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File: 1622713674085.png (2.17 MB, 2832x1288, anna_slatz.png)

No. 1244909

Anna Slatz is a "journalist" and a "TERF" who is trying to become famous on the internet, mostly by using her tits while pretending to be a feminist.

I decided to make her her own thread because she came to the site to advertise herself as an anti-Shoe0nHead in Shoe's thread in a pretty obvious selfpost. >>1244288

She also posts her titties to 4chan to get the /pol/tards drooling about her "big mommy milkers".

She claims to be a feminist despite posting constant pictures of her tits and ass.

She "hates liberals" and posts "based pepe memes" and has a literal clown avatar.

She is a "feminist" and a "TERF" despite using her body go get validation from the lowest of men.

Post Millenial articles:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Slatzism
One of many 4chan threads self-advertising: https://boards.4chan.org/r9k/thread/63914456

No. 1244911

File: 1622713733381.png (351.18 KB, 738x578, 1622660712634.png)

No. 1244913

File: 1622713774034.jpg (122.37 KB, 952x784, 1622385905930.jpg)

No. 1244914

File: 1622713807267.png (333.88 KB, 1917x570, 1622651408684.png)

No. 1244915

File: 1622713840547.jpg (156.63 KB, 1574x708, 1622385977812.jpg)

She is already promising to post videos in lingerie talking about her dating life. Such a feminist.

No. 1244916

File: 1622713892714.jpg (216.61 KB, 1821x1028, 1622385296527.jpg)

Constantly posts her chunky body to bait more orbiters who think she is "based".

No. 1244917

File: 1622714010869.jpg (336.12 KB, 1083x2536, 1622403940037.jpg)

She totally doesn't want incels on 4chan to talk about her! UwU

No. 1244918

File: 1622714124420.png (315.61 KB, 738x594, bdd.png)

She has Body dismorphic disorder which is why she constantly seeks attention and validation.

No. 1244921

I don't think she deserves her own thread, other then the 4Chan shit I don't she's done anything too milky…… Yet
However I'd love for a radfem/radble thread, there's a lot of dumb drama in the community
Other then hating porn, troons and the current neoliberal world order they disagree about everything

No. 1244923

She definitely deserves a thread because I have been seeing her stupid clown avatar retweeted by almost everyone I follow on twitter. She is trying really desperate to become relevant, hence why she posts herself to every imageboard and mostly with her tits out.

No. 1244924

i feel bad for saying this but what she said was pretty based.

No. 1244926

Shoe is garbage and being against troons and liberals isnt milky.
Its clear shes not a real radfem or any feminist for that matter but i dont see whats really milky. Just a typical attention whore who posts on 4chan. Her opinions arent bad imo

No. 1244927

that’s like the last you wanna do if you have bdd, oh my god she’s a retard

anon, i don’t think that’s what she’s saying here

No. 1244934

Her opinions are worth nothing because she is a hypocritical grifter. Just like a Nick Fuentes who pretends to be a tradcath heterosexual virgin when everyone knows he bangs catboys.

You are literally as easily fooled as men. "She agrees with my opinions! She is based!" literally the same grift as Shoe0nHead just against trannies.

No. 1244937

File: 1622716555591.png (277.58 KB, 1242x1845, DM1.png)

Anna's DMs with 4channers

No. 1244938

File: 1622716599306.png (221.54 KB, 1242x1449, DM2.png)

No. 1244939

File: 1622716696095.png (122.69 KB, 1242x865, DM3.png)

No. 1244941

I don't understand this screencap. Vanessa Vokey is another youtuber.

No. 1244942

This is why I'm saying this should be a general radfem/TERF thread, most are alright but so many are deranged hypocrites like Vannesa

No. 1244947

I'm not sure what's more cringe. If she actually talks to these retards like she wants to be their mommy or if she faked these DMs to proof that she's not self-posting on 4chan. Either way I want to vomit.

No. 1244948

my bad

No. 1244954

I second that. What is the milk with Vannesa?

No. 1244957

What I know, she claims to hate men, claimed she was on autism spectrum, she's about to get married to a man, doesn't wear make up or shaves

No. 1244971

I have noticed that women in Ovarit hate her and have accused her of being a crypto conservative.

No. 1244973

File: 1622721245788.png (46.4 KB, 541x202, fauxminists.png)

This was under that tweet

No. 1244976

There is literally no reason to post pictures like that other than to appeal to the male gaze, god she’s pathetic

No. 1244977

File: 1622721520254.png (227.72 KB, 545x439, cringe.png)

Appealing to bottom of the barrel men.

No. 1244978

It’s a shame her old twitter account got baleeted, she had pics up from when she was morbidly obese. She’s lost weight but she’s still aggressively ugly. I agree with her views on troons though, if she wasn’t an alt-right pandering bootlicker she’d be less insufferable

No. 1244979

File: 1622721649293.png (121.63 KB, 834x300, hoe.png)

This holds true for when you go to the grocery store in the summer when it's hot as fuck and gross old perverts oogle you. Not when you deliberately post thirst-trap boob and ass pics on the internet.

Please tell me how posting your ass on 4chan is helping women fight against being objectified.

No. 1244981

File: 1622721908931.png (306.95 KB, 545x395, anna.png)

I feel like she photoshops her selfies, or at least heavily relies on angles.

No. 1244982

File: 1622721984530.png (155.99 KB, 1492x884, anna_slatz.png)

She also has a verified Kiwifarms account because she was involved with the Yaniv drama since she worked for Rebel Media. There is actually a ton of milk on this her.

No. 1244983

File: 1622722023015.png (280.43 KB, 1251x498, 4chan.png)

No. 1244986

File: 1622722330708.jpg (6.28 KB, 178x284, nose.jpg)

She also got a nosejob, embarassed of your jewish heritage, Anna?

No. 1244989

File: 1622722817049.png (2.33 MB, 2700x2408, fatphobia.png)

Her article on fat acceptance in which she admits she used to be over 300 pounds. Gotta be honest I didn't read the rest cause it's long as fuck.


here is an entire imgur folder full of pictures of her stuffed into compression clothes showing her ass and tits.

No. 1244990

File: 1622722927089.png (52.6 KB, 740x370, breastlift.png)

she also had a breast-lift

No. 1244995

Had no idea there was anything to this dork besides her "drawing" of Marx agreeing with her self-insert wojak. Anyone remember what I'm talking about?

No. 1244996

>300 Pounds
Did she have surgeries to remove the excess skin, at that height she would have been the equivalent of 600 pounds

No. 1244998

from this >>1244916 it looks like she had at least a tummy tuck.

No. 1245000

File: 1622723806183.png (293.19 KB, 542x460, slatz.png)

>oh no, you can see my bright pink bra through this beige shirt

No. 1245001

File: 1622723821055.png (388.49 KB, 744x538, fat.png)

Looks like she hasn't solved her eating problems either.

No. 1245002

File: 1622724090509.jpeg (652.79 KB, 828x1315, EB89780B-2E1E-4472-96E8-8FB926…)

Get a load of this horse shit

No. 1245008

Rebel Media reporters are literal cockroaches. Their entire goal is to get into trouble, get into fights and provoke people until they lash out at them then record it to show "this person is violent". It worked with Yaniv cause Yaniv is actually a fucking insane dangerous troon, but they do this shit to normal people too.

Journos are already scum, but Rebel Media is the shit that floats on top of the scum.

No. 1245009

File: 1622724606580.png (104.27 KB, 775x389, save anna.png)

I thought that Rebel News was a far-right site? Why is a supposed radfem working for a conservative outlet? Also, FIVE LAWYERS? Can you hire Canadian lawyers to work in a New York case? Wouldn't the laws be different?

No. 1245011

For real. She’s also friends with Andy Ngo, which I’m sure will come as a surprise to precisely no one. The fact that she calls herself a Marxist while producing content for Rebel, The Post Millennial and Quilette is especially egregious, like who the fuck buys into this nonsense? She’s a fucking /pol/tard haindmaiden LARPing as a communist TERF.

No. 1245012

Yes, they are Canada's version of Breitbart as someone already said ITT.

Kinda ironic since she is jewish, but I guess she is self-hating.

No. 1245013

Exactly, she writes for exclusively far right publications. She’s a grifter.

No. 1245014

Is she Jewish? I’m pretty sure she’s half Thai and half Cuban or something similar. Not that she can’t be those things and Jewish as well, but I’ve never seen her mention it

No. 1245016

Crypto jews are a thing. Honestly just take one look at her and tell me why you think she got a nose-job. She wants to blend in with /pol/tards so she's not going to openly talk about her jewish heritage.

No. 1245017

File: 1622725219108.png (236.95 KB, 546x381, breaking curfew.png)

I was scavenging through her Twitter feed when I read >>1245002. For a moment, I thought she broke a curfew to buy some cheesecake kek

No. 1245018

File: 1622725271887.jpg (32.91 KB, 363x556, anna_nose.jpg)

Here is a picture of her before her nosejob

No. 1245022

File: 1622725431715.jpg (43.66 KB, 319x449, archived - 1.jpg)

here is a more recent image on the same account to proof this is her

No. 1245029

File: 1622726516338.jpeg (80.38 KB, 952x600, anna.jpeg)

No. 1245030

File: 1622726580859.jpeg (142.45 KB, 946x918, anna2.jpeg)

No. 1245031

File: 1622726619105.jpeg (81.76 KB, 948x786, anna3.jpeg)

No. 1245034

Holy shit she is ugly as sin with both noses, no wonder she is mad on the internet, kek

No. 1245035

File: 1622726679520.jpeg (132.57 KB, 1080x834, anna4.jpeg)

No. 1245042

File: 1622729008124.png (1.15 MB, 1544x2172, incels.png)

She literally wrote an article about how much she despises the incels on /r9k/ and Bianca Devins and now she is selfposting her ass there and talking to them as if she is their mommy-gf.

The absolute shameless grift.


No. 1245061

I'm the anon who posted about her in the shoeonhead thread. I didn't know who she was, I saw that r9k screenshot in the tranny sideshows thread on kiwifarms and the based mommy gf shtick reminded me of shoe's persona. Maybe she is a lolcow but that wasn't a self post lol

No. 1245066

Very credible, thank you anonymous internet poster.

No. 1245072

Based farmers finding actual milk but the OP is shit

What you write contradicts what she wrote in the picrel

>She also posts her titties to 4chan to get the /pol/tards drooling about her "big mommy milkers".
Some retard moid on the kiwifarms tranny sideshows thread has already taken credit for posting her to 4chan

Atleast talk about her postmillennial phase if you want something milky

No. 1245074

There are several threads about her on 4chan and they all advertise her twitter. Someone posting in the tranny sideshow thread claiming to be totally not her.. yeah ok.

Sorry I just don't believe you.

