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File: 1674776301354.png (101.34 KB, 275x275, 1673161875804.png)

No. 908454

First thread: >>>/snow/93507
Previous thread: >>897986
Websites: https://momokun.co/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MomokunCosplay
Twitter: https://twitter.com/peachygirlmomo
OnlyFans: https://onlyfans.com/momokun
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Momokun
Instagram & Snapchat: mariahmallad, mmallad.jpg (formerly btsmomokun, xmariahmalladx), the ragdollranch (formerly mariahthecatlady, momoscats), peachycollective.co
Tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@xmomokunx (Banned)
Camversity: https://www.camversity.com/MariahMallad/profile (Old, deleted)
Pornhub: https://www.pornhub.com/users/mariahmallad (Inactive)
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/momokuncosplay
Subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Momokun_MariahMallad/

Tumblr blog receipts are all outdated as fuck (we're talking like when she got banned from twitter) but here they are if you want them.
(You need a tumblr account to view this one since it's an 18+ blog).

Please keep the discussion about Momokun, her calves have their own thread here >>>/w/92925
General Costhot/Cosplayer thread over here >>>/w/174607
Don't post irrelevant random cosplayers "roasting" her on Twitter unless there's actual new milk attached. We've seen it a million times by now.
Nitpicking, armchair analysis/diagnosis, cat sperging and blog posting are against the rules.
Asking if we have media links to her content is also not cash money. Stop.
And yes, we know about the Kik for Fat ad.

Last Thread:
>>Her goth gurl phase already comes to an end
>>Obviously bought engagement on her cosplay photos
>>Boyfriend saga with lifeofozy begins. He moves in right away.
>>Her boyfriend keeps making posts about being in it for the money and attention. Claims to have access to her account
>>They break up but soon get back together in less than a month.
>>Claims sagging skin and wide body is due to extreme weight loss, extremely low body fat and muscle gains
>>Moo's attempt to appear as a skinny queen fails as her SO exposes her actual obese size via candids.
>>Claims to have a 25 inch waist
>>A lot of bad porn or photos that looked like they were edited in MS paint
>>Elderly cat Jaeda passes away. R.I.P
>>Peachymomokun account banned
>>Senpai Squad and lvl up exp featuring Momo despite people not wanting her there
>>Last thread ends with both Moo and Ozy flinging shit at how the relationship ended. It was revealed both were verbally and perhaps physically abusive to each other. Both were texting their ex. Both were obviously not in it for love. A lot of speculation is up in the air. A match made in narc heaven. More relationship drama to come.

No. 908455

Mercy nonna's, this is my first time making a thread

No. 908457

The other day I was reading through the last couple threads and it looked like Ozy/Peter’s instagram account is gone (Unless he changed the name, I obviously wasn’t following)

No. 908458

In the last thread wasn't it proven that he owed his "ex" thousands of dollars?
I find this funny because didn't another anon speculate he was with another attractive OF thot and was just using Moo for the money and clout? Since he has no income of his own you know he was using Moo's money to pay the other woman. Ouch

kek you're right
I hope anons who were transcribing this has some of his posts before he ran off
He's so sketch

No. 908463

It's "heyitsozy" now

No. 908465

File: 1674781611588.jpg (292.88 KB, 940x613, momoscats.jpg)

finally a new thread.
She's already replaced jaeda with two new cats.
One of them has a heart murmur (which i swear one of her other cats has/had) and hyper thyroid, while the other is, rather fittingly, fat.
Also got me thinking, we haven't seen any mention of either the lizard or snake she had

No. 908471

she's going off on twitter rn.
Apparently one of the egirls she follows/thirsts over is in drama or something

No. 908472

File: 1674784952193.jpeg (701.51 KB, 2971x3264, 2DFC88CE-4E7F-45F4-9C80-942E20…)

She couldn’t edit out that weird yellow stain on her skin? lol I added the reference she put in since it shows she’s incapable of portraying Pochaco’s personality correctly at all, after all these years doing the same character. The only emotion she knows is boredom.

I’m currently capping her unhinged rants on Twitter and man… it’s really hard trying to decipher her cunty gibberish. There’s a lot so I’ll be saging the posts.

No. 908474

File: 1674785706456.jpeg (840.72 KB, 1287x1871, F762E030-8C13-437B-A9DB-D9D8E2…)

Moo, you literally run from anyone that confronts you in person, gtfo.

No. 908475

File: 1674786803890.jpeg (1.03 MB, 2481x3264, 8798C639-E4E8-4446-808F-2C05B8…)

I’m not really posting these in order because it’s all over the place but I think the start of all this is because her friend Mimsy (Amber) was exposed for some shit.

No. 908476

File: 1674786907197.jpeg (759.84 KB, 3264x2136, 784E536F-74FD-4A7B-8996-2B76DA…)

No. 908477

File: 1674787013747.jpeg (1.1 MB, 2176x3264, D839827A-8037-4D84-8207-5EAB21…)

No. 908478

File: 1674787106714.jpeg (1.08 MB, 2331x3264, E18E26F7-1E16-4F70-BCAA-B6A830…)

No. 908479

File: 1674787220533.jpeg (1.16 MB, 2271x3264, E8634267-14EA-4B43-8B92-C483FE…)

If any other anons wanna scavenge her Twitter threads, please do. I’m getting brain rot from reading it.

No. 908480

File: 1674787332870.jpeg (1.09 MB, 2522x3264, 40AC187B-0F07-4BCB-BF15-95B3A2…)

And finally just some random bullshit. God she really is just a stunted 16 year old in a 40-something’s body.

No. 908481

This thread is proving to be milky as hell

Though it's telling how bothered Moo is. She was outed as a predator and she's still mad years later. But watch her defend her "friends" till the end of days. They're only bullies if they personally cross her. It's basically what Moo is saying. What a narc

You're doing gods work
Moo is only acting this way because she thinks she's invisible because her money doesn't come from the cos community or women. It comes from disgusting scrotes who jack it to porn. She just wanna feel superior to other sex workers by claiming it's cosplay. Even the photo studio she sank a huge part of her income into didn't get her foot back in. And sucking literal dick for SS doesn't count

No. 908482

wait, Moo is getting in trouble for her taxes? Does she think she can beat the IRS? She's been shady for years. Her claiming to own multiple businesses and incomes when it all just comes from her only fans. Her paid vacations written off in her taxes. I'm sure there's other shit she's in trouble for. She can't just say "Talk to my lawyers" and pretend they'll go away

No. 908483

she didn't do her taxes last year either if I'm not mistaken

No. 908484

Ty for your efforts, nona

>I grieved for months watching the cancer spread
I feel like this is the first time she mentioned Jaeda having cancer and receiving chemo (outside of Ozy mentioning it in his stream in the previous thread). Maybe it was mentioned in passing and never brought up again because it was upsetting to her. Then again, she only brings up her numerous animals when we talk about them first.

No. 908485

I think she did a few years ago when her other cat was sick. But instead of taking the cats to the vet she dumped them at that wolf sanctuary while she went on vacation (She hasn't been back since)
But there has been zero news of Moo taking that cat to treatments, giving them any pills or drips, nothing
The fact that she went cat shopping the next day is kind of telling. Even she states she doesn't want to morn and "continue the love"
which is just ignoring her cats and letting others care for them

No. 908487

That's kinda cold blooded. Jaeda's ashes haven't even come in yet Moo jfc

No. 908488

she probably didn't do her taxes for a long long time. irs doesn't go after people the first year they don't file. it's probably because she registered her studio as an LLC and they looked into it.

No. 908493

She's going to delete this rant of the day and go back to clutching crystals and go on about light, love and peace and how everyone else is toxic

No. 908494

>built like a line backer

I don't think anyone but lolcow has ever described her in this way and it's so obvious she's now trying to spin it as a compliment instead of something that bothers her deeply lol

No. 908498

File: 1674793525879.png (51.68 KB, 754x402, absolute trash.png)

Imagine admitting to amending taxes so that you don't have to pay taxes by making it look like missing donations were just oopsies and not because you're trying to scam out of paying your share of taxes.

No. 908499

She can never decide which larp she wants. She's either shooping herself into oblivion trying to convince herself and everyone else that she's actually a skinny kween with a 25 inch waist and dump truck ass, or she's pretending she's a stronk bulky gym rat who snorts protein powder and could totally compete in the Olympics if she wanted to guys. She's obviously neither and just needs to pretend so she hates herself less lol

No. 908500

Any larp is better than admitting she's morbidly obese
It's whatever fits her narrative of the day. She's going to delete this rant and go back to being a white witch who will post a random quote from a self help book and say she's a being of love and light. It's a cycle.

Moo's true identity can only be described as "Eric Cartman"

No. 908502

Moo writes like my junkie cousin who’s constantly “recovering” but fails to make any progress.

No. 908504

this thread sucks, kys(shitposting)

No. 908506

Are these people supposed to be actual adults? They all sound completely retarded.

No. 908509

File: 1674803933832.jpg (69.92 KB, 1170x1234, FndPsRYWYAAkJUj.jpg)

so moo is going to continue supporting mimsy after this?

No. 908510

Oh, I thought this had something to do with Moo and Discord, but this is just Mimsy's discord. Keep this stuff in the /w/ thread unless Moo is actually involved.

No. 908512

He owed his ex's DAD thousands. This is his claim as to why he couldn't cut her off socially.
Completely ignoring how divorced parents can share custody of a child and never contact eachother directly. But his snaggletoof ass can't transfer funds without having her digits? Venmo? Paypal? A check in the mail?
I for one am more interested in which ex moo is talking to. The way she acts like a sugarmama is hilarious. Just imagine if she did move to Japan. She'd be poor for all she would be spending to keep hosts telling her she's not fat.

No. 908514

the only thing u can’t say about her is that she didn’t love her cats, that’s her ONLY redeeming quality.
though getting new cats immediately after she (jaeda) died is cold blooded in my opinion.

No. 908517

That may be true but you gotta admit that she's kind of irresponsible when it comes to pet ownership. She owns mad cats because they're relatively hands off, but I can't imagine that the reptilian pets she owns get that much love and care. Who knows though? She definitely doesn't talk about them. I'd love and also hate to see her try her hand at dog ownership. She'd probably be scratching at her scalp until it's raw from the stress lol.

No. 908522

She can claim to love her cats as much as she wants but she has constantly put them in harms way and done things that are known to mess with cat's health.
>Last time she bought new cats she admitted to not quarantining them nor giving them a proper time to adjust
>when she would make her garbage cosplays still she showed that she would have the cats around glues with toxic fumes and other things that are dangerous for cats
>Now immediately replacing a cat with new ones, which is almost sus to me cause is it really that easy to adopt cats with needs? I thought there's usually a pretty long process to prove that you can be accountable for any emergencies the cat may have. How is she going to do that when she's back to waddling around cons?
If they were normal or younger cats I wouldnt complain about it but there's a heightened level of responsibility you need to have, especially if you go out of your way to adopt older cats with health issues.
Even if she 'loves' them as much as her shriveled heart can it doesnt mean that it's on par to a normal person loving a pet.

No. 908524

this. i even remember her talking about how the cats were bullying eachother and she just let them "tough it out". not all cats are the same and can tolerate others. she doesn't even seem like she interacts with them much and probably thinks they're hands off like this retard >>908517 cats require just a much attention and care as dogs and demand more attention in fact if they're needy because they're not as obedient.

No. 908525

>a tentative mother
Assuming she meant "an attentive mother" in trying to translate Moo-speak.
At least she adopted older cats instead of buying more designer breed kittens, but there's a reason they usually tell you to wait a few months or even a couple of years before "replacing" your animals who pass. Feels more like "look at how amazing and caring I am, give me attention" rather than actually caring about the cats.

Yes please, give us a Moo tax saga! I wonder how much of her wigs, make-up, bikinis, dildos, and crap for the terrible sets in her "studio" she tries to write off as business expenses (if she does her taxes at all).

No. 908526

>At least she adopted older cats instead of buying more designer breed kittens
ah yes, much better of her to adopt animals with more needs!

No. 908529

> I thought there's usually a pretty long process to prove that you can be accountable for any emergencies the cat may have. How is she going to do that when she's back to waddling around cons?
Nah. No one adopts elder cats or elder dogs. They cost too much, aren't as attached, come with baggage from previous owners or trauma. Frankly, it's not really terrible that some fat, well-off, work from home sex worker is taking on the responsibility. Will she be great? No, but it's better than being euthanized. Some of you anons have really high standards for pet care when a lot of the population does not. I mean, yeah she's not great in a lot of situations but a lot of pets in America are treated terribly. As for cons, she doesn't go really anymore since she was outted as an abuser and her rep only gets worse as Zoomers are less tolerant of that shit. Moo is also older and is suffering loss from her studio even if she uses those losses as a tax write off.

No. 908531

To be fair Moo killed a bunch of snakes and lizards because she got bored of them in less than a month, bought more to prove she's a good owner, got bored and so on.

The only reason the cats are alive is because cats don't need as many needs as reptiles. That and she forces whoever lives with her to take care of them. If she has no one she dumps them at her moms place or tells her mom to come over.

Umbran is the one who feeds the cats, cleans the litter box and I'm sure was the one taking care of Jaeda. Now Moo brought in two more cats to dump on her "friend"
Yeah the cats aren't being euthanized, but it isn't fair for the people in Moo's life whenever she impulse buys an animal

No. 908532

>To be fair Moo killed a bunch of snakes and lizards because she got bored of them

We literally have no proof of this, it's just something a lot of anons have tinfoiled. Don't say it as though it's verifiable fact. It's true that we haven't seen them in awhile, but I think it's honestly more likely that she bought them to try and impress some guy, it didn't work, and she probably just re-homed them. I don't like Mariah either but I don't think there's ever been proof that any of her pets have actually died due to gross negligence on her part.

No. 908533

>it's just something a lot of anons have tinfoiled.
She usually whips them out when she reads here they're talked about. Snakes and Lizards can die pretty easily and we've seen nothing about them being alive. So it's not that anons are tinfoiling, if you kept up with mooriah, you'll understand why people feel they probably died.

No. 908534

That and Moo is an extreme over sharer
She will show the cheap cat food she buys in bulk for her cats every so often. But you don't see her buying any pinkies, meal worms or calcium for her exotic pets. And the tanks are not in her house in any of her photos when before they were out n easily noticeable.
I can agree it's a tinfoil, but a very possible one

No. 908537

suffering is not better than dying.

No. 908538

>In honor of Jaeda's passing I didn't want to just sit here and grieve, so I adopted two brand new cats
Moo you have like what, FIVE other cats? Couldn't you just give them more attention than adding more into the mix?
>Two senior cats that probably had previous owners and names they are used to
>Renames them to fit her precious animu
Such a caring momma.

No. 908539

So I'm retarded for saying that cats are "hands off" ? I wasn't saying that you can give them 0 attention and never take care of them, but they're definitely less of a responsibility than a dog. You don't have to take them outside and many cats only give you attention when they feel like it. Are you retarded???

No. 908541

I don’t think the cats are suffering in a home where they will be able to likely have free range of a home environment. Shelters are over crowded and cats in particular are hard to place, let alone senior cats. I’ve worked at rescues and unfortunately have seen elderly cats that had to pass away in a crowded, general population without the individual treatment and love they deserve. I can commend anyone who takes a senior pet into their home. Even if they are an asshole, some assholes still care for and live their pets and I can look past that single aspect at least.

No. 908542

Can we not cat sperg and go back to the cosplay and ozy stuff?

No. 908543

Cats don’t need to be quarantined when they are adopted. Most reputable places don’t have animals listed as available until they are through a quarantine first at the rescue. As far as not getting along with other household cats, her house seems large enough they can have their own space. In a shelter environment, cats are either in a general population with many other cats or in a small cage, which is a very sad option for any animal. I don’t think Moo is ‘continuously putting them in harms way’.

No. 908544

Does Ozy even have a job?

No. 908545

they need to be quarantined as in separated from eachother or the one that was already there can get territorial and kill the new cats.

No. 908547

please refer to >>908522

No. 908548

>if you kept up
I've been here since the early threads, I know what she's like.

I'm not even saying it's impossible that they died, just that we don't have any evidence that they did and anon I replied to was stating it as if it was a fact. It's something I've noticed a lot in these threads lately, anons just saying untrue or unverifiable things as if they're well established facts. We have so much tangible evidence of Mariah being a shitty person, we don't have to make stuff up about her.

No. 908549

no one does that.

No. 908550

File: 1674852716777.jpg (16.84 KB, 569x179, Screenshot 2023-01-27 135046.j…)

Ozy does not want our attention.

No. 908551

File: 1674852803538.jpg (56.56 KB, 527x576, Screenshot 2023-01-27 135300.j…)

so he's gonna be at LvL Up too?

No. 908552

If you want to introduce cats with as little stress as possible, yes you do. The other anon was dramatic about them killing each other, but introducing cats slowly and keeping them separated is how most people/ experts would suggest.

No. 908553

The last reply cracked me up. She's into woo-woo stuff again

No. 908554

i wasn't being dramatic, it happened to someone i know with two male cats. it was entirely her fault, but it does happen.

No. 908555

File: 1674856253655.jpeg (944.8 KB, 2241x3264, 6665AAA0-D315-4139-90D5-DC07C9…)

Moo is back to fighting with people on Twitter again and lying about her procedures/spreading misinformation. Doesn’t she have two brand new senior cats with disabilities to take care of?

No. 908556

File: 1674856365783.jpeg (557.51 KB, 1277x1610, 463D16C0-589D-47E6-83F7-706B87…)

She responded to Mimsy’s apology post. I’m glad more people are getting on Moo’s flat ass but it’s not enough imo

No. 908557

File: 1674857160896.jpeg (232.95 KB, 828x1607, FF4C2193-031D-45B7-9BAA-20E0CB…)

Check the website, it’s a weight loss tea

No. 908558

File: 1674857214151.jpeg (277.11 KB, 828x1608, 84140C49-1647-49C0-AF0F-227AB9…)

No. 908559

Not the people who matter like shits like Yureta

No. 908562

aren't weight loss teas a scam and actually damage your GI like that person mentioned? She'll do anything in her power other than eat smaller portions and work out. I guess Moo doesn't care because she's under 30 and isn't seeing the consequence of her actions while also avoiding the doctor like the plauge.

No. 908564

No, he leeches off women he dates
Why he owes his ex money and why he moved in with Moo right away.
He opened up an only fans when dating Moo because he thought he could make an income like that. But as far as I know only women and giga chads make big bucks there

No anon, Umbran is taking care of them. Joking aside, I don't think Moo should be getting more lipo and plastic surgery with the IRS sniffing around. I can't believe Moo is giving weight loss advice when she uses lipo as a means of weight loss.

Also the full body thing she's talking about is def removing the excess skin and a breast lift. It's such a waste of money and effort because once she stops lipo and her snake oil poop teas she's going to re gain and stretch her skin out more. This is such an unhealthy way to lose weight. I'll be surprised if she makes it to 32

No. 908570

She's really fighting fake tooth and nail to stay relevant. Even if it means posting her whole shitty personality on the internet. I guess to her, negative attention is still attention.

No. 908571

So basically it’s the Fittea shit again, only this time she’s not shilling for ad revenue. No wonder Moo is so obsessed with toilets, she probably spends half her day on one.

No. 908572

File: 1674861203840.jpeg (104.27 KB, 1055x1609, 970DDB8D-1E58-4A74-8D09-C68876…)

Her legs are so gross. Fur suit thighs

No. 908573

File: 1674861300199.jpeg (Spoiler Image,565.91 KB, 1536x2048, 14E527CD-4B2B-46E6-800C-2D51E6…)

I think she’s capping for this ugly white so much because she’s the only one besides akemis busted face uses her shit studio

No. 908575

File: 1674862101358.jpeg (840.62 KB, 3264x1552, C89676AE-3547-4F61-96D1-6FB59B…)

Which she’s probably not even paying for either lol

Moo can’t for the life of her just shut the fuck up and keep her nose down. She keeps inserting herself into shit like this knowing she’s gonna get dog piled, and rightfully so. Moo, you’re not a martyr.

No. 908576

She used to come here and defend herself/insult anons - so we can't talk about her but she can talk shit about other girls. Kek

No. 908577

Mariah is such a bad luck charm

No. 908580

File: 1674864918867.jpeg (599.47 KB, 828x1433, AD7230D8-65BD-4223-A197-2ECDEA…)

There’s a joke everyone fell for that Amber used an AI for the apology
Wish Amber was more milky but maybe once the dust settles she can be added to the calves

No. 908581

If Moo spoke to her about what to say (assuming it was over texts) then why not provide the "heartfelt and meaningful" first draft as proof? I’m shocked she didn’t go ahead and use Moo’s classic "I have ADHD". Mariah should have been the last person to talk to for public apologies.

No. 908584

That waist shop kek!
I can see she can't decide if she wants skinny legs or big ones.

