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File: 1670471429020.jpg (169.58 KB, 686x842, Pm6uKcL.jpg)

No. 1436842

>>1418797 simu liu calls disney a champion of human rights and gets dragged for it
>>1418853 >>1421196 chris brown continues to get support despite having a battery case, restraining order and admitting to stalking women
>>1418948 jodie foster's crazy fan starts a political party
>>1419397 kanye and nick fuentes bond over their mutual hatred for jewish people and women on their trip to Trump's home
>>1420666 katherine ryan says a prominent tv personality is a sexual predator, ppl speculate it's russel brand. david walliams quits britain's got talent raises questions >>1420751 nonnies dig and find pedo behavior >>1420805
>>1420731 >>1421177 shawn mendes dates 50 year old Jocelyn Mirando
>>1421084 nonnies tinfoil that billie eilish has special needs
>>1421586>>1421589 mark williams-thomas who exposed saville claims there's another untouchable pedo and supports katherine ryan
>>1421904 squid game actor o yeong su charged with groping a woman
>>1422502 >>1422502 nonnies notice bono being pervy around a woman who looks like his daughter
>>1423162 >>1423164 laura loomer throw's kanye west's campaign manager milo under the bus. milo says kanye west is gay.
>>1423897 Nick feuntes manages kanye's twitter account now
>>1423907 brookes nielsen issues apology over sexual assualt allegations against the band
>>1424040 julian casablancas is a pedo and aged like milk
>>1424428 amber heard submitted her opening appeal brief
>>1424683 kim petras called out for defending serial rapist dr luke
>>1424700 doja gets a dazed cover
>>1424897 britney spears posts a nude on ig and declares "i like to suck". deletes her ig profile a few days later
>>1424944 helena bonham carter defends jk rowling
>>1425058 designer nusi quero gets called out in diet prada article for sexually assualting models and blaming clout chasing when they accuse him of it. he abused models he hired and made a mask out of hit bukkake >>1425415
>>1425681 billie eilish brags about "pulling" 31 year old jesse rutherford
>>1426430 nonnies speculate if beyonce got a boob job
>>1426463 jenna ortega posts a long rant on ig and does her best nietzsche impression
>>1427227 lawsuit accusing snl star horatio sanz of grooming has been dismissed. the same lawyer who defended prince andrew, armie hammer, d'elia and other sex predators
>>1428162 zendaya and tom holland are allegedly engaged
>>1428435 simon cowell looks deformed with plastic surgery
>>1428756 kanye says ge sees good things in hitler on infowars, alex jones tries to bail him out but he doubles down
>>1428760 julia fox excuses balenciaga's actions with whataboutism
>>1429479 kanye says porn destroys people
>>1430699 kim petras will voice a monster high character
>>1431194 rihanna's lingerie brand gets fined for defrauding customers
>>1431430 Kat Von D defends Marilyn Manson against abuse accusations and says they're working together. her current husband also called his daughter a whore and abandoned her after she got raped as a child >>1431839 Kat also defended him
>>1431464 nick cannon gets hospitalized for pneunomia
>>1432273 nonnies are concerned about bella hadid's health and weight in new pics
>>1432610 kanye spergs about elon looking half chinese
>>1432914 Blonde director Andrew Dominik blames backlash on audiences wanting "to reinvent marilyn monroe as an empowered woman"
>>1433790 new york mag cover includes paul rudd, ice spice, emrata, padma lakshmi, julia fox and other assorted literal whos mixed in with celebs. nonnies sperg about ice spice for 2 days.
>>1433805 nonnie tinfoils about prediction thread being right
>>1433847 julia fox wears george clooney dress
>>1434067 keke palmer is pregnant with a literal who
>>1434072 kristie alley from cheers and look who's talking dies at 71. nonnies bring up her being weinstein apologist
>>1434671 jim carrey retired because of the oscar slap
>>1434790 jenna ortega had covid while filming wednesday
>>1434813 sacha baron cohen takes a dig at kanye west
>>1434824 anya taylor joy is a gamer girl now
>>1434871 julia fox dyes her hair grey to rebel against ageist beauty standards but still gets botoxes at 30
>>1435091 tory lanez gets 3rd felony charge for shooting megan thee stallion
>>1435736 kim petras looks fat and haggard
>>1436727 nonnie calls anon retards for defending ice spice and proceeds to post a year old video of sophia urista pissing on a fan calling it ice spice kek
>>1436780 rhobh present people's choice awards, kathy hilton applies lip gloss while mariska hargitay is giving a speech and gets called rude.

No. 1436845

Anyway I was going to post this clip of Sarah Paulson saying Lisa Vanderpump was rude to her

No. 1436876

Great choice in pic, but you neglected the discourse on the predator in the UK comedy sphere, i think it should have been included in case there's an update >>1420666

No. 1436987

File: 1670481585220.jpg (435.98 KB, 1080x974, ZTRqb8G.jpg)

No wonder greys was a hot mess
It's in the OP but with Katherine Ryan and David walliams

No. 1437009

File: 1670482693573.png (46.99 KB, 1195x589, Screenshot 6.png)

I was surprised to learn a couple months ago that Grey's Anatomy was still running, I thought it ended like in 2017

No. 1437041

Soap operas are often really fucking long.

No. 1437049

Nta but I thought it was just a regular drama, not a soap opera.

No. 1437077

This kinda shit makes me wonder how many genuine retards we have in the userbase.

No. 1437182

Maybe anon is thinking of general hospital, which is a soap and probably the exact same thing as grey's. I don't watch tho

No. 1437203

Imo this one should be the next OP pic

No. 1437375

File: 1670513615004.jpeg (562.88 KB, 960x1166, 28852409-0D82-43ED-9305-20C057…)

Britney Spears’s Instagram account was praising Jamie Lynn before it got deleted. Fans are suspicious of her husband Sam because he’s been acting weird too. It’s alleged that the account was following Lou M. Taylor as well.

No. 1437420

new lana single, what do nonies think? can’t believe she’s releasing a new album so soon

No. 1437425

I replayed it so many times and even though it is somewhat boring, I like the lyrics a lot. I wonder if she'll go on a tour sometime in the next few years because apparently the Target preorder vinyls sold out.

No. 1437440

Wait, 2017?! Wait, it's STILL ON? I thought it ended in like 2012 wtf

No. 1437441

>Did you know that there's a tunnel under Ocean Blvd
Kek of course it's titled something like that. I like it so far

No. 1437451

Kill urself scrote. That isn't even the actual picture. You edited her boobs to be bigger or whatever fucked source you got that from.

No. 1437467

File: 1670517952847.jpeg (103.61 KB, 1024x1024, 22f24305-1118-4c4b-8251-7ff07a…)

I absolutely love this and totally hype for the new album! Also really like the album cover.

No. 1437474

her album covers are so fucking ugly these days

No. 1437489

Lana Delnormal Activity.

No. 1437509

I generally agree but this specific retro cover is dope though.

No. 1437537

I'm actually liking this

No. 1437539

the album cover looks like she just took a selfie and put some sort of blue “vintage” filter on it. also i feel like she should stop working with jack antonoff or everything will get samey after a while. honestly i love her fat and lazy era, an effortless high iq troll.

No. 1437545

I wish she would give the sleepy bar singer thing a rest, her last 3 albums all sound the same. She needs a new sound that is anything but this

No. 1437550

i agree but i like it kek. i like melancholy singers though

No. 1437557

File: 1670521611762.webm (3.87 MB, 720x720, celine dion.webm)

Celine Dion was diagnosed with a neurological condition called Stiff Person Syndrome. Why did it have to be her?

>Stiff-person syndrome (SPS) is a rare neurological disorder with features of an autoimmune disease. SPS is characterized by fluctuating muscle rigidity in the trunk and limbs and a heightened sensitivity to stimuli such as noise, touch, and emotional distress, which can set off muscle spasms.

No. 1437559

Kanye West released a track through Infowars

No. 1437564

Damn. I hope she retires and ends up relaxing to deal with it. She's definitely got more than enough money. Still really sucks that she has to deal with this syndrome now.

No. 1437566

This sounds horrible, what a terrible way to spend the rest of your life.

No. 1437569

Apparently the disorder also shortens your life span (from 6 to 28 years after developing it) so perhaps she just wants to spend what could be her last years being a singer. She's only in her 50s so it's not a lot. I don't know, but I hope if she does continue doing shows it won't cause her anymore stress.

No. 1437585

When Céline dies she better get a state funeral because Canadians, especially Quebeccers, are gonna be bereaved beyond measure

No. 1437589

true, as a lana stan i’ll listen anyway but tbh to me the only standout track on the last two releases was dealer

No. 1437615

I had no idea. This is very sad.

No. 1437623

The ride truly never ends. I hope Britney finds peace.

No. 1437642

You can have all the money in the world and then bullshit like this fucks you over and nothing can be done about it. Wish it happened to all the useless rich scrotes more often.

No. 1437675


No. 1437676

This feels like a joke

No. 1437684

apparently the disease is best managed without stress. singing on a stage again might prove too difficult as her condition worsens…

No. 1437723

cancer should take out all rich scrotes so they can die before 40, yet here we are.

No. 1437735

Not really sure where to put this, but NY Times is running a clip on their homepage that shows the handoff of Britney Griner and Russian Viktor Bout. The clip couldn't make it any clearer that "she" is a man. I hope nonnies go and watch and confirm what I'm seeing here. It's uncanny.

No. 1437784

>When's it gonna be my turn? Open me up, tell me you like it. Fuck me to death, love me until I love myself

Pickme Lana is back and her cringe lyrics too.

No. 1437799

Let's not forget that she's a pedophile:

Lights, camera, action
He didn't know he'd have this much fun
Come on, you know you like little girls
Come on, you know you like little girls (dooh)

You can be my daddy
You can be my daddy

You're my little sparkle jump-rope queen
You're my little sparkle
You're my little sparkle jump-rope queen
You're my little sparkle (sparkle, sparkle, sparkle, sparkle)

Lights, camera, action
You know I can't make it on my own
Put me in a movie (come on, you know you like)
Put me in a movie (little girls, come on, you know you like)

No. 1437800

feat Tommy Genesis, interesting

No. 1437815

she's just tall

No. 1437816

Damn, a full blown munchie

No. 1437819

She sampled playground noises and children in her song "Lolita" and “Off to the Races.” There's a Nabokov quote in Off to the Races: Humbert talking about Lolita making his dick hard.
I don't know how are normies comfortable with this.

No. 1437830

This was discussed so much in the last thread to the point that it was bannable anons

No. 1437848

>pointing out that Lana is a pedophile
But the bootlicking anons are still here.

No. 1437869

i wonder how tommy got that collab. i can't picture her on a lana track.

No. 1437874

>woman is tall and athletic, must be a man
scrote take

No. 1437878

File: 1670537481488.jpg (338.58 KB, 932x933, tommy.jpg)

Pickmes stand together.

No. 1437880

File: 1670537889763.jpg (72.27 KB, 812x210, lana.jpg)

Lana is so embarrassing and lame.
Remember when she tried to diss Gaga with the rare insult "you're looking like a man"?

No. 1437883

Gaga is a womanlet with a feminine fashion sense, I never got where that "Lady Gaga looks like a man" thing even comes from.

No. 1437890

File: 1670538230765.gif (2.91 MB, 400x224, 80pbSa.gif)

was just listening to her old songs today, picrel is from video for execute. her and princess nokia both had that indie tomboy vibes but changed their image to be way more sexualized. always sad to see

No. 1437893

It was just a way to insult her because she was weird and ugly by the industry's standards.

No. 1437895

am I the only one who remembers this? any hollywood shill is evil
not even tinfoil at this point, she's part of the transhumanism agenda and probably spirit cooks and has orgies for Moloch at bohemian grove like the rest of them.

No. 1437906

File: 1670538936654.jpg (162.7 KB, 930x1236, FjZIWDWX0AE71fM.jpg)

No. 1437913

is this quote taken out of context or is she just dumb? there have been plenty of action movies with female leads before hunger games. i can buy her having been told the second part sadly but the first part just does not make sense.

No. 1437915

/laughs in Aliens and Tomb Raider and countless other films

No. 1437922

File: 1670540041534.jpg (128.36 KB, 688x867, Slhuerh.jpg)

Cole Sprouse shot this Vogue cover
she looks so different from when she was making indie songs with abra. sza and billie are another pair who ditched their tomboy style.

No. 1437931

i am shocked. i thought it was tilda swinton

No. 1437944

>poopwound at 16
my sides, my spleen, my stomach

No. 1437949

nya but he took the photo nona

No. 1437950

Sarah connor and Ripley were so badass. A lot of sci fi people I spoke to looked up to them, including myself. They're always mentioned when talking about bad ass female mcs.

No. 1437963

i like some of her songs (including earlier stuff) but these sad pickme anthems are boring as shit

No. 1437968

File: 1670542733777.webm (3.12 MB, 281x500, ezgif-1-20abc1c558.webm)

I wonder how Adele's taking the news.

>Her gum should be sealed in resin & not stored that way, my opinion.

No. 1437983

ok so at the risk of being called a scrote, my brain is super confused by Brittney griner too and I genuinely thought she was trans at first. There was some video I saw of her playing basketball shirtless and her torso looks like a man's torso. Like not even small A cup breasts, just literally looked like a young man's upper body and her voice sounded like a boy. I feel crazy because I assumed maybe she was a TIF or intersex or something, but I haven't seen anything about her being born anything other than female. It's the first time my brain has felt genuinely confused about someone's gender and I can't tell.

No. 1437990

File: 1670544032794.gif (3.83 MB, 340x263, BoilingSnivelingLabradorretrie…)

>You look like a man

No. 1437994

File: 1670544178560.gif (474.28 KB, 449x337, 18648952-tumblr_lqpz633Fe31ql4…)

>looks like a man

No. 1437997

Oh I hate this. Ugh why does every female artist have to be pornified

No. 1438009

File: 1670544876811.jpg (72.56 KB, 750x525, 9ad6ea364ee4b56df73297dd9b600b…)

That doesn't work as an insult for women. Try again.

No. 1438010

File: 1670544945589.jpg (678.02 KB, 1383x2048, MV5BYTkzMzI3ZTAtYTU3My00MTU0LT…)

No. 1438021

File: 1670545143714.gif (4.3 MB, 640x502, austin-powers-its-a-man-man.gi…)

God damn, I miss the 90s.

>..but ANYWAY gaga ran with people's rude comments & there's no such thing as bad publicity-so she milked it. Also she's bi, so ladies…

No. 1438025

because it's not an insult like it is with men. it's cute.

No. 1438028

File: 1670545550544.png (215.17 KB, 384x465, 167054546380299959.png)

Clear casting resin example, here.

No. 1438038

File: 1670545890281.jpg (144.48 KB, 540x702, 1670477116274650.jpg)

Bitter, jealous, angry.. men WILL TRY TO BRING WOMEN DOWN -IF THEY CAN!

…Attacking a woman's height? SERIOUSLY?

>…I can't.

No. 1438039

File: 1670545960695.png (681.58 KB, 660x676, Screen Shot 2022-12-08 at 4.27…)

New teaser for The Boys season 4 is out and Erin Moriarty looks so different. She lost a lot of weight, got lip filler (and maybe buccal fat removal)? She looks so gaunt now. She looked great before and her face was so cute and fit her character, it kinda makes me sad.

No. 1438041

wtf she’s so bogged now. i remember her having a really delicate and beautiful face in s1

No. 1438042

File: 1670546259079.jpg (125.31 KB, 1024x576, 1670478343273539.jpg)

Jesus fucking Christ.

Is she okay?

No. 1438045

they had access to it during her conservatorship wouldn't be surprised if they'd gained access to it since the captions started becoming more coherent and less vent like in the last few weeks, the last post I 100% think was actually Britney was talking about how she loved her sons in her usual long winded captions

No. 1438046

Hollyweird is kind to no-one. Poor thing.

No. 1438050

They do it to themselves now. I cant even feel bad. it's just awful for the generation women growing up and thinking this is normal.

No. 1438054

File: 1670546504176.jpg (121.75 KB, 626x626, crime-scene-contour-body-with-…)

I hope this doesn't turn even-more TRUE CRIME tv than it already is!!! YIKES!!

No. 1438056

She looked cute and cherubic and it was perfect for her role as the packaged, Christian girl-next-door celebrity who looks innocent but has her own demons to deal with. She looked so thin already in season 3, but I don't remember her lips looking so weird, this looks bad

No. 1438057

Lip filler looks so bad and obvious on every woman who gets it. Filler mouth is real and I will never get injecting yourself with poison and chemicals for what?

No. 1438060

File: 1670546771630.jpeg (185.51 KB, 532x457, BE676486-96BA-4E75-BA6A-79FE6B…)

Intersex people are real isn’t that like so so crazy.

No. 1438061

File: 1670546858764.jpg (228.38 KB, 731x497, janis-joplin-quotes-5.jpg)

>They do it to themselves now
They think they're empowering themselves.

Something something bad role models. Nothing new, there.

No. 1438064

"She" has undescended testicles inside her body and was arbitrarily labeled a woman through legal loopholes. "She" doesn't even have a full set of chromosomes, xy parasite failure detected.

No. 1438069

File: 1670547266207.jpg (242.03 KB, 2048x2048, n526ioflzw491.jpg)

it was posted a few threads back but she had a picture where she looked almost ill then she turned off all her comments, started posting passive aggressive quotes and shared a story about it being rude to comment on peoples appearance if they've changed it or something? which was weird as fuck since she went from having some work done to getting cheek filler, facial fat removal, lip filler and losing a large amount of weight in a very short amount of time so people were commenting on it when The Boys season 3 was released because she looked almost like a different person in that and it had only been filmed a year or so before

No. 1438072

Wait, so USA really traded a man playing on the WNBA for an arms merchant?

No. 1438074

I saw the shirtless video too and it confused the fuck out of me, not to mention the voice. The way she walks is extremely masculine as well (if you look at any video, including the prisoner swap, it's noticeable). Maybe she's intersex, but the sexual dimorphism is uncanny.

No. 1438075

No. 1438086

File: 1670548042915.jpg (16.53 KB, 232x338, 32147f18467a68c6a3d82104828d35…)

to me it seems more of an intersex/hormone disorder or steroid and growth hormone abuse every picture of her before puberty she looks like a normal little girl including her baby pictures but anything after puberty or her entry into sports she has a deep voice and masculine stature which is really common with female body builders who take steroids and HGH

No. 1438087

Do they (he?) have the same intersex condition as Caster Semenya? I don't have the name but it's a XY condition.
Fuck this shit. I was happy I didn't hear many comments calling Brittany a man, but it was for naught.

No. 1438095

samefag but she also sounds exactly like this biofemale body builder who took steroids and HGH and basically ruined her body to compete in a bunch of weight lifting stuff and in Britneys case her family/school were pushing her as a "sports prodigy" before she'd really done anything so it seems really off

No. 1438108

File: 1670548815099.jpg (22.81 KB, 612x459, istockphoto-1317473757-612x612…)

I don't think baby photos are a good way to judge a child's sex because many kids look androgynous before puberty. Britney is almost 7ft tall and that does make vocal changes, but I don't think it would make a woman's voice THAT deep. Furthermore, the vid posted was from Britney's high school days. It's unlikely the school was giving steriods to kids their age, especially to female athletes where physical changes would be very obvious.

No. 1438119

they kinda look like pete davidson

No. 1438124

File: 1670549932141.jpeg (Spoiler Image,16 KB, 237x213, 7CBF35F8-7D2B-40DB-BC1B-7B0E9E…)

I knew a guy who was caught using steroids in highschool at 15 and was kicked out due to it I’m not saying the school was giving it to her it’s not hard to get steroids even that young, the only way the “Trans” angle works is if her family chose to raise her as a girl since even in her baby/toddler pictures she’s female presenting and dressed in girls clothing that’s why it makes more sense for it to be either an intersex thing or a steroid thing unless her family are weirdos who forced their infant son to be a girl when they already had daughters

No. 1438132

>some work
Anon she got a facelift, nose job… You can tell just from the pictures you posted. She got a new face and it looks nice but it's markedly different than before.

No. 1438133

That’s what I said Nonnie

No. 1438137

She easily could have been given steroids as a kid.

No. 1438138

Her dad threw a tantrum when she came out as gay so that theory wouldn’t make any sense

No. 1438141

Seems more likely steroids then if her dad is homophobic he probably would of left/disowned her if she was born intersex unless he didn’t know

No. 1438172

They say she's talking about her trauma or whatever but she's just a lardass nepotism baby who likes the pedophiliaaesthetic. Good that she got fat.

No. 1438213

The beauty industry's gluttony eats us all, ladies. Even beautiful women like Erin get chewed up and spit out. It's so sad, she didn't need to change a single thing about herself.

No. 1438238

File: 1670560866693.png (341.93 KB, 406x665, 167056067076914319.png)



Who fed starlight after midnight?!

No. 1438239

File: 1670561146666.png (1.08 MB, 747x930, 1670474447934461.png)

She's going through issues/crisis's. Yep. She's just very clearly wearing it on her sleeve for everyone to see. She's going to end up in hospital(s) at the rate she's going. Send kind thoughts, love her way. Sad. I hope she gets well soon! These are not easy times!

No. 1438240

File: 1670561400524.jpg (203.16 KB, 1200x800, Jenna-Fischer.jpg)

>That before pic.

She has that pam from the office-ness about her. This makes me feel like..I might start crying.

No. 1438247


No. 1438319

i just do NOT like her
simple as

No. 1438333

she's only 28
this needs to stop

No. 1438343

File: 1670568250179.jpeg (46.11 KB, 666x358, 167056067076914319.jpeg)

Same & with good reason TOO!

No. 1438344

She’s only famous because she gargled Weinsteins hermaphrodite looking genitalia.

No. 1438346

No. 1438348

No. 1438349

This is what happens when you take the opinions of scrotes seriously. She will never look the same again.

No. 1438352

File: 1670568650266.jpg (97.43 KB, 738x473, mental-health-1281.jpg)

There's nothing that can be done about it, anon. We have a mental-health-pandemic reaching mass. People are losing it left&right. Trying their best to hold things down. Sometimes people snap. Such is life. Being there for someone, trying to be supportive & non-judgemental, giving kind thoughts & love… is all you can really do.

No. 1438353

She needs to shed the prozac weight before she opens her mouth about other peoples appearances. Lana Dellsbury Doughgirl.

No. 1438358

File: 1670568904293.gif (617.8 KB, 390x245, 167056067076914319.gif)



Yeah but the seeds are deeper rooted than that and for those of us lucky to reach old age-ya lose your looks anyway. I think you're kind of reaching tho & probably need to stretch.