>Atleast talk about her postmillennial phase if you want something milky

Why don't you start?

No. 1245084

That discord image is not Anna. OP made a mistake >>1244948

No. 1245090

She seems pretty endearing and based, would def befriend

No. 1245094

Are you also the anon who said that a life without male validation is sad? lol

No. 1245097

Lmao no?? I genuinely had no idea who she was nor do I have any stake in twitter terf drama, just saw that screencap on kf (in the post >>1245072 mentioned), thought it was funny and posted it

No. 1245099

Pretty strange and cringe to post some random "hot TERF" you saw on KF to the Shoe0nHead thread of all places. Quite irregular behavior and totally not self advertisment, especially with the added "she is totally more popular than Shoe, Shoe must be seething".

No. 1245102

idk what to tell you kek it's the truth, obviously I can't prove it and you don't have to believe me

No. 1245107


I bet she's one of those weird femcel vindicta "radfems" produced by the red scare podcast.

No. 1245112


Wow what a boring loser.

No. 1245113

any deets on her rebel media stint? I had no idea

No. 1245121


I'm pretty sure she faked the DM's lol.

"You're the fifth person to claim responsibility for those threads" gives it away KEK.

No. 1245125


Wtf is this dress.

No. 1245127


This entire thread seems like self-posting. Her persona seems motivated entirely by attention.

No. 1245130

File: 1622736903959.png (300.41 KB, 1248x622, kiwi.png)

So, here's the post from Kiwifarms for reference. Everyone wants to claim to be the OP now.

No. 1245133

Do you schizos have proof she self posted on 4chan? half of these posts and replies give off vendetta vibes

No. 1245146

File: 1622739586023.jpeg (371.3 KB, 733x1025, 6C44935F-93D0-4817-B34A-E6B91A…)

She went on a podcast a couple months ago, gives some more details on her past and views. Not milky.

No. 1245169

For real. As an orbiter in terf Twitter I do understand why Slatz could perk some ears up in terms of flawed logic and attention seeking. HOWEVER a thread on radfem infighting and drama would be way more interesting.

No. 1245177

I agree, if its just about Her the thread will die out in less then 3 days, radblr and radfem Twitter is inheritly more interesting

No. 1245188

I don’t understand. I don’t like Vanessa bc she just generally gets on my nerves but how are any of those things listed milk?

No. 1245194

A radfem thread would only attract seething trannies and bring them to this website even more, so I disagree with having a radfem general thread.

No. 1245206

Because we have seen a lot of cows on this website selfpost and it becomes very obvious. Why would shit "lel I am just shitposting" person do promotion for her and link her twitter and say how she is such a hot tomboy and shows off her huge mommy milkers? Why would someone who wants to troll people advertise like that? It just makes no sense.

It does however make sense that a woman who used to be super morbidly obese and is now vaguely attractive for the first time (possibly in her life) needs A LOT of male attention and knows where to get it. Plus her career is literally to be a journo cockroach so twitter followers are her bread and butter. It makes perfect sense.

No. 1245210

That’s fair but I’m not opposed to bathing in tranny seethe. They’re already here as evidenced by whoever made this weak ass thread. Slatz isn’t milky because she’s upfront about her own behavior which truly isn’t as problematic and stupid as these autists are making it out to be, and there’s tons of untapped milk on radtwt. High key suspect that a Venn diagram of radfem Twitter and farmers looks like a circle.

There’s a new GC thread in /ot/ now, but I think it’s more venting about MtF smoothbrains than the infighting of rads themselves.

No. 1245227

The GC thread is already locked. I think we can just use this one to talk about radfem drama.

No. 1245238

"other cows have done it so she does it too!!" please with this logic fatty shayna probably self posts on 4chan too

No. 1245248

Shayna is still currently skinnier than you, Anna. We have dealt with plenty of cows on this site and know how they behave.

No. 1245261

>High key suspect that a Venn diagram of radfem Twitter and farmers looks like a circle.
Nah, a lot of the younger users are same-sex attracted women who got tired of the shit towards lesbians, etc. and peaked that way. Some of the edgier women may be farmers but otherwise most (especially the younger teens) have little understanding or interest in sites like this.

No. 1245273

> The GC thread is already locked

And a thread for a non-cow GC pops up less than a day later. Never change, jannies

No. 1245323

kek so troons made this thread? ok Anna, keep posting thirst traps and pandering to 4channers, much TERF, much radfem

No. 1245331

Everyone I don't like is a troon! Now let me go back to post more asspics on 4chan so I can have more likes on my pepe memes!

There couldn't possible be any real woman, let alone a TERF be upset about some thot misrepresenting our movement this way.

No. 1245367

She's of a similar genre but honestly doesn't seem to be as pseudo-intellectual as them and actually calls herself a Marxist instead of antileft or whatever. It's just funny to me that so many people's intro to her here is her more reasonable takes on troons when she has been a very loud /pol/tard cow for years online and had no interest in women's rights until she found out about trolling internet trannies

No. 1245527

>thot misrepresenting our movement this way.

Our movement? Are you suggesting you're radfem while calling women thots?

I don't actually smell tranny, I smell kiwi dick cheese.

No. 1245541

Not that anon but you know what else is bad about the radfem community? Pearl clutchers like you acting like total moms about this kind of shit. Whores are whores. It’s definitely out of line to talk about sex workers and rape victims this way but girls who go out of their way to present themselves as objects for male validation. It’s pathetic and it reflects on all of us. Men wouldn’t go around acting like the world is their brothel if thots like this didn’t go out of their way to accommodate them because they have a shit sense of self esteem.

No. 1245576

No. 1245584

>Men wouldn’t go around acting like the world is their brothel if thots like this didn’t go out of their way to accommodate them
NTAYRT and sorry to sperg but the radfem perspective on this is basically that you have the cause and effect relationship backwards here. Moids have spent centuries punishing women in every way possible for being any less than 100% accommodating. In the US for example it is within living memory that women would be lobotomized and/or put in asylums just because her husband deemed her moody or something. Spousal rape was only outlawed in the 90’s and divorce only became accessible to most women in 1969. This is (relatively speaking) very recent, so many of us were raised by mothers from this reality, or otherwise influenced by it. Sometimes it can take a woman until she’s middle aged to really start unlearning this stuff. It’s frustrating and I understand the urge to lash out at these “traitors” but they’re still victims of male supremacy.(Derailing)

No. 1245620

radfem/radblr drama is really fucking funny but tends to be same topics discussed over and over and again
>Man hating straight women who don't date men calling out man hating straight women do date men
>Non-Man hating lesbians(especially mothers with sons) arguing with man hating straight women
>Socialist radfems arguing with non-Socialist radfems
>separatist radfems talking about how they'll escape the patriarchy on a commune but never actually doing anything
>black straight radfems arguing with white man-hating radfems, calling them privileged

No. 1245654

So we are starting a thread where the only actual milk is pure conjecture? Also you sound autistic.

Yeah. One of her last videos I remember she caped for fucking Jordan "women shouldn't wear makeup to work" Peterson and had some dumb abortion takes that sounded pro life.

No. 1245675

believe it or not there was a brief period of time where TERFs supported Peterson, the events that made him famous in the first place was when he publicly criticized Bill C-16 which was
>a law passed by the Parliament of Canada. The law adds gender expression and gender identity as protected grounds to the Canadian Human Rights Act, and also to the Criminal Code provisions dealing with hate propaganda, incitement to genocide, and aggravating factors in sentencing.
basically it made it a crime to refer to troons with the wrong pronouns and he was eventually confronted by TRAs on campus and he became famous when he for lack of a better term "owned them with facts and logic" so before revelated his bullshit views later on TERFs and radfems supported him, even Magdalen Berns mentioned him in one video

No. 1245678

Don't forget
>Seriousfems vs memefems
>Socialization vs pinkpill

No. 1245689

People who think being a feminist means you are never ever allowed to hold another woman accountable for her actions are retarded.

By your logic there could never be SWERFs and we could never criticize women who willingly create OnlyFans accounts without any kind of societal or monetary pressure.

Thot is just a modern word for a woman who exchanges her bodily assets for attention and likes on social media.

No. 1245690


Hi cow.

No. 1245705

File: 1622787006139.png (365.77 KB, 4508x2764, slatz.png)

These are some of the tweets after she thanks 4chan for the thread

No. 1245708

I thought the CEO of Rebel News was Jewish himself.
Doubt. Her last name is common in Israel.

No. 1245725

If you'd presented yourself as any other kind of feminist or non-feminist, I wouldn't have blinked an eye, but you know full well that radfems object to plenty of "modern words" and have their own choice epithets to call someone like this.

Yeah yeah I get it, you're a cool girl who clutches testicles and doesn't afraid of anything. Blaming women for male degeneracy is very cool of you, hope the boys see this.

And they probably will because this cow posts herself to moid spaces and is exactly the kind of cow that brings all the banned kiwi rejects to the yard, who blend in like dog's balls which is why it's sus to pretend to be radfem so poorly.

No. 1245732

You need to take your meds.

No. 1245755

File: 1622797368616.jpg (41.64 KB, 1501x149, malecope.JPG)

Daily reminder that this thread was likely started by a seething /r9k/ poster, as were many others on this site.

No. 1245764

Weren't they pretty happy that Anna was showing off her ass and giving them attention?

No. 1245766

Because a woman could never seen an issue with her behavior. Suspicious as fuck how many replies in this thread are trying to say that it must be a scrotes vendetta and a real woman would never criticize another woman and we totally shouldnt have this thread, despite the clear interest in her and plenty of milk.

Keep seething.

No. 1245769

cringe schizoposting

No. 1245771

How is it suspicious, retard? It's an all female imageboard and a lot of women here followed her Twitter.

This thread is full of ancient screenshots of her long suspended account and cherrypicked crap off her twitter. There's no proof she self posted other than the fact there was a thread on her just like there are threads on any other attractive females online.

But sure, let's make a GC hate thread despite no milk on it whatsoever.

No. 1245779

Seethe, plenty of us think she is a cow. Just look at this thread.

No. 1245780

>This thread is full of ancient screenshots of her long suspended account
Covering the history of a cow is part of every new thread on them. A lot of people who are unfamiliar with her don't know any of those things, not everyone here knows who she is.

>let's make a GC hate thread despite no milk on it whatsoever

It's not a GC hate thread, since she isn't even a real TERF and that's exactly the milk. She's just an e-girl pretending to be a feminist and capes for the alt-right and sucks the dicks of literal incels. That is plenty milky.

If you don't find her interesting, hide the thread. Not everything on this site caters to you specifically.

No. 1245790

Lauren Southern said that when she used to work with Rebel News, they would purposely get their journalists in trouble to have excuses to ask viewers for money. They would also make up projects and trips for the same reason. Even when they had enough money, they would keep making crowd-funders to squeeze as much as they could from their fans.

