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File: 1600171212561.png (2.62 MB, 1080x1574, 1597954581405.png)

No. 795757

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/funeral1996/ [private]

tumblr: https://funeral1996.tumblr.com
https://angelhair1996.tumblr.com/ [inactive]
https://rotten2thecore1996.tumblr.com [deleted]
https://heavenlykitten1996.tumblr.com [active]

Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/lunakittenxxx [SW, deleted]
https://www.twitter.com/funeral1996 [active]

>Formerly known as angelhair1996, howl1996, junkhun, funeralhome420 and lunakittenxxx (to name but a few)

>24 year old heroin addict, scammer, liar, thief, and former ““sex worker””
>Begs people for money online to buy drugs under the guise of it being for food/medication/rent/necessities
>Refuses to get a job or do anything productive
>Has every self-diagnosed mental/physical illness under the sun
>Started dating her 40 year old boyfriend (hereby known as Lurch) before she turned 18, calls him “daddy”
>has a following of impressionable young girls who she has convinced to “help” her during this “tough time” in her life
>Romanticises the hell out of her addiction but rants on the internet how vile it is to do so
>”I’m not trying to be Courtney Love!”
>Tries to be exactly like Courtney Love
>Bleats about harm reduction while being the antithesis of harm reduction/seemingly having no grasp of the concept whatsoever 

>Loves to share her grimy life on the internet, including awful photos of her cats laying in filth and used needles
>Squandered a large inheritance from her grandmother within a year and lot the property she also inherited because she didn’t pay tax on it
>Claims her mother “stole” her inheritance money from her (she possibly used the inheritance to pay her mother’s rent and considers that “stealing”)
>Always “short on rent” or otherwise in need of donations
>Overdosed on heroin twice in less than 12 months, even that didn't encourage her to get clean
>RIP ROGER (aka Lurch’s dad)
>Tuna and Lurch couldn’t pay rent because all their money came from Roger’s social security so the e-begging ramped up to 100
>EVICTED from Roger’s house
>Tuna and Lurch “temporarily” move in with Luna’s mother, who is an (ex) addict
>Brings along moldy, nasty stuffed animals and complains about not being able to move her other belongings (claims she lost 90% of them when she got EVICTED)
>Continuously tries e-begging along with selling nudes and shitty art in lieu of getting a job
>Her “abusive” dad continues to buy her useless shit from Amazon
>Posts pictures of her and Lurch looting graves like it’s no big deal
>Claims to be homeless for bonus sympathy points in spite of living with her mother
>Luna and Chief have made themselves at home in her mom's one-bedroom poverty home and seem to have no intention of leaving.
>Still milking her ex-gf's suicide for struggle points.
>Seemed to be gaining weight rapidly for a while- some farmers speculated that she may have been on methadone.
>Still abusing benzos and posting pill porn, probably hooked at this point
>Still sending begging messages to facebook "friends" >>>/pt/607983
>Still buying cheap shit on Amazon and asking facebook "friends" to buy her stuff
>Still churning out sloppy drawings, has recently produced some particularly mediocre poetry
>Still taking pictures of her filthy plastic crap, filthy grave-goods, filthy clothes, filthy nails, and filthy face
>Still complaining about how horrible her life is, failing to understand that she brought most of it on herself
>Roger is interred in a filthy box in Luna's mom's poverty home
>Got a pancake voucher >>>/pt/612955
>Was banned from FB and called out in a nail shaming group
>Has lived with her mom for over a year now
>Her dad's apartment caught on fire; Luna spread ashes on her face for maximum sympathy points
>Has started to brag about starving herself
>"Found" a bra in a dumpster
>Started posting nudes again
>Then began a “sex work” career, taking grimy nudes and videos and selling them through twitter for drug money
>Made premade videos, one is called PEE DRINK

In the last thread >>767687:
nothing of note. Posting of filthy plushies, benzos in Sanrio pill boxes and wishlists continues.

In between the threads Luna's mom got taken away to inpatient due to mental health and drug abuse >>795390
Hopefully plenty of milk is to come with Luna and Lurch taking over the appartment.

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eleven >>403302
twelve >>414017
thirteen >>428358
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fifteen >>468770
sixteen >>480001
seventeen >>497850
eighteen >>521479
nineteen >>>/pt/540883
twenty >>>/pt/558885
twenty one >>>/pt/574429
twenty two >>>/pt/591749
twenty three >>>/pt/619612
twenty four >>>/pt/657873
Twenty five >>>/pt/689217
Twenty six >>>/pt/734529
Twenty seven >>>/pt/767687

No. 795758

https://www.instagram.com/funeral1996 (private)
https://www.twitter.com/lilcherub1996 (inactive)
https://www.twitter.com/lunakittenxxx (SW account, deleted)


https://www.deviantart.com/thatpoisonleaf (deleted)
https://www.flickr.com/people/54485349@N05 (skwisgaarskwigelf)


https://angelhair1996.tumblr.com (inactive)

Archives of past tumblr accounts:
http://skwisgaarskwigelf.tumblr.com (deleted, no archives)

The Pulp Girls / Zine:


About Luna:
https://witchycrankypoo.tumblr.com (howl1996 drama, inactive)


No. 795759

File: 1600171447863.png (143.81 KB, 828x867, 1600040588909.png)

reposting latest milk for clarity's sake

No. 795761

File: 1600171539679.png (1.88 MB, 1366x3283, screencapture-heavenlykitten19…)

The last from Luna's blog

No. 795764

Of coure there's ZERO self-awareness of how she may be affecting her mother's mental health. Textbook narc behavior.

No. 795765

File: 1600171944320.png (2.57 MB, 828x1792, 20ED66C8-617A-420B-9C2E-12EFC7…)

reposting from Kiwifarms.
Luna got caught posting on junkie fb groups again

No. 795766

File: 1600171990637.png (3.17 MB, 828x1792, 2E55338F-961A-4165-BB4F-C0AEF3…)

No. 795767

File: 1600172082317.png (498.21 KB, 828x1792, 1598561917694.png)

No. 795770

File: 1600172262736.png (259.83 KB, 828x1792, 1598561930362.png)

No. 795772

File: 1600172390864.png (791.75 KB, 828x1792, 1598561941316.png)

No. 795786


How much would all that cost? They have to be dealing right?

No. 795787

Assuming that’s H in those baggies I’d say it’s about 2-300 worth. The way it’s packaged hints at them dealing.

No. 795794

That's standard packaging for nyc, doesn't suggest dealing at all. It's three buns, they're usually a hundred a piece (ten bags) but they've been using so long I bet theyve found a hook that let's them pay 70 or 80.

No. 795798

FINALLY a new thread! thanks op!

kek at the nails, there's something satisfying about luna actually listening to criticism when people call her out for being grimy. of course it has to come from fellow addicts whose respect she craves and not from her followers who pay her to exist

No. 795817

I think this might be the first time I’ve ever seen screencaps of her interacting with other people instead of just begging. Even in the AC Facebook groups all she does is beg

No. 795850

I wonder if her mothers inpatient stint and sobriety will give her the perspective to realise that letting Luna and Lurch move in was a terrible decision and almost surely the reason she relapsed? If she realises that and has adequate support from the hospital, will she be kicking the squatters out? Bring on the Luna Homeless saga

No. 795852

Maybe the social worker will insist that she throw the (likely against the terms of her lease) deadbeat squatters out, but who knows?

No. 795853


The homeless Luna stage may come, but will probably not be this year tbh. Even if she is accused of squatting in government housing- which she is….

Current covid guidelines have basically halted evictions in most states, and NY is almost certainly on that list.
Followed by winter laws (which NY again likely follows) which do not allow evictions between October ish- April ish. (Winter months.

She would honestly be kicked out faster and illegally if it WEREN'T for the fact she and her mom are breaking multiple section 8 laws. Lmao.

I do expect some pretty juicy and devastating developments in the future though. If her mom is put away for a while, the state will want to relet her home….que finding illegal residents, her mom losing most or many benefits. Potential jail time for fraud, not to mention mainintaining a drug den- IN government housing…

Oh yeah, it could get pretty milky pretty quickly.

No. 795876

It never fails to astound me how selfish she is. At least her and her jobless loser boyfriend have their moms 1 bed room apartment to themselves?

No. 795885

Thanks for the new thread, OP.

>sell yarn

No. 795924

There's so much wrong with this.

1. Luna, you're a drug addict too and so is Lurch.
2. You also have mental illness.
3. I bet the only reason she's glad is because she gets to live out her "newlyweds" fantasy life by having the place with just her and Lurch like it's their own. That and no one to nag her about paying rent/bills or getting a job.

No. 795931

so with her mom being the only person who is legally allowed to stay in the house, what's the assumption with everyone that they'll get get fined? personally i think it's a possibility–those laws against eviction in NYC don't cover illegal inhabitants, right? plus, now that they're possibly selling…

also sorry about my garbage wording, it's early.

No. 795947

I'm not positive about NY law, but in my state the laws protect illegal squatters. NY tends towards more extreme and "protective" laws than my state, so I assume they would be protected there.

Could look into it further but meh. Its early.

As for being fined, I think thats the least shitty possibility. Welfare fraud can absolutely get you jail time, and selling out of rented/government owned apartments is often lumped into "maintaining a drug home" and often a public safety violation. Again, absolutely could be fined but totally could be jailed JUST for making the home an unsafe environment on top of jail for selling. Even if all that heroin is for them, its packaged individually and it would be argued its meant to sell.

Tldr; they are probably safe from eviction but potentially extra fucked.

No. 796064


Luna is the only cow that makes me mad, I cannot. Such selfishness and utter disregard to other people.
Hunched sorting heroin packs in her drug den, radiating greed for her mommy's apartment and daddy's money, she is Sin personified.

OT but those look like mini american cheese slices.

No. 796077

Not to WK Luna because she's shit, but we have zoosadists, pedos and God knows who else among the cows on the website, and Luna is the only one to make you mad?
At least Luna's current victim (her mother) is directly responsible for the creation of the monster taking over her life.

No. 796078

there's also the strong possibility that her and lurch are dealing fent under the guise of it being H. Something that kills people every day.

No. 796087

Point taken in that case. I still find it weird to be angry only at Luna when there are so many sick fucks documented here

No. 796089

Out of all the cows I follow. I'm not going to spend my time reading about zoosadists, I come here for entertainment, not to get traumatized.

No. 796249

Just because you choose to stay ignorant doesn’t make her the worst cow on this website. There are literal pedophiles and animal fuckers. Luna is pretty fucking shit but let’s not act like she’s the worst person on here.

No. 796255

"She's better than literal pedophiles" is the lamest whiteknight ever.

No. 796311

Are murderers worse than pedophiles? You can't compare such people.

Luna is a terrible human being who only leeches, robs children's graves and makes everyones life worse.
She's a waste of space and I hope she soon dies a miserable death.
Sorry not sorry, I'll gladly take my ban.(a-log)

No. 796327

Not ironic considering how lame tuna is

No. 796387


holy shit she looks like a different person. thought those pics were outfit inspo

No. 796388

Fentanyl sucks but she did say -dent more like h- in the cap above. It’s a lot more than you can say about other dealers and I hope she continues telling people. No one deserves to get caught in Luna’s dumb pastel web

No. 796414

File: 1600529993378.jpeg (78.27 KB, 600x452, BEA7AD11-5A26-4853-9A0A-FF3E6C…)

I can’t believe you guys aren’t more astounded by this. She clearly looks wracked, has track marks, and is doing sexwork… but we haven’t seen needles or drugs in years and years. She had those old photos of the needles on the floor , also the ones of her literally shooting up with needles hanging out of her arm…. but other than that we’ve essentially been tinfoiling if she is using or not. Of course we all “know” but this photo of her finally posting that they are either dealing or in possession of atleast $300 worth of fentadope is a truly stunning fuck up in her part. The needle photos with her very specific identifying tattoos showing AND this photo with the FACEBOOK PHOTO of cellos and wraps are officially enough to exclude her from every possible professional job the rest of her life (except drug counseling)


No. 796420

By now this is pretty normal for Tuna. It's not the first time she's bragged about using or selling on Facebook. To this day the most shocking thing she's done is the infamous "time to call my dad while I'm doing sexwork" video.

No. 796450

i was a little suprised to see her post it on facebook but we all knew what she was doing, nobody had any doubts. its very unlikely she will find a 'normal' job unless she breaks off from lurch permanently and changes her name. not that she wants a normal job anyway

No. 796455

She's at her dad's and keeps posting pics of a pink Chanel bag on her IG without a caption, wonder if it's real or a fake.(Imageboard post pics)

No. 796464

File: 1600551716487.jpg (442.32 KB, 1080x1450, IMG_20200919_234140.jpg)

No. 796466

lmao it’s an awful fake that she either stole or got from canal street or somewhere similar

No. 796468

can you describe what about it makes it fake? genuinely curious

No. 796474

uneven stitching, the "leather" looks plastic, even dough it's trendy with matte pastels, this is too playdough´y

No. 796475

also the metal is way too yellow, and the diamond pattern is not symmetrical and even

No. 796479

File: 1600554156948.png (1.67 MB, 1080x1558, IMG_20200920_002126.png)

Her dream adress if someone is interested in visiting.

No. 796496

In addition to that, the metal accents don't match.

The 'grain' on the pleather repeats itself and the double Cs look totally wrong.

It's a very bad knock-off. The shape's all wrong.

That bag, the flap, costs at that size around USD 6000, depending on the colourway.

No. 796555

all of the above and the eyelets aren't symmetrically placed among the stitching. and idk like if i'm being autistic but to me it looks like there's a pull to the material that makes the flap sit weirdly.

No. 796571

I noticed that too, the flap definitely doesn't sit right - that bag is badly assembled, stuffed too full of twee plastic crap to close and clasp nicely, or most likely both.
(tbh it is kind of a tiny autistic detail, but designer handbags are all about tiny autistic details anyways so whatever.)

No. 796601

File: 1600608631302.jpg (75.69 KB, 500x392, lGt0bX6.jpg)

No. 796609

Why is Matthew dressed for a polar expedition?

No. 796631

It's actually been a bit chilly here on the east coast: the people in the background have jackets on. I do think he's overdressed though, it hasn't been freezing, just a bit cool. Maybe the drugs screw with thermoregulation?

No. 796642

it’s his fake gucci scarf hidden under his waves and waves of luscious locks for me. imagine being the people sitting at the table behind them and having to watch those two crackheads pretend to act normal, phew

No. 796651

She really wants validation THAT bad huh. Fucking pathetic.

No. 796658

You never realize how shady Luna and Lurch look until you see normal people around them. Look at the table behind them and then look at them.. they look like absolute crackheads that just wandered in.

No. 796674

That weird hand clasp really reminds me of the Friendship Ended with Mudasir meme.

No. 796682

KEK anon that gave me such a good laugh

No. 796688

File: 1600651747676.jpg (25.18 KB, 500x579, IMG_20200920_182137.jpg)

>imagine being the people sitting behind them and having to watch these two crackheads act normal

No. 796700


I honestly don't think their will be any consequences with HUD/Section 8 unless she gets caught, and she hasn't gotten caught yet because she and Lurch probably never leave the house like the junkie unemployed hikkomori cave goblins that they are and no one ever comes to visit them because they have no friends. I'm sure a least the nearest neighbors are aware but probably don't care to get involved because they never see or hear them anyway. If they were the more active street life junkies bringing home all sort of homeless crusties and having police called on them they would be gone by now. Short of a farmer somehow contacting the housing authority with their info, or a neighbor realizing they deal (questionable IMO, they are both long term junkies and that honestly just looks like their personal stash) they are pretty set.

No. 796723

Imagine being the poor individual they asked to take the photo kek

No. 796734

File: 1600688672491.png (15.47 KB, 500x232, 44fryw.png)

No. 796752

I dont know why anon, but your comment took me the fuck out.

No. 796769

Honestly why would the neighbors report tuna and lurch when it’s actually pretty common for people in these kind of government assistance homes to have people live with them that’s not on the lease.
It’s a rule yeah but it’s not a constantly regulated one depending on who the agent/supervisor assigned to the building is.
As long as they’re quiet and don’t bring cops around or get complaints against them they’ll be safe to live there illegal or not.

No. 796775

This. Plus, I doubt they're living in a neighborhood where junkies like them aren't the norm. The only way I could see them getting reported is if someone cowtips or if they end up pissing someone off on the street but, considering their neet lifestyle, I seriously doubt that.

No. 796838

File: 1600762118443.png (877.63 KB, 1000x663, dump1.png)

Dumping for safekeeping

No. 796839

File: 1600762144790.png (1.02 MB, 1000x667, dump2.png)

No. 796857

She almost looks human in the first pic.

No. 796859

I think she looks pretty human and not as crusty in both of them

No. 796926

so uh…y’all think they’re wearing masks when they go out?

No. 796928

no anon, using masks would mean buying masks, and buying masks translates to less heroin and hello kitty trinkets

would she be short-sighted and stupid enough to 'find' one, potentially used? …it doesn't seem that much of a reach

inb4 'my dad got me this cute cheap pink reusable facemask uwu' that will never be washed

No. 796929

She's posted a photo with a mask before, so she owns at least one. She's probably too lazy to wash it, though.

No. 796939

Isn't that what the Gucci scarf thing Lurch has >>796601
It looks like the right shape

No. 796966

I hate to say it, but she looks SO much better without the fringe

No. 796999

well it did take a ton of hard work and effort for her to grow it, anon!

No. 797024

shes looking a lot better with the hair and shes finally using a normal lip colour. i thought she would never stop caking on foundation but this is to be praised, a shame shes still knee deep in drug addiction and its not some indication of health

No. 797032

Agreed that the bangs were awful but now it looks like she has a greasy comb over… she’s hiding her bangs that haven’t grown out yet with hair from farther back on her head.
Eyes still pinned and droopy as fuck. I still just see a crusty junkie trying so hard to look kawaii and failing miserably

No. 797063

exactly. better without the bangs and grey lips, but her hair is still a mess, eyes still look tiny and droopy and the pastel Amazon tight athleisure does not suit her body at all. it makes her look bigger and even more out of shape than we all know she is.

No. 797089

She’d look ten times better if she was just hygienic, we all know how gross she is. For someone that is constantly pining for cutesy bath products and creams etc I don’t understand why she has godawful hygiene. Well I do understand, she’s lazy as fuck. I don’t think she’s necessarily ugly, she’d be fine if she was hygienic and took better care of herself and applied makeup that complemented her face. Pity it can’t make up for her awful personality

No. 797092

I think her mom used during pregnancy (whether illegal or prescription), her face is asymmetric, I think one eye has more distance from the middle of the face than the other one.

No. 797130

I mean she does brag about being conceived on the steps of the methadone clinic.

No. 797357

asymmetry in the face is normal though, most people’s faces aren’t perfectly symmetrical. it’s just not very noticeable unless you are the owner of the face in question. some unfortunates have rather obvious asymmetry though.

blog but I have some asymmetry in my nose area, like my nose is more towards one side than another. I myself didn’t even notice this until well into adulthood, studying my face in a mirror with it placed under my chin, looking down. try it out if you haven’t, you may notice some rather odd but completely normal asymmetry.

No. 797410

what prev anon said, but youd also be seriously fucking surprised at how many kids born from parents on drugs somehow are unaffected physically.

No. 797424

also to add: the diamond pattern is not centered on the bag and the chains are entering the purse at weird points thus breaking the pattern unevenly. Check the diamond pattern on the outer edge, the diamonds should be cleanly split down the middle, but in another photo posted you can see more clearly that they aren't. Also, low-stitch count causes the pattern to pucker/puff out. I'd like to see her post photos of more knock-offs, it is fun to name the things wrong with them.

No. 797434

File: 1601116477181.jpg (56.84 KB, 1080x635, IMG_20200926_123405.jpg)

I cannot wait till he buys Luna more shit and all is forgiven for a moment

No. 797465

File: 1601146856976.png (11.22 KB, 796x181, RagyUcM.png)

No. 797471

Move out then

No. 797512

Wonder if Luna's tried making an onlyfans. Searched under a few of her likely usernames and found nothing.

Not that these threads need any more horrifying images, but she'd probably do better that way than e-begging

No. 797531

I doubt she'll go back to sexwork. She got pretty spooked after the infamous dad call and deleted her SWer twitter. That and she probably doesn't have a legal ID for OnlyFans.

No. 797537

can yall shut the fuck up about the purse what is wrong w/ you it's fake we get it bro

No. 797538

File: 1601170525112.png (48.24 KB, 1819x461, Io2g0YZ.png)

No. 797539

File: 1601170557083.png (946.58 KB, 648x892, cIEPkw3.png)

No. 797566

does she mean it like suicide or summary?

No. 797568


No. 797575

File: 1601188222392.jpg (1.52 MB, 1080x10010, 27092020083022.jpg)

a lot if posts on luna blog.

No. 797576

she seems to be typing quite a bit more coherently than she used to. that’s interesting, i wonder what changed

No. 797587

The show is Mr Belvedere, she posted on her twitter a few months ago. Also the pic with the face mask on is terrible.

No. 797588

godspeed to my fellow animal crossing autists itt who are probably blowing a gasket over her villager list

i was thinking that. still those absolutely incoherent spelling mistakes that can only be because she’s typing that badly but literally 99% of this was actually understandable. i wonder if it’s somehow linked to her selling? it can’t be because she’s off the drugs because usually she’d start whining somewhere about how hard it is

No. 797591

File: 1601209482076.jpeg (36.93 KB, 828x386, 0F0B0679-53FD-4922-A8B2-D0D1C7…)

this was posted on wednesday in the kf luna thread

No. 797613

Is it just me or is she putting considerably more effort into things lately?

No. 797623

Maybe playing Animal Crossing is affecting her positively? It's given her something to do that she actually has the attention for.
It might sound ridiculous, but remember that for years her life has been nodding off, browsing online for things to put on her wishlist, scribbling with poscas and writing "poetry". That's it. That's all she did for years. Suddenly she has all this new stimuli from the game, new goals even! That's got to have a noticeable positive effect.

No. 797633

It's definitely given her new FB communities to interact with and beg from.
I'm probably going to the grave wondering where she really got that Switch from.

No. 797657

Either her dad or someone exchanged it for some drugs. Anyone tried asking her?

No. 797679

So her mum came home & then she spends a week at her dads place. I’m guessing without lurch as she’s neglected to mention him at all.

No. 797725


junkie hustle. as long as they can be unlocked small electronics are as good as cash.

No. 797771

kudos to you, I know a lot of Luna lore but this escaped me
can you explain why her villagers trigger you?

No. 797817

I wonder if her smoking more weed is making her type better.

Also, where could Lurch be? He hasn't been arrested or in rehab nor at the hospital. We would know about it.

No. 797822

File: 1601312417172.png (255.54 KB, 470x604, Untitled.png)

it's been one week since she took a picture of Lurch, why are people acting like he's suddenly disappeared? She's been sperging about baseball on twitter in the past couple days, so I assume she's sat around doing nothing with Lurch, like she has for the last 5 years?

No. 797823

File: 1601312776194.png (40.07 KB, 481x383, Untitled.png)

Samefag, she's been talking about Lurch so I assume everything's fine. She doesn't sound that much more coherent, imo she got a new phone with better autocorrect.

I mean her mom's xanax weren't available to her, so that explains why she's not been posting weird strung out nudes alongside her messages.

No. 797851

>can you explain why her villagers trigger you?

nta but she has some of the more coveted by the internet at large and expensive villagers on her island

No. 797884

Coveted by retards just a dumb and pathetic as Luna. They’re dumbass characters that literally say and do the same programmed lines as each of the other 400+ characters with the same 8 personality types. Luna’s art has more variation than those bland characters and the art is junkie trash.

No. 797886

Did an animal crossing villager murder your family, anon?

No. 797894

lol go on ebay and see how many of these fucking villagers sell. Nothing wrong with AC, but the way people have been acting about the villagers in the switch game is insane.

>she has some of the more coveted by the internet at large and expensive villagers

I love Luna's bullshit, she even ebegs for expensive villagers. She can't work for anything, she has to find people who pity her to give it to her.

No. 797922

I wish I could make autists seethe with my collection of rare Crossing animals. Good for her!

