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File: 1657927166734.jpeg (46.12 KB, 680x680, 1657310340128.jpeg)

No. 1264035

Last thread >>1249885

>>1249953 , >>1249955 , >>1249964 , >>1249966 Ezra drama
>>1250697 , >>1250728 , >>1251406 , Elliott(en) Page continues to post awful pics of herself
>>1251795 Kesha is trying to stay relevant
Taylor Swift is featured in a new David O Russell movie - a reminder that he groped his niece , >>1253077
>>1250822 >>1253087 Bette Midler and Macy Grey make normal statements about women
>>1253140 Lorde has gone blonde
>>1253463 >>1253490 Elon Musk had secret twins with a company exec
>>1253848 >>1254022 Jordan Peterson got banned from Twitter
>>1254544 >>1254547 A kid from Stranger Things outed Doja Cat as thirsty for one of his castmates and she got upset
>>1255115 Former Japanese PM Abe Shinzo was murdered
>>1255384 Jason Derulo was caught cheating
>>1255775 Howie Mandel posted a NSFL tik tok, deleted it, then pretended it never happened
>>1256071 Lana looking round as usual
>>1257660 , >>1257663 Florence Pugh went braless at an event and posted about it on her instagram
>>1258249 Billie Eilish talks about her past identity crisis
>>1258608 , >>1258610 , >>1259364 Hunter Biden's icloud got hacked

No. 1264040

File: 1657927514872.jpeg (160.88 KB, 1908x1146, 29301906-0-image-a-8_159145707…)

emrat and her hapsburg-esque husband are allegedly divorcing amid his constant cheating

No. 1264041

File: 1657927542779.png (479.78 KB, 536x579, Capture.PNG)

Posting again in the right thread

No. 1264043

File: 1657927639479.png (1001.1 KB, 1108x456, Capture.PNG)

Apperently this is allegedely his Nephew.

No. 1264076

My god they’re both so fucking ugly

No. 1264079

>his niece
Russell's 'niece' is technically a nephew. What he did was still gross tho, along with a myriad of other stuff. Just saying that's a dude/MtF.

No. 1264082

I saw Ricky Martin trending and did not think that would be why, celebrity males are the worst

No. 1264091

Why are the Celebricow threads being clogged up with /pol/ shit as of late? Don’t you retards have your own thread?

No. 1264094

What are you talking about? Who Russell?

No. 1264097

The director that's mentioned in the OP and discussed last thread.

No. 1264100

The nephew was underage only 4 years ago, I can’t help but think grooming was involved for some time.

No. 1264104

Seriously what the fuck. How fucking old is Ricky Martin? Not only is he an incestuous fuck but also pedophilic. Disgusting.

No. 1264109

Kek, some nonnie in another thread said he was a Habsburg and i unironically believed them just off that jaw. Jesus he is so clapped.

No. 1264112

Shes so ugly but honestly she’s too good looking for that Neanderthal cave dweller.

No. 1264113

If somebody would have told me in 2001 this is what would become of him i wouldn't have believed them. I wonder if any tin foil nonnies saw this coming.

No. 1264116

File: 1657932943695.jpg (246.53 KB, 1080x1439, errolmusk.jpg)

No. 1264123

They’re such degenerates, people with such grotesque fugliness in their gene pool shouldn’t be allowed to breed

No. 1264126

Do scrotes every get tired of being degens?

No. 1264127

Same fag, but the thread photo is so fitting today.

No. 1264131

There's something about people corrupt with greed that makes them ugly inside and out.

No. 1264132

op here, sorry i didn't read the text properly!

No. 1264135

File: 1657933881319.jpeg (76.73 KB, 1200x675, elliot-page-oprah-interview-2-…)

Ellen is being considered to replace Ezra miller in The flash

No. 1264149

If she gets phallo that’s gonna chafe like a bitch in the skin tight suit

No. 1264168

File: 1657936526739.png (747.29 KB, 1185x675, leukemiaellen.png)

Ellen looks straight up sickly like a leukaemia patient. If she does get casted as the Flash then there is gonna be more cape fans angry compared to happy troons and handmaidens along with more trannies getting casted for big roles like this one

No. 1264176

Sorry for blogpost but my hair looked exactly like that after being underweight for a while wtf the trooning out has to be semi-related to her obvious eating disorder. Now nobody can tell her no.

No. 1264178

Would be cute without the gelled bangs

No. 1264182

File: 1657938179178.jpg (254.03 KB, 810x908, myheromydreammymythicmakingmac…)

All of the male degeneracy that has been occurring these past years (millennias, really) have motivated me to champion for a new cause: GIVE ELLEN HER FUCKING MAN OF THE YEAR AWARD NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes she looks like she's leukaemic, and yes, she does look like the fifth unofficial member of the Russian 80's boyband Steklovata, but Caitlin Jenner got the woman's award despite being a piece of shit killer who blames everyone but herself for being a miserable rich deadbeat parent with no genuine direction/meaning in life; Ellen's not a real man, and that makes her automatically superior to all males, so give it to her already

No. 1264194

Why did I think the man in your pic was Liam Payne?

No hope for lesbians

No. 1264204

why won't she buy the right size of shirt? she's rich and even if she wasn't they sell size 14 shirts in LA. more proof that her "transition" is just eating disorder and fear of aging - she's wearing baggy clothes to look childish/small/"uwu"

No. 1264208

Why is the Ellen tweet the hill Jordan Peterson chose to die on?

No. 1264261

File: 1657944578014.jpeg (630.57 KB, 828x901, 6A2B6F0B-022F-4BC6-B868-DB054A…)

Just when you think she couldn’t get any trashier

No. 1264265

Lol it’s not her though, Jack has people in prison and for was less than Hunter Biden, so not really trashy. I bought it was sweet she was supportive. They are not getting the reaction they want from me.

I get the Midwest irony but it’s not translating with Lana and I fucking hate every single one of her outfits I literally don’t care how fat she is, how fat she plans to get, or how much she loves hollister denim boyshorts and child labor almost threadbare fleshtone cardigans, someone needs to do her the biggest favor and take that shit away from her. What is aesthetic about that unless she’s on anti psychotics in which case I am kind of sad for her.

No. 1264268

Oh Lana no

No. 1264269

At least her hair is black, looks sooooo much better.

No. 1264270

she wants to be/do the quintessential whitetrash americana so bad, nevermind the fact that these women have HORRIBLE lives unlike anything she has ever gone through or ever will

No. 1264278

so this is what its like when you're living la vida loca

No. 1264304

No but nonna you’re right. It can’t always be men stealing shit from us, they gotta lose some shit too. I support Ellen as the flash cause i don’t give a fuck about that movie. Go get that bag Ellen

No. 1264330

File: 1657953341960.jpg (184.49 KB, 669x900, diego-rodriguez-de-silva-y-vel…)

>hapsburg-esque husband
holy shit you weren't kidding

No. 1264342

It’s actually entertaining to see zoomers going through his instagram archive like “what the hell is this” like they’ve never seen satire before

No. 1264356

>Uncle touchy molesting his own nephew
Just gay moid things. They can't reproduce any other way.

No. 1264359

More like just moid things.

No. 1264364

more like why was the Ellen tweet the hill twitter decided to kill Peterson on? he's said so much shit yet ofc it's troonphobia that gets him banned.

No. 1264381

Casual reminder that gay men spent decades fighting to include pedophilia as a protected characteristic under law and lesbians were the only ones to sound the alarm to kick them out of the community.

No. 1264384

they just wanted to get away with raping boys just like straight men already got away with raping girls

No. 1264387

He even stalked and harassed the nephew he sexually coerced and assaulted, men literally do this shit to their own fucking family. What the fuck. I’m so fucking sick of this, gay or straight, men never fucking stop this bullshit.

No. 1264393

Ten billion percent support this. Start twitters and get it trending, it’s literally the only way and Eliot Page is emerging as our unlikely hero…
Also just happy that salt riddled dried apricot core of a male Peterson is dying on any hill that he will actually shut the fuck up on. Imagine him idk fucking his wife instead of bitching about women like anyone literally ever asked. Or like damn Jordan just suck a sick instead and shut it.

No. 1264413

File: 1657962246216.jpeg (87.75 KB, 473x1024, 6EF09FD5-9603-414F-8A85-2DAF37…)


No. 1264436

Sabrina Carpenter made a song about how she got slut shamed by Olivia Rodrigo stans after driver's license came out.
>“Now I’m a homewrecker/I’m a slut/I got death threats… Tell me who I am, ’cause I don’t have a choice/All because I liked a boy.”

No. 1264442

File: 1657965066880.jpg (88.8 KB, 874x592, z5EmXAL.jpg)

Lana went a little too far with the trailer trash larping.
Her new boyfriend is a gun totting bisexual cousin kissing rapper kek. dude even made gay porn.

No. 1264447

This drama is so annoying because both Sabrina and the moid keep trying to milk it.

No. 1264449

The flamers love Lana so makes sense. They’re always creaming their pants and screaming “mom!!!!” And passing out at her shows. Most fags would fuck Madonna given the chance just because they idolise her.

No. 1264451

File: 1657965443720.jpg (74.98 KB, 1052x688, 20220716_115625.jpg)

>he raised her since she was 4
>they had an unplanned kid in 2018
>another one in 2019
What the fuck!! It keeps getting worse!

No. 1264456

Even Elon musk is disgusted by it. That’s saying something.

No. 1264459


No. 1264468

I'm a clueless Eurofag, is whitetrash americana like…lower class American women from the South witha nationalist sensibility? Or could someone define it for me?

No. 1264472

I remember loving his songs when I was a kid/tween. Genuinely shocking and disgusting

No. 1264475


Really it's kind of means what it says "white" IE white people "trash" IE trashy people. They can pretty much be from any part of the country and the term is used for both men and women. Their politics don't really enter into it as it again varies from person to person. hope that helps a bit.

No. 1264478

File: 1657968393065.jpg (8.46 KB, 236x236, d0f03e78ef3ef0f6fa506ab9d7c738…)


No. 1264479

Is that a fucking dog in the top right corner?

No. 1264481

I think it's just a regular dog.

No. 1264489

File: 1657969942428.jpg (168.04 KB, 750x1089, tumblr_2445f1124424948071d022a…)

Yeah …

No. 1264492

>This drama is so annoying because both Sabrina and the moid keep trying to milk it.
Can you blame them? Olivia made an entire album about it.

No. 1264495

No. 1264499

File: 1657970806646.jpg (108.04 KB, 765x833, khloe.JPG)

No. 1264507

Ricky is a creep. He has a massive foot fetish and he had his co stars come over to his house, he got pedicures for them.
Probably taped the whole thing right?

No. 1264509

File: 1657971859385.jpg (174.89 KB, 1201x759, 58545.jpg)


No. 1264514

Cook County Department of Corrections lmao

No. 1264515

They should consider killing themselves

No. 1264522

I saw this pic on a forum for the TV show love after lockup without context and I thought those were new candidates on the show

No. 1264551

He spent so much time working and coming out and a lot of people thought he was happy, since being gay in spanish culture is a huge no. He really is just a gay Pedo moid now. Wow. Men are lower than parasites.

No. 1264554

I guess birth control doesnt exist. I swear to god, these people are the embodiment of who we need to kill or this world will end. What the hell is going on with celeb news that it keeps getting worse?? I hate Muskrat and anyone who supports him. He keeps reproducing with his degraded genes.

No. 1264568

Having more children with a man who can't keep his dick in his pants. Stupid ass.

No. 1264586

He's such a hypocrite. He criticizes his dad for breeding like a deranged rabbit but he does the absolute same minus the disgusting pedo incest. But actually, who knows. Wouldn't be surprises if he's done something similar too. He loves to act high and mighty.

No. 1264630

I officially hate all celebs that use a surrogate, including all the kardashins, Beyoncé and amber heard. Fuck the lot of them.

No. 1264637

apparently, amber adopted

No. 1264643

No, she said herself she had her baby through surrogacy and the baby is her biological daughter.

No. 1264685

Thinking the same thing. And none of them care that adopting would make such a greater impact.

No. 1264686

kek I kind of hope this is true. I want to see the meltdown over it

No. 1264691

was it ever revealed who the father is? i bet it's johnny depp

No. 1264703

she never said that anon

No. 1264705

Same. I can't believe we just let these people do that and they're not constantly shamed, no one talks about it, Kim K went on to talk about her experience on tv and shit, what the fuck? Why do we allow these fucking privileged monsters to be comfortable talking about it? I wish they would hide it from the world, fearing the backlash.

It's mean but we did such a big deal about Kim K being robbed when they didn't even hurt her, and this piece of shit just used another woman's body with her money and it's okay? I wish more of the wealthy would get robbed like that, truly. Traumatize the rich, i don't care.

No. 1264708

When was it confirmed Beyonce used a surrogate? Im not talking a conspiracy/rumors I'm talking her or Gay Z saying so? She gave birth to Blu and her twins.

No. 1264714

It's extra disgusting because Khloe has a thing where she wants "one baby father" and "True to have a full blooded sibling", yet Tristan has three baby mothers. Also, someone pointed out how she they feel its shady how she names True. Like "True Thompson " even though he already had a son before he got with Khloe, and had one during. They say Khloe is having a boy via surrogate. It's weird, she doesn't want to carry the baby by this serial baby daddy cheater but wants some other woman too? Meanwhile True has 2 half siblings. I think that makes it even more gross, uts possible the woman being paid nicely, but it's just kind of sick to me.

No. 1264721

Hope they call this next one “faith” or “authenticity”. If your relationship lacks something important (like truth”) just scramble up a surrogate baby and name it after that thing you need.

No. 1264726

I don’t think it’s the “breeding like a deranged rabbit” thing that pisses him off, it’s the fact that it’s his step sister. It’s literally quasi-incest of the very worst kind.

No. 1264732

>Ellen's not a real man, and that makes her automatically superior to all males, so give it to her already.

Kek I am dying nonita, truer words have never been spoken

No. 1264757

what the fuck is this Hunter Biden sperging nonsense?

No. 1264766

i’m sad because i know that instead of ppl thinking that moids being degenerate is because they’re moids they’re going to think it’s specifically a gay thing

No. 1264771

sometimes. >>1264475 is pretty correct. it can be associated with racism but I'm very close taking back the term. white trash is mostly just poor white people. yeah they're "trashy" but the label of trash is somewhat extensive.
for reference see "Juggalos".

No. 1264792

File: 1657990196413.jpg (323.87 KB, 1284x1668, FXgWYcUXgAYcfZM.jpg)

wtf I love Trump now

No. 1264794

No. 1264806

i love when they start eating each other

No. 1264862

It is a gay moid thing tho. Gay moids are the most degenerate moids, that's why they were almost wiped out by AIDS and still couldn't stop having unprotected risky sex. They fuck literally anything, pulse optional.

No. 1264952

Trump uses Twitter like an anon talks about celebrities on the celebricows thread. This leads me to believe that Trump uses lolcow. What I do know is that if he was a woman, he would be an unhinged bpd manipulator online forum gossiper like from this website..

No. 1264955

kek that's not Twitter though, he was banned

No. 1264971

Can someone explain what he is saying? I'm esl and that makes no sense to me kek.

No. 1264974

I’m a burger and even I have no idea what he’s talking about half the time tbh
Kek. Now I’m imagining Trump being a farmer and creating vendetta threads about Obama and Hilary.

No. 1265026

It's not cause you're ESL, it's cause he's Trump. he's saying that Elon is such a big fanboy of him, that when Elon came to the Whitehouse Trump could have said "beg for me" and Elon would have done it. Basically, Elon would do whatever Trump says. He also says Elon would be worthless without his cars and rockets
Also, I didn't know Elon was a Trump supporter but I should have known. Wouldn't this make him lose points with the type of guys that obsess over Elon?

No. 1265036

>if he was a woman, he would be an unhinged bpd manipulator
He would be Amber Heard

No. 1265103

At this point I think Trump is too deranged to save his own skin. He blows off anyone who won't wipe his ass for him. He'll probably just come up with a schizoid reason for them losing respect for him.

No. 1265107

File: 1658003226048.jpg (158.33 KB, 1321x745, y8eN2Hx.jpg)

Jen Shah from Real Housewives of Salt Lake City was found guilty of fraud. She's the one who got an fbi raid on live tv

No. 1265110

File: 1658003381294.jpg (139.88 KB, 792x789, hgjRbiS.jpg)

meanwhile in california, Nick Cage's ex accused Erika Jayne of stealing from her. Why are so many housewives fraudulent?

No. 1265134

Amber heard is too hot to be gender-reversed Trump.

No. 1265145

Not that milky but Yung Gravy's sex tape got leaked, it got taken down before I could save, it's average but he pulls this fuck ugly tongue out face in it kek

No. 1265147

File: 1658005268651.jpeg (160.01 KB, 828x1372, 1A7F2A0E-2ABB-4ADE-B9AC-2A9264…)

If it was any other situation i’d agree but i remember seeing death threats and people calling her a slut on her instagram post congratulating Olivia for her success. It doesn’t help that at the peak of the harassment she said it was none of her concern and then came out months later backpedaling on it.

No. 1265152

he's this stubborn about all the women he hates, he just happened to pick a sacred cow this time so it's getting more attention

No. 1265154

hey come on, straight men rape boys too.

No. 1265155

i think all of them are shit

No. 1265156

afrikaaners are a plague. name one that isn't a total degen.

No. 1265157

xkcd sucks

No. 1265160

do any of these people even love their children

No. 1265169

they're equally degenerate to straight moids, it's just that they're playing off other moids. straight men are shit but have to pretend a bit to score a woman. gay men have no barriers to degeneracy because they are trying to score men

No. 1265170

why is elon's suit way too small for him

No. 1265171

>This leads me to believe that Trump uses lolcow
what if Trump was secretly a fudanshi and/or husbandofag on /m/ and/or /g/

No. 1265172

what the fuck is going on with all of these women's faces jesus christ fuck

No. 1265174

>yung gravy
people say this with a straight face?

No. 1265177

No. 1265179

no we're just lazy

No. 1265183

i was >>1265172 and >>1265156
but idk about the others sorry

No. 1265185

Erika Jayne looks fine to me, aside from being obviously plastic but the other woman looks terrible.

No. 1265198

He was also a Craigslist gay prostitute in Chicago for literal crack money. Angel boi.

No. 1265206

Witch house was for crack money. Julia Fox is in this for a moment too, there’s pictures of her shooting heroin with them.

No. 1265224

File: 1658010289572.jpeg (896.3 KB, 1125x1649, 87317B68-403D-4FBB-A92B-F655B3…)

Our favourite cannibal is apparently shilling timeshares at a resort.

No. 1265225

File: 1658010311386.jpg (77.24 KB, 634x774, rats.jpg)

It was rumoured that it was her and Elons embryo that they had a court battle over


>Rumors about Tesla CEO Elon Musk and Amber Heard's alleged frozen embryos have resurfaced online after the billionaire confirmed that he welcomed twin babies with his top executive, Shivon Zilis, in November 2021 While talking to Page Six, the 51-year-old hinted that he might not stop at nine kids and wants to keep having kids

>Claims about Elon Musk being the father of Oonagh Paige re-emerged during Amber Heard's high-profile defamation trial against Johnny Depp.
>Jennifer Howell, who described herself as Amber's sister Whitney's friend, submitted a statement to the court where she revealed the actress and Musk's legal battle over frozen embryos.
>Jennifer further stated that Paige allegedly told her that Amber wanted to keep the embryos and have a baby while Musk wanted to "destroy" them.
>Elon Musk and Amber Heard were romantically linked between 2016 and 2018. This was soon after the actress was separated from her ex-husband Johnny Depp.
>Amber announced the birth of her daughter Oonagh Paige in 2021 and was reportedly a "sole legal parent." As per news outlet The Things, the child was born via surrogate after a doctor told Heard that "she would never be able to carry her own baby."
>Heard revealed that she decided to become a mother four years ago, around the same time that she was dating Musk. Describing herself as both the mother and father of Oonagh, Heard stated that she wanted to have a baby on her "own terms."

No. 1265236

>Describing herself as both the mother and father of Oonagh

This fucking narcissist is so demented, she needs to be admitted in a psych ward asap. I bet Elon is indeed the father, i imagine this piece of shit Amber calculating all of this because she wanted a "smart" baby, virtue signaling this shit as a progressive thing when she's just crazy.

Of course, Elon has such a coomer brain that he fell for her and got played.

No. 1265240

He was so fucking handsome, why did he have to be a nasty pcp addicted coombrained moid…

No. 1265246

>This fire headline

No. 1265259

I'd say bi moids are worse since they spread their shit towards women, especially closeted bi men.

No. 1265266

>livin la vida loca fr fr

No. 1265269

File: 1658013420256.png (Spoiler Image, 437.15 KB, 508x814, grav.png)

not the anon that posted this but here it is, i know this is an imageboard but i really dont want to download pornography onto my computer
(un?)fortunately you have to make an account in order to view it which is gay but what can you do
>he pulls this fuck ugly tongue out face in it kek
here it is. i cant believe people are still thirsting after him after this, spoilered just in case.
if anybody is interested im not at all but i just wanted to provide for my nonas kek. and i barely did in the end. sorry! maybe download and upload it on an anonymous file sharing website

No. 1265272

File: 1658013773037.jpg (55.93 KB, 828x789, FXkpqTpX0AEAazw.jpg)

Her moid and Julia Fox

No. 1265274

File: 1658013958984.jpg (47.81 KB, 827x827, FXjbxyrWQAE8kQf.jpg)

Her moid with a dog.

