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File: 1641445508857.png (1.13 MB, 800x1023, gargoylelookingass.png)

No. 191839

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mickey.m.johnson.7
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thequeenofdeer/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/thequeenofdeer
Twitter 2: https://twitter.com/mickeydeer1
OnlyFans: https://onlyfans.com/thedeerqueen

Previous Thread: >>71076

The Basics:
>Ridiculous and inconsistent shooper extraordinaire from Joliet, IL. Blames her “poor camera quality” and “facebook killing her photo quality” for posting blurry, poor quality, and clearly shooped pics.
>Claims her uncanny inhuman shooping is just her makeup style/circle lenses/lash extensions. Posts pics “without makeup” where she is clearly still wearing tons of makeup + shoop.
>Unshooped pics and video surface in May from ACen and expose the ridiculous extent of her wannabe ana-chan photo editing. Deleted instagram for 5 months following this, but continued to post shoops on Facebook.
>Known to lurk this thread all day every day. Has posted things in direct response to what we’ve said here and her ex basically admitted she was obsessed with this thread.
>Was previously a part of a “Petty Girls Group Chat” with other ana-chans (such as Dae Umeko) dedicated to mass bullying tons of girls’ appearances. Screenshots of this chat got leaked. >>48641
>But stop bullying her for her appearance guys seriously be kind to everyone uwu
>Mysteriously has >13k followers on Facebook despite most of her posts getting <200 likes and almost no comments
>Mysteriously has >16k followers on Instagram despite most of her posts getting <2000 likes, and almost no comments
>Constantly posts about how she can’t go anywhere without being harassed by people complimenting and hitting on her
>Previously very overweight, then dropped to ana-chan weight, now appears to be back to normal/heavier weight but still shoops herself to be ana-chan.
>Weight loss history unclear. Has claimed both “diet and exercise” and rare illness (Median Arcuate Ligament Syndrome) as the cause of her extreme weight loss, used to frequently post ana-chan pics of herself in the hospital. Hasn’t drawn attention to her weight loss or supposed rare illness like she used to now that she’s gained weight back, and no one is allowed to ask her about it.
>History of whiteknighting herself on Reddit and lolcow
>Pretty much universally agreed upon to be a pretty girl who doesn’t need to shoop when real pics of her come out. BDD is out of control. A collection of her supposed “Real” Faces: >>60020

New Milk:
>>Admitted to editing, said she would stop, hasn't changed at all
>>Lost job at salon, rented her own space because of the "drama" at her previous job
>>Getting piercings and tattoos on her face, chest piercing rejecting badly and rotting off her body
>>Biggest milk: joined OnlyFans, truly flushing any possibility of her having a normal future down the drain for sweet sweet ewhore bucks and validation for her insecurities

Mickey Exposure Instagrams:

No. 191859

File: 1641478805253.jpg (256.58 KB, 1109x1478, angel.jpg)

We’re finally back. Thanks, non!
Since the last thread she has: tattooed her face again

No. 191860

File: 1641479146992.jpg (334.65 KB, 1668x2024, top 11%.jpg)

Celebrated making it to the top 11% of OnlyFans. Has since (December) announced she’s at the top 9.5%

No. 191862

File: 1641479349316.jpg (620.96 KB, 1536x2048, filler lips and moustache .jpg)

And last but not least, gotten herself new lips and a lovely filler moustache

No. 191863

File: 1641479356615.png (213.37 KB, 445x778, wtf bitch.png)

she's also getting male crossdressing maid outfits bought for her by simps, see that "sissy" in the title? also the reviews saying the bust area doesn't fit because it's built for men,she couldn't even be bothered to find a proper one

No. 191888

File: 1641497546748.jpg (1.16 MB, 1109x7572, blegh.jpg)

Image dump incoming

No. 191889

do men think this is attractive? she looks so uncanny and strange.

No. 191890

File: 1641497793625.png (178.37 KB, 401x373, image_2022-01-06_193644.png)

NOOO the lips look so bad and sore! why mickey! jocelyn wildenstein is not kawaii!

No. 191892

it must be hard hating every single part of your physical appearance, she must be miserable

No. 191898

Thanks for the new thread, anon

Mickey, leave your face alone please
Her face looks like it hurts…
Nightmare fuel, especially the first few. Glad to see that white bun is still alive though.

No. 191901

god i want someone to spot her irl so badly right now. you can never know how fat she has gotten and how much she actually shoops

No. 191906

The infected/ rejected chest piercing looks so painful - can’t tell if she’s picking at it or the editing is just making the contrast fucked up. So much saturated red.

No. 191910

Her boobs are so droopy and her side right above her thigh looks like its laying on her leg. Every picture of her always looks like she's trying to hide that her body is saggy from weight loss. It's not attractive and I cant see anyone subbing to this for long.

No. 191922

File: 1641518086368.jpeg (145.43 KB, 1102x1487, FG6Y0mFXIAkPNHd.jpeg)


Fat. She's gotten fat.
While she's moderately decent at obscuring and editing her floppy gunt in some photos, she missed the mark here. That apron isn't hiding shit.

Where's our subbed anon? I'm curious to see those sad shapeless tits she's been hiding.

No. 191928

Ngl, her quality is better than expected, image I mean, not content. Some of these don't look like they are cam photos

No. 191930

Still confused how she thinks this is worth actual money. If coomers want this kind of content there are essay better options than this messy cosplay. This is what happens when you shut out legit criticism and only accept hollow online "friends" gassing you up. All that effort in make up but can't work out to tone up. Just sad over all. Of course any honesty is bullying to her so expect no improvement. Fatter Lori lewd tier shooping and cosplay. Should have stuck to working in a salon and art on the side.

No. 191950

She just got off the toilet before taking that butt one. You can see the line from sitting on the seat.

No. 191964

File: 1641553119284.jpg (52.6 KB, 761x523, Capture.JPG)

Imagine being a hair dresser and not knowing how to use a wig. Those extra camera pixels are NOT doing anything to help her.

No. 191965

>the line of the fat apron under the actual apron
My sides

No. 191971

Dermals just do that and look like that while they're pushing out of your body. Looks like she was wise enough to admit defeat and take them out in the cow photo but those scars are gnarly and are probably gonna stay that way.

No. 191977

Why she doesn't Photoshop out the scars is beyond me. They look nasty as fuck. Does she think they add… "realism"??

No. 192001

> if it were photoshopped, don’t you think I’d removed my scars too?! lmao
I also think Mickey et al rely on the technicality that they don’t use Photoshop but other editing apps and filters to rant about the hAtErZ

No. 192022

has anyone noticed in the third pic that her chest dermal looks very off-centered?

No. 192027

File: 1641605153281.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.68 MB, 1284x1849, 8B3B4D5A-FB13-4E50-A198-B03E7E…)

Yo I’m here, thanks for the new thread OP!
The things I have witnessed while the thread was down…prepare yourselves, ive got time to kill so I’ll upload everything rn but I’ll leave you with this for now

Saggy af and the guntiest gunt of all time


No. 192028

File: 1641605321016.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.87 MB, 1284x2114, 9E93A0C1-EE94-40F5-8685-5868B7…)

Also photoshopping her vagina bright pink LOL

Part of me wonders if she’s doing this to save up for a boob job/skin surgery?
It’s like the other anon said, nobody is going to stay subbed once they see her grotesque body.

She never should have been the size she was, I’m no Ana Chan but that bitch was gluttonous. You can see the aftermath all over her and it’s just not attractive to the human eye, and certainly not the sign of a potential mate.
Unless you want to degrade them, which is the desperate shit she’s been posting lately, so…maybe it’ll work out

No. 192033

You sound like a disgusting scrote
She was big and now she’s not
The real joke is how photoshopped these images are

No. 192043

All I'm seeing is an atrocious editing job where there's like
a blurry ghost bum under her real bum, almost like she shooped out the actual butt shape and then added it back in?
Wow she really launched straight into vageen photos. It kinda looks like she stretched it taller and shooped it pinker.
Anon is female, she posted in the last thread.

No. 192044

Those streamable videos are cursed…she's even uncanny valley in video "porn" with the weird lighting, odd speed, strangely shaped body, it's like an animatronic rather than a human female

No. 192046

I know I know, body shaming is whack~ you’re so much holier than I.
Prepare yourself for more gross mouth noises
Naked mole rat edition:

I’m surprised she posted that one considering you can see how flat her ass is, but I guess showing off how far she could suck in was more important


This is her being excited after she made 100$ off a 50$ Goal so show her pussy, and has been posting it for free to the feed nonstop since.
May I remind you all that in less than a month she’s ~proudly~ top 8% which is still less than 1000$ made and she’s baring it all.





Worst quality yet?? ^^^

No. 192047

File: 1641610178234.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1284x1954, B657256B-E09B-4F9A-BA54-1EC86A…)


This one deserves its own post for being the most awkward of all time

No. 192048

File: 1641610281787.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 292.21 KB, 1283x1906, 36129D7A-CC82-4019-83E0-6F1F76…)

No. 192049

File: 1641610319626.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.55 MB, 1284x1634, DBDB5FDC-BC08-40CD-AD61-D5E741…)

No. 192050

File: 1641610396197.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 625.84 KB, 1284x1179, 947EA988-D00A-4D47-A419-171AAE…)

Ever changing ass
I’m going to put the rest of the photos in a collage instead of 1 by 1 and hopefully it won’t compress

No. 192055

File: 1641610805559.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.22 MB, 3072x2304, 79DD1ECB-461A-4493-A307-EE8C6E…)

I’m pretty sure she got cheek filler as well as her lips, she said she ordered 2 syringes and ain’t no med spa gonna pack in 2 syringes in one visit unless they’re a chop shop.
It was her sister in law doing it apparently though, so who knows.

No. 192056

File: 1641610826210.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 893.7 KB, 3072x2164, 42B058D6-28D6-4D45-A3AD-D7C250…)

No. 192057

File: 1641610920600.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 802.69 KB, 3072x1564, 053788A8-52C5-47BB-AD2F-4CDA56…)

I’m not posting every single thing she’s done in the last 3 weeks, all the other posts are basically what she already puts on social media.
I will say, she posts consistently, it’s too bad it’s such poor quality.