Rebel News raised $11,591.40 for Anna out of the $10k they were asking. She was freed two days when the judge realized she was a foreign journalist.

>These funds were used to retain four lawyers who worked tirelessly to locate and advocate for me, NYPD having changed my booking station mid-way during my sentence and making it almost impossible for me to be contacted.


No. 1245792

>Covering the history of a cow is part of every new thread on them. A lot of people who are unfamiliar with her don't know any of those things, not everyone here knows who she is
Exactly, and apparently it's useful to document her being an Ashton Whitty style retard since the anons who apparently follow her seem to think she has always been a super baste women's rights advocate

No. 1245809

It's very interesting how the OP kept tabs on her to the point where they had ~40 minutes old screenshots. >>1245031
Smells like vendetta to me.

No. 1245812

They are screenshots taken from googling her name, Sherlock.

Honstly if you don't have anything to contribute to the thread maybe just shut up?

No. 1245813

Those screenshots were from Rational Disconnect's tweets


No. 1245881

there was a bunch of seethe about her on /tttt/ a few days ago. /pol/ loves instigating drama between that board and this site.

No. 1245890

Why? Was it because of that /r9k/ thread? kek

No. 1245893

No. 1245899

How is it a vendetta just because a lot of people weren't aware of her until this political venture? She was even featured in leftthots in the past because she has been a cow for a long time, she doesn't stop being a cow just because she's smart enough to reject troonism

No. 1245902


Pretty sure you're the one who needs to be medicated, Anna.

No. 1245907

File: 1622820781725.png (180.11 KB, 803x572, Save Anna.png)

Found this post in KF that also supports the theory that her prison time was a scam. I am not sure how reliable it is tho.

No. 1245943

Of course this sort of thing wasn’t started by women acting skanky but if you don’t grow out of this validation seeking behavior by the time you’ve left your early 20s, when stupid immature attention whoring is natural for someone in your age group, it should be fair game to shame you because it is shameful. If you value mens attention that fucking much that you’re still participating in their cycle of bullshit that drags pretty much all other females down with you by confirming men’s suspicions that women really are just a collection of moving body parts well then you deserve all the side eyes and snide comments that come with it. It doesn’t make mens gross behavior justified at all, as a radfem I wouldn’t ever condone that, but there’s no reason it doesn’t owe you some insults on a taiwanese fingerpainting forum.
>implying I give a shit about male validation based off of a post criticizing some e-thot posting ass shots and shit on Twitter while calling herself a radfem
Project harder, handmaiden chan. I’m not blaming anyone for male degeneracy, I’m blaming her for pandering to it while claiming to be against it. Maybe deep down inside she knows how wrong it is that men treat us like pieces of meat but her ex-fat girl predilections to objectify herself to feel pretty will always lead her to do the same shit shoe did back before she gained traction on YouTube. She deserves a thread here.

No. 1245978

Pagliacci means clown. It’s literally the whole sad clown thing. There’s a very famous opera and a ton of other art based on it.

No. 1245995

>Yeah yeah I get it, you're a cool girl who clutches testicles and doesn't afraid of anything. Blaming women for male degeneracy is very cool of you, hope the boys see this.


No. 1246046


She was exposed as racist and anti-BLM a couple months ago, also she used to use content from Jordan B Peterson and PragerU in her videos

No. 1246327

Agreed, this person is not interesting or milky and everything about her smells of thirsty self-posting. Would love a general radfem thread.

No. 1246394

Anti-BLM does not necessarily mean racist. BLM is supposed to help the black community, but it has been co-opted by troons. Last year, 23 out of the 30 organizations that receives money ($21.7 million) from BLM relate directly or solely on trans issues, while only 6 relate to criminal justice.

https://blacklivesmatter.com/2020-impact-report/ (Page 22)

No. 1246503

a lot of the radfem in fighting revolves around mostly men though, and how so many self declared man hating lesbian radfems were secretly dating or married to men the whole time
There was a pretty famous radfem lesbian on Tumblr who used to shit on Bi women and posted how much of a super radical socialist lesbian she was and how she's only been with women, turned out she was actually an Army wife

No. 1246515

Are you talking about radfemtori?

No. 1246517

Yeah her

No. 1246519

I thought you were talking about Terri Strange before the last part. She is a bisexual Marxist who had countless of videos about separatism and political lesbianism, only to end up dating a weeb-looking guy. Radfems made up all kinds of rumors about him: he is abusive, he is a transwoman, he is a sexual predator, etc. Then they harassed Terri to make her apologize to her followers for the crime of dating a man.

No. 1246522

tbf he does seem like a disgusting guy, he makes meme's about blowjobs and rough sex, but it is fucking dumb that a so called political lesbianis who advocates for separatism is dating a bottom of the barrel male

No. 1246524

Shit I was wrong, radfem tori just had a bf, the stay at home army wife was someone else
recently tori's become a libfem and "came out" as bisexual

No. 1246529

While we are on the topic of changing sides, Terri's ex-girlfriend, Amy Dyess went to Pink News to say that TERFs brainwashed her into the cult that made her transphobic. She says that Julie Bindel promised to bring her to Terf Island and find her a wife. Now she has seen the light and is planning to do a documentary against radfems.


No. 1246536

At first I thought this smelled like a vendetta thread because of the weird nitpicks, but calling yourself a feminist and trying to ingratiate yourself with robots is so fucking embarrassing dear god.

No. 1246537

The Army wife was Kelly (allmother/opisaterf)

I love her, she's batshit insane, KF has a whole thread on her

No. 1246542

You could still criticize women without using misogynistic slurs you fucking retard.

No. 1246557

All these people sound like retards

No. 1246568

That dude made like 20 SJW videos and then gave up, and for years since he just lives on twitter using his channel branding still and doing useless shit like this. A real 4d chess move too seeing as she obviously loves the moid attention, even negative.

Yeah but you could say that about a lot of threads. Sometimes the repetition is the hilariousness.

I too vote for general radfem drama, here or in its own thread.

No. 1246591

If you don't want to be called a thot, don't be a thot.

No. 1246626

Ok thot

No. 1246725

> I know for a fact my bf thinks he's smarter than me but I am still with him, we balance each other out teehee, also white people should kill themselves uwu

Le epic 4chan feminist

No. 1246772

Nobody is acting like it’s a crime to be with a man. The only reason she got hate is because she portrayed herself as an adamant lesbian for so long and then it turned out she was dating some dude. Do you know how damaging things like this are to actual lesbians? I’ve sat through so many anecdotes from scrotes sexually harassing me because they want to “fuck me straight” saying they knew a girl who said she was a lesbian until she was blue in the face and now she’s with a man. It’s cruel for these women to go around acting like the dykest dykes in dyketown and then going on to date some ugly ass man, ensuring to everyone that lesbians don’t really exist and they all want dick deep down. So sick of people acting like lesbianism is this elitist club they aren’t allowed into instead of just… homosexual women. How homophobic can you be?

No. 1246780

Vanessa Vokey thinks BLM is a terrorist organization, isn't not pro life, a pickme grifter and said "better dead than red" once lol. she's a huge narcissist and should gtfo forever

No. 1246803

>thinks BLM is a terrorist organization
>is not pro life
based tbh, I wish I could have some TERF friends who are not libshits

No. 1246806

>isn't not pro life

No. 1246807

I'll join your based TERF group. Nothing about radical feminism says we should completely ignore the negative affects abortion has on women (which is all Vanessa even mentioned, that it has some negative effects and we should consider that) and support black supremacist troon simp clubs

No. 1246810

File: 1622905695864.png (180.98 KB, 475x625, weight loss.png)

Here you go

No. 1246824

good for her for losing weight
i wonder how much was surgical vs dieting

No. 1246835

File: 1622908213691.gif (1.59 MB, 500x279, giphy.gif)

very radfem of her
she's just like shoe, pathetic and desperate for male attention
sure, you're a total terf

No. 1246841

Vanessa isn't my favorite, but none of those things are cowish unless she's going on Aimee Terese tier spergouts about them 23 hours a day or something. She just comes across as attention hungry, but not to the same desperate degree as Anna Slatz.

No. 1246857

Being right wing and being a radical feminist are mutually exclusive.

No. 1246916

To be fair, being right wing and a radical feminist is just as incompatible as being a radical feminist and being a libshit. Liberalism≠leftism. Radfems aren't liberals and no radfem paying attention would support BLM with all their "elevating black trans women's voices" nonsense (along with all the other rational reasons not to support them, namely that they steal donations and cause violent uprisings but I digress)(Off topic )

No. 1246936

>4chan gets mentioned
>/pol/ starts leaking

No. 1246938

Being a liberal and being a radical feminist are mutually exclusive.

No. 1246941

I know all of that already, but when rightoids call someome a lib they obviously equate it to being left wing because they're politically illiterate. If they knew that liberalism and radicalism were opposing viewpoints they wouldn't have said something so stupid.
>radfem paying attention would support BLM with all their "elevating black trans women's voices" nonsense
That's a fair point but they agreed with calling BLM a terrorist organization. You're giving them way too much sympathy kek.

No. 1246945

BLM is a black sumpremacy group that encourages acts of violence against white people just for being white.

No. 1246946

I don't support BLM, its not a black sumpremacy organization rather a Con created by the founders who are more concerned about lining their own pockets and its also a democratic bargaining chip

No. 1246948

Stop the political derailing.

No. 1246949

And why did you pick me to say this when the derailing started like 20 posts ago?

No. 1246951

We do exist, I’ve actually found a pretty decent community on Twitter. So many radfems are fucked up commies and it really dilutes the appeal for me. But we are out there

No. 1246956


No, anon, I can tell YOU are the real Anna because you're trying to keep the thread going by accusing everyone else of being her! OH MY GOD WHAT IF WE'RE ALL HER

shut up, post milk, comment on milk, stop pointing your cheeto fingers at everyone else. you're ruining the thread

No. 1246957


Another vote for the radfem drama thread pls

No. 1247025

Imagine getting fucking cosmetic surgery and claiming to be a radical feminist. Disgusting.

No. 1247136

>She said better dead than red once!
>not partaking in the cowest ideology on par with libertarianism or anarcho primitivism makes you a cow

No. 1247249

>is not pro-life
Uh didn't anon actually say:
>isn't not pro-life
Which means she's potentially pro-life.

No. 1247390

File: 1622953464426.png (336.78 KB, 599x503, anna.png)

No. 1247447

If you pay a lot of money for a new nose I guess you want to show it off. Such feminism uwu

No. 1247525

File: 1622973984417.png (69.14 KB, 558x311, indigenous.png)

She claims to be brown/Indigenous

No. 1247526

File: 1622974047609.png (102.99 KB, 549x463, indigenous 2.png)

No. 1247541

I was curious about why Anna was fired from UNBSJ and found that she used to be the editor-in-chief in a student newspaper called The Baron, confirmed also by >>1245018. She was using the pseudonym Anna de Luca at the time.