No. 1438359

So I always want to give people the benefit of the doubt, and first felt bad when I saw photos of Weinstein with his creepy arms around Jennifer. But then after rumors were already out, and she was still laughing and hugging all over him, and then him allegedly bragging that they had sex…I mean. I wouldn't be surprised

No. 1438362

File: 1670569009446.png (689.94 KB, 1080x1294, 5whc4adiuev21.png)

Lana sure seems stable. 100%

No. 1438364

Hell yeah sister

No. 1438365

File: 1670569182288.gif (1.07 MB, 400x225, main-qimg-0749fc78bf29939a2509…)

No. 1438369

File: 1670569230115.gif (1.7 MB, 400x225, 7b2cd0dbbc140c135b4c6f5173f084…)


No. 1438373

File: 1670569284078.jpg (1.22 MB, 2000x3000, grimes-claire-boucher-bryan-hu…)


No. 1438376

File: 1670569359854.png (1.22 MB, 1270x896, Screen Shot 2022-12-08 at 11.0…)

My favorite Lord of the Rings fact is Elijah Wood admitting that Peter Jackson and crew crafted a super ugly orc mask for the movies based on Weinstein's face

No. 1438377

I love these threads.

No. 1438378

Holy fuck! That's amazing!

No. 1438380

Sorry that you’re a dumb whore that bought into the plastic surgery meme. I hope you can find something else to give you self esteem because your appearance, that you invested so much in, is ruined.

No. 1438382

I haven't had any plastic surgery and I don't look down on people who have gotten it cuz I am not some sort of granola-earth-elitist-materialistic-asshole. I think that your reading comprehension is shit.

No. 1438383

Kek I love this

No. 1438386

If you get old, you will lose your looks (if ya ever had any to begin with). You're bitter & touch'e. What crawled up your ass and died?

No. 1438426

She is literally coomerfied and she looks close to mid 30s just hit 40

No. 1438434

This is some post-meta-irony type shit. Doesn't the show literally critique this type of stuff happening as a result of fame and Hollywood pressure?

No. 1438443

Are… are you a Grimes fag? glad I'm not the only one here

No. 1438459

Am I missing something, this doesn't seem so bad. Aside from the clothes being ugly.

No. 1438461

Ntayrt but we're everywhere. I just ignore the threads on her to let the other nonnies have fun

No. 1438465

This was a rare good moment. Fat moids seething at jokes

No. 1438468

This is not a transhumanist conspiracy you tard, this is just like when celebrities launch their own perfume or skincare brand; it's a business decision that someone in her team most likely suggested she does bc of the potential profits she'd make

No. 1438470

JLaw Based Moment

No. 1438494

She's right and based.

No. 1438513

Thanks for saying that. Some people need to hear to the truth.

No. 1438517

The "cock gargling whore" nona is back, I shouldn't say "nona" though because your definitely a man

No. 1438528

I love you for this

No. 1438536

Are you Spring?

No. 1438556

Please stop this shit. It's not even funny bait anymore.

No. 1438577

This was my thought too. It's not just because she's tall, it's literally everything else.

No. 1438578

she's really dumb and is trying to be quirky hard. the 'omg i'm so random!! haha pizza' kind. it's embarrassing

No. 1438594

Valid. When I read the word “womanlet”, it didn’t quite roll as smooth as something like mini or even fun size. I don’t know if other women feels similar when using language w negative masculine connotations. I hate that English the language itself is centered around big patriarchy making it frustrating to even express ourselves.

No. 1438595

File: 1670596837186.jpeg (151.08 KB, 1004x1004, 577E2D2C-5A75-471C-B659-29E3FB…)

she’s looking even worse lately. like i genuinely thought she was on drugs when i saw picrel. reminds me of tara reid.

No. 1438602

File: 1670597378411.png (57.84 KB, 601x483, Screenshot 2022-12-09 154935.p…)

Kind of surprised no ones posting about Britney spears, some weird things are going on and people are suspecting she is being controlled again.

No. 1438603

It's not an insult it's just that I never noticed she's shorter than me because of camera angles in her music videos so it's funny to me. It's not as obvious as for, I don't know, someone like Lil Kim who super short and it's really to notice in some music videos when she's next to dancers.

No. 1438605

are the insane people here really tinfoiling about whether athlete Britney Griner’s too “masculine” to be really a natural woman?

idk abt her whole identity tbh but ion think she ever really trooned out if anything she’s as lesbian as it gets, just butch and I can’t be mad about that. Until she starts to go by another pronoun or wildly “comes out” and that she’s really not what she said she was, it would be insane for me to be anything but happy she’s back with her wife.

No. 1438607

>britney disappears off the face of the world, no one knows about her whereabouts anymore.
>all content that she posts now is from 2 years ago….
>deactivates her instagram (its activated now again)
>makes a weird post about everyone ''watching her'' which she has now deleted.
>doesnt show her face anymore, weird birthday post her husband makes where her voice sounds like a screen recording.

what is going on…….

No. 1438609

There's several transvestigation anons here so it's not a surprise kek. Though in this case I understand it, I get same vibes as that runner who was discovered having internal testicles years ago. I don't want to comment on Griner's sex myself as I do not know enough, but I do want to believe she is just a very masculine woman which is fine. Some anons here assume way more feminine women are trannies too though kek.

My guess is just mento illness luv

No. 1438610

this too >>1437375
hmmm somethings going on.

No. 1438615

She's intersex, it's very strange some anons are so angry about that as if she can control it. She was born female and that's why she looks like a girl as a child but as she hit puberty the masculine features started showing. But what do anons want her to do transition to a male? Call herself an it or a they? Some of the radfems here are unhinged

No. 1438616

no wonder why most of the original celebricow anons have left since anons are more interested talking about whether a literal who is trans or not. Talk about milk, not nobodies.

No. 1438618

Are you new? This thread has been derailed for the past year or more, there's always off topic convos going on. Go to twitter if you want a constant hit of celeb milk

No. 1438619

so you admit this thread has become so derailed recently yet youre telling me who was here since the first celebricow thread to go back to twitter?? Why dont you fuck off to your transvestigation sites or just go sperg in other threads about literal WHO'S.

No. 1438621

I'm not saying go BACK to twitter I'm saying go there for celeb drama if your so pressed about a few posts that are about a celeb you don't find interesting enough. Relax sperg.

No. 1438625

File: 1670599203551.jpeg (273.82 KB, 1256x1208, FjcVw9EXoAEVgQe.jpeg)

Sam responds to the people who think he is controlling britney spears.

No. 1438628

I hope she's okay. Maybe she spiraled and her husband had her committed

No. 1438655


No. 1438676

that's not how any DSDs work.

No. 1438680

File: 1670602180874.png (669.91 KB, 667x822, Screenshot 2022-12-09 170822.p…)

No. 1438681

jfc so fake. he's up to something

No. 1438684

unpopular opinion maybe (prob not here but prob elsewhere) but britney should never have been freed without any failsafes or back up plans. she is clearly mentally unstable and vulnerable to manipulation. this was never a case of a normal woman being controlled for no reason. she was groomed for stardom and hollywood from childhood and her mental state has always reflected that.

No. 1438685




this thread attracts the most socially deprived batshit tinfoil women

No. 1438688

Are these dumb codependent yutes even celebrities

No. 1438689

She needs help. I love how everyone was campaigning for her to be ‘free’ but she literally needs help and seems kinda lost and vulnerable, it is like nobody is bothered anymore

No. 1438690

Yeah something like that. I didn’t see an issue with their like 12 year age gap bec she’s mentally 26 still in some ways that she processes things and treats social media, not to infantilize her. Idek what’s going on with her legal team most of the time even when they managed to get her out.

No. 1438692

I had to Google ‘ion slang’ to know what this meant

No. 1438698

> black English
what is this LSA?(dont start this shit.)

No. 1438702

im going to play devils advocate for a minute: what if her husband is actually good guy and
toxic britney fans are accusing him for no reason.

Im not going to lie though i did find her posts praising her sister weird considering she literally criticized her sister before for partaking in the conservatorship.

No. 1438704

Just report and ignore. Some women here have never even spoken to a Black person in all of their 38 years with five cats and their rent paid by their folks. I just pity them and go back to talk shit about scrotes over brunch.

No. 1438710

Lol I’m stuck bc I wanna assume the worst in moids and her gay lawyer did get her out but it’s really one of the other at this point. I’m horrified. Everything that’s “official” that’s come from Brit from then on was mostly exclusively from Instagram. I get that she wants no public interview and enjoys her platform but I can’t help but always be worried. I grew up on her music. I’ve always thought she was sweeter than the rest.

No. 1438718

everyone was so shocked that she was put on birth control and medications while under the conservatorship but i honestly think that was probably the best for her. i’m not advocating for the restriction of a woman’s reproductive or mental health (and it’s pretty sick that her father was allowed to make those choices for her) but it’s clear that she doesn’t even have her own best interest in mind.

No. 1438725

typing in slang is dumb

No. 1438727

Some of the people defending britney to be put into a conservatorship here are…giving me moid vibes.

If you heard Britney's testimony they used her as a cashcow in the most inhumane possible way ever, when she got sick they wouldnt even give her medication and they would force to perform even when she was injured. They would also take the majority of the money she made performing during her residency. They would also force multiple different pills on her everyday even pills that werent meant for her, just so they could keep her in a robotic state.

How the fuck can you defend that.

Anons here are more empathetic towards Kanye than Britney…..tells me everything i need to know.

Also her husband is definitely weird and gives me handler vibes but lets not jump to conclusions without any proof.

No. 1438739

Agreed. Tbh her semi nude selfies don't even bother me, she has already been just as naked in numerous of her music videos and nobody was shocked then. I'm going to sound like a libfem but who is she hurting with her behaviour really? Yes she comes across as crazy, but who cares? I don't trust any man she has ever been romantically linked with, she is terrible at picking men and I wouldn't be surprised if something weird was going on with her current husband.

No. 1438741

same, when i see posts like that i know the male lurkers are posting considering the only people online ive seen that think britney should be forced into a conservatorship have all been alt-right moids like ben shapiro for example.

No. 1438744

Tbf every female celebrity is subjected to transvestigation at various levels of retardation, but I can see how Britney can be more so of a target based on the fact that she is a tall, athletic black woman. Being tall and black in general gets the transvestigators foaming at the mouth. They still won't fucking drop it with Megan the Stallion despite having a body nobody could ever hope to have with surgery without it looking fake as fuck.

No. 1438770

I don't think she should be put under conservatorship (idk if anyone else does either) but she is clearly mentally unwell and should get help with that

No. 1438777

am I facially blind or does she kind of look like Elizabeth Olsen now?

No. 1438780

File: 1670606847738.png (647.62 KB, 610x724, Screen Shot 2022-12-09 at 10.2…)

This is sad. I noticed how different she looked in the last season, I couldn't it out other than the lips. Her face is pulled so tight. She legitimately looks like she has facial wasting.

No. 1438804

File: 1670608007043.png (705.28 KB, 790x828, Screenshot 2022-12-09 172139.p…)

was this posted before

No. 1438807

came here to see if this was posted. i'm obsessed with her lies kek.
>pretend to have cancer - shaved her head and wore a fake tube taped to her arm, put on make up to make her skin yellow etc.
>pretended her brother commit suicide
>pretended she witnessed her friend get murdered in a mass shooting
it's fascinating how far she went

No. 1438810

File: 1670608252475.jpeg (1.51 MB, 2458x3072, B87646B6-3EF0-4656-B111-565B7B…)

Top right is 2017, below it is 2019.
She can be one of those people who lose fat in the face too quickly when losing weight combined with good ol Hollywood coke habit but yeah, she still looks beautiful now and I’d say the same if I’ve never met her before. I don’t know how to feel about people obsessing over her face fat but only when it’s the scrote fans bc it’s always about women looking as young as possible, as well as BEING

No. 1438813

This just really bums me out. She was totally cute with her real face, and now she looks two more syringes from botched. She’s soooo young to have had this work done also, like what was the point? She was already young and looked it.

No. 1438827

Yes it has been posted, dumbass.
I'm so tired of seeing that ugly picture of her. Also sage your unimportant bullshit.

No. 1438834

I feel like a lot of girls with soft, rounder babyfaces are pressured into getting plastic surgery. their faces are very much the opposite of the countoured ghoul look that's popular right now

No. 1438836

AYRT and agreed. I didn’t see my cheekbones til I was almost 30 even at a low weight bc baby fat cheeks. I’m sure she would have had a more statuesque facial structure if she just waited a few years.
>contoured ghoul look
Kek you got that right nonna

No. 1438842

Some people just crave attention so much that they make up shit like this, the more tragic and special the better. I know someone like this and imo it stems from a feeling of deep inferiority and need for attention where everyone says the “poor you, you are so unlucky” formula. They also want to be seen as a warrior figure, fighting the tragic circumstances. And nothing bad is ever their fault. Eternal victims, longing for being special and interesting. Being a famous writer wasn’t enough for her I guess.

No. 1438845

yeah she literally admits that it was a need for attention and support. it started when she hurt her knee and needed surgery - she got addicted to all the kind wishes her colleagues gave her and felt desperate when it began to fade.

i think these people have so much emotional pain but don't know how to express it in a way that would result in emotional support, so they invent fictional physical pain in order to receive support of some kind. it's such a retarded way to go about it.

No. 1438847

You are absolutely right. I don’t know why though, who started this trend ? AFAIK scrotes prefer the cute as a baby look.
When I look at her “before” pics, she kinda has a pear shaped face, rounded cheeks and jaw, maybe she was insecure about that? This particular face shape can give the illusion of being overweight (which she absolutely wasn’t).

No. 1438854

I wanna say romanticization of models from 90s as well as offshoot of the contour trend that really peaked about half a year ago. That with every digital artist and makeup artist proliferation of Instagram so people assume the hyper contour Eastern European almost giga chad look is the pinnacle of beauty rn. I wish AI tech will show people quicker how there’s multitudes of things to be than shave themselves down to another’s exact image. Beauty is a remix now, babyyyyy

No. 1438855

File: 1670610474021.jpeg (73.13 KB, 720x894, 15D80FE0-7010-40E6-AFCC-2AAAF0…)

yeah I also have a round face and "baby cheeks". I cant fathom the idea of getting stuff done to my face at all right now in my mid twenties when I still look young.

Kiernan Shipka is another one whose transformation disappointed me. I read some blind about John Mayer or something encouraging her to dabble in lip filler. She looks emaciated nowadays

No. 1438860

Yeah, it’s rather sad. These people need psychiatric help. some of them even hurt themselves to get the attention they need.But it’s very obnoxious when you have to deal with them in practice or if they’re a family or a friend. If they’re not ready to come clean about their lies, there’s not much you can do.
And it’s very hard for them to do so. So good for her for this confession, must have been twice as hard as she is a public figure. Hopefully she will get the help she needs.

No. 1438862

I wonder how many girls Hollywood will have to sacrifice before people willingly seek a more ethical way to consume arts that doesn’t involve making an unrealistic idol/image of a real person, if we ever get to that point.

*by sacrifice, I mean they let these girls be poster girls of some form of media and pretty much proven to leave them out to the wolves despite having the rights to the likeness often of their youth years. Even boys aren’t safe, don’t get me wrong but they often turn into predators like John Mayer or more powerful. We’re in hell

No. 1438865

I just know she decided she wasn’t into “Dear John” by TS.

But srs John Mayer shouldn’t be anywhere near people under 30 lol he’s never outgrown his “Room for Squares” brain. Only square room I want to see him in is a cell in Louisiana State Penitentiary.

No. 1438868

Samefag but what you describe as manifesting psychological pain as physical is somatization. This is mainly involuntary, for example when you are under a lot of stress and have no resolve , the body starts to get ill. This is somewhat normal for a lot of people, though women tend to suffer more from this. It angers me that those people are seen as crazy and are humiliated for this often. End of sperg lol

No. 1438872

The Eastern European chad is a very false meme lol, I live in Eastern Europe and people here are very round faced. But I live in the country which is considered the fattest one, so that might be it.

No. 1438873

true and the ones who are skinny and fit have underbite/overbite.

No. 1438875


No. 1438880

File: 1670611726841.jpeg (80.93 KB, 600x900, D6EA2106-B8B8-477F-8870-CBCCAA…)

It's a cycle of abuse. have heard things about hazing rituals. the non nepos often end up escorting at one point or another, many do not survive the climb to the top. at least men don't have to botch their faces into oblivion, they benefit from their own manufactured standards, and they are allowed to age.

the kardashians and people like them have instilled a plague under the guise of female empowerment that's actually peak pickme'ism and have ruined beauty standards

the standard is literally unattainable unless you inject smack into your body or go under. to have to alter your body just to look good in an edited photo seems like the ultimate sale of your soul.

I just kind of want to see more unique or cute faces that don't end up under a knife.

I was subjecting myself to that bob saget tribute special just to see how hard everyone was tweaking

even the comedians (lowbrow filth themselves) were making little digs at how fucking stupid mayer is. I wonder if he's still trolling on raya

No. 1438882

oh i know this well. i experience it myself often. i'm not the most emotionally expressive person (or even aware of my own emotion sometimes thanks to autism) so i usually know when i'm stressed or upset through physical manifestations before emotional ones. have you read The Body Keeps The Score or When The Body Says No? I find somatisation really interesting. but it's also interesting when people bypass this, and go straight to lying about it and having to put on an act. anyway, this is all really ot but i am glad she came clean about everything and hopefully has some more healthy coping mechanisms now.

also, remember to sage nona.

No. 1438884

Sadly not. Czechanonna. I wish we have a sea. I’ve been to Croatia and loved it.

No. 1438893

only thing I've seen other than her Instagram was this

No. 1438904

File: 1670612685258.png (664.69 KB, 746x904, taylor director debut.PNG)

taylor will be making her director debut with searchlight pictures (1/2)

No. 1438905

File: 1670612711278.png (393.66 KB, 990x903, part 2.PNG)

No. 1438908

Oh, I didn’t know I have to sage in ot, I will do from now on.
Body keeps the score is an amazing resource for people who manifest trauma through physical symptoms, although it might be a bit too much scientific for a newcomer.

No. 1438909


damn that flew under my radar. There’s also the Hold Me Closer Elton feature but omg the cover she posted gave Lana del PicsArt vibe. I’m not hating lol it’s adorable of Britney.

No. 1438913

love it, release it on donda's birthday or something queen, make kanye spiral

No. 1438916

you know what i think you're right so pls ignore me.

No. 1438919

This is why I’m not amazed by any nepo newcomer because they can speak of the “industry experience” and they may suffer - some even more - but the reality is most just get by. Love that lolcow proposed a separate nepo thread bc we don’t need more of that inherited, non-valid attention seeking here.

No. 1438924

it's tiresome. in order to get by and succeed most cant avoid metamorphosing into what they loathe

succeed or don't succeed you're fucked, at least nepos have money

No. 1438938

Crofatian (sorry I had to)

No. 1439015

> John Mayer
imagine listening to his earlier output ("Your Body Is A Wonderland" indeed) and not immediately spotting him as a pred and a half

No. 1439031

Never knowingly let alone willingly listened to any of his songs but that title in itself is a red flag.

No. 1439036

maybe you're just not old like me, kek. it is the type of music strummed on the quad of a college by some guy who's had 3 date rape allegations is what it is.

No. 1439037

I'm a European zoomer so I guess that explains it.

No. 1439112

she needs to be freed from her shitty family and showboz handlers. like she needs to pick a lawyer she likes and have them be her guardian. she'd seriously be better off in a fucking state mental hospital than still owned by her disgusting family.

No. 1439119

She's what? 25? 30? Women need to stop doing this to themselves. Plastic surgery is so harmless and it's just going to keep pretending this is the norm. She looks awful.

No. 1439267

Not all of us are terminally online Americans who can’t speak or type in proper English, go back to twitter

No. 1439269

Nta, but an imageboard has to be the dumbest place to sperg about people using slang and not proper English.

No. 1439274

Imageboard slang is its own thing and using vernacular from elsewhere on the internet/typing like a retard who can’t spell has always been frowned upon here, at least on the other boards anyway

No. 1439277

some of yall get mad over the dumbest shit. are you diagnosed with autism?(lost newfag)

No. 1439278

Most of the slang from "elsewhere on the internet" isn't actually from those places anyway (like how for years anons have been saying that only twitterfags say "y'all"). I think you should just let it go, anon.

No. 1439285

this is an imageboard

No. 1439289

I also remember that Mayer allegedly called his dick racist and said some pretty nasty crap to his exes. he sounds like a nightmare

No. 1439293

Twitterfags/newfags/tiktokfags bring it because they dont read the rules. Using slang can make you stand out, you’re supposed to integrate and be anonymous. The only time you can really use slang is when in appropriate threads for shitposting or in a different language in our other threads tbh

No. 1439295

File: 1670633669798.png (530.63 KB, 810x607, Screenshot (3325).png)

Mindy from the office changed her entire face

No. 1439300

looks shooped tbh

No. 1439301

she looks like that jonas brother wife

No. 1439313

nta but it's "your" not "you're".

No. 1439317

File: 1670634796295.gif (399.45 KB, 447x729, 167061821841940889 (1).gif)

I will never understand Kanye's h8-boner over Taylor swift but whatever. Such is life.

No. 1439327

Hah maybe you can stop policing and revealing a LOT about yourself as a person over some zoomer who talks and co-opts aave like every other fucking zoomer in this millennium. The gatekeeping IS nitpicky and retarded

No. 1439330

Im not even a zoomer but Imma use ion to annoy the fuck out of this language purist lmao.

No. 1439335

ntayrt but gatekeeping is good for the site

No. 1439337

Nta but how? It doesn't make the "ion" users go away it just starts an infight

No. 1439343

Gatekeeping is healthy for every hobby, interest, etc online or not. It keeps out people who aren't serious and will 90% of the time hurt the community.

No. 1439352

i mean, i use aave bc i am african american, not bc im a “twitter fag”. its just natural for me

No. 1439355

But again it doesn't keep people out it just starts pointless infights

No. 1439359

File: 1670638175713.jpeg (30.89 KB, 263x275, 1667368043866.jpeg)

The reason hobbies or sites deteriorate is usually always because there's no gatekeepers. Maybe ionanon isn't a twitterfag, but if there's no gatekeepers twitterfags will mistake nonas saying "ion" because they're black or ironically as twitter speak and think that it means it's okay to bring their shit here.