No. 1265276

This was already posted pls don't make us see that again.

No. 1265278

Photos of beautiful female celebrities with their astonishingly gross moids is eery as fuck

No. 1265290

he looked like a ham that fell on the floor of a barber shop

No. 1265291

she ruined her face with filler for a bit, glad she's dialed back. hope she doesn't do it again. she was so beautiful before any surgeries. her face was almost perfect and when she showed up semi-botched in aquaman i was sad.

No. 1265292

is amber heard irish?

No. 1265293

a good rule of thumb is that if jimmy pop did it in a video, you shouldn't do it in real life. this guy…i don't have high hopes for his intelligence

No. 1265295

File: 1658015424044.jpg (56.92 KB, 1080x1081, FX0LhKwUEAAQl5e.jpg)

Blonde Ryan Gosling

No. 1265297

File: 1658015924575.webm (18.28 MB, 1280x720, redditsave.com__-gfxul9vhywb91…)

No. 1265306

File: 1658016943955.png (821.58 KB, 1048x1475, hammerrefugee.png)

Not sure if anyone keeps up with hammer anymore

No. 1265320

i think RDJ thinks just because he had a successful comeback all of these stupid gross freaks can too like Hammer or Depp. no, Robert, being a junkie is different from wanting to eat women or telling a buddy that you want to burn, drown, and then rape your dead then-girlfriend.

No. 1265323

He's also just a man and will support any man over any woman, no doubt he has his own dark secrets about how he treats women and relates to them on that level as well

No. 1265337

Isn't Hammer from a filthy rich family? Why does he need "financial assistance"?

No. 1265338

he was cut off

No. 1265345

Didn't he get a lot of money from his acting roles or is it all gone already

No. 1265366

Thanks nonna, If you had not circled it, I would have missed it kek

No. 1265370

File: 1658023355572.jpeg (78.67 KB, 600x352, 09F85056-A59C-4D76-BAF9-7BF324…)

Lil uzi going by they/then, interested to see how this ends up. He's dating JT from the city girls, who is just the average pussy ig girl rapper. I wonder if she'll respect his pronouns or not, kek. his ex said that he pulled up to her in public and put a gun to her allegedly. And that he beats jt allegedly. So another violent they/them but this time black

No. 1265371

imagine being such a degenerate you get yourself cut off from an oil tycoon family what a fucking moron lmao

No. 1265374

>the type of guys that obsess over Elon
You mean libertarian tech bros?

No. 1265389

Calm down, nonnie. Lots of single parents say that when the other parent isn’t present. They even had a How I met your mother episode about it too.

No. 1265402

Those kids are going to be so autistic. When will people wake the fuck up and realize that autism is correlated with paternal age?

Luckily this nasty old prick will be dead in a few years, and only their groomed pickme mother will be around to damage them.

The fuck is with moids and incest?!? Delete men.

No. 1265406

lmao as if she’ll be around these kids of celebs/mega-wealthy get raised by nannies i doubt if half of them know their parents names especially if their parents aren’t actors or singers

No. 1265415

Straight moids are trying to redirect people's attention to gay moids so they can get away with shit like what Elon's dad did. Moids are all sick.

Also, Kenya has a huge AIDs problem among the general straight population. Do you think those people deserve to die, too? Of all the things you could bring up to bitch about gay moids, why AIDs? Fucked up.

No. 1265429

I'm sxreaming, they look like the kind of couple you'd see on the softwhite underbelly channel

No. 1265445

Salem came and went a long time ago, it’s so interesting to see all the zoomers freaking out but I also see retarded scrotes saying jack “shaped the music industry in ways they wouldn’t understand”. Also many of the raw “Salem” tracks people share aren’t even from Salem but from a mix tape uploaded to YT around 2011 mistakenly labeled as their stuff. The band wasn’t even serious, it was John and his baby mama (he has since came out and has had a long term bf and him and Julia fox never literally dated) and Jack. It wasn’t a serious project and had a bunch of random collaborators. He’s likely latched on to Lana in the same way he did Courtney, and I don’t feel bad for her at all because she clearly desperately wants to have the image he always curated. So retarded in 2022.

Also Jack is bi and used to advertise himself on Craigslist when he was really young. He quite literally has lived the life Lana larps.

No. 1265446

It wasn’t his cousin. Jack has always been a troll.

It was a photo op. They never dated.

Joe Biden

No. 1265453

Sperm contains far more mutations than eggs, autism is most accurately determined by paternal age, and that means after 30 in men the chances rapidly go up. Weird how men project the opposite.

No. 1265461

She wasn't single when she decided to have the baby. She was still dating Bianca so it is a narc move to say that.

No. 1265496

File: 1658040713551.jpeg (32.7 KB, 667x640, 811DA717-D5F8-496F-A386-28191F…)

Isn’t Hannibal Lurch part of one of the richest families in America? Where’s the news story of them disowning him?

No. 1265499

Johnny Depp won't fuck you, fatty

No. 1265501

>Elon Musk
>richest man in the world
>literally thinks he's rl tony stark
>"poor elon got played by the 20-something year old whore!!!!"

do some of you hear yourselves and how you make excuses for men that allow them to skirt responsibility no matter what shit they do. Pick-me shit. Love yourself.

No. 1265504

File: 1658041592077.jpg (1.05 MB, 1080x1343, anarb4v.jpg)

Zayn Malik looks like a McDonald's worker

No. 1265506

File: 1658041743350.jpeg (334.57 KB, 1080x879, m6gZMfa.jpeg)

Julia Michael kept responding to tweets praising Sabrina Carpenter's new album with "but i thought you hate my writing?". Who do you think she's indirectly talking to Sabrina or her ex who also has writing credits?

No. 1265507

File: 1658041782443.jpeg (454.38 KB, 1080x1077, bbRrITL.jpeg)

No. 1265510

These replies are all at the same person. Who is she? Also, I think it's really unprofessional to overshadow the release of someone's album with this petty shit.

No. 1265517

No it isn’t. You know nothing about their relationship you dumb bitch. How do you know it wasn’t a decision she chose to make on her own? How long were they together? Did they actually co-parent her? Do you know if Bianca would even consider herself a parent to the child? No, you don’t.

No. 1265518

And would

No. 1265529

Actually he's saying that Elon and his projects would be worthless without the government subsidies that he gave him

No. 1265565

Moids just claim they them status so the can have an army of twitter 14yr olds to defend them like how big streamers/youtubers(like dream or h3h3) use them as attack dogs any time they face any criticism

No. 1265574

He is the anon that posts all the blurry Hunter Biden pics.

No. 1265576

One would think they could afford top-notch surgeons, but alas.
She was so pretty before.

No. 1265581

Confirms not only Trump is on here but also Elon. I can't imagine one single person with at least one braincell would write such a pick me shit in a serious manner.

No. 1265582

Is he a dog in a human body?

No. 1265585

I am always stunned about JF's "normal girl" face. She just looks like your plain 16 yo next door. Not ugly but also not with something striking in her face. The one that becomes a doctor's assistant after school or so.
And then you have JF who is absolutely unhinged trying everything just for not to seem "boring". She has no real goal in life besides hanging around more or less famous people.

No. 1265588

No. Please don't tell me you asked because of the hair colour.
She is Australian, but I don't know her ethnic roots.

No. 1265597

amber heard is not australian wtf???? she's literally from texas

No. 1265601

File: 1658058174217.png (24.86 KB, 1688x133, dementia.png)

No. 1265602

maybe anon confused austin with australia.

No. 1265619

Okay and? As opposed to every other New Yorker?

No. 1265628

… I'm guessing they were asking because of what she named her daughter.

No. 1265630

File: 1658062523642.jpeg (24.23 KB, 750x120, 0F47E4B3-4158-49B2-8B5B-71644D…)

Somebody already updated his wiki page, changing every “he” (not only pronouns) to “they”

No. 1265648

He’s 21 so he’s just an alabama homo stalker

No. 1265649

She was born ugly and she will die uglier
Am I the only one who thinks her body looks great? Lel

No. 1265661

Ugly? No.

No. 1265711

that jennifer howell woman is a psycho who was angry because amber decided to donate to a different charity and less to hers specifically. she's actually legit insane, you can watch her insta stories and stuff, she's not credible at all about anything honestly

No. 1265737

if you're rich enough, you never have to be in the news. like nicole cliffe's husband

No. 1265740

he looks like he showers, which is more than you can say for harry styles and the other one who's always mean to people

No. 1265742

who and what and why

No. 1265773

No, for some reason I believe she is from Australia, even I read that she is from the US some time ago. Probably brain damage from that trial. Idk with whom I confuse her. She doesn't remind me of Margot Robbie, but maybe that's still it.

No. 1265789

Liam, the cheating one?

No. 1265817

File: 1658073123855.jpg (33.63 KB, 640x640, DsyST7CXoAIha6G.jpg)

Woman on the left looks like picrel.

No. 1265829

i just really hope erika jayne and jen shah get what's coming to them

No. 1265832

not only that but the format of this thread is fucking horrible, it was obviously made by a newwfag

No. 1265837

wait wasnt this debunked as a rumor at first so….it was real OMG

No. 1265842

nta who made the thread but we hadn't one for multiple days because no one could be arsed. How about you do it next time yourself if the formatting of the thread is sub to your standard?

No. 1265847

i typically make the threads but i was busy that day. Also OP literally didnt even properly read the posts when making the thread too, like cmon atleast bare minimum.

No. 1265851

Based trump

No. 1265853

gay or straight, moids are top tier deviants. all we need is a bisexual and a troon to fill out the full spectrum

No. 1265860

lana went from living the artsy nymphette coquette life to living the trailer trash hick life.
This is a warning to coquettes that you may end up like her too.

No. 1265862

they'd be into that too. they romanticize the shittiest prison wives tier lives because they're middle to upper middle class spoiled girls

No. 1265871

schizo pills now, depp whale

No. 1265877

i suspect thats alsp the anon who spergs about biden tinfoils here right around the time they came here suddenly sperging about amber also started.

No. 1265878

Thanks for the translation nonnas.

No. 1265882

what does biden and his pedo freak family have to do with johnny depp?

No. 1265885

because most right-wing tinfoiler schizos hate amber too and cant stop talking about her.

No. 1265889

okay… so we just shouldn't talk about the reptiles in the white house because right wingers also happen to hate amber heard?

No. 1265890

correct. dont know if that's the same person but the rw nutjob/psychotic amber hater venn diagram is just a circle

No. 1265894

that anon in the previous thread literally started posting pictures that can be traced to porn videos and lied and said that was hunter and his niece, you people are unhinged and should go in the tinfoil thread instead of derailing here you retarded mouth-breathers.

No. 1265902

if you're talking about the picture of hunter biden fucking obama's daughter, it can't be traced to any "porn video", what are you talking about?

No. 1265940

This is absolutely hilarious

No. 1265958

This annoys me so much. Malia's birth Mark is halfway down her thigh, and the birthmark on hunter bidens girl is right below her butt cheek. Fucking braindead take that he fucked Malia. It's so clear that this idea was started by pornsick woman haters.

No. 1265964

File: 1658079221831.png (843.83 KB, 637x959, 1399580911911.png)


No. 1265979

>The meme is always "white women fuck dogs"
Anon what

No. 1265986

there's a huge shit forced meme pushed by men that white women fuck dogs or something because they hate women despite men being like 95% of zoophile freaks

No. 1266012

Kek why would you ask if she is Irish? It always makes me laugh when Americans say they are Irish or Scottish or whatever because their great uncles cousin was

No. 1266039

finish reading the thread before you post stupid shit like this, it's obviously because she named her daughter an Irish name. and yes americans care about their origins, want to feel connected to their ancestors and know where their great-grandparents immigrated from, so funny!

No. 1266067

i like to think that anon is obama going full regina george

No. 1266071

i think her "girl next door" face was hot, in that exact way, before her ps. i know her face work is "minimal" compared to many other starfuckers, but imo unless you're literally, genetic condition, deformed, your natural face + some exercise is what looks most beautiful.

No. 1266073

i asked because of the baby name, yes

No. 1266080

Some edgelord made a song a while ago called "white girls fuck dogs" and incels went wild for it because they project their degeneracy onto womem. It was the evolution of "girls only date assholes" when they realized that being an asshole still wasn't getting them a girlfriend. They preface "woman" with "white" because its mostly racist men making the joke, but wannabe dirtbag lefties got on board too because its okay to be misogynistic as long as you pretend you're not also racist. Saged and sorry.

No. 1266088

I think it’s Hulu that immediately came out with a documentary on Jen Shah when the news broke, before the episode aired since the world already knew. It’s called “The Housewife and the Shah Shocker” lmao. They hired people to say “no one does it like Jen she carried the show! She’s outrageous! Fabulous” like token gay or people of color. They show her real face before any surgery when she was a random secretary and it’s very funny. The only thing to get the audience to sympathize with her is describing the racism she experienced as a kid.

Then they actually show some of the elderly people who literally had their lives destroyed for her tacky overpriced fashion and it’s soooo infuriating. There was an elderly couple in some flyover state that had a small farm in their family for many generations, and they were in danger of losing it so the wife started a small business making these baby blankets, and was conned into paying for advertising for them which never actually did anything and put them in even more debt. They look completely broken and I loathe Jen for that, and she did that to so many others. I really, really hate her.

No. 1266119

pure scrote projection, they want beastiality porn because it's something they fantasize about, so they make it with women and pretend their manufactured scenario reflects reality. the old fashioned point with one hand, wank with the other.

No. 1266121

they also did one on erika. did you see it?

No. 1266165

There's nothing demented about what she's saying at all, at most it's cheesy. She doesn't LITERALLY mean that she is the mother and the father, that's just what single parents say when the other parent isn't going to be in the picture, autist-chan.

No. 1266174

We ain’t allowed to have shit

No. 1266203

it was common filth starting it all who was a lolcow and outrage-mongerer type freak who spent 12 hours a day by his own admission on futa porn threads 'gathering content'. he is an insane brown tradfag who wants to go all the way with white trad scrotes and is extremely jealous of white women, he took some deranged zoofags out of context to burnish a meme phrase for incels

No. 1266209

No. 1266220

File: 1658096827541.jpg (65.71 KB, 320x180, h1VvxD-pSCw4-2UafrXbzh0IIcw@32…)

well i……..

No. 1266221

No. 1266230

File: 1658097345203.jpg (77.41 KB, 1736x786, 20220718_003603.jpg)

J.Lo is not J.Lo anymore….she is now Jennifer Affleck

No. 1266233

No. 1266234

When did they get back together?

No. 1266240

lmao he cheated on her with a stripper last time. What an idiot.

No. 1266252

Why would drop the Lopez of her name?? What a dumb bitch

No. 1266257

How many times has she been married? I feel like this is her 4th or 5th marriage. I’ll give it 2 years.

No. 1266271

In addition to what other anons have said, there's also the old joke that it's better to have a dog than a man because a dog is more loyal. Because men are retarded degenerates, the misinterpreted this to mean "fuck dogs" and not its intended meaning of "caring for animals is more rewarding than caring for a man."

No. 1266282

i hate that lana is letting herself by used as a prop in this gay scrotes straight passing white trash larp.

No. 1266285

An American southerner naming their daughter "Oonagh" is so tacky. Not offensive, just tacky. That's such an ugly way of spelling it, too. "Oonagh" reads like the sound a vomiting horse makes. She should've spelled it "Úna."

I wish milquetoast Americans would stop bending over backwards to give their kids YOONEEK names and just be fucking practical for a change. Your shitty kid is not special no matter how bizarre its name is.

No. 1266298

idk that's funny to me, Oona is just a normal name where I'm from and that looks like a very fucked way of spelling it

No. 1266333

It looks retarded but at least it's based off an actual name compared to most other celebrity kid's names (which are usually 'random things' names like Apple, Blanket, Blue, etc)

No. 1266334

Samefag also forgot the multiple "Bear" kids kek.

No. 1266353

wish there was a real housewives thread

No. 1266413

i would kill for a real housewives thread, maybe it could go in /m/? i have so much shit to talk about the housewives and i love that dumpsterfire of a franchise

No. 1266443

horses can't vomit - that's why they get colic.

No. 1266446

I have a Celtic name that has multiple different spellings, it’s really not that strange that they chose that particular spelling over Oona or Una
People naming their kids Bear makes me irrationally angry. It’s a cute name for a dog or a cat, using it for a human is fucking retarded

No. 1266537

I know someone who named their son Rex. I would honestly like to see them flayed.

No. 1266539


J.Lo is now J.Aff


No. 1266542

Lana always wanted to be queen of the trailer park so she is literally living the dream. She’s the sparkle jump rope queen.

No. 1266577

Her upbringing was typical east coast rich, wtf happened? Is it because of her major mommy issues? She was slumming it in her early twenties and now she's doing it again only this time she's rich and famous. Why does she want to be white trash so damn bad?

No. 1266582

File: 1658133428926.png (253.52 KB, 495x507, Screen Shot 2022-07-18 at 1.37…)

No. 1266584

but he is a bisexual white trash, that's his whole thing

No. 1266623

>poor elon got played by a narcissist!
Go to a gym, get waxed, get your hairdyed. Ok. Now you don't have to accuse women of being xyz mental illness ridden whores to get fucked by men. Thank me later.

No. 1266626

Don’t act like she’s a victim. She wants the life he’s always lived like desperately. Or at least to pretend she has it.

No. 1266628

It would attract nothing but gay moids

No. 1266633

Nta but I think she likes the aesthetic and plans to use it for her new album. All of her albums have some trashy aesthetic like lolita/pedo/domestic violence/etc.

No. 1266649

Ricki martine brate shvati me dobit ćeš batineeee

No. 1266653

Because retards give their shitty animals human names we’re supposed to stop using human names on humans? Dumb take

No. 1266658

This is who they were fighting over…? He looks 14. I know the girls are young but they look so much older than him, I guess it's from makeup

No. 1266660

File: 1658138356255.png (421.88 KB, 640x360, 6bee6c00d5f02247f5cbb29589f1bf…)

Dropped pic

No. 1266670

to an extent this whole drama is likely exaggerated and made up, I do believe that she likely got death treats cause twitter stans are low IQ subhumans

No. 1266676

fuckin kek

No. 1266691

File: 1658142616015.jpg (123.75 KB, 615x769, parasyte.jpg)

calling it right now, she's gonna have an viral custody battle over her kid, she will lose and have a very public meltdown, also I just learned the father named their kid sylvester apollo

No. 1266702

File: 1658143294036.jpeg (233.87 KB, 1242x2208, img-9046-1609773234.jpeg)

I thought it's Zach's new gf for a second.

No. 1266707

anyone have that pic of zach and her dad standing next to each other, they almost look identical

No. 1266711

File: 1658143840910.jpg (63.34 KB, 576x987, FTeNJseWUAE7lq0.jpg)

found it

No. 1266712

NTA but I’ve never heard of any human named Rex
I hate her and all her retarded misogynistic personas so fucking much, I wish she’d retire to the trailer park so I’d never have to see or hear about her fat ass ever again

No. 1266714

nta but my mom used to work with a Rex and there was a professor at the college I went to whose name was Rex. I think it was a certain decade-based name. Like 70s? Maybe?

No. 1266718

she carries it like a purse because it's an accessory like a purse. probably wondering where the handle is

No. 1266728

Bella Thorne is in the new season of American Horror Stories (the trashy afterbirth of AHS), another reason to skip watching it

No. 1266745

File: 1658147462928.jpg (107.82 KB, 826x1242, FX7oa9fXEAANNyj.jpg)

Lil Uzi comes out as non-binary they/them

No. 1266749

Hold on let me check how many body mods he has and how many colors he's dyed his hair over the years..

Checks out.

No. 1266750

These rap faggots are such degenerates, they should all be sterilised. How long before he is outed for sexual assault?

No. 1266753

I like this idea a lot

No. 1266756

Is it a shocker that some low iq drug addict does what his slave owners tell him?? This has been going on since the 90s although the rap faggotry has definitely accelerated the last few years

No. 1266757

God he looks like a decaying tooth. It was only a matter of time. Wasn't he wearing skirts and carrying purses? So sick of these sexually deviant SC rappers trying too hard to be sooper spechul. We need a Noah's Ark type of event and just start over. Too many of these degens in the gene pool.

No. 1266759

File: 1658148700899.jpg (470.31 KB, 1570x1180, lil-uzi-domestic-violence.jpg)

the male DV to NB pipeline never fails

No. 1266766

File: 1658149510990.png (878.91 KB, 640x620, lil uzi skirt.png)

No. 1266771

I hate these subhuman faggots so much, I wish they could all be shipped off to a desert island together where they’d live out the rest of their pathetic days ass raping each other instead of inflicting their violence and degeneracy on women and children(calm down)

No. 1266789

File: 1658152416569.jpeg (65.48 KB, 567x532, 19D4F408-70D9-47D0-87AF-FC28AD…)

No. 1266794

>she does look like the fifth unofficial member of the Russian 80's boyband Steklovata
KEEK anon you made my day

No. 1266796

Honestly I hope male celebrities keep doing this shit. It's already obvious what they're trying to do and it'll only make handmaidens more uneasy the more and more it happens until even they can't deny the obvious pattern anymore. Like hm…isn't it strange that male enbies always seem to come out right after allegations of violence against women and have never shown any inclinations towards being trans and never presented as anything other than men until said allegations surfaced? Isn't it interesting how we don't see this same pattern with female enbies, and in fact many of the famous ones have disclosed that they have been victimized by men at some point in their lives? It's almost like one group consistently and reliably violently oppresses the other group regardless of gender identity…if only we had a way to distinguish these two groups but unfortunately sex is a spectrum so guess we can't

No. 1266816

wives/bravo thread in /m >>>/m/222872

No. 1266836

Reminder his ex girlfriend said he approached her in public with a GUN and put it to her pregnant belly (allegedly). And that he beats his current girlfriend JT (rapper from the City Girls).

