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File: 1461198683792.png (272.2 KB, 615x437, Evi plan planned for many mont…)

No. 262142

Last time on River Kappas Gone Wild:


Margaret has a little over two weeks until her visa expires. She's currently couch surfing somewhere in Tokyo while spamming instagram with pictures from her brief jaunt across Nippon in search of Manaki's parents, and attempting to scrounge up sweet parfait money by pawning Venus's old belongings on her website. Midge also directly plagiarized Eat Your Kimchi's Terms of Service and didn't even bother to change identifying info, resulting in farmers contacting EYK to inform them of Midge's crazy. The busy Madame Gendo has also debuted her first single, formally known as the Hater Comment Song.

For now, Mayo seems to be stalking Shibuya in search of her daughter.

Pastebin for newcomers:

No. 262144

>Leg hair sweater hobo edition


I wonder how many items Margo has left to list on her website. She pretty much did a horrid job at startng the thing up.

No. 262145

Margoyle's brilliant single.

No. 262146

File: 1461198947077.png (34.29 KB, 318x208, Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 5.31…)

Ha, I was just making a new thread!

Anyway, Margo's stolen goods aren't overpriced she says. And you'll definitely receive them, for sure. No way she's running a scam.

No. 262147

looks like JNig here

No. 262148

File: 1461199018308.jpg (276.04 KB, 924x502, 1461159529070.jpg)

Caps of her selling off V's old stuff.

(Pt 1/2)

No. 262149

File: 1461199058944.png (802.68 KB, 1200x1920, 1461011678802.png)

Caps of her selling off V's old stuff.

(Pt 2/2)

No. 262150

Reposting a post that was made at the end of the last thread because it was spot on.


I don't think so. To me it seems more likely that what irritates Margaret evolves in direct correlation to her dwindling finances and power.

At the start of this she was, for all intents and purposes, financially stable and in a position with a massive upper hand. She had control of the majority of Venus's social media accounts. She was established as Venus's mother which gave her word at least some kind of credence. She had primary control of, and sole access to, V's bank account. She had years of successfully conditioning Venus under her belt. To Margaret, she still had Venus completely underfoot, but unfortunately juuust out of reach. To her, Venus was either bluffing or would soon buckle under the weight of Mag's wrath, but either way she would be rushing back to her mother's arms shortly. She never anticipated Venus exerting this kind of backbone. So because Margaret still had money and power, and thus security, she considered herself above them in every way that mattered, so they and their situation were inherently inferior. Sure, she was showering at the airport and eating sausages, but this wasn't her natural state, merely a product of Venus's cruelty and disobedience. It was a sign of how much Marg had suffered at the hands of Venus - proof of how heartless her daughter had become, and how selfless she was to endure so much in order to get her back - not an indication of how low she had stooped. Venus, however, had voluntarily settled for a life with a mere factory worker, living in an apartment that didn't even have an adequate kitchen by Margaret's high standards. When she was riding high, it was a lot easier to look down her nose at them.

But now, here we are months later, and she's quickly running out of money, time, and influence. She has no security, no home, she's pawning off what little she has to try and scrounge together enough cash to get by, and she's getting angry. So the gears started turning the other way. Instead of viewing the situation through the lens of "Oh Venus, how pitiful that you have stooped so low", she switched to "Venus, how dare you live better than me!". Instead of seeing their life for all that they don't have, she's started seeing everything they do have. The more she loses, the more jealous she'll become.

(Apologies for the essay)

No. 262151

File: 1461199213233.png (36.03 KB, 305x205, Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 5.37…)

And caps of her current delete and block spree on instagram. She's still losing supporters - some bailed after her Hail Satan edgelord post, but selling good without permission and on Venus's website when Margo has her own site (or she can use ebay, which would offer protection against scams) are making many nervous, excepting her most committed stans.

No. 262152

Speaking of how Margo has now become bitter about how much better Venus's life is without her, I like how Margaret has degraded Manaki ever since he got involved with Venus. That he's a boring "factory worker" with no other goals in life who isn't suitable as a boyfriend or future husband. At least he has a damn job, and full time at that, in a world where employment is becoming harder & harder to enter. What the fuck does she have? Oh right nothing now, like the homeless coward she is. It's all about status with her. Must have a great house, brand name items, a fabulous high paying job and shit like that. She's so disgustingly materialistic and I'm glad Venus escaped when she did.

No. 262153

File: 1461199452419.png (470.03 KB, 1097x500, Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 5.42…)

"Stella McCartney running shorts" Looks like undies, meant for the peverts.

No. 262154

Marge, you fucking savage.

No. 262156

The skill dress is gone from the shop; I assume someone bought it.

Margo has like $40 usd now! She can get a parfait! And maybe a night in a mangakissa! And a shower where she can shave on her clothes!

No. 262158

*skull dress

No. 262159

File: 1461199973719.jpg (4.83 KB, 225x187, 9a441d5dd322cbf4a1cb62faa64b4c…)

That just seems disturbing af. I'm going to assume those are reslly tiny shorts buuuuut man I'm sorry those look like girl's briefs underwear.

No. 262162

That's more maggot's style than Weenoos. Caveat emptor, you're getting a middle aged crazy's crotch rot.

No. 262163

I'm just wondering when she will start selling Venus' underwear.

No. 262165

[muffled snores in the distance]

No. 262166


Yeah, I'm fairly certain the workout clothes are Margo's, but I agree with >>262163 that it's only a matter of time before Margo starts selling Venus's undies.

No. 262167


yeah, you sipping other's money, ain't you Magoo?

No. 262171

It was not LEG hair, anon

No. 262172

File: 1461200878866.png (173.5 KB, 575x323, Aolaz.png)

Jesus fucking christ the thought of Margo going to creep level by selling Venus's underwear for ridiculous prices for perverts is frightening.

No. 262174


The workout shorts and leggings are size xs, I think theyre V's. ):

No. 262175

Margo's on a mad delete spree - all of her old posts for a week or two ago have less than 40 comments each. Some were close to 200 before.

Is she trying to make herself look better in advance of her grand plan to hock Venus's stuff? Or is she cooking up something else? Speaking of, her new video was due yesterday.

No. 262178

File: 1461201514530.png (20.28 KB, 302x89, Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 6.16…)

If she's able to pick these things up - as in, they're NOT with her friend in Korea as she claimed - that means she was able to get into the Tokyo storage. The one she claims mastermind Manaki and evil plan Venus refused to allow her access to (except she could have the key from them, or they could ship the things to her if she paid the shipping costs. So because they wouldn't meet her in person at the facility: stolen).

No. 262183

If she can access the Tokyo storage then she should sell her precious Swarvoski collection. She'll probably have a better chance at selling some jewelry than a couple weeb figurines and hand-me-down clothing.

No. 262185


I'm hoping Venus and Manaki arranged for these items she could have in a separate storage unit from the main one or else Margo will go on a selling spree if the vindictive side returns.

No. 262188

This is indeed spot on. A glimpse inside the twisted mind of a raaging narcissist. Agree 100% with everything except the "now she's getting angry" part..she's been raging the WHOLE TIME.

And to add one more thing to what margge had going for her initially: she had a lot of sympathy & good will at first. Now.. not so much. Just a couple of obsessed loons left in her corner. She's managed to drive everyone else away w/her crazy.

No. 262189

She's already selling venus's things; the size extra small dresses are venus's. But venus has moved away from the costume Lolita look - now that she's on her own she dialed way back on the frilly doll shit. I think venus has accepted the loss of any of the clothes margo can get her hands on to sell. All she wants his to be left alone with manaki and to get her channel back.

No. 262190

>River kappas gone wild
>leg hair sweater hobo
>sweet parfait cash
I LOVE YOU anon. Marry me plz??

No. 262192

Also great screencap in OP. Captures her perfectly. SUBLIME

No. 262193

IF her vindictive side returns?? Dear anon, it never left!

No. 262197


She likes to be quiet and calm then has sudden outbursts. Of course that side of her is still there, but then it gets unleashed like her attack on Venus's channel which still isn't back yet. When it does return I'm curious to see what Margo does next.

No. 262199


>she had a lot of sympathy & good will at first

What do you mean?

No. 262201

File: 1461204801903.png (279.88 KB, 1920x1200, Screenshot_20160420-220921.png)

OP this her second single.
Here is her FIRST single:

available on itunes for only $9.99

No. 262202

Well maybe not a LOT, but if you go back to the first IG posts after V left there were some sympathetic comments.

No. 262207

Thats $10 well spent.
Is there anyway to tell if anyone bought this?

No. 262208

File: 1461205814947.png (387.57 KB, 537x630, ff8d468f-4ea3-4370-bd46-7a98fe…)

Bet this is her current Airbnb rental. This is exactly what she did w/her last one, post a pic of it captioned "cute house." Also her recent comment "Venoos should come to 'my house'…"

No. 262209

Someone should ask her about her crystals and if she has them for sale.

No. 262213

I wonder how she's even affording an Airbnb rental with how fast she stupidly burned through all of the money she stole from Venus.

No. 262215

Given the amount of times that Margoyle has stolen Venus' clothes or forced her own on Venus, it's could be either one of theirs. Sometimes I wonder how much of Venus' wardrobe were things purchased by Margo as an afterthought for her daughter because "Oh, well I know it would look great on me but if you need clothes, you can borrow!"

No. 262218

Didn't she say she was sleeping on a couch though with a 'friend'? Also did anyone check and see what review her last AirBnB host left her?

No. 262220


"It was nice to host Margaret since she was easy to communicate with. She was clean and responsible. I would host her again any time again!

From Seoul, South Korea · October 2015"

That was the last review.

No. 262225

Yea I figured someone would point that out, but it's a different anger now. Her rage was always been petulant and possessive before, but it's growing jealous and spiteful more and more as time goes on.

Where you want the wedding bb? <3

No. 262227

Nope, this is an old photo from Osaka. Maggot is being cautious about giving her location away again, but we do know she's in tokyo and still haunting shibuya in hopes that she can snatched venus up.

No. 262230

Well damn. Was hoping her 'chef friend' would have left her a review.

No. 262231


This is a great post. It's scary to see just how skewed Margaret's perspective is.

No. 262234

Maybe, but it makes me wonder b/c I don't see anything special about this house that would warrant her taking a pic & posting it if it was just a random house, you know? Also this is the same debate that went on when she posted the pic of the last Airbnb– peopke wondering why she would post a pic of a random ordinary-looking house.

No. 262235

Yep. This anon either has intimate knowledge of a narcissist from personal experience or has studied or treated them as a psych professional.

No. 262236

While I'm flattered, it's neither actually. While I have met/known a lot of shitty people over time, none of them match Marg's level of narcissism. I guess I'm just good at understanding people through observation?

No. 262237

That "sleeping on a couch" comment was a few days ago, she could have been couchsurfing while looking for a room to rent. And we don't know for a fact that she's living in Tokyo, people have guessed that based on some other random comments like 'the earthquake was south of Tokyo' and something about Venus never photographing herself outdoors or in Shibuya.

No. 262241

File: 1461212452671.png (667.65 KB, 682x800, 415dad20-a6d3-4a0d-8b87-2f9a58…)

This is the one I was talking about. Is this marge's Spanish chef Airbnb?

No. 262247

It's not that she's getting angry she's getting FRUSTRATED. She knows to try whatever tactics she can to manipulate the situation.

No. 262253

All this, jealous spiteful and frustrated plus BITTER.
>luxury apartment with car
>eats cake all day
>I sleep on couch and eat shit

No. 262260

She's getting ready to drop a video. I feelll ittt

No. 262262

Cant tell. There's one mags posted of the Spanish chef's backyard and shed (we figured that out later.) There's a photo of the front of the chef's house on one of the old threads from the front of the house. I'm not sure margo left it up, though. But the street side photo was how an anon identified the exact location, they lived close and found it on Google maps.

No. 262269

File: 1461223621732.jpg (107.69 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

No. 262271

She always wears extensions when she is upset.

No. 262272

what the hell now

No. 262274

this lighting is doing her nose no favours. she kinda reminds me of margo here anyway

No. 262277


I have a feeling Youtube told her she's not getting her account back.

No. 262279

I think she gets a bit sad and lonely or bored when manaki is at work. And now she doesnt have youtube to occupy herself with she needs friends or something to pass time.

No. 262281

Part of me is tempted to purchase any underwear she tries to sell if only to stop it falling into the hands of perverts. If I did I'd message Venus and ask if she wants it sent to her or destroyed so she can at least be somewhat safe in the knowledge she's not some absolute creepers new wank fodder. But that involves giving Margendo money (unless I just charge back everything)

No. 262282

In addition to all the crap her mom is doing, this is a stressful time for her.

No. 262303

I have a feeling she regrets marrying with manaki actually…(i think YT will give her acc back btw)

No. 262306

lol @ you trying to play hero.

Venus will never acknowledge your existence.

No. 262307

Anon; I really hope that doesnt have to happen.

No. 262311

This anon sounds like a faggot

No. 262326


Not that anon, but better to play "hero" than some creepy pedo stalker getting them to jerk off into.

No. 262329

surely if she starts selling used underwear, you can report her… somewhere.
I mean that's got to be illegal right? Or frowned upon.

No. 262330

File: 1461238039572.gif (472.4 KB, 245x181, giphy (5).gif)

I don't think it's illegal but it's DEFINITELY frowned upon. I swear I will be so angry if she stoops that low!

No. 262332

Illegal according to PayPal TOS. Let's hit her with everything we got, anons.

No. 262334

The skull dress has gone. Presuming it's been sold. What else has been sold?

No. 262339


I would do the same if I had the money. I thought about it reading the OP where it said about Maggot selling Venus' belongings.
I would love to be able to buy them all and then message Venus asking if she would like them back.

(Plus it's a nice fuck you to maggot)

No. 262341

Damn, I hope all this underwear talk hasnt given margoo ideas.
She does lurk here.

No. 262347

this some PULL shit right here

No. 262350

If I was you guys I wouldnt spam venus' account or margos account. Some of yall are so ugly.

No. 262358

Nah she probably already had the idea in her head. There are some really really creepy guys out there into that stuff and she knows it.

No. 262359


how is that a "fuck you" to margo? she doesn't care if venus gets her shit back as long as her wallet is lined. you're just giving her exactly what she wants

No. 262383


Kill yourself.

No. 262384

File: 1461253659212.jpeg (1.23 MB, 640x2314, image.jpeg)

Maggot responding. She makes no sense yet again. So her "friends" are trying to contact V? But they're deleted? Or they're trying to contact maggot, but she deleted them? Wtf

No. 262387

Wow you keep reaching anon. I think she's just exasperated still about the shit her mom did/is doing. It's been 3 months straight of nothing but bullshit like >>262384

I think she wants to reply to margo's shit but is being told to. Also the fact that Margo is stalking her in her area now so she cant go out and do stuff as much as she used to because the Kappa might drag her into the river

No. 262391

Lmfao didn't Margy write all of Venus captions and stuff before she escaped
How would she even know her typing style at this point

No. 262396

>my friends

aka trolls leaving nasty comments on Venus ig?

No. 262398

Personally I think he's a little weird but what on earth gives you the slightest feeling Venus regrets her marriage? Her social media stuff is typically happy/fluffy, aside from anything related to her mother from hell.

No. 262399

She's so fucking dumb.

No. 262401

I like how Margo's get rich quick scheme backfired when Venus actually fell for Manaki and ran away with him.

No. 262406


he's probsbly still recovering from that banshee whoring up his home

No. 262410

It's just so beautiful because it's literally all Margo's fault.

Venus ran away and Margo has no money? Margo was the one who encouraged the marriage and gave venus the opportunity to leave her.

Venus being protected by a bigger company who will legally go after Margo if she keeps up her false copyright claim shit? Margo was the one who signed the contract and arranged this deal in the first place.

Venus being strong enough and confident enough to take care of herself? Again Margo made her cook, clean and earn income for them both from a young age (probably because she's a lazy bitch) so it's her fault venus can function without her (which she didn't want).

She's just such a dumbass, I can't understand how she couldn't see all this coming from a mile away (especially the marriage thing? how the fuck did she think she could also live in japan, wtf, is she braindead?)

No. 262419

When they spoke with Mr Yan about visas, he clearly explained to them that marriage was the only viable option, but that if Venus were to marry, it wouldn't give Margo citizenship. So she already clearly knew this. My guess is that because she believed originally that Manaki was rich, she thought they would continue to support her financially and she could continue to live a lavish lifestyle of travel and unemployment, then find her own Japanese hubby to give her citizenship.

No. 262423

Sounds like the Margo way of doing things. Sell her daughter off so she can live lavishly. This bitch thinks she's still in the dog damn 1800s. It's friggin' hilarious how everything backfired. Even if Manaki's parents are well off, that doesn't make her entitled to their money nor is there anything horrible about Manaki wanting to work for his own income. Then again, the festering maggot thinks she's entitled to everything and that the world is black and white.

No. 262424

lel I'm the one who needs to lurk more? It's incredibly obvious that Margo never cleaned wherever they lived. Don't you remember the old videos of venus where the soles of her feet used to be black from walking around on the wooden floors (I think this was back in their london house)? That place was dirty.
Even in Margo's japanese house tour video, she didn't care that it was dirty. Someone in the comments asked her why she didn't clean it before showing off her living conditions to the world and she responded that it wasn't her house so why should she have to? (Despite the fact she had to live in those conditions).
Venus' place looks nice and clean vs Margo so it's super obvious Venus did any and all cleaning when they were together.

Also, nice doublepost newfig

That kind of makes sense, but I remember it happening suddenly that she didn't approve of the relationship immediately after they married and was too late to stop it. I always assumed she realized it meant she couldn't stay and venus would be separated from her but maybe it makes more sense that she then found out his money status (how did she even think he was rich anyway?). Do you think maybe Manaki exaggerated his career to buy him favor or that Margo took things up the wrong way as usual? I mean I like Manaki and all but both seem pretty plausible.

No. 262425

his family are rich i think?

No. 262426

Ah, I see. Why is Margo berating him and calling him poor now then? Really weird.

No. 262427

She probably thinks that anyone with a job is poor and that only people who sit at home and have money rolling in are rich. Crackpot logic but this is maggot.

No. 262435


Couple theories:

1) Manaki's parents may be well off but it may be expected that Manaki earn his own money, thus he is not entitled to the wealth Mags previously thought he was.

2) Mags simply assumed he was richer than he was, perhaps by way of seeing a couple novelty or luxury items around that she deemed being indicative of a higher class position.

3) His wealth was and still is perfectly adequate, but Mags saw her plan starting to backfire as Venus grew genuinely more attached to him and started to pull away from Magoo. This made his wealth irrelevant, as no amount of money would matter if it meant Margo losing control of Venus (since she wouldn't get her motherly pay out anyways if she did). This is less about Manaki as a person as it is about sabotaging Venus's relationship with him in order to regain control. Which is also the same reason for the pedophile stalker accusations. Maggot has no comprehension of what Venus's values are, and we've already seen how she considered Venus to be an extension of herself. So because Mag values money, she thinks Venus will, so to her, saying "Venoos he is poor factory worker!" is something horrible that her daughter should absolutely care about. But I think in turn, Maggrot has an immense ability to convince herself that her own lies are truth, like Venus' evil plan planned for many months, so in turn, Manaki truly became a poor pedophile abusive stalker in her mind.

No. 262449


This so much.

Funny thing, if Mana mooched off his parents instead being the responsable man he is and this whole drama still happened, margo would accuse him of being exactly what she is, a parasit kek

No. 262453


She already has accused him of being a parasite, at the beginning of this whole thing. She insisted that Manaki had squeezed her out to become Venus's manager. After Margo arranged for Venus to be managed by fullscreen, Margo squeezed herself out and has been looking for someone else to blame ever since.

No. 262456

File: 1461264270314.jpg (36.61 KB, 960x626, 11822476_1226809287384159_6714…)

Also magoo wanting to be a third wheel is fucking creepy. I'm pretty sure she would want to sleep in the same bed between them, wear bikinis 24/7 around the house in front of Manaki and crazy shit like that.

No. 262463

File: 1461265161625.jpg (665.6 KB, 1872x1073, 2016-04-21 20.57.54.jpg)


No. 262464


Ferenc is a fucking treasure.

No. 262465

To add to your second point, manaki has a car right? Maybe that's what made her think that he's money.

Also, his parents may have money and may have even helped out when possible but they probably taught him how to make his own money so he can be his own adult. Idk, we have to look at it from their point of view and not mags.

No. 262467

Is Margo basically like Meg in Family Guy (hated by her family members)?

No. 262468


I think they're all just super wary of her. Margo has a really explosive temper in addition to needing to be the center of things; I can't imagine how exhausting she must have been as a child. And if she treats her own daughter this badly, I imagine she treated her younger siblings much worse. They seem to have learned the need to hold her at arm's length long ago.

No. 262469

Nah, Meg from Family Guy is hated for pretty much no reason but there are several reasons to hate Maggot.

No. 262471

Conspiracy theory:

What if Venus and Manaki lied about Manaki's money to Margo to have Margo approve of the wedding. Meanwhile, after the marriage they told her and she freaked out using whatever manipulation she could to convince Venus to leave. Meanwhile, Venus and Manaki are still talking and Margo starts sending texts to Manaki and other things to make sure there's no chance Venus will get back to him. To escape Margo's clutches, Manaki gets her when Venus's marriage Visa comes in. Despite trying to reason with Margo, she chimps and destroys her relationship with her daughter.