No. 1439401

File: 1670641501615.jpeg (333.56 KB, 640x928, C0AEA38A-0E26-454F-96DB-46C473…)

Jimmy Fallon, Gwyneth Paltrow and Justin Bieber are all getting sued for promoting NFTs, interesting that Paris Hilton isn’t named in the suit since she was also doing it on Fallons show with that painfully cringey video of them trying to promote NFTs and make it come off as natural but they had absolutely no clue what they were talking about

No. 1439414

Samefag here’s that video

No. 1439418

But guess who's the one that still stays? The newfag posers leave because "toxicity" when in reality their interest was surface level at best

No. 1439428

fortune favors the brave

No. 1439443

She really yassified the hell out of herself, wow.
This nose job was absloutely tragic, surely she probably had surgeons kick her out because there's really nothing that could be improved upon. It looks like she is trying to pull a dove cameron to stop herself from looking so sweet and youthful. I don't understand why every single celebrity woman falls in this trap of needing to be more angular and mature looking.
Maybe it's inspired by Angelina Jolie? Even so, many actresses from the hollywood golden era have quite chiseled looking faces too. Idk because it seems popular with all woman bar East Asian women.
And they will all throw money at it and nothing will happen. The end.

No. 1439452

File: 1670645167865.jpeg (193.13 KB, 640x862, 0D87ECF8-86E5-46C7-B64E-B98F22…)

Bam Margera is on a ventilator due to Pneumonia also
>”As we reported, Bam's been in and out of rehab this year after he had completed a one-year treatment program for drug and alcohol abuse.”
>”sources say during one of his stints in rehab, he befriended an attorney who convinced him he could get him out of the court-ordered treatment and "free Bam."”
>”Since then, we've seen him partying it up in Atlanta in September, and hitting Las Vegas the following month. We're told Bam never completed his court order”
>”the so-called "Free Bam Movement" – which was fueled by online speculation his family put him in a conservatorship similar to Britney Spears – really confused Bam and hurt his recovery process.”

No. 1439453

File: 1670645192520.jpeg (39.31 KB, 640x629, 1648486390014.jpeg)

she should cast jake gyllenhaal as the male lead who gets fucked over the whole time

No. 1439455

File: 1670645476417.png (174.99 KB, 581x360, Screenshot 2022-12-09 231112.p…)

No. 1439471

He’s gonna kick the bucket, calling it now
This ugly ass moid, his “music” is unlistenable garbage, anyone who enjoys it has to be of genuinely low intelligence

No. 1439477

File: 1670647827134.gif (1.65 MB, 498x280, 22C28D67-8317-4B54-AE7B-4A2E48…)

Good. He’s an incorrigible actual jackass who is/was the one rightfully in a conservatorship in Hollywood.

No. 1439481

I’ve heard his wife/family are antivax too so that with his constant drug and alcohol benders he’ll most likely die unless he ends up like a junkie cockroach

No. 1439486

File: 1670648851920.png (205.14 KB, 428x316, b4d62aa0-5239-43df-8a93-ccc993…)

Real face

No. 1439491

This is an early xmas present.

No. 1439492

issa joke relax

No. 1439493

I have a bad feeling that the whole debacle around Brit's conservatorship has caused a flurry of lawyers to attach themselves to famous names in similar situations and trying the same "free xyz" thing to leech off money and fame.

No. 1439494

That nose job destroyed her natural beauty. Wow. Why do Indian women do this to themselves? It looks like she fucked with her jaw too.

No. 1439498

How do people watch this? America is retarded
>signed, burgerfag

I loved Bam as a child. He turned out just like his fraternal family kek. White trash breeds white trash. I feel bad for his FAS poster child son because he's going to turn out to be a piece of shit just like the ones before him.

No. 1439507

Britney's crime is posting cringe while Ezra Miller is out committing felonies. get out of here

No. 1439509

posting nudes while "too old" doesn't qualify you to be put away in an asylum. you really underestimate how hellish those conditions are

No. 1439519

I really don't understand the conditions that justify a conservatorship. Was Britney just unlucky?

No. 1439531

her family and Los Angeles lawyers are corrupt and have money. They forced an IUD into her body against her will.

No. 1439533

File: 1670654316750.gif (744.71 KB, 398x240, 16706537205091145 (1).gif)

That reads like he got trolled onto his deathbed or something.

…Aaron Carter, Bam margera(maybe)..

Whomst OTHER-HOT-MESSES will death suck into the netherworld next?!

Any 2022 death-pool bets?

No. 1439573

File: 1670658751224.jpeg (435.26 KB, 1106x1791, D8922B99-DF3F-417D-AA5A-55E228…)

deuxmoi is publishing any old fanfic or obvious pr she gets sent now huh

No. 1439582

Idk who duceXmucas-I mean-"deuxmoi" is. TL;DR on that wall of text tho.

No. 1439589

some woman professing her love for her alleged short lived relationship with a now irrelevant 90s-00s peak actor who's 29 years to her senior

definitely sounds like either a fanfiction or a celebrity's pr, it just keeps circlejerking back around to praising him

No. 1439626

Meh. Seems like a boring af Nancy drew story. Thnx for the summery but my jury's out on that.

No. 1439669

Bam is such a cow he deserves his own thread.

No. 1439745

File: 1670677335600.jpg (98.69 KB, 639x960, 1670651637530366.jpg)

He's on his death bed atm.

No. 1439779

File: 1670679701210.gif (1.17 MB, 370x267, 16706757475564234 (1).gif)


I hope that Aaron Carter & bams innocent baby's will be okay.

There's lots of people that break toxic cycles and start anew.

Don't jump the gun and assume how they'll turn out…

No. 1439794

File: 1670681135110.png (389.91 KB, 402x705, 16706757475564234 (1).png)

He's probably excited that he's going to get to be rejoined with his bff Ryan Dunn, SOON!

No. 1439826

i used to have a big crush on him when i was 13. it kinda makes me sad how he turned out tbh

No. 1439834

File: 1670684471402.jpg (262.64 KB, 998x961, 1590649887831.jpg)

I honestly don't care for her cause she voluntarily chooses to be in a relationship with violent scrote antony starr

No. 1439835

File: 1670684504184.jpeg (741.07 KB, 1125x1621, F01FAF56-B356-4CDB-A1CC-E54F98…)


And moids have the gall to compare him to Britney Spears. Just gross. Brit was psychologically tortured. This guy psychologically tortures the people who care for him.

No. 1439838

File: 1670684887126.jpeg (149.45 KB, 1125x413, F593917F-6ED7-4E3D-B64B-5B8E45…)

No. 1439853

Ryan Dunn or Bam?

No. 1439855

kf has one on him. Not much use in making a thread here unless he pulls through

No. 1439856

I know I have no proof but I have a family member who works for a rehab facility on the west coast and she told me a bunch of stories from when Bam got admitted there on a court order two years ago. She said he would write with his own shit and blood on the wall and make up his own secret language and start speaking in tongues.

No. 1439864

for real i need a horror film to cleanse my mind off of that mental image of a real thing that happened

No. 1439878

File: 1670687707375.jpg (106.03 KB, 1352x892, diabolo.JPG)

Halsey announced a collab with the Diabolo gaming franchise.

No. 1439888

sounds like matthew perry or jim carrey's pr trying to prop up their haggard has been tbh

No. 1439890

File: 1670688287454.jpg (557.18 KB, 1080x1287, Screenshot_20221210_090206.jpg)

sorry for samefag but I found the pic I was looking for. this is the language he was speaking and writing all over the walls in rehab. genuinely psycho

No. 1439896

He's got good penmanship for a moid

No. 1439897

Fucking hate seeing Matthew Perry's book everywhere

No. 1439900

kek the reaction to his opinion on keanu reeves was hilarious

No. 1439907

kek I and everyone else in the world also made up "languages" as 12-year-olds that were just different symbols for a-z

No. 1439931

ugh why

No. 1439935

bam unfortunately

No. 1439942

Oh kek hadn't even heard about that. Just started to get tired of seeing his face in every bookshop and book section I compulsively check out.

No. 1439984

lmao ikr? why not at least pick someone who's actually dark/alternative? isn't halsey just a puppet pop star like katy perry and co.? admittedly idk anything about her

No. 1440006

good. i hope hell exists as long as drunk drivers do. fuck dunn, he deserved it. there's no excuse for driving a car or boat or motorbike while smashed.

No. 1440015

File: 1670699481924.jpg (Spoiler Image,83.49 KB, 415x800, jj4RFWP.jpg)

Chris Evans' girlfriend and warrior nuns actress Alba Baptista "accidentally" posted nudes on her ig story. Chris Evans crazy stans are saying she did it to distract from edgy tweets she made 10 years ago. I doubt it Chris also "accidentally" posted a dick pic on ig 2 years ago.

No. 1440018

File: 1670699630258.jpg (718.52 KB, 1080x1379, Q1xM4d3.jpg)

Her old tweets from when she was a teen edgelord

No. 1440021

File: 1670699842330.jpg (Spoiler Image,109.27 KB, 673x497, D8fdxv1.jpg)

Chris evans' "accidental" nude, he also posted it on an ig story. Birds of a feather

No. 1440023

Samefagging, my bad it was her friend. Either way chris' crazy stans are harassing her over this and tinfoiling she posted nudes on her story as a distraction.

No. 1440062

File: 1670701582262.gif (2.12 MB, 401x249, 167069995218586942.gif)

No. 1440066

File: 1670701745767.png (75.79 KB, 640x495, ca95433a73acbe74a8c12268b0ebcf…)

Those type of code alphabet's children make in elementary school. He's stunted.

No. 1440078

File: 1670702073821.png (284.87 KB, 960x960, spelling-activities-worksheets…)

No. 1440100


thought it was pretty slay haha wit the pentagram heart and pink ink

No. 1440106


L middle aged ChrisscroteEvans if he’d actually suggest his 20(?) years younger actress gf to subject herself to only fans type exploitation.

my hatred for Hollywood moids knows no bounds no matter how “attractive” in their 20s. It’s not an accomplishment

No. 1440209

>scrote hasn't been shoved down people's throats since the last 10-15 years
>extremely private and not much on him
>talks about politics so much all the time to the extent people "straight up hate him"
Totalllyyyyy real

No. 1440224

Blizzard has been on a huge upheaval ever since their lawsuits and will grab at anything that seems progressive. Diablo especially had nothing to do with a mainstream audience for years, now all of a sudden they want to bring in Halsey and are going with this edgy sex appeal? Why? Halsey is such a reach it sets the whole thing backwards. She has nothing to do with the series at all, makes as much sense as Grimes trying to become an ambassador for Elden Ring. Blizzard is bending over backwards to appeal to Zoomer audiences and pandering to wokeism for some ass-pats from useless Twitch and Twitter streamers, especially pick-me's with their tits out all stream so they can plug their shitty OF. This next Diablo release is based on Lillith, who already has enough impact she doesn't need any outside support to gain hype, yet they feel she needs propping from HALSEY!? Such weak garbage, but this is expected from a company now run by troons and lefties who know of nothing but to rub this shit in everyone's faces for an entire game series.

No. 1440232

i think she's been trying to pull off the dark/alt style for a while, didn't she even get Trent Reznor on some song?

No. 1440263

File: 1670710942789.jpg (16.67 KB, 431x473, d3f1938ab1be3fa0c2f6a10e774197…)

No. 1440267

ewwww mushroomhead

No. 1440269

You have to click/tap on multiple things before posting something to your story so anyone saying it was an accident is full of shit. They're probably voyeurs.

No. 1440275

akshually voyeurs are the ones who like to look, the word you're looking for is exhibitionist, they're the ones who get off on showing off
and yeah they're definitely exhibitionists

No. 1440280

They're both dd/lg degenerates. I can not wait until the day he gets fully exposed.

No. 1440284

>A is the heartagram
His obsession with Ville Valo really is neverending…

No. 1440285

She’s extremely scrote brained. Not a fan at all. She used to be so pretty before the bimbofication.

No. 1440286

deets on this?

No. 1440326

File: 1670714091732.jpg (87.21 KB, 769x736, tHKRflQ.jpg)

SZA and Drake dated, she also compared him to Regina George. I believe her, even though she says they had a friendly break up drake has emotionally abusive vibes. "king drake" she is such a pick me sometimes

No. 1440341

Go back to whence you came and take this cringe with you, faggot
She follows a religion founded on pedophilia, rape, violence and the subjugation of women, she’s a turbo bootlicking pickme

No. 1440357

sometimes? Her whole brand is being a insecure pick me. Literally changed her whole face/body

No. 1440397

File: 1670716342647.jpg (16.76 KB, 300x300, AKskpxe.jpg)

if you think sza is a practicing Muslim…
I don't think she has been for years. not with the things she singing about casual sex so much. She seems more into burning sage, horoscopes and other new age bs
it's sad, she was fine before

No. 1440408

I notice how all the charting rnb girls now are all into that kind of "Earthy" thing while also pumping and dumping shit into their body.
Yet the old school ones (Lauryn Hill, Erykah Badu) all keep their real faces/unique styles while also naturally just being who they are.
Summer Walker is the same, very earthy but pumped herself with bad botched surgeries over and over again. They seem to be "NLOG's" who can't express that in their looks

No. 1440411

i looked this up and could only find fanfiction. this sounds like tinfoil or someone who has this fetish

No. 1440414

Yeah no shit you're not going to find private DMs from a google search

No. 1440421

Lauryn Hill and Erykah badu had the same pickme-ism though. Lauryn Hill near perfect solo debut got derailed by a guy.
i think it's just a millennial thing to be into witchy earthy spirituality. Julia Fox and Lana Del Ray are another pair who are into the whole manifest/witchy thing while getting plastic surgery.

No. 1440425

don't get me wrong they are all pick me's for SURE, but i loved their styles/swag. I hate how every RNB/Rap girl in the mainstream has the same kind of style now.

No. 1440429

true they all dress like variations of ig models now.

No. 1440431

then how does that anon know

No. 1440432

Chris Evans has a bunch of unhinged stans or people who hate him pushing narratives wherever he's talked about

No. 1440436

Because I have DMs lol like I said, I can not wait until he gets fully exposed for the creep he is

No. 1440443

Anons have seen multiple celebrity men get their basement dweller tier dms leaked yet don't want to believe it when it comes to their faves

No. 1440448

it's an anonymous board and i doubt celebs are lurking. what's stopping you from posting? nda? just censor his name.

No. 1440453

Some lurk but lc isn’t exactly a site you leak/break something on

No. 1440455

not a fan of him but he has a lot of LSA style weirdos who are obsessed with him. I’m actually curious to see these dms if they exist, they prob pale in comparison to the shit armie hammer was sending

No. 1440462

No one is believing it because this is an anonymous imageboard where anyone can claim anything about anyone. If you want to be believed then some shred of proof needs to be posted. If someone did that in any cow thread they would be told the same thing.

No. 1440466

>muh covid
Mans a total junkie and now his health suffers from drug abuse and alcohol, not covid.

No. 1440470

Tbf Doja lurked kek.

No. 1440471

No one is forcing you to believe anything

No. 1440475

I didn't say anyone was.

No. 1440478

oh god I forgot he was a finnoboo and in love with Ville Valo, he's still using the heartagram (his symbol for a here) and some almost finnish (laskian for fat when fat is läski in finnish)

No. 1440482

i actually hate chris evans, i'm just curious about what happened.

No. 1440488

i said this when it was leaked and everyone ganged up on me. it looks barely above 4 inches.

No. 1440492

wait, hold on. they're dating? is this confirmed? cause she's 28 and he's like almost 50.

No. 1440524

moderate practicing muslims do all the stuff Sza sings about and dress the way she does. it's the same as any other abrahamic religion. most people in the world are too dumb to realize the contradiction in living this way so there's a lot of them who do it.

No. 1440529

ugh really? she's making me feel like a femcel now. poor erin. let my butch magic save you from the scrotes. you will be my queen and want for nothing. it's going to be okay

No. 1440531

Lauryn and Erykah are goddesses, and they’re infinitely more talented and interesting than the current libfem women in hip hop who think being promiscuous and looking/acting like a literal whore while singing/rapping about degeneracy is “empowerment”. Lauryn is also incredibly based for making so many white people seethe by centering black issues before “wokeness” was a thing

No. 1440534

She used to be a hijabi and talks about being a proud Muslim, regardless she’s a degen pick-me who caters to disgusting moids imo

No. 1440588

File: 1670727656634.jpeg (532.84 KB, 828x1061, 3FFB7912-B64E-437E-83B9-A36E8C…)

> Erykah are goddesses, and they’re infinitely more talented and interesting than the current libfem women in hip hop who think being promiscuous and looking/acting like a literal whore while singing/rapping about degeneracy is “empowerment”.

No. 1440595

File: 1670728280358.jpeg (21.15 KB, 600x431, 5682EBA2-F2DA-4642-8F53-8BFEDA…)

JFC why can’t we have anything

No. 1440598

File: 1670728446037.jpg (40.95 KB, 433x372, ce1e73a940f53cb4541aee5349289d…)

This isn't LSA
Go back there and seethe when another celebrity dates a white girl

No. 1440601

Don’t start this again, this isn’t stormfront

No. 1440606

that kid looks like robert webb

No. 1440620

Did she? She only mentioned lurking /mu/

No. 1440625

Did you miss all that? She directly referenced a post in her thread on /snow/ where someone said she looks like a bicycle seat, the caps are posted there and in one of the previous celebricow threads

No. 1440632

>I see good in everybody
>I see good in Hitler
Is she is master pick me?!

No. 1440639

She’s actually kanye west in drag

No. 1440646

while you're here lurking hookups of celebrities there's some other men I want you to expose

kek right otherwise everyone's just a schizo like me

No. 1440674

Irl homelander

No. 1440679

it's really gross that she keeps getting cast as the damsel in distress. i wish she'd realize that hollywood is using her for trauma porn.

No. 1440681

>Regina George
He is not going to beat those fruity allegations

No. 1440721

I did miss it, she's so unhinged

No. 1440761

Literally can't have a positive opinion on anyone cause chances are they've humanized hitler or sided with pedos.
>unnecessary ps that changed her cute looks to Joan Rivers Jr
>denies it
>dating a nearly 50 yo scrote when she should be living it up
>dating a too old scrote who assaults people
Damn, Starlight. Her new face isn't going to suit the character come s4.

No. 1440864

File: 1670751160437.png (29.02 KB, 807x235, Screenshot 2022-12-11 at 09-31…)

Erykiah has always been a pick-me though. Picrel being a case in point. She wore green contacts and weaves (albeit natural looking ones) and was always about the guys, never really saw her collab with or support other women. I always got a fake NLOG vibe from her. Undeniably talented but yeh.

No. 1440865

File: 1670751217131.png (75.56 KB, 1183x532, Screenshot 2022-12-11 at 08-57…)

Samefag, should have posted this bit first.

No. 1440869

which is good for him, cause he's a pedophile who prays on young girls

No. 1440874

so whos posting the markiplier's OF pics?

No. 1440875

I'm sure some homos on reddit will post it. I'm not charging that shit to my card.

No. 1440877

Yeah Erykah's in that cult that thinks the black man is God, so she'd never say anything bad about R. Kelly. It's disappointing pickme shit, just like most other famous people. She's very talented, though. I'd rather listen to her songs than most of the top 40 garbage out these days.

No. 1440881

That's all I could find so far nona but he doesn't even show full peen. Mind the disgusting ad videos in the corner though, have fun.

No. 1440882

There won’t be nut vids so I am not interested

No. 1440883

>immediately gets graphic pregnant woman fuck machine vibrator ad
Thanks. Also I hate the coy ooh I’m so cute and quirky zoey deschanel nudes he’s doing. Show us your cock and balls damn

No. 1440885

i lold irl. thank you so much nonna!

No. 1440913

Seriously what is wrong with this world? Is there any semi-famous person out there who doesn't do OF? Most of them are already rich to begin with, so why?

No. 1440928

They’re not as rich as people are led to believe. Most are living well above and beyond their means and a lot of the time it’s because they’re trying to uphold a certain image of wealth. They start OF because they’re desperate for attention and greedy for money. Every thing catches up with them eventually though. Leasing cars, renting places to live, and buying overpriced designer fast fashion drains bank accounts faster than settling down and being financially cautious.

No. 1440929

Samefag but this is just in general… supposedly markiplier is doing it for “charity” which is just code for tax write off. Tax fraud is a big one too that a lot commit. No you can not write off a LV bag just because you showed it in a video.

No. 1440959

Yeah. I although I don't agree with it but I respect OF girls, strippers, etc who are honest about their means of living and salary, don't flash fancy shit in every video, etc. One of the reasons why I liked syrencove even though she's kinda cringe but she didn't larp as if she was making "a million a month" or "your rent money in a day", didn't lease out some massive apartment in a big city or flash fancy shit and massive stacks of 1 dollar bills when she stripped and shit.

No. 1440983

Probably more of an autophedophile. A sign of a narcissistic woman with parental issues and was probably ignored by most guys her age hence her fantasy that she's some lolita femme fatale.

No. 1440988

Her being with lots of older men is just a larp. The cop was the only serious boyfriend that was noticeably older than her and even then it wasn’t some 20 year age gap thing. The others have been younger or only a couple years older.

No. 1440994

This honestly bummed me out to learn. Not to tinfoil but a lot of violent/abusive narc scrotes tend to like women to fit a certain beauty ideal. It wouldn’t be that big a stretch to say she changed her appearance for him.
>t. Was in an abusive relationship where he wanted me to be an emaciated coomer doll

No. 1440996

>B-but her being with lots of older men is just a larp!!1
This is such a pathetic cope. The only reason she is dragged for this to this day is that she made it her whole personality at the peak of her career. Also that's a pretty fucking weird thing to pretend to be into for the sake of "interesting" lyrics. Does the willful obtuseness of Lana stans come from them all sharing one braincell? Jfc

No. 1441004

Nonita you really gotta calm down because my post was making fun of her by pointing out that in reality she leans towards younger men making her larp pathetic and fake.

No. 1441005

I wouldn’t interact. Female Lana stans can be annoying but the Lana haters here are a different breed of retarded kek

No. 1441006

You can not be this dumb

No. 1441017

File: 1670768703996.jpg (399.6 KB, 1920x1080, wouuqXJ.jpg)

She also made a comment about teenage girls provoking men with the way she dressed. She is worse than Summer walker and her vegan baby plastic surgery antics.
Sza is just as bad because she has a song with don toliver(kali uchis boyfriend) after his rape allegations came out.
As for her looks I don't think she has contacts, her daughter has the same eyes. Doesn't take away from her pickmeism.
I've come to the resignation that most celeb women are pick mes, after they all came to the defence of r kelly, Chris brown and Johnny Depp.

No. 1441043

I never said that she wasn't a pick me, i just said that I liked their styles/they looked unique and were naturally cool vs. The cookie cutter looks of Summer walker/SZA who have literally changed their whole faces/body to look like any other ig botched girls.
I know EB is a pick me, they all are tbh. I never praised her for anything other then talent/style along with Lauren Hill.