No. 1267065

File: 1658163255884.jpg (456.03 KB, 2048x2048, FTb6Dk5WUAEeJXb.jpg)

Julia Fox took her infant child to some pretentious tranny art show

No. 1267098

Where's the nonnie(s) claiming we are just jelly of Julia and she's a girl boss and makes the scrotes mad etc.etc?

No. 1267106

are you trying to say that child is an infant? nonna that is a legit little kid

No. 1267143

maybe it's a sex thing?

No. 1267147

my god what happened to the face of the woman on the right???

No. 1267152

>lil uzi comes out as a rapist & assaulter
men only do this to get ahead of something

No. 1267191

I think he may come out as bisexual or something. Caresha (the other member of the City Girls) is "dating" Diddy, whose been long gone rumored to be bisexual, and Cassie (his long time ex girlfriend) husband, basically told Diddy to "come out the closet" after he made a song and referenced Cassie.
It's kind of a open secret Diddy is a evil bisexual, so it makes me wonder if Uzi (Jts boyfriend, a member of the city girls) thinks coming out as non- binary will kinda "ungender" him. So when he says something shit like. "I'm attracted to anyone, regardless of gender, I'm genderless" he's hoping it'd be less of big deal. But it will be, because Uzis fans may eat it up, but I doubt the shaderoom and other places will.
When the shit about abusing his ex and possibly JT came out, people were more focused on clowning JT because "he still loves his ex" instead of calling him out for being an abuser. This is my autistic tinfoil.

No. 1267301

Trailer for Sam levinson and the weeknd's mini serie, featuring Lily Rose Depp back to her anachan era weight. Can't wait for all the underaged sex.

No. 1267321

>From the sick & twisted minds of Sam Levinson
well, no lie here

No. 1267402

File: 1658175369825.png (609.88 KB, 622x694, lillyrose.png)

>anachan era weight
also the show looks like shit

No. 1267434

>Jennie Kim at 0:30
Probably just a cameo role but I'm surprised she was allowed to be in a Sam Levinson/HBO production at all

No. 1267439

File: 1658177251834.jpg (117.16 KB, 827x1424, FT1UX5gWUAIxozE.jpg)

>On February 14, 2021, Fox announced the birth of her son. He was born January 17, 2021
kid's 1 and a half years old, so yes he's an infant, but I will admit he does look a lot older and has the most intense state I have seen in a child

No. 1267447

With Julia as his mother I’m sure he’s seen some shit lol

No. 1267470

Lmao he totally looks like he got his shit together, he looks less confused about life than me and i'm 28. Shit's weird.

Also i love how a literal sex tape got leaked in this thread and NO ONE cares kek i don't know why it's so funny to me. This should be scandalous but you nonnies are like meh ok, next. I should say the scrote has a cute smile, but i want to fucking burn women who call their scrote daddy. I hate what it does to men's ego, they feel like they're competent, dominant figures when they're just lost defective bastards. Don't perform like that for a man, and the constant moaning like he's doing God's work by just wetting his ugly dick inside you, i want to vomit.

I really talked about this dirty shit just after talking about an innocent little boy damn i feel impure poor baby alright i'll stop

No. 1267511

File: 1658181142016.png (360.06 KB, 419x600, 1658169692148.png)

I'm so sorry nonitas

No. 1267512

File: 1658181174641.png (406.51 KB, 495x600, 1658169933372.png)

New reaction image just dropped

No. 1267513

He looks just like Mads Mikkelsen

No. 1267516

What the fuck is that

No. 1267519

raw unseasoned chicken

No. 1267520

Imagine willingly sleeping with this pasty mayonnaise sack of a man

No. 1267521

Great thanks I’m a lesbian

No. 1267522

Mads will come to your house and beat you up for this, watch out.

No. 1267523

My sleep paralysis demon escaped

No. 1267527

i want to dead.

No. 1267530

File: 1658181881734.png (396.88 KB, 433x600, 1658169726957 (1).png)

He makes other white men look black

No. 1267531

He looks so botched. I swear he will get abs and peck implants in the next 10 years id bet my life savings on it.

No. 1267532

He has literal cadaver bloat what the fuck

No. 1267534

I agree. He makes that guy look like Barack Obama.

No. 1267538

lol he does look like him now I can't unsee it

No. 1267540

File: 1658182079413.jpg (411.14 KB, 1333x2000, ezgif.com-gif-maker.jpg)

Worked for Bezos

No. 1267541

More like a Bogdanoff

No. 1267542

I have never seen a man’s bone structure convex like that and in the breast area, is he with child in his sternum????? Surely the alien inside of him is growing disgusted with this meat suit.

No. 1267543

Can you explain what’s “working” for him in this picture? Love yourself.

No. 1267544

>He’s from fucking Africa.
He's literally a Dutch white man whose parents got wealthy from exploiting Africa lol, that's not "from Africa" ffs

No. 1267546

Having your infant spawn around predatory degenerate troons
Great parenting from the crackwhore

No. 1267549

Nothing is working but he got what anon mentioned done. Better than Musk but still scary.

No. 1267550

Why did Azealia want to fuck this guy again? I know she liked to kill raw chickens in her closet, but fucking one is a bit much.

No. 1267551

Are you the anon who posted that Bezos dream in the dream thread?

No. 1267552

File: 1658182402040.png (150.88 KB, 220x360, Screen Shot 2022-07-18 at 3.12…)

I have to add one of the google billionaires to this unholy trinity of old rich men having the fucking audacity

No. 1267553

Absolutely not kek

No. 1267554

Seriously what do Elon fanboys say about this? There’s so many layers to this that I have questions about, and I don’t just mean his layers of blubber that are whiter than a new internet window. From the neck down he is #FFFFFF. He’s from fucking Africa.

It was a Mean Girls reference my comment was not meant to be taken seriously or politically stop sucking obviously he’s white.

No. 1267556

Can someone give me the medical explanation for this?

No. 1267558

Externalized mental illness

No. 1267559

Marry, Fuck, Kill: Hell Edition

No. 1267560

Don't care didn't ask I will always insult that mayo monkey

No. 1267561

he kind of look good though wait

No. 1267563

He spent all that money on hair plugs but couldn't be fucked to fix the rest? Not like he has a tight budget.

No. 1267565

Who is he with? A bunch of men and their girlfriends? Is that what he's into?

No. 1267566

File: 1658182876366.png (801.55 KB, 645x948, pills.png)

all i see nonnies. so much for the strong masc daddy. peterson is a withering crying flower and he's a spineless basement dweller pandering lump of unshapen dough

No. 1267571

File: 1658183094075.gif (162.15 KB, 320x240, 4b1402c5798830ed2c419534b152b2…)

I can't believe this site is free

No. 1267578

File: 1658183551396.jpg (563.87 KB, 1073x1102, Bleached male.jpg)

Kek 5k comments

No. 1267581

File: 1658183869590.jpg (34.84 KB, 500x280, tumblr_inline_nr4jtdRiPn1qfu9b…)

thought to share this beautiful masterpiece here too

In this story the nephew Dennis is the naive uke and Ricky is the abusive seme.
His nephew cant resist him when he starts singing livin la vida loca or doing tango, ricky accidentally dislocates his hip since he is nearing old age.
In the middle of the story they cant help but fall in love with each other and do the naughty with each other secretly.
His husband doesnt know and is oblivious to Ricky cheating on him despite ricky openly inviting his nephew to sleep over with them and share the same bed with ricky.
The story takes a turn when Ricky starts becoming abusive and possessive towards our uke, bitch-slapping him across the face and forcing his length on his boy bussy. The uke starts crying and the second male lead swoops up to save the uke and that is rickys brother, Eric. Eric and Dennis fall in love and Eric urges our uke to break up with the main male lead.
Dennis leaves Ricky , Ricky does not take that well and goes full on yandere and starts stalking Dennis, contacting him everyday and throwing shit on his house. Dennis is feeling very stressed out but thankfully he has Eric to soothe him, but Dennis cant help but think of Ricky when he goes to sleep.
With the encouragement of his friends and Eric our uke Dennis decides to file a restraining order against Ricky.
Ricky is broken-hearted by this and cries in the rain how his uke could do this to him.
The news hit the media and the identity of the person filing the restraining order is still unknown then, Ricky denies all allegations.
Eric seeing Ricky so smug and boasting about having the best lawyers decides to go public and air out that the person filing the restraining order is his nephew, Now the whole world knows Ricky fucked his nephew in the butt.
Now our uke and the seme are in an on-going legal battle and the distraught uke is confused wherever to give up and get back with seme or stay with eric and win the legal battle.

Now lets wait what will happen in the next chapter. SUGOI~~~(autism)

No. 1267582

File: 1658183894119.jpg (90.24 KB, 1290x784, grimes-player-of-games-lyric-v…)

He's got that "knightly build" kek

No. 1267588

This is so hard because I just want to kill all of them

No. 1267589

Makes her actions even more pathetic

No. 1267594

Marry Sergey since he's getting a divorce once again. He only stays with them for a couple years so I wouldn't have to endure too much.
Fuck Elon because I want babies. My genes are good and strong enough to override most of his. Would get money to raise them without having to see him ever.
Kill Bezos. Self-explanatory.

No. 1267597

File: 1658184383074.jpeg (112.13 KB, 634x755, 13828893-9F5C-4574-AEED-EB25DC…)

I feel like these women just drag these men into the shower and forcefully wash them properly just so their ass doesn’t stink and skid up the sheets. The male thinks it’s kinky and is euphoric that he’s finally being mothered again so allows it. When he’s a billionaire/Adrian Brody I guess it’s worth it??? I mean I’ve never washed an old mans ass but I’ve also never been on a massive yacht.

No. 1267603

File: 1658184647802.jpeg (103.15 KB, 842x368, sus.jpeg)

>I'll let you on my yacht if you hose and scrub me down
It's definitely a common occurrence

No. 1267604

File: 1658184726637.jpg (126.16 KB, 1024x576, elon's hotter brother.jpg)

i was going to reply with a beached whale being hosed off but all the whale pics i could find actually look much skinnier than him

No. 1267605

Why is his face falling OFF?

No. 1267606

what even is that body shape? how can men walk around feeling good about themselves like that? he looks like fucking nothing, it's wack.

No. 1267608

Imagine gearing your whole life into being a trophy pickme and in the end you have an existential crisis while picking out dingleberrys from an old man's wet ass cheeks

No. 1267609

I cannot believe he's really only 51.

No. 1267613

he looks like someone sewed zach braff's head to a jack russell

No. 1267614

40 year old ancientfag here. That body shape is the top 1% of men in their 50s.

No. 1267616

File: 1658185039424.jpeg (90.04 KB, 750x516, 52989196-6921-440B-B176-0EC95B…)

You have to pick out the bloated corpses for them to start to look similar.

No. 1267617

File: 1658185086571.gif (7.41 MB, 464x320, fall.gif)

>"Hoo hoo!"

No. 1267619

The Autism is really apparent. He is physically Autistic.

No. 1267620

File: 1658185116066.png (833.67 KB, 996x632, in the head please.png)

No. 1267623

why does he have one hulk leg and one nerd leg?

No. 1267625

god really? i see the men in their 40s get changed at work (chef, we all share a locker room) and the fat guys look fat but the normal guys don't have titties and gunts. they really do hit the wall fast huh?

No. 1267626

File: 1658185353220.jpeg (36.86 KB, 739x415, images (12).jpeg)

I suggest looking up "globster"

No. 1267630

bit rude to imply these beautiful creatures of nature have anything in common with muskie

No. 1267632

File: 1658185769300.png (65.25 KB, 300x300, 04qtzg2gz2851.png)


No. 1267633

>beautiful creature
>a literal decaying carcass >>1267626

No. 1267637

File: 1658186069767.jpeg (70.07 KB, 500x750, AD940B24-0D06-4022-9070-AC11B9…)

No. 1267638

i think you linked the wrong pic. you must mean >>1267511

No. 1267641

when the post limit is reached i will vote for this as next thread pic ily anon

No. 1267664

File: 1658187809566.gif (2.15 MB, 540x240, D9CAD930-BDF6-41BE-BCB3-4BBB66…)

I just learned that Ana de Armas and Chris Evans are in another film together called Ghosted, who else agrees that they totally hooked up and can’t wait for the inevitable mandatory press relationship for Ghosted…but at least it’s not Ben Affleck tho kek

No. 1267674

File: 1658188724800.png (292.96 KB, 568x366, iij.png)

the plot thickens…..

No. 1267679

They're both so thirsty this'll be milky

No. 1267680


No. 1267708

People are still going to see this guy even though he fucked his nephew??

No. 1267719

there's a hollywood bowl?

No. 1267729

File: 1658190931096.jpeg (7.52 KB, 225x225, taz.jpeg)

Looking like a Looney Tune

No. 1267733

He's literally third wheeling that's fucking hilarious

No. 1267753

He looks like when you start drawing your character right in the middle of the paper and don't have much space left for everything so the end result is that

No. 1267755

his face looks like a whole brisket

No. 1267770

ghostly and pasty. gross.

No. 1267806

God this man is so fucking ugly. The nephew is the son of Ricky’s half sister, and apparently Ricky’s brother came out like today or yesterday saying that “the nephew has mental health issues”, victim blaming the fuck out of him as if people targeted for sexual abuse aren’t ones that have issues to exploit. The brother was probably riding off the title of being Ricky Martin’s brother and wants the privilege back even if it means fucking over his nephew too.

No. 1267824

and I thought I was white holy fuck

No. 1267844

lmao I've seen this before but each time I see it it's just as shocking as the first time

No. 1267848

What the fuck is up with these violent soundcloud rappers beating their girlfriends and then sucking dick on the side

No. 1267854

maybe liking dick and hating women is connected somehow

No. 1267862

File: 1658200622897.jpg (258.48 KB, 901x1221, 2020_02_08_16.28.16.jpg)

Julia Fox's kid in ten years

No. 1267880

K lemme guess LRD's character is underaged right?

No. 1267882

what the fuck I thought this was photoshopped at first
why is his torso shaped like that

No. 1267885

>is closer in color to the boat than to the other white man
>looks like he's carrying a backpack on backwards but that's just his gut

No. 1267887

"hoo hoo" has me yodeling

No. 1267889

File: 1658202905213.jpeg (260.51 KB, 1200x1801, D37EBB1F-3329-4183-9A53-CAB4C4…)

Mads and his wife looking regular on the beach is helping me forget about these doughy man babies.

No. 1267898

they seem fun and normal, thanks nonette!

No. 1267901

I feel like its lipo Fucking up his fat distribution but idk tho

No. 1267902

You cannot "victim blame" someone if you don't know for a FACT they are telling the truth. This wouldn't be the first time that a mentally unstable person has accused someone famous of something fucked up. At the same time it also wouldn't be the first time when something like what he's being blamed for has happened so you should just sit down and watch to see how this develops instead of just throwing the #victimblame shit all over the place .

No. 1267907

If this isn't threadpic for the next thread I will file a strong-worded letter

No. 1267909

It's like the Crisco I use for pie crusts got out of the can and decided to return to the wild

No. 1267920

This belongs on the Hollywood child abuse thread

like a lot of people came here to laugh at celebrities, not be depressed about child abuse

No. 1267921

My bad thank you for linking it.

No. 1267925

i understand why they tell paler people to tan now

No. 1267941

She wanted opportunities

No. 1267954

Oh my god KEK the delusion. This is extremely embarrassing.

No. 1267955

Sam Levinson, you are going to hell.

No. 1267956

Opportunities for what she can do literally whatever she wants, she didn’t want to fuck him she very obviously only wanted to fuck Grimes and made fun of Elon the whole time. The only thing you could possibly press for is she wanted a funny story and she and the rest of the world she shared it with got it.

No. 1267962

No I’m fully comfortable with what I said and you can sit down and scroll past my comment. You sound weirdly invested in denying the psychology of predators, the actual facts about how common this is, and how truly rare it is for people to make false claims. This is his nephew and this man grew up in boy bands that have come forward to confirm decades of rape and sexual abuse by older men put in charge of them. Kindly fuck off.

No. 1267976

I thought he had another gf? But then again, Hollywood doesn't care about relationships, they all will fuck each other even if that leads to an affair.

No. 1267991

She didn't need opportunities, she acted like she was desperate for his dick on instagram even months later and like she was jealous of Grimes, while also saying that Grimes is retarded for being with him like she deserves better than that.

No. 1267994

File: 1658215991146.jpg (27.43 KB, 497x336, Dn9tGWvU0AA2oLS.jpg)

Ah a Sam Levinson film, get ready for another sexualized depiction of teenage characters, one ana tranny thrown in, age gap relationships and for some fucking reason wokies will considered his pretentious crap to be super deep and complex, seriously you shouldn't be allowed to fucking vote if you watch euphoria

No. 1268005

I didn't say she needed them nor was I defending her. I just remember her rabbiting on about how she wanted to talk to Elon qbout her soap business and shit on her insta story. She carried on about that and went on about how Elon would prefer a real woman ect.
Then for some reason changed up again and started saying he looks like a dead road ect.

No. 1268008

Conan Gray gives one of the worst national anthem performances of all time. Yes it's up there with Fergie.
The bar is in hell for male singers and this guy has industry plant vibes. Any female singer with these skills would get made fun of but instead people make excuses for him because he's an soft boy~

No. 1268023

I have no idea who this is but that was so painful, idk why I watched for so long

No. 1268031

I hate this closet faggot so much, he can't sing, he has too many teeth and he looks like he smells like unwashed thrifted clothes and weed

No. 1268033

Tinfoil but I think it’s Lipo / tummy tuck scarring with a side of visceral fat. (Organ fat)

No. 1268077

I'm glad they're having fun, but why is his face so much darker than the rest of him? Sunburn?

No. 1268081

Why the fuck would you reach into your boyfriend's butt in public like this? Or ever????

No. 1268083

File: 1658227761148.jpg (109.43 KB, 871x798, yykmVym.jpg)

Anya Taylor Joy had a secret wedding

No. 1268084

File: 1658227850376.jpg (125.25 KB, 556x757, VvanoKx.jpg)

paparazzi spotted her with an engagement ring

No. 1268086

File: 1658228039033.jpg (136.8 KB, 724x699, oLfmsmI.jpg)

FKA Twigs on a celeb dating app after dumping Matt Healy. We will see her with another boring tumblr scrote soon.
I used to think she was cool but she's so try hard now. She bounces from one alt trend to another

No. 1268090

they've only been dating for nine months? unless it's a shotgun wedding or something, no way this lasts
good for her I hope she doesn't stumble across another abusive scrote like Shia "woman beater puts concealer on his dick and gives you herpes" Labeouf but he's gone and knocked some pickme up since nothing bad ever happens to pieces of shit like that

No. 1268093

I don't know anything about him but I hope he treats her well, but I can already picture tens of thousands of twitter Sapphics rationizaling this as a lavender marriage, It be funny if it wasn't so cringe

No. 1268097

Good god I’m so glad I don’t know what a lavender marriage is. Ignorance is bliss.

No. 1268098

Het women ruin everything

No. 1268113

File: 1658230539165.jpg (160.02 KB, 1284x1219, FTZ6RiAWYAAoKK_.jpg)

lavender marriages were a real thing where gay men and women would marry each other so as to appear normal, Hollywood studios would also arrange lavender marries between gay stars for publicity and to dispel any gay rumors, they still exist to an extent though likely for only a small subset of stars that have a particular brand, however nowadays lavender marriages is mostly used by delusional fujos and sapphics who IRL headcanon certain celebrities as being gay, creating elaborate and nonsensical conspiracy theories of why such and such star is secretly gay and the studios are hiding the fact, originally this seemed to have started with larry shippers who were utterly convinced that the studio had given him a fake baby to raise to dispel the rumors, and they sent death threats to the mother of his child(calling her a home wrecker and a homophobe) and one even tackled her, the other example are gaylors, a subset of Taylor swift fans also utterly convinced that she's lesbian and also creating elaborate conspiracy theories to prove it, ultimately its a combination of standard fujoshi pornsickneess and fetishizing and gay and lesbians as being above hetrosexuality


No. 1268156

She hasn’t made a good song in like a decade and everything she’s done since is lazy, boring, and unremarkable. She was appealing because she was sweet and pretty and now she appears to not care for either of those things. I am not going to defend someone’s poverty-larp, she wants to be like Jack and she never will be. If him using her is some sort of wake-up call then it will be one of the best things to happen her. I don’t care that she released Off To The Races she’s still a rich woman pretending to be an aesthetic she could never live.

No. 1268157

Holy shit Grimes fucked this thing lmao

No. 1268159

This guy is obsessed with eugenics and procreation. You can't make this shit up.

No. 1268161

Elon wouldn’t be able to breed because he’s autistic. There’s nothing about him besides money.

No. 1268162

File: 1658236609262.jpg (79.97 KB, 470x771, 60363895-11021931-Oh_my_On_Fri…)

Mariah's boyfriend is hot.

No. 1268163

The way that baby’s head is just dangling omg

He’s the player of games, player of games

No. 1268167

She looks completely lost.