The conspiracies and plans Margo talks about are actually about her trying to marry Venus off to money and realizing they both lied to her. Of course Margo won't disclose that because they'll know she was using her daughter and vicariously gold digging.

No. 262473

But if this were the case, why would Margo allow Manaki to come to SK to visit?

No. 262475

I was talking about the food and not the cleaning. Calm down gigantic faggot. Also I deleted it because I was just talking to margo and wanted to add that she is looking for a job in japan but I misunderstood her post so then I deleted it again.

No. 262478

Did she even "allow" it? Venus invited him.

No. 262480

Margo at least claims that she did, and frankly I feel she would have had to to some degree. If they were staying with a host family, V would have had to clear it with them (unless Manaki stayed at a hotel or something), so there's no way she could have kept it secret from Mags.

No. 262481

Margo was fuming when Manaki visited. That's how the drama of Margo losing her shit on IG started with the pic of "Venus" apparently in bed with another guy.

No. 262482

No, she did that because Venus refused to go out on New Years Eve with her iirc.

No. 262488

I thought Margo said that Venus being involved with her BF's friend is the reason Margo and he broke up?

No. 262491

Omg. So, Maggots own father posted this? What does it mean?

I hate Margo, but this is really weird to me. What kind of parent mocks their own kid online?? Makes me feel like I understand now where Margo gets it from…

No. 262494

>calm down gigantic faggot

Did I hit a sore spot newfag? I don't care why you deleted. Stop going off topic.

No. 262495

Margo posted that first. Looks like it's been deleted from her account now though.

He's not mocking her, read his comment.

No. 262500

>this is do not my opinion

What? I know Margo posted the monkey mask. But it didn't have a cigar or that text originally, did it??

No. 262510

It was so ridiculous to start with I thought it did. We're gonna need a Based Aunt Zsuzsa assist.

No. 262513

That's kind of mean. Margo is what she is, but you don't mock your own kid online like that. That's what she does to Venus all the time. Not cool, Ferenc.

No. 262514

IDK, I disagree. When it's your own spawn treating your own grandkid that way, then getting a taste of her own medicine might be what Maggot needs.

No. 262515

>Meg from Family Guy is hated for pretty much no reason

that's always bothered me while watching lol

"this is do not my opinion"? maybe he got the pic from another place and just re-posted it on his IG?

No. 262518

I agree. She is abusive but no need to be an asshole to your own daughter, this will make people think "oh so thats why marge is an abuser". I hope Venus wont become a crazy mother.
Dont have children ever please.

No. 262519

Same anon here. Just checked his account and he deleted the marge post after someone commented "why do you hate your daughter? Lol?"
I should've capped it, not really milk but it's interesting.

No. 262521

Shut the fuck up.

No. 262529

I'm starting to think that Margo actually believes her own bullshit

No. 262533

Lmao stop derailing the fucking thread newfag, take your butthurt somewhere else. Back on topic please.

No. 262536

I literally made three posts in this thread. Now stfu and/or sage.
She probably does.

No. 262537

I think she does too, some of it anyway. That's what is so creepy and kind of scary about all this, how far removed from reality she really is.

No. 262542

Guys shut the fuck up seriously, no one fucking cares. Just grow the fuck up and stop replying to each other.

No. 262543


You're just feeding them. Ignore them.

No. 262545

lol back to marge: no one is buying her shit on that website. NO ONE. Not a single one of her IG bff's is willing to step up & help a sista out with some sweet parfait ca$h in her time of need. That's got to sting.


No. 262546

The scary thing is not that she believes it, but that what she believed changes from moment to moment. She works herself up into a frenzy and comes up with another batshit idea that is "fact" every time. She belongs in an asylum.

No. 262547

File: 1461281797747.png (640.02 KB, 933x576, 105239847.png)

Venus seems incredibly balanced and mature honestly. It's startling when you compare her to her mother.

No. 262549

She's lived with crazy all her life, impressive that she figured out how not to crazy.

No. 262550

Man oh man, that's my girl. Sits back & takes her sweet time then SLAYS without even trying. With one pinky finger. I am in awe Miss V.

No. 262551

Probably because Venus had to do a lot of the work growing up because Margo wouldn't do it. She more than likely took care of just about everything. We all know Margo is lazy af.

No. 262552


I think he meant "This is not my opinion"

about the red caption idk, the original pic had it? I don't recall this pic.

sage for sperging

No. 262553

File: 1461283909766.jpg (102.67 KB, 960x593, IMG_20160421_180811.jpg)

No it didn't have the red text or cigar. I grabbed this from the last thread.

Like I said before, What kind of parent mocks their own daughter online?? Is that where margo gets it?

No. 262554

He's an old dude. My partners grandmother makes "funny" Paint pictures of us. It's not mocking, just crappy humour. I've literally had silly things with quotes added to my pictures because she thinks it's fun or something. She made a pic of Tarzan and Jane with our heads on their bodies saying "to the jungle!" when we went overseas.

No. 262557

>inb4 4 threads later we find out Margendo's dad was exactly like Margendo

No. 262574

Any new videos from Marg? it's wednesday already

No. 262581


eh, Margo is a grown ass woman, not a kid so who really cares?

No. 262595

Its friday for me.

Marg hasnt been able to keep with he own deadlines so far so I really dont expect much. Im surprised that she has been giving us a video each week since she announced it and hasnt flaked out.

But that last video was pure gold.
Fingers crossed.

No. 262618

So Margo has sold 2 items: the striped dress and the skull dress. There's photographic evidence that Venus wore both, which is probably why they sole (my guess is the coat goes also if anything else sells, because Venus wore it often in Seoul.) That's a gross take of $70; if she's actually shipping anything and not just collection cash then blocking people, then her net is probably around $40-$50 depending on where she ships.

What's the odds on them never being shipped, do you think?

No. 262619

I'm going to wager on there being a 0% chance because how in the hell is she going to fill those customs forms out with her shitty Japanese and no return address?

No. 262620

Thanks you're right it's not even wednesday anymore haha. I'm surprised too tbh, especially about her last song-video cause I thought making it without a laptop, only a phone like she claims, would've been pretty difficult.

Can anyone with an IG account ask her about this weeks wednesday video? I can't make an IG, no smartphone to sign up with

No. 262624

LOL she's having a sale guys. Big markdowns! hahaha marrrrge, not even your most loyal monkeys wanna support you.

No. 262625

I live in Japan, you can fill customs forms and postal slips in English too.

No. 262628

File: 1461306056687.png (149.75 KB, 893x373, Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 11.2…)

She's put up more things: 20 items now

She's selling Venus's bunny. She's a fucking monster.

No. 262629

File: 1461306143006.png (99.38 KB, 592x306, Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 11.1…)

Fire sale

No. 262630

File: 1461306159576.png (98.2 KB, 621x337, Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 11.1…)

No. 262631

File: 1461306168921.png (175.62 KB, 850x357, Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 11.1…)

No. 262632

Poor Bunny-chan.
He went on a journey to be reunited with Venus.
He was chocked in the talon like grasp of margendo and was unwillingly photographed as evidence of his adventures.
He then spent his time with some wieghts and soapskummy clothes in the luggage, dragged across japan.
Poor bunny
The stories he could tell.

No. 262633

Okay I HAAAAATE her even more for this. With a white-hot passion.

No. 262634

I can't help but wanting to buy the bunny to ship it then to Venus. She seemed to care a lot for it, breaks my heart to see HER MOTHER selling it.

…plus the reaction Margo would have if she saw a pic of Venus reunited with the bunny

No. 262635


Anon, I was thinking the exact same thing. Wish I had the money and a IG (to contact her) to do so.

No. 262636

The only problem would be that we would give money to Magro (for something she doesn't even own)

No. 262637

This is so sad. Margendo does not deserve to be a mother.

No. 262638

If the website operates through paypal, you could buy it, and if you received it, file a paypal claim saying you never got it and you'll get a refund if Mag can't prove otherwise. This is something I'd never recommend under ordinary circumstances, but in this case, I see no problem with it. You simply have to file a dispute within 45 days of purchase iirc, and if she does not refute it with proof, you'll win the claim and be refunded.

No. 262639

I wouldn't do it; giving Margo money gives her ammo to harm Venus further. That's the point.

No. 262640

Oh god, the bunny :/
I am not so involved in this but I sure know that venus loved that thing.

No. 262641

>selling your own daughter's stuffed animal

Margaret is not a mother–she is a fucking monster. Even when their children have grown up, most mother would never sell their stuffed animals without their children's permission because of the sentimental value.

I didn't believe it was possible to hate her even more than I already did.

No. 262646

I like to thin Venus is smart enough so that if she wants her bunny back badly enough, she'll give a friend money to buy it and send it to her.

No. 262648

Even better, initiate a chargeback. If it's international then the seller often gets a big charge whacked on top of having the funds reversed.

Source: bitter experience.

No. 262649

She's desperate for that Denny's. Sale after 2 days of setting up shop? lul

Why is everyone crying over the stuffed rabbit? Maybe I'm not being too observant, but the only other time I've seen it was when Mergert was trying to bait Venus. You would think she'd try selling the stuffed alpacas V has in her videos all the time.

No. 262650


I thought Venus took the alpacas with her?

No. 262651

File: 1461312152379.jpg (159.09 KB, 1600x900, lCr4iDs[1].jpg)

pretty OT, but does anyone know which shoes these are?

they were in Margaret's morning routine video, and i think they're pretty cute

No. 262652

Venus never brought her alpacas to Korea. She left them in Japan, safely out of the maggot's rotten tentacles.

No. 262657

I'ts still pretty shitty to sell the rabbit. Wouldn't her mother of all people want to keep some type of memento instead selling it to get a tiny amount of cash… so she can stalk her some more?

No. 262659

I think it's absolutely deplorable that she's trying to sell bunny. But do you think she's doing it for the off chance that Venus might see it and buy it herself, thus giving Margendo her address?

No. 262670

File: 1461317069266.jpeg (555.03 KB, 640x1296, image.jpeg)

This is fucking gold. One of those weeabo haters tried to pretend they're an Asian girl only to be found out.

No. 262671

What motivates someone to do this?

No. 262678

is this a junaboo?

No. 262679

remember anons, venus chose to leave the bunny behind.

however selling it is really creepy because it's a used 'snuggle toy'. it's selling something that was intimate and has no real value outside that.

No. 262680

Post this off topic shit somewhere else. It's absolutely not interesting.

No. 262681

she has the mentality of an abused person tbh. but still her tone and clarity of posts shows how stable she actually is.

No. 262682

Could be, but I still think it's more likely she doesn't give a shit about Venus and doesn't even realize the sentimental value it holds. Empathy, am I right? Mags can't understand affection and even less can she understand Venus.

Also this shop is probably a scam. Mags will never ship these things, she just wants a nice fat wad to blow on delicious Denny's.

No. 262683

Maybe Margendo is hoping Venus will want of her stuff back and buy it so she can get her address.

No. 262687

Margs is advertising more of venus' stuff on inata again. I would cap it but there isnt much to see.

No. 262689

>she has the mentality of an abused person tbh
Armchair psychologists out. Also this is not the mentality of abused people, this is how everyone should think. I dont like her or her videos but this is such a good peaceful way to handle shit.

No. 262695


i want to buy this and send it back to her… but would she even give an address to someone random when she's aware that her crazy mother has even crazier people who'd probably hand it over to her?

(pls tell me i saged right)

No. 262701

File: 1461328185497.jpg (134.65 KB, 562x1000, 7.jpg)

She is selling the hat from this picture for $90….

No. 262702


They're rotten, beat-up old running shoes?

No. 262704

File: 1461328987247.jpg (139.79 KB, 1019x710, fdsffsd.jpg)


Th girl whose picture she stole replied.

No. 262707

Omg stop derailing

No. 262709

That anon is not the only one who finds haters drama interesting, especially when there are no news

No. 262711

its funny how she doesn't know that those Lolita items cost more than what she is selling them for.

No. 262713

yeah but whats 20 bucks shell be poor again soon enough, thats like one meal at a fast food joint. if someone could buy the bunny and send it to Venus it might make her mad and have her be so furious to where she doesn't sell certain things.

No. 262716

Eh, Venus seems to be avoiding doing anything that might provoke Margo. If someone were to do this, I'd imagine she'd thank them but not post it anywhere publicly.

It's odd that she left it behind though. I know she would have had limited space in her bags but you'd think she'd have taken the bunny if it really was that important.

No. 262717

Yeah, I can't imagine it was THAT special if she didn't prioritize taking it

Honestly think anons here are reaching as usual

No. 262718

This. They're so annoying with their dumb theories. It's just a stupid ugly bunny and if it was important to her she'd take it with her.

No. 262722


I'm crying over her selling pink bunny. Imagine Margo hoping Venus would eventually give her address to get it back.

Can we please save her bunny and get it back to her, the bunny at least? it has sentimental value to her

No. 262725

She might have forgotten it when she was running away. She didnt exactly have much time to pack

No. 262729

It would be nice if someone in japan could get it for her, its closer but then again maybe venus doesnt care or is too scared to meet someone or give address to mail the bunny. So if someone has around 35 dollars to waste on maybe nothing then go for it

No. 262730

Cant wait for margo to return to europe. She cant go elsewhere, right?

No. 262733

That's not an old bunny (I've seen the same bunnies here in Russia in 2014-2015), definitely not her favorite childhood toy, so why exactly do you guys think it has any value to Venus? She'd take it with her if she wanted it. Don't believe Maggots words.

No. 262734

Anyon even pointed out that isn't even a BtSSB dress? I mean, the print is - but I have never seen it in that cut. Even if it is, the white is grey and it looks horrible

No. 262736

liek dis if u cri evy tym ;_;

No. 262742

Jesus. That's enough internet for you today.

No. 262745

Sooo margot is deleting every neg comment. What is she up to??? And I mean every single one of them.

No. 262747

because it's disgusting, Venus probably slept with/cried over/hugged that stuffed animal a lot and the idea of her mother selling it not because it's sellable but because "This smells like Weenoos" is really gross

No. 262751

I want to buy the bunny and film myself burning it :^)

No. 262753

Sweet fuck you belong no where near any chan based image board

Off to your hugbox with your irrational feefees you reaching varmint

No. 262754

Pink Bunny is gone… I hope it doesn't fall in the hands of some pervert

No. 262755

I don't think it would be possible to get it back to Venus. Who wants to give their address to some stranger over the internet? I don't think Venus wants it that bad if at all. It's a replaceable item.

No. 262756

Could be a replica from saisai in Camden or something

No. 262761

you should
free him

No. 262773

>wanting this much money for a plush that Venus had since she was a baby
Umn… I bet it didn't even cost this much new.

No. 262780

Isnt it illegal for Margo to sell property that isn't hers? Probably violates the TOS if the website and PayPal?

No. 262783

I honestly don't think it's a big deal that her mom is selling the crap Venus left behind. That kind of thing would only bother Marge. If Venus tried to sell Marge's things, Marge would go nuts. But Venus is a different person, she's not upset about this at all you guys.

Sell it all Mags, no one cares, and your not getting much money from it anyway.

No. 262784

I'm thinking about buying some of the stuff and then getting my money back and sending it to venus. I know exactly how to do it and Margo will flip her shit.
Which stuff do you guys think venus would want most? The bunny is already gone

No. 262785

Literally none of it.

Also how do you know where to send it to??

No. 262789

Eh maybe I'll just keep it then

No. 262791

File: 1461348972505.png (470.8 KB, 1049x520, Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 11.1…)

No one buy shit from Margo. She's a scammer, and adding to her Stalk Venus Fund is fucked up.

Margo has sold 2 dresses and 2 figures so far, and she's got like 80 items up now. Including Venus's waist trainer. Are we calling this the beginning of Margo selling her underwear?

No. 262793

are you trolling?

No. 262794

Oh, and bunny has been sold. I hope not to someone who wants to jerk off to it. Margo is also selling what looks to be a very well used plushie of shawn the sheep.

No. 262795

That's why I said I'd get my money back. Scamming people like Margo on paypal is ridiculously easy. I just never do it because most people aren't pieces of shit like her
She'd probably spend the money immediately and run her account in debt too

No. 262800

I bought the bunny and I masturbate with it. Hope I can use your e-tearz as lubrication next time though!

No. 262807

File: 1461350460380.png (179.77 KB, 451x301, Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 11.4…)

No. 262810

File: 1461350821478.png (48.33 KB, 319x315, Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 11.3…)

The thirst is real with these small time jvloggers. Imma keep an eye on this one, cringe city. I can't imagine how much money her husband is spending so this trick can live out her dreams of standing around in lolita fashion in glorious nippon. "Venus, notice me, senpai! I also love pocky! Ice cream flavor!? Weird"

No. 262811

File: 1461351045675.jpg (2.12 MB, 3024x4032, IMG_3939.jpg)

By fusking the files from her site you can view the photos of items she's uploaded to the server but has yet to list.

Didn't mention this a few days ago because I was holding out on her being stupid enough to upload sensitive files à la Kiki but I guess it's not happening.

No. 262812

>wasting money
And this is something Venus doesn't do? Also could you kindly fuck off with those screenshots of comments? You make me want to subscribe to her.

No. 262813

File: 1461351112651.jpg (2.69 MB, 3024x4032, IMG_3921.jpg)


Cute skirt.

No. 262815

If you find this edgy, whether ironically or unironically, you shouldn't be here.

No. 262817

File: 1461351278915.jpg (1.73 MB, 3024x3024, IMG_4011.jpg)

R.I.P. bunny.

No. 262819

File: 1461351394122.jpg (2.6 MB, 3024x4032, IMG_4058.jpg)

A lot of this shit is definitely hers. She must be fucking desperate if she's photographing shit like this tacky-ass beanie in the hopes of selling it.

No. 262820

I'm cuddling now with it :^3

No. 262821

File: 1461351428778.jpg (1.86 MB, 3024x3024, IMG_3929.jpg)

Maggot's skivvies, anyone?

No. 262823

File: 1461351497545.jpg (2.09 MB, 3024x3024, IMG_3960.jpg)

Fugg I like this Liz Lisa skirt.

No. 262824

I hope those clothes get washed, imagine those shorts festering in margo cooch juices while being shipped.

No. 262826

Yeah she washed them in her bath water..

No. 262827

I doubt Venus will give her address out to some random on the Internet. Her crazy incubator is hellbent on tracking her down to either kidnap or murder her. It's best to just let the bunny go.

No. 262828

File: 1461351745664.jpg (1.92 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_3897.jpg)

wtf she's intending to pawn a granny tea-towel? #desperate4Denny's

No. 262829

River water is cleaner

No. 262830

Does Ferenc stalk Margo the same way Margo stalks Venus? Almost every post is about her or her daughter. Reminds me of someone…

No. 262832

File: 1461351880254.png (586.87 KB, 596x589, Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 20.0…)

Venus did wear it, but I bet it was Margo's choice. Doesn't look like anything she wears now she's free.

… I'd forgotten just how tragic this outfit was.

No. 262834

Cute skirt but I'd never buy it from that stinking maggot. Since she obviously has access to the storage unit, do you guys think now she can finally shut the fuck up about it?

No. 262835

This looks better than the dolly shit she wears now oddly

No. 262836


It's Korean street style, but whilst it suits her, I don't think it suits "Venus". I think she obviously knows what she wants now and that's great.

No. 262837

Tbh neither of the two styles are comfortably Venus, irl Venus looks like she has wide shoulders because she doesn't dress for her body type so I have to say I prefer the korean one as it flatters her body type more. I wish fullscreen would give her a new stylist though, she really has LOTS of potential if she'd dress right.

No. 262840

This doesn't really suit her at all. I think she'd look great in a cute mature style, similar to what Marzia wears.

No. 262842


I think Venus has always loved the style she wears now but Margo wouldn't have any of it. Also, maybe Manaki loves that look too. Looking cute and fragile is a big thing.

No. 262843

Thus a normie forever21 style? I agree. I always thought this. I also think if she didnt marry that guy she'd suit heroin chic but now I cant take it seriously. Perhaps she doesnt take pics with him? Perhaps when they get divorced? Anyways I want her to wear an 3dy grunge all black outfit before she dies at least once in her life!

No. 262845

>>I want her to wear an 3dy grunge all black outfit before she dies at least once in her life!

wat? Why should V do this, pray tell? It's the opposite of things she likes.

No. 262847

File: 1461355797077.jpeg (409.29 KB, 892x662, image.jpeg)

since no milk now I was snooping around and I found this troll comment on maggots koifish Instagram post saying to check DM. She supposedly saw manaki with another girl on snapchat.
I'm thinking she's trying to stir the pot and get some random girl involved or she's the random girl. But somethings going on.

Also found her commenting on manakis Instagram but it's in moonspeak

No. 262855

it says "message please i really like you"

No. 262861

Sounds thirsty.

No. 262866

Just more thirsty weeaboo bitches trying to stir up shit.

No. 262871

I would buy this if it wasnt from margo

No. 262878

How do we know it's been Venus' for years? I never really watched her videos so maybe she said something about it that I missed, but I slept with a plushy for years and it looked FAR from that nice. If it really is that old and loved it should be discolored or damaged.