No. 1441044

File: 1670771575335.jpg (143.77 KB, 1000x1462, 1670768456-20221211-jin3.jpg)

one of the bts members are finally enlisting in the military this december. his shaved head…he looks like a egg KEK

No. 1441048

erykah badu is just insane in general. everything she does is wack and she's just one of those crunchy granola spiritual vegans who sort of does and says whatever she wants, doesn't really give a fuck, and then just goes back to the whole 'i'm aligned with the universe' schtick to avoid any real responsibility for what she's said. she even defended hitler by saying some shit like 'everyone is human and humans are beautiful so hitler was beautiful' and this was back in the 00s or 10s. i truly think she's just slightly retarded - as you said, immensely talented, but she's been doing this shit since the 90s so it's not exactly a bit.

No. 1441050

Damn they look very average without the fancy clothing, haircut and pretty angles/lights…

No. 1441054

>people look average without the clothing and makeup and angles and filters and lighting specifically made and used to make them look better than average
i'm not interested in boybands for western girls with yellow fever but… yes? you could say this about literally anybody kek.

No. 1441056

you could say this about literally any media personality kek

No. 1441058

> so many white people seethe
this is such a twitter thing to say

No. 1441061

erykah badu is the most boomer-esque technically gen-x celebritiy in existence…she'll say the most retarded, offensive bullshit, but she's like family so you gotta ignore it to keep the peace/so yiu can keep listening to her music kek

No. 1441063

stop replying to the kpopfags you retards, it makes them bolder!!

No. 1441065

File: 1670772889542.jpg (87.56 KB, 1800x1200, ratio3x2_1800 (1).jpg)

school shooter vibes

No. 1441068

I'm not ragging on her for being into older guys if that's her thing (larp or not), its the obvious invocation of Lolita and romanticization of pedophilic relationships and rape that scream "pickme". Just look at those lyrics quoted above. How is that anything other than sleaze and pleas for attention? Sure, she's moved on and developed (maybe, haven't followed her in some time) but that phase deserves to be ragged especially since she still harks back to it.

No. 1441073

Not only that, its a white twitter thing to say.

No. 1441079

no offense but I think anyone who looks up to female celebrities as feminist role models is asking to be disappointed, they are all morons who would sell their own mothers for fame and standing, like what do you expect ?

No. 1441098

well if they were abused by their mothers it makes sense why they'd sell them for fame kek

No. 1441153

SZA is also a 5 percenter like Erykah, which nonnie below referenced earlier so no hope really.

No. 1441155

Since we are on the topic of kpop, i feel really sorry for Garam, her life is ruined because femcels were jealous of her.(kpop-posting)

No. 1441163

>Yeah Erykah's in that cult that thinks the black man is God
I thought she was a Muslim, what thing is this ?

No. 1441169

SZA's in the cult too? Details? I had no clue, but not surprised

No. 1441200

Maybe they're talking about rastafarianism? Its not a cult though

No. 1441223

>Since we are on the topic of kpop
No we aren't, go back to choachan

No. 1441252


The Five-Percent Nation, sometimes referred to as the Nation of Gods and Earths (NGE/NOGE) or the Five Percenters, is a Black nationalist movement influenced by Islam that was founded in 1964 in the Harlem section of the borough of Manhattan, New York City, by Allah the Father, who was previously known as Clarence 13X and, before that, Clarence Edward Smith.
Members of the group call themselves Allah's Five Percenters, which reflects the concept that ten percent of the people in the world are elites and their agents, who know the truth of existence and opt to keep eighty-five percent of the world in ignorance and under their controlling thumb; the remaining five percent are those who know the truth and are determined to enlighten the eighty-five percent.[2][3]

The Nation of Gods and Earths teaches the belief that Black people are the original people of the planet Earth and are therefore the fathers ("Gods") and mothers ("Earths") of civilization.[2] The Nation teaches that Supreme Mathematics and Supreme Alphabet, a set of principles created by Allah the Father, is the key to understanding humankind's relationship to the universe. The Nation teaches that the black man (Insofar as the Nation defines this race) is himself God, with the black race thus being a race of actual gods.

No. 1441268

The 5 percenters have a concept called The Supreme Alphabet. Her name is S for supreme, Z for zigzag, A for Allah. RZA and GZA from Wu Tang Clan.used this also. A lot of old school rappers follow this ideology, off the top of my head , Wu Tang , Rakim, Busta Rhymes, Nas, Jay Electronica, Queen Latifah.

No. 1441275

what's wrong with her tweet ?

No. 1441287

I didn't realize American Muslims were this well "retarded" for lack of a better terms, this is all against the biggest tenets of Islam, if you tried saying this to a Pashtun, Jatt or even 5'5 sindhi, they would beat you to death on the spot, cause they might be illiterate inbreds but they are warriors not wanna be street tough guys

No. 1441339

all americans are. that's what growing up without any sense of culture does to a mf i guess.

No. 1441392

I was just getting into Badu's music 5 years ago.
Why do so many black women defend abusive black scrotes? None of the women R Kelly hurt is going to be an offender because that's just not how women in when it comes to trauma. they dont externalize it the way men do into violence.

No. 1441410

Islam is shit regardless, so i dunno why anyone is shocked.

No. 1441552

Ever since the DeuxMoi book it's become a brand franchise like PLL and gone way downhill

No. 1441560

hi pakianon please leave our thread thanks

No. 1441578

It's someone's PR boomer who wrote it if not a fanfic. Dumb scrote, you're a jerk but you're totally misunderstood! Do you know what an oxymoron is?

I'm surprised deuxs face was leaked and she hasn't shown it. It's either one or two rich NYC girls, can't remember if one of them left or not

No. 1441581

File: 1670794302694.png (266.79 KB, 654x559, 86.png)

So Kris Wu might possibly be chemically castrated after serving his prison term(its part of Canadian law for serious sex offenders) I have seen before and after pics of men who were chemically castrated and they mostly end up looking like doughy and soft versions of themselves

No. 1441599

>Chemical castration, sometimes called medical castration, refers to the use of chemicals or drugs to stop sex hormone production
>chemical castration is associated with various side effects, including osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, and impaired glucose and lipid metabolism (11) Depression, hot flashes, and weight gain

No. 1441603

No. 1441610

So also what HRT does to trannies

No. 1441623

they are both Hormone blockers

No. 1441637

Are the drugs they have to take forever? Is it a violation if the sex offenders stop taking it? Is the process reversible?

No. 1441642

> chemically castrated after serving his prison term(its part of Canadian law for serious sex offenders)
I had no idea this happened!!!!! it sounds almost too historic to be true? I think men should be castrated after raping women

No. 1441647

onlyfans is a pyramid scheme and you only make money by inviting more and more girls to join using your code. you then take a % of their earnings as your own. don't respect OF girls, they aren't victims, they are pimps.

No. 1441683

Kris did not rape anyone. There is video evidence on chinese sites that his accuser was lying to get money from it. It's really shitty because he isnt a chinese national, the chinese government will use him as a rapist despite never sleeping with any of the woman accusing him. Just sucks. He should have stayed his ass in Canada because Chinese ccp can sadly do whatever they want to people.
Western sites keep pushing the narrative that he did assault women, but they have zero evidence and he still has upcoming court dates. the 13 year sentence is not actually set yet. I hate rapists like no one else… but i also dont like people being falsely accused by women. Lying about rape is still shitty for the women who do experience of the worst crimes in the world.(tinfoil)

No. 1441703

I agree it’s a scam but I thought they did away with the recruitment thing? Like you can’t invite people and take 10% of all their earnings anymore as far as I remember reading a while ago.
Of course when a moid does onlyfans it’s just all jokey and ironic teehee funny man hide penis. I wonder if any teenage girl fans will throw a fit over being scammed like moids do when they pay 50 bucks for a celebrity to tease and not show anything. Reminds me of when Bella Thorne made a lot of money by just having bikini pics and people on both sides got furious.

No. 1441719

shut the fuck up retard and with your conspiracy theory's, never thought i would find a kris defender on this site, but i guess all sorts of subhuman moid defenders exist here. He is a rapist, get over it. There is enough evidence for him to get locked up.

No. 1441729

lmao wufan go bye bye

No. 1441774

It’s very expensive to be a public figure

No. 1441800

there were multiple victims. you and the other meigenis have been obsessing over that one slightly untrustworthy girl because you're hoping to distract everyone from the fact your fave was raping teenage girls all over the place for years. he can't sing, can't dance, can't act, is ugly, and is now broke and his dick doesn't work. why are you still caping for this nonce? he really isn't worth it.

No. 1441907

honestly thought kris wu was gonna get the death sentence, cause that's also available in china for pedos/rapists and he's a celeb so they'd make an example out of him. reduced sentence due to snitching on the big wigs that were pedoraping with him maybe?

No. 1441919

death penalty is only if you get caught raping babies or something. china doesn't actually give a fuck about rape. marital rape isn't even a crime. plus he's a canadian citizen so he was always going to get treated with kid gloves.

No. 1441925

File: 1670805412310.jpg (70.24 KB, 487x680, kek.jpg)


No. 1441927

The audacity of males never ceases to amaze me

No. 1441933

omg nonbinary icon

No. 1441939

Wtf happened to him????? Is he taking titty skittles?

No. 1441941

this is funny when you think about the fact that he is singing a song about straight men cheating on their wifes with him.

Unholy….more like mcdonalds.

No. 1441945

the Lyrics……..

Mummy don't know daddy's getting hot
At the body shop, doing something unholy
He lucky, lucky, yeah (ooh)
He lucky, lucky, yeah (ye-yeah)
He lucky, lucky, yeah
He lucky, lucky, yeah

A lucky, lucky girl
She got married to a boy like you
She'd kick you out if she ever, ever knew
'Bout all the - you tell me that you do
Dirty, dirty boy
You know everyone is talking on the scene
I hear them whispering 'bout the places that you've been
And how you don't know how to keep your business clean

Mummy don't know daddy's getting hot
At the body shop, doing something unholy
He's sat back while she's dropping it, she be popping it
Yeah, she put it down slowly
Oh-ee-oh-ee-oh, he left his kids at
Ho-ee-oh-ee-ome, so he can get that
Mummy don't know daddy's getting hot
At the body shop, doing something unholy (woo)

Mmm, daddy, daddy, if you want it, drop the add'y (yuh)
Give me love, give me Fendi, my Balenciaga daddy
You gon' need to bag it up, 'cause I'm spending on Rodeo (woo)
You can watch me back it up, I'll be gone in the a.m
And he, he get me Prada, get me Miu Miu like Rihanna (ah)
He always call me 'cause I never cause no drama
And when you want it, baby, I know I got you covered
And when you need it, baby, just jump under the covers

Mummy don't know daddy's getting hot
At the body shop, doin' somethin' unholy
He's sat back while she's dropping it, she be popping it
Yeah, she put it down slowly
Oh-ee-oh-ee-oh, he left his kids at
Ho-ee-oh-ee-ome, so he can get that
Mummy don't know daddy's getting hot
At the body shop, doin' something unholy

No. 1441947

also before anyone says something i posted the lyrics because of how bad they are.

No. 1441949

Badu can be considered a hoteptress. Women like her live in a fantasy land where black men are sweet innocent angels and all problems in the community is the fault of black women being non-submissive and white men. It's basically a black ethnocentric variant of a tradthot. It's that and these particular variants of pickmes tend to over identify with their race and not enough with their gender. When they see someone like r.kelly, a man who commited a male crime a woman would 99.9999% never be convicted or accused of, they see themselves unfortunately. Badu is one of the examples of the worst case scenarios of these type of women. These women are ALWAYS single mothers despite the type of men they pander to hating single mothers and dragging them left and right

No. 1441958

why is men cheating so normalized and celebrated.

No. 1441962

Lmao, he was always built like this, he just had the decency to cover up. Hopefully this will be his last attempt at becoming a kweer icon.

No. 1441965

god i wish you estupidas and retardiñas would stop replying to pakichan
pakichan, hurry up and kill yourself already, you retarded fucking cp poster(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1441971

i havent seen her in this thread, did you mean to post this in another thread. Also it wasnt cp, she just posted a suggestive photo that was weird but it wasnt cp.

No. 1441972

Wrong thread sperg, also talking about pakichan is essentially the same as replying to her, it's still giving her attention either way.

No. 1441973

Because men celebrate their degeneracy as "natural" and project thier guilt on women. Perfect example is 4chan subhumans that celebrate awful shit men do as biologically /natural/ but screech and reee about how awful women are for being attracted to a tall man or something. God I hate men so much

No. 1441988

I was horrified and upset until I saw the last line

No. 1442025

File: 1670811307576.png (1.65 MB, 1586x910, Screen Shot 2022-12-11 at 6.14…)

jesus christ Gwen, why

No. 1442031

Ooof Ham Smith should have spent less time crying in his mansion during lockdown and more time jogging it's halls.
Scrote queer icons always just throwing on the most ill-fitting shit while also not grooming their unkempt bodies (I'm looking at you too Harry Styles).

No. 1442039

besides the obvious fillers, the make-up is so poorly done. like wtf is that contouring on her nose and those eyebrows? fire your MUA, gwen.

No. 1442082

I'm just a girl, what's my destiny?
What I've succumbed to is making me numb

so sad she fulfilled her own prophecy

No. 1442100

She's a very insecure woman which is unfortunate given her beauty and talent

No. 1442114

I know right, it makes no sense, she obviously takes care herself (ie not made herself haggard with excessive smoking and drinking and drugs) so she’d probably have looked amazing at any age with her natural face, this makes me so sad

No. 1442117

when did iggy azalea started doing hard drugs

No. 1442159

She said in an interview that she wakes up before her husband to do her make-up and completely re-does it during the day, so he never sees her without it. Fucking depressing.

No. 1442171

File: 1670820979948.png (327.68 KB, 630x331, 584554.png)

I'm not sure if this has been posted before but what happened to him? supposedly it's weightloss

No. 1442174

This is old milk but
>earlier this april after the kid's choice awards where he looked a mess and scared everybody Simon Cowell did an interview about removing his face fillers
>admitted he did botox, fillers, vitamin injections, letting an LA girl wrap him in cling film then tin foil after covering him in oils to detox him, also got a sheep placenta facial
It's no surprise he looks so jacked up he admitted he was falling for anything because of his vanity I think his face is just fatigued from it all

No. 1442215

I don’t care. That’s my girl

No. 1442217

We really have gotten so progressive with what we accept entertainment-wise in all aspects, not only is music shit and low quality but a look like this would have never made it to a stage even a decade ago lol

No. 1442256

Idk why anyone is shocked she took this turn. Her husband was drooling over anorexiana on the voice last season and she's always been an insecure pick me who molds herself into the ideal of whatever moid she's attached to at the moment. She's at a prime age and stage of life to feel insecure and triggered/threatened by some other unnaturally small Italian woman vocalist who just like loves Japan and has quirky tattoos and is just so smol and emotional and talented uwu

No. 1442323

why is it that these types of sites never get twitter campaigns against them?

No. 1442325

he's donating all the earnings to charity, or at least he says he will. he made videos saying that if his audience listens to his podcasts enough that they get massively boosted and if they tune in and pay to watch his mother's documentary, he would start the OF, which they did. i really think it was more about his mother's film than anything

No. 1442328

200 years of slavery requires astronomical levels of cope to move past. also islam was just an ethno narcissism cultural rebrand of judaism of it's time just like christianity

No. 1442343

I don't know, I just found it while trying to see what certain OF cows like Belle are up too, the thread has become such an incoherent mess I can't follow it anymore

No. 1442433

File: 1670842996729.png (209.36 KB, 399x399, 167083757224735462 (2).png)

I just updated that image! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

No. 1442443

File: 1670844449035.png (334.38 KB, 648x687, jkr.png)

she's really in her "if it's illegal then take me to court, let's see whose money runs out first" era, love that for her.

No. 1442446

Absolutely fucking based. Unbelievably based. She is unapologetic about this shit and I love her for it.

No. 1442447

damn she is based, i'm sure troons will attack it and it will only prove why the place is needed in the first place

No. 1442449

File: 1670845017525.gif (680.5 KB, 478x497, 167083757224735462 (1).gif)


No. 1442450

File: 1670845070793.png (412.96 KB, 757x746, 167083757224735462 (6).png)

No. 1442468

File: 1670847345090.gif (717.81 KB, 500x600, 1670737569069119.gif)


No. 1442476

File: 1670848359574.jpg (163.9 KB, 1125x1661, FjwzAEWXgAQMCd2.jpg)


No. 1442479

did he fuck the cheerios

No. 1442499

Shut the fuck up

No. 1442512

File: 1670851308129.jpg (72.59 KB, 680x634, Fjxwoa7XgAUre00.jpg)

topkek she's really covered all her bases. i hope a troon does try to shut it down anyway just because it will be very funny.

No. 1442518

she makes me proud to be a bong

No. 1442528

All the voices against are so bleak, it's not like she's closing down every other support center and banning troons from everywhere… but of course men cannot handle being excluded

No. 1442577

File: 1670855766742.gif (111.93 KB, 439x439, 167085523698160593.gif)

You're welcome, asshole.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1442593

Good for her!

No. 1442625

God bless JKR. What a strong woman.

No. 1442731

Next threadpic, please?

No. 1442751

File: 1670864494294.jpeg (697.03 KB, 828x974, 1C613868-F3A6-4E6F-BECD-249A95…)

No. 1442933

There's something so fucking funny about his face. He literally looks like that dog from talking tom

No. 1443049


No. 1443057

File: 1670872943318.png (475.98 KB, 512x512, unnamed (1).png)

I can't stop laughing nonnie

No. 1443062

File: 1670873200874.jpeg (70.63 KB, 310x682, B3E2D0A5-B04F-4B06-BB14-307EE4…)

Makes a lot of sense. I’ve tinfoiled that he has Asperger’s for a while now. Being obsessed with fashion and fabrics. How he keeps saying porn ruined his perception of sex and life as a whole. I get it does that for everyone, but in the sense that porn has been shown to be really terrible for autistic men’s minds.

No. 1443085

Queen shit only. Japan already has so many women only places. We need to do that what JK is doing. Keep men out.

No. 1443092

File: 1670874060415.jpg (31.6 KB, 655x435, pillowface.jpg)

She looks like cheryl from riverdale. wtffff

No. 1443108

Oh you don't have to hope, they will try. Get your popcorn

No. 1443224

Aw, I love her so much. I legit wanted to donate as soon as I read about it, but I understand why it's not set up that way. God bless her so fucking much, she's a real one.

No. 1443347

I'm worried because I feel like JK and any women who try to seek help with her service will be in danger. Remember all the rape and death threats terf or just normal women get online? She's actually creating a service for real women only and they won't be able to take it. I hope her locations are always secret and there's security around the place. Wouldn't be surprised if there was stalking, break-ins and even arson. Autogynephiles and men in general are monsters. Sorry for the doom posting or whatever, but I'm worried.

No. 1443390

Now I have this stupid song stuck in my head, thanks

No. 1443563

She has so much money she'd probably have security around her and possibility even her family as a given anyway.

No. 1443586

Anyone lost respect for Chapelle after he's been touring with Musk?

No. 1443589

why tf would you even have any respect for chapelle before this

No. 1443606

Because he makes jokes? It's not that serious.

No. 1443608

true, this site has been going down the shitter more and more recently because of the lack of gatekeeping.

No. 1443645

File: 1670904838270.jpg (279.09 KB, 1440x1093, Fj0do4ZXwAgq9sf.jpg)

Gross (Bo Burnham, Matty Healy of the 1975, Phoebe Bridgers). Thought Feebs was engaged but she's probably in a poly thing or whatever.

No. 1443653

This picture is the definition of insufferable.

No. 1443655

i had to double take and zoom in before i realized that’s actual bo burnham. god, the pandemic was the worst thing to happen to men appearance-wise. he looks like a meth addict you’d find in St. Louis.

No. 1443671

His latest album flopped and now he is desperate, pathetic. That means he will probably full on post dick and balls next time.

No. 1443673

File: 1670907961773.jpg (463.48 KB, 2000x1333, patti-labelle-comp.jpg)

Not sure if anyone's interested, but Patti LaBelle got escorted off stage at her concert a few nights ago in Milwaukee, WI from a bomb threat. Feel kinda sad that someone would ruin a show of a talented older woman who probably won't be able to tour for that many more years (she's 78).


No. 1443677

Her of all people? Why can't she sing and peddle her freezer food in peace? smh.

No. 1443715

File: 1670912063954.jpg (182.38 KB, 720x1211, Screenshot_20221213-080646_Chr…)

No. 1443720

They both kiss like it's their first time

No. 1443726

File: 1670913263975.png (377.76 KB, 586x675, Screenshot 2022-12-13 012830.p…)

Rap is one of the milkiest genres of music of all time, i swear to god. I had to unfollow places like the shaderoom and other similar places because it's overwhelming. Another entertaining cow highlight of his is when he accused one of his baby mothers of having herpes to be spiteful and all his brainlet moid fans turned on him and said she probably caught it from him.

No. 1443733

i absolutely loved the entire saga of lil uzi vert getting a diamond implanted into his forehead. i wish more celebrities are as outrageously stupid as rappers.

No. 1443747

The 1975 are shit but Matty Healy is moderately entertaining. Phoebe Bridgers in an insufferable psychotic handmaiden who loves huffing tranny “girl dick” for woke points, I hate her so fucking much

No. 1443784

You're welcome! You ungrateful twat!

No. 1443791

File: 1670921054745.jpg (1.55 MB, 1920x1920, 1670737821840036.jpg)

Tranny's are some of the most mentally ill abusive fucktards I've ever had the displeasure of brushing shoulders with through coasting along the shores of life! Bless JK Rowling!

No. 1443794

File: 1670921370981.png (270.76 KB, 500x603, when-a-tranny-gets-expensive-s…)

Oh and I always feel better when I remember the 40%! Whew!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1444032

Some weeks ago I was wondering what he was up to after deleting his Twitter because he spent too much time on there, whining about being oppressed as an atheist, and the first thing I saw on his new account was him calling a woman a bitch for criticizing him and a few tweets before screeching about “fuck the patriarchy” and hitting on his young female fans, telling them he would bang them
Some call it entertaining, some call it a fucking idiot who should not own any social media accounts

No. 1444132

But that's a pic of 21savage…

No. 1444163

File: 1670951201331.jpeg (504.81 KB, 750x1056, 3B81A067-D3E1-4599-A1A9-B730BB…)

All these celebrities following a trend even though it is known that buccal fat removal does not age well and will make you look gaunt and sick in a couple years. IMO it doesn’t even look good right after you get it. must be exhausting to have to get surgery and anesthesia every year for .. yeah actually for no reason at all

No. 1444166

File: 1670951485340.jpeg (270.31 KB, 1080x1330, 3F8B8AF4-7222-400C-A46F-B980EF…)

Genuinely thought this was a troll shoop but i reverse image searched it and it’s real.
There are some nonas here living in areas with rich ppl, have any of you ever seen someone with those procedures in real life? It must look even weirder

No. 1444168

This looks like one of those edits to be a chad meme

No. 1444169

She's in her Roblox era.