These bitches are embarassing. The flowers are all warped around her head and waist

Moo really needs to stop speaking for other people. By Moo's own admission she barely hangs out with her. So they're barely friends. More like Moo attaches herself to the most toxic cos thots in hopes they don't turn around and out her as well. It's a mean girl clique except it's completely 1 sided. None of these bitches will defend Moo, rightfully so

Moo is 1000% talking out of her ass. She pretends her friendships with others are deeper and hope others wont call her out. Just like how she pretended she was bff's with Belle Delphine, Nigiri and Etika.
It's how she inserts herself into drama to stay relevant. And if anyone claps back Moo will pull up the one screenshot of them saying hi as "proof" of their friendship. It's pathetic

No. 908588

I think it’s more her always wanting to be in the cool girls group. She jokes about the Mean Gurls reference but she is actually always abd forever will be chasing Regina George and desperately wanting to be a plastic.

No. 908591

File: 1674874808217.gif (2.98 MB, 498x427, fake-press-on-nails.gif)

Making a bad joke but Moo is already plastic. Nothing on her body is real kek

No. 908599

File: 1674891214376.jpg (Spoiler Image,133.91 KB, 1079x1617, Momo14.jpg)

What in the actual fuck is this face/pose?? No wonder she sticks to the same shit, this looks so unnatural.

No. 908600

The 50 yard stare is from her knowing all the editing work that's going to need to be done.

No. 908601

well how it do? Is that some like Mulholland Drive shit?

No. 908604

File: 1674900071906.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.23 MB, 1284x1720, 16317B10-54A4-4C16-BA82-DF1E72…)

Okay, she’s definitely working with Akemi in this set. It’s fucking hilarious.

No. 908605

File: 1674900176982.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.39 MB, 1284x1800, EFFFA628-8B0A-4522-8398-90D249…)

NSFL. Jesus christ.

No. 908606

This is so gross/vulgar, I can't believe that commers like this shit

No. 908610

Everything she does is so insanely unsexy and gross, looks like she's getting ready for a colonoscopy.

No. 908612

by this point she should just get tied up and used for some rape fantasy porn , i still remember the time that in some fucking video the guy that was railing her said " just shut up", lets face it , procedures and personality aside she just cant be sexy , its like she has the anti-gene for sexyness

No. 908614

I wonder if that dude was the "abusive ex" Ozy was whining about in his stream.

Just goes to show our cow will do anything for dick, whenever she manages to snare one.

No. 908618

Maybe if she had implants or something this joke would be better, but she hasn't had anything put in that we know of yet.

No. 908625

Anyone who rejects Moo also happens to be abusive. It's funnier because Moo was boasting how much of a bad bitch she is and how she'll beat on anyone who doesn't treat her right.
Anyway, I don't believe anything Moo says, or it's at least a half truth

No. 908626

File: 1674929753437.jpeg (1.23 MB, 891x1925, 028B83D2-751D-490B-AE4D-F3CB05…)

Moo needs to lay off the filters, Jesus Christ.

No. 908627

Another reason moo might be so hard pressed to keep her calf amber safe is because amber also accuses anyone who doesn’t want to be with her of abuse/rape. Just like moo did.

No. 908631

File: 1674935505019.jpeg (855.28 KB, 1307x1142, 045F8D18-0DEC-4084-835D-10AFAB…)


tbf you also failed college. Linguistics major my ass.

No. 908632

File: 1674935583562.jpeg (1.51 MB, 3264x2803, B2E948B7-7054-46FE-8406-6BB63B…)


No. 908633

single and coping

No. 908634

>uses an apostrophe in a plural word

No. 908636

damn she looks like she's 40, she needs to change up her eye makeup

No. 908637

She needs to lay off the asain beauty filters. This is legit just scary to look at. It's like she maxed out all the settings on the app
I guess now that Ozy isn't editing her pics she has to use her phone

No. 908641

File: 1674947406082.jpeg (439.45 KB, 1284x2013, 47C5DEFC-6681-4254-89D9-3671BB…)

Y’ALL I CAN’T I loved how she begged everyone in her other to give people another chance but she’s out here like this

No. 908643

gotta get that narcissistic supply of attention somewhere, even if it's negative

No. 908645

Hard agree, I am physically repulsed by her fake lashes. They look like she glued fur from a dead animal to her eyes. Falsies/lash extensions are fine as long as they still look like they belong on a human.

No. 908662

it’s kind of funny to see how filtered and edited her face is to the point she doesn’t look human, then looking down and seeing zero editing to her thighs

No. 908663

File: 1674996527709.jpeg (447.97 KB, 828x1339, F25D160B-187A-4833-9B71-1751DB…)

she’s getting shredded on twitter rn its hilarious. so many quote retweets and replies dunk on her. she keeps using laugh emojis, so she must be seething

No. 908665

the lack of self awareness given the fact she cant keep her hands to herself.
always the one who retaliates thats in the wrong to her lol. -v(-v)

No. 908666

Christ, I can't tell if the filters made her hands that small or they're just small because they're against her massive girth. She going on and on about weight loss but these pictures really state the opposite lmao. And her pupils are so distorted, this is some horror level shit.

After all these years I'm still so glad she keeps posting this type of garbage thinking she's slaying.

No. 908676

holy mother of kek look at that fucking dimple

Her eye make-up is so abysmally terrible. I've never called Moo fat or even ugly, but her poor choices when it comes to artifice make me want to a-log the fuck out of her every time. It drives me so mad I made my own Momokun Beautification Plan (Illustrated)

No. 908679

She's missing main points.
They're focusing on HER behavior rn. It doesn't matter what others do. "Well other girls are mean!" it doesn't justify her behavior. Be in control of you and don't blame your actions on others. Zero accountability

It's obvious she just wants attention and right now she's flicking her bean because she has it, even if it's negative.
It's going to backfire however because her current game plan is to surround herself around the most toxic cosplayers in the community. They will either not give her the time of day when she gets in trouble or throw her under the bus if she annoys her too much. But I get it, any friend Moo had that was a decent human being has left her.

No. 908680

File: 1675022369236.jpeg (912.51 KB, 3264x2348, C57D1C05-CE15-4482-BDB4-D445CD…)

I wonder what her "therapist" thinks about her only viewing herself through filters.

No. 908682

File: 1675023271895.jpg (49.16 KB, 338x254, horse teeth.jpg)

She's so god damn ugly.

She's flexing the sexual assaults now but this is all going to bite her in her flat ass just like it did back then.

No. 908684

I'm sure her "therapist" tries to get her out of his tattoo shop as fast as possible
Moo would see a real one and leave the office after the first visit because they'd def tell her she's a narcissist

No. 908685

>She's flexing the sexual assaults now but this is all going to bite her in her flat ass just like it did back then.

Actually not really. Before she was a somebody in the cos community and she was still trying to maintain some of her "I'm a pure lil angel, I'm the real victim here" attitude. now she's a nobody in the actual cos community and is just a porn thot and everyone knows she's a bitch
"Oh Moo told a girl she's fat and slapped her face at a con? Typical Moo." Nothing will actually be done

The only thing that'll make Moo cry and go "woe is me" is if her onlyfans was taken down. She knows she isn't a cosplayer and the only thing keeping her up is porn.

No. 908686

Even with the filters she's still huge. I can't wait for a candid to slip in soon. With how milky Moo has been it's only a matter of time. I like to think Moo breaking up with Ozy and failing to get the scrote she actually wanted is making her act out.

Though laughing how her 40+ obese lookin ass is back to doing her teen larp. May as well dress like your mental age. You also know she's catfishing another scrote with these.

No. 908687

It's the sperging that comes after that I'm mostly referring to. Any time a mass of people say something to her, she spergs.

No. 908688

i dunno how moo still makes enough money to sustain her lifestyle. no way that many scrotes actually sub to her OF right?

No. 908689

if you think about it she does make bank and she isn't spending as much as she was
She got two cars and a house. She no longer goes on two weeks international vacations. Her biggest expenses are her dead photo studio, food and plastic surgery. She also saves enough for engagement
She isn't living a poor life. But she's what I like to call fake rich. Shit cosplays, cheap everything, Ikea furniture.

A good comparison to someone who's actually rich is Stephanie Soo. There is also a saying, I forgot what it was. But when someone saves enough money for a house but can't fill it with furniture. It's what Moo did.

No. 908690

She's influencer rich. Upper middle.

No. 908710

Rami Malek tier butthole eyes. For real tho this is a terrifying picture. Her eyes are so cold and dead and have been for years.

No. 908717

she has fansly partner in her twitter bio, how many fansly streams has she done since putting that there?

No. 908728

File: 1675093868268.jpg (Spoiler Image,100.98 KB, 1079x1617, IMG_3971.jpg)

Akemi has dropped to a new low

No. 908729

Everything about this looks so crusty.

No. 908730

I just can't get over the tiny butt cheek she's trying to balance on. Moo will never have one as long as she refuses to get a BBL. She hasn't grown on in months even with all her trying. >>908572 We can all see the bad editing and desperate attempts.

No. 908731

The money/access to the studio can’t be /that/ good for her to be doing this. Moo has (I hope) joked in the past about Akemi being her boyfriend, how much does anyone want to bet that she actually believes it?

No. 908733

Imagine hating yourself so much to the point that you use insane filters because the amount of plastic work and fake shit isn’t enough

No. 908734

Oh my god, ew. Why would akemi agree to this?

No. 908738

I know we say this all the time but. The smell. I hope Akemi got paid good. If not, she's just as vile as our cow. Disgusting

No. 908740


she might be rich, but she can’t keep someone around her for a second unless she pays them. this bitch is too narcissistic for a relationship.

No. 908743

File: 1675109622078.jpg (60.3 KB, 678x567, back.jpg)

Ozy's back.

No. 908744

File: 1675109934715.jpg (39.86 KB, 899x133, Screenshot 2023-01-30 131811.j…)

A rumor about the breakup found on the subreddit.

No. 908745

this seems like bs, she would have 100% outted him for having an std and giving it to her.

No. 908746

i can’t believe i’m defending “my name skyler white yo” but i feel extremely bad for him. he’s a autistic coomer weeb, but i genuinely believe moo’s ugly ass chewed him up and spat him the fuck out. her attitude and the way she treats people is too much to handle. she literally blackmailed kbbq, hit him, and accused him of rape when he didn’t want her. if ozy was internet famous/an actual influence i’m not surprised moo would try to tarnish his reputation/blackmail him

No. 908749

Mooriah isnt with him anymore, he's irrelevant to the topic.
That post was so badly written it's not even a rumor, it's just BS.

No. 908750

I would be more inclined to agree with you if he wasn't such an obvious user. I truly do think these two were made for each other and if Moo wasn't SO fucking crazy, they'd still be together. That said, he does seem so fucking skeevy and untrustworthy. So, I feel neutral about him, and I'm just sad the breakup didn't give us more lols. Maybe one day Ozy will change his mind and bless us with the crazy tales and fat-ass candids we're all hoping for.

No. 908752

Oh god, there’s a video for this too. I hope it gets posted all over twitter. The smell. The yeasty looking discharge. The flat tits.

No. 908755

File: 1675115011913.jpeg (276.41 KB, 2048x1366, 222906EF-294C-4D7C-A784-A79E2B…)

Her arm gives her away. She should just pay someone to edit her photos at this rate.

No. 908757

Him cheating goes over your heads, didn't it? Moo wouldn't have put up with it and she didn't

No. 908758

>Mooriah was completely innocent in the whole thing.

No. 908763

It might be. Akemi is one of the last few friends who see her and has some clout. Moo use to have a whole squad.
If you noticed even Sniper Wolf bailed on Moo. Gotta pay big bucks so your last friend will hang with you.

No. 908764

I can't believe she's going to a con soon. What she going to do? Wear a tarp over her body to hide the fat? Or just hide in the hotel room even though Senpai Squad is putting their necks out for her?

I think the last time she was in a public con didn't she just do cross play and hide behind a giant circus tent of a kimono?

No. 908772

No one said that. Knock it off.

No. 908784

Stop posting shit from Reddit. Go back to Reddit and just stay there. Nothing useful ever comes from it and it's just basically us talking, but with registered accounts and not moids.

No. 908785

File: 1675140796113.jpg (962.86 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230130-225208_Tik…)

Pretty sure umbran moved out and distanced herself from her too. You never see them mention each other anymore besides if she's making her a wig. Imagine how insufferable you have to be to drive away a simp like that.

No. 908786

she definitely doesn't have she following she used to. wonder if she's finally feeling moo's effects now.

No. 908787

Might be like how Moo trapped KQQB into making stuff after the breakup. I do doubt she possibly had Maddie sign some creative contract too that she needs to finish her obligations legally for because Moo is such a cunt.

No. 908792

File: 1675149514927.jpeg (170.81 KB, 2048x1366, 0453809F-1279-407F-95B2-A4766C…)

Akemi can’t even put her knees on the ground because moo is so god damn huge and wide.

No. 908795

Mfw their skin tones are visibly the opposite of what the characters have. Not a racebait, just calling out the sloppy thots who can’t even swap costumes to be atleast alittle more on brand with the show. Personally think Akemi looks the worst in this especially in contrast to the character shes supposed to cosplay, its very sad, pale, dry and out of shape.

No. 908796

Y’all her fucking deformed feet and calves in this photo. They look like they belong to a midget. I can’t believe she thinks this actually looks good. Who is she fooling?

No. 908798

Wasn’t umbran ozys friend first? Maybe she took his side in the break up.

No. 908802

File: 1675172856451.jpg (884.6 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230131-074658_Tik…)

It appears she's been at her new place since July, so I can't assume it's because of Ozy.

No. 908805

Remember her 2B cosplay that was hanging on by a single thread at the seams?

No. 908811

I can't stop laughing at her midget arm in this picture. How can she post this and think it looks good?

No. 908824


The flattest tits and looks like a toe missing(learn2sage)

No. 908841

Maddie got her bag then dipped. She went in, played house with moo, lip filler and nails paid for then walked away knowing she's got moo hooked on her shitty wigs.

No. 908842

maddie is a trust fund baby, she didn't need moo, she literally has a 10k+/month allowance from her older parents. i knew her when she was on east coast.

No. 908849

File: 1675223376697.jpg (333.44 KB, 824x613, newarc.jpg)

new arc just dropped. Looks like whatever dick she's chasing must be into gundam, because afaik she's never mentioned gundam before today.

No. 908851

Tiktok has a bunch of gundam videos trending lately, one specifically about a guy years ago who had this figure room destroyed by someone's kid. She just be hoping to either get dick this way or she's trying to get clout by the rise in figure interests.

No. 908854

>not put together properly
>char custom
moo is a cheap cunt with no taste.

No. 908860


lmfao also knew maddie when we were both in Illinois and can confirm this is true. She also constantly pretended to be poor and beg people for things. She also shoplifted. Constantly.

She went from cow to cow. Throwing shit at the wall until moo stuck. She used people for clout to launch her own brand

No. 908889

it’s crazy how mariah mallad, aka the infamous momokun the serial comic con sexual harasser and abuser has the power to blackmail anyone and anything into doing things for her

No. 908893

Besides, wasn't Maddie infatuated with her and also led on by Moo constant lies about totes being a lesbian? I'm sure she cottoned on pretty soon, but it always felt like Maddie was there simply because she was in love with Moo.

No. 908908

most ppl wouldn’t want to be associated with her but would want her money so it makes sense

No. 908913

File: 1675350647477.png (355.92 KB, 598x622, gross.png)

No. 908927

it’s sad she can never surpass at least 10k likes

No. 908931

Fucking… how? How did she miss this? She's got someone editing her shit full time, and somehow this didn't get picked up?

No. 908932

she's clearly editing them herself now that ozy's gone

No. 908933

It looks like she has three tube titties

No. 908936

love how you can see her fupa hanging over

No. 908947

File: 1675386291777.jpeg (780.97 KB, 1292x1564, 953A93B7-6743-491F-85E8-B9CF1E…)

No. 908967

as much as i wanna giggle over her bad editing, it’s the bottom of her boob. the tight bikini top is digging in so deep that a third of her breast doesn’t look connected to her chest, yikes.

No. 908978

might be old milk to talk about this again and maybe someone mentioned this previously but Mariah no longer follows Maddie’s umbranwitch Instagram account

No. 908982

Fuck so she’s officially broken it off with her. This woman loses friends constantly

No. 908988

File: 1675447624432.png (187.01 KB, 720x966, BE498518-7DE2-4818-8E15-EA306F…)

mariah is practically the crazy simpsons cat lady at this point. she loves being alone, huffs her own farts, talks like a total retard, and can’t keep a friend or a boyfriend around her for three seconds. i feel like the more cats she gets the more single she’ll be

No. 908994

as a proper gunpla maker that has displayed huge setups ( lik 1.2k range builds) i weep at this..may god have mercy on us all

No. 909003

ah okay i see it now. it's still an absolute eyesore. she has so much flesh spillage everywhere sometimes it's hard to make out what is what on her. she's like melting play dough.

No. 909005

File: 1675458056705.jpeg (518.93 KB, 1170x1130, 76C72F40-AEB7-4F91-AFC2-93FDED…)

No. 909021

As someone who doesn't know anything about gunpla, can someone please explain what's wrong with this? Is it the seams of the leg pieces open?

No. 909024

i'll try to explain in a way that people who don't make kits will understand. other than the fact that the kit itself is cheap and lower end, it's just not well put together at all. the seams on the legs feet and arms aren't put together properly, and the places where she cut it of runners(the frame the pieces are attached) still have nubs or bits of plastic that you need to cut or sand off. it looks like she snapped the pieces off the runner instead of cutting them with clippers. i hope that makes sense. basically she bought a cheap kit, didn't assemble it properly at all or with any care.
t. a huge gundam fan who makes those "kawaii" versions of the models.

No. 909028

She did show off a pair of "god hand" clippers (the same brand my bf has for his sets) in an IG story, I should have capped it. But of course Moo doesn’t know how to use tools properly. So, like her handmade cosplay, it’s sloppy af.

No. 909029

I only now realized that Moo's bands on her arm, which is probably why Tattoo Sensei was saying not to get them, is the way people who fist show how far into someone's ass they can go. Moo literally has telltale anal fisting tattoos on her cheese rose tattoo. That has to be humiliating, do anons think she knows that's what those look like? Why would she get rid of the Fate tattoo, but keep those?

No. 909030

well it definitely doesn't look like she used them. i also have a pair. i normally wouldn't care about a cheap kit, but she's trying to flex and it's annoying, when literally anyone who buys the kit can get that result.

No. 909034

my bf has that too

No. 909043

File: 1675529233495.png (Spoiler Image,3.12 MB, 1284x2778, 3404A012-C314-4BDD-BC15-C23BC8…)

Her body is so fucked due to sucking out all that fat from just her stomach.

No. 909045

File: 1675529465252.jpeg (Spoiler Image,351.94 KB, 1267x1619, 6ABC386F-2DE5-43EB-AEC1-29DA81…)

She’s getting that weird skin rub under her boobs fat people get. It looks so red and irritated.

No. 909046

File: 1675529731517.jpeg (Spoiler Image,48.17 KB, 587x798, A818B782-77EB-484E-94A0-F24922…)

No. 909047

That's not even her real account. It's a fake one that's been floating around for quite a while now, they've just changed the site they're linking to.
The funniest thing to me, is that the fake account gets more genuine interaction than her real one and also that they're reselling her content.

No. 909048

The arm band tattoos aren't the ones Sensei was telling her not to get, those were the kanji (?) on either side of her red fate tattoo during her manic Douma phase. Though I'm sure he thought the same about the arm band.

No. 909049

I'm a little disappointed she didn't end up going with her plan of getting more bands and cheese blocks done. And speaking of tattoos, what ever happened to her tattoo removal? Seems like she got through one or two sessions and then gave up

No. 909050

No. 909056

When you look at pictures of Umbra's apartment vs moos house, you can tell who came from money and who didn't.

No. 909062

File: 1675552573556.jpeg (293.38 KB, 1216x873, CE26328D-C317-4826-A0B0-14848F…)

You don’t pay $8 a month because "it looks nice". You’re just mad IG never gave you one.

No. 909063

File: 1675552723630.jpeg (1.14 MB, 3264x1710, 30A49742-F356-4168-A65D-CF3A5A…)

It physically pains my tits to look at her.

No. 909064

all that plastic surgery, lipo and filters and she still looks like that
god damn

No. 909079

File: 1675593410700.jpg (128.32 KB, 511x669, Untitled.jpg)

No. 909094

This isn't a Mimsy thread and has nothing to do with Moo aside from obviously using the studio which we know her about friends already use.

No. 909143

File: 1675663558286.jpg (Spoiler Image,50.44 KB, 1079x721, pi061k2obifa1.jpg)

!!!!!NSFL!!!! I'm gonna fucking hurl

No. 909149

File: 1675685241181.jpg (11.97 KB, 610x427, 1546168079796.jpg)

No. 909157

File: 1675697233702.jpg (82.5 KB, 680x680, f5753870a40ccef114a6cb88e7f485…)

I really didn't need to see that first thing in the morning

No. 909158

ozy must’ve been drunk most of the time

No. 909159

File: 1675697508966.png (68.69 KB, 714x574, 1675114367392.png)

Looks like old yoghurt, what the fuck.

No. 909161

Legitimately this looks more like white glue than it does cum lube. Why does it look like that?

No. 909162

i love when other anons describe the spoilered image so i know not to click it.

No. 909165


Christ that looks like the nappy rash cream

No. 909166

Her thousand yard terminal brain dead stare she does in all her porn cracks my shit up she tries to be this hentai irl girl but she ends up looking like she’s special needs. She’s been doing this for how long and doesn’t know how to make an erotic face to save her life.