No. 1268171

File: 1658238006244.jpg (2.19 MB, 1677x2000, image.jpg)

I wish more people would understand that most popular stars are fucking idiots, they are wealthy and famous that's the only thing that makes them seem above regular people when in truth they are often way more pathetic then the average person, Beyonce is a cuckqueen married to a man who cheated on her 1000 times before and will cheat on her 1000 more, Ariana is married to some scrawny normie chicano, Madonna ha been with every fugly scrote since the 80's, and most female pop Idols end up with loser fugly scrotes, despite the powerful manufactured pop idol image, these women are more often then not sad self hating idiots who go after any man in their social circle who gives them attention, the best they could probably do is some rich normie whose not even the least bit famous
considering the fact that he's not narc celebrity, I think its gonna be a normal relationships

No. 1268173

that's normal for most people? (unless you wear lots of makeup)
your face is exposed to the sun all year round while your body usually only during the summer/vacation

No. 1268174

how do people not see that he's just filming his own personal porn? is everyone alive retarded?

No. 1268175

good for her buuut he's got serial cheater face. hope she leaves as soon as she finds out and doesn't give him any money.

No. 1268176

FORTY KEKS get ready for the screeching lana stans about what a good serious composer she is. the sincere analysis of her lyrics is an excellent laugh though, i'll give them that.

No. 1268177

why does he have a severed head taped to his knee

No. 1268178

pictured: the double standard

No. 1268179

Talking about Raya sometimes i wish i would start streaming or some shit just to hopefully become popular and get on this app and find a wealthy scrote to trap into being with me, i would act like i love him and he would let me live the perfect NEET life, no need to work.

inb4 hurr durr get your own money don't depend on a scrote; i have my own money but in this world no woman is ever really wealthy, i want more security. And if there's one reason to be with a scrote, it's to take all his money. Without money they're not worth anything. Saging my shit.

No. 1268180

he's been her "dancer" for years kek

No. 1268181

Satanic Hollywood ritual, obviously.

No. 1268197

My attraction to a male immediately dispelled forever the minute I wash his ass, this is bleak.

No. 1268212

Everyone involved looks 16 kek I can't believe anyone cares about this high school bullshit
The "Hollywood moid comes out as non-binary when accused of violence/SA" meme strikes again.

No. 1268214

Dude is shaped like a fucking pigeon

No. 1268215

File: 1658242458631.jpg (93.96 KB, 946x2048, FX6KdGlUYAA1AaU.jpg)

ricky martins nephew is…

No. 1268216

File: 1658242479861.jpg (119.8 KB, 946x2048, FX6KdGoVEAAnWx-.jpg)

No. 1268222

File: 1658242750816.gif (496.2 KB, 500x341, tumblr_madghtZUsa1rx8lgjo1_500…)

wait, they are doing porn together??? What?

No. 1268226

what is going on here

No. 1268227

i have more to post..there is something wrong with his nephew too, the people in his life have failed this boy.

No. 1268230

File: 1658243638135.jpg (423.55 KB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_20220719-170633_Ins…)

No. 1268233

File: 1658243792466.jpg (378.64 KB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_20220719-170642_Ins…)

No. 1268234

File: 1658243922169.jpg (455.95 KB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_20220719-170656_Ins…)

No. 1268238

File: 1658244070123.jpg (851.21 KB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_20220719-170700_Ins…)

No. 1268239

File: 1658244111620.jpeg (469.57 KB, 1728x1497, 4E760394-AB00-4731-BC21-A6F7D1…)

This whole thing is so bizarre.

No. 1268245

This shit is so fucked up, what the hell is happening here.

No. 1268254

What the fuck. That boy doesn't seem stable. All of this seems like years of grooming to me…

No. 1268276

He doesn’t get it huh? Stockholm Syndrom is strong with this one

No. 1268301

she looks exactly like agent smith kek

No. 1268309

File: 1658249430899.png (726.47 KB, 932x595, Screenshot.png)

related to the pedo discussion, Liev Schreiber and Naomi Watt’s son kai seems to be fully presenting as a girl(after a lifetime of grooming by his parents) this is from three weeks

No. 1268312

File: 1658249622314.png (1.55 MB, 762x1132, 1658248080529.png)

Shreiber and Kai at the Stranger Things season 4 premiere. this is a 13 year old boy mind you, Such a disturbingly proud ‘father.’

No. 1268315

13 year old me would have been so jealous of this boy wtf

No. 1268319

WTF is wrong with you? why would you be jealous of a kid being groomed by his parents, he's a prepubescent boy with a face layered with make up to appease his pedophile father

No. 1268321

Probably just jealous of the outfits they let him out of the house in. A dress that short is imo inappropriate for a 13 year old, regardless of gender. I think a lot of parents would feel the same

No. 1268323

It's cuz anorexic girls one true goal in life is to look like a skinny 13 year old boy - the brain damage from starving themselves makes them unaware of how masculine that is

No. 1268324

you truly suffered not having your parents sexualizing you in skimpy outfits when you were underage

No. 1268328

Didn’t you already make another thread for this kind of discussion

No. 1268329

>he's got serial cheater face
Can you elaborate on this

No. 1268339

File: 1658251363755.jpeg (396.16 KB, 1728x915, 1DA717DA-EA69-4D69-815A-D6F241…)

I’m worried for the children and feel kinda bad for the husbando
>>Ricky Martin has a total of four children.
In August 2008, Martin became the father to twin boys Matteo and Valentino, 13, through a gestational surrogate.
>>On Christmas Eve in 2018, Martin and his husband welcomed a baby girl, Lucia Martin-Yosef, 3, who happens to share the same birthday as Martin.
>>In October 2019, the couple welcomed their fourth child, Renn Martin-Yosef, 2.
>>In an interview with Out, Martin expressed his love for kids and desire to grow his family - being that his grandmother had 14 children.
>>“I would love to have many grandkids in the future and have every Sunday filled with family but, you know, we have to see what happens," the Latin singer told the outlet.
>>“There’s moments where I want 10 more, and then there are those mornings where everybody’s crying and I’m like, ‘OK, maybe we’re fine at six.’”
>>“Many years I dreamt of being a father, and many, many, many times I went through this grieving process of I am gay, I am a closeted gay man, and I’m not going to be able to be a daddy,” he continued.
>>“Obviously adoption is an option and it’s very beautiful, but unfortunately for gay men it’s very difficult to adopt in some countries," which is why he turned to surrogacy.

No. 1268343

Jealous of being molested by his father? Are you insane?

No. 1268345

This is why grooming 13yos works, you can't tell what's wrong at that age and adult men are perfectly happy to take advantage of that.

No. 1268346

>unfortunately for gay men it’s very difficult to adopt in some countries
YEAH I FUCKING WONDER WHY?! They need to ban them from using surrogacy to get around this as well. This incestuous fuck just proves that you can not let gay men around children. Children need a mother to protect them from predatory men, I weep for all kids of homosexual men that are getting molested. It's a horrible and the women who are surrogates for them need to be punished as well.

No. 1268351

You already posted this in the other thread what re you taking this here, you spergs literally have two other threads for this type of discussion. No wonder why no one wanted to make the celebricow thread this time so some retarded newfag made it, its because of shit like this.

No. 1268352

The child on the left looks likea young version of a nephew he is fucking, did he pay all of the botox and ps for him so he would look like his own kid?? >>1268239
God i hope i am just tinfoiling.

No. 1268356


I literally said I thought the skirt length was inappropriate for a kid that young in the post. Please learn how to read before you fix your autistic fingers to type a sentence.

No. 1268357

to be fair he and his nephew are barely related by blood, his nephew is more like his half-nephew.
Its still extremely fucked up and predatory though.

No. 1268359

Eh your right, I get it people come here to post about celebrities being cringe, they don't wanna see children forced to be pedobait for obvious reasons

No. 1268391

A pedophilic homosexual man generating male twins via surrogate… hm.

No. 1268398

I'm genuinely confused, what did this post mean? What is there to be jealous of? Are you that one tranny from the vent thread or something?

No. 1268410

Ayrt, sorry didn't realise my comment was so offensive. I grew up when simple life was on TV. This boy is like a mini Paris Hilton. My awkward ass 13 year old self would have loved to wear an outfit and have legs like that. I'm just being honest

No. 1268412

please stop, your making your case so fucking worse, no child should be dressed in adult sexualized clothing

No. 1268414

In fact he looks like Mischa Barton in that photo

No. 1268418

I'm not fucking advocating it you autist. Its clearly evident that media pushing trans youth will have an effect on those growing up. I'm calling it as I see it. I can see young girls being jealous that there not natural lean like a lanky boy fuck off

No. 1268433

Oh okay, that's a bit more understandable. Still not "good" but makes sense considering the time and fashions pushed.
This reminds me of a point that a lot of anachan/failed coquettes hate: Gay male fashion designers not only idealize young boys, they like to see women struggle to make themselves look like them. The obsession with skinniness, when it comes to the fashion world, has never been an organic or artful appreciation for female beauty, neither is it female-minded in nature. It's the neurosis of a misogynistic, aging scrote with a paunch, a balding head, wrinkles everywhere and a need to power trip.

No. 1268441

I know we're getting OT but the connection between gay male dominance in certain thin-idolizing industries and gay male's love of underage looking (and acting) "twinks" should really give anybody some pause. The only gay men you can trust are a couple of 70s porno mustache bears who are strictly masc4masc.

No. 1268442

Why are you coming at a woman who just admitted she now sees the problem and just needed to deconstruct the societal brainwashing she grew up in? Leave her alone, she didn't hurt anyone, she sees what's wrong with her comment now that others pointed it out.

You all have to stop being so agressive to innocent women. Be nice, educate, and take your damn pills if you're raging for nothing.

No. 1268445


Touch grass. They said they would have been jealous as a stupid teenager, not an adult. They can obviously tell that this is wrong. Just saying how a minor, who isn't capable of grasping how sad and gross this is, would feel at first glance.

They'd see someone their age wearing full makeup,heels and a short dress and feel jealous cuz their moms won't let them out the house like that (because they love their daughters and don't want them to be preyed on by sexual deviants). Not hard to grasp. I swear the autists of yesteryear were not this dense.

No. 1268446

Omg your statement was both based and yass. I don’t know why we’re so cruel to other women when the world tries us enough.

No. 1268448

Elon went to the doc and said he wants a lipo and doc just infused him with whale carcass blubber.

No. 1268462

Well now you ruined it kek.

No. 1268465

No. Don't do pigeons dirty like that. What have they ever done to you?

No. 1268474

the way people are reacting to this is so cringe. other kids are out there starving and being raped and abused, am i really supposed to care that some (probably very spoiled) brat doesn't want a camera pointed in her direction? get real

No. 1268475

He looked like a normal guy before, now he looks like a twink. Fucking hell.

No. 1268480

I am sorry to burst your bubble here, but in hetero marriages the husbands also abuse children and the mom can (or doesn't) do nothing. Or it's the uncle, or the cousin or both.

No. 1268494

Regardless of that, Pretty sure kids are safer with women/moms than men.

No. 1268512

How are you surviving on LC with that attitude? We're all petty here

No. 1268530

What happened to her? Did she get hit on the head?

No. 1268554

File: 1658258744086.jpeg (289.72 KB, 1728x1080, 5C7A9F22-258F-466E-AB42-C02E5B…)

Ricky turned him into his dream twink. I’m sorry to use that term, but why else would he want the nephew to loose weight and stop being so muscular?

No. 1268569

He looks so much better now. He went from a 5/10 to 7/10.

No. 1268571

Raya isn’t worth it. These “THIS HUGE CELEBRITY IS ON RAYA” things are all ads. Sure there’s a few on there but they’re just looking to pump and dump. Most people on there absolutely are not rich lol It’s better for networking.

No. 1268572

he looked better before.

Gay men who want twinks are the same as straight men who want ana-chans, try to change my mind.

hi ricky martin.

No. 1268576


No. 1268582

He looks like the living Ken Doll guy. Are you nuts?

No. 1268588

File: 1658260386867.jpg (220.19 KB, 828x1792, FXwGQLFVQAAkUi0.jpg)

i know that this is from fox and the grammar mistakes are horrendous but there is more information here about the nephew (if you can get through the poorly written english). Im going to stay neutral.


No. 1268598

Do you have a fat egghead fetish?

No. 1268599

It really feels like this scandal was handed to /ot/'s resident homophobechans on a silver platter. Not a great time to be an LB anon

No. 1268605

Anon stop baiting them and victimizing yourself. Are you a male gay pedo? No? Right unless you’re a transbian? Then no cares. The homochans are literally one trannyfucker women and trolling moids

No. 1268608

tbh the nephew seems like a histrionic faggot.
Dennis (the nephew) stalked and harassed a woman and then he lied and claimed that the women was harassing him, Dennis has a history of legal troubles and taking people to court if you look at picrelated >>1268588 , ricky was just the first famous person he accused him of this.

i find it interesting how everyone jumped to believe some lying faggot but yet when its a woman multiple anons here need 100% proof.

No. 1268618

A barrel chest like that can develop from COPD and other lung issues, just saying

No. 1268621

I'm not American, so I have trouble understanding why same-sex attracted women are basically expected to be constant handmaidens and accessories to these men. Men and women aren't the same, so it stands to reason that lesbians, bisexual women and gay men aren't the same, does it not? It's literally documented that gay men have been shitting on lesbians since before the AIDs crisis, and lesbians still stood by their side when AIDs was decimating them

No. 1268627

Because we’re told as women to sacrifice for the greater good. Come together on common ground and intersectionality. Focus on everyone’s problems instead of just your one because you’ll get more done. The problem is moids are moids and they never ever give back.

No. 1268636

i’m so confused. the nephew just posted this screenshot on instagram, advertising to the world that some guy paid in bitcoin for porn of him and ricky martin together? and it was up on pornhub for a short amount of time? AND NO ONE KNEW ABOUT THIS? what the fuck is happening?

No. 1268637

Anon, gay men are not thinking of us kek and if they do, they just see us as their fashion dolls or memes, not even as real people. Look how they treat and steal from black women.

No. 1268641

Allegedly its a scam, im seeing people say its a scam and there is no sextape.

I guess he is scamming to get money for the court and legal proceedings??

No. 1268678

>The only gay men you can trust are a couple of 70s porno mustache bears who are strictly masc4masc.
Completely off topic but you're so right. I've had twinks for "friends" and I would not recommend it and the men who date them set off alarm bells for me. The only gay guys I get along with are the couple I met through the local body building community. They look like a Tom of Finland drawing and are super encouraging and helpful to everyone.

No. 1268713

I too was thinking about how this is just an excuse to show your homophobia but then I remembered most gay men do not care about or empathize with women and only view their lives as viable if they’re hot and they can project on them like a Barbie doll. So nevermind.

No. 1268724

This is worse than fergie. At least you know fergie could hit those notes if she wasn't being weird. He needs to come out of the closet.

No. 1268758

I'm high and this sent me places

No. 1268784

The worst type of gay men are the woke ones who cape for troons even though they should know damn well by now that any gay person who isn’t open to interacting sexually with the opposite sex is the enemy

No. 1268792

nta but i got ticks from one once

No. 1268794

No. 1268799

this kid is gonna kill himself. fuck LA/hollywood, everyone's a parasite and i'm sure this boy has ZERO people to be his real friends and is just going to have the usual drugs and booze spiral til they find his vomit-caked body on a pool float.

No. 1268800

yeah disagree he was a normal cute skater looking man before

No. 1268840

>>1267540 looks like he at least goes outside and exercises, unlike
>>1267511 which is literal basement dweller tier

No. 1268846

Ricky Martin can kill himself if you ask me, but how am I supposed to believe his retarded faggot nephew when he's pulling this shit?

No. 1268850

Ricky turned him into Hontrapoints kek
is she like really hot here or am I just ovulating

No. 1268865


No. 1268874

New thread pic, boobs and booze-bloat edition.

No. 1268880

File: 1658274257119.gif (297.15 KB, 220x148, 89281970-7328-4B5C-9FF9-B0D396…)

Anon what the fuck is wrong with you kekk

No. 1268899

The nephew is probably lying for attention, just another mentally ill scrote who is short on plastic surgery money

No. 1268904

No wonder she was/is a full blown drug addict.

This is such a dumb and naive question, but could part of Elon’s literal barrel torso/Pigeot chest be from coke bloat? Can coke bloat contribute to this abnormal fat placement and gain? He claims to work crazy hours and no way he’s doing that without some kind of substance. He’s also a fat crabby bitch all the time so I bet coke is at least one thing involved but idk.

No. 1268921

so azealia was right when she said every rapper is actually fucking eachother. how long before they all start coming out as "nonbinary" as a cute way of saying they're all fags that hate women.

No. 1268926

no no, she's a very sexy older woman. the curves, my friend.

No. 1268927

kek at the moid trying so hard to false flag us. integrate, troon.

No. 1268943

Meh, they've been pushing the sexy/not like the other kpop stars image on her for a while. I'm actually not surprised at all.

No. 1268957

Queen. Good for her.

No. 1268962

It's only homophobic if it's against lesbians hth

No. 1268993

Lmao I’m currently high and it sent me places too

No. 1269068

That's not true at all lmfao my face is always paler than the rest of me

No. 1269070

>scrolls to see what i missed
>i also am cackling
Bless the op anon

No. 1269083

Nta but it's true for me

No. 1269084

this is dumb old news but I still think about it and have nowhere to talk about it. I knew the tranny kid that accused mitski of raping him. can confirm he was batshit and constantly doing drugs that exacerbated his psychosis. I got curious a while back and managed to find his gf's blog. she was posting that he was in jail for the night after he beat her.

rip mitski your music was honestly just okay but i liked you well enough

No. 1269087

Anon you made me think she fucking died

No. 1269098

Because it has nothing to do with his abuse, grooming, incest, etc. honestly fuck literally anyone who asked to be sent incest, they can go fuck themselves and I don’t blame him for being psycho about it.

You literally do not need to believe it because you’re not involved in any way. You don’t need to believe Ricky Martin is innocent or guilty, if Ricky is still protected by the people who molested him when he was in Menudo, they might try to “make this go away” but Nick wouldn’t even do that for Drake Bell and that was much more relevant. The nephew seems like he’s having a mental breakdown and I’m pretty sure being sexually abused by your uncle would do that to someone. CSA causes mental illnesses like this, you can witness it pretty much anywhere but especially in an industry that uses sexual abuse to control people. Fuck all of it.

No. 1269102

He was really good looking here. What the fuck this is so sad. He seems severely mentally unstable and I’m sure he’s taking full advantage of the spot light. I feel really bad for him- I dont think he fully understands the severity of how messed up this whole thing is.
Idk if the whole porn thing is real or not, but casually and shamelessly selling porn of you and your uncle like it’s nothing? I’m so disturbed.

No. 1269108

KEK i made the severed head comment when i was high! bless marijuana.

No. 1269126

After I have seen the other posts about/of him, I think he is manipulating people.

>Look at my new face my uncle did that too me

>I am now drinking
>Here screenshots of a convo about a porn I did with my uncle for sale, it was on pornhub, oops it's gone now
>all the times he tried to sue someone

First, I have to see an actual motion video of him, if he really looks like the pic, he is only saying the whole time he needs to update his old pics

Is there a video or is he scamming (I mean, good for him, everyone that wants to buy incest porn should be scammed)

He really is disturbed, for what reason, idk. He is totally manipulative. I would take everything what he says with a grain of salt. I mean it's obvious something is wrong and he needs some help. What a sad mess.

No. 1269136

wth does being too insecure to make videos have to do with the veracity of his statements?
perhaps the molesting MADE him shitty and manipulative. there's little to no support for men who are raped, other men just point and laugh, so male victims often grow up to be SUPER fucky people.
i see no reason to doubt that his plastic LA uncle raped him while he was growing up in rape city (hollywood).

No. 1269191

I remember this. Wasnt he so disturbed because his dad was a mistki fan before killing himself

No. 1269296

i'm a moid because i don't believe some faggot right off the bat? this luka magnotta wannabe is not going to fuck you and you are stupid for believing everything anyone says. rape and incest is obviously despicable but where is the proof that it happened, he seems like a schizo

No. 1269419

I agree it's disgusting but also their body are their career so I can understand them in a way.

No. 1269422

File: 1658317711026.jpg (160.9 KB, 730x685, kylie.jpg)

No. 1269428

is anyone honestly surprised that she's a piece of shit, along with the rest of her family? people must legit have a brain disability if they have lukewarm feeling regarding these people

No. 1269431

The self-centeredness is so astounding. A whole team of people have to wake up, wear their uniform, haul ass to the airport, prep the plane etc, just so this bitch can fly the plane for 3 minutes

No. 1269435

Not saying she isn’t the epitome of self centered, but these private flight crews are paid extremely handsomely. As far as pilots/flight crew go, working privately for the rich and famous is basically the best gig you can get.

No. 1269436

I guess you're right but I would hate being at someone's beck and call like that, especially for dumbass things like 3 minutes flights

No. 1269437

Maybe I'm weird for this but how is this not scary for them? So many celebs have crashed and died in their private jets because their pilots weren't properly trained or on drugs and booze. How is flying at every opportunity not scary to these people

No. 1269447

May the Universe hear you and remind them about that by killing all the Kardashians/Jenner in a plane crash. Fuck them all.

No. 1269452

Crashing a car is not less likely tbh, though probably more likely to not result in death. I think celebs are too disconnected to care / too used to lavish lifestyles to stop

No. 1269459

It's been over 20 years ago but I'm still shocked that Alliyah's death even happened. All because of that retarded junkie pilot and her retarded team putting so many things in the plane it was too heavy to fly safely. I could be a billionaire and climate change wouldn't be real, I still wouldn't fly in a private jet or private helicopter, fuck that.

