bullshit crybaby stories and that's enough to trigger you to hate the anon.

Sounds like you missed the point of the post and you need some meds of your own to stabilize your misplaced anger.

No. 817613

I just stumbled on Tuna's @bimbokitten96 sw Twitter account and want to barf at seeing her fat ass showing off different angles while asking if anyone wants to play with her. No one does, Tuna.

No. 817618


I bet before the cakes and desserts run out, she's going to ask for more money for food and say she hasn't eaten in daaaays. I honestly have never seen a low-income heroin addict as fat as her, and I'm factoring in everyone from needle exchanges, food banks, and multiple urban cities.

No. 817624

File: 1611328135831.png (307.13 KB, 828x1792, B0E51064-1CEE-4533-A2BD-CBE4BF…)

the whole “my dad claimed me as a dependent” bullshit. She is just grasping for money. She doesn’t qualify as a dependent.

No. 817625

I think JC’s bloated corpse is coming in hot next to Luna though. He’s looking like a 5’2” bowling ball.
We have all seen the junk Luna eats and that’s what she eats all of the time. She isn’t starving, no matter what she wants everybody to believe. Anybody, heroin or not, that eats strictly processed or fast food will end up overweight. Plus it’s obvious she is lazy and already prone to being overweight. She’s never shown off a salad as far as I can remember or even a meal prepared at home. Of course heroin and plastic crap comes first but I think junk food probably is a close 3rd for tuna. And those damn sugar cravings from heroin are probably her hunger pains at this point.

No. 817626

Absolutely! She has been setting up a grift for awhile by saying this. She’s not a student nor is she T&P disabled and being a sedentary, lazy junkie doesn’t count. Also, “your child must be younger than you” made me think way too hard, lol.

No. 817634

No. 817658

Tuna posted burger king desserts on her snapchat(imageboard)

No. 817659

heroin, benzos and cake, great combo for an obese womans heart.

No. 817694


this is an imageboard. also learn to sage your non-contributions.

No. 817807

To be fair Snapchat will notify the person if they take a screenshot. Just download Snapchat yourself, it’s not hard.

No. 817824

File: 1611370516951.jpg (433.32 KB, 1080x1832, Screenshot_20210122-185402_Chr…)

She certainly does qualify: she makes less than $4300 per year, and dad provides more than half of her income by paying for her phone, laptop, switch, and plastic trinkets.

No. 817827

But what qualifies as actual support? Certainly not a cell phone and plastic. I think support is more like rent, electric, health care or food. Momma tuna supplied at least most of those and papa tuna would have to show proof of some of that or he’d possibly take the chance of being audited. And especially since we have so many cowtippers in the threads. Idk, I am going believe it’s a scam.

No. 817886

Luna has wised up just a little with social media, she doesn't accept everybody as friends on SC or IG.

No. 818016


Luna is supported by her dad and probably chooses to not disclose all that he covers for her since it would detract from her future begging credibility. Most of us would love to have even just our cell phones fully paid for. I'm sure he offers to pay for things she needs instead of giving her money and she chooses to use it on pointless makeup, fake nails, and Amazon clothes.
Tuna doesn't know the meaning of struggle if she's in her mid-twenties and still has never had to work a full time job. That's a very pampered lifestyle, no matter how abusive she tries to paint her dad. There's kids running away from home at 14 to get away from abusive families. Surely dad isn't an abusive piece of shit to support her grown fat ass and let her bathe and do laundry at his home and sleep over and raid his refrigerator whenever she wants. The level of spoiled she exists on while calling her dad a piece of shit is honestly nauseating.

No. 818239

so fucking lazy.

No. 818245

correct. Tuna is TOO OLD to qualify as a dependent, unless she is in school. Her dad can not claim her unless he is providing receiptst that he is paying for he rent, TREATMENT, MEDIATION, and other ADLs.
She does not qualify. She may seem as if she could due to her not making any income.
however as, >>818016 stated, daddy pays for her amazon wishlist and nothing else. she doesn’t pay rent- she isn’t in therapy, taking medication, etc.

also, here states unless she’d been diagnosed mentally incompetent to being a functional member of society (high function autistic, other disability that hinder competency, she doesn’t qualify.
Tuna is a junky “man-child” who is fishing for money. simple enough.

No. 818260


Her dad was providing her insurance coverage, and IIRC covering the costs of, at minimum, the doc visits for her Xanax script. When she was seeing a counselor I have to speculate he was also footing the bill, but I don’t remember how long ago that was, and may be irrelevant to 2019 taxes.

I wouldn’t be surprised if he was claiming her to be astudent when she isn’t, in order to claim her. Seems silly to fuck with the IRS over a comparative pittance, when you’re looking at Luna, a black hole of money that he contributes to regularly.

No. 818318

>i saw what looked like a meatball on her arm. it wasn’t obviously.
>it’s making my legs shake now
i’m sorry but why did this make me laugh so hard

No. 818365

File: 1611612117068.png (59.97 KB, 626x496, 711783905094795336.png)

>daddy pays for her amazon wishlist and nothing else. she doesn’t pay rent- she isn’t in therapy, taking medication, etc.
>also, here states unless she’d been diagnosed mentally incompetent to being a functional member of society (high function autistic, other disability that hinder competency, she doesn’t qualify.
This isn't accurate at all. Pic related, the four things IRS test to see if you're eligible to be a qualifying relative. Nothing about disability, nothing about having to pay for the persons rent. The link anon posted doesn't even mention disability or being diagnosed.

Luna had no idea she was a qualifying relative until she got screwed over by her stimulus check, I have no idea how she would have heard about it unless it affected her personally. She's on her fathers insurance and he's providing her with the majority of the things she uses (phone + bill, metro card, etc.). Her Dad's accountant is probably doing this for the sake of tax breaks.

Qualifying relatives can be stuff like single moms, it's not just retards and children.

No. 818366

samefag Im an idiot who didnt see someone posted this literally earlier today, sorry. Luna explicitly fits all of these, I don't know what anons talking about.

No. 818372

I would believe that Luna's dad is cooking his books more than Luna randomly researched US tax law. Luna probably doesnt declare her income at all, or document all the drug money she gets online.

We have no idea what Luna's dad is paying for, and I assume that the majority of the shit being bought on amazon for Luna is being counted as "financial support." All money Luna's dad spends on Luna is counted as "financial support". The IRS doesnt care about the nuanced details between "support" and "actual support."

No. 818375


And Luna can legally stay on Daddy's insurance up until she's 26 years old.

