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File: 1659175764050.jpeg (232.23 KB, 1125x1831, B049B8F0-BE9F-4A13-BC0D-8A48B1…)

No. 885671

Previous Thread: >>>/pt/882448
Image Credit: >>885580

The Basics:

>26 year old “sober” heroin addict, scammer, liar, thief, and on-and-off “sex worker”

>Has overdosed 5+ times
>Begs people for money online to buy drugs under the guise of it being for food/medication/rent/necessities
>Refuses to get a job or do anything productive besides make shitty art and “poetry”
>Has every self-diagnosed mental/physical illness under the sun; most noteworthy illnesses include BPD and an elusive ED
>Started dating her (now 43) year old “fiancé” Matthew (also known as Lurch) before she turned 18, calls him “daddy”; they’ve now been together for 8 years and he clearly has no intention of marrying her
>Romanticises the hell out of her addiction but rants on the internet how vile it is to do so
>Loves to share her grimy life on the internet, including awful photos of her cats laying in filth and used needles, unwashed clothes, layers of dirt and mystery stains on every surface of her home, etc
>Constantly buys cheap garbage on Amazon with her dad’s credit card while complaining about being penniless

Historical Milk:

>Squandered a large inheritance from her grandmother within a year and lost the property she also inherited because she didn’t pay tax on it

>Claims her mother “stole” her inheritance money from her (she possibly used the inheritance to pay her mother’s rent and considers that “stealing”)
>Exploited Roger (Lurch’s dying dad) by squatting in his apartment and leeching off his social security until he died. They were soon evicted because they couldn’t pay rent
>Luna and Lurch then move in with her ex-addict mother in her one-bedroom government poverty home, ultimately drives her mother to relapse and go to inpatient
>Ebil dad’s apartment caught on fire, Luna takes the opportunity to garner more uwu points and spreads ashes on her face

Sex Worker Saga:

>Embarked on a “sex work” career, taking grimy nudes and videos and selling them through twitter for drug money, looking more and more like an actual corpse in every photo

>Made premade videos, one is called PEE DRINK >>730829
>Anon leaks a “commission” video where Luna calls her dad and says she’s got a stable job, then takes her dress off and masturbates for the camera. Dad sounds supportive and happy for her as she uses him to get someone else’s humiliation fetish rocks off >>758647
>“Online acquaintance” of Luna’s turns up after being sent the dad video, insinuates Luna has sold videos of her shooting up in her legs via her SW twitter >>761016
>Shares screencap, looks like necrosis waiting to happen >>761037
>Returns to sex work >>805775 , >>810203
>A year later, anon drops “lurch gyrating Luna’s ass” and “full intercourse” vids that they bought but didn’t leak at the time >>811491 , >>811554

Eviction/Sobriety Saga:


>Luna uploads a video where her and Lurch yell at a social worker >>811724
>Electricity gets disconnected and Luna continues to refer to the owner of the apartment as “her landlord” despite admitting on facebook that they’re not supposed to be there >>813209 , >>813354
>The apartment door lock has broken, Luna and lurch build sad little barricades >>816475 , >>815981
>The cops pay them a visit and find drugs, drug paraphernalia and a knife >>813338
>Charges are filed against Lurch >>819990 , >>822424 , >>824442
>As a result, Lurch now has to submit drug tests on the regular, and Luna allegedly actually detoxes from heroin (while still using methadone and/or weed, other opiates and/or benzos) >>821718 , >>822657 , >>823499 , >>823823 , >>824260
>Luna keeps claiming to be sober despite still taking fucking Xanax >>824858 , >>825465 , >>827008 , >>825462
>”Abusive” dad relapses and is allegedly “dying” >>825466 , >>825993 , >>826190
>Meanwhile, Luna says it’s a “slap in the face” that her mother dares to be high around her >>826257
>Freaks out incessantly on Reddit about her and Lurch’s stimulus checks as it’s clearly their own income
>Luna and Lurch are attacked by their neighbour’s pitbulls (totally not while stealing or anything) >>831109

Assault Saga:

>Luna claims to have been raped by a stranger in her building, anons bicker over whether she’s telling the truth or not >>840784 , >>840941

>Reports the rape to the police who take the allegation seriously >>841832
>Police then pivot to not entirely believing her rape story, suspect her of submitting a falsified statement >>843957
>Luna gets admitted to the psych ward, calls it the “worst day of her life” but doesn’t explain why, still manages to post unsettling selfies featuring EKG stickers >>846413 , >>846458
>One theory is that she lost her shit when she took all of her Klonopin and the doctor wouldn’t give her more >>847120

Recent Milk:

>Autistic infighting over Luna’s body shape and whether she was ever pretty, one anon posts a truly horrifying “before and after” comparison that highlight just how fat and busted Luna has become >>882607

>Tuna finally ditches the rancid bandage and gets the stitches out, which of course provides yet another sympathy-farming photo opportunity >>882645
>Still deluding herself that the only reason Lurch hasn’t married her yet is because they don’t have ID, yeah okay Tuna, I’m sure that’s why >>883296
>On the brink of eviction and instead of packing and trying to secure long term accomodation is posting pictures of her cheap cheap cheap skin care hauls that her “friend’s mum” bought her, because priorities >>883501
>Tuna posts on reddit about moving to Mount Vernon which is far below her luxurious standards, one anon points out that it’s a majority Black neighbourhood which is going to please Lurch’s racist ass no end, inb4 Tuna sperging about all the scary Black people >>883833 , >>883838
>New art for the first time in yonks from the soon to be homeless sadbbydoll kween >>883929
>Hilariously accurate AI generated poetry inspired by Tuna >>884248
>Proof of her securing an Airbnb for 6 months, obviously organised by ebil dad because both Luna and her sentient statue have neither the finances nor the cognitive capacity to organise anything themselves >>884418
>Also posts letter from the marshal as proof that she’s getting ACTUALLY EVICTED on August 1st, two weeks earlier than expected, cue manic ebegging and pity posting about MUH HOMELESSNESS >>884419
>In yet another display of complete retardation, Luna posts a poorly cropped picture of her Airbnb listing, leading an anon to find the exact place in a matter of seconds >>884423
>The place is way too nice for a couple of filthy, unwashed junkies, and is non-smoking with a “no pets” policy and shared amenities excluding the backyard, plus the owner and his young family also live on the property, disgonbgud.gif >>884430
>Anons speculate that based on NY tenants rights the gruesome twosome are definitely planning on squatting in the Airbnb >>884513 , >>884558
>Tuna admits to stealing when high, quelle fucking surprise >>884619
>In yet another dazzling display of solid priorities, Tuna laments her lack of blonde hair and abundance of lard >>884662 , >>884915
>More begging, and even more astonishingly, people still donate to her >>884969
>The Airbnb booking appears to be cancelled, cue tinfoiling as to whether someone cowtipped, or the owner did his research and made an executive decision, or Luna herself cancelled because she managed to find somewhere else that has private amenities, allows her to move in sooner and permits pets >>885013
>Luna confirms that the first Airbnb booking has been cancelled, doxxes herself replete with phone number, you can’t make this shit up >>885110 , >>885111 , >>885112
>Tuna goes to court to beg for an extension on the eviction date dressed like a hobo (y’know, for a change) >>885374
>Is told to return to court on Monday, which is the day of eviction, continues to post skincare hauls >>885412
>Confirms she’s booked another Airbnb, albeit one that doesn’t meet her regal standards >>885561



https://heavenlybunnies.tumblr.com/ [deleted]
https://pileofthembones96.tumblr.com/ [ed tumblr]
https://thewrldisurs82.tumblr.com/ [active]

https://twitter.com/bimbokitten96 [sw twitter]


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No. 885674

Great thread nonnita. And in the nick of time, too.

No. 885675

I just realized she will never be able to get any job if she doesn't have ID, passport, social security card, driver's license or some form of identification. all of which she has reasonable options to get but she chooses to buy skincare from dollar tree (which have shawdy ingredients for the skin) that she'll inevitably lose when she gets evicted. she truly is the dumbest person on this website, i'm certain she is deep on the spectrum.

No. 885676

That would also be why she spams her pussy on reddit thinking it’s sex work. OnlyFans and cam sites typically require ID to make sure minors aren’t posting content.

No. 885677

great new thread OP! i like the shortened links with them all current and the shortcuts to all the old threads. let the milk flow!

No. 885680

I genuinely think she has some kind of cognitive impairments

No. 885681

Nonna I love you, this is an amazing sumary of last events kek good job!

Also >>885676 she has an ID but it's expired which probably wouldn't be hard to renew it anyway. If she got hired, her job could even arrange that kek

No. 885682

She's been a junkie for years, of course she does. That and all the benzos plus shit diet and lifestyle means she's pretty drugfucked. Add on bpd and whatever else and voila.

No. 885683

sorry to taxsperg but re: tuna’s “lost” 1099– she probably never got one (unless alltard paid her over $600, which i’m sure we can all agree is supremely unlikely)

No. 885686

File: 1659192422121.png (1.33 MB, 766x1024, 7656883.png)

This pic is from 2013. Someone in the last thread said her arms are like this due to H, or gaining/losing weight. Seems like it's actually just muh genetics.

No. 885687

Never saw it before, what's the source? And yes, I've been here since thread #1 and "omg she's not milky, why make a thread for her"

No. 885688

I was randomly looking at old pix from her Pulp Girl Zine days

No. 885689

>>885686 I know she was young but jeeezus the second-hand cringe is unreal.

No. 885691

Damn I thought she had a shirt on. That does not even look like a body. I’d feel badly for her misfortune if she wasn’t such a piece of shit. But since her body is already unhealthy you’d think she would take care of it better because damn it’s going to fail naturally.

No. 885697

>It attracts with an attraction that attracted attractively
Man, she really was always a bad writer, the drugs just made it worse.

No. 885699

File: 1659204280133.jpg (36.77 KB, 640x960, Oven-Roasted-Butternut-Squash-…)

Arm lookin like a damn butternut squash. Her body is completely deformed. I've seen fat arms. Never fat arms shaped like that.

No. 885700

File: 1659204573390.png (293.5 KB, 1080x719, Screenshot_20220730-130640.png)

Uh oh, looks like that guy did his research and cancelled it himself.

No. 885701

File: 1659205077569.jpg (292.97 KB, 1271x540, 24578414256954.jpg)

>perfect skin
Sure Jan

She literally hates her followers and doesn't care to hide it. My tinfoil is that she responds like this because she thinks 99% of her followers are from the farms, which I suppose isn't entirely untrue.

No. 885702

File: 1659205373280.jpeg (4.18 MB, 3000x3916, 1600704989956-000065980001r.jp…)

Wow, I'd accuse her of ripping off Taylor Swift in pic related but Luna's version came first. And I imagine Luna is the "omg I hate mainstream garbage like Taylor Swift I only listen to an obscure band called Nirvana" kind of altgirl

No. 885703

My nosy ass did some googling and apparently this can happen if you book using someone else’s credit card…. So I bet she booked using her airBNB account and daddy’s card.

No. 885705

So I guess there is also no other AirBnB place for both of them to crash at this point as well kek

No. 885706

Aaand homeless saga is comfirmed go, cannot wait for the meltdown on Monday

No. 885708

>I’m literally going to be homeless because of this
no you stupid bitch, you’re going to be homeless because you’re a spoiled, lazy, useless idiot

No. 885709

File: 1659207690182.jpeg (570.48 KB, 1170x1810, ACE96DB1-286E-4EAF-B994-0092C1…)

Does this mean she has somewhere else to go or?

No. 885710

Because she said that after she knew the Airbnb was canceled

No. 885711

the original AirBNB that was starting on the 15th of August with a shared kitchen/bath was cancelled and a new AirBNB set to start on the 6th got termed by the owner per >>885700 so as of this moment, she has no housing lined up

No. 885714

Well, well, well, if it isn't what happens when you don't treat the threat of homelessness with an ounce of seriousness or urgency.

This bitch has been playing games, eating ice cream, "shopping", and chatting on drug subreddits down to the last minute without a care in the world. Realistically speaking, someone as sketchy as her should have seen this coming and had a backup plan. I know this is Luna we're talking about, but I'm still kind of dumbfounded.

No. 885715

Who the fuck has the bread to pay for an airb&b for 6 months? That's beyond covid and lawsuit gimmies.
Still though. I am so stoked for Monday. Any bets on Evil Dad taking them in?

No. 885716

Honestly, I think she's mostly concerned about not having a bathroom to do her skincare in cause this delusional bitch thinks that she has perfect skin.

No. 885717

and honestly, theyre fucking grimmy; shared spaces means keep it clean and theyre too lazy for that.

No. 885718

Look at the doors in her selfies. That's what the doors would look like after being in an airbnb for six months.

No. 885719

File: 1659211717930.png (62.43 KB, 1100x330, Screenshot 2022-07-30 160851.p…)

The advice that she won't take.

No. 885721

and who would have thought "it figures"

No. 885722

Nah, he won’t let Matthew stay there so I doubt Luna would agree. They’ll probably rent a sketchy motel room or extended stay with his money though.

No. 885723

lmao get fucked Tuna. Why won't she make an account with Lurch's id tho?

No. 885725

My first and exact thought.. lmfao!! It's definitely NOT her fault she's gonna be homeless, it's totallllyyyyy AIRBNBs fault. Poor tuneyfish always the ViCtIm. Fucking loser kek

No. 885726

anon… the poem in the photo is by walt whitman kek

No. 885727

I was startled by her tit because I wasn't expecting it and yikes. Guess they just grew in saggy.

No. 885728

anon, Luna’s picture is clearly inspired by Courtney Love’s diaries Dirty Blonde.

No. 885734


I thought she had no ID/ expired IF which is why she can't marry her "beloved" Chief. So she now miraculously had an ID to submit to AirBnB?

But oh this milk is going to be plentiful and full fat… Monday can't come quick enough

No. 885736

File: 1659218697133.png (209.62 KB, 1116x820, Screenshot 2022-07-30 180354.p…)

Thought this would lead to a milky tantrum from Tuna but then I clicked the name. It's the same damn cowtipper that won't shut the fuck up.

No. 885737

This person is a psycho and seemingly dumb as fuck? Like they’ve only ever posted four comments, all on Luna’s account. Two insulting her, one being a creepy cow tipper, and now this overly-specific advice and the “please keep me updated” and “post pics” shit? What a freak

No. 885738

They're spoiling the damn milk by being a clingy psycho. She's going to go into hiding.

No. 885739

to whoever keeps tipping PLEASE JUST STOP. i'm tinfoiling that you're the same person itt that doesn't know how to sage and keeps reposting old milk. there is a possibility it's a creepy scrote from the other farms too.

No. 885741

I'm also hoping she doesn't get spooked into not posting Monday because I feel like lurch would say shit like "don't post they're just going to talk shit" But tuna is our favorite cow and as shitty as she is, she's entertaining and at least that's something in her sad, sad life.

No. 885742

Stop. Fucking. Cowtipping!

No. 885744

She deleted the post…

No. 885745

Because he’s fucking useless. Notice how she’s the one doing all the bookings

No. 885746

I hope it's her usual deleting cause she didn't get the attention/replies that she wanted and not because the cowtipper won't back off.

No. 885747

kill yourself reasonable-green669

No. 885748

Honestly, I've never seen her delete a reddit post. She has tons with low to no engagement, downvotes and shitty comments, but they're all still up on her account.

No. 885749

She always deletes her posts. it's not uncommon but in this case it might be because of the cowtipper.

No. 885750

Oh, I see. Well, let's at least hope she just thinks that person is some random redditor.

No. 885751

No she reads here so now she knows it was a farmer. Dumbass cow-tipper

No. 885761

I noticed that too. Maybe it was Lurch's?

I don't think she'll be able to help herself. She has posted plenty of times when it was clearly in her best interests not to.

No. 885787


No. 885788

Nta but this isn't common knowledge. Not everyone is as retarded as Luna and you to have a photographic memory of all of CL's dumb bullshit

No. 885802

I’m wearing this tinfoil too, I think it’s the unsaged retard from the last thread who said Tuna DMd her but didn’t post caps

No. 885803

I hope they go to the court tomorrow then return to the door lock changed and their stuff pilled to the curb.

No. 885804

sorry that your knowledge is limited to Taylor Swift anon.

No. 885805

hopefully the cops call animal control and pumpkin can get adopted

No. 885812

You need to be 18 to post here.

No. 885814

Just over 24 hours to go, I’ll get the popcorn

No. 885816

File: 1659264713064.gif (3.8 MB, 400x300, dc752016-766f-46a0-95dc-1c109f…)

But I really wonder what will happen to the cat, I really hope the best for it.

No. 885817

I’m one of the anons who doesn’t like cats and even I hope it will be okay, I suspect she’s found an Airbnb that permits pets but I honestly think it would be better off if it escapes, because let’s be real, Luna would never surrender it. Just like Luna and Lurch snatched it up I’m sure that someone else would claim it, hopefully someone who actually cares about its welfare enough to keep it well fed and watered and most importantly gets it checked out by a vet, because fuck knows what months of being squeezed for selfies and inhaling second hand smoke has done to it.

No. 885819

She didn't found an airbnb. She had one booked for August 6th (as opposed to the one booked for aug 15th that got leaked and she seemingly canceled) but then that one got canceled by the host and she got banned of airbnb. As far as we know, she has nowhere to go tomorrow and her only plans are to go to court to beg for an extension. Pathetic.

No. 885823

Allow me to rephrase; I suspect her dad either has booked or will book an Airbnb (or a motel) for her, I really feel like he is at her beck and call because he feels guilty over being absent and her turning out the way she has but he draws the line at having lecherous lurch under his roof (and rightfully so) otherwise she’d be living with him. I highly doubt she’ll listen to anyone telling her that she can’t ban evade on Airbnb by using someone else’s details. She’s been quiet since that post about being banned from Airbnb and I doubt it’s because she’s trying to get her shit together ahead of tomorrow’s showdown.

No. 885825

I think even if Luna didn’t have Lurch her dad probably wouldn’t her in his home regardless. How much do we know about dads living arrangements? I think this is one of those absentee parent that wants to care for their child cases but know they have to keep them at arms length for their own sake, so their property isn’t destroyed or belongings stolen. Just throw money at the problem until it magically goes away.

No. 885827

Don’t understand why she hasn’t sucked it up and booked a Motor Inn or a Ramada???? They even go hand in hand w the damaged bbdoll starcrossed junkie lovers uwu Ginger Bronson aesthetic kek

No. 885830

File: 1659275753322.jpg (358.43 KB, 2224x878, Airbnb Booking for Friends and…)

This has been stated before but it bears repeating: Airbnb doesn’t allow bookings on behalf of others (picrel). I highly doubt Luna’s dad has a business account that would enable him to book for her.

No. 885835

File: 1659279920599.jpg (54.07 KB, 1114x286, milky.JPG)

as not everyone is from NY, I thought it might help to see the different time zones, so, where ever you are, you don't have to miss the milk flow on Monday at 10am, kek.

Still, hope Pumpkin will be save.

No. 885836

god to be a pedestrian in that area…how i wish i could observe the gruesome twosome meltdown live.

No. 885837

for me it will be afternoon and I will just come home from work - perfect timing for me. I will cook some lasagna and enjoy the show.

No. 885838

I want to feel bad for Luna and truly don't wish homelessness on anyone but the fact that she knew she's gonna have to move out since 2020 and yet did absolutely nothing about it for 2 years is just so damn funny, especially now with the last ditch attempt court case scheduled in parallel with the eviction.
I wonder what she's gonna be getting up to today on her final day in the hovel once she wakes up. Continue flashing her vag on Reddit? Skincare routine? Millions of new selfies? E-begging?

I don't think they'll end up truly homeless anyway, they'll probably book a motel or something today or tomorrow (more likely).

No. 885839

File: 1659282470337.jpg (646.4 KB, 1017x1686, Screenshot_20220731-084648_Chr…)

she moved into her moms place "temporarily" 4 years ago, she had 4 years to figure out her next step and she did nothing but collect cheap clothes and skincare.

No. 885840

look how clean it is. the walls are white.

No. 885841

Damn I wonder how much weight Lurch has gained since he and Luna started squatting there kek

No. 885842

If I had to guess I’d say between 50-70 lbs

No. 885846

same, I will sit on the bus on my way home, I will get some treats and hope to watch the drama unfold, kek

No. 885855

if only there was an anon in the area to live blog the eviction for all of us

No. 885856

they could even auction off the pink chair as it has celeb status at this point… that character that’s meant to be a one off in a series but proves so popular that it serves to be regular til the bitter end

No. 885858

if I wouldn't live miles away, I would take a day off and live stream, kek. Only a little more than 16 hours left.

No. 885859

speaking of, assuming she finally tosses it on Eviction Day… (drumroll)

Pink Gamer Chair lasted 133 days before her fat ass destroyed it, and then it sat there broken in the background for another 165 days.

that poor chair worked longer than Luna has, cumulatively, in her entire life. RIP.

No. 885862

That would be really smart. There's already anons who want to throw money at her for no reason, at least they could get some memorabilia.

No. 885872

I live close enough, but unlike our stars of the show, I have to work. I would love to drive by and see if their shit was on the curb

No. 885873

File: 1659307250658.png (446.87 KB, 864x1646, Screenshot_20220731-183854.png)

With homelessness being less than 24 hours away, Lurch finds the time to tweet about the Yankees

No. 885874

I'm off tomorrow so I'll be waking up to a cuppa and seeing how this shit goes down. I've never seen this lack of urgency in my life. And does she really believe they'll give her 6 extra days because she shows them an AirBnB reservation? I mean … why would they care?

No. 885875

thank you for your service and contributions, autistic chair anon

No. 885876

File: 1659308569612.jpeg (59.26 KB, 583x438, 1655087804559.jpeg)

Do we know what time this is all going down exactly? I saw the one nonnie with the different time zones but I don't remember if there was an exact time the cops were to show up. In any case I look forward to one of two scenarios: A) She's still in bed when the cops knock on the door and has to scramble or B) She leaves to go to court and comes back to lurch sitting on the curb with their stuff in trash bags.

Laides, I cannot wait.

No. 885877

I think the eviction is supposed to kick off at 10am EST.