No. 797923

i’m the anon who made the original comment about animal crossing autists ITT and even i’m not this mad about it. it’s just a cat in a game pal calm down

i’m sorry to break it to you but you’re also posting on lolcow. you’re just as autistic as the rest of us

anyway sincere apology for setting off the ac infighting again god bless

No. 797928

the difference is that I'm not triggered by Luna having ~rare villagers uwu~ that you can amiibo just as she had lol. She doesn't even own Judy or Raymond!

No. 797937

I know tuna is a scammer but something about her baseball posts humanizes her so much. I hate baseball and it’s very not like other girls of her but why does it give me a soft spot for her

No. 797939

>why does it give me a soft spot for her
Because she's a manipulator and you're falling for it?

No. 797941

Luna is tryna exchange nudes for pink animal crossing furniture hahaa

No. 797942

File: 1601369213014.jpeg (168.92 KB, 750x1113, 1ECEB1D6-808D-4A57-9039-904888…)

From KF, she's offering nudes in exchange for ACNH stuff.

No. 797944

lmfao what's worse, ebegging for villagers or offering nudes in exchange?

I honestly can't decide - on the one hand at least she's exchanging something for the villagers now, on the other hand this is sooo fucking trashy.

No. 797949

this is so pathetic

No. 797951

She can't just go on a normal ACNH group and ask for this shit? Theres a zillion of them. Why is she specifically trying to hoe for this?

No. 797954

maybe she wants to give back to the community and avoid being a freeloader like >>797944 said

No. 797963

samefag, after rethinking I think it may be about getting AC shit while getting confidence boost from getting potential simps.

No. 797964

We all know Tuna is enough of a loser to sell pics of her floppy tits and pepperoni nips but who the fuck is going to actually trade her items for her disgusting nudes?
Who in their right mind goes yeah, I’ll trade a kitchen island in acnh for some of that?
Someone prob just took pity on her and sent the stuff anyways cause our anchovy scented princess always gets her pastel haul no matter what it takes!
Besides getting a job

No. 797967

Knowing how she likes to pitty grift, I'm willing to bet she posted that to get people to send it anyway.

No. 797996

idk anything about AC is there much crossover between creepsters who pay for nudes and people who play AC? i thought it was mostly played by kids and women in their twenties

No. 798007

There’s absolutely no cross over. I haven’t seen the group myself but I’m betting it’s just like a sw orbiter kinda thing where sad egirls are trading each other nudes.
There aren’t any daddies saving up pastel shit in the game to give their babies in exchange for nudes.

No. 798087

Babe, no one is going to give you cute items for a picture of your albino turtle tits. does her "knight in shining meth armor" know she's doing this?

No. 798089

samefagging but the Turnip Exchange is used exactly for this.

No. 798108

I thought she wanted the game and suicide baiting because she wanted to play but she's constantly asking for handouts. Weird.

No. 798834

File: 1601894353227.jpg (14.04 KB, 547x102, sure.JPG)

In case anyone was wondering if Luna's alive

No. 798860

I don’t know Luna, how else could you feel good about yourself? Obviously you put so much effort into everything you do, and you have good hygiene and your own living space that you pay for on your own, and you can’t possibly get a job that would provide you with money to buy all the useless crap you want. No, that can’t be it…

No. 798885

File: 1601921189701.png (984.82 KB, 1304x848, lkMUh05.png)

No. 798912

I don't know if you knew this Luna, but getting a job can make you feel good.

No. 798944

You might have a point anon, she does look like she has been doing slightly better. If something as mindless as AC is keeping her entertained enough to not do heroin all day it can't be bad.
Knowing Tuna it won't last though. If she doesn't have any goals besides trying to be some tragic pastel junkie she will stay stuck in her filthy hole of a life.
As long as Lurch is still in her life we probably shouldn't have any hope for progress

No. 798959

She'd look better if she grew out her natural hair colour tbh.

No. 798967

She does look less crusty. Now to get better, dump Lurch and go get a job.

No. 799037

File: 1602019225282.png (392.19 KB, 453x789, 9BQXSm0.png)

No. 799115

Can someone translate, what drugs are "sticks" and "footballs"? Thank you

No. 799121

No. 799142

its referring to the shape of the pill i believe

No. 799161

Footballs are only 1mg tho so as an addict, it's weird she says she prefers them to 2mg xanny bars

No. 799229

The shapes.
Blue food balls are 1 mg , pink/peach are .5mg

Hm it could be that the footballs are more likely to be pharma-grade whereas the white bars are more often than not home pressed and as a result vary in dosages /potency. (was prescribed Xanax for years, they don’t prescribe the 2mg bars much anymore in my experience. I could be totally wrong though)

No. 799231

Anon why do you type like this

No. 799286

NTA but I’ve noticed foreign keyboards work like that and give it weird spacing. Probably German trying to type in English.

No. 799337

Lmao what no, German keyboards don't make random spaces here and there

No. 799363

File: 1602254716170.jpg (95.87 KB, 720x706, IMG_20201009_174344.jpg)

No. 799515

Did she ever buy anything in her life? All she owns was either given to her by her family and boyfriend, grifted from her followers or stolen ("found by the dumpster").

No. 799518

That's a no. She's always had everything handed to her and she used to steal but then freaked out when she had to go to a store she stole from in order to pick up Roger's meds.

No. 799572

does fakeboi know luna and chief were pushing this kind of shit too?

No. 799883

File: 1602644734179.png (863.17 KB, 750x1024, HQKvI7x.png)

No. 800010

on one hand: has she lost the weight?
on the other: those jeans look like they cut into her real bad, yikes. seems uncomfy

No. 800011

File: 1602770526961.jpg (497.77 KB, 1080x1861, IMG_20201015_160250.jpg)


No. 800031

This b would sell through Lurch dope laced with fent just so she can get a new set of nails.

No. 800077

File: 1602824294597.png (1.74 MB, 1312x2048, Screenshot_20201016-005847.png)

And from fucking etsy, too. Selling poison for shit you can make yourself. It's not like they're even that expensive, but for someone to have their priorities so out of wack is astounding. At least the seller got some money from this idiot.

No. 800415

Probably, but her posing like that makes a difference too.

No. 800508

File: 1603006197094.png (190.1 KB, 996x1010, CA7sJiv.png)

No. 800773

Recurring months long uti, but seeing a gyno wasn't her priority. Her priority was getting drugs from that nice (read: gives out pills easily) shrink.
Whenever she talks about her dad, she makes me want to a-log soooo bad, so I'm not going to comment on that.

No. 800775

What does she need a psychiatrist for? She only uses them for drugs and she's bragged enough that she can get drugs from Lurch or her mom any time she wants. If her UTI was that bad she could've 'found' some Azo pills or something or gone to an urgent care facility.

No. 800802

How common is it for active heroin users to get benzo scrips? Especially something like xanax which is the most abused kind. I live in her area and i struggled to find a psychiatrist that would prescribe benzos while i was just smoking weed i couldnt imagine all three of them found therapists that give out benzos to people on hard drugs. The overdose risk would be too high

No. 800913

Probably very uncommon, hence why she "really likes" this one particular shrink that does.

Her dad obviously wants to control which doctors she sees and for what so that she doesn't get a script and risk overdose, and is doing it through insurance. He freaked out not because it's hard for him to make "a simple ten minute phone call", but because he knows what she's trying to do and won't let her.

She's a daughter from hell, I feel so sorry for her parents.

No. 800914

I dont feel a drop of sympathy for her parents. They continue to enable her. They give her a roof to use under, they give her portions of their controlled substance medications, her moms food stamps are what puts food in her stomach, Luna doesnt want for anything so why would she change? They created a monster and they continue to enable her. If anything i feel a little sorry for Luna that nobody loves her enough to kick her ass into place

No. 800927

You know, she could just tell her dad the fucking truth about her drug usage and reach out for help. I'm sure her dad would figure out all the insurance stuff if she wanted to actually get clean and sober. I think the big issue for her is that she and Lurch are so codependent on each other and she will never want to leave him.

No. 800928

What does she have to get sober for? Why would she want help? Lurch keeps her high and validated, her family houses her, theres no discomfort in her life that would push her to improve it

No. 800930

>theres no discomfort in her life
except for that uti

No. 800936

She doesn't want to get clean and sober. Her entire persona is the sad, tragic romantic druggie artist. She literally compares herself to Courtney Love and thinks her and Kurt Cobain were role-models for relationships.

This, absolutely. The only time we saw her discomforted was drinking her own piss and making that phonecall to her dad for some John's money and even both of those can be quickly forgotten with drugs.

No. 800967

Drinking UTI piss is something else, and she did that willingly. How broken and lacking any guidance someone could be to make bad decision after bad decision.

No. 800974

a minor nitpick, but wasn't she comparing her and Lurch to Layne Staley and his gf? Your point stands obviously, just a minor nitpick because I'm not sure if I forgot about Luna's Kurtney claims or you confused the two junkie couples.

No. 800975

She drank Matthew's stale piss too.
Maybe next in the saga is drinking cat piss.

No. 800998

There’s no uti in the world that could last for months and not travel to your kidneys and make you go septic unless she has iron organs

No. 801008

File: 1603188767756.jpg (334.22 KB, 1080x2042, ZomboDroid 20102020121126.jpg)

I have so many questions about this friend. Is he gonna be Peter 2.0? Will Luna drop Lurch for his ass? How did they meet and what is the guy trying to earn?
Interesting how fakeboi has been clamoring for scraps of Luna's attention and almost begging to be her friend but Luna ignored her. But she jumped on the guy straight away. Fakeboi must be seething kek

No. 801015

>has so much in common with me
So I'm guessing drugs, more drugs, and grifting?

No. 801024

i cannot imagine what unhygienic thing she must be doing to keep getting UTIs. some women are just prone to them yeah but wtf luna?? are you just wearing the same shitty 1 dollar thrift shop underwear for three weeks in a row or smth??

there are also so many ways to solve this problem. drink cranberry juice, get a heating pad and shut up. doesn’t she have like joint pain or smth i don’t understand why she’s always a lil bitch about every single health issue. it’s obvious she’s fishing for more than some antibiotics.

No. 801036

She's getting them from lurch's dirty dick and not peeing after sex with him i bet

No. 801037

I remember she had this nail fungus solution and Pseudomonas aeruginosa bacteria causes green nail syndrome and UTI.

No. 801043

From the digging Ive done on fakeboi, shes another broke unemployed addict "artist" cow. There would be no point in entertaining a friendship with her if fakeboi couldn't send money. She doesnt want poor friends.

Fakeboi is absolutely pathetic, but the fact that she keeps posting on lunas shit makes me think that maybe they DM or something unless fakeboi is THAT autistic

No. 801078

i really don’t think they’re actually having sex tho tbh. she constantly says she has no sex drive, she has painful utis like every week, and if she’s truly taking everything she’s showing, she’s awake for probably at most five hours a day. and in those hours, he’s prob out fucking every other desperate junkie in new york. which she allows because of her extremely low self esteem.

No. 801079

Anons, is there any chance a video has ever been posted with Lurch’s voice? I want to hear it so bad but I can’t find anything

No. 801084

No. 801085

is homegirl cis? her voice is deeper than his

No. 801122

Yes she is, she posted various nude and pissed in a mug video

No. 801129

Some voice videos of them:

No. 801291

She behaves as if this is her only option. Mental health services in the US suck but her only argument is she hates the copay? Don’t buy dumb fake nails. Get a job. Go to meetings to get sober. The resources to get better aren’t seeing this one specific doctor who takes Medicaid. You dumb twat.

No. 801292

I’m gagging.

No. 801307

His voice is so normal wtf I was expecteing him to sound stunted or like a cryptid

No. 801332

Even for a broke drug user she's awful tone deaf to be bitching about her free health coverage all because she can't see the same quack who will give her the old scripts.
Like wah wah Luna, some uninsured people actually have to pay hundreds out of pocket in order to doctor shop for pills they want to abuse. She could actually go see a different quack with a 50/50 chance they would give her those scripts, and at the end of the day it wouldn't matter if they didn't cause medicaid covers the pointless visit. She's just a lazy hamchan who can't be assed.

No. 801380

File: 1603333987432.jpg (209.51 KB, 720x1198, Kqwhrtdz.jpg)

Looking rough and matronly.

No. 801382

Jesus, she looks dirty, lstraight up homeless.

No. 801383

She looks like a scrapped CGI fish from Shark's Tale

No. 801384

what is that stain on her boobs and do I really wanna know?

No. 801412

That stain looks like she nodded out and just started to drool on her saggy tits and she just never washed it

No. 801414

Which one? lmao

No. 801420

This is the absolute most nasty pic she's taken. She looks like she just climbed out of a dumpster. Her shirt is covered in at least two different bodily fluids, flea dirt, regular dirt, and who knows what else and the pants are grey from the lack of actual washing she does.

Even the room is starting to look like their room back at Roger's place. The sheer fact that Lurch and Luna have some sort of superpower that creates grime everywhere they rest for an extended period of time is astounding. They have access to a working bathroom and a laundry area, how do they make things so filthy?

No. 801425

File: 1603368953309.png (627.11 KB, 798x770, kOrHZDz.png)

No. 801439

Does she…not see where she can call the police department if she’s seen him?

No. 801440

>I know this man and I'm going to complain on Facebook about him rather than call the authorities!

Also the irony of her calling anyone else the "crackhead neighbor" when she's the one living in a dumpster doing and selling drugs.

No. 801444

Luna ffs washing your clothes doesn't make you less of an uwu tumblr Courtney Love xanny sadgirl

No. 801449

People who prefer certain drugs tend to despise junkies who have a different drug of choice. It's like a weird gang mentality around which type of drugs you like. Probably a way to feel better than other junkies when everyone has obvious issues with addiction.
Source: meth head neighbor who was really condescending about cocaine

No. 801456

Hasn't she done crack before though? She mentioned when they were at Roger's place the neighbors did drugs and she got something from them before, I just don't remember what it was.

No. 801463

She did crack once or twice, I just remember her posting abt how she was tweaking like “I feel like I could write a novel I’m not gonna do this often cause I feel like I could do this forever”, then after the comedown she started posting about how she had looked down on her mom for smoking crack but now understood. I don’t think she did it more than once or twice though, she’d be more than playing animal crossing and nodding off while watching the Yankees if she did

No. 801470

Maybe not so much gang mentality as it is "I have no one lower than me to punch down on so I have to cherry pick other drug abusers to feel better about myself."

No. 801505


Oh good god, Luna. She looked like she lost weight in that one photo recently but she doesn’t look it here or am I just blind?

No. 801518

File: 1603408738268.png (845.45 KB, 1223x732, PfQlskA.png)

No. 801561

I'm morbidly fascinated by how nasty her backgrounds are in her selfies. Any bets on how long until this new outfit gets its first dirt that'll never be washed out?

No. 801568

Luna just wear some goddamn mascara jfc

No. 801570

Losing the bangs really makes it obvious how much she looks like a wall-eyed bass someone taxidermied

No. 801597

Her hand is so tiny wtf

No. 801602

File: 1603431689851.jpeg (21.77 KB, 495x404, C8F48539-E5B2-41F0-97A7-3309DF…)

tfw Luna calls someone a crackhead and disgusting

No. 801611

This applies even if you’ve done the drug you’re insulting. It pertains to any drug you’re currently not doing. Source: knew a couple who would switch between heroin and meth and when their drug of choice ms were out of sync they would insult each other for being on the bad drug lmak

No. 801620

File: 1603452574174.png (Spoiler Image,8.48 KB, 84x54, uh.png)

wtf is the black stuff on her stomach

No. 801658

maybe im clinically fucking insane but these look just like the sticky shit left behind after being on a heart moniter or anything like that. has she been hospitalized recently or is she just filthy

No. 801672

Yep I was gonna say the same. Looks like residue from those stickies.
Don’t know how she can have freshly bleached hair that needs to be washed out but still have a filthy body.

Also this fucking combover she keeps doing is hideous. Her greatest “accomplishment” is growing out her hair and it still looks terrible cause she does this cracked out combover all the time smh

No. 801674

Probably tried to draw a tattoo with liquid eyeliner. She had foundation on her feet once, so it's not that farfetched to think lol

No. 801691

Could also be that she's on the birth control patch? They leave gross residue like that which is a big reason I stopped using it. Made me feel dirty all the time.

No. 801693

Double post but I just remembered some opiate medication come in patch form, don't they?

No. 801702

Yeah there are fent patches available so maybe that.
Whatever it is, bitch needs to bathe

No. 801704

Yeah, fetanyl comes in patches.

No. 801758


There’s a few weed brands that make dermal patches. I can see her slapping two onto her stomach. They look too large to be the tabs from a monitor. Especially when you take into account how big her gut is kek

No. 801759

Ignore me I posted thinking this was shays thread and forgot to type a pw

No. 801761

File: 1603533625221.jpg (286.06 KB, 1080x1614, IMG_20201024_120145_1.jpg)

No. 801970

File: 1603747103153.jpg (536.35 KB, 1242x1655, tumblr_b7630a44cecb9e7fa908cb2…)

No. 801971

File: 1603747124414.jpg (542.89 KB, 1242x1651, tumblr_39b2e589692afac40b7decc…)

No. 801976

If you’d have taken the whopping 30 seconds to look through the previous replies, you’d see these where already posted.

No. 801981

Oops sorry

No. 801991

Does anyone else find this little prose to be kind of interesting

Like someone who’s experiencing intense passion and intense self loathing all at once and having to choose to let love go because they’re self destructing, but in a catchy way.

sage cause dumb

No. 802015

no faggot

No. 802023

lmfao i'm crying anon

no, it's the same codependent uwu bullshit every other whiny tumblr bitch romanticizes.

No. 802102

File: 1603803402282.jpg (356.74 KB, 1080x1370, IMG_20201027_135333.jpg)

Luna owns Raymond now.
It kills me how she made it sound like there is more to him than meets the eye

No. 802106

She's going to be bored with him in no time. His house isn't ~aesthetic~.

No. 802140

she's convincing him to move from someone else's town so I wonder how she scammed him from them

No. 802144

you can buy codes though I doubt she went that way. Those 6-7 dollars are probably too much for her….

No. 802148

My guess is she went to one of those people who give out hacked Raymonds for free.

No. 802187

Maybe she finally figured out how to use the turnip exchange and nookazon? It’s not hard to get your dreamy villagers if you utilize the turnip market. I’m sure nobody is giving her villagers for nudes kek

No. 802389

She's a bit late to the Raymond hype isn't she? I don't see how she spends an entire day playing Animal Crossing with just breaks to take selfies in the kitchen.

No. 802404

File: 1603985650349.png (33.88 KB, 1535x691, Nvaxzdr.png)

"big boned" lol

No. 802418

I mean, she is tall and husky as well as fat, so she can never be the uwu heroin waif of her dreams.

No. 802420

File: 1603998835281.jpg (15.03 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

>now now now

No. 802442

Maybe the drugs make her memory of what she ate foggy cause I find it hard to believe a 5'9 woman would look as dumpy as she does from eating nothing and drinking only water. If she were 5' she'd be an obese roly poly.

No. 802479

File: 1604017551550.jpeg (200.61 KB, 828x1530, 184239D9-C24A-4CFC-8FDF-6A3B5F…)

No. 802484

Whoa what? Who's making her detox?

No. 802490

I'm hoping her mom finally finally gave her an ultimatum. Get clean or gtfo.

No. 802491

My guess is she didn't take care of her insurance issues and ran out of xanax scripts. Or, ran out of scripts and junk at the same time.
This is pretty normal junky drug-anxiety or low-stash panic, but if she doesn't want to be sober, junkies (Lurch) will find a way.
Though, benzo detox is one of few that can actually kill (and not just feel like it/mental) and she was on a huge dose even if she was only taking half of her "kawaii pills flex" posts.

No. 802493

i know shes freaking out here, but she sounds WAY more cognitive than she has in years. maybe the detox has already begun…?

No. 802501

For sure she's already catastrophic thinking. This awareness is basically all her therapy regurgitated in fear of being sober. She has nothing else and without, she will feel the empty bpd void and the void she has created.
She's not in full detox bc an addict getting to the end of the stash will do their best to make it last while maintaining a mostly comfortable state.

I think they've just hit hard times, and she'll be back to Tuna as soon as Lurch cops and shoots her up.

No. 802531

Detoxing and "dieting". She'll be gorging on both drugs and ice cream soon. It's the pattern.

No. 802538

Interesting! Did she post anything more?

No. 802550

So she doesn't have access to her mom's stash since her mom went inpatient, and her dad won't let her off his insurance so she can't get her own script.
It's all on Matthew now. This dry spell must be putting a huge strain on their relationship (if you can call it that). They always fight when they're dry.

No. 802564

Well, good luck Luna. You'll need it.

No. 802600

File: 1604093272796.jpeg (203.13 KB, 827x1418, 997B7AB9-D696-41DB-8AA3-52FA61…)

Idk I'm just stealing as from KF bc it's milky.
Getting kicked out of Mama's Section 8.

No. 802602

File: 1604093667970.png (64.41 KB, 817x267, 7ulJyx9.png)

No. 802606

Detox over, huh?

No. 802607

wow, what's the chance that this cow will make her way out of NYC and into jersey? it's a little cheaper in the run-down across the hudson.

shame about the detox–knew it was too good to be true.

No. 802623

I’m confused..is she trying to buy drugs?

No. 802625

“my fiancé” lol. girl, he’s just not that into you.

No. 802628

Yes, a "bun" is a bundle of Heroin (10 bags).

No. 802637

>getting kicked out and we cant move with her
Thank god. I've been waiting for this day when she has to cart her trashbags to the curb once more. Her poor mother has been sleeping on the sofa for over a year while Lurch and Luna took the only bedroom.

>he lost his job from covid

Bitch, he's a drug dealer and all you do is play Animal Crossing all day.

No. 802645

Like she would buy someone that much. She's offering a 10 dollar bag which is like point 2 of a gram

No. 802670

I don't think she'll move, she was "packing with tears in my eyes" and looking for places to stay even months ago.

No. 802674

>>802670 Sounds like she might not have a choice. If her mom told somebody like a social worker that her kid and her junkie BF have taken over her government housing, I can see them moving her mom to a sober living or just a place with a check-in front desk so she can't live there nonstop.

I'm sure she'll find someone to shack up with, but I'm hoping her mom's resolve holds. Winter is a bitch when you're an addict, and this is pretty much the worst possible time to be homeless. Luna's in for an interesting holiday season.

No. 802698

Is she trying to buy for herself or offering free drugs for someone else? If the second, why? She would not do something so selfless using her own drug money. Can someone explain?
Agree, it does sound like she will be forced by external circumstances to finally leave her mother alone. Curious how it goes! Praying for milk to come.

No. 802701

Sounds like she's looking for a hookup and offering a "finders fee" to whoever helps her out.

No. 802702

Holy shit so much to unpack. First, the lies..
>his dad died suddenly
No, he was on hospice for years. His death was no suprise, just her abhorrent treatment of his remains.

>they're trying to kick her out to a new place and we can't come with.

Trying to? Is she fighting it? The only way they cannot kick her out if it is just a back rent issue (due to Cuomo's covid mandate) Good money says while mama was in the hospital, the landlord went in for an inspection and found tuna and lurch squatting, clearly violating the lease.
>accumulated a small savings that they didn't touch at all.
Covid bux to the tune of 2,400 total. You didn't accumulate that, tuna.
>I've been applying to jobs for months.
Really? You sent out a few apps, didn't reply due to being high off your tits. This was all done in a half a day. Then you spiralled into a failed Only Fans attempt.. that ended with you again drinking piss and calling your dad with lies while high as fuck.

>he lost his job from covid.

Dealers have been in demand during covid, did he get a bad rep for selling dirty fent? Now noone will buy from you? Too fucking bad.

Now to the entitlement. She wanted a 2 bdrm apt. Fucking why? Why need 2 bedrooms? Going to try to take in a roomate that will pay all the bills?

Her manic stages are hilarious and her lies and self delusion is even more so. Maybe she'll be legit homeless by Thanksgiving or Christmas and we'll get a milky treat.