Her dad definitely pays for everything for her except for her drugs. She wouldn't make the trek in her crusty slippers to visit aBuSiVe Daddy as often as she does if she wasn't gifted makeup, Kiss press on nails, food to maintain her well insulated layer of fat, and ill-fitting clothing from China.
I still remember reading one of her old posts on Tumblr that said something like, "I HATE relying on my Dad because he's so aBuSiVe! I want a job so I can cut him off but since I'm not working I have to put up with his abuse just to survive! Thank God for Matthew and Smokey and Roger who are my REAL family!"

No. 818377


I guarantee Daddy's paying for everything she has that isn't drugs because she has no other source of income. Lurch just gives her drugs and shit he dumpster dives. She steals but probably only when she's with her dad because she doesn't look as sus when he's with her.

Daddy has no reason to falsely claim her as a dependent. I guarantee he doesn't want to lie and get audited. He works a stable job and has a stable apartment and does his taxes. It's absurd to think her well-off Dad is falsely claiming her for a measly extra couple hundred in yearly tax breaks.
What's much more likely is he pays more than half of her expenses (yes, clothes and food and cell phones and electricity counts as support) and she just doesn't tell anybody to maintain her begging, woe-is-me credibility.

No. 818424

File: 1611622332790.jpg (258.58 KB, 1080x1869, 20210125_174956.jpg)

No mention of the move to the Airbnb that was supposed to take place yesterday.

No. 818615

I bet they’re just squatting or something. No way they’d have money to pay for a years rent.

No. 818619

It baffles me just how willingly detached she is from reality. They're living on an air mattress on the floor in a barricaded room with no furniture, that they're illegally squatting in but Luna's priorities are doing her makeup, playing Switch, and posting it all to Instagram as if she's living some sort of fantasy pool-side mansion life.

No. 818669

No shit

No. 818688

File: 1611759124460.jpg (245.85 KB, 1080x1164, IMG_20210127_155015.jpg)

it kills me that she had the time to post pic related

No. 818848

The barricaded door is STILL insane to me; that's some top tier junkie behaviour. They're really not going to leave until shit starts to get ugly, and then Luna will make some sob post about omg the EVIL cops don't care about poor, starving, mentally addicts and kicked them out in the middle of winter, or something.

No. 818865

That poor fucking cat needs to be rescued

No. 818872

She looks like a "female Masker"

No. 818889

File: 1611828000621.png (754.47 KB, 675x1932, spoiled luna.png)

No. 818891

I hate how she ends all her sentences with "lol". it's just so retarded.

also genuinely worried about that cat. somebody rescue her, no pet deserves having to love in a junkie environment.

No. 818892


Tuna is a filthy sewer rat and I don't support the squalor she lives in, but let's be real here… alley cats are freezing cold, eat and dig around in garbage cans sometimes littered with used needles, constantly have to worry about getting run over or being taken to a shelter and put down, but you think Tuna's cats living at least indoors and warm should be saved? Cats are known to be content with very little and they'll be just fine with food, water, and ecstatic with warmth. Let's not pretend like her cats need to be rescued when they're doing just fine squatting with Tuna.

No. 818893

Its still goddamn sad. I get upset when my cat is nervous about eating and becomes picky. They constantly smoke and live in a dirty environment.

No. 818899

ngl I got my popcorn ready for the day when the popo eventually have to bust down that door, it is going to be wild but equally entertaining kek. She's probably going to write some shitty poetry about it afterward.

No. 818923

Just stop being melodramatic and autistic and get over it.

No. 818939

i know this is a longstanding tradition of hers but i'll never ever understand what drives her to post everything she buys online and on top of that to always feel the need to say "someone bought me these" as if random people just fall over themselves to buy her a ton of shit off her amazon wishlist (and even in that world she doesn't show a hint of gratitude)

No. 818940

There's something just so uncanny about her eyes. It's like she was hired for some 'deep web' spooky video and her face is the disturbing mask. Dunno. She's a bit unsettling at times.

No. 818945

She wants to show off what daddy Amazon bought her, hopes others will jump on bandwagon and buy her wishlist crap and still wants poor points by not admitting to using daddy Amazon account in case she needs to beg.

No. 818949

She’s always had an odd cave person looking face but going over pics of her when she was a teen, she looked alive. Now she looks like an empty vessel pretending to be human.

No. 818950

File: 1611873650634.jpg (105.28 KB, 1242x1911, tumblr_6410e0692bdc824459114e2…)

I had a good chuckle when I saw this cream from >>818889 is called Look Alive.

No. 818987

I wonder why its going to be a "lonely and depressing week".
Is Lurch leaving for a week??
Or is she going to relax at evil evil dads for a week.

No. 818998

Face after washing, cleansing etc. and she still has eye make up under her eyes. Bitch is never ever clean.

Also that 7 head is gnarly. She should have just stuck to bangs

No. 819001

her eyes are so small and beady and they're looking in different directions

No. 819047

It bothers me so much Luna always picks things that are “aesthetic” that are most likely more expensive besides elf. She could make a coffee scrub at home for almost nothing.

No. 819178

File: 1612037988801.png (253.44 KB, 511x832, 6362506A-0C9C-4A11-A476-3D7711…)

saw this on her thread on kf. cropped badly but i just wanna say: she and lurch didn’t even pick up the phone to hear the hospital say roger was dead. she and lurch “cried all night” which makes me think that they were using his social security to go buy dope and shoot up all night. and then she says they answered in the morning.

they fucking deserve each other. how horrible can you be to not even answer a call regarding a loved one’s death? they never cared about roger and that just cements it.

No. 819182

She wants to release his ashes but SHE’S so scared to let him go. Gee Luna did Roger want his ashes scattered? Because if he did then that’s what YOU should do because those aren’t your wishes. What a selfish, self centered twat.

No. 819198

He probably died alone and you couldn't even answer the phone. Its so hard to not a-log in this thread I swear.

No. 819205

Correct, they do deserve each others shitty ass company and woe is me attitudes. As >>819198 said, Roger more than likely died alone. They were more than likely strung out all night not worries about missing or ignoring calls that Roger was actively dying and / or was dead. They made his death at their own convenience

No. 819209

Newfag here. I started reading the first threads but I still don't get who Roger is. Is he her boyfriends father?

No. 819231

Shes setting the mood for her "poor me, im soooooOoOoOooo sad about roger and pepper and smokey and now Im about to be homeless PLS SEND MONEYS we promised roger we would get back on our feet and get married we cant let him down he was like a father to me pls send moneys I'm so sad pls feel bad for me"

No. 819260


lurk more retard nobody is going to spoon feed you the milk

No. 819298

>Its so hard to not a-log in this thread I swear.
I feel this so much.