No. 885878

if the chair will finally find his well deserved rest in a big bin, I hope you will keep us updated on how many days the chair has been dead in the trash, if not, I will miss you, autistic chair nona.

if I had the money, I would pay you a day off so you could report everything for us, but if I had the money, I would have booked my holiday in NYC for tomorrow, kek.

according to the last thread it's 10 am, she has her appointment at 9:30 am at the court, I don't know if this is all true, but that's what has been posted so far.

No. 885879

That's what I figured. I'm setting my alarm. I just wish she'd allow me access to her instagram.

No. 885881

Do we know how far away the squat is from the courthouse? Bet you'll she'll go alone while Lurch guards the squat. My bets are on Lurch getting arrested and Luna coming back to all her shit padlocked rather than tossed to the curb lol.

No. 885882

She said a few miles but an anon here did the search and saw that it was only a mile.

No. 885883


Wait so a mile is a "long walk"? No wonder she's the size she is

No. 885888

Lurch is gonna collapse like a house of cards in the face of authority; his efforts to argue will last about 10 seconds. I hope he gives them reason to arrest him I really do

No. 885889

File: 1659312960865.png (1.2 MB, 828x1792, BF52B08A-3A30-4BBE-BE48-951823…)

the bus would have taken 20 minutes, but this stinky retard is too stupid to use it too good for it too sadbbygrl

ps this isn’t doxxing, she posted it herself >>>/pt/884419

No. 885891

samefag, can’t delete, but want to clarify that this is a map of her walk to court. Luna too fat to walk for longer than 20 minutes confirmed kek

No. 885894

lol at the dollar tree

its gonna rain tomorrow btw i hope theyre prepared

No. 885896

too fat for the extra minute from dollar tree

No. 885898

Nonnies I want you to know I’m so invested in this drama…. that I asked my friend who lives in NewRo if they would swing by and take a pic tomorrow. They were actually almost willing until I told them the area and they said they didn’t want to get carjacked.

I lied and said it was someone i didn’t like from college (What is wrong with me)(you have autism)

No. 885901

Luna tomorrow
>the rain rains on me
>I stabbed the rose tattoo on my wrist but the government stitched it up perfectly
>I fucking hate them and my bitch mom too
>when I’m blonde I’ll get married
>until then I’ll just die
>btw if anyone wants to pay4play hmu my paypal is

No. 885904

bitch get some help…

No. 885908

has it really been 4 fucking years? i feel like this happened just a couple years back. it really has been so goddamn long since roger passed.

No. 885909

how does an able bodied person even live in a busy new york town without being able to walk it? walking is the simplest way to do anything in big cities, or even medium sized cities with decent sidewalks. blogpost but i lived in portland or and it was a bajillion times easier to just walk a few miles than wait for the bus or train, and who knows how shes affording these ubers? every day i find it harder and harder to believe she’s actually as poverty stricken as she wants us to believe.

No. 885910

I just need to know that the gaming chair gets a proper send off…. Once I know that, I can finally rest

No. 885913

File: 1659322492507.png (131.76 KB, 820x1164, Screen Shot 2022-07-31 at 10.4…)

she shouldn’t be taking Ubers anywhere, she’s just too lazy for the 10 minute walk to a bus stop, plus she’s too stupid to figure out how to use it. it costs about $9 a pop to get her anywhere in an Uber. CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP but not as cheap as the free transit in her city if she could just haul her fat ass a block north https://www.ridecircuit.com/new-rochelle

No. 885914

She doesn't think she's able-bodied due to her Cotton Eye Joe knee (fat people knee problems) and Lurch allegedly has his iron rod leg.

No. 885915

File: 1659323441270.jpg (265.41 KB, 1080x2100, Screenshot_20220731-200659_Sam…)

I think she's using her arm to hold up her backfat and tucked her bat wing in causing that fat bulge.

No. 885916

what happened to Luna’s cripple punk saga? did she lose her cane in her 97.38% of belongings she lost last time?

No. 885919

She's bpd. She was only a cripple for as long as she was dating Talia and stealing her personality kek

No. 885920

i used to do this when i would body check a lot and yes that’s exactly what she’s doing

No. 885921

she wanted to appropriate disabled culture bcuz she couldn’t appropriate addict culture yet

No. 885922

I would bet anything that when Lurch is calling her a fatass (he’s a fatass too) it’s because: she ate a half gallon of ice cream (confirmed) and now she’s pulling up pcs of Courtney Love and asking if she’s fatter than her, OR she won’t walk the few blocks he does to sell his fenty-cut heroin (sorry idk the proper junkie term) or even perform basic tasks. so then he rightfully calls her a fat, lazy sack of shit. and then she cries on the internet about it. then they need more drugs so rinse/repeat!

No. 885925

What's the age difference between Lurch and her father? I know Lurch was born in '79.

No. 885930

17 years

No. 885932

Which is also the age difference between Lurch and Tuna, fucking gross. What the fuck does she see in him? For someone with such otherwise lofty standards she really went for the bottom of the barrel

No. 885933

Luna isn't better and she is an insecure bpd-chan. That's what.

No. 885936

Kek if Lurch had any assets at all (he doesn't, ofc), Luna could start counting down to Lurch's death as well as her father's. There's no way she's actually going to inherit her dad's apartment.

No. 885937

File: 1659341379780.png (480.83 KB, 523x595, 6E1EA2B5-F3C7-4199-B4E6-AB6B2F…)

throwback to the last hOmELeSs saga while we await the next

No. 885939

The day of reckoning is finally upon us, ladies! Has someone made a bingo card?

No. 885940

I don't want a bingo card, I want her to record it like she always does.

No. 885941

I stg no one better cowtip and fuck shit up for us

No. 885943

Oh you know she will- record the “mean ol people taking all her stuff” saga

No. 885944

Only 5 hours left, but I have a feeling she won't post about it, much less record. I think she will keep quiet and maybe post something like "I'm homeless/at a motel/etc" in the evening, but I really hope I'm wrong kek

No. 885945

What makes you think that nona?

No. 885946

This is 100% accurate. Sadly she had way too many enablers.

No. 885947

Not the same anon, but there wasn't any drama or meltdown when they were getting thrown out of Roger's, it was pretty boring. She just posted some pics of their stuff packed up in garbage bags and a few days later re-appeared at her mom's bleating about losing 90% of her belonging and e-begging as usual.
I have a feeling it'll be the same this time. She'll go quiet and in a few days post pics from some grimy cheap motel.

No. 885949

Tossing my theory onto the pile: I think she’s been relatively calm about the eviction so far because she genuinely thinks the court will give them another extension if she just explains that they’ll literally be homeless without one. Her brain cells are too marinated in Xanax to look realistically at how dire her situation is and the BPD makes it hard to consider ‘Luna not getting her own way’ as an option. The court telling her “no” is going to be the point where it crashes down.

No. 885952

Another Luna Slater AI poem based on >>>/pt/885526

pieces of cloth washed in the blood of my own,

I’m too small to be pulled from the earth

my heart is black like a frozen lake,

open to the wild winds of the midnight hour.

I am broken

I have sinned

I bit my tongue and he drew it out

I died that day but here I am

you can’t change how long it takes

to become something else, but that doesn’t mean

you haven’t changed at all

all the excuses, well they are just

my way of trying to control

my time, my life, my life time

I remember being in a bar

I was hanging around with some pretty shady characters

hugging a woman I didn’t want to be around,

and my friends were coming up to me

telling me that what I was doing wasn’t right

now I know that

my friends were idiots, they just didn’t want to see me

suck up to someone new

someone they thought was cooler than them

my feet blister and turn black

after years, i am crawling with fleas

I call them angels when they nest in my hair

they are siblings

i keep washing my feet but

my armpit itches like hell

my knuckles itch, my elbows itch, my back itches

I can’t stop scratching

my crotch, my crack

my back, my throat

oh no

I live in the shadows, inside the dollar tree

I reach out to the cotton candy ceiling

I call out to the the powers of the dollar tree

when I’m gone, they’ll find my things wrapped in cellophane

as they enter the dollar tree, they find 3 of everything

three all-you-can-eat buffets, three courtside seats to the Knicks

three police officers, three boxes of Twinkies, three trips to Walgreens,

and three horny college students all wanting me

my corpse stinks so badly

and they are going to take me away to give my body to science

so they can dissect my body

and analyze my corpse

an organ supplier

do they sell sex organs?

is the organ supply a place to buy

the organs of people who like sex?

No. 885953

I think she's got a motel lined up. Her court case is what, 9:30? They change the locks (or atleast put one on) at 10. Her emotional support Easter Island Staue will probably go with her. Oh god I hope the cat won't get locked in.

No. 885954

…I'm at a loss for words. I haven't had this hearty of a kek in a while. Thank you anon and thank you so much AI overlords

No. 885956

>disabled culture
Lol what? I know about the cripplepunk saga but 'disabled culture'? Kekk, I don't know how she didn't feel ashamed by walking with a cane even when she didn't need one though. How sick can someone be, I sometimes sympathize with Luna and then I remember what kind of awful things she's done. Sage 4 no contribution.

No. 885957

Just came to the realization she has lived longer on the squat, than she has on Roger's.

No. 885959

1 hour left… Girlies with access to her socials, please keep an eye on her Instagram, snapchat and facebook for us poor souls kek

No. 885960

There is absolutely no mercy on a court ordered eviction where the cops are involved. The cops need to get on with their day…
If they are both gone at the court date, all of their belongings likely will get locked inside and then at the landowners leisure (or their maintenance/cleaners) they will throw it in the garbage, it will all be so disgusting cleaners likely will not be bagging it up properly. The prior tenants have no rights to their own property after the time stated of the eviction… so the landlord has absolutely no obligation to call the evicted tenants to pick their stuff up.
(T:Friends father was a small time landlord in NYC)

If the cop is lenient he might give lurch 15-20 minutes. Knowing Lurch… who is ignorant to Lunas art+crafts/belongings/beloved skincare routine he will grab his stuff only.
Of course best case scenario for them is if they planned and packed… Her lack of urgency has been telling.
Even milkier they both go.

No. 885961

I'm worried about Pumpkin getting locked in. There's no way the landlord will take the time to call up a no-kill shelter. They will likely call the pound and call it a day.

No. 885963

File: 1659359949390.png (171.95 KB, 1080x1891, Screenshot_20220801-081630~2.p…)

Instead of getting ready for court or doing some last minute packing, these two clearly have the right idea on how to spend their time: posting on Reddit.

No. 885964

To be fair, she could be acessing it on her phone on her uber on way to court (because we all know she won't walk those 20 minutes)

No. 885965

I have a horrible feeling that they're going to leave Pumpkin behind and blame it on something like the motel not letting them have the cat or it 'mysteriously escaped when the cops showed up'. The poor cat deserved so much better than these two junkies and now will just end up in the pound and euthanized within a week if it's not lucky enough to escape and go back to being a stray

No. 885966

File: 1659361668271.jpg (127.26 KB, 1080x1279, IMG_20220801_104751_395.jpg)

Let's go girls!

No. 885967

I think it’s just missing “crudely records a woe-is-me video when they get back to a locked apartment and lurch decides to start shit with the landlord/police”

and unfortunately “mysteriously gets rid of pumpkin”

No. 885968

anon above

i see now “pumpkin escapes” which ig could imply she gets rid of her and lies

No. 885969

Saged for non-milk but insta is suspiciously quiet. Keeping an eye out for any streams starting!

No. 885970

She's probably at the courthouse right now. The hearing should have started 30 minutes ago. I wonder if they even packed their shit just in case (we all know they didn't).

No. 885971

The time is upon us! I am over invested sitting in my back garden drinking coffee on my morning off work.

No. 885972

File: 1659362733380.gif (90.6 KB, 339x407, pusheen_disco_animated_gif_by_…)

It's 10 a.m. HAPPY EVICTION!!! I made it cute, just to fit Tunas style. Even if evil dad booked a motel for you, you lost your shit and hopefully your cat

No. 885973

Does anyone have her on Snap? There's radio silence from her insta

No. 885974

>im hoping and praying her cat wanders off and gets adopted by a loving family

No. 885976

No snaps yet

No. 885977

I'm honestly curious if they both really are as dense als we all think and haven't even packed the basics. They have been evicted before, they did already lose 90% or whatever of their belongings, and I just cannot believe that two humans can be that dumb to repeat exactly the same behaviour, but well…

No. 885978

They spend their day high as fuck. That's all they do.

No. 885980

File: 1659364159816.png (863.2 KB, 1284x2778, EA58F254-9928-45AF-8D9A-46C436…)

what does this mean for them?

No. 885983

I believe it means the matter was settled months ago. The eviction stays.

No. 885984

File: 1659364439480.png (730.29 KB, 1284x2778, 9DD1E59D-FF5B-484D-AEC2-10A30B…)


No. 885986

On the 28th she asked for the eviction to stop. It's the same judge. No decision date is there but it says disposed which means case closed.

No. 885987

lol for a second i thought that junkie luck kicked in again. it must be a shitshow over there rn

actually i think it’s probably already over and theyre figuring out a way to maybe break in when the marshal leaves

No. 885988

Better than her real poetry honestly

No. 885990

unrelated but former NY-lawfag here and i really wish that this county put decisions online. sometimes, on nyscef you can see signed decisions (ie; motion granted) online but this either isn't the case for evictions (i guess due to the sensitivity of personal information) or new rochelle.

disposed = there was a final decision on the motion. here, motion 002 was tuna and easter island asking for a stay (i.e. delay) on the eviction.

like >>885986 said, same judge. if tuna failed to go to court this morning, there could have been a default judgement for the landlord, which would be super LOL.

man, what i'd give to see the signed legal paperwork from the court.

No. 885991

I figured when the decision date stayed with the April date. The decision stayed (putting todays date would signify a new decision date)

No. 885992

I don't understand why they went at the 11th hour. They just made it easier for the landlord to lock them out.

No. 885993

File: 1659366288497.png (1.72 MB, 750x1334, 6E9AD6A6-5F2B-49B7-B2A9-B5DA8F…)

Well she went to dollar tree. Priorities

No. 885995


Wait so she's back in the apartment?? Shouldn't they be scrambling to pack?

No. 885996

File: 1659366560577.jpg (221.84 KB, 720x1461, VideoCapture_20220801-080925.j…)

There's a box in the uncropped snap

No. 885997

they're going to pitch a tent in the Dollar Tree literally not metaphorically, wow plot twist

No. 885998

they are indeed look

No. 885999

It doesn't seem to be the squat, the walls are blue, I don't remember seeing any blue wall there
Maybe she already moved to the motel?

No. 886000

Pfp is in the screenshot, anon.

Looks like it from the scabby door behind her. So either either she isn’t getting evicted today/imminently, she really does have somewhere lined up, or she’s on enough benzos to kill an elephant.

No. 886001

Pitchin her tent no doubt

No. 886002

File: 1659366768510.jpeg (13.33 KB, 500x281, Bw0EOlpCAAAs-1u.jpeg)

She's weirdly unbothered. Either she got the extension or somewhere to move. Or - knowing her luck - both.

No. 886003

It does not. Don't reply if you don't know what it really means. She requested a stay and they settled it. We don't know what the decision is unless we read the judgement.

Probably means that they granted it or she'd be e-begging. The journey continues, anons.

No. 886004

4 years of thinking they’ll be evicted any day now For hiding in subsidised housing, and even now with a court order they’re still in the hovel somehow. Her luck blows my fucking mind.

No. 886005


No. 886006

shes fine, shes going to be fine. Who knows how this time but she always is.
The milk leading up to this momentous occasion has been fun. Finding their airbnbs, speculating how they'd function sharing a space with anyone and how quickly they'd trash a very nicely decorated room. Wondering why they'd book anything that didn't start the 1st. Watching her airbnb account get yeeted. Realizing she had not 2 but 3 whole months for her to have one last wakeup call.

No. 886007

yep, i knew it
honestly i believe this really is it FINALLY for them
if shes notnout by the 6th or whatever day they agreed on todaybthe judge will have no sympathy. look at the smug look on her face. she never faces any consequences

No. 886008

File: 1659367333991.gif (1.49 MB, 244x300, done-cake.gif)

Coming to the thread and nothing milky happened. The hype was real, anons.

No. 886010

she looks fucking zonked (more than usual as of late) i’ve never seen her eyes look quite like that

also why are we all calling it quits so soon? that could be an older photo, or it could have been taken in the middle of them “packing” or “getting their shit out” considering luna’s priorities

i don’t think her junkie luck has kicked in just yet. she’s just stupid and she’s being silent on purpose.

No. 886011

Well….. fuck.

No. 886012

Don't worry anon, this will not be it

No. 886013

Luna the scammer

No. 886014

My neighbor got evicted and the cops showed up a day after she was supposed to be out. Still think she's got junkie luck/some contingency.

No. 886015

>luna posts a pic of herself in new dollar tree sunglasses
>”well fuck ig she’s not getting evicted”

have y’all not learned anything in 40 threads? luna is gonna luna even when getting her shit wrecked

No. 886017

I honestly do not see how they granted her a stay of eviction unless the landlord was fine with it. I mean he probably doesn't want to clean up all their shit so thought it would be better to give them more time? But you're right, anon. I hope they told her to fuck off.

No. 886018

Even if the judge decided the eviction goes ahead as planned, just filing that motion probably put a freeze on it until it was decided today. So they might need to have the marshall person schedule another eviction date.

No. 886019

the blue is from the filter

No. 886026

File: 1659370474961.gif (484.75 KB, 461x271, i6oIiLE.gif)

maybe there will be more milk tomorrow? Nona >>886014 got my hopes up, why not set a date and come a day later, the person to be evicted might not open the door at said date, but one day later. Or we have to wait till the 6th, but the milk will come.

No. 886028

File: 1659370788049.jpg (157.78 KB, 570x789, NY.JPG)

I did some googling and from what I understand is it can be only stopped/delayed if the landlord agrees with it.

No. 886031

i highly doubt tuna went to her “landlord” this morning/today to turn in anything so maybe there will be milk after all

No. 886032

I can’t cap it but her last insta is about these stupid glasses and how thank god she got the last pair. Yes cause selfies and stolen shades are a thing

No. 886033

File: 1659372077187.jpeg (1.81 MB, 1284x2071, E5EE2261-2966-4A98-AB23-D0F3B8…)

Literally nothing out of the ordinary from her kek just another day

No. 886034

>2 hours ago “are these cool?”
>now “these are such a look im so glad I got them im obsessed”
The BPD is just so strong in everything she does, even the most innocuous posts

Kek anon. “There isn’t going to be a homelessness saga you stupid slut, she’s got another house”

No. 886035

either she’s using a sad gorl eyes filter or she’s looking reallt haggard and fucked up

No. 886036

how many times is she going to remind us that they were from dollar tree?

she sounds like a bird; cheap cheap cheap!

No. 886037

i vote this for next thread pic kek

No. 886038

I've had this terrible mental image of Luna in her squat, but the squat is a disgusting harpy nest of sticks covered in shit, and Luna is sitting there in the middle, a giant sack of flab and flesh, with her disgusting, rotting mouth open like a baby bird screaming "cheap cheap cheap". Her batwing arms flapping, flesh rolling, and face distorted trying to take sexy selfies in a pile of filth. Her enablers fly in to vomit cheap shien hauls into her gaping maw, but she is never full. Her bulk continues to grow, filling the nest as she cries for more & more, but the hole inside of her that forces her to constantly consume, forces her to make herself bigger & bigger never be filled, she will never be satisfied because she's empty inside. And then she will pass, ugly & huge and almost alone, except for Lurch nodding out, in a nest of her filthy, cheap, cheap shit.

No. 886039

Someone please draw this, kek.

No. 886040

File: 1659373933700.jpg (25.43 KB, 567x708, 287799895_10160057545092250_38…)

No. 886041

It’s because she’s never actually been truly poor in her life but she likes to play the part and makes sure everyone knows she buys things from cheap cheap cheap stores

No. 886042

For sure, there’s nothing behind those eyes whatsoever she’s definitely dosed up on benzos, not too out of the ordinary for her but I wonder if she’s taking extra for the day knowing what’s been in store for her

No. 886043

I know she says she doesn’t read here but Lurch probably does religiously. He probably saw everyone salivating over the eviction saga and/or the air b&b got cancelled due to cowtipping. He prob told Tooney Loons not to say anything to put them in more jeopardy.

Smartest thing they can do right now is not say anything. Pretty shocked she’s able to even contain herself if they are actually homeless as of 10 am this morning

No. 886045

Agree 100%, especially considering a lot of anons haven't exactly been chill/subtle about it.

I think that she's trying to play it cool on purpose. Luna's aware that most of her following at this point are only there for milk. Even Lurch knows, he said as much on her social media when he talked about how the haters want to see them "fail and be homeless" (something like that), but that it won't happen because he has a yacht and a country house or whatever. She knows there are people who have literally been waiting for this.

I do think she'll pop up when she can't resist the urge to complain/beg, but I'm not at all surprised that she hasn't posted any eviction play-by-play.

No. 886046

Honestly, imagine her showing crying selfies and pictures of her filth on the curb. All these years of us insulting her and her waste of a partner and she gives us exactly what we want? It's smart, but we know it won't last long. She doesn't have friendships, so she just projects into the void of social media.

I wish there was a lawfag in NY. All this information is public, but you need a state bar number to have an account where you can easily look up specific documents without doing a request. I have access to one in my state and federal (federal costs money), but that's it.

No. 886047

where are her full body selfies?
where is her OOTD spam?
weird shes not showing the broken chair as usual.

No. 886048

She's been pretty obvious about reading here for a while. Between the psycho on reddit and the hype here, it's no wonder she's playing it cool. It's just a matter of how long she can keep it going.

No. 886050

I think she says a friend's mom bought it, or a guy on the internet, or her dad/mom or cheap cheap cheap is to try to lie about stealing. "I totally only "paid" $1 for these cheap cheap cheap glasses!" not "I just stole these". Like we're all nodding our heads, "yes tuna fish, I believe you could spare $1 for cheap cheap cheap"

No. 886053

She really has been. A couple of months ago she posted something about how she's not going to post about her personal life anymore. Obviously she still does, but compared to before she is a lot more tight-lipped now than she used to be. Her need for attention/donations causes her to slip up a lot, but she has been holding back on purpose for a while now.