No. 262884


That's the thing about Venus, she can pull off so many different styles. She's crazy photogenic and has the perfect body for modeling. I think if she wanted to go in that direction she could be very successful, I just get the feeling she doesn't though. Seems like she just wants to be all pink & white kawaii and make videos about eating pudding.

No. 262885

I'd love to buy that berett hat but it's SO overpriced. I left a comment telling her to tone down this price jesus christ… I search how much cost an Maxim hat in RAKUTEN and the most expensive I found was a very big hat and it was about 66USD. Wtf margaret

No. 262892

because those parfaits worth it anon, don't be insensitive to magoo's priorities~*

No. 262896

This is exactly what she did to Venus, accessed Venus's photos on the server before she bricked the laptop. Remember her sneering about their crappy kitchen & the photos Venus took for her 'running away' video? Too bad there weren't any good ones on marge's though.

So she's basically emptying out the storage unit she bitched about not having access to I guess, and selling it all- on the VenusAngelic.com website, named after the kid she publicly disowned & tried to destroy but will milk for all the ca$h she possibly can. Go maggot

No. 262898

Massive comment deletion, lol. Someone's trying to clean up their image & press the reset button. For what, who knows. I'm sure she's working on something.

No. 262899

Venus's English, both written and spoken is SO much better than mayo's.

No. 262900


IKR? Someone asskisser left comment complimenting maggot on how her brilliant hater song cured all the hate, because no more negative comments. It's like magic! Guess they didn't notice that her comments went down from 150+ to less than 20 on most photos.

No. 262901

Dat Google Translate.

No. 262902

Same, I am pretty sure Margo tried to pretend to be someone else before in order to get her adress

No. 262905

Running around in too short MLP pajama pants combined with that sweater reeks of shit taste, how on earth is this better?

No. 262909

It's almost 8am in Tokyo and margles still hasn't deleted the negative comments that collect overnight. She's got to be hitting a record number of instagram accounts blocked at this point.

No. 262910

>perfect body for modeling
>pulls off so many styles
She literally never looked good because of the shit she wore or because of her body but she always did look cute because she naturally has a cute chubby slavic babushka face which is cute in a girl next door way but don't exaggerate that she can model…

No. 262911

She's probably blocked like 500 accounts by now. Maybe she can't get to a place with internet access right now or she's looking to see what new items she wants to add to her shop.

No. 262918

File: 1461367796387.png (86.51 KB, 285x292, Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 4.28…)

Mags is up; comments 100% gone

No. 262925

Tbh that is a mature thing to do, could she be improving as a person?

No. 262929


… the fuck? Margo shows improvement by deleting any comments that aren't direct asskissing? So that people can't criticize her for selling stolen belongings on her daughter's website that she won't let go of?

In what way does this show maturity or "improvement as a person"? Genuinely curious how you got there.

No. 262930

Not that anon, but maybe deleting rather than answering back and ranting is 'improvement'? Like she's ignoring haterz rather than engaging

No. 262939

File: 1461370421092.png (39.79 KB, 327x271, Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 5.13…)

Oooh, saucy mags. So much for maturity!


No. 262940

File: 1461370435342.png (40.29 KB, 340x296, Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 5.13…)


No. 262941

Geez, I'm always buying worldwide shit online but I've never received such a response.. more likely no response, just ignoring me and editing her post… She thinks those clothing are worth a million? I thought she wanted to sell it…

No. 262942

lol. the maggot improving as a person? She never even was a person. Her damage is, among others, that she doesn't have a profound sense of self, or she wouldn't be a forty year old hobo with no life, no job, nothing to live for not that her child has outgrown her.

No. 262943

No. 262944


She's angry because she really never thought it would come to this. And unless she can scrounge up some charm to manipulate a new victim into supporting her (friend / boyfriend / husband / whatever) this is how the rest of her life will be; making small time scams and never again living a life of relative leisure where her victim paid for everything she wants.

No. 262947


Know what's funny? Margo gets twice as many likes on her non-crazy, non-sales, landscape / scenery photos. Her actual audience is pretty small; she turns up on streams from her japan tags but very few people are so-called "Fans". And the vast majority of them are as batshit as she is (which is no good for Margo; she needs a nice new victim and all the crazies are out to scam on each other.)

No. 262949

If Gassy Rose lived in Japan, she'd be Margo's ideal victim to leech off of.

No. 262953

Found this is info in the official site. http://kobedays.com/shop/detail/613
カジュアルハット ¥8,000(税別)
エレガンスハット ¥20,000(税別
a chart of prices. First regular hats, about 70usd, second deluxe hats, about 180USD.
Found in the official site a link to a Rakuten shop and found this item for 8,500yen http://item.rakuten.co.jp/maxim-hat/5-02-51/ she claims she payed twice the price she is selling it.

No. 262954

andddd this is a ellegant hat from Maxim. http://item.rakuten.co.jp/maxim-hat/em-15/?s-id=review_PC_sl_item_06 this is about 180+ which would be double the price she claims she paiyed. Thing is that hat looks like the regular ones, which cost less.

No. 262959

Absolutely. Throughout this whole two month debacle, what is the funniest is that:

Before Venus ran away, we speculated that maggot was behind SOME of the creepy, oversharing, weird, and mean stuff that went on with Venus and her social media channels.

Now that Venus has gone, and we've seen maggot's (over)reaction, we have almost 100% proof that ALL of it, every single shady thing venus ever supposedly did, was either maggot's doing or maggot's idea.

In the two months they've been apart, maggot's meanness has been on show for the whole world to see, she's broadcasting it herself in living color, while Venus' hasn't done anything that was mean, creepy, or harassing.

No. 262960

>ignoring if you start to bish
>not gonna argue
fucking marge forty years old talking like a 14 year old arguing with teenagers on IG.

No. 262963

File: 1461375842515.png (699.26 KB, 1920x1200, Screenshot_20160422-213700.png)

O M G these are MAYO'S bootyshorts?? She bought these for her own 40-year-old ass(lol) and WORE them (ewwww) and now she wants someone to BUY the nasty things??? gaggggg

No. 262975

File: 1461379061863.png (28.86 KB, 332x198, Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 7.36…)

She also thinks you're agreeing with her

No. 262978

comment to marge: "I hate your face you need to die in a whole"
Love those fangelics

No. 263025

They've touched the Margo ass. They're now toxic. Anyone who buys them get a fumigation squad and destroy them.

No. 263028

File: 1461382420886.jpg (99.71 KB, 851x418, copypastemargo.jpg)

She copy/pasted product info for the waist trainer from the companys site without even editing out the unnecessary info.

No. 263032

File: 1461383145386.png (74.71 KB, 316x508, Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 8.42…)

What's this?? Margo… defending Venus when some stans tell each other that Venus fakes eating the pudding and pukes up her food? I don't think it's because she cares about Venus; it's probably irritating to her that she's not controlling the narrative. But still, weird.

No. 263035

editing is for poorfags who work in production and who have inadequate stoves, anon. Don't even mention this pleb activity to Queen maggot of the roach motel oven toasters.

No. 263036

File: 1461383450015.png (64.1 KB, 319x396, Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 8.50…)

No. 263038

These stans must want to fuck Marge pretty bad to be this far up her ass.

No. 263040

>I'm a certified nutritionist

Is this a new fake degree or did I miss that one?

No. 263042

This degree magically appeared when people started questioning Venus' safety doing large mukbangs. Another fake degree.

No. 263043

I dont think shes defending Venus, I think shes defending her "work" since shes the one who set up and filmed Venus' eating videos.

No. 263044

A dietition has a qualification. A nutritionist does not and is not a regulated title in the UK .I looked up information on the UK because this is when she most likely got this certificate. When she was living in the UK was when she was a personal trainer right?

No. 263051


She worked in a gym. I doubt she's a certified PT or even nutritionist.

No. 263054

Probably not. Some anons pointed out how her fitness videos were basically teaching you how to fuck up your knees because of her posture and the way she was lifting.

by the penis nosed kappa hobo

No. 263058

it's always about Margo showing off how "hot" she is. Clubwear and edgy red hair in a goddamn weight training video??

No. 263060


A weight training video wherein she demonstrates not knowing a proper squat form.

No. 263068

Sucks to be her. Her thighs are pretty developed, but her ass is as flat as a Denny's pancake.

Don't get me started on her jowls.

No. 263069

Sage for OT, but does anyone know where to get a step bench like that? I use a wooden makeshift one at home, but it's going to fall apart one of these days.

No. 263076

apparently she's been one since the past thread aka 5 days ago

No. 263079

You can find them pretty much anywhere. Walmart's got a ton, I'm sure you can find them on Amazon, just search "step platform".

No. 263087

"developed?" To me they just look thick & chubby. And flabby. Short stubby little legs like hers gross me out.

No. 263089

They're half-assed, like she started training and chickened out when it got hard. Like with most things she does in life probably. Her run on her morning routine video didn't seem longer than a tenth of a mile either.

No. 263101

>venus stans complaining about margo stans
I hate stans

No. 263127

File: 1461416227295.jpeg (152.25 KB, 750x936, image.jpeg)

Do you know locomoco?

No. 263128

File: 1461416257637.jpeg (161.19 KB, 738x937, image.jpeg)

Do you know mall?

No. 263130

That's an amazingly decorated room Manaki has her locked up in. Looks just like a restaurant!

That bastard, driving his car through the room to make it look as if he takes her out.

No. 263133

Why doesn't Venus have friends even though she is now free? She only goes outside when Manaki is with her.

No. 263135

That Manaki; He is one crafty bastard.

No. 263138

Poor Venus! She has an indentation at the end of her nose like her repulsive mother.

No. 263139

Aw, she finally looks kinda happy!

No. 263140

Probably because she's very socially stunted by being sheltered so much by her mother. She really hasn't had much of a chance to make friends with margo hanging over her shoulder and making all of her decisions for her, not to mention moving from country to country. It will take quite some time for her to develop better skills and be able to put herself out there and make friends imo.

No. 263143

Because she doesn't go to school or has a job outside her home. She needs to go to some place where she can socialize and meet people with similar interests, idk cooking classes, a gym, find a hobby and go to some kind of worshop/meet, etc.
I guess it's difficult to do something like this in a different country when you're not super fluent with the language and you're going through a hard time, but she needs something more than home+youtube+dates w/husband.

No. 263144

Because crazy maggot is still hunting her, and who knows what she'll do to her.

Once they have confirmation maggot has been deported, she'll probably look into further schooling/career options in Japan. There's no rush. Let her be safe first.

No. 263145

She's only been away from Margo for a few months. God damn it, give her time. She has an entire childhood of stability to make up for. Maybe after she realizes she has a home and a family (Manaki) that supports her she can finally start connecting to people again.

No. 263146


No. 263148

Of course, I didn't mean she needs to do it immediately but once she's used to her new life and the maggot is far away (in another country or feeding the fishes with her own body).

No. 263150

>feeding the fishes with her body
Really edgy man

No. 263154

File: 1461424222430.png (23.55 KB, 283x152, Screen Shot 2016-04-23 at 16.0…)

Good job keeping to that schedule Margs + bonus bizarre rambling

No. 263155

The vid for everyone. Not really surprised that this is the kind of ~edgy~ shit Margo listens to.

No. 263157


this is awful.

No. 263160

File: 1461426849509.png (526.38 KB, 600x526, 544.png)

Our edgelord Margo.

Seriously, what…what in the hell is this?

No. 263161

File: 1461426886862.jpeg (435.16 KB, 701x684, image.jpeg)

Same ratty ugly red wig

No. 263162

I think this is a part of the Game of Throne mix tapes they've been making? They aren't very good, I've only heard one decent song come out of it.

No. 263164

How dare you! Margo has been very busy this week running a super successful online store. She's sold a few things and she might even get around to shipping them out…eventually.

No. 263165

The chances of Margo ending up near Berlin as some sort of festival-dwelling senior goth just shot up by quite a bit.

>You know I helped gave Rozz Williams his anaconda ass

No. 263166

Nah, she knows she is saying shit since she blocked me.

No. 263169

File: 1461431226375.png (213 KB, 641x401, 1416886513900.png)

Her face and pose in that thumbnail never fail to crack me the fuck up.

No. 263170

Venus looks super cute here, but damn, those Margo genes are hitting hard, nose and ears are getting more margofied by the minute.

No. 263176

File: 1461434417535.png (1021.17 KB, 1920x1200, Screenshot_20160423-131305.png)

No, it's a kid in Hungary who just came out w/his very first witch house tape. (Witch house= house music but dark & witchy & spooky & satanic ooh so 3dgyyy!) Buy the tape & it comes in a super 3dgy black envelope with free satanic stickers and pentagram pins (not kidding.)

the kid's facebook: https://m.facebook.com/blackwristmusic

next up: mayo in full goth mode /black lipstick black nails black everything cause SATAN! WITCHES!

hungarian edgelord pictured:

No. 263177

File: 1461434891502.jpg (117.42 KB, 500x332, tumblr_o2wt08ThvH1s1so8yo1_500…)

Satanic witchy merch
Pentagram pins!
be the coolest kid in class

No. 263179


Its not easy making friends.. and she has only been free for a short time. Plus her mother is stalking her wherabouts. In time hopefully she will.

No. 263188

In the worst case, she could get some surgery to fix that.

No. 263189

Or how her mother planted in her head that everyone only wants to be friends for either her fame or kidnapping her (judging by her very early blog posts about why she doesnt celebrate halloween).

No. 263190

also how can she be sure anyone who's trying to befriend her isn't on Maggot's side. if I was her I'd be paranoid as hell.

No. 263191

That is so true. It's bad enough that maggot has stans willing to stalk Venus and has some thirsty weebs trying to break her and Manaki up. I think it's going to take quite some time for her to begin trusting outside people.

No. 263193

Am I the only one who still can't get over the fact that she named her daughter Venus?
I mean, I know that there are plenty of parents who give their children unusual names but damn, this just sounds so sleazy to me. It's like from the get go she had a certain kind of role in mind that she wanted her daughter to portray. Can't read that name without cringing.

No. 263195

too deep for me

No. 263196

I still kind of side-eye that name choice too. I've slowly begun to get over it though. Apparently she was named after a Bjork song? I've never heard the song myself but I hear that's the reason behind maggot's name choice floating around.

No. 263197

Yeah, read that somewhere on here too. "Venus as a Boy". I've absolutely no idea why she would choose that as a name for her kid.

No. 263198


Is this the song Venus was named after? I feel so uncomfortable now. Margo is fucking creepy. Is this a song about a feminine boy? That's what I got from it, I'm not a big Bjork fan or anything. Makes it weird since Margo likes to claim Manaki's parents wanted a girl so they named him Manaki.

No. 263199

It's really about a boy as the female godess of love, you know, he's really in tune with the female sexuality or something, he knows how to pleasure women. Or at least that's what I get from it. Absolutely no idea how any of that could inspire you to name your child after it.

No. 263201

File: 1461448176705.jpg (18.44 KB, 667x68, LEAVE AND GOODBYE.JPG)

I'm re-reading some of the old drama on ED and I found this gem. I'm very tempted to send Margo her own words and see how she reacts.

No. 263202

If I recall, venus is named after 2 of grandpa ferenc's family members. He's got photos of the two of them and venus in a little collage on his instagram. Margo claims venus is named after a bjork song, though.

No. 263203

Solid gold. I love it.

No. 263205

Top fucking kek

Venus is looking really good lately. She's seems to have gained a little weight in her face, which suits her and makes her look cuter

No. 263206

This just made me fucking day

No. 263207

Haha i bet margo wants to be bjork, crazy and artsy. But she ended up being a whole different kind of crazy.

No. 263208

…After I've finally heard the song, I am disturbed that Marge named her after this. Even Wiccans and Peagans wouldn't name their child Venus since she's the goddess of passion, sex, love and all that. What the fuck was Marge thinking?

No. 263214

Venus was named Angelic after the 2 family members

No. 263215

The 'Angelic' part of her name comes from Ferenc's relatives. The 'Venus' from the Bjork song, which was Margo's favourite when she was pregnant.

No. 263216


Narcissistic mothers of daughters have a really fucked up perspective; they waver between wanting their child to reflect them (be hot, make people want her, because she's yours and by extension they want you) and seeing her as sexual competition.

Margo probably projected onto Venus as a baby - Margo is a nasty one - and when it became apparent that Venus was very pretty and would be competition for attention, Margo started controlling Venus's sexuality like crazy: she had to be pure, but also sexy bait. And Venus was only supposed to be with a man Margo arranged for her. Margo still can't wrap her head around Venus having any kind of sexuality on her own; according to her Manaki is a pedo and Venus is an asexual, she's child with plushies and a pink room who never has sex, and somehow the pedo (who is married to and attracted to an adult, NOT a child) never has sex with her?

Anyway, it's hard to explain exactly, but narc moms are super fucked up around their kids' sexuality. If they have sons, they do this fucked up emotional incest shit where they need their son to think their mother is sexy and buoy up their sense of being adored, and compete with whoever the son has a relationship with.

No. 263228

Isn't her middle name Isabelle? I recall that from when she showed her certificate from completing language school. (I know Venus Angelic is her online moniker and I'm not implying you don't)

No. 263230

Yup, it's Isabelle.

No. 263231

The most common ways to make friends is through school, work and through mutual friends.
Mana doesn't have fantastic English and works nights, so he probably can't take her to meet his friends, she obviously hasn't gone to school in Japan.

Her best option is to meet other jvloggers but, even then, it's hard. She won't have friends until she feels comfortable going out.

No. 263232

Anyone noticing how her new pictures are pretty much unfiltered? I may be slow though lol. As soon as she left Margo it went from blurry skin to sharp lines.

No. 263235

Yes, it's nice. Even if her nose sometimes resembles maggot's a little, it's great that she doesn't feel as if she has to filter the crap out of her face anymore. She was probably being bullied by maggot to do that too. I'm really just glad to see how simple and consistent her taste is now, I hope it's a reflection of her mental state.

Unlike maggot, who's chaos/edgy, dirty and all over the place. She doesn't have taste, she just picks stuff with labels she imagines will give her status with her loony teen fans: chanel make up, stella mccartney adidas gear, satanist member card…

No. 263236

>doesn't feel as if she has to filter the crap out of her face anymore

She enlarges the fuck out of her eyes, you can tell by the oval shape of her actual iris/pupil like in >>263128

I mean, I do prefer her without the crazy highlighting, but she still fucks with her face.

No. 263243

Venus should really try to be a model. I know lots of people dont even find her cute, but Japan willingly took in Dakota and Taylor R. If Dakota can model, so can Venus.

No. 263246

Those are circle lenses she wearing. But she probably still edits a little but not as much as before where she looked like a different person. Or it might be her phone that edits her pics automatically mine do if i dont make sure to remove it.

No. 263247

Circle lenses are still circular, not oval.

No. 263248

But the lenses are not oval in the pic.

No. 263249

her irises are ovular at all. taking the picture into any art program and holding a circular brush over the eyes will show you that. Either way face apps dont enlarge eyes that way anyway they spread the eyes out in a circular spread anyway so she could be shooping but it's so minimal now if she does

No. 263250

a hawaiian dish?

No. 263256

File: 1461478109021.png (730.86 KB, 933x597, Screen Shot 2016-04-23 at 11.0…)


Oh, and Margo claims to have sold 7 items total and promises to ship them tomorrow (I counted 5; 2 dresses, 2 figures and the bunny).

No. 263261

I actually really like this . . .

No. 263266

But why.
The burando ok but why would someone buy that poor bunny? Margendo doesn't have enough fans, and surely Venus fans aren't stupid or perverted enough to give this bitch any money…

No. 263272


My guess is someone bought the bunny with the intention of trying to get it back to Venus. I very much doubt Venus will trust anyone trying to contact her about it, however. Just imagine her DM inbox, with 50 messages from NJM and her ilk per day with "urgent business opportunities!!1!" She likely only skims the contents. At this point, I'm sure Venus has accepted the loss of anything she left behind.

Blag shit: growing up with Margo-types makes you very accepting of loss. You get so used to tricks, being lied to, and getting nothing or having things taken away if they mean anything to you. To this day I am prepared to leave my whole life behind in 5 minutes if necessary. I don't know if that ever goes away. But other people who've been in that situation often feel similar. We don't assign the same value to childhood objects that others do (maybe because the memories are shit.) /end stupid rant(no one cares)

No. 263275

Margo is my new fav Snowflake. Must say I kind of like her

No. 263277

You know, she could've just called her Angelica or sth.

No. 263279

That's actually pretty damn accurate. For narc dads it's the other way round. You just replace the female stuff like "sexy" and all that with typical male virtues like strenght. With a narcissistic parent everything is about their ego. Can't imagine living like that.

No. 263280

I hope you mean you like her delicious milk. Would call her a full blown cow for sure at this point, too.

No. 263287

it probably doesn't help that her nutjob mother is hanging around places she thinks venus will go, i wouldn't feel too confident about going out alone either.

No. 263288

She's practically a one woman dairy farm.

No. 263289

Stop sperging about the bunny retards. You are all treating Venus like she is 5 years old. She has enough plushies fgs! She bought the bunny in korea so gtfo here! And stop making up new theories!

No. 263290

I'm glad I'm not the only one who is bothered by this. She may have had a shit childhood but this spoiled brat has a room full of kawaii stuffed animals. She's going to survive without her poor wittle bunny.

No. 263291

She looks actually asian

No. 263295

She actually looks like her mother in this picture >>262142
same penisnose and facial expression lol
Besides the extra deep nasolabial folds Margo has but that will come later.