No. 909167

Isn’t this character a lesbian though…. ?

No. 909169

the sancreligious snakes upon a daisy dressed in white

No. 909171

File: 1675707544550.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1007.9 KB, 1284x1711, FD7C2E79-A780-44BB-9318-DE4D45…)

NSFL. This entire set is so cursed, I cannot imagine the smell.

No. 909175


Brigid wept

No. 909176

They couldn't even get matching socks or tights, she shows off the footies like she does with foot porn and its NOT WORKING.
God have mercy on our souls

No. 909177

I’m so glad this suit is ripped and gone. The airbrushed abs being on her floppy tits were hilarious

No. 909178


honestly impressed she can get her leg that high

No. 909190

I just can't get over her perfectly round and bulbous pig snout. It looks like its attached to the mask and part of the character. $30k, everyone.

No. 909197

File: 1675732710763.jpg (36.73 KB, 191x226, 1482722861597.jpg)

She just put out an anal set apparently. Can't wait to see her gross dilated butthole that I doubt she cleans.

No. 909202

File: 1675736726045.jpg (82.12 KB, 1080x1255, 8zfxwrgcu1ga1.jpg)

No. 909204

Is anyone else tired of her “at first I was nervous but then I opened up and loved it!” shtick?

No. 909205

We're about to get scat porn from her soon…

No. 909206

Beastiality by 2025

No. 909209

Tohru as in Fruits Basket?!

No. 909212

one of the stupid dragon maid characters is tohru.

No. 909213

Oh, okay. I feel better about that. I don't really care about the character, but moreso how she's going to look at the character.

No. 909222

File: 1675753353070.jpeg (1.6 MB, 3264x2784, 3E698F4E-AD38-4401-B9EC-2FA7EC…)

Sorry for cramming them in one pic but moo is fighting with people on Twitter again and it’s such a fucking cringefest.. She finally admits her studio isn’t a "business" and for "private" use despite having it open for bookings. Calls her MJ botch job a "Barbie nose". Yes, this is the behavior of someone who is totally happy and in control of her life.

No. 909223

All she needs to do is flex on her haturs with her Momokun shirt she made with her new posse with photos at that gym. She looks like a total idiot. I can hear all the cosplayers laughing at her like Yureta, Nigri, Bishoujomom, Lori even if she checks the Moo thread, probably Vamp getting secondhand embarrassment, I can see the sewing slaves cringing that they know her. This is why no one goes to bat for you publicly Moo and even Holly is sooo picky. She doesn't like having to interact with her unless other cosplayers in good standing also join in which they usually never do. Holly only chimed in about the bullying stuff one time and not even to attack anyone. To be honest, that was probably just moo obsessively trying to piggyback off of Holly's post.

No. 909224

File: 1675757276239.jpeg (565.96 KB, 1284x1165, E548432D-B3AF-4C1A-A00E-B26DEF…)

Oh she’s pressed.

No. 909225

File: 1675757847847.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1284x2065, 80EDAC51-7530-408A-9D02-D9F19A…)

Samefag but the way she’s losing her mind on twitter about being called fat and keeps posting videos of her sucking in her gut.

No. 909226

Not that we needed more proof that she's completely delusional, but listing a toilet and a backsplash like those are actually some kind of flex and thinking she has a barbie doll nose really hammer home just how delusional she's gotten lol

No. 909228

>I have huge tits. Great friends. Beautiful family and healthy animals. An amazing home and garden. And a healthy lifestyle. Barbie doll nose. A toilet that talks to me.
The immense amount of cope in this one tweet. Moo you have mangled sagging tits, friends who are only around for your money, questionably cared for animals and plants. Constantly shilling and using diarrhea teas. A Michael Jackson nose. But hey, at least you actually do have a toilet that talks to you I guess?

Also kek at her spelling of "pitty".

No. 909231

I'm gonna ignore what looks like the most aggressive yeast infection ever recorded to say: what the fuck is that face?

No. 909233

Its times like this i'm glad she's back on twitter and people call her out for shit.
>a toilet that talks to me and a splashback.
This is what really gets me. Imagine bragging about a talking toilet and a splashback, as if that's something to be jealous of.
>you think i'd rely on (my) studio booking clients
Is she admitting no-one actually uses her studio other than her?

the realization that she has a yeast infection

No. 909237

maybe she really does have an std kek.

No. 909239

mariah. your ass literally disappeared in your gym photo. you’re a fucking retard

No. 909243

>you scared your boyfriend away, someone who was using you but had genuine interest
>you’re an internet pariah, you literally have to BE SINGLE to make money
>you’re a mangled lipo mess, and a fat bitch LARPING as a skinny fitness god like luna slater and her anorexia. how can you be skinny but you have ugly discolouration between your thighs and coochie? that’s a sign of BEING OVERWEIGHT
>your parents hate you
>your sister is cuter and ambitious and positive to be around, and nobody wants to be your friend
>you don’t have friends because you keep physically abusing and blackmailing them. they’re scared of you
>vamplettes, your loyal, cosplay counterpart doormat bestie couldn’t take your shit anymore and ran to the highest hills after she used you to get a nose job. you scared her away. as well for SUSU, that black chick you cosplayed with, costume designers, umbran, a lot of people, etc.
>and you’re about to be 28 extremely close to 30.
>tits look like pancakes. flapjacks.
> jessica nigri won’t even stand in the same room with you. she hates you.
>no egg.jpg
>no ass.jpg

No. 909248

Her sister is also shitty and Moo didn't pay for Vamp's nose. She piggybacked to her appointment and saw different doctors in different states. Vamps didn't go to NY if I remember

No. 909249

File: 1675787317134.jpeg (368.82 KB, 828x1339, 3360066A-E495-4DD7-948E-9EC77E…)

It’s around 8am and she’s still at it.
Did you guys know if you suck in your stomach enough, it stays flat!!! -Moo logic.
Moo must be the sole cause of the Adderall shortage jfc.

No. 909250

I love how she's trying to embrace her linebacker shoulders, lol.
Clearly it's getting to her and she's totally not bothered by it

No. 909251

That dead eye stare begs to differ, moo. Kek

No. 909252

File: 1675788006141.png (1.4 MB, 1716x1045, lol2gether.png)

wildn out on twitter lately lol. This is a response to an account that posted Pokimaine after the deepfake fiasco.

No. 909253

This is good milk, oh man

No. 909254

File: 1675788279125.jpeg (437.77 KB, 828x1266, F5E2B4AA-F9A6-46BF-BD7D-E4AE7C…)

What’s funny is how Mimsy is still tagged in every post like she’s going to come to her defense. Moo, we all know you lurk here. You probably read it while going at a snails pace on the Stairmaster.

No. 909255


>have you seen my backsplash

her shitty mcmansion white marble backsplash is not the flex she thinks it is lmao

No. 909256

I’m not going to pretend to know how it this works at all but is her claiming the studio is for “private” use now having something to do with taxes? It’s just something I was wondering because she’s obviously upset to one besides her friends go there and for free no less. She’s not good at business like she thinks she is lol.

No. 909257

why would she focus on cosplay accuracy when she's a porn thot? A lil off topic but it still funny how she's pretending to be better than porn thots by pretending to be a cosplayer.

No. 909258

it's just a cope. you don't register something as an llc for your own personal use. you can't write off renting a commercial premises. it could be that she's trying to cover her ass about the porn since it's illegal for her to shiit porn there due to improper zoning. but whatever it is, she'll have to pay tax and she'll get in trouble eventually.

No. 909259

At this point it's kinda clear she's having these almost daily twitter fights because at least she's getting attention somewhere.

She has to cope because her last two boyfriends didn't love her at all and were using her. She knows she isn't a cosplayer and is just pushing low grade porn. Everything she does is to make herself feel better.

Also her studio is listed as a business and her stating publicly it's not, it's for personal use is a bold move. Isn't the IRS investigating her right now?

No. 909260

It's because people now a days can easily spot filters and photoshop
We saw candids, she's still morbidly obese. I don't know why she's so obsessed with being "skinny queen" when she hasn't been fit in almost a decade. That amount of self loathing must be tiring and stressful. No wonder she hates going in public where she can't control the pictures or edits. Like half her income is liposuction and plastic surgery. What kind of life is that?

No. 909261

lol she used moo for CLOUT and money which got her that nose job

No. 909262

Just an average Tuesday in the cosplay influencer community. They all use each other for clout their story isn’t unique. Even Maddie got her bag then left. All that’s left is the sewing committee trapped in her basement pumping out thong bikinis.

No. 909263

It is interesting that she changed her tune about the studio. If memory serves me well, she was advertising it in cos community as a safe place for women (whom she bullies and sexually harasses) the only people who shot there are acquaintances (my good friends she claims) Maddie was also supposed to have a sale counter for her wigs in the studio, they both made a big deal about it. Obviously Maddie isn’t her friend anymore so that might be another thing.

Moo has also been known to just follow groups of people around even though they can’t stand her. This goes all the way back to high school so of course she’s in denial about being delusional. She has been like that since her first boob job, and was the #1 jock in her school. She has never grown up and will never change and I’m
Laughing that she’s likely getting audited for her illegal porn studio.

No. 909267

lol she can’t even get a wig that resembles velma’s it looked choppy and weird

No. 909270

Wait why is she flexing… about a backsplash? Everyone has them. She talks like she's a poor person.
Then again this is the same person who bragged about her one time order of toilet paper she got for her studio kek.

It's private because she's embarrassed that no one wanted to go to her scam studio. Moo was going to charge people for the air. But she's going to get in trouble because her studio is listed as a business and the IRS is sniffing around because she def filed it in her taxes last year to get a bigger refund.
That and she can't film porn there if it's a business. No matter which lie she sticks to, she's breaking the law and thus fucked.

No. 909271

it makes me wonder what happened in high school to peak somewhere around that age range. was she fucking everybody? was she a single lonely femcel neet?

No. 909272

Moo was a known bully and virgin. She was one of the "popular girls" and part of the jocks (everyone "liked" but didn't like) and she literally only ever caused issues for any guy she dated.

No. 909277

This is the sane fucking attitude she had in her first thread all those years ago. It’s so obvious she has not grown, learned, or changed in that time. She’s so pathetic and no matter what her backsplash looks like that she will always be pathetic.

No. 909278

my backsplash is much nicer and isn't fugly marble.

No. 909282

I cant imagine marble everywhere. Its so ugly and no amount of plants warms her home.

No. 909283

And the decent down the slippery slope into the pit continues and will never be unfunny. And she’s accelerating. She’s been trying really hard to claw back but this failure is just amazing.

No. 909289

When the whole egirl shit went down, there was one girl who commented that said photo studios in Las Vegas want nothing to do with moo. We can’t know for sure but it makes sense if moo was black listed from photo studios near her so she made her own “sage space”. Maybe she tried to do her nasty porn at a random photo shoot place in Vegas

No. 909290

that's definitely true but she also legitimately thought she would outclass those other studios and make bank. it would have just been cheaper and less illegal to buy another residential property instead of a commercial one if it was intended to just be for her. she's so greedy and believes her own lies so hard she didn't realize how poor her reputation is inside and out. that's why she used a different name and tried to hide her address on that 3rd party booking site. only she was too stupid to actually disguise it.

No. 909292

I’ve lived in Vegas most of my life and never realized how many photo studios there were in town already just by google searching them (of course Moo’s doesn’t show up in the list because "it’s a secret!") It’s completely saturated which makes her decision to open one even dumber on top of her being a pariah in the community with no one wanting to associate with a sex pest. I don’t doubt she shit the bed with other photo studios in Vegas/LA and got blacklisted tho. From the way she treats her own studio, one has to wonder what the hell she was doing elsewhere.

No. 909300

If that is true I think I know why. It's because Moo never actually paid or reserved a time slot to shoot at places. She just showed up with a camera and her friend and started posing in huge costumes and in suggestive ways where other paying customers could see her.
I know there was a few instances she whipped out her flat udders.

We knew that studio was going to be a huge financial flop and get her into trouble. And of course she didn't do anything legally. It might take a couple more years but I feel like she's going to be in a similar situation as Onion and his taxes. Moo's so delusional she thinks she can just hang up the phone and just keep dodging them

No. 909303

I'll never get the toilet flex whatsoever considering her ass crack always looks like it's stained with shit.

No. 909304

Just like when she showed up at a fully restored ship and fully expected to be allowed to shoot for free when she cosplayed drake. Than complained when the crew kicked her out, because she didn’t have advanced permission to shoot.

No. 909305

and when she snuck around the hotel for her shitty umineko project. got kicked out and snuck back in.

No. 909306

Didn’t she also shoot on a no trespassing beach in Hawaii?

No. 909325

Hawaii anon here. Yes she did. Her and her group were extremely disrespectful while visiting the islands. There are areas she could have gone to but they are unfortunately over run with tourists.

No. 909326

It's so funny that she tries to flex her "beautiful home" all the time when her interior design looks like a shitty liminal space meme.

No. 909328

More like a mausoleum that has homeless people camped in it. The smell when you open the door is probably about the same

No. 909335

She seriously has a habit of being told no and doing whatever she wants anyway. That’s not problematic at all.(sage your shit)

No. 909369

File: 1675926606511.jpeg (Spoiler Image,431.68 KB, 1284x755, 5799DFD8-D32C-4B9C-B8CC-8D04F5…)

Word of warning. Someone leaked her poorly made porno with her ex boyfriend. It’s absolutely depressing.


No. 909370

Ew I'm not gonna watch it 'cause I'm not a masochist but that thumbnail make me sad that THAT's a 27 y/o' s body.

No. 909371

I watched it because I apparently hate myself.
>mariah still very bad at sex, angle is awkward and uncomfortable looking
>one of her cats wandering around, coming up and sniffing around by their feet
>dude desperately trying to hold up his fat gut off camera kek
>a disgusting up close minute of him slowly banging her yeast infection out of her
>new angle, mariah arches her back like a dog having a shit the entire time
>now they're both standing up and it looks like that luna and lurch porn video, mariah stumbles about, her ratty extensions flailing about
>end scene results in her beloved marble tile kitchen floor being covered in coom

No. 909372

Skimmed it as well. Don't forget that the guy literally sounds like that one screaming coom meme as he orgasms. That knocked the wind out of my sails and I cracked tf up lol

No. 909374

File: 1675931005700.png (Spoiler Image,710.81 KB, 1116x714, lel.png)

I didn't hate myself (or my roomie) enough to turn the volume on, but I did see him back there howling at one point kek

My personal fav part is him desperately pawing at his gut trying to keep it off cam and failing miserably.

No. 909375

File: 1675931050212.png (Spoiler Image,1.38 MB, 1543x713, imsorry.png)

No. 909376

why would you film your porno in the kitchen of all places? jesus, imagine dating a guy for only a couple of months and just letting him fuck you raw with his little pencil dick and cum inside of you. she doesn't respect or love herself at all. they both look bad at sex. they nasty

No. 909378

Because it's the least used, ergo most clean room in her house.

No. 909383

Holy fuck why does he make those sounds. He sounds annoying as fuck

No. 909385


I dont understand, how in the hell does whatever Moo does turn out to be shit? why can't she do anything good lmao
seriously the only simp I can imagine that would pay for this would be some bottom-of-the-barrel rotten basement-dwelling neckbeards

No. 909388


so she can show off her backsplash kek

No. 909389

"are you coming? hyeahh…" ROFL

No. 909391

The whole thing is just so not erotic and cringy. The cat wandering around, the lube "I've never came so much in my life" line. I could only handle up to 5:20 and that was ffwing 2 mins of the awkward cat 3some.

No. 909394

lube? That white chunky ooze didn't look like lube to me.

No. 909403

Aside the yeast infection, the kicker is her pissing on the floor the cat is roaming around sniffing/eating off of and you know they didn't properly clean.

No. 909430

File: 1675983037847.jpg (20.96 KB, 396x321, cat.jpg)

No. 909432

This was as terrifying and stinky as the Luna and Lurch sex video.

No. 909441

File: 1676004832685.jpg (499.84 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230209-225329_Ins…)

Back to posting about momo on his new account. Also posted a love song as his bs "song of the day" IG story.

No. 909442

Lmao got back together

No. 909443

P.S your icon is showing

No. 909447

He sounds like he’s trying to imitate hentai. His echoing fake shouts made me cringe

No. 909451

This looks like necrophilia. Gross.

No. 909452

The way he was yelling in that had me in TEARS. Also what up with her crouched on the floor moaning as she tried pushing out his pitiful creampie? Him holding his gut out of frame? Honestly that was gold. It’s been a long time since I’ve laughed that hard

No. 909454

No. 909456

I just feel bad for ozy. He was already attainted by his association with her and now THIS is on the internet forever.

No. 909465

No way man, holding your fat out of the way to fuck is so nasty

No. 909480

Are you sure that's momo? Sorry new to this, the fingers are not that fat and the demon nails are not there

No. 909481

Samefag but if it is her, then it's sad he came back to her

No. 909482

She came back to him. She's done this before with other ex's, they just had the balls to go away.

No. 909483

let me get this straight: moo and ozy break up, moo fucks some rando fat moid in her kitchen, and then moo and ozy get back together? is there something I'm missing? because that's hilarious if true, how pathetic of him.

No. 909486

The way she’s wearing a ring on her engagement finger lol.

No. 909488

Anons - that pic is of him. That's Ozy. It's a pic that Momo took of them while they were together. They aren't following each other on any social media yet, no pics or anything, so I am not certain they're together. Also >909456 don't feel bad for Ozy. He is so fucking stupid. Completely deserves what he gets.

No. 909489

The "rando fat moid" is Ozy. The pic on Instagram is of Ozy, it's not Moo.

No. 909490

Just wow. "You wanna push it out baby?" This kid's brain has been completely fucking rotted by porn. If she gets pregnant, I am gonna laugh forever.

No. 909491

That is Ozy

No. 909492

File: 1676050546223.jpg (442.86 KB, 1080x981, Screenshot_20230210_093518_Twi…)

Moo is trying to hard to jump from Nigri to Amouranth

No. 909493

File: 1676050582543.jpg (430.67 KB, 1080x1000, Screenshot_20230210_093508_Twi…)

She doesn't even actually comment anything and luckily not a single wife has come from her. I think she knows that moo is absolute toxicity.

No. 909499

More likely she has no idea who Moo is, there's probably thousands of similar girls trying to ride her dick.

No. 909500

Honestly wouldn't be surprised if higher-tier cosplay thots have her blacklisted. More realistic than the entirety of the sex worker business in Las Vegas has her blacklisted.

No. 909513

Oh dear Jesus Lord God. They are a perfect match with their bizarre bodies with lots of loose, flapping skin. The noises they both make are ridiculous. 0/10 for Ozy, at least the guy who told her to “shut the fuck up” was relatable.

No. 909533

i’m late to this but goddamn the flappy skin was more than i expected. why would they release literally the most awkward bleak unsexy porn ever wow
are we sure they got back together or is this just an old video that was uploaded
either way
fucking ew

No. 909540

I watched this and I could not stop laughing. The dude sounds like he’s at a rock concert seeing his favorite band not having sex kek

No. 909541

File: 1676103172500.jpeg (52.48 KB, 960x489, 92F48BBF-3678-4831-90D8-F475C7…)

No. 909552


Christ, imagine paying 40 for this

No. 909599

She’s desperate to start skin walking someone Again

No. 909602

File: 1676159041496.jpeg (329.75 KB, 828x959, 65337EC7-21EA-4FF7-8A5F-DF46C9…)

And it comes to no surprise that Moo is still letting Mimsy shoot at her “private art project” studio. Gotta wonder what shit she has to say about Moo behind her back lol.

No. 909622

That was actually an old photo shoot but probably still allowing her to shoot there regardless

No. 909634

moo claiming her LLC, that she pays business taxes on, is a private personal project is probably the most hilarious part of her whole rant.

No. 909672


This is hard evidence that Mariah rides the “negative attention” bus. That’s why she’s kissing Mimsys ass and now Amouranth. Two people sitting at the top of the shit pile, that’s also why she’s been spewing insanely narcissistic replies like “yeah I’m toxic” and when someone told her that’s shes a SA “yeah that’s me”(lolcow.farm/info learn to sage)

No. 909674

File: 1676210443518.png (118.22 KB, 1762x981, peachycollective.PNG)


she still has public booking pricing listed for her "private" photo studio

No. 909692

She will literally do and say anything to one up anyone that dares to call her on her bullshit even though it’s plainly obvious she’s seething about being a colossal failure. I hope her publicly stating that it’s a “private” studio bites her in the ass eventually.

No. 909693

No one ever needs to book more than 2 hours when they could just ask to book an hour later in between for two $85 bookings instead of a 4hr booking and save themselves $150. Moo will always, always show she never graduated college and never passed any of these classes and kept any knowledge. She's an absolute idiot and these numbers show. When the minimum for an hourly booking is twice the cost at 2hrs than just booking 2hrs, who the fuck will ever do more than that? They should just come back the next day or something instead of this random upcharge that Moo probably thinks is brilliant. LOL

I didn't even go to college and went to trade instead and even I can tell just how shotty this is and just how someone can work around her costs to make it easier on their end for their wallet. Moo, you are not a business woman.