No. 802713

Ahh, I see! Thank you anon.
>Dealers have been in demand during covid
Honestly drug dealers are one type of people that should lose their job during covid. I was confused by Luna's statement tho since it didn't make any sense.
>Now to the entitlement. She wanted a 2 bdrm apt. Fucking why? Why need 2 bedrooms?
Don't you know? Like every female writer Luna needs a room of her own to create her magnum opus.

No. 802721

Not to defend tuna but what I think she meant was after roger died they couldn’t afford the NY 2 bed aptmt on their own & that’s why they became ‘homeless’. I’m glad that her mother will finally be rid of them but we all know that her dad won’t see her on the streets. I highly doubt he would let lurch stay with him though. So what will Luna do? I predict she will stay with her father all while complaining on social media how horrible he is for not allowing lurch there all while posting multiple photos of the new bath goodies & facemasks he buys her because he so evil!!

No. 802733

File: 1604166088564.jpeg (141.11 KB, 828x1269, 0EC107BB-4D2D-420F-AA78-3CE278…)

Looks like Lurch came through!

No. 802735

I doubt her father will let her stay at his place unless she gets clean first, which she obviously doesnt want to. Him and her mom were both ex-addicts, and her mom relapsed when Luna moved in. He seems the type to have enough sense of self-preservation in him not to make the same mistake.

No. 802738

i see she finally changed her name on fb now she can openly post about shooting up yay!

No. 802739

File: 1604166415564.png (831.94 KB, 1634x1436, ltXvUSO.png)

even her fellow junkies think her sheets are disgusting

No. 802750

File: 1604167603599.jpg (65.57 KB, 500x708, Morpheus.jpg)

>god bless dope
the god:

No. 802752

Jesus christ the blood stains and shit on the bed ahhh

No. 802770

I love how anons fell for the getting clean bait, as if she has any trace of self control.

No. 802800

that bottom left photo is absolutely haunting.

No. 802851

Looks like she’s about to fully nod out.

No. 802852

I dont think anybody was betting on her to have self control, she couldn't access it, she just found a new source faster than we thought she would. It was clear from her post that she wasn't detoxing by choice.

No. 802890

It’s somewhat impressive if she managed it.

No. 802900

Agree. The juxtaposition of the two as well. In my mind Luna has become a stereotype of herself and the awkwardly posed "sexy" selfies, stained clothes, foundation covered lips, crusty nails and bad poetry is that image. She just looks too real/genuine in that post and it is sad.

No. 802911

I can't believe it's 2020 and we get new photos of Tuna shooting up. God bless.
lol @ all these idiots who thought she was clean from heroin

No. 802980

File: 1604279168371.jpg (361.78 KB, 1080x1440, 20201101_200436.jpg)

she posted a bunch of pics of lurch and said she was going to marry him next week? 1/3

No. 802981

File: 1604279539352.png (2.31 MB, 1152x2048, e96847a5-c2fc-4576-a2a2-621169…)

No. 802982

File: 1604279767088.png (1.89 MB, 1152x2048, cacc071a-33ca-4026-8ac7-6043f2…)

No. 802984

>>802911 This. She legit just stopped posting pics of needles after the last time she got caught with them in the background of a photo. She never stopped using. If she had, she wouldn't be covered in fucked up bruises and abscesses from missing veins when she's trying to shoot up.

>>802980 The upcoming marriage saga shall surely be an entertaining one lmao. Also is it just me or did she bleach her hair and get a new shirt? Looks like she got ahold of some money one way or another.

No. 802986

I look at him as less of an ancient prototypal creature now that I’ve heard his Quinten Tarantino voice

No. 802987

File: 1604283375144.png (463.9 KB, 560x1177, screencapture-heavenlykitten19…)

Full shots

No. 802988

thank you anon, my stone age phone and shit internet connection were really failing me earlier with those caps
it's going to be strange when she really does overdose for good

No. 802993

File: 1604288784090.jpeg (418.51 KB, 750x1096, AA6D5149-738E-43D7-A9E7-76686B…)

tinfoil but did luna piss off fakeboi? the mention of never wanting to steal from her mother is interesting

No. 802997

No matter how many times I see it, Lurch in his sunglasses/hat 24/7 combo will never stop being funny to me.

No. 803005

File: 1604296809457.jpg (99.66 KB, 538x787, IMG_20201102_065732.jpg)

I doubt it, but at the same time fakeboi didn't comment on any new Luna posts yet. So I guess we will see?
I would be surprised since she got anons in the past telling Luna is shit and she defended her anyway. IDK what would need to happen for fakeboi to stop leaving needy comments for Luna to ignore.
NTA but I recommend this page for screencaps! Just crop out the blog theme (or don't, if you're in a hurry)
Can't believe this is happening. Wasn't the issue all this time Matthew's lost ID and not Luna's?

No. 803006

File: 1604296850860.jpg (330.41 KB, 1080x1920, tumblr_855872e371f2d767a2c9640…)

what filters are those? Snapchat?

No. 803007

File: 1604296871824.jpg (265.63 KB, 1080x1920, tumblr_d4ed7e830180017646731b6…)

No. 803010

File: 1604299386223.jpg (Spoiler Image,157.49 KB, 720x938, IMG_20201102_083723.jpg)

That filter is working overtime!

No. 803011

This man is straight out of the movie Clerks

No. 803012

File: 1604300229780.gif (357.52 KB, 245x129, tumblr_n11y0e25Be1qd2k1no8_r1_…)

No. 803026

Ah yes, lingerie photos, exactly what people with BDD do on their bad days

No. 803072

No. 803080

Kek. Tfw you wanna look like courtney love but instead come out lookin' like an uglier vicky.

No. 803095

sage for possible tinfoil but I think she's rushing to get married to get off daddy's insurance so she can get medicaid to see dr. feelgood. Now that she isn't living with ebil mom her benzo supply is probably running low and she's panicking. I always thought getting medicaid when you're married and have no kids is difficult but maybe not if you're both homeless junkies. Lmao good luck, Tuna. You'll need it.

No. 803106

That and also to feel like Courtney when she married Kurt, her young bride fantasy.

No. 803108


Wow, that bra looks clean/new/flattering.

No. 803109

nope shes still simping on all of Luna's new pictures. Theres something really wrong with her I almost feel bad

No. 803113

Nah, I think they did mean to say Body Dysmorphic Disorder here ala luna's post, not borderline. But great non-saged contribution there.

ont: It's pretty fucking harrowing to see Luna in the bottom right pic >>802733. She's been looking like the top right in recent pics, making me think that maybe she did in fact cut down (because she had to, yeah, but still).

Seeing sober luna right next to high luna is like a fucking DARE campaign.

No. 803124

File: 1604347070366.jpeg (281.3 KB, 828x1085, 0FDB1853-69F6-42D1-90D5-3B6CA2…)

Boring update. Has she talked about this before?

No. 803125

All I can say about this, while that sucks, at least she probably can’t get pregnant. A Luna baby saga would be tragic.

No. 803130

>>803124 PCOS sucks if she does have it but I can say from experience that heroin will fuck up your hormones and cycle hardcore. Doesn't happen to everyone but I've known more than few addicts whose serious period pain resolved after recovery.

This is Tuna, hence my doubt that she's actually been diagnosed. But either way, she's on a fuckton of benzos and H, so it's not like she's really feeling the brunt of it anyway.

No. 803136

The way her body looks from her sedentary lifestyle always makes me think she will hit premature menopause.
A year ago she had her period on Halloween, saying it was scary without any pads.

No. 803152

I definitely believe PCOS for her, without even trying to be insulting, her skin and facial hair give me that vibe, and I could swear I've seen her mention pcos before.

No. 803191

also a shitty diet has a major impact on your menstrual cycle. She is obviously lacking some major vitamins and minerals in her daily diet.

No. 803212

There we go. Some anon suggested that she's talking in PMs to Luna but I highly doubt that. That would be so shitty to completely ignore your online friend's posts while she replies to you constantly. Not beneath Luna, but she mentioned making the first online friend in a long time and it's some guy. So I doubt she gives a fuck about fakeboi at all. Just sad.

No. 803376

Yes, she's mentioned having PCOS before - I believe PCOS and a knee injury was her excuse for using herion for the first time. Never heard her say she has endometriosis tho, but she might be exaggerating it for the sake of pain meds from a doctor.

No. 803400

I don't believe for a second that she has actually been diagnosed with endo. Does anyone really think she's been to a gyno in the past few years? Doubtful. Endo requires pretty extensive testing to diagnose, and you know if she actually went through all that, Tuna would have been writing bad poetry and drawing pictures about her traumatic ultrasounds~~

No. 803409

Endo gets diagnosed more now maybe she really has it if she had PCOS as a diagnosis as we all know Drs don’t give a shit about women’s reproductive organs.

No. 803417

>Does anyone really think she's been to a gyno in the past few years?
When you put it that way, of course not. I'm ashamed to say I did thought it was true. >>803130 is probably right. Why do I ever believe anything this lying grifter says

No. 803419

god he's so fucking disgusting. he looks like he stinks

No. 803420

File: 1604487721086.png (52.06 KB, 594x776, 22817811-60EC-46F2-89C7-F448E4…)

she mentioned having PCOS around 4 years ago when she was actually popular on tumblr and could scam ppl for money.

No. 803424

>if you can donate anything to me so that I can buy heroin birth control
>ok, now I need money for more heroin food for 3

No. 803432

birth control is free if you have insurance and has been for a while. Let me guess, a bag of h is $80?

No. 803450

this made me weirdly nostalgic

No. 803454

Yup, for a bun. That’s probably what she goes through a day at least. BC costs me about $30/month without insurance.

No. 803459

Me too, anon. I miss the early Luna days.

No. 803477

File: 1604511802882.jpg (823.78 KB, 1080x4704, ZomboDroid 04112020184205.jpg)

No. 803479

File: 1604512468451.png (82.19 KB, 543x1026, 40E365F1-A718-4F16-9413-E645A9…)

here’s another. I think this was 4 years ago. this entire post is a masterpiece and i love it so much lmao. i forgot about the job she bragged about so much that was just painting murals and i’m pretty sure she got fired. i loved old luna so much. her constant bullshit stories were the highlight of my days.

No. 803482

she got fired for stealing, for a fact

No. 803485

sucks she's too strung out now to even finish typing her sob stories.

No. 803493

File: 1604518695592.png (146.23 KB, 1303x608, luna the journalist.png)

No. 803494

File: 1604518958818.jpg (162.83 KB, 1152x2048, EmAG3abX0AUmSbi.jpg)

No. 803495

File: 1604519019542.png (1.76 MB, 914x1950, PORhjsG.png)

No. 803500

File: 1604522418116.jpg (102.52 KB, 500x500, 1587556337464.jpg)

>thanks for making me watch baseball and shoot up with you until it became the only way we bond

No. 803504

Thank fuck she traded the crusty caked on foundation for filters.

No. 803509

So I am guessing that Luna did not, in fact, get married to Matthew (the ~love of her life~ and clearly the bestest guy on earth) yesterday.

No. 803513


I genuinely hope she never will

No. 803521

they would probably rather pawn their future wedding rings and gifts for heroin than actually marry.

these two don't even really like each other. no way in hell they'll follow through.

No. 803528

Och no, she is never going to be a bride. She's been saying for years they will get married. Lurch but having an official ID was the reason they didn't get hitched like 3 years ago. She write poetry about her upcoming nuptials but it wasn't meant to be.

She referred herself as Lurch's wife for a while and signed paintings using his last name.

To be honest, I am surprised they're still together. But I imagine it doesn't make much difference if you are a junky. Luna was a good find for Lurch back when she had money and I imagine she's fairly low maintenance. Lurch, being a filthy lumbering drug jockey, needs to provide her with drugs and she's good. In a way it's good he has brain damage from the decades of drug use that he doesn't try to push sex work on Luna.

It's a shame she's so passive and lethargic. She should start doing art again or blog more. I think the only way for her to become active again is if she starts going into withdrawal more and more often.

(What I really hope for tho is her getting sober by finding Christ and her making art solely based on her love of Jesus.)

No. 803533

christ-chan why are you like this

No. 803537

oh yeah, i really wanna see discolored naked jesus with a cigarette in his hand and a purple nose on his face

that totally screams recovery

No. 803559

You know what that would be more interesting than her current art kek. Sage for Christ-Chaning but I do think finding Jesus and having a church family / NA support group in her life would be the only possibility of recovery for her. That and lots of rehab

No. 803572

honestly I wonder if lurch might drop luna’s ass once he can’t mooch off her for a place to live. On the other hand, it’s not like he can do better.

No. 803587

kek. picturing Tuna as one of those NA meeting born again Christians is something.
Can't deny it would probably be a better life than what she's living right now. She cant use it for her tragic artist aesthetic thought

No. 803589

The "I'm marrying on Tuesday" was really her high and manic af. She's probably nagging Lurch for making her look bad online. Kek.

Lol at her simps

No. 803590

She actually could though. She could bore everyone at the meetings with her woe is me tragic junkie stories and it would be acceptable to do so.

No. 803594

Wasn't that guy that she made beg for money for her having his own cult or something? Shit was hilarious

No. 803607

Completely forgot about the cult guy! Didn't he get arrested at some point after Luna stopped begging from him?

No. 803614

Yeah, there's a kiwi thread on John Apt. I think he tried zapping a policeman lol

No. 803685

I’m all for a Luna Christ saga, I imagine her inspiration will be Nicole Dollanganger songs and screeching about the “angel babies” coming down to save her in her weak, smol, broken addict doll stage and how Satan was holding onto her like star crossed lovers or whatever Mary Sue shit that she likes to add to her stories to make herself special.

No. 803699

Luna has been “woe is me, I was a drug baby and my parents suck” since she could type. She has a victim complex and nothing is ever gonna change that until she actually, you know, grows the fuck up. Her only excuse for not going to college has been that she had a panic attack and didn’t have money. Her only excuse for jobs is that all of Manhattan won’t hire her. She’s a petulant child.

If she found Christ, she’d just be a sober Luna who cries about how horrible her evil parents are for not being christians and for sinning. Luna is a lolcow by her behavior not bc of drugs or her dealer bf.

No. 803707

>Her only excuse for not going to college has been that she had a panic attack and didn’t have money.
Hasn't she dropped college because Lurch attempted overdose in an attempt to control her?

No. 803709

And because her roommate were apparently evil because she couldn’t smoke weed in the room to calm her anxiety so she had to take excessive amounts of cough medicine to get high and that was intolerable for her.
It was always pretty obvious she’d be a drop out with no job prospects either way anyways,

No. 803724

File: 1604644388212.png (625.62 KB, 828x1792, F22A7B9E-6943-4B1B-B776-97DC1C…)

Here’s the about me section she apparently had on her tumblr that an anon (or her?) copied and pasted in the first thread about her. according to her, she couldn’t afford Pratt and she got ~suicidal~ after one semester of the college she could afford. So she humblebragged about her super good writing guys please believe she’s sooo good at writing really she is it’s just that college isn’t good for her mental health okay??

and now she posts bundles of heroin on grody sheets to other junkies in a facebook group called Heroin Bunnies while living in illegally in her mother’s one bedroom Section 8 apartment. I love it.

No. 803729

File: 1604647013611.jpg (97.65 KB, 720x914, Whatever u say.jpg)

It's the way she compares her irrelevant junkie ass to a famous lead singer of the 90s music scene for me kek

No. 803752

Ehh, I see no milk here. Plenty of people love their idols because they relate to them and relate to their idols because they love them. It's normal.

No. 803768

>once a boy told me my thighs were so fat they caused the earthquake in Haiti

totally forgot about that, still hilarious kek

>I was told I would go far by every teacher I ever had

yeah, I don't think so. We know a lie when we see it Luna

No. 803783

every teacher says that to the poor fat girls with bad makeup and try to write like e. e. cummings

No. 803885

Wtf what app is she using that makes her not look so undead?

Sage for no milk

No. 803890

looks like good old snap filters

No. 803893

File: 1604744338135.jpg (144.61 KB, 1053x1116, IMG_20201107_111819.jpg)


No. 803896

when will this bitch leave Lurch

No. 803899

as long as she is on heroin she will be with him

No. 803901

No Luna that‘s the heroin

No. 803903

She is talking to heroin. Junkies often personify it like that.

No. 803912

I was thinking if she would find a junkie in that group that has a place to stay she'll definitely drop Lurch to hop on whoever else. That saga would be milky.

No. 803920

I've always wondered if a tiny piece of her isn't hoping he will OD.

No. 803949

She'd milk Lurch death til the end of time for pity bux and ~muh tragic backstory~
> Lurch, my beautiful Easter Island statue, the love of my life is dead. When he left, he took 100% of my medicine stack…woops, I mean heart. I'm sad and I want to die asap. Plz, gimme money bb.

No. 803967

File: 1604798271212.png (12.79 KB, 1281x115, NDtfYL4.png)

No. 803974

>my beautiful Easter Island statue

No. 804045

File: 1604840797893.png (492.69 KB, 1296x951, screencapture-heavenlykitten19…)

kek at Luna reblogging Ginger Bronson/Kayla Day. I vaguely remember them interacting earlier, or maybe it was just Luna gushing about how they are actual soulmates?

No. 804046

File: 1604840866256.png (1.11 MB, 787x3805, screencapture-heavenlykitten19…)

obligatory Tai memorial posts plus new Luna poetry

No. 804050

Her poetry is too funny - she starts off with deep, soulful even tragic subjects, but it inevitably gets to the point of her just banally whining about being fat.

No. 804057

>all that religious imager
>anons wishing for born-again-tuna
Was someone lurking for inspiration or just coincidence?

No. 804068

File: 1604851224609.jpg (515.14 KB, 1536x2048, 1465945894595.jpg)

uhh, Luna has always been obsessed with generic christian imagery like angels, crosses etc. Nothing to do with lolcow.
sure but I am correct and Luna has been stanning Ginger Bronson since forever. Apparently Ginger never replied to her, though. >>>/snow/139944

No. 804079

cause she’s high af and it’s all word salad lmao. none of it means a goddamn thing and if you asked her when she’s sober (lmao if she ever is) to fully explain a poem from like a week ago i bet she wouldn’t even remember writing it

No. 804305

>she starts off with deep, soulful even tragic subjects
She doesnt even proofread it anon, it's literal stream-of-consciousness rambling with no structure or planning. It took 4 lines for her to make a typo this time, she writes "poetry" when she's too high to see straight, and Lurch is too nodded off to listen to her.
>bloodies but not defeated

She's some spoilt white New Yorker who thinks her "art" is more profound than it is, and it bugs the shit out of me when people give her the benefit of the doubt lol.

She's read a lot of victim-porn over the years on tumblr, she's got a basic idea of how to copy those themes and make ~suffering sound poetic. But when it comes to any specifics it becomes petulant whining - same with her artwork, she's copied out the same basic template for the last 5 years, no development, no message other than "I'm sad :(" - if you keep an eye on her reblogs you can see the stuff she's copying.

No. 804332

What reblogs do you mean? The ones from her inspiration tag or…?

No. 804545

File: 1605157010216.png (1.06 MB, 828x1792, 0G4IV1A.png)

No. 804548

Luna please just have bangs

No. 804552

A job interview? Can't wait for the employer to Google her name and find these threads…

No. 804554

Her make-up looks so bad it's like she found it in a dumpster. Also, what's wrong with her eyebrows?

No. 804556


Can someone give me the full breakdown on Tai? why did they die? what was tuna's relationship with them? where they mtf, ftm or a fakeboi?(don't ask to be spoonfed)

No. 804557


killed themselves

No. 804558

Read the previous threads. Just a summary, a "they/them" girl who dated Luna when they were teenagers, had a disability and used a cane, coined the term "cripplepunk" which was used in her Tumblr circle at the time. >>804557 is correct, she committed suicide.

No. 804562

ironically, Ginger was literally a fake Luna. I mean, Luna is actually a drug addict hooker with an old loser boyfriend.

Ginger, pretended to be drug-addicted prostitute with an old man boyfriend?

No. 804660

Honey, whatever the interview is for, you're not gonna get it.

For real, she looks uncanny in this pic. Like if she was a corpse covered in wax. How can her face change SO much when she's on heroin?
If these are the best images she could get, imagine her trying to talk to the interviewer…

Can't honestly decide what is worse. Being as fucked up as luna or being so fucked up you aspire to be luna fucked up… at least she isn't really living a luna life, but then you think: what kind of fucked up is this girl that she thinks that luna's better than hers… and on and on

No. 804709

That's a brain bending type thing. But Courtney was first for these girls. And before that Nancy.

No. 804717

As much as I don't agree with how Luna treats people and the laziness of her lifestyle, I don't think her or any other cow on here's real last name or full name should be broadcasted for all to see (I know, too late for that, and obviously not so smart if she put that info out there herself). If she's actually trying to apply for some jobs or for really getting a job interview that's a step in the right direction, she would have a much better chance of getting one if she wasn't visibly high off her ass during an interview though. My point about the last name thing is how are the people in these threads ever supposed to get better when one simple Google search and there's several threads about what one day might be their past available for all to see? This is the kind of stuff that keeps people from getting a job. So many people tell her to get one, yet with how trashed her reputation is online it seems like the only way she would get hired is if it was for some under the table thing that doesn't look her up online first or something. Or maybe there's a problem out there that could help find jobs for people in recovery (if she ever chooses recovery). I apologize if this came off like making excuses for her staying jobless, that's not my intention at all. I'm just genuinely curious, at this point with how deep the hole she's dug herself into is what do you guys think it would take for someone to give her a chance at employment? Or what do you think it would take for her to turn her life around? Just trying to think realistically how someone would even go about successfully fixing this kind of mess.

No. 804718

program out there*

No. 804719

I doubt a basic job like a cashier at a gas station would actually search her name online.

No. 804720


I mean I agree, which is also why she should maybe stop posting in more or less public facebook groups with her face and name attached, like Heroin Bunnies

Or maybe not had her "sw" associated with her name

Pretty much everything we have on luna, she put out there herself. And it's not as if these are old things that we keep dragging, she's constantly updating on public sites where she knows farmers follow her. (iirc, she has said she doesn't read lolcow or kf, but she's gotta be aware that she's being followed online).

To answer your question, though, on what she'd have to do to fix her life, I assume it's a multi step process.

1) Get clean. Realise that most of the issues in her life are associated with or made worse by heroin, and if she doesn't get clean, there's no fucking way she'll be able to deal with literally anything else that she's struggling with.

Not her BPD, not her financial situation, not the fallout of her online presence these years, not whatever trauma she's been through in the past, nada. Unless she's sober, no fucking way can she ever hope to solve any of those issues.

2) Dump Lurch.

3) Stop posting fucking everything online. Delete her SM. It doesn't seem to give her anything but a shovel to keep digging herself into.

4) Start applying for jobs that she can reasonably get. There are a lot of organisations out there, in NY especially, that really work to help drug addicts and people with mental illnesses to get a reasonably steady life. She can't go applying for a PR firm or something, she could probably apply to work floor level at a non-profit that strives to keep young girls off the streets.

and possibly, because of the online infamy she has, 5) change her name.

Luna has a lot of issues. If she starts today, she could live a decent life in a couple of years, but it's gonna take a lot of fucking work and she just doesn't seem like she wants to live a better life at the cost of that work.

So, you know. Let's just keep farming until she either dies or decides that she wants to live a decent life, meaning our milk will hopefully run dry.

No. 804721

Even without the internet history Luna's fucked right now - she refuses to work "low end" jobs and only applies for things massively out of her league. Back when she was job-searching more often a couple years ago, she'd constantly phone up her old boss begging for her old secretary job back. The secretary job she was fired from for stealing from someone's purse…

McDonalds, Walmart, and other shitty employers aren't googling every single employee that applies, they're not even drug testing new hires in most circumstances. If Luna wanted to work a minimum wage job she could, but she doesn't, so she won't.

She applies for jobs that she's not qualified to do, with extremely spotty job history, and even if they accepted her she'd fail the mandatory drug test. The only place she's mentioned working in the last 5 years is "at a jewellery store that Lurch also worked at, and they'd run the store whenever the owner was sick" but I'm like 99% sure she was making that up and they were dealing heroin.

Luna needs to stop doing heroin before she can improve her life at all imo, her drug-fried brain undervalues the worth of money and I can see her avoiding minimum wage jobs because of it. She used to be able to go on tumblr, spend 20 minutes writing a sob-story, and get hundreds of dollars, so anything that's not got a decent wage she's going to ignore.