No. 263298


OT but same fam. I try to distance myself from materialism and when I begin to accumulate too many things I start tossing stuff out or donating them. I've been doing dragged around so many times in life, often at just a moments notice, I now associate the accumulation of objects equally with the pain of losing them.

I always try to ensure its possible for me to fit all of my life's possessions in a very large suitcase w/ 2 or 3 bags.
I expect it's probably the same for Venus since her bedroom looks pretty sparse. If you don't get attached to stuff it won't hurt you when it's taken from you.(no one cares)

No. 263299

why does this thread attract so many blog posts

No. 263300

You must be spoiled too if you think her room is sparse.
Because this thread has attracted the underaged sperging PULLretards. Logically most of the 18+ posters aren't touching this thread until there is new milk. Sadly I always respond to the shitposts.

No. 263302

They look like NB's (New Balances) but not sure what style.

No. 263319

I drop by every 24hrs or so to see what's up. Still no milk, still cancer, and a surprising amount of handwringing. It practically reads like gomi.

No. 263322


>you must be spoiled

Did you totally gloss over the whole "dragged around my entire childhood" part or what.

Her room does seem sparse. Last I looked it legit only had curtains, a bed and some plushies, at least from what I could see. It's not a bad thing, dial down your autism.

No. 263323


Because there's shit fuck all going on so in the downtime we're attempting to dissect the concurrent psychological state between Maggot and Venus with anecdotal experiences? Wow, what a crazy theory.

Then you're just as bad as the PULLtards.

No. 263324

Head over to kiwifarms then

No. 263333

How about not posting when there's nothing going on. Nobody cares about your worthless blogs. Get back to PULL.

And learn to sage you tart.

No. 263337

>Did you totally gloss over the whole "dragged around my entire childhood" part or what.
>Did you totally gloss over the whole "dragged around my entire childhood" part or what.
>Did you totally gloss over the whole "dragged around my entire childhood" part or what.
To all of you: yes. Now fuck off and post milk or gtfo.

No. 263340

Because there's quite a few undergrads here posting whatever they learned in their Developmental Psychology and Abnormal Psychology courses. Essentially any fake intellectual goes around trying to show the pathetic amount of knowledge they have in psychology, which is the basic bitch degree of people who want to appear smart by obtaining one of the easiest degrees possible.

And essentially any tragic heroine faggot bragging about how hard their life is just like Weeenus.

Pixy used to get this same amount of pseudo-analysis before she dried up. Our darling Kappa should be due for another freak out soon, so let's all hold out until then.

No. 263341


I literally hope you get attacked by bees - chuckles aloud -

No. 263342

honestly I don't understand why you felt the need to bump this thread.

No. 263343


>waaaaaaaaaah stop filling the thread with useless posts!

>only I'M allowed to do that!

No. 263344


mpa detected, you yeasty enormous fucking twat

No. 263345

>still not saging

No. 263346

I read this and thought admin had brought back the filter.
Was disappointed to see it's a real post.

No. 263348


holy fuk ure such a frumpy bulldyke. (◡‿◡✿)

No. 263350


you're the most annoying anon here

No. 263353

>expect to arrive within 2 weeks

yeah 2 weeks aka never, amrite?

No. 263360

Omg just lurk the last threads…. you gonna find Ferenc`s picture it`s titled "the three angelics" or something like that…

No. 263361

No. 263364

File: 1461518923893.png (1.37 MB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_20160424-132244.png)

They were out pretty late (for them.) Her casual style is so cute.

No. 263366


it's easier to hide in the dark from crazy ass maggot.

I wonder when the river hobo will post a current selfie - it's been a while and I wonder how filthy she looks now.

No. 263367

Look marge, VENOOS is young & cute & buying clothes SHE likes and having fun w/her boo. Suck on that marge. SUCK ON ITTT.

No. 263373

I've been thinking the same thing. No selfies or anything current of whatever dive neighborhood she's holed up in now, just old boring crap from her stockpile. Both marge and her current abode must look like total shit. Seems like she can't even afford the train to get to the cool parts of Tokyo to walk around & take pics anymore. Hahaha mayooo

No. 263376

>taking Venoos to a gaming place because she can't sleep because of her batshit crazy mother

Manaki is really aiming for that #1 Hunsbando Award

No. 263378

derpy face but cute clothes and hair :3
I think she has already forgotten her tbh, its really easy to get over things when your life is good.

But yeah its really nice her boyfriend did that (I refuse to say husband kek)

No. 263379

I don't think she's forgotten Magoo that quickly, anon. She was living with the witch for almost her whole life after all.

But on another note, it's good to see she looks a bit happier.

No. 263382

Do we have a countdown for Maggot's visa running out yet? Like, how longs she got?

Also why does she look like a corpse in OP?

No. 263389

why do you refuse to say husband? aren't they married?

But yeah, he seems like a real sweetheart.

No. 263390


May 6th.

No. 263400

Venus doesn't even call Manaki her husband either. She calls him her boyfriend.

No. 263404

Hold up, did Venus forget to shoop her eyes larger?

No. 263409


They look normal to me.

No. 263410

File: 1461529597629.png (662.96 KB, 1920x1200, Screenshot_20160424-162422.png)

She's not gonna like this when she wakes up. LOL

No. 263412

Are you serious? You don't just "get over" being raised by a batshit crazy flaming narcissist in a few weeks. Especially when you're barely 19 and your mother is physically hunting you down, going all out to destroy your reputation and your livelihood and generally acting like a fucking loon.

No. 263418


probably margo wanted to come across as an eco-aware conscious water saving individual but failed miserably at that and just made everybody grossed out kek

No. 263429

Oh my god, I'm dying. LMFAO

No. 263431

File: 1461532841021.gif (1.74 MB, 500x281, omg017.gif)

oh she gonna be mad

No. 263438

File: 1461534653693.gif (1.55 MB, 450x253, shocked-spit-out-drink-o.gif)

Holy…shiiiiiieeeet!!! Wonder what she'll have to say to that.

>Do these clothes come with your leg hair?

I can't even…I'm ded.

No. 263439

Oh wow, the amazing wit has blown me away.

No. 263440

Meh she is not really destroying venus' reputation as she is only making herself look bad tho. I disagree, you can get over anything as long if the present is now good. I think most people cant get over things because the present is still sucky, at least thats how i think how things are. Its My opinion only though, and it doesnt really matter who is right anyways im laughinng at this edgy comment lmao

No. 263441

they right tho
I mean who in their right mind would buy her shit after seeing the squalor she lives in

No. 263457

The point is that she's TRYING to, not whether she's succeeding. The kid's mother is going after her like a demented banshee out for blood. That's not something you 'just get over.'

No. 263459

That's not really how trauma works though dude, and the iT's My OpiNioN™ thing isn't really enough to support your argument. Something can still bother you for years even if your life gets better. If a good life was all it took, then why would people like Robin Williams kill themselves?

It's only been a couple months since Venus left Maggot, and that entire time period has been plagued by her mother's destructive antics. She doesn't even have her channel back yet, the loss of which was caused by her mother, and every day she can't make a video is a reminder that her mother exists, hates her guts, wants to destroy her, and is doing everything in her power to achieve that goal. It would be impossible for her to have just simply forgotten about Margaret with a snap of her fingers like that when she currently has no income because of Margaret. You don't just simply eat a bento box under some cherry blossoms with your hubby and magically stop giving any fucks.

No. 263466

File: 1461542348123.png (240.85 KB, 640x644, 40bc51fd-e840-4dc9-bf25-a4cc74…)

She's up und at 'em. Answering comments & deleting the comment so she looks even stupider than she already did.

Oh and now she HAS PERMISSION to sell Venus's stuff. okayyy, marge

No. 263467


Sounds bitchy but I honestly couldn't give ten fucks if neither of them came back on the internet or if Venus ever made a video again. They were all the same, food videos and boring. Her mother is a nutcase. That's all there is too it.

Venus could probably go into teaching or some shit like translating because she's fast at picking up languages anyway.

No. 263470

Oh, so now margo admits that manaki told her she can go in the storage unit whenever she wanted to get her stuff. And margo assumes that because manaki told her whatever of her own belongings she doesn't take out of storage, they plan to toss out, that means margo us free to steal Venus's things from storage. She is truly a piece of work.

And this is the same storage unit she claims Manaki refused to let her into, and that he had stolen all of her belongings from it because of this. It was her casus beli at the beginning of this thing.

No. 263471

>No need for the mother, she shall die.

Venus isn't your fucking life support, Maggot.

No. 263473


Uh, Margo, it's not hard to outsmart you. You're delusional and dumb as rocks.

No. 263475

>No need for the mother, she shall die

yea yea. venus was literally plotting your demise. held the gun to your head. oh margo…

No. 263487

File: 1461546223751.png (46.66 KB, 324x279, Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 6.03…)

High five to whichever farmer this is

No. 263490

B-b-but VEENOOS left her own mother homeless and penniless in the street, you heartless beast. How can you be so cruel?

No. 263506


Because having a loon middle aged woman who's up to no good lurking around your house is that easy to ignore.

c'mon anon this isn't Kiki and her imaginary harassers.

No. 263508

… except that you generally need a college degree for those kind of jobs, and Venus doesn't have a high school diploma or even a GED because Margo was constantly dragging her around from country to country.

No. 263512

Yeah, when she's more settled and gets her channel and income back maybe venus can work on getting her GED in japan. But she's not qualified for anything but the most basic kinds of untrained work unless she gets education beyond her language certificates.

No. 263513


She could help out kids with their English (or other languages). It doesn´t take much, and an English certificate would be enough for, say, elementary school children.

To do anything else she needs to get back to school.

No. 263514

File: 1461555439734.png (273.38 KB, 600x701, e89e6eac-b57f-4c23-8666-66615a…)

…and two hours later, she thinks up the perfect response to that (deleted) comment and comes back with THIS zinger:

No. 263515

File: 1461555528074.png (161.56 KB, 676x560, 054cd94f-3fbf-4c7e-ad93-5c3a31…)

original comment:
must have really stung.

No. 263518

You wouldnt think that a liberated Satanist would have such a Holier Than Thou attitude to mastarbation.

No. 263519

I just woke up from a dream where Margo adopted me and was stalking me and trying to kill me. Maybe going on /pt/ before bed wasn't such a good idea.

No. 263521

>> That's only in that house bc it's old house

Am I the only one who doesn't understand her reasoning?

No. 263523


Her reasoning was that it was a filthy old house and nothing worked in it properly. The washer didnt wash her clothes to her expectations and so she had to pre wash her clothes.
The actual execution of thi… Has a lot to be desired.

Short version: her clothes were being washed badly so she found a way to make it worse.

No. 263524

>you put your middle finger on places I don't want to know
She is so foul, lol. And you know she spent those two hours all butthurt & brooding over that comment until she came up with (what she thought was) the perfect comeback.

No. 263526

Why does she specify middle finger?

No. 263528

You use it to finger self with, try it.

No. 263535

Lol as to be expected from the hungry Hungarian whore.

No. 263541

>"No need for the mother, she shall die. The runaway is made up by her for no normal reasons and I sat all the time."

She really has an interesting self-reflection.

No. 263543

It's hard to even understand wtf she's talking about, especially

>The runaway is made up by her for no normal reasons and I sat all the time.

What the fuck does that even mean? I don't think we'll ever be able to decipher Marglish. For fuck's sake, she lived in bloody England for a few years and her English is worse than a 4 year old's.

No. 263545

As someone with an N mom who used to do pretty terrible things and who, for years, tried to steal/destroy my comfort item I really wanted to buy the pink bunny and return it to uer. I hope the person that bought it does so :((no one cares)

No. 263547

I think "I sat all the time" might be a typo & should be "I saw all the time" i.e. I saw it the whole time? Just a guess though & it still doesn't make sense but this is fucking marge after all so who knows??

No. 263549

And cut it out with this bunny. It is gone, deal with it.

Oh, Maggo, you smart you. Delete the comment and then take two hours to answer. Brilliant!

No. 263550

I read it as 'I sat back the whole time (and didn't say/do anything while Venoos slandered me)' because Margo thinks all her horrible comments are just her telling the truth, while Venus is an evil bully.
But honestly who fucking knows, Margo's dumb as a rock.

No. 263551


Thanks for the translation

No. 263558

The only childhood plushie we know of is that unicorn plushie (but its possible even Venus doesnt really care about it) and even then you should not care as Venus is 18+, something you are not. You should really literally grow up before you post here.
>adopted me

No. 263560

File: 1461576662978.jpg (17.35 KB, 413x395, 1456134908026.jpg)

No. 263561

underage b8 confirmed

No. 263563


Nigger wut.

No. 263565

that's transphobic you dickweed

No. 263570

No. 263589

Not the same person, and I am 28, I just have way too many hangups about my N-mom that helping weenoos would have given me some catharsis. TBH, having a parent like magoo is something that'll give you issues for life.

No. 263592

She sat all the time, as in she waited patiently in korea and got on with her own life while letting venus know she will always love her, it's not like she flew to japan, ranted on instagram about how she hates her daughter and trawled around japan lookong for manakis parents…Oh wait…

No. 263594

Lol Margo the queen of witty retorts.

No. 263595

She could also do an apprenticeship style course. Since she's married to a japanese person that might be available to her. Once she's settled a bit she can start figuring things out and trying things, she has time.

No. 263597

Oh, that too. But I get the feeling Venus is pretty comfortable staying at home with her husband. Maybe she just want to be a housewife, she seems pretty homely, and make her videos. (And really, it would not surprise me: she never really had a family or a stable place to call home.)

But yeah, she has time.

No. 263617

File: 1461598220329.jpg (286.37 KB, 718x667, margendo.jpg)

No. 263620

>learn for your life

Yes, Margo. Get rich quick schemes never work and using another person as an access to fame and fortune will not work when a human being realizes their own self worth.

No. 263621

File: 1461599170099.jpg (22.79 KB, 599x231, salt (2).jpg)


fuck mags, you old salty bitch. She is mad that nothing worked the way she wanted it and now she knows that venus will get her channel back, no matter what smh. She needs to get a life and job jeeez.

No. 263633

File: 1461600572603.jpg (5.97 KB, 259x194, Mrs deagle.jpg)

Quick sage for slightly OT.

I was watching Gremlins, and I just had the realization that Margo looks a little like Mrs. Deagle. Guess we know what she will look like in two years. Hahaha

No. 263635

Nah, that woman looks so much more attractive and normal than Margo

No. 263636

Not really, I mean they have wrinkles but so what? Lol..
Now that you mention it I worry about Venus. At what age did Margo started to age?

No. 263638

The old whore needs to get a fucking job and stop seeing her own daughter as a living ATM. I have zero doubts that she took the majority of Venus' money when she was her "manager." She's a money grubbing dusty ass bitch.

No. 263647

Referencing her childhood pics margo looked aged from the get go

Venus has pretty below average looks in my opinion, but I think she'll look differently from margo at the same age

No. 263657

If she does it's cause she won't be bitter as all hell like Margo is. In about 5 years Margo will look like she's seen ages of life if she ages any worse.

No. 263659

I think she'll age better than her incubation unit only because Venus looks happy now and will most likely stay that way. The thing on the other hand? Angry and bitter for over 40 years.

No. 263669

>she takes all the MONEY and #lol #bye
that's it right there. the one and only thing the old harpy gives a shit about. "MY $$$ IS GONE WAAAHHHH"

No. 263670

>No need for the mother, she shall die

Aaaalways with the drama, Margo…

No. 263674

File: 1461612977231.png (475.93 KB, 637x582, ce2e4838-1244-4d1b-9892-c4e324…)

so much cringe @ this creature

No. 263675

margo and sere could be bff

No. 263678


Poor marge. No more shopping for cute clothes with Venus's YT $$. No more Starbucks every day with Venus's YT $$. Sad marge.

No. 263704

To reiterate: This thread is not your blog and you will be banned if you treat it like one. Yes, even if you preface your post with "OT" or "sorry for the blog".

You have /b/ for that. Or PULL.

No. 263707

File: 1461623920417.png (1.66 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-04-25-17-37-18…)

Marge finally eating her first meal after selling Venus stuff

No. 263710

And so she's blowing all her cash rather than just eating sensibly from a supermarket

No. 263711

If shes in Japan still (sorry, I don't follow this thread enough) then I heard it's cheaper to eat out. Maybe not at fancy restaurants but just simple hole in the walls.

No. 263713

I can support this statement - normally cheaper to eat out than make meals from scratch.

No. 263714

Especially kitchens aren't really a thing. An oven is nearly impossible to come by.

No. 263715

I'm surprised that she is not back at Ihop.

No. 263719

When I was in Japan, I found it cheaper to eat out, but eating out meant that I had nearly no vegetables. Lots of the food is like chicken and sauce, and sushi is a delicacy.

Marge probably looks like a dehydrated, haggard mess and feels tired. I'd assume since she tries to live healthily (PT, dietitian claims etc.) that she's probably not used to not getting her veggies and it'd be taking a knock out of her. Sad, grey old woman. She must be looking about seventy right now.

No. 263720

She'll find a Denny's sooner or later. I don't get why she can't do the broke person's trick to dining in Japan: buy premade meals when a grocery store is close to closing at 60% off. But no. She wants to flaunt dumb shit.

No. 263721

lol what. Kitchens are most certainly a thing in Japan.

No. 263722

You can eat at student cafeterias in Japan even if you are not a student. It's cheap and they have salad bars too.

I would love it if Margo visited my uni's cafeteria.

No. 263726

So, 9 days left on that visa. Not that anything will happen on day 10 like squads of cops on the lookout for crazy orange-haired gaijin hobo BUT, since she's mailing stuff out and emailing people on her website, ~someone~ might be able to figure out where she's holed up and she ~could~ be reported for overstaying. (Hypothetically of course.) Maybe that's why she's been laying low on IG lately.

No. 263748

Come for a meal, leave with a new momager.

No. 263752

Can't she just do a visa run to Korea?

No. 263753

That takes $$

No. 263754

Waiting for someone to notice that there's a song named Isobel on the same Bjork album as Venus As a Boy.

No. 263755

It explains why she's selling everything and chose to be homeless for a while. She's crafty, I wouldn't put it past her. Plus, there is the chance (albeit a small one) that immigration officials will figure out what she's doing, esp. since she has no legal income and hasn't had one in months.

No. 263766

She'll probably be too broke to do that. Her trying to sell Venus' stolen items is t working out too well for her,

No. 263769

Marge really put zero thought into naming her one and only daughter. Naming her after two really weird songs is just as bad as weeaboos that name their children after anime characters.

No. 263772

File: 1461645932215.png (375.55 KB, 624x833, 72c26867-278d-4a9e-959e-983c88…)

So ole girl is sticking to her story that VEENOOS could have gotten her channel back if she had just contacted marge to make "an agreement," but VEENOOS missed the deadline and now there's nothing marge can do about it, the channel is gone (and VEENOOS is lying about YT working to get it back.) Like, some scenario where marge gave Venus a deadline to contact her or she (marge) would initiate legal proceedings of some sort? Except we all know that's not how copyright law works, and the only deadline involved is for marge to file a lawsuit in court by a certain date or her claims expire.

I guess in her alternative-reality lizardworld that's what she thinks is happening, along with VEENOOS's dark plan and Manaki holding Venus prisoner and Fullscreen blackmailing her.

No. 263776

>Enjoy your time there and everything that Japan has to offer

That's pretty fucking impossible when you're living as a god damned hobo. LOL. Are these people fucking narc moms too or some shit? There's no way an adult can be this blind and stupid. It takes a special kind of stupid to follow Midge.

No. 263780

I like her answer to "why not just let V do what she wants and go on w/your life? why the drama?"
Marge: but you don't UNDERSTAND! She planned it all, stole my $$ and bullied me, OUTSMARTED me, thought she could get rid if me and have everything! I can't let her get away with that! I must make the world UNDERSTAND THE TRUTH!

No. 263784

File: 1461648408200.png (58.87 KB, 1009x534, 9cfd7b17-690d-40ce-86bb-a5d755…)

I just visited margoo's website and it now says: Used and new clothing from Japan. Ships worldwide from Japan.

That might be a problem after next week.

No. 263786


>calling me names

lol marge when even V did that?

No. 263788

Ovens in Japan are pretty tiny if you have one at all. They're meant for small things like fish fillets. Generally grills are more commonly used for larger meats.

No. 263789


Margot is really starting to lose it. But I like how she sees herself as a winner / justified in her position.

No. 263799

But she's been losing it for months. I don't think she ever really had "it" in her life after watching everything go down.

No. 263807

It makes sense though, it was big album for someone Margo's age; Bjork used to be a big cultural deal. The name Venus has other connotations even for Bjork: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Venus_(mythology)

No. 263808

I was reading that old tumblr about Margo's misdeeds and she seemed to have as little of 'it' as she does now. Margo has never had her marbles, it's just that now she is under a lot of stress.

No. 263816

File: 1461656589502.jpg (18.51 KB, 519x342, nope.jpg)

Has she always had the donate button the site or have I just noticed? She doesn't even say why you should give her money!

No. 263820

I havent noticed it before either.
It doesnt seem to have a minimum, how much does paypal charge per transaction?