No. 909714

Because Moo didn't really make this studio for the poor women of cosplay so they can have a safe space. It's just for her and you have to pay extra because you're wasting her time. She has important things to do like sitting on the sofa scrolling through her phone all day while eating.

No. 909724

File: 1676250157809.jpg (167.62 KB, 1080x1919, 330800302_163145586492557_1093…)

Looks like Moo is sewing again

No. 909728

File: 1676252345820.jpeg (802.25 KB, 3128x3264, 627FCA90-FEB2-4C05-8506-29936A…)

I guess she’s finally pissed away any goodwill with friends who knew how to sew so now we’re gonna get to see Moo desperately try to convince people she’s totally a cosplayer again lol. Can’t wait to see this disaster unfold. The funniest part is her trying to pull off Chun-Li again with those fursuit thighs.

No. 909729

Please tell me this train wreck is for katsu? Because I need to see this in person

No. 909739

Aly most likely did this mockup

No. 909748

those weird fucking thighs why are they larger than the calfs

No. 909749

thighs are usually wider than calves

No. 909752

The way people aren't holding back online makes me excited for the eventual ChonkLee thread.

No. 909754

how I missed Moo’s Chonk-li phase

No. 909757

Post what people are saying please

No. 909770

i think she means some of the stuff already posted upthread, not about her new cosplay plans. atleast not yet kek.

No. 909775

I hope this is what she wears to katsu. I want to see candids of her. The botched lipo, shapeware and the 600 pound life esc legs must be interesting irl

No. 909776

She said she was trying to pump this cosplay out before Lvlup, which is literally this weekend. This is going to be a trainwreck

No. 909783

File: 1676321248315.jpg (24.28 KB, 649x269, follow.jpg)

Moo is following Ozy again.

No. 909784

File: 1676321284473.jpg (57.5 KB, 967x416, follow3.jpg)

He's not following her though.

No. 909785

File: 1676321326677.jpg (36.37 KB, 370x563, follow2.jpg)

…but then you get stories like this.

No. 909786

File: 1676321562544.jpg (9.01 KB, 393x140, follow4.jpg)

oops sorry, he is following her.

No. 909787

i hope they get back together. i kinda miss the dysfunctional narcissist crazy train of a relationship with fat, sloppy, boner killing sex

No. 909788

I just have no doubt that they're gonna be in the breakup/makeup cycle for a long while. So very Lori and Kevin esque. Fucking retarded idiots with absolutely no self respect that truly do belong together. Should be fun for us, at least.

No. 909789

File: 1676326204248.jpg (809.25 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230213_160950_Twi…)

Elfen Lied but make it obese.

No. 909790

She's really telling on herself at this point.

No. 909801

100% those two are cut from the same cloth and we know how Moo is. This is going to go on for at least a little while longer.

No. 909807

File: 1676355404475.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.22 MB, 1284x1738, 7F4834BF-1198-4644-9F89-0CC93F…)

Yeah this is totally sexy.

No. 909819

her face is so distorted she looks like something out of the Mandela Catalogue. like even ignoring that isnt anything like her face shape has EVER looked, her eyes are so stretched her irises are egg shaped

No. 909821

I just can’t believe her frog butt. It makes her butt and thigh look like a trapezoid

No. 909832

>>909807 one oval-shaped eyeball and one almond-shaped eyeball. Her legs look like tied roast beef.

No. 909834

The cheeseflower bar tattoo really stands out

No. 909842

Her fucking toes desperately grabbing onto the seat like a tree frog/Gollum

No. 909873

File: 1676465568746.jpeg (832.27 KB, 2048x2048, EAF95172-4467-4393-B22D-9E5412…)

It appears Ozy and Moo may be back together.

No. 909874

Well yeah that was made obvious a few days ago lol

No. 909875

nta but not this obvious. moo is so pathetic to get back with him so soon after all that shit talking she did.

No. 909883

Of course, he probably missed being showered with all that $$$, just before valentine's day is a perfect time for him to come crawling back. kek

No. 909884

Pretty sure she went back to him/dragged him back, considering that's how she always is with friends who distance themselves and her last ex's.

No. 909886

These fucking losers. Can't possibly make it through Valentine's day without debasing themselves. I give it less than a month this time. Total retards, both of them.

No. 909888

Probably didn't like him talking

No. 909889

damn. she couldn’t even pull in a big dicked retard or that guy from senpai squad, she has to deal with what she can attract. lori and mariah are literally two people in different realities, except mariah is a clout leech

No. 909890

Omg, she doesn't want to show up to the convention alone!

No. 909891

God they are so transparent.

No. 909893

It's pretty clear to me that ozy is in it for her money and moo just wants some free dick.

No. 909896

I wouldn't say it's free, as low tier as the dude is, he's getting showered with her money still. It's sad that all these SWer women can only seem to get trash tier men no matter what kind of money they make or have.

No. 909901

not sad that shit women can only get shit men even with money lmao.

No. 909911

File: 1676514906654.jpeg (869.31 KB, 3264x2308, 4B8707C5-1A38-475C-B5AF-744D71…)

This artist is known for posting shitty anime art with subject matter meant to get a rise out of people. Of course Moo had to chime in. There’s even more people telling her to stfu in the thread. I’m sure if she was buddies with this person, she’d be defending them.

No. 909920

I don't get it, isn't this just the actual plot to girls' last tour

No. 909926


She hasn’t even shared donation links?? It’s been over a week and she never even said anything on her social media ONCE

No. 909927

She posted a link in the screenshot >>909911, but she is absolutely moralfagging and trying to seem like she cares at all when her entire thing is just getting asspats for the bare minimum and turning tragedies into soapboxes about herself. She will use anyone dying to try and elevate her popularity like with the Vegas shooting and she turned it into a all about her thing. Or BLM and she said fuck that, I'm taking this over as whatever bullshit race she felt like being that day.

Moo will never, has never, and will forever be a shitstain on actual empathy.

No. 909929

anon means sharing it herself, where people can see it, not in a comment on someone's drawing.

No. 909930

Oh, got it. I'm more annoyed she never showed interest in the issue until now.

No. 909931

oh of course. she doesn't care about others, that why she's just trying to get attention on that artist's post by virtue signaling.

No. 909936

Trying to profit off of others dying again

Moo needs to sit down. Doesn't she make fun of rape/assault victims and sympathizes with predators. Didn't she also joke about shooting people herself and other dark humor? Doesn't she also joke about suicide?
Girl has no morals

No. 909947


unless a dick she’s tried to hop on has been interested in it or it’s a huge meme, she probably hasn’t heard of it.

No. 909968

File: 1676659584288.jpeg (1020.42 KB, 3264x2213, E4A80E08-805F-452A-8BA2-503EA8…)

Still as wide as ever.

No. 909969

File: 1676659690601.jpeg (1.14 MB, 3264x2276, 1F2FFDFD-F414-4FEA-91BD-ADEF3D…)

It looks like ass. Which is to be expected. God I hope anons at Lvl Up this weekend get some good shots of this mess.

No. 909972

Not a gymfag, is there any reason she took her shoes off other than them being not working-out shoes…?

No. 909979

File: 1676676840882.jpg (221.91 KB, 1188x1859, 20230217_173325.jpg)

When will she realize her legs don't make her look thicc, they make her look like a stumpy toddler.

No. 909980

Jesus, I can already see her picking the fabric out of her crotch while at the meet and greet.

No. 909981

She's not beating the sex pest allegations when she has a lip slip in front of a crowd of weebs

No. 909982

File: 1676677604775.jpeg (1.46 MB, 874x1910, E338CB6E-0772-430C-B204-DEAC58…)

God I hope some kind anons bless us with pics from the con

No. 909985

She boasts about having big tits but is always squeezing them down and into something that's not supportive or flattering. Saggy boobs are normal but for a cosplayer she can't figure out to get her titties to sit pretty.

No. 909986

bitch wear a bra goddamn

No. 909987

moo doesn't have a natural level of sag tho. they're saggy mostly from her weight fluctuation after her reduction. of course boobs sag but hers are worse than they would be.

No. 909988

stability. gym shoes with cushion aren't super optimal for squats/deadlifts since they shift. its best to be flat on the ground so you're more stable and have less chance for injury.

No. 909990

her rolls struggling under the shapeware n waist shop
but DAMN
she's just as big as ever

No. 909992

she needs to be wearing some shoes or she could fuck up her arches

No. 909997

love how we can see her wonderful swamp ass stain in these

No. 909998

File: 1676712419151.jpg (170.8 KB, 540x952, Screenshot_20230218_102510_Ins…)

No. 910000

fursuit thighs is all i can think about man

No. 910001

he just looks retarded. you can tell he has the tism based off the haircut alone

No. 910006

No orange cap. I hope conops takes his BB gun away.

No. 910007

This dumbass is going to ruin her back. Her forms all fucking off. Lol

No. 910008

>no orange cap
>no trigger discipline
He's lucky he didn't get kicked out for this

No. 910010

No Moo candids yet
is she hiding again?

No. 910011

She’s technically supposed to be at the SS booth from 1-4 all weekend unless she’s doing her usual stand around for 20 minutes then call it a day.

No. 910012

File: 1676759909205.jpeg (1.17 MB, 887x1858, D6B4CA29-0B8C-4259-8C7F-57B03E…)

He probably didn’t put this on by choice lol

No. 910013

Is this bitch seriously wearing Alphalete Amplify leggings, famous for giving women an ass, and still displaying the flattest, widest ass that only poor choices and bad lipo can provide? Topkek

No. 910014

File: 1676765799865.jpg (223.62 KB, 1080x1919, 331857486_856415332258266_9217…)

Looks like she didn't attend today

No. 910015

She's already hiding, lmao

No. 910016

Nta but I’ve been seeing posts from friends who were planning on attending saying that they’ve been waiting over two hours in line to get in before giving up and leaving. I don’t think moo has an excuse since she’s technically "working" for the booth and wouldn’t be denied entry. So yeah, she’s definitely talking out of her ass.

No. 910020

She probably busted a seam on her newest Chunk-Li costume and couldn't get Aly to fix it up for her on time.

No. 910026

Def a combo of not wanting candids showing how obese she is and hiding from people because of general paranoia. I don't know why SS even bothers if she wont tend to the booth.
Guess it's going to be a whole weekend of drugs, booze and eating non stop

No. 910027

Did she even go yesterday or is this really just a Sat/Sun con?

No. 910028

File: 1676787306854.jpeg (616 KB, 880x1525, ED6110C2-79A1-4313-AAFB-2368EF…)

She was advertised on the IG page as being there from 1-4pm Friday through Sunday. No clue if she was even at the booth the full 3 hours on Friday but I wouldn’t put it past her to just leave after an hour (I’m being generous here). Moo has a history of shirking booth obligations.

No. 910029

File: 1676787547672.jpeg (57.27 KB, 540x960, A1E3B308-BEE1-4CEB-A798-B0088A…)

How the mighty have fallen.

No. 910030

File: 1676788016371.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.43 MB, 1284x1978, 641F9046-09F0-4298-9BB8-71FBE7…)

I just don’t understand what this is supposed to do. Are we supposed to be aroused? Like how is someone who makes their whole life sex work, why is incapable of taking decent pictures?

No. 910031

I don't think anyone saw her. If she did take pictures she's def editing them and going to post them later
As far as I know, no one wants her there unless it's the rare scrote who looks at her porn

No. 910032

What a throwback! The old nose and turtle lips, when she did that shitty pink eye makeup for every character ever, her sole contribution to the outfit of 'weathering' on the bell and horns, the Castle Corsetry suit squeezing her into a somewhat passable shape, no cheesebar flower or Douma tats…

Back when she didn't have to spread her rancid cooch to get money too, how utterly lovely that the only person she has to blame for her downfall (and mutiliation of her body) is herself.

No. 910033

why does her bellybutton look like that???

No. 910034

This looks like something a serial killer would take. Either that or something that belongs in a morticians book

No. 910035

The only thing Moo has been successful at in her entire "career" is taking the most bafflingly unsexy photos in existence. I can’t see this continuing into her 30s since at the ripe old age of 27, she’s already hit rock bottom and burned every bridge available to her.

No. 910037

Isn't this where they went for Valentine's Day? Even on the obligatory romantic holiday of the year, she stays under layers of athleisure

No. 910042

What a gorgeous girl, I love mallad. Y’all just haters(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 910046

ozy we saw your dick and it’s very tiny

No. 910047

Ngl I miss her old face. People wouldn’t have cared or noticed if she just put some filler in her lips.

No. 910050

This didn't register as a human body at first. Literally couldn't tell which end was meant to be her waist and which end was meant to be her upper body. She's shaped like a cartoon dog bone.

No. 910051

she literally could’ve spent several years exercising her ass off but now she just looks like a elephantitis patient

No. 910052

File: 1676829470013.jpg (628 KB, 1079x1916, Screenshot_20230219_095625_Ins…)

She's not attending the convention at all, cat Sohpie is limping.

No. 910053

A lip lift and sticking to a diet/exercise plan is all she ever needed. It's insane how hard she's fucked up her life.

No. 910060

She never needed plastic surgery nor does any woman, you have scrotebrain

No. 910061

So she possibly went to 1 of the 3 days she was booked to appear at the booth and she didn’t even post that on her main account.

Wonder if she’s just skipping because Vamp and Maddie are there with their groups

No. 910063


Cute excuse to not attend the con. Or people’s complaints piled up and she got ejected out. I know people were complaining on LVLups pages and senpaisquads about her attending.

dipshit adopted senior cats and pushed away all her slaves “friends” so no one’s home to watch the cats while she wobbles around cons like a morbidly obese creature

No. 910064

NTA but I think what nona means is if ANYTHING, those two things are all she should have done if she wanted to, not that she had to

No. 910066

Post screencaps of the complaints

No. 910069

aww is the bitter bitch offended? go get some surgery nonny stop being bitter(sage your shit)

No. 910071

It's so sad that you can't have surgery to stop your retardness. Very sad.

No. 910074

She wouldn't have to make up excuses to not go if she didn't shop herself 150 pounds lighter. SS keeps ruining their rep for her

I was actually wondering the same thing tbh. Moo always had awful con behavior even if you don't include the SA stuff. That and you can't really call her a cosplayer. She's been a porn thot for years now so she def doesn't really fit in.
tbh I don't think Moo even wants to attend these things or go out in public anymore. She's terminally online because she'd rather live in a fantasy. I think she's happy that SS gave her guest status even though she never came at all.

No. 910078

shut cho fat ass up(sage your shit)

No. 910079

Post caps. This is an imageboard.

No. 910082

SS notoriously deletes and blocks anyone who has spoken out about her, so caps are very hard to catch.

No. 910083

nta they’ve definitely deleted comments calling her out. I saw the post shortly after it was posted and should’ve capped the comments but I didn’t think it was that important since it’s common knowledge by now that anyone still supporting Moo will delete comments/block anyone calling them out on it.

No. 910084

Then anon can go back to those other pages that have nothing to do with SS too like they said
>LVLups pages
No way every single place that exists has these comments scrubbed. Just sounds like anons want to make it seem like a bigger response than it probably is which is a big let down.

No. 910090

So she bails, and essentially, no one cares. Not even enough to bitch online.

No. 910101

OK thank you for your contribution, sorry about your crippling insecurities.

No. 910102

Because she has no cos career. She only pulls in a handful of porn sick scrotes
For most guests they pay them some comp or their weekend badge. I think for SS squad they just promote her online to make Moo feel better and that's it
I don't know why they work with her. There is zero benefit I could think of unless Moo is fucking them for every promo. If that's the case that's beyond rock bottom.

No. 910105

she probably paid them. let's be real.

No. 910107

She’s a customer. She had them put the dumbass AoT decals on her Jeep previously.

No. 910110

Is it safe to say her convention era is over? I don’t think she’s actually attended or plans to attend any cons aside from Anime Expo.

No. 910118

File: 1676932942726.jpeg (249.9 KB, 1284x1572, E006FAB0-4567-4CF7-A3ED-355263…)

Have no idea why they do when she does this by their cars. I can only imagine that she would’ve busted a seam this time around.

No. 910122

Most def. Less people want to meet her because they don't recognize her from her delusional shops
But the main reason is she doesn't want people to see what she's become. She's so addicted to photoshop and is so anti social.

No. 910126

File: 1676938494481.jpeg (549.32 KB, 899x1418, 12A92620-7B09-46FA-8AE8-C34A81…)

Speaking of delusional shops…

No. 910145

File: 1676994503849.jpg (303.12 KB, 1080x1504, Screenshot_20230221_104811.jpg)

The irony

No. 910146

Sage for no contribution

Every time I hit a weight loss goal I come and check on Moo and laugh and feel confident about myself. Thanks, Mariah for being my anti inspiration.

No. 910152

Are we about to get a Momo anti-semitism arc? Have we had one?

No. 910154

I live in Vegas and by pure absolute chance while visiting a friend I found that they live in the same neighborhood. I don’t frequent the boards much anymore and was never too interested in Mariah so it was a bit weird to see her irl. Like seeing a horse on a residential street or something. She actually lives in a really nice neighborhood, a pretty much brand new development. She also has those dumbass anime stickers on her car. Sorry for the lame post, just had to share my irl cow sighting.

No. 910156

Yuh we already knew her home was a newly developed area out there
Wished you coulda snapped a candid or two though. Is she as big as we think she is?

No. 910162

Honestly no? Like definitely not toned. The most noticeable thing was the lip filler. It’s visible from a distance, really unnatural looking.(learn to sage)

No. 910164

those pillbox development communities aren't "really nice neighborhoods" unless you're extremely poor.

No. 910175

Isn't she short? Probably what makes he look so much wider

No. 910183

So what do you think a banana costs?

No. 910184

10 dollars?

No. 910188

I wonder if Moo is mad she didn't go, but looks like Ozy did go without her.

No. 910194

He went with Akemi too. You know her insecurities are bubbling
Akemi always makes Moo insecure even before Ozy seeing as how she always photoshops her waist smaller than hers kek

No. 910198

Didn’t Akemi have to wear a fishnet bodysuit and sit near Moo in one of her terrible porn vids, so the guy fucking Moo could sustain an erection? To borrow a phrase from the Shayna threads: bleak.

No. 910201

>>910198 when was this? sounds so unhinged

No. 910206

What terrible form and she should have bought actual weight lifting shoes instead of going barefoot like the fat ogre she is. Knew her knees were being crushed by her massive weighted fursuit thighs, she’ll have to have knee surgery. I think that’s the real reason she’s trying to drop weight, surgeons like to work on nonobese people cause they can die under sedation. Knees are important but not a life threatening surgery you need asap.
Jfc ozy >>909998 looks greasy and I would be so weirded out if my friends bf said he was laughing/looking at a pic of us for five minutes, when it’s not even funny. He’s trying to fuck akemi or they already did.

No. 910213

File: 1677115733373.jpeg (1.85 MB, 1578x4160, 15388CA1-4DD2-4CB6-8ED5-66F0F4…)

Could this awful “sex” tape be the reason they broke up? Kek

No. 910215

File: 1677115895083.jpeg (4.67 MB, 1672x4160, 2F209E21-E332-482F-BDD2-E89219…)

Moos empty booth and more gross fake dick since ozy probably got upset his fat gunt being hopelessly tugged out of sight was posted everywhere to see without his knowledge.

No. 910216

File: 1677116018437.jpeg (Spoiler Image,156.69 KB, 855x1280, D8FF9BA0-5D08-4DB2-BD33-561189…)

It was during this shoot

No. 910219

Anon, they got back together after the tape was released.

No. 910220

If an actual popular cosplayer didn't show up to a booth or panel there would be a lot of pissed off fans. The fact no one gives a shit speaks volumes

No. 910225

Ozy's currently live on Twitch and admitted that he's addicted to cocaine. He is obviously coked out of his mind, as well.

No. 910230

He's a bigger cow than I thought

No. 910233

Would be wild if Ozy gets enough shenanigans for his own thread, the momokun multiverse grows(learn to sage)

No. 910240

If anons are aware he streams why is nobody recording his time out on the pasture moo’ing. Its hard to believe the unsaged twitch posts when there is no VOD.

No. 910253

No one wants to record an autist screeching on stream like a retard. It's unbearable to listen to, trust me. He did say on the stream that he was planning on editing and uploading last night's stream.

He was playing VR chat and at one point saw an anime girl dressed in a cow outfit and said, "DUDE THAT LOOKS LIKE MY GIRLFRIEND" and it did indeed look like Moo. That was the only reference to Moo I caught in about an hour's worth of stream. He was getting drunk on moonshine and was coked out of his goddamn mind, it was unbearable. But it seems he could possibly be dating with Moo currently. Hard to tell for sure. I suspected that they aren't going to be posting their relationship on social media this time, and it seems to be the case.

No. 910255

It was nauseating, it was the video where the guy (who was also in cosplay) told her to shut the fuck up. In some shots you could partly see Akemi sitting on the floor in front of Moo, in the guy’s eyeline. It’s in the last couple of threads, I think.

No. 910259

they posted it a week ago on valentine's day, dumbass.

No. 910282

Uh do you see their faces posted to each other's social media? They were both being deliberately vague with those Vday posts. They are gonna keep it on the DL this time, just watch.