No. 886054

Maybe the real eviction was the friends that we made along the way.

No. 886055

Any anon, the motion seq is hyperlinked. Did you try to click?

No. 886057

File: 1659378978644.png (79.01 KB, 476x638, cheapcheap.PNG)


i hate you for putting this in my head and i hate myself for trying to drawfag.

No. 886058

File: 1659379242896.png (220.5 KB, 2858x820, Screenshot 2022-08-01 at 14-40…)

This is what it shows

No. 886059

She’s been obsessed with dollar tree for the last few weeks, even though I can’t recall her ever mentioning shopping there before. She even wrote a poem about it. I guess it isn’t surprising though, it’s the perfect place for broke hoarders who just want to buy as much junk as possible regardless of quality.

No. 886060

File: 1659379720813.jpeg (681.28 KB, 1284x1084, 6EDFC138-2146-4FDD-B865-D95802…)

helga from the oblongs reminds me of tuna. slightly shorter but the resemblance is there

No. 886061

she probably just discovered it lol

No. 886062

Shes eventually going to post about it. I can't remember if she said that before or after the brief wrist stabbing saga, but we all know that piss drinker is unable to keep anything to herself

No. 886063

I dont think chief areola gives a shit what she posts. Luna doxed their address and maybe more than once, he didn't give a shit. She said, numerous times, that they have a broken window and a broken front lock. She occasionally mentions if the two of them are out or will be out. If he cared for the security of their squat, he'd have told her to stfu ages back. Also he'd have hopefully stopped acting like a coomer boomer on twitter too after getting roasted on here. No idea why tuna is quiet about the eviction but I don't think it's to do with chief.

No. 886064

theres a dollar tree right near the courthouse according the most recent map another anon uploaded. she prob just waddles over to it to steal as a reward after each hearing. having to beg the judge to stay in the squat is hard work man

No. 886065

Love to you anon

No. 886066

KEK good one nonny

No. 886067

Damn, that's wild. Can't believe how long they've been squatting honestly
Lmao hoe couldn't even be bothered to fully take the sticker off her new cheap cheap obsession. What a life

No. 886068

You're the best nonna

No. 886069


>>886057 here; legit what i googled for inspo lololo

No. 886071

Cops don't show up on the dot to enforce an eviction unless they have absolutely nothing else going on, and considering the shithole neighborhood she's been squatting in that's unlikely. Patience nonnies.

No. 886072

How long will she continue to wear these with the sticker half-ass ripped off the arm by her ear? Anyways, even if she wasn't thrown out on the curb by cops this morning I'm still waiting for the milk. She'll have to move somewhere eventually and I wanna see what it is/what new bullshit she'll come up with and what they do when they inevitably run out of funds because I know she'll never get a legit job.

No. 886074

File: 1659382685721.jpg (285.31 KB, 750x528, soulsac-harpy.jpg)

That's misplaced anger, anon. I deserve the hate for putting the mental image out there and allowing it to infect others.
This is a much nicer rendition than the one in my head. Thanks artnona. I'm going to work on myself, anons, I promise.

No. 886075

She likely believes us to be involved with the AIRBNB suspension. Clearly none of us are because we were secretly rooting for her to have somewhere to go after this.

If lurch's money for "4-6 months up front" is from a settlement, then how in the world will they ever continue to pay?

Where's her mother? What's the likelihood she will let those two "stay a few nights" again

No. 886076

Samefag. I didn't finish my first thought:
Likely why she is not posting anything. She does want us meanies to "ruin anything else"

No. 886077


Her mom is in some kind of supervised group home situation now I believe, Luna won't be able to stay there.

No. 886078

Luna and lurch should become ip2 streamers.

No. 886079

File: 1659384275337.jpeg (648.06 KB, 1170x2100, EAE38561-B2D7-4278-98D6-283B63…)

Not eviction milk but I creeped around and Lurch likes to comment on this young Ukrainian girl’s page. He’s so socially autistic and retarded, I think he forgets that when he’s too busy convincing people he’s a rIcH gEniUS coulda been baseball star

No. 886080

File: 1659384307000.jpeg (628.28 KB, 1170x2100, FD4F3453-CE19-4640-9073-C31577…)

No. 886081

File: 1659384861903.jpg (64.56 KB, 800x525, Screenshot_20220801-131338_Bra…)

No. 886082

Topkek at the commenter

No. 886083

>”my girlfriend and I are fighting to stay in OUR apartment”
Lurch, it isn’t yours. You don’t own anything.

No. 886084


Until they shatter from the force of flopping her ass fatly onto her trap mattress

No. 886086

kek underrated comment

No. 886088

File: 1659386041144.jpeg (402.45 KB, 1125x1271, B7B72F32-752E-4DFD-9A98-F433BC…)

I’m really starting to tinfoil about Lurch’s political leanings if this is who he’s following/chatting up

No. 886089

I like how he tried to relate being kicked out of the squat to someone living in a country going through a war

No. 886090

We can thank fakeboi the dumb cunt for that. She tried hard to win Tuna's love by whiteknighting her here and then running to tell Tuna about it. Not only did that not work, Tuna decided to cut out the middleman and just start reading here all the time. I know she has read other threads in the past but never seemed to pay attention to her own.

No. 886091

She consumes an extreme amount of beauty products and take an extreme amount of selfies. She thinks a real job would make her ugly and she wouldn't be able to take selfies during pay hours.

No. 886093

You don't have to tinfoil, he's gone on racist rants before on social media. Though I don't think he's necessary aware of this particular photo, he just sees a young girl on the internet and immediately goes full creeper mode

No. 886094


No. 886095

>we need a ceasefire immediately
>five mf dollars for a gallon of gas
Pretty tone deaf if he's talking to actual ukrainians

No. 886097

She posted twice in the last hour on reddit. I am starved for the 35% fat cream I was promised. I guess it will happen tomorrow.

No. 886098

He really hurt her with that

No. 886099

The gas issue doesn't bother you Lurch cause not only do you not have a driver's license, but you have no car or money. What an absolute tone deaf, broke ass boomer.

Because he's fucking stupid. English has been his native language for 40+ years and he can't even speak that properly. Imagine being that old and having no accomplishments, not even your native language. All he does is yell at politicians and harass women on the internet while crouched in a filthy corner in a rundown apartment with a narcissistic blobfish taking photos in the background.

No. 886100

Downgraded to girlfriend KEK no wonder he hasn't married her, he doesn't want to

No. 886101

>harsh sanctions immediately
kek does he literally not understand that sanctions against Russia are why gas/petrol prices are so high worldwide?

No. 886103

File: 1659389412593.png (610.73 KB, 822x600, If only Lurch had a brain.png)

No. 886104

Beautiful nonnie

No. 886105

haha wow that's well done love it nona

No. 886106

It'd spice up milk a thousand fold if they got caught up with those degenerates but, she'd probably end up dead or worse off than she already is tbqh.

No. 886107

Meanwhile Luna calls him her fiancé along with how long they’ve been together any chance she gets

No. 886111

1488 is some white power shit no?

No. 886112

Yep. Of all the people in Ukraine he could be "supporting" (read: clumsily flirting with while in a relationship), he's supporting one of the neo Nazis. Because of course he is. Classy, Lurch.

No. 886114

so does this mean putin is right about all the neo-nazis lol

No. 886115

She's got his hairline.

No. 886116

of course he is, but it still doesn't mean that he's justified

No. 886117


I like how he calls Luna his girlfriend when she always refers to him as her fiance of 8 years

No. 886118

slavs are so ugly. "muh aryan genetics" god these people look ridiculous when they look like this. lurch and luna probably think they're some beautiful pale white power couple kek. lurch is definitely a vile racist, more than your average boomer. he probably middlemans for black guys who have way more money and power than him, probably plays into his weird anger. white trash junkies are the worst scum, will hate on everyone as if they're better than them as if they dont shoot dope and nod out in their squat at the end of the day.(racebait)

No. 886119

Luna has this insatiable need to complain about everything in her life online.
The fact that she isn’t crying about it right now feels like maybe she’s still in her squat.
That’s the only thing that makes sense.

No. 886120

I saw someone on the other farms saying it may take up to 6 days for an eviction to take place in NY, so maybe that's it.

No. 886123

yeah, she was obsessed with Abby Brown. I think she was even in a Facebook group about her.

No. 886125

the gas prices aren’t even effecting him… he can’t drive…

No. 886127

File: 1659399853944.png (356.56 KB, 1380x473, scabby.png)

she still is

No. 886128

File: 1659400345827.png (138.24 KB, 588x650, wow.png)

samefag but why does she join all these groups just to never post/comment it's so weird

No. 886129

Luna loves drama as much as we do, she just doesn’t feel comfortable on lolcow. She weighed in on Chris Chan, munchies, even Nikocado I believe.

No. 886130

does anyone here have her as a friend on FB or has she locked it down entirely?

No. 886131

She often posts on Eugenia Cooney's subreddit too.

No. 886133


100%. If it isn't hating via racism it's hating crackheads, or drunks, or normal people, anyone.

No. 886134

File: 1659404961469.jpeg (238.01 KB, 827x1209, 190C6927-8BF3-4DAB-8439-7225AA…)

“i only have a sharpie I put my other art stuff in storage”
Looks like she won’t be losing anything.

No. 886135

File: 1659405432988.jpg (294.95 KB, 1080x1565, Screenshot_20220801-185625_Ins…)

ebil dad probably stepped in at the last minute

No. 886136

"COKE (UR SO FUCKIN FAT}" water is free lmao

No. 886137

I know we like to rag on her art but I genuinely believe if she had just focused on that while staying in school, she really could have improved and done something with it. Oh well, I guess the heroin chic aesthetic irl is more important.

No. 886139

File: 1659406775502.jpg (305.59 KB, 1080x1499, Screenshot_20220801-191858_Ins…)

No. 886140

This b&w graphic style is actually not bad, I prefer it to her usual waste of paint and pricy art markers. Shame the subject matter is the same tired crap, but at least it's not a sadgirl talking to a cherub.

No. 886142

I hate that she got to keep her shit but if they don’t keep up with payments through the storage rental service, it’ll get tossed. Why the fuck is her stupid family always helping her? She probably cried and begged and guilt tripped, swore to get a job “even at Dunkin’ Donuts, I’ll put aside my pride uwu” like bitch, what pride or ego do you have left to preserve? You drank your own piss and lied to your father for humiliation money. I can’t stand her.

No. 886143

She's still on that "Meds don't make me feel happy about how much of a worthless loser I am, so they don't work" tip, I see. This bitch might as well be stabbing herself in the leg and then crying that bandaids don't make her body feel like she's on ecstasy.

No. 886144

She’s retarded, you can’t expect meds to help you if you’re mixing them with fucking benzos and downers, and meds aren’t even the primary course of treatment for BPD. Luna won’t get sober or participate in DBT so she won’t get better. She acts like it’s the big bad governments fault, and wasn’t she writing that “medicine is so beautiful before they add dollar signs,” like which medicine, heroin? She has Medicaid, that shit is free or has a copay of $5 minimum. She’s non compliant and will continue to be dropped by every specialist she sees. No one wants to waste resources on a bpd junkie that refuses to see the very clear root of her problems.

No. 886145

she’s very active in several amberlynn groups on fb and i’ve seen her post in the snark sub on reddit. which is so funny because she has so much in common with amberlynn.

No. 886148

Imagine someone spending money on a storage unit that only contains stained, unwashed old clothes, disgusting plushies and boxes of knick knack junk. Not that I entirely believe she literally put it in a storage unit. Maybe she leeching ebil dad's storage space or something. Maybe they should rent one of their own and live in it until they're caught.

No. 886149

she's been drawing for probably 10 years? my understanding is that you would get better at something the more you do it. I've only seen a degradation in quality.

No. 886150

I wish she would just spill the beans already about where she is/where she's going to stay. She's being boring meh

No. 886151

Because she’s high out of her mind and killing brain cells on the daily, had she stayed in college and refined her art skills then she would be better but she dropped out for lurch and heroin instead. Her brain is stuck at 17-18.

No. 886152

only her father would do that, i don’t think she’d lie about that shit because it gives her a reason to beg. she’s also not going to let everyone know her father is saving her ass again because then she can’t split on him later and whine about how evil he is and how he traumatized her into becoming a useless junkie

No. 886153

nobody ever said there weren’t neo-Nazis in Ukraine
there are neo-Nazis in Russia, too, should Putin attack Russia? should he attack the US? Germany? Greece?(derailing)

No. 886154


She's just busy with real life for once in her god damn life. I had an inkling that maybe she would be busy packing and getting the fuck out today and probably wouldn't post much. The sunglasses proved me wrong, but fear not, anons. We will see a milking

No. 886155

did she actually rent storage or just put her stuff in her dad’s storage space at his building?

No. 886156

she’ll probably never tell, she may have put her stuff at his house but unless he’s paying for it or allowing her to keep her disgusting hoard at her dads house, i seriously doubt she’s affording it on her own. she won’t give an inkling that her dad is helping her because it just proves that again, at least one parent is willing to help her and get her life back on track. luna doesn’t want her life on track, she wants reasons to stay “sick” so she can justify using her “medicine” to cope. entitled and spoiled cow.

No. 886157

10 years and she still can't figure out how to draw a hand holding a cig lmao

No. 886159

i remember her being in an abby brown fb group too. you'd think she would have more self awareness on how not to be an online cow but alas

No. 886161

I’m inclined to agree with this, she’s being conspicuously silent because ebil dad has saved the day and if she divulges that she won’t be able to beg for shekels. What an anticlimactic “saga” this has proved to be

No. 886162

If they actually rented a storage unit it would be smart, it's not hard to squat in them if you're careful. Luna is too stupid/spoiled to consider it.

Why not use the dog bite money to buy a cheap cheap car? It will give them shelter and a way to find a fucking job. You don't even have to have a licence if you're buying outright from a private seller. They'll never get it registered, probably will steal a sticker from someone else. Lurch is an old junkie, there's no way he doesn't know all this.

No. 886163

I think “in storage” just means packed away, like in a box or garbage bag or something

No. 886164

Which AI is that? I want to generate more poems for my own amusement.

No. 886165

Nta but pretty sure it's this one

No. 886167

I hate her art style and the things she draws. Maybe I'm not enlightened enough to "get it."

No. 886169

Art is subjective, you don’t need to “get” it. Luna’s style is unremarkable outsider art, she’s clearly had no formal training and doesn’t adhere to any rules, anons who keep sperging about how she doesn’t know how to draw hands don’t know anything about different styles of art either, as she clearly isn’t aiming for realism. I don’t especially like her work either but I’m far more offended by her copic abuse than the fact that her subject matter is juvenile edgelordery and her figures anatomically incorrect

No. 886171

I don't hate it per se but it's boring. Always the same shit: sad girl, pills, cigarette, cat, etc. And I don't get why she always writes 2000s txt spk like "I want 2 die" is it that much more effort to write "to"?

No. 886174

Yeah having a war break out in your country is literally like getting evicted for being squatter junkies. Never change, Lurch.

No. 886179

Does anyone know where tuna is, besides "safe?"

No. 886181

We only know as much as she posts and she hasn't posted since the sunglasses selfies, all of which were taken at the hovel.

No. 886183

Given she hasn’t posted any motel selfies, it’s safe to assume she’s either at her dads place without lurch or the cops haven’t actually been there to kick them out yet. It might take a few days even if she’s technically “evicted” as of yesterday

No. 886184

I think art's a lot like writing. You need to know the rules, traditional writing and structure to then deviate and break the rules in a clever and impactful way. Structure and form are rules that exist to coherently tell a story or idea. Luna is like this with her poetry. She does whatever she wants to be impactful but doesn't know the first thing about structure now to break through through structure. Not saying she needs a degree, just enough passion to love art or poetry to self-study. She just imposes her narcissism into her art and poetry instead of trying to inspire and connect with others.

We wait. Patience, anon.

No. 886186

but she was better at 18 if you compare.. she had the same art style but it was more polished

No. 886188

She was in an Uber recently, so perhaps she was taking a couple boxes of her stuff to her dad's for safe keeping so she won't lose 90% of her belongings again.

I think whatever else is currently in the apartment they plan to just leave when they are evicted, and until then, they are just hanging out. Aside from her plushies and art stuff that she put in storage, I really don't think they have much that they can't easily carry with them to wherever they are going next. That's why we aren't seeing her usual aesthetic spreads of her graverobbed junk.

No. 886191

File: 1659452827368.gif (1.37 MB, 1000x527, inthearmsoftheangels.gif)

No. 886192

I love you. The only thing that could make this better is if you confirmed you’re chairanona.

No. 886193

RIP in piss, broken pink chair. The autism you brought to tunas threads will be missed.

No. 886195

in the arms of the angels plays softly in the background

No. 886196

Honestly I really wish Tuna was more tech savvy and wasn't "muh internet fame ruined my life" so she could start a youtube channel. Mayne even stream. That'd be sooo milky. Pls someone suggest her to create a twitch account next time she posts about her shitty games on insta kek

No. 886197

File: 1659455745309.jpeg (248.09 KB, 1080x1661, Screenshot_20220802-112741_Ins…)

Luna confirmed to still be at the hovel, but finally packing.

No. 886199

you loved him so much you let him walk around in piles of used needles and let his fur become greasy and matted

No. 886200

god i’ve had similar instaxes on my wall for decades and they don’t look that grimy , yuck

No. 886202

FUCKING EW the grime on that photo, rip smokey but what the fuck

No. 886203

She doesn’t love anyone or anything but herself, she’s literally the worst person to own pets but won’t listen to anyone even her well meaning followers when they say stop spending daddy’s money on ~skincare hauls~ and take your fucking cat to the vet. Pumpkin and all the other cats were merely there to serve her selfish needs, she doesn’t view them as living creatures that aren’t an extension of herself and her “real family”

No. 886204

this actually made me burst out laughing holy shit

No. 886205

Yeah well, when all you care about are drugs and internet validation your “skills” tend to degrade with time, she got lazy and stopped caring about her hobbies. Even the one healthy outlet she has for her Unimaginable Sadness is skewed by her bpd trauma core bullshit.

No. 886206

you can see how yellow it's turned because of all the smoking.

No. 886207

File: 1659457989770.jpeg (1 MB, 1284x1765, 2249F984-89E9-4357-86FD-1590AF…)

The “cheap cheap cheap cheap” gave me a hearty kek nice one Tuna! I noticed she made a few posts about more skincare items but then proceeded to delete them pretty quickly, the farms must be playing on her mind heavily today, or perhaps she’s gearing up for some classic ebegging

No. 886209

this is spot on anon. you can tell when an artist knows basic anatomy but draws in a stylised manner vs an artist who uses their "style" as an excuse for poor anatomy and laziness. luna falls into the 2nd category.

>cheap cheap cheap cheap
kek this is like a parody of luna's art

No. 886210

nice roach shit all over your beloved dead pet photo

No. 886214

File: 1659464311666.jpg (2.17 MB, 1842x2954, 20220802_121300.jpg)


She still has them up on her snap, most recent was a couple hours ago. Sheet masks are clearly priority when you're waiting for the cops to kick in your door and evict you.

No. 886215

File: 1659464711526.jpg (2.46 MB, 2011x2892, 20220802_120647.jpg)

I'm sure that "found" it's way into her bag at the dollar tree without paying for it. I'm a little amazed at this point she's never been picked up for shoplifting with how often she must do it in a completely zombied out benzo condition

No. 886220

File: 1659468670729.jpg (177.9 KB, 720x1420, VideoCapture_20220802-123118.j…)

No. 886222

File: 1659468860785.jpg (181.95 KB, 720x1424, VideoCapture_20220802-123122.j…)

No. 886223

File: 1659468890850.jpg (158.89 KB, 720x1402, VideoCapture_20220802-123126.j…)

No. 886224

File: 1659468940600.jpg (190.95 KB, 720x1397, VideoCapture_20220802-123125.j…)

No. 886225

File: 1659468978469.jpg (176.85 KB, 720x1412, VideoCapture_20220802-123127.j…)

No. 886226

I was the first, but there are at least two others. God bless my fellow autists.

No. 886227

File: 1659469201214.jpg (333.09 KB, 1080x1355, Screenshot_20220802-123800_Red…)

Tooona : "Totally moving guyz!!! not being evicted from our squat hovel. Muh prioritez r skin care, shitty art, drugz and shoplifting error I mean having a friend's mom find me cheap cheap cheap!!!!!

No. 886228

literally what is the purpose or logic of posing so unnaturally in this way?

No. 886229

How can she post skincare pictures and be completely oblivious to the filth on the floor just below the mask she's showing off. So disgusting. I can't imagine what her pillowcases must look like. The best skincare products on the market aren't going to do anything for someone who lays around in utter filth constantly

No. 886230

File: 1659470202915.jpg (207.18 KB, 1920x1080, MV5BN2EyMWRkYmMtNWUyMi00ZGUzLT…)

Has anyone seen the siren from What We Do In The Shadows in her trash nest? Still better body that Tuna.

No. 886231

But look the filte- I mean her skin looks so soft! Luna acts like rich people in France in the seventeenth century who constantly put powder and perfume on their rotting skin

No. 886232

Someone should tell her how cheap cheap cheap mercury, bismuth, or lead is for her soft soft soft skin

No. 886234

This is actually amazing, bless you.

No. 886235

Sorry to samefag but holy shit I love you bitches. I really needed these chuckles today.

No. 886236

She's made her last two shitty tattoos her entire identity so they have to be in frame of every photo.

No. 886238

You sound even more unhinged than the cow you’re talking about, congrats.

No. 886239

How many fucking masks did she do in one day? Why. That's not how it works.

No. 886241

As many as she could steal.

No. 886243

different chair anon here. I love you nonas

No. 886244

Nona that’s a fantastic idea! We need to get her to start doing twitch streams, those would get milky af I bet. She plays video games anyways, and can’t you make money on twitch?
It’s perfect, she’d have an excuse to afford her cheap cheap cheap totally non stolen walgreens cosmetics and we’d get a forum for almost assured background milkiness.