No. 263825

She's having another sale guys. Just posted on IG captioned: "Shipping and many items got cheaper." Seems to be in a bit of a rush to clear her inventory– maybe she is planning to leave Japan before her visa expires. Wonder where she'll go? (IF she plans to leave)

No. 263827

Not really. I've been living in Japan for about one and a half years, and if you know where the ingredients are cheap you should be able to make your own food without spending all your money. I cook my own food at home almost every day. But yes, eating out can also be cheap.

No. 263829

Sooo. I cant find the pic anymore, but there was one about venus and manaki playing "senpai" and about fulfilling the marriage.

Fulfilling the marriage= having sex. So, she talks about her daughters sex life again. Disgusting

No. 263832

Is this new or old?

No. 263835

File: 1461662850196.png (8.36 KB, 636x246, hurry up Margo.png)

Ha ha ha Margo sells a few items and heads straight to Kabukicho.

I knew it was money well spent

No. 263848

did you seriously order shit from margo? thats so sad tbh

No. 263856

File: 1461668266429.jpg (33.51 KB, 407x600, 1432800081472.jpg)

>leaving the house in those pants

No. 263862

If everything works out for bina chan and Manaki, river parasite kappa will never be able to afford Stella McCartney adidas gear again. This pleases my cold black heart.

No. 263869

Well I figure a donation to the Margo Milk Fund was in order. I donate to Wikipedia and animal welfare groups when they ask. Margo has been pretty entertaining, I am happy to shout her a parfait.

I also have questions like: how is Margo as a seller? Will I get a thank you note? Will I get a freebie or just extra leg hair? Will it be shoved in a shipping bag or folded nicely? How stanky will it be? Does Venus stink out clothes as much as Mr Yan claims?

So many questions

No. 263870

Oh my god, anon. Please tell us all about it if/when you get your shit.

No. 263874


Actually I'm suprised if you get anything.

No. 263877

I'm pretty sure she'll send stuff since she says shipping with tracking code & it's easy to claim money back with paypal if you don't send it with tracking. If anon wouldn't get anything they could just claim their money back. Margo is mental but not stupid, she probably knows that it's no use scamming since she'd just loose money herself.

No. 263881

what did you buy?

No. 263882

If you buy any clothes off her check to see if they really have leg hairs and soap scum.

I feel like someone wore her clothes they'd feel prickly as hell cause of those leg hairs lol.

No. 263883

I wanted to ask that too but if they reveal it Margo might see this and get hostile.

No. 263884


one of the items in this pic has been bought.

No. 263901


No. 263911

Isn't it about time that venus gets her channel back?

No. 263927

One thing I dont understand is why Venus just didn't create a new channel, you know, a back up channel to keep the money flowing in the maintime or just in case the original channel is rip.

No. 263928


from what farmers have said here about this idea is that it would look like she would try to evade the yt ban. So that wouldn't be such great idea.

It's been already a while since her channels has been put down tho.

No. 263929

Worse case scenario is she'll have to wait 6 months. I'm not sure if her completing that "copyright school" to remove the strikes would be of use to remove it since she can't even get into it.

No. 263935

what kind of visa does venus have right now? she's neither married nor going to school/work.

No. 263937

She is married to Manaki.

No. 263949

it wouldnt be 'avoiding a ban' if she didnt reupload old videos.

No. 263951


It would. The ban isn't on uploading videos, it's on possession of a YT channel.

No. 263952

I thought there was an issue with the license so she isn't technically married.

No. 263953

If there was an issue with the marriage license, wouldn't Venus be kicked out of Japan too? Until it was resolved?

No. 263959

File: 1461705015111.png (308.81 KB, 935x549, c9983921-34c9-46bd-8f54-2996b2…)

just fyi, marge bought these booty shorts for herself (according to description on website.) Think about this for a minute.. she really thought her 41-year-old pasty ass would look hottt in these.

No. 263960

and they're still available, just $21.90 plus $10.00 shipping and they can be yours.

No. 263961

That was an excuse maggot made up to try and hide it and get them to divorce so she can sell her off to some rich creep.

No. 263963

the truth and lies all blend together for me at this point

No. 263966

Well I'd say a middle-aged woman with a trained body can rock a pair of shorts as long as they're plain and tasteful and paired with a classy, not too tight shirt. This pair however and the way Margo most likely wore them…

No. 263970

Sure, BUT.. these would barely cover her a$$. plus those short stumpy pasty legs plus THAT FACE? No Bueno.

No. 263971

Just one more example of how totally, incredibly delusional she is.

No. 263973

File: 1461710425493.png (542.17 KB, 928x590, Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 23.3…)

Still posting old pics by the looks of it.

No. 263974

She doesn't want to show her face for some reason.
She's gonna have to up her game though b/c her IG is b o r i n g. People are losing interest, marrggge.

No. 263978

>the people in the sky is amazing

At this point I can't tell if maggot's fans are meth heads or hillbillies who've never seen a Ferris wheel before. I guess por que no los dos?

No. 263986

Mags is stalking the ferris wheel venus made a post of, huh? No wonder venus doesn't post photos of herself outside, kappa monster. You track down anywhere venus might be in the hopes of snatching her up.

No. 263989

File: 1461721766726.png (453.71 KB, 919x322, Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 6.43…)


Mags thinks she slick

No. 263990

And this is why Venus doesn't post photos of their weekend trips until they've come home. The ugly kappa is fucking nuts. I still think she wants to murder Venus. Why the fuck else would she be stalking her like this? I don't think she'd have an easy time trying to kidnap her out of the country once they see her papers. One has a legit marriage and the other is a psycho hobo with no home address, source of income, etc. plus Venus would have an easier time speaking to immigration than the monster would.

No. 263991


Those aren't the same ferris wheels. The one Margo posted is in Nagoya and the one in Venus's picture is in Yokohama.

No. 263994

I think Margo's super paranoid since the time she was dumb enough to post obvious clues that led to unearthing her Air BnB location. I am betting she posts pictures out of order and from different times/places to try to shake off anons who might report her.

No. 263995

Those are two different Ferris wheels.

But, Margo is trying to catch Venus regardless. Remember that awfully lame attempt where she claimed that Venus doesn't go out because she never hangs out in Shibuya?
Dumb Margo thought that Venus would try to prove her wrong and actually go to Shibuya where Margo would be able to get her.

No. 264000

Doh! Venus and manaki were recently in yokohama though, right? I remember something about her being there on one of their weekend trips.

No. 264002

Margo is eating cheap, Japanese food that is mostly stuff like chicken and rice, maybe with beans on the side. When I was in Japan, the cheap food places very rarely sold vegetables. She most likely doesn't want to post her face because she's withering away

No. 264006


people like margo in the river is way more amazing

No. 264009

hey now, no point posting some bystander here

No. 264010

we know they're losers, talk about their usernames but leave personal pics out. we know how to look at a profile if we want.

No. 264011

I think they live there? Someone said it here.

No. 264012

That could also have been Marge's deteriorating english, meaning that she never sees pics from Venus going out in Shibuya i.e. that she's a prisoner in that bedroom.

It may not occur to Marge that Venus stays inside to stay safe, and goes where she wants to go with Manaki when they have time, which may not be fucking Shibuya.

No. 264014

totally. she's got wind of the fact people want to tell immigration authorities where she is. roll on May 6 though - there's bound to be some chimpouts.

No. 264015

File: 1461741072721.png (655.89 KB, 639x949, e71e1ad1-ebc8-4289-a096-082a77…)

Venus just calmly going about her biz, looking all cute and still rocking those extensions- and more plaid.

Oh and look marge, she has a kitchen!

No. 264016

no-one's 'kindly forcing' her to do makeup anymore, and it seems her own preference is for a more natural-looking face.

No. 264018

Margo is learning?
Well its about time.

No. 264030

File: 1461750551026.png (776.82 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

No. 264031


No. 264032

File: 1461750739799.gif (1.99 MB, 329x359, 1459742725451.gif)

Oh fuck

No. 264034

Oh my god, poor Venus and Manaki. I wish that they would start a gofundme, I would donate money for them to stay in a hotel somewhere away from maggot until the 6th.

No. 264035


She has to call the police. She is in serious danger

No. 264036

>Bell rang
>decided to check the camera but couldn't see anyone.

Imagine if she opened the door holz shit

No. 264037

holy crap, now she's in danger for real D: fuuuuuuuuck you margo

No. 264039

And we found Margo

No. 264040

Why the hell did she film Manaki for 5 MINUTES like seriously what is wrong with this woman

No. 264041

Probably in hopes that she could coax something 'bad' out of him which she could then crop and use as 'proof' that he's a stalker abusive manipulator!!!1!

No. 264042

girl call the cops, I know Japanese police is usually useless but this is clearly stalking!!

No. 264043

She needs to get a restraining order, I fee like now that maggot has found her she's not gonna just let it go and harass them everyday

No. 264044

O M G She's in full psycho stalker mode forREAL, just like some of us have been predicting. SHE'S LOST IT.

No. 264045

"Weeenus give a room to mama right now!"

No. 264046

I really hope they do, this is some scary shit. Imagine waking up at night, the maggot stuck to your ceiling.

>give me all the money weenooooos, give it to me! You are mine, mine, mine! I will have you for an ATM!

But I almost hope she does something that gets her arrested, just to have her deported.

No. 264047

..i'm seriously scared for Venus. Margaret is a crazy woman and I can totally see her deciding to kill Venus. She has no more money, family, job or place to live, she has nothing more to loose.
I was never a fan of Weenos weaboo ass but I seriously feel sick seeing this. Her life is in danger

No. 264048


No. 264049

WE know how scary this is, but I don't think it's against the law to film soneone on the street…I doubt there's anything the cops can do.

No. 264050

Private property, anon. He was heading into his home, which means she was more than likely on private grounds and thus needs permission to film.

No. 264051

the thing is japanese police are very apathetic towards foreigners… seeing them as a nuisance etc. maybe if manaki is able to explain the situation it will be helpful, but i'm worried the police will brush it off.

this woman is so crazy. the problem is she's decently clever as well, i bet she did the youtube thing in part just to get her address. poor venus.

No. 264052

Manaki will definitely be the one contacting them. Venus' Japanese isn't top notch, his is obviously fluent.

No. 264053

Yeah, maggot is clearly desperate with just a week left on her visa and NO options left. She's gone over the edge just like we knew she would.

No. 264054

of course, i just meant that i hope he properly explains the whole extent of the thing so that the police can get the whole picture of just how crazy margo is so that they don't brush it off. not just 'oh my wife's mother is stalking us'

japan does have a stalker culture but i'm not sure how the police usually handle it..

No. 264055

Sounds to mme like they were on the street outside their apartment building? If so, public property.

No. 264056

I think Manaki is very, very aware of the situation. He was the one who told Margo to stay away, he has been in the background but he has been involved in the most sensible ways.

Lots of Japanese houses have long driveways and side entrances, if she was on the driveway she was on private property.

No. 264057

manaki just posted on his instagram about it, I really hope the police can do something about that

No. 264058

Does their building have a locked front door? A buzzer, intercom or any kind of security, or can this fucking psycho just walk in & start pounding on their door (or lurk just outside, waiting for it to open?) Hoky fucking shit

No. 264059

yes the picture of manaki shows a intercom, venus didn't open the door because she didn't see anyone through the security camera, thank god!

No. 264060

But are they in a private single-family home? Aren't those rare in Japanese cities? I always assumed they were in an apartment building.

No. 264061

It doesn't matter? If Manaki goes to the landlord and says 'this woman was on the property and she was unwelcome', then it's still trespassing. That's like saying it's not B&E if I break into a rental.

No. 264062

File: 1461753638118.jpg (108.9 KB, 946x598, screenshot.jpg)

here is the pic from his instagram

No. 264063

I don't know how the laws are in japan but isn't the police only allowed to intervene if someone get hurt for real or the stalker is harrassing on private grounds? I fear they won't do shit if Margo will camp on the street in front of Venus house. The only thing Venus can do right now is hiding and hope that the river monster don't try to scramble through the window.

No. 264064

Fucking hell so she has been tracking down Venus and Manaki holy shit this is turning into a really disturbing situation.

No. 264065

it was disturbing all the time, starting from venus fleeing, to margaret following and stalking and spreading lies to selling her stuff and claiming false copyright to take the channel down to now this. how does she still have any supporters?

No. 264066

That's why margo was so quiet lately. She always does that when she is planning something

No. 264067

Poor girl won't ever leave the house now Margo is probably living in that area like a damn creepy hobo. Thank fuck they have some form of security camera but that doesn't seem enough right now. That bitch would probably smash the door down or window to get in.

No. 264068

I think she's loosing her last supporters right now. Just look at the comments on her last instagramm pics, it's a gigantic hatefest right now.

No. 264069

do you retards not know that harassment is illegal or what

No. 264070

she is online. she just deleted the comments on her newest picture from 90 to 75

No. 264072

woop that was quick.

No. 264073

Yes but she seems to have stopped deleting, probably too many to delete…

No. 264074

TBH I want this milk to stop. It's not fun anymore. Entertaining, maybe, but in a horror movie way. I feel so sorry for Venus and Manaki for having to go through this nightmare. I'm legimitely scared of finding out what the next turn of events is going to be.
Stay safe Venus.

No. 264075

The cunt needs to be kicked out of the country now. Why aren't the police cracking down on this piece of trash? Is it that difficult to remove a foreigner who's blatantly mentally deranged and a danger to society or what?

No. 264076

She's probably convinced she does anyway.
"He didn't want to talk to me! He's hiding something!! HE DIDN'T LET VENOOS OUT THE HOUSE! HE'S CONTROLLING HER! But! Also look how scared he is! Venoos is bullying him!"

No. 264077

Hopefully something can be done now that she's likely going to be sticking to a single area.

No. 264078

>Veenoos won't open the doors to her own mother! This is the proof Manaki has brainwashed and made her prisoner! I only came to get my laptop.

I can see her writing something like that.

No. 264081

Yes it's not great anymore.

Does anyone find it weird how much Venus and Margaret actually share on ig? It's literally a running commentary of their argument. You would think that fullscreen would step in and say to them both that they wont back them if they don't stop public arguing online. I mean it was entertaining but now it getting old and I seriously wonder how long this commentary can go for.

No. 264082

I was just thinking Margo has been too quiet lately for a crazy, desperate person with time running out on her visa.

No. 264084

Venus has only posted big updates, she has not responded to insults past the two videos and now a PSA that her mother is fucking crazy. She knows that her biggest source of material to use against Margaret is what places like PULL, Kiwifarm and lolcow have put together.

Also, since she may not have many friends in Japan, think of it like how you may text your friend/family 'i'm walking home late at night along this street, I'll let you know when I get there' etc. She's doing this to document the extremes Margo has gone to.

No. 264085

Venus has only posted about major events like maggot bricking the laptop, taking down ths YT channel and now this, she has been very restrained throughout this whole nightmare. It's the fucking maggot that has been spewing all over IG and YT the whole time. Get a clue.

No. 264087

So maybe Manaki will be the star of her next you tube video. I wonder how she will present the footage

No. 264088

Exactly. If there was a fucking maniac outside my house I'd post it all over the internet too.

No. 264093

File: 1461757264930.png (829.97 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

I want to get off Mr Bones' wild Ride

No. 264095

File: 1461757384844.png (197.39 KB, 640x481, f1f4c94b-465f-4e21-adb5-2caacd…)

No. 264096

holy shit, suddenly she wants to "save" her "poor" daugter

No. 264098

I downloaded the video for further legal actions.
Marge is completely nuts now, doesn't she know how sensitive Japanese law is with privacy? She's getting deported before her visa ends.

No. 264099

File: 1461757685548.png (213.87 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

Thank you for the download.

Margendo changed the caption.

No. 264100

Shits getting real weird now :/

No. 264101

No. 264102

Every other day of the week Venus is horribly abusing and bullying her mother, today Manaki is the abuser and needs to be rescued. Sure Margo…

No. 264103

File: 1461757819799.png (281.79 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

Holy shit, she changed the caption again. She can't even keep up with the comments now.

No. 264105

She is fucking nuts

No. 264106

Their landlord is on her side? Uhm wtf? Is she serious? How does she even communicate with the landlord despite not speaking a fucking word of Japanese. This is insane.

No. 264107

Their landlord is on her side? Uhm wtf? Is she serious? How does she even communicate with the landlord despite not speaking a fucking word of Japanese. This is insane.

No. 264109

How can you tell who hits who in the video though? Or if anyone hits anyone? Manaki definitely didn't seem aggressive, more cautious. It looks like Maggrot just idk, swung widly.

No. 264110

File: 1461757974725.webm (3.51 MB, 640x640, 13085192_637186166435233_21047…)

Here, I converted it into webbum so it's easier to share

No. 264111

I don't think anyone hit anyone, looks like Manaki was just reaching for her phone/camera and Margo flipped the fuck out and ran off.

No. 264113

It looks like to me Margo went to take a swing at Manaki when he tried to grab(?) her phone, and then she ran away like a crazy person. I can't really tell though.

No. 264114

It looked like Manaki put his hand out (passively) to take her camera/phone right before the loud sound and Margo running off. It's not clear is either of them hit the other.

No. 264115

I can't tell if his right arm moves right before the camera jerks away.
But if Margo was hit I'm sure she would have screamed.

No. 264116

So now she's gone from 'Venoos is top cyberbully on internet and lies to her fans and bribes them to bully mee" back to 'Manaki is abusive & holds my daughter prisoner.' Yeah, totally sane. Just a worried loving mother, guys!

She just wants to see her ONLY DAUGHTER and check on her to make sure she's all right and SAVE THE CHANNEL!

No. 264117

Margo just wanted to make it look like he hit her, so he will be the "bad" one now. Trying to hit weeeenus' poor mum

No. 264118

Yeah, even someone who doesn't know anything about body language can tell just from his hand he was asking her to stop and then to hand over the camera to him.

Oh, but I forgot, Margo is an expert in microwhatevers and could tell he was clearly trying to bully her on account of his bullied past!

This woman is a serious nutjob, she legit has zero empathy at all it seems.

No. 264119

Im so scared for Venus, I hope they call the cops or an extirminator on Maggot before anything bad happens.

No. 264120

I was right.

No. 264121

As her visa is about to run out, Margo gets more and more desperate. Now that she found Venus's house, if wouldn't surprise me if she tries to set it on fire.

No. 264122

this is actually scaring me wtf I just wanted lulz and something to read in my spare time.

No. 264123

Margot finally lost it. Holy shit. That woman is a demon.

No. 264124

I don't know how it is in Japan, but if you're a foreigner in here, and you do even the smallest illegal thing, you get deported. If Venus gets the cops involved they could forcefully remove her? If they care about the situation that is.

No. 264125

Fucking hell. I was thinking yesterday that she's been very quiet recently so was due to move into a new cycle of craziness but goddamn I did not expect this shit.

No. 264126

A shit demon.

No. 264127

I'm so glad I am awake right now.

No. 264128

I was thinking it looks more like she fell over backwards, like over the garden fence or something.

No. 264129

File: 1461759343348.jpg (27.54 KB, 346x237, margoucray.jpg)

Is she attempting to say the events in this video occurred after Venus' IG post. Like, Manaki saw that and is retaliating or something? It's hard to understand Margo twists and turns.

No. 264130

I told y'all that this broad would try to harm Manaki. Venus is fine and "salvagable" since she's the cash cow. Manaki is the evil one keeping them apart in Marg's delusions.

I hope they are able to get the police to kick her ass out.

No. 264131

when is margaret's tourist visa up? it should be soon, right?

No. 264132

exactly, he's showing his palm, this is the least agressive gesture showing you haven't got any bad intentions and are harmless and weaponless. Everything about his body language shows he was just being cautios (you've got to be cautious if you have to deal with a venomous snake!) and felt uncomfortable being filmed by the crazy-ass river monster without his permission.

I feel sort of proud of Manaki, he acted very decent in this crazy situation.

No. 264133

No, I think she means "us" as in people on her instagram comments were telling her off after seeing Venus' post, so she posted the video as proof or something

No. 264134

I think she means she only posted the video because people were attacking her online. Y'know to "prove" that she was the victim and Venoos is "lying" in her post.

No. 264135


Looked like she just backed away and lowered her hand while doing it. Don't think she fell.

The dumb bitch was filming everything so she could incite a response. Seems like a normal reaction to ask the person to stop filming. I'm literally wtf'ed when I read Venus' update. Just leave her alone Maggot.

No. 264136

Man. I hadn't looked at my phone in ages and the moment I checked Instagram, Margaret had literally posted the vid like 20 seconds prior. My boyfriend nearly shat when I suddenly exclaimed AWWWW SHITS GOIN DOWN

No. 264137

Next week if I remember correctly

No. 264139


i bet venus is counting down the days

No. 264140

Ack, that scenario reminds me of something you'll see in a Junji Ito manga….

No. 264141

If Margo did get the address from Youtube how come it took her so long to go over there? I mean, I get that she's desperate now because of the visa but I would have expected her to charge straight over as soon as she had the info. I wonder if she's just been hanging around, watching for a while.

No. 264143

Or she got the documents just recently.

No. 264144

I'm worried she might try to break in, she clearly does not have limits.

No. 264145


Or she will wait till someone else from the apartment enters and then force her way in.

No. 264146

Where the fuck are the popos and immigration. Jesus. I'm not going to bed tonight, am I? I want to see this crazy orange haired monkey get arrested! I hope someone films it.

No. 264147

I feel so bad for this poor guy lmao. He was just trying to get her to put down the camera not hit her.