No. 192058

File: 1641611001030.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 735.97 KB, 3072x1208, 054A77EF-C1B9-4CB7-A485-BCEE08…)

More spread eagle funt, beware

No. 192059

I’m speechless. She truly accelerated her descent into degeneracy. Is the attention really worth humiliating herself like this?

No. 192104

Wow, thanks anon for all of these.
I think the most shocking one is the second video here.
It's absurd the things she is, or is not insecure about. She really is showing us her non existent skin titties, excessive belly skin and stretch marks. But can't for the life of her show us a picture of her real face. Incredible.

How much do you think these videos are edited? I'm very bad at spotting photoshop but I learned to not trust what she posts.

No. 192121

Those breasts are really unfortunate.

No. 192136

Lol @ the wig covering her stomach

No. 192162

File: 1641662776385.jpeg (26.72 KB, 392x941, 1641610396197~2.jpeg)

So much flabby skin her knees look like ball joints.

No. 192180

She looks like shit but two syringes isn’t a lot, depending on the area and what you’re doing.

No. 192271

seeing how nonexistant her boobs are it's amazing she managed to even fake badly shooped wobbly cleavage before.

No. 192273

Even more cursed, I'm baffled why she'd put all this online…

Her face looks nice in the last two but I hope she quits this porn shit asap because she's terrible at it, it's just all so awkward and weird.

No. 192319

thats not her face

No. 192329

seriously girl isnt skinny. she shoops and sucks in so hard im shocked she doesnt faint. her use of make up only proves how truly horrifying she is without all that clown paste

No. 192348

God damn, I knew she'd be saggy as hell but her tits are the saddest looking flapjacks I've ever seen. Like kudos for losing weight but is this really the type of body scrotes are gonna pay to jerk off to? Dare I say Shayna looks much better naked than she does, and that's saying a lot.

No. 192353

Her discord is ♡Bambi Doe♡#6055
and she is very active in the server Aftercare 18+ on discord. Need to verify to be able to see most her stuff. She's single now but appears to have been dating some guy named Kurtis for a few months based on her posts. Discord link is https://discord.com/invite/u68Au3h

No. 192379

She's not with Adam anymore? He still has her in his profile pic: https://facebook.com/100001117633547/

When did they break up?

No. 192381

File: 1641763167518.png (103.55 KB, 288x550, mickey deer.PNG)

No. 192383

File: 1641763671319.png (109.77 KB, 386x1061, mickey deer 2.PNG)

Most of his messages seem to be deleted but she talked about him a ton in her messages so I found him that way. Looks like the earliest mention was 09/22/21 so she probably was cheating on Adam. Poor guy I wonder if he even knows.

No. 192384

how to bombard the disc server with real pictures of her?(cowtipping request)

No. 192395

File: 1641775285633.jpg (Spoiler Image, 22.56 KB, 400x400, 22d15a5a7dca794ebadfb7f95f8076…)

No. 192435

Shes about 40-50lbs overweight yet shops to be a size 2.

No. 192440

all this unsaged bullshit just REEKS of scrote. fuck off

No. 192462

woohoo free porn!!(braindead moid)

No. 192473

File: 1641828930471.png (102.74 KB, 1022x739, 674caaa5157da69b716cb1a1f924d0…)

what a degenerate server.

not much of interest in her intro.. however, I'm pretty sure she's lying about her age. this was made this september but I'm pretty sure she's older than 24/25.
if not, she is a real rough 24…

No. 192474

I'm op, I forgot my general thoughts: her hair salon business must really gone to shit. she is extremely active on this server.. like incel-level of active.
so far I didn't find anything of interest apart extremely cringy flirting and calling herself mommy. her typing is unbearable.

they have nsfw channels, but you need to show them your ID to access.. I'm not doing that.

No. 192503

How'd you even get this?

No. 192511

She is NOT on his friends list anymore.

No. 192512

Don't worry about it.

No. 192513

File: 1641837806873.png (18.1 KB, 672x131, 1a4dde7f5c935453903d4313184116…)

Are you bambi deer herself or just stupid?
The discord is open access. Someone from it recognized her and linked it here. I joined hoping for milk but there really is none.

She's just an attention seeker.. also delusional. She really thinks she has a great ass kek

No. 192514

File: 1641837908405.png (29.45 KB, 673x246, 96d304848211e802f4c75f8659a999…)

She wants to mutilate her face even further

No. 192521

I know anon linked it here. I'm wondering wheres its posted that anon even had access to post it here. We literally had her BF in here before so I'm wondering if he is lurking since they are over. It's not linked on her Facebook, Insta, not on Linktree, twitters, or in Deviantart.

No. 192522

Damn, makes me wonder if hes revenge porning her tbh.

No. 192525

File: 1641841256371.png (316.69 KB, 490x827, 13680b32b81207da4d9353a48383a5…)

this is kurtis. an edgelord.
interesting is that he deleted all his messages linking him to mickey, but he is still on the server. last messages are from 9/11 (edgy) mickey joined it on 9/15.
ok screw that he literally started typing again now as we speak. is he involved in leaking the link?

there are a few other moids on the server I suspect may have posted it. I bet she didnt want to sext and this is revenge. very tame.
it also may have been the ex as other anons said.

No. 192527

That's why I said its weird that it's an open Discord but she hasn't posted it anywhere publicly. It completely smells like revenge porn imo but also anons doing it too, but of course one of the guys would have access none of us did until recently, suddenly. Makes no sense. One of her exes has openly posted here several times before too. This isn't farfetched.

No. 192528

File: 1641841788537.jpg (672.94 KB, 1080x1817, Screenshot_20220110-110911_Fir…)

So anons can see the Discord description

No. 192529

She probably didn't post it because she felt like it's a friend circle for her. It's not a Mickey Deer server.. It's for fetishists.
It's a big server with thosands of people in it.
You can obtain the link by clicking on the server's icon, then "invite people" and then copying the link.
Whoever posted it, was already part of it and probably wanted to troll her, or maybe did if for revenge or the lols.
I don't think it can be considered revenge porn though, cause there is no porn unless you show them your ID.. and even then, lets be real, if she posts nudes there its probably the same ones as on OF.

No. 192531

File: 1641843978473.jpeg (140.74 KB, 1125x1182, 1DDAABD3-346F-47BF-B8C0-E76F24…)

she still is

No. 192532

I bet it's linked on /soc/ on something. Seems very /soc/-tier.

No. 192535

>Dom and sub
ot but what…?

No. 192540

File: 1641845656826.jpg (135.33 KB, 1440x955, Bambi.jpg)

Some random dumb shit she's spewed. Also she confirms that she's living alone. Looks like Adam packed up and moved out.

No. 192548

File: 1641851587394.jpeg (245.83 KB, 1284x1508, 0AA7FE84-2FF8-40F0-81EF-C69F5F…)

This creepy ass post she retweeted…
What a degenerate loser

No. 192552

If he did, can you blame him? She must be absolutely exhausting to live with. I also don't know of too many dudes, in year's long relationships would be cool if their girlfriends suddenly and completely out of the blue, wanted to start an OF and show their absolutely cringe tier porn/"cosplay" all over the internet for neck beard attention and a few extra dollars.

No. 192570

Nope not at all. I'm shocked he moved that catfishing cow into his home in the first place. I imagine if she's as exhausting and narcissistic as she appears in her online persona, living with her would be pure hell.

No. 192575

they are a switch, they both dom and sub in the bedroom.

No. 192583

if she's living alone why does her bedroom look the same as it did when she was with her parents, and why does she have all her stuff/spend all her time/take all her pics in her bedroom? She's a liar on every level.

No. 192593


I'm assuming Adam left the shithole and gave her the lease.

No. 192597

Speculating on the Adam situation, if they are broken up I wonder how old are these nudes? If you notice in the bottom left corner, there is a photograph up of her and him

No. 192599

dont know about the others but the cow photos are from november, which is also when she posted them. she also said she put it on for kurtis. this is all info from the discord.

No. 192614

Guess I never noticed before…she has no tattoos on her torso but her hands neck and face are tattooed?

No. 192616

Tattooing her torso would make it harder to warp in pictures.

No. 192617

Did you even read the post you replied to?

No. 192627

File: 1641923641821.jpg (57.23 KB, 720x555, imgonline-com-ua-dexifzmDy1uqf…)

Kurtis here. I've been aware of the hate thread since Mickey sent me her art and I looked her up back in Sept. We dated from early sept- late december. Although I was not the leaker I do have an idea who it is hint search mickey deer in the discord. I broke up with her for a few reasons. 1. She told me she lived with roommates, gaslighting me until I confronted her for the 3rd time as shes been living w Adam. She states shes too poor to move out and Adam is still in love w her. Frankly I think shes using him and obviously has no idea about me. They still live together. 2. She lied about only doing lewd cosplay on her onlyfans which I dont give a shit I just am not gonna put up w lies. 3. I cant have a partner who wants kids but smokes ciggs a ton and eats an awful diet (her illness is real tho btw). 4.lack of communication That's about all I have to really say on the matter. I really don't think a regular person deserves this much hate to warrant 4 threads cuz they use the snow filter tbh. All my posts are gone from that discord idk what that 9/11 anon was talking about. I used undiscord about a week ago to auto delete my messages because frankly I'd rather not be possibly harassed because I dated a girl I met only twice in person and being aware of the threads I was afraid of this possibility. If someone could find a way to tell Adam he's being duped though I'd appreciate that. Other than that, I won't be back here so please let me be and stop sending me friend requests, thanks. Img is proof, please leave me alone thanks.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 192634


She has 4 threads because she's a narcissistic lying cunt.
She lied to her ex, Adam, you and all her followers. The deceitful bitch puts on quite the facade to gain sympathy, admiration, love, and gifts. The filters do in fact matter as a good majority of her followers are young impressionable females who think her features are obtainable. If she was just honest and said these are filters, this is just a online persona, she wouldn't be here. Yet here we are years later and she continues to show nothing but toxic and disgusting behavior from someone in their mid 20's who preaches love and honesty.
Who tf are these men fawning over this girl when she's average at best. Why date someone who looks nothing like their photos and their entire life is a filter and lies.