No. 886245

Holy shit this needs to be part of the next thread pic, I can't

No. 886246

File: 1659478772209.jpeg (1.54 MB, 1114x1843, 08E24843-75A9-4E88-A7B6-03AABE…)

this pose is my all time fav kek

No. 886247

Chromebook / Best Buy branded hair masks are known for their quality

No. 886248

Pretty sure she only owns a switch lite which you can't stream from. So she'd have to ebeg a whole console or pc to be able to stream, be careful what you wish for kek.

No. 886249

“The Sloppy Golfer”

No. 886250

unjustly murdered by Tuna's fat ass

No. 886252

File: 1659482356872.jpg (224.3 KB, 720x1035, 20220802_171443.jpg)

We may not be getting our eviction milk yet but at least everyone worried about Pumpkin can rest easy knowing there are rules in place in New York protecting animals in evictions.
I read somewhere that if you have pets and the marshal shows up for an eviction they can take your pets if you haven't arranged for them to be somewhere safe already but this was all I could find.

No. 886255

>>cheap cheap cheap
I’ve never fully believed that she reads here until this drawing, this is a shoutout to us
I really didn’t think she could take reading this thread but guess her skin has gotten tougher

No. 886256

I havent noticed this but what the fuck lol

No. 886257

Idk if it's obvious that was a filter since it's from a low quality photo taken of the snap on another phone. Idk how to screen grab without it being seen on snapchat ):():)

No. 886258

So the cops take Pumpkin to a pound and euthanize her. Cool.

No. 886259

Honestly surprised she hasn’t already started doing YouTube. A lot of the people on here make their livings by being dumb on YouTube. At least she’d get paid for views

No. 886261

I truly think Pumpkin is adoptable.. even I would take her if I didn’t have two cats already. I live close enough where I could grab her and I’m sure other anons feel the same, there’s a lot of people who are worried and if she does end up in a shelter, maybe there’s a chance for her. Otherwise she’s going to rot with tuna and lurch and probably die prematurely anyways, just with more suffering.

No. 886263

Maybe they'll find his original owners if he was swiped. If he is chipped the shelter will catch that.

No. 886264

wtf would she make videos about though? honestly

No. 886265

Skin care routines… Kek

No. 886266

While you’re both right, outsider art exists. I honestly don’t know whether Tuna’s art is genuine outside art or pure laziness, but I’m leaning towards the latter just because it’s Tuna
Jfc that poor cat looks so miserable, not that it’s surprising giving the filth these two scumbags forced it to live in, animals are nothing but props to Tuna

No. 886269

File: 1659491087002.png (Spoiler Image,1.87 MB, 750x1334, 02E77185-16FF-4D4E-8CA0-1C8A30…)

Reposted forgot to Spoiler

No. 886270

File: 1659491111595.jpeg (Spoiler Image,59.98 KB, 750x943, 66560C8B-553C-4140-AF7E-07C51E…)

No. 886271

File: 1659491170737.png (Spoiler Image,2.23 MB, 750x1334, 2A9F3AAB-6EC9-47EF-BB1B-55C980…)

From the other farms, she's posting more stuff on Reddit.

Again reposting for spoilers sake

No. 886272

Never in my life have I encountered anyone whose priorities are as fucked up as Tina’s, fuck me drunk WOMAN YOU ARE ABOUT TO BE HOMELESS

No. 886273

File: 1659492517419.png (1.02 MB, 863x1105, Screenshot_20220802-220742.png)

Looks like Lurch isn't living up to her expectations…will she actually ditch him to live with her Dad?

No. 886274

No, she's just having a bpd moment.

No. 886275

I never seen Tuna with soap, shampoo or conditioner just lotion and oils. I wonder what she would look like actually clean with clean regular clothes and under clothes that actually fit. No fake nasty nails or nasty cheap cheap cheap jewelry and hair in a normal ponytail. Like when those mobile showers hit homeless communities.

No. 886276

Leave that greasy groomer Luna!

No. 886277

File: 1659494396516.jpg (267.27 KB, 1080x1716, Screenshot_20220802-193712_Ins…)

I wonder if her friends get tired of her never talking about anyone but herself

No. 886278

File: 1659494592269.jpg (102.2 KB, 1080x783, Screenshot_20220802-194157_Ins…)

More of Lurch being weird with kt

No. 886279

i feel bad for this girl… had 3 months clean on july 2nd then posted on july 20th that she just got out rehab. sage bc i know she’s not the subject but damn.

No. 886280

File: 1659494777441.jpeg (170.89 KB, 750x1108, 32756F73-F6B7-481F-9DA9-F52BBB…)

even lurch can’t talk about anyone else other than luna smh.

No. 886281

File: 1659495319243.jpg (85.37 KB, 1080x790, Screenshot_20220802-195350_Sam…)

No. 886282

Fucking leeches.

No. 886285

Literally day in the life or literally ANY kind of bullshit. She's a cow and she'd get cringe-views no matter what.

No. 886289

this is what i've been wondering about. obviously she won't take her to a vet bc she's broke but also bc the owners nearby have her registered there maybe.

No. 886290

Leave her alone lurch she doesn't want you
And it's funny how tuna is gonna do EVERYTHING… but not until she "moves". Tuna stop acting like being thrown out of the hovel is going to magically change your life. You won't put in any more effort than you do right now. You still won't have a job, pretty blonde hair, or go to NA meetings. It's be the same shit, different squat.

No. 886291

Funniest thing is that she’ll go just for the cupcake

No. 886292

What an unfortunate set of tits.

No. 886293

Don’t bother lol, she’s not leaving unless he dies first which will likely be sooner than later and then her tiny world will crumble, she goes back to dad and probably self destructs — or “recovers” i.e switches addictions, but bpd junkies aren’t known for the latter. Luna has based her entire personality around lurch and what he likes, constantly writes shitty poetry about him being some beacon of light in her life when he’s just a disgusting groomer who got her on smack, cheats on her and routinely verbally abuses her. She might be insufferable but I can’t imagine tolerating someone like lurch, dude needs to be dead in a gutter somewhere and that’s not even me a-logging

No. 886294

yeah sure your dad doesn’t care, that’s why he’s keeping you off the streets and allowing you the privilege of storing your filthy belongings. you wouldn’t even have a connection to the outside world (internet) for your petty tantrums or begging if it weren’t for mean ol dad. cash, compliments, drugs, useless junk that serves no purpose? luna finds a way to get it all, and if her little drug den goes up in flames then she has a safety net with dad. lots of kids with addicted parents got nothing AND were abused, now their parents are dead or soon to be. she appreciates nothing

No. 886295

Does this count as pay2play?

No. 886296

File: 1659508648273.jpg (Spoiler Image,19.45 KB, 692x149, whathtefuck.jpg)


No. 886297

>warm married cum
What in the hell? Gross

No. 886298

>>886297 more like soon-to-be-divorced cum

No. 886301

File: 1659517869376.jpeg (341.33 KB, 1125x1822, 6378EECA-03FE-4172-8DCD-02E4CE…)

Not trying to detail the thread but wow what a winner

No. 886302

Misandry forever. Kill all men.

No. 886303


Absolutely disgusting.
Hoping they get Ashley Madisoned

No. 886304

It's not cheating, it's a kink!

No. 886305

Fucking oath, reddit moids are especially rancid and a-logging should be permitted for all scrotes

No. 886306

I've never caught a ban for a-logging moids

No. 886308

wow he laughing because he did the exact opposite or?

No. 886313

File: 1659531086556.jpeg (32.92 KB, 283x320, EDF0652A-CD7E-43F3-A6AB-CFA26E…)

>big curved cock
>cheating on wife with women on Reddit

No. 886314

i think so. he really stole this young womans life from her, with her own cosigning of it, of course.

No. 886318

File: 1659539301886.jpg (220.33 KB, 1080x1279, 1659361668271.jpg)

No. 886319

I’m honestly surprised at the LACK of ebegging going on at the moment. It must be covert in the dms or something. I know a lot of us have been reached out to by her in the past, but she hasn’t asked to have her trinkets funded in a hot minute…

No. 886320

he's still posting as of 20 mins ago, anyone who hasn't looked at his profile, don't, it's obviously so fucking disgusting and depraved. luna must know/not give a shit honestly…

No. 886322

LMAO oh the humanity!

No. 886324

File: 1659543839921.png (1.9 MB, 853x1397, Screenshot_20220803-122310.png)

Shes in Hell's Kitchen, probably on her way to her dad's

No. 886325

File: 1659543863275.png (1.12 MB, 842x1205, Screenshot_20220803-122256.png)

No. 886326

incoming bitching and moaning dump about her evil dad being sooooo mean and unsupportive and triggering!!

No. 886327

I doubt Luna looks at the reddit page of every scrote who comments on her pics. She might drop in to DM them but I don’t think she’d take the time to look through their post history

No. 886328

first day on Luna's threads?

reach but it reminded me of the Tessa saga. what if this was the lead in and he DMed her bragging about his inheritance, yacht, and big dick all over again

No. 886331

nvm im dumb and thought that account was literally lurch's. still gross tho

No. 886332

Sage for no screenshots but just wanted to confirm your suspicion; she sent out a selfie Snapchat with “I don’t want to go see my dad ugh”

No. 886333

Lmfaoooo. Once again ebil dad saves the day. It's sad tuna is 26 and can't do a damn thing on her own. Being supported by her father/parents while she plays house with a decrepit, gross groomer. Can't wait to see how this plays out now though

No. 886335

God fuck Luna. Her dad needs to wake the fuck up and just stop helping her, let the homeless saga ensue. With all that and lurch leaving her dusty ass maybe, MAYBE, she'll wake up too.

No. 886338

The humane society in her town is shitty but they're a "no-kill" so unless pumpkin is very expensive to treat or near end of life or behavioral they will give her a chance at adoption

No. 886339

I wish Luna would just get real and move in with her dad in that beautiful apartment in NYC. Get down to like 80lbs. Really make this aesthetic work. You know she’d love it. I don’t even care if she gets a job. Just lose weight and dump Lurch and move in with her dad and work on her art. Her life could actually be pretty enviable. It’s all in her hands and it’s all accessible with some effort. Damn. I’d love to see it. I don’t know why she just chooses these hovels over her dads apartment anyway. I guess it’s to be with Lurch. Sickening, really. I could never not make these decisions if I was her.

No. 886341

>>886339 She's like 5'7 and you want her to weight 80lbs? OK anachan.

She could certainly stand to lose 80, but 80 is not a healthy goal weight for any adult woman.

No. 886342

Well, you’re right. Maybe 110. Just very thin. Not this cottage cheese ass body she has going on now. It pisses me off she won’t change anything when her dad is discernibly rich. How is she so blind to achieving her dreams? You know if she moved in with him it would make the massive weight loss much more possible. She could actually get rid of the weight.

No. 886343

File: 1659553157481.jpeg (104.86 KB, 735x856, 6rVmy0P.jpeg)

Where did ya'll get that daddy's beautiful NYC apartment idea from? It's just a normal rent controlled unit in Manhattan, quite modest in fact. Her dad is not rich, I sincerely doubt he owns it.

No. 886344

>>886343 reading all of the fucking threads, that's how. His apartment is located in a very posh area, is fuckin' huge for NYC, and he works in the music industry–Luna has posted photos of her out to dinner with her dad and some of these musicians in the past. He has money.

No. 886345

Well I don't care if you're white trash, I live in London and my family is English and is posher than hers (I have family members in the House of Lords) so to me she's American white trash. And so are you, if you think anything about Luna or her dad is opulent or classy. You have no idea what posh means if you think her dad is posh.

No. 886346


america is a shithole, this is what passes as doing well over here, you're highness

No. 886347

If she loses weight for the aesthetic, she hasn't grown. I don't care if she really loses weight or not. Obviously losing some weight would be good for her, but I just want to see her develop enough self preservation to have an inkling of independence. She's really put herself through the wringer, but she's still young enough to turn it around and make something of her life. Weight can be a future hurdle. If she can't be assed to get a job, she should go to the YMCA or something. Anything but sitting in her hovel. Honestly, some weight loss would probably come naturally if she walked more than the 20 steps a day she takes from the bed to the shitter.

No. 886348

most nyc apartments are tiny as fuck, having the room for a dining table is indicative that this is not a dump of an apartment (at least size wise).

nobody gives a shit, britfag. go shove some mushy peas down your gullet and get out of the thread.

if she turns her life around, then how can she perpetually play the victim?

No. 886349

Oi, didn't realize we're in presence of rouyalty. That's proper fouckin bounkers lass. That is willy nilly nuts, innit?

No. 886350

I get disgusted thinking about a benzoed out, sloppy, grimey, dirty, sticky tuna laying around his nice clean apartment, stomping around flopping her tits out for reddit posts and stinking like an ash tray and the scent of 15 over-perfumed drugstore beauty products

No. 886351

You must be 18 to post on this site

No. 886352

Kek Anon, truly based

Whatever you're smoking, stop it or you'll catch yourself some Lurch the next time you'll buy it. Luna is not a manic pixie dream girl in disguise, her parents are (former) drug addicts, she's been spoiled and still chose for herself to be an addict. She has always been huge, some people are like that. Do you really think someone like Luna has the willpower to lose weight when she even can't control her grubby fingers to steal cheap cheap dollar store stuff?

No. 886353


No. 886354

I read somewhere, that sometimes people will bring up their own experiences as a way to relate and empathise etc. I guess it's a way to offer support also, show you've been through a similar experience. However, I honestly don't think that's the case with Tuna. I just think she's so completely self-absorbed and narcissistic that she always brings it back to herself.

She could have said something like "I'm really happy for you, I hope it is going well… I'm actually thinking about going to meetings when I move". That sounds much better, it isn't just about herself but I honestly don't think she has the capacity to give a shit about others. It also makes me cringe just how rude she is to people who interact with her. Like, has she always been this way or is it because she's paranoid followers are also farmers?

No. 886355

Did you read my post? Of course I don't think she'll lose weight willingly; outside of her pathetic excuse for an ana larp, she's shown no effort or care to lose weight. I'm saying if she leaves her bed once in a while, she'll shed a couple pounds. Going from absolutely zero activity, walking around will take off a couple pounds, at least initially. Where I live, YMCAs are common homeless/junkie hangouts. If she could walk her ass over to one, she could maintain her heroin chic image, lose a couple pounds, and maybe even meet a fellow junkie to steal some cheap cheap dollar tree skincare with.

No. 886356

File: 1659556194037.jpg (602.79 KB, 1079x1449, Screenshot_20220803-143239_Tum…)

Yes. Evil dads place is such a "bad place" to be (her words). I hope her dad knows the whole story and doesn't think she's just there to visit or that it's a temporary stay because she has a magical non-existent "new place" lined up

No. 886357

Kek inbred bongs always want to prove they’re better than burgers. Muh royalty.
You lost the revolutionary war. Get over it kek

No. 886359

Lol, you're either a full-on Tory or someone who has "acab" and "eat the rich" in their bio but enjoys having rich parents.

No. 886360

Who needs a purpose in life when you can also have a 45 dollar highlighter

No. 886361

You're both retards. A Manhattan studio apartment costs as much as the average American 3 bedroom house. The tiny size of Luna's dad's place doesn't indicate that he's white trash (btw kill yourself posh nonny, literally no one gives a fuck that there are people that share some of your DNA that have done something impressive with their lives; you're still a loser), nor does its high cost mean that "doing well" in the US equals living in a cramped apartment (Luna's dad's location is an outlier when it comes to housing supply and demand).

Luna's dad isn't filthy rich, but he sure as hell isn't poor. Get over it.

No. 886362

Now is the perfect time for her to start her youtube channel. She can bark about how she's a recovering addict with a fresh start away from her terrible, horrible past life in the squat where she was surrounded by crackheads and crime. She could make money over time off it or at least be sent free shit from companies that she can hoarde if she gets at all popular. She needs to get on reddit and figure out how to start-up a successful channel.

No. 886363

You literally sent a sharp shiver down my spine from just imagining her pillowcases. Yeuck, it's honestly amazing she isn't one giant MRSA infection

No. 886364

kek, I love you, nona

No. 886365

No. 886366

When is this materialistic spoiled bitch getting tossed from her hovel I can’t wait anymore

No. 886367


Did a quick search for the items she got "gifted" and the perfume is $80, the highlighter $40.

It could be possible she stopped by a Sephora to treat herself to a 5 finger discount….but the more likely option is her "terrible dad" treated her

No. 886368

Yeah, definitely papa bought her. When she steals something, she says she "found" or "got".

No. 886369

It's obvious her dad bought them. She went to her dad's house, magically has these expensive gifts, but won't say who got them. She knows if she says her dad got her fucking perfume and an overpriced highlighter, that it'll poke a giant hole in her "my dad is evil and i don't talk to him anymore" bullshit story. we all know she talks to both her mom and dad to get money, drugs and shelter out of because she's too useless and braindead to get any of those things herself.

No. 886370

>>886345 dunno why you're assuming I'm white but go off, your majesty. Pardon me for interrupting Your Royal 'Tardedness. Please, tell me more about your personal life and finances. This is absolutely riveting.
>>886348 literally all of this
Back on-topic: where TF are Lurch and the cat?

No. 886371

Yes. You're no better than tuna. If Tuna didn't act as a humble uwu poor girl for her aesthetic, she would talk just like you. Both of you…Arrogant, superficial

No. 886374

No place to stay but Jo Malone perfume?! God damn she’s so beyond help

No. 886375

from the looks of it shes already on the train back to the squat. better hope lurch is home with the cat kek

No. 886376

What is this info?
Do you have her snap?

Is there a way to take a photo of a phone? The milk could be so good right now, don't care if it's blurry milk

No. 886377

I’m afraid the milk is dry, nonnas. She doesn’t post anything milky anymore other than her hauls but then she leaves us to imagine how she stores it in her hovel. There can’t be a place for all that, there just can’t. She’s not even using anymore. Ugh, I’m just so frustrated because she’s spooked about farmers. Does she even read here? My ultimate cream dream is if she posted here one day under a namefag. Her and Mariah mallad have become so boring. Shame, they were my favorite cows.

No. 886378

Oop forgot to sage.

No. 886379

File: 1659565622993.jpg (540.88 KB, 1092x1829, Tumblr_l_612745583091828.jpg)

She posted this one on tumblr, didnt see it posted here yet, despite being the same old shit

No. 886380

this is definitely referencing the farms lol

No. 886381

I mean she’s still posting her necrotic snatch on Reddit for validation and showing off the shit she steals, I wonder if her dad bought her those items she just posted or if she stole them from him (does he have a gf?) anyways I don’t think she can contain herself when she finally has a meltdown over being evicted, it’s just a matter of time. She has zero impulse control and cannot stop over sharing to save her life, so I want to believe

No. 886382

Here’s to hoping. The snatch posts are milky and most of her Reddit interactions are too so there is that. I just miss the old blonde mop head, foundation lips days.

Also, I can’t believe how many gifts this bitch gets. She literally does nothing and receives birthday tier gifts from everyone all the time. That’s not even to mention the money that’s handed to her that she uses to buy dollar store crap with. I don’t believe she steals this stuff. I think she actually has an allowance from her dad. Both of her parents give her drugs too. Damn, her life really isn’t all that bad. It’s just the way she looks is terrible and her boyfriend is ugly as sin.

No. 886383

nona, if shes buying this stuff, why does she never have a bag from the store? dollar tree, walgreens, whatever

No. 886384

Post proof, you can record it with your laptop or anything

No. 886385

File: 1659566845585.jpg (302.85 KB, 1080x1011, Screenshot_20220803-154712_No …)

These are all that's on her sc

No. 886386

This has always been my thought, especially the things that are "gifted". Guess that means unboxing videos for her skincare channel are out

No. 886387

It's her monthly bath time.

No. 886388

File: 1659568002009.jpg (347.82 KB, 1079x1558, IMG_20220803_235008.jpg)

This has REALLY fucking pissed me off. She's literally facing homelessness and she's buying $30+ highlighters, or being "gifted" it. I've read all of the threads, so it's no surprise that she never acts with any real semblance of urgency, but this really did get to me. I work 12 hour shifts, I sacrifice time with my loved ones, and even though I've just been paid, I can't afford £30 highlighter. I'd get a gift like this for birthday/Xmas and I'd be so thankful.

Seriously though, how does this obnoxious fucking bitch keep landing on her feet? She's like a cat.

No. 886389


She has fat girl hands now

No. 886390

And I would say she stole this, but usually Fenty items and other "higher end" products are actually stored in a locked counter. I'm from the UK (I'm not the posh House of Lords nonna) and tester products will be on stands to look at etc but the actual product is locked away in a compartment underneath the testers. Another thing, brands like Fenty usually have their own unique area with sales people who watch you like a hawk and try upsell. I'm sure they'd be all over that filthy smelly beast if it came waddling in with smelling like cat-piss and covered in filth.

No. 886391

Confirmation that her rose tattoo is referencing a needle going into her arm, a constant reminder of how she wants to shoot up, thus a terrible tattoo for a "sober/recovering" addict kek

No. 886392

of all the things to bitch about lol. they look like mostly normal hands. except that they’re on a gross ass bitch

No. 886393

I didn’t even notice that, wow. She really centers her entire existence around being lurch’s emotional punching bag and dope. What a life.

No. 886394

it's only been a day and a half, she'll crack eventually

no pun intended

No. 886395

Ofc sage and prolly get a ban:
Luna, if you're reading this:

You have a chance
You genuinely are decent looking, especially 50 lbs lighter

1: Matthew has done nothing of note In
His entire life, please live with your father without him. You can get a simple job near your fathers house. It's clear dad only wants the best for you
2: you can still occasionally use Benzos! But smoking Weed every day, and the access to matthews cartel drug sources aren't positive for you.
3: you have talent in writing and art. They just need to be slowly worked on without your toxic relationship hindering your spiritual/personal growth.
4: look at old photos of yourself from your zine days. You were mysterious, trendy, and a artsy. You're NOT to old to experience that again.
5: it's clear you're reading here. Nothing will get better with you if you're still jobless, watching king of the hill every night and only looking forward to baseball games with your deadbeat unemployed groomer of a "fiancé"
6: have you seen his twitter and Instagram replies ?? Please look.

We don't think you can do it, because we've seen no growth. Prove us wrong.

No. 886396

She isn't going to listen to any of that and you wasted your time even trying. Give your sympathy to someone more worthy of it.