No. 264148

I want to see her wrestling with Japanese police and the run away only to be slammed on the ground. Slow-Mo preferably.

No. 264149

File: 1461760579154.jpg (15.83 KB, 266x93, wtf do you want her dead.JPG)

Why in the world are people still sticking up for this loon after this? I get the feeling they're just as mentally unstable as Margross is.

No. 264151

Barely literate retards are defending maggot. They know their kind.

No. 264152


Because they have the "love your parents no matter what!" mentality.

No. 264153

File: 1461760849776.png (598.94 KB, 500x579, 1d2.png)

this shit is gettin' wild. it's like a trainwreck, i don't want to watch but i can't stop

No. 264154

It will be like Christmas in May, but hopefully April. I want to see her on the news! Ayashii over-the-hill gaijin apprehended stalking internet celebrity couple! Asahi terebi special report!

No. 264155

NOOOOO. I HATE people who say this shit.
"Your mom is horribly abusive and clearly narcissistic? Well, doesn't matter, she's still your mom, so you must love her!"


No. 264156


>Adults and even their landlord is on my side

Have you guys noticed that everytime she has done something really insane or abusive she has this very strong delusion that someone (the airport security, the police, the hungarian embassady, google, manakis parents, the emperor of japan etc) is on her side and not pleased with Venus behaviour? it's kinda funny.

No. 264157

Margooo deleted her comment about "Adults and even their landlord is on my side." LOL fucking loon.

No. 264159


"If your she stabs you, your last thought should be how thankful you are she was your mom and will always be your mom <3"

No. 264162

I guess the landlord wanted her to gtfo after having a little talk with manaki

>evil landlord is a bully brainwashed by abussive manaki

No. 264163

I demand that Maggo makes another song about Manaki. It´d be hilarious, and slender all at the same time.

No. 264165

In Japan people will generally be kind and smile, even if they haven't the first clue what the fuck you are talking about.

>landlord acts like a decent human being upon first contact with the rivermonster

>he's on my side, vengeance is mine 1111!

No. 264167


It's time for slendermom!

She lurks in front of your apartment
She knows when he's away
She knows if you're in bed or not
So call the cops, for goodness' sake!

No. 264169

Can she even talk enough Moonspeak to properly understand what people tell her?

No. 264170

Nope. She even posted DMs between Venus and Manaki asking IG to translate for her because she didn't speak enough Japanese to know if they were messages against her or not.

No. 264171

File: 1461762572832.jpeg (230.25 KB, 750x1188, image.jpeg)

Oh look, the crazy Margo defenders are starting to show up (very top and bottom comments). I forgot that it's "guilty until proven innocent", right?

No. 264173

kill yourself you witch

No. 264174

File: 1461763208122.gif (12.93 MB, 640x360, giphy.gif)

Margo man how did you find where they lived????

Venus and Manaki better prepare to sleep with kitchen knives and holy water to fight this lady. Holy hell this woman is terrifying!

No. 264175

Venus said they had to enter their address for the Youtube counter-claim.. was this Margot's plan all along?

No. 264176

I had a dream last night I was in a public restroom, I was washing my hands and looking in the mirror. Except my face in the mirror was alien baby shoop Dakota face. Margo comes out of the stall and teaches me face exercises. I think I am on here way too much guise, cows have overtaken my subconscious mind….

No. 264178

Perhaps it was. So they had to share their address with Margo or just give it to the Youtube people? I'm not real clear on how that stuff works but man this sounds like it's gonna get REALLY nasty with Margo knowing where they are now.

No. 264179

They show the person who claims copyright the address, that's why people were hoping she might not do that even though it would be the easiest way to get the channel back. Margo probably knew this, while Venus probably didn't.

No. 264182

That poor girl. Hope her and Manaki can sneak out and stay somewhere else for awhile until she's gone. I bet Margo is lurking around their house or in a close area right now.

No. 264183

I hope Venus calls the police. Although, now that Margo is acting really crazy maybe the police will do something or immigration will get involved

No. 264184

So it does look like he grabbed the camera, which is not good, but given the fact that Venus and manaki have proof of the stalking and harassment, margo's poor Japanese and her use if the police do harass venus and manaki in the past, I don't think she would look like the innocent party here

No. 264185

To me it looks like he just stepped forward with his hand up trying to block it, she shook it around a bit as if she got hit, but in a few frames you can see his feet standing still away from her while she's supposedly being 'attacked'

No. 264186

Given his coveralls, I guess manaki really is a factory worker.

No. 264187

Damn, I'm so glad that they have a surveillance camera and that Venus is smart enough to not open the door without looking at the camera's screen

No. 264188

File: 1461765049612.jpg (1.07 MB, 3451x2100, melisandre-old.jpg)

This is what I imagine Manaki saw when he pulled up in front of his house. Only much crazier.

No. 264189

File: 1461765214658.gif (280.06 KB, 500x296, tmp_10906-https://38.media.tum…)

Do you guys think Venus knows how serious this is? Like, does she maybe still have a soft spot for the Maggot that could cloud her jusgement of the situation? Goddamn, I feel so sorry for them.

No. 264190

Holy shit, how terrifying would it be to discover Margo crouching in front of your house as you pull up.

No. 264191

the Maggot has pulled back under her shell like a frightened turtle, deleted her comments and gone silent. Just letting those IG comments roll on, not even trying to delete. Little bitch. Back under your rock, maggot, you failed again.

No. 264192

She knows how serious it is. That's why it's one of the few things she chose to share with her followers.

No. 264193

I think I would just run over her with my car.

No. 264194

I hope this idiot kappa gets deported.

No. 264197


Is there anything we can do to make that happen faster?

No. 264200

No. It's in their hands, all we can do is validate Margo's paranoid ramblings that there truly is some invisible army of haters and bullies out to get her.

No. 264202

fuck, imagine how scary it would be if it was a weekend and vevus and manaki came back from one of their outings. imagine what margo would have done if she got her filthy kappa claws onto venus then. bitch needs to get deported asap

No. 264203


But I really am out to get her, anon. I want this bitch to be forcefully deported so bad I can taste it.

No. 264204

Margo seems to be doing her best yo ensure that she is arrested or deported as quickly as possible.

I am guessing that another reason why the police are reluctant to act is because this is a "family matter."

No. 264206

Wasn't this bitch calling Manaki a stalker when he showed up unannounced in Korea? Now she does the same thing?

No. 264207

I know how you feel anon but there's nothing we can do until her visa expire (but the second it expires I'll be the first to report her poor ass)

No. 264208

File: 1461767204737.jpg (5.37 KB, 294x43, notangelic.jpg)

She is getting flooded with negative comments and it's not too easy to go on a classic delete spree.

← This comment made me laugh a little though.

No. 264210

Poor Venus, she must be scared af. Manaki is leaving for work tomorrow and she knows Maggot will haunt her house.

No. 264211

I hope his parents are supportive and can shelter her for the week until maggot has to go back into the ocean.

No. 264212


She might do a mother gothel on her and kidnap kek

No. 264213

>I am guessing that another reason why the police are reluctant to act is because this is a "family matter."

True, but I hope that since Manaki is involved Venus will have more credibility and they'll take it seriously. If V didn't have him I'm sure they'd be even less helpful because it can be dismissed as crazy gaijin drama.

No lie, I'd give anything to see Margo get dogpiled by cops and carted away. I admit I didn't really give a shit about Venus until all this went down, but man, no one deserves that level of crazy.


That's not very kawaii of you, Margo

No. 264215


Manaki looks harmless tbh, Margo could probably give him a good walloping if she wanted… this woman is nuts.

No. 264216


Don't give them anything. It's their own problem, they should sort it out.

No. 264217


This isn't going to end well you know.

No. 264218

I can imagine Maggot shaking the camera on purpose while Manaki is just standing there.

No. 264219


same here she probably did tbh and ran off like a loon

either she will get deported and thrown in a nut house or it won't end well for venus

No. 264220

Plenty of milk, but I'm scared something crass might happen.
Like, Margo throwing acid at Venus is my personal worst-case/horror scenario right now.

No. 264221

I just came home to check this thread and WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON I'm legit scared now Jesus Christ.

There is still TOO MUCH time left for this crazy ass bithc maggot until her visa runs out FUCK

No. 264223

I'd like to know what she would have done if Venus had opened the door. Like why did her crazy ass really go there? What was her plan? I guarantee it wasn't to "check on Venoos my only daughter to see if she was okay" or to "save the channel."

It's night time there. I bet they don't get a wink of sleep. I'd be too scared to sleep.

No. 264224

File: 1461768631710.jpg (7.02 KB, 255x197, images.jpg)


No. 264225


No. 264226

If I were Venus I'd have a huge brick in my panties like holy shit.

No. 264227

I wonder if she was carrying venus stuff (that she is selling), at her home, just in case she wanted to buy her stuff back lol

No. 264228

File: 1461768876714.jpg (386.64 KB, 986x806, Screenshot_2016-04-27-10-45-33…)

>Thinking that Maggot was abused

This person just responded to me with this bullshit. Shes an idiot claiming that there's no evidence that anything thats been happening is true but says that Margos been abused when there's zero evidence for that. I almost replied but then realized it was pointless with this level of delusion.

No. 264229

So scare. Margo is fucking nuts.

The background noises with Manaki make it look like a fucking horror film. It looks like Manaki is trying to grab the camera from her and she's bending over shielding it from being taken.

What is Margo saying? I know Manaki is saying "what?"

No. 264231

Yes 100%. Most of anons speculated this as soon as Venus' channel got taken down since giving your address is well known issue when doing counter claims.

No. 264232

Dat Jojo pose tho

No. 264234

Sounded like "desu-ka"? It could have been the end of a question by Margo that was cut off

No. 264235

this is so stressful. i would just not leave the house for the week. poor manaki needs backup

No. 264236

File: 1461769178003.jpg (9.01 KB, 262x193, images.jpg)


No. 264237

Something about the car

No. 264238

"desu ka?" Sounds like she had just finished asking Manaki something before she started filming.

No. 264239

Imagine coming home from a long day of work to see your cute wife and seeing a fucking Kappa hovering around while the wife is hiding inside scared. If I was Manaki I'd be screaming to gtfo.

No. 264241

>Can you give me money?

No. 264242

That explains why she hasn't posted any selfies in a while.

No. 264243

There's no way to report this to the police AND the hungarian embassy?

No. 264245

I'm very worried that these two are too naive to understand the gravity of her escalation. It's also very common for Japanese people to have the "shoo ga nai" nothing can be done so fuck it let's ignore it attitude.

No. 264247

I think Maggot will do something that will have the cops called on her. Like she'll destroy Manaki's car, or harass other people to get into the building.

But I do fully agree that this is bad. This is really, really bad. Maggot has gone totally off the deep end.

The only good thing I hope will come out of this is that this well hit the news and revive Venus' career. She will ascend to internet fame for a sad, sad reason.

My prediction is that Maggot will leave Japan of her own accord only to collect energy to stalk them when they least expect it.

No. 264249


Do you guys think it would be appropiate to respectfully approach Venus and offer her screenshots of margos crazyness just in case she needs proof to get margo's stinky ass kicked out Japan?

this whole ordeal is revolting



and some elaborated BS a la Kiki's "sexual harassment in Japan" vlog.

No. 264250

>save her and the channel

don't lie, you only care about the channel

No. 264251

I think they understand, especially Manaki. He's already warned his parents and cut off all contact from the kappa. Venus is smart enough to realize that giving Margo an inch let's Margo get her claws in you so she hasn't given her even that. The problem is that these are legal issues and they take time and procedural nonsense. You can't just deport someone due to someone making claims, even if there's some proof. It's a process to find legit grounds that way no mistakes are made. I'm sure the police aren't turning Venus and Manaki's concerns away, but are trying to conduct things properly. All of it takes time. In the US, it's difficult as hell for women to get a simple restraining order against an abusive husband with clear signs of abuse. Sometimes police involvement comes too late and she is assaulted or killed. Time isn't on the side of victims despite proper legal intervention.

Anyways, I think the best thing to do is for Venus and Manaki to stay with his parents for awhile until the police can do something about Margo's erratic behavior or until she leaves.

No. 264253

I think it would be ok. But Im not sure whether you should mention lolcow or not, she might not trust us

No. 264254

But at this point they can't ignore this anymore - I know it's been already said but damn the police has to know about that shit. This is so fucked up.

No. 264255

File: 1461770625401.gif (297.33 KB, 500x272, tmp_20176-tumblr_nbiv0cncy01ra…)

Maggot reminds me of the Beldam from Coraline.

You guys are making me kek so hard, though. Your commentary is fucking hilarious.

No. 264256

She's going to continue harassing and stalking them until it escalates into a physical altercation and someone gets injured.. most likely her so she can cry 'abuser! bully!' and play victim.

No. 264257


No. 264258

this, also let's hope that surveillance camera (or some other near) caught the action

No. 264260

This video shows just how delusional Margo is. There's no 'attack' whatsoever and even if Manaki were to display more 'aggressive' body language most people would understand considering how fucking much Margo has put them through. She seriously thought that people would watch the video and SUDDENLY realise that Manaki is a controlling, evil, manipulative bully etc. She has no concept of how nutty her past behaviour has been and that's why people are judging her so much. Total delusion.

No. 264261

Grasping at straws ass bitch. This will end with a bang and not a whimper.

No. 264263

you can clearly see manaki walk away while the phone shakes. what a brute man.

No. 264264

Plus she only chose to put up a small clip that looks favorably for her.

You can clearly tell he's approaching her like she's a wildebeest so he can grab the phone and delete the pictures.

No. 264266

He's such a tiny ass miniature man, Venus can comfortably wear his clothing FFS. If I wore my husband's jacket I'd look like a lunatic homeless person because it would be so big. Margo is literally insane. He couldn't hurt anyone if he wanted to.

No. 264267

Guys Manaki posted his own statement but I am out right now somebody screen cap it.

No. 264268

Margo is a beast. It's clear she could beat the shit out of him and he and her know it.

No. 264270

Oh I'm late to the party, kek. IG updates so slowly on data

No. 264272

I know it would have been scary, but this post made me think how fucking bizarre the whole scene would have been to watch.
I'm imagining 5 minutes of Margo holding up her phone whilst ranting and raving in totally broken Japanese and occasionally stepping towards Manaki, then back, then forwards until she finally got the money shot of him reaching his arm out. Then she throws herself backwards like she's been electrocuted and starts running with her 20kg suitcase.
Fucking lunatic.

No. 264275

I hope they can move to manaki's fam somewhere near to hide a bit from this crazy hobo.

I always joked about mags going full cray but this shirt starts to be just insane.

No. 264276

This has gone from funny to downright horrific now. I'm legitly scared Margo is going to come back and stab Venus.

No. 264277

Except that Manaki presumably still has to show up at his job 5 days a week or else he'd get fired. That's my assumption. Although maybe he'a got some built up vacation days that he can use? I wouldn't blame him if he didn't want to explain the whole situation to his supervisors, it would probably look really bad to drag all of these personal life problems with him to work.

Maybe Venus can go into hiding at his parents' house but she'd probably feel less safe by herself without Manaki around to protect her.

No. 264278

that kinda made me lol, especially because in the beginning she's backing away from him again and then he backs up as well and is just like "what the fuck." i was kinda thinking she said she'd stop or that she'd give him the phone, so he wouldn't call the police or someone to get her off the property, and then when he went to get the phone from her she started to back up again and he just went to grab the phone anyways

No. 264279

It's blurry as hell but if you paus it you can CLEARLY see he is reaching for the phone with a cupped hand, he doesn't have a fist, he doesn't have his palm out, he didn't even make a move to her her. only to take the phone away.

No. 264282

don't forget that the kappa knows where his parents lives, so this is not a good plan either. Venus has to sit it out, wait for mags to leave the country and maybe move out if she want to make sure that the maggot won't find her again.

No. 264283

You can also see him reaching towards the camera and the camera's POV is having Margo bend over to clutch the phone. It's clear they're struggling for the phone and once Manaki realizes he can't easily take it he walks away.

Margo is one of those people who thinks that getting too close to her is assault. Gross exaggerations and lies. When Venus cutting herself from BULLYING.

No. 264284

LMAO this bitch literally walked up to him, walked back, probably whispered something so he would come a bit closer and then started playing with her camera/turning it around to pretend he hit her.
Margo is fucking insane.

No. 264288

By doing so it shows that Venus has been living in paranoia that the maggot would find her

No. 264290

Margo would have barged in and grabbed Venus to make sure she couldn't leave…Manaki would have probably came home and actually have tried to hit Margo while dying inbetween her kappa claws.

No. 264292

I almost want to message Venus and ask her if she would like to hang out with me when i visit Japan next month. I doubt she would take me up on the offer but i feel that she really needs a friend other than Manaki at this time. Maybe i could buy her a drink or a meal at a cute place.. Idk but i feel so horrible for her and i wish i could help her some way.

No. 264294

File: 1461774761032.jpg (680.18 KB, 1922x1110, 2016-04-27 18.32.09.jpg)

No. 264295

Awwww, I knew he would be on Venus side.
I mean, he knows Marg, he has witnessed the crazy since her birth.

No. 264296

I… don't get it?

No. 264297

Translation plz??!?!?!

No. 264298

Margo is a narcistic bitch. Thats what they are saying

No. 264299

It's a nice thought but she probably wouldn't trust strangers, especially right now. She's still getting crazy splashback from Margo's IG and the fat Finnish anon's Keemstar stupidity.

No. 264300


but at this point I really wonder if this is still "this is the way margo is" or if even this accident was some kind of new level of cray for them.

No. 264301

He's calling Margo crazy, basically.

No. 264302

Trans: parents will love their child, even if it is sick.
But crazy parents will only love themselves.

No. 264303

Convenient how she sold her stuff before seeing her

No. 264304

Speaking of ferenc, I wonder how things are between margo and her family? If they're still at bad terms and she can't return to hungary soon she will probably go amok at Venus :/

No. 264306

I'm guessing Margo's sister will take her in. Even if they are on team Venus, they seem like wholesome folks to a fault and will help out anyone in need. Superficial guess, but I'm really thinking that Margo will go stay with family after her Venus expires and she's milked whatever funds she managed to creep from Venus dry.

No. 264307

Visa not Venus…saying Venus expires while discussing Margo …is awful.

Stay safe, Venus!!!

No. 264309

File: 1461775499966.jpg (55.59 KB, 919x406, gitka.JPG)

"Gitka" is a nickname for Margaret and he states that they love their children.
I guess they really do, even if they condemn Maggo's actions.

No. 264311


didn't mags tried to beg for money in an email to her father?

No. 264312

File: 1461775602692.jpeg (99.57 KB, 750x420, image.jpeg)

Bitch be crazy

No. 264313

I really doubt that Jap law works that way, Maggot. And I doubt she knows anything about any laws, considering how she goes on and on about harassment and bullying. Poor Venus. What a shitty childhood she must have had.

No. 264314

>he is my son
>I could grab him but he can't

oookay? I think she's done now. A real crazy

No. 264316

Someone take this video into slow motion. I want to see details

No. 264318

> I was there to claim my rights
> made a post again instead of keeping her mouth shut

Oh Marge… like, if we needed more evidence of you being bat shit crazy.

No. 264320

You know I get tired of you anons, blogging about your Narc mothers or analysis about Margo's Narc tendencies, but as time goes on, I understand why. She's so text book it's fucking painful. I've never seen one person incriminate themselves and expose themselves as being fucking deluded as Margo has done.

She's so up her own ass, she comes out through her mouth, but then goes right back in again.

No. 264321

I'm terrified she's going to end up murdering Venus or Manaki.

No. 264323

Someone ask Margo as kindly as possible what rights was she claiming and what she intended to get out of going to Venus' house.

No. 264324

Maggot is the very definition of NPD, anon. How could you have been so blind?

No. 264325

File: 1461776315207.png (12.07 KB, 276x159, Untitled.png)

But how would she know "Venus is veryslim and her voice is very weak and very high" if Venus wasnt there?

No. 264326

And why on Earth would she take the time to open Instagram to record it through the app if you're being 'attacked' lmao her stories just never make sense. Also I believe IG allows 1 minute videos now.

No. 264327

I know this. We all know this, but everyone has to go around analyzing anyways or relating to it. I'm just explaining why people HAVE to go into depth about the subject and it's because it's so god damn obvious it's like a nervous tick not to address.

I think she's talking about Venus in general. Venus is delicate and she's trying to say how Manaki could easily over power her if he needed to. You know, the same Venus Margo describes as manipulating and bullying.

No. 264328

This, the way the whole situation is escalating someone is going to get hurt. I really hope Venus and Manaki get the police involved NOW

No. 264329

How did he have time in that short little video to grab her before she ran??

No. 264330

>the phone dropped and he grabbed me
In the Video he's clearly walking away while she's flailing with the phone like an idiot.

No. 264331

She was annoyingly filming him and she was backing up and acting hostile. He grabbed the phone, she clutched at it and turned around and he walked away. It's clear in the video what happened.

No. 264332

File: 1461776722615.png (9.42 KB, 279x106, hkn.PNG)

No. 264333


well, she could have make a full-time version of this and upload it to her channel since it's Wednesday and it's normally time to upload a new one.