No. 192636

Well, if this isn't history repeating, I'm pretty sure she got together with Adam while she was with her ex prior to him, Andrew. She seems to have quite the reputation of jumping to another partner while still hanging on to the previous one. IIRC from the threads, Andrew once came here to discuss her online cheating.
Doesn't seem at all worth it for someone who can't show their real face online… Glad you cut ties when you did.

No. 192646

god. these men must be real desperate. defending her even after she treats them like shit.

No. 192652

LOL RIGHT like wtf?? Bitch had a whole other bf she's living with while dating this guy. Why would he be defending her here of all places too. Weird and sad af but I guess that's the type of dude she would attract anyway

No. 192656

I fucking told you anons he was posting ITT. I'd love an admin to out this scrotes posts. How many of them are RP posts?

No. 192679

Hopefully this scrote learned that trying to build any kind of real relationship with a vapid OF thot that bases almost all her values on looks/attention is a Bad Idea. What kind of idiot looks at all this and wants to pursue this seriously? About laughed out loud when he mentioned children. Ah yes, "I met your mommy in a fetish discord, I had no idea her face looked completely different in person." Bleak.

No. 192718

The drama goes deep with this one

No. 192738

If the leaker is who Kurtis says it is, it must suck to know people who you thought were your friends actually were laughing behind your back.
She interacted with this girl multiple times, and I doubt the girl never told anyone else about the threads.
Her discord friends were probably all talking shit about her in dms.

No. 192773

saying you cant have kids with someone who has a poor diet while you look for said person on a BDSM discord server kek
I've never agreed with Mickey on anything but I 100% believe you are exhausting.

Anyway you got what you deserve and when Adam gets wind of this so will Mickey. shame this scrote was too much of a pussy to tell Adam himself but it looks like Mickey made sure to choose a submissive little weasel for this exact reason. The fact you're sasking US to tell Adam for you is absolutely pathtic. You're really too scare to send a man a message over social media? kek.

Even when she fucks you over you're still simping for her. It's not just the snow filter, it's her unwarranted self-importance, and smugness. Also I 100% believe you are the one that started posting about the discord here. Do you think we are stupid? You delete your messages right before it's posted here and only come here to explain when people figure it out?

dont believe a scrote. He wants us to tell Adam for him, he says that in his post. He's just doing this because after he deleted his messages and posted here no one told Adam like he wanted and instead people started looking into him. Now he's panicing

No. 192774

>because she uses a snow filter
My dude she painstakingly facetuned herself 100 lbs lighter for years lol

No. 192776

scrotes really think they're smarter than they are. This attempt to manipulate the users here into doing your dirty work for you. Stupid, perverted, moid. Only a porn addicted freak would find Mickey attractive. Seek help.

No. 192783

Am I the only one having trouble beleivng that her night&day transformation shoops are done using only popular beauty apps? I've had and played with Pitu, Faceapp and Facetune and others like them that all claimed to be able to do this, but none of them could drastically change any of my pics as much as Mickey does hers without being warped, stretched, crunched and pixelated to hell and back. Do they shoop in the beauty app then clean it up with Photoshop?

No. 192791

there's def something else going on other than snow.

No. 192804

It's probably just the paid version of facetune and snow. And her pictures ARE warped and pixelated most of the time

No. 192807

I mean she is also somewhat of a "graphic designer" if you can call her that from her rushed and cringey commissions, but I'm sure she's got a better grasp of video and picture editing than most people

No. 192808

Samefag but I also truly believe she has lost weight, you can see the saggy skin from her OF content. I think she used to edit herself into an ana-chan waif but she doesn't really look like that anymore, I kinda think her recent pics are pretty representative of her current body, but who knows really. It would've been interesting to hear the truth from Kurtis but he still comes off like a pathetic simp, even after dumping her.

No. 192820

She has an average body post weight loss that she shoops to be thinner which is what makes it appear that she's comping for chub. If she just accepted how she is shaped and didn't try so hard to hide nobody would think she's an insecure fatty. But that's the thing, women who've had major weight loss tend to carry over the same insecurities with their new bodies as we can see.

No. 192829

Nonas said the same thing in her first thread and then we got glorious fatty candids. Praying for someone to catch her in the wild again.

No. 192834

Kurtis apparently met her irl twice. If he posts pics I'll forgive him a little for trying to manipulate us.

No. 192835

What did he manipulate?

No. 192836

File: 1642022987138.png (545.93 KB, 816x758, Screenshots_2022-01-12-16-29-4…)

No. 192837

Yeah, I don't get why everyone acts like she isn't a fatass, we've seen the candids. She's not a little chub she's clinically overweight.

This thread reads like the same 1-2 newfags are samefagging the shit out of it

No. 192838

>desperately trying to make her legs look thinner

No. 192840

Kurtis are you a ftm kek or did her obvious photo manip there shrink your features too?

You can literally see the halo of blur around her entire body. It's ok if you e-dated a porker sweaty, we don't give a fuck about your fragile male ego here

No. 192841

Potato selfies aren't candids but thanks Kurtis
No kidding, not just the con but the one in the witch outfit and her salon pics I highly doubt she's actually put in the work to lose that much weight since we last saw unaltered pics. All she did was change her shoop style to get people off her back.

No. 192842

what is that stand lmaoo

No. 192843

Honestly based on his torso I wouldn't be too shocked if they weren't both ashamed fatties trying to hide it. But I get the impression Kurtis is probably an average looking male and just got the shit end of her editing stick making him appear very unfortunate lmfao. Imagine caping this hard for a lying obese chick who doesn't even want you, with skin flapping in the wind like a wizard's sleeve. Get some self respect M8 yikes

No. 192845

Sage cause imageboard and I didn’t bring ss because I’ll get blocked, but she posted a couple things on her sc shouting us out. Checking if anyone can screen record. She was basically saying that ppl from here are contacting whoever they can to spread lies about her and that the stuff we say here is just us twisting the truth etc

No. 192848

No. 192853

Imagine being so fat and ugly that you can’t even be face-on with a snapchat filter for a video. She also acts like we’re this huge community only dedicated to hating her. Nah babe, you’re a section in a gossip rag that most people scroll past or only read when they’re bored and out of interesting topics to read about.

No. 192854


She's so fucking dense. All she's doing is bringing people who otherwise wouldn't know about lolcow directly to us to read and see for themselves what a manipulative lying cunt she is outside of her carefully crafted facade she puts on for her followers.
Explain how we are lying when your boy Kurt that you were seeing on the side brought the receipts of you two meeting and secretively dating.
Being a good person is easy. Being manipulative to your followers while you cheat on your boyfriend is apparently easier.
We don't hate you Mickey. We are merely here to laugh at you and your imbecile followers who believe your lies.

No. 192858

File: 1642030593850.webm (4.08 MB, 364x718, hate forum people making full …)

No. 192859

Kek, she has to be out focus in case the filter glitches, this is just impressive.

No. 192861

her exBF posted here on his own
>I've been aware of the hate thread since Mickey sent me her art and I looked her up back in Sept

he was sharing personal details about their relationship "behind her back" when she lurks here, no one contacted him plus he was probably posting in old threads, this is what happens when you date orbiters

No. 192865

File: 1642034569633.jpg (260.19 KB, 778x527, rtg.jpg)

Thanks Kurtis, no one here is telling Adam for you though. Do it yourself. I see why you're scared of him now though, he could probably pummel your fat ass.
you can hide half your face off-cam and use a filter Mickey, but we can still tell youre fat. It's funny she thinks we hate her. She's just good entertainment because of how delusional she is. If she started posting normal pictures no one could really say shit about her and her threads would die.
She says we're warping her photos but she posted this herself on insta. These two faces are not the same. That's not us. That's mental illness luv

No. 192890

I really need my fellow nonnies to see this because I just completely lost it when i saw this. Be prepared to see some god awful aheago attempts.


No. 192899


Fucking kek
Those bandaids covering her infected rejecting piercing really ties this together.

No. 192901

She looks like a dog having a seizure.
I'm not sure if she's the least sexy sexworker cow on lolcow but surely in top three.

No. 192917

this is the worst thing I've ever seen, she is so far gone

No. 192930

fuck this belongs on cringetopia or something. thanks anon i hate it.

No. 192932

Fat weebs are always so embarrassing

No. 192935

Bitch having a seizure

No. 192943

oh I get it, she’s continuing the deer larp by acting like she has prions in her brain

No. 192958

She is so fucking insufferable huh, nobody has been contacting anyone who "comments on your shit" you fucking retard, like literally where has that happened? Your side piece came here himself to out you for being a cheater lol
And what's the matter fatass? Can show your entire face in a video that you can't edit to hell and back first?

No. 192965

I was thinking the same thing even with the filter her face is so round with fat she’s definitely not skinny as she shops her self and that’s sad cause having some fat is not a bad thing but she sure makes it out like it is on that note why do these e-whores smoke to try to stay skinny it’s like they don’t care they will be super wrinkled and it looks like it’s not working

No. 192970

Ok sorry for stupid question but that mean her nudes have been shooped as well? Because if so I have a lot of questions on the choices she's made for them.

No. 192972

For someone in their mid 20s she's going to age terribly.
She smokes, has the diet of a child, tattooed her face, rejected piercings leaving scars, lip and likely face injections, serious case of body dysmorphia will lead to even more procedures. She's going to butcher herself like Moo.
Her job prospects will be limited by her appearance. She better hope those shit tier art commissions don't dry up because her lackluster sex appeal, untoned body, unfortunate ass and sock tits will only get her so far before her orbiters get bored and move onto more attractive ethots.
If she wasn't a cheater she could potentially find a man to marry and carry her through life financially, but she managed to fuck that up, twice.

No. 192973

Everything she posts is edited. I agree with the anons who said she keeps in certain flaws to add in realism to dispute that she shoops herself thinner.

No. 192979

Every time she posts her pussy it’s so dry. As a bisexual woman its just not sexually appealing, granted nothing about mickey is, but I can’t believes she really that retarded that she thinks showing her Sahara desert is going to pay the bills. These OF girls who make “millions” (spoiler: they don’t) have 1000x the sex appeal Mickey does. Not to mention the fact that you only keep subs on OF by doing something new and different from all the other whores out there and we all know she doesn’t have the brain capacity to come up with something original. I guarantee this is going to die out within 6 months.

No. 192989

>> Every time she posts her pussy it’s so dry.
Sorry I had to lol.