No. 886397

>thinking that Luna has a chance
I have to laugh

No. 886398

I wonder if anything she reads here touches her on an emotional level or if she just registers it all as “omg so fat~*~*” spam. If I was an lolcow I would listen to every single reply. There’s no one more invested in her life than farmers. Not even her own family or boyfriend care about her this much. We track her every move and believe it or not there are farmers who want the best for her, to see her improve and ditch Lurch. It’s a long shot but the thoughts are still there. God, why is she so deaf. GET THE LEAD OUT LUNA, WE WANT TO SEE CHANGE.

No. 886399

honestly this. i guess its what makes them cows, but i couldnt imagine being so unaware for years and not questioning my life choices when reading these threads/replies…

No. 886401

she can't make her eyes point in the same direction long enough to read all that

No. 886402

i think luna's thread is probably the only one i've actively read where the anons are always like "she can still improve!!!" after six years of constant toxic and self-destructive behavior. anons are always giving tips on how she can improve and she's always like "my haters want me to die lmao"

No. 886403

She can only improve if she loses everything (her dad's support, lurch, pumpkin, her hoard) and becomes homeless and/or checks into rehab.

No. 886404

the bitch died like six times. if that doesn't kick your ass in gear, i can't imagine homelessness would. luna actively chooses this shit. she lives this way, she'll die this way. there's no point of discussing how or when she'll improve. she won't. it's like discussing when Amberlynn Reid will lose weight.

No. 886405

Because she knows she has someone to fall back on (i.e. her ebil dad). Having nothing forces you to become self sufficient or lay down and die. If she'd rather die after all that then yes, she cannot improve or be helped.

No. 886406

You would think that her parents would know this since they're former junkies.

No. 886407

>>886401 thanks for making me ugly-laugh, nonna

No. 886409

The fragrance is tilted back but has a large air bubble. I don't buy many fragrances- are they usually filled to the brim? If not, it's likely Tuna stole from her father's house, or some sort of tester. It seems like it has been used more than a couple of times at least.

No. 886410

>U will never suceed
I mean…

No. 886411

she’s just waiting to die. idk why wks always wanna assume she’ll better herself eventually. she doesn’t want to.

No. 886413

Why are you here? And what is this 'we' shit?

>you have talent
was what did me in.

No. 886414

i wonder if u are the same nona that write this every 5 threads lol

No. 886415

What the fuck are you reading if you think Luna is a good writer lmao

No. 886416

the next time someone comes in here with some fan fiction bullshit about Tuna, I highly recommend going back to the earlier threads and reading about what happened to Roger. she's still that same person and she's never going to change.

No. 886419

>you can still occasionally use Benzos
Benzodiazepines fucking kill people, you make me sick. Some fucking “advice” this is.

No. 886421

Not that anon but they’ll only kill you if you’re seriously abusing them, if you take them as prescribed for a condition that necessitates their use they’re not going to kill you

No. 886422

>take them as prescribed
Anon is correct then cause Tuna takes them by the fistful.

No. 886423

Yes, and it’s a wonder she isn’t dead with the way she no doubt mixes them with opiates as well

No. 886424

File: 1659591462963.jpg (382.03 KB, 720x1384, 44.jpg)

Benzos on their own are rarely the cause of overdose deaths on their own. Not saying she doesn't take them by the fistful but unlikely to kill her by themselves.

No. 886425

She has absurd junkie luck and I hope that she runs out soon so we can get eviction saga.

No. 886426

Yep, it’s usually respiratory depression that results from combining them with opiates/opioids, alcohol, etc. Taking them by the fistful on their own as frequently as tuna does is enough to get you addicted and increase your tolerance so you take even larger fistfuls. Again, it’s a miracle she hasn’t fatally overdosed yet.

No. 886427

Seriously nona, she always lands on her feet. I really want to know exactly what happened with the eviction, did they miraculously get an extension half an hour before they were supposed to be out on their asses or are they still squatting in wait for the sherif or whoever to show up? I’m not a burgerfag so I have no clue how this shit works

No. 886429

AFAIK from the court website the judge stood by the ruling and they should have been out on Monday. The city marshal will eventually show up and tell them to gtfo but they only do that between 8a-5p on weekdays (currently about 2a local time in New York). If it doesn't happen in the next 2 days we're likely in for a milkless weekend

No. 886431

The composition of this is so pre-mediated kek, Luna is able to put effort into things but not anything that'd actually help her living situation

No. 886432

Gift for what? Being a disgrace of a daughter? Also nice lunch lady wrist.

No. 886433

I keked at the "2mg" labels over the pills. She sure loves her junkie aesthetic.

No. 886435

especially considering she seems to already have trouble breathing kek

No. 886438

I can't believe this bitch is still being discussed to such extent. She literally has not posted anything milky since her mom's eviction in 2020 and 90% of the threads is just repetitive fanfiction at this point.

No. 886439

cool input

No. 886443

Yet here you are, discussing her.

No. 886444

I’m a NYCfag who rented in a “luxury” building and is now fortunate enough to have a mortgage in the city proper. I know quite a bit about home pricing in Manhattan and wanted to briefly share my (saged) autism

While Luna’s dad’s apartment is located in a desirable area and undoubtedly would rent for several thousand dollars a month (depending on amenities), it’s not really an indicator of wealth to live in a posh building if 1. you purchased it before home pricing in NYC shot up or 2. it’s rent controlled. Units worth a mere 250k 20 years ago can go for over a million now. I’m not saying Luna’s dad is a poorfag— the cost of food/alcohol alone in NYC is prohibitively expensive, and he can presumably afford that— but acting like he’s a secret millionaire based on his apartment alone is pretty disingenuous. I might get some hate for this next comment, but a true “middle class” household income in nicer areas of Manhattan/Brooklyn/Long Island City is probably ~$200k a year.

I don’t care if Luna’s dad is truly wealthy or not, but I feel like some anons are exaggerating or just sort of making unfounded claims. For all we know, he could be paying like 1.5k a month for a rent-controlled unit.

No. 886447

Roger's death is on thread 16, to whom it may concern.

Good to remember that recently she finally admitted that she and the piece of shit she calls her fiancé dumped the man to die alone in the hospital while they stayed at HIS house shooting dope with the money she was begging on the internet with the excuse that was for Roger's cremation. After that, she used his death as an excuse to beg for MORE money, and kept the man's ashes in a shoebox until the box rotted.

All of this happened after three years of scattering syringes on the floor of his house, living there rent-free and using all her spare time shooting heroin and stealing cosmetics from stores, stealing bedding given to Roger by his friends and other things, not to mention that right after Roger went to the hospice she took his room in the house for her because in her head he was already dead. She kept posting "sexy" pics to get "validation", because she was "so, so sad " that her "real father with whom she had lived for three years and who had congestive heart failure" had died.

Fuck Luna.

No. 886450

Is have some memory of her being a little friendlier on tumblr before drugs. During the Tai days she was even pretty well-liked and responded to asks on the regular. Must kill her that her dead blog gets no interaction anymore, maybe that’s why she’s so nasty to her followers.
Clearly her art is at least in part about lolcow. Funny that the “fat junkie” criticisms are what she takes to heart and internalizes but not the “lazy, entitled, groomer-apologist, fent-seller who poisons her community and refuses to get a goddamn job or do anything for herself” accusations. Pretty sure we hit that button pretty damn hard over here.

No. 886452

File: 1659619731674.png (4.03 MB, 828x1792, D0BC52C3-D681-4D62-98E8-88DFAA…)

So I was scrolling through fb and I found this, and realised I knew that I recognised that thing on the right. It has her proportions from the dumpy lipodema legs to the weird bowling ball circle of fat ham arms it’s uncanny (saged cuz now milky just hilarious)

No. 886453

File: 1659619816261.png (2.64 MB, 828x1792, 803E1AF8-F009-4AE8-900F-76963F…)

Oooops my bad I accidentally posted the pic, and not the full artical the context makes it sm funnier. I’m sorry nonnies

No. 886454

File: 1659619874368.png (5.14 MB, 828x1792, B3365CDF-8894-490B-ACBF-CC38D7…)

I mean cmon

No. 886455

Dunno about 90% but you're unfortunately right about the state of the threads. Fan fiction, sperging about rent in ny or benzos or something and then shit like >>886452 >>886454

No. 886456

Shit like that isn't the norm here, let's not even act like it. The thread is mostly about the eviction that was supposed to happen.

No. 886457

And without the eviction milk we're just lost souls

No. 886458

Prince William came to see if we were talking about the pegging and stayed for the Luna thread

No. 886459

File: 1659622669610.jpg (100.74 KB, 750x1334, zBNocd6.jpg)

The decor is also incredibly dated. I'd guess he had some decent money in the early 90's and bought a condo/found this rent controlled apt. He paid some just-graduated-from-Ethan-Allen interior designer to purchase everything in one go from a single store, and picked up some didn't-meet-the-minimum-at-auction art for the walls.
That pieced travertine table looks cheap, his decor looks like it came from a New England therapist's office, the buffet shelves are totally barren, and he's got a white, basic ass fridge from 1991.
I'd say he is pretty comfortable and very stable for a former junkie, but not rich. He does have some lower level music connections from his job, Luna has a pic with Charley Drayton from Divynils and he bought one of her pieces of artwork before she became a worthless, wall-eyed whale.

No. 886460


besides it looks like lived there for a while and its likely a co-op that he paid under 300k for and has paid off the mortgage by now. after that he’d only have to pay maintenance fees and utilities every month. usually less than $1500 a month and thats stretching it

No. 886462

File: 1659623258676.jpg (333.02 KB, 1920x1080, WIN_20211029_09_59_17_Pro.jpg)


No. 886463

I quickly scrolled past the blurry pic before and my first thought was holy shit, tunas out of the hovel and she's actually hanging out with people other than lurch!? I thought she was the one on the right with some new friends kek

No. 886465


you're not new

No. 886468

fuck she looks so clean… and not strung out. like her hair is brushed and not greasy, her clothes aren’t full of stains and falling apart at the seems i’m shook.

No. 886471

the irony is some of us thought she looked like misplaced shit but compared to now you're so right.

No. 886472

yea this is probably the post lurch photo where she looks the cleanest. like her hair actually looks freshly washed and combed here. maybe even straightened? she doesn't look like she has a stench and actually looks nice here, she isn't styled like a wannabe tiktok ddlg egirl yet.

No. 886476

>>886459 Never said he was rich. Said he had money. Compared to Roger's place and Luna's mom's place, Evil Dad's place is a 5 star hotel. He regularly gives Tuna money. He booked her a 6-month-long stay at an AirBnB. (Every cent of that money from Lurch's "settlement" went to drugs, and anyone who thanks otherwise has never had a close relationship with a legit junkie IRL.)

I was just saying her dad def has the means to come to her rescue, buy her Amazon bullshit, send her to rehab if she'd actually go, etc. She always lands on her feet because at the end of the day, he won't let her fall.

No. 886480

It seems like a lot of anons (I’ve noticed this is a lot of other threads) think you’re either dirt poor or rich. Like there’s no such thing as “well off” kek.

No. 886481

>>886480 Exactly. Evil Dad is upper middle class, at the very least. NYC is fucking expensive even without the rent-controlled apartment.

No. 886482

Tinfoil. I think her and Lurch were hyper aware of farmer's anticipation of the eviction saga so she purposefully played it cool online, but when she came round to see our reaction at the lack of milk she saw the thread pic, got sad, and is now temporarily hiding. I'd almost feel bad for her if she wasn't so horrible to literally everyone.

No. 886484

Yeah, she's been slowly sharing less and less since her mom went to rehab. I do actually think it's in part due to shame, but I guess it doesn't mean anything if she isn't changing her behavior. She's still accepting gifts from her dad and then being vague about where they came from. Still strategically never mentions that they have never paid rent at their current apartment, or that it was once her mom's place. Only ever talks about her personal life in her reddit posts begging for a place to stay.

No. 886486

Since when. The extended discussions about needle use that took up half a thread, the benzo sperging and look - most of the posts since this comment are still about Luna's dad's apartment. This thread was nominally about the eviction until it didn't happen.

No. 886489

Don't worry, anon. Luna always disappears for a short time before she starts missing the attention. I really hope anons on here and kf are right about the eviction taking a few days.

No. 886493

File: 1659647721783.jpeg (562.23 KB, 828x1015, BE3EA656-1A65-4DB8-B0B6-CFDB44…)

No. 886494

That poor cat is looking at her like she's being held at gunpoint.

No. 886495

File: 1659647865388.jpeg (695.96 KB, 828x1409, A2B1BD8A-9C8B-4DFF-8A31-6248C8…)

No. 886496

well where ever she is, she only has that one room, evidenced by the fact the cat litter is in the bedroom.

No. 886497

Nary a flattened puke pink chair in sight

No. 886499

cant wait to see the walls turn from white to a dingy yellow-brown

No. 886500

Their (her?) bags look…oddly normal? I wonder what they possibly kept from that biohazard hovel.

No. 886501

bedbugs, roaches, fleas

No. 886502

Already draping clothes over furniture instead of hanging them up, like white trash.

No. 886503

One has to imagine she feels extremely dirty and out of place in a seemingly clean and bright place, no? Or do the benzos keep those feelings away…

No. 886504

File: 1659648973287.jpg (281.28 KB, 720x1062, 20220804_153016.jpg)

Less than a day ago. So SoBeR. I think the type she's talking about happen if you try to switch to a replacement therapy too soon after using opiates or something. Idk I'm not a junkie. Wonder if it's been quiet because one or both of them have been going through withdrawal

No. 886506

she’s probably referring to precipitated withdrawal caused by being narcanned, as opposed to regular withdrawal from running out of drugs. Sage for drugfag.

No. 886507

Which means that it isn't her new home at all, it's a temporary place that they plan to squat in. Looks like a king size bed so it could be an airbnb through a different site.

No. 886508

this is what I meant with: >>886346
He's not rich, not poor, he's just doing well, as in, doing fine…if he didn't live in NYC, he would probably have a 3/4 bedroom house to himself in the suburbs, or a mcmansion in Texas. It's what middle class is now.

No. 886509

yep sure sounds like it. Wonder how they got that considering her account was banned.

No. 886512

Maybe through VRBO? Although you can also find rooms for rent and apartments through facebook just fine.

No. 886513

Is that cat food over the bed? Never change Tuna.

No. 886514

"sage" goes in the email field

wanna place bets she put the food there to get pumpkin to sit still for the photo?

anon gets it 100% right

No. 886515

God I hope that's room in a shared house. I'll take roommate saga over homeless saga any day.

No. 886517

So which bag is Pumpkin in?

No. 886519

after all these years of having cats

no cat carrier no real toys for the cat no hygienic litter box


No. 886521

File: 1659652112087.jpeg (771.29 KB, 828x1249, 80D51EBC-B833-4B73-9382-C5F2E9…)

Full pictures

No. 886522

File: 1659652237303.jpeg (675 KB, 828x1248, 5C5841D4-C295-45A9-BE4E-BA2A86…)

Full pictures

No. 886523

New home? Tf, since when is an Airbnb a home? She’s so fucking stupid and truly has no concept of permanence, she lives in the moment in the worst way

No. 886524

tinfoil but I think this is a motel. The reason is because the AC has that big yellow tag on it, and only the cheap hotels/motels have them like that. Last time I passed by ny/queens area all the motels had them. But I could be wrong.

No. 886525

I hate that Pumpkin is still with her.

No. 886526

The broken glasses with only one arm kek

No. 886527

wondering how those glasses stay on whoever’s head while busted like that

No. 886528

she’s really going to have that poor cat live in a single small bedroom 24/7

No. 886530

no Lurch lol

No. 886531

Are you the same anon that always makes a point of calling pumpkin ugly or are there multiple retarded dogfags in here? Hope your shitmix bites the wrong person

No. 886532

He's there. She'd be freaking out if he wasn't.

No. 886533

File: 1659655210207.png (3.5 MB, 828x1792, 46DA451D-ABD1-46CC-8396-611962…)

from the other farms

No. 886534

File: 1659655241412.png (5.43 MB, 828x1792, 8DAA34E2-4F3E-44CD-AEFC-09270A…)

No. 886536

his tank top on the mirror

No. 886537

pumpkin looks like shes groomed herself since coming to a cleaner place. she probably feels so much better already. i really hope they don't trash up this place immediately and try to keep it a bit clean, at least for kittys sake. please make your escape pumpkin!!!

No. 886539

Anon, that clearly says "companion animal or animals". Pumpkin is not a seeing eye cat despite Tuna needing one.

No. 886540

ok now its time to “get a shitty job right away”

No. 886541

File: 1659657079051.jpg (70.13 KB, 720x502, Animal Companions are Pets.jpg)

Although I don't disagree that Luna is clearly blind that's just how New York classifies pets

No. 886543

I feel so bad for pumpkin. She’s cute and u faggots calling her ugly are weird. I wish I could save her. Imagine being subjected to tuna and lurch for years shes being traumatized

No. 886544

File: 1659657457035.jpg (209.43 KB, 720x1403, VideoCapture_20220804-165657.j…)

Did. She. Shower(Emoji)

No. 886545

File: 1659657463812.jpeg (1.59 MB, 1284x2031, 03E441BA-D3BC-4BDF-88E1-BC9A76…)

No. 886546

File: 1659657500389.jpg (166.97 KB, 720x1392, VideoCapture_20220804-165712.j…)

No. 886547

File: 1659657542414.jpg (192.98 KB, 1405x720, VideoCapture_20220804-165705.j…)

No. 886548

I noticed this too. Lurch does it a lot. Soon there will be plastic bags full of trash nailed to the wall and hanging off every door knob, perpetual cat turn in the middle of the hardwood floor in the background of her selfies as that’s just how their filth manifests

No. 886549

yep, it's a motel. Look at that handle.

No. 886550

What kind of motel has shit like this??

No. 886551

That looks like a nest lock keypad

I’ve never seen a hotel with a window unit AC. It looks like an attic type room (sloped ceilings)

No. 886552

File: 1659659104237.jpg (100.58 KB, 1080x1257, Screenshot_20220804-163542_Sam…)

New boomer profile pic from Lurch

No. 886553


No. 886554

File: 1659659503451.jpeg (280.6 KB, 720x960, 3ABA279E-7772-4904-B785-5F221C…)

No. 886555

Ntayrt but are you the anon that a-logs about dogs? I personally love animals but I really think all this pOoR pUmpKin shit is ridiculous. It doesn't help the cat at all and is just making other catfags cry "please be okaaaay sick cat, everybody, let's pRaY fUr pUmpKiN". I can understand a couple of comments, but c'mon anons, Tuna is a velcro human that attaches herself to every living creature that can't run from her. Let it go about the cat/ a-logging about "shitmix" dogs.

No. 886556

>spergs about dogs
>calls other people retarded
NTA but just because some anons think Tuna’s cat is ugly it doesn’t make them “dogfags”
>despite Tuna needing a seeing eye animal
Thank you for speaking some sense, nona

No. 886557


I thought her accounts got banned?

No. 886558

Roomates comfirmed. Can't wait for the milk.

No. 886560

I bet it’s the crappy airbnb in Mt Vernon. There was one where the host obviously just took a 3BRs and shoved fridges in each bedroom and made it a “studio”. They all had private bath at least. It allowed pets but was in a shitty area

No. 886561

Shared living is guaranteed milk unless she does a complete 180 developing social and hygiene skills…again that's milk

No. 886562

Holy shit I can't wait for airbnb saga to explode.

No. 886563

She looks so clean and it's so fucking shocking!! To see her that way and in a new, clean space blows my mind. And she looks happy. A shame none of it will last

No. 886564

What shit, the shelves? Because what's on the shelves it's all Luna's (albeit some stolen from graveyards).

No. 886565

You know her evil dad was along to help her or she would be wearing a dirty crop top and clown makeup like she does for court

No. 886566

this is the milkiest pic that's been posted in a year tbh what the fuck. she looks so different

No. 886567

As the other anon said it's too bad this won't last. I followed her threads for years, she does not want to get better and generally just has no willpower to improve her life. She looks clean and happy here, her eyes even have some life in them. If the heroin chic thing hadn't happened this could be her, just a normal person. I know how she treated Roger and doubt she'll ever apologize for it. That's what makes me hate her. Sorry for armchairing but I think she really has arrested development, she was kind of scummy as a teenager but most teenagers are. If she had just followed through with college and distanced herself from drugs she would have probably grown out of it. How long has it been, eight years and nothing in her life has changed. That's fucking depressing.

No. 886569

Looks like a cute little place I hope she gives us a tour. I wonder if she can climb out the window to smoke so her lazy ass doesn't have to climb stairs everyime she wants to go out

No. 886570

Ntayrt byt it's an ugly cat. Get over it. Don't know why you gotta sperg about dogs but have fun cleaning a literal shit box in your house and feeling superior.

No. 886571

so you’re cool with her knowing that you’re posting on here? kek

No. 886572

File: 1659662898848.jpg (162.16 KB, 720x1365, VideoCapture_20220804-182821.j…)

No. 886573

File: 1659662944362.jpg (111.88 KB, 720x1394, VideoCapture_20220804-182833.j…)

No. 886574

LMAO glad I’m not the only one who feels this way, here’s to not having toxoplasmosis
Seeing as she’s banned can we assume Lurch booked it?

No. 886575

I had a feeling the ghetto ass broken glasses were his.

No. 886576

sorry weird nitpick but am i to assume from this picture that lurch’s eyeglasses are missing an arm?

they’re not over here. at least, not at sephora. they’re in easily accessible cabinets or just lined up on the shelves. people steal from sephora all the time, so i’m assuming luna does too. especially when we never see a shopping bag/unboxing.

No. 886577

Ugh I'm so glad the cat is okay

No. 886578

It isn't. It's still with Tuna and a corpse.

No. 886582

The cat would be cuter if she took care of it properly. Looks like she put the litter box right next to the water and food bowl. Poor fucking cat.

No. 886584

Absolutely disgusting to have an uncovered litterbox in a tiny bedroom.

No. 886585

Honestly I’m kind of surprised pumpkin even has a litter box. I kinda assumed they just used a cardboard box and threw it out when it got too gross. Hard to imagine Luna doing any chores whatsoever

No. 886586

Tuna is too cheap cheap cheap to buy a proper litter box with a cover and a mat to collect excess litter to put underneath it.