No. 819306

File: 1612081539276.png (1.12 MB, 826x2036, luna.png)

No. 819307

File: 1612081814302.png (55.16 KB, 833x479, benzos.png)

No. 819310

God she’s so stupid

No. 819316

File: 1612090708829.png (2.86 MB, 1231x6138, screencapture-heavenlykitten19…)

I know AC and vidya in general are vehicles of escapism but it's still so weird to see Luna engage in it so much when her entire life is on fire and she really should be fixing it instead

No. 819332

File: 1612101975532.jpg (586.41 KB, 2756x1258, 1589510695631.jpg)

She's scared to let him go but the last time we saw his ashes, they were being treated like this.

By now the box is probably barely holding on.

No. 819333

that post about being scared to let him go is from one year ago… I wonder if she even has his ashes anymore. I would like to believe she released them but kinda hard to believe she would that without a big sad post about it.

No. 819335

I feel like the person who keeps saying this doesn't realise that whilst other people visit the farms occasionally we don't always have the time/care to search through threads for an answer to an inconsequential question.

Yes, Roger was Lurch's father. Luna occasionally mentioned that he was nice when he was alive, but it seemed to be because he let her and his junkie son live rent-free and openly shoot up in his house, as well as sharing his measly food allowances with greedy Looney. Of course now that he's died she talks about how he was like a real father to her, for the pity points and sympathy bucks.

No. 819338

She definitely wouldn't have without saying something. She kept the remains long into living with her mother so they're probably still there somewhere in the hoard.

No. 819341

>I feel like the person who keeps saying this
>the person
Okay newfag.
Nobody has the time to spoonfeed you either, read threads on your own or gtfo

No. 819362

File: 1612115191795.jpg (223.1 KB, 1080x1920, tumblr_0d26aaf8f48c46e512309ea…)

The way she badly edits her boobs bigger oh god

No. 819389

Lol she poorly edits her tits but keeps the camel toe

No. 819414

So do they have heating and electricity in that empty apartment? She hasn't complained of cold and having to go out to recharge her switch. Bit didn't the landlord cut the power?

No. 819417

In the winter months it is illegal to outright shut off heat in most parts of the country and not good as it can ruin the pipes. Also since her mom left I’m sure the bill reverted to the property as responsible parties. In other words she probably has all that and pays nothing on it. I’m curious though about what if someone in the program has been waiting for a place and they want that apartment back? If that makes sense. Tuna and her cuck don’t have a legal right there, can’t they move some rent paying type in there?

No. 819428

Going to call it now. Keep an eye on that ring because it's going to go missing for pics in the future like the last 'engagement' ring she had. They're going to sell it for drugs at some point given that now they don't have someone to leech off of.

No. 819429

she couldn't even move the litter box out of frame. christ

No. 819440

Why is she wearing her engagement ring on her right hand?

No. 819445

Maybe the image is flipped? Idk off the top of my head which hand her tooth tattoo is on.
Maybe luna is just retarded

No. 819447

this thread is the 29th for luna. some people don’t have the time to completely read through 29 threads for a single question they have. chill the fuck out, goddamn.(spoonfeeding)

No. 819449

lmao are you kidding me? this is tuna we are talking about. i’m surprised she has a litter box at all.
How much do you think they’ll get for that gum all machine ring? 25 bucks?

No. 819451


I went to her dream address in AC yesterday and her island is so cluttered with random shit that it's really difficult to navigate. If she ever gets a permanent RL house it's going to become a hoarder nightmare in under a year.

No. 819452

well that's your problem. spoonfeed requests are against board culture. integrate or shut up.
she was already doing her best to clutter roger's apartment and her mom's room

No. 819454

File: 1612177788934.jpg (515.86 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20210201-110840_rif…)

Luna has posted on reddit in the past day or so but otherwise seems pretty quiet. Guess Lurch's stimulus money is keeping them comfortable with dope and Chinese food.

A part of integration is anonymity yet its easy as fuck to see you made all these posts.

Stop sperging about the rules and clogging up the thread.

No. 819471

The detail of the phone ringing all night is horrifying. If he was close to his last moments the hospital may have been trying to make a point of contact. Why weren't they with him anyhow? Didn't she say he died "suddenly" and "unexpectedly" despite his longterm illness that left him decaying on that mattress on the floor? They didn't go to the hospital with him but they They seriously waited all night to answer a phone because they "knew". And the disrespect to Roger's ashes is icing on the shit cake.

How fucking sad. I mean the guy couldn't be a total prize because he fathered Lurch but what an awful way to go out and be treated after death all around.

No. 819496

I really don't get the logic behind letting the phone ring throughout the night. That's, in my opinion, even more horrifying than picking up the phone and hearing the bad news. I know people's minds work in different ways when it comes to death and grief but what the fuck. I really don't get why they (or at least Lurch, though Roger was supposedly Luna's real father figure, so…) weren't with him or at least at the hospital during his final moments.
I also somehow feel for the hospital staff that had to keep calling over and over and over again, especially if they were supposed to inform at first that Roger is dying and that they should come ASAP to say goodbye. And those dumb fucks didn't pick up because they couldn't, they just didn't want to. Dear God.

No. 819503

Former hospice worker here and we would always call next of kin when they were getting close to death, not just after they died. Lurch and Tuna are unemployed bums that had no excuse not to be there with him. Tuna never loved him "uwu like a father". She only loved the free place to live and shoot up. She mourned her "99% of belongings" lost more than she mourned him at the time.

No. 819513

I was going to say that most hospice workers can tell when it’s the last few hours. They were definitely calling to have them come in so roger didn’t die alone. Luna and lurch are disgusting humans.
Btw, thank you for being a hospice worker, I can only imagine how difficult of a job that must be. And then you have to deal with the Luna’s and lurch’s of the world.

No. 819524

This is morbid and I wish her no harm but she will probably die alone just like Roger did

No. 819576

and since she lost “99% of her belongings” they also probably left behind several items of Roger’s. photos, letters, clothes. I’m willing to bet the only thing left of Roger’s entire existence is the box of ashes they leave papers on top of.

No. 819579


Yes it is VERY horrifying and let's also remember that around the time he was dying, Tuna:

A) scammed several hundred bucks a throw (multiple times) to "visit Roger in hospital/hospice uwu", THEN

B) scammed over $1500 for a proper cremation / goodbye service (which obviously didn't happen as he sat in a box), and THEN

C) scammed over $500 for rent "because I'm sad Roger died uwu" (which wasn't paid, as Tuna and Lurch were evicted in May 2018 for failing to pay rent whatsoever starting in Feb. 2018)

…yet, in the end, every cent Tuna scammed from the gullible idjits willing to tolerate her incessant, haranguing PMs and woe-is-me status updates / narcissistic requests for validation went directly into Tuna's arm.