No. 1444176

idk she has always had a square face and it just looks like age or weight loss instead of buccal fat removal.
I think her having lip fillers is more obvious.

No. 1444178

looks like her head is caving in at the sides

No. 1444212


No. 1444213

File: 1670954850966.jpg (85.36 KB, 960x960, 946.jpg)

No. 1444215

Feeling sad and a little frightened right now nonnies

No. 1444216

File: 1670955027206.webm (3.02 MB, 320x568, z0ulkri2SgFW-I57.webm)

Meg arrives at court
> Scrote- Meg why you lying on that boring?
>scrote 2- is it a truth or a lie
>scrote 1- you look good in that purple.
The way the black community has treated mts is disgusting. And before you start, I am black and she's being targeted exclusively by black men and women.Its fucking sick

No. 1444218

*that boy not boring my bad

No. 1444219

it is a nice colour though

No. 1444222

File: 1670955733442.jpeg (89.23 KB, 1000x750, 61D84F1E-10DC-4715-ABF0-1A7013…)

She trying to look like Idina Menzel? Didn’t she play her mom on Glee?

No. 1444223

i get it she was a cunt but the way people are dogpiling on her is so nasty and honestly they wouldnt do that to a male celebrity.

I remember someone making up a rumor that she cant read and now everyone believe she is illiterate.

No. 1444224

File: 1670955856394.png (22.27 KB, 644x169, tory.PNG)

She does look gorgeous there.
Btw, Tory Lanez brought his son with him for whatever fucking reason. I do wonder if Kylie Jenner will eventually be called as witness.

No. 1444227

Didn’t they though? With Zac Efron?

No. 1444228

You are completely correct nonna. Meg is a perfect example of how much black men will shit on black women and throw them under the bus at any opportunity. They do this every fucking time and still expect black women to look at them like kings and perfect innocent victims of society. Nah. Fuck off. She has been through so much already and lost her mum not too long ago, and people will still defend this violent abusive rat, it makes me so mad.
And for the black women who are disrespecting her, they're not immune to this sort of abuse either, they're just last in line and they're coping thinking they won't experience the same shit when it inevitably comes for them. I'm not surprised about the male side of this shit, but it's disappointing seeing women unable to even form any sort of community and solidarity over this sort of thing.
I hope this scrote goes down btw. Let's see how tough he is when he lands his neanderthal ass in prison - which is hopefully very soon.

No. 1444238

There's a while thread on LSA about her being alleged to sleep with two scrotes that full of fonts flat out calling her a hoe and some justifying why she was shot or how this could be used against her. It's really fucking bothering me

No. 1444240

Imagine a 23yo famous woman was publicly known to have been with 9 moids (having that many kids wouldn't even really be possible), everybody would tear her apart for being the biggest slut ever.

No. 1444244

Also even when he's found guilty they won't believe it. They'll day it was a cover up by roc nation or trying to get the black man down or some shit. I've never seen anything like this, I wasn't online when Chris Brown beat Rihanna but I imagine it was the same. As well as the years it took for people to finally get r kelly

No. 1444247

Baby shaming is only for women don't you know? They are all baby mommas and stupid. When Keke Planer announced her pregnancy all kinds of think pieces about how it made us look bad as black women she was unwed, but NBA young boy herpes and all, is loved despite being a serial baby daddy because his music.

No. 1444273

Black women are always at the very bottom of the totem pole, so I really really hate black pickmes. Like, especially the ones on LSA and Twitter who shameless defend the moids that would sooner beat her ass and sell her as a sex slave before defending her honor. Honestly they're fuckin retarded and it takes a lot for me as a fellow women to not say "shut up and get your stupid ass back in the kitchen".

All they do is drag the rest of us down and excuse the violent thugs we're forced to address as men for mistreating us. And they do it loudly too.

No. 1444280

Kylie’s defense lawyer basically said Meg sleeps with everyone and that Kylie kicked them out from the car/party. Highly doubt it though since the kardashians are trash.

No. 1444287

moids like this deserve death but why the fuck are these women indulging him? NINE of them?? they're as braindead as him. giving birth to a human being just to satisfy his kink/powertrip.

No. 1444312

File: 1670960563914.jpeg (729.37 KB, 960x945, F864579B-CF36-497E-941F-24F580…)

Following up with the milk. Sorry for not providing. It’s so stupid and so irrelevant to the case. Did he shoot her or not?? Also why is this nobody telling the masses what was said in a courtroom?

No. 1444327

File: 1670961213225.webm (12.96 MB, 1080x1080, 868416165555.webm)


No. 1444330

File: 1670961258902.png (15.14 KB, 599x115, Screenshot 2022-12-13 145111.p…)

No. 1444335

Jesus fucking christ she looks terrible.

No. 1444340

You are right, it pisses me off when anons keep trying to dismiss this acting like black men would ever gang up on a non-black women in such an extreme kind of way. No they fucking would not, even though they hate all women, they will always hate black women the most for not being the perfect submissive warrior slaves for them and they resent us for not being white and they resent being tied to the "worlds most ugliest women" because of their shared inferiority complex. As a black woman I will never hate a group of moids more than them and I pray for their demise.

No. 1444365

look at how some people talk about underaged girls, I cannot tell you the amount of times I've seen people address underaged being groomed by adult men as, "She is fast" or "She's been fucking since she was 15". Like it doesn't even compute to them that it's a CHILD and a man. She's not a child, she's just grown and fast.
The shame is ALWAYS on the woman. The way black women/girls are treated by our own community and by people in our community is sick. You are seeing this with MTS. People calling her a hoe, a man, "drake" picking at her. Tory Lanez being a violent asshole (just like chris brown) but still having more support online then any woman. To this day people still are asusming something else happened with chris brown and rihanna, running with stories that "She hit him first" or something.

No. 1444378

I wonder if it's because they feel the need to protect the culture/community more than say, white people do with their communities and I guess it's because white people generally don't have a strong sense of community like that. Conveniently enough that sense of community only appears when it comes to licking the boots of the males. Black women are never given the same second chances, fairness, empathy or kindness in comparison. The moids took the victim narrative and ran with it so now every time a black woman speaks out about her abuse (like the girls with R Kelly) people want to cry that it's racist, that they're trying to bring him down bc he's black etc. It's really fucking wild - I noticed this a lot when people attacked Cardi B for months for saying she robbed men in a strip club (and those perverts deserved it kek) meanwhile they were conveniently silent about all the black male rappers they were listening to who had a novel's worth of rape, assault, robbery and murder charges. When XXXTentacion died he was viewed as a literal hero by the same people that knew he had tried to sexually assault and harm his girlfriend with a kitchen utensil.

In general it seems like black women are just fair game to be constantly criticised and shit on by everyone while the males are allowed to do anything they fucking like and you can't say shit about it because they're put on such a high pedestal they don't even deserve. It's black women who need to be on that pedestal for enduring this shit for so long, and pickme's are just preventing them from getting the respect they deserve.

No. 1444383

i still don’t believe that they aren’t related

No. 1444384

I live in NYC and regularly see people all over Manhattan with these types of surgeries. Most of them look really, really botched IRL and it’s genuinely depressing to see. I’m typing this from a salon right now, and even the woman sitting behind me has overinflated lips due to too much filler. It’s an epidemic.

No. 1444387

This man is so goddamn ugly! Kill it with fire!

No. 1444393

they’re referring to the fact she’s basically been ostracized due to apparently being a bitch but male celebrities who are known for being assholes haven’t gotten nearly as much flack as she has. zac efron has gotten shit for looking goofy as hell and after he claimed it was bc he broke his jaw, it was suddenly mean to continue to roast him. it’s not the same.

No. 1444398

I can't imagine having such a twisted grasp on reality that I'd think having unnaturally hollow cheeks and looking like a skeleton in drag is an attractive look.
Like, what the hell? Does this kind of surgery not look uncanny to most people? Men jack off to this? I'm feeling a motherly urge to feed her bc she looks so emaciated and I'm not even motherly in general

No. 1444530

I'm tired of it. what did she do? why do so many women cape for abusive moids like lanez and chris brown. nobody would even know who tory was if not for meg dating him. irrelevant fucking leprechaun

No. 1444591

Idina Menzel drag impersonator

No. 1444655

Maybe she thinks LARPing as Idina will get her more gigs lol.

No. 1444723

if not for meg dating him and him outing drake as a deadbeat baby daddy. so literally his claim to fame will always be what he's done in relation to other people.

No. 1444996

I have the worst buccal fat and it makes me ugly kek but this completely turned me off from buccal fat removal. I'll embrace my natural self.
I wonder how much she hates it.

No. 1445186

Little Uzi is the faggiest moid in hip-hop, I too enjoyed his retarded diamond forehead arc. He's got such insufferable bpdfag energy I'm honestly waiting on a Chris Brown saga.

No. 1445213

Interesting, all these surgeries usually only look good in certain angles on pictures with a bit of editing but even in selfies they look horrible now. NYC must be especially bad since most of them are influencer type people
Good for you, nonnie! In a few years, they will have to get a fat graft to compensate for further volume loss due to aging and skin sagging, fat grafts can cause skin sagging too so that will require a face lift and so on. They literally are life long patients because all those procedures require “fixing” within a couple of years

No. 1445249

File: 1671020616205.png (3.05 MB, 2236x1178, allm.png)

Yes, here in Tokyo they call it the All-Might surgery. Pic related.

No. 1445250


Is this the woman that got shot and she was butt naked in the middle of a parking lot? Did anyone ever asked her WHY was she even naked? She was probably getting gangbanged by those rappers in the car. Act like a hoe, be treated like a hoe.

I thought that this type of chin was a side effect of bulimia?

No. 1445253

Getting shot in the feet is not a fair treatment for fucking too much wtf, is this bait or are you just retarded?

No. 1445254

Mentally ill moid

No. 1445258

No I wasn’t talking about the getting shot part, I was talking about what the anon wrote in the post I replied to.

So a woman can’t call another woman a hoe? Gtfo

No. 1445259

So she deserves to be berated and accused of lying about being shot just because she fucks too much? Dumb argument

No. 1445262

So, if she was "acting like a hoe", the worthless soon-to-be prison bitch who shot her should be defended by others in her community? Incel moment.

No. 1445288

She wasn't even "butt naked". Why are you making shit up?

No. 1445323

you make no sense. how does "acting like a hoe" or "getting gangbanged" equal being shot? are having sex and getting shot somehow linked in your brain?

No. 1445531

Nonna, please don't engage with (c)rap-chan, she's like a pigeon in the park you're not supposed to feed her

No. 1445599

File: 1671036939625.png (69.54 KB, 748x635, lol.png)

kek i hope he gets dogpiled and kills himself

No. 1445605

Fuck off. When was Megan even naked in a parking lot? There's a video of her after getting shot and she's clothed.

No. 1445606

File: 1671037168997.jpg (57.6 KB, 533x359, Screenshot_20221214-115004_Chr…)

She wasn't in a parking lot, I fact she was at a pool party with Kylie Jenner. She left that pool party even though the scrote she was with Torey didnt want her to leave. They got into drama and he shot at her.
She literally said in court yesterday she wished he would have KILLED her because of all the bullying and bullshit she's dealt with from the rap community. Also what's funny is MTS wasn't even planning on telling on Torey. He kept planting stories and lying so she did tell.
She didn't want to snotch on him because the retarded, "don't talk to the cops " shit that 100% benefits criminal scrotes and harms neighborhoods. So even though she did try to save his ass he treated her like dirt.

No. 1445608

She was In a bikini or thong like she says, because she was at a pool party thing at Kylies.

No. 1445618

i can't believe paki-chan is siding with degenerate black moids like tory lanez over a black woman… like why can't you direct your weird racial vendetta at the men and leave meg alone?

No. 1445626

Well, swimsuit probably does mean naked to (c)rap-chan, but either way she was still in a residential area and the only rapper in the car was her.

No. 1445661

I completely understand her angle of not wanting to report based on misogyny and racism by cops. But I also hate how she tried to be sympathetic to him and he threw her under the bus. The amount of hatred she's received is so unprecedented for this when she's tried to walk away from it. She still has fucking bullet fragments in her foot

Lanez's unconvincing lawyer (he's somehow even worse than Johnny Depp's lawyers) are the ones using the slut shaming arguments against Meg. Why would you trust a word he said? And like another anon said, she was wearing a swimsuit after being at Kylie's pool party. Her sex life has nothing to do with being abused and shot by the Canadian hobbit. You have serious brain damage

I hope he is deported and ends up rotting in a Canadian jail cell very soon

No. 1445712

Black scrotes and pickmes pretty much demand hypersexuality from black women, only to use that same sexual image to attack them later on.

No. 1445755

>Chloe Bailey starts getting attention once she starts acting more sexual
>people notice her shape and sexualize her constantly
>"Drake" follows her
> she leans into hypersexuality
>the same people who only started paying attention to her be because everything above -
Its almost like once people started talking about her body and her being sexy, she clearly thought that was what people wanted to see.
Now everyone hates watches her, ignore all her performances pe.anything else she does while claiming all she does is sell sex and call her a prostitute.

No. 1445765

he looks like a dirty loser that you see in a club at 3am doing poor mans cocaine. His big fat man face and hammy arms remind me of a faggier james cordon kek. I can't understand why he's famous, his music is so bad and now he's doing this cringe shit.

gutting. She was so beautiful and still would be if she'd let herself age naturally. She looks like Donatella Versace.

I've seen this exact same scene at a wokey house party in central manchester

kek absolute queen. All the trannies and handmaidens/scrotes that support them just expose their own shallowness when they try and come for her

No. 1445772

File: 1671044052966.jpeg (223.82 KB, 1080x1350, 94618AE9-B442-4DA7-B57C-C1EFA5…)

outside of her music image is meg even that hypersexual? i guess it's hard for some people to believe that prior to becoming a rapper she was a uni student. and she even graduated after becoming famous and wants to open a hospital for the elderly one day. she is much more than just a sexualized public image

her asking "why did I give my body to someone who would shoot me" makes me want to cry, I hope she knows she deserves better and doesn't date another piece of shit scrote like him.

No. 1445778

Tbf when you promote yourself as the hypersexual female rapper who makes mostly hypersexual music that is how you are seen, small brains don't think, "there's more to.mts" nope. They go,"she's a slutty slut slut".
We are just getting dumber because despite me disliking everything about the cookie cutter hypersexual black female artists, I think very few are just that with no substance. It's funny how Saweetie is hypersexual, not a great rapper but people use her being educated to say, "see? She could be different/she's so different! Why does she do this hypersexual act?" Saweetie is biracial.
Megan is also educated but those same people will box her as simply being a hot girl 24/7, stupid and a slut.

No. 1445784

It's because Megan is fully black and doesn't have family connections to back her up. People hate to see a black woman come up and be in control of her sexuality, much more than they hate it when white/Asian/latinas/biracials do it. We're just supposed to stay at the bottom of the totem pole and take EVERYONE'S shit.

Megan is the closest to the "hot girl, fuck scrotes get money" mentality they all push so ofc they're going to come down on her the most. Don't want any regular degular black woman who was just supposed to be an abused BM and "welfare queen" get ideas of independence afterall. Society would truly collapse. Someone has to be at the bottom of the totem pole and for now it's black women.

No. 1445816

File: 1671045358529.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1092x1613, AC83CEFF-6E8A-4B53-A482-33D166…)

Ellen DeGeneres’ dj who danced a lot with the audience committed sudoku today.

No. 1445819

God I was hoping this said she did so bad

No. 1445968

This. It’s something I often find difficult to vocalize even when I can clearly observe how society demonizes black women around me versus the leeway given to anyone with lighter colored skin, especially those who can speak native sounding English.

No. 1445988

Don’t forget the nuances between Black British celebrities/people ig compared to how they were taught to perceive other descendants of those who were enslaved in the US. On top of general colorism in Hollywood/media/everywhere deeply ingrained that most really don’t want to bother to picking it apart.

Hollywood and human dynamics will be a doozy to study from a cultural and political/anthropological aspect like 1000 years from now. I envy those future oxygen deprived kids.

No. 1446133

This is really sad. He always seemed so happy.

No. 1446135

What the fuuuuck, anyone have any ideas what lead to this?

No. 1446151

File: 1671059673512.png (139.7 KB, 381x247, 167105956813019536.png)

>poor mans cocaine

H'what's that?

Crushed up nodoz for snorting?!

No. 1446156

File: 1671059966289.png (92.66 KB, 820x635, 47486784754.png)

kek this is kinda based i can't lie, though why on earth were multiple people risking hypothermia to see the ugly and untalented one from 1d? i'd risk hypothermia to avoid seeing him.

No. 1446157

File: 1671059980077.gif (1007.38 KB, 300x186, this-joker.gif)

No. 1446158

No. 1446159

Idk who that is but that's fucked up.

No. 1446169

it's not fucked up at all. if you get to a show 5 days early and block the street with your tent and shit on the floor and make the actual people who live nearby's lives hell with your squatting, then you deserve to be let in last for being a weirdo. the venue said not to come until 8:30am at the earliest. anyone who broke that rule was given a wristband to signify they were troublemakers, and the people on the doors were told not to let the wristband people in until just before the show started. if they'd followed the venue's rules then they could've been first in line at 8:30.

No. 1446172

File: 1671060699487.gif (1.35 MB, 300x224, kill-it-with-fire-kill.gif)

I still don't know who/what about it all. Horrible. Gif related by your description should happen to the singer-band-crew-staff&fans!

No. 1446177

tbh…. good, if they really did show up that early theyre retarded

No. 1446178

and for the ugliest member of the ugliest boy band ever… retarded through and through

No. 1446239

can't believe that you guys still think megan was actually shot… when she was literally on her feet with a fake ass wrapping bandage from cvs on only one foot- weird, cause she said she was shot in both feet - walking around just fine in a strip club after one fucking month! an actual bullet wound to the foot/feet could never heal like that unless megan is actually wolverine and has mutant healing, which is also funny because the hospital that she was driven to "lost" the bullet that was in her foot/feet

No. 1446251

I'm behind her even if she's lying idgaf. Hope he rots in prison.

No. 1446286

She had bullet fragments in her foot, not a full bullet. Tory shot at her feet and it was also found that he had a warm gun and gun powder on him, and Megan's friend texted someone that he had shot her. Not to mention the video of her limping right after the incident.

No. 1446297

listen nonnie, i cant stand that corny canadian midget bitch myself either, quite frankly, but megan is a whole cornball herself for attaching herself to him in the first place!! i hate when you guys defend her big wannabe regina george ass, she straight up threatend to leak kelsey, one of the other people in the car, nudes/sex tape because she was originally silent on the case/not defending her which was due to a fucking gag order! she, kelsey, literally can't talk directly about the case while it's on trial! megan even had the rest of friends/posse threatening her, but, strange enough, not torey!

No. 1446302

Let the violent midget scrote go to prison or deport him or whatever. I hope Meg wins. I don't give a fuck about this pathetic smear campaign he and his pickme/incel army are cooking up, I hope the scrote rots!

No. 1446310

listen, even if they were bullet fragments, which coincendentally the hospital cannot find, her foot wouldn't have healed in a fucking month. have some common fucking sense, that shit is literally impossible

No. 1446317

So your reasoning for why Megan is a liar is because she was at one point friends with Tory. Ok.

No. 1446321

no, it's because her "bullet wound" healed in month, which i literally wrote in my original post, learn2read!!

No. 1446331

girl, megan theee stallion is a whole pickme herself, her ass worked with and was defending dababy after he beat the shit out of a woman in a club! she even called him her baby! all that shit was cool with her until he turned around and called her fucking ugly. now that she has that egg on her face, she pretends like none that shit happened and she doesn't know him kek

No. 1446333

Thats not ehat happened
>Da Baby slaps woman
>MTS doesn't care
>Da Baby works with Torey/brings him out on stage during a concert she was also preforming at to further mock her
>MTS stops talking to him
Was MTS a pick me? Yes. Does she deserve to get shot? No. Torey not once denied a shooting happened. Just try to shift blame or question if MTS even knew who did it.
MTS being a pick me but also someone who has no family. Grandma and mom both passed away, who came into fame with a drinking issue and a issue with latching onto whoever showed her attention. Again, none of that means she should be shot at qnd hopefully through out all of this she learns that scrotes suck and don't ignore violence or fucked up behavior

No. 1446334

Also be aware nonnies there's a whole campaign almost of people wanting to discredit Megan and what she went through. They do not care about Kelsey, they do not care what happened. Only making MTS look bad and taking as kuch heat as they can off of the scrote involved. They will bring up outside shit and the focus will always be on what MTS is doing wrong, how she's really the crazy one. We shouldn't believe she was actually shot. All of it is to take the heat off the scrote involved and shit on MTS. Everytime we talk about this someone comes denying MTS was shot.

No. 1446337

listen I’m all for supporting women but we all know meghan is lying kek

No. 1446339

Go back to the shaderoom comments section i beg you.

No. 1446350

i never said that she deserved to get shot, you illiterate retard, i implied that she was never shot in the first place because she was standing, walking, twerking etc just fine only after a month when an actual bullet wound to the foot/feet requires, minimum, a year before you start walking fine
>someone who has no family who came into fame with a drinking issue and a issue with latching onto whoever showed her attention
goddd the fucking pity latching megan and her fans fucking do isn't raising her sales or making her gain more fans, it just makes her look pathetic!!

No. 1446352

so you agree, megan is actually wolverine and has superhuman healing

No. 1446360

tbh so many moids get away with rape, murder, abuse, etc that i literally cannot bring myself to care if one of them is falsely accused of something. even if meg is lying she's just balancing the scales a little. we've had millennia of men being violent scumbags with no recourse. let that midget moid suffer.

No. 1446361

Go back.

No. 1446371

I concur. I believe her even if there's a chance she could be lying, cause honestly? I want him to suffer no matter what. A clout chasing, ugly midget with anger issues only came up because beautiful women take pity on ugly men and moids flocked to him when it's possible he had brutally harmed said black woman.

No. 1446378

kek love this mentality, alas megan is still pickme supreme with not so good music, so i cannot defend her

No. 1446389

who cares, sperg. Male rappers are violent retards that breed like rabbits. I hope he rots in prison for being a goof.

No. 1446405

File: 1671071790905.gif (6.58 MB, 540x300, tellmeabouthisdickandballs.gif)

oh LAME. I'm with >>1440883 on this one

No. 1446412

File: 1671072371667.gif (1.64 MB, 500x271, sex-and-the-city-charlotte-poo…)

My stance is that I am reacting like it's gore/computer-virus/CP/Porn/ect and am not clicking. Idk who that person is and I most def don't want to see his cock 'n balls.

No. 1446414

I'm right where i need to be retard.