No. 910292


No. 910306

Oof, she looks particularly bad here, whoever edited this photo did her sooo dirty leaving those lumpy ass thighs in there and the teeny little butt.

No. 910314

It’s quite impressive that she still has a Hank Hill butt even when bending over to stick it out. The wonders of Moo’s botched body will never cease.

No. 910317

Her body would be fine now if she was actually working out this whole time. Her wake up call was when she was 180 pounds. But instead choose lipo and fake exercise
I just miss the days where she would post her mukbang sized meals multiple times a day. Too bad she stopped when even her fans were grossed out by the amount.

No. 910332

File: 1677275332770.jpeg (628.8 KB, 899x1961, 601EEE64-CF7E-4B72-9318-13228A…)

No. 910333

he really looks like maddie there lmao.

No. 910337

Didn't Moo claim Ozy is abusive and violent? I don't know how anyone can take her seriously

No. 910367

He literally looks yassified lmao

No. 910381

File: 1677350755482.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.86 MB, 1284x2575, 524C8EBC-7950-4F95-956C-4F89F6…)

The fact that he’s holding up her ass like she does is taking me out.

No. 910386

slimdodge triburoat (Tribal Rat)

No. 910389

Who was blind enough to post this unedited to her OF? JFC she usually edits her skin texture so much, the blackhead moon crater ass is shocking

No. 910405

Call me autistic af but I am, and it looks like he’s fingering two smaller butts (the way his fingers are indenting her noncheeks) and then sucking on a third (her boob w the thing cutting into her sag) three ass shapes and not one of them her real actual ass but looking at his hands is sending me into fits. The right side especially legit looks like he’s fingering a different smaller butt on her body.

No. 910407

File: 1677371257944.jpeg (Spoiler Image,115.95 KB, 720x1125, 14760192-7E9F-4FE7-90F8-57ED73…)

Samefag and spoilered for autism and for it legit looking like an ass kek

No. 910409

File: 1677371616822.jpeg (1.01 MB, 894x1940, 4D0B6E7D-A1FE-4A8B-A4B7-F1F9EB…)

I’m assuming she’s going to try to get into vtuber shit on Twitch. Still clinging to that ugly ass MooMoo "OC".

No. 910411

She mentioned wanting to do vtuber shit before, she forgot about it but with the english vtuber community on fire currently OF COURSE the fat bitch is trying to waddle in all of a sudden.

No. 910417

If she's just as boring, no one is going to care.

No. 910426

the scene is over saturated with people, so you have to have more charisma than a wet tissue, which moo doesn't.

No. 910430

well it can't be an worse than her days on camversity where she just ate food. She could always go the nikocado route and just become a mukbanger, which i'm sure she'd enjoy

No. 910434

My fucking sides, nona, this is amazing

No. 910437

She has a following though. That's more than half these girls starting out had.

No. 910438

It is and if they're smart they'll try kicking her out/keeping her out, the unfortunate part though, she'll be in a better position than 99% of vtubers simply because she'll have an established base so she'll sit pretty at a viewership however small.

No. 910439

File: 1677435384049.jpeg (874.54 KB, 1170x1712, 60E02C99-2C72-4E45-B79F-8194B7…)

$30k, everyone

It's been at least a year at this point, right? That's the final product. No further reduction in swelling from here.

No. 910440

Sage your retarded zoom in edits.

No. 910441

sure she might have an established fanbase, but how many are going to sit through one of her streams

No. 910449

Unless whatever dumb flex model she trots out flashes its tits constantly, her paypigs aren't going to appreciate her streams. She bored them to death last time, slapping on a digital muppet over her botched mug isn't going to improve that.

No. 910451

If only a handful of her fans turned up for her Camversity streams, where she sat with pasties on while deepthroating a burrito, no one is going to stick around for her Twitch. Especially since she has zero personality and will likely only behave like an edgelord teen until she eventually says something stupid/racist and gets banned.

No. 910453

File: 1677455062771.jpg (51.33 KB, 533x445, lolol.jpg)

lol but you aren't all that busy now are you, baby?

No. 910462

She's acting like the thread doesn't bother her kek

No. 910463

File: 1677470874278.jpg (467.99 KB, 1080x984, Screenshot_20230226_200742_Twi…)

Samefag, adding:

No. 910464

nta but that’s a fake account. All their tweets are just taking the piss out of her.

No. 910466

Why is Ozy replying

No. 910467

because he's clinical retarded kek

No. 910468

Because it’s been established that he’s an attention seeking moron? You really think Moo is self aware enough to tweet anything that’s on that account? Oof

No. 910470

Those shirts.. Don't forget.

No. 910473


Well I turned out to watch her read from My Immortal cause her reading the worst fanfic ever was funny, and to watch her get outed and ban a Japanese guy because she couldn’t speak the language. And get upstaged by Vamps who actually does have a personality (compared to Moo that isn’t real hard). So I wouldn’t say her camversity was a total disaster. For us.

No. 910483

He just admitted to reading the threads lmao. Why is he being her autistic guard dog? To the anons who said he was more pathetic than Moo, perhaps they were right.

No. 910484

did he? that's what moo said about him, not what we said.

No. 910485

He's the one that said the coke thing on stream. We're only repeating things they said, for god's sake. But yes, he's reading.

No. 910496

no, i mean moo said all the stuff about him being abusive and cheating during her spergout. nothing he said there is evidence of him lurking, even though he probably is.

No. 910501

Doubt Moo would call him autistic. That fake account also mentioned lolcow so figured that's what he was referring to. I don't doubt he lurks tho. The dude is creepily obsessed with Moo. They really are perfect for each other.

No. 910502

Ozy is absolutely lurking. Everything he referenced in that screenshot is everything HE, NOT MOO, has said, all on his streams, which were all written and posted here. Moo never called him autistic, we did (as he did several times on his stream). TBH, Moo never said basically anything about him - he's the one that said all of this shit.

So, Ozy, baby: we're only repeating shit that you have said. You said it yourself, word for word, "don't do what I do and get addicted to coke." You're the one that said all that crazy shit about your "girlfriend" Moo. I watched you say it all on your stream, retard. You can't get offended by us repeating your own words. And we didn't need you to say it to know you're a fuckin' junkie. It's written all over your face.(no1curr)

No. 910503

Don’t be retarded, he just outed himself as reading here. His Dylan haircut is enough giveaway that this guy is a certified autist. He’s so ugly. You’d think moo would try to polish her turd

No. 910504

File: 1677533674136.jpeg (Spoiler Image,3.84 MB, 1500x4493, C4DFFCA0-AC55-4655-8AD6-5072F5…)

She tried to shrink her fur suit thighs and her waist in one pic

No. 910505

File: 1677535005793.jpeg (Spoiler Image,177.05 KB, 1170x1825, CBA9FCD6-5F6F-4E0D-B865-B035F2…)

His face is so ugly

No. 910507

File: 1677535130342.jpeg (239.14 KB, 1284x1190, B006ADFA-799A-42A9-A140-FFC507…)

Looks like someone got butthurt and reported the twitter kek

No. 910510

Yep she did lol

No. 910513

he looks yassified lmao is that a filter?

No. 910517

Where that 26inch waist?

No. 910521

he clearly thinks that he's gorgeous or something and that makes me cackle.

No. 910523

I'm beating a dead horse but good Lord Moo please wash your ass. The smell emanating from that blackhead mine must be abysmal.

Even edited, her girth is massive. Where have her monthly gym posts been too? Has she just given up?

No. 910525

He really thinks anyone wants to see his ugly solo shit and is using Moo to try to get incels over on his page. Ozy, no guys want to see you.

No. 910531

funny how she cares more about the one mocking her, and not the one thats reselling her content. Or the many others larping as her

No. 910542

That’s because she didn’t report that account, I did. Cow-tipping isn’t allowed. For rich and pure milk, the leche must come from the vaca itself. Imposters not only clog the udders, but also taint the milk itself.

We need to get rid of the fake accounts, especially before pasteurization. For the sake of purity and a continuous stream of lulz.

The milk must flow.

No. 910544

with his addiction problems I can see a schizo word salad future for Peter. It’ll happen around his mid 20s.
Based nonnie. I want the purest milk as well.

No. 910546

that's not cowtipping though.

No. 910555

The person tagged Ozy. It's cowtipping.

No. 910557

making a troll account on twitter isn't cowtipping, learn what cowtipping actually is.

No. 910561

Oh, I invite you to watch one of his Twitch streams. He is 100% already there. It's nothing but coke-induced word salad.

No. 910566

nta but trying to troll or attract a cow’s attention and posting about it here is cowtipping, or might as well be. Just watch and laugh there’s no need to do any lame shit offsite.

No. 910572

I’m like positive. With the amount of shit talking you guys do. You all wish you were Ozy.

I’m happy for her. Good for her :) I like watching them succeed and make money. The fact y’all pay her subscriptions, and still talk mad shit. Amazes me.

That’s what seals it for me, y’all wish you were ozy(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 910574

OK, Peter. Hope you don't get fentanyl'd.

No. 910580

Why would a group of shit talking women who come on a forum to openly hate on men, sex workers and trannies be jealous of an ugly manlet with a pencil dick arguing with a beast of a woman just so he can have a place to stay that isn't his mom's? I know a lot of us are lesbians, but fuck, none of us want to date a loud, obnoxious stinky fat fuck with a shitty personality. Your average lesbian likes a cute girl that's funny and down to earth and chill.

No. 910584

we also most definitely do NOT pay for her subscriptions hahahhaha

No. 910597

>y'all wish you were ozy
lmao how can he be this deluded? Momo had to literally pay escorts because nobody wants to fuck her, why would anybody be jealous of Ozy the free Gigolo

No. 910599

File: 1677635296545.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1170x2278, DAF3E602-05DA-4F03-9D9C-0F5921…)

bet any money its this retard whose been licking at moos udders. Sage for no milk but she idolizes moo like umbran used to. She’s an apologist for moo’s sexual assault too. Thinks that because moo is “famous” and making money that she’s amazing.

No. 910602

i forgot about her.

No. 910620

[adware link redacted]

No. 910629

this message is was so embarrassing and you should feel bad

No. 910632

cowtipping is when a farmer announces or is bragging about talking to a cow. a call out account on twitter isn't cowtipping and could feasibly not even be run by a farmer. plus the anon who reported the account calling moo out didn't report any accounts illegally selling her sets, just the one that's calling attention to her lying. and then she posted some "hello fellow farmers" style post. it's pretty suspicious.

No. 910640

You don’t know what cow tipping is you fucking idiota. Seems suspicious you’d only report that one and not the others. You’re still fucking with milk flow wether you think it or not.

No. 910643

File: 1677732062502.jpeg (1.79 MB, 1284x1940, 1357055A-5BE7-4E6A-81B9-F72B54…)

This thread seems relatively dry right now. I wish someone had gotten candidates of her at the con.

No. 910644

she wasn't at the con…

No. 910648

nta but she was at the con for at least a few hours on Friday from what I saw in IG stories. There were photos of her posing with cars from SS in the Neir outfit. It was on Saturday that she made the excuse that she couldn’t get in because attendance was capped and Sunday she sad her cat was limping so she just didn’t go at all.

No. 910649

File: 1677738495413.jpeg (854.17 KB, 3264x1983, 1663BDC5-974D-4FC8-B534-A486D5…)

Doesn’t count if you buy them, Moo. This account also barely had 4k followers until recently. I don’t know why she bothers buying them knowing it’ll get banned eventually like the others.

No. 910652


Pretty sure that was last years con, AX I think. Our super popular moo didn’t even get tagged in a single photo. 1.5 million followers my ass lmao

No. 910653

So that means shy of 8k of her followers didn't like it? She really doesn't hide her fake engagement. Twitter and Twitch ban for it, so I hope IG will soon.

No. 910654

if you're referring to >>910118 it was last year.

No. 910656

why does she only have three fingers here

No. 910660

OMG. Martin Wong, you hack.

No. 910662

File: 1677785058362.jpeg (941.08 KB, 3264x2500, 4F3C8CA2-CDED-4325-A6C7-641CA8…)

Samefag but she WAS at the con on Friday, I just got the costume mixed up.

No. 910663

File: 1677785217083.jpeg (Spoiler Image,270.57 KB, 1536x2048, E1CE138E-FA40-4EA6-BE6E-4C0167…)

No wonder no one goes to the studio. I’d hate to have to do a shoot and have to pass by this.

No. 910664

Once again showing how much a hentai brained loser she is.

No. 910687

that tattoo is looking rough. guess she wimped out from finishing the removal

No. 910705

The probably thought it could come up in 2 sessions. Moo, it's red ink. You need about 10.

No. 910710

File: 1677871084901.png (70.96 KB, 810x343, nomo.png)

Hmm, not followed by Moo anymore. On his most recent Instagram post, she had commented yesterday something like, "how does it feel being the prettiest guy ever?" and he commented back "thanks love." But those comments are now deleted (sorry I didn't screencap on time).

Is it already happening again? Odd, considering he had just shown up on one of her Instagram stories again. They were starting to loosen the reigns a bit.

No. 910711

we need to get a "blocked/unblocked" calendar for these two like we have with Lori and Kev, lol.

No. 910747

I wonder if he's asked other cosgirls or others have reached out to him, about shooting with him the same way Moo shoots with other people. Moo has to be an idiot if she thinks this guys won't try to fuck and do photos with other women the same way she does with other guys and other cosgirls, including actual porn with Akemi. It's the texting thing all over again. Moo can do everything she wants, fuck and talk to anyone she wants, show her body and talk lewd in comments in DMs on OnlyFans and stuff, but Ozy, even with his own, nope. Can't do anything. Why even bother to make an OF then for him?

No. 910753

File: 1677894400647.png (2.1 MB, 1510x1803, momotogether.png)

long time lurker just to keep up, saged because it's not really anything big but she deleted and reposted thisa few hours ago and I managed to catch it since I was on twitter at the time.

the first image was fine by her standards so idk why she zoomed in. maybe nitpicky, sorry if it is.

No. 910763

She's buying likes and I think she has to upload this using a 3rd party to make sure the bots go to the right promoted tweet. You can tell from all her images which ones have a real reach because bots still load in pages, so the view counts are unreliable which is why Elon even wanted those their anyway because he thinks people are dumb enough to believe these 'views' prove authenticity.

No. 910787

She looks like The Grudge in this snapshot

No. 910791

File: 1677930894824.jpg (106.93 KB, 720x1280, 20230304_055319.jpg)

Weird because they both with nimu to see Demon Slayer together. They're not actively following each other though.

No. 910792

File: 1677930967993.jpg (82.79 KB, 720x1280, 20230304_055301.jpg)

samefag but *both went.

No. 910805

File: 1677966748802.jpeg (839.96 KB, 891x1944, C41F2F2E-11D3-42E0-8428-47219F…)

This image is like an optical illusion.

I just saw both of their IG stories and BOTH are the kinds of assholes who whip out their phones and record during a movie. They’re at Downtown Summerlin’s Regal theater, I’d hate to have to pay for a ticket there just to see these fuckups ruining a film. No doubt Moo made a ton of noise whenever her fictional husband showed up.

No. 910820

File: 1677983030568.jpg (Spoiler Image,804.42 KB, 3875x5812, IMG_0729.jpg)

They basically painted her a new ass with all that smoothing.

No. 910823

Her ass looks like it’s melting over her stockings….

No. 910824

File: 1677985994355.jpeg (686.7 KB, 828x1472, 190A9C25-41BF-4A1B-A2CF-9F32F5…)

The lashes make her eyes look so lopsided

No. 910831

Girl is telling on herself again with those backrolls

No. 910841

That Derpy Hooves realness

No. 910843

File: 1678009225148.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.07 MB, 1125x1995, FAD61927-3D05-4F25-9304-4ACD66…)

she just created a free OF

No. 910844

lol. someone must be getting desperate if she's setting up a free one to try entice people

No. 910859

The smart way is to always have a free OF and put out PPV in DMs and on the wall.

No. 910861

Why get a nose job when her tits are sitting at her waist! I mean that's not even a joke or exaggeration. I think she is losing some weight, but it's making her breasts even saggier.

No. 910893

File: 1678073192602.jpeg (577.55 KB, 1125x644, C0866C81-75ED-4186-B4AC-BD2C78…)

Her arms are ginormous, you say she is loosing weight but the lipo has made her body so weird it’s hard to tell.

No. 910894

File: 1678073801867.png (75.09 KB, 610x465, followagain.png)

Moo following Ozy again.

No. 910895

File: 1678075475312.jpeg (771.05 KB, 1125x1992, B36BC2E8-F4F5-44ED-B1F9-30AD8E…)

wonder who she’s talking about (considering her habit of branding everyone who doesn’t fully pander to her as her haturz)

No. 910957

File: 1678162709146.jpeg (84.76 KB, 828x737, AD27E03A-54BA-4B69-B654-729737…)

We’ve said it before but I’ll say it again: nose is so, so bad

No. 910962

She absolutely fucked her facial proportions with this nose job. It's legimately sad

No. 910966

File: 1678186198588.jpeg (72.58 KB, 1161x653, E8A57489-407D-443A-9EE0-33A4D1…)

It’s so snouty, a true pig nose

No. 910969

Imagine how fucked up she’d look without the lip filler.

No. 910973

she looks like the kardashians' retarded cousin

No. 910974

With those bug eyes, pointy nose, lips and that unfortunately shaped body and ass, gonna call her frog queen. Argue that its wrong.

No. 910978

small dick fat gay ex boyfriend who i run back to for some reason??? check.
mangled body? check.
forcing my female cosplay friends to stoop low and lose their self respect? check.
force them to shove things in my filthy clam? check?
botched arab pornstar nose? check.

No. 910981

Imagine going from turtle to frog, I would also say that frogs are the less cute of the two reptiles.

No. 910989

The way the nose droops over the holes too, its like a band was put there and it drooped over. She has 3 lumps that make up her nose and then the larger holes for some reason the doctor made.

No. 910993

frogs are amphibians, nona

No. 911003

File: 1678226011638.gif (125.92 KB, 828x737, moo_nose.gif)

when comparing it to what it COULD have looked like, it is an actual shame she wasted so much money on such a botched nosejob.


No. 911025

“Designer” nose job is what she called lol

No. 911027

I honestly think she brought in anime photos.

No. 911030

this gif really shows you visually how bad she fucked up her nose. it’d be sad if she wasn’t such a bad person.

No. 911031

well these are part of her "recreating" shots from perfect blue, thinking she looks like the main character

No. 911037

she does look like the main character
the fat one, of course

No. 911063

File: 1678302145597.jpeg (80.51 KB, 1450x1014, 2CDCEE8D-885B-419F-8E4F-8452BF…)

Waiting for her to recreate this shot.

No. 911086

It's just at weirdly upturned

No. 911093

I meant into the doctor's office as a reference for the type of look she wants for her nose. I could see her using ones like this as well as some normal inspo photos. I know people actively do bring in cartoon photos as references. Already that's weird.

No. 911098

jesus is there no way to go back in and fix her damn nose?

No. 911105

File: 1678362278517.jpeg (1.35 MB, 1125x1995, 22A11329-2449-4009-B48C-795A17…)

rambling about the soul again i see

No. 911124

Yes, Moo. Animals can also create bonds. It's not something new and not something some outer world being has manifested.

No. 911125

Omg you fat fuck, pick a fucking god damned gimmick I swear to Christ this woman changes her personality more time than she changes her rancid underwear and compression leggings. You’re not deep. You’re about as deep as a urine sample size cup of tap water.

No. 911135


Uneducated mess.(sage your shit)

No. 911172

wait is this about Jaeda or did one of the new elderly cats already die?(sage your shit)

No. 911219

Must be one of the two new elderly cats. She had Jaeda for years and was already done mourning her once the new geriatric cats came in.

No. 911228

No, she's talking about Jaeda, because of course.

No. 911278

File: 1678565653495.jpeg (83.74 KB, 497x973, D7C33B93-CA99-4859-A95C-DD1741…)

surprised no one has posted this, but last night she went on another “i’m so unbothered and the toughest bitch around” bender, literally have never met someone so unable to take accountability before

No. 911303

File: 1678585940653.png (124.72 KB, 1101x749, unfollow.png)

Unfollowed again by Moo. What's going on here? Is it really Kev and Lori all over again?

No. 911318


Wtf are those eyebrows lmao

No. 911319

Looks like she's embracing her lolcow status lmao

No. 911327

Like clockwork

No. 911394

I'm not mad that she's smug. I'm genuinely puzzled over WHY she's smug. Like I legitimately do not get what aspect of her existence is envious. I know the obvious card is her money. At what cost? Degrading yourself further and further to keep scrotes attention? She wants love but all she can publically produce is a socially retarded spaz. Making them the fat version of Lori and Kevin. Her body/face is just a hot garbage fire. In the spandex suit days she atleast had pretty eyes. Now they just look so empty. The space between her ears? FAHGEDABOUTIT. She offers nothing to stimulate genuine friendships. People that change friends as quickly as she does do so for a reason.

No. 911413

File: 1678675906066.png (14.69 KB, 557x380, exagain.png)

Ahh there it is. Time to make the block/unblock ex/girlfriend calendar for these two, because I mean for real.