…Well, unless it went into Pedo Lurch's arm, of course, kek.

No. 819581

I didn't follow her threads back then but this is so much worse than what I thought happened. The fact that they didn't even go visit him on his death bed is just awful

No. 819586

Im sure they were either too nice and high or too dopesick to answer the phone the night he died.

No. 819587

i'm not wk her but given both of their lives and habits that we see, i can see them not wanting to answer bc "it makes it real" and they have to step up and be responsible. even though that just translated into a fkn gofundme.

No. 819590


Girl, be GLAD you missed that era. Cause then you also would've had to see the pix of him rotting away on a mouldering mattress on the floor, arms covered in pressure sores, while Tuna stole multiple boxes of pillows, foam support pads, proper winter blankets, etc. that Roger's good friend brought over to make his final days on Earth a bit more comfortable…and promptly brought them to her hoard so she and Lurch could eat on / allow catshit on / fuck on / shoot up on them. Meanwhile Roger deteriorated fast, from a minor cold to hospice to dead in a matter of days.

(It was depressing as hell, and the pix of his last days only underscore that. Only worth [re]visiting if u wanna ruin your night, TBH.)


Bingo & bingo. You can see this equally in how she lives today. She was told the clock was ticking on "Aboosive" Mama Tuna's abode over 2 months ago but what does she and her Dream-Lover do? Laze away their days playing vidya in a morphine dreamworld. Reality shall come knocking soon, and it remains to be seen if she answers the call in proper fashion…but the smart money's gonna be on NAAAAAH!

No. 819597


> "their"

No. 819598

hi Luna(hi cow)

No. 819606

What did the post say? It has been deleted

No. 819612

Definitely want to know too.
Tuna can’t deal mentally with coming here so if anon’s thought she has graced us with her company we want to know.

No. 819613


there was no basis for anons 'hi luna'. it was just word salad that anon rightfully deleted.

No. 819618

>replying to some of the talk above from last month I met luna's mom back in 2010 and she seemed pretty out of it… Also Luna's grandma p much killed herself by not pursuing treatment for treatable cancer I'm pretty sure, so it's definitely inaccurate to say that she just had it easy. sure it was an affluent town but she def had it rough

No. 819630

File: 1612258660383.jpg (135.49 KB, 1229x1269, 22022021103502.jpg)

is this a shred of self-awareness?

No. 819631

File: 1612258687689.jpg (159.07 KB, 1080x1286, IMG_20210202_103658.jpg)

No. 819635

File: 1612265393251.png (17.39 KB, 778x633, funeral1996.png)

her twitter's gone

No. 819645

Lmao bitch what?!? You never leave your house anyways unless youre lucky enough and Lurch lets you come with to score dope.

No. 819647

She changed the handle to @offthebone1996

No. 819663

new york state just had record snowfalls. many people were indeed snowed in. anons do five seconds of research before looking stupid challenge

No. 819669

Lmao right? Yesterday was business as usual for her despite the snow.

No. 819670

I'm pretty sure they meant that since luna never fucking goes outside, she had nothing to be snowed in from (I quote, "You never leave your house anyways"). But please, go on more p0wning an0n spergs because those are always GREAT contributions to a thread, you fucking potato on legs with no reading comprehension.

OnT: Did we ever get a date on when they were supposed to get evicted? It's been what, a month since we last saw Luna's mom leave with her stuff (the MHA sperg video)? two months since luna first started freaking out?

given her calm posting I assume the EVICTION has been postponed a bit, but what do people think about the possibility of a 2021 eviction saga

No. 819671

If Google serves me right, it looks like she will be holed up in the apartment until February 26th with the eviction moratorium in the state, since they postponed most evictions and foreclosures. She could still be removed earlier if the landlord has probable cause, but she has another month or so. I doubt she could delay it further.

No. 819674

And Roger's friends bringing him nice stuff which Luna intercepted and kept. Presumably because she just loved him so much uwu.

No. 819681

I think they extended the moratorium until May so I think it will be awhile. The courts are so backed up with evictions that the chances of them getting to court anytime soon is nil. But as soon as it gets to court it won’t be long afterwards because we know they won’t show or have a lawyer.

No. 819692

Don't forget Luna moved into Roger's room (when he was sleeping on a mattress on the floor) and basically redid his entire room to suit her and stayed in his bedroom while Roger was in care dying. She took over everything he owned before he was even dead.

No. 819737

File: 1612316678340.png (787.02 KB, 1080x1920, 003083AD-D59C-4AD5-BB93-D7EC09…)

also don’t forget about her begging for compliments on her “sexy” selfies while roger was dying

No. 819844

>>819737 Man, I was there for the whole Roger thing and I remember her acting a fool, but fuck I forgot this post. How self-centered can you be? And beyond Roger, she really asking these people to post their sexy selfies but ONLY if they "validate [her] first" lmao jesus christ.

When she finally gets kicked out of this place she's squatting in, it'll be glorious. Might be a while of course due to Corona-chan, but best believe MHA is gonna have her ass out of there at the first possible opportunity.

No. 819848

I didn't make those posts so what the fuck are you on about? Take a break from the computer if you're starting to think that everyone is the same person.

Also, that screenshot was already posted, newfag. >>819307

I wonder if Lurch is gonna go full retard on the landlord like he did on his fellow junkies.

Can't forget the cremation gofundme and her guilt-tripping people for not donating to it. I wonder what excuse she'll try this time for money before they're evicted. "I need to give Roger's ashes a nice home. He was like a father to me, the best father I never had. My fiance and I have bum knees and we had two cats but I loved Roger and his box of ashes deserves a nice two bedroom home."

No. 819861

Something that’s been annoying me about this is that MHA housing is surely the sort to have a long waiting list. Some poor person probably badly needs that apartment, and instead it’s being infested by the gruesome twosome and their mouldy plushies.

No. 819911

File: 1612390747940.jpg (868.59 KB, 2268x4032, MoaiMeSnow2021.jpg)

This belongs here

No. 819938

File: 1612396320145.jpeg (Spoiler Image,66.55 KB, 700x525, C3954E9C-7EB9-415B-887D-D83619…)

>when you see the big snow areola

No. 819958

the fact that roger's ashes were one of the 10% of belongings they bought over to mama tuna's home make me wonder what the fuck they were doing outside of the flat with it when they got locked out

No. 819962

The best I recall they knew they were getting evicted and started to move stuff. Luna posted a picture of her holding the box with the remains while they were bagging up stuff. Then they came back later to get the rest and the landlord had locked them out which started her crying over losing so much of her garbage.