No. 804737

i thought the job where she was stealing out of purses was for mural painting? i remember luna applying for secretary jobs but not actually having one. but i could be wrong

No. 804749

this, she was painting and not being a secretary

No. 804874

File: 1605380135563.jpg (635.06 KB, 1080x1689, IMG_20201114_195227.jpg)

so I assume the job interview went as well as expected. Shame

No. 804897

You realize she’s the one who put all her info out there through shitty poetry and about me sections, right?
All we’ve done is post about what she’s already given us.
Please sage your WK bullshit and read the god damn threads before you act like you know what you’re talking about.

No. 804911

File: 1605399922422.png (442.8 KB, 793x853, stsEs1d.png)

No. 804912


This reads like a highschool student wrote it to their role model. Pathetic.

No. 804951

If she had the braincells enough to think she would either email her or search her name and find she started with an internship at Buzzfeed.

No. 804965

ot but does anyone else think Luna is a trashy name?

No. 804967

she’s always like “it’s bc my parents conceived on a lunar eclipse!!” yeah luna your parents also conceived you on the steps of a rehab clinic your name isn’t Stairs bitch

No. 804968

She wants to be a sports journalist, but the only sport she cares about is baseball, and only because of lurch. Imagine they want her to write about football or tennis or something and she has a meltdown because she only cares about baseball

No. 804971

god forbid they ask her to write about the mets, you know, the other ny baseball team that she actually has to research and not rely on a 30 yr old creep to ramble about

No. 804973

I read how the sports journalist gets awful emails from raging fanatics, even more so because she is a woman. Tuna will be like "I quit, it's overwhelming me".
Link if anyone's interested https://mvork.com/2016/04/01/a-qa-with-buzzfeeds-lindsey-adler-on-women-in-media-finding-stories-and-san-fran-vs-ny/

No. 804987

She always says she wants to be these things that take time and hard work to achieve. You have to go to school for journalism Luna. You don't just get the job because you like sports

No. 805067

She only wants to be a sports journalist because of Hunter S. Thompson. Spoiler alert Luna, you aren't nearly as talented as you think you are, and being a writer is not an excuse to continue being an addict.

No. 805176

Her ideas of a career remind me of a little kid saying "when I grow up…" like she has no concept of the amount of work that goes into these jobs, even just getting them.

No. 805182

I don't get why she even thinks that she would like to be a sport journalist. As another anon mentioned, she's only interested in baseball and mostly into one team. I would more expect her to want to become the next Rupi Kaur or continue with the kind of writing she did for The Pulp.

No. 805284

Honestly, lolcow is kinda evil for having her name on the internet. If you Google her name all nasty pics come from lolcow and her Instagram has been private for years, it is not like she's some attention seeking ethot

If she wants to make her life better these threads are going to ruin it for her. She hasn't done that many bad things besides being lazy and posting her poetry under her real name at 16. That is not an excuse to have her life ruined forever because of these threads.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 805289

File: 1605672919391.png (1.57 MB, 1092x856, luna.png)

No. 805292

Lmfao what even is personal accountability

Don’t be a scammy begging grimy junkie and put that shit all on the internet for everyone to see.

No. 805300

>If she wants to make her life better these threads are going to ruin it for her.

Feel free to WK all over this thread as soon as "wanting to make her life better" becomes more than a hypothetical.

No. 805305

Using the fat girl angle, filters and cropping out her five head, she's improving at taking pics I guess.

No. 805384

Homegirl is larping as a normie and honestly, doesn't look too bad. Too bad that the stained unwashed blue cushion in the background spoils it all kek

No. 805417

This is the general turn of this board it’s no long just drama. I too would like to see some actual content here but it’s turned to following people that nobody cares about because years ago they did something. Winds up bogging down the actually interesting threads.

No. 805421

File: 1605775448638.jpg (29.01 KB, 647x246, luna.JPG)

No. 805426

>no new cows allowed in /pt/ ever, they get moved to /snow/ or locked
>how come the milks drying up
Truly a mystery

Huh, she's not mentioned this grandpa in YEARS lol, but the insurance thing still sounds weird to me. I thought luna was gonna lose her dad's insurance once she turned 25, except that's next year and she's saying she hasn't had coverage at all this year? I mean I know she's lying, but how can she suddenly have "no coverage at all" but still be signed to the same insurance? She's always whined about a $20 copay on her dad's insurance, but that's not no coverage at all.

Also laughing at her freely talking about benzos because they're a legal prescription, while making it super clear she's taking her mom's meds.

No. 805466

Luna's a goddamn liar. I just checked two threads ago and on two different occasions she said that she was gonna lose her dad's insurance come this january and she was going to apply for medicaid this december. she had insurance, she just thought it was too expensive. and then I guess her dad or the insurance kicked her off early because she wasn't using it or maybe she wasn't using providers in the network. i think in order to keep up the victim act, she just thought it was easier to say "oh woe is me, I have no insurance!" instead of saying "I can't afford a 80 dollar co-pay because I spend twice that amount on heroin everyday!"

No. 805497

…Anon, /pt/ is specifically for legacy cows. All new cows' first threads begin on /snow/. That's how this imageboard works.

No. 805535

NTA but some cows have been on /snow/ for years and never seem to be allowed to level up.

No. 805546

Sage for pharmfag, but I cannot wait for her to get Medicaid. There are very specific doctors you have to go to if you want your meds covered, so she can't just doctor shop until she finds someone who will give her benzos the way she could before.

No. 805664

File: 1605965111610.png (292.89 KB, 490x549, fairy core.png)

No. 805775

File: 1606025476935.png (Spoiler Image,407.8 KB, 828x1792, 3F2B3D56-8CEB-41A6-8497-D352CC…)

Luna's back to being a sex worker

No. 805776

File: 1606025520056.png (Spoiler Image,669.92 KB, 828x1792, 54596D4E-155A-44A6-8ECD-85362F…)

No. 805777

File: 1606025567213.png (Spoiler Image,398.17 KB, 828x1792, C04E1FEB-F18E-4FB3-8A0A-B574BD…)

No. 805778

Is this Luna selfposting or are you sending this photo to another person via Snapchat? Sorry, I haven't used Snapchat in a while

No. 805779

I stole the images from the other farms. Apparently she posted the images on a FB group.

No. 805780

What other farms?

No. 805781


No. 805791

File: 1606042910206.jpg (68.84 KB, 1080x1394, IMG_20201122_115914.jpg)

uhhh who is telling her this? her clients, fakeboi, instagram asskissers?
at least her photos are less gross thanks to the filter. But still…

No. 805792

she's lied about having an ED for over 5 years. Whenever she's dopesick she can't eat for a few days so she gets on this "I HAVE AN EATING DISORDER AND ITS GOING SO WELL" rant. It's no surprise that her ED coincides with her desperate money-grabs.

Cue a week from now, after she's got money for her nudes and is back to eating whole tubs of ice-cream in the bathroom, writing "poetry" about how she's too fat to be an angel.

Why is there always something gross in the crotch of her underwear? It doesnt look like the gusset of the underwear, its the wrong colour? Looks like TP or something?

No. 805794

Probably pantyliner so she can wear her underwear for longer, like that time she wore the CK ones inside out, gross…

No. 805802

she is legitimately facially resembling lurch so much these days

No. 805884

Looks like she's trying to quietly squeak a fart out…

No. 805952


>the shade difference between her face and arm

>the pad in her underwear


No. 806028

late af but yeah, same. she'll go far as hell for some dope but lets see her put on a mask and take a train to see a doc for some antibiotics.

she won't. she also won't fix her fucked up teeth if she gets the dental.

No. 806061

File: 1606200012636.jpg (372.3 KB, 720x2668, imgonline-com-ua-twotoone-qHSY…)

No. 806062

She stayed and leeched off her "toxic" mom and took her drugs for as long as she could and would be doing it until the day her mom died had she not finally gone to rehab. The fucking nerve of that toxic cunt to call her mom toxic. I hate this woman.

There will be no classes and no baseball and no friends and no job in this new apartment. There will be nodding off, grifting, and laying alone in a dirty dark room until you OD.

No. 806064

damn, where do you get (presumably online) friends that buy you a whole ass current gen system as well as expensive games for it?
Also not sure if trashing as much of what you've got is a good solution when you are a poorfag. Can't she just wash her shit?
Not to mention she already mentioned throwing her clothes away…

No. 806066

Samefag, the absolute lack of concern towards her parent is astonishing. Not a hint of guilt for facilitating her mother's relapse. Not a hint of worry for her health. At least her mother's poor so Luna doesn't wish her an untimely death, unlike her father whom she can't wait to drop dead and always talks about inheriting his stuff. She's deplorable.
She wants friends and she treats people close to her like that? Haha not gonna happen.

No. 806069

This is the same manic rambling about all the plans for their new life that's just around the corner she did when she got into that DBT program. Recall that all of her hard work that time around was undone by an insufficient serving of pizza, and she left IOP forever to go and do some more smack.

No. 806079


Probably because she said they had bedbugs in the last thread >>787911 and she's just been throwing things out and buying new stuff. She's either too dumb to realise bedbugs are nearly impossible to get rid of without fumigation or she's too lazy to care. They'll just end up bringing them into the next apartment they go to unless they throw out everything. Surprised she hasn't used this as an excuse to beg.

No. 806102

This kind of reads like the "new year, new me" lists TND and Ariana made around one year ago, and very suprisingly, have not succeded to fulfill their wishes for 2020. It's going to be interesting in one year from now what has been canceled with which excuse kek

No. 806104

Well, given that she's been kicked out of public housing, she'll need to make some big changes whether she wants to or not. It'll be interesting to see how she manages the college student-tier responsibility of living on her own instead of mooching off a family member.

No. 806110

Journalism school is interesting… what reputable college would accept her? What money would she use to pay for this degree? Nevermind the glut of journalism degrees (many from GOOD schools) that get you essentially nowhere without connections or prestigious internships

No. 806111

it's probably sex work, no friend buys you expensive shit like this

> a baseball journalist
kek u wot m8

No. 806191

realistically she could go to community college and study journalism. If she tried hard enough she could get published but the field is very competitive. She could never make it in mainstream media with her reputation that includes sports.
Someone could actually get into pr with just an associate in journalism. Non-profits are sometimes open to hiring people with bad backgrounds as long as it pertains to their goals, like drug rehabilitation. But that means she will actually need to get clean, better her life and put in lots of hard work, something we all know isn't happening.

Sage for journo sperging.

No. 806200


it’s like I wanna be happy for her for finally doing something for fucking once but I know for a fact she’ll fuck it up somehow along the way

No. 806211

She hasn't done anything yet. Like an anon mentioned, this is not the first times she had big plans and nothing came of them >>806069

There is one plan and one plan only she should set: get clean. As long as she doesn't do that, all other plans she has will fail and have always failed.

No. 806250

lol tbh if Luna's mom is actually kicking them out, be prepared for a long silence from Luna. I've been tinfoiling for a couple days and I still can't decide whether she'd dump lurch to live with her dad, or become a street hobo with him.

tinfoil obviously but I think whatever support Luna's mom is getting (the same suport that allowed/made her to go inpatient a few months ago) told her that she needs to kick Luna out for the sake of her own sobriety. That's the only scenario where I can think she'd actually give them this ultimatum, but she might have given her a deadline hence all this "I'm applying for jobs and looking for places" bullshit. She was talking about finding a new place for her and Lurch before Roger even died lmfao

No. 806268

I think she’d absolutely live on the streets with Lurch, and shower/keep Pumpkin at evil dad’s

No. 806317

Plus she could use it to beg even more.
I can see it already.
>”my fiancée and I are homeless because my evil mother kicked us out please send us money for medicine”

No. 806407


If she did get a new place to live, would she be able to afford internet or is it a reasonable price in the US?

No. 806443

It can be affordable sometimes…but you’d have to have money to pay the bill in the first place.

No. 806444

A lot of "Live here! Specials" apartment that appeal to people on the dole/benefits/month-to-month, include basic wifi as a perk. But your position in apt complex, etc determines your connection strength. But yes, she will probably find a place with internet, although it could be from the laundry room.

No. 806447

All of Luna's rambling about an apartment is a moot point. She has no concept whatsoever what it will cost per month to survive on their own. She sees a shady ad for dirt cheap apartment and thinks, yeah I bet we can scrape together $1000 next month for rent! She doesn't think about the deposit. She doesn't think about the fact that they'll need that much EVERY month. She does doesn't think about the monthly water, garbage, or power bills. She doesn't consider that internet is a whole other bill on top of that. Now start adding gas for heat, and the fact that they need to eat. That makes a monthly total much closer to $2000 - and that's IF they could get a place as cheap as $1000 in NYC. Now add the fact that they're not just smack heads, they both have a raging benzo addiction, too. That's going to set them back another $1500 per month right there, minimum.

This is all a pipe dream. They'll be on the streets this time.

No. 806449

This is what I don’t understand. How the fuck is anything besides a closet in a crack den ‘affordable’ to them? Especially in NY. I doubt Lurch makes that much dealing considering they both use and spend whatever money they do get on stupid shit. Sounds like nonsensical manic rambling.

No. 806450

lol her dumb ass thinks that she'll be able to get a multi-room apartment in a nice area like Mamaroneck for $1000-1200… because that's what Roger was paying on a rent-protected apartment he'd lived in for like 20 years. Also Junkies dont care about utility bills, when she was living with Roger their water and heating would be turned off regularly, and Lurch knows how to hustle so the drugs they get aren't from the streets, unless he's sold scripts for them.

I said this earlier in the thread but she won't be able to understand the value of the dollar until she stops taking heroin - they were buying $80 of heroin a DAY at the peak of their addiction, which is like $2400 a month. There's a big difference scrounging together $2400/mo $20 at a time from people who feel sorry for you, so you can get high, and actually making sure you pay for rent in full and on time, but she won't understand that until she stops taking heroin. All she's thinking is "We spend thousands of dollars a month on drugs, we could put a fraction of that into rent"

inb4 "we dont know if shes even still taking heroin!" anons reply to this - her eyes are still pinned in some pictures, blown the fuck out in others. Her pupils are usually huge in her nudes, I inferred thats because of the benzos.

No. 806452

File: 1606451997361.png (278.01 KB, 1228x708, Untitled.png)

samefagging to correct myself, Roger's rent was $1600, not $1200. The landlord was willing to let them live there if they continued paying the rent, but after Luna's gofundme failed she got evicted… the only difference between now and then is that people weren't wise to her hustle, so she's fucked now - the middle class kids online roleplaying as addicts are harder for her to find and coerce into giving her money, and the friends she was selling heroin to probably avoid her after she sold stuff that made a guy OD.

Kinda off topic but it's a headfuck that Roger died over 2 years ago and she's been mooching off her mom this whole time.

No. 806456

Does she not meet the requirements for section 8 or something else of the sort? If she got a job she could apply for income based housing right? I'm surprised she hasn't tried to claim disability. I guess none of these things are a possibility if you have to pass a drug test first?

No. 806458

No. She has no children, isn't married, and her intended is a drug dealer. It's a lot work to get onto the waiting lists for even discounted places - she has no idea where to start and doesn't have the follow through, nor does she qualify. She's an able bodied adult with no work history; Matthew hasn't gotten a real paycheck in probably 20 years. Even IF they somehow, miracle of miracles got signed up for a place from a shelter, they'd get kicked out for dealing. And you can't get high in a shelter, they kick you right out.

It seems like her long term plan is for them to go on disability, but they'd have to take drug tests to do it,regularly.

They don't have a chance.

No. 806464

File: 1606456524527.jpeg (239.77 KB, 1080x1920, BE433D09-2D44-4F69-9B27-C4D8B0…)

The caption was too long to screenshot, so I just copied it. Happy thanksgiving everyone!

“we look ugly but i’m thankful for my baby of nearly seven years andddd my pumpkin cat who is too fast to pose with and would rather eat dry food than nice chicken i just offered her over and over??? weirdo

also thankful for my switch and my animal crossing pals, pokémon friends, and cuphead lol

missing roger and my grandma terribly today. i love you so much roger, and happy belated birthday to the best father i’ve ever had. i love you more than anything

and lastly missing smokey and pepper. it’s our first thanksgiving wrhere i don’t have smokey in my lap going crazy for boston market food. the acronym BCF Besf Cat Ever was created for you i love you so much, i promised you i’d m get you to your 21st birthday in october and i missed it by a few months. i love you so much smokey baby boy forever ❤️ you live in my heart always.

love to my closest friends on here. thinking of a few of you a lot.

anyways. have a good day my friends. ❤️❤️❤️“

No. 806468


Is that a pen necklace lmfao

No. 806470


Is that a picture of her with Lurch filtered to death? He looks like an Elv drawing.

No. 806471

Lurch lowkey looks like the Ashley Issacs here. Vom

No. 806483

Why does she not even consider moving somewhere cheaper? Is it because Lurch would lose his clients? Or just Luna being Luna and not moving out of the city because it's not like Courtney Love to do so? Or are they both just stupid?

No. 806487

All three lol. If they moved they’d have to find new graveyards to steal from, new dealers, shop for new bent doctors, and they couldn’t leech so easily off her dad if they were somewhere else I’m sure.

No. 806498

File: 1606474701709.jpg (606.55 KB, 1080x5431, ZomboDroid 27112020115745.jpg)

No. 806504

I see Lurch is feeling himself with that new lipstick. It's a nice salmon-y shade.

No. 806505

He looks like Fahr if she started shooting up.

No. 806519

File: 1606487169868.jpg (83.99 KB, 1280x1369, 2afrze.jpg)

>A wild Lurch without the ~iconic~ sunglasses+beanie combo

I wasn't prepared for that sight kek

No. 806523

they honestly will have to if they’re gonna be so “independent!!!” because if neither of them get jobs, they’re fucked in the city. NYC hasn’t and will not accept new section 8 applicants since 2009 (which just makes it more fucked up that she is trying to risk her moms section 8 housing just to keep lurch around) and apartments are of course outrageous as the stereotype goes. they’ll have to couch surf and i doubt they have many friends left even in nyc. it’s obvious that to the both of them their best friend is the needle.

No. 806528

Holy shit Lurch looks terrible - how the fuck are all the people around Luna so emaciated when she's so chunky? He's reminding me of Roger in this pic, is she like an aggressive cat that eats all the food so all the others in the household are runts?

No. 806531

samefagging but I wonder how many teeth Lurch is missing… we never see him with his mouth open and he's getting that weird ape-mouth thing that old people get when they've lost multiple teeth and aren't wearing dentures

No. 806555

That must be it, she was complaining about Lurch telling her to not eat all the ice cream so she locked herself with the whole tube in the bathroom.

No. 806637

Luna is really trying with this snapchat selfies why is it? i dont think she didn't know about filters

No. 806812

Sage for late ass reply, but most fast food restaurants and grocery stores also have free wifi so it wouldn’t be surprising if she leached off of that

No. 806903

She's trying the fundraising groups again, I just had her join my group and attempt to post. I recognized her straight away.

No. 806904

post caps, dingus

No. 806917


Is Lurch finally trooning out? I'm dying

No. 806938


it do be seeming like the crusty era of luna is over. i do fucking wonder what happened over the last couple months to make her look this physically alive

tinfoil that luna is a covid vampire

No. 806939


anon pls, don't be silly, it's just filters

No. 806952

He looks like Andi Dier but prettier. My inner ana-chan is jealous of those arm sockets. It looks like his life is literally draining into her with her new filter craze but it reminds me of when somebody does a filter on an inanimate object that looks like a face, if you told me lurch was just taking pics of her propped up corpse and hiding it behind snapchat filters I would believe you.

also dumb side note but I made a Sims family of lurch and Luna and within an hour the Luna sim died of embarrassment so she has less self awareness than sims 4 AI

No. 806956

LOL i love that, props to you. too bad the drug mod for sims 4 doesnt have smack for them to shoot, but there are xannies iirc. i'd be interested in seeing your recreation but it is OT..

No. 806957

I didn't really go into creating her, I downloaded Courtney Love and made her hips/arms a little wider and changed the hair and then for lurch i made a random white guy and just minimized all his features and put him at the scrawniest setting. The first thing he did was go troll online. She got too caught up playing with a cat in a public park, pissed herself, and dropped dead.
Also i did not know there was a drug mod, i need that

No. 806964

this is the best she's looked to me tbh

No. 806981

>>806952 Fuck lmfao, I can't believe I'm not the only one who's done this. In my game her mom died of cardiac explosion or whatever they get when they're so mad they die because the apartment is garbage

It does feel like something has been up with her lately. She's been a lot quieter than normal. Like there was the OMG I'm HOMELESS moment, then she randomly posted begging for a hookup and posting pics of needles n shit. Then radio silence, now everything's fine? Weird.

No. 807035


Is he…is he wearing a necklace with pens attached?

No. 807134


It looks like a necklace made of paperclips and pens and I'm surprised it's only been mentioned once because wtf lurch?

No. 807150

Lmao it was the first thing people commented on and it's still unexplainably bizarre

No. 807470

Shes still living at her moms house depsite saying she was being kicked out??

No. 807537

File: 1607062068304.png (249.96 KB, 828x1792, luna apartment1.png)

woe is Luna

No. 807539

File: 1607062109673.png (239.1 KB, 828x1792, luna apartment2.png)

No. 807543

Well that's going about as well as expected.

>I don't have time in my urgency

Should've started looking sooner.

No. 807545

Her best bet rn would be to rent in a trailer park or couch surfing.

No. 807546

it’s gonna resort to a trailer park at some point. or they’ll move to PA. a lot of people, in my state at least, move to PA when they get evicted because apparently housing and drugs are so cheap to come by.

No. 807551

I'm not sure it would ever occur to her to leave NY state. Can you imagine the woe is me blogs if Luna lived in PA?

No. 807561

File: 1607077459728.jpg (304.99 KB, 720x1184, IMG_20201204_122010.jpg)

She complains about an "apartment" in East Village as if she could've afford living in NYC, shocker it "set her back 3 weeks". Wonder if she got a job…

No. 807567

She looks like she’s about to scrub the sewers down with her caste in the Metropolis.

No. 807569

File: 1607084670648.png (1.62 MB, 1092x786, Screen Shot 2020-12-04 at 4.24…)

Why would she think an apartment on st marks would be even remotely affordable for her? why??

1bdrs around there go for ~6k a month


She should move to Kensington in Philly, picrel

No. 807574

And yet after being ~so poor and homeless uwu~ she’s STILL this god damn picky. Boo hoo, no kitchen. Boo hoo, shared bathroom. My partners sibling literally lived in an apartment the size of a small bedroom with no kitchen and a shared bathroom shared between about 8-10+ other people and still managed that for two years. And her rent was $850 for that. Where my partners family lives the rent would be $3000 a month if it weren’t for them owning the apartment. She’s so fucking delusional. Imagine being this entitled.
And please don’t send her to PA we’re trashy enough here plus the state is very strict on which bums they give assistance to. If you don’t meet certain criteria, which Tuna and Lurch definitely don’t, you won’t get shit and you gotta get a job. Sure the drugs are cheap, but PA don’t wanna help anyone that it doesn’t have to.

No. 807584

It’s just like…..what was she expecting?

St marks place is super famous in ny for being the birthplace of punk, and it’s now over run with trust fund kids, multi millionaires, a few punk relics and coffee shops that charge 18$ for a latte.

She really thought an apartment there would be affordable for her???

Tuna, be greatful if you can find a studio in Washington heights.

The Les will literally never be affordable for you, even the apartments by the vladeck projects. Stop trying to live out ur punk aesthetic dreams.

No. 807600

Why would looking at ONE apartment have set her back 3 weeks??? God she is so lazy and delusional. Does she really not know you have to look at a lot of shit apartments before you find a decent one?

No. 807606

>She really thought an apartment there would be affordable for her???

Yes! And they should lower the rent just for her and Lurch magically for showing up! /s

No. 807609

She really is like a child, she has no idea how the world works outside of her stunted "when I grow up" fantasies. Its sad that there are no responsible adults in her life to tell her what to reasonably expect. Also Tuna you were a "rich-ass college student" just because you flunked out for chugging cough syrup doesnt mean you are better than somebody who didn't

No. 807611

Does she really think she's gonna find better for 1000/month in NYC?? This girl truly doesn't live in reality.