Mick's throw some lube on that wishlist to give the illusion you can stand looking at yourself in the mirror and produce lubrication.

No. 192994

The video was removed but I’m dying to see it

No. 193002

Nonas, did someone archive?
Original is gone.

No. 193014

i fucking kek'd
these videos are taken down so quickly she must be hardcore lurking here and reporting them.

No. 193016

File: 1642125976763.png (3.22 MB, 2788x1633, snow.png)

I think she only uses snow, you can change a lot on there and I tried shooping what she would do with her own irl pictures and it's pretty spot on with how she edits her face.

No. 193027

god i forgot about this one. but for all her sins, her eyeballs freak me out the most. they must be so red and irritated all the time

No. 193029

File: 1642141987509.jpeg (314.84 KB, 1357x1631, F62E0037-71C6-4DDA-9EBB-97A809…)

you’re on the right track anon, but you gotta shape the body a lil more and just go crazy with the face filters. you’re still trying to make it look realistic.
See here, I put almost every single bar to max for a laugh but I think I’m almost spot on?

No. 193039

She lurks here so hard.

No. 193043

I think she may use photoshop too. Some of her shoops remind me of dakota. For example the cow >>192865 is a bit too well done compared to what anon did >>193029
kek not her reading this and thinking she's actually good at ps just cause I said her work isnt as shit as it would be using only snow

No. 193064

can we stop with the retarded shoops? No one gives a shit if you can shop like mickey.

No. 193070

anon save yourself im begging you
stop cluttering the thread. We know she photoshops we don't need demonstrations.

No. 193078

Can't stand anons who shoop/unshoop cow pics. It's so boring. Anyway, we need that one anon with the video to come back and upload it again. I only made it a few seconds with sound before closing it but I wish I had saved it for those who haven't seen it. It's bad.

No. 193099

agree. The shoops posted aren't even good, they actually managed to be worse than Mickey kek
Also someone needs to teach onlyfans sacrifice anon how to convert and upload directly to the thread since Mickey is reporting their uploads.

No. 193110

Yes i really need someone to teach me how to do that because I have no clue how to upload it here. Is there a way to do it over mobile?

Also there are two of us anons who are subbed. I only posted the last video because they had not yet and I needed someone to laugh about it with.

No. 193115

i think you have to convert it to webm? you can do it here https://cloudconvert.com/webm-converter

Thank you for your service. F.

No. 193129

File: 1642181301709.webm (3.14 MB, 888x1920, FullSizeRender.webm)

Here ya go nonnie

No. 193137

is she trying to be a sexy baby? what the fuck is this? is she into adult baby stuff now? I genuinely don't understand what she was going for here

No. 193142

i think she's trying to do the hentai aheago POV sex thing? But she legit looks like she's having a seizure kek imagine acting like this during sex.

No. 193158

File: 1642189145609.jpeg (627.81 KB, 1125x1513, 4DB240B6-0895-465A-8ACD-DD7435…)

>>You’ll cum more then once to me
She’s so vacuous you google her and you find her OF and her work place address
I’m guessing she Don’t care if a Neck beard men come to her work place it’s opened to the public kek

No. 193159

Thought she quit

No. 193175

She quit at the other salon and opened her “own salon” but its literally just a tiny office.

No. 193178

I wonder if she still has the salon tbh. There haven't been any updates to the page since November.


No. 193200

I noted this in the last thread. Advertising her workplace alongside her sex work is an invite for unwanted harassment or worse. Smart sex workers keep their private life, private. This is Mickey though so no shock here that she never considered the potential for her orbiters to find her place of work and eventually, home.

No. 193224

thank you nonna, this is a gift
I keep switching between laughing my ass off and cringing hard from the second-hand embarrassment

No. 193229

Mickey would love this kind of attention though because she could use it to show how "desirable" she was. Same mentality which makes her post "I wish Davie Vanity would stop liking my posts!" on discord instead of just blocking him like anyone that actually had a problem with him would do.

No. 193237

>I provide personal items for purchase at request
Is she selling underwear? Wouldn’t the size difference be obvious?

No. 193252

File: 1642223811302.png (Spoiler Image, 9.06 MB, 1284x2778, 74F957E3-F1DA-4A61-B815-82D1AA…)

I can start posting webm’s too, if any other streamable links are down that you guys missed I’ll post them kek
Here’s an Uber shoop, plus a video of her deflated sacks coming soon

No. 193253

File: 1642223860141.webm (Spoiler Image, 620.37 KB, 320x240, FullSizeRender 2.webm)

Saggy shower flaps

No. 193257

What the fuck kind of 2010s-#tweaksquad-tumblr-blog aesthetic is this?

She’s dressed like she did fuck all today- cranked the red in the pic again.

What the fuck - people pay for this?

No. 193277

am I retarded with body proportions or does she have half a crack here?

No. 193290

Apparently there's a thing called short ass crack lol looking at other pics of her ass i would assume she has that and its not photoshop's fault

No. 193293

i'd assume you're retarded. can't you see all the blur? the entire ass is drawn. she's too chunky to shoop herself like she's been doing to begin with and she doesn't know how to shoop nudes.

No. 193300

File: 1642259687247.png (Spoiler Image, 338.38 KB, 746x627, 1642223811302~2.png)


Pixelation only around the edges of her ass. Blurring around her crack and the lower half of her cheeks.
This is some of the sloppiest shit tier editing she's produced to date.
Anyone who lost 200+ pounds in a year would have excess skin everywhere, including their ass. You can see it in her arms, legs, and that stomach pooch she stuffs into her underwear.

No. 193305

this is pathetic. her old coworkers must be laughing so hard rn, had to resort to porn because her « business » failed hard.

No. 193311

Don't worry, anon, I was focused on that, too. Her ass crack is so weirdly short it immediately catches your eye as something that just doesn't look right. Then you see the pixelation and blur around her ass. Pathetic.

No. 193385

Can someone upload the other videos? I couldn't see them and the links are down. She is really embarrassing lol. How come people pay for this?? She is not even sexy…

No. 193387

Then why do you want to watch her porn so badly?

No. 193389

I don't, I just want to laugh at crappy videos lol. Wonder how she edits the videos too. Like we all know she is chubby and has excess skin. How she edits that?

No. 193397

fuck belle delphine for popularizing the retard face in porn wtf that always makes it like 10x worse

No. 193404

You're embarrassingly obvious, strotoid.

No. 193408

nayrt I'm pretty curious to see how she hides the excess skin while she's in motion and can't shoop it away (I am aware video editing exists). I want to know how she's handling hiding her weird body while also being naked and moving, not in pics. It has nothing to do with wanting to see her "porn", I think it's probably just funny.

No. 193414

As an anon who viewed the cursed streamables, let me relay:

>weird pink lighting

>unusual angles, missing body or missing face, extreme side views, body covered with oversize hoodie (but ass+vag out) in one clip
>she mostly edits her face so the cursed aheago obviously is filtered
>One clip you can actually see her accidentally grab the loose skin while trying to grope herself

You're welcome, eye bleach free with every order

No. 193422

Either a scrote or a fatty looking for tips kek

No. 193516

Did she delete her Instagram?(sage)

No. 193518

She changed her name. Here's the new link: https://instagram.com/themickeydeer

No. 193545


>One clip you can actually see her accidentally grab the loose skin while trying to grope herself

No it was these kinda keks I was looking for but the greentext has satiated my curiosity thank you greentext anon

No. 193970

File: 1642628650777.jpg (69.84 KB, 747x898, Capture.JPG)

not your photoshop

No. 194007

File: 1642642683313.jpg (773.39 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220120-013723_Fac…)

Them hands tho

No. 194026

? i really don't see the issue with her hands here? We know she's porky. Her face is the real milk here because it's obviously not this >>193970

No. 194027

she is wearing vinyl gloves….so it is hard to see her actual hand size/shape.

No. 194028

the amount of disgusting stains going on under her computer desk on the rug is so distracting.

No. 194091

File: 1642699100103.jpeg (1.14 MB, 2880x2826, 1094BD75-8236-48CF-8747-59AE88…)

Them hashtags

No. 194132

File: 1642717194362.jpeg (401.81 KB, 1284x929, 47772142-7DC2-4970-9C9E-62253D…)

She mad mad bout the discord daddy showing up here lol

No. 194148

Pardon me because I'm not some attention seeking thot but what exactly is "lewd" about this? Her tongue sticking out? Oh my, much lewd fattie

No. 194162

>> Flourishing
Kek you're selling shooped pictures of your pussy and ass to decrepit men for a few bucks while you lie and cheat on your boyfriend so you can afford to live in a cheap apartment in crime ridden Columbus Ohio. What a pathetic cow.

No. 194184

every picture she posts has more work on it i swear to god. Also, I've never met anyone that's flourishing that also wears a fucking dog collar.

No. 194201

File: 1642745742197.jpeg (487.78 KB, 2048x2048, B41F8252-7368-485B-A993-1427BD…)

Has anyone else noticed she has a new trans friend who keeps buying her expensive gifts? It’s kind of gross of her. I mean what does she get this person in return besides maybe her shitty art. I dunno how she’s ok with accepting so many gifts from the same person.

No. 194203

Who cares, it's a moid. He's getting what he deserves.

But I guess it's kind of scumbag of her

No. 194240

I was literally going to post this exact same thing after I saw her occulus post. I noticed this same thing with this trans weirdo. Further proof that she only surrounds herself with people who buy her things constantly or blow smoke up her ass all day long.

No. 194340

>expensive gifts
>$40 aliexpress outfit
Anon if moids want to throw their money at random catfishes let them. They don't need your protection. Anyone that believes Mickey's shoops deserves what they get. The tranny will be trying to skinwalk her by the end of the month and she'll get what she deserves.

No. 194579

She’s had other trans “fans.” It’s because they’re into the same degenerate shit: furries, ddlg, and shooping themselves into an unattainable ideal self

No. 195820

File: 1643657264901.jpeg (478.24 KB, 997x1345, 2D020C63-21CC-4ED8-B144-9980DC…)

Her lip filler looks so bad it’s so lumpy and her Botox is making her forehead fold her face is nightmare I don’t even want to know what her face looks like in person

No. 195821

>this is the way the world ends
>this is the way the world ends
>not with a bang, but with ahegao

No. 195880

There's a lot going on here but personally, I can't believe she still
(poorly) draws on her lower lashes. That's some shit I would have done in middle school lol I would lose my shit if I saw her in real life.