No. 911415

It’s funny since it could be any ex but we know it’s Moo because it has “zen” in the title. I didn’t know the Psychic Eye bookshop had an auto maintenance section lol!

No. 911418

File: 1678682571335.jpg (745.51 KB, 1827x2500, moo.jpg)

moo is suddenly a trans ally. I wish she'd get into more arguments on twitter now that's shes back on it.

No. 911420

Moo.. You didn't date Tattoo Sensei. Remember, anons, he got a motorcycle for his birthday or whatever and all his woowoo shit.

No. 911424

CP bump beware

No. 911431

lol at her thinking shes being a TRA but then still calls the trannies "dudes in dresses"

No. 911432

I don't think she was genuine, she's such a cunt that I can't imagine her having any "pc" opinions. (I'm gc myself but you know what I mean)

No. 911440

“Cry about it” she posts while sobbing uncontrollably, her face caked with make up melting off with her tears and slobber, morphing her into the repugnant creature she is deep inside. “Im a bad bitch” she sniffles around another fork full of of her grubhub order of pho and chipotle. Her house echos as only the sounds of her oinks and sobs reverb around the faux marble paneling that lines her house. Her cats paw frantically at the the windows and doors, desperate to be freed and seek freedom as the carcasses of lizards only provided so much to their plight of hunger. Alas they are trapped with abominable pig like beast that has them within with cold prison.

No. 911446

tbh as much as Moo bitches about Ozy's short comings she probably loves this relationship. She was bored as fuck before. Moo having a toxic relationship with all the drama and control is exactly what she wants.

She wants some kind of alley card because no one is going to acknowledge her POC card. Too bad she already went on anti lgbt spazz outs before. She was only an "alley" when she pretend to be a lesbian. She also said she dated an imaginary trans guy when people were calling her out for being homophobic during her devilman crybaby phase.

No. 911449

File: 1678771281447.jpeg (102.97 KB, 828x1111, 73C3CD18-C3C3-4E7F-83C5-267F98…)

She fails at literally everything, so it’s not surprising she fails at being a "ally".

No. 911450

File: 1678771426018.jpeg (584.26 KB, 1690x3264, FDDAC116-4FC3-458C-AB20-C876E7…)

Moo proving she will never be self aware.

No. 911451

File: 1678771606945.jpeg (863.05 KB, 3051x3264, A93128FB-6582-4395-A35B-287163…)

I can’t imagine she had anything to talk about on that podcast when all she does on OF is scrape the bottom of the barrel for content.

No. 911453

Still can't sit at our table, moo.

No. 911454

Ah but we must thank the podcast for these candids.

No. 911458

Thighs as big as ever.

No. 911465

File: 1678847083357.jpg (Spoiler Image,67.99 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230314_212410_Sam…)

Unspoil at your own risk.

No. 911466

She is just so fricken puffy. This is water-retention central. I think she has a health issue she doesn't know about or is just straight up ignoring. Maybe PCOS?

No. 911469

Holy shit, the amount of acne on her ass?! This is genuinely vile l

No. 911471

Broken clocks are right twice a day. I can't believe I'm agreeing with moo.

No. 911479

She can gloat all day about her lifting, weight loss, and gains, but she genuinely tells on herself always in the end. Her skin in the spoiled photo looks so dirty, discolored, and unwell.

ngl her ass is very reminiscent of the old ladies at my medfag job

No. 911480

File: 1678866353543.jpg (300.37 KB, 1847x1022, moo.jpg)

and she's back at it again.
why. why, do i always click on these when i know full well i'm going to be disgusted. jfc

No. 911486

File: 1678879968840.jpeg (Spoiler Image,55.34 KB, 1079x715, lolmomo.jpeg)

A fake cock you say? No in-fighting nonnies, but fucksake…

No. 911487

it doesn't even look real lmao. You'd think she'd buy one that's at-least believable, but i guess she's too cheap for that. Also good to know that they're still totally not shooting porn in her "photo studio" lmao

No. 911488


the blond character in this is like 16, and ofc mariah would latch on to a character whose main power is to literally manipulate and control people

No. 911490

She broke up with Ozy and wasn't allowed to work with other guys again at this time lol

No. 911494

Okay but why the classroom setting? She doesn't have an office setting at her photo studio?

No. 911495

if i recall she has a medical room, "post apocalypse" area that's connected to her greco-roman area, a victorian room, the obligatory Japanese classroom, apartment and tatami rooms, the gym/yoga room, and the toilet that she said could be used as a set.
I think she might've said that the classroom could be rearranged into an office, but i can't be bothered checking.

I would like to point out that the dildo isn't even in the right position to even appear attached to akemi. Its like she just put in on top of her pants and said good enough. Oh, and not to mention, she's late to the trend as usual

No. 911519

Spoiler your shit next time, I'm in public.

No. 911520

The character isn't even human and kills people. Stfu.

No. 911522

Ok moo(hi cow)

No. 911547

Moo has said several times she’s into shota

No. 911552

File: 1678967074118.png (14.66 KB, 445x503, twitcharc.png)

looks like our twitch arc is about to start again, apparently she's going to be doing tekken streams because she's totally welcome in the fgc. I'm also fairly certain that, unsurprisingly, she's stolen that "moo moo" full reference image(again). I'm going to be genuinely shocked and amused if she's shelled out for a vtuber rig, that community is going to eat her alive.

No. 911553

Wow, another titty model. Just what we needed.

No. 911557

Nta, but Akemi is a grown-ass woman with a fake phallus. Nothing about her screams 16-year-old anime boy. This is just cosplay and it's ugly on both their ends.

No. 911592

and lets be real. neither of them care about the cosplays anyway. It's all about the porn but they don't want to call it that so they slapped on a wig.

No. 911598


he's still 16/17 mentally and physically. this is like incel moids with their 6000 year old dragon/god/vampire/etc lolis.

No. 911600

cry about it moralfag(sage more too please)

No. 911601

I am looking forward to seeing if she went for a hard flex of her paypig money on her model or went as cheap as possible. Either way the bitch is only going to stream like, twice given how her previous misadventures in streaming went.

No. 911602


No. 911605

none of the high bill 3d vtuber makers have been taking on new clients recently and i'm sure if anyone saw moo's OC rip off in the 2d pipeline it would have been called out by now. She's probably getting ripped off by a scammer who's gonna give her a shitty VRoid

No. 911607

There's so many smaller names that do just as good work, but don't have clients with established names. Just because the people you watch aren't taking on clients, doesn't mean others aren't offering commissions and due to the money she has, and artists like money, someone will most likely have taken her on. Someone made an entire character sheet for her for fucks sake.

No. 911608

As someone that's actually a Vtuber, even the "smaller names" won't work with someone like Moo unless she drops FAT stacks, because while most want to get their name out there, they won't work with anyone who steals OCs, use AI arts or is a shitty person, the EN Vtubing community is on fire enough as is right now, imagine you're an artist and/or rigger associated with Momokun.

No. 911609

>Someone made an entire character sheet for her for fucks sake.
ah, yes. because moo is totally known for commission characters and totally not just stealing other peoples creations. Surely though, if she had commissioned that character sheet we'd have seen her posting about her super new oc, right?

No. 911610

File: 1679088443866.jpeg (803.18 KB, 2549x3264, A1DCAA59-9EE8-4568-991A-68C77B…)

nta but the character sheet she posted on Twitch is old af. She paid an artist on IG to "modify" the Milk Party OC so people would stop saying she stole it. But it still looked bland and unoriginal.

No. 911620

I think u underestimate the desperation of the industry, particularly those who are struggling to get by. She can def get someone to do it even if she just goes to fiver and gets something jank(which I really hope will happen lol)

No. 911622

Someone made all the extra stuff for it though.

No. 911623

Anon doesn't realize most artists don't give a fuck and someone can just ask to not be named which Moo is wonderful at anyway. Those 'WON'T DO' parts of commission sheets are doable with a cost.

No. 911627

>with a cost.
>unless she drops FAT stacks

No. 911630

Indian Hands typed this post(racebaiting)

No. 911716

File: 1679288162032.jpeg (Spoiler Image,214.56 KB, 1366x2048, 55E78EE2-C238-45E2-95EF-80663D…)

I didn’t think it was possible for her to look trashier but Moo always manages to find a way.

No. 911718

Weight gain post breakup? She always tells on herself.

No. 911719


The wall on the left side by her waist is warped along the mirror in the right side(learn to sage)

No. 911739

File: 1679340179880.png (Spoiler Image,497.41 KB, 1284x2778, 633725B2-AB26-495F-A24E-883E53…)

Oh Moo, never change.

No. 911740

Ignoring the crunchy "cosplay" that is not the natural body of a 2x year old. Also she needs to stop repeating content sets.

No. 911765

I can smell the hotdog water off your tweet.

No. 911766

when did they say there werent smaller names that do just as good work?

We're talking about Moo here. She only wants to work with either the biggest names (see Reiq and the person who did the character sheet I cant remember their name but they've got numbers) or someone who is already a fan so will do it for cheap/free/for clout. Moo is a creature of habit. I think the only thing she's done to surprise us in the past 5 years is how gross her porn got.

Also Moo is too stupid to go to a smaller artist. She probably did what she used to do in the cosplay scene, see who made what for whoever she knows is popular and keep going until she found someone who said yes.

No. 911767

In terms of the Vtubing community, there's only artists that does work for high profile clients (Like Hololive/Nijisanji) and Riggers who only work with high profile clients, e.g Ironvertex. They would know who momokun is and no amount of money would get them to ruin their reputation, she would have to go with whoever bends the knee to her.

No. 911794

Yes they would. Commissioners often don't post work that the client wants left private.

No. 911813

Any artist worth their salt knows that their work can get recognized, especiallyim vtubing where art styles are extremely different. It happened with Moo and SomersetSews as well; Somerset never claimed that cosplay she made was for Moo but when Moo posted it, people placed it as being Somerset's work. No matter who designs/rigs Mariah's vtuber, either their art will be recognized or Mariah will throw them under the bus.

No. 911830

Last post I'll make on this particular subject, but all of the big names have, in their tos, they can and will post art and rigging done by them, there's no fee to keep it private. So she can't go to any of the big dogs in the industry as none will work with her, they work with hololive, nijisanji, shoto and ironmouse, they're not throwing that away for mooriah lol.

No. 911873

File: 1679516737385.png (Spoiler Image,453.31 KB, 828x1792, 4798A936-20F4-475D-BF12-6CAB42…)

Spoiler just to be safe, but Ozy is wearing ahegao pants at the gym and thinks that it’s cool. Cringe.

No. 911899

File: 1679526201214.jpeg (Spoiler Image,84.21 KB, 887x1587, 712DB1F5-7879-4721-A48C-8106A9…)

This post already got removed from IG

No. 911909

No it's not. I see it.

No. 911915

My bad. IG was giving me the “couldn’t load data” error when I tried to click it.

No. 911918

File: 1679539282165.png (10.48 KB, 593x210, ozy3.png)

Caught this comment on his twitter today. Are we already going into round 3 (possibly 4)? Moo hasn't followed him though. He's been favoriting and re-tweeting about being "super private af" so I imagine if round 3/4 is happening, they're gonna try and hide it from us.

No. 911919

File: 1679539323511.png (35.74 KB, 580x681, ozy4.png)

Also caught this - ok but like… is he even like 6'2"? He is not fucking 6'6", wtf?

No. 911921

File: 1679540113104.png (618.3 KB, 799x452, ozy5.png)

Sorry for samefagging but I went back and looked at some of his full body pics. I mean, he looks tall (and I'll give him this: that's hot) but like 6'6" is hulking tall. I'm guessing he's more like 6'2" - 6'4" maybe? Why lie about this?

How tall is Moo?

No. 911922

She's all of 5'3" so Ozy there is a manlet in every sense of the word. Love yourself, nonna.

No. 911923

LMAO(sage your shit)

No. 911924

File: 1679543800177.jpeg (139.13 KB, 736x749, 5606B20E-2CF4-47B1-A167-27B6BC…)

Yeah he’s not even close to any of that. Michael Jordan is 6’6” and his wife is 5’6” and here’s what the difference in their heights looks like

No. 911925

File: 1679544071641.png (3.94 KB, 318x151, ozy6.png)

Eh, he's lurking and thinks he's clever.

No. 911926

File: 1679544011398.png (3.94 KB, 318x151, ozy6.png)

Eh, he's lurking and thinks he's clever.

No. 911928

I think he thinks he's being funny? What's actually funny is judging by >>911921 it's likely he is actually around 5'7", so no wonder the meme struck a nerve. kek

No. 911937

I’ve actually dated a man that was 6’7 and even at my height of 6 feet he was still a head taller than me. Ozy does not look like he has those proportions and not only that it’s also very hard to get stylish clothes that fit your body.

No. 911941

File: 1679587120569.jpeg (41.31 KB, 828x488, 141C78A8-1054-48D9-8787-C55D4D…)

Her “engagement” is the same as her friend Mimsy who has over a million followers. She can’t make it any more obvious she’s buying it.

No. 911946

I know I’ve continuously made fun about how she always has her mouth hanging open in nearly every picture but now I’m wondering would obesity factor in to her becoming a chronic mouth breather because her body is straining for oxygen all the time?

No. 911947

No, she just thinks its "sexy", just like her invisible hat phase.

No. 911973

Tbh a lot of these costhot women look fucking dumb with closed mouth expressions. Id rather have Moo overdoing it than actually know how to properly pout like a model with an open mouth.

No. 911993

I am like 99% sure they are back together.

No. 911996

Does this retard know this is a mostly women's site?

No. 911997

File: 1679630036974.png (21.94 KB, 610x580, lololoz.png)

Yeah, keep it private, like fucking your fatass hose beast while screaming like a retarded gimp and posting it online for all the world to see? I'm sure your mama liked that one.

No. 911999

It's not that serious, anon.

No. 912018

File: 1679674984580.jpeg (Spoiler Image,74.74 KB, 1242x1023, 94018D17-3ACD-4179-8ED2-160160…)

No comment

No. 912022

Ozy just proved he and Moo don't know how to have sex well. No wonder Moo has to have another woman in the room for them to maintain a stiffy

You would think someone who put out at a young age would know a few things. Unless she's so big and lazy she thinks pulling a funny face and quoting hentai will do

No. 912023

Ozy is a young healthy male (No this isn't a compliment, biologically), Moo is just unsexy and can't even give a blowjob properly, the last time she really had sex with someone she 'loved" she accused him of rape afterward, the next time she's had sex the guy clearly was only half hard. The issue isn't ozy in this case, I know we wanna shit on men but this is 100% a mooriah issue lmao

No. 912025

You will never be able to convince me that Moo actually cares about sex. I truly don't believe she cares about sex literally at all. I think she's ended up where she is right now due to money and thinking it's her only option due to her tits. A chick like her growing up with tits like that gets where she is because she's forced into being a sex object. She's decided to lean into it and it works for her, but I don't think any of it is in earnest. It's just a cover for a massive, massive sexual insecurity. This is a chick who will forever be really fucked up around sex. She has sex in order to seek love, not sexual pleasure.

No. 912026

if he did porn with a nicer woman his age it would be better

No. 912029

I think she's a straight woman who enjoys sex with a male partner, or she DID. Now with the constant barrage of coomers telling her how hot she would be if she degraded herself just a little more, ehhh I see she's repulsed by it. She's dead behind the eyes.
Imagine being her. A white chick that can't get laid in Japan. Like, they'll fuck any bitch just to be a gaijin hunter, but not moo. Even here she's paying for sex. Is that even a thing? A woman paying for sex? And with that doughy snaggletooth rat? Ppffttt get outta here

No. 912032

Did you see their sex tape? Nothing with Ozy can be sexy kek. They are both terminally unattractive.

No. 912035

It's still moo in this case. Chemistry is a thing.

No. 912037

At this point in Moo's life she's spending most of her money on surgeries, lipo, buying friends and lovers and buying likes and followers to pretend she's still relevant. Spending her resources to larp as a likable skinny girl

No. 912045

File: 1679715996247.jpeg (770.78 KB, 3264x2888, 7623CA84-DC22-4ACA-885E-334D04…)

"Thicc Samus" is back and wider than ever. Also, I’m not surprised she has a fan in Robaato. A total fucking douchebag artist. Birds of a feather.

No. 912046

LMFAO the difference in these two photos is astronomical. Her ham hocks are so massive there's no doubt she waddles around.

No. 912050

File: 1679717141769.jpg (486.92 KB, 2500x1668, 8 - 9I8IG68.jpg)

"The one and only thiccsamus" lmao…picrel is when she was 'thiccsamus', this is just a disaster now.

No. 912051

File: 1679716828262.png (344.98 KB, 1242x948, Screenshot 2023-03-24 at 11.59…)

the placement of the hair in the second pic makes her nose look sliced off

No. 912054

i don’t understand why ozy couldn’t go for succuboos or any of these photoshop ethots instead of moo. at least with skirby, she’s skinnyfat who photoshops herself to be a stick but moo’s body constantly changes and it’s borderline confusing. i’m surprised she doesn’t go through some kind of body dysphoria. i need a nonny right now to take her normal, less shopped photos of her at the gym with her no ass, giant botched thighs and fat arms, and this photo of her donkey kong hips in the samus suit. her face makes tara strong look like she’s in her 20s.

No. 912055

Moo paid to date him basically. The other ethots wouldn't pay. Remember, Ozy initially was trying to rub in people's faces "I get to date and fuck her her lol" which I guess he figured would make her simps jealous, but instead he's now stuck with an on again off again relationship with a POS person.

No. 912057


No. 912061

I bet you he only "dates" her when she gives him money while he shoots his shot with other thots when they're broken up

We also know Ozy is feeding Moo. Tinfoil but I wonder if this is his way to get back at Moo

No. 912062

Who told her these were good enough to post? I would be so embarrassed with that Hank Hill ass on full fucking display lmao

No. 912063

Oh my God her teeny tiny little ass cheeks in this suit, it looks like it’s been edited to look worse, I’m dying

Dear Jesus, between that and her horrifically drooping eye, she really does look like South Park Michael Jackson.

No. 912064

its funnier that alot of the actual engagement she gets is people clowning on her in the comments

No. 912071

she looks like a fetish artist drew her, why is she so bizarrely shaped in these??

No. 912077

Moo really thinks thighs = ass lol

No. 912078

I cant find any? Looked in twitter too. Only one person called her fat.

No. 912080

nta but Moo does delete a lot of comments on IG dunking on her.

No. 912081

She’s trying to reclaim her “glory days” but actually gave us more material to gawk at.

No. 912082

File: 1679761085811.jpg (311.14 KB, 1423x1524, Untitled.jpg)

ntayrt, but it took me literally five minutes to find these

No. 912085


more like wide samus. this is so embarassing

No. 912098

Did you not read? This is about the Samus post.

No. 912100


I don't think i've ever since such a failure in a "throwback" like that

No. 912101

retard. a anon was too lazy to look up moo fights on twitter

No. 912106

they didn't say anything about the samus post, moron. they said engagement

No. 912107

File: 1679808012369.jpg (106.84 KB, 594x1080, notbothereed.jpg)

No. 912108

“I’m rocking numbers over here!” She says as she pulls out her credit card and buys more followers. Her desperation for relevance will always be hilarious.

No. 912112

She seriously looks like she's suffering from really bad lipedema, I can't believe she's seriously delusional enough to think this looks good. kek at her insecure hand placement in that first one too though.

No. 912114

are you genuinely retarded(are you genuinely not saging?)

No. 912117

File: 1679840844496.jpeg (Spoiler Image,180.47 KB, 1366x2048, 725217CA-B0D9-4814-B226-548433…)

Small cheeks

No. 912118

File: 1679840934143.jpeg (Spoiler Image,212.38 KB, 1270x1588, 59AA0FCF-42B5-49ED-A4C2-DF4DC4…)

Linebacker shoulders. It’s funny she talks about clout when her “official” cosplay twitter has terrible engagement.

No. 912151

didn’t he tweet about how he likes plus sized women? i think he just has a fetish for bigger women and also wants clout. 2 birds with 1 stone…

No. 912182

He only tweeted that because Moo is insecure. Look at who he follows and talks to. The rest of the women he chats up are half Moo's size. Moo is obese and desperate while Ozy is broke and desperate. Match made in toxic heaven

No. 912184

the mods here are so retarded(take it to /meta/)

No. 912239

I didn’t dare zoom in so much, but that is one very pixelated buttcrack

No. 912379

I smell hotdog water again.

No. 912560

File: 1680230447108.jpeg (356.48 KB, 3264x3264, 950D2CF2-4118-49C2-94E3-64251E…)

Moo finally got her badge since IG is just handing them out to people who pay, just like twitter.

No. 912568

Wow that so sad. She been trying so hard and she still have to pay for it just like Twitter. I wouldn’t even have shared that.

No. 912572

File: 1680246927694.png (178.48 KB, 816x832, Screenshot 2023-03-31 at 08.13…)

Edited to avoid a b&

No. 912573


Samefag but, the little side eye to the camera to check the shot is golden.

No. 912583

File: 1680261915622.jpg (19.44 KB, 567x198, Untitled.jpg)

So she must've broken up with what-his-face, because she's back on her douma/archer shit again. As for the piercing; why not, its just another excuse to talk about how she's so tough and enjoys the pain or whatever bs she said about her tattoos and it's not like its going to make her look any less botched

I am genuinely shocked at this point that someone would pay real money for this. She just looks like she's in pain.