No. 886587

Why buy a covered litterbox when you buy new fake nails and skincare?

No. 886588

Yeah, she’s never gonna speak to nonny again. Honestly bad move sharing it without deleting.

No. 886589

The classic middle aged head tilted back pose of a boomer who is faced with "upload existing photo or open camera?" and chooses to open the camera

After a year of dry milk it'll be nice to have some roommate drama. I give it a month before someone gets violent

There were anons in /ot/ using screenshots of your last meltdown as an example of an unhinged freak and saying it looked like an excerpt from a serial killers diary. You should reflect on that instead of feeling personally offended every time someone even vaguely hints at pumpkin looking strange. Nobody even mentioned dogs. You are literally the worst kind of cat person because you live in constant fear that dog people are conspiring against cats kek

No. 886593

Did she stop talking to people before because of this? Does she lurk?

No. 886594

File: 1659674694029.jpg (234.13 KB, 1080x1279, 1659361668271.jpg)

No. 886595

She only looks happy cause in her mind everything is fine right now. This is the smile of victory for not being homeless and having a new hovel to trash. She's probably only clean cause she wanted to make a good impression or evil dad made her shower.

No. 886600

I'd hate pics too if I looked like a geriatric swamp monster

No. 886602

File: 1659679291256.png (982.33 KB, 1439x2276, Screenshot_20220804-225923.png)

the bingo card was missing this…

I just truly love how king of the hill is the only thing Lurch and Luna have in common…and I'm 90% sure it's because Lurch loves it and Luna did a BPD

No. 886611

Idk but I have a good feeling about this move. Like, they can't just squat the AirBnb like Luna's mom's place and they'll actually have to start paying rent and given that there'll be others around them (as it's a shared house) they'll probably become more conscious of looking presentable… Also, Luna's been talking about getting a job a lot lately which makes me kinda hopeful? I think she's been realizing a lot of things lately which is why she's gone quiet for a moment and lolcow has obviously been weighing on her mind. I sincerely believe she's finally beginning to understand that she's gross and her life is going nowhere and she needs to do something - get a job and clean herself up. The pressure of rent and being around other people might finally wake Luna up and motivate her to turn things around? Idk just my thoughts on this…

No. 886612

File: 1659696765191.jpeg (267.91 KB, 1284x515, 2EA4CD36-01F1-42A7-8DC5-C4A9A9…)

No. 886613


You must be new

No. 886615

or alternatively, she will just continue shooting up and continue to let filth fester in this place. And THEN we'll have the milkiest eviction saga as of yet.

No. 886617

If they make it a month without getting kicked out, they can absolutely squat there. They’ll have squatters rights

No. 886618

Doesn't sound new, I think she's just mentally disabled

No. 886621

Doesn't this become invalid if other people live in the same place? Also, wouldn't it be hard for them to make it thirty days without paying rent if others are living amongst them? I guess thats why they refuse to leave NYC, so they can attempt to squat like the useless junkies they are.

No. 886624

Even if they try to get tenant rights through adverse possession (squatting, refusing to leave, no longer paying) it doesn’t mean they get to live there. Just means like their previous landlord they’ll need to go through another lengthy eviction saga in the courts. They may already know this and might stop paying after Papa Tuna refuses to keep paying rent (after her 6 month grace period is up and he’s over it). My hope would be that the two of them would just get service jobs and keep paying on their Airbnb when Ebil Dad is over it, but I don’t think either of them would ever attempt to get a real job!

No. 886625

I think it applies to any residence regardless of whether there are other people living there. And they’ve already paid their first month of rent so they really only need to make it until the next payment is due. They aren’t going to get an extra two years like they did at her moms place though- that was mostly due to COVID.

No. 886634

LMFAO i hope you’re not this naive in your real life personal relationships

No. 886635

I’m anon with the snap screenshot. If she blocks me I’ll take it, but I’ve shared milk from her answering me on snap before and I’m not blocked yet. I assume so far she hasn’t read about it on this thread, or no one has told her, or she forgot what she said to me. We aren’t close or anything and she ignores my chats more than she responds to them so I don’t think I’m even on her radar

No. 886652

Ask her if her eyesight is bad

No. 886663

Nah, ask her if she's sharing a bathroom kek of if she'll get a job since she said it'd be the first thing she'd get once she moved!

No. 886667

Don't ask anything that would make it obvious. Just keep doing what you're doing.

No. 886668

This will be revealed in time though. I must know about her eyes and if that's (partly) why she always looks disgusting and she can't color inside of the lines in her art.

No. 886681

With all those benzo's she takes she probably doesn't even remember the conversation.

No. 886687

My fucking god, this “tenants rights” fuckery is absolutely insane, I don’t understand this burgerfaggotry. If you’re not paying rent, get the fuck out, or have someone make you get the fuck out. I hate these two repulsive grifters so fucking much

No. 886688

It's not just a burger problem, it happens in Australia too. Tuna and Lurch's case is aggravating because their only excuse is pure laziness and refusal to do anything to help their situation besides beg for others to pay for it.

No. 886691

Really? I live in Australia too, but I’m a migrant so I’m not terribly au fait with this shit, I’ve never heard of people laying claim to a property the way these two fuckfaces have. It’s fucking wild to me that anyone can be considered lawful tenants by virtue of the fact that they’ve squatted for x number of days. Absolutely fucking wild.

No. 886692

they don’t live in New York City
this is somewhere in the Westchester suburbs
if the Airbnb person registered as a hotel/short stay, the eviction timetable is like 30 days after nonpayment

No. 886696

Yep. It's been a problem for years now. The length of time it takes to become one is far shorter in America though. It's so stupid that it takes less than half a year to take over someone's home.

I don't think they'll end up being there for 30 days. They most likely snuck that cat in and eventually roomies are going to smell cat piss and shit.

No. 886698

I’m going to begin my countdown until the day Luna and Lurch get into some kind of verbal or physical altercation with their housemates over God-knows-what (but possibly their filth >>886696). They tend to demonize their neighbors and Lurch loves picking fights, it’s only a matter of time.

No. 886699

I'm impatiently waiting for the video that Tuna will record to show how evil her roommates are and how Lurch valiantly defended himself.

No. 886707

File: 1659728361586.png (784.28 KB, 928x637, Screenshot 2022-08-05 153707.p…)

Someone on kf may have found the place. Not a confirmation, though.

No. 886708

Mini fridge spotted, assuming the bathroom and kitchen are shared just as in the last place. Definitely curious about the rules in this one.

No. 886709

I can't wait to see the before/after once they've nested in filth for a month. This place was pretty cute, but there's no way it'll last. Rest in peace white walls, au revoir Ikea decor.

No. 886710

It was doomed the moment they walked in.

No. 886711

File: 1659729381378.png (51.73 KB, 570x548, Screen Shot 2022-08-05 at 3.55…)


that’s definitely it. holy kek what a retard

No. 886712

Can we get some autism nonas to track the gradual filthening of those clean white walls?

No. 886713

I feel bad for the guy running it, how the fuck did they sneak the cat in?? Also you just know they're not gonna go outside to smoke.

No. 886714

Luna might have been smart enough to have gotten an "emotional support animal" letter written by one of the various psychiatry practices she tried for 3 whole weeks and thereby be able to bring Pumpkin with her. (Yes Airbnb has to accept ESAs, they have to abide by all local housing laws).

I mean I doubt it, because she is too fucking stupid to even get a birth certificate. But there is one small shred of hope left for that cat…

No. 886716

she’s really rearranging this guy’s house and calling it her home already

history repeats I guess

No. 886717

literally cost me $11 on Amazon to get a hooded litter box, a mat is $5 at most unless you want an xl to cover more area but she’s filthy and selfish so loony got none of this, and put pumpkin’s food/water source right where she shits! if she is reading here: stop being a self absorbed piece of shit and invest something into your “family” you claim to love soooo much, stop wasting your money on crap for yourself. bitch.

No. 886718

She doesn't care about that cat enough for that.

No. 886720

>>886711 Hoooly shit I can't believe she booked a no pet place and brought the cat, recipe for disaster. She should have at least waited 30 days so she could have tenant's rights before she starts breaking the rules lmao.

No. 886723

File: 1659730335599.jpg (186.76 KB, 1080x655, Screenshot_20220805-161221_Chr…)

Retards are already trying to Febreeze away the cig smoke classic

No. 886724

Like, it's really not that hard to just go outside. If you have roommates or pets nobody else needs to smell your cancer sticks, it's just plain selfish.

No. 886725

Silly anon, that's for their bodies.

No. 886726

would tenant laws even apply if the “lease” agreement clearly says NO PETS, and you smuggled in a pet?

No. 886727

Like the one anon said here>>886714

If it's registered as an esa or whatever then she'd be allowed to keep it. But Tuna isn't that smart and I doubt she does anything for Pumpkin aside from providing CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP food, water, and a shit box.

It's just a matter of time before someone notices the cat meowing, the smoke smells, the piss and shit smells from the cat, basically everything involving their unhygienic asses.

No. 886728

Shared bathroom… Imagine Tuna's hoard of stolen and expired dollar tree skincare taking over a shared bathroom kek. At least she showered though!

No. 886729

I doubt it. She’s a fucking moron.

No. 886730

File: 1659731434931.gif (784.06 KB, 220x167, giff.gif)

Monday was a disappointment but this will be def a shitshow, can't wait for whatever is going to happen in this house. Moment of silence for the people who share the place with them at the same time, the guy who owns the house and the cat.

No. 886731

If you bring a pet and the Airbnb hosts discover this, similar to regular landlords, they can terminate the rental agreement and evict you immediately for breaking the lease/contract agreement (talking pre-squatting-rights here). She would have the opportunity to respond and claim the cat is for emptional support if she had a doctor note but we all know she doesn't… the other people living there will turn their asses in within the week.

No. 886732

her space has the same lamps and shelves, though they're not in the same location. the host has another room listed which also doesn't look the same. the windows in >>886522 are a good indicator.

No. 886733

i volunteer to be wallanon

No. 886735

I also don’t see the A/C unit or that mirror (though those coulda been their mirror or the a/c was installed later) I dunno

No. 886738

It's a different room, anon. I think you can only see what room is currently available not the ones that are taken.

No. 886739

File: 1659732957123.jpg (65.02 KB, 678x900, luna1.JPG)

in the selfies you can see a bit from the room as well and overall it does fit the aesthetic of the listed airbnb house. Pics from the other farm.

No. 886740

File: 1659733006490.jpg (72.86 KB, 575x895, lunaandcat.JPG)

No. 886741

Same sloped ceiling.

No. 886742

back at it loooooool god she’s so fucking vain and predictable

No. 886743

File: 1659733102635.jpg (98.47 KB, 1198x899, aribnb.JPG)

the other room for anons who are wondering

No. 886744

cat looks terrified

No. 886745

even if it’s a different room in the same home, they won’t allow pets or smoking. but this useless bitch really thinks rules don’t apply to her.

No. 886746

I never thought a cat could look this depressed

No. 886748

The listing states self check in via smart lock which I assume is contactless so maybe they weren’t greeted by the host

No. 886749

I miss when she used to type paragraphs. She’s just not as milky anymore. Hopefully this new hovel will turn into a story or two but she’s playing it so safe these days. Where’s ol’ piss drinker when you need her?

No. 886755

File: 1659735416317.jpg (182.36 KB, 720x1426, VideoCapture_20220805-143537.j…)

No. 886756

File: 1659735453580.jpg (186.52 KB, 720x1422, VideoCapture_20220805-143542.j…)

No. 886757

File: 1659735489611.jpg (209.93 KB, 720x1432, VideoCapture_20220805-143541.j…)

No. 886758

File: 1659735533484.jpg (156.94 KB, 652x1327, VideoCapture_20220805-143723.j…)

No. 886759

gonna celebrate with drugs

No. 886760

Where the fuck is this bitch's chin? Girl your profile is ugly. Her narcissistic love for her pictures is how people found out about this place and what does she do? Continue posting pics.

No. 886761

She has one she's just jutting it out for emphasis

No. 886762

Those plushies look new.
The bed looks so messy already. Can't even tidy it up.

No. 886763

does she have laundry access? really hoping for a washing her clothes and plushies and other items saga ….

No. 886765

she's had that squishmallow for awhile, its cam the cat, it has a pink stain on it. its actually always been one of her cleaner looking plushies but its probably the material they're made out of.

No. 886766

If the place she is, is the one the other farms found, then she does. But I doubt she'll use kek

No. 886768

Imagine the cockroach eggs lurking in those stuffed animals just waiting to hatch…

No. 886769

The only thing that seems really off are the windows from >>886522 it really looks like the right place. I wonder if he pulled the listing for that specific room if they booked far ahead but idk if hosts can do that

No. 886770

New idea for her YouTube channel! Since unboxing beauty products is obviously out of the question kek.

Don't forget the bedbugs! They're so prolific there I would be shocked if the owner didn't do regular treatments with so many people passing through though.

No. 886774

I really wonder if she is dumb enough to start smoking inside When she already broke the rules by having a cat in a no pets airbnb. Like her laziness knows no bounds.

No. 886775

I can’t wait for the dumpy nudes in this place. I always wondered if she takes nudes with Lurch right there. If so, awkward.

No. 886776

I mean even if she did do you think she even knows how to do laundry, or would utilize it? Can you get shit delivered to an Airbnb? Cuz if not she’ll be SOL for her shein hauls which is the only way she’ll change her smelly, stained clothing

No. 886778

Obviously multiple people have already checked you but I wanna add one more and I’ll gladly take the ban for derailing or whatever just to say- shut the fuck up, stupid limey cunt. Arent most of your people inbred and don’t know how to use a toothbrush? Get fucked. You freaks are literally the inventors of “white trash.” The audacity…

No. 886779

looking like Lurch in those lol

No. 886782


No. 886783


These fuckers are gonna be in Yonkers? There's a possibility I might run into them at some point, slight but still a chance. I'll keep an eye out fellow farmers!

No. 886785

File: 1659743963318.jpg (760.02 KB, 1080x1628, Screenshot_20220805-184035_Sam…)

How long until she let's Pumpkin completely break some blinds?

No. 886786

So sad to see Pumpkin desperately searching for freedom. You were so close, buddy…

No. 886788

File: 1659745931563.jpg (653 KB, 967x1879, Screenshot_20220805-173231_Chr…)

No. 886789

Poor baby

No. 886791

lol imagine bragging about coming from a family of inbred nonces

No. 886792

Blinds are super cheap at Home Depot to replace, but landlords charge a pretty fucking penny for them if you leave them damaged when you move. Listen well, Tuna. So funny all the different things she won’t be able to get away with without a rousing suspicion that just went ignored in her trap house.

No. 886794

lmao they’re not gonna leave the house

No. 886795

They'll have to go out for smokes and drugs eventually. And more cheap cheap "skincare" for tuna

No. 886799

Per the listing reviews, 5 rooms share 2 bathrooms and the host is very present, involved and helpful. Buckle up!

No. 886801

It was also said that the walls are thin. Damn I want her to start a tiktok or youtube channel. She could be so entertaining.

No. 886804

She would. I hope someone suggests her to. Imagine how much E-begging she could do!

No. 886805

The YouTube and TikTok anons are almost as annoying as the “if only she’d ditch Lurch” anons. Luna’s ego wouldn’t allow her to have a “public” social media presence in which she’d open herself to being mocked and ridiculed.

No. 886806

Can't wait for Loona to start eating other people's food kek. I have a feeling she'll pack on more pounds.

No. 886809

letting the cat stare out the window so the neighbors can see it and rat on you. nice. this girl doesn’t have a single thought a day huh.

No. 886812

Who cares

No. 886813

The reasons she'll never leave lurch are the same reasons that I think the youtube/streamer arch is not only great wishful thinking but an actual possibility.

Her bpd leaves her so starved for attention that I could see her doing it, especially if she thought it could make her money. She has no problem posting her cheesy snatch and tube sock tits to reddit hoping for attention/money despite being ridiculed for her hair and makeup.

No. 886814

Anons just want more milk, I don't blame them for fantisizing over the possibilities even though the reality would be more droning and boring content.

No. 886815

a lot of people apparently, not all of us are desensitized to animal abuse

No. 886817

And not all of us care about domesticated vermin

No. 886819

She needs bangs lol

No. 886821

ik this is bait but luna neglecting her cat is objectively on par with all of the other milk that keeps this thread going so it's relevant whether or not you care about it

No. 886823

maybe im stoned but she kind of doesnt look as bad as normal here even tho she's definitely tryna hide that overbite

No. 886825

Kys edgefag

No. 886833

Filters and that fenty highlighter putting in some serious work. It is applied better than she usually does with highlighter but I don't give it long before she brings back her clown look

No. 886836

Tuna would be great for marketing for brands. If it works for her like that, it means it's really good.

No. 886837

File: 1659765700280.png (1.03 MB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20220805-225756.png)

No. 886839

one of the reviews:
>It’s a house with a shared bathroom and there are 6 rooms. One of them is a private room with a private room and the other 5 have to share the toilet and shower.Walls are very thin so if any noise made can be easily heard within the whole floor. … The bed was hard and so was the pillow. I’m not sure if the bed sheets get washed or changed, but room #4 looks exactly like the picture posted.

so yeah, I’m certain this is the house, even if it’s not the room.

No. 886840

Being picked up by Luna is the least of Pumpkin's problems

No. 886841

cats have an incredible sense of smell

No. 886844

Of all the things Luna has done to that cat, picking it up like that is the least abusive. “Desensitised to abuse” kek anon

No. 886845

Is the thread fucked up for anyone else? Pieces of it are missing/blank

No. 886846

poor Pumpkin, they picked her up off the street, so now she’s SUPER far from home. she desperately needs a vet checkup, but Luna will never take her, because 1) she can’t steal it and 2) they might find her microchip and real home

No. 886847

There’s a little link above the thread pic that says ‘show unsaged posts’, try that

No. 886849

File: 1659779968062.jpg (197.24 KB, 720x1377, Screenshot_room.jpg)

Looks like someone on the other farm found the house and most likely correct room. Covered address to avoid doxing since she hasn't directly shared it yet. That Airbnb listing is the right place though.

No. 886850

File: 1659781281300.png (86.63 KB, 860x745, 3ED1157A-EC2E-4F74-9579-CDCD74…)

No. 886853

Read the fucking thread slowpoke.

No. 886854

I wonder if the door to the room auto-closes or if you need to actually shut it behind you. Pumpkin is going to escape through their legs at some point, and make a made dash out into the common areas of the house. Cats are just weird like that, but especially when they are being held hostage in a small room.

No. 886856

That looks like it would put her on the third floor or in the attic. I wonder which will go out first with all those stairs, her cotton eye Joe knee or heart.

I missed the part where they confirmed the right house down to the room in the thread too, thank you for sharing your valuable advice with us all

No. 886858

> starved for attention
> She has no problem posting her cheesy snatch and tube sock tits to reddit hoping for attention/money despite being ridiculed for her hair and makeup.
The thing is, imo, that any negative attention she receives from the degenerate Reddit stuff, she can chalk up to bigoted thinking and compartmentalise it. It’s far more difficult to do those mental gymnastics when someone is commenting and criticising «normal» everyday stuff; just look at how she responds to her Instagram followers when they say slightly critical things. I reckon if she were motivated purely by any attention, she’d post her makeup and «fits» on Reddit too and she’d open her Instagram. We’ve seen her cry «you’re all making fun of me». She wouldn’t last a day on YouTube or TikTok. Let’s also not forget that she wouldn’t be able to make money right away, unlike her degenerate stuff and it wouldn’t grant her the victim hood she needs.
I understand that, it’s just that the fanfics are a bit absurd. Milk will flow soon enough, they won’t be able to avoid fucking up at some point. If what some of the reviews say is true in regards of the host’s attentiveness, he will soon pay them a visit.

No. 886861

cute where girl your face is shaped like a spoon

No. 886862

she looks like the lovechild of when the dish ran away with the spoon

No. 886863

The rules say no pets too

No. 886864

Rules don't apply to tuna. She would definitely be dumb enough to sneak a cat into an airbnb but it's likely she didn't book through them since that room isn't even listed on there.
If it was through a private broker or ad they might have different terms or maybe she realized there's ESA papers she could get that they would have to accept.
But once again, it's Luna we're talking about here so I'm sure she did the dumb dumb thing and didn't bother to mention Pumpkin at all thinking she could get away with it.

No. 886868

In my experience, a lot of Airbnb hosts will make exceptions to pets rules for long term guests, especially for cats and small dogs. I think it’s possible that she snuck pumpkin in but it’s just as likely that the owner is fine with it.

No. 886870

>>886862 nonna, my sides kek

No. 886875

File: 1659808200916.jpg (282.41 KB, 1430x992, 38_Special_with_Krystal.jpg)

remember that pic of Luna lying on the sidewalk? >>>/pt/882047 it just popped in my head and I finally remembered who she reminds me of.

No. 886895

i meant everything she has done to and has neglected to do for pumpkin, squeezing the cat in an uncomfortable position so she can prop it up for photos is just another shitty thing luna does

No. 886901

I UGLY laughed, nonny

No. 886904

File: 1659823367745.jpeg (442.63 KB, 828x892, 437A43BD-74FA-48D5-A6BB-33D32E…)

No. 886905

File: 1659824479853.png (5.2 MB, 1900x1900, cheap.png)

No. 886908

jesus fucking christ why didn't you spoiler that atrocity

No. 886909

File: 1659827858344.jpg (1.09 MB, 1079x1449, Screenshot_20220806-161727_Map…)

Wow such a bad neighborhood guyz. Where is Tuna gonna get her cheap cheap cheap drugs now?!!!

No. 886912

how much do y’all want to bet that instead of walking her fat ass to any of those gas stations for cigarettes and snacks, she’ll pay for an uber

No. 886914

I checked out the area and she’s literally in a 20 minute walking distance to multiple grocery stores and a dollar tree, among other mini marts and other places to get essentials. Correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t she make a post about this airbnb being in a “bad area” because it “wasn’t close to stores”?