No. 819964

ah yeah, i had completely forgotten that! surprised they prioritized the ashes over some sanrio bullshit, maybe deep down they have a heart… (or it was the least heavy box to move kek)

No. 819965

Doubt it. Once they moved into Mama Tuna's place his box of remains ended up a dumping ground for anything they didn't have room for. Luna used it as a place to set her laptop in one of of the pics.

No. 819971

Yeah. Just the fact that they left it in that box says they don't care. Even if they couldn't find a cheap urn, they could have moved the ashes into a different container, one that is more sturdy, if not prettier.

No. 819990

File: 1612412336514.png (1.11 MB, 1280x1200, Picture1.png)

I read the whole thread and didn't see anything about this. Lurch got arrested again on Jan 4. One of those charges is for a weapon so he might be in trouble.

No. 819991

Kek that not guilty.

No. 819994

Surprised Luna didn't have a meltdown over this

No. 819995

I'm cackling, anons. It was only a matter of time. Lurch in jail saga when? If he goes away maybe she'd have some hope of getting clean.

No. 819998

So was he arrested and released, and now just awaiting court dates?
How does the arrest date line up with the social worker and cops being there…
Did she not even post anything vague and cryptic on the date of the arrest…? Fucking strange.

No. 819999

Luna said the cops raided their room and found a knife and called it weapon possession.

No. 820000

According to the court info, he was released ROR

No. 820009

Isn't this confirmation that the police was at their place? Which means they are aware of them and will boot them out?

What I wonder about, do they have a working lock? The weirdest shit was that pitiful 'barricade' they built. One swift kick would have anyone in within he first try.

That being noted, Luna is lucky she hasn't gotten anything (that we know of) pinned on her legally. But it is just a question of time.

No. 820046

Why do anons cling to this weird fantasy? Projection? And what would she supposedly even do if she did get clean? Sports journalism?

No. 820049

I know anons think Luna wouldn’t get clean if Lurch got banged up/died/whatever, and I def think she’d carry on popping benzos, but would she really be able to cop dope on her own?
Sure, she has contacts, but I’ve always been under the impression that Lurch goes out to hustle and she sits in the house and waits for him to return.

No. 820058

I think she would likely go to the block where he picks up, and attempt to score, but be ripped off or busted by the cops very quickly. She doesn’t seem to have any stealth or awareness of how obvious she is. Sage for speculation.

No. 820068


1. she's reallly fucking lazy, so maybe she'd just stop out and get doted by her dad or some shit. Write bad poetry abt this time on her life, get it published + shill it like she wasn't a problem herself


2. go on tinder or something + find another junkie/an actual dealer (is there a junkie dating app? feels like there is), rinse and repeat

No. 820071

it isn't just dope, luna said herself that her entire personality since she was 12 has been being a drug user. If lurch left, shed spam Heroin Bunnies on Fb until somebody ripped her off. Even if she got off dope she'll never get off benzos and shell always be stunted at the age where her drug abuse started. Her only hope is to spend some time peddling ass on the streets (because if the piss-drinking and phone call to her dad wasnt rock bottom that probably ill be) and write a recover memoir once shes too used up to turn tricks.

No. 820090

Realistically, what would Luna do if clean? I can't imagine her without the junkie identity and neither can she.

If sober, what would she do? She wouldn't be sober by her own volition for one. We have seen her shift in her drug use but it has always been consistent. What would push her to get sober? I don't think there would be anything for her to get sober to. In her current stasis with Lurch,she won't get pregnant because they don't fuck. She has already overdosed and that didn't make her sober up. If Lurch dies, she'll find a heroin sadboy to shackle up with. After all, before Lurch was Peter. Her only past interest was drawing but she had made sure to point out you can be a successful artist on heroin. Same with poetry.

If Lurch would be sent to prison and Luna be forced into rehab by her dad, shed be back using as soon as Lurch gets out. After all, an almost husband in jail for drugs is as romantic as it gets.

What would really break her would be her being sent to jail. But there's a long way for her to get there because in her only stroke of cleverness, she has had Lurch do all the dirty work.

No. 820108

File: 1612470392641.jpg (361.21 KB, 1025x3115, codependent abusive vibez pt11…)

some more milk I saw on kf. I don't ever remember seeing these on a thread on here. really shows off how rocky and fragile her amazing perfect relationship really is.

she was also claiming her mom hit lurch? and admits that lurch was giving her mom scripts.

No. 820109

File: 1612470472627.jpg (288.79 KB, 957x2415, codependent abusive vibez pt22…)

here's the second part.

No. 820115

Kek, a healthy concern

No. 820133

It might be sadistic of me but I hope he gets jail time just so we can see Luna spiral. She's going to become totally unhinged and latch onto the first druggie that walks past her for Lurch 2.0

No. 820157

>she called him a pedophile
tuna mama would be based had she not let the grooming happen on her eyes

No. 820203

Need all of you to know that I’m still haunted by the image of lurch parting her rancid cheeks like the red sea and unblinkingly staring into the camera. The moment her rolled up toilet paper pad fell from between her cheeks like a ghost turd just plays on a loop in my mind with no warning.

No. 820204

Goddammit, I was just starting to forget about that. Out of all the gross shit she has posted online, I think that video is the most offensive to the senses. Idk. What do you guys think?

No. 820215

my browser crashed the last 2 threads and I didn't get to see this. do i want to puke tonight? did she actually film a totally legit ~sexy~ commission with a pad?

No. 820219

Oh yes, anon. There's sad, unenthusiastic humping too. I'd skip that part and just watch the ass slapping/pad drop video because at least it's lulzy.

No. 820224


The best (worst) part in gif form:

No. 820227

i've seen this gif before and it still made me gasp. her legs! the tp! lurch's unflinching gaze! god bless the anon that shared this.

No. 820273

File: 1612516719041.jpg (366.5 KB, 1080x2549, 05022021101802.jpg)

No. 820280

File: 1612525732014.jpg (48.27 KB, 540x960, tumblr_7e17ecc1d2173c0f337e9f3…)

It's a shame Luna found filters, this looks so fucking weird I can't imagine what this looks like unedited. The pants so thin.