No. 264334

No. 264335

File: 1461776776798.png (8.12 KB, 298x92, wot.PNG)

No. 264336

Hail Satan

No. 264337

holy shit I left for a day and come back to this. Maggot pls

No. 264338

File: 1461776898655.png (489.42 KB, 859x443, thebeautyherself.PNG)

This is the chick that posts those comments to manaki… a true queen herself

No. 264340

No, she means IG only lets you clip the 15 seconds, so it was all she could show.

No. 264342

File: 1461777106824.png (30.27 KB, 298x191, Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 18.1…)

Margo still has no idea how fucking nuts she is. All her actions are fine, everyone else is wrong.

No. 264343

Venus already gave her a lot of her stuff from the storage and it didn't worked. Even if you trow a pile of dollars at the bitch it won't make her go away. She will just buy more parfaits and come back when she's broke again.

No. 264344

File: 1461777305392.png (451.67 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20160427-191410.png)

Nah. It's possible to post videos up to a minute recently

No. 264345

Lookin like a trans Lee Min-ho.

No. 264346

What a cool law. You can grab someone but they can't grab you because you are their mother.


No. 264347

>talk to him on the public street

You just don't go around approaching people and shoving your phone on their faces or recording their car plates. Even your dear Satan doesn't approve that, margo.

>As an option given by Youtube

Sure, Jan.

No. 264348

I'm sure what she means is, that somewhere in the dispute there is an option to settle outside of the youtube-process. Doesnt mean you wait for people to come home in front of their houses. Sane people make an appointment and if the other party doesnt respond you go to court/mediater. lol

No. 264349

Like most things Margo says I'm sure it's inaccurate and twisted to suit her own needs.

No. 264352

Her thought process is terrifying. That's why she would hit Venus and 'did nothing wrong'

No. 264353

And funny how Mana-san went from being 'Venus's BF aka rich meal ticket' to 'abusive pedo stalker factory worker' to 'his parents dressed him like a girl lolololol' to 'abusive kidnapper' to 'being manipulated by V' to finally being called "my son" kek


yeah, magoo have no clue of personal boundaries

No. 264354

I thought that chick was balding kek

Margo girl you looked like a lone nut filming him. Looked more like harassmemt to me but…yeah. Damn she's so stupid and delusional.

No. 264355

When I watched the video she was doing things paparazzis do to antagonize celebrities. She was in his blocking his path and filming him she wanted him to react badly to have proof of abusiveness.

No. 264356

Is it just me or does she actually look a bit crazy?

No. 264357

File: 1461778215986.png (15.37 KB, 293x179, saf.png)

So she did see her. Ughh.. poor Venus. Must be so upset by all of this.

No. 264358

>I saw her from behind
god she's such a creeper wtf. Manaki was probably telling the landlord 'yeah see that meth addict over there? Please don't let her in'

No. 264359

Honestly though, I do think they need to sit down and just talk to each other to sort out the Youtube channel. In a public location of course, with plenty of people around. Maybe even with Youtube representatives. Why hasn't Fullscreen organised this for them already? Give Margot like 20% of the revenue from the videos she 'worked on' (up until Venus left home) and it's settled and Margot can fuck off.

No. 264360

File: 1461778713910.png (34.13 KB, 289x230, Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 18.3…)

>lalalalaaaaaa I can't hear you

No. 264361

No sure if this is bait or if you're just fucking retarded

No. 264362

Venus doesn't have to see anyone? If Margo wants to talk to anyone in person about this and won't do anything else, then fullscreen can send a lawyer, since they won't do anything involving her without having one present. For obvious reasons.

No. 264364

So she harassed the landlord after she confronted manaki. That must be so embarrassing for manaki and Venus

No. 264365

100%. Simply want Margot to leave her alone already. Seems like the easiest solution.

No. 264366

"Instead of keeping her mouth shut."

Wow…. That alone is scary. If that doesn't scream abuse. Crazy Margo wants Venus to keep her mouth shut so she can her precious daughter!

No. 264368

Nothing would be enough for Margo. She considers Venus to be her property.

No. 264369

It's not gonna work. It might seem like the easiest solution but it really, really isn't.

No. 264370

Margo wont be happy unless she has control over ALL of the money Venus makes because she cant live off of 20%. SHe wants to live comfortably how she wants to without any of the effort because that's what she thinks Venus OWEs her. She wants everything from Venus and would never stop. Venus doesnt OWE her anything especially after all this BS, much less give her the pleasure of trying to negotiate. I also dont doubt that Venus has offered things of the such before but Margo wasnt having any of it.

No. 264371

I honestly hope Maggot ends up in some skeevy, rough prison because frankly, being deported is too good and luxurious for her.

No. 264372

File: 1461779825560.jpg (37.9 KB, 720x178, _20160427_135451.JPG)

So a man is suppose to sit back and watch a crazy woman attack his wife? Yup, that makes total sense…. The logic here

No. 264373

i hate these people

No. 264374

You and me both. They'll be the first to cry when something big happens to Venus. Like Margo breaking into her daughter's house and stabbing Venus.

No. 264375

>btw I'm not choosing any side

Yes they fucking are. Why do shits like this think that adding "btw" is going to make them sound neutral? This is some Margaret level shit right here.

No. 264377

Yep. If Margo's not in jail she'll continue harassing Venus forever. There's no end in sight, even if she does get deported.

No. 264378

They'd still probably stand up for Margo at that point honestly. "She didn't go see her mom, she got what she deserved! Family is ~number 1~"

No. 264380

They'd probably help Margo to break into Venus' house

No. 264381

They just opened the door that much in fear of you forcing it open and mauling Venus, dumbass

No. 264382

Exactly. Like how are you not siding with anyone when you're clearly blaming Venus? Just because Margo is her mother, doesn't mean shit. Not when a mother is clearly crazy, stalking and abusive.

No. 264383


Made me think of the bear in The Revenant lol

No. 264384


at this point Margo is so broke and obsessed with Venus's money that even if they deport her sorry ass to hungary, I don't put past her that she would walk and swim all the way back to Japan.

No. 264385

That bear is too civilized to shave it's legs in the shower on top of dirty clothes

No. 264388

File: 1461781079126.jpg (66.74 KB, 800x450, f6c72bb653f5dfa1f5ca487f37ad8b…)


No. 264389

The bear also had a good relationship with her cub

No. 264391

I mean…if a foreign hobo was waving a camera in my face i'd do the same thing. What did Margo expect to happen? She's somewhere she doesn't belong messing with people who don't want to see her but you know:
>Manaki is pedo and abuser. I just come to help Venoos"

No. 264392

Isn't Japan pretty strict about recording or photographing people with out permission? There's a reason all faces are blurred out when people take pictures of cosplayers, you have to have permission of everyone to post their faces ?

No. 264393


She just said "desu ka", so she's asking a question.

No. 264394

Man I really want those two to get the hell out of dodge and go stay in a hotel or with Manaki's parents for a week or so until Maggot's visa is up.

No. 264396

Doesn't river monster know where his parents live though?

No. 264397

She's somehow gonna find a way to stay longer.

No. 264398


>after her Venus expires

I know it's a typo but o lawd

No. 264399

Do it yourself you lazy shit, it's easy enough to do.

No. 264400

Oh yes…. Everyone has a batshit crazy mother who's stalking us and plotting our demise. And ya know….. Cute things and fashion is what really matters

No. 264402

I don't get this psycho bitch. Her eyes scream crazy. First she's on Team Maggot then turns tail once she finds out that she's a Satanist and shit. Then she goes on to harass V and M. Wtf…

That's not how shit fucking works, Maggot. By now it should be clear to everyone who really had the "evil plan planned for many months." They need to involve the police ASAP.

I just woke up and saw that this thread exploded and not for good reasons… I thought that maybe Venus had gotten her channel back but one of my worst fears has come true. This is truly terrifying.

No. 264403

File: 1461782731215.jpg (99.62 KB, 720x431, _20160427_143912.JPG)

No. 264404


>the landlord found it rude

Horseshit, she doesn't understand Japanese so how can she fucking know.

No. 264405


Bitch you are crazy.
Maggot tried to grab Venus and drag her away in a packed airport, what makes you think she wouldn't do any worse in a park? She can't reasoned with.

No. 264406

Because God forbid someone to make public accounts of them being stalked when they have no family or friends to back them up when shit gets physical. Why are people this stupid? Shit like this makes me feel like I'm the smartest person in the world.

No. 264407

fuck it's one thing to know she just views Venus as a thing, but this explains why she's so adamant she never abused her. she literally thinks the law allows her to do what she wants because Venus is her kid.

No. 264409

Like I'm getting really fucking tired of idiots claiming it's for publicity. If Venus wanted attention she would be posting every insult margo slings at her and Manaki. Her entire twitter could easily be run around things her mom has said about her and Mana.

No. 264410

If it makes you feel better… This woman's shallow personality lays with fashion and cute things. She probably could careless about safety

No. 264412

I agree. Harassing margo supporters is stupid, especially since half of them are just trolls trying to encourage her to produce more milk via positive reinforcement

No. 264413

Venus don't worry, she will stop once she gets deported. Damn that river kappa is nuts.

No. 264414

Japanese police is useless in cases like this though, and stalking is difficult to legally defend yourself wherever you live anyway. Not to mention margo is a foreigner, making things even more complicated

No. 264415

I think all her supporters at this point are just trolls egging her on

No. 264417

Actually it's the opposite. Committing a crime as a foreigner is much more dire because it'll get you kicked out for longer. In most places an infraction on your visa or a crime committed in the country can make it so that you cant return for years.

No. 264418

Hey Margo

No. 264419

For documentation purposes it's actually a good idea to be transparent and to keep pics, videos, messages etc. as evidence. It's necessary for proving stalking cases later on. Putting it all online is just a bonus. They have nothing to hide, so why not put it online? River kappa is the only one who should be keeping her stuff private.

No. 264422


Can anyone familiar with Japanese law specify if any crimes have actually been committed though? I'm in the US and I've heard of worse cases (not anyone I know fortunately, just things I've read) where law enforcement couldn't do anything. Manaki has been very protective and done a lot right, so I imagine he would help Venus talk to law enforcement if they had a case. I just worry it wouldnt help much.

No. 264423

This whole turn around of Margo claiming she wants to save Venus from the "abusive and manipulative" Manaki reminds me so much of this song/scene in Tangled.

No. 264424

I would have dropkicked her face if I were him, after all the shit she put peenus through

No. 264425

Jfc. Would them going to the Hungarian embassy to report Margo help at all?

No. 264426

This will sound crazy but…What if she's right? I mean she said mana's parents think he's violent…What if venus is being manipulated by manaki?

No. 264427

Doesn't matter what the law is if they don't go to the police or if the law is not enforced

No. 264429


Manaki's parents have nothing to do with the ordeal and are off the Internet as far as we know. They can't actually speak for themselves on that matter so I'm calling it Margo's bullshit to try and save her own ass before her Visa expires asap.

No. 264430


It's not really a lawful thing, it's just something that's frequently done as a common courtesy. But yes, it is very looked down upon as highly disdainful to film people directly in public without their permission.

No. 264431


Even if Manaki did hit her, I'd be fucking applauding that shit, from the video it looks fake asf with the phone. The cunt deserves a good face slam against concrete. It's well overdue.

No. 264432


Oh my god shut the fuck up.

No. 264433


Margo has destroyed any shred of credibility over the past couple months. This brings into question ANYTHING she's stated in the past. I doubt her statement about his parents are true.

No. 264434

I'm about to go to bed and I'm truly scared to come back tomorrow and see some other fucked up shit. Mags don't have much time left and she is mad af.

No. 264436

You seriously gonna believe crazy river monster? Oh the humanity….

No. 264437

HAHAHAHA why is this so funny?

No. 264439


Agreed, Venus made a good decision to use social media to let people know what's happening to her. Especially since she has no social contact aside from her husband.

No. 264440

I think you're lost but I'll help you find your way https://prettyuglylittleliar.net

You're welcome.

No. 264442

File: 1461788176733.png (788.87 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2016-04-27-16-10-32…)

Went thru moggles insta
Did no-one notice the wiggly thighs in this lmao

No. 264443

Margo go back to the river, you can't stay here

No. 264444

Wtf is up with her legs?! Toned legs aren't supposed to look like that. It looks like halfway through she said, "Good 'enuff" and gave up.

No. 264445


Margo's saggy hag ass was probably hanging out in the back of these shorts, they're far too small. That Eastern European trash look is well embedded in her.

No. 264446

Ay so thats why these instathots look curvy on pictures, they probably look either really small or fat IRL.
But damn she needs help ASAP, but idk she makes me laugh so maybe not. Well, if she isn't up to anything more crazy because her visa is almost running out I dont think she can actually harm Venus. Doesn't mean Venus shouldn't stay in when Manaki isn't at home, just in case Margo wont kill the poor girl. But if she leaves Japan I have the feeling she will kill herself. Or ends up in a mental institution by force. I hope the latter. If so, when she gets out she might become really kawaii inside.

Manaki is really ugly though I'm glad I could have a closer look.

If you really want to know: she shooped them in an attempt to make them curvy or something. Dunno why she used meitu (or whatever azn beauty app she used) 9 out of ten times it makes you look uglier than you actually are.

No. 264449

>Dont be a dummy, come with mummy

God, this movie depicts their relationship too accurately

No. 264450

u sound a bit retarded anon how is this situation funny and why is manakis looks relevant?
this is so scary i'm glad venus was smart enough not to open the door also how shady of margaet to hide herself from the camera screen

No. 264451

>how is this situation funny
>she makes me laugh
>we're on lolcow
>to laugh at lolcows
but I am retarded. Ok then.

No. 264453


My Japanese is rough, but I'm pretty sure "Desu ka" is rather simple japanese, added on to the end of a sentence to make a question. It's basically akin to the verb(s) is/are in english.
Eg: "Baka desu ka?"="Are you an idiot?"

Therefore I think she was trying to ask him something (Like maybe if he's an abuser?), likely in horrible japanese, thus manaki's confused nani (what?)

No. 264456

You don't need to be learning Japanese to know "desu ka" is put at the end of a sentence and "nani" means What. I picked those basic ass phrases up as a teenage weeaboo watching anime.

No. 264457

I did some (very brief) Google foo on getting the equivalent of a restraining order in japan. Apparently the police are pretty hands off with harassment cases; they assume the situation will right itself given time. There's an article from 2014 calling for better anti stalking laws, written after a Kpop group was attacked and a young female bartender stabbed to death by her stalker. I don't know that any new laws came of it, though.

Now that the river kappa has discovered Venus's address, I think Venus really will have to stay housebound for a week or so unless she's with manaki. Margo was making sure her accusation of venus not leaving the house came true.

Now that Margo is likely on police radar for the second time (the first being when she called for welfare checks on all of the Okadas) does this help insure that she gets booted on the 6th?

No. 264459


I'm really afraid with Margo literally lurking in the shadows now that she'll reach this level of crazy. She's incredibly close to it.

No. 264460

Does Manaki park his car in a garage or is there a chance Margo could slash his tires while he's asleep? I honestly wouldn't put it past her to try and climb the side of their house and break through Venus's window at this point.

No. 264461

File: 1461790285520.webm (7.64 MB, 1280x720, whenRiverMonsersAttack.webm)


it isnt that im lazy, I just didnt know how to do it. so I did the best I could, IDK if this will work.

This is right side up and in slow motion if anyone is interested. the only thing I can see is Margos leg going toward Manaki at the end. then she either fell down or dropped her phone. also it was a very quiet confrontation, no yelling or even heavy breathing. just weird.

No. 264462

my point is that she was asking manaki /is/ something. There are plenty of desu endings that make the sentence a question.

No. 264463


well when she would destroy his car - he and the police have then a damn good reason to arrest her. But hope she won't do it.

No. 264464


good for you, not everybody here were teenage weebs.

No. 264466

His face is so funny at 0:35+ tho LOL
He was like "dafuq?!?!?"

No. 264468

kek it's almost like a lucky pack.

No. 264469

He's clearly just going to try and grab the phone and she's making a huge deal out of it.

Also kek, love the filename

No. 264470

Wasn't this already explained several times? Plus a lot of people know anyway.

No. 264471

His face was funny from the start and he needs to fix that haircut. But besides his face and haircut he didn't really committed a crime. Margo did however, because she was stalking

No. 264472

Honestly manaki is pretty cute in that video.

No. 264473

I'm very surprised she didn't jump onto the detail that he was wearing a factory line worker's suit, but I guess those that live in NO houses can't throw stones

No. 264474

Oh wow, is it really? Since you noticed that he was wearing his uniform you might possibly know in what sector he works, right? Lol just curious, I wanna know.

No. 264475

lmao, now my post sounds snarky and sarcastic but i meant he not it

No. 264477

File: 1461792121644.png (1013.92 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20160427-232122.png)

Old but gold

No. 264479

Old whore mating call photo. She looks so stupid in that BtSSB nightgown. It reminds me of those old sissy people.

No. 264480

>Veenoos liebchen take picture for Mama

No. 264483


I can imagine the cringe going through Venus's mind when having her mother dress up like her and wanting photos for Instagram knowing full well she couldn't say anything against it without getting a damn knife thrown at her head.

No. 264485

that's so creepy haha

No. 264486

Eww, I can just imagine her hiking up that dress for the pic

No. 264487

I still have the beginning of her little song stuck in my head.
>kill yourself you wiitch…

No. 264488

File: 1461792686824.png (1.37 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20160427-233108.png)

No. 264489

File: 1461792823996.png (370.23 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20160427-233257.png)

Let's stay entertained
Oh god the last comment on the pic .. I can't ..

No. 264490

I guess she is too dumb to read japanese adresses or how to go there, knowing her Google Translate japanese.

No. 264491

LOL. Oh, that poor old fool.

No. 264492

Can't help but think this whole drama happening right now since Venus left Mother Dearest would make a great thriller film…

No. 264493

>she wasn't there
That's what they have security cameras for.

No. 264494

How would she even know who is the landlord.

No. 264495

There already is one, it's called Whatever Happened To Baby Jane. It also fits the Ostrenga sisters.

No. 264496

No it would be boring tbh unless she kills venus or herself or something. Then i'd watch.

No. 264500

The edgelords just got out of school and are reading before starting their homework

No. 264501

No. 264507

Imagine maggot screaming "landlord! landlord!" in front of their apartment until someone came to deal with her annoying ass.

No. 264512

Maggot deleted the video. I guess the comments were getting out of control for her delicate taste.

No. 264515


If Venus is saying the truth (which I do not doubt), then Kappa Momma had been filming for a while. He probably just wanted to make sure that she didnt get their address and house number recorded. And it seems like he was gesturing for her to give him the phone. Goddamn, that woman pisses me off so much.

Finally. She has better to do than to delete comments. All of the stalking!

No. 264529

I cant see anything new since the ferris wheel.
Did she take the pic and the video down?

No. 264531

Not just you, Margo's taken the video down.
I wonder what her next move will be.

No. 264532

Margo's travel tips, living in the gutter outside Venus' house edition.

I dont think Venus will be leaving untill magoo's visa runs out.

No. 264533

File: 1461798300926.png (500.8 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-04-27-19-04-38…)

Oh the irony. How delusional can she get?

No. 264534

>I don't collect evidence or drama here

No. 264535

Under Japanese law marriage is like adoption, but it's one-sided: usually the wife enters the family register of the husband.

Which means she does not have a son, and officially not even a daughter. It's getting kind of irritating how retarded maggot is. All this stuff about the Japanese family system is on Wikipedia.

No. 264536

It is a pretty normal reaction to seeing someone taking photos or video of you to ask them to stop and delete. And that's when it is some random person on the street doing it, let alone Margs.

Anyway, they would have to find her in order to load her up on the plane to deport her. If she is moving from one sleeping place to another it is going to be hard.

No. 264538


> instead of keeping her mouth shut

Maggot, you foul abusive piece of kappa. Go in river already.

No. 264542

So..the maggoty mag was up until after 2 AM arguing her case on IG & now she's hopped right back on. And delete, delete, delete..and back to LOOK AT THE PRETTY FLOWERS. Fucking margo you are so predictable it's not even funny.

No. 264543

I'm laughing too hard at 'copyrithy'.

The longer she evades it the longer she wont be allowed back. Overstaying on mistake is one thing but overstaying and evading makes it worse. As well as since she's not staying where she wrote on her form that will make it appear that she's trying to stay in the country illegally permanently.

No. 264545

That's true. As a foreigner they will usually leave you alone if you're a woman, but not if you're acting erratic and crazy. If they've called the police it's just a matter of time before her crazy as is rounded up.

She used to be a fatty and she'll be a fatty again once she is in a Hungarian mental hospital.

No. 264549

Maggot and Stefoknee should pair up.

No. 264550

File: 1461799486115.png (56.54 KB, 296x401, Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 00.2…)

Moar from the comments on Margo's latest super ~artistic~ super ~professional~ photography:
It's everyone's fault but Margo's! Of course! She's literally done nothing wrong in her life and she just happens to keep getting into these bad situations!

No. 264551

Not necessarily a line worker suit. I've been to factories in Japan to teach English to their engineers, and was surprised that they and the supervisors all wore the factory uniform too. It creates a sense of unity. There's a lot less classism in work places like that in Japan. His uniform looked clean, so I doubt he's still in a position where he has to do menial, dirty jobs.