No. 886917

I’m pretty sure her idea of a “bad area” just means that maybe she might feel like she needs to do the strenuous chore of putting a holster on the inflatable flailing tube men she calls her boobs before she lays on the sidewalk to take selfies like a beached whale.
More like “FREE FREE FREE” to any Neanderthal that can type “reddit.com”

No. 886922

File: 1659834384373.jpg (251.79 KB, 1080x1208, Screenshot_20220806-210636_Chr…)

Scammer complaining about other scammers.

No. 886924

Yes she said it was a bad area because it there were
>no stores
kekkk >>886554
Not like you're busy! You have all the time in the world! Still haven't even applied for any jobs lol

No. 886928

the store could literally be across the street from her shithole future squat and she’d consider it “far” because she has to use her own two haiti disaster trunks to waddle there

No. 886929

Try a different browser. It happens from time to time when I use the built in internet app on my phone but switching to Chrome usually works.

No. 886930

POoR pUmpKiN… yeah that doesn't save the cat. Stop whining about the cat or go volunteer somewhere so you can make a difference. There will always be animals in shitty conditions, with lives exponentially worse than Tuna's cat. I love animals so much that I'd engage in ALF escapades for them and even I know it's useless to hope for a cow to better the lives of those around them, let alone animals.

No. 886931

I hope the ugly thing escapes just so we never have to hear about it ever again

No. 886932

Probably no fast food or Chinese food stores.

No. 886933

agreed nonnie - this thread is shit up because of it

No. 886936

>There will always be animals in shitty conditions, with lives exponentially worse than Tuna's
You can rework the ~there's always something worse~ talking point to argue that any given person with a thread here doesn't need a thread.

>yeah that doesn't save the cat.

Gossiping about a fat junkie doesn't help them either, though at least there's a little more merit to getting into hysterics over animal neglect vs. speculating over whether said junkie has a new abscess or cellulite pocket. Just ignore the cat talk if it really bothers you; this thread has been kept alive by low-quality spergposting and nitpicking for years and getting upset over one ephemeral strain of it makes no sense

No. 886940

This board is dedicated to gossiping about shitty humans, not PETAsperging about filthy felines. If catfags want to circle jerk over their toxoplasmosis they should take it to /ot/

No. 886941

Stop shitting up the thread with your sperging, retards

No. 886942

Tuna has a cat, cat is being discussed as part of the story. The world doesn't revolve around you so go cry somewhere else. Fucking baby

No. 886943

The cat sperging is too much. She's killed 2 cats already, but this one is cute and ginger so people are losing their shit. Last thread anons were discussing whether roger deserved to be neglected to death, he was human. She's done much worse things than squeeze a cat and anons getting hung up over it seem like "pets are better than people" spergs and/or newfags. At least pumpkin isn't regularly getting diarrhea from eating poisonous plants like her old cats.

Luna is an animal abusing cunt and if you're gonna sperg about it every time you see her cat, maybe take a break from the thread clearly triggering you, because this thread is going to continue to have a cat with matted fur, it's going to survive years under these conditions, and jfc this thread is going to die if it's 5 years of "justice for pumpkin" posts

How is a mangy cat milk lmao

No. 886944

Not that anon but do you know what irony is? If you are that bothered by someone who has a different opinion to you then maybe it is time to log off. No one is «crying» here except people like you who are triggered by the couple of anons who do not care about pumpkin
And you too, someone typing a single sentence that you do not agree with does not constitute «sperging»
Fucking exactly

No. 886945

Anon, Pumpkin is being discussed because we're in a Tuna thread and Tuna has been posting Pumpkin a lot lately, kinda makes sense, doesn't it? It will be over soon, sperging about it like that only causes infighting and prolongs the whole topic, just shut up or discuss something else/post milk. It's really not that hard.

No. 886946

Nobody is on a gossip site to save a cow. We're on here for entertainment. Getting emotionally invested in a cow cat to the point where "poor pumpkin" is practically the thread's motto is a parasocial line that shouldn't be crossed.

No. 886947

The issue isn't the cat being discussed, come on, read the comments. It's the "poooooor pumpkin! You almost made it out, pumpkin! You guys we need to saaaave pumpkin!" That shit is the issue, not talking about the cat. It's the hand wringing, whatever shall we do bullshit. An anon even was talking about rescuing the damn cat if it went to the shelter.

No. 886956

At the end of the day it doesn’t matter if you don’t like cats or you think shes ugly or whatever. Luna “found” a cat and it’s going to die a horrible miserable death because of it. If y’all had read any of the earlier threads you’d know that. They killed Roger, they’ll kill all their pets. Yeah it’s sad. So is her whole thing. Unless one of you plans on completing the ultimate cowtip yourself and flying to NY to kidnap Pumpkin yourself, let’s move on.

No. 886957

Maybe you should stop bringing it up then, you fucking sped. Keep it to your containment thread, cathater.

No. 886958

File: 1659877518967.jpeg (194.13 KB, 828x1169, A3407DC6-6CCA-4B42-9CAA-41FEF9…)

>talking about a cat is parasocial
kek okay

there are more posts sperging about people talking about the cat than there are people talking about the cat.

back on topic: Luna is a 15 minute walk to Dunkin’ Donuts. do you think she applied yet? kek

No. 886959

lmao nta but you lunatics sperging about anons who dont like cats are so unhinged, imagine getting this mad and calling someone a sped just because they dont like a particular animal. go outside, take your meds, etc. huffing those shitbox fumes is clearly affecting your mental state

No. 886960

>strenuous chore of putting a holster on the inflatable flailing tube men she calls her boobs before she lays on the sidewalk to take selfies like a beached whale
>she’d consider it “far” because she has to use her own two haiti disaster trunks to waddle there

God can you all shut the fuck up I’m here for gold like this, who the fuck wants to read a bunch of depressing hand-wringing. Fucking newfags.

No. 886961

I know you’re all very new here, but you can hide unsaged posts if people talking about cats triggers you that badly.

No. 886962

That also hides virtually every post in the thread, including some funny ones, so maybe just don’t shit it up in the first place

No. 886963

>she has to use her own two haiti disaster trunks to waddle there
Made me audibly snort-laugh, the mental image of Tuna’s gargantuan ass waddling around New York is unreasonably hilarious to me

No. 886964

File: 1659878395828.gif (242.3 KB, 220x135, maria-carey-shade.gif)

luna rn

No. 886966

She's been so quiet. Probably getting high as fuck kek but it's okay, her thirst for attention won't let her be away from social media for too long. Also, has anyone taken a look at her likes on tumblr? It's full of xanax and shoplifting. Can't screenshot now

No. 886967

File: 1659881126936.jpg (240.32 KB, 971x1517, Screenshot_20220807-070558_Sam…)

No. 886968

File: 1659881190501.jpg (787.93 KB, 971x1810, Screenshot_20220807-070659_Sam…)

No. 886969


GREAT! When will we unearth her lifting Tumblr now!? Can't wait.

No. 886971

her main tumblr already is, do you really think she buys those 40 dollar serums? just assume any haul she posts is a "lifting" one.

No. 886973

Love it when she gets caught red handed. Never change, but blame the xannies for the shoplifting urge.

No. 886976

I wonder if she’s one of those lowkey ideological shoplifters who thinks she.l deserves free shit because she had a hard life. I wonder what it would take for Tuna to finally get a job? Desire for even more expensive new trinkets that can’t be stolen from Dollar Tree?

No. 886978

shut the fuck up about the cat already or take it to your containment thread

No. 886980

i honestly can't believe she hasn't gotten caught yet if she keeps hitting up (presumably) the same stores

No. 886981

loss prevention doesn’t really care, is why

No. 886996

It's really strange she hasn't been caught yet, it's easy to shoplift when you go to different places but they have to notice the same junkie coming in every few days and leaving without paying. Unless she stuffs her purse with shit and only pays for one or two items

No. 886997

i think she’s one of those stupid hassan types who thinks she believes in the destruction of capitalism but really, she just wants free shit and has little to no clue about government and politics.

No. 886998

I think she mentioned ages ago being banned from a CVS? does anyone remember this?

No. 887000

I was just thinking of this. She was stressed because she had meds to pick up and couldn't because she was banned lmao

No. 887003

I thought the cvs ban was for prescription karen-ing, not lifting

No. 887004

The milks gone dry.

No. 887006

Nonnie, she literally just got to the new place. Can you wait like 2 days for roommate drama? Jeez

No. 887007

No shit but on her lifting blog she could straight out, freely brag

No. 887008

Oh well. I guess I’ll be going through all 500+ pages of the kiwi farms thread about her.

No. 887010

There's no milk there either. Just start at page 568 cause that's where we are now.

No. 887029

File: 1659925158108.png (256.4 KB, 638x835, Screenshot 2022-08-07 221914.p…)

You're literally in your 40s Lurch, get over the "but muh parents hurt me".

No. 887030

my dad married my mom at 46 and she was 21?! what the fuuuuck. i see lurch is in welcome company.

No. 887032

It's so creepy to think of how in 1992 when Lurch was busy hating on his mother for retarded smoke shop statue reasons, Luna wasn't even born yet

No. 887034

Wow, Lurch is a Trumper? How exactly does tumblristauwu Luna justify dating an alt-right Republican?

Dare I ask where he was Jan 6?

No. 887036

She doesn’t need to. I bet they’re way more similar than what she’d have us believe.

No. 887037

>retarded smoke shop statue reasons
Fucking kek, nona
I doubt Luna cares about politics at all, she doesn’t care about a single other person besides herself. Her BPDfaggotry would just have her going along with everything Lurch says without even thinking about it

No. 887038

"Went a bit sideways" is such a massive understatement for "got addicted to hard drugs and groomed a teenager" lurch makes me sick fr

No. 887039

It still blows my mind that Tuna ever found him attractive, I mean I get that she was affection starved and bullied for her Haiti disaster trunks by boys her own age but this hideous motherfucker, of all people

No. 887041

she was desperate to become a homeless junkie

No. 887042

Every teenager’s dream

No. 887043

i’m super curious about his mom. considering the state of this man, the woman either has to be Mommy Dearest or saw the red flags as soon as Lurch learned how to walk and talk and dipped real soon after.

No. 887047

He had the one face not even a mother could love.

No. 887048

This is such a male boomer conversaion kek they aren't even really interacting with each other, they're just talking about themselves and blaming their mothers and throwing in some political "back in my day" nonsense.

No. 887053

>I doubt Luna cares about politics at all

She was a Bernie supporter for a hot second because she wants free shit. Unsurprisingly she was too lazy to vote for him in the primaries.

No. 887054

They only care about politics when free money is involved.

No. 887061

male boomers are honestly the most self absorbed creatures on the planet they’d get more entertainment out of talking to a mirror but i think Lurch would scare himself if he did that

No. 887065

If his mom was a Democrat, why did she throw a picture of Trump away? Seems Lurch forgot that Trump was a Democrat and invited the Clintons to his wedding to Melania.

No. 887069

Technically lurch is Gen X but I don't care that people on here call him a boomer since he is so old and disgusting

No. 887070

if some freak cowtips it'll be because they're trying to "save" the cat and i'm pre-emptively annoyed

No. 887071

Oh yeah I forgot about that, clearly it wasn’t significant, kek. I wonder hard she’d be riding the keyboard warrior train if Tai was still alive, given that she was “internet famous” for creating the cripplepunk movement and the anti-ableism “activism” has ramped up exponentially since she died, I could see Tuna making that her whole identity. Without genuinely caring about it, of course

No. 887075


No. 887082

Tai was also a themlet and Luna was respecting the pronouns, I wouldn't be surprised if she had gone this way too.

No. 887085

He knows all about being “human waste”, since he is a prime example of one. If I was his mom I wouldn’t love him either. What an absolute pathetic excuse of a life he has lived… when he finally croaks nothing of value will be gone. He is middle aged (and obese kek) and has accomplished absolutely nothing in his life besides being subhuman scum. I hope he reads this thread and seethes. Fucking loser

No. 887086

How many people here think obese Luna and Lurch will make it a whole month at the Airbnb, granting them squatters rights? They are cockroaches with junkie luck so I think that they will unfortunately.

No. 887087


Lmaooo at him trying to blame his mommy issues for why he's fucked in life. Absolutely no fault of his own for getting hooked on drugs and no sort of working experience

No. 887088

Me. I honestly don't see why they'd be kicked out and why farmers are expecting any roommate drama.
I lived in an Airbnb like that for a month while looking for an apartment in NY when I was moving. Most people living in shared AirBnbs are either gonna be tourists/students staying for a very short amount of time or in some sort of a transient situation (like I was) meaning that they'll mostly be out and about and definitely not mingling with the other guests.
Most of the "roommates" won't even run into them. Luna & Lurch don't cook so they'll never use the kitchen. They piss in bottles and don't shower so they'll hardly ever use the bathroom. There's no other shared spaces and you just know they'll stay in their room 90% of the time.
Provided they won't smoke indoors there's really hardly any drama potential. The milk is dry.

No. 887091

why does everyone keep saying the milk is dry? she hasn't even been there a week. the /pt/ board is just slow moving, have some patience. i also think shes having a "yay im safe and have a place to stay" drug binge right now so she's just been too nodded out to post… just wait we'll have a "dollar tree haul" thats "cheap cheap cheap and bought by my friends mom" soon. with a junkie attention whore like tuna, the milk won't be dry until she's dead. even if she ever got sober, she'd still be writing poetry about "ebil dad" and her junkie glory days.

No. 887096

They would have been kicked out quickly at the original airbnb they booked, but i doubt they’ll be evicted from this one until they stop paying. The owner doesn’t seem to live there, so unless they do something egregious enough for one of the other tenants to say something, they’ll be able to stick it out. smoking indoors might get them kicked out, since it’s something other guests will definitely report, but I think even Luna understands how stupid that would be.

No. 887114

Luna should do a coding bootcamp. There's a massive shortage of software developers currently and she could do it from home. All tech jobs are wfh nowadays. My friend did that - she studied programming for 6 months and got a job out of it.

No. 887115

No. 887120

honestly luna's brain is so fucked up from drug abuse and multiple ODs that i don't think she can have the kind of job that requires focus and problem solving. you can tell from the way she reasons and talks. i want her to get better too but realistically…

No. 887121

she can barely type a coherent sentence, anon

No. 887124

>There's a massive shortage of software developers currently

No. 887125


Not only is this simply not true, She would be the last retard capable of this. My bf completed one of this boot camps a year ago and still hasn’t found a job. Hard to compete with people with actual CS degrees. What a dumb ass suggestion lol

No. 887126

is this bait or are you clinically retarded

No. 887128

can we make a rule where you can’t post until you read the past 39 threads? y’all read one fucking thread and think you know shit. fuck off. you’re shitting up the thread.

No. 887130

She should run for governor of New York while she's at it.

No. 887135

code boot camps are scams. also I’m not even sure Luna could figure out how to turn on the computer.

No. 887136

File: 1660001758955.jpg (82.53 KB, 754x1280, IMG_20220808_203605_039.jpg)

So sober

No. 887138

We do…

No. 887156

It is actually true, but there is no way Luna would be able to study to be a dev ever. Sage for tech blog

No. 887157

I think her brain was fried from birth. i sincerely doubt her mom had the willpower to stop the drugs for 9 months. most junkies don't.

No. 887158


exactly. it's pretty established that they know how to behave themselves long enough to establish legal tenancy for 30 days for squatter's rights.

No. 887163

File: 1660026262613.jpeg (233.89 KB, 1284x698, A5B3D33E-E0EF-448C-A736-DD6879…)

She really does love talking about withdrawal

No. 887166

File: 1660031601443.gif (1002.18 KB, 500x206, Tell Me More, Tell Me More.GIF)

No. 887168

Probably not the guys fault his dad was a scumbag anon

No. 887170

this is why i hate people who think jobs will solve anything, she's not skilled enough for this and hopelessly addicted to drugs with a personality disorder, a job won't magically fix her life, she needs rehab or death of lurch.

No. 887174

I swear Luna is borderline brain damaged from being constantly high with no mental stimulation or interaction with anyone other than Lurch. I secretly think she couldn’t hold any job at this rate unless it was like Amazon fulfillment center-tier.

No. 887175

I get your point but jobs, even if she's a cashier or something can get people to feel a sense of purpose and belonging (coworkers), showing up high as a kite is something I doubt even Luna is stupid enough to do (she'll probably take a maintenance dose of benzo's but still) you get paid for it too so you get something out of it. Rehabs might work for some but most take your money, tell you to find god and be a better person but Luna doesn't want to improve herself. She doesn't have the willpower to be better, she's narcissistic but she doesn't actually love herself enough to quit, plus what is she going to do with her free time? At least with a job she would get something out of it. sage 4 blog but when I was using benzo's/alcohol I got a job and it got rid of a lot of reasons why I was using in the first place (loneliness, boredom, lack of purpose, no direction), I was actually able to quit drinking because of it. The outpatient groups I've been to don't do much except yell at you if you mess up and have one beer in 2 months and you have to do it 'all over again'

No. 887177

You sound immature af, with cowish qualities, but at least contributing to society now in some form.
You should probably just DM Luna so you can bitch together like spoiled teenagers about those awful rehabs who expect you to make lasting changes, have terrible snacks, and UGH they point out when you aren't behaving in accordance to your personal goal of sobriety, and EWWW how could they mention God but look at these uwu cute cherubs I stole from a grave!

No. 887178

Alcoholics and junkies are literally bottom of the barrel

No. 887182

My point was that a job (how small it may be) could help her more than rehab. Cherrypick what you want.

No. 887185

You must've missed the fact that she didn't last at her last "real job" because she was dopesick and had Lurch come shoot her up. Read the threads, jfc.

No. 887187

You have clearly never worked with a junkie. They take 40 minute "bathroom breaks" and generally maje everyone else's job harder. Even working with someone xand out is a level of incompetence no one needs. She has to get her shit together even slightly before getting to thos step.

No. 887191

I did miss that, what the fuck? I take my words back kek, clearly I had a bit too much faith in Tuna.

No. 887196

Obviously any cow could be fixed if they just suddenly started looking and acting like a different person and making good decisions, the fact that they don’t is the whole reason they have threads. Idk why people sometimes feel the need to say oh she should just get x job like that’s some kind of revelation.

No. 887200

I still think Luna should get some kind of a basic job. Work is not only great for as a time killer, it will also improve her self-esteem - on a subconscious level she knows she's a waste of space and a job would improve that by making her contribute for the first time ever.
Once she feels better, she needs to focus on losing weight. Imo Luna should sign up for a cheap gym membership and start doing cardio exercise. The endorphins that sports will release will limit her need to get high all the time and she could start tapering off benzos. In fact, she's so concerned with her appearance that being thin and pretty would probably really help her addiction? She'd overall feel better from being a productive member of society and being prettier than she's now.
Ofc she also needs to develop some basic habits - wash her clothes, shower regularly, brush her teeth etc.
In fact, I'd say the very first thing she needs to do is start creating small habits - from personal hygiene to the upkeep of her living space. Small changes can really mean the world sometimes. She spends so much time on Reddit, yet she doesn't seem to use any of its more useful and wholesome communities such as selfimprovement etc.
Hell, she could probably even find a good workout plan on Reddit.

No. 887203

Go away and never come back.

Hasn't school started yet? Fkn summerfags.

No. 887206

Yeah, she SHOULD do those things. But she isn’t going to. She’s been like this for her entire adult life and has only been getting worse. It’s easy to lay out steps for Luna to fix her life, but she won’t follow them until Lurch dies and she gets (or is forced to become) sober.

No. 887207

You must be new here

No. 887209

Come on now…Luna is not going to change.
I think most of us are here waiting for her junkie luck to run out. We thought it was going to be when she was evicted from the squat, but her evil abusive dad swooped in last minute and saved her from homelessness. Must be nice.

We all know she and fat Lurch are going to stay there for a month, obtain squatter’s rights, and start the whole eviction process over again. Parasites are gonna do what parasites are gonna do.

Maybe next time their luck will run out. We’ll see. In the meantime I am amused by her terrible poetry/outfits/selfies and morbid obesity.

No. 887211

Luna will never be a functioning member of society, ever. She likes things the way they are and she has no reason to change, she's a lifer. Unless she nods out, smacks her head real good, and awakens a completely different person with none of her previous memories she will never change. She has no ambition or willpower to speak of and even if the long awaited homeless saga did happen she'd just get worse instead of snapping out of it.

No. 887213

This. If she really wanted to improve her life she would have a long time ago, everything gets handed to her by her dad (if she wanted to get some higher education I'm sure he'd be willing to finance it, if she wanted to go to rehab he'd pay). She is comfortable being a gross junkie and has been for 8 years, she won't change. At least not this decade.

No. 887223

I really hate when Luna takes a break from social media because people here start writing fanfiction. I know some of us think it would be so awesome if she turned her life around, but she won't, so let's not kid ourselves just because the milk is dry.

No. 887224

File: 1660066340486.jpeg (203.76 KB, 750x705, 467CE63F-D625-4B0A-AABD-E2023B…)

No. 887228

I love that fakeboi equates literal psych ward sharpie drawings on printer paper to expensive original art

No. 887234

She was also fired from another job for stealing, so having a job is not conducive to productivity for Luna.

No. 887236

File: 1660069253967.jpg (34.19 KB, 640x468, Tumblr_l_129086043921224.jpg)


No. 887259

Kek. It will return. We all just need to take a break and go outside, tune back in later. Maybe a week. She's living with roommates. There WILL be milk.

No. 887264

you're right, for a moment i forgot about the whole story where luna was conceived on the stairs of a rehab by a junkie mom and alcoholic dad

agree, she needs a place where she can show up high, choose her own pace, and just do the same repetitive tasks away from customers (because she's had breakdowns from being thinskinned at jobs b4)

but it all comes back down to >>887211 this

No. 887267


The slavish devotion is sickening. I honestly hope Luna is taking her for everything she is worth in DMs.

Don't encourage the "all she needs" bullshit. Those retards shit up the threads enough as it is.