No. 820297

Her posing in front of their shitty barricade. Give it another two months and it'll be warm enough for their utilities to be shut off. Seems the only thing that really gets to her is not having electricity.

No. 820333

That kind of material shows every little bump and crevice. I don’t see any panty lines so I’m assuming she’s going commando. I can only imagine what she looks like from the back ugh

No. 820365

It was gross seeing it fall out her ass, but at least there wasn't any visible blood on it or some other bodily splooge. I guess lol.

No. 820377

>…but at least there wasn't any visible blood on it or some other bodily splooge.

Ah yes, the standard.

No. 820406

Huh. 16th is the date to look out for, hopefully a good Luna sperg'll come from it.
How long until those paints are covered in mystery stains and grime?

No. 820410

maybe i’m just getting too overly invested, but i can’t handle it every time i see Tuna posting the contents of her latest cheap cheap amazon haul courtesy of daddy’s credit card, posing in an apartment they’re illegally living in, yet somehow not been thrown out of yet (?) and therefore not having to pay rent or bills.
i mean, i know there’s a moratorium, but they’ve been illegally fucking living there for what, two years? it’s not as if it’s standard residential housing where squatters rights apply. i’m not too clued up on MHA housing but SURELY you can’t claim squatters rights there? besides, like an anon above said, there’s surely a big waiting list for that kind of housing…. not an NY anon so idk what the situation is there but i’m assuming there must be quite a demand for MHA apartments. someone who really needs that safe place to live could literally be on the streets whilst Tuna and Lurch slob about in there.
i mean, what the fuck were they doing the past 2 years? they’ve never worked a day in their lives (unless you count Lurch’s stint as a mathematical baseball genius. and “sex work” doesn’t count lel). were they just expecting a cheap cheap three bed two bath apartment to fall into their laps?

No. 820442

I think squatters rights do apply to them since they've lived there for over a year. There's a reason they haven't been forcibly removed yet

No. 820454

It's been 3 years since Roger died >>819178. And they squatted at his place until May 2018 when Mama Tuna took them in.

No. 820471


lettuce edges kek. i sometimes wonder if she's so high she thinks "close enough to the word I'm thinking of", uses mainly autocorrect, or if she's fried her brain so bad she's barely literate anymore

No. 820472


I'm a dumbass it's an actual term. rest of comment still applies though

No. 820477

forever21 aka she lifted these.
good lord luna, stop giving yourself away so easily. we all know you can't even afford f21 prices.
get outta here with that shit. get a fuckin job already.

No. 820480

this is what i’m wondering, though - do squatters rights apply to MHA housing? since it’s not normal residential housing

No. 820481

All else aside, to be considered squatters, they'd have to be maintaining the property (pffttt) and using it normally, not barricading the door. It's a moot point either way. Corona is what will be slowing it down.

No. 820505

FYI that kind of hem is indeed called lettuce hem

No. 820520

Thanks anon for the reminder. I dont even lurk the Luna threads and that gif still lives rent free in my head.

No. 820587

File: 1612667467419.png (733.78 KB, 1784x1144, f21212121.png)

good lord how does she make these pants look like that

No. 820592

This is dumb.. she’s fat what do you expect. Honestly, I thought I was in snow and this was some 4 year old cow I that had 300 posts in her thread someone necro’d about how her drugged out face and ana body could get modeling gig

No. 820642

File: 1612716230050.webm (1.64 MB, 720x1280, tumblr_qo4zsd6IvA1xxzxb4.webm)

>i thought i looked cute but i was just stoned lol but enjoying my skincare stuffs

No. 820649

For a second she looked actual human until she smiled at the end. Those filters working Double overtime

No. 820659

Why is there a bit missing out of her eyebrow

No. 820660


I was scared right off the bat. She looks fucking strange to me. Her fucked up eyes and her quick, jerky movements?

No. 820668

I know about dysmorphia but is there something else where people think they look a lot better than they actually look? It’s like a cow trait, Luna, icky Vicky, shayna, TND…
Luna insists on spending a ton of money on very unflattering clothes, then taking selfie’s in awkward crackhead poses. This does not look good at all, it looks terrible and gross actually. I thought she had dysmorphia too?

No. 820675

She pushed that lipstick against her lips with all of her might… wonder if that's part of why it always seems crusty and cakey around them.

No. 820678

I've never seen anyone who looks worse when they smile, but Tuna manages it.

I actually think she looks okay in the video, she looks a lot better without her slapdash makeup and the patchy brows are better than the monstrosities she paints on.

Those aren't just squiffy stoned eyes though, considering this is her in the morning, she's damn near asleep.

No. 820680

The way she furiously scrubs the eye cream into her eyes, then rubs the excess off on her hair

No. 820688

>high on weed
>pinpoint pupils
okay luna

No. 820695

I wonder if she has trich or drugs triggered an episode or something

No. 820778

I agree she looks way better without makeup here but I also agree filters are working overtime so idk

No. 820780

nah you can see the outline of her panties plain as day, they look to be white and def don't seem to fit her proper lmao.

No. 820811

maybe an unpopular opinion but i actually think she looks better in the pants than the model (i’m not WKing, i don’t think she looks GOOD but they fit better than the model in my opinion)

No. 820822

File: 1612791062123.jpg (200 KB, 861x1576, Screenshot_20210208-082349_Sam…)


You'd think she wouldn't bare her snaggle-toothed grin in an effort to not resemble a fat Gollum, but then she really goes there. What a creepy, ugly smile. Without the hard-working filters, I can just imagine her mustache framing her extremely chapped lips, her yellow snaggle-toothed grin, and her dry, picked apart skin. She must really look like a scary nightmare in the daylight and a child-eating monster at night.

No. 820823


That was painful to watch. She just smashed it onto her lips and crinkled her lips instead of trying to make it a smooth surface for a clean application.

She's actually just contributing to her puffy eyes by rubbing eye cream in a random circle on her eye. Leave it to Tuna to not understand lymphatic drainage and how applying eye cream like that will contribute to wrinkles and puffiness. Dumbass.

No. 820824


Yeah, that's a very unpopular opinion. I don't think Luna's fat ass and rolls look good in form-fitting pants, ESPECIALLY in comparison to the slender, proportionate model who doesn't have the dimensions of a linebacker.

No. 820835

File: 1612795426673.jpg (1.09 MB, 1080x6275, u08022021154301.jpg)

No. 820837

I think it's lip balm

No. 820846


>>Matthew got us matching shirts

You mean grabbed two off a rack on the way by right? Wow what a provider!