No. 912586

No one pays money for this. People pay and this is what they get. Kind of like paying for a snickers but get a log of shit when you open it and yes, her and ozy is constantly on/off again, guy in video seems like some random dude she picked up off the street.

No. 912600

I was the nona saying that I was certain they were back together. They might have been for a second, but I am now certain that they are NOT together anymore.

No. 912601

File: 1680279925949.png (23.22 KB, 353x459, ozzzz.png)

I mean these posts seem kinda pointed.
I caught him livestreaming the other day and in a very big coke-energy manner he went on and on about how he and his friends are starting a podcast, he's commissioned some cosplay, he's going all in on content creation all this stuff. I mean good luck to him I guess but he is so beyond off-putting. He honestly freaks me the fuck out. I have no doubt he'll be back in Moo's arms soon enough.

No. 912602

She'll run back to him like always, yes. This is gonna be a long cycle.

No. 912607

File: 1680284251205.jpeg (Spoiler Image,82.64 KB, 1284x715, 006B90C1-DE90-44A6-860F-A3EF0D…)

Reposted because I forgot to hit spoiler. Anyway, I’m pretty sure it’s Ozy.


No. 912611

lol it is - all 6'7" of him

No. 912613

This fat bitch has never cum in her life.

No. 912635

I will never forgive her for making porn underwhelming(sage your shit)

No. 912638

love that she couldn’t stop eyefucking herself in the viewfinder. very kardashian of her.

No. 912641

Is he dry fucking her? She looks like it hurts.

No. 912654

she looks gross and fat. what happened to skinny god mariah?

No. 912662

he is 100% watching porn on his phone while fucking her

No. 912670

File: 1680422261562.jpg (Spoiler Image,56.63 KB, 1080x596, thriving.jpg)

Christ that's depressing.

No. 912671

No, he's recording a pov shot.

No. 912676

Sorry for the non-contribution but this thread pic still makes me laugh every time i see it kek. Well done nonna

No. 912677

not him wearing a tshirt during sex to cover his gut

No. 912678

speaking of thread pic, my vote for next one is this beauty shot right here

No. 912687

Lol are these edited with the blur by her? What the hell is she thinking?

No. 912689

Ughhhh these two are disgusting! Also I could instantly clock Ozy due to his horrid haircut kek

No. 912700

Bet ozy got mad that people were making fun of him in the last one.

No. 912706

man… i know its just an OF level video to milk some extra cash , but damn 5-6ish minutes and out of those just 2 are actual fucking? even my once in a galactic alignament intercourses i manage to plow a girl longer than that …(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 912724

That was the fakest, most pained sounding fake orgasm I have ever heard. She wasn’t even wet

No. 912726

It doesn’t exactly work like it does for a real performer

No. 912748

File: 1680533085953.png (394.02 KB, 828x1792, IMG_4243.png)

Mariah posted her downward spiral publicly last night. Too lazy but there’s also a video she took of herself crying… like what?

No. 912751

File: 1680533972307.jpg (233.36 KB, 1080x1918, 175841.jpg)

She doesn't even look human.

No. 912752

So did her and snaggleteef fight again, or did she brave the reviews of her latest porn upload?

No. 912753

No. 912756

Her eyebrows are a fucking offense. Seriously. How can she thinks those look good?
And I think she's implying that she's crying over Steven Universe?

No. 912769

Her eyebrows still live in 2015 and her nose moved over to Sesame Street

No. 912770

I got chu fam

I doubt she’s crying over the cartoon. She usually dumps a ton of clips or pics when she’s manic about a piece of media.

I honestly expect her to start blaming "the matrix" at some point for her misfortune since she’s all about that alpha male bullshit.

No. 912772

File: 1680544531647.png (81.26 KB, 513x577, ozycrazy.png)

TBH, based on what Ozy has been posting recently, I theorize that they have already gotten back together and broken up yet again in the last week, and this interlude lasting mere days this time. Whenever Ozy posts about "being private" I think he's talking about her. He also posted this thing (see picrel) about "there's a possibility she's crazy." Hard not to see the connection to Moo.

They both posted some like, vaguely chinese-religious kinda symbols on their stories yesterday making me think they were together. Then we get these crying pics and "there's literally no point." It's gotta be Ozy.

No. 912776

File: 1680550422764.png (35.92 KB, 371x570, letgopsyc.png)

another interesting post from yesterday.

No. 912779

File: 1680554556522.jpeg (108.41 KB, 828x1460, IMG_4244.jpeg)

another image I was able to snag, can’t forget to apply filters—even during ones mental breakdown

No. 912783

The absolute state of her. WTF are those eyelashes supposed to be?

No. 912790

Is she implying that she’s tripping or what lmao. Love doing acid and crying cross eyed on instagram

No. 912806

File: 1680578580866.jpg (103.28 KB, 1080x844, Screenshot_20230403_202255_Twi…)

This might be about her knee too? 2 inconveniences and she freaks out.

No. 912810

With her being so over weight and not knowing the proper form for a weighted squat I'm not surprised
Her ankles are next

No. 912818

Gesù she looks terrifying…like a cartoon but not the way she wants…legit nightmare fuel. The only illusion is the one she sees in her camera filtered face.

No. 912819

Just had a terrible thought. Doesnt Ozzy do drugs? I cant stand moo, but I hope she isnt experimenting in any of the weird shit he does that she wasnt already doing. We dont need two tuna+lurches around here

No. 912820

Don't whiteknight. Anything Mooriah does is of her own free will.

No. 912834

Lmfao nipple piercings on her flabby tits would be nightmarish. They're also really hard to keep clean and require a lot of maintenance, shed get them infected immediately.

No. 912836

GOD I almost hope she does it kek it would look horrible with how gross and saggy her boobs are. Her nips are not the kind that will aesthetically benefit from piercings…

No. 912837

She also has no feeling in her tits and you can really tell, so there's 0 reason for her to even get it.

No. 912839

Do you even know how tits work? Wtf are your talking about?

No. 912840

She's literally talked about it before after her surgery when she complained about losing feeling to them. Do your reps.

No. 912846

Her nipples do. I don't think moo realizes most women don't have the same nerve feeling all over as the nipple area. Sounds like cope from her because she's an idiot who couldn't get a guy to touch her under after the reductions and graduation.

I've been here since thread 15. Moo just thinks hentai should mimic reality and the reality is actions are more arousing, even in areas without tons of nerve endings. Moo must think the whole boob is supposed to feel like the nipple does. Unless the doctor completely botched the job and severed her nerves on her areola replacement, Moo definitely had feeling at least there to the tip, or half the tip.

No. 912847

Yea probably her being retarded as usual.

No. 912859

Sage for derailing, but Moo had a breast reduction where her nipples needed to be sewn back onto the skin. Once she gained weight and her chest size increased, the jagged lines around the areola became more prominent. Loss of feeling is actually not as uncommon as you think.

No. 912865

Yes. That doesn't automatically kill all nerve endings. Please read.

No. 912891

are you guys really fighting over breast feelings? touch grass yall

No. 912893

There's always people who don't keep up with threads acting like anons make things up, so of course fights over dumb shit will happen.

No. 912899

File: 1680738053395.jpeg (102.42 KB, 828x1457, F0841D9B-4361-4962-AB13-1098AA…)

moo repeating the same thing for 3 whole IG stories about how hairy men are acceptable and worth love too after the OF interview. (we all know you like hairless asian men moo)

all i can think about is how shitty her eyelashes look

No. 912904

i laughed at this for nearly 10 minutes she looks like a camel(sage your shit)

No. 912909

File: 1680750172455.jpeg (514.22 KB, 3264x2807, 3649531F-B548-46AF-9441-E61A0B…)

I couldn’t stomach listening to that podcast and only saw the reel of her stating that she masturbates to her own porn. Because of course she does. Also, she’s "single" again lol

No. 912914

Sorry if this comes off as a nitpicky but what's with the way she talks? Her voice/cadence is almost like a 2010 Great Value Jenna Marbles. I hate how her only personality traits are trying way too hard to be "relatable" or goofy when she's not blatantly blowing smoke up her own Donkey Kong ass.

No. 912924

Moo is such a pick-me. You know she's watching rule34videos and not real porn.

No. 912937

File: 1680812569955.jpeg (48.63 KB, 898x1482, 4BD6F16D-ABAB-4EC6-8B80-B46497…)

Calling a literal cult leader "daddy"… I know it’s inconsequential but jfc.

No. 912939

the number of people who don’t know that Osho was the Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh who rebranded after his followers attacked an Oregon community with biotoxins

No. 912955

Men can really say anything and people like Moo will think it’s profound huh

No. 912956

File: 1680861385998.jpg (185.1 KB, 1080x2640, Screenshot_20230407_035625_Ins…)

The jokes write themselves

No. 912965

Yeah, with her B.O Maybe.

No. 912968

With your eldritch body horror “porn?” It’s not just boys you’re traumatising with that, Moo.

No. 912969

We've seen your nudes and porn, moo. That's not a brag.

No. 912970

Remember when you NEVER would have to get nude or make porn because you're "above these hoes", moo?

No. 912981

she knows nothing about osho. she’s a dumb pick me broad who clings onto dead memes and anything moids who tend to be far right like. in addition, since nobody likes her, she thinks they can relate to her on being “cancelled.” she probably keeps a body pillow of nick fuentes for all we know, but if she ever got preggos, her hypocritical ass would run to the nearest planned parenthood

No. 912993

File: 1680968983045.jpeg (571.63 KB, 3264x2308, B12A2623-9001-4DE0-BF5D-55771E…)

No. 912996

Watch out, the containment device has been breached, prepare for total lard meltdown!

Her playing off the wide flat expanse of her 'ass' catching on a corner of something as stronk girl shit is just so Mooriah.

No. 912997

Kek she really does have a comically tiny flat ass for as fat as she is. If she didn’t suck as a person I would want to train her into actual good shape but since she does I’m content watching her body and face look like a chewed up wad of old gum someone stuck under a chair.

No. 913010

All that, "months" and still no ass shelf indicating an ass. Moo will never have one unless she forces it will an illusion or photoshops one. I'd delete that, those photos are humiliating

No. 913012

File: 1681052641365.jpg (76.41 KB, 1080x1411, Screenshot_20230409_080426_Ins…)

>men can't shoot here
>men have to be in waiting room at all times
>men men men no men no way

Of course she'd let LEON CHIRO shot there though, known for sexual harassment, blackface, and for making fun of the BLM movement. WOW! This studio is for right wing bigots! Absolutely wouldn't feel safe as a women there.

No. 913013

How do you pay that much for a nose job that still makes you look like a snapping turtle? It looks ridiculous and it's only going to get worse once she gets older and starts tweaking it ala Michael Jackson.

No. 913020

Who was he cosplaying as, Sam Smith?

No. 913022

File: 1681095281101.jpeg (213.36 KB, 1600x1139, D80C6F99-6FA1-4363-A454-4568CD…)

It’s Professor Turo from Pokémon Violet.

So much for that "safe space for women" bullshit Moo was pandering before it opened. But since this place is now her "personal studio" and not at all an actual business, she’ll let all the sex offenders shoot there as long as she can benefit from it.

No. 913025


The kicker is his gf Elizabeth Rage had worked with and supported known sexual harasser Gil Riego Photography until it went super viral on Twitter and people looked at her expecting answers and she ran away like a coward. She also dated Heavenly Controller who was cancelled for sexually harassing and assaulting women. She has a history with sex offenders and brown faces for darker characters

No. 913029

nta but Gil was even the one who Mariah called out in her stories lol. She literally doesn’t have a friend who isn’t a sex pest, racist or a scammer.

No. 913030

Momokun was spotted in Seattle this weekend at Sakura con. I hope someone comes through with candids.

No. 913031

This is an imageboard. Post your source at least as proof.

No. 913047

Bump because that disgusting CP tranny is at it again, don't scroll down.

No. 913084

File: 1681231346604.jpeg (755.05 KB, 1836x3264, 9453C1E5-E9AA-405B-AA3B-870BF5…)

Someone must have pissed in Moo’s Cheerios today

No. 913085

She didn't like people rightfully shitting on her about letting that dude into her studio.

No. 913090

How fucking pathetic she has to be to meet someone, call them a friend, but at the same time with this post, it's telling them that they aren't friends at all because Moo discredits people from the get-go. Now who has no loyalty, Moo? Your logic literally folds in on itself. She's a fucking miserable cunt and I hope everyone around her uses her for the rest of her life. Loyalty doesn't matter. Being a genuine fucking person does. Acting like loyalty is all that matters, no matter your actions, shows just how small and sad she is. I bet she wouldn't snitch on an offending pedo if she knew one because LoYalTy.

No. 913098

Yeah moo, when people tell you they don't want you touching them. Maybe don't touch them. Too bad it took you 4 years to figure that out. You absolute unit of a fatty.

No. 913120

File: 1681264946950.jpg (80.93 KB, 713x1267, 20230411_210002.jpg)

i am going to cat/germ sperg here, sorry anons, but holy fuck why would you have this cat walkway over your counter where you prepare food at? so all their hair and dirt can fall right into your food. yum. not like she has anyone over to cook for anymore and all she eats is takeout so she probably didn't even consider it.

No. 913123

I know I should be used to seeing her waste stupid amounts of money on pointless shit but yikes. She really doesn’t ever think things through before throwing money at it (like the studio lol)

No. 913129

File: 1681276442200.jpeg (169.93 KB, 896x1591, 07A02F6C-0473-42F3-876B-356699…)

No. 913130

I mean agreed? But didn't she also do a sexy cosplay of that toddler from the dragon maid anime?

No. 913131

The pandemic made these popular, even a Jvlogger couple named Rachel and Jun have this in their Japanese house.

No. 913133

File: 1681279545754.jpg (503.69 KB, 2160x3434, customs.jpg)

Looks like someone is getting desperate for money. The studio not paying well, is it

this looks terrible. putting aside the hygiene factor, it just looks like a bench has been stuck to her roof.
>have this in their Japanese house.
well that explains it.

No. 913143

Or its to try to puts off the ex.

No. 913144

Oh boy, another thing she will probably never fulfill. Grifters gonna grift. Gotta wonder if she’s doing this because taxes hit (if she even filed that is).

No. 913188

File: 1681405203520.jpeg (118.01 KB, 893x1233, A12AEAD3-3A3C-488D-AC55-71E7F5…)

Why would anyone be proud of looking like a stunted toddler?

No. 913192

Any bets her “cosplay” customs are just 50 pictures she took ahead of time and will repack as “custom” until the leakers figure it out? And 300 bucks for 2 minutes of video? She’s really huffing her own farts isn’t she? Just….wow.

No. 913219

File: 1681441695532.jpeg (154.17 KB, 880x1590, 5C3B6563-350D-4334-BC91-D20FFB…)

No. 913220

kek because every fat woman in the US thinks xl black leggings will hide her obesity

No. 913229

Kek right like…if she was the size her frame is meant to be, she could fit in a small! Sidenote do any nonnas ever cringe down to their souls when they think about how busted her joints must be from the strain of carrying all that lard?

No. 913232

File: 1681476000322.jpg (123.92 KB, 471x1363, 20230410_003058~2.jpg)


Found on Twitter under the Sakuracon tag. Anyone recognize the character she's dressed as?

No. 913233


this isn't momokun

No. 913237

lmaooooo she's gonna rage when she sees this, but it ain't her.

No. 913241

This coming from the girl who puts her hands on other people and rubs her butt against Asian men in convention halls.

No. 913252

File: 1681499937469.png (17.33 KB, 585x254, followingagain.png)

Moo is following Ozy again. Is the cycle repeating?

No. 913254

File: 1681500590858.png (36.77 KB, 528x320, follooooowww.png)

He's hinting at it.

No. 913255

with her money, i'm sure he imagined. he sure loves to talk about money the moment hes around her

No. 913271

nonna why did you do that poor girl dirty like that comparing her to moomoo? she’s cute and isn’t a plastic surgery abomination like moo.

No. 913289

question wtf is wrong with you??? don't harass random people bc of your hatred of Momo, we don't dislike her for her body we dislike her for her actions.

No. 913322

File: 1681696901488.jpeg (115.38 KB, 895x1247, 1BA1F5D5-D449-4DA0-87ED-3B6720…)

No. 913323

Man she isn't even trying in this one, you love to see it. Glad the droopy pig ears are back, this bitch being both insanely cheap and wildly lazy with her 'craft' is one of her funnier traits.

No. 913340

Looks like she's actually enjoying herself at the con and she's happy with how she looked. Moo in comparison would be walking around like she was top-model cosplayer quality and just being a general nuisance to everyone. These two aren't the same and this cosplayer is to genuine to be posted here.

No. 913342

she just keeps getting fatter

No. 913351

God. She’s so fucking ugly, she looks like a chihuahua that god ran over and melted. She’s so fat too, any retarded coomer that jerks off to her need to be lobotomized.(sage your shit)

No. 913353

her forearm is like the entire size of my toddler. jesus christ.

No. 913356

Her boobs look like a damn road map.

No. 913361

File: 1681799736881.png (Spoiler Image,41.24 KB, 500x282, DF172699-5880-4AD7-A94E-3826A5…)

Reminds me of Skwisgaar’s mom.

No. 913365

She wishes she got laid as often as his mom.

No. 913369

>the tiny head
>the pig trotters
>the pig ears
>humongous body
>flabby bingo wings
It’s just everything, how could she upload this?

No. 913397

File: 1681871416292.jpeg (165.69 KB, 891x1601, 83760DBC-6D82-44AC-958D-88A3CF…)

No. 913420

Is there a dedicated thread to UmbraWigs?

No. 913427

No. 913495

Why is this image making me feel sick?

No. 913504

File: 1682093237371.png (19.41 KB, 647x296, unfollowedagain.png)

Once again unfollowed by Moo. Guessing their little "private" dalliance has ended.

No. 913578

Why does she shoop everything but her tits?

No. 913585

File: 1682278262649.jpeg (150.89 KB, 885x1603, 5FBC2831-F83A-4AB0-B308-8D8986…)

No. 913593

This is just horrible, the wig looks too crunchy. I bet this is from umbran or whatever her name is, she really charges so much for ugly looking wigs that look like they'll fall apart any second.

No. 913610

Crunchy was the word I was looking for kek. I get that she tries to make it look straight out of the series, but not everything translates well to real life.

No. 913613

I dont get why she keeps trying to cosplay dudes. She looked horrible as that demon slayer chode

No. 913616

Nona don't be so hasty. She could cosplay fat bastard.

No. 913627

File: 1682420995109.jpg (164.89 KB, 1080x1911, Screenshot_20230425_051040_Ins…)

She looks so huge

No. 913629

she looks so retarded in heels.

No. 913638

This looks like it’s edited to make her ass look smaller and flatter, this suit makes her look even worse than usual

No. 913639

I’ll never be over how tiny her little non cheeks are lmfao holy shit imagine having thighs the size of Tuna’s and absolutely no ass to show for it

No. 913650


>could it be you're craving my mcnuggies

No. 913652

Her smaller ass is struggling to get out Akira style.

No. 913679

File: 1682484301631.png (11.32 KB, 315x425, zerosuit.png)

No. 913687

next thread image PLEASE

No. 913700

She can’t seriously look at her old Samus pics and think this she is gonna relive her glory days with this shoot. The only way this is going to look good is if they shoop her an entirely new body

No. 913711

How is it possible to be wearing heels and still look as stubby as she does

No. 913724

thass morbid obesity luv

No. 913726

I haven't kept up with her since she got outted for SAing people at conventions. Fucking lord almighty what happened to her face?? It looks like the tip of her nose is trying to take flight off her face, and the eyebag makes her look like a 50 year old daily smoker. What work has she gotten done on her face because fucking hell she needs to sue.

No. 913728

File: 1682585904752.png (840 KB, 1284x2778, 03032DCB-AE86-46F1-9397-536D4C…)

She also keeps the robo litter box RIGHT next to the dining table. That makes me feel ill. It’s not like she lives in a tiny apartment? She definitely must not ever sit there. Just because it self scoops doesn’t mean it’s 100% odorless, I have 2 of them and it still smells like litter, just not like poop. Not very appetizing.

No. 913734

>She also keeps the robo litter box RIGHT next to the dining table.
New nose, no sense of smell? kek

No. 913735

She paid $30k just for that perfect designer animoo nose.

No. 913738

She barely even cooks for herself anymore, she's definitely not sitting at her dining table. She probably has doordash delivered 3 times a day and just sits on the couch watching anime and playing on her phone.

No. 913739

She wants her house to look like Rachel and Jun's so bad [Japan YouTubers]. Jun specifically had an architect create walk-overs in his kitchen for the cats and Moo seems to have copied that after their video so quickly. She wants to look Japanese minimalist in a fully American marbled home.

No. 913742

Bold of you to assume she actually watches anime. More accurately shes sitting on her couch cycling through the same five dating apps for hours on end, cat fishing and baiting. And when shes not doing that shes lurking lolcown or girls she doesnt like and then she hate follows other costhots and follows their boyfriends while stealing ideas and brainstorming ideas to stay relevant. “Hmm maybe i should shive a ken doll up my ass as Mount Lady” she will muse while gnawing on a withered husk of a lizard that died months ago that shes using like a rawhide chew.