In 2018, she published an op-ed and an unedited/uncensored interview with Michael Thurlow, president of the National Socialist Canadian Labour Revival Party (NSCLRP).

>A student newspaper in New Brunswick published a largely uncritical interview with a Nazi sympathizer in which he praised Adolf Hitler's book Mein Kampf, downplayed the horrors of residential schools, and claimed white supremacy was a myth invented by Jews.

>The publishing of the articles—one an unedited letter to the editor, the other an interview—came on the heels of another controversy in which racist posters were placed around the UNB-Fredericton campus by the NSCLRP. Both controversies rightly sparked outrage at the Maritime university.

>The Baron’s board of directors made the right decision in firing De Luca, and afterwards issued a statement saying that Michael Thurlow’s viewpoints were both harmful and often untruthful.


No. 1247612

No. 1247614

interesting, do you recall when she posted this tweet? I've never seen her mention being indigenous but tbf I dislike her so I've not seen every tweet of hers

No. 1247616

Honestly fucking bullshit that she was fired for not censoring the person she was interviewing as a journalist. But then again I don't feel bad for journalists cause they are useless cockroaches that provide absolutely nothing to society.

No. 1247659

File: 1622991935431.png (227.69 KB, 1066x437, postmillennial.png)

>Atleast talk about her postmillennial phase

>Anna Slatz, Editor-in-Chief of The Baron, publishes two articles by Michael Thurlow, president of a Neo-nazi party.
>The articles are uncritical of Neo-nazism: Praises Hitler, blames jews and defends residential schools (where 200+ indigenous children were sexually/physically abused and killed).
>Anna refuses to apologize.
>Anna gets fired.
>Anna gets hired in The Post Millennial.
>Cyara Bird, Conservative Canadian politician, tweets that her cousin was suspended from school for not wearing a rainbow poppy supporting LGBT.
>Anna writes an article and adds a picture of a rainbow poppy from an unrelated Etsy artist.
>Cyara's story turns out to be false.
>Cyara's cousin was suspended because she was hanging up homophobic posters.
>Cyara apologizes and deletes tweets.
>Anna says she made no mistakes in her reporting.

No. 1247665

They are from her old Twitter account, archived here:
https://archive.md/NLWyT >>1247525
https://archive.md/XiD5h >>1247526

No. 1247883

File: 1623009130568.png (206.62 KB, 586x427, rubanews.png)

Bit of a cow crossover here, but when Laura Loomer and Jack Posobiec were arrested for screaming during that NYC performance of "Julius Caesar" that used Trump in place of Caesar, you could look up the DNS records and see RebelNews had reserved the domain "freelauraloomer.org" or whatever hours before the show even began. The domain had nothing but fundraising buttons. They plotted not just the arrest but fundraising off the arrest before it even happened.

Their other tactic is to have their on-air talent urge viewers to "sign our petition," which pours them into one of the most merciless sales funnels in politics.

So yeah, this is what they do and Rebel Media has figured out how to actually monetize arrests for petty crime. Eventually the on-air talent realize they got none of the cash and nothing other than an arrest record and a probation officer and leave.

No. 1247908


ok but why was she interviewing a nazi though? She deserves to be fired for that.

No. 1247922

she has the false "ass" and "tits" of a troon wouldn't be surprised if she is secretly a self hating tranny

No. 1248163

Journos interview the worst scum all the time and firing one for doing her job and not censoring something for once was bad optics that looks oppressive to free speech defenders. Also, censoring nazis literally caused the Streisand effect for them.

No. 1248330

Journalists are also supposed to ask difficult questions, do research and fact-check. Anna did none of these. She was the editor-in-chief at the time, not a simple journalist, and should have known better. She platformed a Nazi and published his statements without any scrutiny.

No. 1248333

She did a puff piece for a nazi. It's bad enough when journos do that for regular politicians but come the fuck on….

No. 1248411

File: 1623057474486.png (69.29 KB, 729x304, plastic surgery.png)

She had 6 skin removal surgeries

No. 1248413

File: 1623057521847.png (38.29 KB, 724x153, bdd.png)

No. 1249305

File: 1623128076326.jpeg (321.66 KB, 750x944, D9204E97-7C0F-457A-95B2-DCBFC0…)

Not 100% sure if she's posting about surgery and weight loss again due to this thread, but the timing seems to point towards it.

No. 1249306

File: 1623128140606.jpeg (347.94 KB, 588x1049, 37E9004B-66B6-4DE5-930D-FEFB9B…)

No. 1249309

File: 1623128238188.jpeg (306.07 KB, 400x1165, CC270BD5-EB9D-40CD-B27F-40FF7F…)

No. 1249313

What pisses me off about Anna Slatz is her dishonesty. She's not on Twitter cause she cares about women's rights, it's so obvious that she's only after hurrdurr le dunkin on da trannies and libs!! Like that's not a political view, that could be from anyone. She's no different from Shuwu if we're being honest. No real opinions, just clouting and grifting for internet points, and you can tell cause they're both busy self-whoring and making meme reactions than actually writing an organized thought. Even more embarrasing how self-proclaimed radfems eat her shit up.

No. 1249317

Can’t people just hate trannies in peace without having to back it up with a political agenda?

No. 1249330

lol I've not seen anyone on radtwt talk about her surgery and if they did I doubt they would be disparaging her. she's lurking and salty and we're the FeMiNiStS

No. 1249334

no. if youre a man you can just hate trannies but if you're a woman you're automatically a terf/radfem and anything you say is some big political point rather than men are just annoying.

No. 1249356

File: 1623133435567.png (58.17 KB, 895x250, ovarit.png)

No. 1249362

It’s like women need to be morally pristine in order to have a single opinion that isn’t 100% altruistic and compassionate. >>1249356
You don’t have to be a good, compassionate person to call yourself a radfem. It can be nothing more than a belief system in inherent female oppression. Practicing what she preaches would help her cause, but it’s not essential to the belief system. Just like you don’t have to be rich to be a conservative, or retarded to be a communist, but it helps.

No. 1249402

>you can have a believe system you don't follow!
I mean.. yeah sure. But then don't expect people not to call you a hypocrite?

>Just like you don’t have to be rich to be a conservative, or retarded to be a communist, but it helps.

What? Are you having a stroke?

No. 1249428

> now I just need to fix what my last surgery messed up
and so the cycle begins anew

No. 1249446

File: 1623148619323.png (224.24 KB, 1099x332, another 4chan self post.png)

A post about Anna in an unrelated thread

No. 1249476

Rofl. She's not gonna quit self-posting, huh? Honestly she looks NOTHING like the women 4chan scrotes usually obsess over, she is still quite chonky and her face is barely cute with heavy filters. Her hair looks like complete shit and she has no style. This is such a pathetically obvious attempt at getting attention for herself, it's embarassing.

No. 1249480

ok but so does sperg Vokey, and we all know Anna isn't very bright. anyone can "call" themselves anything lol. actual rads know she's not

No. 1249735

Does anyone know if she uses an iPhone? Those are what iPhone filenames look like.

No. 1249741

look at her tweets, you'll see what devices she posts from.

No. 1249751

She tweets from the twitter web app but her selfies are taken with an iPhone, leading me to believe she self-posts more since the majority of 4channers especially R9k hate iPhones.

No. 1249763

Are you sure? I thought Apple used IMG_#### for their photo name format

No. 1249874

A radcow thread would be nice, but this one just reads like a selfpost or tranny seethe. The milk is skim af.

Radblr used to have actual radfem to tradthot pipeline cows like celestia, but that was years ago when I left. I don't doubt for a second that there are current cows like her being active at the moment, however.

No. 1249975

i agree. girls like her exist pretty much everywhere, regardless of political affiliation. a lot of girls self-post on 4chan too. not really milky imo.

No. 1250182

Petition to rename this thread “tranny seethe and women gatekeeping other women’s political beliefs”
Fr if any of you in here are actual women and not the troons you love to bitch about, you should be embarrassed. Who gives a shit if some rad posts an outfit and had a nose job. Shit thread that reads like a pathetic ex crying because he just got dumped.

No. 1250337

What makes you think that a radcow thread won't be full of tranny seethe? Is there any real milk on the radfem community? Vanessa Vokey's "milk" was pathetic >>1244957

No. 1250413

Do you know where you are? This entire site is women criticizing other women for the dumbest things. Keep being upset, this thread has produced plenty and she will just continue to be cringy and attention seeking.

No. 1250419

yes, but the point was that she is not a TERF just because she hates trannies, she actually identifies as a radfem

No. 1250452

oh it will be kek, but there were actual cows (like celestia)

No. 1250472

amazing how tranny jannies let this thread w shit op sit up but was speed when a radfem thread was posted in ot
whats the milk, she pissed off trannies? lel
thread is just filled to the brim with disguised moids foaming at the mouth

No. 1250474

Belief systems aren’t always about “following” things. If she has a belief in male supremacy based on biological sexuality, that’s radical feminism. You sound like a libfem with all your “NoT a ReAl fEmInIsT” shit flinging.
Also hot take: hating trannies without being a feminist is uwu valid.

No. 1250479

Was she fired from Rebel News? She doesn't appear in their Journalists page: https://www.rebelnews.com/journalists

No. 1250517

currently the thread is filled with posts complaining about the thread's existence. Hide the thread if you don't like it and move on. Unless you have a "reason" you don't want there to be a thread on her other than you find her not milky.

Honestly painfully obvious.

No. 1250533

She hasn't written anything for The Post Millenial since April 2020. Is she unemployed?

No. 1250580

Right? This "t-the only reason you wouldn't kiss her ass is because you are a tranny/scrote" shit is so weak, this is a place for gossip and people are going to gossip here

No. 1250624

File: 1623241855530.png (92.37 KB, 566x480, sorry.png)

No. 1250722

The arguements are stupid, bitch is milky for just writing for the rebel news/post millenial

I wouldn't be surprised if she decides to go trad in a couple of months since her terf radfem grift is failing. Girl seems to do her best trying to appear white as bread (with sprinkles of uwu indigenous tho most young indigenous women would tear her to shreds if they caught wind of her) and thinks incels will fuck her if she asks pretty please.

No. 1250741

File: 1623251640402.png (569.8 KB, 1201x658, slatzism.png)

Someone posted a link to this page in /fit/. Is that picture of her panties from Twitter or where did it come from?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1250812

>I wouldn't be surprised if she decides to go trad in a couple of months since her terf radfem grift is failing
it'll probably happen sooner than that. whether it'll be genuine or not is another story but there's more attention and money to be received by pandering to alt right men. i'm hoping that she doesn't sell out her radfem beliefs but if she's really selfposting on 4chan it's only a matter of time

No. 1250815

At this point she's very blatantly writing fanfic for her scrote fans.