No. 195909

I love how hard she tries to be remotely sexy (most likely constantly preening and posing in front of a mirror) and it always comes off as retarded and off putting. She always looks so fucking weird because you can see her warped nose bridge and uncanny edited features. Leave ahegao to actual hot girls who can pull it off and don't have to edit on a new face. She's also doing that makeup inner corner that belle does too, keep fucking dreaming mickey.(sage)

No. 195915

>Leave ahegao to actual hot girls who can pull it off

No, no one ever "pulls it off" and it looks absolutely retarded. Hopefully all of them can write it off as another cringey trend for the men in their pickme blunder years.

No. 195917

it's a stupid tiktok trend. i see it all the time and it's so embarrassing.

No. 195925

It hasn't been popular in like 2 years. People still doing this are so sad to look at.

No. 196004

File: 1643807882212.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.12 MB, 1170x1172, FA402598-FF53-4142-A633-E84D7E…)

She looks like a skinwalker

No. 196012

God she suckling in her gut and then edits to hell and back trying so hard to be skin and bones she needs help also what is up with her nipples why do they turn upwards is that from piercing’s?

No. 196027

she's pulling her tits up to disguise how saggy they are.

No. 196142

i can smell the obesity thru the screen. she really thinks people believe her heavily edited shoops? shes sucking in so hard shell gi


No. 196162

Subtle use of lighting to hide stretch marks

No. 196224

tiny but saggy. so sad.

No. 196240

Omg I didnt know a person could have stretch mark's in those areas. I zoomed in and was so shocked they come all the way up to her boobs and up her back. Even her lighting and edits cant hide it.

No. 196541

File: 1644212830188.jpg (274.51 KB, 1080x1343, Screenshot_20220207-064333_Ins…)

it's her birthday today lol

No. 196553

File: 1644229598796.jpeg (591.39 KB, 828x971, AAA6D45C-A309-49AB-A4D1-339FE4…)

Seems Adam doesn’t know or care about her cheating

No. 196555

these shoops are so painful….does she really think shes a size 2? shes like a US 8 AT VERY LEAST

No. 196556

I thought she was with another guy, and her and Adam broke up? Are they dating again?

No. 196577

She's been living with and "dating" Adam this whole time and cheating with the other guy

No. 196584

They broke up for a awhile, but still lived together

No. 196590

he looks almost Trooned tbh

No. 196602

Stfu curtis, no one is going to message adam for you. Just grow a pair.

No. 196617

It's a pretty normal thing to say about your gf, to be fair. But I feel weird coersion emanating from this post. Maybe she'll flip tf out if he describes her in any other way. Their whole relationship probably revolves around him placating her massive insecurities.

No. 196653

She's getting really lazy with the shoops.
haha curtis still stalking adam and too scared to talk to him.
can we not do the thing where we treat the bf like a poor little innocent cinnamon roll? There's no cohesion emanating from that post, it'd be 100% normal if not for Mickey's photoshop. You're projecting.

No. 196695

Aside from photoshop, they seem pretty healthy tbh.

Saying it doesn't make it true.

No. 197285

of course he's a cuck, dude's like mid 20's and still working a job meant for teenagers.

No. 197401

This scrote level comment is as retarded as mickey

No. 197444

if a place is open during weekday school hours how is it a job for teenagers? this is dumb af. Also cuck is such an incel term, you look like a fucking idiot using it outside 4chan or some other edgy basement dweller site

No. 197470

sounds like someone's bitter about having to work a job meant for children lol. It's no ones fault but your own if you're some loser in your mid 20's and still working an entry level job that pays $12 an hour. Sorry if this is surprising to you but it's not cute or quirky, it's embarrassing. go back to school or learn a trade/skill and get a real job.

No. 197473

Go ree about the poors in the vent thread, no one gives a shit.

No. 197690

No job is meant for children you literal retard. Stop derailing this thread with your boomer nonsense. No one cares that Daddy gave you a job and pays your bills.

No. 197691

Mickey isn't going to fuck you because you earn $14 an hour anon.

No. 197715

File: 1645062572120.png (18.05 KB, 497x228, 9307a6d7a4386e71e49800d7a694ed…)

Is this the fat discord kid Mickey dumped? Reads angry male.

Anyway her instagram is gone for some reason. I checked her fb but she posts too much so idk if she mentioned it there.
I did find this gem there though of Mickey not understanding that "sex work isn't real work" doesn't mean it's literally not a job. Let's ignore that "sex work" is the only job where the less experienced and the younger you are the more you can earn, and skip over the millions of women worldwide forced to do it, because Mickey paid taxes on her $300 she made so fuck you haters! Who gives a fuck about the well documented social ramifications of allowing one half of society to purchase access to the other half! Fatty here has aliexpress outfits to model!

No. 198554

File: 1645670014470.jpg (66.04 KB, 720x796, IMG_20220223_185152_050.jpg)

Do all the e-thots look the same or is she seriously copying Lori Lewd?

No. 198561

They all look the same because they're all copying more successful ewhores. Lori is a literal who like Micks.

No. 198566

K that's what I figured. I don't follow or know about any of the successful ones, just a few failed lolcows.

No. 198577

This is extra sad because as well as ignoring the reality of millions of women trafficked, abused, forced into sexwork across the world, she had an actual job with a future and skillset and fucked it by fighting with the salon owner, probably over the most retarded shit ever based on the stupid stuff she posts.
She should've kept her mouth shut and kept at it, good hairdressers earn hundreds per client without ever having to get their cooch out.
And it's a job you can do at any age.
And she has some drawing talent even if it's obnoxious Bratz doll box art, it's still something, plus had started to build a following on Instagram which could have got her free clothes or whatever (it seems only huge accounts get good sponsors now but small accounts still get freebies).

But why not throw it away to emulate the most downtrodden women in society because that's the sick new trend, then post stupid commentary on it, with the amazing wisdom gleaned from one month of showing your body to coomers on the internet.

No. 198649

File: 1645740230619.jpeg (1.22 MB, 1716x3237, 64222E1A-9DC6-486B-A12B-D08473…)

No. 198656

Sorry, what is this meant to illustrate?

No. 198687

So I have read the entire

No. 198689

(sorry about that previous reply, I accidentally hit the new reply button.) I have read this entire thread, and my opinions of her have changed greatly. I am His 14 year old brother, He has not visited our home in awhile, now I know why. She threw it all away she could draw she had a good job with the hair salon, Adam a loving boyfriend which is also making good money, all so she could post pictures of her pussy. My brother agreed and I also thought that it was lewd only, obviously that is not true. Kurtis should've told him awhile ago. Also she cheated on my brother for a random ass guy on discord of all fucking places? What a fucking loser (her being the loser not Kurtis) I will inform him of this thread, if he doesn't know already he will know more.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 198690

Get Adam’s credit card or your mom’s credit card and post all of the funny numbers.

No. 198691

Fuck you.

No. 198692

post proof that you're his brother.

No. 198696

I don't know how I could prove it any suggestions?

No. 198698

Tell him to send you a text with the number of this post and today’s date, then write but don’t send “lolcow.farm” take a screenshot and post it here.

No. 198699

File: 1645760404452.png (256.13 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20220224-223650-456…)

This is all I got, and this is all I am willing to share. I know Instagram DMS can be faked easily, but I am not hellbent on proving to an internet forum that I am his brother, believe me or not.

No. 198701

Ok, but how do you feel now? Because you’re being a fucking retard right now

No. 198702

Damn that sucks, calling a child on the retarded, aren't you likeable?

No. 198703

Fucking Christ I made a great mistake in my reply to you calling me retarded, guess I'm proving your point. I meant to say on the internet, but I did not type internet.

No. 198704

Sad he's denying it all.

No. 198713

Did you ever meet Mickey in person? What's made you check this forum now and read everything? Also it is sad that he denies this thread and everything Mickey's done lol

No. 198715

this reply screams Mickey

No. 198721

Yes I have met her in real life, she is not obese as some of you might think, but I am not here to talk about her appearance. She used to come over to our house with my brother (usually to get something done to his supra/ previously owned Honda civic) but the last time I saw her was Christmas at family dinner. I discovered this forum randomly, I saw lolcow with her name on it. Then I found out what she allegedly did to my brother. He does not deny everything, he just simply told me to not believe everything that I see.

No. 198723

Thanks for not saying anything of interest loser. Enjoy seeing your cuck brothers nasty sloppy saggy girl friends pictures. You're just as pathetic as your brother. Come back with real information.

No. 198724

Guarantee you wouldn't be saying shit like that if you weren't behind that anonymous barrier of yours. Go back to 4chan you fucking loser.

No. 198725

Your brother got cheated on, what is your goal here? Everyone in this thread and you know this, even he knows this but could care less because he's a pussy who'd rather get cheated on than grow a pair of balls lmao

No. 198726

Like actually what the fuck are you doing with your life? You're on a lolcow forum on some fucking girl calling a 14 year old pathetic. Nor do I owe information to your 40 year old virgin ass, that's never what I came here to do.

No. 198727

maybe tell your parents so they don't make the same mistake and invite your brothers flabby lying gross cheating girlfriend to their christmas dinner again. Mickey is going to cheat on Adam again and again until she finds somewhere to move kek

No. 198728

Damn seems to be a forum about insulting the guy that got cheated on now. I wanted to know more about my brothers life you hateful asshole.

No. 198729

you think it's our fault that she's the way she is?

No. 198730

Not sure why anons are being so rude, it may well be Mickey or the Discord guy lashing out at you since this is obviously a sensitive situation.
Sorry to read a thread like this about someone you know, fyi this board is all girls (or should be) and while there's a lot of bitching I don't think people post straight up lies, the point is things are usually proven or inferred by screenshots or videos.
I saw some of her leaked porn and it's bad, more than lewds but not as bad as some. It's a whole mess and I'm sorry you have to deal with it irl especially at 14.

No. 198732

It's not traumatizing in anyway, it also doesn't really affect my life at all. But it certainly affects my brother's, and I care about him.