No. 1269463

His behaviour is actually totally in line with hollywood/music industry groomed kids who normalise it and cope with it, those posts confirmed it if anything

No. 1269469

File: 1658319915416.png (1.15 MB, 2020x1202, Capture d’écran 2022-07-20 à…)

>The crux of the issue appears to be that Tesfaye felt the show was leaning too much into a “female perspective"

Well.. Again some misogynist oversexualized show covered with glitter.

No. 1269472

No. 1269475

>baww it's so hard for us fags to adopt kids
>fucks his nephew and transforms him into his personal sex doll
Hmm wonder why

No. 1269483

i just hope she crashes or even better, we get public executions for people of her breed. i'm sick of being told to stop buying meat and use public transportation when these people emit thrice as much in a week as i could ever in a lifetime

No. 1269607

File: 1658328483669.jpg (166.73 KB, 828x1438, AMbVP0n.jpg)

Kid who played A.J on the sopranos reveals he was protected from sexual abuse on set under the protection of Tony Sirico(Paulie Walnuts)

No. 1269609

i wonder if this extended to the actress that played his sister meadow (jamie lynn sigler)?

No. 1269615

I am not denying that. Both scenarios can be totally possible at the same time. There is still something off with him and he needs professional help and not clout, like it happens atm. He is not stable.

No. 1269617

Some people on here don't get nuances. They either have to believe 100% and support every shit ever said and think, if someone asks for caution, they are not supportive at all.

No. 1269620

You know that an airplane is not a helicopter? They need a certain height and if they have to fly a curve it also will take time. You can't just fly for "three minutes". Where is the airport? How far is it from the place she is and how far is the destination airport from the place she goes?
Don't get me wrong, I hate all the rich self important assholes with their private planes.

No. 1269659

Me over here thinking i couldn't love the sopranos and its cast more. Good job, Paulie.

No. 1269680

File: 1658334174874.jpg (127.86 KB, 961x1200, 0d3xpyul1tz71.jpg)

ngl He was pretty hot for an old guy, but he was damm fine when he was younger

No. 1269695

he's literally a real life murderer. get some standards.

No. 1269700

and he murdered other awful men, who gives a shit

No. 1269701

He probably only murdered other men, i don't care about their fate. This fucking liberal society is so bent on tolerance that pedophiles are rampant in Hollywood and we should not be violent, derp. At least with a mafia guy around those disgusting moids behave. Call me crazy but i wish guys like him would terrorize other moids more.

I agree tbh nonnie

No. 1269702


source on this, nonny?

No. 1269711

mafia men are factually some of the violent, misogynistic men around. what you see depicted in the sopranos is accurate to how much those men actually treat women. that dude might've "killed other moids" and that doesn't phase you but it doesn't change the fact that he's an extremely violent person that spent the majority of his life surrounded by people that treat women like scum, and murdered them like they're livestock. just because he protected a child on set doesn't automatically make him some nigel mafia angel. it's good what he did but probably engaged in horrendous things otherwise during his youth and his time in the mafia, especially pertaining to women. in fact, he was a suspect in killing a model and actress. get some standards.

No. 1269715

Srsly have you people never played The Godfather they have rackets of prostitutes smh

No. 1269716

exactly… mafia men treat women like absolute scum, women in their personal lives, wives, "side pieces" and mistresses, business partners, prostitutes, it's horrifying.

No. 1269717

nta but he was as legit gangster at one time and made the honourable choice of turning his life around.
>Sirico was convicted of several crimes and was arrested 28 times, including for disorderly conduct, assault, and robbery, before taking up acting.[2][4] On February 27, 1970, he was arrested at a restaurant, and found with a .32 caliber revolver on his person. In 1971, he was indicted for extortion, coercion, and felony weapons possession, convicted, and sentenced to four years in prison, of which he served 20 months at Sing Sing

No. 1269720

File: 1658336539107.png (777.41 KB, 865x693, Screenshot 2022-07-20 130105.p…)

Is anyone else feeling awkward about the #FreeBritney shit? I mean, if people were stealing her money and exploiting her, yes that's awful. But now she seems even more fucked up, and I'm just assuming that this guy she married is going to start stealing her money and exploiting her now. At least the conservatorship had more than one member right? And maybe some level of oversight? I'm just saying these videos of her on Instagram where she manically dances around and pulls her pants down don't really feel good. After the big #FreeBritney push and movement where are all those fans now? What can we do I guess, but it feels like they successfully campaigned to "free" a completely insane woman and then went back to ignoring her and her obvious problems. It doesn't help that the hardest supporters of "free britney" that I saw were gay men who, of course, just love watching famous women spiral into madness. They're yass queening her obvious fucked up insanity and probably think it's going to be really funny when her random new scrote husband ends up taking a bunch of her money. They probably can't wait for the tea to spill on her sad, sad Instagram. I feel very bad for her, and I can't help but wonder if she really was better off in the conservatorship. Now it's just some other asshole who will take her $$.

No. 1269726

i think she suffers from psychosis or some form of schizotypal disorder, which she never was allowed to broadcast freely, but she's had it for a while now. if she's in a conservatorship or not doesn't change much about her mental state, but i do believe she should have someone other than a gold digging moid or the father who exploited her take care of her and leave the public eye for good.

No. 1269741

italian men all look like literal meatballs with some fake hair from the drama department glued to them.

No. 1269742

>some faggot
>no proof
ayrt you sound like a dick

No. 1269745


Yes. I felt so bad for her when it turned out she was basically still a child performer, like if she's not well enough to make any decisions about her life she shouldn't have had a contract for a Vegas show either. But then immediately she marries some idiot dude who's gonna fuck her over even worse.

No. 1269746

how did she get a private jet? even if a model makes enough money to afford one, kylie jenner is in no way competent enough to have earned that kind of cash with her shitass modelling.

No. 1269758

it's psychosis of some sort, or maybe that bipolar where they rarely come down. pl i'm a schizotypal and she doesn't have any signs of a paranoid disorder.

No. 1269771

Hard to pin down exactly at what point all of the KarJenners became rich. Robert Kardashian was a successful Hollywood attorney, then Bruce Jenner was a former world class Olympian - both of those men made a lot of money, but not exactly "my daughters all get private jets" money. The show probably made a lot of money, various brand deals, Kylie's makeup line, Kim's mobile game from like a decade ago…but I think it all still seems kinda fishy tbh, with the absolute luxury they all live in. Granted a lot of the 'luxury' can be rented, offered as part of a brand deal, et cetera. But I find their collective wealth kind of inexplicable. Like back when Kim was Paris Hilton's friend, the vibe you got was that Paris was the far more wealthy one (being an heiress and all) and Kim was, relatively speaking, not doing as well. I mean a high-priced attorney father versus coming from a hotel magnate family with decades of generational wealth? But yeah at some point the ship all turned around.

No. 1269779

I’ve posted about it before but her father shopped around doctors at the start of her
conservatorship and had her put on three different kinds of antipsychotics at once as well as constantly switching them out for years with no warning which is incredibly dangerous to do and most likely completely fried whatever mental capacity she had left she’s lucky she didn’t die of a seizure, she’s even posted on her Instagram when she’s been more coherent about the amount of time they cold turkeyed her on meds whilst threatening her to take a new kind or they wouldn’t let her see her kids it’s incredibly fucked up that something like that was going on in this day and age incredibly remind of the 1800s way of treating “hysterical” women and any of the doctors involved need to lose their medical licenses

No. 1269781


There were some rumors that Kris sells her daughters to work as very high end prostitutes in Dubai

No. 1269814

Don't underestimate how much those bitches earn.
She has Kylie Cosmetics and a myriad of other endorsements (incl. that TV-show). When YTers can become multi-millionaires just via adsense and collabs and (undisclosed) sponsorships, the Kartrashians can get billionaires just by flaunting their fake asses.

No. 1269819

Where were you when Kum Kardashian ruined Marilyn Monroe dresses, fake passed the baby bar and finally decided to rent the entire eiffel tower area so she can spend time with her to-be whore spoiled kids? I seriously don’t understand why good celebrities die or don’t get famous and then ugly bitches like the kartrashians think they own the whole world. Just die in a plane crash and give us princess Diane and Aaliyah back.

No. 1269823

Marliyn monroe also did porn and sex work, slept with multiple married men. She's white so it's tragic when it happens to her but Kim is an armenian so she's automatically a whore for having a sextape like marliyn.

No. 1269834

Sweety, ALL celebrities are whores whether they are male, female, dog, pig. You should only care if they are problematic whores or violent whores. The thing is that Kim Kardashian’s life imo is valueless and worthless just as her amount of talent. Also iirc Marilyn Monroe’s dad didn’t defend a killer nor did her hypothetical tranny stepfather kill an old woman. Nor did her hypothetical half sister’s boyfriend let people die in a concert. Your bestie is ugly, no amount of hair laser removal or plastic surgery can make her pretty.

Btw I am brown you hairy ape lover.

No. 1269837

File: 1658339508041.gif (484.13 KB, 275x210, ljh0puClWT1qfkt17.gif)

No. 1269838

>her to-be whore spoiled kids?
You're fucking disgusting

No. 1269840

So kim is guilty for stuff other men did? You sound like a super racist misogynist because you're literally excusing the same shit for marliyn while calling kim unworthy of life for stuff other men did.

No. 1269843

oh my god we're having this argument again?

No. 1269848

>selfhating brown
Get help, you're projecting because you know you're a carbon copy of kim and you'll never be like marliyn, diana or other white angel figures no matter how much you bleach your skin and hair.(racebait)

No. 1269857

i dont even like the kardashians but there is this weird level of insane seething from you kardash spergs. From wishing death and murder on them to calling their little children whores, its just unhinged that a these kardashians that you dont know make you seethe like this, its not healthy.
Honestly it gives me internalized misogyny (because no one seethes like this at the male celebs here) and it also gives me lowkey race related (because anons here worship paris hilton yet hate kim kardashian even though both of them are the same)

No. 1269858

She loves her daddy and honors him though?
Kim is white you autist, and we should praise women like aaliyah (who is black and copied by kum) and princess diane for their deeds, actions and talent.

No. 1269860

lol weird kardash spergs confirmed to be racebaiters, funnily enough its people like you why the kardashians are still relevant because it always the people who hate them who click on all their articles or videos related to them.

No. 1269862

Actually I wanted to see the eifel tower the other day until a fat hairy devil-child decided to rent it.

No. 1269863

ummm ok, im just waiting for your derailment ban tbh.

No. 1269865

Okay kim stan.

No. 1269868

Arent Armenians part asian and identify as brown? You don't get to dictate races, selfhater. Calling kids whores and attacking brown woman won't make you white or pretty, kim will be brown and pretty, you'll be ugly still.
TAYRT and yeah, haters watch and stalk kardash socil media way harder than fans do. Most haters are people like them(trashy asf) so it's even funnier.

No. 1269876

File: 1658340401355.jpeg (78.5 KB, 567x1008, 2F710FC7-7001-4E49-B437-E88AB8…)

And I bet Kylie Jenner is brown too

No. 1269881

the jenners have a different father, they are half-siblings to the kardashian

No. 1269885

File: 1658340554499.jpeg (32.84 KB, 400x400, 53EE29C9-8673-47C1-A261-84DB37…)

And why do they all look like they could be from the same country? Lol this is just a cope to call every critical person about the dangerous kardashian family a racist (which is ironic)

No. 1269894

Such a shame theyre not white angels like marilyn and paris….who are also whores LMAO

No. 1269896

They were both harmless meanwhile if you don’t sign an NDA the kardashians will murder you and nobody will know it was them.

No. 1269907

NTA but Paris was a full-on racist, like dropping the n-word and all and was against gay people (including lesbians, not just men)

No. 1269915

nonnies, you really out yourselves as poor when you don’t factor in big investments the KJs profit from

No. 1269919

Who even mentioned her except for the sperg who thinks I dislike the family for race related reasons instead of actual reasons. Kimbahley copied Paris so whatever she said Kimbey said it too. But we won’t ever find out and that’s the concerning part.

No. 1269925

You’re uttering stuff my brain doesn’t understand. Say it again but like you’d say it to a 3 year old.

No. 1269936

File: 1658341559969.jpeg (1017.04 KB, 1469x1179, D9C5510F-C422-496A-B1C2-8F9A99…)

I think their California church has a decent impact on their wealth.
>>Theorists online are taking a fresh look at Kris Jenner's church and how she could be using it to keep even more wealth in the Kardashian family accounts.
>>In June 2008, Jenner helped found the “California Community Church,” which sits as a non-profit charity that requires members to pay $1,000 a month and tithe 10% of their income as donations to the church.
>>Considering how much the public knows about the Kardashian/Jenner lifestyle, it came as a big surprise to find out that they had decided to quietly open a church.
>>Churches that practice tithing have bad reputations to begin with — asking your members to pay you money to “show your faith in God as a provider” isn’t the religious excuse you think it is.
>>A 10% reduction of someone like Kim Kardashian’s income is around $5 to $6 million a year, all going to the church that’s co-founded by her mother.
>>Not only that, but members are paying $1,000 a month just to be members — and it's unclear where that money goes.

No. 1269939

Kylie gets millions of dollars just making one Instagram post shilling some dumb product to teens.

No. 1269944

A kult. Thanks for reposting, I wouldn’t have bothered to even save this picture as it’s sickening. J*sus.

No. 1269945

Stop racebaiting selfhater.

No. 1269950

You will never be white, pris the icon would shamelessly mock you for being brown if she saw you irl lol.

No. 1269954

File: 1658341890981.png (132.53 KB, 779x320, krkrprkpr.png)

since we are on the topic of kardashians, i just found out Khloe and Tristan finally broke up.

No. 1269964

Good for her. Didn't she recently have another kid with him tho

No. 1269965

>At least the conservatorship had more than one member right?
I can tell you know nothing about Britney her conservatorship. I'm not gonna bother to spoonfeed you because this has been brought up so many times. If you believe that the people from her conervatorship wont steal her money idk what to tell you.

Agreed, people who claim that "crazy women" should have taken there rights away and be put in a conservatorship are horrible. Britney is not insane, she does have mental health issues yes and that should be taken care off but a conservatorship wont fix help her.

No. 1269970

This. I don't know how women watched the Sopranos. It's a nasty misogynistic show full of violence. No thanks.

No. 1269972

Since Kim w(h)ore that dress, everytime one of that family gets a mention, this threads becomes to fucking groundhog day.
Marilyn this, Kim that, her dad bad..

No. 1269979


No. 1269993

This. The story doesn't make sense. If you've ever been in a private jet, it's still not great because who the fuck wants to deal with any airport for what would've been a short drive? You'll be late everywhere.
Sounds like a fake story, she probably put this out for ragebait

No. 1269997

Girl, this is lolcow and not some tech bros latest dating site. If we were rich we would have better things to do than sperg about some dumb ass celebs on lc.

No. 1270001

So you totally look more like blonde blue eyed women with European features? Doubt.
Kim's iconic for driving neets mad. Only a no life would hate a random woman for wearing a dress.

No. 1270022

why are u poor

No. 1270039

File: 1658343581111.png (307.66 KB, 520x514, e-o4d0r.png)

No. 1270044

That’s a different anon you retard

No. 1270050

File: 1658343752886.png (49.61 KB, 295x640, DBE5B77F-D517-456C-8900-4DFD99…)

Today I remind them

No. 1270051

File: 1658343759723.png (60.71 KB, 784x524, kpkpkd.png)

another article about the Nephew and it turns out Dennis also has a restraining order against him because he stalked and threatened a woman last year.
Now idk what to believe.


No. 1270094

why are you retarded nonnie

No. 1270095

>Now idk what to believe.
Nonny, you don't need to believe any of them. Wait for more information coming, and then try to form a more informed and substantial opinion.
This is all too much he said he said.

No. 1270109

seethe poorfag

No. 1270110

One faggot rapes his nephew, another faggot tries to kill his female coworker. Both seem believable because they're men tbh.

No. 1270117

Nta but that faggot threatning his female coworker is his nephew.

No. 1270121

I know, one raped his nephew and the other fag(nephew) threatened a female coworker. Both seem believable.

No. 1270131

No. 1270158

i fully blame the lithium that was forced on her as well as the social isolation she lived in for years. it's only natural that it's gonna take years before she readjusts to the world & it's gonna look weird in the meantime. but overall given her life & circumstances she seems like any awkward southern mom her age. i'm worried about the scrote too but at this point i think it's enough that she's able to make her own mistakes after what she endured. & the manic dancing is actually pretty in keeping with her usual choreography, just in pjs - she's always been more punchy than graceful. i just don't think she's as insane as everyone thinks she is, she's been extremely misunderstood her whole life.

No. 1270183

isn't a 40 min drive in LA, like, half a block though?

No. 1270215

Kek, no. It usually takes you 40 minutes to go, say 20 miles if you include traffic. But you are always having to go that far if you live in LA.

No. 1270223

>At least the conservatorship had more than one member right? And maybe some level of oversight?
What the actual fuck. Yes, it did have more than 1 member, but everyone was in on exploiting her. Look it the fuck up, Lou Taylor had an affair with her father Jaime Spears, likely so she could get closer to Britney and this was around the time of the conservatorship. Her mom and siblings all profited off her money and used it for themselves. Oversight my ass, they themselves said it was a "business model" of a conservatorship i.e. covert human trafficking. Shit on Sam all you want, but she at least doesn't work for him.

No. 1270248

File: 1658350669611.jpeg (298.19 KB, 1366x2048, 00662C3D-15EC-4878-BA61-79AFBA…)

He’s really trying to follow the predators handbook to seem like a uwu smol bean. I fucking hate him.

No. 1270256

that doesn't get you a jet though. the highest end prostitute still makes less money than bill gates.

No. 1270259

the voice of sanity.

No. 1270260

what is the point of this argument where both sides hate women? post sam levinson text messages or elon beach pics again.

No. 1270262

she used to be so beautiful. LA is a disease

No. 1270266

kek his enormous knees. even when they're 13 they dont pass.

No. 1270271

who made that outfit though? it's actually very good, in terms of "skirts" for men. someone really studied the manly scots and japanese of the past.

No. 1270321

I kind of don't hate it. Need to see this outfit on a prettier man.

No. 1270345

What are you talking about, it’s not even hemmed and looks like a dishrag.

No. 1270356

I need to see it on Kirsten Stewart

No. 1270359

hear hear. Alliyah's death is so sad. I can't believe it's been that long. She would have gotten bigger in RnB and music if she lived. The pilot was incompetent.

No. 1270362

No. 1270364

The management insisted he fly the plane even though he told them that it was unsafe. I wish he held his ground.

No. 1270391

kek obviously the non-hem is a design detail. there are different types of fabrics and this one was likely chosen because if the designer wanted the rough edge, they knew what fabrics won't fray and are suitable for that idea.

No. 1270403

Get it right you stupid fucks, it's Aaliyah!!

No. 1270417

File: 1658360509039.png (1.24 MB, 973x1200, g05tgDC.png)

This just reminds me of this photo of Khloe and her ghost hands lmao

No. 1270479

paul harnden

No. 1270556

File: 1658367896987.jpeg (267.76 KB, 859x490, 90E5C449-877B-4235-B4EB-8C73D9…)

I wanna send this to Grimes. Also,
>>Elon Musk has been accused of being controlling and abusive towards Amber Heard during her short romance, after her breakup with Johnny Depp.
>>Jennifer Howell, a close pal of Amber Heard’s sister made this admission in a deposition, before the Johnny Depp defamation case.
>>She was quoted saying, “Paige told me that Amber said Elon was controlling, abusive, and that she was in a legal battle with him over the rights to embryos that they had created together.”
>>The admission also included allegations of a ‘bugged’ Tesla which Amber Heard was once gifted.

No. 1270558

Rich men are a plague

No. 1270575

Crook county, as anyone from Chicago knows. Really bad time to post this too after that white cop just put his head on a 14 yo puerto rican boy's neck for literally no reason.

No. 1270577

his knee* woops

No. 1270615

I remember reading in Woke up this morning (book with interviews featuring different actors from the show) that it did apply to her, pretty sure she said that if anyone wanted to get to her, they had to talk to him first

No. 1270631

Amber is becoming a joke at this point tbh.

No. 1270660

Jack was visiting family and took Lana. That’s it. He’s from Chicago.

No. 1270663

Truth don’t fuck with the queen.

No. 1270722

File: 1658376276218.jpeg (255.88 KB, 1080x1119, 3A9DDA79-0EDE-42B9-83AF-EF3404…)

No. 1270745

Holy run-on sentences, Batman!

So she married some absolute nobody “musician”? 39k insta followers and less than 100k monthly Spotify listeners, tragic. Surely she could’ve done much better than that? Did she pay for her own ring?

No. 1270747

File: 1658377305963.jpg (167.03 KB, 828x1452, FYKVXWYWAAAEbaT.jpg)

Recently, Evan Rachel Wood shared screenshots of an article on Instagram discussing the use of bots to support Johnny Depp during his trial vs. Heard. https://www.instagram.com/p/CgLn2BTsoov/
A number of people and journalists took this to mean that ERW was voicing her support for Amber Heard.
She just clarified that she has not taken any stance and noted that in 2016 she said she would not comment on the case. Some people pulled up old photos of Heard and Amber in 2015 to suggest that ERW is friends with Heard so ERW took a harder stance against Heard and even compares her against Harvey Weinstein of all people…

No. 1270755

I honestly prefer it, whenever celebs date each other it always feels tacked on and fake, she married for someone for who he and not his brand

No. 1270780

It looks like shit I don’t care what the vision was

No. 1270783

I doubt she was comparing her to Weinstein and you can’t really blame her for not wanting any parallels to a very high profile case like that. MM deserves to rot and if he wins against her I’m going to be so tired.