She's so close to going trad lmao it's amazing anyone who considers themselves a feminist can follow this woman and not be aware of the grift.

No. 1250959

>i'm hoping that she doesn't sell out her radfem beliefs
radfems don't claim her, she should sell out asap

No. 1251395

Going trad would be way more consistent with her male-pandering than the current larp.

No. 1251411

Did the person who made this collection of images accidentally slip a few pics of someone else in there? The one with the panties looks thinner than all of the others and I have a hard time believing she'd post something like that in front of her radfem followers. If it's real it must be from off Twitter.

No. 1251432

What exactly is anna's end game? Life-long donations? Boyfriend then marriage? Restarting her media career? It's obvious that she's trying very hard to get attention but it's not as obvious what specifically she wants it for.

No. 1251439

File: 1623300775066.jpeg (1.37 MB, 2485x2448, niAynI9.jpeg)

If you look at the hardwood, door and furniture from the panties photo, it matches the background in >>1244916, >>1245000 and picrel. She did upload these photos to Twitter and some are still available there:


No. 1251442

lmao people hate on Anna because she’s an ugly femcel grifter who advertises herself as a Marxist radfem while pandering to /pol/tards, if you want to lick her fat ass this isn’t the place for it maybe she’ll fuck you if you @ her on twitter though

No. 1251456

ayrt, I don't doubt that the panties photo is her, but I just find it… too much. At least in the other ones, she is fully dressed. That specific photo just seems more intimate and personal, not meant for her Twitter followers.

No. 1251563

File: 1623317252301.png (323.7 KB, 597x605, slatz.png)

The tweet that comes with that photo is so embarrassing.


No. 1251567

File: 1623317587586.png (86.6 KB, 602x399, brazilian butt lift.png)

Well, this explains a lot.

Is BBL considered reconstructive surgery?

No. 1251570

Did she pay for all of this with her journo scam fundraisers? Are her parents rich? That is a shit ton of money for all the procedures she had done.

Giving it away for free isn't really any better than taking money for it. Also you are being paid in twitter likes, simps and validation.

No. 1251591

Her twitter is honestly great as a kind of terf/radfem content aggregator but damn I wish she stopped selfposting. It's obvious she's insecure and trying to be an anti-Shoe

No. 1251594

She said in that podcast she appeared in that she grew up homeless with her single mom. I suppose it's possible her mom remarried to a rich man but I don't get a "family money" vibe from her. She might have pocketed a decent chunk of change at Rebel. I don't know what they pay their reporters but I know that Ezra put up Lauren Southern in a very nice Toronto apartment as part of her compensation.

No. 1251601

Lauren Southern probably made Ezra a hell of a lot more money than Anna though plus Lauren was known to not be shy with "favors," remember her and Molymeme?

No. 1251615

File: 1623327523616.png (46.42 KB, 600x267, android.png)

No. 1251704

>Are her parents rich?
She's tweeted before about how she grew up poor with a mom who worked as a cleaner, so I have no idea where she got the money to pay for all of that plastic surgery out of her own pocket, according to her. There's no way being a grifter journalist pays that much.

No. 1251728

Anyone want to guess as to what she's trying to achieve right now? up her donation money, find a BF, make some grand re-entry into journalism? She's obviously reaching for relevance with great intensity but what's the end goal?

No. 1252059

Get all the male attention and validation she missed out on during the years of being morbidly obese.

No. 1252377

anyone knows how old she is?

No. 1252608

I think I read somewhere she was in high school in 2005 which would make her… early thirties?

No. 1252666

i don't think she's ever openly said
where did you find that info? i got the vibe that she was like 22 or 23 at most, she comes off as kind of immature sometimes

No. 1252771

>As a teenaged member of the Young Communist League in Victoria, British Columbia (BC), Canada in 2005,
OK so it says "teenaged" not high school. The youngest she could be if she was teenaged (13 min) in 2005 is 29.

No. 1252789

a fucking BBL!!! hahahah. so radfem, much marxist leninist

No. 1252800

Fucking gross, that is a website for pedophilia apologists.

No. 1252804

File: 1623400342407.jpeg (61.36 KB, 900x519, marx and anna.jpeg)

Is it this one?

No. 1252808

File: 1623400633056.png (61.65 KB, 600x274, more plastic surgeries.png)

>I am a Marxist Radfem.
>I can't wait to be rich and get more plastic surgeries!

No. 1252892

How can she afford 6 surgeries to begin with if she isn't rich? The total combined cost of lose skin surgeries after major weightloss is between $25.000 and $35.000 if not more depending on what needs to be done.

People who aren't rich can not afford these surgeries to begin with and just have to live with their lose skin. She really sounds like a priviledged spoiled brat and I'm willing to bet mommy and daddy paid for this shit and for her rent while she "works" as a "journalist".

No. 1253439

File: 1623456330917.png (67.76 KB, 370x300, tenor.png)


kek she really, truly, is extremely pathetic if she is in her early/mid 30ies and selfposting on 4chan

No. 1253541

Maybe she's just financially irresponsible? Unless she's lying about her background she probably doesn't have family money. She's at least 30, if she's been working since high school she could have some money saved.
>kek she really, truly, is extremely pathetic if she is in her early/mid 30ies and selfposting on 4chan
I really wonder why she chose /r9k/ of all places to promote herself? does she genuinely hope to find a boyfriend there or is she just looking to get donations?

No. 1253544

is this an edit

No. 1253688

File: 1623482230681.jpeg (201.37 KB, 1241x1557, EoHkl4cUUAEJqru.jpeg)

she has a different face in each selfie. did she get lip fillers too?

and that's without including her BBL and breast lift.

No. 1253796

>UwU anime schoolgirl outfit
cringe. She really just wants to be an e-girl.

No. 1254001

File: 1623518164951.png (19.4 KB, 526x188, michael burry.PNG)

She's also obsessed with speculating on the stock market and idolizes people like Michael Burry.

No. 1254039

its gross how sexualized literal school girls outfits have become. So much so that this bitch thought it'd make a great halloween costume. disgusting.

No. 1254054

>le tranny smug
>kaweewee aliexpress troony-kei

Such a wonderful radfem indeed.

No. 1254188

She still takes pictures with an iPhone so I'm going to go with yes she's a self-poster for now.

No. 1254294

she pretty clearly has an iphone 11 or 12 in one of her mirror selfies. the camera has that telltale 'bump' plus the iPhone's placement of the cameras and flash. I don't have it saved but it's only one of like one or two she has where the camera is in full view in the picture.

No. 1254486

What's going to happen to this person if she gets banned from Twitter again? It seems like her whole life is basically shitposting and self-promoting. Can someone with an internet footprint like hers even get a job?

No. 1254557

sage for old ass post reply and irrelevant but way, way wayyyyyyy more than 200 children were killed in residential schools. that was the size of a gravesite at one school. there are at least 50 other known school sites left to search.

No. 1254564

If she lost a lot of weight, skin flaps (including tube tiddies) can be very uncomfortable, it's not purely cosmetic.

No. 1254599

If she was over 300 lbs and lost 155 thats still overweight tho KEk

No. 1254881

The skin removal after weight loss surgery is fine, anon. We're talking about the other surgeries such as nosejobs that she probably already had.

No. 1254961

Even just her existing resume would make it hard for her to get a normal job in Canada, and that's before googling her

No. 1255001

File: 1623584616853.png (206.72 KB, 1080x1153, 1600812015142.png)

Not sure if it's true though

No. 1255054

It's clear from her pictures that she is still very overweight. She just got it sucked out of her waist and injected in her ass to get a curvy body.

A Brazilian Butt Lift is definitely a purely cosmetic surgery.

No. 1255097

File: 1623595234025.png (227.1 KB, 949x611, noincome.png)

You are not wrong. She is currently unemployed and desperately trying to find something else.

No. 1255116

the first sentence of that ovarit post gave me a hearty kek but good lord, the rest of it. hilarious and unbearable. I hope she doesn't cry over me saying that she's a joke of an "activist" or whatever she thinks she is lol

No. 1255259

well the part about suffering a lot is correct. she did some stuff to advance what she believed to be women's rights, and then she became unemployable. The sacrifice is real. The question is whether her work really did advance women's rights or whether it was all misguided and ill-advised.

No. 1255262

I'm begging you to learn to sage

No. 1255305

>the radfems won't let me pretend to be a feminist while also being an e-thot fishing for simps! How dare they call out my hypocrisy? Don't they know how much I do for women by writing tweets?

No. 1255860

She ruined her career when she published articles in defense of nazism, not women's rights.

No. 1255885

Nitpicky but she absolutely edited her waist smaller, the floor on her left (our right) is all warped. BDD is rough.

No. 1257367

File: 1623765814291.png (178.24 KB, 601x565, baby.png)

She's really obsessed with sharing her height and being called a baby, while pushing 30.

No. 1257369

File: 1623765854747.png (118.9 KB, 598x434, babycoded.png)

No. 1258736

>Why would shit "lel I am just shitposting" person do promotion for her and link her twitter and say how she is such a hot tomboy and shows off her huge mommy milkers?
Because the troll wanted to piss off the transgenders on r9k by making a simp post for a radfem. Troll is probably also a coomer, hence the comments about her tits. Read the kf thread you dumbfuck a-log. https://kiwifarms.net/threads/tranny-sideshows-on-social-media.33028/page-2457#post-9128110

No. 1258738

Her and Shuwu are clearly two sides of the same coin kek

No. 1258749

File: 1623949285429.png (317.43 KB, 1114x661, more4chanthreads.png)

That Kiwifarmer sure is persistent.

No. 1258756

Everything about this just screams narc. Does she really believe that she, personally, has "advanced women's rights" just by tweeting? There are so many women who speak about these important issues without making themselves into a martyr like this.

No. 1258849

point is, hating trannies isn't milk
and if you're pissing yourself over the shit she says about trannies, its concerning
and its evident there is no milk because its been 2 weeks and all thats been said is that she's a conceited twitterfag that occasionally fishes for compliments on 4chan
which is hardly cow material
but whatever
its just suspect(integrate)

No. 1258857

>and if you're pissing yourself over the shit she says about trannies, its concerning
But that's not what's happening, nobody is doing that here

No. 1259077

>tomboyish tendencies like trading stocks
I think I just got dumber reading that. These r9k selfposts are really doing the most to elevate and advance women's rights, Anna, gg

No. 1259101

My best guess is that the Kiwi Farms guy started the first of these threads and Anna started at least some of the other ones. There's no reason to doubt that the guy on Kiwi farms posted the first one. It's possible that he is an Anna alt (he only had 5 posts in his entire history), but his account had some anti-feminist posts on it. Would Anna really go so far as to bash feminism months before selfposting just to create plausible deniability? I personally doubt it.
The subsequent posts could be her. Particularly the "would you date a radical feminist?" post. There are only two kinds of people who would ask that question combined with that image: one of anna's simps second-guessing his orbiting, or Anna herself. That doesn't mean it was her but it narrows it down.