No. 807612

She's actually lucky to find a place that would allow her and her bf and a cat and to find an actual room instead of having to share a room with someone for $1000 in such a popular location.

She's truly delusional. And she mocks college students for actually living in a place like that. She'd literally rather be homeless than settle for living in a tiny room and sharing amenities with other people. She has been way too privileged for way too long and it's finally coming back to bite her in the ass.

No. 807619

Not even just an apartment in NYC

an apartment in one of THE most expensive neighborhoods in nyc, that also happens to fit her punk bby girl aesthetic

she'd rather be homeless than share amenities with other people, or, idk get a studio in the Bronx or some other non 'aesthetic' neighborhood

No. 807626

This is her barking up the wrong tree, same as applying to jobs she doesn't qualify for, then complaining that she tries so hard uwu

No. 807633

I'm surprised Tuna and Lurch didn't love it. Being able to steal from roommates and sell their stuff for drug money… at least until they beat the shit out of them both or called the cops. But I guess she can't take wobbly ass photos with other people around, and she'd actually have to shower.

No. 807653

I really don’t understand why she doesn’t just move. It would be so much cheaper in the long run to move somewhere that isn’t fucking New York. Like what is she expecting? New York is one the most expensive states to live in, or course the tiniest apartment is going to be 1000+.

No. 807679

>haven't talked about it much
>the apartment I looked at today

also, the need for 2 cosigners is maybe because, oh I don't know, neither her nor Lurch have jobs?

No. 807685

tbh, i think she should be forced to move out of state. let her move to a shittier state and see what addiction is actually like. she went from popping pills her mom was clearly supplying her to having some creep inject heroin into her veins while they fuck beside his dying father. then they squatted in her struggling mother’s section 8 housing. she doesn’t know struggle like other junkies and she never will until her dad cuts her off.

No. 807706

Lmao this sounds so fake and dumb. Theres so many gems but…
>none of this was stated in the listing and the listed never menioned any of this!
>i couldnt even take pics because there was no room
>joke joke joke joke joke
>legit legit legit legit
Are my faves.
Shes high off her lying ass on something
I doubt shes even apartment hunting. Shes probably leaving it up to her father to get her out of the situation (if she's actuslly3 even really getting kicked out)

No. 807722

Lmao also
‘The real estate agent was uncomfortable because he felt bad that the apartment was so small’

Maybe the real estate agent was uncomfortable because he was expecting a normal fucking person and two deranged junkies showed up for the apartment showing?

No. 807723

I'm pretty sure she's lying about there even being a real estate agent.. She probably thought the owner of the apartment was the agent. Unless it's really common for people in NYC to hire agents for trying to find someone to fill one room in a shared apartment?

Maybe it's different where I'm from, but most ads for renting, especially for things like single rooms/shared apartments are just people posting free ads on places like Kijiji and Craigslist. Especially at that price range.

No. 807724

In ny apartment listings almost always involve a listing agent because they are so expensive and it’s such a complicated process

Maybe not for a 1000$ closet though?

No. 807727

File: 1607146789974.jpeg (725.51 KB, 1242x1364, 29CCC529-D7FC-41EC-A3F9-AFA1E1…)

I think this is the place Tuna was talking about kek.

No. 807729

I saw link on KF too. Except it's likely another listing in same place, since she specifically mentioned it has no windows. And therefore is not "light drenched" as the listing states.

No. 807733

File: 1607154648484.jpg (33.37 KB, 600x375, 1605830262034.jpg)

Let's say she had to settle for the broom closet, we all know she'd somehow find a way to trash it within a week. In just a year, the ceiling would have mold as far as the eye can see.

No. 807734

Wasn't she fantasizing about moving upstate at some point? The fact that, after living years as a drug-addicted NEET, leeching off the system, and constantly complaining about how poor she is, she not only thinks it's realistic to even look for apartments in East Village but complains that it's not up to her standards is unreal. Actual white-collar professionals live in flop houses in that neighborhood. She should just get it over with and move to Rochester to be among her own kind.

No. 807753

File: 1607174966406.jpg (249.58 KB, 720x1203, Twitter.jpg)

She was tweeting about her new games last week. Her usual "poor people deserve nice things", someone poor would've saved the $20 for food instead…

No. 807793


She clearly has zero conception of what living in NYC is like. She talked about the "ladder to another level for your mattress" like it was some crazy thing. Tuna, their called lofted beds and you best get used to them cause they are EVERYWHERE in apartments that are in your price range.

It's crazy to me that she has spent so much of her early twenties in a void, she (and lurch?) have no conception whatsoever of the city they live right next to. If she wants some junkie punk chic aesthetic she can go live in some grimy warehouse in brooklyn or apt in the bronx. If she would agree to live w/other crusty/junkie roommates she could even lower her rent down to 500/month, but I suspect her whole personality is based on suburban living and the snail's pace of life that entails. Living in the city, having to see other people living their lives, will either be unbearable for her or may actually force her to change her way of living.

I hope her father is ready to pay 100% of her financial needs though because there is no job she can get in manhattan without prior work experience besides starbucks or kmart.

No. 807795

b-but a friend bought her the game as a gift!
to be fair, she's giving a general advice and most people can spare the $20

No. 807869

fire started at a 'vacant five-story building' before spreading to a prolific east village church tonight.

bets on if it was luna and lurch kek

No. 807911

That's too much effort for them. They wouldn't be in a vacant building either way, there isn't wifi for animal crossing

No. 807932

Imagine if they rent and the landlord comes to check when nobody is home and he sees blood on the sheets and used needles scattered around and calls the police KEK

No. 807939

Is Lurch still on probation? That's probably why they can't/won't move to another state

No. 808029

totally agree, there is plenty of places she could afford in brooklyn just looking on the apartment sites for under 1200 a month. why does she NEED to live in manhattan

No. 808140

Because she wants to live in st mark's w the crust punks that hang out there since she's so edgy.

No. 808304

she's literally holding a coach bag…

No. 808311

as if luna would have dropped that kind of cash. its one of three possibilites. lurch found it at the magic dumpster, horrible abusive dad got it for her or its a knock off (stolen of course)

No. 808342

Iirc I think she said someone bought that bag for her from tj maxx or something.
Probably on clearance for cheap and even though it's ugly and not in an aesthetic color she was desperate for Coach. Which isnt even a "cool" brand.
Or yeah.. Its all she could steal

No. 808408

File: 1607492505447.png (3.67 MB, 828x1792, C3125553-5856-4588-A5EC-37CEA2…)

Fucking bleak

No. 808409

File: 1607492591908.jpeg (615.09 KB, 531x1547, 9576F731-2C6F-42AD-A238-E3CA96…)

No. 808430

So confirmed back to SW or is she trying to say she sold some art? Cause either way meh.

No. 808432

File: 1607501502330.png (474.88 KB, 883x687, x2OlCDu.png)

No. 808437

Back to sex work. It's why she's suddenly started using filters.
Only this time I guess she's a bit more discreet, presumably to ward off the trolls, because we all know she doesn't give a shit if her potential future employers see her ewhoring and shooting up heroin.

No. 808441

File: 1607506448599.jpg (259.46 KB, 720x1101, Looters.jpg)

She posted the bag right after the George Floyd/BLM lootings in Macy's and others stores in NYC. Picrel a looter carrying handbags from Macy's, someone like that sold the Coach bag to Lurch for some dope. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8405193/Looters-break-Macys-Herald-Square-make-10-000-worth-merchandise.html

No. 808513

I don’t know who tf is teaching Luna how to properly take selfies and put on makeup but bravo. she is looking halfway decent in these photos. way prettier than shay at this point and Luna is literally a homeless junkie.

No. 808516

maybe the mysterious male friend from UK kek

No. 808520

Im surprised she didnt open an onlyfans, she has enough pre-recorded content after her first attempt at SW (if she wasnt stupid enough to delete them).

No. 808529

>>808513 this is filter

No. 808535

which is a part of taking decent selfies. if you’re gonna try to get paid from taking sexy pics, filters is the way to go. and even comparing the thread pic to her recent ones, her makeup has improved a lot. she isn’t smearing eyeshadow to make her eyes look like inflamed buttholes and her lips don’t look like they belong on a dead body.

somehow she improved her looks is what i’m saying. luna usually didn’t use filters and that made her look crusty and the human equivalent of Hep C.

No. 808565

File: 1607574980404.jpg (226.96 KB, 720x1188, Working out.jpg)

Watch them still stay at her mom's place for months to come.

No. 808567

File: 1607575357460.jpg (344.1 KB, 720x1781, imgonline-com-ua-twotoone-Wezg…)

New markers that aren't Copics.

No. 808582

I'm trying to figure this whole thing out but I don't think this is against the rules (?) But someone sent me this thread I'm actually a childhood friend of Luna's and then went to middle/high school with her. I have no doubt that most of this is all true (like at all lol) but I still feel compelled to say something for background? Growing up I knew nothing about Luna's dad at all aside from she went there on the weekends and she hated him ever since we were small children (like pre school) so I have literally no idea what but there may be more to that situation than we all know. Also I completely agree with what people say about her standards for things being too high, but she actually grew up in the town next to Mamaroneck, and went to the elementary school that was, as a whole, VERY wealthy. Her family wasn't nearly as well off but that is the environment she grew up in and is probably why she's not in touch with reality. I know nothing about what happened to her/where she ended up after high school. All I know is that everything went to shit after her grandma died (who was her real parent figure, even though her mom was there). I honestly don't know where I'm going with this but I feel like people having real background information may be useful for people?

No. 808620

File: 1607596180334.jpg (410.65 KB, 1080x3532, ZomboDroid 10122020112856.jpg)

No. 808629


that filter working overtime dear lord… she'll hate herself even more when she uses filters constantly, it fucks your self image and self esteem

No. 808666

Could you tell us anymore about when you knew her? Most of us here only really know her fall from Grace (I mean if you’d call it that) and lunas own word of mouth when it comes to stories about her childhood. Like did everyone dislike her dad? Was her mom a functioning person or did her gran really raise her like she says?

No. 808670

OP said her grandma was her mother figure even though her mom was "around"

No. 808675

Love how neither of them has an actual job yet lurch has an apple watch and shes also expecting one for xmas!!???!! Lmao. THATS WEIRD

No. 808676

Im pretty sure we established that they are car-shoppers, if it wasnt traded to him for drugs it was most likely stolen. And as far as christmas goes, Luna has her rich dad to buy it for her

No. 808677

File: 1607627296039.png (67.91 KB, 492x601, simp.png)

Saged for no new milk but Fakeboi continues to simp without fail within 24 hours of any picture she posts and is still ignored lulz

No. 808680

The dad she hates, but is the same man who's paying for her to complain about him by paying her phone bill and phone. Here's to hoping he leaves her with fucking nothing when he dies. The milk will be delicious the day she has to pay for her own stuff.

No. 808689

I knew her like early childhood to high school, but grew apart in middle school because of who we hung out with. We were close but I never met her dad, just knew he has been involved her whole life and she would complain about going to him (this is when we were like 5/6). Her mom was regularly around, and would take care of her, but her grandma was the one who was in charge and really did try to give her a normal life. Like she was actually really quiet in school, and was always really nice so finding out about her outside life was WILD, especially since she had a pretty small group. Everyone mainly knew her as being artistic and she only stood out because our school was really preppy, and she was just the artsy type

No. 808697

They have a lot of apple products for people w no jobs

No. 808736

File: 1607654728443.png (1.13 MB, 1078x1761, Screenshot_20201210-233619~2.p…)

Evil dad gave her weed…That monster!

No. 808738

I’ve been reading this for a few weeks and also was close friends w her in middle/high school too lol but never knew if I could even post to this thing. For a short time my parents even paid her rent and other stuff when her grandma was living. Eventually she cared more about hanging out w “cooler” people so we stopped being friends and now I either have her messages blocked or I won’t let her follow me on platforms bc 4 years after highschool she was hitting me up for money all the damn time. Anyway, the way she treated me and my friends in highschool and knowing who she REALLY is, is enough for me to not give a shit where she ends up at this point

No. 808742

Lol I used to sleepover her place all the time in middle and high school (looking back on it I’m shocked I never got sick from going) and she treated her grandma like absolutely shit. She had the only bedroom and her grandma had to sleep on a couch in the living room even up until she was dying. Luna claims her grandma essentially killed herself bc when she got cancer she refused treatment but I always thought her grandma was just trying to finally be rid of al the shit she put up with

No. 808755

So pretty much what she's currently doing to her mom. I can't imagine having my caretaker on the couch while I take their room and bitch and moan about them the entire time while treating them like garbage but that's Tuna for you. She did it to Roger too, took his blanket and pillows while he was dying and had bed sores.

No. 808757

Yeah lmao her whole life is just wild to me bc we were best friends after bonding about our heroin addict mothers (and I’ve never even met my dad) but I cut off my mom, went to college, and now have a stable office job. She rly dug her own ditch esp by spending her whole inheritance from her grandma. which she claims her mom stole but she played just as much a big part in spending the money

No. 808771

What was she like in a context where she didn't have to perform her dumb aesthetic shit, i.e. one-on-one in a friendship that isn't based on dumb aesthetic shit?

No. 808779

I read somewhere recently that her ex (most likely Tai) told someone Luna was a fake feminist because she called women whores all the time.

No. 808782

she looks like lurch here

No. 808784

Pretty fucked up that she's been borrowing money from people for that long

No. 808797

Money isn't everything. She might still have been emotionnally neglected during her childhood (which is likely and usually the case with drug addicts).

No. 808800

>she called women whores all the time
Kek. Pot calling the kettle black.

No. 808803

File: 1607686171787.jpg (130.21 KB, 718x607, Kf.jpg)

I just remembered I read it on page 2 of her thread on KF, take it with a pinch of salt but given her holier than thou attitude and speaking badly of her mom and dad even if they still baby her, I believe it.

No. 808809

Hi, Im Fakeboitherottengirl, I was told that I keep being screenshotted/brought up in this thread and Id like to ask you guys to please stop. I am very mentally ill and have a learning disability. I post nice comment to all the girls i follow/who come up on my dash because I like being kind to people and raising other girls' self esteem, its not just Luna whose pictures I comment on. We have spoken a few times in DMs and she has not asked me for anything, and I have not sent anything to her. I know she has a history of bad behavior because of her addiction and BPD but I think she is an interesting person and I like her art. I think the lot of you should be ashamed for nitpicking and cyberbullying a mentally ill addict. Please stop screenshotting my comments, they arent even interesting, like I said I try o go out of my way to lift up other women by complimenting them when they post pics because it is a kind thing to do and it makes me feel good. Luna isnt fooling or scheming me, we really dont have much of a relationship at all, please stop dragging my name into these threads.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 808811

The only thing I've heard about Tai and Luna were rumours in earlier threads here, so take the same pinch of salt, but I don't think that "boyfriend" is Tai, I think it is Peter Callan. Peter was a burnt out drug addict "artist" type that Luna dated long-distance before Lurch, he used to have an ED page but I'm not sure if ED's still around. Tai wasn't non-binary/trans/whatever when Luna knew them, and I'm not even sure Luna used the correct "they" pronouns for Tai when talking about them tbh.

I've heard Tai was more into Luna than vice versa, iirc someone tried to contact Tai years ago on tumblr to get them to spill tea, and they AGGRESSIVELY told the anon to fuck off and PMd Luna about it. Next bit is 99% tinfoil, but from the stuff I've seen, Tai was kinda smitten with Luna, and Luna didn't give a shit until Tai died. She used to have phone calls with her ex Peter and lament about him more than Tai, because he was a spoopy artist who lived dangerously, she didn't know whether he was alive or dead. Now she's got a real dead ex, she never talks about Peter.

I might be sperging out here but it triggers the fuck out of me that Luna collects dead acquaintances for the sake of her aesthetic. She uses Grandma, Roger and Tai as props for her "tragic life". I can't remember if Tai got added to the grief cherub tattoos (she definitely wanted 2 for Roger and Grandma), but that shit really shows how Luna sees people - they exist purely to give her things, if she can't mooch off them she will ignore them until she can use their death for pity points or a poetry stanza.

>I am very mentally ill and have a learning disability
>I think the lot of you should be ashamed for nitpicking and cyberbullying a mentally ill addict.
>Please stop screenshotting my comments
hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha you must have learning disabilities if you think that Tumblr shit works anywhere else online

No. 808812


Don't even bother trying to reason with people on these threads, it'll just bring more attention to yourself. You said it yourself your posts arent that interesting so it's probably someone with a vendetta. Just ignore it and disengage.

No. 808813

Yeah, I do have learning disabilities, thats why Im asking that my comments not be posted in a mocking way. I have a hard time making friends and just like to reach out to and uplift people. And for the record that "I hate junkies" post had nothing to do with Luna, it was about a local girl who robbed one of my friends. My only interactions with luna are to tell her I like her fashion and admire her art, and the few short chats we had im simply asking not to be brought into this novel-length drama and I don't think thats an unreasonable request.

No. 808817

Interesting how a former friend of Luna's and one of her followers allegedly show up here within 24 hours of each other, provide pretty much no information we didn't already have, and were both shown this thread by "someone else".

No. 808819

I only showed up because somebody told me I'd been screenshotted, and only to ask that I not be pulled into this. Im familiar with lolcow (I was fairly close to the Soren Hayes drama and still follow it) I literally just showed up to confirm that my post was not about luna and to ask not to have my completely benign comments to her blasted on here. I think some of you are absolutely twisted for what you are putting this girl through and I dont know how you expect anybody to better themselves when everything they do is met with scorn and tinfoil. But I didnt even come here to defend her, shes done some indefensible things, I would just like to be left out of the conversation if you insist on continuing it. I post a lot of personal stuff on my blog and don't appreciate it being shared here in any context.

No. 808820

Also for fakeboi to, assumedly, be new to chan culture but can still sage and direct respond.

No. 808821

Im not new to "chan culture" at all I was a /b/tard back in the day i know how an image board works. Also Ive followed/participated in the Soren and Nicole and Ginger and Andi Dier threads because i think they are all shitty people who deserve to be called out but Luna is just a doped-up NEET at this point theres nothing to say about her that ither hasnt been said 100 times or isnt a petty nitpick

No. 808828

Late and I know that's not the same apartment as the one Tuna was shown, but honestly this really isn't that bad for living in a city? It could have potential to be cute and cozy if decorated/organized correctly. Sad that she lacks the innovation and discipline to make a place like that work. She even bitched about there being no 'kitchen' but if a mini fridge and microwave can fit in there, then I'm sure a portable electric cooker and a pot or frying pan could too. One can definitely cook in there, but since when does she care about that anyway?

Imo the biggest hurdle is having to share a bathroom but she ain't even scared about that for the right reasons, like covid? Nah, she's just pissed cause the space is small and she'd be mad for needing to share in non-covid conditions anyway. I know it's been discussed to death but she's so delusional if she expected a big apartment for barely paying over $1000/mo in NYC. And what, give her a nice living space just so she can trash it up with her junkie needles and dirt?
Guess it's better for her to keeping mooching off every living relative unless they pass, one by one, and pray that they leave her something to burn through so she can put off having to get a real job for as long as possible.

No. 808829

this is a tinfoil. one of the old friends clearly has no clue how to use boards - she basically outed herself by using an email address with her full name. i don’t think it’s any sort of conspiracy, especially considering we’ve had multiple people over the course of these threads pop in to tell us no new info after being sent them by a mutual friend or whatever.

No. 808834

if you're not new, that's pretty sad because you still haven't integrated

No. 808841

Stop white knighting for somebody who literally couldn't care less about you unless you can help supply her with dope.

No. 808845

Not trying to WK, I just don't want a bunch of trolls looking me up when luna fails to hold their interest and this is like the fourth time Ive been posted here.

No. 808848

Stop talking to her then.

No. 808860

>I am very mentally ill and have a learning disability
congrats, same like literally every other farmer lmfao
>only showed up because somebody told me I'd been screenshotted, and only to ask that I not be pulled into this. Im familiar with lolcow (I was fairly close to the Soren Hayes drama and still follow it)
fucking called it in the cow tinfoil thread.
If you are a farmer yourself, than you really are no better than the rest of us and should also be aware that there is no point policing the farms. People will talk whatever, and since your nonrelationship with Luna is not that interesting, sooner or later you would have been left alone. I don't get why you are so uwu dramatic about this.

No. 808861

Yeah maybe it was a little bit melodramatic. My bad yall it's been weird lately. it felt kind of invasive to see my comments compiled here and I reeee'd. I just don't want a chan-raid on my life for complimenting the wrong person's hair

No. 808868

> I just don't want a chan-raid on my life for complimenting the wrong person's hair

You're not that important and neither is Tuna. We don't do that here.

No. 808870

Hope anons stop posting you, it's not milky. Just never give Luna any money. Take care.

No. 808871

The hypocrisy of "you should be ashamed for nitpicking and cyberbullying a mentally ill addict" followed by "Ive followed/participated in the Soren and Nicole and Ginger and Andi Dier threads" gave me a chuckle

No. 808879

just ignore it, engaging farmers will want them to keep an eye on you more…
and maybe asskiss her less until she starts giving a fuck about you honest advice

No. 808954

i’m extremely curious to see the inside of her moms apartment and her dads. her mom’s cannot be that great but I gotta imagine her dad’s is pretty good. she’s shown his view on the balcony and it looks fantastic. i’m just wondering why she’s not willing to settle. is she comparing the potential ones to what she’s been living in? does she truly think she can get better than a Section 8 or equivalent apartment near or in the city for less than 1000 per month? I’m so confused by her motives.

No. 808965

outside of posting your comments, i don’t think anyone cares whats going on with you bc you’re not a lolcow yourself but the comments on all of lunas posts are kinda pathetic, thats why theyre posted here. also calling people “twisted” for being in the luna threads but you participating in threads for another girls is so hypocritical. you lack a lot of self awareness.

No. 808967

File: 1607766220883.jpg (552.98 KB, 1080x3243, 12122020104230.jpg)

this. though I remember one anon calling fakeboi their personal cow, but that was an exception tbh

No. 808968

there are a few milky posts on her blog though. not enough for a thread, but enough for her to be a calf

No. 808972

>Imo the biggest hurdle is having to share a bathroom but she ain't even scared about that for the right reasons, like covid?
But if she has to share the bathroom, where is she going to lock herself up to eat Lurch's half of the ice-cream tub? He might get to it!

No. 808984

>not saging
>calling posts "comments"
>"you lack a lot of self awareness."
Not to minimod, but it takes the bare minimum effort.

No. 808985

oh my god, >>808984 didn't call lolcow posts comments. She literally meant farmers reposting fakeboi's comments on Luna posts. Learn to read.

No. 808986


This is really what is driving me up the wall about the situation… Surely the apartment is better than Roger's run down shack or your mom's section 8?? Is she just mad bc she doesn't have room for her crusty stuffed animals? What does she even need more than a bedroom for, all she does is shoot up and lay in bed playing videogames?

Bitch…. Get a job

No. 809009

Didn't her dad tell her she has to get sober to live with him? She knows her dad will hound her about it and not let her just be nodding off high all day, that's why she won't move in with him

No. 809012

She doesnt really wanna move so shes making excuses maybe?
Maybe she has to fake an effort before she finally moves in with her dad.

No. 809027

File: 1607806706261.jpeg (939.08 KB, 1125x1386, AC7ECA99-1E03-4820-B58E-61477F…)

No. 809028

File: 1607806752835.jpeg (231.73 KB, 1125x1413, 1FF93050-79C9-45CC-B0B6-32DF76…)

No. 809100

File: 1607830962651.png (362.17 KB, 522x842, security deposits are scams.pn…)

Taken from kf.

No. 809101

File: 1607831028473.png (178.04 KB, 1033x496, canilivehereforfree.png)

No. 809106

She's as rude and immature as I've expected her to be lmao

No. 809111

Lunas dad hates lurch and doesn't want the dude who to sell herom drugs when she was 16 living in his rent controlled apartment, Luna won't leave lurch for evil dad she's holding out till he dies in hopes she'll somehow inherit it, she goes there all the time for baths and gifts but I think the last time lurch was there they set a literal fire, so I don't blame him if he said no with him around

No. 809112

Her mom*

No. 809120

>has things I can’t fulfill

truly they’re making her jump insane hurdles, like having some kind of credit history and a stable income. the audacity.