No. 1446416

What is that in your gif

No. 1446422

That's how i feel tbh. I know her winning will probably make other women feel confident about standing up to rap scrotes. But so far most of the arguments against her is just people calling me a pickme whore… which is kind of true, but it doesn't dispute her getting shot in any kind of way. Tory Lanes is a revolting balding manlet, i don't care of he shot her or not, i want his life ruined. Besides, it's only a matter of time before he tries to hurt another woman anyways.

No. 1446423

it's a young Mike Shannon in the crazy movie Cecil B. Demented, kek. He asks Melanie Griffith's character if she's ever had sex with Mel Gibson and everyone ignores him, and later he turns around and yells "Tell me about Mel Gibson's dick and balls!"

No. 1446429

You won't kek

No. 1446432

File: 1671072792162.jpg (100.98 KB, 630x1200, MV5BOWE2YzQ4MDMtZmQ5Yi00YjU5LT…)

>Cecil B. Demented
Thnx M8!

No. 1446444

File: 1671073083342.png (52.28 KB, 408x406, 167105956813019536 (2).png)

No. 1446449

File: 1671073238163.jpg (69.09 KB, 736x736, 1670999165212638.jpg)


No. 1446454

>people calling me

No. 1446481

File: 1671074600849.jpg (40.59 KB, 564x537, 1670991410378144.jpg)

Shhh probs an accident.

No. 1446485

Ntayrt but no hunty you’re not. If shaderoom(especially.. lmao wtf, >>1443726 the only reason you got replies was because it was about a hypocritical man, twitter, or lsa is a recurring thought in your mind you need to gtfo. Try n say it’s some racist shit but no. We’re gatekeeping and I’m bringing it back fuck all you newfags, you’re the issue. Integrate. My point being shaderoom hadn’t been brought up ever since you newbies cam in. Get with the culture. I used to read blossip 7yrs ago you think I’d ever bring that up? No. This isn’t for any who in that type of scene, they have to be extremely famous. The video of the week rapper on worldstar isn’t the user base for this besides the few of you trying to make it happen and the regulars who hate you. And I’m sorry to the anon I tagged 1st because idk if you’re really with it and making a joke of my second tag or a retard that got a quick quip in at an impeccable moment but I had to bounce off it.
You’re either a man or the worst type of female

No. 1446492

>man of the worst
Google alerts were a mistake.

No. 1446498

It was a typo relax.

No. 1446510


Many times yes ^
It’s good praxis to always be on women’s sides even low key when mainstream crucifies her (ie Amber Heard/Azealia/Julia fox) no matter how obnoxious sometimes as long as they don’t actively cape for pedophiles/rapists. It’s the female version of male bare minimum but I won’t be alive to see the day I’m believing a man over a woman, especially in assault cases. If a woman is desperate enough to lie about it to destroy some terrible dude’s life, I look the other way. Men already do that with their peers. Im as smart as my mother but not as kind.

No. 1446535

Nta but calm down sperg. You don't even know if they made that post, half of your post doesn't even make a lick of sense, and you sound way more unintegrated and new than that anon.

No. 1446543

It’s to both posters, obviously.

No. 1446545

It’s mainly just siding with women even when other women are socialized to doubt women, especially in assault cases perpetrated by men.
It just sounds confusing but it’s a lot to unpack and an issue referential to the MTS case since there are two sides here on the case - those who want to discredit Megan believing she lied and just because she lied means everything she’s stated is invalid and those who want to be on her side because she is a woman, and also for many things already stated there.

Which part confused you, nonno?

No. 1446546

He made his account private because the terven absolutely eviscerated him. I love how all the trannies and handmaidens are losing their shit over this, I’ve never read or watched Harry Potter but JKR is incredibly based. And as much as I loathe Elon Musk I love that he has made twitter a place where moids in dresses can be criticised with no “muh hate speech” shield

No. 1446549

Stop fucking avatarfagging with boomer twitter gifs and typing like a complete retard you absolute cringe factory

No. 1446555

That is not what the post that I replied to said.

No. 1446567

Is there anything else you needed to be explained about, Nono?

No. 1446569

idc what scrote woke Twitter thinks, a win is a win. As much as I hate England, everyone knows JKR did nothing wrong. I can’t wait to support this as much as I can

No. 1446582

Unfortunately a lot of the big media outlets are pandering to the degenerates and woketards. It’s an absolute joke, imagine thinking that a woman who opened a non-taxpayer funded female-only service is an evil Bond villain who is only motivated by spite and saying that you think that with your whole fucking chest. Because that’s what a lot of the liberals are doing. People are even trying to use the most retarded false equivalencies like saying that a female-only shelter is the same as a white-only orphanage. Fucking insanity.

No. 1446624

Gender ideology and critical race theory are cancers of modern society and need to be purged.I can't wait until this collective insanity dies out.

No. 1446731

Funny of you to assume big media are people, the biggest push for dehumanization. Big media wants transhumanism

No. 1446739

This isn’t the tinfoil thread, anon

No. 1446740

super fucked up that Megan's bodycount is being introduced when she was shot

No. 1446758

File: 1671106327294.jpeg (179.17 KB, 864x1159, 78B80A08-1724-44B7-809C-A7CEE6…)

I fucking hate men

No. 1446761

Stop avatarfagging, especially those degenerate memes, are you a 14 year old boy?

No. 1446762

>Don't want any regular degular black woman who was just supposed to be an abused BM and "welfare queen" get ideas of independence afterall. Society would truly collapse. Someone has to be at the bottom of the totem pole and for now it's black women.
You're right, it's exactly that. I remember people bashing Megan at first and saying she's privileged for having lighter skin because she called herself a "redbone" on literally one song. At the exact same time, though, they were insisting that she "doesn't count" as "redbone" because her skin color is "in the middle". She's never done or said a single cruel thing to dark-skinned black women to justify all the hate, but them also saying she "doesn't count" exposed that they were just angry because they wanted her to "know her place" as a woman with two black parents.
For her own sake, I almost wish she ran with calling herself "redbone" and/or pushed herself as mixed/Creole like Beyonce, because fuck all those hypocriical people. For all the fake racial pride they push, black scrotes would treat her so much better if they believed she had "other" in her, and the pickmes of Twitter and LSA would've been jealous, but still stanned.

No. 1446765

They’ve been doing it all over /pt/ too, as per usual the mods are MIA when it comes to correctly enforcing the rules rather than banning farmers for no reason

No. 1446770

even when theyre not avatarfagging they have a very distinct typing style and im pretty sure theyre a moid

No. 1446772

File: 1671107069865.png (562.41 KB, 706x842, bw_.png)

>which coincendentally the hospital cannot find
You're literally just lying now lol. By the way, a gunshot wound can take 10 days to heal.

No. 1446823

No. 1447062

ooo sure took a long time for the hospital to find it huhhh. this case has been going on for three years and they finally found it woo
>By the way, a gunshot wound can take 10 days to heal
and, again, you still wont be able to fucking walk on it for at least a year, retard. you guys have never had any foot injuries and it shows. I, myself, fucked up my foot by somehow walking the wrong way and had to be off my foot for 2 weeks

No. 1447070

shut the fuck up, scrote. Every time there's a big story against a woman there's always a scrote coming in here saying they lied and rubbing it in our faces. They typically share the story first. Just shut the fuck up.

No. 1447071

We've been over this, faggot. We do not care if she's lying.

No. 1447072

Samefag, but she's not lying is the thing.

No. 1447073

Where is your evidence that they JUST found it, moron?
>and, again, you still wont be able to fucking walk on it for at least a year, retard. you guys have never had any foot injuries and it shows. I, myself, fucked up my foot by somehow walking the wrong way and had to be off my foot for 2 weeks
You are an obese, uncoordinated man getting paid $0.04 (if that) to insult famous women online for a rap scrote. She is a wealthy young dancer/performer with greater access to help for her work.

No. 1447133

Name me a single case of someone who got shot in the foot and needed to not walk for a year and I'll send $50 to any organization of your choice

No. 1447152

File: 1671128827322.jpg (194.46 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20221215-132111.jpg)

you lazy, illiterate, projecting lsa girls living vicariously through this big, lying bitch are honestly so pathetic. keep telling yourself that im a just some scrote or some pickme bitch getting paid to spread shit about her on this nobody ass slow ass chan board and she will still be a whole liar committing perjury!
>reee you are fat man being paid to spread rumors reeeeee
ok samefag whose never had a foot injury, has never known anyone who has actually been shot by gun, and most definitely has never professionally danced or been in active sports in her life kek. literally projecting your own fatness onto me plus;
>Where is your evidence that they JUST found it, moron?
all over tmz last year, dumbass

No. 1447157

calling the anons that are presumed to be black lazy and illiterate is really odd. Also they're here and not on LSA so why even bring that up? Just because you disagree with them nothing they posted indicates laziness or being illiterate.

No. 1447160

It's a faggot slipping up on his imageboard browsing woman larp.

No. 1447162

>Using TMZ as a legitimate source
I'm so embarrassed for you also they probably can't be located because the hospital threw them out with medical waste, it's not common for hospitals to save stuff like that

No. 1447165

you're right. definitely smells like a racist scrote to me

No. 1447171

File: 1671129538481.jpg (22.15 KB, 828x588, EmAnqs3WoAANhU7.jpg)

if you're using tmz as sources for your information you might as well just start using picrel instead you spineless faggot

No. 1447174

And what will you say when it's ruled that Tory is guilty? So much evidence in Megan's favor and you're hinging your argument on your own personal injury.

No. 1447183

Literally a fat, broke incel seething about women who can see their toes when they look down and reach their genitals without a yardstick. You didn't even deny being male in your projection list. Ever heard of a hospital throwing trash away?
>reee you've never been shot
Get shot again.

No. 1447218

>also they probably can't be located because the hospital threw them out with medical waste, it's not common for hospitals to save stuff like that
if they are bullet shells/fragments then yes, they would keep them, inform the patient, and hand them to the police, that's basic protocal
oh and tmz is fake now kek then why do all of you keep posting from them??
>you didn't even deny being male
cause what's that actually gonna do for me, you've already made your minds that im a fat incel getting paid on a chinese cartoon annonymous appreciation chatroom to spread bullshit on a dime a dozen booty rapper, like what do you want me to do? post my hands like that anorexic tranny did?? im genuinely not invested enough to even suggest posting my nudes, like i dont care

No. 1447228

We love Megan ♥ cope seethe and dilate.

No. 1447231

please I'm begging you to just shut the fuck up and go catch monkeypox because we do not give a single shit about anything you're saying. half of your posts don't even make sense and you've clearly sniffed too much poppers to even type properly with your faguette fingers so just stfu

No. 1447237

Who cares whether that horse lady got shot or not?

No. 1447238

File: 1671132344471.jpg (30.56 KB, 474x320, feetbones.jpg)

these are all the bones in the foot and as you all can see, they are very close together. if someone gets shot in this general area, the bullet would certainly break bone. as someone whose bone broke when she was a child due to an iceskating accident, it certainly took more than a month to heal, even though children's bones heal faster than adults, not to mention that i had to wear a cast unlike someone. that's my thesus thanx

No. 1447241

I don’t, she’s tacky as hell.

No. 1447242

irrelevant ape posts

No. 1447246


No. 1447248

Cape for her somewhere else

No. 1447250


No. 1447253

I don't like Meghan much, but I hope the Canadian leprechaun will rot in jail. I hate people who excuse violence against women when it is perpetuated against women they disagree with.

No. 1447258

no! it genuinely traumatized me and completely ruined my summer vaction

No. 1447259

Things happen for a reason and I think the shooting was a lesson for Megan. Don’t protect scrotes or you end up like Nicki Minaj.

No. 1447266

Literally what does MTS have to gain by lying? Like all she has has gained is unreasonable vitriol and constant harassment. No one gave a fuck about that miserable leprechaun and her star was on the rise. She tried to protect him from the police. What does it serve her to make up a story about being fucking shot? She has been black and female her whole life, she had to have known she wasn't going to get any sympathy and would be dragged through the mud. Why is it unimaginable to so many braindead munchkin stans and misogynists that a fucking rapper would shoot a woman out of pettiness?

No. 1447268

>as someone whose bone broke when she was a child due to an iceskating accident
>I, myself, fucked up my foot by somehow walking the wrong way

No. 1447271

Sure anon

No. 1447273

it's strange how people can get multiple injuries in a lifetime, huh?

No. 1447289

Then may you also be shot as a lesson on internalized misogyny.

No. 1447290

NTA but you're pathetic kek

No. 1447291

This is what I mean. She has nothing to gain from lying. She is already far more successful than the midget and her music is doing very well. People call her a liar because they assume the black man is immediately a victim of the situation and the black woman is the hateful, petty jealous woman trying to prey on his downfall or some shit kek. They say the exact same shit every time another abusive drooling retard of a rapper gets caught doing something violent - pin it on the black women, it was her fault and/or she's lying. It's crazy how people can't put two and two together and realise the same men that rap about having multiple hoes, killing people and attacking people, disrespecting women and leaving behind a trail of children they'll never care about, are easily able to shoot a woman in the foot. That's minor to them. The dwarf in question also brought his own son into the courtroom for pity and attention so we know fine well his evil forest sprite ass is guilty.

No. 1447293

No. 1447302

Another lesson is that scrotes will never protect you, no matter what their race are. Scrotes are loyal to other scrotes first and foremost.

No. 1447307

File: 1671134984930.jpg (157.13 KB, 415x494, 7dff23c3bc174c1a9fdf1153748fc4…)

i purposefully support Tory Lanez. Not because i think he is innocent, but because Megans music is shit so i want to send her hate.

No. 1447309

Scrotes and pickmes can't answer this out loud because their reasoning is literally
>women bad and deserve bad, especially black women
No one sane would ever agree, so they have to make up justifications and deflections like "Uhh but she was a hoe, uhhh she was naked, uhh getting shot is a lesson". I've seen people say these exact same things - "it's a lesson", "act like a hoe, get treated like one", "everything happens for a reson" - to defend rapists. It literally only serves males.

No. 1447311

>internalized misogyny
but i thought that i was a fat incel scrote who was getting paid(by??) to spread lies specifically about megan theee stallion on this specific imageboard, and has already, at this point, been shot though

No. 1447313

I don't listen to her music because I'm not a burger, but you're retarded for defending an abusive scrote shooting a woman. Hope you get shot too.

No. 1447316

Wait, you're the incel who insisted she was lying? So, you admit she was shot and that you just think she deserves it? Kek

No. 1447317

>supporting violent moids who shoot women because you don't like said woman's music
kys - or even better, i hope you get attacked and no-one defends you for a petty reason so you can really feel what it's like

No. 1447318

Imagine caping for an abusive, violent gnome from leafland just because you hate someone's music.

No. 1447320

Plenty of people think you are retarded for various reasons. My theory is that you are a black troon with weird ideas about women.

No. 1447321

>Hope you get shot too.
Acting like a vindictive dick over a celebrity, mentally demented bitch.

Megan the horse dont care about you, thats why she stays being friends wwith abusive scrotes until they end up doing her dirty like tory lanez did.

No. 1447322

man…you guys can't read
by the way, can someone tell me whose paying me to hate on megan on imageboards

No. 1447323

This has to be bait from the schizo troon. You sound even dumber than him, so I'm guessing the other anon is right and you're a black HSTS tranny from Twitter or LSA.

No. 1447324

using your own booboos as arguments is insane because I know plenty of people who have broken toes and have been fine within 1-2 weeks or stepped on metal shit that went through the foot and hit a bone. Not even two weeks and back to work.
Maybe Megan isn’t a baby like you and stays bed ridden for months for bullet fragments, not even a whole bullet, in her foot.
Did you even read >>1446772 ? No broken bones mentioned, soft tissue wound and wound near the achilles tendon which was still intact. No visible bones. She got stitches.
You’re acting like her whole foot was shattered and lacerated.
Stop caping for an abusive man who probably wouldn’t blink twice before injuring another woman

No. 1447325

> whose paying me to hate on megan on imageboards
i am the one who is paying you, now get to work. We dont have time to waste.

No. 1447328

tory lanez isn't gonna fuck you, retard. well, he might, but he'll probably shoot you afterwards and you'll still find some reason to defend him. kys.

No. 1447330

Megan is a libfem and i dont feel sorry for libfems.

No. 1447334

LARPing as a radfem to bash women is the most low IQ, obvious thing trannies do when they come here. This is why you'll never be women. You literally reason like what you are (men), and since you believe your broken Y chromosoid mindsets to be the default, you assume that's how we are too. 41% already.

No. 1447335

>everyone i dont like is the tranny
ok libfem bislut.

No. 1447336

Too hard on the bait.

No. 1447337

You posted that getting shot is a "lesson" right after insisting she was lying. I know your IQ is low, but you can't be that stupid.

No. 1447338

everyone i dont like is a tranny or everyone that makes bait is a tranny….sometime you dont realize the anons making these posts are just bored farmers. Just like how you retards took the kevin anon seriously.

No. 1447339

That poster probably wouldn't even live to defend Tory Lanez, rap scrotes are notoriously homophobic.

No. 1447341

When anons start trying to defend their baits and retard postings in this specific way that's when you know they don't want to be called a tranny. Too bad troon. Your bait reeks of Y chromosome. Have fun with your deteriorating chromosome.

No. 1447342

Your post contradicts itself i wonder if you noticed or if youre too retarded from pearl clutching.

No. 1447344

>I-I swear it was just bait because I'm bored! Stop calling me a tranny, dammit!

No. 1447348

a broken toe is different from a broke bone at the middle of the foot and your other example didnt even break anything, keep coping
>No broken bones mentioned, soft tissue wound and wound near the achilles tendon which was still intact. No visible bones. She got stitches
so you admit, she didn't get shot in the foot then, because she'd have broken bone(infighting )

No. 1447349

all this whiteknighting as if megan isnt a troon.(bait )

No. 1447351

I hope Megan gets that fag locked up for life. If not life then I hope he gets shanked in prison.

No. 1447355

>seething so hard that you got clocked online that you insist women are trannies
You fucking wish, rape ape

No. 1447358

keep whiteknighting your neanderthal troon, almost 6 foot and talks about beating up others yet couldnt defend herself against a manlet.

No. 1447359

i mean, youre doing it…

No. 1447363

is megan loses the case she will need to step down on her weave and estrogen spending.

No. 1447365

please let's just report this baiting faggot before it ruins the thread. if this is just a "bored anon" idk how they can live with themselves knowing they're out here calling black women trannies

No. 1447368

why do you immediately make it about race….i want even thinking about her race…hmmm says alot about you and what you think about black women.

No. 1447369

You can't even keep your copes straight. The "women can't be 5'10!!" is notorious bitter manlet/failmale rhetoric too, pathetic.

No. 1447370

i dont like the whole mts spergery going on right now, but there's never any celeb milk in december, so whatever. she lied.

No. 1447371

>she lied.

Finally a anon that is not a autistic baboon here (inb4 some anon makes it racial i dont mean it in that way)

No. 1447372

Tall women should be able to beat up midget with gun = peak male.

No. 1447375

About what? We know that she got shot because the doctors that treated her in the hospital confirmed it. Are you saying that Kelsey did it?

No. 1447378

File: 1671136829113.png (52.44 KB, 212x250, male moment.png)

You're right, he literally confessed to samefagging upthread and he's still at it. I'm done responding, hopefully the mods clean this up or he ropes. I remember all sorts of scrotes came out and shat up any Amber Heard/Johnny Depp discussions in the celebricows thread and the containment threads, too. Women speaking out about male violence triggers them like nothing else.

No. 1447381

She lied and she's absolutely based about it. Put all men in prisons.

No. 1447382

you are literally schizo ,delusional and dont realize that there are multiple anons here who think megan is lying.

No. 1447383

that's cool with me kek

No. 1447384

Are you the medically retarded anon back again to defend some ugly scrote? Was being a Depp cocksucker not enough?

No. 1447386

i never defended deep i am on ambers side, but i wont defend megan when she is obviously lying.

No. 1447388

If you are the medically retarded anon, you DID defend Johnny Depp. You made a long-ass post talking about your 60 IQ and how even a retard such as yourself could see his innocence.

No. 1447389

KEK, I forgot about that poster. Definitely in this thread, the typing style and braindead nature are similar.

No. 1447391

lmao not that anon, keep on seething though.

No. 1447392

not everyone is some retard you argued with here years ago you chronically online retard. Get out of your house you fat bitch.

No. 1447393

So there are MULTIPLE medical retards itt? Makes so much sense now with all the Lanez defending…

No. 1447395

What is she lying about?

No. 1447399

You're so mad about the possibility of a beautiful woman sending some useless abuser retard scrote to prison. Maybe you should go back to whatever website you came from and stop getting so mad about pretty women doing based things.

No. 1447400

She's "lying" because "slutty" women are bad and poor widdle black moids never do anything wrong.

No. 1447406

He shot AT her foot, bullet FRAGMENTS injured her and no bones were broken. That’s why she was walking and dancing so soon after the injury or whatever you use as an argument that she’s lying.
She never claimed he broke her bones and the coward still pulled a gun on her and shot in her direction, are you deranged?

No. 1447409

Modern bullets don't shatter tho
I wasn't part of this conversation so far but I also always wondered aboit this

No. 1447413

>Modern bullets don't shatter tho
Source on this?

No. 1447415

Y'all should stop arguing with the retard. It's probably a scrote from LSA and they're chronically unemploymed and stupid, he'll never shut up and go away. He's probably jacking his pathetic 4" to all of the female interaction he's getting right now.

No. 1447418

How would a scrote from LSA find lolcow though?

No. 1447419

File: 1671138997479.png (32.34 KB, 882x227, bullets.png)

Not sure why one would think modern bullets don't break into pieces, that's very weird.

No. 1447420

>upon impact
meaning the bullet + fragments would be in her food
she herself also said it was bullets
>I was never arrested, the police officers drove me to the hospital where I underwent surgery to remove the bullets.

No. 1447421

NTA but lolcow has been mentioned on LSA, and the weird trannies and scrotes who lurk there while pretending to be women 24/7 would probably like it here because it's anon.

No. 1447422

What is LSA?

No. 1447423

The xy is an invasive species.

No. 1447424

I've never seen lolcow mentioned on LSA and I doubt their scrote posters can find anything on the internet (or IRL for that matter).

No. 1447428

Tory shot at the ground, dummy.

No. 1447429

Try shooting a gun right next to your or someone else's body (or preferably don't). Even if the entire bullet doesn't end up in their body, they can still be injured. Or do you think the fragments just magically appeared there?

No. 1447430

LipstickAlley, site for black women that keeps being mentioned here for whatever reason (honestly, most LSA users probably don't even know this site exists or they aren't interested)
There used to be a LSA thread here in /ot/ but it was locked because people wouldn't stop racebaiting.

No. 1447431

I bet the Tory defense squad believe that Meghan put the bullet fragments in her foot herself.