No. 1259325

File: 1623997726392.png (125.84 KB, 542x564, editingphotos.png)

Pretty ironic then

No. 1259386

We already know that Anna is a Kiwifarms user >>1244982 so she's probably selfposting over there too. Nice try tho. Very subtle how you keep posting these unsaged defenses of Anna and yelling about how she TOTALLY HAS NO MILK GUYS OMG JUST STOP TALKING ABOUT HER! lel

No. 1261422

I never heard of Anna before but reading through her thread she gives me major Ash Coffin vibes. Former "ugly duckling" with BDD who needs constant validation that they're hot in order to justify all the money and effort they spent on surgery and weight loss. I think it's only bc Anna is so attached to being a TERF that she Ash and June haven't all become besties

No. 1262627

File: 1624453528138.png (186.86 KB, 1211x361, Screenshot.png)

Either she has a very dedicated simp or she is self-posting again.

No. 1262750

I just looked up the /v/ thread. This post in particular was quite weird. She's randomly posted in a thread about some unrelated situation. The only tie-in is the fact that the guy the thread is about is allegedly transphobic.

No. 1262792

yeah and the dev didn't say anything transphobic at all, just went on a kinda cringe cancel culture spiel and Woke Gamers are really mad. granted I don't pay a lot of attention to or follow Anna bc she's a reactionary pickme goofus but I've never seen her even imply she was into gaming? and Factorio is pretty niche, hence all the autists are mad over the drama. this binch is too weird.

No. 1262796

God that is so fucking cringe. There is no way any simp would be this dedicated and for what reason? Why would simps advertise for her unless she specifically asked? It makes no sense, it has to be her.

No. 1263931

I actually find this person vaguely sympathetic. That isn't to say that I disagree with all the critical things said here–her twitter "activism" is very superficial and seems to mainly consist of crudely "dunking on" TRAs rather than trying to organize for meaningful change. But her issues with BDD make me feel something. I did a lot of women's/gender studies electives in college and I know what the average radfem will say about body image issues. They'll recommend therapy and NOT caving to the pressure to pretty yourself up with surgeries (the purely cosmetic ones I mean). Given that she hangs out with radfems, I can only imagine she came to the decision to get the surgeries after a long period of suffering alone and feeling totally desperate/out of options. Perhaps in some last ditch bid for male validation. This person urgently needs something that she is NOT getting, and it's very sad.(learn to sage)

No. 1263950

>unsaged sperging
>women's/gender studies electives in college
Go back to twitter pls.

No. 1264632

File: 1624693819492.png (182.24 KB, 449x648, cosmeticsurgery.png)

Then maybe she should not parrot the same radfem talking points on cosmetic surgery if she does not even believe them herself?

No. 1264633

File: 1624693896181.png (68.55 KB, 603x282, radicalselflove.png)

No. 1270523

File: 1625294162041.png (102.43 KB, 731x254, Screenshot 2021-07-02 11.30.22…)

She's back at it. Pathetic. Imagine self-posting on 4chinz for incel validation and then immediately going to Twitter to whine about OnlyFans thots doing the same thing

No. 1270535

File: 1625297932127.png (353 KB, 1205x661, r9k.png)

There's also a new thread about her in /r9k/.

No. 1270592

Lmao. God what a fucking hypocrite. Honestly makes me angry that women like this are purposefully working against the rest of us and basically using feminist movements only as a way to get attention and validation when they don't believe a single thing they say.

>teach women self-love!
>also calls herself a former landwhale
Can't make this shit up. Stop Anna, you're fucking embarassing.

No. 1270596

I know it's r9k but I don't feel like the insults fit very organically in here, it definitely reads like a self post where she is just calling herself a couple mean names to throw off the scent. Whatever this is, it isn't "radical self love."

No. 1270620

This thread pretty much confirms she is selfposting. In it she drops a bunch of terms a man would never use like "handmaiden."
Less convinced that this one is her. Very curt, blunt writing style. This sounds like a man.

No. 1270669

File: 1625322583907.png (265.21 KB, 1243x664, image.png)

OP is very suspicious. He calls lolcow handmaiden central, wants to marry Anna and says that her selfies are targeted towards her female audience. Yeah, right.

No. 1270672

>for her mostly female audience
Pressing x to doubt

No. 1270711

The comment on her clothes seems out of place: "basic ass taste in clothes though". Men don't usually use the word "basic" to insult a woman's fashion sense unless they are gay.

No. 1270814

File: 1625339327007.jpeg (161.97 KB, 750x923, 497AB36E-9EC9-48E3-8F6A-9D3E5D…)

She absolutely still lurks Kiwi Farms. This video was posted in the “Tranny sideshows on social media” thread.
Does anyone else find it weird that she posts so many videos of very young TIFs, often minors, on Twitter and makes fun of them? Like some sort of alt right grifter who made cringe compilations in 2016. She seems more dedicated to harassing actual women than predatory men

No. 1270853

She might call herself a communist but her tweets always reach right wing/centrist twitter, and they retweet and reply to her posts. That's how much the left are lost to the hive mind.

No. 1270966

File: 1625357994304.jpeg (253.52 KB, 750x652, D800D43E-0977-42E9-9C1C-289741…)

>Libs of Tik Tok under video
The lurking tinfoiling here is a stretch, the Libs of Tik Tok account is relatively big and plenty of GCs interact with it. Many milennial and older GC accounts also make fun of TIF and nonbibary videos regularly, so while it is weird (especially since in past she said she thought she would've ended up trans if she was young today) and her post is aggressive mocking it is nothing too out of place.

No. 1271151

File: 1625386383503.png (46.37 KB, 601x203, DHE52D2B-2AE0-7E14-A288-ADC7AD…)


No. 1275897

File: 1626171192755.png (391.9 KB, 599x612, BF987C1E-7C33-4843-A002-F76C9F…)

More attention whoring, but with Anna's "natural" face.

No. 1275922

This is so cringe

No. 1275941

Filtered to hell and back, nosejob, fillers.. Yeah very natural.

No. 1275955

File: 1626188285007.png (108.26 KB, 596x536, bbl.png)

Talking about how awful BBLs are, while sitting on her BBL ass.

No. 1275957

So? What's so weird about having a bad experience with BBLs and telling others how awful it is? What a weird gripe

No. 1276007

She goes around telling women who want or get plastic surgery that they just need to love themselves more while also expressing her continuous desire to get more plastic surgery herself. She is hypocritical.

No. 1276201

when did she ever mention it was a bad experience? just seems like she's projecting her own self-hate about getting surgeries onto other people

No. 1276311

What bad experience? She is pretty happy with her BBL >>1251567

No. 1276393

her accusing other people of attention-seeking is so rich, what was the rhino, boob job and BBL for then Anna? not to mention the constant self-posting

(regardless of your opinion on the gender stuff, an adult woman making fun of a teenager for looking different to her sizable twitter audiece is so weird)

No. 1276475

File: 1626279314700.png (109.12 KB, 639x468, 1414973027851423745.png)

>Khloe Kardashian's edited photos contributes to the needless destruction of every young woman's self esteem.
>You want me to be consistent with what I preach and be upfront about my beauty filters and cosmetic procedures? FOH.

No. 1276706

Why can't she seem to take even the slightest constructive criticism without resorting to a sarcastic comeback? The person she's replying to wasn't even being rude just making a suggestion. If you won't let even slightly critical suggestions get past your defenses then you're just going to spiral further and further into whatever problems you're experiencing.

No. 1277038

File: 1626353638227.png (95.08 KB, 598x433, dunkingonteens.png)

No. 1283279

File: 1627111916611.jpg (495.24 KB, 887x1882, Screenshot_20210724-032846_Chr…)

>funny, lighthearted

No. 1283284

File: 1627113338696.jpeg (66.3 KB, 828x725, 1fjjkehmxdo51.jpeg)

Found it!

No. 1283307

Odd how everyone who posts about Anna in LC say that they never heard of her before, just accidentally stumbled upon her tweets and wanted to share her funny takes here.

No. 1283722

Holy fuck does she actually think Mark would approve of her plastic-filled ass hahaha

No. 1283755

Damn that's actually sad to see a thread about her here because from what tweets I saw of hers I really liked her..

No. 1283787

This has got to be a self post kek. Anons don’t usually post tweets like this.

No. 1283801

I remember this and it's worse than I recall lmao why did she put her little wojack next to Marx? the ego on this weird bitch

No. 1283802

why did you like her? I'm curious.

No. 1283875

not the same anon, but i follow her on twitter and she is alright over there. i knew she had some connection to the post millennial, but i didn't pay much mind to it and wasn't aware she was such a grifter until this thread popped up. some of her tweets are annoying, like how she recently went on a rampage to prove muslim women can somehow be radical feminists. but most of them are just generic retweetable GC shit and i didn't think much of it. plus i'm gay and i think she's hot kek, although i had suspected she got some work done on her body.

but now that i know she's a grifter i'm curious to see the direction she's headed

No. 1283882

Islam is literally one of the most sexist, oppressive religions out there lol
I can't fathom how anyone can think a religion that literally makes women cover themselves from head to toe because it's somehow their fault that men sexualize them is in any way compatible with radical feminism

No. 1284083

hard agree

No. 1284272

File: 1627253560245.png (295.16 KB, 767x1151, hypo8.png)

has she not made the exact same argument about her own plastic surgery as the ones in the screenshotted tweets? is she really ragging on other women for getting plastic surgery even though they had "consciousness of what it means" when that is… exactly what she did? lmao the hypocrisy is stunning, i wonder if she's trying to keep her BBL on the downlow from her radfem followers.

No. 1284291

a lot of radfems be like "im gonna do these patriarchal oppressive things like inflating my ass, backstabbing other women for dick crumbs, sibmitting my rapist son's bail and being a she-simp for my husband after years of pretending to be a lesbian BUT as long as im CONSCIOUSLY AWARE it's not a problem and doesn't betray the memory of St. Andrea (PBUH) at all uwu. people are not the problem, CULTURE is. patriarchy? it came from uhhh private property or something idk but men totally didn't make it for their benefit and communism will automatically abolish it. and also coomers are victims of porn and not the sole cause of its existence".

anna is like that which honestly doesn't make her very milky, she's just… a normal modern radfem kek

No. 1284294

one of the hardest things for feminists to reject is race idpol because they don't like realizing that ethnic identities, religions, states and male-inclusive patrilineal families are male mate guarding constructs women are not truly parts of, at least not as "citizens". they're only part of those as a resource, kind of like oil, cattle or slaves, but women will fight to defend them as though they're the beneficiaries, partially because they believe their "own" men are "safer" than foreign men and cannot conceptualize any other options. a muslim feminist will pretzel her braincels trying to reconcile her feminism, her culture (and her attachment to it through involuntary familial love) with the fact that ownership of women is an essential part of it, because that's what any normie would do. it's not logical or effective, but it's what any person who doesn't have a severely schizoid personality would do.

the fact is, there is no radfem or pinkpill on earth who would kill her son for being a rapist, and that's the true biological cage all women are in.