No. 198734

what did adam say when you told him that he got cheated on by Kurtis? Does he even know? Does he even care? Or did he tell you that it was a lie lol

No. 198735

He told me he knew, he didn't confirm or deny it though

No. 198737

so why bother with this thread if your brother clearly doesn't care that he was cheated on? you got all the information you wanted. Your brother is an adult man and if he chooses to stay with someone who doesn't respect him you can't do anything about it

No. 198738

also considering they've been together for 2 years now it's extremely shitty that Mickey did that, considering it seems that your brother does truly love her but Mickey doesn't feel the same way. She's looking for a way out but needs a place to stay and rent paid.

No. 198739

Let’s not forget she was gaslighting that fag Kurtis. He totally should have told Adam he had a thing with his gf but was too much of a limp dick.

One thing you should know about cheaters is you lose em how you got em. Don’t be surprised if she cheats again.

No. 198740

Hey, you have to be 18 to post here. You should probably go to sleep. Your brother is old enough to make his own decisions, even if they're clearly bad ones. Obviously he's not dating a winner if he's dating someone with four threads on lolcow, but it's his choice.

No. 198767

Adam is a fucking idiot. Imagine seeing the proof that your fat thot gf met some random guy off of a BDSM discord irl and just hand waving it away. Did we fake the picture of them meeting irl?
I hope she gives his dumbass an STD.

No. 198770

He's probably already got something, my guess is herpes, and that's why he's staying lol

No. 198785

But you can heal herpes and that doesn't explain staying with a cheater. If anything it would give him a reason to suspect cheating without even looking at the forum. He must know about it and is just coping, pretending it's not true. It's really pathetic but Mickey was an asshole when they met, he chose to get together with a shitty person. He reaps what he sows.

No. 198788

herpes is permanent, anon.

No. 198791

I do think he knows like you said wasn’t he with her when she was still with her last bf once a cheater always a cheater

No. 198812

File: 1645851338250.png (451.13 KB, 466x628, fats in love.png)

He must know at this point. He's aware of the thread and you can't say picrel is us making shit up. It's funny she's been telling everyone she just does lewds and now her bfs family know her pussy has been all out on there. Adam's brother make sure you let your mom know! kek

No. 198813

also looking at this guys shoes and pants, do we have confirmation Mickey didn't rape a sped kid?

No. 199132

File: 1646132632621.png (6.68 MB, 1170x2532, 93DB004D-D96A-4D1C-B1E3-250A33…)

No wonder she keeps wearing those granny panties. Look at her awful tummy tuck.

No. 199160

File: 1646159991644.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 273.46 KB, 1109x1478, FMJqcvhXoAIFOkI.jpeg)

I'm cackling at this sloppy shop intended to give the impression that this blob has abs.

No. 199180

her fucking monitor is warped jesus christ shes the worst shooper ive ever see

No. 199185

> 2 monster energy cans in same picture
this is why you have to shoop 50lbs off every pic, Mickey.

No. 199187

the way she’s always hiding her belly with random ass objects…. reminds me of those old sitcoms that would do that when the actress became pregnant kek.

No. 199241

File: 1646214787368.png (Spoiler Image, 1.98 MB, 1254x1306, FLsGg_rXMAIeHNx.png)

Her editing is terrible.

No. 199265

This is so uncanny… she didn't edit her lumpy fat girl thighs but the rest of her looks thin.

No. 199274

god this is honestly the most soulless terrifying face edit she's done so far

No. 199277

This looks like some shit fetish artist on Twitter's piece including awkward pose, lumpy thighs and dead-eyed stare.

No. 199286

File: 1646251432733.jpg (202.3 KB, 977x2048, FB_IMG_1646251154962.jpg)

Covering your floppy sagging skin with a tattoo in an area known to cover area that stretches and shifts with age and is a fine choice. Excited to see the botched af editing this tattoo will encounter.

No. 199321

File: 1646279487612.png (226.56 KB, 860x834, 85FE6D8C-EE67-4AA9-95FB-5B1238…)

How tragic

No. 199359

if she ever decides to get surgery for her loose skin, this is a terrible idea.

No. 199378

File: 1646337374126.jpeg (784.24 KB, 1125x1122, 98A81AE6-6AE3-409E-BAA3-DC2884…)

I will never understand why she wants to look like a cartoon and with all the plastic surgery she still not look like one

No. 199397

she's too old for a bedroom like that. Her life is really fucking pathetic.

No. 199409

It's not as saggy as chick's with post pregnancy bellies or 400lbs either. I don't see why she'd need a tuck.

No. 199412

She was probably closer to 400lbs than regular weight at her biggest but she does have a lot of loose skin. Exfatties also fail to realize that once they lose a significant amount of weight they will always have weight fat placement on their upper backs like she does here >>199160 also showcases her loose skin she’s trying to pass off as abs kek

No. 199455

God no, Mickey was never bigger than Moo. The only way I can think of her having saggy skin is being a massive child from the get go. Stretching that type of skin early vs being under 300 and only being fat for a few years wouldn't cause pregnancy levels of sag, wouldn't do it. I don't blame her for editing her saggy skin.

No. 199470

She was every heavy but she has massive skin sag I think it’s from a bad diet and smoking but I could be wrong

No. 199542

File: 1646473147458.png (626.77 KB, 635x491, MickeyDeerWeight.png)

Refresher for everyone: She was straight up obese before. Then she went full skelly. Then she gained a bunch of the weight back and has been overweight/chubby with sagging skin for awhile now. She can't cope with her size and clearly refuses to live a healthy lifestyle to have the body she wants so badly. Photoshop is the lazy man's diet kek

No. 199697

To be fair, with how much weight she has lost she has very little loose skin(learn2sage)

No. 203164

File: 1648240956947.jpeg (896.38 KB, 1125x1582, B84B70DB-5A17-4BBE-8D11-F884FE…)

Yeah your so unreal

No. 204072

File: 1648600018795.jpg (300 KB, 982x1478, mickey_deer7.jpg)

She looks like she's wearing a diaper. There are a ton of recent shops not posted yet, I'm gonna collage them so we don't have a spam of images. (wrong image first time sorry)

No. 204073

File: 1648600249428.png (1.53 MB, 1425x890, mickey_newtattoo.png)

New tattoo. The shop is ridiculous especially in the pinker photo, on the right. Her waist is all janky.

No. 204079

File: 1648600811378.jpg (1.56 MB, 2132x2676, mickey_elfset.jpg)

No. 204082

File: 1648601052638.png (21.71 KB, 510x283, mickey_thepedo.png)

Also, she wants braces because she thinks they are cute? That's so pedopandering wtf.

No. 204083

The fact that you equate braces as only something people get as children, is the pedo concern. Adults get braces all the time and she might even get Invisalign. Calm down your tinfoiling and stop calling everything ITT pedopandering just because it's pink. Literally nothing she is wearing is marketed towards children and are all sold on adult sites, even this ugly fuzzy set. >>204072

No. 204086

I didn't mean diaper literally, I meant that she shooped it so poorly to give herself an ass, it looks weird and bunched up. Like a diaper. She has a flat ass, we know this. And no, she literally said she doesn't really need braces but wants them for the aesthetic. Why would she get invisalign if she wants them to be visible to "be cute"? She even says her teeth are gemmed to replicate that look. How would it make sense for her to get something invisible then? Also, any bitch who wants braces just for the look WHILE actively making porn is gross.

No. 204087

How does that equate to pedo pandering. Girls who like pigtails as adults must also be pedopandering? This is some dumbass reach.

No. 204090

I was scrolling through threads and legit thought this was an SL avatar

No. 204124

Walmart Grimes

No. 204187

File: 1648652192730.jpeg (448.52 KB, 1170x1335, 1C67006F-09B8-4818-BBD4-409B12…)

Why isnt there a law against people like her owning animals. She is incapable of taking care of her current “healthy” pets I dont know how she expects to take care of a special needs animal

No. 204212

Whats wrong with her current pets? They seem fine.

No. 204419

What about her bunny? And the wild rabbit she rescued? And doesn't she have a cat?

No. 204535

File: 1648757533354.jpg (193.45 KB, 1080x1067, Screenshot_20220331_161022.jpg)

Of course this brain-dead retard thinks physical violence is warranted over someone saying words, same as all the rest of her loser following, all trying to out woke each other to defend Will. Her generation is truly fucked in the head.

No. 204616

Just like lori lewed oh my man would hit someone for me blah blah I love how these hoes make it about them

No. 204729

File: 1648837883873.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 772.82 KB, 1125x2046, B130D8EF-1011-4F84-92B0-583A90…)

She has a yes Daddy Romper in her Amazon wishlist also and school girl uniforms what ever your fetish is fine but when you upload it for creeps to see so you can get a buck it is so dusting

No. 204795

she has the most pretentious way of typing

No. 205582

File: 1649260535546.webm (2.4 MB, 888x1920, FullSizeRender 3.webm)

Look at that tummy.

No. 205583

Trust me she has already begun bringing DDLG into her OF

No. 205602

File: 1649267615683.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 276.06 KB, 745x1279, C4AEBF9D-A039-414D-8203-02B175…)

How how she turns around so fast cause she’s scared that her belly will show but it’s a video so you can see everything if she’s so worried about her self image she shouldn’t be this stuff

No. 205619

File: 1649275822844.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.32 MB, 1170x1771, 02B18416-7A9F-47C7-9CB2-C39D78…)

Her foot is blending into her leg.

No. 205633

Good lord that huge moon face. Is exercise so hard to do? Like go for a walk you wilted sack of dough. If she managed to get healthy, quit only fans,go back to cosmetology and be honest about her looks her life would be 100% less sad.

No. 205635

File: 1649278262534.png (163.16 KB, 299x602, Screenshot_20220406-154924-570…)

For those who don't wanna see her smack her flab n make kid sounds

No. 205637

File: 1649278441456.png (258.43 KB, 371x825, Screenshot_20220406-155009-642…)

Animu girl fupa uwu

No. 205658

She's either not bothering to use slimming filters anymore or has gained quite a bit recently

No. 205664

That's lose skin and even skinny girls have that pooch when they fold over. It's not indicative of weight gain

No. 205681

But she’s not skinny, look at this face >>205635 she’s gained weight. Also she needs to exfoliate or use a better lotion cause it should not sound like sand paper when you rub your ass

No. 205707

File: 1649293654874.jpeg (1.15 MB, 1125x1415, 528E265F-8816-4159-A070-AD6744…)

When seeing her tits I thought of room 237

No. 205773

File: 1649334127771.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.57 MB, 1170x1466, 87BDB8B6-186A-4DB0-B234-5937BF…)

Her legs in this one.