No. 913766

>>913627 happy 7th anniversary of you starting your bulking season moomoo jesus christ

No. 913782

Topkek. I love you bitches.

No. 913828

She's spent so much time marinating in cat piss, at this point she's probably nose blind to it. You also just know she doesn't wipe off tables and counters before putting food on them, so anyone who eats at her house can expect to taste notes of cat piss and strands of hair in basically everything.

No. 913897

File: 1682945257571.jpeg (58.53 KB, 1170x1730, F46BA9A7-CE50-452E-8305-68EE95…)

dw peter, i won’t expose anything else i just enjoy being a dick.
stop lying on the internet.

No. 913900

lol I fucking knew it

No. 913907

I don't believe he is 6'2 either. He's about the same height as Mariah since they look like the same height in pictures. Also apparently they do no training in MMA considering he had to claw his gut out of the frame in their OF porn clip. He looks like a skinnyfat manlet, but it's okay. Just don't claim otherwise if you post pictures. We have eyes.

No. 913921

File: 1682995232494.png (824.16 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230501-223947.png)

The beads in the smudged ass crack ….

No. 913925

The definition of lifeless. Her nostril having that weird delineation looks horrible. She really took $30k and threw it in the garbage

No. 913926

Mmmm, Michael Jackson’s corpse porn, lovely.

No. 914019

File: 1683234789253.jpg (22.99 KB, 645x773, EmHQzhhVcAEQcEf.jpg)


No. 914022

File: 1683248836691.jpeg (Spoiler Image,158.65 KB, 908x1643, 99ACB5A4-4524-4C3D-8E35-D981CC…)

Moo’s edits are hilarious enough on its own.

No. 914023

Exactly, at least the 'fakers' are editing out vein-chan, which is more effort than Moo puts in.

No. 914026

the fakers are making more sexually appealing edit images than her(emoji)

No. 914050

She says as she peddles her own shitty onlyfans(sage your shit)

No. 914056

some of the shops on that account are pretty damn funny. and some coomer was telling moo the photo isn't her kek

No. 914057

But moomoo, dont you hyper edit your pictures too?(hi cow)

No. 914058

Moo I know you're lurking, you hyper edit your shit, you promote your crusty OF. They at least edited you properly.

No. 914112

File: 1683382013207.jpeg (221.78 KB, 1170x2103, IMG_5229.jpeg)

looks like Moo reversed her so called unfriending of Kevin. Anyone remember how she said she cut ties with him over his views? Wonder if she’s trying to get into his pants?

No. 914114

I’m not seeing the comment on the post so her cowardly ass must have already deleted it.

No. 914115

File: 1683383772175.jpeg (Spoiler Image,105.88 KB, 828x1352, 85D3B273-16AC-41A6-87F0-B77DCF…)

Looks like she’s wearing a literal diaper.

No. 914116

Her stumpy, dumpy proportions will never not look like a medical mystery. Her absolute lack of defined midsection/waist just makes her look like a fat midget every time.

No. 914117

Knowing her, she's still been sucking his dick (in spirit because lol it's Moo) behind the scenes the entire time, so yes.

No. 914119

File: 1683387472537.jpeg (Spoiler Image,215.85 KB, 1170x1996, IMG_5249.jpeg)

drama is still happening. She did delete the previous conversation. I didn’t get a chance to cap it before it was deleted, but the insta user posted the exact quote from twitter that Moo sent to someone. I’ll post it next with a sage

No. 914120

File: 1683387535812.jpeg (108.07 KB, 787x1005, IMG_5233.jpeg)

this was what the insta user quoted before Moo chickened out and deleted it.

No. 914136

Didn't he have a girlfriend back in Florida and he's only flying in from time to time to get spoiled by his sugar mommy?(sage your shit)

No. 914138

I’m not sure why this person expected Moo of all people to have integrity…

No. 914139

File: 1683433772859.png (41.84 KB, 377x297, Screenshot 2023-05-06 212022.p…)

I know it's not Moo but I had to do a double take today.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 914143

Lmfao I did the same thing scrolling by this thumbnail

No. 914150

To be fair we are really the only ones who know how she really is. Moo constantly posts and shares her "super enlightened do no evil be the better person" stories and comments so it doesn't completely surprise me that someone was hoping for a normal exchange from her.

No. 914184

File: 1683593251310.jpeg (Spoiler Image,151.69 KB, 921x1639, 8B427421-69C7-46A2-85CE-A092B8…)

No. 914188

Gawd. What a babe. Love mallad. Imagine spending 132 threads of talking shit.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 914195

You misjudge. We love her too! It's only from her that we can observe a wild overweight beast with 0 brain cells and an overabundance of money with zero taste. What body part will she destroy next? What useless item will she buy next? She's the gift that keeps on giving.

No. 914202

Covid is over and she hasn't gone back to glorious nippon.. I think she's still offended she couldn't get a match on Japanese Tinder kek.

No. 914209

I'm thinking the studio and the shitty Douma car she got to impress Ozy did in her ability to travel back to her "motherland".

No. 914210

Speaking of Ozy: back to being unfollowed by Moo. Also, in one of his current stories, it looks like he broke his upper front teeth? Or they are even more wacked out then we realized before?

No. 914212

Ikr imagine being such a train wreck there's 132 threads about you! kek

No. 914282

File: 1683833669178.jpeg (639.16 KB, 1823x3264, A1074574-7D1B-4FA3-BD4A-A384C6…)

Moo has some nerve to preach about integrity when she backtracked on condemning Kevin for his comments and lashed out at anyone calling her on it.

>Don’t just sit by and be a sheep that watches people crumble

Bitch, you never once voted in your life for things that matters HERE. Sit down with your goddamn blue live matters lunch box and shut the fuck up.

No. 914292

What that word salad tells me, is that she's chasing some Palestinian dick

No. 914294

nah she’s always had these points of views ab israel and palestine.

No. 914299

I’m wondering which of her parents told her this time because she sure as hell never watches the news.

No. 914301

Wooooow she could have really worded this better. Especially that BLM comment . Makes her sounds like a racist turd. Which she is but it astounds me thats shes so tone deaf about herself

No. 914304

If I had a friend or mutual like this, I would block her.
You don't get to tell people what to do, mooriah

No. 914351

You supported a terrorist group, shut up.

No. 914359

top right giving off major oli london vibes

No. 914364

File: 1684165496349.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.61 MB, 3840x5760, NSFL.jpg)

I absolutely love the downfall of momokun the more I keep up with these threads. She went from: "I don't have to get naked or sell porn like you bitches lol, get on my level" to picrel. Warning NSFL.

No. 914366

"i stared into the abyss, and it stared back"

No. 914369

Funny how this is all that "studio" sees. If moo is wondering why no one is going to her business, it might be because everyone knows her ass has touched every surface of the place. I mean, besides her shit reputation lol

No. 914397

the only "clients" she's had so far, are her friends and the small group of people she's let use it for free in an effort to kiss up to them

No. 914400

There's no ass to spread. She's parting her thighs more than anything

No. 914419

File: 1684263165207.png (76.81 KB, 357x572, momomo.png)

Who is this? Has Moo finally moved on from Ozy, or is this someone already in her universe?

No. 914420

File: 1684263507968.png (15.69 KB, 528x420, lolozy.png)

Meanwhile, Ozy has been posting endless shit like this on Twitter, vague posting about "her," and back to the whole "keep it private until it's permanent" thing on his Insta. Pretty obvious he's still on about Moo.

Ozy, if you're here, and it's really over between you two: fucking spill it here, bitch.

No. 914421

Well duh! He really screwed the pooch with this one. No other rich girl would keep his doughy snaggletoof ass as a trophyguy. Just fat, botched, desperate moo.

No. 914422

Pretty sure I recognize the handle but don't have caps, is he a photographer? Feel like I saw that handle tagged in one of Moo's or Akemi's stories or something a while ago

No. 914423

File: 1684265504062.png (23.78 KB, 907x442, lololol.png)

Dunno about photographer. Just another young wanna streamer from what I can see.

No. 914424

I love that she can only pull bottom of the barrel nobodies because she thinks nothing will come of it, ozy was a nobody too til he bragged about it and became someone known that's linked to her.

No. 914425

Holy shit… It looks like that Nikocado photo moids spam on lc

No. 914428

File: 1684273068815.jpeg (Spoiler Image,128.26 KB, 898x1487, 298F4A9D-3E2B-469A-B215-6CBBAA…)

She looks high as fuck. Which makes sense since you’d have to be to post something like this and be proud of it.

His IG looks just like Ozy’s when he first surfaced here, barely anything there and nothing interesting. Judging from your pic, there’s no doubt she’ll be paying him to stick around.

No. 914429

File: 1684275138409.png (25.55 KB, 376x593, todayoz.png)

Ozy's posting a lot of this whiny bullshit today. Guessing he's mad about this new skinny Twitch clone getting posted on her story? There's no way this isn't all about Moo.

No. 914444

My God, he’s even more pathetic than I thought. Nauseating.

No. 914448

Wish I had caps to post but I was told by a friend that Moo had Acen in her bio but deleted. Praying for potential irl cow pics.

No. 914449

Your friend might be feeding you bad info you know, so probably going to disregard this completely.

No. 914450

NTA but people said the same prior to ozy.

No. 914451

If anons can't post caps, it's not worth bringing up.

No. 914456

File: 1684351680407.png (3.3 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_4797.png)

she is attending ACEN. I grabbed a screen shot when it was up

No. 914457

Oh sweet jesus her smelly ass in the tunnel of stench…

No. 914480

ur pfp is showing nonette

No. 914482

Hopefully she changed it by now.
Cute cat though, nonny.

No. 914499

he has a gf and it’s not her

No. 914502

File: 1684453327809.png (110.1 KB, 448x643, arm.png)

Arm surgery? Does she just mean lipo?

No. 914503

I don't think anything will ever be more NSFL than the "sexy" video of her ripping herself with an oversized dildo, bleeding all over the floor and giggling about it.

No. 914504

She does mean lipo. She's just ashamed of herself. This isn't the first time she got the area done. But the waist shop on this is absolutely horrible. I guess she just gave up on trying to lose weight by going to the gym. I just wonder how it feels to not make any public appearances because she's scared of being called fat. It just seems so easy to just go full HAES or body positivity. She just hates fat people a lot. including herself

No. 914516

She looks like if you were to cut her in half, she would actually be cake.

No. 914517

Arm surgery for fat leaves terrible scars, never holds up (bc the healing is shit and fat gets stored there quickly). Moo is airways doing dumb procedures. Imagine losing weight and 8 months later you are cutting up again. She's going to just gain it again in 2 years and realize all that missing skin is back and fat.

No. 914518

She didn't rip herself. Are you really this naive? She was in her period as a "omg its so biiiiig" trope for porn.

No. 914530

I mean, she’s so fat and surely high 24/7 that it wouldn’t be surprising if she fell and fucked up one of her arms.

No. 914600

File: 1684691977364.jpeg (Spoiler Image,160.65 KB, 1294x1686, 6EEA9268-7F85-42AD-AD6C-B813FF…)

Really hurting for those funds now huh? That studio must be eating so much of her glorious Nippon vacation money.

No. 914605

"It's cosplay not porn! Don't you see the wig I slapped on?"

No. 914634

Acen is a big, big place. but I can say I didn't see hide nor hair of Mariah there. Supposedly she was there…(sage your shit)

No. 914637

File: 1684773572480.jpg (104.47 KB, 720x868, FjqFqX4XwAcubHu.jpg)

I would eat her ass and cunt like ice cream.

Put me out to pasture(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 914639

File: 1684774059542.jpg (Spoiler Image,860.78 KB, 4096x4096, heehee.jpg)

Her face is beyond busted, how does this even happen?? Her left nostril looks like it's collapsing as well. $30k nosejob right there.

No. 914640

Aftercare and post surgery practices are important, which she never did.

No. 914666

File: 1684806726413.jpg (Spoiler Image,62.07 KB, 1080x838, Screenshot_20230522_205239_Dis…)

Nsfl. Seriously if you don't wanna puke, don't unspoil.

No. 914667

you can tell someone is desperate for money when they resort to posting shit like this. ffs why didn’t i heed the warning

No. 914668

oh it's that chicken i see rotating at the supermarket

No. 914669

I will never not find her fall from grace funny. From being "irl samus/mei" to… whatever this is.

No. 914670

File: 1684811876270.png (Spoiler Image,57.91 KB, 611x256, moofuckinarms.png)

I watched that hideous new video and couldn't help but notice her arms looking wonky, and these marks on the inside of both arms. "Surgery" eh?

How is she not embarrassed to release these videos that clearly show how grotesquely fat she is? There is no way this bitch works out 5 days a week. She is so effing fat.

No. 914671

it looks similar to lipo incisions, they’ll look like oval holes and when healed they’ll be slightly dimpled in. ofc she’s not following aftercare again she never follows through with the strict compression garment rule.
also if it it, her surgeon hates her to put it in such obvious areas. good ones try to hide them in armpits, elbows or hidden area.

No. 914760

if she doesnt even care to follow proper post-op and diet, why should he care? besides i suspect she bargained for the cheapest intervention possible, that way you get the barest of the minimunest(sage your shit)

No. 914770

>IRL Samus/Mei
She was neither, even in her "prime." Scrote fans called her "thicc Samus," because she's a fatass while the actual character isn't. She was never IRL Mei; that's when her whole spergout about being half Lebanese or whatever started, because she was trying to argue that she was "technically Asian."

No. 914780

I see she's at that phase where she has to do more and more extreme porn to earn any cash. I can't remember who she was making fun of years ago. It was that chubby cosplayer who was spreading cheeks and showing her asshole.
Moo's now doing more embarrassing shit and I'll never forgot how high and mighty she was/is to other sex workers

No. 914790

Lol it was chelhellbunny. Moo and vamp were bragging about not having to to porn to get attention. Karma truly is a bitch.(sage your shit)

No. 914794

Stop being so new, she has numerous threads you can backread.
>called her "thicc Samus
She referred to herself as thicc samus, same with Mei and Chun-li.
It's amazing, she's literally spreading her butthole now after mocking vamps lol

No. 914813

File: 1685034007152.jpeg (Spoiler Image,104.82 KB, 828x1337, B8F1B3B3-6116-4249-84C3-030D30…)

Just yikes…

No. 914815

>Praise me

No. 914822

How does that need to be saged? It was answering the question. There are 132 pages of moos bullshit digging can be a pain in the ass.

No. 914823

Probably the same whiteknight janny that doesn't actually know how this place works but acts on any report a butthurt sends in.

No. 914824

they were answering a question…lol that’s the dumbest moderation i’ve seen on any platform. well done.

No. 914838

those hideous thigh highs and heels don’t match the outfit at all. even a pair of white ankle socks to mimic tabi would have been a vast improvement. you’d think after all this time she’d know how to dress herself.

No. 914842

File: 1685104380583.png (440.75 KB, 1170x2532, IMG_5430.png)

Moo, you use filters out the ass. You look like a 53 year old grandmother without the filters.

No. 914845

weird flex when your face is 80% plastic. I’m always shocked when I see her that she’s not in her 40s.

also a baby face means nothing with that monstrosity you call a body, Moo

No. 914860

lol literally the oldest 28 year old I've ever goddamn seen.

No. 914867

File: 1685133623503.png (92.22 KB, 346x551, babyface.png)

Yeah, real babyface. wtf why did she post this? is she trolling?

No. 914868

File: 1685134011586.png (3.65 KB, 459x77, narc.png)

I am almost certain that Moo and Peter were together again recently (you can always tell with Peter because he'll post about "keep it private until it's permanent" which is a dead giveaway) and this confirms it for me.

No. 914888


No. 914890

Is Ozy = Peter? If so, just say Ozy.

No. 914894

File: 1685149868155.png (79.29 KB, 411x405, Abe.png)

Sorry to Abe Sapien enjoyers, but she looks more and more like a rubber mask of a fish woman. I don't understand why she dissolved her lip fillers and redid them to only make the same mistake of overdoing her bottom lip compared to her upper lip. Really emphasizes her mouth breather trait

No. 914928

that is giving serious Kailyn Wilcher

No. 914932

She looks like a cadaver.

No. 914957

Shallow and sallow

No. 914964

File: 1685302356959.jpeg (450.98 KB, 3264x2374, 0DB04FD3-A914-4B78-BECC-5D0B80…)

Sometimes it’s worth checking Twitter to see her braindead posts.

No. 914966

I could fee my braincells dying reading that, thanks

No. 914968

The most embarrassing pick-me.

No. 914994

Wonder if she remembers the brief time she larped as a lesbian.

No. 915004

Why do all women do this, especially after a man breaks up with them. Is it for the easy attention or something, it never lasts more than a month

No. 915018

Nah scrote, she was doing it to get more money during her hilariously bad run at Camversity. She tried to frame herself as Vamplette's girlfriend in search of scrote gold, something that Vamps herself shot down quickly, on-stream no less.

No. 915163

File: 1685887226136.jpg (58.54 KB, 596x491, Untitled.jpg)

you go to gym to excercise, not play games and pose. you have a gym in you "studio" for that

No. 915165

I think thats her home.

No. 915166

I really hate that she pretends she's into games just to try to get traffic to her slop

No. 915168

lol that is not what you look like, we've seen your leaked videos you dumb stank bitch.

No. 915176

That’s not her home. She’s also done this kind of shit not long ago in front of her "trainer" Rossbossfit where he posted an IG story of his clients and she was lazily doing the stair master while draped over the thing and browsing her phone.

If she’s that hard up for cash that she’s whining on Twitter for having to promote her OF, maybe cut the gym membership and "personal trainer" because it clearly isn’t being utilized.

No. 915258

File: 1686035130205.jpeg (Spoiler Image,579.19 KB, 3264x2660, D4A515DC-9B29-4345-82E0-A01FAD…)

Hard to approach her when she literally flees to her hotel room as soon as anyone looks at her weird.
Also, that photo on the right. Is it just my screen but her clothes blend into the chair making her stomach look like it’s bulging. I know all her sets are unfortunate messes to look at but jeez.

No. 915259

Honestly don't see the bulging. The whites are obviously different.

No. 915267

Nice larp when we all know she’d waddle away pissing and crying if someone called her so much as peepeepoopoo

No. 915268

Like how when someone said they'll confront her at one of those bigger expos and she spent 99% of it in a hotel room?

No. 915270

Lol. No one is afraid of you, Moo. Pure delusion. You're the most notorious coward in the entire cosplay community. They probably just get whiff of you and can't approach any closer.

No. 915279

No one approaches her because you can
1. Smell her before you see her
2. Looks like an obese middle aged botched mom
3. The screeching

She's unpleasant to all the senses

No. 915349

File: 1686236727013.jpg (61.86 KB, 589x897, Untitled.jpg)

what a great trainer you've found moo. Supplying you weed and taking photos of playing games while "working out". super supportive

also, she's apparently working on her albedo cosplay, which wasn't that the one (or at least one of the ones) she kept promising and never following through with years ago?

No. 915356

sorry to weedfag but Black Truffle isnt new at all but its definitely on the stronger end of strains so why would a trainer give you something that will undoubtedly give you hardcore munchies?

new tinfoil: Moo's trainer is actively making sure she stays big so she keeps throwing money at him.

No. 915362

Bold of you to assume its actually a “trainer” and not a “dealer”

No. 915373

File: 1686250061663.jpeg (Spoiler Image,90.51 KB, 828x1320, CD6021AA-409C-4E35-BE2A-AA8391…)

Yep, she promised it years ago and had supposedly dropped 3k on the outfit then only to buy another one.

No. 915374

File: 1686250121752.jpeg (Spoiler Image,128.58 KB, 1152x2048, 775992CD-0BB7-44C1-87DB-21E36D…)

No. 915387

She can't even spell the brand STIIIZY right lol She acts so dumb sometimes

No. 915390

>>acting dumb
No, she just really is that dumb lol

No. 915395

File: 1686280427759.jpeg (65.17 KB, 874x1527, 15701D23-055E-489E-9DE5-C36104…)


No. 915399

holy fuck she's huge lmao

No. 915416

Once again: so much for training 5 days a week. What a dumb bitch.

No. 915419

Does anyone have an estimate on how much she has spent on her body? I couldnt imagine booking trainers/surgery and blowing all that money on “diet” shit just to look like that

No. 915422

Smells log hotdog water

No. 915425

This is such a mindfuck until you realize there's cutouts on the sides. She's looking fatter than ever.

No. 915426

File: 1686342802239.jpg (198.96 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230609_153503_Gal…)

Did anyone else happen to see this on her twitter?

No. 915429

I cannot believe this bitch posts photos like this where she's clearly the size of a fucking blimp and still has the audacity to claim she somehow has a 26 inch waist.

No. 915435

Yeap. I wonder if she's starting to realise people don't want to date onlythots, not that I imagine she has people lining up to date her.
Alternatively, I wonder if ozzy (or whoever she's dating) has said something about it.

No. 915448

She meant training her jaw, anon.

No. 915461

File: 1686414996305.png (184.14 KB, 458x422, ozymooo.png)

Based on this, I think these two are back at it.

No. 915465