No. 1284295

I wanna see more examples of radfems like that, sounds funny as fuck kek

No. 1284297

Do you have examples of these? Not doubting, I've seen this with libfems obviously but most of the modern radfems I know of are lesbians so they don't have the issues with husbands and sons. I guess it comes from the centering of GC stuff as what makes a woman a radfem when it obviously involves radical/leftist politics, a bunch of otherwise liberal or even conservative women consider themselves radfems just because they're GC but have trouble with actual class analysis.

No. 1284304

id have to travel back in time for that kek. ive seen it by lurking radblr in like 2013 and it had its own share of cows, sadly they all went through 30 username and identity changes and probably long deleted. p sure one of such blogs was named "terfect" at one point, that's all i can give you rn nona

No. 1284307

there was a huge songate drama at some point too, with oldfems (some of them gay and with male children, that's usually when the whole "y-you can raise men to be nice" shit comes out), also a racegate drama (does your solidarity go far enough to side with white women instead of men of color - most said no), etc etc etc

No. 1284441

honestly, you can find a couple of them in the GC area of twitter, excusing themselves, but belittling others for doing exactly the same.

No. 1284490

it didn't even take her son being a rapist for at least this woman to dismember her son kek. https://www.ndtv.com/tamil-nadu-news/tamil-nadu-woman-poisons-chops-20-year-old-son-into-pieces-police-2182195

the vast majority of stories of women killing their sons seem to be pre-puberty. i would say the lack of representation of post puberty mother induced death has quite a lot to do with the strength difference. poisoning someone takes a lot more pre-planning than simply stabbing someone in a rage, and most women can't risk stabbing the average adult male. and most rapists tend to be post-puberty. basically we need to bring class consciousness to women by way of learning how to effectively poison someone.

No. 1284505

>they all went through 30 username and identity changes and probably long deleted
were they bpdfags?

No. 1284630

a lot of them yeah, self-proclaimed (it was fashionable back in the day too)

No. 1285251

File: 1627383476592.png (105.91 KB, 696x552, EAF7ADF5-DEF0-496C-9DC9-22E522…)

wait, did she got her tummy tuck in the middle of the pandemic?

No. 1285274

>basically we need to bring class consciousness to women by way of learning how to effectively poison someone.

No. 1285324

What a breath of fresh air. So many women stick for their male family members when they rape someone. Physical differences are too great to risk on a typical roid fueled stabbing approach, but there are many ways to get rid of a scumbag son

No. 1285350

Honestly one of the reasons why I'll choose to only have female offspring.

>do his nocturnal emission encrusted laundry as he wanks to stepmom/stepsis/painal porn on reddit

>bring him tendies he posts his developmentally typical 13 year old boy Xbox screeds about how much he hates women and how they should all be in the kitchen
>listen to entitled screeching because some discord groomer told him you're invalidating
>pop pills and drink because you can't deal with the cognitive dissonance of having to defend your son after he starts groping girls in middle/high school

The /pol/ "having a daughter is ultimate cuckoldry" pasta is the absolute truth when you swap genders. Miss me with that shit.

No. 1285380

File: 1627403399971.png (218.35 KB, 593x518, freelaptop.png)

Meanwhile, she is panhandling in Twitter.

No. 1299616

File: 1628904515284.jpeg (65.65 KB, 750x344, 7E3F615B-368A-4534-B169-48E034…)

Fishing for compliments

No. 1299626

she is truly the worst. with such insecurity and narc tendencies, she couldn't have found a less appropriate community (radical feminists) to attention whore in. fucking groan

No. 1299648

ngl she does say some truths. this toon shit is out of control.

No. 1299847

Her opinions on troons are fine, but those viral tweets are nothing new and largely just cherrypicked from other women online saying the same things better the first time

No. 1300461

She's not wrong kek

No. 1300669

File: 1629050515412.png (23.06 KB, 588x227, screenshot.PNG)

Anna making light of a dangerous situation for women and girls in Afghanistan. Such a radfem kek

No. 1300676

… lmao wtf
Did she finally realize that radfems are not her audience?

No. 1300686

This is a symptom of being terminally online.

No. 1300757

I'd queer the Taliban by identifying as an attack helicopter.

No. 1301041

I take it as she’s making more fun of faux care and slacktivism. It’s obvious that it’s women and young girls that will face the worst consequences but people wanna moral high horse and seem oh so woke and enlightened that they will feel the need to pick out the biggest possible uwu victim with the most special labels. People in mainstream media don’t give a shit anymore about “just” women, they have to be a million other labels for anyone to care that they are going through horrific crimes. I also take it as making fun of these long ass Twitter threads that are long and filled with all buzzwords possible don’t mean anything either. It’s just a long thread for nothing and does nothing but makes people look like they have put in “real” effort. Can agree it might be a bit tasteless to call it out or joke about it since it’s a bit soon.

No. 1301516

I think she has been a bit depressed lately. She is posting a lot less than she used to and has made other "I'm ugly" comments recently. Wonder what's up.

No. 1320870

File: 1631306793266.jpeg (223.23 KB, 1170x1210, F201F2AF-6FE1-4D13-9116-288DF1…)

She’s been writing for 4W.pub for a couple months now, it’s a pretty small radfem website but I think they pay her and at least it’s not as bankrupt as the conservative pages she used to write for. I don’t think I saw anyone bring it up here so I figured I’d mention it.

No. 1320872

She has an alt account now and uses that for the typical memeing

No. 1321813

thx Anna, very cool.(hi cow )

No. 1321829

What is the alt account?

No. 1321867

File: 1631443128164.png (119.81 KB, 319x529, ApeAnna.png)

Not that milky, but I found her Reddit account.

She mostly writes long-winded posts in r/AMCstocks and makes cringy memes. She has adopted gorillas in the name of the subreddit. I think she has invested around $6000 in AMC and $8000 in GME. She has recently bought Blockbuster stocks too.

She talks about personal stuff sometimes. Apparently, her mom lost all their money in a Ponzi scheme growing up and were homeless. Anna talks about what she wants to do with the profits from this endeavor a lot, but she changes her mind often. She plans to buy a house, pay her brother's school tuition, change university and/or pay for proper treatment for her mother's disability. This last thing really caught my attention. If her mother needs money so much, why is it all going to Anna's plastic surgeries?

No. 1321868

File: 1631443163391.png (62.6 KB, 739x317, Confirm.png)

No. 1321899

Before saving her family she needs to build her brand, so being a hot Radfem™ is the best way to attract scrote attention. kek

Idk, her family could be loaded and she's lying for pity points.
Or maybe her surgeries are covered by state-insurance.

No. 1325945

how is she so deep into stocks/ finance shit but has get her followers to donate her a new laptop?

its lowkey embarrassing to spend that much time on it and yet still not have enough spare income to afford what is (for her) a basic work expense

No. 1327357

File: 1631961456986.png (111.24 KB, 595x489, 9807859.png)

She also has a donations page

No. 1327372

File: 1631964013427.jpeg (91.51 KB, 640x973, pfbfbzld2qm71.jpeg)

Motley Fool, a financial and investment advice service, reached out to Anna, the Reddit stocks expert, for an interview and this is how she handles it.

800+ upvotes and 10 awards

No. 1327656

That “apes together strong” bs is so cringe anyway, the only thing that would make it acceptable is if she was actually making good money from it

No. 1381880

File: 1638432205014.jpeg (401.6 KB, 1717x1431, C256C493-1432-474D-803D-2D3319…)

Does anyone know if this is true?

tl;dr Anna steals content and reports the original creator to hide her tracks.

No. 1381904

That wouldn't be surprising. Anons had already pointed out she copies other people's takes on GC/RF twitter.

>You can read more about her past here

Post that link. Or is it just a summary of this thread?

No. 1382021

Interesting if true since a number of other creators have already credited Anna's 4W article as the source of the info, she's probably going to take a lot of shit for it if it was someone else's work

No. 1382039

There is no copyright on ideas, and there is also no copyright possible on factual information, or information believed to be factual. A publisher has copyright on the exact wording of an article, provided that they didn't take the wording from somewhere else. Journalists rewrite presented research for their publications all the time. Almost all wapo and nytimes articles are rewrites of ap wire and reuters stories. Is there proof she reported an account?

No. 1382248

We need more milk noni. I found nothing on Twitter.(learn2sage)

No. 1382295

She also relied on KF to do the heavy work and research for her when she was writing articles on Yaniv iirc

No. 1382299

File: 1638465206563.png (52.46 KB, 600x241, image.png)

No. 1382314

File: 1638465838419.png (216.47 KB, 602x611, neo.png)

No. 1382321

File: 1638465998177.png (52.1 KB, 601x240, archives_gc.png)

No. 1382331

File: 1638466385889.png (92.8 KB, 600x441, archives_gc.png)

No. 1386544

Have you noticed she seems to hate "liberal" women/feminism more than she does far right men? She has blamed liberal women for the stripping of abortion rights in the US instead of the bible thumping, far right MEN that actually hold power.

No. 1386547

File: 1638817063123.jpg (265.72 KB, 1080x1207, Screenshot_20211206-185504_Twi…)

Even if every woman was "a green haired non binary transmasc blob" it doesn't change anything. Why create an caricature in your head to scapegoat instead of blaming the men responsible, Anna? An attempt to appeal to your reactionary/fascist followers maybe?

No. 1386574

she unfortunately hasn't kicked the habit of seeking attention from men. at least she can use her irony poisoning to filter the ovarit cat lady cringe into le ebic poasting to make it less uncool.

No. 1386584

I’m amazed she didn’t tear a muscle reaching this far. Abortion rights in the US are under threat precisely BECAUSE they are an urgent form of female-specific healthcare, and they were threatened long before green haired poly transmascs were even a thing. God, pick-mes are tiresome in their selective stupidity.

No. 1386586

Anna is to radfems what Nick Fuentes is to conservatives. An embarrassing grifter who is using a movement for their own personal gain while believing in none of the things they spouts all day and in fact living their lives by opposite ideals. For Nick Fuentes it's that he is a homosexual who pretends to be a tradcath, for Anna it's that she's a pick-me who pretends to be a feminist. I get the feeling that she might be controlled opposition. Someone whose sole purpose is to make radfems look as retarded as possible.

No. 1386710

Yeah because abortion was totally legal before feminism. Does she even read what she tweets?