No. 809121

fuck I forgot to sage, sorry all

No. 809123

Isn’t this normal?? I’ve signed my own leases a few times and apartments always want they money before the giving the keys out. They wouldn’t get paid otherwise lol

No. 809127

Wait, why is she getting unemployment again?

No. 809130

Bitch its not as if you had your shit together before the pandemic. Its not like you lost a job and an apartment due to covid. Youre being kicked out because you're living in apartment that you don't even belong in, that was supposed to be "temporary/a few weeks", and you were found out so THATS why you have to move.
>let us all get evicted
Yeah ok
Pathetic lazy cunt omg.

No. 809131

Yeah, it's definitely normal where I am. Why would you let someone take possession of a property without the first rent portion and bond/deposit taken?

I think the laugh react to it is because of this. I hope they explained it to her. It's painful to watch her sabotage 3 opportunities in a week by thinking omg so many scams. She's also very likely to get scammed or ripped off if she has no idea about the actual rules.

No. 809133

idk, actually Luna Dad is being pretty chummy with Lurch whenever they meet.

No. 809141

while i do think its normal to pay for an apartment before getting keys, it seems like this is the type of scam where you pay and "secure" the apartment without so much as a cursory tour of the place or seeing it irl beforehand. idk about other anons but i live in a major US city and ran into a similar scam when looking for an apartment. the size and condition/decor were way too good to be true for the area and cost and the person wanted a deposit before i even toured it.

No. 809148

Probably a scam as it’s over Facebook and judging from the conversation, she hasn’t had the chance to see the place first.

But at the same time, it’s not weird to secure an apartment by giving a non refundable deposit that is used as the first week or month of rent.

Either way, the way she answers a potentially serious pro is ridiculous at her age. If she’s worried it’s a scam she could just politely voice her concerns or hold off replying right away.

> Scammers exposed
Well ain’t it fitting for you Luna! How about all the million times you asked people for money to buy dope? Or didn’t send the art you were commissioned? Or would straight up steal from cemeteries? The audacity

No. 809181

you don’t pay the deposit and first month’s rent until you sign the lease in new york

sometimes there are application fees but there are limits on those set by law and they’re like $75 not a full month’s rent

this is a scam

but the idea that she and lurch would have three month’s rent (first, last, security deposit) to put down, which is the norm in new york, is ridiculous, even with the current drop in rent because of covid

No. 809205

Yeah, but she’s saying she wants the KEYS, not a lease, before providing the security deposit. You usually do not get your keys until the day you move in.

No. 809219

>you don’t pay the deposit and first month’s rent until you sign the lease in new york

That's not entirely true. You do normally have to pay for something to get the keys in your hand which is also what she was asking for. You never have to pay to see it and that alone makes it sound like a scam, but to get the keys? Of course you do.

What this anon said.

No. 809247

I dunno, I've lived in some shitty apartments that won't let you see the actual apartment beforehand, just a model of what they look like.

No. 809254

This is what confused me. Maybe it is a scam, but it's weird to request keys before money. The normal thing to do would be to request inspection and contract signing before money.

No. 809282

does anyone in thread know here IRL or has ever known her IRL? ( I have )

No. 809287

File: 1607916624081.jpg (Spoiler Image,159.82 KB, 720x874, Sw.jpg)

She posted her flat ass for some simpbucks again.

No. 809288

File: 1607916666057.jpg (196.8 KB, 1080x1171, 20201213_222830.jpg)

No. 809290

How would this idiot be on unemployment at all?

No. 809293

Does she not remember posting about a $1k apartment on FB like a week ago? That was completely fine for the price in NYC but just wasn’t up to her standards?

No. 809294

File: 1607918461201.jpg (381.89 KB, 1080x1688, 20201213_205607.jpg)

I joined the Scammers Exposed group to see the comments on her apartment post (nothing interesting) but funnily enough, there was a previous post exposing her. I censored the OP's name in case she lurks here as she hints at the threads, but it looks like she runs another financial support group and had a run in with Luna at some point recently.

No. 809295

File: 1607918566241.jpg (438.01 KB, 1080x1715, 20201213_210314.jpg)

No. 809302

So I just learned about something called "PUA", pandedemic unemployment assistance, where apparently you qualify if:
Workers who don't have a long-enough work history to qualify for state unemployment insurance benefits
Workers who otherwise wouldn't qualify for benefits under state or federal law

I dont know anything about it at all, but maybe that's how she got it?

No. 809313

i have a feeling they're not properly vetting unemployment. I know a guy who hasn't worked in years and managed to sign on for the 600 extra period. I've also heard they're writing to people demanding money back so she better watch her dumb ass.

No. 809328


No. 809332

She should have taken the small room with the shared bathroom that she saw earlier. Jfc.

No. 809333

They honestly don’t! People who really need it sometimes have issues keeping it or even qualifying, while some louse who just wants a quick buck gets all kinds of assistance.

No. 809339

Maybe her mom or dad is on unemployment and she's claiming it as her own? It sounds like something that she would do.

No. 809343

Lots of doubt that she'll be able to find an apartment for that price that also accepts cats. maybe she'd have a better chance if she was a bit cleaner looking; no one wants to rent out a unit to someone who looks like they'll trash the place in a week.

No. 809346

The issues I see are what do NY apartment landlords demand to rent from them? Most landlords in general demand first and last months rent, a decent credit score, proof of employment for the last 6 months to a year, and a co-signer.

I'm sure papa is giving the first deposit, so she has one check mark done.
Tuna at best has 0 credit. She says she has good credit but, I don't see how that can be no bills have been in her name for years, and unused credit tends to go down in points. So that's an X.

Employment (cue laughter). Another X

I'm sure again papa will co sign for the apt, so another check.

Will 2 checks get her an apartment? That ISN'T a slum…

Now finding an apartment that accepts pets in general is difficult, is that not so over there?

A New York anon would be of help.

No. 809352

In upstate NY it's not that hard to find a decent apartment/townhouse that allows pets but they're about $1200 a month for a place that's not the size of a shoebox. In Tuna's area it's probably even more expensive with more restrictions because of how scummy people can get are. It also doesn't help that she and Lurch refuse to not look like dirty junkies and she can't prove employment and probably can't pay the pet fee. Pet fees in upstate are about $300 on up. She would probably also have to pay for garbage, peace of mind, and/or water depending on the complex. She can most likely get the parking fee waived since they don't have a car, but there's a lot more than simply rent that she would have to pay.

No. 809356

How dare you? Her Cotton-Eyed Joe prevents any ladder climbing also, Lurch is way too ancient and can't bend over to walk in and he may fall apart if he try. Your ableism and Easter-Island-statuism are showing.

No. 809368

I live in Brooklyn. To rent an apartment you need to pay first month’s rent + plus a security deposit (it is now illegal for landlords in NYC to ask for the last month’s rent). She will also need someone to be her guarantor since she does not have a steady income. Idk why she is looking in Manhattan and not the other boroughs. The Bronx is relatively cheap and there are still areas in Brooklyn and Queens that are affordable.

No. 809370

To add to the rent fees, who the hell is going to pay for her electricity bill? Gas bill? We know that she's going to abuse the a/c and heat. Whoever is paying for her security deposit isn't going to see that money again. Her dad probably won't since he'll be paying for his own bills, her phone bill, her rent and groceries and her amazon wishlist. Unless he's loaded, I don't see him forking over all that money every single month. He didn't even do that when they were living at Roger's place after he died.

No. 809372

so how did the job interviews go tuna? and how's baseball journalism holding up these days?

No. 809377

I’m kind of convinced she’s trying to get her crusty foot in the door while her and lurch are illegally collecting PUA so that when it runs out on the 27th they can claim squatters rights or whatever it is. Isn’t NY protecting people from being evicted even if not paying rent? I’m not familiar on their current situation but I’m imagining they’re trying to get in someplace to squat, is my point.

No. 809380

I am sure this is what she is intending to do. I highly doubt she realizes that even if you can’t be evicted you will still owe the rent. The rent isn’t free.

No. 809381

The NYC eviction moratorium expires at the end of this month, so I’m not sure how plausible the squatting theory is. It could be extended again though, who knows.

No. 809383

They could probably sue her for back rent since she wasn't affected by covid. If they decide to take her to court she'll have to prove that she suffered financial hardship due to covid. If they see that she was getting unemployment despite not working, she'll have to pay that back too.

The moratorium (the thing protecting people from being evicted) only lasts until the end of the year. A lot of apartments here, and I imagine everywhere else, normally have to prepare/fix up the apartment before a person can move into it. I don't think she'll be able to claim squatter rights until she's been there for a while.


No. 809384

File: 1608030496474.jpeg (136.16 KB, 828x1165, 4EA769A6-9489-4CFE-AA46-0548C2…)

What a useless stain of sh*t she is.

No. 809390

The thing is you can’t exactly squeeze water out of a rock. People like Luna don’t care about any debt collector coming after them and really what’s the point in engaging in legal battles when both of them can’t even hold the most basic jobs and have no money?

I’ll be surprised if she manage to find anything, I know the real estate sector has taken a hit with covid, but it’s extremely easy to see that those 2 greaseballs are going to pay the first month then skip or pay late every single time.

Fucking disgusting considering they spend so much money on their dope but then couldn’t even buy a proper urn for lurch’s dad. Really tells you where their priorities are.

No. 809397

Holy shit I wasn't sure what I was looking at at first..

No. 809398


All that happens is the debt collectors fruitlessly hassle the new tenants of the last known address and go away with a now even higher imaginary debt they'll never recover.

No. 809402

But he was like a dad to her! Better than all her other father figures and her evil actual dad! Roger would have wanted his remains to sit in a molding cardboard box being used as a table for Lurch's misc items!

No. 809443

That may be true for the landlord, but if they take her to court and the court sees that she got unemployment money illegally, she could go to jail for it. I don't think they'll see the inside of a court room if the landlord sues them though because of Lurch's history and the whole unemployment thing. They'll jump ship and either go back to her mom's place or her dad's.

>But he was like a dad to her!
And she treated him like she does her real dad kek.

No. 809482

Has she ever gone to a psych ward?

No. 809492

Back in her tumblr popularity days yes, will have to go through some of the earlier threads but she’s said a few times her school made her attend rehab/psych help for her drug use (and this was well before she even touched heroin) and I think that was also backed up by her old friend Bryce. Girl really has no friends anymore and you can’t even feel bad for her

No. 809498

what the FUCK? was she just living surrounded by rigs on every surface? use a needle, cap it, immediately toss it in a sharps container. it's not that hard.

No. 809504

Just out of curiosity, did she ever say which one? Four Winds in Katonah NY is close to her

No. 809506

What ever happened to Bryce? Did Luna end up doing her dirty like the rest of her past friends?

No. 809531

I don’t think she’s mentioned Bryce in a few years now, same as that rlyblonde girl and her mom who helped Luna with money and “food” a considerable amount. Luna really has zero friends, most have realised she’s too far gone in her addiction and manipulative ways and she only then cares about them once they are dead and she can type up her sad gurl poetry and shoot up more to ~cope~ (tai for example, and some now deceased tumblr nodsquad pals) and plus a few of her old friends have come here over the years to bitch her out or give insight into her old life. I think most cut ties with her when she first moved in with Roger and lurch especially.

No. 809590

all of what you said and also, i mean, she’s what? 23, 24 now? her “friends” are homeowners or about to be. they have actual careers. they’re married with children or starting to settle down. no functioning adult wants to talk to and support a junkie everyday. they’ve matured and she hasn’t. at some point, you get resentful or at very least, apathetic.

No. 809592

You make them all sound 30+, anon. But I agree with you, she must be bitter as hell that they have something better going on for them and not her. I mean, they most likely have money in their pockets while she has to e-beg and drink her own piss for money.

No. 809612

I don’t think it bothers her that much, she doesn’t want a stable life or any responsibility.

No. 809614

Yes, but she complained about not being the prettiest one there and that food portions were too small like here:

No. 809680

every maniac episode, she goes on rants about how she’s gonna get a great apartment, she’s gonna get sober, she’ll get a GED, a job and everything will be sunny and happy and pink and daisies.

Luna deep down probably does want stability. But she has addiction, a crippling codependency with Matthew, and several mental illnesses she claims to be aware of holding her back.

No. 809695

If you think the average 24-year-old in the NYC metro is married with kids, a career, and a mortgage then I have extremely bad news for you. The fact that it wouldn't take Luna much to catch up is what makes her stagnation more infuriating, though. If she committed to getting sober and entering the workforce or going to school then she'd only be a couple years behind the vast majority of her peers. Shame she'll never do it.

No. 809710

She didn't finish high school? Ew

No. 809722


she did finish high school. she dropped out of college.

No. 809745

Anon there's literally hundreds of "ew" things about Luna. Not graduating HS would be the least "ew" of them if it were even true.

No. 809870


Depending on the neighborhood/building they would rent even to someone with no job history or credit score that looks like Luna, so long as the co-signer is a solid boomer with a job and is willing to throw down money. Certain housing stock is designated mostly to renting units to retarded druggied out rich kid college students who don't look THAT much different from Luna at a face value.
Money can help overcome a lot of barriers, I've heard of a 20 y/o foreign exchange student without any job or credit renting in luxury buildings without a co-signers because they agreed to max out their parents credit card to the tune of 55K to pay for a year's rent at once.

Dogs can be very controversial, esp in older buildings because of the sound issues they can create, but I have never heard of people having problems finding a place that will accept 1-2 cats. Cats are generally okay.

No. 809917

She would still need to fork over a pet fee and possibly pet rent no matter if it's a dog or a cat. The amount normally depends on which it is, though. If she tried the service animal excuse, she would need to provide paperwork which we know she doesn't have. The easiest thing to do would be to not mention a pet but she's an idiot.

No. 810046

File: 1608329775141.jpg (3.65 MB, 1080x20916, 18122020231404.jpg)

wtf is a 45-50 version of a ring

No. 810066

I think she means a CHEAP $45-50 ring that looks like the expensive one she wants.

No. 810135

File: 1608361241689.jpeg (529.33 KB, 828x1723, 271B7B3F-493A-46C5-9614-3BFF53…)

What do you think the “traumatic event” was? I wonder if she OD’d again

No. 810152


> doosnidhep

No. 810156

sometimes I wanna root for her but she’s never gonna get better if she doesn’t leave Lurch’s hideous corpse behind

No. 810159

File: 1608375116733.png (320.44 KB, 828x1180, iEhYBEb.png)

No. 810160

Sure tuna, but then again her getting out of bed is hard work.

With that atrocious grammar and lack of proofreading, I can see why she thought she could be a sports journalist.

No. 810162

If sex work is real work then she should start laying off the benzos and heroin while she’s working, that’d avoid her getting completely scammed, making her drink her own piss or call her dad making him think she got a job.

No. 810164

But Luna you're an ugly overweight junkie, these things factor into whether or not someone wants to buy your nudes. It's hard for you for these very specific reasons

No. 810166


She is like a Tuesday afternoon truck stop stripper working during a 25 cent wing lunch special who is expecting the payday of a Saturday night girl working at Scores in NYC.

No. 810169

I hate when people parrot these things when they never worked one fucking day in their lives. Do you even know what "hard work" is? sitting on your fat ass for some hours is not hard work even if it exhausts your lazy ass. I wish her gulag for a day.
I'd love to see her get into some Christian cult-ish thing . Modest tuna, repenting, getting clean and dressing frumpy

No. 810199

Lol I remember Tuna from years ago, I can’t believe she is still slamming heroin and e-begging 7 years later

No. 810200

She’s built like a brick shithouse. Not curvy, not thicc, just big.

No. 810203

File: 1608400409163.jpg (283.19 KB, 1080x1657, 20201219_185241.jpg)

Luna uploaded this update to her Instagram as well

No. 810207

thought she tagged it sewer and was mildly impressed she knew how to accurately advertise herself to clients

No. 810211

File: 1608410347578.jpeg (312.46 KB, 1004x1465, A6D63AD2-F61C-48ED-B560-27C55E…)

working hard, sis

No. 810225

My bet is she’s also overcharging, or scamming people like she did with her art at times. And it’s a foregone conclusion if someone DID buy her shit pictures she would continue to ebeg for more money anyway. Can’t even be bothered to shower before doing your “sex work” and nobody wants to see chief onenuts dick.

No. 810229


god damn, she has unfortunately genetics. she has the body of an older woman who has lost 300 pounds

i know it's not her fault, because i understand skin elasticity and being prone to stretch marks is completely genetic but damn. that really sucks. she needs to work a lot harder not to be a tubs, bc while her skin will remain gross at least she could look semi-decent with a dark tan

No. 810235

That and she always does this.

It's not a job if no one's paying you. She tries harder to not get a job than she does to get one.

No. 810238

It’s gonna be interesting when she reaches 30 with not really job experience anywhere.

No. 810250

being overweight or at least 5 or 10 pounds over the normal weight for her age her whole life never did her any favors. and i bet once she started shooting up, she quickly dropped the chubby cheeks and most of the excess weight she had been carrying her whole life. but now she boomerangs month by month and ruins her skin and body. her poor body is already confused by the drugs she pumps into it and then she can’t give it a reliable food schedule or any nutrients. worse body than a mom of 5 kids.

No. 810257

I'm the only who thinks that she's gonna be homeless soon? Like in some months. Also i feel fucking bad for the cat…

No. 810263

File: 1608448016242.jpg (259.27 KB, 1080x1888, 20201219_235552.jpg)

Looks like Lurch might have a Twitter. The account is only following Tuna and one other account. Nothing particularly milky, it's mostly just him ranting semi incoherently at politicians and whining about unemployment. A few of his replies reference living in NYC and having a fiance. He seems to be fairly active on it though. (Sage in case this has been posted before and I missed it, my bad if so)


No. 810268

File: 1608450853012.jpg (137.91 KB, 720x1208, Hhdvgd.jpg)

Overexposing her selfies more than Vicky Shingles.

No. 810270

File: 1608451552708.jpg (Spoiler Image,410.99 KB, 720x2405, SW.jpg)

No. 810271

File: 1608453819614.jpg (76.19 KB, 700x960, EpnJtAHXEAQM4No.jpeg.jpg)

what the fuck

No. 810278


I skimmed thru it and he mentions going thru evictions proceedings. Do anons think mom finally put her foot down or Housing found out about them living their illegally? I know Luna talked about this but honestly never believe her hyperbole, seeing Lurch write about makes me think it's finally happening.

Since the chance of her finding a place is zero, I suspect she and matthew are going to be squatting in her dad's apt soon. I can't imagine her would actually let her be homeless on the streets on NYC when it's 34 F outside and COVID is raging.

No. 810286

File: 1608475958940.png (990.83 KB, 806x1950, X2iIHqF.png)

more gifts from her evil dad

No. 810288

File: 1608476557236.png (504.1 KB, 512x512, 57cbc36d39e12.png)

>Baseball and mathematical genius

No. 810289

what are those pink clippy thingies? foam rollers?
this stupid bitch and all her useless crap. you know what I sold when I was low on cash? my useless amiibo army. love how she rambles about getting better and getting a job but only talks about videogames all day. inb4 she starts the laziest twitch and thinks she's the next streamergurl. hey tuna, try a gaming podcast, at least nobody has to see you for that kek

No. 810295

she only has fake ac amiibo cards, she wouldn't get much for them

No. 810297

so she gets all this shit, but the self proclaimed artist "doesn't own a pencil"

No. 810299

luna's not just been 5-10 overweight but significantly obese since at least elementary school. it's the one thing i feel bad for her because she's can't totally control it. i think her body would look more normal but her crazy weight fluctuations since started heroin have def done more harm than good.

No. 810301

She's facing an eviction, can't find an apartment… but gets all of this shit? Where the hell is she going to put it? If she ends up on the streets, none of that is going to mean anything. And she for sure shouldn't be taking nudes and waving around dildos and butt plugs while living on the streets. I'm going to assume that her dad is going to cave and let them stay with him.

She can definitely control the weight gain. She eats like a pig and there is never a vegetable or fruit in sight when she takes food pictures or talks about food.

No. 810302

>dirty photos and videos
ain't that true

No. 810306

File: 1608490381656.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1125x2133, C3948614-9AFC-40F0-BEAA-AE40A4…)

Maybe she’s hoping Matthew’s internet rage at Nancy Pelosi will help speed up the process of dat sweet government corona money.

No. 810307

Lol his style of writing is so fucking weird

No. 810326

lol. It’s the delusion for me. Lurch doesn’t even have a job or a government ID last I checked.

No. 810328


This is the most self awareness she had for the last years

No. 810342

File: 1608512949671.png (84.22 KB, 751x642, Screenshot 2020-12-20 200643.p…)

I'm 99% sure he's had no job long before July. His dad was still alive the last time he got a job and that was almost two years ago. He talks with such privilege when the only things he has ever lifted were items from other people/stores and syringes.

No. 810343

File: 1608513115916.png (82.74 KB, 751x647, Screenshot 2020-12-20 2.png)

What a fucking leech. If they're so broke then how can Tuna afford amazon prime? That's not even a fucking necessity. And unemployment benefits? Why is he getting that at all? He's never fucking worked.

No. 810345

File: 1608515292527.jpg (300.01 KB, 1080x1829, 20201220_184608.jpg)

Meanwhile… granted, elf products aren't expensive but if I was facing eviction, the last thing I would be worried about would be sparkly lipgloss.

No. 810346

File: 1608515677338.png (197.47 KB, 1000x422, 6tqSjjJ.png)

No. 810347

File: 1608515727916.png (110.58 KB, 1047x773, nurse luna.png)

No. 810349

She's dumb. New York offers free two year college which is better than nothing and job hunting hiatus? How the hell is she going to pay for an apartment without a job? Her logic is retarded.

No. 810350

File: 1608517693859.jpg (179.96 KB, 1152x2048, EpofvpzWwAIC-dE.jpg)

No. 810353

she is literally at rock bottom (or about to be) and she wants to take art history, creative writing, journalism, and WW2 history?? and oh and gender studies on top of it all

this is a goddamn pandemic with unemployment lines and people wondering how they’re gonna pay their bills. and this bitch wanna take government money to study fucking art history and gender studies. and we can’t forget her reasoning for not applying for jobs, after 4 years of not having one, is because she doesn’t know where she’s gonna live. as though the logical solution wouldn’t be to get a job in either place and then pick an apartment in that area.

luna is the most frustrating lolcow on this board. like watching a toddler try to use a fork.

No. 810354


I am really surprised to see lurch has a bachelor degree. Does anyone know if she is lying? I just assumed he was always a dealer.

No. 810355

Is she really buying dildos using her father's amazon account

No. 810357

Most likely a lie. Just like his future as a professional baseball player and being a math genius.

No. 810362

File: 1608525849064.jpg (107.08 KB, 633x834, tuna.jpg)

Not even offering to purchase these things but straight up asking her followers for it as a Christmas present… girl

No. 810363

I highly doubt it, but it's a really weird thing to lie about given that he started dating her when she was underage and they claim his degree is for adolescent psychology.

No. 810364

It's not that unlikely, he could have taken 15 years to get it and dealt/used the entire time. A bachelor's isn't that big of an accomplishment, and he is in his 40s

No. 810367

File: 1608526883702.jpeg (93.46 KB, 912x1336, E09952F4-43B3-445A-9E02-F60F03…)

found it on the third thread where matthew made a facebook so take it with a grain of salt. but yeah, over 4 years ago, there was evidence that matthew was saying he had a degree in adolescent psychology.

No. 810369

Exactly this. He said a lot of things that were obviously lies. I could have sworn that he also said that he was going to inherit a ton of money.

No. 810372


>learn/read moar about communism/marxism

If Luna becomes a ACAB mutual aid antifa horrorcow…..yikes. The next level mental gymnastics she would be able do perform to justify herself, the kind of people she would be exposed to who would do absolutely everything to enable her shitty life choices…

>Lurch has BA in Adolescent Psychology

Not sure why farmers find this so odd, seeing how he was able to groom an adolescent fairly successfully, makes sense

>I got into all 8 colleges I applied to

So re-apply for them, luna. Or apply for city/state ( forget which one it is) of NY that is super cheap and allows you to apply for federal aid. Although actually so much of what she wants to study isn't a major in any sense, like I doubt she wants to learn archival best practices and provenance documentation as it applies to art history, she just wants to look at pretty pictures of angel paintings. That's a hobby that you can learn yourself at home.