No. 1270862


You think someone with a net worth of 1 billion can't afford a jet?
Here is an expensive one for you: https://www.jamesedition.com/jets/embraer/legacy-650/2010-legacy-650-681583

There are a lot of cheaper options, even cheaper if you lease it.

No. 1270890

The forbes billionaire shit with Kylie was a whole scam though, i genuinely dont even believe the jenners have one billion collectively that wouldn't be tied up in other wealthy peoples money the same way a pastor of a megachurch can say hes a billionaire cause the rich churchgoers incomes all collectively amass a large sum. Im with the anons who don’t believe they have the amount of money that is being portrayed, its part of the kardashian brand to appear a certain way and they always have tried to control press about them including controlled scandals and “negative” journalism. They give off a pastiche vibe if you’re critical of them enough and the math isn't mathing in terms of finances.

No. 1270920

So they want his sperm to have “genius” children aka rich in the future?
Don’t they know this raisin is 70 something years old and will give them defective genes, potentially leading to autism, schizophrenia and several deformities? Money is all that matters I guess

No. 1270948

This is some bizarre dystopian level shit. His 76 year old dusty sperm is gonna fuck up that kid so badly. Elon is already too old at 51, but my god at 80? That kid is gonna come out "special" alright kek. Someone castrate this geriatric whore already. I mean, seven kids from three different women, and one of them is his STEP-DAUGHTER?

No. 1271008

I presume this would be some kind of publicity move on the company's part while aware no one really wants to buy that worthless sperm

No. 1271012

File: 1658402833887.jpg (899.94 KB, 1500x1000, Silverstone and son.jpg)

Alicia Silverstone Reveals She Still Sleeps(in the same bed) with 11-Year-Old Son Bear: I'm 'Following Nature'

>During an appearance on "The Ellen Fisher Podcast," the 45-year-old actress shared a few details about her attachment parenting style and revealed that "Bear and I still sleep together."

>The "Clueless" star shares her 11-year-old with her ex-husband Christopher Jarecki, and joked that she would "get in trouble for" her comments by critics. "I don't really care," Silverstone laughed off any possible judgements.
>Bear and I still sleep together," she said, noting that she is just "following nature" with her parenting style.
>"If you were in any kind of wild setting where there are animals … if you put your baby over there," she said, pointing away from herself, "your baby is going to get eaten. It's not ideal for the baby to be over there."
>The actress also explained the "elimination communication" parenting tactics she would employ when raising Bear, and shared that she would rarely use diapers when teaching her son to potty train as a toddler. Instead of diapers, Silverstone would "watch his cues" to know when he would need to use the restroom.
>"There was a period of time where I was watching him naked and watching the cues," Alicia continued. "The cues part for me was really fun because I thought that he was flirting with me because he would do this little smile. That's when he had to pee."
>Silverstone also explained why she didn't end up having additional kids, sharing that she wanted to "savor every moment" of Bear's life first.
>"I wanted to have more [kids], but then my relationship got messed up, and it wasn't a great time to bring one in," she said. "I didn't want to have one right away because I was so in love with my Bear." "I wanted to squeeze every little moment out of him, so it wasn't until he was like 3 that I was ready to make another baby and then I didn't have a partner, so that's why I don't have four babies."
>In November 2020, The actress revealed that Bear cut his long hair.
>"My baby's growing up 😭💔 I miss his hair!!!!! Was it his decision? Yes. Did I cry inside as I watched him get it cut? Maybe … but did I try to stop him? Not for one second," she shared in an Instagram caption.
>"The reason he chose to keep it for as long as he did was because he loved it so much!!!" she continued. "He just wanted to try something new. Although I have a feeling he'll find a way back to his long hair again in the future. No matter what though, I will always support my sweet, caring, and precious little boy in every decision he makes. ❤️🥰"


No. 1271014

Is that his real name?

No. 1271016

his legal name is Bear Blu Jarecki, kinda related to, but Emrata's kid's name is Sylvester Apollo Bear McClard(his father named him after the Rocky series)

No. 1271023

File: 1658403813260.jpg (795.13 KB, 2000x2259, 12.jpg)

samefag, she had him breastfed till he was 9 and he's not vaccinated nor has he ever taken any medicine in his life
>“He’s never had to take medicine in his life,” she told Page Six of her 7-year-old son, Bear, on Thursday. “He can get sniffles and a runny nose but he’s not down, he still goes to school. Two times in his life has he been like ‘Mommy I don’t feel good,’ and it was only for a few hours and he was back running around.”

No. 1271029

>So she married some absolute nobody “musician”? 39k insta followers and less than 100k monthly Spotify listeners, tragic.
Imagine caring about insta numbers when putting value on a person, what a brainrot

No. 1271030

>11 year old Bear and I still sleep together
>There was a period of time where I was watching him naked and watching the cues
>The cues part for me was really fun because I thought that he was flirting with me
Please get this child away from this pedo. Who the hell says they think their toddler is flirting with them?!?!?!

No. 1271035

in this thread there is a couple shown to be trooning out their kid(and likely sexually abusing him) and a man who undeniably sexually abused his own nephew, but your really taking issue with some dumb hippie mom whose worst crime is cringy acts of affection with her son

No. 1271046

I didn't know I have to be so inclusive of all pedophiles when I make a comment on new milk. Thank you, thought police officer, for educating me.

No. 1271047

I don't understand this western outrage at mothers bonding with their children, keeping the baby in a different room, bottle feeding, taking the child away just at birth for 100 tests, being away from them for a long time. It's insane. Tons of tribes breastfeed until the mother stops breastfeeding, breastmilk is the most nutricious things humans can drink, especially since the mother builds the childs immune system and corrects any malnutrition through complex signals via breastfeeding. Sleeping with the child is also normal, even adults sleep togeather, it feels safe when people sleep togeather.
No wonder there's so much mental illness and attachment issues in "modern" societies. Most tribes also don't have or use diapers, why tf would you keep shit ridden cloth around when you can just communicate with your child and let them squat?
>he's not vaccinated nor has he ever taken any medicine in his life
You mean like all the most rich's children? Kek.

No. 1271048

boy mom moment

No. 1271049

Autismo, it's a joke

No. 1271050

Do you really think that sharing a bed with an 11 year old is normal or healthy

No. 1271057

in her head, anything a woman does = ok

No. 1271058

NTA but in some countries and households, that's actually not weird at all

No. 1271060

nta but the bed sharing on top of everything thing else is uuhhhhhh. She just seems VEFY attached to her son, in an unhealthy way. Also crazy vegan.

No. 1271066

File: 1658407529200.webm (2.15 MB, 296x640, rxEORjx-Z1PXF4ww.webm)

> just seems VEFY attached to her son, in an unhealthy way.
that's an understatement, she apparently took baths together with her till he was 10,
>The Clueless star has revealed she and her son Bear have been soaking up some quality time together with shared baths during the lockdown measures imposed as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. And the actress has claimed that they find the activity ‘nourishing and comforting’. Silverstone explained: ‘My son and I take baths together, and when he’s not with me, I take a bath and that really feels nourishing and comforting.’
>Alicia – who has Bear with her ex-husband Christopher Jarecki – also said she and her tot have been doing other activities together, including dancing, bouncing on the trampoline and jumping rope. And the duo are focusing on maintaining their vegan diet, as the 43-year-old actress says her mental health is affected by her eating habits
>She added: ‘I always bring everything back to diet. When I don’t eat well, I don’t feel well, and then my moods go all over the place.’ Alicia says she turns to fresh herbs, greens, miso soup and ginger tea to keep her body healthy, and for her mental and physical health she takes daily long walks, practices yoga and meditation, and keeps a journal
>The Lodge actress also spoke about the bullying she has received because of her decision to have her son follow the same plant-based diet as her, as she said people have referred to her as ‘the freak’. Speaking to The New York Times newspaper, she said: ‘People said lots of different things, and I was sort of “the freak,” and I guess I’ll take pride in that because it is hard to be the person that’s speaking out, and it is hard to be the person that is saying the thing that isn’t what everybody else wants to hear.’ And the star claims the vegan diet keeps her son’s behaviour level as she told US Weekly: ‘I can tell you that from the get-go, I think of him as a brown rice baby because I ate brown rice when he was conceived, when he was in my belly and when he was on my boob, and now he eats brown rice. ‘The centering, grounding energy of that nourishment in his organs has left him such a calm boy

also whatever this is

No. 1271067

He's a literal child not in puberty, why would it be weird. Mothers aren't scrotes, looking to diddle kids at every opportunity.
Considering modern women require scrotes to tell them how to riase their own children, no, everything a woman does isn't a-ok.

No. 1271072

This is what people mean when they talk about boymoms and their creepy, uncomfortable obsessions with their sons. She's referring to that kid like he's an infant while he's probably already as tall as she is kek. Wannabe "hippie" boymoms like her always coddle their sons to the max and it's pathetic.

Your criticism would've made sense if he was a toddler, but that boy is eleven. In "non-modern societies" an 11 year old would be performing hard labor at that age lmfao. Her sleeping in the same bed with him on its own isn't even the biggest issue, it's that paired with the freaky stuff she says about him. She seems crazy, honestly.

No. 1271076

Interesting how modern socities try to make it seem like hugging pecking and cuddling is solely sexual. Almost as if it's depriving ppl of touch and diverting the natural desire for physical contect solely into sex.

No. 1271077

>In "non-modern societies" an 11 year old would be performing hard labor at that age lmfao. Her sleeping in the same bed with him on its own isn't even the biggest issue, it's that paired with the freaky stuff she says about him. She seems crazy, honestly.
I don't see how performing hard labor requires the child to suddenly be cut from the mother. Kek the ol' "oh she's CrAzY take away her kid and lock her up". The narratives never change do they.

No. 1271082

File: 1658408482865.jpg (31.7 KB, 475x475, 210143._UY475_SS475_.jpg)

I don't think she's molesting her kid(at least I hope not) but does appear to have an emotionally incestuous relationship with her son, she's projecting all her emotional wants and desires on a being that she has complete power over, though its associated with mothers and sons, this can happen to sons and daughters, Silverstone probably has failed every romantic relationships with her men in her circle, so she's building up herself her ideal male partner/companion who happens to her her son

No. 1271084

I agree with this. She’s not creepy in the same way a scrote is, statistically at least, but she’s forming an unnatural connection to her son. There has to be room for a child to define themselves outside of the parents and it doesn’t sound like she allows for that. Private time at night is a goos tome for children to just live quietly with their thoughts.

No. 1271086

I really don't understand why you're riding so hard for this woman and why you insist on getting offended over things nobody said. No one said the kid should be taken from her, most people just think she needs to…tone it down a bit.
>In March 2012, she received media attention for uploading a video of herself feeding chewed food to her son from her own mouth.
How is that normal?

No. 1271094

>I really don't understand why you're riding so hard for this woman
Because modern child raising practices are shit and shes a rare example of how to raise a child without "male professionals" input that just fucks up kids.
>and why you insist on getting offended over things nobody said. No one said the kid should be taken from her, most people just think she needs to…tone it down a bit.
>Please get this child away from this pedo
>In March 2012, she received media attention for uploading a video of herself feeding chewed food to her son from her own mouth.
How is that normal?
…Do you think there was shelves of babyfood for most of history? Chewing it up is faster that mushing it in a pestle and mortar, and helps populate the childs good bacteria/slowly expose them to bad bacteria to raise their immune system.
She's right, people are 100% phobic to nature and mother-child bonds.

No. 1271096

>Do you think there was shelves of babyfood for most of history? Chewing it up is faster than mushing it in a pestle and mortar
I guess celebrities aren't able to afford blenders, food processors, or baby food from the grocery store in the 2000's

No. 1271097

Was just about to say this. What the fuck is happening rn itt

No. 1271098

Not to mention staff and/or maids and/or personal chefs

No. 1271102

Point, missing it. You don't need any of that shit.

No. 1271106

Ok weirdo

No. 1271110

you're the type of freak who, if her son eventually comes out and says how uncomfortable/traumatised he is from his relationship with his mother, you'd jump to immediately call him an ungrateful scrote that didn't appreciate his "loving mother" lol. this level of radfem is mental illness… fucking chewing up your kids food like a bird. help.

No. 1271112

I'm sure she wanted her saliva and her masticated food inside his body for the ~grounding~ nature, right? Not because she is an insane, out-of-touch celebrity probably advised by a bunch of pedo """gurus""" who encourage her woo woo lifestyle, no no. What happens when she finds a man, IF she even cares anymore, because she is already in a romantic relationship with her eleven-year-old-son. Her little boy is meeting her needs. God what a disgusting sentence.

No. 1271120

I get what you mean, anon. The chewing thing is too much for me, but at least you have logical reasoning behind all of your points re: health

No. 1271123

> In "non-modern societies" an 11 year old would be performing hard labor at that age lmfao.
NTA but nearly all historical societies with very poor people had um… severe boundary issues between mother and son (who was doing hard labor by age 11) and it wasn't really materially possible for them to not sleep in the same bed. The father was usually outside of the house or dead and in fairness children went through puberty later. But a lot of accounts still indicate many women were angry at being pawed at or experiencing multiple types of violence from their sons aged around 11 and wanted them out, especially if women themselves could not leave the domicile. A lot of women (especially with dead husbands) were also flat out broke. Their sons either had to go, or be involved in a more lucrative trade than hard labor (unfortunately a lot of those 'trades' where a child could make easy money were disgusting)

This is why metric shit tons of sons were sent to other households as lodgers or to live underneath a wealthier scrote. Women were averse to having them around as they grew older. But some women developed this unhealthy bonding mechanism and treating the son like 'their man'… it's still the common practice in many places

I dont see historical or tribal conditions positively like the person you're responding to though. I think it made scrotes even more considerably fucked up than what they are now. Non-western scrotes are often truly fucked in the head and the relations they have with their mothers (i.e. to conspire against or mutually abuse their bride/DIL) tend to be creepy. Boundaries developed for a reason and breastfeeding until age 9 is just weird

No. 1271124

oh please this is a multi-millionaire celebrity and all of this vegan nature mother goddess shit is clearly a LARP for her. She has personal chefs, cleaners, access to the best doctors, probably nannies too. You act like she's living a modest life off the grid with limited resources. It'll take one big health scare and she'll drop her earth goddess anti-vaxxer schtick in a second.

No. 1271131

I don't think she's a pedo, she's however retarded.

No. 1271135

Oh, so she sells a lifestyle and diet called KindLife. That's what all this is about.

No. 1271149

From her blog (https://thekindlife.com/category/parenting/)
>I can savor every moment with my son. And holy moly is it magical.
>Most days, taking care of him and making his food, hearing his stories, and, of course, snuggling with him is the most divine, delicious thing ever.
I'm not saying she is a pedophile but this is inappropriate. Delicious? She's so long gone she doesn't realize how that comes off. It's ok to use delicious as an adjective to describe the emotions of mothering but not when talking about being naked with your nearly pubescent son in a magazine interview (at 11 he may already be entering puberty).

Reviews of her parenting book:
>There are many parts of this book that deal with choices that we as expectant mothers and new moms will have to make, both medical and lifestyle choices, and when the book delve into those, it was incredibly judgmental, hurtful even, and you can tell that the author is talking from a place of great privilege. The worst part is that she seems oblivious to that. I was vey uncomfortable when she talked about traditional cultures and their birthing and childrearing practices. Many of these women do not have any other choice, and to highlight these lack of choices as something that is essentially better and more pure was probably the most insensitive part of the book.
>As a scientist, a vegetarian for over 20 years and a fan of all things natural, I want literature that is balanced and provides solid scientific background to all "natural" claims. That is not what this book gives you. Instead, this is a one-sided diary of a rich, spoilt woman who uses every page to piss on medicine that brought mankind to where we are now. It is insulting for women and couples fighting infertility from the very first page. It is degrading for women and very successful at pulling them away from their nature because everything is portrayed through idealised hippie worldview. Women don't have a "hoo-ha" and a "chichi", they have vaginas. There's no place for language like this in a book dedicated to the period when thorough understanding of your body and its functions is a must. I won't even start about all the anti-vaxer nonsense. Absolutely disgusting and a sign of being totally detached from real life and uneducated about one's own body. Not everything can be cured and prevented through food and to claim it the way it's done in this book is highly irresponsible. Alicia should consult specialists when writing something like this or rebrand it into a work of new age fiction
She's a full-fledged cow lmao. She seems like she's just really into the human experience of parenting, which is understandable and lovely of course. I think she's being inappropriate with her son though and is definitely in an emotionally incestuous relationship with him because her love life disappointed her.

No. 1271155

Weirdly though she'll let anyone babysit him apparently
>You’d think that celebrities would be the most private and cautious people on the planet when it comes to their kids.
>Not actress Alicia Silverstone.
>“It was the most random day ever,” says Roxy, a 26-year-old Sydney nanny who Alicia hired to babysit her son Bear Blu, 5, and a friend’s son, August, 11, in July this year. “She didn’t check my references or anything. I just answered her ad and she handed me the keys and said, bye!”
Anyways sorry for rambling on. Celebrity's lives fascinate me because they're like aliens.

No. 1271170

File: 1658413731895.png (Spoiler Image, 727.33 KB, 528x529, Capture.PNG)

"Drake" is getting fat so the fatty tissue in his breast is starting to come back in, you can tell by the Nipple, his top surgery was A+ but even with the best surgeries you can tell…

No. 1271171

File: 1658413779251.jpg (651.56 KB, 1080x1608, 1658413536274943.jpg)

No. 1271179

File: 1658414239599.webm (3.7 MB, 576x1024, Alicia Silverstone_69700413509…)

In light of that, she decides to create and post this TikTok. Weird shit
Some of the pics of them swimming and bathing (!!) are creepy af. I was about to post them but thought better of it.

No. 1271181

I now think she's a pedo

No. 1271182

File: 1658414261879.jpg (382.6 KB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_20220721-160824_Ins…)

His nephew was still weird posting yesterday and selling his fake scam tape.

No. 1271183

File: 1658414296082.jpg (361.4 KB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_20220721-160749_Ins…)

No. 1271185

I think the anons in the child abuse thread may prefer this topic since these are more fitting posts for there.

No. 1271187

File: 1658414390846.jpg (344.54 KB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_20220721-163504_Ins…)

No. 1271188

There is talk of her starting an OnlyFans. If it happens, it will 100% be her new moid's idea. They will become the biggest sellers on the platform, make millions of dollars, then the moid will fuck off with most of the cash and Britney will be considered an embarrassment and probably never be taken seriously again. Calling it now.

No. 1271190

File: 1658414439886.jpg (214.52 KB, 1874x789, 20220721_163054.jpg)

There were some people calling him out for scamming.

No. 1271194

Actually I'm gonna post the Alicia video in the Hollywood pedos thread as to not shit this one up more

No. 1271200


No. 1271205

are… do you think Drake is ftm?

No. 1271209

Hey queen, missed you

No. 1271212

its just the regular retarded conspiracy tinfoilers who come to post here instead of their own threads, that anon got banned the last time for the same posts too.

Tinfoilers have really been shitting up these threads lately, like the scrote who posted porn and lied and said that was obamas daughter.

Atleast >>1271194 is normal enough to realize they should post in the other thread.

No. 1271216

File: 1658415211205.jpg (68.41 KB, 578x492, dddd.jpg)

he was doing all this yesterday yet today he dropped all of the charges against him, does this lowkey mean this is cloutchasing over 5 minutes of fame.

No. 1271217

Pretty sure it's just a funny running joke anon. Calm down

No. 1271219

then post it in the shitpost thread.

No. 1271224

The man is a lying attention whore. Who could’ve guessed?

No. 1271235

Um kissing your mother with tongue is a completely normal way to show affection, you westerners are so deprived of physical contact you probably think parents having sex with their children is incest. Sad!

No. 1271249

I literally said peck but ok. And kek at believing celebmags are 100% truthful.

No. 1271263

This is reminding me of a film I saw a couple months back with Alicia Silverstone, it was a unique low budget post-apocalyptic survival film, one of the major plot points was a romance between the main character who was 18 and Alicia Silverstone's character who was recently divorced, I originally thought it was based having a romance depicted between a hot young man and an older woman, but now seeing elements of the film with what I've discovered in this thread, some details of the film start seeming "iffy", cause the mc is a young man who has lived in his entire life in woods, living as a survivalist away from society, he's basically the most perfect/idealized version of what she probably wants her son to be and they fuck each other in the film

No. 1271271

i think we can all just agree that “boy moms” are the fucking worst. she’d never be this way with a daughter.

No. 1271282

Part of me wants to believe him and chalk his craziness up to the SA, part of me feels like he's a lying nutcase. Pretty fucked up if he truly made this story up

No. 1271297

File: 1658421005834.webm (3.96 MB, 576x1024, 1658414732561.webm)

okay I think somebody should make a thread about her on snow, feel like she's a massive cow and she posts daily on Instagram, tiktok, her blog and her youtube channel, she is not at all shy from revealing her retarded opinions and doing insane shit like vidrel


No. 1271311

Not going to lie, maybe this is why so many American millennials and zoomers are emotionally and/or mentally unstable? Not enough nurturing and quality time with their mothers?