No. 820857

i wanna know why he’s not stolen her an engagement ring yet…. sorry, ‘bought’

No. 820860

They got one from her dad that was a family heirloom

No. 820873

So what? If Lurch cared, there would be no need for Daddy Tuna to give her an engagement ring because Lurch would have stolenit one way or another.

No. 820882

that's a bit presumptuous. his main concern is more opiates, risking arrest stealing a pricey ring for a woman who is clearly fine to coast along with trinkets isn't conducive to that

No. 820885

I swear there's no one on earth who would look good with that purple lipstick

No. 820886

thats because our brains associate cool colors on the lips with dead bodies. On a primal level, it frightens us.

No. 820887

i think a red lip would really suit her, but that’s like the one colour she never wears

No. 820896

there’s a few photos of her with a red lip throughout all these threads and if i remember, she looked actually really great with it. chubby teenage Luna looked okay with red lipstick but it really suits her pale and ghastly complexion.

No. 820897

maybe i’m being too optimistic and naive but I think there’s a good chance they actually buy a few of the things Luna posts online. I imagine whenever they get a little bit extra money leftover after the drug dealing is done, they’re both so irresponsible and short sighted that they immediately buy shitty clothes or dollar store bullshit.

No. 820906

I wanna kms now, thx.

No. 820915

There is no "leftover money" when you're a junkie. Anything and everything goes towards drugs and cigarettes.

No. 820928

File: 1612845958621.png (64.55 KB, 554x502, Screenshot 2021-02-08 at 9.43.…)

More empty promises and parent bashing. So just more of the same, I guess.

No. 820929

Yep, this is just what she does every few months.

No. 820932

Oh fuck, her dad relapsed? There goes her financial support.

No. 820938

Highly doubt he relapsed now, she's just dredging up things from the distant past to bitch about because she's mad her parents don't house her adult ass anymore. She's talking about what her mother did when she was a child ffs. The relapse she's talking about is equally ancient, for sure.

No. 820939

her father has relapsed right around the time her mom has disappeared from her life and she can’t depend on her for drugs or money anymore. strange.

also her chest pain is probably heartburn or just her chest nerves being pinched. nothing serious but of course she’s gotta be so melodramatic. and then she’s gonna go to a doctor, taking up resources when 99% of her health problems are due to drugs or a poor diet.

No. 820941


highlight ya goddamm screens

No. 820944


Yea for
Some reason I seriously doubt the mans relapsed at all- I’m pretty certain she would have gone on and on about it and not some “poor me” mention in a rant.

No. 820954

In tuna speak… She probably means that he got a prescription that was legally prescribed to him by a doctor and instead of giving them alllll to tuna, hes taking his prescribed daily dose.
How can you believe anything she says anymore? She's a huge liar.

No. 820955

Interesting point about her dad having a prescription. Wasnt half of Luna’s benzo supply coming from her mom’s script? I wonder what’s happening with that now it’s no longer an option

No. 820959

Probably the reason she’s super motivated to get her Medicaid and go doctor shopping.

No. 820961

that’s weird because she says that she gets benzos from her mom multiple times but then in a conversation she has on messenger further up this thread, she says that her mom basically stole matthew’s scripts. i’m guessing that has to be a script for benzos bc they don’t really take anything else but benzos and dope.

and then if i remember right, her dad had a benzo script and she would just take a couple of his xans whenever she stayed over at his apartment. i know there’s a pic of her taking a bath at his place with a couple of tabs on her tongue.

so like, where are all the benzos actually coming from? is it three different people at once? i’m not sure luna is actually being honest about whose xans she’s actually taking.

No. 820962


being "honest" about who's shes taking doesn't matter - they still aren't hers.

No. 820973

Although Luna is a liar and can't keep her stories straight, in this case it seems like at least her mum and dad have scripts and she siphons off their supply. Lurch can obviously cop them, and as Luna's mother's former dealer, makes sense that him and her might swap and trade drugs from time to time. And like >>820962 says, whoever it's coming from at any given time, there's Luna with her hand out.

No. 820984

I don’t understand why they don’t just order xans (and anything else they fancy) off the darkweb. It’s much less hassle than ‘borrowing’ other people’s, I’m honestly surprised they haven’t tried to cop off there

No. 820987

Luna's not exactly precise with her language, but she used the present tense 'has relapsed and is acting', which suggests that he's currently relapsed. I'm sure she'll start complaining about it more extensively if this is the case.

No. 820988

That would require a more complex understanding of how to use the internet than a typical lolcow possesses.

No. 821007

she has some cheek to be complaining about her dad relapsing when her & lurch, two active addicts, moved in with her mother, a recovering addict, and (presumably) used in front of her and left their paraphernalia out, causing her to relapse. But whatever, dad = Evil and Bad!!

No. 821011

bc she gets her connections through matthew and that dude has no idea how the internet works. he can barely run a twitter or facebook. he would royally fuck up if he tried to go on the dark web to order drugs.

No. 821035


She'd probably end up like the 16 yr old kid of the OWN network host that recently OD'd and died from taking Xanax cut with fentanyl that was "delivered" to the house from a dealer he met on social media.

The dark web isn't the best place to buy legit drugs… Luna is probably better off copping through familiar sources. Like Lurch.

No. 821051


It's also easy as shit to cop anything you want in this area at the nearest needle exchange or methadone clinic. The New Ro addy where Tuna's squatting is within walking distance of a clinic (boo-hoo "bad leg" Lurch no doubt walks more than a mile each day just to cop), and is on a train line to a fuckton of them in NYC proper.

Not just opiates, benzos of all kinds, too—easy as fuck to cop around a clinic or needle exchange. Tuna claims her precious fuckboy has been on the clinic program since age 17 despite being unable to kick his dependency on illicit benzos or smack WHATSOEVER in that time. I don't believe a word she says w/out proof (for several reasons, re: his behavior vs. what regional clinics will tolerate), but rest assured his rotting corpse ass can find whatever they need. And he can teach even someone as inept and obvious as her to find it, too. Desperation breeds all kinds of "ingenuity" for your typical junkie!

No. 821053

Oh and also: In and around NYC, it's pretty damn easy to find a delivery service for heroin if you want. You will pay slightly more for the convenience, especially if you get a discount for being a middle (which Lurch probably does, at least sometimes) but you can get discounts for ordering in bulk and it's a hell of a lot safer for Tuna than trying to cop on the street.

No. 821065

Wtf are you talking about? Lurch is a mathematical genius, remember. Navigating the internet is child’s play for Isaac Newton over here.