No. 205776

File: 1649334572886.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 443.25 KB, 1170x1646, B05591F0-81DB-456D-A44E-B3BA40…)

where her pussy go? or her ass crack..

No. 205794

Oink oink miss piggy, you're not as uwu smol as you've deluded yourself into thinking you are. Is she suffering from Lori Lewd flipper feet nearly the size of her calve or am I crazy?

No. 205807

Her belly flop pooping out of the sides of her underwear by the crotch thank you for posting these I will never understand why they photoshop to hell and back and leave these horrible details gross

No. 205830

File: 1649354130064.jpeg (631.18 KB, 1125x1854, 4E6830E4-49D4-42C8-97B9-BA0713…)

Nope not crazy she wears a size10 that’s some huge feet

No. 205837

File: 1649357863086.jpg (753.13 KB, 1726x7372, mooonface.jpg)

Slowed video to .25
Ah yes there's that fat gunt and unremarkable moon-face.

No. 205850

Tbh you sound insane and reading through this it seems like you're a frequent poster

Idk all this reaching and weird off ideas just makes you all seem delusional and weird as fuck I'm all for shittong on bad people but this isn't it.

No. 205855

Just close your browser and you don't have to worry about other people's posts on the internet, retard

No. 205864


I'm the retard yet you don't see how hypocritical you are? You don't need to stalk someone to this disgusting degree yet here you are(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 205871

Yet you come back to defend your hoe hopefully you get a star sticker hahaha I hope she flapping them sagging tits in your face for all that you do

No. 205873

NTA but at this point you sound like youre borderline WKing. They are posting pretty average posts for this thread so unless you’re a fan of mickey or her it’s a little odd that you’re so upset by posts exposing what she looks like.

No. 205877

File: 1649370466077.jpeg (872.09 KB, 1125x1759, BC514B5E-1283-463B-8C5C-A66702…)

She is such a nasty person inside and out I will never get how people kiss her ass when she’s a Karen she uses people all the time like her followers and her mates it’s all just sad

No. 205962

File: 1649409929084.png (1.78 MB, 2280x1448, 1633405010792.png)

the face shape looks the same but her features look edited in the video still. Her nose is a lot bigger in person + her eyes are very small. Also where the fuck did her lips go? It looks like the filter is blurring her lips into her skin

No. 205969

how is her faceshape the same, she shaved like 15 inch off and v-lined it. It's funny because her normal face is fine but seeing it in comparison to that filter, makes it look humongous

No. 205971

She posted all this shit herself, scrote. You wave your dough around the internet for less than a pack of smokes, people are gonna look.

No. 206322

That tattoo on her fat belly. kek

No. 207012

I'm sure the starbucks employee who called you out on your looks would say otherwise you sheepish fat cunt

No. 207093

What do you mean?

No. 207310

No. 207515

Ah yes thank you nonnie. I had completely forgot about that.

No. 208219

File: 1650550046630.png (918.58 KB, 720x929, 2022-04-18.png)

Lips look botched from recent twitter photo. My guess? Self injecting the filler and didnt know what she was doing…

No. 208299

Kek imagine posting that thinking that looks great but then again with the filters and shops she does I’m sure it looks even worse in person she’s going to have to go to a hospital soon if she keeps it up I guess there’s always a gofundmy dumb ass

No. 209283

File: 1650987415718.jpg (47.21 KB, 526x701, 278840211_5277643785590184_543…)

She got a new tattoo on her neck of the Louis Vuitton symbol, dumb as bricks. She'll never have a future. When has she ever mentioned being into designer stuff, anyway? All her shit is cheap aliexpress tier garbage.

No. 209284

File: 1650987467876.jpg (38.5 KB, 523x640, 278789170_5267507219937174_283…)

And she posted this "vent art"

No. 209288

Her tattoos clearly have no meaning, she's just branding herself like she's a school desk in detention. She probably just wanted to "flex" and do something that would make her feel alive momentarily.

No. 209393

File: 1651022789684.jpg (39.86 KB, 545x785, img_1_1651019031972.jpg)

Absolute botchery. Her poor lips.

No. 209442

wow she hasn't had a new face in a long time.

No. 209506

I don't think her lips are bad, I think it's just warped from the editing. Also nitpick but her hair color is so u g l y.

No. 209584

File: 1651111200031.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1125x1863, B6EE0F1D-D196-4A29-9DE8-4BBCF6…)

She’s wanting admiration from Elon musk now she’s so delusional and disgusting why would you want that gross pig to look at you and he’s already has his Anachan baby momma kek(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 209587

i think she's talking about his recent acquisition of twitter, anon…

No. 209588

File: 1651114542583.jpeg (247.89 KB, 691x447, FF162823-44D8-428A-A6BA-6C3C4F…)

naked photo
>> Mr musk hi how r u (wrong field)

No. 209590

sorry but you're retarded. (also you're not sageing)

No. 209592

Conveniently covers saggy little tits…
No one wants to see them anyway

No. 209606

that extreme warp at the curve of her back lmao

No. 209728

File: 1651198911725.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1284x1584, 1E1FD514-E26B-43A5-BBBE-3FCEEE…)

Looks like I was right. She’s got the stereotypical obese girl back. No matter how much weight she drops she’ll have a weird saggy back

No. 211167

File: 1651801736093.png (240.52 KB, 468x457, kek.png)

No. 211181

Weird nitpick.

No. 211185

Where’s this from? And when?

No. 211192

Her hair salon facebook page, it's only a week old from what I remember.

No. 211209

My favourite part was the caption
> Bc I haven't posted a normal selfie in 5 ever

No. 211211

File: 1651819537211.jpg (64.31 KB, 397x771, Jan.jpg)

Thanks, this seems to be from January. I wonder how long it’ll take her to start editing her reflection in mirror.

No. 212608

File: 1652487258183.jpg (149.33 KB, 401x904, Capture.JPG)

you dont want my professional opinion on this.

No. 212609

Kinda sounds like the dog was picking up something from Adam, seems suuuper strange to hate one member of the household only. And dogs are usually right.
A farm dog suggests he was a collie of some kind? If he was a working dog he also was not suitable to be a home pet for a NEET as their tempermanent is obviously more suited to guarding, herding etc so dog had nothing to focus his energies on. Seems something's missing from the story since puppies are difficult, but usually not enraged like this story suggests at one household member, this type of behaviour is more in line with an older dog who has experienced abuse, or simply a breed mismatch.

No. 212613

Are there any pictures of the dog?

No. 212619

File: 1652490024797.jpg (724.01 KB, 2048x3584, welp.jpg)


Here you go anon. Pictures were taken around the end of March and mod April . We can never be too sure if it's actual size as it's Mickey's dog and he likely suffered at the hands of Meuitu or Snow.

No. 212623

It was a mini Aussie.
The moron needed to take him to dog socialization classes as she's clearly incapable of doing it herself. Nope, that's tattoo, new piercing and Made in China Dolls Kill trash money.
The idiot bought a working dog. They need stimulation, training and socialization from an early start to avoid issues. Not an ideal dog for someone who spends their days being a sloth.

No. 212632

100% true I figured from the start she would be to lazy to care for a dog much less a puppy or it would end up dead fat bitch is to lazy and self centered(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 212633

Yeah she definitely needs a laptop/small fluffy variety, seems like she did no research at all? Anime loving NEETs should not buy working dogs.

No. 212638


Okay you all are baseless attacking.
Professional opinion : sounds badly bred. If not badly bred then any sort of REAL trainer would tell adam to take over the care, give treats every time he came in the room. Could have made dog worse by coddling it, thus resource guarding her as it was babied.

Dogs can bond to one person quickly but they got ZERO follow up training it sounds like by her post.

Lastly, yes NEETS can get working dogs, disabled people have working dogs as service dogs, the difference is they take time to mentally and physically stimulate the dog. Walking a dog 4x a day with zero training plans already overstimulated = DA issues like mentioned. So just worsened the issues.

No. 212640

yeah it really seems like they didn't bother to consult any professional trainer. This stuff can even happen with tiny breeds like pomeranians so idk why anons are suggesting that kek. Just needed actual training. At least the dog wasn't put down or anything and just send back to the original owners

No. 212677

No one cares if you're a professional Idk why you keep mentioning it. This isn't your blog.

No. 212697

Sounds like your just kissing Mickey’s ass and blaming it on the breed of dog are you the white knight Aron that keeps popping up?(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 212699

sounds like you’re a stupid faggot who doesn’t know how to sage. integrate pls

No. 212700

Oh you are I figured! it’s lazy not to train your dog much easy to dumb it back where it came from

No. 212710

I agree with this, he sounded overstimulated (being sick during car rides also suggests this) and it seems obvious at no point Adam stepped in to help in caring for the dog, which would have improved trust between them (personally I think Mickey likes the narrative of uwu he imprinted on me because I am a magical girl which is kinda hilarious since dogs are the best friends of whoever plays with and cares for them, so she never tried to instigate a situation where Adam was co-puppy parent)

No. 212860

Jesus christ. the bitch already has a new dog. THE PROBLEM WASNT THE DOG MICKEY ITS YOU!!!

No. 212862

File: 1652633781211.jpeg (1.34 MB, 1242x2367, 935CDEAE-A4BF-4316-84E3-0C7A5D…)

Ya’ll just had to suggest a pom. Now she got some BYB mess.

No. 212863

She’s buying puppies from dog farms kek. How long until this dog gets super sick from improper breeding or dies?

No. 212865

Eh, at least it's a closer personality match than the working dog she got last time. Fellow cow Kelly Eden seems to do ok with her (actual pedigree and not whatever that is) pom, that looks like a pom mixed with something else or just non-pedigree standard one idk?
I hope it goes better this time.

No. 212886

So much for her adopting a disabled dog. Enjoy your puppy mill dog. Good luck with the vet bills from it being inbred.