No. 810376

Most definitely a lie, surprised Luna is letting him online again since last time he was he tried to cheat on her and pretend he owned yacht and a bunch of other wild shit lmfao, he's so weird when he pops up

No. 810378

Now he's literally begging Pelosi for money and wishing Rudy Giuliani well for being a Yankees fan. He's so fucking weird.

No. 810380

I'm so glad he's back on the web, he's gone off in 2 days I can't wait, alos I'm really surprised they aren't riding the "gonna be homeless at Christmas" Luna is no stranger for begging for dumber shit

No. 810391

Luna, since you like to read here:


Every piece of fucking communist/marxist literature is free you fucking retard

No. 810393

>just me matthew and pumpkin
did I miss a death of one of her cats? I remember smoky dying, but what happened to pepper?

No. 810394

Nursing?! That has got to just be for the access to meds. Could you imaging waking up in the hospital and Tuna is just rummaging through your purse?

No. 810395

The other one died around the time she got her new cat.

And sent to jail for rummaging through the meds at hospitals.

No. 810396

i bet she would be hardcore bullied by the other nurses

No. 810398

IDK what's up with her but she is absolutely unwilling to do some minimum extra leg work to access media that she is craving. She ALWAYS needs someone to buy her the book, comic or game that she wants to experience. She has internet, a mobile phone and a laptop and yet torrents, ebooks and emulators of any kind do not exist for her. She always NEEDS to have a physical copy of whatever.

No. 810399

And that he own a yacht (it was during the Tessa era)

No. 810404

This skank really thinks she's gonna find a 2bed apartment in NYC for 1k. The total delusion.

No. 810407

i don’t know why she hates loft beds. in her own words, she’s found affordable apartments in her area but keeps turning them down because in the bedroom “tHEy hAvE LaDDerS” and i’m beyond confused. that doesn’t seem like a dealbreaker when you could be homeless.

am i stupid or something? are loft beds horrible or dangerous? i can’t think of a reason she would put them as a hard no when she’s about to have no other choice.

No. 810408

i was wondering the same thing myself… those looked cool in their own way. imagine if she just got clean, a job, and ditched lurch to live in one of those lofts by herself.. tbh i would kill for one of those even at that price point (i live in an expensive city too)

No. 810415

she'd probably fall down while tripping on heroin
also bad idea for Lurch, grandpa could break a few bones lol

No. 810416

I'm pretty sure the 3dsxl has the NFC reader built into it if that's what she has. She probably wants the NFC reader to sell for drugs since it costs a pretty penny.

No. 810418

I don’t know what her deal is with living in NYC, if she moved north a bit she could probably even find a decent house, with bedrooms, kitchen, everything for $1000. She could even find heroin because it’s everywhere. And strangely everybody seems to be hiring too, but we know they have no intention of getting jobs and will just squat until they can be evicted. It’s some junkie fantasy living in a big apartment in NYC, it’s not going to happen.

No. 810421

There is zero chance she would pass RN coursework.This requires actual science and biology, the thinky thinky parts of education, not just wearing cute uniforms and serving people lunch

No. 810426

>but we know they have no intention of getting jobs

Nope, they don't. They plan on going on a job applying "hiatus" and only apartment shopping as if, you know, they don't have to pay for a single thing that a job would help with. They're so ass backwards that it's amazing they've made it this far.

No. 810428

NYC has actually been giving homeless people free luxury hotel rooms on the upper west side because the shelters aren’t safe during covid and the rooms are empty anyways

Luna being a women gives her higher priority too

If lurch really has disability he can get a 1bdr subsidized by the city easily, ny actually has some of the best disability housing in the country. They require every apartment building to set aside a few units for disability tenants (and they’re actually in normal buildings and not in projects) and no waiting list, the most they would do is ask them to get on methadone

If Luna is really so lazy she hasn’t figured this out then I’m really amazed

No. 810433

anon, she can't use ladders. she has Cotton-Eye Joe knee

No. 810434

She must have watched Ratched on Netflix once and now wants to be a nurse kek

No. 810460

lol dammit every time I see the reference I die because she really said that's why she hurt her knee.

No. 810466

the whole drug testing before clinicals thing might be a bit of a hurdle

No. 810468

they don't even do that in ny lol

I mean they do drug test every two weeks, but the worst thing that happens is they give the person more methadone because 'they are clearly still suffering from cravings'

NYC has a system of overloading junkies with legal dope and sticking them in hotels/apartments to keep the city clean from homeless junkies.

Most of the homeless people in NYC just either aren't aware of this or are legit too lazy to fill out the paperwork and sit in a clinic waiting room

No. 810490

File: 1608610589445.png (139.23 KB, 935x422, Screenshot 2020-12-21 231410.p…)

From the other farms. Is this bitch for real? With what money is she going to rent a room with while saving up for an apartment?

No. 810500

? I meant they drug test nursing students. But I digress, we all know it’s a delusion just like the perfect CHEAP apartment she’ll definitely, totally find soon.

No. 810504

Iirc she said they had their old stimulus checks saved up. I'd be shocked though if they actually saved it.
Maybe they've been stealing money from Tuna-Mama this whole time too.

No. 810517

Luna wasn't eligible for stimulus checks, she complained about it. Her dad claims her as a dependant which means she's very limited in what government handouts she claims - was mentioned in the last thread

No. 810524

only the new 3ds line has one, the older models don't

No. 810527


>we've accumulated a small savings during the pandemic

Ok that is what I was thinking of. I guess I assumed the "small savings" came from the stimulus checks. Not being eligible could have been a pity lie.

No. 810528

kek it says a lot that her mind goes straight to AirBNB instead of a cheap motel. So punk. Very grunge.

No. 810530


she actually can't go to a hotel because she has cats. Most airbnbs don't want cats either, but it would be a lot more feasible to sneak a cat into an private airbnb (the whole apt). The problem tho is most private airbnbs in nyc are like insanely expensive. I really don't know what she is doing. It's not 1979 no matter happens with covid, there is no surplus of junk rundown semi- abandoned SRO housing for fried out jobless junkies to rent month to month with zero credit history.

No. 810535

Lmao as he should. This bitch is dependent on everyone but herself.

Also I seriously don’t think lurch has a degree in Child Psychology. I mean if he did it would be surprising because he lies like he breathes on the internet. Also idk using that degree to bag an underaged Luna seems too smart for him. Plus wouldn’t he have moved onto greener pastures if that was the cases by now?

No. 810536

Not sure how her dad can claim her? She's over 18 and not a high school student, and not intellectually or physically disabled.Even if by some chance he can, Lurch could have accessed the stimulus money. I question that though because if you didn't have a ready address or bank account for the IRS to send the money to(via not filing income taxes) you had to go online, apply, etc etc. That seems like too much work for either of them. They might have filed for the unemployment though. One never knows with her lies.

No. 810537

Any person, nevertheless known junkies, would happily fill whatever paperwork it takes to get money with no strings attached and I don't doubt they'd have done it for even a fraction of the cash if eligible. Most people would

No. 810544

He was able to claim her because she was 23 until April this year, lived with him half the time and he provides half her income and food.

No. 810546

File: 1608649217014.png (112.95 KB, 732x338, Untitled.png)

reposting from last thread, there was discussion ~8 months ago that said Luna could be claimed as a "Qualifying Relative" for the sake of tax credits regardless of her age, only thing that matters is her income, which will be 0 in the eyes of the government. https://www.investopedia.com/terms/q/qualifying-relative.asp

Link to original discussion >>769108

No. 810549

Thank you for the info and links anon.
So then I guess yeah Lurch could have gone for the stimulus, and both get the hefty unemployment until it stopped.

Did she say she would be homeless before Christmas or the new year? And would the new no eviction mandate with the new stimulus package work in their favor, even though they were squatters?

No. 810552


I don't believe this, how the hell can they get unemployment if neither of them have filed taxes for years (if ever)?

No. 810557

They cant, the unemployment is only for people who lost their jobs from covid not who were unemployed at the start of it

No. 810566

The government hasn't been keeping very careful track of unemployment claims during covid, they were massively overloaded with requests and a ton of people were able to snatch benefits they didn't qualify for. It's entirely possible these two yahoos got in on the scam.

The government rolls slow, but they always get theirs. Once they sort out the mountain of claims, they will demand refunds for overpayment - and in Lurch and Luna's cases, they will be required to pay back all their funds. Now, this isn't too dire for two unemployed junkies who have no paychecks to dock for back payments. But anything they put in a bank can be seized, and IF Luna is ever employed (lol) they will seize her checks immediately, and take all or most of her pay until the money is paid back in full.

If either of them have Lurch's stimulus in an account, look for that to disappear at some point. Or the account will go negative to the tune of what is owed.

No. 810567


Sort of. Might depend on the state? Unemployment claims in CA stay open for a year, I know someone who filed for unemployment from a job they got fired from a year prior and they received the stim + unemployment extension benefits. so if Lurch got hired n' fired at any point within a year he would still qualify.

Sage for blog and nitpick

No. 810568

how is she too retarded to beat the elite four.
tuna never ceases to amaze.

No. 810570

He didn't get hired anywhere. Tuna would have bragged about it.

No. 810579

my first instinct was to feel bad for luna because my abusive mom claimed me one year over my dad who actually took care of me, but in lunas case….. her dad actually provides for her. feeds her, pays for her clothes and heroin (probably unknowingly) and i doubt shes worked enough to be considered someone who deserves aid lol(blogging)

No. 810582

According to the other farms her mom got evicted along with Luna and chief nonut

No. 810583

She mentioned Lurch has a degree in adolescent psychology.

Goddamn groomer, yikes. She doesn't stand a fighting chance leaving that codependent mess unless he ODs.

No. 810589

no receipts. kiwifarmers are bad farmers

No. 810597


at this point, school should be the least of her worries. 80% of this shit is just BS she wants to learn more about, Google is free, dummy.
And the fact that she thinks she's gonna be mentally happier when she moves out is ridiculous because then she's gonna have to start paying for her apartment and food which we all know she hasn't done in the past few years and in general is not used to spending her own money.
her best bet rn is to dump her pedo fiancee, move in with her dad, let him help her get clean and get a minimum wage job for a while to at least build up experience, work ethic, and save the money. fuck, while she's at it, maybe take up jogging or something.

No. 810622

File: 1608686334645.png (64.25 KB, 1000x179, stimulus.png)

No. 810637

File: 1608692548640.jpeg (99.72 KB, 828x944, 976A3BC3-D72E-4071-8FD0-021259…)

No. 810644

I know it’s mean, and I hope she gets better rather than what I’m envisioning, but I cannot wait for genuinely homeless Luna a

No. 810645

wow she really got her evil mom who let her stay with her for TWO years evicted

No. 810653

Didn’t she start the fire I’m her dads apartment also? She’s such a wreck.

No. 810654

Nah, she didn't start it. Hilariously she showed up with Lurch and painted her face with soot in an attempt to beg.

No. 810664

So her mom is gonna be homeless too, because of her and lurch. Of course there isn't an ounce of guilt or even consideration about this from tuna, just a passing statement. Not surprising but still disgusting

No. 810665

No, it was stated before her that her mom has found a different apartment but they will not allow Tuna and her baggage to follow. It's a different section 8 housing unit, but she will be monitored this time.

I could be wrong but anons had speculated that when her mom went to rehab this last time the landlord did an inspection and found Tuna and Lurch there, got pissed at their squatting and evicted them all out over renter violations.

I am wondering when they are supposed to be evicted, she said "homeless for Christmas", but here she is, two days before and still getting high off her lumpy ass playing vidya.

No. 810668

they’re a kind of a setting clip used for styling hair. it’s meant to keep the hair flat without crimping the hair under the clip. also, the spring of the clip doesn’t have a lot of tension, so the hair won’t bend under the clip. they’re used mainly for like blow outs, styling specific sections. it’s a specific clip you usually pick when you’re styling, not a clip used to keep hair out of the way.

have absolutely no idea why she’s interested in them, other than the fact that they’re pink.

No. 810694

Yeah I remember that lol.

Honestly rn I’m wondering when she’ll actually be homeless. Like she’s basically skated by the skin of her ass this whole time. I’ve watching her threads since like forever and I was one of the ones that thought once Roger died they’d soon be homeless, but here they are years later still grifting

No. 810696

File: 1608750549540.png (26.92 KB, 748x212, Screenshot 2020-12-23 140817.p…)

>but here they are years later still grifting

With Tuna selling unwanted nudes and Lurch literally begging every single day to Pelosi about more free money cause he and Tuna are "decent Americans." I guess stealing from graves and cars are decent things to do.

No. 810699

It's good that there will be someone looking after her mom and making sure she's not getting preyed upon.
Dunno about Lurch, but Luna still hasn't exhausted her last resort, i.e. staying with her dad.

No. 810704

Damn, good for her mom to be rid of these leeches. It’s indeed cruel to talk about people like this but considering it’s Luna I also can’t wait for homeless pink aesthetics saga

No. 810720

If she was smart she would go back to her Cripple-punk shit but she doesnt even mention the cotton eye joe knee anymore, or the joint pain that caused her to start shooting up. These conditions usually get wore with age, not better.

No. 810731

>a ladder to get to where the bed would go

a… loft? is she really saying that living in a loft as a 20-something in NYC is unacceptable?

No. 810735

Honestly I don’t think she can bounce between her mom and her dad’s forever. At some point she’s gotta become actually homeless. I don’t like she’ll get a job if she faces a real threat of eviction though…I think she’d just succumb to the streets.

No. 810762


No like a bunkbed

No. 810769

File: 1608805602400.jpeg (429.88 KB, 1125x1092, D7558C0D-C7C4-497A-9FE7-C9ECBC…)

So she has enough savings for a year’s worth of rent? I am reading posts where she is asking for help on Facebook. Someone advised her to move to Jersey, she said she has no way to get there (you can’t rent a moving truck or buy a junker car with all that savings?)

No. 810773

>I have enough savings to pay for a year of a rent if I have to
Usually I wouldn't nitpick it since I imagine nobody would like to pay rent a year in advance but from Luna it's hilarious since we all now she doesn't want to pay rent at all! It's like fine, I will pay if I absolutely have to, just let me in!

No. 810774

The absolute fuck this skank bitch has enough rent for a year.

Countdown to homeless tuna saga.

No. 810776

Also think its super funny she always mentions how long lurch has been her " fiancé". Saying they're been engaged for 7 years doesnt sound good, it sounds terrible.

Super long engagements are red flags in general but being engaged for 7 years just means ur not engaged. Where's your ring? What wedding plans have you made? It's fake Tuna.

No. 810777

>>806952 Right? Like honestly that detail alone makes her seem sus AF, who cares how long you been together, landlord only cares if you can pay rent.

Also you got any bank statements to back that absolute nonsense up or nah?

No. 810783


no not like a bunk, why do you think they're called fucking loft beds retard? they're usually a double, elevated off the ground to save space and without a second bed underneath it and lol suffice to say they're really common in student accom and small apartments for rent, but heaps of teenagers living at home have them too no matter whether or not they're well to do and most of them think they're ~cool~, so the fact loony's apparently never come across one before rly speaks to how sheltered/privileged she is

No. 810801

She's already said her dad is fine with cosigning a property so I'm assuming he's willing to fund her deposit/whatever prerequisites. There's absolutely no way she has $10,000 when she was whining about only owning like 2 switch games earlier in the year

No. 810802

That fact that she even wrote that and didn’t catch how fucking sad that is funny itself. Delusional. What was the excuse? He doesn’t have an ID or something to take to the courthouse for them to get married.

No. 810820

I have no doubt her father ponied up the dosh to get her a place- that’s what enablers do. I also have no doubt she has zero access to that dosh without his signature or presence because she would have spent it all on “uwu so cute” bullshit or smack. So yea we know it isn’t her money. She can’t even save herself much less a years worth of rent

No. 810832

File: 1608845969579.jpg (341.93 KB, 1080x1970, 20201224_143644.jpg)

The comment on that post are so predictable. Using Roger's death for sympathy points yet again, finding any excuse to not take the advice offered to her, making claims about her situation that barely make sense, and finding ways to talk shit about her fellow junkies.

No. 810835

File: 1608846798166.jpg (60.68 KB, 1080x678, 20201224_144351.jpg)

I know she's rounding up the time that they've been together but doing so is stupid considering that would put them at 17 and 34 when they got together.

No. 810841

>amazon is a soul sucking company that i am completely against
is luna fucking serious lmao

No. 810848

So they’re squatting? Am I reading this right? It sounds like they’re moving her mom because they moved themselves in, and they can’t get rid of them due to the moratorium.

No. 810849

How is this a “different” situation Luna? You literally got your mom kicked out of her apartment and you refuse to get a job based on some moral shite which is a pretty comfy excuse most poor people cannot afford. Honestly hope she gets put on the streets, if that doesn’t wake her up, nothing will.

No. 810853

my thoughts exactly. How come you are against Amazon when it comes to working for them but not when mass ordering useless garbadge dropshipped from aliexpress with a 30% markup? Huh?

No. 810855

Exactly. She must not be too against them since she happily adds a million different "cheap" and useless things to her amazon wishlist. She's against getting a job, not them.

And she can't guilt her mom into letting them stay this time. She made her mom relapse and had the nerve to complain about it while doing drugs around her. Tuna doesn't deserve the kindness that her mother showed her by letting her stay there for so long, but she's the "toxic" one.

No. 810856

This is why I don’t feel bad for people who still give her money and buy her shit online. She’s politely told about job opportunities and she suddenly had a moral compass about what jobs and companies she’s willing to work for. foh tuna.

No. 810857

Iirc the landlord can evict them, just not for nonpayment of rent due to covid? I mean we all know he would have a legit claim that she’s a drug addled twatwaffle so I don’t think the moratorium would apply here

No. 810863

Interesting it's been exactly 30 days since she first mentioned having to find a new place, and now she's REALLY freaking out. Didn't find anything to suggest she's been given an order to vacate premises on the NYC civil courts lookup, but I'm not American and I don't really understand legal stuff so I was massively out of my depth. 90% sure the moratorium wouldn't apply to her as it's not her tenancy, she was never expected to pay rent, and she was staying there illegally the whole time. It's only stopping people from being evicted due to non-payment of rent, not from being evicted for any other reason.

As an aside it's INCREDIBLE watching her try and grift a sane sober person nowadays. She posts this to a fucking group specifically for finding apartments and someone tells her that if she had her own tenancy agreement she wouldn't even be in this situation. So she posts her entire fucking life story for the group going back SIX YEARS full of ridiculous contradictions and lies (how can you be caring for a terminally ill old man and have him die suddenly and unexpectedly?). Not only that, she mentions she's been mooching off someone living in section 8 housing, AND she's illegally squatting even though they're trying to get rid of her. As well as mentioning that she has no job and is struggling to find one.

If I were a landlord I'd definitely message her, at least she doesn't smoke crack right?

No. 810872

She lives in New Rochelle, not New York City. Unclear if they’re getting a court eviction anyway, or just being told to leave.

No. 810873

she looks down on crack users like she isnt an addict herself. i guess her mantra of "be nice to drug users uwu" must not extended to crackheads. luna, they may sell and smoke crack but they are still smart enough not to get caught and thrown out unlike you and lurch. i wonder what finally tipped the landlord off?

No. 810874

i am in awe that luna said that about fucking amazon KNOWING she has an amazon wishlist and gives amazon money. so youre against them, except when they have cheap nails and sanrio shit for you to get dirty????

No. 810881

TL;DR: 90% of Tumblr users

No. 810900

I'm not sure if the landlord was 'tipped off' so much as 'told outright' after Luna's mother relapsed with her addiction and mental health issues following the arrival of Luna and Lurch. She had a stint in rehab and I wonder if she told her care team about her house guests and how they factored into her relapse. From the sounds of it, an alternate provision has been found for Luna's mother and she's being moved elsewhere, but Luna and Lurch are being kicked the curb (rightly so).

No. 810934


The sad thing is those two interviews were prob just to satisfy HR diversity interviewing quotas and were never going to amount to anything. I have no idea what job she could even get in downturn covid economy with zero viable skills and no work exp. Even the kind of jobs people in her position could have gotten get pre-covid, like starbucks or retail, have been either severely curtailed or eliminated altogether. Time to get an webcam and OF, luna.

No. 810935


what is it about renting a shared room with other 20-something ACAB leftists/crusties/junkies that is so intolerable to her? She wont need to go thru any real estate background checks and it would be in her budget. I know so many setups like that in les/chinatown with a revolting cast of people in very similar circumstances as Luna, except they are not a NEET and still give a shit about fighting for themselves. Plus the existing roomies who aren't completely fried (the one that signed the initial lease and has a steady job) will do massive mental gymnastics to not discriminate against red flag roommates like luna/lurch because muh mutual aid and muh socialism now no matter how often they get burned by such people.

No. 810939

they're technically not even getting evicted because they weren't residents there to begin with. it's like if you were sleeping over at someone's house, and they got evicted, you would have to leave too but you're not being "evicted" yourself. luna and lurch has effectively been sleeping over at her mom's house for 2 years, basically as guests, and now that they got her mom evicted and were found illegally living there, they are forced out.

luna is saying she's being "evicted" to make her situation sound more sympathetic or relatable. she actually lost residence because she never lived there legally in the first place and presumably got caught. there is no moratorium or anything on luna's illegal-ass living situation, only for her mom, who was the actual resident of the apartment.

she's not gonna find an apartment in NYC even if her dad cosigns. she has no references or credit. she and lurch has no job. her best bet is finding a roommate/s as slimy as her and moving in to their apartment. or a homeless shelter, but she wouldn't be allowed to bring her hoard with her.


No. 810941

Or Lurch gets put into a jail cell and she can write him uwu letters while she lives with her dad and continues taking selfies.

No. 810942

honestly i couldn't hope for a different ending to luna's story than this. either that or lurch would just die tbh

No. 810957

luna’s mum isn’t being evicted, she’s being relocated. which is great, maybe she can sleep in a bed after years of letting her garbage child and lurch have hers.

No. 810960

The most retarded thing of all is that she seemingly refuses to leave New York aka one of the most expensive places to live in on planet earth. I presume it’s because Lurch only deals dope on the nyc streets.

No. 810968

File: 1608925142197.jpg (292.92 KB, 1080x1940, 20201225_123634.jpg)

With such an impressive resume you would think it would be easy. When has she ever actually had an office job?

No. 810973

imo she’d be crazier than usual to move away from her mum and dad with only lurch for emotional support

and he could never get a job of any kind anywhere

No. 810979

Yeah, at this point, Lurch OD’n or something related is her best bet to have a shot at anything that’s better than her life now. She’s beyond enmeshed and codependent to leave on her own. He groomed her good (kek if he really does have a degree in adolescent psychology).

No. 810980

>i can type over 100 words per minute

Okay but is it gibberish while nodding off or actual words? She can't even go five minutes without taking some form of drug so I doubt she can actually type that much. The only physical things she has ever moved at work were her coworkers things into her own pockets.

No. 810981

This age gap will never cease to amaze me. Why does she stay with this disgusting homeless loser? Usually a woman in her 20s dating an ugly man in his 40s has financial perks, since most men in the 40s at the very least have their own income and apartment or even house. She is literally about to be living on the streets and her old man boyfriend can't even provide for her. She needs to leave him.

No. 810984


she is constantly blowing my mind, on what earth is she "perfectly qualified" for ANY job let alone office work lmao

No. 810985

I’m not sure why she’s so fixated on office jobs. I get it that she wants to sit in a chair, be in a cozy office and just having to sort through files and type in documents. Obviously she’s never going to get a job like this when other people are more put together, can do all that already + bring an extra assets like knowing how to do some Excel functions or basic accounting.

Feels like in her limited worldview, there’s only office job or amazon warehouse.

There are plenty of jobs that are more of less physically demanding but do-able like receptionist (in salons, offices), cleaning lady, call centres, hell I even worked as a packing lady for a bit and it was ok.
No they’re not top notch jobs but they’re not going to offer amazing positions with amazing salary to the first random crusty college drop-out that shows up in a tracksuit.