No. 1271329

yup i slept with my mom until i was 12. but i'm not going to watch any of these videos because i'm sensitive to creeps

No. 1271336

File: 1658423588080.jpg (75.6 KB, 556x660, FYJKFQpWIAMiN9q.jpg)

elon got some color after spending some time in the sun lol

No. 1271343


Oof his fingertips… dude has vascular issues. His heart maybe?

No. 1271345

Yea, honestly don't care too much about sharing a bed or bathing. It's very normal around the world. However the other stuff is batshit. God forbid her child is exposed to anything he could have been vaccinated for. Hopefully herd immunity helps to an extent.

No. 1271346

amazing how the only "people" who lie about rape continue to be men

No. 1271352

A lot of them have smothering helicopter parents if anything. Reading the rest of the stuff Alica is doing, she sounds like a reverse Norman Bates lol.

No. 1271358

Wow. Just fucking wow.

No. 1271360

No exaggeration. It’s fucking insane and I hate them for this the most.

No. 1271374

Facts: first thing a pedo moid usually does is assert nonexistent history of being abused as a child to elicit sympathy. That is promptly withdrawn when offered a polygraph test. All male abusers, including murderer OJ Simpson, also claim to be battered husbands.

Given male proneness to projection (among other things), is it any wonder that they always hallucinate women making false accusations?

No. 1271423

File: 1658426131835.jpg (102.29 KB, 720x1047, Screenshot_20220721-135000_Chr…)

The artist known as Drake taking pictures of random women then posting them online. First comment is some scrote saying they want to do this as well as a way to "flirt" and someone telling them "good luck on that restraining order" weirdo shit from a weirdo.

No. 1271439

it's basically him going. "See, i'm not a pedo! here's me calling a woman my age a dime!"

No. 1271443

File: 1658426728993.gif (172.3 KB, 220x123, eyes-kubrick.gif)

Omg. He looks disturbing

No. 1271444

File: 1658426808568.png (620.27 KB, 1348x642, Capture.png)

No. 1271456

She IS a joke.

No. 1271467

File: 1658428149530.jpg (Spoiler Image, 55.7 KB, 1000x531, pink-slime.jpg)

No. 1271482

File: 1658428835611.gif (3.59 MB, 334x251, SizzlingWhoppingAtlanticblackg…)

>Someone castrate this geriatric whore already

No. 1271492

They have behaviorally smothering, yet emotionally absent mothers. The mothers are also usually very dissociated and mentally ill.

No. 1271507

I read this so many times thinking she herself created her own thread

No. 1271536

i knew something was wrong with the way everyone believed this no questions asked when the allegations first came.

Meanwhile when straight men get accused than everyone is like ''noo lets wait for more details first'' and then still support those men even if its proved they raped women/girls.

Also just like >>1271346 said its mostly men who do this. I cant help but feel a bit sorry for Ricky now, there definitely was double standards when it came to his case and his career is officially over.

No. 1271538

why would his career be over?

No. 1271544

there were hundreds of posts with with close to a 100k likes talking about the allegations when they first came out, this was a trending topic. Its easy to see that his reputation is ruined which for a celeb means there career is ruined too.

No. 1271545

his lawyer is martin singer who is notorious for intimidating his clients victims

he's probably either paid him off or threatened him

No. 1271547

he has a dick, he'll be fine

No. 1271563

I don't think he's 11 in that video, anon

No. 1271567

NVM I'm stoopid. Must be 'cause my mother vaccinated me and didn't spit food in my mouth like a bird.

No. 1271573

No. 1271586

Rex Harrison, Rex Tillerson, Rex Ryan, Rex Grossman…

No. 1271679

File: 1658439937517.gif (560.98 KB, 498x398, zoidberg-naked.gif)

No. 1271724

kek, thought I'd opened general tinfoil by accident.
Also, Drake looks like a gay porn star giving us Blue Steel. His nipple is fine tho, a bit scrawny but def the withered male version.

No. 1271727

Not sorry for anyone who actually tried to buy this video tbh

No. 1271760

File: 1658445977577.jpeg (24.43 KB, 512x288, 614.jpeg)

pile of gum looking ass

No. 1271764


No. 1271770

ew what the fuck…he’s decomposing. why did they take him to the beach of all places? he’s so pasty and doughy

No. 1271838

File: 1658451397934.jpeg (74.78 KB, 600x547, 72C59EC8-EC20-418B-987B-C3D3C1…)

Lil uzis rapper girlfriend misgenders him

No. 1271842

File: 1658451498925.jpeg (79.34 KB, 587x600, 16F4A820-A9B2-4488-AE14-5022B0…)

But then corrects herself. I'm very surpised she even did this. She's very obnoxious online and has a horrible attitude. I refuse to believe she calls this man "they/them," in real life.

No. 1271856

net worth isn't how much money you have.

No. 1271859

why does he have a breast cancer nipple? it looks exactly like a fairly well-along breast cancer nipple. wtf.

No. 1271860

no ricky's a pedo with all the money, nephew probably realized he had no way to win from this

No. 1271863

kek no one's career is over. shit, the guys who are proven to be rapists and convicted don't lose their careers. literally the only two have been weinstein and ian watkins. polanski, cosby, jameis winston, ben roethlisberger, kevin spacey, bryan singer, all doin' fine.

No. 1271864

>internet statistics
yeah then everyone forgets next week when a new pfp overlay drops.
"omg save the koalas y'aaaaaaaall"

No. 1271889

this is the man who supposedly had a threesome with amber heard and cara delvingne

No. 1271940

No wonder they've gone crazy

No. 1271948

Ezra milllers gfs be like

No. 1271968

you'd be surprised nonnie, autistic teenagers are very woke these days and would never let themselves "slip up" like that

No. 1271977

Do you write fanfiction

No. 1271995

>behaviorally smothering yet emotionally absent

painfully accurate

No. 1272131

Lol it couldn't be more obvious that his nonbinary thing is a publicity stunt. Laughable. The zoomers will eat it up though.

No. 1272329

okay anon so by your logic, shitting and pissing in public in 2022 is totally fine because that's what we used to do historically?

No. 1272359

SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU FUCKING MONKEY, THE ENTIRE ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY IS CATERED TO YOUR UGLY EMOTIONALLY RETARDED JUNKIE ASS!!! maybe consider OD:ing on your beloved heroin that you keep romanticizing in your songs because you are a creature of destruction who cannot generate any genuine life-affirming emotion but narcissistic mania and self-pity if it doesn't fucking suit you. I'm sorry for my rage, but after hearing about republicans trying to ban birth control I am just so fucking tired of men and their "me me me" complex that's been positively reinforced for millennias. They do not see the creative needs and potential of others, particularly women, as having as much value as their own, and we keep accepting and believing it. Narcissistic men, i.e. most of them to varying degrees, dictate what women should do, how they should behave, and what a good/bad woman is; they create most of the media we consume (Euphoria = horrible "art" written by a vulnerably narcissistic man who hates the shit out of slutty teenage girls) and then, if they're successful enough to, they go on to lead double lives where they do whatever they want because their contributions to society make them mini-gods who are immune to any kind of moral rules. Male hero worship is the most common psychological pathology of our species. Single mothers and promiscous women are the real problem though, because no matter how predatory men are, it is always a woman's fault somehow.

HAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHA. I CANNOT believe that this morbidly obese autistic psychopath and lanky, weak-ass crybaby Jordan Peterson have such an effect on male culture and masculine ideals when they are SO PHYSICALLY UNIMPRESSIVE AND DISGUSTING. PLEASE GODDESS OF THIS WORLD MAKE THEM DIE OF A HEART ATTAKC NOW!!!!!!1

No. 1272376

Love your energy anon

No. 1272437

well now i have hope for the children! thanks anon, stay mad

No. 1272491

File: 1658497060827.jpeg (295.09 KB, 1010x1500, BAE4DC3F-9862-444D-967F-C8C1D0…)

anyone remember the sugababes?? mutya buena (one of the 3 original members) looks absolutely horrifying these days, she's only 37. here's a picture of what she used to look like in the 00s to refresh everyone's memory, because what i'll post next was shocking to me…

c: 2002

No. 1272492

File: 1658497112160.jpeg (113.19 KB, 634x951, 5BCB302C-0857-45C5-BA79-EB8CA3…)

c. 2020

35 y/o here

No. 1272493

File: 1658497163429.jpeg (121.49 KB, 1300x955, AF103743-070E-4AAA-B9CF-19E2EE…)

2019… that bbl

No. 1272496

File: 1658497231662.jpeg (353.41 KB, 1080x1440, 0BB11EE9-0678-4940-B2F6-1DF282…)

No. 1272506

omg I used to LOVE the sugababes. what happened to her? that can't just be ps, there has to be some drug use involved. this song is still stick in my head two decades later, it's got one of the most memorable/catchy refrains in history tbh

No. 1272518

I was listening to their old songs the other day and she was beautiful, didn't need any of that shit. This is just sad.

No. 1272534

omg all young british girls liked the sugababes

No. 1272535


I hate this era for beauty/fashion. She was SO pretty before.

No. 1272537

imagine her future daughter in law

No. 1272569

File: 1658502822201.jpg (148.4 KB, 1284x1447, vb965xykz0d91.jpg)

No. 1272570

LMAO but also eww, especially remembering his recent photos

No. 1272571

reposting but it's time you all learn what monsters some a-listers are, it's not necessarily cabal, but it does involve overcooked egos and massive amounts of exploitation and misogyny that have been learned about through glimpses. but there is an actual system of sorts out in place to protect abusive evil men and it doesn't shock me at all

>russian oligarchs are frequent contributors to projects and funding for celebs possibly reason for washed up actors fat bank accounts

>if you're wondering why someone like johnny depp still has the money to be able to sue the women he abused despite his massive debt look no further than his lawyer and his lawyers connections to russia
>russian oligarchs traffic young women in their home country all over europe and force them to yacht and prostitute themselves, get plastic surgery, probably drug them etc
>chinese oligarchs likely have involvement in this as well, hence the movie industry bending over to do edits for chinese audiences
>a lot of models in general are prostituted on the side, models are treated horrifically
>there is an enormous amount of weinstein level system abuse and intimate partner violence committed by men besides weinstein
>including your beloved actors
>they more often do it to civilian woman, prostitutes, and low level industry employees, but you also see them do it to actresses
>you'll see a lot of actors "date" euro models who are likely pr and escorts
>quite a lot of people with connections to epstein throughout the industry who may have rubbed elbows
>there is en mass a lot of organized crime in order to keep things well oiled
>the actors, often the a-listed who's losing work due to age and lessened marketability or lost money due to his habits, benefit from organized crime connections and hooking up with the really rich guys
>ndas galore
>payoffs galore

No. 1272573

there is a hierarchy system

>talent: celebs themselves, in this case let's use a-listers as example, usually male, who are the worst perpetrators. they are the ones who are the most protected and pretty much everyone exists to serve them, they will often mingle with downright illegal activities including things as evil as murder… but there are nothing without…

>lawyers: the first half of intimidating and bribing the press and any victims the talent have wronged. the lawyer is the one with the power to be able to silence with words, but who silences with actions? in order to harass any detractors to the talent, they hire…

>fixers: fixers are intimidating forces, oftentimes associated with other criminal circles or acts, who are hired by hw staffers to bribe, intimidate, and sometimes even kill victims and detractors who threaten to expose talents dirt.

>these two are why you see so many "suicides" and "accidental" deaths

>oligarchs and big money: as aforementioned these are the main sources of crime and where the celebrities collide with prostitution, trafficking, and other illicit activity in order to stay rich and stay hedonistic

>pr and press: pr tries its best to spin doctor any controversy that comes the talents way and press is often paid off. pr teams will also have a relationship with media outlets (i.e kris jenner having an arrangement with tmz) in order to arrange pap walks or certain stories, or prevent them from coming out

>another example, there was supposed to be an armie hammer expose and that was canned by the publication. that might have been the la times.

>victims: anyone victimized by a celeb, regardless of status, are forced to sign an nda and often paid off. they are threatened with litigation and chased by fixers if they threaten to go to the police. the worst intimidation typically happens to assaulted women, because they are the greatest leverage to the celebrities career

this is just the tip of the iceberg and honestly can almost all be found with research online, it's pretty much open secret, but in case people don't know what monsters a-list actors are, now you do(>>>>/conspiratard thread/)

No. 1272576

You mean narcissism runs in the Muskrat family? Shocker

No. 1272578

This bitch is always bodychecking makes me think of that interview she did when pregnant where she bragged about eating so little her hair started falling out, she's probably still using myprona but on a different account not the one she posted her face on, she needs tosee a fucking therapist
or something

No. 1272579

I still listen to some albums of the sugababes bc they made some really good music imo and remember looking each member up and damn, I had to double check her name when I came across her Insta since I did not recognized her in the photos. This shit >>1272492 >>1272496
>>1272493 is beyond tragic since she used to be such a unique beauty that could totally pull off the baddie or whatever style she had going back then. Now she looks like she escaped the same plastic body factory like lil'kim.

No. 1272589

You should delete these. No need to cross-post from the tinfoil thread.

No. 1272592

File: 1658504456523.jpeg (419.24 KB, 677x1074, 44F883D0-47CE-4564-B6DA-BB3A31…)

No. 1272600

Well at this point I'm pretty sure it's not tinfoil, retardo. You'll see

No. 1272601

>you’ll see
No we won’t.

No. 1272610

go choke on your fav celebs lies then I already did on mine and he's a monster, I'm not one to deny it kek

No. 1272613

we really need better moderation in this thread to keep the retarded tinfoilers out. Since their smelly grubby fingers cant resist posting here.

No. 1272620

they use pr on every site and you all are just reassuring me of that

why is it so far fetched to talk about the fact that celebrity men use fixers and lawyers to pay off and harass their victims? it even more recently seemed to have happened in the case of ricky martin recently… and you think it's bullshit and tinfoil that these vile men use intimidation and money to silence, like weinsteins abuses never existed. we have learned nothing and the world is full of passive pickmes

No. 1272628

its not just this instance, its the general retarded tinfoilers who have been here lately like the ones who hate amber, are obsessed with hunter biden, tranny conspiracies, constant pedo child abuse rumor discussions when you all already have another thread for that. Also some of you tinfoilers who constantly discuss child abuse conspiracy's are closet pedos like the one who said that some children are too good looking that pedos cant resist wtf.

No. 1272631


you already got redtexted by the moderators to take this to the tinfoil thread, everyone is sick of your shit, even the absent jannys are getting sick of it.

No. 1272652

Just report and move on. If no one replies then the sped will leave

No. 1272658

File: 1658507344087.jpeg (283.91 KB, 650x421, A80A2861-C4B3-46C2-B492-015BD5…)

barely even been on the site the past few weeks but thanks for assuming im someone else, I almost never come here anymore

not saying everyone in the industry is abusive, but a-list men typically are beyond evil and yet everyone worships them. I'm not talking about trannys, children, or the bidens, or amber (although amber is a good example of a woman who was relentlessly abused by an a list man. I've never hated amber, she's a victim)

fixers are a real thing, lawyers are a real thing, and they do use threats and intimidation to get their way.

if the abuse of women is conspiratorial then I guess all our problems have been fucking solved then.

No. 1272670

I'm sorry is everyone supposed to like Amber just because you do?

No. 1272679

File: 1658507865503.jpg (304.18 KB, 1080x1440, IMG_20220722_183632.jpg)

No. 1272684

letting her off her chain was a mistake shes gonna jump off a bridge in the next year or two

No. 1272685

Feels like britney is going through that classic rebellious phase every repressed teenage girl go through.. she doesn't seem that alright, is nobody taking care of her?

No. 1272691

Reminds me of Eric Andre's random nude selfies but more manic. For everyone talking about how "lovely" her wedding was it's weird she feels the need to do this. I wonder what her goal is

No. 1272693

Is she spreading dem cheeks?

No. 1272696

I'm so glad she didn't stay preggo with the child because she is not in the right place mentally to birth a baby into this whole situation.

No. 1272704

her hands are so small they look deformed

No. 1272711

Shes so sick… I wish she can be taken care of by someone who isn't a complete freak.

No. 1272721

Damn she's fit.

No. 1272723

Yeah she is toned but I guess she has horrible terrible deformed!!! hands though.

No. 1272733

Oh fuck i used to have a crush on her

No. 1272734

>britney is going through that classic rebellious phase every repressed teenage girl go through

You damn well know that Britney isn’t a meek~ teenage girl going through some trendy rebellious phase, she’s a full grown white woman with years of being in the spotlight constantly having her life and appearance under surveillance and has apparent mental health issues. You people love to infantilize your favorites for obvious reasons

No. 1272737

so true

No. 1272741

File: 1658510398392.jpeg (40 KB, 828x203, 4A61E7C8-DF01-4477-BFDD-D28C57…)

From her wiki kek

No. 1272742

She’s in her forties, that’s called a midlife crisis.

No. 1272754

Who are so many celebs so fucked up, with no boundaries? You'd think they got access to the most expensive and excellent therapists with the money and contacts they have.

No. 1272755

no its called a meth addiction

No. 1272770

you practically require a personality disorder to want/need the type of attention they get, plus in the case of actors a lack of concrete identity/boundaries with other creatives probably helps in the craft.

No. 1272773

>you practically require a personality disorder to want/need the type of attention they get
Nta but this is so true and I never see anyone make this point. Celebs are the worst of the worst theater kids all grown up.

No. 1272774

File: 1658511642115.jpeg (235.03 KB, 596x2304, 586EDBCA-03E3-48B5-8E36-F1DB67…)

It’s getting worse.

No. 1272804

don't you have some fatherless children to care for

No. 1272824

They are all told to do this. Does anyone actually believe these men want to wear skirts and dresses of their own will?

No. 1272831

They took him to the water because surface level pressure will suffocate him, like every creature of the ocean.
They hoped he would go back into the sea and never be seen again.

No. 1272835

File: 1658515261191.webm (3.92 MB, 720x960, 048b19d6-242f-4689-86ee-5dfa57…)

this is not a "rebellious phase," this is some crazy manic shit. She just posted this bizare video to instagram writhing around topless in bed. I love the woman but people need to stop making excuses for this behavior when the obvious answer is mental illness https://streamable.com/hu7wbe

No. 1272841

File: 1658515489352.jpg (60.24 KB, 1080x672, IMG_20220722_134221.jpg)

Not as good as the Pillsbury meme, but gave me an ugly giggle

No. 1272842

>reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee yt wimminz

No. 1272848


No. 1272850

I think she is an alcoholic from the looks. That swollen face, the swollen stomach, she looks older than she is…

No. 1272853

You mean herself?

No. 1272857

Is it infantilizing to say she clearly has issues and need someone to look out for her? Also what being white have to do with anything? Chill out, you seem to have your own issues too

No. 1272859

>Well at this point I'm pretty sure it's not tinfoil, retardo. You'll see
Every tinfoiler ever. Get a new catchphrase, this one lost its, well, catch.

No. 1272862

No. 1272864

10/10 nonna

No. 1272869

Girl, did you do this or did you find it on the internet?
Either way, it's great.

No. 1272911

Some of the takes here about britney are scrote-tier and lack empathy, logic.

This woman has been making money for her family since she was a child she was acting/singing on disney and then became a singer when she was a teenager.

Her whole familly was pimping her out during the conservatorship, the whole vegas residency performance thing yet they didnt allow her to do anything else other than perform and make money for them. They had her on 3 different medication including lithium to keep her braindead and robotic…..yet you think her family still having conservatorship is a good idea.
Her whole behavior is the effect of her being on too much medication + no freedom.

No. 1272922

This. Its not PS. She has the saggy aged skin of a hard alcoholic.

No. 1272933

I assumed the name was Scottish because her girlfriend is Scottish

No. 1272953

I rarely have genuine sympathy for celebrities, but sheesh, Britney really has to be to cut some slack.

No. 1272963

I want literally anyone to help her besides her family. Fuck them.

No. 1272974

Honestly, it's been a long time since I've heard anything about britney and I didn't know she was taking meds nor anything. I do agree conservatorship is a bad idea, but she does need someone keeping an eye on her especially if she takes all these meds and is as fragile as everyone claims her to be. Definitely shouldn't be on internet

No. 1273003

No one can understand that level of fame, pressure, and perversion, but her. People really don’t understand the psychological hell on Earth she has had to go through and also be brainwashed into smiling through it. She was internationally famous and working literally constantly while little by little by little patiently working towards secretly getting out of a conservatorship from her own sick father. The kind of focus that takes is fucking incredible to be honest, all while they used her own children as leverage.

It’s not and will never be a matter of “is Britney mentally ill”, she was thoroughly traumatized a very long time ago and unfortunately will always show symptoms. It’s a matter of a conservatorship not being an answer, and that it caused this kind of damage. You can’t use the cause and accelerant of a mental illness that the brain relied on to survive those conditions, as the answer to somehow helping. People don’t want to admit the damage has been done and she’s going to be healing for the rest of her life. They don’t want to have to witness the effects of what her own family and the world did to her.

No. 1273025

File: 1658520884594.jpg (10.64 KB, 320x240, chris_crocker_leave_britney_al…)

Agreed. Retards still think that somehow, what they're seeing on screen is the full reality, that celebrities have it made so why complain. Honestly with so many scandals out there coming to light nowadays, I'm shocked people still cannot accept the dark truth of all child stars. Britney is probably the worse modern case out there right now and yet people still wanna talk shit.