No. 264554

That's true. I once realized my visa was running out in a day. Panicked and went to immigration immediately. They were really nice about it, said that as long as soon as you start renewal procedures, you're good until the paperwork is done. But renewal doesn't work for tourist kappas, and overstaying will look even worse if she's known to police and immigration as that crazy old hobo who's harassing a young married couple.

No. 264560

File: 1461800355403.jpeg (306.89 KB, 1272x1440, image.jpeg)

She's up and at it making stupid comments about how she was in the right. Lightning, please strike this evil whore down.

No. 264561

Damn. I really hope Margot gets hit by a car while she's wandering the streets of Japan. She's going to haunt Venus for the rest of her life, isn't she? She might get kicked out of Japan, but she'll be back. She'll find other ways to haunt Venus from wherever she ends up.

No. 264568

File: 1461801683169.png (393.12 KB, 1920x1200, Screenshot_20160427-195924.png)

She's writing a thesis, guys!

No. 264570

She's cyclinggg again. Dialing the crazy up after being quiet for awhile. Fasten your seatbelts, we're in for a bumpy riiiide

This episode coinciding with the final week her visa is valid is like the perfect storm of crazy..

No. 264572

So overnight she's flipped from "just wanted to see my only daughter, so worried she's with that abuserr!" to "Venoos just a cruel psychopath bully." OVERNIGHT. She flips so fast it makes me dizzy to watch.

Total epic meltdown coming in 3… 2…….

No. 264573

I never want off margendo's wild ride.

No. 264574

File: 1461802744597.gif (1.94 MB, 235x180, 1461642111021.gif)

>margo: writing my thesis in psychology guys!

No. 264575

File: 1461802905717.gif (856.94 KB, 450x254, tmp_27704-anigif_enhanced-2470…)

So, what school does she attend?

No. 264576

school of hard knocks

No. 264577

If they did report this to the cops it'll be their second contact w/her & her crazy (first was her calling the cops to check on Venus and trying to involve Manaki's parents. God knows what she sounded like to them with her broken Japanese.) Plus she dragged their landlord into it this time, he's a witness & can corroborate if they question him.

The first thing the cops will do is check her visa…BOOM. She's gone. (IF they called the cops.)

No. 264579

If she does get in deep trouble with the law and is deported she'll probably pull the suicidal card as she's done countless times before according to Venus. She'll spam Instagram with depressing pictures, write tales of woe on how her daughter has remained brainwashed and how it's tearing her apart, make a plea for help video on Youtube and so on.

No. 264581

File: 1461804505790.png (195.87 KB, 639x543, 84e94c4c-7d6f-49a4-8ac5-8fbbd8…)

She's on a roll

No. 264582

File: 1461804520158.png (233.67 KB, 612x635, 1031dca4-fdc6-4986-81f5-696a1a…)

No. 264583

File: 1461804535313.png (201.02 KB, 635x557, 6f0ed6b7-262c-4caf-ba03-5cfe66…)

No. 264584

No. 264588

>I do not collect evidence or drama here

oh how convenient! just now that there are serious stalking accusations

No. 264589

>Manaki is something
??? She could be asking 'Venus wa doko desu ka?' aka. Where is Venus. I think that's more likely.

No. 264590


Person driving said car doesn't deserve that trauma anon

No. 264591


>unconditional love

that's a weird way to spell "as long as I could get money from her"

No. 264593

>camera is at 1m height, can't see people through that

because, fellow farmers, only toddlers,midgets and dwarves visit the Okadas lmao

her backpedaling is getting more hilarious than ever

No. 264594

I'm calling dibs on dramatic pictures of maggot's wrists covered with ketchup, and going into the river.

No. 264597

this reminds me of happiness bunny from shin chan haa

No. 264598

Manaki probably said "what", meaning what the fuck, when margendo asked

>anata wa pedopsychopath desu ka?

No. 264600

File: 1461809017463.png (1.14 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-04-27-21-02-56…)

Ohhhhhhh I saw this on insta under her tags

No. 264604

>He tried to grab my arm out of the car

She showed her arm in his car?

No. 264605

Holy shit, Venus looks terrified in the bottom left, like she's being held at knifepoint.

No. 264607

File: 1461812154074.jpg (17.97 KB, 369x375, mfw weenoos wont let me wear h…)

No. 264608

manaki doesn't even look angry, he looks dazed and maybe even intimidated. he clearly doesn't know what to do, very non confrontational, his grab for the camera is rather half hearted. poor guy.

No. 264610

Spoiler: it's actually maggot wearing venus' pjs

No. 264611

At this point I wouldn't be surprised if Margo was selling Venus as a comfort GF. It is obvious that they didn't have sex. But you can see she curved her body as far away from him as possible. Only being close because he wrapped an arm around her. It even kind of looks like she is on the edge of the bed. That and… who was the only other person in the room? Margs… creepy

No. 264612

Margo's story is that Venus was drinking and hanging out with her boyfriend's friend. Whatever was going on with Manaki, Venus leaving Japan, etc. was pretty confusing for everyone and it would be understandable for Venus to have a few and lay down while some creep put his arms around her. Either way, Margo, the chimp that she is says that she took the pic and sent it to that evil mind Manaki and he flew to Korea to take her back. Either way it's rather innocuous and even at it's worst, Venus had a slip. Who fucking cares? Apparently not Manaki who was supposed to be most infuriated. All he seems to want is Venus, still works his "factory job" that Margo previously said he quit and Venus stays at home. … I've been drinking but my point is FUCK MARGO.

No. 264615

Poor Manaki looks so confused and scared. I have to say though, he usually looks kind of awkward in photographs, but he actually looks pretty cute in video, even if the guy looks kind of terrified.

No. 264616

Wasnt there a screencap of a convo between Venus and this dude? Basically her telling him she's married but they can still be friends. And dude said something like, no it wouldn't be right.

No. 264618

Yea, it's several threads back I think, but he said he didn't know she was married which is odd and potentially sketchy on Margo's part.

No. 264621

He's not mr universe, but he's not Quasimodo either. Venus is much better off with him than her flaming crazed frazzled hobo of a mother.

No. 264622

The worst thing about that whole situation was Margo supposedly taking pictures of her daughter being in bed with someone, knowing that she could blackmail her later.

No. 264625

I'm glad that I'm not the only one who thought about this. This bitch was ready.

No. 264630

File: 1461819825078.png (454.48 KB, 720x1134, clip_now_20160428_010146.png)

Someone sounds bitter

No. 264646

Oh my…. If her account is only for her photography and herself why is she throwing tantrum after tantrum? Can someone show me the way to this logic? Am I missing something?

No. 264647

File: 1461822854645.png (2.2 MB, 1440x2560, 1456244313430.png)

I found it. its him right??

No. 264654

As someone who knows no moonspeak I thought the translation was interesting. Margo is asking a question yet conveniently leaves out what the question actually was.

We all knew that was going to happen, it's not helping her out much since her other pics are getting hate comments now. Thanks to the anon who put it the video up!

I'm so scared for V&M right now. Margo knows she's on borrowed time and she's not going to just slink away quietly. She's determined to make contact with Venus and she knows their address this could get violent!

No. 264658

what does Maggot even want anymore??
like what is her excuse for stalking Venus? she's got the storage and has said that Venus isn't her daughter anymore.

No. 264661

I dont think she even knows. venus crawling back to her I guess, and even then… she'll never be happy.

No. 264664

Its hard to judge without knowing the real context.

And honestly at this point, how do we know it was Venus talking, or if it was Margo acting as Venus? I mean how could Margo get hold of the screencap otherwise?

No. 264665

File: 1461827355157.png (645.47 KB, 1920x1200, Screenshot_20160428-025353.png)

So the maggott wants to DM with this lil teenage IGer:


Who's been spamming her account with marge's pics of Venus in bed with her 'hookup' in the past hour. With captions like #tellthetruthvenus #cheatingisntkawaii and shit like that. Guess her new plan is to assemble a teenage hitsquad to spread that Venus is a Cheater rumor. Whatta mom.

Maggot wants to hurt Venus. She wants to inflict pain. She's like some insane insect that stings and stings till it dies.

No. 264667

Hey sweetie, you wouldn't just happen to be @oncelovestwice, would you?

No. 264668

Maggot is really crazy. Sometimes I sympathize with her but then I really think about it and hell no.
I mean she made herself homeless and totally broke and with NOTHING left at all because she just could not, fucking let go of her adult daughter. She is literally wandering in japan right now homeless JUST to stalk her. She's not there for fun or to take pictures of flowers. She is there to stalk Venus.
She did this to herself. She chose to, and she is still crying victim. Even without all the messed up shit she did like selling Venus' possesions, closing her channel, stalking her and Manaki, calling her a mistake and so, so many others things that I dont even remember anymore.
She is an extremely dangerous woman and deserves no sympathy from anyone.
I know this sounds extreme but I do think she might harm Venus if she gets the chance. Look at how insanely she is behaving, her history, her actions. Think about it, she destroyed her life just to catch Venus. She is a ticking bomb and I legit think she would kill her if she could.

No. 264669

She still thinks she'll be able to live comfortably with her daughter. Like everything will magically go back to normal if V sees that Manaki is evil cause Margo says so. She's so dense.

No. 264670

She is way fucking past that anon.

No. 264672

Revenge maybe?

So Margo sold her to one of those guys and now tries to blackmail her with that… I can't put into words how much of a terrible human being she is.

I'm scared what Margo will do to Venus. And I really hope her and Manaki are strong enough to put up with that situation.

No. 264677

VENOOS outsmarted her. Outplayed her at her own game. NO ONE DOES THAT TO MARGARET AND GETS AWAY WITH IT. Least of all her docile little puppet.

No. 264678

File: 1461829678215.png (1013.17 KB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_20160428-034619.png)

Heehe, Venoos lives!

No. 264679

File: 1461829680551.png (647.62 KB, 933x599, GanbatteVenus.png)

On one hand I can imagine Margaret seething in fury that Venus is already posting positive cute food pics so soon after Mayo's latest attempt to shake up V's life failed miserably once more, but on the other hand, I really hope Venus isn't pushing herself too hard to act positive and neglecting to actually work through the emotions of what Maggot is doing. Stuffing it away won't help her at all, so I hope she can at least process this in private alright.

No. 264680

When she concocted her plan to sell off Venus' hand in marriage to a wealthy guy she only saw what there was to gain. She never realized she could lose control of her daughter. It's like she thought she could crash with the new couple forever living in comfort and never having to earn her own money. She just doesn't get that it's not going to back to the way it used to be like these past 3 months never happened.

No. 264682

File: 1461831049179.png (130.58 KB, 711x420, 07b61c73-cff4-4e13-af63-efece0…)

aaand… DELETED! hahaha margooo

No. 264685

I want Margo to get together with Gurg. These two would be such a shitpower couple.

No. 264686

Acfording to the websits, the mangot has sold exactly… ~ZERO~ items in the past 24 hours.


No. 264687

It would be amazing but their ridiculous egos would never get along. They both need a 'weaker' person to live off.

No. 264689

atta girl! it would even be better if it was a Parfait pic. Or Venus eating a parfait with a wide smile on her face, just imagine the margo rage IF SHE DID THAT.

No. 264693

I'm a newfag that has only read the last two threads, can someone show me how Maggot became a kappa? DESU KA! wtf does it mean?

No. 264694

Little kids eh Maggot? You should feel bad that little kids know more about this than your salty buns do.

No. 264697

You have to go right back to right when Venus left to know it.

After hiding it for a few days, Margo announce Venus' departure and said she (Margo) was going to the river.

This evolved into Margo living in the river, being a monster, being a kappa.

No. 264698

>anyone nice can be my friend and at the moment you aren't

Ohhhhhhhhh! She did not go there!

No. 264699

I wonder if Margo goes back today. Seems to be the stupid thing to do.

No. 264700

She probably watching the house.
"Weenoos did not even leave the house today. Manaki is soo abusive. Look at my flower pictures!!1"

No. 264701

I feel so horrible for Venus and Manaki. May 6th is too far away yet so close. Having this psychotic murderous mother from hell stalking you outside your home has got to be fucking terrifying. I don't think Benus will be able to leave the apartment for days now thanks to this shit.

No. 264702

Re-watching this old interview. Love the stank eye she gives..
"And what's gonna happen on her 18th birthday?" as if to say "You think I'll let her go? You think I'll let her have her independence and be an adult? HAH!"

You can sort of tell Maggot seemed a little scared at the thought of V leaving though (cause her income leaves too)

No. 264703

Referring to the part at 9:25. Apparently you can't link times in the URL…

No. 264705

She reminds me of my step-grandma who is a diagnosed schitzo and a tweaker. She abuses my grandpa (the poor alcoholic) and then makes up different lies about how he's the abuser. She even looks like margendo a bit and she's in her mid 60s.(NO ONE FUCKING CARES)

No. 264707


>She even looks like margendo a bit and she's in her mid 60s.

With margendo it's that evil seeping out of her skin.

No. 264709

>Venoos once tried to escape mama. I ate her liver with some fava beans and a nice chianti.

No. 264710

Fucking hell Venus couldn't speak for herself at all.

No. 264711

Would it really be a good ides to provoke Margo?

No. 264712

Too bad margo isn't 17 or it might work.

No. 264713

Two narcissists in a room… I'm sure there's a joke in there somewhere.

No. 264714

Different anon, but I think it'd be a terrible idea, especially since the evil bitch knows where she lives. I want her to be forcefully deported and banned so bad…

No. 264721

File: 1461843421823.png (447.57 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-04-28-07-16-17…)

Chuface is the new jassy, she's hardcore defending Mags. I thought fangelics could be bad but at least some of them didnt blindly defend Venus with certain videos(i.e. shitty makeup vids)

No. 264722

I bet this dude does this to get some attention. Too bad margo deletes his/her comments anyway later lol

No. 264724

File: 1461843784763.jpeg (119.77 KB, 728x1060, image.jpeg)

Venus please contact the police

No. 264726

I wonder if she slept allright knowing that her mother may be creeping around their house. If she hasn't called them already it's better to do it now than never. Don't wanna battle a crazy kappa.

No. 264727


Only a week tomorrow. It'll be over soon.

No. 264728

Seven days that Manaki and Venus have to guard the barricades so this parasitic plague doesn't break through.

No. 264731

i would like to hurry this situation along. i'm concerned because May 6th isn't a magic date upon which Margles is magically booted out of Japan. i don't really know the details of the process, but doesn't she still have to leave of her own volition? obviously she has no respect for her daughter and i don't see what would make her respect the fact that it's time for her to leave. we've all seen that Mergles logic is not really logical at all - she can delude herself into anything and i'm worried that she will just creep around indefinitely or try to go out in some blaze of glory. it's up to Venus and Manaki to be prepared now and catching Maggot in the act of something requires that they be on top of the situation.

does anyone here have some real world experience as far as what happens if you overstay your welcome in a foreign land? will anyone notice or can you slip through the cracks? it's not like Maggot is doing anything legitimate so it seems like she could easily fly under the radar aside from her social media presence

it's hard to tell from Venus's instagram but I can only hope that she contacted the police or a lawyer or SOMETHING and is just playing it cool so as not to antagonize the river kappa

No. 264732

Yes, nothing is happening until then without the police. I'm in Japan and I will call immigration if she is still here on the seventh, cross my heart.

No. 264733

I had a Chinese classmate who overstayed and hid out at her boyfriend's place, and immigration rounded her up within a month. Scary to think of. We lost touch, but I don't think she ever came back to Japan.

No. 264734

Bless you, anon.

No. 264735

No. 264736


You are my hero, anon! hope you are not trolling though

No. 264738

File: 1461849762358.gif (2.54 MB, 350x263, tackle.gif)

pic related

thanks for the links. perhaps it would turn out better for everyone if she does end up getting banned. maybe she's more calculated than she appears because it would be a sane move long-term to leave voluntarily, but she seems to have lost all decorum up til now

that is kind of scary

No. 264739

File: 1461849788243.png (1013.82 KB, 728x1060, Margocreepingintothenight.png)

I tried

No. 264740

Thanks, and I'm not, I'm the one who posted the info on how to report someone to immigration in one of the old threads. Calling them might be easier, I hope.

No. 264742

Once she stays past her visa expiration date, if she is caught she'll be detained and face jail time and a fine as well as have to leave and a ban on reentry (don't know how long offhand.) If she turns herself in at an immigration center she'll have to leave but no jail or fine, and still get the ban.

Thing is, she's in Japan operating her online "shop," that clearly says 'shipping FROM JAPAN.' She's mailing stuff out and emailing from Japan. She can be reported after the 6th and it should be possible to track her down from this (I would think.)

No. 264743

When you renew a visa, you have to show that you have enough money to live there because you can't work, right?

No. 264744

Asking specifically about tourist visas

No. 264745

No, not for a tourist visa because she is from a country in the Eu, which has a reciprocal deal with Japan. There are no checks on anything about you and there is no application - you just arrive.

I read up on some Japan visa info and it sounds like there is a tourist visa extension application - who knows if you have to show bank proof for that or not.

No. 264746

My money is on her taking a quick and cheap trip to Seoul if she still has anything there to collect. Or maybe somewhere less expensive if not.

Rinse. Repeat. I dream of an ending like in the film To Die For, where the fam works out what's up and gets a hitman to take care of it. I can dream.

No. 264747

If you want to extend your visa you have to show them a good reason why and also proof of financials so you have enough money to support your stay for another 3 months.
And then it's up to the officer if he/she accepts it. Some days they decline everybody, some days they give extensions.

No. 264750

informative, thanks.

No. 264755

I'm really hoping she gets a ban, that way Venus can actually exhale and start building her life in peace.

No. 264758

File: 1461854991254.png (325.08 KB, 540x298, tumblr_nsp1peCkhu1usv7xpo1_540…)

>you have to show them a good reason why

magoo be like


No. 264760

marge posted new items on the shop, looks like she started selling off her own stuff too poor girl kinda

No. 264761


I really hope so too, but if she overstays and gets banned from re-entering Japan then Venus is out of her reach for good. I fear Margoyle won't risk that. Or maybe I'm overestimating her.

No. 264762

She's selling a swarovski belt!!! Must be desperate times.

No. 264763

Luckily she's out of money, so flying out of and into Japan may be a problem. Seeing how she actually went to Venus' house, she's at her limit.

No. 264764

File: 1461855440622.png (31.57 KB, 341x180, Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 8.56…)

Margo Logic 101 - I desperately need that class.

No. 264767

Loooool http://venusangelic.com/product/blur-cure-macacin-shorts/

She bought that for 15 dollars. She wrote it under her igpic once

No. 264768

She is selling her famous swarovski too now LOL

No. 264769

File: 1461856600769.jpg (108.49 KB, 1048x551, bag.JPG)

This bag is so hideous omfg

No. 264770

Is she for real with that price? It pains me to know Margo bought that expensive bag with Venus' income, it's also ugly as sin!

I hope this bitch gets sued.

No. 264771

No. 264772

god, this fug bag is tacky af

No. 264773

Just goes to show how much Margo irresponsibly spent Venus's money. Going from buying super ugly expensive bags to sleeping in convenience stores really puts Margo's rage into perspective. Nuts.

No. 264775

that bag is worth more than 800 if its all legitimate real animal skin, even if it is tacky AF

No. 264776

I'd buy it if it was like $30 (and not sold by/touched by Margo) but I also have shit taste. It's just so weird, I have a strange need for it

No. 264777

she did state on that TLC show she wants to make Venus career something they can live off of

No. 264778

This bag looks a lot like shit the old ladies here have in TX who have bedazzled crosses littering their houses.
It's fucking ugly

No. 264780

File: 1461857705234.jpeg (657.74 KB, 640x1444, image.jpeg)

Maggots also selling that gray fur jacket she got when she first touched down in japan, which she bought at a second hand shop for super cheap~
So cheap margo thought it was fake

No. 264781

That bag is proof that money can't buy taste. Drop $$$ to look like shit, what a bargain!

No. 264785

File: 1461858465094.jpg (6.83 KB, 291x44, lolwho.jpg)

Someone on IG is asking about the donations. We all know who it would be going to.

No. 264786


to help homeless ,lunatic people

No. 264788

I politely asked margo about the visa and if its a good idea to operate a shop in Japan and she deleted the comment within seconds.

No. 264789


exclusive leg fur black cloak coming soon

No. 264790

it be really something if she responded with " im saving up for venuss in case anything happens when she escapes from the hands of evil manaki and his torture plushie room!" or something like that

No. 264792

Why isn't mags selling all her shit on ebay or so? She would reach so much more people, this would mean more money for her??

No. 264794

My theory is that she only wants to profit from Venus - using her name and making her look bad in the eyes of her fans.

No. 264795

Margo is in a one sided pissing contest. She's trying to claim the name of "VenusAngelic" as if she made the name and it belongs to her. Of course it means nothing without Venus, but Margo wants to destroy Venus as long as Venus isn't sending her income toward her Kappa wants and needs.

No. 264796

which is totally backfiring because she makes herself look bad AF! nobody is going to ever look at Venus any worse than marge i mean when your young you have no choice but to do what your parents say yeah venus might have had fun but im pretty sure she got tired of her weebo act getting older and her mom was like " no thats your milk money ticket!" for all we know marge is the real weeb here and venus is just a girl living in japan because thats were she was lead and grew up and knows.

No. 264798

I asked her this too btw, she "couldn't" really respond. She is really…mentally not okay, after talking with her I cant really hate her anymore.