No. 887280

File: 1660088640312.jpg (437.83 KB, 1080x1603, Screenshot_20220809-164414_Red…)

Yeah toonafish that's the reason

No. 887281

It took me longer than it should have to terms with this, but you're right. She's irredeemable. Even as an active user she could still hold a job for at least a little while – the restaurant industry is pretty much fueled by BOH cluster B junkies and alcoholics – but she's very comfortable with her lifestyle and won't change for as long as she doesn't have to fight for survival.
Even the way she self-flagellates gives it away; she seldom if ever mourns the person she could have been or what she could have achieved…it's always a pity party about her weight, her parents, or getting kicked out of a squat. If she were 50lbs lighter and lived in social housing she'd be the happiest cow on this website.

No. 887282

She feels totally okay living this life because she thinks it's valid to blame EVERYTHING on the fact that she was uwu conceived on the steps of a methadone clinic uwu, and that her family had issues growing up. She won't own up to anything and improve herself because it's more comfy to just blame her parents.
She's a a loser and she'll never change, unfortunately

No. 887283

There’s only like ten states that don’t allow felony expungement. Either don’t be a degenerate or be a better one.

No. 887291

it's telling that the thing she gripes about the most in her life is her weight. she's a junkie with no achievements, no job, no house, and her boyfriend openly tries to cheat on her but god forbid she's not a size 2.

No. 887292

File: 1660096390612.jpeg (582.78 KB, 828x1012, 2AB7FFCE-7DAC-4A78-8386-DC919E…)

No. 887293

>gang neighborhood

No. 887294

>gang neighbourhood ie scawy black people
Shoutout to the nona who called it. Tuna, there are a tonne of stores near you, the maps don’t lie, move those Haiti disaster trunks and you might take a minuscule step (literally and figuratively) towards realising your uwu fragile blonde wait dream

No. 887297

Absolutely worthless cunt.

No. 887298

Bitches and complains about EVERRRYYTHING Jesus christ. First she was safe and happy in her "new home" But now she's in the ghetto with gangs and no stores for miles and its uphill both ways and it's just so hard guwys. Welp I guess that can be her excuse to not get a job, Too dangerous and scary to leave the air bnb. Kek! Thanks for the update though, tuney

No. 887299

can anyone in new york confirm or deny that this neighborhood is actually dangerous or not? she seems to think every neighborhood that isn’t gated is dangerous, so

No. 887300

I mean, there are some sketchy areas around there but no more than anyone from NY should be used to. Just don't be an idiot and you'll be fine.
Tuna is such a piece of garbage.. she and Lurch are literally the kind of people that make a neighborhood sketchy.

No. 887301

Omg I tought she was a street hustler uwu bronx babe. What happened, Luna? The truth hit you hard?

No. 887304

It's not that bad tbh. It's a mix of prewar apartments, large detatched houses and section 8. But as long as she and Lurch don't try and start anything, they'll be left alone. ALso whats she talmbout only 1 store? There's literally so many bodegas and things in walking distance

No. 887307

Her fatass can't walk more than half a mile

No. 887308

her old housing situation was in an equally rough neighborhood
which Luna constantly complained about

No. 887309

she’s in a clean, safe environment with normal individuals and not the crackheads she would constantly bitch about who broke her window. don’t think she can peddle her ass here for $20 and cry rape, and there’s no drugstores within 5 minutes of her she can lift from, AND she has to go outside to smoke? how will she romanticize her sad junkie existence now in the face of normalcy? how will she make excuses for herself with such ease? the horror. imagine if she was in an actual shelter, where people would steal from her instead of the other way around, not have her own bed to lay in all day, not know if her spot will get taken by another vagrant who has actually fallen on hard times. not being able to squat, writhe around in her own filth like a pig and leave used needles everywhere, that’s the “hard adjustment” she’s talking about, the delusion

No. 887317

Less! I’m seeing 0.4miles to the Cherry Valley Marketplace. It appears to be very much a grocery store. 7 min walk from Hovel 2.0 - Mostly flat. No incline for her anti-Haitian Cotton Eyed Joe lower extremities. Plus all the other burgerfood chains, Stop and Shop, Dunkin, 6 pharmacies within approx the same walking distance on Broadway. It’s not her beloved Dollar Tree or whatever else you burgers have that is the stuff of Luna’s fever dreams, unless she’s looking for a cheap dull knife. a single, lonely uwu store for miles. Food and meds and probably perloinable make up, ~10 min walk from her front door. Topkek. Never stop crying Luna. Maybe she’ll break out the mouldy chicken patties for food desert LARP 2022. Just for old time ebegging’s sake.

No. 887319

Just wanted to mention Airbnb is less than half a mile away from a huge shopping district. She’s got such a fat attitude.

No. 887322

File: 1660123472556.gif (576.74 KB, 275x150, 87764B39-363C-4BB6-8B60-7D6854…)

>anti-Haitian Cotton Eyed Joe lower extremities

No. 887323

I guess Tuna hasn’t realized that we found the location of her Airbnb? the neighborhood is called Park Hill, if anyone’s wondering, and it’s one of the nicer neighborhoods in the immediate area. she’s a two-minute walk from a bodega, a 7-minute walk to a full supermarket, 11-minute walk to a dollar store. what else does she need?

No. 887324


She's beyond lazy and it's disgusting. So much for your "eating disorder" eh Luna? Also what are those job applications looking like?

No. 887325

a dangerous neighbourhood is exactly where you belong, you're literally with your own kind.

No. 887327

She's always looking British, wonder whats her background besides "Jewish grandma" that was "part of the Black Panthers", lol such a blatant lie since BPP was for black people.

No. 887328

Not from the USA, but the places I’ve lived with high gang activity have always been fine in terms of safety because the crime is affiliated with gangs/ gang members and their activity specifically. So the biggest risk is getting caught in crossfire, which is pretty unlikely to happen if you’re just going on an afternoon trip to the shop. More likely if you’re frequenting shady spots and trying to score though, so maybe her fears are more warranted than I initially thought.

No. 887329

She’s probably saying there’s no stores to pave the way for grifting for “food” and shit further down the line

No. 887332

As a Brit I'm offended
She reminds me of a sex doll

No. 887333

It's actually a 20 min walk to the nearest Dollar Tree, but you know she'll be trying to grift uber money to get there

No. 887336

Not to derail but that’s not entirely true, for example the MC5 were well known for being affiliated with the white arm of the Black Panthers that was founded by John Sinclair at the suggestion of Huey P Newton (the founder of the Black Panthers) so that’s what Tuna might be referring to, but because it’s Tuna we’re talking about she probably is fibbing about that like she does everything else

No. 887338

Oh you can bet that’s what she’s doing, or begging for money for Ubers because it’s too far to walk anywhere to get groceries (and drugs, of course)

No. 887341

File: 1660135196025.jpg (183.26 KB, 1080x660, Screenshot_20220810-054001_Goo…)

No. 887342

I think Luna should lose weight and get a job.

No. 887345

wow what a refreshing take /s

No. 887346

If she refuses to walk the .4 miles to the store, I’m pretty sure both the “lose weight” and “get a job” options are out, naive nonny.
When I was extremely broke and desperate I lived in a dangerous neighborhood with no stores much like what Tuna’s described and I can tell you firsthand that people like her (and especially Lurch) are the criminal element that make those neighborhoods dangerous. Between picking fights with locals while gorked out, damaging property by collecting biohazard-tier garbage that attracts pests, stealing from local shops and buying/dealing drugs nearby (a practice we know Lurch still does) I’m positive Luna doesn’t realize the two of them are the criminal element people dread and fear coming into their neighborhoods.

No. 887347

File: 1660138908169.png (41.75 KB, 1010x465, scawy.PNG)


so scawy!!111 uwu

only 56% of people surveyed feel safe at night!111 (source: https://www.trulia.com/n/ny/yonkers/park-hill/85493/)

No. 887349

File: 1660139704390.jpeg (372.7 KB, 828x1265, 236666CD-598D-4D36-A8D5-92F6D0…)

Comments on a picture of Pumpkin on IG kek. If the cat has PTSD it’s from being abducted off the stoop of its home.

No. 887350

I think world should be in peace and nobody should suffer from hunger

No. 887351

>she’s a rescue
Interesting way to spell “we nicked someone’s beloved pet and it has been looking for a way to escape ever since”, Matthew
Fucking kek, nona

No. 887354

What is it with muricans and cutting their cats' claws. Have you guys not heard of scratching posts

No. 887355

File: 1660141183685.jpeg (646.1 KB, 828x1124, 4A0AEA4F-403F-43AD-9E74-EED0F7…)

this bitch is so lazy I can’t

she’s lying, she doesn’t cut the cat’s claws, she’s just trying to find excuse after excuse for why she can’t take her retarded followers’ advice.

No. 887356

Clipping cat's nail is an ok thing to do, anon. What you probably thinking is declawing, a surgery that remove their claws completely. I think it's not uncommon to do that in the us, but I don't really know, I'm not a burger either

No. 887358

No I know they weren't talking about declawing, I just mean I have never cut my cat's claws BC they wear down naturally on their own and I like having fingers

No. 887359

My cat is retarded and can't figure out a scratching post…but man, of all the things to fault the gruesome twosome/burgers in general for. No milk make us go crazy, huh?

No. 887360

Does your cat go outdoors though even just into the garden? That will keep their claws down too. Remember burgers can’t really have outdoor cats because a predator like an Easter Island head statue might get them. Luna doesn’t let Pumpkin outside and doesn’t have a scratching post (or any toys at all) for her so their only option is to trim her claws. With any luck next time they try to clip her nails she scratches one of them in the eye with her kitty litter claws and blinds em.

No. 887361

I've never really needed to cut a cat's claws unless they were a senior cat who was significantly less active. Pumpkin is just trapped in a single room every day with no stimulation or surfaces to scratch.

No. 887362

You're not wrong about the lack of milk. I know it's still early into the Airbnb saga but I hope Tuna at least wanders outside for a fat girl photoshoot soon.

No. 887364

people don't let their cats outside because they don't want them to get hurt. It has nothing to do with cat nappers retard

No. 887367

I love that you’re calling me a retard when you missed the joke entirely

No. 887368

File: 1660147133484.jpeg (510.94 KB, 828x1097, B9D85143-575F-47A5-B1B1-EEE6C5…)

No. 887369

File: 1660147164473.jpeg (558.96 KB, 828x1078, 05CE5946-6701-4C2B-8EA4-828416…)

No. 887370

File: 1660147477136.jpeg (507.58 KB, 828x1078, C583ABA4-7682-40AB-AC8E-3D465E…)

No. 887371

Is she trying to say she used the sharpies for her eye makeup?

No. 887372

>[insert azalea banks singing "Ow, she is a brick house
she's mighty-mighty, just lettin' it all hang out"]

No. 887374

im sorry but she looks so troonish here. the big hand, the makeup, her jaw line. looking like a low iq severely autistic troon pedophile. like you'd see something like this on a sex offender list.

No. 887376

the way she poses her fucking forearm is so funny

No. 887378

most cats need trimming even with a million scratching posts retard.

No. 887379

No that anon is just stupid

No. 887380

Let it go.

No. 887381

>>887378 No one cares, can we PLEASE stop with the cat sperging? Jesus Christ
>>887376 It's to show off her newest tattoo. Before the new tat she rarely posted pics with poses like this. Now literally every photo has her stupid forearm shoved into frame.

No. 887382

It’s unsettling to see her in such a normie, seemingly clean setting. I imagine she’s having an identity crisis over the loss of her bright grimy aesthetic.

No. 887383

Her hair is already disgusting and oily again kek I wish she would post more pictures of her place, I'm sure it's already gross

No. 887384

she looks high off her fucking gourd. did this retard really do full clown paint just to haul her fat ass to Walgreens to steal some markers?

imagine someone coming into your job asking for an application looking like this kekkkkk. I know she wasn’t applying anywhere and she never will, but it’s funny to imagine.

also be careful talking about cats, you’ll trigger some anons ITT

No. 887385

File: 1660151074113.jpeg (144.19 KB, 243x283, FD72FCC0-13EA-44AA-BC4F-780AD1…)

The mouth. She must be high off her tits right now

No. 887386

it almost looks like she really did use sharpie on the bottom kek

No. 887388

Looks like a giant pile of crap behind her. They're already ruining the place kek
I wonder if she's done a load of laundry since she got there. Probably not.

No. 887389

Jesus, these are jump scares. If I didn’t know her I’d think I was looking at Lurch’s disabled sister who just had a stroke. Bleak.

No. 887390

File: 1660158113249.jpg (44.93 KB, 1080x384, Screenshot_20220809-223415_Sam…)

Took this last night and forgot to post but here's lurch complimenting a guy more than he's complimented Tuna in at least the last year

No. 887391

File: 1660158250713.jpg (201.42 KB, 1080x1236, Screenshot_20220810-115156_Ins…)

A comment he left on one of her sharpie drawings. How long have they been talking about leaving NY again?

No. 887392

File: 1660158436715.jpg (77.22 KB, 1080x587, Screenshot_20220810-115224_Ins…)

Apologizing to his dead cat that they potentially let step all over used needles

No. 887395

>this is NY and nothing's free
their old hovel, their new hovel, the shoplifted trinkets…

No. 887398

File: 1660161458120.jpg (232.72 KB, 1080x1640, Screenshot_20220810-124131_Sam…)

There was nothing relevant leading up to this

No. 887401

yeah he walks 5 miles a day a few times a week doing drug runs lol, what a loser

No. 887404

so she got new sharpies and did her make up with them or what

No. 887405

File: 1660165892035.png (857.2 KB, 864x1467, Screenshot_20220810-171059.png)

The comments, she's so damned rude.
Also Tuna we all know you don't eat fruits and vegetables, who are you trying to fool?

No. 887409

No one asked, you lying fat bastard.

No. 887410

Why does he comment messages to her when they’re in the same room together? God I hate him

No. 887411

File: 1660168512586.jpg (208.46 KB, 1080x1410, Screenshot_20220810-144915_Ins…)

To be fair, I'd be rude too if an obvious farmer was telling me they knew where I live and exactly how far stores were from me. These two aren't mutuals so I doubt Tuna provided this info to her.

No. 887412

Fuck this cowtipper, this is genuinely creepy

No. 887413

Oh my God, why do both of them write this way? Just endless sperging about the same shit over and over in exaggerated detail.

No. 887414

It's the gaudy makeup

No. 887415

Its when he's out walking his 5 miles

No. 887416


No. 887417

yes because it’s the fruit that’s stopping her.

No. 887418

Part of me wonders if it's fakeboi since Luna doesn't seem to reply to her often publicly as herself but I don't know. Whoever it is you're a fucking autist and everyone hates you.

No. 887419

I always figured she'll sometimes get upset with him for not interacting with her online so he'll the comment on a bunch of posts at once. Some of his comments are random or borderline gibberish

No. 887422

I think it's fakeboi too. Some autistic 3-D chess move that gets her interaction with Luna, but also succeeds in making Luna not share as much info publicly because of the "bullies", this was something Fakeboi was trying to convince Luna about in the past.
Or it's just a genuine retard.

No. 887423

I doubt fakeboi could ever talk to her without drooling all over her. It's probably this farmer >>887405

No. 887424

That farmer needs to fuck right off. Iirc tuna never even posted on her insta where exactly the air bnb is. Obvious (stupid) farmer. I hope she blocks you tbh

No. 887428

File: 1660175113677.jpg (254.91 KB, 720x1424, VideoCapture_20220810-164502.j…)

No. 887429

File: 1660175136003.jpg (213.45 KB, 720x1400, VideoCapture_20220810-164505.j…)

No. 887430

>circus music intensifies

No. 887431

wondering what the effects of having sharpie ink around the eyes could be

No. 887432

I’m pretty sure this is sharpie kek, guess she’s not planning to get a job anytime in the next week or two at least

No. 887433

Lurch looks so old in the background

No. 887435

Oh, look! Is that horrible purple dress with those heart breast pockets. It lives!

No. 887439

did it in middle school when my mom wouldn't let me have makeup. it stings like a bitch and gives you blurry vision. also is a pain to get off without dry ass alcohol wipes.

No. 887440

I zoomed into that because I thought it was a hoarde of clothes and when I focused into seeing it was lurch I actually got spooked. Tuna you have a real hottie

No. 887441

and to think, it used to be pastel lilac!

No. 887442

I thought he was a hoard of clothes too kek! Can't tell if he's on his phone or rolling a joint. If it's the latter, I'm sure they're smoking inside and drama is on the horizon

No. 887443

>>887432 Face tattoo saga when? She might as well, not like it'll affect her job prospects lmao.

No. 887444

It looks like someone else is always reaching into the frame in an attempt to pet her face like she's an animal, but it's really just her twisting her own fat arm to put her basic bitch tattoo in the picture. She should just join the jugga-hos because she's a horrifying clown. At least she'd have a community of rejects to hang with.

No. 887446

whoevers cowtipping needs to fucking stop

No. 887447

Nta but your joke sucked because it didn't come off as a joke. Try exaggerating more next time, it helps the joke land.

No. 887448


Just stop. Summerfags shitting up the thread I swear.

No. 887449

Junkie special interests, kek?

People who heavily tattoo their forearms & hands before their biceps or any other less obvious place look so dumb imo, tuna ramps that up x10 by posing so awkwardly obvious

No. 887450

File: 1660190227098.jpeg (169.08 KB, 828x627, 4AD2427B-8451-4667-B235-751124…)

No. 887451

wtf is she doing with her mouth that makes her look like she has no teeth?

No. 887452

File: 1660192725292.jpg (56.64 KB, 715x1633, Screenshot_20220810-233334_Sam…)

Well it's not a phone

No. 887453

I think she tries to fill in her giant hee-haw overbite with her tongue.

No. 887456

Damn, Gollum in the corner with his precious again.

No. 887458

she’s such an irredeemable piece of shit, yeah luna, provoke people into suicide because if you weren’t such a coward you’d be dead by now. i swear this girl thinks she’s an expert on the issue bc she OD’d 6 times, all whilst whining about it like bitch pick a side and stick to it

No. 887460

It used to be called a Warped Tour tan, when people get their hand, neck, and face tattooed without anything else just because they want to look edgy for the big edgy social gathering. Tuna's doing the same kind of thing but for social media pics.

No. 887463

You're right. They're all small 75 dollar "look at what I'm into" tattoos.

No. 887464

Of course they smoke inside and of course it’s not a phone.

>>886723 And this is not used by them as deodorant or bodyspray like a nonnie said. Do you really believe tuna would wear febreez on her „glorious“ body while wearing 40 $ highlighter on her face? No way. They smoke inside, obviously not just cigarettes. The neighborhood is too dangerous to go downstairs and smoke outside….

No. 887466

And I’m pretty sure that the people they call dangerous would ask the person they visit if they’re allowed to smoke inside if they know this person is not a smoker. Because they are not as full of themselves and entitled as this two idiots

No. 887467

*Free tattoos
She has a lot of gall to go and ask for the artist to waste their time giving her free tattoos. She wouldn't work for free but expects others to.

No. 887469

She looks much cleaner than usual in these. I think she might actually be looking for a job? And just trying to look more presentable in general?

No. 887470

she’s wearing clown makeup sis. and she clearly hasn’t showered since they arrived.

No. 887471

I think it’s probably just her being in a relatively clean environment. In the previous squat she was constantly wallowing in filth now that’s she’s wallowing in a clean environment she’s looking less grimey.

No. 887474

>5 miles a day a few times a week
god their brains are just so shriveled up huh

No. 887475

why did she do the juggalo spikes in sharpie when her liner looks like it was done with actual eyeliner??

No. 887476

File: 1660221358106.jpeg (1.68 MB, 1269x1974, C40D1335-0693-4B62-B149-C4C20F…)

So she has stepped foot outside of their room, wonder if this is one of the communal areas

No. 887477

Seeing Tuna’s gnarly paw holding this clean, cliche mug of coffee in a clean environment with healthy plants is very weird. Akin to seeing a dog walk around on its hind legs.

No. 887478

I love her “woe is me, I wish I was dead from my DOC bby, ODing feels like lavender clouds and silken kittens” thing because when she does it on Reddit to strangers it sounds more like she’s goading them into killing themselves. She writes one of these posts shitting on Narcan once or twice a week. She is a social retard.
I want her to make a friend out on that porch so she has someone other than Lurch to talk to but she’s such an insane, needlessly nasty vortex of negativity it’ll never happen.

No. 887480

can you imagine being another renter and just trying to get to your room and then this blob is parked on the porch chain smoking all day?

No. 887483

I love that shes LARPing drinking black coffee. You know she would only guzzle it full of creamer.

No. 887484

How long till she steals a plant from the common area?

No. 887487

i just know there’s about 8 tablespoons of sugar in that cup

No. 887492

they're fake plants, same with the ivy plants in her bedroom. she brought some of her living plants to the bedroom (like the rubber tree)
interesting what she chose to haul over there

No. 887496

File: 1660234197042.jpeg (603.33 KB, 828x1179, 1E336246-0979-4B47-BA24-19B5F6…)

>never feel myself with wet hair
Tuna is so crazy kek. What a bizarre statement

No. 887497

Omg with the dark shadow behind her I seriously thought she had done bride of Frankenstein hair lol.

No. 887498

That’s a $40 highlighter

No. 887500

This explains why she's dirty, she doesn't feel herself with wet hair. It's very tragic tbh how could she ever have any quality of life when people expect hygiene but you just don't FEEL yourself with wet hair, you know? It should be considered a disability for anyone to live with such a burden. I would do heroin too

No. 887501

>I will never go back
better get a job then

No. 887502

The way she poses is so retarded, her one brain cell must think she’s an influencer

No. 887505

Idk what's worse the clown eyeliner or the horrible bright pink eyeshadow

No. 887511

It’s because she has to get that tattoo in every photo but it’s in such an awkward spot that there’s no way to do that posed naturally.

No. 887512

File: 1660237743068.jpg (536.06 KB, 1080x1347, IMG_20220811_130200.jpg)

So sober so poor

No. 887517

Bitch really is smoking weed indoors, so fucking stupid, I hope someone rats her out. Dumb fucking cunt

No. 887518

File: 1660240780276.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1170x1487, D718E607-D3D6-4A0B-B896-E1E70E…)

Looks like their fat asses can go downstairs to smoke

No. 887519

File: 1660240827715.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1170x1451, 51EDD07D-62B7-4563-B8F5-9B43D6…)

Seems like they’re smoking it outside

No. 887521

i wonder if she regrets