No. 1386886

It all makes sense now

No. 1388871

File: 1639042810851.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1351x2095, C3B32AA8-ADFC-4E3C-A9FA-FF434A…)

Dafuq are these takes. Kinda embarrassed to say I've been following her unironically and didn't see any problems but this opened my eyes.

Fuck this fake ass feminist.

No. 1388873

File: 1639043195249.jpeg (327.54 KB, 1274x676, E0BD15DF-FF40-426C-AAD8-09986A…)

Fake feminist detected.

No. 1388991

I hate the Liz Bruenig abortion take but I understand what she's doing to try and take right leaning men towards the center. Can we get some actual milk in these threads and not just tranny false flagging? that "stolen story" didn't amount to anything.

No. 1389090

It wont work. They'll just call her a whore and she will leave with her tail between her legs, then start pandering to them again in a few days.

No. 1389095

>stigmatize plastic surgery
lol humiliation kink confirmed
by "ecnomic reasons" is she referring to women choosing to have abortions bc they cant afford to support a child? because that's a shockingly cold way to phrase it, I honestly feel she has 0 empathy for any other woman

No. 1389099

One look at the OP and you know she is fake feminist, lol. It's just a grift.

No. 1389100

The amount she whines about 'libfems' 'shitlibs' etc. She was definitely bullied by some liberal cool girl in school and never got over it

No. 1389101

Would not surprise me since she used to look like this >>1245018 but she is just pandering to TERFs and conservatives.

No. 1389104

I'll always remember this thread as the one where a user lovingly described killing male children for nothing other than being male and not one of you spoke against that sick shit.

No. 1389151

Was that ITT? I had a big slapfight with that anon, but I think it was in /meta/ or some other thread… She is still sperging out about moids being born evil once in a while.

No. 1389165

that was indeed a different thread. i thought it was someone in /ot/ but yeah easily could’ve been /meta/ as well.

No. 1389195

Based tbh

No. 1389257

Bitch are you new to board culture of the internet in general? How are you going to moralfag against .000000001% of muhsandry that exists on the internet when misogyny (a real issue) is alive well and thriving and, unlike muhsandry, has a real negative impact on society.

No. 1389285

not to derail any further but if someone makes a stupid/ objectionable comment in a thread other users ignore so as not to encourage further stupidity, not because they agree with it. bait posts are better left to die off, it's not like they deserve a rebuttal anyway.

No. 1402084

File: 1640549901786.jpg (140.07 KB, 1080x927, Screenshot_20211226-141247_Twi…)

It's stupid and petty as fuck but please go vote so this retard doesn't get "terf journalist of the year"

No. 1403251

File: 1640693913180.jpeg (231.58 KB, 1600x900, FHsSVSWWYAoyZn_.jpeg)

She won

No. 1403313

t. assmad 30 year old boymom on her wine break

No. 1403346

I'm literally a terf and I can't stand this woman.

No. 1403400

Judging by this Graphic Design is my Passion announcement, this probably isn't the accolade she hopes it is.

No. 1403514

t. Anna

There's only one title she truly deserves and it's the pick-me Award.

No. 1403561

bilek was cheated

No. 1403705


Not to defend her other takes, but this sentiment is shared by a lot of pro-choice women tbh. They're personally put off by the idea of abortion, but they know it's necessary regardless.

Plenty of troons and half-wit women romanticize abortion enough to give credence to her tweet about frivolousness. It's as if you're not allowed to acknowledge the risks and pain associated with the procedure without being considered a misogynistic pro-lifer who WANTS women to be traumatized by their abortions.

No. 1404032

File: 1640768202122.png (280.28 KB, 862x720, 395-351.png)

Yeah she's right in this regard, the majority of abortions are cause of economic reasons cause the mothers know they won't be able to raise the child
its why black women are so over represented in abortion rates

No. 1404410

oh wow haha never expected to see my coomer thread posted on here. small world. but no that panties pic is her, it's been ages but I'm pretty sure i got it from her old twitter that got suspended. might be from her new one though, it's hard to check since she posts constantly.(scrote)

No. 1416545

Transwomen are males.. Sad how this isn't basic logic nowadays.(necro)

No. 1416598

this is all very well and good but who is her surgeon

No. 1421256

I saw someone mention in another thread that she stopped writing for 4W, is that true? I'm not mad about it tbh, I would really not want her associated with my site if I cared at all about feminism or hypocrisy

No. 1438782

How do yall follow this woman? All she posts is rage bait. I'm a radfem and I still find her utterly unbearable.(sage your shit)

No. 1439160

you must be new here

No. 1514467

You all sound extremely jealous of Anna. All her opinions are completely sensible. The problem here is you’re all too illiberal to cope with opinions other than your own. You’re all obsessed with her body for some strange reason. So what she had a nose job? So what she lost weight? She should be seen as a role model for you bunch of incels.(namefagging whiteknight)

No. 1514493

Are you retarded? She self posts on 4chan to get scrotes to simp for her, baits people into asking for her before-and-after pictures just to get ass pats, and then she gets cosmetic surgeries (literally the same industry she criticises constantly). Learn2sage faggor

No. 1515263

There are no incels here, ajrmorgan@icloud.com. That would require moids

No. 1518550

Is it possible for this retard to make an argument without pitifully trying to appeal to conservative/groyper men?


No. 1564030


No. 1574457

File: 1656416604411.png (95.47 KB, 596x438, slatz.png)

How does it appeal to conservatives?

No. 1574461

File: 1656417392430.png (29.28 KB, 286x371, reduxx.png)

Saged because it's not milky. Anna co-founded Reduxx, a feminist news site: https://reduxx.info/. The Patreon page (https://www.patreon.com/reduxx) has 159 followers and is making $1,291 per month. She sends a welcome gift to all her subs. It honestly doesn't look bad.

No. 1577126

Apparently she founded this site after getting kicked off 4W, anyone know if that's true or just gossip?

No. 1577533

File: 1656666938455.png (33.89 KB, 464x345, mkfain.png)

Something must have happened. MK Fain, the founder of 4W, and Anna are not following each other anymore.

No. 1577539

File: 1656667491240.png (316.94 KB, 704x638, 4w.png)

Yes, the last article Anna wrote for 4W was on January 2022: https://4w.pub/author/annaslatz/

No. 1577540

File: 1656667677577.png (685.76 KB, 1262x641, reduxx.png)

It makes sense, Reduxx was created January 2022. Does anyone know what got Anna kicked out of 4W?

No. 1577566

File: 1656670233653.png (487.57 KB, 1194x1535, reduxx.png)

I found the tweet where Anna announces her departure from 4W, she took another 4W writer with her (Women Read Women/Genivieve Gluck) too:

The archive of that tweet vaguely explains why Anna left:
>Falling out or just wanted something new?
>Anna: sometimes one leads to the other
>Anna: I helped 4W as much as I possibly could because I loved its vision. I think my effort was reflected in the success it saw over the last few months. I don’t want to say much, but know that there was a very good reason as to why I had to walk away.

No. 1577622

I really don't get where Reduxx is going unless she is trying to pivot to a more conservative audience again, the co-owner of Reduxx with Anna just went on a right wing, pro-life podcast to discuss troons. Listened out of curiosity, she namedropped Anna as well on that podcast, and mostly didn't push back against anything the conservative host said even when she was affirming the existence of gender/innate gender roles for men and women. If Reduxx marketed itself as just trans critical instead of feminist it would probably be more honest.

No. 1577711

I am curious about that podcast. Is it this one by any chance?

No. 1577723

Yeah. The irony being that Allie Beth Stuckey is just as anti-feminist and pro-moid as that scrote Matt Walsh. So it is hilarious when 'Radical Feminists' associate themselves with these anti-feminist "Christians".

No. 1577726

File: 1656687373471.jpg (43.31 KB, 701x486, anti feminist retard moid.jpg)

(as that scrote Matt). Sorry, I tried to insert both video and image in one post.

No. 1578144

it looks like she wants to make different aesthetic choices to try and persuade the extremely online "cool" crowd, where 4w is more of a serious, non-irony publication. that's my guess.

No. 1578896

I am surprised she hasn't used some Pepe memes

No. 1579196

a friend of mine used to follow her some time ago. pretty sure anna barely posted selfies back then, if ever, but one day she did and my friend realized how filtered the picture was. she commented that it made her sad that anna felt the need to filter her face especially in regards to feminism. to my friend's surprise she got blocked within minutes after she left her comment. im excited to send her this thread so she knows she's not missing out.

No. 1579589

Is Genevieve conservative? She has written articles for Feminist Current. She seems very professional, I am surprised she jumped ship from 4W to work with Anna.

No. 1580134

ayrt, yeah that's the podcast. Stuckey talks about inherent male and female gendered traits and Genevive doesn't even push back on the idea that women have submissive ladybrains at all somehow, although she does a little laugh and says a lot of people are uncomfortable with the idea of gender at one point only to abandon that line when Stuckey is not receptive to it at all because she believes strongly in gender roles.

No. 1586137

what's with the ghey ass vapor wave aesthetic? is this supposed to appeal to zoomers?

No. 1586332

I thought it was fashwave, meant to appeal to right wingers

No. 1692920

File: 1667513007622.png (234.15 KB, 600x1186, zJjfIWb.png)

Never seen her try and make this claim before.
'revenge porn' lol. I assume she's referring to the thirst posts she used to regularly post to twitter for male attention before she switched to her new 'TERF' persona.
I wonder what identity/movement she'll gravitate to next.

No. 1692956

My fingers are crossed for her to try to make ‘radfem’ bimbo happen. She’s already claimed her plastic surgery is medically necessary despite not losing nearly enough weight to necessitate fucking skin removal. First time I’ve ever heard someone insist their BBL was needed. Does she actually claim to be a radical feminist these days? I don’t recall her explicitly doing so in the past.

No. 1692963

What? Do you have screenshots about the BL? My sides are in orbit.

No. 1693013

She's had a nose job as well as the BBL, on top of all the other things she had done after the weight loss.

No. 1693164

File: 1667531734868.png (673.07 KB, 1217x835, bnenMnK.png)

you don't understand, anna's BBL was ok ideologically… because reasons…

No. 1693304

You know what never goes out of style? Looking like a normal healthy and fit human, not some bogpilled creatura with centaur ass and H cup boobs.

No. 1693376


not wrong tho; broken clock rule, etc.

No. 1693625

But but but she needed “reconstruction” despite still appearing overweight! Absurd.

No. 1702928

She's now simping for Elon Musk. Such a good "communist" amirite(post caps)

No. 1702993

Who’s surprised? Simping for Elon is the e-thot pickme version of virtue signaling

No. 1703603

File: 1668868534998.png (105.91 KB, 597x452, 1593417274119028739.png)

nta but here are the caps

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