No. 1447432

Here's just one example, from Googling:
They've know about this place, KF and PULL for years.

No. 1447433

Notice how none of the comments except for the OP mention lolcow though? Of course there are going to be cross posters, but this site really isn't as popular with LSA users as some anons like to think.

No. 1447436

Here is another thread where multiple people mention lolcow: https://www.lipstickalley.com/threads/so-pull-forum-is-officially-closed-and-won%E2%80%99t-come-back.3737587/page-2
There's probably even more, but I don't have an LSA account so I can't search directly. I'm not saying it's "popular", I'm saying some of the most insane scrotes and LARPers from there slither here to post bullshit that they'd probably (rightfully) get banned for on a more normie-oriented forum like LSA.

No. 1447437

Yes, and I doubt that a LSA scrote would know or care about lolcow. They are all hoteps and hoteps never venture far away from hotep spaces.

No. 1447438

They keep confusing contrived, annoying Stan homos with lsa posters

No. 1447439

>They are all hoteps
No, there's plenty of misogynistic trannies and racist gay white men who like copying black women.

No. 1447445

I could buy that one of those blackface weirdos trolls lolcow, but a regular LSA scrote? No.

No. 1447446

side note, whenever I see fonts say scrote I wonder of it's a nonnie,kek

No. 1447453

Scrote is pretty common internet terminology (used on FDS for instance). Moid would be more telling.

No. 1447465

YUP. Gauruntee you its a mean, obnoxious homosexual man with a pop girl as an avatar on Twitter coming here to whine and show off the massive chip on their shoulder.

No. 1447467

Not to mention the fact that they are perfectly content and busy in their own spaces, they don't have to bother with coming here

No. 1447472

>perfectly content and busy in their own spaces

No. 1447477

Hoteps love to terrorize black women, that's why they stay on LSA.

No. 1447478

>blackface weirdos
Yes, this is who I'm talking about.

No. 1447549

Hahaahhaha horse lady,I'm dying lmao

No. 1447578

No need to reply to your own post.

No. 1447593

Please stop responding to the dwarf cock sucking, woman hating, mistyping, tranny faggot. We're better than this, nonnies. He's also obviously racist with the illiterate lazy thing, hunty, baboon and calling Meg a horse. It's annoying watching him try to have a dialogue because women are paying him attention for once.

No. 1447599

It's ridiculous that people who once loved reading Harry Potter (and, I assume, have critical thinking skills and reading comprehension) choose to throw out all context. JK Rowling never even SAID that she doesn't LIKE trans people, and Eddie Izzard who just trooned out recently even defended her and said he doesn't think she's transphobic.
>"If sex isn’t real, there’s no same-sex attraction. If sex isn’t real, the lived reality of women globally is erased. I know and love trans people, but erasing the concept of sex removes the ability of many to meaningfully discuss their lives. It isn’t hate to speak the truth."

People just looooove glossing over the fact that she wants to help women. It's all so tiresome. Men defending men, and fooling women into defending men over women.

No. 1447694

File: 1671154368530.jpeg (371.23 KB, 1728x1429, E26297B1-B083-44A4-9752-AB2059…)

I know most nona’s don’t care, but is Chloe Bailey going to be the new Beyoncé once (if) she finally retires?(the thought of having to look at Jay Z every day makes me want to work until death.) Chloe is sexualized heavily, and her voice is the sort where you don’t need all that, but sex sales blah blah.

No. 1447712

she posts a lot of sexy pictures but also preforms a lot. i feel she needs to focus more on her music, she has a great voice

No. 1447747

she said such a harmless thing and then when she started getting death threats, she doubled down and didn't roll over so now she's a monster. i'm so fucking tired of people in pop culture mentioning how much they hate her just to get brownie points when they know nothing about the situation.

No. 1447800

>if they are bullet shells/fragments then yes, they would keep them, inform the patient, and hand them to the police, that's basic protocal
This isn't a law and order episode faggot the hospital wouldn't just save the fragments in some special little drawer until someone asks for them. Do you know how busy a fucking hospital is, do you know how many people get shot in LA? Do you think there's just an area somewhere with all the bullet fragments and knife tips with the patients name on them sitting and waiting for a cop to come looking for it. Tell me you have no life experience without telling me. You can't even spell protocol you fucking retarded child

No. 1447864

Will forever be pissed they just made her another "the sexy black singer". Her voice is way too good for that.

No. 1447931

at the point where it’s clear that a patient has been the victim of a crime, the hospital asks if they would like to talk to police and file charges. then they will collect the evidence. do you think hospitals just throw out evidence whenever they want?

No. 1447932

why are we still arguing about this?? the doctor testified that she was indeed shot and he removed the bullet fragments

No. 1447935

Hospitals lose evidence all the time, it's not exactly commonplace to use bullet fragments in a court setting. Usually they go with victims testimony, CCTV footage, location of where the victim was shot, witnesses, DNA on the weapon used. The only time bullet fragments are used is in high profile cases like this, and even then hospitals lose evidence all the time. How many rape kits and DNA samples go missing annually, hospitals are not perfect and I'm pretty sure Meghan didn't have the cops with her at the hospital in the operating room to be like "hey doc save those fragments for me."

No. 1447949

I don't think he came from lsa at all, i just think he is just the regular r9k rejects who come down here to troll, but i guess the hotep scrotes and 4chan scrotes tend to cross paths a lot anyways and they sure do have similar talking patterns due to possessing the same misogynistic beliefs, just with different packaging. Every now and then you see a lot of posts of random racist moids saying racist things when black female celebrities are posted here. I think people are over thinking it.

I care. I will never stop hating this direction, it's so sad because when you can sing as good as she can, all you have to do is put on a gown and sing, you don't even have to move. The worst part is that it's not making her any more popular than when she had a cleaner presentation when she was collabing in her sister. Not only did she have a better image, the quality of her songs were genuinely better. I have never heard any of her post-sexualisation era songs getting airplay, only the pre-sexualisation ones. It's literally all for nothing. And her last music videos could literally qualify as softcore porn, they were disgusting.

No. 1447950

are we still doing this megan sperging shit again seriously?? it's been hours, give it a rest

No. 1447979

File: 1671171423034.jpeg (107.63 KB, 828x120, D0D6AC53-2102-4B22-BAB0-7F50A6…)

kinda want this to be true and see an illegitimate ezra child scandal around the flash release kek

No. 1447985

Absolutely. And anyone who voices support for her or expressing anything resembling sense and reason they get “cancelled” and pilloried to the ends of the earth and accused of being card-carrying national socialists even if they’re not conservative in the slightest. It’s so fucking unhinged and I’m tired of it

No. 1447994

he was already running around and fucking that native girl on the rez when she might have been underaged, guaranteed she wasn't the first

No. 1448000

Aight my turn to bait: why does megamind's hippo fursona (Rihanna) supports Meghan but then simps for Johnny Depp?

No. 1448013

My thoughts are she probably knows Meg personally, but not Amber Heard or Johnny Depp, so she went with popular consensus on the latter and didn't care.
Another question, just before racebait emerges: Why did Rihanna defend Rachel Dolezal?

No. 1448024

Because she's a huwite woman who wants to be black, which Rihanna finds flattering. There's a reason why she went out of her way to celebrate Heard's abuser here somewhere, but I'll leave it to the imagination.

No. 1448026

When literally every other black woman and man, including public figures, found it abhorrent and skinwalkerish? Seems like a bit of a reach.

No. 1448043

Rihanna isn't a normal, secure black woman. You can't deny she has an epic inferiority complex about white and Asian women.

No. 1448056

Wait nvm you're that one anon who thinks they're in a racist competition with Rihanna or something, bye

No. 1448116

Rihanna has trash taste in men and is also buddy buddy with Nicki and her rapist husband

No. 1448177

> the sexy black singer
Really? I think it is more trashy and tacky that unfortunately is the majority of female black rappers who dress and cater for scrotes

No. 1448200

Jesus, she looks like she's about to star in a porn video. I feel like she felt like she had to prove a point or something to not be the shy introverted girl anymore. It's way too much and I hope she snaps out of it.

No. 1448352

File: 1671206438828.jpg (284.34 KB, 1920x1080, barbie.jpg)

Barbie (2023)

No. 1448358

File: 1671206580767.jpg (349.16 KB, 1920x1080, ryangosling.jpg)

Ryan Gosling (Barbie, 2023)

No. 1448359

File: 1671206743626.jpg (157.29 KB, 1492x546, 114514.jpg)

Imagine this shot with Amy Schumer

No. 1448362

ew he looks geriatric… maybe just a bad shot?

No. 1448365

I cannot imagine any sort of Barbie movie where Schumer was cast as the lead. Even in the most heavy-handed parody, it does not compute.

No. 1448368

Ken is supposed to be a beautiful boy, not an ugly old man. Will not be watching this movie.

No. 1448370

File: 1671207025203.jpg (56.71 KB, 1063x642, Margot_Robbie.jpg)

Margot looks amazing, love her smile. Can't wait for the movie to come out, will watch anything she's in.

No. 1448424

that's the point, you retard. he's going through a midlife crisis because he isn't young and sexy anymore. this has been rehashed like 15 thousand times. god damn

No. 1448435

shes got veneers too. I dont understand anyone who thinks plastic surgery looks good.

No. 1448437

File: 1671211859877.jpg (594.67 KB, 2400x3000, margotrobbie.jpg)

Same! She's fantastic.

No. 1448448

doubt this is any nail. She will continue to have fans of normies and terfs to support her. Transwomen are the one pushing gay rights backwards 50 years. I really dislike how they keep twisting her words when she just wants safe spaces for women from mentally ill men.

No. 1448449

I used to work with a pick me ass bitch. One of my coworkers asked me which HP house I was in and she overheard and said, "I thought we were supposed to be hate JK Rowling. isnt that what we're doing now?" and everyone continued to ignore her.

No. 1448453

Why couldnt they cast someone younger? he's so old and ugly

No. 1448476

Margot as barbie is PERFECT casting. I wouldn’t have been surprised if they changed her race though like they have been doing with other characters kek

No. 1448477

Exactly!! If they casted some young 20 year old, the story wouldn’t make sense at all

No. 1448478

A bunch of ugly men. I hate Hollywood

No. 1448511

I don't want to be mean, but why is Amy even in Hollywood? Is she supposed to be a token down-to-Earth woman? I can think of other actresses with different body types and looks that are so much more charismatic.

No. 1448512

Yet Margot as Barbie is still beautiful and sexy.

No. 1448515

Same as it ever was. A hot younger actress paired with old has-beens for the rest of time

No. 1448545

She is just the fat, funny friend that dumb movies have

No. 1448551

File: 1671219679135.png (538 KB, 899x436, jif984y2pf4.png)

Amy Schumer is gross and has no self respect for herself. One of the first times I saw her was on the VH1 show Reality Bites Back and I wanted to like her so much but she sucked even back then. I want to emphasize that I really wanted to like her.

No. 1448556

Any excuse to put an ugly old moid as the lead role lol

No. 1448656

You just know Jay-Z is fucking her.

No. 1448671

I see these types of guys everywhere. Not cute and not sure how they are coming out of women's stomachs.

No. 1448759

not even one good looking guy, just three ugly comedic relief moids. we really can't have anything.

No. 1448898

File: 1671231792585.jpeg (61.28 KB, 550x550, F331F8FD-9066-4E30-A5BC-ABDF6B…)

>I don’t want to be mean
I’ll do it for you; she’s so fucking ugly, in addition to being a fat, racist piece of shit who isn’t funny in the slightest. She looks like Shrek. She’s the antithesis of Margot

No. 1448922

when was she racist?

No. 1448943

File: 1671234491137.jpeg (210.96 KB, 828x819, 0D43C8F9-C6FE-49C0-B3E4-7DE707…)

No. 1448968

File: 1671236602539.jpg (590.71 KB, 1080x1333, Screenshot_2022-12-16-16-23-08…)

No. 1448981

what the fuck even is the last one about, I'm from a very homogenous country and yeah we do have racism but fucking huh?

No. 1448982

File: 1671236927266.jpg (45.02 KB, 431x549, gosling.jpg)

No. 1448987

She actually looks like barbie, he looks like a 36 year old gay that can’t accept his twink death

No. 1449002

He's getting high off of helium?

No. 1449008

Probably nitrous oxide

No. 1449012

this is so fucking sad. poor kid.

No. 1449026

I thought this was a joke when I first saw it

No. 1449028

ay caramba drake campana

No. 1449126

File: 1671241524414.jpg (233.25 KB, 486x811, sNuYwmB.jpg)

Britney being mad at a JITB employee for trying to be nice?
She also posted a vid of ther naked in the shower, but she deleted it quickly.

No. 1449132

dude probably follows her on ig and knows how unstable she's been.

No. 1449204

Nitrous oxide the shit that made me schizophrenic, no wonder this dudes flat out retarded

No. 1449214

Ok, this woman sounds so fucking schizophrenic. Most normal people can tell when you're in distress or just finished crying. The fact she's upset about some kid at the drive thru attempting console her is bonkers. Someone sane would have been touched that a stranger noticed and offered words of encouragement. She needs help. Like real fucking help. It's clear she's unmedicated and she shouldn't be. Her family sucks and can't be trusted to make decisions that are in her best interest, but someone needs to be responsible for her. Idgaf if that's an unpopular opinion. She is insane.

No. 1449221

I’m a dumbass for asking this but can schizophrenia develop during your adult life? Wouldn’t there had been signs earlier or is all of this stemming from being harassed by the media as she was?

No. 1449248

>Fuck you stupid man at Jack in The Box.
This made me laugh ngl, but it is sad to see Britney is clearly not doing well mentally

No. 1449293

It’s most commonly develops in early adulthood. It’s extremely rare to be diagnosed as schizophrenic as a child/teen. She does seem to be a little later in life than usual but it can happen.

No. 1449317

If Britney is bipolar then it can come with schizoaffective tendencies.

No. 1449438

while i don't agree with her conservatorship. she is clearly mentally ill and needs someone else to control/filter her social media.

No. 1449440

>just like the man at jack in the box that speaks even though he is not spoken to
aughhhh how dare minimum wage peasants speak to me aughhh
sorry britney, irl people aren't npcs, if you don't want human interaction, next time just doordash, we know you have the money

No. 1449498

File: 1671265307832.jpg (330.99 KB, 984x937, FkC87XKWYBISZiO.jpg)

this is from deuxmoi. even though this is not confirmed i believe it. tldr henry cavill was shitty to women during filming the witcher

No. 1449536

sounds like someone took the "cavill is a gamer bro" and ran away with it
i'm on team bullshit here

No. 1449547

imagine being the worker in the drive thru and later seeing how absolutely assmad you made Brittany Spears just by trying to be nice

No. 1449585

He's a man, I believe it. He was def mad about any changes they made, like having Yennefer played by Anya Chalrota instead of some white lady.

No. 1449601

Yeah that quote is so transparent, she gets so much pity all the fucking time but is probably Hollywood scum at heart, and her "sweetness" really just comes off as her being an idiot. Go to a facility Britney and gtfo insta

No. 1449604

Did you forget what he said about the #MeToo movement? I have no trouble at all believing he was shitty to women on set. He's just a neckbeard in a conventionally attractive meat suit.

No. 1449651

She looks incredible.
Ryan Gosling has always had such an unattractive, annoying face but this costume really makes it apparent how fugly he truly is. Hollywood shills the most aged, ratty looking scrotes as sex symbols and I'm sick of it.

No. 1449695

i really think its an actual agenda they have to shill young women into accepting old moids as potential partners. they also insist on using timmybimmy and the spiderman kid if they have to cast an actor under 30, again acting like there aren't actual young and attractive men they could cast instead.
like netflix for example was so fucking obvious when they cast john cho as spike in their cowboy bebop. like whats next, the corpse of brad pitt as cloud strife?

No. 1449703

she needs to go back on that conservatorship. she's mental

No. 1449719

I believe it. He shat on #metoo movement and blamed that he got cancelled because of that and spent time dating a 18-19 yeard old, claiming that she is 'mature enough', from what i remember he was 32 back then.

No. 1449728

File: 1671283181414.jpeg (99.05 KB, 791x523, 18C9D34D-05CD-4593-A71A-953C18…)

Plus the bullet didn’t hit her foot it was SHRAPNEL from the bullet that had to be removed. She said herself that she STILL can’t feel parts of her foot and it’s always sore. She was at the start of her career success and probably had mad shows lined up that she couldn’t get out of. I’m sure her doctor warned her not to perform but you know how these industries are!

No. 1449730

So, he was being an asshole without doing anything illegal. I don't know much about the show other that it's an adaptation of the novels and all I know about Henry is that he's a retarded otaku but the very last sentence makes me wonder if he wasn't doing all of this on purpose so he could leave the whole thing. There's no way a grown man can be so stupid otherwise. And the whole "video game bro language" thing is making me imagine Henry shit talking others behind their backs by calling them NPCs and normies kek.

No. 1449745

Yes, it's not as common but even elderly people can develop it.

No. 1449944

File: 1671291579482.jpg (96.73 KB, 1600x887, Peter-Stormare-Fargo.jpg)

With that bleached hair, all I can think of is a cleaner Peter Stormare in Fargo.

No. 1450060

File: 1671299020456.jpg (42.78 KB, 640x482, m9s4azuvsi4a1.jpg)

No. 1450061

She is a twofaced NGLO
>pretends to care about abused women and fights to "change" the system
>keeps working with abusers
>happily sneaked in a kiss with alcoholic abusive shit Bread in her latest movie

No. 1450064

I fucking hate it

No. 1450080

jesus christ why did we have to get such a haggard looking ken, they couldnt even pander to us IN THE FUCKING BARBIE MOVIE

No. 1450087

Yes, like many other Hollywood actresses, but I'm a simp so I will continue to watch her stuff. I'm not saying I like her for feminist reasons.

No. 1450207

EWWWWW he looks too old to be playing Ken

No. 1450240

I wonder whether he was picked to play Ken, because they're trying to attract a scrote audience too and he has played "he's literally me" characters in the past.

No. 1450284

At this point think he may be legit insane, I remember that weird open rumor of him being obsessed with waxing and weird sleeping patterns.
Apparently he also wants to play Dr Doom but Feige is against it even thought he want him in mcu and offers him Reed's role, he strongly believes Gosling would be a miscast for Doom.
Kevin wants forbidden man for the role and legit tries to get Gosling away from playing Victor.

No. 1450289

File: 1671309377046.png (726.74 KB, 485x608, 66ed0ed5d3497d805e781743553d26…)

why does he look so bad with this bleached hair as Ken vs when he looked good (imo anyway) in Place Beyond the Pines with similar hair? Is it just because he's hit the wall already? He looks like the malevolent spectre of a gay fashion designer in your picrel

No. 1450293

I think that it's because in your picrel he has some darker undertones in his hair vs fully bleached blonde for the Ken role. It doesn't look good with his yellowish skin. Even his brows are bleached for the Ken role.

No. 1450294

He smashed into that wall full force.

No. 1450297

No. 1450305

Age. He’s old now. Never looked good, but you’re entitled to your opinion.

No. 1450312

absolute kek that's such pathetic crackhead behaviour. the state of scrotes

No. 1450317

File: 1671310654861.jpg (29.33 KB, 680x593, 277.jpg)

nta I agree, but I do enjoy the memes

No. 1450336

File: 1671311492645.jpg (83.61 KB, 1080x678, FkJfmsvX0AInw3o.jpg)

Yes and it's working.

No. 1450380

I guess that's also why they had to make Ken broke, jobless and without a home, for that relatability factor. Accurate depiction of a lot of straight relationships nowadays.

No. 1450382

he was open about the fact that the main writers hate the source material (even mock it a lot of the times) and wanted to make a more epic story instead of a faithful adaptation and if the story would be like in the books/games (why he took the role for starters, he was a great geralt objectively) he would've stayed for the full 7 seasons
i'm polish myself and seeing random shit inserted into the show of my beloved series irked me as well but that's just how media is done nowadays, rightfully so.. done by americans for americans.
the source material still exists so no need to complain but i could see how he would pull a dick move and just try to be let go of a project he didn't approve on anymore.

No. 1450415

>he was a great geralt objectively
kek no he looked awful

No. 1450434

Know the most common cause of schizophrenia? Drug use. And that's why Britneys a schizo now.

No. 1450439

Not surprised in the slightest

No. 1450561

Are you talking about the pills she was forced to take? Or the usual Hollywood drug use when she was younger?

No. 1450895

>the main writers hate the source material (even mock it a lot of the times)
is this true? that sounds like such a shitty thing to do, why would anyone care to do that to a series they are adapting and should respect

No. 1451039

File: 1671361459930.jpeg (135.49 KB, 940x1020, B37CE7B8-76CF-44FE-90A6-D8C36F…)

I love how she isn’t even hiding it anymore. Queen shit. They realize they pushed her to this, right? She was playing along, retconning her characters in the name of diversity, but because she didn’t fall in line with trans ideology and gendie shit, she was harassed and threatened. Troons showed up to her personal residence. They thought they could scare her into submission, but had the opposite effect instead. I love it.

No. 1451051

Based Rowling. I hope her voice reaches other women, this world needs more women who're unapologetically pro-women.

No. 1451215

Reminds me of Julie Bindel just replying with the word 'handmaiden' to some girl who stood shoulder to shoulder with troons preventing women from seeing the adult human female documentary recently, sounding like a farmer kek. I like very few celebrities but thank God for JK Rowling. She could've just fucked off with her millions and not given a second thought to anyone else every again but instead she's out here unapologetically telling the truth, funding and opening shelters for women and wishing us all a merry terfmas.

No. 1451537

the funniest thing about the twitterati turning on jkr is that she's actually just very nice. she's not radical in any way. she just thinks her lesbian friends shouldn't have to suck dick, and raped women shouldn't have to be examined by men, and little girls shouldn't be told they're boys just because they hate pink and skirts.

twenty years ago none of this would've been seen as bad. fifteen years ago none of this would've been seen as bad. ten years ago none of this would've been seen as bad. but something shifted about five years ago and now completely normal and basic feminist common sense is now evil.

i blame the stonewall film. tumblr got so mad about it having a white male cast that they invented the myth of marsha p johnson and ever since, everything has been terrible for women.

No. 1451542

One day I hope JKR is viewed as a hero for sticking to her guns on this, and I don't even like Harry Potter. Good on her for refusing to be cowed.

No. 1451583

The type of people in my city to hate on JKR are always the alt style pickmes. When you’re an impressionable kid, the whole “equality” message checks out until you realise they’re basically just a bunch of moid capers, dick suckers, and faggots who want women to be the circle in which they center themselves in. I grew up knowing JKR was a single working mom who escaped an abusive husband. I don’t think she had like a rich family or anything. She has millions now but even with all the security she can hire, a woman never feels fully safe in this earth around men. Especially once she’s been violated, people want to shame you or pity you. But I like that JKR rarely brought her past up to need a reason to protect others. I love women, especially when they love other women the kind of love men will never able to get their hands on.