No. 212940

What about her two rabbits? And the snake? and I'm sure there was a cat at one point as well. This bitch just goes through animals. She was so in love and heartbroken about the other dog but couldn't do the bare minimum and get it trained professionally.

No. 220424

File: 1655334971370.jpeg (576 KB, 750x1090, B0794304-41C1-49D9-ADAA-B1DF37…)

She was put on Reddit (not by me)

No. 220693

The dog looks like it's questioning all its life choices

No. 222004

Can't stand instagramreality these days, the sub is full of overweight, middle aged fuggos who won't be satisfied until every woman looks as miserable as they do, and the other half speculates about what people had done to their faces while knowing nothing about how plastic surgery works, i.e. a lot of "looks like a pony tail face lift or different angles/lighting but other than that I see nothing wrong" headasses. Tbh I don't see the point of calling out posts like these when it's already obvious to anyone with a functioning brain, but then I look at the average userbase of Reddit and am immediately demystified.

No. 224572

this isn't your blog

No. 231505

File: 1658479118619.jpg (200.55 KB, 1536x2048, FB_IMG_1658383632969.jpg)

New nightmare fuel.. Mickey is looking is rough for a 20 something.
I'd love to see this shit show without the filters

No. 231506

File: 1658479707256.jpeg (154.75 KB, 828x1472, 65DAEF19-3191-45E0-81D4-C5C1EC…)

what the fuck is that top lip doing?
do you see this?

No. 231645

Why are the whites of her eyes darker than her skin tone here??

No. 231731

that's either failed shoop or a botched lip filler

No. 231737

probably both.

No. 231739

Her natural bottom lashes are gone they are bald that’s really sad I see she attempted to glue Lashes to what ever she had left eek

No. 231798

migrating filler

No. 231809

Even with all the editing she still looks like shit

No. 232689

Her eyes are probably infected. They look irritated. She could also be high.

No. 234346

File: 1659313005933.png (1.7 MB, 1364x1020, Screen Shot 2022-08-01 at 10.1…)

Seems like she has stopped only fans and is now focusing on hair again

No. 234358

It doesn't say that. She can do both, anon

No. 234771

so we’re not gonna mention her spelling specialist wrong..

No. 234817

Kek just noticed. Perfect

No. 236363

File: 1659655633731.jpg (42.53 KB, 720x599, IMG_20220804_162617_885.jpg)

Hope this happens and Mickey becomes the next Vicky Shingles.

No. 236477

This isn't milk.

No. 236541

If she treats clients skin like she does herself or her business cards, it sure will be.

No. 243908

So everyone here is ignoring her with zero experience or training starting her own tattoo studio?

No. 243925

File: 1661917088167.jpg (84.69 KB, 720x1009, IMG_20220830_203729_245.jpg)

This thread is weird sometimes. I posted a picture of a horrendously bad haircut she did that was completely uneven and botched and got banned for "nitpicking" even though it was a decent example of Mickey butchering someone. Then get told it's "not milk" that she's starting a tattoo career from nothing. I mean, look at this…

No. 243926

Jesus, nothing is sharp or lining up here. This would be a fine at home tattoo but at a studio, did someone pay koney for this or was it a mentor taking a hit?

No. 243931

File: 1661918729397.jpg (98.65 KB, 720x1046, IMG_20220830_210401_331.jpg)

I'm not sure if she has a mentor. How do tattoo apprenticeships work? Is she supposed to be tattooing on skin this early? She was tattooing on pig skin a month or two back. This looks like a wobbly blown out mess.

No. 243933

File: 1661919039183.jpg (72.86 KB, 720x1008, IMG_20220830_210956_717.jpg)

Samefag but I went to her Facebook and found out she did these on herself. Her shop is open and she's taking bookings so there's no mentor. Just her. Can't wait to see future tattoos.

No. 244016

Yeah you can. Research it before asking a thread full of idiots.

No. 244116

These are actually pretty good considering she did them on herself. Imo she has an acceptable freehand drawing ability and this is a better move than those awful onlyfans attempts.

No. 260528

Definitely not bad for a beginner (though the thick ass outlines usually mean you cannot pull a straight clean line and had to go back over it to clean it up), all mentors do things differently with each apprentice. I wasn’t allowed to work on anyone until after 1 year. If she is taking clients they usually are friends/for free +tips.

No. 261566

She is in fact taking paying clients and even just did a raffle giving away a free tattoo.

No. 264528

No. 264530

File: 1667757459191.png (611.05 KB, 690x911, cringe.png)

she doesn't disappoint, she's as cringe as ever

No. 264553

File: 1667768398585.jpg (74.98 KB, 664x475, mickey many faces deer.jpg)

Genuine question does she not care about keeping up the facade of her fake face because shes looks so different in all 3 the level of obvious shooping would make felice fawn proud, and this is coming from someone who likes her real face. The amount of face app glitches in the video on the left looks like the app itself is having a seisuze just trying to keep up!

No. 264677

File: 1667824574710.png (447.5 KB, 367x551, chrome_FvmqYnVVx8.png)

from one of her tiktoks… what the fuck is that editing

No. 265132

File: 1668129374025.jpg (737.42 KB, 3072x2641, 22-11-11-01-14-58-346_deco.jpg)

I'm not a tattoo person but even I can see her lines are crappy

No. 265134

Sage your shit

No. 265224

lmao whats up with the neck on the left side? It is completly disconnected from head and body.

No. 265262

says the one who didn’t sage..?

No. 265263

Did you have a stroke? they saged

No. 265276

Ahahahahahahaha nigga you dumb.

No. 265400

it looks like the head is a balloon on a string coming out of the shirt

No. 265420

File: 1668259744356.webm (1.02 MB, 576x1024, what is this nose?.webm)

> > kindergardener behavior . . . #altgirl #femaletattooartist #kawaii #kawaiigirl #ginger

No. 265424

File: 1668260227059.webm (6.63 MB, 576x1024, cringe.webm)

> have this, as a treat lmao cringing but the fit was cute . . . #cosplay #bunnygirl #tattoogirl #altgirl #kawaiiaesthetics #kawaii #pinkaesthetic

No. 265425

File: 1668260332137.webm (2.36 MB, 576x1024, embarrassing .webm)

> talk 2 much #kawaiigirl #kawaii #tattooartist

No. 265556

No. 265596

Saged and shared for archival purposes, as a screenshot of a video is useless.

No. 267402

Those are some sad titties

No. 278456

File: 1674543728284.jpg (117.58 KB, 960x765, 308857489_5783485468339344_242…)

Surprising she posted an unedited photo that looks like her irl on fb. Apparently one of her onlyfans video went "viral" on there too.

No. 278459

She's basically the skinniest girl in the photo aside from the second from the right. Good for her for losing all that.

No. 278512

Fuck off to reddit.

No. 278521

Seems closer to how she looks in real life but I don't think it is unedited, just zoom in and you'll notice that something's off with her face.

No. 278541

you can also see on the left she pulled in her waist below her right elbow because it's warping the girl's hair in front of her.

No. 278578

File: 1674613603912.png (1.12 MB, 1080x736, Screenshot_20230125-022716.png)

similar on insta but as part of a reel which contained edited photos?? but she's barely recognisable lol

No. 278582

File: 1674614479889.jpg (123.56 KB, 1080x810, 316551352_5906116862742870_551…)

Holy shit, I knew when I saw this photo she had edited it but damn that is crazy to actually see the original.

No. 278585

Share the reel or link to it

No. 278590

No. 278595

File: 1674630280672.webm (1.36 MB, 1080x1920, -916707119.webm)

Here's the reel saved in case she deletes it.

No. 278625

No. 278648

The facetuned anime goddess deer next to what I assume is her moms normal deer painting really says a lot

No. 278654

You are very right, psychologically interesting.

No. 282354

No milk and not bumping, just reread these threads out of nostalgia (I’m from Illinois and have crossed paths w this cow back when I was the frontwoman of a band) and I’m shook there FINALLY was a pic of her real face posted. I def saw her IRL before I knew about these threads and she came off like an insecure fat girl trying to distract just like other anons have said. She looks literally NOTHING like how she shoops and it’s insane she can’t just admit that. That bump in her nose we all been knew was there kekkkk. She’s totally unremarkable. Not ugly, but definitely not a beauty.

No. 282700

Just curious but how did you cross paths with her and find out about the thread?(sage your shit)

No. 283964

File: 1677636510800.jpeg (743.12 KB, 3464x3464, 2D138458-99B7-4D96-BC0C-6E9B37…)

Screenshots from her most recent story are completely jarring.

No. 284177

Her face shape is more like Lady Gaga, still pretty but completely different from her Bratz doll edits

No. 285077

File: 1678407514048.png (1.72 MB, 1474x1429, download (10).png)

mickey really out here trying to convince people she's any of this

No. 285253

I first was weirded out becauae her life kinda patalled mine. I worked in a salon, I moved from Illinois to Ohio. Except I kept my clothes on and have a salary job.(blogposting)

No. 285267

Thanks nonnie, maybe you could post your social media too so you can also have a thread. Then you won’t need to blog in this thread.

No. 286555

File: 1679111760627.jpg (103.82 KB, 1556x1038, mick.jpg)

Hypocrisy at it's finest. Did anyone ever find out what it was that happened?

No. 286671


Imagine being this bitter over being fired that you bring it up two years after the fact, publicly. Girl you're tattoo work has a long way to go and you're still a below average fatty that hides behind filters. Sit down

No. 290325

Is she still with Adam? I heard she has a new online boyfriend(necromancy & spoonfeeding request)

No. 292259

File: 1681570108637.png (113.46 KB, 1427x429, 51NKXv.png)

This looks like it. She's moving into HER first home. Honestly good for her although it's funny just on February for her birthday she was praising him for being a good boyfriend and how much she loves him. Her cheating on him was an obvious red flag but simps are retards and Adam is no exception.(learn2sage)

No. 310672

Has anyone seen that not only did she post a picture of it but Adam also posted a very obvious picture of their house. She is an idiot. She knows she has "haters" (her words). Why would she willingly dox herself like that? She also got her Jeep stolen not long after they moved in. She eventually got it back but from the video she posted it appears she didnt even lock it. I think this girl might genuinely be retarded.

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