No. 810986

Fuck I hope her mom's situation will be monitored, otherwise you know they'll be back two weeks after move in.

No. 810987

>Why does she stay with this disgusting homeless loser?
It's grooming. Oh, and drugs too.

No. 810990

This is what I think will happen. Tuna will guilt trip her mom into letting her stay "for a few days" and it will be a rinse and repeat situation.

No. 811011

File: 1608956475311.jpeg (267.43 KB, 750x943, 869CB46E-D3A2-4276-B974-1A5D2C…)


No. 811012

File: 1608956603718.jpeg (262.5 KB, 750x837, 28FD4B9C-0920-4EA4-BBCB-4E5F91…)


No. 811013

Doesn’t help at all? Jesus she’s more delusional than ever right now. The amount of free shit her dad gives her, and is the one clearly trying to help her get a place to live. Cry more tuna.

No. 811014

She probably fixates on office jobs simply because she thinks she could sit in front of a computer all day, fuck around all day playing AC and produce nothing. Hey Luna try getting an HR job then those things apply.

No. 811017


>my mother has never paid taxes in her life

what?? is that legal?

No. 811018

Tuna wouldn't know whether or not her mom ever did. She only cares about herself so how would she know? Also, her mom clearly pays for bills and stuff so she has a job. If she didn't pay taxes, the IRS would be on her ass.

No. 811021

Considering her mom seems to be on housing assistance, she most likely earn so little that she doesn’t pay taxes.

I doubt there’s anything illegal about, she probably just report her income. There’s a difference with filing them and having to pay depending on your bracket.

No. 811022

She's probably on disability or welfare. You get taxed on that but it just automatically gets taken out. So tuna prolly hasn't seen her mom actually have to do her taxes

No. 811029

Office job, huh. She has no idea how low she's fallen, has she? She doesn't even realize how bad she's doing, there's no hope of bettering.

No. 811032

>fakeboi lovebombs every post
>crickets from Luna
>some random salty cowtipper talks shit
>'oMg Do I kNoW yOu? but anyway let me tell you more bs about my junkie life

No. 811033

File: 1608982773771.png (3.35 MB, 1366x5007, screencapture-heavenlykitten19…)

No. 811034

File: 1608982804074.png (315.34 KB, 536x487, Screenshot 2020-12-26 at 12.38…)

No. 811035

id almost feel bad for her considering, but this bitch will label everyone around her toxic if they dont give her her every creature comfort.

just the audacity to call her mom toxic while sleeping in her bed with her pedo dealing bf and continuously bitching about getting kicked out. like damn good on the state of ny for rehoming your mom, they see that her adult daughter is stringing her along.

fuck you luna you dumb bitch. ill be a dumb a logging retard but from day one

she wants to stay in ny city because of the aesthetics but bitches about how its expensive and nothing is available so feel bad for me its the governments fault. nah sweatshirt, youre just fuckin lazy. the bulk of us want a low/no energy job with high pay but you bring literally nothing. no one wants to hire someone who will chase the dragon every 30 minutes because theyll have withdrawals if they dont.

its not discrimination. its not even comparable to race or religion. what stuck uo spoiled brat. she fails to realize that normal families and friends dont usually treat addicts like this.

No. 811038

it’s giving me 40 year old facebook mom stuck in a makeup mlm trying to meet sells quota

No. 811057

File: 1609009744483.jpg (267.42 KB, 1080x1837, 20201226_120457.jpg)

Whats up with the pointless cowtipping? It's pretty obvious when fakeboi is the only one interacting with her previous posts. This shit is boring.

No. 811058

Then don't post it? Everyone knows cowtipping isn't milk, so don't feed into farmers who think they're owning cows by pulling stunts like this.

No. 811066

I actually really like how this looks on her. Now she just needs to not slather her lips in concealer and she'll look like a real, living human being and not a mannequin

No. 811077

"Perfect qualifications"
No recent references and like 8 years or however long with no employment history is a huge red flag for people hiring. How do you explain why you have fallen off the face of the earth job wise for so long?

No. 811082

File: 1609029410995.png (1.94 MB, 1808x786, cZQwP7D.png)

No. 811084

this school is over 50k a year. no way.

No. 811086

File: 1609032078821.png (36.55 KB, 747x307, Screenshot 2020-12-26 201956.p…)

Shouldn't she be more worried about the upcoming "eviction" than acting like a five year old playing in makeup?

No. 811088

File: 1609032266772.png (178.16 KB, 1028x520, Screenshot 2020-12-26 202317.p…)

From kf. Are they going to try to lock the landlord out? kek

No. 811090

"My door"??? Bitch, you're a soon to be evicted squatter.

No. 811093

luna really needs to stop oversharing. why let the world know that your front door is unlocked?? does she want to get robbed???

No. 811096

The entitlement is insane. “You need to fix the lock to an apartment that I am illegally living in”. Wtf lol

No. 811097

Lmfao the fact that she doesn't realize she, herself, is one of the crackheads

No. 811098

Also the fact the place was uwu super cute at least until they got found out and booted lol

No. 811099

Is completely against amazon for like….a JOB…. but orders literally everything she owns off there Lol

No. 811110

File: 1609056621904.jpeg (84.97 KB, 299x422, 5F05DA81-3043-4CED-9365-F76AF3…)


Everything she touches gets so filthy

No. 811111

yummy, it costs 0 dollars to take your xanax out and just turn the container upside down over the trash.

No. 811115

fuck off, poor people deserve dirty things too

No. 811118


This is the only thing I feel truly for her for. He will def died before he hits 60, leaving Tuna alone at 35-40, way past the point she could reasonably hope to attract any halfway decent man, even another junkie who is functional enough to actually work some labour job (they exist).

No. 811119

Oh my god the shitty press on those fake bars

No. 811125

God forbid one of the junkie tenants steal her stash or the 100$ they forgot to spend that day!

No. 811129

She should start a youtube channel. It would be more intersting than many of the vloggers that are on right now

No. 811132


Yeah I like it too but it doesn't look like that in real life. The filter is obvious.

No. 811134

Taylor Dean the other cow on here: If her YouTube wasn’t dead was basically that. A junkie broadcasting on YouTube in a shit relationship held together by IV drugs and pills.

I feel like Luna’s abandoned drug blogs have that same vibe though. Someone who doesn’t know how bad their wrecking their life and how dirty their surroundings are.

No. 811145

wasn't she involved with a weird cult dude last year, maybe the year before? i wonder whatever happened w/ that

No. 811149

I thought about the same thing the other day, but I reckon she doesn't want her stories out in the open just her little corner of Tumblr/IG/fb.

No. 811159

Yeah! He/cult leader dude was signal boosting e-begging for addicts in the group. He did this for Luna (iirc) but that’s about where their interactions stopped. I think when no $$$ was generated from his post, she grew disinterested. Honestly, she could use a fellow junkies house to crash at right about now. That seems easier than trying to larp as adults apartment hunting. Do they just have no acquaintances who can “help” or does Luna refuse to settle for a less than ideal arrangement? So weird.

No. 811198

it’s honestly amazing to me that someone with literally nothing to do day in and day out like Luna doesn’t have better makeup skills. she’s barely improving from a year ago and I just don’t get it. she wears makeup every single day and she barely gets better at applying it. at this rate, Luna is gonna be a MUA in ten years.

No. 811231


If you used heroin all day, every day, you’re makeup skills would probably get worse instead of better too

No. 811232

Nitpick. It's not like she can afford tons of makeup to practice with and waste.

No. 811235

Improvement happens if the person doing the daily task pushes themselves to do better or close to perfect, but doing a sloppy job every day only leads to never improving. Same as her drawings.

No. 811239

Are you new? If she can afford to shoot heroin every day she can afford drugstore makeup. Plus she has daddy constantly buying from her amazon wishlist

No. 811241

File: 1609163897097.png (986.14 KB, 535x2439, screencapture-heavenlykitten19…)

No. 811243

Heroin money doesn't count since she's not going to lay off the drugs anyway.

No. 811253

it's so trippy to me that luna is 24 and still draws bodies like this. it reminds me of a young person who doesn't understand anatomy yet. for someone who draws as much as her you'd think she would develop better technique naturally. but she literally had more artistic skill in high school and it's only gotten worse.

No. 811267

she won't do anatomy practice or figure drawing or any kind of way to improve, it seems

No. 811268

chris-chan tier

No. 811281

Anons, that takes effort and self-discipline. This is Tuna we're talking about, somebody who can't even handle reality without handfuls of shitty pressed xans.

No. 811285

File: 1609191910357.jpeg (305.96 KB, 750x987, 7BF4AA32-AEDF-4B67-A983-F77D08…)

From the other farms. Such an obnoxious thing for her to post.

No. 811290

File: 1609193340704.jpg (645.41 KB, 1080x1696, Screenshot_20201228-160806_Ins…)

So.. the engagement is just official now after all this time? Tuna, he's never gonna marry you.

No. 811291

Why is it her dads obligation to make sure she has an engagement ring? I know it’s Luna and she’s a perpetual woman-child that has to rely on her parents for everything, but still that’s got to be an indication to her that Matthew doesn’t actually give a shit about their engagement, right? Like if he actually cared and wanted to marry her he would have spent some of his own money and gotten her a ring a long time ago.

No. 811293

Lol what money . My first thought was “what poor woman took off her ring and forgot to bring it in from her cars center console?” Cause we all know Luna is totally full of shit.

No. 811295

It's so sweet that Lurch and her dad teamed up to get her a $5 thrift store ring. aw.

No. 811297

She’s spoken before about him dealing drugs and selling stolen goods meaning he’s had money at one point in their ~7 year relationship. There’s absolutely no reason he couldn’t get a cheap silicone ring or something of that caliber. A 40 year old man having to rely on his girlfriend’s dad to buy her an engagement ring should be a whole new level of pathetic for any other relationship but for them it’s just par for the course.

No. 811299

I read that as it was an heirloom that her dad "promised" her. Though it could just be something stolen from someplace, true.
If it is an heirloom how long until sge "loses" coughpawnscough it. She needs that money for a cute air bnb!

No. 811301

If you think about it she’s already set this up- with the whole “oh my door is broken and the landlord won’t fix it” bullshit. So I see her doing the whole “crackheads broke into my place and stole my ring But I found some heroin bundles in a garbage bag!

No. 811302

Why doesn't this bitch just count calories and exercise if she wants to be small so much? Oh wait, cause she's dumb as fuck.

And toxic? A toxic person wouldn't put a fucking roof over your head for free while sleeping on the couch so you can have their bed and bring in bed bugs. This bitch is seriously entitled as hell. I can't wait for it to be her, Lurch and her cat too. I'm waiting to see them struggle after all the shit they've put the people they used through.

Damn, her "fiance" couldn't even get her a ring, her dad had to kek. Does she ever read the shit she writes and realizes how pathetic it sounds?

No. 811303

Does airbnb have long term rentals? Or does she plan to get into one and refuse to leave? My adult, responsible friend tried to rent one and they needed a fax of her license and credit card. I doubt they have either of those.

No. 811304

I was just looking at it because I was also curious, you can choose places that rent out for months at a time. Seen one in new Rochelle for $300 a month but how likely is it that they could rent it?
Idk if there's any type of qualifications or background checks for renters.
Theyre probably waiting for their stimulus checks so they can get into one.

No. 811305

They would still need IDs and I don't think either one of them does.

No. 811309

i read this as her dad promised to buy matthew an engagement ring to give to Luna lol
her dad is evil but he is basically buying them everything they want except heroin? is that why she sees him as evil, cause he won't support her heroin addiction?
it's also frustrating that she's convinced starving herself and drinking only ice water is what's gonna make her thin. no, it's make her saggy cause starving yourself isn't gonna make you magically lose all the fat she's carrying around. the thing she needs to do is regular cardio and strength training, but that requires hard work, determination, and 45-60 minutes a day she'd rather spend getting high

No. 811312

File: 1609201539305.jpeg (252.33 KB, 1124x1383, 6B5C8C8E-ACCD-4522-98B9-5077D9…)

Nightmare fuel. (1/3)

No. 811313

File: 1609201564523.jpeg (991.87 KB, 1125x1404, 065B470F-F36B-40D1-BC12-8CAC35…)


No. 811314

File: 1609201662410.jpeg (293.66 KB, 1124x1393, CBC5FA14-2360-44DB-AE48-C73583…)


No. 811317

The brown crust around her lips… the way you can see her actual lip under the hardened, caked lipstick she's been wearing for at least a couple of days… truly disgusting. There's no words.

No. 811327

Love how shes in "desperate need" of finding a new place but she can still sit around playing with makeup and taking crying selfies.
Maybe pack your shit up and get ready to leave.
She's going to end up staying with her father or mother (again). Theres no way she'll get her own place.

No. 811348

Man what the FUCK is going on with her mouth. I get the caked up “inner” ring of bare lip but it looks like her whole mouth is crusted you, bloody, and chapped?
Girl drink some water and stop gnawing on your own lips wtf

No. 811386

File: 1609228395583.jpg (12.88 KB, 720x438, 1598535619673.jpg)

its really pretty incredible. im that much of an asshole that i hope she ends up struggling hard. shes been pretty lucky as far as junkies go. always having a bed to sleep on no matter the circumstance, shes been able to score a hit without having to pretend to go to rehab or actually hook. without having a steady stream of income she is living one of the best scenarios you could being addicted and NEET. her suffering is sweet

No. 811393

>is that why she sees him as evil, cause he won't support her heroin addiction?
Bingo. He's 100% supportive of her, 0% supportive of her addiction. She vilified him because of that. Now that her mother won't tolerate her junkie shit either, suddenly she's even worse than dad and oh so evil and abusive.
It always makes me want to a-log how she spits on people who genuinely care for her.

No. 811399

After seeing the colour of Luna's urine, I no longer wonder how her lips look so bad. It's incredible that someone can be that dehydrated and still basically function.

>caked lipstick she's been wearing for at least a couple of days

I think you're right tbh, the caption on these pics on tumblr is
>my ring matches my eyeshadow inner eye thing, my nails, amd eyes i love this ring so much ahhhhh 💕🥰🥰💕
which makes it sound like she's been wearing this look >>811034 for 3 solid days without washing her face

No. 811405

>>811314 Sweet fucking god, what a nightmare. I genuinely do not understand her mouth. What the fuck.

>>811313 I know non-traditional engagement rings are "in" (I have one myself) but like…why is the band so thick lmao it looks like a dude's ring. Also how does she not know what stone it is if it was promised to her? One would assume it's a sapphire surrounded by diamonds but you never know, I've seen some convincing-ass cubic zirconia in my day lol. This whole thing is so weird lol.

No. 811413

Holy fuck that's an ugly ring

No. 811417

goddamn, I'm actually excited about how this story is going to unfold. Easiest way out for them would be to move in with her dad.

Will they be evicted? Will they be homeless? Will this be the point where Luna finally gets to work hard for once and turn her life around?

No. 811420

Her parents aren't going to let her go homeless. She will drag this (the process of "finding" an apartment) out as long as possible and wind up squatting with one or the other.

Sucks for her because New York State (and esp. NYC/the metro area) has some of the most generous programs etc. for low-income residents. Even more so if you are in a methadone program…and I think it's the same for buprenorphine. A large clinic in NYC is just closing down right now so spaces are limited at some clinics but others are doing rolling admissions and the rest will open up again to new patients starting Jan. 3.

Once you're sober (not pissing poz for dope—replacement meds are fine), you become eligible for more programs. Luna could have housing help, school or employment training paid for, electric/energy bill assistance paid for and more. But she likes her life with Junji Ito-face in the hovel-hoard, so that's how it's gonna be.

That's how it is with every junkie. You don't quit for another person, even external circumstances often aren't enough—you quit when you are ready, and she may never be. Someday she will either get sick of living the way she does and head for rehab or MAT (medication-assisted treatment)…or she will OD.

No. 811423

File: 1609257708077.jpg (310.15 KB, 1280x1600, Purity-DM-028.jpg)

>getting an engagement ring from your dad instead of your bf
>after years of being supposedly engaged
your scrotes could NEVER. Dating Lurch is peak romance

No. 811427

also friendly reminder the ring looks nothing like Luna's dream uwu pink one that she's been whining about forever. turns out Lurch didn't even want to shell out 50 dollars for a lookalike kek

No. 811445

That's the thing—you can get a pink CZ ring, even something uwu kawaii aesthetic like a heart or some shit, off eBay for under $20. Lurch can't "afford" that yet he can rustle up between $80 & $300-$350 (assuming typical NYC-area discount for bulk bundles etc.) at a time for dope.

Imagine having the option of luxe living in a Midtown NYC penthouse and opting for ruining your life. All for a man who doesn't care about you at all. She used to tell the truth about Lurch in her older blogs c. 2016 too, like he yelled at her when he couldn't hit a vein, ignored her, and talked about hotter women in front of her.

Wonder if they will split once she can no longer offer free housing for his useless 40+ y/o ass?

No. 811467

File: 1609278917937.jpg (129.75 KB, 1080x709, 20201229_145208.jpg)

Seeing Matthew retweet this post complaining that landlords leech off of society while him and Tuna continously leech off of everyone they possibly can is great. They really have no self awareness.

No. 811478

He also RT Pelosi the other day re: the Secretary of Education nominee being "a champion of our children." Yah cause an un-married 40something loser w/ no dependents cares deeply about the quality of K-12 schools. Top kek.

We know he is a champion of dating those who were "recently children" but beyond that? Nah. He's probably just hoping the schoolyards of New Rochelle will provide better pickings for his next barely legal dopedate when Tuna's no longer useful to him.

No. 811487

He also calls Pelosi and other politicians pieces of shit for not giving him more covid money.

No. 811491

So last year during lunas first sex work stint, I bought her video where lurch gyrates her ass, soon after that video of her calling her dad surfaced so I ended up never posting it because it just seemed in poor taste. But fuck it, it’s been a year and Luna is awful so here it is

Part 1

Part 2

No. 811492

Oh my God anon what have you done

No. 811493

Oh my god send help. Her fat blubber making that noise. His long face and bandana. It’s too much.

Also I swear she used to wear this other cheap ass ring and said he gave it to her for “engagement”

No. 811494

Oh my god I'm so confused

No. 811495

Aw god they’re fucking in part two I can’t.

No. 811496

File: 1609289849833.gif (Spoiler Image,2.61 MB, 600x1067, 38E82865-336C-4C2D-8B14-E278D4…)

What is happening here???

No. 811499


I mean…wow.
I guess no one was under the impression that they are good at sex but why is Lurch staring into the camera like that?

No. 811501

It's been a long, long time since a lolcow.farm post made me audibly laugh in real life. This did it.

No. 811503

Her legs in the second video look necrotic.

No. 811504

what the FUCK is that first vid. the standing hump? lurch fucks like a deaf chihuahua on three legs

No. 811505

Deadass Have not seen anything that funny in a while and I only watched the first video
Its so awkward and horrible. The toilet paper that falls out of her underwear (why!?). The weird dry humping, lurches face, the face she makes when she gets mad at him because the awkward humping isn't in frame, which leads to an even more hilarious position and movements

No. 811507


those areolas………

No. 811508

Oh my god, these are so confusing and disturbing. Is he dry humping her in the first? Why do they think the ass gyrating is sexy???

No. 811512

File: 1609292645532.jpg (34.95 KB, 600x698, b07bc35d27eb0052738b2941a1c45d…)

Lurch staring to the camera, thinking his sad little limp dick is sexy kek
Remember that Tuna is wasting her youth away for that pathetic creature.
Thanks for that gross but funny milk anon, Merry Lurchmas!

No. 811514

How does one get a body like that in their early twenties? I know when you lose a lot of weight you get loose skin but this is a whole other level.

No. 811515

Super quick side note but this “nostalgiaispeace” girl - or w.e her handle is - is one of the biggest lurkers and it wouldn’t surprise me if she was lurking here/a farmer. Just saying. Defo cow tipping.

No. 811516

yeah what's that white jelly thing falling out of her vagina

No. 811517

fat + pear shaped

No. 811518

Aside from generally not taking care of herself, losing and gaining weight quickly and repeatedly can ruin fat distribution and skin elasticity.

>super quick side note
>"wouldn't surprise me if she was lurking here" but "is one of the biggest lurkers"
>"or w.e her handle is" even though the username is right there
No regular farmer talks like this. Did you come here to selfpost about your own cowtipping?

No. 811519

Omg omg what is going on hahaha bahaha this is so funny and so dang gross. What came from her underwear?!?!?!?

No. 811520

Looks like some toilet paper that'd been wadded up and in shoved in her underwear. Maybe a makeshift pad/pantyliner?

No. 811523

Oh my fucking god anon I am howling. He looks like he's trying to spin pizza dough.

No. 811526

The poor cat makes an appearance in the bottom left corner :/
Also WHY is her mouth hanging open the whole time like she cant breathe? From the drugs?

No. 811528

File: 1609298371197.gif (1004.52 KB, 335x251, 91267B0D-6C48-44C2-97A2-A73B74…)

what the fuck fell out of her ass?????? this milk is too much im ascending

No. 811529

I just noticed the cat, they were probably too high to get it out of the room or even know it was there. And I think she’s just a mouth breather lol

No. 811537

He really shook the pad out of her panties. I’m gagging.

No. 811540

Whoa…. I was not prepared for that mess. I feel like, kind of disturbed ngl.

No. 811541

File: 1609301114643.jpg (136.78 KB, 828x482, bitch what.jpg)

From kf. Everyone knew that she would pull the guilt trip card.

No. 811543

for fuck’s sake, the woman let her and her gross bf sleep in the only bed

No. 811544

did…something fall out of her pussy???? what the actual fuck

No. 811545

No the woman let them do this
In the only bed

No. 811546

anon my SIDES LOL.
This is truly milkmas!

No. 811548

Yeah she wont risk her sobriety and sanity again for her POS daughter and her ex-drug dealer.
What a monster.
Tuna is truly a disgusting person. Inside and out.

No. 811549

Bitch has had a year rent free. Between the both of them, they should have been able to find jobs or housing by now. She shouldn’t get sympathy from anyone tbh.

No. 811554

File: 1609303833220.gif (Spoiler Image,6.93 MB, 302x226, 20201230_124404.gif)

Lord save us anons, I have transcended to another realm

No. 811556

idk who this bitch is but she looks like a body that has been in the ground for 3 days and the dude is exhibiting some major tard humping techniques on it. having flashbacks to my mom's war stories from working in high school special ed

No. 811558

why they subjecting poor pepper to this?? animal abuse

No. 811559

what the hell was the point of this?????
i'm so fucking confused!!! he also looked like he was whipping his dick out and luna bends down but then he stands up and his dick is gone? and then he dry humps her against a wall? what the fuck is this AHHHHHHH

No. 811560

it looks like he’s struggling to rip apart her dumpy asscheeks jfc

also rip pepper for witnessing this mess

No. 811562

That cat is sitting next to them in the second video, too. Lurch moved it out of the way to hump the bloated corpse.

No. 811565

That’s why nobody should help this ungrateful bitch because the moment you stop (Even after being more than generous) she’ll throw you under a bus with 0 remorse.

Sometimes I wonder if the drugs seriously messed up this bitch head or if she was an ungrateful brat from the start. She likes to throw it in her mom’s face that she paid her rent with her grandma’s money for a while, now how much how that is true is debatable, but it feels like she had some sort of human empathy and emotions in the past.

There are plenty of addicts that are somewhat clean, she could take 1 hour of her time to clean stuff around at the very least. This bitch just turn everything into grimes and makes dreadful porn at her poor mom’s place. Imagine having a daughter and she turns out like this, unbelievable.

No. 811569

I honestly have no pity, I've known many addicts, and true none of us know her or her relationship with her mom or dad but they obviously care about her to a certain extent? Even to the point of being evicted after being evicted from her own fucking bedroom, seriously Luna is a shitstain on society at this point.

No. 811570

Can you imagine her mom seeing and hearing wtf is even going on this videos while trying to sleep on the fucking couch because those two ungrateful fuckers literally took over her bedroom? I don't care how "evil" her mom is if she was that bad they would never stay with her

No. 811571

luna is a