No. 1451601

The way these freaks painted basic common sense as "transphobic terf rhetoric" is fucking retarded. That must mean every woman I know is a transphobic bigoted TERF because they know what a woman is and they would personally feel uncomfortable with biological males in their bathrooms.
This is why I fully believe it's a cult. The entire "it's us against the world and coincidentally everyone normal in the world must be an evil terf/transphobe/nazi and we happen to be the only good guys because we believe in having men in womens prisons and castrating children xoxo" is wild. It's cult behaviour, and a lot of society has fallen prey to the cult.

>lesbian friends shouldn't have to suck dick, and raped women shouldn't have to be examined by men, and little girls shouldn't be told they're boys just because they hate pink and skirts.

If you asked any normal working woman on the street this stuff they'd be like oh of course I agree with those things, who the fuck wouldn't? Yet according to this cult that makes them the equivalent of a far-right conservative nazi. I cannot wait for this shit to be over and for us to return to normalcy (if that ever happens).

No. 1451630

At this point, I doubt there’s a “normalcy” to go back to. And for a reason. I’m past the point where I’m trying to deny violence will continue against women. I just want to be able find my sisters in the chaos. Many women especially gen Z and those following it, feel like they’ve got to accept every ideology there is other than basic respect. So even when they mean well and really didn’t want to be a pick me, they’re surrounded by people who want to erase the sacredness of womanhood. I acknowledge there is an intersex and believe it’s wrong to mutilate those kids but it’s a separate discussion to the actual men like that teacher in Canada larping as someone with gynecomastia (?) the kids were right to boycott but I hate that those boycotting
(Sorry for derailment) I just fucking hate the scrotes getting in the way of JKR’s SELF FUNDED initiative.
If my mother had an access to such a shelter, she wouldn’t have felt the need to play house with a moid who only leeched off her and physically/verbally abused me since I was 4 years old

No. 1451651

I'm so sorry that happened to you and your mother nonna, you are absolutely right. Just the idea that having women-only shelters, women-only services and spaces is now considered controversial is insane to me. What JKR is doing will literally save women's lives, and of course these self-centered porn-addicted scrotes don't understand that, because they don't and have never cared about our lives. Women have fought so hard for us to even get to this point and now they're trying to erase shit. Our mothers and grandmas and ancestors fought hard to allow us to have bank accounts, to be able to vote, to have our own bathrooms and sports and exist as full human beings…and now that shit is being taken from us because apparently nobody wants to acknowledge what a woman is anymore…until it's time to exploit us via porn and "sex work" of course. It's all so incredibly fucked, and feels like a Black Mirror episode almost where the word "woman" is instantly censored and blurred out.

No. 1451701

Ugly white pig. She isnt even funny.

No. 1451703

He's so ugly. Ladies, what are better examples of men who could have played Ken? This guy is so hideous, while Margot is the perfect barbie imo.

No. 1451714

I love it. Merry terfmas, nonnies!

No. 1451721

Women need access to women only shelters now more than ever with this happening. And I hope that your mom was able to escape that piece of shit. I think JK is doing women such a great service and the people against her just need to admit they hate women. There is no other excuse.

No. 1451724


>Our mothers and grandmas and ancestors fought hard to allow us to have bank accounts, to be able to vote, to have our own bathrooms and sports and exist as full human beings…and now that shit is being taken from us because apparently nobody wants to acknowledge what a woman is anymore…until it's time to exploit us via porn and "sex work" of course.

YES. Now watch brain dead zoomer pickmes ruin it by signing up on only fans “to claim my body” while scrotes twice their age rejoice.
I’m part of this generation and this generation values shiny stuff paired with the image of wokeness to hide their lack of individual identity, goals, plans. Everything. I don’t regret deleting my personal social media when I was 19 and hasn’t looked back since. I actually get to socialize with people coherently now and think critically.

No. 1451730

File: 1671389915910.jpg (55.75 KB, 595x402, jkr.jpg)

They abuse her with slurs and then get mad when she reclaims one.
Merry terfmas to all wonderful terves!

No. 1451732

File: 1671389971800.jpg (136.48 KB, 540x653, 20221218_115633.jpg)

Idk if this guy acts but I've seen lucky blue smith on occasion on ig but I think he'd make the perfect Ken,he looks like him?

No. 1451763

tbh almost any blonde e-boy would have made a perfect ken. The filmmakers should have just scouted some eboy on tiktok, there are also tiktokers with acting skills.

No. 1451772

I never cared for Harry Potter, because I wanted to be "different", that stupid "oh, I'm not like other people"-girl, but all she has done, all she hopefully will do, I will honour her and buy every Harry Potter book as the deluxe edition.

Also, the fact that she wants to open a women-only centre and troons are like "watch me invade that space and no one will notice, while I never was sexually assaulted, I'm just a rich white guy with too much free time" shows exactly why she is right and has to be around. If she would know about lolcow, she would be one of us

I honestly believe that there are people that feel like they are born the "wrong" gender, but I also know that those people would never act like those troons, they would never want to be in our toilets, the would never claim to be lesbian, they would never threaten women with violence and rape. Those troons today just weren't successful in the male environment and now think that being a woman will solve all their problems and they can be superior.

And I hope you are doing good today, nonna, no child should have to suffer because the mother can't get away.

merry terfmas to you, hope you have a wonderful fest with the people you love and if they like troons, somewhere on the world there is a volcano

No. 1451791

File: 1671391406223.png (86.74 KB, 902x586, cope seethe dilate.PNG)

kek I'm speechless.

No. 1451793

No way did she really say cope and seethe? Where did she even learn it from, confirmed lolcor user?

No. 1451795

I wonder if she browses here…

No. 1451796

it’s originally from 4chan

No. 1451798

Nta but yes it's real. She probably saw it on twitter.

No. 1451800

>cope and seethe
Wait that's used on normie social media?

Cute. They should've let a guy like him play Ken, girls want to look at good looking guys too.

No. 1451801

I know but i didnt know it became common on normie twitter and she would never lurk 4chan

No. 1451802

I'm kind of glad she's around too. I wish more people would read books by their covers. That guy looks like a dangerous sex pest who would abuse any woman near him. Can we as a society not validate every perv? Can we start shunning people like this?
They keep wanting to invade women spaces to make woman feel unsafe when they have lgbt and trans centers. They have their own space

No. 1451804

File: 1671391950308.jpg (124.01 KB, 780x438, the-murder-by-number-co-stars-…)

I think he was cute.
I will never be 37 yo Sandra Bullock fucking 21 yo himbo Ryan Gosling. :((:()

No. 1451813

She’s smart lol I wouldn’t be surprised if she co-opted their language aimed at them. Winning

No. 1451815

I haven't read it (yet?) but her latest book is a murder mystery about her self-insert and her love interest solving old crimes and them trying to see who killed a famous writers and half of the book is a weirdly accurate string of fake tweets where crazy fangirls insult each other and call each others "landwhales" so yeah I'm sure she browsed here at least for research, as well as other imageboards and social media.

No. 1451818

What a throwback. He was so ahead of the curve being a baby daddy to a 25-29 year old model. Now he’s 24, with a 21yo baby momma with his baby 2 and 3.

No. 1451826

he is so damn ugly, he always was and always will be, there is something "wrong" with his face and I can't tell you what it is, it just doesn't look right, kek.

No. 1451836

I wish we had a lot of tall, strong looking women like, for example, Brigitte Nielsen that would stand in the door of women spaces and would tell them "no" and they would run, because most of them are tiny and scared.

No. 1451840

>I acknowledge there is an intersex and believe it’s wrong to mutilate those kids
just a heads up nonnie, but intersex conditions are sex-linked. you have to be male to have the male intersex conditions, and you have to be female to have the female intersex conditions. the term intersex is very misleading because it implies they are inbetween the sexes. a lot of activists prefer dsd (differences of sexual development) for that reason. kids with dsd conditions shouldn't be surgically interefered with unless medically necessary, but those kids are still either male or female and there's no link between them and the troons. troons just use them to blur the lines because little kids with medical conditions are very sympathetic and grown men with fetishes aren't.

No. 1451848

The landwhale comment was from a moid, a main theme is actually male misogyny/racist supremacy. She did research on tumblr for the spoonies community and on twitter at least. LC is probably too obscure for her to have visited sadly.

No. 1451852

Who knows, some idiots mention lolcow outside of here and if you go on some more well-known websites like kiwifarms or 4chan, especially on /cgl/ you can learn about it.

No. 1451867

she said she got her inspiration for the comments by asking her teenage daughter for examples of shitty fandoms, and her daughter recommended an "animated tv show fandom". some people interpreted that as rick and morty, some as my little pony, and some as steven universe (kek).

No. 1451870

I wish she said which series exactly because that's really funny.

No. 1451938

I really want her to write a book one day on imageboards. JKR having to read anons thirst posts on /g/ would be the funniest thing to me.

No. 1451954

File: 1671399763288.gif (2.32 MB, 405x304, lkjh.gif)

She probably read the post I wrote about her being a trans exclusionary radical fujoshi once… Lord have mercy.

No. 1451981

File: 1671400835925.png (424.2 KB, 748x544, ms.png)

i'd love to be a billionaire so i could just throw money at random charities whenever they asked me.

No. 1451984

File: 1671400919422.png (36.84 KB, 665x377, FkSsFqDXEAA3E5y.png)

i know she's doing it because of her mum, but i like to think she cares about multiple sclerosis because it's such a female illness kek. her commitment to making sure no men get her money is hilarious to me.

No. 1451989

It's the exact same thing that happened in Depp v Heard, word of mouth makes it easier to defame and lie about what was actually said in a courtroom. Playing telephone is the easiest way to manipulate information because it's up to interpretation of what's being heard then dispersed.
You have moid-brain and it's unfortunately terminal. A woman being a 'hoe' doesn't give a man clearance to harm her, incelette. Moreover, Tory won't pick you.
Kanye is fucking mental and has the same problems Britney does. Was he under a conservatorship for a good 13 years? Sorry to Britneyfag nonettes, but this one gets under my skin epically. Britney also has full allowance to act crazy because of her legal mistreatment at the hands of her family up to and including drugging her with Lithium and forcing her to get an unneeded IUD. /end sperg

No. 1452003

nta but Britney kinda acts like a meth head. Those kinds of drugs, which she's probably been doing for a while

No. 1452038

No. 1452039

Like depp and heard Tory's also probably bribing witnesses or intimidating them out of it. Hence Kelsey turning on meg and the bodyguard's disappearance. There's even speculation Meg's former label, Kelsey is married to a staff member of it, may be contributing to Tory's defense. Would not be surprising considering how these cases go. They also got witnesses to turn heel for Depp and not testify, including Winona and other girlfriend who could attest to his abusive behavior

I hope the payout is worth it for all these spineless bitches

No. 1452087

what an evil witch. does her wickedness know no bounds? someone needs to stop her!

No. 1452090

File: 1671407335901.jpeg (22.99 KB, 622x455, 032.jpeg)

it's the eyes. if they were moved at least 2 inches apart he could look average

No. 1452101

File: 1671408115454.jpeg (337.16 KB, 1620x571, 86EDD96E-5FDA-4154-9581-2812B9…)

This is why I think Nick Cannon keeps having babies. Apparently umbilical cord blood and stem cells help treat lupus.

No. 1452110

tbh im so tired of the kidult movement and adults that base their personalities on childrens media so i know social media is gonna be exhausting when this movie comes out. Be prepared for a bunch of video essays titled "Barbie 2023 destroyed my childhood" and "why barbie is a feminist icon" but I would be lying if I said that the movie doesnt peak my interest lol.
>Ryan Gosling has always had such an unattractive, annoying face but this costume really makes it apparent how fugly he truly is. Hollywood shills the most aged, ratty looking scrotes as sex symbols and I'm sick of it.
ken is kinda of a meme since he never got popular amongst girls but i agree. Female power fantasies where a woman ends up with an attractive man are just not allowed to exist. Even stuff that is heavily targeted towards women has ugly men as love interests. Women always has to be gorgeous but men can look like a toenail and we are suppose to accept it.
>i really think its an actual agenda they have to shill young women into accepting old moids as potential partners
bingo. Its propaganda to teach women to put the most effort into ourself while settling for fugly old men

No. 1452124

File: 1671410563642.jpeg (34.3 KB, 739x415, images (4).jpeg)

She looks like she's starring in a quirky live action barbie movie, he looks like he's in a Scary Movie parodying the barbie movie.

No. 1452134

Every pic of this movie looks like shit.

No. 1452160

File: 1671412788490.jpeg (586.03 KB, 1169x2157, 22EC18D7-4BC0-47F0-8919-909BAF…)

Lmao this is under a post about her in r/entertainment

No. 1452200

File: 1671415830501.jpeg (76.62 KB, 636x668, 1000AFF5-3B54-4A01-8CF4-04AC80…)

>I didn’t even know he was a prince, tee-hee!
Every American Millennial girl knew who Prince William and Prince Harry were, but most of us preferred William at the time. She’s an absolute fucking bald-faced liar

No. 1452210

File: 1671416687152.jpeg (1.64 MB, 1170x1603, 9FE4D7C2-2886-4565-8457-1C5A13…)

Paris just posted some holiday photos. I can’t stop thinking about that time she said Kim Kardashian was "disgusting" and said “her butt looks like cottage cheese stuffed in a trash bag” kek

No. 1452212

File: 1671416755802.jpeg (47.96 KB, 375x500, photo-4.jpeg)

Did she make the tip of her nose bigger or is it just the awful contouring?

I read that she did her own makeup for that event kek

No. 1452215

File: 1671416970822.jpg (245.84 KB, 1019x1019, meghan.jpg)

Honestly, I think people who have a huge hateboner for Meghan are strange. She seems so harmless and imo hasn't done anything that's so much worse than any other member of the royal family (especially some members of that family).

No. 1452248

who cares? that's the dumbest thing to be mad at

No. 1452249


Like, he was literally cast in The Notebook wit the gorgeous Rachel McAdams bec they needed someone “not too handsome”.

I did like the part where he was Sandra bullock’s boy toy tho. Dassit and I said my piece

No. 1452250

for real. I just know it’s always been either about ethnicity or just her being American (understandable).

It was a weird thing to say but you don’t get married into an institution everyday, bagging a submissive ginger in the process.

No. 1452255

she looks really cheap + tumblr-y here. also is way worse at singing than beyonce

No. 1452262

File: 1671421232876.jpg (85.59 KB, 750x938, 312655341_518136019833933_5326…)

Honestly more beautiful people should have children, like these two's genetics should be preserved not human/manatee hybrids like musk or biologically fucked up humans like nick cannon

No. 1452268

i want you to know there are pedophiles in the royal family

No. 1452269

Agree. I guess he’s still a child at 22-23 when she had the baby at 18-19??? I’m not too creeped out but it would be different if it was like billie eilish and say, Yung Gravy lmao idk other industry moids aged 25

No. 1452270

i think she's just trying to say she wanted him to mind his own business. i can see why she'd get pissed off at being talked to like a little kid when she's tried so hard to get free

No. 1452272

men and women are different, like my great great grandfather was described as a supremely handsome man, with height, brown hair and a strong face
he killed a man before he was 14 and had two wives and three children before he was 20, that's something males can do and women can't and I can't think more men should die young, and beautiful and handsome men should be the only one's allowed to have children

No. 1452285

I felt so bad because I did feel weird about Britney when I read that although I know she wasn’t like talking down on his job or anything. Plus, she kept referring to him as the stupid man so I doubt this is just some young fast food worker who didn’t know any better. I’m sure she feels threatened by mens’ presence who aren’t her husband or gay friends.

I realized this when I was at the gym just now and started crying. I thought about Britney’s mood swing and how if the 30yo dude across me came over asking, I’d be fucking pissed tbh. But that’s just me and I’m wary of any moid over 16

No. 1452286

andrew and harry are equally awful, the general public just don't care about the brutal way harry treated prostitutes in afghanistan and vegas because they find him attractive. if he was a sweaty gross old man like his uncle then people would stop whitewashing his past. he's got so many fuck ups.

tbh i don't care about meghan either way (yes she's very annoying and stupid, but people act like she's a murderer?!?), but tbh any woc (even the lightskin mixed-race white-passing ones) who marries a white man caught on tape laughing about "killing ragheads" is a fucking idiot. the moment you do something to annoy him he's going to unleash that racism on you too. but then again, she makes piers morgan and jeremy clarkson mad so in that sense i like her lmfao. i hope she divorces harry and takes his kids. he gives me such huge family annihilator vibes.

No. 1452289

She bragged about wearing his mothers perfume on purpose on their first meeting and that's all i know about her. Kek

No. 1452318

wow she looks so much better than kim in this picture

No. 1452330

File: 1671428568409.jpeg (451.25 KB, 1125x1870, FCDF72A8-0839-4B24-A128-B8F734…)

Thanks for the heads up, especially with the new Netflix special that got people warming up to a fucking royal.


No. 1452357

Kim’s chola makeup looks so bad. They’re both vacuous trash but Paris is a bigger piece of shit

No. 1452361

Isn't the whole point of the movie that it's going to be satirical? Wasn't the original actress for barbie also Amy Schumer

No. 1452365

What the fuck are you talking about

No. 1452370

It gets used a lot on twitter, TERF accounts have been going hell for leather dragging troons and handmaidens over their sperging about Beira’s Place not allowing scrotes to utilise their service and she interacts with them too. Based JKR.

No. 1452376

Yea but Margot worked her ass off too much, and Barbie is too much of an institution for us to get horse face Ken. I’m getting desperate, I wouldn’t mind Cavill tbh, perfect eye candy and he’s satirical as he is since he’s apparently a neck beard man child trapped in the body of a well-structured Englishman who was also able to get cosmetic surgery and personal trainer access.

No. 1452448

Henry Cavill is a nerd and I'm 100% sure he's self posting on /v/ because he has random threads sometimes about being "muh hot superior gamers", he's acting like the male version of a "gamer girl, don't hit on me silly boys"

No. 1452454

margot's face is 70% mouth. her eyes are tiny too. she's good at sucking off Hollywood nasties because of her giant gob, dont think she can act

No. 1452466

I don't care about Meghan but her haters are mentally ill and this inceloid obviously wants to fuck her and seething. They remind me of trishyland posters.

No. 1452486

No wonder this mid 40 year old meat golem got scooped up for Warhammer 40k adaptation (the most incel neckbeard IP possible). Inb4 he plays GAWD EMPRAH or some such shit.

No. 1452494

What's his problem here anyways? They call her a terf all the time but it's wrong for her to use the term herself? lmao

No. 1452502

File: 1671442490503.jpg (51.11 KB, 460x615, j-k-rowling-1348749642-view-2.…)



inb4 cringe, idc I am cringe and I am free

No. 1452503

i really enjoy it, i'm just tired of these sleepy heroin melodies. she needs to put down the needle and spoon and get back on coke/adderall to lose all that weight that is no doubt from being constipated (which opiates will do) and make more upbeat, rock, cokehead songs like the ultraviolence album.

surprised no one has brought up her severe heroin abuse in these threads, she's been singing about shooting dope even in her pre famous unreleased songs. it's not-so-subtly mentioned in every album she puts out. she even didn't show up to the one time i tried to see her live bc she overdosed back stage. courtney love was touring with her so makes perfect fucking sense

No. 1452547

Lmao, is the 'Jessie' he mentions Jessie fucking Gender?

No. 1452601

If you’re cringe then so am I, nonita. I have never read nor seen Harry Potter and I have no intention to because frankly I’d rather gouge my eyeballs out but I love JKR so much for doubling down as soon as the degenerate tranny scum started screeching about muh twansphobia to the point where she’s now an uncompromising TERF. Absolute queen and I am here for every last scrap of it.

No. 1452618

Yes. The one and only.

No. 1452619

Cody Fern would have been a great Ken, I don't know who Gosling is meant to appeal to in this role, is isn't cast well and they just took Margot because she is currently hyped in Hollywood and blonde, I don't think she can act well

No. 1452620

Then they should have picked a hot actor for Ken too. Either make them both hot or if you want to pull the ~self aware satire~ angle make them both ugly.

No. 1452622

He's meant to attract a scrote audience, since he's mostly been in "he's literally me" roles. Which is also why they made this Ken broke, jobless and homeless.

No. 1452624

How come you hate it so much if you haven’t seen it? Kek

No. 1452627

my grandfather's grandfather who was a very handsome man and who had many children

No. 1452651

I didn’t say I hate it. I have no intention of reading it or watching it because I’m an adult and I don’t like fantasy shit, simple as.

No. 1452666

Not really sure what that has to do with celebrities and he's also a murderer

No. 1452767

I was just saying that handsome and beautiful men should be the only one's allowed to have children, and was using my grandfather's grandfather example and he killed someone in a blood feud(that's how it was back then) he did what he had too as a boy to protect his family

No. 1452808

File: 1671464967682.jpeg (110.13 KB, 828x928, 918DD1C2-31C3-4170-ACE8-E79061…)

Amber Heard settled the appeal so now she only pays Johnny Depp 1mil.

No. 1452814

Samefag because I read more into it.

She’s admitting no guilt, and has gained the freedom to talk about her case without restriction, and she’s basically a free woman now.

No. 1452816

I don't know why, but I feel like they'll get back together for some reason

No. 1452817

She could earn the money back if she'd write a book or something

No. 1452822

I feel like she will too. The fact she’s got no restrictions makes me think future book deal which is going to be so good for her.
I also posted a link to her appeal OP a while back and yeah she had a strong case so it’s no wonder why they settled it.

No. 1452830

I skimmed it and was impressed at the amount of jurisprudence on her side. Majority of civil cases are settled, so this isn't really a surprise. There will just be a lot of fucking retards who do think settling means admitting fault or think you always have to go to court if you believe you're right. It's good she made the post telling them off, but I doubt it'll prevent speculation.

No. 1452839

The hate against her is just pure misogyny, and it's pretty apparent when you see how people talk about her vs. how they talk about Harry. Royalists or whoever act like Harry is this poor little innocent boy who was lured away from his family by evil seductress Meghan.

No. 1452845

I hate meghan but I hate harry way more.

No. 1452860

File: 1671467603711.png (1.41 MB, 960x2079, C85A68DE-AE0E-433F-B44C-CA27D8…)

It’s already happening. Remember that this guy is on Johnny’s payroll and probably won’t be for much longer.

No. 1452918

I hope she moves on from that disgusting moid and live her life.

No. 1452933

I agree with wanting more variation in her songs but Ultraviolence isn't exactly full of 200-bpm bops, anon… it's as slow and moody as they come</