No. 821093

I’m so glad I clicked the reply, I LOLed all over again. I swear to god Lurch isn’t even a real person he’s like a minor character from a Safdie Brothers movie given life

No. 821094

technically, it was through snapchat he bought drugs. Same thing, either way.

No. 821145

He’s like an urban legend, I refuse to believe he really exists

No. 821183

I felt this way for ages. Last year I heard his voice for the first time and was really confused that he sounded normal and not like a cursed ancient artifact.

No. 821184

Did you guys know she was conceived on the steps of a methadone clinic??

No. 821185

File: 1612984168871.png (161.77 KB, 1242x2208, 6FB509B6-A70B-4F06-AC77-466C0D…)

Derp, forgot to post the screenshot

No. 821188

How can we forget? She NEVER stops talking about it

No. 821189

I just love how she has to emphasise that it was on the stairs…. imagine being some poor soul walking into the clinic mid-withdrawals and seeing these two bonking in full sight

No. 821284

Fucking kek

No. 821395

File: 1613051323550.jpg (434.09 KB, 1080x1459, IMG_20210211_144737.jpg)


No. 821447

File: 1613073655098.jpg (362.18 KB, 972x2509, Screenshot_20210211-145937_Sam…)

Our poor starving, emaciated, abused heroine on heroin.

Her body shape resembles an ice cream cone, just like those overweight middle-aged women.

No. 821448


That shirt looks like it has blood stains on it from squirting out of a rig. She's nauseating to look at.

No. 821452

The lace up part really accentuates her fupa

No. 821455

File: 1613075617101.jpg (482.9 KB, 1782x3622, cheap.jpg)

a CHEAP keychain on a pair of airpods, if there was ever a better metaphor for luna's shopping habits

No. 821504


This bitch buys more useless trinkets and crap than someone with a steady job and income. BUT IT WAS CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP

No. 821510

If she actually saved her money, perhaps she could buy something she didn’t deem as “cheap”

No. 821517

She’s right by the Bronx. It’s life as usual in all the boroughs. She won’t have any trouble at all especially if she starts street walking.

No. 821535

File: 1613131297151.jpg (185.44 KB, 1080x1181, Screenshot_20210212-070000_Sam…)

Is this REALLY hArD thing not posting selfies and begging for validation for 24 hours? Or not stealing cheap shit? Or not bashing your eViL dad for taking care of your grown ass? Losing weight?

Guarantee it's going to be an attempt to kick either benzos or opiates "cold turkey" aka probably just taking other drugs to get through it.

No. 821536

File: 1613131413631.jpg (432.08 KB, 1080x1714, Screenshot_20210212-070337_Sam…)

This is going to be so filthy and disgusting like her nasty My Melody plushie in a day.

No. 821537

File: 1613131535131.jpg (661.45 KB, 1080x1890, Screenshot_20210212-070535_Sam…)

She sounds like a bird, constantly chirping cheap, cheap, CHEAP!

No. 821538


Nobody cares about her reviews of cHeAp shit because nobody would want that ugly shit. Everything she posts to try to convey this babygirl kawaii aesthetic she loves so much makes her look comically gross. She's filthy and can't keep anything clean yet she wears hideous pastel loungewear. She should just embrace a scummy gutter punk look because at least she could just continue with her current hygiene and layer of filth.

No. 821553

ot but what did you use to cap this? Ever since stalkr.me stopped working I've been looking for an alternative.

No. 821557

File: 1613141044552.jpg (353.16 KB, 1080x1698, IMG_20210212_154334.jpg)

do i even want an explanation

No. 821566

pumpkin cares not for luna and sees her as a food dispenser and climbing toy

No. 821568

she's probably talking dying her hair pink lol

No. 821576

yeahl but why would you take a photo and publish it on your blog? This seems like the kind of thing you should leave for your secret diary… unless you are writing a quirky memoir about your pet and you have both the talent and the range to pull it off

No. 821577

I’m maybe wayyyy off, but I feel like she could be talking about street walking. I mean, detoxing was the first & most likely thing that came to mind, but surely she’d mention that in more detail, considering when she attempted to detox before she mentioned it? Idk, for her sake I really hope it isn’t that

No. 821581


"Street walking" makes no sense. She wouldn't do that for only a week. And this day in age you advertise online and then get contacted. This tinfoil is as comically absurd as Luna getting a job.

Btw, you're responding to no one so maybe consider learning how to before posting nonsensical tinfoils directed at nobody.

No. 821582


Screenshots from Tumbex.com.

No. 821583

bc apparently her other cats never did that kind of shit and she thinks it means that pumpkin won't eat her corpse after she's OD'd. She's wrong.

No. 821585

Stop nitpicking. I wasn’t responding to anyone in particular hence why I didn’t reply to anyone.
But yeah on second thoughts it’s not as likely. (I did say it’s probably way off in fairness.) Detoxing is probably much more likely

No. 821586

Also street walking, as in actually going and standing in red light/notorious areas, is very much still a thing even nowadays kek

No. 821590

I’m pretty sure Luna said just the other day that this week would be lonely and stressful too. My tinfoil is that lurch is heading to detox because of his recent arrest.

No. 821591

Might be onto something there anon. Lurch is gonna be attending a virtual trial date on Tuesday according to caps here >>819990

No. 821601

File: 1613158133350.png (4.44 MB, 1152x2048, 002537EF-3388-4ADE-9BF3-B4189C…)

Jesus..wtf is this dye job?

No. 821607

Ngl I kind of love it

No. 821609

Anon at >>821568 called it lmao

No. 821613

She was talking about getting state health insurance or whatever and setting up doc appointments so she probably has to deotx so she can piss clean so she can get xanny and whatever else scripts shes doc shopping for

No. 821616

She seriously didn't bother combing the dye into the back of her hair? Also how did she wash the dye out if her water has been shut off? If she has access to water she really shouldn't be as grimey as she is.

This kills me. Lurch is possibly getting locked up soon and here Luna is dyeing her hair pink after a crisis like it's high school. She hasn't bragged about looking for a job or an apartment like she usually does which leads me to believe her dad has offered to take her in. Especially if Lurch is going to detox/jail.

No. 821618

Actually I could see this, maybe she’s going to stay with eeeeeeeevil father while lurch is detoxing/in jail and she’s just hyping herself up for the cushy life she will have for a week, but because papa Luna is the ultimate bad guy it’s ~scary~ for her, forgetting all the times she’s wilfully gone there for free food, baths, weed, xans, “gifts” and all the other shit she proudly would steal from him

No. 821627

File: 1613172693037.jpg (518.69 KB, 1052x1736, IMG_20210213_003135.jpg)