No. 1273029

ikr? I thought I was delulu thinking she defo has an eating disorder
Oh Britney honey what are you doing?

No. 1273080

wtf his nephew is sick in the head.

No. 1273176

give it a rest lol you're not a scrote for not empathising with the grande bourg. so hypocritical, keep commenting "slay queen" on her unhinged nude instagram selfies like thats not enabling and/or exarcerbating her evident
mental illness

No. 1273221

boohoo cry me a river

No. 1273285

Britney Murphy was the only likable actress from Clueless

No. 1273393

Point out where we said yasss slay queen and that we were in support of enabling this behavior. We're just acknowledging that her unhinged self is a product of her abuse and that people are way too harsh on her. Never said we were supporting her being mentally ill. Learn to read

No. 1273415

Do you believe him? I might

No. 1273427

Please why do I have the urge to roundhouse kick him in the chest into a pool of sharks

What the fuck does her being white have to do with anything? Because she’s white that means we aren’t allowed to feel compassion for her, because white women who go through abuse aren’t important since they’re white? God this shit is setting us back so far, it’s already hard enough that the moids are feeding into this because they need any excuse to hate, shit on, and predate whoever they deem weaker than them.

No. 1273436

Only moids and mega-touched twitterfag a say shit like “slaaaay yaaaasss” to Britney’s nudes. The vast majority I have seen are in the same boat about the fact that she is clearly sick, and I see faggots constantly say she needs to be put back in her conservatorship. I know everything is black and white for you and you have no nuance and believe she’s like laughing on a pile of money or something but Britney is clearly a traumatized and scarred person. Are we supposed to point and laugh or something?


No. 1273447

Who in the living fuck cares about this crackwhore looking hasbeen? It’s like i’d post Lindsay Poohan.

No. 1273462

It's so weird how she went from aggressively following this family and cursing at them for not letting her take their kids, to crying to the camera and saying she's "literally so scared" after the mother got sick of it and shoved her away

No. 1273492

I just want to say that if this woman ever becomes sentient (obviously not talking about the braindead red head), this is going to be the funniest story she’ll tell her American grandchildren. I think after watching this 3 times to numb the secondhand embarassment you feel for Lindsay Lohan this could be such a hilarious video. Should be a scene in one of her movie if she ever gets a career again.

No. 1273531

Ayrt, not sure who made it. My boyfriend sent it to me

No. 1273577

This thread is dedicated to pointing and laughing at mentally ill people. I will call you out for cherrypicking who's worthy of some sort of anonymous humanity or not. Personally I have seen nothing but unbridled support for her, where do you see people advocating for her to be put under her conservatorship again? Like I believe you because that sounds like moid syndrome. I just can't subject myself to it anymore by having male opinion anywhere in my online life. So no wonder I haven't seen it.

No. 1273597

Where are people pointing and laughing at mental illness in celebricows thread? Would love to see some actual examples. An example of the phenomena you’re talking about is more in /snow/ such as the Lucinda thread, which has nothing to do with the topics we discuss here, no? I am not cherry-picking you’re just using me as some sort of spokesperson for all anons because of one reply I made. Also I was referring to edgy stan faggots on twitter saying she needs to be put back in.

No. 1273601

File: 1658543861872.jpeg (305.92 KB, 1200x1800, 240FAEAA-950E-4EAF-A8FE-69915C…)

No. 1273613

>rich men abuse women
>women are a joke
pick-mes must be so miserable irl

No. 1273615

File: 1658545780195.jpeg (60.53 KB, 500x487, ED050D2A-659C-4670-812B-25282F…)

how is this even the same person?

No. 1273616

File: 1658545803551.jpg (890.13 KB, 867x1300, 306267.jpg)

She transformed. Who fed her after midnight?

No. 1273617

File: 1658545917560.jpg (456.81 KB, 2023x2812, 1966bfed76327afa9cf5e27c55f614…)

Don't h8, her cuz she's beautiful & yur JUS JELLY!

No. 1273619

File: 1658546118808.png (314.97 KB, 500x709, i-want-him-swimming-with-the-f…)

It's possible that she got wacked and replaced.

No. 1273620

File: 1658546285669.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 131.27 KB, 640x953, 30E9B8D4-B7EB-4BEA-A7F6-68F462…)

the ass implants KEK jesus christ

No. 1273665

File: 1658549732985.jpg (36.06 KB, 1114x531, ELHiLNNVAAQWCKL.jpg)

Jesus Christ have mercy ony soul for what I just witnessed!!!

No. 1273684

If she's 35 now, then she was 15 in these pictures. Haven't we been sperging over the abuse of teens in the media for days now? Isn't it possible she was also abused and went through a ton of mental issues and drug abuse in the last 20 years? Why no sympathy for this one but all the sympathy for Britney Jean?

No. 1273685

First link was meant to be this one >>1273684

No. 1273690

File: 1658552130214.jpeg (82.67 KB, 680x673, 04126412-10E4-4FED-9F21-E7FA5D…)


Kek giving me stepping into the new year vibe only trashier

No. 1273725

She’s 37 now so she was 17 then, which is just as bad. She has a child when she was a teenager too, and while the band was really popular, so she probably hasn’t had the easiest run. Being in a wildly successful teenage girl band I think it’s safe to say that she was subject to less than ideal treatment

No. 1273752

Shouldn’t you be searching for your missing top lip by now?

No. 1273757

I completely glossed over the white woman part and wondered why anons were so angry kek. Carry on

No. 1273759

>took you 12 hours
Ladies enough

No. 1273762

No one is saying she should be back under a conservatorship, newfag. No one here is required to give the slightest fuck about the mental well-being of a celebrity who doesn’t know who you are, your empathy is practically being wasted, doesn’t mean you’re a scrote because you don’t/can’t care enough so stop flinging that word around because other people don’t share the same unhinged obsession you have with Hollywood washouts, newfag.

No. 1273779

We get it you're a dark triad Stacy. Wooo.(infighting)

No. 1273785

How does it feel to know that you are insufferable to everyone you meet and that they only tolerate you out of obligation. Do you feel like a real treat?

No. 1273859

File: 1658561542182.jpeg (78.84 KB, 1000x587, C0EFC346-4D58-49D8-B10D-F9C5DE…)

Stay mad(infighting)

No. 1273863

She was a treasure, her demise was so heartbreaking. Her piece of shit conman husband got his just desserts though

No. 1273869

Shut the fuck up

No. 1273879

Two Retards Fighting

No. 1273887

Not that anon, but there’s a difference between having empathy and the unhinged “leave Britney alone!” parasocial screeching that retards on social media (and on here) engage in. Like yes, she’s mentally ill and exploited and that’s not a great situation to be in, but I don’t understand people being so invested in it. Or in any celebrity’s life for that matter.

No. 1273925

Can you link examples of actual parasocial worship on here? I’ve failed to see the whole “yas kween you go girl” spiel on here that you’ll generally see on ig. The only blowback I see are relies to the LSA-tier post about how she’s a mediocre whyte wumun and as such we should not feel sorry for her, which is bound to get kneejerk responses. All of the Britney talk I have generally seen in these threads have been ‘this is odd, she shouldn’t be posting this on social media, she needs help’ etc while merely rationalizing why she does the things she does.

No. 1274051

Yeah the fact that some anons here see her acting off & immediately go "she needs the conservatorship" is crazy to me. God forbid a woman be a weirdo after being drugged & worked like a pack mule for 20yrs of her life. Let her do what she wants JFC, she should be controlled because she posts weird naked shit online? Some of y'all sound just like scrotes with that shit.

No. 1274096

File: 1658582201965.png (28.77 KB, 678x124, pep.png)

She's clearly not mentally healthy. She doesn't need a conservatorship. She needs loving, caring people around her who can get her the help she needs without thinking of the financial gain they can get for themselves off of her.
Unfortunately, that's never going to happen.

And to the anons who said no one is required to sympathize with her, no one should be not allowed or looked down on for sympathizing with her. She was a child laborer work horse and made into a sex symbol at the age of 16. That would fuck with the mental health and well being of anyone.
Just like Hayden Panettiere being given uppers and told it was normal which essentially fucked her up for the rest of her life. Teenagers are moody, angsty, and need privacy. Instead celebrity children are abused sexually and through neglect of their developmental needs. Having to perform 24/7 is taxing on anyone, especially children and teenagers who need time to develop, grow, and find themselves.
I think child actors should be banned from the industry. Too bad that's never going to happen because money and profit is more appealing than some of the most vulnerable of our populations.
And yes, children and teenagers are vulnerable. They don't have access to the money they make. It's controlled by their parents.

No. 1274109

That’s exactly what I’m saying though anon lmao, you have no reason or benefit of being invested in her life because at the end of the day she will do whatever she wants because these idiots have been suggesting the only way to solve her problem was give her total freedom. She shouldn’t be under any kind of conservatorship or control especially under a man who can’t be trusted for shit, but you notice how her biggest parasocial fans are silent about the mental health part? She’s free, but where the fuck are you guys now begging her to go and finally get some proper treatment and delete her social media? They’re just as toxic as that conservatorship because they don’t give a flying fuck about the declining mental health of a woman who’s clearly very manic and impulsive.

No. 1274160

File: 1658588166717.jpeg (162.85 KB, 828x1036, 2EEEC141-FC52-4CA7-B785-9128FD…)

julia fox with her entire pasty mons pubis out. centaur chic is NOT trendy, i’m declaring it now

No. 1274163

Failed because she doesn’t have a bush or happy trail.

No. 1274167

File: 1658588296760.jpeg (148.96 KB, 828x1022, 45AAC92F-96D9-4E18-90ED-C36D52…)

she’s trying SO hard to be a fashion icon, can she pls just go shoot up heroin and neglect her son somewhere else please

No. 1274175

Who is the one next to her? Rosalia? jfc

No. 1274184

A whole mess with those pubes sticking out, I'm not even a celebrityfag but I had to do a double take when scrolling. Ew lmao, she looks so trashy beside the other one

No. 1274226

This makes me feel embarrassed for the anons that tried to stan and defend her

No. 1274238

File: 1658592173950.jpg (399.83 KB, 1656x828, 12.jpg)

on a scale of 1/10 how fucked up do you think her son will most likely end up

No. 1274245

I actually agree.


No one fucking cares what straight men think of outfits they lose it over sundresses why the hell would you dress for them

No. 1274247

Of cours the dumb bit Christine Quinn is trying to leech off of her it was so pathetic when she tried to say happy birthday to Kanye once krk

No. 1274265

so did contrapoints, I hate deppfags and amberfags so much, stop caring about narc celebrates

No. 1274278

File: 1658594446724.jpeg (200.92 KB, 750x1135, 2DBD30D8-8671-4F0D-B896-70A192…)

she was never a fashion icon, she just steals a bunch of fashion and makeup looks (usually said to be “heavily inspired” by these kinds of lolcows) worn by black 90s-early 2000s icons

No. 1274287

This fit makes her torso look long and her legs look tiny, like a satyr.

No. 1274292

bitch out here looking like a satyr.

No. 1274316

ive kinda noticed that peoples love and admiration for celebs only extends if they died young like the marilyn and aliyah worshippers, because lets be honest if those women were still alive no one would care or idolize them like this.

No. 1274344

what the fuck are you talking about when aaliyah was alive she was already very popular, it’s her death that alarmed everyone because she clearly would be among beyonce when it comes to absurd stardom

No. 1274345

File: 1658597290591.jpg (74.47 KB, 736x992, 87c87950248d51157753fdb1525bec…)

Not exactly celebricow, but this has been big news in the kpop world.
Garam got kicked out of her group.


No. 1274349

literal who

No. 1274353

Go to choachan

No. 1274357

kpoops don’t have a containment thread

No. 1274366

oh no, gook9 will never be the same without her(racebaiting)

No. 1274368

from a girl group that just debuted recently (from the same company who made the group BTS).

She had a bullying scandal so she was on hiatus but this week her company confirmed she is getting kicked out of the group.

No. 1274369

some of you cant resist racebaiting huh.

No. 1274370

File: 1658597694061.jpg (93.04 KB, 912x395, 3437.jpg)

Julia Fox's style isnt anything like Aaliyah's style. Aaliyah never, ever wore anything like that, even her low rise pants with the jewel chain around them were tomboyish and you could never, EVER see her pubis. Whatever the chick next to Julia is wearing is far more similar to Aaliyah.

I've never even seen Lil Kim wear anything like that, even. This kind of extreme style seems to have been originated by Alexander McQueen in 1996. It also looks like the stuff Paris Hilton copped circa 2001-5 to explicitly outrage people

The only black celebrity I know of who went for extreme low rise (with the whale tail) is Christina Milian but then her theme song is Dip It Low so…

No. 1274384

Same with River Phoenix. He was a mediocre method actor so up his veganism that cried in restaurants when his girlfriend ordered crabs.
Was he good looking, sure, but with all the drugs he was taking it wouldn't have last long anyway and now he's idolized.

No. 1274394

File: 1658598531119.gif (506.95 KB, 220x183, FFEBAF3A-76FE-4D48-B799-4350C6…)

No. 1274398

File: 1658598632446.jpeg (54.48 KB, 293x473, 06091410-B165-4F04-80BD-0867D3…)

No. 1274402

File: 1658598772633.jpg (108.57 KB, 1000x625, 1658513919-untitled-1.jpg)

people are also posting videos of them cutting pictures and photocards of her which is psychotic.

Like i get it she was a bully but there are people in her industry who have done way worse than her or also were bullys yet people wont be happy until she kills herself.

No. 1274405

File: 1658598906027.jpeg (84.77 KB, 393x500, F8EFD1B3-1290-481C-8522-84C554…)

now compare that what she wears it’s very obvious, you just don’t want it to be true and attribute it to paris hilton who was dressing according to the times

No. 1274415

rivers phoenix was murdered though

No. 1274427

Anon that is just a cardboard photo (that now is worthless because i know kpopfags use them like pokefags use Pokémon cards). They aren't sending her death threads or doxxing her. Is not that deep.

No. 1274429

>They aren't sending her death threads or doxxing her. Is not that deep.

They are doing that though.

No. 1274440


No. 1274481

File: 1658603590886.jpg (77.13 KB, 650x538, nFfpTCCcIF44E6E0JVCg6_o-jY9epr…)

Perhaps THIS comic inspired Julia!

No. 1274484

File: 1658603644282.png (Spoiler Image, 5.99 MB, 1125x2436, C95813A3-2CF9-4D5F-9EA2-6B8D98…)

Drake was hanging out with this IG thot from my city. She’s the most random choice and looks like a bobs burgers character. This girl claims she’s a YouTuber but hasn’t made videos in forever, instead just social climbs and fucks whoever to go on trips and get Chanel. Her voice is so cringe and her Tom Tok is worse i can’t imagine what these two would talk about

No. 1274553

Who cares? Drake is an ugly beard-frauding fortnite playing faggot
That Loverboy pregnant emoji album is one of the worst pieces of shit and misogynist filth I ever heard. If thats any indication I would say: 'not much'

No. 1274557

You literally defending a tranny enabling literal crack whore, cause she nominally supported some other celeb in a pointless case that I don't even what it was about

No. 1274614

Are you just going to forget the time she brought her child to a tranny show or

No. 1274704

You have your own website

No. 1274708

is that a freakin boner

No. 1274799

No. 1274828

Old milk but I can’t think of a better place to post about this, I still, for the life of me cannot believe that Taylor Swift’s ‘Enchanted’ is about the guy from Owl City, lol

No. 1274865

hahahaha jesus christ

No. 1274914

???? He OD'd

No. 1274917

Nayrt but are you even looking at anon's pictures? The ones you posted don't match, aaliyah may be wearing low rise but she's not doing whatever the fuck julia fox is doing

No. 1274975

76?! He'll create a super race of Chris-chans. There is so much autism cooking in those old testes.

No. 1275070

File: 1658639215138.jpg (581.9 KB, 1500x2222, FXs04V8VQAAkK7U.jpg)

So Netflix is rebooting some Australian teen drama series called Heartbreak High, but now with ambiguously brown queer characters

the cast and characters
>Ayesha Madon as Amerie, a brash, working-class girl who becomes a pariah at Hartley High[4]
>James Majoos as Darren, a South African queer and non-binary student who befriends Amerie
>Chloe Hayden as Quinni, Darren's best friend who is autistic[5]
>Asher Yasbincek as Harper, a punk girl who has a falling out with Amerie
>Thomas Weatherall as Malakai, a Bundjalung basketball jock new to Hartley[6]
>Will McDonald as Ca$h, an eshay, drug dealer and food delivery driver
>Josh Heuston as Dusty, a bisexual musician involved with Harper
>Gemma Chua-Tran as Sasha, a Chinese-Australian lesbian and non-binary student
>Bryn Chapman-Parish as Spider, the class clown
>Sherry-Lee Watson as Missy, an Indigenous student involved with Sasha
>Brodie Townsend as Ant, an affable, big-hearted student
>Chika Ikogwe as Jojo Obah, English teacher at Hartley High
>Rachel House as Woodsy, the performatively woke school principal at Hartley High

No. 1275078

>some Australian show
Heartbreak High is fucking legendary (tl;dr it’s kind of like the first iteration of Degrassi but set in a working class multicultural area of Sydney where students dealt with drugs, racism, teen pregnancy, etc, which is par for the course these days but in the 90s it was pretty groundbreaking) and I really fucking hate that they’re “yassifying” it with trannies and fuck knows what else, this is going to be such a disaster

No. 1275086

Samefag but fucking kek at having an eshay character, I can’t wait to see all the woketards sperg about how the show is perpetuating negative stereotypes of poor people

No. 1275093

Hope he rolls all the themlets kek

No. 1275096

This is why I ditched my Netflix subscription. I feel as an Aussie this is fair to be accepted as a declaration of war and international disrespect to my country.

No. 1275100

I’m cringing so hard at these bios I’m on the verge of spontaneous combustion
Fucken kek nona, I haven’t heard that expression in a hot minute

No. 1275102

No. 1275150

NTA but it's pretty likely that John Frusciante from the Red Hot Chili Peppers gave him whatever final cocktail of drugs killed him, some accounts mentioning that he handed River a cup and said something like "drink this, it'll make you feel amazing"

No. 1275162

Nta River Phoenix in his last movie dark blood(the one he died midway through) you can see hes so far into his junkie spiral he would be gone sooner rather than later. Besides liquid speedballs are a lethal combo that has notoriously killed more than just river over the years in terms of hollywood ilk. Unless people believe that fellow junkies giving each other drugs and one OD’ing is homicide, river died of an accidental OD like most drug addicts do.

No. 1275166

File: 1658649927524.jpeg (477.21 KB, 726x980, 7502288D-2307-4938-BC0E-FDFBD2…)

our favorite non gay fag will now be gaybaiting in marvel movies now

No. 1275167

She was there with her 40+ year old industry boyfriend. She’s not with Drake.

No. 1275237

My mom went to a Weeknd concert at Hollywood Forever. She also drives a red Mustang. She and Drake were passing in opposite directions in their vehicles and he goes, "Love your car lil mama" KEK

No. 1275259

File: 1658661214909.png (4.4 MB, 1741x1343, jameela.PNG)

Jameela Jamil was in the new SheHulk trailer and I don't understand how every costume department lets her keep her hideous bangs

No. 1275271

One of the most unattractive men in Hollywood

No. 1275272

She’s hiding a twohead

No. 1275279

File: 1658662639174.png (66.39 KB, 825x704, Screenshot 82.png)

Julia fox did not take her son to a tranny artshow, she took him to a feminist art gallery, showing diverse forms of the female body and female power, this unfortunately included one troon, but it had an overall good message


No. 1275297

File: 1658664206364.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.36 MB, 2566x2081, 12.jpg)

guess we were mistaken, she didn't take her kid to a tranny art show, she took him to some pretentious "art gallery" filled with half naked or full naked women with their breasts out, Julia Fox is such a feminist icon for exposing her son to this, bet she'll gift him ethical feminist porn as well

No. 1275307

There is nothing wrong with this and it isn’t sexualized at all.

No. 1275318

calm down it's art, have you ever been to a normal museum? naked bodies are everywhere

No. 1275327

Release the pearls, Nadia Lee Cohen is a fairly well known artist, it’s okay to admit you’re a philistine who has never set foot in a gallery and knows nothing about art

No. 1275341

I love family-friendly drag shows!

No. 1275342

>women with their breasts out
This makes me kek-ing til no end. You know that babies and young toddlers are prone to getting breastfeed?

No. 1275352

Derailing but Degrassi High premiered in 1989 so it was technically first.
Oh no a child who breast fed and still goes to the family washroom saw breasts! How will he ever recover? Americans are so fucking pornbrained.

No. 1275354

agreed. plus this isn't exactly a new concept, that is, the idea of showing nude bodies in a non-sexual context (which is not a bad thing, every artist puts their own spin on it and it's something society needs more of).

No. 1275355

File: 1658669422573.jpg (Spoiler Image, 82.13 KB, 624x934, cohen2.JPG)

You have to love how everyone reivindicates female nudes in art as a non-sexualized way of expression but most of the time these women are perfectly shaved, wearing make up and their hair done by a stylist. Some nona has said that it's from Nadia Lee Cohen, of course she only makes pomo garbage like pic related.

No. 1275358

I meant that it was in a similar vain to the original Degrassi, not that it came first
The grotesque-ness of Hollywood is her main theme, she’s originally from the UK and had an idea of what the US was like but when she finally moved to LA is was nothing like she expected and that has informed the majority of her art